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No. 498441

In this thread we will be able to talk about another Petubers flaws. We will started with the basic kit of narcissistic self involved characters such as:

-She is mention now and then on TND thread, however it wasnt until recent events she make a Tweet about Lolcow and how Anons dont have anything better to do than criticizes her when she showed she spent a reasonable amount of time lurking on TND thread's.
-She throws shade to Taylor on Twitter but acts all friendly on her comments.
- When Emzotic's bf made a video making fun of Tyler Rugge and TND, she backstab him justifying she didnt dictate what he does and she actually supports both of them (Tyler and Taylor) , even tho before the video was release she tweet how proud she was of her bf.
- She upload a video of her putting together one male betta and one female betta on one tank
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE37328iVnqSj1OCrgrYd8w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emzoticofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/emzoticofficial?lang=es

Tyler Rugge
-Support TND
-He hoards animals and likes to buy the trending animal of the month.
-Had a betta fish on a fluvial tank but it "disappear". Didnt give a single shit what happen to it.
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfvCFx6J-JA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TylerRugge?lang=es
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tylerrugge/

Brian Barczyk
- Hoards, breed and sell a shit tons of reptiles
- Keep them on little platic containers, justifying they like it that way.
-Doesnt care if it is inbreeding.
-He sells bad quality reptiles
-He bullies costumers if they dare to call him out for the shitty conditions his animals have when they arrived
-Tyler Rugge and Taylor Nicole Dean make a collab with him
- And moreee

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4zS1wbO81p59CxKL7CQAcA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snakebytestv/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SnakeBytesTV

Taylor Nicole Dean thread:

We will make the list bigger since non of this cows have enough milk to have a thread for themselves.
However we will try to keep this thread involved to Taylor's one. Posting eachothers thread so it doesnt get lost.

Sorry if i did it wrong, there was already a thread but couldnt find it.
Sorry for bad english btw.

No. 498509

File: 1518159209511.png (222.59 KB, 540x560, Screenshot_2018-02-08-23-46-23…)

I'm not an animal expert but for what I have seen, breeding Bettas is way more complicated than throwing them in the tank and hope for the best. I really think Emzotic thought it was a good idea to puts those Betta together in daily basis until a lot of fans start calling her out and she switched to "just for breeding purposes"
The male Betta didn't even have nest ready wtf.

No. 498522

Agreed. truly think she just had them cohabbed together with no intention of breeding, and only then said "i'm breeding" when she got called on her bullshit. Couldn't have just admitted she made a mistake, corrected her setup, and apologized? nope had to backpedal and say "breeding" even though that is NOT a proper breeding setup.
Not to mention, isn't one of them from a pet store? She should not be breeding pet-store bettas.

No. 498526


Someone started a thread in OT


No. 498608

File: 1518175261318.jpg (724.09 KB, 2040x2436, emzotic.jpg)

What Emzotic did to those bettas is actually quite cruel. She admits the the flow in the tank prevents the male from building a bubble nest, but she STILL keeps a female in there with him. That's like putting two fertile, horny teens in a room and telling them "Don't touch!". Neither of them can do the thing that nature is telling them they NEED to do. Worse, they can't even get away from each other. It's no wonder they both look stressed and their fins have gotten worse rather than better.

Included an image to show that while the female had a few rips in her fins at the start, they worsened quite a bit after a month of supposed "healing". The male's fins seemed really good early on, but his caudal fin is ripped to hell now. Possibly self-inflicted b/c, you know, horny dude with no outlet.

Incredibly poor care from someone I thought would know better or at LEAST know to do proper research. Instead, Em made up this completely transparent "My bettas are together for breeding" cover. It's such a blatant lie that I'd be embarrassed for her if I weren't so annoyed.


Stupidly long list of everything wrong in Em's vid:

- Her tank would need to be the opposite of what it is in pretty much EVERY way to be suitable for betta breeding. She'd need a low flow, bare-bottom tank with a sponge filter and the water level about half as deep as it is. Her current flow would blow eggs EVERYWHERE and the naked filter intake is a total fry killer. This isn't hidden information. A 10 second YT or Google search would have led her straight to it.

- BEC, but her scape was terrible. You use height in the BACK to create depth. If you make the foreground high, the whole thing just ends up looking flat.

- She calls the white cylindrical tubes "concrete blocks". They're ceramic filter media/ceramic rings. Important detail if you want your subs to follow your "great" example.

- Danny and Em both claimed cycled tank WATER harbors enough beneficial bacteria to cycle a tank. BB lives on and in surfaces like filter media, sponges, substrate, and wood. It doesn't just stay suspended in the water column. Taking dirty water from the old tank is pointless.

- Tanks do not fully cycle in 2 days. Even with a proper jump start that uses cycled filter media from an established tank it takes about 1-2 weeks.

- That current MIGHT have been okay for a single betta, but the fact that it cuts straight through the middle of the tank and interferes with the female getting away from the male and vise-versa is just stupid. They're already frustrated by the fact that they can't mate so why make it harder for them to swim freely on top of it all?

- She called them "blood worms", but I'm pretty sure they're blackworms. Unlike Em, I'm happy to be corrected if someone knows differently.

- Otocinclus should be kept in groups, not solo. In any case, that tank is far too small to house them.

- Isn't Danny supposed to be the one with fish knowledge? Why didn't he correct any of her glaring errors? And anyone catch the disdain he has for Em's fans when he dropped that "sadly, that piece of wood is probably older than most of our viewers" line?

- The MOST annoying thing is how smug she was, acting like she was giving out top tier insider information when in fact she was spouting total B.S. I'm usually thrilled when people put their fish in larger tanks, but those bettas would have been much better off in smaller individual set-ups.

Now she's lying to save face at the expense of not just HER fish, but every betta pair that get tossed in a tank as a result of people following her garbage example.

Just gotta say Em really had me fooled. I actually believed her when she said she's always open to learning new information and making adjustments as needed. Still, I really hope she fixes this and houses those bettas properly.

No. 498628

Fellow fishfag here.
You are spot on… but how many of her followers know this stuff? Fish are among the worst treated pets, up there with rabbits. People don't give a shit about these animals because they're not as personable as dogs or cats. It's sad because rabbits have very delicate digestive systems and fish require really ideal living conditions to thrive. I'd say those two are very advanced animals to keep yet they're at the hands of newbie petkeepers.

I used to like Em but I unsubbed after seeing the betta video. Her setup had me fuming. No wonder she's sucking up to TND, they're both hoarding. She seemed to be better at this stuff before she moved in with that trashy bf of hers. Does she even work with wildlife anymore? It seems like she quit her job to be a YouTube NEET. Also kek at that wild bird she got from a pet store, all the while spewing the kinda bullshit TND says when she buys pets from cruel places.

I haven't kept doves or ferrets (though I've kept various parrots, cats, and a dog) but it sounds weird to keep a predator and prey in the same room like that. They're in cages where they can see each other which would most likely stress a rabbit the fuck out for instance. She says she lets the ferrets roam the room pretty often as well. Does it make sense to keep ferrets with the doves? That has always bugged me.

I understand wanting to surround oneself with lots of animals. I do. But these are living beings that deserve your 100%. When you think about them like small children, which is how important your pet should be to you, having upwards of 5 and pretending you can give them what they need… dunno man. I don't buy all that shit.

No. 498657

Let us not forget how Tyler rugged made a "all my pets enclosures" video but when he got a buy of negative comments about how he housed many of his animals UE deleted the video and remade it now showing the animals that were in sub par conditions.
Or how all of his reptiles got mites because he didn't quarantine his new reptile that had them which caused them to spread.
Or how his giant rabbit is kept in too small of an enclosure.
Or how his bird mango has its foot entangled in a toy throughout one of his videos and he failed to notice even though mango was screaming for help the entire video.
Of how he killed his pacman frog and got a pixie frog right after and shoved it in the same enclosure the pacman died in.
And finally his parents severe macaw he continues to use as a prop for videos EVEN THOUGH HE SAID THE BIRD HATES HIM!! So of course he decides stressing the elderly bird is worth it for the YouTube views.

He's just in it for the views just like tnd and em.

No. 498714

She is just as passive-agressive on YouTube like TND on Twitter
Liking the comments where people are telling her what she did wrong (in a really kind way) and instead of admit she fuck up she just keep making up excuses

No. 498716

File: 1518189203725.png (232.13 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-09-08-09-07…)

No. 498718

File: 1518189235841.png (257.92 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-09-08-09-11…)

No. 498720

File: 1518189263569.png (255.36 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-09-08-09-17…)

No. 498722

File: 1518189298331.png (218.83 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-09-08-09-24…)

No. 498723

File: 1518189318252.png (210.38 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-09-08-09-28…)

No. 498725

There was a video where mango was trying to break a cage bar, I don't know anything about birds but that's a normal behavior?

No. 498739


I believe its a stress behavior but don't quote me on that, I'm not a bird owner haha

No. 498769

Some males never produce bubble nests. The caudal fin isn’t ripped you can tell by the brightening of colors they’re fine, the female looks eh but it’s hard to say because they looked really destroyed in the original pics, so it is an improvement. It took my rescue Betta almost 6mo to fully heal.

The flow should be changed but she seems to be working on that.

You don’t need that setup to breed. She can breed with what she has going on.

No. 498794


The males /need/ to produce a nest to allow the fish to breed successfully. Without a nest eggs will sink and he will be unable to look after them.

If Em knew anything about betta she would have conditioned both fish first.

I've seen multiple horror stories with folks just leaving male and female together after mating (ie. leaving them overnight and checking on in the morning).

Her tank, her set up, her lack of conditioning the fish is all poor care.

In that tank her fish are stressed and eventually they will nip at each other. Not to mention breeding females shortens their lives due to the stress on their bodies. Her pair isn't special or particularly pretty (not show fish for sure)… betta are common and easy to get. Why needlessly put the female through more breeding stress (if she indeed was bred before)?

No. 498804

File: 1518194388818.png (190.04 KB, 577x506, em.png)

So she removed the video, but did she remove the fish. The breeding excuse is also misinformation.

No. 498809

File: 1518194487581.png (28.24 KB, 610x235, em2.png)

No. 498830

Good for her I think. She's kind of owning up to it.

No. 498839

Reading her other tweets it seems more like a 'I'm not posting any more fish vids because I'm too stubborn to fix my tank and know I'll get shat on'.

Before she took the vid down her earlier comments were 100% defending them living together, and one saying the Oto was happy on it's own.

Her excuse now is that she was breeding them and they're still fine therefore.

She's full of shit.

No. 498882

I have read a little bit on breeding betta. From the little I know you need to condition them, wait for the male to make a nest, add the female, let them do their thing then remove her. Think it takes less than a day (correct me if I am wrong)
So if I am right then why would they be in the same tank for months for breeding?
Don't give bs excuses for keeping them in the same tank. Admit you where wrong and fix it. Don't lie to try and make yourself look better. Just makes you look bad to the people who know about fish keeping.

No. 498886

This is correct.

Her female doesn't even look particularly gravid, just overfed like the male.

Here's a very simple guide that you can find with 2secs of googling. Not the best but it gets the point across: https://nippyfish.net/2011/03/09/conditioning-bettas-for-breeding/

Em hasn't even done basic research. I want to find a story someone posted in my breeding group about a failed pairing where they left them for 6 hours and the female killed the male in the process.

No. 498897

I don't think she is "owning up" to anything. The only reason she is taking down the video is because of the backlash she is receiving. Another know it all YT'er who can't take criticism.

No. 498901

Does it really matter that she took the video down when she's likely to carry on keeping the fish in those same conditions? I agree >>498839. Seems like she'd rather avoid posting videos than attempt to fix the issue.
Which is weird because it's not like she lacks the funds to set up proper tanks and enclosures for these animals.

I actually saw a video of hers recommended in my feed before I saw this thread.
It was about a wild-caught hornbill that she saw in her pet shop.
Shut off that video because first she lectures about how buying wild-caught birds from stores is wrong and giving them money is voting for those businesses to keep up that practice. BUT what does she do? She goes and buys the bird from that very store and explains it away with how she felt sorry for it and how she could raise it better. How she only paid "cost" to import the bird ($3k) and that makes it okay because the business broke even and didn't profit from it. Even though she really doesn't know that for a fact.
Double standards much? It's not as if people who buy exotic wild birds go into these stores with bad intentions. I'm sure every buyer sees depressed wild birds in the cages and thinks they can give them a better life, except with the difference that most people don't make Youtube ad revenue where $3k is a feasible sale.

No. 498919


Tbf she did talk to the manager/owner of the petstore and told them of the issue with buying a wild-caught bird. More than most other YouTubers did. However, she might have been better giving the bird to a rescue of some sort but she has the experience so… eh.

She did a better thing than most other Youtubers though it doesn't make it fine.

No. 498932

We only have her word she did this. No proof. Even Taylor posted proof of her turtle buying (which was still wrong). Lecturing a shop owner isn't likely going to do shit when you're still giving them money.

No. 498956

I also unsubbed after the betta fiasco. She blatantly wasn’t breeding but couldn’t handle the criticism so came up with this shocking excuse. It’s ridiculous. Owning up to not knowing they shouldn’t be kept together would be way better than pretending you were going to breed especially since everything she did was totally incorrect for breeding!

No. 498972

Even if she was breeding the couple didn't match, she should have investigate which colors are more convenient because with these to the result wouldn't be something above average.
Emzotic showed how stupid she can be.

No. 498977

Even if she was breeding (she wasn't that's a bs cop out) she showed that she did no research on both breeding and cycling a tank. What example is that setting for her fans?

No. 498982


The bit where she poured dirty water in the tank was laughably bad. Anyone who's done a google search for more than 2 seconds knows there's little to no bacteria in the water column that could help kick start her filter.

Not to mention her assuming it's cycled after 2 days and not testing the water. Master test kits are $35.

She could have shown it done right… a 58l (or so) tank is a really nice home for a /single/ male betta and maybe some non brightly coloured dither fish (hell she might have even been able to get away with green neon tetra's). It would have been a great looking tank and an opportunity to do fish keeping /right/. But she couldn't google, and worse, she couldn't admit to her mistakes.

No. 499033

You're promoting misinformation. Focus on getting your facts straight instead of stanning. It's possible to like someone a LOT and still acknowledge they're fallible.

Both fish are worse off than when they started, esp the male. His caudal fin ("tail" fin) is frayed AF so I don't know what you're looking at when you say it isn't. He's not a crowntail. It's not normal for the tips of his caudal fin to be splayed.

Sorry it took half a year for your betta to get back to normal, but it's great he's there now! With frequent water changes and access to high qual food, it IS possible to see lots of regrowth very quickly. Check out Rachel O'Leary's "Clean Water is magical" vid and compare it with "They sent the wrong fish!". She saw noticeable regrowth in just a week. Subsequent footage of the bettas show how effective daily water changes, good food, and a calm environment can be.

And no, Em can't "breed with what she has going on". Her current set up is stressful AF for the parents and absolute murder on fry. The male NEEDS to be able to make a nest to show he is ready to breed and properly oxygenate the eggs. The water level needs to be lowered so he doesn't exhaust himself picking up eggs that fall to the floor. Emzotic's set up = eggs and fry blowing around the tank and being sucked into that naked filter intake. Even if, through some miracle, Em managed to breed the bettas in that tank, her way of going about it would not meet ANYONE's definition of "best practices". NVM the fact that you don't ever want to keep a male and female betta splendens together long-term. Co-ed betta set ups only work with certain wild species. Even then, you often see stressed behavior and nipped fins.

>>498794 is right on about nests, btw.

& it's good that Em took the vid down. Wish it had been her own decision rather than mounting pressure from her "Creature Crew". Wish even more she had done the half hour of research it would have taken to make a video that wasn't full of BS.

Maybe this will help her realize she has a higher percentage of viewers who actually know something about animal husbandry. Means she can't get away with shit like TND or Rugge because she's already established herself as someone with years of experience and knowledge. She can't hide behind cute memes, "quirky" behavior, or lies. Since the usual PetTuber strat won't work for her, maybe she should work toward regaining trust and being the kind of person people mistook her for prior to this: honest, competent, and caring.

No. 499119

Great comment. Thanks for all the info. Did you happen to notice on twitter she was replying to people saying she was breeding and going to make another video on HOW to breed bettas? Nearly fell off my chair.

No. 499151

Seriously? Gross. I hadn't seen that, no. Didn't she JUST cop to the fact that she pretty much knows fuckall about aquatics?

Then again, ignorance has never stopped a pet YTer before.

No. 499157

It may have been on youtube because I can't seem to find it on twitter. But yes she said something along the lines of "They are together for breeding purposes and I will be making a follow up video on how to breed bettas".
Which is why I think she's a know it all who can't take criticism.

No. 499301

She supposedly said she bred them before. I don't believe it for one second. Looking after fry can be tricky, if she doesn't know her bloodworms from her blackworms I doubt she's ever made a brine shrimp hatchery either.

No. 499315


I feel like Em started with good intentions and husbandry. In her race to stay relevant with TND shes been cutting corners with care/research. Her blind eye approach to Taylor's animal care was enough for me to unsub.

Taylor, Brain, and Em all need to understand the amount of new reptile/aquatic people they are bring into these hobbies. The bad animal care they show on their channels just trickles down to all their followers.

No. 499336

Does anyone know what the dumb trend of Youtubers making slime with their pets is about? I know that it's a mainstream Youtuber trend, but they can't possibly be that stupid to have chemicals (however potent) around their animals right?

No. 499358


Nah they're that stupid. They probably saw how many views the slime channels get and had to hop on the bandwagon

No. 499858

Now since there is finally a general pet youtuber thread can I all introduce you to master aquatics

As a former fish keeper, he makes me really mad. He thankfully doesn't have very much subscibers (18K) but he treats his fish like shit. And he never really learns from his mistakes, he keeps making shitty decisions.

No. 499872

Could you do us a fav and make a list of the specific stuff he's done? I don't have time to watch a twenty minute vid of his, much less his whole channel.

No. 499882

I'm like 1 min into the video and I counted >15 angel fish in his 75g. Already overstocked even though most aren't max size.

Shifting the gravel around like that… releasing it all into the water. A+ way to shock your fish. Why doesn't this guy use a gravel siphon?

….. Randomly mixing returning water with no temperature control what so ever… just hoping for the best… I don't know if I can watch any more. I know it gets worse…

Please tell me he didn't start with all those angel fry and this is all that's left; that would be so depressing.

No. 499892

He actually used to breed (still breeds?) angel fish and actually dumped two of the less desirable ones at petco and they both died of sickness what a surprise. He also fucking stuck his hand in one of the tanks there to "play with" a young silver arowana that was in there (like touching it) and like?? Dude do you have any respect? He also clickbaits a lot. (sorry I'm not good at making lists right now, I'm a bit jumbled up but this guy straight up abuses his fish and I just had to show him to you guys)

No. 499987

New Taylor Nicole Dean thread

No. 500070

Emzotic comes across as a 'family friendly' pet YouTuber while being in movies like the human centipede 2

No. 500082

Is he the one that made that god awful 'avatar tank ' with the blue dream shrimp and the Mexican crayfish and expected it to work out

No. 500088

Nvm that was aquapros fucked up experiment

No. 500090

Spoiler alert they all ended up dying

No. 500093


Sage your posts in future unless they contain milk/content.

Type sage in the email field.

No. 500174

"We knew by going in and being asked to do what we were asked to do in the audition– which was to lay on the floor pretend we're gagged and bound and being raped with barbed wire." -Emma Lock/Emzotic, about her audition for Human Centipede 2 (about 3.5 minutes in)

She says it SO casually.

Later, she talks about how she went on to a rape survivors forum and asked if they would be okay with her portrayal of being raped in the movie (without telling them WHICH movie). According to her, they all said yes.

I just… What?!

Her IMDB shows some recent small parts. I wonder if she's just using YT to get more exposure for what she really wants: an acting career. In the vid where she talks about her depression, she made sure to mention things had been going very well for her acting-wise up 'til then. She also says stuff to the effect of "I'm available for movies! Just contact me!" sporadically on social media and her vids.

Could be she's just churning out regular content to stay in the public eye and she doesn't actually give a toss about providing accurate info about pet care. Would explain that shitshow of a betta video.

No. 500243

God no, honestly her videos are relativly well made but she is just plain boring. Nothing she can do about.

No. 500259


Her content is more engaging than Taylor's at least. Taylor at least tries to interject humor to make it interesting, but it's obvious she doesn't rehearse or think about what she is going to say so her videos are all over the place and disorganized (the recent video on pitbulls in a good example, she just made vague statements and repeated herself five different ways.)

Em's presentation with her regular videos showcasing animals she works with are slow and boring, but at least the information is there in a digestible way.

So Taylor needs to work on her actual video production and Em needs to work on projecting some kind of personality.

No. 500488

File: 1518345991917.jpg (1.15 MB, 1440x2454, Screenshot_20180211-104403.jpg)

More inappropriate handling of animals to take nice photos, very Taylor Nicole Dean!

No. 500504

I found emzotic a couple of months ago and binge watched her videos. I am not hugely interested in animals, but her videos were informative and easy to understand without coming across as patronising. However, the more I watched the more I noticed things that seemed a bit off. Maybe I’m being dumb or petty (as I said, not an animal expert) but here’s a few things that don’t sit well with me:

>a lot of the animals seem to be kept in small cages (so she has space to hoard more I guess)

>she positions predator and preys cages next to each other, eg in her animal room tour she puts the doves and ferrets (I think?) next to each other and lets the ferrets crawl under the birdcage, even pointing out that they’re predator and prey

>ditched some of her animals when moving from the UK to USA

>handles snakes when they clearly do not want to be handled until they lash out and attack the camera (anything to bring in those views). Is very aware that they feel stressed as she comments on it

>has/had a centipede locked in a tiny tank, recorded it trying to escape and said it did every night (they’re poisonous so it was locked up pretty well). Personally I hate bugs but even I felt sorry for the poor thing, also I don’t understand keeping a pet you can’t even interact with

Can’t believe she used to be praised in the Taylor Nicole Dean thread. Sure, she’s a much better pet owner, but she’s far from ideal imo

No. 500516

According to her IMDB page she co-owns a company that provides animals for film and tv shoots. That's a far cry from what she claims on her youtube channel - that she works for a company that takes animals into schools to teach educate children.

No. 500518


It says on the IMBD link that the company she worked for when she did this was with an ex boyfriend in the U.K. So that must have ended awhile ago. It also says she did in fact educate children in schools. Either way though, she admitted to not working anymore and doing YouTube full time on a YouNow broadcast.

No. 500538

File: 1518360626212.jpg (725.37 KB, 1440x1319, Screenshot_20180211-144717.jpg)

She has fixed her tank and moved the female to live with the kids? Would there be babies already?

No. 500547

>should be in groups of 6
>tank is too crowded so only a 3
Why do people buy pets they can’t look after to the best standards? Buy a bigger tank then you tit

No. 500580

All of these "pet girls (boys and Taylor included) are all insta wanna thots who use animals to get more attention. They should stick to instagram and sucking cock, animals and pet care are clearly out of their realm.

No. 500599

The female Betta? Because females cant be with the babies because they will eat them.

I feel Em is trying so hard to look like TND when she puts the animals in her face Kek

No. 500612

There wouldn't be babies, no. I think she's trying to say she gave the fish back to the previous owner whom she mentioned had used her for breeding.

I really hope the female is not "with the kids". The vast majority of female bettas have no maternal instinct, will eat eggs and fry as well as harass larger young.

jfc. It takes MINUTES to learn this shit if you even halfway try. Is she doing it wrong on purpose because she actually LIKES the drama?

All this, PLUS she exploited a rape support group to have them absolve her of that torture porn role in Human Centipede 2. She's really good at faking being a nice person.

No. 500712

This photo is enraging that is such a horrible position for a crab to be in. I'm so tired of attention whores sticking animals on their faces like this.

No. 500818

While I agree with both of you, could she be lying on her back? Otherwise I don't even understand how to crab could hold onto her in any way. Also, from other videos it always looked as if she was handling it well, but I think I thought Em was better than she really is.

No. 500828

File: 1518388242781.png (2.1 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180211-222846.png)

I thought that too at first but going by the position of her hair and that in the top right you can see the painting she has on the wall in her animal room she is standing but hey it's ok cause the crab is holding on

No. 500831


lol What. I mean I don't think it's necessarily better she gave it back to whatever piss poor breeder gave it her in the first place.

You're not poor… you have a decent amount of youtube money.

BUY ANOTHER TANK. Both for your female and for the Ottos and find a peaceful noncolourful nano schooling fish to go with the male (if anything). >>500538

No. 500903

She's standing. Can you imagine a person posing with a timer for a picture while they try to balance a crab on their fingers and over their mouth?
What a bimbo.

No. 500914

Em is just BEGGING for attention at this point. Everyone on the TND blog was priaising em for a precious picture of her holding her crab correctly and getting onto Taylor for mishandling hers then a few days later, Em posts a picture mishandling her crab. I guess she really believes no publicity is bad publicity.

No. 500927

I really loved Emzotic for awhile, but ever since she moved to the US it feels like she just has hoarding behaviors like all the other big pet youtubers. In the UK it felt more quality over quantity. Pretty sure she's grasping on to stay relevant as I doubt she has a place to borrow animals from now. Which just means she's going to keep buying animals. Her boyfriend is definitely not helping the issue either.

No. 500932


Yeah I think this is the issue. It's clear her boyfriend is a hoarder too. You don't have to look far into the backgrounds of her videos to see how many animals he keeps… and then some in the basement. Half of their 'pets' aren't even shown on film.

No. 500942

Dammit, I was just going to start watching her stuff but of course she's like Taylor. There are safe and good ways to take selfies with your animals, they don't need to be on your face. I just don't get the point. It can't be worth the inevitable negative comments.

No. 501048

If you’re looking for a solid herp keeper to follow, i recommend the biodude or afroherpkeeper. They both seem to have a pretty good grasp on what they’re doing

No. 501135


I'm a dumbass who can't work out how to post a picture but this is from Orion's insta from the day they went to Universal. I'm kind of shocked at how slim JanJan's legs are given her ever present double chin. Not malnourished skinny, just normal healthy slim that doesn't match the weight she carries in her face. Having the vlogging camera right up in her face every video is not a flattering portrayal of her actual body shape.

No. 501137

I'm also a dumbass who posted in the wrong thread, sorry.

No. 501322

Emzotic wasn't like this before she moved in with that guy. She would only show her pets if they're feeling sociable. She wouldn't mishandle any of them, would avoid annoying her less social animals. Her speech seemed to be more geared towards a younger audience as well. Her channel felt simple but educational.

The TND-centric hoarding trend ruined her I guess? Or her bf's influence? She's an adult so her own shitty choices shouldn't be put on someone else's shoulders but… honestly she used to be better at this stuff.

No. 501326

afroherpkeeper is awesome. He's kind of a dweeby kid but he's so sincere. He also seems open to feedback which is a huge plus, esp considering his age. You end up learning new things from him which is great!

Good guy, though I don't watch every single video because I'm not really big on herp husbandry.

No. 501369

File: 1518435716631.png (783.05 KB, 1227x905, Capture1.PNG)


No. 501372

Is her current boyfriend the one who made the diss video about Taylor, Tyler, etc? Because it's weird she would turn into the kind of youtuber he hates the moment she moves in with him.

No. 501387

What the actual fuck emma??? Who the fuck keeps leeches as pets, especially when u have to feed them your blood?? Ok this ~muh eggsotic pet~ thing is going a lil too far.
A leech.

No. 501391

Yeah that’s him, I’m so sad I couldn’t see the video lmao, I bet he was spot on. But on the other hand he seems to have animal hoarding tendencies too :/

No. 501397

Em logic:
"You don't have to buy every animal you see!"
And then she proceeds to do just that.

What a good message to send to the children watching you, Em.

No. 501403

always thought emma was better than this…. apparently not.

and when watching her snapping turtle video, she explains that their mouths “gape” because they feel threatened/afraid, yet she doesn’t stop holding him up and making fluffy (the turtle) feel more scared. poor fluffy.

No. 501430


Leeches disgust me. I'd rather not have a worm like creature attach itself and start ingestingg my blood.. I can't imagine why someone would purposely get one and feed it without hesitation. It doesn't seem normal to keep a pet that has to feed off of you. I understand it's only every couple of months but still. Also, from all the sources I've seen, there is no outstanding medical evidence that suggests humans have any positive response to leeches feeding off of them.

Is she using this as bait for more/continuous attention?

No. 501492

Yep. Pretty sure it's only going to escalate from here.

She's trying to gain notoriety, and what better way than to be the OUTRAGEOUS petkeeper who lets pet leeches feed off of her? She's totally going for an "OMGomg!1!!!!that's CrAzzEE and WYLD! She must be SUCH an interesting person to do something like that! Wait, AND she's an actress and singer too?" reaction.

This cements my belief that she's just doing all of it as a way jumpstart her other ambitions. I wouldn't give a damn if she wasn't exploiting her animals to do it.

Now that she's seen her irresponsible care grabs attention more effectively than her other methods, I'm sure we're going to see more "male and female bettas are great tankmates!" and "dirty tank water can cycle a new tank in two days!" level stupidity coupled and the weak ass lies to excuse herself afterward.


No. 501493

Where did she get this one from, I hope she didn't pick it up from 'the wild'. Although rare, they can and do carry diseases that have the potential to be spread to the next thing they feed on.

Either way, this is just for the shock value; sadly it's been done before https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFssw7WGJNE .

No. 501525

How would she keep a whole enclosure of them?

No point in feeding them individually at that point, so no shock value.

No. 501527

Same way she'll keep this one. Tub of water. Stick her arm in to feed them and have them all attach, and then pull it out for the shock value.

FYI this will ruin her arm over time, she'll always have cuts/bruises etc due to the leech bites.

Honestly… leeches don't make good pets at all, full stop. Some animals should just be kept in the wild. I know there are medicinal uses for leeches… but again, they're not pets.

No. 501608

File: 1518462583994.png (904.5 KB, 1440x2245, 20180212_130840.png)

Article from her acting gig in the human centipede 2. She met her boyfriend on this set where he provided the centipedes. I guess that is when her new "animal educator" acting role began.


No. 501634

look at this fucking Edgelord lmao

No. 501727

File: 1518470911950.png (559.68 KB, 813x598, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 4.27…)


I think she bought these leeches bc Ariawesomeness a very large pet instagram account recently got leeches that feed off him and they cause a LOT of drama on his page

Ari's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ariawesomeness/?hl=en

No. 501732

As if they actually fucking name leeches… how does one even tell them apart?

Jesus Christ this whole thing is a mess.

No. 501742

Ari doesnt let them feed off of him he stops them before they latch. He has had some drama before because of his husbandry but he always goes aout of his way to fix things and admit mistakes, he seems like a genuine person

No. 501763

File: 1518473116062.png (252.29 KB, 665x583, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 5.04…)


Unfortunately yes Ari does let them feed off him I wont post the full photo here bc of blood/gore. But if you go ahead and swipe through these photos you can see them very much so latched and feeding off him.

I guess theres medical benefits if they are captive breed leeches that are checked to not have parasites, but prob not my cup of tea. Ari has a lot of care issues and tho he is nice to people when they give him husbandry suggestions, I've seen little change to fix those problems through the years. He still takes many risky photos and keeps predator/pray in close proximity for photos.

No. 501886


Literally fucking disgusting. This seriously isn't normal. Check sources though, everything I've read for years has said there is absolutely no medical proof that says leech feeding has any benefits at all. This is a myth that goes way back in history. I mean think about it, there isn't any way for them to detoxify the blood. They're literallly just feeding and you're losing unnecessary amounts of blood they don't have any special detoxifier present.

No. 501975

It's unusual but if someone is interested in leaches as animals I can see why they might want to keep them. That said I'm not sure why anyone would need to feed them their own blood, as far as I know they don't exclusively feed on humans so I feel like you could throw them some meat or feeder fish or something and be fine.

From what I understand they are still occasionally used medicinally in order to stimulate blood flow to delicate body parts that had to be surgically reattached. So while the stuff about them filtering toxins is a myth they do have a legitimate use.

No. 501987

She has a picture of one of her doves right next to a snake on her Instagram… That doesn't seem safe to me at all

No. 501998

File: 1518561335264.png (Spoiler Image,1.88 MB, 1860x1192, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 5.33…)

For anyone interested in the full image (NSFL), here it is. And yeah, leeches are still used to remove congested blood. They don't have any medical benefits and just because something's been around for hundreds of years doesn't mean it's good or scientifically proven.

No. 502043

The whole leeches thing is basically working with theory of four humours and Hippocrates, and even with the use of that theory you'd only use them if you had 'too much' blood.

On another note, I wonder if she would be at risk of aneamia, especially since she doesn't eat much/any meat

No. 502228

I don't watch Happy Tails often, but something came up today that I just can't let go. She purposefully bred mixed breed dogs. Her corgi litter was the result of a purebred mom, and a mixed breed corgi (cardigan x pembroke) dad. In her exact words, "this is what is called a designer breed and they are very very popular right now." This literally makes my blood BOIL. I have no problem with breeding dogs IF they have health testing, they are being bred for purpose (herding, working, etc..), they have clear health throughout their pedigree, and they are being either shown or the parents are doing what they are supposed to be doing. With that being said, upon delving deeper, the parents of her puppies were NOT health tested before breeding and she does not show NOR breed for purpose.

No. 502232

Further about Happy Tails; there are millions of mixed breed dogs dying in shelters every year. Responsible breeders would never mix breed dogs, and designer dogs are a disgusting trend. To say that your dog's mix is "designer" shows a complete disconnect. You have purposefully mixed dogs, when there are millions of other mixes. You are not improving the "breed" because there is no breed to improve in this situation. She says "I'm not a breeder" and "I just wanted to have one litter" which is what a lot of irresponsible people who backyard breed their dogs say. It's upsetting because I really like the way that Happy Tails does some things, but this is just disgusting and unforgivable.

No. 502241

also why does he use so many leeches?

No. 502316

I agree with most everything you said but i just wanted to note that she had homes for all the puppies before they were even born so it wasn't like she was breeding these dogs and then charging people for them or throwing them into a shelter when she couldnt find them homes

Those are the 3 leaches he owns he's not using them for a specific purpose other than feeding them

No. 502327

I think it's good that she found them homes prior to them being born, but when you think about it, if those families wanted a corgi mix without pedigrees, they could've easily gone to a shelter or corgi rescue and adopted. So by breeding mixed breed corgis and placing them into homes that are willing to have mixed breeds, you're taking away homes that could've adopted dogs and therefore contributing to the overall problem. I hope that made sense to everyone and not just me. Basically, she's promoting backyard breeding to her followers..

No. 502368


In that regard it may be true,but yes as far as detoxifying blood, which was what they were used for hundreds of years ago, it's s complete myth.

Exactly. Emma and any others who own leeches as "pets" and let them feed off of themselves for the sole purpose of feeding said leech, is just going to extremes.

No. 502379

Ariawesomeness is a dumbass. He freehandles his hots for Instagram views. He had an albino rattler a while back and half of its body was paralyzed and he wouldn't take it to a vet. He claimed all vets around him wouldn't take her and the closest one was too far and it was too dangerous for her health to travel that far. Then bitched and blamed the vets on Instagram to his 40k followers, as if it's their fault they weren't qualified to work with venomous. No shock the animal died. Now he's got two more when he killed the last one.
His 6 foot + yellow anacondas are in 4 foot enclosures. They are incredibly heavy bodied animals and he thinks that letting them out in his room and in the yard is a substitute for their shit sized cages. He's an embarrassment fr

No. 502435

Plus he just has no idea what proper enrichment for reptiles is. He constantly preaches about them needing time out of their enclosures (that’s the reason he got rid of his other snakes) but does it by hanging his rattlesnake from fans and making his lacerta climb over his anacondas, instead of just setting up nice enclosures. He also doesn’t quarantine. He got a “rescue” ball python and immediately put it with the anacondas for photos. I also don’t get why he’d get two more rattlesnakes knowing that if they get sick no one that he’s willing to drive to will see them. But it’s the vets faults, of course.

No. 502461

Did you see her video when she discussed that, she said everyone she gave one to wouldnt go to the shelter and get a dog theyre not like that. She seems really genuine she shouldnt have bred a merle corgi but also i think she knew that once it happend and did her best to make them healthy

No. 502464

exactly. The pictures of hanging them from ceiling fans and having them in bathroom sinks is idiotic. His newest picture of his anaconda enclosures promotes his "advancing husbandry" but all he did was add astroturf and fake roses. He's gotten tarantulas that he rehomed, he's gotten black widows that he's rehomed (granted their spiders, like they gave a fuck), he's rehomed his garters, and his hognoses. Yet got another Lacerta after. And constantly takes in "rescues" yet he BOUGHT a green anaconda off of Craigslist and claimed it to be a rescue. His bullshit excuse of it being in a shitty situation because it was eating mice was laughable. He just does shit to get praised, gets new animals for instant gratification, rehome, wash and repeat

No. 502506

This honestly doesn't surprise me. She not only hoards but is the same as TND and other PetTubers in the sense that they can't take valid criticism in a positive manner. Instead a comment was once left to her asking if her bearded dragon was in fact on sand and expressing concern, listing the problems with it. She replied insisting it's natural for them. Not long after that she made a video about reptiles on sand and defended many reptiles being put on sand because, "that's what there on in their natural environment" when in actuality, this is untrue and they are often on compacted earth and other variations of a substrate and not on loose play or calcium sand.

No. 502526


I still find it ridiculous that youtubers like Tyler and his little friend Maddie are going after her though and publisicing their dislike for her breeding these dogs, its such a petty thing to do when they're really not that much better than her

No. 502545


From experience I can say that sometimes it is better to get a new puppy/re-home a dog from a similar situation rather than adopting. Some shelters have strict rules on the lifestyle of the owner - for example working so many hours, living in such and such space because they want the best for their dogs. This is especially seen in shelters specialising in a certain breed/mix.

I don't think we should be slating them for adoption so quickly despite the whole move being very dumb (especially if no health tests were done).

No. 502591


As a general rule for me, any Youtuber who proudly claims to own 50 animals (let alone a person in their teens or twenties with no real experience) is someone I stay far away from. I saw one of her videos six months ago and never went back. Glad to know her care and opinions are as ridiculous as I’d imagine


God, Maddie is so insufferable. Tyler is annoying in the respect that he pretends to have an opinion when really it’s just this vague rephrasing of something he heard from someone else (like getting triggered over Logan Paul’s fake service dog but also clearly not understanding how that system works so it’s clear he has no investment in the topic, or saying “just Google it, it’s really bad” in his video where HE was supposed to explain to his viewers why buying animals from chain pet stores is bad)

Maddie is so smug in her opinions (wether they’re actually good opinions or not) and her “I’m right you’re wrong” undertone is so overbearing. They guest each other on younow sometimes and if I can barely stand Tyler I can barely stand the two of them together.

No. 502629


Agreed, I've tried to adopt dogs from shelters before but a lot of reputable shelters won't home to people with kids under the age of about 4, small animals, anyone that works more than 4 hours a day or anyone with a certain sized garden etc etc so sometimes it is easier (whether its better or not is debateable) to get dogs from breeders, because adoption centers are very picky about who they home to (rightfully so)

I think calling her a backyard breeder is a bit harsh, to me backyard breeders breed mass amounts of dogs for profit, usually in terrible conditions, does this make what she did right? No, but I still hate how they came for her and are attacking her on twitter when a lot of people in the hobby will just breed any two bearded dragons they have together with no known background or anything they will just do it because they want to

No. 502637

It's true that some shelters are hard to adopt from and you sometimes should go to a breeder. But you need to go to a responsible breeder. Happy Tails doesn't have experience breeding dogs and didn't get them health checked. Not to mention the corgis she is breeding are not pure bred so she's basically just breeding mutts for no reason. And if you watch her video her female is SUPER skinny and unhealthy looking. Tyler and Maddie started off by just commenting on her video and trying to ask why she was breeding them and she immediately starts attacking them. Seems sketchy to me.

No. 502638


I'm a fan of Maddie Smith and to me it seems like she knows what she's talking about. She shows her dogs and does a lot of volunteering for adoption events, plus she's a wildlife rehabber. It is annoying that Tyler took it to twitter but if you look at the responses a lot of people also had negative experiences with Happy Tails and give examples of false info she has spread in her videos.

No. 502644


Oh she does, Tyler is just an idiot. He pretends to be an activist but really it seems like he wants more asspats for virtue signaling than Taylor (if that’s possible)

No. 502645

I saw Happy Tails keeping her hedgehog in a 20 long aquarium without heating and I was out lol

No. 502649


Oh yeah for sure it's definitely sketchy! I just feel like tyler and Maddie are the type to shit on anyone who gets a dog from a breeder, even if its a reputable breeder, because thats the 'correct' thing to say for asspats.

100% think adopting is the best option out there if it's possible, but I've seen so many people get attacked on the internet for getting dogs from breeders, but if everyone continues to get dogs ONLY from shelters, hypothetically there will end up being no dogs left

No. 502651

I think what you're thinking of is a puppy mill, which would be a massive backyard breeding operation. Backyard breeders are just people that breed dogs without the capability of improving the 'breed' (like mixing dogs together, not doing proper health testing, or breeding dogs for strictly pet homes without consideration for the dog's intended purpose) It doesn't really matter how many litters a backyard breeder produces though, they're still doing it for their own benefit (whatever that may be) and not the benefit of the breed.

No. 502652


Maddie and Tyler both have actually said themselves that if you are going to get a dog from a breeder, to make sure its a reputable one. At least that's what I got from reading the thread on Tyler's twitter about Happy Tails.

No. 502655


For me it was a video referring to her house (with over 70 fucking pets) as a zoo, which says to me that she’s totally doing it for the attention of being the ~woah super interesting crazy~ girl with a lot of pets and nothing else.

No. 502659

I think it's weird that Maddie approached the situation with genuine concern on knowing Meghan's side and was immediately attacked.
Maddie also has a dog from a breeder, though… she's talked a lot about responsible breeding on her live streams and how buying from a breeder isn't bad as long as you know you're getting a dog from a reputable breeder.

No. 502664

Her farm seems so over stocked too, and apparently she lets some of her animals breed freely. I saw a comment that asked if she let things breed and she said, "depends on what you mean. give me an animal and I can explain" which shows that she's just letting animals breed freely.

No. 502775

>works more than 4 hours a day
Really? What kind of job do they think folks have?

No. 502786

There a bunch of backyard breeders.where I am. One even asked if we wanted to breed our purbreed shihtzu with her mixed poddle/chihuahua. I guess to make an extra small toy dog. We said no because toy breeds already have problems why add for cuteness.

No. 502793

It really just depends on the shelter to be honest. There's some really strict rescues, but I can understand if it's case by case. Not every dog needs someone home all day long to be alright, but some dogs with behavioral issues (like separation anxiety) or higher energy dogs may need someone around for more exercise/mental stimulation than someone working a 9-5 job.

No. 502826

The way Em handles the Beardie in her new video really bothers me. She moves her hands around so quick the animal just doesn't look safe

No. 502844

Sure but that seems too strict. There's 24 hours. You dog not being able to handle 8 or so hours by themselves means they arent ready for adoption.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 502846


Oh yeah, in her recent meet all my animals video she said one of her baby goats got pregnant from someone else's male goat, but if it's her farm surely she should be monitoring all that?

No. 502988

File: 1518646380875.png (483.86 KB, 854x1516, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 5.12…)

I just CAN'T believe how rude she is to people. I was looking through her comment section and she's an absolute jerk to everyone, even people trying to help.

No. 503133

I am a tiny channel and I get comments, msgs, e-mails.. daily from people that did ZERO research and just want easy answers. So I don't blame Happy Tails if she gets snarky with some replies. It's exhausting trying to please everyone all the time and do the work for them when they get nitpicky/triggered about everything. The good feedback/criticism often gets lost in the bs.

No. 503146


No ones asking her to please everyone, but being nuetral in her replies (or not replying at all) is better than just being a bitch to people who are obviously just stupid teenagers and kids. Getting a lot of messages and at ain’t even an excuse to get angry with people because every channel gets a river of hate comments whether or not the person deserves it or not.

No. 503156


She's rude with literallly everyone. In the pic above someone asked what she did with her pets during Hurricane Harvey and she was rude. That's an actual genuine concern. The person below her just wanted a video on pet birds. She could have nicely asked what species. I understand it being annoying if people are messaging asking for particular concerns on care for the animals they personally own, but everything else, especially positive/valid criticism, shouldn't be met with sarcasm or in a rude manner. There's just no reason for it.

No. 503192

Even just not responding would be better.
She must forget that these are the people who depend on how her channel does, and she's definitely not doing herself any good by being a total asshole to her supporters.

No. 503252

I was going through some of Happy Tails videos and noticed her video where she talks about great pets for kids and it's encouraging parents to get their kids a pet as a gift and she recommends Hedgehogs. Who in the right mind would think hedgehogs make good pets for kids? They are so sensitive and nervous and have a lot of health issues. Plus she says to feed them commercial hedgehog diet. This idiot doesn't know anything.

No. 503260

Not to mention she had her hedgehog in a 20 gallon long with no heat source…

No. 503269

I watched her pet room tour and she said she's spilled nail polish in there multiple times. She has birds in her pet room that have extremely sensitive respiratory systems and she's painting her nails in there? It's like she has no common sense.

No. 503277

File: 1518660969954.png (586.43 KB, 1358x754, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 9.15…)

"It's non-toxic" is her excuse.
It still produces awful fumes that her animals shouldn't be exposed to.

No. 503335

She also feeds her crested geckos the nat geo food. The ingredients are terrible and most geckos won’t even eat it. But she claims to be a pet nutritionist/consultant.

No. 503358


Even if someone says non-toxic or whatever, I don’t know why you would even chance it.

No. 503365

I highly doubt it’s sold as non-toxic for birds anyway. There are plenty of things that are non-toxic for humans, cats, or dogs, that aren’t for birds. Plenty of cleaners are sold as non-toxic as well but they’d still kill birds.

No. 503372


Yup! Thats because they're non-toxic to ingest but they still produce fumes that don't affect us but can kill birds because of how sensitive they are.

No. 503413

the other option is to kill it for some places. For most dogs 4 hours is nuts, unless its a young puppy or a dog with bad isolation stress/separation anxiety. A lot of dogs are given up for isolation stress
There is no concrete term for backyard breeding but I'd say she fits the bill at least for my definition. One of the most important things to me for a breeder is that the breeder has a sincere purpose or goal for breeding, no matter how small, to better the breed/mix/designer dogs/what have you. From what I can tell, she bred her dog with very little prior knowledge, had no outcome in mind except to make videos and have cute puppies. Horrible person for people to look up to
shit happens, even responsible breeders can not make that claim and an adult would understand that. you can take precautions but you can't know for sure where these dogs will end up. and having healthy merles means fuck all when those merles can go out to create hidden merles or worse, double merles.
there are plenty of shelters that have next to no rules, and as far as brick-and-mortar shelters go they are in the majority. i will agree that shelters have dogs with unknown backgrounds and therefore iffy personalities, but honestly back yard breeders are the same. For example, if you're breeding with little discrimination and breed a genetically stranger aggressive papillon to another papillon, the puppies have a chance of being stranger aggressive despite the breed standard being the opposite. If you want a dog with a known disposition, an actual reputable breeder or an adult dog in foster home (maybe adult dog rehomed on CL if you're very trusting) would be the best routes, not a back yard breeder mixing mutts.
What you call back yard breeder is literally a puppy mill. Even back yard breeders in the end have a hard time making a profit when all is said and done. I know fuck all about herps but I know enough about mammals to know that what she did was extremely irresponsible and no one should be taking her as a good example, yet many people do look up to her. Just because other people also do bad things doesn't make it better.

No. 503426

Very well said, all of it.
If we're going by the Wikipedia definition of backyard breeder: "Backyard breeder is a term used to describe amateur animal breeders whose breeding is considered substandard, with little or misguided effort towards ethical, selective breeding."

She fits the bill all the way. In her video she said something along the lines of wanting to breed cardigan x pembroke to get the merle coloring. No good breeder just breeds for color. She basically said "f*ck having purebreds, I want the pretty colors."
So ridiculous.

No. 503505

File: 1518681256424.jpg (322.62 KB, 1073x1429, 2018-02-15_01.47.45.jpg)

Pretty heartless thing to say back to someone.

No. 503516

I think it's a pretty valid question.
I also don't see why everyone has to register their pet as an emotional support animal though. You pet can emotionally support you without being registered.

No. 503549

Well for some people it's so they can have one while living somewhere that doesn't allow it like an apartment. It also waves the monthly pet fees for those kind of places. The people who just want to bring their animal everywhere just to have them there are trash though, makes the rest of us seem shit as well.

No. 503553


It's true that a lot of people abuse the system regarding emotional support animals etc. But she replied to an obviously depressed person who admitted to self harming themselves in a rude manner instead of giving a legitimate answer and being a bit more compassionate.

No. 503589

Professional help > animal on leash where it shouldn't be "supporting" you emotionally.

No. 503626


Yes, she does need professional help. I never said she should get an ESA. My only point was that Happy Tails should have been nicer and more compassionate in her reply rather than being so rude. She could have made the exact same point as she made to this person without being so rude about it. That's the only point I was making.

No. 503671

are the parents really not health tested? she replied to some comments on youtube saying they are. It doesnt change the fact that she is breeding muts but it would be a bit better.

No. 503699


I mean, ESA are beneficial to people wiyh anxiety in certain situations (planes, cars, etc.) and those things aren’t necessarily easy to treat with therapy. They might lessen but it’ll sort of always been there if it’s deep seated enough.

But it should be specifically kept to dogs. The people touting emotional support ducks and turkeys and hamsters and the media thinking it’s quirky and cute and not just someone who doesn’t want to put their animal in cargo or find other accommodations are where the problem continues to spiral out of control.

No. 503762

There's a man with a support pony because he is scared of dogs. I think it was very well reported by the news. Also reminds me of TND and hedgehog at seaworld incident.

No. 503772

Are there any PetTubers that actually seem to have the advancement of animal husbandry as their core ethos, rather than ultimately self promotion? I'd love to see setups that go above and beyond, plus a willingness to discuss ethics without going on the defensive, providing well researched evidence rather than just opinion.

No. 503791

Miniature ponies are actually considered legal service animals though

No. 503820

The recent story with the guy with the miniature pony is actually blind and having it trained as a guide dog. Amazing.

No. 503910


I’m talking ESA, not service animals. I know animals like dogs and miniature ponies are covered under the ADA as potential service animals, but animals described as ESA are not.

No. 503990

Afroherpkeeper seems to be genuinely passionate about his animals and his setups are really nice too from what I’ve seen but I don’t know if you’re interested in reptiles

No. 504137

Does anyone watch AntsCanada? I've been liking his videos and they're very informative but his ants seem to be struggling a fair lot and I'm just wondering if this dude is working for his ants and not views.

No. 504156


AntsCanada is really good. It's very hard to keep natural vivariums in perfect condition with so many insects. Most terrariums that are planted go through a 1-6month mold cycle of growing new plants mold and bugs. It you can work with the vivarium to get it past that point then you are doing good.

As a person that works with a large variety of viv setups I appreciate his transparency in the problems that are faced in this hobby. Fells nice to have updates on every colony every week even if a colony is doing very badly. I don't remember a time there was drama about him not showing a viv.

No. 504247


I hate ants but the dude seems so happy and enthusiastic and loves to give his ants new areas to explore that I imagine he’s doing it 100% for the love of the hobby.

No. 504312

I quite like Jensen's Reptiles

No. 504400

Oh man antscanada is like my favorite youtuber ever since I found his channel. He isn't afraid to admit his mistakes and learn more so he's able to fix them. All of these impulsive pet channels could really learn from him.

No. 504410

is emzotic part asian

No. 504446


I think I remember her mentioning off-handed in one of her videos that she’s part Chinese

No. 504493

Hopping Hammy is a great channel. She makes HUUUUUGE enclosures (biggest I have ever seen) for one hamster. All her hamsters are adopted and she waits till one or two live out their lives before adopting a new one.

Another good one is lifewithpets. She came up with great quality betta dividers that are a positive adition to the hobby. She provides people with solid betta care info.

No. 504533


From what I’ve seen most small animal YouTubers have incredible care. I love the trend with the hamster community with themed cages always giving them something new to explore. It’s a cool way to bond and tame them

No. 504556


Yes, her dad is Chinese and she lived in Hong Kong for many years as a child.


I like Imee's World personally. She has rats and a mouse and makes many informative animal videos. She also takes criticism quite well and seems to give her animals quality care from what I've seen. Emma Lynne Sampson has a huge enclosure for her hamster as far as PetTubers that go above and beyond, but unfortunately she seems to hoard, and I don't watch her apart from a few videos in the past so I can't say what her reptile enclosures look like off the top of my head. Her hamster enclosure is really nice though.

No. 504600


I was going to give Emma Lynne a chance, but then I saw one of her video titles doing the “yes I really DO have all these animals” routine, which is never a good sign to me. Petubers who emphasize the numbers of animals they own always turn out horrible or iffy at best.

No. 504629


Completely agree. I only emphasized that her hamster enclosure was spacious etc. She hoards and once I saw that I lost interest after only a couple videos.

No. 504659


I totally lost interest in the chick when she made a video being all sad like “I’m not TND… I’m just…. me :(“

Not saying TND is the first person who started this annoying trend but she does all the same attention grabbing shit that TND does, posing with her animals but doing her hair and makeup excessively so it’s obvious she wants to be the focus, etc. Shes just an equally as uninteresting TND

No. 504714


If you want to see awesome hamster enclosures without the hoarding instathot you should check out VanillaHamHam. They do not update much but their hamster's enclosure blows this girl's out of the water

No. 504836


There’s also HoppyHammy like people have mentioned before. One of her cages is two 50 gallons that she fashioned together which is pretty cool.

ErinsAnimals is also pretty amazing, because not only are here enclosures huge but she custom builds them herself.

VHH’s channel is the cutest thing. I’m a bit sad though because she posted a video with Vanilla celebrating his 2nd birthday within the last few months so I know time I short for the little guy. I’m not gonna be ready when he goes.

No. 504882

File: 1518794702935.png (45.48 KB, 316x282, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.2…)

Happy Tails is now going to start charging people for pet care advise?? Who would pay her for her false information. It's so annoying how she acts like she's an expert when she probably has the worse pet care out of all the pet youtubers I've seen.

No. 504907


Is she a vet?

No. 504914


1 dollar per minute? What in the hell.

Most 'good' consultations last 10-15 minutes, who ever pays her is a complete idiot as you could get the same info from google but it is also EXPENSIVE.

No. 504929


What kind of self absorbed dumbass pays someone a dollar per minute of their time? Is she a liscensed vet? Did she spend a lot of time and money going through venterinary school or an animal behavior program? No? Her only qualification is that she has a lot of animals? What a load of garbage.

No. 504932


*asks someone to pay a dollar a minute

No. 505062

how do you guys feel about goherping? i like him but now that i know everything about everyone else i'm wondering if i should trust what he says

sage bc no milk

No. 505101

all I remember from him was how he said wet dog food can give blueys mouth rot and immediately stopped watching lol

I kinda dislike people making care sheets for animals on YouTube as they have to keep them short to keep people's short attention spans and therefore are usually all over the place and laced in false information
especially when they have either only had the reptile for under a year or don't state that they're not good for your only source of information

No. 505468

I don't know much about ants but I know from raising other inverts that they can be extremely sensitive. They can die for seemingly no reason or from things you wouldn't think would harm them. So an invert keeper loosing animals can be normal, especially if he's keeping species there's not much info on.

No. 505791

Holy fuck if her advice is worth $1 a minute mine is worth $10 a syllable.

She is the one youtuber who I honest to god can not understand how she can even keep up adequate care of all of her animals. The ferrets are recommended to have at the very least an hour or two of floor time a day, and guinea pigs should get an hour a day as well or close to it. Rats need a lot of time outside of the cage daily. And she has a ton of high maintenance birds. That's not even counting her farm animals.

No. 505913


I agree. In a recent video she mentioned how she lost "a lot" of pets in 2017. Now she has to train two new puppies, take care of a gecko she can't properly ID, and look for a new sugar glider (which she can't even afford and is begging on gofundme) on top of taking care of all her other animals and farm. I can't imagine how many of her pet will die this year. Happy Tail's hoarding makes TND look like she has her animals under control.

No. 506074

File: 1518878855461.png (826.13 KB, 750x1334, 30BD18C2-8752-4DA6-B446-A6C49A…)

why tyler???

No. 506078

Watch, this one is going to disappear too and he won't care

No. 506131


My favorite thing about how obviously materialistic and skindeep Tyler is with his love for animals is every time someone asks him in his younows about what he thinks about xyz animal, his repose is always

>those are cool

>those are cute
>I want one :)

But never elaborates ever. Not asking for a dissertation but at least act like you care

No. 506145

File: 1518884186670.png (1 MB, 1626x966, happytailservices.png)

Did she keep two puppies? Has she never heard of littermate syndrome? And wouldn't the more logical thing to do if you can't afford to get another sugar glider be to get rid of your remaining one, especially when you have 70+ other animals to take care of?
No, her job is blogging and being a youtube personality. As far as I can tell she has no related education or other credentials.
People pay her a lot more for a lot less, pic related

No. 506185

In the video she made about which puppies she’s keeping she said she’s keeping 3. I don’t know if that has changed since then though.

What I don’t get is how she can afford to take care of all of her animals but she can’t afford $600 for a sugar glider. Makes you wonder whether she really can afford to take care of them.

No. 506238


$150 for someone to basically read you a care sheet over the phone? Just go to a fucking vet

No. 506275


>Has she never heard of littermate syndrome?

she also gave a pair of puppies to one of her friends/family, so no. this girl does not know what the hell she's doing

No. 506402


I remember her saying in one of her videos that she has an animal nutrition qualification, if this is true why is she charging more for general pet care advice than advice on something shes apparently qualified to give information about?

No. 506407


If she’s an animal nutritionist, then she should say that or give some sort of proof. Unless of course she just worked at a pet store and was just taught basic nutrition facts, but that isn’t as impressive to say

No. 506563

So I follow Steff J, I am not a fan, I like her attitude but she is straight hoarder it wasn't until recently i realize she a danger for her pets.


She kill all her fish (even salt water) with poison for fleas.

No. 506575


I also just happened across Steff J's merch and shes selling knock off grumpy cat shirts? She does realise she can't do that right????

No. 506615

File: 1518911683604.png (478.95 KB, 640x1136, B00E5622-BB52-4B54-9704-A54515…)


(Checking her website now)

> Sells a sweatshirt with “animal lover” on it

> Sells bracelets made out of YAK BONES

No. 506619

File: 1518911884979.png (120.01 KB, 640x1136, 5CEF0059-0C12-4FBA-8F6E-500ED5…)


Excuse me, I was mistaken:

They’re made out of Yak Bones and REAL leather

No. 506628

Ugh yeah I was going to mention her earlier. Her house looks dirty af, along with her back yard. She had those turtles too that laid eggs outside because she wasn't watching them and then half the eggs got eaten by ants and shit and one of the few she was able to hatch had a birth defect where its shell didn't form so she just soaked them all in broth?? How about don't let your turtles breed. There are enough invasive turtles around.

I think I was done with her though when she got those puppies given to her as a present and then kept them both despite saying she didn't want dogs…

Honestly I try to avoid her videos; her living situation makes me feel dirty from across the screen.

Have her starfish died yet? Did the flea treatment kill them? Honestly I don't know if I want to watch that vid.

No. 506683

I thought the eggs that got eaten by ants where lay by "stray" turtles which weren't hers.

I think the star die already. I didn't thought the mistake was that stupid until she said when the seller said the powder was "pet friendly" she include tank pets
You don't need anyone to tell you that shit will kill your fish, it is common sense
I didn't quite understand her lame ass excuse about not bathing the kitten because it was cold but, her house doesn't have a heater, warm water, a blow dryer??
She was just lazy and if doesn't any of those things maybe she should fucking have so many pets.

No. 506700

Penelope (red ear slider) her large turtle, laid them. She saw her lay 1 clutch in the garden and just left them… then she laid another but she didn't check on this one? Idk It seems like this turtle lays eggs regularly. :/

No. 506702

>I didn't quite understand her lame ass excuse about not bathing the kitten because it was cold but, her house doesn't have a heater, warm water, a blow dryer??

Also her house is dirty as fuck so it wouldn't surprise me if she had nothing to heat it, I've seen shacks in better condition.

No. 507130


His old one jumped out because he kept it in a fluval spec and the lid has an opening in the middle. He said in a snap that he's going to modify the lid so there's no opening for the fish to jump out. At least he's improving the tank.

No. 507181


There are certain people you should report to animal services. She sounds like one of them.

No. 507310


The fucked up thing about all of these channels with dozens of pets is that they think that just because their animals aren’t all living in tiny cages and they keep their area somewhat clean they aren’t hoarders, and they mock people for showing concern that, just like regular hoarders, they have 15 times the amount of animals a normal person should have and they’re not qualified at all to take care of them

No. 507399

I know for a fact its hard to take care of reptiles and not as easy as they try and make it seem. I have 7 and they take up most of my time.
They really need to stop setting people up for failure by being like "look at all of these animals I have! You should get them too! Not like they are living things that need to he cared for!"

No. 507689

I have 30+ reptiles but i work from home and work very closely with a rescue. It’s possible to do but I do not recommend this is anyone who isn’t financially stable or responsible. No one should be doing this is they live at home with their parents still. Get your life set up, then your passions.

No. 507734

Not from the US and I don't know where she lives otherwise I 100% would. Watch some of her vids to see the state of her living. She shouldn't be keeping any pets, let alone several fish tanks, several turtles, numerous dogs (including the puppies she got given), numerous cats, a duck and now a chameleons. Honestly I've probably missed a few pets too… for all the other pet youtubers; she is by far the worst. She doesn't even try to hide how bad her shit has gotten.

No. 507833

i think vanilla is already in old age/near death because her updates have been so infrequent

No. 508195

People were bringing up hoarding so I thought I'd make a tally of HappyTails' animals, since for some reason she didn't have a tally like most pet youtubers do. Then I found out why not, she literally can't count them all.
>1 pony
>1 horse
>7 horses that are just boarded there
>service dog white GSD
>blue merle cardigan/pembroke corgi
>pembroke corgi
>9 mutt puppies, 3 that she's keeping
>halmahera gecko
>2 male crested geckos
>giant day gecko
>leopard gecko
>2 bearded dragons
>banana ball python
>2 rabbits
>2 prairie dogs
>3 chinchillas
>2 guinea pigs
>60 gallon with 'a few' plecos, glowfish, some mollys, some fancy tail guppies, betta, and ghost knife fish
>15 gallon tank with ~10ish neon tetras, ~10ish guppies, a betta, some shrimp
>3 gerbils
>rose breasted cockatoo
>2 green cheek conures
>1 cockateil
>3 budgies
>2 canaries
>2 finches
>2 cats, 'lynx point siamese' and 'calico ragdoll'
>1 chihuahua
>1 Juliana pig
>2 hedgehogs
>2 sugar gliders
>2 rats
>12 alpacas
>3 llamas
>11 goats
>2 miniature horses
>~20 guinea hens
>~20-30 assorted chickens
>6 ducks
>1 goose
>a ton of peacocks
>too many homing pigeons to count

No. 508237


holy shit

No. 509109

This infuriates me, I was watching her 2018 "all my pets" video and she didn't seem to even remember some of her animals names…

No. 509701

So Emzotic just uploaded a 'draw my life'

anyone know anything about sharpie fumes and snakes??

No. 509727

Fumes of any kind generally aren't safe for reptiles

No. 509730

snake discovery are amazing imo and I will stan for them all day long.

No. 509738

Does she live alone or on some kind of fucking ranch?
I have THREE ANIMALS and it takes time to care for them and keep everything clean and happy. I'd have never ending anxiety if I owned that many fucking animals, does she have vet emergency money set away for each of them?? Does she spend every waking minute cleaning tanks and terrariums? What the fuck

No. 509745


I second Snake Discovery! Love them

No. 509747

>>509745 (sorry forgot to sage)

No. 509818

She has a husband and a part time job, and despite having a husband I will assume that she lives on a ranch with her parents, or someone's parents. Even for 4 people, one of whom has a full time job and the other a part time job, that's a lot of animals to take care of. She did say that the only animals that were not hers were the 7 boarded horses and one bearded dragon that was her husbands, everything else I am assuming is hers. She has no money and is actually begging online for people to donate to her so she can buy another sugar glider.
There's no fucking way she can, she even admits she has no idea how many birds she has and she says she lets them free roam. In other words, the birds aren't contained in any fashion and can run off and never come back. She would never even know if one went missing to go out and search for it. She also had an accidental litters with her goats from her other (not accidental?) litters of last year.

No. 510125

I love snake discoveries neutral stance on touchy subjects like live vs FT and tanks vs rack systems. She actually see wants to teach people without drama. She's an amazing person and really loves her animals

No. 510385


I love snake discovery too, but I just feel weird about anyone that keeps alligators as indoor pets. I know hers is like 30 years old, orignally came from a negligence situation and won't grow past it's current size but I still feel weird about it

No. 510531

Its for the safety of her gator, he's got a lot of health issues from being kept in that box, she did a video talking about him in it and explained some of his health issues.

No. 510644

Most of the hamster youtubers are okay. But pickles is an idiot and is on the fast track to being one hoarding nightmare.

I like Erin's animals. She got a mouse recently after years of waiting for it to be the right time. And she adopts street dogs without giving a single shit about genetics, (which is great because it doesn't perpetuate the obsession with designer dogs). I find those dog dna tests fun but I get iffy when you're a youtuber and there's a culture of, "OMG I WANT A DOG JUST LIKE YOURS!!! Wut kind is it?"

It's also nice that she doesn't want to give mice advice because she's only got a month of experience and has had 26 hamsters (not all at once but over the years).

I also enjoy Leopard Gecko, she's another quality over quantity pet youtuber.

No. 510663


Pickles seemed nice and I really felt bad about the type of comments she got for her looks or her lisp (HammyLux has a lisp and no one ever says anything about that, is it because she’s conventionally more attractive?)

But once Pickles started vlogging about going to expos and getting all those gecks I started to check out.

No. 510665


ErinsAnimals is great! She custom builds her hamster cages from scratch a lot of the time so it’s easy to see she’s super invested in giving them spacious homes

No. 510681


Nah, her lisp makes the videos far too difficult to watch

No. 510693


Can i ask why you think shes on the track to being a hoarding nightmare? I personally can't stand her so don't watch her videos, but can you expand on what leads you to believe shes 'on the fast track to hoarding' ? Just curious because it seems something aimed at any pet youtuber with a large number of animals, granted some probably are, but theres not always a correlation??

No. 510705

Ok so something I've noticed a lot on here is calling any pet youtuber who has a lot of pets a 'hoarder.' I think we need to educate ourselves more on what hoarding means. It's only hoarding if you can't take proper care of all of the animals and they are unhealthy and being house inadequately. In the reptile hobby there are plenty of people who have tons of reptiles (its very common because a lot of reptiles are pretty easy to care for) and this doesn't make everyone in the reptile keeping hobby a hoarder. I know plenty of people who have 20 or more snakes but take wonderful care of them and that doesn't mean they're hoarding just because they have a lot.

With that being said I agree there are a couple pet youtubers who DO have a hoarding problem, for example Happy Tails, who doesn't properly care for her animals and is in denial that she doesn't know what she's doing and continues to get more.

No. 510725


I haven’t called anyone a hoarder (other than Happy Tails) but I’m in agreement that most of the pet youtubers are hoarding animals, since the definition of hoarding to me is “taking much more than you need or could use.” These spoiled brat white kids still living with their parents don’t need to take in animals that could quite possibly outlive them (re: Tyler’s African Grey), or a rare exotic fish (re: Cheese), or fifteen snakes when two years ago you’ve had zero experience with snakes (re: Taylor)

But they do it anyway because “oooooh pretty.” None of them have even thought about the possibility of “oh hey, if I have kids one day… some of these animals might not be safest… oh hey if I need to move, I probably won’t be able to take half of these animals with me.”

No. 510741

hoarding pets and textbook 'hoarder' is different, anon. many of these pet youtubers have more pets than foster pet parents do, and the youtubers pets are permanent.


No. 510745

Actually responsible breeders would outcross periodically if they cared about the long term health and survival of the breed instead of their appearance. Germans Shepherds come to mind immediately, as do Cav King Charles, but I’m gonna step away so I don’t explode.

No. 510750


Taylor has 15 snakes already ??

No. 510756


I was exaggerating a bit, but I’m not far off. I think she has 11. Or 12.

No. 510757


Animal hoarding has it's own definition if you look it up. And once again reptile keeping is a hobby where many people keep more pets than these pet youtubers. Keeping reptiles is different than keeping dogs, cats, rabbits, or other things that require more attention. I'm just saying if you have a passion for reptile keeping and you have a lot of them then I don't see a problem as long as you have the time and space to properly house and take care of them all.

No. 510792


I think thats the problem, people are throwing the word hoarder around, when most of the time it is applying to youtubers that have a large amount of reptiles (for example anon calling Pickles a hoarder just for getting 3 new rescue geckos)

No. 510817

I think the sorry state of other pet youtubers if fooling you into thinking large amounts of animals is normal.

Most people would have 1-3 reptiles if they kept them. Only breeding operations tend to have more.

Ordinary people with 10+ reptiles are stretching themselves thin, it's not normal.

No. 510857


It’s not ‘normal’ but I’m just saying that reptile keeping IS a hobby and there are plenty of people out there who own a ton and take care of them as their hobby. If you go to any reptile shows or go on reptile forums, there are plenty of people there like that. Whether or not you agree with it is an opinion but my point is these pet youtubers aren’t the only people out there keeping 10, 20, 30 or more reptiles.

No. 510858

I think it's really a stretch to be saying something isn't "normal" here.
Like it was stated before, if the animals are being cared for in proper enclosures, how is this considered hoarding animals?
A lot of these YouTubers, they are home with their animals all day and at least should be researching what they get before they get it and providing proper care so they don't spread false information. Happy Tails, definitely an animal hoarder. Pickles? Not an animal hoarder.
Let's be clear here, you're saying people shouldn't adopt birds? Tyler is young and he got a bird, if anyone else adopted the bird, would that have been wrong because the bird could potentially outlive them? I don't get what you're saying here. As long as he commits to the continued care of the bird as long as he lives, how is adopting a long lived bird a problem when he is young and in good health?

No. 510859

I was the original anon who said this. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a lot of pets. I don't think if you have 30 you're automatically a hoarder or anything like that. My parents have 100 head on their farm and with the size of their range, it's far from overstocked. And I know many here keepers that do amazing jobs.

I'm only iffy about some people's mentality about getting pets. Pickles has been doing a lot of impulse shopping recently and the frequency she gets new species is concerning to me. I don't think she knows what she is doing, and she needs to stop and learn a bit about the creatures she has before impulse "rescuing" 3 lizards from craigslist.

After the whole TND thing went down I noticed that I have similar impulsive patterns with animals. I've got 7 animals now and they're all in good health, but the ways and reasons I went about buying them weren't good. And the time frame either. Examples of things: Spending hours a day on craigslist when work had to be done, ignoring enrichment in favour of new animals, putting pet supplies before human supplies, etc.

Went to a therapist and yeah, I've learned a lot about hoarding and the many different reasons it manifests. Small things in my life trigger it and I'm building up coping mechanisms so that if something bad happens it won't take over my life TND style.

Blah, blah, blah, I'm blogging here at this point. But basically Pickles husbandry is worrying me and her speed of getting new animals. That's it.

No. 510861

Forgot to sage my blogging, sorry.

No. 510880


Why are you putting words in my mouth? Obviously people should adopt birds—I’m sayin it’s pretty impulsive and stupid for a 20 year old to go out and make the commitment of adopting a bird that have been documented to live up to 80 years. I was obviously talking about how impulsive these people are to buy/adopt animals who either live a ridiculously long time or have specific health requirements, when they’re in their teens and twenties, are still living at home and haven’t thought about how much of a long term commitment it could potentially be, not owning the animals in general.

No. 510900

To make it clear, I get that reptile keeping can be a hobby but it's still not a usual one perhaps I should have added that with 'breeders'.

However most people who keep reptiles still do not keep them as a hobby or keep 10+ of them. ergo it's not 'normal'.

The pet youtubers all mentioned here for the most part go beyond 'hobby' anyway and they do often impulse buy animals. I don't know what else you could call that but hoarding.

No. 510916

it's just weird that you're saying he impulse rescued a bird when I see nothing wrong with his set up for his African gray or anything that isn't ideal care wise, that's all. I'm sure he realizes that birds live a long time, or else he wouldn't have gotten his sun conure. I just don't see why you'd feel the need to bring up the bird's long lifespan when it doesn't seem like he's giving her up or doesn't have an interest in caring for her long term.

No. 510918

I'm curious what everyone thinks is wrong with pickle's care of her pets or what is concerning? To me it doesn't seem like she really gets animals that often and her enclosures appear to be adequate size. Feel free to correct me, but I can't find anything wrong there.

No. 510927

I worked in an lps in high school and I had plenty of herp hobbyists come in with 15+ reptiles. If a normal person heard someone had that many pets they'd think it isn't normal, but in the herp community it is relatively common. Just go to any snake forum and you'll see a good portion who have over a dozen reptiles.

The thing that makes me think a lot of these YouTubers are hoarders though is of course the impulse buying without research, and improper care, but also the huge variety of animals they have. It's not normal to me to have at the same time birds, small animals, reptiles, saltwater and freshwater fish, dogs, cats, turtles, etc. Most hobbyists with a lot of animals focus on fish or reptiles, which I think are the only types of pets you can have in large numbers and still keep well. When you add a huge variety of mammals and birds in there that need a lot more time and attention (and a lot of times a lot of space in comparison to their body size), that's when it definitely starts to feel like hoarding to me.

No. 510948


Again, you’re putting words in my mouth.

I’m brought up the bird’s long lifespan for the obvious reason that Tyler is 20-21, still lives at home with his parents, doesn’t seem to be dating anyone (unless he and Maddie are dating?), and he hasn’t said anything about school or a job outside of Youtube.

Now for the rest of his life, he has to adjust his lifestyle and schedule to that bird. It’s no skin off my bones he can do whatever he wants, I’m just saying it’s totally impulsive.

Also I used him as part of multiple examples of ridiculous pet youtubers to show they’re all ridiculously impulsive and you only seem to be triggered over my opinion of Tyler. I don’t think it’s smart. Get over it.

No. 510959


In the last few months she started cheering away from strictly hamster stuff into getting some geckos and skinks and going to reptile expos. But her behavior hasn’t been that concerning so I don’t think it’s that big a deal yet,

Don’t know enough about hamsters or geckos to judge her care in that department

No. 510990

I don't personally see an issue branching out into other species. From what I can tell, she seems like she's done research on the animals she's brought home and she hasn't been bringing new animals home every week either.

No. 510992


Yeah yeah that’s what I mean. There’s no convening begavioe yet, so I really don’t see it as that big a deal

No. 511187

Anybody follow Pawfessor at all? I find his message alright about dog training. But his personality is the worst and God he just repeats himself 500x in every video. He's so full of himself and patronizing. And so much cringe and click bait.

And he constantly does random videos where he brings up politics for no reason.

No. 511188


Could you summarize the video? I don’t have the attention span to listen to some guy ramble about himself for an hour

No. 511191

Yeah sorry. It's your typical petco sucks story. But I get the impression he tried to get a job there just to get fired and make a click bait video about it.

Another better example of the shit he pulls. He faked a service dog just to make a point about service dogs or idk what he's doing. He pulls stunts like this all the time while condemning other people of the same type of stuff.

No. 511196


God I’m so sick of these types of videos. I get being important about the politics around fake service animals because I am too, but these people seem to care more about virtue signaling than putting together an actual informative video that doesn’t just amount to “faking a service animal is super bad because it makes people with disabilities unsafe” without elaborating on it at all.

No. 511419

I'm kinda late but Jesus I just watched emzotic's Draw My Life video and the way she speaks makes me feel like a child. I know her target demographic is children but damn, chill with the condescending tone.

Though I will say, I really respect her talking so openly about her miscarriage.

No. 511528

Happy Tails just added a gargoyle gecko to her "collection"…

No. 511566

File: 1519328228815.jpg (130.34 KB, 750x1334, 12483065_499722373541896_18719…)

Pawfessor has been around for a LOONG time trying to harass trainers. He got kicked out from both Jean Donaldson and Karen Pryor Clicker training schools.

He is mostly known for attacking trainers ..then after he becomes too much and they retaliate he deletes all comments/videos ect.. and cries online that he is the victim and encourages ppl to go attack.

No. 511569

File: 1519328361551.jpg (122.42 KB, 451x600, gageoughdsgfdi.jpg)

He tries to create drama for attention

No. 511572

File: 1519328404445.jpg (39.68 KB, 539x960, 13226936_10154333746902868_288…)

But its all a fake

No. 511574

File: 1519328655272.jpg (53.41 KB, 452x264, grattitude.jpg)

Here is the proof that he got kicked out of one of the dog training schools.

No. 511581

File: 1519328983175.jpg (120.6 KB, 454x455, Idontevenknowanymore.jpg)

This was after the first post where "blood was spilled"… no one gave him attention so he went on a tantrum

No. 511613

File: 1519329976193.jpg (37.65 KB, 1072x436, 13996043_1071816286238146_6688…)

He was able to grow his channel through the constant drama and when other trainers made videos about him he got more subs.. so for a while he kept baiting people.

This gave him a really bad rep..and most of his following hated him.. so he deleted almost all of his old videos and tried to restart.. but he always goes back to his old ways.

There is a secret group on fb that archived his old videos and keeps tabs on screenshots comprised of dog trainers he harassed on both sides ..reward based trainers and balanced.

Thats all I'll share for now as I don't wanna overspam you guys. There is never ending shit on him…

No. 511616

Super interesting, thank you anon! Drama whore for sure.

No. 513339

So emzotic just uploaded a new video

Not a bird person but she's painting in a room with her Doves, aren't they super sensitive to toxic things?

She also has her ferret out at the same time as her doves as her eyes shift to them at about 3:10 when they make a noise, just mentioning this because I know some anons were discussing the fact that she shouldn't be keeping them in the same room anyway

No. 513433


While I cannot comment on the paint thing it seems like the ferrets were not out running around during the time the doves were.

On another note, the painting just looked…eh. It was a cool idea but her the background would blend with the hair from further away and in general it looks like she may have been better off painting something from scratch?
I wonder how they will go around selling the dove if it hatches though.
Also, in her creature feature videos she has a very condescending voice. At first I thought it was her interest but it seems a bit scripted and like she's shouting? The tone is what really makes it sound unnatural too.

No. 513463

They weren't running around but she had them in her arms, I don't doubt she has a secure grip on them though.

Something more alarming is the doves landing and perching on top of the ferrets cage, all it takes is for the ferrets to scale the cage and pull the dove in, you can use the whole 'I was watching them the whole time' excuse but humans reaction times aren't as fast as animals

No. 513626

yeah that 'painting' was fucking shit. she traced painted over someone who painted over a print of an original painting, and then acts proud like she painted it all from scratch. guuurl

No. 513647

I love Erin'sAnimals! I don't really like most of the hamster youtubers though, tbh. The videos give me like "live laugh love" vibes… ErinsAnimals, AprilsAnimals, and VanillaHamHam are the only ones I can stand.

If TNT gets a hamster I'm going to be so upset

No. 513648

No. 513674


I don’t know about doves’ tolerance specifically, but (as a bird person) birds have really delicate resperitory systems and as a general rule, the smaller the bird the more dangerous it is the expose them to toxic fumes or chemicals.

No. 514418

I haven't been watching Steff J's videos lately, but in the ones I have, I haven't seen anything warranting people saying that her house is dirty. She has a lot of free roaming animals, but she's also shown herself cleaning and mopping up after them, so it feels like people are just throwing that around simply because she has a lot of animals. Also, it kind of seems like people that just show off their pets aren't allowed to make mistakes. The flea powder incident was a dumb mistake on her part, but some people on here are talking about it like she dumped the flea powder directly into the tank, when she said she turned off everything and covered the tanks trying to prevent the powder getting into the tanks, and she was told it wasn't harmful to pets.

In the middle of winter, it's not a good idea to bathe sensitive baby kittens, even if the house is heated. But we don't even know her situation, other than she lives in Mexico. I can't tell you what heating systems are like, but it sounds like she did what she thought was best for the animals and it backfired. Jesus Christ. I despise TND and other pet youtubers, but it feels like because of her, there's a witch hunt on a lot of Youtubers who are actually doing trying to do their best, but have had some misfortune.

Probably going to be called a stan, but also, Emma did not ditch her animals in the UK. She petitioned to bring them into the US, but customs didn't allow it, so they're living with friends and she goes back to visit them. Jesus. There's enough that some of these people do wrong without reaching so hard for little things like this.

No. 514475


The problem isn’t people showing off their pets, the problem is them thinking they’re suddenly an expert because they have a lot of them, so no us nitpicking the mistakes and poor judgement of these ~experts~ Isn’t a witch hunt against your poor favorite innocent YouTubers

No. 514484

lol Steff J's house isn't dirty. Have you watched any of her vids? It's constantly gross in the background. Her duck shits wherever it pleases inside her house too lol I remember watching one vid where she steps in it.

Also she just put up a new vid about smuggling her chameleons from a reptile expo on a plane. A+++ Pet keeping there.

No. 514491


Video highlights:
-Smuggles chameleons on plane in handbag
-Nervous as handbag goes through scanner
-Claims she would have them shipped via cargo if they caught her
-Calls them delicate and not beginner friendly while one is barely hanging on in her hair
-Houses them together despite admitting risks in that situation

-Shear amount of animals coming out of her house when she returns.

No. 514500


You forgot the 'kicks cat in the face while trying to get in the door' lol

No. 514519

This idiot though. Not only is she stupid but she is legit insane. Some of her videos are scarily delusional.

Also this wolf is actually a mid content wolf dog from a line well known for docility so kek @ this dumb bitch managing to fuck him up.

No. 514621

As a chameleon owner this highly upsets me… She's lucky they didn't die, and housing two veiled chameleons together is horrible… They're going to kill each other

No. 514710

File: 1519615207541.png (782.44 KB, 750x1334, D559F73C-EA65-4FBC-9AFC-358539…)

Danny posted this on Facebook… i feel like this isn’t something to be proud of

No. 514711

For anyone who doesn’t know, Danny is Emzotics boyfriend

No. 514733

Wtf? So he's proud that he has let loose/lost lizards in his house, and never bothered to catch them long enough for them to lay, incubate, and hatch eggs unnoticed. I can't imagine what that house smells like.
The more I see the state of Danny's animals and husbandry, the more I doubt his 'animal expertise.' Like in the betta video, if he's such an expert, why did he allow emzotic to dump dirty water from one of his tanks and let her say it was cycled water? Or tell her to use carbon in the filter? Or allow her to house two bettas in the first place?

No. 514792

That's disgusting. If you don't even realize or care that some of your pets have escaped you are a negligent hoarder. Fuuuuck.

No. 514860

Yeah I'm sorry but what the fuck. I don't understand how anyone other than a hoarder could allow this to happen.

No. 514861

Wait, is this picture actually from him? He seems to imply in his update that someone sent it him…

No. 514889


And there must be an abundant food source for them to have propagated, ie. loose feeder insects.

No. 514896

It's clearly not his photo, it's probably not even domesticated lizards

No. 514907

Danny is bragging all over social media on how the picture has gone viral.

No. 514912


Steff J just uploaded a new video of her manhandling a Toad, not even wearing gloves to protect its skin, but literally holding it in uncomfortable positions

And you've got the typical (usually Taylor dean phrase) of "You shouldn't really handle them often, I don't usually, but i am for the video"

No. 514918


Dear lord her voice is just annoying.

I see she had also rescued some kittens, interesting.

No. 514928

Sounds like she smokes a big ol blunt before filming jeez

No. 515175

Those are tokay geckos so this picture is either from somewhere where tokay’s are from or he lost a tokay and this happened

No. 515187

In Em's new video she talks about rescuing Ziggy but he was part of a trade deal that her friends just gave to her pretty much? I wouldn't exactly call that a rescue

No. 515209

Looks like he posted it in Reddit too. This is nothing to be proud of.

No. 515300

Its not even his picture or a dresser… Its a door and it was posted on Instagram by a different account before he even posted it

No. 515510

she looks like she just smoked a big blunt before filming. her eyes are super bloodshot

No. 518024

Uhm… what’s wrong with her smoking?? Why is everybody afraid of weed? I’m so confused.

No. 518038


No ones afraid of weed dumbass, it’s just generally not a good idea to light up around your fucking animals, let alone trying to film a video where you want to sound coherent as possible

No. 518985

O smoke it every day. I'm jot afraid of it, it helps my back pain. Its just not smart you do before you film a video… For your job

No. 520981

File: 1520231687314.png (711.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180304-233609.png)

Not exactly a YouTuber but he's been talked about so what the fuck is this? Letting anacondas freeroam?

No. 520996

that's the dude who let his rattlesnake die and then got two more lmao. He takes all these animals in yet won't spend the money to actually put his big ass anacondas in properly sized enclosures.

No. 521074

Ems vlog really seemed catered to young fans which I found really disappointing.

Also this whole cute giggle bs.. ugh

No. 521932

He actually has a YouTube too under the same name. Most of his videos are as shocking as his Instagram.

No. 522148

this channel has some VERY questionable practices. They also had a sick duck unable to wals and didnt bring it to the vet to find out what could be wrong even though the same thing happened to them in the past.

No. 523117

Does anyone watch Solid Gold Aquatics? She's good imo (I don't know about fish but she looks like she knows what she's doing lol) but recently she got a pond in her yard and the dude doing it unexpectedly "surprised" her with two baby red ear sliders which he named for her too. It looked like she was a bit uncomfortable with the gift and by the next video she said she gave them back due to finding out they were illegal to keep where she lived? Anyway just wondering if anyone else noticed that awkward exchange

No. 523380


I noticed that! She really just seemed like she was trying to be polite when he presented them, but I don't think it was good of the guy to spring turtles on her like that, and I'm glad she isn't keeping them.

Turtles and goldfish don't really mix great anyway from what I know, and goldfish are her main thing and main plans for that pond, so the guy really didn't plan that well. She's said she never gets animals without researching heavily and it took her a year or something to get bunnies and something like 5+ years to get poison frogs, so I doubt she appreciated surprise animals.

No. 523389

i don't remember the exchange as being akward and she didn't know when the pond was installed that red ear sliders were illegal in Florida. viewers commented on that (yt and insta) and in the next video when she updated us on the pond and everything else she mentionned that she had to give them back and why.

it's just speculation but following here for years (and yeah i like her, not saying she's perfect) i think she's the kind not to like when people "surprise" her with animals. she said she was interested in adopting a turtle or tortoise but it wasn't the right time (in another video) + she is setting up the mini patio planted thing for fishes

No. 523699

Does anyone else get bothered by how condescending Emzotic is?? She needs to get over herself.

No. 523821


She’s definitely condescending, but I think it’s mostly the accent that accentuates it, and her misunderstanding of how you don’t have to talk to children like that can’t undetstand a word you’re saying.

No. 523868

Anyone know if the red tegu MacGyver is treated right? They put him in jumpers and appear to let him free roam, but I’ve heard people say he’s obese and gets locked in bathrooms sometimes? That could be normal for large free roaming reptiles idk.

No. 523896

File: 1520508297186.jpg (204.08 KB, 1024x768, IMG_3068.JPG)

hes pretty overweight which is enough evidence to say hes not properly taken care of. Not too farmiliar with him so cant say much about rumours of him being locked in a bathroom, but when hes not free roaming he should be in a big enclosure with access to a hot basking spot. Heres a healthy red tegu for comparison with his weight

No. 524119

I thought i was the only one who saw that. That guy seem so pushy, his only job was just build the pond and he just was…too much
Besides it wasnt fair for her, the pond was meant to be just for her gold fish and he practically obligate her to accepted the turtles( it isnt a secret turtles like to eat fishes from time to time) even if the turtles dont want to eat the fishes they wont thrive because is it a really stress full enviaronment

Was funny to watch Solid searching for any excuse to return them

Sorry 4 bad english btw

No. 524448

Agreed I thought he was overboard to begin with just the turtle thing made it extra weird. Didn’t he eat a bug for no reason at all while digging out her pond?? Weird attention thirsty guy lol but ya glad I’m not the only one who noticed the turtle issue

No. 525566

Anyone know any pet/pet educational youtubers that actually know what they're doing?? I follow Snake Discovery, Afroherp, Solid Gold Aquatics and even AntsCanada (his video editing is amazing). Grew up with pets, and always wanted a reptile as one but i know i'm not ready yet, don't have the time, or even the space for them so i like watching videos of different types of herps. Taylor Dean is a disappointment, and i'm not fond of Emzotic because she's trying hard to take over Taylor's spot (if she even has one), while Tyler and Brian is just the definition of irresponsible pet ownership.

No. 525759

Maybe SerpaDesign ?
I haven't seen all his videos but it looks like he cares about his pets (he is a little bit weird tho but you get used to it lol)

No. 526721

I don't have a YouTube but I own 8 lizards and could maybe answer some questions?

No. 526737

And now of course Meghan has "adopted" two more sugar gliders even though she can't care for her animals or afford them?
Cataleah, the girl she got them from had absolutely disgusting terrariums. Totally covered in feces for most of them. Her crested gecko terrariums were under minimum. Her mossy leaf tail geckos enclosure was bare as hell when these geckos really love to hide. One of her hognoses (a burrowing snake) was on paper towel. Her knob tail gecko was in a tub with no water dish. What the actual hell.
Did anyone else notice this?!
You'd think she would've cleaned up her enclosures before knowing she was going to be filmed or another pet person was coming over.

No. 526950

cataleah likes brian barczyk taylor nicole dean, so its really no surprise her care is subpar. unfortunate of course, but to be expected tbh

No. 526979

There’s also another pet YouTuber called Skyes Family who judging by her clickbait titles and obnoxious thumbnails alone I assume she’s another vapid YouTuber who can’t take care of her pets, but she annoys me too much to actually watch her videos to see

No. 527002

"Sky's family" is a vlog channel for Nichole skys. Go check out her main channel she's a clickbaity slime making bath bomb making attention whore

No. 527003

But she does take care of her animals pretty well. Her betta is in its own 5 gallon I think and her quails have good enclosures and her dogs get good food

No. 527033

Jossers Jungle is good, she keeps snakes and macaws afaik.

No. 527037

Kamp Kenan is a good channel. He keeps all of his animals in huge custom built outdoor enclosures and has a ton of educational videos that actually teach about the animals

No. 527145

File: 1520870548929.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2853, 20180312_160151.png)

Emzotic is making a leech video, posted a short video with this on Twitter.

No. 527285


No. 527344

im not against having medicinal leaches at all i think they make great pets, but at this point its blatantly obvious shes just trying to have the weirdest/strangest pet. almost no leach owner places them on them incase they latch on, bc they have a natural anti coagulant so its takes forever to stop bleeding. shes just going to glorify how gross and weird they are, which she's already started to do by posting that

No. 527345

That's how she feeds them.

No. 527352

she should be feeding them earthworms, the leaches are only small so feeding off her isn't necessary

No. 527395

You can also feed them cows blood from the grocery store. She's trying to be so edgy and cool it hurts

No. 527431

>im not against having medicinal leaches at all i think they make great pets
>i think they make great pets
>great pets

lol how

No. 527448

theyre really low maintenance, kinda hard to neglect them tbh. theyre obviously not companion animals but theyre really cool to keep, far easier to keep than other aquatic animals like fish too.
now, back to what this thread is actually about. does anyone know what animals she had to leave behind in england?

No. 527517

First time poster here.

Keeping macaws as pets is a terrible TERRIBLE idea. They're pretty much impossible for a private owner to (properly) care for. They will almost always become destructive, aggressive and they WILL develop behavioural disorders sooner or later. They also get very VERY old. You'll basically have a high maintenance pet for the rest of the life.

Adopting two recues - that's something else. But she got hers from a breeder afaik.

She wants to breed them, too, which is just unacceptable.

No. 527528

There's actually a few episodes of his pond-building show on YT and in one he's blatantly flirting with lady right in front of her husband and she's flirting back. Skeevy. He gave them unasked-for animals too. Koi that were going to grow WAY too big for the pond he'd built.

No. 527580


I totally concede to this because I’ve always considered all large parrots to be far beyond difficult for a pet owner, I only watch her for her snakes and recently saw her discussing these birds. I thought her mention of breeding was dodgy but thought maybe it was a conservation thing. She seems to love the birds and talks about wanting to free fly them some day which sounds major risky but I am not a bird owner so maybe it’s doable idk.

Anyway yea I didn’t mean to imply I know or support any keeping of macaws I just think her snake vids are decent and knew she also keeps those birds lol

No. 527785

Has anyone seen Happy Tails’ new video? Her cockatiel looks like it’s on the brink of death and they’re just making jokes about it. I hope for the bird’s sake that the antibiotics they got works, but I really won’t be surprised if she posts about it dying soon because I’ve never seen a bird look that ill. Especially considering they don’t actually know what’s wrong or if it’s even an infection. Her birds live so close to each other in that awful tiny room so I really hope she put it in quarantine, but I doubt it.

No. 527863

Haven’t seen it but I highly doubt she’s ever quarantined an animal. Any piece of common sense with animals just goes over her head. Keeps her beardies on sand, keeps her birds crammed in small cages all day, has way more animals than she can reasonably care for, backyard bred her dogs…that’s just what I can think of right now I’m sure there’s more. That bird will most likely die because she doesn’t give a shit about it on a personal level. She can’t, with the amount of animals she “cares” for. I know there are more interesting pettubers to criticise (who also deserve it) but I truly think Happy Tails is the worst of them all, with a truly rotten attitude to boot.

No. 527878

i hate this girl, i was gonna post her in this thread but im glad someone else already has. she'd an idiot

No. 528082

I doubt she has either. She posted on her Instagram that she thinks the bird is okay just because the fecal test came back clear.

No. 528502

Anyone know what Tyler Rugge’s care is like? All I know is in one of his pet videos he shows his rabbit’s hutch which is literally just a wire pen with blankets on top of it or something

No. 528554

Not good as far as reptiles go. I can list specifics if you want. He also doesn’t quarantine. I also doubt he spends enough time with his birds and he uses a lot of unsafe things around them (candles, non-stick cookware, different kinds of spray).

No. 528555


Ironically he made a video about non-sage things for birds and made another video stressing how you need to spend time with them a lot more than people think

The quarantine thing isn’t a surprise. Didn’t he get a bearded dragon that was sick that subsequently killed a few of his others?

No. 528569

I own tegus!! MacGyver is horribly cared for. Yes he has large jowls because he's a male, but you can tell by the way he moves (especially in older videos) that he is mordbidly obese. There is also ZERO excuse for his lack of tail. So they moved and his lights didn't get to them in time? Go spend the 125$ to replace them or STOP FEEDING HIM. Without a basking spot his food was literally rotting in his stomach, no wonder he was irritated. Lately he's been looking better but it's still ridiculous how wrong his care is.

No. 528570

File: 1520998147035.png (498.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180313-212626.png)

I've been waiting for ari to have to "rehome" his lacertas. This guy goes through animals like they're nothing.

No. 528572


That did happen but I think it was when he was like 16. And when did he do anything unsafe around his birds?

I honestly dont have an issue with him. He does stuff that is wrong sometimes but people usually correct him and then he changes it

No. 528580


He’s an idiot who barely does any research before getting an animal, that and his “informative videos” are less helpful than most of the things petco employees are told to say. He just rambled and gives the most basic starter info and nothing else

No. 528590

This girl is stupid. I had a wolf dog as a pet (wolf husky hybrid) and he literally NEVER would have hurt me…we were raised together and he still saw me as his alpha even as a child. The way she circled him while he ate and kicked stuff at him…what a cunt

No. 528598


Do you have any examples

No. 528601

I used to follow her and find her videos interesting but after she got the “wolf” I think is when I started getting sick of her. I’m no expert on wolfdogs but I know enough to know her claim he is “as close as you can get to a pure wild wolf” is absolute bullshit.
She had a complete meltdown on Facebook a while back because her Doberman got bitten by a rattlesnake and spent thousands and thousands on antivenom. She’s just really really whackadoo, and always adopting random feral dogs from other countries for some reason?

No. 528637


He set up a tank once and got a lot of criticism for this methods and I’m the follow up video he basically alluded to the fact that he thought the products he was using were good because he saw good reviews online about it, and another thing about not cycling properly because “this person did this and that worked for them.” Meanwhile he’s a novice fishkeeper so whatever shortcuts and cut corners other experiences keepers do is kind of irrevelant because he doesn’t even understand the basics fully

He also made one of those cliche videos “exposing” pet store chains about where the store’s animal come from but rather than explaining what the conditions the animals are bred in are like he just tells his viewers to google it. It’s your video dude, you tell me the information

He also made this April Fools video about his snake biting him really severely which really rubbed me the wrong way. Taylor used to do similar things with her spider, where she would go on about how they’re not scary and then use them to prank/terrify some friends for a video. But that was a whole different level because he put fake makeup and blood on and everything and kept it up for a full minute. How exactly does you pretending you got bit not feed into the stigma that snakes with attack people without warning? He’s an idiot.

No. 528640


That’s just some of the shit I hate about him. He’s so vague about everything he says. “Do your research” “give them proper care” “the info I found online said…”

His care videos are also just super boring in general. Despite owning the damn animal, he can’t give specific examples of types of toys or food they like or just doesn’t care enough

No. 528641

It may have happened when he was 16 but he still does not quarantine, meaning it could still happen again very easily. I mean his reptiles also just had mites from not quarantining. I know multiple people have pointed out that his abronia enclosure is not adequate and he definitely hasn’t changed anything. Same with his red tail boa enclosure.

He had a candle burning in the background of his video AFTER making the video about things that are unsafe for birds, and thinks it’s okay to use non-stick cookware as long as the bird isn’t in the kitchen. He was using mite spray in his house which isn’t safe either. Any kind of spray usually isn’t safe, whether that’s air freshener, cleaners, perfume/cologne, any chemicals, anything scented in general. And definitely not nonstick cookware.

No. 528660

>>528502 >>528554

His reptile enclosures are all at least minimum, his birds are out a lot on his livestreams and I've never seen candles or sprays around their cages (they aren't in his room like the rest of his animals are) He says his rabbit comes out a lot but he mentioned on his live stream that he doesn't have a larger cage or a playmate for his rabbit is because his parents won't let him but he's apparently moving out soon and plans on upgrading then. I think he said he got his bearded dragons from a reptile shop that sold them when they were sick and he cohabbed them bc he said he didn't know any better (that's how the shop was keeping them???) and the one had yellow fungus or something and they died.

No. 528661

Apparently she said her cockatiel was thin and she was doing seed now. Of course it was thin, it was surviving on just fruits and vegetables with no vitamins?!

No. 528663


All we’ve been saying is that he’s annoying and I (can’t speak for the other anon) think he barely does any research, I don’t know why the hell youre insistent on “Tyler did nothing wrong!” Are you the same anon that got pissy because someone didn’t like that he adopted a bird with a 50~ lifespan (African Grey) with little to no experience?

No. 528664

His birds aren't in his room or on the same level of his house that he uses candles.

No. 528666

I didn't say he did nothing wrong. I don't know if he quarentines or not, or the extent of his research. I only talk about what I know.

No. 528674


And I’m telling you what I know from watching his videos.

No. 528683

I have found that information from his videos as well. All I know is that he's talked about it on live streams that he doesn't keep candles on the same floor as his birds and the stuff about his rabbit.

No. 528757

When it comes to animal neglect I think TND and Happy Tails are at the top. It just takes a person who can count to 10 and higher to realize those two idiots are hoarders and can in no way give every animal the proper care they need.

I dislike Tyler because he has some crazy high maintenance birds like a sun conure and an african grey which are highly intelligent and need just as much attention as a small child does. I do really love his bunny though.

But who rubs me wrong the most is Emzotic. TND and Tyler are quite young and have no real experience keeping animals apart from owning pets. Emzotic says she's a wildlife rehabilitator and animal care expert yet makes such rookie mistakes like putting prey and predator together, painting in a room where her doves are, impulse buys a kookaburra from a pet shop then tells everyone how you shouldn't do that or buy wildcaught animals, the betta fiasco, edgy TDN like selfies with her animals and manhandling them for the camera etc.

She comes over as a child-friendly Snow White princess (her words) yet stars in human centipede 2 and is now live feeding her leeches. Good example to your young followers Em!

She's 29 if not 30 I have such a feeling that she wanted to become an actress (just check her imdb page) then after she didn't make it in hollywood and she got too old for the business she decided to become a youtube celebrity, not because she loves animals so much but imo because that's the only way she'll stay in the public eye.

No. 528775

I agree to an extent, I think Emzotic disappoints me more because she used to be much better and seeing her gradual descent into “stunt” ownership (leaving animals in one country to be with her boyfriend and get MORE animals in a different country, wild caught birds, leeches, questionable handling for edgy selfies etc) in order to keep up with Taylor has been a let down

I don’t care that she was in shitty horror though. She never claimed the Family Friendly Pet Mom moniker bs (although I would say she’s lived up to it more than TND ever did) and she wanted to be an actress and took the shitty horror roles she was given. It’s not like she wrote those movies lol. But ya I can’t excuse keeping ferrets and doves so close that was always a bad choice

No. 528790

I agree with you about both your points, that she never claimed to say she was a pg friendly pet mom and yes she didn't write those horror movies. It is a bit unfair of me to judge her for her acting career, but I she said that she interviewed real survivors of rape in an online chat group and asked if they would object to her scene where she is raped with barbed wire and they said yes, she did it anyway. Why ask real survivors, people who went through something so terrible if you made up your mind to go through with the role no matter what they said.

Just listened to her BBC interview where she said her pet biology teacher advised her to get a baby rat which she bottle fed and kept a secret for 4 weeks from her parents. What kind of misinformed biology teacher tells his student to get just 1 rat when they must be kept at least in pairs.

I think I'm just angry because I feel so betrayed for I really liked her older videos, had respect for her until her move and the betta video.

No. 529121


Em just posted her video on feeding her leeches. She sounds surprised when it hurts… lmao.

No. 529187

as far as i know leech bites dont feel like anything because they have a sort of numbing agent in their saliva tho, could she be saying it hurts to dramatise the video? more?

No. 529222

She never said it hurts she said it was unconformable. Although I do think she was playing it up to get more veiws

No. 529224

She sounds like she's reading a fact sheet. You'd think an actor would be able to sound natural while reading a script… I wonder if this is just something online?

No. 529228

The amount of times she stated they have anticoagulant properties in their saliva was a bit overkill imo

No. 529229

What lol she absolutely says it hurts. She even rates the pain on a scale of 1-10. 1 when it's not grinding with it's jaws and 3 when it is. lmao although it looks like more when she's wincing and her voice goes up in pitch. I'm not saying it's unbearable agony, but she is in pain.

No, you absolutely can feel something. If you're walking through a cold pond etc. where they're in the wild, you're less likely to notice them because of reduced bloodflow due to you being cold.

She absolutely is being an edgelord though lol, which is why she used the sanitary towel after to wrap her arm.

No. 529436


Not to mention she literally stole someones chicks / eggs from their farm to 'save' them, even though she has enough birds on her farm already

I'm also finding it amusing how other pettubers (tyler) are turning on Happytails publicly for her videos / care, yet none of them dare confront Taylor about hers

No. 529437

She also BYB one goat and accidentally bred one of her other goats, got pregnant literally as early as physically possible.

No. 529441


Dont ask why but I'm watching Happytails opening her fan mail video and she's literally so emotionless, just reading things out and moving onto the next….

No. 529449

File: 1521073051632.png (166.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3092.PNG)

happytails has a blog on her website and this is her defense for back yard breeding her dogs. its basically "i like corgis and i dont wanna travel to one of many corgi recues sooo i bought some so i could breed them and always have a supply of them"

No. 529454

She’s the fucking worst. Rescue a dog, ffs. Corgis are cute but so are all dogs. Go to a shelter and get some stumpy terrier mix, problem solved. This selfish bitch just wanted a) to have tiny puppies and b) to use those tiny puppies for YouTube views. Afaik what she bred aren’t even registered pedigree dogs? She’s literally acting as if this was a dead end situation and the only option was to breed her dogs. What a truly awful, tone deaf, will fully obtuse idiot. I hate this girl.

No. 529468

King of DIY is a really good fish keeper and awesome dude. I recommend checking him out

No. 529486

I was the same way, I used to really enjoy her videos and now it seems like it's just her trying to get the coolest and most "shocking" creature. It's a real shame.

No. 529488

his tanks are pretty overstocked and dont have much enrichment tho :/ his flowerhorns tanks are completely bare right?

No. 529493

I think the big thing with Happy Tails is how she claims to be the righteous all knowing "pet expert" and has some of the worst care on YouTube. She tries to take a different approach with her animals and ends up killing them and then goes off on her "supporters" in the comments when they try to suggest anything. I don't like Taylor either, but I find her a LOT better than Happy Tails. At least she will sometimes admit wrongdoing and doesn't attack people. Maybe that could be it?

No. 529494

This is hilarious to me that she said that breeders would "laugh at her" about docking their tails.
I was getting into showing Pembrokes and almost every AKC breeder I know will leave tails if asked, especially if the pup is paid for up front. As long as the person isn't showing the dog (which you have to get a contract to show usually anyway) then tails can be left intact.
It's just another stupid excuse by this moron.

No. 529496

Exactly! If you're not using the dog to either show or for it's breed purpose (herding, in this case) then why in the world would you be so insistent on getting a pedigree dog? If you want a pedigree dog, that's fine. Go to an ethical breeder and get a pet quality puppy on a non-breeding contract. She has no clue what she's talking about.

No. 529514


Also, another thing that really annoyed me was that she set up a gofundme for her to go and adopt or buy another Sugar glider as a friend for her lone sugar glider. Could she not just have used the money from youtube for that, since it's technically money from fans views anyways?

Secondly, she ended up adopting a sugar glider from cataleah and visted her house / animal collection, but in the video she so briefly skimmed over the fact that she was even getting the sugar glider, didn't seem that excited, and hasn't spoken about it since? I feel sorry for any of her poor fans who donated to it

No. 529518

She even ended up getting two from Cataleah, not just one.
It just shows that she has no idea how to stop getting animals….

No. 529647

His tanks are overstocked for the purpose of filtering out the least desired fish and he returns them to stores. So he does it on purpose, but most of his tanks end up at a good level. Some of his tanks are bare just because he hasn’t gotten to scape them yet. He’s always changing his techniques though.

No. 529708

Maybe I’m missing a detail here lol but if she can’t afford to buy the animal how is she going to afford its care on top of her other menagerie once she gets it? Not worst thing she’s done but still sending out such a bad message to young viewers

No. 529799

Do you guys feel that there is this trend going on amongst popular pet youtubers where they start with one species, give very good care videos etc and then suddenly branch out to other species of animals.

I used to follow solid gold aquatics and for years she focused on fish and now she is following the trend getting dart frogs, geckos and getting 2 cute bunnies, making how I feed all my pets videos etc. I feel like she's becoming just another copycat. Not saying that the info in her videos is bad, just that she's following the same format as other pet youtubers even putting a picture of her in everyone of her latest videos like they do.

No. 529803


Theres nothing wrong with branching out and owning more than one species? Someone shouldn't be limited to owning one animal and only making videos about that animal on their channel, when its likely that when they started their channel that was the only animal they were capable of owning at the time. I wouldn't say she's a copycat, she has probably wanted to own a lot of these species for a while, and it's only because of becoming successful on youtube that she's been able to support them?

I'm sure the majority of her videos on her channel would still be fish related but thats kind of at a stand still due to all her fish getting a mysterious illness and dying and she can't get anymore until her fish room is done.

No. 529822

File: 1521125504856.png (828.59 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3093.PNG)

i was watching cataleahs videos after her doing a video with happytails, remember when she said it takes forever to find them homes because she always questions the potential owners alot? lol idk about other people but id be asking about their enclosure, the diet they plan on feeding, and how much free time they have to spend with the gliders before even mentioning money
sage for no new info this is from like months ago lmao

No. 529848


It's ok to branch out but she seems to be a novice rabbit pet owner tbh, and doesn't listen to advice given by others about how to better care for her rabbit.

She continues to feed them iceberg lettuce which is the worst kind of lettuce due to its high water content which will eventually give them diarrhea. Bunnies should eat greens like dandelions, romaine lettuce, rucola (aragula), etc. People have commented on this since she got Henry.

She also thinks that Hengry and Ophelia bonded, but Ophelia is so young that she has not yet developed her need to dominate which can emerge when she gets older. Bunnies are very territorial.

Also she rubs me the wrong way because she promotes bad husbandry by breeding unhealthy body types and colors together. And just way over handles her fish and stresses them out needlessly.

Her videos are becoming way more about her and her lifestyle than about the pets themselves it seems.

No. 529987


Dude… wtf. I understand in some instances adoption isn't possible, especially if you have a full time job but buying dogs to breed for a constant supply is so fucked up.

My family spent nearly a grand in moving a dog from one country to another, mind you she wasn't a rescue but if you want a purebred dog that bad I'm pretty sure travelling won't be an issue

No. 530617


I couldn't believe it when HappyTails stole those chicks, even though someone kept telling her they belonged to someone else. She literally stole those chicks and is acting all mightier than thou about it.

Why is she taking care of baby chicks when she just got a new gargoyle gecko and two new sugar gliders??

No. 530883

Couldn’t she be arrested since she’s videoed herself stealing animals? I feel if someone were to report this (even to the people she stole from) and animal control became involved they might check up on some of her animals while they’re at it. It might be different where she lives but in my country she could be arrested and sued for this.

No. 530911

Agreed. She committed a felony and should be charged for it. Maybe then when the cops come they'll call the SPCA to rescue the poor animals she's mistreating.

I'm sorry to say but people like this really make me wish there were laws about how many pets people can own at once.

No. 531294

>i can't find a reputable breeder
>so i'm going to byb my own!
I wouldn't be even half as upset if she wasn't fucking SELLING her advice online, dumb cow. Thank the lord she's a fucking nobody and isn't semi popular like TND
I imagine, at most, she could only be charged for trespassing and whatever toe cost of the chickens she stole was, which wouldn't be a lot. While her animals are being kept in awful care for a self proclaimed animal expert, it's not bad enough for the authorities to intervene.

No. 531436

she didn't video tape herself stealing the chicks, unfortunately. she only made a video talking about how she found the eggs at a horse stable. When she was taking the eggs, one of the boarders of the stable tried to tell her the eggs/chickens belonged to "pablo," who wasn't there to claim the chickens. she told the owner of the stables the mother abandoned the chicks and got their permission to take them, even though HP was just trying to make an excuses. the owner of the stables didn't have any right to give HP permission to take the eggs in the first place. the owner only rents out the stables- they don't have any ownership or authority over the animals they board. she stole the good eggs, and laughed about leaving the 'rotten' ones.

No. 531460

Happy Tail addresses the issue of litter mate syndrome. You would think for an animal expert she would have addressed this issue 4 months ago, when she first said was keeping some of the puppies.

btw does anyone else find it fucking awkward when Happy Tails has her saggy cleavage in her thumbnails? its like she's trying to be an instathot with all the other petyoutubers, but fails

No. 531524

You'd think a 'pet expert' would know better than keeping littermates.. she's a dumbass

No. 531590

weirdos jack off to this stuff

No. 531632

File: 1521379468200.png (241.59 KB, 1080x1402, IMG_20180318_132255.png)

But Emzotic literally has 0 animal related qualifications. She may have a lot of experience but calling her qualified is a bit of a stretch

No. 531635

Emzotic is a shit actress waiting for her big break and struggling to keep herself in the public eye via her YouTube which is filled with bad animal advice. She’s just as shit as TND. This twatter is delusional.

No. 531645

Guys I've been thinking. What TND and Happy Tails are doing is really considered animal abuse. Emzotic is also an unqualified idiot.

I was thinking what would be the best way to get word out about them so that something can be done to help those poor animals. I mean the only thing were doing is bitching while those animals keep suffering. I'm sure we all want to help those animals.

Can someone make a post on 9gag (yes I'm really suggesting 9gag because of its coverage) about Happy Tails or TND or even add Emzotic to it about how they're giving bad advice. Yesterday someone posted a video about poodles being tortured in China to learn how to walk on their back legs and it went viral.
I'd make it but I have zero experience with paint. Come one let's get the word out!

No. 531650

Wow that's exactly what I was gonna post but you were first.

No. 531653

Why is no one using sage?


Mods can you auto sage this thread?

No. 531656

File: 1521382797836.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1415, IMG_20180318_141842.png)

Just seen this, Taylor lookalike seems to have put mice in this cage? Anyone know anything about mice and whether this is ok

No. 531657


So Steff J just replaced all her dead fish with expensive ones including a blue tang. :/

Is it me or is she following the TND train of buying rare / expensive animals? She just bought those rare + expensive turtles too.

No. 531658

File: 1521382836771.png (969.2 KB, 1080x1331, IMG_20180318_141901.png)

Seems to be 3 in there

No. 531662

File: 1521383369347.png (581.85 KB, 668x800, Untitled.png)


It's a bit too small and slightly overcrowded, especially for 3 mice. Not too horrible though. Would need cleaned constantly considering how overcrowded it is.

No. 531673

Mice are really agoraphobic, and three in a 10 gallon is not bad. but three is the max for that size.

No. 531674

forgot to sage, fuck me

No. 531678

They can get really scared of open spaces but if you fill it out with plenty of toys and places to hide then it's okay. Mice also really active so it's important for them to have a lot of space.

Personally, I wouldn't want to keep any animal in the minimum, especially not 3. Most mouse breeders I know wouldn't recommend keeping a group of them in anything smaller than 60x40cm

No. 531921

She's way too ugly to be a thot, not even her tits are good enough to attract attention. It's actually pretty sad.
Way too tiny, and if there are 3 in that, extremely tiny. You'll sometimes see mice, even female mice, kill each other if they don't have the space. If you are trying to flaunt yourself as an expert or some other authority on animals, it's far from fine. If you just want to have pet mice, then it doesn't matter.

No. 531942


shes shown that cage in a few of her 'pet room tour' videos and has been like "dont worry guys, nothing lives in that cage as its too small its just a travel cage'

now shes contradicting herself ok

No. 531962

this is so sad, she seemed to have great husbandry until very recently. she adopted hamsters and put them in huge enclosures, and then moved them into small tubs because she wanted to put them away in her animal room rather than her living room, theyre still in large enough enclosures if you go by the standards set online, but the tubs seem to be about half the size of the ikea detolfs they were in. i was really hoping she would be better.

No. 531977


just looking at her tweets and she says that her hamster chewed through the detolf. If it was bored in the detolf, downsizing the cage isnt going to help

No. 531988

Oh yeah i saw that, i cant bare watch her videos because she saturade the colors so much just for her ugly hair to look bright, the fishes were beautiful but you cant see them very well.
Honestly she should just stop buying pets. She is way too stupid to not understand a powder that kills flees can kill fishes.

No. 532004


Honestly I doubt how long those fish are going to live.

Aren't Blue Tang's supposed to be notoriously difficult to keep?

Also she just opened the bag with the box fish in allowing ammonia toxicity to spike after a long journey; and then didn't acclimatise it to the temperature of the tank water before plopping it in after a few scoops of tank water into the bag.

Oh yeah and she didn't quarantine because she bought them all around the same time and the tank wasn't mature so it didn't matter or something… smh.

No. 532010

File: 1521410754968.png (127.25 KB, 750x687, IMG_3123.PNG)

at least shes better than TND who at one point claimed "i know everything abt animals" in her video when she got her pacman frog after her first one passed

No. 532088

Right? Lol.
I watched her video on chinchillas and she said that grapes/raisins are toxic to them. Which is a complete load of bullshit. Yes, chinchillas should not have fresh fruit or raisins because they are high in sugar/not made for their digestive system, but that doesn't mean they are toxic to them.

No. 532490


I could barely handle watching her acclimate that boxfish. I like that her reasoning was if he gets too stressed, he will poison the tank and kill all the other fish. Sounds like a great fish to keep with super sensitive fish, like blue tangs and mandarin gobies.
Her justification for not quarantining them is just a bullshit excuse to be lazy. You would think that after spending all that money on the tank, corals, and exotic fish that she would care about getting the most out of her investment. Or just caring that her pets live and thrive. But that is asking a lot out of a petyoutuber.

No. 532546

200 sq inches (or a 10 gallon tank) is the minimum for a group of 3 female mice or 1 male mouse. The bigger crittertrails even meet the minimum for mice, and this looks bigger than a 10 gallon to me.

No. 532550


That cage is bigger than a 10 gallon, so she's still above the minimum for mice.

No. 532554


She moved them to a bin because it was more secure. Bin cages are common, I don't see a problem with this. There's plenty of pettubers who are far more problematic imo.

No. 532638

I don’t understand the issue with her mice and hamster cages? Her hamsters bin cages are still big enough. Didn’t she say she had to move them in order to fit her reef tank in the living room? Also I’m pretty sure she said “don’t worry I don’t keep anything in here, it’s too small for hamsters” she didn’t say anything about mice. Her husbandry and care standards seems to be above any other pet YouTuber I’ve seen

No. 532640

I have to agree. To me her care seems to be much better than most petubers. She seems very down to earth and caring when it comes to her animals

No. 532655

the bins arent the problem really, the main issue is that he was bored in the detolf and started stressing out, and instead of giving him more enrichment she just put him in a smaller enclosure. she was looking for advice which i think is good, shes open to criticism. she's definitely got better husbandry than the likes of tnd, tyler, or brian

No. 532661

It surprises me that the TND lookalike is one of the better owners of the people discussed here lol

I appreciate that the discussion in this thread is more balanced and we get to discuss smaller issues as well as larger ones without everyone being called a slut and a bitch etc lol it’s less intense

No. 533370

I love when there can be actual debate if there actually isn't an issue or a misunderstanding, rather than just trash everything regardless of whether or not someone knows the animals care. Let's be honest, it's impossible for everyone to know everything about every animal kept, so it's easy to make assumptions when things look shady.

No. 533928

How many times can Emma Sampson make the same video or same type of video before people stop watching? She's made videos that bring in a lot of views over and over again with the exact same content. It's boring and clear that she's just trying to drive the traffic to her channel even though she has had almost no original ideas or videos at all.

No. 533969

Yeah but that's the reason the majority of popular pet YouTubers start hoarding animals because how many care videos can you make about the same animal before people get bored. It's not like they have a channel dedicated to one pet or just aquatics. I mean even solid gold aquatics started making videos about how she still stupidly feeds her bunnies iceberg lettuce while before she focused only on fish.

No. 533977

she got several animals within the same month and then made care guide and cage tour videos for each of them. it is such a bad example for people watching. "buy a ton of animals and you get lots of views!" same with her new mice. she seems like a total b*tch too, she tries to play if off but u can just tell.

No. 534722

I’m kinda confused about you saying she always does care guides and cage tours? She seems to only have like 3 care guides on her whole channel

No. 534766

LOOOOOL shit hit the fan! Someone printscreen that shit before she deletes those tweets!

No. 534773

Those tweets aren’t really doing anything worthwhile aside from creating an argument for targeted bullying. She made mistakes with those fish, got called out, took the video down and owned up to it. It’s shitty that it happened and she didn’t research more, but what’s done is done idk what else she can say on that matter. I don’t know as much about the chinchilla stuff but I think that’s an old video? Misinformation is still wrong, but if you had to go digging for her mentioning the wrong kind of bedding in a video she uploaded 9 months ago I’d say her track record isn’t that bad lol she’s uploaded a ton of vids since and most that feature animals I know have seemed fine. Basic but fine. She’s truly not harmful on the levels of TND or Tyler of Happy Tails, who all deserve call out accounts dedicated to them more imho.

No. 534781

Nah didn't feel like adding more since twitter only allows so little characters. But her housing prey and predator together is also irresponsible, her bunny care video is also lacking, she paints in her room where she keeps the doves etc. I can go on but wanted to see if she'll respond first.

No. 534786

I can agree that keeping the doves so near the ferrets and letting them land on that cage is an accident waiting to happen.

No. 535053

I don’t think attacking someone’s character based on what they “seem” like is necessary. There’s no evidence that she’s a b*tch, and after your comment and went to look at her channel. While she does seem to put out videos that are view grabbers, I see very few care guides and cage tours.

If we are going to be talking about problems with pettubers, we should try to make sure they’re actual problems imo. There’s some serious sh*t that happens to those animals on some of those channels that is far more important than someone you’ve picked a bone with for apparently personal reasons.

No. 535054

I don’t know many that do have original ideas. Pettube is a lot of recycled material with different faces and pets. Yawn.

No. 535761


Yeah, if any of these channels started out as "youtuber who just happens to have a lot of pets" where in between regular videos they would inject pet content or maybe have their pets on livestreams with them every once and a while it would be easier to keep my attention for more than a few weeks

All of their personalities default to "lol i'm so crazy look how many pets i have lol i'm not like other kids my age" (with the exception of channels like King of DIY who clearly has a family and a job outside of YouTube and is just doing it as a hobby)

The rest of the pet youtubers are just teenage to young adult kids who are idiots trying to amass as many animals as possible. Most of them still live with their parents, so I'd love to see how easy it is for them to find a place that'll accept all of their animals once they move out (unless they can suddenly afford a house)

No. 535870

Why is it so hard for you guys to believe that some people just generally love animals and truly love caring for them ??

Look at makeup gurus for example… they all own shit tons of makeup and make videos to grab views but nobody’s saying that it’s just a competition to see who has the most. Clearly they just actually love makeup. Why is it so difficult to apply this to the pet community?

I’m pretty sure that owning animals is hella expensive and takes a ton of time so I highly doubt these people wouldn’t be owning them unless they actually enjoyed it

No. 535872


Uhh…. maybe because makeup is inanimate and animals are living breathing creatures?

Like wtf even is this comparison!?

No. 535874


Where the fuck did I say that they didn't love animals? Lol like I have zero idea what point you're trying to make and I don't think you know either. It just sounds like a bunch of white knighting and whining.

You realize that just about everyone in this fucking thread loves animals otherwise we wouldn't have a problem with the pet communities impulse buying and inadequate care……….right?

No. 535876

There’s a difference between owning a lot of makeup and owning a lot of animals? You can toss makeup in the trash if you don’t want it anymore. Some of the animals these people are acquiring have 30 year + lifespans. They are not a one off cost like a tube of mascara. You’re paying for habitats, heating, feeding, vet care for their entire lives. Literally not comparable at all…

No. 535887


> I’m pretty sure that owning animals is hella expensive and takes a ton of time so I highly doubt these people wouldn’t be owning them unless they actually enjoyed it

Lol… people buy animals all the time that they can't take care of because they saw them in a movie or tv show or think owning one will make them cool. It's called impulse buying…

No. 535904

>hoarding makeup
>hoarding animals

pick one faggot

No. 536022


I’m oretty sure we all know there’s a big difference between animals and makeup.

I think the point they’re trying to say is that maybe petubers dong buy animals as some sort of “competition” maybe the buy them because they actually love them

No. 536031


The point asshole is that it's easy to splurge a few hundred dollars on makeup because you "like it" but one day when you don't care about it anymore you can just throw it away and it doesn't matter

Once you get an animal that's it. For the next however many years it's supposed to live (for an example if we're talking snakes most of them can live a good 40-50 years), you're stuck with that pretty much for your entire fucking life, which is a pretty dumb decision for teenagers still living with their parents and no real job to make

No. 536042

Time will tell who can actually care for the animals long term and who ends up living with their parents forever I guess. Nothing you can do about that.
What do you guys think about rescue/rehome? I can't think of anyone of the top of my head who work with helping sick animals and rehoming them afterwards. I think if more people did this, they could do something good and promote rescuing. However a lot of petubers probably are not qualified to do this sort of work or they would just end up keeping all of them.

No. 536070

I know Maddie smith does a lot of rescue and rehab. I know emma sampson has quite a few rescued animals as well. As far as the bigger yourubers, not so much (to my knowledge)

No. 536090

People in here make so many assumptions about people they don’t know, it’s ridiculous. I figured when I found this I would see more factual evidence that people are mistreating their animals and instead it’s a bunch of people bickering about whether or not pettubers actually care about the animals they buy or if they just buy them for views.
Realistically you have no IDEA what goes through their minds when purchasing a pet.

I thought I’d find actually intellectual discussion about pet care standards and who does and doesn’t meet them, not some pathetic bullshit arguing back and forth and name calling.
What a waste.

No. 536102


Maddie Smith does a lot of rescue work and works with multiple rescues, including a wildlife rehab, in her state.

I will say though that I think it’s important to recognize the different between a PET YouTuber and an animal channel.
A lot of the people discussed here are pet channels. If you want rescue channels, you’d have to follow those. Wildlife Montana, Vet Ranch, Wildlife Aid, etc.
They’re both animal related but they are different fields.

No. 536112


Then get off the thread, faggot.

Hoarders and addicts "love" whatever it is they're obsessed with too, but that doesn't mean that it isn't ridiculous when it's in excess. But NO ONE fucking said that they hate animals so I don't know where any of you are pulling that statement from.

No. 536116

If you disagree, that's fine.
But for the love of god why would you call someone a faggot?
It does nothing for your argument at all. What a terrible excuse for an insult.

No. 536120


Welcome to the internet.

No. 536136

Are you new here?

No. 536138

Anyone else find it really weird that Tyler Ruggee dumpster dives at pet stores?

I know it's a thing that people do but it's just super weird in my opinion

No. 536151

Calling someone a faggot is a great way to make anything else you say invalid.
Don’t be the loser that still thinks fag and faggot is a suitable insult.(newfaggotry)

No. 536162

Maddie has gone dumpster diving too and donated the unexpired food she found to feed the wild rehab raccoons i think.
Tyler donated unused dog beds he found in the dumpster to an animal shelter.
People dumpster dive all of the time, I've seen quite a few other videos of people doing it as well. Once you get over the weird stigma, people find some pretty crazy shit in there lol

No. 536165

exactly lol
it's 2018, we have so many amazing insults.
gay and faggot being used as insults can die out now.

No. 536168


I never said anyone in this thread hates animals. You responded directly to my comment so maybe you should reread it.
I just think it’s pretty pathetic that this thread started off with actual critiques of people doing some potentially harmful things with their animals and now it’s devolved into bullshit name calling by people like you who live in 2018 and still think “faggot” is acceptable.

No. 536171

One mans trash is another mans treasure

No. 536174

“Welcome to the internet”
“You must be new here”

Those aren’t excuses to use f*ggot as an insult. Pick something else that isn’t offensive to an entire group of people, you asshole :)(newfaggotry)

No. 536179


Y'all can quite whiteknighting now. People on the internet sling around words like faggot and retarded because it gets reactions out of whiny people like you. That's why I used it. Get over it.

(sage for infighting)

No. 536180

Wow you’re so edgy, trying to get reactions out of people!! SO edgy!

No. 536182

if you'd stop throwing around such intolerant terms, maybe we could get back to the actual topic of the thread instead of using outdated words to try to insult people :)(autism)

No. 536183


It clearly worked lol

No. 536187

Watch out for the edgelord guys. Here to get reactions and not actually discuss anything of relevance lol.

No. 536190


It makes sense honestly. Petco throws out a lot of usable shit anyway since some of the stuff people return they can't even resell because all the packaging is gone or it's missing parts

No. 536192


Uh…..or you could just ignore them and stop responding to the bullshit and then blaming them for being the only person distracting from the conversation. That's a viable option too dude.

No. 536205

Petsmart doesn't even check returns for functionality either. I have a friend who found a large wide exoterra with a small crack on the door outside of the petsmart dumpster. They throw away some usable stuff.

No. 536228

Anyone here watch Liza Koshy?

A few weeks ago she got two turtles (I think they're red ear sliders) and I'm curious about what she did with them. She had them both in a 20 gallon but said she'd move them to a bigger place, but I haven't seen anything else about them since then

No. 536258

I thought RES’s are illegal in California?

No. 536262


Maybe? I don't know enough about turtles, but she got it from Petco and I know that's one of the ones they sell

No. 536265

PetCo wouldn't be able to sell them if they were illegal. Maybe not RES then? I didn't see the video though. I don't watch her.

No. 536278

File: 1521766706186.png (327.94 KB, 662x372, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 8.57…)


Whatever this species of turtle is.

No. 536289

the one to the right looks like a painted and the one in the front might be a yellow belly slider? not sure, but the one on the right definitely looks like a painted

No. 536399

theyre baby red ear sliders

No. 536403


So I guess they're not illegal?

No. 536453

My only issue with Maddie is the diet she feeds her tegu (from what I've seen). It looks like it's mostly ground turkey, raw egg, and fruit. In her tegu care video she constantly says to cut their food to "bite sized pieces". Tegus can swallow eggs whole, entire rats, and whole small fish. I cut my tegus food into large chunks, and they also get whole prey because it's much healthier than ground turkey. Her care seems much better than what I've seen from others, but her food recommendations are a little off.

No. 536454

File: 1521785296812.png (516.15 KB, 1080x1808, Screenshot_20180322-234317~2.p…)

Alright sure just freehandle that venomous snake why don't you

No. 536458

I don't know if I'm allowed to post a picture, but I was scrolling through the comments on one of Tyler's pictures and there is a girl who looks like she is no more than 13 saying she might try to get a retic. Hopefully she doesn't and hopefully she's just being like "man I wish I could get one of those!" but it's still concerning to me

No. 536466

She's shown her tegus eating chicks and rats on her livestreams before. I think she mentioned that she doesn't do it every day because feeding it too much causes obesity or something. When I was on that livestream there were a lot of people giving her shit for showing them eating whole prey too so I'm assuming that's another part of why she doesn't show that.

No. 536723

Nah, RES are super popular in CA. If they are sold
under 4 inches in diameter then thats where it starts becoming illegal.

But I believe they are illegal in FL, which is why Solid Gold couldn't keep the baby RES that were gifted to her by that pond guy.

No. 537035

Anyone else kind of put off by Joey (The King of DIY) recently? He's always had small problems but he's mostly been good and informative with his care.. up until recently.

- He keeps impulse buying animals

Most of the animals he finds space for, but a lot even with his fish room, seems like he's squeezing in. Fish like Beans were given away after a few months and the manic reordering of his fishroom is testament to these impulse buys. All those arowana for example.

- He buys too many fish

He buys more fish than he knows his tanks can handle because he wants to pick the 'best' fish… the not-so-good-looking ones get sent back to the pet shop. Not exactly the most ethical way to run a fish room. This also means his tanks can be overcrowded in the meantime.

- He's killed a fair amount of his rainbows

Remember the rainbow fish tank which is now not a rainbow fish tank at all? He started with 200, there barely looks to be 50 left. We saw one of his stingrays eating one, no doubt it got more and with the manic reordering he kept doing on that tank I'm not surprised he stressed and killed fish.

- He didn't take criticism of the wood that killed Buddy

Old annoyance, but it took him a long ass time to get the wood out of the tank after it'd led to Buddy's death and in the meantime he kept his other smaller arowana in there. He only removed the wood when he decided to re-scape the tank completely because he impulse bought more arowana.

- He introduced ick into a tank by poor quarantine procedures and continues to quarantine badly

He only admitted this after he was able to cure his fish and blamed it on a net getting dipped in the tank. However quarantining one tank above another is just bad practice (even in the same room isn't advised). He has tanks in his house but of course they're full due to the amount of fish he's buying. So rather than waiting, he uses tanks in his gallery.


- He likes Brian Barczyk and just admitted on instagram that he wanted to get originally (and might still get) a Caiman for his fish room. Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bgru_OnnW8d/?taken-by=uarujoey I would not be surprised at this stage if he impulse bought a caiman and then had to quickly make an enclosure for it.

There's probably more stuff I'm missing… I know he impulse bought some pleco's on his last trip to the store for salt. But it just feels like a lot of pet youtubers, including old school youtubers are amassing animals at unsustainable rates. In Joey's case he excuses it with the fact he can take them back to the shop… but imho that doesn't make it any better.

No. 537115

I will say that he has put me off recently BUT the wood thing with buddy isn’t as much of an issue for me because he was just doing what his fans wanted and when it went sour everybody wanted to go back to how he scaped his tank before but he had already put the wood in there. Idk I guess he was just kind of saying “I told you so”. And also, he wants the best looking fish for his tanks because it’s a gallery, so I don’t hold it against him that he sends the ones he doesn’t think fit back to the shop. I still love him, though, his DIYs and care videos are actually very helpful.

No. 537128

I don't blame him for the accident with the wood in the first place. But I do hold him accountable for keeping it in there and then introducing another arowana into the tank. I know he got backlash for keeping his large fish in completely bare tanks but there has to be some sort of middle ground. More so though as the wood was found to be a problem; keeping it in there and adding a different arowana seems to just be him being in denial.

>also, he wants the best looking fish for his tanks because it’s a gallery, so I don’t hold it against him that he sends the ones he doesn’t think fit back to the shop.

Sure. But there's better ways of doing it that don't treat the fish more like commodities than animals. SG aquatics has her own issues but I do like that she's stocking her fish room slowly and picking fish that she'll keep, not decide to get rid of later and buying en masse. For a guy who said he wanted to pick fish that are attainable for everyone; it's not a good example to be like I'll send the ones that don't colour up so well back to the shop and order 50% more than I need of each species.

>I still love him, though, his DIYs and care videos are actually very helpful.

I loved his old DIY stuff, but it doesn't seem he's doing much of that any more which is why I'm iffy on him. I really hope this is just a blip and he gets back to better fish care and just… caring about the fish he has in general. I mean just before the gallery he got all those goldfish and then almost immediately gave them back again. It's kind of unnerving how a fish guy who's not a shop owner has so little attachment to their fish.

No. 537129

"I shouldn't be handling them right now"
>handles them anyways

Also: She doesn't want to show off all her pets bc it would promote, uh, "something" but showing off all her snakes in one video is somehow fine? I honestly don't get her train of thought here but maybe someone can explain.

The whole Ball Python callout on the other hand? Very valid.

No. 537134

I think she's trying to stretch out the videos instead of doing one video so she gets more views across all of them maybe?

I don't really get the ball python thing. I think morphs are cool, and saying everyone should just get a normal is kind of ridiculous imo. But honestly, I think she's right and a lot of it has turned into "oh boy look how much MY snake cost!"
It's the same with every other "collector". Sad but true.

No. 537135


Notice how she doesn't show many of Danny's because he literally is a hoarder who back yard breeds and trades with his other BYB friends.

No. 537139

I don't keep up with Danny, but does he have others that weren't shown?

No. 537140


Oh yeah. Some look pretty rad. But the community around them produces so many in so little time that the animals can't be properly cared for. So many snakes wasting away in small boxes bc they don't have the right color. Breeding, that kind of breeding, produces a lot of "breedjects".


You mean BHB Reptiles? I've seen a picture of him and Brian Barczyk arm wrestling for fun so I guess he's a supporter?

No. 537141

>framed in front of huge bookcase of used books that she has in no way, shape, or form read once, incl that herp book

I'm entertained by her need to come off as knowledgable while doing things that would suggest otherwise. Like mishandling her snakes and admitting it while keeping on with the mishandling.

No. 537144

Kind of seems like TND when she gets out her GTP for photos. That makes me cringe so hard.

No. 537145


She states in the video that Danny has a large private collection. But from watching some of Danny's channel he states it too.

He's breeding those rhino rat snakes in the vid. She also says he's bred them before and that he trades them with a network of other snake breeders.

But yeah.. he's also chummy with Brian Barczyk. Although I would just consider him a shit breeder, not a BYB.

No. 537148

I always wonder how many animals they ACTUALLY have. "All my pets" video aside, they probably won't ever show the true number..

No. 537155

Maybe they have illegal species? There should be no reason to not be open about what animals they have.

No. 537157

Either that or just the sheer number.
Maddie Smith once sort of called her out on twitter when she was "rehabilitating" a mouse and asked if she was licensed. Em liked the tweet but didn't reply. Sort of shady.

No. 537163


My bet is on the sheer numbers and the fact that Danny is BYB. Although she doesn't seem to be too ashamed of that considering it's new information she mentioned in her video. I don't think many people knew (unless they closely followed Danny) before. So much for all her reptiles being 'rescues'.

No. 537166

I also find it really funny that she said "no more animals unless they're rescues!" and then THAT SAME WEEKEND goes to a reptile expo and comes home with 5(?) new animals. Someone called her out on it and she quite literally said "you cant ignore love" ….. i mean come ON

No. 537173

File: 1521873042582.png (722.57 KB, 607x681, em.png)

On the subject of Em. I also notice how she doesn't show the enclosures of her snakes barring the breeding pair.

In her younow streams she often sits in front of a large rack of cages (although most don't appear to be snakes) just to give you an idea of how many animals Danny hordes.

For all TND gets shat on for her enclosures; I also think Em's are worse. Her ferret cage is barely passable (I've got the same one and I use it for rats). Her doves enclosure is laughably small and then with it right next to the ferret cage, letting them out into the room / landing on the ferret cage, a disaster waiting to happen. We all know about the disaster that was her betta fish tank (although that wasn't about size but flow, cycling and tank mates).

No. 537175

File: 1521873320652.png (450.11 KB, 603x681, em2.png)

Clearer picture of some more cages to her right. The wall is lined with them side to side.

No. 537177

File: 1521873375258.png (419.04 KB, 607x675, em3.png)

Is Grinchy in there now too? If so it must suck for the snakes with bird dust.

No. 537260

It might vary but I asked a local reptile group recently if they could point me towards somewhere to buy a standard ball python and they could only name a couple of breeders lol so in my case (small country outside of america) it wouldn’t have made a difference in an ethical sense whether I bought a morph or a regular, only that regulars in this case are actually rarer and therefore were priced the same as most standard morphs. But I agree with her point.

No. 537281


Shes also been talking about how she wants another ferret too recently (although she has said she doesn't think its the right time) and I'm guessing if she did she would just put it in the cage with her other two

No. 537313

I'm hoping that those are for inverts. Slings need to be in pretty small spaces in order to find food and obviously adult T's don't need too much room either (3x leg span). Other inverts, not too sure. That was my hope.

No. 537315

I was thinking about getting that cage for rats. I have some dwarfs though so I don't think bar spacing will pass there.
How is it compared to a DCN? It's hard to tell from her videos.

No. 537316

A lot of regulars are sold as food for other snakes in bulk for very cheap actually. Almost no one except pet stores or small scale are breeding normals anymore it seems. Unless it's a het pairing and you inevitably get some normal hets.

No. 537407

Exactly this. Even the new breeders I am finding just starting off are culling their normals for cobra food ect. All of the rescues in my area have high quality ball pythons, stuff like bananas and kingpins.

Part of me wonders if Taylor intends on breeding her ball pythons. Most rescues have rules against breeding animals that come from them (and it's also a bad idea anyways because you don't know the lineage), and also rules against rehoming animals that come from them. Taylor has a tendency to rehome animals, so maybe a rescue wouldn't even adopt out to her.

No. 537446

Easier imho to clean than a CN as you don't have to use fleece. You will use more substrate up though… like a lot more, so get a cheap source (recycled card horse bedding for example; you can buy bales of that for fairly cheap). I've also had very small rats in it; I would say dwarf size but as they were rescues I don't know for sure. I didn't have a problem, but you will want a different cage if you're getting them when they're not fully grown.

sage for ot

No. 537872

This kid has so many things wrong with his care. I hope someone comments to educate him.
Tank sizes, substrates, his bearded dragon looks super thin.
You can tell he's passionate but he just really needs to work on his care.

No. 537885

Honestly this kid doesn't have a lot wrong with most of his set ups. The only thing that stood out to me was the substrate choice for the ksb (it looks like white calcisand instead of playsand or aspen which is what I would use) and some of his enclosures are a LITTLE small, but most of the ones that are a little small have young animals in them. I didn't watch the video in completion but skipped a bit so maybe I missed a couple red flags, but his savannah monitor enlcosure looks pretty big (I didn't see what the substrate was, or hear what the diet he feeds it is) and he has bioactive setups for a lot of animals. For such a young kid he's probably one of the better petubers I've seen.

No. 538129

He looks like he knows what he’s doing for the most part… I don’t know what problems you had with it honestly.

No. 538144

for his age I'm pretty impressed with his knowledge and he obviously cares about his reptiles. theres a lot of kids that get pets and get bored of them after a week. my only concern would be filling up his parents house with all these reptiles, but with his collection and knowledge, i wouldn't be surprised if his parents were also herp collectors

No. 538187

A lot of enclosures seemed too small (geckos, tree frog in WAY too small of enclosure), sand for KSB, not enough substrate for savannah monitor, and his bearded dragon is really thin looking. I hope he's taken it to a vet to check for parasites.

No. 538213

His blue tongue skink was also on paper towel and they need substrate to burrow and be happy.

No. 538305

He said he’s treating it for mites.

I agree everything looks on the small side, but for his age his care is impressive. There’s some things to be concerned about but I don’t think it’s as bad as some people, that’s for sure.

No. 538403

Has anyone heard of this guy before? His ginea pigs are in plastic tubs with nothing inside except a toy and a water bottle and his rabbit is in a way too small cage

No. 538628

isn't that captain jack ferret? I find his voice so annoying I couldn't watch his videos. I do know he treats his ferrets with love and care, letting them free roam which is awesome since not many people are willing to sacrifice their house like that. I didn't know he had a bunny which is a bad idea if you have ferrets.

No. 538723

His ferret care is good but I worry for the others

No. 538726

File: 1522088991534.png (3.2 MB, 1334x750, D971131C-A404-45C3-980F-5114FE…)

No. 538729

Holy shit that's bad. Didn't expect that from someone who takes such good care of his ferrets. I am seeing this happening to people who have multiple species as pets, that some require so much attention and work the other 'less' demanding pets get ignored, neglected or receive sub-par care. Really sad.

No. 539072

File: 1522117522021.jpg (904.13 KB, 1125x1291, IMG_6902.jpg)

Happy tails took her bird and snake out at the same time during a livestream…

No. 539079

holy shit, my cockatiel would even get freaked out if I moved cords around him. birds naturally fear anything related to snakes. that poor bird

No. 539088

Is this a breeder/feeder? could explain why it's kept in gross conditions. They're not as important as the 'feedee' in most cases for a lot of carnivorous pet owners who breed their own food.

No. 539103

No. Those are her actual pets. She doesn’t feed birds.
She’s just irresponsible.

No. 539158

She’s ridiculous. She talks about herself like she’s godess of all animals. She talks down on others over the simplest things ever. Yet she does idiotic shit like having her bird and snake out at the same time? She’s BY FAR the worst petuber I’ve ever seen. She needs to get the fuck off youtube, stop spreading misinformation and rehome all her pets to someone who actually can care for them

No. 539161

Almost as crazy as having her snake and birds out at the same time, is the fact that she still has this up on her Instagram like it is something to be proud of.

If you’re going to be a moron, at least have the decency to keep it to yourself and not share your idiocy with a bunch of children.

No. 539162


There’s so much wrong with her. She’s a hoarder, her enclosures are disgusting, her cages are all small, her pet room is crammed full, she owns like 40 animals that need daily attention and bonding ???? She thinks she’s a mother fucking queen, she states her shitty opinions as if they’re facts, she talks down on others, she backyard breeds, she has AWFUL diets for her animals.

God I know we give other petubers shit about things they do but nobody compares to the almighty happytails

No. 539374

No he included them as pets

No. 539378

Happy tails is the bane of the petuber community. Can someone make her own thread

No. 539408

I’m so glad people are piling on her now. I know that sounds harsh but she has been the worst for a long long time, only the prevalence of more glamorous/dramatic failures like TND have overshadowed her. Happy tails is abysmal, cruel, uninformed, and rude as hell to top it all off. There are no redeeming qualities here she is just awful and I hope more people realise soon because she’s making a career out of animal cruelty and hoarding.

No. 539477

Holy shit. Ball pythons (males in particular, but the one she's holding looks female judging by the size) EAT BIRDS IN THE WILD. My balls love to have chicks and quails as treats. What the fuck is she doing having her bird and snake out together??? What an idiot.

No. 539534

She backyard bred for merle puppies and keeps her bearded dragons on sand and that’s only the tip of the iceberg this bitch has zero sense and now has the nerve to try charging people for pet care advice

No. 539645


She has her sugar gliders in a DIY enclosure that has exposed, untrimmed, hardware cloth. I have used that in the past and cut myself pretty bad, I can only imagine the disasters waiting to happen having it inside a glider cage. The wood itself looks like something she tried and failed to upcycle too.

No. 539649

Can we make a thread about happy tails

No. 539676

Those are the kind of people who do not learn before something tragic actually happens first.

No. 539689

Oh she’s already had multiple disasters happen. I’d consider her whole pet room huts one huge disaster. She has animals getting sick and dying left right and centre

No. 539702

Where can I find some information on Meghan Ive never watched her channel but after seeing her python /bird picture I'm super interested

No. 539785

This kid seems like he doesn’t really know what he’s doing but I don’t know I’ve only watched a few of his videos

No. 539848

Yeah he doesn’t at all. I own saltwater aquariums so I know a bit about them. I don’t know what he’s talking about it being “hard” to tell the gender. ALL clownfish are born males and then the most dominant clown of the group/pair will become female. (Clown fish have this ability) if the dominant female dies off, the next dominant male will become female and so on. This is why when most people buy a pair of clowns, they buy one slightly larger than the other so it’s easy for them to establish their dominance and create a male/female pair.

His tank also looks way too new to be adding a fish. A cycled tank should have some algae and detritus growth

No. 539904

I remember watching some of his earlier videos and he made so many mistakes and clearly didn’t do any research. Went to check out of curiosity and I’m shocked at how quickly he started getting new tanks and fish

No. 539971

Some of it is further up in the thread. She doesn’t have her own thread but she probably should.

No. 539976

can someone who knows how to properly start a thread start one on Happy Tails please? There's so much about her for just the general thread.

No. 540060


Wait beardies shouldn’t be kept on sand? (I don’t own any pets so I have no idea)

No. 540077

no, if theyre left on loose substrate like sand they could eat some of it by accident while theyre eating. they cant digest it so it builds up in theyre system causing impaction, then kills them. its a really big problem with people who havent researched keeping bearded dragons and leopard geckos

No. 540088


Isn’t that mostly related to baby bearded dragons though?

No. 540096

This is just a general complaint but anyone notice about how whenever animal YouTubers give care guide videos, they all sound bored and unenthusiastic (with the exception of Emzotic who sounds like she’s lecturing a bunch of elementary schoolers)

They all have the same info, they literally just list every option and not why certain ones are worse than others, and sound like they’re reading bullet points

No. 540108

It’s more common but still a risk with older animals. I’ve been rescuing and rehoming beardies for over 15 years (this makes me feel so old lol) and in my experience it can really happen at any time, it’s a lot down to luck and individual animals. Some beardies are less grabby with food, etc. It’s aso gradual, it won’t happen immediately, sometimes it may never happen, but it’s still always a risk which is why it’s advised against. People who do it anyway because it’s “natural” (it isn’t) or because their beardie has never had an issue on it are literally just shrugging off years of evidence and controversy for the sake of making an aesthetic choice.

No. 540118


Tyler Ruggee has a bearded dragon care guide and he mentions the problem with sand but, just like you said, “knows people who’ve have no issues so it should be fine just do your own research :)”

No. 540142

He recently was talking about how sand is bad for beardies on his twitter and people were giving him shit and saying he was wrong. So he is against it but at least he tells people to do extra research because he doesn’t want everyone to base their care solely off his videos. Unlike happy tails he doesn’t parade himself off like he’s some animal expert he just shares how he cares for his animals.

No. 540267

I usually find that better. People shouldn’t be using YouTube as their main source of information for animal care, it should just be a jumping off point. If someone gives me options as a pet owner, it’s my own responsibility to go and research what is best. Shit from this thread alone we know how stupid it’d be to just follow some random person in the internet’s advice. That’s why I prefer pettubers who preach research, even in their own care guides.

No. 540320

I always think of YouTube as a place for the initial interest to spark, but then research should be done off of YouTube as well. Unfortunately a lot of online care guides are conflicting for some creatures and good forums for them are few and far between. Maybe one day…

No. 540453

anyone seen emzotics latest video about leech care? shes keeping them in bare mason jars because its "easier to clean" but like putting in some big rocks or a piece of driftwood for them to explore doesnt make it very difficult to clean, and prevents the leeches from getting bored. she also says that the majority of people who keep leeches feed them human blood, which is completely untrue, most feed them worms? its like she saw all the criticism about her care, and instead of improving it she just attempted to justify her actions. very tnd of her tbh

No. 540526

File: 1522282791305.jpeg (566.32 KB, 1241x1703, D6590794-6DBF-494B-AE18-5E9D41…)

Anyone know anything about rabbits? Is her rabbit cage too small

No. 540532

The cage with one rabbit is too small. The one in the picture may be okay but it’s not great.

No. 540533

File: 1522283146681.png (1.1 MB, 1080x785, IMG_20180329_012446.png)


Maybe not that one, but this one is

No. 540535

they should have enough room to do 3-4 hops, the rabbit could barely do 2.

No. 540536

She said once they’re bonded though they’ll be in one big cage. I feel like these are fine as temporary cages. She always talks about how important it is to let them free roam as well

No. 540545

The minimum for a rabbit is 12 square feet, which is what that is. It’s also temporary while she’s bonding the three of them. Im no expert but I have rabbits and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, especially since she’s meeting the minimum cage standard.

No. 540550

According to her they free roam every day as well. She said they’re usuallh only in the cages when she’s not home to supervise them. I mean I have no proof of this, but at least that’s what she’s said in her videos

No. 540552


You say temporary but she's had that rabbit a while

In her recent video you can see the rabbit shaking the pen and biting the bars in the background . Not a happy bunny.

No. 540553

If they’re usually free roaming when she’s home the rabbit probably wouldn’t have been in the cage when she took the picture…

No. 540554

File: 1522284394766.jpeg (359.79 KB, 1242x1469, 67D33ACB-C4DB-4A89-BE09-67FD46…)

She posted this a few days ago. When it comes to bonding it’s better to take it slow, if you rush it they coukd injure each other.

And it could be stressed, but I know my rabbit does that when I’m in it’s room and it wants to come out to play. It could’ve just wanted to be let out since she was in the room

No. 540562

Say she works a 9-5 job like she claims to. Minus time eating, spending time with her other animals and being unable to monitor the free roam, plus editing videos and whatever else she's doing before sleeping that's at most 2 hours free roam per rabbit because they're not bonded so can't be our at the same time. Why should the rabbits sit in a small cage for 22 other hours of the day? Even if the cage is minimum like she claims, why should you only ever aim for the minimum for your animals?

No. 540565

It’s possible it was stressed, but more likely it just wanted out because she’s in the room. Mine do that as well and their cage is a 3x9ft expen.
I’m all for calling someone out when it’s needed but I don’t know that it is here. Maybe just keep skeptical eyes on her if you’re concerned.

No. 540568

Rabbits should have a minimum of 4 hours of playtime outside their cage unless they’re free roam.

No. 540570


Lol learn how to sage, Emma

No. 540642

lol is it emma defending herself? lmao
i saw she mentioned lolcow in her tweet

No. 540728


So Emzotic's power went out at the start of the month. I don't think anyone's talked about this.

- She's burning scented candles when the lights go out, I thought that was a big no for birds.

- Also their backup generator failed but they didn't move their animals that need heat to another location. They seemed to have this as an option, so why they didn't do it, I really have no idea.

- She's still letting her doves attempt to breed in this vid too… because she wants two more doves and to feed the eggs to an unseen monitor lizard.

- Whose kids do they have… does Danny have children? How did they get there if the roads were all closed. How did he get out to go look for Diesel? If they'd just run out of fuel for the generator that isn't 'broken' that's just poor planning.

- Puts doves next to Grinchy despite said bird being visibly annoyed. Says it's ok because the doves are too dumb to be afraid.

TLDR: List of dead animals: 2 cardinal tetra, bumblebee goby, several pea puffers. Not sure if this wasn't just because of her documented shit fish care tbh.

No. 540801

I thought it was odd for her to mention that if someone wants a pet to weird others out with they shouldn’t go for leeches. Well not really, you go ahead and buy a leech as long as you care for it. Then again, I don’t think many people keep leeches as pets.

Did she mention that one shouldn’t go out and simply pick up random leeches as pets?

As for whatever happened during the storm they had I personally thought they did fine? It did sound like they couldn’t actually leave the house comfortably with a lot of animals that require a constant heat source so that was a last resort if the weather was to deteriorate further - though you can argue that it should have been done earlier as a precaution.

The whole breeding thing seemed a bit eh. I like the idea of cycling the eggs to a monitor but then didn’t really like the idea of breeding show birds as I understood that the two doves she has right now are young and could be used for shows (they’re also trained). It’s some iffy breeding going on and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re breeding other animals on the side and selling them tbh.

Also the click bait title to the snow storm came off as wrong. No animals other than the fish actually seemed to be dying.

No. 540862

I agree that they are most likely breeding and selling on the side. Em recently admitted that Danny is breeding certain snakes that he trades within a “small circle” of friends. In theory that’s fine, but in reality breeding animals doesn’t usually work out so smoothly (ie; the exact amount of hatchlings for the exact amount of “friends” who have the exact necessary setup and are willing to trade you exactly what you want in return…)

Putting that info together with the casual way she’s mentioned breeding in the past (her doves, her failed attempt at setting up the beta tank) I would be more surprised if they weren’t quietly breeding and selling certain animals.

No. 541409

File: 1522404052388.jpg (88.58 KB, 634x872, 4A025B6D00000578-0-image-m-32_…)

YouTuber faces a bitter backlash online after sharing worrying images of her painfully-thin pet fox while revealing she keeps the meat-eating animal on a VEGAN diet




No. 541416


"cages" on the floor with no cover, and bonding time in a bath where all they can see is white around them. The rabbits should be well off the floor in a cage that is enclosed at top and one side. Makeshift cages on the floor, what is this

>bath just has a blanket with food strewn on it

And you wonder why most people's pet buns die at 4-6 when lifespan can be 9-10. Half-assed care like this

Notice how on here >>540526 the bunny is sitting on what this dipshit owner probably thinks is a food? Or toilet? Area?
The whole ground should be covered with hay, this really limits the usable area for the bun. There's no waste/poops visible on the blankets on the floor which suggests she just put them down for the photo and maybe the used cage is somewhere else, or buns only sit/use the food area. It's impossible to properly clean a blanket on the ground which really points to this not being the actual permanent cage for them.

/half-assed bunny care

No. 541440

While I don’t agree with her cages the rest of her care is suitable. Bath tub bonding is a correct method of bonding rabbits and using fleece is a perfectly acceptable material. Feel free to google “house rabbits” and you can see the common setups.

No. 541455

File: 1522413388812.png (313.42 KB, 720x940, Screenshot_2018-03-30-08-35-20…)

"Sonia Sae"
Let me guess she's another weeaboo instagram thot that believes she's 1% Japanese. And wtf does she know about diets? She can't even feed her own pet right, why is she even talking?

No. 541462


Her response to the criticism.

No. 541464

>The rabbits should be well off the floor in a cage

i'm sorry what??? Any cage that can be well of the floor(as in on a table I assume you mean) is too small. Also if the caged is well off the floor someone would need to pick up the bunny to move it to and from the enclosure. The bunny wouldn't be free to return to go to and from their litter box during free roam time.

Her pens are definitely a bit too small but otherwise fine .

No. 541489

To be fair she's not really wrong in this.

Personally I would never feed my omnivorous / carnivorous animals a plant based diet, but it can be done and is sometimes done for a variety of necessary reasons. Synthetic taurine is in fact added to a lot of kibbles as the main source and a majority of folks feed their animals like that.

Are there better diets… hell yes… is this the worst/animal abuse. Eh… I don't think so.

I agree with her in so far as she probably was targeted because a certain subset of folks see the word vegan and go ape shit. And no, I'm not a vegan myself. There are actual problematic vegan's out there… Freelee and a good portion of the raw food promoting ones come to mind. This seems so meh in comparison.

No. 541507

General knowledge about rabbit care is woefully inadequate. Just because they are silent animals they get neglected. The environment should be as natural as possible, meaning fleece is not a good thing to be on the ground. Also the fresh veg scattered in the "bonding" area - fresh veg in such quantity can cause digestive trouble leading to death. Most amateur bunny owners feed a lot of fresh veg and the buns live for 5 years tops, sometimes only months. It should be mostly dry food.

Weirdly the care for the lone bunny in the smaller cage is better, a water bowl instead of a feeder, dry food. But the floor should be a solid plastic/wipe clean surface, covered with newspaper/scrap paper with a thick layer of hay over that. I think I read somewhere wood shavings are dangerous/sharp for buns (the hay/toilet area). Basically all these things need adjusting.

Rabbits also need somewhere to climb, and being on the ground as a prey animal, in bright light with everything going on around them is going to cause stress. They should be raised off the ground with 1/2 sides covered for privacy.

This is a temporary cage setup but presuming the animals never "bond", she should look at more suitable setups where the rabbits feel safer and more cosy.

No. 541512

I’m sorry but where in the world did you learn that informantion? Rabbits do not need a place to climb nor do they need “natural” bedding. Guess you’ve never heard of a house rabbit. I assume you think wild rabbits don’t eat vegetables either.

No. 541515

You can get multi-tiered cages so they have more area to run around in.

Taking the bun in and out of the cage is fine. You take the food and water bowls out and put them on the ground, and train them to use a litter tray when they're out of the cage.
Older buns are not great at using litter trays so then you pop them back in the cage every hour or so to give them a chance to go there.

The benefits are you don't have an anxious bunny with everyone stomping around it, no privacy and other pets having easy access to it

No. 541521

I had a house rabbit who lived happily for 11.5 years despite life expectancy for his breed being 7-9 years and most people's living for 5. So what were you saying

No. 541522

I’m saying your informantion isn’t exactly correct lol Her rabbits will not die if they live on fleece, it’s a very safe option people use, her rabbits will not die either because they’re fed vegetables which rabbits should actually get 1 cup of veggies per pound of body weight each day. I suggest doing more in-depth research. The house rabbit society is a good place to start.

No. 541531

This is not about the diet, but her fox definitely was not adopted. A pup usually costs 2000$ and there are 2-3 year waiting lists for one. They are also illegal in a lot of countries. Where is she from?

No. 541537

She's from Spain (where they are now illegal to sell but weren't when she first got him?). She says in the vid she got the fox from a guy who bred them but wanted to keep Jumanji and only sold him when his male was aggressive.

Her complaint in the video seems to be, not that Jumanji was from a breeder, but that the original chick pointing it out and calling her out on it, is also a breeder, so it's hypocritical. Not really the same though imo as the chick breeds rabbits, but I mean I guess… as she later goes on to say she wouldn't buy bred animals again or in the future and is now against it.

No. 541540

>I suggest doing more in-depth research.

>I had a house rabbit who lived happily for 11.5 years despite life expectancy for his breed being 7-9 years

Are you dumb? What I wrote is correct. As evidenced by the exceeded life expectancy of the bun I had in that environment.

But knock yourself out feeding rabbits plenty of fresh veg and giving it fleece to sleep on. It will die by aged 5 but whatever makes you happy

No. 541544

Good for you :) I’ve had rabbits live to 10 as well. You still don’t list multiple sources of where you’ve learned any of your informantion. I can find plenty to back up fleece and vegetables, but sure you’re right.

No. 541572

You saying that your evidence came from the rabbit that you had that exceeded life expectancy is comparable with people using the oldest dog in the world who was fed vegan as an excuse to feed their dogs vegan lol
Seriously, where else is your care information coming from other than yourself? The house rabbit society is a great place to look and they are a credible source.
Another thing; dry pellets shouldn't make up the bulk of their diet either. If you're all about keeping them 'natural' wouldn't you be leaning more towards a hay based diet rather than pellets?
I suggest you do a little more research.

No. 541574

>You still don’t list multiple sources of where you’ve learned any of your informantion

Because web urls are valid sources, trumping real life experience. If my bun got 1.5 years older than yours I think that counts as some sort of proof.

I did most of my research 11 years ago (actually 12 since he died over a year ago) and most of that was from official websites of the time, several books I bought, and many people's real-life experiences on a LJ bunny community.

Most I learned from actual life experience; bunny was happier in a multi-tiered cage, he chews anything and can hurt himself so fleece is not great as it can be ingested. Most people over-feed the fresh veg hence early death.

Just because everyone does something doesn't make it ok. Excess veg, ground cage, fleece ground all looks/is amateur and half-assed. People who do that stuff usually get a dead bun. Someone I follow (training to be a vet!) let her rabbit eat fries and surprisingly, it died. Another had a crate on the ground with lettuce thrown in and it lived a few months. Very few people seem to give a shit and half-assed setups like that Youtuber's don't help. People should aim for natural environments that bear the sensitive/prey animal nature in mind and most people don't.

/bunny rant

No. 541577

I'm the same Anon who is suggesting the entire ground is hay; the bun had hay available all day long

No. 541579

YES, web URLs are valid sources over your single rabbit living a long time? I don't know what you're even talking about here?
I'm not even the one talking about my bun, but wtf even is this.

No. 541585

So basically you’re saying you’re right because your rabbit love one year longer? Lmao do you not know genetics play a part in life spans too? I’ve known people who give their animals absulte shit care and their animals for some reason live longer than someone who is giving the absolute best, but they must be right because their animal lived longer correct?

No. 541605

If you read my post my sources are: Internet, and life experience. I'm well past the point of hyperlinking articles on rabbit care.

I think I could have got him living longer but we have shitty water in our area (which actually made me sick) so he could probably have got to 12 if we weren't all drinking it. :')

Back when I got my pet it was actually encouraged to keep rabbits outdoors rather than indoors. We made a large pen for him in the garden and he actually escaped and ran back into the house. Also a neighbors rabbit escaped from it's house and also ran into our house on another occasion. So we can assume it was a welcoming/happy environment for the animal.
Internet advice changes, like I said 11 years ago they were promoting hutch rabbits. I don't believe using artificial surfaces like blankets/fleece is appropriate for a grazing animal. If that's what is recommended that's what's recommended but it seems illogical to me.
Everyone is free to raise their buns however they want, but natural is better than unnatural. I also have a dog who's 10 with zero health problems and still looks like a puppy, so I guess they are both just flukes.

No. 541611

this has to be a troll holy shit
if not, please stop feeding your (presumably fat) rabbits so many pellets and keeping them in a tiered ferret cage.

No. 541631


Don't even own rabbits and this:

>I did most of my research 11 years ago (actually 12 since he died over a year ago)

is likely why you're wrong. Things change, 11 years ago folks thought it was ok to keep goldfish in little bowls.

No. 541632

>bunny was happier in a multi-tiered cage

Also if you're the anon that wants to keep everything natural, there's nothing more unnatural than a bunny off the ground. You're aware where rabbits live in the wild right? lol

No. 541663

Don't you know that they have ramps and platforms in the wild?! Lmao

But yes, the overall care of animals has changed drastically in just the past couple years alone. 12 years ago, almost everyone automatically trusted what pet store employees said because they were "qualified". In the past few years, we've had people breaking away from that ideology and that's why animal care guides are improving and pet stores are starting to be questioned more and more.
TLDR; your care is wrong and your information is outdated.

No. 541666


I dunno if you are all just stans of that dumbass youtuber, but a pen in the corner of the room with copious fresh veg and a blanket is not good care for a rabbit. Tell yourself what you want. Those rabbits are not relaxed or happy, even from the photos.

>B-but it says so online

Ok keep believing everything you read online, ignoring the actual happiness of your pets and common sense of what rabbits like (being safe and warm in covered spaces).

I dunno if you are all just 12 years old but please try and use common sense. A rabbit is not a dog; you can't treat them the same and expect the same results

No. 541678

Shit man, I thought they lived in trees. Swinging from one branch to the other….

But seriously; I keep rats and it's even debated with them as to how much climbing space / area off the ground they need as the brown rat is a notoriously bad climber and as such; while they should have the option to climb; they should also have a large enough cage bottom so that they don't /have/ to. Making a bunny go up levels to have enough space therefore seems like such a poor idea to me. A large ground level cage is likely going to make them feel far less vulnerable.

Keep getting mad. But while you're at it read this easily googlable shit: http://best4bunny.com/bunny-care/housing-ideas/

No. 541679

File: 1522427812503.jpg (426.13 KB, 1080x1080, 6tag_300318-173548.jpg)

>ramps/multiple levels are unnatural

No. 541680

You do understand that below ground is not the same as above it, and that sitting on a platform is not the same as digging a burrow? Or are you just trolling now?

No. 541682

Does this seem like they are in the AIR to you ?
They are literally in burrows underground, not ABOVE the ground. Lmao.

No. 541692

>open, unprotected spaces
>puppy pens
>more puppy pens

Again, zero of those rabbits are lying down, or even sitting in a relaxed pose. They are all on alert and awkward. One photo has bunnies lying beside a sofa who look relaxed. A clue they like to hide/feel secure which these open literal puppy pens do not provide

No. 541694

I'm not saying the cages are perfect and that she shouldn't have hiding spots for her animal, but I'm also definitely not saying that people should be keeping or advising to keep rabbits in more vertical settings where they feel vulnerable. Even a hide box where the rabbit could jump on top would be fine and give some more space.

No. 541695

No ones a stan of her she could give way better care to her animals and instead of downgrading them to fit them all in the same room could give them amazing cages but she doesn’t. People just know how to properly research rabbit care and not continue to use 12 year old care without doing new research

No. 541696

Most of those rabbits are laying down. Two of the rabbits by the sofa are laying down on their sides. Rabbits shouldn't be laying down 24/7 either… I give up with you, you're clearly beyond help. Some of those cages aren't perfect either, but you see the theme, even in the outdoor ones… all one level… aim for enough ground space in that one level….not your multi layer shit. smh

No. 541702

>not your multi-layer shit

>Multi-layer shit being literally what the rabbits make for themselves when they're in the wild see >>541679

No. 541704

We've already established that in the air =/= underground. If you don't understand this, you need help.

No. 541709

A puppy pen is not underground either. A multi-tiered cage is closer to a warren than an open-top puppy pen with no privacy or safety. Nobody is considering they are prey animals who need to feel safe and secure. Open puppy pens are completely the opposite of that.

No. 541713

a hideout will easily solve the privacy and safety thing, It looks like one of the cages she has one in there. There is other ways to provide privacy other than just a level cage.

No. 541717

No a multi tired cage is not closer to a warren.

This: http://edenfarmsonline.com/resources/_wsb_250x215_chinchilla+cage.JPG

And this: http://www.rabbitrehome.org.uk/care/images/hutch_palace2.jpg

And this: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/NXwAAOSwnHZYQcRh/s-l225.jpg

Is not closer to a warren.

Rabbits should have appropriate cover in their ground level cage (hides, boxes etc), and yes, things to hop on / over etc. but putting them up in the air isn't a substitute for adequate ground level space.

Do you know where rabbits live in the wild? Here http://www.scienceimage.csiro.au/images/cache/detail/739_0_DA2351.jpg Open space allows them to see predators, yes they are sometimes alert in open spaces, that is natural normal behaviour. Sticking them in the air is not.

No. 541879


I agree that her bunnies should have some more cover, but everything else seems like a STRETCH.

1. Fleece is perfectly safe for bunnies. Rabbits have very sensitive feet, so they need something soft to walk and hop on, which makes fleece an appropriate option.
2. Bonding in a bathtub is one of the best ways to bond rabbits??? When bonding you need to put them in a space neither are familiar with, and it should be small. Bathtubs make ideal spaces
3. Rabbits NEED vegetables daily. Some of y’all don’t know anything. Only unsafe veggies cause digestive issues, but these all look to be safe options.
4. Whoever the hell is suggesting a multi tiered cage is fucked in the head. Rabbits are ground dwelling animals, they need floor space. Not height and levels.
5. The minimum for a rabbit is a 2x4 cage. Her cages are over the minimum
6. The floor doesn’t need to be covered in hay? As long as they have a hay box where hay is available 24/7 then they’re fine, and it appears hers have that

do y’all even know that here’s a HUGE difference between domestic rabbits and wild rabbits ? If we’re going by that logic, I guess we should all keep our dogs in packs and make them dens wnd let them hunt their own food

No. 541881


Why did you respond to me, you know I'm agreeing with you right? My point about wild rabbits is that open spaces are actually perfectly natural for them. They don't need to be enclosed at all times like that retarded anon was implying alongside multilevel cages.

No. 541884

Sorry Im thinking I hit the wrong one to reply to.

But yeah people do realize were talking about rabbits and not chinchillas right?

No. 541927


This forum really cracks me up. Emma’s Care is superior to most who have rabbits & y’all still complaining 😂. I’m just grateful y’alls only platform for this bad care advice is here amongst each other. Rabbits in tier cages?? They aren’t arboreal & fleece is fine- bathtub walls?! Lmao get out of here! So funny.

No. 541931

Pretty sure this is all the same retarded anon. tbh

No. 541947

Hello guys! Emma here

Quickly I’d like to say that I don’t think I’m perfect, I make mistakes, just like everyone else. But I’m ALWAYS open to critism and I’m more than happy to have discussions with people about my pet care. If you see an issue with my care, PLEASE let me know. If something is brought to my attention, I will always do more research on the subject to see if it’s something I need to fix or not.

My DMs are ALWAYS open, if you want to talk to me about my care, you can message me on twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. You can tweet at me as well. I am ALWAYS willing to discuss my care, and improve it if need be.

I’m no animal expert, I’m no “queen” of petcare. I’m simply an 18 year old girl who likes animals. I’m goinb to make mistake, I’m not perfect. If you see something wrong with my care, PLEASE let me know so I can look further into it, and make adjustments if need be.

If any of you have been with my channel for a while, you’re probably already aware of some of the mistakes I’ve made. When I got my first hamster back in the summer, his cage was FAR too small. But thankfully, people pointed that out to me, so I fixed it!

If anyone would like to have a serious discussion with me about my rabbit care or anything else, you can contact me at any of these here, listen below. I respond to every message I get
Instagram: @emmasam99
Twitter: @emmasam99
Snapchat: emmasam99
Email: emmasam99@outlook.com

No. 541990

Suck my big fat cock

No. 541996


People have been tweeting you by the looks of it babes lol, get the hint

No. 542004

Well, considering the one person who tweeted at me told me my rabbit cage was 2x2 when I built it myself and is 4x4, it’s a bit hard to take her point seriously. If you want to have a legitimate discussion about it I’m happy to! But if you’re going to use an argument based off false accusations, I’m not going to bother wasting my time. If you want to have a serious discussion with me, and get my attention, respectfully let me know your concerns, and I will listen. :)

No. 542006

Why’d you downgrade your hamsters for the sake of getting another pet? Going from 1000sq inches to 600sq is a lot it’s no wonder it chewed through the bin.

No. 542009


It chewed through her detolf too apparently, but downgrading certainly isn't going to fix the issue

No. 542010

BUT, since you guys seem to be concerned, and don’t want to talk to me about it, I will clear things up for you.

My pair of rabbits are currently in a 4x4 pen, and my single rabbit is in a 4x3 pen. I agree with you guys, these cages are not as big as I’d like them to be, but while they’re still being bonded, they need to be separated, and due to the fact that my house is not my own, my rabbits MUST be kept in my small animal room, at the house owners wishes.

This also applies to my hamsters and why they needed to be downgraded, it was at the home owners wishes, that all my small animals be kept in my small animal room, and the fact I needed room for my fish tank.

Now people often ask me why it’s taking so long to bond my rabbits, the truth is, it really isn’t taking too long. When I first adopted sunny, I quarantined her for 6 weeks. So I did not do any bonding at the point. I’ve only been working on bonding them the past few weeks.

Once my rabbits are fully bonded, there will be A LOT of changes made to my pet room. I’ll be making a custom unit, for my bunnies, hamsters and mice. Once bonded, my rabbits will be getting a 9x6 pen, with a roof and walls for added security. Since they will have a solid roof, I will have all that room to build my hamste and mouse cages on top. It has already been designed. My hamsters will each have a 4x3 cage, and my mice will have a 3x2 cage :) these changes will all be made hopefully within the next month, once my rabbits are bonded.

My rabbits pens are temporary, as well as my hamsters bin cages. But even then, I still make sure they meet the minimum size recommendations. (2x4 for bunnies and 450 square inches for hamsters)

If you have any more questions or concerned about my care please feel free to point it out and or ask me about it and I will be happy to discuss with you

No. 542012


If the 'houseowner' has an issue with them being in the living area, where are you free roaming them? If you do at all

No. 542014

Isn’t the house owner your parents lmao

No. 542017

When my hamster chewed through the detolf, I talked to more experienced hamster owners and asked them about it. Many people told me that she was stressed out due to how big the detolf was. I rescued her from a family who previously kept her in a critter-trail, she had lived her whole life in tiny spaces and that’s what she was used to.

I agree that bigger cages are better, but since she was in a small cage previously, I think I need to adjust her slowly, rather than going straight from a critter trail to a detolf.

She has been much better in the bin cage, she seems to be much mess stressed than she was before. And now that she’s had more time to get used to the bin cage, I feel it will be easier to put her in a larger cage next. I just need to take it slow.

As stated above, both my hamsters will be getting 4x3 cages in the near future. The bins are temporary :)

No. 542019

Ever thought of maybe filling the detolf with more hides for more security?

No. 542021

My rabbits get free roam of my living area. He has no issue with that, he just wants all the cages to be kept in one room. Nobody has an issue with me letting my rabbits out when I can supervise them

No. 542023

File: 1522451505035.png (308.45 KB, 1242x869, DBD9F8A5-9DAE-4A20-9A05-EF7808…)

You quranteed her for 6 or 8 weeks? Which is it?

No. 542028

I did, and she was still stressed. As I said, she’s getting a bigger cage very soon. Please remember you guys only see what I share on the internet. I was VERY concerned about my hamster and how stressed out she was. I tried multiple different things to see how she reacted. I tried giving her more hides, more toys, I tried giving her more time out of the cage, I tried using different beddings, I tried giving her more bedding to burrow in, more things to dig in, etc. I tried ALL of this and none of it made a difference. Then I moved her to a bin cage and she’s doing MUCH better. She’s not tried to chew out, she’s no longer cage surfing, she has much better behaviour now.

I work very closely with my vet. My animals well being is very important to me, and I’ve found the cage switch was what worked best for her. I really, truly think that by slowly upgrading her, rather than making a HUGE jump is going to benefit her much better in the long run

No. 542031

It was 6 weeks. From the time I got her (first week in January, to when I first moved. (Middle of February)

I didn’t have a strict 6/8 week period, it was just the time before I moved which I knew was around 1-1/2-2 months

No. 542042


Okay, I'm really glad you're planning on upgrading their cages soon. I know they at least meet the minimum requirements, but it's always nice to go above and beyond what you have to. Just a word of advice, I really hope you'll not get any new animals for a while and just focus on the ones you have, they'll really appreciate it

No. 542047

Know that I am listening to you guys. I’m listening to your concerns and I will be changing things in the near future.

I will be giving my rabbits larger cages, with more hiding areas and more security

I will be giving my hamsters bigger cages

I AM listening, I appreciate your guys concerns. I want to the best for my animals so I trusty am listening to what you have to say! There will be changes to my rabbits cages, and there will be changes to my hamsters cages as soon as my rabbits can safely be kept together

For the time being, my rabbits are in temporary cages until bonded, and my hamsters are in temporary cages until I can build my custom unit

I appreciate comcerns, and there will be changes coming soon. Of course, actions speak louder than words though, so I will be sure to address these concerns and update these changes as they happen

No. 542050

I really hope you actually follow through with what you say.

No. 542051

Of course! I appreciate your suggestions. I’ll definitely be putting a lot of my time and money towards upgrades in the future

No. 542054

I hope so to. I triply am excited to see what the future brings. I hope you can see that I do truly want the best for my animals. It just isn’t always as simple as you see through YouTube/twitter. But I can surely promise that bigger cages for my rabbits and hamsters are coming. Those are definitely a top priority of mine. I will be sure to do updates on them as they happen

No. 542383

This is the most pathetic exchange read ever.

No. 542387


It least it’s better than with Taylor’s thread where she just strawmans our arguments and makes it seem all we do is as hominem and make baseless assumptions

No. 542495

Agree lol

No. 542656

How is it pathetic? Because she’s actually responding to you and you just want to continue giving her crap instead of helping her fix it? Hmmm

No. 542877

I don’t get how this is pathetic? Most other petubers ignore their mistakes, and act like know it alls. And here she is actually having an open discussion, admitting to her mistakes and working towards improving them? I wouldn’t call that pathetic, more so responsible pet ownership

No. 543244

Holy fuck this thread.
She's basing her fox's taurine needs off of a domestic cat's taurine needs, which will eventually kill it. She's currently giving her fox 100 mg of taurine, which is more than adequate for a house cat. But fennec foxes need 500 mg of taurine. The deficiency can lead to a slow deterioration and cause issues like permanent vision loss or total blindness and heart issues. I had more respect for her when I had thought the diet was due to an unknown allergy, but now she has come outright that allergies (plant pollen, not meat btw) have nothing to do with it, it's all about her feelings, which leads me to believe that if there was something with the diet, she would be very hesitant to change it. I also question as to why she would get not just scavenging carnivore but an obligate carnivore when you never intended on feeding the animal meat?
She also deflects like a mother-fucker and would rather paint someone else in a bad light than just address the issues at hand. Most of her video explaining shit was really just shitting on some lady. Of all the pet youtubers, she's honestly the most sensationalist one I've seen so far, and that is saying a lot considering the type of people that pick up youtube hobby. She blocks any criticism or anything that isn't automatically praising her, which I can see in the recent wake of things but it has been going on long before she became infamous. She spouts some dumb feminism logic about breeding animals when she most likely bought hers from a breeder. All that being said, no one deserves death threats, people have to cut this shit out.

No. 543255

Where does she state how much taurine she's feeding it? I thought she said she worked out the diet with a vet (which includes some vegan housecat food but that isn't the complete diet).

No. 543278

With all this monitor drama happening I wonder if Em will make a video about the monitor they own?

Also, how big is their house? Most monitors need a ton of space/small room and they already have a lot of cages as it is. I can't imagine they actually have that big of a house?

No. 543313

people have moved way on from this, her fox is doing fine nutritionally. hes getting regular vet visits to be sure hes not malnourished and is being fed a diet recommended by a vet (i think she said shes been recommended a similar diet by multiple vets but i could be wrong). she used to feed him meat, shes not opposed to carnivores eating meat.
and your information is wild tbh, fennec foxes need around 250mg of taurine per kg. she has a male fennec fox, they weighy roughly 0.5/1 kg, so he should be getting around 125-250mg of taurine which is easily attainable. taurine isnt even the most important aspect of their diet tho? like i do agree that in general as a species they should be fed insects, but hes not gonna die. the amount of drama thats surrounding her care i wouldnt doubt people have called animal services to check that jumanji is in good health.
also whats "feminist logic" got to do with breeding animals? sit down man theres far worse neglect going on in the pet youtuber community.
if youre really conserned for feline health look at tnd's care, thats something to get really mad about

No. 543315

i feel like she has a big enough house, shes got enough room to house her and her boyfriend and his three kids AND have atleast 2 animal rooms. whether her enclosures are adequate is the question tho, just look at her betta tank for example. i really dont trust that shes got good enclosures set up

No. 543727

Some animals like the snapping turtle are kept in the basement… makes me wonder what happened to the animals down there when they had that blackout. We heard nothing of it or the snakes that Danny was breeding.

There were very few animals in that box with the heatpads. I mean you only need to look at the shelves behind them full of cages to know they have far more animals than could fit in that box.

No. 543867

I wonder the same with Maddie since she has three tegus on top of her 30+ other animals she has stuffed in her parents house.
I know theres a bunch of Maddie stans in this thread, but she definitely has a lot of issues. Her knowledge and 'experience' may be a bit better than TND and HappyTails, but her hoarding is just as bad. She posted a "meet my 50 pets" video, but then three months later posted a "feeding my 30+ pets." Wtf happened to those TWENTY animals in three months?

No. 543941

She used to breed rats, like 25 of the animals in her first videos were her rats that she bred so then in her more recent video, she no longer had the rats

No. 543943

She used to breed rats and she had a lot of rats from litters that she was getting veterinary treatment before she let them go home. She said that in her meet my pets video.
Also her tegu enclosure is over what is average ( 6 x 3 x 3 ), so I'm sure they're not just stuffed somewhere like Taylor's monitor.

No. 543944

She also rehabs a lot of animals, so it’s pretty likely she had some rehab animals at the time that she not longer has, since they get released after rehabilitation

No. 543946

I really wouldn’t call Maddie a hoarder. She rehabs animals and used to breed rats so her animals she had would change quite often.

As far as her actual pets go like her tegus, snakes, dogs etc they all seem to be very well cared for

No. 543968

i agree, she's no where close to happy tails or TND and actually cares for her animals unlike them

No. 544261

File: 1522686670015.png (348.65 KB, 893x569, Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 12.2…)

God, I'm so sick of Pet Youtubers using clickbait titles. Tyler did the same thing with "lol oh no my snake bit me and it's super bad!!!! April Fools!!!!!!" last year

This video is one of those obligatory "don't get bunnies for Easter" things, but clickbait in the pet youtube community is infinitely more annoying than like how it's used in the storytime community.

Because they go along with the "joke" for several minutes, which is essentially just advertising bad animal care, which wouldn't be that much of an issue if people's attention span's weren't so short that it gauruntees most people don't watch the videos until the end to get the "joke"

No. 544305

Actually I think what she did was really great; draw in the stupid people who think it's a great idea and then shut it down and explain why it's a bad idea. Sure, people with short attention spans will click off, but do you think every person who wants to get a rabbit for easter will have their minds changed by a video? I'm not a fan of clickbait, but this was for a good cause. That's my opinion.

No. 544313


This would be a good idea if I could actually sit through a minute of her annoying voice to get to the actual point

No. 544318

I prefer to not judge people on their voices or appearance, but the quality of their content and the care of their animals.
Maybe that's just me.
I'm just here because I want peoples animals to be properly cared for and the correct information to be portrayed to their viewers.

No. 544320


This is an anonymous forum on a website where people post about internet lolcows and why they're awful.

If you're looking for some bastion of moral superiority where people don't just say what they feel, this ain't it lmao.

No. 544328

Pickles seems to have decent care, i know most of her animals are in large enclosures. I just can’t stand to watch her tho.

No. 544343


Lol no need to get triggered, anything is up for discussion here

It's hard to focus on the 'quality' of her content when you find it difficult to listen to though.

No. 544350

she buys animals from chain pet shops and supports tnd tho :/

No. 544353


She also made a slime video using borax and was handling her leopard gecko whilst doing it, even though she said she wasn't getting the slime anywhere near the reptile you could see some of it on her hands.

10/10 animal care there

No. 544357

File: 1522693386344.png (360.99 KB, 542x350, pickles.png)

You can see the shaving foam on her hand before she picks the gecko up in this screenshot

No. 544377

I'm not triggered, lol. I'm always open for debate, but there's not much that can be debated about someone's voice ig lol

No. 544378

where does she say that she supports tnd? i watch her live streams sometimes and it seems like she doesn't care for her at all with the discussions that go on there lmao

No. 544436

didnt she made a whole video about her saying she supports her? maybe im thinking of someone else tho

No. 544457


I’m so confused at some of y’all. You go on to say this thread is about animal care and calling out bad care, but then also go in to be like “I can’t stand her voice! So annoying!!!!¡¡¡¡” Since WHEN does someone’s voice reflect on the their animals care LMAO

Y’all are whack. If you want to actually draw attention to issues, use legitimate points.

Saying “I can’t watch more than a minute of her video because her voice is annoying so I fell for her clickbait!!! Oh no!!!”
Just makes you look like a little whiny bitch

No. 544465

Actually this comment makes YOU sound like a whiny bitch

You clearly don't understand how this website works, anything is open for discussion, not just their bad care

No. 544482


What the fuck is it with people coming onto this thread thinking this is supposed to be some professional sting operation where we're gathering intel in secret? It's a fucking anonymous forum about lolcows on the internet lmao. it's not that deep….

No. 544502

I’d have to agree with the other person. What the hell is even the point of discussing someone’s voice lmao. Not like they can help it, and not like it accomplishes anything.
If we want petubers to make changes in their videos/care/etc I don’t think whining about someone’s voice is the way to do it….

I get that anything can be up for discussion here, but I’m sure most of us have the same goal, we want petubers to do better and I don’t think whining about people’s vouces is the way to do that

No. 544503


It's just a petty comment, it's not that deep lmao

No. 544506

Well thing is, I’m sure we all know that the majority of petubers know what this site is, and probably check it as well. If they see us making legitimate concerns, and pointing out their mistakes, they’re (hopefully) more likely to actually take them into consideration and change. If they come in here and see us whining about their voices then they’re probably just gonna think we’re a huge joke. Idk about you guys but my main concern is the animals and their care. Bitching about someone’s voice accomplishes nothing

No. 544524


it was just one comment calm down…

if they genuinely come to this thread and cherry pick that one comment then they obviously aren't coming to this thread to listen to people's advice or criticism

No. 546213

Why did Emzotic’s instagram become a creepy foot fetish side venture for her

No. 546251

I noticed that too, I hate feet and I was completely cringing.

No. 546253

File: 1522867022603.jpg (387.45 KB, 1080x1469, 20180404_133433.jpg)

Her twitter post was..

No. 546254

EW. What the hell is she doing? Cankles.

No. 546259

About Emzotic's new video;
She promoted the ZooMed Bearded Dragon Premium Starter Kit that comes with a lot of improper supplies for beardies. She didn't say the video was sponsored, but that she was sent the kit for free.
- Coil UVB, which shouldn't be used since they are less effective and can presumably hurt the eyes of reptiles. A linear UVB should be used for a bearded dragon.
- 100w heat bulb, which would be insufficient for maintaining a proper basking spot if using only what was provided in the kit. She added a ledge that was about halfway up the tank which would allow the dragon to get proper temperatures. But there's no way a 100 watt heat bulb would sufficiently reach the lower part of that tall of a tank to provide a proper basking spot.
- Calcium sand, here's the big one that I'm shocked no one (at the time of my viewing) commented on. She had a rather pathetic "disclaimer" where she explained the risk of impaction from loose substrate but then went on to say that all bearded dragons are different and some can be kept on sand with no issues. Proceeded to use the entire bag of calcium sand. And then fed her bearded dragon right on the sand.

No. 546269

She's wearing see through tights with long ass boots… why?

I know its a petty thing to comment on.

No. 546280

SOOO glad someone else is mad about this! I just watched her vid and was shocked at what she was promoting. It's becoming less controversial among beardie keepers to state as fact that calcium sand is just wrong to use, but because she clearly had to recite something of a script in return for the free tank (notice how many times she claimed this was a "premium bearded dragon setup") she chose to promote misinformation rather than ditch it like she should have.

So much wrong. The calcium sand, the constant feeding of mealworms, feeding them ON the sand, the coil UVB, and correct me if I'm wrong but this tank is a 3ft? The minimum for an adult beardie is a 4 x 2 x 2, and she even states this herself on twitter. But when I googled the tank AND followed the links to it she posted on amazon, it says it's 91 x 42 x 42cm.

No. 546317

It depends on who you're talking to. The 40 gallon is a pretty widely accepted minimum for beardies but I know a lot of people who even think those are too small. I've had some beardies that were less active and a 40 gallons was fine and then I've had ones that definitely needed larger. Either way, claiming it to be "premium" while it's also the minimum tank size is mildly humorous to me.

No. 546382

This might be a cultural difference, which may also explain why Em is saying one thing but doing another (assuming she's in the US again?) In my country it is standard to keep them in 4 x 2 x 2 minimum, I've never seen a smaller tank aimed at bearded dragons in stores. There's one popular kit (including the bad lighting unfortunately) that is similar to Em's one, but it is a 4ft rather than 3. But I know in USA smaller setups are often common for a lot of reptiles.

It is funny she's no issue calling it a premium setup when it is, where I live, below bare minimum, and according to herself it is, too. In the USA where sizes are a bit less extravagant it's still only bare minimum. Very disappointing of her to tout this like it's the best.

No. 546562

Looks like happytails got ANOTHER animal. She can’t even care for half her animals she already has. God I can’t stand her

No. 546613

She’s the worst out of all of them, I absolutely hate her. What did she get now to throw on top of her evergrowing pile of sentient collectibles?

No. 546635

A blue eye leucistic ball python

No. 546636

File: 1522888337827.png (628.04 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3210.PNG)

happy tails got a blue eyed leucistic ball python because she wanted "something special" for her birthday. she of course opened this semi-arboreal snake which is known to eat bird in the wild in a room with free roaming birds, because of course she would.

No. 546807

File: 1522907956388.jpg (498.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180404-225620__01…)

I find it really interesting and funny how this person gave Em constructive criticism and Em completely ignored their info and just was like "oh don't worry I want people to share their tips"

No. 546812

Same anon as above
I know any sand is generally seen as dangerous bc any beardie can end up accidently swallowing it, no matter "your experience with sand", either way Em ignored the person's info completely, which is ironic considering that she said she wants nice criticism.

No. 546942

I'm gonna go ahead and say the first part was a dig at Taylor. I know we don't like that here but considering the recent drama… eh.

If she's being given money to promote the product she can't say that it is very likely to do this and that and possibly kill your animal. Wonder if money is running low or she is stooping to low levels.

No. 546949

Her replies to nearly every comment, even those praising her for wanting to learn more seem very passive aggressive to me.

No. 546952

They were on the beta video too. Which was funny because she got so much stuff wrong in that one folks thought it was her first pet fish.

No. 546955

She got the tank “free” in return for promoting it. It’s a bit despicable to promote something you know can be harmful, and I believe she does know, judging by some of her tweets, replies, and even the way she used calcisand by effectively hiding it under other substrates. I think it is worse to know better and say nothing, than it is to be legitimately ignorant.

No. 547095

Srsly wtf is with Em’s instagram it’s just feet pics constantly she’s tagging it #feet and #feetofinstagram she just posted another one wtf is going on

No. 547138

Danny's probably getting off to it.

No. 547183

I said it was disappointing to see her promote a product that doesn't provide the right environment for the animal and someone is already telling me how she isn't an expert and everyone makes mistakes.

I don't think this is a mistake

No. 547195

File: 1522952715342.png (159.7 KB, 314x211, emzotic.png)

"Animals are not accessories"

You sure hun?

No. 547286

What the fuck.

No. 547427

it seems SO much like a fetish shoot..

No. 547532


I just shudder to think what her beardie was in prior- since she said this was a ‘upgrade’. A 40b is better than whatever I’m sure it was in prior- but the bulb and substrate are trash.

No. 547579

Yes, thank you for bringing that up! I am sure she mentioned in the video that the beardie was stressed from being in a “dark box” or something? I thought it was strange of her to say, then wondered if this was where the beardie has been the past few weeks and I admit I was a bit alarmed. What was she talking about…

No. 547612

Those spiked boots against the snakes scales cant feel good :( poor thing, also isnt the one with red stripes a really elderly snake? Why wrap an old fragile animal around your dirty foot? Why wrap any animal around your foot? What would she do if she lost balance and crushed the snake?

No. 547893

This is probably why we don’t know how many animals they actually have and therefore the conditions the animals live in.

I honestly hope she didn’t get more popular and then it comes out that she has hoarding habits or is simply not meeting the animal needs

No. 547970

File: 1523023917761.png (745.04 KB, 1242x2208, 092490E2-9F3C-4553-9362-06F9F2…)

No. 547982

Em used to take criticism a lot better. Now it seems like she's pulling a TND with the hiatus because of a little criticism.

No. 547983

Is this because folks called her out on her weird foot fetish shit? Or because she was using her snakes as props? Or because her beardie set up was so abysmally bad?

Or did something else happen?

No. 547987


Shes also in london at the moment so it could be about not wanting to go back to the states or something and not youtube related

sage for speculation

No. 547990

I know Em has gone through some honestly difficult shit so I’m more inclined to believe her when she needs a break however I wish she got more backlash for that bearded dragon setup than she did because it’s honestly despicable to know better and yet still go along with the contents of that kit just so you can get it for free.

No. 548010

File: 1523027252928.png (77.79 KB, 832x497, em1.png)

I'm actually guessing this is because of the beardie drama. Her video was trash and a lot of people recognised the fact she was just doing it for $$$. It's a shame she sold out, she was a lot better before she moved to the US. I know she's been with Danny for a while but I can't help but think his hoarding/breeding and general lack of knowledge on certain animals while thinking he knows it all (fish for instance and apparently bearded dragons if this is 'ok'), has rubbed off.

No. 548044

File: 1523031042715.png (192.57 KB, 1718x682, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 16.5…)

I can't believe Em liked that comment. Wtf?

No. 548076

I skipped through the video and found when she mentions Bad Idea (the bearded dragon) was in the dark. The exact quote:

"She's still very stressed at the moment because she's been in a temporary holding pen and obviously that was in the dark, she didn't know what she was…what was happening."

Now consider that she uploaded her first video about Bad Idea over a month ago, and at no point in that video is an enclosure shown. It makes you wonder. This "premium upgrade" is only a 40 gallon tank. There's nowhere in the hobby that it's considered anything other than bare minimum.

So what on earth has that poor dragon been living in until now

No. 548114

That's the people paying her to promote their products, no?

Point here is - if she's being paid to promote the products there is a script she must follow, she can't suddenly go on a tangent and be like ''actually this is really shit'' but can go around it by saying ''people have different experiences and you should do your own research'' - the actual issue here is the fact that she is knowingly promoting a product that is wrong.

No. 548125


Honestly she seems to love animals a lot and considering the fact that she gave up a lot to move into a house that is filled with animals who are possibly getting really bad/average care, I wouldn't be surprised if there are disagreements. This does mainly seem to be due to the video since a lot more people appeared to say that the set up is wrong.

No. 548131

I mean I obviously agree, but that doesn’t mean her support of this misinformation isn’t bad as well. If she had to spread misinformation in order to receive the free tank that’s bad enough and she has been rightfully dragged for it here and elsewhere, but going further by quietly liking a comment containing such blatant misinformation is shitty also. Couldn’t she have pretended not to see this comment?

No. 548220

I wonder if she is just "acting" the role of an animal educator. For example, to go to schools and give talks, you just need to learn the basic facts about each animal to repeat to the general public. Her boyfriend tried to have a YouTube channel but it never gained popularily (and oddly enough she never really promoted it)..so maybe they wanted to try all over with her instead. She is a pretty woman after all.

It's all very weird because when it comes to random fun facts about pets she is a pro. When it comes to actual care we are starting to see that she knows a lot less then we thought.
The betta video made her look like she never owned fish before and the bearded dragon video also made her look like a first time owner.

This is all just pure speculation, but as someone who is an animal expert things are not adding up and might be why she is backing off for q little. People are catching on and she does not want to be TND 2.0 so she is backing off to figure out how to handle this and go forward.

No. 548713

File: 1523097656572.png (517.07 KB, 912x592, em4.png)

Shouldn't adverts be tagged, or at least obviously listed as such. Kind of shady she's promoing all these shoes but not saying they're adverts.

No. 548747

File: 1523105219081.jpg (70.5 KB, 585x596, _HMMMM.jpg)

She deleted this tweet, I think. But jfc Em. No. You're preaching sisterhood and all that crap but lowkey shaming women who get an abortion? I don't know what she's going through and obvs. I'm sorry if she has lost another child. My condolences. But was that tweet REALLY necessary?

No. 548750

Yeah that's not cool. I do hope on that front at least it was deleted because she realised how it came across and it was unintentional.

No. 548779

Glad she deleted it, extremely insensitive thing to post. Hope she’s not going through another personal issue like that but I’m still extremely side eyeing her posts lately. Is that a pacman frog on her latest sponsored foot fetish post? Shouldn’t they be handled as little as possible ?I don’t even like walking around my living room when I let the small animals out to roam in case I trip or hurt them. All these precarious foot/heel pics with animals wrapped around her ankles or shoes make me feel creeped out and anxious at once. It just takes one stupid slip, one second and you could seriously harm them. Not necessary to keep doing this.

No. 549579

I kind oflike Em. I think her beardie setup is terrible and I wish she hadn’t done that, and yes I also suspect there’s some questionable habitats going on that we are not privy to because they wouldn’t look so nice on camera. But I think those are mostly down to Danny if I’m honest.

Going back to her vids in the UK her animals always had decent enclosures and I’m sure I could’ve counted what animals she owned because there wasn’t so many, and all were generally accounted for.

I think the biggest question mark on her care is regarding the birds especially Grinchy. He’s a sad creature.

No. 549677


I don't know about his care, but he's one of the few who calls pet youtubers out for their poor care.

No. 549845

i watched his all my pets video and he seems p good. i think his goldfish tank is a little overstocked (3 fancy goldfish in a 40 gallon) but if he has a good filter its probably fine. he mentions that his family lets the dogs of leash when walking them and one caught a baby deer once :/ but theyre family dogs so maybe that situation wasnt in his control

No. 549867

Em's new video is going to bring a lot of discussion to the table I think. I haven't watched it but the title and the fact that she has been making some shade towards people definitely has me interested.

No. 549912

Is there another new one already or do you mean her bearded dragon setup?

No. 550206

On her instagram she posts pictures of pet foods and treats she makes and links the youtube video of the recipe, which have all been vegan foods based on cat's diet, and anything she talks or writes (youtube and instagram, respectively) about when it comes to diets are pre-made dog and cat raw vegan diets, she's only a part of vegan cat food groups on facebook, and she never actually goes into detail about the science behind her animal's nutrition, i believe because she doesn't actually understand it hence the pre-made foods. I would not be surprised at all if a vet didn't give good information on pet foods, as vets usually aren't taught a lot on nutrition and what they are taught is usually shilled by a company. I took a nutrition class with vets and vet techs which was basically a 2 week seminar provided by Hills.
I didn't realized you police what is discussed, my apologies. I have only ever read that fennec foxes should have 500mg taurine pill 1xd. Even so, let's pretend the recommended or even an amount to survive on is half of that - a cat based diet has around 75-100mg of taurine daily. Still less than half of what the fox needs to your standards. It doesn't matter if taurine isn't the most important, why is this even an argument? That's like saying 'this person is feeding their dog KFC diet but hey it can be worse'. I'd say a lack of taurine is seriously bad though considering the poor this is already half blind. Of course it could be worse, she could just not feed it at all. But I'm not going to kiss someone's feet because they feed a pet a shitty diet vs not feeding it at all. Never have I stated the thing was underweight, idk why you felt the need to address that as if I were attacking you. Last I checked she lived in Spain, which virtually has no laws regarding animal welfare. You're expecting a country that legally allows bullfighting and turns a blind eye to dogs being hung en masse yearly to get up in arms over one pet fox?
As for the feminist bit; I was noting the logic was not logical, don't worry i wasn't attacking feminist as a whole just her views. These threads are to talk about people's poor choices and bad reasoning. I'm not quite sure what you expected here… do you know what site you're on? People are more likely to voice criticism and concern rather than compliments
This isn't the TND thread that's why I'm not talking about TND here, she has her own thread. Why can't I talk about this spanish bitch here? It's on topic and not breaking rules.

No. 550256

Yea which vid are you talkin about?
Idk what enzotic is doing esp w the beardie setup issues in that vid but I’m watching less of the ‘bigger’ channels and preferring the smaller ones. They seem to just be getting to many pets for views. I still watch Tyler rugge mostly bc he takes care of his pets and stuff but I still prefer channels like Gabe varns, Loris hartland, and Emma samson I love rabbits so lol I just found lori a few weeks ago but she doesnt buy a lot of animals and she does a lot of research her vids are really good. Emzotic did ask on twitter today about peoples thoughts on the pet community so maybe she is seeing what people are saying.

No. 550296

I love emma, Lori and gabe! To me they all seem like such nice people. I know emma has been discussed on here before, but she seems to actually take peoples critism seriously and make changes if need be. A ton of petubers just ignore people concerns or brush it off as hate so I think it’s really great to see that she actually listens to what people have to say, and that she admits and owns up to her mistakes

No. 550315

Have you guys check out @waggin_and_dragon (her other ig for her parrots: my.parrot.garden) on instagram? She doesn’t have a YouTube, I think, but I love how she adopts all her animals from rescues that rescued them from homes that extremely neglected them. Her page is like my break from seeing all these other youtubers that treat their animals like shit

No. 550316


Yep I agree she handle it well I think. Yea I am newer but I don’t think Lori has been talked about but she does take care of her pets from what I see, she’s one of my favorites to watch. She always goes above the min for all her animals and doesn’t get anything without research. Gabe doesn’t get many pets either but I like that they focus on what they have instead of getting more. i just hate seeing PT with so many animals sometimes I think they don’t spend time with them all or go above min care for them.

No. 550319


Never heard of them I’ll check them out, I know what you mean. That’s how I feel too you need a break lol that’s why I watch gabe lori and Emma and a few others.

No. 550540

I really like Emma, I know her rabbit husbandry was called into question a while back but I honestly don’t have any issues with how she treats her buns. The only reason they are in smallish pens atm is coz they’re not bonded and she still lets them out for runs, plus it’s better than the tiny cages that some people put them in.

No. 550553

It was a poll, check before you post.
She asked if petube lost innocence with the replies being yes and no. A lot of people are saying no. She liked a few replies tho.

No. 550691

Yeah and I think she even said herself that she agrees the cage could be bigger. It meets the minimum so it’s still suitable anyways, but I remember her saying they’ll be getting a 9x6 pen once they’re bonded. Clearly she’s open to advise and doesn’t act like she’s “perfect” like some other petubers

No. 551098


Yep she did say once they are bonded that they would be in a bigger one. Emma cares for her animals so it doesn’t really bother me that she gets them really often. Obvi if she keeps getting new ones every week and she isn’t researching or something I wouldn’t be ok with that. That’s the thing with lot of pettubers who feel pressure to keep buying mor. Lori doesn’t do that, neither does Gabe. Emzotic has a ton and no one knows how many. I’m always on the fence with her and don’t get me started on Happy tails 😵

No. 551105


I find it super shady that Emzotic will never show the amount of animals her and danny share. I understand them being danny's animals, and leaving it to him to share them but he doesn't. Even if theres nothing dodgy going on, I still don't understand not sharing something that brings you joy in the hopes that it does the same for others too.

No. 551429

One thing I haven’t seen brought up after I watched a couple videos about Grinchy is I think the pet store she got him from brought him in because of her videos. She talked about how when she bought him she lectured the people at the shop to think about their customer base before bringing in exotic wild caught animals and who are they expecting to buy them. But it seems like she shops there frequently and they probably have seen her videos, so they brought him in expecting her to buy him, and lo and behold, she did!
Pure speculation, but the situation seems dodgy to me.

No. 551518

I haven’t thought that way about it and I don’t know if it’s likely, it’s hard to know but I definitely think that taking Grinchy was a huge move and one of the main things that made me hesitant about Em.

He was in a sorry state when she took him home, and physically it looks as if his health has improved, but…what next? He’s living in a cage and she’s taming him. What will she do with him long term? He’s a wild bird. He will never make a good pet, and I don’t know what type of bird he is but I understand most birds live a long time? She doesn’t strike me as entirely wanting to live in the USA forever. She’s not even there now afaik? Birds are so intelligent and I doubt Grinchy is tame enough that the presence of strangers wouldn’t stress him out.

I usually disagree with “rescuing” animals by buying them and then dumping them on a rescue centre, but I really think some sort of avian centre would be the best place to take care of Grinchy and possibly give him access to outdoor aviaries where he can be a bird again, instead of a bird in a cage in a dark room.

No. 551746

I think she decided to keep him because she used to work with the same bird species, but yes other than that it's all a bit eh.

She also talked to the shop manager and said she wouldn't buy from there again if they imported more wild-caught birds, and only got the bird because he had been there for months. I sort of understand that as a point, essentially he would have been doomed to die there or in very bad care so at least having someone experienced looking after him is better, but even then some sanctuaries or even zoos may consider taking him in?

No. 551938

add it to the list!

No. 552033

Does anyone have any info on ktm_kritters (recently changed username to bf_reptiles)?

No. 552061

File: 1523401810886.png (576.2 KB, 814x663, Capture.PNG)

Maybe Jenni can teach her how to properly cycle a tank XD

No. 552109

if she takes any advice from jenny she'll end up with bare + badly filtered fish tanks, leopard geckos housed together and predator/prey interacting unsupervised lol

No. 552463

Jenni has her leopard geckos housed separately wtf are you going on about?

No. 552466


only after one got sick (and sadly passed away recently) but the two females were housed together for the majority of their life

No. 552471

>badly filtered fish tanks

Am I missing something? I thought she cycled all her media with ammonia before adding it to a tank.

I will also add there's nothing really wrong with bare bottom tanks, especially when you've got something that produces a lot of waste like goldfish.

No. 552533


hm, I was just watching one of goherpings videos and he talks about housing leopard geckos together too. How come theres such a divide in opinion, I always thought it was potentially dangerous

No. 552554

For leopard geckos, females can be housed together if there’s space for each of them. Males cant be housed together. As for her fishes, having bare bottom tanks/pools for goldfish is not bad especially when they make alot of waste. Honestly, if you were to own alot of fishes like she does without overcrowding them in one tank, you’ll want what she has, a whole lotta tanks and pools, and having that much requires alot of cleaning so you’ll want bare bottoms for easier cleaning. Her fishes are beautiful and it’s obvious she cares for them deeply

When you say predator/prey thing i assume you mean her cats? Honestly it all depends on your pets and if you trust them enough. If you gave my cat (own her for 18 years now) a hamster, however old she is, she wont know what to do with it and just end up meowing to me. I had a perekeet escape before and landed near her and all my cat did was alert me that my perekeet was there but if that happens around my aunt’s cat, she’ll try to attack it the moment they get close so It all depends on your pets personality which you can easily tell if you pay enough attention to their body language

No. 552567

theres nothing wrong with bare bottom, but she has no enrichment at all in those tubs. her ponds are perfect tho. the sponge filters in her tubs arent enough for the bioload of so many goldfish
predator/prey interaction still stresses the prey animals tho. her bunnys view the cats as a potential danger, maybe theyve gotten used to them by now but its risky to introduce them and the rabbits will almost always be terrified when first introduced to a predator animal

No. 552586

Goldfish don't really need enrichment. They're social fish and certainly get a lot out of being housed together, but a goldfish in a bare tank is not going to start self harming, or performing stereotypical behaviour- worst case scenario, it'll look forward to feeding time more. Not to mention telescopes are very prone to injury on decor.
The sponge filters I had my doubts about too, but they provide plenty of surface area for beneficial bacteria. Mechanical filtration might be lacking, but that's fine with twice weekly water changes/ understocking, as Jennie does.
Also, dude, everything is a predator to a rabbit. Humans are a predator to a rabbit, and they get used to us. Her cats obviously aren't a threat, and the rabbits are obviously used to them.

No. 552593

Yeah I don't think her sponge filters are lacking either, so long as they're fully cycled (which they appear to be / she made a video on cycling all of her media so she knows they should be).

As far as water changes go, I suspect she changes fairly often, the goldfish tubs never appeared dirty in any of her videos at least.

No. 552637

File: 1523467479713.png (288.06 KB, 619x571, Screenshot 2018-04-11 13.22.51…)

oh boy

No. 552639

File: 1523467550055.jpg (112.19 KB, 1024x576, DahK5mMX4AAaUOW.jpg)

No. 552640

File: 1523467691716.jpeg (394.46 KB, 1242x1903, B0382D3F-13EA-4985-ABAA-1D25EB…)

Anyone else see this? I’m super curious

No. 552642

I'm not, curious that is. Em likes to stir up so much drama all the time.

Guessing the content of this vid goes something like this:

Q_Q Pet youtubers are people too

Q_Q People make mistakes

Q_Q Pet youtubers make mistakes

Q_Q People should be kinder and not call out pet youtubers on their BS.

Q_Q More excuses for impulse buying and hoarding.


No. 552659

…I'll be so bloody disappointed if that's the only reason for the Solid Gold tweet thing earlier. Also would've been interesting if she hadn't branched into other pets, whether she would've been included- no King of DIY, Aquarium co-op, Rachel O'leary in the thumbnail.

No. 552666


Really don't get why she included Emma in the thumbnail tbh? she doesn't have that many subscribers compared to other pet tubers that she's left out of it

not that numbers matter, but if shes going for clickbait, its a strange choice when someone elses face could've been there

No. 552679

She’s defiantly a smaller channel but she seems to be very “in” with the bigger petubers. She seems to be friends with Tyler, and em and Taylor both follow her on twitter so maybe that’s why? Idk. Maybe em wants to cover the big pwtubers and the small ones? I guess we’ll have to wait and see

No. 552684

Emma is click-baity because she frequently gets attacked for being a TND wannabe. It's just kind of attaching drama to a situation where there really isn't any, implying some feud between the two.

No. 552685


It all depends on the direction this video is going to go, but im surprised to see Erinsanimals on there. Shes a really nice person who focuses on a few species of animals and really goes into depth with their care.

The rest of the people on here (besides the spider guy who called taylor out) are all 'collect as many different species as i can' youtubers - which was one of the main things i saw brought up in Emzotics twitter thread.

No. 552686


Also so much for Emzotic going off on twitter about how shes 'strayed away from the direction she wants her channel to go and wants to steer it more towards her original content'

what the fuck is this video then?

No. 552700

I wonder if she reads here and has realised that people are noticing the many flaws she makes. Not only here but also on YouTube, hence why she strayed from the content she wanted to upload - correct and informative.

She did like a few comments that said that people are impulse buying animals on the poll so there is hope, but if she defends these people (who have done wrong, not everyone obv) then honestly fuck you Em.

No. 552702


Honestly even if the whole point of this video is "pet youtubers are people and they make mistakes" shes already gone and put taylor in the thumbnail. No. If thats the case, she's cancelled.

No. 552724

Could someone who knows about reptiles tell me if this is as bad as I think it is?

No. 552727


If those crickets aren't eaten they could potentially 'gang up' on some small reptiles and basically kill them or cause severe injuries. This is a frequent thing with some crested geckos I know.

No. 552737

Why's she got such a morale high ground?

"I am the best pettuber everyone should look up to me"

what a troglodyte

No. 552776


Has she changed her mind? wheres the video

No. 552799

No. 552828

Big surprise, she's whining about pet youtubers being picked on for their poor care.

No. 552837


"having a lot of animals is a necessity for our income"

No. 552839

And she wants folks to call poor animal care out… but whines, is snarky or ignores criticism when anyone does. Riight.

No. 552840

Additionally she mentions making money from other sources including from animals.

Hmm BYB much Danny?

No. 552842


She says shes not getting anymore animals in the future. We'll see.

Doesn't mean that 'danny' won't get more animals that she'll just keep a secret to look like a bigger and better person though

No. 552844

Oh no lol Danny I'm sure will get whatever he wants… but she'll claim they're not 'hers'.

No. 552851


She goes on and on about how she’s not an “expert” but then admits she’s an “educator.” Is she really going to try to defend herself with semantics? Expert or educator or whatever, wrong information is wrong.

Glad she discouraged pet hoarding but then immediately said she’s got two more animals to introduce, is getting another bird, and wants a dog kek

No. 552861

Those are not the same.

No. 552862

So summary

- People are mean to pet youtubers
- Pet youtubers copy each other but it's not really copying because those type of vids get the most views
- Pet youtubers should branch out and not do all the same videos because ???
- Pet youtubers have to have a lot of animals
- /I/ have to have a lot of animals
- I will only show a few animals on my channel now
- I will not show some animals I own because I don't want to be a bad influence
- I make money from several income sources outside of youtube; some involving animals
- Animal hording is only if the animals are ill/diseased etc. if you have a lot of animals it's fine
- Several insincere attempts and apologising for shit past care by justifying it with 'I'm at level 10 of care and sometimes I forget the basics.. like normal peoples pets are level 1 and I need to remember to do level 1 stuff'
- You don't have to have lots of pets as a youtuber… 'do as I say not as I do'
- More rambling
- I don't feel the need to amass a whole tonne of animals
- We need more pet youtubers
- I stand by my sponsorship deals (including the shit ones lol)
- I will let you know if it's sponsored (shoe pics on Instagram)
- More rambling
- Going to make an aquarium video (hopefully this is better than her last)


I have two new animals and despite saying I don't want to get more animals I will also get Grinchy a companion from a breeder too. Oh and I want to get a dog.


No. 552865

so em's been dreading uploading videos because there is a small minority of people waiting to see her slip up. oh i wonder who's she talking about.
in all seriousness, i think we all are actually hoping you do better, but are critical enough to see the slipups. we are not trying to drag you through the mud if you make a mistake, but it's your responsibility as a bigger creator to stand for what you put out and not spread misinformation.

i think there are two definite types of pet yt creators - pet lifestyle and pet hobby. perhaps it's just a personal preference that i don't like the first one. these are people whose care is not rooted in science and genuine interest about animals and nature, but like having a tame exotic animal to do things with. i guess it comes down to personal beliefs and preferences whether it is ok or not. i could just ignore these channels and stay in my corner of pettube (chill aquarium and terrarium hobby channels like aquapros, serpadesign, etc). i could stay away and 'stop hating', em, but do you really want all the people be either apathetic or in love with you? you describe people criticizing you as a predators out to catch you… i think that's a disturbing outlook to have.

No. 552931


How odd to say she will only show a few animals after the fish video and bearded dragon video, something is seriously off about her care which is why she's avoiding it I think.

Also what is it with them wanting to breed birds? I wonder if they are gonna be put into 'trading' circle Danny apparently has.

I'm sorry to say but there is something seriously fishy going on I think.

No. 552934

I think if I were in her shoes I’d be quite paranoid/stressed at the idea of people waiting for me to make a mistake. But IA with anon above, there’s a middle ground between kissing her ass and being a vulture waiting for her to slip up. Some people are here because they love being cruel about people, but most are here because there’s not many other places to go online to express frustration/concern about these people.

I think if Em wants us all to see her a human capable of making mistakes (which I think we all did, nobody sees anybody as a 1 dimensional villain) it might be helpful for her to stop imagining us all as bullying monsters who want to see her fail.

I’d personally like to see her accept criticism, especially regarding the latest beardie incident, and show an upgraded enclosure. If she wants to keep it in the 40 gallon, okay, but please switch the substrate and the coil bulb, for Bad Idea’s sake.

No. 552939


Like many pet youtubers, she seems incapable of actually owning up to her mistakes and making them better.

This video was full of a lot of rambling nothing. Perhaps she'll address the 'cycled water' and 'keeping beta together' and 'breeding beta' in her next video… perhaps not… but there's a good portion of bad pet care and impulse buying she put out there and has not redacted or removed (I don't care what she says about Grinchy, he was impulse bought because she felt sorry for him. She didn't plan to have him. Just like the doves, and the crab.).

And that's putting everything else (snapping turtle mishandling, snake breeding, not showing most enclosures, providing bare minimum enclosures she does show), aside.

No. 552955

surprised she didn't put maddie on there tbh, would've gotten more views than em or pickles

No. 552970

sorry if this has been discussed, but in what way did she manhandle a snapping turtle? i dont think ive ever seen her with one of those guys

No. 552982

Having it out for a long time during her video, holding it up off the ground, stating it feels vulnerable when being held up…. still holding it up. I don't think the poor thing was on the ground for the entirety of her video. Then teasing it with a cucumber till it bit the cucumber in half for her viewers.

Not the worst thing ever, but still hypocritical considering she was doing the exact opposite of what she was telling folks to do (including and not limited to, the fact she said you shouldn't keep them as a pet in the first place).

As an aside, the turtle is quite large (although not maximum size), it's kept in the basement, we never see it's enclosure. Makes me think it's not kept in the best conditions.

No. 552996

Is it possible she has 'temporary' enclosures in the basement hence why Bad Idea was said to be kept in the dark for a while?

No. 553001

Idk how I feel about her breeding a wild-caught bird lmao. It may be the most natural thing he does in captivity but why?

No. 553046


Honestly I feel like I understood what she was trying to say in the vid but she didn’t have a follow through. Asking channels to leave their stuff in the comments (like they won’t get lost) she had a opportunity to show the channels she was talking about. Saying you don’t need a lot of animals to do well, and saying for creators no to buy them, but put people who have tons on the thumbnail. Obviously it’s just a thumb but she could have showcased or even mentioned some great channels that get overlooked.
Gabe Varns
Loris hartland
Or even Maddie
Instead she showd happytails and that guy who made a vid on Taylr?
Not trying to be picky bt she had a opportunity to showcase rhe change she wants to see and she didn’t.

No. 553048


She has no follow through for anything. Not for fixing her care, apologising for misinformation etc etc.

She's also not going to highlight actual good pet youtubers because that would show how poor she really is… and it would take the spotlight away from her. She already hinted at that with the whole 'pet youtubers should diversify and not do all the same thing' which reads as 'stop copying me' despite what she might think.

No. 553072


You’re right. I can’t imagin how hard it is to be a tuber but even as a viewer I see how hard it is for them to get views without being drama or having tons of animals. That’s why I try to watch small channels and I do enjoy them mor

No. 553249

She didn’t even mention most of the people in her thumbnail anyway. I agree mentioning some smaller creators instead of asking people to put their links below where they were going to get buried no matter what would’ve been better.
Gabe did a better video on this really. And people like Lori’s Hartland, Pugpibblehedgie, Imee’s World, etc had good conversation about it on Twitter for a while. I hope other pettubers do videos on their opinions on where pettube is right now. I bet we would hear things a lot different from the smaller channels.

No. 553298

File: 1523517853997.jpeg (489.23 KB, 1242x1683, D25D74BB-AC26-4EF2-AB44-879235…)

Anyone else see this? I think it’s cool to see a pet youtuber actually putting effort into giving their pet a quality diet. I feel like a lot of them just do whatever is quickest, cheapest and most convenient. A lot of pet youtubers have blue tongues and I feel like they all just feed dog food because that’s what everyone else does. Idk I just thought this was neat

No. 553332

That’s really awesome of her to try. I’ve never had a bts but I always found their diet fascinating from what I saw on YouTube. They can eat such a variety of things. I hope this works out for her, it’s a bit more hard work but the skink will probably love it.

No. 553341

Ngl, I found Emma Sampson by accident months ago when I was watching other animal youtubers, and I laughed at how obviously she was copying the TND aesthetic then dismissed her out of hand due to that.

It’s been nothing but pleasantly surprising to see her actively engaging with folks other people would ignore/dismiss as “haters” and promising to upgrade her care and listen, and then actually following through. It’s made me want to give her a chance.

My only concern is how many animals she has, does anyone know? I still think too many pets tends to distract/financially interrupt care from each other. Regardless I will be giving her a chance, I’m just curious.

No. 553365


Ok 'gabe' might as well just post your channel link here lol

No. 553369

Why, what's wrong with it? Whoever it is must have a lot of animals since crickets don't live that long, but it's very common to ship them in suck large numbers. They obviously aren't going to release them all into a single enclosure though.

No. 553371

Did you watch the video? They release them all into one massive reptile room.

Tbh I don't think they're going to swarm / bully anything due to the size of the room. But some reptile keeper needs to chime in on the species kept together in that room because that's what struck me as iffy.

No. 553373

This thread has been loving Emma since she has replied to us, it's amusing to watch tbh.

She seems better than TND and whoever but she's still friends with them which has me concerned. I don't know how good of a person you really are if you stand and watch bad husbandry just because they're your friends.

No. 553399

Slightly off topic but I honestly can’t even with happy tails, like she’s literally the worst of the worst. She is SUCH an animal horder, her animals live in a disgustingly crowded room, her enclosures are old and small, and the worst thing is that she claims to be an ‘animal expert’ even though she has no formal qualifications and she is SELLING her shitty advice to people who don’t know any better.

No. 553426

She does have a lot, but regardless they seem to be well cared for. No clue what her job is but she seems to have quite a lot of money and somehow also lots of time to care for them.

I tho k in her older videos she was still getting used to YouTube so her personality was kinda fake, which is why so many people compared her to TND. In her more recent videos, now that she seems to be more comfortable in front of the camera it’s much clearer that she’s being herself. I don’t think she was ever purposely trying to be Taylor, I think she just didn’t know how to be herself at first.

The only thing that concerns me with her is her age. She’s only 18 and has like 30+ pets. At 18 you just don’t really know where your life is going. Will she go to school? Move? Get a full time job? Etc. Right now she seems to have lots of free time, but if she went to school I’m sure that would all change

No. 553428

I wonder if her parents are financially helping her? There's no way she has a job that's paying well while only being 18 surely - though if she does she has done well for herself.

No. 553432

I know she’s Canadian also, I’m pretty sure some places in Canada their minimum wage is like $15/hr

No. 553453


Do you ever wonder if this thread has been 'loving' Emma because it is Emma.

What's with the influx of overly praising some people out of the blue, don't know how many times this Gabe persons been mentioned now but he doesn't have that many subscribers so I highly doubt a lot of his viewers are all over here suggesting his channel

No. 553475

Different anon here that just reads this thread mostly than posting but heres my thoughts on all these pet tubers.

At first, i started to watch “how to” videos of taking care of reptiles because i don’t own one and not planning to but i think they’re pretty awesome but i started to notice about these guys on youtube.

DiY King - i respect his videos. He’s a grown man that probably works on the side and provices for his family and his youtube is his hobby. It’s pretty obvious he’s passionate about aquatic animals and gets excited about them frequently BUT if he was really into them, he would be going into helping marine biologist and donating/helping marine conservationist (i think thats the word) like Paul Walker used to do if Joey is truly passionate about aqautic animals.

Solidgold - she’s another that shows passion when it comes to different goldfishes, but after awhile where is she going to go? Will she become a certified breeder of them? Become an educator of her favorite goldfish? Or will she continue to just buy more?

New pet tubers like Emma, gabe, etc - they’re obviously young and show love for their animals but starting on youtube about them. Will they eventually turn into a petube hoarder like the rest or will invest their money into going to some sort of animal field in college? They can either adapt with youtube and turn into a fun educational animal channel that focuses on fostering/etc, back out from youtube to go to college, or just turn into the next generation of hoarders.

TND, Happy Trails, Tyler, etc - they’re a lost cause. They will probably collect more animals for views or else they’ll be nobodies. They obviously don’t care aboutt their animals unless they look cool or match. They try to, but at the end of the day, they see their pets as easy money online until they cant keep up with the care anymore.

Serpadesign, snake discovery, afroherp, etc - the real educators that deserve more. Sadly though, there’s more viewers that gets bored easily than viewers who truly love their videos so either they adapt into being entertaining like a new generation of Steve Irwins or stay in the background and continue what they love with their few loyal subscribers.

Either way, most likely 80% of them will just turn into hoarders for money, which is sad. Poor animals.

Sage for blogging i think

No. 553489

IA with you, it kills me that she keeps slipping back under the radar because she deserves to be dragged to filth for her behaviour and treatment of those animals, like they’re just collectible objects to fill up her musty ass house. The best of her care is subpar at best, the rest is straight up neglect. She’s a hoarder worse than any of the others, she backyard bred her fucking dogs and for merle coloring no less.

I dislike TND as much as anybody but Happy Tails deserves just as much, maybe more callouts on yt/twitter etc because she is enabled with hardly any pushback on her awful care and hoarding. I honestly hate that woman lol

No. 553496

I dont even want to be curious and look at one of her videos or else i’m gona have an awful day lol

No. 553497


She's such a bitch to everyone including her fans lol I don't get it

No. 553537

i just watched emzotics video its such a mess. shes claiming pet youtube is the first online community revolving around animal care, has she never heard of the online forums for animal care that have been around forever??
also trying to say people are laying in wait for youtubers "to get a fact wrong" is laughable, people follow those who have a record of messing up basic animal husbandry, neglecting their animals needs, of course people are going to follow their care so they can correct errors. yeah theres some people who just want to get mad at people, but most just want the best for their animals and the best care to be promoted, not just to be a "hater".
why is she getting so worked up about keeping her videos getting high views when she already has a main source of income other than youtube? that makes it sound like she just wants to be in the public eye, shes not promoting optimum animal husbandry and shes not getting money so why else is she on youtube? then saying "we need alot of animals to keep our income" lmao what??? what happened to "i have another main source of income"? no one is forcing them to do pettube, and they dont need to have hoards of animals to get views, just look at any animal channel.
AND THEN she says noone needs alot of animals to do pettube? sis…
she claims to forget basic care requirements because shes used to caring for more difficult species, which makes no sense. anyone who cares for difficult animals is going to have enough experience with animals that the basics are engrained in them and just become almost a reflex theres no reason they would regularly forget the basic care that theyve done over and over and over for animals.
finally she says that she doesnt have soace for any animals like a leopard gecko, but want to get grinchy a companion even though theyre extremely difficult to care for. she could give grinchy to a rescue who could care for him and give him a companion. and she wants a dog. girl. how does she not have space and time to care for a leopard gecko but she does for a DOG and an EXOTIC TIME CONSUMING BIRD. EM WHY

No. 553542

We don't even know what these other two mystery pets she bought are either.

No. 553563

Honestly I think her video was mainly made because she got all pissy about people calling her out and possibly discussing her here.

I think the more videos she releases the more concerning things we will hear or see her do, and possibly more animals (though she won't feature many of them apparently?).

No. 553572

Her video was a pr move. She lost credibility and is backtracking.

Reaching out to solidgold is a smart move on her part. Allying herself with some who is already respected in the community.

No. 553579

I mean it’s possible, but Emma’s come on this thread before herself and openly said it was her, and she answered people’s questions and addressed their concerns. I’m sure if she wanted to come on here again she’d openly say it was her again

No. 553624

File: 1523561630906.jpeg (354.36 KB, 750x693, D033E7CE-CF20-4D91-99BD-DBDCE9…)


Kek never noticed her twitter bio before
What a way to view yourself

Why does she have such a small fraction of followers compared to TND?

No. 553668

I can't be arsed to watch the video, but is it that can't source a leopard gecko, or that she can't find the time for one?
Also, not gonna lie, she's taking pretty great care of Grinchy, and Bettas aside, all her other animals too. I quite like her channel, it's her incessant need to be the bigger person and invent all these issues that aren't really existing in 95% of the community that's dragging her down lately.

No. 553686

Can't find time for one. And her other animal care isn't that great.

- Her ferret cage is more suitable to be a rat cage (I know, I used the same cage for my rats). It's not the worst, but they should have more space for sure.
- Her Doves cage is tiny. They absolutely should have more space. They also land on her ferret cage in several videos (assumed to do so regularly). She also wants to breed them.
- Her bearded dragon set up was awful for numerous reasons listed by anons here and on the youtube video she put out. Apparently this new set up was an upgrade and Bad Idea was kept in the dark before this.
- Her Betta fish tank was awful for a lot of reasons, not just putting an unconditioned female with a male but because the flow was far too strong (she didn't try and baffle it with anything or even get a spray bar or something), the tank was also not cycled.
- Grinchy is actually in a pretty small cage. Realistically most of her pets will spend most of their time inside their cages, as such large enclosures are a must. His cage should at least be double the size it is right now if not bigger. Especially as this is a wild caught bird that deserves better.

Her care used to be better in the UK… but then she used to have fewer animals. Danny /is/ a hoarder, he breeds them and he has a /lot/ of pets. So many that he nor Em will say exactly how many (huge red flag) or show their enclosures (probably because they're all below minimum size). You can see some of the 'collection' on the wall behind them in younow streams.

As far as her channel goes, again, much better before / near the start when the animals she showcased weren't all her own horde. However it's very clear from her reactions to fans in comments etc. that she can't take polite criticism and indeed is usually either snarky or rude in response to it. As others have said, she doesn't do anything to fix problems people point out. I don't think she's really being dragged down so much as exposed. I used to like her… now… hell no, she's as bad as the rest of them tbh.

No. 553703

Her ferret cage is pretty good considering they're inside (most ferrets are kept outsides) and seem to get a lot of stimulation from wondering around the room tbh.
I can't comment on how much they are actually outside of their cage of course, but they certainly seem like her 'favourite' pets she has.

No. 553710

This is from 2016 but its what I expect in terms of youtube animal care. Emz (and the rest) needs to step her fucking shit up and make some proper enclosures for her animals. If you want to own as many animals as a small zoo, you better have enclosures large enough.

To be honest, I don't know about this youtuber's other pets or videos, but I feel like this is the content people actually wanna see on pet-tube. A proper, utopian home for animals not glorified pet-shop style boxes.

No. 553719

Disagree. It really is pretty small for them the base dimensions are less than 1m sq. It would be fine if they were locked in there at night and were able to roam the house as indoor ferrets. But they clearly have too many animals for that to be a possibility. As with all her other animals (even if the ferrets are her favourites); they likely spend 90% of their time in that cage.

No. 553721


There's also not much for them to do in that cage besides sleep. She says they don't really play with toys, and I've never kept ferrets, but a couple of puzzle like toys where they have to work to get treats out would make their lives a lot more interesting if they are shut in there all day.

No. 553724

File: 1523568209970.jpg (57.39 KB, 564x376, ferret.jpg)


Her ferret cage is fine size wise if they're getting their four hours minimum outside of it daily. They're not supposed to be in there for long periods of time.

Outdoors would be better for them tbh if she would build them a big run. A lot of people covert chicken coops for their ferrets but a custom is obviously preferable. As this is her ~job~ then she seriously needs to upgrade their homes to be the best they can be, not the minimum for survival.

No. 553732

she says she wouldnt have time + space for one. and we dont know her care is great, we've seen a few enclosures and thats it theres no guarantee theyre well taken care of. most seem healthy, but who knows. its all speculation that she has bad care, but theres no proof that she has all good care

No. 553735


Sorry but the 'as long as I get them out a lot, small cage is fine' is an excuse used by many a bad pet owner. It seems to me too as though it's the bare minimum. It doesn't have much enrichment as the other anon said. She should strive for much better, especially if those are her 'faves'.

I also know from experience that that cage is kind of top heavy and moves easily, good job those ferrets can't really bound about the top level.

Great cage for rats etc. poor cage for ferrets.

No. 553736

It's not really speculation that she has bad care. We've seen more active bad care than good. >>553686

No. 553741

File: 1523569099233.jpg (54.73 KB, 564x403, ferret2.jpg)


Yeah, I do see that. However, I think if you're using a cage just as a bedroom or bed, then its fine.

For example, my sister has rabbits that are out of their hutch almost all of the time, except when she is asleep. But even then, their hutch is larger than the minimum recommended (its the size of a small bedroom).

However, that's a moot point cause we all know she's not letting them out the minimum, let alone enough. She needs a far better home for them, in every regard.

No. 553746

I agree. Not even saying she needs to build them a palace or anything… just something they wouldn't be so cramped in and could actually run around, if they're going to be in there most of the day.

This is the problem with pet youtubers in general though. The more animals they have the thinner their time is stretched. Even if they were perfect human beings with perfect care (which they're obviously not); there's only so many hours in the day.

Birds need interaction, ferrets need interaction even reptiles and snakes should have some interaction even if it's not as needed as mammals and birds. Sooner or later a pet youtuber runs out of time to give… and space for the enclosures…

Dobby and Nibbler aren't given enough space because there isn't any in the house with all the other cages and reptile rooms. They aren't given enough time because there aren't enough hours in the day.

The same goes for Grinchy and the Doves… and all the other pets that need interaction.

Then acquiring more animals, another Toucan… a /dog/. Yeah. No.

This is why all 'Pettubers' are awful.

No. 553878


I disagree, I don’t think ALL pet tubers are awful/hoarders etc. there are many pet tubers who I’ve watched and some I don’t watch but know of and they don’t have a lot of animals and take great care of them from what I can see. I will name a few (careful not to name too many wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m promoting something🙄) But here’s the truth as it is.
*Hammylux (only has a few hamsters and cats)
*Victoria Raechel has rabbits, hamster and a gecko.
*Gabe (yes Gabe, he has fans deal with it) only has a few pets but makes diff vids.
*Pugpibblehedgie ( basically only has hedgehogs and hamsters and her enclosures are beautiful)
*Loris hartland (doesn’t have a ton but cares for and upgrades her current setups)
*imees world (mostly rats I think but cares for them)

If you guys have such a problem with channels getting tons of animals for views, then watch channels who you think do give good care & time To the pets they already have.

No. 553899

Lol U guys seriously need to chill. Ya Pettube is kind of shit and I think they were all better at the beginning but u guys seriously sound like a bunch of wackos now. You see 5-10 minutes every week from these YouTubers and u can make those kind of statements? I mean fuck, if u opened your doors and showed off ur animals I bet you’re all just as bad as the PetTubers, and they’re probably not even as bad as ur saying. Did u even watch Ems livestreams? She can’t keep Dobby and Nibbler outside because they have a shit ton of bears up there and she wants them indoors. I don’t think that’s her fault? Her Beta got taken down and ur still pissed? I hate to say it but I used to like reading this thread and now it’s jusg speculation and boring. The taylor thread is better.(whiteknighting)

No. 553901

The problem is that it always devolves into getting new animals. Sooner or later they all end up biting off more than they can chew. The old pets don't bring in the views, they run out of care ideas, the 'all my pets videos' are popular.

This is the direct result of being a 'pettuber', aka using your own animals to profit.

If you want to support animal channels on youtube, the better ones are educational channels or wildlife channels that don't involve 'pets' at all.

No. 553902

>can't sage
>defends Emzotics shit cages

The stans have arrived. You do know she could have not impulse bought pigeons and turned that whole leanto into an area for the ferrets right?

No. 553905

So that’s what we should do is not watch the crappy Pettubers because it only adds to their popularity. They’re not going to go away if people still watch because they like the attention. I bet they prob look at this thread and laugh because u probably get a lot wrong and u make them feel important. I like Pickles because she actually cares about her animals and doesnt have a lot. I think she can be boring but that’s forgivabel for good care.

No. 553908

Seriously anon, if you're going to stan. Learn to sage it's not hard. I get the impression you might be one of the youtubers criticised here. If that's the case, you'd do better to pay attention to the criticism and change.

No. 553913

U do know that in her vlogs she clearly shows them getting exercise and spoiled with toys in that lean to? U see I can’t take u seriously because u literally just see and think what u want to believe. Don’t get me wrong, she has way too many animals and her MBK Snake is a lame attempt 2 Be taylorndean, but u make no sense. She could probably quit PetTube and ud still have an issue.

No. 553920

Re-read the thread. Learn to type the word 'you' and 'to' and stop stanning.

Her ferrets cage is very small. The bare minimum. She does not have that much in there for them.

With the amount of animals she has there are not enough hours in the day to give them all the time/interaction they need.

She wants to add to this number with a dog, another toucan and she already has two more mystery animals in addition to all the unseen animals that Danny hoards.

It's very clear from what she's shown us that she doesn't know a lot and her care is slipping / is now poor; eg. the bearded dragon set up, the betta fish set up.

She never owns up to mistakes (eg. I was breeding the betta so it was ok to keep them together! Despite that also being wrong).

She is not 'lame' because she's a Taylor Dean copy, she's lame because her pet care sucks balls and she's promoting it while still being told it sucks balls and doing nothing to change or improve it. She's lame because she sticks up for people like Taylor who are terrible human beings.

No. 553931


Ok fair enough there is no evidence that Danny’s NOT hoarding, but where is the evidence that he is? There’s having lots of pets and theres hoarding and theres a big difference.

Obviously You* havent seen the livestreams were em mentions having 3 kids so they don’t show the house and I think that’s fair because too many youtubers show too much and get no privacy.

And lastly, you still hanging on to the beta? Seriously? It’s a fish. Uv probably killed some by accident and she owned the mistake and separated them? If it was done over again I’d side with You* on that, but it’s literally the same argument. And The grinch is a Hornbill and not a toucan unles she has a toucan as well which would be stupid because that would seriously need so much space.

No. 553945

Seriously learn to sage.

Evidence Danny is hoarding:
-Large number of animals mentioned
-Exact number of animals not mentioned (possibly because the true number isn't known)
-Animals that should not be kept as pets, kept as pets (Wild Hornbill, Snapping Turtle)
-Large number of cages shown behind Em and Danny in Younow streams, we know more animals are kept in the basement
-Breeding of animals (snakes)
-Attempted breeding of animals (doves)
-Refusal to show animals cages/enclosures

There's probably more, but there's a lot of red flags there.

As far as the 3 kids goes, they're not there all the time and I'm sure no one here is expecting them to either a. show the kids on youtube or b. show their entire living arrangements. However if you're hiding parts of your animal keeping, ie. not showing all your animals, mentioning all your animals and not showing enclosures. People are rightly going to think you're up to something.

*You're right about it being a Hornbill not a Toucan. Toucan was mentioned somewhere above so it stuck. Hornbills also need space though, at least twice the size of the cage she currently imprisons it in. This was originally a wild bird, so my heart goes out to it… the least it could be kept in now is something more appropriate for it.

As far as the fish goes… I absolutely care about the betta. I keep betta and they're wonderful personable little fish. It's disgusting that the US sells them in little cups on shelves like they're a toy. She didn't own up to her mistake and she made /lots/ in that video. More than even most amateur fish keepers. She put an unconditioned female with a male. She tried to breed them with clearly no experience in the area. She lied about having experience (because it doesn't take a generous to know that there needs to be a bubble nest for the offspring to have any chance at surviving). She didn't cycle the tank. The tank had too strong of a flow. And of course she put them together in the first place! She was an idiot. She still is.

No. 553947

Also anon… no, I've never killed a fish by 'accident' or on purpose for that matter.

Accidents do happen, they happen to a lot of great fish keepers out there, but this was negligence on her part. She couldn't even be bothered to do a 2 min google search.

No. 553952


But again, with the hording and red flags thats all speculation. It’s the same with practically all the pettubers. We don’t/can’t know what actually goes on for real because we literally don’t know them. What if even (IMO) the best pettuber (Dark Den) smoked pot or cocaine in his house around animals? We wouldn’t know.

And what if HappyTails actually has people employed on her farm to help?

And what if Tyler Rugge actually used the dumpster dive crap which was out of date?

And what if Em literally sits in her house and kicks her animals around and is only doing Youtube for fame?

We literally don’t know?

No. 553955

So because we don't know 100% we can't be suspicious and speculate? We can't extrapolate what we know about the poor care already shown? lol Right.

Read this thread. Em has done plenty of shit stuff on camera. You don't need to reach that far to say Danny is a hoarder and Em doesn't know what she's talking about.

No. 553961

Yeah she’s done stuff that I don’t like, like saying she’s going to feed her dove eggs to her lizard, but I try to think why and I guess u can’t keep doves lonely because it’s cruel. So she should keep them in cages next to each other? Let them go??

I am personally only a fan of Dark Den and Tyler Rugge because there aren’t that many Male pettubers aside from Brian (who for me is the worst because of having a massive breeding business and the weird controversy with Em a few years ago) but I am still excited and watch because I think all youtubers in gaming and every category get better on the platform and grow into better channels, so I’m hoping these are learning years for the pettubers.

No. 553964

What are you talking about? She should get a bigger cage for her doves not separate them. She shouldn't plan on raising the offspring and keeping yet more doves. There's no big problem with feeding the eggs to a monitor lizard as far as I'm aware.

Pettubers are getting worse, not better imho. Tyler has his own issues that I'm sure someone else can fill you in on. Brian is notably bad for numerous reasons too, not just breeding but sick animals / parasites on animals etc.

No. 553966

What the hell is that dove argument? She keeps her doves together which is fine, but is allowing them to breed which is questionable - correct me if I'm wrong (this is mainly from my experience with budgies) but they need a nesting box to actually lay eggs.

I like Em as much as the next person but she is becoming problematic.

No. 553973

And for being a pervert. He had his controversy about 1-2 years ago where he was sending dicpics to fans. His twitter got hacked for 2 days and lots of his DMs were shared.

Em got asked on a livestream about if she would collab with Brian and she said no because they have negative history. I don’t know if it’s sexual ((vom)) but she said that they (Danny Em Brian) used to be friends - which I’ve seen evidence of on Danny’s Youtube - nd that they arent on good terms with him anymore. She mentioned not wanting to talk to or see Brian or collab with specifically him and prehistoric pets, but prehistoric pets was more about obease snakes I think.

As far as Tyler is concerned I think he’s benign because he’s just a kid looking for fame. It annoys the shit out of me when he sucks up to Taylor tho. He’s literally her lapdog which sucks.

No. 553976

File: 1523581439632.jpeg (223.23 KB, 750x405, 9BFA1499-DD8E-4C73-AE8A-B4DDBB…)

Can u keep doves and not let them breed? As far as I know they have a nest box. She showed it in her Grinchy update Video

No. 553978

That is not a good nest box. It's literally a crate with nothing in it. She showed this and a pathetic few things the doves had managed to get to try and nest build.

I feel so sorry for them.

And yes, you just don't let the eggs hatch. Freeze them / dispose of them some other way, just don't let the doves nest on them.

No. 553979

fish are capable of feeling pain and stress its been proven over and over again, she neglected their needs and inflicted pain (ammonia build up burning their skin + probable fin nipping from stress + nipping eachother due to their aggressive nature) and stress on them. stop defending animal abuse because "its" a fish and we dont know everything. ive seen more than enough neglect to not support her. the bearded dragon situation is another perfect example of neglect for an animals needs. stop stanning and stop defending animal abuse.
didnt she say shes feeding any eggs to her lizards? why is she purposefully hatching a chick when the enclosure is already pretty small and sad looking for 2 doves oh my god

No. 553981

Sadly she said she wants two more doves to do animal 'education' shows with. After that she was planning on feeding other eggs produced to an (unseen) monitor lizard.

Of course… it's also entirely likely she won't and she'll let them breed more.

No. 553982

The crate doesn’t bother me because I think thats better than a best you can buy from the store. It has high sides and probably makes the mom feel safe.

Also if you keep two birds together they’re going to breed. There’s no way really to stop them unless u constantly separate them to stop them having sex?? You can’t neuter so the only option is to separate. But then the females can still lay eggs.

I don’t think em should be feeding the eggs to her other animals. It makes her seem less caring that she could do that to an egg produced by her own doves. She could just buy them from a store?

No. 553986

I don’t think she has a monitor. She said in livestream that the eggs are being fed to the Tegu. Maybe u mixed that up??

Not saying ur wrong because there’s no proof they don’t have a monitor tho.

No. 553987

it doesnt make her seem less caring at all?? why would she introduce more doves into her life when she could just feed the eggs containing an embryo thats too young to feel pain, to an animal that naturally eats eggs? eggs you buy from the store come from chickens who are treated like less than trash id personally judge her for using them rather than eggs from doves shes attempting to give good lives

No. 553988

The crate isn't the best as they both can't even fit in it, and one bird alone struggles to. They also can't effectively nest build in it. Not that they're even given good materials to do so (from what we've seen).

A female is going to lay eggs regardless as to if they're fertile or not. Much like a chicken.

She should be disposing of the eggs somehow, it's actually fairly ethical to use them as another food source for her other animals. The egg would otherwise be wasted and thrown away.

My bad, I could have sworn she said monitor maybe in her youtube vids. I'd have to double check.

No. 553990

Yeah but it sends out the wrong message that she can just feed off the embryos of an animal she loves. It’s not the biggest issue in the world or anything but i think it’s disappointing because there are alternatives to using her doves eggs (like buying quail eggs) and she didn’t have to even mention it.

I don’t see anything wrong with having a dove for educational programs other than potential inbreeding if she keeps it with the parents?

No. 553991

The problem is she's breeding animals when she has two perfectly good animals to use as education ambassadors or whatever you want to call them.

There is literally no need to produce more because you want to have a bird you can work every day of the week.

As far as it sending the wrong message to feed eggs of her doves. Anon you're a retard.

No. 553994

she keeps cockroaches as pets but im sure she also feeds dubia roaches to her animals, does that send out some kind of wrong message? theres no ethical dilemma. there is an wthical dilemma about letting her doves hatch chicks when shes not a proper breeder, theyre going to hatch alot of chicks on their life and it'll be a lot of work to find respnsible homes for them

No. 553995


Ok anon I found it, here's the video where she says monitor lizard. She actually says 'our different monitor lizards' implying they have more than one.


No. 553997

File: 1523582808302.jpeg (270.07 KB, 750x419, D6B77B77-3CED-4014-8107-46B997…)


Firstly, don’t call me a retard - I didn’t call u one for all your speculation and FYI they do have materials.

So you’ve claimed they have toucans, a monitor and no nesting material and I debunked u on all of that. Are all *your posts just total shit??

On a different note, this cage does seem small but it’s not bad IMO. Maddie has a twitter of her intended cage today. It’s literally a dog crate. Can’t wait to see how that goes.

$2 says Tyler also gets pigeons too.

No. 553998

File: 1523582841818.jpeg (328.81 KB, 750x414, 304A9699-274D-4655-8DE1-5B27D3…)

Extra evidence

No. 553999

Tbh I don’t care about the MAYBE monitor (unless it’s a roughneck!) I’m more concerned that she can just feed off the egg. That’s my feeling.

No. 554001

Oh anon… you are a retard.

You haven't debunked anything, one tiny trough half full of straw is a pathetic amount of nesting material for that box down there. It's not 'good materials' as I said.

The cage is too small, it's a shit cage. Other peoples care being worse doesn't change that.

I literally linked a video where she says monitor lizards… as in more than one.

And yes, I said Toucan instead of Hornbill, shoot me, someone else called it that first here and it stuck. I also admitted that as soon as you pointed it out. However that doesn't take away from the fact that its enclosure is also too small. Or any of the other criticisms.

Get back to the TND thread if you're not going to be objective. I hear they were flipping out over if she was fat or not.

No. 554005

…Eggs are the proper diet (presumably)? The point was there's no ethical dilema with feeding dove eggs that will need to be destroyed regardless.

No. 554012

This girl also posted a video on a vegan diet for her dog, essentially makes up diets with no nutritional analysis for everything else, and had to move all of her animals inside after they almost froze over the winter. So. I agree people need to step their game up be probably a bad example.

No. 554013

sis she'll "just feed off" live insects, (probably) f/t rodents and various other dead animals every single day, an egg from her dove is not an issue. trust me im vegan if it was actually a serious ethical issue id be preaching that its wrong too lmao. shes now a backyard breeder rather than a regular ol' dove carer, thats far worse than feeding a fresh laid egg to an animal that would benefit from it

No. 554016

Well also as a fellow vegan I would say that it’s wrong to feed off ur PET doves eggs. It’s insensitive because the eggs come from one of her most liked (IMO) animals.

I hope she doesn’t become a backyard breeder, because that would honestly break my heart to see her do that. There aren’t any babies yet tho so there’s still hope I think. I still like her and I think she’s a good person but the egg thing does get to me.

No. 554017

Anon… there are two options.

Destroy the dove eggs (smash them, freeze them, burn them, eat them etc etc etc etc)


Hatch the dove eggs and become a BYB.

So you think she should throw them away instead of putting them to some use as food?

No. 554018

if the egg doesnt develope then i dont understand the issue with feeding it to an animal that would benefit from it, and id rather her feed that to her animals than pay for eggs from the animal ag industry but i get what u mean that its kind of emotionally detatched, u have ur opinion its nbd anyways bc shes already decided she wants the bird to hatch from the looks of it. and she already has become a byb, her and danny breed snakes unfortunately.

No. 554019

same anon, lets not derail the thread by discussing peoples opinions on feeding the egg lmao, emzotic is trying to hatch birds thats what should be being discussed

No. 554031

Ok no derailing.

Maybe she’s just got bad luck with eggs - animals and human.

Sage for speculating about infertility. I think that’s why she’s (presumed) in the UK.

No. 554043

Wow anon, her animal care is fucked and I don't like her as a person but that's a bit much. She had a miscarriage… she talked openly about it.

Also you didn't sage… again.

No. 554051

Calm down. It wasn’t supposed to be mean. It was a badly thought out sort-of-pun.

No. 554056

A shit comment is a shit comment.

No. 554065

People feed off offspring of their pets all the time. In fact, many in the snake trade have pet rats and mice that they breed for feeders. They treat them like pets, but their offspring is food.
People with pet chickens eat the eggs themselves a lot of the time.
It is what it is.

No. 554110

does anybody watch this person??

No. 554148

Does anyone have a comprehensive list of animals Emzotic owns? I'm going through her youtube now and there's ones I've not seen as a casual viewer before. Skunks, owls, giant snails, fruit bat, kookaburra, etc.

What are going to be her "key Emzotic animals" she talked about in her pettube video? Armadillos, leaches, ferrets, doves?

No. 554165

What is with all these pet tubers and their lips?

Also, by the way she just handles her pets around, you already know she has them just to try to get popular too because she lacks other talents

No. 554172

It's actually ideal to keep indoor pigeons in dog crates since they need more floor space than height. It's obviously not good if they're being kept outside because animals can get into the locks, but it's the best choice for an indoor cage.

No. 554173

i agree, the cage she got is huge looking compared to what the 'minimum' apparently is

No. 554181

Yeah pigeons are more “land birds” so it’s definitely preferred to keep them in a cage with a lot of floorspace. She said the cage is 54” wide which seems like a lot of room to me

No. 554182

54" is bigger than most parrot cages lmao

No. 554191

With emzotic idk if it’s the same in the states but I know when she lives in the UK she used to say she brought animals home to do videos on them, but majority of the time they live at her work (pre sure that was the deal with the snapping turtle as well?) so it’s possible that not all the animals she features are actually kept at her house.

No. 554243

The minimum is because a lot of people fly their pigeons outside. They'll do loops of 8 over the buildings they're kept in. However if they're going to be in the cage for most of the time; dog crate sized is too small. Em's cage is too small.

And most parrot cages are far far far too small. Any good parrot owner will tell you that.

No, she stated it was theirs and it lived in the basement. She also does not have a job where she shows animals like she did in the UK. She's also said this.

There is no comprehensive list because she's already said that Danny has a 'vast' collection of animals that won't be shown on camera. Ironically her last video seems to only be repeating points she made before in that she wouldn't be showing all the species owned.

What is with all these questions that have been answered before? All this stanning for Emzotic. Did some fan somewhere link the thread?

No. 554262


Good outdoor enclosures for pigeons/doves:

1. http://www.pigeonrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Helen_Aviary20130116_by-Jill.jpg

2. http://www.pigeonrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/DSCF5511WulfAviary.jpg

3. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/60/36/bc/6036bc9a2e86efce03d8cf81d8e0afa6.jpg

Good indoor cages for pigeons/doves:

1. https://da1urhpfd469z.cloudfront.net/uploads/advertphotos/17/0716/31291989-672-640x857.jpg

2. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c4/21/9c/c4219cc742f8f0640abd8acd04622971.jpg

3. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/11/d7/6c/11d76c8a0486ad7ec07d33453797af49.jpg

As you can see there's a lot of variation and a lot of 'hand made' cages. It's understandable if you don't want to keep your birds outside when there are lots of natural predators… however what's not understandable is why half of the room their in wasn't secured and dedicated to the doves. We all know a raccoon got in there already; it needs securing full stop. But half of that space would have made a lovely indoor aviary for those birds; not the sad little cage they ended up in.

No. 554272

If you think that those cages are anywhere near doable for just about anyone, you've lost your damn mind lmao. It's a good aim for "perfection" but those are probably sanctuaries, not the average keeper obviously.
It's not safe to fly domestic pigeons outside because they are easily predatorized by hawks and raccoons. No one who actually cares about their pet pigeons would ever free fly them because of the risk.
People who race their birds typically keep them in dirty lofts and don't give a shit about their animals and don't give them veterinary care.
I work at a vet and we got in a racing pigeon that was struck by a hawk, we contacted the breeder based on the leg band and the breeder told us to put it in a Pringles can and close the lid… totally fucked.

I don't know the dimensions of Em's cage, so I can't tell you if it's too small but according to Palomacy (http://www.pigeonrescue.org/faqs-2/how-to-choose-a-cage-for-pigeons-or-doves/) which is a pretty reputable site fo pet pigeon and dove information-
Dove mated pair cage minimum; (32" x 32" x 21") and Em's cage /seems/ bigger than that.
Pigeon mated pair cage minimum; (42" x 27" x 30") and Maddie said her cage is 54".

We don't really know how often they have their birds out, but imo they should be out most of the time if possible. As long as they're at minimum, it seems fine if they're out all of the time because they're not spending really any time inside of the cage.

No. 554274

some of the cages you showed are good but pigeons don't use height like other birds (like the finches shown) are. they only really use floor space ( and platforms ) so the tall cages dont do much for them, which is why dog crates are suggested

No. 554275

FYI they're not sanctuaries and they're absolutely doable. I'm not saying pigeon fanciers who race are better; only that that is often the cited reason for small cages. Did you miss the part also where I said it would be better if she'd used half of the room they're currently in and secured it? That's a pretty easy fix for a large cage.

Minimums are often shit…

Think of hamsters, little billy going to the store with his mom. They buy the biggest hamster cage there and a hamster… but even the biggest cage there to many knowledgeable hamster owners is tiny. Too small even if it's the 'minimum required size'.

The US has the shittiest minimums for pet cages as well. I'm not saying she has to build an outdoor aviary, but she needs to do better than the minimum.

>We don't really know how often they have their birds out, but imo they should be out most of the time if possible.

She has too many pets for them to be out most of the time. The ferrets should be out most of the time if kept in the sized cage they are… you'd be an idiot to have both out at the same time. Not to mention the other animals they have; including apparently monitor lizards. Therefore they can't be out most of the time, or even a good portion of the time. It's not a reach to expect them to spend 80% of their day in that cage.

All of those cages by default have a lot of floor space, which yes is important along with platforms. Note Em's cage has a lot of height, minimal floor space and perches (not shelves). That is why those cages are better.

No. 554276

It is disappointing to know that Em had the space to make something really great for them and then ended up just putting them in a cage tbh

No. 554277

I was talking about Maddie's pigeons, not Em's doves. Doves have different requirements than pigeons and they like perching much more and they utilize a lot more vertical space.

No. 554279

Dove and pigeon are terms used interchangeably. Their care isn't that different barring the fact that most people agree doves need more cage space than pigeons (which is ironic). They still need floor space and they still utilise ledges.

Also you mentioned both Maddie and Em???

No. 554281

When I was talking about the floor space, I was talking about the pigeons.
Around where I live, we don't really use the terms interchangeably so that's probably why I was confused.
But I agree with you, it would've been nice to see Em turn the big open space into something for her birds.

No. 554287

Why the fuck does she even have ferrets and pidgeon in the same house? Ferrets have a massive prey drive, way higher than cats and dogs, and can not be trained to even tolerate prey animals. Her ferrets constantly smelling prey animals without being able to kill them is extremely stressing for them. Ferrets will do anything to catch prey, even endangering themselves in the process. Not to mention prey animals constantly smelling predators and never feeling safe.

Not very animal friendly imo.

No. 554288

File: 1523606865077.jpg (59.8 KB, 720x540, 66031251-720px.jpg)

Just to give you an example anon; the common town pigeons you see around cities etc. they're called 'Rock Doves'. You likely use it interchangeably and don't even know. Most people don't and think that white = dove.

But yeah, the sad thing is Em has the means, she just doesn't want to… the pigeons and the crab were (by her own admission) impulse buys. It seems to me it wasn't even well thought through where they would go. Which brings us all back to the original problem with pettubers; in that they have too many damn animals to provide a good basis of care to each one.

Cages literally right next to each other too. With the doves occasionally landing on the ferrets cage.

No. 554296

I know the domestic pigeons are ancestors of the rock dove (common street pigeon), but they have a lot less natural instincts typically. Idk what kind maddie has though but they dont look like that