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File: 1476718272528.png (873.42 KB, 933x599, Snapshot(5).png)

No. 327539

Miss Victoria Murder thread?
Old thread >>218886

she sperg'd all over it and now it's unreadable.



her levels of autism are unmatched.

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody.

Image sources:


No. 327540

File: 1476718434163.png (568.71 KB, 916x589, Snapshot(6).png)

WOW! much tomboy, such cool

No. 327541


inb4 she spams this thread under multiple proxies

I never knew anything about this girl until I saw all the spam in the last one. Holy shit.

Should I go pop some popcorn before she spergs out?

No. 327542

How did she Sperg for so long without farmhands intervening?

No. 327543

Yeah, I had no idea who she was until she brought SO much attention to her own thread. Too much!!

No. 327544

File: 1476720950506.jpg (80.72 KB, 490x720, 391638_185257971566330_7356601…)

Reposting in this thread because that terrible photoshop. those hands

No. 327545

File: 1476721177115.jpeg (13.93 KB, 300x196, WIIIILLLLLSSOOOONNNNNN.jpeg)

No. 327546

This edit may be hilarious, but the brunette in the front is absolutely gorgeous, so much prettier than Miss Piggy

No. 327547

Even when lolcowfarm is long gone, Vicky's sperg-out will remain: https://archive.is/hWXT1 ?

No. 327548

File: 1476722216012.jpg (63.32 KB, 443x600, lmooooooo.jpg)

Prepare for some unedited photos yall!

No. 327549

File: 1476722274661.jpg (41.96 KB, 500x400, lmaolmaol.jpg)

What even is that cringey Goodwill Goffik Belt

No. 327550

File: 1476722327368.jpg (84.21 KB, 540x720, OMG.jpg)


No. 327551

I love that this idiot is STILL bumping her old thread. >>184287

No. 327552


Welcome back, Victoria!

No. 327553


Up oh shes here! Looks like she'd better block off another day of not tattooing anyone and photo shopping her pictures so she looks like a deformed monster to give it to us trolls! Pathetic ass internet ham.

No. 327554

so shapeless wtf

No. 327555

File: 1476722811880.jpg (59.79 KB, 453x604, lol14.jpg)


OH fuck off victoria i think we're a bit past the whole "im not victoria" thing dont you? You're mentally unstable, and you can't stand that people are posting pictures of what you really look like. Keep stuffing that face vic, its only going to make your photoshops even more hilarious.

No. 327556

I hope you realize you're just encouraging people to read her threads

No. 327557

File: 1476723265161.jpg (97.53 KB, 453x604, lol13.jpg)

No. 327558

File: 1476723379764.jpg (87.22 KB, 720x960, 10460778_10154343837215594_275…)

I would sue her for this.

No. 327559


OH MY GOD why is everything she tattoos so disproportionate? That text if going to be black trash in a couple years.

No. 327560

I can't believe people still use their shitty MySpace names like "Victoria Bella-Morte" in 2016.

No. 327561


LMFAO look at the skeletal arm on this ~buxom beauty~

I love that all of Vicky's tattoos are self-portraits.

No. 327562


Probably because her real name is Victoria Shingleton

No. 327563


Okay, Victoria? What does that have to do with her still using a scene name in 2016?

No. 327564

" i'm not her but enjoy the spam. ;)"

Vicky, go badly tattoo someone or anything.

No. 327565


Lmao I didnt even notice that I was too distracted by the complete fuckup on that facial shadowing.

No. 327566


She should change her scene name to Vicky Shingles.

No. 327567


She claims it's because she has sewwww many stalkers but i think the real reason is because she doesn't want people to see pictures that her family has posted of her sans editing. gasp

No. 327568


Official petition to only refer to her from now on as Vicky Shingles.

No. 327569

Ah Vicky Shingles, you never left!

No. 327570



No. 327571


Where are you finding these unedited pics? I need more!

No. 327572

File: 1476724000786.jpg (67.23 KB, 800x800, 1357351712.jpg)

is she really 30? her eyebags are awful…

…whats going on with that right arm?

No. 327573


U mad, Vicky Shingles?

No. 327574


Oh yes vic vic shingles is mad.

No. 327575

File: 1476724162192.jpg (88.92 KB, 604x453, WAYTOBETHEWORST.jpg)


Just assorted fanpages

No. 327576

Does anyone know what city she lives in?

No. 327577


Fergus or Guelph i'm pretty sure. Little bumfuck town tbh

No. 327578

File: 1476724283326.jpg (17.07 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 327579

Is her stupid ass accent real?

No. 327580


Lmao no it's completely fake like everything else

No. 327581

File: 1476724569815.jpg (73.36 KB, 720x540, 720full-victoria-murder.jpg)

im..not victoria..you.narcissists




Victoria in a nutshell.

No. 327582


Someone needs to call the Guelph or Fergus police and request a wellness check on ~#Victoria Emma Shingletonミ★ Vicky Shingles

No. 327583

I'm currently creating a list of all the contact information of the victims of her scratching, I'm hoping to rally everyone together for a lawsuit against Victoria Shingleton to pay for the damages (ie; laser removal and cover-ups). Is that too far? I feel bad for those poor people, butchered then slandered. Karma is going to destroy this wench.

No. 327584

I was the anon willing to call yesterday, should I? She seems to be posing a threat to herself and others.

No. 327585

VIcky Shingles has done a lot of damage so I don't see why that would be going too far, as long as the victims are willing to participate obviously.


Up to you, can you do it anonymously?

No. 327586

File: 1476725336734.png (47.9 KB, 850x464, Screenshot from 2016-10-17 13:…)

No. 327587

VICTORIA. If you post one more spammy comment, I WILL be contacting your local police department to do a wellness check on you, and I am not joking. Any posts past this point, I am not at fault for whatever trouble it causes you. You desperately need help.("swatting" isn't allowed)

No. 327588

File: 1476725532148.png (6.89 KB, 254x65, Screenshot from 2016-10-17 13:…)


Guelph PD("swatting" isn't allowed)

No. 327589

Thank you anon, currently calling. I hope others do the same. Also, Farmhand in last thread is handling the situation and there will be an announcement about Victoria later today.

No. 327590

File: 1476725850978.jpg (51.55 KB, 604x453, vickyshingles3.jpg)

No. 327591

File: 1476726319502.jpeg (14.6 KB, 231x300, vic.jpeg)

No. 327592

Did somebody actually do it?

No. 327593

File: 1476726421797.jpg (169.14 KB, 645x600, vickyshinglesshoop.jpg)

Literally exactly this

No. 327594

Please stop reporting the spam posts for now, as we're aware of the situation and keeping an eye on the thread. We can't ban her right now since she's using a different IP for each spam post, but there will be an update soon, hopefully later today.

No. 327595

Thank you so much farmhands, sorry for the begging. I should have known it'd be taken care of! I'm excited for the update

No. 327596


Keep us posted on what happens!

No. 327597

Victoria Emma Shingleton
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

For posterity (i.e. Google ranking).

Hi Vicky Shingles.

No. 327598

File: 1476727194218.jpg (48.56 KB, 604x453, vickyshingles2.jpg)

In the meantime, here are some mroe shoopless shingles

No. 327599

File: 1476727395376.png (622.44 KB, 734x951, Screenshot from 2016-10-17 14:…)

No. 327600

LOL! I came across that too. She seems to be universally hated. Not for her rude, patronizing, narcissistic, low-intelligence, psychotic personality, it's because everyones just jelly

No. 327601

File: 1476727878247.jpg (71.06 KB, 540x960, Yt4p7v7qLj4.jpg)

Thank you!

No. 327602

oh my god, is it bad that I love how terrible this is hahahah

No. 327603

Hey Victoria, you know this image board saves EVERY thread ever posted? As in, nothing ever gets deleted. Even when people get bored of you and stop posting, all of these threads and your psychotic comments (which pretty soon will be marked with your name in big red letters) will be PERMANENTLY displayed on the internet forever, and anyone who ever looks up any variation of your name will 100% come across all of this. You've screwed up any hopes of a normal future. You've officially killed your reputation. RIP.

No. 327604

Holy shit, this is Nate Spergwood assailing 8chan levels of autism. This bitch right here is special.

No. 327605


If she hadn't posted her real name as some kind of weird defense for her shitty MySpace-era scene name, I wouldn't have been able to find this. It's on the first page when you Google her, hahaha https://www.google.com/search?q=victoria+shingleton+ontario

She's fucked.

No. 327606

File: 1476729030373.png (987.24 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6677.PNG)

No. 327607

File: 1476729087699.jpg (98.84 KB, 720x540, vickyshingles7.jpg)

Some more

No. 327608

File: 1476729159054.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6676.PNG)

No. 327609

all of her clothes look so ill-fitting on her, just why

Also getting my popcorn ready in anticipation for the mass unveiling

No. 327610

No. 327611

Vicky Shingles™ stomps in at 4:28 https://youtu.be/jJX5nE9SBq4?t=4m28s

No. 327612

Fat Lady Gaga vibes.

No. 327613

Somebody should ban Miss Piggy

No. 327614


Farmhand said here >>184375 and >>327594 that Vicky Shingles is using a different IP for each post, so they can't ban her. Imagine being that salty.

No. 327615

File: 1476731510004.jpg (270.49 KB, 800x719, 1442866062043.jpg)

Victoria said it was a bot, so she probably got one of her white knights to do this since she's obviously not smart enough to figure out something like that.

No. 327616

Does she say she's British because that's her only excuse for those fucked up chompers???

No. 327617

Ever since I started lurking Fuzzy-Teeth Shingle's threads, I've been working out a lot more and eating better (in fear of getting vic-status chub). So at least something good came from this!

No. 327618

Should we let her tire herself out or should we leave her for the admins?

No. 327619

hopefully anybody that's planning to get a tattoo from her does a quick google search and runs for the hills. we are doing the world a favor honestly

No. 327620

Surely she's got some shooping to get to.. can't keep the spam up much longer

No. 327621

I have a strong feeling she won't be scratching anyone anytime soon. Her reputation as a "tattoo artist" (I use that term very loosely) and as a person in general, is absolutely tarnished.

No. 327622


I'm really only checking to see if anything happened with anon calling the cops for a wellness check, and for when the mods out her posts.

No. 327623

File: 1476733479807.jpg (50.08 KB, 600x359, vickyshingles6.jpg)

vicky shingles: wet potato

No. 327624

File: 1476733935973.jpg (22.13 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)


No. 327625

File: 1476734029861.jpg (52.05 KB, 604x453, vickyshingles1.jpg)


No. 327626


her eyebrows are such a goddamn trainwreck like WHY DO THIS.

No. 327627

back in like '07 when i was a teen and scene kids were in for some reason line brows were in. she's never made it past that. plus she's probably overplucked them and now they can't grow properly

No. 327628


She willingly chooses to have her eyebrows look like that?

Victoria, stop sperging and go get yourself some ABH. Shit,if you're cheap, NYX and ELF make some cheap but good quality eyebrow products.

No. 327629


Good luck and Godspeed navigating these posts to find out.

Vicky's got quite a bit of time on her hands, it seems.

No. 327630

yeah, everyone had skinny brows back then, chavs, scene kids, the whole thick lush brow hadn't taken off. she's going to struggle getting make up to make them look fuller, she should go for eyebrow tattoos.

No. 327631


I've been using "Find in page" (or CTRL+F) and searching " No. " (with spaces before and after) to get to the top of each post.

No. 327632

We need to make a Vicky shingles fan page via insta and fb and include all her unedited photos

No. 327633

Me too, makes it pretty easy to navigate the thread. The spam is mildly annoying at best, but I’m sure Victoria thinks she’s a master troll.

No. 327634

I was just picturing her with thick, sharpie black, eyebrows kek

No. 327635

also calling. Will update later.

No. 327636

File: 1476739824225.png (4.82 KB, 197x90, images.png)

Victoria, if you are reading this (and we all know you are) please turn off your computer and get help.

No. 327637

File: 1476741346952.jpg (72.09 KB, 640x621, image.jpg)

Trying so hard to prove herself, pathetic.

No. 327638


thank you for the tip, anons.
the thread got a lot less hellish for me.

No. 327639

File: 1476741830138.jpg (133.42 KB, 700x471, y_56bc0941.jpg)

The weird thing is, I think we're all well aware she does these tattoos.

It's just that they're really terrible.

She clearly doesn't understand the fundamental differences between drawing on paper and tattooing on skin, and she'll keep fucking up bodies because she's too much of a narcissist to think she is doing anything wrong.

Another Vicky Shingle special, shooped to death.

No. 327640

Both this thread and the previous thread >>35202 have been cleaned of spam. I locked the old thread.

She / her friend(s) will probably continue to spam, but it will be removed quickly and easily from now on.

Any spam or similarly disruptive behavior after this point will result in full disclosure of all emails Victoria sent to lolcow.farm@gmail.com

No. 327641

File: 1476742226873.png (6.9 KB, 180x262, eee.png)

Thanks Mods! Also, how exciting!

No. 327642

Thank you! That's wonderful news

No. 327643

>Almost looks like i know what im doing or something

I love that she wrote this as a dig but it'll end up backfiring because some people will read the "almost" and decide they don't want her as their tattoo artist.

No. 327644


Yessssss mods thank you!

No. 327645

Also, since the spammer seems to love bumping this thread so much, I've saved them some time and stickied it.

No. 327646

lmfao ilu

No. 327647

File: 1476742606399.gif (754.72 KB, 420x314, d.gif)

Oh shit, this is just getting better and better

No. 327648


Draggggg her admin

No. 327649

File: 1476742740066.jpg (17.75 KB, 295x218, image.jpg)

In honour of this occasion, have some Vic teeth

No. 327650

"""""""**[lots more spam]**
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 327651

thank you for making it easier to collect evidence for the case.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 327652

File: 1476742904027.png (23.35 KB, 445x165, lel.png)

Just can't help yaself, can you?

No. 327653

File: 1476742995014.gif (982.06 KB, 390x259, pls.gif)

No. 327654

File: 1476743436497.jpg (111.88 KB, 709x709, IMG_20161017_092925.jpg)

Yes!!! Thank you for clearing this. I bet she's raging HARD right now. Haha Shingle, you lose!

No. 327655


I feel like if you actually look like that you wouldn't have to describe it in detail. It's like she's describing what she has in mind when she shoops

No. 327656


Did someone shoop this after the fact, or is this something she actually posted herself?

No. 327657

has anyone else noticed that this girl shoops herself to look exactly like a second life character? grossly inaccurate body proportions, huge scene hair, ridiculous ott makeup, garbage tattoos and a wardrobe that's the love child of ed hardy and a stripper?

No. 327658

I'm so fucking happy that "Vicky Shingles" caught on, and that this thread is stickied.

No. 327659


I'm glad that she spammed after the mod post so all of her emails to lolcow are gonna come out.

No. 327660

File: 1476744565243.png (705.18 KB, 1440x2291, Capture _2016-10-17-15-43-22-2…)

Idk if this was posted before, but she straight up sent kiwifarms a legal threat about lolcow by mistake. And on top of her stupidity self posted her own forum there to try and do damage control for her accident

No. 327661

File: 1476744645608.jpg (69.28 KB, 640x483, MHOPKx2l.jpg)

Victoria bella morte vs vicky shingles

No. 327662

File: 1476744781968.jpg (49.54 KB, 640x485, PYFoxA5l.jpg)

"No makeup" Victoria bella morte vs vicky shingles (I know she's wearing make up in both but it's the closest were ever gonna get lol)

No. 327663

File: 1476744920828.jpg (319.42 KB, 1632x1632, image.jpg)

Vic's dirty hands, stolen from the last thread

No. 327664

Does she have any proof that she's from Broughshane, or has ever been to Ireland?

No. 327665

File: 1476744998612.jpg (72.38 KB, 640x577, gjAPFkWl.jpg)

MySpace victoria bella morte vs myspace victoria shingles

(since she blames looking like a cow in her unedited photos because they're "old". you have plenty of old photoshopped pics and you still look nothing like the originals, dear.)

No. 327666

Can someone explains why she's from Ireland, lives in Canada, but is British and has a British accent?? I need mathematics

No. 327667

File: 1476745165675.png (292.48 KB, 683x507, Screenshot from 2016-10-17 18:…)

Audrey's wonky eye ;(

No. 327668

File: 1476745254523.png (10.61 KB, 331x115, Screenshot from 2016-10-17 19:…)

lol yeah Vicky, we can tell.

No. 327669

She could've been born to Irish parents in Ireland, moved to the UK and later emigrated on her own to Canada.
I don't follow this cow so idk.

No. 327670

Youre mistaken.. aubreys always had a lazy eye. I saw breakfast at tiffany on lsd, I remember

No. 327671

File: 1476745299110.png (76.64 KB, 713x476, IMG_9130.PNG)

gleeful reminder that OP should jealous! thanks to whoever archived last thread

No. 327672

File: 1476745467852.png (1.18 MB, 632x1364, sl.png)

I only let myself put 10 minutes of effort into this, but you are completely right. Probably the most accurate way to describe her shoopin.

No. 327673


No. 327674

File: 1476745649451.jpg (108.65 KB, 640x663, image.jpg)


Nobody asked you Vic, everyone knows you have nothing going on based on how much time you spend shooping your photos and spamming this thread.

No. 327675

You'd think of she was the tattoo artist & model she claims to be that's shed be able to afford a better phone. Her insta videos of her tattoos look like they were taken on a motorolla razor xD

No. 327676

Does anyone else get rhe impression that shes never actualy had a photosgoot in her life & that she takes photos of herself on self timer and shops herself into another dimension?

No. 327677

>….but my life was very tied up at the time with other things that were beyond my control.

No. 327678

File: 1476745941918.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, tumblr_mllin8jVuJ1s5746vo2_500…)

No. 327679


She did have one real photoshop the but the photographer didn't inflate her boobs x10000 and she had pancake boobs and was wide so she never posted it. Photos of it are in the last thread.

No. 327680

File: 1476746034725.jpg (61.1 KB, 680x1024, 9toOoWv6cek.jpg)

One of a few photos.

No. 327681


She used to drag her boyfriends around and cram a camera down their throat. Apparently that's one of the many reasons her last boyfriend dumped her.

No. 327682


"Okay babe, I took like 20 pics of you which one do I put on fb? "
- "omg none I have to shop them first, I can't look like myself in them!"

No. 327683

File: 1476746517346.png (794.5 KB, 984x697, Screenshot from 2016-10-17 19:…)

This interview is so fucking cringe-y.

No. 327684

This whole thing has turned into such a shit show.

And I love it.

No. 327685

Lmao the only reason Vicky shingles would turn down a TV opportunity would be so that people don't know what she really looks like

No. 327686

File: 1476746848673.png (153.92 KB, 218x354, HkbhJ4f.png)

She used to date a guy named adrien who left vicky for her friend (She butchered the poor girl with a scratched Edward scissorhands tattoo) and I always thought the other girl was way more average than vicky but since vicky shops her pics so much and wears makeup in her "no makeup" pics, who knows.. the other girl may be hotter

No. 327687

File: 1476746958459.png (706.84 KB, 1004x713, Screenshot from 2016-10-17 19:…)

No. 327688

File: 1476747037559.png (925.44 KB, 1003x713, Screenshot from 2016-10-17 19:…)

No. 327689


His new gf seems absolutely adorable and like a total sweetheart!

And as far as the rest of that goes, he could have dated a garbage bag full of cottage cheese and it would have been a step up from vshings.

No. 327690

File: 1476747102317.png (742.75 KB, 1002x712, Screenshot from 2016-10-17 19:…)

No. 327691

>>327683 lol she's so dumb it's definitely Interview with THE Vampire, Vicky

No. 327692

Samantha Prowse...you mean the girl that fucked every guy in the house besides one that Victoria lived in and also Adrien? Classy...
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 327693

See this is kind of nice. Without the huge ass eyelashes and the 15 pounds of caked on makeup she has a very sweet face in this I think. It's a shame she won't fix her attitude though.

No. 327694


Omg imagine the poor soul who had to approve this for publishing. It's so disgustingly self indulgent.

> the first time I didn't wear glasses or have my hair tied back a guy hit a pole looking at me

Okay every teen highschool movie, calm the fuck down lmao I'm actually crying that's so hilarious. I can't believe she buys her own bullshit.

No. 327695


Haven't you learned you lesson Vic? Get your saggy tits out of this thread.

No. 327696

File: 1476747516312.jpg (53.54 KB, 960x960, ayy.jpg)


Quit spamming the thread, Vicky Shingles! Your dumb comment doesn't even make any sense!

Anyways, they're engaged now and it's pretty cute. I'm happy he's away from that evil narcissist.

No. 327697

>>327692 sorry, Vic. Didn't mean to touch a fresh wound…is that why you butchered her leg?

No. 327698

File: 1476747556095.png (792.46 KB, 1003x715, Screenshot from 2016-10-17 19:…)


I can't believe how bad this is. It's almost word salad.

No. 327699

>>327693 ok Vic but you edited that pic, too

No. 327700

>I come from a long line of elite knights tracing back generations.

I guess that explains her sick sword skillz, hahahaha.

No. 327701

It's insane how much she and Bunny Alexander look alike!

No. 327702

File: 1476747711455.jpg (536.54 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161017_193755.jpg)

>Sends a fake cease and desist email to the wrong website
>shitting up long dead threads to ~☆ Sh0W DA H8rs ☆~


No. 327703

>>327700 lmfaoooooo

No. 327704

Name: Vicky 'Sadness Lilly' Shingles aka Victoria Emma Shingleton aka Victoria 'Murder' Bella-Morte

No. 327705

Age: 46

No. 327706

Oh hey stripperwife.

No. 327707

LMFAO she deleted her post.

>No. 184689

>>>184684 Bunny used to actually be super pretty. She quit shopping her pics when she stopped hanging out with vic and she looked way better without it. But ever since shes been with her husband, she turned into a Harley Quinn fan wanna be and cuts herself :/

No. 327708

File: 1476748309852.jpg (505.12 KB, 637x1116, PhotoGrid_1476748118906-1.jpg)

>>327701 no vic you only look like her bc you edited it. Bunny is way prettier than you, no photoshop needed. AND she isn't scared to upload makeup free pics even if she doesn't look all that great. She actually doesn't care what other people think unlike your narcissistic ass

No. 327709

I'm not Vicky, although I wouldn't put it past her to shoop herself to look more like Bunny, who actually IS cuter than Vicky now.

No. 327710

lmfao vicky shingles, grow the fuck up

No. 327711

Hi Bunny

No. 327712

Bunny went through that cunty i have fans so I'm better than u phase too. Seems she grew out of it but I feel like she does a ton of drugs based on the state of her skin. Wouldn't be uncommon. ~stripperlyfe~ does that to people. Mind you bunny used to shoop her shit retarded too but she was worse at it.

No. 327713

How are you all so good at finding unedited pics of vicky shingles? It's easier finding her unsanitized tattooing needles in a haysack -_-

No. 327714

>>327712 quit trying to put the attention off of you, Vic. No one cares about your old little minion

No. 327715

File: 1476748851698.jpg (77.97 KB, 640x454, image.jpg)

The guy on the right could totally smell her

No. 327716

File: 1476748857342.png (110.62 KB, 645x618, Screenshot from 2016-10-17 19:…)


No. 327717

File: 1476749076683.jpg (45.59 KB, 568x414, image.jpg)

More unshooped shingles

No. 327718

She looks like she would be so fucking annoying in person, especially at parties.

No. 327719

File: 1476749326584.jpg (103.81 KB, 561x851, image.jpg)

In case anyone missed her actual photoshoot pics that she didn't edit herself.

No. 327720

File: 1476749519603.jpg (102.52 KB, 561x851, image.jpg)


I'm crying

No. 327721

File: 1476749583349.jpg (69.26 KB, 640x483, inbSeC5.jpg)

>>327719 lmfao I can't handle how hilarious this is xD

No. 327722

Can't decide what's more tragic: hair or eyebrows

No. 327723

File: 1476749817997.jpg (44.64 KB, 596x628, ed7.jpg)

No. 327724

> people always ask me and no I've never had any work done.

Obviously, kek.

No. 327725

File: 1476749978850.png (36.63 KB, 547x325, fuc.png)

Was going through some old screenshots since I like to immortalize some of the inane things she posts online, and this cracked me up all over again

No. 327727

File: 1476750180488.jpg (105.02 KB, 561x851, image.jpg)

This is totally not edited in any way and yes my boobs are real peasants

No. 327728

File: 1476750265808.png (51.99 KB, 463x460, holyshit.png)

More fun, totally not narcissistic and delusional, comments.

No. 327729


Her comments on her own posts are some of the most cringey, tragic things I have ever seen. So gross.

No. 327730

Lol admin is gonna expose you i cant wait to see how cringy your emails to lolcow are

No. 327731


Please keep spamming I want to see the admins drag you

No. 327732

File: 1476751617225.jpg (49.52 KB, 640x485, MonfR5e.jpg)


If only he knew…only idiots can't tell she has lipstick on and photoshopped eyelashes and eyebrow hairs on herself lmao. She is such a catfish

No. 327733

Thanks, Admin, can't wait to see the emails.

No. 327734


I'm so excited

No. 327735

What did it say?

No. 327736

It was the same as her usual spam, like

and a bunch of gibberish.

No. 327737

File: 1476753380834.png (1.33 MB, 1000x981, tumblr_l3f9lgfYKc1qaforlo1_128…)

End Sharpen Tool Abuse Now!

No. 327738

File: 1476754472831.jpg (40.77 KB, 609x678, image.jpg)

> I'm skinny and you can see my ribs poking out but I'm tonnnnned

Did you mean gut

No. 327739

What in God's name are those lip piercings(?)

No. 327740

Her stomach looks so squishy

No. 327741

What is even the point of wearing jeans when they have this many holes? Just wear shorts??????

No. 327742

Bc she's so edgy and looks like a boy

No. 327743

File: 1476758224073.jpeg (16.45 KB, 200x303, doubt it boo.jpeg)

>science lectures

No. 327744

File: 1476758684396.jpg (4.7 KB, 168x168, download.jpg)

I wanna jump on her belly

No. 327745

File: 1476758834085.jpg (6.03 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpg)


No. 327746

Guess who has a page for Vicky Shingles now


No. 327747

Yesssss!!!! Too good. Can't wait for her to see it and ED gets a message from the lawyer department.

No. 327748

sausage legs


And to think, her thread probably would have petered out pretty quickly if she hadn't sperged out nonstop in it.

No. 327749

>>>/snow/35202 has been updated.

No. 327750

Holy fuck, literally 30% of the posts in >>>/snow/35202 are Vicky Shingles'

No. 327751


No. 327752

Haha oh wow.

No. 327753

LOL I died reading this, she literally fucked herself over by bumping her own thread,I can't believe a narcissist like this exists

No. 327754


Holy shit. That girl loves herself way too much.

Kind of hoping she comes back and makes an ass out of herself even more, just to get bitchslapped by the mods again kek

No. 327755

Omg! Thank you guys SO MUCH. I knew you guys would put her in her place. Man, I can skip the coffee, this is the best way to start my day.

No. 327756

File: 1476789389211.jpg (62.63 KB, 640x497, image.jpg)

One of the saddest things about this is that I think she seriously overestimates her fanbase and her popularity. She thought it was believable that all these fans would come running to defend her. Currently going through her old thread and yikes.

No. 327757

Yesss mods!! And her thread got moved out of snow hahahah I hope she's pissed and comes back to make a fool of herself

No. 327758

I really hope this brings some satisfaction to all the people she's mangled and then attacked over the years. Claiming people who are permanently scarred/disappointed/at risk for serious infection from her tattoos are just trying to be her and are just jealous is one of the most disgustingly ignorant thing a tattoo artist/human being can do.

No. 327759

File: 1476798385683.jpg (64.18 KB, 604x401, lol2.jpg)

I'm so glad this got pinned. Mods are slaying.

No. 327760

File: 1476800112990.png (18.56 KB, 494x165, madhouse.PNG)

Oh the irony.

No. 327761

Gj mods, you guys are ruthless. Shows that you guys won't let her fuck around that easy around here. I honestly felt a lot of second hand embarrassment for her on that snow thread.

No. 327762


I hope shes making a good living blowing smoke up her own ass. For such a self-proclaimed ~intellectual super psychologist~ she sure is blind to her own deeply flawed red flag behavior.

No. 327763

>>Trying this hard to look intelligent and coming off pretentious af.

She didn't even answer the question asked with her pretentiousness. Also a lot of intelligent people don't brag about watching science lectures in their spare time: it's almost as if they don't feel like they have anything to prove or aren't insecure as fuck…odd…

No. 327764

She hasn't posted anything on any of her social media yet today (at least last I checked). Hopefully she's been placed under psychiatric care. OR is currently shitting herself and frantically trying to cover her tracks and being laughed at by lawyers she's contacting.

No. 327765


I have a feeling shes scrambling, that was so embarassing. and now its there forever.

No. 327766

just posted a really lazy, sloppy shoop on fb. random blurs everywhere.

No. 327767

She definitely needs to legally change her name at this point (and her attitude). I feel a bit of second'hand embarrassment for her, but it's mostly lulzy. She deserves to be exposed for the Fraud she is.

No. 327768

File: 1476809457280.png (328.05 KB, 416x491, 2deep4u.PNG)

Being exposed as a big bitch baby throwing tantrums for hours wasn't very calculated!!

>self-reported "intellectual"
>can't spell 'thoughtful' correctly despite most browsers and phones having spellcheck


At this point I expect her to honestly believe the spellcheck is wrong and that she knows the one true way to spell 'thoughtfull'

No. 327769


Lmao it literally looks like shes making a hhmphhhhhh face. Master troll has been defeated.

Also am I crazy or does she have a serious lazy eye going on in this picture?????

No. 327770

LMFAO her left eye is definitely trying to escape.

No. 327771


Gotta keep one eye on the trolls lmao.

Also that spelling error. I swear at this point she couldn't put her foot any farther down her own throat.

All those posts in snow where she was pretending to be her own ex boyfriends and talking about how beautiful she is

That was hard to read. So cringey.

No. 327772

File: 1476810983258.png (87.93 KB, 1209x214, yike.PNG)

This 'ex-boyfriend' posts are almost too honest lmao.

No. 327773

File: 1476811112722.png (274.25 KB, 1330x434, Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 11.1…)

No. 327774

File: 1476811335290.jpg (81.53 KB, 600x805, n08A8NO.jpg)



When nobody's told you that you're a thin beautiful genius in over 10 minutes

No. 327775

File: 1476811884018.jpg (130.68 KB, 640x1007, image.jpg)

I cringed so hard I got a leg cramp when I saw this.

No. 327776

File: 1476812326506.jpg (75.3 KB, 604x453, 1475549073066.jpg)

christ this is such a trainwreck

No. 327777

File: 1476815759007.gif (765.77 KB, 244x180, 1473556990014.gif)


>wow, it's not my fault I gained weight and my ink stretched, i have a thyroid problem, fuck you

this is literally the best thing I have read all day

No. 327778

File: 1476816422160.jpg (722.29 KB, 1200x902, cb9.jpg)

guys walk into signposts bc i am no longer the geeky quiet girl but beautiful glowing final fantasy character who is SUCH A TOMBOY AT WORK and guys and also am SO KIND to every one i meet and I am on THE HONOR ROLL for my astrophysics/law/medical/arts degree and I have good medical knowlege from my mom's textbooks and for some inexplicable reason I talk with a british accent and beware my SHARP TONGUE because i am also a linguist

No. 327779


Oh my goddddddd im dying. why does every fat person use the thyroid problem excuse?

No. 327780


lmao I love this.


I feel like these posts are a perfect example of Vic not fully understanding what lolcow is like. Firstly, we're mostly girls, and secondly, no one says "dduuuuuddddeeee dating tips" ever

No. 327781


Lmao the term "dating tips" is so unclear and doesn't make actual sense at all. My guess is she was reading these posts while funneling alcohol into her face and just completely forgot how actual people talk. Or she was completely sober and is actually just that dumb.

No. 327782

This is what it felt like while reading the previous thread.

No. 327783

File: 1476817902061.jpeg (69.58 KB, 750x482, image.jpeg)


No. 327784

File: 1476818054826.jpg (8.48 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)

>> “There is nothing betrothed in the afterlife. I’ll watch the stars like immortal specters and see them fall to dust…i’ll play in crystal constellations, and hope it holds my infinitesmial heart in it’s intricate web of glowing beauty, like luminescent fireflies in it’s inverted heartcrushing paroxysmal complexity.” - both quotes by moi 2002, 2010

this is an actual quote from her fb account

No. 327785


>both quotes by moi 2002, 2010


I bet that took her 3 hours what with all the thesaurus.com digging and whatnot.

No. 327786

Someone needs to submit this shit to /r/iamverysmart - that example has everything: thesaurus abuse, bad philosophy, the pseudo-intellectualism and quoting herself….twice in one post!

No. 327787

File: 1476818820880.jpg (56.53 KB, 1280x720, 636069016970009865-909728164_s…)


Oh my god this bitch is 110% kek. Everything she says, no matter what, is just a compliment to herself.


Holy fuck im dead.

No. 327788

File: 1476818933505.png (88.19 KB, 575x871, Screenshot from 2016-10-18 15:…)


All of her favorite quotes are her own except one, and it's wrong.

No. 327789

No. 327790

File: 1476819381130.png (181.04 KB, 932x595, lol.PNG)

Do you think anyone has ever called her "vault" before? Or is it just her band of alter-egos (who shat all over the last thread) who whisper these things to her?

That's a rhetorical question. I always knew she was a bit out-there and annoying, but only since mod intervention did I realize how batshit crazy she actually is.

>I have two modes
>Do a badass job
>Don't do it

Wow I really wish that was true, for the sake of all the people you've fucked up with your tattoo machine.

No. 327791

File: 1476819385409.jpg (16.31 KB, 280x390, main_661381a.jpg)


>religious views: i'd illuminate you, but you wouldn't comprehend

No. 327792

File: 1476819436798.png (20.92 KB, 351x226, Screenshot from 2016-10-18 15:…)


No. 327793


Omg that's the cringiest, edgelord, myspace, hxc thing i've ever read. GURL YOU'RE 30.

No. 327794

File: 1476819575076.png (32.73 KB, 361x232, Screenshot from 2016-10-18 15:…)

>Behind these pale green eyes of mine lurks a delusory intellect that apon first notice

No. 327795

File: 1476819642534.png (55.6 KB, 349x563, Screenshot from 2016-10-18 15:…)


No. 327796

>Graced Magazines with my tattoo work, or likeness

No. 327797

File: 1476819846511.png (58.28 KB, 381x658, Screenshot from 2016-10-18 15:…)

This is all in the Awards section because the poor dear has never actually won anything.

No. 327798

File: 1476819957837.gif (972.66 KB, 500x280, jesus.gif)

>graced magazines with my tattoo work or likeness

>I can admit my own faults…

I really don't understand how people look at this trainwreck and go "yeah, this is someone I want to engage with."

No. 327799

File: 1476820035970.gif (717.72 KB, 500x279, giphy.gif)


What a long list of absolutely nothing you've accomplished vic.

No. 327800

I have one friend on Facebook who "likes" her page. He's a total neckbeard, and I can't tell if he just follows her for keks or if he actually "likes" her, because he seems like one of those guys who keeps those weird posters of "fantasy" chicks with disproportionate tits and swords and dragons and shit in his room at his mom's house, and only listens to butt rock on the radio. Which is precisely Victoria's "fanbase."

No. 327801

If he's a neckbeard, he's most certainly one of her "fans". They're the only people dumb enough to believe her shoops are real.

No. 327802

File: 1476821278767.gif (Spoiler Image,126.53 KB, 500x327, cannotunsee2.gif)

No. 327803

It's like ginger bronson without the myspace typing. Christ.

No. 327804

File: 1476824455020.jpeg (14.27 KB, 338x225, 1468805813134.jpeg)

>looking like something that walked out of final fantasy

No. 327805


Lmao I was just sitting here reading her bio out loud and everybody just started dying.

No. 327806

Did she hit 14 and stop maturing intellectually?

No. 327807

It's super pathetic that her entire life is getting off to fedoras calling her beautiful when it's all fake. I wonder what she's going to do for the rest of her life.

No. 327808

there are so many girls just like her that I know of and I can't fucking stand them. What do they ever end up doing with their lives?

No. 327809

Someone tried to start a thread at 8ch and they don't know who she is.

No. 327810

Haha, what fans? She almost definitely did the spamming herself using proxy sites. Loser.

No. 327811

File: 1476834471126.jpg (57.83 KB, 640x454, image.jpg)


Yeah it was all her lmao

No. 327812

File: 1476835590831.jpg (101.71 KB, 624x979, image.jpg)

She can't be serious

No. 327813

She was the spammer.

No. 327814

I don't get why she tries to combat shit talk about her terrible Photoshop skills with more awful edited photos

No. 327815

My favourite Vicky shingles defence is that anyone who has blonde hair, wears makeup and has terrible eyebrows is ~trying to be her~

No. 327816


The capability that obese people have of maintaining their delusions is truly fascinating.
Everybody can see how fat she is with a quick glance. The only person she's managed to convince that she's "perfect BMI" is herself.

No. 327817

File: 1476838858795.png (20.55 KB, 483x208, watchdocs.PNG)

"I-I watch documentaries all the time! All day, I watch docs because I'm Smart! I-I'm your dream girl, trust me!"

No. 327818

Vic, the sad thing is all you had to do was keep your mouth shut instead of bumping your own thread. Thank you for this goldmine.

No. 327819

Vicky, when was the last time you set foot in (or "put your head in") a fucking science lab?

No. 327820


…yeahhh she's a gross human in all but can we stray away from the ana-hyperbole before it gets out of hand. Thank you.

No. 327822

I think she would be medically obese by the looks of those photos of her on the runway

No. 327823

I usually agree, and I'd really have no problem with her size if she didn't shoop away half her body and repeatedly insist she's "only two hands wide" (kek)

No. 327824

Oh wow, and she calls herself "beautiful" and "perfect" all the time too, when you literally can't see an inch of her real face under the pounds of makeup. And she admits to photoshopping herself beyond recognition anyway. This is the buttery delusion that I come here for.

Like, yeah hun, everyone looks "pretty" when your face is literally painted on with makeup and none of your natural features are showing. Everyone can do that. Men do that even. I swear I've seen her exact face on a drag queen before. If she painted a potato instead of her face, the potato would come out looking more like "her" than she does in the morning.

I really think that after sanitizing anything that shows her real self for so long, she's forgotten how average and chunky and uneducated she really is. She thinks so highly of herself when it's like… what? What have you ever done to be proud of? A couple shitty tattoos and some hilariously deformed photoshops?
That's probably why she keeps up with the pseudointellectual bullshit actually. Some part of her deep down realizes that she doesn't know jack shit about science or philosophy or literature, or anything of importance really, so she tries to put on a front as though academia was ever actually an option for her to convince herself that she's less of a useless airhead.

No. 327825

I am not ana, just not American. She looks for sure obese to me. Admittedly on the lower end of obese, but she has definitely passed the simply "overweight" or "chubby" line. Her arms are like sausage rolls and extend past her sides. Her gut extends past her boobs in that fashion show video. And let's not forget that those huge saggy fatgirltits, the one part of her fat that she doesn't photoshop away, contribute a good amount of extra weight too.

No. 327826

File: 1476841015530.jpg (82.62 KB, 640x481, image.jpg)


I can't find it but she has claimed to have an iq of 200 before. Yeah ok Vic.

No. 327827

Is this recent? If so I feel good that she took my advice and made an effort to try and hide her hair warping into her waist. Now it's just inexplicably and unnaturally jutting away from her body in the opposite direction. Keep trying Vicky Shingles. You'll get it one day. Probably not anytime soon and not without some sort of formal training class on photoshop. My local library gives classes to borderline computer illiterate middle-aged people for free, look into it

No. 327828

File: 1476841538342.png (117.78 KB, 476x926, vicky.png)

She has some things to say about her body composition. See guys, it's just too troublesome for her to eat enough to get fat! You've got it all wrong.

No. 327829


Kek. As if spamming builds muscle. better not get too muscular now.

All she does is sit on her ass and eat (and it shows) then suck it all in with photoshop and serve it up to the fedora masses.

No. 327830

Whyyy does she talkk like thissss

No. 327831

I'm still so unsure as to why anyone thought I was her. I still stand by what I said.

I believe that she can be defined as a malignant somatic narcissist with cerebral narcissistic tendencies as well. Predominately she gains ego supply through affirmations of her sex appeal. Secondarily, she uses her self-perceived mental prowess as a way to justify manipulating others (in this case I can see through lies, professions of grandiosity and generalized deception). It's probably worse irl - these people can be emotionally abusive without feeling true remorse.

The sad truth about most narcissists is that they either weren't loved enough, or were loved too much by their parents. In the deepest part that elaborately built glass palace is a sad child who needs to heal & be loved.

I hope she gets help and feels better. I hope she finds meaning in her life outside of getting attention online via a made up identity that doesn't exist.

Maybe I just didn't come off like a jerk enough for it to be recognized as actual constructive advise?

And not to be a dick, but I am actually educated on this. And not Vicky.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 327832

ok dr. sadness lilly

No. 327833

>i am actually educated on this

congrats, no one cares. why did you make a second post? We figured out which posts were Vicky, you idiot.

No. 327834

Haha, I know. Thanks farmhands for clearing that up. Anon you were SO sure I was her! I'm clearly the idiot here, Lmao. Still so much the dumb.

I'm no doctor. I might be wrong! Figured maybe some non bullying input might actually help this poor woman.

As for you, I wonder how many different ways you can say "she's actually fat"? Maybe you need to borrow Vicky's thesaurus, I hear it only has 5 syllable words and up.

No. 327835


You sound like you have a puffy vagina.

No. 327836

Lol I'm not the anon who thought you were her. The anon who assumed that was indeed the dumb, but you are just embarrassing yourself in this thread. You can't even reply to a post.

No. 327837

This is because i don't care enough about you to figure it out. I know that hurts, sorry

No. 327838

because you are the dumb

No. 327839

no, it's because i don't care about you and you're unworthy of my love

No. 327840

>I'm not retarded, just lazy!

No. 327841

File: 1476854202829.jpg (416.09 KB, 750x750, ringdingdingo-1471534575363.jp…)

This girl sounds like a literal neckbeard oml.

No. 327843

File: 1476859492368.gif (493.69 KB, 400x226, BishPleeze.gif)

>>327831 >>307226 >>327837 >>307240

>Claims to be "educated" in the mental health field

>Claims lolwcow needs a "non bullying input [opinion]"
>Posts a bullying statement "…i don't care about you and you're unworthy of my love…"
>Claims Vaca Bella Morte is narcissistic, but creates 4 posts under a narcissistic user tripfaggy name "sadness lilly" within an Anonymous-oriented image board.

Wow. That level of consistency and professionalism.

Tell us again why anyone of us should even care about your opinion. Show us your expertise credentials or you're called out for your bs. GTFO for derailing the thread.

ミ★ The More You Know

No. 327844

Dont forget bullying the anon who thought she was Vic by calling them "the dumb"


No. 327845

Are you the same poster over on /b/ who thinks they can "profile" housewife chan?
If you are you need to quit. Your posts honestly read like an undergraduate who just took a psych 101 course. No professional would claim to make an "educated" diagnosis on somebody just from seeing their social media posts even if they display obvious characteristics of something.

Feel free to partake in the petty rabble and gossip but for pete's sake don't pretend you're giving any insight that's above the general posters here.

No. 327846

Watching documentaries doesn't make you the same as a scientist who works in a lab any more than visiting a zoo makes you a koala bear.

>>she has claimed to have an IQ of 200 before.
Claims to have an IQ higher than Albert Einstein (his was between 160-190), but models and is a tattoo artist for a living…sure…I'm gonna bet she used one of those online IQ tests that go up to 320. Even with legitimate IQ tests they are known to be highly flawed, not an accurate measure of intelligence (too limited) and only useful for diagnosing learning difficulties and disorders in children. It supposed to indicate what you're potentially capable of: that's it.

Yeah take your psych 101-based armchair diagnosis elsewhere. If you're not her nor her psych doctor, you actually have no place speculating in great detail about what mental disorders she may have using info she has posted on the internet and then posting it on the fucking internet. And if you're the slightest bit educated in this area as you claim to be, you should have already known that tbf.

No. 327847

File: 1476897647227.jpg (70.99 KB, 720x960, 1471856225012.jpg)

you know what? I'll bet this whole thing is really getting to her; she's so unhinged and we're being so savage. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up taking her own life, because she relies so heavily on this virtual(see: false) image of herself. If you're reading sticky vikki, please don't kill yourself. There's no reason why you can't just take this one like a champ. Get your head out of your arse, girl. Learn a lesson in humility

No. 327848

File: 1476899663417.png (515.31 KB, 970x850, Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 11.5…)

Did anyone else find it really weird the way she sperged out about the draw anon posts?

No. 327849

The joke flew past her head and she didn't realize she was being made fun of. She legitimately though the photos were just silly drawings

No. 327850


I noticed that too and I can't tell if she just didn't get it or if she was peak breakdown at that point.

Mind you it's probably more likely that it just went over her head. The other posts she sperged out with at the time were all "I think shes a total babe super genius but these are really funny".

No. 327851

File: 1476906018803.jpg (91.99 KB, 400x400, 1311947803699.jpg)

No. 327852

LMAO anon why didn't you warn me for volume?
Oh my god she looks like those neckbeards who think they're badass samurais because they swing around unsharpened swords and slice into water bottles. I was getting ready for her to accidentally take out that cheap chandelier.

No. 327853

File: 1476909753472.jpg (36.19 KB, 438x459, 1468073727363.jpg)

>I wasn't going too nuts..I was in a ball gown. Thanks
Scott Penfold
For taking this video. My friend Nik Wanted to see more sword stuff so here you go man. :) next time I want to take a video without a dress on…and someone swinging at their pace near me to show a good comparison of how fast I get with this thing.

>the video is clearly sped up because of how quickly the camera keeps trying to correct the lighting/focus

>also dat chin from the side

o-okay fam!

No. 327854

Reading the old thread was funny at first but then it just got scary. I didn't really keep up with it since there was so much. She honestly seems like a scary person to be around because she's clearly insane.

No. 327855

File: 1476917810812.gif (996.85 KB, 245x229, IMG_2478.GIF)

Same! "Only an intellectual such as myself can wield such an ancient deadly weapon"

No. 327856

Yeah it was like a slow descent into madness.

No. 327857


She's the same in person. People I used to hang out with would bring her around despite my protesting. Self-indulgent, complementing herself constantly, smelling like a fucking dumpster fire. Being around her was so hard. You didn't want to be mean because obviously she's not all there but it got so annoying. Plus she would treat everyone else there like she was 1000 miles above them while spewing bullshit about her iq. Everyone just felt sorry for her and she was such a downer.

No. 327858

File: 1476926357087.gif (483.94 KB, 500x277, tumblr_lzpabmz26c1qemz6qo1_500…)

No. 327859

This is so fucking cringey. Four minute of the same pose, closeups of her dumb face, or cuts to black. You should mute this.

No. 327860

That outfit is sooo cybergoth mall!: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwvzP2JcFtg) kek

That camera work. They keep hiding her in the shadows and using a distorted focal-length on the lenses, like as if camera man is hiding her actual shape.

No. 327861

File: 1476930038257.png (75.02 KB, 498x737, samuraibloodlinelol.png)

she is so kool and unique guyz~ not like da other gurls!

No. 327862


>cue the neckbeard reassurance to piece her shattered ego back together.

No. 327863


If she could ever post one REAL HONEST VIDEO where she's not slapped up in 6 corsets or random blackouts or unexplained glitchy ness she would be able to actually prove what we're saying wrong. But she cant do that which is the most obvious indication of lying.

That sword video was obviously sped up and SOOO CRINGEY. 76 views, 1 thumb up and 4 thumbs down. Kek.

No. 327864

Video of her actual accent


No. 327865


Some more here- just at the very beginning though, don't bother watching the rest of it.

I really do wonder where the fake accent obsession came from, it's REALLY out there.

No. 327866

Yeah, c'mon Vic! Prove the haters wrong!

No. 327867

Her hair is atrocious; the extensions are seriously not doing her any favors. She should just take them out, go back to her natural color (or something that does not require bleach) and rock a pixie cut to let her hair grow out a bit/recover. Because right now it looks like a fright wig.

No. 327868

File: 1476977410412.jpg (100.73 KB, 704x807, sZzWOdv5_uE.jpg)

Ratty extensions pics, go!

Which is most of her pics, honestly.

>impossible waist shoop

No. 327869

>yes we are and were ;)
So condescending, wow

No. 327870


>what did you study?

casually doesn't answer that part because she doesn't actually study anything.

No. 327871


When your arms are too hammy to shoop thin, just shave it with a random black shadow to make it appear cute and slender.

No. 327872

File: 1476987614554.jpg (443.48 KB, 624x1000, tumblr_lcqjcv2dLP1qaforlo1_128…)

those extensions tho

does anyone have any more true-life stories/experienced anything re. Victoria? I especially like the ones where people discuss her odor.

No. 327873


Those look like plastic. All that shooping and you cant even make an effort to blend your extensions in? It literally looks like shes wearing one long strand of plastic hair draped over her shoulders like a scarf.

No. 327874

File: 1476988385291.jpg (103.92 KB, 640x542, image.jpg)

Oh wait! She was just hidingher accent in earlier videos. Lmao she's definately lurking here still.

Her accent is the fakest, most pandering thing I've ever heard. Again, something she's been faking for years and still hasn't gotten better at.

No. 327875

File: 1476988795575.jpg (115.34 KB, 769x1024, lel.jpg)

LMFAO she is so full of shit. It must have been soooo hard to hide your accent for so long, because y'know.. that's how accents work and all. You're so smart! /s

Anyways, here is a picture from nearly 10 years ago. Bad extensions of course, but just wanted to show that she's been aging poorly since forever. Those eyebags at 19/20? I almost feel bad for her.

No. 327876

File: 1476988800186.png (39.6 KB, 732x202, IMG_6725.PNG)

I know this was on the old thread, but I just HAD to remind everyone of it. She's so fucking disgustingly arrogant. ?

No. 327877

ugly duckling but also so hot she made every guy hit sign posts? i don't get where you're goin with this shingles

No. 327878

>trying to wife me


No. 327879


One of the grossest things i've ever read. She hangs all over guys at parties, even if she doesn't know them and I've never seen one person react positively. She thinks every guy that comes across her is dying to get with her but as soon as she leaves the room everyone just talks about how uncomfortable it was.

No. 327880

File: 1476989639587.jpg (9.81 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

I love how, repeatedly, she reports guys walking into 'signposts'.

It's always the fucking signposts; haha her delusions are WORSE than neckbeard-tier. She thinks her life is an anime

No. 327881

File: 1476989924000.gif (499.56 KB, 500x288, tumblr_inline_nonfyeXigP1rbra2…)

>sure vic.

But of course it is! Guys are dying to fall at her dirty feet and bury their faces in her HUGE BOOBS AND MANY CHINS that smell like vanilla and Jack Daniels. I'm so happy all of her posts got exposed. It really puts into perspective the extent of her over inflated ego and narcissistic delusions. Literally not one person said anything nice about her except for herself.

No. 327882

File: 1476993690016.jpg (26.2 KB, 360x479, sgfefgsdfsd.jpg)

>actual lazy eye?

No. 327884

File: 1476995770939.png (280.08 KB, 367x488, vickyshingles.png)

She looks like a 38-year-old "cool mom" who buys booze and cigs for her teenage kids and hits on their friends.

You'd think someone who was on honour roll would be capable of ending a sentence with a period instead of ellipses.

Yup, definitely has the "cool mom" vibe here. She looks old enough to be that chick's mom.

Gotta love that her face is the center of the picture, and her friend is shoved off to the side. Narcissistic af.

No. 327885

File: 1476995958011.jpg (41.25 KB, 604x453, eyebags supreme.jpg)


Even if she says these are like 10 years old that means that she was 19 - early 20's in these pictures and she looks at least 35? I don't understand how you even GET eye bags like that.

No. 327886

I actually met her last weekend at the bovine sex club(fitting). she was there to meet up with my friend. He was so astonished with how different she looked in person he left with someone else.

She really looks nothing at all like how she does in her photos. shes very short, overweight, and no where near as hourglassed shaped as she shops her self to be (fairly blocky you can tell she use's clothing tricks to give her a shape). her extentions were awful she was wearing full drag makeup (i've actually never seen someone wear so much makeup before) and she was dressed like a pirate's wench. she was extremely annoying to have to meet and interact with (loud, high pitched voice,
obviously fake accent which was even more hilaroius to hear when she slipped up). no notes on her aroma. didnt bother getting close enough to her.

shes overall disappointing.

No. 327887

File: 1476996377726.jpg (47.03 KB, 483x504, 1473802389354.jpg)

she lives in my town lol

No. 327888


I live close and go to downtown Guelph all the time, now I have to worry about this shit.

No. 327889

She looks like JNig.

No. 327890

File: 1476998809406.gif (234.32 KB, 210x131, mrqrA.gif)

>no notes on her aroma.

No. 327891

Damn she really does. Which one has worse skin or hygiene who knows

No. 327892


Omg if she looked 35 when she was 20 how old did she look last weekend?

No. 327893

>>327891 D: don't say such cruel things! Jnig is way hotter and though she won't show us what she looks like w.out makeup, she doesn't need to shop herself to smithereens

No. 327894

>she doesn't need to shop herself to smithereens
You serious? Lmao

No. 327895

why does she always say Britain and that she's British, I'm English and I'd never be like i'm British? Like everyone I know what country they were from, or the odd one the UK but I never hear it referred to as British by a British person..

No. 327896

File: 1477005272354.jpeg (6.63 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg)

She's actually giving me Debbie vibes…

No. 327897

File: 1477005340029.jpg (894.81 KB, 1300x1289, phJFeKG.jpg)

Only other thing you need is a heavy dose of narcissism and you're set

No. 327898

it's because she is a fool

No. 327899

Bitch gtfo. Jnig photoshop herself a new ass cuz hers is nonexistant and she also smoothens the fuck out of her leather skin. Who stans for jnig in 2016? Also Im sorry you think store bought torpedo tits and 5head is hot. I feel bad for your trash taste

Victoria makes Jnig look good, but the average girl makes both of them look like gutter whores

No. 327900

>You'd think someone who was on honour roll would be capable of ending a sentence with a period instead of ellipses.

Just remember that ChrisChan made honor roll too. Making honor roll isn't hard.

No. 327901

She probably took super easy courses with no advanced English composition requirements. A lot of stupid shits managed to weasel their way up in my high school and college grade point rankings that way. Imo GPAs should be weighted based on course difficulty to avoid giving arrogant teats like her the idea that they may be super smart.

No. 327902

No way, guys. She watches documentaries and is a samurai. She's a lethal weapon.

No. 327903

Lmfao! Im watching that movie right now and i can kinda see it, she wishes she loos like her if anything.

No. 327904

File: 1477028682172.jpg (102.56 KB, 575x446, dinosaurs.jpg)


I don't know who she is but I totally recognize those dinos! That's the Dinosaur's Alive! exhibit at Canada's Wonderland.

No. 327905

>claims to be smart
>uses 'would of'

No. 327906

File: 1477049730046.jpeg (266.32 KB, 438x680, 75889.jpeg)


no-one responded to this, so I just wanted to say thanks for the effort, anon! you did a great job.

No. 327907


Lmao I love this


Not to mention the fact that she can't even build a correct sentence or paragraph. Jeeez. That's like second grade English come on Vic.

Side note: She removed the followers from her page, last I checked she had lost about 350 followers since her i'm not fat only two hands wide video. I imagine her follower count is considerably lower now since the number is now too embarrassing to have on her page.

No. 327908

File: 1477069994185.png (146.46 KB, 480x594, itdisappears.png)

I always thought she paid for one of those "get 100,000 likes" services, because at 100k+ followers, you'd think she would have more than ~10 comments and ~200 likes on any given post. I'm no expert on FB algorithms though so it could just be coincidence.

You're so right though, she can't seem to form a proper sentence ever? I get being lax on the net but she types like she is drugged often.

More ~super kool quotes~ about how awesome she is lmao

No. 327909


I feel like she's the type of person who watched a minute of a vsauce video and was all like "Im SUCH a intelekchual geek girl lol"
Best thing is that when someone actually tries to have an intelligent conversation with her she'd just give you a blank stare before spouting useless shit that has nothing to do with what you just said.
Like bitch, if you so smart, why do you need to brag about it on fucking facebook? With your iq of 2948383884 I'm sure you have better ways of letting us know how smart you are besides sucking your sciency dick on social media.

After these many years can she not realize that her shoops make her look diseased?

Sorry for the pointless rant lol. I know someone like her irl and holy fuck these people piss me off.

No. 327910

File: 1477071117345.jpg (60.22 KB, 990x557, enhanced-buzz-wide-10417-14497…)

If she was actually as educated as she claims to be then it should show in other ways than her just asspatting herself for watching science docs. If she ever could engage in an actual discussion about something. She doesn't talk about anything other than herself. Its like:

Fedora: "oooo you like science, what do you think about (input current science topic)?"

Vicky Shingles: "Oh yeah I totally watched that last night and also 4 other docs related to it… I'm such a nerd but i'm also beautiful… I know, its so crazy and I'm probably blowing your mind right now… But I probably know more about (science issue) than anyone else you know…im such a unique person, you could never comprehend… INTJ…"

No. 327911

File: 1477075749525.jpg (148.55 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

>wavy hair
>I woke up like this…

I wish I could be bothered to set up a fake IG account as a QT HOT EMO BOI, and milk this banal airhead for all of the inane bullshit she spews. I kinda miss her shenanigans.

No. 327912


Shit I'm legit up for it sounds fun

No. 327913

I love how she wants us to believe she "totally looks like her (retouched) pictures", and yet she looks completely different from one photo session to the next. She only looks consistent in her candids, but supposedly they are all either years old or "altered to make her look worse".

Sounds legit.

No. 327914

File: 1477092673101.png (94.83 KB, 650x620, jesuschrist.PNG)


More delusional ideas this person has about themselves.

Favorites are "i used to read my mums biology books for Uni when i was in grade six for fun." and "Been invited to many [conventions], but never attended…."

No. 327915

Can someone exam what happened in the old old mvm thread? It got banned and moved to manure because the op got found out and they just started dragging her? It was really confusing.

No. 327916

File: 1477119609533.png (407.75 KB, 439x800, tumblr_lcta1hnHzS1qaforlo1_540…)

Found another pic from this 'shoot' lmao

No. 327917

File: 1477119800295.jpg (145.76 KB, 685x882, notlikedaothergurls.jpg)

And another downright spooky shoop (wtf is that FACE), along with some commentary about herself.. by herself.. from her old tumblr. What a conceited shitlord.


No. 327918

this bitch can't be real. ridiculous shoop aside, does she really think she's the only female to ever learn to play an instrument? of course she's fucking lying as usual, but who actually thinks/says shit like that past the age of 14? not to mention posts these things on the internet where people that know her can call bullshit. just WOW.

No. 327920

https://ca.linkedin.com/in/victoria-bella-morte-0a5a1899 check out this deluded bitch's linkedin. She apparently in Stanford right now studying astrophysics and spent some time in Yale and UCLA. She even gendered manager as manageress.

No. 327921



^this thread anon?

No. 327922

How did this bitch work at cosmoprof? Does she have a cosmetology license??? …and 5 star restaurants my ass.

No. 327923

File: 1477121833232.jpg (272.13 KB, 1500x1500, 1477121780413.jpg)


She looks like old ass heather from rock of love. Sick.

No. 327924

1)"Studying" astrophysics at one university for 7 years while "studying" at two others at the same time? Sure…
>>Psychology (2014-2015)
Yeah watching free Yale psychology lectures on Youtube does not mean you went to Yale and studied psychology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3FKHH2RzjI&list=PL6A08EB4EEFF3E91F

Same thing with Stanford and "studying" astrophysics: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGI_2C39f-V1AACba_7pZP8A9M7PmQJqx

No. 327925

And you just KNOW she sat there bored out of her damn mind but forcing herself to listen to prove herself as an intellectual, all the while doodling pictures of herself.

No. 327926

Ha ha yeah. Great pickup anon.

No. 327927

Except Heather really looks like her pictures.

No. 327928

File: 1477144430527.jpeg (68.33 KB, 537x800, image.jpeg)

Funny that she thinks this is "minimal makeup". And get a load of those cheap, super shiny acrylic extensions!

No. 327929

lol, minimal makeup to her is just her "cheap prostitute" look.

No. 327930

Dat clone brush on the boob part of her dress

No. 327931

I love how her linked in just has a bunch of random word vomit without actually staying which resteraunts she worked at. Like that's kind of part of having a linked in. Putting in references. Does she not know how resumes work?

No. 327932


HOLY HELL her extensions don't match her real hair AT ALL that looks so unfortunate. Why are all of her extensions made of plastic Barbie hair?

No. 327933

I like how she freely admits that she's never apprenticed anywhere before but its ok because her skills are ~*self taught*~. Because that's what everyone wants to hear their fucking tattoo artist say jfc

No. 327934

File: 1477153376171.jpg (49.6 KB, 1160x629, download.jpg)


for the love of god, anon please do it. I await with bated breath

No. 327935

>I was told the other week by someone from the health board i should consider being an inspector.
What the fuck? Does she not realize that health inspectors are usually otherwise-unemployable older women typically from disadvantaged neighborhoods who score a government job because it's the best option available to them, it doesn't require ANY education, and it has a pension? If someone did say that to her it was not a compliment…

No. 327936

File: 1477159627317.png (208.39 KB, 750x827, Kd8vf0i.png)

Honestly EVERYONE needs to read this. I swear to god this is the funniest thing I have ever seen on lolcow. This is so far beyond even pt levels of delusion. Nothing I have ever seen on this website has been insane as this woman's REAL-LIFE resume. I can't even believe this.

Accomplishments of the average lolcow:
>worked simultaneously as head chef and manager at 5 star restaurants for 3 years
>while studying astrophysics at yale
>while being an international alt supermodel

What is actually so sad about this is that she is already at the level of total compulsive lying and even THEN she has zero creativity or impulse to do any research to back up her ludicrous claims. Why wouldn't she claim that she worked at a Michelin starred restaurant instead? Why would she use the term "head cook" instead of chef? She can't even think of anything she could claim as an award for herself that wasn't a participation award from elementary school. Jesus christ. This is like a guide as to how to waste an entire human life.

>listing herself as the author of the article describing herself as an "international alt. supermodel"

>donating some coupons is listed as volunteer experience
>Back when i paid attention :P

No. 327937

Even young teens know not to do shit like this.

No. 327938

I seriously cannot believe this is real. The education bit has me rolling

No. 327939

She yammers on about being this famous alt model, but does anyone know of any work she's done for genuine products/companies? Besides magazines featuring pieces about her and written by her, her fashion line that never materialized, and that one weird fashion show that has footage on YouTube, I mean. Because it seems to me that all her "photo sessions" take place in her living room with that tacky velvet furniture.

Seriously – I'm curious. Who has she modeled for?

No. 327940

Even in the "fashion show" footage you can see the wall of an average house. She just filmed herself and then edited in white flashes.

No. 327941

File: 1477165954711.jpg (132.75 KB, 640x804, image.jpg)

You guyssssss I'm actually crying laughing. what great proof that the observatory was messaging you on Facebook because that how they hire and its cropped so like yeah. Obviously guys.

My Christ.

No. 327942

>edited in white flashes

I want to laugh but I also want to cry

No. 327943

Of course they hired her, anon. How could they not? She's an astrophysicist/psychologist/head cook/lunatic/gold medal dance star/IMVU character/spectacular gift card donator. All the qualifications are there!

No. 327944


Omg someone please email the Washington observatory and ask if this is true (obviously not). But cooomeeee onnnn she couldn't have even faked an email to make it look slightly real?

No. 327945

i can't find this on her page, is it an old post? i got to about june in hers but it was killing me reading her drivel

No. 327946


It's on her personal fb but it's public! Just posted an hour ago!

No. 327947

oh i was checking her public page, cheers for that!

No. 327948

File: 1477167262189.jpg (56.13 KB, 800x676, 09f0e00314dded0c700f6a706700b4…)

>interests: Painting Singing Dancing Watching science lectures Quantum Physics

Is there an anon around here with even somebasic knowledge of quantum physics? Should ask her an open-question relating to Q.P that she can't simply google the answer to. I can't get enough of her inane musings

No. 327949

File: 1477169395488.png (331.48 KB, 555x416, image.png)

No. 327950

I failed one of my physics classes in university. I can ask her the quantum mechanics questions from my final kek. Maybe Vic can teach me what I got wrong. But she probably still reads her so she would be prepping for that like a motherfucker by the time this post is a minute old

No. 327951

i rly wonder wtf the ppl who know her irl think bc she's such a horrible liar that i've been getting so much secondhand embarrassment

No. 327952


Any idiot can work for CosmoProf, unless they started to hire cosmetologist only.
I worked their 9 years ago and knew nothing about professional hair products when they hired me.

Her job titles are laughable. You are either a clerk or a manager. There is no such thing as a "stylist advisor" or an "acting manageress".

No. 327953

File: 1477170623693.jpg (47.61 KB, 640x438, putin-lavrov-640x438.jpg)

V ¡ c T o R ¡ A M u r Ð e R

a k a

Victoria Bella-Morte

.I am the deepest ocean, the most treacherous ϟea.
.I am the ϟixth, i am the Ʃighth.
.The most ominous of any abyss.

.Nice to meet you, i'm Victoria.

.I'm British, loyal, sharp tongued, creative and far more intellectual than my physical age and appearance will ever denote.

.Anything brutal…anything beautiful….from opera to death metal, i adore it all.

.I speak my mind, and i'm honest to the point of getting myself into trouble. I can admit my own faults….and i can also tell you not only of an enemies idiocies, but of their strengths…balance is key, there is no right or wrong…..evil is a point of view, and if you cannot discern the truth from all sides, don't assume you have any clue what the fuck is going on.

.I'm sweet tempered until provoked, then watch as i tear the poor sod who illicited such behaviour in two. My hair is a wreck half the time, i practically live in fuzzy robes or boys clothing. You'll find me at either extreme, geek glasses and a tomboyish appearance, or looking like something that walked out of final fantasy. Both suit my personality perfectly, and both feel equally as comfortable.

.Behind these pale green eyes of mine lurks a delusory intellect that apon first notice, you'd most likely wouldn't identify is there, especially if our first meeting is in a party situation, when my accent becomes thick and i'm boistrous and loud and cheerfull….until i wind up rambling on about psychology, philosophy or science. In either of those subjects, which i have studied and questioned since adolescence, as much as i do know….you'll find one thing about me….the more i know, the more i feel i know nothing. This world is incredible intricate in so many ways… we are infinitesmial…humans do not have the capacity to comprehend absolutely everything, and i will never be arrogant enough to assume i can ascertain the answer to every puzzle this world has to offer. My lust for knowledge will never be satiated none the less.

A few things i've done over the years include:

Local paper for comics at the age of 13
Owning an international clothing line at the age of 19 - To be revamped
Graphic Design
Digital Painting
Anger Management Radio 88.3 (Metal Radio station…Broadcasts on T.V, Radio, and Stickam)
Promotion for bands
Management of various salons, beauty distributors ect.
Head Cook
Gore specialist and Make-up for mini movies
Karate, Kickboxing and Dance, won medals
Painting and Drawing
Ongoing writing
Various Modelling (Pure Imagination Clothing, Toxic Vision, ect- Incredible designers btw)
Graced Magazines with my tattoo work, or likeness and even done a few covers for Britian's Elite Magazine, Tattoo Lifestyle magazine, Inked Magazine, Tattooed Girls Magazine

.I've turned down far more than i've done, but my reasons for that are my own.

.I'm currently writing 2 books on and off which i plan on finishing when much older, and when my vocabulary, knowledge of human psychology and imagination will surpass that of my younger self.

.All my ink was done by myself, some were done in a mirror, like my neck, if you would like to set up an appointment, let me know and i can put you in contact with my booker.

.If there was ever something to say to would-be enemies, it's this : "I don't care what you think about me, i don't think about you at all" oh….and….underestimate me, please.

…this is but an infinitesimal piece of information about me, a glimpse. For i am so much more than words, we all are. A phantasmagory of thoughts, images..memories…for that is all we really have in the end don't we? Memories.

.Pleased to make your acquaintance darrrling…


No. 327954


I don't care what you think about me, i don't think about you at all

Yep, and that's why you spent 48 hours straight chimping out on your last thread, eh Vic?

No. 327955

File: 1477174441293.jpeg (359.96 KB, 1827x1226, image.jpeg)

So apparently the Goldendale Observatories Director is one Troy Carpenter, who is Facebook friends with our Vicky. And you take a look at his profile, I think it will all be made clear. He's a Victoria Bella Morte groupie stereotype.

Gotta love those fedora-wearing neckbeards!!

No. 327956

Oh my god I hope she actually goes and they see the REAL Vic. Short, fat, homely, dumb, and annoying. Kek

No. 327957

just ask her to explain wave-particle duality to you (this is step one of quantum physics). or ask her to explain Schrödinger's cat. I'm sure she'll unpack it for you really well, what with the new observatory position she's taking up.

No. 327958

>brags about a fat neckbeard offering to fly her out for a "job"

maybe if the job is sucking his dick

No. 327959

File: 1477178787127.jpg (79.35 KB, 640x544, image.jpg)

Lmao you really just laughed this one off didn't you Vic. It's evident in the last thread.

No. 327960

>>327959 vic knows all about living behind a mask in fear hehehe

No. 327961

fear of ever having to associate with you, maybe.

No. 327962

Yes vaguebook about how our opinions don't matter while you clearly spend way too much time trying to prove us wrong i.e. here >>327941 after this >>327936 was posted. If our opinions don't matter, why so defensive? That will sure show everyone how much you're not bothered by it.

No. 327963

File: 1477182870549.jpg (63.78 KB, 597x890, 14141953_730670647080908_83592…)

I can't be the only person who thinks she looks old as fuck in this picture. What happened to your shoopin' skills Vicky?

No. 327964

dat lip liner mustache wow

No. 327965

Not gonna lie, I use to be mad jealous of her when I was a teenager. Not so much now.

No. 327966

File: 1477187429293.jpg (88.5 KB, 640x886, image.jpg)

You guys I just cant lmfao. She's dyyyyying thinking that the only people on here are trying to look like her.

No. 327967

File: 1477187496074.jpg (120.88 KB, 640x977, image.jpg)

Oh my Jesus she's trying so hard to discredit this thread it's pathetic.

No. 327968

where did she even get these photos from? she's so delusional. both of these girls clearly look way better in her "style" then she even does lmao

No. 327969

>If anyone insults your photo they wish they looked like that

No, no…I like my skin color on my face and body matching, having naturally nice hair so I don't have to use the blur tool on it, and also having eyebrows that don't look like they have the scurvy.

No. 327970

File: 1477190232538.png (23.73 KB, 798x219, lol.PNG)


lmao who even are these people?

Vicky, you should go over the rules to being a successful sugar baby again. You're getting rusty!

No. 327971

I think girl with the white hair's picture is from the thread that got moved to manure, she might've been the OP?

And aliencollective was the girl who she fucked up the Elvis tattoo on, typical Vicky Shingles to throw her victims under the bus

No. 327972

It's pretty evident he hopes to fuck her and not actually give her a job working there.

No. 327973


That's the blurriest, washed out shitty photo of a human. A potato with lipstick would have looked like Victoria in that lighting.

No. 327974

anon here who studied physics in undergrad. Just copy and paste the questions from Griffiths' intro to QM lol

Or better yet, direct her to physics stack exchange lol

No. 327975

i cant see any of these new fb posts. are they deleted or what?

No. 327976

No. 327977


They're on her personal fb, not her fan page. this stuffs posted publicly!

No. 327978

You have to have a license to work there now, but they still don't know shit.

No. 327979

idk how i missed this, thanks. probably because she double posts stuff + she uses the same display name.

No. 327980

look at this "proof" video. 5 seconds of her standing, not moving anything except her arm very carefully across the top of the shot, as her tattoo squirms and warps creepily due to shoddy After Effects editing.


No. 327981

File: 1477226951222.png (58.2 KB, 522x223, whyyoualwaysliein'..png)

Just wow. She needs to seek therapy, she literally lies for everything.
I find it funny how people actually believe this. There is no person who's a foreigner hide their accent because OH I'm TOO UNIQUE She's a Canadian, period.

She wouldn't have hid it from her boyfriend. What a nut.

No. 327982

Not saying she's not crazy or anything, but I ironed out my Norwegian accent when I got moved to an American public middle school because I kept getting shit over it. Knew a few embassy/army/oil kids who did the same after they got repatriated. Kids don't like to stand out and your accent tends to be more elastic when you're young anyways.

No. 327983


She moved to Canada when she was like 2. There's no real reasons she should have an accent.

No. 327984

In her two-hands wide video she goes from weirdly forced English accent to weirdly Irish? accent before apparently running out of actual shit to say and just shakes her head and rolls her eyes

No. 327985

File: 1477245793089.png (355.39 KB, 930x595, jesuschrist.PNG)

Holy FUCK, this narcissistic drama queen managed to purple-prose "I hit myself with my own sword-butt and got a bruise."

No. 327986

I literally can't read more than 10 words of her drivel without eye rolling so hard I get a headache.

No. 327987

>slams the blood immediately to the blehjfjdxyfdhtbdhdhdhblebleble

Bruise. The word you're looking for is bruise.

No. 327988

>hilt…where the hand goes

No. 327989

Actually having a conversation with this woman must be incredibly painful.

No. 327990

Holy shit, the first time I visited the original thread in /snow it was practically empty and was destined to fade into obscurity like most of them do. I remember it had something like 15 posts at max spaced out over a whole fucking year, it was that dusty and old!

It was still the same a few months back when I last checked and now a month later I find it's exploded and 80% of the content in that thread was posted by her… she has now got to be up there with Sindypop and Kaka as one of the board's biggest spergers.

I can't even believe I'm saying this; but at least Sindypop had the balls to stick up for herself without pretending to be/claiming to be one her dozens of thirsty fans.


I'd be laughing at this point, but I'm just amazed how someone can single-handedly spam their own thread; claiming to be a fucking genius whilst actually contradicting those delusions by repeating the same shit over and over again and expecting different results.


No. 327991

How did she even find her thread? Does she just Google herself non-stop?

She does seem to have a shred of critical thinking skills, however. At this point, other people would have accidentally introduced all their followers to lolcow by screaming about the haters.

Unfortunately, she exposed kiwi to herself.

No. 327992

>I'd be laughing at this point
I have no idea how you're not, I just went through the last thread and I'm still laughing. Anon's drawings combined with her batshit insane samefagging sent my sides into orbit, this place is gold sometimes.

No. 327993

I was laughing up until I had read the whole thread and closed it. My favourite bits were where she was pretending to be ex-boyfriends and thirsty neckbeard fans… but in hindsight, I felt bad for chuckling at a severely delusional, neurotic woman who should've been seeking treatment back in her late teens and instead has left her insanity manifest into a monstrous case of NPD.

It's almost like she's the female version of Onision, except he's clever enough (I'll use clever loosely to describe him here) to throw anons of his trail with bullshit distractions when the heat gets too much for him to handle.

The insanity of these people (and the people who follow them) gets a bit too real sometimes.

No. 327994

Where has she even collected these photos from?

I've not been on lolcow for a while until now, but as far as I'm aware (or was) - there are no farmers here that look like that. Unless suddenly out of nowhere a bunch of Victoria (generic stripper-looking hoes) clones have recently posted their personal photos up in one of the topics on /g since then?

Is she still also under the impression that there's no more than a few anons (h8rz) on this board that are "out to get her"? There are hundreds of different anons coming in and out of here in a single day… not much can be said about her in comparison though - spamming up her own thread like a attention-starved fiend.

"But I'm not like all the other girls though…"

Bitch, this board SPECIALISES in ripping the piss out of girls just like you. You are no different to the other fucking nutjobs that get profiled on here.

No. 327995

>>Does she just Google herself non-stop?

I'd assume so, it sounds like something a paranoid, delusional narcissist would do on a regular occasion.

I saw in the last thread that she accidently filed a bullshit lawlyer claim to Kiwifarms, but does she actually have a thread on there?

I tried looking her up in the search bar and just it just came up with that joke of a "cease and desist" letter for the result.

No. 327996

File: 1477314511753.jpg (82 KB, 500x597, 1454032017736.jpg)


Isn't she Irish? that stupid fake accent sounds like it's from southern England. Anyone from England says they're 'English'; anyone from Ireland identifies as 'Irish'. No one from either place claims to be 'British'

If I had the time, I'd set up a qt emo boi sock-puppet account and befriend her.

No. 327997


I guess an authentic Irish accent isn't seductive and mysterious enough. So she had to create a gross mash of whatever 3 other accents.

Please do it I would die.

No. 327998

File: 1477317406841.jpg (85.51 KB, 470x430, trump-and-putin_zpspfthamxr.jp…)

Shouldn't this thread be un-stickied now that she's not sperging out anymore?

No. 327999

She's apparently from Northern Ireland, I'd guess from a Protestant background because of her name (Victoria, good old English name like Queen Victoria). Northern Irish Protestants usually identify as British, there's no problem with her saying that. Also people from (Republic of) Ireland aren't British lol.

The problem is that she's clearly so far removed from her supposed heritage that it's not even worth mentioning, yet she does because she's a special snowflake. She doesn't even fake the right accent.

No. 328000

If she were from NI she definitely wouldn't refer to herself as British. 'From the UK' maybe.

As for her accent it's clearly fake though there are people like Saoirse Ronan who sound Irish or whatever because of their parents.

No. 328001

People from NI have "British Citizen" written in their passports just like everyone else from the UK…

No. 328002

i said this earlier in the thread but as someone from the UK who knows a lot of people from various places in the UK, not a single one uses British, it's either the country they're from OR the say the UK. it tends to be an American thing or whatever describing people as British

No. 328003

File: 1477332545008.jpg (9.76 KB, 236x295, 48e1dc7275f3e46dfa932212aa35ac…)



it's mainly misused by foreigners, when they actually mean 'English'. I've never known someone from NI refer to themselves as British.

No. 328004

File: 1477360509597.jpg (114.44 KB, 720x482, y_876a4a58.jpg)

Aw, she's gone all quiet, how depressing.

Who must I beg to have her e-mails to lolcow released?

No. 328005


Jeepers, seeing her beside actual models is a real eye opener.

No. 328006

The designs are hideous all around, though…

No. 328007

Yikes at all of this. Especially McVic… I also need to see those emails

No. 328008



No. 328009

Holy shit she's obese.
Funny cause it looks like Bunny has the body that she wants. Now I know why she hates her so much. Vic has some kind of corset lace up thing on and her boobs are still small and droopy looking.

No. 328010

File: 1477377270694.png (84.08 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2819.PNG)

Vicky shingles' love interest is…?

No. 328011

File: 1477377281804.jpg (2.91 KB, 204x200, 4452452.jpg)

Vic that isn't how elbows work

No. 328012

File: 1477456789893.png (281.35 KB, 720x1123, 20161026_003455.png)

McVic, back at it on Instagram bitching about us and her petite figure

No. 328013

Dat fucking inconsistency…
>>My old photos were warped to make me look like crap!
>>But I loved being curvier, teehee!

So which one is it? Claiming her photos were "warped" to make her look like a hambeast, or admitting she actually was (and still is) a hambeast?

No. 328014


No. 328015


I don't know if shes qualified to say who has too much time on their hands considering she was in these threads for about two weeks white knighting herself and spamming without fail like every three minutes.

No. 328016

>>some of which were warped to make me look like crap

Admission of her own shitty photoshop skills?

>>im heatheir now so i plan on staying this way

>>im heatheir

Was she drunk when she wrote this?

No. 328017

"I'm not fat and I'm real!"
>proceeds to post a bunch of unclear super short extremely posed heavily edited videos

Nah homie if you weren't fat you could post a normal front facing video of your bod without having to be super careful not to move your arm so you don't fuck up your after effects editing

No. 328018

Literally almost every post since she lost her mind in here has included the phrase im so tiiiinyy. if that's true then why does she try so hard to convince everyone?

No. 328019

File: 1477581503740.jpg (35.09 KB, 604x453, lolvickyshingles.jpg)

I'm pretty sure McVic spends more time on this thread than literally anyone at this point. Its basically all shes posting about\trying to disprove on all of her accounts. Oh well, it's not really surprising that the person most frequenting this thread is Vicky herself. way to let it go \ disregard the haters. It might be more convincing that she didn't care if she didn't vaguebook and post gross memes to get asspats from her nice guy followers. Not to mention pulling random girls pictures (that I doubt she even knows) and shitting on them on her personal facebook so she can try to pin the this thread on jealous copycats and not actual reality.

No. 328020

Wow, she actually looks like she's from the UK here and I don't mean it in a positive way.

>[chavving intesifies]

No. 328021

File: 1477590822950.png (136.93 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2861.PNG)

What kind of word salad…

No. 328022

Freaks me out that people like her are let anywhere near a human's skin with a needle tbqh.

No. 328023

File: 1477594545837.jpg (41.74 KB, 640x732, image.jpg)


Nobody should let a person with teeth like this put a needle in their skin, ever. Obviously they have no concept of hygiene.

No. 328024

File: 1477594818691.png (133.88 KB, 640x1058, IMG_4511.PNG)

Imagine being that close to her lmao

No. 328025


I'm sure her hygiene is subpar but I was more referring to the fact that she's psychotic. Like, people are handing over a lot of power to these artists who can literally etch whatever they want into the skin

No. 328026

Oh yah, no argument there, that idea is horrifying, and I'm guinenly worried about the people who go to her. not only are they going to get a shit piece but there's also a very good chance it's going to get infected as well

No. 328027


Not to mention being subject to her sperging, fake legal threats and general client disrespect when it inevitably goes to hell.

No. 328028

File: 1477607009580.png (71.79 KB, 502x609, guyz.PNG)


How often do you check this thread, Vicky Shingles? Maybe you should spend your abundant free time in therapy instead. Or can you not afford therapy with all of those payday loan sharks breathing down your neck? :^)

No. 328029

>Yes you were.

lmao can't tell if he's a sockpuppet or sad beta

No. 328030


I think she bought her followers and I wouldn't be surprised if she had sock puppet accounts to boost her post engagement. How can someone with over 100,000 followers only get 10 - 100 likes on her posts?

No. 328031

File: 1477612497228.png (11.53 KB, 345x74, Capture.PNG)

I wouldn't be surprised at all.

Looks like she's feeling the pressure? lmfao

No. 328032


She should. After shitting crap tattoos, extremely gratuitous photoshops and pathetic pseudo intellectual ramblings on everyone for upwards of ten years, she can't be surprised that she's finally being called out on it? I genuinely hope this is a wake up call for her.

No. 328033

File: 1477630086861.jpg (141.17 KB, 943x608, looks like shit, todd.jpg)

You have to be a special kind of fucked up to make a passive aggressive remark like "Almost looks like i know what im doing or something" and post this absolute piece of hot garbage. This is probably the ugliest thing she has shat on someone yet. The gall she has to call this 'realism', holy jesus.

It's worth noting that these videos are definitely taken in an apartment, and there is a bag of GARBAGE in the background. Disgusting, Vic. If you can't even wash under your nails or take out trash, and are apparently notorious for your odor, what makes you think anyone can trust you with a tattoo machine?

No. 328034

Oh wow this is so shitty did she photoshop it and it still looks bad?

No. 328035

I s2g every "tattoo" she produces she always says it's free hand and needs more white, like noooooo that person needs laser removal.
>almost like I know what I'm doing or something
kek…yeah, it's definitely something alright.

No. 328036

jesus screaming christ stop saying 'inked' or inking or that shit

as a tattoo snob that is so fucking pleb on par with saying 'tattz' uggghhhh

No. 328037

File: 1477658961489.png (38.53 KB, 208x228, 1426495972638.png)

>want inked
>IQ of over 200

No. 328038


I want to see more of her shit work this is gold.

>brags on and on about the most garbage tattoo

It took me 5 minutes before I even realized what it was jfc

No. 328039

this looks like a picture from a 90's tattoo magazine that's been sat under a wet couch for several months.

the fuck does she think white's gonna do when the tattoo is just garbage from the get go and white ink tends to fade or yellow out over time.

not even a tattoo snob and it's driving me up a wall b/c no artist i've ever met has said "inking/inked" and it's like a really sad attempt to come off as ~cultured~ or whatever when she just sounds as dumb as she is.

No. 328040

That looks like a stubby potato in some trash.

Do other artists ever give her shit for this? I can't imagine seasoned ones would take very kindly to her acting like she's some kind of expert while maiming ignorant people like this.

No. 328041

Apparently her ex claims she actually was pretty decent, but doesn't put any effort into tattooing because "I'm getting paid anyway."

No. 328042

>>Permanently marks other human beings with her scratchings
>>Doesn't put any effort in because she'll get paid anyway and that's all that matters
This woman is beyond vile.

No. 328043

File: 1477694785595.jpg (44.04 KB, 512x386, AP899346187021.jpg)

Hey I've seen that face before

No. 328044

hey at least both of those faces have some charisma or charm, unlike her

No. 328045

File: 1477782796084.png (18.78 KB, 508x198, lel.PNG)


No. 328046

hahaha who is this about? What a loon

No. 328047

someone probably said something mean on her page

No. 328048

>someone probably said something true on her page


No. 328049

Either that or she's making up shit for sympathy asspats.

I'm starting to lean towards this because of >>327966 >>308037 these posts.

No. 328050

File: 1478047819215.jpg (164.08 KB, 640x804, image.jpg)

I did some digging and saw a few comments about vickys tattoo work. Pic related. I believe the Facebook is the girl who got the Elvis tattoo

No. 328051

File: 1478047892324.jpg (183.66 KB, 640x802, image.jpg)

And this.

No. 328052

File: 1478052725536.jpg (167 KB, 640x816, image.jpg)

Comments from the tattoo artist who fixed the Elvis portrait

No. 328053

File: 1478052775899.jpg (128.25 KB, 640x596, image.jpg)

And the rest

No. 328054


oh sweet, delicious vicky milk, how i missed you

No. 328055

File: 1478110314465.jpg (92.44 KB, 720x476, tumblr_ll3gzah4pp1qeh02jo1_128…)


HAHAHA oh wow! I've never seen these before, good digging. I'd ask for the source but Vicky might sperg and try to get everything taken down from wherever it's hosted.

She's definitely gone a bit quiet the last few days. I wonder if someone in actual law enforcement told her "Hey, stop posting dumb shit for them to talk about" or if she is busy destroying someone's skin.

No. 328056

Oh wow, I didn't realize she had an upside-down shitty self-portrait tattooed to her own leg until this pic. Narcissism is one hell of a drug.

No. 328057

File: 1478125808971.jpg (142.79 KB, 634x733, image.jpg)

Lmao she's still lurking here.

No. 328058

File: 1478127283410.jpg (38.34 KB, 640x332, image.jpg)

Literally threatening physical harm to a client, keep it classy Vic.

No. 328059

A little off topic, but does anyone else find it completely cringey when guys make these sorts of Facebook comments? It's like they think their thirst is subtle when everyone knows they're trying to get it in lol

But anyway, stay classy Vic. She's the sort of person that professional artists laugh at. Has anyone ever submitted her shit to the fucknobadtattoos or tattoopoo tumblrs yet? Because she belongs with the rest of those messes

No. 328060

I think I remember seeing one of those tumblrs having posts about her as an "artist warning" but she DCMA'd every single thing that mentioned her negatively, so they gave up.

Also she seems really fixated on that one girl, poor girl, having to suffer her scratchings years ago and still being thrown shade.

No. 328061


Should someone notify her that Vicky is making physical threats against her?

No. 328062

DMCA* my bad

No. 328063

File: 1478132525797.png (99.26 KB, 486x345, GOHOMENOOB.PNG)

>Go home noob.

I'm fucking cackling!!!

Victoria "Vicky Shingles" "Works out of a trash filled apartment" "My mom had a nursing book That I read once and I'm qualified to shit on people's skin now" "More Photoshop keygens than brains" Shingleton has to have actual traumatic brain injury to be this daft. She's the loony and her (pitiful) social media presence is her bin.

Get help Vicky!!!

No. 328064

has she never fucking seen monami frost? one of the most famous tattooed women in the world… with completely blacked out arm.

shingles needs to shut the fuck up lmao she gets more ridiculous with every single post

No. 328065


Just looked up Miranda and she owns her own shop in Milton Ontario and employs other artists.

But oookay dirty apartment shingles. We believe you know more, especially considering your zero formal training or ability to be employed anywhere other than your own dump apartment.

No. 328066


>I prefer freelancing

>tattooing out of my unlicensed apartment is cheaper
>everyone wants to be me
>just jealous
>I read a health book once

No. 328067

File: 1478137749661.gif (2.98 MB, 500x368, my sides.gif)

>More Photoshop keygens than brains

No. 328068

She's so transparent lmfao

I wish so badly for her to one day have an instant and crushing realization where she sees herself exactly as everybody else sees her.

No. 328069

File: 1478138550287.jpg (41.15 KB, 482x272, image.jpg)


Throwing rightfully disappointed clients under the bus and literaly threatening physical harm says more about who she is as a "tattoo artist" and a person than anything. Anyone with one shred of intelligence can see that.

No. 328070

File: 1478138714899.jpg (473.48 KB, 2048x1400, 1EE81078-81A1-401E-95A7-95E060…)

I thought it'd be a little fun to compare their art styles. Miranda's got more talent in her left pinky compared to Vicky, it probably eats her.

No. 328071

File: 1478138810929.jpg (136.16 KB, 1120x977, joxAP3r.jpg)

No. 328072

File: 1478139577115.jpg (451.11 KB, 1632x1632, image.jpg)

Hmmmm I wonder whose had more training? Vicky on the left (obviously.)

No. 328073


Wtf even is that torso her belly button is like one millimetre from her vagina. It's like she did the face and boobs (poorly) and had to smash the rest in.

No. 328074

Dat anatomy
She must make her tattoos exactly how she photoshops herself

No. 328075

File: 1478159158805.png (620.77 KB, 482x598, realizm.png)

A lot of the "women" she tattoos DO carry a resemblance to her photoshopped self, it's so transparent.

A new 'realism' tattoo from Vicky, god I feel bad for this person lmfao BUT ITS NOT DONE BTW IT NEEDS WHITE DUHRHRUR

No. 328076

People "try to be her"? Please, the dumb cunt's looks are not exactly a pinnacle of originality.

No. 328077

Oh my god, that horse is patchy as fuck! no wonder Vicky ripped on the other artist for having black work, she's probably jelly she can't tattoo black without it being one big blobby mess.

and to think that master piece only took her 3 hours………….yikes. needs moar white, right Vicky?

No. 328078


Oh my god I would cry if I got out of her chair and saw this. It's so huge there isn't even an option for a cover up because it's just a black mess. And that's fresh, imagine what it'll look like healed. RIP.

No. 328079

File: 1478180645944.jpg (96.07 KB, 612x612, 487448_10151381706618347_11160…)


Lmao just found where these were posted and the post and comments are all from 2013/2012 and in reference to this picture. But way to go Vic for sperging on your own facebook about something that was posted 4-5 years ago. Kek.

No. 328080

HAHAHA. Fuck. This is actually awful. No idea of how to place shadows and use them to build features. Awful placement from the looks of things. That poor horse looks bloated.
I recently had something done by an apprentice who after 2 years of working the shop, started tattooing 3 weeks ago. He shits all over this girls 'art'.

No. 328081

B-but she treats people how she wants to be treated! Kek, A+ hypocrisy Shingles.

No. 328082

File: 1478181374110.png (95.39 KB, 640x912, IMG_4579.PNG)

Oops I forgot to drop the pic

No. 328083


Oh my god she CANT be this stupid. Shes been bashing random girls for weeks now and shes going to claim this holier than thou crap? Jesus, she needs to get her head out of her ass for five seconds and actually take a look at her behavior. SHES FREAKING 30. Such a sad life.

No. 328084

File: 1478182708964.jpg (56.87 KB, 1078x830, ZGwvT32.jpg)

The more she posts, the uglier she gets(ban evasion)

No. 328085

Girl vicky has been shitting on/threatening has been informed.

I cannot believe that horse. JFC. It looks like a grade 9 rendering of a google image when they start learning about shadows and everything just ends up too dark and patchy and incorrect lmao.

No. 328086

Why is it so hard to find unedited pics of her? She claims she's such a relaxed tomboy but I can't find ONE picture of her ACTUALLY NOT wearing makeup…or being photoshopped

No. 328087

File: 1478385768604.png (10.89 KB, 431x109, surejan.PNG)

No. 328088

How sexy. Bitch shut up.

No. 328089

Has anything come from this?? Has she responded? Dying to know

No. 328090

File: 1478544783374.jpg (64.34 KB, 612x612, jesuschristhghghg.jpg)

A gift for the farmers on this dreary Monday.

No. 328091

File: 1478547250187.jpg (55.68 KB, 473x625, omfg lmao.jpg)

No. 328092

File: 1478548363641.jpg (97.18 KB, 434x600, handsssssssss.jpg)

oh what a neat looking pi- OH MY FUCKING GOD what is that hand? It looks like it belongs on a 75 year old man whose been working in a coal mine for 50 years. If you're going to shoop your pics into oblivion WHY WOULD YOU IGNORE THAT it's in the middle of the picture. It's hard to pass of the image of a ~beautiful glowing imvu sex doll goffik queen~ when you have the mitts of a gorilla who has been flinging his own shit all day.

No. 328093

File: 1478550209165.jpg (58.24 KB, 500x561, morephotoshopkeygensthanbrains…)

i love hate following this bitch because she is literally proving this quote truer and truer with every post she makes. Her inner ugliness is so putrid that it shines through all her photoshop and practically oozes out of her pores while shes scratching away at the poor unfortunate souls that come to her.

this poor person… this will be nothing but a black blob in a few years and its really sad. Also wtf are those ears???

No. 328094

Hahahah she looks like a train wreck here, I can't look away

No. 328095


Betrayed by the sharpen tool yet again.

No. 328096

File: 1478554157212.jpg (59.86 KB, 656x487, sickclothesvicky.jpg)

~Bella Morte Clothing~

The entire page is just re-launching soon omg guys gonna be amazing featuring horrifying, nightmare inducing, barf worthy, photo-shopped on designs (it literally looks like she edited these in paint and plastered a flat image over plain tshirts) that even an angsty 12 year old leftover scene kid wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

Re-release date to be announced! - posted in 2013.

>i own an internationally sold clothing line


No. 328097

Her teeth look fucking filthy. I bet that dude in the pic is wincing from her smell kek

No. 328098

File: 1478567670815.png (62.3 KB, 1086x291, Screenshot.png)

muh katana, muh natural muscle tone

Victoria you don't exercise, you're not strong, and you're not intimidating. You're a chubby 5'2" scene chick. Your katana slinging only impresses neckbeards. Learn a practical weapon like how to handle a gun, oh wait you're in Canada lol.

No. 328099


like how are you going to shoop yourself to this degree and not do something about those crusty ass nails ??? if you're going to look trashy you might as well go for the gusto and get some press-on nails or something smh

No. 328100

File: 1478637490405.jpg (15.05 KB, 225x225, 1447858816657.jpg)

>That happened

Vicky's dad also works for Nintendo.

No. 328101

File: 1478639066959.jpg (98.38 KB, 720x478, fuckofflmao.jpg)

I can empathize with this man. He looks so pissed off/irritated with her kek. To the anon that said she looks like she would be really annoying at parties, i feel like this would be everyone's face when she's around. There's more pictures of this show and his expressions doesn't change much (unless he was just trying to ignore her), so I doubt he was just caught at a bad time.

>I make guys hit sign posts

It looks like this poor dude is debating on leveling her with a sign post, if anything.

No. 328102

File: 1478640902040.jpg (153.45 KB, 640x724, image.jpg)


drag her miranda

No. 328103

I wish she hadn't called vicky shingles a "tattoo artist" but that Photoshop comment had me

No. 328104

File: 1478641782718.gif (257.37 KB, 318x367, theincrediblewarpingwaist.gif)

I was watching her 'live footage while modelling' video and boy is she bad with After Effects.

Also interesting is that.. I'm pretty sure the "photographers" in her video are fake? They are in a totally different setting, and she seems to be taking the video by herself.. in an average ass apartment…????

The crazy continues.

No. 328105

Yeah you're right I get that vibe too. Not to mention they all look like normal teenagers and she looks like someone's mom. Her look is really outdated in general. And I get she doesn't have enough money to update her wardrobe. But some cheap plain clothes from goodwill, a pixie cut and a trip to the dentist would make a huge difference.

No. 328106


Ewwwwew I just zoomed in on her side and it looks like an alien is about to burst out of it. 0/10 Vicky. Bad job.

No. 328107

File: 1478642970718.gif (208.96 KB, 1035x777, surejan.gif)

holy fuck

So I was grabbing more shots from closer to the end of the video. She tends to snap between her face and her body pretty quick, so I figured I would take a long take and edit out her face. Then I found this.

Good job editing.

Frame can be seen at around 3:03 in this video

No. 328108


Holy hell anon I'm laughing so hard.

>I only edit the lighting and shadows

No. 328109

Good find, anon!

No. 328110

Lmao Vicky deleted Miranda's comment. She can shit on whoever she wants but as soon as someone lashes back she deletes it and plays the victim.

No. 328111

>>328107 she deleted the vid off fb and youtube right away lmao did anyone save it? I wanna see!

No. 328112

File: 1478651994691.jpg (163.92 KB, 637x892, IMG_4608.JPG)

This photoshoot though

No. 328113

File: 1478652197699.png (49.18 KB, 640x419, IMG_4606.PNG)

Oops sorry I uploaded the wrong photo!!

No. 328114

File: 1478652381369.jpg (112.27 KB, 609x875, image.jpg)

Sure, but breathing and pose doesn't make you gain 30 pounds in a millisecond. It also doesn't make your body look like there's a ruling alien trying to burst through your wonky ass sides. You know what does do that? After effects. Her posts are fucking insulting to her followers. Nobody can be stupid enough to buy her (obviously false) compulsive lies.

No. 328115

She looks SO chubby and average, the difference of her irl and her shopped pics is just hilarious.

No. 328116


Not to mention that's literally the exact same video frame but one is edited and one isn't. Her argument is invalid lmao.

No. 328117

What’s up with the way she types? Is English her second language?

No. 328118

Ask and ye shall receive.


No. 328119

>fucks up editing and leaves a frame with her flabby midsection in it
>gets called out on editing videos with proof included
>immediately obliterates video off of every platform
>comes up with bullshit "breathing makes your entire bone structure and composition change shape idiots" excuse

File that under things a lying hambeast would do.

No. 328120


Bless u

No. 328121

Fucking loooooool. Even without the photoshop abuse you can see her clothes digging into her fat rolls all over the place.
Also, pretty sure she shot this video alone in her basement. It's almost sad.

No. 328122

She keeps saying girls try to look like her but the only person trying to look like her is her tru form lolol

No. 328123


100% was shot alone in her moms basement. Fucking kek.

No. 328124

File: 1478656536024.png (1.1 MB, 753x637, hurrrrrrr.PNG)

Yeah, you can definitely see how flabby she is. "Natural muscle tone" is so surreal to hear from her. She isn't huge, but she is definitely isn't 'tiny and muscular' like she says she is.

Honestly, it's so cringey watching that video. No photographers were there.. The 'flashing camera lights' are fake.. What a pathetic existence it must be.

Not to mention her 'sexy' faces make her look like she belongs on the short bus.

No. 328125

File: 1478656592833.png (26.31 KB, 640x292, IMG_2835.PNG)

No. 328126

File: 1478656658462.png (69.49 KB, 1136x640, IMG_2821.PNG)

She tried to slim herself, chopped off her butt.. lol

No. 328127

File: 1478656736006.png (164.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2828.PNG)

No. 328128

her thighs… It looks like she tried to shrink her lower half to appear tiny, but now her arm looks like a midget arm.

No. 328129

File: 1478658338034.png (353.02 KB, 844x696, right.png)

More single-frames VS "her tru form~"

Edited the contrast.

No. 328130

I bet it's just her ~breathing and posing~ that's making her as cheek look pointy as hell. >>328129

Also it's so sad to see the unveiling of what appears to be someone's moms basement when you bring up the lighting. Nice try Vicky. Your "photoshoots" are pathetic.

No. 328131

File: 1478659382633.jpg (88.59 KB, 640x816, image.jpg)

You know she's just sitting there reading this thread like how can I lie my way around this

No. 328132

looking old. looking busted. looking like a box-of-wine a night auntie whos fat husband hasn't ever fucked her right.

No. 328133

File: 1478661425432.jpg (1.83 MB, 1933x1966, axTxnB1.jpg)

Whatever happened to the video this image came from that her ex posted?

No. 328134

>>328133 she promised anal so long as he deleted it

No. 328135

i'm actually surprised she looks kinda pretty irl. a pretty stark contrast to the photoshop abomination she makes herself into.

No. 328136

Honestly if she really wanted to, she wouldn't look like total shit in real life. Dress in clothing that flatters her, stop being a fucking ~super unique~ and mysterious cunt, work on that horrendous hair, and do her fucking makeup like a normal person, or at least not like some mid 2000's scene kid. She wouldn't look like an IMVU character but she would be better than this.

No. 328137

File: 1478664855779.jpg (69.51 KB, 604x604, mqMopwBc7rA.jpg)

Honestly I feel the same way. She isn't hideous, but she has to have some serious BDD or something to pull the shit she does.

Unfortunately that personality is atrocious, so I'm sure she will continue to play the victim forever.

I may have that video on hand, but I'd have to do some digging first.

Only semi-related, but I wonder how her followers on FB feel about these weird vagueposts about lolcow. I'm sure none of them are smart enough to look her up on google, so the lack of context might be weird lol.

More unedited photos, she doesn't look too bad here tbh. That outfit has to go though, christ.

No. 328138

She's not an ugly girl, just a bit fat. It's her truly horrendous personality that kills it for her.

No. 328139

Christ. Vicky is hands down my favorite cow and I was praying her thread would grow.
she's the prefect storm: "not like other girls," a scam artist, photoshop junkie, a million different 'projects' allegedly going on, alt grrrrrrl BDD scene loser.

What irks me the most (besides her blaspheming tattoo culture but I'm not even gonna go there) is the trash & vaudeville ROCKERR GRRL aesthetic. A lot of us (me n' my middle school hoes) went through that phase in 9th grade AT THE LATEST but grew the fuck up and realized dressing like a Nikki Sixx impersonator was cringey and there's a reason civilized society left that shit in the 80s (but I can tell you on any given friday losers in affliction shirts and axl rose bandanas still lurk around the rainbow). The whole Jack Daniels fixation is a cornerstone of it. "Slash likes this, so we do too"

Jack is disgusting. Grow up.
/rant over

No. 328140

File: 1478700467804.png (92.68 KB, 640x928, IMG_4610.PNG)

"This is how girls should talk to each other", the delusion in this one is strong

No. 328141


>a bit fat

lol. More than a bit anon.

And I dunno what any of you are smoking saying that she could be pretty. Maybe if you're just talking about her painting her makeup in a different way instead of how her natural face is?
Cause without all the makeup, she has the same forgettable face as every other generic white girl. But of course literally everybody can look "pretty" if they paint on a new face using makeup and get bleached out extensions. I'm surprised she hasn't jumped on the coloured contacts bandwagon yet.

No. 328142

"you are tiny and pretty"
Confirmed as Vickie Shingles lol

No. 328143


Maybe she should be able to hold a conversation outside of talking about her looks and fishing for compliments. "This is how girls should talk to eachother" makes girls look fucking daft. So vapid. It's literally all she's defending at this point and it's indicative of a girl who is so caught up in her looks there's no room left in that big photoshopped head for anything else. I can't imagine how unfortunate a life it must be to have your every waking second of potential happiness hinged on your looks. There's so much more to life, christ.

No. 328144

File: 1478701166931.jpg (18.42 KB, 633x351, morefashionnshow.jpg)

>so tiny and pretty


No. 328145

Oh, she's vaguely aware that there are deeper aspects to life out there. It's just that the only value that she sees in them are as titles to make herself sound less air-headed. See: "astrophysicist"

I doubt that she knows a lick of calculus. She is very obviously incapable of getting through even the first semester of any undergrad science degree. But of course, as the professional poser that she is, she has to pick the subject that she thinks sounds most impressive, despite it being the clearest giveaway of her pathological lying and narcissism.

No. 328146


It's all just image based.She wants the titles without having the knowledge or doing the work. It's the same case with her "tattoo work". She didn't care enough to do the work or become educated, just "hurrdurrr it would probably look super cool if I was a tattoo artist".

The only person she's fooling is herself. claiming she has degrees and is an educated artist is an insult to everyone who worked their asses off and spent years trying to attain them. Sitting in a dirty apartment, smoking and photoshopping herself then claiming all of these titles with none of the work is just so disrespectful and transparent. Shes such a cringe factory.

No. 328147

"breathing, pose, are important and can change your figure inside seconds"

I don't know about you guys, but my entire side didn't collapse when I breathe in, while the rest of my body remains in the exact same position.

It's too bad performing mental gymnastics to keep the illusion alive doesn't burn carbs

No. 328148


Her excuses and lies are getting so pathetic. Anyone with a human body knows that whats happening in >>328107 is physically impossible and could only occur with shitty editing. Shes getting knocked off of her imaginary pedestal and she can't stand it.

No. 328149

OMG GUYS I'M WEAK her newest insta video is apparently unedited even though she shopped her belly button WAY TOO HIGH HAHAHAHA

Also of she's this great tattoo aritist how come her ccamera phone quality is that of a Motorola razor

No. 328150

Hey Vicky Shingles. Having fun looking at your fb and instagram rn. You are so easy to break xD

No. 328151

her camera phone quality is fucking potato with that shaky video and i don't get why her hand was there for size reference.

the dudes commenting on it are so fucking cringe-worthy and if that's what she thinks anyone is jealous of she can certainly keep it all to herself.

No. 328152

File: 1478718879728.jpg (60.83 KB, 604x453, x_e826868e.jpg)


In all of her 'proof' videos, her hand always sits just under her breasts and her belly button always seems like it's way too high…

I think she is 1. Sucking in super hard and 2. pulling her flabby gut up & taught with her hand.

The only videos where she doesn't have her hand placed like that are ones that (we now know for a fact) are heavily edited from what I can tell. Also convenient that she covers her silhouette with that potato-quality phone of hers.

I know you're reading this Vicky, so I just want to say: You lost this round. The unedited frame is now online for everyone to see, and you look like a fucking idiot. Please get help for your BDD and narcissistic tendencies. It's a long road to recovery for you, but everyone can turn their life around if they try.

No. 328153


My fucking sides she's such a cow. She should stop trying to cram how thin she is down everyone's throat. She a hambeast and SHES the one who proved it with her shit editing. She's probably panting over a tin of cupcakes right now chanting I AM THIN I AM THIN

No. 328154

Those tags had me in stiches

>#omgvictoriadidwhatnow? #victoriabellamorte#missvictoriamurder#gottatalkshitaboutifshebreathesorhasmakeupunderhernails#pressingissues#getlivesyoureobsessedanditscreepy#madesuretoshakelotsforyousoyouknowitsrealbitch ;)

No. 328155


Does she have fucking Parkinson's? That's the only passable reason for putting up a video that shakey.

No. 328156

Jeez Vicky, monitoring this forum 24/7 sure seems like a waste of that Yale education in psychology. If nothing here is true, why is it causing so much Narcissistic Injury and provoking such outrageous replies?

You do realize you were caught pretending to be numerous men saying things like "big tits" about your own self, right?

No. 328157

those tags. her fans must be confused as hell right now lmao

No. 328158

Fans? Do you mean thirsty 40 year old nice guys sitting in their moms basement?

Those tagged posts are still alive and well!

>I played volleyball with her and she was in a bikini, skinny

>i dated her once, big tits and short
>i saw her in a restaurant, shes skinny and tiny with huge tits
>omg shes so beautiful, dating tips?
>duude how did you get a girl like that to date you?
>i tried hitting on her but she rejected me :(
>wow shes so gorgeous in person

Yeah vicky, all of those posts are still there with your name on them so keep on trying. How embarassing.

No. 328159

File: 1478723167988.jpg (13.25 KB, 500x332, topkek.jpg)


Her finger is bent so hard, struggling to keep that gut up. That's why the video was so short. I'm dying, shes trying so hard to prove us wrong but shes only providing more evidence that there's truth here lmao.

No. 328160

real talk: what's the best case scenario here? is she too far gone as far as all the lying and just being a general shitwad?

I ask because there is SOMETHING redeemable in her tattooing. if she quit working on people, got a mentor (this is assuming she realizes the error of her ways and quits acting like a shit head, bear with me), practiced practiced practiced on pigskins and fruits for a minimum of 3 years (and learn all the shit an apprentice is supposed to anyway) she could be decent. Her work now is BAD, but it certainly more passable than most scratchers I've seen.

But she won't. That would require hard work and humbleness.

No. 328161


She's not even close to humble enough to take directions from a real professional, she already thinks shes better than every other artist out there, no matter how far from reality that actually is.

Shes always been a shitwad, but her true colors are reaaaally coming out now. I think the best case scenario here is that before anything else she seeks out therapy before she continues her "career", and if she doesn't she'll eventually piss someone off/mangle them so badly that they'll sue her and she'll be ruined (and probably be forced to take some crusty, depressing "health inspector" job since she was so flattered by the thought).

As far as the rest of this goes, she needs to realize that if shes going to shove this fake image of herself up everyone's ass all the time and act like shes's gods gift to the earth then she can't be surprised when it eventually gets thrown back in her face when it's found to be a lie.

No. 328162

Fucking kek. She's lazy and amateur even in her proof videos. She can't even take a plain video of her body because that would be say too much difficult natural editing, so she shakes the cam side to side (while it cuts off half her waist so she doesn't have to edit it) and makes the video 4 seconds long.

No. 328163

File: 1478725503982.jpg (91.84 KB, 653x449, 1477630086861.jpg)

ikd anon I think shes pretty shit.

Same concept, photo on the right was done by a trained artist, and who could mistake vicky 'shitmitt' shingleton's work on the left!

No. 328164


I've been working as a certified makeup artist for 8 years and I have never in my life had that much "makeup" under my nails? I don't even understand how someone would get makeup under their nails in the first place? Wash your hands?

I'm pretty sure she just can't be assed to follow basic hygiene. Gross.

No. 328165

oh yeah she's totally shit now but in the alternate universe where she does an apprenticeship and actually studies and practices, there's potential. But I'm not saying she could be the BEST TATTOO LADY EVERRR. But even that is still in the top half of scratcher tattoos I've seen. You can actually tell what it's supposed to be.

Believe me, I'm a tattoo snob and it is taking me all the effort in the world to say something nice about it.

No. 328166

maybe she doesn't use brushes, but finger paints like the chimp she is.

No. 328167

As long as she has photoshop/after effects at her filthy fat-sausage fingertips she'll keep up the ruse and continue disappointing people who meet her in person. She won't learn. But at least some people have seen through her lies, she's lost around 800 followers since she started the whole "you guyyysss I AM thin I swearrrrrr waaahhhh" cringe circus on her social media.

No. 328168

Someone needs to volunteer as tribute to get a tattoo by her and then snap a pic so we all can see what she actually looks like. So…who wants the butcher their body?

No. 328169

someone ask billie to do it, she has tattoos already so it's not like it matters :^)

No. 328170

File: 1478760074300.jpg (376.42 KB, 750x1656, beat.jpg)

Victoria is still lurking this thread so hard lol, which is predictable for a narcissist with rustled jimmies.

since her e-fame died with myspace she's stuck in this dated form of style and self-promotion. She's too dysmorphic to upload any decent ~proof~ videos. If she was any good at guitar or sword fighting why doesn't she showcase her abilities with something that wasn't shot on a potato for longer than 10 seconds? Because everything she dabbles in and claims to be a master of, she's basic at.

her existence is dedicated to manufacturing an image she wants others to see her as: some blonde tattooed bombshell who's totes rad and intelligent that is also an astrophysicist, writer, accomplished artist, trained sword master, model who is so well paid and sought after, and so multifaceted and talented you plebs cannot even FATHOM

…when really she's a dumpy looking ex scene queen who fakes an accent, doing sloppy and damaging tattoo work in a sketchy room, with gross teeth and trashy extensions, who can't string a sentence together without CTRL+ tabbing an online thesaurus, shooping her fat waist in for 2 hours, while listening to shitty mainstream metal, and getting cheapo decor to make her average house/apt look like she's wealthier than she is.

She tried to purge most of her photos and videos but they are all archived on vk, like this unedited vid: https://vk.com/video-11867072_160392976

No. 328171

File: 1478761429732.png (435.88 KB, 535x374, poopdick.PNG)


"It was TOTAL poop-dick!"

Stay classy, Vicky. :^)

No. 328172

File: 1478764244154.png (36.93 KB, 750x558, IMG_7042.PNG)

No. 328173

File: 1478768486094.png (832.25 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3067.PNG)

No. 328174

File: 1478825754767.png (385.77 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3078.PNG)

Vicky, you're almost 30. Too old to be a scene kween.

No. 328175

File: 1478828561520.jpg (53.68 KB, 302x500, IMG_3085.JPG)

So Victoria Shingleton is a navel lacking alien

No. 328176

No. 328177


Oh my god can someone order one and see what happens. I don't think they even exist in real life.

No. 328178

File: 1478834137219.png (1.39 MB, 1030x1578, kek.png)

No. 328179

File: 1478835126250.jpg (169.49 KB, 1500x1499, gracey.jpg)

That's an insult to Grace she's the true navel lacking alien queen. Vicky wishes

No. 328180

good heavens I've never even SEEN extensions that long. I love long hair, but that is not a good look.

No. 328181

Has there ever been a thread about Grace? After watching her Vice News segments I feel like she actually has successfully created the character for herself that all of these girls like Vicky are trying and failing for. Obviously it's still a character, but…

No. 328182

File: 1479141607155.png (78.52 KB, 492x836, apeslol.png)

She posted the same status a little while later without 'fuckin' apes' at the end.

I wonder if she just forgot to delete this one lol

No. 328183

File: 1479148611598.png (121.74 KB, 640x684, IMG_3170.PNG)


No. 328184


Does she actually not know how to sting a proper sentence together or is she just drunk 24/7? When shes not thesaurus.com-ing she has the vocabulary and writing skills of 12 year old trailer trash. I bet the period key on her keyboard is so worn and crusty.

No. 328185

File: 1479149469355.png (488.86 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3171.PNG)

Anyone live in Cambridge or surrounding??!??

No. 328186

File: 1479149755770.png (150.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3173.PNG)

Sure Jan…

No. 328187

File: 1479155131629.jpg (181.79 KB, 640x815, image.jpg)

> some people literally make themselves look like idiots sometimes.

Kek. To add insult to injury she wrote in the comments that anyone who was offended by that can go back to their safe spaces and find a brain

Everything she posts is like watching a slow motion train wreck.

No. 328188

What in the world is she even trying to say in this? That she totez has two phones but she only uses the broken, shitty one instead of the brand new rad one because she's just so ~lulz sew randum~ or what? What's the point of making that her status. It's not a very convincing lie.

No. 328189

File: 1479166536036.jpg (131.61 KB, 639x691, image.jpg)

Lmao, keep flattering yourself Vicky. You obviously need it. I would too if I was a stinky 30 year old leftover MySpace ~goddess~ Barely clinging to my efame, getting dumped at bars, scratching in my musty apartment for a living and relentlessly photoshopping my boobs for thirsty fedoras. She seems to forget the evidence of her blatantly sperging about how sexy and tiny she is. Kek. It's more like a car crash you can't look away from.

No. 328190

Her statuses are so cringey, I'm getting second hand embarrassment reading them. She says she has nothing to prove but then posts all these memes as a means to back up her claims and "proof" videos with equal amounts of cringe in the comments, just to prove the ~h8terz~ wrong, I'm dead.

Also someone please go to this and report back, oh pleeeaasee, think of the milk!

No. 328191


It's embarrassing because she obviously so much more bothered by us haters. She's trying to play it cool but it's so apparent she lurks this thread constantly. If she didn't get so humiliated in the snow thread there's no doubt she would still be here sperging with photoshopped videos as "proof" and obvious, deluded attempts at defending herself. It's fun to watch her go off on her own social media because she can't post here anymore though!

No. 328192

cow spotting and for a good cause? sign me the fuck up. Will report back with findings.

No. 328193

She's trying to say she modded it with an in ear translator….


No. 328194

File: 1479178116149.jpg (575.82 KB, 1632x1632, image.jpg)

Just in case she forgot, here are a few of my favourite sperg posts. the real Victoria bella morte a psycho ham beast with a glass ego.

No. 328195

Haaaa, the original sperg chan. It's too funny that she thinks she's blending in so well while calling herself skinny. Newsflash Vickie: that's the dead giveaway that you're the one posting because literally nobody else would call you skinny.
Because you are objectively not skinny. You're not even regular-sized. You are a tubby, floppy, shapeless, hog-waisted sack of flesh-coloured jello.

No. 328196

I'm gagging at your adjectives

No. 328197

I feel like "hog waisted" is a savage burn…

But then I'm sensitive

No. 328198

Not really. There's a body mod general thread here >>20286 where she was brought up briefly but it's mostly for people to talk about their own mods.

YESSSS thank you anon I am so looking forward to this.

No. 328199

Thank you based Cambridge anon

No. 328200

I was just lurking in snow and they have a generalized board for heavily modded people there. Grace neutral is one of the topics

Ty anon, we await eagerly!

No. 328201

File: 1479236420064.png (146.49 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3210.PNG)

It's time a game! Let's play guess what Vicky Shingles is getting tattooed

No. 328202


Time for a game*

I just woke up and haven't had any coffee yet.

No. 328203

I'm putting my money on "something to symbolize my strength/the trouble I been through"

No. 328204

My guess is a tacky pseudo-Asian-style tattoo of a sex doll warrior in lingerie with an open kimono and a samurai sword. Possibly a dragon in the background. And obviously with the same face that Vickie photoshops her potato features into.

No. 328205


She's probably gonna get "two hands wide" tattooed across her stomach. Kek.

No. 328206

Aaaaaaahahaha, this killed me, anon.
Or maybe she'll get a measuring tape tattooed on her gut, where each inch is really 2 inches. Then she can post pictures of her tattoo as "proof" that she's totes not a 32"waist-chan.

No. 328207

File: 1479260927515.jpg (131.08 KB, 640x795, image.jpg)

Since she's so highly educated in psychology this might be an eye opening read for her. Its called the Dunning-Kruger effect and I don't think anything could describe her any better.

No. 328208

Well hell, anon – this applies to pretty much all the cows here!

No. 328209

It's a nice thought, anon, but she will never be able to recognize her own delusions.
She's already proven to have read up on the traits of a narcissist without making the connection that that's what she is. In fact, in the last thread, she started calling everyone but herself a narcissist lel.

She will never be able to see herself as the rest of the world sees her. Trying to get her to just makes her double down on her posing.

No. 328210

File: 1479311388889.png (113.49 KB, 302x274, 1100.png)

So I had no idea who this girl is, looked through the thread, find it hilarious that she's kind of the OG spergchan, but her image, just why?


Why the fuck would you want to look like this? Why would you want to look like an old messy prostitute? A drag queen? A 45 year old goth? A washed up hoe on Rock of Love? These are photoshopped to how she wants to look, what the hell kind of look is that? It's so off-putting and gross, the eyebrows, the greasy caked on makeup, the poofy lips, the tattoos, the ugly clothes, her fucking scene queen hair, why?

No. 328211

Good Ol' Fuzzy teeth uploaded a new video. I can't save it bc I'm on my phone.


No. 328212

File: 1479373228037.png (29.11 KB, 639x287, IMG_3268.PNG)


(I had to delete and repost cause you could see my profile pic in the first one.)

No. 328213

It kind of bothers me that she decided to wake up, put on a shit tonne of makeup, workout, and then shower?
>not like most girls
>much tomboy

Kek, maybe the fashion show is going to be televised.

No. 328214

File: 1479392244126.jpg (25 KB, 480x480, 13102592_1073112332771086_1049…)


Shes probably just one of those gross people who sleeps in their crusty eyelashes until they just fall off.

The store shes modelling for is kind of a rinky-dink operation, they only have 200 followers on their page. I could really only see the local news filming it if they literally had nothing else to report on? But leave it to Vicky to vague-post and make people think she's a bigger deal then she really is. Although I would really love to see her on something like ink masters getting her crap tattoo work blasted on national television. I can hear her ego shattering just thinking about it.

No. 328215

File: 1479431972938.png (245.91 KB, 448x518, classy.png)

This just in!
Vicky Bowel-Movement BRUTALLY ATTACKS some kfc gravy with a REAL KATANA.

In other news, is it possible for her to shoot a video where she doesn't zoom in obnoxiously at random points?

No. 328216

lmao, it kills me how much she bigs up everything she does.

I'm just picturing her friends rolling their eyes as she relays her mundane daily activities, like "I sprinted here at breakneck pace, guys! And I hurdled your front fence and cleared it by like 3 feet too. Then I grandjetéd with precision and control to your doorstep, and managed to karate kick your doorbell at a full 180º extension without even scuffing this antique leatherbound copy of Newton's Principia that I was carrying, which is very precious to me"

No. 328217

File: 1479447928388.jpg (77.21 KB, 564x863, 7fc78ab8a8a36dd8d48d33f3c69d66…)

does anyone remember Nana Rapeblossom? She was an OLD SG/modelmayhem/myspace queen and for a short time tumblerina from Italy. I remember she moved to Amsterdam in like 2010-2011, went crazy and deleted all her public profiles.

No. 328218

yeah she sortof invented the *~sad bbydoll~* aesthetic way before tumblr even existed

No. 328219

I think we talked about her a little in the tumblr nostalgia thread, or maybe the early 2000s nostalgia thread but nothing past just what a total trip she was

Lol at bitches arguing that this shit didn't exist before dollanger

No. 328220

File: 1479505172234.png (767.84 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3280.PNG)

No. 328221

File: 1479505197950.jpg (78.98 KB, 371x447, IMG_3282.JPG)


>samefag but look

No. 328222


Gotta love that super dim lighting to obscure any editing mistakes/rogue flab

No. 328223

it can't be helped. they're clearly young and dumb can't imagine things happening before their time.

No. 328224

the way she handles that "katana"(sorry for powerleveling, kendo student here) is terrible - you're supposed to hold it with both hands, left hand being the source of all power, and all motions are vertical or horizontal, with the exception of the throat thrust. there are no pokes like the thing in the video. this is just another "fat kid with a sword" video, only with a fried-hair bimbo in it.

No. 328225

File: 1479608626913.gif (2.25 MB, 306x394, kick-da-haterz.gif)

>"fat kid with a sword" video

i hope you've seen her latest compilation video then


No. 328226


i need to know what eyelashes she uses.

i know they're probably drag/theatre brands, but, DANG, i always thought she drew them on because her 'no makeup lol goodmorning' selfie featured them shittily drawn-on

sage for derailing

No. 328227

File: 1479609112107.gif (1.96 MB, 500x282, tumblr_nayo41tTtz1s2wio8o1_500…)


This bitch thinks she's Lynda Carter.

No. 328228

ahahaha so pt esque

No. 328229

I can't believe she filmed this and thinks she looks hot. This whole video is so embarrassing.

No. 328230

YES. Picture her doing this in her driveway and then having to drop the act when a car drives by

No. 328231

File: 1479610738668.jpg (115.91 KB, 707x700, 7080728907_f485941196_b.jpg)


this is something i would have done when i was 16 and a fucking weeb
this bitch be like 25? is she serious? i just cant take her serious, what is this? please be a joke

No. 328233


She's almost 30 lmao.

What a fucking cringe festival. And a sad way to spend a Saturday night in. I can just a imagine her spending hours and hours on her makeup, hair and shredding some poor dress. Setting up her camera in a million different places in the house. Editing this video forever. Fuck that's sad.

Bonus points for her purple Walmart underwear.

No. 328234

File: 1479611251885.png (54.02 KB, 750x438, IMG_8869.PNG)

the fb comments 1/3

No. 328235

>she's almost 30

that makes this 100000000x worse
she needs to burn her eyelash extensions, get a real job and hide under a rock

No. 328236

File: 1479611515038.png (52.78 KB, 749x361, IMG_8871.PNG)

No. 328237

File: 1479611547821.png (46.29 KB, 750x276, IMG_8870.PNG)

personal fave so far

No. 328238


My fuck that's the grossest, thirstiest thing I've ever read. And she lives for this? She can have it.

No. 328239

Holy flaming fuck. Ok I didn't know it was gonna be that bad until I finally saw it. It's almost like a parody. And why wear stringy-ass clothes for close quartered combat like that? Its ineffective realistically, and just makes her look even more ridiculous.
And really she has to put on her description that she's wearing a thong???

No. 328240

File: 1479612241142.jpg (30.31 KB, 561x428, image.jpg)

Ready for the thirsty nice guys.

No. 328241

File: 1479612425079.jpg (17.76 KB, 640x137, image.jpg)


No. 328242

ill admit i liked it then unliked it, just wanted him to know his comment was appreciated

No. 328243

Has she no shame? I get so much second hand embarassment just from watching this. Not only is the entire premise laughably autistic but even as someone who knows literally nothing about sword fighting I can easily pick up on her lack of technique. She looks anything but graceful. Clumsy, even. Just thrashing her body about and swinging the swords around freestyle.

No. 328244

um she's absolutely graceful what are you talking about

No. 328245

i used to be a competitive taekwondo sparrer and i recognize that kick. it's horribly executed, she's totally off-balance, and what the hell is she even doing with her hands? taekwondo puts such a focus on sharp movements and proper form that there's whole competitions for it. it looks more like she's pretending to be a ballerina.

sage because this isn't news, but this is shameful

No. 328246


holy shit.

"vicky's greatests hits"

No. 328247


i just finished watching this, and, crap, it felt like a marathon of cringe. she almost fell on her back twice while doing those kicks. she doesn't know how to sheathe the shinken (if it's a shinken. it might be a cheap repro sword, which are known to separate from the hilt, since they're not made for use, just for decoration). none of the cheerleader baton twirls she does with it is a valid movement in kenjutsu. she even bends her elbow when poking the PFK container. precision, my ass.

No. 328248

Ah Vicky, you never disappoint. Every time I think the milk may be dry, you come through. Never change!!

No. 328249

File: 1479657779548.png (571.37 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7500.PNG)

I'd like to point out the fact that background objects get wider and narrower in different frames, which to me suggests she's stretched out the length of her body to seem "skinny"

No. 328250

File: 1479657853295.png (799.77 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7501.PNG)


No. 328251

Wowee, I think she's more than aware that she's a complete fraud… I think she's actually terrified of being seen for who she really is, she has to put up a facade for neckbeards because she is nothing without their attention.

You don't even see olympic athletes acting this way, or martial artists, or rocket scientists… even when they're hot as fuck, there are people in the world more skilled than she could ever imagine to be and yet many of them are happy and confident enough to not whore themselves out for the cheapest of attention like this.

How utterly pathetic and hilarious, a true cow indeed.

No. 328252

Aaaaaahahahaha, what the fuck was that supposed to be? A 540?
She can't even lift her massive ham thighs above 90º! And her leg isn't horizontal at all, she's kicking it directly out in front of her.

She clearly has never been taught how to kick since her form is abysmal. I wouldn't be surprised if this is her first attempt after watching a youtube tutorial on the basics of martial arts lol. And she can't even get the basics right.

She looks like an overgrown toddler spinning around for the camera while playing dressup, yet she's like 30 fucking years old. How can you have that little self-awareness?

No. 328253

You can tell she hasn't gotten much ~male attention~ In real life lately. Since that's what she lives for I'm not suprised that her antics are getting thirstier every day.

No. 328254


Yeah, I noticed this as well. She flips back and forth so often, it's so strange.

Also funny is that you can see her cropping out the side of the video to try and hide empty cat litter containers and other random garbage.

I almost feel bad for her, what a pig.

No. 328255

File: 1479674403565.jpg (70.28 KB, 640x588, image.jpg)


Also that terrible grammar. your welcome boys kek.
>you can obviously tell she's educated.

If anyone needs a good kek check the humble bragging in the comments and gross 40 year old divorcees wishing it was HER butt

No. 328256

File: 1479675316756.png (179.74 KB, 500x511, vicky_through_the_ages.png)

she isn't like da other gurlz~

No. 328257

The panel dead center actually looks like Shingles, lmao.

No. 328258

File: 1479682748291.jpg (33.51 KB, 407x600, 1432800081472.jpg)

I just can't… she really hasn't got a shred of self-awareness, how can she act out, film and edit this shit without thinking for one second "DAMN, this makes me look like a retard!"?!

Quality comedy, keep it coming, shingles!

No. 328259

That hair is really awful. Long hair/extensions don't look good when it is so dry and ratty, she might as well just plunk a mass of Spanish moss on her head.

Someone needs to get this woman a makeover, stat!

No. 328260

I honestly don't understand the video…
part one: Victoria gazes lovingly into her reflection, surprised, as though she'd forgotten about applying 20lbs of makeup moments before
Part two: Victoria narrows her eyes, foreshadowing the air battle that is about to ensue
Parts three-eleven: super edited spinning and flailing about intermingled with more shocked encounters with a mirror

No. 328262

This video might top it all as the cringiest thing she's done which is saying something. It's so bad. Fuck. The awkward audio cutting in and out at the beginning, her complete lack of actual skill. The flailing. News flash Vicky! You aren't from Soul Caliber, you're just a living breathing embarrassment.

No. 328263

it's just a change in aspect ratio while she's editing (e.g. using 4:3 for a widescreen 16:9 clip). it's either a technical fuckup or she thinks it looks cool.

No. 328264

File: 1479738237840.gif (4.82 MB, 320x240, sobadassvicky.gif)


There's no way I can watch that video and not feel terrible for her. She thinks shes putting out this image of a beautiful, badass lara croft/video game goddess/zombie slayer but it's such an obvious cry for attention she might as well have written "please tell me how cool and pretty I am" at the end. Lara Croft would never do that, Vicky. Tsk.

No. 328265

File: 1479753434338.png (14.38 KB, 488x122, deep fried tofu.png)

>deep fried tofu

for someone so smart, vicky sure is a dumbass when it comes to basic nutritional health

>remy hair

i can't tell if she wants to convince us her extensions aren't ratty, or she is actually taking our advice and trying to bring her hair back from the dead.

No. 328266

Doesn't matter how good the quality is if you don't take proper care of them they will look ratty and gross

No. 328267

File: 1479768926354.png (2.83 MB, 2880x1800, Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 5.53…)

I can't get over how much eye makeup she puts on. I'm surprised that her eyelids are still able to stay open under the weight of all that eyeliner, mascara and fake lashes.

With the overdrawn lips on top of that, she looks like a straight up drag queen.

No. 328268

jesus christ…

No. 328269

~such a rare beauty~

You could literally put that much makeup on a shorn gorilla and it would basically look like that. Lmao.

No. 328270

File: 1479772334853.png (846.07 KB, 900x753, kek.png)


Honestly I think the eye makeup is supposed to draw away from her gigantic eye bags? There is no other reasonable explanation, not that is he is reasonable I suppose.

One pro from the video is that you can see how she has aged/roughly what she actually looks like vs her body-dysmorphia induced photoshopped 'digital paintings'. Pictures on the right obviously adjusted for emphasis.

No. 328271


Why do her eyebrows look like fucking inch worms?

No. 328272

she posted this in her insta:


wonder if it has to do with our comments regarding her video… girl, you have achieved nothing besides looking pathetic.

the only thing i would like to warn vicky about playing with a cheap sword is you might have an accident. people have died of wrongful weapon manipulation. death by idiocy.

No. 328273


Someone should photoshop her makeup off from video stills, it would probably look a lot more accurate to her real face than her ~no makeup selfies~

No. 328274

I wonder how long it took her and what search terms she used on Google images to find this message to us. She's so delusional it's unreal. I can't look away.

No. 328275

I feel like this is a direct response to a comment I left under her video telling her it's complete cringe and she can't fight for shit and her form is trash etc. lol

No. 328276

Aaaaaahahaha, insight into the delusional world of vickie pringles. She really thinks that she's some sort of expert swordwielder because she films herself flailing around in her room for thirsty old perverts to fap to. Priceless.

No. 328277

>she seriously believes she's the equivalent of a hulky gymbro and not an overweight fedora neckbeard swinging around a proplica sword

No. 328278

>>comparing herself to a gym-pro when she's a shortassed sack of blubber.

Completely delusional.

No. 328279

Grosssssss, she looks like she sleeps in makeup 24/7 and just adds another layer to it in the mornings… that crusted mascara and eyeliner looks horrendous.

Bitch looks like she stinks of sour fat-fold cheese and musty, stale dirty linen.

No. 328280

File: 1479854444585.png (Spoiler Image,113.92 KB, 743x573, IMG_7531.PNG)

What a "sweetheart" eh? Who replies to someone sharing a recipe like this?
Guy: "You should try this dish!"
Shingles reply: "I'm soooo skinny and I eat lots of veg!"

No. 328281

>I eat a ton of chocolate ..pastries and junk
If you eat "a ton" of it I can guarantee you are not "balancing it out" with some vegetables.

No. 328282

That is literally not even close to how Basic nutrition works. Jesus Christ. No wonder she's a ham.

No. 328283

omfg everything this sack of lard says I just can't

No. 328284

Her reply was super inappropriate and almost defensive so I'm willing to bet she just didn't understand that he was just making a friendly recipe suggestion because she isn't good at reading comprehension

No. 328285

File: 1479900511164.png (697.94 KB, 800x600, 0000aaa0aaan.png)

this is still my favorite thread

sage in all fields pls

No. 328286

File: 1479916145103.jpg (49.97 KB, 750x416, FullSizeRender.jpg)

The obvious need for male attention is vomit worthy. does she realize how immature and retarded she sounds? holy attention whore.

No. 328287

So Vickys fashion show is tonight, is anyone from here actually going?

No. 328288

It's this kind of shit that makes me almost pity her. It's so pathetic. Nearly 30 years old and acting like she's 15 and desperate.

I'm actually in town at the moment for totally unrelated reasons (where the event is) and I was considering it, but it's really damn cold. I don't know if I care enough about Vicky to hang out at a bridal event for 2 hours when it'll be snowing this evening, but if I do end up going, I'll report back.

No. 328289

Thats because she is mentally 15 and she is desperate.

All the men that meet her in person realize she an epic catfish. It really is pathetic…

No. 328290

I just noticed in the OP pic she has … Eye bags… On her eye bags…

Quadruple eye bags

No. 328291

File: 1479929358421.jpg (38.83 KB, 640x354, image.jpg)

Yikes, and she's even looking up? I've only ever seen eye bags like that on a 60 year old.

Pic related, she still seems so butthurt about being called out on her smell/hygiene. Too bad Dior can't cover up the stench of skipped showers, unwashed hands and general failure.

No. 328292

File: 1479944196863.jpg (83.77 KB, 626x757, image.jpg)

Whoops sorry I uploaded the wrong picture. But lmao.

No. 328293

gorgeous double chin

No. 328294

Ohhh my god, she's still doing that scrunched in "my hands totally fit around my waist!" pose, too funny.

No. 328295

Her face is so ugly
That nose contour is so bad and makes her look like a witch

No. 328296

She can try to hide her weight as much as she can with that pose but her arms don't lie

No. 328297

File: 1479947321782.jpg (375.56 KB, 1632x1632, image.jpg)

Picture on the left is vickys dress, picture on the right is the same dress that the company posted a couple weeks prior with that caption. It's a consignment store which means that Vicky is a size ten dress size. Which definitely contrasts her claim of being "super tiny" considering she's apparently 5'2"

No. 328298

Her real life smile is actually nice. Just a nice normal woman. She should stop photoshopping herself to be this fantasy CG video game character… The real her isn't that bad!

No. 328299

Oh lord that's rough. This thread is getting milky again.

It looks like she's started putting as much makeup on her eyebrows as she does on the rest of her face now because that brow is looking like Fida Kahlo.
>dat nose contour
>that attempt to hide her hog body by obscuring it with ratty extensions & folded choir hands kek.

Also, I never realized how red her complexion is. Combined with her ham hock arms and hooker makeup, she's really giving me a Miss Piggy vibe.

No. 328300

a normal woman with the heart of a self obssessed attention whore.
but true. I agree with you that she should accept herself or work on the things she probably wants to change, like her weight.
Vicky is probably one of those girls who is not ugly, but makes herslf to be ugly. those ridiculous eyebrows, super pouty fake asshole lips, bad hair extensions – she would look a lot better without those.

No. 328301

>size 10

Nowhere near tiny lmao…

No. 328302

ikr! I feel so bad for this cow, I don't usually pity them. She's got some real issues though; everything she does to make herself look "better" is what's making her look bad. Seriously, she's not a bad looking lady. She just needs to take care of her hair/ditch the ratty extensions, tone down the makeup, etc. But I imagine her body dysmorphia is severe and won't let her see that. :c

No. 328303

If she was just authentic and actually took pride in her real self she would strike a positive chord with a much larger demographic as opposed to her curret demo which is basically just gross thirsty old men. If she was able to get over herself and actually just present herself as who she actually is as opposed to tying to one up everyone else (I'm not like other girls, I'm REALLY skinny, I'm super hot I swear wahh photoshops into oblivion) she wouldn't face such harsh criticism. being a little chunky isn't something to be ashamed of and she could inspire a lot of people if she wasn't so far up her own ass with her narcissism.

No. 328304

Body dysmorphia makes you feel shitty about yourself though, doesn't it?
From the way that she tries to brag about her "tiny" gut, it seems like shingles loves herself a little too much more than anything.

No. 328305

I don't know fam, I suspect this photo is "warped" to make Goddess Vic look worse than she actually does. Because we all know IRL she is an ethereal, glowing beauty whose perfection is dumbfounding.

No. 328306

File: 1479994024149.gif (1.86 MB, 600x335, cringe.....gif)

IT amazes me at how daft she is. She really thinks by holding her hands in that pose, that makes her look skinny? She looks so silly, how delusional can one be? She also looks like she pushing 40 or something.

No. 328307


Lmao, even if she does try to claim that it's a screenshot taken from a video SHE posted on her insta from the "fashion show" last night. I think she's more likely to go off about how her dress was a size ten but the had to take it in for her or tighten it extra for the show because a size ten is too big for her. Or maybe she'll go off about how there was more than one of that dress and the one she wore was smaller. But it's a consigned shop soooo there's only one f everything.

No. 328308

No. 328309

File: 1479998155335.png (425.1 KB, 913x342, Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 9.34…)


No. 328310

Looks like she's squeezing out a mega turd.

No. 328311

File: 1480004497252.jpg (58.9 KB, 559x788, fpnVv3B8dEY.jpg)

I swear, everything she posts is some long crazy over-explanation which is a dead giveaway for lying. Pls Vicky.

Recent picture of her "figure" for reference. Her chest is a lot smaller and her waist is a lot thicker. Sorry you couldn't get your hands on After Effects to warp-tool your way out of this one. ;'(

Also that thumbnail image on that IG video is so unfortunate…

No. 328312

omg did she actually photoshop a towel into her hand…

No. 328313

Her upside-down portrait tattoo kills me every time I see it. And the PS in this pic is unbelievable. This bitch has never been in a villa or any sort of a nice house before in her life. She was probably photoshopping this in her grubby apartment with her scraggly extensions and unwashed clothes

No. 328314

File: 1480010220745.png (203.37 KB, 774x225, Snapshot(3).png)

I just love her comments on her own pics

No. 328315

The wrist bracer wasn't a dead giveaway?

No. 328316

I sincerely don't understand the random strips of cheap fabric and really awkward, busted looking, falling apart lingerie.

Anybody who actually looked like that and was secure that those were indeed the facts wouldn't take every opportunity to straight up brag/talk about it on a public platform. Shes just trying to convince people and that's all it is. It's one of the most pathetically transparent things i've ever seen.

No. 328317

File: 1480033636708.jpg (76.38 KB, 640x640, 14607212_566235660249313_58232…)

I love pictures of Vicky standing beside actually slim people. Even the difference in body language is ridiculous. She must be so obnoxious to deal with in person.

No. 328318


Did she shoop her face onto her head? What's with that giraffe neck?

No. 328319

the whole head is shooped lol
look at the wood panel lines

No. 328320

File: 1480034443743.jpg (567.33 KB, 2048x1320, 15111024_1831269433775366_3287…)

>the tit shoop

Looks like they let Vicky Shingles at the pictures before release, RIP!!

No. 328321

File: 1480034471473.jpg (85.24 KB, 500x718, 1480033636708.jpg)

No. 328322

File: 1480034708336.jpg (31.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 328323

File: 1480034931625.jpg (399.44 KB, 1617x2048, 15235523_1831265020442474_1127…)

>the 'two hands' pose
>her expression
>the ratty extensions
>blurry tits that have been edited so poorly that the grain of the photograph disappears in her cleavage
>looks like a literal 40 y/o cougar

The other ladies are quite cute and classy, the comparison is so jarring.

No. 328324

How does she not feel stupid with the amounts of fake hair makeup and gaudy lashes she has on next to people that are just actually pretty without all of it. She struck the shit out of that pose and the real looking girl next to her just looks natural and casual lol

No. 328325

That expression though. literally everyone else looks like they're having fun and she sticks out like a sore thumb in every photo because of all those try hard antics. she need to loosen up a little or something idk

No. 328326


this is why you should apply makeup in a well lit room. Looking like a cheap drag queen with those ridiculous lashes. All the other ladies are using makeup to accentuate their natural beauty and its so weird to see her next to them.

No. 328327

File: 1480036532031.jpg (200.67 KB, 1632x1632, image.jpg)

You guys I'm cryinggggg. How is she still THIS BAD at photoshop when it's her ENTIRE LIFE.

No. 328328

File: 1480036576116.gif (970.78 KB, 517x270, vickypringles.gif)

sage for double posting but this is all i can see with that dumb expression on her face

No. 328329

File: 1480036885731.jpg (344.5 KB, 1632x1632, image.jpg)

I am legitimately dead this bitch is toooo much hahahahah.

No. 328330

File: 1480037271513.png (1.51 MB, 1536x864, BRUTELLA.png)

No. 328331

File: 1480037543738.jpg (286.81 KB, 1632x1632, image.jpg)

What the FUCK did she do to her hand!?!

No. 328332

Dear Vicky,
If you're still reading this thread, which i know you are, please stop with the spider legs eyelashes, cheap extensions and heavy makeup. You can look a lot better without them. And exercise if you wanna lose weight, stop with the crappy Photoshop. You're not fooling anyone but dumb neck beards.

No. 328333

Her insecurities are so raw I can't even believe she's trying to pass this off. Sorry Vicky, you lose. You must be retarded if you think anyone with half a brain will believe this.

No. 328334

It's called the Thumb Gap, it's the new Thigh Gap dontcha know.

No. 328335

Can someone please scientifically destroy her most recent insta vid. Weird angles, filters, bad phone quality, aaaaand shops all in one. Like is she OK???

No. 328336

christ alive
her makeup looks like the haggard skanks i saw dancing on motley crue's stage but she'd probably take that as a compliment being such a ROCKERCHICCCCC

and I wouldn't want to slander the skanks, they at least had nice bodies lmoa

No. 328337

She's definitely a fatty, check out that ham hand with chipolata sausage fingers on that guy's shoulder.

Wow, notice on the other girls how their corsets don't need to be laced up to the bone, they sit naturally and seem comfortable, Vicky on the other hand has to look like she's needs it laced up so tight so her bowels don't flop out onto the floor.

ANYONE who isn't obese can make their fingers touch around the front of their waist by resting their palms to the side of it, but NOBODY can make their thumbs touch around the back, you would have to have a fucking 12" waist to do that, what a stupid bint.

No. 328338

Sage for being a bit OT, but I just saw Luna's photo in /snow and her body shape and size is the closest match to Vicky Shingle's unedited photos that I've seen on lolcow.

No. 328339

File: 1480050898303.jpg (521.69 KB, 2048x1733, 15167642_1831264380442538_1997…)

Everyone has their hands on each others backs.. except for Vicky, of course, being as ostentatious as possible.

soo tinnyyy
big titsss huehue

No. 328340

I bet she's jealous as shit of the teenager next to her with naturally thin proportions.

No. 328341

I like how she warped her waist so much that her hair extensions look like they're superglued to it from the tits down.

The child looks like she has the same size waist as her because of it, who is she fucking kidding??

No. 328342

jfc that warp lmaaaaaooooooooo

No. 328343

What on earth must be going through the minds of these other women. The girl next to her is actually putting her arm through Vicky's in a vain attempt to include her, and Shingles can't be fucking bothered.

Fuck these people and their business, fashion show, and what looks to be an otherwise pleasant event. NO. SHE MUST POSTURE. She's literally going out of her way to ruin it. Ugly diva cunt.

No. 328344

File: 1480058214567.png (11 KB, 427x315, vicky fingleton.png)

my artistic rendition of what Vick's hands must look like since she has made it crystal clear that she she can fit them around her wait. I included yesterday's makeup she didn't wash off.

Here's some fan art for you, MISS VICTORIA MURDEERRRRR
I call it "Vicky Fingleton"

No. 328345

She loops so out of place next to the others. Was this a paid event? I'd be upset if I were the designer. I thought models were meant to be like clothes hangers or mannequins basically just used to show off the clothing designs. I feel like it's probably looked down upon to draw so much attention to yourself and away from the clothing you're meant to be displaying and the show in general. At the very least it's pretty rude of her.

No. 328346

You also captured the image I had of them in my mind too, well done.

If they complained, she'd probably rant about them saying "Alt models get married too!" or some shit, she's always the victim remember.

No. 328347

it was for a consignment shop, nice second hand basically.

That's what made it so easy to deduce her fattiness, the dress she modeled (which would be the only one they have like it) was listed on their site as a size 10. And it looked like more a mom n' pop shop type event, no high couture, but she still manages to fuck up simple stuff.

No. 328348

those fucking lashes are making her look downsy
the BDD is reeeeaaaaaallllll
and what is with that trout pout…?

No. 328349

File: 1480060070893.jpg (32.95 KB, 280x420, Cathie-Jung.jpg)

This is Cathy Jung, she has the smallest adult waist in the world at 15".

At 15" even Cathy wouldn't be able to make her thumbs and middle fingers touch around her waist unless each of her hands were 7.5" inches long and it's not very common for women to have hands that big.

Vicky has little stubby sausage fingers and her waist is not 15", it'd be twice that if not more.

No. 328350

File: 1480060194383.jpg (85.33 KB, 640x484, image.jpg)

If you ever want to see what her actual body looks like just edit her hair warp back straight!

What a vapid cunt, *i had a priiiiivate dressing room with the boyzzzz because I'm sooo much better than everyone else that was there"

Bullshit Vic. Side note that second video is so laughable. Elbows jammed so far into her sides to give the illusion of a waist. Way to pick up a fat 13year olds Instagram trick, that's been around forever and it's basically a universal indication for "I'm fat but if I can hold this pose for a few second I won't look like it".

No. 328351

lol, I love how all the other girls have their arms around each other, but vickie pringles is off in her own world doing her signature, stiff 'please believe that I'm skinny' pose.
Even when the actually skinny girl beside her tries to pull her in for the picture, she has to poke her hand through vickie's teapot-posed arm because she's too busy trying to strangle her own waist.

No. 328352

Lol she deleted the fashion show pictures from her public page, thank god. I genuinely can't believe how terrible these shoops are, it's mind blowing that she thinks that is passable to post. I feel bad for the photographer whose name is now slapped all over those horrifying ps fails.

Also can you imagine being one of the other girls in those photos seeing them for the first time? You had to take all these awkward pics with a stinky chunker and then you see THESE photos? I would be laughing my ass off tbh.

No. 328353

She probably took them down because she'd get in a whole lot of shit from the photographer if she edited/retouched/manipulated them in any way without their outright permission.

No. 328354

that sad moment when you are 5'2 girl and your hands are that big

No. 328355

She looks like a Wild West saloon madam had it off with a circus clown and Miss Vic was the result.

No. 328356

Oh, and she was born with alopecia so ever resourceful madam mom fashioned baby girl a wig from straw.

No. 328357

dying that she mentioned getting new extensions but they look like shit b/c somehow after all these years of wearing them, she still hasn't figured out how to blend her hair into them. was she also aiming for the yellow ass blonde b/c yikes if that's what she did specifically for this ~fashion show~.

No. 328358

Man, she's not even trying to make it seem like she ain't lurkin

No. 328359

File: 1480100380479.png (78.62 KB, 501x802, average.png)

No. 328360

Zzz. You know Vicky, there's nothing cute about being short when you're obese.

No. 328361

>brags about being 5'2
>dress size 10

Those proportions are not "tiny" vic

No. 328362

No one even said this…?

No. 328363

she can't shut the fuck up about her height. She wishes she was 5'8" and didn't have a muffin top and stubby legs. She mentions how tall she is in heels on a regular basis, she's that insecure about it.

No. 328364

Lol @ Vic terribly shopping an actual photographers pictures to cover her own insecurities. I thought you knew all about copyright infringement, Vic?

No. 328365

That status she posted is so cringe why is she so obsessed with herself? Hey guys not as tiny as I thought, one inch off. Continue with your actually productive day, peasants

No. 328366

Do you have a 15" waist too?

>>sit on my ass, sit on my ass, eat some tofu, sit on my ass.

I love her, she's my lolcow of the year.

No. 328367

No. 328368

kek. Also seems like some local TV show covered it since it's a charity fashion show, which is what I'm guessing Vicky was talking about when she said "i'm going to be on TV" the other day. Canadian public access television, so glamorous.

No. 328369

No. 328370

The charity event sounds super cute. It's about selling dresses at a cheap price during the holidays for those struggling. Too bad Vicky shingles had to swoop in and make it about herself with lies and Photoshop. I'm a model elohel

No. 328371

File: 1480127411404.jpg (68.59 KB, 960x540, 15094926_1830001807235462_8854…)

tfw u realize vicky shingles singlehandedly ruined your quaint charity event

No. 328372

I messaged Melrose and told her I was going to see if she would do engagement pics but was concerned she Photoshopped women's bodies. She said she's never and would never do that lawlz guess it really was vicky

No. 328373

File: 1480128029131.jpg (482.17 KB, 1424x2048, 15168844_1831267247108918_2056…)

I listened through the video and Shingles was not mentioned even once. It must honestly kill her. They did mention a modelling agency called Cameo, but no Vicky to be found on that site.

I wonder how our A Legacy Bridal owner got caught up with Vicky- although, this wouldn't be the first time she has taken advantage of business owners and their good will.

But yeah, for anyone in doubt, this was definitely a quaint/cute charity event. This nonsense of Shingles talking about 'walking runway' is just her uncontrollable narcissism at work.

lel no surprise there, I feel so bad for all the people Vicky shits on whenever she does.. well.. anything.

BTW Hi Vicky, how are you doing? Don't forget that KW-Counselling does walk ins every Thursday from 12-6! It's never too late to get help! :^)

No. 328374

File: 1480128850985.jpg (1.09 MB, 1424x2048, melr.jpg)

I removed Vick's weirdly concave face/neck,
concave hair extensions thus removing the shooped waist
and generally had a go at trying to make Vick look more like IRL Vick.
Too bad she's still beyond recognition.

No. 328375

File: 1480131105051.png (10.98 KB, 455x127, ugh vicky.png)

exactly, it was a fundraiser by a shop that has 304 likes and vicky is acting like its NY fashion week omg. and that "private dressing room" clip is hilarious. She can't even lie convincingly.

No. 328376

samefagging srry but my money says she F5's craigslists modeling listings

No. 328377

>the other girls did

jesus christ it never ends with this narcissistic cow

No. 328378

the normie peasants she secrectly wished she was as pretty as.
She's not even anywhere near as attractive as least attractive other woman in the pics.

No. 328379

>>319023 I'm not getting her involved, promise. Truly want her to do my engagement photos but wanted to confirm she doesn't warp women's bodies as a photographer. Will probably set an appointment soon! Xoxo

No. 328380

Right like look at the other girls genuinely smiling and then look at Vickys poses

No. 328381

Holy fuck kek


Not gonna mention the body cause yknow, just look at it. But those nasty eyebrows and those dead tarantula eyelashes…how can she think that looks good? Vicky, Jesus… the other model looks 100 times better than her with way less makeup.

Does anyone know how old she really is? I've been with Vicky since thread number 1 but I really can't remember

No. 328382

Everytime I read some of the comments on her IG it's just pure cringe, what an unfortunate life.

I think she's 29 if I recall correctly

No. 328383

File: 1480144466698.png (15.1 KB, 439x130, situps.png)

Serious question to people ITT:

Do you think she can keep herself from making extremely defensive posts like this?

Like at first I thought she was a garden variety narcissist, but a lot of the statuses she's been posting since sperging out are so painfully transparent and attention seeking. Does she dissociate at the computer and just type whatever drivel she believes will give her some validation? It's so pathetic and sad.

No. 328384

File: 1480157932126.png (622.51 KB, 981x591, Screen Shot 2016-11-26 0219.33…)


Just let her be Anon; sit back, relax and nibble some popcorn. Vaca will continue on to shoop herself while sporting a Miss-Piggy-meets-Scene makeup palette; even making outrageous claims of physical capabilities, intelligence, character and spirituality. Much of her so-called fans are going on along with it by unceasingly giving her compliments to feed her ego and prop her delusions. She's like a modern day "Emperor's New Clothes", social media climbing style. It's funnier when fools are proud and oblivious to their own foolishness.


>dat shooping

>dat contouring
>"muh muscle structure"

NEVER EVER CHANGE Vaca! We love you! ♥

No. 328385

I'm starting to really believe there's something mentally wrong with her, like actual retardation. I finally watched her martial arts video, and it's literally retarded autist tier. Her shoops continue to be egregiously terrible, no matter how much practice she gets. I mean, she still hasn't figured out that your hair isn't supposed to warp around your tits in defiance of gravity. She brags about things that are completely unbelievable. She obsesses about trolls. She sperg'd out in her other thread and did so so poorly that pretty much everyone knew exactly which posts were hers.

Her actions are far too ridiculous to be explained away by regular ol' narcissism and stupidity. She belongs on the short bus.

No. 328386


It's been slowly dawning on me since the last thread that she's probably actually mentally retarded.

Her claims are so outlandish and absurd >>328383 >>319089 that if it wasn't for sweaty neckbeards (who are autists themselves) thirsting over her blatantly photoshopped photos; more people would either be laughing at her or feeling sorry for her.

No. 328387

File: 1480174233464.png (190.92 KB, 640x960, IMG_4704.PNG)

She might actually be retarded, this wall of text is just too much.

No. 328388

I'm with you on that. During the last thread I was telling my bf about her and he said "it sounds like she's just retarded. Like actually retarded." and it kind of dawned on me that he's probably right. She's just a potato with a low IQ playing make believe about who she is and what her life consists of, and sometimes she slips through the cracks and gets to actually do things like model for free events and fuck people up for life with bad tattoos because she spends so much time creating the illusion that shes got some talent online, she's a female, and her face doesn't scream downs syndrome. Notice though that no one comes back to her for seconds because they realize their mistake after the first time.

No. 328389

I'd also like to add that he shamed me for making fun of someone who is if not mentally disabled, at the very least very mentally ill. I felt bad for like a second but I can't look away at this point

No. 328390

One of my favourite parts about this whole thing is shes really trying to play the victim and posting statuses like "dont worry if you're not model thin you are worth it and anyone who says your fat is a jealous cunt blah blah blah" but its not even about body shaming. Its the fact that she sits there taking in her waist and over inflating her boobs to the most insane, unrealistic proportions and then goes off about how "curvy, naturally muscle, tiny, skinny, huge tits" ect. *She literally photoshopped her own waist smaller than the 5 year old girl in >>328339

If shes gonna jam how ~perfect and curvy~ she is up everyone's ass all the time she should at least be those things in actual reality. It would still be annoying and cringey as fuck but hey, at least it would be true. She might as well just skip the whole photography part and CGI herself a body from scratch, because thats the level of terrible shooping happening here. At least then she wouldn't have to worry about the warping backgrounds and heavy blurring/stretching and could live happily in her own head staring at it and pretending that its really her.

No. 328391

Oh fuck, you might be right. Was she as dopey during her myspace days? I mean, when people are in their teens its expected that they're gonna act retarded online, eventually growing out of it; But what if she was always borderline retarded? It's either that or she's a narcissist and an alcohol.

No. 328392


omg i rarely check /pt i'm glad i did this is insanity, oh vic

No. 328393

Jesus that magically bent wall behind her head! It's literally all I can focus on.

No. 328394

It's hard to tell whether she's literally retarded or extremely narcissistic and delusional. Like, there are some photos of her in social situations, which implies she has friends and they look like normal people. But if you think about it, she doesn't seem to have any consistent friends. Like she'll have one set of candids from the same night and you never see her with those people again. I feel like she usually catfishes people and then once they realize that they were tricked into hanging out with someone who's super slow/crazy and looks nothing like her photos they just silently fade away from contact with her. Like if she wasn't retarded or crazy she'd be able to live a normal life doing real things with real people instead of spending all hours of her day posting about her different made up daily accomplishments and carefully editing photos and videos for literally no reason other than autistic asspats and likes.

No. 328395

File: 1480191769753.jpg (81.95 KB, 640x572, image.jpg)

Another shining example of her I've league education lmao. How is she 30 and can't spell. Regardless of education that is so perplexing.

No. 328396


Dang autocorrect

No. 328397

Vic is the type of friend you keep around to make yourself appear more attractive and smart.
She looks like a drag queen. I wonder if they hired her for that reason. "We accept all forms of love and sexuality! Just look at our trans model in our size 10".

No. 328398

She just can't pass up any opportunity to be ~smart~ or talented in any way. So cringy, dear lord.

No. 328399

File: 1480213076938.jpeg (25.48 KB, 352x298, image.jpeg)

Fucking kek.

No. 328400

I wonder if Melrose is gonna post the original photos or Vic's monstrosity

No. 328401

File: 1480290955902.png (65.77 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7617.PNG)

Victoria posted a status asking for advice on a Defamation/Copyright lawyer lmao. Then she posted this priceless comment about "sewing us all senseless". Edited twice before getting it to "sue" (and got help from someone in the thread to get it right)

My question is… If she ends up sewing us, will we look like a cheap polyester bikini with twisted straps with a photoshopped overlay of gothic font too?

No. 328402

File: 1480291814899.jpg (36.99 KB, 600x528, 140.jpg)

satin cow pattern

No. 328403

lmao please try

No. 328404

I feel like there's a new banner somewhere in this

No. 328405

The copyright notice and sources added onto the OP got me lolin

No. 328406

She's been harassing our hosting provider with a deluge of nonsense complaints and citing tons of random unrelated laws. I won't post them but she sounds like a crazy person. I added the notice to make it clear that everything is fair use.

I hope she gets the help she needs.

No. 328407

File: 1480298259793.png (1021.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-27-20-57-06…)

No. 328408

Lmao too bad Yale and Harvard couldn't even teach her to spell a three letter word. Kek.

Lmao at that copyright

No. 328409

File: 1480299097771.png (257.53 KB, 334x432, sewing.png)

No. 328410

So where's her lawyer? lol
Oh right she doesn't have one

No. 328411

never forget

No. 328412

File: 1480300725698.jpg (96.1 KB, 732x635, image.jpg)

No. 328413

File: 1480302758810.png (1.27 MB, 1270x830, vickyposts.png)

No. 328414


No. 328415

I linked the sword video to my friend without context and he asked if she had autism. I'm in the same boat of people who think she's actually retarded, the more i read about her

No. 328416

I honestly feel bad for picking on someone mentally retarded. It isn't right guys, she also can't comprehend it either

No. 328417

Guys she's not socially retarded. At the very least she has assburgers which is nothing

Do retarded people make it on morning radio shows and take scantily clad photos of themselves to gain followers ? I think not. Let the lulz continue on to our regularly scheduled programming

So I know for a fact Vic got internetroyalty shut down cuz of her constant copyright claims. It must kill her that she can't shut down lolcow

No. 328418

*Guys shes not mentally retarded

No. 328419

Has anyone actually listened to her on the radio? Being on a radio talk show isn't any indication of mental capacity. Its about entertainment. She's willing to say whatever it takes to seem interesting, true or not, and we know this for a fact. And with a fake english accent to boot. She basically plays some sort of character that she made up every day of her life as it is. Of course they'll put her on the show. Also, no one can tell when you look nothing like any of your "modeling" photos on the radio. kek

No. 328420

I have heard her on the radio, very briefly. All I've ever really heard her contribute to conversation in that moment was her agreeing with the host about some new music that came out or about them giving away tickets or something. Her accent sounds 100% ridiculous.

No. 328421

File: 1480353747547.jpg (75.94 KB, 330x330, fake-accent-2-330x330.jpg)

Lmfao, I just listened to a little bit of one of their podcasts and everyone just keeps interrupting/disregarding her. The accent is fucking atrocious. Shes adding literally nothing to conversation. And her accent keeps disappearing and coming back. She says something accidentally without the accent then stutters and repeats it with the accent. So cringey.

No. 328422

File: 1480353829891.gif (1.82 MB, 223x200, fuck.gif)

links please? omfg

No. 328423



Not all of them have her in it but JFC it's so funny.

No. 328424

The last episode she did was in Septenber of 2015, she probably got fired from the show. She keeps talking about nothing and interrupting the host, you could tell he was getting pissed off. The more you listen to it the worse the accent gets.

No. 328425

I listened to about 5 minutes of the 3rd radio show and then a minute of the 1st.
Her accent is almost non existent in the 1st one, but blaring in the 3rd.

No. 328426

The one I listened to was when they were talking about things bands ask for in the venues on tour. Episode 3 I think. She was so fucking annoying and whoever the host was kept calling her out on saying stupid shit and she was trying so hard to keep up that British accent and "intelligent persona" but everything she said was just utter nonsense. I actually hope she was drunk in this one because there's no way a sober person would be so obnoxious and irritating.

No. 328427

Victoria strikes me as the kinda girl who'll make you late for a show because she spends hours to get ready for a night out and still somehow manages to look like a hot mess

No. 328429

When she was hammered at the bar a few weeks ago she kept slipping up on her accent. it was more hilarious in person.

No. 328430

I wish I knew more of that story it sounds hilarious

No. 328431

What wonder is: if she is from Ireland – and her family is presumably Irish – why does she speak with an English accent?

No. 328432


Because shes as retarded as she is delusional

No. 328433

because they probably sound the same to her so when she fakes it she just does an english accent

No. 328434


Victoria could probably benifit from reading into this XD
Its her to a T

No. 328435

No. 328436

It REALLY was. I've never seen someone so uncomfortable being so obviously catfished.

No. 328437

Oh god, all I listened to was the third and I'm dying. She drops the accent within the first minute, then picks it back up again and you can almost hear the other host cringe like he thought she was done with that.

No. 328438

Man… What bothers me the most isn't even the fake accent. it's something else:

>"Ah…ummm. ah, I…i, um… Ummm, ah"

It's like everything she says has to be so carefully planned she can never sound natural

No. 328439

She's trying to do an intelligent-sounding aristocratic English accent. For some reason she's obsessed with coming across as smart and sophisticated. That's why she links Yale on her LinkedIn and tries to make "insightful" Facebook posts all the time.

It's extra ironic because she's probably one of the dumbest cows in /pt/.

No. 328440

I get so much second hand embarassment, holy shit. Her fake, inaccurate accent comes and goes, she slurs all of her words, and she says nothing of any substance. In the 3rd episode where they're talking about the things bands ask for from venues, she spends the first 5 minutes babbling on and on about why van halen demanded a bowl of m&ms with the brown ones picked out (while the host repeatedly brings up that they have previously discussed this and that the only reason she knows this is because he told her about it…clearly trying to move her along) only to conclude her point by getting it COMPETELY BACKWARDS. "Oh, wait, they DIDN'T want the brown ones???" Even the host was laughing at her after that. I hope she was just fucking wasted or something. Listening to that was painful.

No. 328441


>I hope she was just fucking wasted or something.

She sounds completely hammered in that one. Like you say, slurring her words really badly. What a trainwreck.

No. 328442

That's the only one I listened to so it was hard to tell if she was drunk without comparison. But regardless who the fuck does something like that drunk

No. 328443

She's ethier really stupid or was drunk. There's no excuse for ethier really. Both equally pathetic.

No. 328444

I am just listening to Episode 8 and the other hosts don't even wanna talk to her it seems. Why is she there?

No. 328445

Because she has nothing of value to add to a conversation at this point. It feels like they're keeping her on out of pity. They picked her up thinking she would be at the very least a worthy conversationalist to add interest to the show but they're now aware that she's a dumb fat potato with nothing intelligent to say and a retarded fake accent.

No. 328446

She lands jobs like these and the modeling stuff because all of her social media is the equivalent to lying on a resume. Bragging about personal skills and talent so consistently and passionately and manipulating photos of herself to give the illusion that she looks that way in real life. Some people are just too gullible, and unfortunately they're the ones that end up with a blubbering retard on their radio show, an over the top drag queen looking attention whore in their fashion show, or a heavy handed disaster permanently scratched onto their body.

No. 328447

File: 1480384792663.png (11.63 KB, 430x99, h8erz.png)

aight gurl

No. 328448

She killed internet royalty? Now I don't even care if she's retarded, I hate her.

Also, CWC is waaayyyy more brainfucked than she is and he's still mocked sooooo

No. 328449

Apparently sewing everyone senseless didn't work out.

No. 328450

she goes aussie in some parts what the actual hell

No. 328451

im literally so tempted to get in touch with that scott guy, ask where Vicky went hahah

No. 328452

samefagging, but notice how she's absent when someone famous is in the podcast? They knew she would fuck it up

No. 328453

Ah, I'm not getting "sew"ed?

No. 328454

I love how she calls people calling her out on her bullshit"cyber stalking"

No. 328455

Aw, I taught her a new word. Or just how to spell one she'd been meaning to use

No. 328456

File: 1480396412061.jpg (286.54 KB, 2048x2048, 0qalf4G.jpg)

I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom

No. 328457

she's like gross disney character you aren't supposed to like

a stepmom or a witch or something

No. 328458

The space between her upper lip and gums is the distance she wants from neck beard trolls. Like stay close but not too close

No. 328459

File: 1480409638578.gif (973.78 KB, 245x240, MI1qc3nl6o1_250.gif)

She reminds me of Madame Medusa.

No. 328460

File: 1480442501178.png (42.74 KB, 750x484, IMG_7163.PNG)

Such a basic bitch.

No. 328462

File: 1480465288885.png (192.55 KB, 548x672, poor_vicky.png)

this edit is very telling of her neurotic personality, holy shit.

No. 328463

nah, anon. she means literally big, just like she is. Huge, fat, obese Vicky.

No. 328464

She's not obese. But definitely Photoshops herself into Jessica rabbit and looks nothing like her pictures in real life. annnnd has a blatantly fake internet persona

No. 328465

No. 328466

I showed my husband the sword video. He looked at me confused for a few seconds, then asked, in all sincerity, "was that a man or a woman?"

No. 328467

File: 1480491339274.png (814.01 KB, 475x1373, sick kicks vicks.png)

So…I revisited her kewl swords n' kicks video, and I found this.

At 1:08, when she starts doing a spin-kick where her leg extends high up, it appears as though she actually spliced together two videos. In the first video, she seems to attempt the kick, and in the second video, she seems to be already holding her leg up and then proceeds to let it go. Edited together, it looks like she kicked high and landed her foot down. However, there are discrepancies.

They are are:
1. The lighting of the video changes fairly dramatically.
2. The angle (or cropping) of the video changes.
3. She seems to have lost her garter belt when this shift happens.
4. Her hand seems to be wrapped around her knee area, presumably to hold her leg in this position.

I will post a frame by frame gif to help illustrate this as well.

No. 328468

File: 1480491449395.gif (307.81 KB, 512x295, sick-kick-vicks-the-second.gif)

Aforementioned gif.

No. 328469

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

No. 328470

just when you think she can't sink any lower, there she goes

No. 328471

Her thigh looks massive.

No. 328472

The crappiest part about this is that she obviously went to a lot of trouble to try and look ~super kewl and talented~ but that kick is still so far off of being impressive. it's still such a sad kick despite her physically attempting to manually force her leg higher hahaha.

No. 328473

File: 1480506864083.jpg (33.64 KB, 170x170, 1440776734856.jpg)


Doing God's work, anon.

No. 328474

Sage your fucking posts, this is the third thread today I've read in /pt and /snow that an anon mentions "showing their husband" something in relation to the cows.

It's annoying as shit, noone gives a fuck about what your partners think, if you've personally got nothing relevant to say; don't say it at all.

No, she isn't obese, nobody has even said she's obese but she's short stacked and fat… she's basically a hobbit.

No. 328475

Omg yes. I'm so excited for her to go back on her "I don't have to prove anything to anyone" statement as she goes batshit over this analysis. Ily anon

No. 328476

I would say she's definitely obese going off of unphotoshopped pics. I mean, she's not Mama June obviously, but people forget how easy it is to slip into stage 1 obesity, since the average person you see walking around is now also at stage 1 obesity (if you live in US or Canada).

"Obese" doesn't always mean bedbound. The lower end of obese is like, Maeghan Trainor sized. She looks to me like about one metric Amy Schumer.

No. 328477

Ahhhhhahaha, how pathetic. She can't even lift her ham thigh past horizontal on its own without fucking grabbing it with her hand like a 5 year old in gymnastics class.

No. 328478

It's sad enough that she even seriously does all of this autistic stuff. But then you have to take into account the effort and time. It's safe to assume that her hair and makeup alone takes the better part of an hour if not more, and then she sets up the background and lighting etc., chooses an impractical outfit, and sets up the camera. After shooting an insane amount of footage she has to pick the best shots, piece them together in a way that makes her look the best (in her mind) and edit it in after effects. All of this for a video that's a few minutes long that she gains literally nothing but likes and neckbeard attention from. Not being paid to do it, not gaining anything of actual value from it. That's some fuckin dedication.

No. 328479

Agreed, anon. Ibese doesn't always mean Precious.
She is definitely at the early stages of obsesity according to the pics shown in >>328465
Well, maybe not in America… maybe vicky is just thicc and chubbs there, kek.

No. 328480


No. 328481

BMI charts usually go underweight - normal - overweight - obese.

I think she's likely high-normal / low overweight, but it actually doesn't matter.

What bothers me is that she promotes herself as naturally so thin and "perfect" it's not so much a problem now but years ago when all sorts of young women followed her/Bunny that was problematic.

It's unhealthy to tell girls they need to look skinny to be worthwhile.

No. 328482

Bunny definitely had an eating disorder (always taking pictures with her ribs poking out ect, general humblebragging about her weight) but I don't think Vicky ever did (unless it was BED, lol)

sage for off topic.

She's passing it off like we're just sitting here bodyshaming her blah blah blah but shes just getting called out on her bullshit. if she wasn't so heavy handed with the waist/boob shoop she wouldn't be getting called out for being a chunker.

No. 328483

She's medically obese for sure. Morbid obesity is just so normalized in America and elsewhere that non-morbid obesity is considered 'chubby' or 'overweight' and not taken as seriously as it should be.

t. blew up 50lbs in a short amount of time, am now medically obese and still somehow slimmer than Vicky

sage for blogging

No. 328484

She calls herself "tiny" and "skinny" so much but imo not even the shoops she does of herself are skinny. Like if someone actually had those proportions I wouldn't consider them skinny, there's too many curves

No. 328485

File: 1480534713124.gif (353.77 KB, 431x369, slick-vick.gif)

Anon back again.

At 2:09, she does this again. 2 videos spliced together quickly to make it look like the same continuous shot.

1. Lighting of the video changes dramatically.
2. The cropping/aspect ratio changes.
3. She looks like she might actually be falling over at the end of Video 1.
4. She just upright into a standing position (facing in the opposite direction) in Video 2.

No. 328486

File: 1480539240050.jpg (89.89 KB, 961x630, top kek.jpg)

Good job, anon! This is just hilarious.

No. 328487

As for the radio show she helped present, I can't with that. She doesn't have any confidence, she should have joined in more but the thing is I don't even believe she knows who the band members the other two dudes are referring to are. Her accent is weird as fuck, she sounds like she's from New Zealand or Australia to me. Can hear the Canadian slipping out… How can she have that accent when she hasn't even lived in England or regularly talked to English people?

No. 328488

File: 1480546899466.png (8.28 MB, 3343x2508, 1480545998410.png)

she seriously shoops herself to look like a second life/imvu avatar

No. 328489

Omg, anon. You're right. How embarrassing. I genuinely feel bad for her now

No. 328490

The boobs are literally exactly the same lmao. What a cringe. I can't believe people buy this, it makes a sad for the tiny fragment of humanity that humours her.

No. 328491

Suuuuper late comment but the way she words her caption makes it sound like she was wearing the sunglasses while tattooing people??
Pls no

No. 328492

how sad that she is so deranged that she wants to look like something that isn't real. What goes through her head she looks at herself in the morning? right after the shower?

No. 328493

File: 1480579682257.png (51.23 KB, 750x948, IMG_7193.PNG)

Dug up some old photos from the grave. For the hell of it.

No. 328494

File: 1480579711308.png (113.33 KB, 739x1180, IMG_7190.PNG)

No. 328495

File: 1480579801226.png (63.61 KB, 761x655, IMG_7189.PNG)

Obviously, these were taken before she discovered the "magic" of hair extensions.

No. 328496

File: 1480579881356.png (75.83 KB, 750x906, IMG_7192.PNG)

No. 328497

Great finds anon, wow these are ancient. It's like looking at the earliest symptoms of NPD.

No. 328498

Are her eyebrows tattooed on? They look exactly the same.

No. 328499

File: 1480585382521.png (107.77 KB, 640x712, IMG_3444.PNG)

A better name for ol' Vicky would be "Victoria BellGrande"

No. 328500

I'm seriously triggered by Vic's extreme hair slinging so close to those candles. As dry as her rat's nest looks, and considering there has to be a ton of product (hairspray is highly flammable) in, she's risking considerable bodily harm.

No. 328501

File: 1480620632307.jpg (170.4 KB, 604x720, 9604030650f9825ac5a2baaf730cde…)

Her latest on Instagram

>A lot of you have been using an eggplant as an emoji for a penis.. Too big. Way too big.

Yeah I'm pale so I glow sometimes on camera with a weird ass white aura looking thing.when not powdered down or with bronzer on I guess

No. 328502

All of her tags are so thirsty lmao. It must suck being left behind on the internet clinging to whatever attention she can muster with huge boobie photos and a thousand retarded tags haha.

No. 328503

Her arms look huge compared to her tiny fake waist.

No. 328504

Hahahahahaha I'd kill to hack her computer to see all of her original images. I can't imagine what they look like side by side

No. 328505

File: 1480643673244.gif (374.72 KB, 400x300, 1431643737000-0.gif)

I'm loving how everything but the shitty black bracelet and red glove was horribly shooped into the picture. Fucking incredible.

No. 328506

File: 1480644351875.jpg (43.88 KB, 435x451, image.jpg)

Dem shop fuckups. This girl is so tragic.

What is even happening right here. Her glove is melting and that sword butt thingy is defying the laws of physics and depth perception. Sick job Vicky. Try harder plz.

No. 328507


She looks a lot healthier in that pic, even her hair looks a lot less damaged despite them tater-tot fingers. Sheesh what the hell happened?


How about just address her as
"Vaca", pronounced as "Vay-kay" in over-anglicised way by some of my latina friends, but spelled as Vaca. It's a tongue-in-cheek jest on an overly glammed/stylized woman…

"Vaca" btw, means "cow" in several of the Latin/Romance-language. ♪

Have fun with a Google image search: [https://www.google.com/search?q=Vaca&tbm=isch]

No. 328508

File: 1480650787241.png (1.63 MB, 1390x960, muah.png)

No. 328509

ugh, fuck man, this looks kinda accurate.
I know she shoops like crazy, but WHY does she have to do stuff to make herself uglier? Like her makeup, extensions and eyebrows, They are all so unflattering. I honestly think she could be pretty cute if she tried a different look. Too bad she apparently can't accept herself.

No. 328510

Because she doesn't want to be just "cute" or "attractive". She has a very specific persona she is going for: Alluring, mysterious blonde sex bomb, va-va-va voom video game vixen kick-ass metal babe who makes guys "hit signposts" but who is actually too intellectual to care; she'd rather focus on her martial arts skills and biology and astrophysics studies.

It's really ironic that she wants everyone to believe she's so smart when she's actually too dense to see she looks like a fool.

No. 328511

File: 1480680579537.jpg (216.72 KB, 800x1084, FantasyArtBook1.jpg)

>va-va-va voom video game vixen kick-ass metal babe

I always feel like she tries to make herself look like a character from ridiculous over-the-top 80s fantasy artwork.

No. 328512

She obviously took our advise on the extensions maybe she'll listen about the freakish makeup skills

No. 328513

kek. I always forget that she thinks she's intelligent. That's the funniest part to me, since it's clear that she couldn't even pass the most basic, high school-level calc.

No. 328514

Ohhh, what I wouldn't give to see Victoria send in a crockpot theory to a real physicist. I love reading stories of the countless delusional hobby-theorists that plague real physicists getting their abysmal understanding of the subject shat on.

And she is like the epitome of the delusional pretend-physicist. I can only hope that her narcissism pushes her to 'totally figure out a grand unified theory' and put it up for actual academics to critique.
A girl can dream.

No. 328515

File: 1480717177407.jpeg (83.36 KB, 489x625, image.jpeg)

Oh, absolutely!! I'm positive she fancies herself a Vallejo girl.

No. 328516

File: 1480734910965.jpg (53.95 KB, 1024x768, lady death vick.jpg)


I'm thinking more 90's era Lady Death (or any of the other chaos! comics girls)

No. 328517

File: 1480734970924.jpg (731.24 KB, 994x1526, lady death.JPG)

samefagging bc this one is tooooo close

No. 328518

File: 1480735144495.jpeg (56.08 KB, 385x300, lady death alive.jpeg)

LD in her alive form, getting ever closer to what Vick's ideal must be…?

No. 328519

Vallejo, Chaos!, Imvu avatar, etc., it's all in the same vein (although Lady Death is absolutely spot on what SlickVic is going for visually). Thing is, the look is FANTASY – unrealistic, idealized and exaggerated; no one looks like that without surgery, wigs, and plenty of industrial lights and magic. You'd think a woman as "incredibly intelligent" (cough-cough) as our Vicky wouldn't be so foolish as to insist her Photoshopped creations are what she looks like IRL.

But I suppose if she ever saw the light, all the milk would dry up.

No. 328520

this thread is so gold
I dated her brother for a year or so, this bitch looks nothing like her photos. And DOES NOT have that accent holy fuck hahahaha

No. 328521

deets or gtfo, namefag.

No. 328522

Her brother is a wormy little fuck with a small dick and cheats on every girl he's ever been with. Every girl he brings home, Vic grabs and puts all her shit fucking makeup on them. Tries to turn us into mini-me's and then whines about how people want to be just like her and copy her.
She's a complete slag. She used to say that she keeps her hair short and brown at the back so it won't all fall out at once. She's actually got (or had?) nice skin under the makeup from what I saw the few times. Usually she refuses to be seen unless she's got a full face on. Regardless of the time of day. Is entirely delusional about her life and that accent is a recent… Development.

No. 328524

Did she ever show off her ~sword skills~ to you in person before?

No. 328525

Their dad has a pretty thick accent actually. Her, her brother, sister and mother have no accents.

No chill on the narcissism.

And unfortunately no ~sword skills~


No. 328526

Can you prove you really know her irl? Like, maybe a candid. It doesn't matter if it's old

No. 328527

now this is quite the 10%milkfat this thread needed.

moar info, dear tripfag.

No. 328528

do her brother and the rest of her family think she's fucking insane???

No. 328529

You didn't let her grubby hands near you with a tattoo machine, did you?! more deets, pls come back

No. 328530

lol i thought that typo was making fun of her

people who are older and spell like shit is a 10000% indication that they do not read, like anything at all.

No. 328531

File: 1480884982029.png (22.45 KB, 492x184, nun lol.png)

>hasn't kissed someone for 2 and a half months

k fam

No. 328532

Lmao look out boys, Vicky's in the hunt for a new emo boiiiii photography slave. It must be sad to have to set up a tripod where her long suffering ex boyfriends used to be. Kek.

No. 328533

I can't even comprehend that last sentence. Can an anon who know Vickyspeak translate?

No. 328535


> other girls are needy and whiny when single

> not me I'm totes independent and only needy when dating someone

No. 328536

To be fair, anon, she seemed to be talking about the 1 1/2 year when she mentioned the nun streak, not the two months.
Of course she was posting this to attract her neckbeard fans' attention, but still…

No. 328537


I think I can dig up some photos somewhere but I think she knows I'm the only one who would have them 0:)

Not entirely sure of what her fam thinks. Laird (the brother) seemed to get annoyed at her trying to turn his girlfriends into mini-me's of her but still let it happen.

Never let her near me for anything even remotely permanent. The stack of false lashes she stuck on me was bad enough.

No. 328538

File: 1481031592595.png (103.48 KB, 305x298, 1468217754687.png)


how did you come by here? Are you a long-time lurker? I'm super interested

No. 328539

This thread is now back after being removed due to actions of a 3rd party contacted by Victoria. We were temporarily left with no other option.

No. 328541

File: 1482390242491.jpg (35.72 KB, 720x710, IMG_20161222_030217.jpg)

Vicky is back!!
Thanks, admin!

No. 328546

File: 1482391347768.jpg (145.17 KB, 816x590, oijfjofoiafs.jpg)

Christmas has come early!

Here's a tacky star thing Vicky made, perfect for an aluminum Christmas tree freshly pulled from a dumpster!

No. 328554

File: 1482392710137.png (864.17 KB, 593x597, sew_kool.png)

I can't believe someone does their makeup like this and says to themselves "I look good and should post it online." This is 40-year-old-tranny chic.

gb2/tumblr/ bella, you're nearly as milky as she is