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File: 1668720842237.jpg (38.27 KB, 184x275, weliveinasociety.jpg)

No. 898210

Lillee Jean is a stunted unwashed "beauty guru" who has taken "fake it till you make it" to previously unseen levels. With over 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11k (fake) followers on Twitter, and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube, her pitiful engagement rate is propped up by bots, engagement pods, and "bob-vageen" foreign men with no idea who she is.
Lillee is best known for abusing copyright strikes to silence her many critics. LJ and her momager, Laur Trueman, have been on a multi-year "anti-bullying" rampage where they ruthlessly mock other people for their age, looks, socioeconomic status, and more, all for the crime of questioning Lillee.

Many dedicated Lillee critics have created callout videos and posts to expose her racist, dishonest, and absurd behaviour. However, Lillee and Laur remain convinced that this is all a conspiracy organized by one person out to get her.

>Extremely stunted social development due to being removed from school around 13-14 years old. Does not appear to have a single friend IRL besides her helicopter mom.
>Is now 21 years old but legitimately plays with dolls
>speaks and writes in "attic pidgin", our affectionate name for her limited grasp of the English language (her only language)
>Claims to have a totally real, not-made-up boyfriend who is both a French diplomat and also a family friend since childhood. "Phillipe" (an incorrect spelling of the French name) seems to hop across continents, being either local or foreign depending on Lillee's convenience. Conflicting details about when they met suggest an inappropriate age gap (with a 23-year-old Pheepy asking out a 14-year-old Lillee). Her alleged boyfriend has no internet presence of his own, and has never been shown by Lillee, despite oversharing every other aspect of her life.
>Uses her "Jewish identity" to deflect all criticism as anti-Semitic, despite not practicing the Jewish religion OR having any clear Jewish lineage
>Constantly exaggerating her status in the beauty community with fake PR
>Got caught running her own fan pages, many of which were racist caricatures of minorities. This included (alleged) POC claiming to hate their own dark skin and wishing to be pale like Lillee.
>Once posted a photoshopped image of herself over Katy Perry's body, claiming to have attended the Met Gala. Later backtracked and tried to pass it off as a fan-edited image.
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, created a custom lipstick colour (the point of their business, which anyone can do) and advertised it as an official collab, claiming that her fans could ask for "the Lillee Jean collection" in all Bite stores. Bite Beauty formally asked her to stop making this false claim.
>Lillee participated in a public Covergirl ad campaign where anyone could submit selfies to be displayed on a scrolling billboard in Times Square. Lillee waited through hundreds of submissions to catch a photo of herself on the billboard, then posted it as though it were a collab where she exclusively modelled for Covergirl.
MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2022 (Updated May 2022) :

https://www.twitter.com/reallilleejean (Suspended)
https://teespring.com/stores/lillee-jean?aid=marketplace (removed)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (Suspended)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (Suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement (Suspended)

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute (Suspended)

1. >>>/snow/833840
2. >>>/snow/847048
3. >>698862
4. >>707075
5. >>718259
6. >>724333
7. >>736259
8. >>754981
9. >>767645
10. >>773135
11. >>777937
12. >>784721
13. >>794372
14. >>802142
15. >>811813
16. >>820665
17. >>825857
18. >>833714
19. >>838519
20. >>844274
21. >>853090
22. >>857281
23. >>862009
24. >>871230
25. >>878034
26. >>888656

>Laur posts random pictures of houses and whatever she sees >>888725 >>888747 >>888766
>Laur's having some sort of episode >>888813 >>888818 >>888827 >>888828
>Lillee's dentist visit videos get pulled from her channel >>888837
>Lillee and Laur charge $8.99 to see a video of Lillee at an empty beach >>888855
>Laur unfollows John Liu presumably because Lillee's Law wasn't a priority for him >>888883
> Laur and Lillee charge streaming service level prices to watch her videos >>888987 >>888990
>Lillee photoshoot at a Crate and Barrel sidewalk >>889630 >>889631
> Lillee draws an Elsa-looking woman as a flapper >>890007
> Laur tries to hop onto keffals' dropkiwifarms train >>890081 >>890133 >>890261 >>890645
>Another Lillee photoshoot where she gives herself a weird turtle-looking neck >>890533 >>890535
>Lillee should avoid nude-colored heels because it looks like she has pig's feet >>891114 >>891119
>Lillee goes to a Floral Escapes mall pop up >>891380 >>891607 >>891625
>Lillee edits out a scene in her Floral Escapes video where she talks to a woman that isn't her mom >>891625 >>891667
>Lillee gets sponsored by a bedsheet company and the company photoshops a longer neck on her
>>891835 >>891839 >>891850
> Court documents show that the Truemans have not renewed their lease on the attic for some months and may potentially get kicked out >>893233 >>893248
>Laur owes money to the bank for failing to pay back a loan for her failed antique venture and also owes an estimate of $16,000 to the IRS >>893251 >>893255 >>893253
> Laur doxxes a random person and then deletes the post >>893385 >>893426
> Lillee's set to do an LJ Talks episode with the Solved Skincare man who survived the attic >>894376
>Lillee posts a few snippets from her trip to an Alice in Wonderland-themed exhibit >>894567 >>894568 >>>894733 >>895396
>A random dude decides to interview Lillee >>895698 >>895873 >>895877 >>895892 >>895897
>Lillee gets some "guest writers " to tell their bullying stories for Bullyish >>895727 >>895728
>Laur's day in court with the landlord is on December 8 >>895744
>Meanwhile, Lillee and Laur are due in court on December 9 because they didn't pay for the oral surgeon's work on Lillee's teeth >>895856
>Lillee tags Netflix on her Bullyish story to make it look like her passion project got picked up by them >>895985
> Lillee's 1change4change schtick gets flushed down the drain cause she's wearing a shitty Shein jacket >>897015 >>897053 >>897120
> Laur says that she found out she was being evicted from the farms and that she was never given the petition notice >>897427 >>897439 >>897468
> Lillee produces full-blown foot fetish content under the guise of a "comedy film" >>898011 >>898018 >>898019 >>898047

No. 898214

>The Pauper of New York Edition
KEK, I love it. Thanks for making the new thread, nona!

No. 898240

> Lillee produces full-blown foot fetish content under the guise of a "comedy film" >>898011 >>898018 >>898019 >>898047
This is such a reach. There is nothing about her weird stop-motion/video combo that remotely resembles anything a foot fetishist would jerk off to. She doesn't even shoe a close up of her damn feet wiggling around. I'd say this is closer to content meant to appeal to girls interested in buying DSW shoes than "full blown foot fetish content". The video was ridiculous and funny enough, but claiming Laur is trying to take advantage of her no-cash cow's feet sounds like some crazy Laur accusation.

No. 898242

thread pic makes me kek lmao

No. 898248

Is this bait or are you new to LJ threads? Laur has been filming Lille's tip toed arched ass non pedi toes since thread 1 while the Indian bots jack off, tell her and she says <3

No. 898256

Please educate yourself on Lillee's foot fetish history in all the threads to not look stupid.
Clear foot fetish crap in this video:
1. Shoes calling her a "Foot woman"
2. Lille walking slowly to show the back of her feet - that's somethig fetishists request a lot.
3. Putting shoes on slowly
4. "Omg she's gained a quite a bit o weight" implying the shoe is struggling and being squished..obvious foot fetish crap
5. Moaning like retard throughout the whole video
Sorry to break it to you but you fell for her weak trick to diquise a fetish video for an innocent stop motion video. If you expected some detailed macro shot of her feet you need to remember that this bitch can't film for shit and makes no effort to even shave her legs, this is the best she could come up with.

No. 898258

Tired Lady, is that you?

No. 898259

i check this thread every day now, waiting for the other shoe to drop. they're going to lose their house. does lillee not understand what that means? laur is clearly in denial and just wants to pretend it isn't happening but lillee seems unaware. no more videos, no more photoshoots, no more internet.

No. 898267

Does anyone know the details of their housing history? I know they’ve moved a LOT, and I’m sure this isn’t the first time they’ve squatted or been evicted. How do they keep finding home to rent with such shitty records?

No. 898270

The tinfoil is they lived with Laur’s mom & dad before they moved to Florida. Which was around the time Lillee quit school and started to regress. They moved to the wood paneling attic, then moved again after being “doxxed” into the property which would result in the 2019 holdover petition. The holdover petition was dropped after they vacated the property and moved into the current duplex.

No. 898274

Laur has definitely lied to Lillee about what's going on with the house. She probably gave her some "Well the landlord is just being [insert anti-Asian slurs here] but I scrubbed a lawyer's toilets once so I think I know the law a little better than he does"

No. 898293

File: 1668808686035.jpeg (331.66 KB, 750x940, 611C98E8-D1B1-44D2-88BF-300ECE…)

Noticed that Lillee is paying ten dollars a month for core pro membership on DA. They really just love pissing money on useless things.

No. 898312

I think Lillee has just immersed herself in the fantasy that she’s gonna be famous one day and shuts anything else out. She’s been doing it for years, it’s natural not to pull her head out of the sand for this. If anything she’s just going to sink into her maladaptive day dreaming even further.

Despite all the articles and declarations about what a strong, boss babe CEO Lillee claims she is, it’s really obvious she’s just a scared little girl. And she’s scared of EVERYTHING. I remember the video of her going in for that minor surgical procedure nearly having a breakdown, it was like she had never been made to do ANYTHING uncomfortable in her life.

No. 898324

File: 1668820139481.jpeg (729.52 KB, 767x1292, 7A5E4103-2340-4107-8DAA-C66C57…)

Laur is posting random places in her stories. This one is funny because Brampton is not in Mississauga and the photo is of a building in Toronto. All are 3 different places in Ontario.

No. 898325

File: 1668820204272.png (7.12 MB, 740x7531, 3C5D0DBB-F629-4DB1-A929-39A5A6…)

Here are the others

No. 898326

File: 1668820592955.jpeg (215 KB, 828x1366, 25F0D3D5-E1F5-4F1B-B559-1ABBCF…)

Their ERAP application is still under review. Any bets on whether they get this assistance?

No. 898327

File: 1668822279881.png (4.18 MB, 738x8275, 8908C538-06E6-4FFC-B147-FC52BA…)

The Truemans will be homeless by Christmas.

No. 898328

She keeps posting where I live as if it will scare me.

No. 898330

File: 1668822524003.jpeg (256.57 KB, 761x1087, A55CEDEC-24BE-48A4-80EE-8FF27C…)

No. 898331

Leaf peeing???

No. 898333

she’s mad anons made fun of Lillee’s foot fetish video

No. 898334

She’s now posting public info about me as if she’s dug up some secret fbi files, lol. I’m not hiding, and have every right to anything I’ve ever called her out on. She should go ahead and dox me then - who will even care?

No. 898335

File: 1668823234196.jpeg (752.79 KB, 752x1285, DBA0AB77-B9E6-4352-8249-C21AFC…)

Laur, Brampton and Mississauga are two different cities. For Christ’s sake, open a map.

No. 898336

File: 1668823629529.jpeg (219.2 KB, 1036x1633, D3A070EF-93B8-4AA4-9524-97D8ED…)

what will Netflix think of Laur arguing with an anonymous message board?

No. 898337

She just tracked someone’s IP there, she doesn’t know anything about anywhere.

No. 898338

She’s gonna out people for free speech? Who will do anything but laugh.

No. 898339

Na I think it'll end more like Venus/Margo down the line. Their situation is the closest parallel we have

No. 898340

File: 1668824053888.png (7.1 MB, 750x7693, 8D2AB199-3B9E-401E-8CD3-5B697B…)

Things must be bleak in the attic.

No. 898341

All the shit going on in their lives and this is what she's doing on a Friday night.

No. 898343

I’ve only ever glanced here and there in these threads, but it’s a slow night and I finally decided to check in and I’m absolutely baffled by this girl’s mother. I’m sorry if this is asking to be spoon-fed, but has she done this before? This seems weirdly obsessive for an adult woman…I’m assuming she doesn’t work? How on earth are these two surviving in this bubble they’ve fabricated online?

No. 898345

yes, she used to do it constantly but after doxxing a whole bunch of people wrong, she slowed down

No. 898346

File: 1668824608745.jpeg (134.97 KB, 689x651, 3BD6CFED-8641-4E40-AB86-098938…)

No. 898348

Yeh she does this shit a lot. Maybe she's riding the same mania burst that birthed the shoe fetish shit.

No. 898349

She’s also doing this from her “professional” account, kek.

No. 898350

Laur, girliepop, you and all of us here BOTH know netflix has got fuck all to do with you. You have a better shot of Lillee's totally real French boyfriend you already retconned out saving you and Lillee from homelessness than you do of getting a show with Netflix.

No. 898351

Is she threatening animals now?

No. 898352

I know I’m fairly ignorant of Lillee, but just glancing at her mom’s behavior I can’t help but feel bad for her. If this is what’s been normalized to her, she must be so emotionally and mentally stunted, and it’s a shame because she’s not what I’d consider ugly looking by any means and could’ve had an organic popularity online if her mother wasn't so obsessed with this charade she wants to present of their life. Or maybe I’m just wearing rose-colored glasses? lol

No. 898353

Lillee is an even worse version of Laur. She’s ugly inside and out, and has no redeeming qualities.

No. 898356

File: 1668825935768.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x2044, D66B929B-90E7-42C4-B73B-8F15D9…)

…meanwhile Lillee’s still having to dodge landlords and process servers by hanging out at public parks

No. 898358

File: 1668826775586.jpg (245.37 KB, 1080x1693, laurcdrayuuzl.jpg)

who tf are cheerymonkey and dr tom???

No. 898359

She probably thinks she "doxxed" someone but she's actually having a manic episode and is experiencing a break with reality

No. 898360

laur really thinks some randos in bumfuck Maine is going to cancel his vet care with Dr Tom because some insane woman on Instagram is claiming his wife is cheerymonkey? Great plan. They should stick to the foot fetish videos.

No. 898361

"Welcome to Hell", jfc it's like a bad movie

No. 898363

>how productive spending each day hunting a girl
I check this thread and I’m still able to pay my rent. Laur found out she was getting evicted from her thread and thinks she can sermon anons on managing their lives kek

No. 898364

Me and my husband who also thinks she’s an idiot.

No. 898365

Actually Laur my issue has always been with YOU. Never hunted your kid. Lillee had a cute little channel before you took over with racist socks and opinions.

No. 898366

Laur’s straight up tweaking. The “dehydrated fruit with liquor you guzzle” part seems like she’s projecting, or maybe she’s upgraded from Franzia. If she was my mom I would be so embarrassed.

No. 898367

If she was my mom I’d be seriously alarmed about her well-being.

No. 898368

File: 1668828864370.jpeg (317.75 KB, 759x904, 955D8FA7-85EF-4B6D-AA5D-FA33C7…)

Money laundering? Clock tower?

No. 898369

she should stop being a coward and just post here kek

No. 898372

File: 1668829387561.png (129.23 KB, 233x422, image.png)

set your alarms, nonnas
if laur even still has wifi by then kek

No. 898373

i actually feel bad for her. laur has not adequately prepared her child for the world, and that is her fault. since lillee is also homeschooled and has no friends and seemingly no contact with other family members, she is obviously extremely isolated and leaning on laur for everything.

No. 898374

hi laur, i live in seattle washington. i'm not afraid of you knowing where i live because i, and nobody else here, is doing anything illegal. i am concerned for your daughter and how you have neglected to prepare her for an independent life. what will you do when you lose your current residence? don't you think about lillee's real future, and not the one you've lied to her about? that you've allowed her to imagine and play pretend in as if it's real? this is a form of parental abuse really.

No. 898376

>money laundering through the clock tower
Wtf does this even mean?

No. 898378

This is actually very sad. This is what rock bottom looks like.

No. 898379

laur you’re a piss poor excuse of a mother. your kid is about to be homeless because of you.

No. 898382

The clock tower fundraiser was years ago and is done. Everyone in town knows it’s done.

No. 898384

This looks very disturbing. She's clearly off her ass or out of her mind. I keep wondering what circumstance it will take for it all to come tumbling down around her.

No. 898386

If Laur looks this insane to us, who at least know what she is attempting to do, imagine how totally schizo she looks to outsiders. She's lucky no one follows or pays her any attention besides this board or the welfare check ups would be rolling in. I agree with pther anon, I'm also afraid I'll see these two on the ID channel after Laur can't run from reality anymore and pulls a murder suicide. The true crime youtubers will be all over it and their backstory of child neglect, scams and lies will be told over and over again.

No. 898388

If we’re all gonna be on Netflix, wouldn’t we they have contacted us and had us sign releases? What a joke.

No. 898389

Why is Laur harassing a vet and his wife? This isn’t like harassing jr college kids on YouTube, vets make real money and can hire REAL lawyers. Like she doesn’t have enough legal issues right now.

No. 898390

What would she sue for? “Someone was mean to me on Twitter”????

No. 898391

a shame that mental institutions aren't more widespread because this Laur lady should probably be in one with how unhinged she seems to be

No. 898393

File: 1668833862699.jpeg (57.61 KB, 960x720, 6C090ECA-0678-417A-8448-42BCF3…)

She went back a year and a half to find a fb pic of a cocktail garnished with a slice of dried blood orange and chose to make a thing of that? Really?

No. 898394

I don't understand why she wouldn't be focused on finding a new place for herself, her daughter, and her apparent disabled, chair bound husband rather than scrolling through some random woman's pics and posting weird insta stories. Priorities amirite.

No. 898397

Laur just learned what kek means and she's being boomer cringe

No. 898398

Laur has no control there. She feels helpless. This is her feeling like a badass boss babe and taking control. Bullying people is how she's felt in control for years.

No. 898401

A fat middle age woman with no job isn’t threatening to anyone lol. What she thinks she’s doing??? I wouldn’t care if she was at my door or calling my workplace. As if anyone would take her seriously and care lol. Such a retarded family

No. 898402

Sigh. Same old same old with her. "This ends MONDAY", sure Jan. Does she think no one remembers all the other Mondays "this" was supposed to end?

Keep chasing your own tail Laur

No. 898403

Laur you need to acknowledge that the common problem in every situation is YOU and your goblin. Never seen someone burning bridges like this and blaming everyone.

No. 898406

Lmao Laur posted my general area a while ago, I don't have any social medias and didn't post about it here because what she wants is a reaction. Which yes I am giving to her now but what is she going to do, continue posting google image photos of various (probably wrong) locations? Maybe she'll find some housing on her search kek.

Nonna that she's trying and failing to intimidate right now, don't worry about it Laur can't do anything and all reasonable people see her as the deranged lunatic she is.

No. 898407

I used to live in Biddeford, dox me too Laur! Nothing like a good challenge. You can do it ♥

No. 898409

Dr. Tom? As in Dr. Tom of Maine? I can't believe that pesky natural deodorant tycoon would try to get in the way of Laur exploiting her daughter. Well, now Lillee can get back to her thriving career. Maybe Dr. Tom will throw her a freebie or two.

No. 898410

Can someone make a collage of all the times Laur has said 'this ends monday'

your threats are as empty as Lillee's future bestie

No. 898413

Why Monday? What’s so important during this weekend you have to wait, Laur? Or are you doing another supermarket run to get more Franzia in to post nonsensical crap on what’s supposed to be your professional insta account?

No. 898414

Could my husband’s practice really be impacted by this?

No. 898416

No Laur, your husband doesn't even have a practice, although you could try opening up the freezer and seeing what happens!

No. 898420

File: 1668849609832.jpg (158.94 KB, 476x436, Laurgethelp.jpg)

" But even I can no longer remain silent" Bitch you scream about it for years at this point

No. 898421

it's amusing that laur thinks she's extremely intelligent yet she can't even tell the difference between "your" and "you're". no surprise that lillee is barely literate

No. 898422

Doxxing isn't illegal lmfao. Also:
>a group of people on websites they should not be on
That makes no sense. She's really been hitting the Franzia hard tonight. Did she just post this? It's 5 AM wtf

No. 898424

Aw, man. I was hoping this spergout would be more milky than yet another "this ends monday". I swear that'll be the subtitle of their true crime doc after Laur finally snaps.

No. 898426

>79 plus
I’m shocked she’s admitting it’s not one person

No. 898428

File: 1668861964475.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1902, 741D93C4-9582-46F8-BA96-35540D…)

Did any anons get a wellness check?

No. 898430

that actually looks really nice. A far cry from franzia.

No. 898431

Guess Laur’s using the last few days of internet access she has to go crazy with her instagram stories before they cut her service. Eventually she’s gonna have to start using McDonald’s wifi or Starbucks wifi to posts her edits

No. 898435

All her previous adresses were on public websites before Laur had them removed.
The weird thing is that they kept moving on the exact same area, few streets appart.
They never took advantage of what NYC has to offer and they live in a rather expensive place, far above their financial means.

Tinfoils were that Laur needed to stay in that particular place either for running her scams, subrenting, grab free food and clothes from charity org…
Because it couldn't be staying in NYC Queens, just for LJ could be hoping a productor would show at her door at any minutes, right?

No. 898437

Laur is so embarrassing. This is what happens when you have no job and no responsibilities other than dodging eviction and monitoring your daughter’s fake career.

No. 898438

Tinfoil here but do you ever think it'd be easier at this point for Lillee to apply to be both Earl and Laur's carer at this point rather than Laur?

It's clear Laur is mentally unstable and shouldn't be managing her daughter's career or welfare in any way Or did the Social workers look at this family during the so-called "Swatting" and think fuck no and refuse to come anywhere near this family again after smelling the sweet vaginal smell coming off Lillee and the stench of her uncleaned cat litter trays.

No. 898442

Wait THIS is what she was going on about, with the "dried fruit" thing?
Who looks more credible, Laur, someone who went out for fancy cocktails once and took a picture –
someone posting hours and hours worth of disconnected, misspelled nonsense in the middle of the night, obviously drunk, while on the verge of being homeless?

No. 898443

Lillee can’t even take care of her personal hygiene, there is no way on god’s green farmland that she is going to put in the work towards applying to be her parents’ caretaker, let alone get a job to support them. In her mind, she’s still a little girl who needs mom to care for her while dad sits back and watches tv. Instead of doing photoshoots and playing with shoes, Lillee should be looking around for job applications before they end up on the street.

No. 898446

File: 1668873775069.jpeg (642.86 KB, 1069x1598, 0B7B5F86-06D7-466E-9910-998B2D…)

Laur’s up and threatening nonnies with cyber police

No. 898449

File: 1668873998381.jpeg (657.71 KB, 1170x1868, 3E7C3CFE-3469-4D0E-9333-1651E8…)

This doesn’t make Laur look sympathetic at all. It looks like she’s doxxing and publicly shaming a bunch of addicts kek

No. 898450

Cite studies or GTFO.

No. 898452

I thought we were a witch cult radicalized by black people.

No. 898453

Don’t forget we’re all paid by Mark Cuban

No. 898454

I thought we're all minors? Did our witch cult leader get us all hooked on something?

No. 898455

>our studies
Ah yes the credible Dr. Laur and her well-read partner, Professor Lillie. Peer reviewed by none other than Dr. Earl I'm guessing?

No. 898456

Whoever posted above asking if their husbands practice could be impacted - I’m the person this pertains to and I am not asking that ridiculous question. That was Laur pretending to be me, as if I give a fuck. Also she clearly doesn’t understand that modern veterinary practices are owned by large corporations, not sole proprietorships. She is going at someone with teams of lawyers on staff.

No. 898458

>That was Laur pretending to be me
Don't worry Nonna we know, Laur couldn't blend in if she tried. She even knows how to sage now, there's just nothing to be done when you have a grand total of 4 brain cells rubbing together.

No. 898459

what’s Laur going to do? Gather the bots and review bomb the practice? Stalk your social media, contact your peers/patients and tell them you’re a bully? Does she think that’s in the best of interest of Lillee, who’s currently trying to become an anti-bullying advocate?

I don’t understand the motivation for this latest meltdown.

No. 898462

Hey, don't lump me in with that psycho! My tinfoils are way more credible, kek. For real though, I do wonder if she's suffering from some sort of psychosis. It's been going on for a while now and stress is a helluva trigger; I dread to think how bad my psychosis would be if I was facing eviction.

No. 898464

Laur is incredibly gullible. I suspect someone has been feeding her information about gang stalking and content farms. If Netflix is encouraging Laur’s doxing of suspected bullies, she’s not talking to a real Netflix producer. There’s too much legal liability for them.

No. 898465

She committed libel last night accusing me of money laundering. I posted a gofundme on behalf of an older gentleman who didn’t know how, they raised enough to dismantle and move the clock, and that’s it. Not sure he raised more than $1500 ever, honestly. Easy to prove no funds ran through above that. The gentleman moved to Florida last I heard but he’d easily disprove money laundering.

No. 898466

Btw anyone who’s actually afraid of laur for some reason, cops can’t do anything about cyber crime lol. There’s absolutely no evidence admissible in court. You can’t be arrested for anything unless you’re downloading CP or selling drugs or something.

No. 898467

>I don’t understand the motivation for this latest meltdown.
Narcissistic injury. She’s losing control of everything, so she’s just lashing out. Classic.
But we committed the ultimate crime of hurting Laur’s feelings. She’s really entitled, thinking the police give a fuck about anons making fun of her retarded daughter

No. 898470

There's often a trigger for these outbursts of hers. Last time it happened RIGHT before the farms found out she was dodging her eviction. I wonder what it could be this time?

No. 898471

>on websites they should not be on
And yet here she is, taking screenshots and pretending to be on of us, kek.
Laur, focus on finding a place for yourself and your family.

No. 898472

She’s grabbing ip’s from their website. Which is funny because I make sure to set my vpn to Ontario/Texas/Florida every time I visit Lillee’s website

No. 898473

All these videos Lillee put on her shitty Youtube channel I'm amused as heck she never bothered to seek sponsorship from a VPN.

Goes to show you how behind the times she is. I wonder if Laur kept Lillee in the freezer alongside Earl and was let out early hence why Lillee is living like 10 years behind everyone else when it comes to fandoms, clothing and whatever else she thinks is relevant right now

No. 898475

File: 1668883509836.jpeg (327.11 KB, 1170x1123, B73F0422-2A1C-4F6D-A7E7-C8B648…)

good lord

No. 898479

it’s a total coincidence cp was JUST posted in lcf

No. 898480

and 16 hours ago when Laur started her meltdown

I don’t believe she’d post cp but she was messing with Elaine and her pet scrotes at one point who have posted gore/cp

No. 898482

I think it's possible that Laur is involved with this somewhere along the line as she's up the ass of anyone who hates the farms and does mix with weirdos who actually do commit cyber crimes like owning/posting illegal shit.

No. 898484

File: 1668889142712.jpeg (679.4 KB, 1170x1927, 28647420-5C04-49BA-89BC-451181…)

laur responded

No. 898487

Laur babe, you were the one taking lewd pictures of your daughter and posting it on the internet may i remind you

No. 898491

Just…wow, lmao. It's a good thing she probably doesn't have the money to buy a gun.
All this only weeks before the big eviction trial. This is going to end very badly for them. Best case scenario is they're going to pull a Luna & Lurch and end up in a seedy motel together or renting a single room in an Airbnb. Worst case: Earl ends up in a shitty state care home while Tha Eyeball Queen and Loony Laur are stuck living out of their car/various shelters.
I still find it hilarious that Laur pulled the classic white trash move of tanking her dependent daughter's credit score by putting the (inadequate) oral surgery in her name kek.
I only wonder what Laur's next scheme will be. My tinfoil is she'll try to marry Lillee off to the first fugly scrote with a roof over his head in a bid for housing.

No. 898492

then laur will be going to prison for more than fraud, because basically all CP online is monitored by the FBI/a honeypot so they absolutely track it.

No. 898493

im afraid for lillee. yes she is extremely cringe but she is clearly a victim here. im getting gypsy rose vibes except instead of munching her mom just keeps her in this delusional, stunted, isolated state.

No. 898494

It's hard to imagine that even a narc like Laur doesn't feel a pang of guilt when she sees other girls around Lillee's age getting ready to graduate college, working, hanging out with friends, etc.
We've already seen evidence of Lillee's bitterness towards the idea of other girls her age being talented and successful, with more on their resume than elementary school plays. Def a gypsy rose/Venus angelic scenario in the making.

No. 898495

Ol’ Lunatic Laur is on a roll today. Backtrace me next, Laur! I want to be part of Best Week too!

What do you guys think Lillee is doing while Laur is on these psychotic benders? Like do you imaging her sitting beside her mom aware of her rants and egging her on or embarrassed or what?

No. 898496

Same. She holds a lot of hate and anger in her heart towards anyone she perceives to be better than her: physically, intellectually, etc, and no doubt she's picked up on momair's bigotry too. But I still see her as a misguided teen, despite her age. I think she's got developmental issues, be they something she was born with (maybe FAS related?) or a result of her borderline hermit life. I'm happy to see Laur lose everything, but the happy ending would be Lillee going into some sort of care facility for people like her and working on undoing the damage Laur's done and learning vital life skills. Unrealistic, I know. But a farmer can dream.

No. 898497

lillees in her room playing with shoes like dolls— I mean directing her next short film. I wonder if laur sold her Barbie’s and that’s why she plays with shoes now

No. 898501

Kinda makes sense. Remember when.she had the dolls and was all hyper. Then she got real nasty mean and angry. Mom sold her dolls.

No. 898505

my thoughts exactly. she may just be trying to lure out anons to expose themselves just by naming random locations (or ones from the website.) im pretty confident that im the brampton anon, even though i live a good 20 mins away from there my ip says im there and ive looked at her website a few times without a vpn

No. 898508

pretty sure the cats are gone too. you can’t help but feel bad for Lillee. she’s got nothing but Laur

No. 898510

that’s the best profile pic she could find? Woof

No. 898511

sooner than later she’ll have nothing left to play with but laurs empty wine boxes

No. 898514

We are also weeks away from Lillee’s trial with the oral surgeon.

No. 898515

Aren’t there internet privacy laws that keep them from pulling IPs from a commercial website and doxing them? No doubt there’s going to innocent victims of Laur’s week long dox-a-thon.

No. 898516

As far as I know you're right. I think a warrant is needed.

No. 898518


Didn't she try this with the janitor? I seem to remember tired lady making a bunch of posts about doxxing her and contacting her job. Anyone know what happened with that and why Laur feels her contacting anyone gets anything done? Especially after it failed so bad with QueenofBlending?

No. 898519

Iirc the janitor worked at a public school. Laur & Tired Lady called the principal. The county the janitor was employed by told Laur she was harassing public servants and if she didn’t stop the county would press charges.

No. 898520

Every time Laur has contacted someone’s place of employment, it has blown up in her face.

First was VM anon, up until she gave the recordings to Diane, Laur was denying she ever contacted anyone’s job. Next was QoB, Laur emailed her company and didn’t realize she was talking to the person she was lying about. Then Laur denied doing it, so QoB had to release the messages. They were incredibly embarrassing and showed how absolutely unhinged Laur was. Around that time was also when Laur filed an ethics complaint against Rekieta, which he read on a livestream. And finally, the janitor. You’d think she figure out this is only going to end badly for her.

No. 898524

according to foot fetishists they like slender feet with somewhat long toes that can be expressive. lillee has dough dumplings with clammy pork sausages and the legs of dolores umbridge. actually, i'm pretty sure umbridge would shave. the only porn lillee is qualified to make is midget porn and even then she's a mediocre midget.

No. 898532

It literally wouldn't kill Lillee to at least apply for actual work in retail. She knows the bare minimum about makeup etc to bullshit her way into a department store focused on makeup or something. Even if she did get fired shortly after it would at least get a tiny bit of money in to support her family until they get their shit together.

But god forbid Lillee actually goes outside and interacts with the real world like a normal person would. If I knew I was about to be kicked out my home I would be doing anything I could to scrape money together, even if it meant selling a majority of my collectables, TV, Even my phone or laptop or PS4 to make sure I had cash to get by to make sure I had the essentials I needed. (Since I know Laur stalks LC now I'll add this extra part here and hope she takes notes about their personal hygiene - There's this wonderful thing called Shower Gel Laur, You and your daughter should look into it.)

No. 898536

File: 1668950120566.jpeg (583.08 KB, 1170x1704, D7F0A0C3-F4FB-4A9E-BC67-1A1224…)

>refused to turn German
New piece by Lillee on anti-semitism. She needs to pick up a book or google what she’s talking about. She’s repeating information from Laur, which is wrong most of the time, and embarrassing herself

No. 898537

"There is no German. You're either born a juu-wish or of strong women." - Laur to Lillee in the attic academy probably.

No. 898538

Does she think Jews had options during the occupation of France? Her ancestors are stronger because they fled instead of being rounded up and put in camps? This is a real shitty take.

No. 898539

Her Jewish ancestors came to NYC in 1922. She lies about any Holocaust experience - they lived in Queens during ww2.

No. 898541

File: 1668958296811.jpeg (330.89 KB, 1170x724, 21F9FA8B-3DF2-4782-9DC6-F1375E…)

This account was never confirmed to be her actual cousin but they shut down the grandma john fleeing from France story

No. 898542

Oh my god, woman. SHUT UP! You are not Jewish and you have no knowledge of our culture - be that the reality of being ethnically Jewish or following the religion that you know literally nothing about. Does she think you can only be Jewish or German? Does she know that the national socialist party is no longer in charge?

Spawning Laur and Lillee and having them ruin the family name is probably worse than getting fried alive tbh.

No. 898543

Samefag but uhhhh… what's that Jeffrey Dahmer shit at the bottom, anon? KEK

No. 898546

It’s a screenshot of a Nazi account she included in the article on her website.

No. 898549

Ah, yes. That makes sense as Jeffrey Dahmer stans are well known for the power they hold in society, KEK. It just shows how she's never faced true anti-semitism (not that I believe she's Jewish) if she has to go searching for it on weird twitter niches.

No. 898550

There's no chance in hell these people are Jewish. Laur would have broken so many cardinal rules of Shabbat this weekend if she was.

No. 898551

I don't, think, lillee can get any job, with, attic pidgin like, that. Even if she went to school she'd just accuse the teacher trying to correct her of being a bOoLi and double, down, on retardation. Laur you are a horrible mother. It's clear you never gave Lillee any books to read. She managed to completely misinterpret the meaning of "pauper" from the famous kids book "The Prince and the Pauper." You never let her read books do you? She's functionally illiterate. You'll die and she'll be squatting in a trailer somewhere eating rats to survive.

No. 898552

File: 1668965018065.jpeg (145.44 KB, 1474x514, 272AD5BE-77A1-4E3E-9A2A-326403…)

No. 898554

Her dolls were worthless. Most of them were from wallmart or cheap reproduction.
I'd say her shoes collection's worth more, especially since she never went out and never used them much.

It's been months we didn't see the cats. I doubt Laur put them in a shelter or bother to found someone to take good care of them. I bet she just abandoned them on the road.

No. 898556

Oh my god Laur listed herself as an actress on IMDB for her role in Pauper of shoes.

I can’t stop laughing

No. 898559

So in the past, I could somehow decipher what she meant when she ignorantly used a word incorrectly or misspelled it. But I don't understand what she thinks "pauper" means. I get that she very likely heard that word from the tale of the prince and the pauper, but how is she trying to use it here? Or does she think "pauper" is "proper" but said with a British accent?

No. 898562

>Jessica: Don't worry ladies, it is the shoe cleaner, the pauper of shooooes! The foot woman. She has nothing on us. We can continue to live fabulo…faaaaaaaaa-

In the dialogue, Jessica says Lillee is actually the pauper. Technically she’s using it correctly

No. 898566

Well, nonas. It's our final night of freedom, our last supper. I made some kool-aid and the witches are preparing a delicious stew for us. When the feds come for me, I want you to know that I won't rat you guys out. This cult has raised me ever since I was a wee baby, and you're all family to me now. This addiction to gangstalking is the Pheepy to my Lillee, the Mario to my James Dee, the franzia to my Laur. I don't regret a single second of it. Bon voyage, my cyber mommairs.

No. 898567

im eating mcdonalds and watching a lets play on youtube
i had a good life

No. 898568

Ten million views on Priminks video - but she’s only sending 79 to hell tomorrow. Not sure what it will change for her but it sure was nice knowing you all :)

No. 898569

I want to go out with a whisper, not a bang. I think I'll watch some Star Trek Next Gen and then call my mother and tell her I love her. Yeah, I'm scared, but prison is nothing compared to the wrath of Laur. When the cyber police come for me I'll be ready, I accept this fate. See you on the other side nonitas. Love ya

No. 898570

File: 1668985162499.jpg (31.7 KB, 800x450, 2f0.jpg)

No. 898571

File: 1668985461700.jpeg (113.87 KB, 1280x2276, 098A08C5-9F53-47D4-B02B-0D4D20…)

Goodbye cruel world, I’m being welcomed to hell by these two

No. 898572

File: 1668985638819.jpeg (21.13 KB, 387x225, CDFC963C-7E19-4A36-BCCF-7851C1…)

Scariest goddamn thing EVER?????

No. 898573

File: 1668985803148.png (363.26 KB, 474x474, 02BB71C7-171C-4B18-87BB-273289…)

Good luck soldiers, we will be waiting for you to come back home once you serve your sentences in cyber jail. God bless us all.

No. 898574

RIP to the chosen 79 for sacrifice. You will never be forgotten.

No. 898575

File: 1668988405169.png (23.2 KB, 1240x127, zoomer lc.png)

If there's one thing I'll take comfort from in the coming days, it's getting to see this glorious retardation from earlier in the thread.

No. 898577

I see my sleep paralysis demon has found you too. I will pray for your soul.

No. 898578

File: 1668991123147.png (1.14 MB, 822x732, Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 7.38…)

No. 898579

I'm sitting in bed thinking about how astounded I'd be if there was actually a doxx but it's just me, like they post my name and face and then nobody else and they kill me

No. 898582

The black sites are finally descending upon us with our own black magic. We should have never photoshopped her pics full of blood and decapitated with Laur as a representation of our Satanic troll god. When the Mayor personally comes to arrest me, I will only utter one word … "kek"

Welcome to the 79 chosen ones, anons! Beam us up or whatever.

No. 898585

I already doxed myself and laur doesn’t seem to care so, huh

No. 898586

File: 1669011499874.png (4.11 MB, 828x17913, E09C87C9-71CC-4286-8DCC-13A4EE…)

No. 898590

>I personally believe that U. S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our nation don't have maps and, uh, I believe that our education, like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should—our education over here in the U. S. should help the U. S., uh, or, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq, and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future, for our children.

No. 898592

And even Germany!

No. 898599

Wow it almost sounds like all of these problems could be solved by deleting your social media accounts. Insert Tyler the Creator meme here.
Unless, of course, maybe you just thrive on the negative attention and enjoy feeling like a victim. Just a thought though.

No. 898600

so… is it laur behind the DDOSing that seems to be happening on and off? is that the reckoning? lol
sorry laur but we have dealt with pissed off troons for years who disrupted the site way more than you

No. 898606

Hasn’t Lillee’s manager created hundreds of accounts to get around blocks and platform suspensions?

No. 898608

Isn't that the weird black synthetic velvet dress she wore at the Mario Badescu events she wasn't invited?

No. 898610

So in a nutshell this article is IN DEFENSE OF:

child neglect
foot porn
late-night rants about witches in a cult
scamming PR from actual talented creators
racist tropes
scam cosmetic lines
medical misinformation
lies about the Holocaust
faking pansexuality for clout
threats of ruining careers
animal abuse
false takedowns of POC-run channels
fictional accomplishments

Did I miss anything?

No. 898620

Yeah it’s an older pic laur used.

No. 898621

Lillee, you’re a fool. Are you seriously advocating that social media platforms should require a state ID to register and account?

You have a better chance of your imaginary boyfriend showing up at your door with flowers. Why would a social media site ever do that? Tens of thousands of people who use social media don’t have IDs. Why on earth would a social media site shoot themselves in the foot like that?

Not to mention that would impede the whole market of buying bot accounts. Not that your one million Jeanie’s have done anything for you but you might miss out on the PR goodie every three months.

Seriously, you’re talking out of your ass and you look like a clown. I get this is you trying to find a niche for yourself after you failed at literally everything else you tried, but if you’re going to try to look like an actual advocate to people, you can’t come up with insanely impractical ideas. It makes you look like a child.

No. 898628

Nooo not my hecking transphobia!

No. 898631

all we got was another nonsensical anti-bullying oped from lillee? lamest monday ever, laur

No. 898633

Kek ikr, I can tell every time this anon posts bc she fails to integrate.

No. 898636

NTA but kek, same. They stick out like a sore thumb in here. Also:
>faking pansexuality for clout
As if pansexuality is actually a real thing and not just a trendy rebranding of bisexuality, lmao.

No. 898639

That’s up for debate but Lillee did specifically gush about her big reveal as pan, like she should get a medal.

No. 898641

Bi or pan, NEITHER work for Lillee. She hates women with a passion and practically seethes any time she encounters another lady. And if she’s pan how would she even know? It’s supposedly being attracted to someone’s personality, but the only person she knows personally is Laur.

No. 898646

Tinfoil but around the time of her big announcement, David on Schitt's Creeks described being pan with a wine analogy and maybe Lillee thought David was cute.

No. 898678

No way does Lillee keep up with modern popular shows. She was still doing MLP looks in like 2021 and says House Bunny is her favorite movie.

No. 898679

File: 1669093469113.jpeg (794.14 KB, 828x1232, DF034775-A8FB-4416-BD65-FCBBAD…)

No. 898680

>That’s up for debate
Go back

No. 898685

It's after midnight now. Was this Laurs big threat? Co-writing an anti-bully piece with at least 200 overused comma placements and a quote from Germany about raising awareness? My God, she got us ladies!!!

No. 898686

What an idiot. People value their anonymity. Just because Lillee Jean Truman likes to have her full name and location out there doesn’t mean everyone does. This would put women and children in so much danger. Actual real life danger. But as long as Lillee Jean can identify people who call her ugly that’s all that matters.

No. 898687

I was falling asleep, then I remembered we were all supposed to be facing life in prison starting today. The thread is unusually quiet, are we all that's left?

No. 898688

I was outside venturing out of town for the day via train and enjoying the new Black Panther movie.

You know.. doing stuff Lillee isn’t capable of.

No. 898690

I wonder how much of their situation Lilliie is capable of understanding. Does she know all the daytrips to nowhere were to avoid being served with the eviction (due to nonpayment)? Or is Laur telling her they're being doxed, gangstalked, bullied and will be fleeing to their next hovel under the cover of night for their own safety

No. 898691

You really think Laur would say that they are the bad ones not paying etc? Never. I would imagine she is crying telling every one that are the bad BooLyss from The InternT and thats why they need to „move”

No. 898695

"Sorry your honour, the reason I didn't pay my rent/bills/etc was because I had to attempt to throw down a sloppily written sick burn to the evil cult who are out to defame and bully my grown-ass daughter who I still refer to as a teenager so I can win sympathy points."

No. 898696

File: 1669126373476.jpeg (428.09 KB, 2048x2048, 01B77A75-F77A-4723-81E6-597A21…)

I remembered Laur was tweeting about not qualifying for PUA a year ago through a sock >>853101 She also said they were expecting to pay for Lillee’s oral surgery with their assistance and now we know that never happened. Laur can’t provide documentation proving they earned income in 2020 and like nonnies mentioned previously, a letter from the CEO of Lillee Jean Beauty isn’t sufficient. I’m tinfoiling her latest freakout was due to getting notice they’re assistance isn’t getting approved and eviction is imminent.

No. 898697


No. 898698

She didn't mention ORAL surgery. Which she never pd for so shouldn't have been a problem.

No. 898703

still convinced APS investigated Laur for medical neglect and it’s the reason she was so adamant about getting LJ’s teeth fixed even though they couldn’t afford it.

No. 898706

Oh absolutely that’s what happened. The first “swatting” happened right after a dentist appointment and someone zoomed in on the stack of papers laur was trying to wave around as proof and it was from adult protective services.

Not to mention the fact they suddenly rushed to get it done after years and years of Lillee insisting her teeth were perfect and that she would never change themmmmm

No. 898707

Sooo Monday came and went, was that laughable article they wrote it? That was them “ending it”?

No. 898709

Not to mention the first APS "swatting" was a week or 2 after she went to the dentist for her TMJ (after Laur let it get so bad her face was swollen). The dentist may have been a mandated reporter or just otherwise concerned about her teeth being in the state they were at 21 years old. Either way, they immediately switched to a different dentist (scammy invisalign mill) for all her follow-up work. Doesn't take an online high school dropout to see the relation.

No. 898712

she probably sent a bunch of unhinged emails about cyberboolies and black websites to random police departments and companies she thinks farmers work for and is awaiting reactions

No. 898717

I’m shaking in my pauper shoes

No. 898723

This picture makes me so sad. I think Lillee is a very pretty young woman and she definitely has a lot of unrealized potential, it's such a shame Laur pulled her out of school and made her mildly retarded.
I can't imagine Lillee homeless, she still plays make believe with shoes, the fuck is she gonna do with no reliable internet connection?

No. 898727

She's gonna have to use her brain for the first time what a tragedy

No. 898730

File: 1669153190684.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, lcbump.png)

CP on /pt/, scroll with caution

No. 898736

File: 1669157659557.jpg (77.94 KB, 1000x390, 1669156897809659.JPG)

I'm know I'm being a sperg, but I was re-watching some MrMenno videos and this troon is a spitting image of Laur. Maybe Laur's long lost brother or older brother of Lillee who managed to run away?

No. 898740

File: 1669159345710.jpeg (669.25 KB, 1170x1358, 12D751F4-D61E-434C-AC96-1B675F…)

She said it was adult protection services in her swatting video too.

I’d totally forgotten the first “swat” attempt was about Lillee being in a wheelchair. Now Laur’s claiming Earl isn’t mobile and he might be in a wheelchair. I wonder if someone called on Earl’s behalf.

No. 898753

Now there's a thought. It's weird for Lillee to mention a wheelchair at all which makes me feel like someone knew there was someone with a wheelchair in the house.

Tinfoil that a neighbor was worried about Earl.

No. 898761

tried to watch the video because it’s been awhile and it’s gone

No. 898765

I watched the CSA one this morning. She mentions that LJ says they were called out on her because she was in a wheelchair, Jewish and had bad teeth.

No. 898798

File: 1669234590030.jpeg (496.43 KB, 1170x1892, 517DB79F-5BA6-44E1-8207-BC9EC3…)

Laur’s shared the same Bullyish promo 8 times today.

No. 898801

Boooooo! How come I'm not in prison yet, Danzig?

No. 898806

Please integrate for fucks sake, learn2sage and quit it with the reddit spacing

No. 898807

File: 1669245196482.jpg (211.94 KB, 1320x925, lilleejean.jpg)

No. 898818

I watched it yesterday. They might have taken it down because it contradicts her swatting narrative. Do Adult Protective Services agents even have weapons? Did they threaten her with clipboards and paperwork? Or did Lillee worry about anons interested in the wheel chair call? If Earl isn’t able to walk and has to use a wheelchair outside of the home, it could be any neighbor…maybe the landlord who has an office in the house? This is out there tinfoil but I could also see Laur making Lillee use the wheelchair to cut in line or get better parking. Just borrow Dad’s wheelchair because he’s not going to need it stuck in the house while they’re out visiting parking lots.

No. 898822

It's not a super out there tinfoil considering they used to lie about Lillee being chronically ill to avoid highschool. I doubt they actually bring the wheelchair but Im betting they take Earl's placard.

No. 898833

I have no idea who this cow is as I’ve never opened this thread before but this image scared the bejeezus out of my holy hell

No. 898834

Actually reminds me of a humanised version of the weird overly toony/goofy and horny version of that fake Jessica from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Still astounds me how she thinks with teeth and horrible facial expressions she tries to make she could have ever been taken seriously in the beauty/modelling industry.

No. 898849

File: 1669304830283.jpeg (274.89 KB, 1170x899, 1774F552-F1F1-4666-93FD-553893…)

they removed multiple videos yesterday. anyone know what other videos disappeared?

No. 898850

File: 1669305440287.png (935.66 KB, 828x3156, A0DDAAF3-A0A7-4271-B532-35935C…)

Landlord’s lawyer is calling bullshit

No. 898852

Ily legal anon.
It's so puzzling to me how Laur works harder to scam and grift than she would if she was gainfully employed. This has to be so much unneeded stress on herself and her dependents. She could be a Glenn Danzig impersonator with literally no effort.
She's such a shitty person and an even shittier mom. Even her parents and sibling hate her kek.

No. 898853

File: 1669306889103.jpeg (682.72 KB, 828x1459, B7B81BBD-B94D-445B-B06C-EFA797…)

Lillee, if you’re reading this, your mom is lying about the following:

1. Being served - there’s now a notarized affidavit saying that 3 notices were attached to the entrance door.
2. ERAP “stepping in” to cover your rent. Whatever information Laur has provided to ERAP is still under review. They will not pay your rent until everything has been processed.

Laur knows that ERAP probably won’t cover the rent so the only reason she applied was to prolong your stay at the apartment as the landlord cannot evict you while your application is being processed. There’s a reason why the landlord’s information was processed very quickly and yours hasn’t been submitted yet. You probably didn’t submit the signatures to expedite your application because you don’t want to expedite the application.

Please get a real job ffs and stop scamming with your mother. It’s embarrassing.

No. 898855

The 21st was Monday. Laur was too busy dealing with process servers to dox the chosen 79 kek

No. 898856

The cooking video which showed Earl walking around was deleted. I hope the landlord’s attorney found this thread since Laur mentioned it in their response.

No. 898863

File: 1669310951135.png (462.32 KB, 828x2093, 407B748C-6940-4F61-94E8-34D201…)

It’s gone from her website too

No. 898864

File: 1669311533452.jpeg (315.09 KB, 828x467, 2AB6EE3B-6453-4BFB-97A0-8C203A…)

The description of the video is in thread 22 in case any lawyers are reading. Also here’s a still from the video where Earl is standing up.

No. 898868

Laur is a fucking idiot. It doesn’t matter if they remove the videos now. It makes her look even more guilty. Laur’s making a few major claims in her response. She’s suffering financial hardships due to covid and she can’t leave the house to find employment because her husband is disabled. Lillee’s Instagram account is filled with pictures of them dressed up, attending events. This proves they have disposable income for clothes/tickets and they’re able to leave the house. How many boss bitch CEO interviews has Lillee published? Which is it? Are you broke or successful? I have no idea how eviction proceedings work. If the landlord’s attorney can use this information, Laur is fucked. This could be the first time Laur faces real life consequences for their lying and scheming.

No. 898869

for fucks sake.
well girls, the LJ saga will surely be coming to an end soon

No. 898872

File: 1669314329958.jpeg (300.72 KB, 828x1058, 94BE100C-09FB-4E65-B1FA-C527AE…)

Sorry if this is ancient milk but in 1991 Laur and Earl were trying to sue someone for 2 million dollars. I’m guessing this is the accident that made Earl disabled.

No. 898874

>Has been claiming for years she's a super famous beauty-guru, model, actress, CEO, whatever.
>served as "Jane Doe"

Well, the irony.

No. 898879

so honestly what WILL the Truemans do when they get thrown out? My money is on claiming that the black websites and bullies were after them and move to Florida to live with Laurs parents

No. 898880

Honestly I wonder if Earl actually IS disabled, at least to the point of what Laur claims. She used to claim Lillee was chronically ill to keep her out of school and still collects disability money. Laurs just a con artist. She tries to wring money out of EVERYTHING.

No. 898881

based on lillees last bullyish entry i bet laurs banking on farmers having to pay restitution after she takes us all to cyber court

No. 898884

File: 1669318979934.jpeg (783.12 KB, 1170x1566, 1AE24198-B896-4C6B-8843-AF0056…)

Laur said Earl can’t walk but look at all these pictures of him walking

No. 898887

lol Laur and Earl look the same

No. 898892

This says the process server showed up Monday 11/21 at 6 am and Tuesday 11/22 at 11am. If they’re homebound, why didn’t they answer the door?

No. 898896

So, legal anons, does this mean Laur is committing perjury? Can she be charged since the judge has definitive proof she's a lying liar

No. 898897

File: 1669328363873.jpeg (602.98 KB, 1170x2223, 2C565BF9-3538-4D88-9D73-EE5BD8…)

The weird shoe video is gone. Did LJ figure out she was filming foot fetish stuff?

No. 898898

this would be the best case scenario for lillee. it would be good for her to have other family in her life besides Laur

No. 898905

The landlord’s lawyer a real one for buying the 79 chosen ones time. This Monday was the like the fyre festival of the LJ threads kek

No. 898907

File: 1669330991727.png (Spoiler Image, 380.17 KB, 626x574, mind_over_boute.png)

>my style tends to rim classical

No. 898920

LJ beauty & makeup saga is ending, nonna. LJ homelessness saga? forced to get a regular job saga? public freakout saga? the fun has just begun, nonnies. i got my popcorn & M&M's ready.

No. 898953

File: 1669341988381.jpeg (516.86 KB, 828x1405, F18F8F4D-4D41-494D-80EB-886A58…)

No. 898958

They’ll just throw her defense out and proceed with the eviction. Perjury is serious because it will piss a judge off but Laur won’t face any real consequences, maybe a fine if she manages to further annoy the judge.

No. 898959

Laur is retarded. Having a permanently disabled person who can't walk living on the second floor of a house with no elevator is cruel. Plus we have this >>898864
One of these attorneys need to call APS again.

No. 898984

Laur is seriously that fucking triggered over a binder.(learn2sage)

No. 898986

The only reason she's probably so triggered by it is because she knows we have a lot of shit on her. I wonder what would happen if it wound up in the landlord's hands. There's probably notes about different videos made about Lillee, As well as notes and timestamps made every time Lillee and Laur have said something problematic/racist.
I would love to see or hear what the court would make of Laur and Lillee's take on a much older man being fine in a relationship with a child as long as the parents have given permission. That's not gonna go down well in court at all.

No. 898998

File: 1669383737726.jpeg (693.36 KB, 1170x1942, 08317069-62A9-47FB-8E48-9AE91F…)

>Lillee Jean in NYC taking selfies this Thanksgiving 2022

No dinner with family. No parade. No pictures with friends. Just Lillee taking selfies in a parking lot because they’re hiding from their landlord. This is sad.

No. 898999

File: 1669383765836.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x1659, 8838FD12-55D6-4149-A9E5-A90CFA…)

No. 899000

Good grief, this actually looks like a normal decent pic for once. If only she took more flattering pictures of herself like this more often. Fat chance tho.

No. 899001

I can't even mock this… it's just too bleak for such a young girl.

I thought the same thing. This is the first genuine-ish looking smile I've seen from her in a long time. The pic looks like something you'd send to a friend… if only.

No. 899004

She’s already gotten braces, lurk around more. The braces just filled in the blanks that were in her teeth, it’s her jaw that’s also the problem

No. 899008

They removed the metal braces before they should have. Lillee had them for less than a year. They probably had them removed because they couldn’t afford them (most orthodos require monthly payments to continue care). She went back to the Invisalign farm and they posted a bunch of pictures of her progress, which is disingenuous at best because Lillee progress was due to oral surgery and metal braces, not Invisalign. Anons tinfoiled they were probably trading promo for service. You can see where her teeth are already shifting back because the Invisalign isn’t sufficient.

No. 899009

I can’t tell if it’s because of bad eyeliner application but the left side of her face looks swollen.

No. 899021

File: 1669396683396.jpeg (282.66 KB, 2048x2048, A6821379-D72B-4272-B0A8-AC2317…)

Someone left fake reviews for the landlord’s lawyer right after he mailed Laur a letter informing them their lease wouldn’t be renewed.

No. 899022

I think it's just her unfortunate misaligned jaw and that she's actually trying not to make crazy eyes.
I think that color green looks nice on her.
I swing from anger at her arrogance to massive cringe to pity. Her mother has ruined her life so far. Ruined her credit. Lillee may not fully understand what's happening but she's got to see how close they are to being homeless, right? She needs a simple job, maybe answering phones or something…?

No. 899029

lmao laur is still obsessed with this retarded binder

No. 899031

>Ethnic-sounding name
>bad grammar
>no backstory behind the review, just a shitty two sentences
Yeah, this is Laur

No. 899033

In the sprit of. Celebrating Thanksgiving… she takes selfies?????

Is that what our pilgrim forefathers did at Plymouth Rock - selfies?

No. 899036

I agree, but as time goes on I feel more pity and sympathy than anything else. LJ never had a chance. She's insufferable, but she doesn't have any tools or resources that she would have been able to rise above. She was medically neglected and pulled from school so she couldn't even attempt to reach out to peers or teachers for any normalcy, or a decent education. Now she's facing homelessness because of her shitbag of a mother. I'd love to know whether she knows they're dodging eviction or Laur is hiding it from her. She's too stupid and sheltered and coddled by Laur to connect the dots that they are the ones in the wrong.s

No. 899038

I totally agree with you. I think many (if not most) of us would agree that Laur is the real cow. I don't wish anything bad on Lillee. I hope she's able to pick up the pieces and have a normal life some day, but it won't be possible so long as all she has is Laur.

No. 899039

I got pity for LJ. She is clearly retarded. Thanks to her mother she has no education, no friends and completely delusional. Add to that, indebted. Her only chance to live normally and get the f out of here is to find a bf. Maybe her raging libido is gonna help.

No. 899046

Learn to sage retard

No. 899050

I used to think Lillee was just as bad as Laur until Lillee started publishing her fake articles. Once I saw the commas and realized Laur had been writing/posting almost everything we see from Lillee I started to feel sad for her. I doubt Lillee even knows of half the stuff Laur is saying and doing in her name. Lillee’s reaction of shock was genuine after the wellness check because she didn’t write the emails suicide baiting, Laur did. Lillee is just repeating the lies Laur tells her about cults, content farms and their embarrassingly exaggerated family tree. They’re so codependent I don’t see it getting better for Lillee without some sort of outside intervention.

No. 899052

File: 1669405503318.jpeg (619.95 KB, 1170x1373, 3E5F0B92-1118-47F9-97A2-EC95C6…)

not sure if it was recent but they removed the video about her great grandma fleeing Russian tsars

No. 899055

File: 1669406283747.png (75.16 KB, 943x295, jeaniezgalore.png)

Going back to basics, she still has 1 million followers on Instagram. Fuck Laur for spending money on bots instead of paying rent.

No. 899056

With how expensive Invisalign is for a 1-2 year treatment plan, I doubt the mill accepted promo as payment. You still have to get check ups regularly with Invisalign, as the attachments tend to wear down, so your plastic braces become unwearable for you after a couple of months. However, you usually receive a full year of aligners in your first treatment month (as you change them every 1-2 weeks). That's why I guess they stopped paying and thought they pulled off a scheme successfully.

No. 899057

i agree. i genuinely think lillee doesnt know/understand that her followers & pod friends are bought by laur.

No. 899070

Speaking of, we haven't seen or heard much from the pod people lately. They're prob on the outs with them too

No. 899071

Laur's used Lillee's fear as a way to both spoil her AND control her.

Afraid to go to school? You don't have to. Afraid to get your teeth fixed? You don't have to.

But fear is a double edged sword Laur wields wildly. She uses stories to scare Lillee into doing what she wants. When Lillee was in near tears before her procedure Laur was going 'What you WANT your eye to pop out?" Like it wasn't Laurs neglect that got her TMJ so bad in the first place.

Lillee's never had to do anything uncomfortable and because of that she's afraid to do anything uncomfortable.

No. 899082

OT but one of our fav pod people, Mckenzie Westmore, has been getting a lot of publicity lately for having Dr Nassif perform reconstructive surgery after she over used facial fillers. After years of swearing she didn’t use Botox or fillers and it was all her magic QVC makeup lol(unsaged OT)

No. 899083

Laur probably use hundreds of different services to buy bots then have her bank do a cashback/paypal claim to get the money back lol. I think she’s even scamming them

No. 899087

Also maybe not recent but the video of Lillee doing Laur’s makeup has been chopped down to being almost a short?(learn2sage)

No. 899110

Thanks for this info i'm glad that the truth is out finally, i knew she looked too fake. Serves her right.

No. 899127

They already posted this photoshoot (with Laur taking pictures) on 11/18 >>898356 weird they had no other pictures of Lillee to post. Kinda hoping Lillee and Earl had enough and took off to stay with family.

No. 899130

File: 1669483077414.jpeg (233.57 KB, 828x455, 217BD19B-1313-4156-8C8C-5ECDB1…)

Her jaw movements never cease to amaze me

No. 899144

File: 1669492594083.jpeg (258.72 KB, 828x811, BD3CB577-55C3-4478-AFEC-DCB766…)

No. 899167

File: 1669518269720.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1453, 06C3AAD5-DCA9-4890-A9ED-F38B8A…)

shoes are a weird choice but otherwise she looks normal

No. 899180

Weird shoes aside, I agree. If she would just close her damn mouth it'd be a fine pic. Her hair looks better than usual.
Guess they're still hiding from the landlord. This isn't going to end well. All I can say is Laur 100% deserves whatever is coming, just wish she wasn't ruining her retarded child's life in the process.

No. 899223

File: 1669565362726.png (2.04 MB, 527x2333, F3D2A673-102B-4724-826D-A5C8C7…)

The open mouth thing is necessary to make her lips bigger and her face longer lol. For some reason she’s obsessed with making her lips bigger.

This is what her mouth actually looks like

No. 899227

whhhhhy is she fondling a tomato in the last pic? lol

No. 899232

I think that’s a persimmon and she’s holding it like that because it was probably the first time she saw one

No. 899234

It's her retarded Disney princess mentality. Same reason she holds her eyes open so wide. She thinks she looks like Rapunzel or some shit when in actuality she looks completely deranged.

No. 899256

File: 1669596288588.jpeg (611.33 KB, 1046x1850, 8E621257-2903-4BAD-B4A1-3F0DBB…)

>being with family and friends

this is sad considering all Lillee posted on thanksgiving was selfies

>it’s important to pass on lessons learned by paying it forward

what does this even mean? it’s like she’s just parroting things she’s heard and doesn’t understand what the phrases actually mean.

No. 899278

She should try paying something forward to her landlord or oral surgeon.

No. 899332

File: 1669681880172.jpeg (918.27 KB, 828x1420, C4318B79-3581-4747-9C22-9122B6…)

Words are hard

No. 899339

Wtf is that third pic?

No. 899376

Her mom did her an extreme disservice by pulling her out of school early. She can barely write a coherent sentence

No. 899377

The commas and shit grammar read like how laur writes, but go off.

No. 899409

NTA but excess comma usage is a clear sign of LJ writing something. If you look at Laur's burner profiles on Twitter or YouTube the grammar is often poor but she doesn't overuse commas like that.

No. 899416

File: 1669816326790.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1973, 50AE50FC-3C9F-41FE-AE98-B7A049…)

new holiday photoshoot with Lillee in a cardigan, showing off her grandma bra

No. 899417

File: 1669816507282.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x1868, 57CFEC3C-8FD4-429A-B21D-DA6DCF…)

No. 899422

The cheap clip on earrings are sending me

No. 899433

You fool those are EMERALDS didn’t you read the caption

No. 899434

That green room and white leather chair aren’t at their house. Tinfoil they’re in a changing room at Macy’s so they don’t even have to buy anything for the “photo shoot”.

No. 899437

File: 1669827907628.jpeg (72.29 KB, 735x1121, 2B8FE033-AFB0-4A36-8271-C57C5A…)

Lurk more

She uses paper backgrounds and she’s had that chair for years

No. 899444

NTAYRT but that's truly autistic anon.

No. 899448

I'm asking the impossible but if she'd just realize just how fucking piggy her feet look

No. 899449

>Takes ugly selfie in your attic room
>P H O T O S H O O T

I don't know if it's sheer delusion or if it's because Lillee likes scamming about even the most minuscule things

No. 899454

Thank you for the compliment, nonnie

No. 899479

Is she a fucking robot? She can't casually smile for a picture like a human. It's always one of two looks on her face: wild psychotic smile or lip pucker. Never even a variant, it's always the same. It reminds me of that Barbizon School of Modeling shit

No. 899497

Wait, does Lillerz not have her ears pierced at 21? Holy shit how did I never notice?

No. 899500

File: 1669865714027.png (45.62 KB, 825x257, Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 10.3…)

Damn, is Laur still commenting on Primink's video about Lillee?

No. 899504

ancient LJ farmer just now checking back in on these cows, i can’t believe how shitty her old teeth were and yet… her face is still mushy somehow

No. 899515

File: 1669869992710.jpeg (48.33 KB, 777x518, 42DB75AA-2AF1-4063-AF3B-0C5EEF…)

Autistic anon checking in:

She has multiple piercings in each ear but Laur was too cheap to spend money on proper jewelry so Lillee had a bad reaction to cheap metals. Now she’s under the assumption that she can’t wear any earrings because she’s very sensitive.

No. 899544

kek Laur watches the video every day it seems. "What's the challenge of watching the same video over and over" You tell me Laur.

No. 899546

File: 1669896528706.jpeg (153.54 KB, 1170x577, B4DEE22E-CF5B-4C1E-9E76-FDF167…)

found another comment by Laur

No. 899547

Who's gonna tell her the global population and that it's not just the same group of cyber boolies/witches watching the vid over and over? kek

No. 899550

File: 1669897957603.jpeg (132.4 KB, 1170x443, A205110B-C5CF-423C-AC1B-BDEBFD…)

>deleted all your socials except your parents

also leaving psycho comments on sunnyv2’s videos

No. 899555

They’re a week away from their eviction court date and this is what Laur is focusing on?

No. 899556

The more she comments the more engagement the video gets and the higher it rises in the algorithm. The video pops up on my YouTube front page every several months and I like to think it's because Laur keeps raising it up. I read Primirk is on a YouTube hiatus while attending college so he isn't even seeing her comments.

No. 899562

Lillee is also a week away from her court date with the oral surgeon.

They’ll be homeless and broke for Christmas.

No. 899566

File: 1669910466410.png (1.19 MB, 1200x879, 3E077D92-6C64-407E-9FDD-BD6547…)

Lillee Jean getting a job era is coming in 2023

No. 899567

It’s a warrant in debt, lol. Lillee doesn’t even have to show up. The ortho will win a judgement, it’ll go on Lillee’s credit but nothing else will happen. The embarrassment is the worst consequence Lillee will face from this court date.

No. 899605

I’m guessing it’s more sue to her lack of hygiene and inability to deal with mild discomfort

No. 899606

please let this be the next thread pic kek

No. 899621

Lillee has changed since she was 18. She at least keeps her shitty opinions to herself now. Other than Bullyish promos & the occasional puff interview, Lillee does her stupid content and keeps to herself. But Laur still threatens people, doxes people, creates dozens of accounts to yell at people on YouTube/Twitter, still pretending to be racist caricatures…Laur hasn’t changed at all.

No. 899677

She’d be be fired in a week for lecturing people about plastic straws and true beaute’.

No. 899703

File: 1669990681338.jpeg (283.09 KB, 2048x2048, CD594347-5570-4D95-87BF-929C30…)

I was looking at Lillee’s YouTube comments for this sock and noticed a strange pattern. Lillee turned off comments on all of her YouTube videos a few months ago. 3 months ago she made a community post with a picture in front of a strip mall, 27 out of the 28 comments left are from Laur’s sock accounts. Lillee usually responds to every comment, we make fun of her for having full blown conversations with fake Jeaniez. After the post with all Laur’s socks responding, Lillee stopped interacting with them. She has a handful of real people following her and commenting, Lillee still responds to those but not Laur’s obvious sock accounts. It could be a coincidence but with her turning off comments on all her videos, it makes me wonder if she finally figured out of the scope of Laur’s sock puppetry.

No. 899711

I've noticed that lillee has been posting less to youtube even shorts etc. All her videos seem to be getting uploaded or reuploaded to Laurs channel. It's a bit odd. Has lillee given up? Is Laur trying to moneytise her channel using lillees videos? Something seems off but that could just be me.

No. 899714

Since they have to stay out in their car all day to avoid getting served, Lillee can't really film or edit, so it makes sense the content has been toned down.

No. 899719

File: 1670003890684.jpeg (690.07 KB, 1170x2010, 47BB294D-1E1E-4C71-B90C-5B0778…)

>cyberstalking is a crime

so is squatting in a house you don’t own, yet here we are

Laur’s been completely silent lately for the last week. I guess anons hit a nerve reminding her she’s a week away from being homeless

No. 899721

She absolutely knows laur does the sock puppets, for some bizarre reason in her day in the life vlog Laur full on says the quick comment lillee got on her newest video had been her.

No. 899722

how many times has she posted this same black and white image promoting bullyish? i imagine laurs camera roll is just thousands of the same 10 stills from lillees videos. shes so fuckin creepy and not in an intimidating way like she thinks

No. 899727

they haven’t posted any new content in 2 weeks. the shit lj’s promoting as “holiday” themed was filmed weeks ago. laur probably found out their rent assistance wasn’t approved and they’ve been packing up, getting ready to flee before the eviction date next week.

No. 899732

File: 1670007242434.jpeg (420.96 KB, 1170x1295, 6819EFCF-218B-42DA-B9F4-3ACB5D…)

lillee deleted 277 posts from tiktok last month. damage control maybe?

No. 899733

Damn, Netflix are cheaping out. Where's the official promo material, Miss Talent Manager?

No. 899782


It says her twitter has been suspended. Is this new? Or is the link at the top of this post bad? I wanted to see what happened to the twitter follower account now that they're cleaning up bots

No. 899785

File: 1670042705146.jpeg (736.8 KB, 1170x2000, 9CB9847F-75F8-46ED-9988-2970A5…)

New holiday look. The outfit isn’t terrible. she’s attempting to pout but looks scared instead

No. 899790

The face you make when the process server posts three copies of your eviction notice to your front door as you’re “modeling”

No. 899807

File: 1670077272510.jpeg (95.07 KB, 673x560, image.jpeg)

I hope LG's frontal brain lobe fully forms, so she can look back at all of this as a fully grown adult woman and cringe.

No. 899856

I would be scared too if I was going to lose internet access in a couple weeks

No. 899883

dead eyes

No. 899886

I don't think Lillee looks scared here, it's more trying her hardest to look seductive as she thinks that's the vibe that needs to be put on here with that particular outfit, However as per usual, Lillee doesn't know how to emote properly so she looks like the abomination that is CGI Cleo from the latest Disney live action Pinocchio with those uncanny valley goldfish puckered up lips. My main gripe with Lillee's photos is that they're not done professionally at all. Think of all the semi-professional pictures they could have had of Lillee if they hired a actual photographer who would know how to dress and pose her and not waste all that money on fake followers and awful rent-the runway combo clothing.

That angle would probably work if she was outside amongst people and she was the main focus of the picture and other people blurred out maybe but against a white background? She looks like The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

No. 899951

File: 1670199529275.jpeg (20.28 KB, 320x400, B62024DE-3175-4542-82D6-DF1606…)

New Year January 1, 2022 pic on her DA - same outfit?

No. 899953

This is one of the worst photos I have seen of her. Her face is stiff like always, but the most horrible thing is she is just standing like that. She makes it so apparent her proportions are fucked up. Those T.rex arms are hilarious. Sometimes I think she and Laur does it on purpose.
I get that she will never be pretty or have a normal body, but they do not even try to make her look good. Fits the victim narrative I guess.

No. 899958

File: 1670202074680.jpeg (997.93 KB, 984x1454, AA3D44C7-E868-4231-A85E-1A582E…)

It was a dress. It’s the same hallway, so they haven’t moved.

No. 900009


she looks like a middle-aged widower on this one

No. 900010

File: 1670246395694.jpeg (59.23 KB, 791x120, 6C74C629-2FAF-4C0B-A47F-ADF9F3…)

Busy week for the Truemans. Laur has a court date on Thursday and Lillee has one on Friday.

No. 900031

How I wish this would be recorded.

No. 900035

wait why is lily going to vote over the oral thing? to put to post dental bills?

No. 900042

OK, great, it's her "holiday" look. That's fine if this was the look she chose to go to a holiday party. But just like the New Year outfit >>899951 >>899958 it's just really sad knowing that she got herself ready like this only to go NOWHERE. No holiday party with Pheepy at the French Consulate. No invitation to Vanessa Bryant's holiday shindig for her closest friends in LA (Laur is close enough to her to have helped her with Kobe's funeral). Not even a single Jeaniez to celebrate with.

No. 900092

Honestly, it feels like Lillees given up any attempt at being a famous social media beauty guru ceo boss babe. Completely. All videos are private, all comments are locked, anyone who views her stories or goes to her site is blocked.

And the few interviews they’ve paid for in the last few months are 100 percent about Bullyish.

Laur has long since given up on Lillee and has moved on to her next con: Lillees bullyish narrative. Lillee hasn’t been the product in ages. The sob story is.

No. 900142

>the most horrible thing is she is just standing like that

That's because she and Laur think that she is so beautiful that she doesn't have to make much of an effort like professional models to pose, cut a shape with her body, know her most flattering angles, etc. I am not being facetious. I genuinely believe they actually think her beauty is so radiant that just standing there is enough to take amazing pictures.

No. 900144

File: 1670331175144.jpeg (727.18 KB, 1170x1664, 6C1C79E7-D3D4-4F18-80ED-27FDEE…)

>you don’t have to be bold, to speak loud

Lillee’s attic pidgin makes the pivot to motivational speaker hilarious. She makes no fucking sense. She looks like shit in the video. I’ve never noticed the dark circles under her eyes. It’s pretty well known that Lillee enjoys sleeping all day. Assuming 3 months of waking up at dawn to hide from the landlord is taking it’s toll on Lillee.

No. 900182

File: 1670349755539.jpg (874.18 KB, 3818x2554, evicted.jpg)

No. 900194

Her lipstick is true horror.

What's the point of posting any stories or new insta pictures if she blocks everyone?

No. 900195

Any new yawk nonnas know how much time the goblins will have to vacate the premises once the judge rules in favor of their landlord? Is it 7 days, or would they have another month to find a new attic?

No. 900196

File: 1670354474519.jpg (135.81 KB, 887x673, Screenshot 2022-12-06 142004.j…)

Guaranteed they will cry that Earl is incapable of moving. And, maybe he is?

Still, living on the 2nd floor with no elevator must be a problem.

No. 900199

File: 1670359023496.jpeg (139.24 KB, 828x916, C479F362-43BC-4D07-9CCB-259B54…)

Their ERAP application is still under review so they can stay until they get rejected. ERAP application provides them with an eviction protection.

For some reason landlord’s info is now marked as not verified. Strange.

No. 900200

Kek, imagine if the landlord sold the whole ass property to a different landlord just so they didn't have to deal with them

No. 900227

I'd love if the landlord used the screenshots from here to show Earl wasn't wheelchair bound.

No. 900251

She could just file for bankruptcy. It would take a large chunk of her debt away. I don't ever see her being responsible enough to try for a mortgage or get a vehicle at a dealership to make such a credit strike matter. Might want to take this advice, Laur.

No. 900252

If the Trueman's DO actually turn up to go to court, I wonder what they'd wear? I have visions of Lillee turning up in one of her rent-the-runway outfits but also if they had any brains I can envision Lillee turning up in those god awful stretched out pyjamas we haven't seen in forever. Gotta win the court over by making out she and her family are poor and in no way have been wasting cash on fake followers and renting clothes that don't fit her.

No. 900262

laur’s going to wear her platform flip flops

No. 900264

File: 1670419164691.jpeg (798.78 KB, 828x1462, EAC66A5F-21F6-4B3A-A78C-06EEBF…)

Laur posted a bunch of stories early this morning

No. 900267

File: 1670421577626.jpeg (660.22 KB, 1073x2028, 492DFF4B-A3F6-4B9E-A166-A6B3C7…)

>your enemies will never win the war
which enemies? The surgeon suing her, the landlord suing her or cyberbullies? Its almost as if she’s not trying to threaten people anymore but she’s trying to convince Lillee everything will be fine. It won’t. Even if Laur manages to scam ERAP for their current place, she’s not getting a job anytime soon (ERAP only covers a year of rent). They will eventually be evicted because Laur doesn’t pay for anything.

No. 900273

File: 1670428868752.jpeg (468.53 KB, 1170x1231, 12C0C888-00B2-4988-9770-F963B8…)

There are ways the landlord’s lawyer can get around ERAP eviction protection. In the holdover petition, it said they were being evicted for something other than unpaid rent. If the landlord is evicting them because they violated their lease by having 2 cats pissing all over his no pet property, eviction protection wouldn’t apply. I remember a nonnie said the landlord registered his business at the property. If he’s planning on using the property for himself or his family, he can still evict the Trueman’s. The landlord also has a chance to submit documents to ERAP if he thinks the Trueman’s are ineligible. Which might be why the status changed. If he’s not evicting them for nonpayment but because they’re damaging his property and a nuisance, ERAP doesn’t apply.

No. 900284

I looked at some more of the lawyer’s eviction cases and I’m sure this is what’s going on. The eviction notice sent to tenants owing money is completely different. It has a breakdown of exactly how much they owe and gives them instructions on how to apply for aide. He’s evicting Laur because she’s a problem tenant.
He probably asked them to stop filming in the house after the APS visit & wellness check. Laur claims they’re in imminent danger because of stalkers. I’m sure this guy didn’t want stalkers showing up and doing something to his house (it would never happen because no one’s staking LJ). They removed any video of Lillee walking around the house. The apartment was listed as no pets online and they had 2 cats. The cats seemed to disappear late this summer when Laur got notice their lease wasn’t being renewed. When she said tried to come to an agreement with the landlord in her answer, I think it meant they got rid of the cats and they started filming outside.

No. 900285

Remembering when Lillee said they got “swatted” about someone in a wheelchair, I wonder if there was a welfare check connected to an ADA complaint against the landlord, for not providing a ramp. Perhaps they terminated the lease to avoid complying - that building didn’t look easy to make wheelchair accessible - yet the Truemans wanted to stay because they didn’t have a lot of options with all the bad credit and tax liens.

No. 900287

Lillee posted pictures of construction in the house a few months after the APS visits >>853389

No. 900298

August of 2021 Laur said they’d moved out of the house >>849838

No. 900339

File: 1670450478209.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x1905, 99FF9F2A-B3E1-477C-BCC2-E5F258…)

she might get evicted tomorrow but she still has to stick it to the haters

No. 900359

There's absolutely nothing behind those eyes.

No. 900403

File: 1670501537447.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1080x2065, 7F266465-C1E7-4576-AD23-4799B5…)

she was sharing posts on instagram at 4am

No. 900404

The comic sans "queen" really brings the retardation of this post together.

No. 900407

Is this her way of apologizing for pretending to be minorities?

No. 900408

Today's court day for Laur

No. 900411

Envisioning Laur in her giant chunky sandals entering with a stack of papers she can barely see over. This judge does eviction hearings every day and won’t have time for her saga going back to the Tsar’s times.

No. 900413

File: 1670509193528.jpeg (417.37 KB, 1170x2033, 1923380E-B97C-4C15-93BA-7D8B4C…)

court case starts at 10:30am and laur is spamming bullyish promos while she waits kek

No. 900420

The court case for Laur is starting, will this be the end of spamming bullyish promos and franzia freakouts?

No. 900421

The case might not be called at 10:30 depending on how many other cases are on the judges docket for the day. She could be waiting a while for her case to be called.

No. 900422

Most courtrooms don’t allow phones. She stopped sharing stories an hour ago

No. 900423

File: 1670516112714.jpeg (412.21 KB, 828x1376, 5A5DAFB4-54FE-447F-AA7D-5443B4…)

She’s out

No. 900424

> Fear is knowing what you have done. Strength is working to fix the
damage you cause.

Laur, maybe practice what you preach

No. 900425

File: 1670517134936.jpeg (281.06 KB, 1284x669, B604FC2C-C632-4461-AAB1-3E53CC…)

Case has been rescheduled. No new court date assigned yet.

No. 900428

Anyone wanna bet Laur went full on crocodile tears and blubbered her way out of trying to defend herself?

No. 900431

most likely continued until the ERAP process is finished

No. 900435

is she saying cyberbullies got her evicted?

No. 900438

> Fear is knowing what you have done.

What the hell does that even mean - unless you're afraid of people finding out what you've done… then I guess it makes sense.(sage your shit)

No. 900495

anons said the apartment was listed online as no pets allowed. the crazy twitter callout who interviewed Laur about the dead cat might have contacted the landlord about Laur’s alleged animal abuse.

No. 900503

She’s getting evicted for not paying rent tho

No. 900516

Do we know about the other tenants?
Some anon said the house was shared with an office. Could it be another family?
Imagine sharing the house with LJ and Laur yelling all night about the cyberbullies.

No. 900517

Rise and shine farmers, Lillee’s court day is today

No. 900518

the court paperwork says they’re being evicted for a reason other than “non payment of rent” >>895744

No. 900533

Did she even went there? Could it been reschedule because she didn't show?
What happen if LJ doesn't go today?

No. 900536

A default judgement will be issued if Lillee didn’t show up. The debtor can try to collect by garnishing their bank accounts. It will go on Lillee’s credit. That’s about it

No. 900544

File: 1670605960336.jpeg (150.49 KB, 828x443, F47B7BFE-498C-4B4F-A0ED-4F2F3A…)

Was Lillee’s court rescheduled?

No. 900584

File: 1670644719135.png (94.44 KB, 685x427, image (3).png)

yea, adjourned

No. 900603

medical debt is treated differently than regular debt. It won’t show up on your credit report and it’s harder to collect. It’s elective surgery so I don’t know if it changes anything. Even if Lillee loses the court case, it won’t have much of a negative impact on her

No. 900616

sorry, but where do you live that this is true? i've known plenty of people, including myself, who ruined their credit because of medical debt. it absolutely will show up on her credit, and it definitely will have a negative impact on her a in a lot of ways if she loses the case. what have you been smoking?

No. 900617

File: 1670693033268.jpeg (339.05 KB, 1170x710, B0D19EEF-9459-4AA4-94EA-55CA8B…)

No. 900649

your screenshot doesn't say anything about credit, and i didn't say anything about garnishing wages, so cool story right back atcha.

No. 900789

File: 1670858142053.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720, ea80ef_330af83f68654abaa954944…)

No. 900790

File: 1670858236234.jpg (635.38 KB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_1472294863bb41049892207…)

No. 900801

She has this huge hangup about the fact that she has thin lips, especially her upper lip, that she overdraws them to the point where they're like those wax candy lips.

This is frightening. There is absolutely nothing in her eyes. It's creepy how her wide smile doesn't match her dead eyes. There is absolutely no joy in them. For someone who claims to be a model and actress you'd think she'd know about expressing emotion through her eyes.

No. 900807

File: 1670868512018.jpeg (285.53 KB, 828x507, F0ABC11D-D73D-41D7-9A8D-5B9E02…)

The strings of saliva on the left are a nice touch

No. 900811

Her two default expressions

No. 900828

Terrifying. The stretched corners of inner flesh, the overdrawn lipstick, every single tooth showing. It's grotesque like something out of Courage the Cowardly Dog or Beetlejuice.

No. 900898

God I recoiled when I scrolled to see this. Damn I wish it had been spoilered.

No. 900899

The only person I've ever seen smile like this is Art the Clown. Lillee if you're reading this don't google him. Your tender sensibilities.

No. 900909

Damn, Nonnie I was about to comment this exact same thing. He’s legit someone I recoil at and have to look somewhere else. The exact reaction I have whenever I see a picture of Lilz with her weird mouth open toothy smile. Glad someone else can see it and not just me.

No. 900915

File: 1670928040801.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.79 KB, 1600x1155, procedure-open-mouth.jpg)

Everytime she smiles like that she reminds me of this dentist mouth opening device.

Hell she didn't even needed one when she went to the dental surgeon she didn't pay.

No. 900922

File: 1670943466208.jpeg (780.14 KB, 828x1363, 21D4D744-0B18-4AD8-9BF8-86F134…)

No. 900923

"Thriving Adversity"…..does she fucking speak English? So, adversity is thriving or did you actually mean thriving despite adversity. Even "thriving IN adversity" would mean she operates best when facing adversity. These illiterate white trash goblins just made me sperge I'm going to go touch some grass.

No. 900966

File: 1670979511141.jpeg (38.63 KB, 622x613, FO0xuuiXoAcIZar.jpeg)

God DAMN she and her mother are so fucking stupid

No. 900976

Has anyone done a Lillee Art the Clown edit yet?!

No. 900985

She's striking alright, just not in the way she yearns for. She looks like a fugly stalker/murderer in a D-list horror movie. That's the only role she could ever realistically land.

These two would make such fascinating fodder for a psychological case study. Their life depresses me, but I can't get enough of their futile attempts at portraying this "influencer" persona that falls flat by every metric. One question that gets beaten to death every 10 posts is "why are they still doing this?" And at this point I don't think any rational person could understand their motives. They're a textbook case of shared psychosis. Can't wait for the saga where Lilz runs off with some low-IQ coomer to escape Laur. Now THAT will be milky. Kek.

No. 901006


is she still wearing her invisalign retainer or something? it looks like there's something over her teeth

No. 901046

It's definitely it. If I were her I would personally take them off for professional shots. Her teeth are straight now it seems so eventually she can transition to wearing them only at night and not the full 22hrs. But she can and probably should remove them for her weird supersmile pictures

No. 901195

Last Yt video is from one month ago. They may have no more internet connexion.
Is it possible the landlord had cut off access to electricity?
That or they can't pay it anymore.

No. 901201

File: 1671222304898.jpeg (326.47 KB, 767x901, 7D244327-0AAF-4291-871E-4750DE…)

Laur posts this screenshot every other day. It’s so cringy and weird

No. 901225

Thought she was thriving (despite) adversity. If so, why is she having her mother post these horrible things much of which she probably made up herself to look like victims. And even if people really did send that kind of hate, it seems dwelling on that to get attention is their passion project.

No. 901318

These are incredibly old, well over a year. There was a troll that kept making Nazi Twitter accounts and IG socks to fuck with lillee. The call outs on Twitter got their accounts banned everytime they came back. If the boolies were so terrible, as Laur likes to say, wouldn't they have just let the Nazi larper alone?

No. 901341

Today is the first day of Hanukkah and Laur posted this screenshot twice in her ig stories

No. 901343

No mention of Hanukkah, obviously.

No. 901451

File: 1671809532145.png (2.65 MB, 828x3307, F530EDD6-CB13-4C41-9FFC-BA7417…)

Awful fit

No. 901495

Anybody keep an eye on them when the site is dead? I would've guess the boomer would be in euphoria this last couple of days

No. 901505

Not really but it just looks like they're deleting another of videos and posts. And posting the same old stuff nothing milky. I think most people don't care about them anymore.

No. 901515

Agree terrible fit. But her face does not look scary or fake lip pursing. The first pic has her face more relaxed (albeit overdrawn lips but the tension is gone so they look more real). The face in the second one is an improvement to her horrifying scary wide tense smile with dead eyes. Yes, she is smiling showing her teeth but her mouth is not as so tightly drawn on the sides. I'd say this is an improvement. If I didn't know about her horrid personality, nothing about these pics would draw out any negative feelings.

No. 901537

JCrew is so un-trendy they literally went bankrupt and closed all their stores years ago. And Jessica Simpson's line is aimed at GenX and older millennials - not exactly a hip demographic kek. Also hasn't she worn those pants for multiple Christmases now?

No. 901539

Probably got banned from Rent the Runway. They either kept some of the items or returned them covered in cat hair and smelling like menstrual blood and dead fish and then filed a series of chargebacks to try and scam them.

Laur has broken the law multiple times. Harassment, stalking, fraud, etc. How is she not in jail? She's getting an even bigger pass with the law than Chris Chan ever did up until the Incest Saga.

No. 901598

She dresses like the 40-something payroll staff at my work, most of which are named Cathy.

No. 901633

Lol, I think Laur and her seriously share the same wardrobe

No. 901641

File: 1672174750720.jpeg (709.32 KB, 1125x1848, B9187961-4D8C-4EBF-8E8F-397342…)

Her personal Facebook page (Fka Lillee Is Silly) changed name to “Christina Anderson”. Not a very effective way to disappear, if that’s what she was trying to do.

No. 901654

I remember finding Lillee's personal Facebook page awhile ago. It was originally under Lillee Jean T. and had an anime profile pic.

No. 901656

They’re probably repurposing the accounts for bullyish testimonials. I bet we’ll see Christina Anderson show up as a reformed member of Mark Cuban’s witch cult? Or another victim of Primink & the black websites?

No. 901672

File: 1672257523044.jpeg (422.07 KB, 828x905, 72C64000-D999-4DD9-904F-360380…)

This pic is hilarious. Real “14 or 40” mystery

No. 901688

it's weird how she looks older here versus her current appearance…she had cheekbones here!

No. 901699

Lol not really. You can tell she's sucking in her jowls to give her bulldog face some definition. Look at her lips.

No. 901701

There's something very equine about her face. I'm not even sure how it's possible for a human to resemble a horse so strongly, but I can't think of a more fitting description.

No. 901709

I keep trying to make this exact face in the mirror and I can't figure out how to do it. At one point I was using my finger to manually move sections of my face, I don't understand how she's doing it

No. 901715

My first thought when I saw it was that she's animorphing into a horse.

No. 901717

File: 1672375373618.jpeg (6.02 KB, 236x214, download (1).jpeg)

No. 901720

Exactly. She is sucking her jowls, pushing her tongue against the bottom lip to make them bigger and bugging her eyes out for disney princess.
I know we tinfoil a lot but i genuinely think she is insane. Whenever i try to recreate this face i think what normal person would do this and think it looks good??

No. 901724

File: 1672405032909.jpg (199.2 KB, 820x1696, LJ stats dec.jpg)

Are they even going out since the court case?
Her Yt channel is dead, it's been one month without any posting and they're surprisingly silent.
Seems they are now buying low low quality views.
- 26 000 views for december.

Anyway, I was expecting her to pretend she has the greatest xmas just the prove the booolies wrong.
But maybe Laur is too drunk to post.

No. 901726

File: 1672413614513.jpeg (209.51 KB, 1080x1920, A08619E9-68B5-429C-B1EE-B4E874…)

$9 for video rental is insane kek

No. 901732

Business Model from the Attic Academy.

No. 901733

So if Laur buys $8.99 views, how much of that does she get back after fees? And won’t a 1099 be generated? This is her stupidest ROI scheme yet.

No. 901771

>expecting her to pretend she has the greatest xmas

Anon, she's renting a new spectacular designer runway dress and getting glammed up so Pheepy can take her to a super duper totally exclusive nye bash tonight. That'll show all her imaginary bullies

No. 901772

Last time I rented a video, it was in the 90's and it was a VHS.
Who tf "rents a video" in 2022?

Did she posted any pictures or stories? kek

No. 901774

It’s pretty normal for digital media. You can buy full length movies for $20 or rent them for a period (usually 24-48 hours) for a fraction of the full cost. But it’s usually $5-6 for a full length movie. I don’t know anyone who would $9 for a shitty 20 minute YouTube tutorial.

No. 901778

I can rent the last Bond movie for 99 cents right now. Why would anyone pay $9 for a 24hr rental of a shitty YouTube video kek

No. 901781

absolutely no one would. she definitely didn't have anyone renting them at the lower price either, but this tactic is guaranteed to be a Laur-The-PR-Genius special. They are trying to convince someone (I can't imagine who) that Lillee's brand is highly profitable behind some magic paywall curtain that can't be verified by anyone who isn't an attic goblin. It's their only option since they've nuked their social media stats beyond repair with years of ridiculously heavy-handed and obvious botting. setting her videos up this way instead of using patreon or ko-fi (which both publicly report how many subscribers/donations a creator gets) is simply an attempt to obscure the fact that Lillee doesn't have any fans at all, much less anyone willing to shell out money to her directly or to buy anyone else's products at her recommendation.

No. 901790

I agree that Laur is doing it to hide the abysmal stats, but all of the above thumbnailed content was already uploaded on YT months ago.

When was Lillee’s actual last cooperation?

Come to think of it, when was her most recent proof of life?

No. 901792

File: 1672529819635.jpeg (86.01 KB, 1080x1920, 7C5281EC-5CA7-44B0-88BE-DAE919…)

No. 901793

File: 1672529918282.jpeg (30.57 KB, 273x332, DCC4EB4A-7622-4710-AAA9-FA91E9…)

No. 901795

Those are the eyes of an unbalanced person, christ. Will 2023 be the year Lillee pulls a Gypsy Rose?

Happy New Year!

No. 901796

File: 1672545627318.jpeg (79.25 KB, 502x703, AE223863-287A-41E8-939F-DCC7C5…)

I aged LJ and scared myself cuz that’s my grandma.

No. 901802

File: 1672578324485.gif (488.9 KB, 480x270, 543593CA-F817-4FAE-9FB6-19C1CA…)

Happy new year!

No. 901804

File: 1672588149325.gif (2.26 MB, 370x498, terrifier-art-the-clown.gif)

No. 901805

Things must be really bad around the Trueman attic. This is a pic from her Christmas shots. Same sweater and clip on earrings.

No. 901811

File: 1672598653978.jpg (71.54 KB, 1000x665, ef90d2684d855f221f7aa86c87108a…)

JFC make it stahp

No. 901932

can this be a banner

No. 901942

I don't even know where to start about how scary this is lol

No. 901970

File: 1672893018116.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1441, 64507A32-57E9-4E6A-8178-4E61B5…)

In awe of her neck

No. 902000

File: 1672974796772.png (291.88 KB, 289x343, deathbecomesher.PNG)

No. 902033

File: 1673044521654.png (281.91 KB, 936x1048, Screen Shot 2023-01-06 at 5.28…)

No. 902052

File: 1673071478168.jpeg (641.79 KB, 758x1363, 42ADB845-8223-48E0-AFBB-B9611B…)

No. 902058

Damn lillee out there looking like cinderellas evil stepsister

No. 902062

File: 1673094458687.jpeg (26.4 KB, 482x247, TMKty2U.jpeg)

No. 902069

Is it her tongue on her lips to make them look bigger…?

No. 902078

Either that or she let a nasty one rip and can smell it.

No. 902090

Holy shit, literal troll-face genetics. She really does look so much older than her age. I genuinely think Laur was probably prettier at Lillee's age (which isn't saying much).
She should get darker hair to make that honker look less gigantic. Her naturally ashy rust color does her no favors.
Also, I'm sure Laur's the one who told her the over-lining lip trick. I've had white trash family impart the same "beauty tip" to me once in the past. But Lillee's overlining is next level. I know she's retarded, but you'd think that with makeup being the one thing she can kinda sorta do competently, she'd know that the colors she picks are terrible for her thin lips.

No. 902125

Anons, do you think Laur lies to LJ and tells her they've sold hundreds of subcriptions while making new loans on her name?

No. 902130

Yes - $25 is a LOT of money for dudes in India to pay. It’s 2,603 rupees, which is over 10% of an average income.

No. 902132

It appears that an AI has written an article about Lillee's perfect Vanessa Paradis chompers. Its pulled a fair amount of text from all the Medium articles she wrote about herself, but the bot filled in the gaps with info it found elsewhere, including a quote from someone mistaken for an actual fan. I wanted to get screenshots of the best bits posted before Laur figures out how to cyberbully a robot journalist into taking the article down, but for some reason, it won't post the image when I try, no matter what format I use.

Here's the link, if another anon wants to grab images: https://247newsaroundtheworld.com/celeb-gist/did-lillee-jean-get-teeth-done/

No. 902147

Kekkkkk they are not gonna like this. Based AI.
>One user named Sabine wrote, “She feels sorry for Lillee Jean. She has Williams syndrome. Explains her teeth and childlike appearance.”
>Lillee Jean’s transformation from tiny baby teeth to straight teeth is admirable.
>According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Lillee Jean‘s net worth $5 Million.
>Unfortunately, her teeth were small and not well-aligned.

No. 902148

File: 1673211044244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.73 KB, 1080x1807, Screenshot_20230108-123358_Chr…)

Samefag, but also the fact that this is a featured pic…

No. 902159

File: 1673222487687.jpeg (624.67 KB, 1170x2077, 594C46EB-E138-4812-8514-F4DC22…)

No. 902160

The timing of this article is really suspicious considering Lillee just had a court date for not paying the oral surgeon. I could see Laur arguing the publicity (these poorly written bot articles) from fixing Lillee’s teeth is worth some sort of discount.

No. 902169

can this please be next thread pic kek. so simple, and yet so powerful

No. 902178

this bitch legitimately has no friends or a life. does she even go to college? new york city might be expensive but there’s a shitload of things to do, and she’s college age. it makes no sense how she can’t leave her psychotic moms cradle and actually do something about her life instead of creating a fake fashion persona. work on the lack of academic knowledge she has; maybe go to college? there’s a fashion school here (fashion institute) that she can go to, to learn modeling or clothing design. lillie jean lacks a personality or a distinction about herself. she just wakes up, and feverishly plays “lala goo goo fashion moddl world” instead of facing real problems like her mother getting evicted and a lawsuit for not paying your braces. sorry and sage for the autism, nyc nonna here

No. 902180

She has only a like 6th or 7th grade education anon, she can't go to college. Part of her staying at home is because she has to. She's actually that stunted

No. 902184

Gotta wonder if anyone sent the videos or still shots of Earl walking around the house unaided to their landlord's lawyer.

No. 902205

File: 1673288097979.jpeg (286.75 KB, 750x999, 7C522A40-E09D-48DA-BE6B-03EEE6…)

The landlord has to have Googled to see that they’re either lying about being rich, or lying about being poor.

No. 906413

>There is also a GIF of Lillee on Tenor. Her tiny baby teeth are visible.


No. 906427

Lillee's pussy most likely smells like garbage and roadkill.

No. 906495

sage your headcanons

No. 906503

I am only able to view the farms via proxy, so posting pics here isn't working for me (imgur link below,) but Lillee and Laur have been deleting tons of content across multiple platforms for the past few weeks. At first I thought that she was losing views on youtube because of a bot sweep cleaning up fake engagement, but then I started paying attention to the upload counts and noticed the numbers dropping dramatically. Almost half of her IG posts are gone, and from scrolling through her page now, I'm not seeing any images of the crazed possum grin she used to plaster everywhere pre-invisalign. Now I'm wondering if that article about her teeth was actually something they commissioned, but since they have to set aside all of their welfare money to move out of the attic, all they could afford was some weird AI-generated crap.

I can't tell what all they've been deleting from youtube or tiktok, but if any anons have content of hers that they want to save for posterity, the window of opportunity may be closing.


No. 906531

If someone has her dancing tiktoks, please post. I'd watch them once in a while for a cringe and laugh but they removed them. The next best thing was watching her terrible acting but they're disappearing too.

No. 906543

Imgur link is dead

No. 906545

welp, now we know who's still lurking about, riveted. personally, if i were on the brink of eviction, my priorities would be elsewhere. but hey, keep sweeping up sand at the beach, laur!

No. 906636

File: 1673690572666.png (51.15 KB, 1101x681, xcvvxc.png)

Lillee's been copyrighting striking shit.

No. 906637

File: 1673690654647.png (47.64 KB, 1892x419, njklnjk.png)

No. 906638

File: 1673690862177.png (47.79 KB, 1080x683, b bvc.png)

No. 906639

File: 1673690968482.png (47.13 KB, 1902x415, bv fdb.png)

No. 906694

File: 1673842091486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.78 KB, 979x1741, Screenshot_20230116_170521_Chr…)

Her deranged smile never ceases to amuse me.

Sorry, Laur. Your Josh Moon spam ain't hiding this.

No. 906699

Since LJ and Laura Trueman have been deleting all sorts of embarrassing photos of LJ’s face, mouth, and voice, I scoured her old journal and found some entries they’ve also deleted. This one looks like a dialogue LJ posted that occurred between her and her older French boyfriend. Some of the dialogue is in French because that’s his native tongue, but I haven’t translated it yet. Maybe someone else can work on that.

LJ: Pheepy, I’m home!
Pheepy: mademoiselle, me amör, where have you been all moi life? I have croissants and chèvre prepared for oui because my 14 year old princess deserves the best en la vie¡
LJ: I was at the public library looking at all the books, my suavę 29 year old diplomat boyfriend, Pheepy. I usually spend a few hours a day looking at the books. I saw a few hundred at least today. Whenever my work schedule is education positive. There are benefits to being the boss of your own company y’know.
Pheepy: mademoiselle, you are so mature for your age and you have been this way since we met when you were 12 years old. What did you teach oui-self today?
LJ: I did some of the quantum physics and then held an impromptu study session with some fans who were around and asked for help. One was named LaQuisha and the other was Bim Taj Mohel. I strong clarify some of then science concepts for them. They thanked me in their native culture babe and I multi culture them to.
LJ: Pheepy, my loyal boyfriend since before puberty, but is 29 years old and a friend of the family and a diplomat for the French consulate , I just wanted to tell you that I can’t talk about my Netflix special because of a NDA
Pheepy: i-zipp e-m’lipp mademoiselle
Pheepy: I brang your madre some flowers. Stargazer Lillie’s, your magnifique favorite
LJ: ok

No. 906704

I'm suspicious you're trolling tbh, this is so bad I can't believe it's not satire. Even for a 14 year old that would be incredibly embarrassing.

I just have basic school french and even I can tell every bit of french in that besides "croissants and chevre" is garbled. Not even worth putting in a translater.
>me amör
My love, should be 'mon amour'
>deserves the best en la vie
Deserves the best in life, should probably be 'dans la vie'
Oui as you may know is 'yes', not your.
>i-zipp e-m’lipp mademoiselle
'I zip my lip' as if spoken with an accent, I don' know why all his dialogue isn't written like this.
Spanish, not french, for mother

No. 906706

Why no caps, why no archived link? Highly likely to be autistic fanfic or AI. If you had the opportunity to copy-paste it, you had the opportunity to prove lillee actually wrote it.

No. 906708

Samefagging but this is definitely fake on second viewing.
Lillee always wrote out Philippe/Philipe's name the long way. It was only Laur and trolls calling him Pheepy? And there is zero crossover in the timeline where she claimed a Netflix show and a boyfriend, she didnt claim to have a Netflix show until she was well into adulthood and Pheepy died years ago.

Nice try though.

No. 906733

>Bim Taj Mehol
>"i-zipp e-m’lipp mademoiselle"
Nonna I read this at like 6am and come back later to call you a faggot because I started shaking the whole bed trying to hold in my laugh and I didn't want to wake up my nigel

No. 906740

File: 1673892388073.jpeg (669.92 KB, 1170x1523, 053E0F33-393E-4946-A707-5BC2D6…)

She removed almost all the content from her YouTube channel. 38 videos remain.

No. 906751

damn rest i peace all her dolphin toothed videos

No. 906769

Her acting reel is gone. I used to love watching it. RIP

No. 906776

File: 1674073174321.jpeg (16.74 KB, 275x269, 7FF4A852-0FDF-4BD6-B345-1985C1…)

wait it’s gone? i loved laughing at that video..

No. 908022

File: 1674095329645.jpeg (461.85 KB, 762x1103, EB1978B6-FEAF-41B4-B9B2-CD8FEE…)

Chic indeed

No. 908027


No. 908031

File: 1674106190736.png (94.47 KB, 180x324, image_2023-01-19_002939679.png)

No. 908035

File: 1674109726988.gif (695.04 KB, 320x320, lillee-jean-happy-dance.gif)

Better start saving gifs, nonnies.

No. 908036

File: 1674109939925.gif (1.63 MB, 480x270, lillee-jean-happy.gif)

No. 908040

File: 1674113036848.png (192.1 KB, 1646x570, great advocacy.png)

Looking at her spam playlists really shows you how many videos they've privated.

All of her Tiktok accounts have been made private. Her Tenor and Giphy (where she uploads) don't appear to have had any deletions. Her Deviantart might have had some deletions, it's currently at 358 uploads, and I remember her having more of her digital art on there. Lillee's Pinterest also appears to be the same and she's even still adding pins to her boards.

I don't have any good theories as to why they've done this. What is there in all her boring old makeup videos to hide? Maybe Lillee is going to going to make a full Lillee Jean streaming service and you'll need to pay to see them. Lillee and Laur have seemingly unlimited time to do this bullshit, so maybe they went through every video and have decided for some reason to private them. The Youtube account Laur used to upload those strange short clips and doxxed bullies in the tags also has made most of the videos private/deleted.

No. 908042

File: 1674114317036.png (444.51 KB, 1647x907, LILLEE JEAN CHRISTMAS.png)

I also found this playlist Laur made with some strange videos added to it. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwDlds_D0UbHjXdaz6lEdZNs6Lq2v3XcV
The first 3 videos are a random baby, one is a tribute video for her with the description;
>2 years ago today Lilee lost her battle. She'd be four right now.
Another video is one by AlyxIllustrates and is a callout video. Then another video of a child singer named Lilia Jean. 2 beauty videos made by people who aren't Lillee, and finally the Spotlight Korea video. If this has been posted before let me know but I just think it's strange Laur has a #lilleejeanbeauty #christams playlist with some random baby tribute videos thrown in long with videos that have nothing to do with Lillee.

No. 908046

If I had to guess maybe Lillee and Laur are trying to hide what evidence there is out there that'll make them look shitty when they're back in court.
Can't have a court full of professional people hearing her shitty racist/homophobic takes and not take her side.
They're deleting any proof that could show Lillee is a lying hypocrite.

No. 908114

My tinfoil is that they're preparing to move on to the next grift and are gradually removing parts of the current/old grifts

No. 908134

Maybe Laur has reached the level of schizophrenia where she thinks every reference to a girl named "Lillee" or "Lilee" or whatever is actually a secret code for Lillee Jean. The fact that one of those dead baby vids is called "Lilee Loves Kiwi" is what leads me to think that may be a possibility, lol

No. 908153

Imagine wasting so much money on views and followers to private all videos right after.

My tinfoil is darker. Laur is obsessed with her sister's murder; she tought it would be a way to gain fame and money rapidly.
She maybe is fantasizing about LJ's murder and all the attention and compassion she could get for it.
She'll finally be the center of attention.

Especially when she terrorised LJ with the fake stalker story/fake death threats, never let her go outside alone or just going outside for years…
Now that LJ is a dead weight, I would totally see Laur going full Baby Jane.

No. 908157

They deleted the JamesDee5311 Instagram account recently. Twitter account is still up probably because they can’t access it.

No. 908180

Holy shit she's killing off the characters, this is the end of the Lilleeverse

No. 908211

Nah, just the reboot. I'm sure the shenanigans they've got up their sleeve for the next saga will only escalate the bullshittery to new levels. Laur can't stand not getting attention.

No. 908215

I’m hoping some documentarian suckered them into believing they’d produce a positive piece about them. There was definitely someone (much smaller than Laur) filming Lillee at the Alice in Wonderland event. They even had the guy pretending to be security follow them around. If they’re unhappy with the finished project, I could see Lillee removing any videos or photos they used in the documentary she can copyright claim it or sue.

No. 908216

That security guard was following them around because Lillee couldn’t stop touching the props in a way that was prohibited by the venue. She’s a giant toddler

No. 908226

Anons have been speculating Lillee lost monetization on YouTube for awhile. I think Lillee’s unable to shoot as often because of the current living situation. They’re removing old videos and they’re going to put them behind her paywall.

No. 908232

File: 1674271699056.jpeg (202.8 KB, 1170x1227, 4ED64843-FDAD-4ECF-B174-7FAC9B…)

people in the comments of sunnyv2’s video thinking Lillee’s Instagram account is gone because she blocks everyone who watches her stories

No. 908249

It wouldn't matter if Lillee lost monetization. So few of her views were organic that she wasn't making any money from youtube anyway.

No. 908250

I have the same tinfoil as you that this scheme was all crafted by Laur to bring attention to Justice 4 Brenda or whatever it was. I think Laur hoping Lillee will be killed it way too far though. If she wanted that to happen she would encourage LJ to go out and explore NYC by herself.

No. 908256

Both Lillee's and Laur's braggadocious IMDB accounts have had severe deletions. It's still all lies, but they've left only a fraction of what used to be there.

No. 908257

File: 1674321701605.jpg (248.97 KB, 939x939, 32154074_2080736165531919_3041…)

Laur's least favorite pic of Lillee still lives on though.

No. 908258

File: 1674324988328.jpeg (312.66 KB, 939x751, 0A8A600D-01CC-4C78-B2C1-881646…)

No. 908259

New thread pic?

No. 908260

Where are these from? Were they hiding from being served? Never seen these before

No. 908271

File: 1674359088476.jpeg (472.51 KB, 1170x1942, 7F784518-3388-433D-B130-4DDBBE…)

Laur says Bullyish will be out in the fall

No. 908282

Laur’s Facebook - she was MAD mad when it was posted on Twitter a couple yrs ago

No. 908284

tinfoil but i suspect these two might have something to do with the JOSHUA CONNOR MOON spam in pt. definitely a bot and laur has been paying for bots for years.

No. 908287

That's what I thought too, because only laur would be stupid enough to still think Josh owns this site

No. 908289

Only fat elderly men would fuck that ugly fat assed midget. Knowing how fucked her genes are her baby would end up looking like some Eldritch abomination.

No. 908295

My guess is it will be behind a paywall again so nobody gets to see it

No. 908297

It's ok nonna, Liller isn't having sex

No. 908319

File: 1674483455337.jpeg (173.22 KB, 1170x915, 9F5A68A0-4D60-46AF-92EC-853289…)

Laur removed all the photos and fake prop credits from her IMDb. She also updated the trivia section to include Lillee’s activism for people with mental & physical disabilities kek

No. 908320

Pfft we have dozens of screen grabs of Laur using psychiatric issues and medications as insults. So she can’t go there.

But if Lillee wants to discuss Turner Syndrome and help others…that would be admirable.

No. 908321

File: 1674492136575.jpg (251.12 KB, 600x496, laurs-newest-grift.jpg)

No. 908323

Is Laur finally going to embrace lillee's retardation as a last desperate attempt to profit off her? Honestly, the smartest idea she has ever had. It's way to late now though. Their online history is too well documented. It's doubtful they'd have seen any success regardless because their content sucks.

No. 908327

Can't wait for Lilz to venture out and pretend to speak with disabilities. I can picture her approaching some kid in a wheelchair and doing a photoshoot where she's making dumb ass poses and kicking her legs out so she can be like "OOH I CAN DO THIS AND YOU CAN'T, IT MUST BE SOOO HARD FOR YOU!" and then proceeds to jingle Laur's car keys in front of poor disabled person's face.

No. 908332

Oh my God I just figured out the new grift. We've been calling Lillee retarded and disabled for about 3-4 years now, they're pushing Bullyish back until fall because they're changing the narrative from "these people are bullying/stalking my up and coming starlet daughter" to "the entire internet bullied my sped for trying to acheive her dreams". It's bait for media like Oprah Winfrey and shit kek

No. 908336

>Laur is the mother of her daughter
Kek attic academy education never fails to amuse. She should have just used momanager to sound more hip.

No. 908337

no one believed she was Jewish, now Laur’s making her a retard

No. 908344

Cringe to think how many people they’re going to hurt and offend when they start trying to be experts on these issues with no education or qualifications. She thought people gave her grief for lying about being an actress despite proof she’s never been in so much as an amateur high school production? Omg this will get so much worse.

No. 908347

Have any anons checked her site for content deletion? WITH A VPN because Laur is probably still checking IPs every 5 minutes.
Tbh my first thought was this wasn’t added by Laur and instead was to troll her and LJ. It is in character for Laur to say Lillee is an advocate for mental disabilities and then turn around and pull out the boomer medication shaming. But physical disabilities is a new one. I’m going to guess this will be in Bullyish, Lillee’s going to point out how she was bullied for her teeth. 50/50 chance she’ll admit it’s part of a deformity or disorder, most likely she’ll pretend her teeth were normal and perfectly fine. Maybe the disabled adult will be Earl.

No. 908350

Submit this for a site banner pls but with lolcow farm in the corner

No. 908355

Website still says cyberstalking gangs etc. but they’ve removed all pictures of her pre-braces teeth. When Lillee first got sued by the dentist, Laur started leaving comments saying Lillee was bullied into fixing her teeth >>882896 Laur’s going to say Lillee was embarrassed by her microdontia and bullied into getting expensive, painful surgery and now they’re homeless & destitute.

No. 908357

The oral surgeon should find her complaints about the cost fascinating…

No. 908373

kek I've been visiting her website without a VPN rip

No. 908385

Watch out, anon. Laur’s going to start vague posting your location then sic the cyber police on you

No. 908386

please make an imbd page after you’re featured in bullyish

No. 908388

is ERAP anon about? i tried checking the website to look up the status of their application for rent assistance, but if they applied using earl's birthdate, i don't know it

No. 908393

NAYRT, I went to her website some times ago without vpn and I'm in Switzerland, what will Laur do about that? kek
Don't know about US but in Europe geoloc is quite vague.
She'll never have a precise adress, just the name of the canton at best.

No. 908394

File: 1674675879957.jpeg (173.06 KB, 828x1058, B29F452F-0CA4-4299-B572-CD6282…)

Still nothing

No. 908397

thanks, nonna. as of last week, the program is no longer accepting applications, and after 3 months, they still haven't been able to verify laur's pepe silvia "documentation." something tells me that they aren't going to be getting their grubby hands in that particular pot of free money before their next rent court date.

No. 908453

File: 1674774807744.jpeg (139.65 KB, 779x588, EEC039B6-48A4-432C-B25E-5DF87D…)

Lillee removed 120 posts from her ig in the last month

No. 908518

File: 1674823106484.jpeg (102.74 KB, 849x508, FCD30FE2-6E4F-4128-8CAB-ADE792…)

78 visitors to her website kek. Even if all of them rented a video, she’s making less than $700 a month.

No. 908530

Most of those are us or Laur.

The massive deletions make it seem like lLaur finally had a wake-up call, but I don’t believe she’s capable of that

No. 908566

File: 1674859413157.jpeg (997.94 KB, 1170x2003, 545B54A4-D7D8-4BD8-8DD3-B5AFA9…)

The link Laur shared is for a fake Adah Lazorgan account. Lillee’s commenting on the fake account’s posts and the legitimate one. Not sure if Laur boomered the post or if they got scammed with counterfeit makeup. Either way it’s funny.

No. 908620

Someone did three years ago kek. I just looked in the banner thread. I guess it wasn't ever added. Newmins need to add it!

No. 908647

Removing all of her content to put it behind a paywall is the dumbest move they could have made. No one is going to pay for her videos and now they're missing out on anyone that could possibly become a fan finding her content.

No. 908667

File: 1675007715676.jpeg (508.78 KB, 1099x1454, 94503AD9-0463-438C-8F5F-85EB35…)

They want to be left alone while they pretend they’re accomplished and famous. They’d be an interesting psych study. Shared psychosis is rare.

No. 908768

File: 1675126170903.jpeg (469.34 KB, 828x1039, C3B5A4AA-849D-41F2-B949-7B94D3…)

Her face is so lopsided

No. 908781

How long has it been since we heard from Lillee herself, anyway? No new videos or lives…Everytime we've heard from them lately, it's always been very obvious that it's Laur and not Lillee behind the accounts.

Does Earl have company in the freezer since the eviction?

No. 908782

File: 1675139249696.jpeg (83.07 KB, 414x662, AF4CD3C1-2DC1-4A3A-B69D-53ACFD…)

Yeah her jaw is jacked.

No. 908783

File: 1675139821902.jpeg (4.21 KB, 63x97, B57D9F21-D015-4FD2-A260-89504F…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 908789

Why would you want to scare ants? Wtf did ants ever do to you?? That's fucked up, anon. I'm calling PETA

No. 908800

She hasn’t done a livestream since the eviction was posted. She’s recorded 3 new videos since Christmas so she’s still alive. I don’t think they’re getting rent the runway anymore because she’s recycling clothes or wearing her drugstore tank tops. Based on the pictures they’re posting on her website, they’re still squatting in the same house.

No. 908807

File: 1675174609289.jpeg (294.68 KB, 2048x2048, E8B51DF1-7D34-48D4-B2E7-C005D6…)

Saw Laur’s name mentioned in another thread and she’s been orbiting some pretty fucked up individuals >>>/snow/1756303

Laur & Rachel follow each other on twitter. Rachel’s thread is impossible to follow because it’s full of scrotes and gayops. From what I can tell Rachel’s accused of being responsible for cp spam at the behest of Lillee Jean livestream alumni, Elaine. Rachel recently accused Reno, the Australian cosplayer who called in a wellness check on Lillee Jean in 2021, of calling in a wellness check on her and breaking in to her California home. Seems like Laur’s found a new pet autist to point at her enemies.

No. 908816

Rachel is the SM equivalent of a rampaging hippo helicoptering weaponized liquid feces in every direction. Laur and Lillee just spent the past month culling everything but the most sanitized, milquetoast content from all platforms so she can start her new LARP as a self-esteem life coach behind the safety of a paywall. A collab with someone who admits publicly to possession of CP and who repeatedly doxxes and threatens to do physical and sexual violence to the infant children of her "enemies" is an interesting way to undo all that rug-sweeping.

No. 908818

anons tinfoiling Laur was behind the Null spam may have been on to something >>908284

No. 908820

>30 something fatty from Australia with a history of eating disorders who projected her own insecurities onto Rachel in an attempt to make herself feel better for her shortcomings. Rabid fujoshi. So fat she goes through a whole bicycle every year or so because she wears out the shocks, bends and breaks the frame, and crushes the spokes with her hippopotamus sized ass. Attempted to get Rachel arrested and failed abysmally. Abominable zoophile who adopted a lab puppy to raise it into a sex slave.

these sound a lot like insults Laur would make

No. 908827

File: 1675201260725.jpeg (960.44 KB, 1170x973, C84E3BCB-ED68-4509-8ACA-35D932…)

No. 908832

Kudos to the young journalist. Though the article had a few grammatical mistakes, this was far better written than anything Laur or Lillee has ever put out. I just wonder if now Laur is going to go after a 14 or 15 year old in Georgia.

No. 908839

File: 1675216411353.jpeg (772.06 KB, 1170x1530, 4AFFC772-7957-47BD-93BF-202A72…)

You can’t see her tweets because her account is private buy you can tell from the responses she’s known about the article since December

No. 908844

Primink’s video has 10 million views and Laur’s saying this 14 year old is a farmer so the dropkiwifarm weirdos will attack. Pretty low even for Laur. I feel bad for whoever answers the phones at the school.

No. 908866

Laur’s new friends obviously don’t know that the audio still exists online of her saying “you either have a penis or a vaginer, mmkay?”

No. 908867

Sage because not sure this is new milk but Shaniqua4798 is gone.

No. 908868

all this cleanup? something big must be coming

No. 908872

Now if you google shaniqua4798 the top results are twitter & Reddit threads providing evidence Laur was running the account

No. 908879

This kid just watched a few youtube videos, and most of this came from Primink. Does Laur think that this whole school was bewitched by Diane and her cult? What about the whole school district? How much harassing is Laur doing to this school I have to wonder.

Nah, they think they're planning something big but it never comes to that. All their self perceived hype deflates to nothing. Just lies and deception.

No. 908882

File: 1675271033731.jpeg (823.45 KB, 828x1504, 1A3AA83B-E4A4-4612-A09B-30F159…)

Invisalign will never fix that jaw. It’s fucked

She’s also starting to get Laur’s shitty hairline kek

No. 908884

This was on the front page and scared the shit outta me. Why does she smile like a rabid chimpanzee??

No. 908886

Laur has probably already called the school and told them that the writer has been brainwashed by a cult for years.

No. 908888

Laur, I will pay you $100USD for a copy of Lillee's acting reel.

No. 908897

File: 1675310878456.jpeg (172.89 KB, 885x885, B8FB3E12-9D8B-44EA-A69B-01E4F2…)

Thank goddess every single Shaniqua tweet was preserved in a secret vault.

No. 908898

File: 1675311907694.gif (1.03 MB, 480x270, lillee-jean-tired.gif)

Oh Laur, we're waiting. What scheming, delusional bullshit are you plotting and going to have your physically and mentally stunted daughter carry out?

No. 908901

it scoo stop 2 go(Go be at peace, retard-chan.)

No. 908918

I forgot how bad these were. With all the crying about being stalked by Delusional Artist Reddit since she was 15 1/2, I thought Laur would try to say these accounts were made by Reddit trolls to mess with Lillee. But anyone with half a brain would know Shaniqua wasn’t a real person and would block them not pretend to hang out with them and use them to boost engagement.

No. 908921

File: 1675356101632.jpeg (85.15 KB, 886x499, 46E9B89F-52C6-4081-A686-0A18FC…)

I have so much saved, lol

No. 908922

it's so weird the obession they had with her being pale lol,who talks like this?

No. 908935

File: 1675376383713.jpeg (129.19 KB, 827x1324, 66230F45-2F18-41A5-B730-45E89F…)

A - a racist
B- someone raised in an attic
C- both

No. 908939

File: 1675379757858.jpeg (604.37 KB, 897x1374, B3728CB1-79E9-4744-8F82-12193D…)

Is this new? Earl’s alma mater was Baruch?

Suppose he had the same volleyball scholarship as Santos’s?

No. 908952

I went back to read the old Lillee threads and every Shaniqua post made this >>906699 post slightly more credible. It's the little shoehorned details that get me kek

No. 908957

File: 1675393298279.jpeg (179.87 KB, 1170x721, 42FB6783-7614-412C-8CB2-0B7865…)

Can’t find anything on Diamond Earl attending Baruch. But I did find linking Earl G to the school. The same Earl who’s associated with Beckles Madina. His past employment at Attic Treasures and his education at Revlon Training Center seem like a bad joke though

No. 908958

If this really is Lillee’s dad, Diam International makes cosmetic packaging & displays. Now we know why she was getting months old, beat up PR packages.

No. 908959

Earl D is in his 70s I believe? I looked at their ancestry acct once and no joke there were a LOT OF Earls. It would be easy to steal the other Earl’s accomplishments.

No. 908960

her "fanpage" posts were so much funnier than I remembered kek

No. 908962

File: 1675395063667.jpeg (74.15 KB, 885x498, 8040DF58-C921-4A17-A1CB-638962…)

For real

No. 908963

File: 1675395245988.jpeg (221.7 KB, 914x1200, B7A9FDEB-711B-449E-BFC5-BB4FC3…)

Florida Earl has 7 arrests so Laur stole her husband an education from a felon. Sounds like our Laur!

No. 908964

File: 1675395410737.jpeg (77.8 KB, 885x498, 16A2F267-18D6-406C-919F-C50423…)

Laur wrote this, there can be NO DOUBT


No. 908965

File: 1675395980127.jpeg (121.09 KB, 885x885, 709006E6-B4E2-42AD-8918-AE1F02…)

Let us not forget the fake gay friends

No. 908966

File: 1675396021694.jpeg (160.12 KB, 885x885, CB3EA980-5E21-4E31-AE85-3FBCBB…)

Who were Google images…

No. 908972

is that john lemon?

No. 908976

>last arrest 1997
I know the birthdate and the name are wrong but maybe he was using an alias? Could this be a mugshot of Diamond from 1997 (when he was in his 40s)? I’m faceblind to old white dudes but they look similar >>724574

No. 908981

Definitively looks like him.
There were some tinfoils about him (or Laur) going to jail.

Would explain why Earl always hide himself, why they never left the state and why Laur had LJ during her 30's when she married at 16.

No. 908998

I'm having trouble finding an Earl pic quickly, but I think of him as older, fatter, scruffier, and with a longer nose. If anybody has that one of her in the living room with him when she was 12 or so, that would be a good comp.

No. 908999


they’re in thread #6 >>724574

No. 909001

File: 1675456790827.jpg (22.98 KB, 324x491, earl.jpg)

Thanks! Yeah this is a different Earl - probably cousins though

No. 909006

I jumped on this from the front page because I swear to God that man is a doppelganger for a famous British comedian and I deadass thought this was going to be an allegation. Why is this picture so creepy?

No. 909007

They look soooo retarded kek. What an unfortunate family

No. 909008

File: 1675463313853.png (449.05 KB, 742x413, wrr1s14ic02z.png)

Earl out here with big Mrs Mac energy

No. 909014

Don’t forget that Lillee is 4’9” now. Not sure how tall she was in this pic

Is Earl also a dwarf?

No. 909026

File: 1675486977850.png (422.05 KB, 540x1598, 1675388156809.png)

Found picrel in Liz Fong-Jones KF thread. Wonder what Liz "consent accident" Fong-Jones would think of all the racist shit Laur has said.

No. 909033

Liz is probably also a racist (source: kf thread)
The transphobic "penis or vaginer" rant would upset Liz more. I love to see cow crossovers.

No. 909035

So Laur is on LinkedIn now. Is she looking for employment? Could some kind LinkedIn anon deliver screenshots?

No. 909036

LinkedIn will show who’s looking at your profile. So make sure to logout if before looking at Laur’s

No. 909041

It isn’t a true LinkedIn page - she’s using it to post pics of Lilliee’s crooked mouth and articles about what victims they are.

No. 909042

Don't compare that pedophile to a goddess.

No. 909053

retard chan mod

No. 909070

File: 1675572961821.png (792.47 KB, 828x1304, 69D34FE6-3F57-4E2E-9351-9DA24F…)

Lillee has a new short comedy out

No. 909072

File: 1675574092618.jpeg (238.76 KB, 705x980, 9792C225-7A56-46AA-85DF-8EDA12…)

Almost 4.5 million views gone over the last 30 days

No. 909074

She's been deleting videos for a while now, so the drop in views isn't surprising.
- Also sage your shit nonny.

No. 909075

File: 1675584224891.webm (331.27 KB, 576x1024, papa trueman.webm)

He does look a lot like our Earl but his hairline is way different than his. Ears look different too. I don't know if I'm just face blind but I don't see how his hairline could reverse receding and we know the Truemans have no money for hair transplants. Here is a Tiktok Laur had uploaded of Earl to compare. I may be misremembering but didn't Laur's parents live in Florida? She had a post on Facebook about an estate sale in Florida.

No. 909076

File: 1675584268631.png (1.62 MB, 1124x2152, pedo earl.png)

And Earl's tiktok account in case this hasn't been posted yet lol

No. 909078

File: 1675591996137.webm (13.9 MB, 720x1280, 6F4D76D8A9EFFDF732366274E0660C…)

Lillee posted a snippet of her mind over beauté episode on IG. As usual, she is trying to spew as many big words as possible to sound smart while actually making no sense at all.

No. 909088

It’s sad a 21 year old woman doesn’t have one friend (other than her mother) to do this skit with. Not sure who’s big brained plan it was to document how adept Lillee is at interacting with herself when she’s accused of using fake accounts to talk to herself.

No. 909089

No. 909092

File: 1675614499106.jpeg (593.45 KB, 1170x631, 156F0324-A191-428E-876A-0F1947…)

What the fuck is this? Brief description for anons…Peony has questions about her & Violet’s upcoming Malibu vacation. Violet says her baby won’t be able to make it because he joined the MLB. Peony says she knows he’s accomplished but she’s never been invited to any events. Violet goes through his long list of accomplishments including nascar and jumping high. Violet sends Peony a picture and Peony says it’s a cat.

No. 909098

This is their saddest moment yet. She 22 with the iq of a 10 year-old (at best) and this…this is tragic.

No. 909100

With the mannerisms of a 56 yr old.

But then these are the women who called driving around their own neighborhood a “Voyage”.

For someone who doesn’t want to be picked on, she 100% is begging the world to pick on her.

Wonder if Laur put her up to this to draw more boolies their way? She misses us when we don’t pay attention.

No. 909105

File: 1675624227745.jpg (65.82 KB, 776x505, who.jpg)

Picrel narc level: LJ.

Did youtube threaten to delete her channel? Why would she put this on Vimeo instead of youtube were most of her bought followers are.

No. 909106

clinical insanity

No. 909108

File: 1675629429847.webm (17.64 MB, 1280x720, peony_&_violet_short_comedy_fi…)

Let's archive this bizarre video. The genre is comedy but I don't understand what's supposed to be funny.

No. 909111

She’s so unaware of how sad her life is, and how abysmal her “acting” is. Isn’t she under some kind of adult protective services? She was receiving social security at one point but clearly not getting mental health services.

No. 909112

Cinematography? Animation? There was NONE.

Add these to the list of other words she doesn’t know the meanings of. Like pauper and bullyish.

No. 909116

Having dropped out of high school barely after starting it, she clearly missed those creative writing classes. This is…. I don't know what this is, but it's not a story. And no, this is not some kind of avant garde non linear narrative.

My tin foil is that the Truemans are trying to rebrand lille as a writer and actress. She is too proud (or too scared and jealous) to go on auditions, so she is writing her own material and putting it out there for some famous and powerful producer to be enchanted by her beauty, amazing acting skills, and clever writing.

What is she now… 21, 22? And this is her "work"? This is what she thinks will get her noticed and win at film festivals? When she gets a lot of backlash at her terrible acting and writing, she'll just say oh, I was just doing something lighthearted for fun, it wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

No. 909118

In this short disaster that she calls a "film", there's so much to armchair about.

No. 909120

Lillee probably misses Silky & Theo.

No. 909121

I'm just wondering how this is supposed to be funny

No. 909124

her punctuation is horrible>>909070

No. 909140

Someone should really call adult protective services and make Laura Trueman explain the way she exploits her developmentally disabled adult daughter. It’s obvious that LJ’s IQ is on the wrong side of the bell curve, and her mom pulling the potato brain out of school and eliminating her education at age 13 was cruel and probably child abuse. Your mentally disabled kid doesn’t want to go to school anymore, so you just let her drop out? The state should have taken that kid away from that monster garbage mutant human mom. Oh, and supposedly this is when the mom allowed LJ to date a 29 year old guy. Could you imagine a 29 year old fucking this poor little 14 year old dwarven retard? This fat little disabled girl couldn’t construct a proper sentence for a million dollars and she’s supposedly dating an adult? fully sanctioned and brought to you by Laura trueman, the worst human alive.

I’m just sad that this monster lady foists her ugly little retard onto the world — and they’re nasty to everyone — and she’s created this scenario where the internet is forced to call out every single shenanigan they have revealed. What a tragedy. It’s all laura trueman’s fault because she is the parent. She synthesized this entire catastrophe and instead of penitence, she just doubles and triples and quadruples down. Talk about a lifetime loser who is incapable of winning.

By the way Laura, I have your IP address and I’ve sent it to the internet banning committee. They placed a lock on your HTTPS and all your hate is now tracked on various black sites. Your dead, kiddo.(cowtipping request)

No. 909141

Tinfoil that she's trying to rebrand herself as a wellness guru spewing meaningless inspirational talks that make sense to only herself. And there's Laur in the corner telling her what a g8 job she's doing and telling her how smart she is. Yikes. This is going to end the same way all their grifts do.

No. 909152

My tinfoil is that this is deliberately dreadful purely because they're short on bullying material for their "movie". If they bait us into commenting and then they delete the things we commented on, then Bullyish may appear to have some validity. BUT it's a stupid plan like all Trueman plans, lol.

No. 909173

Wow, just wow.
She really thought that was a good joke.
This is supposed to be the trailer, right? One (awful) joke doesn't make a good trailer for a film, it tells nothing of what the movie is going to be about.
Also no one, and I mean no one talks like this.

God, I can't wait to watch it.

No. 909179

what's the joke??? I legit cannot comprehend wtv she's trying to say. Laur, exposing your disabled adult kid online for profit is truly cruel. Sad that CPS was never contacted.

No. 909186

Not to mention how cool she thinks it would be to take a Malibu vacation when that involves flying into LAX - so she’d ignore all the things that LA entails, to go somewhere primarily known for fishing, scuba, hiking, all things she doesn’t do. She literally never knows what she’s talking about.

No. 909187

There’s also horseback riding, surfing, tons of camping, wine and great fresh oysters. Oh wait she isn’t into this either.

LA would fit her better. They can have grub hub deliver old-people’s food to their motel and not have to see anyone.

No. 909189

>Also no one, and I mean no one talks like this.
In Lillee's world they do. And by Lillee's world I mean cartoons meant for children.

>Not to mention how cool she thinks it would be to take a Malibu vacation
I truly think her only reference point on Malibu is Malibu Barbie commercials.

No. 909193

It's not a trailer. That's the whole movie. It's based around one joke - Violet's boyfriend that she's bragging about is actually a cat.

No, seriously.

Violet brags about her boyfriend being in the MLB and being able to "pounce" thousands of feet

And then when Peony asks for a pic or whatever she sends a pic of her cat.

Yknow what I'm autistic enough to transcribe it in its entirety.
>Peony: hey girl (mnph) queensweetielove how are you sis?
>Violet: Alright. It's another day. That's good right?
>Peony: Hm. Yeah, I guess. I've been thinking about the vacay to Malibu and it just doesn't feel right the rest of the fam is coming.
>Violet: Yeah. My baby just joined the MLB. Don't wanna leave him.
>Peony: Vi, I'm your sis. Like, sister. like looks like me sister we tell eachother everything
>Violet: I haven't even been to any of his events
>Peony: [in the whiniest, hammiest voice] Viiiiiiiiii-olet!!!!!!
>Violet: Yeah, he's super accomplished. He's a little MLB baby with his blue and white uniform. He's a NASCAR race driver, He's 1000 jumps, he's on the ropes every day, he pounces like no one's ever seen before. He's gooooood. Like really good. Hold on, I just sent you a picture.
>Peony: Viiiiiiii.
>Violet: Are you judging my baby?
>Peony: No no no no
>Violet: Oh my god you're like freaking me out.
>Peony: It's a cat. It's a freakin cat!
>Violet: My son.
>Peony: Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiolet!!!!!!!
>Violet: Hey Peony? I see how it is. hangs up call on dinky iphone 8

Also she was slurring her words a LOT through the whole thing. Either Laur's been sharing the Franzia or her half-baked teeth are causing her pain again

No. 909194

Malibu Barbie kek

Hard to imagine Lillee n LA. The land of plastic surgery and expensive fashion. And she’d be toddling around in her awkward way, wearing capris as long pants because she’s 4’9”. And she’d have Laur, no bra and in massive clog shoes yelling, “Aaaamazing!!”

No. 909215

maybe this is a "film" based on a true story and Pheepy is actually a cat?

No. 909216

Vidrel has to be played over this for the full experience

No. 909218

Mlb??? As baseball….? Thank you nona for decrypting this kek. Still confusing af.

No. 909230

Because Lillee has no friends her age, especially strong female friendships, she thinks this is how 21 year old women talk to each other. She's also had very little exposure to entertainment with nuanced humor so this is what she thinks is funny. You can't even call this ironic because she hasn't done anything that proves otherwise. This is super sad.

No. 909238

I think they just posted this to help qualify for SSI or some disability benefits. An adult who operates at a less-than-10-yr-old level needs help regardless of who damaged them. I just don’t get how she’s avoided being removed from Laur all these years and now she’s an adult with a baby’s brain.

No. 909359

The first line is
>Hey girlwithmyfacethatIlove
but the rest is correct.
I had to watch that part seriously like 10 times to understand what the fuck she was slurring there so totally understandable.

The fact that THAT is the whole thing is just…sad. Tragic.

No. 909377

It's telling that she is incapable of writing human, genuine interaction between two young girls. This sounds like a mix between a Kardashian phone call and a beauty guru on youtube circa 2015. Uncanny

No. 909396

She is so retarded. Emotionally stunted. I used to hope she'd be able to get out from underneath Laur's thumb and maybe go to some trade school but honestly idk if she could function in society, even in a rather "protected" place like a community college. I don't think she can genuinely communicate with others, be normal, fit into a social setting, etc.

No. 909402

This is what it looks like when someone's only friend is their mom who dropped out of high school in 1982.

No. 909419

File: 1675973515806.jpeg (1.23 MB, 828x1465, C6ED7BE5-7260-4ADB-B14F-69B67B…)

She looks like a legitimate retard here

No. 909420

File: 1675976425910.jpeg (187.51 KB, 885x885, 23E2FEFF-E26D-49C3-827F-BD21B3…)

Found another gem from back in 2017 when Lillee was at comic con with Arsenio Hall.

No. 909446

Absolutely nothing behind those eyes.
Her two facial expressions photographed are rictus grin or trying hard for blow-up doll lips.
She's jutting out her fucked up jaw and there's some serious and ridiculous facetuning of her jawline and neck.

No. 909448

>I actually think it's just about being who you.
i know its lj but that's still quite the word salad

No. 909461

I see Laur has photoshopped or brightened the color of Lillee's eyes in a poor attempt to make her look "unique."

Reminds me of when that crackhead Rachel Meyer (Grav3yardgirl) would photoshop her eyes a very bright and unnatural shade of blue in all of her video thumbnails.

Laur and Lillee's photoshop skills are so laughably bad that they make Madonna's seem expert level in comparison.

Lillee needs to accept that she's 4'8" 150 lbs. and has natural brown hair and ordinary blue eyes. There's nothing special about her.

No. 909467

File: 1676033518896.jpg (573.38 KB, 1242x1234, 1562786632709.jpeg.jpg)

None of the lillee race larp posts will ever peak higher than "nigga factory". It's just randomly shoehorned in with no clear purpose or tangible meaning

No. 909469

Am I the only one who would love to see a whole serie of that?
Each episode with what she thinks 20-something would do for holidays, hanging out, going in bars, going with friends, whatever any topic.
I miss the time when she was posting one bad makeup video/day while ranting about the bullies.
It was so funny.

No. 909472

>Am I the only one who would love to see a whole serie of that?
No nonny you are not. I would enjoy it too, the same way I used to enjoy her crigy dance tiktoks. It would be so entertaining but not for the reasons she intended.

No. 909474

There are so many things to comment on here but the biggest shock was… so wait, Pheepy is in a sewing circle???? And can whip up dresses that fast for Gabourey Sidibe, I mean, Shaniqua's auntie????? How does he do it all with being a French diplomat shuttling back and forth between Paris and NY? What a talented man!!!

No. 909476

Shaniqua was 100% Laur’s creation

No. 909478

LJ should start a patreon for real. I would give money to see more "acting" but with Laur too.
And more videos "a day at home with Laur and LJ (and earl in the freezer)".

No. 909495

>I would give money
Really? How embarrassing for you. Once you've reached the point of actually forking over cash to a cow in exchange for content, you've gone beyond poop-touching. It's time to admit that you're just a fan.

No. 909550

I can do whatever the fuck I want with my own money.

No. 909558


doesn't make it any less sad or embarrassing

No. 909579

File: 1676141817065.jpeg (674.42 KB, 750x3707, 8D4051F4-5187-402B-9AC0-781EAD…)

Remember when Laur tried to get a brand cancelled for discriminating against an old white lady pretending to be a black woman? She’s like a retarded Rachel Dolezal

Special guest appearance by the “transgender fe-to-ma” Jeanie too.

No. 909615


No. 909648

File: 1676176362378.jpeg (273.67 KB, 1080x1920, 0F20648E-1CDE-4D57-BA1E-9D4E1B…)

No. 909649

File: 1676176543618.png (2.75 MB, 828x1774, 64C6243D-D3C4-430C-A128-4A99D4…)

She’s alive and pale as fuck

No. 909652

Doughy dumpy bitch

No. 909657

That top is ugly as fuck, but I still think this is probably the best she's looked.

No. 909671

I know we said it million times but her neck is pure nightmare fuel.
Also kek at the reversed ^ on the >qui êtes-vous?

Still better than pictures in the attic, but when we said she needed to go outside, it was more going outside in all the NYC many many great places, than going outside 10 sec for a picture in random boring NYC streets.

No. 909677

She looks like a clown

No. 909710

She looks like her 60 yr old mother dresses her.

Remember when she once said she was born with Epstein-Barr and we all laughed? I just learned that Williams Syndrome used to be called Williams-Beuren. I’ll bet she meant to say that.

No. 909772

People with Williams syndrome are usually friendly, empathetic, and physically small (including weight)

No. 909818

I like those pants. Did she get them from rent the runway? And pairing them with that shirt is a fucking travesty. That is one hideous, cheap look top. She also edits herself to look that pale. In real life she's just red faced.

No. 909942

File: 1676596078479.jpeg (128.31 KB, 640x976, 4AD7E762-E790-49AF-9EFE-B45C50…)

Yesterday’s pics:

“Long red hair down, with diamond earrings”


No. 909945

me too, did you find where they're from or any other anons know?

No. 909946

File: 1676606358571.jpeg (193.8 KB, 828x1138, 86979693-ED25-4B64-BA3B-C70D49…)

They’re pants from Rent The Runway

I guess they’re back to renting cropped pants from RTR

No. 909950

As per usual, relatively loose fitting pants are skinny on her. I bet they go all the way down below her ankles too.

No. 909955

She's about to bust that zipper. Jesus.

No. 909957

The way she manages to have a space between her gums and the outer facing surface of her teeth never fails to impress and confuse me.

No. 909971

At least she's not claiming to be blonde anymore.
Her hair is still brown though, not red.

No. 910005

File: 1676737371854.jpeg (339.56 KB, 828x1409, 2EA1CD31-CB6A-4E38-BD0D-F77D06…)

No. 910018

The only person who needs to grasp the answer to this is herself. God, she really is a special kind of stupid.

No. 910043

Truly amazing she (or laur) posts stuff like that and at the same time being completely unable so see the massive hypocrisy.

She's been the one living in the attic for years and refusing to go outside meeting real people while pretending to be that super famous insta influencer and wasting all of their money of fake posts, covers, reviews, followers, views, comments, etc.

No. 910045

Is this a cry for help? Did she finally realize all her fans are her racist mother?

No. 910058

lillee should get into voice acting, she could do a good cartoon character voice tbh

No. 910059

No. 910067

i think this is just what Laur tells Lillee to get her to stop talking to or making any online friends (aka talking to anyone who isn't laur) and she just regurgitated it up for a post

No. 910068

she’s basically illiterate and has trouble pronouncing common English words nonnie

No. 910073

Lillee, wink if you need help.

No. 910077

File: 1676862522635.jpeg (204.29 KB, 828x845, E82EA813-F591-49C6-9E7A-C26F4C…)

No. 910085

What an extremely airheaded take. Lillee's single braincell really didn't think about the logic behind this kind of thing did it?

No. 910092

so the court date got pushed back? i'm confused

No. 910094

What is she talking about? Can someone please translate?

No. 910096

She’s forgetting that Laur wouldn’t exist online if this were true.

Her ability to construct a coherent sentence is worsening, yet Laur posts these little nuggets of illiteracy as if she’s proud of them. Bullyish is going to be hilarious.

No. 910097

The best I can translate the attic academy English, she feels that VPNs should be abolished so that IP blocking would prevent people from viewing her content. Also - people should be allowed to view her content from a library or coffee shop, if their home IP was blocked. Have I got that right?

No. 910098

Oops sorry for typo- “SHOULDN’T be allowed to view from libraries / coffee shops.”

No. 910108

The one for their looming eviction that was supposed to be in January did.
I'd be pleasantly surprised if whatever their next scheduled court date is doesn't get pushed back as well. They're human cockroaches, these types always find a way to squirm out of dire consequences.

No. 910113

Lillee or Laur will never actually go to court. It's a running theme with lolcows that for whatever reason they just sort of never see major real world repercussions for their actions. We more than likely will never see a lolsuit kek

No. 910120

I read up on ERAP and tons of people in New York abuse it in order to avoid eviction. What’s interesting is that once ERAP funds are processed to the landlord, they have the right to reject this money and evict their tenants ASAP. If they accept the money then they can’t evict their tenants for another 12 months.

At this point the Truemans probably haven’t paid rent for at least 4 months (their ERAP application was filed mid October). Hopefully their landlord just writes off his losses and doesn’t accept ERAP funds.

No. 910153

they must have just recently discovered that dynamic ips and range blocking are a thing.

No. 910157

File: 1677014303754.jpeg (706.53 KB, 762x1357, F58FE61F-511A-47EF-95EB-249F6E…)

No. 910160

Some deep contemplation from this profound philosopher.

No. 910359


Anyone notice she got her ears pierced recently? I know she had it done as a teen but they got infected and closed up, looks like she finally ditched the clip ons and got in the Claire's chair!

No. 910368

File: 1677329764721.jpeg (72.74 KB, 355x633, 10B81E38-FE5E-4979-B5D2-43A3AB…)

The Grudge III coming out soon

No. 910369

What's Laur great scheme now?
They have completely removed themselves from any social and outdoors activities.

Some months ago, when they didn't wanted to be served with eviction, they were outside the whole day and it was great for LJ who could see what a normalish live looked like.

They are back into flowers in the attics but now with no virtual escape for LJ (compared as when she posted a lot online before and interacted with the pradips).

I didn't knew she could be any more isolated but here we are.

No. 910370

This is so sad. She'll be 22 soon and this is how she spends her time? Sticking it to the haters by posting pics of herself that are unflattering and scary looking? Other 22 year old women are interning or finishing up their internship, or securing a job to support themselves or at least earn money and experience to set up a good pathway to a career. But she's in her attic with no friends, rolling around with her mother in the toxicity that is Laur and her lies. We all know Lillee's not the sharpest tool in the shed but she is 100% capable of having a job that pays a wage, whatever that may be. It's her choice to be like this which what makes her sad.

No. 910486

File: 1677518237731.webm (13.92 MB, 720x1280, 244582431AB7BE6B034F1C0F166214…)

So is she going to take constructive criticism now? Good for her. I hope she makes more weird comedy videos.

No. 910488

How did you even understood that?
It's her usual patronizing nonsense LJ-knows-better-than-everyone.

The last screen has her name 12 times.
Keep dreaming anon.

No. 910520

I know she's done this before but Lillee blocked my account for simply viewing her stories. she's so fucking stupid. imagine doing that to any sporadic "fan" (though I may not have to worry about that because I genuinely don't think there's any person who's a fan of hers)

No. 910532

What do you call when someone who knows absolutely nothing on a topic decides she's going to spew her thoughts on it using cliches and vague imagery to people who don't care what she has to say? It's like mansplaining but like… lilsplain?

No. 910543

Tinfoil: Laur bans every real person viewing Lillee's stories because she doesn't want Lillee interacting with anyone else.

No. 910554

File: 1677596794344.jpeg (197.4 KB, 1080x1920, 1FAFB794-3CCD-4E36-847E-A92C9E…)

New poster

No. 910600

She is so holier-than-thou I just have to kek.

No. 910628

It's ironic. The only thing that made the Truemans interesting was their display of laughable stupidity and all the milk. They didn't want to be seen that way and the more they tried to cover up, the milkier it got.

Now, they have removed almost all traces of their foolishness in order for the public to focus on merits of her so-called projects. But her "work", whatever that is, is uninteresting and poorly executed. So if she wanted fame on her own merits rather than from her mother's antics, well, she got her answer, that is, she is nowhere near the talent she thinks she has.

So now she has zero attention other than the nitpicking found here. No one cares about her content other than to laugh at her complete lack of self awareness and transparent fakery and that's all be put behind a paywall that no one wants to shell out for.


No. 910646

It’s BEAUTÉ you ding a lings. It’s not even a word otherwise kek, I can’t with anglos trying to sound ~exotic~

No. 910647

File: 1677736198635.png (1.99 MB, 828x1681, 26B4D5EA-E048-4AF9-8706-5D3186…)

Her acanthosis nigricans is getting worse

No. 910877

File: 1678054912103.jpeg (781.13 KB, 1170x1983, 91A18176-548D-4321-97D1-3D8C35…)

>prize yourself

No. 910947

File: 1678157686959.jpeg (229.04 KB, 828x1333, F65551C5-BCF7-498A-B3CC-6B0BB9…)

They’ve been approved for ERAP

No. 910954

this is so fucked up- can smarter nonnies tell me if I’m misguided in being upset? Housing and assistance programs around me are nonexistent even for people who need it- housing, let alone housing support, is so fucked right now that it kills me they got it

No. 910977

Isn't that another proof LJ is on disability?
They'll probably spend the money to other paid articles, ugly clothes from Shein and weird 5$ amazon wigs.

Anyway, the landlord must have the shitiest lawyer, like how hard is it to find this thread?

No. 910983

I don't think you're misguided at all, because there are definitely plenty of people who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own and are either still waiting for approval or will never get access at all, while Laur and Lillee play Pauper of Shoes make-believe on the government dime. However, since the landlord of the staircase house is petitioning to evict the goblins for reasons other than non-payment of rent, getting approved for ERAP might not save them from getting booted from their current squat. Any anons who are angry about them gaming the system again might feel better to know that, because this ERAP application is in the public record, there is now tangible proof that the CEO girlboss entrepreneur LLC LARP has been debunked by a whole government agency. Most of the callouts have moved on, but I don't doubt that there's still one or two out there that care enough to show the broke-ass receipts to anyone that gets duped into believing that Lils is some kind of successful motivational speaker with valid wisdom to impart.
I don't know about the particulars of ERAP in NY state, but where I'm from, any funds granted for emergency rent assistance must first go to cover the arrears on their current rental, and then the rest would usually go as a lump payment to cover future rent for an aggregate total of (up to) one year's worth of rent payments. The money would only be paid directly to the tenant/applicant if their landlord refused to participate in the ERAP program. If their current landlord succeeds in evicting them, they are going to have to prove they have sufficient funds to cover the rent on whatever new attic they find, which would mean they would have to disclose to their new landlord that they would be paying with ERAP monies, so I imagine they wouldn't be able to pull their usual squatting/subletting habits. It would mean, though, that whatever other government benefits they receive would be freed up to finance their fakery again. I wonder if Lillee will come back out from behind her safe paywall to return to youtube, or if she's decided that she prefers to live in her private fantasy land where her only audience is herself and her mother.

No. 910986

what would finding the thread have changed lol?

No. 910987

File: 1678204916067.jpg (169.6 KB, 1109x1209, lkin.jpg)

Thank you for all the infos Anon.

>if Lillee will come back out from behind her safe paywall to return to youtube, or if she's decided that she prefers to live in her private fantasy land where her only audience is herself and her mother.

I was also wondering that.
She has a somewhat active profil in Linkedin where she displays the successful CEO card patronizing in the void and pretending she has a full career behind her.
As usual her posts have 3 likes.

It doen't seems she'll go out for events either or at least not until late spring/summer.

No. 910988

NAYRT but endless proofs they spend years wasting money for the most useless stuff and don't need ERAP money?

No. 910999

You can be angry, but can you surprised? How long has Laur scammed government programs, ebay customers, and even her own daughter? This is what Laur is good at. It's her skill set. She doesn't have many so it's reasonable to think she has at least one thing she devotes effort into. She's a fucking mess with advertising, styling, and PR. Imagine someone on government housing using whatever rubles they can muster to rent a damn pair of jeans for 40 bucks a day.

No. 911000

My French isn't as good as Lillee's, but I notice she doesn't have 500+ connections. I don't know any CEO who doesn't have 500+. Even I, a lowly non CEO, have 500+. Sad.

No. 911010

proof from a random anonymous imageboard? i dont think it works that easy nonnie.

No. 911038

Proof are from screenshots of their own videos.
Laur said she had a disabled person at home: someone not able to walk. We have screenshots from either Earl or LJ standing up and walking in the house.
And other pic or videos with their cats inside (now abandoned somewhere). Landlord didn't want any animal.
Plus all the "events" LJ went to (uninvited). If she can go there, she can work surely.

Seriously, how comes nobody at ERAP bothered to google Laur's name, "CFO of Lillee Jean Beauty Inc" and found LJ-super-famous-CEO-actress with 1M insta followers?

No. 911039

YouTube videos aren’t admissible as evidence in an eviction case. Spending money on stupid shit doesn’t disqualify you from receiving aide. It’s weird how upset anons are getting over a retarded girl and her disabled dad not being homeless.

No. 911040

File: 1678276547775.jpeg (687.24 KB, 1170x1775, 72D8709F-0F90-4008-AB38-641CA1…)

Lillee remade the Gwen Stacy acting reel

No. 911041

File: 1678279694268.jpeg (150.05 KB, 1170x516, 4859186E-915F-4296-A50D-C1C750…)

CapAssist was able track Laur down for their lawsuit. They filed in 2017 but there’s a new pre-trail conference date set for June 2023

No. 911051

How many pending lawsuits against Laur? Kek
LLTiques, TrueTiques, TravelTiques, whatever, also the dental and the eviction.

No. 911080

File: 1678316521268.jpg (90.6 KB, 895x378, LJBullyish.jpg)

Don't forget DiamondTiques!

Heads up nonnies, according to Lillee's latest Medium article, she has just COMPLETED her documentary, Bullyish.

No. 911103

Post the video please!

No. 911163

No. 911164

File: 1678422982454.jpeg (254.96 KB, 828x959, 38599E8D-994B-4AC4-915E-DA6677…)

They’re back to hinting that Lillee may be doing auditions

No. 911165

File: 1678423039236.jpeg (228.06 KB, 1080x1920, C83E3688-1C04-410C-A07C-051894…)

From Laur’s stories

No. 911166

File: 1678423253343.jpeg (910.47 KB, 828x1231, BA243F42-28FF-450B-A996-E1012D…)

She’s gotta stop facetuning herself into oblivion

No. 911167

Key word is "hint". Not actually do. Can anyone really call a 5 second vinmeo an acting reel?

Also, she has 8 followers on vimeo. Don't see the Israeli promo anywhere else but here, not even their own insta. What is the point of sponsorship if like 8 people are going to see it?

No. 911171

I automatically start cringing before watching any video of hers, no matter how short. Kek

No. 911176

File: 1678439314649.jpg (53 KB, 955x528, easy delusional girl.jpg)

It's amazing how she can't act, not even for 5 seconds.
She always sounds pretentious/contemptuous or angry.
Too bad she lacks empathy and can't tell what the scenes are about.
Still can't wear a wig properly.

I've been watching her stories and she's full into delusion talking as she had a full career behing her and as if she's in position to give advice about beauty, lifestyle, make a career in entertainment…

No. 911192

What is she holding? It should be a book and we know she doesn't have a single one at home, but she's holding a … box?

No. 911195

Lillee Jean doesn’t need books

No. 911230

Oh my goodness, I didn't notice that! That is so sad, she doesn't have a single book to use as a prop? Not even an American Girl story? Not a notebook? Wow.

No. 911241

File: 1678491095289.webm (14.21 MB, 1920x1080, lilleejean_adah_lazorgan_(2023…)

G8 promo video. Why do they keep reusing the same audio? Why does she have to bite her cheeks? Looks weird.

No. 911260

as ugly and reptilian looking as ever

No. 911264

Nitpick but one of the wannabe famous in her insta pod offered her a cooking book. It's the one LJ used for Belle cosplay.
Anyway, either Laur sold it, either it's lost in the hoarder attic.

No. 911269

It looks as if she's gonna start crying and vomiting simultaneously kek wtf

No. 911288

So another sus beauty line to avoid.

No. 911326

File: 1678645578188.jpeg (151.98 KB, 1170x1439, 1B634899-99D8-4D7C-A925-BFD913…)

The chick who gave them the book warned people to be careful around Lillee >>844767 Laur probably threw the book out after

No. 911414

She looks like Elizabeth Holmes here.

No. 911434

I respectfully disagree, but even if she did, that would be where the similarity ends. They couldn't be more starkly different. For one thing, Liz went to Stanford and dropped out. Lilz went to no college and dropped out of high school at 15.

No. 911439

Elizabeth Holmes made her voice lower while Lillee used to talk like a Disney mouse for years

No. 911455

File: 1678811035172.jpg (70.84 KB, 820x650, ljdl.jpg)

>>911439 Lillee now has 269 bad overexposed fake drivers license photos uploaded to IMDB.

Elizabeth Holmes has none.

No. 911456

File: 1678815153973.jpeg (26.09 KB, 474x360, EDC2E733-BFCA-4BCC-BE0F-F3A662…)

No. 911591

What's the point of having if she barely knows how to read?

No. 911604

File: 1679071439504.jpeg (44.73 KB, 828x387, A6D8504C-6A74-45E8-BE42-630DB8…)

I use a website to view her ig stories and they recently started to add some stats kek

No. 911612

File: 1679093996579.jpeg (75.23 KB, 828x1220, B7E94077-23F0-4678-9853-6ACC75…)

No. 911613

File: 1679094031746.jpeg (94.49 KB, 828x1111, 7CAFD425-24E6-427B-A75C-41A04B…)

Dead eyes

No. 911619

This is so sad. Still at it, still delusional, still no personal growth, still doing nothing, still stagnant, still not developing, still putting out nothing beneficial into the world, still not helping others, still making the same uninteresting content, still trying to stick it to the haters, still caring about what others think, still suckling at her mother's teat (I pray that is true only metaphorically). How long can she sustain this? The current path she is taking to fame and fortune is 100% guaranteed to fail. Laur's junk - I mean, antiques grift and exploiting government benefits can only carry her so far.

No. 911625

File: 1679103933049.jpeg (8.3 KB, 290x234, 1D6FD213-2C35-4896-8660-305780…)

Her pants are holding on for dear life

No. 911633

Nightmare fuel.

She looks like what an alien who can't figure out women's body proportions and really awful at drawing would come up with.

That's too bad. If anyone needed a free healthy cooking book, it was her.

I know lots of anons blame 100% of that on Laur and she has indeed huge responsability in the trueman trainwreck, but Lillee is 21 next month. On the previous videos she acts as tyran and treats Laur like servant. At this point, she is the one choosing all of that.

No. 911645

>but Lillee is 21 next month

she's gonna be 22 actually, nona. at an age where the vast majority of her peers have assumed full adult control of their lives, lillee's day to day has not changed much since laur put notions in her head at 16.

No. 911656

I imagine the conversation regarding school between Lillee and Laur went something like this:

LILLEE: Why can't I go to school? Why can't I have friends?

LAUR: You can't go to school because I said so. I won't have you nagging me for lunch money and whining for help on your homework. There is no need to know about presidents, wars, numbers or science. Just listen to me and you'll learn. And no little friends over here, repeating rhymes, asking flippant questions, and talking in those nagging baby voices. Can't you just sit here and look out into the air? Isn't that enough? Do you always have to badger me for attention?

No. 911664

Ily for the Female Trouble reference nonnie lmao

No. 911678

File: 1679229672711.jpeg (87.83 KB, 1170x1851, 024F069F-591D-48B3-A406-ACAC55…)

>beth is on a role

22 with an 8th grade education

No. 911693

File: 1679255855108.jpeg (139.26 KB, 828x1195, E9406F2D-2E42-489A-B0AC-8804BD…)

She really does have very unfortunate body proportions

No. 911695

that expression ages her so harshly, and she's so stiff. girl looks ai generated. relax a bit lillee!

No. 911698

File: 1679261334530.jpeg (35.28 KB, 755x620, A32BAE9A-0344-46A0-AB14-D26090…)

>Modeled For Israeli Brand In American Ad

No. 911700


Lillee Jean is an actress, and filmmaker. She debuted two short films, directed, produced, and written by herself. 'The Pauper Of Shoes' (2022) is about a conniving red pump named Calvinne, who seeks revenge on the pack's leader, Jennifer. She also debuted 'Peony and Violet' (2023), about two twin sisters living in their own world. Of her show, 'Mind Over Beaute' (2022), Episode 7, of Season 2, also premiered, respectively titled ''Prize Yourself'.

>two twin sisters

>respectively titled

No. 911731

File: 1679325216092.jpg (49.04 KB, 626x422, something.jpg)

Laur's video photography just keeps getting worse.

Also this hair -
"There's something about Lillee"

Imagine not knowing the difference between "role" and "roll".

The jokes just make up themselves.

No. 911736

she doesnt really shes just a bit overweight

No. 911745

If Lillee had even the smallest amount of self-awareness (and brains) she’d realize that having her Mom as her manager is ruining whatever chances she has of succeeding.

No. 911755

She has a rather unfortunately shaped figure and the clothes and colors she insists on wearing don't do her any favors. She desperately needs a good bra due to the shape of her breasts and build of her chest. And as far as colors, she should stick to jewel tones. She doesn't know how to walk in heels, either. Idk why she insists on wearing them…they don't particularly work making her look taller or her legs look longer, and I know that's what she thinks. At least the ankle straps are covered here. If they weren't, her legs would look even more stunted.

No. 911781

No1currs but my own 2 xents is that it's a bit of both. There are people whose proportions are quite short and also carry extra body fat. They just don't have lean long limbs with good muscle and fat distribution. Is she morbidly obese? Definitely not. Will she ever be thin the same way taller women or just proportionally small women are? No and I hope she doesn't attempt that. It's just her genetics. It is highly likely that as she ages she will become overweight like Laur. Primary reason is that she doesn't physically hustle. People who are busy working (real work) and moving their bodies going place to place tend to burn more calories. They tend to work out regularly and spend times outdoors. Lillee is extremely inactive. Since she doesn't leave her house and her mother drives her everywhere she doesn't even get enough walking in her daily routine. She doesn't play a sport, even a solitary one. As she ages, it will become harder to take up a sport or be more physically active, especially if you never were when you were younger. The other reason is her genes and I don't mean just her physical traits. It's clear Lille inherited some kind of deep insecurity and self loathing from Laur. This is shown in her jealousy of other young women, envy of people she thinks she is entitled to be better than but isn't, and her fear of the unexpected. The fact that she only gets delivery and rarely eats out shows that she has some kind of food shame. She likes unhealthy food but doesn't want people to see how much she indulges in it. It's one thing to live a pretend life online, but as Lillee ages, she will continue to have bad eating habits as I am sure Laur does and her body will reflect that.

No. 911782

Meh, she's more shapely than Shayna. Girl just needs to get laur to spend franzia and not money on having one of those stylist ladies who tell you what colors and makeup suit you. She can even make it a vlog, it's on trend rn.

No. 911784

*Bot money. But lol

No. 911792

File: 1679433263479.png (142.96 KB, 1125x2001, 4524F91B-C1A7-4A64-85DE-94D439…)

This just went up on YouTube. I’m guessing Laur did it because no one is calling them out anymore. Gross.

No. 911793

Kek this is honestly hilarious. A fucking typed out word document? Love the shoehorned in mention of pansexuality this shit can't even be deemed as homophobic let alone bullying. Absolutely laughable and definitely Laur's handiwork. Archived just in case https://vimeo.com/810328227

No. 911796

File: 1679438945002.webm (420.51 KB, 720x1280, lillee-jean-sucks-dick.webm)

Couldn't watch your upload on vimeo. So here is webm. This is so stupid. What's the whistling on the background? She making tea?

No. 911801

Peculiar, hopefully should be fixed on vimeo now but thank you nona. I would love to know what the goal is with this, my best guess would be content for their bullyish crap but it is so blatantly obvious Laur has typed it up and snapped a quick video, what on earth is she thinking.

No. 911820

i think she'd make a nice butch woman, but that isn't her aesthetic at all

No. 911822

>Lillee Jean Sucks. And Is Pansexual.

same shitty punctuation as LJ

No. 911827

Lillee’s court date for the ortho surgeon is on Monday >>900584 maybe Laur’s going to say Lillee can’t come to court because she’s being stalked by someone on YouTube

No. 911836

Kek how did you find it? Did you search Lille Jean and most recent videos?
I'm thinking of >>911827 this in action. I don't know how YouTube shorts work but there are no has tags. Either Laur will say someone sent them the video, or she'll have to admit she's searching LJ's name in YouTube and seeing what comes up. There's also no proof this is targeting our LJ and not some other random Lillee Jean in the world.

No. 911882

the whole pan debacle isn’t very well known. It’s not in Primink’s video and the goblins did everything they could to make sure it was scrubbed from the internet. Lillee isn’t claiming she’s pan now. There’s so many things to attack her over, why pick the thing she pretended to be for 3 whole days?

No. 911895

Hate crimes against Lillee again? Good thing they didn't use slurs about jews or make death threats so the video didn't get taken down instantly.

No. 911933

>why pick the thing she pretended to be for 3 whole days?
Because of course LJ or Laur wrote it. They want to larp as LGBT.
And they don't want to acknowledge all the bad, stupid and ridiculous things they did.

Speakig of which, they said they finished the bullying project. We know it's another lie.
I expected them to post some trailers or more "news"about that tho.

No. 911934

File: 1679575831186.jpeg (267.87 KB, 2048x2048, 760AA7FA-C0C0-4833-8D51-7903D8…)

Laur’s still obsessively responding to comments on SunnyV & Anna Oop’s videos

No. 911936

Laur is truly the best cow.
She has I don't remember how many pending lawsuits and a hearing on monday, yet she still wastes her time doing that.

No. 911958

File: 1679595427054.jpeg (101.42 KB, 1170x1216, 60B9AF5D-5579-47C4-8923-BC4CB7…)

Laur got an ad for buying followers and doesn’t understand YouTube ads are targeted based on your search history and other data kek

No. 911969

She misspelled Kimetsu no Yaiba.

OFC it's Laur!!! The ONLY Dragon Slayer who can't spell her own name. She really is the best cow there ever was.>>911936

No. 912000

"What did you just wake up from your rock?"
She butchers phrases so much.

No. 912011

File: 1679658844819.jpeg (226.77 KB, 2048x2048, 807D0CA5-6F1C-4105-A924-CC348F…)

She truly believed she had something with ad thing kek

No. 912120

File: 1679862228966.jpeg (176.68 KB, 1125x1659, 8165086B-668E-49C5-906B-50CE8A…)

Still making up her own nonsense words. Stay in school kids!

No. 912122

Why do I get the sense that this will be neither witty nor fresh? Somehow I am certain this will be devastatingly underwhelming and cringily showcase her utter lack of education and understanding of the world. There's only one person who will find this charming and delightful and that's Laur.

No. 912130

It’s like she’s proud of being stupid and uneducated. She goes out of her way to misspell and slaughter language, and she thinks that’ll teach us??!!

No. 912136

File: 1679870962751.jpeg (128.26 KB, 828x1217, 7E59F442-6BAB-4C51-AE72-D3FA63…)

Lillee got some new headshots

No. 912137

File: 1679871076682.jpeg (105.61 KB, 828x1105, 85F682AA-56E2-416A-9E84-89FA20…)

No. 912138

File: 1679871271707.jpeg (11.03 KB, 297x170, 1C0879B6-594B-4D1A-A816-A3FDF8…)

No. 912139

File: 1679871777740.jpeg (1.72 KB, 58x86, 5DBB3FA5-DCBD-4CF9-A785-EABB6D…)

She looks so unhealthy. Laur’s cooking would kill anyone.

No. 912140

Is she still wearing her retainer day to day? Surely she should have transitioned to just putting it in to go to bed if I'm not mistaken, right?

No. 912141

When your new headshots look like a disabled persons feature.

No. 912143

Who tf told her that bug-eyed toothy grin was a good look?! She pulls this face in so many photos and it’s so fugly and unnerving. Yuck

No. 912148

File: 1679886549070.jpeg (183.19 KB, 828x1345, D83AF682-471F-4121-88A2-A187BC…)

English language, is, hard

No. 912149

I wish she stopped with the mouth thing she always does, and put some damn fillers, that way she won't look like such a retard

No. 912217

Is this So Lillo Qui (Soliloquy? Is that what she's trying to spell?) shit going to be fucking hilarious (and not for the ways she wants it to be)? Yes.

Is it lulzy enough to be worth giving the attic goblins money for? No. Sorry Laur.

No. 912218

File: 1679949563169.jpg (33.92 KB, 540x360, 360_F_44980072_bO7DGmhDTZ1Ttn5…)

tbh if she got her teeth fixed maybe stopped being retarded, she would be considered attractive.

Where i live men go crazy for women who look like her if those women have blue eyes and light hair which she has.

No. 912222

I genuinely can’t wrap my head around these two, this is way, way, wayyy beyond delusional and I don’t for one second believe they still seriously think that Lillee will become a famous actress or an influencer one day. There must be a saner explanation for why they keep this shit going?

No. 912228

File: 1679957072429.jpeg (43 KB, 828x393, A18E5DF6-F51C-4549-8BD0-D5D070…)

Lillee settled with her oral surgeon. I wonder how much they agreed to pay

No. 912232

There's no way they're going to pay it anyway, even with the ruling

No. 912238

File: 1679974312409.jpeg (150.14 KB, 828x1366, 8677DBC0-B53D-47E0-A252-9FA496…)

You can really tell where her lips end kek

No. 912240

File: 1679974914228.jpeg (103.98 KB, 828x970, BB8CB209-8D0D-4579-99EB-88DC77…)

Her first episode is actually episode 2?


No. 912241

File: 1679975310689.webm (5.34 MB, 826x462, FullSizeRender 2.webm)

Here’s a backup in case Laur is furiously refreshing this thread

No. 912258

God DAMN that is some greasy ass hair

No. 912261

File: 1679982173320.jpeg (41.54 KB, 828x446, 3FD975C7-D767-4FC2-839B-3D41E1…)

No. 912369

File: 1680004963141.jpeg (40.97 KB, 1170x623, 97B81BFA-AF94-4E81-953B-3B3A35…)

It’s the adapted/inspired cool girl monologue from Gone Girl. Lillee’s new series is her bad re-enactments of famous movie scenes but slightly tweaked to avoid copyright issues.

No. 912371

Was the first episode the 2 second spiderman clip?

No. 912373

File: 1680007110033.jpg (32.39 KB, 567x462, ugh.jpg)

I just hate her mouth shape so much

No. 912381

My favorite part is the fart noises her camera makes when it focusing

No. 912383

File: 1680013159021.jpeg (44.71 KB, 828x463, 509EC1D5-EBA4-46D9-8129-5643C5…)

This is her profile in relaxed state. I wish she’d just embrace her features and learn how to emote like a normal person. The things she’s doing with her mouth are unpleasant to watch

No. 912385

Hmm maybe I'll be reaching out to my contacts at 20th Century Fox to see if any permission to use their content to get around copyright laws.
Kek at the end
>This does not constitute dermatology advice. Consult with a doctor, or dermatologist

No. 912386

File: 1680013704956.jpeg (60.98 KB, 636x1170, 0E5991E4-6399-46D6-A4BF-138281…)

Who is mistaking her for a dermatologist with skin like this? She can’t bother with the day old eyeliner either?

No. 912390

File: 1680016426646.jpg (12.88 KB, 295x445, abb60d5cb3df67c8e0d48928ac9e03…)

The way she pulls her mouth down to fake a bigger upper lip makes her look like de niro when he does this thing with his face like in picrel

No. 912406

Why those ridiculous re-enactments and why the scene from gone girl?
We know she only watches kids targeted cartoons and movies.

It's clear she didn't get what the scene is about. She thinks is about a cool girl cutting and dying her hair in the bathroom, girly style, when the scene and movie is really dark and sad.
It's about a woman faking her own death to blame it on her husband and goes as far as harming herself really bad.
Won't go into details to not spoil.

Ffs Lille is so dumb and ruins every scene her stupid mind picks.

No. 912486

File: 1680111019146.png (3.76 MB, 1280x1920, ljtummy.png)


Agreed, she had no idea what the topic was, and so yet again she announced her lack of sophistication with a bullhorn.

She also tried to squeeze a chunky sweater into leggings this week. She's not doing well.

No. 912492

That color sweater on her pale skin does her no favors. Her teeth are so yellow, and that lip color doesn't work on her either. She needs to bleach those nubs.
Positive: it looks like her hair has been washed.

No. 912501

She functions like a Disney-watching, doll-collecting, middle-school drop-out.

No. 912510

The audio in this is disastrous. Being able to hear every shuffle, every movement, the camera trying to focus. Without any visual, you could 100% tell this was filmed in a bathroom.

No. 912514

File: 1680167993906.png (1.68 MB, 1535x764, sweatertuck.png)

She's attempting to recreate this and is failing horribly.

No. 912524

Could the sweater she's wearing be a crop top for a taller person? Because her sleeves are folded up half her forearm.

No. 912531

The funniest part is that even iMovie has sound editing options that help with background noise. She has these tools at her disposal yet she still fails.

No. 912584


She’s regressed a lot in 3 years. Her makeup videos weren’t great but they were at least somewhat coherent. Even people who are born with talent have to practice to perfect their skill. Lillee doesn’t work, isn’t in school…she should be devoting all her time to learning how to write, film & edit. Instead of spending all her time in engagement pods, liking and commenting on shit, she could be in free online screenwriting groups, filmmaking groups etc. Laur’s to blame for a lot of Lillee’s issues but these are things Lillee can do without Laur. It really shows how lazy Lillee is.

No. 912588

File: 1680269901069.jpeg (191.42 KB, 828x1261, 4ABF759F-4884-445C-A738-5515C6…)

Laur’s been spamming her ig stories with posts about Neil D’Monte’s (he’s the beanie guy from one of LJ Talks episodes) shitty clothing brand and also some other artist (picrel).

Imo they both believe that these “connections” will jumpstart Lillee’s career as an actor, hence the acting reels and her new shitty acting show.

No. 912605

File: 1680282991653.jpeg (125.68 KB, 1170x1803, 2B6C5B25-5F3B-4E8B-BC24-EF26A3…)

>all rights reserved

you can’t copyright something you stole from a movie, which was based off a book kek

No. 912630

>So Lillo Qui
stay in school kids
how do neither of them know how to spell Soliloquy? In the age of spellcheck and everythig

No. 912631

Link is down kek

No. 912634

google translate says it’s “I know Lillo here” in Italian

No. 912636

It's meant to be a (very poor) play on words with their usual gratuitous French - 'So Lillo (Lillee) Qui (french for who)'. I struggle to fathom how dumb you have to be to think constantly using mangled french is good branding.

No. 912637

File: 1680314063275.jpeg (183.96 KB, 1170x1769, 46B62B57-AA0E-4CF6-82D0-454C8F…)

So-Lillee-Quy would at least make sense as Lillee makes herself the center of everything. She added a question mark to the end on some posts which makes me think she’s trying to use French but it translates to so lillo who? Does she think Lillo is a fancy French spelling of Lillee?

No. 912694

There’s a new episode of So Lillo Qui? And it may be even more disturbing than the first one.


No. 912695

File: 1680469013789.webm (11.01 MB, 826x462, FullSizeRender 3.webm)


No. 912696

I was kinda bummed when Lillee removed her hilariously cringey dance tiktoks. But these outdo the cringefest! In about a year or two or 10, she will take these down too because she will realize they haven't gotten her anywhere and the only people watching them are us. She must think her acting is so good it transcends the need to run a lint roller over her top and sync the sound.

No. 912716

I… I just… what would make 21 year old Lillee think performing Norma Desmond's final scene from Sunset Boulevard as though Norma was a sexy young vamp was a good idea? This is a genuinely bizarre take on this scene and I have to believe that much like Gone Girl, she hasn't seen the movie and has no idea of the context of the lines she's reciting.
Unless this is very subtle shade she's throwing at her mom, a 50something woman well past her prime (whatever constitutes "prime" for Laur) who has gone completely delusional & insane due to isolation and loneliness

No. 912741

Most people aren’t familiar with a 70 year old movie but Sunset Boulevard is an interesting pick for Lillee. The main character is an isolated actress who thinks she’s still famous because her butler writes her fake fan letters. The scene Lillee did is when the actress is being arrested for murder but since she’s delusional she thinks it’s her big acting scene and everyone around her plays along.

No. 912743

File: 1680523386629.jpeg (193.78 KB, 1170x1640, 15844A86-8AD3-4A3D-9DD6-7EBBC0…)

Lillee tried to define acting using random words from a thesaurus

No. 912744

File: 1680523791115.png (46.9 KB, 412x263, IP -

>being in the presence of an eerie "star"
She really missed the mark here because she acts like this in all of her acting videos.
You know she thinks having that wig cover half of her face is sexy. To me it looks like she's about to have some hair as a meal.

No. 912754

>random words from a thesaurus
I doubt she did even that.

No. 912755

I don't think Lillee even really knows how to be subtle. It was probably her mom's idea and her Laur wanted her to do it just because it's a famous scene, context be damned.
Lillee at least has the deranged facial expressions down.

No. 912757

This totally has Laur's greasy fingerprints all over it. No way Lillee would have heard of this film or scene.

>eerie "star"

If this was her only takeaway from this complex character, the pool of aspiring, talented, versatile, educated, skilled, hard-working, unknown actresses is too large for anyone to consider working with her. All of this just amounts to some unfortunate, lonely adult woman who wants to play dress up pretend and record it to fulfill her and her mother's delusions of grandeur.

No. 912758

Laur read all the comments about Lillee’s crazy eyes and thought this would be a good scene. She probably told Lillee to act normal knowing she defaults to mania and joker expressions. It’s still a weird fucking choice considering the butler writing the letters is Norma’s ex husband, the director who discovered her and abandoned his successful career to be her servant when she divorces him. If either of them actually watched the movie, they’d see a lot of parallels to the things they’ve been accused of.

No. 912827


she looks like a tranny here

No. 912851

She says "I'm too happy" while looking angry. Great acting Lilz.

And did she… pre-recorded her voice bc too lazy to memorize the lines??

No. 912855

ChatGPT can write better English than the attic gang.
The video is hilarious though. Lillee should make parody videos.

No. 912864

>pre-recorded her voice bc too lazy to memorize the lines?
Holy shit, anon, that didn't even occur to me. Imagine trying to compete as an actress when you can't remember lines, the bare minimum. The whole thing was so off putting that I'm shocked that this person could watch this and think it was good enough to share. You'd think Laur could help evaluate her in the slightest bit. I know that Sunset Blvd has cringe acting, but that's the point of the actress. She's out of touch and fame obsessed and while you can say that's LJ and Laur, it's a performance that brilliantly shows how over the top performances can be set in a contextual setting enough to be disturbing and taken seriously. That kind of nuance is incredibly difficult to balance. Gloria Swanson (Norma Desmond) pulled off a performance that many actors would flop at. Bizarre seeing a horse girl zoomer imitating such an old movie. Laur, I know you read here, quit putting all this garbage out and buy your daughter some acting lessons. At least a webinar. She'll never be famous or even be at the level of community college drama club, but at least she can put shit on the web that doesn't make people feel second hand embarrassment.

No. 912876

On a very shallow level, Laur's conviction that Lillee is extraordinarily beautiful and talented and had no problem exploiting her underaged daughter's sexuality (or lack of) for fame and wealth sort of reminds me of Teri Shields with her daughter Brooke. I haven't watched the doc yet but know the story. The differences are obvious but the most interesting thing about the Shields' story is that Brooke went to college and learned how to think for herself. Her professors helped her find her own voice and she was able to take better control of her career and the roles she chose.

While Lillee will never achieve even a fraction of that kind of fame, or just plain fame of any kind, what she can do is go to college. It will be difficult and not fun at times. She will have a steep hill to climb, especially without a formal high school education. But if she has any kind of resilience and grit, she will come out of it for the better. She will be 22 this month so there is no more blaming Laur for any of this pathetic idiocy.

No. 912877

My own tinfoil is at least one of these two idiots saw the Mythical Kitchen episode about the 1st Oscar awards and decided to copy the "featured star."

They couldn't do almost any element from the basic shots, the costuming, or hairstyle (Norma Desmond had tight curls that framed her face during this monologue lilz "performs" ffs) or any other aspect and didn't understand the satire of the dialogue given in the show but just saw "first female Oscar winner, did a quick Google search of the monologue, and ran with the idea doing a quick read of the scene without understanding the context.

I know laur is a boomer but I doubt most films, let alone a 50s classic like Sunset Boulevard, could retain her attention to the end, especially if it didn't have any bright colors to distract her.

No. 912878

I think they googled a list of female villain monologues. Everyone is giving them way too much credit.

No. 912888

File: 1680721175942.jpeg (325.77 KB, 1080x1920, 7A4B45ED-935D-48DA-8A99-88E26A…)

I made this but I’m legit surprised that Lillee isn’t doing anything Barbie-related right now. The goblins are consistently out of touch with modern culture

No. 912959

File: 1680874971339.jpeg (255.06 KB, 1242x2208, 8158250F-97A8-4C5B-BAFA-B636E5…)

She saw this post and posted picrel on her stories kek

No. 912960

File: 1680877453727.jpg (283.14 KB, 1080x1920, barbie.jpg)


made my own, wasn't sure what to do as the tagline

No. 912961

File: 1680877851881.jpg (258.86 KB, 1080x1920, barbie.jpg)

just havin a bit of fun now

No. 912962

Imagine spending years claiming the cyberboolies could never influence your choices aaaaand doing that.

No. 912972

File: 1680899048646.jpeg (189.33 KB, 1080x1920, E3E7BA52-AA55-4699-A212-70004A…)

>>912961 But I’m a MODEL!!!!

No. 912974

KEK my sides

No. 912977

Fat ugly retarded midget tranny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 912984


Laur is fat and I would not have sex with her.

No. 913001

File: 1680985583947.jpeg (67.7 KB, 740x1048, D99815AB-F4EC-40EF-B9D1-1E4DB0…)

God her face is so fucking crooked

No. 913016

File: 1681081618176.jpeg (118.59 KB, 828x1411, 4B122E5A-88F7-4A5F-B272-174CAE…)

I think she’s getting Laur’s hairline

No. 913032

She looks so old now, inconceivable that she's only 21. These look like photographs of a 30 year old taken in the early 2000s, the only place I've seen pics with the same vibe is old people's social media profiles where they try to catfish by using 15-20 year old photos of themselves.

No. 913037

She really does look old and ugly in these photos. I wish she’d take style and fashion advice from people her own age and not her mother.

No. 913038

File: 1681135340952.jpeg (23.99 KB, 684x299, 47ACBFD9-B7FE-4843-A359-7F7EDB…)

Laur’s civil case from 2017 got recently reopened and she’s got a court date on June 1st. Does anyone know why an old case like this would get reopened?

No. 913039


Literally every single one of these that she makes 100% gives "7 year old child that went into mom's closet, found some clothes to play dress-up, and uses those to pretend-play performing a scene in her bedroom by herself".

No. 913042

Kinda interesting that this case is in Kings County, which is Brooklyn, and not Queens County where they live. Then again, not interesting enough to bother looking into why.

No. 913082

Sage for old milk.

I never realised the suit against laur was a company that is after her. I thought it was a customer. Maybe they have filed it again hence the court change?

No. 913086

Isn't Capassist the business bank that lent her money?

No. 913104

Laur and Earl declared bankruptcy in 2018. I guess that didn't erase their debts. IIRC they have two bankruptcies. I don't know how any of this works in Burgerland.

No. 913107

File: 1681243891562.jpeg (185.1 KB, 1242x2208, A548D500-28DE-4E74-942D-6C95FD…)

No. 913110

10/10 Dylan Mulvaney cosplay.

No. 913116

File: 1681261310812.jpeg (24.66 KB, 630x423, 11AF1A61-CE9F-4E91-BF16-9EC54E…)

Her bite is absolutely fucked. How do you even fix this?

No. 913117

File: 1681261571433.png (8.73 KB, 224x225, A5020F82-277E-40EB-8B45-02C8BB…)

Joker Mouth

No. 913119


Her jaw is so fucked. I actually feel bad for her. Laur's a piss poor parent.

No. 913140

Capassist is a shady payday loan company for businesses. They filed for personal bankruptcy in 2018. It wouldn’t resolve their business debts.

No. 913147

Or tax liens.

No. 913155

File: 1681341332009.jpeg (61.36 KB, 828x962, IMG_7504.jpeg)

She still owes the government almost $17k

No. 913212

how long til Lillee starts an Only Fans to recoup legal costs?

how long til Laur does?

No. 913214

File: 1681436834531.png (Spoiler Image, 185.86 KB, 554x860, jelly.png)

Oh please oh please oh please(autism)

No. 913216

File: 1681438566451.jpeg (177.54 KB, 1248x1683, 290E30D1-69AA-4ABD-AC5E-4DAA99…)

Laur the actress has updated her IMDB page.

No. 913217

damn her vision must be getting bad if she thinks that looks like she hasnt run her face under a beauty filter from 2011.

All that editing and she still couldnt edit out the 5head kek

No. 913235

Damn the Snow app is doing very heavy lifting here

No. 913242

File: 1681484772859.jpeg (9.7 KB, 250x204, B108C0FA-62FE-4349-8A2D-E9C6E4…)

Yeah filtered to hell and back, BUT I’ve gotta say she was probably prettier in her day than her kid could ever be. Damn she looks like Earl.

No. 913261

Lillee repurposed her old Marilyn video for episode 4 of her new groundbreaking show


No. 913262

File: 1681515016625.webm (3.3 MB, 828x460, RPReplay_Final1681514683.webm)


No. 913263

File: 1681515112679.jpeg (26.76 KB, 828x460, IMG_7531.jpeg)

This was my favorite part

No. 913267

I can see it. She looks like she has normal sized teeth and eyeball afterall. She prob has a complex from being the fail daughter. They probably refered to her as the ugly sister and ever since then she's felt the need to prove something

No. 913272

Still can't wear the damn wig properly. How lazy is she?
She's so inarticulate I barely understand what she's mumbling, even for the famous quotes.
Those videos are still confusing af. What is she expecting from that? No producers is going to show up and all whatever that is, is not festival material worth.

No. 913276

I don't get it. She lives a subway ride away from Broadway. She can see plays, or if they are too deep for her, feel good musicals with lots of dancing and singing. Why doesn't Laur take her to see some of them? You can get discounted tickets. She can at least go to those and see how the pros do it. If she wants to play characters campy that's fine, but it still requires skill. Tinfoil that she is jealous of the talented and lithe young women kicking and singing so she can't bear to go and sit through a whole show.

No. 913286

She thinks that she can’t be herself if she learns from other people. I’m sure it’s something her genius mother told her.

No. 913298

Most of the people on the Broadway stage would be about her age and in the prime of their careers and among the most talented singers and dancers in the world. Lillee would have a hernia

No. 913304


this, she had a tantrum at disneyworld when she was a kid because she wasn't THE princess, she'd probably get unreasonably jealous and have a conniption in the presence of actual broadway singers/dancers

No. 913308

File: 1681665111734.png (118.69 KB, 400x219, pearl.width-400.format-png.png)

No. 913371

File: 1681827378807.jpeg (130.08 KB, 828x1180, IMG_7551.jpeg)

It’s Lillee’s birthday!

No. 913372

File: 1681827406725.jpeg (338.98 KB, 828x1267, IMG_7552.jpeg)

No. 913373

File: 1681827434658.jpeg (307.34 KB, 828x1249, IMG_7553.jpeg)

No. 913374

File: 1681827484269.jpeg (263.67 KB, 828x1508, IMG_7555.jpeg)

No. 913378

Damnit Laur.. if you won't allow her to have friends or a social the least you can do is take her out to eat for her birthday. They probably took those pictures and went right back to whatever attic they call home.

No. 913382

the funniest thing about these posts is that she writes them herself.
>the talented filmmaker, model and actress
>her makeup was expertly done

No. 913386

stomp the runway

No. 913388

They likely took these pics days ago when it was hot out. Lillee will spend today watching cartoons and eating the blandest meal you can imagine.

No. 913389

Nonnie the way I cackled at this XD(XD)

No. 913390

I'm 90% sure it's laur actually writing this shit but still lol

No. 913393

Why is Laur always dressing her like a middle aged lady? She looks 3’ tall lol

No. 913400


This looks like the same street they take a lot of the pics at. It's honestly sad that Laur took her to more exciting things when they were trying to dodge eviction then her actual b-day.

No. 913401


She takes critique as an attack. Laur did her a real disservice by teaching her anything short of absolute praise and adoration was bullying.


Reading between the lines I've always tinfoiled that part of why she hated school so much and Laur took her out was she couldn't deal with her jealousy of the other girls in her class. She calls it bullying but we've seen the way she looks at other more successful women on Talks, she can't stand it.

No. 913406

Her hair is now…red?

LJ wishes she looked and acted like Mia Goth. As for the Pearl character a serial killer is million times more likable than LJ.>>913371

No. 913408

it’s nicer than the drug store parking lot she live-streamed from last year on her birthday

No. 913416

the ants go marching one by one

No. 913434

When is Bullyish coming out?

No. 913446


We know lj is stunted and delusional but surely she can see something isn't normal, right?
If I remember correctly, when she turned 19 she did the infamous live b-day and showed all the presents pheepy (laur) bought.
Then she did nothing on the 20th, the 21st, 22nd. A party is out of question, she doesn't have friends or other family than laur and freezer-earl.
Still she does nothing, not even buying presents or going out to eat or anything special idk.
That's so sad seriously.

No. 913461

>surely she can see something isn't normal, right?
I don't think she can right now. She's too immature to realize it. Her emotional age is more like 13-14. Laur didn't let her mature and find her own identity once she was pulled out of school.

If she's learned anything, she's learned not to say dumb shit like it's OK for adults to date minors as long as they have the child's parents' permission. She (Laur) learned a hard lesson in that. I think for the most part, they learned not to espouse their bigoted, small minded hate on public channels for people to see. Not because they think it's wrong but because it won't get her brand deals. So now everything is behind a paywall, except they also know that putting 100% of their content there will get no viewing so they still put out clips here and there. None of it is going to have Hollywood producers knocking their door down to sign Lillee.

Going back to the question, no, she can't see that something isn't normal, at least not right now. But even Lillee can learn something, although it will take time. It's just sad that it will take a lot of time, and it could be too late. I'm thinking at least 10 more years. She might look around in her late 30s, when Laur isn't as mobile and the scams and money have run dry, and realize that this isn't going anywhere. To earn a paycheck she will finally have to get a job, but she'll do what Laur does and pad her resume with all kinds of bs. Some lazy recruiter will end up hiring her but she won't last very long because she can't do the work she was hired for, but rather than get fired, resign so she can say something like, that place wasn't good enough for me so I left. To digress a bit, I have seen many applicants who do that and they go from job to job, never getting promoted and their resumes show 9 months here, 3 months there, never one full year anywhere. And that's a red flag.

Thank you for indulging my bit of armchairing.

No. 913466

Why does she need a job? She’s a CEO of her own company kek

No. 913482

She'll be 38 when she realizes being a fake CEO of a fake company that doesn't make any money isn't going to pay for her doordash pancakes and pizzas. Then she'll have to get a job. Not a whole lotta options for 38 year old women with an 8th grade education.

No. 913496

File: 1682085597239.png (280.04 KB, 828x2792, plgct.png)

No. 913506

I love how she just go with the actress/filmaker/producer/writer/CEO title by never going to auditions or never been in a actual movie, but by just poorly filming a few minutes long a very short monologue she can't even memorize and then voilà! that's a première movie invite-only red carpet with press and the cast at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival!

No. 913527

This is going to be hilarious. Lillee knows nothing about professional relationships, how adults converse in a work setting, and even less about the field of journalism. She just loves making a fool of herself.

No. 913532

There is an intense argument between
the editor of a paper and an employee. Roxie Capri is devoted to making this life the best it can be, in contrast to Florence Kleinfeld, her superior. A dramatic tone is used to finalize the working relationship between the two women in this short picture. Both need
each other, in the end.

That dumbass accidentally posted her complete script for Miss Roxie on her website under the Halloween section. I hope this doesn’t violate any copyrights but here it is.

Miss Roxie, by Lillee Jean Trueman
Written by Lillee Jean
Produced by Lillee Jean
Dialogue by Lillee Jean
Idea Concepted, Fully by Lillee Jean

Miss Roxie: Miss Kleinfeld, I am an employee of this newspaper, and a Damn Good One. I am Devoted to making this life, as best as Can Be…
Miss Kleinfeld (Boss): Miss Roxie, I am your boss here at the news paper.
Miss Roxie: As much as we disagree on the future of this news paper because I want it to go digitalé and you want to remain a news paper like the New York Times is a newspaper and a digital website is something like makeup-tutorials.com and the FBI, as much as that is true, You should know that I have a Terminal form of Brian disease (uncurable by MDs) and I may get very very very, sick from THIS UNCURABLE VIRUS.
Miss Kleinfeld (newspaper boss, worked hard to get where she is in life - doesn’t like websites): OH MY GOD Roxie I had no idea you were going to be dead. This is a very dramatic tone change used to finalize the working relationship between us Women. When are you going to be finalized with the disease?
Miss Roxie: May 10th but actually that is a HIPAA violation to ask and you will hear from my lawyers
Miss Kleinfeld: OH MY GOD Roxie I am so sorry can we make a website and go into the digital age for me to say sorry?
Roxie: yes and I was bullied in school and on line but I made lemonade from lemons

Written by Lillee Jean
Makeup for Movie by Lillee Jean
Actors played by Lillee Jean
Special thanks for Lillee Jean and Laur Trueman and I was bullied in school and so I left and now I’m 22 and successfull by Lillee Jean(namefagging)

No. 913533

File: 1682141453085.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.91 KB, 600x400, depositphotos_597693056-stock-…)

I always think her eyes are so blank and vacant. They lack warmth and sparkle. Besides her holding her eyes so wide open and having no intelligence behind them, the lighting definitely doesn't help. Makes her look like she has lizard eyes.

No. 913544

This is a joke right? You were joking when you posted this right?

No. 913545

I'm begging you newfags to fuck off back to your weird little Twitter circles or wherever you come from where this passes for humour.

No. 913546

One color jumpsuits always make short people look shorter (and dumpier), someone with Lillee's build should avoid jumpsuits, or at least break it up with some accessories. Bizarre that someone who claims to be so into beauty and fashion doesn't know this basic fashion rule but that's Lillee for you.

No. 913551

This has to be Fashion Nova, the fabric and cut is horrible. I suppose it’s also meant to have cropped legs.

No. 913576

This one >>906699 that you did was funnier, I just remembered "Bim Taj Mohel" which killed me at the time

No. 913591

I love Laur’s creativity. BIM TAJ MOHAL a totally made up name that sounds Indian chef kiss

No. 913663