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File: 1609169901619.jpeg (208.1 KB, 750x965, EqLaiYaXcAIVOCA.jpeg)

No. 704153

ITT we post about what we learned today. Whether it's an interesting scientific fact, an important life lesson, or whatever.

No. 704171

Today I learned the terms "thincel" and "poorcel".
Thank you lolcow, very educational

No. 704182

SDAM (Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory) is a thing.

No. 704205

Hash Browns aren't a brownie like thingy, it's something made out of potatoes.
Mount Rushmore is real.
Oscar Jarjayes was not real.
Custard is some cream like thing and not similar to mustard at all.
Not all of this today, but all very recently.

No. 704217

File: 1609175091457.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, JiXK6A2fGeJjHM2Xb46eCe.jpg)

TIL that shooter games are kinda fun!

No. 704252

TIL posting the url of a post/thread across boards automatically converts it. This whole fucking time I've just been manually typing that shit and then fucking it up because I always forget how it's supposed to be formatted. wtf.

No. 704259

Holy shit, serious?? I was the same as you whaaat

No. 704260

TIL how to make biscuits!

No. 704266

TIL the intro song to the show Ridiculousness is”Uncontrollable Urge” by DEVO.

No. 704278

File: 1609181413544.jpg (209.35 KB, 1100x1100, 8e5.jpg)

Today I learned that it's okay to have high standards for your friends and if that makes you snobby then so be it.

No. 704386

File: 1609191705055.jpeg (135.62 KB, 750x750, A2AADFD7-8E7D-4F06-A709-F57FE5…)

Today I learnt that long fake nails are long fake nails and that it might not have been a good idea to get them so long when I usually keep them extremely short.

No. 704401

If these are your nails they're cute as hell! But yes, long fake nails make things impossible, I love how they look, but I can never keep them on.

No. 704403

I wish! Lol but they’re around the same length, as a serial nail clipper, I hope i can keep them until mid January.

No. 742552

TIL about pinworm parasyte infection. Most commonly in kids, because they're nasty and lick their dirty hands. They make the butthole itchy at night, because they come out for fresh air and to party outside the asshole once you're resting. So the best way to check for it is to let the kid sleep, then after an hour wake them up and inspect their asshole up close.
Now I'll always be paranoid when my asshole itches.

No. 742557

sage for offtopic but god I love the picture you chose anon. I can't tell if its a painting or a photograph.

No. 742558

God even for health reasons, saying you should look up close at a kid’s asshole feels wrong kek

No. 742572

This reminded me, There's a range of parasites that have popped up in gay communities because of rimming. I really wish I didn't know that.

They cause diarrhoea which can be bloody, watery and last for months even with treatment. It's hard to treat them as they become more resisitant. I can just imagine a future where it's not just gay swingers getting it and these things could become the new STDs we all have to think of

No. 743009

I discovered that AIDs, even if treated, leads to dementia down the line. A lot of gay men seem to be fine with catching AIDs, making it out to be "no big deal, there's suppression and treatment available for it now". Dementia is scary.

No. 745134

Bussi is also German for smoochie

No. 745138

Whats a smoochie

No. 745143


No. 745152

Also finnish for a bus, pussi is a bag.

No. 745184

It means "you knock" in italian.
Finnish is amazing

No. 749808

An important life lesson I have learned is: pay attention to buying stuff online! I mean look very close how an item fits a model like if a top is already really cropped on the model don’t be surprised it’s too short on you. Or shorts look cute on the model but are already on the shorter side. Also onlineshops who post only 1 -2 posts of an item instead giving it lots of attention = they don’t want to highlight how shitty the item looks. It’s also a bad sign when they only show a picture of the item but it’s not worn by a model. It probably doesn’t look good worn so they’re trying to sell it without model. Idk if anyone follows those already and I’m just slow and realized this only recently. My point is basically to have a bit of a critical eye while shopping online!

No. 749859

Colored TV was invented by Mexicans

No. 749907

No. 749916

File: 1614367976716.png (74.53 KB, 1120x460, 55555555422.PNG)

This was also commissioned by a guy so hated he lost his reelection to a dead man

No. 749974

I learned that red beet is good for diabetes.

No. 749992

File: 1614374730593.jpg (47.45 KB, 415x647, 70e2813163f182c5559e10414588dc…)

I learned that Joaquin Phoenix didn't get his scar from a fixed cleft palate but he was born with the scar, he had a mild cleft that fixed itself in the womb.

No. 749997

File: 1614375264728.jpg (74.2 KB, 891x565, Červená-řepa-zlepší-výkonnost-…)

Oh yeah, beetroot.

It's because of flavinoids - also high in onion, wine, berries and so on.
Flavonoids typically lead to reduced aldose reductase, regeneration of pancreatic beta cells, and increased insulin release.

No. 750036

Beetroot is such an affordable and readily available superfood but I hate it so much, the taste and texture is so bad. This is interesting though, TIL!

No. 750040

I like it with goat cheese, balsamico, olive oil and some rucola as a salad. But I get you, it has kind of a peculiar taste.

No. 750086

It’s delicious with boiled eggs, carrots, onion and potatoes. You can make a sauce with Greek yogurt or mayo and mustard. It’s basically a whole lunch!

No. 750103

That sounds like my local christmas dish that started all my hate for it, I am just a whiny dumb baby with beets.

No. 750297


I used to think "beetroot" was different than what I know as just "beets". Today I learned that they are one and the same. Thanks anons. Also where are you from that they are known as beetroots?

No. 750314

Ugh I love beets so much. One of the very few vegetables I find genuinely tasty when prepared in a healthy way. So goooood

No. 750657

Yesterday I learned that my paternal aunt and uncle are human traffickers, or at least aiding one (their next door neighbor) in exchange for favors and financial help.

They’d help by escorting young girls to meeting points like hotels and whatnot in Mexico or the US then drive away like it was some typical errand. Sometimes they let the guy feel up on their own daughter.

His wife was sold to him by her parents in exchange for financial help as well about 20+ years ago, they’re separated but sometimes she aides him with the trafficking. Right now she’s just waiting for him to kick the bucket so she can inherit that trafficking money.

Guess that explains my aunt’s constant posts about hailing Mary, angels and Jesus on Facebook then, guilty conscience or washing her hands clean.

No. 750698

jesus christ anon that's crazy, were you close to them at all? hope you're feeling ok

um also TIL the correct term isn't sherbert, it's fucking sherbet and i've spent my whole adult life ordering and spelling that shit incorrectly

No. 750700

>the correct term isn't sherbert, it's fucking sherbet
Huh?????? Are you sure?

No. 750701

File: 1614461958198.png (15.72 KB, 371x238, sherbert.PNG)

Samefag, no fucking way. I've always said sherbert or sorbet.

No. 750730

Were you thinking of Sherbert, the candy?

No. 750732

Lmao samefag but I was referring to sherbert lemons and after googling I have discovered that they too are sherbet

We all really liked that R, huh.

No. 750765

The force expelled from a guns blank shot is strong enough to hurt someone. This only works super up close though

No. 750774


You are all illiterate dumbasses the correct way is sorebet

No. 750776

it's actually ksorbay

No. 750782


Heck no it is Shurbert.

No. 750793

Have you tried pickling it? Beets are disgusting to me but they're amazing pickled. I then chop them up and use them as a taco/falafel/sushi bowl topping.

No. 750952

I'm not from an English speaking country and I just couldn't remember what they were called in English tbh

No. 753619

I just found out Blippi made a video where he shitted on his friend (literally) and made other scat related videos

No. 753621

Is..that the YouTube guy who does content geared towards toddlers….wtf

No. 753786

I posted about my lack of understanding for Cryptoart and issues connected to it recently, saw a few anons make similar statements; just found this article that I believe explains it very well so for anyone interested, here's a link:


No. 753790

It's probably because the final "e" is a schwa sound, which can sound closer to "er" than the open e we might expect.

No. 753797

File: 1614858763297.jpeg (65.38 KB, 612x459, 343C1C41-C5B9-4F22-9438-6FB3E4…)

Sherbet anons, are we all talking about the same thing lol? My TIL circa 2014 was that it isn’t the same thing in the UK and USA. It’s a fizzy sugary candy here like pic related, didn’t know it meant something different over there until I ordered rainbow sherbet on an American cruise ship and was given a sorbet/ice cream-type thing. It was good though.

No. 753835

today i learned you can change the year on google streetview, i saw a place from my childhood i havent seen in years

No. 753842

holy shit, I had no idea you can do that, thank you!

No. 754086

in burgerland sherbet is a fruity flavored icecream ie.sorbet. pic related is what we call pixie sticks.

No. 754338

It's still called sherbet not sherbert in the UK. Sherbet lemons, sherbet dip dabs, sherbet fountains, sherbet dust.

It hurts us all but we have to accept it.

No. 754673

you can change mouse pointer size in windows 10 and make it as big as 1 inch long

No. 754676

samefag, you can also change the color, i made mine pastel pink

No. 754690

something about the way you worded this is making me so happy. ‘as big as one inch long’ is just such a funny phrase. thank you for sharing anon

No. 757746

You can get botox for your balls

No. 802572

TIL FNF has nothing to do with FNAF

No. 802588

wait what ? sherbert is the same thing as sorbet?

No. 817211

The Russian word for friendship is also the Romanian word for chainsaw

No. 817248

Don't worry anon this confused me too at first
Sherbet in the UK is flavoured sugar, sometimes tart and fizzy. Sherbet in Iran, Turkey and neighboring regions is a tasty, often fruity, drink served cold. American Sherbet is mostly the same as sorbet, the Italian desert made from a frozen blend of fruit and sugar, but with the distinctive difference of added cream or milk.

No. 817249

I learmed how to easily add equation numbers in microsoft word. Just write #(1) for example at the end of the equation

No. 817288

really makes you think if that is true

No. 817307

File: 1622120349127.png (28.58 KB, 845x785, druzhba.png)

romanian j is pronounced like russian zh

No. 817319

amazing, thank you for confirming this for me

No. 817392

Today i learned that it's okay to say the wrong things in some situations and that even if my social anxiety might take the best of me, i should always remember that it doesn't matter what people think of me and that mistakes happen to everyone.

I give credit to my therapist, she has helped me a lot through this.

No. 817550

That's a good tip, I've been writing them manually this entire time. I really need to sit down and learn Word and especially Excel properly because there's a lot I don't know how to do.

No. 817602

I learned that putting talc near and on your cooch area can make you develop ovarian and/or cervical cancer because the talc particles embed themselves on the tissue.
A few weeks ago I learned that some crazy weirdos can check the metadata of your pictures to figure out your identity so you better make sure nothing is connected with your real identity

No. 844947

Today I learned it takes only 10kg of matter to create a new universe.
I would not have expected that.

Apparently, that's too much to ever be achievable during our lifetime since we currently can deal only with tiny tiny masses in our particle accelerators, but the 10kg figure still surprised me. Talk about it starts at 4:20

No. 864499

File: 1627363705981.jpeg (240.73 KB, 1920x1080, 24D847F6-9067-4692-A836-95494B…)

That criticism of science is actually a thing and it poses some big, earth moving questions if you ask me.

Here is a simple wiki article (lol): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_science

I'm curious if you all have any thoughts, or know more and want to share.

No. 864501

Excerpts I found interesting:
>Historian Jacques Barzun termed science "a faith as fanatical as any in history" and warned against the use of scientific thought to suppress considerations of meaning as integral to human existence.[4]
>Alan Watts criticized science for operating under a materialist model of the world that he posited is simply a modified version of the Abrahamic worldview, that "the universe is constructed and maintained by a Lawmaker" (commonly identified as God or the Logos). Watts asserts that during the rise of secularism through the 18th to 20th century when scientific philosophers got rid of the notion of a lawmaker they kept the notion of law, and that the idea that the world is a material machine run by law is a presumption just as unscientific as religious doctrines that affirm it is a material machine made and run by a lawmaker.[7]

>Some scientists and philosophers suggest that scientific theories are more or less shaped by the dominant political, economic, or cultural models of the time, even though the scientific community may claim to be exempt from social influences and historical conditions.[41][42] For example, Zoologist Peter Kropotkin thought that the Darwinian theory of evolution overstressed a painful "we must struggle to survive" way of life, which he said was influenced by capitalism and the struggling lifestyles people lived within it.[9][43] Karl Marx also thought that science was largely driven by and used as capital.[44]

>Robert Anton Wilson, Stanley Aronowitz, and Paul Feyerabend all thought that the military-industrial complex, large corporations, and the grants that came from them had an immense influence over the research and even results of scientific experiments.[1][45][46][47] Aronowitz even went as far as to say "It does not matter that the scientific community ritualistically denies its alliance with economic/industrial and military power. The evidence is overwhelming that such is the case. Thus, every major power has a national science policy; the United States Military appropriates billions each year for 'basic' as well as 'applied' research".[47]

No. 864502

you might want to look into epistemology (philosophy of science) if that's interesting to you anon ! Thomas Kuhn's the structure of scientific revolutions about how larger culture influences science is an accessible and fascinating read.

No. 865055

No. 865237

idk why a fucking wellness check with cops was just called to my apartment
Spittin these rhyme at you like a martyr
but thank u for scaring the fuck out of me
Check out the j check out the a check out the y check out the z
i’m just laying down watching tv
Running with them boys called DGZ
they’re coming back in an hour to make sure i’m ok
And I'm leaving paint on your pillowcase

like what the fuck
I'm king of the club
that was terrifying
While the art of emceeing is steady dying
i know it doesn’t sound terrifying
But the guys will be lying
anything with cops is terrifying
Mommas and babies is crying

to whoever called anonymously for the cops to come do a wellness check:
Stick to the fact that chapped lips get convexed
if you were doing it cos you actually give a fuck if i live or die:
Whatever you like I got it I could sell it for twice
but please do not do that
I got the gift of gab I'm off the choo choo track
the cops were just tryna get into my apartment and cause trouble snd i didn’t feel safe at all
You ain't bringing Drake along

if you did it just to harass me:
I'm just doin' me and you could never understand it
fuck you :-) mission accomplished
I'm flyer than an eagle thats balding
they made me super uncomfortable and they came twice
And terrorize and I could see it in they eyes
i had to make sure nobody saw my self harm scars as they are fresh
I'm high so nothing ain't farfetched

i am fine
Now I ride and ride
most people who self harm slip up sometimes
Can you imagine the last breath of Christ
i’m not trying to kill myself
I'm da rapper landlord just collectin' my rent
i was just having a bad day
Waitin' on my daddy just to take his ass away

but like i said if you wanted to make me scared af
I'm in town for the week you better settle for that
you did it
Gives false alarms suggesteth mutiny
I'm like what? What that got to do with me?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 865241

Nta but I'm just studying this for uni right now, this makes me happy hehe

No. 865242

Thank you anon I've felt like an anti science retard for thinking about this stuff before. Yeah science is the new religion in society. Ppl act like it's pure but in the end it's always warped by human perspective and desire. Plus our understanding is always changing, yet ppl act like we know everything and to just trust it and the scientists.

No. 865323

TIL the "Mans Not Hot" song is actually a parody of UK drill rappers, since I don't listen to that genre this entire time I thought it was just a random comedy song.

No. 865574

I didn't learn this today but I need to tell you this. The easiest way to remove nail polish with glitter is to put acetone on old pantyhose and clean it with that

No. 870376

Today I learned that Nookie was originally written by Kurt Cobain but he gave the song to Fred Durst because it was too painful for him to play.

Poor guy

No. 873569

No. 873599

I think we as humans need to learn that we cannot rely on penis studies with self-reported measurements.

No. 873609

til shrek 2 competed for the palme d'or

No. 873832

File: 1628224102346.jpg (181.46 KB, 600x620, Yeti_crab.jpg)

I learned that the yeti crab was very recently discovered in just the past decade, is actually quite small, and lives in deep water. I have no idea why, but the Yeti Crab Pokemon made me think they were like coconut crabs and just hung out of water.

No. 873870

idk why self-reporting "studies" even exist.

No. 874660

File: 1628290119631.jpeg (55.63 KB, 600x612, 8BE2B9C6-38CB-476C-B837-6E3ECD…)

Today I figured out how to fix a fabric couch that has been snagged by cat claws. On a whim I tried poking it with a needle felting needle and it TOTALLY worked, tucked the snags and loose threads right back into the upholstery and you can’t tell there was ever an issue. Now my mom will never see how my foster cat has screwed up the couch and I can trim his hind legs before he does it again.

No. 875240

way to cover for your little cutie, nonnie

No. 877030

File: 1628524164815.jpeg (1020.16 KB, 1800x1800, 11LIVING-HELLSKITCHEN-slide-WD…)

TIL "Hell's Kitchen" is a neighborhood in New York City. I always knew it only as the name of the reality show.

No. 877073

Today I learned under the eraser tool in gimp there is the anti-eraser tool it blew my mind

No. 893859

File: 1630137613589.jpg (37.04 KB, 500x384, frog-marriage.jpg)

TIL frog marriages to bring rain are a thing in India

No. 893891

This is so cute they look so stoic haha

No. 893986


No. 893990

she can do better

No. 894155

despite the arranged marriage they seem to be taking a very diplomatic approach

No. 894563

File: 1630223661753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 432.38 KB, 1100x737, Blobfish-Reddit.jpg)

TIL from anon from some other thread that blobfish are actually normal fish when underwater. What we see is their melted disfigured corpse because their soft tissues can't handle being pulled out of deep water.
Now I feel bad for people making fun of them.

No. 894570

Holy shit. This is horrifying

No. 894615

i hate this so much, this is shit horrors movies are made about. We truly are the most horrifying monsters.
Those fucking fishers need to stop pullying blobfishes out!!! Anyway I hate fishing, consuming fish etc and could live without it whatsoever

No. 894743

I'm really tempted to go vegan again. Fuck humanity and fuck humans. We're cockroaches.

No. 894773

Googled this and the horror doesn't end there:

>This isn’t the type of fish fishermen are looking for, so some throw them back in as an attempt to spare their lives. Whether that works and they can survive long enough to get back to the depths after losing so much water pressure is unknown. But it seems unlikely given their misshapen appearance when they reach the surface

So people destroy their appearances then throw them back into the ocean where they most likely rot away since their protective layer is destroyed and they are also far away from the deep waters they live in. Jesus Christ

No. 895108

No. 901637

File: 1630900707681.png (2.88 MB, 1538x2160, Ogseries.png)

TIL Wiggles are from Australia. I honestly thought they were British this whole time.

No. 901684

I didn't learn this today but I was surprised when I heard it; the "cloud" is just some person's computer. Idk what I thought it was, I feel pretty stupid.

No. 901721

That's pretty cute. When I was small and wi-fis only started getting popular, I couldn't conceptualize how they worked, it seemed like magic.

No. 901765

Kek is this you, nonna?

No. 902123

TIL I learned there is a name for the hellish layout of places like malls and, shudder, IKEA: the Gruen transfer.

No. 902132

File: 1630956515208.png (52.06 KB, 300x250, 12961471845543327384.png)

Hellish layout is of that site
But look at these epik shirts I found amongst the ads

No. 902152

TIL Jesus was American.

No. 902526

Pretty Woman was originally supposed to be a depressing drama film about the horrible realities of prostitution and sex work, but then the studios got hold of it and whitewashed and when Julia Roberts got attached they changed it so completely that nothing but the bare bones of premise was left


No. 902529

what is Jesus seeing on his phone though

No. 902669

Damn. They should have kept it, that movie is guilty of glamourizing prostitution to al ot of young women.
Something that the blue-eyed man has decided to look away from.

No. 912729

File: 1631711845804.jpeg (23.61 KB, 256x275, 138E7A36-3249-4D8C-B328-931251…)

You can actually delete the weird CP threads on your own, you don’t have to be the person who created the thread, just don’t let it sit there and click delete!

No. 912732

Wait what

No. 912734

I just did it! I miss clicked the delete button while reporting it, and deleted a weird CP thread!

No. 912790

That's not true, you need the password that your browser saves when you make a post. You must have been mistaken or maybe it was a weird coincidence with a farmhand deleting the post just as you thought you did.

No. 912800

File: 1631715784877.jpeg (18.36 KB, 235x210, D4D88173-E9C7-4827-BA7B-DD6A0C…)

That sucks, I thought I cracked the code.

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