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No. 560669

In this thread we will be able to talk about another Petubers flaws. We will started with the basic kit of narcissistic self involved characters such as:

- Mentioned now and again on the TND thread.
- Complains about lolcow and similar sites, describing them as little predators in wait for pet youtubers to slip up.
- Throws a lot of subtle shade at other pet youtubers despite pretending to be 'friends' with them all.
- Moved to America to live with hoarder BYB boyfriend Danny.
- Won't show habitats for most of her and Danny's animals, keeping the exact number of animals a secret. Some examples of enclosures not shown include; Snapping turtle, snakes, and (unseen) monitor lizards.
- Thought she could cycle a fish tank with old water, put two betta together to 'breed' despite clearly knowing nothing about breeding and conditioning the fish.
- Keeps her doves in the bare minimum of cages, also keeps them next to ferrets and has let them land on the ferret cage before.
- Was paid off to set up an awful Bearded dragon enclosure including substrate that can cause impaction.
- Says she isn't planning on getting more animals but has recently taken in a skunk, plans to get another hornbill, plans to get a dog, has got a nano reef tank and two more mystery pets since stating this.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE37328iVnqSj1OCrgrYd8w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emzoticofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/emzoticofficial?lang=es

Tyler Rugge
- Support TND.
- Hoards animals like most pet youtubers and likes to buy the trending animal of the month.
- Had a betta fish in a fluvial tank but it 'disappeared'. Didn't care what had happened to it.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfvCFx6J-JA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TylerRugge?lang=es
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tylerrugge/

Brian Barczyk
- Hoards, breed and sell a shit tons of reptiles.
- Keep them on little plastic containers, justifying it with saying 'they like it that way'.
- Inbreeds and shows little concern for genetics outside of producing colour morphs that will sell for $$$.
- Sells bad quality, sick and otherwise ill reptiles.
- Bullies costumers if they dare to call him out for the shitty conditions his animals have when they arrived.
- Both Tyler Rugge and Taylor Nicole Dean have made collabs with him.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4zS1wbO81p59CxKL7CQAcA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snakebytestv/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SnakeBytesTV

Maddie Smith
- Hoards animals like most other youtubers, justifies it by saying all her animals are taken to a vet. Regularly has over 30+ animals, has had over 50+ in the past.
- BYB rats, claims she doesn't any more but still ended up with sick baby rats that had to be treated for URI's and also a rat born with one testicle. Doesn't seem to know much about rat genetics but claims to have worked with breeders.
- Recently got two doves; one got sick and died. She blamed the breeder and 'genetic' illness despite environmental being much more likely. Subsequently she got another bird from a 'better breeder' to replace it, didn't quarantine properly and that bird is now also very sick.
- Is a 'wildlife rehabber'; although is listed as 'social media adviser' on their poorly made site. Charity was also only registered in Ohio in September 2017.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MaddieandElijah
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mxddiesmith/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mxddiemoo

Carolin von Petzholdt
- Keeps parrots. Has actively lost her parrot Hope numerous times on camera.
- Flies her Parrot Hope in public parks around dogs and as such has been chased by dogs and accosted by dog owners more than once.
- Doesn't train her parrot to fly back to her on a signal, merely screams randomly.
- Has had Hope both chase native birds and be chased by native birds during her free flying, resulting in Hope being lost at least twice from this.
- Has sexually molested her bird on camera; doesn't seem to understand that touching a birds vent is frustrating for the animal and essentially bestiality.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWcXSuUetWjXFNXHiCuT-Wg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolin_von_petzholdt/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cvonpetzholdt

Taylor Nicole Dean thread:

No. 560673

Previous thread


No. 560679

Happy Tails needs to be added, she's even on the thumbnail and the worst of them all but she's not even listed here lmao

No. 560684

File: 1524227155077.jpeg (177.95 KB, 1122x1188, EB93B72E-8F01-466C-97CE-B601A7…)

No. 560685

Good point, can you just write up a summary here in the comments (it can then be added to the next thread when this one's done).

No. 560691

Happy Tails
- The worst hoarding pettuber with over 100 animals
- Keeps her animals in a small room with way under minimum enclosures
- Advises not to listen to veterinary advice, like not spaying and neutering rabbits
- Backyard breeds dogs, purposefully mixed two breeds together and justified it by saying they're designer and "these breeds are really in right now"
- Uses aerosol products and paints her nails in the same room as her birds
- Feeds her animals mostly fruits and vegetables without proper supplementation
- Her bird almost died due to poor diet (vet literally put it on seed because it was too thin from bad diet)
- Had her snake and bird out on her body during livestream
- Some of her cages have exposed wire and splotchy/peeling paint
- Extremely rude to supporters and shuts down every question that she can with a snarky remark

Just what I can think of right now, anyone else feel free to write a proper summary with whatever I'm missing (which I'm sure there's a lot)

No. 560751


How are you criticizing ANYONE on animal care, when you don’t know the diff between doves & PIGEONS lmao. Smh

No. 560753

More pigeongate shit. :'D The words are used synonymously (rock doves=pigeons), see the last thread. It really doesn't matter that much either way and distracts from the real point.

No. 560825

I also agree that it just seems like you're doing it to prove your point. When someone looks at a pigeon, they don't think "dove". You're just being arrogant because the terms can be used interchangeably, doesn't mean that they often are. Smh

No. 560830

Is this seriously going to be a thing again. It literally doesn't matter what you call them when one bird is dead and another is dying and that is the issue. Not everyone is from the US or has English as a first language here. Stop infighting about nothing.

No. 560840

i was reading about kookaburras and apparently theyre really social and live in family groups in the wild, has emzotic ever mentioned having multiple kookaburras or just one? with the amount of animals they have i cant imagine they give the kookaburra anywhere near the amount of attention he needs, or would get from another bird

No. 560842

Yeah, as far as I know it's just the one as it's Danny's bird. I also just learnt from her twitter that her Skunk has been descented. :( So if it ever was wild (some anon mentioned that in the last thread), it never will be again. Descenting is cruel for the same reason declawing is; it removes an animals natural defences. It seems like her state requires it? But then why get the animal in the first place if that's the requirement. Em doesn't /need/ another pet.

No. 560867

are you a vet? or were you at the vet with her to hear what happened to the first? i'm curious. if the vet said the bird was born with a large liver, and tests were done to rule out parasites and bacteria on all of the birds and all were negative, why are we questioning this? it's weird that the new bird is sick but it could also be stress from leaving its loft and having to be kept alone in quarantine instead of with other birds. birds are very sensitive to change (ex. plucking and regurgitation)

No. 560874

Can we talk about this event though?

It's apparently in a park, hopefully none of them are stupid enough to take their animals to it I can't see that ending well

No. 560890

tnd brought hedgehogs to a strangers house and school, a crested gecko to the supermarket, multiple animals to playlist (or one of those youtube events idk the name) and a ball python to a party for THREE HOURS. theres no way shes not going to bring an animal she already joked about checking cheeses schedule

No. 560893


kek if she brings the monitor lizard

I wouldn't put it past some of the other creators to bring some of their animals too though.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when all the 13 year olds are swarming Taylor though and the other creators are just standing on the sides looking lost

No. 560899


Lmao i don't understand how she fucking 'rescued' this skunk and instead of giving it to some wildlife centre or some shit (assuming it was possibly wild) they instead are making it into a pet?

No. 560903

Under BYBing dogs;
>breeds a potentially harmful gene (merle) into her dogs
>there is no genetic way a purebred Pembroke Corgi can have merle in it's genes, at some point the dogs were mixed with something that had merle (It was big a decade ago to mix corgis with merle Aus Sheps to get merle corgis) so there's great evidence that she never got heritage on her dog's breeds (unless she had the other corgi? i think she had pem)
and also;
>charges an OUTRAGEOUS amount for 'consultation' when she has 0 credentials, can't even say she does her own research for her own animals
>BYB her goats, then the offspring of that bred as soon as physically possible due to negligence
>can't afford to buy a sugarglider so she sets up a gofundme for it
That's all I got for right now. maybe have an updated animal counter for her now that she got some new snake or something. But tbh I think the list for HappyTails would be too long for an OP

No. 560904


I was just watching Happytails most recent video and she said that she 'works in a vet clinic and one of her jobs is to give advice to people after their animals get spayed'

This is my first time hearing this?

No. 560905

Emzotic is looking to rescue a dog (good) only she seems to be looking at young puppies… ah, I really hoped she'd adopt an adult/elderly dog but oh well, this is just me nit picking.

It also seems like the skunk is indeed a pet skunk rather than wild. However, what are these 'educational shows' she keeps mentioning?

No. 560907


Educational shows range from kids parties where 'animal handlers' bring a range of different 'travelling zoo' animals to kids parties so all the screaming kids can handle exotic animals - to at a push, educating at actual useful levels such as in colleges or something

No. 560912

I have never heard her ever talk about a job before. I've also never seen her anywhere with any kind of advanced (college) schooling. So I imagine she is a receptionist at a vet clinic reading off the vet's instructions for owners. Trust me if she were anything more than a kennel bitch or receptionist she would tout it loud and proud, lord knows I do even though it's just a 2 year degree. I'm assuming she doesn't like to talk about it because 1) people will call her out on not being at least a vet tech assistant pretty quick or 2) this is a very recent job. I'm hoping it's recent because she doesn't live with her parents, just her husband who also works full time. So how the FUCK are they taking care of 100+ animals including like 20 barn animals daily? I would suggest they are millionaires that hire help but she had to start a donation page to buy a $300 sugar glider so I imagine that is out of the question.
I don't get why people are so god damn puppy crazy. I mean I guess it's nice that at least she's adopting, but there's a good chance that any rescue selling only puppies is doing some shady shit.
Skunks, while obv not popular pets, can be bought domesticated as pets. Had a neighbor with domesticated skunks, except that was before taking scent glands out was a thing. They are usually free roaming pets so I'm wondering how that will work with a potential puppy?

No. 560913

It says right on the poster no animals allowed, and most of the creators don’t live in Ohio so I doubt they’ll be bringing any pets

No. 560920

A wise man once said that people who have to tell you they aren't a bad person, are probably bad people.
HappyTails writes a blog about how breeding her dogs doesn't make her a backyard breeder, I'll try to summarize it;
>'I just loved the breed!'
>'Breeders are hard to find!'
>'Breeders are expensive!'
>'I have to travel to get to a breeder!'
>All of her family wanted corgis so it's ok
>virtue signaling about how she worked with rescues
>health 'cleared' by vet
>the miracle of birth bullshit
>'I didn't breed mutts I bred designer dogs'
>attempts to justify breeding mutts because 'all breeds began as mutts' bulshit
>goes on to say that registered dogs aren't always purebred
>talks about 'mutts being healthier' bs
>In the end, justifies her decision because the 'dogs are so alike anyways' and because she likes the breed
>cherry-picks the BYB claims; only addresses claims she can refute
>ends it with how she didn't contribute to over-population because she gave the dogs away to people she's sure will fix them and wouldn't get a non-pedigree dog from anywhere else
I didn't straight quote anything, here's the blog if y'all wanna take a look. The amount of logical fallacies in it is enough to teach an English class with.

No. 560938

youre probably not supposed to bring animals to school, grocery store and playlist live but tnd still did. you can mail the animals pretty easily thats how tnd got them back from playlist, it wouldnt be surprising if some of them brought animals

No. 560973

Pugpibblehedgie lives in Ohio and Tyler and Maddie visit each other regular; I think they live fairly close.

No. 560982

Lol why brag about that? Thats a job a rando without any relevant education can do.

No. 560997

Pugpibblehedgie and Maddie both are in the same area as the meetup based on their PO boxes. They’ll probably bring animals. Pickles is in Kansas, Emma is in Canada, Lori is in Tennessee, Tyler is in Michigan and Taylor is in Texas. Doubt any of them would.

No. 561007

File: 1524263968740.png (949.97 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3287.PNG)

i know hes not got the best animal husbandry, but i really wish he was calling out emzotic w this lol

No. 561061


Idk why she’d think any animal can appropriately be housed in a glass jar of water. What environment in the wild mirrors that? What animal would have naturally evolved to live in a small, empty jar? If she’d just critically think for a moment she’d realize how fucked up it is.

No. 561067

her justification was "having enrichment makes it harder to clean" like yeah obviously? but it also immensely increases the animals quality of life which is more important so who cares, just throw in a bit of drift wood its really not a big deal

No. 561069

(obviously not a direct quote lol but basically what she said)

No. 562091


Has anyone seen this girl? She's worse than TND when it comes to handling animals and she keeps getting animals knowing NOTHING about them like not even bare minimum knowledge. She handles her frogs and moon crabs and houses the crabs together (theyre 2 males) and one has been injured and she doesn't know why

No. 562093


Her hamster is in a wayyyyyy below minimum cage in her bathroom too

No. 562232

File: 1524418122292.png (59.44 KB, 212x195, pickles.png)

- buys a hamster from a pet store instead of even trying to adopt

- Doesn't quarantine the hamster away from the rest of her small furries

No. 562244

pickles is trash. a good rodent youtuber is erinsanimals

No. 562256

Was it a chain pet store though?
A lot of smaller pet stores go through small breeders and not large mills like chain stores do.

No. 562257

Erin doesnt quarantine or adopt either. Quite the double standard there.

No. 562258


Erin lives in a country where theres virtually no hamsters available for adoption because they're not a common pet.

Pickles however lives in the states, and adopts geckos etc from craigslist so i'm sure theres plenty of hamsters

No. 562259

It was a local petstore, not a chain

No. 562262


It was a smaller pet store, however no decent breeder would supply their hamsters to a store, they'd rather home them out themselves. Small pet stores can be just as bad as chain pet stores sometimes. You'd be better off going to the adoption section of petsmart

In the video you can see theres a lot of hamsters, and they come in a lot of different varieties, usually a good breeder would be focusing on breeding for health / temperament along with only a few varieties so I doubt they'd be able to supply that many is lots of different colours

No. 562264

And the excuse for not quarantining?

I am not defending anyone but I think if you’re going to suggest one person over the other, they shouldn’t be doing the exact same thing.

No. 562266


I don't have an excuse for that. I'm also not the same anon that suggested her in the first place so…

No. 562267

Exactly, there is a thriving ethical breeding practice in the USA. As someone in the hamster fancy, no good breeder is going to sell through a shop. Like any animal there is a interview process, they need pictures of your enclosures, a list of pets you have.

Does Erin not quarantine? If she doesn't shame on her. I mainly like Erin because she's the antithesis of impulsive.

No. 562268

No, she doesn’t unfortunately. Never has as far as I’ve seen.
I don’t know many pet channels that do practice quarantining though.

No. 562310

A lot of times quarantining is keeping separate with no interaction, no cross of food and water, and that's as much as you can do since it's hard to quarantine anything that lives on the same air supply. Good sanitation practice and common sense goes a long way. It's hard to tell what they do because we're not there with them, we only see snippets.

No. 562313

There is also Hopping Hammy, Hammylux and Victoria Raechel that have excellent hamster care vids. As for quarantining, hamsters are solitary. Not sure how relevant that is for them. Ensuring the cage, if being reused, is cleaned thoroughly, after having had a previous hamster in it is far more important.

No. 562326

lol wat. as another anon said, quarantining isn't necessary for hamsters…

No. 562338

oop, responded to the wrong anon, sorry

No. 562514

at the risk of sounding dumb, why do you quarantine pets? only info i really see is about quarantining animals to keep them from spreading infection. is that what you guys mean by it? and how should one quarantine a pet?

No. 562522

Yes. You quarantine new pets to prevent the spread of illness and disease. This is more important with animals housed in the same enclosure or tank.

No. 562550

Quarantining should ideally be for any new animal that enters a home, regardless of whether they remain solitary or not, especially in a home with a large number of animals or a home with multiple animals of the same species.
It can help prevent your entire group from getting sick if your new addition has something that can be spread, such as mites or any viral infections.
Technically speaking, the only real way to quarantine is to house an animal on a completely separate air supply as the healthy animals (you see this a lot in rescue facilities), but that is not realistic or possible for most pet owners and usually a different room is sufficient. Picking and choosing when it is or isn’t necessary to quarantine new animals is a dangerous practice to promote. If possible, ANY new animal should be quarantined regardless whether or not they’re solitary animals.

However, most average pet owners do not quarantine ever, especially not solitary animals. Quaranting is a practice that should be promoted, but I don’t expect it from PetTubers who are typically nothing more than average pet owners who happen to film themselves.

No. 562552

Yes, mainly for preventing disease (illness / parasites etc) spreading to your existing animals. But also to ensure the new pet is otherwise healthy and adjusting.

Quarantine method varies depending on the species of animal.

For example fish, 4 weeks in a separate tank, with separate filtration and equipment, in a space where water droplette (through the air) contamination isn't possible. Is ideal. Fish are usually treated for parasitic illnesses too during this time.

For small mammals (eg rats) two weeks quarantine is usually standard (although good practice might have some folks quarantining longer). They should be kept in a separate cage in ideally a different location (two buildings), or at the same location with different airflows (ie. a completely different area within a single building). They should not share any 'common' areas with existing animals and should not come into contact with toys / equipment or even clothes that existing animals have been on. Hands /arms should be washed thoroughly from going from one area to another.

Both the above are 'ideal' quarantines although I'm probably forgetting to add something. Many people think they can get away with less or just keeping animals away from each other, but still getting them out in common areas. Sadly that means that the quarantine only works for illnesses that require direct contact and not airborne infections or even things that can pass through clothing lice etc.

No. 562739


Herpfag here, I'm really surprised by the lack of BHB content in these threads (read the last one, wasn't sure if there were more). He's got a spicy anti group on Facebook with a lot of milk.

One of my favorites is a very interesting interaction between he and Lori when he brought home the """"first""" leopard geckos for his program. She flips out and makes a scene, it's heavily implied that the last time he did this, he did no research on the animals and they all died (most likely slow, horrible deaths due to poor husbandry).

I'll see if I can find that video. There's so much milk, is everyone just taking it as common knowledge? I'm surprised to not see it here.

No. 562797

thanks so much for the helpful replies! that was really informative and i appreciate it a lot. i've only got a beardie and two buns right now but thinking about getting some fish or perhaps other small animals in the future. i didn't know quarantining your animals was a thing until reading these replies but i'm glad i do now!

No. 562800

Finally someone mentions the trash that is BHB. Emzotic has Milk about BHB from her livestreams, but hasn’t said exactly what. She said in multiple livestreams that she refuses to collab or associate with him or Prehistoric Pets that she used 2 be friends with Barfczyk for years and that he visited her in England and she showed him some animals? . Then she said she was disappointed when he changed. I think it was when he had the controversy of sending dickpics to his young fans? Maybe he did the same with Em because she used to be in the same circle with the old school reptile ppl? She said Brian wanted her to produce a show for his channel when she was a zookeeper but she refused. I hope she talks about it one day. He’s the epitome of garbage but people don’t seem 2 call out the Male pettubers as much as the girl PetTubers.
Sage for speculation.

No. 562866


Her boyfriend is buddy-buddy with Brian tho. There was a picture of them armwrestling going around.

So much wrong with BHB. Starting with keeping an alligator in a kiddy pool. Then just good ol' animal abuse/neglect.

And he is just so darn oblivious to all of it.

No. 562877

Danni?? He’s vocally ANTI Brian. I think your confusing very old pictures. Danny is very against Brian on his Facebook and he’s a memeber of the anti Brian Facebook group. I’ll try to find his old fb posts.

No. 562884

File: 1524448731447.jpeg (207.06 KB, 750x487, 33C63937-A3E4-4072-BAE6-4F4F15…)

1 of 4

No. 562887

File: 1524448766805.jpeg (190.21 KB, 750x503, 689FC9A9-F390-4DD1-8ED4-7ED548…)

2 of 4

No. 562892


Found it! Enjoy. Threw in some bonus REEEE from Brian on the side

No. 562893

File: 1524448840932.jpeg (190.12 KB, 750x494, 3104FF97-9084-440A-BBBD-089013…)

3 of 4

No. 562895

File: 1524448926077.jpeg (136.37 KB, 750x489, 3B134518-49A8-4D58-AA7D-1BD870…)


4 of 4

No. 562900

2:16!?!?! What the hell?
If his own wife thinks that he would leave them in the box.. ?

No. 562918

File: 1524449711431.jpg (73.31 KB, 436x668, briankillsbubbagator.JPG)


Can confirm, Danny spills all kinds of tea on Brian, including one of many incidents where named animals die and are immediately replaced by another with the same name. Happened with Sunshine and Satan, too. THE SHOW MUST GO ON, AFTER ALL.

No. 562931


Jay Brewer (Prehistoric Reptiles) infamously culls healthy retics/giants that he thinks won't sell. He and Brian are like the 'Angels of Death' of the herp world, rofl.

No. 562948


I’m not surprised Em won’t touch Bryan or Jay with a barge pole. A collab with either of them could help her channel grow, but it would be bad for her image in the long game. At least she has sense enough to stay away from the mass hoarders.

Brian is just creepy AF. I swear he’s on drugs on his videos but at conventions he’s boring and isn’t like how he is on camera. His wife Lory just impulse bought a Great Dane puppy and didn’t introduce the new puppy to their older dog properly and there was a fight because of this.
That puppy could hav been seriously hurt.

No. 562976

File: 1524452315463.jpg (80.89 KB, 488x636, briancheats.JPG)

It's funny, I think in a recent vid of his he VERY EXPLICITLY takes a moment and says he doesn't partake in drugs or alcohol of any kind, he literally says he's responding to people who wonder 'what he's on.'

I've seen pretty of coked up white business dudes so I can't say I agree, I think he is fueled by ego alone.

HOWEVER with regard to the creep allegations, his iCloud account was apparently 'hacked' at one point and SURPRISE he has nudes of his own employees in there. I wonder how many of those cute female youtubers he collabbed with had to tolerate him breathing down their neck the entire time.

I swear to god, Lori is biding her time till he really fucks up so she can hit the road and cash in on those sweet, sweet BrianBux. They started the business together, after all.

No. 563099

this is wild, but are there more solid receipts? where are the nudes? i think we can do better than danny on a fb group. honestly, danny needs to sit the fuck down because he is no fucking better than bhb.

No. 563263

I'm not a fan of Danny at all, but we have no evidence of the way Danny keeps his reptiles, so it's not really fair to say he's worse than Brian until we've seen his care. He seems uneducated on a lot of very simple things (hermit crabs on a thin layer of pink calcium sand and marbles, and the betta fish "breeding" fiasco, but maybe he has a breeder state of mind and has a good breeding set up for whatever he's working with, unlike Brian who keeps retics in racks where they can barely move.

No. 563266

Oh goodness this video was alarming. All of his employees and his wife were even mocking how he doesn't care for his own animals…

No. 563282

File: 1524508430543.jpg (87.23 KB, 852x640, danny_no.jpg)


That's the picture I was talking about. Doesn't seem to be taken that long ago … Good to know he changed his mind tho.

No. 563396

Not saying he's WORSE than Brian, but he is definitely not better than him. I think the fact that Danny and Emzotic refuse to show all their animals and enclosures says a lot about the care and condition they are kept in. Danny backyard breeds snakes just to trade, so he obviously has a pretty sizable collection. Maybe his breeding set up is passable, but thats only a fraction of his collection. We've already seen peaks of his wall-to-wall rack system during Emz livestreams, but you're right, we don't know what is exactly in those racks. Honestly, I almost don't want to know what he's stuffing in those racks, or what other animals he has down in his basement.

Does he really keep his hermit crabs on calcium sand?? FFS, If he's struggling with the care of simple "starter" pets, I can't imagine his care for his other pets. How hard is it to read a care sheet or two?? Even Petco doesn't keep their hermit crabs on calcium sand

No. 563612

This lady is crazy.

At least it seems like one of her birds isn't putting up with her shit. Angel's bitten her several times now. inc in her last video.

No. 563630


The comments for this video are great, most people seem to realize that she was also in the wrong.

"He might be breaking the rules but he at least has control over his unleashed animal. You can't say the same considering your parrot just does whatever it wants, evident by the way it took off and refused to listen to your calls. He might have been rude, but you are being ridiculously irresponsible. Let's just call it like it is, you were both in the wrong and behaved like fools."

No. 563636

Yeah, that one was linked in the last thread. Unfortunately no matter how many folks seem to call her out she keeps doing stupid shit. Take a look at the first video she lost Hope during free flight. So many people told her to stop, to not do it again.. and a few videos later she looses Hope again. :/ Free flight is dangerous with trained birds… her birds aren't trained.

No. 563638

Those peaks are the invertebrate racks which she shows in her livestreams. I don’t have an issue with invertebrates in racks. The spider cages look like the expensive acrylic ones from the vendors at Whiteplains - I have the same and they’re good. The continuous speculation is unreliable so I wait for facts. I can’t speak about the hermit crab. I haven’t seen that setup. I’ve only seen the hermit setup with the deep cocofibre/sand mix which used to be where Bad Ideas enclosure is. It had hammocks and drift wood and didn’t look bad to me?

Brian is in idiot and needs to be taken off of YouTube. I don’t care what people do off camera, but portraying and glorifying mass snake production is more worrisome than what ‘might’ be happening in Danny or Ems collection.

No. 563646

Lickily her audience is small. Fml.

No. 563719

File: 1524533794209.jpg (53.47 KB, 476x544, briancheats2.JPG)


You're right, it's speculation till we see 'em. I don't have access to the pics and haven't cared enough to try. Plus I'm a nobody in the circlejerk so doubt they'd share with me. There's plenty of talk about it tho. Here are some replies on a post by someone who used to be a 'close friend.'

No. 563725

File: 1524534041607.jpg (28.55 KB, 467x191, brianRJgatorleg.JPG)


To be fair though, there are WAY, WAAAY more folks than just Danny piling on. His contributions to the milkshake are minimal, at best. Danny provided some milk about the death of multiple 'Bubba' gators, other folks have documented the incident where he was keeping 3-4 young alligators in a kiddy pool in the middle of the shop floor. He would feed them all at the same time, one got it's leg ripped off in the frenzy. Mysteriously all the gators except the injured one vanished, probably because it took a horrendous injury for him to realize it was a fucking bad idea.

All of this commentary is a combination of people who knew the guy and watched all his videos.

No. 563784

Thankfully I think he has a lot of inverts, so I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that that's what's in the background of the livestreams… hopefully anyway
I mentioned this before but I'm so happy she made it on here. She thinks she's entitled to fly her bird at the park in front of dogs bc there's no "keep birds leashed" sign.. Are they just going to put up a sign for every animal that could potentially go to that park and be let off of a leash? No. Of course not.
I've been watching her many videos of her losing her birds in free flight or sending her macaw out to fly around dangerous situations and then blaming dogs for having the instinct to chase the bird. Is it really THAT hard to go to a place that doesn't have dogs or people around? Ffs, find a field or some shit. She even sent her bird out to fly while there was a fucking baseball game going on… She's going to get her beautiful young macaw killed, and it'll be no one's fault but her own. She's negligent af.

No. 563786

I used to watch him and there was a video where he took the two other gators to a sanctuary

No. 563791

They made that enclosure after a few PetTubers called them out on their bad care of the crabs. Em had posted a picture of the hermit crabs in a small af tank with a thin layer of calcium sand and a tiny ass water dish with a sponge. A few people called her out and she changed it. But it was when Em first moved there, so it was clear that they were danny's and he was keeping them like that.

No. 563793

Brian is a bad influence to new members of the reptile community as well,I got my first ball python from him and firstly, he sent us the wrong year, we kept her because we didnt want to send her back but secondly she was also kinda dehydrayed and underweight, I used to think he was great watching his videos, but now know how poorly he treats his animals, like didnt he keep a monitor on his rack system? Also dragging RJ around to things like the David Dobrik show seems highly stressful. Problem is hes often peoples first outlet into the world of reptiles.

No. 563799

I got my first snake from Brian several years ago, a corn snake. She was gorgeous, and I knew I didn't want to buy from a pet shop, but I also didn't know about expos, so I went with a breeder online and BHB was highly regarded but I also didn't know who Brian was, and it took me longer than it should have to connect the dots. She was fine for a year and a half, she was a great eater but never grew. Not at all. And then just died. I know some snakes do this, I've gotten another like that and the same thing happened; ate like a champ, never grew, died. Thought it was worth mentioning.

No. 563808

Oh ok I didn’t see that. At least she changed it and didn’t ignore/try to justify it. That pisses me off when PetTubers try to validate their poor choices.

No. 563810

Barczyk is known as a trash breeder. A flesh peddler. His employees sign NDA’s which say they aren’t allowed to tell the truth of his operation. Also he’s known for mites. All his snakes have them.

No. 563819

He’s a poor influence but he positions himself with younger Youtubers to validate himself. He’s washed up. His views are awful for someone with 1M subs, and he always does clickbaity titles. He also parades baby bears in his videos and whores out animals for video stunts.

Speaking of stupid stunts, Coyote Peterson is an idiot who makes money through provoking animals to display fearful or aggressive behavior. Somehow he gets away with it like he’s some sort of ‘expert’. He’s a fame seeking idiot in a safari hat.

No. 564229

In coyotes blue tongue skink video he gave out some incorrect information about them, he claims they cant drop their tails but they 100% can and will drop them.

No. 564273

File: 1524575604629.png (342.35 KB, 538x319, 05BF9D96-A2F3-4A5B-BB7A-2AC076…)

He openly admitted that the only was he was able 2 get famous was because he gets bitten.

Nobody knew who he was before that.

Over 10M people subscribe to his channel to watch him disturb wild animals and scare them enough to get bitten or stung.

No. 564274

Maybe people will disagree with me, but he reminds me of Steve Irwin in that way. I don't get why the guy was so revered. I remember turning on the TV to see if he got bit by a snake or eaten by a crocodile.. not for educational purposes.

No. 564285


- Duck eats Styrofoam.
- Doesn't use turtle safe plants when replanting the turtle's enclosure. Because the turtle is a 'picky eater' so she 'wont touch them'.
- As seen before, owns alligator snapping turtle and common snapping turtle. Keeps them together.
- Keeps her red ear sliders in tiny enclosures. Excuses this by saying she gives them free roaming time.
- Has bred her turtles.
- Says she doesn't collect turtles; still has loads in addition to all her other animals.

No. 564299

that is a fuck ton of turtles. also why does she talk like that in the beginning it was really bothering me, and when she let her duck eat the styrofoam for like five minutes before getting up to go over and she's like "wow in the time it took me to get over here she ate it all!!" maybe that's because you couldn't stop filming for two seconds to prevent your duck from ingesting shit it should not ingest

No. 564319

Let’s her duck eat plastic. -_-‘
That’s a lot of turtles. What’s the bet that she doesn’t keep even half of them for their whole lives.
When she gets bored of them she’ll just have another disaster like when she killed all her fish.

No. 564387

In Tumblr there are some horrible photos about Brian
I don't follow him completely but he had an snake that try to escape so he literally push her back in to the tub
After that she developed a horrible infection that ate her entire nose
He said it was an injury made for all the moves of the escaping but in the video you can't see he hit her in any moment
So it's probably just an infection she developed and he has refuse to threat her
Honestly idk what happen to her but I think a this point it's death

No. 564401

birds absolutely love maniacally eating styrofoam. had freerange chickens way back and they would devour any they could find in seconds. irresponsible to have it just lying around the house if you have a bird inside. is her duck an indoor pet btw? cant be a good life for it.

No. 564457

Yes, it’s an indoor duck. It runs around with her million cats and dogs.

No. 564477

Anything can drop their tails. If grabbed, tails will pop off or deglove from just about any animal. The difference is if they can drop them as defense or if they're physically pulled from them somehow.

No. 564498

So Joey (The King of DIY) is moving his gallery around /again/; putting Frank under another tank in the entry way and planning on building an indoor pond.

I really hope this doesn't mean he's decided to get a caiman as he mentioned before.

Also I'm increasingly getting the impression he really isn't too fond of Frank but can't get rid of him (like he did with Beans) because his fans love Frank so much. Hence Franks new position out of the way, under another tank. I don't buy the whole 'he'll have more attention there' or 'he has a great view of the gallery'. The fish isn't going to be able to see much through the doorway and isn't on eye-level for interaction.

No. 564504

They drop them as defense. I have two species of skink, one of them a blue tongue, and i did months of research, just google "skink tail drop"

No. 564518

it's obviously from this video that he hates frank, poor guy

No. 564536


She also seems to have bred two species of turtle to create hybrid babies.

Most of her turtles are also super aggressive towards her, which makes me think they're probably wild caught

No. 564561

That's also a very big brush she's using to clean them. You have to be careful with that size of brush bc the bristles can irritate their skin if you're scrubbing their shell really hard and it touches their skin, which it looks like she's doing. Toothbrushes are typically easier to use and control where they go.

No. 564590


at one point it also looked like she deliberately put the brush in front of its mouth and allowed it to bite it

No. 564619

File: 1524604227678.png (379.87 KB, 747x823, taytay.png)

So Emzotic is still buddy buddies with TND.

Also sharing that story online with accompanying pics is a lot.

No. 564623

Yeah… I commend her for talking so openly about her miscarriage… but that story with the accompanying images is a bit disturbing. Especially knowing her following is likely quite young from how she targets her videos.

Despite the 'draw my life' thing being quite dumbed down for younger audiences; I think she did it quite well there. It wasn't graphic and it explained the situation well.

This though is a bit… eh…

Just saying Trigger Alerts at the top of a post doesn't quite cover it if you're going to show paramedics cleaning up a miscarriage and blood on your ferret from it.

No. 564716

I thought the photos were kind of weird? I don't know who would stop to take photos in that situation?

No. 564722

Agreed… the blood on the ferrets nose is fresh so it's not like she took it after she got back from the hospital.

The fact that she took a photo of the paramedics cleaning up the blood and tissue is just kind of… I don't know.

I'm not trying to be insensitive but it's weird for sure.

No. 564740


Maybe she was in shock?

No. 564767

I don’t think it’s weird. When I fired a nail through my finger I took pictures of it and took pictures in the hospital to send my friends and my family who live out of state. Maybe she was sending them to Danny or her family as this was (I believe) in the UK?? That’s my guess. TBF at least it’s blurred.

No. 564770

This was before Danny, in 2016. Also a miscarriage is vastly different to a gory finger injury.

Yeah, I guess? But that doesn't add up with her passing out / not being aware enough to know they were taking her to an ambulance etc. I suppose people do weird things in those situations and I don't want to question it too much… but it is 100% weird to then upload those photos.

No. 564777

But it was Danny’s baby. They’ve been together something like 4 years? Unless they took a break in the relationship and it was someone else’s baby???

No. 564782

My bad, I was sure she'd said it was M's.

No. 564796


I don’t think she had a miscarriage with M. She doesn’t have any live kids does she? Just the stepkids right? This confused me.

No. 564799

No, as far as I'm aware she doesn't have any children.

No. 564805

File: 1524617543222.jpg (27.66 KB, 525x468, briansmash.jpg)


Was it this one?

No. 564810

File: 1524617778632.jpg (24.74 KB, 540x417, brianputsthelotionontheskin.jp…)


Here you go, this was ~10 years ago. Turns my fucking stomach. After catching flak it looks like he moved it to a birdcage next.

Re: dragging animals around, rumor has it that was a factor in why Sunshine #1 passed, he was constantly shipping it around to events.

No. 564868

Why is being ‘buddies’ an issue? It’s not a bad thing. I have friends I don’t agree with all the time but it makes sense that Pettubers would feel some kind of connection to each other? As long as they not laughing or being rude about their subs or fuelling bad habits I don’t have a prob with it.

No. 564871

Thank you, Anon.

I cant see how and why he still has so many followers after see that.

I have read so many times people complain about the animal they receveid but since it came in such bad shape people keep it because they think the animal wont be able to go through the travel again.
It is really sad


I havent see TND throw shade to Emzotic,but she is constatly low key doing it or even making fun of her. At least for me is really hiprocrite from her and specially inmature for someone of her age.

Sorry for bad english btw

No. 564885

Basically to emulate a healthy environment for it, it would be a million times easier to just let them have access to the outdoors. Ducks are very social, a minimum of 2 but ideally at least 3-4. Ducks should preferably have some form of water to bath in but contrary to popular belief don't need it 24/7. After constant walking on hard surfaces their feet may get abrasions and contract bumble foot. Flip side, their claws easily get snagged in carpets and cause injury. Ducks CAN NOT wear diapers due to infection, and they should NEVER have to sit and/or lay in their shit. They are very prone to infections and breathing issues. So the duck would need a very large and well-ventilated area if not the whole house. To be inside for a bit is fine, but living indoors full time I imagine would be very difficult to accomplish
As someone who has been in shock and then the following depression, it makes you do some absolutely retarded and heartless shit. I can honestly understand someone doing dumb shit like this and posting about it even months after it happened in the wonderful bouts of depression and not giving a shit.
The thing about having a free-roaming animal like a flying bird off your property is that her and the free-roaming animal don't have more privileges than others and their contained animals. And that's just the law (at least in the US). If, for example, her bird was flying around in public and flew into or close enough to a leashed dog that it was eaten, the dog owners could sue her for having to pump their dog's stomach out. She probably isn't required to leash her bird in areas where dogs must be, but she will also get no love from the courts if something were to happen to her free range bird in public.

No. 564894

Who? Em throws shade at Taylor? I haven’t seen it. I think that’s down to perception. In one of Taylor’s videos she said she could churn out an educational video every week if she wanted but doesn’t because its just boring. That to me was Taylor throwing shade at Em, but you might think different. I don’t think they look like good friends. Just happen to be on YouTube in the same catagroy and interact friendly like with each other. I think their twitter interactions look genuine. There’s not even that many.

No. 564931

being buddies is an issue when taylor has shit husbandry and rather than calling her out on it, everyone wants to be her buddy for their own gain

No. 564939

Again this doesnt hit me as an issue. Maybe we are just different ages (24) but I don’t see PetTube as a place to have to call people out. There would be no videos of any real interest to me if it was just like a high school of bitchy videos and gossip/drama channels. I don’t agree with any PetTubers 100% of the time, but I would lose interest once an for all if it was all just clickbait and calling out.

They all need to improve but I don’t/won’t judge them on who they talk to if it’s genuine.

No. 564953

File: 1524632932939.jpeg (12.57 KB, 127x275, 1524632101796.jpeg)

From TND

No. 564958

If that’s real it’s actually quite funny. What sources are these? Is TND your friend?

No. 564976

i see your point, but personally i believe that who you associate reflects on who you are as a person. i couldn't bring myself to be buddy buddy with her if i was a pet youtuber. it just doesn't sit well with me when these people claim to be about good husbandry but support someone like taylor.

No. 564977

That’s like saying X world leader is bad for being photographed with X communist leader. Diplomacy is class. Not everyone has to be outspoken about who they disagree with.

No. 564979

Taylor posted that on Twitter. They’re doing a panel together at playlist live.

No. 564984

Blah blah blah
Me me me me
Sub sub sub
Sponsored sponsored sponsored.

Audience: Queen queen queen!

I wonder which company is sponsoring them to push their crappy products or services.

No. 564996

One of the puppies passed, very sad. Not quite sure what to think about it, it's a curious situation but misfortunate things do happen.

No. 565009

Three of them got parvo as well.

No. 565010

It’s sad the puppy passed for sure. But she backyard bred them, as far as I know they weren’t health tested or anything, and she claimed to have “created” a new gene.

No. 565038

I'd honestly never heard of parvo before but from what I've read from Google so far, puppies younger than hers should be vaccinated to prevent it. So I assume her puppies did not get this shot (or possibly any others)? If that is the case then that seems irresponsible, but I don't watch her videos much though so I don't know if she's claimed otherwise.

She says the puppies getting parvo isn't related to the other puppy's death and I don't know enough about it to disagree. From the symptoms she described poisoning sounds plausible, I hope she's able to find whatever that puppy got into before her other animals do.

No. 565040

Depends to be honest. You can vaccinate your dog to prevent it but he can still get parvo
Parvo is not always deadly if you take extensive care of your dog however most of the dogs who catch parvo die

No. 565068

Actually that isn’t true. Working in an animal clinic for 4 years and seeing 30+ cases of parvo every year, we only had a small handful of deaths. It depends on how fast the owner reacts. If it goes without vet care or goes too long without vet care, yes, it’ll kill them. It has to run its course and while it does so the dog has to stay on fluids and meds to control vomiting. Vaccinating the dog as a puppy is extremely important but it’s only like a flu vaccine. It will build immunity but not prevent the virus. Plus just like with flu vaccines they generally only prevent against certain strains, your dog can get different strains of parvo. Plus, dogs of all ages can get parvo. They build immunity to it with age generally but it doesn’t make it impossible. I think it’s horrible her dog died. I feel the pain for her even though I do not like her personally, I don’t wish that pain on my worst enemy and I hope while she is grieving someone is able to help her with her pets.

Sorry for the book but I thought it may help.

No. 565077

>Sorry for the book but I thought it may help.
I was the anon looking more into parvo so the info is appreciated!

No. 565135

File: 1524661967731.png (917.46 KB, 750x1334, F4C49272-7095-42B4-9F4A-124C06…)

Emzotic via Twitter @ a fan who was upset by the DM.
She makes acceptable points and she’s not rrly gloating about TNDs chat name change, but I wonder why TND even shared that DM. Maybe she tried to throw Em into bad light? ‘Can’t fix my rep so I’m going to damage yours’.

No. 565138

Everyone gets hate. Why do they think they’re special?

No. 565174

I dont even have a YouTube channel and i solely post my animals on Instagram and i still get hate for keeping reptiles and exotics. Getting hate isnt anything special Em… Even people who dont keep animals get hate… Most of us just delete it and move on. Quit dwelling on it, its just going to make your life harder

No. 565259

such a fake apology too, "im sorry you feel let down but ive done nothing wrong ever". and whats with bringing up getting hate? stop complaining about a few trolls and cyber bullies and pay attention to legitimate husbandry criticisms. she hasnt dedicated her life to animals either shes just exploiting them for profit its all for her gain not for the animals, if she was working to HELP animals then yeah that'd be great but shes just using them for money and encouraging improper care so she can get sponsorships. the one thing that was respectable and helped animals was when she promoted adopting/rescuing reptiles in her snake video

No. 565397

File: 1524681714798.gif (1005.58 KB, 500x282, giphy.gif)


Poor Em, getting called out for being a brat. But of course, people send her death threats, so her care of animals doesn't matter. She's associating with someone who kills her animals constantly and lets her rapist druggie bf smoke around them, but you guuuuys people are mean to her in comments!

No. 565468

Kampkenan is hanging out with Barczyk right now… Jist posted an Instagram story with brian flying a drone around kenans yard… Lost a bunch of respect from me

No. 565511

File: 1524686868255.jpg (1.25 MB, 1440x1080, alligator.jpg)

I wonder where they keep the alligator.
There are a few photos of it on their animal education buisness page http://www.zoojerseyanimals.com/home.html

No. 565534

I know this sounds harsh, but I don’t feel sorry for her (happy tails). I feel sorry for the puppy who died, and her other dogs. I feel sorry for all her animals. But how can she ever claim that not only was breeding those dogs the right thing to do, but that she knew entirely what and how to handle any issues that might arise. A puppy is dead. Three others are sick. This is due to her idiocy. I would even say neglect too.

Even if she WAS paying special attention to those dogs, she’s got too many other animals to ever be able to truly spend enough time with any single species or individual. I and many others judged her from the start for byb those poor dogs, and what has happened was always worst case scenario when you do this shit. It happened. Sad for the dogs. Not sad for her.

No. 565572

Its absolutely horrible that her puppy died and the others are sick, but I don't feel sorry for her either. I really hope this is a wake up call for her because her hoarding is finally catching up to her. She has gotten at least 8 new pets (ball python, two sugar gliders, four chicks, gargoyle gecko) since the puppies were born, which was only 4 months ago. What else did she expect taking on 8 new pets in the span of 4 months while raising puppies on top of taking care of her other 40+ pets (some being very intelligent birds that need 5+ hrs of attention). Its unreasonable to expect anyone to be able to do that, even with the help of her husband. Unfortunately, its her animals that are the ones who suffer the most at the end of the day, and only more of her pets will end up dying or sick from neglect.

No. 565602

Could be in the basement with the snapping turtle.

Interesting on that site they have some chinchillas that we haven't seen too. The spiders / scorpion aside.

No. 565607

While I 150% agree with you in the sense of not liking her or what she does or how she chooses to live, if what she says in her video is true as far as time frames go, she was on top of everything. The most well cared for dogs can get parvo (mine for example, followed all guidelines we preach at veterinary clinics, shots were never a day late, etc etc) but mine made it because I caught all symptoms early and it seems she did the same. We can’t prove she gave her dogs vaccinations but vaccinations don’t prevent anything. However the poisoning part, I feel as tho since she lets her dogs free roam which imho is very irresponsible, who knows where the dog went or what it got into. Or someone is baiting her dogs.

No. 565610

Same anon as above, on top of what I said before, I thought she worked in an animal clinic. Shouldn’t she know that parvo isn’t prevented by vaccines?

No. 565612

Even if she did get them vaccinations, she was letting them out in her yard before they would have been old enough for vaccines, and she mentions pretty often that a lot of the neighbor’s and stray dogs come into her yard all the time. Most likely it was in the dirt.

No. 565637

I wasn’t aware she preached that. For me, I think it’s ridiculous to keep a dog indoors 100% until its 16 weeks old. How will potty training go? Our clinic tells people not to take their puppies to the dog park where hundreds of other animals have been but never to not let the dog touch the ground. But we also tell people to not let their dogs run loose even if you have ___ acres of land it’s still dangerous.

No. 565648

Silent thread reader here. I’ve worked with Dan before at his old workplace. He did social media nd ed programs for a place called Rizzos. Thats not Dans gator its 100% Her name is Daffy and she lives (last I checked) at the center. Daffy (duck) because of her mishaped jaw. He’s actually quiet and a nice dude and Em was always super sweet. She painted the party room at work in secret for no money when the center first opened and had no money and she brought candy for the center employees from Britain. I never went to their house so I don’t know what it’s like but they’re both liked a lot round here. They did some free shows for the army vets but left Rizzos because of arguements over the care of the center animals. I can’t talk about it here just incase for legal reasons but lots of employees walked out with Dan and Em.

No. 565666

Thanks for the info.

Do you know how many animals they do have? Or why they're so secretive about the number?

No. 565677

They’re all (ed program people) secretive. Rizzo, lizard guys, etc. Nobody shares the full list of animals because then your competitors know your set and can copy. Same I guess like magick shows and magicians and tricks.
Srsly though, I think maybe that’s just how they are rather than having anything to hide. The only other thing I can think of is that Dan got in trouble in Texas when he was arrested for exposing the cruelty at that Rattlesnake thing where they kill rattlers in a pit. It was (I think but not totally sure) because the roundup claimed to have only one type of permitted species but they actually poached protected rattlesnakes I think he has the footage on his old channel? Anyway he was arrested and the group who run the event it sent death threats to his house and made threats against his family. I think that’s why they moved because it was real bad trouble. He went back to Texas with an event to promote education and not killing the snakes and and the organisers of roundup came and threatened him and Em. I’m from Texas originally and down there people are crazy about killing snakes and they’re dangerous. Real redneck types. It’s so sad

No. 565920

This is great of you to say.
I never thought Em was a bad person but I was always curious about the intense secrecy of their animals.

No. 567234

File: 1524849101410.png (1.49 MB, 1396x728, why.png)

Next thread Happy Tails should have a shout out in the OP;

Happy Tails
-has well over 100 animals and a job
-BYB merle corgis so she could have a few
-BYB goats on accident then BYB the babies on accident too
-has 0 qualifications but offers animal advice for $1 a minute
-needs donations just to take care of her own animals yet continues to get more
-keeps some animals in incredibly tiny and dirty cages

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa_17EwmmHm7FJtIn57c9-w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meghan_happytails/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mj_happy_tails
Website: http://www.mjhappytails.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mjhappytails

No. 567709

File: 1524887018613.png (6.84 MB, 1242x2208, 3D47129E-48E7-4D79-A178-EDEA38…)

No. 567863

So Taylor’s wearing a winter type rope coat and Emzotic is wearing black boots and no pants?! WTH?!!! If that’s a dress, it’s pretty damn short if most of her bare thigh is showing. Who taught these girls how to dress?

No. 567927

I’m pretty sure she’d be wearing underwear..

No. 567954

File: 1524920178954.jpeg (515.33 KB, 750x888, 5E756D52-77DF-4CDD-A0A8-F8CEEC…)

Not sure if this is exactly relevant but I have noticed lately a lot of TND/Happy Tails/Tyler inspired hoarders on instagram. One has a tumblr thread advising people not to home animals to her, her Instagram is demis_zoo she’s terrible. This is her craigslist ad trying to get people to give her exotics.

I think it’s kind of relevant to this thread because sometimes pettubers come here and insist there’s nothing harmful in what they do, but this is what you’re glorifying and inspiring people to do…

No. 567961

File: 1524920503880.jpeg (337.83 KB, 734x538, 7A06E846-4812-4EC9-A1C6-F1DE6C…)

She deleted this post but an example of how she’s keeping all these animals. She also has her rabbits in tiny cages too.

No. 568116

File: 1524935266213.jpg (324.79 KB, 1067x1751, Screenshot_20180428-105255~2.j…)

Holy shit I just looked at her Instagram and she actually just recycles animals continuously and is low-key a hoarder. This is one of her bunny enclosures

No. 568119

File: 1524935406951.jpg (199.03 KB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20180428-110742~2.j…)

And here she is "hoping" that Petco has some abandoned animals for her to adopt. Who hopes that???? She also has a cat who has had multiple litters. Why hasn't she spayed it yet? She's finally considering spaying her after the litter she had not too long ago because she doesn't want to put here through another litter. Why didn't she do that after (or before) the first? I believe she currently has two unspayed cats :/

No. 568171

File: 1524939552956.png (893.61 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3368.PNG)

arent these wheels dangerous because animals can get their toes/nails caught in them? her care is awful does anyone know if many animals have passed away in her care? i really hope not but i wouldnt be surprised if they had

No. 568178


Yes wire wheels are bad for any animal. Without knowing a reason I don't want to jump to conclusions but her chinchilla looks really unhealthy its coat is really poor quality

No. 568181

File: 1524939966052.png (849.82 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3369.PNG)

4 sugar gliders should have teice the amount of space, a sleepig pouch each, and way more toys this is so sad. idk much about chinchilla care so i cant comment on anything but the wite wheel beig dangerous

No. 568192

Her animals literally have no substrate other than newspaper/cardboard… that's bad.

No. 568203

File: 1524942393081.png (538.69 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3371.PNG)

she let her bird fly into a pirhana tank. thats not "whoops accidents happen". this girl could have a whole thread to herself her poor animals are so neglected

No. 568218

…reminds me of Emma Sampson’s….she says her bunnies free roam during the day and this is night. If people thought it’s ok for Emma, why are we picking this setup apart?

No. 568238

I’ve personally never defended Emma because I don’t know shit about rabbits, but afaik Emma’s rabbits need to be bonded before they can all be transferred to a bigger setup, so one of hers is in a smaller temporary enclosure till then. To reiterate, I don’t know about bunnies, but that sounds about like quarantining fish/reptiles, sometimes putting them in more sparse setups until it’s safe to move forward.

This chick meanwhile thinks these setups are good, and is actively advertising to take in even more high maintenance animals too, like macaws and other parrots, large lizard species, etc. It’s clearly a bad mindset to have and will not benefit those animals already in her care.

No. 568249


That is an unacceptable set up for her poor bunny, even if she “free roams” for part of the day.

No. 568251


Why are you assuming the same people who defended Emma are critiquing this other girl? I never defended Emma and I think this girls set up is fucked. Idk Emma’s situation cause I don’t wanna read her essays of a response.

No. 568258

Emma’s setups aren’t that bad. They’re not huge, probably a similar size but at least hers have hides, chew toys, tunnels etc for the rabbits to have some stimulation. This one is basically just a bare cage, I’m sure the rabbit is bored as hell

No. 568277

There's also two rabbits in that set up, up there. Not one. There's another in the cage. :/

No. 568288

Oh my god I didn't even notice the second bunny. That is horrible. There's most definitely not enough room for two buns in that :(

No. 568291

File: 1524948871124.png (492.77 KB, 770x360, comparrison.png)


Heres a photo for comparrison, agreed Emmas rabbits have more to do but at the end of the day they'll still get frustrated if they're in a small cage (which is evident in some of her videos from her rabbit bar chewing) and the cages do seem the same size

No. 568294

File: 1524948901278.jpeg (461.87 KB, 750x1057, 5B00331E-D1B2-44EC-AB57-800EB5…)

Are u hecking kidding????

No. 568295


also i just realized do the rabbits in that demiszoo even have a water source??

No. 568301

Post this to the TND too, that's actually hilarious if she couldn't drag her junkie ass down from the hotel room.

No. 568379

File: 1524953123652.jpeg (126.67 KB, 750x544, A45D0DA3-5AC4-495E-82CE-874958…)

No. 568382

A’s far as I know a 4x4 pen is the minimum for 2 dwarf rabbits though

No. 568462

Are those (both pics) dwarf rabbits?

No. 568543

According to her they’re both dwarves

No. 568550

i don't think 4x4 is enough space for two buns. maybe one, but that seems really small for two.

i have two bunnies who aren't bonded yet and they both have quite a bit of room. i fit an ikea bed, a soft cat bed, and a cat scratcher shaped like a couch in just one and there's still about twice as much room on the floor as there is taken up by all that plus the litter box and water bowl.

my only real issue with demi's set up is how fucking plain it is. my buns get bored even with the abundance of toys i buy them and she has literally nothing there. i'm assuming she hadn't added anything in there because she just rearranged, but the bunny cage looks like the least of our worries with this POS!

emma's cages on the other hand do seem a little on the small side, at least for the one bun. i understand that she's waiting until she can bond them all but i'm pretty sure expanding that xpen just a little bit wouldn't kill anybody(blogposting)

No. 568893

File: 1524980120823.png (4.91 MB, 1125x2436, EE9E11F5-58F8-4CB0-9D0E-524CDE…)

Her name is Demi but she signs her art work as hailie? Or does that say something else? Also she has a lot of editing pictures quoted with captions as if she has a YouTube channel.

No. 569064

I agree, Emma has said that her pens are only temporary until she bonds the bunnies (and from experience it can be a really tricky process and can take a while). Although it is the minimum, she does say she thinks it’s too small and plans on making it a lot bigger once they’re bonded. Her bunnies also have hay whereas Demi’s don’t seem to which is SO bad. Also at least emma acknowledges she has enclosures to improve and so isn’t hoarding animals at the same time. Meanwhile this demi chick doesn’t seem to have any issue with her setup and continues to take in new animals when she can’t even care for the ones she has already.

No. 569065

File: 1525004167335.png (93.95 KB, 750x1334, 38E92096-C3C6-4942-AA4E-CB46B0…)

Lol so this is her patreon and apparently when she gets 15 patrons she’s gonna start making ‘animal education’ videos again

No. 569066

>doesn't seem to have hay

What? Rabbits need hay. 80%+ of their diets should be hay. Hell, they can do just fine on only hay. Not feeding your rabbits hay is one of the worst ways you can neglect them.

No. 569067

File: 1525004364467.jpeg (212.47 KB, 750x1027, 8A76F86D-1232-45B6-8D47-9D1B04…)

This picture was posted a week before the cage pic, so either two died in a week (wouldn’t surprise me with her care levels), or the other two are housed separated and only eat together (which doesn’t really make sense coz when food is around is usually when bunnies are the most territorial)

No. 569068

Uhhh did you even read my comment?
“Her bunnies also have hay whereas Demi’s don’t seem to which is SO bad.”
Literally what I said.

No. 569072

This thread has the biggest boner for Emma known to man.

You can't really compare the two it seems, this Demi person or whoever is far worse than TND/Happytails/whoever you think is worst herself.

No. 569074

File: 1525005518422.jpeg (292.74 KB, 750x1064, 02E7DC2D-BAE5-457D-8B92-A7CA3C…)

Ugh I need to get off her page it’s just making me angry. Here she’s feeding way too many pellets; not enough fresh greens (should have half cup per rabbit), O’s which are so bad for bunnies and are basically the equivalent of feeding kids just lollies, and yoghurt drops even though bunnies are LACTOSE INTOLERANT. This woman is dangerous, I’m praying she has no following whatsoever.

No. 569075

If you think that's bad, you should see how many come out the woodwork to stan for Maddie.

No. 569076

I really think Emma is the lesser of two evils. I only really know about bunnies and I can tell you her rabbit husbandry is 10x better than majority of the population. Obviously it’s a forum and you can discuss what you want but I think there’s a lot worse shit happening than Emma keeping her bunnies in cages that are still bigger than what most people keep rabbits in.

No. 569097

Bonding takes effort. A couple hours a week is a waste of time. At the rate Emma is going she will never get those bunnies bonded! She’s too busy getting MORE pets!

No. 569154


I beg to differ though. She can claim she's not a hoarder all she likes but she downgraded her hedgehogs enclosure to put it into a storage rack to give her hamsters a new enclosure. She's also just got a new hamster by the looks of things on her twitter, which seeing as shes said in past videos shes struggling for space i dont know why she would go and get another one when shes most likely going to have to downgrade an animal to find room for the new one. That's hoarding to me.

No. 569165

File: 1525017634449.jpg (596.71 KB, 1268x720, emmasam.jpg)

I thought I'd demonstrate the issue I have by using screenshots. On the left is back in February.

The top photo is her hamsters, housed in two detolfs. Hamsters got downgraded to the bin cages on the left image because she wanted the space for a reef tank.

The bottom two images is her hedgehog enclosure back in february on the left, and on the right is her hedgehog enclosure now (which is the storage rack that her hamsters and mice are in so the hedgehog has the same sized enclosure as those), which she downsized so that she could put one of her hamsters back into a tank in the space that the hedgehog was previously in, because she recently got mice which needed to go into the place of her hamsters bin cage.

and now by the looks of her twitter shes just got a dwarf hamster, so who knows whos going to have to be downgraded to find a place for that.

My argument is, whether they're still reaching the minimum requirements or not (and by the looks of it just about) why should you only provide the minimum? why should you downgrade an animals enclosure in favor of making space for a new animal? how is that fair?

Come at me with that "Hi, its Emma" bs, I'll wait.

No. 569171

Yeah, this is my problem with pettubers in general.

If you're going to put yourself out there as a source of entertainment / knowledge about animals because you're an enthusiast. If you're going to get a shit tonne of animals. Why keep them in the bare minimum? Why promote the bare minimum? Why stretch yourself so thin that most of you animals probably don't get enough interaction from you?

The whole premise of getting animals for youtube is dumb af and should be stopped. No pettuber is 'good' or even 'acceptable'. Because they all promote this shit.

Work at a zoo/vets/groomers etc. and want to promote animal education, sure! Just don't hoard animals at home.

No. 569172


I don't agree that all pettubers are shit, there are some that can control themselves and keep a select few animals that they go above and beyond for.

But it does seem to be a trend for the majority of them. They can claim they're not hoarding all they like, and maybe at this stage they're not, but it's certainly the early stages of something very concerning, when you downgrade an animals environment to make space for another (in my opinion if you don't have the space to begin with just don't even try to fit it in somewhere) or when they even rehome an animal in favor of getting another, that may not be hoarding but its definitely problematic.

No. 569173

I disagree, often even the channels that start small with few well cared for animals go downhill. As soon as they get some publicity, they buy /more/ animals because then youtube becomes their 'full time job' and to grow they have to have more pets.

Pettube innately encourages animal buying, impulse buying and hording because that's what viewers reward. Most views aren't going to see the problems with these situations, because most views are likely uninformed about species they see and a good portion of pettube viewers are young.

You know all the elsagate shit that youtube spawned because that's what made money? Pettube is the animal version.

No. 569176


Yet theres some channels dedicated to only rescuing / rehoming animals, ok then

No. 569183

If you're an animal rescue, I don't think that really counts as hording animals at home. As long as you're a legit rescue. Kind of plays into the:

>Work at a zoo/vets/groomers etc. and want to promote animal education, sure! Just don't hoard animals at home.

AKA they're not pets and so =/= pettube.

That said we 'know' Maddie is a 'rehabber' for a charity that was only set up in September of 2017 and only has her listed as 'social media advertiser' on their site. She doesn't seem to have much past experience in raising orphaned baby animals, so honestly I take all 'rehabber' claims with a pinch of salt. Along with anyone else claiming to be a 'rehabber' while clearly using it as an excuse to house yet more animals at home.

No. 569272

Emma stated that her hedgehog is almost 5 years old and needed a smaller cage since he can’t move around as well anymore

No. 569275

Same Anon as above.
I’m not trying to just defend her, but I know that hedgehogs can get overwhelmed in large spaces, especially older ones

No. 569515


Also broccoli??? Talk about that poor rabbit's stomach. :(

No. 569763

broccoli is fine for rabbits. for some it might make them gassy but it just depends on the bun

No. 569795

This girl is trash

No. 569819

File: 1525067143236.png (238.43 KB, 750x1243, IMG_5555.PNG)

this girl really is fucking shit. she makes excuses for her negligence.

another thing that really pissed me off is that she got rid of a cat because she couldn't afford taking care of it, but yet she can afford all of her other animals and she wants MORE? wow. just wow.

No. 569824

That poor rat. That scream was horrifying. And she picked the snake up right after it was done eating?

No. 569833

There are some channels that have great success showcasing only 1 or 2 animals. VanillaHamHam for example. These pettubers don't necessarily need to get dozens of pets to rake in views, they just need a more interesting style that isn't just "look moar pets"

No. 569835

That is kale.

No. 569838

Oh gosh…
I’m not against live feeding, I understand some snakes just don’t take frozen but she does it so irresponsibly. The fact that she just closed the tub with the snake and a live rat in it…. if that rat decided to buy the snake it can do serious damage.

Also moving to feed is just a big no… additional stress on the snake, risk of regurgitation.

And that mouse cage… not only is it a female being kept alone, but the size of its cage is pathetically small :(

No. 569895

If you posted the comment about how it’s a sign that she shouldn’t have that many animals around each other she deleted it. lol. Address concerns don’t delete them.

No. 569919

How does a cat break a glass(?) tank? Pretty sure she'd hear it being smashed even if it wasn't glass.
Cats don't go up to tanks, tap them and it all opens up lmao.

No. 569967

What is with this half dressed image these people try to portray. You don’t see Tyler half dressed, why do girls think they need to be. All that goes thru my head when I see that is sl#t!

No. 570045

jfc she is trash. If you don't know enough to know that moving snakes to feed is wrong, then you don't know enough to be live feeding rats. She better not become the next big pet youtuber.

No. 570155

Ugh I came across this chick the other day too and looked through the comments of many people telling her not to feed live and not to feed in a separate enclosure, etc. and she just ignores it all. It really annoys me how she doesn't give a shit. Stupid hoe, stop pedalling your shite care because you want attention. Like you clearly don't have enough experience/knowledge to be influencing people so go make a fucking makeup tutorial instead of spreading false information about snake care.
Sage because rant

No. 570240

i cant watch the video rn, does she give a reason why she needs to feed live or does she just want to feed live?

No. 570274

What do you guys think of emilee rose on YouTube…I actually really like her so far but y’all seem to be better at pointing things out lol

No. 570276

File: 1525114190493.png (5.58 MB, 1125x2436, AD0E6031-05D2-4C02-AF94-F577E5…)

No. 570340

She does it because she's an idiot, no proper reason for it. It's frustrating to see this bitch get views

No. 570362

File: 1525119991188.png (563.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3380.PNG)

she quarintines and doesnt stress her animals out for photos so she already has one up on most of the popular pet youtubers

No. 570475

File: 1525128118880.jpeg (425.4 KB, 750x977, B16883DB-E1A3-4EF5-8B68-E9CC8C…)

Get over yourself em. They’re not your stepkids if your not married. Poor kids. 100% she’s going to start using them for publicity.

No. 570483


1. what is the point in posting a photo of the kids when you're blurring them out anyway, i understand wanting to protect them but just don't share them then

2. If this is their pit bull, then it's probably their mothers dog, so Danny's ex. So why is she bragging that someone she's replaced and probably doesn't have much to do with has gone out and adopted a dog? its so irrelevant

No. 570507

I would blur their faces out. Who wants to share the genes of someone who was there before them? Bet their mom is better looking than Em and she knows it because she’s not even pretty without makeup. If she ever marries Danny she’s going to claim they’re ‘hers’ and exploit them like pets. I hope she never reproduces. She’s such a self absorbed whore and would make it all about being a supermom AND pet mom. I wonder what she treats the kids like behind closed doors. Maybe they live in 40 gals with calci sand.

No. 570562

Comments like this are 100% why valid criticisms on this thread aren’t taken seriously. Ffs sake who gives a fuck if Emzotic is pretty with or without makeup. And wtf are you talking about that you’d blur the kids faces out because you wouldn’t want to share the “genes” of his ex? That’s fucked up. Anyway they’re Danny’s kids too, he appears to have regular access to them, which would mean so does Em. Also hoping she never reproduces when her miscarriage story has been shared on his thread? Calling her a whore?

Did she actually break into your house and kill your dog? I don’t even like her but lmao this comment is extra af

No. 570565

Well shit… she did say she wanted to get a dog. I really hope she didn't.

No. 570570

Camouflage stan alert.

No. 570572

That’s what I figure. Probably another one of her hoarded animals we dont know about. Of course it’s a Pitbull. It’s the ultimate attention dog and a strategic breed because there’s so much campaining around them to ban or legalise. In less than 3 months there’ll be a video like ‘My NEW Pitbull!!’.

No. 570596

More like camouflage decent human being. I been here since thread 1 dragging her animal care since the betta vid. I’m just not a total cunt about irrelevant shit lol soz

No. 570604

Ironically this is the only enclosure of hers that could be considered remotely acceptable, if it had a hide, correct heat gradient, and humidity levels. And as long as she increases the size as the snake grows. Keeping snakes in tubs is pretty standard.

No. 570732

Lol you know there are programs that easily unbkue photos right? Idiot

No. 570733

Unblur* frick

No. 570734

Lol here we go attacking another woman for her looks again… sigh

No. 570826

I agree. I’ve been here since the beginning because I see problems with their pet care but downing someone over their looks is immature irrelevant and just makes you a pos.

No. 570829

I understand this thread is to talk about whatever freely BUT if you’re going to go on about how “I care about the animals in their hands, that’s why I’m here!!” Then you shouldn’t be here nitpicking about their appearance or personal life. That just makes you a bully. No stan here, I follow and participate in this thread a lot because I don’t agree with the husbandry for these animals.

No. 570841

This super popular beauty youtuber recently changed her vlog channel into a pet channel and rescued a Savannah monitor (which is problematic cause she only has a leopard gecko and a crested gecko and not much experience with larger lizards)

No. 570848


>They’re not your stepkids if your not married


No. 570924

no it couldnt, its way too small

No. 570931

Uhhh…. this set up is awful?
Tubs are fine, if they’re big enough and set up correctly…. this CLEARLY is way too small, and doesn’t include a single item such as a hide or a branch etc. A bare tub with nothing but newspaper isn’t suitable.

No. 570943

I can’t stand this woman. Every time I see her I’m reminded by the time her dog was deadly sick (both pooping and peeing blood) and she refused to let the vet keep him overnight because she thought it was expensive. She’s not short on money and constantly splurges on expensive shit for herself. And then she leaves him in someone else’s care (he was still sick) while she went on a vacation. And let’s not forget she’s a racist POS

No. 571008

Kind of random (cos not rly a pettuber) but I find it questionable that Elijah got a shitton of snakes all of a sudden. Seems like a really impulse decision, getting so many snakes after he discovered he likes them as pets..

No. 571043

you're lost. this is loco, not fucking tumblr. stop policing other people and learn to fucking sage.
Im here to shit on pettubers for being narcissistic assholes that use animals as props and profit.

No. 571061

Anyone see Maddie's new video? She spent 10 hours on craigslist looking for animals in worse situations than hers.
Girl, just because you gave us extreme examples of animal abuse and neglect does not negate the hoarding and neglect you do with your animals. You're just giving your fans a skewed version to make your care look better.
Cue the Maddie stans in 3, 2, 1…

No. 571068

She was looking at PUPPIES when she uploaded her Twitter with looking at dogs. They looked of a pitbull/staffie breed.

No. 571071

You'd love to see Em's post about her miscarriage. The way she went around it was so fucking wrong. Miscarriage needs to be discussed no doubt but posting pictures of a ferret with blood on it's nose and selfies of you smiling… ugh just portrays such a wrong image.

No. 571453

This forum is half and half so we would be policing just as much as you are right now. It’s cool i just think focusing on the animals not their owners hair or face is the more mature thing to do but for all I know you’re an 8 year old with a keyboard so whatevs

No. 571589

Does anyone know anything about Demi’s previous YouTube account? She said she used to have a pretty decent following and made money from her videos

No. 571639

i was wondering about that too. i tried to google it but couldn't find anything

No. 571702

File: 1525242566793.png (908.65 KB, 1125x2436, CF76F64D-6B55-493E-BA39-92E838…)

This is all I found

No. 571708

So I do subscribe to Maddie but I also have been reading this thread for ages coz I think most of Pettube is shit, so I’m not sticking up for her anything. But from what I know about the species she has and her videos I’ve seen her husbandry is pretty alright so what exactly is so bad about her?

No. 571711

Learn to sage and read the first post.

No. 571870

I think this is a good thing to promote pettubers to call out bad husbandry. Isn't that what you were asking for them to do originally?

No. 571923

It’s exactly what they were asking in the first place. But some people on here are just NEVER happy with anything.

No. 571944

Some people here just sincerely hate pettubers. All of them, good or bad, they will nitpick until they find something which isn’t really fair. I’m sure we could nitpick something out of their pet care if they chose to share it on the internet. For example, the people commenting on looks and people’s family and personal life instead of what this damn thread is about. These people don’t seem to care much about the animal care (or lack of) they are just bored and immature.

No. 571948

I like this thread to bring attention to the pet care issues. but you can’t even speak for anyone because no matter what - you’re getting shit on if you aren’t shitting on the youtubers. Like yea there’s some super crappy ones but there’s also some not so bad ones that could be great with constructive criticism and less hate on every single move they make.

No. 572002

this thread isn't your personal army. you're still lost and still haven't learned how to sage ffs.

No. 572010

Lmao but it’s not yours either? Just as many people agree with me dood. I’m done this is immature.

No. 572030

i don't know why you were expecting when the site is called lolcow. bye felicia

No. 572051

Em posted on twitter that Danny proposed to her

No. 572084

File: 1525296076763.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, A591A05A-8760-4D3E-9F83-12E549…)

That’s actually a cute ring. It fits with the nature theme. Snowflake/Star of David or flower? I think snowflake. I like it! It’s nice to see something that’s not a boring solitaire, but I’m half disappointed it’s not a snake or a ferret ring!

No. 572115


Why does this all read like the same stan/pettuber that can't sage? Are you a pettuber? If so, please stop. Thanks.

If you're a Stan; you should know there's lots to criticise about pettubers care, about their animal hording, about their encouraging impulse buying.

This isn't a thread to celebrate their engagement or them making a non shit video for a change. Lots of youtubers make non shit pet videos; we don't talk about them here. This is about the /bad/ side of pettube and yeah anons can talk about whatever they want including pettubers looks in that.

No. 572118

The bored is strong in this one. Are you a bored little 9th grader, or a pathetic older woman who didn’t chase their dream of being a Vet, so lives out those unfulfilled dreams by taking it out on Pettubers? Or, are you someone willing to actually step up and make a channel and show everyone how you’d do it? I’m curios.

No. 572123


:'D Ok Maddie. Learn to sage and stop being so autistic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 572172

That’s definitely not Maddie lmao, she’s been on here before. She knows how to sage, and she talks waaaay different. Sounds more just like a stan to me

No. 572173


I was being a bit facetious; but I wouldn't be surprised if it were a pet youtuber tbh.

No. 572217

its because it is the same idiot that still won't learn to fucking sage. they are obvi mature adult that is above this site, but keeps coming back for more

No. 572239

You’d like that kind of attention wouldn’t you? Poor lifeless thing.

No. 572263

Actually believe it or not it’s more than one person against you. I feel like you’re one person. Lmao whatever. I’m not a pet you tuber or a Stan. I barely keep up with these people on a weekly bases. I’m not subscribed to any of them. I just think it’s lame af to bully people on the internet. Talk about their shitty pet care not their step kids or fat faces >>572217

No. 572272

what the fuck are you doing on lolcow if you're against bullying people online? stop virtue signalling, you're not a better person because you decide to defend some youtuber on a anon circle jerk board. pls leave

No. 572275

Because I thought this board was to criticize oh I dunno. Pet care? Not nitpicking literally everything these people do? Do you actually care about the animals they own or do you only enjoy tearing apart everything they do and say?

No. 572278

I’m not talking Taylor or happy tails here. I’m talking people who want to please other people and seem to try very hard to listen to people’s concerns and then just get stomped on for it. What do you want them to do if you don’t want them to listen and improve?

No. 572279

Wait, so serious question here, so you’re all for online bullying then? I’m with the other anon. I’m all for calling out bad pet care/problematic actions in hopes of it leading to improvements, but straight up bullying people based on appearances and such just shows that some people on here hate just to be hateful, and not to actually be helpful, which is what I think we should be aiming for if we actually care about animal care…

No. 572280

File: 1525312734083.jpeg (290.37 KB, 750x591, C2BEB659-8AD8-4559-B3CB-3E6CB2…)

Brian kicked out of Playlist for sneaking in a gator and a snake to scare other creators.

No. 572297

From experience reading these, no one actually gives a shit about the animals. They nit pick every little thing. I wish there was a different place where actual issues could be discussed instead of these little kids trying to make a point rather than backing anything up with actual facts. They're all a total loss.

No. 572300

I don’t want Emzotic with any dog, but a senior would be the worst, imo. They need a lot of attention and care paid to them, especially if they have existing health conditions. Dogs need a lot, period.

Senior dogs are rarely treated as well as they should be. You see a lot of neglect in the senior dog population because people are too cheap or too stupid. It’s not a deadly neglect, not most of the time, but too much of the time their owners stop paying attention to them. Just because they sleep more doesn’t mean they stop enjoying their walks or playing or being brushed or even, you know, being talked to.

Ugh, sorry but I get pissy about this topic. I know a few people on this ‘I only rescue older dogs’ shit and I wish they weren’t, because they’re all really bad at it. They barely even hang out with them. It’s attention whorey and they’re shit people.

No. 572301

There’s a lot of sperging about appearance in this thread and it’s stupid to me too, anon.

No. 572327

Ems dragging Brian Barczyk all over Twitter and y’all are up here arguing about a non existent dog. Proof that this whole thread is whack.

No. 572335

wow you can't sage either. are you still the same anon just replying to yourself trying to make yourself sound better? lmao

trust me i don't enjoy that everyone picks on people's looks here, but that's literally what this site is and it's not gonna change so i don't know what you think you're going to accomplish here. just ignore the shit that bothers you or get off the thread if you can't do that

No. 572337

In Tyler's vlog, Ems hotel door has a PETA HQ sign on the door…

No. 572346


No. 572357

This is an imageboard, anon. Post links or stop bitching?

No. 572378

We could bitch about all the things, too. It’s not like we have to exclude anyone’s personal grievances.

No. 572412

File: 1525325031604.png (355.38 KB, 643x644, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.2…)

i got chu anon

No. 572414

File: 1525325056583.png (125.77 KB, 642x616, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.2…)

No. 572415

File: 1525325078324.png (101.4 KB, 644x539, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.2…)

No. 572424

Pettubers have literally commented here before. I don't know why that makes me lifeless. FYI I'm not the one talking about how they look; I simply don't give a shit if other anons do. You shouldn't give a shit either.

If you barely keep up with these people, why are you here? Just because there are worse people doesn't mean that other pettubers can't be criticised. All the ones here (with exception of parrot lady), hoard far too many animals… upwards of 30 pets usually. All of them promote this as acceptable… and unsurprisingly as a result a good portion of them have large holes in their care as a result.

You might think BYB rats, keeping pigeons/doves in small cages, keeping wild birds, keeping two betta fish together, keeping rabbits in tiny cages, keeping snakes in tiny tubs with no stimulation, letting their pets get sick through poor quarantine etc etc etc is all fine.

Many people don't.


This is a board to criticise pet care. And guess what, that means /every/ pettuber can be criticised. Most of the population has shit pet care, when someone with a public platform promotes minimum standards that many people with experience think is cruel… yeah, folks are going to talk. If they give out wrong information, or promote kits that are bad for the animals in their care… yes people are going to talk. If they smear their miscarriage blood on their ferrets nose, take a picture of it and /then/ post that picture to the internet… yes people are going to go wtf and talk.

When you post your life online in a public way, don't be surprised when people talk about it.


Back before when this board was new when people were only talking about the major issues pettubers dismissed it all as a 'hate site'. See Em's tweets. This site will never be taken seriously in that regard wether it should be or not. The only time Pettubers came here they came to 'defend' themselves from the 'mean' hate. Only one pettuber even seemed to listen to any of the critiques.

They are not trying very hard to listen to people's concerns… half the comments here are about how they're flippant and dismissive when it comes to concerns. Some are outright hostile or rude.


If you don't like the comments on appearance; ignore them. So far, there's been like… one or two. This is not a systematic problem here. Stop trying to make it one.


You clearly haven't actually read this thread. People here do give a shit about animals. If you want to see ripping on someone's appearance 24/7, go to the TND thread.


Finally, Jesus christ can this guy get any worse. :/

No. 572429

ty fam

No. 572440

I just realized they are talking about TND here.
Way to throw TND under the bus there, Brian. Like, she's trash for bringing animals to VidCon, but I thought they were 'friends' since their collab.

No. 572444

Ha none of them are really 'friends'. I cringe so hard when they're together. The desperate social climbing is always so obvious.

No. 572488

what planet are you from? this website is not to criticize people fairly, it's literally to laugh at stupid shit people do. if you expect everyone to be respectful, you're definitely in the wrong place.

also, emzotic is a such slimy pieace of shit to excuse taylor again, i cant believe it….

No. 572561

This is what I hate about all of them. They'll claim to be against hording / for good practice etc. but then they'll suck Taylor's dick all the while.

All it would have taken from Em, was to respond along the lines of 'I don't condone that either'. But instead she excused it.

No. 572662

I think there is a difference between Taylor bringing her ball python to Vidcon for her fans to meet and Brian sneaking a Burmese python and an alligator into playlist to scare people and record a shocking video for views with David Dobrik. It isn’t really about them bringing animals to an event, but the fact that they snuck them in and the way they presented them in the situation was very childish and irresponsible

No. 572664

nahhh theyre both trash, they both stressed out animals for attention + shock factor.

No. 572725

Lol there’s literally no milk here. I’m disappointed. It’s all a bunch of bored, whiny nobody’s who don’t have the balls to start a YouTube channel, call out PetTubers and show how to make an actual difference. Lame lame lame. Someone make an actual channel where you pick apart Pettube videos and SHOW how to improve from X’s setup to Y’s improvements.

No. 572736

Go ahead and do that then instead of coming here and complaining about people complaining?

No. 572737

gtfo and start your own channel and show us how its done. you're the only one thats whining about this thread not meeting your expectations.

No. 572742


I am so happy you finally learned how to sage.

No. 572753

>don’t have the balls to start a YouTube channel
:'D Who said this wasn't a Pettuber again? This is 100% a pettuber. A salty one. I wonder who. Fix your care mate.

No. 572759

i think i know who you are… i was just watching your new video

No. 572762

Can we ignore these stans coming to this thread? The whole thing has been derailed by discussing why this thread is problematic or whatever the fuck.

We all know Em would excuse Taylor any time. I don't think Taylor and Brian are on the same level of shit but it's no doubt that walking with a snake around you for 3 hours should deserve a call-out

No. 572766

Then you don't know who I am.

As much as I hate Brian I kind of don't disagree with him calling out Em for being a hypocrite. The fact that she sticks up for Taylor after she abandoned the panel and the meetup /and/ used her animals as props like Brian, only shows more obviously she just wants to appeal to TND's fans and leech off them. When TND sinks (and that is a when not an if), she'll be there with 'content' to gather the masses because she was nice to TND.

It's sad. I'd honestly respect Em a lot more if she'd start actually denouncing the shit Taylor does. Not just throwing subtle shade on twitter or whatever. Doing so only makes her look two faced and uncaring about said animals.

No. 572772

damn, i thought you were leopard gecko. she's been super salty about the pettube drama, and the thumbnail on her newest video is hilarious

No. 572796

Nope sorry, although I do enjoy Pettubers calling out other pettubers for their shit care. Maybe if they all did it, the community would be better.

No. 572813


Actually, I'd say there isn't a difference, or in fact what Taylor did was worse. I mentioned this on the taylor thread but no one seems interested, but she drove 18 hours with her animals to vidcon, kept them in cat carriers in her hotel room, and took her ball python to a party and placed it on drunk youtubers. So shes just as bad, what's really irritating is the double stardards Emzotic has with this situation, but apparently its okay for Taylor to do this because taylor is 'young'

No. 572834

Em's put up a new video.

-She's still trying to breed her doves but now only wants one baby.
-She denies being a BYB.
-She says she won't breed them again if this attempt fails and all further eggs will be fed to a Tegu (she said monitor lizard last time, perhaps she meant Tegu all along). She also mentions someone being very upset about her feeding her eggs to the Tegu but defends the practice.
-She is building an outdoor aviary for the doves and Grinchy. Grinchy's is larger.
-She is worried about wildlife so might be using it during the day only.
-She is still looking for a companion for Grinchy.
-She doesn't want to give him to a Zoo because she thinks that a Zoo will only take it and keep him at the back in a small cage / not treat him well.
-She needs to DNA sex him so she can get an appropriate companion. She doesn't want to breed him.
-She might get a different hornbill because his species is hard to find that isn't wild caught.
-She introduces her Skunk which she says is a 'true rescue'.
-She plans to do a Skunk care/diet video.
-The Skunk was living in a petshop after being given up by her owner (who was made homeless and then couldn't keep the skunk when he found housing).

IMHO: Overall this video was much better. I'm glad she seems to be listening to the comments here; it seems very clear she reads this thread as half of her video is very directed to a lot of the stuff anon's have been saying. Also very glad her doves and Grinchy are finally getting appropriate enclosures. The only thing I can think to say about them is that I hope she builds an 'indoor' aka sheltered area on the doves aviary so they can stay out and don't have to always be brought back inside. I'm also glad she's thoroughly animal proofing it.

No. 572856

You could definitely tell she was walling on egg shells throughout the entire video, and has taken a lot of criticism seriously.
Was anyone else a little confused by her story vs Danny's story about getting the skunk? Danny said that the skunk had been with the pet store for about 8-9 months and they don't know much about the owner. But then Emz says the previous owner entrusted the skunk to them through the pet store. So do they know the previous owner if he entrusted Emz/Danny to take care of it? And if so, why did it take them 8-9 months to adopt it from the pet shop?

No. 572866

Yeah, there's still some issues with the buying of yet more animals. I've adopted pets from pet stores before; usually they have little adoption corners (run by a NFP) including pets brought back to the store for behavioural issues, or older animals that no longer have a home etc etc. However if it's anything like my experience; the pet store probably told them about the previous owner (to which they had little to no contact) and they had to actively look for the animal to adopt.

From the sounds of it, they weren't just given this animal any more than anyone who goes to a dog shelter and adopts a dog isn't given one. They actively sought the animal out + probably paid adoption fees etc to get it.

It's a bit like with Grinchy… she saw him in a pet store and 'rescued him'. I honestly think the best plan for him might be to find someone else already keeping a hornbill, rather than buy another (different species) to keep him company.

She also mentions getting a dog again this video. I really hope she doesn't… she has a lot of time consuming pets, she didn't need a Skunk, she certainly doesn't need a dog. Honestly I've got my fingers crossed the doves don't breed either… she doesn't need 3 birds. If there's an issue with working them, work them less… they're animals, pets you care about. If your business involves them, then that might just have to involve saying 'no' to events too if you're fully booked.

No. 572869

I don’t think your point of sayingjo to work is valid. I go on outread and we don’t turn down work because animals have high overheads. Also we don’t know much about her private life of it she has debt or anything else. I’m amazed she only works them twice a week and I love that she specified not 2 consecutive days.
I’m going to recommend this to my manager.

I also don’t agree with the dog comment. If you can adequately care for 50 animals, I say fine. Everyone is different. Otherwise it becomes a finer pointing competition of who actually needs an animal. None of us do. I bet there are people who would say even 1 animal is cruel and unnecessary - even dogs and cats.

No. 572881

God I hope she doesn't get a dog. She already has so many incompatible animals sharing the same space (ex the hornbill and kookaburra, the ferrets and doves). She does not have the space, let alone time, to raise and train a puppy. A puppet deserves more than that, and her current animals deserve more than what they have. If even Danny is putting his foot down on the puppy, you know its a bad idea.

No. 572885

so you overwork animals because they're expensive to care for? no wonder you don't see anything wrong with these pettubers care

No. 572886

Saying 'no' to work is hugely important if you work with animals. If you can't say no to work, then you shouldn't be working with animals in the first place. The fact she doesn't work her doves more than 2 times a week is good. But that means you have two times a week to book those animals out; it doesn't mean you buy/breed etc more animals to fill the void when you already have a lot of animals and it's a business run out of a home (aka there are only two adults to deal with said animals care).

As far as the dog goes; they have a lot of animals that need attention, that need care. I used to own a dog, dogs take up a lot of your time. ~4 Walks a day, interaction time, training time.. etc. Reptiles and inverts might not need human time so much (although good keepers will still give them it); but they have 2 chinchillas, 2 ferrets, 1 skunk, 1 hornbill, 2 doves, a kookaburra etc. that all can't be out at the same time as the dog and have their own needs and demand for human interaction. There are not enough hours in the day to be able to ethically get a dog in her position.

Unless you're keeping inverts, an ant colony or something; 50 pets is too many for 1-2 people. You end up with people keeping snakes in tiny tubs or animals that are untrained and wary of human interaction at those numbers. No one here is saying 1 animal is cruel… this isn't PETA, this forum is filled with a lot of common sense in regards to numbers folks keep.

No. 572919

Finding a dog in a rescue that will be able to tolerate other pets (especially the skunk which is free ranging atm?) can be hard. I don't know much about shelters in the US but I guess they still list if the animal is fine/not fine with other animals, normally a fair amount of dogs aren't, and even then you never really know how they may react to a bird or a skunk or a ferret.

Whichever way you look at it, she's playing a dangerous game, nothing could be worse than adopting a dog that is anxious around your other animals and having to possibly return them.

(There is also some speculation that she could be pregnant so there may be that to consider also)

No. 572924

Where does she hint being pregnant??

No. 572963

File: 1525383242287.jpg (173.7 KB, 1781x1047, skunk.jpg)

Why is the skunk sleeping with a rusty handsaw?

No. 572966


I've been thinking she might be pregnant too!

The first thing that made me think this was reminiscing about her miscarriage, which most women probably do but I imagine finding out you're pregnant again will bring it all to the surface again.

She also said to Tyler on twitter that she was going to be at the gynaecologist in London at the time of the pet youtuber meet up, I guess health care is free in the UK so she would have the baby there instead of the US.

Also there was a snapchat of her at playlist and a certain angle she looked like she was showing - but i won't judge just on that lol

No. 572967


I was wondering that too wtf?! hes stepping all over it

No. 572980

They could at least get her a bed or a blanket and clean the space up a little. There were some lose wires too

No. 572982


I'm honestly surprised with people pointing things out in her videos so frequently that she wasn't more careful to at least notice and leave these things out during filming and editing

No. 573001

File: 1525384974160.jpeg (257.44 KB, 750x537, E3B2BF68-5DFD-43A5-ACCF-AF95F4…)

When you can’t even tell that a skink is dead and you flip it around on camera and show it off. Ffs if it were alive you still shouldn’t pick it up. I hope she removed the body and realized it was dead.
Also no uv, no water and no greens. Just dry dog food.

No. 573033

out of all the bad practices at bhb, theyre method of feeding confuses me the most. theres no way a skink can be healthy when fed just dry food. also brian dis a whole video about how hes only ever fed live once and then couldnt stand the thought of doijg it again, but he feeds all the newborn snakes live, then tries to convert them to f/t and claims to be upset when some of them wont switch to f/t?? how about not feeding them live to start with? that mans really disgusting and has no logic

No. 573062

Lots of snakes would starve to death rather than eat live right out of the egg/mother. It's common practice to do live and then switch to f/t. Although it is definitely possible for a neonate to eat f/t right off the bat, but less common. I don't agree with bhb's practices, but some snakes just won't eat f/t from the egg, such as hognoses.

No. 573065

Wow… that Skink is so obviously dead.

No. 573080


thats so odd, she counts 10 in the first clip including the dead one which she says is cute, and then in the next clip in a different container theres only 9 so shes obviously put the dead one aside but its so odd not to mention it

No. 573084

I can forgive a stillborn because it’s normal for a few in a litter to perish, but it’s worrying that she can’t tell that it’s dead. Maybe BHB thinks they have more live animals than they actually have!

No. 573088

File: 1525390040852.png (334.68 KB, 587x662, em.PNG)


Did she get bad comments on her weight or is she reading this thread again?

No. 573094

Probably reading the TND thread. That one talks about Taylor's weight a lot.

No. 573095


If she is reading here shes disappointing af. She picks out that people think shes fat because people are wondering if shes pregnant, but completely breezing over the fact that everyones disappointed with her doubles standards of saying taylor can make mistakes because shes young

No. 573154

File: 1525393028537.jpeg (372.24 KB, 750x761, AC8211DC-E6D8-4A81-A16C-66D1B9…)

Nah I don’t think she’s talking to lolcow people here.

No. 573156

So why don’t you just tweet her and tell her she’s disappointing AF?
Her handle is @emzoticofficial - go tell her and get some damn closure on why she kisses Taylor’s ass. Then share it here.(cowtipping)

No. 573176

Don't be a dumbass, cowtipping is against the rules.

No. 573177

Has anyone heard of rawwfishing or paul cuffaro? Both are shit but I think rawfishing is worse. He has a pond with bass and koi. He has another video where he scoops up a bunch of tadpoles and relocates them to "save" them while fucking up the natural habitat. Both of them are horrible at caring for their pets. They don't cycle have small tanks etc. I'm surprised they haven't been talked about before.

No. 573178

He sounds like such a dumbass in this video. His fans are even worse. They're on a logan paul type level of defensive.

No. 573184

And they wear Crocs. Unforgivable.

No. 573188

Yeah, they were talked about in another thread… perhaps an early TND one. But they're awful. They should be talked about more.

This vid is just…

No. 573191

File: 1525394765020.jpeg (4.29 MB, 3992x1847, 55D0C605-F5A6-40D1-BDC1-93B4B7…)

K least she admitted it. Don’t do it again Em. Wake the F up.

No. 573271

Not to mention she is desperately wanting a human baby!

No. 573273

Is that the clearest screenshot you got? Can’t read it!

No. 573274

Just being a decent human here.. I don’t feel comfortable talking about Ems (maybe) pregnancy. What if she can’t actually have a baby and she reads this??
Fair enough we talk about her pets but let’s not talk about babies.

No. 573310


holy shit that is the stupidest shit.

>its not fair they have no where to go, they're in a little puddle

They're in their natural habitat where they're supposed to be and it clearly isn't a puddle. And then he throws them somewhere with a shit ton of moving water, when they're supposed to be in relatively stagnant water. And he shoved his hand on them, kept them in a tiny bucket, and generally disturbed the shit out of them. He sounds retarded for most of the video. This actually makes me angry. A good percentage of tadpoles are supposed to die, thats why there is so many at once. Has this guy never watched National Geographic?

He's just wanking himself off to the idea of "saving baby frogs" while actually doing something really fucking stupid.

>keeps calling a crawfish a lobster knowing itll mislead people

>guessing I should put some ornaments in there too

How old is this dipshit?

No. 573317

Excuse me? I see nothing wrong with someone mentioning she wants a baby. It goes to a the fact that she’s already got more animals than 2 people can have enough time for to add a dog, let alone a adding in a child that demands even more time and attention than a dog. And who cares if she reads this…maybe it will bring her into reality that she’s already bitten off more than she can chew!

No. 573323

Learn how to sage Jesus Christ
And it's a little unfair to make jokes about her wanting a child when she's suffered miscarriages in the past and possibly struggles to become pregnant and keep the pregnancy. So maybe stay away from that area. I'm not defending her for the saw/skunk thing, but there are people who let their kittens play with strings even though those can hurt them. And we don't make jokes about them "desperately wanting a human baby". Seriously just stay away from the baby thing, that's probably quite sensitive for her considering her past issues with carrying a child to term.

No. 573398

File: 1525414838647.jpg (409.9 KB, 1024x768, DSCF1108_Large.JPG)

>She is building an outdoor aviary for the doves and Grinchy. Grinchy's is larger.

This makes me so happy. I love that she's setting a better standard. I have been really harsh on her before on here (rightfully so, I believe). This is such a step in the right direction. I know she is concerned with safety, but there are ways to prevent any danger. And the space will be well worth it. Normally this thread bums me out, thinking about all the poor animals getting mistreated. But now I'm in a better mood thinking of the space her birds will have.

The doves and Grinchy will be separated, right?

No. 573451

Yes. She did mention keeping them together as they'd 'get on', but settled on separate as the doves would eat Grinchy's food and get sick.

Honestly I don't care about the reasoning as long as they are kept separate and have decent housing. From the looks of it, it won't be as big as the image you linked maybe not even quite half the size; but it will be an improvement for sure…. provided of course she doesn't keep bringing them inside for fear of wild animals. I understand the concern, but animal putting effort/concern into animal proofing would be far more useful. Concrete floors etc.

Conspiracy time… but is it me or has the thread been invaded from somewhere with:

A. Anons that are new and don't know how to sage
B. Anons that complain about mild comments on a pettubers looks (aka trying to infight or make a big deal of nothing)
C. Anons that then go on to say far more offensive stuff (miscarriage stuff that really is going too far).

People can of course say whatever the fuck they want; but the above makes me think the little pettuber private chat has come here to make this place 'look bad'.

No. 573463

there are already tens of replies like this on her tweet and she hasnt responded to any of them

so thats what its like to have a mostly female imageboard. anons getting so worked up over possibly offending people they've come to gossip about.

No. 573506

Get off your damned high horse! No one is joking about pregnancy. Em brought it up herself with her miscarriage post; that makes it fair game. In case you don’t underswhat was said..,they barely have time for the animals they currently have. Therefore they wouldn’t be able to give a dog the attention it needs. And she so desperately wants a baby. That REDUCES time for animal care. Learn to read AND comprehend.

No. 573638

In general there was a few lose wires in the closet too. Connected or not, idk if I would trust something with teeth near wires. It seems like a lot of the items in the closet should have been moved as soon as Pumpkin made it her favourite place.

The main point all along was that she could possibly be pregnant and the people even said its SPECULATION. Someone then mentioned that she had a miscarriage in the past and the reasons this could explain her slight meltdown on Twitter etc ect. No one said anything rude, if anything I hope she is able to have her own kids but she does have to consider the well being of her pets. Even if not all of us have had kids, we can probably understand that a human child that wakes up and cries in the night or day will require a lot of work and cause a lot of stress. Bringing in a dog at that time could be a very bad idea, especially if it's a rescue with potential behavioural problems that have not been seen by the shelter.

No. 573648

Actually please learn how to sage you retard. This forum is for animal husbandry and such, not speculating about a pregnancy that may or may not exist for someone who has miscarried their babies before. That's just a little harsh to be talking about. And has no milk, no relevance, and is just plain off topic.

No. 573652

People saying "learn to sage" to the anons.
Type "sage" in the name and email boxes instead of leaving them blank so the forum doesn't keep getting bumped without new topics being discussed.
You're welcome.

No. 573799

First, I am not a RETARD. Second, talked no about the fact that Emzotic is wanting a baby totally goes to her husbandry….a baby means she won’t have time for her animals. I’m not sure what grade level you completed, but comprehension is definitely not your forte! No one is joking about pregnancy or miscarriages. What is being said is that they have more than enough animals to care for before adding a dog that requires lots of attention or potentially a baby.

And thank you. I was only putting sage in the subject. I didn’t realize it needed to be in all 3 boxes!

No. 573808

Em says she owns up to her mistakes but she never owned up for the betta video.

Did she move grinchies enclosure in the ferret room? We could hear him and she talked to him in the video.

What bothers me about her videos is how little we always see. It's usually the youtubers that show the least that have the worst to hide. For example, TNDs place is super messy/gross (as seen in her snapchats before) and we see very little because of it.

On the other hand look at Jennie from solid gold. Her life is still private but we saw the living room, kitchen, the old office, the fishroom, the yard..ect. Everything seems nice and fairly neat..even when she is working on the fishroom and it's a mess we see. It's that bit of transparency that makes me trust a youtuber more.

If you want to be private, dont become a public figure.

No. 573819

sage only goes in the email field lmao. how hard is it to read the fucking site rules.

also why is everyone getting so damn offended. getting mad over being called a retard on an anon board lmao. also people talking about emzotics pregnany/miscarriage is not OT in the slightest, she chose to make this very public and keeps bringing it up. shes made this part of her online presence so its fair game we discuss this here

No. 573842

It would be OT if it didn't affect her pet care. In this case, with the crazy amount of pets she has we all know that a lot of time would be lost or fall on Danny. With one person you're going to have a lot more work load to do and not enough time.

No. 573922

I don't understand why she won't give grinchy to a bird rescue. I'm from her neck of the woods in NJ and there's a place called The Raptor Trust really close by that i'm sure would take him in.

No. 574112

File: 1525491346365.jpeg (386.93 KB, 1242x658, 178115F0-CBDE-46CD-A647-29C040…)

Did he just seriously say this? He’s the WORST at joking with TND instead of calling her out on crap. Someone called him out…he said TND fixes her mistakes …lol. Not !

No. 574158

File: 1525495969422.jpeg (554.46 KB, 750x1063, B0329CE7-D9A9-4F5C-8729-4BC2C3…)


My bro you forgot the replies that basically admit they stand up for her

No. 574261

Throw back to that time a bunch of them came here and were like “help us to fix our mistakes” yet as soon as the likes of Taylor were mentioned everything went very quiet.

There’s good petubers but the ones sitting at the top are certainly worst in terms of personality and their husbandry is shit. They’re all pieces of shit that honestly simply deserve what’s coming for them

No. 574282

Sure they can go on about it being an anonymous board all they want but the moment they start preaching shit like "people who are afraid to speak out" are just as bad.
Also the anonymous argument doesn't even count anymore because how many of us have made throw away accounts to bypass blocks to call out TND?
Fuck how many of us are still tweeting the deans and dealing with their stans to try and get shit done?

It doesn't even have to be Taylor, I don't really watch the pet tube community anymore but I have a felling youtube comments have their fair share of call outs per channel.

I have no hope for this community, it's like I'm watching a high school drama were girls are just going back and forward with vague insults cause all of them are actually to fucking scared to confront anyone.

If any of them happen to tab into this thread.

Grow a fucking spine. You have 11 threads worth of proof Taylor has and still is doing bad shit, you also have currently 2 threads worth of other pet tuber stuff.

saging for long post and rant

No. 574304


The normal excuse for this is ''we don't see everything'' but you don't have to see every single thing that is wrong when you see loads of small things that aren't changed or improved, all of those will build up to bigger issues.

Not to mention how many of them, especially Tyler JOKE PUBLICLY about these issues. No animal lover I know would go around joking about potential neglect cases like that at all.

No. 574533

I really do believe even if Em or any other pettuber wanted to say something against Taylor they can't. I mean yeah they could, but that would be self-sabotage for their own channel. Taylor has the biggest (and probably most aggressive regards defending her) fandom in the pet community so if Em or the others speak up against her, it will definitely cause them huge backlash and lose them lots and lots of subscribers since likely they share 90% of the same audience. So it's smart of Em not to speak out against Taylor at this point, she would be kinda stupid if she did and killed her own channel this way.

No. 574586

In this case she shouldn't be making snarky comments here and there either. If you're gonna be a fake friend, at least do it to the fullest.

No. 574603

I’m just gonna go ahead and come out and say that I made the first video about taylor and her monitor. Since I am a really tiny channel the amount of fans that flocked to my video was overwhelming, hence the amount of dislikes and comments. When I first posted the video my sub count dropped but it recovered within a day and in terms of how my channel is doing, it’s like I never even posted the video. The amount of likes and dislikes is almost exactly the same now. I can’t speak for bigger channels bc they probably do share a lot of the same audience as taylor but I encourage smaller channels to speak the fuck up. Nothing is going to change if everyone stays silent. I get that it’s a numbers game for some of you but why do you care? Youtube is an unstable source of income. At the end of the day it’s about the animals, not how much people like you. So for those of you that are worried about your channel taking a hit, chill. It’s not a big deal. People will forget about it soon enough but the more people there are speaking up about this, the more people will be deterred from becoming a fan in the first place. Most of her audience doesn’t know jack shit about animals and the people that go onto my video and defend her literally have no clue what they’re talking about. This isn’t even strictly for taylor. If you see something wrong SPEAK UP because it could literally save lives. I’m so sick of everyone in the online pet community letting this shit slide. It’s ugly.

No. 574606

Nothing of the 'shade' people so desperately find is confirmed about Taylor though, unless I missed something. But a lot of what I saw was reaching.

No. 574651

i've wanted to make a channel solely for the purpose of calling out big pettubers. i don't give a fuck about the money i have a decent job, i just want to call them out lmao. i agree 100% that i'm sick of them letting it slide. there's no excuse. you either care about animals, or you don't! you either want to promote good husbandry, or you want to enable people like taylor and promote bad husbandry!

No. 574711

My mindset going into it was: this is going to destroy my channel but I was literally too angry to not say anything. It just blows my mind that people say they’re passionate about animals but they don’t have that drive to want to do something that actually matters and will actually make an impact.

No. 574714

they definitely can, youtube does not matter in the slightest. anyone who doesnt want to call her out bc it would affect their income needs a wake up call bc relying on youtube as a sole source of income is ridiculous its so unsustainable. if theyre not using youtube as a main source of income then they should have no issue calling her out, they should care more about animals suffering than their own "fame" (if u could even call it that, pet youtubers are completely irrelavent). theyre selfish theyres no excuse for them acting all buddy buddy w her.

also did anyone catch goherpings tnd reference in his latest video? i had hopes he wouldnt want to associate w her, but as soon as he said "are bts's the same as armadillos" i gave up on pet youtube. my last hopes for responsible pet youtubers are jensensreptiles, afroherpkeeper, and that girl who called out taylor when she got a monitor

No. 574747

At the end of the video, he said all the questions he asked the employees, were questions that people have commented on his videos. So I don’t think that was reference to TND, it was just a comment someone else had asked him i guess

No. 574998

They're all trash, I would love to see all of them back here trying to excuse their behaviour and joking with the likes of Taylor lmfao.

We're all trash for talking and nitpicking in cases but at least we are calling out bad husbandry and mistakes that should be fucking fixed and not joked about.

I had hope for Em to be that person to step in and be like ''Nah Taylor m8 you need to stop'' but clearly she isn't going to do that at all and is as immature as the rest of them. I petition we all start linking hooktube videos rather than watching their actual videos. Won't do shit on a big scale but I'm up for it.

No. 575990

I'm taking a leap of faith on this since I'm not sure if ants can be considered pets. But AntsCanada (whom I'm usually a pretty big fan of) did something really fucking dumb this time. Basically he has one ant enclosure with semi-aquatic ants, and he put a crayfish in there to keep population down so the population doesn't just keep rising. But then, for seemingly no reason at all (he even admits he researched and found they were solitary creatures), he gets another crayfish and tries to breed them. All of this could have been avoided by a quick google search.

>Introduces male to female territory, should be other way around

>not nearly enough room for two extremely territorial crayfish
>only one hiding spot
>he drops the intruding male from a decent height
>stunned male keeps getting attacked by female and has nowhere to hide
>he lets it get to the point where the male actually climbs up a glass wall and falls into the ants
>almost dies by ants because this guy wanted to make some romantic bs video
>the female crayfish he had in there was actually a male
>the two crayfish used are clearly different species
>expecting to males of different species to breed
I feel like he pulled this stunt just for views, I hope he doesn't keep doing stuff like this because I really liked his videos.

No. 576043

Damn fuck me.

Once he started making mixed enclosures (not sure what they're called) I sort of didn't feel right. From what I know, he has little to no experience with fish/other aquatic beings which is fine as long as you don't start jumping into a territory with no research and know basic/above basic shit.

It's sad to see people are defending him though, especially after he came out to say he wasn't 'scripting' or fabricating anything but here we are…

No. 576081

Oh my lord, he repeatedly said in the video ''i don't know how this works and if what they're doing is some mating thing'' when it was aggression but he didn't research so he wouldn't have known that

No. 576221

No, being overweight is not "perfect", it's a serious health concern that affects your loved ones and every tax payer.

No. 576410

File: 1525747449685.jpeg (365.76 KB, 750x766, 14E94262-DE29-4A2A-B5F1-AA8412…)


No. 576611

>every tax payer
Nope, they die sooner, they actually save money compared to old people who live forever.

TBH though her getting annoyed that someone called one of Danny's kids fat isn't really milky. Kids do mean shit like that to each other all the time.

No. 576752

File: 1525795424279.jpg (759.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180508-090036.jpg)

Ariawesomeness took his leeches to a restaurant and let them sit on his food??

No. 576815

Where did they keep them during the entire time? Can't imagine it was a water jar.

No. 576910

It was a container with a screw on lid that he put moss and water in

No. 577095

Yeah he's an idiot who stressed out his animals to look "cool" and constantly gets new animals before rehoming them (I'm not talking about his "rescue" program). He also once said he lets his anacondas free roam and keeps them in quite small enclosures in my opinion

No. 577154

they're definitely too small. It's a fact. Snake keepers try to push the narrative that they can live in small enclosures but it's really just so they can keep more for cheap. Before the restaurant he went to a reptile store with the leeches on his hand. Definitely loves the attention despite the fact where he likes to say he "left the reptile community".

No. 577818

I haven’t seen any of her other videos what’s your opinion on her if you have seen them

No. 577984

Personally if my bearded dragon was gone my reaction wouldn’t be to grab my camera and film it.

No. 578002

That is absolutely vile.

No. 578103

>When you're such a shitty owner your pet only lives for a year
>Make a video about it

Read to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it"

No. 578105

Lol you didn't watch the video did you?
The thumbnail was clickbait.
She found her dragon.

No. 578106

^ forgot to sage sorry!

No. 578210

Even without watching the vid, even if it was all fake like why video it lol. If my bearded dragon went missing I don’t have time to grab a camera I would have the house tore apart in 5 minutes.

No. 578213

She seems to have a lot of story times videos where the animal escapes or some shit…

No. 578215

Theres definately something I like about her personality more than the others. Maybe its just her voice. The click bait is bs and I wish all these youtubers would just stop. She may have found her beardie faster if she wasnt filming and combed every area.

No. 578306

My ball python was an escape artist. He got under the fridge once and I burst into tears, completely emptied it, and turned it on it’s side to get him out. It was a horrific lesson in making sure the locks were tight.

Why do I feel like her beardie wasn’t even missing, though? She could’ve manufactured the whole situation and then put him where she “found him.” Her reaction was just so fake. I hope that’s the case tbh.

No. 578506


she was laughing at some points like, theres absolutely nothing funny about the situation

and why exploit your animal fake dying for a thumbnail? what a dick move

No. 578522

New video from Em.


-Clarifies the story with the previous owner. Says they had zero contact with owner, only through petstore who told them the story. Also pet store apparently asked them if they wanted to adopt the skunk (first in line) sort of thing.
-States the skunk is bred in captivity and isn't WC.
-Lots of Skunk facts.

She doesn't talk about though how her skunk is de-scented and how that is a cruel practice. Something that would have been useful to mention as a. it was already done before they got the animal and b. is a law in their state.

No. 579397

Some people would probably be interested in owning a skunk so that would definitely be a good fact to mention.

No. 579572

There’s a comment she replied to on that video where she said she would cover the topic in her ‘skunks as pets’ video. I think I’m another I saw she said she would give differences between USA and uk because the laws are somehow different ?

No. 579590

In the UK it's illegal to descent a skunk because it's cruel. In the US, some states require it.

It's along the same lines as declawing a cat. Illegal in EU because it's cruel; required in the US by some landlords etc.

No. 579596

I know why declawing a cat is cruel. But how is descenting a skunk cruel? I thought it was the same as descenting a ferret.

No. 579643

Descenting a ferret is also considered cruel in the UK and also banned.

It's cruel because it's an unnecessary operation that actually can lead to an animal being without it's natural defences if it ever needed them. ie. Escaped cats need claws, like ferrets or skunks would their scent glands. In a home environment skunks should never be scared enough to spray. Neutering/spaying will have much more effect (especially in a male) on any normal body scent than descenting anyway too. There are also potential side effects from descenting; rectal prolapse is a major one.

Here's the position of the American Ferret Association on descenting: http://www.ferret.org/read/statements.html (they strongly oppose it)

All in all I'm probably missing some things as I don't keep skunks and am not an expert. But imho it's probably a bit more like debarking a dog. There are risks involved with the surgery and it's an unnecessary operation for human convenience, little more. Will a debarked dog live an awful life? Probably not if it's care is otherwise good. Is it cruel and unnecessary? Yes.

No. 579953

when she lived in the uk she had an unscented skunk. she has never mentioned that descenting is cruel and unnecessary.

maybe this is a reach, but imo she doesnt talk about unnecessary cruelty to animals bc shes pro animal welfare rather than pro animal rights. she actively slanders animal rights campaigns online and spreads misinformation rather than remaining neutral on thr matter in the public eye, and this is no surprise after seeing how she treats animals in her care. i lurked thru her twitter and wasnt surprised in the least to see that she said ara's are against caring for pets, when that's completely untrue (as a believer in animal rights). she just does whatever benefits her and brings profits, and if thats saying "oh but its fine bc he cant spray me w smelly stuff i took that ability away from him lol", she'll say it, and thus promote/normalise it. we know she cares more about social status and fame than animal care, thats obvious by her interactions w tnd. her animal care barely even needs to be examined bc she's defending + promoting god awful husbandry. idk if the lack of milk is making me ramble but shes really driving me up the wall since that betta video

No. 579980

Both the betta and bearded dragon videos were awful and I don't think she should have got another pet (the skunk) in the first place. However; as she mentioned it was the law in her state. I can't blame her for descenting the skunk as it was certainly done far before she got her hands on it (either by the original owner or the petshop to enable them to sell it). I know she said she was going to mention it in her other pet care video… but honestly it might have been useful in this one too. It also you know might have been useful to never get the skunk and thus support such a cruel practice… but you know….

As for her not having a descented skunk in the UK. Was that with her work? I know she had a ferret (that obviously would have not been descented either).

>she just does whatever benefits her and brings profits

Tbh All animal based businesses are run like this to one extent or the other. She works her animals two days a week, but that's still two days of stress on the animals one way or the other. I honestly don't think those 'party' zoos / 'home visit' zoos etc. can possibly be ethical.

No. 580033

Face it. She ‘drives you up the wall’ because she’s at least got the guts to upload and keep going despite knowing she’s being watched. I didn’t like her Betta video at all but I think it speaks volumes that she removed it and apologized. As for the bearded dragon video, it’s widely boycotted to use the substrates she used, but in the EU forums it seems lots of people use wood chip bark or similar. I mean, give the girl a break. It’s not easy to move country and learn a different set of rules. She’s no freaking saint and I think she’s got a lot of growing to do, but I like her over a lot of the other pet channels. Her creature features are good. Also - Obviously she does things for money because it’s her job. Heck, I’m surprised she hasn’t sold out more. Her marketing potential is mega (marketing is what I study) and I see more good in her channel than bad. I don’t see abuse. I see room for improvement (but all the channels have room for it) but there’s not cruelty.

No. 580165

> It’s not easy to move country and learn a different set of rules

This is not about 'rules' as much as it is about general husbandry. Yes, husbandry opinions differ from country to country, but UK generally has some of the 'better' if not the 'best' animal welfare laws and outlooks. That being said, she promoted something she knew was wrong for the sake of promoting it and then DEFENDED it. She was promoting wrong husbandry to people that watch her. You can't even defend that.

>I don’t see abuse.

She's said a lot of shady shit previously, and we haven't seen a lot of her animals. Yes, someone here defended that by saying that it's a work thing and it would be a bit like suicide to reveal it (which I can agree with) but at the same time, some of the shit she comes out with is concerning - keeping Bearded Dragon in a 'temporary' and 'dark' enclosure (there's a thread discussing this somewhere), the whole breeding thing (meaning we have no clue how many snakes they have and how they're bred). We don't have to know everything but she's definitely not a saint as you view her to be.

There is a big difference between having room to grow and promoting the wrong care.

No. 580391

Before she apologized for the betta video, she first threw a hissy fit over people calling her out. It's all in the beginning of the last thread if you want to check back. She would have never removed the video or apologized if not for everyone catching her in her lies about breeding them, calling out her misinformation on cycling (literally the first step in fish keeping), and forcing an otto into solitary confinement from its own species. We still don't know whatever happened to those fish, or if they are even alive.

People can bitch that all this thread does is hate on pettubers, but now pettubers know they are being watched and standard of care is being set. If it wasn't for this site, Emzotic would probably still have that better video up. We also wouldn't have this recent influx of "upgrading my pets cage!" videos from every other pettuber.

No. 580404

Hell tbh I don't think she ever apologised or said what she did was wrong. She removed the video but was still preaching 'I know what I'm doing so I didn't explain every step, I was tots breeding them and bred betta before lol'.

Chances are those fish aren't doing too well… even without the presence of another betta and the otto on its own, the amount of stress in that tank from; no cycle, high flow, no high resting places for betta etc. means that the fish likely suffered from initial illness. It's anyone's guess as to if they're still alive. It can take a lot to kill a betta… The otto, I don't have much hope for.

No. 580411

File: 1526144688136.jpeg (201.9 KB, 750x541, B6E5EB19-1FC4-42D2-897D-7E2719…)

Emma, it’s all well and good to build your own, but you don’t crap on other people’s money to make yourself seem relatable and virtuous. Get over yourself.

No. 580412

I can't stand her lol. It seems like she never knows what's going on.

No. 580415

She’s a wannabe. She’s trying to build her image on being responsible and relatable but she comes off as preachy and annoying. You want be the better Taylor. Great. Maybe you’d be more credible if you stop throwing shade at Taylor and tagging her, hoping for her to give you attention and twitter followers. Pathetic, transparent clone.

No. 580434

I really wish youtubers would start calling out these pet hoarders. So many of these poor animals have no business being kept as pets but since they bring in the YT views they're fucked. It's despicable what these animal "lovers" are doing.

No. 580481


shame she can't spend a bit more to upgrade her rabbits tiny ass enclosure

No. 580485


I feel like people are sleeping on the fact that the skunk was sleeping on a rusty handsaw. Yes she apologized for that too but only because she slipped up and got it on camera, who knows what else we don't see that isn't being apologized for

No. 580535

She said her rabbits are getting upgrades. I’m not trying to defend her, but I just don’t see why her rabbits cages keep getting brought up when she even admitted herself they’re small, and stated multiple times that they’re going to be getting a big upgrade. Last update she gave about bonding them was that her rabbit who she adopted and was told that was fixed, turned out to not be fixed, so she went and got it done.

No. 580539


because shes upgrading her chameleon enclosure when it doesn't need to be upgraded, giving her chameleon an outdoor enclosure and an indoor enclosure when she could be using the space for her poor fucking rabbits

No. 580542

Well she can’t upgrade them until they’re bonded, unless you want them to injure eachother…. are we seriously giving someone shit for giving their pet a huge upgrade? I’m not a fan of her or anything, but I think it’s good that she’s giving her animal a huge upgrade, hopefully the rabbits will come soon once they’re bonded, but I’m not going to give her shit for not upgrading them right now when they’re not bonded, and one is recovering from surgery

No. 580741

I find it weird that there isn't more about Happy Tails on here. Of all the pet you tubers she has the most animals, has the worst attitude and has a service dog just for show. Plus the backyard breeding and recent puppy death. And on top of all this she's recently gotten some kind of sponsorship with an MMO because clearly she has time for a video game addiction on top of abusing all those animals.

No. 580746

Probably because people post about who they watch. Happy Tails is so depressing in her care that many people actively avoid watching her.

If you have info though feel free to post it. They do need to be talked about more because they /are/ awful.

No. 580933

Emma Lynn posted an 11 min video literally just to say shes going to build a bigger chameleon enclosure. 11 full minutes of droning on and on and saying nothing except the same exact statement in 50 different variations. Jesus christ, this girl has the personality of cardboard.

No. 581144

when's the last time someone even compared her to taylor? lmao damn someone compares them ONCE and she milks it as much as she can

No. 581180

Eh she gets it pretty frequently in her YouTube comments

No. 581181

I mean look, just a few comments up somebody called her a wannabe, I don’t think she’s only gotten that comment once

No. 581217

Oh, but she’s “going to” once her bunnies are BONDED… here’s a tip miss wannabe…spend for than 5 minutes at a time working on bonding your bunnies. It’s been months since you were called out and they are still separated. Stop adding more animals that take time away from the bonding process. Yes, it’s hard and time consuming but you’re not even trying to do it. And don’t give us that bullshit that we only see a minute portion of your lives…I’ve seen other pet tubers post videos of their bonding. It takes effort that you’re not willing to give!

No. 581218


she also shouldn't have 'adopted' a third rabbit if she didn't have the space. By adopting a third rabbit, it takes away space that the other rabbits could've had, thus reducing their quality of life. Shes a typical crappy pet youtuber that gets more animals at the jeopardy of her existing animals environment and lives.

No. 581219

She’s full of excuses. Instead of bonding current pets, she keeps downgrading current enclosures to make room for new pets and enclosures. She doesn’t have enough time in a day to give all the animals she has the proper care and attention she needs. I can’t believe her landlord (daddy) allows her to keep adding more pets!

No. 581220

Give me a break. Bond the damn rabbits! That’s the problem. She’s not even trying. A 4-hour session once a week is nothing but a waste of time. It has to be DAILY, increasing the length of time. Simple solution, regime the single bunny and keep the pair that’s bonded it’s not like she’s giving them time and attention. If they’re not bonded they’re not all “free roaming” as she claims because it can’t be done at the same time. Man I hate this wanna-be bitch. She’s not an animal saviour!

No. 581222

She’s finally changed her profile pic, but for the longest time every time I saw her original pic I cringed. So so desperately was trying to be/look like TND.

No. 581240

File: 1526213672698.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1394, 243AA0DF-6B71-42A6-8C80-39EA64…)

Definition of free roam: they will spend little to NO time in a cage, instead having the ability to explore your home freely.

Emma’s bunnies are in a small cage the majority if the time and in a larger play penned area when they are allowed out. This is NOT free roaming.

No. 581251

File: 1526216053883.jpeg (785.6 KB, 1242x1712, B4D303C1-29F3-4AE7-9835-080421…)

She’s been stalking lolcows again!

No. 581257

lol I kind of feel bad for Emma, she's pretty young right? like 17/18? I think she has way too many animals and is part of the youtube subculture of glorifying hoarding that I fucking wish would die but on the other hand compared to the other hoarders here she has some more transparency to her, she does show all her enclosures and I don't think most are that bad. I hear the rabbits are in too small cages but she's planning to upgrade once they're bonded I guess.

I find her speech patterns too annoying to watch but that's personal lol she always intros every video/action with "we're gonna go ahead and do that now" it's annoying

No. 581261

I believe she’s graduated from high school therefore an adult.

She’s got a pair and then a single bunny. She’s made NO effort to bond. She never speaks of a “job” whatsoever. We know her dad is her landlord…perhaps they are wealthy and she still gets an allowance…because anyone working full time could NOT have enough time to look after that many animals and give them all the attention they require. Just the barest minimum, much like her enclosures.

No. 581266

I think you can be technically an adult and still have a lot of growing up and maturing to do. Unfortunately she already has so many animals and appears to still be interesting in getting more, which sucks because a lot of these animals have a long lifespan. At 18 I thought I was going to make a living in music lol but luckily none of the instruments and books I hoarded at that time had lifespans or care requirements to speak of.

Just dk how well she'll handle being stuck with so many long lived reptiles and mammals in 5 years when she might want to do something else, or in 10 years when her life takes a different turn. At her age you always think something you're interested in will last forever, but then sometimes reality happens and that's my biggest concern for her animals.

Is weird she never mentions a job when she just moved into a new place.

No. 581278

Cows stalking threads and making public tweets about them just makes them look insecure af. You're in the public eye, people are bound to say shit.

I have many friends in that age range and a lot of them are busy worrying about studying and work. Other than that, they're all enjoying time with their friends and planning long holidays during summer vacations if they have the money/parent help. By having a ton of animals at a young age and living alone (?) you're definitely 'wasting' precious time before the reality hits. I wonder if her job income alone could support her atm, we all know YouTube won't last forever.

No. 581294


I heard her mention in a video before that she has two jobs. If so, thats not much time to be spending with the animals.


To me this is concerning. It looks like shes trying too hard to show that she 'free roams her rabbits' by nightly, thats assuming she does this every night, however no one has the time to set up a pen like this in the middle of their living room every day.

She also claims to free roam her rabbits every day, as an excuse for keeping them in tiny bare minimum cages. However in her recent video 'training her rabbits' or whatever it was called, the rabbits were clearly uncomfortable, slipping all over the floor, and looked on edge all the time, not something you'd expect if they were being free roamed in that room all the time. She also has loose wires everywhere, which if you bunny proofed a room in order to free roam them every day like they need, it wouldn't be that way.

So i call bullshit on her free roaming them every day, in that room, and also no ones going to set a pen up like this for them everyday. Which is why I have such an issue with the size of her rabbit cages.

No. 581339

File: 1526229667774.png (2.35 MB, 1242x2208, 2A85200F-3AAF-4725-B03D-844F92…)

She tweeted this a few weeks back about bonding -

No. 581341

File: 1526229692358.png (1.92 MB, 1242x2208, 094986F6-8B77-49A8-A7A4-E18DB5…)

No. 581352

File: 1526230446682.jpeg (554.14 KB, 750x1243, B7978DBC-4D79-4245-855F-6A6C5C…)

Leopardgecko throwing open shade at TND. If she wasn’t a small channel i would think it’s out of concern but because it’s taken her this long to call her out and because her views are so small I think it’s to do with wanting more views and spicing up her channel. I smell a rat.
I bet other PetTubers are going to cast her out soon. They protect each other and now there’s someone rocking the boat. RIP Leopardgecko.

No. 581353


or shes just not a shitty person and isn't afraid to speak up?

No. 581360

She has over 116k subscribers. She’s a bigger channel than a lot of the ones discussed in this thread

No. 581398

That’s how well she knew her bunnies. No wellness check when she got them? And bullshit that she wasn’t agressive with the “bonded” bunny. Hormones are hormones. She isn’t in “tune” with her bunnies as they are in a cage in a small room! And yes, Emma, you ARE lazy. You’re more interested in acquiring more exciting animals for views tgan the well being of what you’ve already got!

No. 581410

Not defending her, but it’s very hard to physically tell if a rabbit has been spayed or not just through a typical “wellness check” since all their reproductive organs are internal. Typically the only way to tell would be through an ultrasound, which isn’t typically done as part of a routine wellness check.

If rabbits are bonded at a young age, before being fixed, it’s a very easy bond. They won’t be aggressive to eachother. Young rabbits are the absolute easiest to bond, and as long as they’re kept together, this bond will last their whole life, so no, It most likely would not be aggressive towards the other rabbit.

Again, I’m not defending her, but I’ve workes with rabbits for multiple years now and there’s a lot more to them, and to the bonding process than just “hormones are hormones”

If you adopt a rabbit and are told that it has been fixed, most people will just take their word for it. Most people won’t go out of their way to get an ultrasound done just to comfirm it, so I don’t really blame her for not knowing.

No. 581430

File: 1526233970607.jpeg (149.68 KB, 1294x904, 1526233840122.jpeg)

No. 581432

I'm guessing this is the attention she wanted from tagging Taylor.

No. 581541

File: 1526240867148.jpeg (692.91 KB, 1115x1764, B47C5F24-8B64-477F-92E6-520DD6…)

How does she afford everything if she doesn’t leave her house? and there’s no way pickles has the time to actually care for all those animals if she works plus does her online store.

No. 581548

Thing is, I'm sure you could clean all your cages / change water / food. In around 4 hours a day.

However that excludes things like meal prep (having everyone on dried petstore nuggets instead), it excludes cage cleaning time which doesn't have to happen every day, but still should be taking place multiple times a week, and also importantly it excludes interaction time.

Pets need time outside their cages, they need time to bond with their owner and to get some needed mental stimulation.

So yeah..

No. 581759

Leopardgecko has been throwing shade at a lot of pettubers, not only TND, for a couple weeks now. After her reaction to Emzotic's "pettube" video, it seems like she's rather disassociate with them all anyways.

No. 581920

I don’t understand the stigma against people who have pets and also have jobs. If someone is home all day people wonder how you afford your pets. If you work half the day, people wonder how you care for them. Believe it or not, people can do both. MOST people do both actually. It’s no different than having children and working. Well, less stressful than kids really. Much less work too, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

No. 581941

I'm still not a huge fan, but I actually respect Pickles a bit more than some of the others because she doesn't rely on exploiting her animals for income. Not sure if its completely true but she mentioned in a video that she could still support all her animals without youtube money.

No. 581948

Dumbass. She’s 18-19. Living on her own…either she won the lottery or is a trust fund baby if she can afford all the pets she’s acquiring and not work.

No. 581955

Pickles has clearly said she hates her accounting job and wants to earn more via YouTube. She also started an online shop and she definitely exploits her animals!

No. 581970

I think she still exploits them but she seems a bit more stable than some of the others. Isn’t she a bit older?

No. 581973


She works in retail and lives with a parent, and according to social blade makes a decent amount from YouTube.

I’m not here to bother questioning how people pay for their pets, they could be hookers for all I care, I only give a fuck about if they care for them correctly

No. 581980

She’s a lot older. Almost 30 I think. A lot of the old school pet channels are going on or are already in their 30s.

No. 581983

yeah people can do both, but it's a lot harder when you have 20 times the amount of animals that a normal person does

No. 581988

i thought it didn't matter if rabbits were together when they were young. they still have to be separated and then bonded as normal, even if, for example, they're littermates. sorry for blog posting but…my rabbits have been together since 8weeks (except for after getting fixed) and they're still not very excited about bonding, even tho they loved each other as babies.

my problem with emma and her rabbits lies in the fact that she just doesn't seem to interact with them. if she truly does let them out to run around then i can excuse the small cages, only because she says she's getting bigger enclosures for them. but it just irks me how little she seems to know about her buns. it's like she did a quick google search about rabbits as pets and regurgitates the info to her followers. i don't follow her closely so i'm not sure how often she talks about them, it just seems like she doesn't care about them much. i could be wrong.

also, didn't she used to have four rabbits and like two died?

No. 581991

lol get a life emma and get off of here unless you're actually going to change something smh

No. 581995

She definitely doesn't let them out to freeroam like she says. Look at the body language of her rabbits on the floor outside of their cages in her rabbit tricks video. They look curious and terrified because they're clearly not used to being on that floor. If they were truly out all of the time, they would be hopping around like nobody's business. but instead theyre showing obvious signs of stress. Not sure if anyone else can notice this or not, but I picked up on it right away.

No. 582002

Social blade is extremely unreliable for income stats. She’s got 18k subscribers. Half her videos have under 5k views and about a dozen over 20. I’d give her a generous average of 8k views per vid. I would guess $300 US tops as income. Social blade estimates monthly earnings to be $58-$999. That’s a HUGE variance. And she lives alone according to her vids. Her dad is her landlord tho.

No. 582008

From what I knkw, with social blade they make closer to the higher estimate so if her estimation is $58-$999, she likely makes more like $700-$900, and then there’s sponsors and stuff on top of that

No. 582013

I don't think that's really true, it depends I'm sure.

No. 582015

I know a pet tuber with Waaaay more than Emma. Their income is $650-800…,there’s no way in hell shes getting near what you estimate. I doubt she pays rent in daddy’s house.

No. 582210

File: 1526277777705.jpg (58.65 KB, 750x416, IMG_5885.JPG)

i think someone mentioned her once before but this girl is annoying as fuck. she's maria nicole grey. she doesn't have a job, apparently just relies on commissions for her drawings as income. i have no idea how much she makes, but i doubt it's enough to pay rent, care for herself and adequately care for all of her animals considering she has so few followers.

her "meet my pets" video was…eh. it's the only video i've watched of hers because this pissed me off. her poor bunny's feet look like this. does she just let it stand in its own piss?

she also has 37k followers on instagram but only 206 youtube subs and like 150 twitter followers. so i think she buys her followers too lmao. she stans taylor as well

No. 582233

She definitely buys followers. Her photos only get 200-300 likes. Definitely doesn’t add up to the fact that she has 37.6k followers.

No. 582241

Not only are this poor bunny's feet filthy, look at how overgrown those nails are.

No. 582450

Rabbits normally piss in the same spot, it's not going to wear little boots everytime it pees. Yellow feet are normal.

No. 582461

uuh no. while they do pee in the same spot, they do also clean their feet. pee doesn't stain their feet like that anyways even if for some reason they're not doing a good job cleaning themselves.

No. 582509


I mentioned this previously, its obvious the rabbits aren't used to being in that room so she doesn't free roam them like she says, and if she does it can't be comfortable for them to be slipping all over the wooden flooring all the time

No. 582514

Get urine on a white cloth, and try and clean it out with saliva.

No. 582594

maria is that you? my rabbits have white feet and they're clean as a whistle.

it's called not changing the litter often enough. rabbits can get urine scald, and it's especially concerning/more likely to be an issue when their feet look like that. look at those fucking nails too.

No. 582595

Whole point is that rabbits shouldn't spend exess time in their litterboxes, hopping in and out to pee is not going to stain the feet that badly.

No. 582610

File: 1526317521177.png (179.67 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5900.PNG)

she bought her rabbit one of those small two floor hutches and said it's twice as much room as he had before that. this cage is only 2 feet wide and 3.5 feet long. it has two stories, but that really means nothing to me. that doesn't give the rabbit room to move around

so basically he was living in one of those tiny petsmart rabbit cages until last week. no wonder his feet are bright yellow. his litter box probably took up half of his living space.

No. 582612

File: 1526317626879.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5901.PNG)

she also says this is the flooring she uses because the hutch didn't come with one. what i understood from this exchange was that she's trying to put a litter tray underneath the bottom and this is the floor, so that the whole cage is basically a litter box because apparently he stopped using his. so not only does he have bright yellow feet and overgrown nails, he's probably going to have awful sore hocks as well.

No. 582617

I'm siding with the "that's not normal" anons. My friend has rabbits and the one with white feet never looks this bad. Maybe a very slight discoloration sometimes at most, but never this obviously filthy. That's not normal and the extremely overgrown nails are also a sign of neglect. It's bad for their feet and can deform their paws/toes if left that way for too long.

The two story would be fine as a house if she actually allowed him to free roam. But with it's uneasiness, it seems unlikely. Also, if she'd just trim the poor things nails, it would slid a lot less on the flooring. At the very least she should put down a cheap rug or mat, even cardboard would be better for hi than the wood flooring.

What the hell. Does he not have any bedding in his hutch then either? The fact that he entirely stopped using his litterbox is a bad sign too.

No. 582628

File: 1526318889968.jpg (36.08 KB, 352x480, 8e015319f3d0eb3639fc0cdb54dd5e…)


more like:
pour urine in absorbent litter tray, briefly tap silky fur cloth against litter, then rub cloth with warm saliva and wet tongue for a prolonged time.

And then, if the rabbit's self-cleaning doesn't work, there are literal cleaning wipes and other products for the owner to wipe the feet down as necessary. A tiny, tiny amount of staining is normal or unavoidable but here is no reason for her rabbit's feet to look that bad.


No. 582657

to be fair, she doesn't have an actual job so she's probably home a lot. she would have plenty of time to let him free roam while supervised. taking that into consideration, though, it's almost WORSE that his feet and nails look so bad.

No. 582664

she posted a "cleaning my animal's cages" video and you can see more of her rabbit setup. i didn't see any toys, i can't tell if there's anywhere soft for him to rest, and he takes up about a fourth of the cage. she opens two big bags of stuff so i think there might be litter in one part of the top floor but other than that it's wood floor or fence flooring with big holes in it. her dad also does half the cleaning for her lol

No. 582674

File: 1526321724670.png (166.13 KB, 750x1227, IMG_5909.PNG)

emma looks so much prettier without all the makeup. i know it's her choice to do it and it looks good, she's good at it, but her lips always look so wonky. here she just looks so much younger and better

No. 582720

File: 1526324558007.png (1.6 MB, 1242x2208, CD53AA55-593A-4416-933B-2F24B7…)

No. 582721

File: 1526324576919.png (402.55 KB, 1242x2208, E6AF3139-1362-4462-B10A-A2E4B8…)

No. 582752

God. Even TND’s lips look better when they’re all f’d up!

No. 582758

That's an old picture clearly. She has put on weight since then, her face shape is totally different.

No. 582759

What are you seeing wrong with this?
He seems to be doing a lot with them.

No. 582936

Why does em have a goat

No. 582944

She's looking after it for a day or so as part of a chain of people transporting the goat across the country.

No. 583020

Or shes using facetune. Either way, i wish she would stop poking her lips out like that. The fish lip look is doing her no favors. Hell TND's fucked up fillers look better than that fish mouth.

No. 583064

She took/posted that picture. That’s a lot of weight to gain in 6-7 months!!!

No. 583112

holy facetune batman

No. 583137

She’s posted on twitter before that she’s recovered/recovering from bulimia

No. 583162

oh wow. now i kinda feel like an asshole. i had no idea

still wish she'd stop overdrawing and pushing her lips out the way she does

No. 583173

File: 1526352795925.png (4.92 MB, 1242x2208, E1E3D1BE-268D-4E21-BB33-40CF3D…)

How are companies even okay with sponsoring her when she gives out horrible advice, and takes horrible care of her pets. Ugh.

No. 583195

wow his beard is really really black

No. 583205

Is that really how she 'dusts' her feeders insects? It looks like she just dumped the calcium right in the food bowl. Way to show your viewers how to over supplement. Not like that can be just as harmful as not supplementing.
And I am sorry, but I am not sold on the 'no need for any other product!' marketing bullshit. Reptiles need a calcium and multivitamin regime, but not in the same amounts or frequency. This is especially true when you're dealing with different reptiles, like a bearded dragon vs a leopard gecko. HappyTails makes it seem like they can be all lumped together

No. 583227

Yeah not to mention the bowl also looks dirty af. Looks like she doesn’t clean it out, and just continues to reuse it. Yuck

No. 583232

File: 1526359714114.jpeg (141.46 KB, 750x417, FE6234F4-2313-43C7-A6E6-440A9C…)

This one is so desperate for attention. Taylor shut her down yesterday via Twitter, so today she’s after Tyler’s attention. I had high hopes for Emma back when she did her own thing, but now it’s obvious she’s playing the popularity game, and losing. She’s literally only relevant because she’s a cheap clone who tries to be funny and fails. The sooner she goes to college the better. She’s annoying AF.

No. 583276

Her and Tyler are pretty good friends. She’s posted Snapchat stories of them Skyping before and such. Not sure about Taylor though

No. 583279

same. it's so annoying that she can't do her own thing

No. 583289

I don’t know if any of you watch their live streams, but they’ve mentioned having a group chat and Skyping on there before. I think the whole group of them going to that pet thing have a group chat together, so they’re probably all friends

No. 583501

Jossers Jungle has rehomed her macaws after less than a year having them lol someone here called it in an earlier thread iirc

No. 583589

Okay, I'm literally less than 2 minutes in, and Tyler has already said Michigan weather will mimic the weather in Mexico.
Umm, really Tyler? You really think Michigan and Mexico have the same type of weather and temperatures?

No. 583614


I’d agree that Michigan weather probably mimics the weather in the Mexican highlands where it’s cool and humid. Like he even stated in the video their temperature gradient is 40°-90° which is probably pretty accurate for Michigan summers + it’s humid in Michigan and they get a lot of rain

No. 583615

Okay, watched the rest and heres the break down:

>Bought a large reptibreeze for his two abronias for the summer

>Zoomed sponsorship
>fights a hornet over a plant
>the umbrella tree he bought ends up being too big
>adds one hide, and calls it a day

He only advertised zoomed's reptibark and sphagnum moss, which is pretty smart- probably learned from Emzotic's zoomed bearded dragon debacle.

No. 583946

I doubt her and tyler are actually good friends. She just seems desperate for the attention. I think the whole pet group skypes and tyler's in on it probably for maddie but who knows. she's always trying to be cool and funny by blatently insulting and being sarcastic to other people, especially tyler. it's not cute emma. get a life and be your own person.

No. 584001


LMAO. Got them from a breeder, gave them to a sanctuary. Classic. Did she talk about it in a video or is the Instagram post all we got?

No. 584039

I don’t think that’s the case. Looks like you’re reaching a lot here. Tylers super sarcastic to her also, the whole thing is just a big inside joke with all of them. One of Tyler’s last live streams, she joined and right away he was like “oh wow look the Taylor wanna be copycat is here!” And him, her and Maddie continued joking about it. They all do it to eachother, not just her. Stop reaching lmao

No. 584272

Only the instagram post, she hasn’t answered any fan questions in the comments about it either lol probably hoping everyone will forget or not care since she only made a handful of videos featuring the birds. I wonder what made her decide they were too much iirc she planned to breed them herself when she got them.

No. 584663

I’m so fucking sick of people being accused of being Emma just coz they point out you clearly don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Hi, not Emma. Also different anon to the other. But bunny bonding is complex. Knowing whether your rabbit is intact or not does not determine how good your ownership is. Yes the cage is too small, and she should have assumed bonding would be simple. But she also didn’t know one of them was still intact. Can we please pick on something else, like the fact she spent 90% of her new video just rephrasing the same sentence.

No. 584777


oh yeah her videos are shit too, she churns too many out with terrible camera quality and unscripted content. Sure its nice to be genuine and not repeat yourself but when you're rambling on about "wow i like ball pythons because they come in so many pretty colours, did you know ball pythons come in soooo many colours" its just crap. She only has the subscribers she has because shes 'friends' with tyler, which was a smart move on her behalf but she really needs to up her game

No. 585105

She does repeat herself, but overall her video was still actually pretty informative, it wasn’t just “they have a lot of colors”. She talked about the genes with possibly neurological issues, like the spider gene, and such which I was pretty pleased with. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other petuber bring awareness to this.

I also don’t really think Tyler has much to do with her sub count given they’ve never interacted on YouTube. They’ve never done a collab or mentioned eachother in videos as far as I know

No. 585110

Have ya'll noticed that Victoria Rachel seems to have a hamster pass away every few weeks?

No. 585133

In emzotics new video, she lets the goat directly interact with her other animals, such as her ferrets, and skunks. I don’t know much about goats or anything, but it seems like this could possibly spread disease…. especially since the goat isn’t hers, and she has no idea what it could’ve gotten into, considering they’re kept outdoors

No. 585139

File: 1526497748714.jpeg (134.77 KB, 1235x541, 173ADDDF-10B8-441F-8A76-DAC29F…)

Was the break even more than a couple hours?!!

No. 585140

Not white knighting, but hamsters barely live 1-1/2 to 2 years. From what I’ve seen, she’s rescued hamsters and so there is no exact age identified or guarantee how long they will live. Her care seems almost extravagant in the cage sizes and attention she spends. She clearly loves them and gives them a good life while she can. The last two were from old age and a believed tumor. Sounds like she even went to the vet. Unfortunately bad genetics runs rampant in hamster breeding.

No. 585143

Look I’m all for calling out bad pet care and such, but I don’t think we need to be picking at the way people cope with their mental illnesses. Completely irrelevant to petcare, and kinda just a dick move. I could care less if someone did or didn’t take a break. What I do care about is people possibly putting their pets in danger by allowing them to have direct contact with a strangers animal.

No. 585147

I understand exactly what you mean, i'm the anon that posted about it and she's one of my favourite youtubers but its just concerning because it seems to be happening quite often and didn't one or two escape and die?
Shes definitely one of the best pettubers around though

No. 585153

I follow her too. If memory serves correct, only 1 escaped and had a trauma. She quickly accepted responsibility and ensured all her cages had escape proof lids. That was quite some time ago! Maple was rescued from a bad home, showed no signs of anything wrong and just passed away. Basil (the grump) was almost a year and a half and that’s normal. The most recent, Bear, pardon me, Little Bear appears to have had a tumor. She said she went to the vet because he was bloated and it wasn’t a blockage because he was pooping. Did you even watch her video about it?

No. 585160


I noticed it too, I think to anyone that isn't along term subscriber, it would probably appear concerning, and maybe even 'worthy' of being mentioned on here. However, as a subscriber, its evident that she goes above and beyond to care for her hamsters, its just really bad luck that she appears to have lost them close together.

It's also worth noting that she rescued most (if not all? im not sure) of them from either adoption centers or people that no longer wanted them, which sadly means their genetics and health is super unpredictable, as is their actual age. I think it may appear as though she 'only just got' little bear, but some people might be forgetting that he was in a home beforehand so he wasn't a baby when she got him.

She doesn't brush it under the rug when they pass, and theres plenty of evidence to suggest that she does everything in her power to prevent it (vet trips etc) so i dont think its really worth discussing here.

No. 585167


nevermind the fact that both parties could potentially injure each other. Sure they were being supervised, but the ferret was trying to bite the goat, and im sure a headbutt would be enough to injure it back.

She shouldn't be promoting interspecies interactions between animals, it serves no purpose or benefit to the goat, and is just more harm than good just for a video.

No. 585178

Actually, by combining personal/pet together it’s all fair game, same as it is for her alter ego. There’s never been mention of any of this until someone put it on here This just shows that she’s as big a flake as we thought she was!

No. 585323

It isn’t new news that Emma has struggled with eating disorders and discussing someone else’s mental health when it seems to have little relevance to anything remotely concerning her animal care derails the conversation. It may be fair game but it is pointless.

No. 585345


Yes I’ve noticed quite a few of her hamsters have died, I watch her sometimes but with so many other pettubers who have more interesting content I’ve kind of drifted. But she has lost quite a few. I don’t like to speculate on why they have died but it’s something to notice that other pettubers like HamyLux, Loris Hartland, Pickles and other’s hamsters usually live their full lives 1.5-2yrs. So why do none of hers? Idk it’s something I did notice. Either way…rip babies.

No. 585393

Is this even milk? Does she abuse or mistreat her hamsters? Make cruel videos tossing them in the air? Keep them locked in tiny cages in a closet? Just sayin’…hamsters have a short life span to begin with. Add bad genetics and adopting already older hamsters, I’m not sure how she can miraculously keep them from dying. Show me some abuse and I’ll back off. But from what I see (I just checked out a few of her vids), she gives above average care, excellent information for newbies, some cute vids and her bunnies are fricken adorable!

No. 585404

Are you Emma’s mom? Lol. I have to laugh at how you you can pick apart everything TND does from finding invisible injection sites to any other criticism that isn’t animal care related…yet Emma is off limits? My initial reaction to that post wasn’t that it was about mental health (although Emma mentions it), but it was more about the fact that she “was taking a break” and then immediately continued tweeting. What is a break then?

No. 585427

Wait where was TND mentioned? How do you know this person picks apart TND? Different anon, I’m juts gererally confused as to where this person mentioned TND??

No. 585446


Honestly I'm surprised People like lorislittleheartland and that pickles hamsters haven't died when they openly get them from pet stores

No. 585457

My point was that anons make assumptions about every aspect of TND on this site yet the anon that posted Emma’s tweet is getting harassed for it. I read the comment above not to be directed at Emma’s mental health, (but you have to question that when people continually add pets to their flock) but moreso about the fact that she was taking a break and then just continued tweeting like she never made the comment!

No. 585485

I think he's been discussed before but i just went through some more of his videos and I'm surprised he hasn't been brought up more. In this video alone he backyard bred his dragons and then dropped a tiny baby and acted like it was no big deal. He also keeps a turtle and goldfish together and mentions that hopefully the turtle won't eat the fish, and his chickens got killed because the coop wasn't properly secured.

No. 585487

Omg. He keeps his RES, and comet goldfish in a 30 gallon tank. Both these animals need like a 125 gallon tank, or pond.

I can’t get over the dropping of that baby beardie?? He acts like it’s no big deal… obviously a baby that small is SUPER fragile, and a drop that big could seriously injure it.

No. 585500

Not to mention goldfish need cold water, and sliders need heated water. Totally incompatible

No. 585502


I just checked him out and the tank has no where for the turtle to even come out the water?

No. 585513

Good lord the way he handles his animals is cringe worthy

No. 585518


Its *loris hartland and Just cuz you get a Animal from a pet store doesn’t mean it’s going to die sooner than any other? In any case if ur argument was valid then the fact their hamsters are still alive must be a testament to their care. Just sayin no diff than someone who adopts one from the back of a petsmart or whatever. Still from a store.

No. 585525

Lori, seriously?…are you really going after fellow pettubers on this thread? Shame shame on you! You just lost any respect I had for you.

No. 585526

Lmao you're clearly this loris person. I wonder how many pettubers are on here shit talking their friends

No. 585529


Lol it's proven that Emma and that group of people know about this thread and she seems to be a clinger on to their group so it doesn't surprise me that she's over here dragging others to gain a little self promo

No. 585533

That person wasn’t saying they’re lori, they were correcting the name because the previous person uses the wrong name

No. 585535


Wow so triggered by the spelling, hi Loris lol.

There is a difference , supporting pet stores and buying animals from there is much different than adopting animals from stores

No. 585538

Good lord, you guys claim to care about the animals, but yet when controversial animal care is brought up, you guys go right back to talking about pointless drama.

How about we focus on this guy who just dropped his baby bearded dragon on the floor, didn’t give a shit. Keeps his animals in way too small enclosures, handles them extremely poorly etc. Why are we talking about pointless drama when this guy was literally just brought up, practically killing his animals?

No. 585542

All of his enclosures are usually sparse unless they’re animals he can make things for. Bare minimum at best usually

No. 585544

No. 585545

Good god a guy was just brought up for killing his chickens and manhandling all his pets and you’re more concerned that Emma’s group of friends want attention? Well good job because you’re literally giving them the attention they apparently want

No. 585547

I think it's kind of funny that people were saying it wasn't okay that one pettuber was taking animals to the vet to get them checked and them doing everything in their power to help them and rescue but it's okay for others to do it lol. seems like we have a lot of the pettubers on here defending lmao

No. 585552

how about the fact Erin's Ark has noticed her guinea pig has been sick for a few weeks but she won't bring her to the vet?

No. 585553

yea this thread is a mess lmao

No. 585554

This thread is such a mess. I originally came here so that we could talk about people bad animal care. Yet all anyone here seems to be focused on lately is pointless drama that honestly seems to be made up. What the hell is going on and why can’t anyone talk about the actual bad animal care that going on such as emzotic letting her animals (which shouldn’t be interacting) interact, and this guy who clearly knows nothing about his pets

No. 585555

In a more recent video he shows he's made the coop more secure, I don't think that's exactly killing his chickens.

No. 585556

Her pets get sick regularly. Probably because she makes up diets for them with no nutritional training whatsoever

No. 585558

After his chickens because attacked lol

No. 585559

Right, and then tries to give advice on proper diet and sells food she makes? So baffling. If your animal is sick bring it to the vet. I can promise the majority of the time you don't know any better than them!

No. 585560

If he didn't care he wouldn't have made it more secure

No. 585562

They’re all on random seed mixes, even the guinea pigs. And then she makes videos saying what she feeds is the healthiest and most nature diet possible. But her pets are sick regularly and she’s just a kid who read a German forum and decided she knew what was best

No. 585563

He made it more secure because they all got attacked and died the first time around??? Wtf are you on about Lmao. If you live near a wooded area (which he shows) it’s common sense to make any outdoor enclosures extremely secure so that no animals get killed in the first place

No. 585564

Ok. Some of his care requires attention, no doubt. But as for his chickens, they weren’t free ranged. They were in a coop that a predator managed to breach. This happens to lots of chicken owners. He had since reinforced the coop. Let that one rest.

As for Emma and her cronies, there’s lots of shit in their care too. Little Lori rescues stink bugs and that drawl is most annoying. Can’t listen to her for 2 seconds. Pickles uses the rest for self promotion and does nothing for anyone that doesn’t benefit herself.

I am not a tuber, but subscribe to many of these channels. Gotta say I’m gonna unsubscribe after these obvious attempts to hurt fellow channels. Unprovoked!

No. 585565


I don’t think that’s her, they were correcting your spelling. Lmao you dragging people on here, you ain’t got no respect to give anyway. Lmaoooooo

No. 585567

Could you make it any more obvious that you’re either Curtis or one of his friends

No. 585574


I didn't even think bunnies could have seeds and she just made a video about how healthy they are for them, whatttt?

No. 585582


So you mad at *loris hartland because she’s southern? And pickles because she’s making a name for herself. Lmao weak

No. 585585

Her dog is on a random made up diet as well. She posted a video about him being on a vegan diet her and her mom put together.

No. 585586

I'm convinced that it's Curtis and friends as well lol. Attacking other Pettubers is pretty low guys, just because you can't make a name for yourselves off of your own shit care so you try to tear others down to distract off of yourselves? Pretty pathetic. Maybe improve your own care so you didn't have so much to cover up.

No. 585588

Bad enough to be vegan, but an unformulated diet will kill the poor dog.

No. 585591

Why would you house a turtle and a goldfish in a tank together? who would even think to do that. What size is that tank? Does anyone know?

No. 585594

Oh god, the poor dog. What the heck is wrong with people? a VEGAN dog?!?!

No. 585595

I’m surprised more of her animals aren’t sick seeing as so many of them are on diets she designed herself with nothing but a little internet browsing

No. 585596

Vegan dogs are a thing. They actually cope with a vegan diet quite well… of course most vegan dogs are vegan due to some kind of allergy or for any other number of medical reasons. Not 'just because'.

No. 585597

It’s a 29 gallon tank… with a RES and a comet goldfish…

No. 585600


Lol wtf, is he friends with other YouTubers?


Think someone said above it was 30 gallon, well below what either of them should be housed in, nevermind together

No. 585604

dogs can easily thrive on a plant based diet as long as its nutritionally balanced, dont pass comments on something u dont have knowledge about. thats half the reason this thread is a mess, people dont understand animals needs and just assume things
if her dogs diet is just a bunch of tofu or something thats obviously not ok tho lol

No. 585605


I don't know why it's an assumption that anyone is covering up for their friends here. It sounds like it's just someone pointing out he fixed the issue with his chickens

No. 585607

I don’t particularly care that it is a vegan dog but that it is a vegan diet formulated by a parent and a child with no background in such a thing. All of her pets are on random diets she formulated herself and one of them is poorly more often than not

No. 585608

He’s friends with Victoria reachel, who was brought up earlier. Weird that as soon as both of them were brought up, someone comes on here, defends them, and changes the subject.

No. 585609

No. 585614


I think this thread is honestly just such a mess because so many different people get discussed here. Someone's bound to be a subscriber of someone that gets mentioned and get upset when their 'fave' is being featured. I think a lot of channels have cross over subscribers that enjoy both their channels and since so many YouTubers have been hinting at this thread there's a lot of stans on here

No. 585618

Most of the people discussed here don't make videos tossing their animals in the air, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be discussed for poor care. She might be doing everything right, but having so many young hamsters pass in such a short time at least deserves to be looked at. That is if we actually care about the animals welfare

No. 585619

And from what I’ve seen, she’s friends with Pickles, Lori, Emma as well as others. What’s your point?

No. 585623


Okay then, If you have any solid evidence then come back with that. But there's so many others we should be talking about instead of searching for milk, like Emzotic letting her ferret try and bite her goat or happytails fml

No. 585627

How about the fact that her hamster died after falling out of a cage with no lid? Don't think you need to know too much about animals to know a lid would probably be a good idea.

No. 585683

"thrive" is a stretch. if she's making her own vegan food, unless she's adding supplements, it's not balanced. dog's cant get everything they need from plants with no additives.

No. 585684

Get out of here sue

No. 585686


Lmao is that Victorias mom?

No. 585688

File: 1526521713496.jpeg (394.94 KB, 1242x1350, C1778ACB-3D68-406E-B4B5-A1A97E…)

Can anyone tell me what actual qualifications this chick has to be able to speak to any of these topics?

No. 585690

Yep and it’s super obvious this is her

No. 585693

Lmao, do you think her mom would even know what to do on this place?

No. 585695


Who? You're derailing the thread hard

No. 585697

Go check out her moms twitter. She talks about “a group of people” hating on Victoria all the time; and she’s close with Curtis and then also

No. 585699


Lol someone thinks sue( VR mom) is on here

No. 585700


Lol I've never noticed a scientific element to her channel at all, as far as I'm aware she's like an assistant in a vets that's it

No. 585701

File: 1526522043156.jpeg (403.31 KB, 1242x1575, 43736E07-29BB-4A1B-B1CA-949411…)

Wrong screenshot

No. 585704

Her moms twitter lines up with everything that was being said to defend her earlier. It’s obvious it’s her mom

No. 585705

I mean aren't all of those things true, though? Think about it

No. 585708

Not saying it’s untrue, just saying it’s the EXACT same thing said on here earlier, so it shows it’s her mom

No. 585709

VR's mom is bat shit insane so it wouldn't surprise me lmao

No. 585710


How so ? Lol

No. 585712

No. 585713


Spill the tea? (Or milk) I'm curious

No. 585716

She flips out anyone DARES to insult Victoria, yet she rips on taylor dean all the time. It’s kinda funny, because she’s doing exactly what she’s apparently so against, not to mention she’s a grown woman hating on a 20 year old

No. 585717

A’s soon as Victoria was brought up on here, it was so obvious that her mom came on here and shut it down, bringing the attention back to other petubers in order to distract anyone from talking about her daughter

No. 585719


Oh niceee. Do you have any screenshots? I'm too lazy to look through her twitter

No. 585723


I do agree I think her mom was on here at least earlier, she’s been known to attack Emma and Taylor lol and aparently now Pickles & Lori. If not her, then someone else’s mom. Smh come on Sue, use facts not insults.

No. 585725


She attacks them publically on twitter???

No. 585726

She has exactly zero qualifications to speak on those topics lmao

No. 585728

She got got back from a trip. I wonder who looks after all those animals when she’s gone?

No. 585730


Allegedly, but if not her then someone’s mom for sure.

No. 585732

I honestly don’t think it’s her (doubt she even knows about this thread or website even). From reading just a few of the comments on the most recent video there’s an awful lot of support!

No. 585733


This is a photo thread, please provide screenshots as milk where you can

No. 585734


The idea of people's Moms trying to use this thread makes me laugh

No. 585737

and even they know how to sage lmao

No. 585753

Ikr! I imagine just a bunch of young adults on here, not parents!

No. 585754

Victoria’s mom is practically a wanna be momager, she’s obsessed with everything, and anything to do with Victoria’s YouTube channel, including her “haters” her mom 100% knows about the website. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her mom saying “lol imagine a mom on here!!!” Just to make it seem like it’s not her. She’s just like Taylor’s mom

No. 585758

File: 1526525999828.jpeg (774.96 KB, 1242x1857, 01D22991-82A1-4F1C-8E00-A0A875…)

No. 585759

what a fucking joke lmao

No. 585873

"stock me" dear god she's such an idiot

i can't imagine being stupid enough to pay for her "consultations." she's such a bitch to everyone. one of the only videos i've seen of hers is the one where she says not to get your rabbits fixed and that was enough for me to know she has 0 qualifications to teach anyone anything about animals

No. 585988

Wow this thread has become boring fucking fast, why are we talking about peoples moms all of a sudden?

Under the rules:

"Photos, names, social media, and other information about friends and relatives of subjects, unless they are personally and willingly involved in the drama."

can we go back to discussing cows with actual milk now

No. 586010

You mean how Happy Tails thinks she’s being “stalked” for free advice?!

No. 586030

Thoughts on zoes Rescue zoo? She seems pretty good, doesn’t buy animals from pet shops to ‘rescue’ them like a lot of others. She doesn’t have many videos though. Also seems quite awkward on camera but probs just a matter of getting used to it.

No. 586036


She needs to work on her charisma, but she is a very nice girl, active in many animal communities, helps a lot of other people with their pets, and only takes in rescues. Her enclosures are insanely huge and impressive. I think once she gets her "stage presence" down, she'll be great. I don't foresee any milk in her future. (Yes, I do personally know her from some different animal groups, but no, I am not her).

No. 586043

File: 1526563577753.png (550.76 KB, 750x1334, 53F67B33-6CB2-4A6C-A609-A93A20…)

Can’t remember if this was answered, but Puddin’ is descented coz apparently it’s a legal requirement

No. 586044

File: 1526563651543.jpeg (35.86 KB, 431x442, 69A84EF0-82A6-4B18-B710-0E541E…)

Anyone who knows about skunks know if this is a usual nail length for a domestic skunk? I know they would need them for digging in the wild but most domestic animals have their nails kept shorter.

No. 586190

As with any animal, you shouldn't just cut the whole nail off. You need to cut it back bit by bit so the quick recedes. This can take months.
I'm not sure of domestic skunk nail length though.

No. 586191

They’re at an adequate length there. Even domestically you can’t cut skunks nails very short, at least not in the front. It messes with their ability to grab things.

No. 586193

Her enclosures are absolutely insane and so impressive.

No. 586195

Chill out, Sue.
We're talking about Happy Tails now and not your daughter.

No. 586207


Spread love, not milk.

No. 586215

Nah I don’t like Zoe. The cool enclosures are at her friends house, not hers, and she just got 5 new animals for her sanctuary. She’s going to be just like everyone else.

No. 586221


Her enclosures are at her own house. She did a video where she visited a friend with some nice enclosures, but she has her own at her own place. She's in the process of building a large outdoor shed for all of them.

No. 586452

File: 1526585285160.jpg (46.89 KB, 491x588, Screenshot (10).jpg)

No. 586485

We know there's actually a group chat now.

No. 586498

it's so fucking cliquey ugh i feel like i'm back in high school. i get that they're friends but i feel like they wouldn't care to be friends with smaller tubers because it wouldn't help their views.

No. 586499


"she just does it for the boost in views" didn't someone say yesterday that Emma only has the subs she does because shes friends with Tyler?

Clearly they're reading here and were the ones commenting and dragging other youtubers, sad fucks

No. 586503

its such a random group of people, you've got those like Tyler, maddie and Emma whos sarcasm can sometimes be taken as funny, but then pickles and lori are old as fuck and their attempts at being cool and edgy is so pathetic lol


well it speaks a lot that this entire chat is the main list of those doing that meetup pet event thing, I bet they didn't even think to ask others outside of their clique

No. 586523

Nah I know on twitter people asked about other youtubers like hammylux, Victoria reachel emzotic, hoping hammy, and they were all invited, but weren’t able to travel for some reason or another

No. 586666

Do you know if all of them were actually personally invited and if so - how?

No. 586674

Yes imagine Tyler as Regina George and his idiot followers, maddie and Emma as the other two. They’re a weird clique who has invited Taylor to draw the crowd to petfest and banished anyone linked to happy tails.

No. 586687

Maddie and Tyler are actually friends tho

No. 586698

Yes friend but owes most of her popularity to him. He treats her like shit on live streams. Yes it’s friendly teasing but she kisses his ass

No. 586713

fucking sage please

No. 586715

How do you know they banished anyone linked to Happy Tails?

No. 586716


Em said on twitter she was invited but can't make it. On the flyer it says all youtubers are welcome so I don't think an invite is required

No. 586718

Sorry about that. DM’d them asking if Cataleah was going and they said they didn’t invite her because she did a vid with her - kind of petty.

No. 586720

omg post the DM!

No. 586721

DM’d who? Screenshots of said milk is preferred

No. 586724

did it on a live stream too..said she wasn’t going and smirk, such an asshole

No. 586725


They didn't invite anyone it's a "everyone is welcome" event. Where did they say they chose to not invite Aleah? Post pics

No. 586727

catleah said that? lmao
post the milk, something isnt lining up

No. 586730

I don't blame them for not wanting someone linked to happy tails going. Happy tails is a hot mess and definitely the worse of all the pet tubers. None of her animals are taken care of and even Aleah's enclosures look disgusting. Her crested gecko enclosures are tiny.

No. 586734

sorry no Tyler said it and smirked. I did it on my throwaway account which I deleted. Sounds like bullshit and I’m kicking myself now. Didn’t know there were forums like this. When I saw you lot discussing this I had to just mention it. Wish I had that screenshot now. Sorry .. but 100% true, the guys a little bitch. He said on his playlist interview that he wanted to be a famous youtuber like Shane Dawson but he did a video with his pets once and that was popular so he did more animal videos. Shows his true intentions - internet fame.

No. 586735

Some people were definitely directly invited because they knew about it before they announced it. Like emzotic said she just couldn’t make it

No. 586739

Lol sounds like a personal beef and not actual milk. Interesting.

No. 586741


Why would they respond to some stranger on a throw away account and say that? Sounds like BS to me

No. 586742

Aleah's enclosures are mediocre, it's no wonder she's friends with Happy Tails. I don't blame them even if they did say she couldn't come. I wouldn't want to be associated with her either lmao


Where was the interview where he said he wanted to be internet famous like Shane Dawson? I haven't seen that.

No. 586743

not a fan either but cataleah seems quite cool, disappointed she wasn’t invited

No. 586746

Do any of them actually have their DM's open or do they have to be mutuals? LMAO
What the fuck is going on

No. 586748

lol hi aleah

No. 586749

mate it’s true. I’m kicking myself because 100% true.

No. 586751

It's true that their DMs are closed?

No. 586756


He said he was inspired by Shane to start his channel. Didn’t say he wants to be famous at all unless you have a video link and time stamp lol

No. 586760

It’s obviously CatAleah here posting being salty and making shit up. Get outta here LOL

No. 586764

That's what I was thinking too lmao.

No. 586765


LMAO looks like Aleah is posting about herself because she’s upset she’s not invited.

No. 586766


They obviously asked each other because they’re friends but it says on the flyer every creator is welcome and can go

No. 586767

Most of their DMs are closed unless they follow you, unless maybe it’s one of the smaller ones that don’t get a lot of dms like Loris or pugpibblehedgy

No. 586773

Which petuber did you DM to ask? Like did you DM Tyler, Maddie, emma, pickles etc

No. 586774

so which one of them did you DM?

No. 586787


No. 586870

Y’all are whack, I see so much shit discussed on this forum and yet when someone brings you actual facts (and yes I’m a dumbass for not screenshotting) y’all don’t believe it. It’s true. They pick and choose!!!!! It was Tyler by the way

No. 586876

Your milk was unsubstantiated and doesn’t make any sense so you’re being questioned. Calm the fuck down lol.

No. 586879

Tyler doesn’t even have his DMs open, he’d have to follow you before you could message him

No. 586883


Because this is a PICTURE thread, milk comes best in the form of a picture, screenshot video etc.

Love how when the other you tubers were called out asking for screenshots they shut up, and now you conveniently don't have any either.

No. 586885

He used to until I deleted the account. watever, the truth will come to light. Enquire yourself if you can. ask him why she’s not going. but as they clearly read here he’ll probably lie

No. 586888

Well somebody is definitely lying

No. 586889

No one feels bad for Aleah even if she wasn’t invited. Fucking around with Happy Tails is a good way to get yourself on a shitlist.

No. 586892

So why is Taylor invited? I’d rate her right along with happy tails. Hypocrites

No. 586893

well watever just thought it was a shitty thing for him to do 🤦🏼‍♀️

No. 586894

because she brings in the crowd

No. 586895

He definitely hasn't had his DMs open recently and since the event situation was recently LOL
Nice try Aleah. Sounds like you did this to yourself.

No. 586896



I HOPE Tyler told her she wasn't allowed to come. Smartest move he could possibly make. Nobody wants to touch happy tails with a 10 foot pole. Anyone who associates with her is mental.

It's funny that Aleah is saying Tyler only cares about fame yet she collabed with HAPPY TAILS despite her poor animal care and shitty attitude just to get a following from her. Talk about a hypocrite.

No. 586897

fine believe what you want. i know the truth, thought you lot would be interested.

No. 586900

imo taylor is no where close to being as bad as happy tails. or cataleah for that matter.

No. 586901

we’re interested in milk, not deleted dm’s

No. 586903

go collab with happy tails again for the publicity and get off of here

No. 586907

Tyler hasn’t had his DMs open in MONTHS. They only announced this meet up like 3 weeks ago. Gtfo Aleah nobody feels bad for you

No. 586923

y’all so sad sitting here bitchin bout pet care, why don’t you make your own channels? Or have you already but realised no one gives a shit about your opinions so you come on here to feel good about yourselves? get out your momma’s basement and do something useful. I’m out 🖕🏾

No. 586924

No. 586937

Someone’s new here

No. 586940

No loss Lori!

No. 586948

That was definitely Cataleah rofl. Only she would bother being butthurt about not being invited to the meet up, and Lori is going.

No. 586954

Nah that's Aleah for sure. She's upset that she's got caught and she said getting defensive. Lol

No. 587130

The majority of his pets are inverts

No. 587179

jesus christ, i haven't been to this thread in a couple days, and theres more pettubers on here than ever.
pettube is honestly worse than sub-standard pet care. they are all fame-seeking fake assholes using animals to showcase their narcism and have a high school social mentality.

No. 587222

not all of them, just the little group of big ones

No. 587259

Tyler is the only “big” one; the others are just small ones hoping to boost their subs by hanging out with him!

No. 587262

Well… there goes my respect for the rest of them

No. 587288

yea that's true. i prefer the ones who do their own thing, don't kiss anyone's asses

No. 587323

The only way he’d boost their sub count is if he collabed with them or gave them shoutouts, which he’s never done for anyone other than maybe Maddie. For the most part they just interact on twitter, and apparently Skype, which does nothing for anyone’s sub counts

No. 587331

uh it definitely does tho. his twitter followers see him talking to these other people and they go "oh maybe i should check them out" and bam, more subscribers.

No. 587332

twitter, live streams, etc, all adds up, it’s exposure.

No. 587482

Why was she invited? That’s a no-brainer! Because her stans will come out in droves for a chance meeting…which means exposure for the others!

No. 587492

exactly . They use taylor hahahaaa

No. 587504

they are totally using her, but i have a feeling taylor is not going to show up. i mean, if she didn't show up to playlist, why would she show up to this little dinky random meet-up?

No. 587554

that’s so true hahaaa yeah I can imagine her not turning up, no notice or anything and lots of angry fans. Are they charging for people to go?

No. 587673

No they're not charging.
Is it a totally impossible idea that they are all actually friends?

No. 587687

maybe they are, or maybe they're not. guess we'll never know. regardless, though, they gain exposure from each other, and especially tyler and taylor. simple as that.

No. 587688


lol imagine going to a meetup to see taylor and she doesnt turn up and all you've left with is pickles and her shop

No. 587735

I can’t see Taylor being friends with anyone, much less them! She never ever posted the collab she did with Tyler!

No. 587845

File: 1526680796454.jpeg (68.06 KB, 750x499, 35DA4592-104B-4342-B75E-D93192…)

Emma and her cronies all tweeted stupid shit like that to him so obviously they’ve been stalking this thread again

No. 587847

Half of them are on here bitching about each other. They're all so fake. lol

No. 587859

hahaaa yea pretty sure that was one of them who said ‘maybe they’re all actually friends’ most likely Emma. For someone starting out she’s obsessed with this shit.

No. 587863

File: 1526682181522.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 390.45 KB, 1242x1685, 35D88CEA-D96E-493E-B3EF-77B568…)

They all replied to it, pickles and emzotic too, they’re all joking about it

No. 587874

File: 1526683409872.jpeg (127.53 KB, 750x876, 20E3B904-5686-4E41-8B91-225D12…)

No. 587877


they've all infiltrated this thread to the point that its useless now, what a shame they gloss over the parts about their animal care and focus on the attacks against their shit personalities

No. 587887

Well this entire thread lately has just been talking about pointless drama. I tried talking about pet care a few days back, and it just got flooded with drama again. I liked this thread when we actually focused on petcare, but going on about their friend group, group chats etc just makes it way too easy for them to take us as one big joke

No. 587889

Maybe some people would value your opinions if you actually tried to stay on topic and talk about how their pet care could be improved? Why would anybody care what you have to say if one minute you claim to only care about the animals welfare but the next you’re just nitpicking them on a personal level?

No. 587892

This shit really pisses me off. They have platforms that can actually make an impact and this is what they choose to take away from this thread

No. 587894

are there any pettubers that actually call people out

No. 587897

Nobody has even posted about their animal care recently though. As I said above, I tried talking about petcare a few days ago, and it just got dismissed when went back to “they use use Tyler!” Literally all that’s been posted is “they use Tyler for Exposure” that’s literally all I’ve seen the past few days, despite seeing all kinds of questionable care brought up.

I mean just look, some guy was brought in here the other day for dropping his baby beardie on the floor, filmed it, posted it and everyone’s more focused on Tyler being friends with smaller petubers.

No. 587901


yep, but unfortunately they dont seem to have a lot of subscribers so it barely makes an impact

No. 587905

That’s because thread is about drama, disguised as people who care about animal care. This entire site is about drama lol. That’s why people are here. To talk shit about youtubers. Anyone who believes differently is lying to themselves lol.

No. 587909

Well if that’s the case, this thread is still turning to shit. I’d hardly considering Tyler being friends with other youtubers drama lmfao

No. 587922

this thread is 25% anon that want to call out pet care, 25% anon thats just here for milk, and 50% pettubers simultaneously shitting on each other and jerking each other off. this thread is just wild

No. 587934

that’s so sad they actually read here(emoji use)

No. 587935

yes if they didn’t care about wat we said y wud they always check

No. 587943

talkin of pet care, in Tyler’s recent video he says his room gets sooooo hot he doesn’t need a heater for his hedgehog, he says 80oF yet he has a Crested Gecko in the room. If I remember rightly 80 is the max temp for Crested Gecko. They can die above that, anyone else pick up on that

No. 587952

it's so fucking annoying that they come here and encourage the drama. i don't mind talking about the drama once in a while, because it's kinda fun, but they bitch about it and then instigate by replying and pretending to be a viewer (and it's so obvious they aren't).

this website isn't solely for discussing animal care. go to any other thread and it's the same as it is here: people talking shit about other people. that's literally what this site is for. (i pretty much only follow this thread because animal care is something i care deeply about.)

it's funny that they're so pressed about us talking so much shit. that's what the site is for. sometimes i get really irritated that they never stop lurking on here, but other times i'm like…wow. y'all are really asking for all this shit. they won't take any of our advice, they make fun of us all over social media to make it look like we're all the biggest assholes, then act like they're better than us…but they won't stay the fuck away from this thread and stop talking shit about other tubers. just as "bad" as us.

No. 587954

File: 1526690548142.png (204.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6127.PNG)

not sure if everyone has seen, but this girl on twitter has been posting vids of her and her pet lemur. apparently she keeps it in a bird cage, it's solitary, and she vapes around it. her bio also says "recovering junkie" so god knows what that animal has been exposed to. apparently she's making a youtube tomorrow, so we have someone else to add to our shit list now lmao

No. 587991

It’s really not that serious rofl it’s not like them reading it will stop anyone from talking shit about them

No. 587992

thats probably going to be a disaster

No. 588016

i'm aware of that? lmao. like i said i just think it's funny that they act like they're so above drama but then they come here and stir the pot.

No. 588021

This just came up in my suggestions on YouTube… Literally nothing about this is ok

No. 588030

how the fuck would anyone ever think this is okay? i don't even care if it's just for the video. how could you promote that shit

No. 588582

I just checked out his channel and he actually makes some pretty cool things. I hate that he’s promoting shit animal care like that.

No. 588751

he's also just replying to every comment with "thanks" it's kind of infuriating

No. 588939

File: 1526780714259.jpeg (592.28 KB, 750x954, D4DB7BE4-2F79-4BBC-A930-84A4EE…)

She’s breeding and selling animals!? Doesn’t she need a permit for this kind of thing?? Now I get why her and Happy Tails are friends. Who is Sully??

No. 588992

I saw her there. Didnt realize it was her. I felt her prices were high.
Texas is very lenient on laws regarding animals. It only cost $60 to get a venomous animal handling permit and you can buy a Rattlesnake for as low as $20.

There were plenty of people there who obviously shouldnt be breeding animals.It is obvious people only do it for the money. Everything was overpriced. That expo was a huge disappointment.

No. 589102

Wanted to get your thoughts on a guy called Exotics Lair. He mostly does videos on Tarantulas but he has reptiles and other inverts as well. 2 months ago he posted this video where he states he has 83 Tarantulas but he does unboxing videos pretty frequently so this dude seems like a hoarder. In his feeding videos it seems like he stresses them out a lot to get reactions for the camera too.

No. 589245

I really really dislike cataleah but a lot of places you don't need a permit.
a lot of reptiles and other animals arent terribly overpopulated and sititng in shelters like dogs and cats. i still think its important to actually care for the animals though which she doesnt. her cages are filthy and smeared with $hit. she keeps her hognose, which are burrowing snakes, on paper towels amoungst other things. no wonder shes bffs with happy tails

No. 589252

Sulley is her personal leachie I believe. She takes her personal animals to expos to show them off to her 2 fans that end up running into her lmao.
She also put her leachies inside of a little box overnight at the expo in hopes that they would breed? I forget what video I saw that in but i lost it

No. 589253

so no ones going to address the fact that Tyler keeps his Crested Gecko in a boiling hot room, kind of risky?

No. 589257

crested geckos like high 70's to low 80's. If his room is low 80's, it's fine. he didn't really say anything except 80 so

No. 589260

80oF above is dangerous. I feel this feed majorly sticks up for Tyler. Wouldn’t surprise me if he comments on here.

No. 589269


Recommended temps for cresteds is 78-82° so if it’s 80° then that’s actually a good temperature.

No. 589289

70-75 is ideal
(long term owner of 7 cresties)

No. 589293

that’s ridiculous that’s far too hot!

No. 589301

ha wow you literally googled that, that was the first result. Sit down. Only talk if you know from actually caring for these creatures.

No. 589311

80° is like the "oh wow it's getting warm in here, maybe it's time to turn on a fan" for most people who own cresties. 82°+ can stress a crestie to death.

No. 589317


How do y’all know he wasn’t just exaggerating and said his room gets 80? That doesnt mean the gecko enclosure in the corner of his room gets that hot.

No. 589339

because he didn’t need to use any heat source for his hedgehog. Said it wasn’t needed because it gets to 80, it’s so hot he can barely stand staying in the there as he just sweats. Why are you so defensive over Tyler? Seems this whole thread is.

No. 589353


Hedgehogs don’t require a heat source if the room is kept in the mid 70’s. He keeps his hedgehog right in front of the window with sunlight too

No. 589380

you should never leave your animals in direct sunlight. If they only had to be in 70, why would he make a big deal about how hot it gets in the summer.

No. 589396


There’s actually nothing wrong with keeping a cage near a window. It’s not like a tub/tank that would over heat. As long as he monitors the temp there is no issue.

No. 589397

It's interesting how many of the worst pet youtubers are from Texas. Not surprising though. Happy Tails has tons of pro gun stuff on twitter that tends to amplify after every school shooting. What a moral wasteland.

No. 589413

Texas and Ohio

No. 589442

didn't see any pro gun stuff? got any screenshots?

No. 589501

It doesn’t stick up for him. It just isn’t bothered because he’s a guy. Guys don’t get nearly as much hate on here as the girls. Girls love to hate other girls. If this thread had guys on it they’d drag the King Of DIY saying how much he loooooves Brian Barfczyk and wants to collab and be friends with him, rather than laughing when he doesn’t even say he won’t collab with Taylor. But no.

No. 589508

it is true, girl youtubers get a lot of heat. Does that mean it’s mainly girls here? I think it’s only fair to drag him too (when necessary)

No. 589529

File: 1526844396133.jpg (564.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180520-132627.jpg)

And here we have tnd telling another youtuber (vlogger?)/reptile keeper to feed her savannah monitor a diet that can actually kill him. Animal protein is not good for savannahs, they're mainly insectivorous. Also tank+monitor? I don't like the sound of that.

No. 589557

File: 1526845620399.jpeg (365.4 KB, 1242x1735, E8330D8E-746B-4B39-A018-F60FD2…)

Regardless of what you think of Emma, I’m happy to see that she corrected them.

No. 589569

i was really happy to see this too. she's honestly one of my favorites out of them all. of course she has her problems too and i'm not trying to whiteknight but at least she isn't as dense as the others (for the most part)

No. 589630

File: 1526849948414.png (711.34 KB, 497x923, emzotic gecko.png)

So Emzotic got /another/ pet.

No. 589639

Whose in ohio

No. 589694

Maddie Smith and pugpibblehegy are it as far as I know. Anyone else I’m forgetting?
Doesn’t seem as bad as Texas rofl

No. 589705

In reference to the “tank”, from watching her last video and from following her on IG, it looks more like a vivarium/terrarium. It has front sliding glass doors and I believe wood walls. I think she just used the wrong terminology.

No. 589711

80° isn’t boiling. If it peaks at 80° and goes down at night, it isn’t really an issue.

No. 589731

I mean if a rooms so hot he can’t bare staying in it for more than 5-10 mins then it’s too hot for a Crested Gecko

No. 589760

Yeah.. if it's just them, there's a lot worse in others places lmfao. Texas seems to be the breeding ground for awful pettubers no pun intended

No. 589761

Forgot to sage sorry!

No. 589780

File: 1526856512480.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 3F7DAA05-6DE7-4450-AC48-7DF201…)

I know a lot of people like to hate on Emma but I applaud her for at least informing her fans about proper vs improper care. One of my biggest pet peeves is incorrect hamster care .(emoji use)

No. 589913

Was anyone watching Cataleah's live stream today? She took her leachie that she wasnt even selling to the expo to show him off even though he was deep in shed

No. 589967

I saw. She kept saying how cute he was and whatever while he was eating his shed. I don’t understand why she’d take him while he’s in shed, that’s so stressful.

No. 590024

File: 1526880635260.jpg (564.28 KB, 975x975, IMG_20180521_002940.jpg)

Anyone else notice Brian has multiple Instagram accounts? I found 3 because I found out one I am following is him. I wouldnt have noticed if it wasnt for that SunFrog website selling reptile merch on several profiles. On my old instagram account, he Dm'd me trying to sell me shirts. I know there is one more account I'm missing but Ive since deleted that account so I dont remember the name. It might be speculation, but I find it kind of weird so many accounts with his images on them. I'm going to keep looking for more accounts next break. He is so desparate for money its disgusting.

No. 590042

Why is that reply flagged for emoji use? I don’t see any.

No. 590055

More opportunities for him to be a creep in his DMs probably.

No. 590147

File: 1526901932564.jpeg (172.32 KB, 451x684, E6E63A1A-76C0-40DA-B7B8-9C15DC…)

No. 590210

I’m guessing there’s a whole different thread for Brian lol

No. 590252

I looked through some vids, I can really see how he may stress them out for the camera. Honestly inverts can be fairly low-maintenance so having nearly a hundred may not be hoarding, it is possible to keep up that kind of care. But I don't know enough about inverts to know if he's giving adequate care. But yeah if he was a chick he's be shit on for stressing his pets out on purpose for views. But because he has a dick and deals with inverts no one here is going to care all that much unfortunately.

No. 590267

I think this thread should equally call out both male and female creators

No. 590320

just saw tyler's new video, he clearly reads here. he also says he doesn't get involved with other peoples drama but calls out happy tails for breeding her dogs, but doesn't call out taylor for impulsing buying a massive, expert level reptile. 100% if happy tails or someone else he isn't chummy with /wants to use for views, did this, he would call them out!! he's such a hypocrite.

No. 590418


He did confront happy tails asking her questions in comments and she was extremely rude to him and Maddie about it so I don’t blame him for calling her out lol

No. 590457

yeah I saw that too but he never called Taylor out

No. 590489

Taylor’s also never been extremely rude to him. The confrontation started with him and Maddie just asking questions, and then she was a total bit h back to them so makes sense that he’d call her out, and not Taylor since they’re “friends”

No. 590490

She was provoked

No. 590512


Happy tails? No she wasn’t. I saw the comments on her meet my pets video. She deleted Tyler’s comment tho so It’s not there anymore. He approached it in a pretty nice way and she was just a c*nt for no reason. She had a history of being rude to her own fans tho so it’s not surprising.

No. 590537

uh she's a bitch to everybody who comments? i highly doubt she was provoked. is that you meghan lmfao

No. 590627

it just seemed they ganged up on her, like yes she replies quite rude to people but they were clearly messages to kick up a fuss

No. 590643

So Tyler made a video that talks about the 'problems' in the pet community on youtube. (5min mark).

No surprises he whines about the fact that pettubers are compared with one another and that they bitch about each other behind each others backs. Somehow that's fans pitting them against each other. Also complains that people expect pettubers to comment on 'drama' (aka call out bad animal care) because that isn't their 'responsibility'.

Basic BS.

No mention of the actual issues in the pettuber community; ie. too many animals, inappropriate care, small cages, exotic pets, wild caught pets, inappropriate pets.

No. 590697

Its funny that he first says its the "people that watch" pettubers that are his biggest pet peeve. Bro, you basically just said your fans are you biggest pet peeve.
He then goes on to basically say its actually the haters that make things 'weird' between pettubers, and they accuse each other of copying one another.
Pettubers are so petty, both on this thread and with each other.
I wonder who accused Tyler of copying them.

No. 590702

She started out by basically saying "I don't know who you are" to Maddie, which was obviously shady af since it shouldn't matter who she is, just that she cares that she's being a total fck and backyard breeding her dogs. More people should care that she backyard bred her shitty mutt dogs. She wasn't provoked at all, especially not originally by Maddie. She had to opportunity to try to explain why she did it since she was approached politely, instead she was just an asshole and escalated it herself. She deserves all of the bad attention lmao. Don't want bad attention? Stop acting like a cnt.

No. 590779

Yeah it was so stupid. Maddie wasn’t even rude about it, she literally just said she was trying to undertstand why she chose to breed her dogs. That’s a very legitimate question. Maddie didn’t give her any hate, just asked her to elaborate so that she could understand

No. 590786


They just commented on her video asking why she was backyard breeding dogs which isn’t right of her to do and they totally have the right to ask her about it and call her out?? Everyone’s always asking these people to call each other out and then when they do it’s “provoking each other” or “being shady”

Not to mention happy tails made Instagram posts about them and deletes any comments she gets that don’t side with her

No. 590791


He was probably referring to people comparing him to TND and asking him to comment on her drama.

I have more respect for Tyler than a lot of other people. He calls out a lot more shitty animal care/handling on his channel than anyone else. Except he talks about bigger youtubers, not just tiny pettubers. But of course as soon as he calls out happy tails everyone tries to act like he’s some bully

No. 590859

File: 1526965855522.jpeg (258.83 KB, 1242x1152, 426CA861-4E99-449B-9C13-37081C…)

No. 590882

File: 1526970894907.png (284.34 KB, 750x1334, EA002EA9-148D-48A2-8F7F-AE1713…)

In response to Tyler’s video on twitter

No. 590883

File: 1526970925226.png (229.45 KB, 750x1334, 350DE8B5-297D-411B-8748-193B34…)

No. 590965

it’s true, like not a massive fan of meghan but Tyler’s a little bitch. Him and maddie live stream slagging her off, and he only does it because she has less subs. If she had more he’d leach off of her. That’s the kind of guy he is.

No. 591009


Except he’s friends with plenty of pettubers who are a lot tinier than Meghan. It’s actually because she’s an idiot who makes a ton of common sense mistakes and doesn’t own up to them

No. 591010


Yeah I would agree but her sub count isn’t much lower than his. I think he’s in the right for shit talking her. She deserves it

No. 591012


He hasn’t talked about happy tails in a while and she’s just on twitter shit talking and trying to start stuff with him lol she deserves any heat she’s been getting. She’s in no position to be acting all high and mighty when she’s the worst of all the pettubers. Biggest hoarder and by far the worst care

No. 591106

Hi Cataleah. you called him a little bitch last time and we figured out that it was you lol. keep giving yourself away.

No. 591192

I think at the end of the day these people are the 'face' of pet care within the YouTube community so they should be teaching their fans the correct information (provided they have done the research, say that one source says this and another says this) and calling out pet care that isn't good.

I don't have something to compare this to in a more correct form, but think celebrities with large teen following having to behave an 'acceptable' way because they could influence whatever someone else does.

No. 591241

ideally yeah, i wish that would happen. they're just so caught up in the fucking money. that's not what youtube should be about. idk how they can go on with their lives and not even feel guilty that they're knowingly promoting shitty husbandry

No. 591423

you keep bringing up its good that he calls her out for her bad pet care, but why doesn't he for taylor? also him and maddie talk about her all the time on livestreams, they're obsessed. if it was just about the pet care it would end there, but they attack her personally for her looks, etc, and tell people to unsub to her

No. 591426

I watch their live streams and i've never heard them attack her for her looks or ask to unsub. where are you seeing this? i've only heard them talk about her shitty pet care.

No. 591461


Tyler has addressed some of Taylor’s drama and basically said there’s more to a lot of it than she shares with the internet. Since they’re friends they probably talk to each other personally about concerns they have with each other. Similar to how Maddie commented on Meghan’s video a simple question about her backyard breeding corgi mutts. They didn’t address Meghan publicly until she was a bitch to them in the comments and started deleting their comments lmao Meghan is so much more pathetic than Taylor it isn’t even comparable.

No. 591493

I watch their live streams and just in the last one I watched they said she looked 40, jokes about her hair color, told people not to follow her and unsub if they have. Yea I don’t agree with everything she does but I think he’s fake AF. And no they’re not actual friends like him and maddie. On the same live stream someone asked what he thought of TND and he hesistantly went ‘she’s umm nice’ and did an obvious awkward grit your teeth grin. He’s clearly holding back on calling her out because that will backfire on him. TND a real shitty person, you should follow her thread on here

No. 591542

What the hell lmao I was there the whole stream when did they ever say anything about her looking 40 or talking about her hair?? Good lord you’re making it so obvious that you’re either Meghan or Aleah. Get the F outta here and accept that your pet care is horrendous and that you’re rude as hell to your “fans”

No. 591715

File: 1527052807550.png (31.83 KB, 601x229, 4574575475478458458.png)

I'm fairly uneducated in this and google turns up mixed answers.. is this a common issue to have in tanks?

No. 591744

This is so fucking painful to watch like omg it’s called editing to take out the bits where you ramble and repeat yourself. She also can’t even google the world cecotroph, and instead uses every possible descriptive word for ‘mushy’. It’s also so bad to trance rabbits aka put them on their back, and it’s pretty easy to do that without trancing them if they are at all used to being handled. She also goes on this weird rant about petty bets not taking responsibility for their actions 😂 and he has sore hocks because she has him on wire, which is bad despite her trying to justify it.

No. 591755

I only really know bunnies so can’t comment on the rest of the enclosures but the bunny one is so plain there are no toys or things for him to chew and I also don’t see a litter box which is probably why her rabbits feed are so stained….

No. 591771

It’s probably not super common, but it’s not uncommon. Heater failure is the number one reason for tank crashes. Unfortunate but there’s not much you can do to stop it

No. 591822

I’m not either, I’m not even a tuner. I used to be a fan of Tyler’s but he’s a cuck and him and maddie definitely said that. You clearly didn’t watch their stream.

No. 591944

It definitely can happen, especially if it's a "shatter resistant" heater versus a shatter proof one. So this really isn't her fault, just an unfortunate heater malfunction :/ this is why I highly recommend using cobalt neotherm heaters rather than those glass tube ones or anything "shatter resistant"

No. 592027

File: 1527096008450.png (265.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6193.PNG)

god don't even get me started on this girl. "he won't go in his litter box" where the fuck is it…? and she says litter tray, so i'm wondering if that's what that thing she pulls out on the top level is or if she's talking about the litter tray underneath that stupid white fence floor. i even nicely commented to her on this video about the problems but she was like "hEs fInE dOnT wOrRy" ugh fucking ridiculous

No. 592039


i just started finished this video. "he stopped going in his litter box idk why!'!!" maybe because half his fucking cage is his litter box and he doesn't know where to go? "he's so healthy idk why he's having these problems!!!" oh honey. come on. she also says he's not sitting in his own poop and pee because that would be cruel. how the fuck are his feet so yellow and how does he have poopy butt then? my rabbits have literally never had a problem with it and one of them is white, so it would be super obvious if his paws were piss yellow. i get that some bunnies just have trouble cleaning themselves, but she even said he doesn't go in his "litter box" (aka the top half of the cage) anymore, so i'm just wondering how it got this bad for her bun.

ill give her credit for owning up to her mistake, but i know she was warned previously (by me) about that stupid floor. and the way she apologizes is just kinda weird. she says she's a good bunny mom because her last bunny lived until it was 13 so she "knows how to care for them," but you'd think she would know after 13 years that you don't keep a rabbit on a floor like that. she also said noodles's old cage was half the size of this one, so god knows how those buns suffered

No. 592118

I Watched the stream too and they definitely didn't say that lmao. People in the chat were saying it if that's what you're trying to pull out of this. Just admit you have shit animal care and people don't want to associate with you because of it. It's not that hard. You look pathetic.

No. 592151

i also saw people in the chat calling megan lava girl which i thought was hilarious but they never said anything themselves other than reading what people were saying

No. 592154

im not aleah or maygen; it happened. Stop standing up for Tyler. You’re probably Tyler anyway. Loser.

No. 592163

I'm not tyler either lol
I just don't know where you're getting any of this since it didn't happen? I was there the whole time and I saw the people in the chat saying sh*t but that was it. Tyler was throwing shade but never said to unsub or said she looked 40?

No. 592166

Oh no the unsub was on older streams but 100% someone went how old is maygen and him and maddie said “40!” Then laughed and said no no probably 25, 26

No. 592183

get out of here happy tails stan

No. 592185

yea it was from the stream 2 weeks ago. saw it. Went to look at captured moments for you but I couldn’t find it but I remember seeing it too. Thought it was odd didn’t know there was beef between them two

No. 592186

Didn't know there was beef? You must either be new here or lying lmao

No. 592200

I’m new here sorry

No. 592202

* I was looking into it a bit because I noticed that on the stream and something on twitter between them two recently

No. 592302

Emzotic finally provides a care video that isn't complete bullshit, but it's still pretty shitty. Her setup should have more hiding spots so the baby gecko doesn't feel as vulnerable outside it's hide, and she never adds a thermometer or hydrometer. She mentioned specific temperatures, but whats the point if you aren't even monitoring it?

No. 592321

Has anyone seen this? I cringed so fucking hard at his fake concerned voice

No. 592325

Sorry I forgot to add it starts at 9 minutes

No. 592363

Didn’t she also say she wasn’t getting anymore pets? And a while back didn’t she also say that they only take in rescues?? She got this gecko from a breeder, obviously not a rescue

No. 592367


Yep, it's why I posted this a few days ago. >>589630

It really didn't last long… and we still don't know what the mystery pets are… tbh I don't see her sticking to her promise not to get more animals. Not with Danny encouraging her hoarding.

No. 592415

why does she use a picture of a shitty cage in the thumbnail

No. 592429

Once a week? With no litterbox? Absolutely disgusting. Also bunny poop is so easy to deal with, just swoop it with broom or literally pick by hands, its solid and harmless and mostly hay.

No. 592456


The top level of the enclosure has some type of mesh floor and a slide-out tray beneath it which she fills with Yesterday's News cat litter.

The bottom level has a lattice fence bottom.

She has to get her dad to help move the entire enclosure so that she can clean the floor area around it.

No. 592477

I thought the mystery pets were her clownfish

No. 592515

File: 1527131657509.jpeg (84.63 KB, 1242x294, 5B912F8C-42C8-4C69-BB42-4E2D27…)

Pretty pathetic…begging for views!

No. 592589

Did she say this anon? I watched her clownfish vid but don't remember her saying they were the 'two'. Just curious.

No. 592612

No she didn’t, I guess I just assumed they were

No. 592694

with the number of subs she has she’s lucky the amount of views she gets. The only reason Emma gets a load suddenly is if she does an all my pets, or my new pet

No. 592720

which she does all the time. thats the only videos she ever makes

No. 592727

Did anyone see Leopard Gecko's new video of setting up feeder insects?
She puts the insects on pine bedding (which is toxic to reptiles). Feeder insects are known to eat their substrate, which is why most people put them on edible substrates. After all, what your feeder insects eat is what your reptile is eating.
A pettuber (PugPibbleHedgie) commented about this and she [Leopard Gecko] shut it down saying that they eat a variety of things in the wild. In the wild, they aren't setting directly on shredded pine all day, they would be scavenging and maybe get a wee bit of pine or cedar but nothing like setting right on pine shavings all day.
She also said she doesn't use oats because of the phytic acid, which is fine, but is that much worse than toxic pine? She could easily use aspen if she wants to stick with a safe wood (although it's more expensive, maybe she doesn't want to spend the extra money- even though that would ensure there wasn't toxic wood oils?) or raw bran, which is done super frequently and encouraged.
Not sure if anyone else has noticed this. Quite a disappointment.

No. 592742

And she wonders why he has sore hocks, literally that mesh is what causes sore hocks especially if that’s his ‘litter box’ that’s probably why the poor thing has stopped using it because it’s bloody painful.

No. 592760

no that’s completely fine. I know loads of breeders who do the same with their feeders. I don’t see anything wrong with this. She’s actually giving her feeder insects better setups than what most people set their pets in

No. 592762

Yea that’s safe! I think that pug channel was just trying to get some attention.

No. 592763

maybe she didn’t know she could use aspen. She doesn’t seem like the type to cut corners, she’s one of the few that’s actually quite decent imo.

No. 592801

I took it upon myself to do a little research into this as I am a fan of hers and it seems the pine effect is more of a myth. Should be ok.

No. 592815

Doubtful. I saw the comment and all she asked was if it impacted them nutritionally, which I was curious about too.

No. 592818

maybe. Though I haven’t seen her comment before. But I think Leopard Gecko replied politely. Could you imagine if she asked Happy Tails!!

No. 592826

Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever seen Leopard Gecko be rude to anyone in her comments. I’ve never really seen pugpibblehedgy be rude though either. I watch Leopard Gecko more because I have geckos but pugpibblehedgy’s content isn’t bad either

No. 592835

Yea I think they’re both fine.

No. 592841

Man I really wish there were screencaps of this. Next time I see any comment by Happytails I'm saving it. If you're going to be a cunt, at least own up to being a cunt. Don't be a shady or two-faced cunt.

No. 592860

wat did she say?

No. 592906

She said right in the video that you can use aspen but she's using pine and she got it cheap.

I'm still skeptical. I searched it online and I've seen a lot of people really against it. Also who the hell keeps pets in those!?

No. 592907

Didn't realize the link was still in there sorry

No. 592908

you guys can go to pretty much any of her videos and look at comments that she's replied to and she's rude a lot of the time. in a recent instagram post she was saying how she was being "stocked" for information and if you wanted any info from her that wasnt on her youtube that you needed to pay for it.
maddie's comment is still up i think on her meet my pets video i believe. cant totally remmeber

No. 592910

I would NEVER keep my feeders on wood shavings. I know a lot of breeders do it, but that doesn’t automatically mean it’s correct. Insects (superworms especially) will eat whatever is near them, including wood. I’d rather not have my animals ingest an insect full of wood.

No. 592911

she literally doesn’t say aspen at all in that video. She mentions oats but that’s it. Don’t BS, only provide actual evidence.

No. 592913

I just don’t think she knew, as lots of people suggest wood shavings and when you search it on google it’s more of a debate rather than actual fact. If you look up the kind she uses it’s kiln dried, dust free, don’t know if that means anything?

No. 592984

File: 1527194053433.jpeg (335.83 KB, 750x936, 396E1647-EDDF-48AF-BFD5-6E621D…)


No. 593096

Who tf would take tips from him?

No. 593236


Probably the same people taking tips from happy tails lol

No. 593392

File: 1527225850656.jpeg (331.83 KB, 750x1151, 89849014-35E7-4E94-8E08-D8E73E…)

No. 593405

wow that fucking sucks. i hope they get their money back someday somehow

No. 593530

With pine (and cedar) it's the oils that are present in the wood that are the issue, not necessarily the dust.
Hopefully the online debate is just rubbish and her geckos will be fine.

No. 593531

Forgot to sage

No. 593537

wow i saw he went to africa, no clue it was paid for. i wouldnt support this guy, just seems like a bit of a crook

No. 593900

isn't that the guy who got chucked out of playlist for sneaking in a gator or something?!

No. 593907

Yup after being explicitly told not to.

No. 593983

What a dick. I hate this dude, he claims to be the face of the reptile community and his care sucks ass. Such a terrible role model. Why are the biggest tubers like him and Taylor just the worst?

No. 594359

File: 1527347326276.jpeg (242.89 KB, 750x811, D17205EE-B906-4FEA-BE42-3F1DA1…)

There’s so much shit on this guy I’m surprise this feed has been so quiet.

No. 594457

wait he's trying to get a tv show? fuck that

No. 594562

he thinks he’s Steve Irwin. Nobody can be Steve Irwin.

No. 594566

File: 1527365354258.png (60.48 KB, 774x606, asshole cunt.png)

HappyTails has absolutely 0 right to bitch about other people's dogs having puppies when she BYB her dogs and killed a few of them. She also types like Trump which irks me.
Here's the article in question;
It says extremely little about the dog, how does she know the dog isn't a service dog? Lots of service animals aren't fixed due to health and wanting potential offspring from a dog that's known to have good temperament for service work.

No. 594572

to be fair generally service dogs shouldn’t be bred with.

No. 594576

I would judge them more if I had literally any information on it but that was the only article about it and it has next to no info. Generally they aren't, but they sometimes are and can be done responsibly. I just think as someone that has to appeal to the public she is taking something she (or really anyone) knows nothing about and running with it, while being incredibly mean and hostile.
Also keep in mind this is the person who BYB mutts, killed a few, and also BYB goats, then BYB the babies of those BYB goats (possibly inbred?) as soon as they were able to reproduce (wayy too young). But someone else doing it is 'disgraceful'? She is a hypocrite, and a rather vile one at that.

No. 594583

Yea I agree her reply to the article was a little hostile and she’s not one to talk but at the same time BYB are more like people who constantly breed their pets, over and over again to profit from the offspring. I remember someone used to breed his labradoodles constantly to pay for his big holiday every year. Like that’s messed up. All her dogs were health checked prior to breeding. I might not agree 100% with her breeding but there’s much worse out there, let’s be fair.

No. 594603

Sadly a lot of people in the reptile community fucking worship Brian. One on the ball python fb groups I’m in had a post about what everyone’s favorite reptile influencers were and like half the people said him. Thankfully I don’t actually have a ball and just follow the group to look at pictures so I’m not asking for advice from any of them.

Posting again cause I accidentally saged wrong.

No. 594605

You’re thinking of puppy mills anon. Byb is basically anyone breeding without the proper paperwork and licenses. While byb Isn’t considered abuse it’s just bad animal care, while running a puppy mill is 100% abuse and can result in jail time.

No. 594626

did y'all see this video of his? I remember leopard gecko called him out on instagram about it, but his stans are crazy. She's actually only a few people i've seen call out brian and taylor for their shitty care. This video makes me sick.

No. 594683

interesting. she has rescued about 9876 animals off of craigslist within a month….

No. 594757

What’s with people taking on monitors they don’t actually know how to take care of

No. 594775

lol in Taylor’s latest video she said how if you can’t have a dog or cat then a monitor is a great option—- wow

No. 594791

Lol she's surprisingly doing a better job than TND enclosure wise, but in every other aspect she's just as garbage.

No. 594858

I’ve only seen her rabbit videos but her care is pretty good she advocates doing your research before getting an animal and giving them the best possible life. Can’t comment on her reptile care.

No. 594888

I think her care in general is fine, all of her enclosures look good, particularly size wise. I’m concerned about her monitors diet specifically though as it doesn’t seem to be geared toward a savannah, which is an insectivore. She admitted that it was essentially an impulse rescue but diet is the first thing she really should’ve researched before she came home and got it.

No. 594899

This was brought up before, but TND recommend she feed her sav repti links. Emma Lynn replied saying not to do that as they’re insectivores. Taylor replies “I didn’t know she had a sav, sorry for promoting something dangerous” and yet she’s STILL choosing to feed it meats?? She said herself in the video that the sav is already over weight as is due to its previous diet.

No. 594911

Been watching some of CatALeahs video, she takes in rescue sugar gliders but she’s also breeds them?! Also she’s vegan but is friends with happy tails who has appalling animal husbandry. She’s just a walking contradiction.

No. 594929

Someone needs to go "rescue" the sugar gliders she sold to her friend Happy Tails…

No. 594933

She was also on the news for being a famous ‘pet educator’?! Her channel isn’t even that big she only had 13k when they did the article lol tha fuck. Pugpibblehedgie and even Lori has more than that.

No. 594941

File: 1527401140410.jpeg (235.79 KB, 1010x1800, 2C7EA8B1-5012-487B-BE51-82B5ED…)

Apparently happy tails isn’t rude she’s just direct. Okay.

No. 595058

to be fair I do see tubers get asked some dumb ass questions so I can imagine someone being direct and a little pissed off but she can be quite patronising

No. 595160

File: 1527437327527.png (190.36 KB, 820x1080, give me money.png)

Happytails is obviously taking a huge shift to doing video game streaming, where that kind of attitude is seen as funny and quirky. I feel like a LOT of pettubers do shit like this; they get their foot in the door by going into a sort of niche market ('pettube') and being 'family friendly' to get as many followers as possible, then as they start to get popular they become less PC to attract even more. TND did it by starting out as a role model for kids then posting more risky pictures. I think Happytails is doing it by this subtle switch (both content and personality-wise) to an over-saturated market of game streaming, but game streaming takes a lot less work and clothes than this pettube stuff.
I would agree if happytails didn't literally set herself up to get asked these questions for money. If you're making it your job to answer retarded questions that could be googled, at the very least you could be nice to people and turn them down. Believe me if you paid her a dollar a post like she wants she wouldn't give a rat's ass how stupid you were.

No. 595165

Oh damn I did not realise she was that rude! And yea I’ve seen something about Taylor asking fashion nova for a sponsorship on twitter. She’s so clearly trying to get in on any fashion area of YouTube as they get far more sponsorships and lately she’s only uploading if the video is sponsored.

No. 595171

does she really not know the difference between "stalk" and "stock?" first time seeing that mistake could be excusable, but she keeps making this elementary mistake.
shes a real professional, I'm telling you

No. 595176

This thumbnail is cracking me up. Half of it is super dramatic with the dying monitor and emojis, and then you have her sitting there looking like a dead-eyed blow-up doll.

No. 595190

I saw that too, but I'm almost positive she was just being sarcastic on that. It seemed that way to me, anyway.

No. 595207

did anyone notice that emma did the same video maddie did a couple of weeks ago? Pretty shitty. its obvious that she was using maddies video to boost hers up since it did decently. maddie commented too and seemed salty about it. just emma copying people again to benefit from other people. whats new.

No. 595208

she spent half the video shouting maddie out

No. 595209

File: 1527442136605.jpg (124.4 KB, 626x469, bitchy tails.jpg)

anyone who honestly believes that has their head up their own ass. or hers.

No. 595210

File: 1527442149703.jpg (128.78 KB, 626x469, bitchy tails 2.jpg)

No. 595215

those are literally just a handful from her last four videos. i bet you could find her rude ass comments on every single video if you had the patience to go through them.

No. 595223

like maddie needs her shout out with twice her following lol
she used maddies video to bring an audience to her own channel. she should be shouting her out

No. 595224

I've gone through so many of her comments. She's ridiculous and so rude.

No. 595228

my point wasn’t about the numbers, my point was that it was very clear she had permission from Emma to do the video. Craigslist ad videos aren’t original in any shape or form anyway

No. 595231

From Maddie *

No. 595238


Lori you gotta stop dropping your own name into the fucking thread, also learn how to sage

No. 595243


makes me laugh how Emma is so desperately replying to every one of maddie and tylers tweets yet in Maddies video she said she only has two friends, Tyler and a non-youtube girl, what a burn to poor desperate Emma, gotta keep trying a bit harder with the social climbing

No. 595258

File: 1527445540372.png (105.43 KB, 970x358, Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 2.24…)

maddie tweeted yesterday about no original ideas being original anymore and deleted it and replied to emma's tweet where she was editing the video
did she actually get permission

No. 595268

Not defending anyone, but do you guys know anything about how YouTube works? Every trend that’s become a trend has started with someone’s original idea, and then other people make their own version of it. Challenges, makeup videos, etc it’s all the same thing. For example in the beauty world, the trend just went around of following other people’s tutorials. One person creates it, and then others recreated it.

People recreate videos ALL the time. That’s how things get big. Most people don’t even credit the original creator. As long as credit is given, I really don’t see the issue with recreating a video.

No. 595270

Omg. I sure wish we could give thumbs up to comments here! You just earned 100!

No. 595298

Just to further your point: Maddie didn’t create the craigslist thing anyway. She might be the first to do it in the context of animals, but there are a ton of “reading Craigslist ads” videos

No. 595301

I’ve never taken the time to check her social media but I guarantee they’re the same. She’s always so fucking mean to everyone. I get being annoyed by stupid comments but she claims to be a professional regularly, but clearly has no idea how to act like one

No. 595329

seriously, i can't believe she's so salty about it. i don't really read it as a joke at all, she seems pretty serious so like…why? it's a video get over it

No. 595340


I've seen her go onto peoples twitter that she doesn't even follow in the past and reply to their tweets about generally having loads of animals or whatever and be like "im not going to let you tell me how many animals i can have" like wow calm down Areola

No. 595457

If Maddie is mad about it, I feel like that shows that she cares more about the views, than the animals themselves. Another person recreating this video should be a positive thing, as it brings even more awareness to the issue, which you’d think she’d be happy about…

No. 595463


I dont think Maddie can be mad, when Maddie owes all her subs from Tyler, and Tyler gained all of his from Taylor, thats just the way shit works

No. 595474


Taylor never even posted a video with Tyler lol

No. 595489

File: 1527463734255.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2208, BFD5B434-B10E-4A8D-8E78-E61109…)

Are you okay? They have done a few collabs lmao

No. 595490

Those are all on Tyler’s channel. He already had over 100k at the time of those too I’m pretty sure

No. 595493

I think what that person meant was taylor specifically never posted a video with Tyler. Tyler posted videos with taylor, but taylor has always either "lost" the video footage or the audio got corrupted or the mic wasn't on and other excuses when it comes to HER channels collabs with him

No. 595528

File: 1527467672208.jpg (365.57 KB, 2048x1364, IMG_6293.JPG)

maria said she was clipping her bunny's nails days ago and they still look like this. both my rabbits have really long fur so i never see their nails out like this but is it a normal length considering they were "trimmed" days ago? this is kinda nitpicky but everything she does pisses me off because she refuses to do anything right for him

No. 595577

pettubers are so petty, I can't even imagine how they are to each other privately. I wish one of the pettubers that regularly posts here would post more from the private group chats - like >>586452 & >>564953. ya'll are holding out

No. 595723

File: 1527490491392.jpeg (111.26 KB, 750x209, 6CEE1128-D600-4F4D-9E57-33E137…)

What is with all these new Pettubers who look/try to look like Taylor Dean? Seriously, if you put this one, Emma and Taylor in a room I would only tell the difference by the hair. They look so cloney and unoriginal. I’d hate it if my face was just like everyone else.

No. 595741

Kristen isn’t even really a petuber lmao. She’s well known beauty guru, who happens to haunt have a second animal channel. Highly doubt she’s trying to look like Taylor. I don’t find any of them look alike at all.

No. 595743

File: 1527493544550.jpeg (500.77 KB, 1242x2005, 9ADC6A4A-B92B-4CAB-BAF6-DF1EC6…)

Kristen’s main channel.

No. 595769


How do you think they make more service dogs? Breeding two dogs with proven temperaments is exactly how you get a good line of working dogs. It's better to do it that way than to gamble on breeding unproven dogs and just hoping they throw pups that will have an aptitude for service.

No. 595852

Absolutely if your rabbits nails are longer than their fur they’re too long, they don’t grow that fast. I hate her so much.

No. 595865

if she didnt cut them often she wont be able to cut them super short. youd have to see the quick

No. 595903

that's true i forgot about that (because most people actually cut their rabbits' nails often) god she pisses me off clearly she puts in bare minimum effort with him

No. 596143

File: 1527543092785.png (234.58 KB, 750x1201, IMG_6315.PNG)

i'm pretty sure maria made this fan account for herself. literally who would make a fan account for a nobody? their name age and location are all in the bio? and every single post says "make sure to follow her!!!" god she's something else

No. 596149

>their name age and location are all in the bio?
I have never seen a fan account do that before. So obvious

No. 596518

Kristen is a successful business woman, significantly older than Taylor and Emma, and is covered in tattoos. Somehow I think you’d manage to tell them apart.

No. 596724

in that thumbnail, she looks just like TND without makeup. i've seen that video in my recommended, and i always think its a new TND video. I think its the overdone-botox/crack head look that makes them look similar in that thumbnail, but otherwise they do not look the same.

No. 596790

File: 1527610952858.jpeg (242.58 KB, 750x693, 3CC3575B-3FF5-4C5C-B315-7AF803…)

Stuck shed only cuts off circulation if there’s been lots stuck on there over many sheds? How could that instantly cut off circulation? Maybe I’m missing sometime.

No. 596792

*missing something sorry.

No. 596805


If the shed stuck at the tip of the tail and was all the way around it and not just flakey parts here and there it can cut off circulation fairly quickly. That's why it's important to look them over after they've shed. I'm guessing in this case she maybe shed early at night and when pickles checked on her the next morning it was probably too late.

No. 596836

long time Leopard Gecko owner here, I’ve never known a case where a Leo has shed overnight and managed to cut off circulation. I’ve had Leo’s with whole leg left over shed and bits of tail and not once has it cut off circulation. Tbf the gecko does look fairly healthy with no left over shed in the video, so this is pretty abnormal and may just be a side effect to the surgery because this is not normal at all.

No. 596868

Another Leo owner here and while this isn’t normal for a healthy gecko, it’s pretty normal for an unhealthy/stressed gecko. Considering she just had surgery, it isn’t all that surprising really.

No. 596869

If they're under stress which I'm sure her Leo is due to surgery, every little thing can cause an issue. The antibiotics that she's on will also deteriorate the beneficial bacteria in the body, coupled with an already weak and stressed gecko, it will make it extremely hard for her body to heal. I applaud pickles for being so responsible and not only spend so much on a gecko, but also go back and do it all over again. That can't be cheap I'm sure. A good example of how much a "cheap" Reptile can cost you if something comes up.

No. 596876

Hey gecko just had surgery, and is on medications. I’m sure she’s MUCH more susceptible to infection/complications.

Normally, yes it takes a whole for it to get that bad, but when their body is already trying to heal from surgery, and they’re being pumped with medications, they’re A LOT more susceptible to complications and things will deteriorate much more quickly.

No. 596877

She said her first surgery was $1600, and now she’s paying for a second one. I also applaud her for being so responsible. Definitely not her fault. The body is so weak and frail while recovering from surgery and being on antibiotics

No. 596882

I watched every first video and it didn't appear she had any stuck shed. The vet probably would've said or done something as well I assume.

No. 596883

I highly doubt the she’s has been stuck for a while. As you said she looked fine in the video, plus if she had stuck shed at the vet, I’m sure the vets would’ve said/done something. It’s probably just got bad, really quick due to the fact her body is already under a lot of stress from surgery

No. 596886

I agree- its not normal for stuck shed to cause a problem so quickly, but Pickle's circumstances are not normal at all. She may have some faults, but she's setting a responsible example by taking her gecko to the vet, setting up a quarantine tank, and following up with her vet.

No shade, I really hope her gecko makes a full recovery.

No. 596911

Agree. It would be a real shaken if she didn't make it after all of this.

No. 596914


No. 597399

File: 1527668194509.jpeg (192.34 KB, 1242x1118, 2AD0CC66-F2A5-4621-96ED-9A83EF…)

Has anyone seen this!? I don’t even know what to say….

1. She feeds her pig literal POTATO CHIPS
2. Doesn’t fix her rabbits, allows them to continuously have babies
3. Doesn’t feed her rabbits hay, instead just gives them a SHIT LOAD of pellets
4. Keep the rabbits outdoors in gross, dirty cages
5. Now I’m not 100% sure about rat care, but she fed her rats nothing but veggies and ham??
6. Doesn’t measure her dogs food, just lets them free feed
7. Knows absolutely nothing about bonding rabbits, just throws them together and hopes for the best
8. Keeps her leopard geckos on loose substrate
9. Feeds her leopard geckos nothing but mealworms, no variety, no calcium, no vitamins
10. Had a baby hamster that she irresponsibly bred herself, ham “randomly die” doesn’t seem to care
11. Only gives her hamsters seed mix (Higgins vita garden) so the protein is too low.
12. Claims that Purina cat food is “very healthy”

God this was painful to watch. All the comments and the like/dislike ratio is so positive also…

No. 597432

File: 1527676346378.jpeg (324.15 KB, 750x867, 9F10BBF5-1B70-49EA-AAF4-6461AD…)

y she so sarcastic

No. 597468

5. Like 80% of rat diet should be pellets.
6. A lot of people will free feed if their dogs aren't super crazy about eating all of the food/aggressive about the food

Seems like people are calling her out but it's all hidden by her hearted comments/possibly deleted?

She's definitely an issue tho.

No. 597620

poor rabbit care is my biggest pet peeve (probably biased bc i own some). it's literally not that hard to do a google search and fucking learn at least the basics about the animals you own. i have no words for what an irresponsible piece of shit this person is

No. 597875

Isn’t salt REALLY bad for pigs? Why the hell would she feed it potato chips

No. 597926

I get way too much satisfaction from HappyTails last name sounding like areola.

No. 598045

All of her dogs are significantly overweight. They definitely shouldn’t be free fed. That video is a mess.

No. 598047

Because she’s a bitch and can’t just communicate with people normally

No. 598517

Did anyone see ems new video? She said its an "all my pets" video but only shows 2 snakes, 1crested gecko, the snapper, the doves (which now have a baby) the kuk, the ferrets, and the skunk? That isnt all of her /pets/ is it?

No. 598532


no its not, which i find kinda odd, shes showed other animals in her videos before like Porg the frog and all of the snakes, even mentioned Bess (sp) the snake in the video but didn't show, so in terms of not showing her competitors all of her animals I understand that but theres some shes already shown that arent in the video

No. 598595

She said those are the animals we can get "emotionally invested in". So those are the animals she choose to make future videos on. The others either dont matter or she does not want to ever be in a position to show how they are kept.

Every othe