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File: 1594150053766.jpeg (132.72 KB, 580x951, AECBD6A5-93B6-4FFA-894D-DABB4D…)

No. 784440

Victoria shingles/ victoria bella-morte / miss victoria murder.

Tattoo scratcher from nowhere Ontario Canada. Steal deposits and doesn’t have an apprenticeship.

-Her and her father are in a racist British group talking about immigrants and bringing their “aids” to Britain. (She still hasn’t even been back since she was two)

-constantly going on about how happy she is to be single, but vague posting about how lonely she is

- reads lolcow posts about herself everyday and vague posts about it

-photoshops herself one weird places like spaceships at 33 years old

-living back with her mom and still doesn’t have a shop to work out of. Her clients don’t have the address

-business have been open for almost a month now and she has nothing to show for it even though she claims to have been booked for a year solid before.

- claims to be a born again virgin

-been through three guys this year already even though she’s unattainable

-bought white contact lenses but tells her neck beards it’s just her iccyyyy blue eyes

-still wearing the same outfit since 10 years ago

-calls African Americans “apes”

-called the riots a “zoo”

-teeth are starting to rot out of her head, but we’re all just jealous haterz


>Kicked out of her latest flop house for stealing from her roommates and using too much TP, was meme'd and shamed on facebook >>770314

>Hooked up (or started something) with one of her roommates and mistook it for relationship by posting about him meeting her family and updating her status to "happily taken" .. it was over within a day

>Stopped by lolcow to drunkpost in the AM while dropping some knowledge bombs about how bullying is wrong and also about how to kill yourself >>769627

>Shamelessly and publicly leads on depressed man with substance abuse issues, he calls her out, she drops him, and then vagueposts about how to ~treat a lady right~

>encourages people to get a note from their therapist to come get a tattoo from her

>still maintaining the lie that she has a British accent despite moving to Canada at age 2

>still posting screencaps from thirsty old men showcasing her perceived desirability

>Met sugar daddy Ulises, who owns Jet Set Global, a sketchy event planning company

>Ulises is as delusional as Vicky, match made in heaven

>No more Ulises posts

>Now constantly thirst posting all over Instagram and Facebook

>Vicky now apparently is a fire eater as well


>Livestreams just to take selfies and to eye-fuck herself into oblivion

>More thirst posting, desperately needs to get laid

>Gets posted on r/instagramreality, 18k upvotes, 341 comments

>“Online stalkers are generally mentally ill people with issues upstairs. its pretty widely known in the psych industry.“

>Inks a whole-ass phoenix back piece on a customer, shaky af and disproportionate

>Posts video of her home, reveals liquor stash and blames it on her friend Jackie

>Shakes her photoshopped ass in her Instagram stories, just wants to show off her Tesla leggings though

>Constantly posting screenshots of random DM conversations. Usually random thirsty men that most women would ignore, but ol Vic will take any attention she can get.

>Still claiming to be fully booked for a year, while also offering last minute slots for “got inked”.

>Has to remind men that she’s turned down many billionaires and rockstar’s proposals, so you don’t have a chance. She’s sooooo picky you guys.

>Did a shitty editing job on a recent photo which gave herself 2 retinas in each eye. Someone commented on it saying “the editing on the eyes is crazy” and Vic chimped out, reminded everyone her eyes reflect AMAZINGLY. It’s called sunlight, you jealous cunts.

>Trading ink for car rides, shack renovations, anything that Vic can’t afford because she’s a broke bitch.

>Muh INTJ personality~

>Took a bath in Oxiclean and then tried to claim that it wasn't "labeled properly" after she apparently poisoned herself. Farmers have speculated it was a lie to cover up missed appointments, or that she just got so drunk and made a fool of herself and needed something to blame it on.

>Has been caught stealing other artists work. Traced off of her laptop and then (poorly) tattooed on her victims. " High-end, custom tattoos"

>Despite charging $3000 per hour for modelling, decided to volunteer as a self-proclaimed "hot merch girl" at a show that hosted less than 100 people. Wore the same crusty outfit that she always does.

>Her been attempting to stir up drama with random women from her past to justify her bad reviews

>Claims to be booked solid until the end of next year, while simultaniously e-begging for clients/appointments on Facebook every other day.

>Claims to be wealthy and a person who "has lived in many mansions" and has also been caught begging clients for deposits early through facebook messenger.

>Is constantly sharing screenshots of guys "hitting on her" trying to prove that shes "wifey material" and not like other girls.

>May have created sock instagram accounts to DM compliments to herself and then post them.

>Is still single and can't even hold down a man 10 years younger than her.

>Her younger sister is getting married and Vicky claimed she wouldn't be going to the wedding as she doesn't want to "steal all the attention away" from her sister on her big day.

>Is the proud owner of the lowest rated tattoo shop in a 50 mile radius. Was nominated for exactly zero awards in her local readers choice.


>Started dating someone nearly 10 years younger than her after being painfully single for a long time and thinks this is something to brag about.

>Frankie the self timer photographer has gone MIA since boyfriend appeared.
>The Google page for her scratch shack blew up with a slew of bad reviews from previous customers. This included the couple who had their deposit stolen after Vicky ditched an appointment, claiming to have been kidnapped.
>Shingles has responded to almost every single review in a predictably unprofessional manner, accusing the customer of being a lying stalker
>30-something year old scratcher who works in an unlicensed ‘tattoo salon’ comparable to a shack, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo competently results in permanent damage
>Former MySpace ‘scene queen’ with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore and self-proclaimed international cover model and ‘real life Final Fantasy character’
>Incapable of talking about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be not only well-versed but Ivy League educated in psychology, astronomy and quantum physics despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields
>Posts embarrassing videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a ‘sword fighter’
>Fakes an atrocious British accent
>Outed by admin for selfposting and samefagging hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her/dated her in real life
>Tried to DMCA lolcow and Kiwi Farms, claimed the Attorney General of Canada had to be involved

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder



No. 784442

File: 1594150218313.jpeg (140.53 KB, 1066x1066, 8C8AA6F8-5957-4E73-BD4C-D63184…)

Did victoria photoshop herself some friends? And why photoshop yourself so small but leave your huge man hand / arm?

No. 784445

My favorite part of this is the way she photoshopped the background in. Everyone is kinda tilted, the pic was obviously taken at an angle and vic just plastered herself in there lmao. Also my sides are in orbit because of that giant man hand.

No. 784448

i can't stop laughing at her hand

No. 784459

File: 1594154453245.jpeg (169.6 KB, 827x740, C51E6F61-1DAC-45C6-A38D-4DDF43…)

Is she too drunk to remember what she posts? Just because she doesn’t post photos of her boyfriends doesn’t mean she’s not constantly posting about relationships. Victoria your last rants have been about dating an app, your ex boyfriends, how you treat men in your life, other people’s boyfriends and how much they like eachothers stuff online. Cringey as fuck.

No. 784465

File: 1594154853034.jpeg (159.6 KB, 827x1296, 614BE2C3-C21B-4CF3-AFD6-C17BA8…)

She looks like a 47 year old still trying to be cool lip synching to whatever the kids are listening to these days.

No. 784466

File: 1594154996111.png (900.68 KB, 828x1792, 3EE0ADE6-9E2D-4EDB-BA16-D0DF87…)

Wasn’t she just going on about a guy catching her eye like a month ago? And a few months ago she was in a relationship with a guy that she was already ready to introduce to the family? And put up “his eyezzzzz” she really doesn’t like to be called out by her followers about her desperation

No. 784467

File: 1594155087603.png (1.31 MB, 828x1792, D5BB90A6-D305-419A-BB94-43E263…)

She posted this on her Instagram. Of course she has to put people down by saying they are drug addicts. If a man said this to her she’d shrug it off. But it’s a woman so she’s mentally unstable of course

No. 784471

File: 1594155252528.jpeg (360.96 KB, 1584x901, 736CBB4F-41F2-40A3-80D0-EDF72D…)

Very busy at the shop aka on her moms duvet spreading her legs for the 16 neckbeards that still give a fuck

No. 784472

File: 1594155313451.jpeg (145.4 KB, 828x1267, 0B85308B-F073-4435-9FB9-04B1A4…)

Imagine being 33 years old and posting this stuff ?

No. 784481

File: 1594155936981.jpeg (69.23 KB, 826x342, 09E26153-E64E-4D94-B5A8-E0810D…)

Our unbotthered Queen. I’ve missed her shit posting. I wonder when she’s going to get a job?

No. 784491


That moustache is fucking killing me

No. 784493

This is the fucking weirdest thing ever. Why did she photoshop herself into a outdoor festival? Why is her one hand bigger than her whole head?

No. 784494

File: 1594158357099.jpeg (168.08 KB, 828x1381, 1483FCD5-FF27-41F0-AE16-FBF98D…)

The filter came off and this happened. Oh by the way… this is a new video she just posted. Hard to tell since she’s such a narc she just posted the same thing over and over. Good to see she’s still getting her mom to drive her around and isnt at work. Thought she was hooked up for a year?

No. 784497

The channel fell off and this occurred. Gracious incidentally… this is another video she simply posted. Difficult to tell since she's such a narc she simply posted something very similar again and again. Great to see she's despite everything getting her mother to drive her around and isnt at work. Thought she was snared for a year?

No. 784498

File: 1594159070257.jpeg (255.02 KB, 828x871, A35D1786-0886-41E9-926F-EF7062…)

Victoria and her racist rants again.
People tearing down statues are just trying to tear America apart as awhole. And if media didn’t glorify black men leaving their kids, then it wouldn’t happen? Pardon me? There’s so much wrong with all of this. Drunk posting.

No. 784502

File: 1594159917201.png (1.4 MB, 1027x2759, lyTkZLug16K.png)

Yesss, a new thread. Thank you anon!

"Cancel culture is lame." - Victoria
"People who bully me on lolcow should be cancelled." - Also Victoria

Also, LOL at her talking about how narcissists behave but then goes on to say that people who talk shit about her all want to be her. Complete lack of self awareness.

No. 784508

“Upper Ab lines” are the new “workout lines”

Vic you don’t have abs. Those are your ribs.

No. 784509

File: 1594160692810.png (1.34 MB, 920x3186, Mabye.png)


This was edited a handful of times too, of course. There are some other good comments as well.

No. 784511

File: 1594160850319.png (991.89 KB, 585x710, RxSuBim.png)

No. 784512

File: 1594160942897.png (1.01 MB, 3350x1035, HellaLoyal.png)

I don't know why anybody even tried to engage her in conversation. She always, always, always turns it back around to be about herself. But we are the narcissists who want to be her. Bonus Mark Kowalski in the pic too.

No. 784513

Someone get their grandma. She fell.

No. 784516

Omg my sides how drunk was Vick when she wrote this? She sounds like a babbling 14 year old girl on tumblr

No. 784517

What in the flounder-faced hell is this?

No. 784518

Imagine being this bothered and salty over a fucking Facebook comment. No normal adult does this shit

No. 784523

File: 1594163440955.jpeg (76.99 KB, 828x495, AAF51301-47CA-4CF0-8E4A-1C77C9…)

Vicky now: I haven’t been with a dude or been bothered with dudes for a long time.

Vicky literally two months ago on her third man this year:

She overshares about every dude she has a slight interest in. And how is it she’s not going out on dates in lockdown but has all these crushes? Unattainable queen

No. 784524

Are those grey roots? Is she going grey?

No. 784525

Absolutely love these "proof" videos, always filmed in near pitch darkness and grainy as fuck.

Also, what abs? Is she referring to the line where the outer ridge of her gut hits her ribs? Kek

Fuck, she's on a roll as soon as the thread stops. Confirmation that her narcissism can only be partially curtailed by us farmers.

Maybe if we stay quiet for another week we can get another sword flailing video?

No. 784527

File: 1594164300979.jpeg (47.58 KB, 792x273, 0BDB1AB3-0AAC-4944-B3CA-CE9146…)

You don’t let anyone touch you, or nobody wants to touch you because you smell like a rotten ham sandwich and cigarettes?>>784472
And she’ll make up any stupid story to prove to the haterz. Nobody fucking asked her this. No wonder she’s a nobody in 2020. the following she did have in the MySpace days grew up and realized how stupid she is.

No. 784529

File: 1594164575688.jpeg (13.56 KB, 287x191, 71BE0E72-DF2E-47F3-B594-925F17…)

I didn’t notice that before. Most of her videos she cuts the top of her head off… but if you look even at the photo of her in the “spaceship” she’s looking grey. Like I knew she was getting up there in age( she’s at the age women do start going grey) but this visual makes her posts even sadder.

No. 784532

File: 1594165399114.webm (1.67 MB, 720x1280, sushi.webm)

Speaking of sushi, Victoria apparently has haterzzz that tell her she eats too much sushi so she has a message for them!

No. 784533

why the fuck would anyone dignify this gross comment with a reply??

No. 784534

Wow. She really told them! Can’t hear her fake accent in this one. I guess it’s hard to fake when youre living at your moms and she knows your bullshit lies.

No. 784536

i like how she posted so many new cringey pix/vids for the new thread. her hair here, yikes; the dark clump on the right, the brassy clump on the left and the synthetic extensions plopped on top. her skin is so many colors she looks like a pasted together dress up doll.

>siri is great at keeping me on my shit
>that's what i need in a guy
wow ok, one of the many reasons why she's single, but totally her choice. vic is in her 30s but needs a dude to remind her of simple shit like appointments with her nonexistent clients.

No. 784537

Vic, you sure that person wasn't just telling you to just stop stuffing your bloated face in general?

No. 784538

Truly a body positive queen

No. 784539

Cause she thrives off of any attention from men and being able to talk about herself.

Her ex adrien made a post about her not showing up to tattoo appointments. Probably why her left her ass for someone new. He was sick of babysitting. Dating Siri is one of her better choices, leave real men alone.

No. 784540

File: 1594166569463.gif (343.08 KB, 480x480, A9D9FA9E-55FD-4EC2-9FB5-051469…)

Girl…everything you talk about is yourself and all your proposals and how ~unattainable you are. It’s so fucking dull and annoying.

Bruhhhh lmao she for real uploaded these photos thinking they were good?? She must be wasted 24/7.

No. 784543

Definitely not a made up excuse for Vicky to post boring, low quality "proof" videos of herself. This is what happens when you have no friends/healthy relationships and only interact with socially retarded people online. Her instagram is just an endless wall of filtered and photoshopped selfies. Get actual help.

No. 784547

File: 1594167875012.jpeg (531.15 KB, 1632x1632, 474300FC-1473-4D4C-80FB-63B649…)

Vic: “I’m not a used up band whore, I swear! I’m special, basically a nun actually. I barely ever kiss anyone because I’m way better than these hoes. Girls who do only fans are gross sluts. My vagina totally doesn’t look like an old roast beef sandwich on the side of the highway. I’m so pure I’m pretty much a virgin.”

Also vic:

No. 784548

Seriously… she’s known as a band whore. Didn’t she also come on here a couple months ago saying “I forgot what adrien tasted like until recently” or something. Implying that she kissed him while he was in a relationship?

No. 784549

Anon don't perpetuate stereotypes about vaginas by posting stuff like that. You can make fun of Victoria without trashing women's bodies like she does. Labia size and shape has nothing to do with how many partners you've had.

No. 784552

File: 1594169653852.jpeg (189.55 KB, 828x1237, 3FB5F51F-036A-4298-996B-663599…)

Just in case you were wondering what victoria looked like with 10000 filters, well she posted yet another video talking about sushi. She must be loving the free money from the government.

No. 784554

It wouldn’t surprise me if after all this covid stuff and she realizes how lazy she can be she sits on food stamps and welfare for the rest of her life

No. 784555

ontario anon-
between the stimulus and OW(welfare) she gets every month living with mommy, she has a decent chunk of cash to waste on booze and food… not anything useful like tattoo or art supplies.

No. 784557

File: 1594170814330.jpeg (353.09 KB, 828x1552, 6F918695-CF87-4885-BDD1-313A08…)

This girl is a total narc… holy shit. 7 of these are from the last 24 hours. The exact type of person to tattoo their own face on themselves

No. 784558

File: 1594170997036.jpg (145.96 KB, 1081x725, Screenshot 2020-07-06 at 11.jp…)

There was no thread about her here for a few days, she was feeling sassy

For some reason the fake necklace cracks me up here. Everything is so ridiculous and fake but she had to throw in more.

No. 784559

Ontario anon here as well.

The CERB money ( the covid relief) is $2000 a month. Theyve extended it into October. You can make anything under $1000 and collect. Considering she has no bills to pay( maybe her phone) she’s just collecting and spending it on stupid shut like all the sushi she’s been eating, cheap extensions and contacts. You can’t collect welfare and the CERB as far as I know, but I BET you won’t see any tattoos from her before the CERB runs out. Why work when you can get drunk and talk to neck beards all day?

No. 784563


kek, she pulled her waist in so much it made her hand huge. It looks like a hulk hand. it looks like a 300 pound man’s hand. Get your shit together vic. This has to be her worst shoop to date.

No. 784572

She looks like she's in her 50s. Her make up is uneven and her eyebrows are so hilariously outdated.

No. 784583

Fucking lmao at this shit. Vic is so unaware of her own behavior and ridiculously butthurt by anyone who dares to bring it up.

I guess it's true she technically doesn't talk about the "men she dates," since she'd rather vaguebook about hypothetical relationships or brag about how desirable she is.

No. 784593


Going grey, chain smoking, drinking heavily, getting fat, hasn’t been fucked in months despite begging for it, unemployed, couch surfing, sucking the government teet for alcohol and useless shit, stagnant, rotting, in desperate need of dental intervention. All symptoms of becoming Ontario trailer trash (as a person who lives here). Not hard to find in any legion or small town bar. How does it feel to be one of the worst kinds of home stuck trash in the nation, vic?

No. 784601

File: 1594179810513.jpg (300.98 KB, 1080x1116, 106562180_733592794156508_3630…)

I can't stop laughing

No. 784609

File: 1594182064954.png (1.6 MB, 1236x4408, iHN4tSGWxV.png)

Some of the comments on this pic so far. We've got the Observatory Fedora, Vic pretending she isn't trying to dress like a sexy schoolgirl, Victoria asking for a cool movie role where she wields swords, and ofc her incessant need to mention how much of an ~ice queen~ she is. So much Victoria content in the last two days.

No. 784622

That is not a kilt, Victoria.
It’s a pleated mini skirt.

No. 784625

File: 1594187520936.png (834.47 KB, 853x2615, ZhHcQJ3603zm.png)

Update on movie star Vic: she gave the epic manager her number and will now e-flirt with him to try and land a movie role. I notice she does this to guys who comment on her pics a lot. She will reply "Oh hiii Mr. Epic Drummer 😌" She has a script that works for her I guess.

Could you imagine Victoria flailing swords around in a movie? This would never happen but if she were in some low budget shit it would be the funniest thing.

No. 784629

File: 1594188397891.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1602, A21DACE6-8E80-454B-BC06-A21241…)

She’s been shooping her face into something completely different lately. I guess she’s going for the generic insta-thot look.

My favorite part of this whole drunk dumpster fire.

No. 784633


Is she a falconer too now

No. 784636

Y-I-K-E-S you can see where she's warped and blurred to remove a double chin, that's uber amateur hour editing, Vick. She has gained a lot of weight in the quarantine. Skirt pattern at the waist is so wonky. Doing this too damned long to be making this kiddie mistakes. Big girls get love now, just embrace your real size, ho

No. 784647

Well yeah that's Vic. Our resident SuperFlashSpiderHulk.

Top kek at her calling a cheap Whoreloween school girl skirt a kilt though. So fucking idiotic.

No. 784658

She looks like an extra from “clueless” but the one you can tell is too old to be there.

No. 784660

File: 1594212114821.jpeg (223.15 KB, 806x1260, D1A623DB-2892-4308-ABED-C659E9…)

Wasn’t she just going on in a status about now being one of the “normal girl” ? If you lined up a bunch of Instagram girls, I wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a line up.

This face looks completely different from her videos. Looks like she spent some of that government money on a fake tan.. or she just photoshopped it in

No. 784668

File: 1594215219807.jpeg (356.75 KB, 683x1144, 7FE29BEF-0F9A-4AD0-B8FA-DD8815…)

I attempted to un-photoshop this warped disaster (according to the background and laws of gravity) and… yeesh

No. 784669

Ex Catholic here. I've noticed that Vick likes to wear cheap rosaries as necklaces. This is definitely considered tacky and inappropriate by most Catholics. A rosary is essentially a set of prayer beads that have usually been blessed by a priest. Even nuns keep them in their pockets.

I'd say it was an edgy move if she was being sacrilegious on purpose, but I think she's just massively ignorant

No. 784674

Old as dirt wearing a schoolgirl outfit.

Who the hell is she trying to fool? Blind people?

No. 784679

On gods yes please let this thirsty neckbeard be dumb enough to fly the Vickster out to El Lay for a screen test!! The look on his face when he sees her for real, non-Photoshopped ass for the first time will be epic!

No. 784686

File: 1594221010638.png (483.75 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200708-100024.png)

Sage for no new info but I'm honestly surprised she hasn't been posted here yet.

No. 784698

Fake Versace shorts. Fake (photoshop) Prada bag. Honestly Vic, you’re not fooling anyone. Use your CERB money to save for school and stop shopping on Wish.

No. 784711

It's pure ignorance from her Anon, Red Hand Vic probably doesn't even know it's a Catholic thing and her fake Brit EDL Unionist trash ass wouldn't be caught dead wearing something so Fenian.

No. 784717


I’m not one of those anons who thinks you become geriatric in your thirties and forties, but lately she’s looking…idk, I wouldn’t card her is all I’m saying. I wish she’d age up her style because it’s only going to look sillier and sillier.

No. 784740

Her legs and arms look hammy as fuck here I’m dying

No. 784764

Are you gunna tell us why and how it’s relevant? Or do you not know how sage works

No. 784847

but anon, they have to show us all the woke stuff they follow on instagram

No. 784850

the way she edited the bridge of her nose makes the end look bulbous, and you can see where the double chin is lol.

No. 784855

File: 1594260499597.png (192.82 KB, 512x384, 34D37B18-CC90-4688-8967-15F8F7…)

Her nose looks so warped from photoshop and the contour is atrocious.
Looking like the makeup gun from the simpsons.

No. 784859

File: 1594261605672.jpg (69.78 KB, 1280x1010, IMG_20200708_192452_907.jpg)

Lol some dude asking her about her authentic Scottish kilt that's really just a short plaid skirt.
>Not sure

No. 784916

File: 1594302367603.jpg (134.71 KB, 615x826, 2Valeria-Lukyanova.jpg)

vicky's one bad shoop away from turning into valeria lukyanova

No. 785042

How do people actually think this is real? This is such a horrible shoop I can’t believe she actually is trying to pass this off as her being out and partying lmao

When you’re so broke you have to shoop a purse

No. 785044

File: 1594338004896.jpg (81.59 KB, 789x1280, IMG_20200709_163921_209.jpg)

>I'm perfectly happy being single
>I'd be the best most loyal wifey ever guysss.

No. 785045

Did she just go off on an account stating she always talks about relationships? That’s all she ever talks about. Girl is so desperate for a dudes attention, it’s so obvious and almost concerning at this point.
No mature man in his right mind is going to propose to her

No. 785058

File: 1594344655231.jpeg (503.92 KB, 1125x734, 540785F2-D340-45A9-86ED-3FAA7B…)


This guy is as legit as Ulises!!! Vic is such a smooth brain she thinks he’s legit and gave him her number.

No. 785061

Seems legit…

No. 785066

I can’t get past the fact that a dude sincerely asked what Scottish clan her forever21 miniskirt represents, fucking lmao. I’m not surprised at all they don’t notice the photoshop, they’re as mentally stunted as she is.

No. 785079

I wish it was a troll, because it'd be funny; but knowing Vic's following, not a chance. Kek

No. 785089

File: 1594369973068.jpg (83.73 KB, 1199x1280, IMG_20200710_013150_230.jpg)

She must be joking. She insults women and calls them names all the time. Her complete lack of self-awareness is fascinating.

No. 785093

She's so happy being single and so busy that she has to spend 7+ hours in a row on FB bringing it up, sure thing Vic.

No. 785100

She could not ignore the chance to shit on women. never change Vicky, you are doing great.

No. 785101

by this logic vic has nothing to worry about, given that nobody wants to fuck her except crusty neckbeards, and no woman in her right mind would feel threatened by her.

No. 785185

File: 1594415968788.jpeg (47.52 KB, 828x293, 5B3715A4-FA64-476B-A4E7-A6D334…)

Ontario tax dollars hard at work paying for Vicky’s welfare cause she doesn’t wanna get a job.

No. 785196

>How can I get a bunch of neckbeards to give me attention today?
I bet that post is full of "I'm great at massages haha"

No. 785221

File: 1594426306030.jpg (86.4 KB, 1280x1182, IMG_20200710_170608_774.jpg)

Of course there are. This dude replies to nearly every single Victoria post and he has a girlfriend. I feel bad for his gf. I'd be pissed if my boyfriend spent that much time interacting and flirting with women online. She's gross, her neckbeards are gross. I wonder what people in her small town think of her. Toronto music scene anon said she basically doesn't go to shows anymore because she's slept with so many women's husbands and boyfriends and ruined her reputation. I wonder if the non music scene people in her vicinity also think she's a joke.

No. 785258

I’d question the “sleeping with women’s husbands” statement. I think she says this to try to scare people, but hasn’t done it (I could be wrong). She has this persona that she’s super desirable so you better watch your husbands if you’re mean to her, but I’d assume very few of them (or few men in general) would even consider it. Mine thinks she’s a dumpster fire and enjoys hearing about the insane things she does - makes for fun occasional morning coffee chats.

No. 785260

Toronto anon was in the last thread saying that she hits on people's boyfriends/husbands and that she slept with at least 2 of them iirc. And everyone in the Toronto music scene dislikes her and that's why she doesn't really go to shows anymore. I'm pretty sure it was in the last thread. But yeah, Victoria definitely exaggerates about her ability to steal anyone's man lol.

No. 785265

People act like she’s infamous in toronto but like…are people really that aware of her? Maybe she slept around back in the day, but it’s been a long time since she really went out and did anything besides drink, post on facebook, photoshop pictures of herself and occasionally wreck people’s skin. Obviously anyone who meets her is gonna think she’s nuts, but she comes off as an irrelevant shut-in if anything. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know much about her pre-lolcow life.

No. 785268

She's pretty well known for the shite tattoos. Anons in past threads have stated that nearly every shop has a horror story about repairing her work.

No. 785276

no someone DEFINITELY asked her that

No. 785278

AYRT, that's a good point tbh. I just sort of believed the other anon at face value because what they said was believable but you're right. Victoria has been a hermit since at least 2016.

No. 785300

Whhhhyyyy just why does she do this lol

No. 785302

Totally anecdotal but I used to work in a tattoo shop in a city not unlike Guelph and damn.. did the regulars just love to gossip about other artists/shops. Reputation seems very important in that industry and I have a feeling a person like Victoria would be notorious for a long time.

No. 785316

Toronto anon here. She has most definitely slept with people’s boyfriends in the past.
As for now, she’s a stain on the tattoo community. Tattoos artists in the area have had to fix her work and it’s a community where everyone know eachother. She hasn’t made any friends, let’s just say that.

As for Toronto, she’s long forgotten. She thinks she famous but really the people that do remember her don’t care or think she’s a joke.
I know Victoria thinks she some world famous tattoo artist and cover model but she’s working out of a spa

No. 785334

This is just..wow. No sought after tattoo artist has their social media full of photoshopped selfies and no art. Majority of well known artists have next to no selfies on their page. Vick’s social media is embarrassing as fuck. Anyone who looks at her page and thinks “hmm I want her to tattoo me” severely lacks brain cells

No. 785341

File: 1594487946766.jpeg (77.92 KB, 435x831, 8CF63FF6-5606-460E-AE43-E57593…)

Tattoo done by icky before quarantine. I can’t put my finger on it but something is way off?

No. 785343

i think the left eye is down a little too far and also the hands look super shit. i don't think this is the worst tattoo she's ever done, but knowing her tattoos it's gonna blur and look like some fucked bruise in a few years.

No. 785345

That hand!! The fingers are killing me!
And I think she’s really good when it comes to drawing. She posted some of those, and they were pretty good. That inflated her ego and thinks that translates into tattooing. She needs an apprenticeship and she could probably be good. She just packs in so much color and brutalizes the skin and everything bleeds or falls out.

No. 785349

She didn’t line the tattoo at all so it’s going to fade and blur with time. She refuses to line her tattoo claiming she’s doing “realism” but even those artists do some lining so the tattoo has definition.

She has certainly made a bad name for herself in the tattoo industry. Almost every artist within an hour radius of Guelph has fixed her work. She also isn’t welcome in any of their shops which is why she tattooed out of a hair salon in Fergus and when she tried to open her own shop in Guelph, it failed. She really needs to do an apprenticeship to learn how to tattoo properly and she needs to check her ego and manage her bookings like a professional.

No. 785350

File: 1594491121077.jpeg (603.98 KB, 744x1019, 7734E3DE-A3B3-40E2-A748-BF71B3…)

Sage because she didn’t do this, but this is a much better example of a Mario tattoo that has lining

No. 785369

File: 1594500727040.jpeg (132.79 KB, 828x754, D2E3B78C-B2BC-4691-9C05-8E648B…)

“Ugh I know a bunch of old men on Facebook wanna massage me”

No. 785377

>makes post about wanting massages
>haha I don't like being touched tho, I'm such a hermit
She really just makes these attention whoring posts to talk about how unattainable she is.

No. 785390

File: 1594512094360.jpeg (32.41 KB, 787x195, 23ABDC6B-64F9-4DDA-A8A0-01DD71…)

The thirsty comments she was looking for. She fishes so hard for these.. it’s cringe worthy. Her neckbeards never fail to deliver.

No. 785391

I’m no tattoo artist but to me the problem is that she doesn’t seem to dare using different colour shades to bring out the shadows properly (Just look at the hat, the visor is blending with the rest, or even the shoes) and she doesn’t want to line anything. I think the lining part is because having a straight and steady hand in quite difficult when you tattoo and crisp black lines can tell you the quality of a tattoo artist.

All of her tattoos have this weird blurry fuzziness to it, like the tatt is already a few years old, when even with colours, it should be pretty sharp for a while.
And she likes to blame it on poor healing but that makes no sense when it’s brand new tattoos or even weeks old tattoos, that should look crisp regardless.

No. 785392

I think she’s too cheap to buy proper supplies on top of not having an apprenticeship.

I don’t think she wants to pay the extra for a liner

No. 785400

She was never taught how to apply ink because she assumed she was great at it right away.

A good artist knows where to place the needle so that the ink sits in the right layer of skin. Too shallow and it won't take. Too deep and it leads to skin damage and blow outs (where the colour escapes the intended spot).

This is why her work is either faded to shit within a year or a blurry disaster.

She doesn't understand the importance of line work, which keeps the ink from blurring over time.

She literally layers ink as though she is painting, hammering it into the skin and causing massive damage. All of her fresh work is massively bloody/red. A greater risk for infection because she's causing so much damage.

She uses copious amounts of white and tries to blend it into other ink. White ink doesn't last long.

She traces off a computer screen and copies other artists

No. 785405

File: 1594526672083.jpg (80.45 KB, 782x1279, IMG_20200711_210300_697.jpg)

For someone perfectly happy loving the single life, she sure likes posting memes and statuses about having a man.

No. 785406

What cracks me up is that she’s pretending to be the perfect pick me (I’m loyal! I’m not clingy I’m an ice queen! I like food! I will support you and take you out!) but she’s the absolute opposite of all of that.

She’s a broke ass drama queen who can’t stop flirting with dudes even when she’s taken.

No. 785407

Did she intentionally highlight her over overlined lips (making it all the more obvious), or is she just particularly sweaty here?

No. 785412

File: 1594536762414.jpg (41.18 KB, 1280x579, IMG_20200711_235134_677.jpg)

Lol she can't stop talking about how desperate for a man she is.

No. 785428

She posted this at 230 in the morning…. so I’m guessing she found another schmuck to scare off in a couple months.

Or she’s just drunk posting this for attention.

Don’t know which ones more sad

No. 785433

She is unhealthily obsessed with men/relationships.

No. 785508

Can someone point out where in this school girl photo she's Photoshopped heavily? I can see some aspects of PS but not to the extent that's being claimed. "Background", "laws of gravity"
Honestly the second image is more obviously photoshopped than her original. I know she's notorious for this shit but I feel like this image is more truthful than her others.

No. 785513

Her hair extensions are warped into her waist (defying gravity), pixels in the background were stretched and the plaid pattern on the skirt was warped and stretched/compressed as well. There was an obvious blur on her double chin and skin overall, her nose was pinched, eyebrows were pulled up and lips were bloated in photoshop. Stretched pixels on her boobs and extension warping there as well. Huge forearms (evident of sloppy waist liquefying).

No. 785514

Are you blind anon?

No. 785520

File: 1594609862742.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 57B3A145-4D50-42A2-98C0-F73133…)

If you put this photo through photo forensics All the parts that are white/light gray is what has been edited and it basically lights up like a Christmas tree so …

No. 785529

File: 1594613202828.png (78.8 KB, 762x266, Screenshot 2020-07-12 at 11.03…)

The background in photoforensics lights up because she's used a filter–so I'm pointing that out before someone mentions it. Just going to focus on the face….Aside from the unnaturally long neck which is a dead give away, she liquified her face to try and reshape it. You don't even need photoshop for this, most online photoeditors can do it which accounts for the low quality.She then uses blur every fucking time to try and blend and cover where she does this. After over a decade she's never really improved editing herself

No. 785531


not going to dig around but here's a couple candids from the last thread. Angle is different but shows how she tweaks her pics

No. 785533

File: 1594615752234.jpg (118.91 KB, 804x1280, IMG_20200712_214815_361.jpg)

Here we go again. E-dude #4 (this year) now?

No. 785557

"Totally not looking for a relationship" must be Vicky code for I'm horny.

No. 785560

Vicky is literally the horniest person alive.

No. 785614

File: 1594680507822.png (3.52 MB, 828x1792, BC77D72D-567C-46CE-A6C8-8253D4…)


Also Vicky every 15 seconds :

No. 785619

File: 1594683814809.jpg (550.25 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200713-194304_Fac…)

No. 785626

The reflection in her sunglasses looks like the Joker and it freaked me out for a second.

No. 785633

Her lipstick is so patchy and unevenly applied I can't tell if its supposed to be black or purple

No. 785638

I think part of the lipstick is a filter, or she just really really overlined her lips.

No. 785651

File: 1594690958721.jpg (87.62 KB, 1080x660, 20200713_213617.jpg)

"been tattooing like a photocopier for like 10 years" someone was looking for a tattoo place and vicky commented this.

No. 785652

File: 1594691133169.jpeg (96.69 KB, 464x828, 4B0C6EEA-7E66-45B8-BCB6-01211A…)

Wait …. this is a whole IGTV video about how she falls for a guy? Doing different personalities for each part of her. How drunk is she? How desperate is she? Vicky We know you come here,please get a job and stop sucking the governments tit to make Tik tok videos about how much you need a man

No. 785653

I just can’t with her I insanely over lined lips. What lipstick is she using, Wet N Wild? This is a rookie drag queen mistake.

No. 785654

“Highly sought after “

No. 785655

File: 1594691226188.png (1008.36 KB, 943x2637, iPjp3vW3HgLNcj.png)

This is soooo embarrassing. My face was contorted during this video. It felt like it would never end. Then I go to the comments. HOW is she not embarrassed by the cringey things these guys say to her?! I can't imagine getting "compliments" like these from internet dudes and feeling flattered by them. Not only does she post screenshots from DMs to show how desirable she is but she interacts with these men publicly and thinks they are "so sweet."

No. 785656

File: 1594691565325.jpeg (72.05 KB, 807x567, E0EEE552-2DC0-4E99-B6D9-159556…)

So she sits on Facebook, Instagram, makes stupid videos, photoshops her pictures to hell. Now we’re finding out she sits on WhatsApp with a bunch of dudes from Facebook?

She needs an actual life. Her mom needs to intervene and take her social media away.

No. 785657

File: 1594691657834.jpeg (88.42 KB, 465x828, 6062BD7E-4C09-4026-B53F-08D6BE…)

“Please don’t hit on me”
“Girls with only fans are gross”

Vicky at 33 posting on all social media platforms including her “artist” page.

No. 785664

If a man buys you "a shoe" you should be concerned about why he would buy you only one shoe. What a dumb meme, she keeps sharing memes that a totes mature high schooler would share

Wow, she's gonna rupture something from trying so hard, I've never seen anything that screams of desperation as much as this does

No. 785670

File: 1594696439324.jpeg (120.07 KB, 828x464, E2A9D6E6-8F90-45BC-A489-DBF5B3…)

Maybe is she wasn’t so exhausting, she could keep a man and stop writing these highly pathetic posts

No. 785671

ahaha, the fucking delusion. she has never done anything close to realism in either her tattoos or her photo editing, why lie when ppl can see the results of her work.

No. 785673


People who say "I'm fine being alone! I prefer being single!" are dying to be in a relationship. It's embarrassingly transparent.

Also, being in your 30s and whining about wanting "a best friend you can bang" is the trashiest thing you could announce. This is not how people start meaningful relationships as grown-ass adults, you trailer park hog.

No. 785674


>incredibly happy being alone

>posts all day about 'hott guyysss'
>claims to be taken at the same time

this is just too funny to even be real

No. 785678

File: 1594699311043.png (1.21 MB, 1280x2121, MC2dVe0H40i8UGF.png)

Holy shit LOL

No. 785680

File: 1594699540712.jpg (122.79 KB, 1280x1108, IMG_20200713_210409_654.jpg)

I'm dying. This is a gold mine. Yes, Vic, PLEASE make more "Brain, body, heart" videos. We are thoroughly entertained.

No. 785681

File: 1594699777046.jpg (147.89 KB, 829x1280, IMG_20200713_210807_282.jpg)

This is on an image of a spider with some text about taking it outside with a cup and paper towel that she posted 9 hours ago. I can smell the Jack Daniels in these edits.

No. 785692

This is so embarrassing holy shit.
Also it doesn't even make sense.
She makes her heart like the same qualities as the body so she doesn't come across slutty.
The concept was stupid anyways, but she didn't even bother making a different disguise to show the difference between the heart and body.
The depiction of the brain is the most cringe worthy though. Oooh so icy and mysterious.


Such a cringey fake accent.
Also what's with the random fucking shot of her eye for no reason.
If Vick made a tiktok it would be a cringe goldmine.

No. 785693

File: 1594705986049.png (1.06 MB, 1280x2352, yPi2EOAlgsAUugO.png)

>I know I'm beautiful smart and immensely strong and talented

No. 785714

File: 1594732848654.jpeg (264.68 KB, 828x1394, 436FA4DB-3A9F-47C8-B603-DF6A00…)

This girl is so dumb. Of course she could still be friends with racists, bigots and religious extremists to hear their point of view cause she’s totes mature guys.

She’s honestly too dumb to understand what this guy is saying

No. 785715

File: 1594732910918.png (2.63 MB, 828x1792, 1AFA66C7-9829-4BAC-B1C1-B00E66…)

KEK I wonder if her new crush “left the chat” on WhatsApp already.

No. 785716

File: 1594733163776.jpeg (225.56 KB, 828x1099, 13005F8E-FA78-446D-A437-529765…)

How many threads has she been in now “clearing shit up” as herself or other people?

No. 785717

This is sad. If she really beats herself up mentally and wants someone to love her more than she loves herself she should she a therapist. This just proves she’s projecting everytime she calls other women mentally ill

She knows all these things about herself but she beats herself up mentally? Sounds like she’s trying to sound like a strong, bad bitch when she just sounds kind a scared, sick little girl that’s crying for someone to feed her attention to help build her self esteem

No. 785723

Vicky wants people to believe these are her 3 personalities

- Gothic and unbothered
- Sexy teenage school girl
- "Such a sweetheart"

The funny thing is that all 3 are fake stereotypes that pander to men.

I could hardly understand what she was saying most of the time through some combination of cringing and being confused by the fake accent.

No wonder she's desperate for a man… She doesn't have an identity unless a male validates it.

And she has the nerve to mock strippers, who basically do what she's doing for four hours, create an illusion to make money and then go home to have real lives with real friends and families who can stand them.

Ok then Vick. Can't imagine why you can't hold onto a relationship. Not at all

No. 785724

>If she really beats herself up mentally and wants someone to love her more than she loves herself she should she a therapist.

No one could love Vicky more than she loves herself. She has never beat herself up mentally over anything. She would never utilize therapy, both because it is prohibitively expensive and it would require a level of humility and acknowledgement of her faults that Vic isn't capable of.>>785717

No. 785733

Why is she taking credit for this guy’s relationship/happiness lmao. She must have been so drunk.

>hope they love me more than I love me

See, there’s the problem. You don’t love yourself vicky. You love a fake, fantasy version of yourself that doesn’t exist. You’ll never have a successful relationship because of that reason alone.

No. 785735

Yeah she took that a little too literally. Like he just noticed that when she said it right there over Facebook. Kek. She really is dense.

That used blowup doll / pornstar look is really something

No. 785737

File: 1594743302686.jpeg (65.06 KB, 828x293, 3EB772AE-9BA4-4A5D-BDAE-FE7155…)

So she posted this back in April during covid. Super sales from totally sought after victoria Bella morte tattoos. She can’t even get people through the door on a 50% off sale. Granted she doesn’t really have a door to bring people to.

No. 785742

I didn't really think of it until that person pointed it out but yeah.. she is constantly posting on this topic and it is weird.

What sane man would want anything to do with a woman that is this fixated on anything and everything to do with men/relationships? I'm not a man but I think it would make me very uneasy to think she is obsessed with me and obsessed with all these made-up "rules of love" and shit lol.

Sane people want partners who are authentic and laid-back.. generally. This ain't it.

No. 785747

File: 1594748407371.jpg (93.07 KB, 817x1280, IMG_20200714_103124_712.jpg)

This is a comment thread from a status about being in a relationship with Siri. This is the same guy that she was serious enough about that she was willing to introduce him to her parents and talking about possibly being "the one." To go from being that serious about someone to acting like he never mattered and "it's not like it upsets me" makes her sound like a really shitty and unstable person to date.

(and it wasn't "months and months ago" either. It was like ~2 months ago iirc, and they broke up 12 hours after she changed her relationship status on Facebook)

No. 785748

“Months and months ago.” That was in April. So I guess she’s not wrong… but also she’s making it seem like it was SO long ago. Three months must seem like a very long time when you have no interests or hobbies besides sucking yourself off on social media.

And people keep asking cause she literally posted about him constantly, it’s hard to keep up when she goes through crushes so fast.

No. 785749

File: 1594749974513.jpeg (91.5 KB, 748x401, 06BCE98E-5CCF-4524-B1B2-B07BB2…)


This stupid video she made as different characters makes sense now. This guys “work” is pretty funny the first couple times but he’s literally the carrot top of internet meme content.

No. 785762

The whole comment chain with Victoria and that guy is one of the cringiest exchanges I have read in awhile.

No. 785770

File: 1594755570507.jpeg (152.7 KB, 828x1010, 4D8CCBFF-CA8C-40FE-8ADB-D819DE…)

Oh dear god. She should maybe think about going back to school/ further her education instead of sitting online all day talking about men and herself. She isn’t working, that is very apparent.

No. 785772

Lol she sounds SO salty even tho she’s claiming to be so unbothered
>I didn’t even bang him let alone date him for very long

Something about that sentence made me feel sad for her.

No. 785774

“I don’t know why people keep bringing him up”
Is what really gets me. Like you know it hurt her and she’s trying to play it off

No. 785779

Right. Also she made a big deal out of changing her status to "In a relationship" and gushing about how amazing he was in the comments. 12 hours later and that status has been removed and she makes a vague post that says something like "so much for that." Of course people are going to wonder and ask. She puts most of her life on social media.

No. 785816

File: 1594772573165.gif (273.95 KB, 320x240, FA93054C-578A-4E88-8458-A14906…)

No. 785846

She could be happy if she got help. She just needs to realize that seeing people as resources for attention and praise is causing her misery. Narcissists are pitiful but don't feel too bad for them. It's not everyone else's fault they are lonely. They do have the ability to change most just choose not to

No. 785882

Does anyone know anything about her education? Did she finish high school?

I know plenty of intelligent high school dropouts, so I'm not judging, but she certainly isn't one of them. How tf can she rely on her shitty tattooing to survive? I'm so baffled that she doesn't even try to learn a real profession.

No. 785886

I believe she graduated high school, but that's it. Not even apprenticeship for tattooing. She bought a used gun and started tattooing. It's why she won't work with other established artists. Or rather they won't work with her. She's incredibly thin skinned and will not try to learn or improve her craft properly.

No. 785896

She will never engage in any form of true self improvement. It's like the other anon said, it requires a level of humility and reflection of which she is just not capable.

Even being unemployed and living with her parents at 33 isn't enough, I feel like she is the kind of person who could only be humbled by being thrown into war or some other kind of prolonged struggle.

Or maybe like a really difficult acid trip lol.

No. 785944

Total sage, but this seems like a good video to upload here to keep for future generations of laughter.

No. 785953

Tattooing is a true profession…she just didn’t learn the proper way. She can’t even draw. She just traces mashed together photoshop disasters. She will never improve, and never has, because in true narc fashion, she doesn’t believe she needs to. She truly believes her tattooing is amazing and exceptional. Improving means she was anything less than perfect. And she can’t accept that.

No. 785991

I got you, anon. File is too big to upload here so I uploaded to streamable: https://streamable.com/wwq7lc

No. 785996

It's crazy how she has stayed in the same mindset as her teenage self. Thanks for the upload but I had to tap out.

No. 786014

Absolute cringe. Half the time she sounds Australian and it cracks me up every time.
Also I understood the gist of what she was trying to do but didn’t understand half of it.

And those cheap blue lenses plus the Snapchat filter with the blue eyes is making her look like a fuckin white walker.

No. 786039

Thanks archive anon! It's almost like people forget what documenting lolcows is about. Always archive milk, they can DFE anytime. Plus, we don't all use social media because we have self respect.

Good idea/request anon. But you didn't sage. You have to write "sage" in the email field, it isn't just "teehee sage". You look like a newfag or a quarantine-anon who can't integrate…which might be worse.

No. 786129

Oh fuck off with your high and mighty shit.
"We don't all use social media because we have self respect", yet you're here on a cow thread?
You absolute muppet.

No. 786133

Sorry anon. This is the only thread I’m on because I know her. I thought you put sage in the subject, not the email. Won’t happen again.

No. 786136


Ugh mini mods are almost as bad as summerfags

No. 786149

File: 1594970657007.jpg (125.3 KB, 1280x1090, IMG_20200717_002339_445.jpg)

Stop lying. You want to talk about yourself.

No. 786164

“I don’t care what you think about me, as long as you’re thinking about me” girl doesn’t care about drama.

The same girl that comes here every month to tell people to kill themselves or pretends to be a client.

I bet victoria also wasn’t look for drama when she stole from people. Clients, roommates, coworkers

No. 786182

File: 1594996142048.png (416.06 KB, 2048x1147, Screenshot_20200716-222808.png)

This is a good point, and thankfully since it was made by a male, Vick let it slide.

In England they don't use the word bro. They use Bruv or mate. In fact, Vick uses no British slang whatsoever. If her accent was real, wouldn't she use some actual British dialects? Every slang word she uses is classic Southern Ontario, Canada.

No. 786191

She tries sometimes anon, but the only slang she knows is from stock British tropes. She says stuff like "daft" and "wanker" and pretty much what any other basic north American would say while pretending to be British.

No. 786264

File: 1595039208344.jpeg (206.56 KB, 828x1357, 88EF081C-076F-4460-94E9-76C650…)

Imagine taking no ownership in why people dislike you. Maybe stealing deposits, racism, Ruining people’s bodies, bullying. You absolute fucking moron.

“People hate me cause I’m so amazing” she really hasn’t matured past high school

No. 786274

Lol this crazy bitch really just did the "I don't care about drama" meme
and this post is hers screams "drama" lol

No. 786296

File: 1595080716589.jpeg (200.7 KB, 828x1182, 814C139B-CDC8-47A0-8232-DE9ECF…)

If you have to constantly tell people how chill you are, that is the complete opposite of chill.

Maybe people are unfollowing her artist / tattoo page because she has no art to share. People usually don’t follow tattoo artists to see filtered and photoshopped pictures of their face every 15 seconds.

No. 786297

File: 1595081253045.jpeg (27.16 KB, 818x204, 2D857CBC-2B77-442F-AD9A-B57BAD…)

Victoria: I AM SO CHILL

also Victoria when someone on the internet doesn’t agree with her:

No. 786303

What’s the context behind this?

No. 786308

The context is sort of important, but I also think that someone who says they’re chill but also fights with strangers on the internet in this manner at 34 years old needs a reality check

No. 786311

"If I open my mouth about something you better know it's about the morality"

I'll keep that in mind next time you call black people apes, Vic.

No. 786313

File: 1595090449963.jpeg (356.48 KB, 1125x968, 442DFAFF-ECDF-4EA2-A463-E0BEDA…)

Soooo naturally prettty!! I do think she gets lip injections though. Which look like crap but I guess I’m just a jealous whale.

No. 786314

Weird, this is a friends only post? I thought she posted everything publicly. Anything funny in the comments?

No. 786321

It doesn't matter if you've had fillers when you only post heavily photoshopped pics with 6 different filters. Any 80 year old grandma could look 20 with half of that shit.

No. 786322

File: 1595094692781.jpeg (590.97 KB, 1125x1898, 0B108BE9-2C83-4C82-8770-8982F8…)


She does a lot of Friends only posts now and naw mostly her neckbeards suckin ass and her jerkin herself off some more.

No. 786345

>who said this?
>avoids the question

No one. No one said this. Vicky is just painfully aware of her age and is seeking validation.

>I look young for my age

No. You look like a 40 year old mom clinging to her youth and dresses like how she did in high school during the 80s.

No. 786359

Oh hey she made the status public. Thanks Vic.

No. 786360

>who said this?
>avoids the question

Exactly!! Vic avoids the question because literally NO ONE said it; she made it up so she can blather on about how youthful and attractive and desirable and amazing she is, and get her idiot stans (or ARE they? Hmmm…) to stroke her insatiable ego. She employs this tactic regularly.

No. 786362

File: 1595107773187.jpg (63.97 KB, 1280x623, IMG_20200718_142905_308.jpg)

Wait a minute, what? LOL did she fight them off with her epiccc sword skills? I need to know more.

No. 786365


When lolcows talk about "people breaking in with weapons" they're usually spinning things like landlords drilling out the lock and changing them as a home invasion crossed with SAW. If it was during this whole covid period when evictions aren't allowed then it is a way sketchier thing to be fair.

No. 786370

File: 1595110361682.jpeg (208.2 KB, 725x927, 4B1F83DD-8CE8-4725-BDA5-B5D21D…)

Positive queen loves to talk about her “haters” and how ugly they are.

How many statuses is she going to make about her having plastic surgery. Lip injections are like 500-800. She can’t even pay rent.

No. 786381


Yup. This. She couldn't afford to have work done, let alone maintain it every 3-4 months. She had to go live with randoms off the Internet, stole their toilet paper and mail deliveries and then moved in with her mom. Girl I know for a fact that there are models and good looking people on this thread. FFS, Bunny is on this thread. And she ACTUALLY looks how you wish you looked. Lmao.

None of us want to look like a washed up scene queen who hasn't washed their face since MySpace lol.

No. 786383

Girl, we know you can’t afford Botox or fillers. You’ve got cheap filter apps.

No. 786384

File: 1595115926201.jpeg (38.99 KB, 828x238, EE414906-BF69-4020-8EF5-DBD74D…)

“It doesn’t bother me at all, that’s why I’ve made a status just like this one 30 times”

No. 786385

So she’s had two stalkers from online try and break into her house and now her landlord is trying to break in with weapons? She’s starting to sound like a paranoid person at this point more than anything

No. 786410

File: 1595122445713.png (3.35 MB, 1903x2048, Screenshot_20200718-213057.png)

Here's how that Edward Scissorhands tattoo has held up and how Sam feels about it. I'm sure Sticky will be drunkposting about this later

No. 786426

File: 1595124340750.jpeg (56.65 KB, 564x405, C10B2CF2-7926-4B8D-A0A0-6D0C1A…)


Well I can see why she hates it. That hair is disgusting. Vicky didn’t even try. I know ick blamed Sam for how this turned out, but the detail sucks. Can’t blame that on the client

No. 786427

File: 1595124664000.jpeg (133.46 KB, 828x524, 4CBBD73B-00C7-4AB1-9353-5BB3AC…)


Double post, but she made this exact post like three months ago. Maybe if she had a life or job she wouldn’t just sit on the internet all day worried about what everyone thinks about her

No. 786436

She just repeats the same humble brags every month or so. It’s also a disguised tear-down on women who have plastic surgery and women in general. Implying women can only be youthful and pretty via surgery. Unless you’re just a rare unicorn like our pick-me Vic.

No. 786438

I genuinely believe that she thinks the general public doesn’t know about video editing. She was already exposed in a past thread for editing a video (which she quickly took down) where she left an unedited frame in. Vic, nobody thinks you’ve had fillers, you clearly can’t afford them.

No. 786441

I vaguely remember in an old thread she spazzed out on this customer copying her look/trying to be like her. She probably claimed this about more than one customer and could be getting it confused. This woman looks better than ick, dont blame her for hating that tattoo.

No. 786442

That’s the woman Vicky use to be friends with and is now engaged to Vicky’s ex, Adrian. He upgraded

No. 786444

File: 1595130161030.jpeg (358.17 KB, 828x1363, 97C0F9D0-6C85-4B65-B164-CCEB6E…)

She edited this post like 7 time’s over 20 minutes.

She only uses professional tan. Even though her hands are always dirty from using at home tan in a bottle

No. 786445

The Edward tattoo looks extremely faded so it may be easy for her to get it lasered off luckily. Some of the black blobs that Vick has done in the past look impossible to cover and would take more than a few sessions to laser off. Hers is so light she may even be able to get it covered. She's lucky compared to some others Vick has butchered.

No. 786492

File: 1595163320960.jpeg (99.47 KB, 827x765, E77D0E85-CA0B-4420-A113-BF9FAD…)

Posted this at 3 am. “Naplyfe”
I could imagine having to wear this much makeup at all times. I feel itchy for her.

No. 786493

File: 1595163371387.png (3.71 MB, 828x1792, 9ABA09AE-ED80-48E1-A2E2-C5A09C…)

Not working, smoking and sitting on social media drunk. Vics favourite activities.

No. 786494

File: 1595164199240.webm (1.21 MB, 640x360, 107728429_785856525487643_6655…)

It's one of those short videos where she tries to eye fuck the camera too.

No. 786495

File: 1595164361922.webm (381.62 KB, 720x1280, missvictoriamurder_2020.7.19_o…)

Same with this one. That black area of her gums on the right (our left) side of her mouth on full display despite her turning up the brightness a ton.

No. 786513

Napping in a full face of makeup? No wonder her skin is disgusting.

No. 786517

Wow, her hair is like candy floss-thin! Guess that’s what decades of bleach abuse will do.

No. 786526


Wow. Despite Vicky's best efforts to ruin this woman's thigh, she is still much better looking. Note that she posted an unedited selfie and didn't feel the need to talk about how attractive she finds herself. lol.

No wonder Adrien left her for this woman. He probably couldn't jump ship fast enough. If I recall correctly, Vicky found him working as a cute produce boy in a market and pounced on him. Sounds like he realized he needed out once he reached adulthood.

No. 786529

>i'm all natural
bleaches hair, wears shitty extensions, constantly in makeup. none of that is natural but she's so hung up on putting down plastic surgery she doesn't even think about those things.

No. 786540

Fake eyelashes, makes her lips bigger with lip liner, shitty contacts.
Just because she can’t afford plastic surgery doesn’t mean she’s all natural.

No. 786549


Ew. Blowing nasty cigarette smoke out your nose isn’t cute. That’s actually so disgusting

No. 786563

File: 1595199447376.jpeg (66.98 KB, 828x543, E2357702-6048-41C2-A5FB-2B760D…)

When doesn’t she?

No. 786564

File: 1595199660720.jpeg (281.43 KB, 828x845, AE1A4A8F-400D-4C7B-A5BA-206DA7…)

None of her photoshops look the same.

No. 786567

I was about to post this. I think she looks cute here but she looks… Different and I can't figure out how. It's some form of Photoshop ofc. I like how it's from the same series of pics from a week ago but it obv took her this long to edit.

No. 786572

File: 1595200753917.jpeg (209.19 KB, 1350x814, 41297964-F3DC-480D-AF12-D896DC…)

Her edits aren’t consistent. It doesn’t even make sense at this point.

No. 786575

Another proposal to add to her list. Kek. Also, nitpick, but every time she says she has a crush I cringe. High school talk. Just say you’re interested in someone.

Lol the bend of her elbow being wider than her head. Also, learn to blend your fake tanner around the wrist. Tacky. And her real hair looks dry and fried. It probably breaks so often she never needs to get a hair cut

No. 786578

She takes this Facebook proposals from random dudes far too seriously. This guy lives in North Hollywood, he doesn’t even know her. Like … kek. She knows how the internet works and how creepy some people can be right? Saving that friends list for tattoo clients though.

No. 786579

File: 1595202535355.jpeg (267.29 KB, 1032x1204, EE7DA908-A883-4ECE-B934-56C0E7…)

All those pesky immigrants causing all the crime in a place she hasn’t been since she was two. Victoria not being racist again.

No. 786588

She doesn’t look tiny here at all, curvy and a little thick but definitely not tiny.

No. 786625

D-does she actually think guns or any other firearms were allowed in London before Khan was mayor?

Before seeing that FB group I thought Vic and her dad were racist, but they really exceeded my expectations. Her dad is bordering on being a full on white supremacist. So baffling for immigrants to act like this. Imagine feeling superior to anyone when you walk around with a fake accent that doesn't even match where you're from.

No. 786662

She's… She's so, so fucking stupid…

No. 786672

Anyone else notice how her blob of a neck tattoo changes shape in every photo? It has black lines sticking out of the top in some photos, but in shots like this it's completely flat. You can easily see where she's straight up changed her jawline/chin here. How can one person hate their natural appearance so much, and yet constantly brag about it?

No. 786673

IMO it's because she doesn't think she's editing her appearance. She thinks she's just adjusting for lighting, bad angles, etc. I notice that the only time she ever brags about "no Photoshop, no filtersss" is when she's posting a grainy video/pic in really low lighting. But the super smoothed out videos of her poreless face that are really bright, she never says this about. Then she gets people on her friends list asking "Omg how is your skin so perfect?!" and instead of telling them "I used a filter on this!" she tells them to drink tons of water for healthy skin. But yeah I just don't think that she believes she is tweaking her actual appearance in photos. I'm convinced she believes she looks like her balloon tittied shoops.

No. 786701

I think you're right, but she gives herself a new face in half these pics. >>786564 is especially egregious. Looks like she's trying to be 90s Pam Anderson.

No. 786716

It’s hilarious how these complete trash piles of humans are white supremacists.

No. 786751

An anon came here a long time ago, I think an ex friend or something…someone she did a shoot with I think. She said Vicky was altering how she looked in the photos because the photos by themselves didn’t look like her. So she changed them to better represent how she really looked. So yes, to vicky, she believes she looks like her shoops. Unaltered photos are lies.

Which is true in a sense. Some people just aren’t photogenic. But Vicky straight up alters herself beyond recognition.

No. 786758

File: 1595292168618.jpeg (332.37 KB, 755x1106, 697BD3AA-C51B-42E7-8119-2B7043…)

>>786751 reminder for Vicky cause I know she’s on here.

No. 786764

File: 1595293560144.jpeg (89.21 KB, 828x675, 1AABA358-25DE-47D3-B943-40E807…)

This girl needs to get a fucking job. Ontario anons must be pissed their tax dollars are going towards paying for Victoria’s shitty lifestyle.

No. 786768

File: 1595295076689.webm (1.73 MB, 640x360, 115822115_628316061429228_8029…)

Why does she stick her tongue out all the time? Gross.

No. 786781

And this is gone from her Instagram. Left it up for less than 30 minutes. I forget what the caption said.

No. 786817

File: 1595308003457.jpeg (103.08 KB, 626x1034, 7F8375E9-245F-4501-BF9E-F47E1E…)


No. 786818

Government will catch up with her eventually. I'd rather her be on welfare/Cerb then mutilating the public.

No. 786822

File: 1595311468700.jpg (77.91 KB, 1280x792, IMG_20200720_230221_442.jpg)

She changed her Instagram bio from "I don't care what you think about me as long as you're thinking about me" to this.

No. 786853

I second this. Vick not mutilating people is a good use of my tax dollars. I do find it amusing that the woman who has "lived in many mansions" suddenly has more disposable income since making $2k/month in government benefits lmao. Must've been a big upgrade in terms of income…

No. 786861

File: 1595334854817.jpeg (89.14 KB, 828x803, 6E5B4F11-E9B9-47E4-9FEA-18A1A5…)


Vicky posted this after she was called chunky here. Not only does she have disposable income sucking the governments tits, she has all the time in the world to sit on here.
At least she’s not lying about being a ninja that can do 500 sit-ups in one night anymore

No. 786863

File: 1595334971183.png (3.9 MB, 828x1792, B9EF9B6F-E879-44AA-96EE-435F2B…)

“When your lip sticks to you paw”

Jesus Christ Vicky. Put down the liquor.

No. 786864

…. she doesn’t even have a wrist anymore

No. 786868


I just don't understand how she can wear the same pair of shorts every day for years on end. Like I just imagine she smells of what a nursing home smells of … Dirty ass and cooter. I would've thought by now she would have attempted to prove us wrong and wear something different, but nope.

No. 786871

if shes collecting CERB benefits shes going to have to pay the (i think) 20% taxes back next spring. better start saving now vic!

No. 786880

Didn't her shop close down before Covid even hit? I am very doubtful that Vick electively chose to pay EI premiums on her shoddy part time "job" so it's possible she shouldn't even be qualifying for it. If so, she might be on the hook for all that money…

No. 786881

Yes, but it was right before.

No. 786906

I'm dying to know what this means.

No. 786923

if i had no idea who this was and somehow came across her profile, there would be nothing to indicate that she's a tattoo artist. She's got rows of her filtered, edited face and this cringe caption, that's not something that would make me want to message her for a piece.

No. 786926

This is why I don't feel bad for anybody who still gets tattoos from her. She has a few loyal followers who are just as stupid as she is, who comment on her beautiful soul every time she posts a pic, like that Noelia Kidd lady who has at least one Vic tattoo. Anybody who doesn't do their research on their tattoo artist doesn't get any sympathy from me. I look forward to seeing the piece that the mom of 3 is going to get on August 20.

No. 786951

I agree with this. There are so many great artists in Ontario, and Victoria’s reputation is terrible. If people want to get tattoos by her that’s their own stupidity.

No. 786995

idk if anons are aware of this and it may be a bit hard to grasp, but in fact there's a lot of people who don't care if their tattoo looks like shit. some just want to fill empty space on their skin with anything. you could tattoo them with sth super ugly and they'll say 'cool wow it looks great man!' they have no sense whatsoever about what looks good as an art piece. really, these people exist (i used to work at a tattoo studio and a lot of customers were like this)

No. 787000

Not hard to grasp, this is people’s stupidity as stated above. If people are this dumb, then they can get tattoos by her. Their problem at this point. More people, I would assume, would want a nice tattoo. So she has to deal with scrapping the bottom of the barrel for clients. She is relying on working one day a week while sucking tax payers money to buy contacts when she should be getting another job to pay her own bills like an adult.

No. 787073

Pretty certain her shop shut down before the pandemic.
Cerb is taxed, so either way. She'll have to pay some shit back or just keep mooching welfare while living with her Mother.
Either way, her reputation is tainted and pity on anyone who bothers to ever get work from her in the future.

No. 787108

Agree with >>786995 anon is saying. There are 2 types of tattoo clients, the ones who do their research and ready to invest top dollar for a good artist and the ones who have no idea that tattoos can heal poorly with a bad artist, who are wowed by filtered insta pictures and just in general can’t spot amateur mistakes.

I doubt Vicky is going to really ever run out of clients, she’s not even the worst tattoo “artist” I’ve seen, just solidly mediocre and by the time her tattoos become massive blobs, it’s been already too long for her poor customers. Wouldn’t even be surprised if some think that tattoos should normally heal like this or if she convince them that they somehow fucked up the healing process (which is simple as hell on the client’s side)

No. 787398


man that page is wild. had no idea there was a movement to preserve Norther Irish heritage in the USA run by absolute morons, also why are they so obsessed with London?

No. 787466

File: 1595540154939.jpg (128.85 KB, 1233x1280, IMG_20200723_143516_760.jpg)

New tattoo work

No. 787467

File: 1595540749012.jpeg (73.37 KB, 359x580, DF3023F4-27D3-43F6-9649-2C0AC2…)

Turned up the contrast to see the line work and zoomed in. And fucking yikes.
This is what happens when you drink for three months straight and spend on day on the internet talking to neckbeards. Any progress she may have made tattooing has regressed

No. 787474

Looks like there's a lot of blown out lines in those teardrops at the bottom. Hopefully she will post a clearer image after she completes it. So far there's only a video of it which is where the screenshot is from.

No. 787477

And so far it looks like trash.
But nobody should be surprised. It looks like a prison tattoo.

No. 787479

File: 1595543978535.jpeg (56.1 KB, 304x358, 3C47D60E-47A3-477D-9AE1-943AE0…)

Victoria Bella morte: “distinct style”

No. 787480

Gotta love her “sterile” field prepared with a trash bag hung over an armrest lmfao. Too lazy to even tape the thing down

No. 787486

Haha good catch. I wasn't even paying attention to that. She's an expert at cross contam tho.

No. 787487

File: 1595546342277.jpeg (40.09 KB, 359x270, 1714C263-FA05-437F-9ECC-492ED1…)

You can see this in the unedited version as well, but.. what the hell is going on here? Maybe she’s not quite going for symmetry but it looks like a poor cover up job, not a brand new tattoo, because of the random lines of varying, uneven width/thickness and depth. This is so bad.

No. 787495

Has this dumb bitch ever once just said ‘thank you’?

No. 787499

She did say it was a cover-up tattoo actually.

Caption says, "Freehand cover up in progress :)! Took 3 hours. Laura just came in and said I don’t know what I want just draw on me basically and we created some magic around an old thick tattoo"

No. 787505

Yeah she did. It’s a coverup and it doesn’t look great. But like all her other tattoos, it’ll stay unfinished for the next 7 years.

No. 787507

You can literally still see the number "69" in the middle of the tattoo lmao.

No. 787509

I don't know shit about tattoos and that was the first thing I noticed. You can literally see it in the thumbnail of >>787466

I like that there's a trash bag behind it. Accurate.

No. 787510

Fuck is her line work inconsistent! Nothing is the same size. If you’re doing a piece like this, most artists draw one side and then copy the other. This is a high school notebook doodle, but on a person.

No. 787512

Victoria’s skill is to make any new fresh tattoo look just as old as the one it’s supposed to cover up. I honestly can’t tell where the old one ends which honestly is pretty impressive in a way.

No. 787527

The only skill Vicky possesses is the ability to make a brand new tattoo look 30 years old. I’m actually impressed honestly.

No. 787552

File: 1595591332596.png (790.4 KB, 1790x1280, pRi78vqdezDn8uY2.png)

Victoria absolutely longing for a relationship again.

No. 787561

My husband would laugh at me if I sent him a selfie for no reason. Why is she a perpetual 16 year old?

No. 787586

Newfag sorry but Can someone tell me if she’s faking her accent? I went and watched a vid of her talking on IG and her accent seems forced. Australians usually say their O’s in a weird way and I don’t hear it from her.

No. 787588

Yes she's faking her accent. She was born in Northern Ireland but moved to Canada when she was 2 and hasn't been back since. She constantly talks about how she's British, talks to Scottish ppl about "us Brits" and other cringey things like that. She puts on a fake accent so she can feel exotic in her Canadian town. People who have met her irl have said that she doesn't actually speak that way and that when she's drunk, the fake accent slips away and she speaks like a regular Canadian. She continues speaking with the accent because it makes her ~not like other girls~ and also every time she posts a video where she's talking, she has at least 3 people commenting about how great her accent is, because she surrounds herself with idiots on her social media pages.

tl;dr yes her accent is fake

No. 787610

File: 1595619056579.jpg (712.98 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20200724_092707_com…)

I found where she pulls her inspo from lmfao

No. 787616

Lmao. She’s trying to be “British” but it just comes off as a bad Australian accident. It’s hilarious every time. But yes. It’s fake.

No. 787617

Lol @ accident. Accurate.

No. 787627

File: 1595625615620.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3264x3264, 7DBFC50B-800C-4DE8-B180-2FB593…)

A tattoo artist (with training and actual skill) posted this and it came up on my timeline. it’s hilarious to compare Vic’s “signature totally custom jewel renaissance style” to any artist whose actually talented and competent in their field. But of course, vicky will claim that everyone is just copying her and is jealous of her natural artistic talent. (Both photos are screenshots taken from a video).

No. 787633

Lol there was talk several threads ago about Victoria trying to be Ryan Ashley. I know nothing about tattoos and don't have any myself but I watch Ink Master sometimes and I loooved Ryan Ashley, her artistry, and her whole look. When I saw this side by side I was thinking "I wonder if this is a Ryan Ashley tattoo" so I went to her Instagram and sure enough lol. It has been said before that Vic is a poor man's version of Ryan Ashley.

No. 787642

Don’t you DARE compare the Guelph Catfish Queen to Biqtch Puddin’! Vic only wishes she was as talented and sought after as the Drag Supermonster.

No. 787779

File: 1595688231754.jpeg (116.04 KB, 766x1089, CCE258EE-94A4-47AF-86C9-00464D…)

The amount of filter she uses is just ridiculous. Does she hate her natural face so bad she has to erase her whole nose.

No. 787803

Her face is looking quite filled out recently. Idk if it's from bloat/weight gain or if she's using filters to make it appear more youthful.

No. 787815

She’s been calling herself “thick” and “curvy” recently. She thinks she’s an Instagram model when she’s just a chunk.

No. 787838

It’s definitely weight gain let’s be real she couldn’t afford fillers or any cosmetic procedure if her life depended on it

No. 787852

Honestly, this is a terrible comparison. The one on the right is obviously better but they're really not the same style AT ALL except for the jewels. The one on the right is so heavy I would honestly rather have the left.

No. 787878

Filters, not fillers. I know she can't afford fillers. I was wondering if she was using a filter on one of those apps to make her face more filled out. I don't even know if they have those but they must. We know she uses a filter that smooths out her face and makes her poreless and disappears her nose.

No. 787881

“I’d rather have the left”
I can’t tell if this is Vicky or someone is actually this stupid.
You are correct. They’re not anything alike.
One was one on top of a garbage bag and the other one was done by a professional with training.

No. 787905

Nah, they do have a point. You have a point too, but that minimalist incomplete look would fit a lot better on a lot of people. Not everyone wants full on elaborate grey patches. Bad example, but some one like luna would be making a mistake to add the better piece to her body.

No. 787910

I think this is a discussion about preference vs. actual skill. Clearly Vicky lacks skill, but you’re saying you prefer the one with more negative space. Neither one of these tattoos are my cup of tea but I can appreciate the better artistry going into Ryan’s.

No. 787916

File: 1595790015933.jpeg (131.69 KB, 828x1257, B9BB97C9-610F-459C-A922-0B4B23…)

Unbothered queen back at it again.

No. 787969

File: 1595808332284.jpeg (45.16 KB, 800x450, 33C362A3-6252-402E-9041-182886…)

Lol the only person regularly telling lies about Victoria is Victoria

No. 787976

Every post is about how unbothered towards rumors she is, how she'd be such a totally loyal/amazing wifey, or how she's never had plastic surgery.

No. 787977

File: 1595810283688.jpeg (129.72 KB, 828x710, A27B787B-5C05-4240-8962-018109…)

Don’t forget ranting about racism and being British.

No. 787979

File: 1595810933665.jpeg (37.46 KB, 828x202, 9D4B85C5-210F-487A-90BC-8028A9…)

What a weird ass thing to say.

No. 787986


Is she implying that it was Africa who is responsible for slavery because they “sold” their people as slaves? And that “we” as in her as well as Britain said “no thanks” and ended slavery? Are you kidding me???

No. 787997

Thank us for ending the chattel slavery system we spread around the world and built our empire on! We only perpetuated slavery until 1834!

She can fuck right off.

No. 787999

Also, France was the first European country to abolish slavery, in 1794. Several US states had already abolished it.

No. 788024

File: 1595832597720.webm (499.59 KB, 640x800, 115956575_140322344391209_5046…)

The caption on this says "Piggie life"

No. 788028

Slavery: Africa's fault all along. Vic is getting really, really outlandish in her views, with her comments last week about evvvil Sadiq Khan "banning guns" and "importing" people to vote for him like he's the minister for immigration and a lawmaker instead of, yknow, a mayor. It's not even just straightforward racism, it's being a weird tea-aboo who has to let it be known on every post that she's a proud British subject of the CROWN, and as such she must gate keep a country that she hasn't been to since she was a literal baby. I feel like Vic is like PT but for the UK instead of Japan. She'd probably have a meltdown if she actually came here and had the reality shatter her weird version of it that she has in her head. Also, there isn't a place she could go, anywhere in the UK, where people would buy her awful fake accent and not laugh in her face.

No. 788032

File: 1595838535803.webm (1.55 MB, 640x376, 115914844_342134110120188_4162…)

This was captioned as "freehand chest piece" but it's gone from her Instagram now. Maybe because she forgot to fake her accent in this video.

No. 788036

File: 1595841268355.jpeg (1023.22 KB, 1125x1384, D733DD19-C42B-472B-A3D6-80AC05…)

The thirst is real in this 2 second video trying to appeal to her idea of what men find hot. Pigtails and a lollipop lmao very ditzy 2000s porn star of her. I cant believe she is in her 30s and is acting and dressing like this it’s just getting sad at this point.

No. 788039

The dick thirst is so sad in this. What I don't get is if she wants to come across as a stronk warrior ice queen, why the teenage dick tease pandering? She's in her 30s for fuckssakes.. men DO find mature women sexy.. well they do of they really are mature.

No. 788052

This tattoo is just an absolute mess. This one might even be bad enough for her to realize how awful it is herself, maybe that's why she has removed it.

Why does she hate sex workers but tries to look like a bimbofied porn star herself?

No. 788069

wtf is it? A wine glass with smoke?

No. 788070

File: 1595862943254.jpg (1.12 MB, 4637x3562, NINTCHDBPICT000426986802-e1534…)

2000s porn star or something more out dated?

No. 788076

File: 1595865934492.jpeg (67.44 KB, 612x357, 2AC1C282-C619-40A9-895A-6783B0…)

Screenshot. What is the actual fuck am I looking at? No wonder she took this down, it’s a shitshow.

No. 788079

Um think it might be a heart shaped vial filled with blood? Real heart. The rest are just random swirls.

No. 788085

File: 1595869430519.jpeg (181.68 KB, 1080x1245, AFA7EFB9-81DD-4133-A859-1AB49C…)


Anatomic heart done by a professional.
This guy is definitely a quantity over quality type of fella.

Victoria Bella morte needs less selfies dressed up as a blowup doll and more training in her “art”

No. 788092

NTAYRT wow I couldn't actually tell that was meant to be a heart till you left your comment and I'm in the medical field, I thought it was meant to be some weird triangular wound or something.

No. 788094

I thought it was supposed to be a ruby jewel. I wonder why she deleted it. I'm the anon who caught the video and uploaded it here. It was up for close to 30 minutes.

No. 788104

File: 1595883872405.jpeg (123.98 KB, 828x765, 6C91CB75-FF94-4C70-A7ED-2BD762…)

Found the dude that got this tattoo.
Can’t wait to see how it heals. And where’s her accent? Just completely disappeared.

Also, 3.5 hours for this crap? She isn’t even pretending to try anymore.

No. 788118

Nice find. How do you find the people that get tattoos from her? I try sometimes but I've only ever found a few from people who have left comments on her statuses.

No. 788146


This is awful. It seems like she has two modes: jackhammering ink into the skin and faint, hardly visible lines. You can't tell what this is at all. The anon who explained it must be Vick herself because it took me 3 minutes to figure it out even with a description. What a horrible mess.

You can still find the video this poor guy uploaded where she says "Wooow. Holy shit" in a SW Ontario accent. Oops.

No. 788155

You know she put this video of the tattoo up to prove to people she totally had a job and is a desirable artist.

Then she realized there was no accent and it’s absolute trash. Better luck next time.

No. 788204

File: 1595942878843.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1079x1750, A861F455-B986-4ADB-8A24-0A4E83…)

Old tattoo healed.

No. 788208

File: 1595943263684.jpeg (237.08 KB, 828x1199, 5F1EA9F5-4AAB-45EC-9FE8-28EC7C…)

So old milk, in a sense… but if she was booked out until August 2020 and we couldn’t work from March until June, wouldn’t she now rebook all those people she took deposits from? And be booked until like December? Why would you lie
About something like this…:

No. 788210

I cringe so hard at her acting so proud and blown away by her own work and it looking this smudged mess of garbage.
If only her skill matched her ego.

No. 788216

File: 1595943917242.jpeg (78.26 KB, 713x488, AD66DE4A-D093-4A88-B66D-BDBB01…)

Research your tattoo artists.

No. 788220

Can't tell what this is supposed to be either, is this supposed to be an ornate mirror or a ring?
The perspective is super weird.

No. 788236

File: 1595953278436.jpeg (51.31 KB, 828x276, 1D081069-620D-4E82-836C-9E8BB4…)

The dude Vicky is thirsting over now.
If it isn’t, it’s pretty clear why she can’t hold onto a dude cause she’s all over this guys shit.

No. 788245

Yeah I noticed this yesterday. She likes almost all of his posts. There have been several Instagram guys she does this to. She's super unattainable though!

No. 788272

Hopefully he is smart enough to Google her.

No. 788302


Wow the gem looked like shit when it was fresh and now it is literally a blob. That poor victim

No. 788451

File: 1596051533445.jpeg (119.31 KB, 828x1138, A4465FE6-8585-4A26-B696-B724A6…)

“Super busy, working my ass off at the shop”

No. 788461

Lmfao so the ring/mirror on the leg is mine. She did it for free cuz I was dating her brother and it was supposed to be a frame (I was going to get more, but after the experience, I was like FUCK that).

So basically, I show up at 6pm, we order sushi and whatever, but she literally toon 4 HOURS to set up. No preliminary work done. I was being patient because it was literally for free, but Holy fuck. I told her specifically that I wanted an oval jewel, but she made it circular when I wasn't looking (never had an artist change the design halfway through a tattoo without asking, so didn't think about it), spent another 3 HOURS on just the jewel and over worked the skin, then rushed the rest when I told her NOT TO. I honestly wish I got up and left, but I was seriously afraid to because of how mentally unstable she is. And you can absolutely bet she blamed me for how it healed.

The only reason I haven't covered it up yet is cuz I haven't decided what to even do with it. I was like "Whatever, free tattoo, how bad can it be?" And the answer was REALLY BAD and I learned my lesson lmfaoooo(post proof )

No. 788462

The saddest part about the tattoo is I get complimented on it regularly gags

No. 788465


Didn’t Vicky blame one of his exes for the child porn fiasco? As someone that’s dated him( if you’re not that girl) is he that kinda creep?
Also, mentally unstable how? I mean we all know, but you were afraid of her? So much tea

No. 788470

Lol also me, but I'm friends with one of his exes and acquaintances with another. They didn't know about that whole side of him (but put two and two together cuz of liking daddy dom role play), but he was REALLY good at hiding it. Like I'm talking buried in system files that I only thought to look through because I caught him with teen p*rn and knew he'd hide it instead of delete it. I should have reported him right away, but it's harder to argue teen stuff than actual kids (which I found later and reported).

As for Vic, her whole family talks shit about her, so I heard things about her slamming a chick's face into a desk in highschool, literally saw her antagonize her drunk, already belligerent aunt to the point she got kicked in the head (LOL), she ruined Christmas one year because her and her brother got into an argument about where Machu Picchu was. Not to mention you gotta be bonkers to think that accent is remotely passable as real.

No. 788473

Also me and one of her brother's exes are CONVINCED he wishes he could bang Vic. Like we were talking about him shortly after becoming friends, and she said that and, I was like "HOLY SHIT I THOUGHT SO TOO"

No. 788479

File: 1596054793498.png (1.39 MB, 828x1792, 5BD9A1AC-412B-416D-9170-87DD54…)

I could only find stuff that he was charged. I wonder whatever game of that?

And there was a girl in these threads saying Vicky bullies her in high school, so the slamming of faces doesn’t surprise me. Vicky was in this thread telling people to go kill themselves / she comes across as someone with a short fuse.

Her aunt kicked her in the head?! The dad is a trump supporting racist… the brother is a pedo, Vicky is a pathological liar plus more. What’s wrong with this family

No. 788482

Lmao what a fucking experience. I'm so sorry you had to witness/experience that.

Question: is it true she's photoshopped every aspect of her face/body? And does she try to make absolutely everything all about her?

No. 788499

File: 1596062363348.png (566.29 KB, 568x594, Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 6.38…)

I feel like Kelly Eden is who Vicki wishes she was..

No. 788505

We’ve heard about her taking hours to set up. What exactly is she doing to take 4 hours? And 3 hours on that tattoo? That’s literally insane.
At least it seems like an easy cover up. Could do a rose mirror or some shit.
Lucky for you a lot of the ink fell out. God she’s such a hack.

No. 788508

NTAYRT, but Victoria has all of her photographers sign a waiver giving her the rights to not only edit the photos as she sees fit but also have the rights to send the photos to publishers. Since the alleged owner of this tattoo was also the one who did the photography for Victoria's wedding dress runway, they could probably also attest to it.

No. 788537

post tattoo with timestamp on a piece of paper pls

No. 788557

maybe like older, more "alternative" kelly eden when she was posing in tattoo mags and stuff. This new weeby, comsumerism based plastic one only has the over done shooping and general grimy-ness in common. but yeah, i can see the comparison.

No. 788586

>she ruined Christmas one year because her and her brother got into an argument about where Machu Picchu was

Lmfao why is that so funny to imagine? These fuckin idiots

No. 788601


Yeah 100% she made me sign a waiver giving her the rights to all the photos I took of her, took my memory card home, shooped them horrendously, then deleted all the photos before giving the card back.

And ider she kept running around cuz she forgot this or that, took forever to compose a stencil out of traced images, took forever to eat dinner etc. She did wash her hands a lot and wear gloves oddly enough though. But I was there until midnight and not fuckin' impressed cuz she knew I worked at 7am the next day.

No. 788607


Oh and she absolutely makes everything about her. The reason her aunt kicked her in the head is because after the aunt threw a glass at her daughter, Vic wouldn't shut the fuck up about how soooo disappointed she was and blah blah which made the drama escalate.

At the same aunt's wedding (before this incident) her uncle or something was having trouble giving a speech so she waltzed up and did it for him. At the time I thought she was being nice cuz I didn't know exactly how narcissistic she was, but looking back on it, it was definitely just an excuse to take the spotlight.

No. 788627

Her aunt kicked her in the head? Wat

No. 788632

This is gold anon, please share all your best Vic stories!
We love hearing about her crazy, narcissistic antics

No. 788657

And post candids if you have any

No. 788671

This family sounds like a hilarious white trash dumpster fire. Omg. Thank you anon.

And I'm really sorry she took your photos and edited the shit out of them. I love how she even put your "watermark" on there. She really does love to try and hide that she's editing photos to hell and back.

More than anything else I'm sorry that she tried to claim you framed your ex for cp, that she made you one of her tattoo victims and that her brother was like that. They are all scum. Glad you got the hell out of that situation. Hope things are going better for you now.

No. 788704

Anyone else waiting for Vick to come here drunk and sperging our again? Keep the stories coming anon this is a goldmine

No. 788732

Weird how Vicky hates sex workers but is okay with her brother being a pedophile. If I had a family member that was that sick in the head I would turn on them faster than they could blink an eye. Not good old Vicky, she likes the male attention even if it’s coming from her pervert brother.

No. 788747

Damn - I’d pay good money to see that shit!

No. 788748

> her and her brother got into an argument about where Machu Picchu was

Where does Vic think it is?

No. 788856

File: 1596229525662.jpeg (127.51 KB, 750x727, 46D5408A-1537-4D80-807B-928FFA…)

>I have 10 or more of these shorts lol

Suuuuuuure you do.

If she’s going to post videos of her tobacco caked mug constantly she could at least attempt to do something interesting. She looks like a fish gasping for air. She’s been losing followers left and right lately, not hard to see why.

No. 788857


It’s because she reads here and sees how we notice her in the same crusty shorts and clothing. So she had to make a totally real statement in regards to them. Didn’t she claim to have a huuuuuge wardrobe? Bitch where? Buy some mouth wash and put down the cigs, cancer mouth.

No. 788876

Slight nitpick but deadass never seen her in pants. It’s always those socks and “child department shorts”

No. 788877

She’ll wear leggings on rare occasions but yea she doesn’t wear pants. It’s weird. I think she likes to show off all her tattoos honestly because it’s the only “interesting” thing about her. She’s never covered head to toe. Even her winter shoots, she wore shorts. She always has to have her tattoos visible. Honestly I’m surprised she hasn’t tattooed her face yet.

No. 788884

Lmmaaaoo thank you Vicky, you never fail us. It’s so funny how transparent you are.

No. 788887

So weird. I'm pretty sure this is the same video as >>786768 that she deleted from her Instagram after 30 minutes.

No. 788898

Agree anon! I saw it posted and knew I'd seen the same weird angle and tongue thing recently. Thought someone was posting old milk.

No. 788901

AYRT, I'm the one who caught the original and uploaded it here. I just wonder why she deleted it and then re-uploaded it 11 days later with a new caption about how she has 10 of the same pair of shorts lmao. I don't remember what the original caption was because she uploaded it on the same day as >>786764 this video which says "lounge after dinz" and then all I could remember was that dumb caption.

No. 788957

File: 1596299501263.jpeg (41.75 KB, 828x202, 63FAA9A5-8916-4A9F-8429-589574…)

This is what Vicky said in her last drunken rant here about her brothers court case.

No. 788966

File: 1596306905042.jpeg (175.94 KB, 815x1089, 0F43E03C-2B3A-40C7-9EF4-1BC64F…)

When Vicky posts stuff like this to seem like a good person, but calls people crackheads the next day.

No. 789006

File: 1596326476520.jpeg (101.92 KB, 828x620, 441007B5-3041-4D51-A514-C852BC…)

36.1 is on the low range of normal.
Women’s temperature also changes depending on their ovulation cycle.
Also, alcohol can lower your body temp.

Ice queen Or are you just an unhealthy moron?

No. 789024

wtf even is this, she agree it's normal then says it's "just hella low" and is posting it to prove she's an ~ice queen~, i can't lol.

No. 789039

What is it with ~not like other girls~ girls and bragging about their low body temp? Lol I swear this is a thing. Now Vic's doing it.

No. 789041

Lol who is she talking to? Must be a guy. If a woman was laughing at her absurdity, she wouldn’t be all ~uwu ice qween that’s me teehee
She would be like fuck you bitch you’re just jealous that I can have a normal body temperature!

No. 789043

File: 1596348539704.jpeg (366.29 KB, 1242x665, E59524A0-C0CF-4505-94ED-46FDD9…)

36.1 is literally a perfectly normal body temp lmao. What a bizarre thing to try and make unique. Even by Vic standards that’s just ….pathetic. She really is mentally a 15 year old.

No. 789078

So he’s / she’s disagreeing with her, and she just says “yep” and puts a “lit” emoji like she made her point? She’s either drunk, that stupid, just hears what she wants to or all of the above.

No. 789092

Between this, the other repetitive statuses about shit nobody cares about and the constant selfies of her boring face doing stuff with her tongue, I am convinced she has the most boring life. Facebook and Instagram must be the most exciting thing she has going on. Ouch.

No. 789104

I've never heard anyone brag about their low body temperature before, didn't know it was a thing. Every inherent quality of Vic is somehow super special and not like other girls.

This guy in >>789006 basically disagrees and tells her it's normal, but she uploads a screenshot of the conversation anyway? Kek what?

No. 789109

File: 1596389126084.jpeg (63.51 KB, 811x334, 86BDEA87-A077-4148-A937-3BF72D…)

Vicky, the unattainable ice queen, thirsting over guys she’s never met on Instagram.

No. 789116

File: 1596392211400.jpeg (97.6 KB, 670x670, CCE65094-E1A4-40E0-9692-C3CA17…)

Jesus Christ…. I can see her rotten tooth from far away. Showing her ass for free. And those cheap extensions.

No. 789119

So this dude appears to be a semi pro mma fighter. Why hasn’t he commented on Vic’s hilariously bad high kicks and sword skills?

No. 789123

File: 1596396004688.jpeg (119.98 KB, 828x735, 1EBD830B-7F6B-4EC4-B8BF-9B5CFF…)

So made she had to come back a half hour later to “put him in his place” it’s a self portrait… she’s an idiot.

No. 789124

Holy photoshop

No. 789129


She pulled the skirt too high up over her gut to hide her fat. Also the fence in the background is just as warped as her bonkers mind. She dresses like someone in highschool in 2004 it’s so tacky especially considering her age

No. 789130

File: 1596398357964.jpg (55.35 KB, 1280x970, IMG_20200802_125917_721.jpg)

Such high standards

No. 789143

as someone who graduated in 04, can confirm. Except why does she have those rotten chlamydia-ridden shorts hanging out the bottom.

No. 789144

It's funny how she took these backyard self-timer photos almost a month ago, but clearly edits and posts them at different times. I don't know anyone who takes a bunch of selfies only to slowly release them on social media over a period of several months, that's just so odd.

No. 789145

Imagine how far Vicky could go in life if she put as much energy into working as she did trying to gain approval from strangers on social media?
I know icky likes to say she doesn’t post “that much of her life” online, but she’s posting the wrong things if that’s true.
If you’re a real artist, you have to promote yourself which showing asscheeks isn’t it.
Only fans is gross though.

No. 789146

This line has been used by every douchebag on the planet. She really is impressed by little boys.

No. 789154

File: 1596411289387.jpeg (60.15 KB, 250x586, 84E39039-DD91-4375-8F9C-122431…)

Turning up that contrast on that tooth. And is it just me or does it look like she clips her extensions to the top of her shirt or the mid of her extensions to make her hair look longer? It just looks like cheap synthetic weave

No. 789158

I don't think she pulled it up that high, I think she's just so fat that's the only way she can wear it. And then she just took this depressing reality to be a chance to show her ass.

No. 789172

File: 1596417076485.jpeg (194.9 KB, 822x1265, BB90CC91-0172-4E2C-A14C-5BA162…)

“My thick thighs”

“I have a crush on someone”

“I’m not uncomfortable, I need strangers to validate me because I have low self esteem”

No. 789177

"I really like someone"
And yet goes on constantly about only being "hella loyal" with the official relationship title. $20 says she's catfishing/obsessing with some poor misguided guy she's never met as we speak

No. 789197

She really just out here dressing like a stripper.

No. 789198

File: 1596438213476.jpg (86.71 KB, 842x1280, IMG_20200803_000301_744.jpg)

I love how she pretends like someone asked her this question when she's really just trying to prove to lolcow that she doesn't wear the same pair over and over.

No. 789203


Some pairs look old and crusty as hell the black is so faded lmao.

This stale hotdog bun shaped wench loves reading here

No. 789205

I bet she honestly wonders to herself why she can't keep a relationship.
Since she outs herself for reading here, let'shelp her out here. This is why Vicky. Your constant need for male validation is what drives partners away. You should be happy anyone wants you, but no you have to keep begging men to notice you. You sabotage yourself everytime.

No. 789208

Her clip ins are so tragic. I am "party anon" that unfortunately met her and her "hair" kept falling out all over lol.

No. 789210

She has to prove to the haters how many shorts she has. How absolutely dull is this bitches life.
How about proving to yourself that you can be a functioning member of society, Victoria.
Girl doesn’t have a steady job, lives at home with her mom at 33 and hasn’t been on a vacation / outside Canada since she was two. She had an artist page with no art, didn’t bother even painting to promote herself during lockdown, just drank everyday.

But yeah. Stick it to us Vick , you have eight pairs of shorts

No. 789221

Eight crusty pairs of shorts.

No. 789224

Cheap ass Walmart brand shorts at that too.

No. 789229

File: 1596466931882.jpg (102.17 KB, 780x1280, IMG_20200803_080148_130.jpg)

>But yeah. Stick it to us Vick , you have eight pairs of shorts

Fucking kek. Don't forget the knee highs.

No. 789231

cracking up at the thought of Vic digging in her closet for all her shorts and socks so she take photograph them for the internet. What a way to spend a monday.

No. 789240

Too lazy to look for socks. That’s where ick is in life.

No. 789244

lmao!!! she sure showed us! ♥

seriously what a sad existence, "LOLLL"

No. 789245

same, look at how she laid them all out too!

so unbothered by the haters!

No. 789246


jokes on all of us guys, she's only PRETENDING to be stinky by not wearing any other clothes.
Well done, really got us there.

No. 789253

I'm more impressed that she actually owns several pairs of the exact same black booty shorts and the same thigh highs. That's quite the commitment to dressing like a fashion-challenged teenager, but even teenagers don't own that many damn booty shorts.

No. 789257

File: 1596477785594.jpeg (186.29 KB, 828x1236, 9C58CC85-6C00-4B2B-AEB8-E8F180…)

Smart business moves by Vicky always.
Keep bullying people off your page and being a racist. Maybe you can get your clientele down from 20 friends, family and white trash from your neighbourhood to 3 neckbeards that wanna clap cheeks.

No. 789260

File: 1596480546584.png (3.7 MB, 1280x7923, gentlemen.png)

Look at all these absolute losers competing to protect Victoria from being hit by cars and her booty shorts from getting sprayed by horses.

No. 789261

I think ick has more important things to worry about than where her make believe boyfriend is walking on the sidewalk. Vicky, we know you’re here. Get a job and take care of yourself for once.

No. 789268

Are we supposed to be impressed that she hit up the 5/$10 sale at Ardene's and fought all the pre-teens for the stripey polyester thigh highs?

This must be why she calls herself an international clothing designer.

Also, for any non-locals on the thread, booty shorts and sweaty thigh high socks are never in season here in Ontario. It's either way too hot or way too cold for that combo here.

Lord. Girl lives in a suburb near fields of cows and Tim Hortons, can't even dress herself and acts like she's a Harvard PhD holding lingerie supermodel billionaire. It's fucking hilarious kek

No. 789275

File: 1596494414449.jpeg (36.43 KB, 828x202, EAC23CE2-58CD-42D9-94FF-A0B9E9…)

Vicky on the internet all day handing out usefull information with that Ivy League education and all the time in the world.

She loves beautiful women, aka she only likes women when it gets her attention from men otherwise they’re all ugly and should kill themselves

No. 789276

>Also, for any non-locals on the thread, booty shorts and sweaty thigh high socks are never in season here in Ontario. It's either way too hot or way too cold for that combo here.
This is also probably why her outfits look so weird. Besides dressing like a middle schooler from 2004, her outfits are never in season. She wore that short/sock combo back during the Ulysses saga, which had to have been like December/January and freezing. Who wears booty shorts in Ontario winter?

No. 789277

And remember she wore a corset, a garter and thigh high socks to an amusement park. Always dressing like a 16 year old emo kid

No. 789283

File: 1596500009646.jpeg (212.92 KB, 828x1488, B8C226DB-4D0A-4671-9961-6EAEBB…)

This is a scam on Instagram, and of course she’s posting it to show how desirable she is. Kek.
I’ve gotten this message at least 25 times. But you know Vicky actually thinks this is real and she’ll add it to her list of guys that want to propose. She’s so dense it’s actually scary

No. 789284

File: 1596500183805.jpeg (104.46 KB, 828x735, E3991175-E25D-42CF-B0B8-2F48B0…)

It’s Monday, the rest of us had to leave the house cause we pay our own bills and don’t live on our mothers sofa.

That filter is next level

No. 789285

File: 1596500381998.jpeg (133.42 KB, 827x1181, 7B93D168-1FD1-4325-B520-B3862A…)

Fucking yikes.

No. 789286

nailing that forensic facial reconstruction lewk

No. 789287

File: 1596500762228.jpeg (178.23 KB, 812x1089, 7E0D2B44-C76C-44A9-879F-BBBCD4…)

I don’t know who you are, sir, but nail on the head.

No. 789288

File: 1596501183779.jpg (94.37 KB, 1014x1280, IMG_20200803_135958_470.jpg)

Well you see, the guy that got the freehand chest piece last week was too busy nursing a hangover from his 4 year old's birthday party so he couldn't show up to his appointment and Victoria couldn't ink because there were storm clouds in the area.

No. 789289

She couldn’t go to work…. because it was… raining? This has got to be the most lazy, childish thing I have ever heard. For future reference for anyone looking for a tattoo artist. Victoria Bella morte is known for stealing deposits, making up lies, getting too drunk to show up. Now her excuse for not showing up / going into work is it’s raining.

No. 789290

She couldn’t go to work but she’s in the backseat, assuming in a taxi, probably on the way to the lcbo.
Before quarantine she was saying she was fully booked for a year?

No. 789291

Lmao. I wonder if she follows Shay’s threads because shay uses the same excuses to not work.

No. 789293

I love how she uses these obvious filters and makes up ridiculous stories about her eyes turning black when it's cloudy.

Everyone has snapchat, everyone knows how filters work.

No. 789296

because it’s a man she’s probably going to ignore the fact that he’s calling her ass out

No. 789337

File: 1596543566961.jpeg (202.43 KB, 761x1271, 439343A7-3677-4405-93B2-72240A…)

“How embarrassing”

She posted this at 3am.

Everyone know how filters and photoshop work, though. And some of us have seen you in person.

No. 789341

Seen some stuff during my time inhabiting this earth but I have no absolute clue what's going on in her gumline and why does she not photoshop it away.

No. 789346

Sounds like it could be a line from "The Twelve Days of Vicksmas."

No. 789354

File: 1596552666514.jpeg (244.57 KB, 731x989, 8EA03E11-D600-4CBF-A77C-7B9C54…)


Ick: “How embarrassing, you clearly don’t know how cameras work”

Also ick:

No. 789364

Imagine being so delusional and detached from reality that you genuinely believe every photo of yourself that hasn’t been through hours of photoshop is just a “bad angle”. Embarassing. You know people have seen you in real life too, right? Or are you going to claim that everyone who has seen you in person has just been looking at you in bad lighting or at the wrong angle?

No. 789371

This image belongs on a poster in an unmarried Vietnam veterans apartment. When he hides out in the tiny bathroom to hide his meth smoking from his roommates, he looks at Vick and dreams of a life where everything didn't go wrong, and he has a young blonde Sturgis queen to grope. He calls the poster Suzanne. He has 70% blindness in the one eye that still works.

No. 789396

>Or are you going to claim that everyone who has seen you in person has just been looking at you in bad lighting or at the wrong angle?

No. 789406

File: 1596585436948.jpeg (189.53 KB, 535x1169, EFCDB30E-E09C-4CEA-B9FF-58B7FD…)

Another chapter from healed tattoos by Victoria.

The lion isn’t the WORST thing I have ever seen her do, but in two more years it’ll look like a prison tattoo. And there’s no details.

The rest is straight trash

No. 789407

File: 1596585511313.jpeg (30.28 KB, 828x202, 0CD1117C-2D72-46B9-80E5-9D6231…)

Can’t be getting top quality tattoo artistry when the “artist” is giving out tattoos for Uber rides.

No. 789409

File: 1596585695559.jpeg (57.63 KB, 828x263, 160E873F-839A-4777-9546-CDDA00…)

All the girl said was “I had an eating disorder and I think it’s toxic that you have to always tell people how skinny you are” and this was victoria Bella mortes response. Drug ODs are too good for this person.
And way to cut up someone that just admitted they had a mental health issue.
Vicky never ceases to amaze and show her true colours

No wonder she has no clients. Can’t even work when it rains looking ass bitch.

No. 789410

File: 1596585870931.jpeg (121.27 KB, 828x437, 50F94A80-93A2-4F02-91D2-D4C78F…)

“Karen Bella- morte”

No. 789418

File: 1596587671223.jpeg (181.48 KB, 828x833, BE65CBF4-93E0-4860-A48A-92610A…)

Victoria Bella morte tattoos.

No. 789427

File: 1596592546786.jpeg (33.96 KB, 828x294, A0F61717-1A0C-4DEC-8229-4D49C0…)

Tomi Lahren: “ If they aren’t shithole countries, why don’t their citizens stay there? Let’s be honest. Call it like it is.”

Makes sense. Who Vicky wants to be

No. 789431

File: 1596593165222.jpeg (88.59 KB, 828x681, 8A3C1265-DAFD-4604-8860-7CE5FD…)

Victoria trying to keep a man for years. This is why they ain’t sticking

No. 789434

I can’t believe this isn’t a conversation between middle schoolers.

No. 789444

It looks like a grade school rendition of an off-brand Junji Ito character.

No. 789445

Omg I have so many screenshots between these two like this. Victoria also dmed some girl who was chatting to him and there was some fallout from that. The girl called out Victoria in a status lmao. White trash trainwreck. Her and Jamie don't talk anymore. I should see if I can find these screenshots lol. That guy's Facebook is a goldmine of self aware cringe. I bet he has some really gross Victoria dms from earlier in the year.

No. 789446

love this post

No. 789452

This wouldn't be an issue if you had an apartment and a bank account, Vick.

No. 789466

Acting like a butthurt harpy over an internet guy? How very ice queen INTJ of you.
I really wish she would just admit to being scared she's over 30, financially unstable, and desperate to land a guy.
What's she going to do when Trudeau's covid bucks stop rolling in?

No. 789497

File: 1596628496626.jpeg (169.82 KB, 784x1266, 4B66564E-E1E3-43FD-BBCA-8D8CEB…)

5 am posts from Vicky.
Nobody hates you girl, you’re just fun to laugh at.

The few people that do hate you are probably the girls that you slept with their boyfriends or people you mutilated their bodies / stole from.

“I’m so pretty people hatttee me” you’re 33 years old, get over yourself and get a job.

No. 789498

File: 1596628878735.jpeg (227.5 KB, 827x1242, 24F76E36-BE09-4DDD-AEB0-6B0BBB…)

The last time Vicky did any real art, 2017.

What’s up with those eyes? PCP Buffy

No. 789499

File: 1596629885100.jpeg (61.01 KB, 718x290, D385C12D-620D-4F9C-B1E8-0EA48D…)

Victoria got hella pissed once that a girl was thirsting over her drug addict Facebook boyfriend and this was her response.
Not very ice queen, INTJ. You sound like a proper internet troll loser

No. 789500

File: 1596630105354.jpeg (232.07 KB, 828x1319, F072FE2F-6B5D-40EF-B663-F0869F…)

Imagine having such low self esteem that a guy from Facebook calls you a hoe, admits to having drug issues and still trying to date him
Set the bar high for yourself, Vicky. But yeah everyone hates you cause you’re pretty

No. 789516

God, she's such a boot licker but with loser men. "I don't like being called a hoe, mister." She's pathetic. It might my day. Vic need those knee socks to cover the bruises from being on her knees all day and night.

No. 789517

lmao, underrated post

too bad she just cannot realize that it is exactly this attitude that keeps people from liking her.

oh god how embarrassing.. thanks for sharing these

No. 789524

This chick is really telling others to “seek help” and to “get therapists”


No. 789549

Imagine being a middle-aged woman and taking a man calling you a 'hoe' as flirtation…

No. 789563

she uses this word "broad" so much. not very british

No. 789564

She uses literally no common British slang at all. Wouldn’t surprise me if her Irish family have disowned her.

No. 789565

Also, sorry for the double post, but she tries to be a posh Londoner and comes across as an Essex slag at best.

No. 789595

This may have been discussed before, but why the fuck does she do a terribly watered down fake London accent when she was born in Scotland and migrated at age 2? Why not fake a Scottish accent? And why call herself a Brit anyway? Scott's hate Brits (in general). I don't want to say she's the living embodiment of Dunning-Kruger, but she kind of is.

No. 789596

She was born in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. A heartland for DUP voters as evidenced by her backwards Dad. Her family's background would put her in the unionist camp regarding the UK/Ireland discourse, so she would identify as British. However, she emulates London more than her birthplace which is weird. Her family is from Broughshane and its like farmers and Ballymena closest major town. Her Dad's accent is most likely fucked up and I'd love to hear it. You're close assuming Scotland though, her family are most likely Ulster Scots

No. 789597

Hahaa if Papa Shingles has a Ballymena-hai accent it'd be hilarious. No wonder Vic tries to model her accent on posh Southern English.

No. 789604

She didn’t have an accent at all in high school. She said it’s because she was embarrassed and hid it. Her brother doesn’t have an accent.
Two year olds do not have their full speech development at two, going to Canadian schools and she hasn’t been back to the uk since, the chances of her still having her accent is pretty low if none.
Even her exes from back in the day said she never had an accent.

I think she just wants to be a unique snowflake but also has deep daddy issues. Between faking her dads accent and begging for men’s attention.

No. 789606

File: 1596723948570.jpeg (57.25 KB, 804x393, 8607366B-23AB-4AEF-A36D-D48CA8…)

She asked what accent is “sexy” in a status. This guy has lived in the UK his whole life and is calling her out and she’s too dumb to see it. There’s been many times people have told her to stop faking it, even people from the uk and she tells them they’re wrong. So… I think this is for the long haul

No. 789608

What is she trying to say in her comment? Word salad.

I actually think faking your background/accent is a bit common in narcissists. Vic really wants attention and generic compliments, and people with British accents will usually get extra attention in Canada or America, especially from the less than astute guys she fawns over. I'm sure there's a bunch of "wow, where are you from, your accent is so cool!" comments on her facebook.

No. 789611

There are tons of comments like that on her Facebook whenever she posts a video where she's talking. From men and women alike. She really does have the dumbest people as friends on her social media accounts.

No. 789612

It absolutely is common in narcissists. It's a false self built up to prevent her having to experience uncomfortable feelings like insecurity, shame, loneliness, emptiness etc. Unfortunately it's also the reason she can't grow or change as a person and therefore can't maintain friendships or relationships. It's actually really sad. She should get some therapy while she's still young enough to have a chance at happiness.

No. 789615

I’m not sure why people still ask these questions. She doesn’t use appropriate slang because it’s fake, she doesn’t have the correct accent from the place she claims to be from because it’s fake. She’s bad at faking because she’s not very bright.

No. 789635

Not to mention her accent is inconsistent as fuck. Some videos she uses a cockney London accent whereas in the one video where she talks about “tongue lashing” someone, she’s speaking in a Yorkshire accent ?

No. 789644

File: 1596767730390.webm (1.5 MB, 720x900, 117184182_1788154278022277_113…)

>I did another tattoo today on this awesome guy and this one is fully healed up for a year …but unfinished. Looking forward to it’s completion. If you ask me for hot vampire chicks I’m down to give you a deal they are a fav of mine.

No. 789666


Why is the neck so jacked looking and where are the tits? Looks like a women's face on a fucking thumb.

No. 789668

My favorite part is that she says she'll give discounts on hottt vampire chick tattoos that are based on her shooped face. Almost makes me "want inked."

No. 789669

“I did a new piece… but here’s the old jacked shit we never finished”
Okay Jan.

No. 789687

This is so tacky. Like yeah there is tattoo artists that have certain tattoos they specialise in like Kat von d with her portraits or the other woman talked about on ink masters that does the gems, but to offer a 'deal' because she likes drawing hot vampire chicks more is the weirdest most unprofessional thing. I've never seen a tattoos advertise shit like 'infinity symbols are 50% off!'
She's also doing that pick me thing where she queer baits even though she hates women and is nowhere close to a lesbian. She'll go on about other women being hot sexy babes to dudes. Basically the equivalent of that drunk bitch in highschool who kisses other girls at parties to impress the guys or will see some woman on tv and start going on about how hot she is to try and look like the cool hot chick to her boyfriend.

No. 789688

File: 1596818084355.jpeg (122.92 KB, 691x621, 0220AF96-1BCB-4E4B-A0E5-7B5834…)

Funny you should say that. She’s exactly that girl.

No. 789739

File: 1596858930474.jpg (69.56 KB, 1280x1133, IMG_20200807_205506_765.jpg)

It's Vic's flavor of the week again!

No. 789741

File: 1596859142228.png (367.87 KB, 1280x1050, kocRNXGbQCVIKvA.png)

Found the guy on Facebook. Here's our ice queen offering him oral sex.

No. 789742

Post his picture lol. Her type lately has been young or trailer trash. Curious which one he is

No. 789743

File: 1596861781786.png (2.43 MB, 2018x1304, ayV0S6QDpI.png)

Left pic is from his Facebook, right is from his Instagram. I don't believe the ten hour tattoo was a Victoria tattoo. It's a pic from 2018 and he's only been on Vic's radar for a couple of months. Most of his pics are MMA stuff that don't really show what he looks like. He's a year younger than Vic, born in 1989. He has a daughter who looks to be 6-7? He rides motorcycles. I remember saying something earlier in this thread or maybe it was the previous thread about how Vic has a crush on a motorcycle guy and was posting these motorcycle awareness statuses, kek. I honestly can't remember if this is even the same guy tbh. She goes through crushes monthly.

No. 789744

ahahaha is that schoolgirl shit for real her profile pic? ice qween really out-cringes herself daily

No. 789761

Posting shit like this on social media.. in your 30s.. it’s like the epitome of trashy.

No. 789765

File: 1596891495996.jpeg (87.71 KB, 828x434, 9749563A-5AC6-4F3A-9FFD-0285FD…)

I would never go to a tattoo artist that talked about her clients like this. She is the common denominator, maybe she’s not educating people properly? And her tattoos suck? This cam guy is the dude that got that vampire tattoo she reposted. He never said anything about getting a tattoo recently by her. And the vampire looks like a faded prison tattoo

No. 789787

I can't get over how almost every guy she talks to looks like he works at a gas station in rural Arkansas and writes like a 4th grade dropout. Is Guelph really that trashy? Where does she find these people? I guess anyone who can use proper punctuation has enough sense to stay away from scratchers, but it's still impressive.

No. 789791

I mean, considering her type used to be underage scene boys and emo haircuts, this isn't all that surprising. This type of guy is the only type she could likely consider dating at this point, who would also likely be into her. Based on her fan base, her only other option would be ugly old daddies

No. 789819

File: 1596920916982.jpeg (109.94 KB, 606x1024, 8B35AAD5-AAEA-4425-AC3E-3C8D86…)

My fav is when this full grown woman would photoshop her teeth and would try and claim they were real.

No. 789825


She can also be seen in this (shit) music video sucking face with another random girl trying to get as much screen time as possible. She also got on top of the amp behind the band during a crowd shot, trying desperately to get more attention. Luckily they cut her out of the shot for the most part. Basically a nun and totally not a clingy band dick worshipper.

No. 789830

File: 1596926250899.jpeg (237.37 KB, 828x1268, 44CDBD95-5F74-4B75-B9F3-409F17…)

Posts the girl that told people to kill themselves, told a girl that she looked like an embalmed blow up doll version of Victoria, puts down women that don’t have the same views as her, wont get an apprenticeship, acts like a 16 year old and won’t grow up.

But please keep toning about “being better”

No. 789834

Guelph really isn’t that bad and has a high cost of living. Vic is just bottom of the barrel and can only capture the attention of the lowest common denominator. Any man with brains and money knows not to bother with her.

No. 789851

That’s actually a great way to describe her taste lmao. I’d bet this dude has a giant dollar sign tattooed somewhere on his body.

No. 789862

File: 1596934256872.jpg (102.02 KB, 1060x1280, IMG_20200808_175032_171.jpg)

>Not finished but this was fun. One sesh

No. 789864

File: 1596934924828.jpeg (43.51 KB, 268x618, 5E1FA958-A1AF-4FF9-AAFF-3C6929…)

Let’s just zoom right into that. Her detail work is atrocious. Those small flowers are going to blow out and be blobs.
And some of this is already faded. So people not google their artists?

No. 789865

That bottom flower is atrocious. Where is she tattooing out of? Is it still her cousin's salon or is it in a room at her mom's house?

No. 789869

This is sad as there are at least three other artists in the area that specialize in black and white flowers like this. I’d be pissed if my tattoo looked like this garbage.

No. 789871

I just noticed she has a trash bag over the chair again lol. Gotta be her mom's house.
Victoria's clients are people she trades rides for tattoos with. Not people who care about getting quality work done.

No. 789873

I would t be surprised if it was out of her moms basement to be honest.

No. 789914


Imagine laying down and squeezing your chest together and still having a floppy breast that doesn’t fill out your top

Like fried eggs nailed to a wall

No. 789921

File: 1596978779376.jpg (333.95 KB, 2896x2896, 20200809_210210.jpg)

Haha I forgot about this.
Vic in her natural habitat with a bottle of Jacks in hand, her tits almost falling out of her bra while tossing her extensions about.

No. 789923

File: 1596982691521.png (963.85 KB, 1275x669, vichair.png)

This video is amazing, no idea how I haven't seen it before. I love how all the other girls are wearing casual clothes and Vic's in her ultra push up bra/glittery club top.

Girl on the right is just happy she got the milk when it was farm-fresh.

No. 789944

File: 1596993269466.jpg (1.01 MB, 1500x2772, pt2020_08_09_12_13_14.jpg)

Please gimme attention, please, muh tiny waist!

No. 789967

Vic’s entire tragic existence is an example of why kids should stay in school and make something of themselves.

Could be used to scare them straight.

No. 789968

“Unbothered: the mediocre rise and predictable fall of a MySpace scene queen”

No. 789971

I can never get over how big her chin is whenever I see a candid photo. She really does have an unfortunate shaped face

No. 789973

File: 1597005815121.jpg (67.89 KB, 997x1280, IMG_20200809_134329_573.jpg)

>I'm perfectly happy being single

No. 789974

I'm surprised "music video babe" isn't in her list of accomplishments on her Facebook bio.

No. 789977


It’s insane how much she tries to change her voice in her videos now, especially since she’s been on the Internet forever and people have archived her old videos. Here’s one.


No. 789980

Probably doesn’t want people seeing her true Leno-chin.

But for real those extensions are TRAGIC.

No. 789981

Gruesome Geddes doesn’t even speak to her anymore which goes to show how good she is at keeping any kind of human relationship going.

No. 789982

LOL. Farewell to Freeway had an open casting call for local metal heads for this video. Super open. Most of the other people in the video are really active in the Guelph metal scene or are/were in bands.

This is basically what Vick does at Guelph shows, too. She shows up in a dumb “final fantasy babeeee’ cosplay, makes herself visible, and talks to nobody unless they have a little clout.

No. 789984

So it’s a video of her from like 10 years ago with no accent saying that everyone wants to be her. So the same thing she still rambles about but in a faked accent… but is telling other people to get a hobby? Oh okay.

No. 790011

File: 1597020770686.jpeg (46.19 KB, 828x251, FCA6E152-D99F-47AA-811E-9D050D…)

Icky made a post about prepping for a tattoo.
She probably posted this because she needs something further to blame her clients with. And if she REALLY wanted to give her clients the best results she would get an apprenticeship. Even the best artists can always be learning and growing…. but all she cares about is people’s money

No. 790012

File: 1597021525034.jpeg (129.85 KB, 618x839, 81C83A8D-CCD5-4F51-9D03-98A52A…)

Ickys client posted a photo on her Instagram. It was bad enough when ick took a photo.. but ….

No. 790014

Holy shit I'm laughing so hard. This is a terrible cover up.

No. 790015

Knowing icky it’s “unfinished”

No. 790016

This thing is a blown out mess. This was a bad fucking decision from everyone involved. How did you find this? Are you the anon that always finds the tattoos of her clients? I've tried but only found a few before.

No. 790017

This looks drawn on with a sharpie by a drunk friend as a prank.

No. 790018

Wait lol it is unfinished! I noticed there's only one pointy thing near the bottom. It's on the right side but not the left. This is soooo bad. I keep zooming in and staring at all the different parts.

No. 790021

This is so asymmetrical, my god
Especially the droplets (?) and the
bottom left and right petals (?)
Did she just completely wing this without using a stencil?
Unless her client wanted it to be asymmetrical, I don't understand why Vic wouldn't mirror one side of it in Photoshop and then use that as a stencil.

No. 790022

Because she cares more about saying “freehand” than making it look good.
And I am the “tattoo” anon. This tattoo was done on someone that works at / co owns glow & co in fergus .

No. 790025

No. This is a stencil done in marker. It's not actually a tattoo. Right????

No. 790030

File: 1597027081786.jpeg (282.5 KB, 828x1271, FE2D17E4-347F-4E77-963B-4DE115…)

Here’s the caption. That’s the tattoo. She’s going to need a coverup for that coverup.

No. 790032

It was so odd to see Vic in motion. She’s like a open mic night groupie

No. 790060

The more you look at it, the worse it gets.

Those lines are thick af so a coverup won’t do it, she’ll have to get it lasered off first.

No. 790074

Horrendous line work and balance aside, anyone else notice her tattoos never work for the shape of the body part they're on?

Why the hell would she put the narrow piece high up on the shoulders and the large section closer to the waist?

It's almost like she enjoys ruining women's bodies

No. 790076

uh this layout is pretty common, not sure what your issue is with it. there's a ton of other reasons why the tattoo is shit.

No. 790078

I can’t with those extensions my god face palms she looks so ratchet and the shot of her macking that girl looks like a home movie of her at parties rather than a music video

No. 790089

File: 1597091939460.jpeg (781.82 KB, 988x1913, 6FFB5C63-E725-4B90-ABDD-F0C05B…)


This guys face says it all

No. 790095

File: 1597096306392.jpg (546.11 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_2020-08-10-23-50-41…)

In case you've missed it

No. 790111

Vic looks so jarring with her ratty extensions and drag eye makeup next to the girl on the left. She's actually pretty and has a great smile.

No. 790128

This video is a treasure trove of terrible Vic images. Bless you anon for reminding us!

No. 790133

File: 1597114355850.jpeg (441.76 KB, 2048x2048, E89BA6DE-7B6D-499F-823C-596A73…)

This is what it would look like symmetrical (sort of, it was really hard to line up)

No. 790135

That's slightly better but there's still no fixing those blowouts. This is one of the worst Victoria tattoos she's done recently. It's SO bad.

No. 790140

She’s not even back to tattooing, I remember this one from months ago >>761753

No. 790141

Ugh I don’t know how to unfuck my link up, but anyway it’s from five months and two threads ago.

No. 790142

You can delete posts within 30 mins of making them anon. Not cool to do if someone responded to your original post though.

No. 790145

anywho just pointing out this isn’t even recent, it’s from five months ago. Somehow still hasn’t caught the asymmetry.


No. 790146

And it’s not even letting me delete my second try. lmao sorry for being a retard all over the thread everyone!

No. 790153

File: 1597135085212.jpg (371.01 KB, 1011x1141, Screenshot_20200811-043257_Chr…)


I got you anon! >>>/pt/761793

No. 790164

This tattoo was done on a girl from glow and co / part owner? So they probably have her working out of the closet.

No. 790171

File: 1597158803419.jpg (184.5 KB, 1080x1080, 73497423_533276724186758_45139…)

This same woman also got this tattoo from Victoria. This was posted in November of 2019.

No. 790184

oh dear god

No. 790186

What's your favorite part? Personally I am a fan of the uneven talons and the flowers right next to the bird's body. This poor woman.

No. 790192

File: 1597167790344.jpg (401.91 KB, 886x1688, Screenshot_20200811-134254_Chr…)


Someone in the thread was saying it's her sister?

No. 790198

If you scroll down a bit, it was debunked.
Not her sister.


No. 790205

It's gotta be the tangled up scratchy rosary beads lol, or perhaps that it is very reminiscent of something you'd find sketched into a middle schooler's notebook while bored in class.

No. 790208

File: 1597182033363.jpeg (154.32 KB, 828x842, DFC5A204-E1BD-438D-B9B3-1D32E7…)

Holy shit…. this poor guy

No. 790209

File: 1597182129659.jpeg (76.47 KB, 828x448, 981BC2D9-17AB-4677-9C7C-E19DC9…)

And then this comment. So you just walk around with shitty tattoos until she “thicken” this girl is a scam artist, not a tattoo artist

No. 790222

File: 1597186248284.jpeg (202.7 KB, 828x1159, 6D8A828E-6AEA-4168-B6CB-CFE897…)

That’s what she said on the first round of this tattoo as well. She wasn’t going to perfection. So if you want a busted tattoo, look no further Victoria Bella morte has got you!

No. 790224

>zero stenciling or planning

Yea, it shows. I love she thinks that’s something to dote about.
99% of her tattoos are “unfinished” or “needs more whiteeeeee”

No. 790225


Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tattoo posted by her, or one of her clients that is actually “finished”. Even her clients captions always say “not finished yet”? Does she ever finish a tattoo? Or does she just say that as an excuse for why it looks like such shit?

No. 790226


Oh my god. Sorry for the double post but… do you think that’s why she bails on appointments so often? She never actually “finishes” most tattoos? That way she can’t be blamed when it looks like shit because it’s “unfinished” (when the client eventually gets tired of chasing her around to nail down an appointment), and she can potentially scam them out of a deposit for an appointment she’ll never show up for? It’s like once she realized the absolute mess she’s made on someone she’ll just bail entirely to avoid taking responsibility (but will happily accept a deposit for a “future appointment”).

No. 790229

File: 1597189654480.jpeg (108.62 KB, 828x508, 8EBF0D28-E9A7-4FB1-9CB6-8DC4ED…)


There’s a comment a guy left on one of her photos saying he left a deposit and couldn’t get ahold of her to make an appointment. I can’t find it but I’ll post when I do.

But she’s made up stories about being kidnapped, being sick every 15 seconds, “stalkers” breaking into her house more than once.

She had a violent boyfriend according to this, even though she’s also stated all her exes are marvellous. Liar can never keep the stories straight. She never finishes a tattoo. There are a few but the majority “need more white”

No. 790240

File: 1597195889271.jpeg (33.79 KB, 731x199, 88133A96-6F39-4214-9B52-8AC83B…)

She posted this crap tattoo 5 hours ago and it has 35 likes. Even her bot fans are like. . “No girl this ain’t it”

No. 790241

This bird looks like he's flashing you his wares.

No. 790244

he's an idiot for going back to her, this thing is still a mess and will always be.

a strong outline is one of the basic fundamentals of a good tattoo [unless it's a style where there isn't one but that's not what this is] and she is so casual about how it doesn't have to be perfect b/c she'll ~fix it~ later but that's not necessary when you do it right the first time.

No. 790249

I think it's the same as artists who say stuff like "Work in progress! Not finished" or abandon their stuff halfway through so they leave the better finished result to everyone's imagination.

Except usually when artists do it, it's a digital piece and it's not literally on someone's body (and huge as fuck to boot).

If people see stuff like >>790012 and still decide to book Victoria then it's their own damn fault. I'm interested in knowing how much she prices per hour because usually clients who are ok with shit designs and tattoos like that tend to gravitate for the cheapest options.

No. 790253

I’ve seen her prices at like $130ish an hour. And that’s Canadian so like $100ish dollars American. Which is crazy because (based on anons who came forward about their work from her) she apparently takes hours to do basic ass shit. So that garbage Phoenix is costing that dude several hundred dollars. Insane. Literally insane.

There are really good tattooist out there charging the same amount with 100xs the skill. I don’t get it. But it seems like she’s not really getting paid much for tattoos anymore. She practically begs for work, makes it seem like she’s booking up fast so anyone who might be on the fence will pony up a deposit, and throws tattoos to anyone who drives her to the store.

No. 790259

File: 1597220948488.jpeg (31.45 KB, 680x358, 350BE9AE-40DE-4CC4-9E74-885F5E…)

Is this what a stroke feels like, because I sincerely cannot understand a word she just wrote.

No. 790290

File: 1597244521469.gif (2.94 MB, 360x201, 6816AB8D-7D4C-42F1-9BC3-06F53F…)


No. 790291

Keking so hard at her reply

No. 790294

I dont known if its just me but the girl on the couch next to them looks so uncomfortable lol.
She's kind of got an awkward smile like she's trying not to cringe and she kind of looks like she's motioning towards them with her cup as if to say to the person next to her 'this bitch'

No. 790304

She was $100 an hour which is pretty low for Canada. Most GOOD artists charge $120-150. If it’s someone quasi famous you’re looking at $200 an hour.

She definitely takes her sweet as time to milk all that money.

No. 790309

looks like a cross between a "sweet fantasy dragon" a 13-yo drew, and the South Carolina Gamecocks mascot. just terrible

No. 790322

Bet if you pay in cash she doesn't charge tax….

No. 790353

If you give her a ride to the liquor store, she won't charge you at all.

No. 790556

File: 1597519208497.jpeg (73.76 KB, 828x814, 0B630834-19B0-4CC0-A2DB-B17C9A…)

Imagine if she put half the effort into her life as she does the men she runs through?

No. 790633

File: 1597535726234.jpeg (166.79 KB, 828x1166, B526ABE8-4DAA-4B5A-B059-602406…)

Her two fav topics. Alcohol and men.

No. 790640

I don't understand why she posts these exchanges. Is this supposed to make her seem desirable?

No. 790641

File: 1597542800156.jpg (51.99 KB, 788x1280, IMG_20200815_185234_872.jpg)

I love how this story was posted before the one you posted and they completely contradict each other lol.

No. 790672


This is why this washed up hag can’t find anyone her age. Nobody in their 30s thinks like this. But here’s our cow out here with the mind set of a teenager.

No. 790703

File: 1597605300914.jpeg (228.03 KB, 828x981, DB1DA838-CAE3-4207-9E99-098238…)

So it’s Victoria’s birthday weekend and she’s walking around Guelph drunk petting dogs with dudes she met off the internet.

No. 790727

Nah, this is how most people think when they like/love someone. But ofc she thinks it makes her special and that everyone else are hoes who can't relate

No. 790753

I bet she's thrilled to be able to cover up her mug without question XD

No. 790754

File: 1597620065513.jpg (116.97 KB, 1389x1389, _methode_times_prod_web_bin_28…)

LMFAO this looks like the outline phase of Ben Affleck's shitt-ass back tat XD

No. 790755

omg AGAIN! Looking like Ben Affleck's shitty back tattoo!! LMFAOOOO

No. 790758

No one:…
Them: WE EXIST(Samefagging)

No. 790794


Damn that hairline is extremely tragic no wonder she still rocks the scene bangs

No. 790809

File: 1597635121878.webm (1.39 MB, 640x800, 117754124_189637322599935_9744…)

Wow such humor. Also she needs to put that tongue back in her mouth. Ugh.

No. 790819

File: 1597638289672.jpg (821.04 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200816-231839_Ins…)

Oof, those frown lines, eyebrows, bloated alcoholic face, her theet, what a mess.

No. 790831

File: 1597641859094.jpeg (1.73 MB, 4000x4000, 0B175536-D3C8-4C43-BB34-66D4A5…)

I don’t even have words

No. 790832

File: 1597641891225.webm (1.22 MB, 640x1138, missvictoriamurder_2020.8.17_0…)

>Shut up, dahling.

Everything she does is so so embarrassing. And she publishes it for the world to see.

No. 790843

I don't understand this constant finger biting thing. It just looks unhygienic. Or like when a toddler sucks on their fingers

No. 790868

First off, what? Secondly.. her accent is slipping.

No. 790873

File: 1597671693590.jpeg (438.14 KB, 1324x952, 4C02F92B-E710-47CE-8409-2490C2…)

I’m seriously confused on how she’s still trying to pass these people off as the same .

No. 790874

She’s out in public on a patio during a pandemic putting her fingers in her mouth. This is one of the many reasons why people
Shouldn’t book with her.

No. 790881

It's funny that the second pic is still filtered to hell and she still can't look like her shoops, look at her the weird edge on her jawline (the part right above her hand).

No. 790888

I think it's to distract from her jaw and to look more "casual." She almost always has her hand around her mouth or near her jawline, playing with her hair, etc. It looks like she's trying to appear natural and unbothered, but it actually comes off as the opposite. You can tell she's hyper conscious of her angles.

No. 790901

These two vids really highlight how tolerant she is of men talking to her like absolute dogshit. Dude doesn't sound like he's playfully teasing a friend, he sounds annoyed and full of contempt.

No. 790914

File: 1597687077924.jpeg (305.98 KB, 684x1016, 71773BCA-17A2-4729-A186-1EE290…)


Sharpened this and I regret it. That tooth is visibly rotting now.

No. 790917

She’s likely getting very desperate. She’s in her mid thirties with no one to spend her life with. Likely has to write off being a mom at this point, which the world is thankful for.

She would have to do some incredible self growth to come out of her hole now.

No. 790918

File: 1597689406707.jpeg (847.23 KB, 4000x4000, F5D7B454-F878-44EB-B12F-703CF8…)

Another filtered to shit video of her with a lollipop and her tongue is fuckin yellow. Nice thick layer of thrush. Maybe she should be sticking a toothbrush in her mouth and not candy. Oral care who?

No. 790927

What does he say?

No. 790933

Vick is super gross, but yellow lollipops make everybody’s tongue yellow. Bizarre not-even-a-nitpick.

No. 790936

Not that anon and I don't mean to argue but Vick has been shown to have the good ole spongey thrush tongue in more than one pic. Her dead tooth has also had several sightings.

No. 790937

I feel like she's being made fun of by her 'friend'. As another anon pointed out, he sounds aggressive when he says 'shut the fuck up' and when he makes the joke about 'white girl posting' sounds like he's mocking Vick in a way. I think he said it in regards to photographing food, but it seems like a dig at Shingles, she was probably eyefucking herself and taking selfies during.

No. 790938

I hope to god that this woman never had kids. They would end up in therapy after years of neglect, having to deal with a narcissistic mother and whatever druggie dude she‘d choose as a dad.

No. 790940

lmao she looks so fucking creepy here
it's especially weird on the video clip >>790832 , i'm guessing her hand is somehow interfering with the filter and causing that warp effect around her index finger?

No. 790972

File: 1597711149584.jpeg (107.93 KB, 827x1055, FADEC52C-59D1-410D-BE1E-E3D9B0…)

“It’s my birthday”

Oh Jesus Christ… 30 going on 55

No. 790979

>>790972 gosh, those stupid contacts are so unflattering and ugly, she should stop using them.

No. 790983

File: 1597714129885.jpeg (250.44 KB, 1306x1031, 55657A53-345F-41A8-B2B0-F399DD…)

Same stupid tongue out pose. She posted these less than 24 hours apart. She’s not even trying anymore. The hair isn’t even the same tone. This is some Instagram vs reality shit.

No. 790990

File: 1597717173175.jpeg (127.97 KB, 828x1070, 870B1922-6EE8-4EF2-A517-1ECEF1…)

Filters for days. Can’t keep consistent

No. 791042


Ahhh, yes. When you see an eyebrow on top of the bangs it’s the first sign of someone using a beauty filter. Stupid sticky will say otherwise tho

No. 791078

File: 1597754213026.jpg (77.28 KB, 789x1280, IMG_20200818_053523_696.jpg)

I am so embarrassed for her. Posted at 1 am. Telling internet dudes "my favorite thing is sex" omg. I would never recover from this but she posts it for everyone to see.

No. 791082

Sex is one of her favourite things, but she constant talks about how she won’t let men touch her.
And how much she hates women’s sexuality.
Okay, ick. You’re 33 now, please stop acting 17

No. 791103


Wow I cringed so hard I almost blacked out. Of course you love laying in bed you lazy chunk. She should brush her teeth instead of posting embarrassing garbage like this.

No. 791122

File: 1597782476903.jpeg (179.37 KB, 828x1090, 95F4F1C2-EBA9-44AF-9EE9-95D089…)

Icky: ive lives in many of mansions

Also icky: help me I’m poor and can’t save cause I spend every penny I earn on smoking, alcohol and white contact lenses

No. 791130

File: 1597785342473.jpeg (80.36 KB, 779x437, 4A6EAFDC-2EA1-46E2-9DA7-CC7953…)

The unbothered queen can’t even say thanks for the birthdays wishes without bringing up her “haters”

And from the looks of it she spent her birthday with two people, one that was telling her to shut the fuck up.

Keep showing everyone how much lolcow gets under your skin. Maybe one day it’ll push you into getting an apprenticeship

No. 791141

File: 1597790533858.jpg (120.69 KB, 1213x1280, IMG_20200818_154032_555.jpg)

It's even better than that. She did originally thank everyone for her birthday wishes in a normal way. But in true Vic fashion, she came back an hour later to edit the status to include a shout-out to lolcow. Happy birthday Vic! I hope you never change! You are my favorite cow.

No. 791158


Nobody but 14 year olds in 2007 say "jelly".

No. 791186

File: 1597812204216.webm (1.09 MB, 640x800, 117716063_304959094157025_4815…)

Oh no

No. 791188

Why does she always dress like she's doing some trashy cosplay? Is she incapable of dressing like a normal human?

No. 791212

I cannot understand this woman. Why does she stick her tongue out like that? It looks like she's wearing a tiny frilly apron. What happened to her wrist? It looks like her watch is cutting through the centre of her hand.

No. 791226

File: 1597836730089.jpeg (164.27 KB, 828x672, E206066D-D58F-4943-8C83-FD691B…)

“Some people are have antisocial personality disorder”

She’s literally one of those old ladies on Facebook that think they’re doctors cause they read an article.

People point fingers cause you’ve legit pissed a lot of people off.

No. 791229

File: 1597837968642.png (139.89 KB, 437x325, lurch.png)

No. 791233


No. 791236

“They’re below you”
Yet she’s come here how many times? Telling people to kill themselves and rage-splain herself. Nobody is jealous of you victoria. Your shop is shit down, you live in butt fuck nowhere with your mom at 33 years old and you live off of compliments from men on Facebook.
Being internet pretty isn’t enough. Especially at your age, this isn’t the MySpace era.

Get a damn apprenticeship and maybe people will leave you alone.

No. 791240


Anon I am fucking dying. I love this thread lmao.

No. 791251

File: 1597845283915.jpg (47.86 KB, 354x294, Vicky_doppleganger.jpg)


Well.. they aren't wrong….

No. 791292

She always aims for Marilyn Monroe, always lands on Donatella Versace

No. 791297

So many mental gymnastics for someone whose brain can't do a cartwheel.

Vicky, every one of your "haters" I know of is more successful than you. From the alt models (Bunny, Melynda etc), to married people with careers (Review anon, Michelle etc), none of them have any reason to envy you.

However, they all have reasons to dislike you due to your unprofessional conduct and bad reputation in your community. That, not jealousy, is the lowest common denominator.

Own your shit or continue to humiliate yourself with teenage behaviour well into middle age… Your call. It won't affect us in the least other than needing to make some more popcorn

No. 791353

Yes, her former client who has two masters degrees and teaches at a university is jealous of our Vic who uses oxyclean to tone her hair. Totally makes sense.

No. 791357

Clearly you arent familiar w the Luna thread

No. 791365


People with this level of decay and poor oral hygiene almost always have breath that smells like manure and sour milk.

It’s really fitting that she’s been making up so many lies and saying such vile shit about other women for years, and now you can literally smell shit on her breath from 10 feet away.

No. 791369

awww that really sucks actually, she is thinking about us even on her birthday

my favorite too! honestly she is the embodiment of the concept of an lolcow, plus she will never stop giving

No. 791370

File: 1597879281051.png (3.8 MB, 828x1792, 18DE8D33-F20D-4D2A-A03D-ED950B…)

“I have a boo boo”
Isn’t this woman 35? So cringe
I can barely notice the nose baindaid with all the filters

No. 791373

File: 1597880748682.jpeg (173.46 KB, 804x1418, B87A344E-BC4F-47BD-8D94-87BB02…)

Can’t even stop touching her mouth. Even at work, with her mask down during a pandemic.
Goes to show she cares more about turning men on with her filters than she does staying hygienic.

No. 791375

File: 1597881072916.jpeg (181.97 KB, 828x1099, E397381E-5B33-4578-A87A-8DC797…)

Google your artist before getting work. All I’m saying.

No. 791377

It looks like a dirty badly done tapestry. Also reminds me of nicotine stained curtains from a granny's house

No. 791380


Anon, please. Unless her followers are comprised of humiliation/cringe/desperation/stink fetishists, this isn’t turning anyone on.

No. 791415

ffs flower petals have specific patterns that can be easily replicated. idk what she's trying to do here.

No. 791422

File: 1597907771030.jpg (234.72 KB, 425x282, iStock_000010265121XSmall.jpg)

Reminds me of a plate of cold cuts.

No. 791429

Those fucking peonies look like a skin condition

No. 791450

File: 1597930355981.webm (4.46 MB, 886x1920, booboo.webm)

The "I have a boo boo" deserves a fucking cringe award.

No. 791468

so creepy

No. 791505

These 3 second videos she does are so unnatural. She stands almost completely still in the same pose with the same facial expression.

Even with the filters, you can tell she only wants to be seen at a certain angle.

No. 791518

You'd think someone who cares that much about being seen at only the most flattering of angles would go to great lengths to hide their gross tongue and rotting gums but not our Vic!

No. 791545

Lmao guessing she got wasted and fell on her face

No. 791561

Lol you fucking idiot, If you think Bunny is/ever was an "alt model" then you probably share Vic's deluded perception of the world. Using her to make a point is like using oil to put out fire.

No. 791564

Okay, ick. Relax. You’re the best MySpace scene queen. Stroke that ego.

No. 791566

Stay salty ♥

No. 791623

We came here for drama and it's turned into a merry-go-round of who can variate what the previous persons insult was. Mate, I've been through ALL the threads and it's just the same insults being recycled and focusing on a few shit tattoos she's managed to scrape up in her "career". Kinda hard to warn people about her when she's clearly never had more than a few "clients" in 10 or whatever years, so you're not exactly doing any justice to anyone superman (ROFL). What's the point of your thread now, this is stale! I expected some juicy dirt but this shit is just kindergarten. Find a new fixation thats half entertaining. Between you lot and her "neckbeards" no wonder she's so grandiose and pretentious.


No. 791624


No. 791626

Negatory, vicky doesn't know how to spell grandiose. I doubt she is even aware that it is a word.

I disagree about it being stale. Sure she repeats herself, but it keeps getting more hilarious the older, fatter and more haggard she gets.

No. 791628

Yet here you are.

No. 791632

"You lot" this seems more like her racist dad. Vicky just pretends to be British but doesn't use actual British expressions.

No. 791641

Nah. There’s no mention of her “big boobies” or her being skinny and ~totally not fat you guys.

The fact that you’re saying we should just stop commenting on her threads just proves your some vicky asshole sucker. Throwing in sprinkled bits of insults isn’t going to mask that. Anyone with a brain older than 25 and isn’t on drugs, knows she’s a trash tatttoo artist. I’m sure most of her clients know she’s trash and they don’t care. Some people just want tattoos.
I could actually get behind this being her dad. I imagine her dad would have no issue pissing all over her “career” since she’s a huge mooch and I’m sure both her parents are over it.

Vick’s threads are slow and she doesn’t have very many. The fact that you’re so pissy about us commenting on a stale thread is hilarious, and just as caddy as the rest of us. You’re only bringing oxygen to an otherwise boring and stale thread.

No. 791663

>Kinda hard to warn people about her
>you're not exactly doing any justice to anyone superman
Are you lost? Go back to Twitter. We don't give a fuck about warning people or trying to ~do any justice to anyone~ kek. We are here to point and laugh and if that's too boring for you then you're welcome to hide the thread.

No. 791688

File: 1598051771738.jpeg (133.58 KB, 750x736, 006F2C4E-B4F2-4759-8E49-C593C3…)

No. 791722

Just put of curiousity though, why is it every person that says something that isn't along the lines of an insult, it's automatically claimed as Vic or her dad or a follower?
Can you not actually believe that it's others that simply don't agree with this site or find it to be pointless? It's seems really narrow minded to always assume it's someone connected to Vic.
Also, why aren't you all at a job or studying?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 791723

So if this is stale, why do you keep continuing it. Also I agree with anon that there has been many claims this site is to warn people about her, so claiming it's not is a huge pile of dog shit you ate.

No. 791726

You seem very hung up on the tattoos. Which one is yours, the lopsided mandala or the prolapse peonies?

No. 791741

Lmfao whoever this is, their British slang is slipping. Eating shit doesn't mean what you think it means and brits don't talk about “eating" dog shite.

No. 791743

You find this thread pointless and repetitive and yet you have bumped it three times already.
You talk as if anyone who reads this thread will suddenly have this epiphany and stop supposedly wasting their time here, but what you don't realise is that most of us have normal lives and jobs and just check here when we're bored for a few chuckles.

Honestly Vic's narcissistic antics are comedy gold and if I'm getting a laugh then it's a few minutes of the day well spent.

No. 791767

its almost like the website is not a hivemind. I also dont give a fuck about warning anyone away from her, I come here for the cringe milk that pours from every orifice of this cow. Anyone dumb enough to get a tattoo from her deserves it tbh.

No. 791800

File: 1598138037137.jpg (385.67 KB, 1440x2488, Bandwagon.jpg)

Everyone keep bickering but meanwhile Icky is throwing her two cents into the human trafficking issue in the most uninformed way possible

No. 791878

File: 1598171456098.jpeg (558.37 KB, 1075x913, E88CF3BC-35CA-49F1-A015-765F89…)

This still from that boring ass twitch stream she did still haunts me.

No. 791880

Anon…I was trying to go to bed without my sleep paralysis demon but nm now

No. 791891

Aw, I wish she did streams again.

No. 791905

Did you post the wrong screenshot? the post she's replying to has nothing to do with human trafficking, it's about Netflix promoting a french movie that sexualises pre-adolescent girls and the way they chose to market it.

No. 791920


Sorry for zero context, I've just seen this post brought up in all the Hollywood pedophilia discussions, and Vic has another "protecting children" post on one of her pages. I get the sense that this is her way of appealing to her following without coming right out and saying she's following that particular "conspiracy". I think she's feeling out her audience, and based on the Save Our Children hashtags that are popping up in the comments, I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing some sanctimonious "i cared about this before other people did" posts.

No. 792038

The movie is actually about why the sexualization of young girls is a challenge for them, and how “growing up” is often framed to girls as rushing into being objectified sexually. The director is a woman.

No. 792043

The problem is that the movie is trying to explain that sexualising young girls is horrible… by sexualising young girls.

No. 792052

File: 1598287490436.jpeg (164.17 KB, 828x1078, 10C0672D-305C-47B6-A570-05D2DA…)

Vick is begging for clients again.

No. 792079

"If you'd like inked"
Of all the awful shit Vicky does, the way she conjugates "ink" as a verb and cobbles it into sentences triggers me the most.

No. 792080

same anon, same

No. 792135

File: 1598311922189.jpeg (184.62 KB, 828x1199, 83476A20-FE78-45CF-9C78-B63D6E…)

She’s really trying to convince people it’s the cameras fault when she’s out in public.

No. 792143

File: 1598317349712.jpeg (145.83 KB, 960x720, 26D37499-4B1F-41E9-86E3-D52F9C…)

Updated tattoo from our very own Vicky.
Session two, still not done.
I guess it doesn’t have to look good yet.. she can just fix it later. This guy is clearly dumb af going back for a part two.

No. 792159

yup, definite idiot who doesn't care about tattoo quality. idk if all that crappy filligree is supposed to be symmetrical but it's not, there's a part on the left [by the pit] that looks like a fucking dolphin and check out the forming bruise on the right pec. also that awful shading on the left, you can literally see swirly scribbles b/c she has no idea what she's doing.

No. 792216

So in theory, her candids are more accurate than any selfie she takes? I don't think she realizes she just said this.

No. 792217

OMG anon. I can't stop looking at the dolphin now!

No. 792230

Wtf? That isn't intentionally a dolphin? And that tattoo makes him look dirty and mutilated. It's gross and makes him look dirty.

No. 792242

Same here. That accidental dolphin is my favorite thing now.

No. 792248

File: 1598374635976.jpeg (180.13 KB, 828x1440, BC142CCF-18A0-4330-AD6C-DC9695…)


Wait? Maybe it is a mentally challenged dolphin in waves? With a huge … hole in its abdomen? And for some reason there’s a heart in the waves? I’m not 100% sure, she’s done some crap work but this is next level.

No. 792255

There appears to be a bird with a down curved beak right below the dolphin too. It has an eye and everything. I guess this is a "hidden animals" piece. I wonder what other creatures are hiding in this filigree.

No. 792272

Sage for dumb. The idea of having a well done "hidden animals" tattoo is so cool. I'd never even considered that there could be "interactive" tattoos!

No. 792284

I see an accidental porpise more than a dolphin. It's too fat to be a dolphin. Either way, what a shitty tattoo kek

No. 792311

"Accidental Porpoise" is the name of my band now. Who wants to be in my band?

No. 792328

this is the first pic for comparison. Idk anything about tattoos but how the hell is the red looking this faded already?

No. 792350


It's a banana. A collab with onision finally.

No. 792409

Onision and Vic together would be a sight. Who would be the ultimate narc?

No. 792429

Because vicky has no fucking idea what she’s doing. All her fresh tattoos look 20 years old because of
-cheap equipment
-cheap ink
-no apprenticeship
-no idea how to grey wash

And why would she improve when people are paying her for this shit?

No. 792443

to add to what other anon said, overworking the skin will make the color fall out. like that dark spot in the new stuff she did, it's from putting the needle in the same spot over and over which forms a scab and i'm pretty sure that will look fucked once it heals.

No. 792447

Vic is too old and fat for Onion. Also at least he has some money in the bank unlike our old dusty broke Vic.

No. 792461

File: 1598531802838.jpeg (155.23 KB, 828x1465, 3A428721-C95D-4173-889F-62A4EE…)

Not sure why this is so amazing. She’s a 33 year old woman? Being loyal shouldn’t be such a great accomplishment, don’t be a shitty person.
She’s always posting this same crap at one am. Looks like her crush didn’t work out and she’s playing the same “but I’m sinnnngle” games

No. 792471

Imagine considering it a selling point that you don't cheat on your partner. Girl that's common decency and it doesn't make you a diamond among stones. It makes you a stone among turds

No. 792500

Why does she post these? I really feel like I'm looking at a couple of ditzy teenagers trying to flirt with each other. Nobody over the age of 21 talks about being "loyal af" in relationships.

No. 792502

She does what she wants at a respectable hour and some rules set in place cause she still lives on her moms sofa.

No. 792538


Imagine bragging about doing the absolute bare minimum in a relationship. Imagine truly having nothing else to offer a relationship aside from not cheating. Maybe the most honest she’s ever been, not surprising that nobody has taken her up on her offer, despite her constant daily reminders that it is very much on the table.

No. 792812

File: 1598741630758.jpeg (45.33 KB, 828x260, F638257A-99F2-4B4B-A740-A56F52…)

Here we go…. this is what happens when you sit online all day trying to be a thirst trap for old men and / or losers. Delete it and move on? But no, this chick had to address it every single time.

No. 792816

File: 1598743713305.jpeg (213.55 KB, 819x1379, 2435D27C-23A0-4B83-8821-A4A37E…)

I guess her crush didn’t work out. For the 7th time this year.
She literally needs a loser with no job, hobbies and just pays attention to her.

No. 792818

I know, I find it so jarring that she takes screencaps and adds stickers and shit.

I can never fully wrap my head around them when they're posted here. My brain tries to compensate at first and I'll mistake it as some screenshot anon took, yet the reality is much bleaker…

No. 792858

It's a ongoing testament to how boring her life really is.

No. 792860

>puts up with ur mood swings and attitude

Memes like those are so fucking annoying. Being an immature bitch is not how all women act, it's just you being a cunt. Girls who romanticise that shit need to grow tf up.

No. 792864

File: 1598798448826.jpeg (99.36 KB, 828x486, 2CE1FB32-1484-4969-9144-893845…)


Put up with her mood swings and also compete for her but she won’t compete for you.
Yeah… shocking she hasn’t found anyone yet at 33

No. 792865

She has repeatedly stated she believes in alpha male bullshit. The entire concept of alpha males is actually bunk science. She also posts cringey memes about being submissive. There's a reason she has an incel army liking her posts, and can't find a decent guy.

No. 792938

File: 1598828079750.jpeg (88.51 KB, 827x809, 60B51EAE-103E-436C-94AA-844271…)

Tongue out, filtered selfies, talking about men and pretending she had a tattoo career.

Not much else going on in that life of hers.

No. 792950

imagine hating your face so much you put on a bunch of makeup and filters but still have to hide it with your hair and hand. also have those tacky contacts fused with her eyes yet. wonder if she wears them while ~inking~.

No. 792952

File: 1598837552308.jpg (76.18 KB, 983x1280, IMG_20200830_183252_826.jpg)

What a masterpiece

No. 792955

File: 1598839534114.png (331.58 KB, 618x695, Matt Bailey.PNG)

No. 792957

Oh no. Isn't it frowned upon in the tattoo world to straight up copy another artist's design? Like if a client wants a certain artist's work but they go to a different artist, the artist they go to is supposed to rework it and make it their own?

No. 792959


The ass cheeks aren’t even the same size, kek.

No. 792960

File: 1598841436328.jpeg (56.4 KB, 711x522, 2C6F0286-1607-4892-8CD9-297F22…)

Another crap tattoo on this dude Vic is thirsting over

No. 792961

Wow. She didn’t even try to change it up alittle bit. This is a huge no-no. No wonder her reputation is so bad, she literally doesn’t care at all who she rips off.
Hope the original artist finds this.

No. 792962

File: 1598842116740.jpeg (319.59 KB, 1566x921, 601AEEA5-E805-4D91-9C1B-F05A1A…)

I honestly can’t believe she could stoop so low. Actually wait….. yeah I can
You can really see a real artist quality compared to hers here. She has no artistic ability, she just copies and pastes all of her work/ traces it off her laptop. But yeah… they totally asked her to be on ink masters.

No. 792963

This isn’t the first time she blatantly ripped off another artist and butchered their work. She isn’t an artist and is a prolific tracer.

No. 792964

And wooof what did she do to that skeletons hand? !

No. 792965

Usually I don’t comment on Vic’s tattoo work because I just don’t have the eye for what makes a good or a bad tattoo. This one though, and being able to see it next to what the tattoo should look like… holy shit, she really does suck. The difference between the two is day and night.

No. 792999


I honestly don’t think they are
Contacts. They look like they are apart of the snap filter she keeps using to smooth out her bad skin and slim her face.

No. 793003

It's kind of fun to spot the difference between them: there's a gap in the border and the arm line right near that goes all the way to the top instead of stopping, the subtle hint of underboob is gone, the bone outline inside the eye sockets is lost, oh yeah and the whole thing is fucked.

No. 793004

also, if this is on a thigh, isn't it off centre?

No. 793009

Has the original artist commented on it?

No. 793013

File: 1598867557164.webm (8.79 MB, 886x1624, vicky_shingles_has_the_hots_fo…)

Story 1: Vicky staring into the camera in silence, pouting and audibly smacking her lips
Story 2: Vicky making it extremely obvious that she wants to smash this client

No. 793020

He hasn’t. I wonder if there’s any copyright infringement or whatever that would be attached to this? ( I’m not a lawyer guys, clearly) She’s stealing his art and selling it.
She’s literally the worst

No. 793025


It's also ironic because she used to claim she's this emotionless INTJ ice queen who only uses logic and not feelings

No. 793031

They're definitely contacts. It's hard to tell because she abuses filters so much, but you can see she still has the contacts in pictures where she's using other filters, like >>782562 and >>775473

No. 793042

The copyright infringement would not apply to Vicky; it would apply to the person displaying the artwork without the proper licensing to do so. Vic’s not actually profiting off the design itself also. The cost (“profit”) of the tattoo is calculated by time, materials, body part, etc. and would have been the same regardless of the subject matter, plus it’s a one and done fee. If she were selling prints of the design - or possibly even photos of the tattoo itself - she could be in trouble, but she’s not doing that.

As shitty as it is for this particular artist, it’s honestly for good reason that courts are notoriously lax on tattoo copyright. Imagine if every tattoo artist who ever inked a Suicide Girl started trying to claim copyright for every pin-up image or porno sold, simply because their artwork was visible. It becomes of question of whether the artist can actually own a piece of someone else’s body, and they can’t.

Sage for litigation sperg. But yeah. People will get big-name IP like Disney characters tattooed and not even Disney can/will do anything about it.

At least the artist can take solace in the fact that Vic’s is obviously the cheap imitation.

No. 793084

yup it's a shitty thing to do and if she wasn't already such a nobody i'm sure ppl would notice and call her out on it. what happened to be so good at freehand designs lol.

look at the difference in the line weights, her's are so thick and sloppy.

No. 793108

But she is displaying the image on her instagram that she uses for her business.

What you're saying isn't quite legally accurate but it's a moot point because no one is going to waste money suing someone who has nothing to cough up. The few precedents of suing over tattoos are against huge companies for this reason.

The damage to her already shit reputation is punishment enough, it's just a shame it has to diminish the value of the original work by turning it into a joke. She should be ashamed.

No. 793110

File: 1598919882050.jpeg (94.84 KB, 828x535, 9A1EA053-F1DA-4B69-8A26-7237D1…)

How could you not know when he brings it in and it’s an exact copy? Did the photo just appear on her laptop while she traced it? I’m seriously confused. She’s a terrible artist but a worse liar. And I doubt HIGHLY she’s giving anyone else credit

No. 793111

File: 1598919919528.png (3.73 MB, 828x1792, 2E34116B-A318-467C-869F-89C935…)

“It’s fake”

No shit.

No. 793119

File: 1598922267442.jpeg (53.18 KB, 828x202, BCB494CB-81D5-47D6-86E4-34B8DE…)

Well she did it. “It’s not just off the internet” you think as a tattoo artist you’d know that google doesn’t draw the pictures? And maybe you should look into it alittle but harder before you steal other people’s art. She’s literally a moron. She doesn’t give a shit who she steals from. That’s very apparent. This is what happens when you have no artistic ability and just trace things off of the search engine.

No. 793121

>just off the internet
Kek what? What a fucking bizarre cop out. Did she think it was AI made? All art has an artist, just because you found it on the internet doesn't make it yours.

No. 793123

>who is also a tattoo artist in the uk ^_^
ftfy ya dumb bitch

>he wasn't aware it was someone's work nor was I
So she is saying what here, exactly?? Does she think drawings like these just create themselves of thin air?

No. 793125

I think maybe she thought that as long as the artist is not a tattoo artist it’s cool? Which I guess would make sense if you wanted to reproduce something iconic like a Alice in wonderland illustration or Le chat noir, where the original artist has long passed so it’s impossible to ask them permission.

But even then, I looked on this dude Instagram and website and couldn’t find this particular tattoo as a print. So this guy probably showed her the finished tattoo picture which also make sense that the lines don’t seem to match perfectly. She really has no excuses.

No. 793128


Vic traces all of her “high end custom tattoos” off of her laptop/tablet screen which is why they never look like they’re properly sized or worked to fit the persons body. With the exception of her “muh freehand” works of trash that are never symmetrical or straight.

No. 793132

I follow this artist and I’m pretty sure he only posted it in an ig story

No. 793133

File: 1598929141101.jpg (91.99 KB, 782x1280, IMG_20200831_195901_681.jpg)

We get it Vic. You're desperate for a man.

No. 793136

File: 1598929961899.jpeg (242.19 KB, 828x898, 93913DF5-4A64-4C14-8305-480C6D…)

5 hours later … so unbothered

No. 793137

Girl came back drunk five hours later. You know she’s reading lolcow just getting fucking PISSED but doesn’t want to make an ass out of herself here again.

“Calm yourself” stop stealing from people, idiot

No. 793138

File: 1598930328556.jpeg (100.21 KB, 828x467, E7F7CBF4-6955-44D5-B6FC-5A80BC…)

She is so drunk. “Had a cord. Broke the cord. Had a back up cord” wow. Always super interesting stuff happening in Vicky’s life.
And how the fuck do you order a bed across the country on accident? Kek. Holy shit,

No. 793140

She edited that status about 10 times too lol. I saw it 12 minutes after it got posted and went to edit history and saw a multitude of edits. Victoria must be into the Jack Daniels again. Just Monday things.

No. 793150

Is she trying to say she's moving to Calgary?

No. 793170

File: 1598963660733.jpeg (63.92 KB, 828x243, EFF9D0AE-09E0-43F7-86D1-71708D…)

Nope. Just that drunk and stupid. Like, she’d have to put in a wrong province and postal code?

No. 793198

How do you get anything shipped to a whole different province by mistake? I'm starting to think she really is drunk all the time.

No. 793205

I mean, maybe in Canada it’s different, but is it possible she’s just meaning the bed was in route to Calgary? Like not being delivered but that the package accidentally got rerouted the wrong direction? I’ve had packages in the US make it to my state and then some how got shipped nearly clear across the country before it came back.

I mean it’s clear she’s drunk off her ass so it could be either lol.

I hope the artist calls her out on the “I didn’t know” crap. And like an anon said before, this design wasn’t just a post on his IG but on a story. And how funny and interesting they’re BOTH above the knee.

No. 793251


Is that image even available anywhere in print form? It seems obvious she traced it off of a photo of the original artist's client's tattoo. Stealing another tattoo artist's original work is very different from replicating a well known piece of publicly consumed artwork like a Picasso illustration and is a huge no no among professional tattoo artists. Vicky would know this if she cared enough to swallow her misplaced pride and do an apprenticeship instead of continuing to scam and scar people. She is not an artist and the person she stole this design from has every right to call her out for this shit. A professional artist wouldn't blame their client either by saying "they brought in this reference pic and I put it on them because it's what they really wanted" because if a client brought in a picture of someone else's actual tattoo and asked for a copy of it, a professional would decline to do it and at least offer their own stylistic update or personal aesthetic take to the design concept. She is the worst kind of scratcher.

No. 793253

File: 1598996459508.jpeg (49.45 KB, 828x237, 51324A40-F9AA-426A-BCF1-689A65…)

Easy to do when you only work twice a week.
People in butt fuck Ontario really don’t use google, huh?

No. 793257

Considering vic is constantly spouting off bullshit about how “everyone is totally copying her” she sure doesn’t hesitate to copy another artists work and pass it off as her own design.

No. 793261

even if she really didn’t know where it came from, that doesn’t mean she gets to just pretend it appeared from the ether and use it for whatever she wants. She lacks even the most basic professional etiquette I swear

No. 793270

File: 1599004393157.jpeg (43.65 KB, 790x399, 861E8CAC-810F-4C0D-B4E4-8B2B7B…)

Custom design Victoria. Too bad she’s a liar and a thief.

No. 793271

Correction. She works one evening a week

No. 793272

File: 1599004591825.jpeg (67.46 KB, 828x286, 42E27F4D-1D03-43CA-A346-70575D…)


If people copy her … by being blonde and scene in the early 2000s, they’re mentally ill.
She rips off a creditable artist and oops. Oh well.

Didn’t she say she started the crystal tattoos and everyone just copied her?

No. 793276

File: 1599004978369.jpeg (239.47 KB, 828x1408, 6E891F23-1454-4FDB-A994-BC5CA0…)

Unbothered Victoria.
How many times has she come here to tell her side?
Or the fact that she went back to that same message hours later to explain why it was okay she ripped that guy off. Girl. You’re fooling nobody.

No. 793279

True there is really no excuse so hopefully the real artist calls her crusty ass out for ripping off his work. Vicky please go on ink master and show us your skills with no filter/ editing and participate in challenges in styles other than "blown out blurry diseased patch". I'd love to see her do a new school or traditional tattoo or a pinup with no reference and actual drawing involved lmaoooooo

No. 793282

Oof. Those lines are already blown out to shit and those lines in the skeleton are gonna blend into each other and look like one big blob. Funny how she can rip off a legit tattoo artist like it’s nothing when she attacked/bullied a girl on tumblr a few years back for “copying” her neck tattoo.

No. 793284

I hope the artist rips her apart as well. If I’m not mistaken I believe there is a copycat tattoo Instagram page where you can dm them pictures of shitty tattoos copied from other artists

No. 793285

Did she actually? I don’t remember this! Receipts?

No. 793286

That video is pure cringe and trashy as hell. Common sense you don’t touch a fresh tattoo or put your hands anywhere near it

No. 793296

could you imagine her sitting around all those actual artists tugging her hair around her face and trying to be as still as possible lol. she would fail every flash challenge b/c she can't even art.

No. 793303

Fuck this shit is desperate lol.
" We have jobs ".
Yeah 1h a week it seems from the amount of petty posting. Do something significant with your lives, fuck lol

No. 793310

Hey Vicky. So you’re finally moving out of your moms house? Did your bed really go to Calgary? Or was that just an excuse for when the guys from Facebook come over and you’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor? No way your broke ass can pay rent and furniture

No. 793311

File: 1599014986874.jpeg (46.51 KB, 792x260, BCDA1DDA-6278-401D-831B-24EDAE…)

Doesn’t seem very “chill lyfe” of you to come back here.

No. 793312

File: 1599015352346.jpeg (201.34 KB, 738x1036, 6857A55E-A73C-4C1C-9E81-EF2DB9…)

I wouldn’t bring up jobs…. “tattoo artist”

No. 793319

oh hey, lol
you do realize there are more than a few people here? and that it takes only a few moments to cap your retarded bullshit and post it here for the rest of us to all laugh at when we are bored?

also last time i checked "plagiarizing scratcher" is not a job so.. idk what the fuck you are on about there lol

keep posting girl, all you're doing is telling us over and over again that we are living rent free in your head~!

No. 793336


Says the 33 year old alcoholic chunker who has nothing to show for themselves. Jeeze you sure showed us

No. 793351

Sorry Vic, but we have real jobs unlike you who works one day a week at a salon so you don’t lose your CERB benefit. I suspect this is the most money you’ve ever made and you’re desperate to keep leaching off the system.

No. 793392

Unfortunately I don’t have receipts we’re talking 10-11 years ago. I just vividly remember Vic going off about a girl copying her neck tattoo on tumblr. She posted a pic of the girl saying she copied her and encouraged her “fans” to bully the girl as well. The tattoo was not even the same either

No. 793393

Oh hey shingles! You know if you did something relevant with your life you wouldn’t be a laughing stock on the internet right? Go get an apprenticeship or an education, a real job and act your age. You’re an embarrassment no wonder you’re single and have no family or anything valuable to contribute to society. Stay mad girl

No. 793394

File: 1599069889253.jpeg (91.85 KB, 828x431, 94BF8DEC-6424-4968-BF50-3FFF4A…)

It’s like the high school jock now at 35 reliving his glory days cause he has nothing else positive in his life.
Except with ~rawr~ and ugly bangs.

No. 793429

File: 1599089451749.jpeg (51.87 KB, 828x281, 7A277EE4-566F-4CDA-A9F2-A29A87…)

She’s fully booked all month, but here’s another promo. She just really likes doing them.

No. 793430

File: 1599089514046.jpeg (79.93 KB, 828x511, EC60073E-F678-497A-928D-6FBE67…)

And prepay fully cause I need that money right now.
Totally sought after. Anyone with half a brain cell can see what’s going on here.

No. 793440


CERB dried up. Good luck ever being able to schedule that prepaid appointment with her and have her show up.

No. 793459

>i like to finish them as fast as possible

didn't she used to say she does multiple sessions b/c it takes time blah blah. now she wants to zip through her messes so ppl probably don't have time to complain how bad it is.

No. 793471

None of her pieces are finished. She always needs to “add more white” or people can’t get ahold of her. I don’t know what the fuck she’s trying to prove

No. 793507

>i like to finish them as fast as possible
Does she ever finish anything she's started? What about that freehand phoenix she did a while back?

No. 793617

File: 1599184912069.jpeg (59.45 KB, 828x661, D603DAE7-88D3-40EB-8338-FC7890…)

Forget getting to know eachother, if I talk to
You on facebook for an evening drunk… were dating now.

Jesus Christ, stage five right here. Scaring dudes off all over the place

No. 793622


“If you flirt with me we’re dating”

I mean, it’s the same mentality she has with tattooing. “I have a tattoo gun so I am a highly sought after famous tattoo artist”.

No. 793623

File: 1599190089868.jpeg (235.37 KB, 828x1365, 20A8186D-47B3-4BAB-ABB4-B8E4B9…)

Jesus Christ for a “private person” she sure is a open book

No. 793629

Lol she’s constantly talking about sex and how much she looooves sex to all these dudes. It’s so embarrassing. You know she’s a starfish too just laying there in the pitch black.

I thought she was totes ~demi sexual and had to really know the person on a deep level to be sexually attracted to them? Now she’s so desperate she will take anything that gives her a hint of attention.

No. 793644

Shes really done such a hard U-Turn on her ~independent single badass QUEEN~ thing and it's so funny. Everything she posts now is so fixated on finding a man to put up with her, you can tell she's panicking no matter how many ~unbothered smirking~ emojis she adds to them, and the secondhand embarrassment is fantastic

No. 793691

I am not a tattoo expert by any means but I have never heard of any of them holding promos or specials on certain types of tattoos.
It seems like a really strange way of doing business. Like she just feels like drawing phoenixes, dragons and hawt vampire babesss so she's doing a special. The only time I've seen it acceptable is when people are practise models for apprentice hair dressers and the hairdressers kind of do what they want.
I just find it bizarre. Imagine going to get a nose piercing and the piercer asks you if you want to get your bellybutton done for half price because she likes to do them the most. I'd find it sketchy.

No. 793692

Kek I thought the same thing. Pretty specific to offer a discount only if someone wants a certain mythical animal. Unicorn? Full price!

No. 793747

There are people who do promos on certain work, they’re called apprentices. An apprentice will do tattoos of certain kind for cheaper because he wants to attract human pigskin, and he will do fixes for free. A legitimate artist is way too busy with well paid work to do promos.

No. 793768

100% this. Also, good artists draw out their tattoos and usually develop a style. Most well established artists won’t tattoo images people find on the net.

No. 793775

I know it's likely a completely different scenario regarding Victoria, but plenty of artists do offer deals for (normally completed & finished) self-indulgent pieces for their portfolios.

No. 793783

What if one of the guys she's obsessed with maybe mentioned somewhere that he likes/wants a dragon or Phoenix tattoo, and now she's doing the promo to attract him? That'd be hilarious

No. 793789

i love you anon

No. 793828

File: 1599325720247.jpeg (156.85 KB, 828x1322, 4D60C18D-151A-478F-BF41-A750F1…)

Up at 2am with the highest of standards

No. 793840

At least she admits all she needs is validation on her appearance to be happy with a man.
Her pseudo intelligence was never getting her very far anyways.

No. 793876

File: 1599343779822.jpg (107.03 KB, 1280x1013, IMG_20200905_150939_641.jpg)

Oh my god is she serious? I haven't checked the edit history or comments yet. What a mess lol.

No. 793891


“Romantic types” aren’t generally interested in trying to woo a psycho Facebook narc who constantly talks about how hot they are and nothing else. Is she really surprised that she’s attracting man sluts when she has the depth of a puddle, a horrible reputation and steals from everyone, including her roommates? Or maybe it’s the fact that she clogs toilets and shits so much, it’s scaring all the good men away, kek.

No. 793897

>guy who sleeps around- handsome gentleman
>the women he’s with- Hoes

Such a salty bitch. Stay bitter and alone, vicky.

No. 793907

I don't get how she hasn't realized by now that the random men sliding in her DMs don't want to date. They have "hoes" because they send those messages to 80 other girls and hope one is desperate enough to reply.

No. 793909

File: 1599350022613.jpg (54.3 KB, 1280x793, IMG_20200905_165331_654.jpg)

This is the same MMA guy Victoria has been crushing on for a couple of months. She wants him to chase her so bad. This is pathetically entertaining.

No. 793913


She says “I’m hard to get”

She means “please, anyone, chase me and put me on a pedistal. Tell me I’m better than other girls. I’m begging you.”

No. 793926

The only thing you can come up with when people (who actually aren't Vicky) combat against your shitty bullying is to respond as if it's always Vicky. It's a complete joke you are all so absorbed into thinking she frequents this page with comments. It's uncomfortable how long you folk have been targeting one person, yet seem to think you're all mentally stable?? I can't wait until you all find a bit of contentment in your life and stop resorting to being horrific monsters. And God forbid you have children!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 793931

Must she abuse that dumbass emoji constantly?

No. 793935

Lolcow admin outed you for selfposting 40+ times here, caught you pretending to be men who'd dated you irl who said you had huge tits and are like.. so hot. So yeah we know it's you posting.

Call us bullies all you want Vicky. You're the one who tells people to kill themselves and ruins bodies with your want inked up scam. You're the one who tried desperately to wipe these threads from existence to continue your scam.

It might be hard for you to swallow this pill, but many of us are married with families and careers, and perfectly happy. We have plenty you don't, and let's be honest. It just drives you fucking crazy that you can't control what is said on this thread.

No. 793967

hi, Vicky

No. 793971

Lmao yeah, she’ll have dudes be absolute cunts and she’s like “Oh hey misterrrrr it’s not very nice of you to call me a hoe, please apologise and we will be good again insert devilish or smug emoj

But some girl will say her waist looks edited and she’ll blow up and be an absolute cunt.

Also funny that she can not tolerate her “mannnn” to befriend girls or talk to them on Social media but she’ll keep dudes around and call them gentlemen even when they’re thirsting over her tits and practically spell out that they have their dick in their hands. But she’s so loyall guys.

Her pro fb page and instagram are less about tattoos and more about trying to fish for the next poor soul who is willing to date her for 2 days whole days in exchange for shitty free Tatts.

No. 794003

File: 1599401675158.jpeg (154.51 KB, 828x783, C716480F-9D2A-4BBE-B035-EBA158…)

She doesn’t use social media to find someone to date? She is literally the least self aware person.

No. 794006

File: 1599402035916.jpeg (189.09 KB, 828x1358, EE862789-EABE-4E01-8048-32275C…)

All she talks about on any of her social media is dating, but she ain’t trying to date anyone though.
These aren’t even artist pages, just a desperate older lady pandering to the lowest denominator of man.

No. 794007

Of course we would think it’s Vicky. She’s been back here at least 6 times. Victoria is literally the most predictable person on the planet.
And the only person here that shouldn’t have children is victoria. They’d end up neglected and Vicky would be jealous of all the attention the baby would get.
Victoria the smoker, drinks everyday and dates crackheads from Facebook. . and we shouldn’t have children.

No. 794009


Vick: if a man acts thirsty and likes many hoes on social media, I will look interest and not be attracted

Also Vick: If a man wants me, he has to make it official. Until then I will flirt with every guy I meet online.


Vick: I'm loyal AF

No. 794020


She has no idea what a real relationship is, and is acting like she’s a prize to be won at a carnival. What she doesn’t realize is that nobody’s playing and she looks like a damn fool.

When you existence revolves around what is essentially a free onlyfans page and all you talk about is how hard to get you are, the only men youre going to attract are lowlife scumbags who want to pump and dump you just to stroke their own egos.

Remember when she was talking about her new boyfriend during quarantine (his eyessssss dude) and no less that 24 hours later he was publicly trashing her on Facebook for clogging toilets? ~muh high standards~. Rethink your strategy vic, this one ain’t working.

No. 794025

File: 1599407679339.jpeg (192.75 KB, 828x1349, 417A9365-8128-4D1D-83BB-379C0B…)

This is really rich coming from her. Even if she is in therapy, I can guarantee she thinks she knows more than the doctor does and she hasn’t taken shit from it.
Girl still thinks it’s okay to steal from people and ruin bodies.

No. 794026

I love you anon, nailed it

No. 794029

File: 1599407982363.png (377.84 KB, 828x1792, 7973D506-5CAE-4559-BCC9-898A6A…)

Edit history. She had to put in that she’s hard to impress so she doesn’t look TOO desperate.
But she doesn’t use Facebook for dating, guy.

No. 794030

File: 1599408888366.jpeg (172.01 KB, 828x905, 415205A1-F8EE-458D-B43A-D30FEE…)

A woman impressing a man in a relationship is too feminine.
This girl is insufferable. No wonder she’s single and probably will be for life. She doesn’t bring anything to the table

No. 794038

File: 1599412167742.png (228.16 KB, 976x934, oh god no.png)

This is so cringy and sad

No. 794039

She's the female equivalent of those narc guys who tell you on the first date that they're looking for a housewife with child bearing hips. But she can't even get to the first date because her social media presence is a massive red flag on its own.

No. 794043

File: 1599412746857.png (983.42 KB, 970x1366, simpmania.png)


No. 794044

File: 1599412960176.png (66.95 KB, 686x324, 2222.png)

She really doesn't get it, does she?

No. 794046

It seems like half of her followers just laugh at her. All her MySpace “fans” grew up and realize she never did.

No. 794049

File: 1599415141405.jpeg (212.12 KB, 828x1227, 669C35B5-0E30-40CD-8821-108C63…)

Is she finally admitting she looks nothing lol she’d photos online?

No. 794078

File: 1599432985831.jpeg (95.9 KB, 828x445, 6349DE9C-B2EA-44CD-A111-64BB65…)

I thought someone had broken into her house twice, and now it’s this story?

No. 794086

No, she’s saying YOU are the catfish not her. And the only reason she looks like jay leno in a wig, is because other people took those photos and altered them.

No. 794143

are her followers gaining sentience? Haven't seen this many critical comments on her fb posts before.

No. 794148

File: 1599479610199.jpeg (48.89 KB, 828x282, C0EFE792-B7E1-4FE3-9F53-332E25…)

On the status about players. Yeah even her followers are over her shit

No. 794150

File: 1599479745064.jpeg (141.28 KB, 805x1358, D57844BA-64B8-4D27-826B-CFEA01…)

The fact that she’s 33 and still thinks “being hot” is the most important thing a woman can bring to the table is sad.
Vicky; you need to have class, morals, goals….. to KEEP a man. Having them wanna stick their dick in you isnt “getting a man”

No. 794151

Very true. She has a kind of hyper fixation on anything and everything related to dating that will immediately scare off mentally healthy people. It sort of reminds me of those incel types who overanalyze and psychoanalyze women to the point of completely alternating themselves from the possibility of ever truly getting to know one.

Difference being, unlike your run of the mill incel, Victoria doesn't even have the insight to spew this stuff on anonymous forums like 4ch or reddit, because her narcissism demands it be attached to her identity.

No. 794156

ok mortadella

No. 794160

File: 1599482146838.jpeg (269.02 KB, 828x1250, 24F97FC5-930D-415E-8887-A7780E…)

Straight from her page. Not altered by anyone but Vicky. She looks like a 45 year old “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” that gets drunk and hits on all her daughters friends.

Nobody is jealous of you. People with any sort of self worth see right through your bullshit. You’re not 18 anymore.

No. 794163

File: 1599482369570.jpeg (76.48 KB, 828x528, 6C5CAB1A-F80E-42BE-8B62-E4CDD7…)

And the type of attention victoria values. Threesomes with other people’s partners.

Not very INTJ of you, ick. I couldn’t imagine not deleting and blocking this guy. Let alone liking it. But only fans is gross

No. 794169

In all fairness, this photo is not as photoshopped as her other creations. Suprised she didnt edit that shnozzle of hers.
But also kek at her triangle eyebrows and duck face. Would make me hit a stop sign/10.

No. 794170

Or the cheap, shiny plastic hair extensions.
I would agree that she didn’t overdo it on her face… those tits though.
Why she wants to look like a middle aged, used blowup doll I’ll never know

No. 794171

Honestly, Vicky’s particular brand of outrageous,narcissistic,delusional insanity used to be amusing, but now it’s really depressing. How can she learn absolutely zero life lessons and develop emotionally not one bit since her teens? I don’t think I can look at this time loop of a thread anymore; she just does the same tired shit over and over.

No. 794183

I live in a country where prostitution is legal and Vicky's pictures really look like the overly edited glam shots of the prostitutes on the brothel homepages.

No. 794205

File: 1599513618894.jpg (43.2 KB, 1280x403, IMG_20200907_141735_797.jpg)

Lol cue Victoria deleting and blocking this lady, maybe after insulting her appearance and telling her to kill herself first and accusing her of being a stalkerrr.

No. 794210

She's gonna get it.
Actually, this sounds like a comment Vicky would leave on somebody else's pic, sans "but you're such a babeeeeee xoxo"

No. 794213

This is heavily edited. She's wearing a flimsy top with no boning that is somehow holding itself up despite having no straps, for one.

The second way I know is that the cleft chin you see in others' candids is nowhere to be seen.

She's also drawn on her eyelashes and liquified her jawline.

Vick has a laundry list of things she does to each photo and as several anons have pointed out, she has likely convinced her narc self that the edits bring her closer to her real, unedited self. In her mind, shopping balloon tits and an unrecognizable face is not editing because it's all true!

No. 794217

>the long ass neck
>the Party City extensions
>the horrible blurring around parts of her face
>the fun house level warping of her dress around her “totally real and big” boobs
>the random massive blob of blur next to her necklace

Is she suggesting that THIS is the altered version to make her “look bad”? Or that this is the original one? She’s so illiterate I barely understand what she’s trying to say half the time.
Either way it’s hilarious and a lie.

No. 794226

I think she is referring to a hilarious edit an anon made a few threads ago after Victoria went on Facebook live. Some anons took screenshots during her livestream and posted them in the thread and then edit anon took her beat looking face in yellow lighting and put it over the sequin balloon tits photo. I'd try looking for it but I'm on mobile and the threads really become a pain in the ass to load once they get too long.

No. 794238

File: 1599525018809.png (2.96 MB, 2301x1427, 5A66521C-46F4-4A36-AB33-ADE49B…)

It‘s the right one in this thread pic:

No. 794241

File: 1599526075464.jpeg (625.96 KB, 1632x1632, 1580168647548 (1).jpeg)

Kek, I forgot about that. Thanks anon. I went back to the thread right before the one you linked and found the pic. Edit Anon even put it behind a spoiler tag lol.


No. 794249


I love how she’s bitching about lolcow in the caption. So unbothered! She can’t face reality of how she actually looks

No. 794311

The post has been up for over 24 hours and she only got 36 comments out of over 90k “fans”. Also, clicking their profiles, most of the comments came from Americans who have never had the luxury of seeing her troll ass in person.

No. 794332

Didn’t she say she’s almost fully booked
For September? For an artist pages she doesn’t have any actual art.
Victoria, instead of lurking lolcow and calling us out in your “artist” page, try getting a really job. This tattoo thing has failed, let go.

No. 794341

Victoria is fully booked for September just like she was fully booked for 2020 in January. She has a busy schedule in her mom's basement which includes getting drunk, lying about things for no reason, neglecting oral hygiene and talking to the void about how single and not desperate she is.

No. 794381

File: 1599584505693.jpeg (177.95 KB, 828x920, 172DA422-511E-43A5-AE1F-559AF3…)

She came back to this status a day later just to point out other photos of her have been altered. Even though they haven’t and are straight from her social media.
Some of us have seen you in person.
Also I love how she still thinks / wants people to believe lolcow is just one female.

No. 794387

I don't know how you can post a photo like this and complain someone jokingly shopped it. The "original" is full of blur, warping, and artifacting. Parts of her extensions are just completely blurred out. The whole thing looks like digital art anyway.

No. 794407

File: 1599594836753.jpeg (113.68 KB, 575x966, 586F02F5-E4EF-49D8-A5E8-142586…)

Ickys tattoo client. Don’t know if she did those face tattoos, but it’s very clear this guy doesn’t care about what his tattoos look like

No. 794462

File: 1599624381371.jpg (92.26 KB, 1044x1280, IMG_20200908_210648_860.jpg)

No. 794501

She is gonna milk that it says Great Britain so hard. I have one of those too and I wasn’t even born there so it’s really not that exciting.

No. 794507

So weird to see a Canadian loyalist. She'd make a fine UDA man's wife.

No. 794512

File: 1599654938497.png (3.88 MB, 828x1792, 842AC3EE-122F-4825-B45C-C04620…)

“I’m so in love right now” in the fakest British accent ever. You know she’s posting this to prove she’s British. Being British isn’t that interesting. What fascinating is that she still holds on to the fact that accent of hers is real and anyone is buying it. I’m sort of starting to feel bad for dragging her, cause there’s no way she’s mentally stable.

No. 794514

I mean, noone disputes she was born as a British citizen. It's the fake accent we laugh at her over, amongst other things.

Can she get deported then? Lol

No. 794524

TBF, a large percentage of the cows on here are mentally unstable.

No. 794527

Also true. But at least some of us can admit it kek

No. 794531

TBF, a large percentage of the cows on here are mentally unstable.

No. 794535

Narcissists are sad and pathetic. Especially as they get old. Don't fall for it. It's just another way they make it all about them. Don't forget that this person is a con artist who scams for deposits, which may or may not result in garbage tattoos, and a catfish who spends her whole day creating lies to post on social media.

No. 794539

File: 1599663189958.jpeg (194.3 KB, 828x1353, 080619C8-10D4-4FD1-8AB2-3EDAF2…)

And by vacation she means photoshopping herself into France again.
How she’s 33 years old and this excited about getting her passport in the mail I’ll never understand. It’s basic stuff at this age, but considering she hasn’t left the country since she was two I guess this would be something to post 7 times about.

Move out of your moms house first there

No. 794553

Why is she not a Canadian citizen yet? That's a bit weird. Is it even real? I'm from here but I don't have a passport because I can't remember the last time I needed/wanted to travel. I just remember the old ones.

How the fuck does having that excite her? She's obsessed with being British. It's just a country. Honestly England is quite shit so no idea why she's obsessed with it. Actually, I hope she stays obsessed with England and fucks right off away from a certain northern part.

No. 794555

PS Why are people saying congratulations in the comments? I didn't know having a passport was a life achievement since it's an automatic entitlement as long as you can pay for it.

No. 794564


Lol they are congratulating her on being able to afford it Anon! That’s a bottle or so of jack daniels in her hand!

No. 794572

The thing costs £75.50. Not exactly a house. She's an actual nutjob. Can imagine her coming to N. Ireland or Scotland waving it in people's faces and getting slapped about for attempting to sound English. Seriously though, I'm confused as to why she doesn't just go and live in England seeing as she can quite easily.

It's funny though, she's either applied for citizenship under the Windrush Scheme because one of her parents arrived in the UK before 1973 and she was born in the UK, or she's just applied purely because she has a British parent. Sad. She's not even been here since she was two. It doesn't mean much.

No. 794578

She doesn't want to come and live in the UK because she knows her accent would be seen through in a second and she'd be an even bigger laughing stock. Even if her accent was actually passable and people here accepted her as British she probably wouldn't want that, because there's nothing special about being an British woman in Britain. It's far easier to stay in Canada because amazingly there are some impressionable people there who buy into it.

Also she is completely culturally clueless about the UK. It's painful watching her try to add Britishness into her personality as she's clearly picked up her idea of Britain from American media and her dad's racist FB group. She's a weeb for England instead of Japan.

No. 794592

File: 1599676863799.png (1.18 MB, 1280x2717, EcFUlFJ.png)

Lol she's really trying to convince people that lolcow farmers edit her pics to look worse when it's really just that they make funny edits of her actual photos. And her followers buy it or pretend to. Hilarious.

No. 794600

She can't go live in the UK because her mom with a rich husband doesn't live there. Without someone willing to bankroll her existence she would be homeless and have no T.P.

No. 794604

She can just do a homeless application with a local council, live in temporary accommodation and go on Universal Credit. Eventually she'll get a permanent council flat or one from a housing association. She'd have to get her own toilet roll though. Maybe that would be the dealbreaker.

No. 794608

And she would probably continue to talk shit about immigrants on benefits while collecting universal credit. Guess it's ok for Vic as long as you're white.

No. 794614

Love how she focuses on Great Britain meanwhile the passport says Great Britain and Northern Irish. She totally wants people believe she's a posh English lady. Vicky you're from Guelph. Nobody in Ballymena speaks with that accent. Stop trying it's not going to happen lol

No. 794629

File: 1599690880261.jpeg (129.99 KB, 828x986, 471051D6-B90E-4F84-9E4D-80E5B2…)

Icky seems more bothered than usual.

No. 794635

So unpressed by lolcow that she brings us up in conversation at the slightest provocation.

No. 794646

It was born in Canada and got a British passport because my parents are English so I have both. It’s not hard. It’s not a huge achievement. Congratulations Vic on scrounging up $100 and filling out some paperwork.

No. 794651

File: 1599697936017.jpeg (225.09 KB, 828x1058, FA760FA9-52DE-4BD2-A418-46AB38…)

Victoria.. totally numb to it all. Sure girl, see your drunk ass back here in a week telling us all to die. Cause you’re so unbothered.

And I love that she has “duel accents now” when it was “I faked a Canadian accent cause I was embarrassed of my British one” keep your stories straight.

No. 794653

File: 1599698137128.jpeg (53.38 KB, 828x284, 12B99BE7-D6B7-44C2-8405-173123…)

No. 794654

Oh yeah vic? Why don’t you actually show some proof that you were “kidnapped”. Surely it would be of public concern and would have been talked about in the news. But no, it’s a lie you concocted to get out of an appointment and steal a deposit. Unbelievable. You weren’t kidnapped, you’re just a bad liar.

No. 794657

she posts something like this at least once a month lol. the fact she had to put it on fb and ig says a lot.

>dual accented
that's not like being bilingual you stale old cake.

No. 794658

File: 1599701100491.jpeg (173.15 KB, 828x1483, 729C4317-2540-454B-852F-4D8990…)

Here she is cracking jokes about kidnapping and thirsting over a dude on Facebook. She doesn’t need fb to find guys though. And totally happy being single.

No. 794676

As if this chick is still riding Vickys dick since MySpace. I’m surprised she hasn’t been called a stalker but I guess it’s totally ok if you kiss vickys ass and obsess over her for 10 plus years

No. 794694

a real british person would've said "holiday"

No. 794703


“Sad pathetic little girls”
Says the old sea hag who has accomplished nothing in life. Man I am so jealous of your poor health empty bank account thinning hair hooked nose and crimson chin. I wish I had gingivitis and an ashtray mouth. I wish I faked an accent to seem more unique. I wish I wore cheap clothes a few sizes too small. I wish I lived off my mommy and daddy in my 30s. She lives such an empty life

No. 794726

File: 1599740184729.png (1.49 MB, 828x1792, 641A5EA0-8D36-487C-BCA5-FBD21B…)

Why Vicky, a 33 year old, is posting at 1 am. She clearly doesn’t understand the question. Being pursued by dudes on Facebook isn’t a a life changing moment
I’m starting to think there’s something actually mentally wrong with her. Not in the haha Vicky’s a narc kind of way either….

No. 794727

"Male species." What's the woman equivalent of a neckbeard?

No. 794728

Wonder if her brother and sister are also “dual accented”? Fuck, is she ever daft.

No. 794729

I don’t know anything about her sister, but he brother has no accent

No. 794736

Wow, she didn't understand the question at all. I'm starting to think that she's actually retarded and I don't even mean this in a mean way, I'm 100% serious.

No. 794738

Anon, she has an IQ of 257. How dare you.

No. 794754

She just saw the word man, then her bar fly brain said "what? man? men? I like men, I am sooo not like other girls, pay attention to me!!

No. 794755

She may be mentally handicapped, but there are plenty of disabled people who aren't lying, scamming egomaniacs with massive delusions of grandeur. That's a separate issue altogether

No. 794757

She simply can't read. It's not the first time it happens.

No. 794834

She can’t read or she just hears what she wants and answers accordingly. Shit is weird

No. 794837

Hi, Bunny here!
Due to Victoria’s

No. 794838

Hi, Bunny here!
Due to Victoria trying to talk nonsense about me and our past “friendship” again:
She was born in 1985. I’ve seen her birth certificate. She was born in NI, but moved to Canada at 2 years old.

No. 794843


Is she seriously 35 years old??? I thought she was 33. This just makes things even more pathetic

No. 794844

Wow so she's like 35 years old. There's no way she'd have a British accent or probably even memories of Northern Ireland… Many babies don't have a lot of words by age 2! Wonder why she can't stop talking about you? Maybe it's because shes jealous that you look like her photoshops

No. 794850

Did I miss something? I didn’t see ick bring up bunny again?

Also, 35?! Damn. Why would she lie by two years that seems weird.

No. 794859

I assume it got brought up privately. Maybe Vic was talking shit to people in that circle idk.

Also I always thought she was born in August of 1988, making her 32. That is weird she'd lie about her age by 2-3 years. Maybe the lie started when she was younger and those few years matter a lot more. Like saying she's 18 when she was 21. Weird though.

No. 794860

because 35 is halfway to 40, and if you're almost 40 your life is over /s
Everyone knows Vic is the kind of girl who feeds into the idea that women "hit the wall" at 30 and would shave a few years off of her age to avoid that for as long as possible, but even she knows she couldn't trick anyone into thinking she was in her early 20's kek

No. 794861

Makes sense actually…she’s been so desperate for a man. Obsessed actually. She’s freaking out she’s nearing 40 and has nothing and no one to show for it.

No. 794871

The issue is she can't understand that people aren't attracted to others based off of image alone. That's what she's trying to cater to. Sure, image initially attracts people, but anyone who's in love can tell you it's about the person as a whole. I don't get why she tries to hide her imperfections when everyone has them. When we get into a long-term relationship our partner sees almost everything, so she really isn't projecting a sincere image. She speaks a lot of shit on her Facebook page too. Anyone who might initially be interested will be put off by how immature she is mentally. I think when/if she finds someone genuinely nice she'll look back on how strange she was acting. She actually needs to work on herself first for that to happen though. She needs to drop this crap and take care of her health because she honestly looks fine without the weird editing and fake persona. It's an actual shame. I wish I could help her but I think she needs a clinical psychologist.

No. 794872

PS She doesn't look bad at all for 35. She does need to improve her health though (smoking and drinking aren't doing her any favours). It's her edits, style and mental attitude that are horrific. If she showed what she actually looked like, everyone would have gotten used to it and she would be viewed as normal, but she doesn't want that. She wants to look like a rockstar. She can still have that vibe, but I don't think what she wears right now is really age appropriate. She needs to stop lying too.

No. 794879

File: 1599828236492.jpeg (103.89 KB, 657x584, BE138F27-5F54-4AD5-A7F4-39478F…)

Maybe you missed her most recent candid. She looks terrible for 35. She’s close to 40 still dressing like a 16 year old mall goth.
I don’t know what happened between her and bunny but Vicky keeps claiming lolcow are jealous stalkers that won’t stop talking about her yet she’s doing the same thing. Bunny and her haven’t been friends in what ? A decade? But for some reason bunny’s name keeps leaving her mouth. Victoria, you’re the jealous stalker.

No. 794884

I think she looks like an average woman in her 30s. Nothing wrong with that. Doesn't match the image she's trying to put out there though, that she's an unattainable Goddess. I don't believe anyone should be acting like that. Obviously her gums aren't healthy and she needs to go to a dentist, as well as a hairdresser… But those things are pretty easy since you just need to have book treatments and follow instructions afterwards really. Maybe she can't afford to buy new clothes due to not working/not working much so wears the same stuff over and over. I just think she needs to change stuff up for the sake of her health which will reflect in her appearance instead of filtering it all out through editing. I don't know why she supposedly keeps talking about Bunny, probably out of jealousy.

No. 794886

Correction, she looks like an average fat woman in her 30s but also 40s and 50s. Majority of women in this age range look better than her.

No. 794888

Not defending her, as she's supposedly not a nice person personality-wise, but she's not that fat. She's pretty average. She could do with going to the gym, but then again that's good for anyone. It really is all about how she presents herself, interacts with people and lack of self-care.

No. 794890

I agree, she isn’t TERRIBLE. It’s just her lack of self-respect, respect for others, poor hygiene etc that make her awful.
She’s normal looking with bad fashion sense, doesn’t dress for her body. And normal isn’t “making men hit post signs”

No. 794894

Noone says she’s obese, but she’s clearly fat / overweight. She’s few just kilos away from being Porgie from pro Ana scumbags.

No. 794922

File: 1599852378763.png (534.36 KB, 828x1792, C369495C-BFF6-4ED8-AD9D-F4ECE8…)

Totally not ….

No. 794924

File: 1599852431488.jpeg (211.92 KB, 819x1260, 80A32662-C578-48AA-A153-FFDCAF…)

….. thirsting for a dude

No. 794926

File: 1599852916610.jpeg (165.21 KB, 809x1103, 13AF7E47-1FD0-40DB-A45B-140383…)

What is this shading?! On that hat?! Is that the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen? No. But … I would set it on fire

No. 794933

Yea…. Because girls are tooootally into man-bulge. /eye roll
I stg I know whores who aren’t even this obsessed with dick. Stop the act vicky. We all know you’re reposting gay memes because you’re starved for attention, not dick. Dick is the easiest thing to obtain as a woman. You don’t even have to be attractive to get dick.(dack talk derail)

No. 794953

You might want to look into “am I a lesbian” quizes. Lots of heterosexual women are into the bulge, it’s nothing unusual.(dack talk derail)

No. 794955

It’s not unusual at all. But when you sit online until 5 am drunk every morning telling people how you’re a saint, don’t let anyone touch you and aren’t thirsty for a man on Facebook then wake up hungover the next day posting this shit.
At 35 none the less, it’s really fucking weird

No. 794996

File: 1599875622490.jpeg (49.28 KB, 828x264, F22059FA-65B9-4B18-9AB6-559FA0…)

No. 795095

don't have to be a lesbian to not share mens enthusiasm for their penises. majority of straight women don't care so much about dick to be publicly pining for it primarily and not the person its attached to.(dack talk derail)

No. 795133

File: 1599923381785.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2099x2032, 05605D1C-692C-4326-A3BB-95E00D…)

No apprenticeship vs apprenticeship.

Her work always seems to be faded from the get-go. I don’t know why anyone would pay her the $100 an hour to have a prison tattoo.

No. 795135

File: 1599923570397.jpeg (214.9 KB, 806x1051, 24B8E713-D2A2-4C3E-942B-758BC8…)

There’s already places in the hat that are bleeding out. The hair is atrocious.
I’m not a tattoo artist but is it normal to have tattoo ink everywhere like that?

No. 795146

You would definitely want to wipe it up just for hygiene and to make your customer more comfortable but that isn’t really a priority. I the worst part is the shading it looks like it was done with a whiteboard marker that was running out of in.

Does anyone know why the fuck it’s so streaky?

No. 795153

File: 1599931982437.jpeg (523.65 KB, 602x796, 90873AF3-5E92-4F68-9DBD-0FCCCF…)

Sage for no milk, but it’s literally looking like a tattoo from “how not to get tattooed”

No. 795163

File: 1599936444512.jpg (150.34 KB, 550x370, worldsworsttattoo_550.jpg)

Omg this is BEAT. This looks like that internet famous "worst portrait tattoo" pic attached.

No. 795168

File: 1599937197169.jpeg (41.34 KB, 828x252, E053A26A-3558-413A-9410-67256D…)

This girl said she’s getting an anatomical heart by ick. Didn’t Victoria just do one of these and it looked like a blob? These deals she’s dishing out must be 95% off or something for people to keep booking

No. 795176

File: 1599941241662.png (2.56 MB, 750x1334, 47E696ED-BB00-45B2-9EC0-0D4CC6…)

What in the actual fuck is this garbage?

No. 795178

File: 1599941784960.png (3.86 MB, 828x1792, 86795F05-CC3E-4A46-AAE0-64BD2A…)

A still from the video. How is she getting this much worse with time?!

No. 795183

Alcoholism and she’s probably practicing even less now than when she started out. My guess.

No. 795187

Why is the white guy looking darker skinned than the POC?

And mildly unfair to Vic, but you're comparing piss to gourmet. That right tattoo is beyond perfection.

No. 795188

It’s not mildly anything when she calls herself highly sought after and says she judges tattoo conventions.
Don’t judge other people’s work when you’re a 2/10

No. 795196

Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is she using a party city tablecloth to cover her tattoo chair?

No. 795201

Oh my god, anon. Hilarious. I was too distracted by those shaky teardrops to even notice.

No. 795221

her shading is so linear and directional it looks like she sketched it in. there's no soft blends or darker tones like the tattoo on the right. the eyes are different sizes too and the nose is very wide, she should just not do faces.

what kind of anatomy is that lol. more scratchy shading, thick yet also inconsistent lines, the drops or jewels or whatever just hanging there while others are connected with lines. on the bottom left of the ruffle you can see where she ran the line into the heart, hope this person enjoys that eternal fuck up. her skin is also so raised and irritated, must have low blood platelets.

No. 795307

Inked up by Vicky Shingles bingo card:
- It already looks 25 years old
- ink alternates between hammered deep into the skin and too shallow
- cheap inks/ugly colours
- no stencil
- shoddy outline, when it exists at all

It's too bad tattoos this bad can't be outlawed. Though if you're dumb enough to get one from her you kind of deserve it.

No. 795361

I just despise how the moon is off center, that’s just so annoying to look at.

No. 795397

why does that heart have macaroni dancing on top of it.

No. 795400

I can't get over how disproportionate the whole thing is, why would anyone want this? Is it supposed to be a garter with a bunch of other random designs? Looks like a doodle I'd see in a middle schooler's notebook.

No. 795401

You forgot "needs more white"

No. 795566

You also forgot uneven and no symmetry

No. 795912

File: 1600229714011.jpeg (775.16 KB, 828x1271, 954D95F3-5A74-4614-B720-AD1694…)

Unsure if this was shared already but damn what the fuck

No. 795917

so… I just have a coupla questions about this, y'know?
Why does Wonder Woman have a Superman tattoo? Why is she carrying a sword? The fuck is up with the non-shield? Where's her tiara thing? What the hell is up with her anatomy? And why in the everloving fuck did Icky give Wonder Woman - of ALL people - her own busted face?

No. 795918

File: 1600237046084.jpg (92.24 KB, 1280x1230, IMG_20200915_231536_673.jpg)

Holy crap this is terrible. Great find, anon.

Lol I said every single one of these things out loud. Also THAT HAND ON THE BENDY SWORD.

Also this lady's Instagram is chock full of Wonder Woman x Superman fan art. The Superman tattoo on the Wonder Woman was the client's choice…

No. 795919

File: 1600237507070.jpg (128.81 KB, 918x1279, IMG_20200915_232518_184.jpg)

There's also this mess which looks 20 years old already.

No. 795925

Besides the obvious terrible flaws in this tattoo (bad anatomy, busted ass vicky face, flawed shading, not true to character accessories) why can't this bitch ever finish a tattoo? She does 2 clients a month!

No. 795926

I’m honestly believing she’s regressing, I didn’t even think this was possible. I thought some of her previous tattoos were ok-ish (Like I wouldn’t gasp if I saw someone with one on them I guess). Now it looks like it’s drawn with crayons or I forgot to put on my glasses.

I’ve never interacted or gotten a tatt by her obviously, but my guess is that she manages to convince her victims that the tattoo is not finished and will be totally popping with more white or more details, but really she doesn’t know what to do with it and just string them along until they give up and go to another shop.

No. 795933

File: 1600260708781.jpg (681.48 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20200916_135218_com…)

When cows collide.

No. 795934

File: 1600260757112.jpg (640.48 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20200916_135220_com…)

From her insta story. 8 hours ago.

No. 795935

File: 1600261721594.png (684.44 KB, 498x501, Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 9.07…)


Is this supposed to look like one of those ancient paintings where the paint is crumbling and cracking? Why the fuck does this look so worn out if just done ???

No. 795960

Why isn’t she tattooing over/around the clients freckles/moles? I spent a little while trying to work out what the splodges were but it’s just where she’s left it blank around every mole. Makes it look like wonder woman? Has huge holes in her top revealing some sort of skin disease underneath.And what the hell is with those thighs, the shading & linework of them & the fact one is almost twice the size of the other. Why does she have stripey arms? If Vicky is basing the face of it on herself she at least has the moon face and atrocious make up true to reality.

No. 795974

Wtf, this literally looks like a kid's scribbles. There have been tats she has done that I don't particularly see the problem with (admittedly I am not a tat fan and I don;t necessarily see what others see wrong with them) but MAN this is bad. FFS, Vicky.

No. 795975

she also looks like an amputee. where's her left leg from the knee down? I'm sure it's supposed to be bent up behind her, but that sure as hell isn't what it looks like.

as for WW's Superman tattoo being the clients choice, that just proves that, along with thinking this permanent notebook doodle is a bit of perfection, she's got to be as half-witted as our mega talented, super in-demand
warms the heart when stupid people find kindred spirits.

No. 795991


Canyon self-posts in his/Tesah's thread and brags about it, so I have no doubts he reached out to Vic to bond over being talked about here. It's kinda cringe.

No. 796002

Of this isn’t a scream for followers, I don’t know what is. Victoria you’re 35.

No. 796004

wtf is going on with this? It looks diseased.

Is this tattooed on someone's thumb? Theres even less definition than her usual trash

No. 796008


They both have only fans accounts which Vick looks down on so I wonder why she’s telling people to follow them.

No. 796011

She’s doing it for a shout out. They told people to follow her as well and they have more followers. All she cares about is her social media presences. She only cares about onlyfans when it doesn’t benefit her and takes away from her attention.

No. 796021

File: 1600306047674.jpeg (17.57 KB, 425x430, 4D9C68BA-6905-45A7-943C-B9FDD4…)


Ok as much as I hate defending a damned thing here- Wonder Woman did have a sword in the Alex Ross Kingdom Come series. But it wasn’t a damned kitana at all. That’s as far as I can ever go with defense. Also in KC Superman and Wonder Woman were involved. But with all that being said this tattoo is so much shit.
Edit: apparently she had the god killer in the movies too.but this is what it looks like.

No. 796057

I truly believe she always claims it’s “unfinished” so if anyone criticizes her work, she can just say “well I haven’t finished it yet”. And also yes, to keep clients coming back and likely get them to drop another deposit that she can run off with.

No. 796063

Do you think she fakes a bad British accent the whole time she's tattooing clients or do you think that's something she only puts on for the internet? (Question open to anybody really)

No. 796093

She tattooed my friend 6 years ago and no accent was to be found.

No. 796153

The anatomy is hilarious here, the thighs are different sizes, her leg just disappears, one arm is waaaay too long and missing an elbow joint, but I'm dying at the random katana. Every "hot girl" tattoo Vic does has to look like herself in some way.

Anyone who thinks this looks good honestly deserves it. There's no misrepresentation here, it's just bad.

No. 796180

File: 1600388336687.jpeg (118.23 KB, 828x781, F90467F3-5955-476C-83F3-6CE8E4…)

“Being a bad girl smoking”

Bad and disgusting are different, but okay.
She’s 35 years old, you think she’d have some self control and self respect. She wants to talk about being this cool martial artist, but she treats her body like a garbage truck. I couldn’t imagine getting a tattoo from someone that smelt like an ashtray.

No. 796181

File: 1600388635747.jpeg (124.52 KB, 828x644, 2386EBF3-7686-4095-B353-4CB97B…)

Don’t ask us for help. Kek. Victoria you can’t even help yourself