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File: 1616194499182.jpeg (728.03 KB, 2268x2896, A0E8CB54-F250-43D6-9DBE-11AB27…)

No. 827710

Vicky is a middle aged scratcher from Buttfuck Nowhere, Hicksville, Canada with an exhaustive recorded history of stealing deposits, cancelling appointments, and giving disastrous mangled tattoos to her clients. One of the reasons why this thread exists is to warn anyone who happens to Google her name prior to getting a tattoo from her.

Vicky is also a washed up “scene queen” who likes spending her free time reliving her glory days on MySpace by getting hammered and posting poorly shopped thirstpics and embarrassing videos on her various personal and “professional” social media accounts. She then posts the resulting DMs she gets from random horny old men and neckbeards, the sorts of DMs normal women ignore or are repulsed by, seemingly as proof of her desirability - despite, of course, being perpetually single for pretty much her entire adult life.

Vicky exhibits a plethora of curious behaviours such as pretending to be British, pretending to be wealthy, pretending to be a super-fit ninja, pretending to be educated, pretending to be a model and pretending to be the one and only woman who likes/does "X", and of course, pretending to be unbothered by criticism.

Latest milk:

> Vicky creates a new Instagram account for her tattoos, has hardly any followers and ends up making it private >>>/pt/820656

> Continues to post egregiously shooped pics that are looking more and more like an overinflated sex doll with less and less resemblance to her actual self >>>/pt/820676
> Despite being an award-winning Michelin star chef who has cooked for celebrities as far off as Timbuktu the only thing she seems capable of cooking are Yorkshire puddings (which would explain why she’s so fucking huge) >>>/pt/820908
> Joins TikTok, looks fatter than ever >>>/pt/821095
> Posts a video to “prove” her fake Versace bra is real >>>/pt/821108
> Spergs incessantly about how she doesn’t want to be skinny, hard fucking cope for being a ham planet >>>/pt/821012
> Is so ~ not bovverrrred ~ by lolcow that age continues to post about us on her social media, claims she fucked her ex after he left her for her former friend >>>/pt/821407
> Claims she is booked until April, which is clearly bollocks as she spends all day doing fuck all besides posting grimy selfies on social media >>>/pt/822022
> Still making up r/thathappened tier tales about how other girls’ boyfriends want to bang her and how everyone is jealous and crazy (the fucking irony) >>>/pt/822051
> Still claiming that everything posted on lolcow is lies and that we edit her photos to make her look worse because we’re “intimated” by her beauty (my fucking sides, I cannot with this delusional fat retard) >>>/pt/823263
> Insists the only people who post here are the same group of four girls who she’s had a falling out with in real life >>>/pt/823270
> Bunny is true to her promise that if Shingles mentioned her again she’d return to the farm to share more anecdotes, such as Vicky getting kicked out of houses for being dirty >>>/pt/823340 texting Bunny begging to hang out >>>/pt/823358 and most hilarious of all, how she threw a shit fit over not being able to make pasta on a fucking camping trip >>>/pt/823482
> Her shoops are becoming progressively more insane, indicating that she must have a lot of spare time on her hands >>>/pt/823740
> Claims she looks ~ soooo young ~ despite looking like a 50 year old lot lizard >>>/pt/823999
> Vicky gets called out for being a catfish on TikTok >>>/pt/824095
> Someone who got a tattoo from Vicky stops by, namefagging up a storm while not telling us anything we haven’t heard before >>>/pt/824267
> Another Ontariofag who has had the displeasure of meeting Shingles comes forward confirming everything said about her her >>>/pt/824770
> More bullshit about how every man wants her, every woman is jealous and scared Vicky will steal their man and how she’s an ~ untouchable ice queeeen ~ >>>/pt/825345
> Another person Vicky has mangled with her scratching pays us a visit to share the extent of Vicky’s butchery to her skin >>>/pt/825779
> Some scrote posts her nonsense to a body building page, Vicky uses the opportunity to screech ad nauseam about how she doesn’t edit her body, which is an insult to anyone with functioning retinas >>>/pt/827243
> People on social media point out that Shingles is a retard for bashing sex workers when she does pretty much the same thing as them but for free >>>/pt/827341

Old milk:

> The quality of her shart tier work has somehow deteriorated further >>>/pt/799820 >>>/pt/799789

> She produces a tattoo so atrocious that it deserves its own line >>>/pt/805503
> A calf is born: introducing Xameron “the contrarian” who gives us a coked-out 18,000 word screed at 1am about muh zero sugar energy bars >>>/pt/800078
> Cameron goes off on some other irrelevant bitch named kayla for seemingly no reason >>>/pt/800090
> To the surprise on precisely no one, cameron looks like this >>>/pt/800296
> He returns later to call us the obsessive losers after writing an entire novel about how Vicky wouldn’t suck his dick >>>/pt/800376
> Congratulations! it’s twins! a second calf, Kayla (when you order Trisha Paytas on Wish), is thrust upon us >>>/pt/800605
> Cameron comes back yet again to sperg about phone chargers, Vicky’s fridge, and a tonne of other retarded shit >>>/pt/800642
> Kayla also has a sperg for the ages, posting nonstop on Facebook and to anyone who will listen to her >>>/pt/800822
> Onlyfans era Vicky is imminent, even though she loves screeching about how much she hates sex work to all and sundry while posting porn lite to her “professional” profiles for free >>>/pt/805696 >>>/pt/802843

Her past milk is approaching Tolstoy levels of documentation so here is a pastebin of that: https://pastebin.com/SsvpzQy0


Professional Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder
Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/451633048


>>>/pt/820650 (previous thread)

No. 827717

File: 1616196778398.jpeg (47.4 KB, 827x337, 82EC724A-04F5-4429-BAF6-E79E95…)

On the “I got a crush post.”
Bet he won’t date you icky. They never do.

I wonder if this one has all his teeth or is in 10-15 years her junior again. Can’t wait to see her flood his Facebook wall cussing out girls for him to stop talking to her.. like always. Kek

No. 827722

The sad truth here, as I'm sure with all Vicky's (especially recent) relationships is that it has everything to do with good eyesight and not lack thereof, in that anyone who meets her in the flesh realizes they've been severely catfished.

No. 827726

File: 1616199072572.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, 79C586DC-1690-47E9-B8B5-22028C…)

The thread pic

No. 827736

File: 1616201727113.jpeg (237.33 KB, 828x878, 38848722-C629-47A0-B853-BC46E2…)

Vicky, you look the same as you did 7 years ago but with more visible effects of your excessive alcohol and cigarette consumption

No. 827753

Crushing on good old Frankie it seems. He's really working overtime there.

No. 827755

File: 1616210076459.jpeg (295.47 KB, 1242x1069, E23FA64A-F9BF-4BC7-8C58-1592F0…)

Because she’s sooooo intelligent

No. 827757

File: 1616211357215.jpeg (35.52 KB, 435x320, 1C838E9E-C6C5-4C9F-B413-0BF12B…)

Remember when she wrote “about time you changed your relationship statues” comment on his Facebook. And now she’s writing this shit?
Mr pound town didn’t want her and she’s unraveling in the most pathetic way publicly on his page. Kek.
They don’t want a threesome relationship with you, desperado.

No. 827758

File: 1616211620991.jpeg (156.01 KB, 826x1278, 9B38AD4D-58A6-4CA3-9F5C-B6E771…)

And it continues. She’s so desperate for her own relationship she butting into his. Good luck to him, Victoria’s going to go single white female on his girl.

No. 827759

File: 1616211752306.jpeg (157.75 KB, 827x1090, E1B947B8-451A-4C08-AA0E-AFD241…)

“Bitches are really that easy”

Remember when you’re looking for a tattoo artist how “Victoria Bella morte tattoos” talks about women with her friends.

No. 827768

This is so fucking embarrassing, this scrote and his girlfriend must be having a hearty chuckle at Vicky’s expense. At least I hope they are, because this level of desperation is omegacringe

No. 827771

Like this odiferous hambeast hasn’t sucked crusty dick for a shot of Jack out the back of Red Papaya, kek

No. 827775

File: 1616221140245.jpg (170.39 KB, 800x450, I've_Looked_At_This_For_Five_H…)

The thread pic…

No. 827779

File: 1616224869895.jpeg (51.61 KB, 709x161, 39D8BBA3-6758-4F27-A77A-BB9CD2…)

Shocked she hasnt gone off at this guy
>excuse me mister but im the most unbothered queen in the history of unbotheredness dont give me advice <insert devil emoji>

No. 827783

File: 1616226910695.jpg (28.22 KB, 1280x477, IMG_20210320_005352_695.jpg)

This is Mr. Pound Town Dylan Fraser's girlfriend, keeping tabs on Vicky because she keeps trying to slut up HARD on Dylan.

No. 827785

File: 1616227680959.jpeg (602.83 KB, 828x1362, D770A24F-AD54-4747-A23E-CC7629…)

>very little make up

Vicky, that doesn’t work when you’re using a makeup filter. And why would you be wearing any makeup at all if you’re in bed? Fucking gross.

No. 827786


Edits chin, forgets jowls, looks like a squirrel storing nuts

No. 827787

The filter on her yellow horse teeth is topkek, imagine if she posted this shit unedited

No. 827788

File: 1616229203809.jpeg (294.71 KB, 673x642, C96FC0B4-5A18-411B-892C-A4A032…)

LMAO who is she kidding with this, if the “crush” is yet to meet her irl (assuming he even exists) he is in for a rude surprise

No. 827789

KEK she deleted this

No. 827790

lmfao this greasy ham hock has blocked four of my burner accounts now, just for watching her stories, burner accounts created for the sole purpose of watching stories, no posts, no likes, no followers, not following anyone. she is going through every single account that watches her stories, but so notttt bothereddddd, right Icky? tragic

No. 827791

File: 1616239469469.jpeg (24.8 KB, 637x146, 109961A0-3380-448D-AD79-C46561…)

kek I wonder if she’ll delete this response

No. 827797

File: 1616244526490.jpeg (264.58 KB, 828x768, 6045611A-A4B6-4195-BAD3-DD88C9…)

I wonder if Vic is one of the “bitches” they laugh at

No. 827798

File: 1616244603094.jpeg (296.32 KB, 828x1112, C4A8D0EA-B80B-41AC-B79A-84BFF7…)

>my accent comes and goes
Yeah, we know

No. 827800

File: 1616244805778.jpeg (310.25 KB, 828x1238, 6B8F1983-0E6A-45B1-9517-2138D1…)

The President of Pound Town has introduced new people to the catfish

No. 827803

File: 1616245605103.jpeg (105.99 KB, 827x812, 6C25623B-C529-45B5-9026-B4AD70…)

And considering Victoria was just over here accusing this woman’s man of hitting on Vicky…
keep it classy, sure fire way to keep friends.
And Vick is known of. It caring if a girl has a boyfriend.

No. 827805

It’s the same guy (Dylan Fraser, “president of pound town” on fb), his insta is bikelifelaflare

No. 827807

I’m sorry, I don’t know why this made me laugh but is Red Papaya a bar?

No. 827808


Yeah. I was saying she’s pretending to be friends with his girlfriend but publicly posting crap this this. Like he’s with his girlfriend but he’d rather be with Vicky or something. All cause he said hey.

No. 827809

File: 1616247328099.jpeg (212.3 KB, 827x988, 96B118C2-2DE7-4502-8CEE-FC7DDD…)

This place is guelph…. since her town is such a boring hole it’s where they also host live music and Vicky goes here. Kek

No. 827810

It’s a super shitty restaurant in a super shitty mini mall that hosts metal shows due to Guelph being a super shitty backwoods town with no proper live music venues. Nothing but the classiest establishments for Icky.

No. 827811

Oh thank goodness, for some reason I was picturing a frat boys van, with a bed in the back that was nicknamed “red papaya”. That seems Vic appropriate too. I need more coffee.

No. 827812

My sides anon, now it’s my turn to laugh out loud
This is such a peculiar place for live music, maybe it’s because I’m from a major city but it seems so incongruous to host metal shows at a fucking Thai restaurant. Like a popular pub/bar that also serves food I get but a Thai restaurant in the middle of nowhere is…yeah.

No. 827813

I’ve been to Guelph. It’s a beautiful city. It’s either families, everyone has a kid and dog.
Or its university students.
Or crackheads / trash.
That’s about it, guess which category victoria falls into.

No. 827814

kek. has she ever even left canada? I’ve been following her for years and I swear I’ve never seen her mention even going across the border to the US. Unless we count her insane claim about Notre Dame

No. 827815

She moved to Canada when she was 2. After that, no she has not. The farthest she’s ever been in montreal… which is a 6 hour drive.

No. 827816

No, she hasn’t. She also hasn’t been back to the UK or whatever since she left when she was 2-3, you know, before she could even speak or develop a strong accent. She simply renewed her UK passport during the pandemic to brag seeing as overseas travel is essentially banned

No. 827817

Someone else mentioned this in the last thread but her obsession with pointing out how little makeup she has on and her constant references to being "natural" are getting so annoying. I've never seen anyone constantly talk about their own makeup or body in every single picture they post.

No. 827820

Must be exhausting to hate yourself so much that you have to convince everyone of your beauty every post you make. It’s so odd to me, like she can’t just post and move on.

No. 827827

She’s wearing that cheap jacket again. She must have maybe 5 pieces of clothing at any given time (that isn’t ill fitting lingerie) that she wears to death before buying another piece or two off Amazon or Wish.

No. 827831

That's actually kind of sad, I can't tell if she cant afford it or she just feels comfortable where shes at, but it doesn't really cost anything to take a trip across the boarder to New York?
Oh well.

No. 827833


Of course she can’t afford it, look at her clothes.

No. 827836

I’m in NY close to the border, its like $4 and a super easy drive. Canadians come here all of the time for shopping. The border has been closed for awhile, though.

No. 827839

Why would she travel when she can just photoshop herself anywhere like spain, pretend to be on boat because that’s what all wealthy people do of course, festivals, notre-dame and the list goes on lol.

No. 827845

Don’t forget all wealthy people apparently run around town with an old dude and a cheap bottle of champagne posing for lame pictures and never drink the shit. Yep she’s livin the dream. The idea that she looks like hired help when she was doing this never crossed her feeble mind. Also might explain why she hates SW so much- maybe someone randomly said something to that effect

No. 827846

Even if she could afford it, it’s not priority. Being a well travelled person with experiences doesn’t matter. She just wants to be the prettiest girl in Guelph and have neckbeards jerk off to her sad photoshoots.

Imagine being 35 and not having any personal knowledge of anything out of your home city. Jesus fuck.

No. 827847

File: 1616276419898.jpeg (156.9 KB, 827x1252, 4B49987F-5982-49DB-A22D-85271F…)

“It’s makes me look innocent”
The filter makes you look like an alien. 68 likes in an hour. Her “fans” are dropping quick.

No. 827848

File: 1616276488023.jpeg (93.79 KB, 500x498, D2786EC2-375E-4E0C-B9D8-AA502C…)

Vicky every post.

No. 827850

So she has grass on her face?

No. 827851

File: 1616278583787.png (319.68 KB, 654x460, 80603820-E16E-4123-866B-746A99…)

Vicky trying to convince everyone she’s all natural. Naturally a fucking retard. Kek.

No. 827855

Again the reference to her makeup. She makes these posts so fucking weird. Just say 'lounging' and move on with your life.
"Me cooking with very little makeup", "Me walking the dog with barely any makeup"… Like wtf cares and I just made myself laugh there because Vicky clearly doesn't cook (unless you count Yorkshire puddings slathered in butter and gravy), or walk, but the constant references to her face and body when nobody fucking asked, is so rediculous.

No. 827856

I guess the Yale YouTube channel didn’t teach this bitch how to spell.

No. 827860

This is what she posted and quickly deleted from insta, she always posts the sage thing on all her profiles, I wonder why she took it down and didn’t repost it with this new caption. I’m guessing it’s because she saw this >>827785 about wearing makeup in bed, kek.

No. 827861

File: 1616282825169.jpeg (119.03 KB, 828x423, D4E94AB0-9FCA-475E-B21B-212957…)

lmao sure vicky

No. 827863

File: 1616285089252.jpeg (35.78 KB, 827x203, 1606ACD5-FD03-46DA-A2E5-65E013…)

No. 827865

her obsession with her youth and taking selfies is getting to extreme autist levels. my god, pull a coconutkitty and just make yourself look 13 or something.

No. 827893

File: 1616299316926.jpeg (48.04 KB, 827x360, 2A0CD8BC-1244-4B97-8990-4160CF…)

So professional. I know people use Instagram as a portfolio, but a private page with 30 followers and 18 terrible tattoos? Good luck.

No. 827900

File: 1616300766360.png (5.57 MB, 2048x2875, WuvZi54kjhNCB.png)

I love these men who comment on her shit. I have been wanting a new Victoria sword play video for a long time now.

No. 827903


This is the thirstiest post I’ve read anywhere lately. Dudes parched

No. 827908

I’m new here, so please don’t chew my head off. In fact, I wanna thank you all. I was about to make the biggest mistake and book an appointment with her.

No. 827912

Sounds like you dodged a bullet anon, but what made you consider her in the first place? That goes for anyone else lurking too, how did you first find out about Ickers? Word of mouth? Genuinely curious.

No. 827913

Wow really? How did you first find out about her in the first place? I assume you Googled her after finding her in order to do research and found these threads?

No. 827914

A friend sent me a message on Instagram and I guess he sent me her page. She looks unprofessional and cocky

No. 827915

I actually did google her after my friend sent me her page on Instagram. So thank you all!

No. 827916

This friend isn’t Dylan by any chance is it? He seems like the only friend she has who isn’t an old crusty incel neckbeard

No. 827917

No, my friend is Aaron. We’ve never spoken to her, he thinks she’s pretty but from what I’ve seen, she’s full of herself. I as a man, wouldn’t date someone like her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 827918

Don’t announce your gender or use emojis, newfriend. How did this Aaron come across her? Do you have mutuals? Guelph is pretty small, I don’t know how her reputation doesn’t precede her with all the shit that’s been documented about her being a thief, liar, catfish, psycho and atrocious “artist”

No. 827921

Ok sorry. Aaron came across Vicky randomly. We live in the states close to Canada border. So, Aaron thought I would like Vicky’s work.

No. 827925

So your friend thought she was hot and figured you’d get tattoos from her? She looks nothing like her photos. She’s a massive catfish and a scammer. I’m sure you can find a much better artist.

No. 827927

lmao so your friend thought you should get a tattoo from Vicky just because he thinks she’s attractive? When her abysmal scratcher work is all over social media for everyone to see? Men really are fucking retarded,

No. 827928

No. 827929

She misspelled “barely” as “barley”

No. 827930

File: 1616310028142.jpeg (537.86 KB, 828x1105, 02B5380C-48EC-4C6B-9FAA-94F807…)

lol the cope

No. 827937


Smelling like Jack Daniels, on welfare or with mommy until you’re 65, and thirsty AF all the time? Gotcha Vick

No. 827948

ik she has these threads bookmarked
Cue her posting some shit like "I dont want clientss who believe my haturz…"

No. 827949

kek, anon. what i want to know is how she even has any clients left after we’ve been so comprehensive in archiving her bullshit and seemingly everyone in bumfuck canada knows all about it (braindead incels who don’t realize they’re being catfished notwithstanding, obvs)

No. 827981

People will always want a deal and don’t care about quality if it’s cheap. Depends what she charges now, but she used to be cheaper than anyone else around, but you get what you pay for.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 827982

File: 1616336615744.jpeg (260.26 KB, 827x1135, ADF1FB20-8430-4940-ABAE-2FA14E…)

Vicky calling everyone narcs while she posts 20 videos and 30 photos of her eye fucking herself a week.
Projecting much.

No. 827986

Wasn’t she just saying “wow bitches are really that easy huh” and all sex workers and strippers are mentally ill.. but if Vicky can turn any situation and make it about herself she will.

No. 827987

File: 1616336900431.jpeg (104.95 KB, 811x1112, C41B1671-1D12-4761-8386-7BFCBC…)

Strong independent woman…. that hasn’t worked in over a month, begs for boyfriends on facbook, lived with her mom / with friends at 35 years old, tears women down any chance she gets….. etc.

No. 828013

>Leave Lara Croft the space jam bunny and Jesica rabbit alone … damn.. naturally thick girls need to feel represented in media too

did she do a 180 mid-sentence or something? Lara Croft, Lola Bunny, and Jessica Rabbit aren't thick.

No. 828038

File: 1616357073064.png (151.38 KB, 226x439, C3CD3A70-4D90-4F8E-B0AA-EF3410…)

I thought she was a gamer… like how is Lara Croft thick?

No. 828054

You don't need to make an Instagram account just to watch her stories, she's not worth the effort. You can watch anyone's public story anonymously here: https://insta-stories.ru/?lang=en

Or just google "Watch instagram stories" and tons of sites will pop up.

No. 828057

File: 1616363170152.jpeg (343.91 KB, 2048x2048, CBDF2756-E19F-440E-A2EB-92A0A7…)

I think it’s fun that the spoof account of her scratcher tattoos has more followers than her newly created tattoo page.

No. 828064

does anyone have access to her "tattoo" account?

No. 828069

This is a redesign, she meant the original big titty Lara (also definitely not thicc)

No. 828079

File: 1616375892345.jpeg (139.04 KB, 827x1245, A961A0FB-3308-4452-8275-9B44BD…)

Victoria’s thirst trapping on Facebook again. I’ll put money on her crush already bailed.

No. 828081

File: 1616376212331.jpeg (75.22 KB, 824x522, B3237978-37F3-4A71-A82E-AB00A7…)

Victoria: I’m highly sought after, fully booked for months.

How big Tories spending her time:

No. 828089

How about that ivy league education

No. 828092

File: 1616379791529.jpeg (513.81 KB, 828x1026, A3CAEF8E-E864-4772-89B2-22EE24…)

This is tragic

No. 828096

Is she now looking for friends on her Facebook? And we all know she’ll talk your ear off… about herself

No. 828099

Thirsting for men, thirsting for friends, all in a days work for Icky.

No. 828112

Let’s not forget that she’ll also steal your packages and use up all of your toilet paper kek

No. 828114

The toilet paper theft is honestly my favorite wtf icky anecdote besides the camping trip pasta one. I hope her former housemates eventually find this thread and spill more milk about her time mooching off them because it would be the toppest of keks.

No. 828127

what childish shit is this??? nobody in their thirties has to say that there might be 2 weeks dryspells in communications between friends, it just is like that when you have a career, partner, children, whatever. damn she is stupid and stopped developing when she was 16

No. 828211

I'm sorry what the fuck is this lmao

>being my friend means we talk sometimes but that's normal

>unless we're GOOD FRIENDS in which case this meme doesn't apply at all!!

No. 828358

File: 1616531979818.jpeg (240.99 KB, 827x1649, 0CAE5616-A39B-44EB-990C-DC6724…)

So Vicky posted yet another pic of herself with a caption about how it’s not filtered but instead of posting the same monstrosity across three accounts she only posted it on her “personal” page and only friends can see it. But so unbotheredddddd, right Shingles?

No. 828359

Cause she knows full well the people allowed to see it are brain dead losers that won’t call her out. Knowing her it’s filtered to shit

No. 828383


This is the best pic of her so far- because we can’t see it.

No. 828529

File: 1616688339037.jpeg (156.14 KB, 827x1183, A979C0E5-9D78-41BF-9655-FC56ED…)

Except when people say they have an issue with Vicky, she’ll slander them for years and post their photos on Facebook like a little pussy bitch.
She’s also said she’d cut peoples heads off with her fake sword, so…..
Seems like your only problem is dealing with your emotions there icky sticky.

No. 828531

anyone above the age of 13 who believes this shit much less shares it constantly on social media is just a write-off. When everywhere you walk smells like shit, check your shoes, icky

No. 828543

Has anybody seen her actually fight somebody like she constantly talks about? I mean somebody, at some point, must have punched her in the face. She talks tough but I’m sure if she was confronted she’d run like a little bitch.

No. 828569

This reminds me of another cow mucky, anons said that she was afraid that people would fight her. And I don't get it, is it something civilized people do?

No. 828570

File: 1616705517983.jpeg (99.81 KB, 828x1375, D1FD967E-AAA2-44E2-9998-8CE966…)

But failing your whole life might be a problem with you Vicky. Looks like business isn’t going so well.
How long are you going to “try” and be a tattoo artist before you realize you’re just not that good?
She still only has 18 posts on her totez professional tattoo page.

No. 828577

This has to be the longest she’s gone without posting a public selfie, we must really be getting to her

No. 828580

She stops posting for days it seems like then has the worst shops ever to come back with. She just sits there for days taking photos and photoshopping them I bet

No. 828605

I feel like she just sits around changing outfits and taking pictures all day. Most of her outfits like >>820669 are so bizarre looking, there’s no way she’s going out anywhere like that unless she’s a literal prostitute. I really imagine her taking hundreds of self timer photos a day then finding 1-2 “good” shots and shooping them to shit over the next few days.

No. 828614


Maybe she's finally taking our advice and not making every little part of her life public. I won't hesitate to rejoice in a cow changing her ways.

I'll miss the milk but damn if this isn't what we hope for.

No. 828622

Anon you’re thinking too rationally. Vicky went to work in her cosplay bodysuit. Who in their right mind goes out in public in a costume.

And I think she mentioned once that instead of a mask, she was wearing some plague doctor mask or something. Vicky is delusional and she has 0 common sense, she probably thinks it’s acceptable to go out in her amazon maid costume.

No. 828629

She’s probably dodging and trying to avoid the people she took deposits from for tattoos since she had no shop to tattoo them in now

No. 828633

I know she wears some of the less outlandish outfits to work and such, but the weird Prada belt bikini thing and the glittery mini dress are definitely just for IG. There’s no way she’d go outside in some of this stuff (especially anything that shows her arms) and risk unshooped pictures being seen online. It’s funny to imagine her wearing this shit just so she can take pictures in her room kek.

No. 828634

File: 1616721391829.jpeg (209.26 KB, 827x1028, D867A6D2-6372-4F86-A157-C4D7FE…)

She’s an underdog and she’s on top….. of a meth house in Guelph.

This girl must just sit around in the same outfit and take 1000 photos and post them throughout a month.

No. 828635

File: 1616721468732.jpg (193.53 KB, 1080x1080, 164843031_226738949136134_3090…)

Kek we were all right. She's been busy Photoshopping another pic from her sparkly dress couch "shoot" from weeks ago.

No. 828636

File: 1616721477470.jpeg (54.22 KB, 828x309, 9034B7E4-99FF-4C3A-B990-5EBBB1…)

Icky is back in her “I don’t hate women” campaign.

No. 828638

How much of a narc do you have to be to post the same selfie this many times? It’s essentially the exactly same photo of her either sitting down or standing up like 10 times now.
The biggest narcissist.

No. 828639

This one didn't include the stained blanket tho! I love how, like an anon pointed out in the last pic from this shoot, her inner eye corners don't match up and her eyes are downturned at different angles because she pinched her nose smaller in Photoshop. Also gotta love that one gloved hand with the watch over it lmao. And the pasty face with the clear line which doesn't match the color of the rest of her body. I love Victoria photos.

No. 828640

File: 1616722122201.jpeg (153.19 KB, 827x1180, EAFE2D2E-4C08-4378-BD79-BF0C7F…)

Weird shape to photoshop your eye? Wonder what pinch tool she used on her face this time. And after all the touching up her face, she forgot to fix her tooth. Her “dentist” didn’t do a very good job.

No. 828641

god it looks like she photoshopped herself onto her own couch lmao

No. 828647

The dollar store quality fake greenery never ceases to amuse me. That and the Party City single polyester glove just kill me.

No. 828651

I fucking love that she actually takes photos on that couch. gives off major "35 yr old single mom of two who thinks she could be a model" vibes

No. 828653

File: 1616727637506.jpg (85.6 KB, 804x1280, IMG_20210325_195733_669.jpg)

Her "hahah my bad" is my second least favorite catchphrase of hers (behind "ouuuuu" instead of "oooh"). She ALWAYS says this whenever a guy says anything.

No. 828655

The flexing knock off red bottoms is not very INTJ of you, icky.

No. 828656

i also remember her talking about wearing a whole ass cape outside, i think in conjunction with the claim she tattooed her face b/c she was doing it to protect it from the sun.

this must have been one of her ~dark contact days~ lol.

No. 828657

File: 1616729572655.jpeg (184.25 KB, 827x1071, BC17F050-99DF-4A01-9E65-0DCF27…)

Unbothered queen.
How about stop butchering peoples bodies? Oh wait you can’t cause you have nowhere left to work.

No. 828659

Loubs are fugly overpriced basic shoes that people with an onlyfans account equate with having taste, of course Icky thinks they’re a “flex”

No. 828660


KEK the irony. So unbothered but blocks every single random Instagram account that watches your stories, never change Vicky

No. 828662

Those black gums

No. 828665

Well, these are not loubs. These are some v basic platforms that she either painted red or were sold with red on the soles. Louboutin toe cleavage and construction are what sets them apart as a designer shoe, and this bitch got these at Charlotte Russe or somewhere else for $25.

No. 828667

File: 1616732779022.jpg (90.26 KB, 1072x1280, IMG_20210325_212533_626.jpg)

I almost feel sorry for her. She's the only woman I've seen who entertains her creeper comments and treats them as lavish compliments. It's extremely sad.

No. 828699

File: 1616762335918.png (373.54 KB, 828x1792, 75C24287-B2A7-46AC-8A01-056A94…)

Someone is going to have to explain this to me. Kek. Why is this fat fuck saying she does martial arts still?

No. 828700

When you steal a joke but ruin the punchline with a disclaimer about actually being the thing the joke was supposed to subvert. Oh Vic.

No. 828702

File: 1616763118830.jpeg (256.88 KB, 827x1250, 3B1072D7-CEC4-47AF-9EB4-81A770…)

So Vicky’s crush didn’t work out again. The cycle that it victoria. Has a huge crush… scared them off with her awful personality.. posts how to impress her… repeat.
Again, you’re almost 40

No. 828703

lmao still trying to convince everyone she’s a sooper speshul INTJ NLOG stfu you mouldy ham hock

No. 828704

File: 1616763381374.jpeg (329.47 KB, 828x1036, 458D7134-5885-44B3-A881-52F6C2…)

More delusion, cope harder shingles

No. 828707

Remember the time Vicky claimed one of her “haters” rolled up on her work (this is a girl Vicky gave a shitty tattoo to) and Vicky said she called the cops.

I’ve said this before, but nobody is afraid of you icky. Everyone in Toronto laughs at you or your completely forgotten.

No. 828712

I can't get over the one glove

No. 828713

File: 1616770141095.jpg (42.72 KB, 1280x682, IMG_20210326_074848_233.jpg)

On Victoria's latest mess of a photo

No. 828765

File: 1616790500996.jpeg (82.38 KB, 828x228, 286FD539-163A-45E5-8698-C1B9C2…)

And this, her “fans” are complete tards

No. 828781

File: 1616799814164.jpeg (154.17 KB, 827x850, 286FBAFC-4DD1-40C5-ABEA-2397AA…)

“Americans rock” she’s never left Canada yet she’s always on America’s dick. Her and her dad in that red hand rising group sucking trunks dick
I wonder if it’s because half of her followers are trailer park trash from Ohio.

No. 828782

File: 1616800050595.jpeg (94.59 KB, 827x657, E7581E96-6F7B-4E89-AC71-308363…)

“Message me for adding me please”
What? Between that, having 43 followers, being private and how brutal that diamond looks how is she expecting to get clients? This SCREAMS scratcher from a small town.

No. 828817

File: 1616821031568.jpeg (225.3 KB, 828x640, 4A8951A7-72A1-4A9E-A853-45DCEF…)

In this instance “sick” means “infected by a scratcher who never bathes”

No. 828819

>>828817 cringe tat artist tbh if he/she be saying that

No. 828862

File: 1616835878841.jpeg (308.33 KB, 828x823, 43E1DF99-9EAA-42F9-8EA9-E00FD0…)

This bitch really has zero self awareness, Vicky you hate all other women on earth, just stfu

No. 828872

This woman lashes out at any slight disagreement or criticism, it's not her place to share something like that.

No. 828884

File: 1616856625658.png (320.46 KB, 828x1792, 90A1F1BE-47EB-410B-9D45-67BC6A…)

Another one of Victoria’s crushes dipped on her.

No. 828888

The second hand embarassment I get from this cow is real. I think back to when I was like, 15?, On MySpace posting about "crushes" and then these pathetic emo memes when shit didn't work out. If I was still doing this, this close to 40, I'd beg for someone to shoot me and put me out of my misery..
And on her "work" page no less

No. 828903

File: 1616879757253.jpeg (288.93 KB, 827x1292, E0AEBEF0-57EA-4CDE-804B-C33516…)

Speaking of second hand embarrassment…. kek.

No. 828904

File: 1616879926442.jpeg (445.56 KB, 828x1035, BA46F72E-A5AC-4853-AA1C-24BE99…)

More second hand embarrassment

No. 828906


I can't. I am cringing so hard. It really boggles my mind like honestly how is she a real person. The way she carries on is so bizarre. This picture is particularly bad. The wobbly 3 strands of ratty clip-in that escaped down her arm. The 3 different light sources. The background looks like a hidden object game. Vicky the giant ham or worlds smallest fountain. The whole image looks like an assemblage of clip art.

No. 828907

Mental illness

No. 828908

She looks like something from Left 4 Dead.

No. 828911

The katana floating behind her, seemingly attached to her skin itself. The roses that glitch into her skin.. and then her wearing a corset backwards really sums everything up.

Does she truly expect people to believe she's in front of a real fountain for this picture? Surely she's not that stupid.

No. 828922

Except she is that stupid, and that’s why she’s one of the most entertaining cows. And her followers are even stupid because they actually believe she looks like this! The anatomically impossible balloon tits always send me.

No. 828946


Yes anon, her weird comments about how "i haven't even kissed anyone" or "we haven't even kissed" give me huge cringey grade 8 vibes.

Like grow up, exchanging a bit of spit is not a big deal. Your slutty catholic girl costume does not lend to the idea that you're some celibate Madonna. Everyone can see through your ham-fisted attempt at a juxtaposition.

No. 828949

Okay I’m relatively new in following Vicky as a cow but just within the months Ive been following, there’s been such a marked decline in her social interaction and detachment from reality in general. Lockdown has really done in her cognitive skills. It truly seems like she’s off her fucking nut, every post is a direct reference to her deluded self-image. Her tattoo skill has actually gotten WORSE, and she’s aged like five years.
She’s in the throes of actual crippling alcoholism or completely wrecked with mental illness. If she weren’t such a cunt it would be sad.

No. 828954

File: 1616905720652.jpeg (179.27 KB, 1080x1064, 81E246A7-4587-42E1-A255-7909E8…)

No wonder she thirsts after the pound town cringelord so badly, he is as embarrassing as she is with the “look how desirable I am” DM posts. Imagine being in your 30s and doing this lmao

No. 828974

File: 1616923401693.jpg (99.49 KB, 798x1279, IMG_20210328_022107_909.jpg)

Oh man I've missed these private conversation screenshots. She never posts these when she has a crush but now that her crush ditched her she needs to put it out there how available and desirable she is.

No. 828975

Ah, yes. Being grateful for male attention. A hallmark of the INTJ personality type. Einstein was really smart but Victoria is pretty sure he was copying her

No. 828977

Who the fuck posts random incel thirst msgs? Most women block them upon the inital msg. This retarded bitch actually engages with them?

No. 828983

All the time, anon. She replies to men who say stuff like "you make the tip of my peter stick to my underwear" (actual quote) and she finds it flattering. She hasn't posted one of these private convos in awhile though. They always get posted to her Instagram stories.

No. 828984

>so I can kick ass instead of just looking like it

Looking… like ass?

No. 828994

That's the worst photoshop work I've ever seen. She's all green and blurred all over.

No. 829012

>>828903 my favorite Vicky lore is when she tried so say those horrific eyebrows grew like that naturally

No. 829021

“I am very grateful to be desired that way” WHAT?! Who says that?! This woman is 35 years old and is grateful that a bunch of white trash crack heads and guys 15 years her junior say shit like “you make the tip of my wiener stick to my underwear” ( to any newbies this happened. She didn’t even delete it and laughed it off)

She’s an idiot. She should be grateful at this age for a wonderful family and real estate, not thirst trapping comments.

And the last dude she was going to introduce to her family made fun of her online and she got kicked out of his friends house. That’s barely him not holding her attention. Kek. Nice try slick Vick.
You’re going to be 50 and still lying to yourself living in butt fuck nowhere.

No. 829022

Lol does this cow still not realize well into her 30s that male attention means nothing? Men will fuck furniture if they're horny enough. It isn't a compliment.

No. 829023

Hey everyone ,guess who. If you can show me proof of of Victoria blaming her alcohol stash on me, ill give you all the milk . I've blocked Victoria on everything ,you have mentioned me on here so its pretty easy to guess who I am . Was Victoria so called "bestie" but she's done to many mean things to me and doesn't even understand when she's being rude. I have a lot of milk cuz I've been around her for the last 2 years ,but couldn't stand the lies ,the gaslighting, her rude comments, her fakeness, her jealous issues , oh and she talks about you guys constantly carli ,bunny ,maisie ,shannon ect ect . so show proof of her blaming that stash of alcohol on me, and ill tell you everything or anything you want to know (sorry for spelling everyone's name wrong I have dyslexia ) lol

No. 829026

Alcohol? That’s new I guess. Maybe there is an anon on here that knows what you are talking about though.

No. 829027

File: 1616953316216.jpeg (370.9 KB, 1125x620, A778E2BB-CA34-42CB-A0E1-A14A37…)


It’s jackie. Pretty sure. Remember Vick had a shelf full of liquor and said it was Jackies when someone pointed it out if I am remembering correctly. Vick was trying to claim she totally didn’t drink anymore and blamed it on her bestieeeee

No. 829029

Based off Vic's superficial attitude and what people have said about her I took the Myers-Briggs test based on my impression of her. Stupid, but I got ESTP-A. I was kind and pretty neutral on a lot of things.

Just drop the milk. Otherwise, don't make demands here.

No. 829031

File: 1616953788936.png (2.35 MB, 1280x5340, 4C1B2441-021B-48B7-A1E2-293043…)

There you go. She said she doesn’t drink it. You do.

No. 829032

Stop scaring off the milk. I’ve literally been waiting for Jackie to get here… and I found it wasn’t that hard.

No. 829034

I think the ESFP type is more fitting

No. 829035


Also if you want check out the videos and you'll see none of it is the vodka she keeps on tap for you. I mean one is clearly a bottle of Jack daniels


No. 829037

are you serious ? she blamed that on me? every body knows I barely drink , that's why 4 drinks get me to drunk lol , wow see right there tells you she wasn't a good person,
1 she owes me a couch
2 she shaves her lip with a razer
3 she thinks she has abs but never even worked out while living with me twice
4. she believes her own lies
5. she not smart but claims she's got a high IQ
6.a guy I liked jeremy ,she told me she dated him and to stop talking to him because he's a "stalker"
in 4 days when I get my charger back ill show screen shots of him confronting her saying they never dated and him calling her out on her lies. they didn't even date.
7. she added the guy I told her I had a bit of a crush on (which is creepy of her to do) like who does that?
8 she didn't even let me pick the colors I wanted for my tattoo (yellow and pink) I got red (which was a gem tattoo that looks like rash or something ,which she claims to have started the gem tattoo

she try'd to get me drunk almost every time we hung out (the only alcohol I drank was vodka, that part is true) , which is hard for me to do , because I'm into pot not alcohol . every time id pass her the pipe for weed , she fake smoke it like blow it out super quick like a grade 9er that doesn't know how to smoke

she lies about every little thing in her life, you know what happend what I confronted her about my couch? she gaslighted me sayin she took a picture of a cockroach at my house (which isn't true, I had many people over and party's) the first time she stayd with me I lived in a basement apartment ,all windows open all year because it was to hot and I had no control over the heating + my cat was outdoor cat so I had no screens in any of my windows because my cat likes to wrip them out. she gave me a horrible haircut ,my hair thick now its as thin as hers, all I asked for was layers and bangs .
at first I was gullible enough to believe her lies, then it was lie after lie ,I just couldn't take how toxic victoria is
sorry for my lil rant but she's so mentally ill that she doesn't know she's mentally ill
ask me anything
she next level toxic

No. 829038

Wait. Am I missing something. Why does she owe you a couch?
Do you know anything about any “mansions” she’s lived in?

Does she always live off of people?
What does she look like in real life compared to her photos?
Do you know if she even has a shop to work out of now?
Have you ever met her family.

No. 829039

Do you know anything about the toilet paper story?
How's her cooking like?
When did you ended that friendship? What happen?
What does she talk constantly about us besides the shit she posts online?
Also sorry you had to deal with her, sounds exhausting.

No. 829042

she owes me a couch because her cats pissed on it twice and I had to buy a new one with my money
I don't thin she ever living in a mansion
she was place to place to place tryd to make me be a "old landlord" so she could get a place but that didn't work out, she does live in fergus now in a decent place
she doesn't look like her photos at all (the first time she came to my place I didn't no it was her ,I only new because her hairs blonde. her nose is big , she's not skinny or curvy but I do think her ass is fake, because who tells there friend to "touch there ass and then say its real " ?
she got a belly ,she hides it well though with her fur coat ,she think I'm bigger then her which is to funny if you actually know me lol "I said I was 145 one time and she giggled and said I was bigger then her ,I lost 10 pounds thanks to that comment. at least I can admit when I'm wrong but this girl just gaslights you when she's wrong

she told me 2 weeks ago that she left her cousins shop because they stole stuff from her ) so I don't know where she's working now
I don't know anything about the toilet paper thing
I ended the friendship after a year of her waiting for my couch "money" 2ish weeks ago
I didn't even tell her why I just blocked her on everything . but its because if you chill with her for 20 mins you'll hear 15 lies
why would I wanna be friends with a jealous wannabe famous person that doesn't respect her friends
her cooking is fucking awful to much salt on everything
I think she does talk about you guys to cope or something I know this page bothers her for sure, she didn't tell me about it but I found it after I got tattoo'd which sucks lol

honestly never met a chick in my life so toxic , I felt are friendship was onesided,toxic and the worst . she did do some nice things at first like when she lied with me if she bought makeup shed buy me a lipstick or what ever , and hes paid for lunch but i didnt want the 1000$ tattoo this time from her second time staying with me all I wanted was money for a used couch like how hard is that ? she says she makes 10 thousand dollars a months, but actually she got kick out of the red and gold shop because she didn't pay rent for 3 months
very exhausting

No. 829043

when these kinds of posts are read its so plain that she attracts same types of people. its entertaining but until you bring proof youre legit just another baseless attention whore

>so show proof of her blaming that stash of alcohol on me, and ill tell you everything or anything you want to know

fuck off with that attitude
how as an adult do you not have another way to charge your phone?

No. 829044

my charger was left at my friend nadia's and I don't get paid till wednesday so I cant get it right now
you don't have to be ass to me lol

No. 829045

Are you using talk to text? The grammar, spelling errors and lack of punctuation made me have a stroke. Anyway, is it true that Vicky never bathes or brushes her teeth and stinks real bad as a result? Are her teeth all rotten?

No. 829046

There are idiots here, don’t worry about them. They want milk and when it comes they act like douchebags. Don’t worry about them. Thank you for sharing.

Do you know if she’s ever “fully booked” or does she only work once a week?
She said people stole from her at the hair salon / tattoo shop she worked at as well, seems to be a pattern with her.

And when you went out with her, do guys fall all over her like she says?
I saw her once in Toronto (I didn’t talk to her) and people were making fun of her and she was hitting on a bunch of guys and making everyone uncomfortable. Is that the vibe everywhere. She was super drunk and chain smoking as well

No. 829047

(She said she has dyslexia already. read)

No. 829048

Ah sorry, I missed that

No. 829049

SHE SHAVES HER LIP WITH A RAZORS. Holy shit. Thank you for sharing! Victoria, I know you’re here. Get some nair! I wonder if she wears so much makeup to cover the stubble / razor burn. Kek

No. 829050

ikr, topkek. jackie please tell us more about her stench and how people react to it in public

No. 829051

Do you know anything about that creepy old dude and the champagne bottle? She legit looked like a hooch in it for the money although I doubt dude had any.

No. 829052

I'm on my laptop
I have dyslexia and short and long term memory loss, but I write everything down everything ,so I can remember, her teeth aren't good, I didn't notice if she smelled but I cant really smell anything my nose sucks from allergies.
I don't think she's fully booked, cause when I got my tattoo I got in quick
no guys normally either like her because she's wearing something that most people only wear with there partner kinda thing, or they give her weird looks ,because her accents fake , so who wouldn't stare at tony's in guelph right?
she gives that vibe everywhere, who wants to date or be around a liar, she even said the day she moved out , she's like " ill hold the doors" to her guy friend that was helping her move and she wanted me to move all her 25 bags of crap out , that newish picture of the sparkly dress of hers , I bought her that . she's nutter then you could believe , only people with 1 brain cell can even tell when she's lying, some of them say things some of them just look at her weird,

No. 829053

she didn't tell me anything about the old guy with champagne ,maybe something about being in a movie, she talks to many lies , I don't even gotta say it just chill with her for 20 mins and you'll understand

No. 829054

Bless u for sharing all this. Is it true that she doesn’t have a toothbrush like Cameron claimed? What’s the worst/funniest shit that happened when you were friends with her?

No. 829055

So I’m assuming she can’t keep a man, not that she “gets bored of them”

OH ! Do you know if she lied about her age? She claims to be 33

No. 829056

if your a woman and you don't like her she puts you in the "stalker or mentally ill or jealous " categories
to cope
I'm not sure , cause I wake up at 6 am and go to bed early , she wakes up at 4-5pm and goes to bed at 9 am , she got mad and said "you don't care about my feeling" all because , 6 hours before someone would come over, she wanted me to tell her the day before but I don't make to many plans like that so id tell her 6 hours before they came over and that's what she said

she told me she was 33 but who knows, if you guys only new how much she lies, k you see the online stuff right ? but in person stuff is even worse. she got physically mad when I told her my sister stronger then her because I've never met any one stronger then my sister lol that was kinda funny to watch

No. 829057

Well thank you so much for sharing. You know icky is going to post about how you wanted to copy her etc now.

And Victoria. You’re here, we know it. You’re the common denominator in all of these failed relationships. You have nothing and nobody cause you treat people like trash.

Jackie- are the red bottoms and Versace stuff fake, second hand or someone else bought them for her? Is she broke?

No. 829058

File: 1616958929416.jpg (169.23 KB, 1080x803, Screenshot_20210328-151539_Gal…)

>3 she thinks she has abs but never even worked out while living with me twice

No. 829059

victoria's already talking about me guarantee it
I agree with that comment
I think she's bipolar off meds ( I'm bipolor on meds) she was go go go (like manic or mad 24/7 at both places I lived
well she lives in a 2 bedroom apartment by herself in fergus by herself but she owes the cab company and owe money from her old shop for not paying 3 months rents , she got kicked out , I kicked her out after 17 days , because she was only suppose to stay a week that changes 4 times and ended up 17 days

No. 829060

I'm not sure if she rich I don't think so though, she does over charge people that's for sure , says she makes 10 grand a month (do you believe that ?cause I don't lol )

No. 829061

File: 1616960153879.jpeg (65.52 KB, 827x335, CE33C79D-EAF0-4482-B0EA-44D846…)

She’s go go go but it doesn’t seem like she gets anything done?
So the shop she “owned” she owed money and got kicked out? There’s a surprise.

So I’m assuming this never happened? Did she even say anything like this to you?

No. 829062

She didn’t tell me the cab owner did because he drove me to her house a lot times I take a lot of cabs

No. 829063

So the cat pissed on your couch twice after 17 days….
No wonder Victoria won’t sit on her own couch without a dirty blanket. It probably smells like a litter box. Makes her photos even more disgusting

No. 829064

Anyways everyone I’ll be back on as soon as I get my charger on Wednesday to show proof of some stuff

No. 829065


Thanks for sharing Jackie!

What was it like hanging out with her in person? Did she talk about lolcow constantly? Also, does she genuinely believe it’s the same 4 girls that are posting here?

No. 829066

Shell get kicked out of that place soon. A two bedroom alone? I give it two more months tops.

No. 829067

No problem,she’s going to talk about me anyway . She’s leaving lies a lot within 15 mins of talking to her.14 martial arts my ass loll. She talks about this “form” she never said a website .yes 4 or 6 girls that don’t like her .no one wants to be around fake it’s not good company. I’ll be back in a couple days with proof ,have a good day everyone

No. 829068


No. 829069

>2 she shaves her lip with a razer
KEK, that got me the hardest ngl

>who tells there friend to "touch there ass and then say its real " ?
I'm fucking LIVING holy shit bless

I will say I believe her when she says she hasn't had any work done, but that's because she's already photoshopping the hell out of everything and she's flat broke

No. 829072

I love how icky literally blames all women around her. She was asked to leave her cousins shop because she wasn’t sanitizing common areas in between her one or two clients (she is absolutely never booked solid) and was warned on multiple occasions. She was the one who was actually taking supplies from the others who worked there. Vicky has nothing anyone would even want to steal plus those girls all are running an actual business and not scratching in a back room. Learn to take responsibility for your own actions instead of attacking other women and blaming them for your shit behaviour

No. 829073

How do you know that’s why she was asked to leave?

No. 829075

I live in the town the salon is in and I go there often. It’s also a small community and word travels plus her absence was noticed because she’s so loud and obnoxious

No. 829076

Thanks anon for sharing!

Seems the cycle continues with hating other women and lying nonstop with her.

She really does burn bridges at an alarming rate

No. 829078

Well you may wanna let her cousin know she’s slander her shop to people. Cause telling people they’re thieves is not okay.
They did a nice thing by letting her work there and she has no respect.
She doesn’t understand hard work and her cousin probably put some much time, work and money into that place. Icky can’t admit her faults so wants to piss all over that.

Nice one icky sticky.

No. 829079

People around here honestly just ignore her. She is well known for lying and carrying on that nobody believes a word she says. The girls at that shop are super sweet and have worked hard at the business they’ve created so I’m sure they were relieved when she left

No. 829082


Today’s milk has made me realize how sad this girls life really is. Like I knew it was bad, but this is pathetic.
Like did her cousin let her work there cause she felt bad? I assume her and her cousin are probably not on the best terms anymore.
People in Toronto ignore her, too. Well I’m the music scene here. She’s just known as the weird girl that fakes an accent

No. 829084

Shit, is this Jackie C? (with an older sister? I don't want to give out too much info.) 'Cause if so, we hung out like 14 years ago due to mutual friends and you were always such a sweetheart. How the hell did you end up with Shingles?

If it's not Jackie C, then I am a fool who should be ignored unless you want the same old Sticky intel that everyone else has already given without any identifying info (she is fucking nuts and I do not need her near me).

Either way, yeah, this is all true lol.

No. 829085


cameron didn't have a charger either and that's why he had to print out directions in his story. why do all these people who know vicky not have chargers

No. 829086

This isn’t her, but yes. That was Jackie c.

No. 829087

I bet Jackie has a spare protein bar though. She seems more sensible than Big Cam.

No. 829088

What I’m confused about is Jackie asked for money for a new couch and Vicky said “ well you have cockroaches. Even if that’s true, what does that have to do with her mangy, untrained cat pissing on her couch? Kek. Vicky truly is retarded.
Just admit that you’re broke, icky. That’s why you’re not paying for her couch.

Get a JOB

No. 829089

It's like a meme at this point.
(Nothing but love for you Jackie! It's just a funny coincidence. You should read Cameron's spergout if you hadn't, it's legendary)

No. 829090

File: 1616967312043.jpg (15.65 KB, 300x450, 20533132-a-group-of-milk-glass…)

Good on them!
Thanks for taking the time to type everything out. I know dyslexia is tough to deal with.

Delicious milk is on the horizon nonnies

No. 829100

File: 1616970708112.jpeg (140.31 KB, 959x958, 3C06B672-D119-4FB9-8DF0-5541CF…)

Knowing that her couch is covered in cat fur and piss. And that she’s flexing this dress she didn’t even buy is even more sad. Kek

No. 829104

OMG I missed Jackie! Dammit. This is amazing. So sorry you were victimized by Victoria. I have a question about a guy you dated briefly about a year ago whose name also starts with J. I used to see Victoria flirt with him on Facebook and then when you two started dating she did the "Yay two of my favorite people!" fake celebratory thing like she did when Mr. Pound Town Dylan Fraser got with his girl Kara. Was J the guy that she added after you told her you had a crush on him?

Can you tell us what she did at the NYE 2019 party at your house? I think it was at your house. Was she sloppy and hitting on everyone's man? I love Victoria stories.

No. 829106

Wait, so you know Vicky too? Or just Jackie? This is fucking hilarious, blessed be the milk gods. And bless Jackie, you’re the true MVP.

No. 829107

Oh gosh no, sorry for the confusion. I just creeped on Jackie's Facebook sometimes when Victoria would post about her. I'm a frequent poster in this thread for years (that long screenshot png where Victoria said she has to keep all the vodka around for Jackie, that's my screenshot). I'm not local and don't know Victoria or anyone associated with her. I just have a good memory and I remember dates/time frames pretty easily.

No. 829113

I love all you ickanons who lurk here, please spill the milk! As much as you can without outing yourself, that is. It’s so disappointing that there are hardly any candids of her, I’m busting to know what she looks like up close (and of course echoing the other farmers itt curious about her aroma)

No. 829122


No. 829123

File: 1616987700493.jpg (342.28 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210328-231631_Mes…)

I completely forgot I had this conversation because I don't use Facebook ever.

Part 1

No. 829124

File: 1616987733631.jpg (456.08 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210328-231644_Mes…)

Part 2

No. 829125

File: 1616987908221.jpg (422.34 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210328-231651_Mes…)

Part 3

No. 829126

File: 1616988019065.jpg (488.42 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210328-231656_Mes…)

Part 4

No. 829127

File: 1616988144723.jpg (417.98 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210328-231702_Mes…)

Part 5

No. 829128

File: 1616988171052.jpg (417.19 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210328-231706_Mes…)

The end

No. 829129

What an absolute milktacular Sunday this has been. This thread is one of the most entertaining places on the internet.

Thank you, Facebook screenshot anon!

No. 829130

"She punched me in the face"
"No. She was horrible"

Holy shit. Shingles likes to think of herself as such a catch and she punched her partner in the face? Confirmed doesn't shower. What a disgusting loser. Notice how everyone who enters her circle leaves it with terrible stories? Trash.

No. 829135

Bless you screenshot anon! She’s going to have another status breakdown after she sees this. I can’t imagine dating someone for 2 years who didn’t shower.. sleeping with her must have been like visiting a Chinese fish market in the middle of summer

No. 829137

File: 1616992435903.gif (1.43 MB, 500x280, 27038EA6-AD46-4713-992D-960323…)

HOLY SHIT a blessing upon your house screencap anon, this is SPECTACULAR.

>she never showers

>spends all her money on drugs and alcohol
>90% photoshop
>physically violent
>traps boyfriends

Adrien is such a cutie too, I’m so glad he has moved on from what was 100% an abusive relationship

No. 829138

She is going to sperg like never before when she sees these posts, brace yourselves farmers, the milk dam is on the verge of breaking

No. 829139

File: 1616992995187.jpg (5.8 KB, 200x202, 973.jpg)


No. 829140

Karma works in funny ways.

Be kind to all cause if not it will get you

No. 829154

What does he mean she never showers when she has clearly stated before she gets her hair so bright blonde by washing it with Oxyclean.

No. 829158

File: 1617019337439.jpg (394.02 KB, 960x960, 61894124_10156581603103877_910…)

>Adrien is such a cutie too
I had to go peek cause I couldn't recall what he looked like and now I'm dying cause the dude straight up looks like Stewart from Letterkenny. kek

No. 829159

How the fuck does she afford a 2 bedroom place on her own? She is basically a NEET. Is it government housing for the handicapped? Is Guelph or wherever that much of a shithole that a 2 bedroom apartment is affordable for someone on welfare? I have questions.

Seriously. Imagine how traumatised Adrien must have been (and probably still is). I always took the tales of her being stinky with a grain of salt but this is just, wew. Between that and her gross cats pissing everywhere, imagine the stench of her apartment. Absolutely repulsive. How the fuck has she arrived at middle age without any growth or self awareness whatsoever?! If anything she has regressed.

No. 829161

File: 1617025111393.jpeg (67.54 KB, 825x556, F799E27F-E438-4092-9E35-188B99…)

Remember when Vicky posted this? Lolcow remembers. Her projection is unreal.

No. 829162

kek I forgot about this, she is actually insane. I hope more shit gets leaked because she never ceases to amaze me with her delusion and lack of self awareness

No. 829166

Love how Victoria is always saying “my haters are too scared to say anything to my face” yet she over here punching her bf knowing full well he won’t hit her back and making up lies about coworkers stealing from her cause she’s too much of a pussy to tell the truth about her own bullshit.
Nice moves Vicky.

No. 829168

This is amazing Jackie, thank you so much for sharing! I'm sorry that you had to deal with Icky at all, she sounds like she was horrible to you.

I wonder if this is why her personal page is mostly private now, the timing of you blocking her and her making her profile more private seem to add up. Maybe she figured this milk was coming and wanted to hide as much of the evidence as possible kek.

No. 829174


Guelph has a social assistance program that helps people on welfare/disability essentially get discounted housing, however given her circumstances, laziness, and narcissism, I don't think she would be applying for the affordable housing. Not to mention, the waiting list is around a four year wait - maybe she is on it, because I can't see how she's able to afford it, OR able to get a single reference / guarantor with her track record.

There is a building downtown Guelph (90 Carden, just google it to get a general idea of who lives there) that I can see her swindling a two bedroom for welfare prices, but it's not a lavish mansion, so I doubt she's living there.

Sage for guelphfagging. One day I'll see her in the wild.

No. 829175

Classic liar tactic, point fingers at others for something you did so people will never suspect you of it. Kek.

No. 829176

File: 1617032521668.png (134.97 KB, 719x811, Guelph.png)

She is either better at scamming than we thought or has rich parents.

Anyway lol

No. 829178

>>829154 oh my god my brain had erased the Oxyclean episode

No. 829180

File: 1617033677153.jpeg (74.88 KB, 827x557, D5C22845-E87F-4E75-9D26-AA9A02…)

“Don’t flirt with me”

No. 829187

Yo where are all the gen z kids at?

Cancel culture this bitch(cowtip call)

No. 829191

Why don’t any of you newfags do the bare minimum before posting like read the rules (Not your personal army) or think? She’s a completely irrelevant nobody except for to the 30 people willing to get their bodies mutilated in the back of hair salons, people who follow to laugh at her delusional fat ass and the 300 lowlifes who bother to like her onlyfans lite pictures. She is a poor, untalented alcoholic with a couch so soaked in cat piss she can’t sit on it without using a equally filthy blanket spending all her time photoshopping awkward pictures of herself. There is nothing to cancel, kek.

No. 829198

Would you like to speak to the manager?

No. 829201

You can really see the weight gain in this pic. Her legs have no shape or definition to them whatsoever. It makes all her spergs about working out or practicing martial arts just so absurd. The only "work out" this broad gets is lifting food and alcohol to her mouth.

No. 829214

Me too kek. Someone needs to tell her purple shampoo is a thing and it's cheaper than Oxyclean.

No. 829215

File: 1617053056544.png (156.17 KB, 1342x466, ok vick.png)

How familiar

No. 829220

He's not hideous, but 'cutie' is a bit of a stretch lol spot on with the Letterkenny reference.
Is he the only long term bf she's ever had?

No. 829221

She also dated someone named Quintin. She claimed he beat her up. Funny how he’s off and married living a normal life and Vicky is now know to punch her boyfriend in the face.

She also dated that Matt guy (that was too young for her) and I’d love to know what happened with that. Maybe Jackie will let us know when she comes back. Granted her left her.

No. 829222

It really is utterly astounding to see all the proof when it comes to this cow. Anything she's ever said, ever done, ever posted about, comes back to her as the common denominator. The projection… Like they should honestly write a book or make a movie about her. Every insecurity she has, projected onto other women, men "abusing" her when she's punching her longest running bf in the face. Look at the guy too, granted she was thinner back then too but guy probably didn't stand a chance.
This is all so fascinating to me. I hope more past acquaintances show up here…

No. 829223


I'm pretty sure that karma comment was directed towards vicky

No. 829230

I would like to know what went down with Matt too, they stayed as friends for a while after they broke up but if you check out their instagram profiles they don't follow each other anymore, I'm wondering what she did to him and why he's not simping icky anymore.

No. 829238

File: 1617074775139.jpg (100.58 KB, 1084x1280, IMG_20210329_202536_214.jpg)

Nope. It was written by Victoria on the fake Vicky tattoo account:


No. 829243

How is it possible to be a native English speaker, who is almost 40 years old, and not known the correct form you’re/your yo use. Her claims about her level of education make her illiteracy even more hilarious, this is so embarrassing.

How long were they even together for? He seems extremely young and naive, which would explain how this ham planet got her butcher’s hooks into him

No. 829244

I honestly can’t work out if Shingles is seemingly quiet because she’s making a concerted effort to be more discrete or if she just spending more time taking shart tier selfies while seething over people who know her irl spilling the milk. Either way, shingles, if you’re reading this, people aren’t afraid of you anymore. Time to face the music.

No. 829246

Pretty sure Victoria with Matt for less than 6 months, sometime in 2018.

No. 829247

>>829238 I think she did the dirty delete can't see it anywhere

No. 829248

File: 1617087948565.jpg (290.19 KB, 1080x2188, Screenshot_20210330-030451_Ins…)

(Samefag) Found some idiot simps tho. Probably believe everything they see on the internet

No. 829249

Her "fans" are stupider than her lol

No. 829250

You're actually right anon. That does remind me of this one time I acrually did meet her in person and can confirm she smells like fucking cat piss. It was one of the less rememberable times I only know her through mutual people We were at a "party" she was all full of accessories and uneeded tranny makeup but fucking REEKED of ammonia and cheap perfume. Smelled like coverd up cat piss.

No. 829251

I don't want to give away to many details for Matt's sake and my own and I don't need her tracking me down either. But she treated him like dog shit and always accused him of shit when all he ever did was talk good about her and try to see the good in her. I want to give more details but I also don't want to wake up to another slew of fucking inboxes from her so no thanks

No. 829253

Samefag but hey anon read >>829251 most details I can give without giving myself away.

No. 829254

What a tall fresh glass of milk!

No. 829255

This all sounds like classic stuff she would do you can't make this shit up

No. 829256

People above who try to fuck with the milk looking like they don't want the truth out.

No. 829257

More details please, you’re anonymous on here, unless you’re talking about shit that’s exclusively between you and Vicky she’s not going to know who you are

No. 829258

I would never trust some unstable cunt with my hair. She was clearly jealous if she had to hack at your hair you had something she wanted and couldn't have it so she had to find a way to be better bitches are competitive but this is fucked even for a crazy bitch and the first thing they will do is fuck ur hair or looks up. Had a bitch do that to me in high-school she literally ruined my hair and tried to date my crush right after it was so fucked and that shit does get easier to see through as u grow up in the real world.

No. 829259

Hi sticky

No. 829260

She still lookin sloppy.

No. 829261

Oops I read that wrong but still kinda looking whiteknightish. She's definitely not a neutral personality, the results were prob based of a mix of your perception of her personality and yours. Vicky breathes for conflict. She is definitely an instigator.

No. 829262

That's the thing it does involve some exclusive details and interaction so I'm gonna try to keep it limited and if I explain it to on depth she will know me by the interaction in a second. She creeps this forum all the time, I removed my own Facebook for a year because of her and just got it back. What I will say is I knew mat a while back and I guess one thing I can say is she'd always ask me if he talked shit about her and he never gave her a reason to believe this so I thought it was insecure and lame and shed spaz I would understand if he was an ass to her but all he ever did was highlight the things he liked about her and tried to ignore the bad stuff until it became to much like I said he only tried to see the good in her when they broke up he just stopped talking about her she kept going on and on. Tried to do the up and back thing with him allot to and get him to "chase her" dudes gotta build a life for himself he's a decade younger than her. He went from being a happy bubbly person to someone kind of depressed I know there was emotional abuse from her and I could see him being worn down they must of been having allot of arguments if she reached out like that to me unprovoked on my end. I don't even have anything against her really and almost wish she could of grown out of her fake shit and stop butchering people. She is acting like she is in high-school and dating guys in their 20's what in the 90 day fiance is this shit?! Anyway that's kind of all I'm gonna spill for now. It's about 5 am here haha came here for a quick scroll but sometimes u just get lost in all the milk. I also know Matt got allot of free tattoos from her to. I don't see him super showing them off. It's probably nothing to wow over but I hope she didn't just destroy his whole arm. You can't photoshop yourself in real life and you can't photoshop tattoos irl people walk away when they realize the person they see on the screen actually doesn't exist. Like… at all.

No. 829263

Oh I know we all know and love and remember this gem but the first day they met was literally all her posting about how "not fat" she was and him just passively sitting there and multiple posts and screenshots of inboxes it wasn't even a joke or anything she really wanted us to know how "not fat" she is. Lmao it wasn't funny the first time the fucken hambeast

No. 829264

>He went from being a happy bubbly person to someone kind of depressed I know there was emotional abuse from her and I could see him being worn down

This makes me feel a lot sadder than I ought to feel about some random guy I don’t know, she’s awful. How did they even meet? Through social media or through mutuals or what? And seeing as you’ve met her in person, was she as unwashed and fetid as everyone else has claimed?

No. 829266

File: 1617097778716.jpeg (266.85 KB, 828x1268, F421148A-3D19-4C9D-97AB-6A6688…)

her most recent story, the cope of it all

No. 829269

There was no evidence of physical abuse and he didn't say much but there Def were signs of emotional abuse stress and dealing with hella narcissim and the freakouts and the blaming was enough for me. I was done with her.

No. 829274

More details about this “party” please

No. 829279

File: 1617112268750.jpg (645.27 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210330_095325.jpg)

I didnt know lip piercings were movable.(emoji)

No. 829285

Uh, this is retarded. You can absolutely move lip rings like that. They can "flip" from one side to another.

No. 829286


But go from a labret to a side piercing.


No. 829287

Nonny, give it a rest. Rings can flip from one side to another. The piercing spot on her lip is the same, it’s not magic you retard.

No. 829288

Nta and I dislike stinky as much as the next, but that's clearly still originating from the side of her lip and not a labret.

I know we're all excited after all this milk but she's evidently got enough retardations on her very own without reaching like this. No offense, anon, I do appreciate you trying to bring some contribution to the table. This particular thing just ain't it tho sis

No. 829291

Even if her lip ring was fake, it’s hardly milk.

But you’re an idiot if you can’t tell both those piercings originate from the same spot.

No. 829307

Basically just her being loud and drunk and us all leaving early at someone's house.

No. 829318

File: 1617134617821.jpeg (158.08 KB, 827x1364, 41CA8A53-B902-474E-A24F-A75CF6…)

Victoria over here telling photographers how to do their job. She’s not a model? Why does she care? Taking selfie’s in your bedroom is not a model. Sending in photos your ex boyfriend took to internet “magazine” is not a model.

No. 829323

Jackie talking about what her actual face looks like must have gotten under her skin.

No. 829332

I agree with a lot of opinions on this forum

No. 829333

Are you…. new? Or is this Jackie? Saged for no milk, just curious.

No. 829334

New/ old I guess.. Been looking through this stuff the last 2-3 years since someone shared it with me. First time actually commenting. It sucks that a lot of people had very similar incidents that I had with her. I've moved on from the situation though after a long time of self reflection. Hope you all are staying safe and taking care!

No. 829338

Wait…… that’s a cliff hanger. Kek. Did you get a tattoo by her?

No. 829341

Deets anon!

No. 829343

It's been half a day and she's still angry posting about this shit lol ~unbotherd queen~

No. 829359

I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t lost it over Adrien’s DMs. I don’t know about you girls but I’m looking forward to Jackie’s return (I hope she doesn’t flake out on us).

No. 829363


What she going to do? Deny the truth?
Too many lines arw connecting for her to back peddle now as much as she would try too

No. 829364

Yes, that’s exactly what she’d do. She’s an unhinged, delusional narc who actually believes her own lies, as confirmed by the anons here who know her. She’ll double down on everything and try to twist it to fit her narrative of “everyone makes up lies about me because they’re jealoussss haterssss”

No. 829378

Jackie said she would get paid tomorrow and come back with screenshots. I am looking forward to this.

No. 829400

I’ve never seen anyone dig so relentlessly for excuses as to why they look different in candid photos. It must be exhausting.

No. 829401

TODAY IS THE DAY, LADIES. May the milk gods bless us with a bountiful flow. Come through Jackie!

No. 829418

The dumbest thing about it is that if you saw a shoop vs candid of this manatee, would reading something like this really change your mind lmao? Like would anyone go "oh nbd it's just a bad lens that's why she's an ugly, unhygienic sow irl!"

Dear lord… I'm convinced all these things she says/posts are to convince herself so she can fall asleep at night after getting a bottle of jack daniels deep.

No. 829422

Speaking of, Jackie, should you grace us today:
Did the ick ever clog your toilets and/or thieve your toilet paper? Feel like that can't be a one off instance with mr "eyessss"

No. 829431

File: 1617217510935.jpeg (83.08 KB, 826x861, 17DDD5B4-9774-444B-9AC5-9499D3…)

Says the girl that has publicly shamed women on mr poundtowns Facebook for being “ugly” just because they put a laughing emoji….. at his status…. that had nothing to do with her.
Keep projecting, girl.

No. 829433

Hey Jackie here, milk will be tomorrow , because I got paid today and have been running around since 10 am, going to Nadia's when she wakes up tomorrow (early) , be back tomorrow 100% as soon as I'm back from my girl Cass's ,hope everyone has a good day.

No. 829435

Thank you. If you have any candid photos feel free to post them too

No. 829442

Thanks for checking in, Jackie. Also I remember Nadia. She was also at the NYE party I was asking for details about earlier. Can't wait for your return. I love hearing stories about Vic being a sloppy attention whore.

No. 829445

File: 1617224490486.jpg (159.1 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_03_31_17_00_06_817.jpg)

Speaking of President Pound Town, I had a hearty kek at these 2 recent posts. Granted they probably have nothing to do with Vicky but one can dream. The way he posts and has interacted with her in the past, it might be plausible…

No. 829447

File: 1617225350000.jpg (647.65 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210331-171601_Chr…)

I'm sorry. I'm new to this. I'm aware this is an old post not sure if it's been addresses yet. But as someone who has mental health issues which I've received help with. This entire post is insulting.

You can't "cure" mental health you stupid cunt.

I'm sorry this just makes me rage.

No. 829455

Seconded, we need more ick candids that aren’t old (because she always uses that as an excuse to explain away why she looks so busted in them )

No. 829458

His fb is gone now and his Insta is private, he is a cow himself with all his attention seeking posts and vaguebooking

No. 829465

old milk, not sure where that particular statement stemmed from, it was pretty random
I don't think she'd ever mentioned therapy at all before, then suddenly she was a year "cured"
probably the subject of some dick she was chasing at the time

No. 829466

Vicki's entire existence is insulting. Everything that comes out of her Jack Daniels addled brain is to please incels or ease her own self hatred

No. 829471

No. 829472

File: 1617239795466.png (354.01 KB, 1112x1354, "high end tattoos".png)

Oops sorry dropped the pic

No. 829473

File: 1617239820614.png (312.89 KB, 1112x1074, "international artist".png)

No. 829475

No. 829476

File: 1617243584780.jpg (812.5 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210331-222134_Chr…)

What's going on with its hands?
Last I checked iguanas do wrap their fingers around things not just float them above branches. . . .

No. 829478

Interesting as this isn’t the only former client who sent her a cease and desist letter in 2019.

Trouble is, she has no assets and couch hops so much it’s impossible to serve her legal documents.

No. 829480

Isn’t it the same person who had come to talk to us about her husband getting the tattoos, etc? There are so many disgruntled clients, it is hard to keep up with all the people she has known/fucked up throughout the years.

No. 829481

This retarded faggot blocked me for watching his stories, he really is the male version of Vicky. I wonder if he lurks here

No. 829485

Yes it's Christina, the one who works at a law firm

No. 829486

It's hard to say. Since he got entangled with Vick his profiles either disappear or get deactivated multiple times a day sometimes. I think he's just a cow himself and has a lot he's trying to hide from his gf

No. 829489

If he is blocking random burner accounts he is definitely a cow with shit to hide, plus his posts are pure white trash narc cringe. Kinda disappointed he isn’t dating Icky because that would provide milk for the ages

No. 829491

You guys are missing out if you haven't been watching Jamie Whiteman, another former e-flame of Victoria's. I've been randomly checking in on his Facebook profile(s) since sometime in 2019. Dude is so messy and posts rhymes and has equally trashy women fighting in his comments all the time. I've actually found a lot of interesting characters via Victoria's Facebook.

No. 829496

This is retarded, would you let strangers with burner accounts follow your personal pages? You wouldn't.

No. 829497

hard to imagine giving enough of a shit to check accounts individually. do people seriously do that? click everyone who likes/views their stuff and check out their accounts? what a waste of time.

No. 829501

nta but it’s a public account you autist, and see this: >>829497

No. 829506

I hope his gf comes here and confirms that Victoria tried to slide into her man's dms and they laugh at her together. They made a status on Facebook about women who do this and you just know Victoria was one of them.

No. 829507

Kara finding this thread and bringing the milk would be glorious. Pound Town has deleted his Facebook and Instagram yet again, he’s such a drama whore. I thought the exact same thing when I saw him mention laughing at girls in his DMs, he has posted about it several times, it’s just like Vicky posting her DMs from incels.

No. 829525

I want Jamie to show up here with screenshots. I know he probably has some hilariously nasty private messages with Victoria. I remember his main thing was that he wanted to meet her irl and stop just flirting hard online but she didn't want to meet him irl obviously, because she's such a catfish. So he was like, whatever and kept on flirting with other women besides her, which btw she always talks about how that's what SHE does until she's really into a relationship, then all her flirting stops and she is loyal to the one guy. But anyways, she had a problem with Jamie flirting with other girls (because of) and she would go to the Facebooks of other girls he was talking to and then try and talk shit to them. And they would call her out on Jamie's page (like "hey Jamie come collect your girl Victoria Bella-Morte" tagging her and then copy pasting some message Victoria wrote her about how she's just a copycat version of Victoria) and he would just LOL about it and then Victoria would delete. But yeah, Victoria seems like the type who talks mad shit about others and doesn't expect anybody to fight back. That's why I LOVE the fact that Jackie, other Ontario anons, the Facebook Adrien screenshot anon, Bunny, etc. are coming out of the woodwork to tell us these stories. She can only act shitty to everyone in her life before enough of her former friends/partners/tattoo victims are going to find this thread and tell their stories.

I'm just glad we are getting the Jackies now instead of the Camerons and Kaylas (even tho they were funny at first).

No. 829527

File: 1617275122789.jpg (603.95 KB, 1073x1970, A mere few weeks.jpg)

This is how she speaks to a lawyer kek, why am I not at all shocked?

> a mere few weeks

No. 829528

irl, jackie is an absolute champion, she gives no fucks. I respect how dignified and restrained bunny was but I am fucking living for jackie’s milk and her candidness. And the adrien leaks, what a treat! I am honestly surprised icky hasn’t tried to defend herself with vagueposts, she hasn’t been posting as much as she usually does and the lack of poorly shooped selfies is somewhat conspicuous

No. 829529

>Hotmail address in 2019

No. 829530

My fucking sides, this word salad. I’m physically cringing at the levels of retardation

No. 829532

Jamie’s fb is a dumpster fire, it’s hilarious. Vicky certainly has a type

No. 829550

So what if it's a public account, weirdos get blocked.

No. 829552

File: 1617285203277.jpeg (197.57 KB, 826x1094, 5A1EA321-7F6D-4DED-A8A2-93B88F…)

Pardon me if this has been posted in the past, but I haven’t seen this.
Bet it’s a blue blob by now

No. 829554

Omg that’s a freakin nightmare. How can this woman be satisfied putting art out there that looks like it’s from an old tattoo shop in a Navy town? Or worse, prison.

No. 829568

Jeeeez that’s bad. Where are the LINES? that’s gonna be a black/blue blob in a year or two.

No. 829573

The truly sad thing with Vicki is that she actually does possess a bit of talent. She can draw better than the majority of the population but she's too stuck up her own ass to get proper training. Just being able to draw doesn't immediately translate to being able to tattoo.
She'd actually be quite good and certainly more successful had she sucked up her pride a decade ago and did some apprenticeships with trained professionals.

No. 829582

File: 1617296004141.jpeg (69.79 KB, 524x523, D0B0B109-0E72-450A-8423-644FA1…)

Instagram story post
Vicky’s been offline smoking crack, apparently, if she thinks she looks like this under her clothes that Jackie bought her kek

No. 829594

She’s mentioned the “baggy clothes to hide my figure” thing several other times. Why would anyone care? Lots of people wear oversized hoodies. I get so embarrassed reading her posts, she thinks the dumbest shit is a personality trait.

No. 829595

File: 1617304250798.gif (2.39 MB, 320x240, 39469115-BBA9-4ADD-A347-D0E4E9…)

Where are you!

No. 829606

Right?! I've been checking back here all day. Hopefully it isn't a bluff.

No. 829607

It's because she's such a fucking "pick me" her whole world revolves around herself. Literally anything she's ever posted online revolves around her face, her eyes, her body, her lack of makeup or using filters (she's just no naturally hot, you guys), her super special ninja skills, her fake accent, etc. She just always has to constantly remind everyone (especially herself) of how much of hot, desirable, special snowflake she is.

No. 829617

File: 1617312470904.jpeg (165.97 KB, 827x1229, 05BCB34D-A085-4088-BEC7-E32FD9…)

I think Jackie turning on her and not having a shop had finally caught up to sticky. Maybe not treating people like shit would have gotten you an apprenticeship somewhere.

No. 829622

> peson


No. 829629

Give her time.

No. 829630


“Thanks you to those who have let me squat in their home rent free, let me take nasty JD shits and wipe my ass 1000 times on their dollar, let me steal your Amazon packages, allowed my cat to piss all over your couch and then verbally abuse and degrade you when you asked me to pay for it. Those who have watched me not shower for weeks on end and silently tolerated my swamp ass, to the the boyfriends who housed and fed me and whom I have punched in the face, to the people whose bodies I’ve ruined and then threatened physical harm and legal action against, to the former clients i have told to kill themselves, I’ll always remember you fondly”.

Can this narc just apologize?

No. 829636

Hey everyone, sadly won't be today ,will be Monday as Nadia canceled this morning due to an anxiety attack. Just to let you all know.

No. 829638

With all due respect, what does that have to do with you posting some deets on sticky icky?

No. 829640

My phones is still dead the chargers still at her house, so I can't really use screenshot, I'm on my computer right now.

No. 829642


Do you need help doing screenshots on your computer?

No. 829644

With all due respect, what adult only has a single charger? And you do realize that they only cost like 5 dollars, don’t you? And you know you can take screen caps on your computer, right? If you’ve changed your mind about spilling the milk just tell us

No. 829645

I’m with you. I think she’s soft to Vicky and is regretting it.
All good Jackie. Hope you let smart enough to let her all the way back in your life, though

No. 829647

So you’re going to be a whole week without your phone because your friend had a panic attack? This sounds like an excuse vicky would make., but unlike her followers we’re not stupid enough to buy it. Just say you got cold feet and go.

No. 829648

no offense but since its 8:17 pm I'm baked as fuck .I don't know if you all know but I have short and long term memoryloss ,I fail at technology ,I have no clue how to screen shot on a computer either lol.

why would I regret it? LMAO don't make me laugh . I couldn't give a fuck about icky, did she give a fuck when we were " friends "? like at all? no ,so I couldn't give 2 fucks about that fake bitch. its easy for me to cut ties to anyone that treats me badly,lies so much (that's a understatement ) fake everything. I'm to baked for this site right now .

um my phone cube thing that goes in the wall (the only one I have) is at her house yes, I don't need a phone 24/7 ,I have a computer . I only got paid Wednesday , so I've been buying buying food, shopping ect ,kill me for not taking a bus to her house to get my charger for you lol like fuck dude chill out

No. 829650

you people may stay up late but I'm normally in bed by now cause I wake up at 6 am

No. 829652

Okay. It’s just that people have a habit of teasing milk and not delivering. In the absence of screen shots do you have any other juicy anecdotes to share? I really want to know how people react to her in public, what with her never showering or brushing her teeth and wearing the same truckstop hooker outfit for weeks on end, do people talk about it behind her back?

No. 829655

All good Jackie. Thanks for stopping by and letting us know. Like the person said above, a lot of people come saying they have all this milk and never deliver.

If you have a story to drop about Vicky.
I think we were all wondering what happened with her young bf Matt.

No. 829656

oh okay, people react weird and I mean weird like one time we went to the bar got food at a burrito place (this was before the first lockdown even happend) a girl working there was making fun of her because she new the accent wasn't real ,it was awkward for me.
I don't know about the showering and brushing teeth thing because I'm up at 6 am , she goes to bed at 9 am ,were on totally different schedules .
I feel sorry for her cats , she never payed attention to them and when she did the time I saw ,she was using 2 finger to pet it like, her cat really smells bad. like its probably so depressed. I treat mine like if it were my child so I can't understand why she'd buy them and then like never touch them ,that's just weird to me. she's always wearing stuff that most people would only "wear" when there with there partner. hookerish clothing. my mom was naturally not nice to icky because she can read people like a book. icky doesn't have a good relationship with her mom. she told me she wasn't talking to her mom till she gets therapy .

No. 829657

>icky doesn't have a good relationship with her mom.
Not surprising, this seems to be the case for all woman-haters.

No. 829659

It doesn’t surprise me at all that she neglects her pets, no wonder the piss everywhere, fucking nasty. How long has she had the ugly black and white mongrel for? I know she’s had the cute big fluffy one for years, she uses that one but not the other as a prop purely because it’s cute, which is gross. And she goes to bed at 9am every day?! What the fuck, that’s so dysfunctional, no wonder she’s such a mess. You’ve lived with her twice, yeah? What was she like as a housemate? What does she look like when she’s at home, is it true that she never takes her makeup off?

No. 829660

So the cats are a prop in her life just like everyone else. Not shocking. What happened with her ex Matt?

No. 829661

>wasn’t talking to her mom until she gets therapy
LMAO it’s always the other person who is unhinged, never you, right Icky?

No. 829662

doesn't take her makeup off.
horrible roommate. left my place with her dirty dishes and food in the sink. she left it for me to clean. so a few people made fun of her extra bed, it looked like a 5$ bed seriously. for someone who says she makes 10 grand a month pufftt, and yes she's done coke once while I was there on valentine , I think she does it more then we know (I don't think she'd tell me because I hate hard drugs,someone close to me died of a O.D ,so I don't like being around it)
I'm all for weed but anything else I'm not down with .
she did clean a couple times, that's about it . she wasn't fun to be around ,I mean maybe if you like listening to crazy lies but after awhile it gets repulsing and annoying
I no idea about the Matt thing

No. 829663

Yeah there’s no way she just did coke that one time. Kek. Her way of thinking comes across like someone that dabbles in the drugs most weeks. Bitch thinks her MOM needs therapy? I don’t know her mom, maybe she’s bat shit crazy. Maybe that’s why icky is the way she is. But icky needs therapy HARD.

No. 829664

That’s interesting, she has never struck me as a drug user. Least of all coke, mainly because its expensive and I’m assuming she can’t afford it. Speaking of which, did she work at all while she was living with you? Do you know if she’s working now? It’s been ages since she has posted pics of her butchery

No. 829667

File: 1617327808753.jpeg (452.12 KB, 828x1668, 3FED864F-0FC2-4F43-89F3-18D217…)

I love that she still hasnt changed this absolutely cringetastic bio full of words used incorrectly due to being illiterate and knowing the meaning of them, it was embarrassing for a teenager and its even more embarrassing for someone who is pushing 40 (shes not 33 lmao)

No. 829668

It was posted earlier that adrien said she spent all her money on alcohol and drugs.
Guelph had a drug problem and with the guys she hangs out with… she probably does mooch off of people. That sketchy pool hall she hangs out at.

No. 829669

File: 1617329547399.jpeg (521.29 KB, 828x1189, E3E8C285-140A-4CB5-9B4A-097004…)

kek saying “ftw” when you’re middle aged in the year 2021
>hot nerds
we get it shingles, you’re not like other girls

No. 829679

Anyone else think this might be Adrien?

No. 829684

You mean Adrien posting here? I highly doubt it, he has moved on and is living his life, Shingles probably doesn’t even cross his mind anymore. It would be the best milkmas ever if he spilled everything about her though

No. 829691


"I dress down like a tomboy to see who is real and who is fake. "

Man, Vics mind is like a goddamn playground. What even is this logic lmao

No. 829695

Lol anon that's my fav part too. I love so much that Victoria thinks she's the main character in everyone's life who meets her. I love how every cow has that in common. It's one of the cow traits that makes them so fascinating.

No. 829696

>I don’t live up to preconceived notions or “fads”
This doesn’t even make sense, except maybe insofar as not living up to the “preconceived notions” of people she catfishes by egregiously shooping herself into a completely different person. Even Jackie said she didn’t recognize her the first time they met in person, kek

No. 829697

wtf does “I am the sixth, I am the eight” mean? This is straight up some of the most retarded shit I’ve ever read, holy fuck

No. 829709

File: 1617352070109.jpeg (114.54 KB, 1080x1080, E015908D-696E-42A8-922C-B5EB48…)

This comment is so fucking gross but she probably thinks it’s a compliment

No. 829711


girl is dead in the eyes. if the stories about her brother are true… well. things start to make sense.

No. 829713

Kek like he’d ever even give you a second thought, he’s into barely legals. Although very on brand for Vicky, thirsting after gross men.

Also, what is this nerd shit she keeps trying to force as her personality? She never talks about any of her ”nerdy” interests unless it’s final fantasy or cyberpunk for that hot minute when it was trending. Jackie, what are her actual interests like?

No. 829728


I remember you mapped some Vic periphery folk back a few threads back – you have exquisite taste in cows, anon. Vicky and her pals are exactly my hit for people watching too, any others you recommend besides Jamie Whitman? I think some of her pick me friends might be worth clicking on..

No. 829729


You can charge your phone to your laptop if you plug the end of your cable (that you normally plug into the cube) into your laptop's USB port.

To take screenshots on a laptop, search 'snipping tool' in your menu (usually you get here by clicking the windows logo at the bottom left). This lets you crop the part of your screen you want to save as an image.

No. 829749

Has anyone else noticed that she obviously photoshopped that weird ass clicker out of her hand in this picture? Or just me?

No. 829751

her interests are
photoshopping, photoshoots (she takes herself )
she's got as much clothing as me (she might have a shopping addiction like me) I mostly only buy clothing or things I collect
we hit a thrift store once. she had like 50 corsets
her extentions are horrible ,if she's so "rich ,why is she wearing plastic extentions?
if you're a chick don't get tattoo'd by her because anyone she's jealous of she gives them horrible tattoos. my friend jessica (is gorgeous and sweethearted ) she got one years ago by her ,I should of listen to her when she said don't get tattoo'd from her. I feel dumb for being her friend when everyone told me not to (but I try to see the best in people)
honestly when she lived at my current location in guelph, she was on her cell the whole time. and both times (no hobbies), she always mad like always ,if she's angry inside she should get help, but will she ever admit she needs help? hell no lol
I spent most of my time in my room while she was here
what got my giggling inside was when I said to victoria that "my sisters stronger then her" icky got so angry it looked like she was shaking in anger.
oh icky if you're reading this, if you think I'm scared of you ,your legit nuts.
she legit in her mind thinks she can bend metal , I have a video on it on my phone somewhere . at least I know I have problems and can admit my wrongs .
oh and not long ago I remembered where I know victoria .. in grade 9-10 , I dating oni's ex (but I didn't know until I went to Canada day at river side park and the guy I was seeing pointed her out ) icky used to give me dirty looks (at metal shows with her sister, and try to act really happy and giggly )
the shitty part is I trusted her before I rememberd where I new her from
I think she desperate bc we hardly new eachother when she stayd with me ( I new her brother and i made up with oni her sister ) my dumb ass trusted her to cut my hair right because she told me she used to work at a rich girl salon (when we first started hanging out)
I think the only things she's done nice was bought us food before
I got her that sparkly dress
and it was like a size 14 , I wanted it at first but it was to big for me, so I gave her it for christmas cause she bigger then me (she goes on and on in person about how shes a large in boobs and ass but xs stomach , it was to funny why? bc that's such a lie is this girl dumb because I used to be an extra small ( at one point I was 94 pounds ) from depression with something that happend to me. there's no way in hell she was a xs or even a s lol id know since I was tiny and that size ,but truely think she spend her "rent money from her old shop on her ass" , in person it looks fake or like someone that works out but since she doesn't I think she paid for it somehow . and who the fuck say " touch my ass , touch it , its real . (most of the screen shots are texts from her old and new phone) the only cord I have and block thing is at nadias. yes its sad that I don't have more then 1 charger. I think I might buy one though so this cant happen again lol

No. 829753


Hey, Jackie! I remember you from around club Vinyl in Guelph, that's how long ago it was lol. I'm so sorry you ended up with this beast and got hurt by her. She's a psychopath and I'm keking so hard that you've come to spill milk.

I have a question. I haven't heard jack shit about Llaird and his, you know, whole pedophile thing. Did Sticky ever talk about it with you?

No. 829754

hey , well I try to be nice to everyone until there mean to me.
she told me mel was lying, that it didnt go her way in court , they even went to laird house to take his laptops and everything and found nothing ( i dont personally trsut me or melynda , melynda is more fake then you think, she made fun of my disability ,so thats that , i didnt believe mel rose because the way she said it and looked , ive knwon laird since grad 9 he was in my lil emo group thing . i trust him more then i trust mel rise , i told mel rose when we were friends that melynda made fun of me, and i was trying to hang out with mel rose but the she posted a photo of melynda and i liked the photo so she deleted me. my other bestie cass knows her (mel rose)well, laird has never given me weird vibes so I honestly don't know the truth on that , I know he didn't go to jail or house arrest . I don't hate mel rose but I didn't believe her by the way she said it to me. I know melynda from my sister being her bestfriend ,but she didn't have to make fun of my disability aka short and long term memory loss… so that's that .. that hurt me cause I have known her along time, I wish she would have done that in person

No. 829755

btw I miss the vinyl <3 _ <3 lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 829757

Sorry Jackie. When you said icky did coke on Valentine’s Day, do you mean the one that just passed?

Do you know if she has a ship to work out of now after she got kicked out of her cousins?

No. 829758

no it was last year or the year before

I don't no if she has a place to work
all she saidd was she left her cousins bc they were stealing from her

No. 829759

that potluck I had but told her I canceled it. mean but that was after she gaslighted me on the couch thing , she thought it was acceptful to put my couch pillows in the bathtub with (laundry detergent ) (she doesn't realize piss is the hardest thing to like get out of your anything)

No. 829760

I have to dry clean like 15 friggin coats bc her cats , my blankets cause her cats . she ain't paying for it .

No. 829761

You told her you cancelled it but still had it? Kek.

Oh one more thing! Is she someone that won’t sleep with your boyfriend like she always says? Or does she hate women so much you have to be careful with her trying to fuck your man?

No. 829762

>she legit in her mind thinks she can bend metal

I'm fucking dead. Thank you Jackie. Reading the rest now.

No. 829763

Jackie can you tell us any embarrassing stories about Vic from the New Year's Eve 2019 party that was at your house? We posted the pics from that here and were loling. She had on the same outfit she always does, of course.

No. 829765

she wouldn't let me bring a girl to her house for a photoshoot, she got all weird about it. she never stopped talking about herself or her " haters"
she doesn't like 98% of woman
she didn't try to steal my bf (but you can tell I didn't go for looks from my last ex josh. no offense to josh but we broke up cause I wanted a break (we kept fighting because I didn't know he was a trump lover and inlove with him self, always on xbox,computer games or on his phones it was the lamest relationship I ever had), and you all know victoria almost always goes for looks , she calls herself a fuck boy with no feelings but that's a total lie , I wouldn't doubt if they date or fuck ,because they both like trump.
I only go for personality if you look at my past I've dated not so pretty men and i've dated hot men ,looks are not everything at all, but I think that's what she goes for ,shallow as fuck. she is proud of fucking ppls bf's (not mine ) she has told me this before if someone does something wrong to her she will try to sleep with your man. she added wade (my crush at the time) kinda fucked up eh ,broke girl code wouldn't doubt if she's trying to fuck wade. so I put my friends private on fb . I blocked any account that I thought was her's so she cant lurk me.

No. 829768

Thanks Jackie! I was the anon who asked about Josh a few days ago. I noticed she would flirt with him like she does with every dude. But she hasn't talked to him publicly for awhile.

If you could find and upload the video of Victoria bending metal with her mind I don't think I would be able to recover.

No. 829771

she wore a mask so noone could take a photo of her and put it online she was smart that way
she didn't get to drunk she seemed nervous because of all the people , she wears more makeup then I do and that's saying alot nothing embarrassing at that party but when we went down town before ,everyone gave her weird looks for that fake accent ill be back here later tonight I have some things I have to do today ,hope everyone has a good day back later

No. 829774

I would get such secondhand embarrassment if I were with a friend who was doing a fake accent irl like that, lol.

The funniest part about that is she has dudes online who encourage it and post things about how cool and amazing her accent is. I think some of them are trolling her but a lot of them are serious.

>but truely think she spend her "rent money from her old shop on her ass" , in person it looks fake or like someone that works out but since she doesn't I think she paid for it somehow . and who the fuck say " touch my ass , touch it , its real

Another highlight. Maybe she was wearing those leggings with the butt pads in them? But I wouldn't be surprised if she got some sort of work done. She has mentioned how her body is all real and that other women pay to get a physique like hers KEK.

Thanks for stopping by Jackie. I hope you have a great day too and I look forward to your return.

No. 829777

File: 1617382780513.jpeg (131 KB, 826x1121, 7323D94B-2BD5-45E6-B0C2-E78E3E…)

After eating a plate of 20 yorkies

No. 829802

I feel so bad for her cats. She probably never cuddles or plays with them. They must be in agonising boredom and loneliness. The cats peeing everywhere means that they're either sick or in distress.

No. 829809

She literally uses the Norwegian forest cat as a prop because he is gorgeous but she keeps the one that isn’t cute hidden, probably because she can’t “flex” on it in the same way she can a luxury breed

No. 829812

lmao Jackie you’re a real one, thank you so much for sharing all this hilarity. I find it really hard to believe that she’s had any work done on her ass though, I’m assuming she asked to you “touch it” while she had clothes on, I think it’s more likely to padding of some sort. She’s basically a NEET, assuming she did spend her rent money on surgery I’d think she would spend in on fixing that giant hooked beak before getting work done elsewhere. But that’s just my tinfoil.

No. 829820

Oh my goodness, there is actually another cat? I’ve never really seen it nor have I seen an ugly cat. I have seen a roughed up, big old orange cat with scars everywhere, but even he was still handsome in a way that cats are. I feel so bad for those kitties.
God icky shingles is so shallow it makes me sick. Even tuna cares more about her cat(s) in a weird way I am sure.

No. 829821

She fat, so she’s going to have a fat ass. I agree. I don’t think she got it done. She buys all her shit from wish so I would put it past her to buy those but lifter underwear / pants that are popular on there.
Girl can’t even pay her rent. There’s no way she’s paying $4000-$9,000 for a butt implant kek.
Looks like she spends $7 on plastic extensions.

No. 829828

I’m genuinely confused about all this booty speak - I don’t think she looks like she’s had any work done on her ass, and if she said “Touch it, it’s real!” I’d be uncomfortable because nothing about it doesn’t look real? It just looks like a butt to me.

The mirror photo with the tights just looks like a non-pancake bum to me, unless there’s a photo or two that I’ve missed?

No. 829831

Same, it’s nothing special, it’s just a fat girl ass. If I were her I’d be more concerned about the floppy sagging old lady who has had 4 children pancake tits that look nothing like the over inflated gravity defying beach balls she shoops them into. Sometimes I think it’s wild that there aren’t more candid photos of her floating around but then I remember that she never leaves her hovel unless it’s to get chicken tendies from the drive though

No. 829837

Kinda surprised Ick hasn’t spamming her retarded “want inked up sooper dealz for easter sooper limited spots available” shit that she does when rent is due. Does anyone here follow her “professional” private insta to see if she is posting recent work? Maybe she’s quiet because she’s found new victims

No. 829838


Ontario is back on a full lockdown again. So if she was offering scratch deals it would be illegal

No. 829840

I would not put it past her to be posting that shit on the private account, she’s made no secret of being an anti-lockdown selfish redneck cunt

No. 829860

She probably wants people to ask if it's fake so she can be like no it's REAL!

No. 829865

File: 1617468725855.jpeg (157.22 KB, 827x1217, 29845942-E8D8-42E6-B9D4-B13EAE…)

Hey Jackie! I have another question. You said she takes her photos herself. She use to put credit to : Frankie Photography.
Do you know anything about “Frankie” or is that made up


No. 829866


They way that window is warped to shit always makes me kek

No. 829920

File: 1617501547780.jpg (691.11 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210403-215930_Chr…)

Quick question.
Does anyone know the story behind why icky threw this client under the bus by saying she was a picker? I have been a sideline watcher for a while and I've never seen this girl say anything about icky until now.

No. 829942

File: 1617505579567.jpeg (256.97 KB, 1080x1022, 82D58D96-F50A-4B22-9152-74D575…)

Pound Town is as much of a cow as Vicky, seriously. Surprised she hasn’t inserted herself into this trailer trash spectacle

No. 829949

Omg I'm going to have to bookmark this guy. I'm the anon who creeps Jamie Whiteman's Facebook accounts:



He is always getting 30-60 day bans from Facebook. It's hilarious. I'm glad Dylan is back for now.

No. 829983

He is absolutely average if not below. How come the most mediocre white trash men have the confidence of a Superman. It’s not attractive, it’s making them look dumb because they shit higher than they have ass.

No. 829997

File: 1617554336478.jpg (37.6 KB, 1280x409, IMG_20210404_093715_427.jpg)

Victoria's response to this status from Pound Town.

No. 830009

35 years old saying “bae” I can’t.
And Ontario is under strict lockdown and here she is inviting people over. One of the many reasons not to get tattooed by Victoria Bella morte.

She’s hiding this guy 100% because he is white trash. Imagine being that embarrassed of your partner kek

No. 830011

File: 1617560970351.png (760.81 KB, 828x1792, 86366C9A-4631-445B-8C5B-C547D7…)

Loves to drop “nigga” in memes. And Victoria is scribbled on tho? And her tattoos she does are awful. Keep projecting

No. 830012

is it dropping the n word if it's in someone else's tweet & she's just reposting it..? this feels like grasping at straws

No. 830013

It is when you’re a huge racist on a Facebook page calling immigrants aids infested?

But my main point was actually the fact that she talking about bad tattoos when she’s a walking bad tattoo

No. 830023

>epic evil twin
I just cringed so hard I put my back out. I’ve been quietly tinfoiling that she is quiet because she has temporarily ensnared some fedora tipping redneck but she’s not posting pics to prove how fuckable she is because he is an ugly fuck, this suggests that I might be right

No. 830024

Especially when she’s an immigrant herself but isn’t disease infested because she’s white (the fucking irony, this unwashed greasy fat retard is a walking disease)

No. 830027


she just can't resist tearing others down. she could have left the last line out completely

No. 830042

File: 1617573649135.jpeg (121.65 KB, 566x733, 8DA4A070-CDD5-49EE-9C16-915AA0…)

Victoria “I hate bad tattoos that look like scribbles”

Also Vicky:

No. 830078

File: 1617584339133.jpeg (667.48 KB, 828x1148, 1DF443E6-864E-412F-A019-E7FC75…)

kek, that lasted long. shingles must be ecstatic.

No. 830081

File: 1617586706785.jpeg (44.22 KB, 827x282, 395B4227-115B-4AB4-936B-7B1CD0…)

He put this up and then they break up? What’s up with adults in small town Canada acting like 16 year olds.

No. 830084

File: 1617588483232.jpg (53.51 KB, 1280x727, IMG_20210404_190658_492.jpg)

He just replied to his own status with the popcorn emoji.

No. 830085

Can’t blame this on small town Ontario, dude is from the city of Kitchener-Waterloo which is actually worse

No. 830089

File: 1617590353660.jpeg (447.37 KB, 1242x1425, 61135509-A6EE-44AC-872F-156A99…)

Inserted herself as per usual

No. 830091

Man, I have a friend who fucked this guy. Small world

No. 830100

This is so fucking embarrassing, these are two people in their 30s. Kara seems like a normal girl who can keep her private life private, I’m assuming (and hoping) she just got jack of this cow’s oversharing and attention whoring and dumped his cringelord ass. He and Vicky are a great match, may this chapter bring us much fresh milk
>inb4 Shingles dumps her secret neckbeard “bae” for this loser

No. 830101

Lmao I love this thread so much.

No. 830109

File: 1617603827285.jpeg (173.39 KB, 1000x956, 58E0E731-8577-40D9-B674-51620D…)

LOL seriously? Do you actually know him? He is already taking photos with another girl, didn’t take long for him to move on, I can’t wait to see Ick get catty in the comments

No. 830124

Not to defend this sleazeball but apparently that mmert chick is his "best friend" he was posting pics and status either with or about her the entire time he was with Kara. They probably do still fuck but he made it pretty clear from the start that she's his best friend, allegedly.

No. 830129

Reminds me of Moo and how she took uwu cutesy “eating the same bun” photos with Sensei while he had a girlfriend.

Girls who don’t respect boundaries with a “taken” man are massive red flags. Along with any guy who plays along.

No. 830133


Do boys really have female friends they aren’t attracted to/ want to fuck? Not in my experience mostly

No. 830136

Creeper this guy a bit when he first popped up in the Ickysphere, and its funny because he never posted any pictures with any girls before he changed his relationship status, and then all of a sudden he's constantly posting these pics as soon as he has a girlfriend. Some kind of fuckboy attempted power tactic I'm assuming. I feel bad for Kara, I hope they're actually broken up and that she stays clear of this mess.

No. 830137

Kara's Facebook is gone. I hope they're broken up too. She seems normal and he is an obvious mess.

No. 830166

File: 1617656384138.png (1.38 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210405-135301.png)

Our crusty girl is exploring black wigs now. Maybe to appeal to her newly single dusty redneck.

No. 830167

Naw shes posting old pics.

No. 830170

She really just thinks that every little thing she does is fascinating, doesn’t she?

No. 830174


Didn't you hear? Nasa has confirmed the earth revolves around icky. She burns night and bright from the methane gas that is release from her entire being

No. 830175

File: 1617660731304.jpeg (53.15 KB, 827x417, 18B07A68-6650-4919-ABD9-AB7D09…)

The greatest teacher is failure. Unless you’re not willing to admit your faults and say people stole from you. But okay ick.

Also, Jackie said she was coming back today. I guess we shouldn’t count on it.

No. 830176

File: 1617661210983.jpeg (46.8 KB, 720x404, 5E336837-4862-4EED-BD81-606E80…)

Serving Lilith Levisis Vibes here.

No. 830187

Sorry y'all, I'm so glad Jackie spilled the bit of milk she had, and I really appreciate it.
But I don't think she's going to show up for us. Big talk, no walk.

No. 830193

Isn't this the picture where someone said she looked like megan fox and she responded by saying sje did it first?? Lol

No. 830195

I’m inclined to believe this, but she also copped a ban and it might not have expired, and she has admitted she’s tech illiterate and most likely doesn’t use a VPN so there’s that too, but I still think we won’t get any more milk (unless some other lurkers want to spill)
She and pound town unfollowed each other on Instagram but she and Vicky sill follow each other
I think him taking pics with his “best friend” (they’re 100% fucking) while also posting pics of him grabbing Kara’s tits and ass captioned “mine” (fucking gross typical moid, I hope Kara finds this thread, she dodged a bullet with this piece of shit) is a total power move, or so he thinks

No. 830196

Unfortunately, if this is Jackie >>829755 then I don't think we'e going to hear from her.

No. 830197

Yep, that’s what I was referring to, I’m pretty sure that’s her. Oh well. The milk was fun while it lasted, I hope Ick returns to her gratuitous catfish selfie narc posting soon

No. 830203

She can evade the ban no? I’ve seen people do it a lot. The fact that she got banned even for emojis is fucking stupid she contributed a decent amount of milk and more was (hopefully) coming. Some of these mods need to stop being so damn anal and chill(complaints go in meta)

No. 830209

See >>830195, she might not be able to ban evade or realize that it’s even possible. I really hope she comes back too

No. 830226

Tbh, the some dumbass anon probably reported the post and the mods didn’t know the context of it because I’m sure they don’t really have time to read all of their threads. It looks like a ban worthy post on its own.

No. 830232

I'll probably get banned for saying this but this when the mods drive me insane. Orbiter with milk comes ready to spill but no let's ban her for a stupid insignificant reply. It's like they don't even read what's going on and just throw out bans for the sake of banning. No wonder all these threads suck lately.

No. 830233

They should (should being the operative word) be checking other posts made using that IP before banning them but, well. Even though emoji use warrants a ban in accordance with rules it should be just a warning with the appropriate redtext in an instance like this, but it is what it is. If that IP has been permabanned it’s unlikely we’ll here from Jackie again given her self admitted technical incompetence, but a farmer can dream. In other news, Kara’s Facebook is back up but unlike Pound Town she has kept it private. He deleted the post about having lots of options. This must be a new record for Vick’s time between totally profesh photo shoots, I hope she’s hard at work shopping a new monstrosity for us to get a laugh out of

No. 830236

No. 830268

Tinfoil. But has anyone else noticed that Jamie Whitman and Victoria both went silent around the same time? He was posting 15 times a day to nothing. And she’s been pretty silent as well besides a meme here or there.
Maybe she crawled back to him.

No. 830293

Either that or they didn’t pay their bills.

No. 830300

Agreed. It's like the mods want lc to go stale.

No. 830311

Jackie! If you see this you might have been ban for not saging your post but it’s probably lifted by now. Please come back with those screenshots!

No. 830314

File: 1617754355548.jpeg (146.02 KB, 827x773, 2C594B31-4339-44ED-A491-656544…)

Tattoos done by Victoria that haven’t (?) been posted yet.

No. 830315

File: 1617754432221.jpeg (99.79 KB, 827x639, 7356B103-20CC-4DE3-BE80-CAE998…)

Part two.

No. 830320

For about 5 seconds, I thought “that anchor’s not so bad.” In my defense, I’m on mobile.

No. 830321

Not bad for an apprentice.

No. 830326

File: 1617759480975.jpeg (487.27 KB, 828x908, E37AF16E-E062-47FB-9971-595E43…)

Looks like they’re back together, Kara love yourself girl

No. 830332

Love that the writing isn’t straight.

No. 830334

You can tell she looked up fonts online as they don’t curve with the banner of the anchor. She is incapable of drawing anything freehand.

No. 830339

File: 1617764006280.jpg (94.35 KB, 808x1280, IMG_20210406_184905_635.jpg)

Interesting. I took this screenshot this morning, noticing he was friends with a (reactivated) Kara and claiming single.

When you check his profile now there's no visible relationship info on his profile, kek. He really is the male version of Victoria. Twinsies indeed.

No. 830360

Not entirely implausible but I feel like if they were they’d both be oversharing like never before

No. 830381

Why does the end of the music note look like an old man's droopy testicle?

No. 830387

File: 1617803982754.png (486.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210407-095652.png)

No. 830388

File: 1617804012299.png (293.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210407-095626.png)

No. 830389

File: 1617804043031.png (551.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210407-095646.png)

No. 830391

Jackie!!! So she didn’t even deny saying they dated. Kek.
And Victoria says everyone is a stalker, so that’s not very believable.

So Jackie, she told you they dated for how long?

Vicky actually thinks she’s smarter than everyone else, thinks she can just gloss over the fact that she lied about dating someone.

No. 830392

She didn't tell me how long , she noticed him talking to me, then said stay away from him i dated him, he's a stalker. (He's actually an awesome guy) i was just like okay, weird look I never believed everything she said , she lies every day all day, she's always angry and drinking. We had a couple good times but I still had to listen to her lies which made me feel like I was drinking poison .

No. 830393

She pulled this shit with me too. Got mad at me, called me a stalker, then proceeded to stalk my friends and family on social media.

No. 830394

I told her I had a lol crush on a guy named wade. She added him, so I made it so you can't see my friends on Facebook because that's just creepy of her to do.

No. 830395

Jackie you absolute fucking legend. She is fucking mental. Have you got any other screen caps of her psychopathy? Did she ever talk about this Pound Town douche that we’ve been making fun of here? This is topkek

No. 830396

File: 1617806512066.png (214.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210407-104032.png)

This made me laugh pretty hard

No. 830397

LMAO she adds people sage doesn’t know just because her friends like them? And she has the audacity to call other people stalkers?! SHE IS INSANE

No. 830398

Yes but I have like 2 years of texts and messages but it will take me time to find , I have to charge this phone, I'll be back

No. 830400

You’re a real one sis, thank you so much for blessing us with this beautiful bounty. May you live long and prosper

No. 830401

Holy mother of god she is delusional. I know we all like to bandy about terms pertaining to mental illness and incompetency here on the farm but this fat retard is actually certifiable. How has she not had people try to intervene and force her into treatment? Are her parents that fucking useless that they can’t see or don’t care that their spawn needs to be in psychiatric care?

No. 830403

Wow, over 14 martial arts? I bet she's been trained in gorilla warfare as well!

No. 830406

kek I love ‘over 14’ like anything beyond that is just impossible to count.

No. 830407

I would love to see her try to name 5

No. 830409

She wrote the original navy seals copypasta and it was based on her life. Seriously I would LOVE to see someone brace her to list the 14 martial arts she knows. She’s a Kung fool legend.

No. 830410

Sperging is a martial art, right?

No. 830432

File: 1617827488032.jpeg (135.61 KB, 826x980, 0427F284-CEFD-431D-A266-668661…)

So she spoke to this guy on Facebook and thought they were dating. Kek. Sounds about right. They probably never even met in person

No. 830433

Jeremy has told me himself she looks nothing like her pics and she can only keep up her act for so long before she actually progressively becomes worse. I know another person who confirmed this aswell.

No. 830435

So he had met her in person? Is this Jackie or someone else?

No. 830438

>wow you mentioned psychology, you must be so smart and nerdy!
Vic’s neckbeard orbiters crack me up. They’re so easily impressed kek.

No. 830447

I knew Jackie would come through. You're awesome.

No. 830448

Someone else who chooses to remain anonymous and yes he has I didn't really ask for much more detail though the conversation wasn't super long. Although it was a chuckle.

No. 830459

Jackie…. how old is this guy? He looks like way to young for Victoria… it’s creepy.

No. 830471


Jeremy is 30

No. 830473

i love how many people have come to expose vicky in these threads. imagine being like 40 and having so much drama around you and still thinking you do nothing wrong, it's always someone elses fault, people are just jealous hatersss etc. if a truly good person had so many jealous haters, surely there would be twice as many people willing to defend them. yet she is the only one who will come here to defend herself

No. 830491

Wow Jackie is my hero way 2 go

No. 830507

science????? what?????

No. 830539

File: 1617894832453.jpeg (122.27 KB, 827x566, E80BE8E7-5C12-4541-A8E4-73B837…)

No overly edited selfies, no clients. But she she is sad posting.
Do you think icky is actually listening to lolcow and staying off the internet and thinking of her life choices?

No. 830542

Either that or she’s going to return with an unprecedented shoop disaster (I really hope it’s the latter, milk has been pretty light on site wide of late, save for Jackie’s contribution which is all topkek). Jackie, please bestow more gifts upon us!

No. 830564

Reminds me of Raven except she was more depressing where Vicky is just hilarious non-stop

No. 830570

No, she is probably nursing a bottle of hard liquor in her hovel since her province went into lockdown again. Plus I bet Jackie spilling milk here has her in a tizzy.

No. 830577

She’s probably so embarrassed. Between the milk being spilt about punching adrien in the face and then Jackie swinging by… I’d lay low too. It’s pathetic as fuck. Beating boyfriends, the $1000 brutalized parrot tattoo girl and now her former bestfriend with screen grabs that she makes up relationships with people.

No. 830631

File: 1617948308565.jpeg (183.13 KB, 828x930, AE165693-9697-4BE5-B1B6-33D996…)

Who wants to bet that this is aimed at Jackie/farmers? I’m slightly disappointed that she hadn’t full on sperged about the recent revelations. Minor tinfoil but I think Bunny living up to her promise of dragging Vicky if she ever mentioned her name might have scared her off addressing anyone else in a way that’s not just vaguebooking

No. 830650

Vicky, log off. Also I wonder how Bunny can "drag" her that bad that she is scared?

No. 830651

so bad*

No. 830657

Vicky lives in buttfuck nowhere, wondering why no one punches her in the face. Kek. Hide in your house some more talking about women on your Facebook you’ve been talking about by name for years, you’ve never touched.

No. 830658

This doesn't exactly come off the way she wants. We know no-one wants to touch you, you smelly old hag.

No. 830660

File: 1617976317691.jpeg (45.2 KB, 827x546, 3FD7A34D-E5E7-4148-B96C-5A4218…)

Yeah people are petrified of you and your sweet sword skills.
Take several seats you retarded ham sandwich.

No. 830661

File: 1617976596898.jpeg (302.34 KB, 749x1431, A3566E28-9682-4FD6-BEE2-B799A6…)

“The people of my country”

No. 830664

kek of course this malodorous fat retard is going to be upset about that racist old relic whose family were actual nazis kicking the bucket. where is jackie? girl, if youre still with us, have you got any stories the involve this greasy hams racism?

No. 830671

Victoria: prince Phillip is a fine man that’s done a lot for the country I haven’t been to in 32 years.

Prince Phillip: How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test?" he asked a Scottish driving instructor in 1995.

No. 830675

GSTQ Victoria! I've loyalist cousins that are acting the dramatics today, I'd love to see how the Canadian expats ham it up

No. 830678

Icky was probably so excited when he died so she could go online and talk about how she’s British again.

No. 830683

Imagine bragging about not getting in fist fights when you're close to 40. Guess what, no one else your age is either unless they're crackheads

No. 830688


to be fair canada still accepts the british monarch as its own, but we know thats not what she was talking about

No. 830698


Vaguely, and more as a pop culture thing tbh, at least in the younger generation, because they don't really connect Canada with the UK, even though the history is there. And even though she is technically our monarch in some arbitrary way.

But if anyone ever brought it up to Icky she'd be the first one to sperge about how Candians don't have anything to do with the UK, because she doesn't understand how these countries work at all.

No. 830708

File: 1618000245929.jpeg (65.2 KB, 827x295, 040762CD-1AB0-4DAA-B7A2-BDCE60…)

The same man that said “ I don't think a prostitute is more moral than a wife, but they are doing the same thing." ?

Both woman haters so I guess two peas in a pod.

No. 830710

“You taste in humour is poor” says the whale with no sense of humour whatsoever, fucking kek

No. 830715

File: 1618007708136.jpeg (190.85 KB, 828x542, 77474A21-8AC2-4B79-977A-7DCA85…)

The replies on this post are so retarded. Bitch, what exactly did he do for “his people”?

No. 830719

File: 1618008696019.jpg (65.89 KB, 815x1280, IMG_20210409_155112_466.jpg)

This exchange made me lol

No. 830735

Good god she’s fucking Canadian kek. Bitch lived in NORTHERN IRELAND for barely the first two years of her life. You’re not exotic Vicky, but you are CANADIAN

No. 830740

Honestly if you didn't know any better, you would be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled onto some supremacist's page.

No. 830742

File: 1618019240700.jpeg (273.05 KB, 828x1097, 5C683C98-10B1-4A79-8622-DFD77A…)

That’s because she is an actual white supremacist. Everything about this fat cunt is trash
She changed her pfp to this, Icky is probably seething that her “twinsies” break up lasted 24 hours

No. 830743

her dad literally is a white supremacist and she likely is as well
as usual, white supremacists are their own best counter-arguments
people with absolutely zero to be proud of other than a relative lack of melanin

No. 830747

File: 1618021651168.jpeg (53.58 KB, 827x389, 6633DB26-4BAA-4B8E-81DC-077BB8…)

OnlyFans is known for porn, but it can be for anything. You’d think she know that considering they totally tried to give her a contract for a million dollars.

That being said, nobody would want to see her naked anyways. She knows full well she’s make $3

No. 830748

File: 1618021747062.jpeg (55.1 KB, 673x1000, 5DCADB08-1363-4C56-ACD9-3C0CEE…)

Why start an onlyfans when you can just do it for free on Facebook.

No. 830749

She must have felt bad because people had brought milk ITT and has thought "I am an activist now" to help clean her reputation.

No. 830750

lmao the fact that she has photos like this all over social media but thinks she’s better than literal whores is eternally hilarious, she’s actually worse because she does it for nothing bar asspats from fat basement dwelling neckbeards who believe she looks like her atrocious edits irl. Speaking of asspats, is this the longest she’s gone between “photo shoots”? Because it sure feels like it.

No. 830776

>>830539 I'm not as hopeful
all her pics are still up on insta probably just looking up how to make her shopps look more convincing. She's not improving herself in any way shape or form and if she was I'd be damned surprised she probably just dosent want to be exposed.

No. 830778

I am someone else and yes.

No. 830779

I love that this thread attracts people who know Ick irl. Have you got any milk to share anon?

No. 830793

File: 1618057410113.jpeg (160.47 KB, 826x1064, F60AD28E-6238-46DB-BA65-AE0E7A…)

He’s a young looking emo guy so she won’t go off on him. But let’s see.

No. 830794

File: 1618058473707.jpg (576.77 KB, 1215x2160, Snapchat-399431626.jpg)

This is the tattoo she did on me …. it's horrible more then i thought possible at the time

No. 830795

Does that look like a gem tattoo? Not at all

No. 830796

File: 1618058707181.jpg (482.58 KB, 1215x2160, Snapchat-1915922067.jpg)

- _ -

No. 830800

Holy shit. Another shit tattoo by the untrained Victoria Bella morte.
Girl need to quit tattooing. Icky has no schooling besides the university of YouTube, so I guess she’d have to get a job at the grocery store? Like what’s her plan when nobody will come see her anymore? Art is always changing and she can barely get a handle of the basics.
Jackie does she have a fall back plan or is she that delusional? Please tell me you’re getting this covered.

No. 830801

She's delusional
Yes I'm getting it covered. Not sure with what though. Hailey from ink Smith here in guelph is doing it. The wings and gem and everything doesn't match it drives my o.c.d nuts. She legit crazy so much so that she doesn't know it.

No. 830802

I didnt see it, did it got deleted? kek

No. 830804

Kek. Yeah she deleted it. If that was a female she won’t have ripped them a new one.
But of course she can’t have a conversation about it, cause she knows he’s right.

No. 830805

how long ago?

No. 830806

How old is your tattoo? It’s incredible how faded it is. I have tattoos that are over 10 years old that aren’t even close to being as faded as this. Great job Vicky! And I’m sure she charged you a ridiculous rate too

No. 830808

It's 1 years old
It's shit
It's drives my OCD nuts I hate wearing t-shirts where ppl can see it. I can't wait to cover it up. I'm glad I didn't get a face though. She would have probably tattood her face on me like she has only people.

No. 830809

THATS A YEAR OLD?! She can’t even say you didn’t take care of it. You guys were friends and she saw you often. Did she ever claim you weren’t taking care of it or did she think it was great?

No. 830810

Thanks for coming forward! I’m sure there are a lot more people who are so unhappy with their tattoos but don’t because it will give away their identity. Stunned that it’s only a year old and as faded as it is. That’s wild and is more proof she should not be tattooing people and ripping them off for the money she demands for this type of work

No. 830811

mm I see the problem

needs more white

No. 830814

I did her instructions to take care of it
Did every step, got infected then she blamed me for not taking care of it. I think she's so jealous of other woman that she gives woman shitter tattoos then men. It's very messed up. It's not done 5-6 hours free (for staying with me, she owes me 1000 tattoo but I didn't want it after the one I got.) Didn't get done till 5 am because she had some client before me . I think it's nuts that she didn't let me have the colors pink and yellow (that I wanted )

No. 830815

She offered me 1000 to stay with me a 3rd time I declined I have that text somewhere I'll find it later
She's got no self awareness

No. 830816

Do you live in the Fergus-Elora area or Guelph or Cambridge? I know she was at a salon in Cambridge where she was apparently kicked out of before her cousin let her rent some space in her salon in Fergus (which she has since been removed from as well)
Not sure how she can’t connect the dots and realize her behaviour

No. 830821

I live and I'm from guelph

No. 830828

It looks like she went back and forth on the line work instead of just going over your skin in one stroke. That sucks.

No. 830843

Lmao anon ily

No. 830938

Woman here, she wanted to do my whole leg for "cheap" and wouldn't stop messaging my man lmao glad I declined. I wouldn't out it past her. It's something she would do t looks like that Gem is purposely fucked that can't be an accident just look at it

No. 830941

Why was she messaging your man? Kek. What was she even saying

No. 830993

File: 1618194441049.jpeg (607.55 KB, 828x1187, 37868C22-99AA-455A-A6FF-D7B652…)

Pound Town deleted his fb again and posted this on instagram, these people are in their thirties

No. 831075

The closer you look the more of a mess it is…

No. 831088

File: 1618263451432.jpeg (82.63 KB, 827x1393, 3FF3139F-F6B1-4518-AF77-7F185F…)

Being almost 40 and threating to kick peoples asses cause they’re mean to you. Kek. Stay classy, old lady.

Jackie, has Vicky ever even steps to someone that was making fun of her? Last time I checked, people laughed her out of Toronto and now she’s a recluse, sits behind the computer and drinks Jack.

Even if she were to throw her weight around, just about anyone could outrun this ham sandwich.

No. 831098

She's been posting so infrequently lately but when she does, it's these memes about beating people up. Is she trying to threaten Jackie? "Stay safe" lol I bet Jackie would beat her ass if she tried.

No. 831104

File: 1618271534809.jpeg (39.6 KB, 600x337, 0AA2788D-CFF0-440C-AC09-CC59FD…)

Victoria sitting behind her computer screen on the daily.

No. 831108

Well she took about 700 selfies of her flexing in that dress. Now that Jackie dropped she bought it for Vicky she’s probably embarrassed. And the fact that she’s been dragged for looking like a 50 year old hooker, I wouldn’t post either.
She should try washing her face and drying off the internet for awhile.

No. 831143

File: 1618278075434.jpeg (110.59 KB, 827x1012, E913A72E-8C48-4825-B1B5-B8E8F8…)

She put this back up.
She has like two videos of her doing this, one she kills a KFC gravy cup.
If she misses this so much, and we’re in lockdown in Ontario why doesn’t she do it?
Or was she so broke she had to sell her sword? Kek.
Or has she gotten so fat she can’t swing her arms? I’m confused. Top laziness

No. 831157

File: 1618279382697.jpeg (95.55 KB, 720x851, FDB46CC0-7E90-4E16-9F80-F70285…)

Are all these vaguebook posts supposed to scare jackie? she’s almost 40 and threatening people on the internet, jfc. If any anons who know shingles irl are lurking, did she ever attempt to show you her mad sword skills? She is the female version of this

No. 831160

She took down her sword post already. Kek. It’s so sad. She’s definitely trying to intimidate Jackie and her haterzzz.
I’ve been in the same room as her, but there was no sword, unfortunately.

No. 831167

Story time?

No. 831174

File: 1618289141464.png (1.42 MB, 1073x4152, Victorias_New_Boyfriend.png)

So Victoria has a new internet boyfriend. I wonder where he lives.

No. 831175

Gdi I cropped the screenshots wrong and the "it got deleted from existence" message was left in there twice, sorry.

No. 831178

I was right! I knew it! That’s why she hasn’t been thirstposting online. He must be fug as fuck if she’s not posting cringe with him like she did with Matt. Why does she keep referring to herself as a fuckboy? She’s basically an incel. Imagine being middle aged and doing this lmao.

No. 831180

File: 1618289797032.jpeg (596.38 KB, 828x1219, 0C472B96-0E13-4A1F-B0EA-8109EE…)

Who wants to place bets on how long this grand romance will last?

No. 831181

File: 1618291122672.jpg (132.22 KB, 914x1280, IMG_20210412_221846_942.jpg)

Jackie better watch out!

No. 831183

Well her last boyfriend, who she said was special enough to introduce her parents to, lasted a day and a half.

I'm giving this new guy a couple months maybe. It seems like she's been occupied chatting to him for maybe a month now? I'd say by summer she's back to being a self admitted fuckboy again.

No. 831184

wondering if it’s already over or on its way. “i hope you find that” is a bit of a weird caption for this pic.

No. 831186

File: 1618295937224.jpg (101.74 KB, 937x1280, IMG_20210412_233819_126.jpg)

I don't think so, anon. Victoria dumped a bunch of crap on both Facebook accounts and her insta full of memes and posts about relationships.

No. 831194

She can't intimidate me the only 2 things that scare me on the top of my head that i can think of are bugs or needles . Unless she throws a June bug at me , she's not going to win lmao

No. 831197

Good don’t let this chonk give you a hard time. I’m actually surprised she’s not calling you out by name like she has done in the past with other women. It’s just passive/aggressive crap. To me that says she is scared of you or what you can tell everybody.

No. 831200

I don't know if she's scared of me but I'm not scared of her at all she's 5 foot nothing, I'm 5 foot 8 .
Id love to see her try lol

No. 831204

Jackie, do you know who her new boyfriend is? is he a crackhead she met on bf

No. 831205

File: 1618317637953.jpeg (137.59 KB, 824x1366, EE82A43E-DAF0-4B22-960E-C3C86D…)

I’m actually scared for this guy. How obsessed can someone be after months of dating? Seems like she get clingy really fast.
This is cringe af

No. 831209

Actual queen shit. I’m living for your zero fucks, honestly. I don’t think anyone has ever exposed her or stood up to her like this. Like milk aside, I love your attitude. She’s a bully and you’re not intimidated, you best believe she’s seething in silence. If she didn’t have this boyfriend (who is either desperate or mentally impaired or both) she’d be sperging all over social media. He must be spectacularly ugly for her to hide him away, not only is she not posting pics of him but she’s not tagged him on sm either (unless she comments on his posts but we can’t find them because we don’t know who he is).

No. 831211

Seeing as she never leaves her fetid hovel of cat excrement and bacon grease I’m guessing it’s some dolt she catfished with her shoops, maybe she hasn’t even met him in person yet, or if she has he is probably legitimately retarded and as much as a stinky, unwashed, fat fuck as she is because no self respecting person would put up with someone that slovenly. I wonder how he’d feel about her punching ex boyfriends in the face.

No. 831214

The wikihow-tier illustration makes this so much better

No. 831215

No idea, she was pretty careful what info she gave me.probably cause knows I know almost everyone in guelph. I've been to 12ish schools. Moved over 30 times in my 28 years here in guelph. I can't go anywhere without seeing people I know. And since my mom ran the youth centre when it was open I new everyone there aswell. I've developed a ability to be able to talk to anyone because if it. I met her I believe at a metal show.
I can say this about her.
She's obsessed with this site, the girls she has name dropped
She does not look like her photos, in person she's chubby (not fat fat but not toned or skinny)
Her nose and cheek bones are way bigger in person (she smoothed out her cheek bones in every picture.
She doesn't have a sharp jaw like her photos.
She uses makeup to make her boobs look rounder or easyer to photoshopped (she did this at our last photoshoot)
If you let her live with you, she trys taking over your house.
She wears self tanner and it looks so bad and splotchy . She's naturally pale so it looks orange and she wears white cover up so it's 2 different shades.
She said she hated her thin hair ( then made mine super thin, alot of red flags seem to be adding up
Her messing up my hair
Her putting me down in ways that you can't call her out
Her being two faced
Her leaving food in my sink
Her bragging about money but can't replace a couch second hand?
She said she'd hold the doors for me to move her out when I was sick, thinking I'm gunna take 25 bags of her crap down 3 floors when she treated me like shit. The fucked up part is that she hasent taken any responsibility for the things she's done wrong.
Oh and her ex matt, there not friends anymore (she did lie and tell everyone that he cut her hair in her sleep and that's why her real hairs short . (Which isn't true) cause I'm friends with Matt.
Oh and her eye color is a solid boring green. I remember her going on about them being light, mine are light hers are not, she's like I love my eyes there's so bright, yours are nice to
Sorry icky but mine are light and have 3 colors blue rim green then yellow , stop using so much Photoshop. If you go missing No one will be able to find you because you look nothing like your photos.

No. 831216

When I found this site I was mind blown and everything made more sense

No. 831219

File: 1618321775882.jpeg (58.47 KB, 275x266, B0EB26BF-9161-4E2B-95C3-12DEED…)

> If you go missing No one will be able to find you because you look nothing like your photos.

No. 831220

When you say solid green you mean like hazel? They’ve always looked hazel to me when they haven’t been edited to helll and back, like a murky baby shit green as opposed to a nice shade. I can just imagine how gross everything she touches must be, between never bathing, being a fat sweaty lump of lard who smokes and drinks and covers herself in layers of gross greasy orange fake tan and makeup. I thought she loved being “sooper pale”, why the fuck is she tanning in the first place? Especially if she’s wearing white makeup over the top of it. Everything about her is so disgusting

No. 831221

Wait, so her hair is actually short? My fucking sides. I mean it looks thin and balding but I always assumed that it had some length to it. I can’t believe sage fucked up your hair on purpose. I mean I can believe it, because she’s a psycho, but still. I’m so sorry you had to deal with all that Jackie. Do you know any of her other boyfriends besides Matt?

No. 831225

Wait she said Matt cut her hair in her sleep? Kek! She can’t even take responsibility for taking shit care of her hair. Has to blame someone else.

Vicky, Matt doesn’t want you and you’re next dude is going to leave you cause you won’t change your shitty behaviour

No. 831226

Why did her and Matt break up? Did she treat him as bad as adrien?

No. 831229

Mayor of Pound Town looks like he's single again. I wonder if it's him. The constant references to fuck boys and being a fuck boy is what they always joke about together.
Kara still has a profile pic of them two together but Dylan left a sad emoji on it…
Im guessing either him, Jamie Whiteman or insert any other construction worker/brick layer with questionable attributes in the Guelph and surrounding areas kek

No. 831244

Doubtful, he might be a cow but he’s good looking. She could never pull him. He’s probably wham bam her that’s about it.

No. 831246

Hey now don’t put construction workers/brick layers in icky’s boyfriends class. They actually work and make money for a living.

No. 831252

I'm the Jamie Whiteman anon, the one who keeps tabs on him I mean. He moved out of Brantford because he hated it and now he lives with his uncle in London and is doing bricklaying work. I checked his FB yesterday to make sure he isn't Victoria's boyfriend and he's still posting memes about being attracted to red flags and nothing about being in love like she is. He's one of those people who live blogs every thought he has on Facebook so I know, if not directly posting about his babe he'd at least be posting happy relationship memes, if they got together.

No. 831256

Fucking kek I love you autists. I’ve been checking pound town’s pages too, he keeps deactivating and reactivating and he changed his Instagram @. He is way too much of a conventionally attractive Chad for Shingles, I don’t think he’d even use her as a secret cumrag, unlike Vicky his boasts of getting so much thirst online are considerably more plausible.

No. 831260

Hes seems like a huge douchebag, but yeah he’s conventionally attractive. She only dated crackheads and children kek.
I’m sure he knows she’s nuts, even alittle bit. She doesn’t exactly hide it.

It doesn’t even matter who she’s dating. Just draw a scene kid smoking meth, that’s him. I just can’t wait for her to splurge about how he meant nothing to her once he leaves.
Funny how she had a bf and now she’s not putting photos of herself up. I guess she got what she wanted. Facebook has a dating app on it…. she was on it for SURE

No. 831265

Kek, that dude is not good looking. Come on. Not that I believe they're banging though. I don't understand the recent gossip about him and everything he does. I come here for Vicky milk, not some boring dude. Her cringy comments on his profile are funny, but why talk about him when it doesn't relate to Vicky? Who cares what he is commenting on his girlfriends pfp

No. 831305

File: 1618349693153.jpeg (112.07 KB, 827x1061, BDACDB75-A73B-4FEE-9DEE-30D705…)

She put this crap up on Tik tok with a rain filter on it. So moody. One day she’ll get around to making another one guys… one day. She’s just so busy being in lockdown.

No. 831307


I actually kinda enjoy the orbiter updates. It helps paint this whole white trash picture that is so at odds with what icky tries to portray. Her life is solely populated by neckbeards, losers, and meth heads and I think it's funny.

No. 831308

File: 1618349866047.jpeg (55.76 KB, 827x444, C14C5322-43E7-4643-81C4-B3C268…)

Like being a stable, functioning adult.

No. 831309

I’m with you. I think it’s hilarious. The company Vicky keeps says a lot about her as a human. She’s always going on about being friends with / tattooing medical professionals, millionaires and rockstars. but all we ever see is trash.

No. 831319

hilarious how she thinks anyone on Tik Tok wont just skip this video

No. 831329

It’s been up for an hour and she had 30 views. She’s alittle out of the age range for tik tok…
I love how icky was saying on one of her fb posts she’d break the internet in the tik tok leggings…. yet here she is… making a fool of herself

No. 831333


Her entire tiktok is a landmine of cringe just waiting to be discovered. The 'natural booty, unglam btw' clip she posted literally features the dresser behind her melting into the window from all the filters/manual editing she does to shape her ass.

No. 831334

She's not good at lying, that's for sure.

No. 831359

Vicky is quiet at the moment and this Dylan cow is basically the male version of her, I get a chuckle out of what the anons who follow him post here
Exactly, she’s a catfish. She lured him in with her narc “shoots”, which suggests that’s the only reason why she spends so much time photographing and shooping herself into orbit. She’s a desperate attention seeker

No. 831443

File: 1618383900340.jpeg (133.33 KB, 828x474, 94A51841-3F90-43FF-83EE-B72FA4…)

A one of a kind psychotic, delusional, illiterate, uneducated, racist, misogynistic, abusive, jealous, compulsive liar who never bathes or brushes her teeth and has no redeeming qualities, what a catch. I wonder how long she can keep her “bae” secret for. That is, if he even exists. If he does, he’s an ugly loser that she’s ashamed of, but I wouldn’t put it past her to lie about this like she does everything else

No. 831466

That girl is constantly kissing vickys ass. She clearly hasn’t actually met her in person and admires the catfish lying version

No. 831472


I 10000% believe theres no new man, this is something she made up to keep other dudes/ her horde of neckbeard's interested in her because she thinks it makes her look like a hot commodity. That, or like her friendship with Jeremy Ravage, someone with a penis spoke to her for half an hour cordially and she's now convinced that means they are in a relationship.

No. 831479

File: 1618409940434.jpeg (227.04 KB, 827x1355, 5E3FF577-B6CF-402F-A591-08E020…)

The prettiest girls on the net.
This girl in the video is going on about inspiring people everyday to get up in the morning and live their best lives even if they don’t feel like it. To up life women.

And all icky heard was “I’m too pretty for everyone”
Just Christ victoria, you have about zero depth. People don’t like you cause you sleep with peoples boyfriends, come to Toronto and steal from people (and from shops), you make up lies about clients and ex friends. You just piss people off. Your racist comments, shitty tattoo work and stealing deposits is why people hate you.
Some of us have seen you in real life. Take a shower.

No. 831480

File: 1618410209788.jpeg (124.28 KB, 827x1125, 96E46551-64CB-4A13-B54E-3CDCDE…)

“New present” wonder if Vicky new man bought her this cheap thing to tell her to lose weight

No. 831485

what's that thing?

No. 831486

Are you blind? It's a treadmill

No. 831488

This isn't even the better of the two sword videos she has. This one is lame af if she's trying to show off her "skills" at least in the other one she's swinging it around more, even if the time is sped up to make it look faster.

No. 831491

to be fair to that anon, from the pic it could be a fucking theremin

No. 831493

I think so too, I feel like she’d be lovebombing the fuck out of him and spamming pics of them slobbering all over each other if he existed

No. 831495

I don't understand why ever picture she posts of her "things" are blurry and shady as fuck. If she is so rich, could she not take a better picture? We are in 2021 and she posts blurry pictures.

No. 831499

It’s an attempt to hide her shit editing and true form. If she was adept at photoshop and/or wasn’t an obese, greasy hobbit with fried hair and rotten teeth she would be posting pics eyefucking herself in high definition. This makes it easier for her to claim that other people are editing pics to make her look worse (when in reality she looks much worse than her abominable shoops)

No. 831502

This one looks like a drunk pic to me, like she literally was stumbling around in her place and decided to take a pic of her "gift" before she passed out lol.

No. 831506

Anon took a screenshot of a video. This was a video clip she posted on FB. Still blurry and shitty as fuck but that's why it looks extra bad here.

No. 831508

Oooh ok, thank you! Sorry for being dumb dumb.

No. 831509

File: 1618420273320.jpeg (94.65 KB, 827x831, 5086299B-1660-424B-B960-501CB5…)

This comment on her tik tok sword video. Kek

No. 831510

File: 1618420786988.png (1.95 MB, 1170x2532, 5600EA5A-A084-4F68-88E9-286771…)

She’s likely trying to hide the fact that this treadmill is like $500 brand new and is sold at Walmart.

No. 831515

LOL anon that's amazing. We all knew she'd be dragged by tiktok if they ever saw her videos.

No. 831517

Next thread pic

No. 831519

File: 1618425625619.jpg (76.37 KB, 1590x1056, 2f0bzq (1).jpg)

Omg!!! God bless this person hahahaha

No. 831520

Already removed kek

No. 831523


Fucking kek

No. 831525

File: 1618428008974.jpeg (174.35 KB, 827x1272, DA8650CB-BE5A-4CC7-8D9A-71FE67…)

The fact that she continues to put up these “I’m so in love” things and no dude is responding makes me think it’s a Jeremy situation. It’s probably just some dude that spoke to her

No. 831526

Lol, I hope she’s too vain/stupid to use the safety clip

No. 831550

File: 1618444309642.jpeg (134.51 KB, 828x527, 89F689C1-0B8A-4028-B1DB-1C5D28…)

She’s restricting photos that are presumably of her face, does anyone here follow her and is able to see it?

No. 831551

File: 1618444415192.jpeg (249.37 KB, 828x957, C6DA486F-740F-4118-83BF-F2ACCD…)

LMAO is this her admitting to being an alcoholic?

No. 831552

File: 1618444452069.jpeg (153.89 KB, 825x1094, 7B3AA37A-17CF-4C99-BA27-63F20A…)

So I guess Jackie coming here and the adrien screenshots really hit hard.
First step is admitting you’re a drunk Vicky. Good job.(duplicate)

No. 831564

Don’t forget she has studied psychology at the university of YouTube and her knowledge of the subject is evident by her constant use of ‘widely known’ when reposting anything referring to the subject

No. 831591

File: 1618455491177.jpg (369.7 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210414-225757_Tik…)

Facking DEAD

No. 831593

File: 1618456260334.jpeg (47.1 KB, 827x482, 2B69F562-7674-4E88-9021-37B834…)

She took that one down and someone else put this. That’s what we’d all like to know.
She doesn’t have her old white trash guys all over her shit that wanna smash … people with two eyes can see how stupid this looks.

No. 831594

Naw the slag comment is still up. It's funny I must say.

No. 831605

Pretty sure it was a farmer. Don't cowtip.

No. 831622

Hoooo boy, if she thinks people will be kind to her on TikTok she’s in for a rude awakening. Legitimately good looking, interesting and funny people cop tonnes of hate, this haggard fat retard is going to get dragged like never before. There’s not even any need for cowtipping because she’ll end up milking herself purely by not understanding the app. inb4 someone makes her into a meme like this >>831157

No. 831634


Comment was posted 4 seconds after screen grab kek totally not you, anon

No. 831641

amazing. the tiktok shit is my fav vicky development in so long. tiktok commenters who see these fleeting videos on their homepage are fucking brutal, lmfao. Especially when her page is new and has no neckbeards to buffer the negative comments. It's gonna be an influx of teenagers bombarding her shitty videos with "someone come get your mom" "mom come pick me up I'm scared" "what is going on" "what did I just watch" and it's brilliant.

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