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File: 1612718983753.jpeg (186.34 KB, 743x709, C982EF77-3A64-4040-8695-AAF21F…)

No. 820650

Vicky is a 35 year old tattoo scratcher from Nowhere, Ontario who has a recorded history of stealing deposits, cancelling appointments, and giving horrible mangled tattoos to her clients. One reason this thread exists is to warn people in her community in case they happen to Google her name before getting a tattoo.

Vicky is also a washed up scene queen who likes spending her free time reliving her glory days on MySpace by getting drunk and posting poorly shopped thirstpics and embarrassing videos on various social media accounts. She then posts the resulting DMs she gets from random horny old men, the sorts of DMs normal women ignore or get creeped out by, seemingly as proof of her desirability - despite, of course, being perpetually single for pretty much her entire adult life.

Victoria exhibits a plethora of curious behaviors such as pretending to be British, pretending to be wealthy, pretending to be a super-fit ninja, pretending to be the one and only woman who likes/does "X", and of course pretending to be unbothered by criticism.
Latest milk:
> her scratch tattoos have progressively gotten way worse
>said she’s not following the law during lockdown
>says there’s a conspiracy and Facebook is blocking her content and having people unfollowed her cause she’s so woke
> been uploading tattoos during lockdown, possibly still working.
> still obsessed with her haterzzzz
> says she invented the “kilt trend”
> made up stories about her being a gold
Medalist Irish dancer
> got kicked out / doesn’t work at her cousin spa anymore
>calling out her clients that aren’t happy with her work on Facebook. Have a girl named Emma a mentally challenged centaur tattoo.
> posting about getting her ass clapped on her Facebook professional page
> hitting on young men on Facebook professional page
> stalking Keanu reeves to the point she photoshops herself with him.
> still putting up crazy dealzzz for tattoos even though she’s totally sought after
> she’s drank herself into a hole and has forgotten how to photoshop her body. Has gotten worse to the point that her neckbeards are calling her out.

Old milk:
> the quality of her already-shitty work has somehow deteriorated further >>>/pt/799820 >>>/pt/799789 >>>/pt/804979
> a tattoo so atrocious that it deserves its own line >>>/pt/805503
> Icky decided to tattoo her own face and has yet to do a reveal >>>/pt/799875
> a calf is born: introducing cameron “the contrarian” who gives us a coked-out 18,000 word screed at 1AM about muh 0 sugar energy bars >>>/pt/800078
> cameron goes off on some irrelevant bitch named kayla for seemingly no reason >>>/pt/800090
> to no one’s surprise, cameron looks like this >>>/pt/800296
> returns later to call us the obsessive losers after writing 20k words about how Vicky wouldn’t suck his dick >>>/pt/800376
> congratulations! it’s twins! a second calf, kayla (aka dollar store trisha paytas), is thrust upon us >>>/pt/800605
> cameron comes back yet again to complain about phone chargers, vicky’s fridge, and a lot more that i don’t care to document because fuck these guys >>>/pt/800642
> kayla can’t shut up, posts nonstop on facebook and to anyone who will listen to her >>>/pt/800822 >>>/pt/801377
> i can’t bring myself to write any more about cameron or kayla but unfortunately vicky and her botched face tat are MIA during this side show
> only fans era vicky is imminent >>>/pt/805696 >>>/pt/802843

Her past/old milk is quite lengthy soooo here is a pastebin of that: https://pastebin.com/SsvpzQy0



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder
Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/451633048

LAST THREAD: >>>/pt/806593

No. 820655

File: 1612720066338.jpeg (178.93 KB, 827x1152, BB0143F0-1E35-4A7B-90B2-C9A7A4…)

So victoria is still tattooing during lockdown. Isn’t she afraid someone’s going to report her?

No. 820656

File: 1612720175145.jpeg (370.82 KB, 826x1508, 49F12220-FEA8-4299-AA9A-B72905…)

She also started a tattoo Instagram page and holy shit. Seeing all her work together like this really shows how trash her work is. This page ain’t gonna build business

No. 820663

File: 1612723748143.jpeg (90.07 KB, 827x476, F53AE5D6-B075-4964-8A78-BC5C59…)

Imagine being so bothered that anytime anyone says something you don’t like you have to post about it and drag it out for days

No. 820669

File: 1612726093640.jpeg (375.95 KB, 1242x1619, 10E733B3-2440-4812-A96F-E53F2B…)

Face is completely blurred and a different tone from the patchy fake tan. Like her tattooing, she’ll spend years making the same rookie mistakes and not learning a thing.

No. 820670

Those fat girl legs…

No. 820672

File: 1612727432480.jpeg (91.63 KB, 644x648, 8332F437-B707-44B8-8B23-FB43B2…)

Leave it up to Vicky to make a girls death and turn it around to talk about herself. Jesus.

No. 820674

File: 1612727918823.jpeg (136.88 KB, 828x801, 3B407B47-0FC3-4E22-92D3-55631A…)

The most professional. Thirsting over your clients, keep it classy ick.

No. 820676

File: 1612727992551.jpeg (83.83 KB, 481x520, 17BC544E-8103-4FD1-8EA7-A70052…)

Holy photoshop! She photoshopped herself into a sex doll.

No. 820679

I stg she becomes more and more Ukrainian mail order bride with every one of these disasters. And that's not a compliment.

No. 820681

Maybe this is nitpicky, but her shops are so damn lazy. She only whitened one part of the sclera, only one eye has a highlight, and the reflections don’t match. Why even bother with this shit to begin with if you’re not gonna make it match?

>my eyes just reflect that amazingly

No. 820682

toddler face, pensioner body

No. 820684

is this really her though, there's no mention of it on her ig.

>the more beautiful you are the more creepy stalkers you attract
guess that's why hers are as fake as her selfies.

No. 820685

I think that Mario tattoo was posted in one of her previous threads. I don't know shit about tattoos but it looks really faded, old, and like all the line work fell out. Wonder how that pixel Link tattoo will turn out in a few months lol

No. 820687

File: 1612732331886.jpeg (191.44 KB, 827x914, 334CAF0D-AB16-4966-A9B7-BA9242…)

Yeah it’s her, it’s in her IG profile. She chose these tattoos to advertise. Scary.

No. 820703

File: 1612736448628.jpg (219.41 KB, 1080x1825, Lifting Up Other Women.jpg)

Found on her new man child's Instagram. She's such a kindhearted, secure individual.

No. 820706


Oof that “pixel” tattoo is really tragic and wonky. The sword looks like liquid. She really needs to be reported for tattooing when it’s basically illegal right now. Retards like her is why lockdown is so long. Such a greedy hog with no consideration for anyone but herself and her money for cigarettes and liquor. She’s so sought after and booked up that her tattoo Instagram only has 7 followers. What a pro

No. 820710

Every time I see Vicky’s tattoo I feel the urge to clean my glasses and rub my eyes. I wonder if she knows her work is shit so she intentionally blurs her pics like she does with her selfies, or if it’s really like that IRL. At this point it’s seriously a talent to make things this blurry, even scratcher have more defined, if crooked lines.

I’m also getting seriously sick of this shade of blue she uses everywhere. Once you’ve spotted it, you can’t unsee it anymore.

What’s hilarious is spotting when Vicky is thirsty for a dude (not that it’s especially hard I must admit), because they’ll say something that’d set her off immediately if they were a girl, but with them she’ll always answer
“It’s not very nice mister [demon smiley face]”

No. 820715

File: 1612741073725.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 96.97 KB, 750x641, 73F845BD-0CC2-4F2F-B2C2-F501A2…)


Makeup, acting, dressing like an autistic clown and shes mad that people are laughing. Her obsessive actions and unrelenting posts about sex and potential partners well into her maturity are reminiscent of chris chan.

Most people in their 30’s (who aren’t institutionalized) have grown, become self aware, can reflect on their childhood and mature, exercise basic self care (brushing your teeth, washing your face, showering ext) and hygiene, don’t brag about drinking every weekend, have a real job and life goals.

She really doesn’t grasp the concept. Nobody here is jealous of her, she’s just making a fool of herself with every photoshopped picture and self-indulgent post. Most adults have the capacity to mature, unless you’re chris chan or Victoria Bella morte.

No. 820716

Lol of course she's after a gross redneck who chews tobacco

No. 820718

Oh Jesus. This girl can’t help but tear down other women. She’s so insecure that another woman posted a LAUGHING emoji. Not on ickys mans wall, that’s just too far. Kek.
And wow, what a great diss. You’re almost 40

No. 820719

File: 1612742824806.jpeg (88.37 KB, 827x374, F77335E9-4D91-4007-9A2D-FB94B6…)

“I don’t put others down to feel good about myself” this never ages well with this bitch

No. 820720

Cyberbullying is bad guys, you could go to jail. But please hold my jack daniel's bottle while I lash out at another woman simply because she exists and that makes me feel threatened.

No. 820721

File: 1612743127460.jpeg (187 KB, 826x1029, B75C20D4-2E18-4094-A931-FD4DC8…)

This is embarrassing. She started this page like 2 days ago. 7 whole followers for the totally sought after tattoo artist and absolutely no likes on any photo. Kek.
The fact that she put this up saying “no filter needed” is terrifying. As a new client seeing this I’d think she uses filters normally.
And this tattoo is a fucking MESS

No. 820726

File: 1612744217383.png (2.22 MB, 1280x2490, Ths0Nl4Dvta.png)

New Vic work from October according to the client. Can't remember if Canada/Ontario was in lockdown then.

No. 820730

How many hours could this prison tattoo really have taken? She’s saying she sat for mannnnny hours? Does this scratcher charge by the hour?

No. 820731

File: 1612745568110.jpeg (173.29 KB, 827x549, 139B047C-FC54-45D0-9704-6E1F47…)

Vicky vs real artist Hecate tattoo. Icky using that discount ink.

No. 820732

File: 1612747152062.jpeg (190.34 KB, 707x642, C296F264-F164-4331-A581-EBCCB3…)

This girl edited this post every 30 seconds for 6 minutes calling someone else a “bothered crazy bitch”
What does this make you, Ictoria?

No. 820737

lmao she edited it one time to just make a spelling mistake. "you message me a 11 at night"

No. 820740

I didn't know goddesses can't afford orthodontics, and have a single giant bucktooth. But we know Vicky makes every woman she tattoos in her own image, soooo she must be aware of her own gnarly, rotting tooth front & center in every selfie she takes. Now it's on this woman forever, kek.

No. 820742

Vicky asking thins guy why his tongue is always against his lip… while she’s over there finger fucking her mouth in every video / photo.. but ok.

“I don’t like take a million selfies” how is she this unaware of who she is? She’s literally posting selfie’s everyday.
>>820740 the one buck tooth. Holy shit. This poor woman. Google your artists

No. 820747

oh my bad, didn't see that earlier. also don't get the point of having a second account for her garbage tattoos when she barely does any. will never see her post any sketches, flash sheets, paintings or other kind most tattooers share.

No. 820753

That unequal star necklace is killing me.
Do you think she actually fucked up the eye/mouth ratio and that's why she has double eyes?

No. 820774

And the nose is crooked/off center

No. 820793

She also never drinks or only has one little sip of light beer, when we all know she is drinking hard liquor all day, everyday.

No. 820815

Does that tattoo mean to say "Grace 3 This Day"? Who is Grace and why is she perpetually doomed to be three forver

No. 820816


She must try to coach as many of he victims as possible in how to caption their pictures of her tattoos. They all sound like a regurgitation of what Icky's captions are, and they are all so defensive: freehand, no filter, picture is blurry!
It's so transparent.

No. 820818

It's supposed to be a representation of &, but it is missing the under dot.

No. 820843

File: 1612799764876.jpeg (57.24 KB, 827x276, 921336D4-1FD4-476A-A5E5-7C35F3…)

“The whole way from New York”
This guy is from a small town outside of Niagara Falls. She’s always going on about people flying into to see her and this guy lives a 2 hour drive away. Kek

No. 820845

File: 1612802029136.png (321.83 KB, 377x455, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 11.2…)

She's starting to morph into Lolita Richi. Kek.

How long before this just becomes another "professional" page loaded with her selfies and horny memes?

No. 820851

I had to read that caption like 8 times and I still can't really understand it lol she's either ESL or has a learning disability, which anyone who voluntary chooses Vic as their tattooist must have.

No. 820859

File: 1612812276629.jpeg (80.25 KB, 632x494, BFB4AC32-17EF-48F1-9502-0EDCC3…)

Random girl: “lol emoji”
Vicky: so basically you’re laughing at me? Do you know how insecure I am? You can’t just use emojis even though you didn’t tag me at all and were talking to someone else. I want that guy to CLAP MY CHEEKS. You can’t emoji to him. How dare you. I’m literally shaking.

No. 820861

File: 1612812594089.jpeg (118.39 KB, 294x790, 6E4B33A5-8BF6-464D-B6F3-34B9AC…)

The caption on this is “beautiful clean lined freehand on her porcelain skin.”


No. 820863

>I want that guy to CLAP MY CHEEKS
fucking kek

No. 820865

File: 1612814799096.jpeg (214.54 KB, 827x1415, 2DC990C8-0B3E-4E39-9A14-4FBD2A…)

Does she ever understand anything? Not saying his joke is all that brilliant… but how is she this clueless all the time?

No. 820868


Vic doesn’t understand anything that doesn’t refer to her beauty, wit, talent, sex appeal or intelligence. Because what else is worth talking about, really?

No. 820877

like the screenshot up thread where she immediately gets hostile at a chick for posting laughing emojis. >>820703

if the post/reply isn’t kissing Vicky’s ass, she acts retarded.

No. 820880

She IS retarded. It's not that she just acts that way. The way she replies to people and misses obvious jokes and how the point just always completely over her head, coupled with the delusions of grandeur about her abilities and intellect, make me think she's autistic or has Asperger's or is somewhere on the spectrum

No. 820884

All of her tattoos remind me of the shitty notebook drawings kids did in highschool with their blue and black pens. She uses the cheapest ink available which is why all of her tattoos are blue tinted. I also cringed looking at several of these because you can see the scar tissue under the ink. They're all raised and angry looking (and not in a normal, just tatted way). No wonder most of her clients look like they got in a street fight after being tattooed by her. She's heavy handed as fuck.

No. 820901

File: 1612831910820.jpeg (180.37 KB, 827x1386, 544D5341-1BE0-4D95-9B50-5CD548…)

“Get you a thic bitch, some of us can cook”
… you could say any size girl can sometimes cook. What does this even mean? How many times is she going post these dusty things? Can she make anything else that doesnt require butter and all purpose flour?
I think she should change this to “ get you an unhealthy bitch so we can drowned our sorrows in dairy, gravy and carbs and never have to touch a vegetable again”

No. 820904


Her constantly bragging about her Yorkshire puddings triggers me to no end. They are one of the most easy things to cook! There is literally no skill involved in that or gravy. We have yet to see her actually cook anything that isn't stupid Reddit neckbeard fry ups.

No. 820905

I love her trying to adopt the word 'thicc' to avoid the fact that she's chubby and pudgy lmao

Also of course she only cooks ~British~ food. Did she ever tell you guys she's totally British?

No. 820907

Even her food pics are blurry and low quality. I just don’t get it, she’s got an iPhone. Why does every picture she post look like it’s from 2007?

No. 820908

File: 1612835266599.jpeg (57.56 KB, 827x284, BEF453EA-FD7F-4353-8A14-022188…)

She should have opened a restaurant. She does know that it takes more than throwing together plates of brown and keeping your fingers out of your mouth?

No. 820909

Vicky is the biggest Mary Sue on the planet. her cooking is amazing, all the men want her, all the women are jealous of her, she’s a “successful” model, she’s a “great” tattoo artist, her fashion sense is impeccable, etc etc. it’s exhausting to even read about, i can’t imagine knowing her in real life and having to hear her brag all the time.

No. 820933

I dunno that the ass end of Ontario can afford her Michelin 5 star restaurant.

No. 820934

yorkshires dont contain butter. they are milk, eggs and ap flour in equal parts with a pinch of salt. that easy.
saying that these yorkshires are pathetically shallow and small. they look like the frozen type.

No. 820945

did her and kiki ever interact? they have so much in common honestly

No. 820946


I like how that’s all she made. Nothing else. Just a plate of carbs I bet she ate that plate to her face. What a wifey.

No. 820953

You can buy bags of frozen Yorkshire puddings.
So she covers flour puddings with flour gravy.. no wonder she's a fatass.

No. 820986

File: 1612890839833.jpeg (166.54 KB, 960x540, 521571FD-EC9D-47A5-8BFA-4AB69C…)

Remember the time she cooked these for a friend and had dirt under her finger nails. Like always. I wouldn’t eat anything this girl made

No. 820991

Why is she bragging about something people have on the side and most people skip? Did she eat these as an actual meal lol? If she’s such a great cook why didn’t she show off her actual food?… it’s the equivalent of showing off croutons.

No. 820993

Eww, there's a hair in there too, bottom left. Gross asthetic for pic overall that oven window is filthy.

No. 821012

File: 1612897056632.jpeg (216.44 KB, 827x1028, 8CA48B66-5ED4-467E-BCDF-4002B1…)

“I’ll say it again to prove to you how unbothered I am”

You want to be overweight and you feel good about that, go for. But don’t say you’re healthy. Don’t say you’re a ninja. That’s not how it works. Smoking cigarettes, eating Yorkshire pudding every night, sitting on your ass everyday playing video games and photoshopping yourself in those games is not healthy. Reading this thread everyday and posting repeatedly how must you don’t care just proves how much you care. If being skinny isn’t for you, stop photoshopping your body smaller.

No. 821013

File: 1612897669246.jpeg (185.24 KB, 827x966, 5F7A2316-AF35-4A92-88A1-8CFF55…)

Remember all the way up until a few weeks ago she said she was so skinny she had a tiny waist, so skinny she could wrap her fingers around her waist? Girl.

No. 821016

File: 1612899273155.jpeg (143.91 KB, 827x590, AAAAB630-16E4-471C-9153-CEF40E…)

“IM A MODEL.” Taking photos in your own clothes in your bedroom, photoshopping photos for online mags and doing a toronto runway show that you got dragged for after ( cause you couldn’t photoshop your personality or self in real life) doesn’t make you a model. At all.

No. 821019

THIS. She also loves to constantly put down "instagram models" when they at least get sponsorships and do actual modeling whereas this gross broad is literally just taking photos of herself in her shitty clothes in her shitty apartment. She's even lower on the "model" totem pole than IG that's and it's fucking hilarious.

No. 821021

File: 1612900211509.jpeg (117.53 KB, 827x511, DA679C23-FE62-492C-93A0-BFFA18…)

“Lens distortion” sure Jan.

No. 821023

These compliment fishing statues are so weird. If she’s so confident why does she have to post this same thing bi weekly?

No. 821024

If you didn't photoshop all your pictures to look smaller and accepted your typical chubby body, nobody would care Vick.

No. 821038

File: 1612906028779.jpeg (48.89 KB, 827x225, 5411B57E-5E64-4D9C-9C1F-89B51C…)

Vicky: “…Why you care about what others look like That’s an issue you need to fix with yourself”

Also Vicky:

No. 821044

ok so her liquify tool abuse is justified as "lens distortion control". she actually believes the camera is whats making her look fat

No. 821046

File: 1612909708673.jpeg (97.6 KB, 763x417, A4342C05-0AEE-4301-BDC8-7FDAD5…)

She doesn’t have an eating disorder. I think the general consensus is she’s lazy. She photoshops her tattoos and body cause she’s too lazy to put any real work in.
Nobody thinks she has an eating disorder. Insecure, yeah. If she didn’t care as much as she said, this wouldn’t be the 100th status about this on her work page.

No. 821048

This bitch has been using the same ink bottles she had in her mom's basement 10 years ago, how the hell do people think it's going to turn out? She can't get professional ink without a credit card (that no bank will give her) AND during a pandemic. I'd bet 100$ her ink is from wish..

No. 821055

Yeah it’s just cheap ink. The technology of ink these days is better than it use to be. That’s why old school tattoos on your parents etc look blue. The ink was cheap.
Now a days real artist use ink that have more “staying power” and are more concentrated. She must be using the bottom of the barrel outdated crap that they still make for … well scratchers.
Considering how infected some of her tattoos look, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of her ink was expired.

No. 821058

Why would your Facebook photos “sometime require lens distortion”? Kek

No. 821079

File: 1612920058691.jpeg (88.46 KB, 827x584, A7BE3063-AF02-46F3-A1AD-FE2A35…)

She gets her news from Facebook, of course she’s never watched the news on any network.

No. 821083

I wonder what she thinks she is actually modeling? Clothes, make up, a car? If she isn’t advertising something what does she think she is actually modeling? Nobody cares about photoshopped pics and nobody will buy them because there are so much better out there than icky. Better yet what does tell people she is advertising? If she wasn’t ruining people’s bodies forever, while claiming she is a sought after artist, then nobody would really give a shit about her.

No. 821085

File: 1612920906472.jpeg (156.83 KB, 827x1266, CE6159D1-E191-4DE3-AF14-79E1A6…)

No. 821095

File: 1612927434944.jpeg (169.81 KB, 827x1126, E0292530-DE20-4482-A8FD-5A788E…)

This isn’t thic btw. And she got tik tok. YOU ARE 40. Kek.

No. 821107

Kek her glowing yellow tint makes her flat and looking like a cardboard cutout.

Also that Picasso face.

No. 821108

File: 1612933229788.jpeg (672.75 KB, 828x1515, 0E06EE87-07DC-40B9-A949-9A2794…)

LMAO nice lurking Shingles

No. 821109

The tags are the biggest give away.

Versace sports bras aren’t even that expensive. Just buy a real one vicky.

No. 821112

File: 1612935502978.jpeg (228.92 KB, 828x1295, 79F46E71-596A-4313-8E94-131F0A…)

is this a glitch or…

No. 821113

I think she blocked you.

No. 821114

File: 1612936247906.jpeg (920.29 KB, 828x1541, 373AB7FC-A114-4DD9-854F-3B7DBB…)

Theres this account for her scratching that was abandoned almost two years ago, I wonder if she is trying erase her links to anything negative that gets said (good luck with that, kek)

No. 821115

Ive never interacted with her or anyone else for that matter, its a burner account for lurking, and seeing as that screen shot tattle feature is now defunct there would be no way of her identifying my account… would there?

No. 821116

“You’re designer” she obviously doesn’t buy much designer stuff since she’s trying to flex a dirty 50 dollar bra. Has she seen other girls on TikTok? This is going to be hilarious.

No. 821118

It's so obviously fake… and covered with lint. I checked the number on the tag on the Versace website and (shockingly) it could not be verified as authentic.

No. 821119

fucking kek, Icky Does TikTok has spectacular milkmas potential, wait till she sees all the influencers flexing their serious designer hauls, I dunno about you lot but I am looking forward to this chapter

No. 821121

Have you watched her stories? She can see who watches her stories. I looked at her account on IG and it looks totally fine. Maybe it is a glitch? But it looks like she blocked you. Could always try on another account and it would confirm.

No. 821128

those two sketches are chris-chan tier

No. 821131


Her fake accent slips back to her natural Canadian one a lot in this video. Way to confirm it’s fake too. What a dumbass

No. 821147

If you go on the Versace website you can’t even put in this number / letter combo anymore, you have to do an old version. It’s real but it’s so old they don’t fell this anymore but you can get it online from other places for $70.
That normal price of a good bra. Keep flexing that ugly thing.

No. 821148

File: 1612960886140.jpeg (46.61 KB, 827x203, 5931A21E-0C24-4C1A-AE7E-796522…)

You’re overweight medically. Everyone can see you gut. Sorry, ick.

No. 821159

File: 1612965437987.jpeg (120.97 KB, 711x841, E049D841-A802-4096-9157-2D0EAB…)

Here’s the issue Vicky.
Nobody cares that you want to be fat, but if your so delusional you think this is an hourglass figure don’t expect people not to laugh. You’re a “tattoo artist” and you don’t understand simple shapes or anatomy.

No. 821161

wow, the waist belt to desperately hide her belly fat and the angled thigh to give her some kind of a hip… Lol it's ok to have a box body victoria only 8% of all women have a hourglass figure, your just not in the 8 %

No. 821167

I can't believe she even posted this video. She looks fucking gigantic lol and I'm so excited she's on TikTok now. This is going to be amazing. I've seen people get really rude on there in the comments to women much more attractive and thinner than her. Let's see how long this lasts.

No. 821169

I'm surprised she uploaded this she looks like a fuckin tank

No. 821173

Probably blocked. I legit would just lurk her stories and she blocked me.

No. 821175

It looks like she is standing in front of a shower curtain. And the belt is so photoshopped it's warped all over the place. She really should have taken the covid year to go media silent and get in shape. She could have made a huge comeback if she really worked on herself.

No. 821176

Kek i think it's an elastic belt that's having a hard time holding itself together around her gut.

No. 821177

File: 1612979959616.jpeg (383.55 KB, 1219x1564, 8B0C5002-13A5-4795-9E08-23B88F…)

When Vicky and her stupid followers go on about her being such a bright light I remember who many times she told people to kill themselves. But yeah go on about “cyber bullying”

No. 821178

Went looking for her tiktok and for some reason can’t find it.

No. 821187

It's still there @missvictoriamurder

No. 821201

File: 1612987405219.jpeg (152.74 KB, 827x698, 082DE347-6D21-4045-B533-C5003F…)

She’s always been such a gentle soul laughing at a pile up that people could have been injured in.
Even if she was a good tattoo artist, people should support this trash because of shit like this.

No. 821210

Wait, she wrote this? It's way too coherent for her.

No. 821219

And there isn’t endless edits. She probably stole most of this from someone else

No. 821220

>I don't want to be skinny
>Skinny is NOT my ideal
>Did I mention that I DEFINITELY don't want to be skinny?
>If you're skinny you just need to love yourself like me, the girl who DOES NOT want to be skinny
>I'm HAPPY with MY non-skinny figure btw
Our articulate qween.

No. 821251


I just realized the stuck that cheap beach background poster on her wall and put a curtain beside it and those tacky plastic vines. That’s so grim it’s a fake window basically. Can’t imagine how tacky that looks in real life. She made this whole set up for her cringe little tiktok videos and “photo shoots”

No. 821254


I mean, if nothing else this might be good for her. I’m genuinely surprised she posted this (filters and the random “lingere belt” aside). She obviously doesn’t have the body that she’s been photoshopping to present on the internet, that's been obvious for years. I think that if she got involved in a genuine body positivity community it might help to soothe her delusion, so long as she’s willing to be honest. The “hourglass big tits big ass” comments are a bit disheartening, but there is a genuine opportunity for redemption here.

No. 821255

She wrote a whole status ( I can’t find it) about how she’ll never get fat but would want a guy to love her anyways in case she does. I honestly think, in her brain, she is hourglass. This girl is so delusional and has been for so long. There’s no redemption happening here

No. 821264

File: 1613007221880.jpeg (55.97 KB, 827x308, 03176E90-AA42-4105-B5AD-89D85B…)

I think the guy she stole tp from would disagree.
And her old ex and her broke up mutually but he also cheated on her with his now fiancé / couldn’t stand being ickys photographer.
Keep posting these unbothered statues on your work page, though. You look totally content with your life.. not pathetic at all

No. 821275

File: 1613009095083.jpeg (85.35 KB, 827x532, E21E4C31-0737-4876-BCEF-9B4378…)

When she wrote this and then 8 days later she was saying it didn’t work out. Got kicked out of the house and got accused of stealing toilet paper by the amazzzzing guy and his friends. Yeah. Sounds totally mutual. This bitch can’t even be honest with herself.

No. 821276

Correction, Adrien and her broke up and Adrien dated another Victoria look alike Shelby. THEN moved on to his now whatever girlfriend. She just happened to know them both then they dated, I don't think Sam was ever ickys friend.

No. 821300

File: 1613012537239.jpeg (50.29 KB, 827x321, B8FE8966-3B92-4891-B591-7549F1…)

Hi Vicky. So much for that blocking and moving on. You’re still coming on we see.

No. 821301

Sam and ick have photos together while ick was with adrien and ick tattooed Sam. They were somewhat friends.
Shelby looks nothing like Vicky.

No. 821310

Yep, and if I recall correctly Vicky sperged about Sam stealing Adrien too (probably why Vick is obsessed with other women’s men, kek). Plus there was speculation of Vickers deliberately butchering Sam’s tattoo in an act or ill conceived revenge. Pics of Vicky and Sam together can be found in the old threads, newfriends

No. 821311

File: 1613014343090.jpg (100.37 KB, 976x1280, IMG_20210210_203135_115.jpg)

Wow Vic. Stay classy.

No. 821313

Such a classy, uplifting woman. She has such high self esteem she’ll fuck another woman’s man as revenge. I am loving this very public mental breakdown Vicky is having. The last 5 status on her Facebook have been “calling people out” instead of you know…. making art. She’s known to fuck girls boyfriends (or try to) in Toronto, so this isn’t shocking. She proves herself a trash bag everyday.

No. 821314

File: 1613014806352.jpeg (112.62 KB, 828x577, C04A2851-3B98-426C-9C61-902FF1…)

So picky she’ll fuck your man if you look at her funny!

No. 821315

File: 1613014964232.jpeg (367.53 KB, 828x1410, E6B6D0BB-5530-4345-9DFF-3E468F…)

kek she already deleted this from tiktok

Of what, being a fat, middle aged, illiterate, ignorant, white trash scratcher from buttfuck nowhere? lol okay vicky

No. 821318

She already deleted this saying she fucked adrien cause she’s a fucking liar. Kek.
This girl needs a therapist.

No. 821319

my sides she is sperging about us haydurzzzz in real time, imagine being 40 and doing this

No. 821320

As much as I’m so happy for Adrien escaping from this psycho (she was punching way above her weight with him anyway, at least figuratively speaking) it would be milk for the ages if he divulged what she was like in private

No. 821321

File: 1613015611800.jpeg (94.15 KB, 827x643, DB5B78F3-8949-4A2C-8503-935324…)

Since she wants to be trash and talk about people in a relationship how about this “wolf” she put on another artist.

No. 821323

I need to find the screen shot but after they broke up he called her out for being a drunk that no shows appointments. Something like that. Other than that, he probably won’t. She’s the only one that hasn’t moved on.

No. 821324

File: 1613016033806.jpeg (87.04 KB, 827x874, 2A587DCB-DC88-47EE-BD2D-E1026D…)

Sorry… not a drunk. But that she no shows… with his family member none the less. I’m sure he went back and fucked this mess after. Sure Jan.

No. 821326

File: 1613016134706.png (439.98 KB, 676x747, 428206A6-E06F-4643-915E-C2C5EA…)

Wait is this recent? Why would you literally admit to fucking someone’s boyfriend let alone for these pathetic “reasons”.
Vicky you post nonstop about being painfully single it’s okay to be bitter.

No. 821328

It was tonight. And she took it down like 10 minutes later. She’s just on lolcow and addressing the rumours live kek

No. 821329

File: 1613016649287.jpeg (175.61 KB, 827x1114, AAEBD798-039D-4E38-965C-0959D9…)

Very unbothered. Stop telling woman they are beneath you cause you’re “hotter” and to kill themselves. That’s a start

No. 821351

Was there any other context to this post? No sm here. But as a truck driver icky is super scum to laugh at this. This bitch can’t even drive a 4 wheel.

No. 821389

I THHHIINNNKKKKK she's alluding to how some people cannot drive in snow (kind of a must in Canada).
Now considering she cannot drive, it's retarded to post that. I mean it's retarded in general, accidents in snow happen to even the most careful drivers.. but that's Vicky.

No. 821407

File: 1613060314624.jpg (126.62 KB, 1049x1280, IMG_20210211_091351_886.jpg)

Yeah I'm the anon who caught it. Here was the edit history yesterday.

No. 821408

Speaking of Vicky driving, remember about a year, year and a half ago when she was bragging on Instagram about getting her learner's permit? I wonder whatever happened with that.

No. 821409

File: 1613060936510.jpeg (13.81 KB, 134x176, 53ECC450-FED0-4BFA-B132-98EED3…)

So she edited it to put in why she slept with him? So she broke up with a guy, allegedly, because she didn’t want to be with him anymore. Went back years later to sleep with him again cause someone said something not nice about her. Kek.
Vicky, go back to that therapist you were raving about. This is not normal behaviour to boast about.

And Samantha got this tattoo from Vicky and was super unhappy, rightfully so.
Vicky butchered her leg and then “slept with her bf”

No. 821410

I just checked and the comment is still there under the status on her work page lol. She posted this status on both of her Facebook accounts. I'm actually surprised the admission is still there today. I thought for sure she'd delete.

No. 821412

When I check it’s not there anymore. Weird.

No. 821432

Imagine bragging about fucking your ex after he got a new girlfriend. The sheep sound is accurate.

No. 821435

The funniest part about all of this is she seems to think everyone on lolcow is just some random group of girls. I don't believe she actually fucked him for revenge if they even slept together, more like she was desperate and lonely if it happened. But I can just imagine her deluded narc paranoid mind trying to "screw people over" for "slandering her" when she's just reading lolcow and imagining it

How was this bitch on myspace back in the day and doesn't understand the internet

No. 821440

File: 1613069634931.jpeg (160.56 KB, 827x1480, F15096E1-13E5-4BB8-A2D1-1F7069…)

Imagine being 40 years old and bragging that you’re toxic and emotionally retarded.

No. 821450

I thought this bitch was in her early 30's, does she lie about her age?

No. 821461

Her ex friend Bunny came to the thread to say Vic was born in 1985. Victoria lists it as 1988 everywhere for some reason.

No. 821465

She's in her mid-30's, her birthday is in August - >>>/pt/790703

No. 821472

File: 1613080914196.jpeg (53.44 KB, 827x279, 92D66EAC-8128-4C49-A83C-34198C…)

This girl says she’s going to tattoo herself almost weekly and never does. I think “mabye” she’s going to sit on her ass and eat.

No. 821473

File: 1613081068832.jpeg (77.39 KB, 827x563, F1449D99-9612-491A-B272-0FC90D…)

So has every trashy uncle or red neck dad. So innovative. Revolutionary.

No. 821485

I'm surprised she didn't say she invented that joke

No. 821486

File: 1613085294307.jpeg (145.81 KB, 826x926, 8513DBC7-DDAC-408D-BF5A-AA3B5D…)

That’s the same guy ick has been thirsting over and snapped on a girl just for existing in his page. He posted this…. so ick clearly has top tier taste in men. How long until she starts publicly shaming him?

No. 821496

Bitch lifted this from a recent Halle Berry story about how she can't keep a man, to which Berry replied, "What makes you think I wanted to keep them?" Nice try, Icky.

No. 821498


She really is threatened by every woman in existence. She sees a girl way prettier and more put together and she loses her shit and goes on the instant attack with an insult. She’s insane and jealous I can’t imagine being her friend. Explains why she has none

No. 821518

File: 1613102078047.jpeg (242.08 KB, 827x1150, 4075E078-7193-4029-AAFD-BACB12…)

… fucking other peoples bfs and telling people they’re ugly and should die would be….?

No. 821526

all you have to do is look at the first two threads of her on here to disprove that. bitch went completely psycho in those threads, talking to herself about how great and sexy she is. even if someone hates lcf, they would see her as an insane mental patient if they read all her threads.

No. 821539

File: 1613131975044.jpg (10.67 KB, 327x319, ickyvicky[1].jpg)

If you look closely you can see her "photographer", it's in her hand… and it's a remote, kek.

No. 821545

File: 1613136662926.jpeg (58.59 KB, 827x1174, 9466EAEF-9403-41A0-BDDB-6C0DDF…)

Valentine’s Day is coming up and she’s as desperate as ever. Onlyfans girls are gross but begging someone to fuck her on a public social media page is …. classy and mentally sound?

No. 821567

You know Mr."Pound Town" chewing tobacco boy is probably all over this right now lol

No. 821578

File: 1613150558040.jpeg (90.55 KB, 358x570, 0745409A-3595-4E09-92E4-14CAFE…)

More healed tattoos by Victoria Bella morte.

No. 821579

File: 1613150706295.jpeg (38.68 KB, 203x524, 6E2F5EFA-C946-4959-B834-FB4743…)

Sorry, double post. This woman icky tattooed is beautiful… and look what she did to this poor woman’s hand…

No. 821598


I remember this tattoo being posted when it was new- god that’s fucking horrible- like everything she does. And I remember we roasted the crap outta it. Now it sucks AND is faded. So professional

No. 821631

yeah I'd never get a tattoo from someone who looks like either a body modification freak or blow up doll….it's just common sense, she's obviously doing tattoos for attention and or a kink.

No. 821637

File: 1613177500967.jpeg (151.92 KB, 795x560, 48F501F4-67A0-417C-B5F9-D830F5…)

White trash of butt fuck nowhere! Victoria scratchy morte is going to be back open!
Booked for months… sure Jan. I hope she is, only idiots that can’t read would go to her and I love seeing her bullshit

No. 821639

File: 1613178202722.jpg (101.35 KB, 927x1280, IMG_20210212_180053_794.jpg)

This is the fourth time she's posted this meme. Each time the status is more desperate than the last. She has been calling out to every neckbeard on every platform that she's horny as fuck recently.

No. 821643

She really is the pure definition of a pick me.

No. 821653

File: 1613184981918.jpeg (486.27 KB, 828x1003, C7344164-3CC9-4DDD-BF75-05F6F0…)

>implying she’s not lazy and basically a NEET

No. 821664

makes me wonder how she pays her bills kek. does she just claim she's having a "big sale on ink" before her rent and bills are due?

No. 821685

Shouldn’t see be reaching out to the three clients she has to reschedule them (like other service industries are) rather than being a lazy sack of shit? Also, that was so painful to read. Vic, you need spell check and a grade 12 education.

No. 821700

File: 1613225109179.jpg (34.7 KB, 1080x250, Screenshot_20210213_090417.jpg)

Canyon Monfrado and Tesah Vanover are going through their 6474836th public break up on social media and of course our fav cross over cow Vic had to show up to throw her 2 cents in

No. 821710

Of course icky attacks the woman. I had no idea who these people were, but looking at their pages people are calling them both out for being toxic.
Vicky sees an emo child about to breakup with his girlfriend and she pounces.

No. 821741

Victoria took "single" out of her Facebook bio once again.

No. 821743

Hopefully this time she stocked plenty of energy bars, maps, chew, and cheap ink to keep someone around more than 10 minutes .

No. 821761

File: 1613260097387.jpg (110.45 KB, 1280x992, IMG_20210213_164544_468.jpg)

There are some lol comments and Vic replies to this. Hang on.

No. 821762

File: 1613260503353.png (2.26 MB, 1213x4850, chase_me.png)

A few highlights. First one she's saying that men have to fawn all over her and treat her like a gf while she ignores their attempts, second is a dude that comments on a lot of her stuff recently, these comments flexing that he knows her irl. Looks like she can outdrink him lol. Third one, MUH INTJ PERSONALITY.

No. 821780

>not emotionally expressive
>overshares 24/7

No. 821781



Sure, Ick.

No. 821786

Icky consistently goes after white trash fuckboys, who all have a plethora of desperate white trash women trying to hop on their dicks. For whatever reason, these guys have no shortage of options and they know it. They're not playing hard to get, they just literally make a day job out of keeping their options open.
Trash attracts trash, at least temporarily. Our Icky Vicky knows she can't possibly attract a decent guy, but she also can't keep the fuckboys interested for very long.
I don't know what Chewie is like, but he's probably good looking enough to have plenty of options, and considering Vicky has already been lashing out at other girls on his Instagram, sounds like he's already had enough of her crazy.
I notice he's also made his insta private kek

No. 821789

One of the worst things you can do when going after a fuckboy, is publicly ruining his future chances with another woman. And that is all Icky Vicky knows how to do.

No. 821790

File: 1613273451061.jpg (154.45 KB, 822x1279, IMG_20210213_202957_159.jpg)

Victoria is drunk scheduling tattoos on her personal page instead of her work page

No. 821796

> I notice he's also made his insta private kek

She’s probably harassing him and being clingy/thirsty, and to add to what >>>/pt/821789 said, fuckboys hate clingy women who obviously want sex. It’s pitiful how she grovels for men and then they end posting her pics on reddit to get roasted, or turn her into a joke like with toilet paper gate.

No. 821817

File: 1613314240351.jpg (45.78 KB, 801x427, QEiwEI6.jpg)


Another highlight, this dude calling her out and her having nothing to say for once. I mean if this were a girl she'd be ripping her apart for a comment like that.

No. 821901

Bumping this thread because some retard is necroing old threads. Pretty sure it’s vicky because none of her old threads got bumped kek

No. 821915

LOL I thought the same thing except I figured it was Vicky's new internet bf necroing every thread but hers lmao.

No. 821917

kek me too, trust old Vickers to inspire the collective tinfoil. Never change, mouldy mouth

No. 821955

File: 1613403888847.jpeg (94.89 KB, 827x525, 11A9DA24-BDFF-4674-9B2C-1A72C5…)

Wow. $52 fake jelly fish. That’s the equivalent of show of your brand new lava lamp
This girls home is tacky as fuck with her old furniture and fake jelly fish.

No. 821957

She's trying to pretend they're real in the comments too haha what a strange flex, pretending she owns live jelly fish

No. 821959


Yes because jellyfish would absolutely survive in a tank like that. Does she even think before she lies? Is there anything she doesn’t lie about? I never knew such a pathological liar

No. 821961

She must have deleted those comments already bc I don't see them on her IG?

No. 821963

File: 1613409704586.jpeg (47.8 KB, 827x354, D4B51E82-EE80-45C9-8554-A99CAA…)

If anyone asks if they are real she just avoids the questions. Sad face because this isn’t a healthy size for any 1 jelly fish to live let anyone 2.
You can tel this aren’t real cause of how they’re moving… she’s such an idiot it’s painful.

No. 821976

On her FB. She won't answer anyone who asks where she got them or if they're real, while implying they are.

No. 821979

She doesn’t ever seem to think out her lies. We know she doesn’t even have a salt water tank but leave it to Vic to think we will believe she is smart enough or has enough money to jump right into jellies. Add marine biologist to that resume too I guess.

No. 821980

File: 1613415140543.jpeg (476.49 KB, 1242x2027, 1F0C3382-7099-43B1-BD1F-7C94D9…)

Shes definitely implying they’re not fake by posting actual listings of jelly fish. And avoiding questions regarding care and if they’re real.

Kek what a delusional moron.

No. 821981

I love that the pictures of actual jelly fish she's posting look nothing like hers. Only a retard would think her jelly fish are real. They're very quite clearly fake.

No. 821982

File: 1613415450351.jpg (99.32 KB, 1080x693, Screenshot_20210215_135434.jpg)

C'mon guys, go get the 2 for 1 icky vicky special. Offering another service she's not trained in.
Who else also thinks it's hilarious she spent vday tattooing herself.

No. 821987


Hair restoration? Who would want that service from someone who’s had to wear ratty extensions for 15 years and has the crispiest hair around. What a moron. She needs to restore some of those brain cells

No. 821994

She's so goddamn childish

No. 822005

File: 1613429997605.jpg (39.42 KB, 767x1280, IMG_20210215_132151_444.jpg)


No. 822010

“I’m 35 years old and still all my begging hasn’t landed me a guy”

Fixed it for you icky.

No. 822011

File: 1613432637633.jpeg (262.02 KB, 826x1305, 189FB9A5-4729-44DC-A09A-B02DC9…)

This is why icky is still single. She traditional, until she’s begging dudes to fuck her on social media.
No dude that has traditional values would date a girl as skanky as her online

No. 822013

File: 1613432782479.jpeg (70.56 KB, 812x438, F14E34A6-0CB2-435D-BB3C-4B72AB…)

This guy …” Victoria”

Victoria the girl that never thinks of lolcow cause she totally secure” … don’t call me Vicky.

Kek. What?

No. 822019

LOL… Wtf..and even if he did call her Vicky, that's more offensive than the 'cum on' or 'im almost there' kek

No. 822020

Imagine being a 35 year old broke, uneducated, mentally unstable catfish with no real job or life experience and expecting to get wooed by a man yikes.

No. 822021

File: 1613434900814.jpeg (116.49 KB, 779x441, 5E680298-7FA7-42C0-92F2-98E6DE…)

Booked until April. Well considering she only works twice a week, at least she’s being a bit more real about how “ sought off” she is as an artist now.

No. 822022

File: 1613435052542.jpeg (222.85 KB, 827x762, C0E5CBF9-F357-4D75-A963-72FAE5…)

Sorry for physio? This is what happens when you’re drunk partying during lockdown.

No. 822050


Sage for no1curr but I live in and have tattoo artist friends in Ontario who are rebooking for at least the next 6-9 months out if not longer. If she's only rebooked now into April, she's very clearly not in demand. They're all constantly stressed about it and can't handle all the waves of rebooking and how far it's pushing appointments out, especially in Niagara where we seem to be getting punished for being a tourist area and are still in lockdown.

No. 822051

File: 1613443415638.jpeg (154.28 KB, 828x717, 92012084-008A-455E-99B0-C193D0…)

The professionalism, the maturity, the class.
“I wOnT fUCK yOuR mAn UnleSs yoU pisS me oFF”
The self respond that oozes from these trash posts and the fact that she needs to push blu defend herself everytime tells you wonders.

No. 822052


I’m so sure this even happened. Why does she even make these kinds of posts?

Haha I’m so hot every girls boyfriend wants me!!! And here’s a story as an example!!!!

Fucking embarrassing at her age to make these stupid fucking stories up

No. 822053

File: 1613443849786.jpeg (98.95 KB, 679x367, 3C70D3B9-FB50-467E-970F-2F00CE…)

She should be less concerned about making up stories and more on why after a year long pandemic she’s only booked like a month in advance and tattoos like this after ten years in the games

No. 822055

This is probably the only honest thing that she says. Icky has zero girl code morals. She hates women, so she will go after any man because no women can get along with this twat. And apparently from other anons that know her irl has said as much. Vic is exactly the type of women that other women try not to be.
And that cringe relationship setting is so 15yo. It’s creepy that she jumps on using it. Most couples I know don’t even use it, there is no reason if you are comfortable in your relationship. I think Vicky is a stage 5 clinger.

No. 822056

File: 1613444368162.jpeg (67.28 KB, 827x371, 5ABB1790-A489-49AD-9B36-F5652F…)

Victoria Bella morte already cancelling appointments due to “physio” and she’s not even touching base… he clients have to contact her on Facebook statues comments. The most professional.

No. 822057

Ontario's only been locked down harder than a nuns asshole for the last year. She all of a sudden now has physio that's getting in the way of her rebooked appointments??

No. 822063

File: 1613445556047.jpeg (160.6 KB, 641x650, 76690E69-69B7-45D8-81AC-0309FC…)

Your profile states “ the chyll life” your Facebook wall determines that was a lie.

How does she know the girl made him block her just by looking at the profile? Of course everything is the woman’s fault and the man did nothing wrong. She’s such a dick rider

No. 822064

she really attracts the biggest spergs
>I don't chase but I like to be chased
>Nobody should chase anybody

No. 822065

>this chick

On top of r/thathappened she is such an exhausting misogynist fucking hell

No. 822068

File: 1613445842139.jpeg (79.14 KB, 828x366, 3BC2A409-9A2A-4EB1-BC9B-1997CB…)

We should take votes. Is she working out of the back of a spa..? A garage? Her moms basement? A room illegally in her shithole apartment?

No. 822069

So instead of blocking this girl( if she actually exists.. doubtful) icky went on her profile and then looked up this girls man to see who he was. Yeah totally 35 year old behaviour. Isnt Vicky the one that says she just blocks and moves on? This is the opposite of that. Retarded INTJ, I guess.

No. 822071

Given her abysmal reputation that preceded her any business that allows her to operate out of their premises must be real desperate to cover rent and overheads

No. 822075

File: 1613447515573.jpeg (48.23 KB, 827x255, 6BB3277F-7CDB-47DE-8975-CC3B40…)

Her and her neckbeards are such twats.

No. 822076

I mean…he does have a point hahaha.

Of course she'll try to simp, if a woman said this she would go nuclear.

No. 822079

File: 1613447800566.jpeg (51.91 KB, 447x502, 6370B25B-3FD2-4445-BD70-729E49…)

This is so embarrassing to read. She does this all the time. I’m so exhausted for her. She tries so hard to be a pick-me yet no one wants to pick her. But she needs to convince herself and the internet that she’s soooooo attractive and men just want her. I’ve never seen or known ANYONE who does this to this degree. Sure, maybe insecure teenagers but holy shit vicky. You’re an adult woman. Fucking get help ASAP.

Shes so bothered by the existence of other women. Her insecurities are so deep it’s insane to me. Sure we all struggle to some degree with insecurities but vicky takes it to another level. Imagine hating your own gender because you want to get laid so you’ll feel better about your average looks.

No. 822081

Am I crazy or is this the second time she's posted about this? I swear she said a girl messaged her about a month ago because her boyfriend was liking Vicky's pics, but I could only find this anon talking about it when I went back to look >>816655

But she was caught acting very friendly with another girl's boyfriend recently, captioning her posts like they were dating >>806931 . I don't know why she's acting like she's not a homewrecker when she literally said she fucked her ex adrian behind his girlfriend's back 5 DAYS AGO >>821311

No. 822083

She freaks like justifying her slutty behaviour make it okay.
She has the mentality of a 16 year old. Vicky we know you’re here. Grow up.

No. 822084


She’s terrified of other women so she threatens them with the only thing that matters to her, getting “picked” by men over other girls. Unfortunately she’s so thick in the skull that she doesn’t realize that this makes her look more like a toxic, crusty skank than an ~uwu lethal ninja princess intj~.

She’ll talk endlessly about how “if someone stole her man she didn’t even want him to begin with, I don’t chase men, I don’t like guys who don’t woo me ect” but then also says she’s more than happy to be a sloppy fuck for some dirty skid if she doesn’t like his girlfriend? Also, bold assumption for her that anyone who is in a relationship would even come near her unwashed ass and rotting mouth when she can’t even scrape up a bottom of the barrel SINGLE junkie from Facebook thirst posting. She’s fucking nuts.

No. 822109

So weird to me that clients call her out for not getting back to them and all Vicky has to say is “well I’m so overwhelmed with all my messages” yet can write an entire novel when someone’s messaged her about a man or other childish shit.

No. 822117

can i just say though that uh yeah, it’s perfectly normal to look at a chick’s page after your boyfriend friended her twice.

if vicky wants to message her first (which i think is weird and i also doubt she only said “hi” and not “why did you friend request me” bc she’s an overly rude cunt to everyone) and the chick honestly says her intention then i don’t see why this chick is in the wrong. especially if vicky called her a bitch and said it was weird to check out who her boyfriend is looking at.

No. 822135

What always gets me with Icky is that even with all the editing she’s still nothing to write home about. Tattooed NLOGs are a dime a dozen and there are myriad girls who do it better than her. She always looks so greasy and grimy, I know we say “I can smell this picture” a lot on here but seriously, she looks like she reeks of cat piss, stale BO and sausage grease, not to mention her disgusting rotten mouth that hasn’t seen a toothbrush since the dawn of civilization. Even for mentally handicapped white trash neckbeards, they’re not hard up for other thots to thirst over, simping for this fetid fat femcel is peak desperation.

No. 822156

File: 1613475701237.jpeg (113.56 KB, 827x669, F90B9FFB-5C4C-4916-BEAE-0EB297…)

Spoiler alert. You’re the trash, Vick

No. 822157

So this make believe woman is trash because she wanted to know why her boyfriend added you? What? I don’t know how trashy that is… weird sure.

Vicky you claim to have slept with your ex cause his new girlfriend didn’t like you. You steal from people and you sleep with other girls men in toronto( or use to) all the time. You’re the trash.

No. 822216

File: 1613494084264.jpeg (81.27 KB, 750x711, 73387352-9FC7-4356-8AC3-CC9F06…)

You don’t need to respect someone to not fuck their partner, that’s just gross behavior no matter how you try to rationalize your childish powerkink. Remember vicky- beauty fades, dumb is forever.

No. 822222

File: 1613498718515.jpeg (54.26 KB, 827x332, 2D2F756D-CD0B-4338-AA82-7110DB…)

Like okay….. but why is every female crazy but a guy can go off on her and it “don’t let it happen again mister cute face” or whatever.

No. 822289

File: 1613517606184.jpeg (181.15 KB, 827x1412, 0644A66F-2A2C-4EB0-B39A-252092…)

“Trying to hurt me from being up my past is like trying to rob my old house. That shit ain’t mine”
What if you laugh about fucking someone in a relationship like three days ago? Or the fact that you’re still calling girls ugly “did you look in a mirror” just last week.
Or that fact that your tattoos are MORE trash than when you started?

No. 822290


Kek, her past is arguably better than her present, but evident of a decline. She was always a liar, a thief and a jealous narc, but she was at least capable of presenting well enough to fool people on MySpace into following her. Now she’s just a washed up scene Queen desperate for validation. The only reason she’s even able to fool herself into thinking she’s “a celeb” anymore is because of lolcow. If this thread didn’t exist she would be fishing for compliments in an empty pond with a few brain dead junkies taking the bait and nothing more.

No. 822293

yeah that kind of brings up my second point about this dumb anecdote. if i saw my bf had friended a weird trashy bitch like vicky, i’d honestly be mad too. anyone who willingly associates or interacts with her is weird and gross in my opinion.

No. 822294

is there any evidence that vicky herself is a junkie? i kind of get middle aged Luna vibes from her but I’ve never seen any track marks or videos/photos of her high.

No. 822299


There has been some tinfoil (enlarged pupils, hanging around/partying with known drug addicts, powdery nose/ possible lines in candid photos but that could just be bad makeup ect) but nothing solid aside from her rotting teeth.

No. 822300

She's drunk at least half of the time so she's probably an alcoholic.

No. 822302

I don’t get junkie vibes from her at all, but she is absolutely an alcoholic imo. If she does dabble in drugs it’s probably meth and/or crack, she couldn’t afford a coke habit. Regardless, I highly doubt she’s a full blown junkie, even though her teeth say otherwise, kek. I’d love to see what her skin looks like under five billion layers of filter

No. 822303


she strikes me as the type who would do drugs if someone else was doing them, but i don't see her as the type to buy her own drugs and do them regularly, just bum off others to seem cool

No. 822313

I don’t get junkie vibes either, just mooch and cling on vibes. I think she gets her ultimate high from neckbeard acknowledgment and other women’s men tbh.

No. 822323

What I’ve always found hilarious is that as far as guys she isn’t even swinging for the fences- she isn’t getting turned down by guys with successful lives or anything because she doesn’t register on that radar at all. She gets turned down or pumped and dumped by the lower class tweak projects

No. 822327

Me too, plus speaking of Luna, Vicky doesn’t have that nasty hard core druggie attitude like her. She probably takes a hit if whatever man of the day she’s with has something on him and gives it to her. Plus Cameron never said anything about her doing drugs, only her drinking and passing out on the bed.

No. 822331

Exactly. What Ick is too stupid and delusional to realize is that (working on the assumption that she didn’t just pull this anecdote out of her planetoid ass) these women aren’t mad because they’re jealous of her, they’re just wondering why anyone in their right mind would want to associate with, much less thirst over, a stinky middle aged lot lizard.

There’s no comparison, Luna’s entire shtick is literal trash, her grimy uwu sad bbydoll traumacore ~aesthetic~ is cultivated and curated, whereas Vicky thinks she’s an intellectual high class untouchable INTJ ice queen who wears totally not fake Versace underwear, has lived in many, many mansions and has cooked her world famous Yorkshire puddings for conventions as far as Vegas. Being a filthy junkie doesn’t fit her delusional narrative. Which makes the Luna comparison hilarious to me because while Luna LARPs as a white trash homeless sex worker, her dad is a wealthy artfag and she has a lot more cultural capital, as evidenced by her involvement with zines and music and whatever else she was into prior to her downward spiral into the dumpster fire we see today. Vicky is actual white trash, as evidenced by her lack of education, literacy, interests and overall ignorance when it comes to the world beyond Guelph.

No. 822369

men that say this shit are wild to me. How did she run them off? Because you let her? Men that act 100% passive in their relationships and just go "but she crazy!" are the fucking worst.

No. 822415

lol the dude's a domestic abuser or something. People will ignore a LOT of relationship drama before cutting a person off. You don't cut off a friend of 20 years because a "crazy girl" you barely know messages you out of the blue with unproven claims.

No. 822550

File: 1613652082644.jpeg (445.89 KB, 828x785, 391731C4-B809-4C71-9B74-B66461…)

Shingles is uncharacteristically quiet, maybe she’s super busy being a top supermodel doing myriad photo shoots by day and being a lethal ninja warrior princess at night to be obsessively refreshing the thread and vague posting about it on social media. While we’re waiting for the dairy to reopen, let’s take a moment to have a good old kek at some old milk by way of this picture in which she claims she was singing with whoever this band is, her true crispy fried fat hobbit form on full display and the best part of it all, the girl in the background whose face says what we’re all thinking. Too fucking kek.

No. 822558

Fucking kek - this will eternally remain one of my all time fave Slick Vic moments!

No. 822562

File: 1613664029855.jpeg (132.77 KB, 827x1418, B7563BEF-60FB-43A0-9BFD-F7F379…)

7am thoughts with icky. Wasn’t she just celebrating the fact that she banged some girls dude? Consistency isn’t ickys strong suit. I guess it doesn’t matter if she’s the other woman.

No. 822569

She looks like rod stewart in drag.

No. 822583

she didn’t bang the dude but she basically made the girlfriend out to be a psycho bitch bc her boyfriend was friending Vicky multiple times. so men should only have eyes for their gf unless they’re looking at Vicky then it’s totally okay.

No. 822587


I meant adrien. She was saying she fucked him because his gf was talking about her.

No. 822629

File: 1613686420747.jpeg (203.24 KB, 827x1299, B8A03AF2-A06C-45BB-B93A-0C6BA1…)

“It was lit”
She just posted Guelph is opening on the 16th and she’s fully booked until April. Yet here she is watching this LIT Mars landing with, surprise, no art to show.

No. 822640

Wait, they didn’t call Vicky to come supervise the landing? With all her degrees and experience? I am surprised….

No. 822651

If she’s been fully booked for the last two days you’d think she wanna promote her art at all… but nope. She cares more about her free cougar porn than anything else.
I put money on she hasn’t had anyone.

No. 822653

They did. She was there in the control room celebrating. I saw a video and I recognized her fashionable kilt. I heard that the other female scientists in the room with her were jealous because she high fived a lot of the men after the successfull landing and she was so enthusiastic and they were paying too much attention to her.

No. 822684

News just in: Aliens have made contact. Once they realised Vicky was there, they couldn't resist.

No. 822686

Update: they stole all her fashion ideas and are jelly cause their men like her best because she can speak with their accent

No. 822711

This just in: Aliens learn ninja sword skills from a woman named Victoria. They now plan on taking over the entire world.

No. 822785

I noticed that Victoria took all the "model for x magazine, tattoo judge at x convention" out of her bio on her personal Facebook.

No. 822786

Her whole profile except for a few things are private.

No. 822788

File: 1613755670578.png (166.1 KB, 1358x662, this one lol.png)

Really and truly a milky must read. I've never seen anyone more obsessed with male approval in my life.


No. 822789

“Recreational is one thing”
I hope this woman never becomes a parent. Wasn’t she just saying that people on her shit hometown put fentanyl in weed and coke?

And it makes sense she had a crush on a chef 10 years ago around the same time she started saying she worked in many kitchens. She takes on the personality of men and then can’t let go of the lie

No. 822792

File: 1613758087487.jpeg (101.06 KB, 741x741, 81E62102-A3FC-4C8F-80E4-05F9BD…)

She has so much filter on this new photo she looks like a j-pop boy band member.

No. 822793

Ahh you beat me to it. She looks like a bad imvu character. I like how her skin tone covers such a big shade range in her pics lol. Versatile vixen vicky.

No. 822795

File: 1613758836117.jpeg (219.95 KB, 828x669, 96297DFA-C8E9-47EA-974E-F5A49B…)

lmao, the delusion

No. 822798

File: 1613759127464.jpeg (178.69 KB, 828x575, 45FAA816-44BE-4354-8DE3-8DCAB0…)

>is asked about classic food pairings
>answers with a list exotic delicacies she wouldn’t try

Imagine being almost 40 and your reading comprehension being this bad

No. 822800

File: 1613759820939.jpeg (280.02 KB, 828x783, 899F88C7-768B-4ACE-86CB-774BC2…)

This is a fucking goldmine

No. 822801

Fetus soup? What the actual fuck.

No. 822802

File: 1613760145313.jpeg (242.34 KB, 827x982, BB28A663-1711-41FF-985F-D9C615…)

Goes on about lolcow for 2 paragraphs.
This girl is too much. And “she’s crazy” is a Vicky line about any female ever.

No. 822803

File: 1613760228004.png (834.15 KB, 828x1792, F4FDC068-E87E-4506-BA68-696C38…)

She’s a trump supporter that believes Chinese people eat fetus soup. That’s where she pulled this from for sure.

No. 822804

File: 1613760391185.jpeg (92.46 KB, 430x614, 58916632-FBA0-48DF-94AD-56C797…)

The face and tattoo photoshop. I thought her spa tattoo job has been open for three days? Looking really busy icky.

No. 822806


her face looks like it's at a different angle from her head, like it's from a different picture and photoshopped on

No. 822812

If she’s going for a open casket kind of look she nailed it, she can add mortician to her list of talents next.

No. 822844

File: 1613772815980.jpeg (88.1 KB, 827x543, 72A3F010-4297-4BC9-A517-1D6CC2…)

Some dudes at her house getting undressed probably during lockdown… and she takes photos in their clothes.

No. 822847

File: 1613772964725.jpeg (160.67 KB, 827x702, 9374BA27-7CD4-48B2-BE31-667260…)

“ im a woman’s woman” this bitch really is this delusional

No. 822853

She’s written like 50 different posts saying almost this exact same thing kek. In what world are we supposed to be impressed at a woman not fucking her friend’s boyfriend? She seriously says this like it’s something we should respect her for and not the bare minimum. That’s like bragging about your friends leaving their wallets around you and how you don’t steal from them. “Yeah, I watched my friend’s purse one time and didn’t steal her cash, I’m kinda great”

No. 822854

Except she’ll fuck her ex with a girlfriend and celebrate it and steal your toilet paper.

No. 822869

"potential mates" this is not how you talk about human relationships but that's probably how vicky divides the world in her mind. women < neckbeards < potential mates. she is so narcissistic

No. 822874

Wasn’t she friends with her ex’s gf though? Didn’t she bang a bunch of guys in the city who were married or had girlfriends? Also pretty sure girl code applies to all women not just your friends.. sleeping with a man you know is taken because you have beef with his girlfriend or wife is just trashy as hell

No. 822875

the fuck is going on with her eyes, it's like she's in the middle of blinking. also i think that collar and leash are shooped on lol.

No. 822883

I don’t “slut shame”, I actually hate that saying, but Vic is an actual whore. She is so trashy that you can smell her through her pics. Girl code definitely applies in every situation, not just when the girl is nice to you.

No. 822889

Didn’t this girl say she did hair or something and it came out she just worked at a Sally’s? She could have at least photoshopped the piss yellow patches out of her hair. That looks awful.

No. 822895

File: 1613792745228.jpeg (88.49 KB, 827x553, 2D012AE0-7A46-4C19-A682-A0A1E0…)

Her eyes look like they’re going in two different directions. She looks high as fuck on quaaludes. Holy… this is sloppy even for Vicky. And that dark lip liner… what is this.

No. 822897

Top fucking kek, was she drunk when she took this pic? Looks like she pressed the clicker right before she passed out.

No. 822899

File: 1613794595051.jpeg (47.81 KB, 827x328, 31EF16D7-5BD3-483F-B948-966A2F…)

How many times is she going to use this line… to compliment or diss? I honestly want her brother or someone to come her and tell us what’s actually wrong with this girl. She’s mental. Kek.

No. 822902

heavy luna slater vibes

No. 822903

Those high af eyebrows tho. This is either a drunk pic or most likely a drunk PS.

No. 822910

File: 1613803694713.jpeg (16.5 KB, 292x244, AA525D38-231C-46A8-935E-738561…)

Its the disappearing half of the nose for me

No. 822921

was she hungry the moment she decided to photoshop McDonald’s arches smack in the middle of her forehead?

No. 822932

File: 1613823984912.png (55.59 KB, 899x482, MUH INTJ.png)

Icky never disappoints with the bullshit scientific facts

No. 822933


The shooped collar and neck wider than her slimmed down face is killing me

No. 822934

File: 1613824374770.png (35.71 KB, 1028x268, in that moment I am euphoric.p…)

Thanks for sharing that Quora, here goes my lunchbreak

No. 822938

File: 1613825397487.jpeg (35.07 KB, 525x453, D5AD1EBB-100F-45E0-9137-453C69…)

>prefrontal cortex

I can’t with this illiterate pseudo-intellectual fat retard

No. 822940

no one asked if you did it, Vicky, they asked how was the experience. if you can’t answer the question, don’t fucking answer it. she is truly insufferable. just posts about anything and everything to get her name on the internet.

No. 822944

File: 1613830030855.jpeg (27.08 KB, 827x205, F4EA9945-A44F-4197-B69D-4C0C47…)

This guy has got to be trolling

No. 822959

File: 1613842528203.jpeg (147.11 KB, 826x1064, 9B3C05C0-F633-46C0-9C6B-3226D1…)

I wonder if at least once in her life she took accountability for anything.

No. 822974

Vic has TOTALLY accepted full accountability for being too perfect, and thus inciting jealousy and hatred in others. The girl just can’t help it - she was born that way,

No. 822992

File: 1613855529270.jpg (81.2 KB, 927x1280, IMG_20210220_141055_136.jpg)

Vic really is so desperate for a man to woo her and spoil her.

No. 823004

Considering she acts like a sloppy hooker who thinks she’s gods gift to men, how is she surprised that she can’t attract a man who sees her as more than a quick fuck?

She acts like trash, sets hypocritical rules for “potential mates” that scream “I’m toxic” and then begs for romance.

No. 823011

File: 1613863661664.jpeg (114.7 KB, 827x1085, 6CBAF2F7-C67D-4BB1-8DA4-5F7BA6…)

She’s literally the drunk aunt that hits on all your friends. Just sits at home posting the same selfie 68 times, posting memes about god while judging the fuck out of everyone. Kek.

No. 823018

This isn't her. Careful is spelled with only one L.

No. 823021

File: 1613870860164.jpeg (156.09 KB, 827x1342, DFA2F375-6FBB-458E-8071-890357…)

Guelph has been opened since the 16th and little miss “I’m fully booked until April” is sitting around shit posting about women. Hasn’t posted any art on her Instagram tattoo page in over two weeks, but let’s hate women some more.
Vicky stop hating yourself so much.

No. 823022

File: 1613871003983.jpeg (66.07 KB, 827x389, 55AF6148-AC41-47BB-A736-F1BB95…)

Everyone’s rude to ick. She might wanna stop promoting hate and get a real job. Ick, you’re the common denominator is all of the situations; back to back to back… if they’re not made up scenarios in your head.

No. 823025

File: 1613871213665.jpeg (247.49 KB, 827x1185, 8D4AF68E-B6F1-4013-A9DC-031E65…)

So wait… a girl was getting cheated on. Vicky didn’t tell her and kicked the girl while she was down by insulting her.
A real woman’s woman.
This girl gets grimier by the day. The fact that she broadcasts what a piece of shit she is, is unreal.

No. 823044

yeah vic, because they're still the girlfriend and you're still the low rent secret sidepiece. you don't get to shit talk the main girl. You're not at her level.

No. 823059

File: 1613880018945.jpeg (80.55 KB, 826x907, 5D05971B-3840-4E7F-B89D-239480…)

Even if this hag did look younger than her age, she’s still almost 40 acting 16.
Too bad she looks like 45.

No. 823069

She obviously has no freakin idea how a relationship is 2 ways. You don’t have to spoil somebody to have a deep connection.
>>823018 she reads here to see us picking on her for every “full” “mabye” she learned something, or accidentally drunk wrote this wrote this like >>823021
>>823025 she is close to 40 so she is getting desperate for a mate and being a typical pick me by blasting the woman.

No. 823076

File: 1613884253479.jpg (74.31 KB, 1154x1280, IMG_20210220_220949_807.jpg)

Lol how is she so insecure and so full of herself at the same time?

No. 823080

File: 1613885436768.jpg (179.57 KB, 1080x1303, Screenshot_20210221-002709_Fac…)

The neediest hambeast! I feel like she would crumble and melt if she went to long without male validation lmao I feel like she has no self respect or any real confidence. Her personality got lost in this act and now she is stuck like this its become who she is and her posts have been sounding so desperate im surprised she even got a nibble most people see through her shit by now but she still manages to manipulate a few

No. 823082

No one really cares that shes a bi polar bitch and someone gave her asspats like… good for her at least she found someone maybe she'll stop trying to inbox literally everyone I date (usually gets laughed at they always tell me lol) but I feel like she's just gonna fuck this one up to

No. 823084

Bitch where? Haha she looks her age in fact the makeup and the hair kind of makes her look a little older. Almost like a washed up Courtney love.

No. 823086

She probably fucked her man and guys don't fuck her because of good reasons they tell her what she wants to hear its because she is easier to access than a fleshlight and also cheaper lol i had a friend who fucked her lmao apparently it was as easy as giving her a few compliments on the internet shes basically a fleshlight that cries

No. 823087

She always finds ways to justify gaslighting and cheating until it happens to her :)

No. 823088

Vick looks exactly her age, if not a few years older. It must drive her crazy with her youth obsession

No. 823101


Tell us more anon!

No. 823106

Or she insulted the girl, to the guy? That's what it sounds like to me. Like she's laughing because according to her this guy treats his 'side chick' like shit, but when Vicky self-admittedly insults said woman for apparently being rude to her (and then edits to add that the side chick was rude to him AND her) the dude gets offended.

Which in reality plays more like this - Icky hits up a guy on social media, he replies to he polite. Somewhere in the conversation he mentions that his partner actually pays more of the rent or some shit because she has the higher paying job. In Icks mind, he's using this woman because men pay for everything for her even though she's totally rich, and because he's talking to Vicky, he's totally going to cheat on his partner, because Vicky is just so goddamn irresistible. To seal the deal and get some validation, pickme Vicky makes a harsh and cruel insult towards his partners appearance or demeanor, and dude rightly gets pissed because what the fuck he's just bored and didn't want to be rude to this person he has a lot of mutual friends with, ending the conversation and resulting in Vickys status. Or some similar delusion.

No. 823119

I think she's recently gotten involved with a guy that has a girlfriend (or maybe even a wife), which is why she's posting shit like this constantly lately. If that's the case, I'm sure it makes her feel truly good about herself, like she's somehow the "winner" because some shitbag secretly screws her. Imagine being that fucking gross and pathetic.

No. 823122

I can't believe she posts this kind of stuff on public social media, let alone on what's meant to be a BUSINESS account.
I know we say similar burn-book-tier shit here, but jesus christ Vickie we're anonymous for a reason… Speaking like that in real life - swearing, ranting, telling people to kill themselves and that you want to fuck people's boyfriends - is such a nasty look. And not ladylike at all. We're no saints, but imagine someone nice like your mum, or your nan, or Mr Rogers looking at a post like that. Imagine a prof or someone you look up to. To say that kind of shit irl is to openly display to the world that your character is ugly.

Does she not look around at the type of content that other people post and realize how out of place she is? She treats social media like a diary. Most people I know post maybe once a month or so when they do something cool & worthy of posting like going out fer a rip in the sled or sightseeing or riding in a helicopter or presenting at a conference. Most people don't publicize their vapid inner monologue. And most people aren't self-obsessed enough to take selfies. Save that for the tweens, who only do it because they have no pictures of themselves doing things irl taken by friends.

I would assume she's a porn star by how she tarts herself up. She looks like she has a bimbofication fetish.

Does she have any friends? It's been a few months since I've been on lolcow but I seem to remember her being a Shayna type. Just sits at home alone all day eating junk food and posting 24/7 to the internet. Breaks for liquor & softcore shoots of the barrel-bod.

Oh, she's from Guelph.
I retract my previous confusion about why she hasn't gathered from her social media how trashy she looks. Her friends list is probably all Southern Ontario suburbia rats that overshare in the same manner, post similarly trashy selfies & also do nothing with their lives.

Narcs always accuse everyone else of narcissism (yes I realize this post is ironic lol). I can't tell if it's legitimately a part of their delusion and they believe it, or if they're just trying to gaslight. Venus' mom did it too.

Vickie is the picture in the DSM when you look up 'narcissistic delusion'. Everything that she posts is a transparent & elaborately concocted tale about how superior she thinks she is. It's actually kind of fascinating to watch her twist any topic into a way to pat herself on the back.

uh, isn't she like 35?

No. 823142

File: 1613925769064.jpeg (61.73 KB, 827x381, BABE209D-0356-43EC-8899-840943…)

Aren’t keepers. Jesus Christ. She needs counselling. She’s so dramatic and all her posts about shitty men, crazy women, wanting to suck a lot of dick goes to show that.
She should do a deep dive into her own Facebook sober and se show stupid she looks.

No. 823145

File: 1613926453636.jpeg (85.29 KB, 827x474, 15497FCC-A399-410F-ABC1-8C5890…)

“How dare you say I only got 600 likes”

No. 823180

Yes anon spill the tea

No. 823194

File: 1613938266669.jpeg (165.76 KB, 827x1123, AA3B6626-0C24-46B8-9B26-3AFBCF…)

Yo, terra just summed Vicky up QUICK. Sitting around complaining about everything but literally does nothing about anything. I love her. Kek.

Vicky has also lost like 500 followers, probably bought, on her work Facebook this year already.

No. 823213

File: 1613942233586.jpeg (119.05 KB, 955x956, 4326984C-9671-4B67-8D04-3402F3…)

How’s she get bigger? This looks like the same photo set from weeks ago, but she looks about 60 pounds heavier

No. 823215

File: 1613942366757.jpeg (89.29 KB, 827x457, 2EDA0368-9BA9-4D34-A808-669B38…)

And this. A tattoo artist couldn’t tattoo you because his girlfriend? He probably tattoos tons of girls, but Vick is so irresistible the girl was too jealous.
You’re a chode of a human that smells like cigarettes.

No. 823216

She can't stop saying something bad about women. Even if it's not appropriate she has to do it.

No. 823220


Super busy working I see. Can’t just say thank you for being called talent, has to drag a woman for no reason other than to feed her own ego.
And also she looks like a whole rotisserie chicken. Her legs are so fat they’re sticking together looking like a weird vagina thing.
How is she suppose to be a super ninja when each leg weighs 100 pounds each?

No. 823221

File: 1613943638534.jpeg (126.64 KB, 827x530, FDBD2FA6-BF51-4341-975B-F6376A…)

Just sitting around talking about being freaky with guys like this on your public page. Stay classy ick.

No. 823223

She has essentially doubled in size in six or so months, if we believe her photoshop skills. Woof.

No. 823224


I just love how she always wears a bra under a sports bra or bathing suit top. Her flapjack fat girl bitch tits would sink without it. She’s been wearing this garbage top for over a year. Broke trash goblin thinks she’s a model

No. 823225

It’s weird how she’s obsessed with Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria. She follows his ex Myca Gardner (who’s also ugly) and she used to follow Danny’s now wife (named Victoria) but unfollowed. Must be mad he never wanted her.

No. 823228

“his chick” Christ I hate this neckbearded insecure alcoholic

No. 823230

The type of tattoo artist that will let his “chick” tell him not to take clients cause it’s the back of her legs is probably not an artist you’d wanna see anyways. Low life quality, so it makes sense icky would want a tattoo by him.

Not that this happened.

No. 823237

File: 1613948013217.jpg (30.56 KB, 500x729, 500full-myca-gardner.jpg)

Wow, they look the same.

No. 823239

This girl is what Vicky wish she was in reality.

No. 823240

File: 1613948904652.jpeg (187.87 KB, 827x1206, 537D8717-6043-4F12-82CA-777EB1…)

She has about three brain cells just bouncing around in there, huh?

No. 823243

Still ugly lol. Danny Worsnop married a girl named Victoria. Still basic, better than icky

No. 823244

Maybe Icky wanted to be the Victoria he married. Delusional.

No. 823245

She also follows one of Danny Worsnop’s exes her name is Markie McManus. My point is that she’s obsessed with him and the girls he’s dated.

No. 823246

File: 1613950800851.png (1.83 MB, 1200x1165, C2F293E3-2CD4-4C21-89B1-2F5303…)

This is Victoria, Danny’s wife. She’s a navy veteran. She’s naturally beautiful, strong and discipled. Everything Vicky wishes she was.
This is the kinda of Victoria men marry.

Take notes Vicky.

No. 823248

I agree. Icky is shit compared to her. Maybe if icky wasn’t so ugly on the inside as she is on the outside, she’d have a relationship!

No. 823249

Vicky can’t take a normal picture without her fat hand being on her face. Hiding the fat girl chin eh?

No. 823250

File: 1613951460048.jpeg (69.6 KB, 678x568, A87600A4-8E35-466A-922B-B56CC8…)

This tattoo looks photoshopped on….? What’s happening here?

No. 823253

File: 1613952264139.jpeg (990.43 KB, 1108x1899, 0F4B115B-01A1-497A-B9F2-4DF519…)


The way she shooped her face slim and small just really drew emphasis to how big and manly her chunky hands are

No. 823254

File: 1613952280135.jpeg (411.29 KB, 1091x1440, 6F13FF8A-DF28-4AAA-9474-FBF10D…)

Looking more into this Victoria wife, makes me realize that Vicky wants to be this girl. She’s an navy girl badass, hourglass “thic”, wears weird cosplay clothes ( but not from wish) and she’s actually 25.
Vicky has been larping as Danny’s wife for YEARS. Kek.

No. 823255

This is hilariously sad. Vic has been dressing up to look like the girl who got the man she’s clearly still hung up on. This is also top tier crazy.

No. 823256

Yes! I was about to mention this. Well the cosplay and “thick” stuff

No. 823257

I don’t know if Vicky slept with Danny, but damn she’s obsessed. He’s been married to Victoria for 2 years I think and Vicky wants to be her

No. 823258

Really nice point! This looks like a bulky New Zealand biker is trying to steal her lip-ring, from off camera…

No. 823259

I’m sure it didn’t happen. If it did I’m also sure tattoo man didn’t want to tat this crazy bitch, have her anywhere near his life and used the gf excuse to justify why. Maybe to save face a bit if he even has a gf. He probably doesn’t and Vic wants to pounce before he does and he noped out.

No. 823260

File: 1613953704844.jpeg (750.49 KB, 1112x1384, 3C72A1E5-A678-496B-807A-443604…)


Fat retard attempts cosplay

Didn’t she also say some bullshit how she fits the asian size xs?

No. 823263

File: 1613954230075.jpeg (88.65 KB, 827x392, 3FE580C9-676E-4FEB-8842-3F7091…)

Intimidated about how beautiful she is.
Hi Vicky! Even if you were the most beautiful person on the planet, you still make posts like this one. You still brag about fucking your ex while he has a girlfriend even though you’ve been broken up for YEARS. And they’re engaged. Sounds jealous to me.
You claim to be fully booked until April… your response to us here and terrible hog body photoshops determine that was another one of your lies.

No. 823265

File: 1613954361300.jpeg (128.12 KB, 827x755, 39053228-2301-414E-9727-AD3DA1…)

The unbothered drink queen can’t help herself. Lolcow has a permanent space in her brain and she hates it.
This is what happens when you fuck peoples boyfriends, steal from people and ruin peoples bodies. Scratcher.

No. 823267

yeah, no, I'm an Asian XS and that ain't it.(no1curr)

No. 823268

File: 1613954666972.jpeg (289.44 KB, 826x1029, BF058E87-511E-455E-A2CF-BC3BFB…)

Your jaw wasn’t extended Vicky. Anyone can find this on your sugar daddies Facebook. I left the name up cause anyone can search it. That’s just what you look like. I know…. it’s harsh.

No. 823269


She is stunning, wow.

No. 823270

File: 1613954795016.jpeg (115.61 KB, 827x468, 1EC6CBC5-2155-457B-A59B-C976A0…)

Straight up… I am none of these people. Lol.

No. 823272

File: 1613955345012.jpeg (12.69 KB, 275x63, 8BEED72B-780A-4EC8-9BDD-1F4C78…)

Just because I know people from her Facebook might come to white knight here. I’ll just leave this

No. 823275

Lol hilarious that she's used a real candid photo of herself to prove the "photoshopping"…

Oof she's even dropping names now. I hope one of these broads see this and jumps in to defend themselves but then again I'm sure they all have lives and could care less about made up internet drama

No. 823276

Isn’t it weird that we posted this Victoria and Vicky started a rampage about jealous stalkers on her fb? Jealous much.

No. 823277

File: 1613956125491.jpeg (70.31 KB, 827x619, 4291DC14-A445-42C9-BA4A-633B3D…)

Vicky’s posting some girls elementary school photos saying this is the girl that picked on her and then this is her grown up? I’m so confused. Icky sticky. Put down the Jack.

No. 823278

Bottom left?? I think she means bottom right if she's trying to draw some sort of comparison. Bitch doesn't even know her right and left, I guess that explains her tattoos

No. 823279

She just dropped this? No SM here but she is very obviously burnt about this beautiful, bad ass lady>>823246.
Lol be mad icky Vicky. Your temper tantrum is proving this true. You are way below this woman!

No. 823280

File: 1613956661423.jpeg (36.19 KB, 827x203, 9E591066-9D52-4AAA-8423-931391…)

Yeah she meant bottom right. Holy shit… she’s actually mentally challenged.

What is there to be a fan of? I love the way you shit post on Facebook and tattoo terribly a few times a month? How you’ve managed to eat yourself to obesity? How’s you’re almost 40 and can’t even afford a real place to live? How you’ve never left Canada since you were two?

No. 823281

Just dropped it. She’s having a meltdown on her Facebook about girls she knew 15 years ago. Kek

No. 823282

Newsflash Vicky, you didn't invent that stupid emo/warped tour trump-esque combover with ratty extensions, or heavy eyeliner. Every scene girl looked like this.

No. 823283

File: 1613956778119.jpeg (135.6 KB, 750x819, 9AE20109-716D-4025-93CE-8E2435…)

This is lame

No. 823284


No. 823285

File: 1613957041194.jpeg (143.79 KB, 827x633, D86D3DAE-E662-437B-A594-F660C7…)

It’s now girls from 15 years ago, guys she rejected and tattoo artists she’s fixed THEIR WORK. Kek. Vicky must be really but hurt that she has no clients since opening up and she’s back taking it out on lolcow again.

No. 823286

So unbothered she can list all their full names.

No. 823287

Thanks anon

No. 823288

File: 1613957409838.jpeg (76.71 KB, 827x639, 08363EE2-8BE1-4E3A-B4AE-EA498A…)

Ickys clingers be like …. “they’re just jealouse” fucking hell.

No. 823289

I hope every one of her neckbeards FB search these chicks because I just did 2 and they're both so much prettier and more interesting than Victoria. Carli is a babe, so is Samantha and I actually found Bunny's IG tho she doesn't use that name anymore. She's also gorgeous. They all seem mentally stable and in relationships too so that must really drive her crazy.

No. 823290

…. she doesn’t realize that she’s fat? She thinks we’re photoshopping her that way and then posting her photos on Facebook or something?
Vicky…. you’re kinda overweight. Reality check.

No. 823291

File: 1613958334012.jpg (595.11 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210222-024155.jpg)

I googled that Faith girl and one of her photos brought me to lolcow. Apparently she got stung creating a thread/posting photos of Vicky here a few years ago.. yikes.
Vicky's still a fucking psycho though.

No. 823292

File: 1613958334889.jpeg (34.86 KB, 828x206, 4B7D2F3F-D7E6-4CB8-88B2-88C695…)

Talking about this child person. She doesn’t even know she has anything to do with lolcow, but here she is. Calling people vile kek

No. 823293

That was four years ago. An elephant never forgets.
Christina Martin is the client Vicky no showed on and then said she was kidnapped. That’s why she added her. Loved to drag her old clients that were unhappy.
Carli is another old client that got butchered.
Bunny does come here but she announces herself. She sometimes clears the air about things. Last time she said if Victoria brings her up again she’ll come with receipts. Can’t wait

No. 823294

File: 1613958869599.jpeg (61.95 KB, 827x282, 4A3A9FDD-9157-4009-877E-4C54E0…)

And you’ll be 50 looking 65, talking about MySpace. Probably living back with your mom drinking Jack Daniels trying to remember to put on your fake accent.
So same.

No. 823295

Her inner thighs probably smell

No. 823297

Why else would she wear underwear with a warning right on the front? She sees edgy metal chick- I see “warning biohazardous materials enclosed…

No. 823298

It’s kinda sad ( in a deserving way) that lolcow bothers icky so much but she has no real friends to talk to about it. Pushing 40 and has to ask her facebooks friends for help. …. yikes.

No. 823300

Damn, she really does wear the same clothes. Take a shower and do laundry, Vicky!

No. 823301

If you look closely, it looks like she has a penis lol

No. 823302

So when does Vic start talking about her covert Navy SEAL training?

No. 823304

File: 1613962347956.jpg (51.61 KB, 792x1279, IMG_20210221_195154_904.jpg)

No. 823313

File: 1613967017446.jpeg (138.37 KB, 827x643, 53A48BFD-AD3D-401A-83B0-32A376…)

How would she know about other wedding photos and famous clients? All you have to do is google this guy to see he’s a great photographer.
And the photos aren’t up too high, she’s just built like a fridge with pancake tits.
She’s on a roll tonight throw people under the bus.
Why do I have a feeling that Guelph has been opened and she doesn’t have a client. So she’s sitting in her sadness trying to tear other people down.

No. 823314

File: 1613967142080.jpeg (233.88 KB, 780x1048, 7872E71B-682E-4D18-9FD5-1EA34F…)

Dude is shooting for billboards in Toronto and Vicky is at home crying on Facebook.
Who’s the winner here?

No. 823315

>looks like my jaw was extended
LOL oh my god vicky. That’s your own meaty jaw and Leno-chin. Are you accusing your own friend of photoshopping you?

You’re just embarrassing yourself vic.

No. 823316

It’s sad how she puts other hot women down.

No. 823317

File: 1613968223720.jpeg (159.77 KB, 825x731, B0C05202-E43B-48D9-9E0A-986CC3…)

Imagine Vicky actually trying to take lolcow to court? She’s have to explain why she was on here trying to bait people into killing themselves and why she faked a kidnapping to clients first. Kek. Dumbass. She’s worse.

No. 823319

File: 1613969174420.jpeg (135.81 KB, 828x517, 9292F499-8A82-4A38-87D8-DBFC63…)

Covers of magazines you pay to have your photo on. Not a modelling gig.

No. 823321

It all makes sense now. The insane shooping, pretending to be a badass warrior, the clothing…she's trying to look half as good as this woman (and failing tremendously).

No. 823323

That is NOT an hourglass figure. She’s clearly got the thighs of an overweight person and a fridge figure
She’s dropped names of these women multiple times now when they have dirt on her. Keep it coming Vick you’ve already been exposed for years. Damn this broad has gotten so much more insufferable over the years. One day she’s a woman’s woman the next day she’s dropping names on the internet like a psychotic teenage girl and basically calling them ugly.

No. 823325

Samefag. She clearly doesn’t realize that the “magazines” she’s been on the cover of are not even real magazines. They’re digital print mags that no ones even heard of and literally anyone can submit photos to

No. 823327

does her memoji have blonde dreads was this ever addressed

No. 823328

wow, she really does have icy eyes!

No. 823329

She was also obsessed with another band dude. Forgot his name

No. 823334

File: 1613975550393.jpeg (255.83 KB, 1080x1029, CC53869D-E94D-4BFD-A1B9-2AED80…)

>I don’t have dumb fans
>the wish version of me
>self awareness has left the chat

No. 823340

Hi, it’s Donna here (Bunny Alexander was my “internet celebrity” name she gave me.)
I said the moment Victoria spoke about me again publicly, I’d spill the tea - or milk in this case. (Sorry mods, I love to lurk this whole site, but I have no idea how to post correctly, anyone can an reach out to me IG (my email is on there if you want to stay anon) and I’ll verify that I am who I say I am. Sorry if I’m breaking any rules)

Anyway, Victoria came on here months ago claiming that she stopped being friends with me because I “was trying to be her” or something. She talked shit and I hopped on and threatened to post every screenshot she’s sent me begging me to hangout with her as recently as 2019, and also all of the information I have from knowing her for 3 years (before I stopped being friends with her, because she’s actually mentally deranged…) I have met every member of her immediate family. Her mother (that poor woman) her brother, her little sister, and her father (who, SURPRISE is not a famous motorcycle racer like she told everyone). I’ve remained silent unless she brought me up on here or on her various social media accounts. I don’t want her stupid “internet fame” I just wanted to be left alone to live my life and heal from my past. I TOLD her to stop mention me. But here we are. I know everything, and that terrified her. I’m guessing she drank too much Jack Daniels and became too loose-lipped. You fucked up by mentioning my name Victoria. You get what you deserve.

Victoria Shingleton has never lived in any “mansions”. I met her when I was 18 and she was 23. She was living on welfare in a rooming house with 4 random college students in Waterloo, Ontario. She was kicked out of the place for being dirty (I’m not joking) and also starting random arguments with the other renters for no reason. She then moved back in with her mother in Guelph shortly after she and I became friends.

I only became her friend because I was dating a guy named Adam at the time (who she MADE change his name to “Viktor Vanastra” because his full name was too “generic” to be friends with someone like her. She promised to “make him a famous photographer” because apparently she had worked with some of his photography idols. (She had not).

I had no previous knowledge of who she was before I met her through my then boyfriend. I had no desire to ever be “internet famous” or a “celebrity model” as she so fondly referred to herself as, and promised me - a naive 18 year old, fame and fortune just by knowing her and taking photos with her. (I’m not the only teenager she did this to.)

I have been professionally diagnosed and treated with a severe personality disorder, which I’m so proud to say that I have control over today. I don’t think I ever would have struggled with my sense of self if I had never met Victoria at such
a young, impressionable age. I regret ever becoming an “online personality” as it caused me years of distress, and a shit ton of therapy. (Sorry again to the mods if I’m not following the rules properly by talking about myself.)

I have so much more milk, If any of you would like to hear it. Plus the screenshots I promised her I’d post if she ever publicly uttered my name again.

This hurts me to have to do this, but if she can’t leave my name or my life out of her mouth, I have no choice.

No. 823341

She will just say you faked the screenshots, hope you’re prepared for that. No one is going to say no to the screenshots tho. At least I’m not saying no kek. Drop em girl

No. 823349

How exciting, you know we'd love them. This makes me a little nervous, vick might spontaneously combust and send ham flying all over Guelph when faced with the cognitive dissonance of truth VS her bullshit

No. 823350

File: 1613979156547.gif (1.14 MB, 512x384, BAF453D8-057F-45A6-A562-1F2552…)

I’m sorry she’s bringing you up and dragging you into her batshittery a whole ass decade later, but you’re among friends here. Let the milk run free!

No. 823351

please post the screenshots and more milk

i'm really sorry that she's treated you like this.

No. 823356

You can email admin to prove who you are and get a tripcode if you are so inclined. I’m genuinely sorry she caused you so much grief.

> She was kicked out of the place for being dirty

I am cackling

No. 823357


Yes please Bunny. I'm ready with a glass of wine.

No. 823358

File: 1613980361659.png (236.68 KB, 750x1334, 61001754-35E3-4D4B-80D2-B624EF…)


Part 1

No. 823359

File: 1613980495876.png (252.73 KB, 750x1334, 19C2FBB0-24BB-4383-BFF6-82D5CB…)

Part 2

No. 823360

File: 1613980614759.png (244.27 KB, 750x1334, BABD58CC-8B2A-48BA-814D-CA07E9…)

Part 3

No. 823361

>I’m old and not into immaturity


No. 823362

File: 1613980717497.png (257.74 KB, 750x1334, 6DC75C81-0218-4C87-9B32-559077…)

Part 4

No. 823363

Pardon the interruption to this glorious milk Bunny, but the burning question that anons have been asking since the very first thread - is that is it true that Victoria smells really bad and has rotten teeth?

No. 823364

File: 1613980822859.png (289.23 KB, 750x1334, 8EE31AE0-A306-4002-AC36-DC6674…)

Part 5

No. 823365

>have personality disorder
>blame icky for your personality disorder
>look for revenge on lc despite saying you have your personality disorder under control
You are a cow.

No. 823366

>you’re intelligent and beautiful

You are WAY too kind

No. 823367

File: 1613981019844.png (245.9 KB, 750x1334, A649C612-8A04-4DEC-BD52-84C671…)

Part 6

This is when she blocked me. I have not had any communication with her since.
I hate to do this. I really do. But I did tell her on here that if she ever brought my name up again, this would be the consequence. She needs to be held accountable for her actions, and honestly… finally taking about this has lifted a weight off my shoulders.

No. 823368

She didn't blame her personality disorder on Vicky. People can exacerbate the worst parts of you though. God who tries to fuck with milk like this gtfo

No. 823369

ffs dont scare away the milk

No. 823371

thank you for blessing us with this milk. what else have you got on her besides these pitiful messages? after 3 years of knowing her there must be a fuckload of cringe to regale us with

No. 823372


I actually thought she WAS beautiful. She’s not an ugly woman. She’s not what she makes herself out to be, but I always thought that without the makeup she was very pretty. Again, this was over a decade ago.

And she did come off as intelligent when I met her. I don’t have her on any social media because she blocked me after that last conversation I screenshotted and posted here, and I’m appalled by the literal crudeness and lack of any tact and class she seems to have now (from what I’ve seen from your guys’ screenshots of her posts). I do lurk this site often lol.
When I was friends with her, she at least pretended to be of upper-class.

No. 823373

I’m literally on here giving you guys’ what I promised I would do if she didn’t leave me alone. She did. SHE chose this. Do you not want the milk… or?

My own mental problems aren’t her fault, but I fell into her trap more easily because of it.

Sorry to “newfag” or whatever, but comments like this persons make me not want to post anymore. I can’t win leaving myself out of her drama and I clearly can’t win giving you guys’ the milk you want on her.

No. 823374

There are some pictures/webcam shots of her when she was still with Adrien that weren’t edited to hell and back where she looked genuinely cute, she was a lot smaller then too, did you know her around that time? That seems to be when she peaked

No. 823375

That’s just one person, ignore them. We really appreciate you sharing this with us!

No. 823376

She was never “fat” or overweight when I knew her. She was never tiny, however. Just an average sized woman.

No. 823377

Yes please ignore the one idiot in the bunch- there’s always one and probably one of vickys lackies or icky herself. Pay them no mind. Perhaps Cameron found an energy bar and got a second chance lol

No. 823378

Did she put on that atrocious accent in private like when it was just the two of you or is that something she only does in public or in front of an audience?

No. 823381

Speaking of Cameron, he claims that she didn’t have a toothbrush or toothpaste in her house, was she that gross when you were friends with her?

No. 823382


She NEVER had an accent when I knew her. I did have a slight accent, because I actually lived in the uk for a majority of my life at the time. Her accent started after I stopped being friends with her. I’ve met her mum and dad who both have SLIGHT accents. Neither of her siblings do.

No. 823383

Hilarious. I’m guessing the parents have slight NI accents, seeing as that’s where they’re from, I don’t know how fucking retarded people have to be to believe that her terrible approximation of a British accent is legit. Is it true that all the other models at the Toxic Vision show would spray her with body spray and perfume when her back was turned?

No. 823385


I really feel uncomfortable talking about her physical appearance on here. She was painfully insecure when I knew her and I don’t think it’s very nice to make fun of that in a person. I appreciate what you guys are doing by making it public knowledge that she literally butchers peoples skin with her “tattooing”, and I respect that. But I can’t bring myself to talk poorly about her teeth or stench or weight. I agree that she’s a bad person, but I also think that she’s incredibly mentally ill and probably psychologically fragile, perhaps almost to the point of needing to be in full time care.

(Not trying to diagnose her, I haven’t hung out with her in a decade, but she seems very unstable, much more so than when I knew her, and I think her family should intervene at this point)

No. 823388



No. 823391


Take that however you want to lol.

It’s late where I live and I should have been in bed hours ago, I’ll pop on here tomorrow and answer anything else you guys might want to know (within reason, of course. I’m not doing this to cause anyone pain or make fun of their appearance) Again, sorry mods if I’m shit at posting here, and Victoria, when you read this, I warned to please leave me alone. You get what you give.

No. 823392

I'm not discrediting you by any means, it's possibly a misunderstanding, but I'm confused. The last time you came on here and said sometimes she did have an accent and sometimes she didn't. But now you're saying she never had one. Just asking for some clarification.

No. 823393


(Last response before bed) sorry to confuse you! I’ll clarify. if you watch videos of her from around that time, you’ll hear no accent. It didn’t exist ever, unless she was putting it on for fun, or speaking to her mum.

No. 823395

bless u bunny, thanks for sharing with us and I’m glad you managed to move on from what sounds like the waking nightmare of knowing Ick irl. I’m sure we all have a ton more questions beyond her aroma and oral hygiene, lol

No. 823396

I wonder what her parents think of her exaggerated accent. Did you interact with them, did you pick up how they felt about Vicky?

I always read from people delivering milk here that she’s even crazier IRL, which is hard to believe when she’s full on cringe online and acts like a hooker.
Did she miss super obvious cues and jokes in person too? Is she as nasty in person and picking fights?

Also more random question but, she seems like she never had a lot of money in her life, unless her parents are loaded. I guess it’s more of a Canada thing but is she receiving some kind of gov assistance for not making enough on her own? Funnily enough, it’s always the people who barely make any money and siphon welfare money away that complain the loudest about immigrants.

No. 823399

>as nasty in person
I think its safe to say that the answer to that question is yes as per >>823340
>starting random arguments with the other renters for no reason

But please do tell us more about how she behaves irl Bunny! I’m especially curious as to how she behaves towards other women. Does she sleaze on to guys in front of their girlfriends the way she does online?

No. 823400

TYSM bunny!! This was a great late night treat. You really seem to have reacted too all Vicky's shit with a lot of class, you should be proud.

I'd love to know:
Did you two ever discuss the photoshop and fake stories? Did she acknowledge her imaginary life story? Was there ever a good amount of cash coming to her or was it always a farce? And I don't mean millions and mansions, just living with no state assistance and money for booze and cabs. Any thoughts on the brother with the child prn allegations against him? I was not into the whole scene thing but did you two see real life results from it or was it all online? Thanks again for doing this!

No. 823407

File: 1613991392010.jpeg (28.77 KB, 275x227, CFF4D7B6-A2AA-448C-9132-56136B…)

Hey Donna, first of all I just wanna say good on you for getting help, Vicky is probably gonna use your mental illness against you because she is a fucking coward but please know you’re a champ.

To my questions, do you know any deets on her fucking others boyfriend shenanigans, does she genuinely just hate other women and what’s some fucked up things she’s done when drunk?

No. 823408

We all know Vic isn't the IRL FF character that "Frankie Photography" makes her out to be. That's a given. We all know she's probably barely a high school graduate and she's desperate to land a man.
My question is, since you've known her until 2-3 years ago, how many clients does she have and how much does she actually make from being a scratcher. Follow up with what is her business reputation.

No. 823412

Has she always been such an outrageous pathological liar? Lying about being a kidnapping victim, being a 12 Michelin star chef, being an award winning "river dance" performer, being asked to work at an astronomy center, being a tetrachromat, being proposed to by billionaires, making men hit sign posts, being photographed hovering nude in the rafters of Notre Dame, being a sought-after cover model who is paid, etc etc. What about the more mild but still absurd lying like pretending to have a staff, pretending conversations happened to make her seem special, pretending she naturally has two pupils in one eyeball, etc.? Does she genuinely believe people fall for this shit and how would people react to the fabrications irl? Does she ever get called out? It's sad she has such insecurities that might cause her to lie and all but she is also a racist, misogynistic, immigrant-hating bigot who says vile shit about women and loves to gaslight so calling out and disproving her ridiculous claims is fair game.

No. 823418

File: 1613998223311.jpeg (198.82 KB, 1080x1018, E35D6936-5698-4B45-87FE-F01031…)

LMAO the delusion, this is top fucking kek

No. 823428

It's too bad Bunny is so classy, this was a good opportunity to get legit milk. Seeing screenshots of Vicky asking to hangout, really isn't milk. Oh well…

No. 823429

Tbh, Vic is on this site more than any of us are and she has posted a lot also. She knows and responds in real time. So I wouldn’t worry too much about that anon, what could their intentions be and why would they want to scare off the milk?
You are fine most of us are glad you are here.

No. 823431

>that make a fan fics of my life.

Muh genius level IQ.

No. 823433

Jealous and intimidated by her beauty and talent lmao. If only we, too were beautiful and talented enough to do basement level scratcher tattoos out of hair salons and do merch at concerts where 25 people attend. Girl has no idea who 99% of us are. Imagine telling random people to kill themselves and then thinking you can sue them for harassment and have them extradited. the delusion is epic.

No. 823438

File: 1614006253189.jpeg (179.8 KB, 827x770, EB3358D3-0A8E-4773-AF07-32D4DC…)

She went back in an hour later to out in that it was also guys she rejected romantically.
I guess that fits her narrative better.

No. 823440

“I have numerous mental health professionals and therapists there’s nothing wrong with me”…. girl.

No. 823443

“Just like Todd’s stalker did.
She’s talking about a girl from Canada that was stalked by a grown man from school to school adding her friends. Before this he talked her into showing her boobs and he took a screen grab. He would send it around to her school which is distribution of child porn.
She ended up committing suicide at 15 years old.

Considering you can do a quick search of Vicky’s brother, and Vicky defended him online…. well…

Posting your photos and statuses to another platform is not stalking. This is what happens when you piss people off by stealing from them. Stop stealing, calling women crazy, trying to ruin people’s lives by in turn posting full names of people that forgot about you and log off. Get help.

No. 823445

Omg, that is so hilarious. Does she not comprehend what she writes at all? Mentally healthy people don’t have mental health professionals and therapists that they see, that’s usually reserved for, ya know, people with mental health related issues Vic.
I guess she can’t see the difference between Child Porn and what she puts online herself.
I’m over the whole scratcher thing. Whoever gets a tat by Vicky deserves it. It is so easy to google her. And some people don’t care and want garage tier tats and that’s on them.
With the whole “I’ll steal your boyfriend or husband” if you don’t kiss my ass and tell me how beautiful and talented I am thing, I am interested. This woman is a whore, the lowest of life with her skanky morals. She reminds me of that sloppy wasted, underdressed girl that’s in every dive bar, that will try to pick up a guy with his girlfriend sitting right next to him after she just puked in the bar toilet and hasn’t cleaned up yet. I’ve never seen her in real life but that’s the vibe I get over her pics and posts.

No. 823453

O God, Vick sends "Do You Like Me?" texts to people.
(I can easily imagine she sends texts like this regularly because she's so insecure.)
It's not only immature .. it's unhinged, and paranoid.

No. 823457

Asked if she’d hang out, didn’t get a message back so of course people have been telling Vicky that bunny doesn’t like her anymore. Sure Jan. You can smell the insecurity from a mile away.
Vicky lost her “control” over bunny cause she’s not a kid anymore and it sent Vicky spiralling.

No. 823460

The fact that she’s comparing people posting her statuses and exposing her for being a scratcher and overall sad excuse of a human to a girl who got cyber bullied into suicide is so disgusting. This bitch will always find a way to weasel herself into any tragic situation like Notre dame. Unless lolcow is putting her life in danger no law enforcement will take her seriously

No. 823463

File: 1614015616994.jpg (107 KB, 845x1280, IMG_20210222_103705_582.jpg)

Lol what? She picked her tattoo artist because he had a cute chick and probably wouldn't hit on you and would play some cool metal tunes?

No. 823466

Yeah Vic you are so irresistible that every man that speaks to you is hitting on you. I have a feeling that Vic changes her relationship status every single time a man compliments her. She seems like she’d be a jealous, clingy, stalking gf that assumes a pump and dump = relationship. Her delusions are almost unbearable at times.

No. 823482

I’m back. I’m not gonna reference every post that asked me something, mainly because I don’t know how to do this all properly lol. So I’m just going to make one last long post and then I won’t be posting again.

It’s been a lot longer than 2-3 years since I hung out with her in person. I think New Year’s Eve going into 2013 is the last time I hung out with her. If I’m not mistaken, it’s been 8 years and I have zero idea of what she has become like in that time. I can only speak from the version of her that I knew. Up until 2019 she occasionally messaged me to hangout with her at some pool hall to drink, I always declined. Her manipulation had no hold over me anymore and I saw her for who she really is. Just an average woman who lies about everything and some one who I had nothing in common with.

I honestly have no idea how many clients she’s ever had. When I was friends with her she had just started tattooing (my ex was the one who bought her the tattoo machine off eBay or somewhere like that) she did my first tattoo (which I had covered up shortly thereafter). She was only tattooing people she knew at the time and I believe only a few randoms off of the internet. I was at her place in the rooming house when she tattooed her own neck. Yes she really did that herself.
It’s sad, because I saw some of her sketch books and she was actually a good artist. She COULD have been a good tattooist if she had of actually learned how to be and pursued an apprenticeship. Which leads me to my next point…

There is no way any self-respecting tattoo artist would have mentored her. She constantly spoke over me, and everyone she came into contact with. She was always “right” about everything, even when a quick google search proved her wrong on things, there was no letting it go, and she’d go on about stuff until you agreed with her. It was painful to try to have conversations with her. She turned every conversation into a monologue about herself. There was no point in trying. She was insufferable and I felt exhausted after every interaction I had with her.

I’m bad with dates, so forgive me, but me and my then boyfriend went on a couples camping trip with her and the guy she was with at the time where she threw a fit because no one wanted to eat pasta at a campsite… I’m not joking. We just wanted hotdogs over the fire lol but she went ballistic when we didn’t want to drive her 30 minutes from the middle of nowhere to the nearest store so she could get supplies to make pasta… outside. She went into an explosive rage. And demanded that her boyfriend drove her home. That was when I decided not to be friends with her anymore. It was the weirdest way I’d ever seen anyone react to something so minuscule. A week later when we refused to apologize to HER, she then went on a social media tirade trying to slander me. She would ask herself questions on formspring about me so she could answer them saying that she stopped being friends with me because I copied her by wearing red lipstick, or by being blonde, or that I along with every other woman was jealous of her talent, beauty and success…
I never retaliated and eventually she got bored. A few months later she messaged me and blamed everything on her ex and how he “forced her away” from her friendship with us and invited me to her birthday party at her mum’s and I accepted. I hung out with her a handful of times after that, but just couldn’t stand the one-sided friendship. At that time I could see through her facade of “celebrity”, wealth and lies. It’s sad to admit but she’s very good at making people think she’s spectacular, when in reality she’s just an average woman.

Her family was nice and normal. Her mum lived in a nice but regular suburban home and she did aesthetician work out of it.
Her younger sister seemed smart and totally normal, her brother (who you all know of) seemed smart and normal. I know you all want to know about him because of those allegations. Honestly I don’t know. I never got that vibe from him. But I don’t know. I only met her dad once. He just seemed like a normal bloke from England.

As for the questions about her sleeping around and being an alcoholic: From my interactions with her, she came off as a completely sexless person. I’m not kidding. Looking back, I think she may be asexual. It was so strange because she constantly went on about every man in the world wanting to fuck her, but at the same time seemed disinterested in sexuality completely.
She drank a lot of Jack Daniels when I knew her, but I didn’t think she was an alcoholic. But I don’t know what she was like behind closed doors. So I can’t answer to that. As for the anons on here saying that she does drugs, absolutely not at all when I knew her. I don’t think that’s her thing.

There are many specific interactions with her that I’m not going to post here at this point because I genuinely don’t want to embarrass anyone or hurt anyone. That’s not why I’m doing this.

Victoria, when you read this: I told you to keep my name and my life out of your mouth and off of your social media. I want to live a normal life and I’m perfectly happy being an average woman and the last thing I want is you constantly bringing me up to your “fans” (as you so love to refer to them) This is called accountability. I don’t want your stupid “internet fame”. Stop talking about me and my life. Leave me alone. I don’t want to keep having to post here, letting these fine people know who you really are and what you actually look like. Don’t test me again.
That being said, Victoria… Please get help. You are so mentally unstable and everyone can see it. There is no shame in getting help. It’s one thing to pretend to be something you’re not, but I genuinely think you believe all of your lies. You need psychological intervention. You don’t have to live like this anymore. I wish you well.

To all the anons here, thanks for having me. Most of you seem like good people. However I am hoping to not have to return here to post again. Hopefully for my sake Victoria stops bringing me up publicly lol.

No. 823486

>she threw a fit because no one wanted to eat pasta at a campsite… I’m not joking. We just wanted hotdogs over the fire lol but she went ballistic when we didn’t want to drive her 30 minutes from the middle of nowhere to the nearest store so she could get supplies to make pasta… outside. She went into an explosive rage. And demanded that her boyfriend drove her home.

Kek, thanks for sharing all this. I hope she leaves you alone.

No. 823488

So hold on, one more question. She was actually born in NI and moved here when she was two. Just to be clear.

No. 823500

lmao I remember you from when a drama community had posts about you regularly a decade ago. It's always good to see a former cow rehabilitating and leaving efame behind. Godspeed and thanks for the milk. Though now I wanna know which threads you lurk

No. 823502

Thank you for all the deets and the camping story

No. 823511

Thanks for sharing bunny, I hope she leaves you the fuck alone.
>Her family was nice and normal.
Man, really goes to show what a little e-fame will do to you. I bet her family is horribly embarassed of her.

No. 823512

her father is a big online racist which is neither nice nor normal

No. 823513

Omg thank you for this. Honestly I would love to hear your take on fellow Ontarian Kanadajin's muslim phase as I remember you had one too (which in hindsight was most certainly a manifestation of your mental illness before you had it in check). You are everything these cows wish they could be, grown up and normal despite their challenges.

No. 823515

And her brother is a fucking pedo.

Icky hasn’t been active online in almost 24 hours, she must be seething over how this backfired on her, kek

Bunny, if you’re still lurking, PLEASE share more anecdotes!

No. 823520

File: 1614035148969.png (473.62 KB, 750x1334, D8F8F501-1D33-42FA-B316-9C0207…)


Me again, I’ll be gone right after this lol.
Thank you all for being so kind to me. It was scary to post here tbh. I really regret having any efame and being a total idiot back then haha. I’m almost 30 now and I’m just glad it’s all in the past. It’s the main reason that I wish I’d never met Victoria.

I don’t know who the cow you’re referring to is, but I attached a photo of a IG question I got about my “Muslim Phase” lol. My response is all there is to it. My mental illness most likely played a part in it, as I always struggled back then with having a sense of identity. I’m just glad that it is in the past. But I’m not here to talk about myself, and would much rather not. Thank you for understanding.

(Also, I only met her dad ONCE. He SEEMED like a regular man. I didn’t know he was a racist, and I certainly didn’t know Victoria was either. I had no idea until reading the posts here. She never gave me that vibe. As for her brother, I did not interact with him on a regular basis and had no idea if he’s a pedophile or not. Like I said, her family seemed normal and she was on a completely different planet to them. That’s just my personal experience.

I hope you all have a good day and I’m hoping this’ll be my last time posting here, but who knows… it’s highly likely she’ll never ever stop talking about me or any of you guys for that matter. The only person obsessed is her. So until then, I wish to not talk about my experiences with her further.

No. 823524

File: 1614036434027.jpeg (167.04 KB, 827x974, FBA45CE7-1629-4DAE-9F64-146E27…)

Make sure to show them you bully clients, telling people to kill themselves. There’s literally evidence of you on this page bullying people. False accusations of kidnapping.
Let’s also show the screenshots of you saying you’ve plastered people blood on the walls and ruined your jacket with it. Or how about the countless times you’ve waved a sword around drunk and said you threatened people with it.
Man the list goes on… the only person getting played is you.

No. 823528

I bet she's using the same lawyer that Laur is using. Kek

No. 823531

As mentioned before the cops will laugh at her showing her “evidence” cyber bullying is also very tricky to punish due to justifications. At the end of the day cops won’t do anything about an image board laughing at her they’ll just add it to her kidnapping reports and people breaking into her house

No. 823534

I mentioned this here the last time she brought up cyberstalking. She even posted specific examples from a Guelph lawyer and none of which were anything that's ever happened to her.
Leaving (for perfect reason) bad reviews over her scratcher tattoo work, and reposting her public statements and photos to an image board does not constitute (even remotely) cyberstalking or bullying and it's fucking hilarious she thinks it does

No. 823545

Anon she obviously has the Attorney General of Canada still on retainer

No. 823547

She better hope all the stuff she said about Simon photography is true or that’s defamation. She sitting here acting like she’s an innocent party. I’m sure if he sees what she’s saying about his BUSINESS he’ll beg to differ.

No. 823548

Once again, a joke flies right over her head…,

No. 823550

This was my favourite part too haha like who, ever, in the history of camping has wanted to make pasta and then to not even plan ahead to make sure she had it if she wanted it that bad.
I'm surprised she didn't want to make Yorkshire puddings over the campfire but this is still too kek

No. 823551

Mine too, lol. I didn’t think ninjas ate pasta but I guess you learn something new every day.

No. 823556

File: 1614050357289.jpeg (566.92 KB, 828x1543, CC8C0A1F-F150-44B3-A329-04A5BC…)

>ten pounds of butter and cream

A Michelin star masterpiece

No. 823558

This is so gross. If somebody ever slapped a greasy, probably overcooked piece of salmon and slimy noodles with a couple slices of mushrooms, in front of me then I’d probably very conveniently have a family emergency that couldn’t be ignored. Yuck.

No. 823559

It looks like her cat puked on a dish. Why is this such a poorly taken photo too???

No. 823560

>all that pasta
>all that butter
>actually super healthy

Also why is she trying to convince anyone that fettuccine and mushrooms is a “thing”? That’s one of the most basic pasta dishes ever. I’m pretty sure even Applebee’s has a mushroom pasta dish.

No. 823561

Vic’s idea of a “super healthy” meal is not only visibly swimming in butter, but the only veggies in evidence are a few cream-soaked mushrooms. No wonder she looks like a fridge.

No. 823564


The word you're looking for is pescatarian, Vicky. Vegetarians don't eat fish.

No. 823565

It’s actually a video, and like everything she vomits on her social media, shart tier quality >>823560
The comment about it being “a thing” sent me, it’s what you’ll find on a fucking kids menu at any strip mall pizza franchise, yet she claims to have worked as a chef, my sides

No. 823567

And who the fuck cooks smoked salmon? It’s already cooked Vicky you fucking philistine. Saying “avec” instead of “with” just makes you sound retarded

No. 823573

Fucking hell is all that crap on top of the salmon, dill??? Who needs to eat vegetables or taste their fish when you can just munch on soggy dill… yuck.

No. 823574

I kinda get just wanting a protein and some Alfredo pasta, we’ve all been there, but trying to pass it off is healthy is so funny. At least put some butter soaked broccoli on the side kek.

No. 823584

Over 24 hours and not a peep from Shingles, she must be fuming over Bunny paying us a visit

No. 823585

Oh look fried spam and hamburger helper…. that’s delish…./s

No. 823589

File: 1614063369705.jpeg (378.57 KB, 828x1006, E17B1316-FF6C-4AAE-8B54-F8CEA1…)

Please tell us how much you know about Tesla, Vicky. Did Muskrat offer you a job too?

No. 823590

Funny how she followed Danny worsnop’s wife and unfollowed an hour later lmfao

No. 823597

I'm still laughing at her over cooked salmon and cream sauce, butter, and carbs fest. Very healthy Vick.. it's why you're built like a fucking fridge.

No. 823598

that Salmon is about to swim off it's drowning in so much butter

No. 823599

The longer you stare at it, the worse it gets. Did this dolt just whip up a Sidekick and throw some mushrooms in it? Has that pasta turned into a gelatinous brick because someone overcooked the living fuck out of it? How dry is that salmon even with a literal pound of butter? What is that wilted, browning blob on top of the salmon as it sure doesn’t look like fresh dill?

This is grade 6 student cooking boxed or frozen food for the first time level of chef, at best. Never change, Vic.

No. 823613

What's with her weird Elon Musk obsession tho

No. 823614

Stupid men like Elon musk so I'm sure she thinks she should too to be a cool girl

No. 823621

File: 1614091222682.jpeg (173.09 KB, 826x853, DAFC2EE6-6C28-4C05-A663-834BCA…)

Since Vicky wants to say we’re all intimidated by her beauty let me just say this cause I know she’s lurking. This photo of her is quite nice. It doesn’t look heavily edited just really strong lighting and she wasn’t large like she is today. (That hair and makeup though)
That’s an anon compliment. You’re not ugly icky, you’re average. And that’s okay.

The problem people have with you is that you’re a terrible person. You’re a liar. And easy to laugh at cause you’re so delusional. It’s not bullying if you stay off of lolcow, you’d forget we exist, but in a weird way this site feeds your ego cause you like feeling “famous” people are talking about you and you love it.
If you got a real job or a tattoo apprenticeship and stopped putting up tween like statuses people would leave you alone.

No. 823625

What apprenticeship, anon? Vicky is nearing retirement age.

No. 823631

File: 1614097185372.jpg (860.92 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210223_111612.jpg)

She was always large she just edits her body abit less now because we've been calling her out this is what she an idea of her face and body unedited and that picture nicer looking but the credit goes to the edit that is not her natural eye color it is still heavily edited she edited her chin to oblivion the editing isn't as bad you can tell she took more time but its still edited the lashes are literally pasted on you can tell. The black background is edited She will always edit her photos even if she changes how she does it. She'll do anything to make us beleive she is "all natural" also u can see the pixles where she made her arm smaller we are just used to how she used to edit vs now but she still edits the SHIT out of everything sue will always find something to alter.

No. 823632

File: 1614097422225.jpg (614.05 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210223-111842_Chr…)

This is so edited lol even if she was naturally pretty not everyone has to suck her dick like she thinks also I have seen her in person can confirm seeing it all unedited together is quite a shock compared to the image she portays. Also very loud and obnoxious also if u compare the left arm to the right forearm u can see the size difference in the editing.

No. 823635

File: 1614098439458.jpg (197.44 KB, 1080x1229, Screenshot_20210223-112458_Ins…)

You probably think that photo isn't edited because she used to try to convince us she looks like this but making your edits better looking and more realistic isn't really an accomplishment. Its false advertising. If you look at an actual natural picture u can see where the edits are you can also tell the lashes were put on with an editing tool boomb squished together no chin compared to what she really has
>>823631 truth is there isn't a really full shot of what she actually looks like but u can put those pics together and get an idea. I don't think there is much accurate representation of what she actually looks like I have seen her in person. I just never told her how she looked or acted was different than what I saw online because she'd go ballistic but she made the WHOLE visit about how apparently "not fat" she is lol it got old real quick. Honestly if she was just a nice and genuine person I'd look past how she looks in person. She is average. But definitely not what you see online. Do looks matter? Sometimes and it's good to care care of yourself but its also not all people care about. She just seeks validation and approval online because it's the only way she can get it she pushes everyone away once they learn to much about the person she actually is. Which probably could of had potential at some point in life she has allot of drive it just always goes to the wrong things.

No. 823650

She refuses to acknowledge she’s average or even below average when you take into account hygiene. In person, her clothes are dirty and ripped, but she edits that out when she posts things online. If she would work as hard as she does in photoshop on her life she might be able to be moderately successful. By this I mean she could get a real job, an apartment and start to have a better life than clinging to online approval as that is no way to live your life.

No. 823666

What does this even mean? I seriously have no idea what she’s trying to convey.

No. 823671

What the fuck is even going on in this picture? Why are there bat wings coming out of her head? Why does her waist have its own field of gravity? Why is there a random bandana attached to the belt she uses wearing in lieu of a skirt? I have so many questions.

No. 823680

Nailed it, she's average. She just uses "oh they're jealous of my looks" as a cope. There's anons that are prettier than her && I think that scares her the most. Like I think a lot of us can genuinely say that we're prettier than her without it being a brag as much as a factual statement.

No. 823683

Average and has absolutely nothing going for her. At least be hot if you're going to make looks your identity, kek.

No. 823684

She’s too quiet now lol

No. 823686

>alfredo avec baked fresh mushroom
that single french word took me out

No. 823687

Does anyone know Why she’s so insecure about her chin? In the candidate it looks fine and balances the rest of her face. In the photos she’s shopped her nose looks bigger in comparison and the symmetry is thrown off. Does she think her chin makes her face look fat? Did someone tell her that her chin was uggo long ago?

No. 823690

File: 1614128034621.jpg (22.13 KB, 300x300, 1476733935973.jpg)

I know she doesn't look like her shoops and I don't believe this photo >>823621 is a good representation of her (I never saw her irl but it's obviously edited) but at the same time I don't neccessarily believe many of the candids in her threads are a great representation either. It shows that she doesn't look like her edits but sometimes people simply look a lot worse in candids than they actually do irl, depending on the posing, lighting and angles (and her styling doesn't help either, the makeup and hair always looks so bad). There are plenty of candids where she looks pretty/average like picrel (Ik it's old but it's hard to find candids of her with minimal makeup and natural lighting). In the end it's subjective but it seems that whenever people who saw her irl comes in here, like Donna, they almost always say she looks average/pretty even if she doesn't look like her edits. So I believe that tbh. It's just her own fault that farmers see bad candids of her and assume that's the best representation of her, she edits herself so much that the contrast looks insane. If she quit the heavy styling, posted good quality, non filtered photos (wearing no makeup), it would be easier to disregard her shitty candids as just shitty candids, but she only gives us heavily filtered videos/photos to compare with.

No. 823692

I never understood her eyebrows, especially in these older pics. She'd be 100 times prettier here if she didn't have those retarded horizontal 'S's as eyebrows.
I know the thick natural shit we see today wasn't popular in the 2000s but these are just on their own level

No. 823694

Thicker brows in a natural colour, natural mascara, a nude lip, regular dental care and letting her hair recover from the chemical abuse would easily make her pretty. Not stunningly beautiful, not a megasuperhot ninja babe, but easily a pretty woman. She could keep the alt thing and the tattoos, but just wearing clothes not aimed at 2006 teenagers in her size and like…toning it all down would almost certainly negate any need to edit her pictures. She wouldn't even have to lose that much weight. She could stay the exact same weight, make all the above changes, and still be cute!

She turns herself from a 6-7 to a 3-4 and then edits herself to what she thinks is a 10, but it just knocks her into the uncanny valley.

Vick, if you read this, scene is dead. The rocker image is dated. You're aging yourself by 10+ years with every layer of foundation and eyeliner you put on. Put down the makeup brush, pick up an art book, and fix your fucking life.

Tbh kinda sad, when I was a little emo baby I loved her pictures. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

No. 823701

she could have genuinely looked like old school scarjo and instead she went for fat courtney love

make it make sense

No. 823707

Honestly even that picture looks edited, and it’s 300x300 and she’s still doing that weird “hand on face” pose. I doubt she’s actually hideous or anything, but she must have the lowest confidence ever. She automatically moves her hand and hair up to her face in almost every picture.

No. 823716

It’s the same old dumb story with every cow here. They often look ok, and dare I say, cute naturally. They just don’t want to accept their natural beauty so they dress and act like how they want to be seen rather than how they are.

Compare it to Abby Brown who’s so unabashedly herself that she’s charming even farmers.

If I met a cute guy but later learned he’s faking an Australian accent and pretending to have 12 abs and a PhD, I’d fuck out of here. There’s nothing wrong physically with Vicky, for a woman her age. Now mentally, she’s up there with KT.

No. 823738

File: 1614142610182.jpeg (302.36 KB, 1043x1024, 14B14F3E-6464-44C0-B4E6-5F0ABE…)

I know these are old and still edited but this look suits her SO much more than the imvu sex potato she shoops herself into. She could actually be cute if she toned down the drag makeup and lot lizard attire

No. 823739

File: 1614142649519.jpeg (185.08 KB, 717x1102, 1B2C3D69-FEE9-479A-8A56-FB2F2C…)

No. 823740

File: 1614142867530.jpeg (772.77 KB, 828x1118, 3B150BAA-D26F-4633-9107-EF87BF…)

But instead she does this lmao, what a mess

No. 823742

File: 1614143543528.jpeg (376.78 KB, 828x1792, A7512D5C-4D33-4B8A-8DF4-686218…)

What in the actual fuck, Vick.
Guelph has been open for over a week now. Get a job and get off of government support. You’re almost 40… I can’t believe she thinks anyone is jealous of her.

No. 823743

File: 1614143793803.jpeg (186.32 KB, 826x1194, 7D605B48-682B-4C27-AC6E-9B1AB6…)

Forever alone

No. 823747

Ho-ly FUCK. Victoria, it's time to quit the Photoshop & lies gig, go get a job at Plato's closet,They're hiring in Guelph!

It's actually kind of ballsy how horrendous her shoops are and she still has the confidence to post them.

No. 823756

She’s never looked this good in her life

No. 823757

File: 1614152232020.jpeg (117.97 KB, 828x407, 19959903-9BCD-4C09-A21D-8504F8…)

>part real


No. 823758

I mean I’ve never seen her in person so I’ll take your word for it but regardless, “natural” makeup would do wonders for her as opposed to the cake face and cheap falsies she flaunts all over social media

No. 823761

File: 1614154585815.jpg (105.64 KB, 1241x1280, IMG_20210224_011448_672.jpg)

Some of the replies to this pic are hilarious. This exchange is so weird. Guy says he's a big fan of the style and Vic replies that she made it for herself, and fans like him lol. Wtf.

No. 823762

kek anon I was just about to post this too, I swear she is legitimately mentally impaired. As are her “fans”, fucking obviously

No. 823766

All that freakin’ Photoshop and you can still tell EXACTLY where her extensions meet her natural hair. For heaven’s sake…

No. 823768

I'm really confused, is that supposed to be a bike? Why are her legs going inside it?

That picture is such a mess.

No. 823770

>goes offline for over 24 hours after Bunny’s spill
>returns with this

How has she spent the best part of 15 years editing thousands upon thousands of selfies yet is still so incomprehensibly bad at it? And worse still, thinks they actually look good. Never change, Shingles

No. 823772

"And viewers like you!"

No. 823784

File: 1614174173389.jpeg (163.68 KB, 827x1271, 831D8B14-E358-4293-9442-DB06B2…)

It’s kinda sad how much Vicky posts about having a husband or boyfriend and kids.
How many times is this girl going to post “when I’m a mom” etc
At her age and where she is in life she’ll probably never have a family.

No. 823786

this is just a pic of dahvie vanity

No. 823788

File: 1614178098083.jpeg (27.2 KB, 240x240, B34F7592-F5F5-4727-9D69-35CF63…)

Holy shit. I had to google this person. He is MySpace.

No. 823789

Kek at this brain dead scrote. Cyberpunk was a massive embarrassment that got national attention. Not only did it have record sales, it had record returns and was taken off the Playstation store and given a click of a button refund for the digital copy. There were plenty of reports that said it wasn't ready for release but was released with so many bugs that they need 100000x updates from the release to be playable. I read it was playable with nextgen consoles and PC software (which are hard to find because of scalpers), but … whatever, I'm just laughing at how late old lady Vic is too the party and how cyberpunk can never be taken seriously even if it actually is a good game.

No. 823790

She grabbed a picture of Times Square off the internet, jpeg'd it like 80 times over, and claims that it's part digital painting? Fucking kek. You'd think a cyberpunk background would at least be somewhere a little more exciting than that tourist trap. Or who am I kidding? Olive Garden, Bubba Gumps, and the Hershey's store is definitely aesthetic.

No. 823795

anon this is such a retarded non-point.

No. 823797

anon…speaking of being late to the party, cyberpunk’s a thing that’s been around much longer than some game lmao.

No. 823798

You know you’ve hit a low when you’re pushing 40 and photoshopping yourself into video games

No. 823799

No shit. Vicky is only referencing the game. Probably because she stalks Keanu Reeves.

Re-reading it, you're right. Sorry for the sperg, anon.

He's also a pedo.

No. 823800

There’s absolutely no way she has played this as her gaming references are 15 years old. If she was smart, she’d jump of the livestream gaming bandwagon as she might have a chance to make some money, but she’d be competing with prettier and more talented gamers.

No. 823801


I don't think Vick owns a PC capable of playing any game above 8bits, let alone a new generation console. I can see her having a dusty PS3 that she only uses for Netflix.

No. 823807

Honestly… did she play any of the games she ever mentioned? Like Final Fantasy? CoD or whatever?

CP2077 is just a late attempt to get attention like >>823789 said, although I can see her liking it since it has Keanu, katanas, half naked women

No. 823808

File: 1614191723371.jpeg (113.45 KB, 827x724, 1673233E-6B78-4863-9157-648116…)

She’s still lurking here or she realized it made no sense, “fixed” it an hour later but left up the word jumble

No. 823809

She looks like a fucking clown now I gotta throw away my copy of cyberpunk lmao.

No. 823811

Those boobs are so edited i mean they always are but especially here.

No. 823813

Sticky is not gonna age gracefully its downhill from here.

No. 823816

I have seen her in person this photo looks edited just look at the jawline no chin she is a catfish and bunny was talking about a decade ago the thing is she is nothing like she posts online and the candids are allot more accurate then outdated edits from years ago there is not even a double chin in sight that is just how she looks but kind of older now she is average at best she looks well over 30 she is aging terribly and even bunny admitted even if she thought she was pretty she dosent look like her posts at all that is catfishing that will make even a 10 into a 3b being attractive im your prime is hardly an accomplishment especially if your personality is trash she also put bunny through literal hell this isn't a fanpage. She is average and there is nothing wrong with that nobody ever said that there IS something wrong with how she deceives everyone and is manipulative as fuck though she fabricates everything she possibly can to make herself look better. Real body positivity is embracing your flaws she will spend 2 hours shopping herself and claim its body positivity its not our problem she has insecurities and if she posted average looking unedited pictures of herself from the beginning with maybe a filter sometimes I bet nobody would even say a bad thing about it. It's the constant trying to pass the armature editing off as "I woke up like this" with extentions in and hair done or having makeup on while saying "no makeup" it gets old also she literally butchers peoples skin

No. 823818

this is the longest run on sentence ive ever seen lol

No. 823831

If anyone believes she looks anything like her pictures they are a simp and a white knight. It's time people saw the true Vicky. She is claiming internet fame faking her identity and butchering people nobody had anything against her looking average. That's not the issue here. Go ahead and white knight but the truth still stands. Everything she posts is a thirst trap. And it's false advertising she isn't even embracing her cinfidence Its not even real modeling. Its not empowering At least she is hopefully starting to give up on tattooing and ripping people off maybe people will calm down abit but people are still gonna call out a catfish. If you put yourself out there and try to pass of heavily edited pictures and makeup as natural people are always going to notice. Also >>823621 not every example posted on >>823621 is a candid one of them is just a unedited pic taken by a photographer. >>823739 also angles and a shopped chin and loads of makeup will make anyone look better she didn't look as crusty when she was 17 as she does now thats for sure. I think there was still editing but it was so mild you could almost pass it off as natural but over the years it has gotten out of hand. Editing your lashes and lips or blemishes was kind of like a filter back then in MySpace days allot of people did it but the editing is at the point where you can definitely notice it now. This was her at her prime and she is always trying to relive the MySpace days I can only imagine how she is going to look in 10 years.

No. 823833

Vicky is that you? I actually wonder. She has been known to come on here and post and whiteknight herself. This is lolcow not a job interview im sorry you don't like what I have to say lol

No. 823837

File: 1614195327357.jpg (Spoiler Image, 230.34 KB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_20210224-141730_Ins…)

No. 823879

I’m sorry, but no one wants to read all that. Even basic punctuation and use of paragraphs would help a ton.

No. 823881

Agree, that was a hard read. Jesus Christ.

No. 823891

It's ok to take a break and have a protein bar

No. 823930

File: 1614231316186.jpg (144.41 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1614231259369.jpg)

Behold the full cyberpunk glory

No. 823932

…Is she sitting backwards on the bike?

No. 823933

Why is she sitting on the dash?

No. 823935

Why did she cut her leg off there??? Does she not know how bikes work??

No. 823936

File: 1614232927468.png (1.74 MB, 1091x753, Untitled.png)

Looks like the only thing "real" were the lines Victoria drew on herself with sharpie before photoshopping over them.

No. 823937

File: 1614232964267.png (224.99 KB, 623x392, screen-shot-2014-03-27-at-9-44…)

Rock of Love is an option on Amazon Prime, I'm reliving my shit tv phase and remembered Brett Michaels floor length cow print jacket… Coincidence or conspiracy?

No. 823938

Samefag but all these girls reminded me of a 2007 Vicky, if she had been cast on a tv show

No. 823962

This might be one of her worst shoops. It looks like her leg is in a vat of liquid mercury. Also, hasn’t she implied before that she can do wheelies on a bike? Seems she has no clue how to even shoop herself onto one let alone ride one.

No. 823963

File: 1614260720791.jpg (242.99 KB, 1078x310, Vultran.jpg)

This stupid retard lol where she's sitting with her legs going into.. an abyss…is where your chest is supposed to go, facing the other way. These bikes are meant to almost be laid down on while riding. I can't get over this lol can't even Photoshop herself properly

No. 823966


Well it’s doubly funny when you consider all the glitch to 2077, she might try saying that’s totally intentional- either that or her vision is really that bad for perspective which goes a really long way to explaining her shit tier tattooing

No. 823967

She wanted people to see her floating bubble tits, that’s why she’s facing the wrong way.

No. 823983

Some people are just determined to ride this woman like she’s paying for it lol


No. 823987

Wow I wonder how much she had to pay for the ad? And love how this idiot says actually nothing

No. 823988

File: 1614287901445.jpeg (164.46 KB, 750x260, A5D9471F-8B82-43E5-ACB1-CA41FC…)

There’s absolutely no way this comment isn’t Vicky herself, the use of “chick”, never as hot though haha and the ellipsis.
What an embarrassing attempt at defending her. Outlandish accusations? In one way she’s right I guess, the stuff Vicky claims to be true is very outlandish.

No. 823989

Your name and pfp are showing.

No. 823990

lmao what the fuck is this?
>you may know her as Vicky Shingles
>caps of lolcow in the background

We know she’s broke, what did she offer this retard in exchange for shilling? Free skin butchering?

No. 823993

“Her tattoo works good to me” is this chick blind?

No. 823994

File: 1614289565954.jpeg (41.29 KB, 825x203, 3A8DE1ED-7412-434E-9173-925D5B…)

Someone from Toronto that knew Vicky… and I can confirm also being from that toronto music scene back in the day.

No. 823996

I do love how this girl said Vicky is from Ireland, kek. I bet Vic is seething.

No. 823997

And she clearly didn’t do her research.
She did poison herself with oxyclean… she said it her damn self.
Tim tok girl… do better.

No. 823999

File: 1614293272209.jpeg (82.06 KB, 827x314, 4B7F1CD8-5D2E-44E0-B51E-9C81D5…)

Vicky, you should be more concerned about the fact that you’re “33” sitting at home collecting money from the government cause you can’t get a real job

No. 824000


Vicky, you look your age (which is not 33, but okay). There is nothing wrong with that, but please stop deluding yourself.

No. 824001

File: 1614293607046.jpeg (121.33 KB, 827x639, E5313F3B-F9B8-437F-886E-513344…)

Her work page. These comments are too much. Girl hasn’t worked all year,
Collecting from the government but she makes too much money. She lives in a flop house in Guelph.

She’s not into young men, but said she dates 22 year olds.

Looks young but smokes.

Okay Vicky. You’re sitting around shit posting still not working after your shithole towns been open for 2 weeks.

No. 824002

Isn’t she 35-36 tho?

No. 824003

She lies about her age:

No. 824004

The lies, holy kek. How are people so fucking retarded that they actually believe this?

No. 824007

100% slick Vic. How sad

No. 824015

Reminds me of her 1st thread where definitely not Victoria kept coming back and talking about herself. Short, petite, big boobs, fat ass, definitely not a hooker… If you haven’t read that thread please go back for the laughs, it’s a classic.

No. 824016

File: 1614298247935.jpeg (247.88 KB, 828x1056, 52BC7A41-8146-49D4-8DAD-429940…)

The absolute cringe in the replies

No. 824020


I like how it’s all ugly as fuck dudes too.

No. 824022

On what planet does this bitch look 21-23? Damn these boys will say anything for a crumb of pussy

No. 824025

Maybe the guys were hitting on her cos she’s older but not quite a wrinkly cougar.

You’re not special, Vick. This happens all the time. And believe it or not there’s people out there who ID people just to be nosy or to flatter and see how they respond, then laugh at them later.

No. 824028

File: 1614300486808.jpeg (103.29 KB, 827x625, 6B7F5E27-C917-4BF9-B48E-014F5C…)

What the fuck?! Kek. How many years have you been 33, girl?

I’m actually starting to feel bad… this girl has been losing it even more so lately.

No. 824095

File: 1614357241253.jpeg (237.46 KB, 827x1454, 40DCE236-CD4E-4B98-BB3D-010F82…)

Another video on tiktok. “Remember being catfished by these two.”
Vicky and some random emo man child.
Tik tok doesn’t like Vick.

No. 824096

File: 1614357445145.jpeg (227.94 KB, 827x1266, 0860CC12-A414-40E8-98B6-7706E8…)

Got her own video too. Everyone knows she’s a catfish but her

No. 824113

Kek those boobs tho. She wishes she had huge gravity defying bimbo tits.

No. 824118

File: 1614365328324.jpeg (55.22 KB, 827x268, 448539CF-A58F-4995-A1AE-438FB5…)

I don’t know who’s worse, Vicky or her “fans”

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