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File: 1637277766688.jpg (59.4 KB, 500x500, artworks-kQqK4JNp799i4q5z-2ySk…)

No. 971837

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues, ect, are all welcome here.

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No. 971842

File: 1637278284952.jpeg (502.3 KB, 828x803, 83E9657F-B216-4426-AC24-DA6799…)

No. 971853

Literally paying for his place in the world ..scum. I wonder if all his investments into media outlets is to carefully craft his image, or to hide dirt.

No. 971871

Guess I'll post now since I've been thinking about this today (I read some posts earlier about blind items regarding celebs). This made me think of CDAN (crazy days and nights) specifically, I don't frequent the site anymore but remember reading something about Robert Downey Jr. being connected to many leaked blind items there (as in he was the one exposing people). Is there any indication of truth to this? I've always been curious about where the blind items come from but just assumed it's various industry insiders. I know most blinds have to be taken with a grain of salt, but many have come to be true

No. 971992

File: 1637288525921.jpg (20.16 KB, 320x318, 1628191036142.jpg)

i saw white noise and pink noise as a flagged word on that NSA key word list >>971009 and i actually sleep with pink noise every night through my phone and notice sometimes the volume will slightly lower a minute or so if i talk or make any noise while it's on and i always thought it was just my imagination and now im wondering if im not crazy and its something more sinister like my phone lowering the volume so recording is easier as i suspected
maybe i need to get an actual white noise machine and stop relying on my phone

No. 972008

Funny how they've all forgotten that he harassed a woman at work.

No. 972042

man, all i wanted to do was listen to the album white noise by pvris and now the nsa thinks i'm a menace to society

No. 972068

I find this bart pic oddly very charming, nice choice OP

No. 972070

File: 1637302144448.png (96.18 KB, 1435x582, 1637301413662.png)

Looks like the next US war will be in Ethiopia, Tigray specifically


No. 972105

Pvris are a part of the conspiracy also that album fucking sucos

No. 972122

it really did there was only two songs i liked kek

No. 972133

fun way to shake up our tense race relations

No. 972147

File: 1637317009905.jpg (37.29 KB, 640x427, Tigrayans fleeing.jpg)

The situation in Ethiopia is a separatist war with the Tigryans, I'm sure most black Americans would want to support the Ethiopian state even though they are committing most of the war crimes in Tigray

from what I've read the Tigrayans are hated on by many Ethopians and other Africans cause the Tigrayans have a racial superiority complex over other Africans

No. 972573

File: 1637344161465.jpg (66.54 KB, 860x573, bp-bieberbaldwin-collage.jpg)

Probably gonna get dragged for this but did anyone ever watch those "transvestigation" videos on yt about five or six years ago?

Many were simply autists who couldn't comprehend that some women can have masculine features and celebrity men tend to be "prettier". Most would compare dumb things like q-angles, hip width, broad shoulders, “masculine” features we have ourselves or know women who have.

The reason I'm bringing this up is because there was one guy who actually made some pretty interesting points? His theory was that wealthy people and their whole families worship one of the oldest existing religious figures Inanna/Ishtar and some things he brought up actually did seem possible.

He said celebrities, royals and billionaires are gender inverted and worship the ancient Mesopotamian troon goddess Inanna and they're obsessed with "balancing" the masculine/feminine in themselves and their children. They use symbology like the phoenix and that the freemason compass is actually a tool used for castration. Also that the wealthy have always had access to synthetic hormones because they all own horses.

A lot of the channel is still sperging about women's bodies but the way he explained it was really interesting and from what I can tell, the religion part is actually true and exists? It seems a lot of kings and leaders actually did fuck men dressed as women in these weird ceremonies before battle in the name of Inanna. A lot of it was about changing genders too.

I'm butchering it honestly, his yt name was MrE3000 or "transvestigations” and hasn't posted a new video in a few years. Everyone thinks it's retarded but I was pretty convinced by young Barbara Bush, Stephanie of Monaco and how much trooning is being pushed on all societies right now. I think it's probably the surgeries, drag makeup and severe dieting/exercise that hardens a lot of female celebrities though.

I've never seen people get as angry about a conspiracy theory as this one though and it's censored the most often too. I'm sure a lot of that is pandering to trans but it makes me think there's something to it.

No. 972617

File: 1637346416267.jpg (55.23 KB, 576x800, ColumbiaStahrArtwork (1).jpg)


No. 972619

>celebrity men tend to be "prettier"
may I disagree kek

No. 972624

So men become prettier, weaker and meek and women stronger because Inanna inspires them to balance females and males? Sign me the fuck up

No. 972625

It’s weird because I thought the most hated people in Ethiopia were the Oromo, or at least that’s what the people working with my mom told us when we were living there. A cleaning lady even told us that she couldn’t go to work because the Oromo were massacring the neighborhood where she lives and that the screams of everyone were horrifying. Also, there was a time where the Oromo were allowed to enter the capital, Addis Ababa to celebrate an important day to them, and all of the soldiers and people were shook because they were viscerally afraid of the Oromo entering the capital.
It’s kind of weird seeing the Tigray being painted as the aggressive ones, then again, all of the stuff that I was told as a foreigner were basically rumors or news that could’ve been manipulated by the government or other people. So I honestly think that only a group of actual Ethiopians living in Ethiopia could be the real judges of what the hell is going on right now.

No. 972627

I just wish everyone believed in the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Then we'd have wolrd peace.

No. 972633

Jesus is a rock and he rolls my blues away, bop shoe wop, bop shoe wop

No. 972639

File: 1637347354244.gif (967.5 KB, 200x200, Tumblr_l_655624972394013.gif)

No. 972640

The noises I made at this gif were unnatural

No. 972683

Young Dolph was probably sacrificed because he didn’t want to submit to the elites.

No. 972708

File: 1637350263162.jpeg (231.42 KB, 976x1050, EC2538EC-8274-4FFE-B408-9ED25A…)

They worship this tranny demon too, he’s the main reason for the troon agenda.

No. 972735

>the ancient Mesopotamian troon goddess Inanna
I hate this thread sometimes.

No. 972794

tbh the fact that you associate femininity with meekness and weakness makes me want to trebuchet you into the stratosphere. no offense tho, you ugly piss of shit

No. 972806

>A lot of the channel is still sperging about women's bodies but the way he explained it was really interesting and from what I can tell, the religion part is actually true and exists?
No it's not, check your fucking sources and stop believing everything conspitards on internet say. Inanna was the main deity of Mesopotamians, the Queen of Heaven, who is most known for her journey to the Underworld, she wasn't connected to "muh gender" at all. That's more like Cybele and her tranny son cult if anything (google gallus cybele)

No. 972819

can some pinkpilled anon give me a run down on why we should celebrate another violent moid with a gun getting a not guilty charge?

No. 972896

that list looks fake as hell honestly. i refuse to believe the government would spend money investigating everyone who googles the word 'fish'.

No. 972903

That anon is a /pol/-tard so obviously she's dumb.

No. 972983

My tinfoil is that the Kardashians are going after scrawny white guys to drain them of their life force/energy like they did with their previous black partners, except the white guys will be easier to control and be more docile.

I know Kylie Jenner isn’t done with Travis Scott just yet.

No. 972994

File: 1637368442563.jpg (19.65 KB, 245x162, 1540772267331.jpg)

Are machine elves real? These past few days I've only been able to go to sleep feeling safe when I wear my amethyst ring (I'm a pisces subhuman). I want to have lucid dreams but I was looking for a pic to post here before sleeping and I found this one and now I know I'm grabing my ring before going to bed.

No. 973000

see you then

No. 973007

N-nona, please, anything you could say scares me. There's a leaky water pipe next to my room and the sound of the waterdrops falling sounds like someone is whispering.

No. 973010

>Are machine elves real?
What is that? Should I even google it?

No. 973015


Idk any guy black or white is docile for getting with these ran through attention whores.

But why do people still give a shit why they do at all? They're useless asf.

No. 973018


Black Americans don't give a shit about Africa or African politics.

No. 973025

I can't help but think there's a bigger agenda to this whole covid thing simply because of how long they've dragged this on with the mask mandates, even in places where a big percentage of people are vaccinated + death rates are low. Austria recently announced another lockdown. We already know this virus has a high survival rate especially among young people yet theyre now trying to push vaccines on children??

Also what do you guys think of the new metaverse? Is the future going to look like a real life Black Mirror episode?

No. 973031

Literally no one gives a shit about countries they have no connection to water is wet.

No. 973034

what the fuck is wrong with farmers these days? this makes me wanna alog. of course he was going to be acquitted. the defence were literally laughing as the judge's fucking phone signal started playing god bless the usa in the middle of the trial. and why are these anons even posting in the tinfoil thread? the only real tinfoil in this situation would be that the trial was rigged to his advantage from the start, which is also not even a tinfoil because it's true. sorry for this angry sperg.

No. 973036

I'm putting in time to try to explain this so please read it anon

Even with high percentages of vaccinated people the virus can continue because some people may still get it after vaccination. The vaccine makes it much easier on their bodies and increases their ability to fight it, but they can still catch and pass it on, which is why people still need to wear masks. As the virus passes on it develops new strains which are resistant to the previous vaccines, which is why we need to update our vaccines regularly. People travelling from one country can bring an unfamiliar strain to another. Also, not all people can receive the vaccine or opt out and so those people will continue to be at risk, we should collectively protect them by wearing masks.

Covid is not eradicated, many countries did not commit enough to lockdown measures to control it, and now the world is globally fed up with lockdown and how much it cost so instead countries are just accepting it as the new normal like the flu. Some countries will continue to have lockdowns when infections rise whilst other countries will just let it rip through their population. There is no global shared strategy, which is a large part of the problem.

Kids received the vaccine less because they needed it less, but now we have the vaccine it makes sense to vaccinate them just in case. It's an extra layer of protection to stop them getting it or circulating it.

No. 973039

KEK the vaccine lover strikes again. bill gates would only fuck you if he saw this post, but he wont

No. 973041

Kupyle Rittenhouse controversy is to distract us from the Ghislaine Maxwell Epstein stuff

No. 973043

I don't know what anon you're talking about but that's not me and my post had nothing to do with Bill Gates
It might surprise you but not every post you disagree with is by the same user

No. 973063

He disposed of two criminals and seriously injured another. One of them was a convicted pedophile.


No. 973070

What the fuck are machine elves?

No. 973074

File: 1637376086259.jpeg (961.43 KB, 1920x1080, 41ACD5CF-7D5A-4431-A891-874A5F…)

Looks like they’re trippy characters made of drugs, this one is hot, 10/10 would let it fuck me.

No. 973079

how would it fuck you it looks broken

No. 973082

>He disposed of two criminals and seriously injured another
so? he should be imprisoned because he's a fucking remorseless murderer and a danger to society. literally a criminal himself.
>One of them was a convicted pedophile
of which he was completely unaware
but by all means, continue to suck on his scrotum you pathetic pickme

No. 973084

I'm sorry anon, but you need to lay off the liberal cool aid. You are calling anon a pickme whilst vehemently defending trash bags. Those two men rushed up against him. One of them was even trying to set a building on fire before he was stopped. Kyle is innocent. The lives of those two degenerates aren't worth fighting for. Let it go.

No. 973086

well said nonny!

No. 973090

>literally a criminal himself
Too bad he is literally not

No. 973095

>One of them was a convicted pedophile
kek as if your precious fat boy knew the guy was a pedophile and set out on secret special mission to dispose of that one single pedophile, fatty went there with the intent to shoot people plain and simple.

No. 973101

You already said that tard

No. 973120

>it makes sense to inject children just in case
this is such a scary attitude for people to have. children are at little to no risk of covid complications and no one knows the long term effects of these vaccines on their growing bodies (let alone ours). children also have little to no control over their health, whereas adults do. I had covid a few months ago and only had a fever and a headache for a couple of days. I'm also not vaccinated. my vaccinated coworker had covid a few weeks ago and had trouble breathing and was out of commission for almost two weeks. we have dramatically different diets and lifestyles, which clearly impacted how protected we were from covid complications. there is absolutely no sound reason to be putting children at risk when we adults could just take better care of ourselves and our children rather than relying on big pharma to tell us what's wrong and give us their shit to try to remedy it

No. 973129

thank you for replying to this anon i was too tired to even begin to say something valuable because i feel like we have gone through this so many damn times that i often think people are trolling at this point.

I agree with what you have said, though personally I havent had COVID yet (as far as I know) and I am unvaccinated too. Everyones lives have been negatively impacted due to this stupid shit virus including kids and I cannot imagine what it is like for them especially because kids grow up with social media nowadays. Stop the "mask yourself and vaccinate yourself to protect others" talk, it doesnt work that way and I am sure if everyone just lived normally while taking precautions like any other illness things would be less fucked up in terms of people's mental health, emotional health, and the state of the economy. I am so sick and tired of doctors and shitty politicians babysitting us all.

No. 973132

Unironically boomer polis and billionaires realised they are mortal and are trying to vax everyone not for the people, but to stop others from spreading it to them because they will actually die since they live shit lifestyles (drugs and decadent food thanks to money and being rich). They just have the money/power/influence to pull it off by pushing news propaganda to force the concept, and government influence to achieve it.

No. 973134

not that anon tard

No. 973139

This is the worst take ever
By that logic, billionaires would invest in sexual health clinics, good sewage systems and other clinics so that the general public aren't riddled with everything bad

No. 973142

Yeah no, they are going after what's popular and what's trendy, a decade age faggot rappers were popular and so they fucked them and now pop-punk is now their fucking white guys

No. 973144

I dont think thats the case only because I think they could care less about us all. I honestly believe the "vaccines" politicians have done on camera to encourage the public are prob fake… filled with something other than whatever the shot has. I think they love the power and its another reason for us to become dependent on them and force us online so we can be digitally monitored and eventually build up to a global government/economy etc.

No. 973153

you're welcome! my 4 year old stepson came home today telling us that he had fruit loops for lunch so I've just been in an especially mama bear mood today. covid precautions have BEEN negatively impacting children, but the vaccines now being available for kids 5+ and being so embraced by some people has just been the final straw for me. my younger siblings went through all the virtual schooling last year and when I finally saw them in a social family setting they were both so visibly anxious that it broke my heart. they've gotten better since then but the damage was still done. I can't imagine what it's been like for kids in their more formative years

No. 973159

THANK YOU these guys are really defending a Scrote with an illegal firearm traveling 20 miles to maintain “law and order” in a city he’s not from and went on and murdered 2 people, got off and is now getting documentaries, sponsorships and lauded as a hero. That’s not fucked to you guys? You don’t think this is going to set a precedent to have more scrotes brandishing weapons and shooting anyone they deem makes them “fear for their life” America is a hell hole. I hate anyone that defended that ugly mousy looking pudgy ass pillsberry doughbough ass freak!! White men irk me and I’m tired of everyone letting them get away with shit

No. 973162

My conspiracy is this whole case was staged In order to kick start martial law and ban protesting

No. 973172

Except hey only care about taking care of themselves. Rich people have "sexual health clinics, good sewage systems and other clinics" and poor people don't. Avoiding poorer people can mitigate catching anything other disease based shit. The virus affects air, so it's a lot harder to avoid through good practice, so they mandate it so it's spread less in the air.

No. 973177

He didn’t have intent to shoot people, he had the weapon just in case (rioters get crazy) and then got attacked so he shot the guys while he was defenseless on the ground. Only 8 of his bullets were fired I really don’t know why people are calling him a mass shooter when he wasn’t at all. And yeah it’s crazy that so many people have guns but that’s a separate issue. If you live in a place that has constant protests and incidents like this it’s really not surprising. There are people committing robbery and assaults and getting released the same day, this one defense case isn’t worth all the outrage in the bigger picture.

No. 973201

>in a city he’s not from
He worked there and his dad lives in Kenosha.

No. 973204

Also samefagging from >>973201 but I gotta point out
Thank you for answering this, was banned for a short while and couldn't rebuttal. I agree with you. However, the bigger picture is something I wish the other anons would focus on. This was a case about our second Amendment right to DEFEND OURSELVES. If Kyle had been guilty, you know what that would have meant? Guns being taken away, and allowing "unarmed" men to beat you up. Not just you, but other women. Unarmed as in no visible weapons, but we all know how dangerous a man is, especially with his fists. To the anons who are pissed that Kyle was acquitted, answer me this: what would you do if you couldn't defend yourself against a man? Or several men? They could beat you up multiple times and have the right to sue you.

No. 973216


this already happens though and we already know that guns dont protect women. there are countless cases of women who were licensed to carry themselves yet still are being murdered and attacked with thier own weapon by scrotes. Also kyles case does nothing for me as a black women because there are TONS of black women and honestly women in general that are incarcerated right now for defending themselves from scrotes. so his case did nothing for women and everything for power hunger scrotes
im sorry but if you are willingly going somehwere where you think you'll have to defend yourself in such a way that you bring a fucking ar-15 with you THAT ISNT EVEN YOURS. im sorry but the intent was already there. he wanted to a reason to defend himself. Brandishing a big ass ar-15 as a random ass citizen is going to anger people because you are putting EVERYONE in danger trying to protect yourself. fuck him lol

No. 973222

>his case did nothing for women and everything for power hunger scrotes
100% I have no idea why these tards are bending over backwards for this fat scrote

No. 973223

its insane and to frame it as a win for women is nothing short of sinister. But then again we are on lolcow home of women admitting to seeking out love and affection on 4chan shudders

No. 973236

>guns don't protect women

bullshit. I've witnessed gun violence first hand. The woman survived because she had a gun, otherwise that man would have killed her with his bare hands. A gun is an equalizer in the hands of a woman who knows how to use it.

No. 973237

File: 1637387774922.png (57.74 KB, 1753x292, Capture.PNG)

also please read this article

its from the 90s but i can only imagine just how much worse it is. the 2nd amendment does barely anything for women but lead to more of our deaths at the hands of scrotes unfortunately.

No. 973241

obviously there is anecdotal evidence of women effectively using a gun to defend herself from scrotes but for the most part guns harm women more than they protect them. there is data that proves this. also im still not seeing how a scrote killing 2 other scrotes does anything for women

No. 973254


these stats are staggering women should just go back to using poison to kill men.

>>In another study, published in the American Journal of Public Health, researchers interviewed 417 women across 67 battered women’s shelters. Nearly a third of these women had lived in a household with a firearm. In two-thirds of the homes, their intimate partners had used the gun against them, usually threatening to kill (71.4%) them. A very small percentage of these women (7%) had used a gun successfully in self-defense, and primarily just to scare the attacking male partner away. Indeed, gun threats in the home against women by their intimate partners appear to be more common across the United States than self-defense uses of guns by women.

No. 973259

>also im still not seeing how a scrote killing 2 other scrotes does anything for women
I've already explained how the second Amendment affects us all. It's there to protect you. If you're still viewing it through the lens of "male vs. female" and not "aggressor versus person defending themselves", then that's on you. Remain willfully ignorant for the rest of your days.

No. 973260

Then it's time that women train themselves to be just as ruthless as scrotes. They don't like it when we turn the tables on them (i.e. calling -them- emotional), so it's time to turn them once and for all.

No. 973261

Dumb q but what is the new metaverse?

No. 973264

Definitely, YouTuber Kenya talks about how Kardashians finesse these men.

No. 973265

"Violence Policy Center received two grants from the Joyce Foundation as part of its “Gun Violence Prevention and Justice Reform,” project. The organization received $175,265 in 2018,[18] $200,000 in 2017, and $250,000 in 2015. [19] George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the California Wellness Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and Craigslist Charitable Fund all made six-figure contributions to VPC."
>George Soros’s Open Society Foundations
>George Soros’s Open Society Foundations
>George Soros’s Open Society Foundations
Found this on https://www.influencewatch.org/non-profit/violence-policy-center/. Fuck off with that Soros-funded shit.

No. 973267

>it makes sense to inject children just in case
These kinds of ppl are the same kind who would give up their kids to be molested by the priests back in the day. They always find whatever flimsy reason to play along with whatever Big Dick in Charge wants.

No. 973269

>live in a culture where women are passive/hesitant about their own safety and capabilities
>combine that with a general bias against learning self defense and proper weapon education
>add to that the fact that most women do not own a firearm even in the US or have knowledgeable access to the one in their household
>act shocked when the statistics for a deadly tool confirm scrotes are much more dangerous

Yeah its the guns fault women are in danger!!

No. 973272

no its scrotes who over power the women and use it against them. no one is blaming women but you. all im saying is this case did nothing for women and everything for ugly fat scrotes with trigger happy fingers and a god complex.

No. 973274

you can literally use your super cool fact checking skills to look up data from different sources to see that either way women are more likely to be killed by her own gun.

No. 973279

As if his actual intention in this was to rid the world of criminals…come on. That's just a coincidence. He's a violent moid who would've shot a woman if she'd been there instead of those men.

No. 973294

And you can go back to twitter and use "literally" incorrectly there. Way to ignore the fact that George Soros funds that organization.
You're an insult to women everywhere for thinking this.

No. 973302

imagine simping for a fat tiny dick manlet for no reason

No. 973308

It's an insult to women everywhere to suggest a male would likely be violent towards a woman if it served him. Hmm

No. 973311

I'm not defending anyone. I don't understand why there's any need to get upset over it. Take the left vs. right political bullshit out of it and all that happened was a violent moid killed other violent moids. Nothing of value was lost.

No. 973324

No, I associate masculinity with violence and unfortunately femininity with physical weakness (because it's true) and emotional empathy. If we could erase male strenght and violence tendencies, they wouldn't be able to hurt us anymore.

No. 973331


Imagine caring this much about it at all. Who gives a fuck. The trial is over. Case dismissed.

No. 973423

literally all of this is massive misunderstanding of basic Semitic Mesopotamian mythology, the only thing vaguely related to troonism is that eunuchs often served as the priests of certain deities

No. 973434

a woman on /pol/ is the best way to give yourself self inflicted retardation

No. 973435

exactly, this is nothing new and at least the faggot killed some pedophiles.

No. 973464

>If you're still viewing it through the lens of "male vs. female" and not "aggressor versus person defending themselves", then that's on you
Nta, but the other anon(s) is the one who brought up women and men in the first place. >>973204

No. 973526

Stay mad. I bet you're the kind of person who has no opinion on any major issue so your friends don't even bother; they know you've got nothing to contribute.
>served him
I'm guessing you didn't even watch the trial, right?

No. 973582

Right, they are trying to draw attention away from Maxwell hard right now

No. 973603

File: 1637426744112.jpg (23.05 KB, 720x474, 498691832.jpg)

> obsessed with "balancing" the masculine/feminine in themselves
> gender inverted and worship the ancient Mesopotamian troon goddess notInanna Cybele and her tranny son cult
> Inanna was the main deity of Mesopotamians, the Queen of Heaven
> no no n o no// misunderstanding of basic Semitic Mesopotamian mythology!!
> only thing vaguely related to troonism is the eunuch

Why are we going all the way back to Mesopotamia? I thought this was a modern issue? i confess that i dunno much about old religions and their importance to the matter

No. 973604

You sound super unhinged, at least give some examples so we can understand you. Please try to explain why you're so adamantly defending a moid bringing a gun to a protest and then shooting and killing people, yes we all saw the trial or at least read about it…are you just a gun enthusiast?

No. 973605

Go back to lipstick alley

No. 973610

You sound stupid and biased, go back to Twitter and sperg there.

No. 973613

Why are you sperging about muh feminism and banning guns in a fucking conspiracy thread? It’s like you and the rest of the bitches here want 1984-style martial law on the rest of us.

The fat fuck took out the trash so let’s leave it at that.

No. 973626

What's 1984 about any of this?

No. 973641

Oh you know, attacking people for “wrongthink”, taking away their defenses (right to bare arms) and the government is always right.

There’s also the divide and conquer aspect; separate everyone by gender, race and beliefs then pit them against each other as they’ll be too busy to fight against the real enemy we all face which is exactly what the enemy wants.

No. 973661

I love when someone uses the "Wrongthink" argument, as if no one is ever allowed to disagree with you or else they're just sheeple

No. 973668

> government is always right
But the people arguing against gun laws and the Kyle verdict are the would be the ones opposing the state
>taking away their defenses (right to bare arms)
I don't think that was a thing in 1984, Orwell was british
>There’s also the divide and conquer aspect
But the people were stripped from their individuality, the party wouldn't point out such differences, even the other states had no real characteristics, they were just nebulous names
Also this >>973661

No. 973676

The wrongthink that women are not as innocent and empathetic as some anons like to boast. Women good, men bad and if you say otherwise, you’re a scrote or pickme

No. 973684

>The wrongthink that women are not as innocent and empathetic as some anons like to boast
…ok? A lot of anons (myself included) will agree with that, but that doesn't have anything to do with what anyone was saying. Gender only got brought up because one of the anons defending Kyle said that women need this case to protect themselves against men. Are you just pulling random arguments out your ass?

No. 973711

>thinks the current government supports the Bill of Rights
Have you seen the news recently?

No. 973720

No, I'm not a gun enthusiast. I'm a victim of child abuse, went through therapy, worked out 95% of my issues and came to understand I have C-PTSD. Try and understand that not everyone comes from the same background. Having gone through what I did, I want to make sure I'm never vulnerable like that ever again. So I believe in protecting myself; the founding fathers knew that the people needed this, so they wrote the Second Amendment, which gives people the right to bear arms (and a regulated militia). These cannot be taken away from you. And yet for nearly a year, Kyle Rittenhouse was painted as an "active shooter" (despite not filling the official criteria for that) by the entire mainstream media. They kept pushing lie after lie (white supremacist, KKK member, etc.), hoping the population would be stupid enough to fall for that shit. Kyle was allowed to defend himself that night; if he hadn't, he'd have been murdered. Make no mistake; those people rioting would have murdered him. Rioters were destroying property, set nearly 40 fires (which is why the fire dept. needed so much help), harassing locals, etc. It was a massive shitshow. And Kenosha did not deserve it at all. It's also interesting to note that the 4 people he encountered that night ALL have/had criminal records. Gaige Grosskreutz wasn't even SUPPOSED to own a gun; he's a convicted criminal. He was also off his meds which made him irrational and violent that evening. Typical scrote behavior.
If you've only read about the trial, I suggest you watch it. Details can be omitted from written records, but the videos show everything.

No. 973721

So what if they support it or not? The party would just make gun ownership illegal overnight and be like "nah, guns were never legal, no one ever owned guns"

No. 973793

This. This isn’t a win or a loss, just another day of men shooting each other and killing each other. There was never justice in this system anyway, so who the fuck cares. Nobody spergs this hard when it comes to women protecting themselves and the media sure doesn’t give a damn.
Can we talk more about what possible birth defects and problems we’ll see with trannies taking huge amounts of hormones and deciding to still birth children? More genetic defects like XXY and shit? Stillborns? A new type of fetal alcohol syndrome but due to a FTM taking huge amounts of T? I remember reading in my bio psych class that male “transgenderism” can be viewed in the brain because certain parts of the brain were smaller like a female’s brain. During pregnancy the fetus undergoes an “androgen wash” naturally and sometimes things go wrong which leads to tranny males if I remember right. I wonder if this just means we’ll see more trans males from these births

No. 973797

Samefag, since we know the pharmaceutical industry isn’t honest about the affects of a shit ton of hormones in peoples bodies, and apparently even obgyn don’t even raise concerns to FTM mothers about their hormone injections because you can read articles about this shit, what is the end goal? Having a new generation of tranny kids to sell hormones to? Having mentally slower children that can’t respond as fast and can’t think as critically?

No. 973819

Money + free testing. They get the money generated from catering to the mentally ill by providing a false cure (both drugs & government funding), and now understand how something (that would otherwise have little testing before laws granted opposite sex rights to people of a single sex and gave an incentive for it's wide adoption) affect the body, such as can it slow aging, prevent heart attacks, etc.

No. 973822

Samefag, also make the left unelectable so the right is more likely to win, and since the right are more often on the side of leniency and taxing businesses less, this works for those with enough money and influence to pull it off. It also makes it easier for people to be forced to comply with something untrue and see the body as an editable thing.

No. 973827

Sorry, last one I forgot the most important point. Lets not forget who funds political campaigns, majority of funds come from big businesses. People with a lot of money are using politicians to bend the law for them through essentially bribery.

No. 974054

Are there any Swedes on lolcow? I was chatting with my dad about the situation there, and how out of control their country has become due to the migrants rampaging and destroying it. The population is now 11% immigrant (North Africans, Somalis, Iraqis), and entire areas of major cities are run by migrant mafias. The worst part is, the government and the police had encouraged the mass exodus of these people years ago, and then as soon as shit hit the fan, they enforced a media blackout about the crimes they were committing. They won't admit how badly they fucked up, nor will any of the woke mob who had "Refugees welcome" signs.

No. 974091

Here’s some tinfoil: obvious glowwie detected. I guess it was about time you guys started emerging on lolcow
Ladies, don’t ever let someone convince you you’re a victim and can’t own a gun, guns are the ultimate equalizer. Guns would help any woman a lot more than poison. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 100 lb woman or a 300 lb make body builder, whoever’s holding the gun wins.

No. 974100

I can't answer, I'm not Swedish. But there have been people speaking out. Ingrid Carlqvist and Göran Adamson off the top of my head. Gad Saad has English-speaking interviews with them.

No. 974102

rittenhouse trial was definitely rigged especially with the cartoony prosecution it really drives the conspiracy theorist part of me

No. 974120

rittenhouse psyop
rittenhouse fake news distraction and forced control over corvid mandate protests/riots i.e. incurring a police state to force americans into compliency

nobody actually died or were actually shot at that "protest/riot" and the guy on trial and the judge were really, really bad actors

theyre trying to incite riots so they can enforce a (permanant)police state over the blatant riggedness of the trial or whatever but the majority of americans dont actually give a fuck about the verdict or ever really cared about the trial and the ones who do are having peaceful, smallish protests so this all just looks really fucking stupid and a giant waste of time

rittenhouse failed

No. 974129

>peaceful, smallish protests
>chanting "Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground"
Sure, Jan.

No. 974132

how about guns for pepper spray for those of us nonamerifags who cannot just buy guns? WDYT

No. 974137

If you’re in a country that doesn’t allow guns … the men wouldn’t have the guns either…
What is your point anon??
Are you asking for actual advice about how to defend yourself or being snarky?

No. 974158

No, I'm asking if those are useful. Scrotes are still stronger than women. If a pepper spray gun would actually work (allow you to spray mf from far away while scaring the fucker into thinking you have a gun), it would worth considering. Scrotes can have illegal guns, btw. I guess I was more thinking about countries that have strict gun regulation, contrary to the USA.

No. 974173

majority of businesses are left-wing nowadays and push the pride and other progressive bullshit… left wing politicians work together with them and the media… theyre all part of the same team so even if those are right-wing beliefs it doesnt help as more and more those on the right are hated because they dont want to put up with the woke shit

No. 974174

and are they actually being violent, nonacita? are they Actually burning shit to the ground?

No. 974177

File: 1637468791753.jpg (79.34 KB, 1392x854, cnnfrypcprtst.jpg)

are you being serious? i know CNN called those riots "protests" but anyone who doesnt buy into the fake blm stuff would be able to see right through it. that summer people were lighting shit up, killing innocent people, and looting in the name of "justice", what a joke

No. 974178

True, but pushing wokeshit and believing in it are two different things. I think it's a win win situation for these people. Push wokeshit for good press, make left unelectable and have right cut business taxes. That's why it's never anything meaningful that's left wing and could actually affect business being pushed. They only started going full LGBT after gay marriage was legalised and wouldn't affect business.

No. 974179

in a way, didnt gay marriage benefit businesses? more businesses catering to gay people, etc its kind of a whole new market opportunity so the more people buy/act like they buy into it the more money they make while also keeping up momentum for majority of society to accept whats happening and everyone who even criticizes whats happening just a bit is socially shamed and fired etc i think i am going on about this to the point where i have missed what you were saying though my apologies kek

No. 974186

No worries. And yes, it was. Get clout by appealing to LGBT and look like you care, but only after it is socially/governmentally acceptable on a wide scale to care. Things become more unhinged as progress is pushed further since the old LGBT orgs fighting for the tangible gay marriage right need something to justify their continued existence and raking in revenue = troons rights = unhinged left challenging womens rights. Unhinged left = saner looking right. Saner looking right becomes best party to elect, and since the right favours richer people/big businesses = tax cuts. Win win.

No. 974189

I honestly feel like people wanna see BLM get riled up about the kyle shit, I keep seeing the dumbest reasonings to get black people in particular mad about this. Even saw someone flat out saying he killed a black person. It's like people WANT to see a certain group riled up about this. They want to see us act a fucking fool.
I saw someone flat out say he killed a black person and I'm like, "Do you even know whats going on?" it's weird.

No. 974192

read my comment again, are they being violent NOW?

plus, everyone fucking knows about those fake social justice "protesters/rioters" and how they literally came from out of the towns/states in those originally peaceful protests and started causing shit/chaos. the fucking mayor of chicago had to have a speech about it cause the townsfolk kept calling them/it out. plus, c'mon nona, those "rioters/protesters" always targeted people's small buisnesses and low income housing. don't you remeber when people were finding these small mountains of bricks in their neighborhoods/shopping areas, but were nowhere near any construction zones/sites? that was ALL over twitter. c'mon nona, it was not organic in the slightest and they very blatent about it. lowkey why cnn tried to tone it down, they need some Actual people to get incited about shit - you can't throw a chair into a crowd to start a riot if there's no fucking crowd. they were paid opposition targeting protesters in general so we would be forced into overall compliency to a police state - that's what they want

No. 974204

>scrotes can still have illegal guns btw
So can women? By that logic. Why is this gendered again??

And try Bear Spray, it’s far more effective and shoots like 50 feet.

No. 974211

Here Nonny,
Bear spray vs 3 guns

No. 974246

>are they being violent NOW?
Yeah, Portland had a big riot hours after the verdict came in. Their justice center got wrekt.

No. 974263

These children will become adults but will still remain with undeveloped bodies, inmature brains and no reproductive function. They will eternally be dependant of the farmaceutical industry that destroyed them and probably they will keep attempting to set up an ''identity'' by buying accesories and having constant presence on social media for validation. You have the eternal consoomer that you can always spy on through data collecting. You get depopulation as well.

No. 974272

Nta but illegal gun dealers are all men. There's no section of the black market where a woman could meet with a dealer to buy a product and not be put on a extremely dangerous situation. Those men would probably fool you, and if they managed to make you meet them at their place or in a discrete area they would probably take advantage of you and assault you. In the best case they would only sell you a bad item for a much higher cost, which would suck. Men don't negotiate with women, they don't take us seriously. There's no gun culture in my country but I live near one of the few gun shops of my city and I'm determined to learn self defense, to bulk up and to buy a personal gun in the future.

No. 974275

Ayrt, it turns out they're only seen while on DMT so they are probably fake and gay.

No. 974394

File: 1637504591913.png (355.02 KB, 640x1142, imagen_2021-11-21_082312.png)


No. 974395

File: 1637504741102.png (161.03 KB, 886x402, keksimus.png)

KEK this anon was right

No. 974396

Can you report it on the website?

No. 974397

I actually saw this screencap on google, I don't know which website it actually is, just posted it because it's freaky af

No. 974398

Looks like Amazon.

No. 974400

No. 974440

lol who gives a fuck about portland lol

No. 974500

this is vile. i know it's probably just one of those weird Chinese companies that steals random logos or typography or whatever from social media and sticks it on any mug or shirt they can manage, but it's super fucked that amazon didn't catch this. you're able to report sellers on amazon, i think you should with this because surely it'll get taken down

No. 974506


No. 974523

Those are automatically generated. Because of that, a few years ago there was a drama about Amazon selling toenail fungus phone cases

No. 974537

Nobody with a brain, but anon DID ask…

No. 974543

Do you guys think China did this thing on purpose

No. 974550

Sort of. I think the virus either got accidentally leaked from a lab or from shitty health conditions or from a lab that thrived via shitty market health and safety. Then, either to protect China’s CCP party’s reputation, did nothing. This meant it spread to everywhere in China, and they couldn’t shut down chinese new year celebrations and a lot of the factories without facing reputation and financial damage, and they just thought “Fuck it” and decided that it was better for them if every economy got fucked than just China’s, taking the world down with them so they were still on top financially. Being on the bottom would mean a lot of countries that owe China debt could have a chance of paying it back. This means they would have less control.

No. 974638

Since the beginning I've always thought that it was all a biological weapon test (so leaked on purpose). I just got that vibe, it's not like it never happened and the fact that they kept it hidden for months and arrested that one doctor who was onto it is too shady for me.

No. 974651

No. Not even China would be so dumb as to unleash a global pandemic, they simply did it out of sheer negligence. Anyone who knows mainland Chinese culture knows that they half-ass everything because their collectivist culture under fascist rule enables it. It was definitely an accidental lab leak, proven by the fact that they did not allow WHO investigators in the country until they had made sure to scrub the whole lab squeaky clean and made all the scientists shut their mouths. Local authorities kept it under wraps to save face and tried to work it out without anyone noticing but the virus spread too fast during the Chinese New Year celebrations with people traveling all over the country and globe. It was all due to their greed and dumbass pride that got the whole world into this mess.

No. 974802

I’m the same anon from the “pedophile moment in my sociology course” story and one of the students in the class is Swedish and from Sweden. She says she welcomes immigrants and that Sweden is very accepting of immigrants and thinks families should never be separated (when I asked about only women and girls being allowed) and that education can somehow fix things like rape, abuse and assault. their prisons “rehab” child molestors and woman beaters and the like. Her sister works with the public and integrates migrants into the workforce. The problem is that these people were literally delivering cargo by mule and horse so getting them into delivery work by using automobiles is extremely challenging, but supposedly they think it’s for the best. Idk about Sweden’s history but if it’s anything like America’s they probably fucked around with other countries economies and civilizations and the citizens are now paying the price by mass multiculturalism as these people try to flee their destroyed countries

No. 974806

My lesbian friend gave me an eye opening thought process: No country will ever want their gay people. No country will ever truly accept homosexuality. Because they see them as leeches on resources and do not contribute to society in the form of producing the next generation, at least not “naturally”. Because of this, there is no true incentive to stop true homophobia, just revise it. Hence the new woke homophobia. Market everything as rainbow and gay friendly and psyop bisexuals and straight people into thinking they’re gay when they really aren’t, add trans madness into the mix and you’ve got brainwashed consoomers who buy anything and everything rainbow, gay, trans and “queer”. A new, idiotic market to siphon money from. And the entire time you don’t have to actually do a damn thing for homosexuals

No. 974827

Aaaay anon, did you ever send complaints or reports to news outlets? Or someone you can trust? In light of recent events, it seems like just about ANYONE is willing to cover for a pedophile… As for Sweden, their claim to fame was collaborating with Nazi Germany in WW2. Sounds like the Swedish student is about as detached from reality as ever. I'm guessing she's never been anywhere near the immigrants. If your class wasn't such a caldera of creeps, I'd ask you to interview her.

No. 974829

Anon seems broken, too.
This explains why Canada is such a piece of shit.

No. 974842

how do you anons feel about this video? This only confirmed my bad feelings about tiktok.
>tiktok is mining your data for the chinese government and exposing western people to degeneracy
>as more and more western people have slime for brains the chinese government is preparing their people for war

No. 974846

I don't think its anything that fully nefarious, like I don't believe the Chinese put all their behind tiktok making the west degenerate
Tiktok probably only serves as a tool for data mining and information stealing, probably nothing more then that

No. 974862

I just wanted to link you guys to this playlist with several videos, showing you that many got fake jabbed on live TV.

I just want to give a heads up that many of the video creators are a bit looney bevares hey, its bitchute. But the evidence speake for itself;

Why are they faking jabs on live TV to manipulate people if it’s so safe?

No. 974863

because speaks … autocorrect

No. 974866

I'm getting a 404 message when I try to watch

No. 974867

kek Anon are you Canadian too? 100% correct.

I believe it, but also I think the West is already so degenerate that the Chinese just look at them and laugh at all the division and clear weakmindedness and know that they are winning/will surpass the West and become a superpower

No. 974869

On the videos or the playlist?

I’ll just link the videos, sec

No. 974872

No. 974878

You rock anon, thanks!

No. 974887

Thanks anon, do share if you have friends or family in doubt! Might make them actually doubt the narrative when faced with evidence

No. 974906

I've thought about sharing some of this doctor's videos with my grandmother. He seems to be not only well educated, but very likeable, and not a stereotypical antivax conspiracy theorist (although I am one myself kek). His content may be able provoke who would usually scoff and laugh off anti-v rhetoric, into maybe starting to question the narrative that they've been fed. I hope so, at least. There is no denying that something is horribly wrong here.

No. 974944

Good video!
I find that the biggest problem is just making people look at things like these, their attention spans are usually fucked and/or they just dont give a shit sadly… And forget a week later… Its quite amazing really.

No. 974953

This is why you stay the FUCK off social media. It does nothing good for you unless you give yourself completely to it.

No. 974961

File: 1637563799896.png (383.86 KB, 827x1173, Screenshot_20211121-224834-621…)

Is this the future for American men?

No. 974988

Back to 4chan, insecure bugman.

No. 974989

File: 1637568191204.jpeg (77.03 KB, 1241x631, 8997F52E-B6FD-4C6B-96EE-DA627D…)

No. 974992

I tried to file a grievance at my school but nothing has happened so far. Maybe I just didn’t do something correctly, or it could be on account of Thanksgiving break. I never contacted the news or anything though, I wasn’t sure how to go about doing it.
I’m not sure about the Swedish girls financial situation, but she is able to live here in America to study with her boyfriend and they live in LA. So I’m guessing that’s a decent amount of money they have but then again Sweden pays for college and things or so ive been told so I’m not so sure. she might just be very hyper sympathic to immigration

No. 975001

I just fail to understand liberals and leftists insistence for the defense of Islam, they can be anti-racist and still rightfully call out the worst religion on the planet(cause It is)
Leftists and various feminists just a couple decades ago were critiquing it, mocking it and those in power were actively suppressing it, so I ask what happened, why does the religion of the arab pedophile get so much sympathy

No. 975020

And you also sperg about guns and how much they ""protect"" ppl, don't you? Your writing style is so ridiculously easy to distinguish. Seriously what's up, you strongly associate women with weakness, even though it's far from being our defining characteristic (that's why I've called you out in the first place - because weakness is everything you can associate with women), are disturbingly obsessed with guns and worship some random murderous moid (even though you supposedly associate moids with violence, you seem to regard it as a positive thing instead of despicable one…). I get that it's a tinfoil thread and unhinged paranoic anons are to be expected but still try to get some help, you sound like a terrified little child.

No. 975061

Take your meds you fucking idiot, not everyone who types similarly is the same person. Yes women are weaker than men on average, that's a fact and it's the thing that makes it so easy for men to abuse us. It's not the only thing about women obviously, but it's one of the differences between women and men (since I was replying to the erasing differences between sexes bullshit cult) and it's the thing that weights on us the most, and if you don't believe so then you're just a sheltered child. Go sperg about guns and some edgy white boy to the other anons. Or go back to twitter.

No. 975114

Lmfao, I love that screenshot

No. 975141

File: 1637585696822.jpg (111.58 KB, 1061x1061, My.jpg)

More or less my view of Corona and the vaccine

No. 975144

I mean, whoever thinks that covid isn’t used as a tool to justify any mistake or misuse of power and money, is quite a fool.

No. 975165

For real, especially since every major national and international event/disaster/tragedy is going to be taken advantage of politically.

No. 975309

File: 1637598525923.png (489.31 KB, 897x705, 3434.png)

This is why no one trusts you Bill, the fact you even needed to spend over 300 million dollars just for your image


No. 975359

Another rich man turns out to be a narcissistic piece of shit.
Sociopaths gonna sociopath and it's a known fact that the majority of rich people have these dark traits in order to cope with all the fake and evil shit they gotta do and all the poor people they gotta step on to get to the top.

People need to stop putting strangers they don't know on pedestals. Athletes, celebrities, etc. Pseudo social relationships made by influencers on the media and internet have got people thinking assholes who are so far removed from the average person are "relatable." It's gotta be a psy-op to keep the peasantry complacent, right?

No. 975366

I think it is quite interesting that whenever someone posts hard hitting things like this someone else has to come swinging on in with covid bullshit, almost like covid… Is a fucking distraction from real societal issues or some shit??? I can't imagine anyone actually wants to be morbidly obese except for fetish reasons. Even then anyone who chooses to indulge their desire to become morbidly obese has to be some form of retarded not to value their lives enough to live longer than that. So what is the message, women are supposed to be retarded enough to eat themselves to death and anyone who doesn't isn't a "real" woman? Even on this dumbass gossip site I see people going rattle rattle towards people who aren't even anorexic at this point. Well jiggle jiggle huff huff dumbasses I can fit through ques you can't and I can walk significantly longer distances than you can and that should be enough to tell you that this is a fucking problem. That being fat is even getting in the way of you having a good time at amusement parks and shit. I have a hard time believing the vast majority of women are okay with the normalization of men wanting them to be fat. Fat women, do not even like being fat. Frankly it is just one more manifestation of men wanting us weak. Why is it never physical fitness that gets turned into a sexual fad in the year of our lord 2021? Always shit that makes women look weaker, like getting life threatening ass implants that can potentially cause heart attacks and shit. Or when it is fitness it has to be some pick me bullshit like the """tomboy""" fad that never applies to real human beings because it is so autistically specific that only a retard would feel the need to force it irl. That's so mentally weak that it cancels out any strength that comes from the stereotype. In that case it's not even about the strength. It's about becoming a walking stereotype. It's not scrotey to point this shit out whatsoever. It is so fucking normal. Who actually wants to be fat as fuck??? Or to live their whole life in pursuit of male attention??? You don't have to be anorexic to know that this is retarded. It really makes me wonder, do men even actually want this? Do men even want anything at all? Or do they just want women as a status symbol? Never mind the humanity of the person. I'm almost convinced they value the potential status of someone they marry over whether they actually want to fuck them or live with them. Why shouldn't women be angry about that? Why shouldn't we notice that? Why shouldn't we pick up on it? Why shouldn't we say something? Why should we just lay down and take it? Why should we be fine with men wanting us laying in a bed immobile and worthless enabling a fucked up addiction? There is absolutely nothing empowering about that. What if they wanted us to have crippling heroin or meth addictions? Are we supposed to be okay with that too?

No. 975377

>not a single word about fat scrotes in the entirety of this diatribe
No one cared about female weight problems and their causes even before covid anyway you schizo loser. You don't do shit to fix any issue besides bitch about women you don't like getting more attention than you.

No. 975386

File: 1637602300017.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, spergyspergsperg.jpg)

my EYES, format your rant next time.

No. 975398

It was posted on /fit/ which has a lot of men posting morbidly obese girls with BBLs and implants and claiming it's "high T" and harassing men who don't like these women so I imagine it's just throwing shade at that

No. 975431

link to the thread ?

No. 975448

It's ok to reddit space sometimes

No. 975473

It was deleted

No. 975479

File: 1637607423616.jpg (61.45 KB, 660x900, beautiful-young-woman-toasting…)

Seems like all the population division tactics are finally reaching their peak Nonnas. My own mother just threatened to rat me out if I buy a fake vaccination pass, since my country makes it mandatory for public transport and work in a few days (or else I'd have to buy expensive tests every day, which I'd have to be able to use public transport for lmao).
I'm honestly eagerly waiting for one schizo to loose it and shoot some responsible politicians.

No. 975491

You can still find one on desuarchive

No. 975503

i'm sorry anon, the whole situation really fucking sucks. sending you a good thought.

No. 975512

I always laugh at the idea at the (American) government threatening to take away services to the none-vaccinated. You tards pushed us to be independent for years, including working from home or running your own contracting business, finding ways to make money that are not through a company, "if you don't like it get your own place" in terms of any apartment complexes/landlords and their weird rules + getting help from the government is usually looked down upon

No. 975521

I don't really care enough to find it but I do agree the average American millennial or zoomer is living a sad life that's oddly similar to the text post but not always exact.

Porn addiction, normalization of open relationships and kink, and praising people for bedding everything that walks has completely ruined relationships for most people causing most young people to feel inhumane and thus more robotic like they can work work work and have political opinions less, since when these people aren't working 80 hours a week and watching porn how can they ever protest against the living conditions they were brainwashed to be in?

I'm also all for depopulation as much as the next guy but encouraging younguns to be STD spending hoes who need to to gauge their eyeballs out to cum isn't the answer and just causes accidental pregnancies for kids who are born into families where mommy can't raise them because she has to support daddy and daddy wants to fap to porn all day

No. 975617

File: 1637617592082.png (1 MB, 1080x1638, Screenshot_20211122-134503-731…)

>have a subreddit discussing medicine, studies, prescriptions, etc
>Spam it with unhinged beastiality

I honestly don't know how people think the pro vaxxers are the same ones at this point

No. 975624

Same here. I’ve notice that people are wearing masks even when vaccinated and still refusing to go see their aging depressed family members. People are going to regret the years they spent in fear when they lose their loved ones down the road.
My mom was paid an extra $500 dollars to be vaccinated compared to those who chose not to. She works at a call center but works from home like most of them. I don’t understand why people can’t see how wrong that is. It’s not just incentive, it’s cruel and almost like making people in shitty jobs fight each other for an extra bill to be paid.
Well said nona and I agree. I find the bugman/bugwoman type very interesting to observe. Slightly unrelated, but I think the internet is truly the reason why we have so many unprepared people in the world. My parents were latch key kids so they didn’t really have parents that taught them too much but they didn’t have the internet so they would figure out how to tinker with stuff and learn things on their own from a book in the basement, etc. every generations parents seem to be working longer and more grueling hours so there’s even less interaction now. this generation has the internet to basically “teach them” but they’re learning complete garbage social and political nonsense. Zoomers complain they don’t know how to do basic things but they never bother to learn. The internet CAN teach you how to do things but there’s like 15 different articles on how to change a light bulb and they all suggest different things your average 20 year old will just give up trying. We also live in a time wheee it’s more important for convenience than ever before. Why do anything yourself when a machine can do it or you can pay some poor sap to do it? Maybe I’m just boomer sperging but we’re really ass backwards as a culture. When the inevitable water wars and food shortage happens many people will probably die because they don’t know how basic things work

No. 975626

>it's from /fit/
Explains why hamplanet men weren't brought up once. Can't have those neckbeards feeling bad about their own failure asses.

No. 975647

Ik later in the thread they were discussing how desperate western women are and pointed out fat acne covered autistic soyboys they know irl get laid by multiple women if it helps. This was after someone called the hypothetical wojack a Chad for having a wife and getting hookers, going on tinder, and fucking other girls

No. 975649

As much as I hate to say it I agree with the tradthots that kids need parents to be involved in their life and have at least one parent stay home most of the time to raise them. So many young adults are completely dysfunctional but at the same time I've met the stereotypes like so and half the time, usually for males, they claim that it's actually their family who encourages them to sleep around, cheat, have dysfunctional relationships, work work work and then impregnate and marry anyone who wants them when they turn 40. I feel lucky my parents were somewhat traditional and taught me how to maintain a healthy relationship and what to look for in men since it feels like young women are never taught how to pick men correctly especially since "bad boy" and "nerd" types are idealized by the media and those men tend to be toxic cheaters

No. 975659

Same here, and I'm fully vaccinated + booster. This whole thing has been a clusterfuck on so many levels.
I do believe masks should be required in healthcare settings, and that private businesses should be able to require them if they wish.
I worked outdoors throughout the pandemic and now that I'm back in college I've seen how fucked up people on lockdown are mentally and physically. I think things have been extended to make this worse.

No. 975666

Baphomet has nothing to do with trangenderism. How is denying your sex anything to do with the existence of the male and female principle? Maybe you should read a bit more before assuming it's tranny shit

No. 975670

Nta and I understand where you're coming from but the problem isn't lack or excessive parenting, it's the lack of sense of community. You turned out alright because both of your parents were guiding you; while tradthots bet all their chips on SAH mothers, as if raising a child and taking care of a home is a one person job.
Regardless of both parents being a bit absent or one of them staying at home, their children are gonna become dysfunctional bugcreatures if they're not getting involved with their kin (extended family or friends of the family) and slowly being introduced to the material world around them (guided by their parents or extended family). Most millenials and zoomers got all fucked in the head because too many doors were opened at once, their personal perspectives of reality got distorted due to the internet and their parents didn't know how to deal with it. It caught them all by surprise. The elites took notice of it this phenomenon and exploited it, turning at least 3 generations into avid consumers and dopamine junkies.
This whole chaos is on purpose.

No. 975690

Most kids being born into today's world won't even have extended family since people keep having kids too late and only having one or two. Overpopulation is very real but taking into mind how the child's life will be is important

No. 975706

File: 1637625827724.png (279.4 KB, 1024x353, 1C5E735C-6B90-4861-B0A9-596989…)

I’ve always wondered what really happened with the power rangers cast that turned them into crazies, has-been and dying young? Maybe Hollyweird didn’t want them to get famous or did they refuse making “deals with the devil” so they crashed into the glass sealing?

One thing for sure is that Haim Saban - dude who’s company originally brought the super sentai series to America, donated to the Clinton foundation years prior.


No. 975708

No. 975727

this is an important point. I refuse to have children because if anything happens to me there's no one to take care of them. it would be cruel to bring a child into the world without a support network in place.

No. 975735

That's why I mentioned friends of the family. Nuclear family isn't the end all… or maybe it's just me being a latamfag with too many tias who are only friends of my mom and they know me since I was a baby. kek
Anyways, a little human interaction beyond your immediate relatives in your formative years goes a long way to not become a bugcreature hooked on LCD screens.
I agree.

No. 975767

This and having kids later means the kid will have to see all their family members die at a young age, hustle culture is pretty toxic for families and modern stressors have been driving people nuts leading to broken marriages so it's usually one single parent working their ass off to make sure their kids survives

No. 975770

File: 1637635130909.jpg (229.18 KB, 967x2128, RDT_20211122_18323264579958196…)

I'm convinced anyone who posts stuff like this doesn't understand how hospitals work. Here's why
>People with cancer get sick all the time and often get sent home unless they are very severe with their colds
>If she is referring to the ICU, hospitals will literally contact other hospitals to send a child with cancer too
>There are cancer units he could have gone to as well which are almost always very empty (and I've worked in mid city new York hospitals)
They only ever put people in the car if this is for an urgent care or ER, which in my experience is often packed at various times before COVID. Nothing to do with you not being able to force vaccines on people
>How would you not getting the vaccine make it a chance to yell at people who don't get the vaccine as well? That makes no sense, if you were scared of COVID you should have got the vaccine, if you got the vaccine then you probably wouldn't have gotten sick so why is it everyone else's fault you aren't responsible… Unless you're claiming that vaccines don't work
>She said it's someone else's cold but not COVID, which also makes no sense how COVID vaccines come into play
None of this makes sense

No. 975775

This “vaccine” doesnt work

No. 975853

Fouci would experiment on foster kids using lethal drugs to “find a cure” for aids. This dude is straight up psycho and I bet those of us who got vaccinated were/are being poisoned too. Not that I ever trusted this fuck to begin with.

No. 975888

I still think you ought to bring it to a news outlet's attention. There's a site called The Federalist which ran a piece on a troon college professor rebranding pedos as MAPs last week. You should hit them up, just tell them what you told us, and mention that you thought it was fucked up enough that you wanted someone to hear about what's being taught. I really, REALLY hope you do pass this on to the news.

No. 975890

Time to cut her out of your life, anon.

No. 975899

A kid with cancer has a cold? Woop de fucking do. I guess we all better flagellate ourselves.

No. 975925

ty nona, I had no fucking patience to reply

No. 975929

Agreed. Waiting for the one who's gonna take it for the team. That, or the system to get overwhelmed and break causing mass outrage. My mother and father are also mental about vaccination.

No. 975932

Someone's done way too much acid/DMT

No. 975940

>pedophile moment in my sociology course
I actually think sociology is just full of pedophiles, like as a matter of course somehow
A sociology course I'm taking (almost done with) had this prof who was basically a Michel Foucalt stan. I didn't think much of it because everything he brought up was related to the course material. Then, in one lecture, he randomly spent an uncomfortably long amount of time defending Foucalt from "certain allegations" and saying "it's all just hearsay" repeatedly. These "allegations" had nothing to do with the course material, he was literally just rambling about how this man dindu nuffin. I had no clue what he was talking about, so I went to Google and found out that they're pedophilia allegations.
Additionally, I found out Foucalt literally endorsed the normalization of pedophilia in his professional career. There's no way the professor didn't know that, but still he defended him. I'm still not sure what to do, or whether this even warrants reporting, but it disgusts me. I checked the group chat for the class, and no one even seemed to notice or care (though I doubt they bothered looking it up). I have the whole lecture saved in video form, but apparently it's illegal to share without permission. Idk if I'm just overreacting still, but it felt so twisted. This prof felt so comfortable and confident caping for pedo shit, but would always "catch himself" in lectures and backpedal stuttering if he said anything even close to being "problematic"

No. 975946

kek the focault stans are the biggest cows. it is also always males who defend him. i am also a sociology major and the autism there (faculty & students) is so fucking insane that i am thinking about switching majors. there are like 3 people in my course who are normal. also if you ever say anything negative against marx you basically wrote your own death sentence

No. 975947

Nonnas pls, foucault really was smeared by social justice warriors who were too lazy to read him and wanted an excuse not to. Foucault is incredibly good for analyzing power structures, nothing contemporary compares. The latter makes me think there was a psyop element in the smear campaign too to prevent us from learning how to analyze power.

No. 975948

The tweet is also implying that her kid with a cold is somehow most important than what she theories who is taking up the hospital.

Who's saying that it's only people with COVID? How does she not know it's car accident victims, people who are about to have their leg amputated, people who are on their death bed for unrelated reason, vaccine injuries, etc? But of course she jumped to the conclusion that it was all evil anti vaxxers even though most of the population is vaccinated and and even much smaller percentage of the none-vaccinated even have COVID, and even smaller portion have COVID severe enough to be hospitalized. It's literally statistically impossible for the hospital to be filled with unvaxxed citizens with severe COVID in the section she is trying to put him in

No. 975949

File: 1637659390596.png (301.9 KB, 987x626, Screenshot (274).png)

No. 975952

File: 1637660182136.png (79.88 KB, 937x435, history.png)

Advocating for pedophilia was woke at the time. It's very similar to what's happening with transgenderism.

No. 975955

Nope, I had absolutely no problem taking in the academic content before I knew about any of this. I still don't because I want to do well on my assignments lol. What disturbed me is the prof randomly sperging out about pedophilia when it had nothing to do with the class itself. Why bring up allegations you're too ashamed to even name and go off on a tangent about how it's all fake? If we're supposed to take the good ideas and ignore the person who put them out, what is this dedication to defending the person, even when the writing is on the wall?
Sorry but I don't think it's much of a SJW smear tactic that the person who was an out-and-out pedophile who preached against the age of consent would fly to another country to do what he liked. A large amount of the "intellectual" and/or venerated scrotes in history were pedos, this is not news. In fact, western scrotes literally still do the same things today

No. 975956

File: 1637660564349.png (130.84 KB, 895x616, kek.png)

Transgenderism is used the same way. Everyone is speaking about autogynephilia but the problem is men and the patriarchy.

No. 976064

Retractable safety needles are legal & have been used in with varying regulations in most countries since the early 2000s, so a lot of the videos are genuine vaccines…

No. 976200

Propaganda strong in Canada, more like 70% DON'T support the firing of unvac'd, no wonder yt wants to get rid of dislike button, just look at the numbers.

No. 976202

hello fellow canadian! Every damn new station in Canada is the same. Propaganda 24/7, funded by liberals. Its sickening and I cannot watch it at all. In my house we have stopped watching (except my mom) and we play American news instead kek Love how they update everything about covid though still as if we are in teh beginning of COVID - "Vaccines for kids 5-11 being shipped on plane today!", "Vaccines for kids 5-11 touched down in Canada today!" "Vaccines for kids 5-11 can be booked today!"

Its just sick

No. 976216

Everyone should get the vaccine so we can stop having the mask and just live a normal life. Unvaccinated retards are selfish and annoying.

No. 976218

File: 1637684490964.gif (399.16 KB, 220x185, E59C9B0D-394B-42D9-8069-EBA2BF…)

No. 976221

I’m double vaccinated and will have a booster soon (ukanon) I don’t regret my decision at all.

No. 976222

Nice shitpost

No. 976258

Don't be daft every political party is in on it.

No. 976269

>vaccines so shitty you have to renew it every 8-something months
>bending and rewriting state- and human rights to force you in case you don't want that
>get tracked everywhere you go, now even without a phone
>normal life

No. 976279

Not only in Canada, it's the same in several countries but at least Canadians seem to be able to see through it. Germany is currently in full propaganda mode to, but history proves itself completely useless and it unfortunately works like a charm.

No. 976280

>vaccines so shitty you have to renew it every 8 months
Yeah, no fucking shit, genius. You do the same thing with flu shots. The virus mutates. Don't be so fucking dense, it's embarrassing. I get you don't like all this shit, it's stressful, that's no excuse to be an actual idiot.

No. 976284

why would you take it then? You could just catch the flu and get over it then. You don't need to renew your shots for actually serious diseases. Why are billionaires so behind enforcing that the working class isn't allowed to work without taking it?

No. 976285

Honey, I don't take the comment section of a global news video on YouTube as the majority of Canadian views. That's mostly people over 50 leaving comments and they will down vote and negatively comment on literally every news video regardless of what it's about. There has been little to no disruption in my province, we had a few protests early on but haven't had any in months. Our cases are mad low in my province. Everything is moving along as it usually does.

No. 976287

then no one you know gets flu shots or got gardasil

No. 976288

No one I ever knew had to take any vaccine every year or else they loose their right to work, study and move.

No. 976290

nice save, dipshit, we read your post already

No. 976291

Yeah, I wonder why.

No. 976292

I haven't had the flu in >5 years and never has a flu shot so I guess you should house arrest me and force me out of my job

No. 976293

Nice argument.

No. 976295

Enjoy your hpv

No. 976296

Nta, but then they're probably missing some shots. Not all vaccines need to be taken every year, but things like flu shots are recommended for every flu season. They only last about 6 months.

No. 976298

I'm deleting this because it's super aggressive and I just don't feel good about it, but I still think you're stupid.

No. 976300

lmao what

No. 976301

gardasil is the hpv vaccine; scrote detected

No. 976302

And how long do you think covid vaccines last?

No. 976303

Sorry I never had it, STD-chan.

No. 976309

bitch did you just eat your own tail?
>I never took preventative measures
>I will never get it
with logic like this, no wonder you're so dumb
btw, you can catch hpv from rape fucking obviously

No. 976310

Bitch I didn't even know what it is because it's this much if a non-issue. Again, sorry about your STD.

No. 976316

>bitch did you just eat your own tail?
How so? The whole point is that you have to booster every few months or else you are an egoistical endangerment to society and deserve all your rightsto be taken from you.

No. 976318

>hpv is a non-issue
ok I'm not even being asshole at this point, you need to get checked, that's literally what piece of shit men say before they give you hpv, they don't care because they don't get cancer from it like we do
Also I don't have it, because I'm not a giant baby so I wasn't scared to get a few shots

No. 976324

I know you think people with chronic illnesses are scum and we should just die quietly indoors where you don't have to look at us, but like, do you think maybe you could just get flu and and covid boosters 1-2 per year so I don't have to live like that, please?
It's horrible in here

No. 976334

>wwwwaaah I don't want to stay indoors a few times and don't want to practice hygiene, please inject your body with shitty drugs for the rest of your life without any questions

No. 976337

>I don't want to stay indoors a few times
Nta, but some of us aren't neets.

No. 976339

why are other people responsible for your health and lifestyle?

No. 976346

You don't have to be. The measures we had before were really light (wear a mask, practice social distance, avoid crowds, wash your hands and desinfect when that isn't possible) but somehow that was what broke the camels back of the people who are now preaching about solidarity and empathy while hitlering out.

No. 976351

I literally have never heard of that, let alone a vaccine of it. I also don't fuck scrotes.

No. 976359

checked kek

No. 976360

How have you never heard of HPV? I get sexual health education isn't great in a lot of places, but have you been living under a fucking rock

No. 976367

>What disturbed me is the prof randomly sperging out about pedophilia when it had nothing to do with the class itself.
But let me guess, you didn't actually do anything about this or bring it up with the school or even your parents, right?

No. 976371

In my country and I'm pretty sure in others every girl recieves the HPV vaccine for free in grade 7, and they teach about it in health class so how could you not know what it is?

No. 976374

I brought it up to my parents but wtf are they going to do lol? This isn't high school. And what exactly do you think the (hyper liberal) uni would do besides defend him or sweep it under the rug? The fact that he was so insistent on it on camera just goes to show he probably talks this way constantly without being questioned. What's your point exactly?

No. 976376

>measures we had before were really light
>wear a mask, practice social distance, avoid crowds, wash your hands and desinfect when that isn't possible
>social distance
>avoid crowds
You call that light? You must be really terminally online.

No. 976377

I feel like everyone is treating the flu shot as way more common this year than they ever used to, I never received a flu shot and only know one person who gets them in my entire family or social circle and that's just because her mom is a nurse and always bugs her to do it. Now it's just a talking point, "you get a flu shot every year though!" No, I don't, and probably most people don't either.

No. 976380

I'm saying you should do something about it if you feel it's wrong. This is why they get away with shit like this; people like you just post about it online but don't take it any farther than that. Fucking DO SOMETHING. Write to a news outlet, let them know what's going on in our education system. There are people out there who are worried about what's being taught, especially if it's by teachers like that guy.

No. 976381

How is it not light to ask you to stand 2 meters from someone? How does it not make sense to you that virus no no good very bad for public space lots of people, very bad. Does that make it easier for you to understand now that I'm speaking your language?

No. 976382

cringing for your cervix, anon. have to agree w/ previous anon here that it sounds like you just didnt get bare minimum sexual health education. you can get HPV extremely easily with a vagina, and HPV is the highest cause of cervical cancer once you get it. that's why it's recommended to get the gardasil vax to avoid it, since its so common and easy to get. scrotes dont care/notice if they have it because they dont have bare minimum sex ed either, plus it won't give them life-ending cancer. please get your gardasil shot, it's not a bill gates co op, i swear. its your civic duty as someone with a vagina who im assuming wants to keep it

No. 976384

Your anecdotal life means nothing in the grand scheme of things. I get the flu shot every single year, so does my parents and my grandmother. Your life doesn't dictate the rest of the world!

No. 976385

Because if the virus is transmitted through the air what's the fucking point of standing 6 feet away from someone? And while we're at it, tell me, do you think those cloth masks actually stop the virus?

No. 976386

I'm not a borger and either it has row of different names or it's too miniscule. By googling it, it's probably the later.

No. 976389

Do you know any good news outlets to contact about this/that won't rat me out and paint a big target on my back from wokies? Best I can hope for is people knowing this is what's happening

No. 976390

It's not about "stopping" it, is every so black and white to you? It's about prevention, it's about LOWERING the chances. They can't literally force us to stay inside, retard, so we take the next best step, keep back from one another. The information is there for you to read yourself, you can talk to your own doctor. What are you even arguing against? Crowds aren't even a big deal anymore if your area is well vaxxed. The Christmas craft fair is in where I fucking live because 70% of us are vaxxed and we still wear our masks. Grow need to grow up, for real.

No. 976393

>nooooo I can't take a step away from people
>reeee inject yourself with new and heavily politicised meds for me
Thanks for proving my point I guess.

Nta but FFP2 mask help for sure, I used to get a cold 2-3 times a year and now haven't head one since late 2019.

No. 976400

No one I ever knew got a gardasil shot and neither will I.

No. 976401

the media in Canada? nah the liberal gov has paid them millions of dollars here, there is so conservative news source and literally every story is biased in favour of our great leader, Turdeau

No. 976413

I referred an anon up above to The Federalist. They ran a story last week about a troon college professor defending pedos. Strike while the iron is hot!

No. 976420

>HPV is minuscule
At this point I believe you must be a scrote, or a woman who's severely undereducated about your own body. Tinfoilers seem to care a lot about research, so it's crazy to see one of you not even know what a common virus/STI is.

No. 976425

samefag but i meant no* conservative source

okay social distance is fine but vaccination rates do not matter. vaccinated people spread and catch covid just the same as anyone else, i am sick of people saying stupid crap like "well because we are vaccinated and we care about OTHERS we are allowed to go out in hoards because we arent the ones getting people sick, its you unvaccinated people who are not allowed to enter restaurants or theatres!!!!" then the next day stupid Global news comes out with a story that says "RARE CASE of COVID breakout at a place where people are vaccinated! this is just a BREAKTHROUGH case" meanwhile its happened 1000 times and it will happen again because its not rare, its just normal kek the vaccine is not effective and people should be focused on preventative treatments (but they wont because they are cheap - example: ivermectin) and stop shaming people based on vaccination status

No. 976426

>HPV stands for human papillomavirus. It’s the most common sexually transmitted infection. HPV is usually harmless and goes away by itself, but some types can lead to cancer or genital warts
>Genital HPV infections are very, very common. In fact, most people who have sex get the HPV at some point in their lives. Most people with HPV have no symptoms and feel totally fine, so they usually don’t even know they’re infected.
>Most genital HPV infections aren’t harmful at all and go away on their own. But some kinds of HPV can lead to genital warts or certain types of cancer.
Literally dying of hpv as I type. If only I took the vaccine

No. 976429

If there was a zombie virus we'd be fucked, absolutely fucked.

No. 976442

>You are significantly less likely to get or spread covid with the vaccine than without it.
*for a few months

No. 976443

I have to say I've noticed a trend with fat lazy fuckers or mums that enjoy work from home and their partner being work from home being against every measure to reduce covid. I honest to god think some of these cunts are happy prolonging the pandemic. I bet there are cunts. And some of the woman I personally know that love having their "hubby" home usually don't trust their men so they like the constant lock downs etc but like to cry conspiracy. Maybe that's my tinfoil, but it's more plausible to me these people are lazy conniving fuck heads than ignorant dumb fucks.

No. 976444

Why are you spreading propaganda on the tinfoil thread?

No. 976445

Over 79% of my country is fully vaccinated and they still push for vaccination, now we won't be able to go to bars, restaurants and gyms if we don't have a covid passport. The lowest vaccination rate amongst a certain age group and area is above the 70%. I don't give a shit about bars and stuff but the fact that they push things this far reveals there's something very fishy around here. The 3rd dose is being delivered. Gonna eat some raw garlic right now because I have my second cold this autumn. I hate the antichrist.

No. 976451

exactly kek The rate of cases here are supposedly "going up" again just in time for forced kid vaccines and boosters. big shocker!

best of luck to you nonny! its been months now with covid passports here, no sign of "stopping the spread" still its just pure discrimination at this point with people being fired, unable to be hired, not able to go out and socialize in entertainment venues, etc. its just annoying

No. 976452

> get tracked even without a phone
Please do not tell me you believe in the chip and this refers to something else

No. 976455

I won't be seeing any of you cutie pies during the zombie apocalypse, that's for sure.

No. 976457

Y-yes massa, please put it all in my veins I want my freedomz to go to McDonalds back :(

No. 976459

Yeah, everyone knows to always trust the gubernment and "science" in those scenarios kek.

No. 976464

The government would be responsible, duh, I know that. I'm just in a super safe area heh heh and you'll all be on Facebook arguing over toilet paper

No. 976469

Fuck, that's terrible. I fear this will get in my way to acces to a higher education. That would be an effective way to control any possible disident teenager.

No. 976470

I'm not, but at least I will know where to get guns from kek.

No. 976472

how old are you? here you have to be vaccinated to live on uni residence/attend classes too kek

mind telling us more about this super safe area?

No. 976473

Yeh girl, get 'em! You'll be one of those badasses driving up to the safe house in a armoured jeep wearing a sick pair of cargo pants and a tank top all covered in zombie guts.

No. 976475

No, it refers to the passes that you have to bring to any activities, shops, work, studies and in my city now also to traffic. And in case you still belong to those filthy public enemies, you have to fill out address forms for these places if you even get to enter.

No. 976476

I just finished watching JFK (1991) of Oliver Stone. Have you nonas ever watched it? I think I could use Kevin Costner to redpill my mother about conspiracy theories.

No. 976477

Nice try, buddy

No. 976480

Oh nonna, you already know me so well. If you spare some drinks, I'm gonna protect your super safe area from the inevitable mobs.

No. 976484

FTM mothers don't create retarded children, it's even worse. the unnatural leves of t in the blood of these bitches changes the brain structure of the fetus due to anormal testosterone levels of the mother, leading them (the babies) to have the brains of a psychopath. they are creating psychopath because of muh gender

No. 976488

Turn off your computer and go get tested, you idiot

No. 976500

I was reading the other day about the effects of inadequate doses of sex hormones during fetus development and hermaphrodism cases.

No. 976507

this really is the tinfoil thread lmao suggesting the federalist as a news source. god bless

No. 976524

I swear someone copypasted these posts I got major deja Vu

No. 976527

Dear God, please burn the graphics card of the retarded redditor spamming this thread

No. 976536

You came to the tinfoil thread, what were you expecting?

No. 976593

Flu shot rates usually fall into roughly 50% every year and it's fine, COVID vaccination rates in most countries are supposed 60-90% and it's still not enough and they blame the very small minority of unvaxxed for all of their problems and hospitalization

No. 976658

I posted and didin't remove the video link so I had to delete a post and do it again, maybe you saw that.

No. 976803

tons of female athletes who were doped up and filled with testosterone had children that weren't psychopaths, all your gonna get is children with minor intellectual disabilities

No. 976817

I looked up The Federalist and bookmarked them. I will try to put facts together to make a decent story for them to want to run. The semester is almost over, so that may be a problem? But I’m also admittedly scared of backlash so perhaps it’s better to come out once I know I’ll never have to see the professor again and they cannot trace it back to me.

No. 976927

File: 1637731961902.jpg (26.75 KB, 220x330, Diane_Rodriguez_y_Su_esposo_Za…)

Having naturally high levels of testosterone due to excessive exercise is different than taking snake pills of testosterone AND estrogen/progesterone blockers with a laundry list of side effects. I could imagine it's even more unhealthy if they're impregnated by a man pumping himself up with estrogen and testosterone blockers. Babies get deformed on things like Spiro but do trans couples even bother stopping hormones to get pregnant? Wouldn't surprise me if they ignore all the possible effects and force a human to exist in this world with a ton of deformities for the sake of their selfishness just to "prove" themselves.

No. 976930

+Having low estrogen can cause fetal malnutrition and low progesterone can cause issues with the placenta
If a female athlete just has high testosterone as long as if she has a good level of progesterone and estrogen the baby will be fine, blocking essential hormones in pregnancy can cause lots of issues

No. 976943

I'm not referring to normal female athletes, I'm referring to doped up eastern belt athletes who had a number of health problems due to steroid abuse

No. 976944

What babies have they had without any known problems?

No. 976963

You're way braver than anybody in that class. But yeh, keep yourself safe.

No. 976968

mostly minor intellectual disabilities as well higher roots of club foots

No. 976982

The funniest thing is that people who are filling the hospitals right now are not even there because of covid. They neglected every other ailment for 2 damn years, now people are getting sick because they couldn't get their checkups on time but fuckers test everyone who goes to a hospital. Drank some orange juice before testing? Off to the covid ward you go, even if you're here for your brain tumour we didn't give a shit about for 2 years hehe. Look, covid ward full, unvaxxed bad!

No. 977022

Are you focusing on that instead of the videos of them “injecting” with empty hands, still having caps on and syringes already pressed on purpose?

No. 977181

There has been a lot of controversy around the gardasil vaccine, women were ignored when reporting side effects in the trial.

>please get your gardasil shot, it's not a bill gates co op, i swear. its your civic duty as someone with a vagina who im assuming wants to keep it

how are you still so naive? Did you even bother to research this? There has been so much written about it, the gardasil vaccine is not safe or effective

No. 977344

File: 1637792337506.jpeg (598.71 KB, 932x1035, DAB4C5AD-573C-4598-876D-EDAC7D…)

This creepy ass dude on tiktok that went viral for an odd tiktok that I myself was laughing at, but now I feel sick. He has monitors in the back of what look like people being held in a basement of something…


No. 977352

Yeah I be calling the calls on buffalo bill rn if anyone has an idea where he's at??

No. 977364

It gives me some hope that most people in the comments are using "he" and "man" and not whining that he's just some "poor suffering stunning trans gal"

No. 977382

Jesus christ, I don’t know what’s a worse possibility, the videos being footage from some obscure live footage of kidnapping victims, or the videos being live footage of actually kidnapping victims that he has in his basement or somewhere else.

No. 977456

didnt read the comments but did anyone consider it could be a zoom call?

No. 977478

I watched some more of his tiktoks and damn….he lives in squalor. He has a bunch of cages around the house too, but he has dogs so who knows

No. 977619

NTA but I was in agreement with them, I don’t think they were a fedchan, I think they genuinely wanted to be helpful about educating women about HPV. I got the first dose of the HPV vaccine myself but never followed up. Not sure if I should, but yeah. I’m afraid of getting it from scrotes via cheating or assault. I think for me personally the vaccine is better than getting cancer from some rape ape. But I could understand if the women on this tinfoil thread are super suspicious of it. If that’s the case then always make your scrote bf std test and always carry around self defense stuff ladies. It’s literally us against the world
Thank you, nona.

No. 977620

File: 1637816952051.png (676.13 KB, 1007x736, 4B25A06E-85BF-4834-876D-273F0C…)

Britney is definitely not free, her release from her conservatorship was too good to be true.

No. 977630

Yeah but if it's a zoom call, why is there this footage of a few girls sitting in a squalor seen from top? I guess the one seen in a close-up could have pointed a camera toward her friends. If it's a live camera of kidnapping victims, why does one camera show a close-up of the girl?
IDK both options are suspicious to me. Either could be wrong.
This is fucked up, the lack of comment is eerie. It does look like someone is sending a message or even a warning with that photo

No. 977640

This is absolutely not something you'd post yourself. She perhaps changed hands rather than being truly freed since the mood is different to her past posts. Very creepy.
This gives me an instant like jumpscare reaction just seeing the still image, like I would get my gun out on sight for this one (I have no gun since illegal in my country but the instinct is still there)

No. 977651

I really hate to say this and I don’t wish her any harm nor ill will but at this point, the only way Britney will be free is when she dies. Once one signs the contract -with or without their consent, they are bound to this industry for life and will do what they are told…or else. Her fam sold her out.

No. 977689

i had the vaccine and it didnt protect me at all. my doctor was shocked that i had it. got raped 10 yrs ago and had a procedure done last month to cut out cancer. my hpv was undetectable until recently, but i know its from then because i went celibate. it could potentially be helpful to get it but the fact that it wasnt for me just makes me pissed. so yes nonna get the vaccine if you want but also no unprotected sex if you can help it and ask for copies of tests always

No. 977889

don't let them take your wisdom teeth

No. 977906

File: 1637862788345.png (41.48 KB, 785x1280, image_processing20200609-31009…)

Vaccine aside, the denial over HPV itself makes me want to smash my head against a wall.
I hope you are recovering well, nonnie.

No. 977950

Baphomet isn't going to fuck you, nonnie.

No. 977956

Too late anon it hurt like hell

No. 978025

>I think they genuinely wanted to be helpful about educating women about HPV
Anon please, they brought it up to distract from the main discussion, which was the very short effectiveness of covid vaccines.

No. 978034

Anons do you think the vaccine fucks with some people's immune system?
Are there any (preferably not paid by said vaccine manufacturers) papers regarding it yet?
I noticed my entire family of 3 two-times vaccinated people infected eachother with bronchitis over the span of 2 weeks, only I didn't get it and usually my immune system is quite average.
There literally was not a single instance in the past where I didn't also get a flu, bronchitis, cold etc when my family had it, so it really baffles me.


No. 978044

Idk about the vaccine but I'm a chronic weed smoker and I ignored the first few lockdowbs because I was a mess, but I mingled with so many ppl even antivaxxers who are essentially licking toilet bowls and also has people I work with get covid yet I've remained defiant. I am vaccinated but I know other vaccinated people that have got it. I really think weed fixes a lot of issues.

No. 978060

I have the same tinfoil that weed helps prevent covid infections anon! At the beginning of the rona, I had a friend who got it and was super sick, and her father was as well. The day before she came down with symptoms, she was making out with her girlfriend who is obese (statistically more at risk to negative side effects of covid), but her girlfriend was fine. So was her sister who lives with them. Her sister and girlfriend both smoke weed.

Do any anons know any stoners who got the covid?
>Not people with cannabis use disorder, just stoners

No. 978068

yeah man, like give the old people weed, man. it's like totally all they need, man.

No. 978070

Not too long after covid became a pandemic I remember reading an article by a doctor about how vaping had the potential to protect the lungs from covid. Now I can't find anything about it.

No. 978208

I can understand that in terms of thc and cannabinoid vaping but I read this a while ago:

>It's speculated that this mechanism was the cause of the “Vaping Illness” which had the same lung damge, symptoms, fatality rate and disease demographics as COVID19, due to Long Wave Magnetic Anomoly events in mid 2019 — amplified by smokers using iron containing vaping devices or potentially due to oxidative stress catalysis from the pyrolysis of Vitamin E acetate. Duroquinone is a Vitamin E pyrolysis product and can trigger catalysis of oxidative damage cascades in the lung. Its important to note that this work created the only time correlated prediction of mass casualty events in 2020 — the ultimate validation of scientific theory.


I autistically make my own weed carts so I came across a lot of information on the health effects of the popular vape additives mainly found in flavored nicotine products. Don't use Vitamin E EVER and be cautious about using thinners like PG and VG, though I used to use flavored juice with VG and didn't have problems.

I have actually noticed an improvement in my lungs since I started vaping, and when you think about the science of vaping it makes a lot of sense. When you cough a ton after a dab it's because you're actually turning oil into a vapor aka a bunch of tiny particles that end up recondensing in your lungs. This is then absorbed by your lungs and the coughing/full chest feeling goes away. The consistency of this is very much like honey and although you can't compare the medicinal effects of honey to thc but it does have its own benefits.

Quoted portion has some interesting tidbits in the context which I was taking notes but relevant to the conversation I guess. I'm not sure if it was here or not that someone linked to an article about covid being related to space weather and Proterozoic bedrock but if anyone is interested I can link that too. It makes a lot of sense to me.

No. 978209

I hate how people who say ivermectin works for COVID are called crazy conspiracy theorists and then will jump through hoops when you post archived studies about how anti vaxxers are conspiring against the world with 39 different studies

No. 978267

dentists will push you to have all your wisdom teeth pulled out, but it isn't for health reasons. I mean sometimes they come in wrong but people lived ok with wisdom teeth for all history.

and the thing is that wisdom teeth actually spur the continued growth of your jawbone. So if they get pulled, your face doesnt actually grow into your real mature face shape.

And also, whenever you grow something new like that, your brain makes additional connections to the new nerves that stay as extra neurons even if the tooth gets remoced later.

And they also act as just extra teeth that it's ok to lose, which is the point of them in nature. When you chew you naturally move things to your back molars to crunch them, which is the most dangerous job for teeth. So if you have wisdom teeth to crunch hard things it's ok if they break cause they just get pulled.

I cracked a wisdom tooth pretty bad but since it's wisdom tooth I could just get it pulled, and since I was naturally missing its equivalent on the other side, my teeth are perfectly even again. If i'd had the wisdom teeth extracted already, i might have cracked a molar instead, and now i'd be in for a root canal nightmare.

I still have both upper wisdom teeth though, and having had them for several years, my cheekbone & jaw definition has gotten significantly stronger. And also ive gained much more of a taste for bitter herbs & vegetables, which makes sense since your wisdom teeth are meant for chewing tough herbs, so it makes sense you'd gain more of a taste for those things when you have the teeth to chew them. Body changes can cause a lot of unknown changes in the brain & behavior.

No. 978277

That's a pretty interesting read anon. You've made me glad I still have my wisdom teeth!
I'm curious how many people who get them taken out actually need them to be taken out. So many dentists are just out for your money. My family dentist retired so I have to find a new one. The dentist who took over the retired guy's practice told me I needed a root canal. I decided to take my chances and not do anything - guess who didn't need a root canal? So, I went to a new dentist. This dentist told me I had 3 cavities (my first ones ever at the age of 25) and I should get them filled ASAP. I wasn't prepared for that so I said I'd reschedule. The receptionist didn't seem too concerned when I said I've give them a call later, so I again took my chances and didn't do anything.
Thankfully, a family member found a reliable dentist, so I went to him. He told me that I only had one extremely small cavity, and since this was my first time seeing me he can't make a decision because he didn't know my "rate of decay," but based on never having any other cavities he said it probably wasn't something I had to worry about. I ended up getting it filled that day, but it was so small I didn't need any kind of Novocaine or numbing.
Now my brother went to a new dentist, and they told him he has 11 cavities. That's right, eleven. Also his first cavities ever, and no tooth pain. He's getting a second opinion somewhere else.

Long story short, some dentists will try to suck money out of you whenever they can. This is extremely upsetting to me, as people in the medical field's number priority should be doing what is best for someone's health. Instead, they try to get as much money out of people as they can.
This is another one of the reasons why I think doctors aren't being truthful about COVID. More fear = more vaccines = more money.

No. 978287

This reminds me of when I was told I needed to extract 4 or more teeth before getting braces. Luckily I went to a different orthodontist and I still have all my teeth when that first guy was willing to make me a gap-toothed neanderthal. ALWAYS trust your gut with these money-grubbing devils.

No. 978537

the key thing is whether the person ypu go to, doctor or dentist, is on a fixed salary or gets paid per procedure.

Broadly, big hospital = fixed salary, private practice = they profit per procedure.

I went to a university dental school clinic this time, rather than a small dentist, because I aged out of my parents' insurance, and they could see me first thing next morning, while my dentist's first thing was 2 weeks away. The experience is night & day. Totally upfront about all the possibilities for treatment, and you get to hear the dentist-in-training explain her diagnosis to the dentist professor and his opinion on it.

And they literally talk about "what's your diagnosis as far as what we should do right now at this clinic" vs "what would you do in private practice" with the explicit understanding that they're different. In my case it was like "right now i'd extract the cracked tooth and the other wisdom teeth" to which the professor dentist said "well let's just do the cracked one for today. And what would you do in private practice?" and the training dentist said like "fill with a temporary filling and schedule for an exploratory [something] to see if a root canal is needed" which he said was right. But then later he was telling me that even if they did do a root canal the tooth would probably have issues down the road anyway.

So they like explicitly do the more expensive procedure in private practice, even if it's going to cause way more problems in the long run! To some extent I think that's because people don't want a tooth pulled but still, why were the treatment courses so different?

Highly recommend the dental school clinic even if you have insurance though… it's all students who are about my age (25-30) and professor age old guys, so you get a second opinion right there, and I trust that combo of people a lot more than one 45-55 white guy and his four 22 yr old blonde hygienists tbqh.

No. 978541

That’s really interesting…..when I got my wisdom teeth out, I noticed the left side of my face looked super different and I figured it was just swelling. It’s never fully gone back to looking the way I swear it did before, obviously not swollen anymore but noticeably different from before the extraction. Oh well. Maybe nonnies that are still wise will consider this.

No. 978546

I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled out because it was "moving" all my other teeth and ruining my bite, i think some people do need it and some not, if it doesn't deform your bite you don't have to extract them.

No. 978570

I’m in a similar boat. I had to get my all of mine removed because of how severely impacted they were growing in. They weren’t even growing up through my gum line they were growing straight toward my back molars and causing all sorts of issues. One of the wisdom teeth actually grew so into a molar that the dentist was scared that when he took the wisdom tooth that the molar next to it would crumble because the molar was now kind of being supported by the wisdom tooth (it didn’t thank god).

No. 978596

Braces are a scam too. I vividly remember in high school every single kid with perfectly fine teeth got braces. Same with glasses? I have okay vision and constantly get prescribed glasses that are extra extra sharp for no apparent reason and it slowly makes my vision shitter

No. 978614

You could just do eye exercises reg and stop it from getting worse but they hook you on glasses, then make them super expensive. Literally most big industries method. As for braces very few ppl would need them if our soil wasn't stripped of nutrients and didn't let kids suck on their thumb/pacifier.

No. 978665

> tbh the fact that you associate femininity with meekness and weakness makes me want to trebuchet you into the stratosphere

that’s literally what femininity is though most of you bitches are weak as fuckkkkk lol(bait)

No. 978703

Oh would you look at that, it's the retarded mutated Y gene! Are you proud of your chimp strenght? Or maybe your natural retardation and lack of any shred of emotional intelligence is what you enjoy the most?

No. 978723


what kind of eye exercises? I've seen a lot of different ones and I'm not sure which actually work. I have terrible eyesight but never wear glasses.

No. 978793

File: 1637976089860.png (620 KB, 1080x1853, Screenshot_20211126-171428-675…)

Can someone explain to me the pro-covids logic behind any of this?
>Severe side effects being reported from the COVID vaccine should be ignored and everyone should get the vaccine anyway because it's only very small percentage
>Minor side effects from life saving medicines mean you cannot use these medicines whatsoever and any doctor who uses it needs to be fired, anyone who suggests it is the most stupid person on earth, and all the studies behind it are red propaganda

>Rich people take ivermectin for COVID = turn the cheek

>Poor people forced to take animal medicine for COVID = stupid, "exclusively horse dewormer"
>Rich people get fake vaccines while harassing others to get them = turn the cheek

No. 978796

File: 1637976476385.png (79.35 KB, 511x523, meow.png)

>rich people do thing no one care
It's almost like…. people are paid to write stories and articles about certain subjects (aka poorfags being poor and stupid regarding vaccines) while they are also paid to not use the media to comment negatively on rich people… hmmmm…

Idk anon, it's kinda funky like that! Guess we'll never know who's behind the whole "turn the cheek when rich people do bad thing" narrative!

No. 978797

when you say turn the cheek do you mean turn a blind eye or?

No. 978800

Sure but the issue is that normies will fight like their life depends on it for rich folks who couldn't care less if they died or not.they can't even admit when things are propaganda when anything that's posted about ivermectin that isn't saying it's bad is being censored. Several studies proving the effectiveness of ivermectin works for COVID are censored from Reddit and if you post the links you get removed. And despite all this no one thinks it's shady at all

Which brings me to my next point - why are liberals all of the sudden having a deep trust in the media even though they preached for ages about how the media lies and now they think propaganda doesn't exist at all

No. 978814

>why are liberals all of the sudden having a deep trust in the media even though they preached for ages about how the media lies and now they think propaganda doesn't exist at all
Because people are more likely to believe in and trust in things that more go along with their beliefs. Look at all the MAGA faggots that believe literally everything they hear if it fits in with their beliefs.

Not just that, but liberals have almost always been on the side of science & medicine. This isn't just "media" that is pushing forward here. This is scientific and medical news being provided to them. Whereas conservatives = Christian = "science no real". When science is the forefront of any sort of media, liberals are more likely to believe in it.

No. 978815

samefag and before anyone says "BUT WHO SAYS THE SCIENCE IS REAL OR PROVEN THERE ISNT ENOUGH DATA". Doesn't matter. Not every liberal is a fact-reading, subject studying expert on what they hear. Liberals can be just as ignorant as conservatives, depending on the subject.

No. 978821

I definitely agree. I'm pretty left leaning and anytime I express my concerns about the vaccines, ivermectin,etc I get accused of being the biggest Trump tard on earth. It becomes a weird and dangerous path when we start combining politics and medicine

No. 978873

Anyone notice old ppl are getting more and more forgetful recently?

No. 978891

unpopular tinfoil: her whole abusive conservatorship is probably a huge publicity stunt

No. 978910

OT sorry for spoon-feed but can I get a TLDR of how ivermectin helps? It’s an antiparasitic and Covid is not a parasite…

No. 978915

What if it is some kind of parasite or
foreign body?
That’s my tinfoil
Why else would ivermectin work? What else does it treat?

No. 978919

It has more than 1 use anon…

No. 978927

File: 1637992271846.png (214.35 KB, 500x534, 1617015034305.png)

Systems won't become cognizant and choose violence, self-construct an anthropomorphic form, and then kick our ass. No. Some slavs operating in a Ransomware-as-a-Service gig will fuck around and find out some novel machine learning algorithm that will evolve to merge current botnets and begin implementing its own, hopefully taking over every single asset connected to any network. Then it'll shit itself and brick us out. Forever, I hope. One can dream! I want that, or big EMP. People are really bad at keeping cold back-ups. If not massively destructive, it'd at least be super funny.

No. 978943

Plenty of medicines help cure things beyond their original uses. A medfag went more into this in either this thread or the coof one if you're interested.

No. 979410

Does anyone remember at the beginning of the COVID vaccine it was strictly for medical professionals and people who are high earners, all with little to no reported side effects?

Now that vaccines are free to all, strictly, strictly mandated, all of the sudden there's a ton of severe side effects including death???

My theory is that there's a real COVID vaccine and the ones they've been forcing into the poor are experimental and risky vaccines. It's also a good way to scapegoat the concerned poor people since everyone is so brainwashed to see unvaccinated people as some disgusting disease spreading heathens even though I know damn well the same people who are ready to lynch the unvaccinated for "literally murdering everyone" also fucked around, partied, didn't wear a mask, etc during the pandemics peak Dr Mike all while being unvaccinated. So now that COVID is slowing down they suddenly developed an intense fear of COVID? What sense does that make? Especially those like doctor Mike who live in areas where most people are vaccinated

No. 979419

I know healthcare workers were eligible first, but I never heard about the wealthy being prioritized.
But that's how side effects can work. Not all are immediate, and they can become more apparent as time goes on, which seems to be happening here.
I don't think there's a real vaccine and a fake one. But I do think some politicians and celebrities didn't actually get the jab. If they didn't want one, they could opt for saline.
However, there has been an observation that certain lots of the vaccine have more adverse effects than other lots.

No. 979427

my mouth had enough room for them, but it was pushing all my teeth together and making it harder to floss. I got them removed when I was 22, so I think my jaw was already done growing. If they aren’t growing sideways and impacting your jaw, and aren’t smashing your teeth together then a good dentist will say there’s no real reason to remove them.

No. 979518

File: 1638054202676.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.21 KB, 1140x641, image.jpg)

The probability of severe side effects from the vaccine are low enough where reports of severe side effects are going to be rare when only a handful of the population is vaxxed. Given the rate of severe vaccine side effects vs. the rate of severe COVID damage, the real conspiracy is that tptb are spreading vaccine misinfo to scare the poor and retarded into avoiding the vaccine so they take their chances with COVID.

No. 979531

If this was the case the entire internet wouldn't try so hard to censor and remove people who speak up about side effects and censor trials that show the effectiveness of ivermectin, the rich wouldn't opt for fake vaccines either and there wouldn't be a huge spike in myocarditis. I also want to mention that the south African variants were only found in vaccinated people. This theory makes no sense considering the fact that side effects are being swept under the rug, any sort of information even with proof that sides with the anti vaxxers is removed and healthcare workers who have first hand experiences with COVID are quitting to avoid the vaccine

Literally the only place you can remotely discuss being anti vax on the internet now without being removed or attacked is one small subreddit and niche anonymous boards, that theory makes zero sense

No. 979541

>If this was the case the entire internet wouldn't try so hard to censor and remove people who speak up
"people disagree with me- that must mean I'm right!"
>censor trials that show the effectiveness of ivermectin
The data from that study were literally fabricated
>the rich wouldn't opt for fake vaccines either
>and there wouldn't be a huge spike in myocarditis
That's a rare but serious side-effect of the vaccine; of course there's a spike given how many people have been vaccinated. Even the MSM is reporting on myocarditis and the vaccine's lesser efficacy against variants so the whole 'they're trying to cover this up!!!' narrative doesn't hold.

No. 979565

File: 1638057901104.png (98.79 KB, 1080x941, Screenshot_20211127-134502-579…)


No. 979571

Here's a helpful calculation that you can do- ([number of myo/pericarditis reports]/[number of people vaccinated])*100 - that will get you the percentage of vaccinated people that have reported this side-effect.

No. 979574

Keep in mind it's only people that reported the side effect. The actual numbers will be much greater.

No. 979575

File: 1638059726625.png (339.53 KB, 1140x641, image.png)

No, healthcare professionals and vaccine manufacturers are required to submit reports to VAERS. Because the public can also submit reports, the numbers are likely inflated by "activists".

No. 979582

File: 1638060693390.png (37.01 KB, 1209x230, Screenshot 2021-11-27 7.50.06 …)

I've seen countless anecdotal stories of people asking their doctors about things that are happening to them after getting the vaccine, but the doctors say that it's not from the vaccine.

Do you find it curious that OSHA has eliminated the requirement for workplaces to report COVID vaccine side-effects? I do. Shouldn't they want to collect this information so they know how they can prevent it from happening to others?

No. 979590

File: 1638061246349.png (63.42 KB, 678x264, Screenshot 2021-11-27 7.58.26 …)

Too add, Pfizer didn't even properly record the actual amount of deaths in it's numbers while the vaccine had the first rounds of clinical trials going. Do you really think the vaccine manufacturers are being truthful when negative effects can hurt their profits?

No. 979592

Humans are irresponsible though especially nowadays, a lot of people will forget to do tasks such as reporting these things or people who just don't want to deal with the 20 minute answering system most hospitals have before you can even talk to a real person

No. 979597

>I've seen countless anecdotal stories of people asking their doctors about things that are happening to them after getting the vaccine, but the doctors say that it's not from the vaccine.
So your source of truth is internet randos? May as well form your opinions on COVID from /r/hermancainaward at that point.
>Do you find it curious that OSHA has eliminated the requirement for workplaces to report COVID vaccine side-effects?
Well it's great that they're not the institution responsible for providing a public database on vaccine side-effects like VAERS then.
Link to the schizo article you screenshotted? Or even better, is there a link to the report they're citing? 15 vs. 21 can range from statistically insignificant to extremely significant depending on how many people were in the study.
And who do you think that the people passionate enough to report or false-report temporary inflammation to a database that only antivaxxers and extremely anti-antivax mongs know about are?

No. 979601

>Well it's great OSHA isn't the institution responsible on providing a public database on vaccine side-effects
OSHA is trying to mandate vaccines in the United States for companies that have over 100 employees. It's extremely concerning that they are trying to mandate a vaccine while eliminating the requirement to report adverse side-effects of that vaccine.

Article link: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/fda-quietly-discloses-that-21-not-15-people-died-during-pfizers-jab-trials/
FDA document: https://www.fda.gov/media/151733/download
Pfizer document: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.07.28.21261159v1.supplementary-material

15 vs. 21 can indeed be statistically insignificant, but the fact is that Pfizer is the one running the study and should have reported those deaths accordingly. Any death that they did not report is significant, since they were closely monitoring the patients in their clinical trials. At least, they are supposed to be closely monitoring those who participated in the trials…
And for your final point, why would anti-vaxxers post bogus side effects on VAERS? That would be against their argument.

No. 979604

I don't think it's wise to speak about severe side effects after a few months. If there's irreparable damage, you're going to see it in a year or two. I really hope there aren't though because shit would be on fire if it gets so bad it cannot be ignored anymore.

No. 979605

File: 1638063459791.png (75.72 KB, 739x365, Screenshot 2021-11-27 8.35.52 …)

Here are some screenshots to help you out nonny. Also notice how there were more deaths in the vaccine group than there were in the placebo group. The letter and article says the vaccine didn't cause them, so I'm not arguing that. I think it's funny how those who got the vaccine had higher total morbidity than those who didn't receive it. What a coincidence.

No. 979608

>It's extremely concerning that they are trying to mandate a vaccine while eliminating the requirement to report adverse side-effects of that vaccine.
Why isn't VAERS, a database run by an actual health institution, sufficient?
>but the fact is that Pfizer is the one running the study and should have reported those deaths accordingly
I would recommend that you read through the actual studies yourself. There's no mention of '21 dead' in the FDA doc, and the FDA doc contains info about multiple studies. In the scientific publication, 14 people in the control group died and 15 people in the treatment group died.
Most health conditions don't somehow 'activate' a few years, hence why people who have symptomatic COVID immediately have effects that stick around.
Yeah; 14 people who didn't receive the vaccine died and 15 who did died. Literally the definition of statistically insignificant.

No. 979610

>Does anyone remember at the beginning of the COVID vaccine it was strictly for medical professionals and people who are high earners
I worked in a pharmacy while vaccines were being distributed and they went to clinics for residents of nursing homes first, with employees having the option to be vaccinated if there was enough extra left over. After that it was by age and again, if there was extra we would just ask random customers in-store or call relatives to see if they wanted a jab.

No. 979611

>the real conspiracy is that tptb are spreading vaccine misinfo to scare the poor and retarded into avoiding the vaccine so they take their chances with COVID.
Also what would be the goal of that? Nevermind several countries are already at the point where they force people to take the vaccine by forbidding income, studies and any social life otherwise (taking the rights to healthcare and entry to food supplies and possible fines and prison punishments are also hot debated and planned now)

No. 979612

>Most health conditions don't somehow 'activate' a few years
It's not about activation, it's about those issues getting noticed. Cancer, problems with the immune system, heart problems etc usually take a while.

No. 979614

Oh yeah you missed this part from the actual thing that was referenced:
>Among participants 16 through 55 years of age who had received at least 1 dose of
COMIRNATY (N=12,995) or placebo (N=13,026), serious adverse events from Dose 1
up to the participant unblinding date in ongoing follow-up were reported by 103 (0.8%)
COMIRNATY recipients and 117 (0.9%) placebo recipients. In a similar analysis in
participants 56 years of age and older (COMIRNATY=8,931, placebo=8,895), serious
adverse events were reported by 165 (1.8%) COMIRNATY recipients and 151 (1.7%)
placebo recipients who received at least 1 dose of COMIRNATY or placebo, respectively. In these analyses, 58.2% of study participants had at least 4 months of
23 follow-up after Dose 2. There were no notable patterns between treatment groups for
specific categories of serious adverse events (including neurologic, neuro-inflammatory,
and thrombotic events) that would suggest a causal relationship to COMIRNATY.
From Dose 1 through the March 13, 2021 data cutoff date, there were a total of 38
deaths, 21 in the COMIRNATY group and 17 in the placebo group. None of the deaths
were considered related to vaccination
A 0.1% difference in an 8k+ to 8k+ statistical analysis lol
To kill off undesirables. I've been spreading vaccine disinfo to help the boomer remover do its job so I assume others are as well.
Lol immune system issues and heart problems pop up immediately, hence why myocarditis is a side-effect and people get vaccine sickness for a couple days.

No. 979615

File: 1638064271482.png (26.07 KB, 633x63, Screenshot 2021-11-27 8.46.28 …)

Because anyone can submit data to VAERS. VAERS is used to identify trends so scientists to follow-up on. The FDA also has acknowledged that myocarditis is a severe risk.
The FDA document clearly states there were 21 vaccine recipients who died. I'll post in again in another format in case you didn't see it at the end of the other pic.

>14 people who didn't receive the vaccine died and 15 who did died. Literally the definition of statistically insignificant.

So the vaccine is not effective since the difference between the two groups was statistically insignificant.

No. 979616

Honestly, the censorship is getting fucking ridiculous. Nothing stays up, saved tweets that are just macabre jokes are suddenly marked as invisible, yt videos get almost immediately deleted after more than like 10 people watch them, search engines show up close to nothing when you search for "critical" terms. It's insane.

No. 979617

>To kill off undesirables.
People who pay tax and provide low pay work?
>I've been spreading vaccine disinfo to help the boomer remover do its job so I assume others are as well.
Oh nevermind, you're one of those. See you in a year.

No. 979622

Again, the FDA doc compounds multiple studies. There was no lying involved.
>So the vaccine is not effective since the difference between the two groups was statistically insignificant.
Unless the vaccine is supposed to protect people from things like suicide and HIV, no
In a year I'll surely get my just desserts! In the meantime I'll watch you catch COVID lung and help your parents shuffle off this mortal coil.

No. 979624

The deaths in the studies were attributed to multiple factors. COVID isn't the only thing you can die from.

No. 979627

File: 1638065023873.jpg (1.19 MB, 3226x3034, c87b80a623e1e37a43be03051e6967…)

>Even the MSM is reporting on myocarditis
They sure do.

No. 979630

If you read the Pfizer study, you would also see that the information was taken from across multiple studies and the deaths were from the same trials.

I still don't understand how this shows vaccines are effective considering that more people who took the vaccine died than those who did not.
>I deleted this and reposting, this was in response to >>979624.

No. 979631

File: 1638065143929.png (29.94 KB, 706x210, Screenshot 2021-11-27 9.00.21 …)

forgot pic

No. 979633

>Lol immune system issues and heart problems pop up immediately
Yeah, people usually know the next day when they're infected with HIV

No. 979636

I've been waiting patiently for that sweet 0.0x percent chance, but it's already been two years nonna and my immune system and lungs are still going strong. But according to the newest news I will be dead in two weeks this time for sure, so there's some hope for you.

No. 979648

File: 1638065914729.png (258.71 KB, 1003x859, image.png)

I wasn't aware that heart disease = myocarditis but you're free to search "myocarditis" in your favorite search engine and look at the news results.
>If you read the Pfizer study, you would also see that the information was taken from across multiple studies and the deaths were from the same trials.
It was the same study (original research publication = study); the FDA submission compounds and reports from different publications.
>I still don't understand how this shows vaccines are effective considering that more people who took the vaccine died than those who did not.
How many of the people in each group died from COVID? And I thought we were talking about the dangers of the vaccine, not vaccine efficacy.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I took a placebo developed HIV the next day. Strange how those things work!
That's cool. What I'm trying to do is help sew seeds of doubt that will reach extremely online tards' older relatives since they are more likely to suffer from adverse effects of COVID and they're the ones that raised the extremely online tards. So far it seems to be working pretty well since anti-vaxxers will apparently gobble up whatever dumb shit fuels their paranoia, and they won't shut up about it so it inevitably reaches their infirm relatives. Like look at this retard who doesn't even know how stats work >>979605 and imagine how stupid his parents are to have raised someone like that.

No. 979662

File: 1638066682833.jpg (29.49 KB, 620x505, 18405436046e332313a8c54bfcb038…)

You're so far into your retarded "vax vs antivaxxer" bullshit, you are spending free time of your life shilling (and possibly against your own intentions of killing boomers or whatever) without even getting paid, while calling your "enemies" "extremely online tards". I never use that term, but in this case I'm begging you to touch some grass.

No. 979676

I'm not the one who mainlines fear propaganda around medicine. It takes me a few mins every few weeks when I'm bored to get you monkeys howling. I'd do it to smug anti-antivaxxers too because they're also incredibly annoying but unfortunately they don't have any life-ruining practices aside from transing kids, and most of them are childfree and kids are innocent so the cost:reward ratio renders it pointless.

No. 979678

>his parents are
Do you know where you are?
I was talking about the effectiveness of the vaccines. The adverse side-effects don't help the cause for mandates along with the vaccine doesn't seem to have lasting effectiveness. I didn't see in the paper how many people died from COVID. Did you catch anything? Because I would think if that more people died from COVID in the unvaxxed group, that would be highlighted in the paper.

The FDA paper is comprised of entirely data from Pfizer. The links are comprised of data from the same groups. I have no idea what you are on about saying the FDA submission is taking data from different studies. It's all information from Pfizer. Pfizer published different information in July than what the FDA came out with in November. This should be concerning that Pfizer is giving the public access to one information point but gives the FDA something different.

No. 979698

File: 1638068328618.png (127.51 KB, 823x815, image.png)

>The adverse side-effects don't help the cause for mandates along with the vaccine doesn't seem to have lasting effectiveness.
But we are talking about side-effects, not the long-term efficacy.
>I didn't see in the paper how many people died from COVID. Did you catch anything? Because I would think if that more people died from COVID in the unvaxxed group, that would be highlighted in the paper.
Here's the table of reported deaths.
> Pfizer published different information in July than what the FDA came out with in November.
On second look, you're right insofar as they're reporting the results of one study; however, the publication explicitly says "data cut-off: November 14, 2020" whereas the FDA submission is reporting from "March 13, 2021"

No. 979740

File: 1638071759130.png (196.78 KB, 665x428, Screenshot 2021-11-27 10.53.00…)

Thank you for that.
I do see that the Pfizer publication also indicates that the data was updated as of March 13th 2021.
But overall, based on what said before in >>979614, the two COVID deaths in the placebo group are statistically insignificant compared to the zero deaths in the vaccine group. Same goes for the COVID-19 pneumonia deaths and the 4 cardiac arrests in the vaccine group vs. the respective 0 and 1 deaths in the placebo group.
What I'm gathering from this discussion is:
1. The FDA document shows the information they evaluated in order to approve the Pfizer vaccine
2. The information presented does not show statistical significance of the effectiveness of the vaccines in preventing COVID deaths
Going back to side-effects, the FDA also acknowledges that there is potential for severe side effects of myocarditis and pericarditis and long-term effects are not yet known.

No. 979742

File: 1638071917426.png (213.06 KB, 654x512, Screenshot 2021-11-27 10.40.24…)

picrel for all the mentions of the Pfizer publication using data from March 13th.

Getting the vaccine should be a choice and people who are unvaccinated should not have any privileges taken away because long term effects including myocarditis are not yet known, and the vaccine is proving less and less effective as time goes on, hence the need for boosters, and the unknown of what the efficacy will be after 6 months of that.

No. 979753

File: 1638072634723.png (58.25 KB, 709x135, image.png)

>2. The information presented does not show statistical significance of the effectiveness of the vaccines in preventing COVID deaths
If you look at other parts of the docs, there's info on the efficacy in the results sections, but not efficacy about preventing COVID deaths because the COVID death rates were too low in each sample. You're right insofar as there's no data about long-term side effects, but the same can be said for COVID and myocarditis is a well-understood condition that almost always lasts a few days and doesn't result in any long-term damage or death. We're talking about a fraction of a fraction of vaccine recipients here as well. There's also evidence that COVID is associated with elevated risk of myocarditis as with other viral infections, see https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7035e5.htm

No. 979780

Looking up myocarditis, it doesn't look like something to say "it's not that serious," especially for children and young adults.
From the Myocarditis Foundation - https://www.myocarditisfoundation.org/about-myocarditis/
>Myocarditis is the 3rd leading cause of Sudden Death in children and young adults.
While the risk of myocarditis from the vaccine is very small, the chances of a healthy person ending up in the hospital are also extremely small, and I'd assume the risk of getting myocarditis from COVID are even smaller than that.

Doesn't it also raise a red flag to you that there were so little COVID deaths in the study, yet it's regarded as a global pandemic for which we are ruining the economy and people's livlihoods for? My tinfoil is that there ultimately will be more excess deaths from suicide, overdoses, and domestic violence because of the lockdowns and how COVID was handled than if we just let it run its course. But pharmaceutical companies are making record profits, so it's okay! /s

No. 979787

>Looking up myocarditis, it doesn't look like something to say "it's not that serious," especially for children and young adults.
It's overwhelmingly a temporary condition that doesn't come with long-lasting side-effects. If you compare it to something line COVID lung then it becomes pretty clear which you'd rather live with, though again, COVID also causes myocarditis.
>Doesn't it also raise a red flag to you that there were so little COVID deaths in the study, yet it's regarded as a global pandemic for which we are ruining the economy and people's livlihoods for?
No, a low death rate for a study that runs for a few months isn't particularly abnormal, especially when you consider how long it takes for COVID patients to die on average and the likelihood that COVID skeptics were screened out given the fact that it was a trial for an experimental vaccine. However, you're right- mortality is up across the board due to the effects of COVID and the lockdown. Not only that, but the US healthcare system is wrecked because it's clogged with COVID patients and staff are quitting en masse due to the shitty working conditions. It's going to take a very long time for things to even approximate normal.

No. 979792

File: 1638074850417.png (117.69 KB, 651x397, Screenshot 2021-11-27 11.44.45…)

I'll add another source from Johns Hopkins (last screenshot is from Myocarditis Foundation though) - https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/myocarditis

This really doesn't look like something that should simply be brushed off as as nothing, especially if it effects children at higher rates.

>a low death rate for a study that runs for a few months

But the whole reason we are making these vaccines is because COVID was so dangerous and deadly, wasn't it? What is the point of pushing these vaccines so hard and all the hubbub about COVID?

I understand encouraging it for the elderly and vulnerable population, but it's asinine to mandate this for children, young adults, and healthy middle-aged people.

No. 979800

>Calls people scizo
>Claims that reported side effects are just evil anti vaxxers making false reports

No. 979802

How does this conflict with the fact that the overwhelming majority of myocarditis cases resolve quickly?
>But the whole reason we are making these vaccines is because COVID was so dangerous and deadly, wasn't it? What is the point of pushing these vaccines so hard and all the hubbub about COVID?
Because COVID has a relatively high death and long-term disability rate and shits up the healthcare system with patients. The vaccine eases these issues by preventing people from becoming extremely ill or dying due to COVID and has a low rate of severe side-effects compared to COVID. I'm very 'pro-choice' but mostly because it exerts selective pressure is against people who can't do risk management.
Did you miss the 'healthcare providers are required to make reports' part of the tiny handful of words in that comment?

No. 979811

Looking at it from that angle, the overwhelming majority of COVID cases resolve quickly with no long-term effects. Why risk giving people another illness? How many deaths from myocarditis will be too much? People are saying 1 COVID death is too much, how is myocarditis any different?

The Pfizer study on vaccines does not support COVID having high death rates. Do you have any numbers on the long-term COVID disability rates? You said upthread in >>979753
>You're right insofar as there's no data about long-term side effects, but the same can be said for COVID

NYART for this post, but I'm going back to what I said before, do you think every healthcare provider will actually make those reports? Who is enforcing it? What are the penalties if they don't, and have those penalties ever been implemented for not reporting adverse side-effects for the COVID vaccine?
The determination of the cause is up to the doctor. So if the doctor says it's not from the vaccine, then they will not report it. I'm sure doctors, after working these long, crazy COVID hours don't want to spend additional time reporting side effects to VAERS at the end of the day either.

I do have to say that I am enjoying this discussion! Thank you for the back and forth. I appreciate you are pro-choice and can understand that there are ups and downs to whatever is happening today. The mandates and the political climate have me extremely defensive over it and I tend to steer towards vaccine-hesitant talking points. But overall, I also believe the vaccine should be a choice and people have to determine what level of risk they are willing to accept - whether that be from COVID, or the vaccine.

No. 979812

Gotta love the "you're just stressed/depressed" gaslighting, classic, gotta really infuriate the scrotes bc they never get dished this hot shit.

No. 979815

>Looking at it from that angle, the overwhelming majority of COVID cases resolve quickly with no long-term effects. Why risk giving people another illness? How many deaths from myocarditis will be too much? People are saying 1 COVID death is too much, how is myocarditis any different?
calculate the risk of severe long-term effects (or death) from COVID vs. those from the vaccine.
>The Pfizer study on vaccines does not support COVID having high death rates. Do you have any numbers on the long-term COVID disability rates? You said upthread in >>979753
Quite high in patients who sought hospital care (and you can also look at excess deaths i guess); long-term effects in one study were 90% https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11239-020-02266-6 , 87% in another https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m2815.long ,etc. - the rates are somewhat variable so I'd recommend looking up something along the lines of "long-term effects COVID" in google scholar if you want to do your own research.
>do you think every healthcare provider will actually make those reports? Who is enforcing it? What are the penalties if they don't, and have those penalties ever been implemented for not reporting adverse side-effects for the COVID vaccine?
It's 'healthcare providers are required to report' + 'anyone can report' so the data are unreliable either way. Given that you are I would be able to give a false report right now, I wouldn't take those data seriously for any reason. There are peer-reviewed publications on COVID vaccines and myocarditis and COVID and myocarditis that you can browse through if you don't trust self-report.
>I do have to say that I am enjoying this discussion! Thank you for the back and forth. I appreciate you are pro-choice and can understand that there are ups and downs to whatever is happening today.
Yeah, I usually hate getting involved in these kinds of discussions but I really appreciated talking to you as well. I'm heading to sleep now but I will say that I respect your decision, especially given all of the changing and unreliable info that's floating around, and that I appreciate that you were respectful even as I got catty. Have a good night, nonnie!

No. 979817

yeah healthcare providers, if people go home and have symptoms there then how would they know? Most Americans will brush off and ignore dangerous symptoms to avoid healthcare costs. On top of that it's easy for companies to say "there's no way to prove" the severe symptoms are connected

No. 979819

because COVID symptoms and death are bad and we need to do everything in our power to prevent them, but COVID vaccine symptoms should be ignored no matter how deadly and it's okay to gaslight people who don't wanna die

No. 979823

The two studies you linked are from 2020. So much has changed since then, and the alpha and beta variants that were used for those studies are now obsolete. Notice how the media has pretty much backed away from "long-COVID" as one of it's main talking points.

Have a great night, I am heading to bed too! I hope that you and your family stay safe. It's so important that we remember it's okay to disagree with each other while still being civil, especially in these crazy times. Bless.

No. 979915

The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

No. 979918

>heart diseases are just temporary guys, heart attacks only take a few minutes!
Idk why you keep arguing with the retard.

No. 981293

The Glenn Maxwell trial just started and her defense atty mentioned high profile men (that are guilty as opposed to the client). Methinks Glenn is gonna get "suicided" at some point

No. 981307

>Glenn Maxwell
this thread has ascended to heights of retardation I never thought possible

No. 981314

sorry, JIZZ LANE

No. 981581

File: 1638242811336.png (489.19 KB, 720x1089, S.png)

Yup this is why yt suddenly wanted to get rid of the dislike button. God forbid ppl use the algorithm to express their dislike.

No. 981589

so much convenient bullshit going on just before the holidays amp up. nothing to see here!

No. 981595

Make people feel like they're alone so they'll just go along whatever the media says so it will seem the popular opinion and peer pressure can be used.

No. 981637

Paki-chan is annoying with her shitposts, but some of the anons hating on her are doing too much, they're so psychopathic and misogynistic towards her situation that i wholeheartedly believe they're scrotes, it's making me feel bad for her

No. 981655

Agree 100%. Wow, how funny that she's living in a constant fear of legalized abuse and/or death!

No. 981660

Why are so many friendships and family being torn apart by the vaccine? I work with a guy who cut out his son and grandkids because the family isn't getting the vaccine (and his daughter in law is in medical school so it's not like they're essential oil freaks)

I seriously can't imagine cutting out my own flesh and blood over something so miniscule. Why can't people just respect what people want to put in their body?

No. 981663

Babies are labrats now… I'm literally going to be sick

No. 981687

File: 1638258069002.jpeg (870.27 KB, 828x1223, 29B10CF9-98FC-4970-8447-F73258…)

Randomly remembered him. I can't believe it's been a while.

No. 981702

who is he

No. 981716

Criminal bob Ross?

No. 981717

Isaac Kappy, was in the movie Thor.
>talked about pedo ring in a Periscope (livestream on Twitter)
(Unable to find the livestream)
>accused Speilberg and Tom Hanks, and talked about seeing shit
>Uploaded vidrel (WARNING: Disturbing)
>his last stream archived: https://archive.org/details/isaac-kappys-last-video-tom-hankss-vl-ctl-m-the-npc-show-clips
>claimed he was not suicidal

No. 981719

to be fair, a lot of people with medical degrees end up falling for cults, but this doesn't seem to be the case. cutting off your own grandkids? imagine being so stubborn. i'd kill to see my hypothetical grandchildren.
you know what's actually hilarious, the fact jack dorsey is stepping down from twitter just hours before the trial starts. summ fishy goin on perhaps.

No. 981722

File: 1638261163121.jpeg (969.77 KB, 828x1384, ED4A89BA-7E58-4289-A1B6-38736C…)

Tom Hanks posts these on his SM:
>Isaac dies in that location about a month later
Could've already been dead the day he posted those.

No. 981734

What did she mean by this? Is this a good or bad thing?

No. 981742

I am so confused

No. 981745

Oh shut up

No. 981750

With what? I tried to keep it short and simple so sorry for the confusion.

No. 981757

that's fucked. looks like a horror movie set with homunculi running around. what's even more disturbing is how obviously disgusting it is to see children presented like this and knowing pedos attracted to what doesn't even appear human to me

No. 981887

>the fact jack dorsey is stepping down from twitter just hours before the trial starts
Interesting point

No. 981919

About testing on children?

No. 981966

It's fucked up especially when you realize they were trying to "summon her" repeteadly and she didn't even react to their posts or anything, almost as if they're the ones obsessed with her. My tinfoil theory is they were scrotes trying to bait her, because those shitty "jokes" seriously gave off "males joking about disadvantaged women's misfortune" vibes.

No. 982139

I don't buy it that nobody knew that Elizabeth Holmes claims of her company weren't sketchy from the start. She networked herself to the top with even presidential support. The only reason they exposed her is because she most likely pissed some elite off. Like come on now, she had ZERO credentials and was a college dropout. She had bare knowledge about health care. People are trying to pass her off as some genius mastermind criminal, but honestly I believe there is more to her story than just fraud. Her boyfriend did more bad than she did anyways. She is far from a criminal when Zuck, Musk, and Gates exist.

No. 982276

WTF is going on in south Africa? Just saw a video of students barricading a door and what sounds like a mob trying to get in

No. 982722

Anyone else get this in their recommended?

No. 982820

>She is far from a criminal when Zuck, Musk, and Gates exist
The difference is that their product actually exists, even if they stole it. Theranos' blood tests have never come close to existing.

No. 982853

File: 1638382284840.jpg (101.47 KB, 660x660, tin-foil-cats5.jpg)

The antivaxx debate in the last few years was preparation for the situation now.
The weird Elsagate syringe videos were preparation for the situation now.

No. 982884

That’s why I never got mine removed—my dentist took some X-rays and said “we’ll call you if we see anything and if we don’t, no news is good news”. And they were right: mine grew in fine, didn’t shift my teeth, didn’t hurt, etc.

No. 982910

I believe it. People who are rightfully curious about the COVID vaccine are getting lumped with paranoid granola mom's who think all vaccines will hurt her kids. I personally never understood it and it felt like there was like 20 people who sperged about anti vax mom's for everyone 1 mom

No. 983537

his calves are too small

No. 983663

Exactly, just look out who her grandfather was.

No. 983694

Bless you, nonnie. I've been saying this for like a year. Why such random demonization of "antivaxx" people–there are realistically very few of them for how much bloviating is done on sm about them–since like 2011? Now, this shit happens and everyone and their grandma feels justified lumping you in with this group that was basically manufactured to breed outrage on social media. I didn't get vaccinated for a lot of things until adulthood because my mom was poor and uneducated but I believe in tried ans true vaccinations' efficacy. Covid vaxx, on the other hand? No thanks, too many doubts. But I guess I'm just a crazy antivaxxer, huh?

No. 983831

File: 1638473962086.jpeg (547.54 KB, 1125x1543, 9A7F4D75-E9F9-49E5-A419-96D0CB…)

So there is a cure for Covid…

No. 983847

File: 1638475263803.jpeg (260.79 KB, 1125x1178, 09A530ED-8AFC-408C-A485-298B6D…)

No. 983894

Vaccinated people are overall mentally unstable and irrationally angry constantly because of the vaccine

No. 983925

Nonna the media has bombarded us nonstop with panic and fear porn for two whole years. The ones who're acting the most unhinged are the ones who are glued to mainstream media. I'm just glad some vaccinated people are starting to see through it.

No. 983938

What jobs in the future won’t require vaccination passes or weekly covid testing? I live in Texas and despite it being illegal, many entry level jobs will not hire me because I refuse to provide proof of vaccination or to submit myself to weekly covid tests. I know it’s only going to get a lot worse in coming years. Fuck medical tyranny! I’d rather die than take the shots. Entry level positions and basic jobs like being a receptionist are now requiring proof of vaccination in my small town. What will the future look like for people who refuse to get vaccinated? What will our career/ job opportunities be?

No. 983956

hoping the parallel society springs up soon lel

No. 983981

It seems like a lot of people who do not want to get a COVID vaccine are trying to figure out ways to make their own money that don't come from a larger corporation,

That being said I'm honestly terrified to where this will go in a few years, one of the biggest reason that stopped me from making an appointment to get my jab is just how oddly forceful people are, everyone I know who's gotten the vaccine where I work seems to have slowly gone insane and I watched every second of them spiraling. If someone comes up to me screaming in my face "just get the jab pussy had side effects aren't common" while regularly bashing me for it of course it would scare the shit out of me, it reminds me of grade school bullies who set you up for something and then harass the ever-loving fuck out of you and if sense something is wrong and don't do as they say. I just feel like that because people are this willing to allow a random group of people to be excluded from society, shunned by their families, denied business, attacked constantly and be considered as the same levels as murderers and vermin, threats of unemployment, refusal of health treatment and even food (this applies to restaurants and stores that allow unvaccinated in but do not allow them to buy - it obviously wasn't about the food). What would stop them from doing this to another group of people if we allowed them to go this far? They're out of control now and you can thank the soft subservient citizens for this. Possibly years from now they will do this to a whole new group of people and just an excuse such as "well we did this to the unvaccinated and no one cared!!! This group of people had a choice too!!"

No. 983983

Wouldn't be surprised if they had anything to do with Pizzagate and those suspicious-as-fuck emails Hillary sent between her and John Podesta.

No. 983985

I got the vaccine a few months ago (2 Pfizer shots) and have been okay so far, no period effects and no sickness, my heart rate already gets fast from anxiety but have been okay. I didn't want to take it though as I am a tinfoiler and I was wondering. From a schizo perspective could this mean I received placebo vax? I am hoping it's that because I regret giving in and am never getting any more shots. None of my family got bad effects either. The arm was sore for a bit but it was the same as from dry needling, aka the muscle. If the vax is dangerous why do you think they push boosters, to make up for the placebos or something? I know it sounds deranged to ask but I am intentionally approaching from the tinfoil perspective

No. 983987

I swear to god I literally cannot understand people who find out information about the COVID vaccine and their reaction is "omg why did they release this, this will make the conspiracy theorist look right!"

The new variant magically having new cases and several different countries that were all magically the same number, unvaccinated countries having lower COVID rates, the COVID camps in Australia and other companies, people vandalizing unvaccinated business and snitching on people, anything that disagrees with the COVID vaccine being censored, studies being forged and deaths being marked as COVID deaths when they weren't caused by COVID, the vaccine causing mental issues, etc

At this point I don't know how you can see past all of this and think nothing of the vaccine being shady. I use to get pissed off at people who compared this to the Holocaust but God damn it are they sure making it look as similar as they possibly can

No. 983988

File: 1638489056270.jpg (128.56 KB, 706x899, RDT_20211202_01570179274536810…)

No. 983990

I've heard it theorized that maybe all of this is intentional. The end goal could be to screw some of us with the vax so it gradually becomes obvious. Then, everyone turns against their own governments and is ready to submit to the NWO who comes forth with a new solution none of us can refuse since it'd be better than the way things turned out. Not saying I believe this but there's a lot to keep in mind when you're a tinfoilchan. I don't know if it would be that effective though since all of this has caused more people to be wary of anything NWOish, but we'll see how it plays out. In this scenario things will get so bad we have no choice but to feel grateful for a way out.

No. 983993

Interesting but essentially what I'm asking is could it be that some of us were part of the placebo or something, and by avoiding boosters will be alright? In this framework that is. I'm obviously trying to be hopeful about it kek.

No. 983994

Possibly, the boosters seem to make everything worse and worse. Some effects don't set in until years though

No. 983998

File: 1638489587013.png (622.75 KB, 640x853, xipooh.png)

What I like most of all (and what's the most telling about the WHO and the CDC) is that, logically, the new variant shouldn't be called "omicron". It should be called "xi", because that's the proper letter in the Greek alphabet. But you know why they don't wanna call it "xi"?

No. 984000

Seems possible, perhaps they'll release a whole line of new candidates that rave about how "we need to put an end to all of this, they're taking away the freedom of choice" or something like that so people, out of desperation, will mindlessly vote for said candidate

My biggest theory is just population control and that they wanted to experiment on humans on a large audience and this would be the best way. I saw other anons mention previously that a lot of people who are toxic in their personal lives have came out to support the vaccine and on top of that everyone who gets the vaccine has just become increasingly unstable. It seems like an easy way to kill a lot of people off while trying to present yourself as a compassionate person

No. 984013

I'm just curious why boosters if the initial vax is enough to damage us, as it's said. It must be to catch any who slipped through, so I'm hoping I am lucky to be one of those after making the initial mistake. Ultimately for those who already got vaxxed we can only do what we all should be doing in the first place. Live as healthy as we can, make the most of our lives and relationships with those we care about, and do our best to resist in the future. If I end up suffering later on from the vax at least I can make the most of my health now. Even if this is all true and will come to pass, it's not good to despair if you or loved ones already got it, they may end up victims but life is full of that already. We are all going to die someday. In part if this is true then they would already want us to give up hope on our lives but I refuse. Just trying to give an answer for those of us who regret getting it already. Stay strong fellow tinfoil anons

No. 984014

No. 984019

'Cause they don't want to offend Xi Jinping.

No. 984020

>I'm just curious why boosters if the initial vax is enough to damage us, as it's said
You do realize all major politicians are invested into the pharma companies rolling out the vaccines, right? More vaccines bought = more money for them.

No. 984028

Oh. Duh. I should've considered that.

No. 984146

File: 1638504081531.png (52.36 KB, 704x391, jab.png)

A nurse in Slovenia claimed that there are three different vials used for vaccination. Vial 01 is saline, vial 02 is the mRNA vaccine and vial 03 causes cancer.


Make of that what you will.

No. 984151

I had the booster last week. First two were AZ (first made me feel like death). Booster was Pfizer. Made me feel like death. That's it, though. No more. Three shots in 6 months is taking the piss.

No. 984153

A fake website with broken english with a picture of two women standing in front of a haystack holding a 'conference'. Legit

No. 984154

That's why I said
>Make of that what you will
I posted it because it's an article that claims to confirm the suspicions that the anon had. The defensiveness around articles like this does make me wonder though. No posts in the thread for four hours, yet ten minutes after I post this article, there's an unsaged post trying to debunk it.

No. 984156

you don't have to sage in OT, what would be the point. and imagine thinking someone responding to your post on an imageboard to disagree with you is suspicious. someone pointing out your article is fake isn't 'defensive'. and if it looked fake to you as well, as you're trying to imply by saying "that's why I said make of it what you will", then why did you post it?

No. 984157

>I posted it because it's an article that claims to confirm the suspicions that the anon had
Again why are you so defensive? I posted tinfoil in the tinfoil thread and it was relevant to what someone else had posted.

No. 984158

tinfoil and outright fake are not the same thing. and you are the one who is defensive, in case you didn't know the meaning of the word. you're defending your fake article that you know is fake.

No. 984163

It's not that they don't see how shady it is, it's that they simply don't even want to consider it. Wether it's to avoid the connected realisation that something is really wrong/comfort and world view is disturbed (I swear there's a name for that psychological phenomenon, I just forgot it) or because of sunken cost after 2 years of this stupid charade. It's emotionally easier to just dismiss every doubt no matter how reasonable and tell yourself that everything will be okay without thinking. At this point, you could take a syringe with mercury, have it clearly looking like mercury, have it marked as mercury with a little sticker and have anyone covid-sceptic give them detailed reports that the syringe is, indeed, full with mercury and they'd still inject it if an authority tells them it's not, out of principle.

No. 984168

I honestly didn’t think the nwo plans were going into effect for many more years but Covid sped up the process, and the elites are slowly revealing themselves and their true intentions without giving a fuck.

Must be nice being an Illuminati psychopath and not having to give a fuck.

No. 984174

No YOU think it's fake, you never explained how the website is fake and someone being ESL doesn't mean they're a liar, as for the haystack goes plenty of American conferences have been held in weird places. If you automatically assume weird = fake you really haven't been out in the real world a lot

No. 984175

File: 1638508877078.jpg (1.28 MB, 1208x1280, RDT_20211102_20393945948108232…)

picrel I think this is what you're talking about, it's from a NZ forum. That being said, this is probably the most unreliable source possible and I'm not inclined to believe it.

This is stressing me out too. I'm graduating in a month and I'd like to find a job, but like hell if I'm letting anyone near me with the mystery goo. It's not even about being worried about health anymore, I'm not gonna goosestep into a future where my children have to get a monthly Pfizer pump just to participate in society. The precedent we set today is going to determine the future.

Scare tactics. Me, my husband, and my friend all got covid. None of us got a cough. My smell went away for a month but it came back. Not even a threat unless your health is shit anyway, in which case you should be afraid of the flu too. You have to remember they're scaring you with a problem then selling you the solution, they've used that same tactic in the beauty industry for decades.

My main theory is follow the money. EVERYTHING is decided by lobbying through those at the top, our government is basically just the working hand of mega corps. New virus came out and initially was ramped up because we didn't know much about it and news will scare you because if it bleeds it leads. Drug companies instantly saw this for the golden opportunity it is (vaccines are biggest medicinal dividends) and started paying media (they sponsor the fuck out of every major network) and then the government gave them legal immunity from any side effects (cha-CHING) they looked through old failed vaccine methods and pulled out MRNA (I do have a major question about this… why MRNA? Why not just use traditional vaccines?). People use the excuse that "We made it so quick because the technology existed already!" but they never consider WHY we weren't using this technology… failed the animal trials miserably. Works fine until later when ferrets died from ADE. So instead they just got approval to cut off the end of the animal trials for "emergency" purposes and moved onto human trials. By the way, they purposefully cut continuance of the trial on participants who were having a really bad reaction. Now they're still paying media to hype up new variants so they can get us on the endless booster model, despite Israel already documenting "immune erosion" aka ADE. If you're young and healthy and jabbed, you're probably fine, but people in Israel started having signs of ADE after booster so watch out for that.

I'm not really into the whole NWO aimed agenda, but I'm starting to consider it. I mean the whole thing is obviously sketch as hell, but there's a lot of rabbit holes to go down that are real sketch, with SPARS and Bill Gates and WEF etc.

No. 984177


Here's a bitchute video of the the Senator Johnson roundtable discussion where a woman talks about her experience in the Pfizer trial, then reads the suicide note of a friend she had who was suffering from side effects.

Skip to 2:09:53, this was on Youtube but of course it got scrubbed.

No. 984178

Here's a woman speaking out about her daughter's experience in the trial. There's some other documentation on Bitchute where they recorded their phone calls to Pfizer trying to discuss the side effects.

No. 984184

>they looked through old failed vaccine methods and pulled out MRNA (I do have a major question about this… why MRNA? Why not just use traditional vaccines?)
Decimate ppls immune system or give them cancer.

No. 984372

File: 1638539999404.png (559.93 KB, 2160x3840, 1638502182669.png)

State regulated Tinfoils, anything beyond then what's been proven for decades now just means your a racist nazi and qanon supporter

No. 984378

>(I do have a major question about this… why MRNA? Why not just use traditional vaccines?
J&J and AstraZeneca are "traditional" vaccines though

No. 984385

I saw that before, it was almost self-parody levels of "N-No don't believe things that aren't state-approved!". Imagine being the kind of person who sees that chart and nods their head in agreement
Also, how are "soy boys" a conspiracy? Did whoever's behind that chart just get angry at being insulted and throw it in there?

No. 984390

>Epstein didn't kill himself is under "leaving reality"

No. 984391

kek its a telltale sign a male made this chart. im sure he considered adding "incels" and "gender equality" or something like that too.

No. 984402

>things that actually happened above grounded in reality
Doesn't being grounded in reality require acknowledging things that actually happened?

No. 984425

File: 1638546240408.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, 1380835936631.gif)

All that work put into it, all those different fonts, logos, etc. and she still writes

No. 984426

obviously if you're even thinking or reading about those things you're crazy and not grounded in reality, those are all totally irrelevant now and no need to think about them because they would never do anything like that again.

No. 984887

File: 1638582637081.jpg (19.48 KB, 400x400, -VQmPUAo_400x400.jpg)

actually it was made by a woman, some dumb tiktok user


No. 985230

File: 1638629253331.jpg (180.94 KB, 600x615, 1514605550554.jpg)

Absolutely ridiculous.

No. 985482

Are those entrances to the hollow earth?

No. 985635

File: 1638656102757.jpg (757.7 KB, 3000x2272, 1534721626685.jpg)

I wish…

No. 985881

File: 1638693643119.jpg (53.99 KB, 600x600, bacterial-ink.jpg)

Scientists created an ink from the toxic microbe E coli. These researchers found that when growing and feeding E coli bacteria, it secreted an ink made of living cells, which they then they used to plug into 3D printers. This project, while still underway, holds greater implications with regard to the future of sustainable, self-producing buildings—on Earth and in space. Because the living material is self-generating, scientists are hoping to use this research to build autonomous, renewable infrastructures that can adapt to their environments—even those in space, where resources are scarce.

They really want us to die

No. 985884

What the fuck man

No. 985888

>trans agenda is not real
Tell me how I know I should not listen to this chart

No. 985892

This feels so gross and yucky for many reasons
1.corporate overly polished look
2.made to be shared between masses
3.each thing has its own little logo as if they were brands
4.the chart tells you what is real and what isn't instead of you coming into your own conclusions, people who don't want you to think is not your friend
5."trans agenda isn't real"

Yeah I'll stick to charts and icebergs made by /x/ or similar. I know /x/ isn't a reliable source either but who the fuck does this person thinks she is to tell me what's real and what isn't?

No. 985920

File: 1638700267801.jpeg (144.74 KB, 850x470, 57901353-CEB3-4D2B-9D2B-452821…)

I’m disturbed by the rate at which cannabis dispensaries are opening and replacing other kinds of businesses in Toronto. There are multiple on almost every street now and it happened really fast. I feel like they want to distract us from the fact this city is going down the drain.

No. 985937

it comes off as a massive red flag when anyone online complains about their “rights” and “freedoms” being taken away on the internet when the internet was precisely made by government intelligence for social engineering and surveillance.

No. 985985

ok zoomer

No. 986013

I wonder are ppl really smoking tons of weed? Or are they used for $ laundry?

No. 986015

I think the same thing about head shops/tobacco shops. In my area you see one every couple of minutes. Do that many people vape that you need multiple shops in the same town? People certainly don't need to buy glass often.

No. 986028

What does this mean? Mountains were actually a species of giant trees?

No. 986029

File: 1638717591764.jpg (640.58 KB, 2048x1152, Inside Job.jpg)

They started streaming a cartoon on Netflix that's based on what you'd generally find in the conspiracy-tinfoil sphere.
>The next TikTok aesthetic trend will prolly be conspiracy nut chic kek.

No. 986050

the us govt is working on a bill that will use $400m to fund a federal database documenting everyone who has a vaccine or not. gives me yucky feelings. the vaccines don't even fucking work

No. 986229

Lineups were getting pretty long in some locations at the start of the pandemic so it seems like a lot of people do use it regularly, and I would guess increasingly so in TO because of so many lockdowns. but I do think the other theory makes sense too and agree with what >>986015 said, it's totally the same where I am

No. 986356

I do think some incel communities are being used in schemes by plastic surgeons in order to attain more patients.

I have been on 2 of their websites before. A lot of the users were teenagers, I'd say about half. And there were about 3-4 actual surgeons there, and even more "people who were in med school" training to become one, as well as just randomers claiming to be experts, some of them linked to Instagram accounts of plastic surgeons. The memes that they posted were related to incel shit too. some were even tagged #blackpill.

No. 986375

Uh, yes they do? Do you live under a rock?

No. 986384

>deep state in detached from reality

Kek, the funny thing is that "deep state" is actually a descriptive term of something every modern government possesses, entrenched administrators in ministries that operate with a prerogative independent of the three branches of government. Think the minister of the department of education, for example.

Every single country on earth has a deep state. Russia as a country notoriously has a history of the deep state rearing its head and usurping the executive branch. Most famously when Beria manipulated and controlled Malenkov after Stalin's death, and when Andropov took clandestine control after Brezhnev became ill. Why the fuck this purely descriptive term became branded with "conspiracy theory" I have no idea.

No. 986492

girl do you know where you are lol

No. 986526

File: 1638766074213.jpg (10.04 KB, 275x259, 1637805190120.jpg)

I swear they keep putting pics and videos of needles going into arms on purpose to scare ppl. I get the same feelings when I see a needle going in an arm and seeing porn out of nowhere. Disgust, shock, anxiety.

No. 986532

so true and the government is the main problem kek john tory is such a fool & its clear hes only in power because of connections. also note, hes never done anything i can think of that is note-worthy or positive for toronto.

aside from that, i think its tied to them trying to distract the masses in general. let people get high, they will be less focused on whats happening in reality, lazy, etc. say what you want about weed, but they government has just been dishing out money so i can see why some person couldve hopped on CERB and smoked to numb fears of the future due to covid. everyone here is super compliant all the time too, it brings everyone else down.

No. 986841

Children 5 and over are now ordered to be vaxxed or face consequences, 'Eighty House Republicans voted with Democrats on Tuesday to pass the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act, which if passed by the Senate and signed into law would fund a federal vaccination database. Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL), who was one of the 130 Republicans to vote no, told Breitbart News exclusively on Wednesday that the legislation would enable the federal government to track unvaccinated Americans who will be targeted and forced to comply with Bidens crazy global vaccination vision. (Scary part of this act also includes supporting real-time immunization record data exchange and reporting, to support rapid identification of immunization coverage gaps). This is extremely sinister. This could lead to monthly or even daily fines on adults and children who are not vaxxed or have not received the latest booster. They have been extremely quiet about trying to pass this, and I don't believe the vast majority of general public are aware of it even existing

No. 987179

Fake and retarded, didn’t read. Anyone who plugs their social fucking media (especially hellsites like Instagram and tiktok) on a post about conspiracy theories has no genuine interest in thinking outside mainstream ideas lmfao

No. 987528

this is terrifying

No. 987583

File: 1638867079348.jpg (883.51 KB, 3000x1688, 11129106_hypatia-h_9e2aca4caca…)

I wonder how many children they'll "accidently" give the COVID jab who end up getting sick

Seriously - stories like this scare the living shit out of me. This isn't the first one either. People saying "oh but it's unlikely" aren't helping, especially since this is media broadcasted, nevermind cases similar that get swept under the rug

No. 987591

No. 987661

Even the conspiracy thread cant be saved from the constant triggerfags every time a mere mention of religion thats not pagan shit fest gets brought up, lmao

No. 987822

File: 1638890778230.gif (409.84 KB, 256x256, b35.gif)

>Things that actually happened (Examples of US intelligence agencies abusing their power)
NSA Mass Surveillance
FBI Spied on Martin Luther King
Project Mockingbird
Operation Paperclip
Strangely Iraq's fictional WMD's aren't listed though they really should be

>Detached from reality, beyond the "anti-semitic" point of no return and just as ridiculous as flat earth

Deep State (The idea that these same intelligence agencies continue to abuse their power)

No. 987846

Anon, you're answering to an 18 day-old post

No. 987891

>Our multi-step vaccination procedure includes several safety checks to minimize the chance of human error and we have reviewed this process with our pharmacy staff in order to prevent such occurrences.
Clearly fucking not. What a load of shit. I bet nobody is even going to be punished for this

No. 987895

(why do americans always call it biden's plan? i live in other side of the world and out leaders do the same, nothing to do with one specific leader, it's just the situation and how leaders tend to react to them)

No. 987918

Yo anon that said there werent camps in Australia due to covid, and if there were it was “only for tourists!”(as if that was better),

CAMPS ARE HERE! And you are hunted down and thrown right back if you escape!!!

No. 987964

File: 1638904666292.png (825.55 KB, 802x715, Capture.PNG)

I remember reading about this situation with the three people who escaped as it was developing, before they were caught https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-59486285

No. 987986

Very strange. I was able to find the final livestream off an Instagram page.

No. 987987

South Africa isn't known for it's stability. Riots aren't infrequent. Due to several religious and ethnic tensions, and poverty.

No. 988147

Youtube now requires a phone number to sign up, they just disabled their dislikes… whats next?

No. 988149

datamining your comment and viewing history

No. 988167

I've always believed for people to return to normal, the internet must die. I want a mass log off so maybe things will change and companies will get better, or the people warped by the internet (like troons, incels, the terminally online, etc) would get better. The internet would die due to the over commercialisation of it, requiring companies to severley restrict freedom and privacy of their users to present a more advertisable image for advertisers, diminishing users experience. This comes with the issue of the internet being good for communication, and what the risk of losing it would lead to. It would be easier for the government to pass things quietly and stop movements from being created, both good and bad, and lead to the internet becoming again just about buying and selling rather than sharing information. We would go back to grassroots meeting in real life again. Ultimately, the internet was never intended for us to use freely for good or bad, but to sell us shit. We were the product, putting advertising in our homes.

No. 988168

Forgive my manifesto kek.
To answer your question, like >>988149 said, history and datamining. Maybe also removing the ability to dislike a video altogether. Can't let people know that the establishment is hugely unpopular.

No. 988174

Also removing the ability to like or dislike (or just dislike for the especially retarded scenario) a video until you have watched a certain amount of it as a way to try and prevent review bombing. This means if you want to dislike something you might think twice as they'd still get the ad revenue and view count number if you hate the youtuber.

No. 988202

Why am I still shadowbanned on this website

No. 988205

File: 1638926443887.jpeg (113.98 KB, 800x589, 261625BE-0ACF-47D6-9394-EDEC2B…)

did any of you who got the jab have little dots like this appear on your body after? I didn’t have this many but I definitely have about 5-6 on both my arms and two on my chest

No. 988209

None from the vaccine but have been covered in the little fuckers for forever. All docs say they’re normal but can’t say why it’s there. Welcome to mystery petechiae club

No. 988220

Man, I’m glad Onion’s jewtube career went down the toilet before this. Stay poor, Greg!

No. 988227


Alec Baldwin privated his Twitter.

No. 988235

I literally just noticed these a few days ago, I think I’ve had them for a while but never noticed when they came up or when they go away

No. 988285

At least for me, these are from allergies

No. 988393

Blood clotting

No. 988414

Same anon, figures. It’s the fucking jab, I’ve never had shit like this before and I see articles on this from people who had covid or the vaccine

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