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File: 1633933666842.jpg (59.55 KB, 500x500, conspiracies.jpg)

No. 935591

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues, ect, are all welcome here.
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No. 935595

File: 1633934205799.jpg (60.73 KB, 500x469, tumblr_d97c3047e2811ec8ad69ce8…)

This made me think a lot. Everything is shit. Everyone wants the same thing: to control the masses with propaganda. They give you the same poison except with different flavors. It doesn't matter who you side with.

No. 935662

File: 1633946905503.gif (936.52 KB, 220x271, FCE2D61E-B761-48F9-8FD6-F762B8…)

The Drake meme became a thing immediately after I saw people on social media call out his predatory behavior with that 18 year old model and Millie Bobby Brown and interpreting some lyrics on his song as pedoy. I think his team is behind it

No. 935663

this is the true wokeness

No. 935669

>18 years old
please, for the love of god, go touch some fucking grass

No. 935671

Ntayrt but there’s a lot of evidence that he was fucking her when she was 16

No. 935675

I noticed that too, I think it was damage control from his team and possibly them trying to game the algorithm so instead of getting articles about him noncing on multiple teenaged girls you get fucking memes. I'm very sceptical of any memes featuring "celebs" as I'm convinced that the marketing teams are trying to engineer some of them so their client looks more famous than what they are. Like how a few months ago there was Da Baby memes everywhere. I'd never heard of him in my life and then he was all over the place? I smell an industry plant.

No. 935681

File: 1633949820885.jpeg (106.47 KB, 495x654, D086AAA6-11A2-44B1-8879-A3BD88…)

No. 935688

So it’s not weird for a 38 year old to seek out 18 year olds? And the texting a 14 year old Millie Bobby brown texting drake about ~boys~ and being good friends with eachother wasn’t weird? Also yeah he was seeing her while she was 16-17 she posted it on her Instagram.
Also an anon in a few celebricows threads ago said that drake has connections to a pimp with underage girls he trafficked, I’m not sure if I believe that but he is known for being a nonce

No. 935724

His programming must’ve glitched.

Is Drake the new R. Kelly now?

No. 936837

Drake is gross. We all know his "relationship" with Nicki Minaj was a coverup for his bullshit.

No. 936850

File: 1634062034024.jpeg (179.64 KB, 750x372, 70494E1B-50B3-43BF-9075-5B3C28…)

Liberals increment smallest and minuscule social “changes” to avoid the looming threat of revolution in the future which includes the shirking of their wasteful and decadent livelihoods

No. 936854

I could have sworn I’ve seen a clip of her when she was younger and admitted that Drake sent her very weird texts and that they were close friends. Vidrel is very uncomfortable to watch tbh

No. 936870

Quite some Sjws accounts are disappearing now or are simply being suspended ever since biden won

No. 936921

What's Lee from The Walking Dead point and click game doing in a wojak meme? kek

Job's done. We'll get a fresh batch of bleeding hearts telling us plebs who to vote for next election cycle.

No. 937111

Last thread some people were talking about other ways to communicate if this site goes down. Discord and IRC were both brought up. What if we started a Hamm radio channel and talked that way? It would be great on case of an interruption of the internet.

No. 937114

That sounds so fun, I’d actually be down!

No. 937198

I think Britney is still being under their control, she’s not completely free from what we’ve seen in her latest posts. Her boyfriend is her handler.

No. 937336

How much money do you think these people made

No. 937350

I thought the same thing. I don't remember ever seeing this dudes face until the dad just suddenly decided to step down (not at all believable after fighting so hard to keep the role) and now her boyfriend's face is all over the gossip rags. Don't they want to get married and have a baby? Sounds like a good way for him to trap her and gain more trust.

A decent chunk of money, I assume. At least to normal working people it would be but to the pampered university types they pick it's probably just enough to keep them living comfortable. TPTB would keep them in line with fear and violence, the money would just be a bonus to them.

No. 937364

Now you know why billionaires funds these
Same with soros
They made a bunch of money with this too i guess

No. 938211

File: 1634200197076.jpg (34.96 KB, 400x400, p2yRYxB.jpg)

I believe that RCDart was actually an elaborate troll, something about her persona seems to specificly made to poke fun of people like her. I believe that she began to get a low profile once she got into Calarts because she wanted to pull a Holly Brown and throw a drama tantrum at the school, but now that she somehow got aproved, she has to avoid drama.

No. 938237

I always assumed RCDart was a troll too. I was shocked to see people legitimately angry, like there's no way someone could draw like that and not know how fucking weird and bad it is. Also those coomer bait posts about trans Captain America (I think it was Captain America?) which was a really popular fandom at the time. It definitely seemed like she was taking the piss. But then again I'm an autist so what do I know about trolling.

No. 939922

File: 1634344110641.jpeg (57.07 KB, 900x600, 35117183-8C0A-4E94-947E-E399A3…)

Due to the abortion topic still being relevant, especially here in Texas. Commies disguised as feminists protested at my local uni and were shoving flyers onto students’ hands, myself included. They used signal words such as “muh patriarchy, misogyny, fight for women’s rights” while being vague (“revco”) with their name so dumb zoomers and millennials won’t get it nor what they stand for. It wasn’t scrotes whom were handing out flyers and asking students to start a revolution [against the Texas government], it was women - some were older and there were a few dangerhairs because what better way to indoctrinate the youth other than femininity?

In said flyers, they site judicial people and other politicians whom are fellow commies for their sources and nothing mentioning their communist ideology while filling the papers with sjw bullshit.

tl;dr: communism is sneakily being used by “activists” to indoctrinate unsuspecting college students for their own agenda, just like in the good ol’ days.

No. 939945

File: 1634345501051.gif (23.24 KB, 255x178, 1754.gif)

>commies disguised as feminists

No. 940041

File: 1634362264239.jpeg (13.6 KB, 320x180, bru.jpeg)

i remember being sooo pissed when her art came out. youtubers were making videos about RCDart nd shit. looking back its so obvious that she was just trolling though

No. 940054

The whole thing has seemed inauthentic from the beginning. Maybe I'm too deep in tinfoil but I generally distrust most big "news" and "movements" though free britney has felt especially weird. I would not be surprised if it was a plot to move her money somewhere else for someone's own gain.

No. 940071

Also it's not a new idea but every time a celebrity becomes a hot topic, pretty much any time now that anything does, I get this feeling it's an advertisement or some other socially engineered discussion. It didn't feel this way before but maybe because I was young or I'm going schizo now. Seriously, the new topic seems like Paris Hilton, also Megan Fox/weed guy, neither of them are particularly interesting or likable and the whole thing feels forced. Everything does now. Am I losing it? I guess it's not necessarily a conspiracy since things spread via the Internet making everyone have the same bland takes as each other to fit in. So everything, everything feels fake and boring. I guess that's how it is now. Have to add it probably always was this way, only less obvious since newspapers and magazines, even TV had less mind control powers than the Internet, where everyone is dying to conform

No. 940095

as an actual socialist please don't call the type of retardation these bitches follow anything close t0o communist, social thought that developed in the "western block" after the soviet union was developed by pansies and degenerates, people who knew they'd be sent to the gulags if actual socialism was to be implemented

No. 940096

what is actual socialism and why do you advocate for it?

No. 940097

I believe in a dream, that all men and women will hold things in common, where all the needs and necessities of the state are provided for

No. 940098

You are totally right. For months now we've seen a resurgence of stuff about paris hilton and megan fox and it has culminated on a documentary… which of course was filmed months ago. It's all seeded, never trust the masses, always ask yourself why certain things are popular

No. 940101

Thats actually scary to me anon
I don't want the state to control my necessities
Could you please explain why you think is good? I'm legitimately asking, I'm curious

No. 940102

I don't want anyone to starve, to suffer, to be left homeless and mostly I think humans need a cause to believe in
western communism lacks the nationalism and self degermation aspects which appealed to the masses of colonized nations

No. 940108

I think the goverment is too corrupt for that to work but I appreciate that you don't want people to suffer

No. 940266

Agree, I think anon has a really nice intention but there's no way that any actual world government could implement it without abusing the population to give more resources to themselves. Unfortunately it's just the nature of the kind of people who become high level politicians to be self serving and uncaring.

No. 940517

It's a nice idea but I wish these people would mobilise themselves. The government ain't gonna do shit but we can - every single one of us. Volunteering and donating doesn't have to follow a fixed plan like people think it does, if more people gave a few hours here and a little bit of money/resources there then there would be real, tangible change. I've met a few good socialists irl through volunteer work and my wagie work but the majority of socialists online come off as pretentious NEETs who want to suckle the governments tit while telling themselves they're a revolutionary for retweeting an infographic and putting the hammer and sickle in their bio.

No. 940783

File: 1634451023602.jpg (71.42 KB, 732x419, RTXD7BAG-732x419.jpg)

There's literal ethnic cleansing happening in the Tigray region of ethopia and no one seems to be talking about it, I mean the Rohingya were talked about almost everyone but the Tigrayans seem to be left to die

No. 941533

Anyone feel like people are going to start dying of the Covid vaccine very soon?

No. 941542

Ethiopian government is really good at covering everything up,who knows how much money they’re throwing to keep everyone shut up.
And lots of people are just so brainwashed and literally exhausted with their day-to-day lives, that everything is hazy unless they’re living the horrors with the rest of the people that are getting massacred.

No. 941597

No. 941636

Good, when it happens finally you weirdos will have fresh takes
Hearing antivaxers is as repetitive and anticlimactic as doomsday rapture scaremongerers. At least if it happened you crazy people might finally shut up about how it's going to happen any day soon.

No. 941643

File: 1634520868724.jpeg (478.38 KB, 1125x1131, 4D0EF5FE-D3F4-4161-9525-DC5357…)

I've felt weird about how pushed the vax has been but you guys are late, other antivaxxers have been saying "any day now" for a while already. It triggers my paranoia every time though (I caved and got vaccinated) so if I do die soon of a heart attack it will be from stress about this very thing, kek hurry up.

No. 941876

File: 1634548290243.png (303.72 KB, 799x396, imagen_2021-10-18_041032.png)

"Google's Incredible New Photo AI Makes 'Zoom And Enhance' a Real Thing"


this can't be good

No. 941901

File: 1634553103022.jpg (662.68 KB, 4582x697, asdasd.jpg)

Anyone else think that there's been this campaign to discredit the anti-pronography movement, it seems they've branded anyone whose against porn as being a fascist and racist, even the women involved are labeled as radical bigoted Christians and "transphobes"
none are even willing to write about the damage porn does to the women performing, no they just label their critics as being intolerant bigots and that's the end of conversation
the only one compliant by them I saw against pronography was that its not "diverse" enough

>Are there serious problems with porn? Sure. But we can’t have that conversation if we’re narrowly focused on poor men degenerating into antisocial incels. The biggest problem with porn, after all, is that people have stopped paying for it! Pirated content powers free tube sites that promise bottomless wells of dopamine blasts, making porn both more addictive and more accessible to children.

>If we started consuming porn ethically, we’d give a boost to better, more creative porn, and young folks could be exposed to sex that didn’t follow the pattern of bored kissing, bored blowjob, bored pussy-eating, bored missionary position, bored doggy-style, a little more bored blowjob, money shot. Paying for porn would also encourage productions with a more diverse array of bodies, skin tones and gender identities.

just kill me already

No. 941902

Isn't this basically the remini app?

No. 941903

>The biggest problem with porn, after all, is that people have stopped paying for it!
This is almost cartoonishly fucked up. They can't even hide that they don't see women as human beings lol

No. 941906

I'm so, so, so, so fucking tired anons. So tired.

No. 941911

It's 100% a smear campaign against anyone remotely anti-porn. Hell, even nofap bros get dragged into this because apparently not tugging your schmekel ten times a day is bigotry. I'm Jewish myself and I'm fucking sick and tired of "muh anti-semitism!" from Ashkenazi Jews who think that when the other kids at school laughed at their nose it was a hate crime. Jews played (and still play) a huge role in pornography and it's a dark stain on our community that they're trying to scrub out. The cat's out the bag though so that's why they're screaming blue murder about bigotry. But hey, at least they're being good Jews by following our wonderful Talmud's treatment of women.

No. 941929

>Hell, even nofap bros get dragged into this because apparently not tugging your schmekel ten times a day is bigotry
that's literally what's stated in one of the articles, which claims that being anti-porn and not being a coomer is a gateway to white nationalism

>David Duke and the Proud Boys may seem fringe, but the ideology has eked its way into the mainstream through ideas such as No Nut November, a month-long challenge not to orgasm, and a Reddit page, r/NoFap, encouraging its members to abstain from pornography or masturbation for long periods.

>No Nut November originated as a way to make fun of No Shave November, a self-explanatory challenge that was originally created to fundraise for cancer research. But the farce became real, r/NoFap contains long threads about the nearly superhuman benefits of abstaining from masturbation or sex, as well as many users, mostly men, posting how ashamed they are to masturbate or look at porn.

>The moderators of r/NoFap told Rolling Stone that they saw only a few trolls posting antisemitic content on their subreddit and the terms of use forbid discriminatory content. But adherence to the anti-masturbation movement can be something of a gateway drug into seedier corners of the internet that do traffic in antisemitic or white nationalist theories about porn, as well as racist or misogynist subcultures such as the incel (short for “involuntarily celibate”) community, which use similar rhetoric. It’s all part of the same ideological ecosystem; porn is seen as weakening and corrupting the otherwise pure white man — long a goal that antisemitic conspiracy theories have ascribed to Jews. It always comes back around.


No. 941938

Yeah, I noticed it bigtime when people were calling out pornhub for child exploitation and were being smeared as bigots for doing so. Look at what happened to Rose Kalemba, a video of her being exploited as a teen was uploaded to pornhub in the past (and she fought with the site to have it taken down) and people still called her a SWERF and TERF for speaking about it. One guy even went as far to try to find the videos of her as a child to spread them as revenge for "hurting sex workers."

No. 941940

from the same article

>Exodus Cry is one of the most visible anti-porn and anti-trafficking organizations, in part due to New York Times columnist Nicolas Kristof featuring TraffickingHub, an anti-trafficking campaign “powered by” Exodus Cry, in a column on trafficking. Like many organizations involved in anti-porn campaigns, the Washington state-based Exodus Cry is evangelical

>Exodus Cry’s work goes beyond preventing trafficking, but its anti-trafficking advocacy makes it easier to disseminate its more extreme beliefs — who is, after all, pro-trafficking? The organization, however, is against sex work as a whole, a stance that often harms the very people it purports to protect by reducing their agency and earning potential; Exodus Cry’s site claims that “all porn creation and consumption is destructive to human sexuality and that eliminating porn everywhere would be a massive win for society,” so it clearly hopes to eradicate the entire industry.

>Gira Grant found that many of the religiously rooted groups that back anti-porn campaigns have similar stances. It’s easy to bundle the moral beliefs against pornography with moral arguments against certain identities, elevating more pernicious antisemtic or anti-LGBTQ beliefs alongside the easier-to-swallow anti-trafficking campaign.

>More recently, the focus of most public discussions related to porn has moved away from fighting the entire industry and has instead honed in on trafficking. But the debate is still deeply tied to antisemitic ideologies. In April of this year, Vice reported that photos were circulating on Gab, a messaging platform favored by white supremacists, depicting neo-Nazi symbols such as the swastika and sonnenrad along with anti-trafficking T-shirts and slogans such as “End Zionist sex trafficking!”

so yeah, basically anyone against pornography and even sex trafficking is an intolerant, Christian Nazi bigot whose opinions shouldn't be heard

No. 941963

Those three articles say that the most liberating, anti-racist stance possible is supporting an insidious industry that does nothing but turn people into mindless dopamine junkies or dysfunctional husks repulsed by sex and intimacy.
So long they earn their coin, all is well. Not dystopian at all.

I feel filthy after reading these.

No. 941974

Nothing says anti-racism like supporting the industry that commodifies race and tells you that calling your partner racial slurs is actually very enlightened and hip if you get your rocks off to it.

No. 942050

File: 1634572207235.png (37.79 KB, 1208x234, Screenshot 2021-10-18 11.46.29…)

OSHA clearly posted on their website that they don't want to sway the COVID narrative, so they are taking away a requirement for employers to report any side effects of vaccination until May 2022. This is terrifying. At this point it's not even tinfoil, the government is doing it's best to cover up negative consequences of the vaccine.

No. 942056

No. 942074

This is going to sound silly, but that Steven Universe show had a malicious aura to me, like it did far more damage to this generation that people want to realize

No. 942077

Can you elaborate? I want to know more

No. 942088

My boyfriend’s grandma died after being vaccinated, she was very old tho. I think some elderly people can’t handle it sadly.
Another relative on my side is having really bad complications with a respiratory virus and pneumonia, she’s also older. This is just two people, but it is weird how they were fine before they got cvaccinated

No. 942106

They will mandate a booster every quarter from now on, just in the US that's several hundred million doses a few times a year billed to the taxpayer one way or another. With government shushing any obvious signs of shitty manufacturing and lack of thorough testing or real logical and statistical basis for mandating it on every human alive.

No wonder one of the most potent laws of power is to never let a crisis go to waste.

No. 942114

Nta but I can see it, with blob characters with no particular features, which are all engaging in different relationship dynamics that end up being toxic as fuck, that are painted in pastel colors to make it seem normal or even a good thing because even if they “criticize” those relationships, the characters end up forgiving everything and everyone.
Like, it’s a bpd animated manual on how to be a shitty person, and kids and teens ate it up like free, pastel colored Nutella.
Which explains why there’s so many toxic retards out there, it was easier to know when Steven Universe was popular, because all of them would “kin” the characters or have a “gemsona” but now that they’ve blended into other fandoms, it’s a bit more difficult to figure out who internalized the messages and who didn’t.
This is why cartoons for teens and children should be made by people who studied pedagogy or at least knows a bit of psychology, because kids, teens and even some adults are too easy to manipulate and to indoctrinate, and some of them are too retarded to understand or even see the messages that the shows are portraying.

No. 942119

As a eurofag I feel like most american cartoons have sinister vibes lmao.

No. 942126


No. 942135

I read this really good article on the sexualisation of childrens cartoons and how it's often subtle like with Steven Universe's "fusion" shit. I can't find it atm because google just suggests those "LOL isn't it funny how this fucked up sex joke got put in a cartoon?" lists but I remember emailing it to my stepmother so I'll keep digging. I have young sisters so I'm extremely cautious with kids shows and Steven Universe has always given me bad vibes. Isn't there gender shit in there now too? It's too much for young kids and will confuse them.

No. 942140

we die on halloween? nice

No. 942148

Yeah fusion is supposed to be a "metaphor" for relationships, children and sex all at once, which is kinda fucked up if you think about it for a second and cause of this, the whole process of fusion its self is made to be sexual

No. 942160

File: 1634580144496.jpg (36.92 KB, 500x379, 3905cd38dde22dee072e56e849d243…)

Honestly tho, hasn't that shit been in cartoons "for kids" since always? There used to be even more blatant sexualization in cartoons from before the 2000s.

No. 942164

God the character design in this shit is repulsive. I don't know how people could watch it and even adapt the style for their own drawings.
The fusions are extremely fucking creepy. Also the fact that the Garnet character is a fusion of two lesbian rocks is mindboggling. I mean by that that I hate the idea of her 'parents' giving up their identity so Garnet exists. Gross!

No. 942166

Eat all the halloween candy while you still can.

No. 942183

Every time a character did something wrong or fucked up they just cried their way out of problems, it taught kids (or teenagers, who were the actual main audience) classic manipulation tactics and the fact this is like the first show i see with this kind of narrative is…unusual, almost like it was teaching the now aidens how to bully people into believing their tranny bs, it doesn't help that series was also full of genderqueer/nonbinary references. I used to be part of the fandom and it was frightening how so many young people literally started to mimic these tactics and developed a victim complex the more they watched that series.

>>942114 gets it

No. 942190

File: 1634581909521.png (57.35 KB, 1232x552, retrd.png)

no wonder there was this retard anon defending porn on the current vent thread.

No. 942192

>so yeah, basically anyone against pornography and even sex trafficking is an intolerant, Christian Nazi bigot whose opinions shouldn't be heard

this is so fucking sad and infuriating. This is what the wokes always say to anything they don't like. "IF YOU DONT SUPPORT ____ YOU ARE A NAZI AND A BIGOT" and you would think this reply would be done and tired by now, but people still fall for it. I just hope humans have enough brains not to fall for this fucking trap.

No. 942224

File: 1634583829170.png (910.75 KB, 1280x720, imagen_2021-10-18_140346.png)

Holy fuck this
I watched steven universe back when I was in a vulnerable position, and I ate that shit up like comfort food. Dare I say, this series ended up making me fall into a rabbit hole of tumblr crap and it affected my way of thinking so much that I started agreeing with some liberal ideas that I would not be catch dead supporting them now. It also pushed me to transition (ftm) because "if the gems are genderless maybe I can be too". Never took hormones or anything but wew. If I was subject to this indoctrination and could get out of it, imagine the thousands of tumblr people who didn't get out. And now they spew their shit all over twitter indoctrinating more people.
>Which explains why there’s so many toxic retards out there, it was easier to know when Steven Universe was popular, because all of them would “kin” the characters or have a “gemsona” but now that they’ve blended into other fandoms, it’s a bit more difficult to figure out who internalized the messages and who didn’t.
Usually they were the ones who were like "I'M ALL SUNSHINE AND POSITIVITY UWU I WANT THE WORLD TO BE HAPPY UWU" kind of like pixielocks vibe with the colorful shit and overly happy optimistic crap, but deep down they're miserable and talk shit about others.

Like look at pic related, this is the people who were fans of that shit…

No. 942229

>you would think this reply would be done and tired by now
God, I wish. I've been called a coconut and a sell-out with regards to my race and a "self-hating Jew" and a "radicalised pseudo Christian" with regards to my Jewish upbringing. All because I said porn is bad or questioned other libtard narratives like transgenderism. The same people who bitch about politically apathetic and directionless young white people turning towards the alt-right are the ones who deem anything they don't like to be the work of the white man. These people will tell you they're open minded one second and then scold you for questioning literally any mainstream narrative the next. They're spineless little useful idiots.

No. 942234

I have to ask, what's deal with Ashkenazi jewish culture that produces these "types" of people

No. 942235

File: 1634584450118.gif (3.68 MB, 640x484, steven-universe-sexy.gif)

As far as I know, sexualization in 90's/2000's cartoons were more likely treated as a "joke" for parents to sit down with their children and consume the same media without being bored. Their reasoning was this: children's cartoons are too nice and good and adults are not going to watch them, so how do we retain the attention of the adults (the people who pay for cable and buy toys)? that's right we add some sexual innuendos that only adults will be able to understand. Honestly, 100% of these jokes I did not understand myself as a 90's-2000's kid.

However like this anon said >>942148 the sexualization of characters in steven universe is more subtle and not always treated like a joke. It's actually pretty serious most of the time. I think that's even worse.
Sidenote, but, does Steven have to watch these transformation each and everytime? Why do they show the transformations to him in detail? he's a kid. Plus as far as I know, even hugging someone could transform you into a new gem, so why don't they all just hug instead of doing elaborate sexy dances? if you say "it's for teens!!" then it doesnt make sense because it was marketed to children and teens alike

No. 942236

Is that good though?

No. 942253

File: 1634584990470.jpg (72.93 KB, 962x710, rgu31.jpg)

Rebecca Sugar cribbed a lot of imagery/plot points/etc straight from Revolutionary Girl Utena, which had blatant sexual imagery and themes because it's sort of a fucked up coming of age story featuring sexual abuse, among other things. The fusion sequences involving Pearl and the sword training arena in particular are practically pastiches of Utena. However, that shit has no place in a children's cartoon, even one that's trying to be """deep""" and feelsy like SU. Plus, the gems being officially genderless despite having female voice actors and being for all intents and purpose female fucking skeeves me out.

No. 942262

It's erasure of women, really. This is why we have so many trannies now. If humanity survives for 200 more years (hopefully not) maybe steven universe will be cited as the reason why there were so many trannies in the 2010's-2020's.

No. 942282

>As far as I know, sexualization in 90's/2000's cartoons were more likely treated as a "joke" for parents to sit down with their children and consume the same media without being bored.
That's true. TBH when I was a teen, I was kind of disappointed to find out that my favorite cartoons had dirty shit in them. I associated them with innocence, and yet… they were not that innocent. Now it doesn't phase me as much, but I'm still kind of ehhh on the concept. The best shows/movies for kids are the ones that don't need sexual jokes to be fun to watch for parent.
>Sidenote, but, does Steven have to watch these transformation each and everytime? Why do they show the transformations to him in detail? he's a kid. Plus as far as I know, even hugging someone could transform you into a new gem, so why don't they all just hug instead of doing elaborate sexy dances? if you say "it's for teens!!" then it doesnt make sense because it was marketed to children and teens alike
In one of the clips >>942148 one of the gems (Pearl?) covers Steven's eyes, I think it happens as Garnet gyrates and the fat uggo jumps into her crotch. I was super uncomfortable watching that, BTW. That dance really feels sexual. Same as that wall slam in your gif. A moment later, Steven does it later on with some space rock and… yikes. It's so inappropriate!!! I am adult and I'm uncomfortable watching those tumblr rejects shake their asses with a 'come hither' face or hump air.
Fascinating how Utena inspired both Scott Pilgrim and Steven Universe. Both ripped of the sword motive and both are things I'm not super fond of, though the SP comic is kinda okay, I guess

No. 942284

> Plus, the gems being officially genderless despite having female voice actors and being for all intents and purpose female fucking skeeves me out.
Which is funny because as far as I remember, they’re never referred to as “they” for example, garnet or pearl, when talking about them, it’s always “she” never “they (garnet) told me this”.
Like, it didn’t even follow the whole genderfandom rules like how it should’ve done, it’s weird that Steven Universe didn’t get cancelled.

No. 942291

>The best shows/movies for kids are the ones that don't need sexual jokes to be fun to watch for parent.
Yeah I agree! there are so many fun movies for everyone that don't have sexual things in them. They just have interesting, engaging stories and good writing.

No. 942294

File: 1634587142844.webm (1.08 MB, 640x640, bratz.webm)

Speaking of sexualization in children's media… what the fuck is this shit? this is from the official Bratz twitter. Since when this movie that they're parodying is for kids? And of course everyone in the comments is some kind of onlyfans woman.
Click to play.


No. 942302

I don't think that Bratz's audience is kids, anon. I believe that most of people interested in the dolls are millenials who grew up with them (and also saw this movie in cinemas) plus teenage zoomers into Y2K aesthetics.

No. 942315

The dolls are purchased for little girls though? and the cartoons were for girls too?

No. 942320

Really interesting that almost all shows with tranny/nonbinary shit were in some ways inspired by anime, and that most trannies do like anime/get their weird ideas from it. Anime was unironically a mistake, and i'm convinced its creation had malicious intent too, and its intimately related to this gender craze we have today.

No. 942322

Honestly? IMO it's the desire to be persecuted. Don't get me wrong, there is a religious aspect where mainstream western Judaism is, well, it's watered down. There are more strict and traditional sects but your average western synagogue will be very liberal leaning so this kinda attitude will be taught from a young age if they're practicing the religion. But they'll also be aware that most of them are living nice, comfortably middle class lives. One might even say they're… whispers privileged! And that just won't do of course so these are the type of Jews who will bring up their dead relatives who got killed in WW2 in a discussion purely for attention. I joked in >>941911 that they're also the type of Jew to think that gentile kids mocking their nose when they were 6 y/o's was a hate crime but I've literally heard Ashkenazim say that big nose jokes are "damaging" and "anti-semitic in nature" kek. You never hear the Italians bitch about their feelings being hurt because someone mocked them for their huge beaks. There's also the racial aspect to this: Ashkenazim aren't fully white from like, a DNA standpoint (although that's a pointless argument IMO) but most of them are very clearly white skinned and thus benefit from that which makes them seethe to no end, they're absolutely desperate to escape the role of "oppressor" so they invent these ridiculous strawman arguments like "not consooming porn is anti-semitic" to feel better about themselves. The only time I see Ashkenazis admit to being white is when they can berate themselves and tell other white people to stop being mean for allyship points. So you stick all these elements in a blender with online leftist culture and you've got yourself some Grade A assholes.

I know that not all Ashkenazim are middle class and/or wealthy of course but the working class ones that I've met are mostly down to earth and tend not to pull this shit.

No. 942327

Someone please post the weird piss hormone self injectable bottles from that one sketchy website that have loli/shota pictures of them. That shit is fucking crazy

No. 942343

File: 1634589491869.png (327.81 KB, 620x504, Screenshot 2021-10-18 4.38.02 …)

I wouldn't be surprised. Anime always made me uncomfortable and the kids who liked it were always extremely fucking weird. It was a red flag in itself. Looking back, I feel like I had a sixth sense with knowing to stay away from anime kek.

This one?

No. 942377

iirc Japan is pretty conservative and if one of those yellow fevered freaks were to go, everyone would be disgusted with them.
I honestly think the “trans” thing is pushed by the beauty industry and big pharma but anime have some play into it
also I am sort of a weeb myself and I don’t wanna believe it fully

No. 942381

Yeah those. Fuck. This is so disgusting. Looking at it again I just noticed the
>keep away from parents
shit on the label. God I'm so fucking grossed out

No. 942385

Is this real? Is it even legal wherever it is sold?

No. 942386

The person behind that scheme is a Brazilian TIM, he is (was?) a chemistry undergrad that somehow got his hands on industry grade materials. He was making it with random glassware and a pressure cooker in his kitchen, which I'm sure whatever retarded coomer weebs were buying and injecting wasn't just E2V (if he actually managed to synthesize it at all).

No. 942387

Tbh, while anime is literally autistic shit made by autists for autists, it really isn’t to blame, specially the actual mainstream stuff like naruto or demon slayer.
The issue is when retards without decent tard wranglers go to the internet and start getting into anime porn, they get groomed by literal pedophiles and then they continue the cycle of grooming and abuse by using colorful anime characters as their profile pictures.
If retards stopped producing/consuming the copious amounts of porn they produce/consoom, anime wouldn’t be such a big issue.
We need to bring bullying back.

No. 942390

>most of them are very clearly white skinned and thus benefit from that which makes them seethe to no end, they're absolutely desperate to escape the role of "oppressor" so they invent these ridiculous strawman arguments like "not consooming porn is anti-semitic" to feel better about themselves. The only time I see Ashkenazis admit to being white is when they can berate themselves and tell other white people to stop being mean for allyship points.
Literally I hate America because both liberals and conservatives are addicted to pretending this doesn't happen. We can all see that Ashkenazi people are white, but they're allowed to opt out and LARP that they're not whenever they feel like it, and everyone, regardless of political outlook, just goes along with it like NPCs. More proof that western conception of race is a made-up crackhead concept. They beat everyone over the head with their race obsession and critical race theory, but they have this bizarre fucking blind spot every time. How is someone like Tekashi 69 documented as white in government papers, but someone like Scarlett Johansson is to be considered not white because she's Jewish? Fuck off lol
Plus they oppress Jewish people who are brown or of African descent in Israel, but literally no one talks about it

No. 942393

Now I want Breaking Bad:
titty pills edition
Doubt Bratz are being bought for actual kids nowadays. Yes, they were for little girls in the past. The brand has died several times though and nowadays is mostly relevat to adult collectors. Kids collect LOL, Rainbow High or whatever Poopsie madness is on top (some of those are made by the same company, AFAIR). Bratz is the definition of banking on nostalgia. That's why they are targeting millenials/zoomers with their marketing. The Jennifer's Body reference wouldn't even resonate with kids.
>i'm convinced its creation had malicious intent too,
You are taking the tinfoil too far, anon. Anime wasn't always what it is now. You will see if you check the history of it. There is the Tezuka movie about a girl crossplaying as a knight/prince, but it's as harmful as Disney's Mulan.
>anime is literally autistic shit made by autists for autists
vid related kek

No. 942395

The sad thing is, since I'm someone who loves animation I still like some anime and know there are good anime out there, some of them less for coomers than the others. But you are totally right, anime is made by autists for autists. It's the sad reality. I'm tired of defending anime because you can only find so little good in all this pile of shit.

No. 942396

>The Jennifer's Body reference wouldn't even resonate with kids.
I know you're right anon! Like I totally see it… however I just can't shake the feeling that seeing that refference on something that was supposed to be for kids just doesn't sit well on me. It might just be me though.

No. 942398

>If retards stopped producing/consuming the copious amounts of porn they produce/consoom, anime wouldn’t be such a big issue. We need to bring bullying back.
It's like saying bullying will resolve the porn problem, is not that simple and corporations behind these are to blame, they're taking advantage of those people
I can't believe all this shit happened and you weebs still want to believe anime didn't have an awful influence on people in general, if all this situation doesn't make you guys realize the problem i don't know what will
>it's as harmful as Disney's Mulan.
You can't be for real, anime is all full of pedophilia

No. 942401

I see your point. Personally as a kid I've found Bratz unsettling, they seemed rather porny to me (though I know there were series in which the dolls had relatively normal, non-thotty clothes). I felt the same about later My Scene dolls
Learn to read cause you are arguing with some strawmen, not me. I was talking about early anime (60s,70s). I specifically compared Tezuka's Princess Knight manga/anime to Mulan.
I wasn't arguing that modern anime isn't harmful, pedo or cancerous. Just that it wasn't created with a nefarious intent, as >>942320 claimed. You know that anime as a type of animation isn't a new concept, right?

No. 942403

AYRT. You're preaching to the choir, anon. I'm (non-practicing) Mizrahim Jewish and an Arab born and raised in Israel so you can imagine how that worked out for me. Ashkenazim in Israel are absolutely unhinged and will protest in the streets chanting "niggers go home" and then go home to tweet about how they're oppressed because the meanie Arabs told them to fuck off back to Europe. I barely see any coverage of their behaviour in the west either. They cover the conflict, sure, but even then it's quite sanitised. But Ashkenazim holding great power in mainstream media is just a conspiracy theory, bigot!

No. 942411

Well you're right on that one, anime from those decades was pretty harmless, i was talking about 00-present anime specifically

No. 942427

I agree with you on that too. A shame since the medium has so much potential. Too bad that coomer's wallets dictate where the genre is going

No. 942462

File: 1634597639326.png (63.3 KB, 300x169, imagen_2021-10-18_175246.png)

There's still harmless things out there, you just gotta search for them. I like the Rilakkuma stop motion anime on Netflix and there's a seasonal anime right now called Heike Monogatari (pic related). Oh and there was one that aired last year about some cute hamsters called Pui Pui Molcar. Mushishi is also really good. I'm an adult though, can't say I don't enjoy other adult stuff (not hentai or coomer shit though).

I honestly think shitty coomer anime is popular because our society is just degenerate and disgusting. It's also why having an onlyfans is seen as empowering even though it's not. And also why a lot of popular music has to do with sex. It began in the 90's and we're just at the peak of this phenomenon.

No. 942479

Yep, and I would say the last five years or so have really shown the worst of that. When I was younger I could always find several currently airing series to watch, but the main reason I stopped watching any new anime for the most part is that seasonal lineups are so dominated by stuff like that these days.

No. 942533

I still don't get how SU has such an easily offended fanbase when the show goes out of its way to make some of the fusions as sexualized as the rating allows

No. 942662

Lolcow has been invaded by libshit left woke from twitter and reddit
They are ruining it

No. 942690

I agree. There's been more twitterfag degenerates posting lately (ex. that one anon who said they wanted to peg their boyfriend, pickmesha porn-chan, the fujo sperg). I have no idea how these people can call themselves feminist when all they're doing is degrading themselves as women kek. I guess if anything they're fighting to be as equally as degenerate as their scrote counterparts.

No. 942706

I can't believe they actually wrote ''Killing boys''. This is the death of Bratz. Tiktok trendhoppers will stop buying dolls and merch as soon as the y2k trend is over.

No. 942737

I was back in the previous celeb thread and I feel physically sick finding out about the picture shared accidentally by hillary duff of her son. The position is NOT natural, he looked restrained or prone, he was naked and there were white markings on him. Ok the most fucked up part is she made a tweet telling people to get a life instead of spread conspiracies about it— while providing zero explanation for that image existing, being printed out, and shared on social media. Then in her replies are a bunch of brainless stans (or bots??) saying it's normal and no one should be concerned and they were just insane haters. I'm sorry, I feel physically sick about this even though it was a year ago because nothing has come of it. There were a handful of articles by very small media sources on duckduckgo, but they were all in defense of her while calling people "insane" and "sick" for being concerned. Does anyone here remember this? How do you cope with the helplessness knowing the horrible things they get away with? Even if the pic has some explanation, she should have provided it, instead, no answer. It wasn't at all a normal pic of a child who happened to be nude (I mean the kind in old family albums). I feel so sick and also seeing how many replies were hidden, deleted, or accounts suspended to her post. I pretty much believe pedogate now because even if she is innocent, this should've made a bigger splash. It's so sick seeing the defenders of it, I don't know if I hope they were bots or the dumb fans they acted like, also several of them were gay men. "It's just a normal family pic of her putting lotion on her kid" why was he just lying there limply and the photo taken straight on?! I'm gonna puke I hate knowing that the most terrible shit happens and there's nothing any average person can do to stop it

I sage'd my rant/vent but to be of use here is the anon who first mentioned it, later in the thread she links to tweets about it, warning you may see the pic there. >>>/ot/543300 Any explanation for this is too convoluted and it fucks me up most that we never got an attempt, it was simply buried from the public

No. 942738

I want all the pedo sick fuckers to be exposed so bad and punished and for it to end

No. 942741

>If we started consuming porn ethically, we’d give a boost to better, more creative porn, and young folks could be exposed to sex that
Stop right there.
Not only do they want kids exposed to porn, they want it to be KINKY porn not that boring old "vanilla" stuff, let's show kids kweer bodies beating each other up to cum! Let's normalize all degeneracy so kids can share the love! I can't believe this world. I'm becoming more religious because every day the world proves that evil exists, each evil more shocking to face than the last, biblical proportions of evil. And they will just say it. With no consequence.
I want to wrap my hands around the throat of every one of them

No. 942749

You're right. They want exactly that - kids and teens watching porn. Kids watching porn is the reason the porn industry is the way it is today. Millennials grew up with easy access to porn as kids and it's shaped the whole industry… they want that to continue

No. 942766

I'd love someone to explain how to consume porn ethically..

No. 942768

What the fuuuck, I hadn't seen that before. That image is in no way normal at all. Tbh neither are tub pics. My family doesn't have a single photo of any of us nude at any age. The picture in question is fucking bizarre and it's even more bizarre that it's printed out, and I honestly don't feel comfortable jamming out to Hilary Duff nostalgia ever again.

No. 942775

Holy shit, I saw the photo and… there just isn't a good explanation for that. The way the kid is just lying there posed or, god forbid, drugged… this is bad. This isn't the normal kind of nudity you'd see in family albums and given that most families are more informed now and don't take tub pics or even beach pics in some cases makes this very egregious. The way Hillary Duff so brazenly has that picture there for all to see when she filmed that for social media makes it feel like she's bragging. Pedowood loves rubbing our noses in it that we're powerless to stop them.

No. 942777

The thing is that tub pics are much less weird than whatever that was, as in at least the kid is usually somewhat covered and being a cute baby (smiling or holding bubbles), but here there is no reason for this photo to exist or be out there like that

No. 942785

That and I'm coming to believe they want kids exposed to sex because a) they are pedos and b) it raises the likelihood of generating more pedos. Kids' developing minds are affected by what they learn or god forbid experience about sex, the least bad result is they feel insecure about their bodies which is already awful and prevalent, but the worst is when victims go on to offend. I think it's because they didn't grow out of the mindset of what they "learned", in that case it's like it's literally all they know from a young age. Even non-offenders can still spread degeneracy this way, there are many celebrities who act degen and you can easily find out where something happened in their formative years to lead to that. For example pete burns doing that to his body and all the rest, it's insensitive sounding but I had a hunch something not right happened to him and it did. It's sad and obviously being a victim does not at all mean it's inevitable or even likely for someone to become an offender, but if pedogate is real then the ones spreading this are hoping that over time they generate enough pedos, enough instances for this to be seen as normal or not a big deal. The same goes for kink stuff, the more you expose people to it especially at a young age, the more kinksters you get. Porn is generating more of them and it goes right to these people's wallets of course, and for them to talk about ethics… Shameless and so so evil

No. 942789

>>If we started consuming porn ethically, we’d give a boost to better, more creative porn, and young folks could be exposed to sex that didn’t follow the pattern of bored kissing, bored blowjob, bored pussy-eating, bored missionary position, bored doggy-style, a little more bored blowjob, money shot. Paying for porn would also encourage productions with a more diverse array of bodies, skin tones and gender identities.
huh?????????? pardon?

No. 942800

Tell me you have deranged fetishes without saying you have deranged fetishes.

No. 942809

Of course, anon! You have to consoom the porn that genderqueer folxs film in their basement because like, whoever can live without porn? Might as well get it free range!
So it will be amazing when in the future, kids of all ages, skin tones and disabilities will be able to create their own porn!
No more boring bimbo blonde babes giving boring blowjobs that are totally just filming for fun and not because they got trafficked/drugged/threatened.
Now we will have porn from people with Down’s syndrome, 100% legal shit, of course.
And more women and genderkeer folxs wearing hijabs while giving fun and entertaining blowjobs!
And empowered women licking anuses and pegging their trans girlfriends!
Just fun stuff that everyone can enjoy.

No. 942815

I feel like no matter how much effort you put into trying to make porn reach 'ethical standards' that the way men perceive women in porn and the way they go on to view women in general after comsuming so much porn.. that will always be a major issue that you can't stop, especially if you're producing more porn and putting more of it out into the world.

I was reading an article about riley reid getting married. The seething hatred that men had for her because she's a human being in a relationship and they don't think she deserves that. It doesn't matter if her guy is happy with their life together… no we must rip her down and shame her for being the exact thing that men demanded she be in the first place. Mens fucked up views of women once they've seen you sexualised are just an angoing issue that no woke porn director will beat. Mens stubborn, jeaous monkey brains are unbeatable if you're only feeding them more porn.

No. 942844

Victims of childhood sexual abuse are less likely to be sexual abusers than people who have not experienced childhood sexual abuse, stop victim blaming. 98% of pedophiles are male, and 90% of childhood sexual abuse victims are female. If it were true that CSA caused victims to become pedophiles, then most pedophiles would be female because they’re the ones who are typically sexually abused. Males who experienced sexual abuse during their childhoods are not likely to become pedophiles, they’re actually less likely to be pedophiles than males who have not experienced sexual abuse. You have it completely backwards. Experiencing abuse does not cause someone to want to inflict that abuse onto others, that’s ridiculous and ignorant. Sometimes when pedophiles are caught they’ll play the victim card and say that they didn’t know any better because they’re victims themselves, which is never true it’s just a desperate excuse.

No. 942866

Although I don't feel the anon you're replying to meant to overtly victim blame in their statement…..it's funny to think that "the abused become abusers" is such a widely accepted idea, everybody has heard this concept. I wanna know where this started and how the idea gained so much momentum …was it in the field of psychology or did this idea come from somewhere else? The percentages you laid out are so glaring and I'm ashamed I never challenged the idea more in the past

No. 942875

Wonder how pedos and the woketards defending them would argue that one, when you give them those percentages

No. 942879

File: 1634650955757.png (145 KB, 965x607, Screenshot 2021-10-19 9.37.25 …)

Isn't it crazy that OSHA isn't requiring businesses to report adverse side effects of the COVID vaccine, but they are compensating federal employees who experience adverse side effects?

If the vaccine is so safe and effective, why would they extend this coverage for it? Hmmm…

No. 942889

anon arr you fucking retarded? It literally says in your screenshot it's covered because he vaccine is required for employment. It therefore makes them liable if there are any reactions. No wonder you speds can't be convinced, you literally don't read the shit you cite as "proof".

No. 942891

I read it. It's weird because they are doing it at the federal level, but what protections is the government extending to those who work in the private sector? They're requiring employers to mandate the vaccine, but are not implementing the same coverage for injuries to those employees. See the difference?

No. 942893

Samefag, you can see a separate Burgerland government organization, OSHA, is eliminating the requirement for employers to report adverse effects of the vaccine here >>942050.
So why would they eliminate the reporting adverse reactions from the vaccine requirement for the private sector, but beef up protections from adverse reactions in the public sector? It's the total opposite.

No. 942914

I'm voting on lawyers coming up with the excuse for their clients

No. 942981

Why aren't they required to report adverse effects of the vaccine? Shouldn't that be one of the first things on the table to prevent harm to the population as a whole? Wouldn't it be helpful to have that data on hand, especially if it's significant/existent enough for them to cover the harm financially?

No. 943009

My question is, why didn't they have that important data BEFORE they administered these vaccines to millions and millions of people.

No. 943052

i keep thinking about this one customer who came into a few of my jobs at kava bars and would give me a different name each time but it was too far apart time-wise for me to notice and how the last time i saw him he told me he paid someone 25k to find any info about him online bcus he scrubbed it all. ladies did i encounter a fed or just a schizo?

No. 943061

>I wanna know where this started and how the idea gained so much momentum… was it in the field of psychology or did this idea come from somewhere else?
Psychologists/psychiatrists studying pedos and other sex offenders (mostly males, obviously) for some reason used to take the words of those criminals at face value. They corrected themselves in the last decades, but academia is still androcentric as fuck; they refuse acknowledging that men can be all types of fucked up without being diddled as kids. Women all over the world get messed with throughout their whole lives and don't go around raping and killing, but for some reason academics have to come up with all types of excuses for males being dysfunctional wastes of carbon.

Anyways, true crime media used the ~authority~ of academia, either through documentaries or books, then this pervasive idea about CSA survivors has become commonplace. Also, sob stories on tabloids and MSM about rapists and other psychos didn't help either ("he was a poorfag with a rough life" etc), it solidified this idea on public consciousness. Whenever it turned out to be a lie (those scum may not have had it easy, but they got no excuse for their crimes and were already monsters from the get go), their stories are "old news" and nobody cares correcting it.

No. 943223

Probably just a schizo

No. 943380

File: 1634677141882.jpeg (658.69 KB, 1125x1263, AA848980-E762-44C2-B387-0FEF34…)

Found "her" in the replies to political tweets, how much of Twitter do you want to bet is made up of paid shills like this? It's easy to feel demoralized lurking there but Twitter is 100% aiding these people to make it look as though everyone shares their beliefs, even without finding accounts like this you can easily see which opinions get hidden in reply chains and their # of likes changed/removed. I'm curious what % of "popular" tweets' likes and RTs are made up of fake accounts like this. It's a fake website, everything on the Internet is getting faker now, it's all theatre at this point and honestly scary.

No. 943404

File: 1634678092960.jpeg (672.14 KB, 1125x1580, 325E4069-9BA9-4AC9-8C2F-F64F3F…)

>If it were true that CSA caused victims to become pedophiles, then most pedophiles would be female because they’re the ones who are typically sexually abused.
Except men and women are different, men are more likely to act out and commit crimes in general so this doesn't refute the point. A man and a woman are not going to have the same results from everything. Of course female victims are a lot less likely to ever do such a thing. I'm sure most male ones are too but there is something, pic related

Anyway it's not victim blaming when I clearly said that it doesn't mean victims are all or even most of them going to become abusers. And I doubt they make up the majority either. But it's known that it can be a risk factor and has been observed as a thing, discussing it is discouraged though because obviously the knee jerk reaction is to call it victim blaming. I get it though it's a sensitive subject and I can't repeat enough that I don't think it means most victims are doomed to repeat or anything but there is something there. It's like how daddy issues can lead to girls looking for a father figure and victims also becoming more promiscuous in life to cope, people will literally describe their situation that way even on this site so I'm just saying even if the rate is very slow since most people would never ever hurt a child, sick pedos might count on it since it can be a risk factor

True, it is likely not a major factor like pic related says, my only tinfoil is that there are people who want to normalize abuse and may count on abusing others in hopes to spread it whether it works or not

No. 943421

This stuff makes me schiz the fuck out. That thispersondoesnotexist website has such an evil aura and it feels like a flex too.
>"Yep, we can make fake people and you're probably "friends" with a few on Twitter."
I don't have an account but I occasionally look at Twatter comment sections because it's like going to the zoo, and the amount of bot accusations is crazy. The problem is that democrats think only republicans use bots and vice versa. The me vs. you brainwashing has been very effective because these people seem incapable of looking at things without viewing it in a bipartisan way or even entertaining the idea that you can have things in common with your political "enemies" and even agree about certain things with them.

No. 943654

File: 1634699681153.jpg (28.55 KB, 600x314, -1QG4l0q.jpg)

Rachel Levine was made a four-star admiral today. I don't know why the fuck the Dept. of Health even has military ranks, but this shit is just insulting. "First female four-star admiral". I hope he immediately gets court martialed and keelhauled. I hope every retired Navy officer and sailor goes after him.

No. 943659

sometimes the world reminds me that they really do just hate women for existing and it makes me sad

No. 943667

I will seriously never piece together a sensical explanation as to how so many people just smile and nod along to this shit. Men, sure, they've never really given a shit about the accomplishments of women and by and large are more than happy to just see us subjugated…but the women of the world who yasss queen, or even just quietly accept this as a fact of life now shake my faith in what I viewed as reality.

No. 943672

I'm watching this tiktok iceberg. Some things are more disturbing than I thought

No. 943674

wow I honestly thought this was a shitpost at first but it's real. I'm only seeing him being referred to as the first transgender four star general in the top google results, not the first female. Still, litcheral madness.

No. 943681

You can still tell those pictures are AI made, but this is the one that really scared me. I had seen the first clip months ago before bumping into it again and finding out it's fake.

It's not a bleak future that's coming, you can already do this. If someone wanted to, they could doctor a video of a politician opposing the status quo saying something "career ending" and air it on the news. Even if it was outed as a fake later, almost all people would just remember the first airing and it would've already affected voting results.

No. 943682

second part, and I'm glad some people are calling out the weirdos who fake DID, autism and tics on tiktok

No. 943686

Last one, I'm very disturbed

No. 943693

Man, I don't know myself. We need a coup of massive proportions. I don't want to go all "Red Scarf Girl" on my neighbors but man, if they think shit like this is even slightly sane, then they can be conned into anything. They'd allow pedophilia if they were dripfed it over a decade, I'm sure. We either need a revolution or to have gigantic megafauna roam the earth and eat the feeble and retarded.

No. 943861

AYRT, yeah thispersdoesnotexist can churn out some nightmare fuel "faces" but IMO that would never be revealed to the public without TPTB having access to more sophisticated stuff. That being said it can still produce some very convincing faces that have been used in scams and catfishing. The Tom Cruise deepfake creeps me the fuck out. Again, it feels like a flex and the fact that Cruise is a Scientologist pings my schizometer too. Bad juju.

No. 944061

File: 1634746527066.jpg (260.28 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_20211020-214350_Edg…)

Man they are really doing this

No. 944086

File: 1634749049667.png (21.35 KB, 512x361, unnamed-3.png)

I wanna talk about the lack of real wars for a moment, we are in era known as the "long peace". in that since WW2 no true conventional war between 2 Industrialized nations has happened(with one slight and bloody exception)
sure we have civil wars, Insurgencies, collapse of states but nothing on the level of actual conventional war, states can no longer wage war openly as they did in he past and when 2 states have conflict its often one sided, Iraq steamrolling Kuwait with in a day or the US and UK toppling Ba'athist Iraq in 2 Months

I think the elites support this status-quo of war, they don't want peace but real war is risky and unpredictable, with this way of war they can justify spending millions in defense without any significant loss

No. 944103

I saw another pic from the guy on the middle on the news one night at 3 AM and it made me feel so nervous I couldn't sleep for some hours and had to talk to my friends about it. I don't know why something about his eyes fucks me up internally kek

No. 944113

Celebrities with private jets are all drug smugglers.

No. 944119

Maybe wanna mark those wristbands with a little star too? Just to tell them apart from fakes, of course.

No. 944132

More like traffickers of women and children

No. 944212

A purple star!

No. 944260

If I hear another liberal left explaining how this is actually good I am gonna chimpout

No. 944606

>unemployment problem
>yet they still lay swaths of people off for not being vaxed
>made us all lockdown and still have to obey restrictions/mask when covid has a .02% death rate, what are they waiting for .01%? and the lockdown didn't even do anything to stop it, and blm protests now won't get covered when they are against it
>for some reason keep letting in immigrants even ones with covid (to work low-paying jobs instead of making the conditions better I guess?)
>even though we also keep getting warned about food shortages (which feels more like a promise, "you have to accept this now" the way they talked about covid)
>near where I live there's now regular shoplifting in broad daylight where people scoop up a bunch of things and run out without being stopped, this isn't even in a bad area
Yet somehow all of this feels according to plan. Why are they ruining our lives like this? Yes "great reset nwo" what is it again? Are they planning to rush in some kind of savior last minute so we all practically beg for their solution? I wish they would cut to it already even if it's heinous, this frog being boiled existence is unnecessary torture. Worst part is how many people seem to be OK with this and repeat opinions from the news like robots.

No. 944623

I'm not liberal and i'm also very retarded, could you explain why is it so bad? it seems like a nice idea to protect the vulnerable from interacting with unvaccinated people

No. 944628

>we are in era known as the "long peace". in that since WW2 no true conventional war between 2 Industrialized nations has happened(with one slight and bloody exception)
because since WW2 the gold men(international monetary fund) and oil men(united nations) came together to create a world governance and they won't have it

No. 944638

File: 1634779935482.png (178.02 KB, 460x259, imagen_2021-10-20_203219.png)

anon you can't be serious

No. 944641

Please explain, i'm from a shitty country with no regulations so i don't really see the issue with trying to be more organized about covid

No. 944647

Why do you need protection if you are vaxxed, fucking think about it for a second? Why would an unvaxed person be dangerous when even vaxed people get covid.

No. 944649

anon please use your braincells PLEASE

No. 944650

I feel the same damn way. I am the only one in my family who is unvaccinated and outraged about everything happening. Everyone else just says "thats how the world is, just accept it" or that i am obsessed with vaccines because I look up related stories about policies in my country that are vaccine related. Thing is: how on earth can I avoid doing that when its held over my head constantly and it effects every area of my life basically? Cant travel, cant go out to eat, cant even find a job. I was mentally sick for years and I started to get better in 2020, but now I look back and think that I at least did not have to deal with the mental stress of living in the world I am in now. Everyone doesnt care when there are clearly so many issues with what is happening and when I bring it up, they say its on me and life would be better if I just got the vaccine.

No. 944655

File: 1634780954284.jpeg (88.7 KB, 600x1024, 9093E872-79ED-4335-A0B8-0682DC…)

>I was mentally sick for years and I started to get better in 2020, but now I look back and think that I at least did not have to deal with the mental stress of living in the world I am in now.
I had the same experience as this and feel the same way sister
>Everyone doesnt care when there are clearly so many issues with what is happening and when I bring it up, they say its on me and life would be better if I just got the vaccine.
Stupid bullshit, I got the vaccine and life still sucks around me. Also having health problems that I hope aren't due to it.

After I made the original post I found out about pic related, things might be about to speed up into the gutter.

No. 944660

Oh man, I could cry, I am so glad to have someone who sees what I see.

The vaccine to me just seems iffy because it doesnt work. Sure I can take it, but when will it end? I can enter a restaurant, but still would have to wear a mask, etc. This isnt normal and I just want normal back.

I hope not as well, just stay focused on vitamin C, healthy food, exercise, and all that jazz! I have no idea what country you are from, but if you have therapeutics there, I think it may be worth a shot. Therapeutics are all extremely hard to get here.

Also: I am very stupid, what does the headline mean?

No. 944667

Alright anon listen well
John and Paul are friends. John comes from a household of vaccinated people while Paul is skeptical about the vaccine. Everyone can have their doubts, and Paul isn't an antivaxxer. He just doesn't feel ready to get the vaccine.

John and Paul go to highschool together. They have been friends for a while. But then, Paul is labeled with a tiny golden star that says "not vaccinated". John and Paul think it's not a big deal, and they continue hanging out with their group of friends. "As long as most of us are vaccinated, it doesn't matter if Paul hangs out, because he's cool!" "Paul is cool, for an unvaccinated person that is."

Then, restrictions start to come. It turns out Paul can't get in the same classroom as John, and will have to go to an unvaccinated classroom instead. This does not make sense, right? Herd immunity and all that. But people don't want to risk getting the virus, so they are okay with it. However, it doesn't stop there. Soon enough, bathrooms for unvaccinated-only people start popping up, the furthest away from the usual bathrooms. "It's to protect people!" "Isn't it better if we are -inclusive- by giving them their own bathroom??" "That's what they get for not having the vaccine".

Suddenly, opportunities start decreasing for Paul just for being unvaccinated. "Sorry, we don't admit unvaccinated people over here" says a sign on the door. "We don't give jobs to the unvaccinated". "Unvaccinated people must carry an identification always" becomes a mandate. It's up to people if they want Paul inside their stores and shops, because just the sight of an unvaxxed person might cause a ruckus and uncomfortable stares from others.

John stops hanging out with Paul. "Sorry, but unless you have the vaccine, I can't go out with you. They'll think I carry the virus". "If you only got the vaccine…".

Places in town for the unvaccinated start popping up. "If they want to live without the vaccine, then they should go away to a place where they don't bother!". Housing and employent becomes a problem, because there aren't many places admitting unvaxxed folks. They can only afford to live in certain sketchy parts of town where things aren't great.

Finally, people are given two choices: either get the vaccine or die. Sounds familiar?

No. 944668

What does this pic mean?

No. 944679

Thanks non, I agree about everything. Even as a vaxed person it's too much. I think everyone is tired of the bullshit except those strange people who repeat media mantras with no soul in their eyes. When I think back historically to a time like during the yellow fever outbreak (a real thing not just a modern saying about weebs kek) they did some quarantine-ish things but the circumstances of that disease were so much worse (higher % of deaths; people vomited blood etc) and there is a vaccine now, which is said to give lifelong immunity. People forget vaccines are supposed to work. Anyway I always think how those outbreaks were so much more horrible compared to covid, not that it hasn't wreaked damage but wow. It's just strange how it's been handled. (Also thanks for your concern; I'm in the US and going to see the doc when I can get an appointment.)

Don't worry I'm stupid as well, but from what I understand it means China's economy is likely going to suffer a big blow, which in turn affects the rest of the world that relies on it (like the US). We'll see I guess. Maybe your country will be relatively spared if this happens, idk much.

No. 944699

You guys are so rude and for what? calm down, it was just a silly question about a very complex situation like covid, you should use this kind of energy with scrotes, i'm sick of you guys having attitudes with anons that didn't meant no harm

No. 944713

Meh I could say more mean stuff and be like "LOL THIS IS LOLCOW WE ARE MEAN GO BACK TO TUMBLR" but you are right. Sorry anon, for being rude.

No. 944744

and now drake is trending for a completely different reason, putting him in a good light.

No. 944760

No way pewdiepie isn't being used to perpetuate propaganda. One of the most popular youtubers and all he does is showcase other content. Hmmmm

No. 944788

Pewdiepie himself knows how to move masses:
>floor gang
>subscribe to pewdipie
>9 year olds
thats some of the stuff he says and his fans obey. Besides Mr. Beast, he's the most famous youtuber in the entire planet.

No. 944946

Whichever anon said drake is gonna be the next R Kelly…so right. And his team handles things in the exact same way. Wonder how many minors he's impregnated

No. 945875

>Mr. Beast
"Donaldson suffers from Crohn's disease" Karma's a bitch lol

No. 946566

File: 1634912203038.png (99.02 KB, 772x438, Screenshot 2021-10-22 10.11.59…)

Surprise, surprise, turns out that COVID did actually originate in a lab and the scientists fucked up by not reporting results properly!
Funny how all of these "conspiracies" about COVID are turning out to be true. Extended lockdowns, vaccine passports, this was confirmed to be a man-made disease.
And yet, people still trust the governments claims of "safe and effective"

No. 946577

Wishing you all the best for your appt nona! I am from Canada, so I am equally screwed kek

Not shocking at all, yet no one cares and this will be swept under the rug like everything else. Very hard to stay hopeful about anything COVID related & why is no country (I do know why but anyway) going against China and locking Fauci up? Sick of this!

No. 946584

And by the time people become compliant too.

No. 946589

File: 1634913838226.jpeg (27.24 KB, 500x612, 004AE2A3-8EDE-42A0-AD57-E2A5EF…)

The tranny/gender special agenda is still going strong.

We are no longer “biological women”, we are officially “bodies with vaginas”.

No. 946606

File: 1634915147586.png (1.63 MB, 866x1120, meat.png)

not even hiding the fact that they believe women are just pieces of meat kek

No. 946698

Thing is its not the idealogy be it liberal leftism or conservatism

All elites when look in the direction of china they dont see a power hungry organisation with its own military as they tell us
They see an authoritative fascist state with oligarchs controlling everything
They dont see it as something abhorrent they aspire themselves to be like china
They are in love with how ccp does things
Remember what Canadian president said how ccp could puppet entire china so efficiently they maneuver economy better than Canada

All this war against ccp and our freedom is in danger is bs
Ccp and rise of china is just another excuse in long line to bring about changes no one will even take notice of

See redditors laugh and smirk/scoff how Americans were fooled by red scare during cold war but they do same shit today against china and many other democracy is in danger oh no muh minority countries
Its an ecosystem
No war against liberals or conservatives in high echelon of society is going on

No. 946702


They pushes left and things like trannyism and islamophobia so that society becomes disgruntled
None of these things are easily acceptable by the masses and no matter people will no accept it

Arabs were allowed to spread radicalism in muslim communities
Theres a reason liberal left is so aligned with American left and argues for things that don't make sense natively

From chomsky to peterson or whatever are all playing the same game and no one is on your side

No. 946747

Same, all my friends who got it had their periods fucked up which scares me because I literally faint on my periods due to blood loss, I feel like if they get any heavier or longer I'd have to live in hospitals once a month or just die

Also, not saying vaccines cause COVID but me and most people I know didn't get COVID until vaccines were a thing and became widespread, including my vaccinated friends

No. 946800

It's all so weird and as time goes on, the more things seem to conflict or get sketchier.

I think it's weird that the FDA is authorizing booster shots for J&J and Moderna when they didn't even approve the first dose(s).

No. 946861

File: 1634931652498.png (489.24 KB, 392x521, 14CE797E-6C86-45FB-B50C-20B415…)

Video games are a psyop to distract young people from gaining practical skills and working towards actual goals. Literally engineered to turn you weak and dependent on consumer culture. Even something simple like Candy Crush is a waste of energy that earlier generations spent on things that at least tried to sharpen the mind (reading, crosswords, sudoku, etc.)

Try joining a local club based around a hobby that doesn’t involve that shit in any capacity. Guaranteed, you’ll be surrounded by Gen-Xers at the youngest and it’s all because millennials onwards are too engrossed in bing bing wahoo bullshit even as grown adults. It’s fucking sickening and demoralising.

No. 947022

Can't make friends your age in the hobby groups, then when you try to at least make some online friends, you get left out of the group because they always want to play video games together while you don't want to or can't cause you don't own the equipment.

No. 947024

No. 947314

I really really relate to this anon. Good way of putting the feeling into words

No. 947358

Jesus, they're going to pull the "black & brown bodies" doublespeak dehumanization technique on women now, too. Pretty soon the only people who won't be referred to as bodies will be white men, and somehow no one seems bothered. That black bodies thing seriously went memetic and I have only ever seen people here talk about it being creepy phrasing. Everywhere else just accepts that it must be goodspeak because some educated older black women used it in academic articles. It's fucked up, and dehumanizing at a base level, regardless of who said it.

No. 947403

I see more and more girls on tiktok, social media, etc. complaining about transgender nonsense, so hopefully gen z peaks before 2035

No. 947461

File: 1634978547585.png (66.05 KB, 1189x616, inclusivity.png)

The person who wrote that is a they/she. The editor-in-chief backed her up.
That article isn't bad, she writes "women" in it and uses that dehumanizing term only once, but putting it right on the cover was clearly her signaling how kweer she is.

"Person of color" being hyped up as a woke term was already sus (it's just a rehashed version of "colored"), my tinfoil that it was step one for this dehumanizing speech. White men will continue being called men and white, while everyone else will be re-classified with a string of words that is gonna get longer overtime (black and brown bodies, bodies with vaginas, pregnant people, etc). A silent us vs them, keeping everybody distracted, while the elites laugh at how pissed off or confused we are.

I'm not from the US nor Western Europe, but anything burgers do spreads around through soft power – first in Anglophone countries, then elsewhere. Even in my native language there are "progressives" (twitterfags and real activists) picking up this newspeak.

No. 947463

I mean yeah… If there wasn't videogames to pacify scrotes then they'd be shoting everything up. I hope vr comes around so more men just drop out of society and leave us tf alone. 80% of stress from my job is having to deal with Ytards. My own tinfoil is that work from home is very rare (even with pandemic) bc the scrotes at work need to lord over and hassle women or they'll off themselves due to their hollow life.

No. 947465

Schizo level tinfoil, but I'm pretty sure ai/hormonal diseases are the new covert way to keep women down, it was foot binding in the past now it's debilitating pain from hormonal problems and ai diseases. They don't put any funding into this stuff for a reason. Ppl like britanny venti also make it seem to me that chronic illness is going to be seen as a plus bc it makes women easier to control.

No. 947467

Yeah, I always found the phrase "person of color" so dehumanizing.

No. 947469

>britanny venti

No. 947472

wasn't foot binding only a thing in china

No. 947490

corset in the west

No. 947513

File: 1634985810036.jpeg (126.73 KB, 923x622, 89281D4E-C8AA-4FE1-ADDE-A4A9E8…)

It’s crazy how the conspiracy community is so male-dominated and anti-feminist considering what men do to women is the OG conspiracy. Read about men’s secret societies in tribal cultures and notice the patterns in modern-day organised religion and government. WE WUZ BENEVOLENT PROTECTORS AND SHIEEETTT is a myth as laughable as ancient aliens or melanin superpowers.

Men only pretend to care about women because (1) we can bear them sons or (2) another man told them to. All the evidence - even back down to our primate ancestors - points to a long history of rape, violence and terrorism. Research it for yourself. Males have a HUGE incentive to suppress, immobilise and control us (~evolutionarily~ as they like to say). And yet so many women instead think that feminism is the conspiracy here and that true patriarchy has never been tried. Give me a fucking break.

No. 947575

I'm dumb what is an ai disease?

No. 947585

Wait, what does Venti have to do with this?

No. 947614

You can't just drop this glorious schizopost and not explain yourself, nona. How did you reach these conclusions?

No. 947617


No. 947917

Bc they're still men in the end and want a free bangmaid. I don't care for male conspiratards bc most of them are easily meme'd into believing anything, and are always spreading fear porn. Imo female conspiracy theorists are the most based ppl, although some do fall for the fear porn too (usually chronically ill women so I kind of get why). I don't get the radfems who will accept that men have a boys club to keep women down, yet cape so hard for pharma or history books. Some kind of cognitive dissonance.

No. 947929

My personal tinfoil is that certain e-people in social media are not just allowed, but given free bots/views/engagement by the websites themselves. I refuse to believe some of those cookie cutter vapid people are actually watched or followed as much as the numbers say.

No. 947939

File: 1635017997743.jpg (17.06 KB, 275x155, 1631304612667.jpg)

Venti is chronically ill and uses it as a uwu I'm so fragile shtick, and men eat it up. It's the new heroin chic.
This is original schizo theory so bear with me while I give context. 1/6-1/10 women have hormonal problems, and 8% of women have ai (but it's been growing rapidly these past few years). Already know that medical industry doesn't give a shit about women. Those FB & insta groups around the vac that had women talking about how their ai got worse/their periods became fucked up got censored hard. Add onto that, I've noticed that there's a weird push to normalize chronic illnesses and hormone disorders. Even though in my grandma's day it was very rare for people to have them. Finally, pharma works by getting ppl hooked so they get even sicker if they stop taking meds, do you really think they wouldn't take this opportunity to make tons of new future customers with the forced vac? After all, autoimmune diseases and cancers are vague and can't directly be traced back to anything bc they take a long while to fester.

No. 948092

That anon posting those handicapped fetish artworks is selfposting/exposing us to her fetish, i assumed she just wanted to showcase this weird community but her insistence on posting over and over again even though anons have stated that they don't want to see these pics anymore really makes me doubt this has no malicious intent. Her last post is also weirdly worded.

No. 948097

File: 1635030096004.jpg (208.39 KB, 686x637, ais.jpg)

Change the search and put ''parabens'' instead and guess what, you get the same results. Parabens are endocrine disruptors and are found in almost any cosmetic product, including make-up.

No. 948099

The way the descriptions on that art are written, both the handwriting and the wording, stood out as a woman's work to me. Ifk if it's self posting but anyone who takes time to make such shit might get off to people commenting "eww wtf". Like a really weird version of munchausen by proxy.

No. 948104

File: 1635030339180.png (147.73 KB, 1365x422, screenshot-lolcow.farm-2021.10…)

This autistic, overly explicative typing reminds me of one of those fetish artist she was posting
She tends to insert gendershit in some of her drawings so i believe she's a woman too, but i could be wrong

No. 948111

>I don't get the radfems who will accept that men have a boys club to keep women down, yet cape so hard for pharma or history books. Some kind of cognitive dissonance.
This. I don't think I know any other girl into conspiracy theories but I see plenty of men believing in space cat succubus.

No. 948114

File: 1635031184123.png (58.69 KB, 500x323, imagen_2021-10-23_181939.png)

No. 948115

File: 1635031352401.png (349.31 KB, 500x625, imagen_2021-10-23_182205.png)

No. 948116

I don't think she's selfposting but yeah she should stop unless she makes a thread for that freak

No. 948117

yay pronouns

No. 948120

ew pronouns

No. 948130

I miss witchy xx on youtube. She spoke out against big pharma and vaccines on her channel while it was still up as well as radfem topics. The world needs more women like her.

No. 948143

File: 1635034944892.jpeg (21.93 KB, 407x286, 20CCA988-E846-4FB5-B682-6CC62E…)

The “rebranding” Radical Feminism has gone through (where it’s now all about shitting on trans people) was a deliberate infiltration to distract from the actual problem (males as a whole). GNC people are an easy target, not to mention that once you begin associating and agreeing with conservatives you’ve lost all credibility as a feminist movement. I can’t help but get the sense it’s all going to backfire spectacularly, that GNC women are going to be berated for not performing femininity in the name of Radical Feminism(tm) and it’s basically gonna become Libfeminism 2.

No. 948151

If you're schizo, I am too anon. I came to this conclusion based on mostly anecdotal stuff, so I feel crazy for trying to explain to my sisters why I refuse to take birth control or the vaccine. Even just telling them to switch to organic pads/tampons feels tinfoil even though it's made a SIGNIFICANT difference for me. I saw this video last week (of course the majority of it is centered around men) but the data behind it is eye opening

No. 948152

>switch to organic pads/tampons feels tinfoil even though it's made a SIGNIFICANT difference

interesting. I'd love to hear more

No. 948154

It gives me the shivers to think about how much time, energy and thought radfems spend on opposing TRAs when it could be spent on other feminist issues. But like, what's the alternative? Give them free reign to take over female spaces, make language we need to discuss our experiences and rights taboo, change the definition of women? Even while women are being abused and exploited and harmed in massive numbers all over the world, men managed to invent this whole new form of oppression that is so absurd and in our face we don't really have much choice but to fight it. And not only that, it helped form a massive division between feminists who might otherwise agree.

It's terrifying how quickly and efficiently they legitimized and weaponized a flavour of woman hating that is nonsensical and crazy by any reasonable standard. The devil works hard but moids work harder.

No. 948155

>GNC women are going to be berated for not performing femininity in the name of Radical Feminism(tm)
But…i thought radfems were doing the opposite? at least the ones that are here get very anal about women performing femininity

No. 948169

I used to always need midol the day before and multiple times on the first day and sometimes the cramps would be so bad I'd feel nauseated. I think using conventional tampons made it worse because I'd notice increased cramps/pressure after inserting one. Ever since switching to organic ones, my cramps are just uncomfortable at worst and there isn't any pressure feeling from using tampons like before. I haven't looked into it much, but I know tampons are bleached and there would be pesticide residue on the cotton used as well

No. 948177

This influx of newfags who are like
>yay pronouns
>lesbians go back to your containment thread
>porn is empowering!!
>jerma is a neogender supporter
>male vs female brains
Only means there's a tranny and libfem infiltration going on at the moment. Let's bully these people.

No. 948183

File: 1635038832165.png (136.56 KB, 589x489, noooo.png)

Anon, they can be traced back to something. Our use of seed oils is seriously what is causing so much chronic illness, obesity, heart disease, and causing our cancer rates to go up. I'm not joking - picrel. You can also look up any study that looks between heart disease and people eating "heart healthy" oils like canola.

The human body was not meant to eat these, they are incredibly inflammatory and that inflammation is causing our bodies to fucking break down. Hell a lot of them weren't considered edible back in your grandma's day, they were used for greasing machines (see cottonseed oil). And they're in everything. Your grandma ate stuff like lard, liver (liver is a great source of bioavailable nutrients, more than synethetic vitamins suspended in more oil), tallow.

Slight blog but I cut out all seed oils and my bloodwork (which has been fucked for awhile) came back all clear. My thyroid issues went away and so did my triglyceride issues.

No. 948192

Is lard better then? legit asking

No. 948199

My parents and their predecessors were farmers and they all cooked with lard since… forever. They had absolutely no issue with heart disease going back 3 generations and probably more. After living in the states for all this time, both my parents have had heart attacks in their 50s, along with chronic pain, migraines, and most of their issues have no real explanation besides "take these prescriptions".and "this is normal".

We are being slowly poisoned via plastics, fake food, and terrible water supply (you can research you local water supply and it's chemical contents- the majority of US water supply containes chemicals that are known carcinogens- these will not be filtered out and are usually a byproduct of manufactuing and industrial pollution)

No. 948207



Research this dead doc, there's some incredible podcasts about this.

Basically we need to understand that dietetic science is in it's infancy- as laughable and misguided as alchemy is to us now. Not to mention incredibly swayed by lobbyist interests.

We have for thousands of generations hunted exactly what is depicted on caveman walls- bison, hogs, etc. This last few generations, a blip in our history, suddenly think that incredibly processed oils of plants (which aren't cute and friendly- omega imbalance and oxalates) somehow makes us healthier. Luckily that aligned perfectly with big corn, soybean, etc lobbying.

No. 948211

You won't be happy to hear then that they're trying to add graphene shit into water now (it was approved in the UK).
Lard is good for you if it's from animals that aren't pumped full of hormones antibiotics and fed terrible shit. Good luck finding this kind of stuff though, better off going hunting, especially since lots of those organic grass fed farms are scams.

No. 948212

Seconded my cramps lessened when I started using cloth pads. I went full natural essential oil mom after finding out the always pads I used since puberty had carcinogens. I don't trust any of their shit anymore.

No. 948214

Nta but I thought the devil was basically male depravity personified, but called the devil so it won't make moids sperg.

No. 948215

I watched her before, did she get suspended for wrongthink?

No. 948259

One of the most disheartening aspects of all the shit in these products is how regulations claim the levels are acceptable or negligible. There's so much stuff not just in our feminine hygiene products but in our food and drinks that doesn't belong in our bodies. Since it's deemed safe people don't really question it or even read labels. I was going to put some cookies in the break room for everyone the other day but the first ingredient in them was "artificially flavored pecan bits" which was made up of 8 ingredients and didn't contain any actual pecans. Maybe individually the chemicals in these products are "harmless", but wearing carcinogenic pads for multiple days and consuming foods at every meal full of preservatives and artificial flavors/dyes puts a toll on your body.

No. 948273

Hahahahahaha I hate that that’s true and people can’t just call it what it is

No. 948300

Do you guys think menstrual cups are okay? I’ve never worn tampons exactly for the reasons you guys described, having to put cotton doused in pesticides and carcinogens in a delicate area terrifies me.

No. 948305

Don't do it anon, they sound great in theory but I gave myself a partial prolapse after a little while of using them, just research reusable pads instead.

No. 948320

how did you cut out seed oil? was it difficult? i feel like seed oil is in literally everything, i’ve noticed it because i’m allergic to a lot of different seeds so i check the ingredients on literally everything i eat

No. 948322

Isn't just normal olive oil ok? It's not a seed but a fruit

No. 948329

Hard agree. In my early 20s I started suffering from brain fog and depression. It was bad enough that it was interfering with my ability to complete my university degree. My doctor tried to prescribe SSRIs.

I did my own research and started eating a keto diet. After I went through the initial stages of keto adaptation all the issues I was having cleared up. As I went further down the alternative diet rabbit hole I made more changes to my diet and how I cook food. I stopped using "heart healthy" seed oils and started cooking with lard and beef tallow. I threw away my non-stick pans and replaced them with cast iron. I have had zero health issues since.

It can be difficult to remove them entirely. Usually the best you can do is minimize your consumption. I'm now a house wife so I have all day to cook everything I eat from raw ingredients in my own kitchen. This isn't possible for most people. What I would recommend doing is buying a deep cast iron skillet and learning how to make quick one pan meals. Other items like a cast iron dutch oven and a slow cooker (crock pot in the US IIRC) would help with making your own meals that can fit around what you need to do during the day.

For plant oils, olive oil, coconut oil and avacado oil are all safe to use. What makes seed oils bad is the ratio of omega 3 and omega 6. Seed oils contain massive amounts of omega 6 and this leads too much omega 6 in the body. It causes inflammation which then causes more serious illness. Humans should be eating a 1:1 ratio of both oils but the modern diet is more like 18:1.

No. 948332

What's wrong with non-stick pans?

No. 948333

Ive heard about prolapses before but so many people tend to brush them off as rare or impossible. Thank you for your perspective. I’d love to get period panties though one of the most popular brands, Thinx, had toxic chemicals including PFAS. I must admit I’m not terribly educated subject to make a comprehensive post about it though, there’s tons of articles.

I might go with reusable pads or a disc. Discs don’t create a seal or suction.

No. 948343

Non-stick pan coatings such as Teflon are made from polytetrafluoroethylene and perfluorooctanoic acid. Polytetrafluoroethylene degrades over time and cause polymer fume fever while using the pan to cook. Perfluorooctanoic acid is a known human carcinogen that has been linked with breast cancer.

No. 948528

The fact that most of this stuff causes breast and ovarian cancer is sus

No. 948544

Which thread has the 'porn is empowering' anons? I'd like to read that hot mess. Regarding the 'lesbians go back to your containment thread' anons - they are excruciating and make so many threads unreadable, especially Celebricows with the Doja Cat shit.

No. 948547

I like your mind anon

No. 948621

One of the recent vent threads (not current one though). That anon also said "kpop isn't infantilizing!!"

No. 949089

Have any other anons watched this? Thoughts? A previous Australian X-Factor winner posted this video on youtube (I think earlier this year), exposing freemasonry for what it really is. It's a must see for anyone into these threads. He goes into great detail about freemasonry, ties it into to satanism, pizzagate, hollyweird (anons who frequent the celebricows thread might enjoy this), and lastly into the great reset. I highly recommend you guys give it a watch and share your thoughts.

No. 949116

>watch this watch this watch this
why are you so insistent? cant trust

No. 949133

Have you ever met a freemason?

No. 949136

Why are you so quick to dismiss?
No. I've always found them interesting though. Why is it they have so much odd symbolism that's prevalent almost everywhere? And why do they have those super fucking creepy lodges everywhere too?
Reposting because I fucked up my reply, oops

No. 949141

My husbands grandfather is a freemason. I don't know anything about the symbolism, but I know he's legitimately one of the nicest people I know. There is a lodge he used to go to, and he and the other lodge members would organize community events, raise money, throw parties and stuff. He and his wife (who dies her hair purple and is adorable) were also ministers that took care of old historic churches in Canada. I don't know much about Freemasonry, I just have a very hard time believing this man would involve himself in anything sinister. Maybe freemasonry in Canada is different I genuinely don't know lol

No. 949145

Maybe it is. There's so many different lodges, not to mention sects and degrees. I imagine there's quite a few that are more oriented in helping their community, particularly the ones in smaller areas. The lodge in my ghetto area (that used to be small but has grown a lot in the past decade) looks like ass and I haven't really seen them do much for us.

No. 949192

It depends on what sect they are. 33rd degree and possibly up is where it’s at and where most conspiracies stem from. Look into the Scottish rite lodge as well.

We had an anon who’s relatives were tied to freemasonry and glowies last thread but was shoed away because schizoposting in the tinfoil thread…? Must’ve been glowies imo

No. 949195

>33rd degree and possibly up
But anon, 33 is the maximum degree

No. 949243

Wow i havent seen his face in years, I remember him dating a 16 year old girl i had on facebook at the time, her name was Samantha or something. He’s a pedo scrote I wouldnt listen to anything he says lol

No. 949254

Supposedly there is more than 33rd degrees, hence why I said “possibly”.

No. 949257

Freemasonry is just a boy's/networking club with extra steps. It's true that a ton of prominent men have been a part of it, but the power of clubs like these is in the connections men can form by being a part of them. Plus non-notable men make up the bulk of membership; go to any given graveyard in the West and you'll see a ton of randos with masonry, knights of columbus, etc symbols on their stones.
All of the gnostic bullshit and traditions/rituals are just justification for rubbing elbows and a way to form a bond around a common belief system. You can see this also play out in West Africa, particularly Nigeria, where initiatic secret societies are a way for men and women to gain access to more powerful people in the community.

No. 949297

File: 1635179404730.jpg (123.04 KB, 956x304, gaydumbfuckdumb.jpg)


Fauci wants to vaccinate essentially ALL children now. I like how it says "Fauci assured parents on Sunday", as though parents had been worrying their poor kids were gonna miss out on the chance to be fucked up from the vaccine.

No. 949299

They played a part in making the US an independent country, something your average high school teacher or college professor doesn’t tell you.

No. 949308

File: 1635180003844.jpeg (194.38 KB, 547x651, 6AA981E2-A84D-4DAD-822D-3A87A2…)

Wholesome 100 science man doing not so wholesome things. Redditors btfo.


No. 949312

Good. I never trust when americans start idolizing some public politician figure. It always goes wrong.

No. 949340

This was found out a few months ago. They chose Beagles because Beagles are eager to please and docile.

No. 949343

There are so many people on twitter trying to make snarky clapbacks to anyone who just heard of this, posting some chart of brands that do animal testing like "if you buy any of these brands it is the same as doing this yourself hurrhurr." It absolutely makes them shit themselves if anyone dares be critical of this guy, he's like their pope.

No. 949351

I mean, they're not wrong. Idolization is weird, though.

No. 949357

How is some grandma buying Purina food for her cats without researching Nestle the same as some guy knowingly letting a dog have its head eaten by insects? I don't want to start an argument and I think people should have more awareness about these things while shopping, but it just isn't the same level of fucked up.

No. 949359

They're not literally wrong, but the implications are different. Nobody is caping for Maybelline and there are no dicksuck documentaries coming out about Nestle. Fauci is seen as a national hero right now, that is what is different. Everybody knows corporations are evil and untrustworthy, people assume Fauci is a good guy. That's the difference.

No. 949367

I think the gross thing there is more about how much they can forgive / excuse this weird politician guy and paint him as saint

They're like "OH IF YOU EVER DO THIS, YOU'RE JUST AS BAD. YOU CAN'T CRITIZICE HIM!!!" when it's like… ok but he literally and personally grabbed some dogs and tortured them (alledgedly). Yes all kinds of animal torture is fucked and wrong, but somehow, because "everyone does it", he's excused and not a bad person at all? This is bullshit. It's cultish, brainwashing almost. You can't single out any of his flaws because he's somehow this perfect being… I don't think so.

No. 949372

the fact that people have any positive opinion about fauci is laughable kek i have yet to meet anyone who actually fell for the meme that he is a great doctor or that he has contributed anything of use throughout this pandemic or when HIV was on the rise.

No. 949373

>Nobody is caping for Maybelline and there are no dicksuck documentaries coming out about Nestle
Yeah, pretty much. Almost anyone can acknowledge these corporations are awful once they are brought to awareness about it (unless they are someone with a personal financial stake in pretending otherwise,) not so with Fucki

No. 949377

Twitter's filled with like 90% bots at this point, probably trying to do damage control and keep the sheep in line.

No. 949451

people don't want to dismantle the makeup industry because they are indoctrinated by it.

No. 949459

I can agree to that, but I don't think cosmetic companies are treated with the same hero worship that he is. It's more that we are just being memed into the idea that we "need" makeup as a society.

No. 949460

I knew Fauci-fuck couldn’t be trusted when I saw his face on the screen; he looks like John Podesta

No. 949475

>TFW you've been saying this fucker is creepy for the last year and immediately got thrown into the Qanon, gun toting christfags camp

Their psyop game is strong

No. 949507

How the FUCK does makeup still need to be tested on animals? It's the same pigments over and over. Mica, various red and blues, blah blah. Why do they have to rub that shit on bunny eyes when eyeshadow and such has been chemically the same since the 90s.

No. 949514

So true, everyone knows most makeup ingredients are shit for animals AND humans and yet this practice continues when it is all the same shit over and over. Things like that convinces me that enough money can turn almost anyone into a sadist like the heads of these corps who makes those calls

No. 949519

Beagles are the standard dog testing breed, as horrible as it is. It's been decided to only use one type of dog for consistent results and to limit cruelty (how exactly?). I think the docile thing is a meme, though it may factor into it too.
Anyway kill all fuckers testing on dogs and animals in general

No. 949565

We all know the pharmaceutical industry is EVIL. I decided to take Dercutane (isotretinoin) after 10 years of acne that made me miserable. Dryness of the skin and mucose is sometimes too much so I skip the pills some days. I'll only have to take them for one more month and then I'll be free. This got me thinking on detoxing my body completely and I was wondering if there's any mystical branch of feminism that celebrate menstruation pain or something like that because I no longer want to take anything for the pain, no pills at all, and I'd like to read someone's insight on how we can naturally fight the pain, if there's a moral reason to embrace it or if there's evidence that shows we can increasingly learn to tolerate the pain.

No. 949571

Weed is the answer. Not kidding, I don't even like it but I keep a little and take a dab or two every time I get strong cramps and it works wonderfully. You don't need much, I get to smoke a whole joint (mixed with tobacco, not even pure weed) during the 3-4 days of intense pain and not touch it until the next period.

No. 949593

There was a small discussion about this yesterday
I also picked up a lot of diet tips from https://www.balancedbeyars.com/ that I believe helped as well. I haven't looked at their stuff in a long time, but they have a lot of free information so you can find something that works for you without having to pay for any of their programs. There were also a few similar accounts like theirs on Instagram when I used to have it

No. 950090

period pains are not normal, despite it being so normalized lately. you should find the reason your body is in pain, it could be a hormonal thing, and then treat the root cause.

No. 950418

Thanks for the advice anon but, as I said, I want to detox my body and I don't think smoking weed or tobaco would help with that. Part of the process is to give up on any kind of drug too and eventually to cut out low quality food. God knows it will be tough for me not to drink again.
Yes, reading those posts is what made me express my own doubts. I don't use tampons but I do use plastic pads. Now I want to buy reusable organic cotton pads and see if it makes any difference. I will check that website when I can acces to it, now the link leads to a server error screen… There's definitely a link between menstruation symptoms and diet.
Yes, during puberty I had them painful and painless. I also believe I have PMDD.

No. 950568

Definitely not my area of expertise, but I’ve heard yoga can help with cramps (and also lessen pain in childbirth).
Personally I’ve always just endured the pain despite my cramps being absolutely miserable and debilitating. Building up a tolerance has made other pains significantly more bearable (and I’m talking broken bones here).

No. 950569

>period pains are not normal
lol on LC of all places

No. 950790

My guess is when people want to like, test a new formula to ensure all the ingredients don't have some kind of reaction all together, doesn't make it less cruel tho

No. 950870

Look into herbal medicine, idk what it's like where you live but we have a herbalist shop that sells extracts from herbs that help with hormone regulation and a lot of women swear by it.

No. 950907

File: 1635315993034.webm (2.33 MB, 240x426, 246524802_225935016298431_1205…)

I'm not an antimasker but this shit has gone too far. Tell me this isn't a way for furries to become more mainstream/common. Next we'll see a bunch of degenerates wearing furry masks outside. Transhumanism vibes. (click to play)

No. 950946

>Next we'll see a bunch of degenerates wearing furry masks outside
Afaik troons are the happiest wearing masks everywhere because they hide their beard shade.

No. 951113

File: 1635343686432.png (342.07 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20211027-085950.png)

as if mainstream media wasn't already untrustworthy enough

No. 951115

File: 1635343777524.jpg (133.09 KB, 640x480, crochet-hat-cat-ears.jpg)

Does this upset you too anon?

No. 951128

What did i said about leftist liberal being the fascists of our time after socialists and nazis


Well no wonder leftists and liberals like islam and all kinds of groups that are racists sexists and fascists but are advocated for because "muh oppresun"
Liberals/leftists have holier than thou attitude with a self proclaimed moral superiority over any other just like the religions and the oppressive groups they like to say they hate(imageboard)

No. 951132

Soros is linked to so many bullshit misinformed media
Vice used to be good before soros got hand in it

No. 951136

liberals have always been the fascists though

but notice this: all the progressive people who are all BLM and defund the police etc. are silent now when people are actually getting discriminated against in plain sight kek if they really cared for human rights they would care about what is happening to people due to medical choice

No. 951142

Its never been about human rights
Even mainstream feminism after the second wave hasn't been about women rights but a bunch of stuff along with it
Now its about activism and how anything that differs from liberal left view is fascist and racist and sexist
Even centre right and centre liberal is a nazi today
As soon as liberalism got mainstream and got adopted by people in academia and government it was over

No. 951171

You are 100% correct. Anyone who defies those views (which are seen as the only right views to have) is "extreme alt-right wing" or a "domestic terrorist". China is 100% laughing watching people in the West eat their own and on top of that, they have ensured a continuation of Western degeneracy through Tiktok which is a mental illness spreader which kids spend a lot of time on. Just keep dividing!

No. 951213

True af. We need a real one to translate Chinese netizens sneering at us for our lunacy. There used to be regular reaction articles doing that but I can't find the site anymore

No. 951343

That would be really cool, I should start saving up for one. Don’t know how to use it but it shouldn’t be too hard to find videos on it that can explain it to a tard like me

No. 951367

BLM itself hasn't been silent and they have protested vaccine mandates. I haven't seen or heard much more about it because BLM no longer has the support of white liberals or the MSM.

No. 951377

File: 1635361787225.jpeg (654.55 KB, 1920x2560, 1D7BDCFE-7408-4D0A-BC97-07A1D5…)

sorry for the stupid format, but I’m pretty sure I found witchy xx’s new channel through this podcast

No. 951382

The obvious sex robots that comment “see my boobs, link in bio” are a psyop to make real bots or fakes like >>943380 look more real.
Can anyone give me some theories about pronouns and gender stuff becoming so mainstream? Maybe it’s not sinister but it’s annoying as hell. You follow a random cat memepage and you see “trans women are women” “damn shawty what’s ya pronouns” I am so sick of it that I think of abandoning social media all together

No. 951391

do you honestly beleive anything about BLM is genuine? kek the went against the mandates only because some asian restaurant discriminated against black people because they were unvaccinated and all of a sudden they came out against it.

for people who were burning places down and looting stores before, theyre pretty quiet now

No. 951397

I think there is a part of BLM that is genuine. As far as I know it was a real grassroots movement that was hijacked and used as a political tool by Soros and the groups he funded. Notice that now they're going against the mainstream narrative of getting vaxxed they have no support whatsoever.

No. 951400

regulating pronouns is a facet of gender ideology which is a big money maker. hormones -> big pharma & psychiatric industry. cosmetic surgery -> beauty industry. the idea that you need clothes and accessories and appearance to “feel good” about your gender -> apparel industry. both billion/trillion dollar industries. it’s just another way to demoralize the population and make money from it. also, the rise of transgenderism (including pronouns and gender identities being fluid and changing) works alongside the over sexualized pornsick society we have and makes it even worse. Have you noticed how many trannies become sex workers, advocate for pornography use, and even became trans through porn? The porn industry basically molds a lifelong customer this way.

No. 951435

BLM is really about protecting black men and making excuses for them only, women and children do not matter. That's something about blm that is factual and not a conspiracy. If anything, the blm has really opened my eyes to the lengths that black women go to protect men who made it so they are killed every 6 hours in the US and have one of the highest deaths to homicide rates in the US. It's so unbelievably grim and depressing that black women can't let go of them because they are forever connected to them by skin colour and people not being able to tell them apart from men who are programmed for their demise.

No. 951441

Is there a way or movement to support black women?

No. 951444

Not personally, these just look like something a dumb elementary kid would wear. Unless you're suggesting it's adult grown men the ones who use it?

No. 951455

File: 1635365908567.jpg (152.8 KB, 834x1024, Tumblr_l_1007918612028998.jpg)

Going their own way

No. 951463

Someone's going to end up begrudgingly breeding with this faggot, I'll do a moment of silence for her rn

No. 951473

File: 1635366924625.png (20.73 KB, 290x274, BF3D5714-D7D2-4D69-8DC4-B6CF70…)

I'm getting more schizo by the day but will somebody tell me why did PFLAG choose these specific symbols when they correspond to the pedo hearts and triangles

No. 951481

Lol for someone who loves to racebait and "punch up" they are being anal about this a lot

No. 951488

Oh god I'm trying so hard not to racebait but this image is so true and not exaggerated. They act like this in real life too

No. 951499

KEK good for her

No. 951523

No you're right. I studied graphic design, and the thing they always tell us is to make as clear as possible what a business is about through their logo or else the design isn't good. I don't even know what this company thing is about, and I don't see any other meaning than what you just mentioned. A heart and a triangle? Like what other fucking meaning could it have when put together like that?

No. 951525

Sometimes I wish we had a black thread but I know it would end up a complete mess

No. 951530

There is one in /g/ from a few months ago

No. 951534

oh wait, that's a black girl problems thread, not what you meant ig. sorry

No. 951536

Actually you're fine, thanks for drawing it to my attention

No. 951610

On youtube there is a divestment movement but imo it's very unfocused and the guidelines need to be made more clear. For the most part, it's all about swallowing the hard pill about the reality of black men and their hand maidens (aka mammies) trying create an identity separate from black men. It's very difficult to recruit black women because feelings need to be crushed.

This is so painfully accurate.

No. 951807

File: 1635394313389.jpeg (5.85 KB, 273x184, download (1).jpeg)

Could it be a very dark reference to the pink triangle used during WWII? Apparently it has been reclaimed anyway, so it is probably just that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink_triangle

still couple it with the childish way that it is sketched in the logo, and it is creepy. but my guess is that it just a "gay triangle"

No. 951902

File: 1635403464435.webm (2.86 MB, 864x486, tumblr_r115xhXBLj1rzpzre.webm)

holy fuck (click to play)

No. 951907

is it truly reclaimed tho?

No. 951910


No. 951913

No, but also yes. But by the looks of your post it sounds like you won't be listening as to why, so I'm not going to explain it.

No. 951917

What is this? Link or Dropbox ?pleeeeaaaeseeeI’m on safari it won’t let me watch

No. 951926

I already know about the triangles, what's up with the hearts?

No. 951927

File: 1635404507832.png (221.75 KB, 1088x572, ewgrgrewgwrg.png)

No. 951928

I think it was posted last thread, maybe some anon can repost the picture here.

No. 951934


This is how they explain their logo's design on their website:
"PFLAG's logo is the key visual symbol that people recognize, know, and relate to our mission and history. The red heart represents parents, families, friends and allies, linked with the orange triangle, which represents the LGBTQ community. The yellow starburst represents the power of this united front to move equality forward."

If they really wanted to make a reference to the pink triangle, they should've actually made the triangle pink. Idk how an orange triangle represents the gay community…

No. 951952

Girllover instead of boylover

No. 951955

File: 1635406573846.png (298.07 KB, 1000x635, 1633471489307.png)

You mean this?

No. 951966

this isn't anything new, ever since the 90's black women have been pointing out how hypserxualized black females were in so many rappers music videos, these women(including women who were actual civil rights activists) were in turn insulted and verbally degraded by these rappers, these men were the so called "conscious rappers" that so many rap-fags bring up any time some one points out the bullshit of rap as a genre

No. 951973

Without having any prior knowledge of what PFLAG is and referencing the FBI sheet, I would assume it's a way for male and female pedarists to congregate with eachother. Considering the pedo-acceptance agenda, maybe this a subtle attempt at normalizing and being inclusive towards pedos? And I don't know if PFLAG is supposed to be read as "P-Flag" but that interpretation also lends itself to what I'm talking about.

No. 951983

File: 1635409128831.png (291.01 KB, 750x714, imagen_2021-10-28_031850.png)


No. 951986

so… which regions are we sacrificing lol

No. 952040

File: 1635414682385.png (27.46 KB, 504x352, fvsdfvdsvd.png)

No. 952043

File: 1635414790389.png (72.72 KB, 713x622, go.png)

tl;dr: Google and FB fucking over everyone's privacy and illegally making money, again

No. 952051

Post more please anon

No. 952070

No. 952142

Classic Twitter obscuring the facts for more outrage retweets. This dude didn't learn anything, because the document isn't a case ruling/finding from a judge. It's the complaint from Texas Attorney General that will be discussed at trial. The whole point of a trial is to determine what the facts are and who is accountable.
That being said, a lot of this is just common sense. If you really think Google doesn't track you because you're in Chrome Incognito Mode, or that the richest companies in the world don't collude to get more cash out of the public… Yikes.

No. 952262

Considering what's been happening between Israel and Iran, I would guess the Middle East. If you believe some sources, the area is already radioactive from the use of depleted uranium in US weapons.

No. 952270

There's nothing particularly damning about privacy in there; virtually every company tracks and sells visitors' data so that businesses can target ads more effectively. The real damning part is that Google has allegedly been engaging in some highly illegal manipulation of the ad market.

No. 952276

>Anime was unironically a mistake, and i'm convinced its creation had malicious intent too
I've been saying this for years, at first it was just a joke but i really started believing it after seeing how anime and the internet has been effecting our youth, from trannies to teenagers calling themselves and acting like "irl lolis"

No. 952277

File: 1635434420011.png (825.52 KB, 996x829, 1613600787011.png)

Anime is narcissism

No. 952278

Did hayao Miyazaki call it a mistake or is that just a meme lol because I too think most anime makes your brain rot like porn does

No. 952303

>self proclaimed queer theorist
Bullshit. I’ve been on radblr for an embarrassing amount of time and no actual radical feminist using the term queer like that, or queer at all because most are lesbians and it’s a damn slur. OP is making decent points but that bit is too glaring to ignore. Maybe a LARPer

No. 952304

File: 1635435893308.jpg (91.69 KB, 640x683, 3vaxykbceerhjyr52wsjcdjpo2t66k…)

that was a mistranslation and taken out of context, what he said was actually meaningful
to him Anime was/is supposed to be artform to tell fantastical stories, he's open about his disdain for otakus and otaku culture, especially the consumerism aspect of otaku culture

No. 952345

I don't know if this belongs here, but I have a crackshot theory about troons trying to push their troonisms on certain twitch streamers and trying to get them to troon out. Namely xQc. If anyone is interested I can explain further, or if this belongs somewhere else, I shall migrate with my tinfoiling

No. 952388

Discord tranny groups are a real thing, they seem to have a genuine desire to "groom" as many as young males to transition, its a fetish for them since they've destroyed them selves in their own degenerate fetishes and now wish to spread there filth to others

No. 952397

I just read this the other day and it's related. They most definitely groom, but streamers are the least you should worry about


No. 952402

I'm too lazy to click, but if like grannies are targeting porn users to transition I'm sort of for it. Let all the porn sick scrotes be trannies so it'll be easier to avoid them amen

No. 952405


No. 952461

Is this even a tinfoil? Trannies are pretty open about wanting to "convert" anyone they can get.

No. 952724

File: 1635457918777.jpg (228.53 KB, 1079x1395, Screenshot_20210801-081254__01…)

Everyone's more interested in useless arguing amongst ourselves in the COVID thread than really looking at the predicament we're in.

This is a good start.


We are just ants to them.

No. 952868

is no one going to be the least bit curious about the xQc part of this theory

No. 953421

Nta but he's a waifish and kinda feminine looking guy, so that's why troons would want to groom him into being one of them. It's just fetish shit

No. 953426

File: 1635498278096.jpg (214.99 KB, 1536x2048, pain.JPG)

No. 953431

looks like a serial killer, idk how anyone could find this shit appealing in any way
while feminine males can be hot, men in clothing clothes will always look like creepy serial killers

No. 953433

I'm an xqcfag and I hate troons though

No. 953434

samefag nvm I read the post wrong. they will never get him he is too himbo

No. 953455

Legit though, feminine men that troon out end up looking way worse and more masculine than they did before trooning out. Like that androgynous fashion model who became a troon (I can't remember his name). Women's clothing and makeup only accentuates their male features and body shape.

No. 953497

Andrej Pejic? Yeah, he pretty much killed his own career with this one. Androgynous male models are considered quite niche, while blonde female (or "female") models are a dime a dozen, and nearly all of them better looking than him, so he literally just lost his gimmick.

No. 953503

File: 1635509184454.jpg (302.58 KB, 1114x1669, 1635509032262~2.jpg)

No. 953506

Is this story invented or where is the tinfoil?

No. 953508

Tinfoil is where are they going with this
are they going to make pedophilia legal along with transgender

No. 953516

low quality post incoing, just came back here after a few days internet hiatus and I just wanted to say how stupid troonism is kek. I'm not bothered at all by the bending of sex morals or whatever, I don't care about people's fetishes, but turning your fetish into a philosophy, wherein the natural, well functioning body turns out to be "the problem", like gender-essentialism implies, is satire-level degenerate.

No. 953594

Not much tinfoil about the music industry is talked about here but this video is one of the many that truly reveals how to get in it, Gaga even shows us the mk-ultra process of it; though not much.

The song is still a bop however, don’t let that distract you from how fucked up it all is.

No. 953603

All I got from this is that if I don’t die from covid, I’m going to die from the vaccine. Great.

No. 953610

File: 1635517523970.jpg (458.13 KB, 828x2850, aaaaa.jpg)

The principal(the bald guy with beard) was also the chaperone on a trip when an alleged rape occured.
he's also the mayor of the town, idk all these things don't paint a pretty picture

No. 953668

May I ask how that video relates to mk-ultra? I'm curious. I've seen other music videos with hints at the way artists are truly treated (Bieber's Yummy comes to mind).

No. 953709

The hospital/psych ward at the beginning where she imagines herself and the nurses in designer clothes while admitting to dissociating from reality due to traumatic events, and the juxtaposition of the ballet scenes with her mental breakdown after finding out she didn’t get the record deal with Def Jam. Oh and her being headless at the end.

No. 953711

I saw this on twotter and thought it was super fucked but of course the replies were full of troons with their flag and she/her pronouns in the display names defending this as fun and normal for everyone. I don't blame the teens since this stuff has been grossly normalized to them, but every adult who attended and encouraged it needs to be on a list asap. Although it sounds like that one guy probably is already.

No. 953712

Ewwww I like feminine men but this image looks dirty, not in a sexual way but literally unhygienic.

No. 953729

I've always wondered, why do they (supposedly) put MK ultra imagenary in there if they don't want people to know? Wouldn't some higher up who pulls the strings prevent that from happening?

No. 953732

I’m interested. Do you have any reading recommendations?

No. 953734

Because normals and neurotypicals would just dismiss it as tinfoil.

No. 953747

This is from some streamer's Shitcamp thing, they all crossdressed the guys. I'm the original xQc groom conspiracy anon. He was very drunk and falling all over the place, it was really sad and disturbing to see.
I want to defend him though, so lemme just say this was not his idea, his gf dressed him up.
Part of the conspiracy is the fact that Ludwig said that someone posted xQc on a "dating site" (probably a Discord) and men were actually showing up to the location, which was undisclosed (how did they find the house??) with the explicit intent to fuck a drunk cross-dressed xQc, it's vile. The image looks so disturbing because imo it is pretty disturbing, he was wasted.

No. 953755

You should care about the bending of sex morals and wide acceptance of fetishes because it ends up completely brainwashing a society into accepting them. Fetish people don’t keep it to themselves, they spread it online and in person. And it only ends up negatively harming girls and women. We need to shame bdsmfag kinksters and fetishists and the like. “I don’t care what porn some rando watches and if he likes to tie up his wife!” but that man is likely in the workforce and works with other women and how do you think that manifests into how he treats his female employees/coworkers? Not trying to sound like a Puritan or anything but perversion and kink don’t exist in a vaccuum

No. 953781

It’s called “hidden in plain sight”, like with the pedo-symbolism. Normies wouldn’t get it besides “omg I luv u mother monsterr! You a stronk stunning woman!” as seen in the yt comments.

No. 953785

Ellen Paige was trooned against her will, that’s why she’s sad all the time despite “wanting” it.

No. 953788

Not even that. This grooming of kids will fuck them up mentally and they won't be able to be functioning adults with a job. Also with work from home men have really started to relax into their coomerism and do shit like watch porn while they're supposed to be working. Sure they can import ppl but that culture will remain, and then it's just a slow decline to third world levels with anyone well off moving to better places.

No. 953789

Well duh anon, can't have any lesbian being lesbian

No. 953790

i believe it, there were no signs she ever wanted to do that and it happened out of nowhere

No. 953799

if you can get the sheep to unwittingly help you "do what thou wilt" or manifesting as the kids call it these days, wouldn't you?

No. 953808

>"and he's a colonizer"
I'm fucking dying of laughter

No. 953811

and Jerma.

No. 953815

I really wonder how many of the clothes you find in bushes along and around the city actually belong to missing people.

No. 953825

Whenever I listen to the radio for a while I get a warm content dissociated feeling. Do you think they're putting subliminal waves?

No. 953829

That's just what it feels like when the government is beaming cancer into your brain kek

No. 953832

Twitch itself is a psyop. They literally let the US military stream on there to convince future school shooters to become cannon fodder instead, nuff said.

The covid thread is cancer, suddenly the "my body, my choice" stance goes out the window when it's a new vaccine that we're not really sure about. Thing is, I do think some of the people in there are intelligent but this movement uses a lot of social stigma and rational people get swept up in it not wanting to look like the big bad anti-vax peasant if they ask one single fucking question about the vax. Hell, I've been told talking about my bad side-effects is fear mongering. That thread is truly beyond help.

No. 953835

Inc the dose pls big brother I've had enough of this gay earth

No. 953841

it happens to you a lot?

No. 953843

Speaking of brain cancer I have some theories about that. I'm battling cancer myself and the "treatment" is worse than the illness; slowly killing my body and hoping that the cancer kicks the bucket before I do, it's fucked up. Cancer rakes in billions a year and the charities gets tons of money yet they can't cure it? I genuinely don't buy it. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows big pharma doesn't care about peoples health so why would they cure something so profitable?

No. 953861

Oh man I thought I was the only one here who thought that thread was pathetic. At least we haven't sunk so low that we need an "anti-covid vaccine" thread to reassure ourselves; we already know it's bullshit. Yet the covid thread is just users going "IT'S FINE, TAKE IT, TRUST THE SCIENCE" day in and day out.

No. 953864

Most drs and nurses don't do chemo if they get cancer that should say alot. Usually they cut it out, and take tons of supplements like Rick Simpson oil.

No. 953867

Those charities are just money laundering and get money from suckers scheme.

No. 953868

Smoke/eat weed along with your chemo. But in all honesty, I wish you well on your cancer battle, anon. I do theorize that the elites may have the cure but wouldn’t release it to the public (peasants) because “what about the money tho?” and they want most of us to die off like the psychopaths they are.

No. 953878

Yes, on a two hour walk in almost any part of my city, you're guaranteed to find assorted clothes in corners or greenery (among lots of other trash).
I'm thinking about making it a habit to to photograph them whenever I see them.

No. 953880

You might want to try a keto diet. The basic premise of this is that tumours require glucose as energy for growth. When you stop eating carbs and go into ketosis you're body stops producing glucose so the tumour can't grow or spread.
Here's a study with results that explains it better than I can.

No. 953882

It's amazing to me that they've filled up nine fucking threads purely by screaming "TRUST THE SCIENCE". It's not even an open discussion at this point because even people with genuine questions and scepticism get laughed out of there.

I've stopped radiotherapy and am taking all kinds of natural supplements atm. You know what? I'm miles fucking better for it. I've gone from spending up to 18 hours a day in bed to going back to work and volunteering. Total 180. The symptoms are still there but it's manageable, you would not know I had cancer if you met me. I've been considering growing and smoking my own weed as I've made a little network of friends with cancer seeking alternate treatments and they seem to be doing well on weed but I'm a former drug addict so I'm nervous about trying it.

Damn, I've not heard about this. Thanks, anon. I'm gonna check out that study now.

No. 953885

sound/visible subliminals are useless

No. 953887

>Damn, I've not heard about this. Thanks, anon. I'm gonna check out that study now.
It seems obvious once you understand it, yet no one talks about, not even doctors or cancer consultants. I guess cancer patients living longer and having a higher quality of life is secondary to food industry and pharmaceutical company profits.

No. 953893

tayrt, you're completely right. I think I meant to distance myself in the above rant post (that wasn't directed at anyone itt, I was just blabbering directionlessly) from the sort of indignation that is tied to one's own sexual identity, like.. I guess a lot of troons and handmaidens frame opposition to troonism analoguous to violent homophobia in western societies from the 50s onwards in that they assume people criticize troons because the existence of troons illegitimately threatens people's rigid order of gender identities or because people have closeted troon fantasies that they just cannot admit kek.
I agree with your broader point that wide acceptance and encouragement of kink is messing with people's character and relations and harming societies. Porn is a brainwashing machine and I bet MKULTRA research went into it aswell.

No. 953916

Source? That sounds interesting

No. 953920

That reminds me of how you never see optometrists get Lasik.

No. 953932

>I bet MKULTRA research went into it as well
Operation Midnight Climax rings a bell.

No. 953938

Average people are getting extreme side effects of the vaccine yet most celebrities and politicians are supposedly vaccinated yet we never hear about side effects from them? are they just being quiet about it or is there a certain company that creates fake celebrity vaccinations?

No. 953940

Some less prominent and older celebrities have actually died. Even some sports players and athletes have either become ill or died after having the vaccine. No one knows because the media doesn't report it.

I'll try and refind some links.

No. 953963

Here's one about NBA player Brandon Goodwin.
>In seemingly another Twitch streaming clip (same link as above), Goodwin doubled down on his belief the vaccine caused his health issues.
>"My back really started hurting bad,” Goodwin recalled. “Then, I’m like, ‘OK. I need to go to the doctor. That’s when I found out I had blood clots. That all within the span of a month [of getting the vaccine]"
>The point guard then said someone from the Hawks organization called him while he was in the hospital to let him know a press release announcing his condition was on the horizon.
>“‘We’re going to tell the press that your season’s over with,’” Goodwin recalled. “I’m like, ‘Damn. How? Like I don’t even, we don’t even know what it is.’

No. 953983

I'm watching a travel series and the guy presenting it is currently traveling to Saudi Arabia. But I'm watching the Muslim men praying and a small epiphany suddenly hit me: religion has nothing for women. Like, no substance, nothing to tempt them into it. For men, it's the hope of going to a better place when you die, or reincarnating into a better caste, or achieving enlightenment. But for women, none of that is really enticing when you realize you're still trapped in a compound with a man you were forced to marry and his extended family. None of the major religions have any major female religious figures (I ain't counting Mary because she was never seen as an authority figure with actual power). Religion is the ultimate way to keep a woman chained up and powerless.

No. 954046

I mean there was that one fairly popular country singer who talked about his side effects from his first dose very openly and basically got cancelled for revealing how life altering it was for him. I can't recall his name though. If anyone else knows and can chime in I would be thankful, I'm not really into that scene but saw his post being shared around a while ago

No. 954074

I am pretty sure DMX died due to vaccine related problems (at least people he knew said that)

No. 954123

Well, there’s Dave Mustaine who’s telling people the exact opposite…

No. 954273

File: 1635567757431.jpeg (754.56 KB, 3024x4032, wkuicg4cstd71.jpeg)

Seeing all the shrinkflation everywhere in stores and restaurants is really making me realize how fake and corrupt everything is.

No. 954275

I'm gonna disagree with you here, I think that's a very brainlet take regarding religion
religions don't start cause of men scheming and making everything up, its more to do, religions are in a state of constant reinterpretations, mistranslations, localizations, expansions, simplifications in a never ending cycle
its something that always evolve and frankly the way certain feminists talk about religious women in the past is offensive, doubting the sincerity of women's genuine faith in their God is misogynistic imo
your in the 21st century, you know why the sky is blue, you aren't scared of the dark cause you have lights, you don't have to deal with famine but in the past the world was cold and seemingly merciless, a God that died for you and offers you salvation is probably the only thing that gets you going

No. 954280

DMX didn’t fucking die from the vaccine he died from complications of a cocaine overdose you absolute retard. If you’re going to spread fear porn to other people just because you want to be selfish and not get the vaccine then at least do it right, it’s not even scary it’s frustrating that people like you are even allowed to have free speech because you shouldn’t. Shut the fuck up

No. 954282

You mad

No. 954294

Yes because I know for a fact you’re either an LSA refugee or a whole ass man yet you’re still allowed to post here.(infighting)

No. 954298

I didn’t make the original post

No. 954352

>you shouldn't have free speech because of some silly tinfoil
DMX's corpse isn't gonna fuck you, chill out

No. 954413

File: 1635580232827.jpg (59.86 KB, 728x546, 4f0ea774508640c39ad81d8a9ca99e…)

kinda late but his pr team is working hard to fix his image, what would adele and drake even talk about kek

No. 954415

Not sure if we're talking about the same person but that's what happened to Eric Clapton.

No. 954430

>only LSA posters or men say things I don't agree with
That's the spirit, anon! It's pretty bland, but for baby's first conspiracy theory I'll give you a pass.

No. 954465

Can you explain further anon?

No. 954536

File: 1635591256461.jpg (67.43 KB, 578x458, your papers sir.jpg)

The whole Covid vaccine thing has become so polarized you can't have a calm conversation about it anywhere. Showing any kind of skepticism will get you branded an anti-vax science denier and compared to flat earthers by the pro-vax people. They become so nasty and hateful when talking about this topic.

Today I saw a man in store yelling at some homeless looking old guy for not wearing a mask and threatening to call the police on him. It actually made me stop and think about how bizarre this all is. I mean, call the police because someone's not wearing a mask? Back when it all started I never could've imagined that one day I'd have to show my papers if I wanted to go to a restaurant or see a movie. Surreal times we're living in.

No. 954599

They don't see how bad it's gotten because it's a blind belief. Ppl believe that science and medicine is the one absolute truth, that explains everything and will save their mortal souls from disease/death. But they don’t have the knowledge to understand this “absolute truth” so they just trust in drs/scientists. Too bad drs/scientists are easily bribed and corrupted. And it’s very hard for the average person to try to learn this “absolute truth”, they make understanding research almost impossible with bunch of insider academia language shit.

No. 954608

It's brilliant. The real cause of all this is obscured and people are taking out their anger on fellow citizens instead of the vermin who funded the gain of function "research". Why shake your fist at the sky when you can threaten the old person sitting outside? It makes you feel so much more powerful too. The maskless heathen deserves to die and not have access to a hospital, if I go by popular sentiment on reddit, so time to rage on Facebook and sever family ties over a questionable vaccine and masks that are so ineffective they mostly serve as a social cue of submission.

No. 954644

So the solution is to give black women white bfs?

No. 954648

Not necessarily. Just have black women set their standards high, regardless of the race of men, and stop blindly supporting any black male just because he's black. We deserve better, real love and respect from the men we partner with, whatever race they happen to be.

No. 954712

The Provax crowd for whatever reason attracts the lowest and shittest people, explains why so many politicians with laundry lists of scandal's relating to pedophilia support it so harshly

No. 954740

as anon said here >>954648 its not about white men, its more about raising black women's standards overall
see african american women have on average slightly above rates of education and average employment compared to the general population, while on the other hand 80% of African American males don't even make 60k a year and only 23% of them have a high school level education, In fact African American women are in the only group of women in the world where members of the female sex have more financial power and higher rates education then their male counterparts

No. 954742

File: 1635616158275.png (916.75 KB, 830x631, erikson.png)

I thought this about DMX too. There was another older black celebrity (a jazz musician? I'm an european dumbo sry) whose family actually stated on Instagram something about "passed due to complications with the vaccine" but media just reported him tragically passing without mentioning the reason. That happened in early spring.
Then of course there was the case of picrel.

No. 954744

nonna ty for showing me this, makes my day

No. 954745

coincidence that he just couldn't handle his coke anymore after having gotten the vax kek

No. 954751

can you give some examples nonna?

No. 954828


Fuck "struggle love"

No. 954928

ayrt and yes thank you, that was him. I thought it was Eric something but didn't recall his last name

No. 955114

Don't most black women work for the government?

No. 955115

AYRT, if it's evolved, then why are women still not given positions of power within religious organizations? I know in certain sects of Christianity you can have female bishops, but why can't there be a female Pope? Islam would never let anything near that happen, so that's a waste of time, but why are there no women calling the shots within religion? (For the record, I like reading about old, archaic religion, like Christianity with the desert fathers and mothers. That was cool, it was like everyone was on equal footing.)

No. 955137

well with regards to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and the Patriarchs of the Orthodox Church, those structures were set up a Imperial power that wanted to continue its own existence but was afraid of the potential revolt of the growing christian populations
As for Islam that just started out as some christian off sect mixed with a lot of Arab paganism(like a lot) we don't even know at what point Islam truly even started technically speaking

No. 955245

Acting is cringy for the same reasons dancing is cringy

No. 955252

You can't dance I see

No. 955260

Priests and the pope are male in Christianity because they are supposed to represent the apostles and Jesus on earth. Women aren't forbidden from administering the Liturgy, there's just roles that they aren't allowed to take. Nuns for example have their own liturgical worship that doesn't require men.

No. 955270

I meant to post that in the unpopular opinions thread and now I can't delete it, fml

No. 955271

Dababy was the hottest new rapper in the world like 2 years ago when suge and has been big since

No. 955274

Nah,they are male because those are powerful and influential positions so they want them.

No. 955276

it's ok nona, I'm sending you some of my mighty dancing powers. Worry not!

No. 955277

It's really unsettling to see people become so wrapped up in this hysteria to the point they only see other human beings as data markers. Nobody should be okay with tearing down another person or potentially sacrificing their loved ones "for the science" while overlooking that those were once people they would have cared about. People far and wide have just become so unfeeling to anyone who steps out of line in the slightest, it sucks ass.

No. 955463

This little sneak at my work takes photos of people not wearing masks in public spaces (which isn't fucking illegal here) and posts them to his twitter bitching and moaning about muh safety. In person though? Total fucking wimp who's only got balls when he's getting passive aggressive in group emails. He even tweeted about me not wearing a mask all the time because I have asthma and got nerf'd by covid at the start of the pandemic; he was saying that people shouldn't be allowed to be medically exempt. Absolute psychopath. The pro vaxx movement attracts these people in droves though, they're spineless weaklings IRL who found a loophole where they can insult people and borderline bully them under the guise of "public safety".

No. 955567

Control freaks like him are everywhere in every age, in NYC there was literally a "report a covid restrictions offense" hotline. Ppl are saying the Nazi comparisons are stupid and over the top but seriously. I'm afraid of getting sick and needing the hospital because I honestly think they'll screw up on purpose to hurt me more "as retribution for not being waxed"/force me into getting waxine. Already see tons of medical ppl saying ppl who don't have the wax shouldn't get medical care.

No. 955710

File: 1635709586827.png (114.09 KB, 1080x724, Screenshot_20211030-221949~2.p…)

Bold words from you Missy
Didn't you know leftists are anti nazis

People have been saying this for years tho and all this time these obnoxious people just keep giving excuses "oh no its not so bad, oh no I don't see anything wrong with grooming gangs, what grooming gangs, those culprits are actually victims of you oppression, those are conspiracy conservatard oh now what you believe in flat earth cmon, oh no islam means peace,

Oh no they take your data wake me up when the ACTUALLY do something horrible, that data is just so government can do its job

Man they have been at it for decades this is something not new
You see it now because of this pro Vax anti vax debacle
They have been at it for literally decades

No. 955714

File: 1635709848358.jpeg (1.75 MB, 3000x3698, dafe6050-d171-5bb4-9e9c-9de1eb…)

This LOL doll company is definitely run by pedophiles. Too many instances of creepy shit coming from this brand.

No. 955717

they also made bratz, make of that what you will

No. 955719

and poopsie slime surprise… we're getting onto something here.

No. 955725

File: 1635711027793.jpg (60.56 KB, 600x600, drawing_with_dog_asshole.jpg)

The CEO of MGA is Isaac Larian. You'll never guess what his religion is.

I recently saw this abomination in a toy shop.

No. 955750

AYRT, I'm Jewish (non-practicing and ostracised from the community because I'm deemed a right wing nutjob for pointing out how many Jews are in positions of power kek) and any IMO any Jew crying about aNtI-semITism is part of the problem. It's just a comparison - an accurate one, might I add - no one's pissing on our ancestors graves and it's worse that these people are content to let this kind of fascism happen again. The hotlines freak me the fuck out. "Oh you wanted to breath in fresh air outside? I'm diming you in." If anyone needs to be put on a list it's people like that who turn on people so easily. I'm in and out of hospital a fair bit and I hear a lot of nurses gossiping and bitching about the unvaxxed a lot. It's amazing how openly they'll state their wish to deny care to them. They're even worse on social media, although I'm starting to wonder how many are bots. Is it me or did a lot of medical professionals pop up on twitter during the pandemic? I don't even have an account but from my occasional lurking there I've seen huge amounts, oh and it just so happens that they're all leftists who support all the mainstream narratives. Nothing to see here though!

I keep seeing these in toy stores and they skeeve me out. I won't let my sisters have them or bratz or anything like that.

No. 955800

One of my relatives posted a pic of her son on Facebook with the guard suit from Squid Games: another “Most Dangerous Game” show where elites watch the plebs being hunted down for their sick pleasure. I wonder if desensitizing children and adults to shit like this is part of the preparation for watching series like this involving irl hunting games in the near future? We do know (some of us schizos at least) that tptb does this irl but with children. Not too long ago, The Hunt was released and before that; Hunger Games was huge in the 2010’s.

No. 955810

this could be said about every piece of fiction set in a dystopian society. at least you're self aware though

No. 955815

Squid Game is being promoted a lot in media lately and it makes my schizophrenia tingle. I think it's desensitization to the world going to absolute shit and us having to fight our fellow man for the right to survive while TPTB piss themselves laughing at us.

No. 955824

File: 1635717814447.jpeg (147.45 KB, 640x800, D1A3F748-92A5-4583-B542-AA2720…)

Literally the dumbest take I’ve seen ,and will ever see, in this decade

No. 955842

All I remember of this brand is that they made a baby boy doll with a peen and there was some controversy around it. Make of that what you will I guess.

No. 955845

What’s so dumb about it? Or are you just going to act better than everyone, over some anons feeling weirded out by something. I don’t think it’s wrong for them to think about the kind of messages that are out in media. Although I am biased because I do agree with them.

No. 955861

nta but 'the most dangerous game' has been a common trope for a long ass time.

No. 955871

Wasn't america mostly settled by Germany ppl?

No. 955901

what's tptb? toilet paper turban boy?

No. 955903

You’re sensitive as hell. Aluminum hat

No. 955907

do you guys think that there actually is a male janny

No. 955909

I think there is

No. 955914

The elites/Illuminati/etc.

Why are you here then?

No. 955919

I’m here browsing wbu

No. 955920

All jannies are tranny-adjacent regardless of biological sex

No. 955924

Not poking at tinfoil hats with “muh skepticism”

No. 956092

I think it's just bait, if getting new farmhands were really that lax then some cow would have infiltrated and deleted their threads by now

No. 956884

My favorite tinfoil ever is:

The new generation of young adults after zoomers are going to absolutely despise them. They'll talk so much shit about them and restore some normalcy to society.
Crossing my fingers.

No. 956887

that would be great, but remember that zoomers were supposed to fix millenials lol

No. 956900

I have a playlist on youtube of toys like this. Some of them are downright henious, the worst is the one where you stick a syringe of liquid in a hole on the doll's butt, plug it and shake it around, then squeeze it back out as "slime". Something is really off with whoever is making these toys, I don't know what the goal is or if there even is one, but syringes and poop is a common theme in a lot of them. I'm wondering if they're normalizing something to come.

On a less tinfoil note, why are they always dressed in fishnets? How does no one else see this as blatantly sexualizing women at an increasingly young age?

No. 956902

Millenials might be self absorbed and lazy, but at least they don't want to "change the world" by ruining it
There's nothing to fix about Millenials other than maybe give them antidepressants

No. 956903

Have you seen what happens to them when you dip them in cold water?

No. 956904

I think this was talked about on an earlier tinfoil thread, it is so fucked up

No. 956932

Gen alpha will be Chadette vagabonds roaming the scortched earth looking for zoomer flesh to feast on. Or full on 1984 stay in your pod shit.

No. 956945

File: 1635818475378.png (30.65 KB, 431x185, wtf.PNG)

What level of god's wrath are they trying to invoke on our society now. Is the public really okay with this? Correction, is everyone young actually okay with this and only a few of us are still repulsed? I'm scared that when the older gens die out all the pornsick brainwashed people of my generation are going to usher in even worse horrors. Honestly what I'm most scared of is pedophilia being normalized because it's quickly becoming the only boundary left uncrossed, and just barely. Sure this level of degeneracy has happened in history before and been reversed, but what they didn't have then that they do now is the massive public mind control that goes on via porn and social media creating the illusion of this being socially acceptable so that it becomes socially acceptable as everyone assumes it is normal and not so bad.

No. 956950

File: 1635818891119.jpg (540.44 KB, 1800x1200, merlin_165750795_642b4b50-77fd…)

The CEO looks creepy.

No. 956952

Cringe tiktok politics zoomers who want to ruin the world wouldn't be a thing without cringe tumblr politics millennials laying the groundwork of that ideology though. Almost all the worst shit I see zoomers come out with is just recycled from early 2010's tumblr, just now it's hitting the mainstream and actually impacting more

Yeah, I don't want to be too pessimistic about it but it seems like coomers won't be happy until they can cross every boundary possible and "normalize" (aka bully people into staying silent about) every taboo

No. 956954

>I'm most scared of is pedophilia being normalized because it's quickly becoming the only boundary left uncrossed
Sorry anon, but i'm pretty sure this was the first boundary ever crossed, pedophilia has been pushed into the mainstream since the 80's-90's, even more than queer shit or any other type of pysop

No. 956960

he looks like he was roman Polanski's favorite swinging partner

No. 956969

>>956954 true
I want to die or for the world to end already if this isn't going to change. I'm sorry to be a doomer, but I see no escape besides willfully blinding myself and even that is difficult as the degeneracy seeps further into real life. I've also noticed myself developing hateful beliefs inside because I feel a need to blame someone for it all and other reasons. I know it's wrong but god why did this have to happen to us and keep happening. I know it's already been cursed for a while in society but I would kill to go back even a few years when it wasn't this bad, when people still had some sanity

No. 956970

I know what you mean about unintentionally feeling hateful anon, it sucks when you know it's not who you really are but you just want someone to be angry at instead of acknowledging how fucked everyone and everything is. The thing that helps me the most is just unplugging and doing solitary hobbies and other things in my spare time that won't expose me to any current events and media. Since I got rid of twitter and stopped checking the news as much recently I have already noticed an improvement in these thoughts in a short amount of time. Remember that no matter how much other people suck, you still matter and so does your state of mind.

No. 956975

I'm not christian but unironically modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. This shit is only really happening in the west, it's been shown before in history when a country is declining they focus on making more prostitutes.

No. 957007

John Podesta lookin ass

No. 957048

What is Sexology or whatever tf this Netflix thing

No. 957060

wtf thoughts?

No. 957071

>wouldn't be a thing without cringe tumblr politics millennials laying the groundwork of that ideology though
That 2010s tumblr politics is queer theory.
QT is dense crap, something that teenage Millenials would not easily understand and so, they were introduced to a bite-sized version by older people.
Gen Y and Z didn't come up with these strange ideas on their own, they were/are just mouthpieces.
Normalization of pedophilia is part of queer shit.

No. 957073

Why are Americans so easily offended when you point out certain things are propaganda or government conspiracies? It's just bizarre to me how you can go to Korea, China, Russia, Germany, Brazil, etc and point out different conspiracies among their government or news stories that are being made up but as soon as you point this out to Americans they flip their shit and start resorting to pre-school insults all while claiming you're the idiot. Why would someone be so loyal to a government and society that doomed them?

No. 957074

They put stuff in it to make sure kids don't have a heart attack right after they get the vaccine but do nothing after the several reports of heart attacks, strokes, etc in adults who get the vaccination? That makes almost as much sense as the huge spike in adults who are just "mysteriously dying"

No. 957080

im a burger and im well aware we're fucked up unless you were born into rich or by some miracle really claw your way to being rich. i find it warped we're now going for a vaccine mandate on vaccines that didn't fully get tested and of course the people who can stay unvax are the rich who don't have to hold a regular job to keep their home.

No. 957211

>huge spike in adults who are just "mysteriously dying"
Do you know where I can find more info on this?

No. 957254

Do you live under a rock? Many news channels, mostly British ones keep putting out articles about how adults hearts are just mysteriously stopping or how politicians will just die from a "short illness".

No. 957255

Just good news articles for "brief illness" or "sudden cardiac arrest". Plenty of young and healthy have been just dying for no reason

No. 957263

I'm just sick and tired of pro vaxxers and doctors gaslighting everyone into thinking they're dramatic or cowards for not getting a vaccination that has intense and deadly side effects. I started out pro vax but the amount of people who keep excusing valid medical concerns is tiring and the amount of intense side effects that are being swept under the rug is terrifying. If companies don't bother fixing the issue that is literally killing people then why should we trust them?

No. 957267

My mom, healthy and in her 40s, just had a heart attack a month after her last vaccine. The entire family went from scolding me since early 2020 to being on my side. Hearing my grandma say "I'm starting to realize none of this makes any sense" made me so happy. None of them are getting any more jabs.

Sorry for vent but you nonnies know how hard it is to be alone about this stuff. I'm so relieved.

No. 957458

I'm not British and I don't watch televised news, but I will try the search terms >>957255 suggested. I have seen that BBC clip shared online though, and while I had read theories it was priming people for mass deaths I had not come across any news about such mass deaths occurring already where I live. I don't doubt it's going on, I was just curious and will try to find some reading on the subject. I was quick to assume Google would just be focused on deboonking anything related to it.

No. 957785

About a decade ago, my secondary school shut down for two weeks because so many of us were sick at home with a mono-like type illness. Doctors could not work out what it actually was. Most recovered after a few weeks, but about a dozen teen girls in my area have been left with debilitating ME/CFS. There was chatter among locals we may have been experimented on, which was widely dismissed as ridiculous, but we were paranoid because they've done it to us before. https://www.bbc.co.uk/insideout/west/series1/porton-down.shtml

No. 957863

Same here. 16 days after the second dose. She was 5 minutes from death and takes so much medication now, took none before. I was the only one resisting in the family. I feel so guilty letting them and social media pressure me to be less vocal. Fuck all of them.

No. 958146

File: 1635935414790.png (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 864x1920, imagen_2021-11-03_042908.png)

No. 958154

I buy it. You don't just amass that much male attention without it going somewhere dark. Does anyone have sources about Belle's bf being a pimp and abuser though? I've never used twitch in my life so I don't know much beyond the fact that I absolutely hate the culture of "titty streamers" and how the whole site pretty much runs on parasocial relationships.

No. 958276

Holy shit, never thought I'd bump into anyone else from the west country on here! Small world, my mother was experimented on at the Harvard CCU (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Cold_Unit) which interestingly enough has links to covid. When my mother told me about that place and I looked into it I also read up on Porton Down; never thought there'd be that kind of history around here. No where's safe, I guess.

No. 958378

File: 1635954352023.jpg (909.8 KB, 1714x1371, 1609909034310.jpg)

Did any of the PATRIOTS ITT go to watch JFK Jr's miraculous return yesterday?

No. 958568

Jane Child is an 80s pop star, her only hit "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" was huge. All her songs were typical 80s pop except for vid related. It's the last song in the album and it's fucking demonic. I can't figure out the lyrics for the life of me. I've considered trying to contact her and ask about it.

It's so fucking creepy. There are several messages hidden in it. Some kind of sacrifice "thank you" because they gave her a massive hit song.

No. 958612

What the fuck, I know that "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" song. It's on Grand Theft Auto V and I've heard it loads of other places too. This is… intriguing. Occam's razor says she was probably just being faux deep with this NIN lite shit, looking at how she dresses in the "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" video she gives me that vibe but it still feels so off, very weird song to include on an album - her debut album at that. A commenter on YouTube says Lorraine (which is sung/screamed in the song) is her mothers name and I'm almost certain I hear backmasking too.

No. 958644

this reminds me a lot of Danielle Dax…wonder if they ran in similar circles.

No. 958664

That's super fucking creepy, even if it's some weird NIN throwback.
>I can't figure out the lyrics for the life of me. I've considered trying to contact her and ask about it.
Do it if you can! Would love to find out. Wouldn't be surprised if even she has no idea what the fuck are the words to that nightmare

No. 958701

I literally can't stop listening to this. It's definitely about something fucked up. The first lyrics are "Heaven on Earth." I'll see if I can make out any other parts with more listening.

No. 958833


Here it is reversed but I still can't hear much. Only 'penis' over and over at 1:30. Makes sense they put it last on the album because everyone would skip it. Barely even a song.

No. 958850

Lmao no

No. 958953

If you have functioning organs, you are "detoxing" just fine.

No. 959140

File: 1636005279416.jpeg (626.56 KB, 847x1426, B371675B-DADD-4B7B-A362-06E597…)

Does anyone wanna help me down this rabbit hole I’m gonna try to find archived 4chong threads on DuckDuckGo

No. 959178

I got my info about this on YouTube, needless to say all the videos are deleted now. If you find any threads lemme know though because I didn't hear about the brother and the CP.

No. 959313

Jane came later than Danielle but it really seems like DD was an influence doesn't it. The Jane Child album was unusual because she had total creative control over it, writing/production/mastering. This didn't usually happen for newer artists on major labels.

No. 959374

I thought one-hit-wonders became one-hit-wonders because they didn’t want to go through the deals or their sacrifices weren’t enough?

No. 960128

Many "teen stars" are lying about their age. Millie Bobbie brown, Billie eilish, Olivia, just to name a few

No. 960167

I use to think the 'celebrities having to sacrifice a family member before becoming super famous' conspiracy was ridiculous but now after doing some research there's an eerie amount of celebs who have someone die JUST before they break into superstardom. Like, what is up with that?

No. 960210


No. 960217

The fuck.
Try searching on the archives instead, like archive.4plebs.org/pol/
You could also try bitchute if you want something in a video format but you'll likely have to sort through a lot of pretentious/schizo vids to find something half-way digestible

No. 960218

Any evidence to back that up? I know Rebel Wilson has been caught on record for lying about her age.

No. 960223

Lady Gaga with the Lina Morgana chick (not family though)
Lana Del Rey made a bunch of early songs about someone named "K" dying, some people have theories
Amy Lee from Evanescence has siblings that died bit I don't know the nature

Just some dumb examples and I'm not the OP just chiming in

No. 960233

I feel like Taylor Swift HAS to be one of these people. To get so far in music by being so bland and basic baffles me. Also believe she's an industry plant but no one talks about it, she was born in Reading PA yet begins her career shilled as a Nashville country bumpkin? Also, on the topic of her - I tinfoil that her whole "battle" with Scooter Braun was a fucking stunt so she could double up on sales by re-recording and selling her re-packaged material. Never trusted her! Fake money hungry fame ho

No. 960238

add megan thee stallion, kanye west, nickle minaj to the list and a whole lotta other actors. not just "musicians".

No. 960250

File: 1636105132564.jpg (1.56 MB, 3000x2250, miley-cyrus-nick-jonas.jpg)

Margot Robbie was too
I don't have any "hard" evidence but it's just baffling to me how old teen stars look now compared to in the 2000s or 90s when there were teen stars like Miley Cyrus but they actually looked like teenagers? Many of these teen stars are showing signs of premature aging as well which is also suspicious especially since almost none of these stars talk about school life after fame, driving, puberty, awkward first kisses, etc. Top that with the fact their parents are way older too and conceiving them at the supposed ages would have been very unlikely

The shitty part is that these people who make their career revolve around their age will slowly die off, at least teen stars such as Miley is still doing pretty good and made music that made lots of money long after the teen pop star thing ended

No. 960253

File: 1636105870079.jpg (229.21 KB, 1080x1080, 5390effd4e2567a287b4d6d80a5195…)

I've had that theory about Billie Eilish too, She looks like she's 29 not 19, the baggy outfits she wore was a way distracts from the overall appearance and covers up that she's a fully grown ass millennial woman not a zoomer teen

2014 Billie looks 19, but who knows maybe getting plastic surgery at 14 fucked her face up

No. 960257

Damn this sounds creepy kek.
I can hear some cut audio of a woman and a man saying "alright, thank you", at some point a woman whispers "faster" several times, then it screams random(?) names like Lorraine, James, Andrea, Bernie (or maybe it's "ready"), Alan something, and Brian. There is definitely backmasking and I'm sure there's at least one reversed piece of audio at the end. It would be fun to make proper lyrics of it.

No. 960260

A lot of teens look older but she looks like a straight up college student when she was supposed 10-14.

No. 960277

I feel like her total 180 in fashion sense can read like she was getting sick of dressing like a zoomer and wanted to dress more her (real) age.

No. 960287

please no. back to your containment thread

No. 960454

>2014 Billie looked 19
Are you blind? She looks like a child.

No. 960468

File: 1636131774637.png (298.27 KB, 535x541, BBCNEWS.png)

No. 960514

I feel like anon meant 2015, she definitely looks 19 there

No. 960555

Hmm seems like for the past few years there's been a weird influx of women lying about their age, not just in Hollywood but all over TikTok, IG, etc you have so many girls like Juliana rmah who are obviously 18+ claiming to be 14-16. Of course they make their age their novelty and die out at like 17-18 when the shock factor is gone. It's bizarre and increases pedo culture

No. 960822

File: 1636156712703.png (83.41 KB, 632x619, cjd write up.png)

Something very suspicious about the propaganda surrounding these injections. Realistically what's the probability of prion disease happening? I mean your body keeps producing spike proteins right? All it takes is a few to misfold and make their way to the brain.

No. 960925

File: 1636171032227.jpeg (607.6 KB, 828x1379, D09D22A8-7E65-467F-A210-F8C7CE…)

Totally normal! Nothing to see here!

No. 960928

Why don't they offer them lollipops and other candy and sick new video games!

No. 960935

File: 1636171929884.jpg (38.42 KB, 900x400, Zombie-Hoard1-900x400.jpg)

So what, hoardes of Alzheimer's patients coming soon?

No. 960938

holy fuck this makes me scared for one of my 60+ year old family members i actually really love. her family set her up for the 2-shot one so she was essentially forced to get it and she even showed me pictures of a bad rash on her arm after it. im pissed they're trying to make everyone get vax just to work.

No. 960946

File: 1636173449535.jpeg (186.55 KB, 1024x683, 3669599505_7529aea916_b.jpeg)

I don't know anyone yet who has gotten their child vaccinated. I think they know damn well this one is a hard sell even to people willing to take risks with their own bodies. Heart issues cropped up big time enough that they had to make announcements for young adult males, surely it isn't going to be any better for children?

unrelated but how many of you ascribe a lot of this weird culture-shifting shit to the zero population growth movement? Regardless of whether you think they will be successful or not, or if they are working 'behind the scenes' to make it happen, imo it is impossible to deny that the elites want our population to slow dramatically down. Their motivations are "altruistic", given our planet may or may not die (although tards like Elon Musk and Richard Branson could be putting $$ into artificial meat sources and shit like that instead of space travel) but, for example, I think the Georgia Guidestones illustrate well what "they" ultimately want for us proles, while they indulge in sexual whims and whatever the fuck else floats their boats. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones

No. 960948

they're already covering all the other effects of the vax including minor ones, myocarditis doesn't allow you to live past 11 yrs after diagnosed and of course everyone is gonna keep screaming "MoRe PeOpLe DiEd Of CoViD ThAn ThE vAx!!" when there's a sudden influx of heart failure, just like the influx of young adults "dying unexpectedly"

No. 960954

they want the population to go down so it can be sustainable for their crotch goblins and no one elses, that's why they made it practically impossible for the middle and lower class to buy homes, have good credit scores, go back to school, etc. rich people love falsely inflating the market. Even abandoned houses on the market now run for 800/month in mortgage. Birth control is easily accessible than ever which is good but it's because most young adults have to work and go to school 100+ hours a week to pay off student debt, car bills, rent, etc. and then call selfish or irresponsible for wanting to have kids in their situation

No. 960955


> Myocarditis after vaccination is "very, very rare," explains Kimberlin. And it's usually short-lived. In most instances, adolescents who've developed myocarditis have improved quickly. "The management of it usually is taking some ibuprofen — some Advil," Kimberlin says.

Now replace myocarditis with COVID and watch the experts go apeshit even though that paragraph would still be accurate. Why do they insist on saying shit like "you cannot predict" who will get very ill and who won't when we can see the statistics for ourselves and quite accurately predict that healthy children won't be hospitalized? Also for a country (USA) that NEVER gave a shit about what doctors had to say before (fat as shit, sedentary as shit) a lot of us jumped at the chance to just sit home more. These doctors got shined up real good, and now they think they can just say "vaccinate your kids!" and no one will say boo.

No. 960958

All the pro vaxxers I know are obese, binge drinkers, smokers, etc. I also knew a girl who was scared of commercial cleaners because of "harmful chemicals with carcinogens" is now pro vax. Idk about anyone else but every single pro vaxer I know is so backwards and the anti vaxers I know are in medicine related education, it's ridiculous especially since everyones first defense is "doctors said so!!!" as if doctors are perfect and totally wouldn't be threatened if they came out as anti vax like those cardiologists in flordia and texas

No. 961050

Funny how the media has been silent on Ghislaine Maxwell and the whole web of Epstein island has been all cleaned-up and discarded now, right? Has anyone itt heard or looked into the TerraMar Project? Aka Ghislaine's trafficking front for self-automated boats driving "cargo" across new Arctic oceans?

No. 961165

File: 1636200488827.jpg (177.29 KB, 1080x695, IMG_20211106_130717.jpg)

The K thing is bullshit, he's this fantasy daddy gangster figure ("old man") sitting on a death row that never fucking existed. He's also an indie boy, according to another song. Probably partially inspired with her boyfriend at the time, Josh Kemp.
Lana did lose an ex-boyfriend who was addicted to heroine (the song "Heroine" is about him). It would be more in line with your theory (though I'm not sure if I'm on board with it)

No. 961174

Bitch looks her age, its probably just drugs agings her like shit. Seen plenty of girls her age looking even older due to alchohol and drugs. Maybe she is a year or two older, but a whole decade? Nah

The billie is actually 30 seems like such an age cope

No. 961175

Also Amy Lee's siblings don't fit the theory IMHO. Unless it was all planned like 10 years onwards
>Lee had a younger sister, Bonnie, who died in 1987 at the age of three from an unidentified illness, and a brother named Robby who died in 2018 after struggling with severe epilepsy for most of his life.

No. 961191

I’m very worried about the vaccines and pregnant women. I’m neither pro, nor anti-vax, I think everyone should make their own choice based on their risk or their job/family commitments. I’ve had three now and each time my normally very regimented and regular menstrual cycle went crazy. I had extra periods and random discharge things like that. The third one though freaked me out. I had finished my period the week before it so it wasn’t due anytime soon. The day after my vaccine I felt a painful spasm in my womb and within an hour I had a full on period that lasted for 15 days. I just can’t stop thinking that if a pregnant woman had it, it’s bound to cause a miscarriage especially in the first or second trimester. I literally felt my womb emptying itself. After my first experience I actually found women on fb talking about their messed up cycles and I kid you not, as I was reading the comments the post disappeared. I think social medias are stopping women talking about it.

No. 961208

I'm actually quite curious/worried about what the third booster will do to people since the second one seemed to have big effects on periods, heart troubles, general fitness for months afterwards based on what I've read in comments online. Twitter is a bit better for seeing comments about it, and here, just depends what words are in the post. Facebook scan and delete posts like crazy, I've seen longtime facebookers report having posts deleted or be banned due to their over the top auto-moderation so I'm not surprised.
But people have only just started getting their third vaccine so it will be a while until we hear all the effects.

No. 961209

You think? They banned groups on insta and fb.

No. 961217


Samefag, my internet which is normally super stable disconnected immediately after sending that post.
I have had Tweets autodelete themselves depending what words were in it. What I'd reccomend is avoiding using major words (treat it like 'he who must not be named' aka voldemort) and posts seem to still have reach/not be deleted as long as you avoid common keywords.
I am actually pro 'it' in general but I think people should be informed and have a choice. By deleting anecdodal experiences it means crazies get a louder voice, I think normal people like yourself should get a say. It shouldn't be just crazies on either end of the spectrum getting a voice which is what happens when normal comments and experiences get autodeleted.

No. 961228

sorry, but you had 3? how on earth have u already done that many ?

No. 961250

My fiancée and I are planning on having a baby within the next year or so which is why she hasn't been vaxxed. We've done a lot of research and she saw all the stuff about disrupted periods and miscarriages and decided it wasn't for her. She's a healthy woman with no underlying conditions so it's not such a threat to her anyway. I on the other hand have underlying conditions and having caught covid early on in the pandemic I know that I probably won't survive it a second time given how my illness has progressed. I'm not inherently pro or anti vax, we all have different needs. That said the second jab had me seriously ill for well over a month, when the doctors call about my booster jab I'm gonna tell them where to stick it.

No. 961252

Some countries have already started doing "booster" shots aka third shots.

No. 961260

That Travis scott concert fiasco was a fucking ritual, no one can convince me otherwise, something really sinister happened there

No. 961261

There's an odd vibe to it. I know crushes are a common occurrence but… idk. Still trying to piece things together. Might look into the gematria side of things.

No. 961264

The way so many people died without no one noticing it even though it was at one point very obvious is very strange, its almost like security were just fucking ignoring people dying

No. 961266

Yeah I’m in a high risk group and got my third one a few weeks ago. My country does it according to risk.


Like I said, I’m not pro or anti. I took it because I’m really high risk, and have family members who are high risk too so it was a no brainier for me. I really believe it should be a personal choice, outside of a few professions like health care workers. I don’t like this censorship though, we should be able to talk about our experiences. When I did see that other women had experienced what I did it put my mind at ease. Trying to silence us just makes me think there is some real risk that we’re not being told about. We already know males are the default in human medical trials (see invisible women by Caroline Criado Perez for proof) so is it that they didn’t bother checking the effects on women’s bodies, or is it that they did and knew this is a risk but don’t want it to be known incase it stops people getting the vaccine?


Idk nonnie, I’d be very wary too if I was planning on getting pregnant. Ultimately you guys have to what’s best for you and your future family. I hope all goes well.

No. 961269

I was on nexplanon bc when I got the first and second moderna shot and my period became nearly constant, with few breaks. Specifically after the second shot I experienced a week of pure blood clots. I mean, I was (this is gross sorry) pulling large clumps out of me in the shower, on the toilet, and there wasn’t a single drop of blood in that period. Just clots.
I imagine the bc and the injection interacted quite poorly, and I’ve since had the implant removed, but I’m not comfortable with any more vaccinations for this shit, birth control or no.

No. 961271

People were literally going into cardiac arrest and dropping to the floor, does that usually happen when this occurs? The only time I've ever even heard about this stuff happening was the Hillsborough incident in the 80s and I don't remember people having heart attacks during the rush.

No. 961273

There was allegedly laced drugs going around which could've caused the heart attacks but who knows. I've never heard of heart attacks at a crush either. I'm trying to look for accounts of what happened from people who were there before it gets deleted.

No. 961292


>Houston police Chief Troy Finner called for calm and urged people not to jump to conclusions as to what caused the surge.

>"I think it's very important that none of us speculate. Nobody has all the answers tonight," Finner said. "If you don't have facts, if you don't have evidence, I'm not going to speak against that. We have hurting families out here."

Does that seem as fishy to you as it does to me? It's like they're trying to get ahead of something.

No. 961306

Can someone explain a few things from the OP thread image?
"Hear me out"
"Who want me"
"Sing for us Fiona"
"Mommy? Sorry"

what's the significance if any? I've been curious

No. 961334

That's very fishy. As far as the public is concerned it's a crush and a few people collapsing. Why would there be any theorising from the general public over this? I feel like this is an intentional "fuck you". It's like he's saying "yeah this is dodgy and we all know it but you can't prove it and if you're looking for the truth you're hurting the families". I've never known any police staff try and shoot down theories over something like this before, and so soon after too! Something is definitely off about this situation.

No. 961356

>"Hear me out"
Zoomer slang to signal you're about to say something that could be very far fetched
>"Who want me"
Not entirely sure about this one, but it seems to be a phrase to say you're single
>"Sing for us Fiona"
No idea, but i think its from a meme
>"Mommy? Sorry"
Zoomer slang to signal a girl/woman is very attractive, mostly directed to milfs but it applies to younger women too
A series about teen drama and trauma, it also includes a tranny, hence the name "Euphoria" (gender euphoria), very popular among zoomers

No. 961490

>also includes a tranny, hence the name "Euphoria" (gender euphoria)
oh my god, I didn't know that. ew.

No. 961501

Was thinking the same thing.

No. 961663


What if they were planned though? He father is connected to the music industry and supposedly gave up rock stardom once she was born. She may not have wanted them to die but what if she and other stars didn’t have control over their losses?

No. 961667

Winter solstice sacrifice, maybe?

No. 961681

File: 1636237513384.jpeg (633.64 KB, 1007x1249, 4B0C1469-D0B0-46FE-8ECC-CEBB53…)

So, do you guys think the celebrities and elites really believe in this stuff? By that I mean the occult, satanic sacrifice, hell, etc. Looking into anything about Astroworld from the album cover with child sacrifice/entrance to hell symbolism to the hell-themed stage design to the people becoming demons on Travis Scott's shirt, it's obvious by now that the imagery is intentional. Is it purely because it "looks cool" and also to generate tinfoilchans like us to laugh at, or is it genuine? I think back to Lil Nas X who made a fair case about his imagery existing to trigger conservatives and insult their anti-gay teachings, but the symbols are just so extensive these days and I have to wonder how far the rabbit hole goes. Satan stands for a lot more than what people find acceptable to admire him for, he stands for all chaos and violence in the world right down to pedophilia (a spiral symbol is on the tree in the video for Montero, but I'm hoping to be wrong). It's possible what happened at Astroworld was a coincidence with nothing to do with all the stuff like "See you on the other side" from entering the symbolic gates of hell, but it's also getting to be a little much. Are they just mocking us tinfoilers and believers, utilizing aesthetics for other reasons, or do they really believe this stuff and want it manifest? Much to think about

Here's a reddit post and comments about it being a ritual sacrifice https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/qo6e7t/travis_scott_ritual_sacrifice/

And here's a twitter thread expounding on the symbols (which are pretty undeniable) https://mobile.twitter.com/theNDExperience/status/1457008185320091649?t=UNzcnhfECm1wyjVIoisd-g&s=19

To me it boils down to what it all means, what is the point, is it just games to them or was what happened at Astroworld a sign of something bigger going on in plain sight. or pure extreme coincidence?

No. 961684

File: 1636237855410.jpeg (485.23 KB, 1125x1522, 3D33B3B1-9392-420D-8904-0881EA…)

Too much to cap from the thread but I'll sage and post a few. note all this symbolism could be for the attention it generates but what happened makes it too chilling in context

No. 961685

File: 1636237889914.jpeg (637.78 KB, 1125x1459, A449F767-B16D-4506-99F4-8DAB06…)

No. 961687

File: 1636237982577.jpeg (708.58 KB, 1125x1562, 231D137A-CC02-4309-AF94-49ED0C…)

No. 961688

File: 1636238014201.jpeg (1011.53 KB, 1006x1856, FCC6D9F6-5503-4D2B-A50D-992E93…)

next pic will be the last

No. 961689

File: 1636238070199.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1060x1613, F4A79AB8-EEF4-495A-AAC1-EE6F11…)

but not the last in the thread
hold on I lied let me add the album cover next

No. 961691

File: 1636238171930.jpeg (218.6 KB, 1019x1000, 61AA4047-86B3-46CF-9610-35D89F…)

lots to notice but the main theme I'm seeing is child sacrifice

No. 961693

File: 1636238207910.jpeg (17.76 KB, 236x334, 0CD17AB6-B3EF-4F48-9580-CB1A4E…)

The one-eye symbolism has been around long before people started waking up. I suppose they do know or else they won’t stay relevant if they don’t keep participating in rituals/sacrifices.

Also why are you defending that faggot? Ew.

No. 961701

File: 1636238528747.jpeg (65.92 KB, 600x453, FDFBB5AF-2F5D-4C5C-8E50-2592B1…)

I didn't mean to defend him, only to concede that his argument COULD explain it but I don't think it does. I don't think what he did was helpful to gay people regardless. I don't really buy that it was all about what he said, either, but I wanted to make a concession because otherwise we can be dismissed as "uber religious conservatives giving exactly the reaction he was going for!! this proves his point"

You're right about the eye. I think it's real and there's something to it but with what LNX said I'm just considering what if there is a less supernatural, extreme explanation. I don't think there is, but I'm considering it to better argue against it and to understand the truth of the matter. Picrel could either be an open admission to what everyone theorizes, or them simply mocking our theories by embracing them for lulz. See? I think the latter is unlikely but it's something I want to fortify my argument against.

No. 961703

>>"Hear me out"
>Zoomer slang to signal you're about to say something that could be very far fetched

This isn't entirely a complete definition. "Hear me out" means you want to fuck someone that everyone would deem unfuckable. The common response to that is "I'm not hearing anybody out!"

No. 961704

*not just lulz, but attention and outrage to boost themselves

No. 961722

File: 1636239791800.jpeg (184.91 KB, 996x2047, 1131344F-4009-4F1B-8170-523BF1…)

Found something interesting in the replies; this was on the back of his shirt: "a balloon being deflated after being popped by a dart". The all-seeing eye sometimes represents God, although seems it's usually something more sinister to the elites, perhaps themselves as a replacement for God. However with the eye being popped, could be it's a "fuck you" to God here. "We deflated your eye and replaced it with our own." Any other theories?

No. 961727

In the previous celeb threads, no one questioned why most of the celebrities weren’t wearing masks except the help. They mostly bitched about the outfits w/o realizing their symbolism.

No. 961728

Seems legit

No. 961732

File: 1636240496193.jpeg (Spoiler Image,782.5 KB, 1600x1200, EB08705A-502B-4796-8C2A-091E66…)

Has the Ariana Grande bombing been talked about? Am I dumb for thinking that tragedy was something deeper or was it just a male being a male?

No. 961743

In the Astroworld poster; I shared the pic with my younger sisters (who do believe in some of the tinfoil) and they believe that the eight eyes represent the eight people who died, could this have been planned from the start? Because I don’t think it was human error at fault.

Not in any of the threads it hasn’t. I’m starting to believe that any event involving dead people is ritualistic, including the Vegas shooting.

No. 961747

Could that be why there are so many school shootings in the U.S.? Especially Sandy Hook? They were all just sacrifices? Could they be cherry picking loser looking men because they're easier to manipulate in to doing this twisted shit? I feel sick.

No. 961752

File: 1636242958908.jpeg (175.99 KB, 1566x881, 49526051-75A2-46F7-A983-42C7E0…)

There were 8 flames on the stage as well

No. 961754

adds another layer to glowies supposedly trying to incite 4channers to commit crimes so they can arrest them

No. 961756

File: 1636243183726.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.72 KB, 1050x591, 45369f81-9257-4073-b9ff-bb7216…)

Ot but the guy who did the Sandy Hook shooting looks so fucking scary wtf is he possesed? this pic will give me nightmares

No. 961759

File: 1636243527294.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.89 MB, 1800x1194, 8EF23DBB-F4C4-464F-BE4F-A3A1D7…)

Here's him when he was a kid. Tf happened to his eyes..

No. 961762

I'm getting the same suspicious vibes from it as the 2017 Las Vegas concert shooting

No. 961763

This made me look into the list of things found in his room and apparently some of it was pro-pedo material, not that all the other stuff isn't horrid but that kinda stands out was he a pedo? Anyway it seemed like he had an obsession with mass shootings, didn't he have autism, I guess it was extreme the way fixations are with that (but obviously autism doesn't make one a killer). He also blocked out sunlight with bags on his windows wtf? Weird weird guy not sure what was up

No. 961767

He also was anorexic and of course, an incel

No. 961768

Sounds like he was just a miserable shut-in who fixated so much on violence and his own misery inside his room to the point of what he ended up doing. I guess I don't see a conspiracy there unless someone online was egging him on

No. 961780

There’s a big ass eye in the middle of the swirly stage. Calling it now: in a few days, they’ll get everyone to sing “somewhere over the rainbow” the dissociate the public into moving on like nothing ever happened, as always.

No. 961824

File: 1636251036275.png (5.13 MB, 1920x8742, screencapture-telegraph-co-uk-…)

I immediately thought of your comment, nona. and I was the anon arguing that the target audience has changed This creeper will stay in my mind for a long time

No. 961840

I just can’t…they fucking killed kids over some stupid owl and for what? Power? They already have that. Do they think they’re gonna get a cushy spot in hell for their evil ways while low-level sinners deal with the torture and shit?

No. 961841

No. 961845

twin peaks ended like 30 years ago anon

No. 961847

I need to read up on Amy Lee's father, that's interesting. Personally, I don't believe that Bonny was a sacrifice, though. On another note, I do find the Lina Morgana case fascinating and wish there was more information about it.

No. 961848

it 100% was. it happened on the new moon

No. 961860

Huh, so I was reading up on the Las Vegas shooter Paddock, and it was reported that he slept during the day because he didn't like sunlight. Earlier I had just been reading how Adam Lanza stayed in his room with garbage bags over the windows because he didn't like sunlight either. Vampires or what nonnas? Something else? I can sympathize with not liking being in the sun but their methods are a little much and then they killed people, weird coincidence and I wonder if any others were like that

Reposting because I just found another similarity! Adam Lanza had possessed pro-pedophilia material, and I found an essay he'd written in defense of pedos. Guess what they found on laptops in Paddock's hotel room? CP, hundreds of pics of it. Although one of the laptops was missing a hard drive.

Weird similarities right but I don't know what any of it means if anything

No. 961861

>not knowing about Bohemian Grove and ritual child sacrifice to Moloch and Minerva
Plebs. Come back to this thread when you've already acquired a sufficient amount of tinfoil.

No. 961880

wym? I ate there yesterday

No. 961892

File: 1636257412623.jpeg (413.43 KB, 1284x1788, 77491E74-186B-43BA-8266-8A9E0B…)

A fan was trying to call for help as she saw other fans getting crushed to death and no one gave a shit; not the cameraman, the crew, no one. There are videos posted of Travis Scott just standing there watching others suffer.


No. 961894

File: 1636257473812.jpeg (430.56 KB, 1284x1791, 6473195E-553B-4B50-9841-955332…)

No. 961899

File: 1636257535732.jpeg (434 KB, 1284x1898, 7FEC2ACD-28C9-4EDF-B955-5C688A…)

No. 961903

File: 1636257604412.jpeg (430.04 KB, 2048x2048, 63039ADD-6A5C-4A2C-9DA4-2F4353…)

No. 961905

File: 1636257876167.jpg (4 KB, 275x244, 1635654915990.jpg)

Another elite sacrifice done in plain sight. We don't have shootings anymore, we have trampelings.

No. 961908

File: 1636258229748.jpeg (148.31 KB, 710x1024, 83D9DF5B-E494-4688-9343-D5E595…)

No. 961912

File: 1636258952427.png (498.89 KB, 720x1278, 1636258744968.png)

No. 961918

File: 1636259197515.png (31.66 KB, 893x187, 98.png)

No. 961920

File: 1636259289153.png (59.52 KB, 334x511, travis.PNG)

He stopped a show LAST WEEKEND because someone hopped security/got on stage


No. 961927

Entertainers and celebs are narcissists, they don't feel compassion, especially for common people. It's not possible for them. He probably saw them getting trampled and got excited. The only conspiracy here will involve his legal team protecting him from charges.

No. 961928

Concert staff is on the same level as carnies. They don't have any real skills or qualifications and are sketchy fuckers usually with criminal records. It's no wonder they hire some random fuck who can pretend to be a medic to stand around.

No. 961931

File: 1636260750323.jpg (400.84 KB, 2048x2048, m.jpg)

I don't trust the moon. I used to worship it as if it was a God, but somehow broke out of it getting older.

No. 961948

100% believe that. So many people are describing it as a concert in Hell. Travis is definitely up to some satanic shit

No. 961960

He stopped this show too once he saw what was going on. People are choosing to take twitter videos out of order and context

No. 961964

He briefly stopped the show, the video going around of him staring at the passed out kid singing "yeah" was his pause, yes (before that video starts he holds up for about 45 seconds, then starts singing "yeah")… but he did not ADEQUATELY stop the show. Not when people stampeded thru the gates without tickets, not when two people were up on a cameraman's podium screaming, not when paramedics were trying to get into the crowd, not when people were trying to get out of the crowd. He only finished his show 18 minutes early, when the surge - from what I've read - lasted over 20 minutes.

No. 961966

File: 1636264619243.jpeg (28.29 KB, 640x640, 73DA5435-87D6-478B-9088-36FB1C…)

It’s not just Travis Scott nor his team placing subliminal messages on stage, check out The Weeknd’s Super Bowl show

No. 961971

a bit late but honestly I love this. No idea if it has any other deeper meaning but its really cool. Listened to most of this albums and its nothing like the rest of the album.

No. 961975

OK sorry gonna double post. But its def a dedication song where she's thanking people. I assume its people it her life and maybe people involved with the label that worked on the album with her. Hence her saying her mother's name and a bunch of other names. Also it kind of sounds like in one part she's saying "brother, brother brother" maybe I'm. No idea why its so spooky instead of like. Thoughtful. Very interesting tho.

No. 961981

This video is by far the worst I've seen from AstroWorld. Travis Scott nods & smiles as the crows chants to stop the show, and a woman is heard screaming "HELP! SOMEONE HELP US!", it the most terrifying sound.


No. 961990

What the fuck? "SATAN" why are they being so bold? Starting to think the antichrist has already been born

No. 961991

He literally says "Who asked me to stop?", proving he heard concertgoers screaming to stop and that there were people getting hurt. And he kept going

No. 961994

That wasn’t his super bowl show but instead his tour in 2017

No. 961995

KEK so I looked up "weeknd satan super bowl" and found a fact check, they labeled it as false can you guess why? because it wasn't at the superbowl, it was a 2017 concert. fact checkers are such a fucking meme

No. 961997

This is seriously fucked, it's not like it's there the whole time (not that it's much better) it flashes very briefly like you see here, wtf? Ok I'm 100% convinced this is all real now, next to the disingenuous fact checks, this is real they worship satan

No. 961999

Black magic and making deals with demons gives you material things and power that you wouldn't naturally have thru ordinary means. Of course this at a price. You are brute forcing success when you make these deals. I full believe that overwhelming majority of mega celebs, politicians, and billionaire elites participate in this stuff. There are so many mega celebs who are genuinely untalented plants who receive immense success. So much of the symbolism they brazenly show off is ingroup siganling.

Did you know that the white house has spent millions of tax dollars into researching remote viewing, hypnosis, ESP, and they have astrologers on payroll? This is stuff is very real and these people absolutely participate in it.

No. 962002

It is so cringe to me when celebs believe in satan. Satan isn't real, hell isn't real, they're literally killing people for imaginary shit that has no other effect on reality other than them becoming crazy and maybe getting advantages from higher ups

No. 962004

I'm going to church. I know everyone can debate whether you need to or not what denomination but I don't even think it matters in this dark age I'm going to church this is a wake up call for those of us who need it
You're free to think that but they are clearly very convinced, look at what they've wrought on this world and the evil especially toward children, I'm thinking it's real

No. 962005

File: 1636269234574.webm (825.14 KB, 1218x720, BSjM8ILyF5RoPZEP.webm)

Posting the vid for everyone, click to play

Related: fans dancing on top of ambulances
Honestly the fans are also at fault. I don't trust anyone who likes this type of music either way.

No. 962006

? It was false though. It was not his super bowl performance but instead something years before.

No. 962007

They don’t believe in Satan anon, they worship Saturn

No. 962009

same thing
yes but you know they're counting on the debunk to memory hole the entire thing, when you google it you get fact checks right away saying false, if you didn't bother doing the reading you could dismiss it. I don't know I'm just sick of fact checkers being like "did X do Y last friday? FALSE! THIS IS FALSE MISINFO! explanation: X didn't do Y on friday because they did it on thursday." you know?

No. 962010

>I'm going to church
Look church girl, I don't care about what you do and will only say this once even if you reply to my post I won't fall for your bait: religion is as bad as the satanic cults you are so afraid of. They do things in secrecy too. They hold a lot of power. You are part of the problem if you say these imaginary things are real, if you think praying is anything but a self-soothing coping mechanism, and indoctrinating others on the basis of fear is a shit move.
Being afraid of what people in positions of power hold is normal, because they are the ones who do the killing. They are the ones who pull us in hell. There's nothing after death: no hell, no heaven, no second opportunity. Once your brain shuts off it's over and you decay. Our brain is so cool that it makes us believe in crazy shit, but it doesn't mean that crazy shit is real.

Same shit, believing in fake shit is harmful.

No. 962011

I don't care about your atheism but I hope you find peace in life. Nihilism will never bring you happiness. It's a dead end road.

No. 962012

okay. I've just had enough of believing that in my life. I don't think we're allowed to get into this anyway so it was my fault in the first place. I don't care what you think though

No. 962014

RUMOR: So-and-so kill a random on Wednesday? FALSE! So-and-so killed a random on a thursday. I'm gonna deBOOOOOONK

No. 962016

I'm not a nihilist just because I don't believe in any religion out there. All religions are harmful and hurt people.
Religion doesn't equal god btw. If anything, religion has ruined the idea of a god for me. Wish I could go back to just thinking "there's something out there" but as long as you have some belief, christians and other pieces of indoctrinating shit will try to convert you. So no thanks!

No. 962018

Samefagging but not having a religion =/= being a nihilist. I don't need a cult telling me how to behave to be happy. I am far from being a nihilist, I am quite optimistic about life actually.

No. 962019

I said i didn't care about your atheism. good luck on all your future endeavors. Sorry I hit a nerve.

No. 962020

>Sorry I hit a nerve.
No u nonny

No. 962025

I understand the urge to argue and I truly want to because I have points to bring up, but it's probably against the rules and anyway I won't assume I can convince you. Whatever you believe I hope we all can be happy and stay safe even though things are scary and stupid
kek exactly. I hate them even if they didn't do this though. Fact checkers shouldn't exist because who fact checks the fact checkers? $$$

No. 962028

May God help us all…

No. 962030

I don't actually want to argue because this topic tires me up, and I don't want to be indoctrinated either way. But if you do want to tell me your point of view, I want to listen. So go ahead

No. 962034

non the anon youre replying to. But this isn't really indoctrination. Not everyone talking about their spirituality is trying to convert you they just want to share their views. Be less of a narc.

No. 962035

File: 1636271040648.jpeg (53.85 KB, 600x600, 13B22124-4E99-40F5-A07F-4F2053…)

I'm sorry I don't want to get banned nonna I genuinely have points I'm dyin here this isn't a cop out kek but we're derailing, & I'm not here to indoctrinate either bye bye here's a conspiratard pic (I don't into alex jones though)

No. 962036

Fuck you pretend nice

No. 962038

How is wanting to not be indoctrinated somehow being a "narc"? This is an issue people have on the daily. She even said the word "convince". Sorry that I don't believe in religion, religion has caused me and many others more harm than good.
Aw it's okay. I think this talk can also go here in the tinfoil thread but it's fine. Goodnight nona.

No. 962043

Thinking everyone wants to indoctrinate you when they speak about their beliefs/views/opinions is being a narc

No. 962045

Centering yourself as if everyone wants you, an idiot, to join their religion whenever they talk about it is narcissistic af

No. 962046

File: 1636271827863.jpeg (149.43 KB, 1170x1299, 8B16AA09-CD2E-4949-BCAC-1D2221…)

Scott’s pr statement

idk how to embed on safari

>Witness talks how it went down and is traumatized from the events, recalls seeing dead bodies as paramedics kept doing cpr before moving onto the next one.

>Claims Scott didn’t do shit and just kept on singing.

>”A concert from hell, this is hell!” “Real demonic shit goin’ on”

>Suspects there’s at least a few hundred bodies

No. 962047

K sure whatever helps you pray at night

No. 962048

>I'm absolutely devastated by what took place last night
I'm fucking tired of these "statements" made by PR… stop following these idiots and their "apologies" holy shit, how are people not waking the fuck up?

No. 962050

Nta. I never understand with you people. If someone mentions their religion or a religious statement once they’re “indoctrinating you.” Get the fuck over it. Why does something you don’t believe in affect you so much?

No. 962052

Sorry for offending your cult centered about big papa daddy in the sky, can we all be friends now?

No. 962054

> cult centered about big papa daddy in the sky
>can we be friends
You have no self awareness

No. 962055

The good thing is a lot more people are seeing the light, that something messed up happened here, whether you attribute it to spiritual reasons or not people are rightfully mad at him. And a lot of people are discussing the messed up symbolism, more than I expected anyway

No. 962056

Anon… I…

No. 962058


I replied too, and am not religious. I'm just also not so naive to think people mentioning their religion, a big part of them, is indoctrination.

No. 962066

Let's all put this to rest nonnas I got backed into this when I mentioned church. I am hardly even religious I lived as atheist for years until current events so let's all chill and discuss tinfoils again

No. 962069

my favourite thing about this Travis shit is his music doesn't even go hard enough to warrant violent moshing. This was completely a crowd control & security issue that was brewing before the show even started, from Travis encouraging fans to break in, to not having enough EMTs, trained security or staff who know how to handle an emergency.

No. 962070

And don't you think non-religious people also deserve respect, even more after years of indoctrination into a dogmatic system? people who go on and on about religion almost forget not everyone believes in imaginary things. They think they're the norm. But when you mention "I don't believe" they immediately
>call you a narc
>call you nihilist
>say they can convince you
It's just wild to me. I don't even care.

No. 962072

You say you don’t care but you keep bringing it up after she said she was over the whole thing. Go believe in nothing. It doesn’t affect her because she has her own beliefs she follows. Atheists gotta let you know they’re atheist!

No. 962075


You didn't just say you don't believe, you said you didn't want to be indoctrinated which has an entirely different meaning…. you are villianising people talking about their religion because you think they're pushing it onto you.

No. 962077

Her family disowned her for being anti-religion. Let her cope.

No. 962078

They're not "satanists" they're luciferians. It's actually a very important distinction.

No. 962080

lol, boo hoo

No. 962086

Chill with the victim complex. No one cares about your atheism. being an atheist isn't even subversive or edgy anymore lmao.

No. 962087

It’s all devil-worship in any case. I do hope God took them in after their souls crossed.

No. 962088

I never said I wanted to be edgy, sister.

No. 962090

Go back to Twitter because we aren’t sisters

No. 962091

Stop replying already, you're embarassing(infighting)

No. 962092

It’s an image board goofy I’m not embarrassed by a screen(infighting)

No. 962094

File: 1636274387539.png (18.63 KB, 1165x166, astroworld.PNG)

https://www.tmz.com/2021/11/06/travis-scott-astroworld-concert-stampede-dead-drake/ this is an article about a security guard being pricked in the neck with a needle then being revived with narcan at AstroWorld. There's another article that isn't from TMZ linked in the Wikipedia page that has been made for the "Astroworld Festival crowd crush" - which claims multiple people were injected in the crowd, and that narcan was used several times in reviving people.

No. 962097

how do we feel about this? I have a few theories.

>Peak schizoid - going off of the sacrifice theory they wanted to incapacitate people, esp security so they don't intervene.

>Lesser schizoid - disinfo from travvie's PR team to push all the blame off onto an unknown random psycho relieving travis of any legal culpability. He made tweets before the show urging people to jump fences and sneak into an overbooked venue already at max capacity. He scrubbed these tweets but there are still screenshots floating around on twitter and in this thread.
>No schizoid - its a concert/festie. Drugs are taken.

No. 962098

also it was absolutely fentanyl.

No. 962101

I think it was a non-Travis fan, or small time Travis fan, who wanted to commit some murder & mayhem in a less obvious way than a school/public area shooting. The sheer chaos of a concert would be the perfect place for some schizo-type incel to cause even more chaos, but be able to get away with it. My guess is a opioid at a level that would cause any non-user to OD.

I don't buy any Luciferian, Hollywood Cult bullshit - 9 people died at a Pearl Jam concert in 2000, and 11 at The Who in '79, this shit happens sometimes. But I do believe at least soem of the deaths were due to this mysterious person with a needle. Perhaps they were one of the people who stormed the fence, like if he got in, he'd do it, and if not then it wasn't the time, ya know?

No. 962125

All this needle bullshit started from a source (probably Travis himself) rushing to TMZ to tell them a bullshit story to try and cover up the obvious mismanagement and ineptitude that caused this. There's nothing more to it. It was a badly managed, oversold festival with idiots jumping the gate and thousands surging forward to crush those who had been at the barrier for hours.

The weirdest thing about it is someone from UB40 called Astro having his death announced at the same time as this news story was doing the rounds, that's just bizarre.

No. 962134

File: 1636279644929.jpeg (247.93 KB, 754x586, 7IGKg.jpeg)

One thing I noticed about the moon is that in the past, when you saw a crescent, that was the only thing you saw. Now when you see a crescent you can also see the rest of the moon. I never saw that once until it started a few years ago.

No. 962147

As for the satanic edgy symbolism, this shit isn't real but does speak to his soulless, uncaring approach to the 50,000+ people that were there. Of course an edgy satanist isn't gonna give a fuck about safety measures, all he cares about is money. Conspiracy theories help him avoid liability in this case when what actually happened was cut and dry.

No. 962149

I feel like Astroworld was a tipping point. Like you either take up the tinfoil hat and wear it with pride or you continue pretending that nothing's wrong and all our points are mere coincidences. I have normies who would laugh in my face at my tinfoil now messaging me saying how it feels off. These are people who defended the Vegas shooting which was way more fucking obvious because of the amount of weapons found in the room and some random guy taking out a huge window with no one noticing.

No. 962150

sorry for going off-topic but schizoid personality disorder is not the same as schizophrenia, i just think it's important to distinguish the two

No. 962151

Get some sleep you’ve been talking about this for hours

No. 962153

I only just got online you schizo fuck. Post different tinfoil if you wanna change the subject.

No. 962155

The black magician Aleister Crowley summoned hundreds of demons at the Boleskine house and did not banish them. Jimmy Page bought the house after and did some occult rituals that ended up really fucking up his life. Energy doesn’t die, evil lurks and can be conjured.


No. 962180

I think that’s why lady Gaga existed with all the over the top symbolism, I think some people are used to make a parody out of it and distract people while still implanting unconscious suspicion/recognition.

No. 962242

Here's the full Travis Scott concert if anyone cares to see it. At around 33:00 you can hear people scream Help en masse and he just stands around for a good minute before starting the next song.

No. 962260

File: 1636294131880.jpg (256.24 KB, 660x1173, fetchimage.jpg)

my gaydar has been very high with drake lately.

No. 962262

File: 1636294157544.jpg (81.29 KB, 1122x1421, ejqum6e118k71.jpg)

No. 962269

pedo heart fucker

No. 962280

Can you LSA ppl go the fuck back, no one cares about celebrities and ~satanic worship~ you go on about. Literally the most inconsequential shit.

No. 962285

File: 1636296174598.jpg (79.12 KB, 581x814, birkin.jpg)

He has a collection of purses and shoes he claims is for his future wife. I bet if Harper's Bazaar was allowed to get close enough, all the shoes would mysteriously be near his size.

No. 962286

This is a tinfoil thread, ya goof. What makes you think any of them are from LSA? I'm not. Maybe people are just having a good time.

No. 962287

It's just Elaine lashing out, anon.

No. 962288

TIL Drake is most likely a crossdresser. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 962301

A bunch of posters suddenly dumping celebrity shit on here. I'm seeing it infect like evey conspiracy place online, it's annoying. Conspiracy on conspiracy but pretty sure this inconsequential celebrity shit is being used to infect conspiracy places so ppl don't talk about actual conspiracies that matter.

No. 962303

You sound like a detractor. Away with ye

No. 962308

seriously, people will understand that science fiction dictates science via our interests driving our research but will refuse to believe there are other kinds of "scientists" that are working with things that are well documented in history, that normal people that walk among us every day are also capable of reenacting what's been written and improvising their own spin on it to bring about a great effect. believe it or not, he conjured a great energetic effect. his intent was there and >>962242 in the comments of the video there are multiple timestamps of him saying "this shit is beautiful" as an ambulance wheels away a sacrifice, "I see you all the way in the back." magic or not, he did what he set out to do, kill people in the name of a sacrifice

No. 962309

He also inspired some NASA guy and the Scientology creator to summon some divine feminine being by jerking off on stone tablets to bring about some new age of enlightenment

This whole page is kind of a trip

No. 962331

Celebrities are being discussed because it's relevant to a recent event.

No. 962345

File: 1636302965289.jpeg (343.81 KB, 1086x1100, 64F1CCCA-EF9D-4929-8EEB-6B2BBF…)

Participating in bumping.

No. 962356

Imagine having to create a retarded conspiracy theory to cope with the fact that a celebrity doesn't care about their fans. Couldn't be me.

No. 962359

File: 1636304632506.png (25.05 KB, 500x460, i-deliberatley-entered-a-threa…)

No. 962370

File: 1636305537485.jpg (Spoiler Image,328.62 KB, 1200x1200, hi.jpg)

NTA but why are you mad about it? It's really not hard for people to "create" anything when this is what the dude's concerts look like lol. What does edgelord Satanic imagery even have to do with hip hop culture anyway?

No. 962379

Why did you feel the need to spoil that?

No. 962389

I have an autistic sense of humor and thought it'd be funny if anyone reading thought it'd be a literal picture of his concert, but it was just a painting of hell

No. 962400

File: 1636308055774.jpeg (144.6 KB, 300x300, 8247E0B7-323F-408C-9D4F-EF6184…)

The album cover, he is so blatant with this shit.

No. 962404

He’s gay and a pedo? Go figure

No. 962416

File: 1636309917420.jpeg (255.65 KB, 1201x1800, 84B56E9B-953B-49B0-8048-5C954E…)

The stage looks like the hadron collider at CERN, the device that is supposedly an inter-dimensional portal to “the other side”.


No. 962422

File: 1636310267518.jpeg (Spoiler Image,115.36 KB, 634x576, 782EFF62-41EC-47B8-8DC2-10044C…)

Prior to what went down, Kylie Jenner released this photo op of herself covered in blood while pregnant . They knew…

Edit - forgot to spoiler

No. 962423

There's news articles saying she was there with their kid too. People saw them walking past bodies on the floor. My first reaction is "why the fuck would you take a young kid to a loud, frantic concert" but I guess it makes it seem more legit. He can say "I thought it was totally safe! my wife and child were there!"

No. 962425

I find it funny and sad how the people making fun of the "conspiracy" on Twitter all have being horny, being depressed, being a consoomer, and/or worshipping some famous person as their entire personality.

No. 962426

This was for her nightmare on elm street collab

No. 962430

Can't risk that bubble getting popped! Ironically these are usually the same people who will call you small minded if you suggest that social media and non-stop distractions accessible from a small, portable device is having a bad influence on society.

No. 962435

It still stands

No. 962440

File: 1636311113751.jpg (119.82 KB, 700x686, aGjDDp6_700b.jpg)

Celebrities and their occultist tendencies is 100% relevant in conspiracy spaces.

No. 962449

Agreed. The entertainment industry is used as a distraction tactic by the elites, not to mention that they love to slip their messages in various media too. I never got why people immediately dismiss celebrity theories. I mean, sure, it doesn't matter if Drake is gay or not (though I did kek at the thought of him crossdressing) but the Travis Scott thing raises a lot of valid questions.

No. 962454

File: 1636311985388.webm (9.49 MB, 426x240, diabloxantiago - astroworld.we…)

Full video of the guy who went to Astroworld. Leaving it here just in case his ig account get nuked.

My tinfoil is that the rich people who went to the show knew something was gonna go down. I believe the body count is much higher but Scott's team are gonna pay people off to keep quiet (Houston PD, families of the deceased).

No. 962476

File: 1636313531776.jpg (131.53 KB, 1301x853, astro.jpg)

I think the death count is way higher too. All the first hand accounts mention seeing way more bodies than what's been announced. Yeah, they could be hospitalised or turned out to be ok but for so many people to have seen so many bodies? It literally doesn't add up. On a tinfoil tangent a musician called Astro from the UK band UB40 passed away after a "short illness". I know, it could just be a coincidence and it's two days after the Astroworld concert but what are the odds?

No. 962479

At this point, there are no coincidences

No. 962482

File: 1636314023827.jpeg (103.28 KB, 828x390, 1986A299-2728-4BC9-84F5-E064EE…)

This is from his newest song. Seems he opened whatever the fuck it was last night.

No. 962511

It's relevant but I'm worried it'll drown out every other discussion in this thread. Maybe we could have a spin-off thread dedicated to Hollyweirds and Satanism/Occultism in Hollywood. It's such a deep rabbit hole with so much to pick apart, so why not contain it so we can have room for other conspiracies here?

No. 962512

I'd rather not draw in any loons from celebricows and I prefer to have all my tinfoil in the same thread. As long as it's not dumb shit like is so-and-so gay/lying about their age/etc I don't mind.

No. 962530

>I'd rather not draw in any loons from celebricows
It shouldn't, so long as we gatekeep and tell them to fuck off to their own thread once they start with retarded speculations. And maybe I underestimate the impact of what's really going on in Hollywood, but I prefer tinfoils of things more consequential in nature, like the vaccines, shady political dealings, etc. That's just me though.

No. 962537

>For those saying celebrities are not relevant, why do you think they exist? They are to cause a distraction, it’s magic. People watch them and don’t keep track of what’s happening with the other hand, or behind the scenes
…And by going on and on about the symbolism and what xyz celebrity did you're still falling for the distraction. Everyone knows Hollywood is full of rapists and pedros and satanists. It's boring to keep repeating the same thing.
>prefer tinfoils of things more consequential in nature, like the vaccines, shady political dealings, etc.
Yeah, actual stuff that impacts our day to day lives.

No. 962541

I once tried making that type of thread but mods deleted it when the first threads opened up.

No. 962543

It’s all tinfoil regardless, why separate it? Mods are gonna delete the thread anyway and contain us all here, wouldn’t be the first time.

No. 962544

File: 1636318447876.jpg (24.81 KB, 976x548, _118264624_maxwell-edit-reuter…)

Yeah, people don't mention her ANYWHERE if it's not to talk about those ''poor jail'' conditions she is in. She's been denied parole a few times and there's only one picture of her after inprisonment, pic related, her eyebrows are done.

No. 962561

That anon should just accept that a tinfoil is a tinfoil even if she doesn't personally like it

No. 962574

Exactly. No one's stopping anyone from posting tinfoil on what they deem important. Celebrity tinfoil isn't derailing this thread, anons bitching and moaning about it is.

No. 962577

File: 1636321071721.jpeg (29.4 KB, 528x189, AF2874CB-79E6-4D88-8DC0-68176A…)

Fuck these monsters, they have been planning for decades. Here's a pic of some based vandalism though I wish the whole thing would be smashed apart, in minecraft of course.

>In June 1979, a man using the pseudonym R. C. Christian approached the Elberton Granite Finishing Company on behalf of "a small group of loyal Americans", and commissioned the structure. Christian explained that the stones would function as a compass, calendar, and clock, and should be capable of "withstanding catastrophic events". Joe Fendley of Elberton Granite assumed that Christian was "a nut" and attempted to discourage him by providing a quote for the commission which was several times higher than any project the company had previously taken, explaining that the guidestones would require additional tools and consultants. To Fendley's surprise, Christian accepted the quote. When arranging payment, Christian said that he represented a group which had been planning the guidestones for 20 years and which wanted to remain anonymous.

>Yoko Ono said the inscribed messages are "a stirring call to rational thinking", while Wired stated that unspecified opponents have labeled them as the "Ten Commandments of the Antichrist".
>Conspiracy theorist Jay Weidner has said that the pseudonym of the man who commissioned the stones – "R. C. Christian" – resembles Rose Cross Christian, or Christian Rosenkreuz, the founder of the Rosicrucian Order.

No. 962611

I think the chaos and violence Travis Scott has at shows is a cover up, so they can blame reckless people and crowd crush when they’re injecting people. There’s been a surge of people injecting women in UK clubs and there have been protests about it very recently, of course it will happen here but it would cause mass hysteria here. Because of the stress of the pandemic, people are far more likely to deny conspiracy because of a belligerent effort to “contain” it. It’s mostly men who can’t handle their emotions claim “what was Travis supposed to do, it’s not his fault, it happens” etc. They entice men to look rational and strong in the face of things so they will feel insecure when it’s pointed out, then they react violently against those who speak out, that’s the trickle down of crowd control after the ritualistic event. If you make room for Satan inside of you, it will feed off of you and use you to incite harm at your own expense. It is not power it is an illusion that feeds off of insecurity and fear. So the Devil isn’t “real”, but people are and they react to that imagery with insecurity or avoidance, very, very rarely confrontation and empathy for other humans.

They can’t report the number of people who actually died from being spiked because they’re trying to contain it like governments do with epidemics or pandemics to save their own negligence. As long as there’s a “rational” explanation to use instead of confronting a deeper issue, the regular man will double down on it and end up protecting the predators. Crowd crush can rationally kill 8 and be an outrage, but more people dying only from crowd crush would be much harder for an average thick skulled male to defend. They couldn’t revive them because they needed narcan. In 2021, you need narcan as a friend, never mind a medic. I think the deliberately reported 8 is a number they intentionally settled on, hence the imagery. That ties in with gravitational patterns between Earth and Saturn; Earth on it’s own has a Torus energy pattern where it goes internally then outward, it’s a closed circuit, but with the authoritative presence of Saturn the influence is an 8, so the energy is redirected to another external powerful object. The eye in the symbolism is a closed sufficient unit of creation, and the dart is the arrow of Sagittarius and knowledge, and Pluto was in Sagittarius recently for decades defining the Zoomer generation. Pluto was in Scorpio for Millenials, which is why they are exploited for occult knowledge and had to be contained and disconnected from their innate occult knowledge. If Millenials could log off, they can overpower this. Zuckerberg being a Taurus is not a surprise, his moon is 29 degrees Scorpio and has aspects to Pluto and Mercury, he knows enough about human emotion to manipulate it and is connected to the Torus energy of the Earth. He is a tool. Xxxtentacion was too powerful and could not be controlled, drake is a pedo so he’s initiated, lil nas x is being manipulated by the trauma of homophobia (sexual abuse is a common way people are programmed to be easier to manipulate, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, etc obviously) so he has an ego based urge for revenge that is being exploited (really doubt he cares about satanic imagery, but the people behind him do and that’s how they get him to care), and Travis Scott who seemingly out of nowhere was chosen to impregnate Kylie Jenner twice is very controllable. Satanic imagery has always been powerful, the members of Black Sabbath to this day however pray to God before performances. Listening to Kanye talk about God the way he does is obvious he’s tuned into something. Yes he is mentally ill, but why doesn’t he have a conservatorship and Britney did? There are visual dynamics media wants to indoctrinate you with.

No. 962619

They always hide behind “rational thinking”, Saturnian thinking. It is denial of the heart, which is the opposition. This is an ancient war.

No. 962668

Is saturnian shit basically scrotes depravity?

No. 962691

File: 1636328120630.jpg (620.47 KB, 1079x1319, Screenshot_20211107-182827_Fir…)

Honestly that's probably just light pollution. Unless you're truly in the middle of nowhere, you're going to be impacted by some nearby city's light dome making the sky look brighter than the shadow on the Moon.

No. 962710

wait what? uh what does the planet Saturn have to do with reason and rational thinking?

No. 962716

Saturn is the Roman god of the underworld, hence Saturn/Satan who also holds “rational thought”. The phrase: “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convinced the world he didn’t exist” - science/rational thought/atheism.

No. 962717

travis scott definitely was definitely doing a demonic ritual it’s pretty obvious

No. 962721

File: 1636331378632.jpg (41.21 KB, 442x328, image0.jpg)

Of course it's a woman who got vaxxed, despite all the warnings and studies that came out about it fucking up your menstrual cycle. Fuck this guy, what a misogynistic asshole.

No. 962723

same anon, ohh wow that’s interesting. thanks for sharing.

No. 962724

This is the worst attempt at grrlpower I've ever seen in a shitty political drawing.

No. 962727

my menstrual cycle is already sort of fucked up so I don’t really care and that is so false considering that I just got my period and I had my second dose like a month ago

No. 962734

Saturn ate his own children out of jealousy. Yes.

No. 962736

>I'm fine therefore it didn't happen
Okay anon

No. 962740

Pluto is also feminine and the higher octave of Scorpio and Mars, so there is a deeper force beyond Saturn. It’s common for powerful women to use male figureheads, the ignorance of the male ego will always shield the truth of their weakness so they will occult your power to the death. Saturn was defeated by Jupiter who castrated Saturn, and from his dissolved genitals rose Venus. There is a reason why men have fought to ruin mythology.

No. 962756

> Saturn was defeated by Jupiter who castrated Saturn, and from his dissolved genitals rose Venus. There is a reason why men have fought to ruin mythology.

Can you direct me to more information about this? I don’t want to derail the thread.

No. 962817

im pretty sure its because there are a lot of posts from deranged women who are vax obsessed… definitely are vax loving men but a lot of posts where the people are acting especially senile are women

No. 962844

File: 1636346262089.jpeg (80.38 KB, 472x1024, E80CD0D7-CB70-496C-898C-A24A99…)

Why sue when the damage is already done? Those kids were sacrificed.

Edit - forgot to blur my sister’s face in the screenshot

No. 962853

Depends, usually if you go to male dominated forums like Reddit or 4chan and speak lowly of the vax you'll immediately get attacked even if it's over a simple question or someone pointing out statistics not adding up

No. 962881

I believe this performance was mocking those trying to escape the cult. It's sung beautifully though. She had incredible success as this was her second grammy performance in a row. Mariah is dressed in all black while the background performers are standing in the form of an eye with a red triangle as the core background. It's quite eerie. As cheesy as the illuminati sounds, why present the imagery so often? Why push for this specific imagery throughout so many artists careers?

No. 962930

To condition people into thinking everything is run by a super powerful elite group of a few uberrich narcissists so that they don't relearn their society, government, and economy to fix shit.

>why bother voting lololo the illuminati runs everything

No. 962935

I don’t think most people were woken up in 1992 and most conspiracies at the time involved the government, from my understanding.

About 10 years ago when I started doing research on the so-called Illuminati, I read that people communicated through symbols just like how pedos communicate without the average pleb noticing because to them, they were too stupid to care and just wanted to be entertained through pretty lights and a beautiful singer. Sadly, this is still true to this day.

No. 962970

Because music can have subliminal messages, as well as the visuals widely distributed under false pretenses of safety and entertainment when you’re defenses are down and you’re processing the art with your senses engaged. You are captive as a viewer, and they can say it’s just art, it’s nothing but fun!

Also I think the more blatant Satanic rituals are used to inspire panic and hysteria to divide America even further from itself. It’s smoke and mirrors, people focus on the performance while politically our country is violently divided. Some people may react very fearfully to this and want more religion in the government and push for the conservative, however there’s just as much abuse in “Godly” places as well. You could argue these things are planned to push another satanic panic to give conservatives ammunition.

No. 962979

File: 1636356689349.jpeg (265.88 KB, 899x1599, C26F33BE-9AD9-4020-9B6B-A4B1A5…)

Deleted and repost but people like this are the reason why this will get kicked under the rug.. maybe it was png a sacrifice but he should still be held accountable and people should collectively stop supporting some legitimately talentless generic rapper.

No. 962990

Are you dumb cameras just got more sophisticated over time. Some of you guys are dumb as hell but I forgot I’m on a conspiracy thread lol

No. 962998

This angers me. If people stop supporting other artist for petty reasons, they have like 10 reasons to stop supporting him today. It feels like these comments of "omg he did nothing wrong lmao" are planted. I'm so angry seriously

No. 963001

Majority of his fans are violent, retarded, consumerist, hypebeast fuckboy scrotes. They are not going to care about this. At all. I just hope women stop going to his shows. Let the men kill each other their "idol". Men are so fucking stupid with their blind idol worship.

No. 963006

Are you dumb, they said that they noticed it not just the camera pic.
It's actually something that's happening thpugh, due to light pollution. This person likely just didn't notice it until suddenly, they can see "all" the moon during a crescent.

No. 963008

lmfao you're the dumbest person alive…"started a few years ago" I haven't laughed out loud at this site in a long time thank you

No. 963016

I don't think Adam Lanza was possessed he just has that typical dead eyed 1000 yard stare most aspies and autists have. I swear some aspies just need to be killed at birth. They are basically sociopaths who are allowed to get away with it cos muh disability.

No. 963032

Same, neither pro nor anti vax, but ended up getting my second dose mid-September. Immediate side effects were minimal; a sore arm and a slight headache after the second. It's the potential long term side effects that have me much more concerned, but honestly I've had such horrible things happen to me this year it's like could things really get that much worse for me? I checked out from covid news a while ago so I wasn't previously aware of the correlation with menstrual cycle disruption. I've been on the pill for years and rarely have my period, and when I do it's during the placebo pills and very light. Also due to previously mentioned shitty life circumstances, I've become severely underweight due to stress, like so underweight I shouldn't be having a period at all. So it came as a shock to me when last week I was bleeding super heavily, like from years ago before I started birth control. Cramping was terrible and I also got a migraine on top of it. Even weirder was this occurred half way through the pill pack, so the exact opposite of when menstruation should be happening. I tried doing a few searches and conveniently the results were of little help, basically reiterating that "99.97% of women haven't reported any changes in their menstrual cycle over and over. Oh yeah? Seems like a lot of women are in the lucky 0.03% then. I didn't even initially think of the vaccine as a possibility for this change in my cycle, but now it seems like the only reasonable explanation. Thought I should share for anyone that isn't as nihilistic about their own life as I am. Everyone should have the right to know, but seems like anyone sharing negative vaccine experiences are being gaslit/silenced/throttled/shadowbanned, etc.
Very infuriating but totally predictable.

No. 963034

>Majority of his fans are violent, retarded, consumerist, hypebeast fuckboy scrotes.
I don't want to be that person but maybe it's for the best they became roblox oof
>I just hope women stop going to his shows
Judging by how many women were on the stampede video, I doubt it. Pickmeism is a disease

No. 963040

File: 1636367567775.png (217.09 KB, 615x346, imagen_2021-11-08_043256.png)

why is no one talking about this too?

No. 963041

>fucked up menstrual cycle
oh shit I got one after getting my second shot
Please don't blame me for it, I had to get it by force

No. 963042

>loons from celebricows
True lolcow users post at least once in most threads

No. 963043


Where do you even begin with this one? You could write a book on everything wrong with it. The perfect companion for when Elon starts chipping your brains too!

No. 963044

All he's saying is fucking sad, you can feel the desperation in his voice. Fuck, I'm sorry for that guy

No. 963045

"true lolcow users" what are we, masons? Are you a 33rd degree lolcow? I've posted in celebricows myself. Hence why I stated that I don't want the loons. I'd maybe be on board for a Hollyweird thread (if mods didn't delete it) if it wasn't for the high chance it has of attracting weight spergs and plastic surgery tinfoils.

No. 963047

It's so if you google "astro dead" you'll see that

No. 963049

>Are you a 33rd degree lolcow?
Are you?

No. 963050

Yes and I even know the secret handshake.

No. 963051

It's just weird to me because I posted the full video days earlier and no one replied.

No. 963052

Will the thing that happened with TS be a refference for people to socially distance?

No. 963055

You know what's even weirder?
I know Billie Eilish gets a lot of flack in here for being a brat, but she NOTICED when a fan was fainting and needed help, so she called security. And if she could notice one from a large crowd… then why the fuck didn't TS stop when everyone was screaming for HELP??? at that point you are well aware!!! It's like those big kpop concerts where they chant in unision, do you think the whole group don't notice even if they have stuff in their ears???

I've been in a large ska mosh pit before, and the moment the band noticed something was wrong with a girl, they stop playing and said "EVERYONE MAKE SPACE FOR HER, SHE NEEDS HELP!" and so the paramedics went there and helped the girl who couldn't breathe. Like… if lesser bands can do it, why couldn't TS? this shit is so hellish

No. 963061

I think even normies are skeeved out by this, so I imagine once Zuck "get everything worked out" they'll start making participation mandatory via whatever employers, educators, whoever they can strike up a deal with. It's hard right now to even comprehend how nightmarish this can be but it's there to keep people inundated in false realities, surveil, train AI, push product/ideology, god knows what else. Once neuralink hits the scene on top of this, it's all over.

No. 963067

So, since we know all the musicians who are big enough to play a venue like this will know how much you can actually see and hear from the stage…which musicians do you think will speak up on this, if anyone?

No. 963077

File: 1636373998017.jpeg (98.2 KB, 718x718, C838998D-9552-4CE4-84C7-C8A497…)

No. 963090

Reddit bros are the biggest vaccine whiteknights I have ever seen, far more than liberal twitter moms. It fits into their muh heckin cool science and atheism culture too well and the upvote system makes it easy for any criticism or questions to be drowned out.

No. 963107

Symbols are used in propaganda and most entertainment qualifies as harmful propaganda. The problem with technology and media is that it’s slowly digestible and cancerous to the human being without the victim knowing, people subliminally pick up these meanings subconsciously through time and are unaware that they act them or integrate them into their worldview. People don’t really even think that the shit they consume or listen to or watch could possibly be making them feel even more sick, depressed, or nihilistic because it’s “no big deal” but honestly I’m starting to think this shit is. Even if Travis was not doing a ritual or a sacrifice his music is meant for deranged selfish and destructive city dwellers.

No. 963125

Nah fb was originally an app to rate and review Harvard girls' appearances. Misogynistic asshole

No. 963136

On top of it not even being his own idea

No. 963138

maybe it's because conspiracy theories about things that stop people dying are dumb as fuck and you all sound like you have skin that looks like a leather handbag when you talk like this you absolute fucking retard.

No. 963139

I need to get the fuck off of instagram. Where the fuck am I going to sell/share my dolls though? The internet is fucked. I miss 2007 every day of my life.

No. 963148

Fucking up the menstrual cycle, are you serious? I hadn't heard about this. My period has been almost 30 days late twice in a row. I've never had a late period, I've never used a pregnancy test before (it was negative). I thought the only reason this was happening to me was because of me working overnights but I've made the switch to overnights before without it having an impact on my period. I feel retarded. I just want to keep myself and others safe and now I have no idea what's happening to me or how to fix it. I still haven't had my period for October.

No. 963152

My period has always been on time, no issues. I didn't get the vac yet but when my family got the vac all at once my period got fucked up for 3 months. But sheding is still a conspiracy theory kek. At this point all you can really do is go to Dr and make sure they put it on your file. Maybe get a hormone test to see if you need to supplement to balance everything.

No. 963158

Okay I will, thanks for the response nona

No. 963164

I watched the video and im not sure why you mean that? On the other hand, I am with you… Technology which will make us go online even more than we do now scares me. Can we just go back to simpler times? I miss 2007 too.

>thinking the vaccine has helped to stop people from dying
kek okay

No. 963167

Because instagram is owned by Facebook and I don't want to have any connection to Mark Zuckerberg or this metaverse shit.

No. 963168

True, same. Sorry, I thought I may have missed something! I am only stuck on facebook still because marketplace helps me sell items pretty quickly and messenger has some cute stickers and I mainly chat with a few close friends there.

No. 963172

Same I use it to chat to a few of my pals who still use FB. I wish other platforms could actually start up without being smothered. It makes me wonder how we switched from MySpace and MSN to Facebook so easily? I'd give my leg to have classic MSN back.

No. 963221

all i see is that fucking barbeque sauce bottle used as decoration kek

No. 963275

ayrt and calm down lmao, I'm vaccinated but why do reddit bros and random twitter users act like an authority on this shit? The only ones who really have a say are the individuals and their doctors. When has some redditor well ackshullying anyone saved a life and not convinced people to be more suspicious by denying the chance to explore all sides of the discussion? Also what does skin have to do with this, did redditors also have to teach you to moisturize your face too? Did you need to get enough updoots to know you're supposed to wear sunscreen?

No. 963404

Don't waste too much energy on those types anon, they're true npc. Do whatever authority tells them because they get an opportunity to ego trip and feel superior over someone else. The same types who would report Jews and burn witches.

No. 963414

In a way I feel like getting into conspiracy theories was a big mistake for me. When you start seeing symbolism and propaganda everywhere it can really drag you down. I miss being a kid and consooming vidya and movies without a second thought. Then again, with three sisters and potentially a child of my own on the cards in the future I'm extremely glad I am. Children's media in particular is getting bombarded with filth. Hell, even toys are fucked up now. Look at the Bratz stuff upthread.

No. 963451

>People don’t really even think that the shit they consume or listen to or watch could possibly be making them feel even more sick, depressed, or nihilistic

This is why the "everyone watch same show at same time" shit people do with Netflix unnerves me. It gives an enormous influencing power to whatever media they consume, meaning despite this abundance of entertainment choices it may as well be the 60s and everyone's watching the same one channel. But without the broadcasting rules, so much of Nteflix shit would never even be allowed to be broadcast on terrestial tv, so there's even more power there due to shocking themes and imagery which normally wouldn't pass a censor. Then you have bingewatching; why not give some random tv show unfettered access to your mind and imagination for countless hours. I definitely think the bingeing shit quality/negative/disturbing content has a big part to play in people's negative feelings. Entertainment shouldn't make you feel worse. You shouldn't feel compelled to watch things you don't even enjoy just to keep up with everyone else.

No. 963457

File: 1636404171835.jpeg (50.25 KB, 300x300, 27ABBF3C-F13C-4A55-8801-BC6CFB…)

Have you noticed that a lot of Disney Channel shows involve bratty teenagers who only care about dating and shit? Also I was at the playground with my son and a little girl brought her Barbie or some monster high bratz thingy it looked like a hooker with really harsh makeup and fishnets. I remember even as a kid thinking my barbies were kinda slutty looking but this shit is vile, it’s not even a proper outfit…

No. 963464

I'm glad I'm not the only one freaked out by the phenomenon of masses of people watching and focusing on one show at the same time. It happened recently with Squid Game and it felt so surreal. Couldn't go anywhere online without hearing about it, happened a lot offline too. A lot of people at my work and where I volunteer wouldn't shut up about it. We have more options for entertainment than ever yet it barely matters because of this weird social pressure to watch the same fucking thing as everyone else.

Yes! Those Disney Channel shows make young girls out to be so boy crazy. It skeeves me out. I mean, ok sure it's a big part of puberty for a lot of teenagers but I don't think it's appropriate for younger kids to watch that stuff. Even when it is kids in that age range it still feels off though, especially after reading about Dan Schneider. That's why those kinds of shows are off limits to my sisters; thankfully they're not interested anyway since their mother is great at getting them involved with hobbies that don't involve a goddamn screen. I've also noticed when I've taken my sister to school that nearly all the kids there are glued to a phone or tablet before they're called in. Not to sound like a boomer but they're like little zombies! I hate how normalised it is to put your kid in front of a screen with free reign to watch or play what they want. I know there's child modes but so much shit slips through the net.

No. 963472

Definitely, the first time I watched black mirror I got a super heavy depressed despairing feeling, not like anything I've experienced before.

No. 963473

Instead of grooming girls to become mothers they're now grooming girls to become prostitutes. Hell world.

No. 963475

Even the kid safe mode on YouTube freaks me out. There's so much weird fucking low key fetish/low key trauma shit.

No. 963482

AYRT, I'm genuinely intrigued as to who puts that kind of stuff on kids YouTube videos. Tinfoiling here but it feels like some sort of movement to corrupt and desensitise kids to sexual degeneracy and violence.

No. 963485

File: 1636405897951.jpg (18.85 KB, 206x450, Jade.jpg)

That doll reminds me of Jane West from Dan Schneider's nickelodeon show Victorious. And her character was dark and boy crazy

No. 963503

Wasn’t there a character on zoey101 that had an obsession specifically with older men or something that had a hyper sexual condition? She was “dark” too. I don’t really understand the representation of that goth style so young and on some lame mainstream tv show? That never used to exist and I don’t know what that’s about

No. 963512


The Twilight Zone Episode 109 "Jess-Belle".

No. 963523

I swear it's either the same person acting like this or you're peak NPC because you always have to end with "retard", every single time

No. 963534

At this point I'm convinced it's just fetish-catering for the producers.

No. 963561

Of course what else, scrotes want to corrupt others after they've corrupted themselves black. Making kids develop weird fetishes and be hypersexual from trauma ensures they have future victims.

No. 963611

same was being said about bratz in the 00's

No. 963613

Lawd, nonny, I, too, have had my period perfectly regularily since about ever up until this fucking year when my boyfriend got vaccinated. The first period after his second shot was my first late period since I was a teen, 3 weeks late. It's been about 4 months now and the cycle is regular again but the consistency of the discharge and blood is still different than before. Fuck this stupid shit.

No. 963663

And look how some of those kids who are adults now turned out

No. 963689

It's exactly that, the creeps who make those videos are trying to do legit subliminal messaging. This video is just unpacking one of those sorts of channels.

No. 963708

What's with the news outlets claiming random injections are happening one day and then saying it's all just a hoax the next day? First it was the UK now they're doing it with the Astroworld event

No. 963715

People can’t accept that death can be random and accidental

No. 963719

To clarify: do you think this is a case of shedding?

No. 963722

Obviously no one
Uhhhh the first pictures really creeped me the fuck out. Nope. Will try to watch but it's already a downer for me.

No. 963723

If you say anything about bratz dolls you are called a prude or a grandma. But I always hated those dolls, even as a kid.

No. 963725

NTA but my period started with some heavy discharge, then some blood, and it hasn't stopped… in like… two weeks. And it's been 2 weeks since I got the shot.

No. 963726

This is why even as a kid or teen I was so wary of these dumb shows. They never resonated with me, I didn't get why anyone would watch them. I could never raise my voice though because it's what most people like.

No. 963727

The fake deep voice from this moid is gross and I hate it.

No. 963739

What the heck… It could just be that shots in general do that (I have read somewhere that any injection has the potential to mess with menstrual cycles, but I am no scientist), though I just think its sick that people are waving these issues away and not looking into it further. If many women are reporting it then its worth researching. Everything about covid and the vaccines makes me upset at the world.

No. 963748

Yeah, at first I didn't care because I usually have issues with my period. My period tends to stop altogether when I'm very stressed out, so when I started spotting I was like "oh cool my period is coming now", but then there were a looot of days of discharge and I'm still bleeding to this day. Something similar happened with the first shot, I started spotting blood. I'm not sure if this is my fault or not (because my period is already weird) but there's something going on for sure.

I don't think doctors are super interested in researching this though…

No. 963751

Anon please this is the grossest shit ever, like I guess good for the youtuber for exposing this but this is soooooooooooooooooo bad the call he makes is so gross I'm fucking disgusted

No. 963752

Ive never had a period change from injection before, yet got one from just being around injected ppl. I remember there was a huge purge of women's groups discussing period fuckups, and then the major vac companies put out articles about how it's normal to have a fucked up period after all vacs, that maybe silly women are just stressed and made up stories about the vac changing their period they're just paranoid hahaha and other gaslighting bullshit. So far no formal report on what vacs are doing to womens hormones and fertility. I was going to get the jab but changed my mind when this shit happened.

No. 963757

Of course not, women should just shut up sit down and be martyrs, sacrificing their health to ~srop the spread~

No. 963758

File: 1636425885981.jpg (215.26 KB, 900x1200, FDXRhlPXoAYw0IZ.jpg)

No. 963759

Like it has happened always, through history.

No. 963762

I am not shocked that is the case, I kind of figured they would make some cover up like that which discredits any concerns people are expressing (like always with this vaccine). I am worried about shedding though I must admit I dont fully understand it. I am around vaccinated people 24/7 so who knows what'll happen to me.

I am so sorry you are dealing with this anon. It may be worth discussing with your doctor (though I understand why you might not want to) and I agree theres definitely low interest, though it was be great if a group of women scientists can look into it or something.

They better also sacrifice their unborn child even though we do not actually know what side effects are possible, but just dont think about it and get that shot!

No. 963768

I'm sorry if I'm asking a very obvious question, but I don't know what shedding is? I thought menstruation was shedding itself

No. 963785

File: 1636428489741.png (136.04 KB, 1508x554, Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 10.2…)

No, not at all! I am still trying to fully understand as well. I was referring to is viral/vaccine shedding. Basically, theres a possibility that vaccinated people can "shed" and pass on covid to others or other issues. I think >>963752 would be able to explain better, I am still learning but big shocker: look what happens when you search it up

No. 963796

Have any of you got word from your workplace that they want your vaccine verification?

No. 963801

Mine asked for verification to get paid days off and a bonus but besides that no.

No. 963805

I am unemployed, so I am screwed since a lot of jobs have in the description that you must be vaccinated to qualify, while for others you can only find out what they expect through an interview. I just lost the one job opportunity that was remotely interested in me so far since I am unvaccinated. At first they jokingly asked if I was an "antivaxxer"… I knew I was doomed, but I thought I would ask if there are testing options or other accommodations and they have stopped contacting me kek

Heres hoping I find a job someday! Discrimination in encouraged where I am.

No. 963814

I had COVID in February and my second jab in June. My experience of side effects has been at times word for word like this guy’s. I haven’t sought medical attention cuz living in one of the liberal hell holes on the left coast. That Gavin Newsom might have been struck down with side effects is a game changer for the vaccine injured

No. 963823

mine had a verification form you could fill out several months ago so they could keep track of who was and wasn't allowed to wear masks at work (which lasted about a month before everyone had to wear them again). the most recent thing sent out regarding the vaccine was to managers only and it was a guide on how to answer employee questions about how/when the mandate would effect us. the "answers" we're supposed to give were barely even answers because all they had to go on was biden's speech

No. 963825

I've been really scared about voicing my opinion on the vaccine - which is that I don't care what you do, as long as you're not coerced or coercing anyone else to get it.
I have severe problems with my period & PMDD (pre-menstrual dysmorphic disorder), as well as my immune system being shot at the moment, and I've had some mysterious gastro-like illness on & off all year. I am terrified of getting vaccinated & having an adverse reaction, more so than I am scared of of COVID - the island I live on has 550,000 people & we've been COVID free, save for one quarantine-gone-rogue kid that caused a 3 day lockdown, for almost a YEAR. I may be high risk if I contact Corona, but I also feel like I'm high risk for adverse reactions to the vaccine.

No. 963844

I actually fucking hated them too because the hyper-sexualization was so obvious and disgusting. I was like ten and it just felt so gross, creepy, and pontifices before I knew what that even was. They are more sexualized but also had more childlike proportions and features with developed hips. I loathed when they came out even though the outfits seemed cool because it felt dark and a really unhealthy image to have. Barbies at least looked like adults and idk to me then didn’t seem sexual because the exaggeration was maybe more subtle or human, and there was mostly full coverage options and the advertising didn’t seem like it was trying to look underage sexy for adult men. It also seemed more exploitative of poc, like the dolls with a range of skin tones were so much more overtly sexualized and infantilized. Knowing now how much less covered by media and protected women of other races are from sexual abuse yet how overt bratz was so men could get away with it is fucking vile.

No. 963848

I didn’t watch them either even though I was at the age to, it just felt off and I’m surprised and grateful I had that intuition, and that you did too. I’ve stayed away from learning about this until fairly recently because it’s really traumatizing. I think the dark girl characters are to lead impressionable girls to alt fashion which involves bdsm inspirations very quickly. It used to be rebellious and powerful, and a lot of girls I know wore black as a signal or boundary for men to stay away. Men never keep other men in check because they all want to get away with committing the same thing.

No. 963853

I hated them because their feet were huge and came off kek

No. 963855

Female bodies release far more antibodies in response to anything than men because we have wombs and need to protect ourselves and the future. But the vaccine was designed for men who need more, yet are the ones who refused to quarantine and get vaccinated until their jobs were threatened even though women were severely disproportionately effected, lost way more jobs and access to resources, and rates of domestic abuse, stalking, rape, and murder have skyrocketed, so it’s always at the expense of women. Women see men not only not give a fuck about our safety, sanity, and humanity, but actively violently oppress any acknowledgement of it and expect women to want to have their children, trust them, socialize with them, take care of them, and perform the same sexual and emotional labor just so they can function and get by while destroying everything worth living for.

Women having severe reactions to the vaccine is definitely not uncommon, isn’t reported, however both nurses and doctors have spoken out who were personally effected. Because any cold hard information about this is immediately politicized and weaponized, women can’t access science and protect themselves. There’s women who were bedridden after vaccination and they get shadow banned so fast. Weird how abortion was banned again in Texas during this time.

No. 963865

Women are seen as the greatest resource is why we are treated like shit. Women create society via giving birth, everyone on top wants to create a society to fulfil their own desires (which are usually just degenerate shit like coom and live forever without consequences because moids are rich and on top).

No. 963871

File: 1636438457743.jpeg (Spoiler Image,46.82 KB, 461x463, 806B2D3F-3872-4C24-8D24-9C68E4…)

>They are more sexualized but also had more childlike proportions and features with developed hips
they didn't even stop at the teenage dolls is the worst part, they went far enough as to have a line of sexualized babies. even my mom who bought me a lot of bratz dolls when i was a kid was creeped out by them and wouldn't buy them for me. you can't convince me that picrel was designed and launched with totally innocent intentions

No. 963872

meant to reply to >>963844, my bad

No. 963875

File: 1636439482227.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2500x2500, CECE94C5-1048-4007-B9ED-255173…)

Bratz and the LOL OMG doll above are both made by the same company. They also make the poopsie fetish shit

No. 963877

whoever designed these and the baby bratz dolls need to have their hard drives looked through. i can't help but feel like kids who play with these are going to be messed up later on.

No. 963892


Two very knowledgeable ladies who've done their research and then some. They've been pretty much wiped off of yt (like anything that goes against the official narrative). Most of their interviews can be found on bitchute, rumble, etc.
https://londonreal.tv/?s=sherri+tenpenny has some good interviews but you need to sign up with an email to watch.

Another great lady who's been censored to hell is Dr. Judy Mikovits. People like her get demonized for being "anti-vax" or whatever, meanwhile none of the facts she brings to the table are disputed. The critics stay sniping and ad homming from the side lines.

No. 963898

samefag. Site made by people who've suffered side effects: https://www.wewanttobeheard.com/

It's insane that these jabs are being distributed and in some cases mandated to the public, and now they're trying to jab children with it when its safety profile's clearly in the gutter. But at least Big Pharma's making bank, amirite?

No. 963952

That’s mother fucking disgusting. And this was mainstream and available everywhere, for kids to internalize the messaging of having children to have them dress like prostitutes as young as possible.

Idk what the poopsie fetish shit is, I’m afraid to look it up. I’ve seen OMG related things at like cvs or Walgreens, they’re sexualized toddlers. Creepy gross men see that shit too; and young boys, learning to desire that inhuman and very childlike but developed form. I don’t get it and I’m surprised that company was so successful. Sad

No. 964101

File: 1636468667458.jpg (307.42 KB, 540x1491, DFW.jpg)

No. 964157

Yeah, I don't actually like him at all but there are so few people actually unpacking why the people uploading those videos do so/what they hope to gain. I won't defend him, you and the anon who pointed out his retarded fake voice are 100% right.

No. 964160

definitely fake woke. all these moids are. what i dont understand is moids obsession with pornography and all the disgusting deviant shit it showcases but draw the line at child pornography. Like this moid who put a pornstar in his vid by name to totes OWN the PEDO!. Moids are so retarded and un-self aware.

No. 964165

That part creeped me out. You’re posing as a 13 year old girl with a pornstar profile picture? Fucking disgusting.
Does anyone have any more theories about Disney and kids stuff I feel like those are most interesting

No. 964174

Do you know of any channels by women that do these sort of deep dives without all the gag a maggot scrote shit? I want to see more creeps exposed but this guy seems to be one of the most mainstream and as everyone says he is extremely unpalatable

No. 964227

I know right! I get that we can watch deep stuff or something with shocking themes, but all of the time? That’s honestly sick. I don’t understand why are depressing and violent things so popular when real life has been depressing and violent enough to make up for the need of such content.

No. 964258

I agree so much.
That Squid Game phenomenon is fucking scary. My teen sister is a kpop fan, so she watched it, ok. But my dad in his 50s suddenly too? And my mom's fav celeb gossip mag wrote about it, and then our local newspaper too? Although S.Korea is at the other end of the world? How is that considered normal?
People laugh when I say they're slaves to Netflix and Co. but isn't it true?
Another example: to be able to watch the soccer Champions League my dad now pays for Sky, Dazn and Amazon Prime, on top of that my sister has Netflix and Disney Plus… Isn't normal tv and internet way more than enough?
>Entertainment shouldn't make you feel worse.
I never understood people who love watching things or listening to songs that make them cry. Imo real life is sad and hard enough.

Something else I hate is that surge of true crime podcasts on the radio and youtube. Those people are profiting or get entertained by real people's tragedies.

No. 964261

I also had that same intuition that there was something "off" about those shows. Really anything with kids, though. I always thought the concept of adults making media for children was weird. Obviously children can't produce their own media, but can you imagine a board room of adults in suits talking about fart jokes as part of their day-to-day? Even with the early shows that Dan Schneider produced like All That and The Amanda Show. I actually really enjoyed those shows, but I remember the amount of feet jokes and feeling uncomfortable. I literally remember thinking "All this foot stuff is weird, but I guess other kids find it funny so that's why it's in there." Little did I know…
I get the same feelings towards anime. It makes my skin crawl and I'd rather not associate with people who are proud fans.

Why do you think we have this intuition? Was it our backgrounds and how we were raised, or something else?

No. 964271

>I never understood people who love watching things or listening to songs that make them cry. Imo real life is sad and hard enough.
Because it’s cathartic lol. I put on the saddest movie I can think of when I need to reduce stress and it works like a charm.

No. 964279

File: 1636481894376.jpeg (3.54 MB, 2400x3000, DD5A9E3B-D4D4-43A7-B68E-DC15DF…)

Do you think the same incident that happened at Astroworld will happen at his event or will it be more subtle? I feel like it has to be more on the low now that everyone's eyes were on Travis' big fuck up.

No. 964301

Maybe we weren't exposed to media young enough, or there's an anti authoritarian gene

No. 964319

Well it happened; people are starting to “debunk” what what really went down at Astroworld.

Fuck sheep and their propaganda

No. 964327

I would like more chanels like this, preferably by women but scrotes will do too.

No. 964331

Articles from mainstream sources and people sharing shit on social media, what else?

No. 964341

Do you mean that they are not saying that it was a satanic sacrifice or something else?

No. 964345

I did research shedding around the time my period came late and afaik there actually is a passage in Pfizer's study documentation that acknowledges the possibility of shedding of the spike protein. But frankly I'm not able to make any sense of it with regards to my new type of period. I am as anti-covid-vax as you can get but I still feel it's just unlikely that the tiny amount of whatever it is that you passively absorb from the vax processing of someone else couldn't be easily fought off by our bodies. Yet here I am, having a diff type of period since my bf got the vax. I honestly don't know what to think of it, nonna.

No. 964348

At this point streaming services are just replacing the old cable/satellite packages. It's odd though because I feel like we have less selection than the cable days. Or rather, people are just more laser beam focused on the same shit. Sports packages are a fucking joke too; they're ridiculously expensive and most major sports like football are rigged. Boxing is a glaring example of that. Just look at Tyson Fury's latest fight. The cheating fucking pikey was pulling his fist into the wrist part of his glove to strike his opponent. He was quite literally caught in 4K doing it and nothing happened about it!

Never thought I'd see Joji in this thread lol. Idk about him being involved with dark shit like Travis Scott but I saw a YouTube comment on the MV for Run that said the lyrics make it sound like he's regretting what he's done and is trying to escape the industry after seeing it's dark side. I noticed he's got a few religious tattoos lately so maybe there's some merit to that; most likely he's just a poser though. I just hope his next record doesn't suck as hard as Nectar did kek.

Yep I'm seeing these types of articles flood the news already. Fuck mainstream media.

No. 964355

Why are you stupid?

No. 964356

Interesting… I mean for this exact reason isnt it good that theres still an unvaccinated portion of the world? If everyone was vaccinated we would not be able to pin down whether or not it happens (which is the point, surely).

I agree with you and thats why I am happy my family still has cable lol at least you can scroll through channels and be delightfully surprised, watch something mundane, and move on… Could also be that I have never liked watching stuff everyone else is or the fact that I have always had a hard time finishing shows and I like to just watch stuff in passing most times

No. 964358

This is a tinfoil thread and some anons believe that this is what happened, so how the fuck am I supposed to know what >>964331 means? Personally, I haven't seen anyone denying the reality of the shitshow except for braindead fans, but I haven't exactly been looking for media takes on the case.

No. 964379

this, and nurses have to learn about medicine, human anatomy and medications as well as viruses (some of these get taught more intensely than medical school too) yet when nurses speak out about vaccines effects they're immediately watered down because they're a nurse and not a ~doctor~ despite the fact most doctors admit to googling everything and not knowing how to perform basic medical procedures such as how to insert an IV. What makes a nurse different from someone who receives similar amounts of education and experience on the human body and health care? the fact nurses are usually women

also this is coming from someone who has been flipping from pre-med and medical school to nursing. Medical school and pre-med doesn't nearly go as much detail on human anatomy, medications, etc as nursing does. pre-med and first year of med school is just general studies with more sciences kek I'd definitely trust nurses and lab workers on vaccines more than doctors who google everything

No. 964408

It’s fake because teen porn is pushed everywhere to initiate men into supporting the pedophilia, but they defend it to the fucking death so it’s a slightly hidden truth that literally all men are obsessed with it. I think it’s a way to promote acting more beast like and by giving into those urges they’re making more money obviously, and can fully turn women and children into objectified slaves. They already selectively only see certain girls and women as people, and it’s a very few select, the rest are “stupid whores” even if they were abused into those situations (likely since childhood) and need help, just like any of their male friends or family who would be accepted with their dignity protected. Boys don’t have toys that represent them as hyper-sexualized, weak, childlike, submissive, brainless, joyful, and to be used. Porn now is supposed to imitate cp to get through censors, or the technicality that “they’re over 18” when they have the bodies of children in every way and are very short and dressed like actual children. Tumblr reached a generation of impressionable girls and young women that ddlg was edgy, I don’t think that’s a mistake, and now onlyfans. I think it’s to indoctrinate girls as “whores of Babylon”. They seem to love this biblical and Saturnian, father eats his children deal, which involves them regenerating from the suffering of younger generations so they don’t rise up and kill him. But once he is killed and castrated, then Venus and true love can rise. That can be done in individual lives and the collective, but it begins with self love and internalizing that to neutralize abuse. You can castrate Mae oppressors with laughter, it’s the easiest thing in the world and why they get so mad, because they can’t experience love of self or another.

No. 964409

Pewdipie's reaction to the Travis Scott incident, he makes very good points and actually says Travis Scott is guilty. He says that when someone has a large crowd they can 100% see what is happening with it. So yeah, I'm happy he's calling him out.

I would download and save this video, because I suspect it will get deleted. Tinfoil, but after criticizing Travis, I know something will happen to Pewdipie, some other controversy that will discredit him and turn hate to him.
I actually think Pewdipie has grown considerably after getting married.

No. 964412

>I literally remember thinking "All this foot stuff is weird, but I guess other kids find it funny so that's why it's in there." Little did I know…

Me and my boyfriend just had this conversation. I remember thinking the exact same thing

No. 964418


When even that idiot can call out this freak and say shit is demonic you know were all in trouble.

No. 964419

I’m glad you called out the tumblr fad because back then it was just booming. That’s what they’re after, they want it to be normalised.

No. 964424

Where can I read more about this non scrotey influenced mythology?

No. 964427

He literally said both him and his management are responsible stop fucking lying you annoying schizo shit and take your meds

No. 964437

based Linkin Park example of A+ behavior. "When someone falls down, what do we do? We pick them up!"

No. 964442

I still believe Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell were suicided over wanting to expose child trafficking.

No. 964444

I don't think you read my post, I said
>he makes very good points and actually says Travis Scott is guilty.
As in I'm happy he's also putting the responsability on him, not just on the organizers. Some people are already excusing TS out of his behaivor, look upthread.
It's funny when a schizo that has 0 reading comprehension tells me to take my meds, kinda cute.

No. 964445

Uploaded a mirror of it

No. 964450

File: 1636496358636.jpeg (81 KB, 590x950, C4552D6E-AAD6-4DF8-8B06-FC3CDF…)

i hate this so much. they blocked commenting after posting this btw

No. 964452

Am I retarded or did they use this meme wrong

No. 964459

Ewwghh. Are they forgetting that lobotomies were a thing not too long ago? science is cool and all but not always reliable

No. 964461

They're really going hard with the science cult angle. "It's easy to get distracted by heresy these days but don't worry God has got your back."
Corps using memes is late stage capitalism that I DON'T want to see.

No. 964463

File: 1636497589191.jpeg (143.32 KB, 978x1280, 132EDDFB-5695-4E22-BD4B-D890C0…)

samefag but this is the cherry on top! we are playing the “criminals” card now for anyone who disagrees

No. 964474


I’ll find more, but honestly it’s something you owe to yourself to carve some time out to and do a deep dive. Helena Blavatsky and Louise con Franz are incredible as well, and if you use sites like good reads, Amazon, or anything else, you can find other recommended authors by recommended books, and in the comments people usually compare it to other works (or contrast it). LVF has a book about man’s obsession with youth and how it drives pedophilia, it’s Puer Aeternus and that’s really great. Misogyny and indoctrination to it has been happening since fairytales, where female children were usually raped and glorified as “pure princesses”, and the women who tried to stop them or pro