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File: 1668539691337.jpeg (58.55 KB, 500x578, 6B559670-A029-4128-948D-FABF17…)

No. 897986

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>886620
Websites: https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peachygirlmomo
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), peachycollective.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xmomokunx (Banned)
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them.
(You need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog).

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/174607
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

Last thread:
>>Thread kicks off with her buying a guitar she is so totes excited to use, never seen again after the original stories. Short piano playing phase that's already over
>>Suspected she only bought guitar in the first place because she was hanging out with an asian guy who also plays
>>Body shape is getting weirder, photoshop getting more uncanny, has to pose herself at awkward angles to achieve the shape she wants
>>A mixture of lipo and wearing constant shapewear have caused her legs to morph into the shape of a fursuit
>>Studio barely getting any use with the one customer a month always using the same sets
>>Keeps trying to worm back onto Tiktok, keeps getting banned
>>Still talking about an Albedo cosplay she still hasn't followed up on
>>Buys a Blue Lives Matter lunch box and then walks this back with "she didn't know it would have the logo on it" when pressed
>>Eats sauerkraut and a cocktail of supplements for breakfast
>>Gym selfies lately are either her in the mirror or her on the stairmaster
>>Remembers she's Lebanese and speaks out about the Arab protests, posts private messages from her family begging her to stay out of it and not rope her father into it
>>Noticeably shopping herself down to the same size as any smaller girl she does a photoshoot with
>>Yor Forger cosplay while she's sitting on the toilet
>>Pochaco cosplay returns, and she's finally replaced the tissue paper roll headphones!
>>Bought Twitter Blue to verify her account she barely uses
>>Hanging out with some new guy who spouts the same spiritual bullshit as she does
>>Still no ass

No. 897987

you forgot that she thinks cellulose pill casings are toxic or something

No. 897998

Real missed opportunity not using this for the thread pic >>896012

No. 898001

File: 1668545638883.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1078x1918, 79DAC7A0-FDF2-4E33-AA3D-A597C4…)

I love when she posts shit like this knowing she’s never bothered to register to vote.

No. 898005

Funny she posts this when she eats enough for a family of five and throws away enough healthy food to stock a soup kitchen
Food waste is just as disgusting Moo

No. 898010

File: 1668549437230.jpeg (1 MB, 1092x1934, 33B16D8B-D6BF-45FB-9D49-32357B…)

And since when has she ever cared about poor people? Is she trying to impress the new dick in her life?

Couldn’t post this pic while the thread was locked but she’s back on her budget goth bullshit.

No. 898020

I considered it but she has her preferred filters on full blast in that one, this one still has filters but is more of her actual face shape.

No. 898022

Gawd she’s a babe.

Imagine spending your day/life talking shit about a gorgeous hard working human.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 898038

lmao “gawd” where the fuck are we, on myspace?

No. 898044

it's because younger guys like alt girls
too bad for her that there is no filter irl
Her phases lately have been giving me whiplash though like a anon said in the previous thread. She's so desperate to catch dick. Too bad her original personality always comes out when she hangs out with a guy. Being physically and emotionally abusive. Because beating up and hitting the guy your with is hilarious and consensual grinding and touching is quirky

No. 898061


Says the bitch that bought a house, two brand new cars, travelled and got insane amount of plastic surgery during a PANDEMIC when people lose their jobs, lives, and livelihoods. What a fucking cunt(sage your shit)

No. 898068

OOOH that’s very true!! A lot of bullshit she’s spouting for how much money she tanked into a photo studio no one wants to go to lmao. Hey moo if you’re really this woke why didn’t you dunk the dollars you wasted on that studio space to be used to to help those less fortunate.

No. 898074

scary how accurate you are with this
she’s evil in person

No. 898098

Evil? no
selfish and narcissistic? yes

No. 898120

>implying narcissists aren't evil

No. 898121

lmao that cheap Amazon Yennefer choker, sOoOoOo goth

No. 898137

File: 1668658691369.jpeg (128.12 KB, 1284x500, 344F0E9A-1BA3-4AF0-BA9C-F3470A…)

Please let her be dating @lifeofozy so when they inevitably break up, she spins out. The money can’t be that good for him to stay for long.

No. 898139

when she gives vauge answers like this it's always a no. She did the same shit with tattoo sensei
the fact she does this shit with guys she just met though is cringy. who gets attached this fast?

No. 898141

Moo "I'm shy"
Also Moo over sharing every part of her life. Examples being telling the world she bleached her asshole and her sharing a video of shoving a glass dildo up her bloody vag
okay Moo
you're shy

No. 898154

File: 1668683462864.jpg (365.13 KB, 1080x1005, Screenshot_20221116_224241_Twi…)

Moo's real engagement when she doesn't buy likes to get over 50k lol

No. 898159

The engagement drip feeds so she doesn't get clapped immediately.

No. 898160

File: 1668688065269.jpg (503.26 KB, 1055x1568, Screenshot_20221117_042733_Ins…)

No. 898161

That much is obvious.

No. 898163

File: 1668688488110.jpg (283.06 KB, 593x413, Actual Engagement.jpg)

This is her real engagement when she doesn't buy.

No. 898187

didn’t she do that with kbbq years ago?? fucked him, accused him of rape, blackmailed him, etc

No. 898188

Man that's just pathetic. That's something I would expect for an account with less than 1k. She really is pulling a Lillee Jean and spending all her money to pretend she's relevant.

Yeah he wasn't into it and they were fuck buddies but Moo wanted more. At one point he stopped fucking her and she asked why and he said she was too fat for her and didn't like her personality as a gf.
Made a post about snakes, doxxed him, spread lies about his work being awful, I think she got some people to go to his house and fuck it up a lil. After that he perma left cosplay to focus on his own life. She was also constantly beating him up but played it off as "Tee hee I'm wrestling him… ignore the bruises"

No. 898193

This was when it launched. No 8fea how many follows are organic, so a little over 1k might make sense now, a year later.

No. 898195

Doubtful since she started buying followers to that account as far back as April because it was dead.

No. 898197

so safe to assume everyone was right and her cosplay career has been dead for a couple years now. Surviving on OnlyFans coom buxs while doing one cosplay every couple months to pretend "Guys I'm still famous for cosplay! Remember? I'm irl anime. R-remember Samus and Mei?"

No. 898205

File: 1668719297137.jpeg (931.31 KB, 960x1684, D21CAB81-A302-45C8-9EE1-C81C23…)

Dude is a clown and posts like these give off the same energy this post >>898022 has.

No. 898207

dude gives no fucks
Moo really is a female neck beard. She has no self control when someone of the opposite sex is in her line of sight. Though I hope when this guy has enough of Moo we get to hear some horror stories from him

All this reminds me how she tried to get her male friends to live with her, and she would walk around naked or in her silk kimono even though they had girlfriends and not interested in fat chicks. Or Moo just being sexually aggressive and was dry humping them but claimed it was "wrestling". Then when they threw her off and told her to stop she would just hit them or smack them with objects. Seriously, this guy needs to run now.

No. 898209

add onto Moo being a sexual predator but her lying about being raped by a popular male cosplayer because he didn't call back. When asked what did he do she made up a story how they were kissing and her pants were magically off and his dick was in her, but she didn't stop him and wanted to keep going. Ya know, Moo basically just describing regular sex but was mad she was a pump and dump.

No. 898223

i think you mean she lied about being raped by the guy she was cheating on kbbq with. all those caps got leaked.

No. 898227

What exercise? She only takes pictures on equipment. Lip and coolsculpting can only do so much for her.

No. 898228

File: 1668728091992.jpeg (242.95 KB, 1284x2295, BA2B01FA-2F6E-47F1-838C-A887E9…)

Ayrt, I went to edit my post but you’re right. She’s really delusional if she thinks this looks good.

No. 898229

This leaning over pose does not work and makes her look even more massive and like she has no waist. Also I get this weird feeling that the scrote isn’t really into moo but wants an “in” with the cosplay girls circle and fuck around moos back, heh. This posts >>898205 just adds to my tinfoil

No. 898232

That botched pig snout really is something else. She really needs to avoid pink because it just makes her look more pig like
She just needs the ears

No. 898235

lol fuck that bitch
clearly has a complex about wanting to be stronger than men so she beats on them

No. 898236

nayrt but it's more like she sucks at flirting and "wrestling" and slapping people around is how she expresses her desires for someone. kinda like an immature boy in school who yanks the hair of a girl he likes

No. 898237

She's def heavier than most men, but weaker than most petite women. She just takes advantage that if a guy even defends himself from her she'll have him arrested or try to cancel him
The worst injury we know of was when she picked up a piece of metal and left a nasty bruised gash on her male friends leg. She posted stories before that "wrestling" him and touching him when he didn't want it.
If Moo was a man she'd be in jail

No. 898238

File: 1668736798446.png (6.2 MB, 960x2079, 1A18B865-5F3A-4ED4-A8F3-177451…)

God I hope this is actually Moo buying him Charleston chews.

No. 898239

File: 1668737107522.jpeg (782.62 KB, 1077x1773, D217A1A2-0CBC-498B-BA10-0DBABE…)

Moo thinks this makes her look seductive. She actually looks like she’s going to a really shitty office job.

No. 898244

that edited waist, the horrible job they did with trying to slim her legs, the editor trying to make her botched plastic surgery face look human
Moo is really her worst enemy. Maybe she wants to be completely used up by 30 and prep for the grave

No. 898255

The droopy ass titties and gigantic wig… she truly never changes

No. 898260

is this some kind of avant garde spongebob photoshoot

No. 898266

Looks like Michael Jackson came back from the grave with a shitty wig.

No. 898277

I know why she likes solid backgrounds for easier editing and slimming, but she literally has an office/library set in her dusty studio

guess she really has no cash to fix her sets kek

No. 898282

is this supposed to be from chainsaw man? (idk i'm not a weeb)

No. 898287

But just like all her cosplays you can't tell what she is. You would only guess because Chainsaw Man is currently popular. Of course Moo doing a quick google search and not watching a single episode doesn't realize Fans (aka scrotes) prefer Power than Makima. But what her go off about how she was a fan of the manga for years

No. 898294

File: 1668810216976.jpeg (938.52 KB, 1072x1778, 5515A578-566F-422C-B6BE-5C21FD…)

It’s almost as if Moo would shrivel up and die if she didn’t jump every single bandwagon for attention (and of course the new Pokémon game just came out today). I’ve literally never seen her post about any Pokémon game unless I’m mistaken and another anon can correct me.

No. 898298

File: 1668811068433.jpg (74.69 KB, 600x900, e9dddec7552df477181929a2e8cc17…)

Remember her Wicke phase and the Melony photobook she actually printed? As well as this super early shitty Mewtwo group cosplay she did with Vamps? Those are the only times I remember her being the biggest Pokemon fan in the world off the top of my head.

No. 898299

god that was SO bad, thank you for reminding me of that dumpster fire of a cosplay, she was so mad no one recognized her kek

No. 898302

She also named one of her inbred cats after her Pokémon crush.

No. 898303

I don't think Moo has completed a single Pokemon game. She was just trying to copy Nigiri and one up her sexy pikachu.
Also add
there are only 9 starter pokemon, 9 gen of pokemon. So where is she pulling 12 out of?

Also I never saw Moo showing off an old gameboy color nor did I see her showing off any Pokemon games on the switch. Fake gamer through and through. Now watch her panic buy or ask to borrow one of her friends switch to pretend to play for 5 minutes

No. 898304

If Moo had 12 pokemon games she would have shown them off by now. Especially during her Melony phase

No. 898305

File: 1668812285603.jpg (92.3 KB, 683x1024, 31773178343_de2af1166c_b.jpg)

I totally forgot about Guzma and how bad this entire phase was. She looks 60 in this picture, a reminder she was always haggard even before all the botched surgeries kek

No. 898306

It’s gotta be hard for her having to keep track of so many lies at this point lol

Better yet, she’ll try to find someone with a copy of Red and Blue for an OG gameboy and try to pass it off as hers cause she’s totally a legit gaymer gurl.

No. 898307

Thanks anon, it all came screaming back at me! Even then, it’s not like she ever showed herself playing Sun/Moon even back then. She only showed that was just obsessed with Guzma because she’s basic af.

No. 898308

> there are only 9 starter pokemon, 9 gen of pokemon. So where is she pulling 12 out of?

out of her ass, obviously

No. 898314

File: 1668816896486.jpeg (951.63 KB, 1284x1881, 2E38726E-4915-41E8-BECF-0CCFB8…)

This cosplay gets worse and worse the more she posts pictures.

No. 898315

She could technically be counting multiple games in a gen, like the remakes and such. Still kind of a stupid comment though, attention-seeking as usual.

No. 898316

Well atleast she is constant with the dead eye stare.

No. 898317

there are still only 3 starters in each gen.

No. 898319

Wasn't that suppposed to be Espeon, the Evolution?

No. 898321

it's suppose to be Mewtwo
Moo was aware how inaccurate it was and wrote Mewtwo in Japanese on the tag on her head. People still didn't get it.

No. 898355

And she had the nerve to be pisses that she lost the cosplay competition lol

No. 898392

Looking butch, Mariah. May as well have your hair short like a dyke now.

No. 898425

No guy is ever going to take her serious. She will be used as a pump and dump or use for her body untill the guy gets tired of her shit. She'll end up getting pregnant and becoming a single mother.(sage your shit)

No. 898445

money is the only reason anyone would want to be around her, even subconsciously.
the last guy had track marks on his arm so he clearly didnt make good choices, or was easy to manipulate.

No. 898528

File: 1668927991979.jpeg (592.93 KB, 1284x2243, A920538C-9319-473D-98BC-BB475C…)

Oh I cannot wait for this to crash and burn. Moo can never keep a man for long.

No. 898529

File: 1668930101144.jpeg (1011.07 KB, 1170x1907, 8712C596-3D11-4CB9-94F8-752A4C…)

No. 898530

Two manic dumbfucks with 0 impulse control. He's going to drain her dry.

No. 898531

just as dumb as her too. he doesn't even get what this image is trying to say.

No. 898557

he does nonnie, he's agreeing and adding on to the fact he's a shit driver

No. 898558

Seeing as how fast these two jumped into a relationship I wouldn't be surprised if he's in it for the cash or one of those "Pay by the day" boyfriends

"Matching profile pics? That'll be $50 extra a day"
It's def something Moo would be desperate enough to do

No. 898561

Keep in mind Moo IS this desperate because she tried to pretend male hookers were her boyfriend when she just met them. She did the same thing with her friends boyfriends too. She is def sad enough to buy a rent-a-boy

No. 898563

Do we have a pic of this moid?

No. 898565

They were posted in the previous thread.

No. 898580

Do we even know their dating though because moo hasn't said anything and it just seems like she's doing that thing where she alludes to it and people just assume they are

No. 898581

She didn't pretend that escort was her boyfriend. She constantly promoted it as her 1st porn, nothing even close to dating. Tagging him doesn't say that. That's why I'm wondering if this new guy is even dating her.

No. 898583

Tri force Kun? Yeah she took him out to dinner and made a romantic cap

No. 898584

He seems pretty on board with whatever is going on. They're probably just flirting, I can imagine she would probably start bragging the minute a boyfriend/girlfriend label is confirmed.

No. 898588

ntayrt It’s just weird that she’s trying (and failing) to hide his identity in stories. If it were just another friend, she’d have tagged him and showed his face like any of her other guy friends she’s posted before. Then again, she always hides things she doesn’t want the public finding out about, like her studio location lol

No. 898589

I think she was trying to hide his face in the beginning, but once anon found out his name, I think she's just given up and that's why we're seeing all these posts about him now

No. 898601

None of the posts of him with his face revealed was from her though. Once whoever dropped his username, we’ve been seeing his posts. She still hasn’t posted an uncensored pic of him yet.

No. 898605

Triforce wasnt the escort LOL

No. 898612

Wouldn't she buy a better looking guy? This guy looks mediocre as fuck. Maybe even below that.

No. 898613

moo is arrogant so she gets an attitude with anyone not licking her ass the right way, even paid guys. that said, i think this guy is probably just a leech rather than an actually paid boyfriend though. he seems like a social climber trying to use moo to get to other cosplayers, and from how they're interacting they're not officially in a relationship, which is why moo isn't being as forward about it. serves her right though.

No. 898616

Judging by the way this guy posts, I think these two might be a match made in Heaven. THAT or Moo has been tailoring the way she posts for the last few months to get on his specific dick.

No. 898617

File: 1669056889549.jpg (23.2 KB, 410x341, moo.jpg)

How come no one has posted this yet?

No. 898618

File: 1669057011359.jpg (43.14 KB, 586x504, moooo.jpg)

The same not publicly seen on Moo's FB.

No. 898619

I give it less than a month for shit to hit the fan

No. 898622

That's what I thought. It's just another Kevin right now, sans a girlfriend.

No. 898623

File: 1669060439066.jpg (24.05 KB, 1023x155, mooooooo.jpg)

There it is.

No. 898625

probably because no one uses facebook

No. 898626

well no, the difference is that the tiktok is talking about how bad drivers trying to weave through traffic get stuck at red lights anyways, not just that they're bad at driving.

No. 898627

ayrt tf are you talking about you're proving my point??

No. 898629

Still pretty sure she’s trying to one up vamps since she’s gone public with her new bf recently

No. 898630

PRECISELY this. Vamps talked about doing B/G content with her bf, not 2 weeks later here's moomoos fatass suddenly with a boyfriend (that she has status hidden) and trying to hide him but hint that "I have a man too vamps." She is ALWAYS like this.

No. 898632

if that's the case that's sad. I'm glad Vamps left the friendship. Moo holds onto stuff for years so of course she would hate Vamps. Vamps is a bigger cosplayer now (Moo's fake engagement doesn't count), Vamps realized she was getting fat and lost weight without lipo, something Moo could never do. And even though I don't like Vamps, scrotes love her more irl than Moo does.
Though a part of me is hoping Vamps feel stupid for the years she was Moo's personal attack dog and acting like Moo is such a good innocent person.

No. 898644

File: 1669071868506.jpeg (601.13 KB, 3264x1670, 3FF16DB5-BC5B-47E5-8323-B7D482…)


No. 898645

I’m so intrigued over how he’s able to
put up with her stench for so long. All I can see when I think of Moo is her shoving an oversized dildo on her kitchen floor with period blood smeared everywhere.

No. 898647

Either he’s lost his sense of smell or he just really enjoys the scent of hotdog water.

No. 898652

i for one am happy moo is finally dating in her league; an absolute piece of shit!

No. 898654

how do you know hes an absolute piece of shit?

No. 898656

Last thread literally exposed who he is.

No. 898657

even up thread does.

No. 898658

not who he is, but rather, how is he a piece of shit?

No. 898659

I guess we watch her OF tank because she has a man an now she can’t do coomer content because I’m more then sure this dude isn’t going to make it with her. How many months until moo is broke?!

No. 898660

it's just a process she goes through. Just like with her patron. It was once making a pretty penny now it's just trickling down some dollars from scrotes who forgot to unsub
Now that she has done most degenerate fetishes poorly there isn't really much left that people want to see.
Moo has been use to flushing down 30k a month into literally nothing. In a year or two we're going to see her become desperate for a new cash grab
She hasn't been spending over 50k on crazy trips, I think her most expensive monthly bill is rent on her studio and her lipo. Other than paying for friendship and paying for likes to pretend she's relevant. Moo's desperate 30's are gunna hit hard

No. 898662

Vamps didn't go public and the dude has hearts next to someone else on his profile too. You guys really need to wait for people to say they are dating. Vamps hasn't said anything on her side either.

No. 898663

I mean maybe this is the same guy she she was doing her b/g stuff with? Will be curious if her hardcore stuff stops her not

No. 898668


No. 898671

Just give it some time and she'll be right back on it. No way this guy'll stick around long anyway, nobody would. Even if he's got a hardcore fetish for obese grannies her personality is insufferable and she'll probably double down on coomer content and make a status post talking about how she "learns from life and does what she really wants to do" and the usual bullshit she posts after getting her ass lit up.

No. 898672

No. 898673

100% is not the same person,
other guy had scars in his hands
was probably there for the money, or incapable of loving her and wanted her friends so he stocked around

No. 898681

just read his posts you dense shit. and learn english. "expose who he is" doesn't mean literally expose his identity in this context.

No. 898682

lmao eww he's so ugly. he kind of looks like onision kek.

No. 898689

The other account in his bio is his dogs.

No. 898692

It's in his bio. Unrelated to Mooriah so it won't be posted, but also vamps won't do b/g with randos.
She literally can't do better lol

No. 898705

literally went thru the threads and the closest hint there is of him being a 'piece of shit person' is him clearly joking about speeding. Way to make assumptions about him just because he's dating moo without real evidence he's a shit person.

No. 898710

You sound awfully curious and defensive over a guy you don't know, anon. Suspiciously so.

No. 898713

I know lol it's just funny in the wake of all her thirsting after and fetishizing of beautiful buff Asian men that she winds up with a guy who could be onion boy's long lost brother lol

No. 898714

she has the mindset of an incel

No. 898715

lmao I don't give a shit, I just think it's cringe when people say shit like 'this person is an asshole!' with no screenshot proof on a fucking imageboard. It happens all the time in the ahri thread to the point there's no real screenshots of evidence of what's been said/or done. I'm just saying if you're going to state something, post screenshots/proof of that behavior so the other nonas can see and reference in the future, instead of blinding saying 'he's a piece of shit!' and spreading crap like a game of telephone a million threads down the line. Literal waterbrain take to assume anyone trying to create a line of evidence as 'hi cow'.

No. 898718

Are u ok Nona? Might be time to go outside.

No. 898720

if you're too dumb to infer that he's an asshole based on shit like >>898529 i'm sorry but don't blame us.

No. 898721

>Literal waterbrain take to assume anyone trying to create a line of evidence as 'hi cow'.
Lol, no one said "hi cow", it's just weird to get defensive over a guy that we can look into ourselves and come to the conclusion he's a POS. You may want to quit while you're ahead.

No. 898724

it's clearly a joke as I mentioned earlier, and if that one joke/ONE POST some how makes him a massive asshole…

not being defensive? was stating that it's best to always post screenshots/proof of someone acting shitty on an imageboard and just saying someone is a dick over literal nothing sets a bad precedent (like the ahri example). It's annoying having to go thru several threads in the future to dig that shit out.

No. 898725

man jokes about running red lights while being a pretentious “spiritualist”, openly okay with with being around mariah, safe to infer he’s a pos.

No. 898726

it's valid that he's probably a piece of shit because he's with mariah, but that's just an assumption. I obviously agree with you there but to say he is based on that fact alone doesn't really merit the label. Maybe if he posts more dickish shit, sure.

But yeah joking about running red lights? Lots of people do that, while not being assholes.

No. 898731

sorry but this site doesn't sound like it's for you.

No. 898733

File: 1669155349862.jpeg (280.24 KB, 1179x749, A54C50D4-4327-4A8A-B14A-2CB629…)

No. 898734

here she goes quoting and misinterpreting umineko again.

No. 898735

File: 1669157551774.png (889.71 KB, 538x898, billyumbran.png)

calves thread is basically dead

why is umbran LARPing 2019 billie eilish

No. 898737

I love everytime she trolls around this thread she suddenly makes changes. Like seen here:
Now she wants it to be public lol

No. 898738

Anyone who is willing to date Moo and put up with the awful shit she does has to be in the same vein as her. Be forreal.

No. 898739

it took me about 5 minutes until I understood which bodypart can be seen in the third pic (althoug I'm still not entirely sure wtf)

No. 898741

>which bodypart
twig arm and elbow joint

No. 898744

She truly is the ultimate cuck

No. 898749

Stop defending the dude. If some think he's an asshole, okay. Deal with it.

No. 898750

No, you're just lazy >>>/w/92925

No. 898754

File: 1669186175044.jpg (786.94 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221123-004831_Ins…)

Enjoy those poorly cooked steaks I guess. I wouldn't trust her in a kitchen considering she only eats precooked/takeout/other's cooking.

No. 898757

More like buy for him. Don't ask how much it costs, just buy it.

No. 898772

I'm finding it weird/sad that Moo has been "dating" this guy for just a week and she's acting like it's a long term thing. She's just as weird and clingy as Kiki
That and top kek she stopped all her content and turned into a relationship blog

It's like all her nasty and bitchy behavior was only because she didn't get dick on the regular. It's funnier remembering she had boyfriends in the start of her cos career but cheated on both of them, made false rape claims and more.
I hope the guy is using her for the money and to get better cosplay tail

No. 898773

i am wondering how this will affect her "career" honestly. her days of cosplay simps are gone, and while coomers will pay to see her to fuck someone else. a lot of them get angry when feelings get involved.

No. 898775

Im just excited to see her gain all the weight back she worked soooo hard to lose. Relationship weight is going to hit her hard.

No. 898778

It's what happened before. She gets a boyfriend so she assumes she can stop trying and gains 80 pounds. Then screeches when they say she's too fat
Either way, the whole situation is sus but I'm super excited to see Moo's freak out

No. 898781

Could it be because he moved in?

No. 898782

If so that makes Moo dumber. It means any stranger can live with her for free and get his life founded if they fuck her one time. I know Moo talks about snakes and "boys" a lot but she sets herself up to be used by broke moids. She 1000% deserves this treatment

No. 898788

File: 1669222048044.jpeg (674.25 KB, 3264x1907, E952B811-DF6C-41A4-9FDE-DBF587…)

Under Moo’s post gushing about him. He spouts the same garbage she does nearly verbatim. They both must do this to cope or some shit.

No. 898792

God. I can’t even imagine how insufferable and roundabout their fucking conversations must be. That’s if they have anything to talk about tbh, moo lacks substance and overcompensates like this fucking dude
It’s like she got tattoo senpai with the spirituality aspect and still seems like a weeb, what a loser
I wonder what the fallout will be like when the eventual breakup happens

No. 898794

If she was insufferable with the pseudo enlightenment bullshit before, I’d expect it to crank up 1000x when they inevitably split. It’ll be the same posts just more passive aggressive. Like the ones she posted before about "not letting toxic people stifle you" or more crap from the alpha male positivity account.

No. 898805

i didn’t know bedding a sexual assaulter was a reward lol
this dude is equally every bit insufferable as she is.

No. 898817

Ho ho ho what a monkey's paw this is going to be for our money-hungry fuccboi here. The fact that he was Maddie's friend to begin with speaks volumes about how this dude acts, so I can only imagine the terror of him stomping around in public with our cow.

No. 898819

He was Maddie’s friend first? Well I mean that explains everything, you know Mariah is the type of friend that gets made when her friends has stuff she doesn’t. Im sure her getting ti fucj Maddie’s friend is a huge ego boost for her

No. 898826

moo has time to update her patreon profile pic, but not enough time to post any content there in a year (last post dec 19, 2021).
guess she's just super busy with her super popular studio

No. 898827

>>898826 Wouldnt be suprising if she just had contact with her higher payers on patreon and not postiong anything public. Afaik you can hide patreon payment,s but not onlyfans ones, from your bank acc incase any of the coomers have wifes that check.

No. 898829

So she’s still collecting that passive income from people who forgot to unsub and hoping they don’t notice her inactivity lol sounds about right for a scammer like her.

Moo has a bad habit of not responding to patrons to the point they have to post comments on her posts in order to get her attention.

No. 898844

Post it. This is an imageboard.

No. 898846

Onlyfans doesn't show up as Onlyfans on your statements. Even deposits to the cows don't say that. Patreon, however, does, and you can't change the name of transactions. I think you got that reversed, anon.

No. 898847

And then she blocks you and refuses full refunds lol

No. 898859

File: 1669308992588.jpeg (725.72 KB, 1284x2348, 1E6A4114-7E89-4CB1-BEE7-9B3F2E…)

This scrote is just as dumb as our precious Moo. I cannot wait for the fallout of this relationship.

No. 898860

File: 1669309193284.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3264x2587, E508116B-A9A0-4BF4-94C6-4474E0…)

Comes with the territory of dating someone like Moo, dumbass. Also, he has like, 11 posts lol no one fucking cares.

If he’s that bothered by randos viewing his stories, he’s really not gonna like when he eventually finds Moo lurking here and seeing his shit.

No. 898861

He acts like he isn't aware Moo is a problematic drama whore on the decline. That and if thousands, not hundreds of people hate my partner I would look into that. I would ask if he has friends who look out for him, but he's friends with Maddie and thought Moo was a real cash cow.
Who wants to bet that Moo told him she just has a handful of haters but now to Google her name or look up lol ow kek

Last theory is he's also an attention starved scrote and doesn't care if it's positive or negative attention, at least it's attention

No. 898867

Holy shit what an annoying turd monster. He’s actually just begging for likes and follows, moo if that isn’t clear this man is just using yiu then…

No. 898870

You think Moo cares about meaningful relationships?
She wants him to use her because that's the only way she can keep anyone around in her life

No. 898873

Thus is such an insecure thing to post publicly, they're kind of made for each other. That and using periods before finishing a thought/sentence, same intelligence level.

No. 898875

He's posting it because of the sudden uptick in people following him due to being with mooriah.

No. 898878

That’s the thing that’s so fucking stupid, like did he not realize he’s going to get lurkers and randos following him just to see what’s going on?
Despite Moo being on the decline, aside from us, her coomers are gonna check this out and be like why didn’t she choose me!!!!! What does this guy have that I don’t have
Also he’s empty pretentious is fucking hilarious to me. Dude you wanted the attention when you got with moo, either put up with it or dip you lose either way

No. 898890

she does want her version of meaningful though. unconditional worship and praise.

No. 898942

File: 1669337441373.jpeg (835.19 KB, 3264x1836, 1BF6BB31-9B72-43EC-8D49-D1A936…)

When anons thought the milk was running dry, here comes Moo with news that she’s dating someone just as moronic as she is. She’s desperate to stay relevant wherever she can lol

No. 898944

patiently waiting with the nonnas for when the eventual break up happens and we see moo’s ex boyfriend with bruises and accusations

No. 898945

samefag but it’s amazing that she realized that asian men don’t want her and think she’s fat, ugly and psychotic so she had to go with who she got on the 3728282828 dating apps(sage your shit)

No. 898949

The fact the two are like this after a week of "dating"
Is not a good sign
But to Moo she might think it is

No. 898954

File: 1669342337800.jpeg (1023.65 KB, 2896x3264, F9CD2BB8-15A9-456C-87FE-29C211…)

Jesus she’s insecure. And Moo, we’ve seen you "train" in Ross’ own IG stories. Miss "I stare at my phone while going a turtles pace on the stairmaster". Ross isn’t doing himself any favors by constantly being in her comment section and dunking on randos who criticize her. Is that part of the package she pays for for his services?

No. 898956

Did he really just thank and compliment himself for doing nothing? So many red flags

No. 898960

Does she genuinely believe you can be big boned? She's obviously too wide to have this lo w body fat she seems to be suggesting with those skin pics at the bottom. Also isn't her hip bone kinda low. Either way the suggestion that you have such visible pelvic bones and no rib is something. (sorry to literally skeleton sperg.)

No. 898964

he’s genuinely such an insufferable metrosexual fag
“200 of you specifically i don’t appreciate you not giving me interaction”
ur girl is a sexual assaulter bro look into that instead of ppl not liking ur posts.

No. 898967

>>898960 You can be big boned but not fat=big bones. Same heights can have very different skeletons, think pear shape vs inverted triangle.
People with a bigger sized skeleton usually will look thinner than people with a smaller skeleton though.

No. 898968

Hot damm, she was so desperate to one up Vamps that she found herself a Kevin (Looni's Kev, not weebking).

Every time a teat runs dry, Moo finds a new way to shit the bed in her desperate struggle for relevance and copium. You can set a watch to it.

No. 898969

File: 1669350885654.jpeg (535.13 KB, 828x1440, 5A10EEF6-09A1-4B65-A905-CBD4AE…)

No. 898970

love him patting himself on the back
2 self serving narcissists
match made in heaven

No. 898976

Yes Moo, because no one else has eyes, right?

No. 898977

someone is mad that hundreds of followers called her fat and her playing with her loose skin folds are gross
She also only got some weight off thanks to lipo

No. 898985

I feel like I'm missing something, why is she tugging at her loose skin here?

No. 898989

she’s delusional and is trying to do one of the things people with low body fat do to show the elasticity of their skin, she’s grabbing fat not skin.

No. 898992

her skin isn't elastic at all. that's just gross.

No. 898997

I can’t get over how ugly he is kek. He looks like someone smashed a rock in his face.
Hope he knows that his gf slept with prostitutes before him.

No. 899005

You just know he’s going to start streaming and try to capitalize off of Moo’s notoriety. She must be absolutely seething over Vamp’s having a gym rat cosplaying Asian boyfriend while she saddled with this slack jawed buffoon with an underbite.

No. 899015

Guys still thinking he didn't move on?

No. 899016

Oooh, I hope he follows other this too on instagram and twitter. That'll make her jealous, especially the skinny asian ones with fake perky tits.

No. 899017

Samefag, but did this dude have lip injections lol! Did moo convince him to change his face already or did the baboon look like this before?

No. 899020

>>899017 , see: >>898672

He had those poofy lips before, but the filters on this pic are going ham for sure.

No. 899026

I can't get over that Moo believes you can be over 300 pounds, lose some with lipo and not have loose flapping skin. If she had low body fat you would see every muscle on her without her flexing. Moo coping saying "I'm not fat I'm big boned!" and "I'm not fat I'm a beef cake!" is so ridiculous only cartoon characters like Eric Cartman say it.

No. 899034

god he's so full of himself, and after a week.. How does either of them not see this as a clear case of love bombing lol

No. 899040

he's acting like he's accepting a reward. is it because he hit the jackpot with moo's cash. wonder how long this will last. what do you guys bet she buys him? car? lipo? plastic surgery? kek.

No. 899042

she’s giving “i’m coping with the last dick i chased not wanting me back let me show how unbothered i am”
publicly posting your face next to mariah is a death sentence for ever being with an attractive girl again

No. 899043

“i’m a walking lucky charm for everyone around me”
they both need a reality check

No. 899047

Seeing as how Moo gave a guy she just met and didn't know a 2k guitar
who knows
Moo seems desperate enough to just give him all of her cash
Not like she has a cosplay career left
All she has is dwindling funds
He's so obviously love bombing Moo for money and attention. But he'll leave once he realized Moo isn't nearly as famous or rich as she claims she is. Bleed her dry and bail

No. 899058

"Ozy"/Peter seems to be friends with her cousin Brandon.
Just say you want to fuck your cousin. Why do these major events seem to include her cousin for 0 reason.

No. 899059

Ewww Gallagher looking ass! Also hotdamn moo's nose is shaped like a banana lmao

No. 899072

Omg for real?? What is this 7 degrees of Moo’s cousin bs… so weird
Didn’t some nonas think it was her cousin at first too when she was trying to be secretive about him ?

No. 899085

Give it a month and she'll be building a whole new wing of her house just for him.

No. 899088

Having him move in with her seems to be her plan for all males. Then forcing him to be a house maid
Though Moo will be down bad if she pays his rent or puts a down payment for a home to bring his actual gf in

No. 899089

Moo spending thousands of dollars to pay for her not sus bf and saying shit like "Take care of your man and he'll be loyal"
"All men are snakes! Boss woman! Fictional men only! I'm not a sugar mama or golden goose!"

No. 899091

File: 1669425547435.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1087x1793, B4EE81D4-54CA-47A8-BB7B-1F5B0A…)

The fuck is going on in the top right corner?

No. 899092

his hand is covering the camera lens while he takes a screenshot. jfc some farmers are legit mentally deficient

No. 899093

Nonnie…you're trying way too hard.

No. 899094

I want Moo to pull a Tess Holiday and claim she's anorexic then start doing spoopy shops
Then have a candid of her leaked proving she's as huge as ever

No. 899095

she's not wrong though, it doesn't take a lot to figure out what's going on in the screenie

No. 899113

File: 1669454320892.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1284x2249, 39C4B06E-1BEF-4A9C-8F7D-3BDF3A…)

Her boyfriend is so ugly but within her league.

No. 899114

File: 1669454711219.jpeg (513.22 KB, 1284x695, DE9CEF52-5E2A-4E74-89A2-7B6523…)

Samefag but I’m pretty sure he’s the paid dick that has been in her videos.

No. 899116

LMAFO imagine being so fucking wide and fat you have a natural fish eye lenses filter lmfao.

No. 899118

Hey moo of you really wanna flex like that do it standing up… and not using the fat chick hack of laying on a bed to appear thinner. Do the same mf thing standing up. I dare you.

No. 899120

it’s not, the last guy had scars on his right arm

No. 899121

He looks like a scrote Maddie.

No. 899124

lmao. you're right.

No. 899129

Speaking of Maddie, it was her birthday yesterday and not a single post from our cow about her. I wonder how Maddie's taking all this. Wondering if she'll become another Vamps.

No. 899132

she was playing along with Moo because Moo use to tease her saying she was actually a lesbian. I don't know why Maddie simps for Moo so hard, she treats her like shit.
Maddie use to take candids and Moo would constantly yell at her on stream back in the day. She gave Maddie all these insane rules and reduced her to wig slave and litter shovel

I love how he tried to crop it so you can't see how big she is but he still fails. Anyway I'm pretty sure he's in it for the money

No. 899133

maddie is an ugly moron with a bad attitude. she had no friends in boston area, despite having tons of daddy's money and being a wig stylist. she and moo are the same.

No. 899134

File: 1669485241818.jpg (39.85 KB, 1096x477, moosbian.jpg)

Reminder she did indeed claim to be a lesbian kek I still remember Vamps being horrified when she found out Moo had told her cam audience they were a couple.

No. 899137

>Big Butt

No. 899145

If I remember she pretended to be a lesbian for a few reasons. Simp bux, one up SSS and to cover her ass whenever she said something homophobic.

No. 899152

LOL MOO THIS DUDE SHOT WITH YOU AND ANOTHER WOMAN. He's not loyal, calling it now. She's going to throw a fit if he likes and follows other thots. Moo has no self confidence or trust.

No. 899196

File: 1669535465477.jpeg (3.42 MB, 4032x3024, 690D2D34-26DE-4B66-99A6-4B086F…)

first and last time commenting here lol, that’s not me.
this picture was from june 24 2022 at 8 pm.
i don’t hang around those people anymore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 899197

No one cares about your lady hands. Spill milk or go away scrote.

No. 899212

Well yeah, since you finally landed your cashcow, pun intended. Good luck to you.

No. 899215

Post your face, faggot.

No. 899216

These are the most feminine fucking man hands I've ever seen what the fuck kek

No. 899217

>tiny little baby hand
>shaved arms
>painted nails
>nails filed to a point
>gay ring

No. 899220

Ugly, embarrassing cuck who can't even show his mug lol

No. 899251

kek he sounds like a perfect match for her

No. 899253

AWe, but we'd sure love to hear from you!

No. 899257

don't be shy, spill the beans

No. 899280

File: 1669632076034.jpg (388.71 KB, 1088x1683, patreon.jpg)

minor patreon news. She's updated her tiers, getting rid of the $40, $80, $100 and $110 tiers and renaming them from "move to $20 tier" back to generic titles and going back to the rewards they were when she was using it.
She must be getting ready for her yearly patreon post

No. 899288

So clearly this guy plays guitar. The nails filed down like that and with a clear coat of polish is telling, so I guess we know why she suddenly got so obsessed with playing the geetar and I’m assuming he’s the one that got that ridiculously expensive guitar

No. 899291

Maybe I’m dumb and a farmer can explain. Is this her new boy toy or is it the dude she was doing porn with?? This makes no fucking sense to me for some reason lmao

No. 899295

i think that's the porn guy and not her boyfriend. seems like he's saying he doesn't hang out with moo anymore. this is probably the guy who told moo to shut the fuck up in that one video. i think anons are confused because moo is clearly shooting with her boyfriend now but wasn't the entire time.

No. 899298

Okay this is what I was thinking too. So then can confirm that the guy she was doing porn with was probably the gothic dude that she was simping on. He probably noped the fuck out and got a new guitar for it. Nice.

No. 899299

Isn't her current bf paid dick as well but decided to take Moo's offer? I believe that's why Moo got in trouble a lot before. She was unprofessional and tried to date every paid dick, which is a huge nono. I believe she tries to date any guy around her.

Either way, he's going to get tired of her smell and weight gain or she's going to blatantly cheat on him

No. 899300

They have "relationship status" on IG and Facebook. Mooriah doesn't understand that he'll dip soon when the money is no longer worth dealing with her even with him being a POS.

No. 899303

This is an image board.

No. 899304

It is, and they were posted. Learn to back read.

No. 899307

Anon please come back there is so much milk you could provide

No. 899308

whoever it is, it's not the boyfriend. he has stubby nails.

No. 899312

File: 1669670431500.png (290.68 KB, 1746x870, mm.png)

ayyy I love having something to contribute, here you go everyone

No. 899313

Scrote detected. Moo is right for once. A woman shouldn't buy an ugly cheating moid out of her "business" sex work isn't real work and e-pimps are worthless and entitled to nothing.

No. 899314

(I don't have a side in this, she just popped up on my timeline so I took screenshots)

No. 899321

I don't support the pimp boyfriend trope

No. 899326

wasn't kinpatsu the one who cheated?

No. 899329

Who made the OG post?? Why did you cut it off?

No. 899330

File: 1669680793908.png (53.42 KB, 533x807, k.png)

Kama Bree/Khainsaw, it was honestly for the convenience of the cropping sorry

No. 899331

fuck forgot to sage sorry

No. 899335

Is this fuck talking about Amourant and her ex?!

No. 899336

kinpatsu cosplay and her now ex, it's pretty milky but not the right thread for it

No. 899340

File: 1669688433043.jpg (145.43 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20221128_182020_Chr…)

>slippery rode
Jfc, Moo

No. 899341

Moo and literacy will never mix lol

No. 899353

also "caused for alarm" lmao

No. 899361

She can barely read and speak unless it's in basic English.

No. 899421


Mariah has always sucked Kinpatsus dick, is this a surprise? And Mariah has always fucked over every body, so of course she’s okay with someone being fucked over

No. 899423

File: 1669820839148.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x2268, 8A1C58E3-C2CC-47BF-9A9A-776322…)

Love our skinny queen, the epitome of health.

No. 899425

Everyone posting here is selfish narcissistic and misogynistic though. Its the energy of the board to bitch about femal3 internet strangers to feel better in your self-induced rage misery. Hello b its the reason these boards were created. Be honest at least.

Usually we can find better internet people than this though. God this girl is boring.(unsaged bait)

No. 899426

>self-induced rage misery
>Be honest at least.
lol. Getting a bit philosophical there..eh?

No. 899428

Tits at waist level, please invest in a bra, Moo.

No. 899429

> "I have extremely low body fat"
jfc, even edited she's still huge with her fat spilling out. And even though she gets the fat sucked from her midsection her belly area is still rounding out
No wonder Moo can't do cardio, it would literally give her a heart attack

No. 899435

File: 1669826863299.jpg (178.15 KB, 1079x459, Screenshot_20221130_084606_Chr…)

Does Moo not realize that the falling over fat isn't the sane squish as normal thighs with these leggings? It doesn't help her fat actually droops over lol This isn't what you think it looks like, Moo. Blame your textured cheese thighs. She will never be able to fix her loose skin on her legs.

No. 899438

her recent pics and her trying to explain her loose cottage cheese skin as low body fat will never not be funny. She's still over 200 pounds, but because she was over 300 at one point she'll always have loose skin no matter how lipo she gets. Though that's a whole new level of cope Moo is going through rn

No. 899443

File: 1669835154492.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1076x1923, 29989BFE-674D-4CF5-8FFA-D18F85…)

I can’t wait to see their future shit tier couples cosplays. You just know Moo is buying all his crap.

No. 899445

Did Moo move all her art supplies to the studio and say its stock for the cosplay room?! No one uses fucking copics for cosplay.

No. 899446

>My prediction.
Incoming Makima/Denji porn on the horizon because Moo is speed running getting canceled by yet another fandom.

No. 899452

You just made me realize that I've never seen Moo's tits lifted. In cosplay or regular athleisure shit she never wears a bra. I'm so used to seeing them down there that I forgot they shouldn't be if she was wearing one.

No. 899455

I think she just wears sports bras normally and just goes bra less when she wears stuff like this so she has 0 support for her tits abd why they never look lifted or nice.

No. 899456

why would he be using these kind of shoes for that? they have really textured details all over them.

No. 899461

File: 1669851107555.jpg (77.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

my theory is this and it's really simple
It's her weight guys, hear me out

1. She can't get her arms behind her back or have the dexterity to latch and unlatch a bra
2. She would have to shop at a BBW store and Moo identifies as skinny.

Also answers the question why every bit of article Moo has is either a circus tent so she doesn't have to look at her body, or something that is 10 sizes too small for her and screaming for help.

No. 899463

Using the copic markers like sharpies hurts. Every time this bitch abuses her finances and wastes them her titties get saggier

No. 899465

can't she just hook it in the front and turn it around? that's what i do

both he and moo are mentally challenged. it's a perfect match

No. 899466

> can't she just hook it in the front and turn it around?
She would still have to get the larger sizes. Doesn't fit in her narrative that she has low body fat and is 36-24-37 skinny queen

No. 899467

Also Moo abusing google per usual. She literally just googled "What is the perfect measurements for a woman" and claimed those where her measurements.

No. 899468

Right? It’s like ha, only if she’s 5’3”

No. 899470

Funnily enough, our stunted cow IS 5'3". No way in hell she's even rocking those measurements.

I'm looking forward to this shitshow, what con do you think they'll be oinking around at for this?

No. 899473

I hope it for katsucon tbh.

No. 899474

I'm laughing because all her posts are about her new "bf" and everything she's doing for him
And I'm expecting a fall out in a month and Moo being pissed about all the money she wasted to keep him around
I'm surprised she isn't beating him up yet. Guess she only does that for the guys who say no to her

No. 899475

I can't WAIT for the inevitable "bitch boy" rant about him, it's always so hilarious when she gets mad over moids. There's clearly a reason why she can't ever keep one around.

No. 899476

I want Moo to complain about spending 80k on her scrote and buying him a new Denji cosplay only for him to cheat on her with a Power cosplayer

No. 899477

Oooh I want that too. Can see that happening after Christmas because, you know, gifts.

No. 899492

Anon, I'm all for shitting on Moo, but she's not fat enough to have to go to a specialized store. She's fat enough to need queen sized leggings off amazon and maybe buy leggings from Torrid, but she can probably still buy shit from Target in XXL.

No. 899493

Moo herself wont admit she's a large. still stands by the point she's too insecure to accept her size

No. 899496

we're talking about bras though

No. 899499

Bras aren't that hard, even for fat chicks.

No. 899518

anon most mainstream stores won't be moo's size.

No. 899519

>Implying she would shop at Target

No. 899532

The fuck bandsize do you think she is? There's no way she isn't buying 42s at mainstream places. She doesn't need a specialty store. Stop being fucking retarded about this.

No. 899534

she's clearly not, which is why she only wears sports bras.

No. 899535

Or she's just lazy and doesn't like the tightness of bras which is why so many women now go to bralettes and sports bras. Normal bras just suck. Who the hell just wears them casually when you have more comfortable options? You guys focus way too much on Moo's tits and tinfoil her size.

No. 899536

we're talking about for her cosplays, stop projecting.

No. 899539

File: 1669885120589.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1077x1935, 67877AFB-1F9B-4222-9860-7A721F…)

This doesn’t look awkward or forced at all /s

No. 899543

Wtf is that Velma wig, ew

No. 899548

File: 1669897596450.jpg (183.06 KB, 720x1280, 20221201_062615.jpg)

goddamn he's ugly

No. 899557

did Moo buy him lip fillers? What is with Moo and buying people lip fillers?

No. 899558

he really looks like umbran

No. 899559

he looks so enthused. also that profile pic is different i swear. before shinobu was doing a peace sign and now it's a middle finger??

No. 899569

That's what I said, but I guess he had fillers before Moo too. Some anons said he didn't, nut he definitely does.

No. 899581

Umbra’s wigs are hot garbage. I wish people would quit paying her for this shitty work.

No. 899587

I’m more amazed at how wide she is, and him putting his arms around her just shows it more. Even if she’s standing to the side trying to appear smaller she still looks hella wide

No. 899596

the way she jumped into this relationship and acts like this is her soulmate is so nauseating. Waiting for the eventual break up. I give it 3 months max, place your bets now.

No. 899604

He looks like he’s helping his grandmother up from falling kek what is this pose?

No. 899616

Moo being manipulated by a 4/10 scrote with no skills or talent is exactly what she deserves. But yeah we hate her and we see all the red flags. If Moo had any friends they would tell her this guy is sus. Then again, even if she had friends she would cut them out of the friend group for a couple months of mediocre dicking

No. 899623

It’s kinda funny how Moo has never in her entire cosplay "career" learned how to pose naturally and he’s just as bad at it. Can you imagine the cringe they’ll put out if they do shoots together? His hand awkwardly cupping the saggy tit is what really gets me.

No. 899626

I give it until after Christmas at least.

No. 899638

Nice douchestache on dude. Reminds me of people I don’t wanna talk to at clubs.

No. 899641

the ones that get uncomfortably close to your face when talking and try to grab you by the waist, yeah those ones.

so right after she showers him with gifts. i can see that.

No. 899718

File: 1670003882870.jpg (791.04 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221202_095724_Ins…)

Did she glue her tits together for this? That doesn't look like normal

No. 899720

File: 1670003959382.jpg (452.85 KB, 1079x1077, Screenshot_20221202_095851_Ins…)

Also who's this?

No. 899734

what does Moo have against using things to lift her breasts? Does she think letting them sag to her waist makes them look bigger?

No. 899735

her breasts are the nastiest flesh sacs i have ever seen. i would not be proud to display veiny and discoloured boobs.

No. 899738

yes. her boobs are really shallow due to her previous reduction and tons of weight gain and lipo. they're not actually huge anime titties like she claims. so she thinks more space equals big, even vertical.
>inb4 whiny anons complain
yes, breasts sag. no they don't sag like >>899423 normally. if you cut that pic where the top of her boobs start she'd look flat chested ffs. that is not normal.

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