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File: 1609169901619.jpeg (208.1 KB, 750x965, EqLaiYaXcAIVOCA.jpeg)

No. 704153

ITT we post about what we learned today. Whether it's an interesting scientific fact, an important life lesson, or whatever.

No. 704171

Today I learned the terms "thincel" and "poorcel".
Thank you lolcow, very educational

No. 704182

SDAM (Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory) is a thing.

No. 704205

Hash Browns aren't a brownie like thingy, it's something made out of potatoes.
Mount Rushmore is real.
Oscar Jarjayes was not real.
Custard is some cream like thing and not similar to mustard at all.
Not all of this today, but all very recently.

No. 704217

File: 1609175091457.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, JiXK6A2fGeJjHM2Xb46eCe.jpg)

TIL that shooter games are kinda fun!

No. 704252

TIL posting the url of a post/thread across boards automatically converts it. This whole fucking time I've just been manually typing that shit and then fucking it up because I always forget how it's supposed to be formatted. wtf.

No. 704259

Holy shit, serious?? I was the same as you whaaat

No. 704260

TIL how to make biscuits!

No. 704266

TIL the intro song to the show Ridiculousness is”Uncontrollable Urge” by DEVO.

No. 704278

File: 1609181413544.jpg (209.35 KB, 1100x1100, 8e5.jpg)

Today I learned that it's okay to have high standards for your friends and if that makes you snobby then so be it.

No. 704386

File: 1609191705055.jpeg (135.62 KB, 750x750, A2AADFD7-8E7D-4F06-A709-F57FE5…)

Today I learnt that long fake nails are long fake nails and that it might not have been a good idea to get them so long when I usually keep them extremely short.

No. 704401

If these are your nails they're cute as hell! But yes, long fake nails make things impossible, I love how they look, but I can never keep them on.

No. 704403

I wish! Lol but they’re around the same length, as a serial nail clipper, I hope i can keep them until mid January.

No. 742552

TIL about pinworm parasyte infection. Most commonly in kids, because they're nasty and lick their dirty hands. They make the butthole itchy at night, because they come out for fresh air and to party outside the asshole once you're resting. So the best way to check for it is to let the kid sleep, then after an hour wake them up and inspect their asshole up close.
Now I'll always be paranoid when my asshole itches.

No. 742557

sage for offtopic but god I love the picture you chose anon. I can't tell if its a painting or a photograph.

No. 742558

God even for health reasons, saying you should look up close at a kid’s asshole feels wrong kek

No. 742572

This reminded me, There's a range of parasites that have popped up in gay communities because of rimming. I really wish I didn't know that.

They cause diarrhoea which can be bloody, watery and last for months even with treatment. It's hard to treat them as they become more resisitant. I can just imagine a future where it's not just gay swingers getting it and these things could become the new STDs we all have to think of

No. 743009

I discovered that AIDs, even if treated, leads to dementia down the line. A lot of gay men seem to be fine with catching AIDs, making it out to be "no big deal, there's suppression and treatment available for it now". Dementia is scary.

No. 745134

Bussi is also German for smoochie

No. 745138

Whats a smoochie

No. 745143


No. 745152

Also finnish for a bus, pussi is a bag.

No. 745184

It means "you knock" in italian.
Finnish is amazing

No. 749808

An important life lesson I have learned is: pay attention to buying stuff online! I mean look very close how an item fits a model like if a top is already really cropped on the model don’t be surprised it’s too short on you. Or shorts look cute on the model but are already on the shorter side. Also onlineshops who post only 1 -2 posts of an item instead giving it lots of attention = they don’t want to highlight how shitty the item looks. It’s also a bad sign when they only show a picture of the item but it’s not worn by a model. It probably doesn’t look good worn so they’re trying to sell it without model. Idk if anyone follows those already and I’m just slow and realized this only recently. My point is basically to have a bit of a critical eye while shopping online!

No. 749859

Colored TV was invented by Mexicans

No. 749907

No. 749916

File: 1614367976716.png (74.53 KB, 1120x460, 55555555422.PNG)

This was also commissioned by a guy so hated he lost his reelection to a dead man

No. 749974

I learned that red beet is good for diabetes.

No. 749992

File: 1614374730593.jpg (47.45 KB, 415x647, 70e2813163f182c5559e10414588dc…)

I learned that Joaquin Phoenix didn't get his scar from a fixed cleft palate but he was born with the scar, he had a mild cleft that fixed itself in the womb.

No. 749997

File: 1614375264728.jpg (74.2 KB, 891x565, Červená-řepa-zlepší-výkonnost-…)

Oh yeah, beetroot.

It's because of flavinoids - also high in onion, wine, berries and so on.
Flavonoids typically lead to reduced aldose reductase, regeneration of pancreatic beta cells, and increased insulin release.

No. 750036

Beetroot is such an affordable and readily available superfood but I hate it so much, the taste and texture is so bad. This is interesting though, TIL!

No. 750040

I like it with goat cheese, balsamico, olive oil and some rucola as a salad. But I get you, it has kind of a peculiar taste.

No. 750086

It’s delicious with boiled eggs, carrots, onion and potatoes. You can make a sauce with Greek yogurt or mayo and mustard. It’s basically a whole lunch!

No. 750103

That sounds like my local christmas dish that started all my hate for it, I am just a whiny dumb baby with beets.

No. 750297


I used to think "beetroot" was different than what I know as just "beets". Today I learned that they are one and the same. Thanks anons. Also where are you from that they are known as beetroots?

No. 750314

Ugh I love beets so much. One of the very few vegetables I find genuinely tasty when prepared in a healthy way. So goooood

No. 750657

Yesterday I learned that my paternal aunt and uncle are human traffickers, or at least aiding one (their next door neighbor) in exchange for favors and financial help.

They’d help by escorting young girls to meeting points like hotels and whatnot in Mexico or the US then drive away like it was some typical errand. Sometimes they let the guy feel up on their own daughter.

His wife was sold to him by her parents in exchange for financial help as well about 20+ years ago, they’re separated but sometimes she aides him with the trafficking. Right now she’s just waiting for him to kick the bucket so she can inherit that trafficking money.

Guess that explains my aunt’s constant posts about hailing Mary, angels and Jesus on Facebook then, guilty conscience or washing her hands clean.

No. 750698

jesus christ anon that's crazy, were you close to them at all? hope you're feeling ok

um also TIL the correct term isn't sherbert, it's fucking sherbet and i've spent my whole adult life ordering and spelling that shit incorrectly

No. 750700

>the correct term isn't sherbert, it's fucking sherbet
Huh?????? Are you sure?

No. 750701

File: 1614461958198.png (15.72 KB, 371x238, sherbert.PNG)

Samefag, no fucking way. I've always said sherbert or sorbet.

No. 750730

Were you thinking of Sherbert, the candy?

No. 750732

Lmao samefag but I was referring to sherbert lemons and after googling I have discovered that they too are sherbet

We all really liked that R, huh.

No. 750765

The force expelled from a guns blank shot is strong enough to hurt someone. This only works super up close though

No. 750774


You are all illiterate dumbasses the correct way is sorebet

No. 750776

it's actually ksorbay

No. 750782


Heck no it is Shurbert.

No. 750793

Have you tried pickling it? Beets are disgusting to me but they're amazing pickled. I then chop them up and use them as a taco/falafel/sushi bowl topping.

No. 750952

I'm not from an English speaking country and I just couldn't remember what they were called in English tbh

No. 753619

I just found out Blippi made a video where he shitted on his friend (literally) and made other scat related videos

No. 753621

Is..that the YouTube guy who does content geared towards toddlers….wtf

No. 753786

I posted about my lack of understanding for Cryptoart and issues connected to it recently, saw a few anons make similar statements; just found this article that I believe explains it very well so for anyone interested, here's a link:


No. 753790

It's probably because the final "e" is a schwa sound, which can sound closer to "er" than the open e we might expect.

No. 753797

File: 1614858763297.jpeg (65.38 KB, 612x459, 343C1C41-C5B9-4F22-9438-6FB3E4…)

Sherbet anons, are we all talking about the same thing lol? My TIL circa 2014 was that it isn’t the same thing in the UK and USA. It’s a fizzy sugary candy here like pic related, didn’t know it meant something different over there until I ordered rainbow sherbet on an American cruise ship and was given a sorbet/ice cream-type thing. It was good though.

No. 753835

today i learned you can change the year on google streetview, i saw a place from my childhood i havent seen in years

No. 753842

holy shit, I had no idea you can do that, thank you!

No. 754086

in burgerland sherbet is a fruity flavored icecream ie.sorbet. pic related is what we call pixie sticks.

No. 754338

It's still called sherbet not sherbert in the UK. Sherbet lemons, sherbet dip dabs, sherbet fountains, sherbet dust.

It hurts us all but we have to accept it.

No. 754673

you can change mouse pointer size in windows 10 and make it as big as 1 inch long

No. 754676

samefag, you can also change the color, i made mine pastel pink

No. 754690

something about the way you worded this is making me so happy. ‘as big as one inch long’ is just such a funny phrase. thank you for sharing anon

No. 757746

You can get botox for your balls

No. 802572

TIL FNF has nothing to do with FNAF

No. 802588

wait what ? sherbert is the same thing as sorbet?

No. 817211

The Russian word for friendship is also the Romanian word for chainsaw

No. 817248

Don't worry anon this confused me too at first
Sherbet in the UK is flavoured sugar, sometimes tart and fizzy. Sherbet in Iran, Turkey and neighboring regions is a tasty, often fruity, drink served cold. American Sherbet is mostly the same as sorbet, the Italian desert made from a frozen blend of fruit and sugar, but with the distinctive difference of added cream or milk.

No. 817249

I learmed how to easily add equation numbers in microsoft word. Just write #(1) for example at the end of the equation

No. 817288

really makes you think if that is true

No. 817307

File: 1622120349127.png (28.58 KB, 845x785, druzhba.png)

romanian j is pronounced like russian zh

No. 817319

amazing, thank you for confirming this for me

No. 817392

Today i learned that it's okay to say the wrong things in some situations and that even if my social anxiety might take the best of me, i should always remember that it doesn't matter what people think of me and that mistakes happen to everyone.

I give credit to my therapist, she has helped me a lot through this.

No. 817550

That's a good tip, I've been writing them manually this entire time. I really need to sit down and learn Word and especially Excel properly because there's a lot I don't know how to do.

No. 817602

I learned that putting talc near and on your cooch area can make you develop ovarian and/or cervical cancer because the talc particles embed themselves on the tissue.
A few weeks ago I learned that some crazy weirdos can check the metadata of your pictures to figure out your identity so you better make sure nothing is connected with your real identity

No. 844947

Today I learned it takes only 10kg of matter to create a new universe.
I would not have expected that.

Apparently, that's too much to ever be achievable during our lifetime since we currently can deal only with tiny tiny masses in our particle accelerators, but the 10kg figure still surprised me. Talk about it starts at 4:20

No. 864499

File: 1627363705981.jpeg (240.73 KB, 1920x1080, 24D847F6-9067-4692-A836-95494B…)

That criticism of science is actually a thing and it poses some big, earth moving questions if you ask me.

Here is a simple wiki article (lol): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_science

I'm curious if you all have any thoughts, or know more and want to share.

No. 864501

Excerpts I found interesting:
>Historian Jacques Barzun termed science "a faith as fanatical as any in history" and warned against the use of scientific thought to suppress considerations of meaning as integral to human existence.[4]
>Alan Watts criticized science for operating under a materialist model of the world that he posited is simply a modified version of the Abrahamic worldview, that "the universe is constructed and maintained by a Lawmaker" (commonly identified as God or the Logos). Watts asserts that during the rise of secularism through the 18th to 20th century when scientific philosophers got rid of the notion of a lawmaker they kept the notion of law, and that the idea that the world is a material machine run by law is a presumption just as unscientific as religious doctrines that affirm it is a material machine made and run by a lawmaker.[7]

>Some scientists and philosophers suggest that scientific theories are more or less shaped by the dominant political, economic, or cultural models of the time, even though the scientific community may claim to be exempt from social influences and historical conditions.[41][42] For example, Zoologist Peter Kropotkin thought that the Darwinian theory of evolution overstressed a painful "we must struggle to survive" way of life, which he said was influenced by capitalism and the struggling lifestyles people lived within it.[9][43] Karl Marx also thought that science was largely driven by and used as capital.[44]

>Robert Anton Wilson, Stanley Aronowitz, and Paul Feyerabend all thought that the military-industrial complex, large corporations, and the grants that came from them had an immense influence over the research and even results of scientific experiments.[1][45][46][47] Aronowitz even went as far as to say "It does not matter that the scientific community ritualistically denies its alliance with economic/industrial and military power. The evidence is overwhelming that such is the case. Thus, every major power has a national science policy; the United States Military appropriates billions each year for 'basic' as well as 'applied' research".[47]

No. 864502

you might want to look into epistemology (philosophy of science) if that's interesting to you anon ! Thomas Kuhn's the structure of scientific revolutions about how larger culture influences science is an accessible and fascinating read.

No. 865055

No. 865237

idk why a fucking wellness check with cops was just called to my apartment
Spittin these rhyme at you like a martyr
but thank u for scaring the fuck out of me
Check out the j check out the a check out the y check out the z
i’m just laying down watching tv
Running with them boys called DGZ
they’re coming back in an hour to make sure i’m ok
And I'm leaving paint on your pillowcase

like what the fuck
I'm king of the club
that was terrifying
While the art of emceeing is steady dying
i know it doesn’t sound terrifying
But the guys will be lying
anything with cops is terrifying
Mommas and babies is crying

to whoever called anonymously for the cops to come do a wellness check:
Stick to the fact that chapped lips get convexed
if you were doing it cos you actually give a fuck if i live or die:
Whatever you like I got it I could sell it for twice
but please do not do that
I got the gift of gab I'm off the choo choo track
the cops were just tryna get into my apartment and cause trouble snd i didn’t feel safe at all
You ain't bringing Drake along

if you did it just to harass me:
I'm just doin' me and you could never understand it
fuck you :-) mission accomplished
I'm flyer than an eagle thats balding
they made me super uncomfortable and they came twice
And terrorize and I could see it in they eyes
i had to make sure nobody saw my self harm scars as they are fresh
I'm high so nothing ain't farfetched

i am fine
Now I ride and ride
most people who self harm slip up sometimes
Can you imagine the last breath of Christ
i’m not trying to kill myself
I'm da rapper landlord just collectin' my rent
i was just having a bad day
Waitin' on my daddy just to take his ass away

but like i said if you wanted to make me scared af
I'm in town for the week you better settle for that
you did it
Gives false alarms suggesteth mutiny
I'm like what? What that got to do with me?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 865241

Nta but I'm just studying this for uni right now, this makes me happy hehe

No. 865242

Thank you anon I've felt like an anti science retard for thinking about this stuff before. Yeah science is the new religion in society. Ppl act like it's pure but in the end it's always warped by human perspective and desire. Plus our understanding is always changing, yet ppl act like we know everything and to just trust it and the scientists.

No. 865323

TIL the "Mans Not Hot" song is actually a parody of UK drill rappers, since I don't listen to that genre this entire time I thought it was just a random comedy song.

No. 865574

I didn't learn this today but I need to tell you this. The easiest way to remove nail polish with glitter is to put acetone on old pantyhose and clean it with that

No. 870376

Today I learned that Nookie was originally written by Kurt Cobain but he gave the song to Fred Durst because it was too painful for him to play.

Poor guy

No. 873569

No. 873599

I think we as humans need to learn that we cannot rely on penis studies with self-reported measurements.

No. 873609

til shrek 2 competed for the palme d'or

No. 873832

File: 1628224102346.jpg (181.46 KB, 600x620, Yeti_crab.jpg)

I learned that the yeti crab was very recently discovered in just the past decade, is actually quite small, and lives in deep water. I have no idea why, but the Yeti Crab Pokemon made me think they were like coconut crabs and just hung out of water.

No. 873870

idk why self-reporting "studies" even exist.

No. 874660

File: 1628290119631.jpeg (55.63 KB, 600x612, 8BE2B9C6-38CB-476C-B837-6E3ECD…)

Today I figured out how to fix a fabric couch that has been snagged by cat claws. On a whim I tried poking it with a needle felting needle and it TOTALLY worked, tucked the snags and loose threads right back into the upholstery and you can’t tell there was ever an issue. Now my mom will never see how my foster cat has screwed up the couch and I can trim his hind legs before he does it again.

No. 875240

way to cover for your little cutie, nonnie

No. 877030

File: 1628524164815.jpeg (1020.16 KB, 1800x1800, 11LIVING-HELLSKITCHEN-slide-WD…)

TIL "Hell's Kitchen" is a neighborhood in New York City. I always knew it only as the name of the reality show.

No. 877073

Today I learned under the eraser tool in gimp there is the anti-eraser tool it blew my mind

No. 893859

File: 1630137613589.jpg (37.04 KB, 500x384, frog-marriage.jpg)

TIL frog marriages to bring rain are a thing in India

No. 893891

This is so cute they look so stoic haha

No. 893986


No. 893990

she can do better

No. 894155

despite the arranged marriage they seem to be taking a very diplomatic approach

No. 894563

File: 1630223661753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 432.38 KB, 1100x737, Blobfish-Reddit.jpg)

TIL from anon from some other thread that blobfish are actually normal fish when underwater. What we see is their melted disfigured corpse because their soft tissues can't handle being pulled out of deep water.
Now I feel bad for people making fun of them.

No. 894570

Holy shit. This is horrifying

No. 894615

i hate this so much, this is shit horrors movies are made about. We truly are the most horrifying monsters.
Those fucking fishers need to stop pullying blobfishes out!!! Anyway I hate fishing, consuming fish etc and could live without it whatsoever

No. 894743

I'm really tempted to go vegan again. Fuck humanity and fuck humans. We're cockroaches.

No. 894773

Googled this and the horror doesn't end there:

>This isn’t the type of fish fishermen are looking for, so some throw them back in as an attempt to spare their lives. Whether that works and they can survive long enough to get back to the depths after losing so much water pressure is unknown. But it seems unlikely given their misshapen appearance when they reach the surface

So people destroy their appearances then throw them back into the ocean where they most likely rot away since their protective layer is destroyed and they are also far away from the deep waters they live in. Jesus Christ

No. 895108

No. 901637

File: 1630900707681.png (2.88 MB, 1538x2160, Ogseries.png)

TIL Wiggles are from Australia. I honestly thought they were British this whole time.

No. 901684

I didn't learn this today but I was surprised when I heard it; the "cloud" is just some person's computer. Idk what I thought it was, I feel pretty stupid.

No. 901721

That's pretty cute. When I was small and wi-fis only started getting popular, I couldn't conceptualize how they worked, it seemed like magic.

No. 901765

Kek is this you, nonna?

No. 902123

TIL I learned there is a name for the hellish layout of places like malls and, shudder, IKEA: the Gruen transfer.

No. 902132

File: 1630956515208.png (52.06 KB, 300x250, 12961471845543327384.png)

Hellish layout is of that site
But look at these epik shirts I found amongst the ads

No. 902152

TIL Jesus was American.

No. 902526

Pretty Woman was originally supposed to be a depressing drama film about the horrible realities of prostitution and sex work, but then the studios got hold of it and whitewashed and when Julia Roberts got attached they changed it so completely that nothing but the bare bones of premise was left


No. 902529

what is Jesus seeing on his phone though

No. 902669

Damn. They should have kept it, that movie is guilty of glamourizing prostitution to al ot of young women.
Something that the blue-eyed man has decided to look away from.

No. 912729

File: 1631711845804.jpeg (23.61 KB, 256x275, 138E7A36-3249-4D8C-B328-931251…)

You can actually delete the weird CP threads on your own, you don’t have to be the person who created the thread, just don’t let it sit there and click delete!

No. 912732

Wait what

No. 912734

I just did it! I miss clicked the delete button while reporting it, and deleted a weird CP thread!

No. 912790

That's not true, you need the password that your browser saves when you make a post. You must have been mistaken or maybe it was a weird coincidence with a farmhand deleting the post just as you thought you did.

No. 912800

File: 1631715784877.jpeg (18.36 KB, 235x210, D4D88173-E9C7-4827-BA7B-DD6A0C…)

That sucks, I thought I cracked the code.

No. 989208

TIL in 1963 a Japanese song reached #1 on the US Charts. They changed the song title to "Sukiyaki" (Japanese food dish) even though it's not related in any way to the song so people would recognize it as Japanese.

No. 1121330

Today I learned that vaseline expires

No. 1121331

Never seen vaseline expired, how did you know?

No. 1121341

My tub of vaseline has an expiration date on the cap, I'm using cocoa butter vaseline though, so maybe it's different because of that. but fuck all that I'm still gonna use it if I still have it past the expiration date though lol

No. 1121349

Most products have to have an expiration date by law, but that doesn't always mean the product is bad. Just that it should be used by a certain time for the best results

No. 1123911

today i learned that that love is real, and it is at once nothing like i imagined, and exactly as i imagined it before my faith in it wast ruined.

No. 1123964

I learned that "swell" is an abbrevation of "so well". up until now I just thought it was a word.

No. 1127344

TIL that this is a eurovision song and not a random classical piece.

No. 1127421

TIL bic lighters made in France (check the metal at the top) are water resistant/proof.

No. 1127443

TIL that "sage" means "lower" in japanese and that's why it's used to keep threads from being bumped

No. 1127464

File: 1649413044117.jpg (104.02 KB, 975x681, 617d8LakAEL._AC_SL1000_.jpg)

I still like to think that it's the plant kek

No. 1127490

Compare that to Norway's entry this year and you have a whole spectrum, kek.

No. 1127527

same, I imagine someone burning it and waving it around to send stupid posts away

No. 1127703

kek you're right even though I really enjoy ironic entries and I will support subwoolfer.
Nocturne is way too good for esc and I'm saying it as a longtime watcher. I wish quality entries were like this and not boring ballad music

No. 1128049

omg you unlocked such a deeply buried memory in my brain rn

No. 1132097

so there used to be a restaurant in my town. we didn't go there much because it was expensive, but we did go there from time to time and they had really good food, and a stuffed grizzly bear, overall a very rustic vibe. a couple years ago it got burned down and I just assumed it was some kind of cooking accident and never thought much of it.

well today I learned that apparently it looked like it was intentionally burned down, and a little while after it burned down the owner of the restaurant went missing mysteriously and then they found his bones a year later. I looked into it a little bit and apparently no one has any idea who did it or why. my mom had even met the guy apparently and said he was really nice.

I was having an overall good day and now I'm just sad, I wish I had never learnt that tbh

No. 1132114

TIL I learned why I can't improve art wise. It's because I never learned perspective. I feel like I wasted so much time crying about it for nothing.

No. 1132119

random thought but I wonder if people who don't have depth perception struggle with perspective

No. 1132127

Today I learned Porphyry, a Greek polytheist, was against animal sacrifice and wrote extensively against it despite animal meat and blood sacrifices being a gigantic part of his culture's religious rites and history.

No. 1132129

On the contrary. I could immediately draw perspective well because I dont have good depth perception. Everything already looks flat to me so it's easy to just put what I see on paper.

No. 1132137

woah. thats very cool. me against the world vibes

No. 1138162

The Human Centipede trilogy director also worked on the original Big Brother reality show. Somehow it makes sense.

No. 1138173

Apparently they’re not “heatmaps” when referring to a geographic area.


No. 1138225

Holy shit. It does.

No. 1138660

TIL all astronauts going to the ISS must learn Russian

No. 1138676

I'd watch a season of Big Brother where everyone as to be part of a big human centipede.

No. 1138697

People used to get spanked with a paddle in public schools. I thought that was some kind of weird thing that happens in catholic schools or whatever but apparently it was normal?

No. 1138704

File: 1650258253516.jpg (35.2 KB, 474x266, downloadfile.jpg)

I thought it was just a yaoi con thing

No. 1138722

Old but
That's because the name of a popular sovietc chainsaw is Drujba - meaning yes, Frendship. This name, apparently, was given as a symbol of celebrating 300 years' anniversary of Russia and Ukraine reuniting

So it's like xerox or jacuzzi

No. 1138736

We also call all running shoes "Adidas" lol

No. 1138739

There were a lot of these generic brand names used symonumosly for products when my country was communist. Much less now because there are much more brands on offer.

Related, Heroin is also one such generic brand name

No. 1138762

Oh wow, I meant synonymously of course. Caught the error too late to delete and repost

No. 1138849

college boys in the 1910s and 20s put yaoi girls to shame with the amount of recreational paddling they got up to.

No. 1142239

File: 1650546719842.png (62.19 KB, 1627x175, autism never ends.png)

The longest recorded piece of literature in history now is fucking Loud House fan fiction. In script format. And it's still ongoing. Imagine being this autistic.

No. 1142247

What the hell, what about that one super smash bros. fanfiction? Am I having a mandela effect moment or was the loud house fic always the longest piece of written literature? Either way autism is insane.

No. 1142253

The Super Smash Bros fic has been far surpassed a while ago lmao. As you can see from the screenshot, this one was started in late 2017 and it's still ongoing. That guy really must have a lot of time on his hands, probably a NEET.

No. 1142256

The words Hillbillys and Rednecks actually originated in Scotland. Supporters of King William were called "Billy Boys" which eventually turned into hillbillys. And Scottish covenanters wore red pieces of cloth around their necks. This was all in the 1600s before americans used the terms

No. 1142268

I dont even know what Loud house is, but this is insanity.

No. 1142289

I'm pretty sure redneck is American in origin and refers to white people's necks becoming red from outdoor work in the fields.

No. 1142796

the first use of “redneck” was coined in Scotland in the 1640s for the reasons >>1142256 said, which was before it was used in america

No. 1142797

found out from this video

No. 1148892

File: 1650979185520.jpeg (44.22 KB, 676x454, clever Hans.jpeg)

Today I learned about a horse who accidentally pretended to be a math genius who understood human language.
>Clever Hans appeared to be able to successfully perform arithmetic calculations on request, and able to answer questions such as "what's 2+2?" or "how many people are in this room?" by tapping his hoof the appropriate number of times.
>After a scientific investigation, however, it was found that Hans' ability had little to do with his capacity for understanding human speech, and instead had everything to do with his ability to read human behavior.
>The explanation was that Hans would start his response to a questioner by tapping his hoof, and then notice that those around him got more tense as the number taps approached the correct value and then relaxing suddenly that number was reached, at which point Hans would stop.

No. 1148902

Today (like 30 mins ago) I learnt that my bf cheated on me with a hooker.

No. 1148914

I love this lmao

No. 1148919

based hans

No. 1148952

Hope that means he’s your ex bf now.
I’m sorry anon, sending hugs

(Bill his ass for any time he’s ever given you mediocre sex in that case)

No. 1148963

Nona im so sorry to hear this. Leave him

No. 1148972

I'm so sorry. Please get tested just in case.

No. 1148991

Get out of there and get tested for everything to put your mind at ease health wise at least.

My last ex cheated on me and I didn't test straight away but that worry lingered in my mind and only got bigger over time. For some reason I had to test and retest multiple times before I could stop obsessing over it. I was convinced I had hiv. It was a weirdly delayed reaction to the stress be put me through. I didn't have anything in the end but I still haven't let anyone touch me in the 4 years since. Dude has no idea the knock on effect that had on my life.

I'm sorry you're going through this. Run and don't look back.

No. 1149569

File: 1651011139717.jpeg (87.16 KB, 480x720, images.jpeg)

TIL fungus and mushrooms are different, fungus exist usually underground or on surfaces until conditions are right and form mushrooms to distribute spores, so basically they act like the fruit of the fungus. I really want to read up more on mycology, its fascinating that fungus was considered part of the plant kingdom until like 60 years ago and now it's its own thing

No. 1161374

One of the less used ASCII characters is the multicular O, which is the representation of a character found only in an old slavonic phrase describing many-eyed seraphims in a 1429 book of psalms
It looks like this: ꙮ
For now it has 7 eyes, but it will have 10 eyes in 2023, as its author made a mistake in counting them

No. 1161974

Great lesson on designing studies. There are still some studies that keep making this mistake today.

No. 1201657

TIL the governor of Texas uses a wheelchair. Until now I only saw pictures of him from the bust up.

No. 1201810

Wombats shit cubes

No. 1202075

That's why we call him Governor Hot Wheels!

No. 1202099

Wtf they look like little charcoals

No. 1203958

File: 1654014068705.jpg (886.14 KB, 3577x3367, ET-FISH073849.jpg)

Small male cuttlefish squid will crossdress to mate with females since they can't fight with bigger males for the right to mate.

No. 1203990

sounds familiar

No. 1204059

File: 1654018648951.png (665.89 KB, 800x600, cuttlefish.png)

The true face of an AGP. I was going to post an actual cuttlefish face but their eyes are very weird and make me uncomfortable

But this does make me wonder what these cuttlefish will do if a male tries to mate with it or if they just have to get out before anyone, other than the squid they're trying to get with, can realize that they are not really female.

No. 1204258

The troon hrt can worsen astigmatism

No. 1208064

The brand Adidas was made by nazi's. I'm glad this isn't common knowledge, I'd have to throw a fourth of my wardrobe away kek. I do feel kind of weird wearing it though, but that man is probably dead by now anyway so whatever.

No. 1208077

Clownfish males turn into females if their mate dies, I'm pretty sure.

No. 1208177

And that works? How do the females react?

No. 1208196

Well first, I'm no scientist and I initially learned this on a podcast so what I'm about to say could be wrong. The eggs are not fertilized during to mating process, the mother cuttlefish will store the sperm and choose which one she wants to use (somehow she knows the difference between each males sperm). They apparently prefer the sperm from the crossdressing cuttlefish because they see it as a sign of ingenuity and intelligence.
I've heard that before, I wonder what the benefit must be. Imagine a troon cosplaying as his dead wife.

No. 1208310

iirc the brothers who created the brand created it years after the war was over so maybe they didn't actively supported the army, unlike Coco Chanel. I know that because of that shitty, depressing German movie about Germany winning the football world cup, can't believe I remember that shit…

No. 1208734

>a sign of ingenuity and intelligence
Shame that it’s opposite in humans kek

No. 1210147

I remember reading a short story about this! He just wanted to get treats when he got to the correct answer lol

No. 1211373

File: 1654372380026.png (379.22 KB, 720x1219, Screenshot_20220602-235542.png)

Apparently Playboy has published literal cp more than a few times in the past

No. 1211375

File: 1654372523088.png (469.31 KB, 720x1019, Screenshot_20220604-115412.png)

No. 1211543

Thanks for the explanation. (Ignoring the human tranny parallels) I think that's adorable lol
I was just wondering how the females can tell that the "crossdressing" male is… well, male, and let them mate. Maybe I understood it wrong, and the male doesn't crossdress to approach the female, but to avoid the other male?

Holy shit, no way. You mean to tell me that they dressed kids in adult women's clothes and put some makeup on them and coomer scrotes couldn't tell the difference or just didn't give a fuck?? And I thought I couldn't be more blackpilled

No. 1211545

Actually adidas was made by two brothers and one was very into the nazi propaganda the other wasn’t. They fought over this and broke up and the non nazi kept adidas and the nazi created puma

No. 1211554

It's irritating when people wear playboy branded stuff, reminds me of what happened with Brooke, why would anyone wear the merch of a cp publishing company? People are so ignorant and pornsick

No. 1211561

I remember reading about this! Poor Brooke. this is insane. playboy has been exploiting women since youth.

No. 1211562

wtf puma is a nazi brand? That's wild. It sucks because I wear addidas but had to stop buying their brand when they put troons in womens sports and said it was okay. Both are shit. At least i never wore puma, but damn

No. 1211582

Anon, if you refuse to interact with brands/orgs that helped nazis around the time of WWII, you’ll have a lot to cut out. From Chanel to NASA.

No. 1211615

The way I understand it is: the squid will tuck away certain tentacles and make it look like they're holding an egg, and that helps make it look female. The holding egg thing signals to male cuttlefish that he doesn't want to mate, so they avoid him. Then the crossdresser goes up to the female cuttlefish that he wants to mate with and just hangs around until the males get distracted (maybe to go compete with other males or something). Then the crossdresser reveals to the female that he is actually a male and they quickly mate.

No. 1211617

To be fair I don't think a lot of us here regularly interact with NASA, anyways.

No. 1211641

Maybe anon feels genuinely uncomfortable with it. I do think it's a bit over the top though. If you're reading this, so long as you're not an actual neo-nazi nobody will think that of you unless you're wearing actual swastikas. Don't worry about it, I didn't know until I read it and most people don't either.

No. 1215741

Today I learned that MP4 files can have subtitles.
I was watching some cartoon on VLC and wanted to read the closed captions, so I pressed the subtitle switch hotkey to turn them on, but I wasn't sure if it would work, because I thought only MKV files could have them embedded and I forgot what kind of file this video was.
Surprisingly, this file had them! Apparently this is nothing new or surprising.

Oooh, thanks for the explanation, that makes a lot more sense.

No. 1218377

TIL that Tim Gunn (host of Project Runway) is gay (not surprising) but has been celibate for years.
> Gunn stated that he had not been in a relationship since the early 1980s, following the abrupt end of a six-year relationship when his boyfriend cheated on him
> Gunn spoke about his celibacy in 2012. He later stated that he is unashamed of this fact saying, "Do I feel like less of a person for it? No… I'm a perfectly happy and fulfilled individual." He said he started his self-imposed celibacy as AIDS began ravaging the gay community, and that he and many other people simply retreated.
I know a lot of people kind of hate on Tim for being a walking stereotypical ‘Dandy’ but he has always been one of the most tolerable gay men to me.

No. 1219494

Despite being here for years TIL that you can delete pictures/videos attached to your post without deleting the actual post.

No. 1219734

What how

No. 1219799

IA. He seems like an actually kind person, and he's had a rough upbringing with suicide attempts and the rest. I'm not really fond of the stereotypical gay male but I always found him pleasant while watching project runway. He has a very fatherly/mentoring uncle way about him imo

No. 1219837

When moths mate with their siblings they release less sperm.

No. 1219844

He seems like a cool and genuine guy. Celibate highly skilled gray haired paternal figure … he gives me (book) Dumbledore vibes.

No. 1219883

Some bee myths I would like to dispell. Bees do not live in a monarch. Their society is closer to communism. Worker bees do not live for their queen, they live for the survival of the colony. Queen bees are not born, but created. An ordinary larvae can be turned into a queen bee with a special diet. Usually one male bee is created and discarded after reproduction, but aside from him, all bees are female. (Not to sperg, but isn't funny how the mainstream always pushes for male bees, male ants, male wasps, and the list goes on as the norm? It is like they cannot accept an all female society to exist without the males being in charge). Worker bees can choose to get rid of the queen bee whenever they choose to. Either she is too old, is defective, or isn't doing her job, worker bees have nearly all the power. Aside from humans and habitat loss, wasps are a huge threat to bees. Wasps steal honey, eat bee larvae, destroy property, and kill bees. The way bees deal with wasps is by huddling all over one until the heat burns the wasp to death. Wasps are another all female society, but are more aggressive than bees. They are basically pirates. The male, or the drone, has no stinger and can only reproduce with the queen. Unlike bees, wasps can remember faces. They can recognize other wasp members this way rather than using some other primal way of recognition. Whenever you kill a wasp, a chemical subtance is released that can notify other wasps in the area that she has been killed. Now remember next time you swat at a wasp. She knows your face bitch. You're next.

No. 1219946

omg i love you nonnie i was just reading about bees the other day. So fucking funny that they kick the males out during winter, and yes it bothered me so much that the worker bees in Bee Movie were all male, I won’t ever watch it again. Humans need to take more direction from bugs tbh.

No. 1219997

>Dumbledore vibe
YES!! He honestly is what I kind of picture in my head when I read HP.

No. 1220132

Click the little box on your post and you'll see how

No. 1220425

File: 1654898368952.jpeg (254.29 KB, 930x1382, 1DDF886F-E014-4534-AF1C-C034AA…)

TIL hugh grant is not gay. i dont care about celebrities so i dont know anything about him but somehow not only did i think he was gay but also married. wtf ? who planted this idea in my head ? and apparently he had a cheating scandal too, on a woman, with a prostitute (female). i accidentally came across a video where said girlfriend was getting interviewed and i was fully expecting or rather waiting for them to say something about him being gay because i thought maybe that was how the public found out… i am shocked and i dont even know why, because i dont know who this man is i only know him as the guy from the movie "about a boy" i actually had to google his name as i was watching that video for a visual of who the guy is expecting another celebrity that i think was posted in the men age like milk thread, and you know what happens next. i honestly dont even know where i got this idea from, is there a gay celebrity that looks like him or something ?

No. 1220462

How odd, just today I mentioned to my mom that hugh grant always came off as someone so rich, such old money that he is just fucking whoever because he can. Old money turbo bi, but I can see why you would’ve thought that he was gay, I always thought stanley tucci was gay.

No. 1220471

File: 1654900330653.jpeg (41.35 KB, 1014x1024, BE741AD9-C385-43F2-A88B-551C72…)

>I always thought stanley tucci was gay.
Today I learned Stanley Tucci is not gay.

No. 1220478

Nonnie, nonnie my beloved-

No. 1220585

TIL that Hugh Grant is cheating, prostitute-soliciting scum. I guess I should've seen that coming but I genuinely did enjoy the romcoms he appeared in so it's kinda sad.
Another male celebrity I thought was gay but isn't is Christopher Masterson. Like you with Hugh Grant, I have no idea why where I got that idea from.

>Tim Gunn
I think it's kind of cool that he voices a character in this one children's cartoon

No. 1220593

Every woman I have ever known when faced with this fact reacted the exact same way including me

No. 1220594

Bees sound based as fuck, wasps are just assholes.

No. 1220606

nta, Wasps do a funny thing called male-stuffing, they attack the males and shove them head first in an empty nest cell so they don’t eat food for the larvae.

No. 1220678

TIL acetaminophen and ibuprofen together is the magic combo to get rid of pain. For me at least.

No. 1220689

File: 1654919846206.jpg (95.82 KB, 450x424, surprisegirlboss.jpg)

Wasps being better mothers than many humans by putting their children first? Prioritizing the next generation before the moid resource wasters? It's more likely than you think.

No. 1229745

So apparently black cats and dogs are overrepresented in shelters because people don't like to adopt them as much. I knew that was true for cats but I didn't know it was true for dogs. I guess it's because they don't photograph as well.

No. 1229767

I learned that Cochrane Collaboration seems pretty seedy and they did their co-founder dirty af.
I also learned that Peter Gøtzsche seems like a pretty based fellow that adheres strongly to scientific methodology, opposes the overuse of psychiatric drugs, and questions the harms that overuse of breast cancer screenings can cause women.
Would send flowers to/10.

No. 1229772

File: 1655541159016.png (18.6 KB, 562x242, british man.png)

Dante from Devil May Cry is a bong

No. 1229778

checked on it again. meanwhile (in the span of almost two months) this turbo-autist has added 58 more chapters adding up to 653.180 words, around 60% of the word count of the entire Harry Potter series, which is 1.084.170 words long and written in the span of at least 15 years (the first Harry Potter book was written sometime between 1990 and 1995, the last book was released in 2007).

No. 1229786

if he keeps writing for this piece of doodoo at the same pace in 15 years after he started writing this piece of doodoo he could get to over 62 million words

No. 1229801

You'd think with all the edgelords around black animals would go fast. The fact that this is true is incredibly bizzare to me, but yea, as someone who has both a black cat and dog, they're hard to take pictures of. Just voids with eyes and easy to lose if it gets dark lol

No. 1229802

There are a lot of superstitions around black dogs and cats as well.

No. 1229803

I love the "too cool to smoke" part because Kamiya also told Takumo to not make Godot drink bourbon in Ace Attorney 3 because "it's a kid game and he shouldn't show bad things to kids" meanwhile Godot kills someone at the end of the game kek

No. 1229805

I knew that about cats but I didn't know that about dogs

No. 1229809

Idk if it's true, but I read an article that those Dyson or air dryers in the bathrooms actually circulate poo and pee particles around. I'm drunk so correct me if I am wrong, I just dry my hands on my clothes nowadays

No. 1229816

Yep they are associated with death, demons, and bad omens in several cultures.
They do. Also drunk, but I'm certain they do. I never use them.

No. 1229984

Black is really dominant in litters too so there are alot of black cross breeds out there and they're boring to look at vs lighter coloured dogs

No. 1230105

Sometimes it's those edgelords that are the problem. I had a friend who worked at a shelter and she told me black cats are held under tighter scrutiny with adoption because there are sickos who use them for animal sacrifice.

No. 1230389

they only circulate the particles that are already in the air. this is why you flush with the toilet seat cover down, so particles don't get released. unfortunately most public toilets don't even have seat covers

No. 1230822

File: 1655604532798.jpg (41.48 KB, 1000x667, dehydrated-garlic-vs-fresh.jpg)

The garlic you see in stores with the crunchy, flaky skin is not fresh, it's dried.

No. 1230833

File: 1655606153414.jpeg (35.89 KB, 612x612, 52223119-1F5E-4D4E-9FD6-F33AE1…)

Kek, by that logic an onion is dried too.

No. 1230838

Welp, I guess I'm not using those again

No. 1230841

File: 1655606866932.jpg (269.05 KB, 960x960, fresh-garlic_0.jpg)

Well, I think onions come out like that. I say the garlic is dried because picrel is fresh.

No. 1230851

No. 1230853

How did you do this?? I guess TIL that you can also make empty posts on lolcow.farm

No. 1230854

No. 1230855

No. 1230856

Hehe, ghost post

No. 1230857

File: 1655608829945.jpg (555.1 KB, 1078x1075, Screenshot_20220618-222002_Fir…)

Ghost toast

No. 1230887

No. 1235221

File: 1655922086523.jpg (152.04 KB, 1000x536, sunflower-arrangement-types-jo…)

TIL while researching mutated flowers (since the nonnies seemed so interested/freaked out by them in them in the other thread) that those giant sunflower heads are essentially like those mutant flowers: It's multiple incomplete flowers growing together connected. The outer petals are actually their own separate flowers as well. Crazy stuff

No. 1238077

TIL that if you're using a local user account on Windows 10 and an activated Microsoft Office license tied to a Microsoft account on the same computer, the Word (.docx) files you create and/or edit will have your Microsoft account name as the Creator and/or Modified By in the metadata, while the Excel (.xlsx) files you create and/or edit will have the local user account name as the Creator and/or Last Modified By in the metadata. Interesting.

No. 1239998

lmao I don't get it, what's the point of that?

No. 1240127

In which thread nona?

No. 1240139

I don't know! That's why I pointed it out because it doesn't make sense.

No. 1240159

i have that third sunflower, i thought it will grow as a normal sunflower you see in a field but it turned out like this retarded shorty

No. 1240204

Dinosaurs are still alive. Birds aren't just related to dinosaurs but belong to the same clade, "Dinosaura", and thus are considered dinosaurs.

No. 1240271

File: 1656181394780.jpeg (417.35 KB, 560x374, 193893A5-F7F8-4309-87CD-1F61D5…)

van Gogh apparently had a digitalis (foxglove) prescription from a doctor and people theorize that he was suffering from digitalis toxicity when he painted Starry Night due to the prevalence of yellow halos around things. some other paintings of his with yellow halos and yellowish skin are also thought to be manifestations of digitoxicity

No. 1240288

I also learned about that I think yesterday or the day before!

No. 1240310

Nona, it's not just the sunflowers, it's the whole family of Asteracea.
I have a Bachelor in Environmental Sciences with a Biology emphasis and it blew my mind to learn that. We had to learn how to determine different plant species. The outer petals are practically only decoration (for the bees, butterflies, beetles, etc).
You walk all those years thinking, oh what a nice flower, when in fact it's an assortment of little flower in one head.
Also, breeding is genetic engineering but with more steps and it stays on the same family, genus or species, depending on if you can reproduce viable offsprings.

No. 1240517

Some countries have snipers at sporting events. It's sounds insane, but it makes sense when you realize how crazy men get over their footballs and soccer balls.

No. 1240525

It was in the screencaps thread! (I was one of the anons derailing the thread kek)

No. 1240554

I can't beli

No. 1240654

File: 1656205696110.jpg (85.68 KB, 1000x975, 35xnxdu2c8_Cassowary_black_WWf…)

Exactly! I love this fact. Sometimes I'll look at a bird and go "hehe what a silly little dinosaur".

Kek. Never gets old.

No. 1240656

This reminds me of the Emu War.

No. 1240899

My first thought was “oh I mean that makes sense” because of potential terror attacks at arenas lol what a bleak world

No. 1241981

File: 1656282909837.jpg (51.58 KB, 1379x791, 7719452e2ab73ffd349c7a63a91449…)

I just learned that thing on the left is a tree not a giant castle kek
Did you go to that Van Gogh experience exhibit too nona?

No. 1242099

what the fuck I always thought that was a castle too, damn I feel uncultured now

No. 1242106

I went to that exhibit a few months back and it was nicer than I thought. i enjoyed the replica of his bedroom where he painted a lot. Seeing more details on starry night was extra interesting since I've seen the real painting in a museum before. Also, had no idea Van Gogh had a legit friend.

No. 1243017

The actual Starry Night is way, way cooler in person than it is replicated on paper. I was so impressed and happy I got to see it.

No. 1245112

Today I learned crows cam talk!

No. 1245171

I knew a crow that loved saying his name in my childhood and I’ve adored them ever since

No. 1245208

I adore crows and ravens. They will actually mimic the voice they hear so you can get a crow to talk in your voice. If I ever get close enough to one I will teach them to call people bitch in my voice

No. 1245240

File: 1656524716101.jpg (41.35 KB, 396x567, raven-pastel.JPG)

Probably a programming mistake tbh. Microsoft is far from perfect. And in my worthless, programming n00b opinion, since their software is not free and open source, it makes it harder to spot these little inconsistencies or bugs and fix them. That's why Windows 7 had a thousand fucking updates that fixed bugs from previous patches that fixed other bugs. It's a damn mess.

Yes! They're really intelligent, smart animals are fascinating.
Semi-related, but I've only seen a raven (part of the Corvus genus) once, at the zoo. It was massive, I had no idea ravens were that big.

No. 1245276

Can sunflower petals be pollinated/make seeds? Or are the naughty bits not functional in those flowers?

No. 1245368

File: 1656530111791.jpg (141.1 KB, 1000x667, blue jay 2 eric begin.jpg)

Nice, I don't think I've ever seen a raven, I live someplace pretty hot and they prefer colder climates. Lots of crows though, I think I even see more crows in the urban areas than I do in the country. A lot of people don't know that blue jays are actually part of the corvid family as well!

No. 1245658

What kind of British accent would Dante have if he was dubbed with a British accent?

No. 1245659

i'm going to throw up

No. 1245663

File: 1656546807671.jpg (37.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (8).jpg)

No. 1246176

>A lot of people don't know that blue jays are actually part of the corvid family as well!
AYRT, I actually learned that today, too, while looking up info to make my post accurate lol. It's not only crows/ravens that are really intelligent, but other birds in the Corvidae family (the genus Corvus is a sub-group within it, for those who are confused) are also pretty smart.
There are also birds that aren't Corvids or parrots that can talk, such as starlings, vid related.

No. 1246793

Today I found out Jordan Peterson has a daughter named Mikhaila who got married and had a baby with a 50 year old dude and is now engaged to a random man named… Jordan. This information is totally useless but I'm shocked I've never heard anyone else bring it up before.

No. 1247979

TIL literally while watching Bob's Burgers that Jimmy Jr and Bob have the same voice actor. I've been watching the show for years and never noticed how close the voices were, Jimmy Jr just has a lisp. Also a lot of the crew for Home Movies apparently also came on to work on Bob's Burgers

No. 1248353

If you rename a DOCX, XLSX or PPTX file and change its extension to ZIP the file is still functional as a normal ZIP archive containing XML files detailing the content of the original file.

No. 1248364

People talk about his daughter all the time, she's fucking deranged

No. 1249493

File: 1656844183108.png (497.22 KB, 567x430, ed5.png)

The "homophobic dog" from the memes is called Whitney Chewston and her owners are a gay couple. Was it an intentional choice to turn a gay couple's dog into an supposedly ironic homophobic meme or did someone just see the cute funny dog and thought the juxtaposition of the cute dog and supposedly ironic homophobia was funny?

No. 1249512

wtf i never noticed?! i watched an episode the other day where bob talked to another character also voiced by bob's va and i thought it was weird, but jfc. now that you said that, i can totally hear bob when jimmy jr talks. what the fuck nonny, you just blew my fucking mind?!

No. 1249555

I'm ESL and I just found out "organ grinders" are actually harmless. Vidrel is an organ grinder even though the wording used can imply something completely different

No. 1249707

I fucking love homophobic dog!!!

No. 1249709

Same but I hate it when trannies use those memes while also complaining about even the mildest "transphobia" even as a joke.

No. 1249731

File: 1656863741706.png (770.08 KB, 720x600, 8e2.png)

it's because they don't use them ironically.

No. 1249735

You are adorable anon, I love this kek

No. 1249736

Post-ironic humor

No. 1249740

This dog is the fucking best.

No. 1250494

TIL most people have lost 12 teeth by age 50.

No. 1250510

You mean that they're replaced with fake ones or that they have just fillings? Because fuck, now I'm worried I'll lose 12 teeth in the next 20 years lol

No. 1251374

No apparently they actually fall out!! By age 50, most people have 37% less teeth. Scary. That's a lot of teeth.

No. 1252180

File: 1657050431007.jpg (24.49 KB, 333x500, rock cairn.jpg)

Today I learned that some people feel very, very passionately about rock cairns and despise them. I understand not disturbing trail markers or confusing people if it's that type of system, but I came across a whole thread of people seething at the very existence of them for "disturbing the environment and causing erosion" and possibly hurting animals? I never thought it was such a big deal to people. It's like how I thought grave rubbing was just a cute hobby and apparently it makes people seethe since it can damage the graves or something? I never would've even thought to give a fuck

No. 1252194

Autism spans far and wide

No. 1252765

File: 1657103022611.png (3.6 MB, 1821x2089, rocks.png)

Oh lmao I looked into it a tiny bit and while SOME arguments I can understand, I really hope no one is seething at cute, small rock cairns like the one you posted. I definitely not get how they can be culturally insensitive but it may be an american thing so IDK

No. 1255330

This is a bit embarrassing but TIL that "ruckus" is actually spelled raucous.

No. 1255354

I thought raucous was an adjective and ruckus was a (possibly bastardized verson of raucous) noun, an honorary real word like "aint"

ntayrt that does look obnoxious, people really can't bear to not write 'x was here' or pee on things in some fashion. 30 seconds ago I didnt know people did this now I'm pissed

No. 1255366

Take a step back for a second. It's a stack of rocks that can easily fall over, not graffiti

No. 1255372

steps forward, blocking ur path

No. 1255381

It's fine if a few people do it now but once it becomes more trendy to make them, there's gonna be problems.

No. 1255399

File: 1657314312042.jpg (314.39 KB, 1024x683, 48042161687_608d8e7fca_b.jpg)

Actually got lost because someone tourists had built a cairn. What was supposed to be a 2 hour hike became a 5 hour hike one, we were in the highlands and cairns were well spaced out meaning that if it was very foggy out we couldn't see the next cairn clearly which it was when we went out hiking but it wasn't a big deal as you can always see the direction it's going however we had the shittest luck that day and it was windy and raining to boot. See Tourist cairn, go in that direction and get immediately lost as we try to search for the next cairn. We were just lucky that one of us had a GPS however we didn't realize that we were lost until too late.
The cairns that we have in my country is like picrl and in various sizes although it's often half the size and have been there over 100 years not being knocked over in extreme winds over years

No. 1261461

File: 1657727286281.jpeg (22.14 KB, 500x500, af6a0a45-f45a-4d47-b82d-c1c22b…)

TIL there was a ferret webkinz and I'm mad I didn't get one

No. 1261483

File: 1657728352678.png (245.64 KB, 850x509, Screen-capture-of-Webkinzcom.p…)

I mean… it might cost a lot secondhand, but the game is still online. I've been playing on-and-off for the past 14 years and can confirm they continue to update it pretty frequently. Most of the playerbase is adults, so its much more chill nowadays

No. 1261486

That ass.

No. 1261492

That's awesome next time I see a cairn, I will make sure to knock it over

No. 1261493

I know I just wish I would have known about it when I was really into it as a kid. I had quite the obsession with ferrets and a huge collection of webkinz so idk how I didn't ever know there was a webkinz version. I would still probably pop on but sadly now I think they wiped most inactive accounts. Sucks too I dumped a lot of hours into that game and had a lot of cool shit I don't think you could get now

No. 1261970

I was OBSESSED with Webkinzs as a kid, but sadly didn't obtain the ferret either. It even looks like the ferret I had as a kid. Oh well. I stopped playing around 12 and had about 50 Webkinz at that point. Last I checked the account was still accessible, too.

No. 1263755

File: 1657910460161.jpg (64.74 KB, 500x304, lost-my-earrings359.jpg)

I don't get that argument; I've hiked in Asia and they do it there all the time too. It just seems like a fun pastime for hikers to stop and pile. I wish turbosperg put their energy towards things that matter for once.

No. 1268138

Moids being gross, example number 24032430950493

No. 1268267

So the fabric is strong enough to wrap a fat dude fighting another fat dude but not to be hand washed?

No. 1268314

Nooo you don't understand, never washing your fat scrote buttfloss means you get good luck!

No. 1268424

So apparently Father Christmas wears red and white because that’s the colour of the ritual Fly Agaric mushrooms the Sami used?! What a time to be alive

No. 1269182

there is an entire book series about the land of Oz. thought it was just that one book.

No. 1269206

File: 1658301081812.jpg (34.8 KB, 500x375, General Jinjur.jpg)

the series is honestly pretty based, every male character plays a minor role and all the important characters are women and none of them ever sexualized, its honestly surprising that a man in the 19th century could write such a book, but his mom was one of OG suffrages, so that likely a big role in his views

No. 1269241

Queen Lurline, Ozma, Jinjur, Polychrome, the list goes on. Baum was pretty based regarding female protags. His world building was amazing, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I used to go through the maps and try to follow along where everything was.

No. 1269293

File: 1658306700139.png (21.1 KB, 444x333, FYGIYsGUcAA9v79.png)

the series was really fucking based, like in another one of his books(set in the same Oz universe) Queen Zixi of Ix you have this badass warrior with queen who lives fighting strong men and making them part of her army, and later scolds a girl for wanting to be a boy

No. 1269302

I think that I might re-read some of them again, now that you're bringing all of this back. I didn't get to some of his other works surrounding the Oz universe, but have a green hardcover of them that I bought over 15 years ago now. Check out Ruth Plumly Thompson if you get a chance. She expanded heavily on the universe and gave it a very similar energy.
In an effort to stay on topic: TIL that retinoids can have an effect on common warts. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamadermatology/fullarticle/478655

No. 1269765

Today I learned-well, I learned this a few years ago but still wanted to point it out that the original va for meowth was a tranny. Look up Maddie Blaustein, rip tho

No. 1269828

File: 1658339234223.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.48 KB, 1280x768, wutwut.jpg)

Looked it up to check if that's the main voice I knew meowth by and it is. The croaky gay voice, suited meowth well.

No. 1270138

It also voiced grandpa from Yu-Gi-Oh!

No. 1277403

File: 1658810826939.gif (1.55 MB, 245x167, anigif_sub-buzz-14452-15277770…)

I thought that heme iron was only found in animal products, but TIL it's in soybean

No. 1277430

Yeah I know iron is in a lot of plants. Most heme iron in particular is in meat/eggs though, so I didn't know that it's in soybeans.

No. 1278146

sage for obvious ot
in the uk they are a problem as people are pulling stones out of ancient ruins like hadrians wall to build them
these stone were untouched for nearly 2000 years and someone yanked them out to build a cairn
some are pulling them from neolithic dolmens which have been unmoved for as far back as 6,000 years

No. 1278664

No foods are actually zero calories, they just contain so little caloric benefit that your body actually spends more calories to digest it than what it could extract from it. I never understood how they could calculate foods that had like 5 calories in it but I guess that makes sense

No. 1278672

This is interesting and makes since, thanks for sharing. Does this mean all food are a little more calories than we say?

No. 1278701

I assume so, chewing and breaking down food all cost energy so you will always be using a bit of calories when you eat something. I wonder if it's the same for liquids, it should take far less energy to just swallow liquid calories than chewing it

No. 1278739

A friend of mine told me watermelon is part of that category of food. And it tastes great on top of that so I'm sure it's one of these ideal snacks when you're on a diet.

No. 1281043

File: 1659049082889.png (86.06 KB, 673x166, earwax.PNG)

Cats love human earwax

No. 1281134

also if a food contains, was it less than 10 calories per whatever, you can call it calorie free on the wrapper

No. 1281136

Cats also love (women's) armpit smell, apparently it reminds them of their mother cats. It's kind of cute in a creepy way

No. 1281524

TIL Nicolas Flamel was a real person, not just a name JK Rowling came up with for Harry Potter.

No. 1281535


No. 1281537

I fucking hate fruit flies. Ruined my hard grown tomatoes. Asshole insects.

No. 1281543

I will eat them and let them feel the fury of my volcanic stomach acid. And then convert them to poo.

No. 1281549

Meh. These don't really bother me. I've eaten them without washing the fruit and I'm still (mostly) alive. The real fucking horror was learning about the cherry maggots from other anons

No. 1281567

Had terrible sex education growing up and only yesterday learned that you can only get pregnant when ovulating. Yeah I feel dumb.

No. 1281572

I've always just given my berries a good rinse, but maybe I'll start soaking them.
Oh yeah, if you ever eat a cherry that tastes off compared to the other ones then it's probably a cherry with a maggot in it.

No. 1281666

AYRT, you are made of sterner stuff than I. I cannot believe I was eating these fuckers all these years…

No. 1281959

Oh please. Relax. Bugs are good for you. We are too prissy and sensitive nowadays.

No. 1281965

Except they're not. And this specific strain of fruit fly that's responsible for this didn't come to my neck of the woods until the 2000's. So no, fuck fruit flies, I want to eat my berries in peace.

No. 1281977

tbh most people don’t know this. everyone gets told constantly that you can get pregnant anytime anywhere because they think the truth would lead to more risk. it’s bs, i love tracking my ovulation and it allows me to not need to use birth control. when i explained that you can only get pregnant during ovulation to my bf he had a hard time believing it lol

No. 1281991

The risk with tracking ovulation is that tracking it is never 100% accurate, so I get why people would rather preach you can get always pregnant.

Although knowing couples often taken months to conveive, makes me wonder why not more people put 1 and 1 together.

No. 1281999

File: 1659107764036.jpg (22.26 KB, 500x222, anons favorite snack.jpg)

Yes anon, because not wanting to knowingly eat bugs is "prissy" and "sensitive". Of course if you eat stuff from nature it's impossible to 100% prevent bugs but wanting to get rid of them if you can isn't sensitive, it just means you don't want to eat bugs.

No. 1282023


No. 1282025

That's nice and all, but not everyone wants to eat bugs. Nothing sensitive or prissy about it.

No. 1282028

Bugs have many health benefits and eating them is good for the environment. In some cultures they are a delicacy (example: mopane worms). And those candies prove my point. They are common snacks for children.
Many are hesitant to try eating bugs. I make crackers using cricket flour and juice pulp. It was tough to convince others to try them, but once they did, they were amazed at the flavor.
(Sorry, I had to repost for anonymity.)

No. 1282055

The bug discussion reminded me - EVERY food you eat contains parts of bugs. I work in food production, and am currently pursuing a degree in food chemistry. In bakery school I wrote a thing about pests and bugs in food production and storage, and had to read a book about it. Quite disgusting, but unavoidable.

>Did you know that your average chocolate bar probably contains insect parts? According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), anything less than 60 insect pieces per 100 grams of chocolate – around two typical bars of store-bought chocolate – is deemed safe for public consumption.
>Shocking "filth" legally allowed in your food – Did you know there can be 450 insect parts and nine rodent hairs in every 16 oz. box of spaghetti?
There's no way to get rid of all the creatures that might hitch a ride along the food processing chain, but the US Food and Drug Administration has set some food defects standards to keep them to a minimum.

(Oh my god third repost I am sorry)

No. 1282057

Not any of above nonas but I'm coping my telling myself "mmm free protein" kek

No. 1282068

You're also consuming their shit since their innards weren't cleaned out or removed

No. 1282077

When I eat shrimp where I have to peel off the shell, I don't bother pulling out the intestinal line. Some bug poop doesn't bother me kek

No. 1282107

And it’s delicious

No. 1282374

Original blackberry anon here. If I can't see it with my naked eye, it's fine. But the second I saw that white, wriggling fucker on MY berries, its fate was sealed. And this is also why I mostly make my own food.

No. 1282817

I had nooo idea Brendon Small (creator and voice actor on Home Movies) also co created Metalocalypse till today. Those shows seem so different but the tone and dialogue based writing they both share makes so much sense.

No. 1282824

lol i love home movies. haven’t seen metalocypse, do you rec it to people who liked the dryness of home movies? seems too over the top

No. 1282827

I don't know what it says about me but this doesn't faze me at all. I'm fine knowing there's a certain amount of crushed rat and pigeon in anything grain-based I eat too. I also often can't be arsed to wash my veggies if I'm going to be cooking them. To be honest, the waste of water in washing them bothers me more than the possibility of getting idk, poop particles in my stew. Then again, I also thought the cockroach jelly bars from Snowpiercer looked really tasty.

No. 1295054

TIL there are at least 18 states of matter

No. 1295059

But only 3-4 matter

No. 1295069

File: 1660025048472.jpg (275.94 KB, 1200x1799, f33e0f61c3af0a23049c083f80614c…)

If your air filter is 13 MERV it will decrease the efficiency of your ac due to thickness costing more and can lead to frozen ac until fixed. Learned the hard way wanting to buy my ac the best filter..

No. 1295121

Always remember, you matter the most <3

No. 1297044

President Carter in the states put solar panels on the White house in the 70’s and Nixon tore them off right after.

No. 1297173

You're saying I'm fat??

No. 1297286

Reagan did that; Nixon actually established the EPA believe it or not.

No. 1300528

File: 1660361151002.jpeg (117.78 KB, 700x1052, 4J5OFGG3YJGZBDYWCDX2VHYXNA.jpe…)

TIL crossing guards are called lollipop man/lady in the UK. Britbongs are so cute.

No. 1300535

Ausfags call it that too

No. 1301243

Only Burgers call them 'crossing guards', because they're obsessed with everything sounding tacticool and vaguely military-esque.

No. 1302355

File: 1660476025688.jpg (154.5 KB, 1424x1440, ac9cab5166c567c0eb97cc11fb9871…)

This guy shares a Japanese voice actor…

No. 1302356

File: 1660476057321.jpg (22.4 KB, 445x398, ryuji no shit.jpg)

…with this guy.

No. 1302388

I love the weird names they give things like aliens that just learned to talk yesterday trying to describe things

No. 1303185

File: 1660534157271.jpg (70.27 KB, 923x1018, EyGYMZ7XEAoC0gi.jpg)

These are our chin muscles. When you frown really hard and get that wrinkly look on your chin, this is why.

No. 1303212

That picture gives me the heebie jeebies. I happened to touch my chin on that muscle once and it was sore so I massaged it lol it felt good. It gets sore randomly.

No. 1303244

Thanks I hate it.

No. 1303981

Spoiler this next time don't make me post the pic of the hairy frogs again

No. 1310145

TIL that in certain phases of your ovulation cycle you can actually feel really physically attractive and confident

No. 1310201

Anon it’s a joke lol

No. 1310203

Why would nature have the need to create hairy frogs? That was bizarre.

No. 1310219

the human body can store semen for up to 7 days. So you can definitely get pregnant even if you weren’t ovulating when you fucked.

No. 1310276

Diet soda tastes like shit if you drink it three months after the expiration date and regular soda tastes like shit if you drink it nine months after the expiration date.

No. 1310281

File: 1661044491004.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.01 KB, 600x415, Trichobatrachus-robustus-NHM-L…)

I will sneak into your house tonight and break my own bones to stab you with don't test me

No. 1310811

TIL that INSTANT NOODLES ARE DEEP FRIED?? What the hell man, I just checked packages I had on hand, some of them had 30% fat

No. 1310831

1 x 1 = 1
11 x 11 = 121
111 x 111 = 12321
1111 x 1111 = 1234321
11111 x 11111 = 123454321
111111 x 111111 = 12345654321

No. 1310846


No. 1310848

That’s how they get them full of air bubbles so they can cook quickly. But it’s really location-dependent. Asian brands usually still fry them but western brands tend to air dry them.

No. 1310882

That might explain I like the Asian brands more then kek

No. 1317219

Today on lolcow we learned about nipple sizes and Boxxy's nationality

No. 1317223

>not to be like ACCHYALLUAY
The bug candies aren’t super common, more like common as a gimmick snack for like weird stores or tourist traps

No. 1317225


No. 1317227

Samefag but I’m speaking for here in burgerland

No. 1317233

So what are you going to do with that knowledge

No. 1318246

TIL pushing during childbirth is a modern technique. Your body will most likely naturally expell a baby out of your system when the right time comes. Perhaps women who were traumatized by childbirth because of their shitty (usually male) doctors didn't have to be unnecessarily tortured.

No. 1318284

you're also supposed to give bitch squatting or crouched and not lying down. luckily you can find a midwife in most places that will help you do it correctly.

No. 1318359

Looking into the German Mother of Woes.

No. 1318386

Blame hollywood. They pushed that shit in movies all the time in the 20th century.

No. 1318394

this has already been said but it's usually easier to give birth squatting.

No. 1318405

File: 1661616854614.png (62 KB, 649x900, germanmotherofwoes.PNG)

please gib link, not finding anything

No. 1318430

Marie Mongan wrote about it in her birthing book. She has an entire history section about midwifery. My practitioner gave it to me. It’s in the chapter From Celebration to Trepidation: A History of Women and Birth.

No. 1318580

I read that's actually mildly dangerous because the baby can drop on the floor head first.

No. 1318588

Edit: I don't mean to say that's absolutely right, I mean that there's people who advocate for every conceivable way to give birth and most of them give reasonings that seem superficially to make sense. It's a big woo woo field and very hard to get a grip on. Mothers can have completely opposite experiences with the exact same procedure.

No. 1318758

Couldn't you just place something underneath yourself or do it in water?

No. 1318763

>not giving birth above a fakir nail bed
My infant could beat up your infant

No. 1319603

apparently book of the month has been around since 1926

No. 1329401

Today I learned the foo fighters were Aid Denilist back in the day. Have no idea what songs they sing or what but I recognized the name and was shocking that they did that

No. 1329435

obviously there would be a midwife helping and catching the baby? just like when you're birthing laying down there is a midwife taking the baby

No. 1332256

I don't have an interestng fact (sorry) but this thread is so nice and comfy

No. 1336033

File: 1662923844936.jpg (249.43 KB, 1186x1500, naval-academy.jpg)

TIL Jimmy Carter is still fucking alive

No. 1336039

you blew me and my boomer moms mind nona

No. 1336102

Carter is still the best president and does more good for this country as an old man than the actual presidents.

No. 1336171

today I learned about Marquis de Sade. An 18th century pedophile, rapist, and overall violent, degenerate cumbrain. he was so intensely perverted that his life actually sounds like a QANON pizzagate write-up. possibly the worst part is seeing news outlets and journos trying to be edgy or different and act like he was some revolutionary advocate for freedom and free-will. it's nice to know that even in the era of fanatical christianity men were still depraved and disgusting.

No. 1336182

The lead singer of Modest Mouse is one of those "targetted individual" paranoid schizos and thinks he's being gangstalked.

No. 1336187

so was elliott smith but he was bipolar

No. 1340226

File: 1663205752264.jpeg (14.07 KB, 216x234, 474hgx1).jpeg)

ANONS if you own one of these you can screw off the two stick lids for the glass scent holder and just put room spray in that's similar. Room spray costs 3-6 and it's a whole bottle you can keep refilling in these. I dont know for oil and I do think you would want to match scents like clean linen with a refillable flower scent or cinnamon og container with refillable winter spray but my god it works. My place smells amazing right now.

No. 1340370

I don't understand the purpose of these. Yeah making the room smell nice but can't you just open up a window to air out poor air?

No. 1340373

NTA but not all of us have windows nonnie, I have a studio and 4 cats, It's not always suitable.

No. 1340439

i learned that circumcision can protect again getting HIV, penile cancer progression, and obviously prevents you from getting phimosis or paraphimosis which is a surgical emergency. i know its super autistic but i have a lot of male weeb acquaintances from attending anime cons and this population tends to be bizarrely obsessed with how circumcision ruined their dick. so to me its fun to provoke a reaction by chiming in with this stuff, and then taking it a step further by arguing that they should be grateful for it. idk maybe its a bit cruel but i cannot stand people comparing it to FGM because FGM gets incredibly extreme and its often done to decrease womens sexual pleasure and make her less of an “whore”, or to make it obvious if shes really a virgin when she gets paired off to a man. not the same!!!!

No. 1340450

It isn’t the same. Uncircumcised cock looks like an earth worm and most of them are too stupid to clean it properly. Slice all of the cocks.

No. 1340466

>can protect again getting HIV, penile cancer progression
These have been debunked as mere correlations.
If you remove the "hygiene" aspect, i.e. minimal expectations about basic personal hygiene (obviously too high for the average anime con attendee), then the only tangible difference to FGM is that you can make immense profits from baby foreskins.

No. 1340471

>then the only tangible difference to FGM is that you can make immense profits from baby foreskins.
what in the fuck?

No. 1340474

File: 1663222364792.jpeg (69.78 KB, 720x834, A5B2F3DE-9E66-4214-9F5F-0DCF1B…)

Please just be retarded. FGM is done to young girls and young women as a form of punishment and to keep them “virgins for their husbands”. Circumcising is done for health purposes because moids are brain dead and can’t clean themselves so they need to have a piece of their dicks surgically removed. Or its done because of religious purposes, most of which are patriarchal so its their fault through and through.

No. 1340487

Not the anon you replied to, but speaking as a Northern European, the hygiene argument is wild to me. I've seen my share of uncircumcised dicks, and lack of cleanliness has never been a problem. I’m sure it depends on the moid, but I prefer guys who know how to shower I guess. My ex bf had a circumcision as an adult because of phimosis and I would rather not be with a circumcised guy again. I’m sure the results depends on the surgeon and what procedure you go for, but there’s no way it won’t reduce sensitivity to a degree and sex feels so much drier without the foreskin. I agree circumcision is not as severe as FGM and the reasons for doing it are different (like you said, FGM is done to control women’s sexuality), but I don’t think it’s ethical to circumcise children/babies unless for medical reasons, and it will also make PIV sex more painful for the woman later on.

No. 1340488

There was a big spergfest in the tinfoil thread about baby foreskins..

No. 1340490

No. 1340520

File: 1663228292963.jpeg (180.35 KB, 1188x1164, 46F81A6F-46EA-4D6D-88AB-DEEC87…)

ayrt of course theres exceptions with different areas having different standards of cleanliness. I envy you anon, here in the US or more so the south, it could seen as weird or gay to clean yourself by any means. I’ve met women who even hold the same standards of not going near their genitalia because it isn’t very christian/catholic of them. I’ve had exes where most of their friend groups were filled with moids that scoffed at the idea of even wiping your ass with baby wipes because they were too scared to go near their asshole. American moids are dirty and thats why most of them are cut no matter what.

No. 1340568

The arguments for FGM and MGM boil down to "it's been done to me so it must be done to my next-of-kind", masquerading as "tradition" or "religion".
If you break the cycle in one generation it will stop perpetuating onto the following generations, both for girls and boys.

If genial mutilation would be done for health or hygiene purposes we would also pull out our teeth because dentures are easier to clean and can be kept as white as the smile of an American politician.

Just imagine what would be done if genital skins of little girls could be marketed as well, it could combine sex tourism, pedophilia and general exploitation of the third world into a single business!

No. 1340802

no they havent, scrote
>protective against penile cancer progression bc penile cancer is asymptomatic, there is no pain, and having a foreskin can actually prevent it from being noticed as soon as it would be on a circumcised individual
>you literally cannot get paraphimosis or phimosis if you dont have a fucking foreskin
>HIV protective effects have not been debunked https://aidsrestherapy.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12981-017-0167-6

im not jumping around with excitement about circumcision like id probably not want to have it done on my kid but you have provided proof to how riled up men get, its fun to stir the pot with you all

No. 1340837

Have you even read your linked study?

No. 1341010

Oh shit girls quick, let's all cut off our boobs because then we won't get breast cancer and let's get all of our teeth removed so we won't have to clean them! Actually since there can be buildup in between the labias let's all get surgery to have them removed too.
We really live in a world where people would rather mutilate a baby than learn to put soap and water on their bodies. This is fucking insane.

No. 1341242

Comparing the removal of a piece of foreskin to any of these things is retarded. False equivalencies.

No. 1341243

Men want to feel oppressed SO badly that they’ll turn the removal of foreskin into some extremely diabolical tragedy

No. 1341261

don't forget there's a sale on adidas niqabs right now so we don't have to accidentally tempt any unsuspecting males

No. 1341918

yes, why?

No. 1345628

File: 1663719400949.jpg (68.46 KB, 488x488, GUEST_b0467189-0fa4-41b9-92f7-…)

You're not supposed to microwave these

No. 1345630

mmmm the smell of fiery styro in the evening

No. 1345631

They’re so much better when you do though just make sure you don’t make them explode

No. 1345658

Literally never had that Happen to me, I microwave them everytime I eat them.

No. 1345674

I like how you typed this post (I mean this in a loving way)

No. 1345694

enjoy cancer

No. 1345702

Sitting on your arse for several hours a day posting smarm on an anonymous basket weaving forum is an easy way to get cancer too!

No. 1345742

Get her

No. 1345781

science isn't smarm. sorry you're too dumb.

No. 1346629

File: 1663786790867.jpeg (66.56 KB, 482x612, 02CFA899-0E45-4B85-9A65-23C79C…)

I thought New England was a state in the US but TIL it’s actually a region

No. 1346633

omg anon my mind is blown

No. 1346714

I always thought NY was part of New England but I guess because it was settled first by the Dutch that is why it isn’t?

No. 1346726

I know I'm just proving the "burgers are retarded" point but I am a burger who lives in NE and I didn't know this KEK

No. 1347101

File: 1663810543272.jpg (229 KB, 2012x607, photos.jpg)

These photos of Nicki and Rihanna are fake

No. 1347325

That Nicki pic always felt fake af, good to know it is

No. 1388437

File: 1666893655572.png (12.7 KB, 1030x686, IE-is-Dead-01-1030x686.png)

today i learned about the dead internet theory. Kinda late i know but i took my time to dig as much information as i could

No. 1388439

I've never heard of this, gonna look into it now

No. 1388465

File: 1666895320225.jpeg (76.56 KB, 828x155, 6B1B5AFD-C310-477D-9DE1-BFC004…)

The first article I click on for this cites none other than… https://dailyfreepress.com/2021/10/21/the-dead-internet-theory/

No. 1388517

Squirrels have thin rat tails but the hair on them is so long, it makes it look like a cute bushy tail.

No. 1388542

Prove it

No. 1388543

File: 1666899691790.jpg (62.74 KB, 960x635, nakedsquirrel.jpg)

No. 1388552

He's so cute!

No. 1388554

put some pants on!!

No. 1388684

All animals have thin rat tails like that, no?

No. 1393342

File: 1667234221549.jpg (35.66 KB, 622x566, 9f371d88505c0f8e0a536dbfae369f…)

I learned that entering "before:2009" (or any other year) in front of a search term on youtube actually gives you videos before that year.
I've been watching vids of my old neighborhood before they changed absolutely everything and I'm both delighted and heartbroken.

No. 1393343

No. 1393345

File: 1667234580179.jpg (80.34 KB, 1280x720, hq720.jpg)

anon, i love you, i thought this only worked for gmail and google

No. 1424611

File: 1669664356380.png (30.95 KB, 938x230, dolly.PNG)

Why Dolly the sheep was called Dolly

No. 1424639

The two talking cats video is my favorite video on the internet. I hope it survives even if humans go extinct..

No. 1424651

It breaks my heart but those cats probably passed away already. I hope they had a great life and lots of treats. I used to watch them when I thought my life would never get better, but I’m in a better place now

No. 1425512

Not necessarily, the video us from 15 years ago and cats can live 20 years or more.

No. 1443988

File: 1670937927232.jpg (921.68 KB, 3024x4032, 69ee65bbcfe019aa049508e18aca3f…)

Ikea tables look like this inside??

No. 1444075

These things give cats cancer. Beware!

No. 1444083

did you think they're actual wood? I remember finding out about it and feeling like that shocked monkey puppet gif

No. 1444091

No I thought they were like loose particle board

No. 1444123

I wanna say some may be like a mix of both of those, like some parts are cardboardy and some the particle shit

No. 1445023

These things give !everything! cancer. If your house is stanky then find a different solution.

I know this post is from 4 months ago but it's crazy how few women know this. Cycle tracking is part of how women managed to not constantly have babies for the generations predating condoms and pills! It's all a big scam to push hormones and garbage on us. Ever think about what happens to the estrogen and other crap that passes through your body from those pills? What other effects they have on your body by stopping it's natural processes?

I've been having sex without contraception when I'm not ovulating for over a year regularly and have not gotten pregnant. Women don't need pills, plastic rings up our privates, or fucking implants to not get pregnant. Literally just keep track of your body.

No. 1445477

File: 1671032797559.png (29.52 KB, 965x227, snakes.PNG)

Based female snakes have clitorises.
>This study is the first complete description of the clitoris (hemiclitores) in female snakes. We describe morphological variation in size and shape (n = 9 species, 4 families) that is potentially comparable to the male intromittent organs in squamate reptiles (hemipenes).
>Histology of the hemiclitores in Australian death adders (Acanthophis antarcticus) showed erectile tissue and strands/bundles of nerves, but no spines (as is found in male hemipenes). These histological features suggest the snake hemiclitores have functional significance in mating and definitively show that the hemiclitores are not underdeveloped hemipenes or scent glands, which have been erroneously indicated in other studies.

No. 1445515

The general population is unable to do this. Either they are too stupid to follow the simple rules or they're too stupid to count. That's why it only has a failure rate of 2% when used properly, but the failure rate is considered to be 24% when used by the general population.
But yeah, if you're smart enough and have enough self control, it's fantastic and I highly recommend it. I've used a combination of standard days rhythm method and pulling out for two boyfriend and ten years and have had zero pregnancies. Not putting artificial hormones in your body for male pleasure is the best.

No. 1445557

Not everybody has a regular cycle due to stress or illness

No. 1445559

Hmmm. Is my whole family just freaks of nature or do a lot of women ovulate irregularly and this wouldn't work at all for them lol. I menstruate roughly every two months and that is very prone to change with stressful life situations (even simple things like moving or work stress, etc). My mom was the same way and she had seven kids, 4 sisters have similar cycles and 3-5 kids each as well so we're definitely fertile. I have PCOS, they don't care and have never checked but they probably do too.

No. 1445562

A lot of young couples also don’t realize that you shouldn’t have multiple rounds of sex in the same 12 hour period. Sperm can live up to 48 hours after a man cums in his urinary tract. If you have two rounds with leftover sperm in the urinary tract you can get pregnant, that’s where most “precum” babies actually come from.
If your boyfriend touches himself in the morning. No sex that night.

No. 1445588

>I've been having sex without contraception
What the actual fuck.

No. 1445600

You could be infertile.

No. 1445601

NTA but I've had an abnormal period for the first 8 years of my sex life and even still I've been able track when I'll have my period. It may seem abnormal, but there's still a cycle. I used to have a 55 day cycle, but as of recently it's about 33 days. There's a couple period trackers out there that can help keep track of it all, including predicting the next one based on when you report the first and last day of your period.

Are men also too retarded to not cum inside their partner?
Any time I tell someone I'm not on birth control, they're in shock, and go "You better be ready for that baby", I've heard this warning for years. I'm smart enough not to let that happen, kek.

No. 1445617

The average use failure rate seems to be 25 percent but I've seen anywhere between 2 and 9 percent be the yearly failure rate with perfect use.

No. 1445625

I don't get why people even take that chance. Unless you're orgasming hundreds of times the miniscule amount of pleasure is not worth the risk of getting pregnant.

No. 1445631

Nope. I donated eggs and have a couple of children. Nice seethe though.

Period trackers sell your information, so if you live in state/country where abortion is illegal, don't use them as they can be used against you in court. I use a paper calendar.

I've never seen any reputable source that said 9% with proper use, but like I said, this method is not for stupid people.

No. 1445636

Happy for you and do whatever you want (and it's genuinely really interesting and nice this has worked for you for so long!) but your sense of superiority about this is seriously off putting, hope you're not like this is real life. I don't believe in karma but you're inviting a lot of it to come for you.

No. 1445639

No, I'm merely this insufferable online, I'm actually really nice in real life. And either karma isn't real because of the horrible things that constantly happen to good people, or else I am the karma for other people.

No. 1445641

>your sense of superiority about this is seriously off putting
Nta but this lol. Any time this subject comes up theres always that anon (or an anon?) who bangs on about how stupid other people are. Every single time kek

No. 1445645

That anon didn't even seem like they were seething. Some of you read to far into things and it's weird to get defensive over contraceptive methods.

No. 1445660

I no longer believe in false humility, I'm pretty great and I love myself. I have taken this thread off course though, so even though I'm saging, I'll offer these fun facts in return:

Pig orgasms can last up to fifteen minutes and the males have a corkscrew penis.

Cyclopia is when there is a faulty division of the symmetry of the face and so children are born with one eye in the middle of their face. They also have a weird little trunk thing above their eye. By the way, it's usually caused by The Sonic Hedgehog gene regulator.

During a dog's heat, while there is usually blood discharge, this is not what we know as a period. The hormonal changes in the dog's body are so strong and sudden, that it causes the capillaries in the vagina to burst, leading to the blood we see.

No. 1445672

It's my biggest secret that I've been having sex for the past 12 years with only occasional condom use and no hormonal birth control. I know most women would judge me for this but I have a set of circumstances that works for me. My period is very regular so I know my cycle well, my boyfriend has a low libido so he doesn't masturbate which means sperm won't be present in his precum and he is done after one round (much to my dismay sometimes kek), and he always pulls out after I orgasm because we both don't want kids. I imagine it would be much different if he had a high drive. This method is definitely not for everyone and you have to really have faith your scrote is trustworthy.

No. 1445673

I didn't say they were seething. Just that it always turns into 'people are so dumb'

No. 1445677

>Nice seethe though

No. 1445705

No one’s saying you’re stupid you’re just projecting. Unprotected sex is very common among most long term couples so it’s not like it’s a rare thing to do for women. But it is too risky to partake in unless you’re sure you wanna marry your Nigel and have kids with him someday (and if he feels the same about you), cause accidents happen. And moids will be moids.

No. 1445708

Less pointing it out for you and more for anyone scrolling anon. Yes. People are uneducated and don’t know sperm can live in the urinary male tract for hours after original orgasm. It’s supposed to be one of the most common ways women get pregnant without a condom when they are trying to avoid it. A lot of young women near me aren’t aware because our sex education only allows talk of abstinence

No. 1445736

Why are you answering for me anon? Lmao did you read the wrong reply?

No. 1445738

I’m exactly the same and I don’t have PCOS. Some gynecologist said years ago it’s bc my other ovary is twisted or something? Idk

No. 1445742

>twisted ovary
That sounds painful, I actually winced reading this kek

No. 1445744

Kek I know it sounds like it would be but I have not felt anything ever. Idk if what the gynecologist said is even true

No. 1445793

I understand not wanting to use pills, but fucking hell– make the sure wear a condom.

No. 1446791

Hey you're not me. I wrote that post.

No. 1446793

NTA but I don't use a condom with my rhythm method because condoms dry me out and I'm allergic to most lubes. Besides, a condom would defeat the point of the rhythm method unless I lived somewhere without abortions and had to be ultra mega careful. With a condom you can have sex any time of the month and he can come inside you.

No. 1449550

Big cats also knead/make biscuits like house cats!

No. 1449552

They also like catnip. Hyenas are closer to cats than dogs, so they like catnip too.

No. 1449554

If this fails and you do get pregnant, abortions are painful, traumatizing and can have permanent side-effects on your body. Yes even the chemical ones.

No. 1449560

Why don't you get one of those iud birth controls for extra security? Abortions are as traumatizing if not more traumatizing than birth so it shouldn't be an easy option for you.

No. 1449564

>unhealthy enough to have very weird periods for years
>dumb enough to not go to a doc or use proper birth control
>donates eggs to have kids
I feel bad for the couples that allegedly used your eggs though I doubt it because most egg donors have to have some sort of education and such for couples to pick them and you sound borderline retarded.

No. 1449568

The thing that gets me is
>don't use hormonal bc because it could potentially be harmful and disturbs the natural cycle
>goes and donates eggs, a procedure that involves a huge dose of external hormones, and can lead to serious complications
It's either a larp or she's very retarded

No. 1449571

I totally forgot about that part, anon.
You're definitely right and I actually doubt she'd be able to donate an egg if she has that big of an issue with her periods.
Even if she could, why would she take such huge amount of hormones just to give eggs to random couples but refuse to use hormonal birth control to make sure she won't need an abortion? She probably is infertile and made that part up.

No. 1449578

Not her or any of the anons but the only way I could put this together is via the cash you get from egg donation. If she gets money from egg donation it's likely worth the risk in her eyes but birth control you don't get anything out of

No. 1449579

Are you the anon in the mom thread calling everyone stupid ? Kek sperm lives in the body for several days, and you can ovulate earlier or later than expected. When I got pregnant and I did the math I have had to ovulate literally a single day after my period ended and I've had sex on my period, how was I supposed to predict that? Is it because I'm too stupid to not look into my ovary crystal ball?

No. 1449582

>It's either a larp or she's very retarded
I think it's a larp, they use the exact same typing style and insults, same exact paranoia about how everything "sells their information", and then just calls women "too stupid" for everything kek. They seethed about SIDS in the baby thread when women were praising the owlet because it "sold their information", then a preemie mother said she liked it because it helps ease anxiety about SIDS and keeps track of heart rate + oxygen in case of emergencies and doesn't give a fuck about "selling information" then she proceeded to call women who have had babies with SIDS too stupid to follow safe sleeping and when someone else pointed out that SIDS have happened out of people's control she acted dumb as if she doesn't understand how monitoring heart rate and oxygen and knowing how to react during an emergency can help save a babies life.

They said a few other dumb shit but id suggest going to the thread since they frequent there

No. 1449598

I wonder if it's a weird tranny or a momhater. Seems like she keeps insulting women and mothers specifically and has a fixation on babies, birth control etc.

No. 1449635

If I'm thinking of the same anon, they also called women stupid if their babies have jaundice. I hate crying scrote but I'm afraid you're probably right. It seems like they're trying to mask hatred towards women by pretending to be a crunchy/conspiracy theorist type mom by calling everything to help women "used to sell information so don't use it" while using lolcow (???), the selling eggs part gave it away and saying "you wish" when an anon suggested she might be infertile was such a weird response, usually only moids pride themselves in what "woman is more fertile", women generally don't get that butthurt over being infertile and some women who are done having children or don't want children even pride themselves on being infertile

No. 1450744

Hate the fear mongering about birth control + abortion in this thread.

No. 1453271

What do you mean anon?

No. 1458623

People eat guinea pigs

No. 1458661

File: 1672438775505.jpg (18.7 KB, 640x480, A4UB_1304926482832724469j2qlFK…)

TIL wire cords are sometimes gendered and that possibly implies, despite it's obvious objectification, there are gay bottom cords and you won't even know it

No. 1458801

you know women came up with these terms right?

No. 1458803

how long until people start calling usb cords transphobic

No. 1458807

theyre delicious

No. 1458825

A few days ago I learned that Lexus was a Japanese brand and not a European brand as I originally thought.

No. 1458917

File: 1672459034609.jpg (133.34 KB, 1600x1156, repair-damaged-telephone-wire-…)

do you realize that you're a cord? go back to your designated outlet you slutface

No. 1458935

No. 1460167

File: 1672596078462.jpg (2.35 MB, 5404x2560, raos.jpg)

It seems like everyone knew this but me, but I just realized the Rao's sauce is from this restaurant.

No. 1460175

Their Alfredo sucks. In fact id like to announce RAO'S ALFREDO SAUCE SUCKS ASS (hoping this post catches onto Google and their marketing team finds it)

No. 1460177

All jar alfredo sucks anon. I've had frozen alfredo that was good but that's about it.

No. 1460483

is there even any good jar sauce for pasta? i thought of giving some vegan bolognese sauce a try.

No. 1460485

No. Better to make pasta sauce from scratch, believe me.

No. 1460487

Ayrt, idk usually sauces are better homemade obviously but I find that tomato/marinara/red sauce is one of those things where it's never really bad out of a jar. Unless it has mushrooms in it.

No. 1460662

You can find em in the frozen sections of some Mexican markets, I got a pic on my phone of them

No. 1506678

File: 1677104657399.jpg (453.87 KB, 600x762, fried-pickles-tablefortwoblog-…)

that fried pickles are a thing. what the heck??? i love pickles, and i love fried food! i'm going to need to make this, tomorrow!

No. 1506679

nonny you cannot just post this while im having period cravings. Ugh

No. 1506692

My Nigel hates pickles but I asked for air fried pickles so he’s going to get the stuff to make them. Thank you nonna I forgot about these

No. 1506696

This burger joint closed down near me, but they made the best fried pickles. I'm so sad! They are delicious.

No. 1506697

File: 1677106833546.jpeg (557.94 KB, 3000x3000, 91afecaf-94fe-4426-bd74-4fdc3b…)

Bought a pack of these bitches two days ago, craving one right now

No. 1506703

I will legit demolish a box of these.

No. 1506704

Today I learned that I want toaster strudels

No. 1506705

My bad y'all, I thought this was the cravings thread and just realized it's not kek

No. 1506710

It's okay nonny, this thread needed reviving anyway

No. 1519123

I was today years old when I learned about the tapeworms coming out of bears, fuck that nature not even posting a pic or video of that shit, i never want to see it again

No. 1519818

oh my god I've never heard of this… it's because they eat all that raw fish? ugh it looks terrible.

No. 1537959

File: 1680289895334.jpg (72.67 KB, 1024x640, po_box.jpg)

Today I learned that the po box won't accept mail and packages that doesn't have matching names or the person's/family's last name under it. Currently I've been dealing with a couple of Ebay packages that kept being returned back for a month now because I used an alias name. It's a pain in the ass to resolve this.

No. 1538038

Reconsidering sushi now 1000x over…

No. 1538065

Where do you live?
I'm in America and I've never had a problem using my PO box for anything I want, including receiving packages for my business that don't have my name on it. The clerk told me that as long as the address is correct, they will deliver it and deal with any lost mail claims if it happens to end up in the wrong place.

No. 1538194

In America, California specifically. My parents names are registered on the po box and my brother is able to receive his mail/packages with no problems at all. He uses his real name. I used an alias for privacy reasons and thought it wouldn't matter as long as it goes to the right address but turns out they will automatically reject and return it since the alias doesn't match or have my family's last name on it. Guess they don't want to deal with lost mail/packages and we've been using a po box for years now. Wished the post office could've at least contact the po box user to let them know about unknown mail/packages and whether to hold on or return it but they don't have that option. Calling them is useless too because of an automated voice keeping you from contacting a real person for customer service.

No. 1538245

File: 1680326165473.png (86.24 KB, 661x573, name.png)

The band name "Joy Division" comes from Nazi camps that had Jewish female sex slaves

No. 1538263

not surprised, it seemed like every english artist from the 70's was trying to piss off their parents by trying to approioate the Nazis

No. 1538266

Ah fuck. I was always under the impression, not sure where I heard I from, that nazis didn't rape jewish women because they were seen as too below them. I remember thinking "at least there's that" but that's too optimistic. I also like the band but hearing the term now makes me feel nauseous.

No. 1538267

Lol I already knew this. It kinda ruined my perception of the whole band. I thought joy division was just a fun innocent creative name that the band members made but nope scrotes have to perverse everything
Reading this makes me sorta feel better.

No. 1538386

>Joy Division
>Fun, innocent
All their songs are suicide soundtracks

No. 1538407

This is a year old post but ever since I learned that there was a planet Vulcan only to find out it never existed. Same with the Big Bang theory being debunked this year. It’s all a bunch of people using word salads. Made me sad

No. 1564309

File: 1682917814068.jpg (142.41 KB, 528x799, Tumblr_l_687670011187422.jpg)

I feel like someone's gonna be like, "nonnie, how did you not know", but I just found out that this pic of Marilyn Monroe and JFK is fake. I've been seeing it for soooo long. It's by Alison Jackson, who makes satirical celebrity edits.

No. 1564312

File: 1682917944565.jpeg (46.18 KB, 1000x745, image-asset.jpeg)

Samefag, Princess Diana flipping the bird

No. 1564325

nonnie, how did you not know

No. 1564411

Girl… The size of his head

No. 1564412

Did you know that male concentration camp inmates were allowed to rape them too? Woman is the nigger of the world, getting the shittier end of the stick no matter what.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1564551

just randomly found out that ticks are arachnids

No. 1565988

Apparently that saying was created by that wifebeater John Lennon.

No. 1566208

File: 1683048285555.png (143.34 KB, 820x855, mushrooms.PNG)

Button, cremini and portobello mushrooms are the same mushroom at different growth stages


No. 1566218

PO Boxes aren’t assigned for life. They’re rented temporarily. (Sure there are situations where a person never moves or never stops paying for the PO Box and they keep it their whole life but that’s their choice.) When you are a clerk at a post office you only want to put the mail for the current people it in the box. There is always a bunch of junk mail or even good mail for previous names that rented that box that come through and it’s part of your job as a clerk to weed them out so your customer doesn’t have a box full of shit that isn’t theirs (usually you try to forward it or return to sender because as far as you know as a mail clerk that name doesn’t get mail at this box). That sort of thing. If a clerk knows that a customer wants to receive mail for a name they will put it in the box, but the PO Box owner (in this case your parents) has to say that they want it. Very easy fix. You don’t need a different box for every name. The clerk probably has a shitty little handwritten label with something like ”smith family only!” written on it on their end to help them remember what name is ok to put in that box. Your parent just need to say “add the name Stacey Sperg to our box please” or whatever the fuck your alias is lol and you’ll get your mail

No. 1566337

This makes me so fucking mad

No. 1578695

Meh. Shiitakes and oyster mushrooms are better anyway

No. 1580745

File: 1684414251298.jpg (115.19 KB, 850x686, Bashkir-Curly-Horse.jpg)

Today I learned curly horses exist, and that they really freak me out.

No. 1580756

They look cute.

No. 1580759

Agreed. Especially the face.

No. 1580761

I’m surprised it’s not matted with mud, horses love to roll around in the dirt

No. 1580766

File: 1684416260874.jpg (82.12 KB, 667x500, x4GrE.jpg)

lol i was surprised when i found out about them too. i'm not a horse girl but my sister is so in my mind all the weird horses get categorized into one bucket, like these ones dubbed "the most beautiful horses in the world". (Golden Akhal Teke?)
idk they just make me think of condensed milk in horse form.

No. 1582765

File: 1684614867993.jpeg (180.8 KB, 1535x1936, 4B425A73-70AA-4B8D-B565-5111E3…)

No. 1583131

shut up they still sell these? i dont care if i'm replying to a 2mo old post i didn't know they made these still AHHHHHHHH

No. 1583417

No. 1587761

Today I learned cats are better then ppl by far

No. 1587765

Learned a friend of mine is involved with serious human trafficking…. guess I'll be buying my meth elsewhere… I'm too sexy for that shit

No. 1587766

File: 1685084328703.jpg (1.37 MB, 4032x3024, 20230526_024409.jpg)

Lick my sweet pussy

No. 1587768

all these horse posts made me find out horses can have blue eyes and that the pupil is horizontal. never looked at their eyes closely so i assumed it was circular…

No. 1587775

Come on anon, you did not learn today that black cats actually exist.

No. 1587785

File: 1685085784685.jpg (56.56 KB, 678x444, impeccable.jpg)

today I learned that Bobby Farrell, the front man for the musical group 'Boney M', known for the timeless banger 'Rasputin', died on the same day, and in the same city as Rasputin himself. December 30th, St Petersburg Russia.

No. 1587796

LOL of course not anon!! I've had black cats all my life. . Just wanted to share a pic of Elvis, my baby as I'm new here and say something cheeky. Hru?

No. 1587798

Wow! He died the same way , the same day… Jesus that's creepy

No. 1587800

File: 1685086942708.jpg (1.42 MB, 4032x3024, 168508700667268898631216731388…)

No. 1587804


Hru my friend? What's new?

No. 1587805

Methanon is on a roll today

No. 1587807

just seen this at front page but wtf that cat looks exactly like my mom’s cat, honestly thought i accidentally uploaded a pic kek

No. 1587832

Nope that's my boy Elvis…

No. 1587834

Yes methanon is on a roll…
You guys like my pussy?

No. 1587835

John Carter had the potential to be a bigger film than it was but Disney nixxed the initial ad campaign and went for a shitty one that nobody fucking paid attention to so everybody slept on it. It's a huge shame and blunder since it's a wonderful story

No. 1587840

I agree , I heard nothing about it but loved the movie…. I actually watched it on Disney Sunday night

No. 1587976

File: 1685102528487.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1955x3406, IMG_9056.jpeg)

TIL that chordates can possess spiracles too. I was looking at a resting nurse shark at an aquarium and asked if this species used ram ventilation like other sharks, and was told that all sharks possess ram ventilation, however, they are able to rest due to them possessing spiracles along the body that can directly take in oxygen while they rest or feed. Very interesting. Pic related; the spiracles are just visible as tiny light spots along the shark's body.

No. 1588027

File: 1685107710866.jpg (94 KB, 800x1200, 324860_2200-800x1200.jpg)

Marshmallow root
>Althaea is a genus of herbaceous perennial plants native to Europe, North Africa and western Asia. It includes Althaea officinalis, also known as the marshmallow plant, whence the fluffy confection got its name

No. 1588370

File: 1685129887352.png (26.01 KB, 638x324, poll.png)

In a 1943 US poll 78% supported drafting single women for non-fighting jobs instead of married men

No. 1590379

File: 1685301523057.jpg (440.29 KB, 1908x1146, 44B5704700000578-0-image-a-11_…)

There are octopus cities called Octopolis and Octolantis. Sorry for the incoming long post, I find this interesting.

>Octopolis and Octlantis are two separate non-human underwater settlements built by the gloomy octopuses in Jervis Bay, east Australia. The first settlement, named Octopolis by biologists, was found in 2009. The individual structures in Octopolis consist of burrows around a piece of scrap metal. In 2016, a second settlement was found, named Octlantis, observed over eight days to have ten to fifteen octopuses.[2] Instead of burrows, Octlantis has dens and is built with seashells.

>Marine biologists once thought they inhabited the subtropical waters off eastern Australia and northern New Zealand in solitude, meeting only to mate, once a year. But now there’s proof these cephalopods sometimes hang out in small cities. 15 gloomy octopuses congregating, communicating, dwelling together, and even evicting each other from dens at a site the scientists named “Octlantis.

>The discovery was a surprise, Scheel told Quartz. “These behaviors are the product of natural selection, and may be remarkably similar to vertebrate complex social behavior. This suggests that when the right conditions occur, evolution may produce very similar outcomes in diverse groups of organisms.”

At least one other gloomy octopus site was found recently, though; it was discovered in 2009, not far away in Jervis Bay, and named Octopolis. At that time it was considered a total anomaly. Researchers believed that the cephalopods gathered there because an unidentifiable human object happened to have formed a central point that the cephalopods surrounded with dens. The unknown artifact was a single object about 30 cm long, heavily encrusted, possibly made of metal. The site has been observed for seven years now, and at any given time, there are somewhere between two and 16 octopuses there. In Octlantis, however, there is no similarly mystifying human object to explain the gloomy octopus congregation.

>The likely explanation, said Stephanie Chancellor, is that in both Octopolis and Octlantis there were several seafloor rock outcroppings dotting otherwise flat and featureless areas. “In addition to the rock outcroppings, octopuses who had been inhabiting the area had built up piles of shells left over from creatures they ate, most notably clams and scallops. These shell piles, or middens, were further sculpted to create dens, making these octopuses true environmental engineers,” she said.

>Like any urban environment, Otocopolis and Octlantis can be tough places to live. Citizens must be scrappy. The company and food are abundant but all the activity in the cities also attracts predators, including sharks. There's also a lot of aggression apparently, although the researchers can’t yet explain why. Gloomy octopus males seem to spend a great deal of time chasing each other out of dens. Scheel is hesitant to speculate about what exactly this behavior means. “We are still studying this,” he said.



No. 1590382

File: 1685301754938.jpg (72.9 KB, 800x400, Untitled-design-2020-06-05T095…)

Samefag, this is a gloomy octopus. Apparently they're called that because their eyes look sad or something.

No. 1590521

File: 1685308971697.jpg (58.14 KB, 762x720, lbwuonmxmc441.jpg)

maybe they're gloomy about ocean acidification

No. 1590558

Sneakily worded poll.

No. 1591593

Holy shit. Octopuses are so cool.

No. 1591725

File: 1685420059492.jpg (44.42 KB, 570x456, il_570xN.4311806606_jdez.jpg)

I learned why James Gurney and Kaida Yuji are as obscure with their work as they are:
Michelangelo had it EASY with the Sissy chapel compared to the commitment you have to go through to copy their techniques.

No. 1595227

Today I learned you're not supposed to be pushing out when you pee.
I'm so confused by it, though. I feel like I need to push just a little, because if I'm only relaxing, I'm gonna end up accidentally pissing myself when I'm sleeping or something. I can feel reteaching myself to pee by relaxing my muscles this is what's gonna happen.

No. 1595237

I think however you pee is okay. getting it all out is the most important part. as you age it's incredibly bad to not empty your bladder all the way, it leads to all sorts of health problems. keep those pushing muscles strong.

No. 1595252

File: 1685729336512.jpg (605.38 KB, 2000x2096, Marie_Callender's.jpg)

Marie Callenders is a fucking restaurant

No. 1595254

So is Bob Evans i learned recently

No. 1595255

I've actually been teaching myself to not push when I pee because bearing down can make the muscles weaker lol. I usually push out of habit to get it over with quicker.

No. 1595257

Wait i feel like a retard, how am i supposed to pee without pushing? Do i just wait till i really need to pee because that just seem bad for my bladder

No. 1595262

nonny where do you think so many brands came from?? Hidden Valley Ranch was actually made on a ranch… there's countless examples of this

No. 1595269

I’m wondering this too I’ve heard this advice as a postpartum woman but idek what that means and I can’t figure it out?? I’ve always pushed when I pee I don’t know how not to push ugh

No. 1595278

I hate when you share something new and people want to act like they knew the whole time and you're just the ignorant one. Who the fuck knows the history of a frozen food brand.

No. 1595287

It’s a bit difficult, at this point I just pee unconsciously, I only push when I’m trying to get over it quickly, then again, I pee almost every 20 minutes because I drink an absurd amount of water daily, which makes me need to pee desperately, so I don’t need to push.

No. 1595297

Today I learned there are different shades of black and you can't just wear any black together. Actually this was not today but a long time ago but I still keep doing it because I can't notice until I've already bought the item and put them on that it doesn't match.

No. 1595299

My response is always "Oh wow I didn't know you were born just knowing everything right out the womb. Amazing."

No. 1595314

>Hidden Valley Ranch was actually made on a ranch…

No. 1595524

Google it? It's not like it's secret knowledge.

No. 1596140

There is no proof dont buy the lying Big Rancha coverup. that shit was made in a lab

No. 1596479

In the past in the US and UK (and maybe elsewhere) it was very common for people to remove all of their teeth by 21 and wear dentures, due to the state of dental care at the time. Which sort of scares me.

No. 1596487

It should be able to just flow out. Sometimes if it's not that much I have to wait a moment for the pee urge feeling to build up for it to come out by itself. Sometimes I gotta push to start it and then relax once I'm peeing.

No. 1603945

What I thought were owls my whole damn life, were just fucking doves… As a kid I just accepted this strange circumstance, and then after visiting again some time ago, I thought, wow it sure is weird owls live in this heavily populated area with building and such, but life is weird sometimes. Tonight, I was checking the sounds on my nature sounds app and clicked on turtledoves and to my fucking surprise… Well, it makes so much more sense, but I feel retarded now. I wish I died thinking they were owls. At least I'm not alone, a bunch of other people have been fooled by these impersonators.

No. 1603979

aw kek. It's common. I live rurally and the wood pigeons are loud. Visitors always think it's an owl.

No. 1604128

i thought the same thing until recently kek

No. 1617384

File: 1687725139739.jpg (103.15 KB, 736x919, 89bf5fa7e53f163cb5c859d9a3eb42…)

The 'inu' in Shiba Inu means dog. They named the dogs dog.

No. 1617438

Didn't learn this today, but receipts have hella BPA and BPS in them, and cashiers have higher levels of those chemicals in their body.

No. 1617458

i learned like last month that sparkling water has pfas in it

No. 1617460

Doesn’t everything at this point? You can pry my Topo Chicos from my cold dead hands.

Part of why I wore vinyl gloves as a cashier. It was shocking that nobody else would wear gloves to protect themselves from receipt paper and all the other nasty shit we handled. always ask for receipt in the bag and just try not to handle them much as a consumer.

No. 1617540

File: 1687735651503.jpeg (157 KB, 1179x1680, IMG_9615.jpeg)

No. 1617565

No? Shiba is a place in Japan, so it's called "Dog from Shiba/Shiba Dog" technically, so it makes sense. No one is saying "Oh it's a Shiba Inu inu " in Japanese

No. 1617571

Thank you for being autistic enough to type out the reply I'm sure several of us made in our minds when we first read that

No. 1617586

I just learned that 'inu' is the word for dog in Japanese and thought it was cute that "dog" is in the name of the breed. Your reply just confused me, I'm not sure what you're correcting me on.

No. 1617788

File: 1687762010646.jpeg (74.67 KB, 828x610, flatten.jpeg)

White castle has hamburger pizza rolls

No. 1618078

Disgusting, bad, putrid, so bad we threw the bag out

No. 1618123

What was wrong with them?

No. 1625060

Vivienne westwood's husband had a 25 year age gap with her

No. 1626516

File: 1688680255176.jpg (99.81 KB, 736x736, 03d7c6f7ce903e6ccd070dfc8fd97d…)

Grumpy cat is fucking dead

No. 1626564

I was sad when she passed away. I got to meet her at a book faire in 2014.

No. 1632158

File: 1689199183137.png (53.11 KB, 858x201, serotonin.png)

Phytoestrogens (yes, the ones found in soy and other legumes) are actually quite good for you. They promote weight loss, reduce chances of breast/endometrial cancers. They bind to estrogen receptors and actually reduce your estrogen levels (contrary to popular belief) by inhibiting aromatase (inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogens).

No. 1632574

File: 1689246172389.jpeg (222.49 KB, 1954x1466, CB121FBF-FB3E-4CD9-8F91-D629EC…)


No. 1632778

TIL that if you are intermittently peeing straight blood with no pain or burning, it should be assumed to be bladder cancer until proven otherwise. Don't let the doctors put you off assuming it's a UTI, if you peed a bowl full of blood and there was no pain, especially if it had happened more than once, insist with your whole chest that you want a cystoscopy. Because it's so rare in anyone that isn't a middle aged man, they will blow you off for years and you might die.
Also, post menopausal bleeding should always be assumed to be cancer until proven otherwise. After menopause, if you haven't had a period in months to years, and then suddenly start bleeding, go to a doctor immediately and ask for various cancer screenings.

No. 1632838

i thought of you when i saw these at the store the other day. did not buy them because they only came in 50 packs?? which made me sad because i love buying weird shit just to try it, but i didn't want to commit to either eating or throwing away 50 white castle rolls lol. it's in the same vein as the hot cheetos macaroni. which btw was not horrible but not worth buying

No. 1632932

The regular cheeto mac is good though, the cheese powder is so much cheesier and yummy I could eat it by itself.

No. 1636082

Fun fact: in japanese they aren't called shibainu, they're called shibaken because inu (kunyomi) is pronounced ken (onyomi) when it's in a compound word

No. 1638177

File: 1689799304567.jpg (59.39 KB, 1280x1024, wakame paradise.jpg)

Wakame sake is when you drink sake from someone's crotch

No. 1638294

that practice seems cringe as fuck

No. 1638336

And it's called that cause the pubes float like seaweed.

No. 1638536

I want to try these but >>1618078 is discouraging me

No. 1659119

File: 1691609981017.jpg (54.65 KB, 767x575, medium_Composite-Vs-Silver-Ama…)

TIL the reason why it hurts when aluminum is on my teeth it's having a reaction with the metal fillings I have. It's making an electric current, like a battery.

No. 1659131

File: 1691610590994.jpg (18.64 KB, 474x355, autism.jpg)

the first person diagnosed with autism died like a month ago on the 15th of June RIP

No. 1659912

why not get the other kind I thought the metal fillers leech mercury or something ?

No. 1659926

I was a kid when I got them so it's not like I had much choice or even knew what the difference was. I think the white fillings only recently started being commonplace and now they're completely phasing out metal fillings, which is great tbh. I would get them re-done with composite but idk if it's worth the effort. Some people say removing them leeches more metal and is more danger than keeping them, but I've also heard that it's fine as long as the dentist uses a dental dam.

No. 1659960

File: 1691680711260.jpg (80.88 KB, 564x816, c64763ce897ec8c520462d67123763…)

today i learned that i'm gay

No. 1659970

But would you eat pussy though

No. 1659979


No. 1659982

is that not in the criteria?

No. 1659992

She's trying to accuse you of lying because you owe this complete stranger proof of your sexuality before she can welcome you into her clan of elites.

No. 1659998

so much negativity in this world. so nuch hatred

No. 1660006

File: 1691681683669.jpg (21.2 KB, 320x320, cc566abdeeb45868896c0db8acf468…)

I know nonny, I know

No. 1660085

Do you eat pussy? Don't look outward, look inward.

No. 1660386

I'm cheating by two days but TIL the existence of the Paternoster lift.

That shit legit doesn't exist where I come from and I didn't know what a person at work was talking about with my colleague, cuz Paternoster is just for me the short version of the typical Christian prayer, like in English they say to do the "Hail Mary". So I was really confused when hearing some of my colleague's discussion.

Until she told me it was an elevator system that doesn't stop and has cabins that move along the building floor in a clockwork motion thanks to some cogs and stuff. So basically you have to jump into one of the cabins to go up or down while the cabin is moving on the floor you're at.
But you can't stay in the cabin at the very top or bottom floor because this is where they get moved into the opposite direction thanks to the cogs, so you could get crushed by the machinery and stuff if you did it.

In any case, wild fucking stuff.

No. 1660816

welcome to the club anon

No. 1662485

Today I learned that I can't stand to be around people unless I'm tipsy

No. 1665629

File: 1692125092201.jpg (262.51 KB, 1200x1800, Extra Cheesy Korean Buldak Ram…)

TIL the reason why so much Korean food always has either mozzarella or American cheese is because Koreans dislike the pungent flavors of most cheese, so they prefer more mild flavors. The sweetness of American cheese also probably helps because their food is so spicy. I've actually heard that it's hard to find completely savory foods in Korean, even breads are usually sweet.

No. 1665642

they apparently still have them in germany which is wild. sounds like death traps. then again murder machines are on par the course for the krauts i guess

No. 1665669

kek, i'm german and those elevators scare the shit out of me. i remember when i was a kid my mom took me to an appointment and she was like "ok we have jump at 3… 2…" and i was fucking terrified, i thought i would miss the cabin and then fall down the elevator shaft and die like in a video game. obviously that never happened but yeah. 6 y/o me was scared shitless.

No. 1665672

We need more things like this in burgerland. Get the fuck in, get the fuck out. Everyone here is so slow and fumbles around, we need more dangerous shit that culls the herd

No. 1665677

Nothing even happens if you stay on, you just go up and it switches shafts and you go back down, rightside up. It's not dangerous except I could imagine people breaking the mechanisms or fucking with the gears when they go up and around.

No. 1665759

I mean, I’ve heard American bread is extremely sweet to people from other countries, so that makes sense.

No. 1665928

Idk, I guess I could see how white sandwich bread can taste sweet but it doesn't to me

No. 1667956

Original TIL elevator thing nonna here.
I mean maybe it's depending on where the elevator is built in Germany if before the fall of the wall or not, and on which side of the wall.
I'm in Eastern Germany, there used to be a buncha infrastructure shit here like the highway exits being at a 90 degrees angle (so much so that even with the infrastructure correction it still sucks to drive out of the highway here), so it would not surprise me if you stayed in an elevator from here, that the machinery behind the lift would be dangerous.

No. 1684592

that my torrenting software has a "download in consequential order" button. i have been setting the priority manually this whole damn time. good thing i don't watch a lot of shows…

No. 1686376

File: 1693757226778.jpg (146.34 KB, 1860x1200, grated-block-parmesan1.jpg)

That some cheeses (like Parmesan) are still made with rennin from baby cows and not one made with bacteria, so they are not suitable for vegetarians!!

No. 1686396

just don't consoom animals altogether

No. 1686506

Most old cheeses are made from rennet anon. Did you really think our ancestors understood how bacteria worked or even knew it existed?

No. 1686507


No. 1686585

Those traditional cheeses are still made with traditional methods because they don't taste the same without them or there aren't any facilities to change the production methods around. You can still find parmesan made ethically, just without the name. Feta is for example sold as "white salad cheese".

No. 1687654

File: 1693855014580.jpg (360.1 KB, 1600x1066, 81DXI 1WcLL.jpg)

Date seeds have a buttcrack.

No. 1687668

I thought this was common knowledge. Just like bread that also contains pig fat.

No. 1687867

File: 1693874260453.gif (Spoiler Image, 919.23 KB, 350x237, AMcoZDw.gif)

Barnacles have little things inside that poke out. Whenever I've seen a barnacle in motion, it was always stationary so I have never known this. Some gifs I saw while searching this up made my skin crawl, so I'm spoilering.

No. 1687868

File: 1693874303570.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.62 MB, 480x270, aQuZW3.gif)

Another gif. Freaky.

No. 1687884

File: 1693876459342.gif (Spoiler Image, 27.87 KB, 220x158, spongebob-magic.gif)

No. 1687897

Just learnt heaps about them after you posted these. Thanks, Nonatella!

No. 1693324

File: 1694356730154.png (658.55 KB, 1400x1400, 000128298-5.png)

Coffee creamers don't have any dairy and a majority of the ingredients is water and oil. I'm not the healthiest person, but I'm just gonna start making my own.

No. 1693327

are coffee creamers flavored or sweetened or something? we have creamers in germany (basically "coffee cream") but they're just cream with varying fat percentages and they come in tiny bottles/boxes. i'm always confused when i see these giant creamer bottles.

No. 1693331

File: 1694357485429.jpg (401.2 KB, 1600x898, l-intro-1684431101.jpg)

Yes, they're both flavored and sweetened. I like them for the flavor and cause I usually like a lot of milk in my coffee. We also have tiny pods of creamer. I guess I'm gonna switch over to regular coffee syrups and half and half though.

No. 1693335

I'm not a burger and I never understood what a creamer was, like it's not a cream, it's a creamer. What's it for? So the the coffee isn't as bitter?

No. 1693338

It does the same thing cream does. Like you use it the same way you would use milk (or cream, I guess). Some of them are flavored so it's also for extra flavor.

No. 1698837

Leftover fad diet shit from the 80s/90s when everyone got memed into "eating fat makes you fat" so food companies advertised lowered or fat-free products by replacing the fats with sugars to get away with no fat listed on the nutrition labels…except now we know sugars are what makes people extremely obese. Companies just never bothered to give us real products back because sugars and syrups are infinitely cheaper to produce than the whole foods where fats are derived from.

No. 1711794

today i learned that eye herpes is a thing. final fear unlocked.

No. 1711874

I've had face herpes nearly my entire life because my grandmother gave me kisses at the wrong time. The sores began popping up near my right eye in my 20s. They pop up on my eye lid now. I really hope it stops there, but…

No. 1711878

Is that herpes or hpv

No. 1711881

HPV is genital warts.

No. 1711884

No it isn't. You can get hpv warts anywhere.

No. 1718779

Mosquitos don’t fly very high above the ground so if you have a very high porch or a second floor balcony you’re generally safe from them! That’s crazy

No. 1718784

They can live in ACs and plant pots though, so for apartment complexes they can spread throughout the building.

No. 1718810

Ohhh, that explains why this isn’t common knowledge. Nature finds a way (to suck your blood).

No. 1726780

File: 1697325035915.jpg (66.68 KB, 646x702, d63da128b82c35b95266930825b2ab…)

Not even sure if this is the correct thread but whatever, I just had an ephiphany about troons!

I just realised, that despite claiming to be "so feminine" and "totes women", there are a whole bunch of womanly hobbies that MTF troons never seem to engage in. For example, they never:

-participate in "snark" (dedicated influencer/celeb gossip) subreddits
-watch either reality tv (real housewives, kuwtk, etc), soap operas & telenovelas (days of our lives, coronation street, etc) or teen-girl shows (riverdale, gossip girl, zoey 101, etc)
-self harm by cutting themselves
-use pinterest to make aesthetic moodboards
-play online games like neopets, stardoll, dolldivine/dress up games
-look at thinspo out of aspiration, jealousy, comparison or any reason other than coom
-develop an eating disorder in general, and participate in the ed/recovery communities
-become a munchie and participate in the online "illness community"
-fangirl over boybands/male youtubers (how many mtfs were fans of 1D/JB as teenagers, or are fans of Dream/Corpse Husband/Sykkuno, etc today?)
-participate in fandoms in general (especially "shipping")
-become f*joshis
-participate in astrology, manifestation, or "affirmations"
-create aesthetic study/positivity/work blogs and IG pages
-read young adult (or romance/slice of life) fiction
-draw vent art, have a vent blog, or a diary
-the whole "I <3 fall, pumpkin spice latte" aesthetic thing

to name a few examples.

Not every woman does, or has done, the things listed above, but all of those are done almost entirely, overwhelmingly, by women. I can count on one hand the amount of men I've seen doing any of these, and ironically most of the "men" I see doing those things (at least online) are FTM. I genuinely have never seen a troon, especially an AGP troon, participating in any of these. Holy shit my mind is blown, trans"women" really aren't women, they aren't even girly. I feel enlightened.

No. 1726803

>MTF troons never seem to self harm by cutting themselves
If you randomly glossed over the catalog on /lgbt/ or /r9k/ you'd know this to be false

No. 1726822

>participate in "snark" (dedicated influencer/celeb gossip) subreddits
HSTS ones certainly do, like all gay men.
>watch either reality tv
they watch dragshit reality tv
>develop an eating disorder in general
lots of them have binge eating disorder, but i guess you meant restrictive ones
>become a munchie and participate in the online "illness community"
they do, but they never get posted in r/fakedisordercringe and alike because moid privilege, everyone still recognises them as males so they get coddled and believed too.
>participate in fandoms in general (especially "shipping")
that's so blatantly untrue kek
>participate in astrology, manifestation, or "affirmations"
the "esoteric trans witches/goth girls" certainly do, out of the sexist belief that all women love astrology.
>draw vent art, have a vent blog, or a diary
troonboards and trooncords are their vent blogs

No. 1726828

NTA but shipping fandom is almost entirely female populated and males do not produce shipping content. Any local meetups have strictly all female attendants, even if most of them go by aiden or Noah kek. If you mean males drawing coomified versions of their favorite lolis that’s a whole different thing.

No. 1726844

Nta this is just dishonest, it's obvious all of these are just male counterparts of typically female behaviours, it doesn't count at all, trannies aren't feminine in the way most women and even aidens are even when they partake in the same things

No. 1726909

TIL that proteins from seminal fluids can enter into your bloodstream and alter your brain chemistry in various ways that aren't linked solely to reproduction like changing your mood, levels of affection towards the donor, and overall happiness levels with the main goal of increasing the guys chance of reproducing with you. Now I understand how some women are such pickmes for their shitty ass scrotes kek literally been brainwashed by cum

No. 1726920

Is it related to microchimerism? Please link where you got your findings nonnie I am interested.

No. 1727311

File: 1697376242395.jpeg (52.28 KB, 640x746, 1688622831046.jpeg)

Alright guess I'll stay turbovirgin.

No. 1727630

isnt this a moid myth, used to peddle the whole "this is why women are all used up after sex with too many partners, cum changes them" bs?

No. 1727968

this is a popular scrote 'bro science' that incels made up. stop repeating it so men can bash us and control us even more than they already do. if i shoved a cucumber up my snatch does that make me part salad now? there is ZERO means by which taking a load will change your DNA. otherwise you would be seeing women who fuck other races turn mixed-race. if i fuck enough red-heads will i turn ginger? the dumbest shit, get out of here and go unlearn your ass that kind of propaganda.

No. 1733335

File: 1697906572550.jpeg (575.32 KB, 2116x1200, flannette_garments_fire_tests-…)

TIL it was once shockingly commonplace for a woman to die because her clothing ignited

No. 1733348

you are truly special needs. no fucking shit the act of consensual sex tends to increase affection between the people that engage in it. most sex happens with couples, of fucking course it increases the chances of them having a child. its not about dick proteins, you numpty. better luck in your next life.

No. 1733379

this entire page is interesting. use it to "well, actually" your friends

No. 1733383

That's so horrifying

No. 1733387

This is literally not true.

No. 1733395

Actually, women specifically tend to secrete higher levels of Oxytocin ("bonding" hormone) than men after sex, so the attachment is in fact real but one-sided, men don't feel the same chemical and biological attachment to the women they fuck

No. 1733430

I know! The ballerina stories were so sad too.
>As the deaths increased, Britain’s coroners began raising alarms. Some coroners went so far as to suggest that flannelette should be banned, which is when one of the largest manufacturers, Manchester’s Messrs Whipp Bros & Tod, finally took action.
It got so bad the coroners were like no one should be wearing this fabric!!

No. 1737766

File: 1698177153666.jpeg (55.04 KB, 533x800, IMG_4919.jpeg)

Today I learned there was a volkswagen vehicle called “Thing”. This is adorable

No. 1737789

your right it is kinda cute.

No. 1737793

File: 1698177863099.png (16.67 KB, 671x394, watafjapan.PNG)

no fucking words

No. 1737850

Sorry you learned that today. Last time I looked it up it was fully legal to have cp in Japan, at least it changed a little… the clothed shit is crazy I can’t believe people do that to their kids.

No. 1737866

Whenever I hear retards glorify and sperg about how "perfect" and "better" Japan and the Japanese are, I'm going to remember this.

No. 1737867

Parents do even worse things to their kids, I'm not surprised, and many parents all over the world document what their small kids do online all the time and let pedophiles put weird comments on the pictures and videos because they're the target audience. It's insane.

No. 1737874

every time dumb ass weebs praise japan, I show them shit like this. It's insane. 2014!! Not even 10 years ago.

No. 1738510

Supermarkets throw away perfectly fine food such as packaged bananas, colas, and chips, all of which with an expiration date set to some month in 2024.
Bakery products as well, when no one buys them the day after they're prepared.

No. 1738553

japanese culture is degenerate

No. 1766039

File: 1699717017324.jpeg (49.62 KB, 690x430, 31D169D2-6767-4BE8-A906-32E62C…)

Puffer fish can make some insane nests

No. 1766420

I say this whenever applicable on TikTok and get a ton of hate comments lol. Call me racist idgaf

No. 1781838

today i found out that "pilates" is pronounced like "pih-lah-tees" and does not rhyme with "pirates". oh well.

No. 1781956

Don't stop doing it either because I'm sick of Japan being shilled when it has so many problems.

No. 1782518

So cool

No. 1782534

No. 1783305

That might explain why he screams so good

No. 1785442

Their lead vocalist Ian Curtis killed himself the night before the band's first American tour. Insane.

Then they rebranded into New Order.

No. 1785449

guess i'm screwed

No. 1789963

SHE WASN'T BRITISH THIS WHOLE TIME!?!?!? My world as I know it is dead. Lit rally a tragedy luv

No. 1789969

Pocahontas is American actor Edward Norton’s 12th great grandma

No. 1790457

No. 1790483

I learned not too long ago that barnacles are crustaceans

No. 1790757

Jiafei is a real person

No. 1790887

Neem oil can be used to cure wounds. I have used it on my cat and on myself.

No. 1843887

TIL that the "something borrowed" from the wedding rhyme was meant to be the used underwear of a woman who had had several healthy pregnancies and births. The used underwear was supposed to teach the virgin pussy how to be fertile.

No. 1843894

I hate that I never knew that, but now I do. I always assumed it was something innocent. I hate how sexist weddings are and so focused on women getting pregnant immediately. Superstitious are so retarded.

No. 1843898

I will pretend I never read that and keep on believing that the borrowed thing is whatever someone close to the bride wants to give to her in order to give her strength so she can always keep on living happily no matter the hardships she may find on her way.

No. 1843909

I didn’t know that until now, but it seems like a perfectly fine thing to give new meaning to.

No. 1843910

Traditions change and just because it used to mean that, doesn't mean that it can't mean something different now. Plus, you figure that pregnancy and childbirth were a real threat to a woman's life so she would want any charms she could get to be able to survive it.

No. 1843922

that’s a good point anon

No. 1843957

TIL that our hearts are three orders of magnitude larger than a mouse's heart and three orders of magnitude smaller than a whale's heart.

No. 1843969

LMAO that is so stupid I kinda love it

No. 1844673

File: 1704769538952.jpeg (303.67 KB, 850x850, Landlords_Game_1906_image_cour…)

Today I learned Monopoly was invented by and stolen from a woman

No. 1844675

Moids are some fucken thieves.

No. 1844744

There were also two ways to play, capitalist dystopia or georgian utopia (she subscribed to that, I don’t know much about georgianism) and of course they promoted the capitalist version which is kinda fitting. Lesson of the game was lost, adds some insult to the whole situation.

No. 1845178

That's so interesting, I'll read up on that

No. 1845781

Lots of things about medieval European society, but especially how it seems like they would've been quite inquisitive and hospitable towards strangers. They're often portrayed as super irrational, closed-minded, and paranoid towards anything unfamiliar so it was interesting to hear how they were actually often very interested in socializing with new people and learning about the world.
This video also says that medieval people predate a lot of hateful racial beliefs so they wouldn't be hostile to foreign-looking people just for their ethnicity, they cared more about people's professions and beliefs. And the whole idea of "white people" and "not white people" as categories is more modern and wasn't always a concept people had a strong identification with.
Overall really interesting to me because I always heard about medieval times as "they were unhinged and stupid, the end" and this is the first time I really felt like I had a sense of how it worked as a complex human society, however different it might've been. Like yeah there was messed up stuff but they were still people who would have had similarities to me, not some totally different type of rabid creature.

No. 1847101

You can use EBT on the Wal-Mart website to order food for pickup, and if you go into the Wal-Mart deals manufacturer's coupons you get cash back. If you started now a single person could easily save $30-$50/month and then cash out in November around Black Friday and use it for holiday presents or gas to visit family.

Amazon also accepts EBT and if you get food stamps or government health coverage you can get Prime for $1/month.

No. 1848107

wouldn't that be super obvious, like people had more regional based identities back then but still would have understood the concept of christendom.

No. 1848279

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the people of that time but yeah, racism as we know it didn't yet exist. Class and religion were far more important, while race was more of an interesting fact about yourself. In certain unique situations, race could even open doors for you that would be otherwise closed for people of your status and class. I know there's one unique case where a black man was taken to feudal Japan, and because his skin color was so unique, he gained a high ranking within a nobleman's home, something that would have been otherwise impossible for someone born to such a low class as himself.

No. 1848650

I just learned there's a protein named Sonic hedgehog after the actual character while looking for info on a disorder I had kek.

No. 1848654

Nonna, are you going to drink that? Will it cure you?

No. 1848655

lmao it's not a protein shake, I was so confused by your post for a minute: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_hedgehog_protein

No. 1848694

File: 1705015896726.jpeg (792.09 KB, 943x1945, IMG_7436.jpeg)

>Mothers against decapentaplegic
>Lunatic fringe

No. 1848808

What too much chao garden does to your brain.

No. 1851790

File: 1705161121072.png (92.27 KB, 376x362, scary banan.PNG)

Today i learned peeling bananas is ten times easier if you open them from the ass end instead of from the top. My days of mushing the top of a banana while struggling to claw it open are over!

No. 1852361

File: 1705172138251.jpg (60.91 KB, 1036x154, Screenshot_20230314_022004_Bra…)

No. 1853271

Idk why you call it that but it might interest you to know that monkeys do it this way so they can hold onto the stem easily while eating

No. 1858476

today i learned that if a woman loses a fallopian tube (eg. due to ectopic pregnancy) her remaining tube will wiggle back and forth each month to catch the egg from whichever ovary is dropping one that cycle. so women who lack an ovary and a tube on different sides can still get pregnant.

No. 1858484

File: 1705493220968.png (184.89 KB, 1243x725, screenshot.png)

chainsaws were originally made for childbirth before there were c-sections https://www.pharmacytimes.com/view/fun-fact-unfortunately-chainsaws-were-invented-for-childbirth

No. 1858493

>the chainsaw was superseded by the Gigli twisted wire saw
Jesus Christ I'm happy I live in now times.

No. 1858501

File: 1705494224171.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 800x853, IMG_7307.PNG)

in now times if a little girl gets bored in class she gets prescribed crystal meth and if she chooses Batman over Barbie she gets Testosterone and a masectomy

No. 1858507

File: 1705494672310.png (438.09 KB, 500x700, FYOPnnDXwAA_qF3.png)

Like I now have a reasonable chance I won't become a baby machine at 15 and exist as a tool to cook and make sandwiches. It ain't perfect but it's getting better… slowly.
Also that image. Why do I do this.

No. 1859673

Yeah it's an improvement, at least the mastectomy isn't forced on you (yet, anyway) the way medical "treatments" were over 100 years ago. Not perfect now but I'd rather take my chances now than back then.

No. 1868746

File: 1706319774676.jpg (101.34 KB, 792x1190, tmp_G4wGso_4715c58cd21bbbb3_Ge…)

Morgan Freeman has a paralyzed hand. It's been like that since 2008 and somehow I've never noticed

No. 1882511

File: 1707466839718.jpg (107.35 KB, 736x981, f1f86970544eca82d0ec437c1b0e04…)

Escess protein converts to glucose. There is literally no way to escape sugar.

No. 1882513

adhd meds are very much not crystal meth. you're incredibly ignorant.

No. 1882514

you're right, crystal meth is way more relaxing than adderall(infighting)

No. 1882550

I guess you'd know because you're white trash enough to smoke meth.(infighting)

No. 1882873

Fasting can stimulate growth hormone.

No. 1882900

That's how doctors check if kids have a growth hormone deficiency, they make the kids fast the day before, make them come to the hospital early in the morning, draw a lot of blood to check how much growth hormone they're producing at the moment, and if it's not enough they'll plan these appointments and other tests later before giving a diagnosis.

No. 1883028

Mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods to eat during menstruation

No. 1883031

Any mushroom or specific ones?

No. 1883041

All mushrooms are pretty rich in selenium, copper, and vitamin B but oyster mushrooms, winter mushrooms, and button mushrooms have some of the most per 100g serving

No. 1883042

File: 1707512258250.jpeg (69.36 KB, 1125x660, leafsheep.jpeg)

That these leaf sheep nudibranches do something called kleptoplasty, in which they recycle the chloroplasts in the algae they eat by storing them in their appendages, so they can self photosynthesise

No. 1891330

Yesterday evening I learned that the music composer Peter Tschaikowsky grew up in a multiple language household, he spoke Russian, Ukrainian and French, which is pretty cool.

No. 1896742

File: 1708556291514.png (1.15 MB, 2048x1400, FRTqxhbXIAE3cto.png)

"Mobage" is short for "Mobile Game".
Nothing derogatory like "Mobile Garbage" like i always thought.

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