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File: 1668539691337.jpeg (58.55 KB, 500x578, 6B559670-A029-4128-948D-FABF17…)

No. 897986

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>886620
Websites: https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peachygirlmomo
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), peachycollective.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xmomokunx (Banned)
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them.
(You need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog).

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/174607
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

Last thread:
>>Thread kicks off with her buying a guitar she is so totes excited to use, never seen again after the original stories. Short piano playing phase that's already over
>>Suspected she only bought guitar in the first place because she was hanging out with an asian guy who also plays
>>Body shape is getting weirder, photoshop getting more uncanny, has to pose herself at awkward angles to achieve the shape she wants
>>A mixture of lipo and wearing constant shapewear have caused her legs to morph into the shape of a fursuit
>>Studio barely getting any use with the one customer a month always using the same sets
>>Keeps trying to worm back onto Tiktok, keeps getting banned
>>Still talking about an Albedo cosplay she still hasn't followed up on
>>Buys a Blue Lives Matter lunch box and then walks this back with "she didn't know it would have the logo on it" when pressed
>>Eats sauerkraut and a cocktail of supplements for breakfast
>>Gym selfies lately are either her in the mirror or her on the stairmaster
>>Remembers she's Lebanese and speaks out about the Arab protests, posts private messages from her family begging her to stay out of it and not rope her father into it
>>Noticeably shopping herself down to the same size as any smaller girl she does a photoshoot with
>>Yor Forger cosplay while she's sitting on the toilet
>>Pochaco cosplay returns, and she's finally replaced the tissue paper roll headphones!
>>Bought Twitter Blue to verify her account she barely uses
>>Hanging out with some new guy who spouts the same spiritual bullshit as she does
>>Still no ass

No. 897987

you forgot that she thinks cellulose pill casings are toxic or something

No. 897998

Real missed opportunity not using this for the thread pic >>896012

No. 898001

File: 1668545638883.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1078x1918, 79DAC7A0-FDF2-4E33-AA3D-A597C4…)

I love when she posts shit like this knowing she’s never bothered to register to vote.

No. 898005

Funny she posts this when she eats enough for a family of five and throws away enough healthy food to stock a soup kitchen
Food waste is just as disgusting Moo

No. 898010

File: 1668549437230.jpeg (1 MB, 1092x1934, 33B16D8B-D6BF-45FB-9D49-32357B…)

And since when has she ever cared about poor people? Is she trying to impress the new dick in her life?

Couldn’t post this pic while the thread was locked but she’s back on her budget goth bullshit.

No. 898020

I considered it but she has her preferred filters on full blast in that one, this one still has filters but is more of her actual face shape.

No. 898022

Gawd she’s a babe.

Imagine spending your day/life talking shit about a gorgeous hard working human.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 898038

lmao “gawd” where the fuck are we, on myspace?

No. 898044

it's because younger guys like alt girls
too bad for her that there is no filter irl
Her phases lately have been giving me whiplash though like a anon said in the previous thread. She's so desperate to catch dick. Too bad her original personality always comes out when she hangs out with a guy. Being physically and emotionally abusive. Because beating up and hitting the guy your with is hilarious and consensual grinding and touching is quirky

No. 898061


Says the bitch that bought a house, two brand new cars, travelled and got insane amount of plastic surgery during a PANDEMIC when people lose their jobs, lives, and livelihoods. What a fucking cunt(sage your shit)

No. 898068

OOOH that’s very true!! A lot of bullshit she’s spouting for how much money she tanked into a photo studio no one wants to go to lmao. Hey moo if you’re really this woke why didn’t you dunk the dollars you wasted on that studio space to be used to to help those less fortunate.

No. 898074

scary how accurate you are with this
she’s evil in person

No. 898098

Evil? no
selfish and narcissistic? yes

No. 898120

>implying narcissists aren't evil

No. 898121

lmao that cheap Amazon Yennefer choker, sOoOoOo goth

No. 898137

File: 1668658691369.jpeg (128.12 KB, 1284x500, 344F0E9A-1BA3-4AF0-BA9C-F3470A…)

Please let her be dating @lifeofozy so when they inevitably break up, she spins out. The money can’t be that good for him to stay for long.

No. 898139

when she gives vauge answers like this it's always a no. She did the same shit with tattoo sensei
the fact she does this shit with guys she just met though is cringy. who gets attached this fast?

No. 898141

Moo "I'm shy"
Also Moo over sharing every part of her life. Examples being telling the world she bleached her asshole and her sharing a video of shoving a glass dildo up her bloody vag
okay Moo
you're shy

No. 898154

File: 1668683462864.jpg (365.13 KB, 1080x1005, Screenshot_20221116_224241_Twi…)

Moo's real engagement when she doesn't buy likes to get over 50k lol

No. 898159

The engagement drip feeds so she doesn't get clapped immediately.

No. 898160

File: 1668688065269.jpg (503.26 KB, 1055x1568, Screenshot_20221117_042733_Ins…)

No. 898161

That much is obvious.

No. 898163

File: 1668688488110.jpg (283.06 KB, 593x413, Actual Engagement.jpg)

This is her real engagement when she doesn't buy.

No. 898187

didn’t she do that with kbbq years ago?? fucked him, accused him of rape, blackmailed him, etc

No. 898188

Man that's just pathetic. That's something I would expect for an account with less than 1k. She really is pulling a Lillee Jean and spending all her money to pretend she's relevant.

Yeah he wasn't into it and they were fuck buddies but Moo wanted more. At one point he stopped fucking her and she asked why and he said she was too fat for her and didn't like her personality as a gf.
Made a post about snakes, doxxed him, spread lies about his work being awful, I think she got some people to go to his house and fuck it up a lil. After that he perma left cosplay to focus on his own life. She was also constantly beating him up but played it off as "Tee hee I'm wrestling him… ignore the bruises"

No. 898193

This was when it launched. No 8fea how many follows are organic, so a little over 1k might make sense now, a year later.

No. 898195

Doubtful since she started buying followers to that account as far back as April because it was dead.

No. 898197

so safe to assume everyone was right and her cosplay career has been dead for a couple years now. Surviving on OnlyFans coom buxs while doing one cosplay every couple months to pretend "Guys I'm still famous for cosplay! Remember? I'm irl anime. R-remember Samus and Mei?"

No. 898205

File: 1668719297137.jpeg (931.31 KB, 960x1684, D21CAB81-A302-45C8-9EE1-C81C23…)

Dude is a clown and posts like these give off the same energy this post >>898022 has.

No. 898207

dude gives no fucks
Moo really is a female neck beard. She has no self control when someone of the opposite sex is in her line of sight. Though I hope when this guy has enough of Moo we get to hear some horror stories from him

All this reminds me how she tried to get her male friends to live with her, and she would walk around naked or in her silk kimono even though they had girlfriends and not interested in fat chicks. Or Moo just being sexually aggressive and was dry humping them but claimed it was "wrestling". Then when they threw her off and told her to stop she would just hit them or smack them with objects. Seriously, this guy needs to run now.

No. 898209

add onto Moo being a sexual predator but her lying about being raped by a popular male cosplayer because he didn't call back. When asked what did he do she made up a story how they were kissing and her pants were magically off and his dick was in her, but she didn't stop him and wanted to keep going. Ya know, Moo basically just describing regular sex but was mad she was a pump and dump.

No. 898223

i think you mean she lied about being raped by the guy she was cheating on kbbq with. all those caps got leaked.

No. 898227

What exercise? She only takes pictures on equipment. Lip and coolsculpting can only do so much for her.

No. 898228

File: 1668728091992.jpeg (242.95 KB, 1284x2295, BA2B01FA-2F6E-47F1-838C-A887E9…)

Ayrt, I went to edit my post but you’re right. She’s really delusional if she thinks this looks good.

No. 898229

This leaning over pose does not work and makes her look even more massive and like she has no waist. Also I get this weird feeling that the scrote isn’t really into moo but wants an “in” with the cosplay girls circle and fuck around moos back, heh. This posts >>898205 just adds to my tinfoil

No. 898232

That botched pig snout really is something else. She really needs to avoid pink because it just makes her look more pig like
She just needs the ears

No. 898235

lol fuck that bitch
clearly has a complex about wanting to be stronger than men so she beats on them

No. 898236

nayrt but it's more like she sucks at flirting and "wrestling" and slapping people around is how she expresses her desires for someone. kinda like an immature boy in school who yanks the hair of a girl he likes

No. 898237

She's def heavier than most men, but weaker than most petite women. She just takes advantage that if a guy even defends himself from her she'll have him arrested or try to cancel him
The worst injury we know of was when she picked up a piece of metal and left a nasty bruised gash on her male friends leg. She posted stories before that "wrestling" him and touching him when he didn't want it.
If Moo was a man she'd be in jail

No. 898238

File: 1668736798446.png (6.2 MB, 960x2079, 1A18B865-5F3A-4ED4-A8F3-177451…)

God I hope this is actually Moo buying him Charleston chews.

No. 898239

File: 1668737107522.jpeg (782.62 KB, 1077x1773, D217A1A2-0CBC-498B-BA10-0DBABE…)

Moo thinks this makes her look seductive. She actually looks like she’s going to a really shitty office job.

No. 898244

that edited waist, the horrible job they did with trying to slim her legs, the editor trying to make her botched plastic surgery face look human
Moo is really her worst enemy. Maybe she wants to be completely used up by 30 and prep for the grave

No. 898255

The droopy ass titties and gigantic wig… she truly never changes

No. 898260

is this some kind of avant garde spongebob photoshoot

No. 898266

Looks like Michael Jackson came back from the grave with a shitty wig.

No. 898277

I know why she likes solid backgrounds for easier editing and slimming, but she literally has an office/library set in her dusty studio

guess she really has no cash to fix her sets kek

No. 898282

is this supposed to be from chainsaw man? (idk i'm not a weeb)

No. 898287

But just like all her cosplays you can't tell what she is. You would only guess because Chainsaw Man is currently popular. Of course Moo doing a quick google search and not watching a single episode doesn't realize Fans (aka scrotes) prefer Power than Makima. But what her go off about how she was a fan of the manga for years

No. 898294

File: 1668810216976.jpeg (938.52 KB, 1072x1778, 5515A578-566F-422C-B6BE-5C21FD…)

It’s almost as if Moo would shrivel up and die if she didn’t jump every single bandwagon for attention (and of course the new Pokémon game just came out today). I’ve literally never seen her post about any Pokémon game unless I’m mistaken and another anon can correct me.

No. 898298

File: 1668811068433.jpg (74.69 KB, 600x900, e9dddec7552df477181929a2e8cc17…)

Remember her Wicke phase and the Melony photobook she actually printed? As well as this super early shitty Mewtwo group cosplay she did with Vamps? Those are the only times I remember her being the biggest Pokemon fan in the world off the top of my head.

No. 898299

god that was SO bad, thank you for reminding me of that dumpster fire of a cosplay, she was so mad no one recognized her kek

No. 898302

She also named one of her inbred cats after her Pokémon crush.

No. 898303

I don't think Moo has completed a single Pokemon game. She was just trying to copy Nigiri and one up her sexy pikachu.
Also add
there are only 9 starter pokemon, 9 gen of pokemon. So where is she pulling 12 out of?

Also I never saw Moo showing off an old gameboy color nor did I see her showing off any Pokemon games on the switch. Fake gamer through and through. Now watch her panic buy or ask to borrow one of her friends switch to pretend to play for 5 minutes

No. 898304

If Moo had 12 pokemon games she would have shown them off by now. Especially during her Melony phase

No. 898305

File: 1668812285603.jpg (92.3 KB, 683x1024, 31773178343_de2af1166c_b.jpg)

I totally forgot about Guzma and how bad this entire phase was. She looks 60 in this picture, a reminder she was always haggard even before all the botched surgeries kek

No. 898306

It’s gotta be hard for her having to keep track of so many lies at this point lol

Better yet, she’ll try to find someone with a copy of Red and Blue for an OG gameboy and try to pass it off as hers cause she’s totally a legit gaymer gurl.

No. 898307

Thanks anon, it all came screaming back at me! Even then, it’s not like she ever showed herself playing Sun/Moon even back then. She only showed that was just obsessed with Guzma because she’s basic af.

No. 898308

> there are only 9 starter pokemon, 9 gen of pokemon. So where is she pulling 12 out of?

out of her ass, obviously

No. 898314

File: 1668816896486.jpeg (951.63 KB, 1284x1881, 2E38726E-4915-41E8-BECF-0CCFB8…)

This cosplay gets worse and worse the more she posts pictures.

No. 898315

She could technically be counting multiple games in a gen, like the remakes and such. Still kind of a stupid comment though, attention-seeking as usual.

No. 898316

Well atleast she is constant with the dead eye stare.

No. 898317

there are still only 3 starters in each gen.

No. 898319

Wasn't that suppposed to be Espeon, the Evolution?

No. 898321

it's suppose to be Mewtwo
Moo was aware how inaccurate it was and wrote Mewtwo in Japanese on the tag on her head. People still didn't get it.

No. 898355

And she had the nerve to be pisses that she lost the cosplay competition lol

No. 898392

Looking butch, Mariah. May as well have your hair short like a dyke now.

No. 898425

No guy is ever going to take her serious. She will be used as a pump and dump or use for her body untill the guy gets tired of her shit. She'll end up getting pregnant and becoming a single mother.(sage your shit)

No. 898445

money is the only reason anyone would want to be around her, even subconsciously.
the last guy had track marks on his arm so he clearly didnt make good choices, or was easy to manipulate.

No. 898528

File: 1668927991979.jpeg (592.93 KB, 1284x2243, A920538C-9319-473D-98BC-BB475C…)

Oh I cannot wait for this to crash and burn. Moo can never keep a man for long.

No. 898529

File: 1668930101144.jpeg (1011.07 KB, 1170x1907, 8712C596-3D11-4CB9-94F8-752A4C…)

No. 898530

Two manic dumbfucks with 0 impulse control. He's going to drain her dry.

No. 898531

just as dumb as her too. he doesn't even get what this image is trying to say.

No. 898557

he does nonnie, he's agreeing and adding on to the fact he's a shit driver

No. 898558

Seeing as how fast these two jumped into a relationship I wouldn't be surprised if he's in it for the cash or one of those "Pay by the day" boyfriends

"Matching profile pics? That'll be $50 extra a day"
It's def something Moo would be desperate enough to do

No. 898561

Keep in mind Moo IS this desperate because she tried to pretend male hookers were her boyfriend when she just met them. She did the same thing with her friends boyfriends too. She is def sad enough to buy a rent-a-boy

No. 898563

Do we have a pic of this moid?

No. 898565

They were posted in the previous thread.

No. 898580

Do we even know their dating though because moo hasn't said anything and it just seems like she's doing that thing where she alludes to it and people just assume they are

No. 898581

She didn't pretend that escort was her boyfriend. She constantly promoted it as her 1st porn, nothing even close to dating. Tagging him doesn't say that. That's why I'm wondering if this new guy is even dating her.

No. 898583

Tri force Kun? Yeah she took him out to dinner and made a romantic cap

No. 898584

He seems pretty on board with whatever is going on. They're probably just flirting, I can imagine she would probably start bragging the minute a boyfriend/girlfriend label is confirmed.

No. 898588

ntayrt It’s just weird that she’s trying (and failing) to hide his identity in stories. If it were just another friend, she’d have tagged him and showed his face like any of her other guy friends she’s posted before. Then again, she always hides things she doesn’t want the public finding out about, like her studio location lol

No. 898589

I think she was trying to hide his face in the beginning, but once anon found out his name, I think she's just given up and that's why we're seeing all these posts about him now

No. 898601

None of the posts of him with his face revealed was from her though. Once whoever dropped his username, we’ve been seeing his posts. She still hasn’t posted an uncensored pic of him yet.

No. 898605

Triforce wasnt the escort LOL

No. 898612

Wouldn't she buy a better looking guy? This guy looks mediocre as fuck. Maybe even below that.

No. 898613

moo is arrogant so she gets an attitude with anyone not licking her ass the right way, even paid guys. that said, i think this guy is probably just a leech rather than an actually paid boyfriend though. he seems like a social climber trying to use moo to get to other cosplayers, and from how they're interacting they're not officially in a relationship, which is why moo isn't being as forward about it. serves her right though.

No. 898616

Judging by the way this guy posts, I think these two might be a match made in Heaven. THAT or Moo has been tailoring the way she posts for the last few months to get on his specific dick.

No. 898617

File: 1669056889549.jpg (23.2 KB, 410x341, moo.jpg)

How come no one has posted this yet?

No. 898618

File: 1669057011359.jpg (43.14 KB, 586x504, moooo.jpg)

The same not publicly seen on Moo's FB.

No. 898619

I give it less than a month for shit to hit the fan

No. 898622

That's what I thought. It's just another Kevin right now, sans a girlfriend.

No. 898623

File: 1669060439066.jpg (24.05 KB, 1023x155, mooooooo.jpg)

There it is.

No. 898625

probably because no one uses facebook

No. 898626

well no, the difference is that the tiktok is talking about how bad drivers trying to weave through traffic get stuck at red lights anyways, not just that they're bad at driving.

No. 898627

ayrt tf are you talking about you're proving my point??

No. 898629

Still pretty sure she’s trying to one up vamps since she’s gone public with her new bf recently

No. 898630

PRECISELY this. Vamps talked about doing B/G content with her bf, not 2 weeks later here's moomoos fatass suddenly with a boyfriend (that she has status hidden) and trying to hide him but hint that "I have a man too vamps." She is ALWAYS like this.

No. 898632

if that's the case that's sad. I'm glad Vamps left the friendship. Moo holds onto stuff for years so of course she would hate Vamps. Vamps is a bigger cosplayer now (Moo's fake engagement doesn't count), Vamps realized she was getting fat and lost weight without lipo, something Moo could never do. And even though I don't like Vamps, scrotes love her more irl than Moo does.
Though a part of me is hoping Vamps feel stupid for the years she was Moo's personal attack dog and acting like Moo is such a good innocent person.

No. 898644

File: 1669071868506.jpeg (601.13 KB, 3264x1670, 3FF16DB5-BC5B-47E5-8323-B7D482…)


No. 898645

I’m so intrigued over how he’s able to
put up with her stench for so long. All I can see when I think of Moo is her shoving an oversized dildo on her kitchen floor with period blood smeared everywhere.

No. 898647

Either he’s lost his sense of smell or he just really enjoys the scent of hotdog water.

No. 898652

i for one am happy moo is finally dating in her league; an absolute piece of shit!

No. 898654

how do you know hes an absolute piece of shit?

No. 898656

Last thread literally exposed who he is.

No. 898657

even up thread does.

No. 898658

not who he is, but rather, how is he a piece of shit?

No. 898659

I guess we watch her OF tank because she has a man an now she can’t do coomer content because I’m more then sure this dude isn’t going to make it with her. How many months until moo is broke?!

No. 898660

it's just a process she goes through. Just like with her patron. It was once making a pretty penny now it's just trickling down some dollars from scrotes who forgot to unsub
Now that she has done most degenerate fetishes poorly there isn't really much left that people want to see.
Moo has been use to flushing down 30k a month into literally nothing. In a year or two we're going to see her become desperate for a new cash grab
She hasn't been spending over 50k on crazy trips, I think her most expensive monthly bill is rent on her studio and her lipo. Other than paying for friendship and paying for likes to pretend she's relevant. Moo's desperate 30's are gunna hit hard

No. 898662

Vamps didn't go public and the dude has hearts next to someone else on his profile too. You guys really need to wait for people to say they are dating. Vamps hasn't said anything on her side either.

No. 898663

I mean maybe this is the same guy she she was doing her b/g stuff with? Will be curious if her hardcore stuff stops her not

No. 898668


No. 898671

Just give it some time and she'll be right back on it. No way this guy'll stick around long anyway, nobody would. Even if he's got a hardcore fetish for obese grannies her personality is insufferable and she'll probably double down on coomer content and make a status post talking about how she "learns from life and does what she really wants to do" and the usual bullshit she posts after getting her ass lit up.

No. 898672

No. 898673

100% is not the same person,
other guy had scars in his hands
was probably there for the money, or incapable of loving her and wanted her friends so he stocked around

No. 898681

just read his posts you dense shit. and learn english. "expose who he is" doesn't mean literally expose his identity in this context.

No. 898682

lmao eww he's so ugly. he kind of looks like onision kek.

No. 898689

The other account in his bio is his dogs.

No. 898692

It's in his bio. Unrelated to Mooriah so it won't be posted, but also vamps won't do b/g with randos.
She literally can't do better lol

No. 898705

literally went thru the threads and the closest hint there is of him being a 'piece of shit person' is him clearly joking about speeding. Way to make assumptions about him just because he's dating moo without real evidence he's a shit person.

No. 898710

You sound awfully curious and defensive over a guy you don't know, anon. Suspiciously so.

No. 898713

I know lol it's just funny in the wake of all her thirsting after and fetishizing of beautiful buff Asian men that she winds up with a guy who could be onion boy's long lost brother lol

No. 898714

she has the mindset of an incel

No. 898715

lmao I don't give a shit, I just think it's cringe when people say shit like 'this person is an asshole!' with no screenshot proof on a fucking imageboard. It happens all the time in the ahri thread to the point there's no real screenshots of evidence of what's been said/or done. I'm just saying if you're going to state something, post screenshots/proof of that behavior so the other nonas can see and reference in the future, instead of blinding saying 'he's a piece of shit!' and spreading crap like a game of telephone a million threads down the line. Literal waterbrain take to assume anyone trying to create a line of evidence as 'hi cow'.

No. 898718

Are u ok Nona? Might be time to go outside.

No. 898720

if you're too dumb to infer that he's an asshole based on shit like >>898529 i'm sorry but don't blame us.

No. 898721

>Literal waterbrain take to assume anyone trying to create a line of evidence as 'hi cow'.
Lol, no one said "hi cow", it's just weird to get defensive over a guy that we can look into ourselves and come to the conclusion he's a POS. You may want to quit while you're ahead.

No. 898724

it's clearly a joke as I mentioned earlier, and if that one joke/ONE POST some how makes him a massive asshole…

not being defensive? was stating that it's best to always post screenshots/proof of someone acting shitty on an imageboard and just saying someone is a dick over literal nothing sets a bad precedent (like the ahri example). It's annoying having to go thru several threads in the future to dig that shit out.

No. 898725

man jokes about running red lights while being a pretentious “spiritualist”, openly okay with with being around mariah, safe to infer he’s a pos.

No. 898726

it's valid that he's probably a piece of shit because he's with mariah, but that's just an assumption. I obviously agree with you there but to say he is based on that fact alone doesn't really merit the label. Maybe if he posts more dickish shit, sure.

But yeah joking about running red lights? Lots of people do that, while not being assholes.

No. 898731

sorry but this site doesn't sound like it's for you.

No. 898733

File: 1669155349862.jpeg (280.24 KB, 1179x749, A54C50D4-4327-4A8A-B14A-2CB629…)

No. 898734

here she goes quoting and misinterpreting umineko again.

No. 898735

File: 1669157551774.png (889.71 KB, 538x898, billyumbran.png)

calves thread is basically dead

why is umbran LARPing 2019 billie eilish

No. 898737

I love everytime she trolls around this thread she suddenly makes changes. Like seen here:
Now she wants it to be public lol

No. 898738

Anyone who is willing to date Moo and put up with the awful shit she does has to be in the same vein as her. Be forreal.

No. 898739

it took me about 5 minutes until I understood which bodypart can be seen in the third pic (althoug I'm still not entirely sure wtf)

No. 898741

>which bodypart
twig arm and elbow joint

No. 898744

She truly is the ultimate cuck

No. 898749

Stop defending the dude. If some think he's an asshole, okay. Deal with it.

No. 898750

No, you're just lazy >>>/w/92925

No. 898754

File: 1669186175044.jpg (786.94 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221123-004831_Ins…)

Enjoy those poorly cooked steaks I guess. I wouldn't trust her in a kitchen considering she only eats precooked/takeout/other's cooking.

No. 898757

More like buy for him. Don't ask how much it costs, just buy it.

No. 898772

I'm finding it weird/sad that Moo has been "dating" this guy for just a week and she's acting like it's a long term thing. She's just as weird and clingy as Kiki
That and top kek she stopped all her content and turned into a relationship blog

It's like all her nasty and bitchy behavior was only because she didn't get dick on the regular. It's funnier remembering she had boyfriends in the start of her cos career but cheated on both of them, made false rape claims and more.
I hope the guy is using her for the money and to get better cosplay tail

No. 898773

i am wondering how this will affect her "career" honestly. her days of cosplay simps are gone, and while coomers will pay to see her to fuck someone else. a lot of them get angry when feelings get involved.

No. 898775

Im just excited to see her gain all the weight back she worked soooo hard to lose. Relationship weight is going to hit her hard.

No. 898778

It's what happened before. She gets a boyfriend so she assumes she can stop trying and gains 80 pounds. Then screeches when they say she's too fat
Either way, the whole situation is sus but I'm super excited to see Moo's freak out

No. 898781

Could it be because he moved in?

No. 898782

If so that makes Moo dumber. It means any stranger can live with her for free and get his life founded if they fuck her one time. I know Moo talks about snakes and "boys" a lot but she sets herself up to be used by broke moids. She 1000% deserves this treatment

No. 898788

File: 1669222048044.jpeg (674.25 KB, 3264x1907, E952B811-DF6C-41A4-9FDE-DBF587…)

Under Moo’s post gushing about him. He spouts the same garbage she does nearly verbatim. They both must do this to cope or some shit.

No. 898792

God. I can’t even imagine how insufferable and roundabout their fucking conversations must be. That’s if they have anything to talk about tbh, moo lacks substance and overcompensates like this fucking dude
It’s like she got tattoo senpai with the spirituality aspect and still seems like a weeb, what a loser
I wonder what the fallout will be like when the eventual breakup happens

No. 898794

If she was insufferable with the pseudo enlightenment bullshit before, I’d expect it to crank up 1000x when they inevitably split. It’ll be the same posts just more passive aggressive. Like the ones she posted before about "not letting toxic people stifle you" or more crap from the alpha male positivity account.

No. 898805

i didn’t know bedding a sexual assaulter was a reward lol
this dude is equally every bit insufferable as she is.

No. 898817

Ho ho ho what a monkey's paw this is going to be for our money-hungry fuccboi here. The fact that he was Maddie's friend to begin with speaks volumes about how this dude acts, so I can only imagine the terror of him stomping around in public with our cow.

No. 898819

He was Maddie’s friend first? Well I mean that explains everything, you know Mariah is the type of friend that gets made when her friends has stuff she doesn’t. Im sure her getting ti fucj Maddie’s friend is a huge ego boost for her

No. 898826

moo has time to update her patreon profile pic, but not enough time to post any content there in a year (last post dec 19, 2021).
guess she's just super busy with her super popular studio

No. 898827

>>898826 Wouldnt be suprising if she just had contact with her higher payers on patreon and not postiong anything public. Afaik you can hide patreon payment,s but not onlyfans ones, from your bank acc incase any of the coomers have wifes that check.

No. 898829

So she’s still collecting that passive income from people who forgot to unsub and hoping they don’t notice her inactivity lol sounds about right for a scammer like her.

Moo has a bad habit of not responding to patrons to the point they have to post comments on her posts in order to get her attention.

No. 898844

Post it. This is an imageboard.

No. 898846

Onlyfans doesn't show up as Onlyfans on your statements. Even deposits to the cows don't say that. Patreon, however, does, and you can't change the name of transactions. I think you got that reversed, anon.

No. 898847

And then she blocks you and refuses full refunds lol

No. 898859

File: 1669308992588.jpeg (725.72 KB, 1284x2348, 1E6A4114-7E89-4CB1-BEE7-9B3F2E…)

This scrote is just as dumb as our precious Moo. I cannot wait for the fallout of this relationship.

No. 898860

File: 1669309193284.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3264x2587, E508116B-A9A0-4BF4-94C6-4474E0…)

Comes with the territory of dating someone like Moo, dumbass. Also, he has like, 11 posts lol no one fucking cares.

If he’s that bothered by randos viewing his stories, he’s really not gonna like when he eventually finds Moo lurking here and seeing his shit.

No. 898861

He acts like he isn't aware Moo is a problematic drama whore on the decline. That and if thousands, not hundreds of people hate my partner I would look into that. I would ask if he has friends who look out for him, but he's friends with Maddie and thought Moo was a real cash cow.
Who wants to bet that Moo told him she just has a handful of haters but now to Google her name or look up lol ow kek

Last theory is he's also an attention starved scrote and doesn't care if it's positive or negative attention, at least it's attention

No. 898867

Holy shit what an annoying turd monster. He’s actually just begging for likes and follows, moo if that isn’t clear this man is just using yiu then…

No. 898870

You think Moo cares about meaningful relationships?
She wants him to use her because that's the only way she can keep anyone around in her life

No. 898873

Thus is such an insecure thing to post publicly, they're kind of made for each other. That and using periods before finishing a thought/sentence, same intelligence level.

No. 898875

He's posting it because of the sudden uptick in people following him due to being with mooriah.

No. 898878

That’s the thing that’s so fucking stupid, like did he not realize he’s going to get lurkers and randos following him just to see what’s going on?
Despite Moo being on the decline, aside from us, her coomers are gonna check this out and be like why didn’t she choose me!!!!! What does this guy have that I don’t have
Also he’s empty pretentious is fucking hilarious to me. Dude you wanted the attention when you got with moo, either put up with it or dip you lose either way

No. 898890

she does want her version of meaningful though. unconditional worship and praise.

No. 898942

File: 1669337441373.jpeg (835.19 KB, 3264x1836, 1BF6BB31-9B72-43EC-8D49-D1A936…)

When anons thought the milk was running dry, here comes Moo with news that she’s dating someone just as moronic as she is. She’s desperate to stay relevant wherever she can lol

No. 898944

patiently waiting with the nonnas for when the eventual break up happens and we see moo’s ex boyfriend with bruises and accusations

No. 898945

samefag but it’s amazing that she realized that asian men don’t want her and think she’s fat, ugly and psychotic so she had to go with who she got on the 3728282828 dating apps(sage your shit)

No. 898949

The fact the two are like this after a week of "dating"
Is not a good sign
But to Moo she might think it is

No. 898954

File: 1669342337800.jpeg (1023.65 KB, 2896x3264, F9CD2BB8-15A9-456C-87FE-29C211…)

Jesus she’s insecure. And Moo, we’ve seen you "train" in Ross’ own IG stories. Miss "I stare at my phone while going a turtles pace on the stairmaster". Ross isn’t doing himself any favors by constantly being in her comment section and dunking on randos who criticize her. Is that part of the package she pays for for his services?

No. 898956

Did he really just thank and compliment himself for doing nothing? So many red flags

No. 898960

Does she genuinely believe you can be big boned? She's obviously too wide to have this lo w body fat she seems to be suggesting with those skin pics at the bottom. Also isn't her hip bone kinda low. Either way the suggestion that you have such visible pelvic bones and no rib is something. (sorry to literally skeleton sperg.)

No. 898964

he’s genuinely such an insufferable metrosexual fag
“200 of you specifically i don’t appreciate you not giving me interaction”
ur girl is a sexual assaulter bro look into that instead of ppl not liking ur posts.

No. 898967

>>898960 You can be big boned but not fat=big bones. Same heights can have very different skeletons, think pear shape vs inverted triangle.
People with a bigger sized skeleton usually will look thinner than people with a smaller skeleton though.

No. 898968

Hot damm, she was so desperate to one up Vamps that she found herself a Kevin (Looni's Kev, not weebking).

Every time a teat runs dry, Moo finds a new way to shit the bed in her desperate struggle for relevance and copium. You can set a watch to it.

No. 898969

File: 1669350885654.jpeg (535.13 KB, 828x1440, 5A10EEF6-09A1-4B65-A905-CBD4AE…)

No. 898970

love him patting himself on the back
2 self serving narcissists
match made in heaven

No. 898976

Yes Moo, because no one else has eyes, right?

No. 898977

someone is mad that hundreds of followers called her fat and her playing with her loose skin folds are gross
She also only got some weight off thanks to lipo

No. 898985

I feel like I'm missing something, why is she tugging at her loose skin here?

No. 898989

she’s delusional and is trying to do one of the things people with low body fat do to show the elasticity of their skin, she’s grabbing fat not skin.

No. 898992

her skin isn't elastic at all. that's just gross.

No. 898997

I can’t get over how ugly he is kek. He looks like someone smashed a rock in his face.
Hope he knows that his gf slept with prostitutes before him.

No. 899005

You just know he’s going to start streaming and try to capitalize off of Moo’s notoriety. She must be absolutely seething over Vamp’s having a gym rat cosplaying Asian boyfriend while she saddled with this slack jawed buffoon with an underbite.

No. 899015

Guys still thinking he didn't move on?

No. 899016

Oooh, I hope he follows other this too on instagram and twitter. That'll make her jealous, especially the skinny asian ones with fake perky tits.

No. 899017

Samefag, but did this dude have lip injections lol! Did moo convince him to change his face already or did the baboon look like this before?

No. 899020

>>899017 , see: >>898672

He had those poofy lips before, but the filters on this pic are going ham for sure.

No. 899026

I can't get over that Moo believes you can be over 300 pounds, lose some with lipo and not have loose flapping skin. If she had low body fat you would see every muscle on her without her flexing. Moo coping saying "I'm not fat I'm big boned!" and "I'm not fat I'm a beef cake!" is so ridiculous only cartoon characters like Eric Cartman say it.

No. 899034

god he's so full of himself, and after a week.. How does either of them not see this as a clear case of love bombing lol

No. 899040

he's acting like he's accepting a reward. is it because he hit the jackpot with moo's cash. wonder how long this will last. what do you guys bet she buys him? car? lipo? plastic surgery? kek.

No. 899042

she’s giving “i’m coping with the last dick i chased not wanting me back let me show how unbothered i am”
publicly posting your face next to mariah is a death sentence for ever being with an attractive girl again

No. 899043

“i’m a walking lucky charm for everyone around me”
they both need a reality check

No. 899047

Seeing as how Moo gave a guy she just met and didn't know a 2k guitar
who knows
Moo seems desperate enough to just give him all of her cash
Not like she has a cosplay career left
All she has is dwindling funds
He's so obviously love bombing Moo for money and attention. But he'll leave once he realized Moo isn't nearly as famous or rich as she claims she is. Bleed her dry and bail

No. 899058

"Ozy"/Peter seems to be friends with her cousin Brandon.
Just say you want to fuck your cousin. Why do these major events seem to include her cousin for 0 reason.

No. 899059

Ewww Gallagher looking ass! Also hotdamn moo's nose is shaped like a banana lmao

No. 899072

Omg for real?? What is this 7 degrees of Moo’s cousin bs… so weird
Didn’t some nonas think it was her cousin at first too when she was trying to be secretive about him ?

No. 899085

Give it a month and she'll be building a whole new wing of her house just for him.

No. 899088

Having him move in with her seems to be her plan for all males. Then forcing him to be a house maid
Though Moo will be down bad if she pays his rent or puts a down payment for a home to bring his actual gf in

No. 899089

Moo spending thousands of dollars to pay for her not sus bf and saying shit like "Take care of your man and he'll be loyal"
"All men are snakes! Boss woman! Fictional men only! I'm not a sugar mama or golden goose!"

No. 899091

File: 1669425547435.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1087x1793, B4EE81D4-54CA-47A8-BB7B-1F5B0A…)

The fuck is going on in the top right corner?

No. 899092

his hand is covering the camera lens while he takes a screenshot. jfc some farmers are legit mentally deficient

No. 899093

Nonnie…you're trying way too hard.

No. 899094

I want Moo to pull a Tess Holiday and claim she's anorexic then start doing spoopy shops
Then have a candid of her leaked proving she's as huge as ever

No. 899095

she's not wrong though, it doesn't take a lot to figure out what's going on in the screenie

No. 899113

File: 1669454320892.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1284x2249, 39C4B06E-1BEF-4A9C-8F7D-3BDF3A…)

Her boyfriend is so ugly but within her league.

No. 899114

File: 1669454711219.jpeg (513.22 KB, 1284x695, DE9CEF52-5E2A-4E74-89A2-7B6523…)

Samefag but I’m pretty sure he’s the paid dick that has been in her videos.

No. 899116

LMAFO imagine being so fucking wide and fat you have a natural fish eye lenses filter lmfao.

No. 899118

Hey moo of you really wanna flex like that do it standing up… and not using the fat chick hack of laying on a bed to appear thinner. Do the same mf thing standing up. I dare you.

No. 899120

it’s not, the last guy had scars on his right arm

No. 899121

He looks like a scrote Maddie.

No. 899124

lmao. you're right.

No. 899129

Speaking of Maddie, it was her birthday yesterday and not a single post from our cow about her. I wonder how Maddie's taking all this. Wondering if she'll become another Vamps.

No. 899132

she was playing along with Moo because Moo use to tease her saying she was actually a lesbian. I don't know why Maddie simps for Moo so hard, she treats her like shit.
Maddie use to take candids and Moo would constantly yell at her on stream back in the day. She gave Maddie all these insane rules and reduced her to wig slave and litter shovel

I love how he tried to crop it so you can't see how big she is but he still fails. Anyway I'm pretty sure he's in it for the money

No. 899133

maddie is an ugly moron with a bad attitude. she had no friends in boston area, despite having tons of daddy's money and being a wig stylist. she and moo are the same.

No. 899134

File: 1669485241818.jpg (39.85 KB, 1096x477, moosbian.jpg)

Reminder she did indeed claim to be a lesbian kek I still remember Vamps being horrified when she found out Moo had told her cam audience they were a couple.

No. 899137

>Big Butt

No. 899145

If I remember she pretended to be a lesbian for a few reasons. Simp bux, one up SSS and to cover her ass whenever she said something homophobic.

No. 899152

LOL MOO THIS DUDE SHOT WITH YOU AND ANOTHER WOMAN. He's not loyal, calling it now. She's going to throw a fit if he likes and follows other thots. Moo has no self confidence or trust.

No. 899196

File: 1669535465477.jpeg (3.42 MB, 4032x3024, 690D2D34-26DE-4B66-99A6-4B086F…)

first and last time commenting here lol, that’s not me.
this picture was from june 24 2022 at 8 pm.
i don’t hang around those people anymore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 899197

No one cares about your lady hands. Spill milk or go away scrote.

No. 899212

Well yeah, since you finally landed your cashcow, pun intended. Good luck to you.

No. 899215

Post your face, faggot.

No. 899216

These are the most feminine fucking man hands I've ever seen what the fuck kek

No. 899217

>tiny little baby hand
>shaved arms
>painted nails
>nails filed to a point
>gay ring

No. 899220

Ugly, embarrassing cuck who can't even show his mug lol

No. 899251

kek he sounds like a perfect match for her

No. 899253

AWe, but we'd sure love to hear from you!

No. 899257

don't be shy, spill the beans

No. 899280

File: 1669632076034.jpg (388.71 KB, 1088x1683, patreon.jpg)

minor patreon news. She's updated her tiers, getting rid of the $40, $80, $100 and $110 tiers and renaming them from "move to $20 tier" back to generic titles and going back to the rewards they were when she was using it.
She must be getting ready for her yearly patreon post

No. 899288

So clearly this guy plays guitar. The nails filed down like that and with a clear coat of polish is telling, so I guess we know why she suddenly got so obsessed with playing the geetar and I’m assuming he’s the one that got that ridiculously expensive guitar

No. 899291

Maybe I’m dumb and a farmer can explain. Is this her new boy toy or is it the dude she was doing porn with?? This makes no fucking sense to me for some reason lmao

No. 899295

i think that's the porn guy and not her boyfriend. seems like he's saying he doesn't hang out with moo anymore. this is probably the guy who told moo to shut the fuck up in that one video. i think anons are confused because moo is clearly shooting with her boyfriend now but wasn't the entire time.

No. 899298

Okay this is what I was thinking too. So then can confirm that the guy she was doing porn with was probably the gothic dude that she was simping on. He probably noped the fuck out and got a new guitar for it. Nice.

No. 899299

Isn't her current bf paid dick as well but decided to take Moo's offer? I believe that's why Moo got in trouble a lot before. She was unprofessional and tried to date every paid dick, which is a huge nono. I believe she tries to date any guy around her.

Either way, he's going to get tired of her smell and weight gain or she's going to blatantly cheat on him

No. 899300

They have "relationship status" on IG and Facebook. Mooriah doesn't understand that he'll dip soon when the money is no longer worth dealing with her even with him being a POS.

No. 899303

This is an image board.

No. 899304

It is, and they were posted. Learn to back read.

No. 899307

Anon please come back there is so much milk you could provide

No. 899308

whoever it is, it's not the boyfriend. he has stubby nails.

No. 899312

File: 1669670431500.png (290.68 KB, 1746x870, mm.png)

ayyy I love having something to contribute, here you go everyone

No. 899313

Scrote detected. Moo is right for once. A woman shouldn't buy an ugly cheating moid out of her "business" sex work isn't real work and e-pimps are worthless and entitled to nothing.

No. 899314

(I don't have a side in this, she just popped up on my timeline so I took screenshots)

No. 899321

I don't support the pimp boyfriend trope

No. 899326

wasn't kinpatsu the one who cheated?

No. 899329

Who made the OG post?? Why did you cut it off?

No. 899330

File: 1669680793908.png (53.42 KB, 533x807, k.png)

Kama Bree/Khainsaw, it was honestly for the convenience of the cropping sorry

No. 899331

fuck forgot to sage sorry

No. 899335

Is this fuck talking about Amourant and her ex?!

No. 899336

kinpatsu cosplay and her now ex, it's pretty milky but not the right thread for it

No. 899340

File: 1669688433043.jpg (145.43 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20221128_182020_Chr…)

>slippery rode
Jfc, Moo

No. 899341

Moo and literacy will never mix lol

No. 899353

also "caused for alarm" lmao

No. 899361

She can barely read and speak unless it's in basic English.

No. 899421


Mariah has always sucked Kinpatsus dick, is this a surprise? And Mariah has always fucked over every body, so of course she’s okay with someone being fucked over

No. 899423

File: 1669820839148.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x2268, 8A1C58E3-C2CC-47BF-9A9A-776322…)

Love our skinny queen, the epitome of health.

No. 899425

Everyone posting here is selfish narcissistic and misogynistic though. Its the energy of the board to bitch about femal3 internet strangers to feel better in your self-induced rage misery. Hello b its the reason these boards were created. Be honest at least.

Usually we can find better internet people than this though. God this girl is boring.(unsaged bait)

No. 899426

>self-induced rage misery
>Be honest at least.
lol. Getting a bit philosophical there..eh?

No. 899428

Tits at waist level, please invest in a bra, Moo.

No. 899429

> "I have extremely low body fat"
jfc, even edited she's still huge with her fat spilling out. And even though she gets the fat sucked from her midsection her belly area is still rounding out
No wonder Moo can't do cardio, it would literally give her a heart attack

No. 899435

File: 1669826863299.jpg (178.15 KB, 1079x459, Screenshot_20221130_084606_Chr…)

Does Moo not realize that the falling over fat isn't the sane squish as normal thighs with these leggings? It doesn't help her fat actually droops over lol This isn't what you think it looks like, Moo. Blame your textured cheese thighs. She will never be able to fix her loose skin on her legs.

No. 899438

her recent pics and her trying to explain her loose cottage cheese skin as low body fat will never not be funny. She's still over 200 pounds, but because she was over 300 at one point she'll always have loose skin no matter how lipo she gets. Though that's a whole new level of cope Moo is going through rn

No. 899443

File: 1669835154492.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1076x1923, 29989BFE-674D-4CF5-8FFA-D18F85…)

I can’t wait to see their future shit tier couples cosplays. You just know Moo is buying all his crap.

No. 899445

Did Moo move all her art supplies to the studio and say its stock for the cosplay room?! No one uses fucking copics for cosplay.

No. 899446

>My prediction.
Incoming Makima/Denji porn on the horizon because Moo is speed running getting canceled by yet another fandom.

No. 899452

You just made me realize that I've never seen Moo's tits lifted. In cosplay or regular athleisure shit she never wears a bra. I'm so used to seeing them down there that I forgot they shouldn't be if she was wearing one.

No. 899455

I think she just wears sports bras normally and just goes bra less when she wears stuff like this so she has 0 support for her tits abd why they never look lifted or nice.

No. 899456

why would he be using these kind of shoes for that? they have really textured details all over them.

No. 899461

File: 1669851107555.jpg (77.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

my theory is this and it's really simple
It's her weight guys, hear me out

1. She can't get her arms behind her back or have the dexterity to latch and unlatch a bra
2. She would have to shop at a BBW store and Moo identifies as skinny.

Also answers the question why every bit of article Moo has is either a circus tent so she doesn't have to look at her body, or something that is 10 sizes too small for her and screaming for help.

No. 899463

Using the copic markers like sharpies hurts. Every time this bitch abuses her finances and wastes them her titties get saggier

No. 899465

can't she just hook it in the front and turn it around? that's what i do

both he and moo are mentally challenged. it's a perfect match

No. 899466

> can't she just hook it in the front and turn it around?
She would still have to get the larger sizes. Doesn't fit in her narrative that she has low body fat and is 36-24-37 skinny queen

No. 899467

Also Moo abusing google per usual. She literally just googled "What is the perfect measurements for a woman" and claimed those where her measurements.

No. 899468

Right? It’s like ha, only if she’s 5’3”

No. 899470

Funnily enough, our stunted cow IS 5'3". No way in hell she's even rocking those measurements.

I'm looking forward to this shitshow, what con do you think they'll be oinking around at for this?

No. 899473

I hope it for katsucon tbh.

No. 899474

I'm laughing because all her posts are about her new "bf" and everything she's doing for him
And I'm expecting a fall out in a month and Moo being pissed about all the money she wasted to keep him around
I'm surprised she isn't beating him up yet. Guess she only does that for the guys who say no to her

No. 899475

I can't WAIT for the inevitable "bitch boy" rant about him, it's always so hilarious when she gets mad over moids. There's clearly a reason why she can't ever keep one around.

No. 899476

I want Moo to complain about spending 80k on her scrote and buying him a new Denji cosplay only for him to cheat on her with a Power cosplayer

No. 899477

Oooh I want that too. Can see that happening after Christmas because, you know, gifts.

No. 899492

Anon, I'm all for shitting on Moo, but she's not fat enough to have to go to a specialized store. She's fat enough to need queen sized leggings off amazon and maybe buy leggings from Torrid, but she can probably still buy shit from Target in XXL.

No. 899493

Moo herself wont admit she's a large. still stands by the point she's too insecure to accept her size

No. 899496

we're talking about bras though

No. 899499

Bras aren't that hard, even for fat chicks.

No. 899518

anon most mainstream stores won't be moo's size.

No. 899519

>Implying she would shop at Target

No. 899532

The fuck bandsize do you think she is? There's no way she isn't buying 42s at mainstream places. She doesn't need a specialty store. Stop being fucking retarded about this.

No. 899534

she's clearly not, which is why she only wears sports bras.

No. 899535

Or she's just lazy and doesn't like the tightness of bras which is why so many women now go to bralettes and sports bras. Normal bras just suck. Who the hell just wears them casually when you have more comfortable options? You guys focus way too much on Moo's tits and tinfoil her size.

No. 899536

we're talking about for her cosplays, stop projecting.

No. 899539

File: 1669885120589.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1077x1935, 67877AFB-1F9B-4222-9860-7A721F…)

This doesn’t look awkward or forced at all /s

No. 899543

Wtf is that Velma wig, ew

No. 899548

File: 1669897596450.jpg (183.06 KB, 720x1280, 20221201_062615.jpg)

goddamn he's ugly

No. 899557

did Moo buy him lip fillers? What is with Moo and buying people lip fillers?

No. 899558

he really looks like umbran

No. 899559

he looks so enthused. also that profile pic is different i swear. before shinobu was doing a peace sign and now it's a middle finger??

No. 899569

That's what I said, but I guess he had fillers before Moo too. Some anons said he didn't, nut he definitely does.

No. 899581

Umbra’s wigs are hot garbage. I wish people would quit paying her for this shitty work.

No. 899587

I’m more amazed at how wide she is, and him putting his arms around her just shows it more. Even if she’s standing to the side trying to appear smaller she still looks hella wide

No. 899596

the way she jumped into this relationship and acts like this is her soulmate is so nauseating. Waiting for the eventual break up. I give it 3 months max, place your bets now.

No. 899604

He looks like he’s helping his grandmother up from falling kek what is this pose?

No. 899616

Moo being manipulated by a 4/10 scrote with no skills or talent is exactly what she deserves. But yeah we hate her and we see all the red flags. If Moo had any friends they would tell her this guy is sus. Then again, even if she had friends she would cut them out of the friend group for a couple months of mediocre dicking

No. 899623

It’s kinda funny how Moo has never in her entire cosplay "career" learned how to pose naturally and he’s just as bad at it. Can you imagine the cringe they’ll put out if they do shoots together? His hand awkwardly cupping the saggy tit is what really gets me.

No. 899626

I give it until after Christmas at least.

No. 899638

Nice douchestache on dude. Reminds me of people I don’t wanna talk to at clubs.

No. 899641

the ones that get uncomfortably close to your face when talking and try to grab you by the waist, yeah those ones.

so right after she showers him with gifts. i can see that.

No. 899718

File: 1670003882870.jpg (791.04 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221202_095724_Ins…)

Did she glue her tits together for this? That doesn't look like normal

No. 899720

File: 1670003959382.jpg (452.85 KB, 1079x1077, Screenshot_20221202_095851_Ins…)

Also who's this?

No. 899734

what does Moo have against using things to lift her breasts? Does she think letting them sag to her waist makes them look bigger?

No. 899735

her breasts are the nastiest flesh sacs i have ever seen. i would not be proud to display veiny and discoloured boobs.

No. 899738

yes. her boobs are really shallow due to her previous reduction and tons of weight gain and lipo. they're not actually huge anime titties like she claims. so she thinks more space equals big, even vertical.
>inb4 whiny anons complain
yes, breasts sag. no they don't sag like >>899423 normally. if you cut that pic where the top of her boobs start she'd look flat chested ffs. that is not normal.

No. 899779

It is normal. If it wasn't, people like anons wouldn't complain about so many cows with tits like this. My question was, is she using glue to hold them together. Where they meet looks weird and sticky, like using eyelash glue for cosplay tricks.

No. 899781

Pretty sure that's nimu.rar

No. 899783

no, it's not normal, all your breast tissue being at your waist is not normal. and no one complains about this with other cows. and yes they're glued together to make fake cleavage.

No. 899788

My god, some of you have absolute male brainrot when it comes to tits and it's insufferable.

No. 899803

It’s not normal by virtue of surgical intervention: if we were talking about her natural, never cut into tits, that would be different, but Moo’s have been affected by a surgical reduction as well as lipo in the surrounding and supporting area. That’s what most of the anons claiming that it’s normal seem to miss (I’m agreeing with you, in case I’m not making that clear).

No. 899825

This right here
Adding in her fluctuating weight her skin elasticity is gone. There are a lot of factors.

tbh I'm sure without editing the rest of her body is just as horrible. She only showed off her drooping sagging skin recently because her boyfriend made her feel overly confident
It's one thing I look forward to, I hope he keeps boosting her confidence so we can see a glorious candid

No. 899828


No. 899841

that's what i mean by normal you retards. no one's natural breasts look like that, hers only do because she had surgeries and no amount of whining can change that.

No. 899845

you never mentioned surgeries and tried to make it seem it's normal for every woman even though most of us don't get surgery on our chest.
anon made an excellent point

No. 899848

No. 899857

No. If anything, the surgery wouldn't have made it worse. She got a reduction/lift. The skin is just loose, it happens. Genetics also.

Embarrassing to know you guys are other women and literally acting like men regarding sag.

No. 899881

Nta but I can see the surgery temporarily making an improvement to the effects of gravity on large breasts, but I think her constant weight fluctuation and sedentary lifestyle hasn't really helped her in that regard.

No. 899885

anon, i said they're not normal god. stop wking.

No. 899889

File: 1670149547818.png (Spoiler Image, 999.66 KB, 668x929, Momo_cum_2.png)

Throwing up. Who's cum looks like that?

No. 899890

I'm sorry but that looks like a major medical problem. I've seen some weird shit but I've never seen that. It's making me queasy thinking about it.

No. 899891

disgusting but it's literally just dehydration >>899890
relax lmao

No. 899892

I have never felt nauseous because of a pic on here but this finally did it.

No. 899893

whats up with her asshole

No. 899894

There goes my breakfast

No. 899900

This is so gross on several levels lmao can’t wait for the inevitable meltdown when he dumps her after receiving his Xmas haul

No. 899903


That spunk looks like wet toilet paper

No. 899909

UGH. Only in the Shay threads have I been so similarly disgusted. His jizz looks so….yeasty and chunky. Gagging.

No. 899912

other guy had better nails

No. 899913

Unironically his jizz looks like tapeworms I'm throwing up

No. 899915

File: 1670184367340.webm (830.46 KB, 720x1280, lifeofozy__1090270548.webm)

hehe hitting bf so fune!!!

why would you post this? is it supposed to be cute?

No. 899916

Lmao….I LOVE how history repeats.

No. 899919

wonder when we'll see the new bitch's cock

it looks like he's been crying wtf

No. 899920

Can’t wait for her to take it too far like she always eventually does and ends up injuring him. But hey, notoriety and free stuff is worth the abuse, right?

No. 899927

she has the mindset of an incel

No. 899928

damn i hope he actually hit her back. this clip seems like he's trying to expose how abusive she is.

No. 899934

makes u wonder the reason(s) why the last guy left
what the last straw was?

No. 899935

KEK he’s so unironically homely. That SpongeBob level gap tooth bye

No. 899948

File: 1670199124743.jpeg (543.14 KB, 3264x1616, 025D525F-039B-4600-89C4-1501D7…)

The fallout from their eventual breakup is going to be monumental.

No. 899964

And it’s gonna be amazing because she’s gonna actively shoot her self in the foot with shit like this. Scrotes don’t wanna see this couple bullshit. They wanna see her flapjack tits and degrade herself. Sure she can just buy followers but there will be little to zero engagement and eventually she’ll fade into obscurity. Buckle up. This might be the final chapter of the moo saga where her career takes a nose dive over some mediocre dick.

No. 899966

They’re already in her comments getting pissy about her being taken and that ozy guy is reveling in it. I should have taken a cap of it when I could since she already deleted it, but someone asked what was going to happen to her content. The illusion of her being "obtainable" is gone for the scrotes still sticking around lol

No. 899967

"Abuse is quirky because I'm a girl"
She does this to every guy who hangs around her. You would think she would learn but it's in her nature.

it's never not trashy to take pics after sex. Though it's funny how hard Moo went into this relationship the moment they were official. She immediately went to cosplayer to just a relationship blogger.

I'm still suspicious with how fast these two are going and he's sending off red flags. But it's what Moo deserves

No. 899969

File: 1670210646893.jpg (135.14 KB, 593x890, Untitled.jpg)

>All rewards are posted to my main feed, and then will become unavailable when the month rolls over
so she's going to be reusing content every second month then.
any bets on how consistent she's going to be this time on patreon
>This might be the final chapter of the moo saga where her career takes a nose dive over some mediocre
eh, doubt it. we said the same about her molestation scandal and she's unfortunately still around, so i doubt a boyfriend arc will send her career on a final nosedive. Losing patreon, onlyfans, fansly whatever else she's using on the other hand.

No. 899970

> Lewd and nude content
I thought patreon bans porn thots? didn't she lose her patreon once for almost a year because she broke that rule?

Anyway, losing her onlyfans is what will hurt her the most. She has no idea how to budget her insane spending habits. Why she went into a full blown panic when she thought they would pull all porn content.

No. 899972

No. Dude seems violent. Moo should watch out. He comes off as a school shooter type and he'd probably take that as a compliment.

No. 899973

Jesus Christ spoiler this shit

No. 899974

report them and move on nonnie.

No. 899975

>Is this different from your other subscription sites?
>Yes! There might be some crossover cosplays between what you see here and what you see on other sites, but the content posted here is exclusive to Patreon.

How is it exclusive to Patreon if she’s still crossposting content? I don’t think she’s going to really implement any of what she’s listed. She’s been promising to redo the discord for years and never did it and she couldn’t be bothered to fulfill physical tiers to the point people had to comment publicly on her posts to try and get her attention. The only way anything gets done is if she puts her slaves to work. Maddie is likely the one who’ll end up fulfilling orders lol

No. 899979

File: 1670220059152.png (223.72 KB, 459x837, dietspaghetti.png)

lol so he posted this story last night where mariah claims she doesn't eat leftovers so all of that pasta is for him, but then posted another one today outing her for eating literally all of that leftover spaghetti in basically one sitting as her first meal of the day lmao. and you just know she ate a huge portion of it for dinner the previous night too. so much for that diet, eh, moo? can't wait for all of the relationship weight to pile on, any weight she has managed to lose outside of lipo is likely about to be undone in a matter of weeks.

No. 899980

What are the chances his toxic ass guilted her into eating it and he took out his camera right at the moment because of that?

I get really bad vibes about this guy.

No. 899982

I suppose it's possible, but we all also know that Mariah has a terribly unhealthy relationship with food, so I don't think it's crazy to think that she devoured all of that spaghetti of her own free will. I do get bad vibes from him too though, and if they're so "perfect" for each other like they keep saying then you know he's 100% just as toxic as she is.

No. 899983

Moo being a fatass is nothing new. She stopped posting her past food binges because her fans were calling her out for her mukbang level meals she had daily. But this guy purposefully loading Moo up with fattening carbs is sus but also funny. Like he's getting her fat on purpose. It would be quite the twist if he was getting revenge on Moo for a friend

But this guy is giving all the red flags. But to be honest, Moo losing weight was to get male attention. Now that she has it temp she's going back to her default personality. Which is an abusive fat ass.

Though he is 100% using her. I don't feel bad because if she's that weak to let a low level scrote have full control of her because he put his dick cheese in her a few times she deserves it.
I also don't feel bad for Moo starting to physically abuse him either. They both deserve this toxic relationship

No. 899987

I will never understand this behavior of posting her personal life details on her professional porn account. She has had years to learn. It almost feels like she wants lolcow attention specifically. Why else wouldn't you keep all the milk under wraps? Does it actually benefit her business?

No. 899988

Nah, don't even start this shit. If you followed mooriah for even a month you'll know this is well within HER OWN doing.
It's to brag and rub it into people's faces. It's the same reason chicks like Elefire_Grey will shit talk men, say how worthless they are, shove her boyfriend in their faces then expect you to still throw money at her on Onlyfans. Thots are retarded.

No. 899989

Calm down, I'm not trying to start anything. I read it wrong and thought the picrel was the following day.

No. 899992

File: 1670227715781.jpeg (960.83 KB, 1144x1852, 3F30AC20-532F-47C6-BECD-5FB6B0…)


You didn’t post the story but I wanted to share just how gross this fucker looks and sounds. He’s basically male Mariah. So it makes sense with her narc ass.


No. 899993

This breakup will be legendary.

No. 899994

Not till moo gets him new teeth. That's his grift

No. 899996

Holy shit. The forced quirky facial expressions, the obnoxious narc way of speaking, the adhd camera movements… he really is Mariah’s male version. I hope they stay together for a long time, this is going to be amazing.

No. 899997

I would say wtf is wrong with Moo but she literally has no options other than a dildo… tbh a dildo would be better holy shit
Years of her chasing fit gym bros and asain cosplays to settle HARD

No. 900000

why does he come off as "Hello fellow kids" kind of person?

No. 900001

the cadence in their voice is so similar it’s uncanny

No. 900002

Oh if only we could have a “you’re actually cousins” twist. That would be hysterical.

No. 900003

File: 1670239330335.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1284x1808, E196FB08-6BFF-48DA-9DFF-782402…)

Has our cow fallen on tough times? This just looks like a bunch of costumes thrown together.

No. 900004

He’s just so fucking ugly.

No. 900005

He's a cuck, imagine jacking it to your girl getting fucked by a guy who wears nail polish and still has a bigger cock then you

No. 900006

My God, it’s full of ‘tards.

No. 900013

File: 1670254141665.jpg (38.72 KB, 600x450, cheebs.jpg)

He looks like a younger version of Adam White aka Chibinekodemyx.

No. 900014

He looks autistic

No. 900015

First of all, yikes. He looked semi okay in some photos, but moving and talking… they’re both cat fishing so I guess they are the same person.

Second of all, YIKESSS. Him high key exposing her for basically binge eating to the world. It seems so manipulative. This era is going to be a wild ride and I’m here for it all.

No. 900016

That's because he is.

No. 900018

It won't make her a better person but I'm glad to see her ACTUALLY getting used like she always claims other did before.

No. 900020

Probably got hit with a big whiff of her.

No. 900022

If you told me he was her brother, I'd never question it.

No. 900023

File: 1670259979283.jpeg (285.44 KB, 960x1055, 655BA280-03B6-461A-801C-1A0F34…)


No. 900025

Yeah it won’t change her or anything, she’s too blinded by subpar dick to realize the red flags and she deserves it. I’d really like to know more about this guys history tbh.

No. 900028

Lol no? Sage your obvious whiteknight shit.

No. 900032

Nta but how is any of what they said whiteknighting?

No. 900033

nta probably didn't finish reading her comment after having a different opinion on his appearance

No. 900034

So my question is really where the hell she pick up this subpar loser from anyway? It isn’t like she has friends, work, or a social life outside lipo and shit tier “modeling”. Otherwise I just see it as her still trying and failing to climb back up the slippery slope and failing miserably.

No. 900036

She decided to give a scrote a chance that slid into her DMs, but apparently he's somewhat related (by association) to a few other people she knows, so her usual tactic of taking someone else's property and bragging about it.

No. 900038

He was friends of umbran first, I’m assuming that’s how they met.

No. 900039

I’m sure Maddie is living vicariously through this guy since Moo was never going to hook up with her lol

No. 900040

have we seen the dick yet tho?

holy shit, this is canon


No. 900062

You can hear her say what sounds like "will you stop it" under her breath before her barage of hits happens.

No. 900065

this looks like straight up domestic violence.

No. 900068

It's mooriah..it literally is.

No. 900082

That is what it sounds like. Very fucking weird. Also the way he's rubbing his nose. Cocaine?

No. 900094

Her excuse has always been she's a woman so it's different. It's the same mentality she used when she was sexually assaulting people
"I'm a girl. When I put my hands on people it's not serious"

No. 900098

File: 1670293413718.jpeg (840.61 KB, 3264x2803, 46A6F1C1-E7DC-4E8C-93C6-2724D1…)

B-but she’s a skinny qween!!/s

No. 900100

File: 1670293683994.jpeg (790.78 KB, 1091x1826, 770A7112-49A0-480B-BDFD-D0DF76…)

Moo is the absolute last person to lecture anyone about theft. Maybe she’s just afraid of people putting her photos in a generator and it spitting out something akin to a Bloodborne monster.

No. 900101

Oh great now Moo is an AI? Cause she didn’t reference shit- she outright stole.

No. 900106

Chubby chaser confirmed
Think he's a feeder as well?

No. 900107

Jfc Moo fix your dudes teeth. That's an atrocity.

No. 900109

Epic get nonna

No. 900110

lmfao it looks like gesso

No. 900112

File: 1670299522763.png (315.54 KB, 1000x1000, broomstraw.png)

No. 900113

Yeah this dude is on drugs.

No. 900114

I was reblogging this when it 1st went out on Twitter. Moo is so late to this, she's absolutely the type of person who would abuse it and say she made the art and that real artist are just jealous. Just like the milk party situation. Moo is a thief. Maybe that whole thing about her stealing stuff needs to go around again and add in this asshat moment where she's a hypocrite.

No. 900115

File: 1670305331760.png (55.53 KB, 652x874, pat1.png)

No. 900117

this guy is a cokehead

No. 900120

Oh good I’m so glad her patreon is back to fleece and ignore scrotes stupid enough to believe she’ll ever do any of the things she says.

No. 900122

he looks like a meth addict. let's hope!

No. 900123

Is she really on the AI art is theft wagon? A fucking shareware program?

No. 900124

If he is, then she most likely is too.

No. 900125

wait til u guys find out she does test

No. 900126

The fuck are you talking about, of course it's theft

No. 900127

people were selling it at cons.

No. 900129

And? So the people selling it should be looked at. Shareware doesn't have intent. It's a fucking program. On that note people that draw characters from any other platform or "reimagine" them are thieves also.

No. 900131

just say you don't know what the fuck you're talking about and stop derailing the thread. ai programs are just convoluted data mining scams anyway.

No. 900134

I'm reaching so hard to figure out why Moo posted that Ozymandias passage with these pictures, is she so dim that she thinks it's about a relationship because of the first four words?

No. 900135

Pprrrooogggrrrrraaaaaammmmmm. Try reading comprehension you autist. Get the fuck out of here with your "Um actually…" bullshit.

Derailing from what?, the umpteenth nitpick over moos saggy tits, nose job, or how much she's actually making? OH OH OH no, it's the consistency of the jizz of her latest male escort. My bad.

No. 900149

I assumed it’s because it has his name in it, Ozy

No. 900150

she probably just thinks it's song lyrics or something.

No. 900154

Instead of Lipo she need anal bleach

No. 900155

Its not shareware.

No. 900157

>On that note people that draw characters from any other platform or "reimagine" them are thieves also.
There's just too much stupid to unpack there kek. Ignore the tard, nonnie. Their handler will probably catch them on the internet unsupervised soon.

No. 900158

Moo never has a stance on anything outside of guns, pickmeism, defending her obesity, and anything that only affects her personally. Is the ai posting a precursor to the return of Van Moo?(learn2sage)

No. 900163

Moo claiming her OCs from Kemono and Milk Party as her own creations is on par with AI retards. All theives.

No. 900164

Or a whole ass dress. Any time she steals some form of art from someone else it's "inspiration".

No. 900174

that's probably why she posted about it. subconscious calling herself out as always.

No. 900203

That is literally a two grown ppl portion of spaghetti…

And what slob eats spaghetti from a salad bowl? Jesus no wonder she is obese.

No. 900205

Onision looking mfer

No. 900212

Remember when Moo said she was anorexic and that regular portions were disordered eating? She has an eating disorder, but not the one she's thinking about

No. 900216

and we've seen how much food she gets at korean restaurants. plates of meat, apps, steamed egg, and that's not even counting the banchan the meals come with.

No. 900242

File: 1670390256894.jpg (648.26 KB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20221206_211712_Twi…)

Don't forget to go through her teitter and guys.

No. 900243

Was she having a stroke mid-snapshot? Wtf is that expression?

No. 900244

She's trying so hard to do senpuku eyes, but she looks like michael jackson here again.

No. 900245

File: 1670391646770.jpg (Spoiler Image, 218.04 KB, 2165x1098, ew scrote dick.jpg)

This is the new BF?

No. 900246

File: 1670394588285.png (379.1 KB, 562x640, untitled.png)

someone must be getting desperate for money.
Scrolling through her depop was a trip down memory lane with The classic gucci fanny pack and the ears from her furry ear arc.

No. 900247

File: 1670394745702.png (1.22 MB, 1299x771, depop.png)

has she ever actually worn any of these?

No. 900249

Not sure about everything else, but the very shitty Isabelle wig (second to last, selling for $450??) is the only thing I know she has actually worn before

No. 900255

File: 1670406867575.jpg (106.72 KB, 717x1275, 20221207_035321.jpg)

this guy gives off toxic ass vibes. can't tell if he's a drug addict or mentally unstable. or both.

No. 900256

Sorry anons but I’m inexperienced; is she just really petite or is that quite a big willy? It looks huge to me, I thought it was a dildo until I saw the legs. I was really hoping to find out her scrote had a tiny, doughy, pornsick dick.

No. 900257

It's called camera angle. Mooriah is not petite….

No. 900258

File: 1670409621432.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 875.99 KB, 1284x1724, 30D95F08-4F87-411A-847B-AA2F08…)

Yes, this is definitely very sexy and not at all disgusting.

No. 900259

its the squatty potty that does it for me lol

No. 900260

with heels and the squatty potty you get double the shit power

No. 900265

Most likely she sells her wardrobe because now she has a new personality since she's dating that guy. And by "new" I mean adopting whatever he's into because moo always hyperfixated on guys she chased for validation because she's very vapid. But this time it's going to be a lot more hardcore since this walking red flag actually got in a relationship with her kek I can't wait for the inevitable break-up between the two narcs

No. 900266

Anon, my sides

No. 900269

File: 1670424695477.jpg (513.97 KB, 1080x1374, Screenshot_20221207_065112_Ins…)

Zero waist, flat face, pig snout. Looks so good.

No. 900270

one of the most unattractive women i’ve ever seen

No. 900272

I love it when she tells on herself. Even when she tries to slim herself down she's still huge. This reminds me of her breast exam video she did where she slimmed herself down to this size, but candids showed she was as large as ever

god plastic surgery really did ruin her. Her upturned pig snout, lip fillers and everything else is just horrifying. She looks like a 50 something year old mom who got a face lift

No. 900279

No matter the size of the dick, it’s still going inside Mariah so it’s a loss no matter what.

No. 900280

also if that is his, it's full of cottage cheese.

No. 900286

The photoshop waist. She’s still super sloppy in editing her photos. The buttons are all distorted. It’s just an overall ugly picture

No. 900289

Honestly it’s always super ugly dudes who have big dicks. Only once in my life have I seen an actually hot guy packing a big one. Then again this could just all be angles. Isn’t she pretty short? That could be why her hands look small even tho we know she’s an obese hog

No. 900290

He has a big dick and is fucking Mariah of all people. If anything it says a lot about him as a person and that Mariah is probably only using him for the attention and his dick for her porn.

No. 900291

But as we all can recall what KBBQ said eons ago she’s a lousy lay. Just lays there like a dead fish. So it must be like fucking an XXXXXXXL fleshlight

No. 900292

with his face, voice and personality it's not like he could bag an attractive cutie anyway. Most women would rather be single than date someone like him
a better replacement would be a dildo.

No. 900294

don't tell moo, i'm sure she'd eat as a mid sex snack

No. 900296

Her weight has nothing to do with her vagina size? Wtf kind of scrote logic is that

No. 900302

Scrote detected.

No. 900303

wut? anon wasn't saying anything about her vagina. the xxxxxl is obviously referring to her body.

No. 900305

don't be dense, nonas. They're calling her a xxxxxxl fleshlight because the dude does all the work and she's fat kek

No. 900307

anons have been very hasty to call everyone a scrote lately

No. 900308

Chill your dumbasses out lol.

No. 900311

i’ll be surprised if she marries this guy. you dumb bitches will be seething(bait)

No. 900313

watching a train wreck is fun. and watching Moo gain more weight at a shocking rate because she bagged a man will be more funny

Also that's hopeful thinking if you think they'll get married. with how fast things are going I shouldn't be surprised if they got married after just two months of dating, then a divorce soon after

No. 900314

File: 1670446030147.png (Spoiler Image, 876.78 KB, 582x792, 8FD3EDE7-55B2-4F5A-92E1-7ECBBE…)

It could be a lot worse, like this

No. 900315

I can't say I hate you because you put a spoiler up
but I'm still upset/disgusted

No. 900316

why would we be seething? moo stuck with some guy who will waste all her money? she's too dumb to protect her assets for the inevitable divorce when he leaves her for a younger woman? and she's going to be broke on her own eventually, porn careers don't last forever. but she has her thriving studio right? that should keep them afloat!

No. 900317

This is the funniest shit ever, oh my god.

No. 900318

File: 1670446301864.png (Spoiler Image, 954.52 KB, 616x895, CFD8038D-4CC2-4A4B-83D0-D3C81A…)

Can I interest you in “sexy” gag face instead then?

No. 900320

Why does she look like she suffered a stroke? Why are her hands edited so tiny? Why everything?

No. 900321

File: 1670446459807.png (Spoiler Image, 924.49 KB, 613x892, 384FA4F0-3613-4CD8-A40F-507D91…)

Her ass crack is so filtered and photoshopped it looks like an AI drew it

No. 900322

Come on, the endless milk that would come from that would be fucking glorious. I hope it happens! Let the milk flow.

No. 900323

Double post but considering he's an obvious coke head that's into being beat / abused, this can only be milky as fuck.

No. 900326

File: 1670447131282.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 611x896, D3F88692-24F3-458F-BD5B-D76CDE…)

I don’t know how she thought this was sexy or acceptable.

Open mouth drugged out stare, saggy titty flopped out and things out of focus/blurred

No. 900333

sniffs smells like hotdog water in here
>"I don't have to get naked or spread my ass to be relevant like you bitches lol"
Also Mooriah:

No. 900349

the fuck

No. 900350

Fuck off about her vagina size already. Holy fuck, scrote.

No. 900351

Wasn't she a bully/stacy during her high school years? Imagine what her classmates are talking about now during their get-togethers. SO embarrassing


She's just holding her ass cheek up

No. 900355

Like anyone actually cares about her nasty ass from HS to bother. And from what we all know of her a lot of them probably had this outcome pegged anyway- or hooker.
Also as for her listing her shit for sale and pushing patreon it seems around this time every year she does this push for cash. I could be mistaken but…I can’t wait to see shit from her “studio” go up for sale cause we all know that tanked hard.

No. 900356

She hasn't tagged Martin in a while. I wonder if he stopped shooting her.

No. 900357

He has always hated Moo and he hates fat chicks. I'm sure Moo's ridiculous request of drawing her a completely new body and Moo always trying to fuck him was too much
But he did get a lot of money from her during the years
Being friends with Moo is never worth it

No. 900369

I can only imagine Umbran watching this from the staircase. Like why is she doing this in their living room.

No. 900372

i almost forgot that they still live together. doesn't she make enough money from her shitty wigs that she can find her own place? like what the fuck

No. 900375

i feel like less people have been buying her wigs. the helmet wig fad is coming to an end.

No. 900377

She must've used the wrong color foundation or something because the only thing as dark as her face is the area around her asshole and it's look like such a bad spray tan. Also her potatoe dented face melting routine is starting to look real stale considering she can't make any emotions with her face. Moo is probably the worst cosplay thot I've seen who totes how good they are at 'modeling' and can't even change up anything in years. She does the same thing, same face, same angles. Nothing about her has changed at all besides yoyo diets and surgeries. Her actual talent has never blossomed or changed and all her work as a cosplayer comes from other people. She has no hand in anything.

Like, damn. She's absolutely pathetic as a cosplayer and a downright tragic 'model'.

No. 900380

our delusional cow hasn't been a cosplayer for years now. She's not even a model. She's a porn thot no matter how much she kicks and screams she makes money from cosplay.

She would have to make an announcement she no longer does porn and strictly cosplay to change that title

No. 900382

It's her boyfriend, Ozy/Peter.

Throughout the video he is really loud. Louder than Gunt-kun or the newer guy she's been hiring.
>doesn't know how to keep camera still, most shots are pointed off to space and not focused on her shitty BJ
>spits on her face and calls her disgusting
>instructs her to BJ, to be "gentle" but also acts too dominate
>she makes a sound, he asks if it hurts then says "I don't care, do it again"
>spits in her mouth

I guess to a normal Joe she's perfect. To a guy who fucks 1000+ women in his lifetime, she's shit.
Didn't know she had a degradation kink. I thought she was a alpha? LOL

No. 900383

she's no alpha around a man, you should know this nonnie. she's a total simp for lack of a better word around any dick that is willing to stick around

No. 900388

Images you can smell

No. 900389

Moo being an alpha is laughable. She's just loud and annoying. But whenever anyone even walks close to her she starts pissing her pants and waddles away

No. 900390

What are you even going on about?

No. 900399

… the video. you know, where we got these caps.

No. 900427

there is no way she can fit into half of these clothing items.

No. 900429

Why is she having a photoshoot on the toilet? What the fuck, Mariah. Don't you have a defunct studio?

No. 900430

The studio where it’s own bathroom was featured by her as it’s own set.

No. 900442

That would mean her having to leave her house tbh

No. 900443

File: 1670529019140.jpg (89.61 KB, 527x525, lolll.jpg)

It just looks so fucking much like an incestuous relationship. I can't handle it.

No. 900444

i don't see it

No. 900445

Sorry you're blind.

No. 900448

Two ugly ass siblings.

No. 900449

Damn, she really fucked up her nose bad. Looking like Steven Universe wearing a clown nose. Guess he learned to shut his mouth to hide the snaggle teeth.

No. 900450

they're both ugly but they don't look related

No. 900451

File: 1670534444197.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1083x1816, 3EAE52AC-E290-46AD-95C3-5EF1F6…)

No. 900453

This is good, this is really really good. Oz is an oversharer of the most mundane things, imagine what will happen when this relationship implodes. Ladies the milk will be overflowing.

No. 900454

he must hate her fucking guts if he keeps posting shit like this

No. 900455

i hope that this isn't actually literal…

No. 900457

Yeah he's revealing a lot about her in a very short period of time. It seems he's into humiliating and degrading her. Interesting dynamic so far.

No. 900458

So which is it diabetes or a UTI

No. 900460

Diabetes for sure. Off-chance she's pregnant but too soon for that sign.

No. 900461


No. 900462

She has nowhere near the amount of money coming she had two years ago. No savings. Tons of credit card debt and expenses. Whatever she does have left this ugly dude is going to steal from her then leave when she’s drained dry. I know it’s been said before but we’re getting closer to the end of the moo story arc.

No. 900465

File: 1670544762798.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 513.58 KB, 1170x1129, 718A5B8A-10C4-4409-BC32-470872…)

“Became a trusted teacher to her” I’m laughing so hard what even is he saying

No. 900466

Accidentally hit spoiler sorry about that

No. 900468

a lot of fat chicks end up pregnant and don’t know until way late. their periods are already irregular and any weight gain/fetal movement is chalked up to their shit diet.

No. 900469

sounds like Andrew Tate

No. 900470

this is so cringe and gives off groomer vibes. i bet he love bombed the fuck out of her. he must be a huge piece of shit to view moo as a high value person unless he means cash kek.

No. 900473

Could be an overactive bladder if its full each time. It's not always a medical issue. Could also be her narc ass needing to check herself in the mirror constantly.

No. 900474

Post proof of that. This is such bad tinfoil to say she's spent tons of credit cards and she's broke with no savings. At least be believable.

No. 900475

You need to be way bigger than Moo to have your period fucked up usually, like 400lbs. She's not 300lbs like anons desperately keep saying, she's probably 170lbs, tbh.
>inb4reeeeeeee about her being 800lbs absolutely
Not everyone overweight and underweight have period issues. Even people who are 'average' can have issues. Unless anyone has her mentioning this ever, it doesn't make sense.

No. 900476

actually no, it really depends. being even overweight can have consequences on your reproduction and put you in a high risk pregnancy category.

No. 900479

Jfc, Moo doesn't have this issue. You guys need to stop adding random shit on to her.

No. 900481

Big Andrew Tate vibes. I can't get over how much trouble this dude is. Ahhh this is going to be so much fun.

No. 900482

you literally don't know either, it's a dumb tinfoil but you're spreading information that's wrong so stop. complaining about the tinfoil is fine, but you sound like a wk.

No. 900483

Why haven't we got any more dirt on him? How do you know his name is Peter? What's his full name? I mean it's pretty obvious this dude is a clout chasing trouble maker, there has to be some dirt out there, considering he's scrubbed his social media ahead of this public relationship.

No. 900497

Moo admitted she hasn't been under 200 pounds in YEARS.
Since her Chunk Lee days. Anons believing in Moo's sudden weight loss are more delusional

No. 900498


No. 900499

NTA but literally takes 2 seconds to find his name knowing his username. This thread isn't about him so wouldn't make sense to sperg out about him.

No. 900500

Post pics. I've been digging hard, can't find that name.

No. 900501

Nah relationships are a packaged deal, and he clearly a lolcow himself. He’s open game.

No. 900502

File: 1670564645417.jpg (41.52 KB, 342x558, Screenshot 2022-12-08 224337.j…)

He's done a pretty thorough job of scrubbing social media. Looks like he used to have a presence on TikTok, and it appears he was known on Vine for making anime AMVs - he has an active instagram account for those still. His @heyitsozy TikTok account appears to have been banned. A couple stitched videos are still out there.

Can't get much further than that.

No. 900505

“i specifically seek out and associate with high value people”
i can’t with this dude
he probably slides into a ton of cosplay girls DMs and she’s the only one that actually responded
oh god and he’s a jdm dude? embarrassing

No. 900506

I wonder if this is to do with her car phase from a few months ago?

No. 900509

File: 1670573587712.jpg (553.77 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221209-020752_Twi…)

Unrelated news, but nulfi.cos Twitter is full of posts like this and I think with how little she interacts with moo at this point, it's safe to say she's stepping away. Come to think of it, I haven't seen umbra and moo interact for a while. Even on umbrans bday.

No. 900510

File: 1670573728324.jpg (584.92 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221209-021518_Twi…)

No. 900521

"I seek out high value people"
Did he just admit he's a gold digger? Thought Moo said she's done being the golden goose. Is she really that desperate?

No. 900522

All these years and she still can’t do an aheago face. Though not many women can. It’s translates stupidly irl. Also, dead trend.

No. 900526

File: 1670593970521.jpg (754.89 KB, 1080x1875, Screenshot_20221209_055120_Ins…)

Not a nulfi thread, but her grandmother died. Might be why she's feeling extra like this.

No. 900528

there is no fucking way she’s 170. fucking luna slater is 190 and not nearly as big as mariah. sure she’s taller but a few inches is not even to make that much of a difference. mariah is probably like 220.

No. 900529

She is! That's why this whole situation is fucking chefs kiss because now she's LITERALLY a golden goose, when only before she was just accusing others when she willingly tossed money at them and they rightfully dipped.

No. 900532

i think he means like "moral value" but moo isn't high value in that regard kek.

No. 900534

There was a video 4-5 years ago where someone filmed Momo in the hotel room where she was doing coke before she panicked and goes into hiding. So it doesn't surprise me that those two did coke together.

No. 900535

you must not frequent tunas thread, shes like 230-something by her own admission. i would say they are similar sized heifers, mariahs got a good ten pounds at least on luna though, her boobs are much bigger (not that either of them have attractive chests anyways).

No. 900538

Considering her height and the boobs, I'd say anywhere between 170 - 190 is probably reasonable for Moo.

No. 900540

Absolutely delusional. There's no way Moo's under 200 with those fucked up back tits and fursuit legs of hers, she's likely closer to 250 than 170.

No. 900542

I'd give you 190, maybe even a 200 but I think it's delusional to think she's 250lbs currently.

No. 900543

Smells like hotdog water in here again.
She is most definitely over 200.
It's not. All the lipo in the world doesn't fix her immediately reversing its effects.

No. 900546

Stop arguing over her weight

No. 900547

do you guys think moo has met his parents or vice versa?

No. 900550

why not call out everyone instead of seeming like a wk?

No. 900553

Anon is hi cowing too, but sure, Jan.

No. 900555

No one did. Stop derailing.
Every single face she does is absolutely tragic. The only time she was passable was during her "thicc samus/chun-li" days and that's ONLY because everything else she did was worse.

No. 900561

I wonder if her dad would talk shit to him about not being a gymbro kek

No. 900571

Put in a janny app if you want to mod so bad. Stfu, report and ignore. Fatty

No. 900574

Yeah you’re probably right. Totally tinfoil to think that a smart person like moo, international business too remember, would blow through cash on frivolous shit, buy friends and an entourage ,take trips and pay for others etc etc etc. she’s totally frugal and fiscally irresponsible for sure right?? People like her always are right? Grow up anon.

No. 900575

there are tons of wks stinking up the thread these past few days. maybe moo's druggie boy toy will make an appearance soon kek. we can only hope.

No. 900581

Please stop double spacing after periods. Ntayrt but your posts are easily detectable

No. 900582

You're replying to yourself, try harder retard

No. 900585

File: 1670646292075.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1082x1909, 5D604D46-772D-4E88-B9A2-A18721…)

So… is he just living at her place already? He’s posted stories from her house nearly every day.

No. 900586

people who brush their teeth outside the bathroom aren't human, but you can tell he took this there to get that bag in the shot. pathetic.

No. 900587

Seeing as how he admitted to be a gold digger and him moving in with Moo right away
It's clear he's just a bum with no home, talent or money. Moo pulled a Kiki and basically picked up a hobo

No. 900591

What is that haircut? Does he ask his mom to cut his hair or something? Jfc

>look at me randomly brushing my teeth in a closet so I can post up next to a keep-all that isn’t even mine. Louis Vuitton everyone!

No. 900593

As if Moo would let him go home. She held her paid friends hostage too.

No. 900595

Can we stop being mean to the poor homeless man? he's just trying to get his fucked up teeth fixed. Look, Mariah even bought him a toothbrush and toothpaste, he's clearly so appreciative that he has to broadcast that he can now brush them!

No. 900596

Fucked out of his god damn mind. Real romantic. Totally "that guy." Got yourself a winner, Moo.

No. 900598

File: 1670668659661.jpeg (193.19 KB, 1242x1403, 16435B0A-4CAD-4F29-9B11-D92AAA…)

He likes his own pictures and posts on fb

No. 900606

lol is this picrew?

No. 900622

He’s got that same narcissistic personality troons are known to have.

No. 900631

Well Moo DID say she volunteered so maybe this is a adoption of some sort

No. 900735

File: 1670789196747.jpeg (1.57 MB, 2853x3264, 29E0D75D-78D4-4D30-A31C-0E8672…)

God that guy is ugly as sin.

No. 900737

he looks if lloyd christmas and noel fielding fused together

No. 900738

Is this dude purposefully trying to publicly humiliate her? Like - such nice romantic photos then a photo of him choking her? What the fuck.

No. 900739

why does he look like that chibi autist guy from SGDQ 2014 made famous by the "I'd really prefer if you'd be quiet" meme

No. 900744

she looks HUGE. this is fucking hilarious.

No. 900745

File: 1670795158178.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1284x2268, A0A10647-8987-4E01-B23A-68F43C…)

I had to zoom in to look at this, but her face is so crisp and his looks smudged? These pictures are so bad.

No. 900747

I love the polar opposite expressions in the first two. She's elated to have someone to parade around and he's just here for the money.

No. 900749

The ENTIRE pic is blurry except for her face lol like damn, she couldn’t be bothered to slap a filter on his ugly mug too and spare everyone from having to look at him unedited.

No. 900750

File: 1670796861108.jpg (48.9 KB, 640x960, 6rodrlakbzwt6atduf6boczkj7mesg…)

he does and also his hair just makes him look like a spergy Armin/Coconut head

That 3rd pic is haunting because that's more than likely how they look when they fuck and when he inevitably snaps then murders her

No. 900752

File: 1670800268241.jpeg (322.58 KB, 828x724, 74E41301-6273-42F0-98B5-1D2845…)

realized who he reminds me of

No. 900764

File: 1670813714036.jpeg (1.25 MB, 960x1329, B0EF4A59-5FB7-4040-A6A1-D231C6…)

I love the comparisons to Chibi lmao. It’s so funny they even got the same set of teeth!

No. 900770

You can tell he's not going to age well, clearly the loser kid who thought school shooters were the cool thing because the aesthetic.

No. 900771

The halo around them.. I need to know how big she is irl because she clearly shrunk both of them

No. 900772

I’m genuinely offended by how ugly her moid is. He looks like an amalgamation every eighth grader that I’ve ever seen sitting on a school hallway floor wearing flannel pajama bottoms while loudly calling his friends pussies with an orange fanta mustache in his peach fuzz

No. 900777

LMao what is she wearing tho

No. 900779

Quilts are the only thing that fit her now.

No. 900784

File: 1670846576813.png (35.87 KB, 262x388, King-Size_Homer_Tapped_Out.png)

Those are called moo-moo's!

No. 900788

She should just embrace her Arab Muslim Queen heritage or whatever she claims to be and just wear a burqa

No. 900791

Tinfoil but with the way she’s continuously shoving her love life on her insta do you think .. like she someone stole this moid from someone? Maybe Maddie had a thing for him and it got her narc hears turning. Or she’s using him to try to have that “ahaha no I’m taken you can’t have meee hahah unless” because I doubt this cow is monogamous.

No. 900792

Looks like an ultra long(to the ankles) wool coat or something. Idk if they’re trendy but I’ve seen a few women in my area wear them in the business districts.

No. 900793

Sensei got married so she had to let the idea of them getting together go. Guess she finally settled for someone else

No. 900795

except the fact she had to go for, ugly dollar store psychotic sensei. now i’m just waiting for them to get married or get knocked up. the milk is perfect

No. 900796

God if only it was Chibi she shacked up with. Imagine the milk.

No. 900798

Cmon anon you know she can't do any better. She's been trying and failing to get any guy to date her for years now

No. 900803

Autism spergouts and wearing couple’s cosplay on his mom’s dates.

No. 900806

I've seen this Ozy guy refer to himself as "autistic" a few times. Whether or not he's serious, I don't know, but maybe we will get to see some sperging.

No. 900808

File: 1670868570703.jpg (101.74 KB, 560x544, lol.jpg)

Here's his mom posting about being a parent of an autistic kid so I think that's confirmed.

No. 900810

Holy shit this explains so much. The fact some autistic sperg was her “mentor” and is now her boyfriend. Gold.

No. 900812

He is also only 22 years old. Can also confirm the real name of Peter.

No. 900814

Real name is Peter Bates.

No. 900817

great work, i love you so much!

No. 900818

How do we know it’s big nonna? Why are you focusing so heavily on it?? it’s literally blurred

unless someone is degenerate enough to show us all how it really looks, we can’t determine that. But to be nice, Mariah probably scored a 7.5. It’s not fat neither

No. 900819

lol I can also confirm that his lips are fake.

No. 900820

Hi Ozy.(hi cow)

No. 900821

what? i was being serious. this is the best milk in months.

No. 900822

Well I'm glad. Not much info but the info I was looking for.

No. 900823

moo is going to blow up about this when she wakes up

No. 900824

Eh I'm not sure it's worth blowing up about, it's not all that milky.

No. 900825

Are you new to mooriah? She blows up about ANYTHING.

No. 900826

File: 1670874528500.png (2.79 MB, 1125x2436, CB96E8BB-E5AC-4BB9-8A7D-F41B19…)

Can confirm his name is Peter Bates abd he is living with Mariah.

Pic is his LinkedIn. Also did a search and found past/ current addresses

No. 900827

File: 1670874773109.jpg (45.37 KB, 370x588, 22years.jpg)

No. 900829

File: 1670874962965.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 38.25 KB, 1024x576, 5EE412CF-CC2B-41C1-9728-49A880…)

It’s ya boi <spoiler>skinny penis</spoiler>

Looks around avg, maybe longer. Not particularly thick tho it may be contrast w moo

No. 900830

File: 1670875037352.jpeg (361.16 KB, 1125x2436, 55BC85AF-C58B-401E-A570-74998F…)

Okay I just assumed the home is Mariah’s since it has insane amounts of white but I don’t think it’s her house actually, so nvm.

No. 900833

wow that is one ugly penis, holy shit

No. 900834

it's impossible to tell since moo has no taste and these nouveau rich interiors are a dime a dozen in vegas.

No. 900837

Def not the same since this one seems to be a ranch type of thing and the living room doesn’t have the same fireplace. People’s taste are just… bad, like you said.

No. 900838

What kind of man willingly gives himself blowjob lips? Moo better be careful I sense a troon out in his future since he's autistic and all.

No. 900839

File: 1670877441555.gif (2.45 MB, 498x373, B3B99A75-E8FF-4A2F-8D05-7175C3…)

No. 900840

Oh wouldn’t that just be sweet, full fat cream though……..fingers crossed nonnas

No. 900841

Samefag to reply to the dick pic, LOL. It’s skinny and small. Imagine the hilarity of her gargantuan form trying to ride that pencil dick. I can’t breathe.

No. 900842

an ugly autistic homeless gold digger
not like she can do any better
but Moo has to be careful about beating him. He's going to flip one of these days

No. 900843

pencil dick

No. 900844

File: 1670878003749.gif (453.29 KB, 79x140, 8A48D01B-EF92-4C26-BC05-CDF76C…)


No. 900846

File: 1670878274847.png (Spoiler Image, 2.66 MB, 2079x960, 8871AC69-228E-49A2-8E4E-5F8843…)


It does look at least 6in long, but unless the video has been stretched to make Moo appear thinner (possible but those sausage fingers tell a different story), def not thick. Also circumcised way too tight which is probably why he’s so aggro with potential to troon

No. 900847

he's also a narc which is super common with troons

No. 900848

we’re so jealous of your young, sugar baby bimbo lipped broke skinny dick autist manchild psychopath bf moomoo

No. 900849

Listen, if a autistic weeaboo is all she could fish out of the SEA OF SIMPS let her be. She will break up with this idiot as soon as their usual play wrestling turns into domestic violence. Just from the couple of things she posted on social media he doesn't care about her. He is a obvious narc sugar baby and even when he acts like a "dom" in their sex clip he was willing to make her look bad. Watch her try to defend him when she has bruises appear outside of lipo or "the gym".

No. 900853

Yeah he seems to get off on publicly humiliating her. Not a good start at all - he literally went right to that. Guy is fucked for so young. This can't go well. Also really seems to be doped the fuck up too, I wouldn't be surprised if he's into oxys and other opiates.

No. 900855

Can you just imagine him bringing her 40-year-old-mommy-michael-jackson-looking ass around his 22-year-old friends (if he has any)? What they must fucking think.

No. 900859

he looks like an addict and he probably likes disgusting porn(worse than usual porn) to find moo.

No. 900860

File: 1670884531218.gif (1.56 MB, 510x310, E4F99ECE-0252-4072-BD05-BBD2BF…)

No. 900862

File: 1670884970989.jpeg (235.45 KB, 1401x1050, 293BF3DB-D4FB-4C61-AB0B-C97B32…)

14 seconds in ms paint and you can see exactly what it looks like

No. 900863

File: 1670885364692.jpg (11.92 KB, 540x93, Screenshot 2022-12-12 154913.j…)

No. 900864

So he’s a feeder too probably. 2023 going to be a good year.

No. 900865

What's he doing with Mariah then? She's such a skinny kween! lol real talk though, him being a chubby chaser/feeder explains a lot. She's really about to ruin her body even further for some mediocre autist dick, I love it. It's what she deserves.

No. 900866

File: 1670887340799.png (431.47 KB, 918x720, lmap.png)

Of course he's a fucking chubby chaser

No. 900867

Not sure how moo thinks that making cringey sex vids with Sluggo over here is going to help her so called career but I guess at this point it’s all about showing the world that she can too get a boyfriend despite the overwhelming stench of hotdog water and boobs that touch her shoes when she is standing up straight.

No. 900868

Can we NOT try to doxx Moo's home/address? It's not that serious that he lives with her.

No. 900869

Her stuff is public knowledge. Including her studio, it was posted a couple threads back.

No. 900870

His friends are her cousin and a roommate soooo

No. 900871

All you need to do is google his name and it pops up, not really hidden info

No. 900881

Posting where she lives isn't public knowledge unless you go looking for it and you try and compare photos to where she maybe lives and she didn't promote her address. Posting it is doxxing. There's no reason to explain further.

No. 900882

it's not doxxing. give it a rest.

No. 900883

That’s not what doxing is but keep trying.

No. 900884

Her address is not public. Stop.

No. 900885

no one posted her address, they posted his address from his public linkedin.

No. 900886

dropped sage because these wks are making me retarded.

No. 900887

His address isn’t even on the LinkedIn, no addresses were ever posted just pictures of a house from a realtor website. Wks trying way too hard tonight.

No. 900888

Someone dropped his discord server link on KF.

No. 900889

even worse then. kek. it must be the moo crew here to clean up her and now her bfs mess.

No. 900890

You can tell it’s not hers because the walls and floor aren’t covered in fake marble tile

No. 900891

oh god this is real.

No. 900893

Are you sure that it’s him though? Do you know how many kids she has?

No. 900894

The fact that he’s got the signature autism face and teeth says everything we need to know. If one sibling is autistic it increases the chance of the others having it.

No. 900902

File: 1670916182475.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1284x2250, 7B55B2CF-4B2B-412F-9ADE-640923…)

I love when her friends post her unfiltered.

No. 900911

Surely even she knows how cringe this all is?? Or has she truly fallen this far? She fancies herself this great wise strong woman and then just like that is suddenly with Pencil Dick Pete over here who's an actual autist and clear as day chubby + money chaser, plastering him all over her work accounts scaring off what few delusional fans she had left. Is it self sabotage?? What is wrong with her. First the failed cosplay broomcloset lot, now this.

No. 900912

Look at that concaved ass kek

No. 900917

So that dude is an Andrew Tate type ("I only hang out with high value people"), an autist, a neet, ugly as fuck, a male version of Mariah's narc ass, a chubby chaser, has an ugly pencil dick, gave himself bj lips, has the haircut and fashion sense of a school shooter and loves to publicly humiliate Mariah. Did I forget anything?

Man, Milkmas never disappoints. To the incoming rivers of milk!

No. 900920

File: 1670936973528.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.05 KB, 500x500, 745hec.jpg)

Can't believe she missed this. Ew.

No. 900921

i would kill to hear from the girly hands guy
imagine the milk why he doesn’t associate

No. 900924

It’s gonna be great lmao. She’s gonna crash and burn so hard after losing her incels that wanted to fuck her because she was single and unattainable.

No. 900925

Me too, I’m sure she treated him like shit. It’s why he doesn’t associate with the whole group anymore, which is BS because if she is treating people badly then that shit needs to be exposed

No. 900926

She has enough money to bury BS currently, this is why Vamp keeps in her lane even though you KNOW she has a ton of shit on moo.

No. 900929

People with more money have been exposed for less. We all know she’s back to her old toxic ways after her sexual assault scandal, still blows my mind people just don’t take a stand especially since she’s nothing in the cosplay scene.

No. 900930

cosplayers never want to be mean to anyone. you basically need to assault underage girls to get called out. they're too inclusive. people ignore her instead.

No. 900932

File: 1670953845790.jpeg (47.31 KB, 636x358, 2F3B53E700000578-0-image-a-1_1…)

This picture gives me the vibe of those two from The Grimsby Brothers(sage your shit)

No. 900933

It's because she's a woman. People wont take claims seriously. She's out of the cosplay scene sure, but she still makes money in porn, and it's the route all cos thots go down anyway. Moo should be in jail for sure for the shit she does. But also I feel like police wont take paid dick seriously
I still say guys who were abused by her should start telling their story anyway because it will effect Moo, even if it just pisses her off. Moo being abusive to people around her needs to be more common knowladge

No. 900940

yay banhappy mods back at it again sage your shit girlfriends(^this )

No. 900941

>tells anons to sage
>doesn't sage
nonny… sage goes in the email field

No. 900942

i’m glad you’re mad(moid)

No. 900946

Congrats on responding to retard bait btw.

No. 900947

File: 1670973113517.jpeg (280.78 KB, 1536x2048, DA52E6D5-622F-464C-99AD-5A7210…)

Her new shooped waist is hilarious

No. 900948

File: 1670973856762.jpeg (256.98 KB, 1365x2048, EF98353B-6111-4D2A-A262-8327E6…)

When she sits her midsection is fucked

No. 900949

I see she's back to shopping her face like a fat baby. Wonder if she's insecure she looks like she's 50

No. 900950

>muh troons
rent fucking free kek

No. 900951

I love how that lock of hair is strategically placed to make it seem like her back fat is somehow connected to her tit. Her body shape is just plain fucked.

No. 900952

Omg nooooo, she's got Tara Reid belly..

No. 900953

it doesn't even look like it's supposed to be attached with the shoop. what the fuck did she do?

No. 900955

Cape for troons elsewhere anon these are just offhand insults for comedic value

No. 900968

Nice cope

No. 900974

the bottom of her tits look gross, wtf? why are they red and splotchy?

No. 900983

her address is public. I found it on one of those people finder sites. I got some more info on Maddie as well. Not super hard to find because they are both idiots.

sage for no milk.

No. 900984

ya but no one posted it lmao. i agree it wouldn't be doxxing anyway wks are grasping at straws trying to act like it's doxxing.

No. 900986

2 Xs in doxing aren’t allowed to share opinions on the subject kek.

No. 900987

No one posted his address either lmao? WKs stay delusional. I swear there's a lc wk playbook out there and the first chapter is to claim doxxing and stalking, followed by x did nothing wrong and we're all jealous haters with no lives or jobs who live in a basement and obsessively refresh this site every 15 seconds.

No. 900988

don't be a cunt i'm just a dirty phoneposter ooh wooh

No. 900990

Looks like sweaty boob rash to me. She probably needs a shower and some Gold Bond powder.

No. 900993

Why the fuck does her body have three different skin tones. Am I tired. Am I seeing this right.

No. 900994

Have they started sperging about no milk instead of contributing some yet?

No. 900995

I can’t imagine how badly she’s fucked up the blood supply with all the repeated lipo, including the visceral fat strangling her organs that she can’t liposuction out. As a result her skin is like Joseph’s coat of many colours.

No. 901008

Familiar smell with this one.
>but you pay top dollar to get her content
No we don't.
>You guys adore this bitch
Dead givaway.

No. 901010

Late but it ASTOUNDS me how little ass she manages to have at her size. Shaynus vibes.

No. 901014

What is this even supposed to be? You can tell the girl isn't that much taller than Moo because you can see where her knees are. The rest of her legs aren't 3x longer than her thighs. Is she that desperate to look smol now in height because it makes her more girly?

No. 901015

What really gets me is that Moo is wearing a shirt at least 4-5 sizes too big for her (from the mens section lol) in an attempt to hide her linebacker shoulders and upper arms. She did this in a profile so people wouldn’t see how much wider she is than the other girl.

No. 901016

everything about it is bizarre, she's also clearly bending her knees due to the leg positioning that and she shoop'd her thighs, you can see the weird warping around her cat.

No. 901031

They’re standing on an old fashioned scale

No. 901048

My personal favorite element of this photo is the straight from a Chinatown gift shop ying yang wall hanging. The most depressing thing about all the money she has is her shit taste. It's kind of amazing how she cannot make good aesthetic choices at all whatsoever.

No. 901059

This would make sense for Chainsaw Man but wtf for the SpyxFamily show??

No. 901065

File: 1671077762511.jpeg (771.04 KB, 3264x2234, B66E982F-7CDE-4F2F-A34E-C27193…)

Her second time doing Velma and she still couldn’t get it right. That tragic wig needs to be taken out back and shot.
Also, those few hours on the stairmaster hasn’t helped at all lol

No. 901067

Samefag but even Moo’s own sets show off the horrendous lighting/shoddy looking props in her studio. So professional.

No. 901070

I don't think anyone wanted these clues, Mariah.

No. 901073

That wig looks like dog ears.

No. 901074

velma doesn't even have this hairstyle she's got a 60s woman's bowl cut.

No. 901075

My god, those droopy drunk eyes, that edna mode wig. She looks retarded and like she just fell and is trying to get up by using her sweater to throw to you.

No. 901076

lmao she looks like snooki

in the post from his mom she says “our children” so i think she’s implying her children all have autism

No. 901079

Her Velma will always be the most uncanon, ugliest version I've ever seen.

No. 901080

File: 1671090728651.jpeg (321.67 KB, 1284x1123, 22EBD2CC-1CA8-4393-91A5-F76514…)

The fact that he’s on OF now just adds to
this insanity.

No. 901090

when this relationship fails, it's going to be spectacular
>babe, i need you to make an only fans so i can afford more lipo

No. 901091

Hoo boy… here we go. Gotta wonder if he was coerced into it by Moo but he looks dumb as fuck so who knows.

No. 901092

Post caps of rates. I'm waiting for her to be jealous of him following other women

No. 901093

definitely coerced or at the very least talked into making one,
misery loves company, right mariah ?

No. 901101

Those glasses make her look like a special needs woman rolling around on the floor at Kmart.

No. 901102

this is so dumb. moo probably thinks will earn them double money for the same sex sets, but he has no following. just some literally who fat fetishist/possible feeder.

No. 901103

Man is thirsty for notoriety and money. I have a feeling this was his idea, Mariah may have encouraged him but he wants to be “famous” like Mariah I feel.

No. 901106

File: 1671116926123.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.31 KB, 1013x1280, IMG_20221214_220048_548.jpg)

No. 901107

File: 1671116971738.jpg (Spoiler Image, 573.03 KB, 1478x2048, IMG_0607.jpg)

No. 901108

Grandma is trying to be sexy again

No. 901109

I suddenly have a craving for Virginia ham.

No. 901111

Id like to see this from a different angle because I’m sure she’s leaning waaaaay back in order to life her leg. OR out of frame is someone helping hold her hamhock up.

No. 901114

File: 1671123898561.png (414.78 KB, 595x490, Capture.PNG)

we just need the colours changed

No. 901117

The milk returnth

No. 901120

This is Moo rubbing his narc ego saying he's sexier than he actually is. That and you know he's going to be annoying and tell her to promote his OF or feature in his so it's technically "his" money and "his" fans
What a parasite

No. 901122

that nail color makes her fingers look like witch finger cookie lol. not trying to weight sperg but either she's got small hands or she's really 250+lbs cause she couldn't even cover half of her damn thigh, also wtf is that expression

No. 901123

I don't know why you guys keep acting like people can't make their own decisions outside of Mariah. This guy absolutely seems like the type who is jealous of his girlfriend getting success and wants a piece of the action. They probably talked about it, but most likely they're looking to get 2 different sides of income here. I don't know who the fuck is going to sign up for his stuff though. He is ugly as hell and has a pencil dick. Maybe the plan is to be in an open relationship so they can both fuck and film whoever.

No. 901124

File: 1671129661474.jpg (774.65 KB, 1053x1597, Screenshot_20221215_104049_Chr…)

She's like that ugly mouth breathing kid from Hey! Arnold

No. 901125

File: 1671129719008.jpg (Spoiler Image, 467.19 KB, 1079x1092, Screenshot_20221215_104137_Chr…)

The saggy sad ass lol She has a worse ass than most men

No. 901126

dating a chubby chaser/feeder with autism lmao yup you sure showed us and ex friends mooriah, please keep it up

No. 901127

File: 1671131088190.jpg (823.77 KB, 1079x1077, Screenshot_20221215_110426_Ins…)

No wonder Moo brought her grandma Velma out. Akemi and her must be doing a set.

No. 901128

careful now or Moo WK will dogpile on you and tell you she's 170

Maybe. But also Moo has pissed off past friends for not being creative and copying their ideas to ride off the attention. I can't feel bad for Akemi though. Anyone who associates with Moo for the money deserve it

No. 901129

They shoot together constantly.

No. 901130

Why does she insist on using these hideous stockings? They make plus size thigh high socks Moo, for the love of god.

No. 901131

those would cost more than $5 sex shop stockings!

No. 901133

More like:
>Akemi chose to do a scooby doo set
>Mooriah as always thinks she can do better.
They rarely do sets together, Akemi likely used the studio so Mooriah needed to flop her hankhill ass around doing a set she's already done.

No. 901134

nta but Moo and Akemi have been doing a lot of sets together, where have you been? Mostly the horrendous Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia and Chainsaw Man ones.

No. 901135

Probably referring to content she sells as herself since it's usually against the rules to sell on OF with another talent unless both are selling the same shit and I doubt Akemi would willingly shill momo.

No. 901136

Akemi is getting chubby. I wonder if that's just the affect of being around Moo. Also has she always lacked that much chin?(unsaged nitpicking)

No. 901139

No, that's some bullshit if someone peddled that to you. You just need the model's consent/info to prove they are over 18 if they are shooting with you on your OF. At least get the information right.

No. 901142

Grandma Velma and tranny Daphne.

No. 901172

her face looks like its melting

No. 901196

Sorry to necro a bit but my sides are in orbit omfg. They probably want to cancel his internet access

No. 901197

Her pork chop leg looks like it’s made out of melting butter. Moo continually sets new records for what is unerotic

No. 901209

the Sunset. is nice we need to put Sage. in the email Avenue.

No. 901219

File: 1671242982232.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1084x1934, 1DB4A267-04EC-4E15-B2E6-29ECCE…)

No. 901222

this guy is definitely gold digging lmao. no one gives a fuck about moo's signature. who does he think she is?

No. 901223


No. 901224

She even signs it "DK" for Donkey Kong

No. 901226

No. 901227

Anon is right, moo's signature maybe would go for $50 during her con days.

No. 901231

File: 1671252189783.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1086x1906, 8096517C-EC4C-42AF-B848-49BD10…)

Free labor.

No. 901232

Does she thinks she's a fucking cat now? Cringe overload..

No. 901233

Imagine her slowly getting more and more self-conscious due to him editing her a certain way, the way he likes and wishes she would look, and it becomes an issue for her. Already she has to worry about this creepy clearly sliding in other DMs. Seems like the kind to tell a woman she needs to send nudes in order to know how to photograph her for a session.

No… Couples hang all over each other like this all the time.

No. 901240

Yeah but usually not this soon into a relationship. And most people certainly don't leave their whole careers hanging on someone they just met
I don't like Moo but even I'm flinching at this car crash waiting to happen. He's such an obvious gold digger that I wouldn't be surprised if he drained her dry of all her accounts in a few months and run.

No. 901241

he's probably going to get her into drugs. autist or not he's got druggie vibes.

No. 901242

there's something about his facial hair at its current state that makes my skin crawl. what is up with that

No. 901243

that wouldn't be too hard for Moo. She already abused pills, weed, Adderall, and alcohol. Now that she has no social circles I can see her just getting high with him
Moo has been miserable this last year, bitching and moaning how no one loves her and how she loves 2D men because none love her.
I can see Moo being so desperate she co signs him for everything so even if he takes everything there is nothing legally she can do. And it's what she deserves

No. 901244

Yea they look so in love guize. I mean they’re snuggling here’s the proof ! I’m so convinced! Aren’t you?! I bet Sensei is totes regretting his decision to marry his girlfriend of like 3 years.

No. 901245

File: 1671260365251.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1085x1783, C74BC750-FD0B-435E-90D2-20287C…)

Of course she’s dating a "photographer". No wonder there’s been no mention of Martin in a while.

No. 901249

I love that she has that hideous tattoo. It’s probably one of her biggest regrets but she’s too sunk into it.

No. 901259

transactional relationships,
she gets a photographer
he gets notoriety and internet attention
how much of this is real?
no one could genuinely love her she’s abusive fat and pretentious to an insufferable level.

No. 901260

Also kind of proves she tries to come into every single photographer she’s had tbh

No. 901262

is he actually a photographer or is moo lending him her camera and making him do it for free?

No. 901264

I think this is the moid she was thirsting after when she first talked about wrapping her car. Bet he works at that car shop that’s in the same shopping mall her shitty studio is in. Also he’s never talked about phography, moo def has just handed him the equipment and let him deal with it. He sounds like he’s trying to get more and more intertwined with her business and that’s not smart right off the bat

No. 901267

>Anon is right, moo's signature maybe would go for $50 during her con days.
The original post stated $120,000 for him to remove his arm.
Everyone itt agrees the dude is a gold digger, but responding to an obvious joke post with
>who does he think she is?
comes off as the original (albeit unfunny) joke flying over anon’s head.

No. 901269

No he has definitely talked about photography. Look at this earliest pics on Instagram. Also he's into video editing and seems to have some past notoriety from making anime AMVS. This is pretty par for the course.

No. 901270

File: 1671302466740.jpeg (881.85 KB, 1085x1795, 03A84E7A-CD20-40DF-9F7C-055BC8…)

There’s another IG story after this of him playfully (I guess) slapping her. It’s all fun and games until she eventually takes it to far. And she will.

No. 901271

And the guy has literally 9 posts on his IG, one of them being of Moo. And he still got pissy when people were coming from Moo’s account to look and was whining that no one was liking his photography. lol dude even shares what little photos he has in his stories repeatedly like they’re impressive or something. I don’t even think he has an actual portfolio.

No. 901272

Moos going to use him to twitch stream

No. 901273

no one missed the joke, retard. it was a stupid joke that he made because he thinks moo is a big famous celebrity.

No. 901274

amvs and photography have little to do with eachother, which is why i asked. didn't look at his insta though. ty.

No. 901275

File: 1671309195919.jpeg (462.56 KB, 1284x2222, B0E06565-599E-411A-AB37-B25E86…)

Ah yes, thank you for that sexy fupa picture Moo.

No. 901277

File: 1671309346557.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x2214, 09CF443A-17C0-431E-ACA5-237C67…)

Same fag but jesus christ she’s wide.

No. 901278

that fucking wig needs to be burned. the least she could have done was curl the ends the lazy bitch

No. 901283

File: 1671321109661.jpeg (904.82 KB, 1125x1739, 8FD731DE-A738-489C-9D64-49A04F…)

Maybe because I’m bored of moo but this guy really got me hollering

No. 901284

His face is a literal triangle lol, dorito nose and all. Look at him in his little dance recital suit playing dress up photographer.

No. 901286

He's going to realize a lot of Moo's engagement is bought and she does have scrotes but they aren't loyal and have zero respect for her other than a cum rag.
If Moo wants to keep him happy she better start buying likes for him as well

No. 901287

File: 1671323134307.jpeg (125.36 KB, 1280x719, B6D2FC05-EA11-41EC-A50F-6B5BA4…)

discarded design for the Pauly Shore Pinocchio

No. 901288

I know other anons have said it, but Jesus, he looks like Maddie. He could pass for her drug-addled twin easily.

Their inevitable breakup is going to be an absolute show.

No. 901303

File: 1671371913448.jpeg (15.5 KB, 224x225, 9852DF33-820E-43D0-ACEE-A22115…)

Looks like a mix of Hitoshi and Luna’s boyfriend Lurch.

No. 901304

he's fat too kek. look at his leg, as wide as hers. And we know how wide she is.

No. 901307

Remember how she wasn't technically allowed to shoot porn in her studio and she's def shooting porn in her studio lol

No. 901309

His pants are loose and he’s sitting at least a foot behind her, shes forward compared to him. At least dont make dumbass observations and point it as fact. We know she’s wide, but he’s wearing pants, anon, and not even tight ones.

No. 901310

"Rules for thee and not for me" has been one of Moo's cornerstone cow traits since day one. I guess Maddie is only down for cleaning up after Moo and not anybody else!

I'm laughing over Moo spedrunning a Lori and Kevin relationship over here, when do you think he'll propose to her, at AX?

No. 901315

i wonder if vegas anon will report her like she said she would.

No. 901317

I don't think Moo even likes him, like at all. I think she's just in it for the sake of the relationship because even she believed no one wants her hotdog smelling ass irl.
The thing is he doesn't like her either, he is literally screaming from the rooftops he's only in it for the money and attention…
Which is kinda hilarious remembering that is one of Moo's most infamous quotes kek.

Also toss in that I THINK she's trying to "Show off" her boy toy and failing. I dunno to who? I don't know anyone who would be impressed by an chubby autistic nobody with no followers. She missed the assignment, she was suppose to get an already popular cosplay bf or someone with at least 100k followers for anyone to be impressed

No. 901319

File: 1671393383657.jpg (Spoiler Image, 658.24 KB, 1033x848, tWwwRmo.jpg)

Yor vid pt. 2:

>video is dark as SHIT. The camera is not shot correctly so you miss half the action. Even the more seasoned simp would be a dumbass to pay for this shit

>pencildick Peter asks Moo if he can come and she was like "on me"
>His attempt as fingering her is annoying and just looks like two fish slapping on land
>Moo has graduated to fake anime moans for her pencildick Peter

No. 901320

File: 1671394236603.jpg (173.59 KB, 403x347, 9wZcLBx.jpg)


>they have sex on one of the studio chairs (leather one between the flower Wisteria set and the library)

>pencildick Peter checks the cameras CONSTANTLY. He is more focused on shooting properly instead of actually fucking (see picture)
>Peter has to get two loogies from himself and one from Moo to rub her cooch
>closeups of stained and pimply ass
>Peter sounds like a dad teaching his kid how to ride a bike and not a dom anymore

No. 901321

Y'all need to upload and share the vid. I need to see the trainwreck for myself.

22 years old and throwing his dignity (if he even has any) away for fucking Moo. This guy is a cow on his own.

No. 901322

please don't make up stupid nicknames for him it's cringe.

No. 901323

since he is behind her, he should look smaller. Also look at his knee. That is not a knee of a thin guy. He is fat.

No. 901326

Agreed. Drop that WebM or Dropbox, nonnie.

No. 901328

Not how this place works. Pay for her content yourself if you want fap material lol

No. 901330

are you new? don't tell people to pay for cows content.

No. 901334

material for bullying should be accessible to everyone!

No. 901336

This guy lolcows.

No. 901351

So she's just exempt to her "no shooting porn in the studio" rule? Or was her whole purpose of the studio to do this in the first place?

No. 901352

doubt it, she could set this stuff up in her house if she wanted. it's obvious she thought the studio would be a huge cash cow for her.

No. 901359

File: 1671427761332.jpg (597.13 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221218_212849_Ins…)

Does she not see the obvious bump on her nose when she turns. I thought she paid good money for a skii slope?

No. 901360

File: 1671428944085.jpg (545.01 KB, 1079x1593, Screenshot_20221218_212712_Ins…)

Also wtfever this is

No. 901361

Jesus Christ, her face looks so weird here. Like Voldemort and Janice had an obese lovechild.

No. 901362

File: 1671431283374.jpg (38.36 KB, 980x135, Screenshot_20221218_222528_Ins…)

Uh oh, someone check. The account she was using to peddle the porn links is gone?

No. 901365

give it a week or two. she'll be back again, she's never gone for long

No. 901366

I don't understand why she used her link on any of the pages again. Its solicitation.

No. 901367

she will be eventually. if she keeps getting temp bans like this, they will permaban her one day. she's not getting her account back herself like some anons think.

No. 901369

File: 1671435149739.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 671.79 KB, 1284x739, 3937AAD3-E638-4F84-A4C3-D5EF2C…)

It’s not hard to find the content if you tried. There’s a subreddit that just posts it for free but I didn’t see the Yor one. Just the Velma. https://gofile.io/d/gNTnPY

No. 901370

File: 1671435297234.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 634.81 KB, 1284x770, AA73F12D-02C2-4930-9728-7B975D…)

Samefag. She’s shooting all her porn in her studio. The absolute vileness of this all.

No. 901371

can she please buy a good bra?

No. 901372

what happened to the nonnie that was going to report the studio

No. 901375

looks like a blow up doll

No. 901376

dudes going to need surgery after having her sit on him

No. 901377

holy crap, how much did she messed up her chest, from this angle she looks like a dummy you use for CPR training

No. 901378

Why does she refuse to hoist her boobs up? Your belt doesn't meet your chest like that. is it the waist cincher she has on? She has to be wearing one, they can't make that belt in her size, right?

No. 901379

The lighting in her room is so anaemic and clinical. There's no atmosphere at all, it's clear it's just the same shit global lighting all over. This bitch built a photography studio without considering something as important as lighting, what a joke.

No. 901380


She has the same pimpled up ass as shatna. Disgusting.

No. 901381

File: 1671456989459.jpg (205.98 KB, 951x951, Janice_m15[1].jpg)


janice from the muppets lookin ass

No. 901387

is this new??? she get new lip fillers or something bc ew

No. 901388

>when ur tatas obscure your waist making you look wide as a fridge

No. 901389

File: 1671466753178.jpeg (980.94 KB, 1083x1769, CEDE18D0-AE5C-4A75-9043-1A9C6C…)

Yeah, good luck with that dude lol. Vegas locals hate Moo and he’s going to find that out soon enough.

Her momokun.co profile looks like it was permanently banned at this point since she hasn’t been able to post from there in a while too. Most likely because she was shilling her OF links there as well.

No. 901390

Goddamnit his dick is so gross. Nothing worse on Earth than a fully shaved guy, wtf is that, it's disgusting.

No. 901391

That’s one of the only two sets her friends actually shoot in. I hope they can smell the lingering stench of Moo and this creep whenever they take her up on another free visit.
I guess she thinks it’s fine to break her own rules and have sex in the sets since it’s not like anyone else outside her small circle of friends were actually booking appointments there.

No. 901392

Daddy must be so proud, Petey.

No. 901393

Did he convince her to blow up her lips and get more plastic surgery?
It just ages her more.

No. 901394

well she has her proof now

No. 901395

most likely he's looking for girls particularly so he can leave Moo

No. 901396

File: 1671470865901.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 495.36 KB, 1170x645, C8E1739C-BE8B-497B-8311-1B1210…)



No. 901397

Eh I think it's become very clear that he's just using her as a springboard for his own career. And, you know, as a sugar mama.
I also hope no one questions his autism after watching the BJ video because my fucking god, the guy is painful to look at. Autistic as fuck.

No. 901399

It never ceases to amaze me how moo as a someone who uses her body for work never takes fucking care of it. Would it kill you to wash your ass?

No. 901400

Death by snu snu kek

No. 901401

OOOOOOF imagine being in your 20s and looking like you’re pushing 55.

No. 901405

he looks pretty big here.

No. 901406

It's like when umbran thought her not secret secret techniques needed a patreon because moo gassed her up lol

No. 901407

It looks more pronounced because of the dark lipstick.

No. 901409

Those lips are taut like sausages, and it definitely looks like more than just a darker lipstick.

No. 901410

her wigs are so ugly and she was pretty hated in the east coast scene. there were rumors going around that she paid people to use her wigs and promote her.

No. 901413

why is the area around her crack yellowing with slightly red edges? Is this a developing rash because of swamp ass?

No. 901416

But photos she posted after don't look like this like >>901369 is the contour. Her lips don't look more plump

No. 901418

she's also using thousands of filters/beauty apps so it's hard to tell what's shoop and what's fillers.

No. 901419


it’s all the razor burn and incoming ingrowns that does it for me, nonny.

you’d figure these two fucks could put the money to waxing, but nope.

No. 901420


Ass looking like a stained mattress.

No. 901425

You just know that her so called studio in a strip mall has probably never been cleaned once. Even after one of her porn shoots. The place is a health hazard by now.

No. 901426

good thing no one uses it.

No. 901440

File: 1671501621916.jpeg (964.83 KB, 1269x2288, 306842DB-8EAF-4762-962B-7F6F2B…)

No. 901441

File: 1671502747498.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1584x1626, 6CCFC4B3-10AD-4F40-8A78-D8DCD0…)

Lookin like she just cracked off a fart. How many years has Moo been at this and she still looks awkward in every photo.

No. 901443

she looks like a realdoll. weeb simps don't like the instahoe look.

No. 901446

Kek @ her droopy tits blending into the abs of her suit.

No. 901452

We’re back baby

No. 901457

File: 1671829289020.jpeg (184.17 KB, 1125x1394, 42BB2DA2-901D-4E0A-B826-551A3F…)

She looks busted. Look at her thighs, they’re screaming.

No. 901458

So is anyone else thinking there's already trouble in paradise? They changed their icons to no longer be "coupley" and the couples-posting has come to a screeching halt. Curious one way or another.

No. 901459

File: 1671829641335.jpeg (47.21 KB, 772x960, 49F9FC00-451D-4F54-91D0-B08861…)

No. 901460

i 100% thought that was umbran peeking out from behind moo, good god

No. 901461

File: 1671830472054.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1500x4388, 02598253-921E-4F2D-AF61-7A3102…)

Someone’s mad

No. 901462

File: 1671830538981.jpeg (139.5 KB, 947x2048, 5895BE17-4D6A-4653-8C68-A525B7…)

No. 901463

File: 1671830606118.png (641.83 KB, 952x846, heartbroken.png)


No. 901464

File: 1671830646603.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 55.86 KB, 591x789, 80C6B96C-0622-48BE-A503-4C993A…)

I’d leave too if this is what I had to look at. It’s funny the scrotes who pay her leak her shit constantly.

No. 901465

Hank Hill ass.

No. 901466

File: 1671830883801.jpeg (241.45 KB, 1366x2048, 12019B46-4AEA-4EB4-9891-EE6E23…)

Fuck I forgot to spoiler. My bad nonnies, and password isn’t available. Anyways, heartbreak before the holidays? Nice.

No. 901468

She kinda looks like she has balls here. Also, that asshole gap is revolting

No. 901469

You're telling me the gold digger who shouted from the rooftops that he was just using Moo took the money and ran? Moo deserves this heart break

No. 901470

Can't wait to see what he was able to loot before leaving, too bad we'll never know why they split unless he runs his filler-lined mouth about it.

No. 901471

I'm sure he'll just go buy things silently. As for Moo she can't say anything or do anything unless she wants him to relaliate. The amount of dirt the guy has on her. Moo really gave him access to everything after just 2 weeks of mediocre sex. Her raw photos, candids, pretty sure he has a lot of video of her just randomly beating him. She's fucked and just has to take the L

Though I'm pretty sure he'll be back in January when he spends all the cash and wants easy money from her.

No. 901474

File: 1671845561191.jpeg (50.48 KB, 613x765, 94FBBC5B-CEC5-4B16-B390-C70ED5…)

No. 901476

File: 1671847078623.jpg (150.48 KB, 1079x653, Screenshot_20221223_175729_Ins…)

Martin still shooting or is this old now?

No. 901477

File: 1671847224179.jpg (230.48 KB, 1246x2048, 20221223_175915.jpg)

3hs ago Moo posted more Depop items. Her whole closet is ugly.

No. 901480

File: 1671847445854.jpg (Spoiler Image, 467.48 KB, 1080x1771, Screenshot_20221223_180116_Twi…)

At least don't make it obvious you're interacting with the cow to have something to post

No. 901486

File: 1671847902459.jpg (472.51 KB, 1079x1484, Screenshot_20221223_181018_Ins…)

Don't be hopeful just because Moo took it off of her thing. Unless he's just not updated. She's still in his bio and he has this up

No. 901492

File: 1671857640077.jpeg (991.06 KB, 1284x2365, 4BBCAA97-E7AC-4C26-ACC6-88B9E3…)

Wow their fling ended quickly. She already wiped any trace of him off her insta. Lol.

No. 901494

Wow I am…genuinely surprised.

No. 901496

You know, I'm gonna mildly white knight for a change and say that I hope she realized she didn't want to be with a little 22 year opiates / coke-addicted shit head and kicked the little mooch to the curb. Also just dying to know if it ended in violence because god, this guy seemed kinda scary. Anyway.

No. 901497

They are still listed as dating on their fb and he took her name out of his IG bio for a day but then put it back. They are still together.

No. 901501

File: 1671869558443.jpeg (440.96 KB, 1284x1109, 923C4B22-FC2D-49D5-A76B-8C01D7…)

Not the twitter scrote, just thought it was funny that scrotes leak her shit. Why does her face look like this? Is it because of the filter she used to make her body slimmer?

No. 901502

She paid 30k to have her nose look like this. The after photos still haunt me.

No. 901512

Moo probably had a moment of clarity that putting your relationship so public when you making a living doing porn isn’t the best boss girl business decision.

No. 901513

She’s looking like Luis fucking Guzman I can’t breathe

No. 901514

they're probably fighting ala kevvy and lori

No. 901517

File: 1671904960751.jpeg (280.16 KB, 960x872, 84449579-0152-4095-A771-F09E03…)

All he did was change his pfp and bio quote.

No. 901519

This is what I'm thinking too. The scrotes that support her want the fantasy that she's actually attainable. I'm thinking her announcing so publicly that she had a boyfriend may have affected her bank account more negatively than she thought so she's removing any trace of him but they're likely still together, for now anyway.

No. 901540

I don’t think anybody has mentioned it yet, but her lewd IG page has been down for days now

No. 901544

No. 901549

I have noticed that Moo has been releasing more sets in a desperate attempt to get back some of the money she lost on her new boytoy. So many of Moo's paypigs were upset that her whole social media became a relationship blog. I think she realized that it was a poor financial decision and that all the girls she wanted to spite were making fun of her "catch"

No. 901550

Everyone keeps saying that scrotes are upset but I have yet to see anyone actually make this much of an uproar. There's always going to be like 50 or so people who are gonna say stupid shit because they're okay to post publicly, but the people who aren't actually complaining are the ones who are still paying for this and that's probably the majority of people. You guys have got to stop assuming a majority of her fans actually interact with her. In general, thot interactions are like .5% of your following. That should be pretty obvious to anyone who actually has followers and who actually likes their posts and even less comments on them.

No. 901552

most porn thots keep the illusion they're single just to get more money. This is indeed a thing. Just because people aren't voicing it, it's more profitable for thots to not announce to the world they're in a relationship

No. 901557

Not really anymore. Maybe 10 years ago, but many post obscure couples posts.

No. 901580

Nah, it still happens. There's a reason Scamouranth pulled that fake abuse story with her husband, because people started double guessing that "fake story" about her having a husband from a pissed off simp Mod a year or two back. The ones who revel in revealing their relationship shove it in the face of the scrotes they're sleling their porn to then go on babyrages when their income plummets.

No. 901581

moo's fans don't care about her relationship status anymore because they're just interested in seeing her her dicked down. this isn't like when she had weeb coomer fans, like the ones praising her "hard work", now she gets degrading comments posted publicly.

No. 901584

I didn't say every thot, so why bring up Amouranth when he ex is the one who told her to do that? Stfu, anon, if you can't actually have an on topic convo. I literally have no reason to read the respect comment because you derailed immediately.

No. 901585

This. This is how most simps see cows.

No. 901586

Moo is such a fat fucking pedo bitch who got with a fellow pedo. Her ugly maddie man ducked her while they had a still image of spyxfamily with the orphan 6 year old girl on screen.

No. 901587

File: 1672086665191.jpeg (122.82 KB, 1284x730, 808D4674-E102-4EE0-B2EB-20DC17…)

No. 901589

File: 1672087105773.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 21.7 KB, 680x306, 49C05F8D-E100-4D5D-8433-127FD1…)

Her nasty ass tits

No. 901591

What is it with moo-tards and turbo autism? lmfao
Seems to also affect shayna-fags and the regulars of the onision thread when that was still going, too.

No. 901596

>Complaining about an on topic subject
To be fair, it's also because this is the same bitch that laughed at LITERALLY EVERYONE who did lewd/nude work and said she would NEVER have to do it. So unironically she's only relevant because people enjoy her fall from grace.

No. 901602

what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 901611

Stay the fuck on topic. Amouranth was abused and taking advantage of. Go to /OT/ too talk about her.

She's not a pedo, dumbass. Fiction isn't real. No one looks at Moo and thinks "WOW A KID!!!" with her ass and saggy tits hanging out. Braindead, anon. Too bad mods aren't actually naming right now because posts like these keep popping up and its such weak bait.

No. 901612

Is that him? Seems like they are still together but she made the wise choice to keep it more low key on her socials. Too bad for us

No. 901620

Keep up scrote.
All these were made before whatever the fuck was shown a few days ago.

No. 901622

No one said the fat bitch is trying to be a child. Her scrote is literally has his pencil dick in her saggy pussy while a child character is on the tv that he’s staring directly at.

No. 901630

Ok, ozy. Keep fucking the fat bitch and maybe she'll pay to get your jacked up grill fixed. Surely the stank is worth it.

No. 901638

Not the anon you're replying to, but if it was just about anyone but moo and him, sure it could just be how you say it. But they are gross fucks and I don't trust either of those nasty cunts.

No. 901639

>anons arguing about lolishit
>not the obvious unhinged behavior of her watching the show with the character she's cosplaying while getting fucked
also she probably took down her bf stuff because we and kfs found out his real name.

No. 901645

>also she probably took down her bf stuff because we and kfs found out his real name.
Meanwhile every other cow doesn't care and still happily post their relationship if they weren't trying to hide it and got exposed ala Belle Daph.

No. 901660

well he was clearly trying to hide his identity. moo doesn't give a fuck about herself. we basically know so much personal information about her we can track her cycle. i feel like he probably chewed her out since she led us to him in the first place.

No. 901662

If he was trying to hide he wasn't doing it well. Wasn't he literally in her comment section taunting her simps? And he tagged her in a lot of his videos and photos
He LOVED the attention. He's just mad that most people aren't jealous but making fun of him. I think he's also slowly realizing that Moo isn't as FaMoUs as she was letting on. They're both jokes and I'm glad he's hiding his head in the sand.

No. 901663

not the ozy profile you dumbass. his real name and the fact that he's s retarded autist.

No. 901664

NTA but the point they're making is HE wasn't being smart about it, he came out the gate mocking and trying to brag and it bit him in the ass. But that's not why she scaled back, Moo is NOT a considerate person. She likely started losing too many scrotes and now trying to damage control.

No. 901665

her fans don't care if she has a boyfriend because she gets fucked on camera now. she doesn't have any weeb fans who see her as a waifu anymore.

No. 901680

File: 1672274752102.jpg (580.64 KB, 1079x1885, Screenshot_20221228_164515_Ins…)

The scrotes 100% don't care. Unless you can prove she lost numbers, stop talking out your ass. Moo isn't a girlfriend fantasy. She's a sloppy fuck fantasy. These dudes self insert as whatever dick she's fucking, dildo or real. No one is looking at the dude ever in these. Just the holes Moo gets filled. You have gotta stop assuming all dudes have this weird aversion once they realize someone's dating somebody. It's not true.

She also has a new instagram: peachymomokun where she falunts the sex scam links. All she knows how to do in life is ban evade and ignore her shitty behavior.

No. 901682

What’s the point of starting a new IG everytime just to get banned again for posting links to her OF? There’s no way it helps all that much with traffic just to have to restart it again

No. 901687

Sage your post, nigger.

Don’t make us ask you again.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 901690

are u a troon or just retarded?

No. 901691

File: 1672326718056.png (51.02 KB, 709x391, jediman_101.PNG)



you are literally retarded

No. 901693

Name fagging
Race baiting
New fagging
Using the term "us"
Way to pull all the spot light onto you. Literal retard.

No. 901704

thats some autism alright

No. 901706

No. 901711

No. 901718

File: 1672390359383.jpg (533.34 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221230-025200_Ins…)

Of course she dates someone who into Andrew Tate.

No. 901721

Thats literally a photo of Andrew getting swatted. He’s saying he’s excited for Tate to be arrested…are you brain dead?

No. 901730

I don't like either guy, but how do you read that as support?

No. 901743

can u salty bitches stop roasting?

No. 901749

File: 1672451274024.jpg (673.56 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221230_174722_Ins…)

Oh god… busted. We sure thats not Ozy?

No. 901751

File: 1672451396759.jpg (515.68 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221230_174912_Ins…)

She looks 100% like a man with her sharpie brows and frozen face. Now I see why she blurs absolutely everything usually.

No. 901765

i know pochaco is literally just fap material but come on mariah, give a crumb of personality here instead of looking bored.

No. 901779

Fr shes making school picture ahh faces n ops right these rly do look more like femboy pics than an actual woman

No. 901807

File: 1672594500222.jpg (497.75 KB, 1048x1854, Screenshot_20230101_093457_Twi…)

So classy

No. 901809

Samefag, but he also tagged an impersonation account and not Moo's real ban evade account lol

No. 901812

File: 1672601527361.jpeg (397.67 KB, 1284x2278, 737C8222-A61D-47CB-BB7D-A30DCF…)

So he does like Andrew taint. Moo got a retard, bet he’s telling her to buy into nfts and Bitcoin still kek he’s making it seem like her money is his money

No. 901813

File: 1672601781486.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x2224, 9E09AD2E-4EF0-4A12-9D59-9D5086…)

She’s so desperate for a dick

No. 901814

Of course Moo would be with someone who thinks women don't deserve rights, but she seems like the type of women who likes being used and treated as furniture as long as it gets her male attention. Money isn't worth it, Moo. You're pathetic.

No. 901827

Relying on a cash pig like Momokun doesn't seem very Top G alpha male kek what a clown

No. 901833

Ahh what a time. I don't need to wait for a possible bad future for her. Looking at the complete lack of effort and facial expression is enough. Bitch is dead inside and stagnate. Still needs to photoshop and filter herself to oblivion though.

No. 901834

File: 1672664244309.jpeg (348.74 KB, 1284x2368, C0516138-09F3-4AEB-A5E2-7836EB…)

His Twitter is just onlyfans whores

No. 901837

if course it is. i guarantee he's one of those creeps who messages every single girl cringy pick up lines and moo fell for it because she's retarded.

No. 901844

Oh Moo, at least if he followed art accounts or something you could say that he wasn't wishing she looked like someone else but hes literally only there for money and easy access because it makes him look better than other scrotes because hes actually able to physically touch her. Imagine sitting next to him and all he does is look at other women while hes with you. Does she really have no self esteem to allow her boyfriend to do that while hes in front of her too? Imagune she's over here trying to play some dumbass video game and hes over here liking photos of half naked women that aren't anywhere close to her body type. It says a lot about a guy when everyone he follows looks absolutely nothing like the person hes dating. He's not that into you, Moo. This is the one time Ill say she better run. He also absolutely seems like the type to post revenge porn and find leaks so he doesn't have to pay.

No. 901845

Samefag, but Moo should ask to see all DMs.

No. 901847

trouble in paradise?

No. 901853

I honestly hate this guy more than Moo, he's such a worthless leech.

No. 901856

With how much he's posted Akemi in stories ready I feel like he's going to end up going after them.

No. 901861

they're both pretty terrible, but this guy is skeevy and moo is falling into his trap. i'll never excuse all the awful things moo did, but this guy definitely doesn't deserve to gain anything.

No. 901862

Them? You mean her?

No. 901864

File: 1672700106031.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1100x1510, DFDABF82-350F-4370-86C0-AEA506…)

You picked a real winner Moo.

No. 901865

He uses paid services, which is majority bots and OF thots that will follow you.
No, Moo is still trash incarnate, you don't even know this guy. This is how white knighting begins.

No. 901873

File: 1672719553964.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1059x1783, 9CCE5A7B-0CAD-4F36-9B7C-337BB2…)

No. 901876

Late response, but this is Makima from Chainsaw Man

No. 901877

NTA, but stfu. Anon isn't implying trans. Grammar isn't this important.

No. 901878

THE CROSS. Moo, just admit youll even be Jewish like Trisha as long as it favors your actions. Nobody in her family, if they practiced as hard as she says they do, would be for her dating someone who's Christian. I hate religion, but Moo looks goofy as all hell with wearing and dating crosses just for uwu aesthetics.

No. 901879

NTA, but I will always hate scrotes worse than the cows. Little pencil dicks like Ozy are deadbeats.

No. 901880

File: 1672722772957.jpg (764.18 KB, 1079x1502, Screenshot_20230102_211246_Ins…)

Moo got rid of all her photos and only left her stuffed tagged from her other pages. She also took her name and links off in the bio. She's trying to look like a customer. That's absolutely deceiving. No one wants to go because Moo's name is on it lol

No. 901882

let's refresh our memory on moo's track record shall we?
>serial molester who harasses and bullies women
>rape apologist
>made false rape accusations against multiple people
>made false molestation accusations towards other women after assaulting them
>hides behind her weight/being a woman herself to justify bullying women
>is physically abusive
>uses money and blackmail to control others
she's is always going to be worse than that dime a dozen clout chasing autist.

No. 901883

File: 1672728631992.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 214.01 KB, 1080x732, 7819CF53-C543-4660-B46F-4B6685…)

The fact that Akemi even posed with her for these pictures. The money can’t be that good.

No. 901884

File: 1672728673060.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 129.62 KB, 1079x741, 810335D6-8DB7-49DB-B862-7251C3…)

Samefag but jesus christ.

No. 901888

I like the fact that she’s wearing underwear while Momo isn’t wearing anything at all. This has got to be uncomfortable to shoot, I don’t know what kind of friendship they’re having.

No. 901890

Absolutely no one is whitekighting her by saying they don't like this guy. You need to relax. You're being nitpicky as if anyine said she a saint at all. We knows shes a POS. Get over that some anons hate her scrote too or even more.

No. 901891

The dick is just so mishapen and ugly even with the censor.

No. 901892

Is Momo that desperate to find a man that she’s totally oblivious to the fact that he is an incel who’s only looking for sex? We got an autistic fuck who only follows cam girls, worships people like Andrew Tate, purposely post ugly photos of her, a possible drug addict, and admits that he’s into High Value women (aka: sugar mommys). And not to mention that their relationship revolves around sex and fame under short of time. What an accomplishment.

No. 901893

Her chest is so flat

No. 901896

It's not gonna happen, but a poly throuple arc would deliver some good milk.

No. 901897

loving how they're supposed to be tribbing but akemi's snatch is about eleven inches away from the gloomy gusset

No. 901903

I mean they are both equally gross and useless, so…

No. 901906

saying he's worse than her is wrong though. i didn't say anyone was wking, but moo is worse objectively.

No. 901907

He's a man

No. 901908

NTA but so? He's just a retard, Moo's done worse shit than he has based on the peek of his life we did get. They're made for each other.

No. 901909

I didn't say he was worse. I just hate him more. I fucking hate this little skeeve, he is just so utterly detestable. And only Moo would parade someone like that around - proud of her little degenerate autistic sugar boy. It's all just so gross. Really praying something goes awry. My guess is him getting caught cheating, or stealing some of her designer stuff to sell for drugs.

No. 901910

You're literally hating on someone you don't know.

No. 901911

Wow welcome to fucking lolcow.

No. 901912

More like if we're gonna keep talking about this idiot we need images, links. Isn't this part of why belle's thread is basically a garbage bin since they shifted focus to her bf?

No. 901915

Stfu already. Stop nitpicking people hating on men. If you don't like it, then fuck off to another thread. Stop defending Ozy. Holy shit, simp.

No. 901916

>Stop nitpicking people hating on men
>Bitching about men in a Cow's topic.
Pretty sure now you idiots threw this thread offtopic.

No. 901917

She's dating him. You expect people not to talk about him? Hes absolutely on topic for fucks sake. Stop gatekeeping hating on Moo's ugly as fuck, retarded faced, pencil dick, looking cabbage patch moid.

No. 901919

no one is doing that, take it to the calves thread on /w/, newfag.

No. 901920

It's not a calve?? You can't be serious.

No. 901921

do you even know what the point of that thread is?? get out.

No. 901922

Yeah. Discussing Moo's stuff. Ozy is Moo's stuff. This isn't like bringing up Umbran and Akemi's side hustles outside of Moo. Thats what the calves thread is for. Their own personal milk. You're all pressed because you assuming hating her scrote (or moreso) makes anons whiteknights for Moo when him being brought up is always about Moo, but not Akemi getting a new boyfriend, that would go in calves. How new are you? Lurk moar instead of demanding what threads are for. If you like her scrote, ew, but good for you. We don't care.

No. 901923

I mean it's milky as all fuck that she's with Ozy as it is. The fact that she tries to portray it as a lovey dovey relationship when it's been made pretty clear that it's all completely about sex and this dude's weird fucking fetishes. It's never gonna be what Moo wants it to be, and that's fucking hilarious.

I hate him more than her because I think he is truly disgusting, but it's fun and milky as hell that this is all happening.

No. 901925

Tbh I hate him more just because it’s fresh milk. There’s only so many times I can make the same comment about Mariah’s flabby flat chest

No. 901926

I'm so excited to get proper administration again so that brain dead retards like you fuck off forever. Minimodding is also against the rules and you'd know that if you weren't one of those newfags you keep reeing about. Shut the fuck up.

No. 901927

Moo and ozy are a package deal now. If you don't like it stop shitting up the thread and move on.

No. 901929

Can't cap but squirptv, Misotokki's brother, posted a insta story with Kevin, himself and Moo in her car.

No. 901930

there haven't been rules enforced for months because the two mods are too busy doxing anons and deleting CP. kys.

No. 901933

File: 1672800295483.jpg (231.18 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230103-204447_Ins…)

A match made in narc heaven

No. 901935

Thats exactly what I said retard. There's no point in arguing about about whether or not we can post about moos scrote and it's pathetic to do so.
Take your own advice you illiterate sped

No. 901946

Mods are active.

No. 901951


can you retards both kys or post milk lol nobody cares about your salty ass arguments use a tampon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 901953

Why does she always make faces like she’s having the forth worse case of gas in her life.

No. 901971

i’m honestly more upset she’s staring at the camera instead of akemi. i know moids don’t care about photo scenes as long as they can jack off to it, but isn’t the camera supposed to be a fourth wall kinda thing?

No. 901973

Their instas are back to being all about eachother. This kinda tells me something WAS up a couple weeks ago when they cleared their instas of each other.

No. 901974

I think they might last. Their relationship seems kinda similar to other cows' (Amber and Jade) where Moo is desperate for attention and he's in it for the money (and clout). But surprisingly they seem to get along too so they might last despite people not expecting it. Hmm

No. 901975

File: 1672899052477.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1100x1434, 92447117-19B5-4D00-930F-ECB0E0…)

It grosses me out how possessive he is of her. If it was just a one off comment said jokingly, that’s one thing. But he’s in her posts comments section gloating to any of her moids who lament her being taken. The guy is a sleezebag.

No. 901978

they also have lori/kev vibes.

No. 901980

and you know he hates her. He just loves her money and the attention she brings
I bet you he's already in Akemi's DMs

No. 901981

File: 1672902435365.png (75.46 KB, 1080x543, Screenshot_20230105-020429~2.p…)

Screenshotted this before he deleted it. This girls comment is weird on one of the posts he made about how much he loves Mariah. Do you think he's cheating on Moo already??

No. 901983

I don't think so. This relationship will go south once Moo realizes that her little autistic skeeze really is in it for the sex and clout. He's playing all the right moves currently. But I can see him being attached in some way to "the porn industry" going to his head almost immediately. It's all working for him right now, but I don't think the situation will work for Moo once he shows his true face.

No. 901984

she doesn't care about how he actually feels, as long as he's saying the right things and licking her ass. the only thing that could break them up is him cheating because moo's the only one allowed to do that. but even then moo seems so desperate for a man who knows what she'll allow.

No. 901986

She just wanted a boyfriend to make herself feel better. It's just she's hardcore settling because all the buff cosplay gym bros ran away from her, the semi attractive male escorts ran from her, and all the men from her dating profile ran from her.
So now she has this talentless autistic incel to "show off" who shouts daily he's only in it for the money and attention while clearly DMing other thots

No. 901987

Istg, KBBQ was the only guy who actually showed interest in her and she let clout and being a cunt ruin it.

No. 901988

She had an actual boyfriend (who cosplayed) before that, who she happily ditched the second she could to try and starfuck her way to 'the top' of cosplay. She said he was getting in her way over the lewds or some horseshit like that. KBBQ always treated her as a friend with benefits and that made Moo seethe to no end.

No. 901989

not true, those caps that came out confirmed that they were really dating, which is why she pretended to be raped…

No. 901990

Totally shipping Ozymomo (Moozy ?). Hopefully they will last, they are such a good match it's almost cute. But even if they don't, I pray every night in front of my Moomoo shrine they will at least do some cosplaying as a couple (preferably not porn).

Ozy, Momo, please grant this little anon's wish and bless us with some Doushino. I will be forever be grateful. I'll buy the prints and have them framed in my living room. I'm begging.

He's just being a sperg, sperging as all spergs do. Oversharing and posting every little thing on social media is just what he does. I don't think it's that deep, he's just shoving his happiness or whatever in people's faces thinking they'll be jealous and seething. And reacting to whatever he reads in this thread.

No. 901992

he definitely is using her to flex. the thing with autists is they're really blunt about their intentions. he keeps taking pics in front of her brand stuff and acting like he's big shit.

No. 901993

>it's almost cute
ya, a sloppy 45 year old and her meth head bf is so cute

No. 901995

One more major "love bomb your boyfriend with gifts" holiday in the not too distant future, and then we'll see what's up.

No. 902007

We know moo going to drop a good stack on him since this is her first year with a man in a long while. But I’m more curious what this broke guy will do for her? Have her pay for their dinner? Have her pay for a hotel? I am so excited.

No. 902010

Just give her the D and validation while he's texting other thots

No. 902013

>It's just she's hardcore settling
Nah… She is not settling. Ozy is exactly the rank of a man she deserves/is realistic for her to pull.

No. 902014

Settling implies she deserves better and CAN get better.

No. 902019

anon is referring to her expectations not her ability. moo has some money and throws it at anyone who will take her abuse, so she should atleast be able to get a poorfag himbo.

No. 902021

Looks like they’re in front of a dealership, also she looks so much like a middle aged mom in this shot. Her face is so puffy

No. 902023

It’s not a dealership. It’s the Flower Child restaurant across from Boca Park that Moo always grazes at.

No. 902049

File: 1673070552378.jpeg (829.53 KB, 3264x1958, 10AA0B85-FD9D-4381-B7E9-0563D2…)

He responds to nearly everything in Moo’s comment section. It’s nauseating.

No. 902050

File: 1673070636835.jpeg (119.47 KB, 946x539, 8B710A8B-650D-4DF5-A32D-0FAD45…)

Samefag but he’s using Moo’s account now too? Oof

No. 902057

This is going to fuck her over. She would ignore these for the most part, but he's egging these idiots on. Moo, they usually don't care about boyfriends, but when you're boyfriend is being a dick in the comments, it's going to affect you. Why would anyone put up with your chihuahua?

No. 902060

Momokun wouldn't be Momokun without her piss poor evaluation of consequences.

Not to compliment the scrote but if he wasn't retarded (and she wasn't "famous"), she wouldn't have been able to pull him at all. She'd have to undergo a full make-over just for a chance with a subpar middle aged normie, and that's if the guy could even get past her being an e-whore. It's a miracle she managed to land a younger moid with a full head of hair, especially considering the amount of prettier, smarter and nicer girls who end up settling with an absolute eyesore of a boyfriend. By greasy weeb standards, this guy's decent looking (as long as he keeps his mouth closed that is). He could've done better if he wasn't stupid and probably fixated on dating a thot with a following as if it's a status symbol.

But the surprising aspect is exactly what makes this relationship entertaining and milky so I'm definitely not going to complain. It would have been extremely lame if she ended up with some boring neckbeard. We should all rejoice and be happy for Moo. Everyone clap for the cow !

No. 902063

File: 1673095405902.jpeg (218.71 KB, 1152x2048, 10F394FE-2065-42F0-95EB-248567…)

She hasn’t lost any weight. Her thighs and calves are massive as ever

No. 902064

File: 1673095538396.jpeg (275.76 KB, 1366x2048, 5425A334-C680-4E7F-AC80-5D3BDE…)

Jfc it looks worse each time she does this

No. 902067

That single thread holding on for dear life. She's all yours, Ozzy, enjoy.

No. 902072

That ugly lined cheese flower lol clashes with everything she wears

No. 902073

If he already has access to Moo's accounts Moo is fucked. No wonder he's with her. Moo is a walking ATM. He's def going to be throwing her money on other girls. Which is honestly deserved on Moo's part.

and it's still edited and she's covering her stomach. She hasn't posted actual numbers in almost a year. If she did lose any weight she's def gaining.

what is up with the shop around her ass? The blue looks like it was edited in MS paint.

No. 902074

Men who care this much about their appearance tend to be gay, extremely narcissistic, or both. I don't want to tinfoil but yeah.

No. 902076

>if he wasn't retarded (and she wasn't "famous")

And if my grandma has wheels, she would be a bicycle. Besides, have you LOOKED at this guy? Have you MET men? Men, even way better looking than this guy, will fuck anything with a hole. You really think they wouldn't fuck an obese uggo like Moo? Wake up nonna… These two are perfect match, end of.

No. 902079

File: 1673114081456.jpeg (380.58 KB, 2195x1614, 86E83D08-122F-408E-8405-D3FE84…)

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was edited in MS paint considering it’s Ozy doing her editing now. He also makes her seem even bigger in photos which is hilarious. It’s like watching a DA inflation fetishist at work.

No. 902080

File: 1673114292164.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1072x1926, 05F11399-9B68-4520-9638-3EC4FD…)

She recently posted this too. Moo is always outing herself.

No. 902083

holy shit, these two pictures consecutively killed me. he absolutely did her dirty with that photoshop.

No. 902087

I think it’s her man outing her tbh and it’s hilarious

No. 902088

That line of white across her chest is supposed to be the point where her breasts stick out the most because it catches the most light and that bottom part is supposed to be abs. Her breasts hang down so low and flat they reach well past her stomach.

This is embarrassing to post but poopoo and the wizard of oz have no shame or self awareness.

No. 902091

>You really think they wouldn't fuck an obese uggo like Moo?
If you weren't so new you'd realize she threw money at numerous guys over the year to fuck them and they still bailed out on her without dicking her down. The first guy to fuck her barely even had a hard on.
>These two are perfect match, end of.
This is very true, for the reason both are POS.
This, it's far more entertaining and meaningful that we get actual candids.

No. 902092

Moo will get tired of his fixation on her as a sexual object. I can see it in her eyes already.

No. 902094

Oh Lord, I hope Ozzy keeps editing her shit because this is hilarious. The photo on the right makes her look like an amputee with bad lymphedema.

No. 902095

One escort that people tinfoiled blacklisted her which wasn't even true.

No. 902096

You kidding? She's posted shit about wanting to be used and bound like furniture. If anything, it's a kink.

No. 902097

File: 1673152201752.jpeg (699.36 KB, 3264x2633, A93D437C-0B50-41B5-B436-710E68…)

She already looks like she’s regretting things here. They’re at some fancy restaurant and he’s sticking his finger between her lips and flicking it around. She’s literally dating a toddler.

No. 902098

Even if she's tired it's not like she has any other options. She's aware of this now after years of trying to buy men with money, gifts and free rent.

Another tinfoil is she's desperately trying to make the guy she wants jealous but horribly failing. Whatever Moo is doing she's going to regret this because Oz seems off his rocker and he already has access to her accounts. If he has Moo's OF password then it's game over for her
One of my friends think she's doing a desperate grab for attention. She saw how much attention Amouranth got for having an abusive boyfriend so Moo is now doing the same. I don't think so and believe the simple answer is she's taking what she can get

No. 902099

they're at a casino, not anywhere fancy.

No. 902100

It’s Tivoli Village in Summerlin. Only rich assholes go there.

No. 902101

He gives me the creeps.

No. 902106

File: 1673161875804.png (2.29 MB, 1108x1108, 635FE310-9B67-4E82-9D23-396B34…)

Her old lips reemerged on her elbow