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File: 1692025000508.jpeg (343.22 KB, 1043x2069, IMG_9762.jpeg)

No. 918027

>Her “couture” business is going so well that’s she’s giving garments away (totally not because no one wants to buy that literal trash) >>865189

>Reverse image searching confirms our suspicions that she’s re-selling aliexpress landfill at an outrageous markup >>865201
>Presented without comment >>865395
>Don’t worry ladies, you can rest easy knowing that she won’t steal your man… >>865421
>…Unless you’re “disrespectful”, then all bets are off >>865422
>Is apparently “in recovery”, for what (if anything) is anyone’s guess >>865442
>This is what a 3000-dollar-an-hour model looks like, nonitas >>865663
>In case anyone has forgotten what her true form is >>865686
>Wow, so luxury, much designer >>865764
>Because her lies aren’t egregious enough, claims she designed this herself and also invented filigree… >>865915
>…and that she’ll totally be down to collab with Donatella Versace (like that’s something in the realm of possibility, she is completely fucking insane holy shit) >>865974
>More deteriorating tattoo quality >>866088
>Apparently she’s “part Buddhist” now >>866341
>More evidence to support the belief that she is genuinely intellectually handicapped >>866349
>Please Icky, continue to tell us how you’re so far above onlyfans whores >>866558
>There is no way this stinky fat loser isn’t an actual sped >>866646
>Expanding her “couture” range to include aliexpress Buddhist “shrines”, this is all time peak of cringe, even for Vicky’s standards >>866700
>Announces that she has to give up her cats due to an alleged “sensitivity”, press x to doubt >>867323
>More lies, though admittedly her “love” must have no sense of smell whatsoever if he can stand being in her unwashed proximity >>867407
>Just when you think her sloppy shooping can’t get any worse >>867424
>Attempting to sell a white tank top with a stock image on it for 1000 bucks, she has fucking lost it >>867890
>Thank you so much for enlightening us as to what is happening in Ukraine, Icky >>868572
>Victoria Bella-Morte aka missvictoriamurder aka Viper aka Victoria Emma Shingleton of Ontario, Canada will hereby be known as “Vee Venum” >>868663
>She has totally stopped drinking, smoking and has lost 25 pounds y’all! The alcoholic hamoid chimney doth protest too much methinks >>869285
>Just gonna leave Icky’s quora profile here, there’s a lot to unpack >>871617
>Back at it with middle school tier responses to criticism on Google, never change Ick >>873090
>BUHBYE! >>873127
>Allegedly has a long term illness, doesn’t say what it is but it’s totally not contagious u guise (cue extensive speculation as to what is wrong with her, my money’s on something alcohol-related) >>873146
>New “Viper Model” pic, same old crusty cumrag clothes, ratty polyester extensions, abysmal editing and shitty plastic backdrop >>875718
>Vicky to the rescue, how generous of her to offer up time out of her hectic schedule to replace Amber Heard in Aquaman >>876397
>Another one of her tattoo victims stops by, 10/10 delicious, absolute flavourtown >>876506
>Clearly back on the booze, immediately after the surgery she had that definitely wasn’t fabricated >>877404
>Icky Vicky now available in HD wallpaper, praise the lord >>878142
>Imagine being proud that you’re a misogynistic piece of shit, at the brown age of almost 40 >>878496
>Nobody, especially surgeons, thinks you’ve had surgery >>879918
>More excuses for not working, just give it up Vicky >>880301
>Claims she dumped her boyfriend of 1.5 years, immediately starts fishing for scrote attention on Facebook but is totally happy being single >>881791
>You don’t have any clients or close friends, Vicky >>884157
>The projection, my fucking sides >>884977
>Icky’s new hobby while “recovering” seems to be leaving rambling, grammatically incorrect and ultimately pointless reviews of doctors and restaurants on Google >>887268
>Makes some random old dude’s death all about her >>887606
>Announces taking a break from social media to “heal up”, we’ll see how long this lasts >>889047
>Returns as soon as she has a new boyfriend to show off… >>892030
>…only to post about how much she loves being single five minutes later >>893163
>Muh “sometime mabye good, sometimes mabye shit” Mensa IQ >>893699
>Showing her true misogynist colours yet again, at least e-whores make money from showing their crusty holes on the internet, Vicky. Keep posting your catastrophically shooped unwashed pussy lips and pancake tits for free >>894622
>LARPing as Megan Fox (but remember Vicky did it first!) while telling cringey boomer “jokes”>>895783
>I don’t even know where to start with this >>896669
>Reveals yet another boyfriend, file under “images you can smell” >>896946
>Tags a picture of him as Ronnie Radke, her followers are so fucking retarded that they think it is actually Ronnie Radke >>896971
>Vicky, how is this Halloween outfit any different to what you wear every damn day? >>897174
>Yet more sperging about OnlyFans, stay mad Icky >>897491
>Her assistant was kind enough to let all her adoring fans know that she’ll be taking another break from social media >>897761

Latest milk:

>Victoria Bella Morte blames a woman for hating her child and killed the baby even though it was Victorias ex boyfriend that murdered the baby >>897975

>Victoria trying to convince people she doesn’t use drugs or have mental health issues >>989357

>Vicky’s public google reviews are found where she goes on and on about soy sauce and McDonald’s not being up to par cause she totally use to be a chef. >>898460

>Victoria writing many reviews about walk in clinics and hospitals for medication looking like she’s doctor shopping for more pills >>898777

>a Vicky heritage moment was posted when she said isis told her their plans for world domination >>898845

>Vicky going on about she doesn’t like talking about being sick when that’s all she does while being vague and posting her hospital braclets >>899174

>Victoria still stating she’d never sleep with your man unless she hates you >>900147

>icky trying to claim she isn’t a groupie while calling herself a groupie >>900178

>ickys Quora profile bio is.. something >>900560

> another unhappy client of Victoria stops by that will never get their money back >>900733

>Victoria on Quora talking about 15 year olds and their sex lives >>900958

>Victoria speaking as her assistant again saying she’s too sick to answer work emails but can date and take selfies


>ickys vague posting trying to gain sympathy abiut her illness and how she might not make it >> 901504

>Victoria saying if she listens to music it’s usually something she wrote? >>901575

> celebrating being single >>906771

So of course she’s posting her vagina flaps out right away on Facebook >>908339
>and her requirements to date her >>908441

>the beginning of victoeia telling everyone her boyfriend beat her up>>908445

>and the ems beat her up which she caught on tape that she never shows >>908502

>takes badly about girls with OF butt posts her nipples on Facebook, sucking her finger where her dad can see >>908638

> posting her self naked in bed, rubbing her face, saying RIP, grandma>>908737

> always goes on about how she has millionaires in mansions, trying to date her but then posts about her ex-boyfriend being a schizophrenic that beat her up >>909180

> she had women warn her about this boyfriend, but she hates women and just wants men’s attention so dated him anyway, and got her ass beat up >>909191

>anon found the boyfriend that beat her up and it’s a 24 year old emo kid from Hamilton >>909195

> she’s too lazy to work, but has Dylan Pound town over to take mirror selfies while they hold each other >>909717

> she was so ill and in pain she was in a wheelchair but now she’s taking mirror selfie’s whipping her head around with her ass cheeks out licking a knife, >>901396

> Victoria shooting her shot with Dylan Pound town to be shot down >>911130

> blasting her ex-boyfriend’s mental health issues for attention >>913512

> the movers from Guelph. Movers were treating her poorly because she didn’t want to date them.>>913917

> another loser Victoria dated and is blasting online like she isn’t the common denominator between all of these losers men >>914610

> make several posts about how she doesn’t want to keep a man that’s why she hasn’t been able to in her late 30s even though she was engaged>>914635


Professional Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/717Viper717
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/modelviper
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@717viper717


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No. 918029

File: 1692026337346.jpeg (204.22 KB, 616x1138, IMG_9766.jpeg)


When Victoria said on Quora that the mom killed her own daughter when in fact, Victorias ex boyfriend was charged with manslaughter for beating the two year old to death. Imagine hating women so much you’ll publicly claim it was the moms fault when this guy beat the child when the mom was at home and he had taken the child out to beat her. Stay classy Vic

No. 918032

File: 1692031527142.jpeg (307.55 KB, 1289x1513, ISIMG-849668.jpeg)

The amount of warping in this video when she moves side to side is ridiculous.

No. 918050

File: 1692057387809.webm (9.55 MB, 1080x1920, V beyond help.webm)

The last three videos she's posted are just free onlyfans clips behind 4 filters and body warping, taken with an iphone 7. The fake accent she's still trying to roll with kek

No. 918052

File: 1692062720929.jpeg (266.23 KB, 1290x1602, IMG_9831.jpeg)

“I don’t mind being looks at” clearly girl. You’ve made getting creepy old men looking at you on Facebook your whole personality.

No. 918053

File: 1692062933758.jpeg (413.06 KB, 1289x2127, IMG_9832.jpeg)

Ah yes. Facebook clout from your 13 hangers on. She doesn’t have a college degree or even a job at this point, but she has Facebook clout.
Most people would just block a troll, not icky. This guy is making this up for her MySpace fame.

No. 918054

File: 1692063130078.jpeg (311.62 KB, 1289x1526, IMG_9833.jpeg)

Clout: influence or power.
Has she rot her brain so hard she thinks she famous? I thought maybe she was joking .. but here we are.
Studies show that English and English guys are more gentlemanly. Man said he was from Sweden?
Does she think that’s in England or?

No. 918055

File: 1692063280824.jpeg (142.6 KB, 1289x1136, IMG_9834.jpeg)

You know what would be better ? Getting a job and stop living off of welfare / the rest of us in Ontario

No. 918056

File: 1692063925563.jpeg (351.86 KB, 1289x2139, IMG_9836.jpeg)

The amount of upvotes on this should be a reality check for her but…

No. 918057

File: 1692063974706.jpeg (56.1 KB, 1289x407, IMG_9837.jpeg)

No. 918058

File: 1692064158020.jpeg (148.89 KB, 1289x484, IMG_9838.jpeg)

Going to sage the comments from this Reddit post. There’s 100s but I found some funny ones. Can’t convince anyone she’s not on drugs

No. 918059

File: 1692064397885.jpeg (83.25 KB, 1289x301, IMG_9840.jpeg)

No. 918067

Link the post

No. 918070

No. 918104

File: 1692204709710.gif (350.67 KB, 500x387, 4f51186dc52f050d6475c0118d8152…)

"Make a new Vicky thread, there's milk"
>posts a 3 year old Instagramvsreality post.


No. 918110

I've been reading this milk for years. Found it once when a cousins son who knew her and lived in that area wanted to get a tat from her. Being the nosy Nelly I am, I googled her as I was surprised a popular tattoo artist could be so pretty, and landed here. Upon further research, I discovered just how poorly her photoshops were, what she truly looked like, and just how inexperienced she is with the craft. Hell, I even wanted to get a tat by her but thank the stars I didn't. My cousin gave me a bit of milk, but not much and I won't reveal as it would pretty much rat her son who knew her before the…radio days? The show she did with classmates?

While I understand mental health and addictions are real and nothing to joke about, the level of her narcicism has grown while her brain function continues to dive into the depths of being beyond help I think. But I had to comment BC I do get a kick out of some of the rants of her foes. And…I'm learning more from you younger generation. I had to google what kek meant! Carry on!
Avid reader.(namefagging)

No. 918118

I’m more concerned about the MURDER ick blamed on a mother that was actually done by Vicky’s ex.(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 918136

Kek I thought the same. If this is the grand milk we were promised, then this thread is giving off vendetta-chan vibes with the old milk and nitpicka. Sad, because Ick was a fun cow before her brain got ultra pickled.

No. 918150

File: 1692315189018.jpeg (112.33 KB, 1158x423, IMG_4106.jpeg)

But I thought she totally didn’t drink alcohol anymore! Drinking on a Wednesday. But I guess everyday is a Saturday when You’re a 36 year old unemployed loser living off the government

No. 918204

what kind of ~modeling shoot~ has a storage bin hanging out in the background? the ~face tattoos~ magically returned and this lingerie is so dated it doesn’t need to be shown in these cringe reels.

No. 918227

Frankie's photography, where else?

No. 918269

File: 1692574723775.png (10.19 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_0078.png)

New icky photo. Sneak peek from her “magazine photoshoot”

No. 918276

Getting pretty lazy these days. No bad shoop of a beach or the sistine chapel or anything.

No. 918277

First glance of the thumbnail I thought she had cataracts

No. 918280

Helllnaw look at the eyelashes. She's using snow or something like it.

No. 918292

Lmao, Seike??? Nice cow crossover, unexpected.

No. 918297

File: 1692634888285.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1255, 368208999_2886522071495744_271…)

Victoria posted this "new" photo from that 2021 photo set where she's holding the flower outside in a schoolgirl skirt. I like the pale hand and orange wrist.

No. 918300

File: 1692636024653.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2032x2306, IMG_4180.jpeg)

She’s holding a damn weed. A thistle at that. And holding it up to her face. Very high IQ indeed

No. 918303

To be fair, thistle helps with liver function and age-related brain function issues.

No. 918345

File: 1692751169608.jpeg (372.4 KB, 1290x2374, IMG_0242.jpeg)

Vick is now comparing herself to an onlyfans model. 1- they look nothing alike. 2- she’s going to start a page this year, I’d put money on it.

No. 918346

File: 1692751307927.jpeg (249.94 KB, 1289x916, IMG_0243.jpeg)

Vicky complaining that a man won’t text her back right away. She would never know what it’s like to work a full time job and just wanna be left alone for the night. She’s never worked an actual job and probably never will. Sit this one out, icky. You don’t get it.

No. 918347

File: 1692751387960.jpeg (332.01 KB, 1289x1999, IMG_0244.jpeg)

The ice queen is already “into someone else” girl can’t leave the dick alone.

No. 918348

File: 1692751540272.jpeg (193.51 KB, 1289x872, IMG_0245.jpeg)

She had a man IN TEARS is a self own. You entertain losers icky. Not that this actually happened. These guys are ignoring you cause you’re just a hole.

No. 918349

Just when you think she can’t be more embarrassing or pathetic…holy shit. She’s so far into her delusions it’s kind of amazing to behold kek like…she truly does not see the trashy alcoholic grandma in the mirror that she is becoming (already has become?) She looks like the kind of woman who comes over to your group of friends on like a girl’s night out acting sloppy as hell loud as hell trying to get you to do shots with her (Aka buy her one) and flirt with any dudes twenty years younger and you and your friends all share uncomfortable looks/try to be polite so she’ll leave you be.

No. 918350

already deleted this and the video in the same outfit that didn’t have whatever filter is on the other one to repost a screenshot of this >>918346 some -dog training- montage & a super cringe short of her in that grey suit thing that must smell so nasty.

if she didn’t mention being a tattoo artist i would never guess it by looking at her instagram posts.

No. 918351

>We have options

Victoria, the last 2 men you have dated have been addicts with face tattoos who got physically violent with you. The guy before that is the brother of a baby killer. Real winning options you chose.

No. 918352

Loving the incorrect colon use. That Mensa IQ is shining.

No. 918353

File: 1692755577199.jpeg (288.09 KB, 1290x1688, IMG_0246.jpeg)

So in order to date Vicky you have to message her back right away even if you’re at work. You also have to act as her therapist because she’s too broke to see a professional.
I can’t see why she’d be single at 37. It’s a mystery.

No. 918354

File: 1692755799850.jpeg (160.29 KB, 1290x1268, IMG_0247.jpeg)

Someone asking what “tattoo magazine” she’s going to be in. She’ll link them means it’s not real, and probably just an onlyfans account

No. 918355

File: 1692756028398.jpeg (64.49 KB, 1289x373, IMG_0248.jpeg)

You also have to chase her when she acts like a mentally ill child.

No. 918359


When you’re almost 40 and have these expectations. Absolutely mentally stunted. No wonder she’s alone with no friends in the
picture either. She’s so incredibly unbearable. And what exactly does she have to bring to the table? No income, no life, no redeeming qualities

No. 918365

File: 1692796078092.jpeg (133.88 KB, 1289x700, IMG_0257.jpeg)

Being traumatized, and pushing people away is unconscious. But here she is having a full conversation about it, and acknowledging the fact. I didn’t think she could become more retarded but here we are.

No. 918382

File: 1692818915026.png (10.77 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_0279.png)

Icky uploaded a new photo. First thing I saw was her teeth

No. 918386

The tranny-esque wannabe e-girl wig on this 40 year old alcoholic is too much for me, I’m kekking so hard

No. 918387

First thing I saw too. I ran here to post it. Her teeth are the same shade of yellow as the one side of her hair. Amazing.

No. 918388

Victoria deleted this status off her Facebook and her Instagram. I was reading the comments last night and she had a bunch of dudes replying who didn't ass kiss her, who said that they work full time and can't always reply to clingy texts, and Victoria was getting defensive saying stuff like "I know doctors who can text back" and "I used to work 11-12 hour shifts and I always texted back."

I think she can't handle even the slightest bit of pushback so she just deleted the post.

No. 918390

File: 1692828123874.png (1.39 MB, 2667x1797, coolshootsforeveryone.png)

Victoria just posted this. I am laughing so hard at her answers.


No. 918391

She had time to message back and now she has been out of a job for two years and dated two abusers. So that speaks for itself.

No. 918395

File: 1692833594970.jpeg (647.69 KB, 666x1829, IMG_4234.jpeg)

The caption on this was “current real hair colour” but the brown is clearly photoshopped she missed a bunch of spots. She’s such a sloppy liar.

No. 918396

File: 1692833936016.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1274, IMG_4235.jpeg)

She just posted this. Shooped a completely different face on from >>918382
That purse is so ugly and goes with nothing. She needs to lay that party city glove to rest

No. 918398

File: 1692836522592.jpeg (484.94 KB, 1289x1781, IMG_0293.jpeg)

And she posted it really close up and it’s a nightmare.

No. 918402

do we know what her actual hair color is? if she did dye it black she probably used cheap box dye, and slapping that over bleach damage will do funky things.

where is her nose lol. i like how she added the totally real face tats, the wonky eyes and using he arm/the bag strap to try and hide how wide she really is.

No. 918404

File: 1692842534838.png (74.75 KB, 243x256, big.png)

She really porked up. The filter can't hide that growing chin.

No. 918407


No. 918409

File: 1692845565751.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x2204, IMG_4242.jpeg)

She forgot to photoshop the tips peaking out too. She’s just retarded. This isn’t the first time she lied about dying her hair.

No. 918410

I know how retarded she is but it's still a trip that she's been a photoshop addict so long and is still so sloppy.

No. 918411

File: 1692848414081.png (205.49 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20230823-203954-725…)

Fucking lol, my brain auto corrected it. That's hilarious.

Here's some embarrassment from Instagram. This guy is a wannabe pro wrestler and Victoria has turned down many engagement rings.

No. 918418

Ehhhh going to say it could be real, but not current. She bleaches the fuck out of her hair so there could be patches that cannot hold color anymore. As for the hair she's hiding under her arm. Those are extensions she didn't color to match.

No. 918419

For nonnies that dont want to look, she is currently 7th in her group.
Including to be the only one that doesn't mention a tattoo artist as their favorite artist. (They spelled their artists names correctly btw). Is the second Victoria, the other one is cuter and gives way better answers. Kek

No. 918420

File: 1692864863161.png (197.46 KB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_20230823-204522-036…)

Here's Victoria being retarded again, not that the other guy isn't.

No. 918421

this is basically just TND lmao

No. 918422

Keeek, this style is so dated, she looks like 40-yo prostitute in the 90s

No. 918428

File: 1692882986613.jpeg (108.72 KB, 1289x626, IMG_0316.jpeg)

Ass backwards way of answering this question.

No. 918429

File: 1692883074896.jpeg (85.54 KB, 1289x499, IMG_0317.jpeg)

Is she saying … she’d wait for this person to turn 20..? Why would she even answer questions like this from child on the internet?

No. 918430

File: 1692883245498.jpeg (65.31 KB, 838x570, IMG_0321.jpeg)

Her obsession with answering questions about teenagers love life’s is a common theme on her Quora

No. 918431

File: 1692883343090.jpeg (111.57 KB, 1289x670, IMG_0322.jpeg)

Last one… but brain damage seems a bit excessive for this question. Kek. Projection

No. 918439

vicky, you’re 36. the emo hair and lip piercing seriously needs to die. there’s tons of emo/alternative girls who look great acting their ages like kat von, and this chick is still flipping her hair over and wearing old clothes like she’s 14

No. 918440

people like victoria has made me realize that some people probably just like being single and independent. i can say the same for people like moo moo or foodie chins and her fake ass husband.

because if you really hated being single you would change your entire existence

No. 918442

File: 1692904424016.jpeg (337.1 KB, 1170x1132, IMG_0463.jpeg)

This is funny

No. 918443

File: 1692904448020.jpeg (544.4 KB, 1170x2108, IMG_0462.jpeg)

No. 918458

MY SIDES I hope she sees this and spergs out, we are overdue for some full fat fresh milk

No. 918462

File: 1692934853816.jpeg (407.35 KB, 1170x1455, IMG_4258.jpeg)

Incredibly insufferable

No. 918468

File: 1692941632388.png (564.54 KB, 1080x2998, MakeHisExJealous.png)

Peak white trash behavior

No. 918469

We get it Vicky you're an ice queen and totally not a femcel

No. 918528

Where are these comments from?

No. 918533

If you look at the status on Adrien's post, you'll see that it's a friends only post. These screenshots are from someone who is Facebook friends with Victoria's ex.

No. 918663

File: 1693401509927.jpeg (339.37 KB, 1289x1823, IMG_0649.jpeg)

So Vicky’s idea of modelling for a tattoo magazine was just for her application for inked

No. 918664

File: 1693401620204.jpeg (253.36 KB, 1046x1321, IMG_0652.jpeg)

She’s also number one in her group whatever that means

No. 918669

Cackling at how the arm on the left got shooped way skinnier than the one on the right. It looks like a garden hose. and her thongs straps just disappear on the left. What a mess

No. 918680


No. 918688

File: 1693422580859.jpeg (559.38 KB, 1289x2175, IMG_0684.jpeg)

The photos she used for her “original inked” application are hilarious. She couldn’t even crop out the Instagram / tiktok caption sections.

No. 918693

different face and body in every picture, cheap outfits, fake backgrounds, hilariously bad photoshop; what a sad look at me portfolio. why do i feel like she purposely put those screen caps in to brag about the likes and views lol.

does anyone know how to view/vote for the other people she's running against?

No. 918703

Between the photo on the left with the background warping body filter to the right photo with the ridiculous photoshop, these are my new favourite disaster edits of her collection

No. 918706

File: 1693450001189.jpeg (204.07 KB, 1283x1130, IMG_0721.jpeg)

Pick me. Choose me.

No. 918734

Oh my lord, the shooping has me in tears, the hair bending around the boob warp is back in full force and so is my second hand embarrassment

No. 918768

File: 1693619299273.jpeg (583.65 KB, 3264x2176, IMG_7135.jpeg)

writing fan fiction about her life and tagging game companies begging them to make a game centred around her delusions of grandeur is all in a days work for this unemployed 40 year old

No. 918780

Love how she flails around a cheap replica sword with the shittiest form and somehow that translates into knowing how to properly wield a sword. Such a neckbeard delusional loser. At her age it’s especially embarrassing

No. 918783

File: 1693664403508.png (903.63 KB, 1440x1975, Screenshot_20230902-091141.png)

Oh Vic if anyone would fall for a scam contest it would be you. It's pay for votes. You have no idea who you are competing against, how many votes they have or how many you need to advance. Everyone is #1 in their group until they advance where the real competition begins, who has the most money to pay for votes. There are people who have paid thousands for votes in previous years and not place. In the meantime let's watch this >>humble dusty queen prematurely celebrate a win that will never happen.

No. 918785

The desire I have to see this cow IRL is so strong. Like I’m just deeply curious because we all know she is a whole mess and her poor shoops couldn’t be further from how she actually looks…idk I wish she was from my country so me and some gal pals could observe her in the wild kek she gets more insane with every year. How do we think she will cope with turning 40?

No. 918787

File: 1693672399220.jpeg (887.59 KB, 1170x1412, IMG_4444.jpeg)


No. 918788

File: 1693672515676.jpeg (102.65 KB, 736x734, IMG_7033.jpeg)

sage. plus honestly her tattoos make her look extremely shitty and boring, like.. who tattoos a garterbelt? in comparison to her fellow canadian sister anisa jomha’s tattoos at least victoria’s aren’t confusing, there’s actual thought with each of every tattoo and not from some book. when i look at girls from inked, they usually have cool amazing tattoos that look like art pieces. in addition, she’s mot as inked up as the rest of them. i’m surprised because broke people have tattoos all the time .

for example this is ryan malarkey, inked winner

No. 918792

VICTORIA has been designing gemstone tattoos since she was in middle school. Ryan is still a babe tho!

No. 918793

Unrelated but I get major cow vibes from her as well. Would love to know if there’s any milk there

No. 918797

I used to work with girls who would get tattooed by her when she lived in Pennsylvania. There were some who said she was a snob and had an air of entitlement. They always got infections too when she was tattooing out of the oddities shop she had.

No. 918799

We're from the same hometown and I've never heard that before, a lot of my friends know her and have been tattooed by her and I never heard about infections, their tattoos by her are well done at least and the locals liked her a lot. But to each their own, not everyone is for everyone you know?

No. 918800

Yea you're right! It was all work place gossip so who knows how true it was anyways. I'm sure their tattoos were infected due to poor after care.

No. 918828

Is there just the one original sword video from years ago that she references constantly or are there others?

No. 918839

There are 3, iirc. There's a short one set to a really annoying screaming metal song, there's a long one that is set to a better song that is more techno sounding. I think she also uses nunchuks in that one. The third one is the one that starts with the candles I think.

I have all of them saved on an SD card somewhere.

No. 918880

File: 1693946768277.png (460 KB, 1080x1746, Screenshot_20230905-134723-740…)

>can hunt with long range weapons, I was a long distance medal winner

I'm so happy Victoria is back to her usual self.

No. 918881

>knowledge of healing herbs and how to cultivate them
FUCKING LMAO I cannot with this bitch whew I laughed so ugly. She just gets more and more outlandish w her tall tales.

No. 918882

I actually love that she has a small handful of neckbeards who gas her up and stroke her ego in specific ways like this. Every single time one of them makes a comment to Victoria mentioning the fake traits she's curated over the years (badass, good with sword, hot yet icy), she always has to make a reply confirming all the badassery they just mentioned, plus add some extra hilarious details for good measure. It happens so often.

No. 918887

Every single person I've known who's had their work done by her had had it coverd up or worked on by someone else because of the shitshow it was when she did it. And people might be nice to her face so she dosent go full ham beast but we all know the pick me clown for who she is.

No. 918898

File: 1694048697210.jpeg (240.42 KB, 976x1080, 72b57fce136ebe422fc7edbf7c75dd…)

I'm going to die from laughing. I absolutely cannot believe this.

No. 918900

File: 1694058618989.jpeg (266.93 KB, 1290x1400, IMG_1078.jpeg)

So she got rid of her cats because her boyfriend beat her up and that caused her to have a reaction. Now she has a huge dog she can use as a prop.
The amount of photoshop on this mug is startling.

No. 918901

Already looks like that dog is laughing at her….

No. 918902

Wow, there is no consistency with her eye ‘tattoo’ shoops.

No. 918903

Or about to sneeze.
But seriously, it’s obviously photoshopped in. She needs to lay those fingerless biker gloves or whatever to rest. At this point I’m starting to think they’re permanently attached.

No. 918905

Can’t believe she puts all this time into shooping and wearing the tackiest shit for Facebook likes. Her life is extremely pathetic and bleak. Sits on her ass all day collecting government handouts while pretending to be a model.

No. 918921

She is a female neck ward after all. It’s wild how she just wants to lie and be good at everything! From swordsmanship to herbology??? Its like she played world of Warcraft and decided she wanted to be that flavor of cringe for her FB “fans”

No. 918923


Something about that dogs front paws look really.. off? Like it looks unnaturally posed or something. Placing a bet rn that it's photoshopped in too. Can't see this vain bitch getting a high energy dog that takes a ton of maintenance.

No. 918932

I was thinking this too, I’m almost positive she just shopped a dog in. There is no way an animal like that could survive in her care. Also if it was real I’d…be concerned. We know her brother is a pedo, it’s not far fetched to think Icky might engage in nasty paraphilic behavior for scrote attn. Sage for tinfoil ofc

No. 918943

I visit these threads every few months or so just to see what Icky is up to and I don’t know why I am always so surprised to see that she is still posting the same incessant desperate shill, constantly begging for adulation and validation from men. Seeing her posts of these made up stories where men find her so desirable that they simply must hit on her at ever waking moment is really so pathetic.

Anyone with half a brain cell could tell she is lying. Or at least embellishing the truth, because we all know men will literally fuck anything with a hole, even if it is a crusty, stinky, rotting one. It’s not an accomplishment to have men wanting to fuck you. This is something most women have to deal with.

It is truly so sad and pathetic that she has not experienced any character development in the last 10 years. She hasn’t grown as a person or matured at all. She actually seems to be recessing and has become even more unbearable, if that is at all possible.

I think a lot of us can admit we behaved immaturely and have seeked attention on the internet when we were teenagers. But I think for Icky, when she had that little bit of internet fame back in 2007 or whenever it was, that was the pinnacle of her life.

She is forever chasing that high. She hasn’t had any other achievements in her life to grow from and she will forever be stuck in that teenager mentality.

It’s really is very sad and every time I look through these threads I ALMOST feel bad for her, until I remember how much of a piece of shit she is.(learn to sage)

No. 918946

>But I think for Icky, when she had that little bit of internet fame back in 2007 or whenever it was, that was the pinnacle of her life.

>She is forever chasing that high.

I think about this a lot. You can really see it when Victoria gets the occasional message from a woman who says she used to look up to her on Myspace and admire her style. Victoria will usually reply very genuinely and just say something like, "Thank you so much! That is so sweet of you!" instead of the weird clarification + embellishment replies she usually makes when someone compliments her.

No. 918951

That’s applicable to so many cows on here like Luna and Kiki. Got a small word of internet fame and have been downhill ever since.

No. 919010

Definitely applicable to Kiki in the same way since she and Ick are from the same era. I think Shayna is another one tho she’s from the early tumblr days, she’s still trying to recapture that tiny bit of clout she once had. Vicky is particularly amusing and sad tho since she’s really out here claiming to be an overpowered fanfic OC while being a smelly addict loser with gingivitis and one of the most dated aesthetics ever kek

No. 919012

The paws look like they're projecting straight out of her asshole. This is one of my favorite things about Vickie Shoops… she's so busy eyefucking herself and uncannifying her face that she doesn't notice how incongruous the background elements are. It's consistently hilarious.

No. 919015

Her shoops are my personal favorite. She's one of the cow standards that minor cows cannot compare to. They all burn hot then fade away. Not our Vicky. Still out there sporting her atrocious grammar and spelling, terrible shoops, lies about everything in her existence, AND a dedicated group of local haters that keep us fed. It's chef's kiss of a good verbal beatdown.

No. 919020

I’m thinking of rereading her threads from the beginning tbh, just to experience all her self posting madness again kek she really is one of the best

No. 919023

File: 1694297551971.png (835.78 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20230909-151445-603…)

Wtf is this?

No. 919042

Her fucking gums kek

No. 919043

not this AI generated atrocity.

Hilarious how her gums are still rotted none the less

No. 919045

Dear god…

No. 919076

kek those irises are comically small. you know its bad when you can't tell if it's ai or just another terrible photoshop job by vicky/frankie

No. 919083

There was a time when her shitty shooping gave her double pupils and she tried to say she naturally had split pupils that looked like 2.

No. 919102

File: 1694393475722.webm (5.54 MB, 690x1226, 377546085_766420255240546_7443…)

No. 919103

deleted, what is the point of even posting. she made this her profile pic on ig and now it's some other nightmare where she looks like she's in a shein tier costume.

the way she has to carefully pose and stand looks so awkward and stiff. how many fucking times does she have to put her gross fingers in her mouth. remember how she said she got compliments on her tattoo cleanliness but does this lol.

No. 919104


Why is that cheap chandelier clock so close to the ceiling? She's so incompetent at everything she does including decorating. Sorry about the nitpick but I saged.

No. 919106

File: 1694394970488.png (5.16 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_1231.png)

I know ickys photoshopping is bad, but I’m pretty sure her Instagram profile picture is literally someone else

No. 919107


No. 919114

File: 1694403370799.jpeg (267.2 KB, 734x721, IMG_4655.jpeg)

Hitting those body filters harder than she hits the bottle. That arm is warped to shit

No. 919115

Thank you; I couldn't post the video and the warped elbow screengrab at the same time. I think Victoria just doesn't care about making convincing edits because the neckbeards will tell her she's a hot babe either way.

No. 919122

Lmao tragic.

No. 919126

i am HONKING this is so fucking funny. also it looks like her walls are falling apart. oh dear god, dear god i needed this. this is catastrophic

No. 919135

I feel like this is an AI image

No. 919139

File: 1694439518593.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1890, Screenshot_20230911-063839-913…)

Victoria got upset we called out her arm warp so she decided to take this video where she shows her arm by her side for half a second and then claims that the reason her arm warps at the elbow and gets sucked into her fake 20" waist is because… SHE DOES SWORD WIELDING.

No. 919140

File: 1694439601626.jpg (38.93 KB, 492x492, 1694439627635195179123402.jpg)

definitely AI, look at that arm kek

No. 919142

and the hair growing from under her bowtie

No. 919159

Expecting anyone to take you seriously with the name j_s3ph1r0th. Is it suddenly 1998 again?

No. 919163

File: 1694478878356.jpeg (168.53 KB, 921x910, IMG_7161.jpeg)


is she creating ai photo simp sock accounts now? or is this the long awaited return of her fake photoshop boyfriend??

No. 919164

Pretty sure that's her new boy toy. He calls her "bish" in all his comments to her about how she doesn't answer her texts and she replies back flirting, talks about how her dog wants to see him again. It's hard to tell if it's her behind him in his profile pic.

No. 919165

File: 1694479217991.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1939, Screenshot_20230911-203706~2.p…)

ok sorry for the "in between posts" layout but didn't wanna post twice.
1. so unfortunately, whilst most likely shopped still; the dog from >>918898 is real. I just hope it's not actually her dog and has a primary caretaker.

2. near the bottom is the funniest part of >>919139 IMO, which unfortunately that anon didn't capture – she went out of her way to announce that she "left dust on the mirror so any warping would be obvious" kekkkkk. I wonder what normies think when they read her deranged narcissistic justifications for all this stupid shit.

No. 919166


Oh lord. I just cringed with the power of a thousand suns

No. 919167

this photo is obviously fake, I wouldn’t put it past her to make up fake “admirers” or simp socks based on the fact that she’s fabricated entire boyfriends before. Reaching Lillie heights of delusion and idiocy.

No. 919168

Yeah I should've specified better. It's obvious the photo is fake but I'm not sure if it's something Victoria made with her AI'd self, or if it's just a random generated woman.

No. 919174

File: 1694482388218.jpg (229.46 KB, 600x603, ick.jpg)

Icky, just stop it. You're embarrassing yourself. Holding your arm at your side and palms facing forwards, most people have a bend there. It's just human anatomy, that muscle is called your carpi ulnaris.

What isn't possible, is for you to hold your arm to your side, palm facing inwards and have it bend outwards at the elbow like that, unless you have hEDS, even then, that wouldn't bend that far.

Your hair and the shadows warp towards your waist throughout the whole video. Your arm is so warped from editing your waist, that your forearm is now freakishly long.

And your other arm seems to turn to a spaghetti noodle when you move it behind you.

No. 919175

I honestly don’t think it’s her dog. I think it belongs to whoever’s place she’s currently squatting at or she would have made a big post about adopting a dog and how she’s a badass rescue babe who saves all animals

No. 919176

File: 1694483337466.jpeg (256.95 KB, 1289x1955, IMG_1259.jpeg)

“No face makeup or eyeshadow needed”
Her eyebrows are drawn on, she’s wearing eyeliner and she has shit lip liner.
And a photoshoot and self timers aren’t the same

No. 919177

File: 1694483499040.jpg (244.41 KB, 1440x3016, allergictocats.jpg)

I checked to see how old this account is. He joined in 2015, Vic in 2012. He has 13 followers, 3 posts and 15 former usernames. I tinfoil that these are dead "photographer" accounts she created, just changed the username and made it private. The dog probably belongs to her landlord/roommates renting their musty basement apartment.

No. 919178

File: 1694483519382.jpeg (341.82 KB, 1290x2104, IMG_1260.jpeg)

I have a question. Why are you living in a place that’s falling apart? Or right cause you haven’t had a job in years.

No. 919179

File: 1694483563817.jpeg (85.5 KB, 1289x585, IMG_1261.jpeg)

This woman is going to be 40 in like 3 years.

No. 919180

Confirmed sock, embarrassing. Just spewing the same delusional rhetoric vicky has been for years. Never thought she’d sink to such obvious lows but I’m not surprised.

No. 919181

I love this new arc. She gets more and more unhinged and I’m here for it.

No. 919182

MY SIDES this is a gender swapped picture of her, she’s actually unhinged. This is why Vicky is my favourite cow. No one can match this fat retard’s level of delusion
Hideous mutt, her grimy hovel must stink even more than usual now that there’s two rancid unwashed creatures living in it

No. 919183

Lmao what the fuck is this outfit? Why are her eyes so close together? How is she so retarded? My god
I love how she can’t help letting us know that she’s lurking, never change Shingles

No. 919188

Same here, I'm absolutely giddy at how milky Victoria has been as of late. I love all the anons in these threads too. A+ commentary all the time.

No. 919190

also wearing lip liner/stick bud this her way of trying to convince us her face actually looks like this. if those sad ~face tats~ are real they are as botched as the rest of her life.

she’s probably taking more pix for that competition.

No. 919193

>hideous mutt
Kek are you the anon who hates Shayna’s dog too

No. 919204

File: 1694538616106.png (324.39 KB, 1440x1345, Screenshot_20230912-120957.png)

She's claiming the dog is hers and she paid for it. Who buys a dog that's a few years old?

No. 919206

It’s all part of her ice queen tomboy LARP, a large “working breed” dog makes her feel like she is some kind of cool girl kek there is no way this dog is actually hers. I’m sad she has access to an animal at all tho…

No. 919208

No. 919212

idk if canada has adoptable dogs but super gross if they do & she’s lying to make it seem like she’s got the best dog lol.

pretending her story is real, did someone just randomly approach her & say they breed dogs, does she want to buy one. then she goes & decides to pick an older dog, her larps are wild.

No. 919219

File: 1694561146580.png (87.75 KB, 1080x466, Screenshot_20230912-162722-798…)

A comment on this video.

No. 919222

I love how she’s so beyond retarded that she can’t ever recognize a joke or sarcasm.

No. 919249

She's such a liar. I know firsthand that she was kicked out of her last apartment and definitely did not have a dog.

No. 919273

I want to know more about the 2 people in their twenties who Victoria stayed with during the pandemic and they accused her of stealing toilet paper.

But if you have proof of Victoria being kicked out of her last apartment, you should post it.

No. 919274

File: 1694617274796.jpeg (107.52 KB, 1289x534, IMG_1345.jpeg)

German sheppards can grow up to 88 pounds. So she has a large animal, walks him and takes care of him but can’t work? Make it make sense.

No. 919275

File: 1694617786006.jpeg (123.49 KB, 1289x778, IMG_1346.jpeg)

This account is 100% Vicky’s burner.

And it’s changed its name 15 times..? Yeah. It’s icky.

No. 919278

Not to dog sperg, but both my German Shepards were 90- 120 pounds. If she actually owns this dog she's not taking care of it, not meeting its energy needs, and it is shedding everywhere. One of my dogs was such an anxious mess (a rescue), he was on small doses of Xanax to keep him from chewing and swelling wood while we were out. poor buddy even chewed on dry wall and we ended up spending 15 g's over his lifespan handling his impacted stomach.
She's a milky cow, but like all the cows, they never take care of their animals and that shit pisses me off so much.
I hope local animal services gets involved. Also, GS have hip problems as they get older, and we all know she will not pay for the meds or the vet visits required for the basic care. I hope he gets out of there soon.

No. 919316

to have this much time yet never spends it doing art or trying to get better at tattooing or even improving her appearance but instead making up lies and creating ppl to defend her b/c no one else will.

No. 919334

what’s the point if nobody wants her to mess up their skin and every tattoo artist in bumblefuck ontario doesn’t want her stinky ass in their stores.

i trust mickey deer tattooing my body before her honestly and i’ve seen how mickey scratches people’s skin

No. 919351

Holding up those saggy tiddies

No. 919370

File: 1694733621631.jpeg (301.71 KB, 1284x2156, IMG_7192.jpeg)

this is horrifying

No. 919372

Good LORD I want to see her irl so bad lmao like if she looks like this in a pic she has control over, imagine the real life version. She is horrifying fr. Can’t believe I’m gonna say this but in the battle of the washed up MySpace famous scene girls, Kiki doesn’t look too bad in comparison to this wreck.

No. 919374


She looks like a marionette on meth

No. 919376

The caption kek

No. 919377

Absolute nightmare fuel

No. 919378

No. 919379

How does anyone follow her who is not a farmer idgi shes legit braindead

No. 919383

File: 1694757298230.jpg (31.65 KB, 720x963, tumblr_0e7cbbc040804a541ba2355…)

bump don't scroll b/c gore

No. 919388

Middle aged meth head white trash deadbeat dad coomers.
Her mouth looks like the halitosis would be strong enough to render a medium sized dog or a small child unconscious

No. 919397

File: 1694802713607.jpeg (310.66 KB, 1289x2337, IMG_1503.jpeg)

This girl is in hard drugs or over taking her meds. This is terrifying.

No. 919440

her makeup looks like how they put makeup on corpses for funerals

No. 919521

Don't insult morticians like that, nonnie

No. 919587

She looks like she's wearing one of those cheap plastic clown masks. On the bright side, Icky doesn't have to pay for a Halloween costume since her face is terrifying enough on its own.

No. 919589

File: 1695078542131.jpeg (56.92 KB, 621x1000, IMG_5761.jpeg)

YES THANK YOU that’s what I was trying to think of. She reminds me of a mask like picrel

No. 919590

This post feels scrotey and misogynistic.

No. 919591

Lmao I’m the nonna who posted it…I’m genuinely confused, literally how is it scrotey and misogynistic when it’s what she looks like? Would it be less so if I compared her to Baby Jane?

No. 919621

File: 1695142069663.png (137.98 KB, 1440x915, Screenshot_20230919-115023.png)

She doesn't hide her racism anymore

No. 919623

File: 1695143325148.jpg (59.15 KB, 565x318, 790992366-clerks6.jpg)

Is she Randall from Clerks?

No. 919627

File: 1695149044612.jpeg (181.38 KB, 1289x980, IMG_1610.jpeg)

Yikes. I’m case anyone was wondering just show racist Victoria Bella morte is. Her brother is caught with CP and she’s a scammer and racist. Her parents failed miserably

No. 919636

Wtf is this article? A porch monkey where I am is just some lazy fuck that sits on a porch Al day drinking beer and people watching

No. 919639

File: 1695158973073.jpeg (150.22 KB, 1289x748, IMG_1614.jpeg)

Vicky came stalking lolcow she meant

No. 919640

File: 1695159407141.jpeg (266.84 KB, 1289x995, IMG_1621.jpeg)

Go outside and scream porch monkey. Come on back and let me know how that goes.
Here’s a few more. Maybe in America is normalized, I don’t know.

No. 919645


So much for that Mensa IQ she touts. Anyone over the age of 30 knows that calling anyone a porch monkey is derogatory and racist as fuck.

No. 919647

File: 1695163044618.jpeg (142.78 KB, 1289x961, IMG_1623.jpeg)

I don’t even know what’s happening in this conversation. Is Vicky too busy to work..?

No. 919649

File: 1695164213772.jpeg (724.99 KB, 1170x1651, IMG_4863.jpeg)

She’s busy laying on her ass all day taking and editing photos for a scam contest of course! She really is the dumbest person

No. 919652

Everyone in this scam competition is in first place. Racist and retarded.

No. 919656

File: 1695173211274.jpeg (448.35 KB, 1289x1887, IMG_1624.jpeg)

So many people calling out this scam contest for years. I didn’t realize it was so bad.

No. 919659

File: 1695180352667.jpeg (345.76 KB, 1289x2239, IMG_1631.jpeg)

Also “number one in their group” totally legit

No. 919660

File: 1695180439518.jpeg (556.47 KB, 1289x2599, IMG_1632.jpeg)

Just a few people that are “number one” quick search and it seems like everyone is in first place.

No. 919664

File: 1695188972972.jpg (582.61 KB, 1440x4525, shesfrombritainguys.jpg)

It's ok guys, she's from Britain. It's racist everywhere you fucking scab.

No. 919665

>I’d be a cunt
Guess what you fat retard, you are a raging cunt. You’re a racist, misogynist, abusive, thieving, lying piece of shit. And the audacity to call others lazy when you’re a NEET who gets by on the government allowance for spastics and stolen deposits.

No. 919666

Jfc. The guy wasn't being rude at all. Way to be a total bitch for no reason
This post was judgey and ignorant af. Like she should just acknowledge she made an ignorant remark and apologize.
I'm normally not one to really comment about her, I just enjoy reading these threads in my pasttime, but this one really struck a nerve.

No. 919668

British people don't say porch monkey, it came from 1980s USA and I've only heard Americans say it. Most British homes don't even have porches, what a stupid excuse.

No. 919674

File: 1695212428179.jpeg (62.12 KB, 1289x307, IMG_1633.jpeg)

But of course Vicky moved to Canada when she was TWO.. so 34 years ago.. so she’s British she doesn’t care about being racist.

No. 919675

File: 1695213696433.jpeg (122.62 KB, 828x626, IMG_1635.jpeg)

“Fuckin apes”

No. 919676

File: 1695214281235.jpeg (29.09 KB, 261x275, IMG_1636.jpeg)

“Black people don’t take care of their kids and that why they commit crimes”

No. 919677

File: 1695214416342.jpeg (49.69 KB, 827x189, IMG_1637.jpeg)

“Refugees with their aids and shit.”

No. 919682

File: 1695221670418.jpeg (124.41 KB, 1253x1060, IMG_1643.jpeg)

I wonder if her dad ever comes to visit her at all..? Or he just ran off back the the uk and doesn’t care.

No. 919684

File: 1695221894864.jpeg (168.36 KB, 787x1080, IMG_1646.jpeg)

What an odd post for her dad.. and her to comment on.

No. 919685

She's so irrelevant that she can say racist shit and no one cares. Kek in this day and age

No. 919686

Lmao is this actually her dad??? Entirely weird and gross for him to post and then for her to comment on…hoo boy. The roots of her terminal pickmeism are showing kek

No. 919691

Think about how fucked it would be if you if this is someone in your life and everyone knows what a shit show you really are. How does she get away with this huge catfish life? It's so weird.

No. 919692

File: 1695247821156.jpeg (328.95 KB, 1289x1489, IMG_1701.jpeg)

I get icky has never spoken to a black person in her life, cause she would have gotten her shit rocked by people other than her boyfriends.

No. 919704

File: 1695258999152.jpeg (546.86 KB, 1289x2109, IMG_1715.jpeg)

“Who’s life I saved”
“My ex is a coloured person”
Saying “refugees bringing over their aids” isn’t racist? Calling people porch monkeys.. which lets say that isn’t racist, you listed ally don’t have a job Vicky. And you haven’t in years.
By your definition you’d be one. Just lurking Facebook for boyfriends, with no goals or real hobbies.

No. 919705

File: 1695259225767.jpeg (217.37 KB, 1144x835, IMG_1718.jpeg)

The guy she’s talking to on Facebook under this post is her ex she “blocked” keep your standards high, sticky.

No. 919707

File: 1695259625653.jpeg (262.59 KB, 1225x1135, IMG_1719.jpeg)

Saged for no new milk. But icky just wanted to move on from Greg, her abusive drug addict ex just to be talking to him again. This woman hates herself

No. 919710

Her worldview is so small and pathetic, I pity her.

No. 919716

I don't know what would be more telling. Being such a nobody that you don't get checked, or that your audience agrees with your blatant racism. White trash is what it is, and we know Vicky checks all the boxes. Unskilled, unemployed, on government assistance, alcohol issues, poor dental hygene, etc, etc.

No. 919721

Yes that is her actual dad. Last time I checked his Facebook, around 2021 or so, he had tried to clean it up and only posted about current event/issues because he was trying to get involved in local politics in Bumfuck, Northern Ireland. Before that, around 2017-2018, his Facebook was filled with disgusting boomer memes about how he doesn't get his dick sucked often enough. Seriously, it was meme after meme bemoaning the lack of blowjobs in his life.

I'm looking now and it seems he's ditched his political aspirations and went back to posting boomer memes and stuff about motorcycles.

No. 919725

Literally this she's so fucking dumb. Porches in UK are super small enclosed structures where you take your shoes off, you wouldn't be able to see if someone was in there and nobody would be hanging out in there? Try again Vicky.

No. 919727

But NONNIE she’s from there. Certainly she knows. She lived there from birthday until 1 and a half and her brain stopped receiving new information about her surroundings.

No. 919741


It's stuiped people r stuiped

No. 919750

File: 1695332873438.png (209.74 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20230921-143949-999…)

Victoria isn't racist because she has a geisha tattoo.

No. 919758

>Asian geisha girl
She doesn’t even know geisha are Japanese kek also how much you wanna bet she referred to it as like Ching Chong food and she’s trying to play it off like that’s a restaurant name double kek she’s such a classic cow

No. 919769

File: 1695345837572.png (713.13 KB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20230921-174327-473…)

>it's for charity

No. 919770


I mean, technically it is. You would be keeping the lights on in a basement hovel for a for a lazy scratcher, if that’s your idea of charity.

No. 919772

Never before seen photos!
What a narcissistic loser. She really does think she’s a big deal

No. 919773

Idk, I've been pretty excited to see each new shooped monstrosity after every round. That's the only reason I keep clicking the page.

No. 919826

same, especially since she posted (and deleted) videos in a few shitty lingerie sets claiming she was ~modelling~ but hasn’t shown the results.

also love how she puts down other women for doing onlyfans but is out here begging for votes in exchange for ~exclusive pix~ cos charity.

No. 919835

File: 1695431566892.webm (8.34 MB, 1080x1920, 119918339_126745070513074_6056…)

No. 919865

Why do her lips look so weird? On the right hand side there is a weird glint, but it doesnt look like a peircing.. are her filters fucking up? Kek

No. 919869

File: 1695519001374.jpg (14.09 KB, 320x320, 381764162_999505188045871_5431…)

No. 919870

NO ONE in the UK uses this term, it just isn’t a thing. Her British larp is fucking infuriating

No. 919875

You can clearly tell in this video that her body is edited. She is moving but her entire chest stays completely still. Also, if you look closely you can't see any boob in the hole parts of the bra. I think she is getting worse and worse at this.

No. 919885

File: 1695599832048.png (986.88 KB, 1080x1788, Screenshot_20230924-165400-384…)

For some reason Victoria posted a video of a cut on her finger that was bleeding and then she licked it with her nasty ass mouth. I hope this is fake. The blood looks pretty bright and the Halloween stuff has been out for awhile.

No. 919895

File: 1695611229928.jpeg (233.39 KB, 1186x1082, IMG_1964.jpeg)

Yeah it’s real. This 40 year old woman cut herself in the kitchen and sexually sucked the blood off her fingers while calling herself a vampire.

No. 919896

Her sock j_s3ph1r0th sure is quiet lately

No. 919897

I’m still howling over her using a genderswapped edit of her own face as “his” pfp, omegakek

No. 919900

All of this is such retarded word salad. The chef's kiss is "got me and stabbed me".

No. 919919

File: 1695660773326.png (146.07 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20230925-095148-204…)

>I know 14 martial arts and am trained in many different types of weaponry

No. 919920

Can she even list 14 types kek

No. 919921

Her lies are so grandiose it’s insane. Police trained dog? Fourteen types of martial arts plus weapons training??? It makes me wish I could run into her irl and challenge her to a fight just for the sheer hilarity can you imagine how she’d flail around??? Or maybe she’d just run away kek

No. 919922

She's so fascinating. I would love to spend just one evening at a bar she was at, listening to all her fake stories and egging her on. "Your accent is sooo cool, where are you from?" "Wow that's so badass that you know all that weapon fighting! Have you ever done stunt work? Like on a film set?" "I don't mean to sound weird but your eyes… they're such an interesting color and seem to change depending on the light…?"

No. 919928

Agreed! You could just get her to say soooooo much bullshit god, it would be amazing to hear her spin her retarded yarns live with an audience kek

No. 919935

Police trained dogs would live with the family of the cop. So the cop and police forced deemed this dog too dumb.. and gave it to Victoria? Didn’t she just say that this dog is from a breeder that tried to give her a puppy.

No. 919936

File: 1695682466239.jpeg (425.64 KB, 1290x2272, IMG_2030.jpeg)

Vicky got threads. Of course her neighbours hate her cause she turned down the superintendents mothers dads uncle from down the street. It’s never her fault, even though she’s the common denominator.
Sounds more like people are calling the bylaw cause Vicky got another animal she can’t take care of. People are allowed to let their cats out, retard.

No. 919937

File: 1695682678867.jpeg (428.39 KB, 1289x2098, IMG_2031.jpeg)

Aka she’s been stalking lolcow heavy cause she hasn’t worked in 2 years and her only hobby is the internet. Licking your cut like a thirty onlyfans hoe on your public page for your dad to see. Left that part out.

No. 919940

This is not sounding very “high class many mansions” level living to me. Sounds like she’s living in a slumlord suburb and pissing off her hillbilly neighborhood

Given her claims of “pure high class British uwu” heritage, hemophilia would be an easy line to draw

No. 919945

File: 1695705308152.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_20230925-221442-470…)

This jump scared me good

No. 919946

She looks like she lets a drugged mortician do her makeup everyday. Give the liner and bronzer a break you moron.

No. 919947

I'm the sole anon who likes the way she does the heavy eyeliner, especially the outline on the inner corner. But that's it. That's the only thing I like. I know it's terrible and I have bad taste.

But yeah everything else about this look is horrific. The bronzer, the white eyebrow highlight, the 2016 nose contour, the anus lips. It's more muddy than usual too. Usually her makeup is more… white/grey. Maybe she's trying a new look. Thumbs down.

No. 919948

Are there even 14 types? This fat retard truly is the gift that keeps on giving

No. 919949

I hope you get the help you need, nona

No. 919951


i guess the tattoo under her eye faded

No. 919953

it’s not real, she posted two cringe videos and only remembered the above eyebrow “tattoos” for this second clip. the only way i will believe she actually tattooed her face is if she posts a video with no filters, no makeup and rubs over them with makeup remover.

is she really trying to add singing/rapping to her long list of talents lol.

No. 919954

File: 1695735567406.jpeg (794.75 KB, 1170x1781, IMG_5056.jpeg)

You forgot to include the cringe caption

No. 919956

File: 1695737782327.jpeg (336.06 KB, 1289x2252, IMG_2043.jpeg)

“I miss playing with music” hashtag female rappers. Oh dear god…

No. 919957

File: 1695737973277.jpeg (85.7 KB, 658x544, IMG_2046.jpeg)

The comments do not disappoint. She’s so out of breath “rapping” one line

No. 919958

HAHA AND SHES A SINGER NOW TOO TOPKEK as a professional singer I NEED to hear her “clean singing” lmaooooooooo god she is so far gone she will never let go of the lies about her so called abilities. Would love to see her pretend to be fluent in another language too please please please

No. 919970

File: 1695766383132.jpeg (122.24 KB, 1289x551, IMG_2064.jpeg)

Her threads is so unhinged. How do you forget to take your meds when you don’t have a job or any hobbies? The whole day is wide open.

No. 919974

The cringe I feel in my soul at her blatant thirsty pickme posting.
>hurrrrdurrrrr I like gettin JACKHAMMERED like as in SEX hurrrrr please give me male validation

No. 919977

Lol she deleted these comments

No. 919978

She’s claimed to speak French and Spanish before, she posted “that awkward moment when you hear people speaking Spanish and realise you can understand them”, like she magically picked up a whole language. On her LinkedIn she put down “working proficiency in French”, lmao okay Shingles
I don’t understand what this means, what is “clean singing”? Is it because I am ESL or because it’s Vicky?
I’m always surprised when people reply to her nonsense with anything disparaging because 99 per cent of her interactions come from mouthbreathing inbred basement dwellers who are just as retarded as she is and actually believe her lies

No. 919979

File: 1695777897039.jpeg (256.72 KB, 1290x1708, IMG_2080.jpeg)

Don’t forget she speaks Japanese as well

No. 919980

File: 1695778027912.jpeg (162.69 KB, 1289x718, IMG_2081.jpeg)

What….? She used the term porch money and now all the sudden she’s calling out ever racist. And where did this girl move? Sounds like a fucking dump.

No. 919981

File: 1695778161971.jpeg (574.64 KB, 1289x2402, IMG_2082.jpeg)

I honestly feel like Victoria is getting fucking wrecked on her medication cause things just keep getting more weird

No. 919982

MUH MENSA IQ! She has an iPhone which would autocorrect her spelling errors so she must be intentionally changing them back, what a sped

No. 919983

What is going on here

No. 919984

Omg the rap videos are so bad! She is amusing but really it’s just sad. She seems to sit in her room all day and puts some makeup on to make cringey videos and photos for her small fan base of gross old men.

No. 919985

She’s not even on the beat for the “we are enemies, we are foes” bit (which isn’t even rapping). Is she really trying to convince people that the “clean” rapping in the other video is her? Because it’s fucking not, lmao. She’s fucking mental.

No. 919986

I’m not even sure what clean singing is… if that’s even a thing. Her or not it’s nothing to brag about lol

No. 919987

The drugs she's on is a disturbance. That's rich, her talking about racism.

No. 919988

it’s her way of saying there is no auto tune or any other editing/filter on her vocals. any time she has to mention something like that she is lying.

>i miss playing with music

has she ever done anything music related besides that radio show she was on and still brags about lol. guess she has to come up with new things to lie about since she doesn’t give out shitty tattoos any more.

No. 919989

I don’t either but I’m assuming based on context that she means acapella because there’s no music. I think it’s actually Doja Cat and she’s trying to say it’s her

No. 919990

She always has to point out “no filter” or “my real voice” or whatever it is as if anyone actually cares about if her trashy videos are edited or not the quality is always shit anyways

No. 919992

File: 1695786456967.jpeg (60.7 KB, 1289x409, IMG_2085.jpeg)

She’s going hard looking for her next bf online

No. 919993

No. 919994

This is the most weirdly specific thing that never happened to her in a long while kek

No. 919995

>the meth is strong
More like the projection is strong, kek

No. 919996

File: 1695817282462.jpeg (179.91 KB, 1289x1328, IMG_2086.jpeg)

“My threads is caliente.”

This looks like an OF profile

No. 919997

No she was correct… she is smoking meth.

No. 920001


damn, imagine talking like this on your public social media in your THIRTIES. this is really, really sad

No. 920010

That’s what I meant, she’s saying others are smoking meth when she’s clearly off her gourd

No. 920016

File: 1695868446943.jpeg (420.5 KB, 1288x2121, IMG_2158.jpeg)

“Inked mag charity”
“To see more awesome photos of me”

No. 920018

File: 1695868766304.jpeg (178.4 KB, 1289x1035, IMG_2159.jpeg)

She’s only been living in this building for what.. 5 months? So she moved into a place that just happened to have the landlord as a guy she turned down? I mean, a man with a job would be an upgrade for her. Maybe if everyone in her neighbourhood smokes this much meth, she should grow up and get a job herself.. move out of the scum land?

No. 920019

Did I miss it? Apologies. But was her singing posted?

No. 920020

Such crossdresser makeup and editing kek. Where is her nose? Why does she insist on those skirts? Shes ready to perform at the next drag brunch

No. 920021

They’re some of the most recent videos on her instagram

No. 920022

For someone who wants to say they’re so classy it’s interesting she openly admits to live in such scummy places that attract meth heads

No. 920023

File: 1695874102430.mp4 (2.59 MB, 720x1166, 000535-720x1600.mp4)

This is an image board

No. 920024

File: 1695876057280.jpeg (198.73 KB, 946x687, IMG_5073.jpeg)

Frankie photography
Why is it every time she has a problem with a male it’s because she totally turned them down. Girl is fucking delusional and lives in fantasy land.

No. 920025

She likes the high waist skirts because they hide her gut of course

No. 920030

That’s her idea of “singing”? Firstly you can barely hear her and secondly she’s completely out of time. Zero rhythm or musical ability. Narcissists are typically rather insecure despite appearances, hence her desperate need for attention.

No. 920031

She looks like a sex doll.

No. 920053

i would say she looks like a drag queen here but that would be insulting to all the drag queens who actually know how to apply makeup.

also this voice doesn't sound like vicky, maybe she's lip syncing? it's awful either way

No. 920064


Based on her long history of being unemployed and not paying rent (her shop, Jackie’s place, every other place she’s lived for less than 6 months and gotten herself kicked out of) it’s pretty obvious she’s just a scammer not paying rent and making shit up. nobody should rent to her.

No. 920071

File: 1695937352346.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, C29772C2-64B9-4F5E-90A5-68369F…)

yes she looks like Jeffree Star kek but i’m dying at her fave at the end of the video

No. 920083

how does the vote to see more pix even work? her boobs being a different color from the rest of her is hilarious; everything is so cheap and gross looking.

No. 920084

That ratchet nose contour. I'm winded.

No. 920090

The LIP LINER KEK. I keep saying it but GOD I want to see her irl. I live in an area where if a woman does wear makeup, it’s either well applied glam or very minimal/fresh. Desperately want to see this extreme crust and drunkenly applied shit in person while she slurs about knowing every martial art, being proficient in herbs…maybe I could even get her to do karaoke lmao. I bet she smells horrible.

No. 920100

Careful, she probably thinks that's a compliment

No. 920114

It's the mMcDonalds M eyebrows for me.

No. 920133

File: 1696028948849.png (1.2 MB, 1080x2130, Screenshot_20230929-160821-713…)

Here's the "magazine" Victoria is featured in, lol.

No. 920136

Poor Vik, they got it wrong. She's from england!!!

No. 920137

The entire look has me fucking winded, she looks like she has literal shit on her face. She’s so retarded that she doesn’t realise there are apps that can give you an entire new face with no manual editing or makeup application required

No. 920139

How someone who has countless pictures like this available all over the internet for free has made hating onlyfats whores her entire personality is so fucking wild to me

No. 920148

File: 1696049579160.png (294.33 KB, 1080x1793, Screenshot_20230929-215223-558…)

Bottom comment, lol

No. 920160

File: 1696093823673.jpeg (588.1 KB, 1290x1120, IMG_7210.jpeg)

the only comment on the post by the ~magazine~ which is digital format and you need a membership to the site or purchase the file to actually access her stuff.

No. 920162

Lmao no one is going to pay to she her shitty edited photos from a magazine no one’s heard of with only 2k followers(sage your shit)

No. 920217

File: 1696191198480.jpeg (327.11 KB, 1289x1426, IMG_2326.jpeg)

The edited in abs

No. 920219

LMAO did she edit in the pigtail pompoms too?? The photoshopped abs…………….maximum kek

No. 920229

File: 1696201476575.jpeg (513.63 KB, 1290x1865, IMG_2338.jpeg)

So if you haven’t had sex in seven years… you’re a virgin again. Retired Hoe logic

No. 920232

Victoria's edits are my absolute favorites. There have been dozens of times I've busted up laughing immediately upon seeing some of her edited pics. I think her greatest photoshopped hits (the one by the resort pool, the Notre Dame window with her tits out, sitting backwards on the motorcycle, etc.) should be a 12 month calendar. Then she could brag about being a hot calendar babe.

No. 920237

>kill count
does she mean body count? it’s still an awkward term for the number of ppl someone has slept with but being so confidently incorrect is the vicky way lol.

No. 920253

Her arm edits are the best. Her entire arm here is the exact same width. Her hair is clearly just photoshopped as she missed a big section on the top of her head. She was probably wasted.

No. 920254

When she tries to sound smart and it comes out sounding like a 14-yeat-old girl. She is honestly so dumb it's hilarious

No. 920258

Tinfoil: she's on the opiates hard. Sometimes it makes you ramble, and she talked about two different things in one sentence. She's not making sense with half of this. I can see her downing some pills, thinking it's time for more attention seeking, but it really should mean go to bed and get your damn self together already.

No. 920260

At this point the biggest shinglesgate would be if someone leaked the original photos. Can you imagine the dumpster fire aesthetic? These photos before the editing must be horrifying.

No. 920263

File: 1696269459729.png (1.02 MB, 1439x1793, Screenshot_20231002-124703.png)

She rinsed her Vee account of all the vote for me posts. Coming in 8th for a scam contest must have hurt her ego.

No. 920272

File: 1696278362803.png (100.15 KB, 1080x463, Screenshot_20231002-132511-397…)

Victoria, you're 35.

No. 920274

Didn’t she just write an entire essay about having a lot of partners being a red flag? Now she’s picking men off of a menu.

No. 920275

File: 1696281798035.jpeg (312.65 KB, 1289x1393, IMG_2375.jpeg)

“If someone is avoiding you, chase them”

No. 920277


I guess I’m not conversant in Vic speak; can someone translate her reply? Thanks in advance.

No. 920281

Spreading those fat thighs for gross scrotes because Shes bored isn’t the flex She thinks it is.
>Guys be like
Girl, You’re almost 40. Stop

No. 920282

File: 1696288872423.jpeg (803.37 KB, 906x1158, IMG_5146.jpeg)

How long is she going to wear the same red bra for? She’s been pumping out a lot of disaster edits and I’m loving it

No. 920290

She really thinks it’s called “kill count”???

No. 920369

File: 1696453862682.jpeg (221.77 KB, 1289x831, IMG_2459.jpeg)

Going back in an hour later to exit a post to convince people you have friends is a choice.
The fact that she’s flexing going out to drink with friends, no matter what beer it is, while she’s on medical leave for two years holding peoples deposits hostage is another choice.
Not drinking but doctor shopping cause your popping medication isn’t sobriety either

No. 920371

File: 1696454244742.jpeg (78.5 KB, 1289x369, IMG_2460.jpeg)

Incoming Victorias comment back: “ I actually rejected him years ago, so it wouldn’t surprise me” kek
Her followers are as brain dead as she is.

No. 920372

Tinfoil - the delivery guy knew/recognized her and she didn’t know what to do because she’s been screaming ~sobriety~ for years but is obviously fucked up daily. An obvious overreaction, it’s giving “thou dost protest too much”

No. 920389

File: 1696468852953.jpeg (309.9 KB, 900x1541, IMG_2472.jpeg)

Oh god… she’s not tattooing the public. Just random men. If you’ve given her a deposit you’re shit out of luck.
Has icky ever seen a lion…?

No. 920394

face like a moldy bathroom rug lol. don’t get the negative space swirly thing & that abrupt “kanji” probably doesn’t say what it’s supposed to. ew, she is scratching from wherever she is living.

No. 920400

The kanji literally reads as "mother child. father woman." kek

No. 920402

Bruh that lion looks like it's in desperate need of braces. Underbite yee yee ass

No. 920406

This is such a blatant lie because when you order alcohol they ID you at the door they don’t just drop it off and it hasn’t been 3 years since she drank.

No. 920447

Usually 0% comes in a can/ bottle so you know it’s 0%, she probably was at some sketch pub where the workers are also drunk. Also funny she edited the post and yet it still has errors

No. 920448

That swirl to the right makes no sense this tattoo is awful, why do people choose to get shitty tattoos from shitty people there’s so many better artists out there

No. 920449

The menu being the uglies in her inbox ahaha honestly only losers would be into her she hasn’t had a decent boyfriend since like 2010, I think anyone who is sane knows to stay away from her at this point

No. 920485

retard cat

No. 920526

That one guy she dated in like, 2018, Matt, seemed normal and ok. He was in his early 20s and didn't have a bunch of stupid crap on social media anyway.

No. 920531

File: 1696707943415.webm (3.4 MB, 1080x1920, 316637717_711066207618058_7351…)

Victoria totally unbothered by lolcow again.

No. 920539

Jesus Chris I can't imagine how infected that zit on her face is if it's that damn red under all the makeup and filters. Disgusting.

No. 920584

Her face tattoos disappeared again

No. 920619

File: 1696804954968.png (249.74 KB, 1080x1317, Screenshot_20231008-154116-660…)

Victoria attracting the most high caliber of men.

No. 920623

Where is her ever-so-posh "British" accent? Why does she have moon face? Why did she erase her fugly face tattoos, but not that massive zit? So many questions.

No. 920631

File: 1696818192778.png (88.87 KB, 1080x420, Screenshot_20231008-192217-059…)

Lmao I hope she keeps posting about the meth head neighbor.

No. 920643

If somebody what now?

No. 920646

It’s thanksgiving in Canada and Vick isn’t spending it with friends and family. Instead she’s locked up in her slum surrounded by meth heads. What a luxurious and full life she has

No. 920654

File: 1696875195928.jpeg (347.58 KB, 1289x2183, IMG_2612.jpeg)

Her entire threads is talking about sex and meth.

No. 920655

File: 1696875264000.jpeg (408.14 KB, 1290x2344, IMG_2613.jpeg)

While also posting weird, super filtered photos with Edgelord lyrics over them.

No. 920670

File: 1696888657184.png (78.11 KB, 1080x400, Screenshot_20231009-145621-086…)

It really is. Even her bio says "my threads is caliente" with the hot pepper emoji.

No. 920672

Lmao is this code for her realizing she’s aging hard and fast and thinking maybe just maybe some elderly drunkard or druggie would think shes hot? Like she knows she’s not getting no sexy old men kek come on now Vick

No. 920686

File: 1696904425205.png (172.38 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_20231009-191936-290…)

Isn't this the typical experience for most women on Tinder? I love how she always brags about men wanting to fuck her, as if that's some accomplishment.

No. 920689

Her past like 4 relationships have been like 10 years younger than her. Also dated a baby murderer. Very picky indeed!

No. 920696

File: 1696916687135.png (110.13 KB, 1080x466, Screenshot_20231009-224407-953…)

>Unless he was mine first

Wtf is she talking about?

No. 920704

File: 1696942433357.png (302.55 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20231010-055302-286…)

Is this meth? She sure is making lots of posts about drugs lately.

No. 920708

I think she’s alluding to Adrien. Don’t think she’s ever gotten over his dumping her narc ass for one of her friends.

No. 920726

Let’s see, muh zero sugar protein bar tard Cameron, baby murderer, meth scrote with clothing hangers in his ear, married baby daddy, some dude that gave her a concussion, Mexican teenager.

1% possibility

No. 920739

File: 1696984517524.jpeg (133.39 KB, 1289x538, IMG_2787.jpeg)

She turned down over 1000 men in a week on a dating app? Like 1000 men that swiped yes to her? Or she’s been talking to that many men..? Either way this makes her look pathetic.
Who has time for this.. it’s so desperate

No. 920740

File: 1696984672722.jpeg (77.42 KB, 1289x643, IMG_2788.jpeg)

Going through 1000 men and trying to get middle aged ravers attention.

No. 920741

god she is such a stupid femcel who probably lies about every diqk she's claimed to fuck. my money is on she's still a virgin.

also she's like the opposite of a pick me girl… weird

No. 920742

I wonder if she's from the EDM fandom…? She behaves in a similar way to a lot of EDM fandom lolcows like Sako and Yeff.

No. 920746

>likely hood
MENSA level IQ over here

No. 920749


Her delusion and lack of human connections has her convinced that any man who is in a relationship would cheat with her based on her (OBVIOUSLY HEAVILY EDITED) social media photos. Literally the saddest thing in the world. God I hope she re-enters the world one day and realizes how insane she is.

No. 920762

File: 1697025138690.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1039x1876, IMG_5378.jpeg)

What the actual fuck is this editing? Put a whole new face on herself. The boobs look like liquid and her shoulder looks broken. Forgot to edit her linebacker thick neck. Keeps editing herself thinner but no collar bone in site. Fat retard

No. 920764

The way that her big fat gorl boobs don’t fit in the cups of her top, kek. She is a mess and a half, the shooping never fails to make me laugh. Maybe I will visit one of my Canadian online friends IRL sometime and see if she’ll try to take a day trip to go Ick spotting with me lmao I’m desperate to see this beast in the wild.

No. 920769


the shirt looks AI

No. 920771

the thumbnail doesn't do it justice, click the full image and zoom her face you'll laugh harder

No. 920774

Kek as if this crusty cunt owns anything in a neutral shade that requires ironing. IF this was her face and body the clothing would be covered in dog fur and Jack Daniels stains. She's so transparent.

No. 920775

LOL you’re right, I can’t believe it’s 2023 and her eyebrows look like this tbh. She’s trapped in an era that came and went like 20 years ago now. Wonder how bad her face looks without all the blurring…

No. 920776

File: 1697037676380.png (9.2 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_2803.png)

The pupils and nostrils going in opposite directions make me so uneasy.

No. 920782

this gotta be AI generated

No. 920783

I like how all her front teeth are fused together like a human parrotfish.

No. 920792

File: 1697080103046.jpeg (856.49 KB, 1007x1065, IMG_5398.jpeg)

Looks like she just used ai to make a shitty edit even shittier. Honestly was hard to tell at first because all her shoops in the past have looked cgi and so damn sloppy

No. 920793

It’s 100 % AI. Teeth are a dead giveaway. Yet another thing she’s proud of yet has no skill in.

No. 920794

I've been living in the area and have never seen her, or at least recognized her

No. 920795

File: 1697089614444.webm (1.57 MB, 720x1280, 5B4891200533D84F6FFE9BBE3986FF…)

The accent came back.

No. 920798

Dressed like a lot lizard on a cold Wednesday night in a dusty pool hall. Never change, Shingles. That red bra probably smells like shit . Giving me Luna vibes

No. 920824

File: 1697170248543.webm (3.73 MB, 720x1280, 391745048_1378144463073605_766…)

Another video from last night. Guy Victoria is with laughs hysterically at her balls joke.

No. 920831

File: 1697206401278.jpeg (316.51 KB, 1290x1864, IMG_2984.jpeg)

Vicky: “ I actually like to play with the balls the most, though”
By the way that is the brother of the guy Victoria use to date. The one that killed the baby. I guess they’re bonding over the jail time the loser got

No. 920832

File: 1697206663827.jpeg (487.28 KB, 1289x2005, IMG_2985.jpeg)

His brother.

No. 920834

File: 1697211165259.jpg (25.71 KB, 1080x301, IMG_20231012_210739_526.jpg)

Speaking of being sentenced of crimes

No. 920839

Why does she announce these things to the world as if anyone cares

No. 920844

Who is supposed to give a fuck about your fucked situation? She always places herself in to someone else's narrative. I've never seen such an attention starved bitch. And why is it that I have to keep asking myself is this drugs or mental illness?

No. 920846

“ Wynonna died as a result of a barrage of blunt force injuries when he assaulted her at the Grandravine Community Centre on his way home from the Metro.” Flores-Romero had offered to take the children to the grocery store because Aliesha, who was expecting Flores-Romero’s child, was feeling unwell.

“The evidence proves that Flores-Romero willfully inflicted bodily harm on Wynonna and he knew that his assault was likely to kill her,” Macpherson added. She explained the Crown’s theory is that he used his hands or feet to punch, slap or kick Winnie – the exact method of assault was not clear.”

By the way the kid that her killed was 3. But yeah Vicky the sad thing in this situation is you didn’t get to be there for him.

No. 920847

File: 1697236968369.jpeg (363.71 KB, 1289x2058, IMG_3005.jpeg)

No. 920864

LMAO the fuck is this? Jfc she is WIDE

No. 920871

File: 1697288126280.jpeg (82.92 KB, 1289x441, IMG_3013.jpeg)

“Realizing” maybe realize being an active member of society and get a job.

No. 920880

Shes upgraded from one glove to one knee high kek. That stinky red pushup must be the only bra that fits.

No. 920881

File: 1697308158781.jpeg (146.47 KB, 1289x761, IMG_3032.jpeg)

What… is she even trying to say? Mariah Carey makes Halloween music? Does she mean Christmas? But it’s not Christmas.

No. 920902

the abhorrent subject matter aside; it's so fucking cringe that she still says "guy friend" at her age. I thought most people past their early/mid 20s at latest just start saying… friend. why specify the gender? she always has to prove she's just OnE oF thE BoYs

No. 920911

File: 1697375280274.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1115x1534, IMG_5502.jpeg)

Looking extra haggard. That meaty arm

No. 920913

What is her facial expression lmao it’s like a smile sneer. She looks like she’s trying to show off prosthetic fangs or something but there are none. Her entire face is wild.

No. 920917

File: 1697389256093.png (243.99 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20231015-091421-699…)

No. 920918

File: 1697389767265.jpeg (394.03 KB, 1289x2154, IMG_3057.jpeg)

No. 920919

she looks like she smelled a fart lmao

No. 920920

Ontario tag. Vicky’s baby killer ex isn’t being sentenced until November 18th so either she’s lying for attention or all in the men in her life are abusers and criminals.
Both are probable.

No. 920931

File: 1697423367786.png (701.15 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20231015-192858-216…)

Victoria thinks we're all Chris Chan? Wtf?

No. 920933

>>>created a forum

honestly just once it would be nice if she could ever have the proper information about anything she ever says, even something retarded like this

No. 920957

Where is this? I wanted to read the comments and see if anyone had corrected her, but I don't see it on her Instagram. Deleted?

No. 920967

LMAO this is the most cake taking thing she’s ever said holy shit

No. 920968

It's on her crazy-ass threads account: https://www.threads.net/@modelviper

No. 920969

Icky is actually more retarded than the boomer Laur lmao

No. 920988

File: 1697474258055.png (222.18 KB, 1080x1303, Screenshot_20231016-093700-316…)

I cannot make sense of this. Her brain is fried.

No. 920989

File: 1697474934826.jpeg (217.01 KB, 1290x1297, IMG_3128.jpeg)

Straight Boomer energy

No. 921032

oh yea, i really ~want inked~ by someone who looks high in their fb cover photo advertising business where they are permanently altering your body in some random grimy space their dog probably shedded all over five seconds ago, who can’t remember to consistently draw on her super meaningful very real self done face doodles.

No. 921039

File: 1697503048740.jpeg (178.85 KB, 1103x795, IMG_3141.jpeg)

So she’s losing but of course she’s still the hottest and everyone else is buying votes. Not her.. she’s the real winner

No. 921040


The link to the people she’s competing with in her group

No. 921053

I fucking can't with the photoshopped on jewelry. It's all a mess, but jfc.. the jewlery.

No. 921056

I doubted that she was on drugs this whole time but I'm beginning to change my mind about that. She's making zero sense. What, she also likes women because there have been some female doctors who have "saved her tail"? She's insane.

No. 921064

File: 1697568328557.jpeg (182.78 KB, 1289x1183, IMG_3151.jpeg)

No. 921068

Is this even a legitimate thing? None of these contestants seem even remotely professional or even really have any decent tattoo art whatsoever. It’s giving Savemart Sweepstake vibes.

No. 921073

It's not technically a scam but it's extremely shady. They do all sorts of contests just like this such as "Fab over 40" and "Face of Horror" etc. and the fact she is sitting at 4th in the very early rounds of the competition does not make her one of the hottest tattooed models in the world. She doesn't seem to realize there's dozens and dozens of groups just like hers that get eventually whittled down and grouped together until the circle is smaller. It leads tons of people into buying votes by allowing them to believe they're in 1st place and have a shot. It's actually an indication of how irrelevant she is. The contest runners put the small charity donation in there to make it look like it's not a complete money grab. She's a fucking idiot.

No. 921089

I can’t believe she actually thinks she’s one of the hottest tattoo models in the world, but also she’s on dating apps, no dates so far though either

No. 921099

>could of
How’s about that Mensa IQ, shingles, lmao imagine being almost 40 and being this illiterate

No. 921123

File: 1697626101864.jpeg (787.12 KB, 1170x1537, IMG_5618.jpeg)

Posting over filters videos in an awful wig at 4am. Imagine this was your life close to 40.

No. 921133

She looks like a 40 year old who is still mentally 14. It's sad that she works that hard to look good and still looks horrible. At this point if you're fooled by her, you're the idiot.

No. 921136

File: 1697644748743.png (233.92 KB, 1080x967, Screenshot_20231018-084251-734…)

Victoria's descriptions of her eyes are my favorite thing about her.

No. 921140

File: 1697646167764.jpeg (806.79 KB, 1156x1696, IMG_5625.jpeg)

Re uploaded the video and changed the caption to “brown contact lenses” but it’s clearly a filter as her eyes are shaking around like those filters do when you zoom in

No. 921141

File: 1697646191656.jpeg (459.93 KB, 1170x1447, IMG_5627.jpeg)

What a fucking sped

No. 921142

TOPKEK aren’t her eyes like just normal hazel? The old old unfiltered not edited pics of her from aeons ago I feel like showed that. I wonder where she heard “ice green eyes” and coveted it for her own

No. 921154

File: 1697656056456.jpeg (363.57 KB, 1289x2118, IMG_3215.jpeg)

“Things we aren’t doing as women in 2023” then she proceeds to say “fuck around with other womens men” even though she’s been open to fucking other womens men if she doesn’t like the woman

No. 921155

Vicky is single and she has been for a long time, she has nothing to worry about anyway.

No. 921157

Vick was always "pathetic" in a funny, cringe way; but she is practically middle aged now and I can't even laugh anymore. This is genuinely pathetic.

No. 921196

File: 1697726509524.jpeg (270.19 KB, 1290x1906, IMG_3275.jpeg)

Icky falling to last place. Wonder if she’s going to get a job

No. 921198

will she ever learn about snow and other editing apps so she can stop taking the blurriest pictures ever?

No. 921230

File: 1697749138214.webm (17.64 MB, 576x1024, 393514290_1363069107652857_647…)

I saved the video. This is very embarrassing. She's trying to use phrases she's never used like "it's giving" and "girl…" I'm so embarrassed for her.

No. 921235

Old hag trying to blend in with the youth on tiktok

No. 921238

File: 1697755590077.jpeg (260.96 KB, 1289x1659, IMG_3298.jpeg)

Every weirdo, crackhead ect she turns down (allegedly) why is she in the hanging around such sketchy people that this always happens? Stop hanging out with methheads and get a job. Might help

No. 921239

Where are those totally real face tattoos she gave herself?

No. 921244

File: 1697760181486.jpeg (901.85 KB, 1170x1744, IMG_5671.jpeg)

It’s always the broke jobless smooth brains posting shit like this

No. 921260

File: 1697782675287.png (143.68 KB, 1080x554, Screenshot_20231019-231622-002…)

I dunno about you nonnas but I don't entertain men who act like this, even when I was single. Apparently Vicky does and is giving other women advice about them.

No. 921263

Makes a video saying let’s empower women!
Refers to women as bitches in another post

Never change sticky

No. 921265

She might just be the most self-obsessed person in existence

No. 921267

File: 1697809935168.jpeg (108.94 KB, 1289x1714, IMG_3331.jpeg)

“Empower women”

No. 921268

File: 1697810026289.jpeg (350.9 KB, 1289x2083, IMG_3332.jpeg)

“All love ends tragically” these are the kinda guys Vicky deals with. Edgelord emo kids.

No. 921272

I've been reading these threads for days. I've met and been tattooed by icky a few times. Her nonsense has completely turned me off of getting any work finished. This thread has been amazing

No. 921273

I'm still on her personal and professional pages. She's messaged me a few times offering me cheap ink as I'm guessing she was desperate for money. Asked a few months ago if she could come stay with me. I have nonidea where she's living now but I was at the fergus apartment and the salon for tattoos. She had some tall guy there the one time acting as her "security" and he was even wearing a security shirt hahaha. She kept calling him G I think but saying he has a twin and mistaking him for the other one. It was the most awkward situation and I'll never go back

No. 921274

Wtf does algamation mean? Is she trying to say amalgamation? Lmao

No. 921276

Cp bump

No. 921285

Do you have any information about what she's like in person? How did your tattoos turn out?

No. 921286

Why did you go to Victoria for a tattoo? Genuine question.

No. 921290

I'm sorry I've never used thit site other then to read this thread but not sure how to reply to specific posts.
I went to her as she had a promotion on, and was unsatisfied with my old artist. She is very flaky with appointments and timing. Was always late, got there and still had to draw the stencil, waiting over an hour before she would even start the tattoo. What should have taken one or maybe 2 sessions ended up being 4 and can still see the old tattoo underneath. So many smoke breaks, taking up so much time on stuff that should have been done already. I've had to wait for her at the shop for an hour before she finally showed up in a cab. Many rescheduled appointments.(learn to sage)

No. 921291

The cringy fake accent was hard for her to hide in person but she still tried to lay it on when she noticed it slipping. She was always wearing short shorts and baggy clothes. Her hair is Matty and gross.(sage your shit)

No. 921294

thank you so much for sharing your experience with vicky, sounds pretty typical of her. you should take a min to read the rules & guidelines for participating here because the mods generally don't care if you're new and wouldn't want you unintentionally caught in their crosshairs:

No. 921323

File: 1697881962923.jpg (213.41 KB, 1080x1080, Picsart_23-10-21_17-52-34-148.…)

Never change

No. 921325

She is now claiming to have injured and fought off a tall, heavy, trained male fighter? I didn’t think I could kek harder. Who is believing any of this who is this FOR???

No. 921341

File: 1697902286129.jpeg (226.8 KB, 601x1417, IMG_3383.jpeg)

So she either beats up men for fun / hangs out with crackheads and this happens a lot or she’s claiming her ex is 220 lbs / 6’4 ufc fighter

No. 921342

“He lost me” is listed FIRST. As if that’s the worst consequence of his mental breakdown.

NarciVic, that’s our girl.

No. 921344

This shit is why Vic is my personal queen. Absolutely delusional!

No. 921351

This is what makes this site so fucking stupid and why it's just the same bullshit over and over again. Lame ass admins(take it to /meta/ and learn to sage)

No. 921375


God putting this kind of shit out she will never have a healthy relationship. Godspeed you absolute psycho.

No. 921377

Even trained combatants in the military know there is almost zero way to disarm a suspect with a knife. The general rule is if your enemy has an edge weapon, and is within four-ten feet of you, you’re pretty much dead. You can talk to martial arts expert, weapons expert, etc. the chances of disarming an edge weapon attacker without being grievously injured in the process is slim to none, even if the person has no prior knife training.

Vicky wouldn’t have stood a change. I’ve seen her “coordination” in her sword RPG vids. She’s out of shape and has no hand eye coordination.

She also claims it wasn’t an “actual” DV situation because he has “multiple personality disorder” (which hasn’t existed as that name in several dsm’s) and bipolar which is total bullshit. Mentally ill or not, they still need to have autonomy for their actions. She’s so full of shit no wonder she’s such a tubster.

No. 921439

File: 1698085187931.jpeg (392.62 KB, 1147x1000, IMG_5780.jpeg)

So edgy! Also why is she even entertaining an ex. Mentally stunted retard

No. 921456

File: 1698099246589.jpeg (235.01 KB, 1290x1340, IMG_3603.jpeg)

She joined Twitter cause she thinks she has a chance with Elon, I would put money on it

No. 921471

She already tried this with her old Twitter, https://twitter.com/victoriamurder

She's beyond pathetic.

No. 921492

Tried what? Where's the picture?

No. 921499

I just meant she would tweet at Elon on her old account too.

No. 921506

File: 1698159990805.jpeg (1020.97 KB, 1170x1441, IMG_5847.jpeg)

She’s claiming that her cheap ugly watch is Cartier. Girl literally lives in a slum and couch surfs but claims to have a designer watch when it’s clear as day it isn’t.

No. 921507

File: 1698160352089.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1574, IMG_5848.jpeg)

What the fuck is this mess? She drops an edited costume every halloween

No. 921516

Liike, i just wanna know it all. Why did she wanna live w you? Did she have a reson other than retarded?

Mods are being retarded redtexting the milkiest thing we got in ages. Come back nonita and tell us of her vicnanigans

No. 921518

The majority of accounts she follows on Twitter are police division accounts. She’s so strange

No. 921527

I will never forgive the mods for redtexting Jackie when she showed up and dumped milk a couple years back.

This is a mess.

No. 921554

Love how her fake British accent is barely there in this video

No. 921557

File: 1698242839706.jpeg (225.34 KB, 1290x1649, IMG_3743.jpeg)

You’re a close to 40 year old with no job, never travelled, leech off others, no further education that dates crackheads that beat you up. You’re also a baby killer sympathizer. You’re doing alright on your own.

No. 921571

Jealous of what? Please tell me that. Because there is nothing I've seen on these threads to be envious of. She Photoshops herself to death and has an impressive resume of nothing but delusions of grandeur. Gee I wish that was me.

No. 921593

File: 1698282531778.jpeg (294.62 KB, 1192x1886, IMG_3905.jpeg)

Jealous of a 40 year old woman wearing vampire fangs, living in someone’s dirty basement . Duh

No. 921594

File: 1698282767286.jpeg (249.48 KB, 1290x1708, IMG_3908.jpeg)

Victoria actively hating on girls doing OnlyFans.

Also victoria:

No. 921598

That white plaque caked tongue. Can’t tell if the knees on her socks are filthy or if her porcine legs just stretched that area out and the fabrics thin. Same ugly outfit same bra. Must smell like death

No. 921661

File: 1698382399003.png (89.14 KB, 1080x519, Screenshot_20231026-215058-708…)

Some Facebook guy better volunteer to be Victoria's boyfriend soon because I can't remember the last time I've seen her this thirsty. Every single post she makes is about types of dudes she likes, what she finds hot in a man, an insta story with some "dad bod" guy where Vic said "six packs are hot but this is hot too", just constant horny posting from her, for months now.

No. 921719

Everyone always talks about unfinished work lol so true

No. 921733

File: 1698455488295.jpeg (330.8 KB, 1290x1536, IMG_4114.jpeg)

Someone should wife up your friend because she tried on a hot dog costume before Halloween? Doesn’t require a lot to impress, sticky that’s for sure.

No. 921734

File: 1698455700656.jpeg (24.02 KB, 275x259, IMG_4115.jpeg)

Victoria: I’m so picky with me.

Victorias ex that beat her up, was an active drug user with schizophrenia :

No. 921754

How is she not aware men and women are a part of the same species? What a fucking moron. Kek.

No. 921764

File: 1698527868708.jpeg (224.19 KB, 1180x873, IMG_4230.jpeg)

Victoria trying to get Elons attention but interacting with parody accounts is next level thirsty boomer energy.

No. 921765

File: 1698528342038.jpeg (310.63 KB, 1289x1346, IMG_4232.jpeg)

No. 921766

File: 1698528385585.jpeg (189.69 KB, 1290x827, IMG_4233.jpeg)

“I’m picky and whole on my own.”

No. 921779

File: 1698542721476.jpeg (208.56 KB, 1289x1265, IMG_4261.jpeg)

“I’m a girl, I don’t initiate things” you’re mentally stunted. Grown women do ask men in dates. If you need a man to ask you publicly on Facebook for your ego while actively being unemployed with no education, you should reprioritize.

No. 921781

So she’s above asking a man out solely because she’s a woman.. but she’s low enough to beg men on Facebook to ask her? Stay sticky, icky.

No. 921783

File: 1698546914588.png (498.36 KB, 1080x1634, ImAGirl_ImALady.png)

We had the same thought, nonna. Here's more of that exchange.

No. 921790

>I'm a lady, avoidant and intj.
She talks about herself like she's the 15 year old main character in a story written by a 15 year old. At her big age too lol.

No. 921805

File: 1698607670631.png (330.37 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20231029-122609-307…)

She is just the epitome of trash. I don't think anybody here can relate to having a crush on some gutter trash dude who ended up with a lady with an STD.

No. 921815

File: 1698618681343.jpeg (235.07 KB, 1269x1260, IMG_4309.jpeg)

Another place she probably stopped paying rent at. Going to have to rush out of this place like the last one.

No. 921816

File: 1698619023291.jpeg (207.43 KB, 1289x1080, IMG_4310.jpeg)

Icky openly admitting her ex thought a prostitute was an upgrade is something else.

No. 921835

you couldn’t pay me to give up that info

No. 921861

File: 1698685575030.png (527 KB, 1080x1326, Screenshot_20231030-100540-186…)

She has used this line on like 8 different Facebook dudes.

No. 921887

File: 1698759400521.jpeg (638.23 KB, 836x1442, IMG_6013.jpeg)

Every time she does her signature move of sticking her dirty fat fingers in her mouth thinking she’s so hot makes me feel sick. That lipliner my god ….

No. 921893

File: 1698762347918.jpeg (514.8 KB, 1259x1858, IMG_4360.jpeg)

“She looks more like me now that’s she’s lost weight”

No. 921895

The best part of this was the caption, which said, "Dancing while getting ready." Apparently, for Victoria, "getting ready" entails sticking her fingers in her mouth. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 921896

That's so backhanded. Even when xtina was fat she was probably still smaller than Big Vicky

No. 921904

She can dance and get ready to go out for Halloween but she can’t honour the deposits she’s holding hostage

No. 921923

This lumpy delusional hook nosed bitch wishes she looked like Christina. I honestly can’t stand her.
“Since she lost weight”
Vicky, you need to lose some more weight and stop abusing body filters that warp backgrounds and photoshop.

No. 921965

it's genuinely hilarious that even when she tries and do the "girl code" complimenting other women schtick, she can't help but slip an insult in there. vicky is irreplaceable

No. 921970

She‘s just getting trashier by the day

No. 921988

she claims to be an ice cold queen man stealer but no one will date her and put up with her shit longer than a month lol oh wait I forgot to add shell only steal ur man if she dosent like u so if u pander to her your safe I guess? Lmao as if. She's not even ugly she's an average girl who just photoshops herself into oblivion and uses body warp tools on most videos/pics I guess if u care about looks to much u become retarded? Like holy shit how many hor dogs dogs she need to have in her stupid cunt before she finally stops being a free ewhore who steals deposits and is a wannabe homewhrecker

No. 922026

File: 1698893675061.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1589, Screenshot_20231101-225142~2.p…)

She just posted this to her insta. So now it's confirmed she has moved on from regular Snow filters and onto AI completely changing how she looks. I know for a fact that Marilyn AI photo app is called photoleap, I saw she also used another photoleap filter to make her into an "anime girl" on a different photo on her insta as well. I feel like using AI will make her even more delusional about how she looks, why bother putting in any effort at all if it'll just completely change your face, makeup, hair, and clothes with the click of a button anyways.

No. 922028

Totally random but I just noticed that she deleted a lot of her Instagram pictures, I just saw that shitty edited of her as Marilyn Monroe and I swear I saw that necklace so many times when she wants to feel "classy" so I went to her Instagram to get evidence and a lot of pictures that have been posted here are gone, what do you guys think happened?
Also no evidence because they're just gone, like those pictures of her on the cat pissed sofa with the ugly dress Jacky got for her, gone, the sad attempt of cyberpunk picture also gone, a lot of it is not there.

No. 922030


yea i noticed this around the time the tattoo competition ended as the posts she made about ~modelling~ for it were gone. there was a really hilarious compilation of supposed pix of teenage vicky but it also disappeared. she probably thought she was actually going to win and threw a fit when she didn’t so just deleted things to pretend it didn’t happen like many other things in her life.

No. 922043

File: 1698922923738.webm (10.17 MB, 720x1280, yearbookchallenge.webm)

Omfg I actually downloaded the "highschool pics" video before she deleted it. Everyone in the comments thought these were actual highschool pics of Victoria and she didn't bother to correct anybody. All she said was that she did this for the "yearbook challenge," whatever that is. I'll see if I have screenshots of the comments.

No. 922049

love that it interpreted her ratty extensions as some sort of fur

No. 922057

File: 1698938031457.jpeg (113.01 KB, 1289x510, IMG_4515.jpeg)

You, Vicky. You make your own life hard by hanging out with addicts and not working

No. 922061

Catch a break? Your whole life is a break. You live off the government and steal deposits off people who actually work hard for their money. You stay up till 4am editing photos and do fuck all. Vicky doesn’t even have her licence so it wasn’t her driving or her vehicle. She just loves to play victim. Probably will use this as another “health reason/healing” for stealing even more deposits. Lazy bitch.

No. 922068

File: 1698952391371.jpeg (346.31 KB, 1289x2015, IMG_4596.jpeg)

Her Twitter page is just trying to get Elon musk to acknowledge her. ( while talking to parody accounts)

No. 922075

Vicky flirting with a parody EM account hoping to get creampied by him was not on my bingo card for the year.

No. 922085

omg thank you! the fact she’s trying to pass this off as her to fit the narrative that she looks like christina agulara had me crying and wheezing.

No. 922086

File: 1698974088769.jpeg (386.66 KB, 1284x1738, IMG_2361.jpeg)

What’s up with her eyes, this is probably AI but it’s not even good

No. 922087

I looked up her ex on Facebook that she said she wanted everyone to leave him alone, funny she posts his name so we all can easily go take a look, anyways his arms seem fine he’s holding up a tree log so guess she didn’t do the life long damage she said happened

No. 922088

File: 1698978449579.jpeg (276.99 KB, 1286x2265, IMG_4619.jpeg)

Just a “lil makeup” kek

No. 922094

This is 100% ai. This is extremely embarrassing that she’s trying to pass this off as real. She’s even too lazy to shoop now. We have reached the highest peak of retardation

No. 922096

Her goddam nostril is melting off.

No. 922111

This is so weird, the eyes are way too small

No. 922127

This doesn’t even look like Vic. I mean, all her photos look wildly different, but this one looks nothing like any version she’s ever presented before. This looks like a very conventional, sorority-girl type.

No. 922128

Kek my thoughts exactly. She can only wish she ever looked like this, but we know the truth. That video of her “modeling” (clomp stomping around) on that stage told us the true story.

No. 922140

File: 1699063508617.jpeg (436.85 KB, 1284x2082, IMG_7690.jpeg)

god this bootlicking imbecile has brainworms

No. 922145

File: 1699067762370.jpg (760.7 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231103_231506_Chr…)

No PhOtOsHoP. aLl NaTuRaL

No. 922198

Possibly, possibly. But it’s not a picture of Victoria Emma Shingleton.

No. 922214

File: 1699141971167.jpeg (238.7 KB, 818x1274, IMG_4710.jpeg)

She’s stopped trying to make it look like a real person. The 4 retards that continue to interact with her on social media buy it cause they’re brain dead boomers

No. 922215

her irises are melting in this pic. it took everything in me not to comment and ask what was wrong with her eyes. i will never understand how her levels of delusion keep getting worse.

No. 922218

Lmao she is really posting ai photos as candids. Her last braincell has left the building.

No. 922219

It's funny because even with ai Photoshop, her hair still looks like shit

No. 922227

the janky eyeliner, the “barely there” nostrils, the disappearing MJ nose, the way too high eyebrows. Keep chugging vic, one day Elon will fuck you.

No. 922232

Coconutkitty 2.0

No. 922235

U can tell her pics are just pandering to men she never wears any practical clothes just thirst trap stuff she dresses up just to take crappy overedited and now ai garbage dosent even go out and do anything just sits at home and takes selfies or in the bathrooms of other men

No. 922246

File: 1699211937559.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1463, Screenshot_20231105-121711-173…)

>Miss riding

Another AI photo, this time with generated riding gear. It's understandable that she does this because all the goofy boomers just keep relying "Gorgeous eyes!" and "Amazingly beautiful inside and out."

No. 922248

She’s never rode in her life. She’s just skin walking her dads hobby with a sprinkle of ai. She’s too broke and retarded to do that hobby and definitely never had her M1 license. You could swear she’s a schizo with the fantasy world she lives in she’s the most delusional and pathetic cow on this site with no friends and no future. Forever larping the life she wishes she had. I couldn’t imagine faking a life to impress nobodies on facebook you’ll never meet just for the “you’re so cool!” Comments from bottom of the barrel sub humans who are just as retarded as she is to not see thru the facade

No. 922252

File: 1699221379786.jpeg (840.01 KB, 1170x1643, IMG_2110.jpeg)

Fuck editing tho

No. 922255

I was just on tiktok and had this "yearbook challenge" suggested to me. She must have done it hundreds of times to get this many.

No. 922261

File: 1699228502632.jpeg (89.83 KB, 1289x620, IMG_4761.jpeg)

Wasn’t she couch surfing at Jackie’s cause she couldn’t afford a place in 2017?

No. 922262

File: 1699228594329.jpeg (135.36 KB, 1289x729, IMG_4762.jpeg)

No. 922263

File: 1699229026323.jpeg (271.73 KB, 1288x1605, IMG_4763.jpeg)

“ if I die from people being stupid” says the unemployed 40 year old with no education and spends all her time hitting on fake Elon musk profiles.

No. 922272


And bathing and laundry and cleaning, apparently.

No. 922274

Why does this sound like the manifesto of a school shooter? This is downright disturbing

No. 922322

File: 1699306664738.jpeg (367.77 KB, 1045x2040, IMG_6173.jpeg)

She put the caption “PL Photography” on these AI posts on her Instagram claiming they are totally real professional photoshoots by a totally real photographer. Just when I thought her lies couldn’t get more outlandish she pulls this shit. Truly pathetic

No. 922323

File: 1699306718876.jpeg (220.95 KB, 488x476, IMG_6171.jpeg)

Changed her Instagram profile picture to another AI disaster she will claim is another photoshoot kek

No. 922324

Not downplaying how edgy she is, but this tough guy persona was super common in the 2000s, it's cringy but not disturbing imo. Vicky is stuck in 2005, even her edgelord ramblings reveal how old and irrelevant she is.

No. 922325

File: 1699308011110.png (1.96 MB, 1171x1453, Untitled2.png)

this photo is driving me crazy it's so uncanny valley. I think she put an already photoshopped photo into the AI and it's inserted her photoshop mistakes into the new AI creation, but I can't find the original image. Picrel is close but not quite right.

No. 922326

File: 1699308425384.jpeg (629.15 KB, 1289x2334, IMG_4831.jpeg)

If it was anyone else, I’d think this was a joke.

No. 922337

File: 1699325650671.png (10.86 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_4833.png)

In the comments she says “ I found a sea sponge” she’s completely lost touch with the last shred of reality she was grasping onto.

No. 922338

File: 1699325816351.jpeg (162.75 KB, 1289x974, IMG_4834.jpeg)

No. 922339

Has anyone commented on how her tattoos are missing?

No. 922345

File: 1699328897778.jpeg (411.72 KB, 1290x2070, IMG_4837.jpeg)

Icky did. Kek

No. 922347

Absolutely not ai you guys. I just used make up ^_^ also this is a real beach in Ontario during November, that is fresh water by the way…where you can encounter sea sponges!!!

Your eyes ever roll so far back that you almost black out?

No. 922359

Jesus.. this is honestly just really sad….

No. 922365

What AI program is she using?

No. 922366

File: 1699355141947.png (223.03 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20231107-040529-631…)

Victoria flirting with her most recent ex, the one who stalked her after the ex before that beat her up. She sure picks winners.

No. 922370

The magic hair standing up. Kek

No. 922371

File: 1699361283768.jpeg (571.5 KB, 1141x1347, IMG_6233.jpeg)

Not married at 36 because she’s just too picky! Whoever gets to marry this welfare queen will be a legend and so lucky to be with a narcissist who can’t even keep a shitty room in an apartment rent paid

No. 922373

File: 1699364002339.jpeg (232.14 KB, 1289x1124, IMG_4840.jpeg)

She brought up sponge Bob so many times. People thinking the AI photos are wedding photos isn’t that serious, Vicky.

No. 922374

The cope is so strong it’s making me woozy through the screen. She wants people to think she’s an insane overpowered overly beautiful sexy smart OC who has had to dodge MULTIPLE marriage proposals it’s so funny I can’t speak. How close to 40 is she now? If she makes it, I bet the sperging about how hot and young she looks and how badass she is will increase tenfold I can’t wait

No. 922383

I think she is using the AI app photoleap. It has the school yearbook, the wedding, the anime filters etc. that she has been caught using so far. also I think it's free or mostly free.

No. 922399

File: 1699390880285.jpeg (427.95 KB, 1283x1735, IMG_4950.jpeg)

“The guy who can finally get me to say yes will be legend”
The guy she said yes to:

No. 922409

File: 1699406925363.jpeg (74.21 KB, 1289x520, IMG_5062.jpeg)

Is she talking to her period on threads..?

No. 922410

It looks like she has a hair earring in. Not to mention the eyebrows in the middle of her forehead. She has truly lost it.

No. 922412

File: 1699408675639.jpeg (418 KB, 1284x1788, IMG_2410.jpeg)

My fav comment is “gorgeous, where was this taken?”

No. 922414


You can absolutely tell the ai jacked up the hands so she cut them out. The lies are so egregious. Get help vic.

No. 922416

File: 1699410044396.jpeg (20.43 KB, 459x251, IMG_2410.jpeg)

It’s the eyes in every one of these for me what a mess

No. 922418


She legit has no teeth and no neck

No. 922422

File: 1699415966515.png (2.86 MB, 1606x1132, Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 10.5…)

check out the gobbledygook text at the bottom, classic AI image generator bug as they mostly cannot generate legible text. i'm guessing she typed in "blonde woman on beach" or whatever and then just shooped her face on

No. 922423

File: 1699416346582.jpg (558.37 KB, 1075x913, 1598171456098.jpeg.jpg)

AI Vicky is fun and all, but I'll always prefer the real deal.

No. 922425

File: 1699418024239.jpeg (152.7 KB, 604x720, IMG_2411.jpeg)

She must love that she can pump out multiple AI photos a day with a click of a button, wonder how long these photoshopped pictures used to take her. This photo is over a decade old and she hasn’t changed one bit

No. 922454

Some of us are trying to keep the milk coming, ok? Lol shh don't blow cover

No. 922479

File: 1699500455157.jpeg (459.75 KB, 1289x1548, IMG_5181.jpeg)

Or maybe this is to show that you should t compare yourself to people online cause editing and photoshop exists. Vicky is so bothered by her own photo fails, she thinks pointing this out is cutting up a Kardashian.

No. 922480

File: 1699500709043.png (8.61 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_5184.png)

Speaking of photoshop fails

No. 922482

It’s ai again the obvious sign is the tattoo on her neck and the fingers

No. 922484

File: 1699504123312.png (183.74 KB, 1080x769, Screenshot_20231108-212741-911…)

Victoria wants to charge video game companies to use her likeness in a video game. The delusion. This is under a Facebook post about how she's stuck in bed and playing Fable 3 on Xbox.

No. 922489

yuck! ofc she’s listening to that loser

No. 922491

She’s always stuck in bed and “healing”. What happened to being like wolverine and healing so quickly, Vic? She’s been healing for the past 4 years to avoid giving deposits back. Even had to change her stupid fucking nickname to an even more retarded one to try and get people off her trail and away from all the bad tattoo reviews calling out her scam.

No. 922508

File: 1699559629846.jpeg (240.15 KB, 1289x880, IMG_5212.jpeg)

This is what happens when you live in trash apartments and have slumlords. This isn’t a gotcha moment, you get trash cause you live in it.

No. 922509

File: 1699559694827.jpeg (16 KB, 275x134, IMG_5213.jpeg)

Also remember when she said one of her landlords came in with weapons. She gets kicked out of every place and couch surfs from Jackie’s place and other people. Get a job

No. 922510

File: 1699560419314.jpeg (227.83 KB, 1290x1320, IMG_5214.jpeg)

First it was Christina lost weight and now it’s “before plastic surgery” kek.

No. 922511

File: 1699560463155.jpeg (114.84 KB, 1289x692, IMG_5215.jpeg)

No. 922517

File: 1699565904825.png (1.06 MB, 1440x3601, ohick.png)

>>My character is a chick.

No. 922520

File: 1699567146322.png (960.61 KB, 1080x2041, Screenshot_20231109-144705-732…)

Victoria's ex replied to my old post with her Quora profile and said "Looks like my ex fiance is on her same ways." Went to his profile. He only has one post, where he's looking for random Reddit hookups and describes himself as being a tattooed, hung, 6'4" guy.

Link to Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Competitive_Rush_952/

But Victoria is super picky!

No. 922526

File: 1699570199142.jpeg (66.25 KB, 1289x502, IMG_5242.jpeg)

“Yep hot and nerdy” jfc. She’s lost touch with reality more than I thought she ever could. She thinks she can be a politician cause she’s one in a video game

No. 922527

File: 1699570989310.jpeg (353.6 KB, 1289x799, IMG_5245.jpeg)

He lost full use of his limbs you say? This is from the late summer and she post this long post in the spring..?

No. 922528

File: 1699571284804.jpeg (2.53 MB, 2558x3909, ISIMG-920198.jpeg)

How many times she edited this is wild.

No. 922546

File: 1699579775267.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1284x2206, IMG_2430.jpeg)

Imagine reaching 40 and tagging your posts with scene queen … cringe

No. 922547

Ex fiancé? Thought she’s never said yes to anyone

No. 922550

File: 1699580757747.jpeg (406.19 KB, 1171x1875, IMG_2434.jpeg)

“It’s all her real hair” yet you can see her actual hair and it’s mostly extensions

No. 922554

literally nobody asked and also you’re lying and it’s blatantly obvious.

Eyeliner is SO jacked up even with the insane “I’m 40 and delusional about my appearance “ filter, meth head behaviour. Enjoy your low income drug addict housing, vic. You belong there.

No. 922559

File: 1699586872855.jpeg (386.28 KB, 1289x1958, IMG_5262.jpeg)

More so for thickness? The extensions are like a foot longer than her real hair?

No. 922560

Yes but you see, Gabriel Hodges, domestic abuser, Reddit hookup seeker, Mr. earlobehangers.jpg himself, is a legend so that's why Victoria said yes to his marriage proposal.

No. 922567

As If this man proposed with a ring that cost more than $10 if there was even a ring at all

No. 922572

she’s very aware her simps have room temperature IQ’s, so she lies for attention and validation. They’ll never call her out as they desperately want her to like/notice them. Anyone who does call her out no doubt has their comment removed. The terrible quality and heavy filters… proof she’s deeply insecure and aging like a banana, kek.

No. 922574

has she memorised the rubbish about disarming/breaking his arm? It sounds so fabricated. Not to mention no one loses the use of their arm because some 5 foot nothing liar twisted it the wrong way, even breaking it wouldn’t cause that kind of damage. Literally anyone could drop-kick this dumb bitch across the room. why on earth is she defending this guy? he’s absolutely responsible for what he did, also it’s no longer referred to as “multiple personality disorder” or “split personality disorder” the clinical term is “dissociative identity disorder” or DID, she’s a compulsive liar, a pathological liar… her narcissism knows no bounds.

No. 922575

… her teeth, kek!

No. 922579

File: 1699622381030.jpeg (85.72 KB, 1189x649, IMG_5290.jpeg)

Vicky: says hola.

adds “speaks Spanish” to resume

No. 922582

File: 1699628455715.jpeg (451.19 KB, 1289x1823, IMG_5295.jpeg)

There is so much to unpack here. That school shooter manifesto thing a previous anon said is starting to ring true. Talking about “ but he’s wanting to sound cool” while trying like a 14 year old Edgelord

No. 922583

File: 1699628486366.jpeg (343.82 KB, 1289x1854, IMG_5294.jpeg)

No. 922585

Vicky really is the female kingcobrajfs. The way they act permeates the same highly regarded energy.

No. 922587

Her entire new Twitter and Threads accounts are just 24/7 horny posting, posting about men she wants to fuck, what her type is, how she's flirting at 6 am with Facebook loser #382, oh and meth heads at her apartment. Horny posts and meth.

No. 922588

I don’t think she’s aware of anything, just totally out of touch with reality

No. 922591

File: 1699632425940.jpeg (112.84 KB, 1289x460, IMG_5296.jpeg)

Hamilton is a good hour away from Guelph. So the chances of her clients driving out there to see her is slim to none. Not that she was going to honour those deposits anyways. So she probably got out of Guelph for government housing or a friends place couch surfing. Makes sense why there’s so many crackheads around, Hamilton can be pretty filthy.

No. 922593

File: 1699632624265.jpeg (902.46 KB, 1170x1922, IMG_6278.jpeg)

Why would she even post this??? The filters on filters couldn’t even help her double chin. Saying term “fuck boys” when pushing 40 is extremely embarrassing behaviour when at her age she should be seeing Men and not young boys. Mentally retarded and destined to die alone with no true friends or love. Sad.

No. 922642

what happened to her dog??? Was posting about it nonstop and now nothing. Did it get taken away by the SPCA or was it a random guys dog she pretended was hers???

No. 922647

File: 1699710055696.jpeg (621.07 KB, 1170x1415, IMG_6291.jpeg)

Her fantasy world in fable sounds like the fantasy world she larps in real life. This is so cringe

No. 922659

File: 1699733849088.jpeg (245.34 KB, 1289x892, IMG_5404.jpeg)

Anxious and blows up her phone all the time cause she avoids her partners. Sounds super healthy. She needs a therapist, not a boyfriend.

No. 922660

i question whether the dog even existed at this point…

No. 922661

i think vicky isn't avoidant, if someone is an avoidant and you're too pushy you'll drive them away. ironically, you get better results by ignoring them.

No. 922674

File: 1699770992624.jpeg (737.04 KB, 1015x1727, IMG_6304.jpeg)

Vic is def the “friend” that can never pitch on food or pay bills but still insists on going out

No. 922678

>plays a video game
>"I probably would have been a good politician"

No. 922684

she definitely has the credentials, she did go to Stanford and Yale’s YouTube channels

No. 922697

File: 1699832845826.png (213.88 KB, 1080x1009, Screenshot_20231112-164719-972…)

This woman is such a pill seeker. I wonder how many new Google reviews of walk-in clinics and hospitals she's made in the last 6 months.

No. 922699

what crash is she even talking about? (sorry if i missed it). did she try doing a stunt on a motorcycle she’s supposed to be so good at riding and have a wreck lol. (it’s probably a lie but the vision of this happen is funny.)

No. 922700

File: 1699837272588.png (415.08 KB, 1080x1888, Screenshot_20231112-180005-678…)

She said something about getting into a wreck and wondering when life was going to give her a break, post here >>922057

Anyway, she just posted this and I'm so so so embarrassed for this 36 year old woman.

No. 922704

When did she ever post a video of herself rapping?

No. 922708

Do you mean to say
>>how many new Google reviews of walk-in clinics and hospitals fuck around has made
Let's not misgender find out.

No. 922709

for an intj she sure does talk about herself a lot.

No. 922710

I think she is referring to this claiming it’s her voice but it’s a popular tiktok sound

No. 922718

File: 1699905856348.png (851.36 KB, 1080x1948, Screenshot_20231113-150406~2.p…)

This was the rap she claims she freestyled herself and is her voice. I don't go on social media often so I don't know if this is a TikTok sound or not. I can't link Instagram reels unfortunately, but you can scroll to the September 25th post she made on insta to hear for yourself.

No. 922720

File: 1699909043634.jpeg (219.85 KB, 1160x1039, IMG_6327.jpeg)

Also the comment of heart eyes emoji left by Vic herself off her ai male sock account. She is the most unhinged. Who the fuck makes a male ai sock to suck your own dick??

No. 922725

File: 1699918385236.jpeg (20.88 KB, 640x242, IMG_7740.jpeg)

the way she talks to herself in the comments of her posts is so fascinating. here’s one i caught where she was telling herself to answer the phone lol.

No. 922726

File: 1699919374725.gif (2.91 MB, 498x406, tenor.gif)

Brilliant. Never change, Vicky.

No. 922728

Ahh, this gives me nostalgia for her first few threads. Good times.

No. 922730

Reminds me of lillee jean responding to her own accounts of “fans”

No. 922733

This is such a bizarre thing to lie about, and the phrasing?

No. 922734

File: 1699925514121.jpeg (288.54 KB, 828x1035, IMG_0940.jpeg)

Screenshotted this last night and it looks like it’s now deleted.
She’s unhinged

No. 922736

So she fucked a guy to get back at a woman.. a guy that publicly talks trash about her and hates her. And then continues by saying she’s a 30 second cum dumpster.
Stay classy icky. That’s very sticky of you and not very “ ignoring the haterz”

No. 922737

File: 1699927363939.jpeg (79.05 KB, 1289x479, IMG_5579.jpeg)

Is it finally paying taxes like the rest of the adults instead of living off of them.

No. 922738

File: 1699927747631.jpeg (189.4 KB, 1080x1966, IMG_5580.jpeg)

Never forget. Somewhere came here posting a conversation they had with adrien on Facebook. Vicky punched adrien in the face and denied sleeping with her.

No. 922742

Wow this is juicy, just can’t imagine wanting to post about my ex from a decade ago saying he came in 30 seconds and that we were banging behind his new gf back while everyone hated me, she brags about some cringe life stories

No. 922747

Bless you for screen shotting this classic Vicky white trash post. How does she not realize this makes her look terrible? She's saying she slept with her ex, who was trashing her, because his current girlfriend was talking shit about her? I'm not sure if it's worse that she's lying about it or not. Who would pretend to do that?

No. 922748

“Fourtunate” KEK

Delusional doesn’t even begin to describe this crusty idiot. People who “don’t care” don’t post paragraphs of incoherent nonsense like she does. She doesn’t even realise how transparent this is, this wall of text is dripping with “I’m a pathetic cum dumpster who doesn’t respect other women or myself, nor do I actually know how to move on, I’m perpetually 15 in my head and I’m burning up with hate”. How would she know this guy is talking about her if she wasn’t stalking his account?
Narcissists being both unapologetically vain and insecure af is honestly too much.
This hag needs to get some hobbies, being chronically online is rotting what’s left of her pickled brain.
Stop projecting icky, no one is jealous of you and we can all tell by the pounds of makeup, editing and filters that you’ve aged like milk.

No. 922775

You couldn't waterboard this kind of information out of me. Then you have this crusty std who announces that she vendetta fucks her exes who have the stamina of a teenage boy. Maybe stop lurking your exes page so you don't get your feels hurt Vic.

No. 922792

Would love to get some more milk on this whole scenario but we all know Adrien is too classy to come on here and expose her.

No. 922795

I once witnessed a drunken woman publicly screaming at a man for saying her “pussy was no good”; I hoped that was the worst I’d ever see a grown woman embarrass herself.

Way to top it, Vic.

No. 922807

The way his hand is melting into his face kek

No. 922836

File: 1700091939692.jpeg (203.44 KB, 1289x767, IMG_5718.jpeg)

Her posts become more unhinged. It’s always men she beat up, methheads have restraining orders on, her landlords that want to bang her. The list goes on. Didn’t her neighbour call animal control on her as well? And she’s no longer posting the dog.. so I’m assuming she lost it.

No. 922838

File: 1700092095451.jpeg (268.46 KB, 1289x1090, IMG_5719.jpeg)

“ you got a fuckton of time on your hands” pot meet kettle

No. 922852

>i pretend to hit my dog

yes, that is the thing to do in front of animal welfare wtf. what a gross flex to brag about how well trained your dog is even though we never saw any of those things.

No. 922853

File: 1700100638209.jpeg (539.14 KB, 1289x1745, IMG_5725.jpeg)

Came back three hours later to edit it to make less sense.

No. 922854

File: 1700100728145.jpeg (414.81 KB, 1289x1767, IMG_5724.jpeg)

Someone said she beat her dog.. and honestly I believe them

No. 922855

File: 1700101335629.jpeg (73.06 KB, 953x308, IMG_5726.jpeg)

Seems like her neighbours have complained about her dog too. Considering icky said she couldn’t get out of bed.. who’s walking her dog?

No. 922856

File: 1700101620178.jpeg (293.68 KB, 1289x1043, IMG_5727.jpeg)

No. 922858


Whether or not any of this is true it’s obvious that she is completely incapable of caring for an animal. She’s “sick and resting” constantly, appears to live in a low income area alone, so walking a large breed (which would be required for his health) is not happening. Buying “organic treats” doesn’t make up for neglect. I hope he gets rehoused to a competent owner if he hasn’t been already.

No. 922860

Didn’t this hog have to give up her cats because she was incapable of caring for them as well? Or did those get taken from her

No. 922864

>human weight dog bred from police line dogs

She reminds me of Raven Sparks when she would get animals purely for their looks and make up special traits or whatever. Like that pure white dog Loki she went on and how it looked like a wolf or doja the pitbull which ended up munching the kitten. Of course she says the German shepherd is 'police bred' you can be sure if it was a husky or some other big dog she would lie and say it's part wolf. Such a vick lie

No. 922869

File: 1700141359383.png (5.51 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_5750.png)

I don’t think Vicky smokes meth or drinks. At this point she doctor shopping as she wrote a bunch of reviews for different doctors all weeks apart. She seems to be over taking medication, cause there’s no way. She’s been getting so much more unhinged with time. If not her mental state is just in the GUTTER, recently and needs a therapist.
She was couch surfing now it seems she’s in Hamilton government housing.

No. 922881

The problem with Vic is that she lies like she breathes - constantly. So even if she’s telling the truth (i.e., not drinking, which I happen to believe) everyone assumes she’s BSing.

No. 922898

This has got to be the biggest load of shite I’ve ever read. Everything she owns and touches is something next level. First off wtf is police line breeder? Is she insinuating that she bought a police dog? Police bred dogs aren’t just sold to anyone and they cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you were to buy a retired one, you’d have to go through extensive interviews to make sure you’re the right fit for the dog. Reminds me of the time she claimed to have real jellyfish

No. 922900

Kek the jellyfish thing was so funny it was literally a light up toy from alliexpress and she was claiming it was real

No. 922902

Peole who breed police dogs do sell the puppies that doesnt meet working dog criteria to normal people. Not defending icky vicky but some of you have no clue what you are talking about

No. 922915

“Prices to adopt a career change dog range from $0 to $1,000+. The high prices are often attributed to the significant amount of training and health screening and maintenance that these pups undergo during school.”

So either she paid $1000+ for her dog or she adopted one that had little to no training.

And yes you would have to go through a lot of interviews, which she’s not qualified for. You even have to go through interviews at the shelter and they check your home in Ontario.

No. 922917

1k is literally nothing for a dog, again showing that you have no clue what you are talking about. Acting like thats some obscene price to pay.

No. 922918

Where is this unemployed, deposit stealing Victoria Bella Morte / Viper / Vee Vee acquiring $1,000 while she's living in a basement apartment in the ghetto? She's not. The dog probably doesn't even fucking exist just like her flirty sock puppet account AI "boyfriend" that mysteriously went quiet when we mentioned it here.

No. 922925

I work in law enforcement. There is no such thing as a restraining order in Ontario. And police do not tell people to get them. Her lies only work on people with extremely low IQ, who think that movies depict how regular societies work.

No. 922928

You are correct. $1000 is not a lot for a dog. We are talking about Victoria having $1000 for a dog.

No. 922930

She must live a real shitty life if the rumours about her are better than how she’s living

No. 922941

Im not saying she has a sooper legit police dog, I'm saying that anon is talking out of her ass claiming regular people cant buy from a police dog breeder and that 1k is a lot for a dog and its a super strict secrit process to buy a dog that doesnt pass working dog criteria

No. 922945

This ai image is terrifying.

No. 922946

She amazes me and inspired me every day. We need another rose window.

No. 922957

File: 1700230641524.jpeg (357.92 KB, 1279x1541, IMG_5832.jpeg)


Trying to imagine icky reaching out to old clients saying she’s going to back to work and needs more deposits so she can buy a $18,000 failed trained police dog to post on Facebook kek

No. 922959

Ntayrt but a failed police dog would cost way more than $1000 first off, second literally no one said it’s a secret process retard. It still is a process to get one the same way as adopting a normal ass dog. They have to make sure you are the right fit. So no they don’t let just anyone off the street adopt one.

No. 922961

This may be true for principled, honest breeders, but we all know that there are tons of breeders (of all kinds of animals) who will lie and say whatever bullshit necessary to make a sale. And Vic is just narcissistic enough to believe that some “genuine police dog breeder” is so taken by her “profound intelligence and beauty’ that they would cut her a special deal on an elite police puppy. So she may well believe that’s what she has.

No. 922976

File: 1700244647350.jpeg (809.52 KB, 1063x1854, IMG_6404.jpeg)

36 year old who doesn’t even have her licence or a vehicle but posting bad drivers.

No. 922986

I'm still confused that so many of you even believe the dog exists? The og picture of her and the dog looked fake as fuck.

No. 922989

She posted a vid with the dog at her home in September and hasn’t posted evidence since the edgy pics. I’m thinking she was dog sitting for someone like a friend of the family or something, aka not on her socials to call out her lies.

No. 922990

File: 1700260155628.jpeg (358.19 KB, 1289x1697, IMG_5885.jpeg)

I’m curious what her current state is that she needs to use this much filter. Nightmare fuel. She looks like Dwight Schrute from the episode of the office when he wears the face of a CPR dummy

No. 922998


was she uhh, in court today? and lost?

No. 922999

She needs to retire that party city wig.

No. 923003

File: 1700276494982.jpeg (419.77 KB, 1289x1940, IMG_5916.jpeg)

Her ex Rodrigo Flores-Romero was sentenced to 11 years in jail today for killing a 3 year old. And Victoria is blaming the mom because she’s human trash.

No. 923004

File: 1700276530070.jpeg (250.02 KB, 1289x1335, IMG_5917.jpeg)

No. 923005

File: 1700277005901.jpeg (222.07 KB, 1284x1396, IMG_5918.jpeg)

He has a different last name on Facebook, but this is him. He was engaged to the mother of the little girl. He took her daughter to the grocery store and when she came back she had wet herself and was “not feeling well”, her took her upstairs to the bath and she died up there.
He claims he fell on her and she died.
And Victoria is blaming the mom. Victoria is trashy but this is next level disgusting.

No. 923013

This is so fucked up. She always finds a way to blame women for the fucked up shit men do.

No. 923020

She is honestly and truly the most vile piece of shit. Ex murders a child and she cries that justice is dead. Disgusting bitch. Pretty sure forensics can tell when a child was beaten vs just fallen on. This fat retard makes me so angry and of course she won’t link the article so people don’t know what she’s talking about. And then posts a heavily filtered video looking sad because of course it’s all about her and it’s just not fair! Looking for attention off the shoulders of a case where a goddamn innocent child was beat to death. I fucking hate this bitch so much and I wish she would get her ass beat, lord knows she needs it.

No. 923034

Just so everyone is aware that Victoria Bella morte, vipermodel, Victoria shingles, Victoria Murder not only steals deposits.

She actively blaming a mother for her child being murdered.
These are the FACTS:

• On March 19, 2021, her “cheeky, funny brave baby” Wynona, just two months shy of her third birthday, went to the grocery store with her fiance Rodrigo Flores-Romero.

• When they returned, Winnie had been beaten so badly that she died of internal bleeding soon after.

• For the brutal manslaughter of a vulnerable Aboriginal girl, Superior Court Justice Phil Campbell sentenced the 30-year-old to 10 years in prison. With credit for his time in custody, Flores-Romero has six more years to serve.

• the mother hadn’t been feeling well and asked him to get her lemons; after dinner, he left with the kids for the nearby Metro.

• He didn’t buckle the kids properly in their car seats and could be seen driving through stop signs. On their way home, just a few minutes from the apartment building, Flores-Romero left the main road and parked in a dark, obscure location in the parking lot of the Grandravine community centre away from any surveillance cameras.

• He testified that he’d stopped because Winnie had to go to the bathroom and on their way back to the car, he accidentally tripped on her foot and fell on her. ( he was letting the baby pee in a ditch) The judge called it a “preposterous” explanation for the toddler’s horrific injuries.

• An autopsy would show seven cuts on her head and neck, 15 on her torso and a dozen more on her arms and legs. Blunt force trauma had caused fatal internal bleeding from her diaphragm, intestine, liver and pancreas.

• Without telling her mother what happened, he took Winnie up to the bath. He later told Noganosh and the doctors that she had slipped in the tub.

When Noganosh saw her daughter’s grave condition, she desperately tried CPR. With Flores-Romero driving, they then rushed to the nearest hospital. But her little girl was already gone. And her fiance was under arrest for murder.

• In his pre-sentence report, Flores-Romero said his father was an abusive alcoholic deported from Canada and that he suffers from a long history of mental health and addiction issues.

So he testified that he did this and blamed mental health.

So what did Victoria hear on this “phone call” she’s a disgusting pig.

No. 923037

>>My father was an abusive alcoholic I have trauma so I murdered a innocent baby
the fact he's even allowed to say this means we've failed as a species

No. 923057

Maaaannnn Victoria Shingleton of Ontario Canada sure is a piece of shit for defending a child murderer.

No. 923067

isn’t vickys sisters name wyonna? yikes.

No. 923069

Yeah that’s her sisters name also, thought that was kind of weird

No. 923070

Is anyone really that shocked at her defending this child muderer? She already defended her pedo brother and blamed it on the ex gf saying she set him up

No. 923071


I’m sure the mother of the child is going through a lot right now, but I hope she sues the shit out of vic for this.

No. 923090

It's morally wrong but not illegal

No. 923104

Canada considers defamation a criminal offense. I don’t know what makes it criminal, I just know they have insane defamation laws in place

No. 923114

defamation only matters if it demonstrably hurts the victim's reputation. nobody gives a shit what vicky says and a judge would just tell her to block vicky and move along

No. 923128

not shocked but it's extremely depressing seeing a woman defend a man who probably would also beat the shit out of her or their hypothetical children, if given the chance.

No. 923133

No. 923162

She's literally a psychopath

No. 923168

File: 1700519120330.jpeg (174.7 KB, 1170x751, IMG_6439.jpeg)

Guess she’s too distraught from a child murderer being locked away or running from deposits again.

No. 923171

132k combined followers, 24 hours and 1 comment. She was scraping for attention and got nothing. Kek Her X account is a vacant wasteland of her talking to herself and flirting with meme accounts. Stay pathetic Vicky Bella Morte, baby killer sympathizer.

No. 923176

i like that she also posted this on instagram immediately followed by another post and several stories. she won’t make it to the end of the week.(sage)

No. 923196

Exactly. She just found AI autotuning, her narcissistic ass won't allow herself to stay away. As expected for a runner up in a pay to win popularity scam.

No. 923228

Those examples of her brother and her ex are so black and white wrong and she always defaults to putting 100% of accountability on female family members who were the last line of protection against molestation/murder towards the baby or child. It makes no mother fucking sense, how would that even appeal to her demographic of man children, why would they gIvE their CoAt to a woman who would allow their bLoOdLiNe CoNtInUaTiOn to be murdered or molested?

How fucking incompetent do you have to be as a man that you murder a baby girl because being asked to get lemons is just too much pressure? And of course he has the lack of any value to put the family through a trial with the defense of actually it's all his big mean daddy's fault. That's not mental illness that's male entitlement to violence.

No. 923247

She’s taking time off the internet cause she refuses to give deposits back while defending baby murderers. Checks out, probably many people that want to whoop her ass right now.

No. 923248

File: 1700622387594.jpeg (144.68 KB, 1290x592, IMG_6106.jpeg)

Yep. Just as expected. Someone fucking with her is another way of saying “ the consequence's of my actions” have caught up

No. 923249

File: 1700622606836.jpeg (251.96 KB, 1290x1360, IMG_6107.jpeg)

“Exclusive content” sounds like something an onlyfans girl would say.

No. 923339

File: 1700744667634.jpeg (150.64 KB, 1284x448, IMG_2479.jpeg)

Breaks already over, why even announce a 2 hour break from posting

No. 923343

File: 1700745970337.jpeg (371.34 KB, 1290x2231, IMG_6182.jpeg)

No. 923350

File: 1700756162300.jpg (676.3 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231123_111613_Fac…)

Ummmmmmmmm what happened to the part between her nose and lip


No. 923352

The top delulu moment she actually thinks her lives look like this pic

No. 923356

omg Yes! DO IT VICKY! You absolute stunning queen. Do twitch.

No. 923363

Shhh don't ask questions. We wouldn't get it, we're not pretty like her.
Going live on twitch would def show us

No. 923370

File: 1700774870152.jpeg (75.93 KB, 696x600, IMG_6534.jpeg)

This editing is hilarious when we all know how her real hooked nose and big ass chin looks I. Reality as seen from her last beautiful twitch stream

No. 923371

Shhhh anon. Let's allow Vic her confidence on this glorious Thanksgiving day. If we're lucky she may bless us with some Christmas milk.

No. 923382

Canadian thanksgiving was last month

No. 923389

As I read this on here kek ya sure vic

No. 923390

good thing she’s bri’ish then innit guv’na?

No. 923395

Does she seriously only post pics of herself? Lol

No. 923399

Her eyelashes and hair and blended into one on the far eye. Her edits are just sad at this point.

No. 923400

You can also see in plain sight the editing on her nose.(learn to sage, learn to reply)

No. 923449

Very funny that she's referencing being on stickam 15 years ago like that's at all relevant now

No. 923453

File: 1700926909859.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1887, IMG_6562.jpeg)

Candids don’t lie

No. 923496

File: 1700991280791.png (496.08 KB, 600x479, IMG_0442.png)

>muh final fantasy character

No. 923504

She looks like a troon here. Drag makeup accompanied by Her masculine facial features

No. 923534

File: 1701068143944.png (181.66 KB, 750x1121, iamverysmart.png)

sage for old 2017 screenshot I just found on my PC

No. 923538

Vicky the intj

No. 923540

>I pretend to hit my dog
That's a weird reaction…

No. 923579

File: 1701122744989.jpeg (992.52 KB, 1161x2122, IMG_6606.jpeg)

Victoria posting about her friend that passed and all I read in that paragraph is ME ME ME ME and nothing really about Her friend in true narcissist fashion. Looks like her friend let her go on her bike once and Victoria is acting like she’s a bad ass motorcycle babe. Fucking loser

No. 923580

File: 1701122807641.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x2178, IMG_6605.jpeg)

Also her cover photo is now just an extremely far away photo of her for reals you guys standing on a motorcycle

No. 923582

Wow. Vic’s cherished memories of her beloved departed friend are all of the friend’s thoughts and concerns for Vic.

Victoria Emma Shingleton truly has no soul.

No. 923584

if it’s the same one as on instagram i refuse to believe any of it is real. quick shots of someone on a bike, some weird closeup where it looks like she pasted her face on and an ai generated image of her alleged friend she didn’t have any other pics of.

she has so little in life she has to make up whole ass ppl to lament over.

No. 923586

File: 1701137911304.jpeg (438.43 KB, 1336x2671, IMG_7759.jpeg)

>>im suuuuper picky

yet you’re engaged for 3 years to this crusty scrote trolling reddit for hookups?

No. 923592

File: 1701142744761.jpg (1.19 MB, 1440x6662, ohvic.jpg)

>>I may not be photoshopped to death like people wanna say

No. 923594

"Ohhhh pick me!!!"

No. 923606

File: 1701184473348.jpeg (379.36 KB, 1290x1505, IMG_6440.jpeg)

“I’m crazy” is the most real thing she has ever said.
And “I’m so fucked up even working on myself won’t help”

No. 923613

Vicky is just so smart, she would end up becoming the therapist's therapist because she studied Harvard classes.

No. 923632

Everything she says makes no sense together, first saying she’s crazy and has to much past trauma to carry on a good relationship but yet she also doesn’t need therapy because she’s too self aware?!

No. 923650

I'm so happy Vicky is back posting outrageous lies. The first and last sentence directly contradict each other. If she knows what she needs to do and is self aware, then she'd be doing it and 'fixed'. If she can't do it then she isn't self aware.

No. 923668

File: 1701272767005.jpeg (169.84 KB, 1290x880, IMG_6456.jpeg)

Like he stated before, Vicky. Get a therapist. Jfc. You really need one

No. 923669

File: 1701272833083.jpeg (355.75 KB, 1290x1792, IMG_6457.jpeg)

Her new profile picture on Facebook is her spread eagle.

No. 923670

File: 1701273019829.jpeg (367.41 KB, 1290x2504, IMG_6458.jpeg)

“Get hotter or go after men that hurt women” she has the mentality of a 15 year old

No. 923673

File: 1701275223498.jpg (5.18 KB, 128x167, lol.jpg)

No. 923674

Lol at the grandma hand on her thigh. Looks like the AI missed it.
She took a page from madonnas plaqybook w the motorcycle glowes kekek

No. 923678

File: 1701278626581.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1817, IMG_6644.jpeg)

She always manages to look so cheap and trashy. The plastic rose always sends me. The tit edits are always a fucking mess because she has flappy sad pancake tits. Her whole body looks extremely off how is she still so bad at this? That face when zoomed in is something nightmares are born from. Not one photo she posts looks natural it’s always some blurred and warped bullshit. Blows my mind that the only thing she does instead of working a job is lay around with cheap Chinese wish/Amazon trash taking a bunch of photos and then heavily editing them for Facebook likes.
Kek why would she even respond to this ugly nobody in the DMs and then post like it’s a flex of wisdom? No women would give a moid like this the time of day and leave them on read. Constantly giving relationship advice yet she’s alone at 36 with nothing but facebook likes from thirsty uglies

No. 923679

File: 1701278991251.jpeg (969.17 KB, 1170x1305, IMG_6645.jpeg)

Her father honestly creeps me out. Gross ass old man

No. 923680


Goddamnit, the whole family is made of cringe. Gross.

No. 923693

She reposted this to her “fan page” of 122k absolutely legit followers this pic only has 79 likes.

No. 923725

Victoria is honestly the worst and most delusional narcissist I've ever encountered

No. 923726

Wtf is up with her thighs/asscheeks?

No. 923730

File: 1701354514835.jpeg (185.49 KB, 1290x754, IMG_6560.jpeg)

Ramblings of a crazy person

No. 923739

There has to be lead in her drinking water. What the fuck.

No. 923740


Word salad in the worst way. Trying to figure out if it means she’s trying to come off as a good dog owner or if she was in some kind of threat or…???

No. 923743

File: 1701373373258.jpeg (223.14 KB, 1290x840, IMG_6585.jpeg)

All she does is moan, complain and brag about herself. What is she talking about. She hasn’t worked since 2021 and hasn’t stopped whining since.

No. 923749

File: 1701382173152.jpg (554.84 KB, 1080x1512, Oopsie.jpg)

I think she really did just alter one of her own pictures with a different face. I could have sworn I've seen this picture before and it's got big early Ick vibes. I searched the threads and couldn't find the exact picture BUT I did find several with that same dumb finger jewellery. I love that she lacks the ability to stop and have a think before she posts.

No. 923750

Saying she stays quiet on things people need to blast for sympathy? I don’t know anyone on the internet that posts every little convenience more than her l

No. 923751

File: 1701383464669.jpg (750.7 KB, 1080x2163, Screenshot_20231130_173103_Chr…)

Reverse image search found this obituary but I can't find anything else about this person.

No. 923754

Stroke test levels of writing, but she wants people to think she's super smart. Never change, Vic.

No. 923770

I fucking hate moids so much, I’m trying so hard not to a-log right now. This smelly old scrote probably jerks off to his own daughter like Mike Slack from Shayna’s thread. Then there’s the pedophile brother Laird Jnr, the whole family is degenerate inbred white trash

No. 923775

File: 1701403610007.jpeg (351.92 KB, 1290x1961, IMG_6608.jpeg)

Girl hasn’t worked in years, nobody remembers your work.

No. 923776

File: 1701403681168.jpeg (421.69 KB, 1290x1728, IMG_6607.jpeg)

Victoria is also more trained than a doctor in reactions and can read blood work.

No. 923778

No way she just referred to herself as a surgeon. Every time I read her bullshit I almost black out from second hand embarrassment. How is this a 36 year old typing this shit and not a 14 year old

No. 923782

What ever happened to the tattoo on her leg of herself?

No. 923789


No. 923790

File: 1701420992756.png (548.59 KB, 600x799, IMG_0441.png)

I know it’s still edited and it’s from aeons ago but this style and the dark hair looked so much better, I don’t know why she thought the tranny lot lizard look was preferable and has stuck with it ever since

No. 923791

File: 1701421180202.jpeg (103.76 KB, 500x671, IMG_0438.jpeg)

I love how she spergs about onlyfats but posts shit like this for free, she’s such a fucking retard. I wish we had more candids of her, if this is what she looked like a decade ago imagine what she looks like now

No. 923796

File: 1701437268717.jpeg (113.73 KB, 1290x666, IMG_6609.jpeg)

This is for sure her used a fake account.

No. 923799

Pretty sure the dark hair is a cheap wig she's always just had fried blonde hair

No. 923800

What could she possibly be busy with? I don’t think taking seductive photos for your bummy fans counts as doing anything

No. 923803

This is so fucking embarrassing. Makes a fake account to talk to herself about fake scenarios. I wonder what guy she was trying to make jealous with this unhinged behaviour. The best part is that it’s an ai generated photo of her as a male. She really is a fuckin psycho

No. 923806

Art the clown looking bitch

No. 923839

File: 1701477866402.jpeg (935.83 KB, 3264x3264, IMG_7800.jpeg)

lol, this is still edited to the heavens anon. Vicky’s true form is only captured in candids which is why she has desperately avoided them for so many years.

No. 923848

Yes but she’s also really young in that pic and not wearing those horrendous fake lashes. She wasn’t always fat and troony. There are other pics of her when she was young with the boyfriend she had before Adrien where she looks more normal

No. 923852

File: 1701487105841.jpeg (518.34 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_6628.jpeg)

She photoshopped all her tattoos off..? Or she plastered her face on someone else’s body. Considering she has no friends and lives in the ghetto I’m going to say, this is someone else’s body cause there’s no way she’s in a shower like that

No. 923869

The top left one is from another stream she did like 2 years ago

No. 923873

Why is her one hand so massive??? Yet on that same hand her arm and shoulder is "so small". There is so much going on here. I don't understand

No. 923876

File: 1701532127811.jpeg (641.98 KB, 1170x1263, IMG_6715.jpeg)

>Water in collar bone challenge makes me laugh a bit. Ladies you’re beautiful with or without. Because I can do this doesn’t mean shit. Love yourself. I’m so pale without tanner, my tone in my body doesn’t usually show without it. #collarbonechallenge #bodypositive #loveyourself

But she’s flexing her shoulder for dear life to make her collar bone pop. Way to show the haterrrrz that you’re skinny and not fat at all! Normal skinny girls just have that without having to twist and flex their shoulder. Fatty is big mad

No. 923884

Her tattoo is still on her hand, above her head. There are apps and AI that remove tattoos in photos. Could've just missed her hand.

No. 923886

The shower isn’t even that nice, large basic tiles with dirty grout

No. 923927

File: 1701577952518.jpeg (447.49 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_6688.jpeg)

I can’t get over the fact that she’s posts this kinda shit as her pfp on Facebook for her dad and pedo brother to see

No. 923942

Giving very "oops I farted again"

No. 923944

How zooted was she when she edited this? Her arms are bigger than her waist kek.

No. 923948

Those sheets were a bad idea, she looks like an amputee.

No. 923951

File: 1701617165757.jpg (117.89 KB, 637x1266, SmartSelect_20231203_162624_Ch…)

I think you're right Nona.
That's two AI generated pfps talking to eachother kekeke

No. 923954

I love that she shopped herself into a 90° angle with no add cheeks(emoji use)

No. 923955

Something seems off with the skirt but I can’t figure out what?(sage)

No. 923960

tabletop ass

No. 923985

She cut and pasted it onto the photo. This image is a jumble of AI and photoshop-type effects.

No. 924081

File: 1701806333495.jpg (291.74 KB, 576x1400, SmartSelect_20231203_162937_Ch…)

Nona SAME! Also, that bloated corpse leg, huge kek

No. 924082

File: 1701807122762.jpg (363.06 KB, 1080x1080, 20231205_210625.jpg)

A few of my fav eyesores
The coal black tooth, the fucking hole in the wall, corpse leg (kekeke body filter could only cover that much mass) and that fucking party city wig kek "muh natural hair"

No. 924085

File: 1701808560420.jpeg (596.81 KB, 1022x1511, IMG_6749.jpeg)

>Bedhead. Rare day where i look well rested lmfaoo. Girls have filler, Lash extensions, “natural” makeup” guys don’t even know what no makeup really is anymore lmfao. I do not have filler I love my face and lips as is. I’m all for the glam and body mods, but don’t forget to love both sides of yourself. <3 #nomakeupchallenge #bodypositivity #naturalbeauty #naturalskincare #natural#noinjections #nofiller

But she is clearly wearing make up and drew on her tragic brows?? This photo is filtered to hell and back. Couldn’t help her gum line that’s rotted and going grey tho

No. 924089

And the fake lip ring, acting like a pre teen

No. 924092

File: 1701813953812.jpeg (236.89 KB, 1170x528, IMG_6751.jpeg)

I’d like to take a moment to appreciate this old status she posted 6 years ago. She never owned a home it was a crusty room in an apartment. She doesn’t even have her licence so idk how she’d be looking into purchasing a vehicle. 6 years later and still no car in sight. Forever a loser who’s amounted to absolutely nothing. She can’t even afford a decent wardrobe let alone a car or home.

No. 924095

>loser who’s amounted to absolutely nothing

kek yet according to her she was the inspiration behind every female ff character ever. she can cut a steak in two with the japanese sword she got at the mall but also is so feminine and pretty with her crystal blue eyes. even though she loves nothing more than to kick it with dudes over a couple of beers while the best psychologist in the world is totally mind blown over how self aware and intj she is.

No. 924100

File: 1701824659390.jpeg (626.55 KB, 1147x1825, IMG_6754.jpeg)

I just love the classics. This is a text conversation with her mother who wanted to take her stinky grown daughter shopping for something for a funeral and this is how Vicky responds. And to top it all off posts it on fucking Instagram.

No. 924101

God mom dont you know I’m a goth it wasn’t just a phase!

No. 924105

You can tell she just wants to hang out with her daughter. Vicky’s mom cheated on her dad ( which like, we’ve all seen him. ) and he hates Victorias mom, so Victoria hates her mom.
( unless she needs a place to stay) Victorias dad left back to the uk years ago and never comes back to visit. Vicky has been seeking her dad’s approval her whole life and he clearly doesn’t give a shit about his kids.

No. 924106

File: 1701826779356.jpeg (397.03 KB, 1290x1799, IMG_6755.jpeg)

Why she’s online pretending she rides bikes for her dads attention

No. 924108

File: 1701826994642.jpeg (409.44 KB, 1290x2106, IMG_6756.jpeg)

No. 924111

i've never seen someone be a pickme towards their dad before. yikes.

No. 924113

These are so weird on so many levels… her replying to her dads posts on an account with that seductive photo and commenting on her mom being a cheater

No. 924114

File: 1701830000187.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0907.png)

It’s really fuckin weird

No. 924115

File: 1701830025426.png (377.56 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0908.png)

No. 924121


any adult woman with a shred of self respect would -at the very least - cringe at their father posting this type of shit. the daddy issues are so embarrassing.

No. 924122

Having a father post stuff like this is so embarrassing

No. 924126

File: 1701848212394.jpg (598.15 KB, 904x1129, 1000044385.jpg)

Baffling editing. It looked like there was hair covering her sweater but she blacked it out?? Maybe to make the warping on her body less obvious?

No. 924220

File: 1702043707207.jpg (450.2 KB, 2048x2048, 1508009581813.jpg)

I'll raise you a vintage milk Nona.
This was 6yrs ago, how has she not gotten better at her shooping

No. 924283

File: 1702134061843.png (1.75 MB, 1080x2046, 1000003242.png)

Got a Viper reel pushed to me in the wild, what joy. Cackling that she's making shitty collages of AI photos she made from her photoshopped selfies. Cackling harder that this geriatric sow is still riding the ripples of her Myspace days (because of course she couldn't resist the opportunity to remind people she was Myspace faymus)

No. 924301

Don't be shy Nona, post the reel for the whole class to see

No. 924303

funny how when she originally posted this it was look at how badass or whatever she was in grade 10 and that she wore dark contacts then too. and now it’s how ai thinks she looked, as if she didn’t generate the images herself lol.

No. 924305

File: 1702173702020.jpeg (248 KB, 1290x1597, IMG_7060.jpeg)

Just taking her welfare cheques to go out and scam people out of deposits. Didn’t think she could get worse but here we are

No. 924307

File: 1702176682790.jpg (204.49 KB, 1080x1868, 1000003251.jpg)

Sorry nonna, but can't get the recording loaded. You're not missing much. AI impressively can make Vic look more human than she can. Kinda terrifying honestly, can totally imagine her catfishing normal Canadian boys with AI selfies

No. 924308

File: 1702176878286.jpg (202.98 KB, 1080x1868, 1000003255.jpg)

Vic reminiscing on when she was less crusty

No. 924309

God bless the vintage Vicky threads. The IMVU photoshops were her peak in my opinion.

No. 924318

File: 1702204192180.png (2.61 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_4450.png)

Having trouble uploading video but it looks like she tried animating her AI boyfriend

No. 924319

I am OBSESSED with ai bf arc, I can't wait for her to post more

No. 924326

Wow this is extremely unhinged and embarrassing. While everyone is out doing cute seasonal things with friends and family and work Christmas parties this old hag is sitting in her slum alone generating bad ai videos of a fake Man. This is honestly the most sad shit I have ever seen her life is so pathetic

No. 924329

Me too! This j.sepher0th ai boyfriend is best arc. She just needs to create some lillee jean level fan accounts.

No. 924331

File: 1702240715890.mp4 (323.46 KB, 658x1170, W?H!A?T!.mp4)

For archival purposes as it’s more crazy than the still can convey.

No. 924352

Anyone speaking drunk tard and feel like translating?

And HELP! She really think this is "natural looking"? Like, she ACTUALLY tryna fool us this her bf? Help

No. 924365

File: 1702256627686.jpeg (781.15 KB, 1054x1888, IMG_6914.jpeg)

She can hardly type a proper sentence. She’s deff on one right now or drunk out of her mind

No. 924366

Wild, if this guy actually exists. Congrats to Vicky for bagging a hottie.

I hope him and Vic post more videos together, would love to see her prove the haturzzz wrong!

No. 924369

Good job Vic, you found a boyfriend with no shoulders. Homie is built like a Christmas tree.

No. 924376

Please please PLEASE I hope she starts making edits of her with her mansona

No. 924377

Desperately searching your post for proof of sarcasm

No. 924379

It's wild to me that she's the only one who can't see how uncanny this is and how much glitching is happening around the jawline and the eyes. I mean if he's real then she's got some super shitty filters going on him but I'm pretty sure this is AI.

No. 924383

I stg this is just vicky with an AI man filter kek

No. 924387

I’m the nona who first pointed out that this “boyfriend”is a gender swapped AI version of Shingles, I hope she ups the ante and posts more of “him” because this is so fucking hilarious and deranged even by her standards

No. 924388

Nona please, her followers are just as retarded as she is (if not more so) so they probably think it’s real too

No. 924397

yea it’s literally just her. The spacing between the eyebrows is the same, the eyes, and the nose tip are exactly the same.

Plus I’ve seen enough videos of vic eye fucking herself to know how she barely moves her body and face when she’s talking or lip syncing so the filter doesn’t glitch.

No. 924408

File: 1702325351963.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1054x1820, IMG_6921.jpeg)

Girl, you never owned a bike. The lies never end

No. 924409

Keeeek, she is so unhinged, I stg. I love this AI arc, she is peak delusional.

No. 924415

File: 1702332634527.jpeg (339.1 KB, 1170x975, IMG_6923.jpeg)

I never seen this review posted before. Add sushi connoisseur to the list of bullshit she spews out of her rotten mouth


Absolute retard

No. 924417

File: 1702336539114.jpeg (301.52 KB, 1290x1828, IMG_7089.jpeg)

She has a public, free OnlyFans like instagram and wonders why she gets messages from weirdos

No. 924421

Kek “sushimi”. And what the fuck is a “personal sushi connoisseur”?
And you just know she thinks this is flattering and brag worthy (clearly, because she shared it) and not nauseatingly disgusting like women who aren’t retarded would feel about it. She’s so embarrassing

No. 924424

I like how she adds the fact that’s only for people she’s dating or thinking of dating, such pick me behaviour like don’t message me this unless you’re my AI bf

No. 924425

>I only give handies to my ai boyfriend or my really good friends

No. 924430

File: 1702352552772.jpeg (36.05 KB, 1290x325, IMG_7101.jpeg)

Commenting as her ai bf on this post.

No. 924431

File: 1702353913390.jpeg (1.46 MB, 3967x3549, IMG_6955.jpeg)

Found the crusty cheap jacket she’s trying to now claim is balenciaga on her insta story

No. 924441

Wasn't that from when she celebrated NYE 2021 with some old guy who does event planning, named Ulyses?

No. 924443

Of course. Balenciaga copied her though cause she did it first.

No. 924447

Yes! Jet Setters or some shit. With that unopened bottle used as a pseudo-wealthy prop. I love that she never peters out. Just gets more embarrassing.

No. 924448

File: 1702380563136.jpeg (727.74 KB, 1031x1860, IMG_6951.jpeg)

Her Instagram stories are always something…

No. 924452

What in the fuck is this take? Someone punches a poor store clerk and Vicky's responds "Guys, your peepee is great, we love your peepee, don't be upset by dildos please." Someone please tell me I have it wrong and I'm just misinterpreting her.

No. 924456

File: 1702391703229.jpg (571.42 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231212_093537_Gal…)

Imma leave this here

No. 924461

The nonna who said you can tell it’s her mainly from the same eye fucking gaze was spot on kek it’s literally her this is the most unhinged shit yet. She really made a George Glass for herself.

No. 924462

She aleays said she was an irl final fantasy character. So she is.. j.sepher0th. Kek

No. 924464

File: 1702400905961.jpeg (330.36 KB, 1179x1740, IMG_7846.jpeg)

Oh, honey.

No. 924475

I thought when she made up an assistant and posted on her account as if it were one was one thing, but this fake ai mash up of her face sock is way more crazy. I like how it still kept her hooked nose beak. Making up profiles to simp for yourself to others in comments….yikes. She needs to be put into a mental institution her brain rot gets worse with age. Instead of working or being a functioning adult she does this with her spare time. She can’t even keep a shitty room to rent for fuck sakes she’s moved how many times in the past few years? Maybe she should focus on not being such a fucking failure in life instead of doing whatever this is.

No. 924481

This doesn’t even look remotely human. Not to mention the hands always give away that it’s ai, in case there was any doubt in anyone’s mind still.

No. 924482

No man talks like this…

No. 924485

She didn’t even try to change up writing styles when typing as her ai boyfriend. This is sad

No. 924486

Oh god, it's so obvious it's her running that account. How does she not realise how obvious it is?

No. 924487

File: 1702410869737.jpeg (35.05 KB, 346x484, IMG_0227.jpeg)

Vic has reached Nora Desmond levels of insanity, and I’m here for it!

No. 924507

File: 1702421848339.jpeg (457.39 KB, 1170x1790, IMG_5247.jpeg)

Didn’t see these posted. Vicky holding a full conversation with herself Lillee Jean style.

No. 924516

This is so fucking hilarious, I’m loving the turbocharged retardation. It’s so embarrassing but I can’t look away, her brain is fried beyond redemption

No. 924518

Love how her and her schizophrenic AI account both claim she’s so hard to get but yet she still dates total losers

No. 924519

File: 1702435178863.jpeg (174.07 KB, 828x1291, IMG_1311.jpeg)

They’re still arguing, her new personality and the people that follow icky are so amusing

No. 924521

File: 1702435285755.jpeg (158.87 KB, 828x1424, IMG_1313.jpeg)

Imagine being this obsessed with yourself

No. 924522

Kek this is good milk

No. 924523

File: 1702436558575.jpeg (332.18 KB, 1170x1614, IMG_5255.jpeg)

She shared this tweet on her Instagram story. She must be proud of it.

No. 924528

When you’re just so obsessed with writing me the sentence doesn’t even make sense anymore

No. 924530

Eww, luna tier filth

No. 924531

Her hair is the colour of dehydrated piss. Has she been banned by every hair salon in Hamilton? Jesus. Really riding out the “homebody intorovert” agoraphobia narrative.

No. 924535

Is she wearing thigh highs over her leggings to mimic the bombshell sports gear leggings or is it just a ~look~ kek. I’m loving how lumpy she is, very Tunesque like the other anon said!

Vicky stop trying so hard to sound like a totally male man KEK the AI generated gender swap boyfriend saga is such a good stocking stuffer this Xmas season

No. 924538

Can’t even help but to type like herself. I’m getting a nosebleed from all this cringe and second hand embarrassment
Damn, all those angles and still couldn’t hide her hammy upper arms or back rolls.
“At least I’m hot” coped the nearing 40 year old single women with an empty savings account

No. 924541

The way this smelly fat retard calls herself a model never fails to make me kek, all because she once waddled down a piece of elevated timber for some nobody’s ~fashun collection~ in Hicksville, Buttfuck Nowhere. She’s more delusional than Norma Desmond at this point

No. 924542

The wig, the programmer socks over the shapewear, the grime, the basement room… jesus.

No. 924544

I can’t believe a single soul on earth believes that fucking Eyebrows Mcgee is a real person.

No. 924545

The only guys who comment on her posts are the garden variety ugly dumb man-on-internet truck selfie in sunglasses type and she wanted a 'hot' guy in her comments- so she made one. Cannot WAIT for an AI video or picture of them "hanging out" together to make all the haters jealous.

No. 924553

File: 1702474061573.jpeg (94.58 KB, 1034x739, IMG_7108.jpeg)

When the filter slipped

No. 924556

Is it just me, or has Vic seemed particularly desperate since Poundtown ghosted her?

No. 924557

File: 1702475813629.jpg (105.95 KB, 734x960, D3fQnArW0AIpUb1.jpg)

>the garden variety ugly dumb man-on-internet truck selfie in sunglasses type
Reminded me of this kek

No. 924559

File: 1702478072222.jpeg (377.45 KB, 1290x1900, IMG_7114.jpeg)

Her entire “liked” page is trump stuff on Twitter

No. 924560

File: 1702478105451.jpeg (193.11 KB, 1290x1376, IMG_7113.jpeg)

So she’s literally pandering to that type of middle aged men that will “ grab women by the pussy”

No. 924561

>then leave

Did she forget she’s British Canadian or whatever?

No. 924563

File: 1702478460085.jpeg (507.98 KB, 1170x1226, IMG_6977.jpeg)

Love how the table in the background is warped to hell. Her hair is so disgusting. It’s 3 different colours of piss blonde and that weave looks knotted and ratchet

No. 924566

File: 1702481904412.jpeg (16.43 KB, 278x295, IMG_7116.jpeg)

Is she missing teeth

No. 924582

The fact that she still has an old potato iphone is so funny

No. 924584

Of course she still has it, how else would she be able to afford a new one? When Jackie came here she talked about how Vicky would ask to use her phone because hers was always cut off from not paying the bill. Can’t even pay a phone bill in Her late thirties but We are all just jealous of her!

No. 924591

File: 1702501923946.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x2169, IMG_5264.jpeg)

She’s liking QAnon propaganda.

No. 924592

File: 1702503472545.png (865.44 KB, 1080x1936, Screenshot_20231213-143611-766…)

Victoria is the only person I know who never grew out of being obsessed with their own eye color. I knew a few "my eyes change in the light" girls when I was in middle and high school. Those same people stopped saying that after awhile and probably look back on it with embarrassment. Not Victoria.

No. 924594

File: 1702503773543.jpg (113.27 KB, 684x1280, IMG_20231213_144332_919.jpg)

I guess Vic made it official with her AI boyfriend, lol.

No. 924598

File: 1702505536515.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1290x1900, IMG_171252_0.jpeg)

Made this mistake of opening one of her highlights on Instagram.

No. 924599

Potato phone quality picture, and what’s up with the black eye drop on her makeup less face?

No. 924600

I love all the magazines she’s modeled for, yet all of them are low budget no ones even heard of, such achievements.

No. 924606

File: 1702512859452.jpeg (241.67 KB, 1125x2000, IMG_6989.jpeg)

She can’t even post a simple eye picture without running it through filters kek look at those blurred weird ass eyebrows.
Good god those rotten gums on the upper left. Why would she post this it’s disgusting

No. 924625

Because she hard core lurks and is butthurt we are making fun of her missing teeth.

No. 924627

Not even that, she couldn’t even bother to post a picture of her eye actually opened.

No. 924629

I think it’s not that she’s not bothered to open her eye, it’s just that from the two this is maybe better for her.

In photos where she has eyes fully opened she looks like she’s slow in a derpy way. With the try hard „siren” look she’s going for she looks slow but in a lobotomy way. It’s certainly a choice.

No. 924634

Not even “icy green”; just plain old hazel.

No. 924710

The gum disease is rampant she legit needs some floss and savacol

No. 924721

her excuse for why doesn’t make sense since we see her with them open all the time while eye fucking her phone. post was deleted lol.

No. 924738

This image is legitimate nightmare fuel.

No. 924745

I am OBSESSED with this arc. I'm hoping she makes edits of herself with her mansona. I want to see fanfic. Dates. God this is amazing

No. 924746

Truly incredible. A perfect end of the year send off. Our second rose window.

No. 924764

The Vicky and Victor arc

No. 924765

I am just fascinated. How does she live with herself? Lying carelessly about outlandish skillset or owning mansions is one thing, but what is her thought process when she sits there for hours editing posts to fabricate an entire simp and talk to herself. She cannot possibly believe her own lies, can she? How does she process the fact that she claims to be so desired by bilionaires yet have to produce an AI avatar to pretend anyone is interested in her? I have so many questions.

No. 924768

>thought process
There are no thoughts beyond “I’m desirable”. She’s trying to make someone jealous. My guess is someone specific , since she has random moids commenting on her stuff all the time.

No. 924805

Her behavior with needing to go these steps to prove she’s desirable say that she isn’t - I don’t understand her cope there. She must realise nobody gives a fuck and no one wants her but herself and her mansona?

No. 924847

File: 1702780529470.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1930, Screenshot_20231216-193435-686…)


No. 924851

.. did she really post this? Cringe hall of fame tier shooping.

No. 924855

Why does one leg look super tiny and the other look humongous kek
What is even going on in this photo

No. 924868

Oh my god, are we supposed to believe that this AI mess is actually a picture of her in a club? I am fucking cackling
>I wear sunglasses in the club
Girl what? You’re not even wearing sunglasses in this picture but okay

No. 924872

>pinkie blends into her chest
>her other fingers are wonky as hell
>her hair on the left of the pic blends into her chest
>purse is missing strap
>neck tattoos are a blurred mess
>one leg is twice as wide as the other
>the dress is just an incoherent mess

No. 924881

File: 1702823797731.jpeg (217.91 KB, 1170x649, IMG_7037.jpeg)

>Big tiddied big bootied
Girl, where? You have pancake tits and no ass but go off I guess.

No. 924883

File: 1702828894246.jpeg (156.03 KB, 1290x1561, IMG_7393.jpeg)

“All different nights” how many raves did you go to while holding peoples deposits, into much pain to work?

No. 924884

File: 1702828923322.jpeg (76.33 KB, 1290x601, IMG_7392.jpeg)

No. 924886

She just stole all this footage from “ ill_nation_robots” instagram page and then put in a poorly shopped picture of herself.

No. 924897

Business as usual. Don’t ya’ll remember the picture she tried to convince her brain dead followers was her “at a festival” a few years back? That one was even worse.

No. 924898

File: 1702832825031.jpeg (163.4 KB, 827x819, IMG_7039.jpeg)

I do. it’s the first thing that came to mind.

No. 924901

File: 1702834946465.png (1.23 MB, 1438x2404, Screenshot_20231216-203106~2.p…)

>>These are from different nights of fun.

No. 924918

so long as she keeps getting attention from men, i don’t think she cares all that much or puts much thought into what she does other than making herself look “hot”. that’s all she has to validate her existence anyway, what men think of her. plus she really has nothing to lose either so she knows that no one is ever really going to give a hard time. the days of her being the butt of internet jokes for her weird edits have long since passed.

No. 924924

it’s insane (but not surprising) that she’s made the jump from her “personal appearance” as a way to convince others of her worth - to fabricating people and experiences. It’s almostl Lille Jean tier but there’s no “momager” or money to be made here. It’s solely for her personal fantasy and that’s scary.

No. 924928

Please I hope she starts saying her ai bf took these

No. 924929

File: 1702868450781.jpeg (899.58 KB, 1170x1690, IMG_7046.jpeg)

Her ai saga is honestly just the best

No. 924931

she puts the most useless info no one mentions in her captions lol. was she too lazy to put in contacts or shoop her eye color so she just closed them and meant to add sunglasses. so “light sensitive” but just posted a pic of her alleged eye in direct light just a couple days ago.

No. 924935

gum in my teeth ?? does she mean teeth in her gums ?

No. 924937

AI is notoriously bad at teeth so she’s trying to make an excuse for why they look so horrible. I guess she expects no one to question her iCy eYeS.

No. 924938

This literally just looks like a sim with a bunch of mods I'm yelling

No. 924942

Is the brainrot so severe that she doesn’t realize you can easily see these are ai AND photoshopped? Doesn’t she have any friends that tell her to stop being retarded? Like what??

No. 924947

I love her severely infected earhole the ai gave her too. This is my 2nd favorite saga. My first will always be when Vicky herself graced us with her presence in the early days.

No. 924948

She doesn’t have any friends that’s why she makes Ai/ photoshop photos that seem like she’s out having fun but in reality she’s just at home. Notice how the only comments are old men and no one who’s an actual friend.

No. 924950

File: 1702908978966.jpeg (502.93 KB, 1170x1934, IMG_5313.jpeg)

Her Instagram account is restricted kek

No. 924951

File: 1702909285802.jpeg (309.85 KB, 1170x1072, IMG_5314.jpeg)

she also deleted AI boyfriend’s fight >>924519

No. 924955

Kek I wonder if her fake interaction got her temp banned. The language she used with her sock puppet was a little aggressive for IG. Idk how bans work but I imagine it’s a device ban? The timing is sus and the argument is gone.

No. 924967

It definitely is because of the interaction on her fake ai bf account. That account is tied to hers Instagram lets you create more accounts under your main one. Those comments got deleted by Instagram and then she got a ban. This whole larp is so fascinating and pathetic

No. 924977

File: 1702930773599.png (2.68 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_7440.png)

No. 924978

File: 1702930914197.png (2 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_7441.png)

No. 924979

File: 1702931097655.png (1.92 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_7442.png)

Victoria found the Reddit of her ex calling her out. She still has this bum in her phone.

No. 924994

I'm fucking dead. This clown said "I don't use Reddit, the fuck. I never talk bad about you!" and Victoria believed him and told "whoever it was" to "stop impersonating my ex" LMAO.

No. 924999

Do we know if the Reddit post is even real? I assumed icky was still caught up on this dude and making up excuses to contact him

No. 925001

Wow thank you for sharing this tea with us. Why does she even post this for everyone to see. And also agree with anon, why are these two even talking.

No. 925016

File: 1702945781805.jpeg (399.85 KB, 1170x2154, IMG_7064.jpeg)

So all that footage she stole is from their Instagram and it gets worse when you see it’s from FROSH WEEK for a university that happened in September. She just flipped most of it and cropped it. Even in the situation that it is her footage that’s fucking creepy a 36 year old was at parties meant for 17-20 year olds starting university. Both are bad and unhinged.

No. 925031

Is her phone so old that she doesn't see these as high resolution as everyone else and thinks they look normal or

No. 925033

“you better let everyone know it’s not you and fast” who is she even speaking about that cares if it’s him or not, does she think all her old man fans are on any other websites looking at everything to do with shingles

No. 925040

File: 1702958012234.jpeg (291.53 KB, 1290x2110, IMG_7471.jpeg)

It’s probably him.

No. 925056

File: 1702977687581.png (2.09 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_2642.png)

AI bf made his profile open and posted this shit video to prove he’s real, she probably told him you better make it public right now so they can stop making fun of us. Even posted a pic of icky giving the finger. Only likes are him and icky, has no followers and just follows a bunch of local young girls that looks like he would have found on tinder. Whole thing is fishy.

No. 925057

File: 1702977773778.jpeg (210.28 KB, 1284x1966, IMG_2637.jpeg)

Is this the best they could do?

No. 925058

File: 1702977870949.jpeg (217.83 KB, 1284x1979, IMG_2636.jpeg)

No. 925059

Could the video be posted?

No. 925060

RIP MY FUCKING SIDES this is so fucking unhinged I’m bawling

No. 925061

File: 1702985379655.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x1985, IMG_7070.jpeg)

Wonder where she stole this video clip from. This is such bountiful cringe. The vehicle doesn’t even have Canadian plates. I’m drowning in milk

No. 925062

File: 1702985546728.mp4 (6.63 MB, 1080x1936, 1000046152.mp4)

Took a quick screen record

No. 925063

Omg…. that's so fucking fake I can't even…. is that a cosmetologists pratice head??

No. 925065

I’m starting it worry about Vic. This reminds me of Raven when she was using her phone to generate baby sounds to “prove” the existence of baby. This is just too unhinged.

No. 925066

File: 1702991111110.png (8.31 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_7473.png)

Is that suppose to be a tongue? Girl. Victoria. This is so fake, please get help. Making your abusive boyfriend jealous isn’t worth all this embarrassment

No. 925067

File: 1702992077433.jpeg (121.9 KB, 1290x895, IMG_7478.jpeg)

These apps aren’t always accurate, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say they are this time

No. 925073

Is she being for real right now? KEK it does kinda look like a beauticians head and she like overlaid an AI filter on it or something

No. 925074

I like how the ai didn’t even generate lips and it’s just a gaping hole kek

No. 925075

File: 1702995257890.jpeg (318.33 KB, 1284x1701, IMG_2634.jpeg)

This one is from August 30th but she’s been thirst posting about being single and what kind of man she wants for the last few months

No. 925077

Kek what in the eyebrows?! Shes mental.

No. 925080

File: 1702997265988.jpeg (547.67 KB, 1290x2345, IMG_7481.jpeg)

Pretty sure icky has shared this to her stories as well

No. 925085

File: 1702998694449.jpeg (769.8 KB, 1125x1126, IMG_7078.jpeg)

She can’t even keep the eye colour, face, or face tattoo consistent just like herself. Milkmas came early!

No. 925087

Holy shit. I feel very blessed with all this new Victoria milk. This is insane.

No. 925089

File: 1703001327254.jpeg (727.08 KB, 1170x1991, IMG_5340.jpeg)

That terrible face tattoo looked familiar, is she using old photos/videos of this guy and pretending he’s her new bf?

No. 925091

File: 1703003247690.jpeg (222.69 KB, 2000x1500, IMG_7594.jpeg)

That’s her ex she drew tattoos on him for Halloween so he’d looked more like Ronnie radke

No. 925095

File: 1703004613777.jpeg (257.41 KB, 1245x922, DDBE367E-82F3-4F1B-8024-258FFB…)

It’s the same AI photo as the display pic expect the AI hand melting into face is edited out and more heavy filters added I’m dead it’s definitely her or she’s met her photoshop AI fail perfect match

No. 925100

Oh lord this is too milky.
Hope she let us know where they registered so I can contribute to the wedding

No. 925102

File: 1703009747639.gif (4.87 MB, 600x689, IMG_7080.gif)

Lmfao I honestly can’t get enough of how fucking psychotic this bitch is to make such a masterpiece ai video of her fake bf. This has been living rent free in My head all day and the fact she thought it looked real and convincing is just sending me. Everyone is with loved ones for the holiday season and Vicky is in her hovel making ai mash ups of a fake boyfriend and a fake Instagram account. Unhinged doesn’t even begin to describe this

No. 925109

File: 1703014210576.jpeg (278.79 KB, 1259x1386, IMG_7735.jpeg)

Widowed now ? Did her ai boyfriend die?

No. 925116

Ok…what?! This doesn’t even look remotely like the same person do his eyes change colour or is he on the dark contact thing as well? And his initials happen to be JD..hmmm

No. 925118

File: 1703018680270.jpeg (363.75 KB, 1170x1358, IMG_7089.jpeg)

When the ai gives her fake bf a massive gap tooth

No. 925120

File: 1703019206286.jpeg (51.93 KB, 836x404, IMG_2645.jpeg)

I think the blue eyes are major photo shop fail, I mean the whole thing is a fail but yeah

No. 925121

File: 1703019442979.jpeg (840.53 KB, 1284x2537, IMG_2644.jpeg)

AI bf posted a reel from this guy and honestly it kind of looks like she took a photo of this guy and asked AI to change it up a bit, funny enough this guy also seems to change his eye color in every photo of himself

No. 925122

Ai has issues with eye focus and those small details, especially the cheap programs.

No. 925124

File: 1703022271902.jpeg (254.67 KB, 1019x976, ISIMG-939697.jpeg)

Omg she’s used this other dude from Canadas face to make her AI BF

No. 925125

I've been following Vick for longer than I'd like to admit. She has always been unhinged and delusional. But this shit? I know we're not supposed to armchair but can someone tell me what the fuck is happening? I feel like until now everything could be explained by her personal NPD low IQ combo but come on. This is next level. Much worse than her terrorist kidnappers, billionaire lovers, and fake assistant. What is going on with her brain?

No. 925129

File: 1703025549844.png (12.48 KB, 130x275, IMG_1356.png)

Girl is making out with a doll and then edits in a still of one of her ai masterpieces I’m HOWLINGG

No. 925130

She looks like she's gagging on an uncooked hotdog. I'm absolutely living for this early Cringemas.

No. 925138

They told us AI would be the end of art. In fact it is only the beginning.

No. 925143

Holy fuck this is so deranged. Can any of you nonitas with instagram see if people are interacting with the posts? I think she might be the most retarded cow to ever grace the pages of lolcor

No. 925145

It’s on her AI bfs account he only has 13 followers.no one has even liked it lol because he’s not a real person(learn to sage)

No. 925147

Genuinely the greatest Christmas gift this site could ever give. Incredible. Amazing. Inspiring. Everything I could have ever wanted and yet so much more. This is the best arc ever. I thought she read her thread? Her phone really must be so low res that she doesn't see any of this omg

No. 925148

I think you’re right nona. The earring in the top photos also explains the random earring in this one >>925095 on the left

No. 925159

I think AI BF is a face morph of that guy and Vicky herself holy shit?? Like you know how on FaceApp you can blend yourself with anyone in different forms like dif ages. I think she absolutely threw a pic or two of herself into the AI.

No. 925167

File: 1703061027963.jpg (25.51 KB, 1001x1001, 41q9FbtwBXL.jpg)

It looks like one of these. Someone find the accurate one kek(sage your shit)

No. 925168

I’m the anon who keeps saying that it’s a gender swapped pic of her but KEK I think you’re right, it’s a mix of that mood’s face and hers. She is fucking insane.

No. 925169

File: 1703072167342.jpeg (448.48 KB, 1170x1295, IMG_7098.jpeg)

Using ai bf to make someone specific jealous confirmed.

No. 925172

Can confirm that the ai bf account is 100% victoria. I viewed the profile then she blocked me beca