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File: 1530315426669.png (303.69 KB, 600x338, eM DRINKS MILK copy.png)

No. 624724

Admin note: Emzotic has been outed for bizarre selfposting. See this post for a full explanation and Emzotic's post history.

In this thread we will be able to talk about another Petubers flaws. We will started with the basic kit of narcissistic self involved characters such as:

- Mentioned now and again on the TND thread.
- Complains about lolcow and similar sites, describing them as little predators in wait for pet youtubers to slip up.
- Throws a lot of subtle shade at other pet youtubers despite pretending to be 'friends' with them all.
- Moved to America to live with hoarder BYB boyfriend Danny.
- Won't show habitats for most of her and Danny's animals, keeping the exact number of animals a secret. Some examples of enclosures not shown include; Snapping turtle, snakes, and (unseen) monitor lizards.
- Thought she could cycle a fish tank with old water, put two betta together to 'breed' despite clearly knowing nothing about breeding and conditioning the fish.
- Keeps her doves in the bare minimum of cages, also keeps them next to ferrets and has let them land on the ferret cage before.
- Was paid off to set up an awful Bearded dragon enclosure including substrate that can cause impaction.
- Says she isn't planning on getting more animals but has recently taken in a skunk, plans to get another hornbill, plans to get a dog, has got a nano reef tank and two more mystery pets since stating this.
- Has now bought a new Gecko.
- Is supposed to be going to petfest.
- Recently made her lolcow debut.
- Was exposed for making well over 100 posts, ranging from bitching about other pettubers to making up crazy rumours and trying to defend herself.

All Emzotic posts on Lolcow can be found here: https://lolcow.farm/emzotic.html

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE37328iVnqSj1OCrgrYd8w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emzoticofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/emzoticofficial?lang=es

Tyler Rugge
- Support TND.
- Hoards animals like most pet youtubers and likes to buy the trending animal of the month.
- Had a betta fish in a fluvial tank but it 'disappeared'. Didn't care what had happened to it.
- Queen of the mean girls of pettube
- Helped arrange and is going to Petfest

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfvCFx6J-JA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TylerRugge?lang=es
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tylerrugge/

Brian Barczyk
- Hoards, breed and sell a shit tons of reptiles.
- Keep them on little plastic containers, justifying it with saying 'they like it that way'.
- Inbreeds and shows little concern for genetics outside of producing colour morphs that will sell for $$$.
- Sells bad quality, sick and otherwise ill reptiles.
- Bullies costumers if they dare to call him out for the shitty conditions his animals have when they arrived.
- Both Tyler Rugge and Taylor Nicole Dean have made collabs with him.
- Recently got kicked out of playlist for bringing in a baby gator and snake to scare/prank people with.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4zS1wbO81p59CxKL7CQAcA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snakebytestv/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SnakeBytesTV

Maddie Smith
- Hoards animals like most other youtubers, justifies it by saying all her animals are taken to a vet. Regularly has over 30+ animals, has had over 50+ in the past.
- BYB rats, claims she doesn't any more but still ended up with sick baby rats that had to be treated for URI's and also a rat born with one testicle. Doesn't seem to know much about rat genetics but claims to have worked with breeders.
- Recently got two doves; one got sick and died. She blamed the breeder and 'genetic' illness despite environmental being much more likely. Subsequently she got another bird from a 'better breeder' to replace it, didn't quarantine properly and that bird is now also very sick.
- Is a 'wildlife rehabber'; although is listed as 'social media adviser' on their poorly made site. Charity was also only registered in Ohio in September 2017.
- Also helped arrange and is going to Petfest

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MaddieandElijah
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mxddiesmith/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mxddiemoo

Carolin von Petzholdt
- Keeps parrots. Has actively lost her parrot Hope numerous times on camera.
- Flies her Parrot Hope in public parks around dogs and as such has been chased by dogs and accosted by dog owners more than once.
- Doesn't train her parrot to fly back to her on a signal, merely screams randomly.
- Has had Hope both chase native birds and be chased by native birds during her free flying, resulting in Hope being lost at least twice from this.
- Has sexually molested her bird on camera; doesn't seem to understand that touching a birds vent is frustrating for the animal and essentially bestiality.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWcXSuUetWjXFNXHiCuT-Wg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolin_von_petzholdt/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cvonpetzholdt

Swetha Menon Exotics
- Calls out other Pettubers.
- Doesn't listen to her own advice on keeping pets well.
- Currently houses a male and female mouse together letting them breed when they please.
- Feeds some of the litter live to one of her snakes, the other resulting babies fates are unknown.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPpg776w5yQQLO7v8vtsIoA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/swethamenon56/

Steff J
- Hoards animals worse than some of the above.
- Was gifted two puppies and kept them even though she didn't have the space for them.
- House is literally crammed with animals.
- Killed all her fish once when she flea bombed her house to get rid of the fleas her roaming cats had brought in.
- Lets her turtles breed, found a nest they'd made unsupervised outside with most of the eggs being eaten by ants.
- Recently had one of her tortoises die. Was supposed to nebulize the tortoise every 8 hours, instead said she went to sleep for 21 and 'someone else did it'.
- Let her duck eat Styrofoam while yelling at it from across the room.
- Keeps her turtles in tiny cages.
- Keeps most of her animals in filthy conditions.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsWwd149fqgVghyCUkPN63w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_steffj/

Taylor Nicole Dean thread:

Happy Tails aka Megan Arriola thread:

No. 624728

Previous Thread: >>605517

No. 624735

No wonder Em was trying to do some damage control

No. 624736


We love a family friendly online bully lol

No. 624737

This is better than Christmas.

No. 624738

File: 1530315714280.jpg (366.68 KB, 1536x2048, 1530312544582.jpg)

From the last thread:

shitty shoop, but her sign is so exploitable.

No. 624740

I'm curious how shes going to spin this / come back from this.

If she is going down the route of 'it was just a social experiment' shes said some pretty unforgivable things, touching on things how Taylor is probably going to fake suicide, and comments degrading Taylors appearance which is what she seems to be so against. RIP to your brand.

No. 624742

Yeah it's funny because other anons on here were actually commenting saying that shit wasn't ok. She literally posted some of the /worst/ comments.

No. 624744


I wouldn't care so much, because we've all done it, if she didn't publically try to appear so good and pure and supportive towards others

No. 624745

Well, PetFest will be awkward

No. 624746

Speak for yourself lol I mean tbf a lot of anons in the Pettubers thread are here to comment on shitty animal care. What the pettubers look like etc. doesn't really factor… Em made a tonne of posts on her personal life, insulting herself, Danny, and then other Pettubers personal looks.

No. 624747

I don't know how she's going to go after this. They must all be seeing this shit.

No. 624749

Chances are her fans won't see it so ehh

No. 624753

I hope it goes public on twitter. Her fans deserve to know what kind of a person they're supporting.

No. 624755


Thats the thing that annoys me is that this will probably go unnoticed to like 90% of her viewers

No. 624756

This is Kiki-levels of insane. The back and forth between writing bizarre insults about herself, complimenting herself, and hating on competition.

No. 624760

Ffs most of the terrible comments I thought were just asshole farmers, are Emzotic, this is crazy. How is she going to get out of this one… What is the point of "exposing" a site, when you're the one setting up everything that is even exposable??

No. 624763

Literally. Except we know there is no exposing. It's just her trying to cover her ass. It was a social experiment guys!! Kek.

No. 624766

The social experiment was probably a way to laugh about it while she was trying to look into data protection laws and the like lmao

No. 624767

I thought this place was just getting more toxic, this girl is really psycho

No. 624770

Way to go Em making a page full of mostly concerned animal lovers, into what seems like a reasonless bitchfest. What was even your reasoning for this??

No. 624771

Has no one posted this on twitter or her youtube videos yet? Hell someone could make a youtube video ABOUT it. This isn't a little bit of samefagging or a mean comment, this is someone who runs a business on a friendly face and absolutely shitting on the very people they work with because they thought they were anonymous.

No. 624772

I now feel really good about the farmers. we're good people. She's the nutjob. Christ.

No. 624774

We were the people to defend anyone here that got insulted due to appearance. All the while, she was doing just that

No. 624777

Holy fuck, I know everyone’s already said this, but I just have to reiterate this bitch needs SERIOUS mental help

No. 624778

She was one of the few anons who went hard on Taylor.

No. 624779

Jesus someone should at least inform Taylor. I don't like her as much as the next farmer but hollly shit dude.

No. 624780

If this is the mind behind all this shit, than Im super concerned for her animals…They seemed well cared for but who even knows at this point.
You know she could have passed it up as fake but she posted a picture of herself with the udder and the writing, and now its undeniably her…

No. 624784

No offense to the thread writer anon but the post really buries the milk, I'd make a thread for Em specifically if it's ok

No. 624785

No, she isnt that milky

No. 624786

Tbh I think the milks going to spill onto the other pettubers with how she talked about them. So this is fine for now.

She should get a thread in the future though; if an anon wants to do a detailed (more detailed) write up for her?

No. 624787

I thought that was a jellyfish
Girl can't even draw.

No. 624789

I disagree. She didn't deserve her own thread before but she definitely does now. Do it.

No. 624791

I thought it was a jellyfish too whaaaaat, I never in a million years would have thought it to be an udder. lmao

No. 624792

It should honestly be relieving to know that the majority of the blind outrage only came from one person, instead of a sea of people.

No. 624795

I'll add something to the OP in a minute.

No. 624796

This is being talked about here and in the TND thread, we don't need a thread right now to make a third place to discuss it.

No. 624798

Yeah, tbh this is how I feel. But it's crazy to see how many of those hateful really bad posts came from her.

No. 624801

I informed Taylor, I know this is cowtipping but at this point the cow just did this all herself…

No. 624816

Taylor knows.

No. 624817

File: 1530317964100.png (45.99 KB, 581x377, emzotic goes loco2.png)

No. 624821

I'd also seek help if I was as vile as her

No. 624823

This is such bad timing for them, with pet fest coming along damn.
I feel bad for the poor fans who dont know about all of this!

No. 624824

I see she went to the Dasha school of damage control, Dasha also announced going to therapy right after getting outed on /pt/ kek

No. 624827


No. 624829

She needs a legitimate psychiatrist!!!

No. 624831

By who, Taylor or Em?

No. 624832

I tweeted at her when the expose dropped and tweeted at her better help thing.
She blocked me right after rip

No. 624833

Okay so %100 this is all confirmed as Emzotic correct? I mean a lot of it makes sense, but it would be terrible for her to get accused if something she didnt say. I mean im not doubting this really,just want to double check…

No. 624837

It's 100% confirmed. Look at the other thread. She admits it too and was posting on her twitter about it.

No. 624838

She posted a photo and post taken specifically for LC, and I guess the IP of that was matched to the other posts. It was her.

No. 624839

It’s all tied to her IP address. No hiding behind anonymous anymore!

No. 624840

PSA, lolcow blocks incoming views from Twitter because of newfaggotry whenever someone tweets lolcow links, so if you want to spread the word, Twitter isn't the best platform.

No. 624841

Of course, Im aware ive been following, I just mean every single post…Just seems to crazy to be true damn.

Ah darn I see why thats a thing though, makes sense…

No. 624842

How do you know?

No. 624843

She probably follows these threads herself

No. 624848

True, I hope Taylor’s posts in her own thread get marked

No. 624851


Em probably panicked and did the 'mature' thing and owned up to it to Taylor before it all came out lol

Or she was in on it for this social experiment excuse she came up with

No. 624855

I wonder if BetterHelp knows they're sponsoring someone who bullies people online?

No. 624857

I can’t WAIT for Taylor to comment on this Emzotic shit. Same with Emma

No. 624863

I wonder if she’s still gonna go to petfest

No. 624866

File: 1530319467626.png (4.71 MB, 1242x2208, 4FE7FB92-D359-451A-AB5F-2CEBB6…)

Taylor and Emma both liked this tweet

No. 624870

Are there any tweets about any of this on twitter? Twitter doesn't work on my work phone otherwise I'd go look

No. 624875

No, it's pretty quiet, so she's probably apologising in private chats. Where's the anon that was in them when we need them?

No. 624880

A few, and TND already liked at least one
of them. However, see >>624840

Also @ twitter users, please stop linking to lolcow.farm/emzotic.html, it has zero context and will be dismissed by new readers. Link to here: >>>/snow/624638

No. 624884

File: 1530319981292.gif (487.89 KB, 500x303, giphy (1).gif)

Just came online to see the Emzotic reveal. Jesus fucking Christ, why? I am seriously so disappointed right now.. and I feel stupid.
I stood up for Em a few times in the pettuber and TND threads, saying things how I don't think she throws shade at Taylor, or stating that I like her content and how she seems really sweet and honest to me. I want Em to read this, to see she disappointed someone who considered themselves an actual fan with her actions.. and that this outing makes me seriously sad. Ya can't trust anyone huh?

No. 624886

Same. I honestly thought she could do better… I was excited about the new aviaries that never ended up being built… I thought she'd learnt her lesson and wasn't getting more pets… but she did… and now this.

No. 624888

File: 1530320178773.jpeg (231.12 KB, 1293x1145, 558B3153-4496-4B9B-8EAD-F4B40E…)

No. 624894

LMAO oh that's rich, the fucking "x" at the end completes it. shut the fuck up em. you did this to yourself. you know it's wrong and that no excuses are going to make it right

No. 624896

Or maybe some people lash out because they’re jealous lol

No. 624899

That projection though. Yeah em, the thing that YOU hate in yourself is that you can't even get the fraction of the views TND makes, how pathetic.

No. 624903

File: 1530320986245.png (188.26 KB, 629x635, twitter anon.png)

Twitter anon needs to literally direct them to the mod post here: >>624638

There's so much evidence… it's indisputable she posted all that.

No. 624904

File: 1530321065575.jpeg (198.51 KB, 750x888, 1002AD03-8A97-40B0-9AF8-AD1A47…)

No. 624907

File: 1530321167947.jpeg (132.2 KB, 750x778, 80CB7270-FFC4-4717-923B-E79E03…)

Someone needs to tell her to read whats been said about her

No. 624908

Someone needs to tell the fans on Taylor's post what Em's being saying about their lord and saviour kek. They're all confused, bless them.

No. 624918

File: 1530322121061.jpeg (224.7 KB, 1338x871, 3FD3FC40-6DFB-4B27-BC9C-B20C36…)

No. 624919

She's such a liar.

She didn't tell anyone to expose what she posted… she was forced… by the admins.

No. 624920

File: 1530322277006.png (254.06 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7066.PNG)

she's so dumb

No. 624921

She told Lolcow to show everything
Bitch, Farmhands had to show the 127 post you made because you keep coming back with your cringe shit.
So you were hurting 127 times?

No. 624924

Honestly I hope Taylor knows she was exposed. She didn't reveal herself.

She's so two faced. So full of lies.

No. 624927

"I know its her but im going to act dumb because i need her to boost my channel"

No. 624928

A 40 watt bulb in a 100 watt appliance!

No. 624931

File: 1530322554531.png (40.43 KB, 581x353, lolzw.png)

No. 624932

She only messaged them yesterday because that's when the drama went down. Aha, that's when the farmhand told her they were going through her post history.

No. 624934

Tbh i dont believe that all the pettubers are really friends. They all want views from each other regardless if they hate each other. If they dont give a shit about their animals, they sure as hell dont care about each other. I'm not at all shocked if Taylor and Maria and the rest pretends to say that they believe that was not emzotic and ignore everything.. they need her fans to also go to their channel.

No. 624936

After speaking to Em herself? Does this mean Em is denying some of the posts were hers?

No. 624937


Thank you to everyone posting these screen shots! Because I just got blocked for all this ooaf, I enjoyed Em too, even got past her leeches and patronizing tone. Because I learned some things from her channel and I really liked her pets.

I really hope the other pettubers don't forgive her for this shit, it was terrible. And Taylor I really dont like her,but she has terrible self esteem and these posts made by Em really probably weren't helping, and thats honestly sad.

No. 624938


Taylor did like one of the tweets directed at her about this though…


Idk she's not completely ignoring it it seems like but I doubt she will actually say anything.

No. 624939

no it just means maria is an idiot lol she's too star struck that she's talking to em so she's gonna pretend it isn't em talking about her

No. 624940

Yeah, I actually don't like the posts about TND's image, because I do think that Jonny really messed her sense of self up. It feels like low blows… but then I'm here because I care more about the animal care.

No. 624943

Honestly how do you expect most of these people to act? Remember, their reputation is on the line, too, and Em is a pretty big channel. What would they gain from being mean to her? Of course they want to take the high road and forgive her on Twitter, because they haven't been retarded enough to get THEIR post history revealed on lolcow. They can still take all their hatred on Em out on here still. I think maybe Brian and HT will be the only people to tell her how it is, but even then she only mentioned Brian once and Brian already knows Em hates him, and HT is currently on vacation and probably won't get whiff of this until long after it blows over.

No. 624944

Emzotic deleted the response of Taylor's tweet

No. 624945

File: 1530323254314.png (98.19 KB, 750x1334, B46755AF-C4D0-43A6-876F-0CC276…)

She’s deleted all the replies to this thread… lol idk if that helped at this point

No. 624946

Check Emma’s Instagram story. Looks like a bunch of them are Skyping right now (without em)

No. 624947

my guess is that they won’t say anything publicly but they’ll stop associating with her. Emma and taylor at least.

No. 624948

I’ve never seen taylor skype with them before

No. 624955

I was just about to post that lol
Sure is interesting to see how she immediately blames her HUGE spergout on "uwu my depression i need therapy"
Like damn, girl. Have some respect for yourself and accept that there are consequences to your actions.

No. 624956

Nope I haven’t either

No. 624958

She’s probably just happy to be involved in something with them

No. 624959

File: 1530323499161.png (694.22 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-29-19-50-49…)

They are definitely talking about Emzotic

Me neither, I thought she talked only with Tyler

No. 624960

Probably talking about Em and what to do. Lolol hopefully they'll cut ties.. i would. Who would trust a person like her after what she done

No. 624962

Is that a half-assed apology or her throwing shade at lolcow? Who knows. What a snake. Cancel her, TND.

No. 624963

Seeing as how em tweeted that she meant the dms she sent taylor I’m assuming taylor isn’t taking it well with her

No. 624964

I actually feel bad for them, even Taylor, Em didn't even point out any of the real problems with Tay like animal care, just cruel remarks.

I wonder what Danny thinks of all this

No. 624965

Good. Tbh She shouldn't. It's one thing for anon fans/ex fans etc to talk. It's another for someone who pretends to be your friend and then says some of the worst shit on the site.

No. 624966

Danny's probably enjoying it. Let's face it, he did that video mocking Taylor too…

Wonder how hollow Em's remarks on the video now sound to TND?

No. 624969

I'm dying to know what possessed Emneurotic to suddenly ~come out~ bc none of this would have happened if she had stayed whiteknighting and/or hating on Taylor every few days

No. 624971

is maddie wearing a MAGA hat

No. 624973

Might be one of those mocking MAGA hats.

No. 624978

If I was them, I'd be having a fit of schadenfreude by now. This is such a piece of juicy gossip.

No. 624982

maddie is wearing a “make pettube great again” hat

No. 624986

I honestly want them all to really reflect on what Em did.

To go back through the threads… to look at how many awful posts were by Em… and how a good portion of anon posts were just about folks wanting better animal care.

I want them to examine how toxic their circle is…

How it's likely there's more than one snake.

Then I want them to take on board the advice here… to stop hording animals, to provide better care, become better pet owners.

I honestly think if this shit gets to the gossip channels, Em might be done for good.

No. 624987

It’s a make pettubers great again hat … too bad they are the ones who are giving pettubers a bad name and stirring up drama. The only kind of videos they know how to do are meet all my pets or feeding all my pets. None of them excel at care or have any substance. They’re actually quite boring! That clique group needs to just go away.

No. 624991


There are many good pettubers, they just dont call themselves that and they dont belong in this little group, there are animal youtubers I enjoy watching, and while a few have been brought up in a "what does everyone think of" post, no one really has anything bad to say about them. Its just this silly clique.

No. 624996

I'd just like to point out that we never received any communication from Emzotic whatsoever, and that she circumvented her bans by switching her IPs in order to post more without getting detected.

If Emzotic has any legitimate proof that she was seriously planning to be outed, she's welcome to share it. As it stands, this is nothing but backpedaling to make it look like this outing was her way of coming clean rather than her not realizing that it wasn't enough to merely change her IP before making her "official" posts under her own name.

We have had users contact us with the request to out their posts or ban them for the sake of their own mental health before. Emzotic is not one of them.

No. 624997

She was obviously inserting herself into the TND threads and by supporting her with comments there, you supported her agenda. I routinely reported those conversations for self-posting and derailing. I'm glad to see how right I was, although I had no idea how much she was bashing Taylor's appearance and life in there.

No. 625004

"Oh hey I bullied you mercilessly but let me lecture you about why".

No. 625009

I wouldn't dare post publicly on TND's posts if I had been such a bitch to her. She's so fucking shameless.

As for good youtubers, I like Kitten Lady. Her videos are super informative and she seems to take good care of her rescues and not take on too much at a time.

No. 625011

So quick to change her tune from "it was just a social experiment you guys!". Hilarious.

Best part is that she outed herself as a ploy for attention too. She literally played herself just for the attention.

No. 625018

While she was here, I posted about how disappointed in her I was and that I, too, was a legitimate fan.
She replied, essentially saying she didn't care and that this is who she really is.
What she really is, is garbage. Lost all respect.

No. 625020

I'm so sorry, anon. It sucks when someone you like turns out to be a POS and then brushes you off when you epxress that disappointment.
I saw it and thought if she hadn't been a bitch about it, she would have kept a lot of her viewers even on here. But no, she had to be catty and #notbothered.

No. 625021

File: 1530325900501.png (467.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-06-29-22-29-12…)

Like its so obvious in hindsight, but also so bizarre obviously its pathetic really, why did she even feel the need to bring up her relationship like that or her miscarriage??

No. 625022

Honestly it's kind of weird…

Even if she was just trolling to get 'good' comments to do an exposé, it seems like she went too far. Like other anons were telling her to calm down too far.

Does she really think that stuff about herself? The marrying Danny for a green card etc?

No. 625027

Are we really surprised that the actress who played in The Human Centipede is actually Secretly Crazy? Lmao.

No. 625028

File: 1530326462020.png (534.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-06-29-22-40-47…)

This is another thing people told her to calm down about

No. 625030

Only the truest of cunts would be so brazen to do anything other than make an apology to the subject of their bullying.

No. 625031

I was deeply hurt by her immature reactions. Then, even more so with her reply. I shouldn't feel this personally wronged by someone I don't know personally, but that's what youtubers do. They share their lives with us (or the illusion of a life) and you get invested. She had created some legitimately good content, so I honestly cared about her animals and her opinions on things. I was sad to unsubscribe.
But now. Now I hope Danny leaves her visa-seeking ass. I'm actually going through the K-1 fiance visa process for my future husband right now, so that was a particularly hard kick in the gut. I would never even JOKE about my relationship being a greencard marriage, because I actually love that man.

No. 625032

It feels like it was so much of a hard pill for her to swallow that people criticized her for shit, that she went off the other end and then criticized herself for it first.
Sort of a "if I do it first y'all can't call me out for it".

No. 625034

Even if she did ask admins to be outed (which she obviously didn't intend to), wouldn't that be just as insulting to her friends? Now these comments aren't just anonymous haters, they're comments from your friend. It makes it so much more personal and really rubs it in. IDK why she thinks it's a good move to act like the outing was her idea.

Emma, if you wanna abandon the Emzotic brand and go for a new identity, I suggest Centipede #10 or Kim, sounds pretty relatable.

No. 625035

worse than hitler."

and she's antisemetic! wonderful

No. 625036

File: 1530327026047.png (664.47 KB, 1457x819, LC3UYY6.png)

Good thing Emzotic had so much practice getting her head up other people's asses, now she can grovel in TND's DMs so much more effectively

No. 625037

I get what you mean. You'd been holding out hope and it feels bad to be wronged by someone you've been defending and rooting for even if only in your mind. Lolcow is not a hugbox, but it seems to have been a personal situation and I'm wishing you all the best. Don't let it get to you, she's just a bitch.

Alright, farmhands, we're done with our niceties. Time to laugh at her role in THC.

No. 625039

File: 1530327162200.jpg (35.57 KB, 612x612, 1512527161102.jpg)

quality post anon

No. 625041

>Emma also works with her partner, Michael, who she met on the set of 'The Human Centipede'.

From IMBD. Imagine marrying the guy whose ass you've been stuck to for the past five days or who's seen you ass-to-face with two other people.
How're you gonna explain THAT to your wedding planners or put in your scrapbook of happy memories?

No. 625053

File: 1530327987751.jpg (21.25 KB, 589x375, 2mmgwba.jpg)

Me reading emzotic's crazy posts

No. 625072

How do you guys feel about maddie? I like her more then some of the others tbh

No. 625074

File: 1530330300230.png (521.9 KB, 720x971, Screenshot_20180629-204509~2.p…)

This didn't age well..

No. 625075

In one year her career will still be over from this lmao

No. 625076

Not to take things too seriously, but I’d watch out if I were Danny because this is not the type of woman I’d trust around my children.

No. 625081

File: 1530330508227.png (1.18 MB, 1136x640, IMG_4867.PNG)

Conf Emzotic is possessed

No. 625083

holy shit lol

No. 625086

Does anyone think its time to make an Emzotic thread dedicated to her only cause she acted so bizarre? I feel like shes officially reached TND level of hatred now. I don't know if its allowed/appropriate though according to rules

No. 625088

Whenever I watched emzotic I always felt like there was something off about her. She just came across as very condescending and holier than thou. The way she talks about other pettubers in her posts truly shows she thinks she is better than everyone. I hope she gets the mental therapy she needs.

No. 625092

People keep bringing this up, but I disagree. It’s likely what she wants and most of her milk prior to her posts getting outted was just disturbing self-posting.

No. 625094

Nah, she'd love that we think she's special enough for her own.

No. 625100


Sage your posts by writing 'Sage' in the email field when you're posting, stops the thread from being bumped when you're not posting milk/simply discussing something!

You're probably right, it seemed like she wanted people to comment on the most horrible comments about herself defending her or something. I can't get my head around this at all lol. I thought she was the most 'mature' and non-drama free one……. guess not. The fact she's older than everyone else too and acting this way

No. 625103

Not only did Em say the cruel things about herself, she also whiteknighted herself by replying to herself so I don’t get what she meant to accomplish.

No. 625104

File: 1530332079511.jpg (290.09 KB, 890x816, Screenshot.jpg)

I was doing some digging discovered that Em has an old youtube channel called "Emma Lock UK". Didn't she say in all her pets video that the Emzotic channel was her very "first" channel?

There she has a crested gecko mating video where the male is holding the female by the face in mid air and dangling her while she cries out until they both fall down.
Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNcjyLbc6dA

No. 625107

File: 1530332125500.jpg (419.43 KB, 890x816, Channel.jpg)

This is the channel.

No. 625110

File: 1530332398770.jpeg (19.6 KB, 267x275, 1530331494672.jpeg)

nabbed this from the TND thread. Taylor seems to have mistrusted her before lol

No. 625111

Didn't she also mention having a channel with her ex at one point? So technically Emzotic was her first "non-shared channel" or something along those lines.

No. 625113

Honestly I think she wanted to get a victim complex a bit with some things, like when she's being hyper mean to herself. When other people agree she can think they are truly bad people for agreeing on something so terrible, and can dismiss the lot for being terrible since it is anonymous (which, for the most part, people were telling her to calm down lol). I also think some of it that was really critical over something dumb was a way to get people to say what she was criticizing doesn't, is untrue, etc as a way to reassure herself. Like what was said here >>625103 it's a way to make you look good if others are defending you. It just doesn't make sense now because we can all see her posts. Remember, she was using that anonymity to her favor.
Honestly I think it's going to die in a week or so, especially since she will probably start being a lot more conservative in her posts. Same thing happened with HT thread, it's pretty dead now because HT has never really over-shared or is super active on social media like TND

No. 625139

File: 1530335192639.jpg (196.27 KB, 1061x618, 20180630_150344.jpg)

She is realizing it's real. Glad she isn't completely clueless.

No. 625141

File: 1530335214323.jpg (95.79 KB, 1080x361, 20180630_150322.jpg)

No. 625144

File: 1530335536386.jpg (580.54 KB, 1080x1988, 20180630_151251.jpg)

No. 625148

File: 1530335969125.png (79.33 KB, 605x732, F1C129E7-1D67-4CCD-96A8-E2D4F7…)

Pulled from TND thread

No. 625149

File: 1530336033231.jpg (618.48 KB, 1069x1973, 20180630_152111.jpg)

No. 625155


No. 625158

>almost every single person in the animal youtube community posts there anonymously


Also, peep that "I wanted to have my posts out there!" backpedal. I got a bicycle with your name on it, Kim.

No. 625159

File: 1530336388474.gif (57.42 KB, 470x524, 2p4Dic0.gif)

Ho shit, Nicole.

No. 625162

File: 1530336551672.jpeg (Spoiler Image,252.05 KB, 750x1195, 855199B8-6940-4D65-9360-D4E304…)

Ok but emma none of the other pettubers have made comments anywhere near as bad as yours

No. 625163

I do believe some pettubers do come by and post but only as whiteknighting or some constructive criticism about animal care…not going all crazy like empsychotic

No. 625167

wtf i love taylor now?

(not really calm down em issa meme but i like her a lot better than you now)

No. 625176

File: 1530337255135.jpg (390.98 KB, 1080x1385, 20180630_154114.jpg)

She admitted to them that she did post them all

No. 625177

>"b-b-but i was gunna turn it into a social experiment! really! b-believe me guise! all that shittalking was in the name of SCIENCE!"


No. 625178

It's amazing that she's STILL trying to defend herself after all this shit was exposed. Just sit down and shut up Em, you fucked up. Quit backpedaling. (Just like she did with the betta fish drama)

No. 625179

I wonder though, where does the 'she begged the admins not to publish her posts' come from cuz I didnt see anything about that. Or did she message the admins in private for damage control hoping they wouldnt publish her posts? And if,how does Taylor know? Did Taylor talk to lolcow admins? I know I have too many questions but I'm really lost here.

No. 625180

They have a gc she told them she said stuff

No. 625181

File: 1530337444347.jpg (91.88 KB, 483x615, ayyaiyai.jpg)

No. 625182

She didnt say to what extent

No. 625183

File: 1530337460641.jpg (578.92 KB, 1080x1726, 20180630_154457.jpg)

No. 625185

Another post that's believed to be her (not sure if it got confirmed) started trying to cite UK data protection laws about posting under the impression of anonymity, but that doesn't apply here.

No. 625186

Ems got more drama then the paul bros rn

No. 625190

How to destroy your youtube career in one day by Emzotic

No. 625191

File: 1530337672587.jpeg (151.29 KB, 750x771, FCEBF0A8-6DAA-4DC1-B095-8F6162…)

This boy is delusional

No. 625193

Ive seen him so much today but never before i think he recently found petube/is new to pet keeping

No. 625195


Can't believe I missed this gem:
>if the other pet tubers are ok to stay anonymous on there that's their karma

Holy shit, Em. YOU are the one that's been slagging off on your supposed "friends" for months now. Don't even try this whole shady shit where you insinuate all of them are in on it too. You're not better than any of them for "coming clean", you're only making yourself supremely unlikeable by acting holier-than-thou and oh-so-knowledgeable.

Not even lolcow's interested in you beyond what a trainwreck you and your career are. Get a grip, girlie. You're cancelled.

No. 625196

File: 1530337909209.jpg (65.77 KB, 644x304, trnd.jpg)

No. 625197

File: 1530337995822.png (124.52 KB, 1225x729, 23Capture.PNG)

No. 625199

Taylor realizing the company she keeps sees nothing wrong with this. This gift keeps giving. My birthday was two months ago, but I'll take this.

No. 625203

File: 1530338088554.png (192.9 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-29-23-54-48…)

Again when did she beg to not be outed? I mean pull out some shitty laws aren't exactly begging so idk if I miss that

No. 625205

Taylor added to that last one:
>And once it was posted she’s now trying to say that we “all say things anonymously” which is NOT TRUE. she’s throwing a pity party instead of just respecting our wishes to keep it private

No. 625206

Maybe its just me but I dont believe in that whole "im getting help now"with Em. I find it like some sort of excuse. Needs more than that for me to forgive someone who's been treating me like that for months behind my back. I would be like bye felicia

No. 625207

Is she still going to petfest?

No. 625208

File: 1530338223953.png (176.85 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-29-23-57-32…)

No. 625211

She didn't, Taylor's probably just confused with everything that's going on.

No. 625212

File: 1530338332493.png (49.71 KB, 1230x294, Capture24.PNG)

No. 625213

File: 1530338339278.jpeg (210.84 KB, 750x940, 3900C583-E946-43F9-8C73-DE5EF8…)

No. 625215

lmao I'd like to see her try. What self-respecting pettuber would ever work with her or even greet her after this shitfest.

No. 625216

JESUS this kid needs to get a grip. Em is a shit person not jesus

No. 625217

That boywild kid is insane does he actually think he can save em

No. 625221

Like why would he think shed want to skype with him if she doesnt want to talk to her "friends"

No. 625222

So what, she’s been kicked out of petfest? Does she expect people to feel bad for her?

No. 625223

He types like there's something up with him. Check his twitter out, I'm sure he's autistic/Aspergers.

No. 625224

That mean they will have to redo the banner for like the fourth time

No. 625225

He wants his very own Shane Dawson moment.

No. 625227

Dont we all though Shanes iconic

No. 625230

And not one sincere apology

No. 625232

File: 1530338717280.png (170.69 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-02-30…)

No. 625233

Off topic but my skink is sitting on my lap asleep and its the cutest thing ever(no one cares)

No. 625235

File: 1530338757608.png (182.29 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-02-46…)

No. 625238


Proof? Who even cares if other people post, they aren't outed like you are. You got caught cause your not as intelligent as you think you are.

Her trying to shift the blame and make the drama even bigger by blaming other people LOL.

No. 625239

Sure, you absolutely "stopped your social experiment for your viewers' sake because you didn't want them to get sucked into this terribad website".
Did your social experiment include calling Taylor an ugly baboon's ass from the start or did you come up with that on the fly?

No. 625242

That's very nice, but we're here to post about specific people in the Pettube community. Go post that on your twitter to your friends

No. 625244

File: 1530339252860.png (68.73 KB, 1214x349, Capture25.PNG)

No. 625245

File: 1530339339022.png (182.86 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-15-40…)

No. 625246

File: 1530339355163.png (187.13 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-15-45…)

No. 625247

File: 1530339376582.png (229.13 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-16-11…)

No. 625248

He must need all the friends he can get if he can forgive that easily.

No. 625249

So he doesnt mind having friends that hates on him behind his back?

No. 625250

I'm sure Em is so happy about your forgiveness, random underage kid unable to use punctuation.

No. 625251

She keeps talking as though lolcow is such a terrible and toxic site but lbr, she posted things that been harsher than many farmers do. I even believe there are ppl here with no bad intentions. After all I see farmers who properly discuss and have valid criticism and such. Esp in this case, like ppl who care about animals and thus discuss the pet community. You can't call a whole site toxic or w/e when it's just a part of the community that is and you are literally part the bad crowd.

No. 625252

File: 1530339546386.jpeg (69.12 KB, 750x305, BB3B9F96-B986-4670-B4B6-1E05A7…)

She really just plugged lol

No. 625253

File: 1530339572767.png (189.53 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-19-43…)

No. 625254

Anyone want to check em's social blade and see if her followers are dropping?

No. 625255

File: 1530339603462.png (229.04 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-19-21…)

No. 625256

File: 1530339642857.jpg (686 KB, 1080x2035, 20180630_162027.jpg)

No. 625257

File: 1530339658674.png (73.85 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-19-50…)

No. 625258

File: 1530339671312.png (269.06 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-19-58…)

No. 625259

File: 1530339684719.png (239.94 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-20-13…)

No. 625261

You guys are fast. Think I'll leave the screenshotting to the pros so the same thing doesn't get posted 5 times.

No. 625263

Can you post the full screenshots from their convos?

Doesn't seem like it yet. Still +44 and live feed isn't showing huge drops.

No. 625268

File: 1530340075355.jpeg (145.38 KB, 583x888, BE36959E-9FCC-4AF4-ABF4-619D37…)

So far just this but then again her fans are mostly children that probably doesnt have a twitter or just doesnt care how crazy she is as long as she supplies them with her videos. One look at one of her videos and I knew she's not worth a sub from me

No. 625269

File: 1530340087048.png (248.45 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-23-23…)

Same images of this tweet + the next one.

No. 625270

File: 1530340119385.png (117.46 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-23-42…)

+ image

No. 625271

File: 1530340120642.png (103.26 KB, 1226x517, Capture26.PNG)

No. 625274

File: 1530340289493.png (176.11 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-31-09…)

No. 625275

File: 1530340313785.png (176.21 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-31-30…)

No. 625278

File: 1530340479017.jpg (606.32 KB, 2340x4160, YtieaM6.jpg)

People slowly flocking over from Taylor's to Em's twitter to give her the comeuppance she deserves.

No. 625280

>you are not ugly or look like a baboon ass
My sides have reached orbit. The best part is he's trying to help. Fucking kek
A lot of speculation, but I'm assuming that when Em was told her shit was going to go public and it did, and she tried to save face in their DMs, and them not understanding the situation probably asked her to not reveal herself. The farmhands said Em never asked them to reveal her posts, but they didn't say she begged them not to. So maybe Em told TND that in truth, or added that to gain some pity knowing her shit was going public anyways.

No. 625282

Off-topic but does anyone have a mirror upload of the video where Danny is bashing Taylor? Can't find it anywhere. Also does anyone have information on him in general. He has a weird vibe to him tbh and I wouldn't be surprised if he has a dodgy past

No. 625288

File: 1530340778778.jpg (82.53 KB, 644x485, virtuesignalling.jpg)

OT but isn't it funny how she calls Em a martyr but at the same time pats her ass publicly to virtuesignal?
No loyalty under thieves.

No. 625289

File: 1530340902533.jpg (54.31 KB, 589x279, 4732859132980147917491273894.j…)

Wait. What?

No. 625290

File: 1530341014614.jpeg (148.5 KB, 2179x767, 008EEB27-6EE4-4591-981F-7B666D…)

Em's subs been going down since earlier. Lol

No. 625291

Ok Em(hi cow)

No. 625292

You think she'd come back after all this

No. 625294

Anon please. You can dislike Em and Taylor at the same time. They're both hypocritical condescending wannabes.

No. 625296

I just know he deleted it when he got backlash and he is too small and irrelevant of a channel to anyone having mirrored it I guess. So I am guessing no chance to get to it anymore. I tried a quick search, no luck.

No. 625299

Oh she will, she won't be able to stay away, but she will just lurk and not post cause she knows the admin will add it to the list.

No. 625301

File: 1530341727435.png (35.19 KB, 540x138, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-55-07…)

No. 625302

I think she needs help and i hope she gets it because this isnt healthy

No. 625305

File: 1530341914399.jpeg (21.7 KB, 633x132, 730B6236-15EF-4E74-BA84-E13665…)

Not actually milk but Em’s commenting on Danny’s Facebook posts (as of 2 hours ago) like she didn’t post those comments about him being gross and old. Kind of wonder if he’s cool with all of this.

No. 625306

don't be retarded, anon. she's a pettuber, not a drama channel, so it makes sense to try and protect her branding and image.

No. 625308

Going through all Emzotics posts and damn, she tried to poke at other pettubers too even the ones that aren't that bad. She has some serious issues that she needs to stay away from youtube and figure herself out

No. 625314

Please, after this fucking spaz fest we've witnessed tonight anything is possible. I can only be sure that i'm not her, every post is now an Em self-post in my mind LOL.

No. 625317

While everyone is peeking here. Please give all your animals bigger and better enclosures. They all deserve to have mansions. Give them their daily vitamins, dust their food, and spoil them rotten.

No. 625320

I know this is old but what video is she referring to

No. 625332

File: 1530344634191.png (1.47 MB, 2096x1572, drama.png)

Unsure if anyone posted this one yet

No. 625334

Man this is sad, I actually enjoyed Em's content …

Good luck with your content and I hope your pigeons live long and happy but bye

No. 625335

>I'm owning you all, ha ha!
>It's a documentary my dudes, all will be revealed
>I'm just a dark and jelly person, and really I begged for it to be revealed
>Everyone is in an anon mean girls club, I'm just one of them! But I'm better than that so I asked my posts be exposed
inb4 brain tumour excuse or 'my bf made me do it'

No. 625336

File: 1530345171609.png (58.34 KB, 724x492, hashtag.png)

I wonder if this # is going to gain traction?

No. 625337

Let's not forget her trying so hard to turn everything into some sort of documentary by interviewing strangers just to try to save herself . Lmao

No. 625358

Oh man is this some DELICIOUS milk.
I never liked Em, knew from the beginning she was fake with her “holier than thou” attitude and constant shade-throwing at other pettubers. Always had that feeling with her “Look at me, I’m so special and quirky”. I’m glad this is all blowing up in her face.

No. 625359

What baffles me the most about this whole situation is that Em had something awesome going for her. Second most popular pet youtuber, a community that truly loved and respected her, friends among the creators that seemed to make a nice little friendgroup sharing a hobby. All her videos got barely any dislikes because she had such a positive community around her. I can't wrap my head around why anyone would sabotage there own career the way she did for something so stupid. I wonder if she thinks it was worth it, losing potentially everything (or at least the respect of many when this story goes out beyond twitter and lolcow) just to talk trash on a few people. And I wonder how she thought she could get away with it never getting caught, especially after just so recently the whole deal with Dasha happened who was exposed for posting here.

Anyway, I do believe there are likely more ppl from the pettube community posting on here. I just don't know if anyone was as invested as she was. I think Em might actually have mental issues.. because nothing else makes sense as why she did all that. And it's shocking how much of a different person she is on her posts here than what we see on her videos. It's not normal.

No. 625385

She had no intention of being outed when she came here. Her original selfie "IN DA HOUSE!!!" post was acting all saintly and saying "even though you guys always talk shit about me" when most of the posts about here were BY her, and how they're all laughing about how "redundant" this site is and how petty and small everyone who posts here is, and how they're "real people and flawed" but they're still so much better than us because they don't "hide behind anons" and etc other ironic virtue signaling

I don't know how she could have posted all that shit and still think we buy "I wanted a clean slate and came here to be outed uwu". The Admin said she made her tagged posts INTENTIONALLY under a new IP and probably just thought "hehe they're going to search this IP for my posts and won't find anything" when she was spamming all those stupid smug looking selfies.

Then started shitting her pants as soon as they said changing your IP doesn't help and they had 70+ of her posts. So people who "can't understand why she'd choose to out herself?" aren't reading it right. She absolutely never, ever, ever did. She got herself in too deep being a smug bitch and had no more say in the matter.

No. 625394

Admins posted that she never contacted them.

No. 625396

I'm cringing so hard at how badly this guy wants to leverage this and get "in" the pet community by trying to fix it and be some wise mediator lmfao. Dw Taylor, Em's guardian angel is here to give her moral guidance on skype.

No. 625398

I believe this is what they call word salad.

No. 625437

Hey Maddie; are you gonna give us some awesome milk too?

No. 625441

File: 1530367497894.png (220.38 KB, 574x536, EMz.png)

No. 625442

File: 1530367517698.png (202.61 KB, 368x602, EMz1.png)

Sure Em, this place is toxic, not /you/.

No. 625443

File: 1530367525680.png (203.13 KB, 344x602, EMz2.png)

No. 625444

File: 1530367530884.png (206.44 KB, 345x607, EMz3.png)

No. 625445

File: 1530367536631.png (203.39 KB, 345x605, EMz4.png)

No. 625448

New to this thread and these cows, but ugh this is so embarrassing: >>>/snow/585473

The absolute delusion. 10 years younger, what? That's really an excellent picture of Taylor and a really bad choice to juxtapose against her own shitty quality selfie with the dumb face.

No. 625449

File: 1530367800967.png (202.6 KB, 341x604, EMz5.png)

No. 625450

File: 1530367807986.png (207.19 KB, 346x605, EMz6.png)

No. 625451

File: 1530367813554.png (207.16 KB, 345x606, EMz7.png)

No. 625452

File: 1530367819511.png (197.75 KB, 345x603, EMz8.png)

No. 625453

File: 1530367826257.png (203.35 KB, 350x603, EMz9.png)

No. 625454

File: 1530367832267.png (211.37 KB, 343x606, EMz10.png)

No. 625455

File: 1530367838808.png (199.96 KB, 340x604, EMz11.png)

No. 625456

File: 1530367844357.png (209.53 KB, 345x608, EMz12.png)

No. 625457

File: 1530367850215.png (203.67 KB, 342x603, EMz13.png)

No. 625458

File: 1530367856413.png (206.33 KB, 342x608, EMz14.png)

No. 625459

File: 1530367862138.png (366.11 KB, 645x603, EMz15.png)

No. 625460

File: 1530367900050.png (19.39 KB, 581x171, EMz16.png)

No. 625461

File: 1530367930001.png (39.98 KB, 581x370, EMz17.png)

No. 625462

File: 1530367962723.png (120.15 KB, 583x602, EMz18.png)

No. 625463

File: 1530367988952.png (63.78 KB, 582x591, EMz19.png)

No. 625464

File: 1530368093767.png (54.47 KB, 583x491, EMz20.png)

Em, you turned yourself into a monster. No one forced you to post here… there are plenty of folks here who /never/ bitch about peoples appearances and only critique their animal care. Of which there is /lots/ to talk about.

No. 625466

File: 1530368456782.png (352.26 KB, 504x889, shh.png)

I actually used to respect Em the most from the drama pet tubers but not anymore. She has destroyed her career as youtuber and I wonder how it'll affect her in the future

No. 625467

Holy shit Em I would have respected you a whole lot more if you just said "yeah I'm an attention whore and I contributed to gossip that I shouldn't have" and moved on! No one cares about the state of your mental health, literally no one.

No. 625468

File: 1530368530056.png (18.41 KB, 576x167, EMz21.png)

She keeps pushing this narrative, but it's very clear she thought she could avoid having her post history outed by changing her IP so much.

She's a snake and she's a liar.

At least the pettubers seem to know the truth.

No. 625469

File: 1530368605869.png (18.5 KB, 579x171, EMz22.png)

Yeah, because they need your permission to blame you. Jesus… so self absorbed. Where's the actual 'I'm so sorry this is all on me'. There's just excuses with the 'I was in a bad place'.

No. 625481

File: 1530369488773.png (264.39 KB, 579x430, EMz23.png)

Holy shit Em stop. I never thought I'd say this, but leave TND alone. lol. You don't need to point out she's blocked you. She has plenty reason to.

No. 625483

File: 1530369605172.png (19.33 KB, 586x173, EMz24.png)

She is just milking this for attention now. Guess what TND said about her wanting it good or bad, is true.

No. 625484

With so much of it being Em and the fact other pettubers post on these threads. How much of the actual shit is farmers. I mainly just care about the pet care, I just am concerned for the animals and so do many people here, seems like maybe most of this terrible gossip is just the pettubers themselves,I mean sure their are some harsh farmers, but jeez are these threads even that bad if you take the pettubers out of them?

No. 625485

Ironically when these threads started they were just purely on animal care. Like there really weren't any nasty comments. If you look at Em's posts, she literally makes up most of the mean comments in the pettubers thread, TND's aside. I wouldn't mind betting that the other nasty comments are from pettubers too.

No. 625488

She said they were all there cheering her on when she made that first post. If they were all in a chat watching then it was over as soon as the Farmhands threatened to out her post history.

No shit her friends were like "oh don't worry about it Em, we won't be mad, I totally post there too," I would have said the same lmfao. Once someone says "I'm going to show what you said about your friends" if she'd shut up it only would have been more suspect, anyway. They prob fake supported her and goaded her into continuing because they wanted to find out what they did find out: she's a shady psycho two-faced snake and should be exiled.

Now she's playing pity-party like "they said they understood but they didn't :((((" I'm sure even at their most curious they didn't expect the vitriolic shit she'd said to be her posts.

The worst part about all of it is I had to read everything she posted last night in that stupid, forced, cheesy, patronizing "I'm trying to talk to 8 year olds about education" way she talks in her videos.

No. 625489

File: 1530370376003.png (14.83 KB, 582x132, EMz25.png)

Unlike those other pettubers ;) amaright Em?

No. 625491


I don't really believe that other pettubers posted here in any real capacity. It seems like something only Em is saying to make what she did seem better. "Everyone else does it but /I/ came forward because /I'm/ better than them."

No. 625492

Nah, some of them probably do. Like Em said, it IS easy to get sucked in but I’m sure none of them are as nasty as what Em was

No. 625493

>You're not supposed to post as yourself
She still doesn't get it.

No. 625494

File: 1530370550393.png (17.6 KB, 584x150, EMz26.png)

I don't know if they wrote mean things, I'm just going to imply it. Kek

No. 625497

Exactly @ that "everyone does it but I'm the brave one" narrative. That she's still using this to paint herself as some suffering martyr who inflicted all of this woe and suffering onto herself because she knew she deserved it and repeating that it was all because she's "hurting, like really suffering so bad you guys and like SO sad" is the most nauseating part of it. Like the delusions of grandeur about her being catty and mean like a highschool girl under anonymity and getting caught. It's not that fuckin deep, chick.

No. 625501

Emma just turned into the worst episode of Black Mirror yet.
If she's truly interested in getting help she'd lay off social media but she's living on Twitter today.

No. 625502

She's honestly living for all this attention. I hope the other pettubers realise that.

No. 625504

Of course she's the victim here, it's impossible that poor babby her is just a petty bitch with a vendetta, nooooo. It's this place that turns people into monsters, because if you have the chance to post anonymously you just HAVE to only pick at people's appearances and bring up miscarriages.

No. 625506

Holy shit Em, stop writing novels and go take care of your hoards of animals

No. 625507

Right? When I first suggested the TND thread I thought it'd be all about husbandry (I mean, she killed a kitten). I didn't even realize how much of a shit show she'd turn out to be. And then this thread, damn. I never realized how toxic this community was. It's hard to keep up with these people.

Why are so many shitty people attracted to animal care videos?

(And I'm not a petuber, I'm an artfag on lolcow to farm Holly Brown)

No. 625509


I think it's because it was the next big thing on youtube. A lot of shit rose to the top as long as it was 'pretty'. Then the reward system in place for hording (all my animals vids, my new pet haul etc).

No. 625512

Anonymity doesn't do anything but bring out a person's true colours. You can't be turned into a monster unless you're actually just a shitty person

No. 625516

It's kind of disturbing how many more thank you's Em has posted compared to the amount of apologies, if you can even call them that.

No. 625517

lmao she came here saying all who post here are loser neet incels (when in reality most of just come to unload frustration with shit animal care promoted in yt). when she posts though, she's just a victim of addiction, being unable to cope and whatever other mental problems? go figure

No. 625519

I think its because animals are something that people get VERY passionate about. In our defence, I think we just want the best for another living being that is fully dependent on their owner to be looked after in the best way. Do we nit-pick and go OTT? yes. But it's hard to see people who are educators doing the bare minimum instead of going above and beyond.

This passion for animal care then gets everyone riled up and pissed off, and then everyone (including myself at times) can get a bit pissed off with other parts of their life.

Doesn't excuse anything but its the reasoning for it

No. 625520

File: 1530371905936.png (20.04 KB, 580x176, EMz27.png)

Admiring? Is that a freudian slip?

No. 625521


Sage your posts by posting 'Sage' in the email field of your posts. please.

I know a lot of new people are flooding in cause of the drama but you need to learn board ettiquette/read the rules before posting

No. 625522


Most of her responses are thanking people for ass pats.

No. 625523

I know its crazy, thing is it's mostly just this group, there is plenty of good pet oriented youtubers who dont assosiate with these crappy people who just give the entire genre a bad name.

No. 625525

File: 1530372140643.jpg (555.51 KB, 1080x1712, 20180701_011419.jpg)

Shane wouldn't be on my radar, but I'll tag him just in case he does see it and wants to help me get more subs.

No. 625528

I wouldn't be on Shane's radar*
I really have to start putting passwords for post deletion for when I screw them like this..

No. 625529

So let me get this straight: Emzotic tried to play this off as a social experiment at first, but then it was because she was in a "bad place" mentally? And then she's blaming the board for making her so toxic?

I mean… this is not a problem with the board. I've seen people in the Taylor thread actually calling someone out for saying really shitty things. It's not on us when most of what people say is "take proper care of your fucking animals".

Her whole "apology" and posts just scream "this is the attention I wanted". Bitch is basking in it. She's so transparent with her thank you's as if she'd won an oscar.

No. 625530

File: 1530372327803.png (31.07 KB, 581x270, EMz28.png)

No. 625531

Ofc she doesn't want to make a video. She knows she fucked up, she wants this to blow over. She wants to hide it still.

No. 625536

>it got to the point where i was literally the worst person in that anonymous forum

What a martyr. I'm disgusted.

No. 625538

Don't minimod, it clogs up the thread just as much, just report posts and ignore it.

No. 625540

File: 1530372969053.png (182.61 KB, 1000x1075, gFMyqdH.png)


She says she went there on Christmas, but she started posting under the Emzotic IP in May (3rd of May 2018).


No. 625541

File: 1530372981202.png (17.39 KB, 582x150, pickles.png)

That's right Pickles everything is fine.. don't look behind the curtain.

No. 625542

Didn't TND say she blocked ALL of them after they told her they didn't go on there? Talk about changing your narrative.

No. 625544

File: 1530373191316.png (20.52 KB, 583x173, EMz29.png)

No. 625545


If she made a video it would expose her to a lot more people, which would be amusing

No. 625546

She's a coward though, she's not making a video. Which just means we have to hope the drama channels pick this up. Either way it's going to come out.

No. 625552

She said she blocked them from messaging her. Not sure if you can do that without blocking them completely though.

No. 625553

Her first posts from May 3rd and 4th were generally just advice, but only two days later she started ragging on TND. Two days, Em. It took two days and four posts for you to call TND trashy and lazy.

But of course, "lolcow turned you into a monster!"
That was the quickest fucking transformation I've ever seen, then.

No. 625559

Think the point they where making is that she said she didn't know about the site until the people doing the podcast told her about it around Christmas, which is a lie cause she was posting before then.

No. 625562

100% there were earlier posts. It starts so abruptly. We know she constantly changed her IP address, her device likely changed before too. Admins have already said if you see earlier posts that you suspect are hers, you can report them with 'Emzotic' so they can check them all out and add to her posting list.

No. 625563

Ignore that, just realized they said 2018 not 2017

No. 625564

File: 1530374206597.png (16.89 KB, 584x134, EMz30.png)

Oh look… she's an art thief too… if you're going to edit someone's art (which is poor form), at least ask them and credit them first.

No. 625573

File: 1530375119983.png (22.4 KB, 624x169, EMz31.png)

No. 625579

So an investigative farmer checked out the site…you get the email regardless of whether or not you actually sign up and pay!!

No. 625587

wow she changed her tune real quick once she realized she could milk this lol

No. 625589

File: 1530376043798.png (368.05 KB, 773x966, Emzotic.png)

She's going after that Maria girl now

No. 625591

I wonder what Em’s going to do about her brand new studio if her channel dies out. I doubt her ~super secretive animal education job pays that well.

No. 625597

Holy shit lol. Her 'apologies' if you could even call them that, were short lived.

No. 625600

File: 1530376481032.png (342.12 KB, 1133x645, EMz32.png)

She's posting their DM's.

No. 625601

Great strategy Em. Keep throwing everyone else under the bus to deflect from you. Kinda just like you where doing here.

No. 625602

File: 1530376551751.png (14.99 KB, 584x151, EMz33.png)

The only toxic person here Em, was you.

No. 625606

File: 1530376867025.png (153.38 KB, 624x593, EMz35.png)

No. 625607

File: 1530376874472.png (80.19 KB, 629x588, EMz36.png)

No. 625608


Stop blaming the site you idiot,is it a positive enviroment? No its a gossip site, but it doesn't just turn good people into monsters who call their friends faces hidious, you control what you post, and all this place is was a outlet for you to put out your toxic behavior.

No. 625609

Buh buh it was the site! And her depression! And everything other than herself!! Not her fault! Obv. all people with depression are nasty assholes to their friends! It's normal!

No. 625610

Negative attention is still attention is why she bashed herself anonymously, but all this tweeting won't do her any good at all. She should've kept everything private, and I'm surprised she didn't claim the posts reveal to be a "lie from the horrible site trying to destroy my image!" But a lot of her fans are probably youtube-only, so what will really ruin her 'career' would be a youtube video about all this.

No. 625612


There might end be being a video maybe not from Em, but if one of the others get fed up with her, or if Em really does just make it herself, it would be effective.
This news hasn't even been out for 24 hours, and petfest hasn't happened yet, im sure things are going to continue and maybe even go to youtube

No. 625618

seriously, she's painting herself to be such a victim in this. she just has mental problems guise!! the rest of us though? neet female incel failures who will never amount to anything (according to her)

imagine how much attention she will get from a youtube video, she might just do it.

No. 625627

>i wouldn't be on shane's radar!
>@'s him
Desperate for any attention

No. 625628

It was really obvious since the beginning María didn't follow Lolcow. I don't know what was she even trying posting their DM's?

No. 625632

Em's clearly trying to imply they're all as bad as her and have posting histories equal to hers here.

The thing is, in the general pet youtubers thread, there really weren't that many bad comments once you remove Ems.

Em is the super toxic one in that thread…

Perhaps they posted on TND thread though. Who knows.

No. 625637

Lmao the only reason pickles is saying that shit is because Em never talked shit about her on here, actually, Em even defended pickles

No. 625638

It's possible but I really doubt it. Em has proven she's a vile human who will drag people who are meant to be her friends to feel better. She's trying to make out we're all as bad as her, but these were people she was pretending to be friends with, most of us come here to comment on their shitty animal care and laugh at their hypocrisy. She's proven she's the type of person to drag others down to lift herself up, and now everything has backfired on her she's now also trying to drag the rest of them down with her, because that's just the type of person she is.
Em, stop this fucking pity party and just admit you're a two faced bitch who can't handle other people being better/more popular than you.

No. 625639

in the TND threads there was this one person who kept insulting taylor and calling her slutty over and over, i think that was em

No. 625644

If they're not listed in Em's posting history, report the posts so the admins can look into it. Judging from Em's other posts (all on TND's looks) it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 625646

Isn't Emzotic the voice in things like panels and cons? Correct me if im wrong but didn't she lead the panel and did a lot of the social stuff, do you think its going to be harder for the other pettubers to keep things together at petfest with out her? A lot of them are inroverted and aren't exactly used to speaking in front of people just a camera,which is understandable. Or do you think they'll do fine. Do you guys think petfest will be a mess or just go on smoothly and everyone will ignore the Em drama and be enjoyable for the kids and such? Well I mean even if they're a bit awkward, I dont think the young fans will notice. Honestly I just don't want their young fans to be upset or waste their time, they don't know any better.

No. 625647

Read the lolcow.farm/kiki page & go to the evidence section below. They use all sorts of methods to work out who is posting what.

Nah she just thinks she is the voice cause she speaks in an authoritarian way. Her mental breakdown on here proves she can't keep her own life together nevermind a pettube panel. They'll do fine without her

No. 625648

IP and MAC address maybe. But yeah, it's possible there are /lots/ more posts by Em if she was using a different device for a while. We know she changed IP addresses regularly to try and avoid bans and detection.

No. 625649

If by fine you mean it won't be any more of a train wreck than we were already expecting… sure. lol

No. 625656

Sorry you're right, that's exactly what I meant hahah.

I think it will be hard to pull off considering how Tanacon went recently…. but I don't think Emzotic had anything more interesting to bring to the table really. Her animal knowledge is standard facts & as someone who likes to learn about the latin behind the name, reclassifications, specific regions where they're found, sub-species etc. I don't find her videos that informative.

Yeah she can speak infront of a camera but she does come across as very patronising at times in social situations, which before all this drama I overlooked cause I thought she was nice lol. Young audience won't care about the drama

No. 625665

So Emzotic's "cover story" of doing this all for an documentary or whatever only lasted a few minutes? All her "apologies" now make no mention of her talking about it, is she not going to acknowledge she tried to backpedal hard?

No. 625669

Does anyone know if/when Em’s posts are going to be marked like Dasha’s were?

No. 625677

File: 1530383035693.png (18.95 KB, 585x150, EMz37.png)

Now I've blamed everything under the sun, except myself, and have issued a non apology, I'm going to stop talking about it. k Em.

No. 625678

See the OP

No. 625680

I know they grouped all of her posts together, I mean add an avatar to them like they did with Dasha’s

No. 625682

I don't think there's been any talk on that. Might happen eventually I guess.

No. 625687

I hope so, it would make it a lot easier to tell just how much of the TND threads she contributed

No. 625693

File: 1530384523061.png (29.36 KB, 579x303, EMz38.png)

No. 625697

File: 1530384578168.png (33.1 KB, 587x294, EMz39.png)

No. 625698

File: 1530384611581.png (43.55 KB, 584x447, EMz40.png)

No. 625704

File: 1530384843625.png (21.79 KB, 630x172, EMz41.png)

No. 625711

File: 1530385118182.png (18.81 KB, 586x155, EMz42.png)

No. 625718

File: 1530385264408.png (65.52 KB, 630x500, EMz43.png)

No. 625719

File: 1530385305864.png (150.17 KB, 580x583, EMz44.png)

No. 625728

File: 1530385476392.png (177.22 KB, 868x656, EMz45.png)

Saging these as I'm also posting them in TND's thread.

No. 625729

File: 1530385485602.png (243.89 KB, 952x654, EMz46.png)

No. 625731

File: 1530385491501.png (149.44 KB, 566x654, EMz47.png)

No. 625732

File: 1530385497175.png (151.52 KB, 639x654, EMz48.png)

No. 625736

File: 1530385576391.png (17.96 KB, 585x156, EMz49.png)

No. 625737

File: 1530385586719.png (32.61 KB, 588x301, EMz50.png)

No. 625741

File: 1530385669170.png (129.04 KB, 585x631, EMz51.png)

No. 625742

File: 1530385677812.jpeg (224.37 KB, 1353x1984, B794F7D9-FB92-461A-A091-16DBC2…)

No. 625744

File: 1530385760623.png (37.35 KB, 583x332, EMz52.png)

No. 625747

File: 1530385821618.png (25.46 KB, 590x261, EMz53.png)

No. 625753

File: 1530385962464.png (21.87 KB, 585x176, EMz54.png)

What clique was TND in though? They were the meangirls group, I thought TND was on the outside lol.

No. 625757

File: 1530386020537.png (17.91 KB, 584x151, EMz55.png)

No. 625758

File: 1530386059594.png (17.12 KB, 586x197, EMz56.png)

lol She's really milking it.

No. 625760

File: 1530386098313.png (30.13 KB, 587x304, EMz57.png)

No. 625763

File: 1530386157395.png (17.89 KB, 583x158, EMz58.png)

Ok you can stop now. This is cringy.

No. 625767

>yes I totally exposed my months long bullying of my friends on purpose TO HELP PEOPLE aren’t I so honest and selfless??
>but move on already everyone it’s been less than 48hrs! Like /me/ iiii moved on so ~**you should too**~*
omg bitch shuuut up

No. 625774

File: 1530386739512.png (30.76 KB, 585x307, EMz60.png)

No. 625775

File: 1530386785915.png (22.81 KB, 586x183, EMz61.png)

No. 625776

Why does she keep talking about helping/inspiring others to get help?? It's really confusing.

She should remove all these tweets that are just pathetic excuses and stay out of it. Just by continuing to post you are showing how little you actually care for your victims.

No. 625793

File: 1530387524732.png (189.7 KB, 615x446, EMz62.png)

No. 625794

File: 1530387530687.png (226.76 KB, 586x645, EMz63.png)

No. 625795

File: 1530387535461.png (220.75 KB, 586x654, EMz64.png)

No. 625796

File: 1530387544596.png (215.02 KB, 594x651, EMz645.png)

No. 625803

Oh I totally forgot about that. >>624129 for reference.

Well I hope Taylor's rabid fans will do their public execution on someone who actually deserves it for once. I hate that this vindictive, narcissistic crazy person is only now using #gettinghelp as an excuse for her behavior AS A 30 YEAR OLD, no less. You're only "sorry" you got caught when what you should be is ashamed. How embarrassing is it that a bunch of people 10 years younger than you had to spend a day coaxing you into keeping your embarrassment private and you STILL decided to smear your shit all over social media. Pathetic!

(Also OT but what is it with Ems being self-degrading lunatics here? Ember Whannorexic, Em Crockpot, and now this psycho.)

No. 625804

Sorry if it was addressed in the other thread, but do the farmhands have any idea who this sperg >>624054 was, and if they were at all connected to Em?

No. 625807

Wondered that myself. Reported it as possible Em/Danny. But presumably the farmhands have enough evidence to know otherwise?

No. 625810

Good question, it’s probably Danny tbh

No. 625811

She was bragging about all the fun she was having on the thread because she thought it was just posts on this thread that were going to be marked, and those weren't so bad. She didn't know that the ones on TND thread would be included too.

No. 625813

a. Taylor confirms lurking herself, yet again.
b. At least she recognizes a lot of the truly autistic shit was Emzotic. There are a few other posts, like the one mentioned by the anon right above me that I also suspect was Em.
c. Taylor if you fucking lurk here stop using that leash with your cats.

No. 625814

i find all of this funny because Em is so crazy. she probably thought that the admins only had her recent posts so she didn't care at first until she realize that they have everything she posted so she tried to run away and say it's for a video and wants to interview farmers and one of us anons posted screenshots of her "interview". hilarious

No. 625816

Off topic, but doesn't she have a different leash now? I thought I saw one on her Instagram. Don't own cats, so know nothing about them, but it has really thick straps?

No. 625817

She apparently changed her IP so all her recent posts with EMZOTIC in the name, were from that IP. Presumably she just thought those would be posted kek.

No. 625818

not the harness, the retractable leash.

No. 625820

Ah sorry, got you.

No. 625827

Lol I like how before everyone wanted one of the petubers to call out Taylor and trash her, and now that its happened you all suddenly can't handle the situation. This is what you all wanted. Hypocrites.

No. 625830

Someone here mentioned it upthread, but for like the first six TND threads there was a spergy samefag that would constantly call Taylor a stupid slut, fat whore, etc.

I'm literally grabbing the first post I could find by them, but >>549025 is just one example of what is likely hundreds. The misogynistic and OTT language in >>624054 reminded me of that. While it's minor, I was always able to pick out the samefag because they never put a line break in between their linked posts and whatever retarded reply they had to it. Which the pet thread sperg also didn't do.

Sage for big tinfoil hat, but that anon was the reason the first five TND threads were godless, hateful shitpits.

No. 625831

Call out Taylor publicly for her shit animal care.

Most people here think the insults about her appearance are dumb and that's all Em did.

No. 625832

Are you dense? People wanted her to get called out for her bad husbandry so her pets could have better lives (and also arguably for her bashing Chelsea and Jonny’s other ex’s and supporting him but that might be a lost cause by now)…. not slut shame and bash her for no reason.

No. 625833

File: 1530390022671.png (14.6 KB, 580x132, EMz66.png)

No. 625836

see >>625831
Sure, we criticize Taylors botched lips and horrible hair, but we didn't do some shit that Em did like say "no man will want her after she's been with Jonny Craig, they'd ask for an AIDS test".
Emzotics spergs hardly even touched Taylor's poor husbandry.

No. 625838

File: 1530390386565.png (39.85 KB, 584x300, EMz67.png)

It's so funny that Maria is spreading Em's posts. At least more people will see them now.

No. 625839

Since we've gotten many requests about this: this post >>624054 is most likely unrelated to any of the current drama. It's a random farmer who posts these rants towards staff and users in many threads and has been banned. We don't believe that it was written by anyone related to this thread.

We're still looking into reports of suspected Emzotic posts and have been conducting our own investigation in older threads. Please keep reporting and use "Emzotic" as the report reason so we can keep track. We'll update the post history and make a new announcement once we believe that we found everything.

No. 625852

No. 625857

File: 1530391640248.png (36.24 KB, 589x316, EMz68.png)

No. 625862

File: 1530391688375.png (271.84 KB, 581x587, EMz69.png)

Top kek, they edited her out.

No. 625867

How many edits have they gone through now? Do you think they'll add HT to it now that they have a common enemy and need some more popularity added after the second biggest channel backed out?

No. 625881

No. 625882

Shit I hit enter too fast. No. I doubt any of them would add HT after Tyler called her a cunt.

No. 625888

File: 1530393560329.png (14.7 KB, 586x133, EMz70.png)

I wish the necrotic parts of the pet community would drop off… but seriously. Does this animal have vet care? She's not posted anything about it… leaving digits to drop off can leave the animal open to infection.

No. 625897

File: 1530394857373.png (35.2 KB, 582x327, EMz71.png)

Despite saying how much she's not going to talk about it; she's doing a lot of talking. She's like a dog with a bone, won't just drop it.

No. 625898

File: 1530394886838.jpeg (128.37 KB, 750x1240, E2C8E750-D102-4BEE-B674-83E924…)

No. 625903

File: 1530395387956.png (653.8 KB, 1242x2208, 8C4C47E4-5E66-4F71-B14C-C8B57D…)

Zoe’s pet rescue

No. 625905

Wewwwww she did a 180. Easier to call others out than to stick to your "i'm a martyred mentally ill brave whistleblower uwu" shtick?

No. 625907

She won't stop talking about it, are you kidding me? This is getting her attention, right? And she said "she loves ANY kind of attention".
Bets on how soon she'll be back for more? I'm guessing 6-8 hours.

No. 625909

Sorry for samefagging, but god, the tone of voice she uses in >>625718
pisses me off so bad.

>Molly - That's not quite how things have happened.

What a condescending POS. She's like a school marm with her patronizing way of speech. Fucking infuriating.

No. 625910


I swear literally only one thing was said about this girl and it wasn't even that bad? or did I miss some

No. 625912


Shes also just posting other things on twitter and instagram as if things are perfectly normal, which to me screams that she doesn't acknowledge what shes done and its so disrespectful. Any decent person would just be like "oh social media is the problem here" and just step back for a while and let things die down

No. 625917

Holy crap I found this place after the drama on Twitter and it's great.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 625918

K on't know her but jesus this girl is dramatic and milk this thing dry. Em only mentioned her once on lolcow?? And not even in a post I thought was that bad (esp compared to what Em said about TND) . Taylor apparently doesn't want Em to talk about the drama on her sns but this Maria girl has been the first to post publicly about it too, no? Guess this one just wants to cling to her 5 seconds of relevancy .

No. 625919

It's not samefagging unless you're pretending to be multiple people, starting arguments/agreeing with yourself etc. You don't even have to announce that its you again, as long as you're not pretending to be different people it's fine.

What Em was doing was samefagging.

No. 625921

>it's in the past for me now
bitch you what it was yesterday. YESTERDAY.

>well sweatie we should all move on :) hope we ALL learn something from this situation because i bravely put myself forward ☺️ best wishes to you! x

That fucking emoji infuriates me so much and I don't know why.

What >>625912 said, basically. She thinks after she's had a day or so of public "penitence" if you can call it that, she's done feeling bad. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 625925


As an aspiring graphic designer that poster makes me weep.

No. 625948

Write "sage" in the email field, not your personal email lmao

No. 625999

oh shoot there's a thread on Holly?
that's where im goin after this

No. 626044

>lolcow made me a terrible person!
Sure thing, Em.

No. 626053




No. 626076

File: 1530416065843.jpeg (5.89 KB, 134x275, 8AD23DBE-1426-4B72-A12E-BB1BC3…)

No. 626078

File: 1530416185407.jpeg (68.7 KB, 1080x2220, EA42CBA1-FDFC-4223-B82E-973A26…)

Sorry y'all that image wss shit

No. 626079

File: 1530416227962.jpeg (46.95 KB, 1080x2220, 946D7143-411A-49FB-9688-26FE65…)

An anon posted these twenty minutes ago in the general pettubers thread #2
They were on the wrong thread

No. 626089

Called out em on her ig and it was instantly deleted. She's only replying to people who are on her side and are vague

No. 626091

You can delete a post within 30 min of posting it, no password is necessary

No. 626098

To everyone who's new to lolcow and joined this thread due to the Emzotic drama, please make sure to read


before posting.

No. 626139

Who took these pictures?

No. 626187

Leopardgeckoyoutube made a few vids on her instagram story about Em's posts that she found out from people. Idk how to save stories tho. Even said she doesn't like Taylor and not afraid to say it and she's shocked that there's people like Em in the community.

No. 626192

File: 1530432495932.webm (1.79 MB, 639x1136, insta1.webm)

No. 626195

posting the rest as I go, sorry converting for webm takes a while

No. 626198

No. 626202

Thanks anon!

Who posted that?

No. 626231

Question: Regarding the outing of the Empsychotic posts, was she really only discovered because she admitted to being here like a tard >>623985?

Or was it more like there was some sort of IP pattern that made admins and mods notice before, and her outing herself just sealed the tie between all the posts put together?

I find post histories fascinating. I really enjoyed reading Kaka's and Mystery's. It all seems like an arduous task though without the cows literally making morons of themselves.

ooof, those caps of all that damage control…

No. 626237

Both basically.

She made multiple posts like the one you first mentioned, even when she got banned and the farmhand told her to stop. If she evaded the ban again, admin would show her entire post history, but im guessing she didn't care at first since she changed her ip address multiple times, even before she made those long posts and thought they couldn't track her posts. But her post history was still revealed the next day, showing all her 127(and possibly more)posts. THEN she admitted to it.

No. 626286


Literally what is this and which of you petubers posted it?

No. 626290

File: 1530450191836.png (177.59 KB, 750x1334, A1E68155-A296-4024-9795-B1AE20…)

No. 626291

File: 1530450253452.png (171.4 KB, 750x1334, 70D4E553-3F30-44FE-9F2B-C5C6B1…)

I don’t know who this Bree chick is but I love her

No. 626296

Wooooowwwwwwww. Why does the animal side of youtube attract such deluded individuals with no self reflection? I'm starting to think all of their real friends are actually animals so they have no one in their lives to tell them when they're in the wrong. They call seem crazy apart from a few (the ones who don't hoard tons of animals).

No. 626323

Lol omg I’m dying at HT saying she acts like an adult. She’s literally a 26 year old with the maturity of a teenager in an awkward 10 year old’s body.

No. 626351

I thought em was so mature. Is she even going to acknowledge any if this on social media?

No. 626352

Getting back to the other awful pettubers… this lady is again accusing people of stealing her bird. This time a lady who was sitting down on the bank when Hope almost swoops onto her.

Bonus Hawk/Buzzard, circling near Hope. Who ignores all calls for him to come down.

No. 626455

Read this thread, she's talked about it plenty on social media. Also learn to sage

No. 626462


Hi I'm another anon but I've just read the rules for this forum and it says they're stopping saging.

No. 626465

Sage is only disabled in /pt/. You're in /snow/.

No. 626468


Lol of course not. She's very obviously trying to bury this by tweeting about innocuous shit

No. 626496

File: 1530473710876.png (46.34 KB, 587x174, Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 20.3…)

Oh Em. You can't stop can you?

No. 626522

Getting negative attention is still attention, but then how do you go on with your channel knowing that other youtubers don't want to be friends with you anymore? I get that other pettubers thats just like her wont care (probably want attention too) but she just cut off a bunch of people. Maybe its just me and i'm not evil

No. 626525

File: 1530476419730.jpeg (253.14 KB, 1242x1152, 0A41B386-142E-4114-9DCA-202978…)

This just feels like another one of her cringy faux-“interview” questions ugh

>hey guise i did all of this because im totes mentally ill and addicted to social media, im so relatable, see I use my phone a lot too, just like you! I had to turn it off bc ~so addicted~, see I’m admitting my addiction and I’m flawed just like you fellow viewer, ….so if you can just answer this super relatable question for my new CBS interview docuseries that’d be great…. tell me how addicted to the Internet are you? …you know what? just go ahead and click “it’s a total addiction” right there, at the bottom. I’m not doing this to make myself feel better and less of a psycho ha ha haha… all the other pettubers are “sucked in” to the internet as well! it’s not just me! they posted too!! you’re all addicted to it, okay?! so I’m super relatable to you now and everything I did was not my fault! Any of you guise could have made the same exact “mistake”! OKAY?!

No. 626531

File: 1530476739963.jpeg (204.69 KB, 1242x819, D0C88B6C-F9D5-478D-935A-67098E…)

No. 626532

File: 1530476754704.jpeg (108.37 KB, 1242x454, 79101AF4-DD61-4C2E-AF3E-C502CA…)

No. 626534

File: 1530476826495.jpeg (286.04 KB, 1240x1231, 9D2D2616-68F2-4709-B3F5-BA36A6…)

*before I selfpost

No. 626577

File: 1530481347428.png (88.39 KB, 633x630, Emz74.png)

No. 626578

File: 1530481355925.png (66.52 KB, 633x510, Emz75.png)

No. 626579

File: 1530481375317.png (16.68 KB, 583x176, Emz72.png)

No. 626580

File: 1530481398137.png (15.13 KB, 588x132, Emz73.png)

No. 626581

Seriously, which pettuber posted this?? Obviously not Maddie since she was the one typing to the pettuber who posted this.
I like how Maddie and rest of them are trying to figure out how to exclude Cataleah and HTs even though they said everyone is invited. Pettubers always trying to make themselves look like high and mighty when they all just messy scum.

No. 626583


Is it me or is this a bad idea/one to just get attention? Like TND doesn't own that video idea, but it seems like such an obviously bad idea after going round insulting her.

Surely there are limitless videos she could have otherwise chosen to do?

No. 626584

File: 1530481637623.png (13.6 KB, 584x120, Emz76.png)

She removed her apology comments too; but keeps blaming them on her twitter saying they're commenting here as well. lol She needs to stop… not just say she's getting off social media, actually do it. For more than 1 hour.

No. 626588

File: 1530481869885.png (12.9 KB, 584x114, Emz77.png)

No. 626589

Wow, she is such a master manipulator. She picked a video idea that is just specific enough to be linked to TND, but general enough to call others out on nit-picking. This woman is something else. I can't even imagine how manipulative and emotionally abusive she is in her relationships. I'm no fan of Danny, but I almost feel bad for him.

No. 626592

File: 1530481955745.png (58.07 KB, 583x392, Emz78.png)

Don't think this has been posted here; but it's actually pretty funny.

No. 626593

HECKIN, LOL! All of a sudden you're family friendly again, TND? Someone is certainly milking all the pity she can get.

No. 626594

To be fair, Em literally won't shut up. lol Has she ever been this active on Twitter?

At first I thought she was just trying to post normal content so it'd be buried… but she just keeps on talking about it… and now the video idea. Is she literally having a breakdown? Like why is she doing this?

No. 626601

So true, but its just disgusting how all the excuses she's calling Emz out for are the same excuses she uses to defend her rapist/abusive bf, Johnny Craig. Its just such cow behavior, and I'm getting bored of the pity party when all these cows are just as bad as each other.

No. 626645

File: 1530486784390.png (58.76 KB, 631x545, Emz79.png)

No. 626646

File: 1530486863253.png (83.35 KB, 634x628, Emz80.png)

No. 626647

File: 1530486899257.png (77.76 KB, 633x592, Emz81.png)

No. 626648

File: 1530486927463.png (76.24 KB, 629x599, Emz82.png)

No. 626649

It's like she's determined to make herself look worse and worse.

No. 626652

She's really dedicating to sucking her own cock about how she "chose to come out to burn like a phoenix (tm)" when we all know she just thought that her IP changes would hide her dirt until it was too late for her to back out. She didn't come here and tell them to unearth her history. They said they had everything she posted despite the IP games and then she PANICKED. But no it was some graceful spiritual cleansing of hers, obv. Not a single desperation tactic or cringe or pair of shit pants at all.

What a genuine trashbag of a human. I can't stand her because of the way she handled this more than for anything she said. There wasn't a single milisecond she wasn't a victim even when trying to play humble. "No I completely take the blame there's no excuse but also here are all my excuses and why I'm suffering and also a martyr"

No. 626655

File: 1530487540781.png (32.01 KB, 636x314, Emz83.png)

You did something wrong Em. You were being shady and two faced. She's so snarky. Totally how someone who regrets their actions behaves.

No. 626656

Nobody agrees to have their posts published. Imagine if kaka and putin were out here claiming they allowed admin sama to whip them lol

She is sorry she got caught.

No. 626664

Does anyone know has emzotics subs decreased or increased? I think her revealing all this was part of her plan to get more subs

No. 626667

It's not affected her youtube too badly at the moment. Likely because no one on youtube is hearing about this. When she doesn't turn up at Petfest and when videos come out; then the impact is really going to be seen.


No. 626671

Posts have been made here before on Steff. Her enclosures / keeping in general is pretty awful. It's very clear she's hoarding.

ps. You're going to want to learn how to sage, type it in the email field to avoid bumping the thread.

No. 626672


People are concerned about Steff J's care, however she really doesn't post enough to provide as much milk as others, however when she does post it gets mentioned, but you would have to read back a few threads for that

No. 626675

A lot of people have mental health problems and don't do what she did. Idk what her point is, mental health doesnt excuse behaviour or get you off the hook for it, its just a reason for it. Doesn't mean people have to accept it or forgive her for it

No. 626677

Emzotic is tweeting people about petfest encouraging them to go. It’s a bit absurd that she is still trying to involve herself. I feel for her animals. Evidently all she cares about is subscribers and money. Which is why I hope her subs won’t increase because of this. She doesn’t deserve to profit. Obviously her animals well-being are not at the front of her agenda.

No. 626680

Emzotic should be honest and say she did it to get subscribers and make money. These lies about mental illness are ridiculous.

No. 626682

File: 1530490063900.png (17.87 KB, 584x176, Emz84.png)

How about some humility Em. This all happened less than 48 hours ago. You might have moved on already but it's clear other people haven't. Jesus. What's wrong with her?

No. 626683

File: 1530490182859.png (50.22 KB, 635x443, Emz85.png)

She doesn't know what friendship is guys. That's why she bitches about people kek.

No. 626691

At this point it she's making it seem like the only mental health issues she's suffering from are fucking psychopathy or borderline personality disorder. Her actions are way beyond "going through a bad time". In which case, she probably doesn't actually care about her animals and is unfit to provide for them.

No. 626694

File: 1530490914310.png (115.54 KB, 308x528, Emz86.png)

She's updated her bio too. 'Flawed human #mentalhealth'.

I feel like a lot more people would have empathy for her/believe in her ability to move on from this; if she'd just stop milking it.

No. 626697

File: 1530491255024.png (146.2 KB, 313x499, Screenshot at Jul 02 02-27-55.…)

No. 626698

File: 1530491277303.png (91.06 KB, 302x454, Screenshot at Jul 02 02-28-08.…)

em's response

No. 626707

Video mentioned on LeopardGecko's insta. Hopefully the first of many.

No. 626719

Jesus can Emz just log off the internet and take some time to reflect on herself and her fucked up behavior? All she's done since this incident is whine, manipulate, and try to ass kiss her way out of this. I had to mute her on twitter because every time I searched about the incident her replies would come up. She's acting like everything is normal and chatting with her fans like nothing ever happened.

I've known people like her before, and they were sociopaths.

No. 626727

I wish the twitter crew knew this was a lie.

No. 626735

Admin or farmhand, can you sticky the post anon linked at the top of the list of her posts? Or add a note saying she didn't ask to be outed, and it was a result of her ban evading, pretending not to be herself and samefagging?

No. 626744

God she’s drives me insane. All of her videos are clickbaity like that. I swear she just tries to cause drama for views. Like bitch she did not try to steal your bird ffs.

No. 626746

lol I feel like a lot of them genuinely have borderline. It's like on a psych ward when all the borderlines form a clique and then just sabotage each other for attention. That's youtube in a nutshell.

No. 626752

I'm more offended by Sweetener trying to tackily appropriate gay culture. You don't need to use all the gay phrases in one tweet. OMG, weave was snatched, now she's coming for the edges, sisma. VANJIIE!

No. 626756

I’m honestly becoming concerned about Emma.

I have borderline personality disorder and severe anxiety and depression.

I will admit, at one point in my life I made a mistake similar to Emma’s but not as severe or as drawn out. What I essentially did was bully a friend who had dumped me over on of those anonymous messaging sites.

I’m aware how unacceptable my actions were.

Well, I ended up being found out (duh). I felt such a severe sense of anxiety and dread and SHAME all I could do was desperately try to spin it because I could feel everyone around me losing respect for me slowly.

I spoke in a way similar to Emma. I eventually attempted suicide and was later diagnosed as having had a severe psychotic breakdown. Aka a “nervous breakdown”.

I’m worried because she seems to be exhibiting all the signs. She needs help ASAP before this gets out of hand.

Yes, I’m aware what both Emma and I did is awful and unforgivable. But no one deserves to lose their life over shit like this.

No. 626761

Yeah, honestly more concerning is her behaviour while she was anon here. All that ripping into herself… like wtf. No one does that unless they really do have severe mental health issues.

No. 626762

Yeah, all of that makes me really worried. She’s obviously going through a severe episode right now. I truly hope Danny and others in her life encourage her to seek help. I don’t condone what she did but I don’t want her to do worse things because the root of the issue isn’t fixed.

No. 626763

That said, she's only talking to someone via that app. Which doesn't seem like a healthy way to try and fix whatever mental health issues she does have going on. She needs to see a real counsellor in person. She also needs to get the hell of social media because it's only making things worse.

No. 626770

this whole Em and her using "guisee it's because i have mental health issues" is not going to cut it. if she really is having issues, she wouldn't even be self-aware so quickly. Online counselling on a website isn't as real as investing hours being with a professional counselor face to face. she could've just enrolled, screenshot it, and then never see the site ever again. I'm actually quite shocked at how many people there are that are actually dumb.

No. 626771

Don't get me wrong, I think she's milking the mental health issue for sympathy pats. However I don't think a sane person would post what she did. Even if she doesn't recognise it, she's got something else going on.

No. 626774

Also she posted some messages with the counsellor earlier, so she is using that stupid app… but yeah, as I said before, she 100% needs to see a professional in person.

No. 626776

I agree. she does have issues that need to be taken seriously out of social media, but the more she talks about it and tells everyone "oH It'S CuZ I hAvE MeNtAl IsSUes," it starts to become a lie and she could care less about anyone else. also, posting online about chatting with counselors can just be a lie as well. just shows she's not 100% committed into fixing herself, all i see is just her putting up another face of hers in front of her fans.

No. 626777

Maddie was just trying to keep the peace. Cataleah collabed with HT who hates them. If not petfest would just be a huge fight

No. 626788

you can say that about any cow that's been outed

No. 626790

Only came here when the first TND thread was made. Did the other cows post about themselves like Em did? Defending I could understand… starting rumours and being as nasty as she was about herself… that's a different level of special.

No. 626796

id bet everything i own in the world that at least 85% of the people regularly discussed on this site in general ABSOLUTELY post in their own threads. way too many people have been caught for that not to be the case. taylor definitely reads here all the time but if she has posted it must’ve been very mundane.

No. 626803

Yeah, but again, post shit about themselves?

I agree that they all probably post in their own threads too, but defending, trying to explain is more obvious a theme than ripping into yourself. She even responded to herself… it was like watching someone with MPD after they were all revealed. lol

No. 626817

She's made it very clear that any attention is good attention to her. She talked about herself because nobody else was talking about her. She probably wanted the attention and said the crazy things in hope that someone would defend her because she wanted asspats. And then when she couldn't take the heat she started deflecting it onto one of her "friends" again. It was all just a shitty bitter attention whore's game to her.

No. 626891


You mean appropriating BLACK culture, lol, since all those phrases (except Vanjie) are Black American terminology that the gay community lifted bc cis gay white men are forever trying to be sassy black women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 626914

you’d think nobody would be insane enough to do it, but em is exactly the kind of person who would, evidently

also funny, two other cows did the same exact thing a couple years back in their respective threads, and their names both begin with Em as well. they both posted about themselves in the third person accusing themselves of photoshop, faking alcoholism, cheating on their boyfriends etc… the mind of a lolcow is a complex one indeed lmao

No. 626940

I wish that em’s sponsorship would be revoked seeing as she tried to do the same to other pettubers. Why would anyone want to sponsor a bully channel?

No. 626944

She also made comments about emailing TND sponsors to say she has a druggy boyfriend so she could lose them.

No. 626947

Is there anyway to see about having her sponsorship revoked? Would the sponsors even care? It’s annoying she is moving on without any repercussions because idiots really believe her mental illness lies. I’m not saying she isn’t menrally ill but it cannot be used as an excuse for what she did. The fact that she does that is messed up. Plus she only decided to get ‘ help’when she was about to be exposed. Had the mods not done that she would still be on the forum talking shit.

No. 626958

i'm the anon who mentioned that sperg in the tnd threads. they were so annoying and i seriously think that was em. the typing styles match up imo

No. 626960

she could've been doing that to stir up attention. like making people talk about her, defend her, etc. not really "severe mental health issues" but just plain old attention seeking

No. 626963

Yeah, in the TND thread when someone goes in harsh on her appearance there's always others who defend her, I honestly think she probably ripped into herself so others would disagree with her and give herself an ego boost. How many times do girls say they're ugly or fat just to hear others compliment them.

No. 626965

Hate to say it but it’s highly doubtful. Don’t sponsorships get revoked for things dealing with racial slurs, maybe death threats, that type of thing? I don’t think they’ll care enough sadly.

No. 627080

With how she's treated everything so far, I really don't think she is self-aware. Everyone has been saying how insincere she seems and how she keeps brushing over it like nothing happened or making herself out to be the victim. I genuinely don't think she fully believes what she did was wrong or why it was wrong. I am wondering if she is a little histrionic with some other cluster B disorders
Did you report them for being Em?

No. 627084

File: 1530550675117.png (38.68 KB, 587x336, Emz87.png)

I kind of agree… it's been like two days and she wants folks to forget about it already. Describing any criticisms as white noise isn't going to do her any favours. Not to mention, she really hasn't had that much hate in her twitter comments. Unless she's deleting them?

No. 627087

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she was either blocking her concerned fans(I guess they're "haters" now according to her)or deleting them

No. 627127

I didn’t think you can delete comments from others on twitter.

No. 627133

She is in PR Damage control mode trying to spin this in her favor. When Danny made that video about TND and she made her sad crying response video she gained 60k subs that single day. Drama, when done right, can grow a channel FAST. It worked for her the first time and her channel is stalling in growth. Besides the all my pets videos, her others are not doing well. Maybe she was looking to stir drama again but this time it backfired because she did not know they would be able to link the other IP addresses to her.

We forget that she is an actress that at the very early stages of her youtube channel already had a management team. From the start she is in it to further her career. In one of her anon posts she said herself that she had "mega potential" and that she would like a TV show and might be acting in a new movie too. The "I'm in a dark place" is just a spin on the situation to make her a victim when in reality we were able to see the true Em and not the character she creates on her youtube/social-media.

No. 627185

File: 1530558567341.png (20.51 KB, 585x174, Emz88.png)

Is it me or is she really not very sorry at all? She got over it pretty quickly.

No. 627193

File: 1530559014414.png (36.54 KB, 802x323, Emz89.png)


Well she got the emotional harm down lol. All of her comments were on Taylor's appearance.

No. 627235


Technically it is a crime though, and one that could be punishable under the MALICIOUS COMMUNICATIONS ACT 1988 that states it is an offence for any person to send a communication that is "indecent or grossly offensive" for the purpose of causing "distress or anxiety to the recipient"

No. 627264

So she made a video telling bird owners not to go to the vets because of the stress on the birds. However… in her video she admits going despite the first vet not seeing birds and the second not having any appointments for that day and then subsequent vets not having appointments. She drove around in the car with her sick bird throughout this… instead of you know… calling ahead.

She then shows footage of her crying over her dead bird. It's really… uncomfortable and weird. I don't know what she expects the receptionist to do or why she'd film this in the first place.

No. 627272

Because she thinks she's a moviemaker. Same reason she cuts and adjusts her camera to set up dramatic well-framed shots of her pointing and looking fake worried when Hope's being actively circled by birds of prey. Her actual human emotions in any situation come second to "actually, this would be a great shot…" which is why she's continually letting Hope get into danger.

I believe she's obsessed with her birds but I also lowkey believe there's a part of her that's always subconsciously hoping something WILL happen to Hope so she can milk it for views.

No. 627276

Seen a few of this womans videos now, is she actually disabled? I honestly can't tell. The way she speaks to people (not referring to her accent at all) and the camera she just doesn't seem right to me. And that video of her "crying" on the phone… I've never seen someone hysterically crying with literally no tears before.
She kicks off at other people for not having their dogs on a lead but is fine with her bird swooping and teasing them, she made a video ranting about a woman trying to steal her bird when she literally just put her arm up because it looked like the bird was going to land on her, and now she's calling up a vet blaming the receptionist for her bird dying? If they don't have any appointments what are they meant to do. She shouldn't have driven around with her bird for 2 hours, but she has no idea if her bird would still be alive if she left it at home either. How can she say vets kill birds and you shouldn't take your pets to a vet…if her bird never even went to a vet.
I honestly there's a couple of screws loose with this woman.

No. 627277


The way she speaks annoys me so much I can't even sit through the video

I feel bad for the poor receptionist who just had to sit through her scream crying through the phone

The way shes crying and then glancing at the camera seems so fake to me

No. 627335

>crying with literally no tears
Sign of fake crying. Like the type of crying toddlers do when you take away their toys or tell them no. This bitch is not convincing anyone.

No. 627361

I’m curious are there any pet youtubers that teach about animals in a responsible way and don’t hoard? I quite like solid gold aquatics even though it is mostly fish. It seems however the pet owning side of YouTube has become a massive competition and it is really sad. I want to learn about animals but don’t Want to support animal hoarding. Especially if animals are kept in bad enclosures.

No. 627364

I personally like goherping. I only have a ksb so I can’t comment on a lot of his care. But he’s made videos on his own mistakes and he’s seemed to learn from them so I respect that.

No. 627370

I also like Solid Gold Aquatics. She doesn’t hoard anything and takes the proper time and effort to quarantine any new animals she gets. I also agree with the other poster about goherping. He’s been on YouTube for a really long time and started when he was quite young. The husbandry mistakes of his childhood are cringe-worthy, but he has addressed them and seems to be constantly learning and improving his care and knowledge. I also quite enjoy Snake Discovery. She does quite a few really good educational videos on her snakes.

No. 627379


ErinsAnimals is also very good.

No. 627381

I really hope people aren't going to turn someone in for cyberstalking. Jesus…no immigrant children OR pets were harmed by her shitposting.

No. 627383


What is the point of her crying to the woman on the phone WHAT is this video. This woman is awful, filming herself fake crying with her dead bird in frame the entire time, plus SIX ads on this video. Disgusting.

No. 627386

She lost ALL her goldfish and a gecko. The gecko had the wrong husbandry. Solid Gold is no different than any other keeper.

No. 627392


Skinnypigs1 yo. Only guinea pigs, but I'd rather see good animal husbandry for one specific type of animal than sub-par care for dozens of exotic species

No. 627394

From watching her stuff, the Goldfish dying wasn't exactly her fault. She did everything she could to figure out the issue and even had fish sacrificed in a lab to try and figure out how to treat it.

That said; she also lost her discus and blamed the same pathogen, however her care for them wasn't stellar and for such delicate fish, they seemed to be stressed out a lot.

Can you list some of the things wrong with her gecko care though? She still has one right? I'd be interested to know about her care there.

No. 627395

I'm currently only following Solid Gold, Leopard Gecko and Erin's Animals. I disagree with the comment about about Solid Gold being irresponsible. My understanding is that she lost her fish after contamination from a shipment from overseas which can happen to anyone. The leopard gecko was a very sickly looking albino from the beginning. I'd say it's more of a breeding problem than something with husbandry. I disagreed with her keeping two female leos together but she eventually changed that.

No. 627397

Yeah the discus situation bothered me too. I think she's just really used to keeping goldfish. I've been kind of underwhelmed with her betta tanks too, but she's definitely improving with keeping other species which I feel is all anybody can ask for.

No. 627403

This is the same sort of DOCTORS ARE EVUL BECAUSE I KNOW SOMEONE THAT DIED AFTER SURGERY logic anti-vaxxers use

No. 627407


Lets not forget that she also keeps her two rabbits solo. The second she found out they were both males she separated them (the right thing to do), but she never bothered trying to find partners for them.

Its not going to kill them, but I definitely don't like it. I also hate how she lets her cats all over the place (in the rabbit pens unsupervised, in the fish room, etc) but that's more me nitpicking

No. 627426

I believe Jennie puts the rabbits together under supervision and they get along. I think Jennie does a really good job with her pets. The goldfish incident was really tragic. She’s really experienced in goldfish and spent a lot of money just to find out what caused their deaths. I really felt for her then as she does dedicate so much to her fish. I think she’s really good at learning. Also a question what do people think of keeping axolotls as pets? I know they can be an observation pet but it seems a bit pointless to me. And also difficult to ensure you don’t stress them out and make them

No. 627436

Tbf many exotic pets and all fish are just observational pets. The axolotl pet trade is actually neat because it's conserving some morphs of axolotl while the wild axolotls are pushed to extinction. And since it's a "newer" breeding program many breeders are very careful about preventing bad genes from being passed down (dwarves/minis) and keep great genealogy charts to avoid inbreeding. I don't have an axie but I've done a lot of research because I've been thinking about getting one.

As far as Jenny, I think she's a step above a lot of the Petubers because of her ability to learn from her mistakes, but also not top tier because of her discus fiasco. Like cool she learns and grows, but boo she makes some of the mistakes she has in the first place. If your job is filming animal care for thousands of people, I'd do some in depth research first

No. 627441

I follow solidgold, snake discovery, afroherp, serpa design, leopardgeckoyoutube, and jensens reptiles. They're not 100% perfect (no one is) but they're obviously dedicated to having their pets live the good life. Hopefully they wont turn into the others as they gain more followers

No. 627444

I check her out. I need more compassionate pettubers in my life so i know not every pettuber is the worst

No. 627446

I think 2 solo rabbits with supervised playtime is better than having to adopt more rabbits and see if they get along. I wouldnt want her hoarding rabbits. As for her cats, seems like theyre chill so it doesnt bug me especially owning one for 15+ years. If she trusts them and they havent been causing trouble then thats ok. I get worried about the dog sometimes though like what if he thinks the other pets are toys but it seems she's supervising him

No. 627450


But why didn't she just adopt a rabbit that was old enough to be sexed?

If its better to have 2 than 4 then she should have rehomed "Henrietta" to find a suitable partner for her other one

No. 627455

Probably wanted a white fluffy baby. She could have but you cant just rehome your kid just because they're not the way you want them to. Lol but yeah, she should've thought about it more, planned, and made sure about the sex than just jumping in

No. 627460

The pettubers I like are Goherping, Solid Gold, Kitten Lady, and Jossers Jungle

No. 627463

I dont think it was Solid Gold's fault the death of her goldfish, a lab couldnt even figure out what cause the death of all of them.
The only think that i saw she fucked up was with the Discuss, she obvisly only got them for KingofDIY, but they arent her speciality. I was dissapointed about her not owning up the death of the Discuss and blaming the breeder when many videos before that,they seem really fucking stress and she didnt even make the effort to find a way to make them eat, which i think stress was the direct cause of them not wanting to eat in the first place.
She basically let them die of starvation and let one of them die because she just wasnt able to put the poor thing apart when it was pick on by the others.

She cant handle and doesnt know what to do when fishes dont get along,you can see that in her new tank with the angels, again all of them are picking one and instead of separated it she is just waiting for them to get along, which is okay when you are looking after them and you are willing to put the fish in its own tank, but she doesnt.

Also what was wrong with the set up of her gecko?

About the cats, that a little reaching. They are really chill and believed or not, there are animals who arent from the same species and get along.

No. 627466


Is it really REACHING, though? Having predators unsupervised (she's walked into the room in vlogs where the cat is already in the rabbits pen) around very sensitive animals may be a nitpick, but it's not wholly an unreasonable concern

No. 627470

Honestly her dog worries me far more than her cats as it seems somewhat untrained.

No. 627473

lol my cat loves watching my fish swim around. As long as the tanks have lids or it's supervised I don't see the issue. You tend to know your animals and I've had some cats with zero prey drive that I'd trust with rabbits and others that I wouldn't even trust with another cat. Jennie's all look really chill.

No. 627474


Tbh when I made the first post I was more concerned with the rabbits stress level rather than immediate physical harm coming from them and I completely forgot she had that huge german shep. Again, another reasonable concern

No. 627481

When you say pettubers…what type of pets ar you wanting to watch. I see mostly reptiles and fish being suggested

No. 627485

Honestly I like BirdTricks (responsible freeflying + shows extensive training), Megabattie (bat rescue), A Chick Called Albert, The Fish Doctor.

No. 627492

File: 1530583486554.png (119.16 KB, 405x776, Screenshot at Jul 03 02-43-17.…)

look who's lurking

No. 627495

she sent them to a lab AFTER they showed signs of major distress. but that's not my major issue. No one NO ONE can keep that many animals and give all of them affection (cats, bunnies, dogs) along with the duties of caring for the innumerable fish she's purchasing and other exotic pets. a parent of children finds that they have less and less time for each child. this is why only children and firstborn do better in school. with pets its the same principle. how do you divide your time? as for leopard geckos they do not need red lights as they can do harm to their vision over time.

No. 627499

I'm sorry but you're reaching. 3 cats and 2 rabbits is not hoarding. The dog belongs to her boyfriend. She has 2 geckos. Other than that I highly doubt her fish and amphibians are craving human attention.

No. 627500

She treated them before. You wouldn't sacrifice fish before major treatment hasn't worked. That's really a non issue.

As far as her other pets, that has been something that's been bothering me.. she does seem to be getting more and more. Having a fishroom is one thing.. her water change system etc looks really good and easy to do… but…

She's now got bunnies, dart frogs, another kind of frog (I forget what it's called some kind of tree frog), another gecko and didn't she say something about chameleons coming? In addition to her cats.. and her BF's dog which seems to be staying with her full time too.

She's hoarding animals… like all the pet youtubers start to do. It's disappointing.

No. 627505

She didnt know it was a resistent infection until the second wave, of course she wouldnt send to a lab her fishes for something she thought was a normal disease.

No. 627525

She did have it sexed by a breeder and a vet, but shit happens.
I think its more ethical to try to make it work than recommend pet flipping.

No. 627532


Is finding a suitable home with a better environment (paired) really equivalent to "pet flipping"? She's made poor choices no matter.

Maybe "making it work" could include pairing the rabbits (i.e. taking their overall well-being into account) before getting dozens of fish, multiple frogs, leopard geckos, etc

Not about SGA, but Emzotic has been deleting pretty much all of the negative comments left on her latest video and liking all of the ass-kissing ones to pin them to the top

No. 627533


That's not what the term pet flipping refers to.

No. 627535

Yes, trying to re-home an pet just because it wasn't what you wanted/promised to make room for another is pet flipping.

No. 627536

You're being really extreme. Have you ever owned fish or amphibians? "Dozens of fish" is pretty standard for a fish keeper. They're not dogs. You feed them once a day and clean the tank once a week. Plus as the other anon said she didn't get more amphibians until her custom enclosures were build which took months.

No. 627537


Pet flipping is buying an animal at a cheap price or getting it for free and selling it for more than what you paid for it. Rehoming due to poor planning and bad decision making isn't flipping. It's just being irresponsible.

No. 627538

Wow, way to prove you're better than the bullies… by becoming a bully yourself.
Not surprised it was from Tyler though. He's a top class cunt.

No. 627541


She still has to monitor the parameters of multiple tanks/enclosures and care for them. I don't think its extreme to think that she should prioritize the animals she already owns before buying more

No. 627544

Wow, let's go down the checklist
>faux-sincere thanks - check
>misspells "whether" for the fifth time this week - check
>everything is over now i'm moving on from my shit behavior after three days - check

Wow. I like her little "story time" at the beginning to make herself look relatable. Wew. She's so fucking transparent.

No. 627545

I'm glad that solidgold did the responsible thing, commit to the animal she bought, and did not rehome her rabbit.

No. 627546


It literally is not. Google can be your friend if you give it a chance.

No. 627548

"Measure the parameters" in tanks that had months of fishless cycling? Do any of the people posting even keep fish?

No. 627550

File: 1530587330773.jpg (56.53 KB, 720x612, udSqNiU.jpg)

>i'm really glad you've clearly never been in such a dark place
>i hope you never have to go mentally where i am


No. 627551


How is rehoming it irresponsible if its quality of life would improve? I guess the primary motivation (not being able to care for it the way you believe it should be cared for) highlights irresponsibility, but I don't see how it would be otherwise unless she just gave it to some rando

No. 627552

I have one. Definitely observational pets. They're really not super picky about water parameters except the water cannot be warmer than 74 degrees. Also, live food.

No. 627554


You do realize that reptiles also live in tanks, right?

No. 627556

You realize it doesn;t take that much time or effort to monitor the types of reptiles she has, right?

No. 627557


I was kind of laughing, though. Never liked Taylor, but seeing her tear into Em like that is fucking hilarious.

No. 627559


I don't think that's entirely true given the volume of animals she has and how frequently they have had issues. Not saying the issues are her fault, but she obviously spends a great deal of time on their care.

Either way this doesn't negate the fact that she's getting new animals and isn't necessarily prioritizing the ones she already has.
Two more rabbits wouldn't take up any more time than the reptiles she's bought unless she socializes with each rabbit individually for hours at a time.

No. 627562

I find it more hilarious how hypocritical and manipulative they all are. Pettubers are messy af.

No. 627567

But she doesn't have a lot frequent issues? She had the bad outbreak with her fish, and her leopard gecko died due to genetic complications (at least thats what her vet said).
>isn't necessarily prioritizing the ones she already has
>Two more rabbits wouldn't take up any more time
Um, what? I dont know what world you live in where you would recommend someone getting four rabbits when you already think they 'aren't prioritizing' their current animals, but okay.

No. 627569

You don't think that a rabbit is more work than a leopard gecko? Who are you, Happy Tails?

No. 627571


No, what I'm saying is that she should have done it before getting these other animals and focusing on their enclosures/the fish room. She should have made THEM the priority in the first place.

And this is obviously all retrospective advice. I'm not condemning her husbandry as a whole; I'm just pointing out somethingI have a problem with.

I think having two rabbits solo is a problem regardless of her circumstance

No. 627573

You're so right. It takes hours to look at a leopard gecko's thermostat. Forgive me.

No. 627574


I don't think that a rabbit is more work than her fish room project, the multiple animals she has bought, etc. The point is that its a shame she doesn't have them in pairs

No. 627581


Getting a rabbit if you don't already own one is definitely more work, but pairing ones you already have (assuming that the pairing works) isn't going to add much to her workload, again, unless she's socializing with each individual rabbit

No. 627591

Watching maria nicole grey's new video, 'I dont want to say too much about the drama, but go to my twitter and see how mean Em was to me wah'. Also shes apparently going off to college so presumably shes gonna be leaving her mum with all her pets?? Also apparently one of her fish died from popeye. And then inserted video of duckling rescue that she actually didnt do anything to help just stood filming while everyone crowded around the poor stressed thing and patted it >.>

No. 627601

Yeah she's been keeping guinea pigs for like 20 years, her pet room is always clean, and even though she kind of grated on me at first, I really love her channel and have learned a lot from her guinea pig care videos. The only thing I don't like is how close her rabbit and guinea pigs are. Like, rabbits can infect guinea pigs easily. She seems like she would be on top of it though, if any of her pigs did get sick.s

No. 627603

Her name was Ophelia lol. I thought it was a little odd how she came out-of-the-blue with the rabbits, but herein again, I can tell that she did research them a lot, and she seems really responsible. I wish she would interact with her viewers more. I also love her hair lmao

No. 627605

It's her boyfriend's dog. I don't know if they live together, but every time that Palmer is in there, usually her boyfriend Chris is also featured in the video.

No. 627610

In Steff J's new video she talks about how one of her turtles got sick with a respiratory thing and died. I dont know anything about turtles, whether respiratory infections can be a result of poor care?

No. 627615


fucking kek.

No. 627628

Steff J and HT should become friends. They have so much in common with how fast they acquire and kill animals.

No. 627644

I don't get the bullying aspect of this. I don't think Em feels bothered by the images as she starred in the film and is proud of that. The text is about something unrelated to her. She's probably secretly tickled to become a meme.

No. 627648

Honestly her house it's a fucking mess, I was be surprised, I don't know if it was cold outside and she left her in her enclosure at the backyard and by that she got sick, but who knows.
I just know it didn't help she out the turtle in the dirty floor while still recovering.

No. 627660

i know im late to the discussion but how can you have two rabbits that won't bond, but can have supervised playtime? if they get along enough to have "playtime" without fighting, then it would be super easy to bond them. and if they do get along, what's the point of separating them at all?

No. 627666

the meme is obviously at emz expense, and the fact that it was pulled straight from here makes him look more like a bully and an asshole. it doesn't matter if emz is personally bothered by it or not. its not a good look, especially with everything going down in pettube.

No. 627667

IDK but from what I saw her care for the turtle was fine (except the none-turtle friendly plants in the enclosure which she claimed the turtle never touched) Respiratory infections can happen for many reasons, often when the enclosure is set up wrong and not warm enough.. like basically the turtle catching a cold. From what I gathered from her videos she has the turtle enclosure out in her garden in the hot months and inside in the cold months so I don't know if the turtle was too cold. Anyway, when I watched the video I thought it was clear she did everything in her power to save the turtle. You could really tell she tried hard, monitoring the turtle closely, doing the treatments she could.. probably spending a shitton on vet bills etc to try and save it, so I think that shows she at least really cared for that pet.

No. 627679

what is even happening 1:31-3:00???

No. 627680

>goes to a dog park
>compains when there are dogs, blames the fact they are off leash.
Literally all this video is other than a whole bunch of random footage, clickbaity title again what a surprise.
I feel like the way she holds the camera as she drives is actually illegal??

No. 627700

I don't feel sorry for Em in the slightest though. She should have taken their corrupt offer to sweep it under the rug and pretend to their fanbases like it was all peachy.

No. 627726

This was talked about in the last thread, but Steff fell asleep for 22 hours on the fifth? day she had her turtle on the nebulizer and just said "yeah someone else had to nebulize her". Super vague and seeing as her turtles health spiralled down after that, it seems to be the reason (maybe mixed in with her letting her outside) that she passed.
I think her turtles enclosure was okay though, I'd say a bit too small, I don't know much about box turtles though

No. 627752

I’m torn on steff she obviously loves her animals but when is she gonna realise she can’t take care of all of them? I mean she has waaaay too many cats and dogs the amount she has should be illegal. Also that enclose she has for the three turtles is really bad? Especially for the largest one. It just has a deep pool of water and one basking spot. Unless she lets it roam? I was also really upset when the turtle egg got eaten by bugs that was horrible. She should ensure to keep her mixed gender turtles separate.

No. 627753

It becomes more and more obvious with Em that all this was to get subscribers. She knew exposing herself would yes bring negative attention but with that comes more followers/subscribers who want to see more drama. My hope is that they will soon unfollow when they see that she is ignoring it all. I just hate that someone like her is getting away with this without any repercussions. She works with kids and has a young fan base. Not to mention she helps with danny’s Kids. She is a terrible influence!

No. 627769

Its kinda worrying since she has mentioned in videos, multiple times, about wanting more animals or fighting the urge to get more when she sees them.

Like for example, her videos where she talks about her time at the reptile expos. In her "I SMUGGLED MY NEW PETS FROM THE REPTILE EXPO ON THE PLANE!" video, she mentioned wanting a retic as well as admitting she almost bought a baby crocodile and a baby soft shell turtle. At least she has a little sliver of self-control but I doubt it'll last as she gets older.

No. 627774

File: 1530614527566.png (33.23 KB, 728x425, zSuE2Lj.png)

Em is thinking about (read: definitely going to) start a gofundme now? She's looking for quick redemption here, I guess.

No. 627782

Anyone that has ever owned a pet has had a pet die.

No. 627789

Are people legally obligated to keep their word on patreon? She says 100% "after the 1% cut" but what's stopping her from pocketing 10%?
People don't keep to their pateon rewards all the time yet they're still allowed to continue to collect the money and provide no proof of where that money goes.

Glad to see almost half of people who voted for this aren't fucking blind.

No. 627790

it's weird. she's quick to mention in several replies how she's definitely not keeping any of the money, as if she's thinking of doing just that. also, it will be difficult to ensure that the money goes towards education and not into some random viewers pocket, especially if she does it worldwide.

No. 627794

I would not trust em with that money and anyone who donates is guillable. Interesting how she’s doing this now while a lot of attention is on her.

No. 627795

I really can’t stand anyone in the group that arranged PetFest. That are a clique and aside from Taylor having over a million and Tyler having 235k subscribers as their claim to fame, they all make repetitive shit vids. (Meet all my pets, feed all my pets, etc.)

They are continually referred to as PetTubers. There are dozens of other youtubers making videos about their pets that make quality videos. They are responsible pet owners. And many of them were around and making videos well before members of this group. Erin’s Animals will be celebrating 7 years on YouTube shortly. They stay out of the drama and are truly about their pets and not drama. Yes, let’s make “pettube” great again…like before the likes of Taylor, Tyler, Emzotic, Maddie, Pickles, Lori, Tori, and Emma evolved!

No. 627813

So is she going to deliver the training (I assume she's referring to her fans being trained)? She's just fundraising for herself?

No. 627841

Thanks Gandhi.

No. 627842

Also how does she choose which fan? I mean she has a fair amount of them. Who is worthy? lol… It seems like a poorly thought through idea to appeal to the teens that follow her and want to be Zookeepers!!11

No. 627843

Also she's a prime example of it's not 'what you know, but who you know'. In the animal industry. 99% of people that come away from animal education courses will not realistically be able to use them.

No. 627846

What’s wrong with Lori?

No. 627897

3 cats, 2 rabbits, a dog, 2 geckos, 3 snakes, an axoitl (sp), and innumerable fish. Sorry but that IS a lot.

No. 627900

Dozens of fish, yes. Hundreds in dozens of tanks is for an extreme hobbyist. IF they were her only pets that wouldn't be an issue, but they are not. She has several cats, 2 rabbits, dogs, lizards, snakes, etc.

No. 627903

It doesn't but she also used glue on thermostats (bad for reptiles), red lights, and enclosures that were the bare minimum. She should stick to fish.

No. 627905


Well Lori, firstly Hi, secondly your animal care is probably fine but I wouldn't know because I can't take the time to watch your videos because you try painfully hard to remain relevant, 'cool', far too upbeat (maybe its just the accent?). You might want to be careful appearing too 'good' because if you ever do an Emzotic and get found to be posting on here it might shock a lot of people.

But mostly, just by association of fitting into that little clique of hoarding teenagers, I think unfortunately it damages your reputation too.

No. 627907

You'd be surprised how high maintenance fish can be lol. If you don't do the water changes things get sick and everything spirals very quickly. Not to mention that when you have sick fish its SO much work its unbelievable.

No. 627908

I also don't like pickles anymore after she "rescued" some geckos and proceeded to talk about their living conditions in a way that demonstrated she has no clue about the geckos and her fans who also have no clue were able to find these people on Craigslist. It was an unnecessary public shaming from someone who should stick to hamsters.

No. 627911

Who are you talking about here?

No. 627913


Can you learn how to reply properly? Or at least stop spamming the thread.

No. 627926

Any opinions on Steff J's new rescue video?

No. 627958


No. 627962

Are you still talking about SGA? She doesn’t have any snakes. She has 10 goldfish inside plus 2 ponds outside and one other community aquarium.

No. 627977

File: 1530642377442.png (177.94 KB, 489x537, emzotic.png)

oh fgs

No. 627980


Em is still definitely not the best pet-tuber nor person after this whole TND shit and while this comes off as attention grabby/ 'woe is me', I do have to reluctantly give her credit for this. Getting a pet tuber tattoo is generally dumb as fuck and Em seems to somewhat realize this could be regrettable while TND was aaaall over people getting her animals tattooed on them.

but seriously who the heck thinks these are okay tattoo ideas

No. 627982


Apologies for putting sage in wrong spot. I usually lurk rather than post

No. 627988


An 18 year old with zero tattoos who's probably going to get it done at the shop closest to her house by whoever is free. She'll regret it even if she doesn't have a problem with Ems bullying. Those are going to make extremely shitty tattoos

No. 627989


im cringing at the fact that she explained it to the girl and the girl is STILL going ahead with the tattoo… the fact that people are siding with Em, or even telling her they hope shes okay, so messed up

No. 627994

Read the rest of the replies, shes getting a jenna tattoo, it's not real.
I thought she was an idiot too for doing it, but yeah thankfully not real.

No. 627996

File: 1530643738726.jpg (190.33 KB, 1080x608, 20180704_044919.jpg)

The reply from the person getting the jenna tattoo.

No. 627998

File: 1530643878412.png (236.14 KB, 637x558, 2f5cd1df3fcb693cf3d04e04b6ce23…)

her other jenna tattoos. lol she posts alot of bdsm things..

No. 628018

Lmao I thought this meant she was actually getting a Jenna marbles tattoo instead of one for emzotic.

No. 628051


Oh no it's retarded.

No. 628103

Kek me too. But it's because is Henna not Jenna tattoo.

No. 628119


THANK YOU I kept thinking Jenna Marbles and was so fucking confused what a "jenna tattoo" is. Fucking henna learn to spell anons and this chick

No. 628146

Her aquatic turtle enclosures are pretty bad. In the video where she makes them she goes to home Depot and gets 'the biggest storage tub they have'. Which is (the biggest I can find) 55 gallons. Okay for her smaller male turtles but way too small for her female res, who should have at least a 125 gallon tank for herself.
She also has an alligator snapping turtle and a snapping turtle in the same tank? Which is bad

I just wish she had separated the tetras from the big fish as soon as she got them, they must be so stressed.

No. 628160

I think if we give her some more time she'll appropriately re-house them. Idk much about her other aquariums but idk if she has anywhere to put them.

No. 628221

Dude have you seen her other animals? Or even her RES? They have tiny enclosures. They've been kept like that for ages now… it's not ok.

No. 628241

See…they’re definitely on here…note how the subject matter drastically changed after this comment.

No. 628282

Steff’s turtle enclosures are permanent. That ugly DIY tub I hate it. She has some nice tubs for her baby turtles but they seem to get neglected as they get older. In one video her turtles were snapping at each other through the fence of the DIY tub. Clearly angry and upset. She also cleans her biggest turtle which hisses and gets so angry and distressed which I hate to see. Perhaps that is unavoidable? I don’t know. But that horrible tub is so bad. I guess she lets them out to roam but then they breed and lay eggs which is bad in steff’s garden which has a lot of predators I.e bugs that eat the eggs. I’ll never get over her video of the babies that had been eaten by bugs it was so disturbing. Also there is no way she can adequately care for all those animals. She is definitely the worst hoarder I have seen. I know it comes from a desire to help these animals but how can she help them effectively when there are so many? I am shocked more of her fish haven’t died apart from the big loss of fish from the flea outbreak in her house.

No. 628283

I feel so so bad for the RES. That animal is so neglected in that horrible tub. It seems so unhappy around steff too. It hisses and jumps when she touches it.

No. 628288

The thing is, she shouldn't have to clean her turtle's shells that often, or even ever if she has correct water quality, space and lighting. I don't even remember why she was cleaning them all, I think algae? If she kept them in bigger tanks out of the sun and had better water quality they should be moving and basking enough that they don't get algae on them.(and she could get algae eaters if her turtles accept them)
If it was bc they had retained scutes, that's also a water quality/lighting issue.

No. 628353

Same lol. I was like "I drew Chef Jennifer (the dino tattoo) on my wrist one time cuz I was bored, but be crative lmao"

No. 628487

Thanks. I knew it was pronounced henna but after this chick spelt it with a J thought maybe that was how it was spelt.

No. 628607

Lmao can you not? I’m the one that asked what’s wrong with Lori, I’m not Lori, and I hadn’t posted since I asked that. Stop assuming literally every post is a pettuber

No. 628615

Sorry I honestly don't know much about turtles and their enclosures, I didn't even know that was bad. I thought her enclosures looked like luxury for her turtles. Just shows what bad education can spread lol

No. 628617


That whole group is known to actively check here so if she did post I wouldn't be surprised, but that was my consensus on what's wrong with her

No. 628923

File: 1530741549865.png (34.83 KB, 493x331, emzotic.png)

um lol

No. 628971

Also the dogs are her boyfriend's…there's 2 people in that household to care for the animals they have and she does it full time with more professional set ups for all her aquatic/semi-aquatic pets…not sure why so much hate for Jennie all of a sudden.

No. 628989

I actually can’t believe this lol is she for real???? I really hate that she has seemed to face no repercussions over what she did. Bc people don’t care and will love her regardless.

No. 628990

I agree. Jennie is so good at what she does. And she really loves and dedicates her time to her fish. They aren’t just some side hobby like steff j who has waaaay too many different animals.

No. 629018

Because she is a distraction from Tyler and his PetFest Clingons ….

No. 629181

for real tho

No. 629195

I really like Jennie because all the animals she owns, she plans them out. Like the fact that she's done all this planning and research for her chameleon (Which she's been saying she was gonna get for like a year), she doesn't get bored with her animals, and she goes above and beyond for them. Her rabbits are shown a lot on her instagram when she's bonding them too.s

No. 629212

Has anyone seen Lennon the Rabbit's "RESCUING BABY BUNNIES BEING ILLEGALLY SOLD" video?

I thought it was going to be another TND turtle disaster, but was pleasantly surprised.

No. 629250

Carolin von Petzholdt decided to get on the tanacon easy view train, and it was terrible. Stick to the animal vids bud. Usual clickbait title claims ‘tanacon scam exposed’, legit doesn’t even give the basics of the stuff that happened just claims Tana has ended her career.

No. 629453


That was exactly what TND should've done. Report the seller to the officials so that they learn their lesson.

No. 629502

You can't.

No. 629516

Sorry anon but that same screenshot comes up when you Google "human centipede 2" as well. May not have been from lolcow as it was not a screenshot specifically captured from a unique frame by a farmer.

The meme is at Em's expense for sure but she deserves it and the joke itself is funny bc TND's fandom really is all the way up her cowfish's ass. TND doesn't even like that fish that much as it's not a fancy morph or edgy but her fandom is forcing her to keep it relevant. Much like DIY's fish Frank whom he reallllllly cant be assed to give a shit about when his arowanas exist.

No. 629579

Jenny from Solid Gold is one of the only "PetTubers" I'll watch now. She exudes genuine love for all her animals and acknowledges not to buy over what she can take care of because of her chronic illness.
She inspired me to get two fancies and keep them in proper set ups.. because she actually knows what she's talking about. That's a big deal for me over all the pet YouTubers who keep an overstock of animals for views.

No. 629704

So many posts about SG lately. Are her stans invading the thread or something? I don't remember her being raved about so hard here before.

No. 629782

Starting to wonder if she's posting here lol. Since there is so much praise for her I'm going to go ahead and add some criticism here just to balance it out.
She funds and promotes inhumane breeding. many of her fancy fish have been bred to extremes to the point that I consider the breeding to be unethical. Her telescope fish can not properly see where they are going and are incredibly fragile to boot, so an unknown bump can cause a painful injury. On top of that the majority of fancy goldfish are killed because they don't come out right, not because they are unhealthy. She also keeps flaunting her 'harlequin' dane on insta, a breed that is well known to be byb and have higher chances of a myriad of health issues. She also promotes designer dogs, another unethical breeding practice for the sake of appearing special. And that's only from the first page on her instagram

No. 629784

What do people make of steffj’s new video? How is she gonna keep fish that big

No. 629795

All the dogs are not hers.

No. 629800

Hashtagging and name dropping designer and buzzword names with every single picture is still promoting. No where does she say anything about the potentially harmful genetics involved with breeding harelequin danes or the myths about designer dogs. She just promotes them.

No. 629820

Her genuine joy while watching her goldfish made me happy.
After Em's reveal, a lot of people (myself included) were posting things like "Who CAN we trust?" that sparked the discussion of SGA. She seems to at least genuinely care about the wellbeing of her animals and understand her limits, which is reassuring, but now there's apprehension in praising any pettuber. I hadn't seen her mentioned much until people started asking who WAS worth watching and supporting. She just looks better by comparison now. No tinfoil needed.

No. 629949

Im not usually one to call copycat but Tyler did a video that is literally the same as the video Taylor did that was also sponsored by better health, went through the various animals he had and how they help his mental health. snore.

No. 629995

Ot but this just appeared in my recommended, opinions?
>Girl goes to an illegal pet store
>Girl loves rabbits so much she can't see them suffer
>Doesn't really care for other animals
>Overreacting all video and sad emotional music
>Calls the police instead of some anti-animal cruelty agency
>Police doesn't do shit obviously
>Feels frustrated
>Finally calls anti-animal cruelty agency
>Bunnies get happy ending but we get to know nothing about the other animals

No. 630000

bulldogs and other dogs with flat faces are also inhumane breeding but no-one says shit about them. honestly it's rare for anyone to be 100% perfect on their pet care. there's always something someone disagrees on.. had someone get angry at me for telling my dog "no!" when he's trying to jump on my legs. SG is one of the few that's decent.. regardless if her boyfriend dog is playing as she's holding her Leopard Gecko. I get scared he might get too excited and jump on her as she's holding her gecko, but whatever.. as long as she's not in Tyler's posse

No. 630004

what you guys think of Olympus Reptiles? His step up reminds me of Brian but not sure if he treats his animals like him as I just recently fell upon his channel. He owns venomous snakes too

No. 630011

If your anxiety was to be so bad you couldn’t go talk to a therapist how could you make videos and do meet ups? Boring ‘better health’ shilling

No. 630013

I'm not saying bulldog and pug breeding are OK so I'm unsure why you are bringing that up. This is lolcow so if you want to WK anyone, just go to their twitter and do it. I was simply pointing out that she promotes bad, unethical breeding and she either is completely ignorant of it or doesn't give a single fuck about it

No. 630016


Literally how could you have a problem with this video? She called the non emergency line because it was a Sunday and it was the only option she could think of.

Of course she doesn't mention the other animals. According to the investigator ALL of the animals looked healthy, but the sale of rabbits is ILLEGAL in LA so that's why it was more relevant.

Did you even watch the video? She confirmed that an investigation was underway with the animal cruelty agency and they confirmed that the other animals were allowed to stay. Seriously don't know what your issue is with this considering how TND took care of the turtle situation. This was great and compassionate.

No. 630021


Calling the police non-emergency line to report illegal activity? Fucking scandalous!

No. 630053

you're delusional. culling is an important part of breeding any fish. it isnt exactly unnatural, many fish are prolific breeders that focus on quantity and most of the offspring die in nature.

No. 630056


Lol do you know what the word delusional means? Seems to me that they just have a problem with breeding in general.

No. 630058

She did call the anti cruelty agency, but they didn't answer because it was a sunday. The dogs and cats were gone, and the bunnies were the only other animal for sale there that was breaking the law. Considering the fact that Lennon was from the same situation as these bunnies, I would think they would be the main animal that she's focused on saving, probably because she doesn't know the care of the other animals that well, like turtles or birds, so maybe she would think that those enclosures weren't as bad as the rabbits.

No. 630066

then they have a problem with nature

No. 630071

Might have been watching too many conspiracy videos but theory was already brought up that Tyler and his posse divert, and after posting about him, multiple new topics were brought up…?

No. 630075

Kristen Lean also posted a video recently sponsored by better health. What is with betterhealth and all the pettuber sponsors

No. 630078


You know that I meant humans breeding animals for profit. Jesus. At least try to use your brain.

No. 630281

Hi SG I guess I'll explain further since you aren't quite getting it. Because of the deformity they are breeding, there are a lot of fish born that are too deformed to even live. There are also a great deal of fish that die because they aren't deformed, or not deformed enough. At the end of the day only about ~2% of these goldfish even live to see the market. This has absolutely nothing to do about nature, appeal to nature is a logical fallacy for a reason and even pretending it's not, selective breeding =/= nature. I understand the necessity for culling, I used to breed angels myself. But breeding for a deformity that objectively lowers their quality of life and needing to regularly cull 98% of the batch because they aren't fucked up enough is fucked.

No. 630298

I hate how after the Em thing, everyone assumes that every youtuber comes her to WK themselves. I like SG, especially compared to other pet youtubers. I do think Tyler comes on here to divert the topic when he’s brought up. Every time he’s posted on here another few youtubers are immediately brought up. Not only does he seem like a total bitch, but his care from what I’ve seen is subpar.

No. 630308


Do we have any proof of this beyond speculation? We know they read here, but I was the one who asked about Lennon and was active in the SG discussion. Its not all just Tyler's master plan. Idk why everyone feels the need to be like, "Aha! Tyler!! Jennie! We see you!" on an anonymous thread rather than just reporting the suspect posts. Its pointless.

No. 630319

Calm down SG it's just banter. If you want to WK pettubers make a thread that isn't on /snow/, because this isn't really the place for that.
Also moving HT to a new thread was a bad idea, that thread has been DOA. HT doesn't post nearly enough on all social media combined to warrant her own thread.

No. 630324


I don't think WK means what you want it to mean, anon, or should I say TYLER.

No. 630345

I feel like she’s stopped posting so much since the thread was made. At least it was effective in modulating her behaviour.

No. 630363

Sorry that some people like a youtuber that you don’t. Nice diverting the topic away from Tyler again though!

No. 630449


is this really what this thread has become? I thought we are here to discuss shitty animal care and not to suspect everyone to be a pettuber. man, y'all got paranoid after that whole em drama.

No. 630458

If you think sg would waste her time here or even knows about this site ur hilarious

No. 630460

why wouldn’t she? this isn’t some obscure cambodian picture trading forum. it’s a fairly well known imageboard visited by all the other popular female pettubers. don’t sound so sure of yourself anon

No. 630467

Jossers Jungle bought a caiman. That's some advanced shit my dudes. Let's see if it ends up at a sanctuary like those macaws

No. 630605


Literally why would it matter though? There is no way for us to know so saying, "You're JENNIE! TYLER! PICKLES!!!!" is pointless and annoying

No. 630634


I know I really like Josser, but I think a caiman isn't a very good idea

No. 630730

I think they lurk here, maybe even post. I'm more leaning towards stans posting rather than pettubers themselves but you never know.

No. 630855

They definitely lurk and post (as confirmed by emzotic). They may have slacked off the posting since the drama but they for sure WK each other and change topic!

No. 630884

(This is my first time posting so forgive me if I did this wrong!)

I'm reading through Emzotic's posts and I'm shocked how twofaced she is. To be honest, I used to adore her but I don't think I can look at her the same anymore, jesus.

No. 630964

Whatever happened with her macaws, she posted pictures of them at a sanctuary but never answered any inquiries about how or why they wound up there. In her video introducing them she said they'd done so much research an wanted them for years, and were even planning to breed. I don't think they even kept the birds a full year before giving them up lol

No. 631039

Breeding angels is nothing like breeding goldfish, yes goldfish are VERY modified at this point and some breeds I think are very cruel e.g. celestial/bubble-eyes. As someone who owns a telescope goldfish who is mixed in with single-tails and other varieties and holds his own, if they are bred correctly and ethically they live their live fine. Excessive culling isn't just for 'aesthetic', it's also to take out bent backs, swim bladder problems etc, as you know yourself. Even single-tail long-bodied goldfish are riddled with all of these problems and need to be culled rigorously.

Also, most of the goldfish that are culled for aesthetic reasons are sent to pet-shops generally, I own a tank full of goldfish misfits with very minor flaws like curled gills, bent tail fins. Doesn't inhibit their life whatsoever, just means they aren't going to be a £50 fish.

I do agree with you that breeding for deeper bodies in most breeds is cruel though. It causes an array of problems and I think that this aspect of goldfish breeding is much more damaging than telescope features and double fins etc. It fucks up their insides, and it isn't some cute little quirk deformity like a 'butterfly tail'

Unfortunately the cull-debate isn't something that is going to be resolved on lolcow anytime soon, but you know yourself that the debate goes much further than Jennie herself.

No. 631405

Petubers using this thread to get information and call out/shade smaller petubers. You guys can fuck off when your own care barely meets the desired requirements.

No. 631563

File: 1531054908307.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 8B46F9F7-0D58-41BA-970C-C2FCDB…)

I know we still have no idea how many animals Danny is hoarding but this is a screenshot from Ems story and kinda shows a rack system in the background. Looks like a lot regardless

No. 631569

File: 1531055918648.jpeg (763.55 KB, 1800x1800, 8907C119-4DA5-4ED1-A46A-171387…)

So much milk on Meghan’s Twitter rn. Saint Maddie called her out on Twitter for the mouse video, funny how they only seem to call out her bad pet care and no one else. If Meghan wasn’t so shit I’d almost feel sorry for her.

No. 631579


Ugh, ferret sperg here, but ferrets aren't supposed to eat ANYTHING, except meat. Eating fiber/plant protein can literally give them cancer and/or destroy their digestive system, give them bladder stones, and ulcers.

Don't know why they thought this was such a cute photo to take.

No. 631596

anon I mean this genuinely when I say I found this v interesting to read and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. a tank of misfit goldfish, that's fun

No. 631599

so Em is the same level as Taylor in shallow? am I getting that correct?

No. 631676

Glad they're publicly calling her shit out now… but they should be doing that to the whole 'pettube' community. The only reason they're doing it to HT is because they don't like her.

No. 631711

This, Meg… This shit is why you aren't invited to that pettube thing.

No. 631716

No. 631760

I mean, he seems to be doing everything he can do atm. King of DIY isn't really like the other cows mentioned

No. 631806

I agree. He also shows us the good side and the bad side of fish keeping. I don't think the other pettubers shows us what's happening behind the curtains as much as DIY. only thing is, he's reaching that hoarder zone.. probably would start building a new room for his fish..then again they're not living in bare minimum

No. 631829

DIY impulse buys animals, that's his main problem. He wouldn't have two dead sharks right now had he not impulse bought them to begin with. (They would have outgrown any tank he could have provided, he already said he'd have to donate them to an aquarium / university, once they got even half their adult size. As such imho he should never have gotten them).

I don't blame him for this current situation… but I do question why the fishroom isn't better insulated for this situation. If the AC unit was the main thing that caused the heat spike, fine, but in some ways 1 small unit with no backup isn't a good idea. If it's the same unit that heats in the winter (because lets face it, the heatwave is a surprise, but the cold won't be); and it heats the entire room for the tanks; he could easily loose more fish in a prolonged blackout , snow storm etc.

No. 631835


I have to disagree. He has animals dying left and right for circumstances "out of his control." His eel, his arowanas, now his angel fish, sharks, gourami (?). There's a lot of talk on fishblr about his bad husbandry.




No. 631842

Wow, thanks anon, that's a lot of info there that I didn't even know and I've posted his shit here before because it looked bad to me… a novice fish keeper.

No. 631845

>that toxic place

When she was literally the one that wrote the worst toxic shit that had nothing to do with animals.

On another note, it's seriously worrying to me how she called out her OWN shit animal keeping. Like she knows but still does the things, so basically she is mistreating them on purpose and knowingly. She's the worst for that reason.

No. 631877

There shouldnt be a bad side of owning an animal if you do it in the right way. His constant impulse buying + changing the fishes from tanks is really stressful for them. And his house and his set up arent capable of manage that quantity of fishes and water.

No. 631899

Just wondering, since I can't find anything too terrible either in this thread or even at the top of the list. What is so wrong with Tyler? I enjoy his content and think he seems a lot more caring of his animals than a lot of other YouTubers. Pretty much only watch him and Jensen's Reptiles after the Emzotic drama, but am now wondering if I'm missing something nefarious about Tyler too….

No. 631965


No prob. I'm not an animal expert by any means, but I follow a lot of animal husbandry blogs on tumblr who have interesting discussions.

Some other interesting stuff:

A great tag summary of why Brian's animal care is horrific, for those that don't know: http://i-m-snek.tumblr.com/tagged/bhb-critical

A convo about whether or not fancy goldfish are ethical (for the SG convo): http://narelleart.tumblr.com/post/165298882588/are-fancy-goldfish-ethical

And some stuff about the Leopard Gecko channel–people on reptiblr call her "Eco Earth Girl":




No. 631976

I made this post. Thanks everyone for replying.. my eyes are now open. Geez, i didnt really think about what everyone said about him until now. Shame. He's good at convincing everyone

No. 632176

Tyler deflecting?

No. 632211


If you want to talk about Tyler, post about his shit care.

No. 632230


Could you elaborate on this? Again, I haven't found anything too horrible, so just asking because I don't want to support someone who doesn't look after their animals properly. Watched the video about his rescue turtle earlier and was really touched, especially by the fact that he seems to be reaching out and asking people to give him pointers since he is no expert. Again, not saying I think he's perfect, just genuinely curious as to what he's doing wrong.

No. 632233

Tyler Rugge
- Support TND.
- Hoards animals like most pet youtubers and likes to buy the trending animal of the month.
- Had a betta fish in a fluvial tank but it 'disappeared'. Didn't care what had happened to it.
- Queen of the mean girls of pettube
- Helped arrange and is going to Petfest

I mean, the hoarding is probably the main issue. A lot of other petubers rescue animals they have not considered the care of/requirements of and while I cannot personally comment on his care myself, if he's hoarding there's no way he has enough space or time to care and health check a possibly sick turtle.

No. 632301

Anyone can appear friendly and nice on videos, especially pettubers. They’re really good at convincing people that they’re animal lovers but in reality they’re “view lovers” that their pets become an accessory for them and when their views doesn’t reach an amount they want, they’ll buy a new one to make a new interesting video. Their pets soon just stack up to never be interacted with again and if they do, it’s just for selfies. If they truly were dedicated to their pets and wanted to share information about them then they wouldn’t have petfest. They would be trying to join educational programs, but nope, they want to hang out and get all the attention from their stans instead so they can buy their merch.

No. 632467


No, I was just trying to share some info about Joey and then I followed up with more links after the anon said thank you.

Tyler is more difficult for me to be critical about because he's so vague about his parameters and care, but a list of things I've noticed:

*His hedgehog enclosure is terrible. In a video he mentioned that it's 36 x 18.5 x 22.5 inches and ~4.6 sq ft. And made sure we knew that the minimum is 4 sq. ft. Except most people in the hedgehog community agree that 8 sq ft is the absolute bare minimum and strive for enclosures that are *much* larger than that. He also woke the poor hedgehog up in the middle of the day for his annoying video.

If you're interested in what enriching enclosures can look like when you actually give a damn check out: http://hedgehogsofasgard.com/post/159081372716/how-to-set-up-a-bioactive-or-naturalistic

*He did a collab with Brian who, imo, is vile.

*Went from 9 pets (in his very first video) to over 30 pets (as of 3 months ago) in 3 years.

*Not really all that impressed by his turtle rescue. I'm all for rescuing but it's egotistical to not be interested in getting a turtle and then decide you have to be the one to save it. If you've never had experience with a healthy turtle what makes you think you're capable of rehabbing a neglected one that most likely has MBD? Did he quarantine it? Bring it to the vet?

*Keeps a betta fish in a 5 gallon tank…most people on fishblr recommend 10 gallons minimum.

*I can't tell how long his bearded dragon enclosure is but it doesn't look great. If these pettubers were actually passionate about animal enrichment they would be striving for more than mediocre care. A great bioactive beardie enclosure: https://eldrickthegreat.tumblr.com/

*His sunbeam snake is literally in a god damn opaque tub under his dubia roach colony! It has no light AT ALL. Yeah, sure, they like to burrow but complete darkness 24/7? Even terrible companies like Backwater Reptiles don't list opaque tubs in their care guides.

*In his "Meet all my pets" video from March 2018 he talks about how he is home all day and taking care of his pets is his full time job. Then why is everything so mediocre? I follow a lot of people on tumblr who do so much research into their animals' native habitats, wild diets, uvb requirements. They have enclosures worth showing off because they're passionate about it. With these pettubers it's not really about the animals at all.

No. 632536

File: 1531167560240.png (219.6 KB, 540x855, Screenshot_2018-07-09-14-18-12…)

No. 632541

File: 1531167694524.png (185.67 KB, 540x831, Screenshot_2018-07-09-14-18-25…)

That's why I cant take them seriously about HT, they complain about her not listening them but they do the same.
Tyler always do some hardcorde mental gymnastics to justify his bare minimum care and refuse to listen other people.

No. 632544

>in the US the bare minimum is 40
He makes it seem like the law says 40 so he HAS to make it 40. Dude (or should i say all pettubers), buy a larger tank with your youtube money, it’s not that hard

No. 632549

JFC. Can we have a show, like big brother, that involves pettubers having to live in a micro studio apartment which they can’t leave for a few months so they can feel how their pets feel?

No. 632554

"I Bought a Sick Bearded Dragon that Killed All of Them | Storytime"

Yikes, what a fiasco.

Trusted the reptile store that said bearded dragons can be cohabbed. Didn't quarantine. Didn't do any research. Decided his pet store quality animals were good candidates for breeding, again with no research. And then they all died!

"It's really not my fault" Sure Jan.

No. 632565

Don’t forget he keeps his giant rabbit in a cage thats almost the same size as the rabbit itself

No. 632573


I also just watched a video where he tranced the rabbit multiple times and acted like it was cute, and fed it banana.

No. 632574

I'm actually shocked (although I really shouldn't be after seeing how other pet youtubers act) that he opens with "Do your research…. although this wasn't my fault"… you didn't do your research so yes it was your fault, and you didn't even take your sick bearded dragon to a vet, so again, your fault. These guys are fucking ridiculous.

No. 632575

So he took its out of an extreme abusive situation so he could keep it in a moderately abusive situation? Why does he sound proud to be keeping the majority of his animals in tiny cages?
He’s just as bad as happytails, just with 1/3 the amount of animals

No. 632586


Isn’t this a story when he first started keeping reptiles? I think everyone makes mistakes at first and it seems like he made that so other people wouldn’t make the same mistakes. I’m more interested in knowing what he does wrong now.

No. 632587


His quarantine and cleaning protocols still haven't improved. You can't leave mite infested animals in your general reptile room.

No. 632592

Did he backyard breed bearded dragons?

No. 632600

Yes, but it could be a story that repeats itself seeing as he still does not quarantine. If he ended up getting an animal with something contagious again the same thing would happen without proper quarantine.

No. 632616

I was nervous about how he was holding his box turtle and sure enough he drops his monitor

No. 632629


Yes, it's a story from a long time ago, but it's still relevant because that was a LOT of mistakes and deadly ones that could've been prevented if he did just the tiniest bit of research. People don't get a free pass for terrible things that happened because they speak about them or "learned from them" or "didn't know what they were doing". They need to learn to do the proper research BEFORE they get any pets to prevent things things from happening in the first place. It's pure laziness.

No. 632632


The pet store told him to breed them, then they'd hatch the eggs for him and give him half of the babies. I highly doubt he prepared the female for breeding by giving her extra food and vitamins or monitoring her weight, etc.

Now he currently has a male and female Abronia which he's keeping together. I'm pretty sure they're either from LLL or BackWater which means they're not breeding quality animals. And again, I'm sure he's not preparing the female for the inevitable breeding.

No. 632635


This shit is so tiring to see every 10 posts

No. 632640

Yeah, just because it happen a long time ago it doesnt mean it gets automatically discarded, they preach about research before you buy an animal but are way to lazy to follow that (+ cant wait to get views/money)

But none of the parts involved cared to see if they were good to go ( make test to see if they were relatives to avoid inbreeding, they were old enough to breed properly, or if any of them were sick, which could have prevent all the mess that happen).

No. 632660


*He also made light of his carpet python's wobble and actually told his viewers it won't impact it's quality of life.

*With his lack of research and quarantine protocols I wonder if he'll end up with a case of IBD since he keeps boas and pythons in the same room.

*Named one of his animals Gypsy, which is a racial slur.

*Puts costumes on his pets

No. 632679


He didn’t name his bird it was adopted plus it’s not a racial slur LOL only snowflake white people think that. I know Romani people who use the word Gypsy to describe their ancestors because that’s what they’re actually called.

No. 632684

The last two points were to SJW for me kek

No. 632699

Is English your 2nd language? The post about the size of his beardie cage is hardly a week old…and his rabbit is kept ALONE and in a cage way too small…

No. 632710


He said the rabbit has free roam of the entire room except at night it’s in the cage. Assuming the rabbit stays in the cage is just speculation. I know plenty of people who let their rabbits free roam a room but put them in a cage for bed time or when leaving the house.

No. 632713

I would have just cut that part out if I was him… I feel like he's alright for a petuber has anyone got any dirt on him?

No. 632739

Sure he says it but doesn’t mean that he actually does it. This whole thread is speculation. Also rabbits are most active at night so they need more room period.
I’m also pretty sure his bird care has been criticized in the past as well, his birds are in cages way too small.

No. 632748

His bird cages are actually good sizes for the species he has.

No. 632749

Pettubers that use the “free roam” excuse to justify their unacceptable cage sizes are still animal abusers.
Keeping an rabbit isolated and in a cage it can’t even turn around in for 8-12hrs a day is fucking cruel.

No. 632751


The rabbit “cage” (playpen) looks like it’s 4x4 which is plenty room for the rabbit to turn around in lmao Like I said it is a common practice amongst rabbit owners to cage their rabbits at night…

No. 632755

Um it’s a giant rabbit, and just by looking at the poor thing you can tell the cage is not big enough.
The rabbit is also nocturnal, so youre restricting it in an unacceptable cage during its most active hours. If you think that’s okay, I hope you don’t own any animals, or get any in the near future.

No. 632756

That cage is so obviously not 4x4. It’s width isn’t even as long as it’s length, wtf? It literally looks like one of the cages you get with those guinea pigs starter kits.

No. 632757


I agree. The "playpen" with the tarp on top is too small, has no enrichment, and it looks like the hay the rabbit is eating is kept in his litter box.

No. 632759

Is it normal practice to put rabbits in cages that are the same size as the rabbit?

No. 632771

Do you know much about rabbits? Keeping hay in their litter box is what you do. That is how you litter train your rabbit… rabbits poop and pee while they're munching away so this is literally the way most people do it and it's not wrong or unsanitary if you keep up with it which he looks like he does.

No. 632777


You're right, it's a valid way of litter training your rabbit and rabbit poop is basically dried plant matter so it's not really that unsanitary. But most people who aren't lazy suspend the hay either in front of or above the litter tray, not directly in it.

No. 632779

we all know he isn't about to let his rabbit run around all fucking day lmao be real. they don't care enough about their animals for that

No. 632781

Also it's kind of dangerous have a rabbit around the house where it can chew cables and who knows what else.

No. 632803

There is such a thing as bunny proofing your house. House rabbits are around cords all the time but if you properly bun proof it's not dangerous.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely hate that Tyler keeps his bun in such a small area for the majority of it's daily life and I also think it's messed up he's never even bonded him…. especially when he acts all high & mighty like he knows everything… wouldn't he know how important it is to have his bun bond with another bun? and ontop of that his tiny enclosure has zero enrichment.

No. 632824

Claims an adult only needs a 40 gallon breeder tank (36 x 18 x 18) when the bare minimum should be 4 x 2 x 2.

Promotes tile (which is often too slippery) over loose bioactive substrate. Though he is correct sand should not be used.

Promotes the myth that they don't need a water bowl and can absorb all the water they need from a bath and their food.

No real enrichment, no wonder his beardie glass surfs.

Claims they're a low commitment pet because they commonly only live 6-10 years. However this is based on poor husbandry. With proper care they can easily live closer to 20.

Promotes using a UV lamp but then also dusting food with a calcium+D3 powder. If they have UV they can synthesize their own D3, they should only require calcium.

No. 632921

>>632751 Yeah, declawing cats is apparently common practise too, so what does that tell you?
As other anons already said: bunnies are active during the night. He is locking up the bunny when it needs space the most. That cage is so small that the bunny should not be in there for half a day. I also doubt he lets it roam the animal room daily, since there are open cables all over the place.
And keeping one bunny alone is so bad for them, that it is straight up illegal in some countries.
Bunnies need a partner and bunnies this big need a cage size of 3 square meters + freeroaming for several hours.
And people see his videos and feel validated in the way they keep their own bunnies, so he is contributing to subpar conditions in rabbit care being considered the norm.

No. 632951

Some of the information on those posts aren't correct, they were complaining about the size of the tanks for the eel, all his tanks are 120 gallons (not 50 gallons as stated) & are sufficient for a fully grown echidna nebulosa.

His tanks have lids with the exception of the 90 gallon the eel jumped out of recently. He takes the lids off for filming and then replaces them, he got corrected so then said the lids are 'light-weight'. Joey actually weights them down.

I agree with the red-tailed catfish & salt-water fish comments though.

No. 632972


He said in a recent video that Nova his dog has never really met his rabbit. From the looks of it his dogs have free roam of at least the whole downstairs, so for him to let his rabbit out for hours daily that would ensue shutting the dogs away somewhere which theres no way he does that

No. 633054

Wow I kind of feel disheartened about Tyler now. I haven't followed him long enough to have seen any of the videos mentioned here.

Thanks all for filling me in though, that's another pet-tuber to unsubscribe from then. Guess that leaves me with Jensen's Reptiles (he's fine, right? RIGHT?), Serpa Design and GoHerping. Oh well, I'd rather watch a few quality channels over quantity.

Appreciate you all taking the time to educate me <3

No. 633094

please understand a lot of this is speculation and not facts. this website is not a place to base personal opinions on tbh gather the info for urself

No. 633128


Nah. They should go ahead and unsub

No. 633164

Definitely unsub. His cage sizes and information shared are not speculation…it’s fact.

No. 633174

File: 1531244437267.png (20 KB, 734x164, possible shade.png)

Is this directed at someone in particular or just a random tweet? I know HT was calling the other pettubers mean, racist, sexest, body shaming bullies etc, but considering she brought up Em I figured it had something to do with something Em said.

No. 633181


No. 633190


No. 633197


I've never been one to speculate, but I know this YouTuber has posted her own videos here before and since this video only has 56 views I'm pretty sure she posted her own video again.

If you're going to tell people not to do something, back it up with articles and reasons. This is pretty pointless. Why should people listen to you if you don't share facts to back yourself up? I could link to a dozen articles (at the very least) about why male mice shouldn't be housed together. It's not that hard. This is just for views and drama.

No. 633199

Same anon here, I'm not Swetha Menon Exotics sorry to disappoint. It's summer so I'm just sitting on YouTube and saw it posted. When did she post before though? I hang out in the TND thread mostly but came back to this thread after the Emzotic drama

No. 633204


She posted in the TND thread about the monitor situation. She said something like "It was me in that video calling her out about the monitor" or something like that. She may not have posted the video, but she at least posts in these threads. I have a bad memory, so I forget the specifics, and I'm too lazy to search through it all. But it seemed like a big coincidence that her video was posted and she was here right after. Sure seemed like she posted it herself.

No. 633314


What she means to say is, "If you think I'm a mean person, just remember that I'm pathetic and let others walk all over me"

No. 633362

She isn't even training the bird.
How does she even get these idiotic owners to stand with their animals so close to another free animal anyway? It's common practice to move away to another section of the park if it's taken (at least in the UK) or is she stood at the very entrance of the park baiting her bird to do some dangerous shit?

Also she's now selling her parrots feathers as merch.

No. 633488

Yeah, cause calling HT "megan nipple" is so nice and not mean at all!!

No. 633503

she vlogs while driving in so many of her videos, some even with her parrots in the car and out of their cages, roaming freely throughout the car, and I can't stand it holy shit

No. 633577


Honestly, I like him, he seems well-intentioned and wants the best for his pets but what I don't like is that he bought a baby box turtle and a slider, which live 50/30 years respectively.

That's a long commitment for someone whose 18-20 years old and doesn't have a definite future set AND there are plenty of adult turtles that are available for rehoming…

No. 633591

DOnt know if youve seen maddies all my pets video from 2015 but a bunch of animals in that video are gone. Anyone know what happened to them?

No. 633592

They died or rehomed

No. 633596

Any reason why for rehoming? Or just didnt want them anymore

No. 633597

how do you know

No. 633599

See thread one or two. It’s been rehashed so many times, just check back

No. 633647

What this petubers do anyway? Most of them are young and I haven't heard anything related to university or just aspire to do more than sit in their asses and hoard animals.
I love how they sit in their high horse about taking care of their animals but we know your daddy or mommy help them when they cant.
And they will probably deal with their pets once YouTube stop paying.

No. 633759

This probably doesn't mean much (I could just be reading too much into it but with how crazy Emzotic has been idk) but not sure if anyone recently has looked at Ems twitter but feel like it's pretty shady she keeps tweeting things with her own name in it to flood out the negative tweets about her that come up in the "top" or "recently posted".

If you go to "top" you can see people calling her out on her manic behavior here and against the Pettubers but recently I've seen those less and less and more of Em's posts talking about herself in the third person. The "recent tweets" about her are basically all from her too. Again might not mean much but it's the first time I've seen someone tweet in the third person to such an excess. Other YTbers when you search their name comes up with a lot more than their own posts. Anyone else think she's trying to divert that attention or am I just being a conspiracy nut?

No. 633774

Most of her fans wont see it though since they comprise of 12-15 year old children. She is covering her ass and trying to hide things so she doesn't lost her followers

No. 633794

Literally feel like the only decent thing Emzotic has done lately was tell that kid who wanted her logo as a tattoo to get the whole story before she commits. Turns out it was a temporary tattoo anyway, but imagine getting a tat and then finding out all this shit. Good grief!

No. 633895

Rabbits aren't even nocturnal! They are crepuscular, meaning they are most active around sunrise and sunset.

No. 633964

Cool story, bro

No. 634004

Hush now, that was a big word. Every PetTuber ever feels the need to explain it when they say it too.

No. 634240

Don't know why you're saying that when the person is correct and explained it in the case that someone didn't know.

No. 634482

The autism is strong with this one.

No. 634517

File: 1531416069067.jpeg (41.51 KB, 750x343, AA78E7BE-5DF6-4001-8899-3C11B9…)

Happy tails and leopard gecko are friendly?

No. 634544

i think she just answered her question in a q&a no biggie

No. 634591

More than friendly, they are close friends. I saw leopard gecko leave a comment on TND’s photo on Instagram saying not to take pictures of her crested geckos together, and taylor responded that it’s funny how she says that when she’s friends with happy tails who legit keeps them in a cage together

No. 634598

I think Taylor just said that because she’s friends with Tyler and HT collabed with her like once. But Taylor and Tyler collabed with Brian doesn’t mean they’re friends

No. 634600

Taylor was just being a prick because she got called out, I haven’t seen any evidence that they’re close friends. they last did a video like over a year ago together.

No. 634623

File: 1531423864978.jpeg (222.27 KB, 750x1018, 1D2D19A5-5704-46C3-9C00-B4B9FE…)

Sorry late to the party. Is he serious with these photos or are they meant to be a joke lmfao

No. 634641

Bahahahaa wtf is that?

No. 634643

Wasn’t this his photoshoot at playlist or something? I don’t remember it was in a video.

No. 634644

yep but on his insta he says he’s modelling?! Wtf?

No. 634650

File: 1531426135055.jpeg (271.7 KB, 721x1109, F4C8B5DC-4D50-4055-9F28-1E9ED9…)

For real who is hiring this guy to model things?

No. 634866

Yeah unfortunately HT and Leopard gecko are friends. They leave comments on each others' videos, like each others' instagram posts etc. It honestly makes me lose all respect for LG, and she used to be one of the only pet channels I could watch. Kind of pathetic that she's willing to call out TND and em but not HT.

No. 634869

ye but i think she comments on a lot of people's stuff? she actually seems quite nice, even when she gets critisim. and tbh do you think she'd want meg to bite her head off. wudnt surprise me if she's seen how meg act towards her fans and just keeps out of it. i havent seen them interact in ages

No. 634871

lmao i don't think comments or likes qualifies as friend. what world you in?

No. 634880

she interacts with non-pettubers more than actual pettubers, r they her friends?

No. 634985

ha very true

No. 634988

Is that maddie in a wig next to him?

No. 635106

I have went on HT's livestream twice and saw LG on there (or at least someone with her handle) both times. Could be coincidence

No. 635199

Do any of ya'll watch Adri Rachelle? I watched one of her videos (the one where she introduces all 79 of her animals) and I'm not sure how I feel about her

tried to embed the link for ya'll but I couldn't get it to work

No. 635212

File: 1531464285866.jpeg (194.54 KB, 750x1065, 191EBDC6-55BD-454F-9D37-056F38…)

No. 635259

Do they just keep all the animals they find? I know they rehabilitate some but come on…

No. 635278

I’ve seen leopard gecko on maddies and pickles on leopard geckos. Are they all friends? I think you’re just reaching. >>635212
And yes yes they do, imagine how many animals they actually have!!

No. 635297

Em and Danny are probably the biggest hoarders we just don’t know it because they hide so much.

No. 635298

He's cute. There are different standards for cute people.

No. 635300

Cute? Wtf he reminds me of the bully kid from toy story hahahaaa man he’s gay right?

No. 635301

File: 1531480644284.jpeg (54.76 KB, 374x349, 17798BC1-EEC3-4446-B407-125BE9…)

Tyler? Lmfao

No. 635310

File: 1531481494660.jpeg (129.57 KB, 750x552, 3CB31ED4-D08E-4F61-892F-B9C10A…)

I swear this is all she does when she’s not stuck up someone’s ass trying to be relevant.

No. 635311

How many pets did she start with vs how many she has now?

No. 635507

Em's male Betta fish has died hmmm wonder why

No. 635537

File: 1531504051912.png (226.73 KB, 540x707, Screenshot_2018-07-13-11-40-16…)

This bitch is crazy

No. 635538


More like desperate, she can't have gotten that help she said she was getting if she thinks she can creep her way back in this soon

No. 635574

You're reading too far into my comment. I just said I've only been on HT's livestream twice (to be fair it was actually her video game stream on her firelilly account) and saw someone named LG. Even said it could have been a coincidence or someone else. I didn't imply anything.
God damn it em too soon, just remove yourself from this pettuber group already.

No. 635582


I actually think he's super cute. Main reason I subscribed. Cute pets and cute guy, be still my heart lol
Different people like different things, but I see the appeal. Shame about his pet care though. Clearly looking good isn't everything…

No. 635595

Hmm, I'd guess so? Never seen his sexuality discussed, but I wouldn't complain. Not seeing the Sid link though haha.

No. 635608

other than the light bulb shaped head i dont see much similarity either

its hilarious how far up tylers ass maddie is. her profile picture is of tyler with herself in the background.

No. 635615

Without Tyler nobody would know who she is. And yes he’s definitely gay.

No. 635630

Link? Post tweet if she made one.

No. 635642

File: 1531513477976.png (79.39 KB, 521x418, Picture 2.png)

No. 635643

Thanks anon. How long has she had this fish? 4 months? That's depressing.

No. 635645

File: 1531513700751.png (53.59 KB, 521x285, Picture 3.png)

Not long. This is her reasoning, apparently. Always an excuse.

No. 635648

Yeah, that seems unlikely. From what I know of breeders, they breed their fish young 4-8 months. Older than a year and they're past their peek… so there's no way he was a breeding fish at 2 years. She's full of it.

No. 635650

Also the fish in her video looked young (like his full colours weren't even on display) I would have guessed only a few months (6 at most). He wasn't even that big… it's possible he was runty, but then why would he be bred from?

I'm betting he died because his tank wasn't cycled… so ammonia poisoning. It can take a while and be progressive… we didn't see any pictures of him going forward, so I bet he deteriorated slowly from that first video.

No. 635691

She can’t deal with a betta damn that reef tank will go to shit

No. 635708

File: 1531519929859.png (450.41 KB, 856x532, Picture 4.png)

Couldn't find anything else of interest in her social media about her betta fish (no pictures or mentions since she deleted the video in Feb), but I did see this in her bathing pets video. Not sure what her deal with feet is.

No. 635709

File: 1531519995726.png (695.58 KB, 862x537, Picture 5.png)

Also this. Okay, Taylor. /s

No. 635748

No. 635753

I know. But this is exactly what Taylor says constantly. "I just so happened to be at the pet store and some random person gave me an animal!"

No. 635809

Lol my thoughts exactly. People are always so impressed with themselves for keeping hardy fish alive for a few months and then get more advanced ones only to have the bettas die slowly after months of ammonia poisoning.

No. 636229

File: 1531587703669.png (33.08 KB, 517x145, Picture 4.png)

Tyler and Maddie are at a reptile expo. I wonder how many impulse buys they'll make.

No. 636271

Explains why this and HT thread been kind of quiet. The two main contributors were busy. Even em said they write here.

No. 636284

>HT thread is quiet
it has been quiet since it's creation. The only time it has had a bit of traffic was when she released the mouse video and that was still only like 5 posts a day. Also I'm the main person that posts milk on there anymore. Not saying that they don't post or lurk but they don't make up the majority of posts on that thread.

No. 636302


Or this one. But hey, would this really be the PetYT thread if no one chimed in with "They've invaded us! You're one of them!" every 6 posts

No. 636406

File: 1531602252531.png (334.19 KB, 853x557, Picture 2.png)

Was watching a Dav Kaufman video and noticed this. Danny being creepy as always.

No. 636529

File: 1531612168159.jpeg (681.84 KB, 3444x3444, 105BB100-A634-45FC-882A-D4A0E0…)

At least one viewer is smarter than Pickles….Little Lori is too busy blowing sunshine up her butt to realize that this video was a waste of time without a thermometer…

No. 636595

So afroherpkeeper got baby quaker parrots (monk parakeets). It may technically not be his responsibility to do so but I feel like he should at least mention that these are intelligent animals that require a lot of effort and can live ~30 years? Also it was triggering me when he was stroking them down the back, they may be cute babies now but eventually they are going to grow up and if that habit sticks he is going to have some hormonal ass crazy parrots to deal with…

No. 636654

pettubers glorifying bird ownership is always such an ehhhh topic for me. parrots ARE amazing pets, but only for the right person. i'm just glad most parrots are so expensive that most kids aren't able to pester their parents into buying them one. quakers especially can be extremely noisy and feisty and get given up quite a lot.

No. 636702

don't forget, unlike reptiles and other pets, bird and parrots can get traumatize to the point where they start to pluck their feathers till they bleed due to stress and negligence. I follow a bunch of bird rescues and it's so sad to see so many birds that harm themselves from years of dealing with owners that just leaves them in their cages and ignored because the owners decided that collecting more pets to stock up on are cool

No. 636711

File: 1531625510822.png (52.98 KB, 519x265, Picture 3.png)

So acting was toxic, pettube was toxic, lolcow was toxic…maybe you're the toxic one, Em.

No. 636726

File: 1531627417889.jpg (22.77 KB, 424x353, hot car.jpg)

Literally acting out a ClickHole video unironically

No. 636968

So toxic my dudes.
>If you’re upset about Centipede - I cannot help you. I don’t care either that you don’t like the script or content. It wasn’t made for you, princess. I make movies for myself and I will happily say that I’m a selfish actress. I don’t aspire to win oscars or actively pursue a career in acting. I act for fun and take only the roles I think I’ll find challenging or interesting. If you’re upset by Centipede, lord help your opinion for my films to come! >>623985

No. 637077

File: 1531668894500.jpeg (342.82 KB, 750x553, BA2859ED-CA1F-4FB0-AA28-56972B…)

Just like why?? Does this group of tubers just run out of ideas so they put themselves or their animals in ridiculous situations.

No. 637095

Marlene mcchoen needs adding to this thread.

She claims to be a parrot expert, has lost a few of her parrots over the years to them escaping and flying away, constantly sexually frustrates her plucking cockatoo - jersey. Constantly makes attempts to get famous, and is now bawling her eyes out all over Instagram because she lost her moustache parakeet, but suddenly has a “rescued” Amazon that’s appeared out of nowhere.

She has a macaw. Currently 2 amazons, a galah cockatoo, an umbrella cockatoo, an African grey, a moustache parakeet and some finches.



Opinions anyone!

No. 637497

A lot of animal charaties and stuff do this similar stuff. It shows the more 'realistic' side to what heat can do to person (which would reflect on a dog) other than 'it gets hot'

No. 637501

Birds fly out it happens. However, why does she not mention how her bird got lost? The whole video is basically 'my bird is missing, i'm going to cry, i'm so sad, my birds are sad'.

Surely if your bird is missing you might tell people how to recognise him/attract his attention? I mean, I understand her crying but it seems a bit staged.

No. 637505


i recall in a video about him being lost she talks about her sister moving an aviary that she didn't know he was in and he got scared; she also showed a picture of him

No. 637598

Except that she didn’t use a thermometer…which would have been a better example of the situation. There is a vet who did this exact clip. With a timer AND a thermometer. I prefer to take the facts from a vet than this goof.

No. 637764

Agree. This lady has too many birds… like far too many…

No. 637767


No. 637776

(same anon but) FFS the amount of rats she has now. Her female rat likely impregnated by one of her own sons… as they weren't separated early enough.

If she doesn't wise up, she's going to be overrun in no time. Not to mention the mess she's going to have when all those males are hormonal at 6 months. Does she have enough cages if some need to be paired up, if they can't all live together? Does she know how to reduce dominance fighting in males? I'm guessing not.

Novices should not be keeping 13 rats.

No. 637812

Why do all these pettubers always bother their reptiles when their shedding, or bother their pets in general when they're clearly uncomfortable?

Steff, based on prior "Meet my pets" videos, has more or less than 100 animals(I'm taking in consideration animal deaths, animals she gives away, and animals she constantly "recuses", buys, or receives from people), and in this video Steff has shown 21 animals that she's never shown, add that to the 6 fish she "rescued", and based on the ending of the video she has more to show, AND she has said she wants more animals in the future.

I'm tempted to do what some other anon did with Happy Tails and keep a chart with all the animals she owns cause this is getting to be too much.

No. 637832

Checked this video out of curiosity because of >>637812

Skip forward to her holding her pigeon like it's an item, not looking at it's face (pigeon blinks nervously) and pets it for the camera. I was trying to see how someone can have around 120 pets and it seems she thinks of them as items she's collecting and not as family members.

No. 637839

gotta collect 'em all, I guess

No. 637938

I was also considering going through her videos and making a chart, but watching her is insufferable - she acts like a sassy black woman with her fried cabbage hair, while messing around with her poor animals that seem mostly terrified, I’ve owned ducks in the past - rehabilitated & released 3 of them… 10 years ago and raised a Russian duck & sent it to a sanctuary when it started attacking my Yorkshire terrier (7 years ago) , ducks are messy animals, they shit A LOT, and their shit is like green water, it’s not a small amount either, it splashes, the Russian ducks shit used to spread out over a square ft, easily, they are rapey animals & a horny male duck will go for anything with a pulse, so I can only imagine how her house is with a duck roaming around the house, and does she not seem to realise the risk of the cats; Attacking, or being attacked by the ducks? What is this woman thinking.

Also, handling her reptile & putting a motherfucking harness on him while he’s shedding?! WHAT?! I am outraged by her.

>>637501 Marlene seems more bothered about the “wild amazon rescue” she found now.
She’s gone off the subject of Picasso and onto the subject of the Amazon.

Not to mention she impulse bought a kitten a few days ago while going to shelters and looking for Picasso.

It is a giant fuckstorm and a slippery slope to go down.

Owning 3 birds & 2 dogs myself, (I refuse to take on any more - my dogs are both old & on their way out unfortunately) - i can tell you, 7 PARROTS, multiple finches, 2 dogs and a kitten is too much.

She was also hanging out with Caroline Von petzholdt who was helping search for Picasso, anything for a bit of extra fame I guess? (Caroline leeching off Marlene)

No. 637984

Any amount of parrots seems too much to me tbh. One, maybe two is like perfect (imo anyway, I'm guessing larger groups are better) but the amount of noise they make (used to work with parrots) can be insane. That in a house with several pets (one a young age) just seems like a mess.

No. 638062

I have 2 parrots & a budgie, it’s not that bad. (My family are always home and so am I)

The thing with Marlene is - she fucks off on holiday, works full time as an actress, & is generally always busy. Owning 6-7 parrots, that have the cognitive age of a 4-6 year old. Each..

Leaving them out of their cages when no one is home, leaves them open to fighting. 3 of them are not flighted that I know of - and her macaw has a history of aggression towards people & other birds - macaws are BIG BIRDS, he could do some damage.

On top of that there is a video of her dog “playing” with the bird, dog saliva - and human saliva are not good for birds, - the dog actually snapped its teeth at the bird & meant it in one of the videos, I will post the link here later today, but there is 2 videos I know of where the dogs have shown aggression to the birds.

I’m not saying birds & dogs shouldn’t be kept together as pets in the same house, I am just saying - if the dogs show ANY sign of aggression to the birds, they should be removed from the same room as the birds immediately - because either one could get hurt badly. -

No. 638358

Marlene also has a young chameleon and has had a duck in the past

No. 638362

On the subject of parrot ownership what do you think of Flock Talk?
She has two parrots, a parrotlet and a green cheek conure

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCBlTvJJe-GE8Z_yKnSofzwg

No. 638669

So someone spammed the TND thread with screenshots before a new thread link was posted, how can we link a new thread to it, is it possible?

No. 638677


The thread is still open, it's not locked. If you have a new tnd thread you just have to post a link.

No. 638690


it says it's reached it's maximum reply limit

No. 638701

Just link it here. People were being dumbasses on that thread and kept derailing and it’s locked now.

No. 638743

New TND thread


No. 639900

Anyone one know er bros? His leo enclosures seem small

No. 639918

I believe her brother also has a crested gecko that they bought the same time they bought the chameleon. I used to somewhat like Marlene, but I was so disappointed when her and her siblings impulse bought those reptiles just because they were at Repticon and it was convenient.

No. 641829

Does anybody find it strange that Emzotic used to have another BTS named Blue before she moved?


No. 642350

Brian bought another two headed snake…

No. 642399

The way that his wife talked about the snake made it seem that she thought he was absolutely buying it, even though he was claiming he'd only buy it if he thought it was healthy. Hmm

No. 642826

she abandoned/rehomed a bunch of animals bc she couldnt bring them to the US, probably left the poor bts in england

No. 642973

Not defending Emma, but if someone needs/wants to move countries and they aren't allowed/able to take all of their animals, they're allowed to choose to rehome them. If she had any CITES protected animals, it would be difficult/impossible for her to get them into the states. So that's not really something we can blame her for, since it's out of her control. Personally, I would never move if I couldn't take my pets with me but circumstances change.

No. 643037


Bbut that would be pet flipping!

No. 643203

whats happened to this thread? is there a new one? or has this died?

No. 643260


multiple reptiles, amphibians, birds and bugs all in one room. He takes out one frog out of the water with his bare hands to hold for the camera.

He says he has school and work ontop of his animals.

Hes planning on adding more animals to his collection and wants to breed as well.

No. 643794

The amount of times they /throw/ their birds…

That is the worst way to free fly a bird. It teaches them only that you are not a safe spot to land on because you will turf them off at will.

She does it to Hope so many times when he doesn't want to fly. Not surprised he gets aggressive and chases Willow. I mean he's practically been trained to chase other birds off (hawks, crows etc).

No. 643960

Why the fuck is she constantly screaming? Holy shit.

No. 644131

Hope chasing off the other bird was the most worrying moment for me. She made it seem like the bird essentially flew away alone but it was clear that it wasn't the case.

No. 644218

maybe the first or second time a bird flies away it’s understandable, but this is the fourth time that i know of that she’s had a bird fly away.

she had one of her first cockatiels fly away when she was younger, she got picasso because her other moustache parakeet flew away, and rocky (the macaw) has flown away at least once before (maybe twice if my brains not misremembering stuff).

she’s a fucking shitshow.


flocktalk actually has a lot of good recommendations and pretty good cages.

as far as i’m aware, she only has two parrotlets, zeeby and mia, and one green cheek conure, newt? correct me if i’m wrong but they’re the only ones i can find on a basic search of her social media.

they’re easier to care for than marlene or caroline’s parrots because they’re smaller, don’t need as big cages and use smaller toys, but she gives them WAY more enrichment than either of them do.

her care seems good, her advice is sound, and all her birds i’ve seen look happy & healthy.

don’t have any obvious problems with her.

No. 644458

It just died

No. 644878

She really is a shitshow, she doesn’t look after the birds properly, she lets them free roam the house and was talking about her galah cockatoo ATTACKING her macaw - who has a history of aggression towards other birds.
She is extremely lucky the macaw didn’t kill the galah, one bite from Rocky and Vinny would be history.

She’s also lucky Rocky hasn’t attacked the kitten she’s got, apparently Vinny is holding a grudge, but does she realise that cat is going to get much bigger than the bird and much more capable of doing damage since she leaves her birds, dog and cat all free roaming? It’s not like she can supervise 24/7, I get that entirely, there’s two of the most, I can’t think of the word, things that you can do as a bird owner, and that is leave your birds unsupervised and out of a cage all the time, which is dangerous for the bird, or lock them in a cage all the time, which again, is dangerous, but rather than physically dangerous, it’s dangerous to the birds mental health, she works a lot and is away for days at a time for events, holidays etc, which I am not saying bird owners can’t take a holiday once in a while, but with that many birds?…
Oh and don’t even get me started on her amazon. She “couldn’t afford it”, so she got YouTube to buy her it. Yet she can afford to look after multiple birds, afford a new cage and toys? And of course - she bought more toys for her other birds while she was shopping for her amazon, and bird toys are not cheap! A medium wood block toy suitable for an African grey/amazing is about £15, and that’s online, in the pet shops they’re more expensive! Pleading poverty then going ahead and openly spending a shit tonne of money after she got the bird, completely rubbed me the wrong way. It’s not like she hasn’t got the audience big enough to have a loving family adopt the bird, she just had to have it for herself, like a collector completing their collection, hers is exotic birds, hoarder much?

No. 647385

She lost her and her friends birds /again/. This time they completely flew off out of sight and she had to use her GPS tracker to find where Hope was.

No. 647386

The second part: where she finds Hope and he refuses to fly to her for a long ass time.

Bonus of her coming across someone who has some kind of mental disability and is dressed in Hospital garb, and not calling the police to get her some help.

No. 647546

I love how the birds look directly at her and completely ignore them. Not surprised

No. 647880

Wow straight up asking the lady if she broke out too, that's just pure shit. It may be the question that's most important, but I'm sure there are more considerate and respectful ways to make sure that the person is healthy/not in danger to themselves or someone else. The fact that she also put it on the channel even though the lady seems to be at least somewhat respectful… god she's absolute shit.

There's people in the comment calling her out and her stans have basically just disregarded it as ''well, you have experience with this and that's the only reason you're upset''

Ik this isn't about her pet care in general, but holy shit.

No. 649072

File: 1532729598714.jpeg (484.45 KB, 1936x1936, 50CD072F-7262-44D2-B8D1-718CAB…)

A few of Emzotic’s enclosures from her feeding all of my pets video. Top left is her extremely small ball python cage. She said her ball python gets stressed in anything bigger but maybe that because she doesn’t add any kind of plants or other clutter, and doesn’t cover up any sides of the glass. Second is her bearded dragon’s cage, she didn’t take the wood chips and calcisand out even after her sponsored video. And the bottom is her new blue tongue skink. She said it’s only like that for quarantine but you can do way better than that even in quarantine, at least a bigger enclosure. More likely it’s because the skink was an impulse buy.

No. 649088

(never owned snakes/dont know much about feeding)
was it okay for them to be swallowing the substrate when she fed them?
also, she didnt show Bess her Burmese Python - wonder why

No. 649187


Something about this girl irks me, just this video in general, has bothered me, I don't know if it's because she's forced open an egg sac and stressed out the mother spider, for the sake of youtube views or what. I haven't a clue, opinions?

"deadly tarantula girl"

No. 649404

Lmao quarantine cages don't mean a badly put together cage without substrate or anything. In a vet practice it may, but not in a home setting.

No. 649407

She pulled the egg sac at 28 days, the recommended is 30 (at least from what I found). The process of that generally depends on preferences but naturally leaving the mum to do her thing seems to be the better thing for survival.
I found that it's better to take the eggs out because it doesn't require for turning (? not sure on this) but also because it allows for even heat distribution.

No. 649525

If Em doesn't want her doves having chicks why doesn't she replace the eggs with fake eggs? Doves only lay eggs when the nest is empty so constantly taking them out puts an immense strain on the dove's body

No. 649934


Ideally, no. It's better to leave the food on a tray to avoid risk of impaction.

No. 650220

File: 1532868024886.png (165.72 KB, 750x1334, DCF0024B-243F-4A68-A1DA-D29941…)

Copied from HT thread. MNG randomly calling HT out?

No. 650664

I don't know anything about spiders, but with the way the mother was trying to keep her from taking the sack, I definitely feel like it would have been better to leave it. Made me very uneasy. If the mother was doing just fine, let her do her thing. She should have either taken them out immediately or left the sack in to birth naturally. Pick a route, don't leave it in and then rip it away from her at the last second.

Oh shoot I forgot to sage. Deleted and reposting, but that doesn't undo the bump. Sorry.

No. 650819

You’re projecting way too much human emotion on a spider. There were 14,000 spiders in that egg sac. It’s not feasible to leave it to “birth naturally.”

No. 650938

That's the main concern with leaving the egg sack with the mother, eventually (if not as soon as they hatch) they'd all have to be taken out of the tank and catching all of them is hard.

No. 652965

Not to mention mumma spiders also have a good habit of changing their minds and just eating the egg sacks.
I’ve had it happen unfortunately and a pissed of lady spider while you take the sack away is much better than thousands of deaths.

No. 653093

Is bhb bad i found a gecko i like and i want to buy it

No. 653761

I should be surprised that emzotic posted this video but I’m not surprised by anything she does anymore. Shaking my head it’s awful.

No. 654260

Ask a gecko forum not farmers.

No. 654633

Yes they’re bad!

No. 655489

clickbait title to make us think he is leaving his animal behind

No. 655498

File: 1533301185576.jpeg (177.3 KB, 607x958, 605DF4DE-5AF9-49FF-AEDF-B946B1…)

Taylor’s been bitching on Twitter about how Em is profiting off bullying her because she mentions it like once? I haven’t actually watched the video

No. 655500

File: 1533301289568.jpeg (143.02 KB, 556x785, B7DD1CBA-4766-4124-838B-A9CAAF…)

No. 656291

Marlene who's parrot Picasso flew off is now using a psychic/medium to find this bird in one of her newer videos.

No. 656351

Actually laughed.
Such a sad situation but she's milking it like no tomorrow.

No. 656896

Marlene's advising people to give homeopathic arnica pills to sick birds instead of taking them to the vet.

Sorta see her point about not wanting to stress out an already traumatised animal, but birds are so delicate and can go downhill so fast. The homeopathy just flat-out makes me angry though.

No. 656973

she is probably going to keep the bird as replacement of Picasso if she cant find the home I guarantee it.

No. 658265

Does anybody here know about camelandfriends? She is one cow that is suiting this general. Things she does include:

Begging people to buy stuff for her through her amazon wish list instead of having a job.

Constantly getting mew rescue dogs

Claiming that her wolf-dog is a wolf (despite there being evidence that it is a wolf dog)

Telling people to not own wolf dogs and saying stupid things about wolfdogs, which made her hated by wolfdog owners

Provoked her wolfdog ho attack her to make a video.

This is all the milk I have for you. Watch her well and you shall have your cups and jugs filled.

No. 658809

She actually doesn't have her wolfdog Lorne anymore, she gave her away because she had temporarily roommates who apparently weren't safe around him.

She also has had and has gotten a lot of animals over the years who have just disappeared never to be seen again. She does do some rescue work but some of these animals were supposed to be permanent additions but just vanished over the months.

No. 658869

I had to unsubscribe from Marlene. I thought she was someone that genuinely cared about her parrots and spreading responsible bird care.
Now she's doing collabs with that horrible bird woman, impulse buying animals, and posting clickbait videos about her birds 'attacking' people. Never been so disappointed with a pettuber.

No. 659468

What is the general consensus here about Viperkeeper? He doesn't exactly fit the 'pettuber' category since his snakes aren't pets, but I don't know what else to call him either. His care isn't quite up to standard in my opinion since almost every enclosure you see in his videos are VERY dirty with snake shit everywhere, the water dishes are often bone dry and full of substrate and many of his tropical snakes have trouble shedding. I don't think he's being neglectful on purpose, it just seems like he has too many snakes and isn't able to spend as much time taking care of each one as he should.

No. 659761

How are his snakes aren't pets?

No. 659839


He's talked about it in a few videos that he doesn't consider them pets. Apparently he mainly breeds them for zoos and venom labs (or at least used to, not sure what the current status on that is). He's also loaned/donated some of his snakes to zoos and at least one of them (Buzzard the king cobra) seems to be in one permanently.

No. 660051

I've seen him make a few digs at TND and other pettubers with snakes before calling them out.

I think his reasons for dirtier cages was not being able to spot clean often because many of his snakes are venomous.

No. 660390


Which is sort of why I'm on the fence about him. I get that taking care of venomous animals is tricky and takes up a lot of time just due to safety reasons, but having more animals than he can take adequately care of isn't really okay imo. Venomous and non-venomous have different thresholds of what's 'too many' and I think he's well past that if he doesn't have time to make sure his animals have decently clean enclosures and a steady supply of water.

No. 660948

The male version of Taylor? What do his lips look like?

No. 661191

What do people think of Em's new aviary for Grinchy? I think it's better than what he was in but I was a bit disappointed to see that the size of it is misleading as it's actually split in half so her doves can go in the other end.

No. 661289


He's a middle-aged fat guy, so better than TND's.

No. 661821

Yeah, Emz got that custom cage sponsorship. TND is probably frothing at the mouth while she compares Emz compensation to her own.
I thought it was funny how Emz brags about the aviary being ~custom made~ for her, but you can literally buy the exact same aviary on their site.

No. 662434

File: 1534028832101.jpeg (61.51 KB, 275x267, A6E90979-6D2A-42FC-879B-0463E0…)

At least Taylor has makeup on…looks like even that Pickles chick too! What’s up with the rest? It takes too long to apply? Natural is okay for some, but the girl on the left, Tori, is it? Makeup please.

No. 662436

Hmmm. The “discovery” channel girls aren’t included in any of the group photos I’ve seen. At least they invited them to dinner the night before.

No. 662455

File: 1534030233852.jpeg (128.45 KB, 750x467, 6C2FC4E5-F3A8-4D9D-8398-EEBC99…)

Tori goes with and without makeup on her channel too, she has pretty severe rosacea.

No. 662505

I think they all look pretty good, except wow Emma is looking huge.

No. 662506

Who are the ‘discovery’ girls? I thought I saw girl meets wild in the dinner photo

No. 662516

File: 1534038827396.png (595.14 KB, 750x1334, 4A0D1646-A632-484B-8AB3-214F09…)

Tyler got his first tattoo done by shitty ‘celeb tattoo artist’ Romeo Lacoste that has done all of Taylor’s tattoos what’s a bet it looks like crap once its healed

No. 662631

wow did romeo even try? wtf are those weird ass lines surrounding the arrow? it looks like he just stared scratching out a bad sketch. luckily for tyler, those thin lines probably fade considerably in about 5-10 years since romeo's work is known for not lasting

No. 662676


any other smaller creator who said they were attending the event but aren't in their little clique or don't have enough subscribers to be worthy so they made them stand in an entirely separate area

No. 662716

File: 1534078286854.jpeg (286.98 KB, 750x1139, 1FC1518C-050E-4CB7-B67D-580617…)

Aaaand this one, with the hanger onerers who still aren’t considered cool/worthy enough part of the ‘clique’. It’s just like high school.

No. 662722

File: 1534078486916.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, A38D5942-A2C0-44AB-84F2-F52EF2…)

So they weren’t allowed to bring their animals but they had ‘ambassador animals’ there?? How is that any different??

No. 662739

its because pettubers only see their own animals as accessories, and would rather stress them out at an event for entertainment.
strange how all the pettubers attacked brian for bringing animals to events, but when its the pettube clique its all gucci.

No. 662753

File: 1534083503520.jpg (151.61 KB, 1200x1200, petfestnoanimals.jpg)

same anon. the reptiles are from a rescue that they didnt even bother to credit. probably for the best since exploiting rescue animals for a youtube meet-up is ngl.

No. 662759

Lmao this wasn't even her idea a veterinarian did the exact same thing 6 years ago

No. 662765

whoa that post was literally from a month ago. way to detrail the convo from the real tea. are you a pettuber? /s

No. 662770

Lol no but i should have saged this.

No. 662774

Going through the retweets on the Petfest twitter, its so obvious how many people came just for Taylor, and did not give a fuck about the other pettubers. All the pics are of fans hugging/getting autographs from Taylor.

No. 662973

Did Em have a melt down over the Pet Fest thing yet?

No. 663177


What is that pose Taylor is doing? Everyone is smiley and happy and then she just looks like she really has to pee and is very mad about it lol

No. 663257

Honestly I’m sick of the ‘pet tube clique’ it’s like high school. Shame but probably for the best that the better educational channels aren’t part of this group. These just hoard animals and exploit them.

No. 663275

Why would she have a meltdown about PetFest?

No. 663279

Damnnn Emma chunky

No. 663281

You are so right! I don’t find a single one the the clique to be anything close to educational…they are all mini hoarders trying to be like Taylor. Every other video they produce is meet all my pets or feeding all my pets. No originality! No education. More like a competition to see who has the most!

No. 663328

Don't be a dick. People don't have to wear makeup if they don't want to. Not wearing makeup has nothing to do with their animal care or anything important, it's just you being an actual dick :/

No. 663376

Because it was a one-sided decision that she would no longer be welcomed at petfest after her posts on here were revealed.

No. 663534

File: 1534162028574.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, EC60CA5D-3383-4250-B3B4-A2CA0D…)

Did em get a new rabbit?

No. 663658

Came to this thread just to make sure that is actually Emma. She is unrecognizable. She's dressed better than Taylor, though.

No. 663899

Wouldn’t be surprised. Seems like Emzotic or Danny brings home a new pet every couple of weeks.

No. 664212

Those enclosures though… oof.
Hard to tell the size or what lives in them but they look so unnatural.

No. 667110

File: 1534528346832.jpeg (532.7 KB, 750x1010, 201F5E54-D997-457B-A06A-7B7B3C…)

I never cease to be amazed at Em’s complete and total lack of self-awareness. Dunnor why because she’s obviously a massive narcissist, but something about her combining it with her general sucking up to other youtubers makes the hypocrisy even worse.

No. 667241

Not quite a pettuber TM. But anyone seen My Favourite Groomer's videos?

- Regularly shaves double coated dogs so they're 'cooler'.
- Honestly just shaves everything that seems to come through her doors, regardless of situation.
- Lies about matts being on the dogs when it's either thick fur or impacted undercoat, both of which can easily be brushed out after a good wash.
- Does awful cuts on the shaved dogs, often leaving their front paws furry, or fur choppy. Has done lion cuts before that essentially consisted of shaving only the midsection of the short haired dog in question.
- Has used undersized muzzles on dogs
- Allows the 'pet parent' to help in the back, in some cases when the owner has struck the dog or yelled continuously at the dog, has said nothing.
- Always has an excuse for the poor outcome of the cut; claiming the dog was uncooperative or that they were too matted to cut well.

Right now their channel is full of 'summer' cuts. Aka. shaving more double coated breeds; leaving these dogs hotter and more likely to burn and get skin cancer, as a result.

No. 667580


>I don't have time to shit talk people

Spends 13 minutes talking about bullies on Facebook

No. 667583


"If you have time to leave negative feedback I challenge you at any time to call me and come in and do what I do. No questions asked. I have the courage to share some of the toughest grooming sessions with the public. My skin is thick enough for b.s. comments. But, I will call you out. This is a video that gives you just a glimpse of what happens here at the salon. I groom solo and when a job needs to get done there isn't a whimpy, "I can't do it" coming from me. I have over 12 years experience with senior, disabled, and aggressive dogs. I choose to allow the pet parent to get involved to educate them about their own pet and to help th