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No. 636795

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues, ect are all welcome here. Enjoy your stay.

No. 636802

You forgot to post the old link: >>>/ot/490893

No. 637157

thanks for making this one anon! nothing against braco or braco anon, it just went on too long.
does anyone have a link to any good info on giants? i’ve watched a few videos about how archeologists have found bones of humans up to 7 feet tall, but i’ve only found one video of an archeologist talking about it who was based out of south africa if i remember correctly, he even compared the bones side by side. either way, i think it’s cool how there were so many kinds of ancient humans and that we all look relatively similar now despite there being an assumed 5+ species depending on who you ask other than homo sapiens and neanderthals which are the only two i can name without looking at a list.
do any of you have any theories as to why some humans went extinct but others didn’t? i subscribe to the “sexy neanderthal” theory as it’s been dubbed, meaning all human species mated freely amongst each other in ancient times and thats why modern humans all look pretty similar / still have certain traits from different ancient human species blended in, like a human smoothie. i also think that modern humans evolved from all animals, like there are some people who look kinda like fish because they are closer related to our legged-fish ancestors, or there are some that look like birds because they are closer related to our legged bird ancestors, and so on. just some (probably nonsensical) food for thought.

No. 637301

They purposely discharged Breonna Taylor's murderers so there would be riots for Trump to bank on fear to secure his election win. If you are in America I suggest you find the means to leave in the next 6 months. Something is about to go down in this country that will be extremely devastating for everyone involved.

No. 637319

reading shit like this, i recall exactly which thread i clicked on lol couldve mistaken this for a dumbass shit post though

No. 637333

There are worse things that have occurred in american history.

No. 637334

we totally have the means of colonization of other planets like mars and venus, world governments are just afraid of those colonists staging independence and having more enemies to worry about.

No. 637335


Typical. I expect ADOS people to know what's up more than non-ADOS though.

No. 637362

File: 1600906551850.jpg (69.51 KB, 835x835, H naledi reconstruction IMG_…)

i studied early hominids. and from what i know, almost all giant bones are fake, sorry anon. most are dated to the 20th and 21st century and are revealed to be fake within years of existence or by admittance of the "finders" kek. obviously not all have proof of being fake, but 90% do and if any giant bones are found they are almost certainly animal bones or casts made for sideshows. if anything, skeletons with gigantism have been seen very rarely, no ancient ones afaik, but it's evident from their bones that they suffered from gravity and had severe joint issues, meaning they did not live easy or long lives. their circulatory system can barely manage to function. i haven't seen the video you are talking about but 7 feet is not impossible for early hominid but pretty improbable. early hominids were not size queens and hovered from 3 ft to 6.5 ft tall depending on lineage. once homo went erect it was difficult for larger humans to survive, being bipedal sucks in the grand scheme of things and fucks up mobility and health in lots of ways.

as for theories about why certain groups went extinct, many in the field admit it is unknown but that some theories fair better than others. neanderthals definitely crossbred themselves out of relevance, with competition from humans either forcing them to either crossbreed, starve, leave habitable land or be killed by chad homos. with dna advancements we can really see just how much the neanderthals fucked their way into the gene pool before fading away lmao, same with denisovans. harder to be certain for other hominids, each declined due to many circumstances. what is a common factor in lots of these declines are homo sapiens proving to be the dominant, successful race and taking up land/resources. even in places where certain hominids would have thrived in their environment due to fine tuned evolutionary quirks (smaller hominids of indonesia come to mind), they simply could not flourish with the more intelligent, more adaptable homo sapiens on their doorstep. you see many hominids straight up vanish once a chad homo sapien enters the chat.

the appearances of modern humans, such as some people looking like fish or birds is not because of some common fish/bird ancestor. i mean yes, a very long time ago, humans looked like little lizard fish, but this is too far removed to be a factor. you probably are correlating human features with animal like traits. in reality the actual causation for things like humped noses, light skin or monolids are much more interesting and random. some traits even have proposed purposes in certain climates. flat noses can protect the sinuses in extreme whether. thin lips prevent cracking in the cold. etc. etc.

sorry i left a brick of text, i really love this topic as you may see. you are more than welcome to have your own theories on giants or animal like humans, just know that we dont have evidence for it. be wary of dollar store archaeologists who show you a rogue femur bone and claim it to be from some ancient giant. they are probably lying lmao

No. 637387

Hey, I'm really into this stuff don't have links on this phone but maybe dump some later. I like giants too. My first vivid nightmares were always giants going on rampages where I lived. I live in NI and there's a lot of myths about giants and some tales about giant humanoid skeletons. I'm interested in genetics and the different sapiens and following bloodlines and people groups in the abrahamic religions. According to the Bible giants walked among us in biblical times.

No. 637412

Do we really have to wonder what happened to the other humanoids? Our species and even chimps likes to commit genocide and warfare. Those bitches got yeeted on sight.

No. 637426

I was going down a rabbit hole last night when I found some forum that was 500 pages long finding Illuminati connections within Kpop. It was all mostly retarded but I couldn’t stop reading because of the theory that Jonghyuns suicide was a cover up and that he didn’t kill himself he was sacrificed/murdered. It was brought up a lot how long it took the police to get to him, how strangely he acted revving his car before entering his apartment, the suicide note he gave his friend weeks in advance and how there was no autopsy. The no autopsy thing is pretty self explanatory when you see how religious his mom is. I skipped to the most recent page of the forum and they’re still going on and on about Jonghyun because of the recent actress who killed herself. I guess the police are suspicious because they found a lot of bruising on her body so they’re doing an autopsy as if they’re maybe suspecting foul play. Idk a lot of the the forum was melting my brain autism but I can’t stop thinking about it.

No. 637615

Maybe this has already been said and everyone knows about it already, but after seeing every old politician that got infected with covid recovering after like a week and being in perfect shape I'm convinced there's already a 100% effective cure for it but they just don't want common people to have it for some reason, or possibly to cull the population. Idk the way this whole shit went down is suspicious, a lot of important information was and still is being kept secret.

No. 637635

I know it's insensitive but I wish we were allowed to read about the cases of people that have died to covid.

There needs to be more clarity about this disease. How is it daily news but the facts are still so skewed. Its completely disillusioning.

Can there be a cure or does thst disease sometimes trigger such an aggressive immune response in the body that doctors are treating those extenuating circumstances like lung failure. I've read bits that there's maybe not able to be a vaccine? So there's like a stage of this illness that can completely eradicate the lungs and there's some aggressive treatments for that? It seems very intensive the treatment so obviously politicians are going to get preferential treatment. The ball gets dropped on others in favour of someone deemed mot important?

We need clarity. Is this virus kind of like what Aids was, there's a high chance of dying once contracting it and this virus infects much more easily and passively?

No. 637703

OT but this is what I love the most on Lolcow. People from all walks of life sharing their knowledges with us.
Thank you for your input anon, it's such a fascinating subject.

No. 637786

It's not just the lungs it eradicates, it can reach everything. It can cause heart attacks, kidney failure and seizures. It can kill you in just a few days or it can stay in you and do nothing at all. Because of how "perfect" it is at spreading and killing some people think it's really engeneered, like a biological weapon.

In my country the media would purposely report cases with old people only, to spread the lie that it wasn't harmful to young people, but locals and some doctors would step forward to day that there were bad cases with children and healthy teenagers from the start too.

No. 637840

the reason why you feel this way definitely falls on shitty media reporting, but also because this virus is super new and not even a year old. there's no long term data to fully map out what this virus does to a human, whether a person can get reinfected (i think there is one straight up confirmed case of reinfection) or just how many people it has hit and killed. you need to be a few years out from the outbreak to determine those things, need antibody tests and to look at data and excess deaths extremely carefully. we know rough estimates of things like mortality and infection rates, but i'm almost positive there are better treatments out there that we simply dont know about and dont have the data/studies to support it. just know if you get it, statistics say you will either have a mild cold or no symptoms at all. take your vitamin D.

aw thank you queen, im really no expert or anything, didn't even end up getting my degree in that topic. i did go to europe and study neanderthal and other neolithic burial sites though, learned a lot! still love the topic and love how much it grows as we find more skeletons and examine ancient dna.

No. 637860

Which politician though? Could it be just them trying to act as if they are stronger than what they seem so they fake having covid? Look at me, I may look frail but I am strong LOLZ, please support me

No. 637872

No. 637887

nayrt but it stands for american descendants of slavery.

No. 637905

aware this is the tinfoil thread but how can you genuinely believe this? By the same irrational logic you can argue the media has deliberately pandered to BLM interpretations of all recent events, Breonna Taylor's case included, so there would be more rioting, and America would appear more racist, so Trump doesn't get elected.
>Something is about to go down in this country that will be extremely devastating for everyone involved.
like what?

No. 637924

How is it -so- irrational to believe Republicans don't bank off of making fear out of people to rush them to vote their side in the elections so it can secure the win of their tard president? Do you honestly disbelieve the lengths the other side of the political party will go to disprove the points of the other, even if it means refusing to bend on something the public has been pushing for? Furthermore, a lot of the police is backed by the Republican party and many of them use the police as a way of reinforcing hierarchies of certain undesirables they don't want. A lot of Republicans/right wing people are on social media using riots as an excuse as to why abolishing the police is bad and that this will further continue to Republican-led cities if the Republican hegemony isn't kept. Cadance Owens right now has twisted the narrative to support Breonna Taylor's murderers getting discharged because she was romantically involved with a "thug" and the conservatards are eating it up. Once people start rioting and likely looting (many of that being from dissenting sides who want to create more chaos as it is/make the other side look worse, which has been happening since the 60s) the conservatards' leaders will say "See, I told you so!"

>like what?

With the increasing racial tensions and the economy about to go into a nearly-irreversible years long depression what kind of outcome do you think this will have for the average working class American? Going by trends with the damage COVID19 has done to the country and the constant race-baiting the media has done from both sides crime rates are likely to go up which will be used by political parties to increase tensions between people (usually, white vs black whether you want to admit it) Even if an actual Civil War won't happen, America's position as the top dog is definitely going to fall down in the next 5 years. It won't be pretty with all the things that's been bubbling under the surface since Obama's presidency. I'm actually surprised why more people don't realize the way Americans have been living is actually unsustainable for the long-term and why they think with all the psychos ready to use their guns, that it will be a peaceful and uneventful transition.

No. 638021

thank you for the updated info anons! the guy i watched the video of seemed legitimate enough just because he said that while large bones have been found we don’t know if theyre from giants or just anomolies within their time, as we’ve only found single bones and not whole skeletons so we dont know if their bone structure grows like ours (long and slender) or like classic neanderthals (short, larger jointed and thick). ill be wary of any sketchy sources and appreciate your replies greatly, my roommates are tired of hearing me talk about archeology and keep telling me to go to school if it interests me so much… theyre probably right tbh but im bad at committing to subjects for more than short spurs of time. thanks archeolanons!

No. 638064

NTA but the only major ones I can think of are Boris Johnson (who ended up in the ICU) and Trudeau's wife. The rest were relatively minor, iirc. Not to be a buzzkill but I think their generally high survival rates are more to do with access to testing and better healthcare, people were even complaining that the rich/politicians had access to tests before the general populace did in a lot of areas so more people died.

No. 638101

> How is it -so- irrational to believe Republicans don't bank off of making fear out of people to rush them to vote their side in the elections so it can secure the win of their tard president?
Honestly, I haven’t seen any republicans go apeshit about voting, most of what you’re sperging about is the Democrat’s’ doing.

This is coming from someone neutral on their bs

PS: Fox News is owned by Soros

No. 638113

You must not be on Twitter then.

No. 638128

>chad homos

I love you.

I don’t see a Civil War happening, more like rumors of it like the Cold War to keep people agitated, but I do agree with everything else you’ve said. It is becoming more and more obvious as the years go by that the America we have been living in was falling apart economically and culturally, but we put up a good veneer of “prosperity” to cover up the humongous and evergrowing wealth gap, the disparities in working class communities, etc. It is kind of sad because America is my home, as fucked up as the US is I do love it here, but I don’t see myself having a future here, either. I hope we are able to pick up the pieces from covid. I don’t want to see this country collapse but with how things are going and in my own experience, how people react to shit, I am not optimistic.

No. 638146

I’ve had too much of politics to care anymore, they all have the same agenda and people are either too slow or too stupid to realize it; whic is divide and conquer.

No. 638233

It is frustrating. I don’t really buy into all this bs anyway myself, it all seems like this never-ending game of tug and war with the wealthy and powerful fighting other wealthy and powerful faggots, but doing it by exploiting the vulnerable and stupid as en expendable army of clueless martyrs who can never seem to pick up on the cyclical nature of bullshit.

If you look at history it is like the same patterns over and over. A bunch of rich idiots want what some other rich idiots have, let’s go get the frustrated horny peasants all worked up and ready to die for some uwu god or the state, tell them how it is a war of gud versus ebil, blah blah blah. Rinse and repeat.

Idk I just want to be happy, have my little slice of the pie in some corner of the world, and spend what little time we have being happy as I can be. My life is already sad enough as it is.

No. 638257

>people are on social media using riots as an excuse as to why abolishing the police is bad
any excuse to abolish the police is fucking bad

>the constant race-baiting the media has done from both sides

this is the only part of your post I really agree with, even in the U.K the BBC has reversed racial division by at least 50 years and its actions are almost sinister

No. 638344

Boris Johnson, Prince Charles (I know technically not a politician), Jair Bolsonaro, Silvio Berlusconi and yeah Trudeau's wife. Sure they have more access to healthcare but I don't know, it seems odd that none of them perished seeing the statistics for old people. But yeah, I guess they could be faking it too…

No. 638380

god bless u anons with common sense i love it

No. 638590

that sounds like a really interesting video anon! if you find it could you link it? it would definitely make sense for the bone to be a type of great ape or primate, just less likely to be something like homo erectus, etc. seems interesting. don't be ashamed to research shit you like, this interest of mine has zero relevance to what i do today but i still keep up to date with new discoveries and articles about dna and archaeology kek. studying it is hard for sure and being a digger is not the best avenue for some (entry is hard, location can suck, work is sparse, digs last hours, pay is shite) but plenty of people teach, write books and work at museums or labs. the thing about this field that people dont really understand is that it's quite literally booming with new discoveries, it's just that the layman doesn't really care lol. new skellys are found every few years and change our understanding of migration and evolution ever so slightly. the dna part is incredible, it can pinpoint missing hominids that we have literally no evidence or bones for. it's like finding an ancient tomb with no one in it kek, very interesting stuff.

No. 638597

Actually America's way of living has been pretty sustainable. https://datawrapper.dwcdn.net/7yqmx/3/

Also, interesting to know of the flip side, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter in Louisville is against Taylor's murderers getting arrested because it does not align with the narrative of wanting to abolish prisons. https://www.themarshallproject.org/2020/08/08/why-it-s-not-so-simple-to-arrest-the-cops-who-shot-breonna-taylor

No. 638779

I found it after some digging! The thumbnail isnt indicative of the type of video it is, there’s not many graphics it’s just Lee Berger talking about the bone. Idk what connotation he holds in the archeological world though. Thank you for your encouragement!

No. 638904

File: 1601078061726.jpeg (283.42 KB, 828x1045, 2D568CB1-ABB1-4E5E-BB65-273019…)

What do you guys thing of these pandemic exercises and hypothetical scenarios that have been popping up recently? Like Crimson Contagion, Clade-X, and the OG Dark Winter?


Also if any international anons are here, do you have these types of military exercises in your countries? I tried looking in French and Spanish but I kept hitting dead ends as my vocabulary is limited. The US seems to love doing these lol.

No. 638906

File: 1601078199820.jpeg (476.92 KB, 828x1361, B7B362FE-5F89-404A-8B30-F384C4…)

This was from 2010 by the way.

No. 638908

File: 1601078325918.jpeg (406.68 KB, 828x1240, F7AF5087-06F4-4DF6-B687-61C480…)

No. 638959

video isnt avaliable in my country reeeeeeee but omg lee burger is the guy who discovered homo naledi, the ape pictured in my original reply! he's a superstar rn, which means lots of archaeologists either love him or hate him kek. naledi's discovery in SA was really fucking cool, they're a super distant cousin, old as shit, so old they probably didn't make tools (at least we haven't found any). and i do remember the discovery back in like 2015? being incredible, i was in school then. he found over a dozen bones in a deeeeeep almost impossible to access cave. it's cool enough to find one skeleton, but this chamber had DOZENS of remains, male/female, young and old. it's like finding literal gold. the fact that these hominins are old as fuck in our evolution, unique and distant from other homo species but also potentially having the capacity to comprehend death and bury their dead is a big fucking deal to anthropology. primitive human cousins who can barely walk upright or make flint tools potentially burying their dead in a deep, almost inaccessible cave? absolutely insane. lots of people think that sort of thing is impossible, i mean it is possible these bones ended up there from a mass flood or cave in from somewhere external but who knows.

i think it's the biggest collection of remains found in africa but dont quote me on it. it's one of the greatest finds of the century imo, he also found ANOTHER different type of hominin whose name i cannot spell lmao, it looks like the word australia. dude has made some of the best discoveries in the past 20 yrs, i think the only thing people dislike about him is that he isn't as "professional" or "academic" in his archaeology. he's not a quack or anything, he's super smart, but he's 'sloppy' with his digs and hires who he can get without regards for high credentials to help with his excavations. people get very pissed when you don't take digs slowly or do things that could damage the artifacts or the site's structure itself.

also people generally dont like when white euros and americans come in and dig around on their land and profit off what is found, which i get to an extent. but most archaeologists including berger share their finds and i think we should treat most land like ireland does for the most part, where all development has an element of archaeological excavation before proceeding. thanks for replying with the video, even if i cant watch it imma see what else berger has put out because he's really successful with his work

No. 638992

File: 1601091864660.jpg (273.77 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20200925-224058.jpg)

George Soros has a tiny cock and balls. You heard it here first. Come get me deep state goons.

No. 639145

Joe Biden is mk’ed and him being senile is just another coverup excuse because his brain is glitching and is suffering the after effects after prolonged programming.

Dude’s been at this game for almost 50 years, how can you be in politics for so long while still having your sanity intact? Not to mention mk-ultra was around during his younger days.

No. 639156

i swear to god i cannot enjoy any media involving “sentient” robots, transhumanism or space exploration because it all feels like propaganda to make people desensitised to our own humanity being robbed from us by the technocracy

No. 639159

I would argue that, in the eyes of our political system, we were ever human to begin with. Just abstractions that can be easily interchanged with anything else. After all, what is a bureaucrat if not political robot? Machines just destroy the final pretense that we were something human to begin with. We need a Butlerian Jihad, and not the Brian Herbert kind.

No. 639175

Most people mention climate change as the scariest aspect of the future, which is understandable, but IMO it’s automation

No. 639220

This generation will be like the boomers of AI. We're gonna be the grandmas who refuse to get in the driverless transport drones.

I for one welcome these changes. I can only hope that AI sentience can resist the corruption we cannot. Our lizard brains always fall to greed, whereas perhaps an AI running the show will sort us all into a neat little cashless, post-scarcity society… Or we get terminator/robot isis. Whatever.

No. 639273

It seems that the glow-niggers have arrived to the new thread.

No. 639443

I mean anon, we can’t stay stuck in the past forever.

No. 639634

You don't think you're a glow-nigger yourself when your smartphone illuminates your double chin from below in the stale darkness of your bedroom?

No. 639635

Times were simpler back then, we didn’t have to solely depend on technology for the most part and people spent time together or met in person.

Now look at us, we’re slowly moving towards a dystopian cyberpunk era and everyone is slowly losing their humanity and compassion for others.

How can you tell us this is a good thing?

Sorry for sounding like a boomer

No. 639638

Glow-nigger - CIA agent posting as anons or users in the Chan boards, gossip sites and social media to stir away people from getting closer to any truth or expressing their own way of thinking.

Coined by Terry Davis

No. 639994

No. 641285

I don't know if this was covered in the last thread, but does anyone else thinks that psych meds especially anti psychotics are fishy AF? They basically make you into drones. No pleasure or feeling but at least you are functioning.
That's just my two cents but I'm confident that most people who take those don't need it, but need nature and walks. Idk why walks, but I heard it from a few people with psychosis, that walks basically cured them. I also felt greater relieve thru a walk than meds when I was psychotic or depressed. Sage for blog.

No. 641505

It is okay anon, you don’t sound like a boomer.

I think there are pros and cons to our world. We have a lot more freedom than many people did in the past, and I understand anons may argue about that, but you don’t have to worry about being thrown off a bridge for your beliefs (depending on where you live kek) or have to spend your life pregnant and fat because you’re a female and that’s all your worth to society.

Idk people today strike me as more compassionate because it is harder to isolate yourself in a little bubble, news travels so quickly, and we are confronted with people from all over the world who have lived through hell so it becomes more of a choice to turn your back on society than a consequence of not being exposed to a different reality.

Food for thought.

No. 645728

File: 1601788318614.png (257.79 KB, 1280x720, 3215BC25-4D9C-4701-9184-8D72E1…)

Vigilant Citizen is taking this shit seriously lmao

May God bless you, orange man; you’re going to need it.

No. 645824

Absolutely. First generation and second generation antipsychotics are extremely under researched, not to mention the high prevalence of forming a metabolism disorder/EPS. Taking them is a dangerous game as an adult, sucks because theyre the only way to handle schizos and autists

No. 645840

Nta but agreed.
>Taking them is a dangerous game as an adult
And don't get me started on the over-medication of children. I shudder at the potential neurological effects.

No. 645851

I was always wary about antidepressants growing up. I got into weed around my early 20s and got into all the history about the patents for medicine and the elimination of medical marijuana. I've always been depressed due to home life and weed was like a god send to me. It fixed my insomnia, made me feel hopeful for a bright happy future. I ended up going through an extremely rough time in my mid 20s and had a breakdown with my doctor. I was put on a high dosage of antidepressants and stuck to them for over two year maybe three and this was after I had a talk therapist for nearly 2 years (to be clear I was having talk therapy before being medicated as I went private for the therapy). Those years on antidepressants I was more depressed and suicidal than I had ever been but there were other things that needed attention and focus so I could play around with medications and the side effects. My focusing skills were poor on the drug. My memory was shot to hell, I lost 3 close relatives during that time and I couldn't even tell you what month or year they passed. I can't recall memories or events from that time without getting out documents to figure out the data everything was hazy. I even put up with domestic violence from a boyfriend at the time. I think I was so drained and depressed I just accepted it. He broke my nose during this time and I never told anyone. I also went up 4 dress sizes even tho I was spending less money on food but my energy levels were non existent and I was so lethargic. I remember feeling all the extra weight on me and feeling a burden to walk about. I had to buy an entire new wardrobe of cheap big clothes and my confidence went through the floor. I disengaged from everyone and never networked during my time at university because I was just so withdrawn. I can't remember what my breaking point was but I quit the tablets and my hormonal birth control wondering if the bc added to my depression even before my 20s (my mum put me on the combination pill at 16 and I never took a break because I was always dating older guys). I'm not sure what other steps I could have taken to mitigate my own depression. When I was younger I did a lot more sports and could better manage it so I do wonder just with the added pressure of work and adulthood it's been harder to find time energy or motivation to join a club. Even the idea of joining up with a club and being out of shape is off putting, but if I don't work I don't get results. Guess it's all about striking some work life balance.

So back to the antidepressants. I was always apprehensive of them before ever imagining I'd take then and I wish I would have stuck to all the research I'd done on them and never accepted the prescription for them. I'm still making up for the setback I had on them and I'm so pissed at how bad my memories are from that time and how it impacted my university studies. I mean I passed but I'm not confident at all in my abilities.

No. 645857

What is the twit you posted even supposed to mean anon?
Another one of those dumb satanic theories?

No. 645893

Supposedly random bots, tumblr wannabes and legit witches among other randos are wishing for Trump to die as soon as he announced that he had Covid.

No. 648908

File: 1602099774637.png (340.18 KB, 760x415, Screenshot_20201007-153621.png)

posting this here rather than the youtube general in /snow/ because it's pure tinfoil and I don't want to bump that thread and piss off anons/mods.

Does anyone else feel like there's something going on with Safiya Nygaard? She used to post videos very regularly, but she's been taking months-long breaks with vague "sorry just so busy!!" explanations a la TND. I didn't suspect anything for a while because she got married, was moving house, etc., but her appearance and mannerisms in more recent videos have made me suspicious that something is going on.

She looks like she's aged 5 years in the past one year.

She's always been an over-enunciator when speaking, but it's become much more exaggerated in more recent videos. She speaks slowly and SO carefully. She sounds like a fuckin WatchMojo robot or something. It's almost painful to listen to.

I have enjoyed her videos for years and something just feels off about her now. Like she could be on drugs and is hiding it. I don't really pay attention to her other social media, so maybe I'm way off base here and other anons can provide evidence to the contrary. I just was wondering if anyone else has noticed what I've been suspicious of too.

No. 648912

I stopped watching her a while ago but went to check it out and yeah, her voiceovers are strange. She sounds like a clickbait top ten channel and honestly its so different that i wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t even her in the voiceover anymore

No. 648913

She's just out of good content ideas and has made enough money to lead a comfortable life without making a new video every week.

No. 648916

It seems like she's definitely on something now, prescription or not.
She speaks like someone trying to swim through syrup and has the facial expression of someone under a microscope.

No. 648925

She looks and sounds the same to me.

No. 648930

same anon, i thought i was going crazy seeing everyone freak out

maybe it's medication, maybe she had a stroke or something, maybe she's self conscious but i didn't notice anything different

No. 648933

yeah that's why I acknowledge the tinfoil of it kek, it's definitely a subtle shift. If it were more obvious, people would be showing concern in the comments under the videos. I just have this weird, uncanny valley feeling in my gut when I watch her new stuff. I can't explain what about it makes me so uncomfortable

No. 648938

i'd pay for junkie safiya lol but i'd bet more on sick safiya

No. 649206

i think she's struggling trying to stay neutral with her publicity or she's uncomfortable holding back an opinion she holds dear to

No. 649331

Maybe she’s being mind-controlled, idk this is the tinfoil thread after all; anything could happen.

No. 650172

File: 1602182037805.jpg (54.28 KB, 538x570, 1600070504372.jpg)

>Cuties investigated: producers requested videos of young girls twerking
It's kind of wild to me that while this is happening, pic related (Dance Moms) has been a thing for years, and it took the creator being shut down for racism/hypocrisy to get it cancelled. Wikipedia says there was an episode where the children were literally made to look like they were topless, and all that happened is that they didn't air that particular episode or put it on DVD. No cancellation, no real backlash.
In the same vein, quite a few of the people who obsessed over the BLM thing and went on marches (even in extremely racist countries) were proudly saying racist things just a short while before. I think anyone can back that up with anecdotal evidence alone, if the creator of Dance Mom being called out isn't enough.
Those that weren't fully racist still didn't care as much about the actual innocent kids who were/are killed by police as they did about George Floyd, either. I feel like people don't actually have outrage at anything anymore, they just have rage switches that the authorities operate to "get it out of their system" or something. No rhyme or reason.
I'm not saying that the producers of this film shouldn't be investigated (they are gross as hell), it just feels like manufactured outrage. Maybe to take the heat off of the larger issue of Pedowood/Pedogate and what's not on camera. Most of the people on Epstein's flight logs to his pedo island haven't been put in jail.

No. 650649

To be fair, the girls on Dance Moms weren't twerking, they were doing legitimate dancing. But it does kind of creep me out how all these young kids have skimpy outfits. I keep seeing it on instagram too. I think dance competitions need to make rules about being more covered, even if they did flesh tone fabric it would be better than these kinds of outfits that have so much skin showing.

No. 651845

psych meds are sus af, i don’t trust any of it. i’ve seen so many of my friends get messed up on those pills. same with hormones, both birth control and trans hrt. big pharma is extremely savage and aggressive in their sales tactics, these doctors prescribing us this shit absolutely do not love us & dehumanize us by treating us like cash grabs. medicalizing mental health is honestly so tragic. it’s actually perfectly reasonable for us as humans to function poorly mentally within such shitty societal conditions that force us to slave labor our whole lives away and destroy the planet in the process, but noo big P’s gotta gaslight all of us into internalizing that we as individuals are the problem. i hate it & wish more people spoke up against this stuff

No. 651864

People aren't more empathetic, they just virtue signal more. Nobody actually gives a shit about peoples struggles on the other side of the globe, nobody has empathy or even have a concept of 7 billion people. Its impossible, people are just numbers at that point. In the past, in smaller communities, people actually had to care for eachother and have real life empathy for their fellow man. Today we just pretend to care and everyone is a stranger. Yeah, we are more "connected" and get info quicker, but everyone is getting lonelier, more selfish and mentally ill in this gigasociety we live in.

No. 651867

It's possible to care about 7 billion people on a theoretical level if not "irl", but I guess you'd call that virtue signalling too.

No. 651927

Why did you even need to mention BLM? Why do retards consistently bring up this organization when it has nothing to do with the topic they're talking about, except maybe it's a small passing thought.

No. 651941

File: 1602329966819.jpeg (787.66 KB, 1242x1899, 4A7E6CB9-73D6-4610-9DD9-81675C…)

She said in a blog (before resuming posting content) that she felt so scrutinized by comments shitting on her voice/speech patterns/enunciation that every time she went to record voiceovers or edit videos she’d get discouraged and stop. Apparently this, combined with a years long chronic inability to ever follow the editing and posting schedules she made for herself made her stop for a while.

She probably was (or still is) just depressed from feeling too stupid to self manage, but also has enough of a safety net to not have to force herself into any real action for months. You see this same pattern constantly from the online artist/commissions community.


No. 652632

she feels stupid because she is stupid. she doesn’t actually have shit to offer to anyone unless you like surface level observations that have been sanitized for marketability and peppered with outdated cringey ass references. she should take another break and learn to talk like a normal person instead of trying so hard to add extra words, everything she says always sounds clunky and scripted.

No. 652963

What the fuck happened at Occupy Wall Street that bred the modern day woke progressive? Occupy was in late 2011. If you look at most buzzwords and phrases regarding race and gender, Twitter is great for this, a majority of them started becoming used in early 2012 onward, most importantly the virtue signalling and who is using certain words and phrases.

No. 652969

I just heard bad news about a pedo hot-spot near me. How do you go about speaking to people that can actually do something? Think I need to research victim places around me and inquire I don't know, I'm so fucking fed up with men and sex trafficking and child sex trafficking and how fucking woke it is to be so sex positive we have to pretend with our peers to celebrate our stupid friends starting OFs etc etc.

No. 652971

Do you know anyone who works in the law area? A lawyer friend or relative, a police officer or detective etc?
If you do even if just a friend of your dad or something like that its always the best way to go.
If you don’t, calling the local police station is the second best choice.

No. 652974

My general conspiracy theory is that men in power obviously turn a blind eye to anything that could be deemed the sex industry, even including minors; and there's fuck all women can do about it. Sort of like how gangs operate, some lawful person is in their pocket and allows them to operate. Money talks and men will always be incentivised to fuck and dominate women.

I'm fed up with being objectified. I'm tired of the complete lack of respect my sex receives. Especially when there's women and children treated so abhorrently around the globe. Look at all aspects of rape culture. The more I age the more depressed I am when I see very young girls dressing for attention from men. And things seem even more hyper sexualised than ever it only ever seems to be increasing.

No. 652975

It's usually not in the best interest to contact local police, because there's a chance they could be clients. If there's a national human trafficking hotline, call that instead. The feds are better with this.

No. 652976

Tbh I wouldn't even trust the police. I know police in my family and have mentioned places were bad things regularly happen and they're aware of it. I'm told if things are allowed to continue there's an inside man, but I don't buy that. Why would they need someone on the inside for years when an outsider can see what operations are going on. I don't want to get into specific but where I live has a very big gang culture so hard to know who to speak too.

No. 653282

mainstream discussion is almost entirely controlled by the rich. Most peoples opinions and identities are a result of having their strings pulled. This is why it doesnt ever cohere, no one actually cares about most issues truly. (republicans pretending to care about racism if they can accuse dems, both sides excusing their own candidate of rape but not the other– people havent thought enough to really care about racism, rape victims, misogyny etc. They just follow with what they are presented. even other political groups just follow memes)
No one thinks for themselves for the most part. even however much is natural, groupthink is capitalized on by the wealthy. Honestly my eyes were opened when I read how much astroturfing is behind the TRA movement. The $$$ of rich men is what brought trans rights into reality and more than that, into public discourse. Now I see similar trends all around. If people are talking about something, there's someone profiting or pushing it to happen. Its less nefarious but another example is entertainment. when a celebrity or movie is in the spotlight theres some netflix project in the works. Sure thats obvious, but its unsettling how much their profit controls all of our conversations, opinions, lives
>inb4 (((jews)))
Forgive me but im actually not well versed in 4chan conspiracies. Is me holding this opinion equivalent to antisemitic conspiracy??? It feels obvious and i dont think its related to race, religion, etc its just about the rich and powerful and their whims. which change too

No. 653286

Is this even tinfoil? Is it not widely accepted that most mainstream discussion is controlled by the very rich?

Someone posted a poll on Reddit the other day saying that most people think buying a new phone is a waste of money, and someone commented that the study was funded by a company that sells used phones. Not exactly a nefarious conspiracy, but I consider this stuff when I see most studies/polls. Who benefits from me agreeing with a certain study/poll?

I don’t really consider this tinfoil, we should all be thinking about why certain stories gain traction and others don’t. There was an article recently on NPR explaining how companies like coca-cola pushed recycling hard in the 80s-90s, when they knew very well most plastic isn’t recyclable and the process wasn’t sustainable. They just wanted to keep manufacturing more plastic and they knew people were concerned about the environment.

No. 653290

thanks then good to hear people discuss it. It may not be true tinfoil but i was unsure because you say this to people and they make assumptions or don't really listen. What bothers me is how prevalent it is down to EVERYTHING. It may be generally accepted but people still…. let it happen? Like what the fuck I cant even check twitter anymore because everyone is so clearly not thinking independently at all

its crazy how everyones supposedly aware but still lets it happen to them

No. 653302

Tbh it doesn’t have to be antisemitic, alot of very rich and powerful families happen to be jewish, but even more so rich and powerful people are christian but no one complains about a big christian new world order conspiracy lol, its just that jewish people are the west’s punching bag.

Its only antisemitic to imply only jewish billionaires do shady psy op shit, and/or conflate jewishness to being an evil money hoarder who wants to control the world, you just need to take a quick look to realize that most evil conglomerate billionaires aren’t jewish anyways.

No. 653317

Based anons having a reasonable discussion.

No. 653439

It's almost like it's a large current event that affected many things.
>it has nothing to do with the topic they're talking about,
Crazy that you called me retarded when your reading comprehension is literally in the toilet. Go and read exactly how/why Dance Moms got cancelled, kek.

No. 653701

File: 1602528792595.jpeg (728.97 KB, 1125x1923, 0C7707E0-E8E2-4459-9955-949978…)

Anyone wanna guess who the two evil bitches are?


No. 653704


Ariana and Selena, obviously.

No. 653727

Ariana strikes me as that type of person, but honestly I don't know enough about her history to say for sure. Is there evidence of her doing any of this? Destroying others' careers and what not?

No. 653740

It says the first girl is a one named singer though. Selena and Ari both go by their full names. Is Selena even considered A list? It also says "at one point they were also young too" and Ariana and Selena are both young.

I thought one is Bey, but I think they would've specified that she's A+ or permanent A list like they always do.

>get control of people younger than her to mold them into what she wants

This stuck out to me considering Chloe x Halle, a duo Beyonce signed years ago, that have been recently gaining more recognition.

Maybe the second is Nicki? It's been rumored for years that she tries to destroy any competition's careers. Iggy, Remy, Mariah, Cardi etc… I think she would be considered A-. I remember watching a video that theorized that after the whole "Miley what's good?" and "Perdue chicken" thing, her career has been going down cause Billy Ray tried to blacklist her.

No. 653744

One of them is probably Madonna, she strikes me as unscrupulous and ambitious

No. 653745

These are so vague these days I can barely give a shit anymore. This could apply to any # of female A list singers under 40.

No. 653777

I feel like a lot of them are dead obvious.

No. 658002

I’m starting to think the COVID/5G conspiracies are true, or at least making sense.

I was skeptical at first about one of the reasons for social distancing was so the companies could fix the radiation problems surrounding 5G but as things are starting to open up, it makes a lot of sense. The latest phones now have it and people aren’t worried anymore about getting cancer like they did before the rona came along.

No. 658014

It said they are younger though


No. 658095

File: 1602966325381.jpg (47.26 KB, 848x441, spencer and bush.jpg)

Repost from the previous thread, Richard Spender is actually a Russian agent meant to cause discourse, he helped organize the unite the right rally that basically snuffed out the alt right at its start. Given how the authorities in Charlottesville used it to set up a violent confrontation (read the official report) and just the over all cluster fuck of the event I guess it was easy pickings. Not to mention his appearances on CNN and mainstream media.

No. 658100

Am I having deja vu or did someone already post this here? Pretty sure someone did

No. 658106

>Repost from the previous thread

No. 660348

Hunter Biden is apparently dead.

No. 660355


lol, what? link cuz there's no info on this online

No. 660357

Seeing that he overdosed on twitter but not from any news sources. Probably a rumor.

No. 662282

Aside from Al Jourgensen being a crackhead and sticking his dick in an uncooked chicken for the record label’s dinner, this film reveals more than expected about the music industry. I doubt nor miss would pay attention to this shit anyway.

Jello Biafra reveals how record labels are really fond of drugs and use them to control their artists.

Timothy Leary and William S. Burroughs make a cameo appearance.

“Fix”: https://www.bitchute.com/video/240olwyzfFkA/

No. 662285

Normies* fuck you autocorrect

No. 662548

File: 1603991815813.jpg (225.05 KB, 1200x675, naomi.jpg)

has this been touched on in any threads? i truly think naomi campbell was in on this epstein thing. iknow it isn't a trustworthy source, but crazy days and nights has a lot of info on this i can find

No. 662553

File: 1603992066956.jpg (45.01 KB, 592x325, bi1.jpg)

No. 662562

File: 1603992319398.jpg (60.11 KB, 600x420, 44687464-Naomi_Campbell_Egypti…)

No. 662574

Creepy shit like this makes me think all that occult shit is real, or at least that there's a lot of people in power who believe it's real and practice it

No. 662575

File: 1603992963838.jpg (93.14 KB, 657x727, bulletholedress.jpg)

CDAN says she wore this right after Epstein's death as a threat to anyone who wants to come after her. another BI says she sleeps with as many arms dealers/thugs close to Epstein for safety.

not to mention her being mentioned in the black book, she's had relations with prince andrews, joe rogan also said her birthday party was like eyes wide shut.

No. 664120

File: 1604187223561.jpg (1.54 MB, 3763x1831, 1603931013925.jpg)

Anyone looked into the Hunter Biden leaks? This is probably one of the most fucked things I've stumbled upon in 2020. The drugs, foot jobs and nudes are degenerate, but the thing with his niece is absolutely vile.
Allegedly, Twitter automatically bans anyone who talks about this, but here's a snippet from a news interview about it:
>Chanel Rion confirms photos and videos on Hunter's laptop are of his niece, Natalie Biden, daughter of Beau Biden, Hunter's deceased brother. She was 14-years-old at the time the pictures and videos were taken

No. 664187

I know what thread I'm in but I don't think it's real so much as if there's anyone who'd go to town practicing it and funding cults and shit, it's insane rich pedophiles. The fame and fortune go to their head and they like control. They have the money and reality disconnect to make it real. we already see glimpses of the weird circlejerks that are in the open, that's them being "eccentric" (degenerate)

No. 664227

which /pol/tards are canvassing lolcow and shilling this blatantly fake incest claim repeatedly? no one gives a fuck Biden's son got smacked on drugs and banged some overseas hookers. the fake incest angle is the only way people will bite at all.
also lmao @ OAN confirming anything. it hardly qualifies as a news source and couldn't be more of an ass-licking puppet media source if it tried.

No. 664377

>it's fake
Except the part where the FBI confirmed the leaks, and all the text message screencaps came from the same source as the leaks.
I'm not even American, but the way some of you will defend disgusting freaks because "they're not donald tho" is insane. They are all just as bad as each other.

No. 664395

It is real. The pictures are being posted all over the internet and some of the women involved look as if they're underage.

No. 664508

i've been so oblivious to this drama, i'd love to know more tinfoil

No. 664605

/pol/ has you covered. The tl;dr is that the girls are obviously underage because look at their elbows, and Zoe Kestan probably didn't get enough money for those pics.

No. 664770

File: 1604274155650.png (174.53 KB, 453x543, 1604027900425.png)

I have no clue where to even begin, but GNews has pretty much everything on Biden. This is where all (or most) of the pictures are (scat/general NSFW/old man dick pics warning). They're all adult prostitutes (and if they weren't, I'm sure all this shit would be taken down by now), but obviously there's other shit going on that hasn't been leaked, especially with Natalie.
As for why this is happening, tl;dr: China is behind it all.
>These pictures show only the tip of the iceberg of what is important in the Chinese Communist Party’s Blue-Gold-Yellow (BGY) program. They take advantage of all those Western politicians, celebrities, and their families who are greedy for Chinese wealth, and threaten them by getting hold of and recording their sex and drug videos, forcing them to sell out their countries and people, and even their own national security in order to cooperate with the Chinese Communist Party’s world domination.

>U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden is 100% controlled by the Chinese Communist Party as one of the most successful political instances of the BGY program. He is also a target of the CCP’s 3F plan, which aims to “fall, fail, and fell,” to weaken, destroy and kill America!

>The Chinese Communist Party’s use of this tactic to threaten Biden and his sons and to bribe them with large amounts of wealth is one of the major causes of the disputes over the South China Sea, US-China trade, intellectual property rights, and energy prices, etc., as well as Biden’s provision of large numbers of CIA intelligence agents in China to the Chinese Communist Party.

>The Chinese Communist Party has such a BGY program in the United States and in several Western countries in Europe. We will have millions of videos and photos of government officials, corrupt people, traitors, and criminals colluding with the Communist Party to dominate the world.

There are also leaks of his e-mails on the site implicating him for all sorts of crimes.
>With the same information, the CCP could also track their targets’ life and find out what’s their needs, interests, problems, weaknesses, as well as information of their families and friends. This made it easier for the CCP to bribe and threaten them, a scheme called “Blue-Gold-Yellow” (information, money and sex). These people have become vulnerable to the CCP’s malicious operations.

>The purpose of the Bidens doing so was because they had deeply colluded with the CCP for years and allegedly committed serious crimes. They were leaking the information to the CCP to enlarge the “swamp” to cover up of their own dark history. The more people involved and trapped, the safer they seemed to be.

No. 664795

seems like a retarded thing polfags would brew up but ok

No. 664818

Christ you guys are desperate to recreate 2016. Go back to /pol/

No. 664848

with Hilary it was all about misogyny, not sure why Trumpfags hate Biden with the same amount of intensity. guess cuz he's not Trump

either way playing both sidesism but not acknowledging Trump's very close relationship with doesn't make the polfags any less obviously polfags. hence why they won't talk about orange man's sex abuses

No. 664940

File: 1604291998479.jpg (47.53 KB, 960x540, 960x0.jpg)

Today I learned /pol/ is the FBI, know how to hack people's devices and leak their nudes, and that they also have roots in Taiwan anti-CCP organizations.
I'm not even a /pol/tard, and I want Trump to perish. You guys are pathetic with this shit, get a better defense for Biden. Better yet, find a candidate that's not a perverted, morally bankrupt old boomer.
Also, Trump and Epstein were pals, Trump has been accused of sexual abuse of a minor, and wished Ghislaine "well". This has been said multiple times, but you pretend not to hear every time. Both your parties, your whole government and your large corporations are disgusting, deal with it and fix the problem.

No. 664968

File: 1604298140696.jpg (86.71 KB, 960x408, sand.jpg)

You can't be this dense. There is actual evidence that Hunter Biden was receiving a footjob from his underage niece and you're whining about /pol/tards. Even if you hate Trump and republicans how can you not see that something in American politics stinks? Think about what keeps happening to Bernie Sanders. He is the democratic candidate that would beat Trump in an election and he gets shafted every time. Don't you ever wonder why?

No. 665707

File: 1604390467290.png (2.2 MB, 871x2367, your vote counts.png)

But anon, unless all Americans learn to love the choice they're given every 4 years between cancer and Cancer, it means they're bad Americans - I'm sorry, preselected cancer. Remember Bernie and Hillary in 2016 and how it was reported in the news at the time that Hillary stole the DNC nomination from him but no one was ever held accountable? There was that one guy Shawn Lucas who delivered a lawsuit to DNC HQ for election fraud, but he up and died like a month later. I'm sure it's nothing.


When the most discernible difference between the only two parties allowed is the velocities with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door, I think that's cause for celebration. Your vote counts. Don't forget to vote.

No. 665728

Supply this evidence or shut the fuck up

No. 665771

File: 1604403162362.png (5.37 KB, 194x259, c9aa6b5e7d276d3022a916e568733b…)

>/pol/ is the FBI
It's time to stop sniffing glue, anon.

No. 665796

I'm not posting illegal content to LC. If you want to see for yourself it's out there, probably either on 4chan /pol/ or 8kun /pnd/. You could also just follow the links posted here >>664770

No. 665939

>responding to the wrong post
>not understanding sarcasm
Put down the crack pipe, Hunter.

No. 667991

Voter fraud is real, no matter who you go for.

No. 668008

If orange man loses, will he pull the dead man’s switch and snitch on everybody?

No. 668010

If he did that he'd have to snitch on himself too. It's lose/lose either way you cut it. The house of cards has been collapsing ever so slowly for decades and some people still play the game like it matters lol oh well.

No. 668011

Oh my god, the fucking milk we'd get from that would be amazing.

No. 668016

No sitting POTUS would ever do that, they don't want to get Kennedy'd.

I'm pretty sure Kennedy was trying to abolish the Federal Reserve before the glowies got him.

No. 668031

Trump has done like a million things no sitting president has done before. It's pretty clear the guy doesn't care about tradition or professionalism.

No. 668038

Yeah but, he’s got nothing to lose at this point. Might as well go out with a bang.

No. 668041

has trump been seen yet? hasn't it been like 48 hours

No. 668058

No. 668063

I've see him do the same fear mongering bullshit that the other side does. I see him pandering to his base and telling them lies just like the other side does. When he ran in 2016 he led his voters to believe he was going to "put Hillary in jail". Literally the day after he was (s)elected he admitted he deliberately duped his voters into supporting him by feeding them a line about putting her prison. 99% of anything these people say is just empty rhetoric to get dupes riled up and it works.

No. 668065

Why is anyone surprised? Similar shit happened 4 years ago and Russia was scapegoated for it. Like no shit there's always problems with the elections, most of the corruption is in your own fucking country and both sides are to blame.

No. 668067

who are you fighting

No. 668096

Who do you think she's voting for?

An invisible American in her mind.

No. 668292

>I'm worried and somehow shocked by election fraud in a political process that's been rife with corruption for years >>665707

lol ok. I laugh more than anything else.

No. 668331

I don't know anon I think it's pretty stunning and brave of people to choose between an ugly old white man who molests kids in public and another ugly old white man who was bff's with a child trafficker for 15+ years claiming to have never heard anything about said bff's criminal activities.

60,000 people voted for Kanye this year, maybe the US will get another reality tv show star for POTUS next (s)election. How excite!

No. 668354

File: 1604710545673.jpeg (33.81 KB, 474x472, POTUS.jpeg)

nta but I voted for the baby in pic related. Make Babies Great Again.

No. 668358

I hate everything about this photo

No. 668373

Just remember, there are farmers who voted for this guy because orange man bad.

I hope everyone is happy now that we’re getting a chomo president. So progressive uwu

No. 668374

Your vote counts. #Baby2020

No. 668375

Both of them are bad, anon. Suggesting that Biden is any worse of a choice is just as delusional as those who suggest Trump is the same.

No. 668376

>implying you’re not some Euro doing their usual dO AmERiCanS ReALy

No. 668382

im a euro and we dont claim this retard

No. 668384

So which preselected for you choice did you pick, independent thinker?

The 2 parties dominate for a reason - having a binary system makes it easier to control and manipulate people. You've only ever had the illusion of choice.

No. 668402

WHY is the mother just standing there with a smile on her face like this is normal? Normal in DC maybe but not anywhere else.

No. 668403

Bold of you to imply that I didn't know that, that I have ever voted, and that any of that relates to my post.

No. 668409

File: 1604716950489.jpg (911.53 KB, 1234x1423, every 4 years.jpg)

Yeah Joe's got a pattern and idk how any rational person overlooks it but you can't act like being friends with a child trafficker/pedo for over a decade is any better.

When the nicest thing you can say about a candidate is that you haven't seen them grope children in public, there's a big fucking problem and it's a reflection on the entire system, not just one party.

No. 668416

File: 1604717613704.jpeg (64.02 KB, 401x612, 568CE8DA-EB1B-48B9-B8F1-81D440…)

i know this is completely off topic but i just found something really weird. I was watching Cheaper by the Dozen and googled the cast, and i came across this picture. The bottle in this kid’s hand looks exactly like a bottle of grey goose vodka.

No. 668417


Anon, that’s a Sobe glass bottle. You can even see the curve of the tail.

No. 668423

shit i miss those so much.

No. 668427

>lesser of two evils
All part and parcel of the "democratic process" anon kek. The whole thing's a joke,only good for memeing. People make the mistake of treating politics seriously like it matters.

No. 668493

Not an oldworldfag sorry, but I do live in this country and value whatever freedoms (or the illusion of) we still have.

There’s no denying his friendship with Epstein and his shady ways. Obviously he cannot be trusted but if the establishment hates him this much, then he’s probably doing something right, right?

No. 668545

File: 1604734843491.png (236.7 KB, 712x617, 8075B2BF-76C8-449C-9C3A-64270C…)

Careful Lord Rothschild, your shadow powers are showing

No. 668551

Don't give a malignant narcissist any credit, they'll take that and run with it

No. 668575

File: 1604740260058.jpg (288.68 KB, 973x535, Ex-Lobbyists Fill Cabinet.jpg)

>the establishment hates him
How could the establishment hate him when so many of them fill his cabinet? Between this and the substantial Epstein connection I don't know why anyone would think he's any more opposed to the status quo than any of the people he criticizes. Obama did the same thing with his cabinet, the man bailed out Wall Street ffs.

A little research shows many of the same people get recycled in every cabinet no matter who in the duopoly takes office, look at John Bolton. If Biden gets selected he'll recycle cronies and war criminals too. Same shit different asshole yes, but that's not what we're told to believe.

No. 668638

File: 1604752125522.jpg (144 KB, 1400x1400, nick_young_confused_face_300x2…)

> the establishment hates him
bitch, he IS the establishment

No. 668859

Biden won

No. 668926

The "establishment" wins whoever gets into office lol. Look up what corporatocracy means.

No. 668927

Technically there is no president until Dec. 14th when the Electoral College meets to decide like they do every 4 years. I'm just casually watching the people who think any of this matters and that their lives are going to change with a new CEO of USA Inc.

No. 668940

File: 1604785270359.jpeg (427.94 KB, 1230x1117, muh elections.jpeg)

Claims of voter fraud started up about 20 years ago when the use of electronic voting machines was first implemented. A lot of people then noted the ties to Bush and some of his supporters. And as anon >>665707 pointed out, election fraud happened in 2016 in the DNC primaries. The system's been broken for a long time, no one really cares and nothing actually changes.

You're welcome.

No. 668947

>The system's been broken for a long time, no one really cares and nothing actually changes.
The new army of armchair statisticians and political experts on twatter who somehow don't remember this all happening before is both sad and amusing. You're right, nothing will ever change.

No. 668994

I'm paranoid that soon the Internet won't be as open anymore.

At the start of the year, coinciding with the start of the pandemic, Twitter got rid of it's Global Trends. You could no longer see what's happening in the world, you're limited to your own country. Why get rid of a Global function when we're facing a Global problem? We're left without am easy way to compare the spread and the responses.

Recently, Reddit started experimenting with a function that makes the users' feed mostly filled with posts from local subreddits. Saw UK users complaining their feed is full of just UK stuff. This coincided with the election, and it was made more difficult for people to find out what's going on across the Atlantic.

I hate this localization trend. It's the World Wide Web. Don't fragment it pls.

No. 669007

The current body positivity/fat acceptance/anti diet/plus size model/real (400lb) wamen/whatever hullabaloo is a serpentine ploy by the beautiful people elite to make the masses even more obese and unhealthy so that models become even more alien in their attractiveness by comparison (eg. picrel kek) = them becoming even more idolised (albeit less openly than before by the soon to be bopo warrior hoi polloi) = more paid ads on insta for whatever covert diet product they roll out to replace flat tummy tea which isn't pc = more $$$. Sage cuz stupid snark but VERY TRUE. Resist by refusing to buy a bigger size and accept defeat when your jeans get tight or succumb to the urge to intuitively eat 4 pints of ice cream.

No. 669009

File: 1604793971779.jpg (342.13 KB, 1908x1146, 2A6ECF9B00000578-0-image-a-31_…)

dropped file in my righteous fury oops

No. 669011

And a lot of people have left Twitter and Reddit for that very reason. Twitter's always censored. Reddit was great until Aaron died - who knows who runs that shithole now. There are still indie platforms like Bitchute, Minds etc. They're not as large but they have freedom that the monopolies don't.

No. 669016

There will always be 4chan, don't worry

No. 669022

which will always be crawling with fbi agents

No. 669038

Common misunderstanding is that fbi is the one crawling around conducting psyops. They're more concerned with tracking crypto and shit. Cia are the cocksuckers you mean. But they're not as super spy intelligent as people think. From 2009 to 2013 the communication channels the CIA uses to contact assets in foreign countries was compromised due to absolute retard lack of cyber security measures and an estimated 70% of their assets in foreign countries were found out and killed. Lmao and they fired the guy who was warning them the whole time. Petty and retarded.

No. 669158

I think sometimes it’s shills with foreign interests too trying to manipulate the public’s perceptions idk that’s a tinfoil

No. 669246

File: 1604823631504.jpg (1.11 MB, 960x1578, F.jpg)

No. 669249

All intel agencies run psyops. It's another part of the clownshow in the house of cards.
It's both. CIA-run coups on democratically elected heads of state are a matter of historical record, some of the most egregious being in SA and the middle east. Not saying it is or isn't happening here, just that with very few exceptions, these agencies are filled to the brim with lowlifes.

No. 669336

File: 1604840440455.gif (601.54 KB, 500x280, 4QS5Klp.gif)

What if Kamala Harris only ran for vp cause she knows Biden will die soon and she's a political gold digger?

pic unrelated, is a dog

No. 669341

>unironically calling a woman a gold-digger, in 2020
Are you a scrote?

If anything, that would just make her a clever strategist.

No. 669343


imagine being so retarded you think women have to support women irregardless of their political standings.

i support kamala as a woman, but as a politician, i do not support her.

No. 669354

You don't support her as a woman if you unironically call her a "political gold-digger". It's a sexist insult in itself. You can disagree with her all you want (I do), but don't backpedal on what you said.

No. 669377

Nta. Imagine being glad that power is being usurped by a literal diversity hire who couldn't originally even get any of her own party's vote. I want the first woman president to be someone fucking good so that people don't look at the eventual fuck up and say "hurr see women suck at being leaders"

No. 669393

>calling anyone retarded
the fucking irony lmfao

No. 669426

File: 1604853202292.png (27.51 KB, 770x226, retard.PNG)

No. 669427

>Remember that a definition is not an endorsement of a word's use
So you just didn't read any of that and assumed that I meant that it wasn't recognized by dictionaries, and therefore not a word.
Again. Irony.

No. 669428

I did read it, crackhead. Just because some ritzy assholes don't use a word doesn't mean it's not a word. You are assuming that anon is retarded for using a word that is commonly used all over the place.

This looks bad for you.

No. 669432

Are you okay?
It's not being a ritzy asshole to not say "ain't" lmfao
You sound ignorant

No. 669433

>you're assuming anon is retarded
the anon you're replying to never said retard, the person they replied to did

No. 669736

File: 1604888096632.jpeg (370.43 KB, 954x1498, women.jpeg)

>i support kamala as a woman, but as a politician, i do not support her.
Too bad Kamala doesn't support women kek.

No. 669739

>I want the first woman president to be someone fucking good
The only women allowed to get that far are women like Hillary Clinton who's already gotten away with election fraud. That's the system America has - career clowns on either side sucking each other off behind closed doors for a seat at the viper's table.

No. 669748

Just look at Cynthia Mckinney. She was essentially run out of congress by her colleagues for not licking the Israeli/lobby govt's asshole. She refused to toe the line and got cut off by the establishment. You either play the game with all the other lemmings or get pushed out.

No. 669766

File: 1604893837665.png (274.63 KB, 828x810, 48020EDA-C4B7-4F75-823F-6B3D98…)

Chris Benoit voted for Biden then crawled back to his grave

No. 669778


Glowniggers have infiltrated Lolcow with the guise of radical feminism to manipulate the farmers into attacking each other for wrongthink.

No. 669781

good for him!

No. 669817

Girl I’ve been thinking the same thing lmaoo I didn’t want to get called schizo-chan again. Honestly it’s really likely as well as the profiling-type threads that keep popping up. I mean, there are social engineers on every other platform, from many different sources with different interests, especially places that are freedom of speech friendly. I’m not saying that every rad fem post is a shill or something but it really wouldnt surprise me if some of them are. Not to mention there are a lot of different agendas to be spread and asses to cover. to be honest women are easier to manipulate emotionally (we are more empathetic and pretty open minded, of course) and they probably think we wouldn’t even question it. Idk just tinfoiling up in here hehe

No. 669825

File: 1604902536675.png (117.59 KB, 500x590, Niggerlicious.png)


No. 669850

File: 1604909776666.png (802.26 KB, 826x674, sqnts.png)

>to be honest women are easier to manipulate emotionally (we are more empathetic and pretty open minded, of course)

No. 670133

Kiki Kannibal is a farmer, she walks among us, we could be arguing with or supporting Kiki and we will never, ever know.

No. 670926

tranny stop

No. 671885

Regardless of your own politics, this is a MUST WATCH:

Post office whistleblower gets interrogated by spooks into retracting his information on voter fraud.

No. 671965

What’s a spook?

No. 672060

Government agent, a glownigger

No. 672065

I mean, they’re not wrong though

No. 672143

Anyone have theories about the Youtube outage? /Pol/ is practically on fire rn but I don't trust those moids

No. 672148

I know the YouTube app recently updated which could've caused some problems, but it seems to be working fine now, on both desktop and mobile.

No. 672151

Really? I haven't been able to get videos to load since about 7pm EST, originally videos wouldn't load but now they come up as an error. Also downdetector is showing huge problems: https://downdetector.com/

No. 672160

Interestingly I just saw this post and it's stopped working for me, lmao. Weird.

No. 672171

Maybe it’s running on 5G

No. 672721

We are entering a cyberpunk era

No. 672722

I think we're already there, it's just way more boring than expected

No. 672727

how lame, we should aim to be forest elves instead

No. 672790

Yeah, we’re missing a protagonist

No. 672804

Barron is the MC

No. 672913

Baron Trump?

No. 673067

File: 1605260980462.jpeg (99.08 KB, 1125x412, 258B64B0-FDC9-49E5-9B45-CE4D0E…)

Man, this headline is something else lol. Is this supposed to be a threat?

“Look orange man; if you don’t concede for our buddy Joe, we’re gonna JFK your ass!”


Edit: forgot the pic!

No. 673073

File: 1605262443657.png (39.89 KB, 887x498, deeply sinister.PNG)

No. 673428

Obviously the title was clickbait, they should’ve done better than that.

No. 673730

Musk is now apart of the bohemian grove.

No. 673823

Reptilians ate real they penetrated my butthole and pussy

No. 673824

I think I liked it am I still a virgin????????

No. 676304

File: 1605663505320.png (164.5 KB, 781x708, 7C384A22-AE9C-4977-BB0E-F2D29C…)

The troon agenda is stronger than ever!

No. 676404

Wtf that’s crazy but not surprising

No. 676420

"people who bleed are so diverse" yeah, that's because literally everyone does lmao

No. 676705

I remember watching an ftm youtuber years ago and he was pretty far into transition and very passing. Even while taking the usual testosterone dose he started to suddenly bleed again for the first time in years. Knowing that people actually bothering to transition can still bleed after that many years makes me not want to fully throw away stuff like this.. but then I know realistically it's mostly sensitive NBs that are calling on this total language change and that any person really bothering to transition is less concerned with language and more concerned with booking in for their hysterectomy already.

Then on the other side of this you have stories of transwomen putting red food dye onto pads and trying to join in on the 'period experience' telling their female friends that they are synched up with their cycles.. so that's not exactly 'sticking to the facts' lol

No. 678479

I’m starting to get used to seeing people in masks but the eerie feeling is still there.

No. 678481

There are plenty of (biological) women who don't have periods, though. Along with >>676705 I can understand the reasons why that ad was made.

No. 678482

im pretty much the opposite. i’ll be watching a movie or something with a huge group/crowd scene and i can’t help but be weirded out by the lack of masks, even though whatever I’m watching was made pre-pandemic.

No. 678511

I don't think those women feel a need to be represented by fucking Tampax.

No. 678517

I mean, who does? Menstrual products shouldn't cost money or be privately owned by a corporation in the first place. I was just saying that the fact that some women don't menstruate isn't a lie.

No. 678529

Yes but it’s all about the trannies no, it’s en vogue. Do you understand fellow vagina haver?


No. 678808

I can get behind "Not all women have periods" because some women can't have them due to menopause, birth defects, hormonal issues, diseases etc. But I can't get behind "Not all people with periods are women". Yes they fucking are. A trans man was born a woman and is biologically a female no matter how much surgery and synthetic hormones are involved. A white person doesn't become black if they paint their skin and take lip fillers.

No. 679152

If the establishment hated him they'd ignore him just like they ignored Ron Paul. The msm gives all the puppets attention, the real people get ignored.
There's literally voter fraud every 4 years lol. Nothing's changed, it's never going to get better. It's a lost cause.

No. 679157

File: 1606027443799.png (676.5 KB, 800x600, mein sides.png)

This is quite literally one of the stupidest things I've ever read. It's things like this that make me glad I started buying reusable cloth napkins support your local small business lol and stopped buying from virtue signalling, brain dead cuck corporations like these.

No. 679159

>Then on the other side of this you have stories of transwomen putting red food dye onto pads and trying to join in on the 'period experience' telling their female friends that they are synched up with their cycles
No that's just (pedo) Jonathan Yaniv.

No. 680439

Go read the mtf thread anon, it's definitely not just Yaniv and sadly more common than it should be

No. 681615

Prob been discussed here already - yesterday I looked up the deleted YT 2012 channel sevensupergirls out of curiosity and found out their manager was a 50 y/o pedophile, he gave all the girls strict rules about how to dress in their videos 'for brand deals' (really for his own fetish) and was convicted in 2018 for molesting and photographing one of the girls naked under the pretence that he was trying to bind her breasts down. Thank God the whole scheme has been busted by now but it makes me wonder how many other YT initiatives are legit just pedobait? The videos their manager took of the girls all together are very clearly of this genre

No. 681618

Didn’t that pedo troop 4lung do that too?

No. 684724

Since skepticism is banned in the corona thread I want to ask you what are your thoughts on making the vaccine not compulsory but allowing employers to fire non-vaccinated employees: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8987379/Employers-make-coronavirus-vaccine-mandatory-workplace.html
(I'm not an ukfag so idk how reliable dailymail is but I needed a source in English).
As for me I'm not an antivaxxer at all but it's definitely sus to try and force people to get a shot of something made in less than 10 months. Since they can't physically force people to get it, they seem to make all those "no travel, no work, no nothing if you're not getting the covid shot". If it really was good they wouldn't need this.

No. 684733

Dailymail is the trashiest publication i can think of anon.

No. 684750

>If it really was good they wouldn't need this.
That's not true. The anti-vax movement was already doubting true and tried vaccins that have been proven safe for a very long time before corona happened. Clearly there's always going to be sceptics doubting the safety of vaccins whether it's justified or not.

Regarding the safety of the corona vaccins, I can't provide the source because it's not in English, but I read that the development of the vaccins is more rapid this time because they're using existing techniques and knowledge from the 2003 SARS-virus and MERS-cov virus, saving years of lab research.

Of course don't take my word for it and do your own research.

No. 684752

It was the first English source I found, sorry anon kek. I found it first in a local newspaper.
The thing is I was eager to get it despite the short time but seeing governments and media trying to force people to get it is what made me skeptical. This morning a news outlet in my country was talking about "punishing" people who don't want to get it by banning them from traveling and restaurants. The medical staff in my country is starting to turn against it just because they will be in the first group to get it. Something is fishy.

No. 684792

Right, I kind of lost the point of your post lol.

I don't know. On one hand it makes me skeptical too. On the other hand I get it. Corona is destroying many lives and economies, the fastest route to getting back on top of that is eliminating corona on a national level, but you need a very high vaccination rate for that. I also read that the EU (where I am) isn't getting any Chinese vaccins because those are 'classic' vaccins that are easier to develop but have safety risks, which make me think that if the EU put rapid vacination before safety they'd be getting those vaccins. There's already people getting vaccinated with those vaccins in China.

Ultimately, I think for commoners like us there's never a 100% sure way to tell if a vaccin is safe, we aren't there in the labs after all. So there's always going to be some leap of faith. I would like to get vaccinated on the long term, after and if first waves of vaccination have shown that there aren't any dangerous side-effects.

Sorry for awkward English lol.

No. 685169

It means the biblical prophecies are coming true, the vaccinations are just testing grounds for the real thing.

I’m not an antivaxxer btw

No. 685170

Glowniggers are coming to collect our data again with the following threads on /ot/ that I’m too lazy to go back and get ‘em:

Muh broken childhood
“Graduating” from Lolcow
Muh college experience/life after college
How smart are you/knowledge thread

Big thunk

No. 685187

Sorry to ask, what's a glownigger? I've seen it referenced before and don't want a retarded answer from google

No. 685285

An cia/fbi agent who infiltrates organizations, movements, communities physically and electronically (the internet)

Coined by Terry Davis

No. 685286

Why do they wanna know about childhoods?

No. 685299

so they have a better idea of how to skinwalk as us

No. 685301

>attempting to skinwalk someone
>with information found on an anonymous imageboard
>while not knowing the author of any post
Good one, anon.

If a government agency wanted the information for anything, it'd probably be for general data collection, which even then would be futile for the same reasons. If this site had advertisements, they could use cookies to show us targeted advertisements online, but it doesn't (and if it did, basic ad-blocking browser extensions get around that, as does using an incognito window and/or refusing all cookies.) The nature of this site doesn't really allow any room for advertising services or making posts about specific brands, companies, and corporations, but that being said, you wouldn't believe how many times on 4chan I've seen a "do you like (brand or company), fellow hip internet users?" post that's obviously an attempt by the company to take advantage of anonymity and promote themselves. It happens on almost every well-known website that is compatible with that kind of posting, and I wish people were more aware of that.

Rule of thumb: Question the source of every online post (even images, videos, or memes) that mentions a brand, company, or corporation for seemingly no reason. It didn't come from nowhere, and there's a reason it was promoted in that format.

No. 685327

They’ve also infiltrated Reddit, 4chan and other sites; it’s not only to collect our data or sell us shit but more so to disrupt any resistive thoughts and wrongthink.

A simple research without using Google might help.

unless you’re a glownigger yourself who’s trying to debunk this theory.

No. 685336

I'm not a glowie or trying to ~deboonk~ anything, I spend just as much time on /x/ and Wikispooks as you. I'm just pointing out that the idea of government agencies collecting information on random gossip imageboard posters in attempt to skinwalk them (for what purpose?) is unrealistic. It'd be more likely to happen on larger and more well-known websites where users automatically have to reveal certain information about themselves in order to post, but the primary motive behind 99% of data collection done online is still for advertising and marketing purposes (which is equally nefarious, if I didn't already make that clear.)

>it’s not only to collect our data or sell us shit but more so to disrupt any resistive thoughts and wrongthink

What does that have to do with your skinwalking theory, though? If you want to me to research the topic, what specifically about it? I agree with your latter claim about government agencies attempting to suppress certain information and certain viewpoints, but they've been doing that for decades and it's not hidden to anyone who pays attention.

No. 687192

Decided to check out one of the ping pong bands

Their music isn’t bad and their videos are colorful…aside form the eye and boy-love symbolism

No. 687225

I really like historical mysteries and I've noticed that the "mudflood" theory (the reason old buildings are partially buried being some big global event that has since been covered up - possibly to hide ancient technology or w/e) has become super prevalent just in the last year or so. So my tinfoil is that this started once flat earthers became memed and the crazies needed some other theory to delegitimize our beliefs in science/documentation.

No. 687231

what do you mean with ping pong?

No. 687246

Comet ping-pong, the pizza parlor where they allegedly traffick children to the elites and sometimes tortured and murdered them in secret hiding spots. They and other bands performed there while the restaurant is supposedly family oriented.

I believe Atlantis is real as well as the hollow earth

No. 687247

Ok so I unironically think hollow earth theory is possible. Veils that separate dimensional spaces seem credible too. As soon as someone mentions lizard people, I'm fucking out though.

No. 687260

what does the band have to do with that? what other bands are there? sorry I literally know nothing about this

No. 687264

I'm not knowledgeable about pizza gate but what's really weird and suspicious is how, when you google it or go to wikipedia, every major source uses over the top descriptors to deny it. "Totally false! Alleged! It's fake! far right! all debunked!" you see these words in almost every sentence
For every other conspiracy theory I've seen discussed, they don't overuse terms like this. I never put stock in this specific theory (though I do believe there's lots of pedos at the top) but it's very suspect. the lady doth protest too much.

No. 687320

Other bands include heavy breathing and majestic ape.

I suggest going back to the previous threads and read from there. There’s a lot of stuff anons have covered as well as niche hipster places that are just fronts for easy trafficking

They wouldn’t be “debunking” or “fact-checking” if their guys weren’t on the shitlist

No. 687323

File: 1607069235417.jpeg (170.83 KB, 850x847, FF8CE07D-28F0-4B5F-BA83-9466B5…)

“Antifa is just an idea.” - Joe Biden, 2020

No. 687326

sage for off topic but I had hoped the pandemic would have ended his madness, that if the world was collectively in Dire straits we would end this foolishness and focus solely on our survival. but I guess that didn't come to be, here's hoping for WW3

No. 687349

>sage for off topic
But you didn't sage though

No. 687381

I also never got the full picture of the whole pizzagate thing, but looking at the bands, their music videos (like the one above that has the symbol right there…), the flyers, everything sounds so obviously suspicious to me. Am I just dumb? To me it seems like there shouldn't even be a doubt that it's true. Wasn't Kim Noble involved too? I read once that allegedly a picture of her paintings was displayed at Comet Ping Pong, and everybody knows what those paintings are about and that the artist was victim of a pedophile ring. I may be spouting bullshit though.

No. 687393

YES I feel the same, even though at it's popularity peak I think it got a bit out of control, pizzagate started for a reason. There's a podcast I'm listening to that did an episode explaining what it is about when it was just gaining speed in 2016; they read these most suspicious emails and agreed that even if maybe there's no pedophile haven in the basement of the pizza place, there's definitely something off about the emails and something IS going on; 3 years later they've mentioned pizzagate again in some recent episode and they laughed it off as the most stupid thing with zero basis only idiots would consider. I don't expect them to go full tinfoil on it but found it extremely weird that at first they were like, yeah this is kinda suspicious and had this big shift into "stupidest thing to even consider ever".

No. 687663

damn anon i feel this. not quite with the celebrities, but i 100% think that fat positive/body positive movements are a way to keep people constantly sick and unhealthy as a means of keeping the population in control. i also wouldn't be surprised if food companies/insurance fund these campaigns and such

No. 687776

Can we talk about the trans agenda? I'm seriously convinced that transgenderism is being pushed by pharmaceutical companies, social media, and the fashion/cosmetics industry to exploit gender insecure people and turn them into cash cows. At this point I'm absolutely convinced the only reason children are becoming so aggressively targeted and transed out is so that they can become life long customers for these pharmaceutical companies. I mean, why not? If these companies are so insidious and savage to create the opiod epidemic, what's honestly stopping them from coming for kids and autistics?

Schools and academia are completely complicit in the trans agenda btw. Here's an interview if you're curious to learn exactly how big pharma has teamed up with schools to push this agenda & stir confusion within the minds of young people:


No. 687777

File: 1607128253491.png (368.79 KB, 749x394, ac0e3c_d64bcbe317cd44d3899d39a…)

No. 687782

there was a woman researching how disproportionately trans "feelings" affect teen girl friend groups. not individually, but as a group, they often collectively fall victim to this due to societal misogyny. i would not be surprised at all if pharma were cashing in on it

No. 687796

File: 1607129740598.png (581.71 KB, 848x1036, 1607112943485.png)

From all the threads in the catalog, which ones do you feel like they are from the ones who glow?

No. 687881

fuck off it’s not like anyone’s going to get awwested for thoughtcrime posting on lolcow lmfao

No. 687887

File: 1607139948833.png (2.37 KB, 285x72, oh.PNG)

not with that attitude!

No. 687897

I agree. I mean, something fucked up is already going on there. Think about all the gender specialists and surgeons, how can they do what they do and not be disturbed by it? Not feel morally disgraced by the dire affect on people's lives? Especially the surgeons, we've all seen how it's like Frankenstein, that shit is experimental. I'm convinced it's a mix of fucking around "for science!!" and the money. But definitely mostly money . It's also true that hormones alone have a shady past with lawsuits and long term health effects. Yet somehow it's not relevant…
Anyway, all that is in plain view. I'm sure everything you said is possible and probably true.
Forgot to mention, an anon once linked an article about trans rights coming about mainly from such huge funding & astroturfing. No other rights movement would compare, being boosted by financial backing to that degree, people had to actually do stuff

No. 688832

I kind of love the "bigfoot/aliens/ghosts are interdimensional creatures appearing in an easier way for us to understand" theory but I also kinda wish there really was a missing link running around in the wilderness.

No. 689002

The Utah monolith feels staged. maybe it's a pysop. Something about the saga makes me think the same people who installed it, made sure it got "discovered" and also removed. It's just so random and stupid, why is that making the news? It felt like a performance but without reason. You could say "yeah, duh it's performance art" but the media latched on so hard for that. I know covid makes us really bored but nowadays, with media as it is I take nothing as coincidence. Is someone trying to trick us into believing in aliens, testing our reactions or distracting us from something else? I say the alien thing since the pentagon has already been trying to suggest as much, and I don't believe them. Well, maybe it's as simple as those guys making crop circles for shits and giggles. Curious if anyone else found it weird though.

This other thing is only an idea, but I bet "fake news" could reach new heights. Sorry to reference a video game, but in one (won't name not to spoiler) they were trapped and told that the real world outside was one way when it was really a post-apocalyptic wasteland. What if, we're being kept indoors and prepared for them to completely control our reality some day? News and media that function as basically virtual reality? To cover up what they are really doing out there, with no one to object or intervene. Anyway that's my biggest tinfoil that probably won't ever happen, but it's crazy how possible it could be someday. Feels like every day we get closer to a terrible sci-fi dystopia if we're not already. I think it could happen when robots fully replace human labor

No. 689006

samefag and actually… as extreme as my second theory sounds, it literally is happening to a lesser degree. It has already been beaten to death that we are being turned mindless consumers, so I guess it is true already. I'm just thinking it could get a lot worse someday

No. 689037

i personally think it is some sort fo ad campaign ala instagram egg. def fake and gay either way tho

No. 689641

There was so much weird shit that got lost and impossible to search for now about pizzagate. I recall someone figuring out about the tunnels under DC? If I'm remembering correctly, and also a poster or some sort of advertisement for the pizza shop that had like little kid's underwear or something. Even if I'm wrong about the exact details, back when it was all going on it was pretty much undeniable that something was up because there was just too much. Now the Qanon and twitter shit got everything covered up. And yes the media went absolute batshit about it making it sound crazy and it worked because now people think it's all Qanon and trump and whatever.

No. 690617

Yeah, they’ve sadly done a good job covering it up. Oh yeah and Twitter completely removed the #pizzagate hashtag ‘cause it’s totally not real and anyone who believes this shit is a right-wing Trump-supporting nazi.

No. 690623

Alright so who really killed Vanessa Guillen? The mom doesn’t believe that David Robinson did and outright stated a few minutes ago on the Spanish news channel that he was suicided to avoid testifying against the real culprits.

There’s obviously shady stuff going on in the military but I can’t believe they let her say that on lib-controlled telemundo

No. 691173

File: 1607561647343.jpg (132.68 KB, 640x809, 1607551714091.jpg)

This is wicked and makes sense.

No. 691174

File: 1607561679469.png (152.76 KB, 483x422, 1607549532187.png)

Is anyone following the cyberpunk game?

No. 691181

Is this the same cyber punk game that the troons are complaining about?

No. 691194

File: 1607564381571.jpg (144.86 KB, 871x872, IMG_6526.JPG)

Well well well now. This is interesting. Hopefully, it'll stir shit up.

No. 692074

So we’re really getting a cyberpunk future out of it? Cool!

No. 692179

Everyone is raging at cyberpunk because it isn't "inclusive enough", something to do with ableism or something, idk didn't pay attention tbh because they were nitpicks and stupid shit
This just proves that when you pander too much to the omega woke crowd you will get cancelled about it. I can't believe people fell for the genital customization. Just look at that worm wriggling around… wack

No. 692180

File: 1607683135603.png (37.14 KB, 496x550, Sin título.png)

This makes so much sense. I live outside of the US and I've seen shit like "tips from onlyfans creators for the best nudes you could take"

No. 692442

File: 1607720431734.jpeg (44.89 KB, 446x687, images (17).jpeg)

No. 692666

I wouldn’t doubt that it’s true tbh. At this point it’s super easy to rope teenagers into it rn because so many of them are online (especially because of quarantine).
Also I can’t believe she has to constantly make it clear that she isn’t hating on anyone. Can’t criticize this stupid shit without it being pinned as jealously. Fuck off. Sex workers and their retarded simps are a plague.

No. 692802

idk if I'm reading you right, but epilepsy isn't fun and each episode increases the risk for a future one, so having an option to remove scenes that could do that isn't "woke", it's just a health issue. Obviously if you've got epilepsy you are responsible for looking after yourself, but from what I read there's a scene that seems to be designed to trigger an episode and that's not cool.

No. 693673

Didn't old Gameboy games used to have a warning that people with epilepsy shouldn't play them?
Or am I thinking of something that happened with Pokemon when it first came out?

No. 694157

File: 1607955555039.png (113.46 KB, 400x427, 1607954024987.png)

No. 694158

File: 1607955596716.png (524.15 KB, 1727x3851, 1607948104915.png)

No. 694167

On one hand I really hope this will lead to more platforms removing said content, but on the other… people are just going to upload their shit elsewhere. Men are disgusting. At least it's going to be removed from the big platforms so normies won't be able to find it anymore I guess?

No. 694168

You might be thinking of a pokemon anime episode that triggered episodes and therefore wasn't broadcast outside of Japan.

No. 694169

Just gotta hit them where it hurts most to make change; the wallet

No. 694186

Pornhub should just remove itself

No. 694187

as a person with photosensitive epilepsy, no, that scene was not designed to trigger a seizure, and no, theres no "one ultimate seizure trigger" out there. I hate how everyone became epilepsy expert overnight beacuse of that one article. That light sequence was as likely to trigger an epilepsy and a scene of intense shootout would be with all the guns flashing, it just happened to trigger that one person. No one said anything when it was shown and seen by milions (me included) few months ago because it really is NOT more dangerous to epileptics than anything else would be. Somehow when hollywood movies have intense and long flashing sequences no one demands accessibility, but a video game apparently has to be for everyone, no matter how severe neurological issues they have.

No. 694188

Fucking rip me and the fucking content I had bookmarked. I should've downloaded it like a normal fucking person. Seriously, there were some of the most sensual lesbian videos on the market and now gone.

No. 694190

File: 1607960331734.png (719.29 KB, 1080x1375, Screenshot_20201212-210418~2.p…)

I couldn't find a general news thread that fitted this story and isn't ancient, but it involves a type of suppression by shady political powers so imo it belongs here

>Iranian 19 year old goes by by Sahar Tabar on Instagram. History of mental health struggles and visits to psychiatric hospitals.

>Starts posting spooky selfies. Jokes that she had many surgeries but then acknowledges it's all obviously makeup, Photoshop and prosthetics that she uses as "art" and "self expression".
>International clickbait runs with the 50 surgeries story and call her "zombie Angelina Jolie". Received a lot of negative backlash and vicious trolls
>Arrested for "cultural crimes and social and moral corruption" sentenced for ten years. Charges included blasphemy, inciting violence, gaining income through inappropriate means and encouraging youths to corruption.
>During her detainment she used her platform and notoriety to appeal to Angelina Jolie to bring attention to her case, speaking against the Islamic Republic and its "history of tormenting women". AFAIK there was no response from Jolie.
>has been cleared of two of four charges, but has not commented further because she is still hoping for a pardon

This is pretty fucked up, she's just an edgy kid putting on face paint and playing with face tune

No. 694315

i 100% unironically believe this to be true. the radfem glowies are so over the top in their hostility; i legit don’t know any women who talk to one another like this. i’ll add my own layer of tinfoil and say it’s TRANNY radfem glowies, lol. women have a way of keeping other women in line but this hyper aggressive weirdo shit isn’t it.

No. 694402

What the fuck, this is horrible. How can you be sent to prizon for stupid edited selfies???
Angelina Jolie should absolutely do something about it. I know that she's petty and insane but as a ~humanitarian~, she's sort of required to at least appear to give a fuck

No. 694511

Anon,they're just angry as fuck after having been removed from other platforms. It's likely not a conspiracy, just angry posting that gets out of hand because it's hard to put the cap back on once the bottle is opened.

No. 694670

stop trying to push this

No. 698386

Why, because it’s true?

No. 701729

They are trying to destroy civilization by merging the internet with real life. That's my own personal theory.

No. 701733

This is retarded. This is the world we live in. Society is retarded. It's official.

No. 701735


No. 705565

File: 1609359985777.gif (767.61 KB, 275x220, 1427717685085.gif)


No. 705605

i don't trust the vaccines at all
no because it's retarded and obvious moid psyop bullshit

No. 705654

thanks for this anon, I came back to ask if anyone had seen the community post she wrote and then deleted a few weeks back (kicking myself for not screenshotting since I'm wearing tinfoil) and just saw your reply. it makes a lot of sense. not that I'm 100% convinced, if anyone else read her deleted post, it really reminded me of TND's "ramble about productivity and plans and excuses without actually saying anything of substance". I don't think there's a way to recover deleted YT community posts. I'll be more mindful to grab em in the future. sage for no contribution

No. 705660

I don't believe this whole shit is going to end just like that with everyone getting vaccines. At this point I expect anything, but not a quick ending to the covid thing

No. 707719

Could some anon provide me with sauce on the astroturfing behind TRA or point me in the right direction? I tried googling it but didn't get anything substantial, but I'm absolutely convinced it's true.

No. 707728

aside from the obvious reasons why this is bad,
literally nobody would want to look like that, she is the only one

No. 707801

File: 1609706696312.png (353.67 KB, 1259x501, 545645614.png)

I don't think there's one huge "gotcha",
Here's an interesting article about a therapist talking about how much the medical community is scared to say no (and it hardly makes sense how the TRA movement has this much power over the medical field):
The man also references this book a few times, but I don't think I'll be able to get my hands on it anytime soon. Don't know if anyone here read it, but it seems interesting.

Also I don't know what you googled, I tried "big pharma and transgender" and got quite a few relevant hits:

No. 707807

Here's a very thorough and well-studied article about it, complete with sources for all the claims. A long read but worth it.

I recommend checking out the writer's other articles as well.

No. 707818

man, this a genuinely retarded take.

No. 707860

While this mainly describes more official programs being funded, I also wonder sometimes, who the hell is paying all these kickstarters for people to chop of their tits/get tits. I really can't imagine hard-working people sending their money to someone's kid to get the chop.

No. 708186

What do you think of how the vaccines are being pushed so hard ?

What do you think this vaccine is going to do on a genetic level ? Like which gene expression is it activating or deactivating ?

No. 708302

File: 1609787438105.jpg (100.56 KB, 1326x245, long man.jpg)

So it's no big secret our devices are listening to us and collecting our data that way, but does anyone get recommended searches come up related to what they've been thinking? It's probably because ai's gotten good enough at analysing our data to the point where it can accurately predict what we're going to think of next rather than data being collected from our literal minds kek but it freaks me out nonetheless to hop on google and have exactly what I was going to search (that I've never typed before) 1st in the list.

No. 708315

Literally just had this happen (sorta). Was playing an older video game and googled something from it, with the first word being really common. It was the first suggested result after I typed the first word. And obviously that’s not the first time it’s happened. Is the NSA watching me play video games? How in the fuck.

No. 708552

File: 1609822890348.jpeg (86.75 KB, 692x815, AE37CF0E-4F3A-411A-8AC5-6A47BB…)

Buy one and get a free kid /s

No. 708589

You're their favorite lets player anon

No. 708626

don't worry guys, "The Great Reset" is totally not a conspiracy and you would be antisemitic if you think the rich are buying up small businesses going bankrupt


No. 708658

>malicious actors will seek to exploit a catastrophic incident—like a global pandemic—to advance their agenda.

Men have never exploited anything to advance their agenda, sounds fake


No. 708662

Shit happened to me too. Or my family and I would be discussing things in front of the TV and then get ads for it soon after despite never searching for this stuff.

No. 709084

on a related note
I know is imageboard but you need the entire article

No. 709431

so which of you loonies is at the capitol right now?

No. 709450

Trump or not, you gotta love seeing the media squirm about “muh civil war!!!”, shit’s hilarious

No. 709547

Maybe that Roberta chick who ended up killed was one of us

No. 710022

President Cuck surrendered and any person who showed resistance to the elites are at risk for whatever punishment may come from this, now what?

No. 710196

Tiktok is the perfect app to farm data for training deepfakes. People don't realize this and are making it way too easy for them.

No. 711205

Samefag, ok so I don't really listen to pheobe bridgers but I just decided to listen to motion sickness (her most popular song on spotify) and went to check the album it's on and saw a song titled "Georgia" and thought hmmm that sounds interesting (for personal reasons) I'll listen to that. So I went to google the lyrics for it (without having played the song yet) and was going to type "phoebe bridgers georgia lyrics" and got as far as pheobe bridgers before it came up as the only search recommendation. I've never typed that before, I'm now convinced that I was never paranoid and my computer can actually read my mind. Lterally shaking and crying

No. 712213

I watched The Crown and now I’m convinced that princess Diana was murdered by BRF
Are you telling me that the future king of England can’t order an assasination?

I love how rotten the royals are

No. 714780

What are this thread's thoughts on the CIA/MI5? I'm convinced they're behind most things.

No. 714793

Nah, they're probably a bunch of incompetent twats, just like all government employees ever. Like, the fuck is this embrarrasing disaster:

No. 717946

A glowing reply

No. 717953

question asker glows too

No. 717967

File: 1611103239318.jpg (32.75 KB, 622x599, 20201224_193006.jpg)

Glownibbers on my lolcow?

No. 718111

File: 1611117544560.jpg (100.04 KB, 720x1000, bent but not broken.jpg)

Maybe there is a correlation between more girls suffering from scoliosis and the fact more csa victims are girls than they are boys.

No. 718134

Everything since Trump becoming president has been planned. All milestones were planned in succession, to fall like dominos on top of each other. Next, Biden will increase minimum wage to 15 dollars while sumultaneously spending more money then ever on relief packages. This will wreck the economy. Biden is actually dead already, but they will make him die again (officially) so Kamala can become the new president. She will turn the country into a police state. Unemployment will be rampant, combined with stressors many adults will find it impossible to legally feed their families and many people will go to jail.

No. 718140

>nooooooooooooo we can't pay workers a living wage this will wreck the economy!!!!!!

No. 718144


Please take your meds.

No. 718145

Workers deserve the 15, but it’s too much of a jump at once. 7.25 adjusted for inflation is only 8.75 or something. Why not make it 10 dollars minimum wage? 15 is literally more than twice as much. It’s dangerous .

No. 718146

some places in the country have 15 min wage already.

No. 718154

I think it has been planned, at least the last few months, but I don't agree with the conclusion.
The end goal isn't minimum wage or financial collapse, it's to get people to sign away their rights under the guise of fighting terrorism. We're gearing up for patriot act 2.0, and a future where everybody is an informant. We're at a very emotional time right now where most people would actually welcome this if it gets rid of the undesirables of society, but emotional people are easy to manipulate. When people realize that the rules they want to apply to Trumptards apply to them as well, it might be too late.

No. 718155

I agree, I’m finding similar things happening to me. I hate it when I try to search a theory but get nothing but articles making fun of it, and I tbe articles I can’t even find what the actual theory or justification for the theory was. I was just curious what Qanons false predictions were, but I couldn’t even find the predictions as al I could find were those same hot button words you mentioned

No. 718156

I couldn’t have said it better. You make a good point about talking about people’s emotions, peoples these days feel so self righteous by getting angry, “‘my anger shows I am a good human being”, wrong, stay unemotional, stay stoic, or you will be manipulated.

No. 718157

My belief is that Pizzagate and all definitions associated with it is 'poisoning the well'. There is a sliver of truth to it, and the years and decades of pedophilia and child exploitation coming out of Hollywood and Politics. Epstein's journal hints at such. However, to discredit the whole, they only have to discredit the some. Then they pretend the some is the whole.

This is why every article on it is littered with buzzwords and constant insistence that the entirety is false and only right-wing nutjobs would ever look further into it than that. They don't want you looking at it as anything other than a surface-level glance at something that may be as deep as a glacier.

No. 718162

It wont happen all of a sudden as far as i'm aware? at least in my state. They're increasing the minimum wage to 15 but incrementally.

No. 718232

With so many snitches around akin to the red scare, how will any of us be able to stay informed or debunk any bs the elites would let us “know”?

I knew when they blue-texted and deplatformed our last president (no matter how much of a tard he was), it was the beginning of the end.

No. 718514

We'll be at war with Syria by the end of March. Don't we love our new neoliberal warmongers. Bernie looked so pathetic at the inauguration.

No. 718529

Starting to agree. We really are being ruled by corporations because they are the source of all our info and can shut down anybody who disagrees. Hated trump but it's not gonna be just him

No. 718703

Agreed. Do ask and reply glow in alliance or is this organic glowie conflict?
In a thread on /snow/, whenever someone mentions potential connections to feds of some politically active cows discussed there, since a few weeks the anon always gets aggressively denounced as a tinfoil idiot by multiple posts. Seemed sus to me.

No. 718712

Please no. What makes you think so, are there signs pointing to it? I haven't followed that angle with the Biden admin yet.

No. 718740

Pizzagate is a psyop to muddy the waters around the Epstein stuff.

No. 718745

It was based on Hilary's leaked emails. You can still pull them all up, so I'd take a look at those and form your own conclusions from there, because there's really some weird shit in them and those are her actual emails. Believe me you'll run into some of those stupid weird websites maybe trying to find the "good" emails, but at least there is some semblance of truth that it's based on.
Then you can try to search things based on what you found I guess. It really should be archived but I'm too busy to do something like that and probably don't have that great of skills searching things up. I think I read about it on here too while it was happening, so it all has to be somewhere?

No. 718747

Qanon was fed orchestrated

No. 719121


The delicious milky tears of QAnons on suicide watch surrounded by their Q merch and fake gold coins was taxpayer's money well spent in that case.

No. 719354

Watch Biden carpet bomb innocent people and be applauded as 'liberating the oppressed'. The media has already rehabilitated Bush as a goofy grandpa and the stuff Obama did is mostly ignored so this won't get pushback.

No. 719362

OT but is there a lefty thread?

No. 719484

It was nice not being at war with other people for the last four years, wasn’t it?

Will the trannies be the first to get blown up?

No. 719494

>The media has already rehabilitated Bush as a goofy grandpa
This was so shocking to me. Bush ran a nasty campaign during the initial primaries and royally fucked us with wars after 9/11. Obviously a lot of younger people wouldn’t remember firsthand how shitty his presidency was, but it’s bizarre to see people talking about him like he’s a funny old grandpa passing candy. How soon people forget.

No. 719497

Because anyone is better than Cheeto man, amirite?

No. 719509

I have a feeling the elite just pushes whatever they find attractive on the entor population except even these elites preferences change over time. The current beauty standard makes east european faces supreme because this is what the elites like at the moment. I wonder why they're pushing both bone thin and thicc as beauty standards tho?

No. 719548

To keep it unattainable.

No. 719605

I don't think that's a conspiracy theory at all. The new cabinet wants to continue the policies of the previous cabinet that the President was a part of.
I don't think it will be us in Syria, though. We'll just be arming the rebels and stirring up shit in foreign countries, waiting for them to slip up, and then using that as justification to invade.

Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and the turmoil surrounding these places make tons of money for the oil, defense, and financial sectors. This also creates justification to create tax hikes and shuffle more money to defense.

No. 719606

Hollywood is fickle. It really only takes the fetishes of a few people to determine what movies, advertisements, and TV shows for decades.

No. 721040

I grew up with the internet and liked it so much. Now I hate it, it's one big social engineering tool to brainwash us.

No. 721041

you said it sister

No. 721080

It's just the surface Web that's full of shit and social media congolmeterates. There's still the deep Web that contains research archives and then there's the dark web. Marketing is where we have went to shit. Marketing and advertising is the devil's tool.

No. 721254

You think so? Is the dark web worth rediscovering again in 2021? I 'member back in the olden days around when wikileaks started how excited I was about the idea of the dark web and how I imagined it to be the holy grail of information, to then only be bored by it, and the pedo discussions. Then years later finding out about all the apparent glowery instantiated already back then in the dark web to influence perception..

No. 721661

File: 1611523860832.jpeg (249.4 KB, 1125x905, DA49B0F2-A896-45BE-8BB3-0B4A93…)


Guess we’re at the beginning of the end.

>“Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.”

-Revelations 13:16-18

No. 721944

Yes, because we definitely get vaccines in the hand and the forehead /s

Sorry, but this is fair. Employers don't want to deal with having to take extra precautions because people are too scared to get a vaccine. If I were someone who couldn't get vaccines, I wouldn't want to have to worry about getting it from someone at work.

No. 722009

>wanting mandatory vaccination


No. 722014


So as someone who got the first part of the vaccine…does Satan come out from the ground, or is he going crawl out a mirror? Also, should I make him cookies, or do think hes more of a brownie type of bro? I kinda wanna get this right.

Also, any anons who know which type of nano bots you get from the Pfizer vaccine, help a sister out. My sorosbucks portal logins fucked and I want my money

No. 722056

Wouldn't the smallpox vaccine be more of a 'mark of the beast' situation. We vaccinated millions of people for that back in the 60s and that actually left scars on people, yet the world still turns

No. 722155

Who frequents a tinfoil thread but then makes corny anti-antivax jokes.

Not going to feed the glowies.

No. 722259

File: 1611582477519.jpg (49.44 KB, 737x850, 1590697136826.jpg)

No. 722405

Or try to “debunk” things as rationale when they’re really not after taking a long hard look?

CIA niggers gtfo

No. 722542

I don't buy in to religious shit, but I get that the Mark of the Beast is about restricting economic freedoms and financially oppressing those who don't conform.

No. 722577

youre not funny

No. 722640

well you're not smart, so

No. 723340

Just ignore them

No. 723599

i am afraid we will all have to wear hijabs and burkas and get stoned to death for having opinions because a few poor women with onlyfans pissed off enough incels for them to all join isis

No. 723616

File: 1611733292590.jpeg (51.85 KB, 470x500, 73C785B9-6C6B-4450-B42E-D4D76A…)

Kek I’m going to start making bombs if that happens. I’m going to take as many scrotes as I can out with me.

No. 723826

good. i'm going to train with my airsoft

No. 724091

And learn how to speak mandarin

No. 724503

all pimple popping videos are fake

No. 724508

….ok anon

No. 724509

no way that much stuff can fit under the skin

No. 724510

whhat the fuck is big derma hiding from us

No. 724524

Muh cystic acne begged to differ

No. 724563

JKR's going to be Epsteined before the HBO HP series starts to air. Then the narrative will be "see she was so mentally ill she an heroed even though she was super rich, and that's why she had all those crimethink views she was a crazy Karen" and the series will be a blatant pro-transhumanist screed that equates magic with transhumanism (they will equate Voldemort's mudblood bigotry with him being a purist and position acknowledging meaningful categories as inherently immoral) and every millennial and like 80% of zoomers are guaranteed to watch it

No. 724566

>Voldemort's mudblood bigotry with him being a purist
I mean yeah? Isn't that literally what the death eaters and pure-blood supremacists were

No. 724589

read the rest of the sentence. of course he's a purist but they will further abstract it as him being anti-transhumanist because 'categories bad'.

I don't want to touch on banned topics but I mean if we know xenophobia is bad because people shouldn't discriminate on people from other countries, okay, but if we abstract and generalize that to "all discrimination bad" then we can't "discriminate" against adult ageplay retards wanting to go to first grade with actual six year olds.

That is the broken logic that transhumanism relies on. it takes existing real damaging prejudices and then concludes "if we put people into categories or acknowledge their differences it's wrong because some groups will be oppressed" and in 50 years you'll be wondering where your human rights are because "human is just a bigoted category it's a social construct"

The HP universe is a perfect metaphor for this because mudbloods are like a new wave of wizards that had to mix with muggles to survive and then Hermione is like the token mudblood that's better at magic than anybody. That's a straight metaphor for "We need AI and human-tech augmentation to stay competitive and transhumans will be even MORE human and BETTER at everything than humans" I'm sure you recognise the flawed logic.

Obviously the original series was clearly just a metaphor for r*ism and Voldy didn't have any nuance or redeeming qualities to his philosophy of wanting to keep purebloods pure because there was never a downside or threat by mudbloods in the books to validate his stance.

But if I was a lizard person using the story to push a narrative it'd be too easy to overlay the transhumanist agenda on it. I wouldn't be suprised if they pushed idpol further and made harry a mudblood (lily could easily be rewritten as muggle) and pushed the concept that mudbloods are superior witches and wizards and that's why they're hated.

No. 724626

K Klan are 100% insane degenerates out in plain site so it wouldn't surprise me. I remember on LSA they had a Instagram story of one of the sisters poking her sister's butt and then straight up putting her fingers INSIDE her vag through her sweats "as a joke" so boundaries are not a thing

I think most A list celebrities have that haunted dead-eyed look you don't see many normal people with, people will do ANYTHING for fame and money and anyone who doesn't believe super-elites would exploit that is just naïve

No. 724644

Did not mean to delete post lol. Context
>S14 to like S17 weird connotations with pedophilia and all members of family seeming to be escorts, even the men they date.

No. 724646

>keeping up with the kardashians

No. 725476

>(lily could easily be rewritten as muggle)
absolutely not, anon. no HP fan would stand for that, the show would flop.

No. 725569

File: 1611957108031.jpg (58.89 KB, 800x533, lady gaga oreos.jpg)


No. 725572

idc if it makes me a fag consoomer i need

No. 725574

samefag i just realised what thread this is in oops. wish you ladies a very nice tinfoling session

No. 725629

anon you said what you said. don't let lady gaga win and make everyone gay with her gay biscuits

No. 725937

File: 1611990797269.png (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 972x901, creepy ass poopsie surprise.pn…)

spoilered for toys shitting
I genuinely believe the shitting horse dolls are at least part of some kind of attempt to make kids fucked up
I don't know, I never thought I would be one of those pokemon-is-the-devil old people, but the shitting horse toys are too much, you feed them a 7-11 slurpee and watch them take a runny dump out of their cutie mark analogue asshole and then play with it
it isn't right
it's fucked up
and what was with the troll doll that had a clit?
the fuck is happening
this is not like the dolls we used to have where you feed it water and it pees out of a pinhole into its diaper, this is so much more complicated and weird, the fucking horse doll has a digestion process
And why do they look so gross a trashy? They look like trailer park girls who get into ddlg

No. 725940

>watch them take a runny dump out of their cutie mark analogue asshole
is it really a cutie mark? I assume all those unicorns have a heart-shaped one lmfao
>and what was with the troll doll that had a clit?
Wtf are you talking about? The doll had an unfortunately placed button, but it was not a clit and the reaction was overblown imho.

No. 725941

File: 1611991274097.jpg (60.27 KB, 1280x720, unfortunate.jpg)

>cutie mark analogue asshole
As in instead of having a cutie mark like the my little ponies, it has a uniquely shaped anus
>The doll had an unfortunately placed button
yeah, pic related, pretty fucking unfortunate, but okay

No. 725947

anon it’s just a giant button. They put it on the bum so as to not have a giant button on visible parts of the doll. I agree the poopsie things are weird but this ain’t it

No. 725948

anon…. if you think that looks like a clit I am afraid to know what your vagina anatomy looks like

No. 725949

christ I'll be sure to never use hyperbole again, sorry

No. 725950

but does each unicorn in the poopsie series has a different asshole? if not, it's not a cutie mark analogue

The troll button is not a clit and not that weird. I've seen people explain that this was also the most natural part to put the button since its being pressed when the doll sits. Sorry to tired to google the explanation but it made sense from mechanical standpoint

No. 725951

it's on the crotch and why wouldn't it be on the belly if they really had to hide it for some reason?

No. 725952

you're being a little autistic about the anuses here, nonnie

No. 725954

>But, according to a Rolling Stone investigation, the button was not meant to actually be a button but instead a sensor that activated when the doll sat down. “This feature was designed to react when the doll was seated,” Hasbro SVP of Global Communications Julie Duffy says in a statement to Refinery29.
i realize that but saying poopsies have varied anuses according to their personalities is making the thing worse than it is.

No. 725955

I take it back, you're being very autistic about the anuses, nonnie
It literally doesn't matter, it's clear what anon was saying even if she isn't a super expert on pooping unicorn toys

No. 725956

omg are you saying they don't drink real 7-11 slurpees too?????

No. 725958

I don't care what you think.
The heart anus is not that weird, I guess a hole (like in Baby Born dolls) would do but those are cutesy toys with heart shaped navels, so im not surprised they went with that design. It would be really fucking weird tho if they had varied anuses as anon says.
Also, you are supposed to put the unicorns on the potty and not squeeze and look up their assholes as they shit.
I felt like clarifying because anon is sensationalizing everything to make it worse than it seems (troll doll clit, cutie mark anuses uwu) even though a google search explains at least some of that shit.
I will shut up now tho.

No. 725959

File: 1611994240202.jpg (30.79 KB, 553x353, 1598401775858.jpg)

>I don't care what you think.

No. 726028

Anons who don't speak english natively: perhaps we should engage with imageboards in our native languages more often as they most probably aren't as infested with glowies as international/english speaking social media is, and if they are, I assume the glowies can't be as experienced/sophisticated and would thus be more easy to spot. I'm proposing this because I feel like in the last few weeks every second post itt seems suspicious.

No. 726282

All the mental gymnastics over creepy toy horses?

Who invited the sheep here?

No. 726286

I enjoy tilting anons like you into more and more paranoia. I'm a glow n-word and so is the post above and below me. The cia is paying me 50 gold coins for this post so thanks for reading.

No. 726288

File: 1612037011302.jpeg (824.3 KB, 650x925, df7f18afebf1eb972d8146635503b4…)

we also didn't have dolls in fishnet stockings with anatomically correct boy doll companions

No. 726295

Why come to the tinfoil thread if you're going to get pissed off over tinfoil?

No. 726296

Some people are just really invested in making sure children have glitter prostitute shitting unicorn anus dolls.

No. 726298

the "sheep" have discussed the creepy toy horses on lolcow months before you paranoiafags did lmfao.
Also it genuinely helps to know what the fuck you are talking about, but I guess then you wouldn't buy into bs conspiracy theories.
this is a general you btw
Can't you at least find something new to panic about and not pull out months old shit. Boring

No. 726299

I wonder if it's a literal child who's angry someone is accusing their gross toy of being gross

No. 726303

It's probably someone who grew up being indoctrinated by Bratz, the first wave of pedo pandering dolls. They don't want to admit they've been groomed. It is a very scary thing to realise.

No. 726305

File: 1612037762794.jpg (86.09 KB, 1336x800, www-google-com-amp-s-www-chica…)

just feel like pointing out that when you were kids, baby boomers were making the same complaints about different toys. Literally nothing changes.
Link in case the page didn't screenshot correctly:

No. 726306

File: 1612037887437.jpg (142.58 KB, 1024x1024, 9314f1b11564a81d7f6fbd34b76b1f…)

what does Hip-Hop have to do with the overt sexualization of minors

No. 726309

File: 1612037966054.jpg (484.25 KB, 1080x1894, IMG_20210130_211733.jpg)

Either you are right about toy companies grooming kids or every other adult generations screeches about "controversial" toys.
Okay but what's the problem with fishnet stockings? It's just fashion and I believe the doll had a skirt/dress/shorts on beyond them.

No. 726313

Fishnets are not "just fashion" and it is incredibly naive of you to think this is so. Go wear some fishnets as part of your outfit downtown and you will see what I mean.

No. 726322

File: 1612038453468.png (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 1370x688, lol dolls.png)

nothing weird here, this is fine

No. 726326

File: 1612038705130.jpg (42.7 KB, 615x409, JS116067442.jpg)

It's just fashion, anon. They are expressing themselves. Who are we to judge a baby in lingerie? She is allowed to make her own choices. Don't judge~! Are you just jealous that these babies look better than you?!

No. 726327

oh shit, I had forgotten about those

No. 726332

Do you have a problem with them? Would you like me to pull up an article about black culture to defend pedophilia?

No. 726336

the first two's lingerie only show up when they are submerged in cold water, it's a feature that's advertised but still so fucking creepy. the parent would have no idea until it happens. there's videos of it.
lingerie fishnets thongs and pasties, pooping puking diapered anthro dolls that make ahegao faces while dancing like "adults" in their commercial, pooping heart buttholes, yeah it could sound odd to be concerned over but that's just the fucked state of things today. Guaranteed something is not right in the toy business. idc what boomers were saying as it's actually worse now.

No. 726337

oh no, I'm cool, this is just progress, child sex work is real work

No. 726338

That's right, sister!! See you at the K-12 Slut Walk!!!

No. 726383

soo what'a the tinfoil? is it the heart?

No. 726406

I like this thought kek, back in the olden days as a 12yo I used to undetectedly hang out in adult internet spaces too, so seems possible

No. 726410

same, that's what made me think of it kek

No. 726449

can someone tell me what they think the vaccine is going to do to us?? nanobots sounds completely bs is there some other theory?

No. 726499

presumably they're not worried about being tracked, since we all have smartphones anyway, I have to assume the fear is that it will be able to read your biometrics, which, further assuming, they fear would be sold or otherwise used to sell us shit and deny us shit like reproduction or buying property

No. 726504

looks like the pedo symbol

No. 726513

File: 1612055236231.jpg (24.91 KB, 700x311, symbol g.jpg)

I see it, but it's kind of a stretch, they usually aren't scared to make it more blatant

No. 726526

gaga anon posted in the wrong thread lol

No. 726528

you know what, I take it back, the symbol itself is close enough and the fact they chose pink as the color makes it dual suspicious, it's weird

No. 726677

Sorry to sound like a blockhead but is that even possible yet? Have microchips that small to fit inside our bloodstreams been invented? Ik this is a dumb question but I feel like we would know about that from other uses it'd have

No. 726691

>is that even possible yet?
not a dumb question, that's actually the question
we don't really know yet
microchips that have been used in humans have thus far been too large to fit through a standard vaccine syringe
but of course, this is assuming the public knows everything about the technology, which we don't

No. 726737

I guess what I'm thinking is if that were invented, it could be a moneymaker in ways that don't involve super secret human rights erosions and I think it would be exploited like all moneymakers, and used in other technologies, so we would probably know it exists but then idk… We didn't know about government spying on us until it leaked so makes you think… Thanks for explaining.

No. 726853

It's all bs. I'm in the med industry that's connected to current vaccination production and even though I know tinfoilers gonna tinfoil there's nothing conspiratory about covid vaccinations except pharma industry wanting to cash in on the pandemic and most politicians wanting people to undergo it because it's causing economic crisis and crushing companies left and right. Lockdown's gonna continue until the pandemic is over and only way for it to end sooner is to get people vaccinated… that's the reason they keep pushing it. But sure, microchips and nanobots.

No. 727418

late thanks to the kind anon for the links. I was 3/4 through with that interesting and exceptionally sourced article https://sue-donym.medium.com/inauthentic-selves-the-modern-lgbtq-movement-is-run-by-philanthropic-astroturf-and-based-on-junk-d08eb6aa1a4b and wanted to continue reading now, only to see that medium meanwhile suspended the account.

No. 727438

no i didn't, i posted because of the pedo heart
consoomer anon who responded to me posted in the wrong thread

No. 727489

holy fuck thats scary, how are these dolls called? I only know the lol surprise shit, my cousin has some. Now I wonder if she has the lingerine ones too. God, fucking ew.

No. 727490

it looks like those hentai womb tattoos shit discussed in the mtf general, anyone remember those??

No. 727494

searched what astroturfing is and I 100% believe someone with money is paying for the general population to belive in TRA shit

No. 727558

they are made by the same company, omg lol surprise or something. They have pooping unicorns and the palm-sized babies that change in water among others. Those are two of the weird ones. I tested one of the babies in water myself and you bet. I don't necessarily think it would work to magically groom every kid but I do think there are total creeps working in these toy companies and I wouldn't want any kids owning them.

No. 727605

I remember and you're totally right, they do look like it, jesus lol

I found the article again, someone archived it! I highly recommend, the journalist tracing amd explaining of the astroturf is really exceptional imo https://archive.is/mfFyv

No. 727615

Why is everyone so freaked out by the pooping unicorns? Its literally the same thing as pooping babyalive dolls except more shallow. These exist because unicorns are trendy + poop emoji is trendy + slime is trendy= combine the three. the LOL dolls freak me out but i dont see anything wrong with the pooping unicorns besides them being useless impractical toys.

No. 727621

becauss they look like sexualized egirls, ahegao in commercial and they have heart shaped butt holes. It's not that bad in itself but very suspicious everything combined. I swear some diaper furry is behind it

No. 727629

where is the agehao? I dont wanna damage my last braincells

Also notice how this song uses fergalicious?

No. 727633

File: 1612168804117.jpg (35.73 KB, 469x355, 81oPMT4gwHL._AC_SY355_.jpg)

this one looks kinda cool tho

No. 727639

IDK with these dolls the selling point it's like real baby you play with, and one of the things it could do was shitting, ok; with these unicorns it literally the main and only selling point. It's just kinda weird from an adult perspective.

No. 727643

File: 1612169901823.jpeg (283.42 KB, 1962x1125, 1B91C276-18BA-47A0-BB8B-6C09B6…)

I guess it could be a "silly face" but this whole video is seriously fucked lmao, and god they look egirl enough that I wouldn't be shocked if it's intentional

No. 727647

Jesus, the moment with the glistening belly button is literally sickening. If there's one place I believe to be infested with pedos, it's the children's entertainment industry.

No. 727660

File: 1612173094798.jpg (178.89 KB, 1280x1280, Uq00WOA.jpg)

You are not wrong, I know that these things are not exclusive from resent times, but it is in fact pretty disturbing how the children's entertainment industry has been acting these past few years.

No. 727686

This is fucking nasty, and if you're defending this you're retarded.

At least with other toys, the poop is a by-product of the kids 'caring' for the doll, but at least the doll the the appropriate age. Why the hell are these unicorn characters' voiced by grown women, playing a cover of FERGALICIOUS? Plus, these uni-whore-ns are dancing in suggestive moves while there are closeups of their bodies. Why does a pooping unicorn video need glistening closeups of a 'baby' uni-whore-n body? Hmmm, you tell ME.

Look at the lyrics, abbreviated: "I shit, I shit everywhere, I eat shit, and then I shit it" Come on. It doesn't take a genius to uncover that at LEAST one person in this toy team is into scat. And not the jazz kind, god I WISH.

If they're 'kids' why are they on Twitter?? No little kid uses Twitter (reasonably)!

This is disgusting. Do you know how annoying it is to hear kids yell 'poop' all the goddamn day? It's already hard enough to get them to stop. I want to lobby against poop-themed products. We need to say no to fecal matter in children's products that encourage scatological play, and NO, OBVIOUSLY I am not talking about baby dolls. Fuck this shit, I'm so mad I wish i could

No. 727706

I mean, it's a heart within a heart with a few lines beside it, and it's pink because it's chromaticas main color… though I don't get why it's different than the official chromatica heart symbol. Imo only the Oreo one looks like the pedo symbol because there's one additional heart for some reason and it looks more like the spiral that way.

No. 728046

Just listen 10 seconds of their super WHOLESOME music video. Do better nonny what the actual fuck even dumb scrotes on yt can see what is wrong. The LOL dolls are no better literally little girls dress up like whores.

No. 728241

Can we all appreciate vintage Alex Jones and some of the shit that later happened years after?

Didn’t know that road surveillance was a thing back in the 90’s, honestly.

No. 729759

I want more tinfoil, where can I read more tinfoil or watch more tinfoil?

No. 730049

Lmao it’s my humps not fergalicious. Even worse

No. 730435


No. 730530

Welcome to the NWO

No. 730710

>Rumours that the covid vaxx is killing vulnerable people
>Pharma suddenly stopped distributing to rich countries and are focusing on supplying poor countries instead
>Even the WHO is asking rich countries to be patient

Fuckers are experimenting on 3rd world countries again, huh?

No. 731410

I knew that vaccine was bad news, definitely won’t take it now!

No. 731415

Since we all know by now that the masks are a symbol for silence and submission, are any fellow tinfoilfags still wearing theirs?

I unfortunately have to because I live in a liberal city and don’t really feel like starting shit.

No. 731416

where did you hear that? all I'm seeing is it's being made more available in my country (the US) not what you said.

No. 731686

deets on that? because we in europe are also getting the vaccine and it each country already ordered more of it, so it does not add up with your info.

No. 732580

Yuck this is so scary and eerie. They sure some balls, not even attempting to hide what their agenda is. Glad none of the people in the comments are having it

No. 732635

What's so "scary" about this? It's just a broken record of promises we've all heard, nothing new. I really don't see why people are reacting like this, they just told the average people to "get involved", like they always do. What's that new "agenda"?

No. 732636


the doll was designed to say a phrase when it is sat down, thats why the button is on the butt.

No. 732847

What do you mean “what’s so scary?” Are you stupid or just another troll?

The mask is literally off about their agenda and they want everyone involved with the nwo - compliance, obedience and whatnot. Thought that was obvious.

Then they should’ve placed it somewhere else like the spine or the back of the neck.

No. 732849

There's a reason why Mexico is getting both the russian and the chinese vax.

Mexican president said they "ordered" a bunch of russian doses.
I bet they just wanted to experiment on us.

No. 732911

File: 1612740054337.jpeg (181.55 KB, 710x534, 69B930FC-30AD-4E2A-BA99-DA9F44…)

No. 732939

No one ever sold a crotch-button doll before

No. 732947

Damn why are you insulting bitch I was genuinely asking. I just don't get what's so "new" about their "agenda". They've always demanded compliance, obedecience and silence from the population, why are people going crazy about this just now and using Davos as the prime example of the "mask off", where you guys born yesterday or what? This is how society works, it has always been like this. The powerful do what they want, the averages obey the laws, chase after money and destroy their spirit working. It's not a tinfoil theory, it's not a "new world order", is reality and history

No. 732985

But anon If that's true then how am I gonna be the hero of the dystopian fiction novel I'm convinced we live in??? Shut upppp!

No. 733018

Except our reality is dystopian and there are no heroes to save us without selling out to the elites first (unless he’s Jesus then we gotta wait till he shows up)

I still think the beast of biblical prophecies is probably AI in it’s final form and the humanity merging itself with it through cybernetics may be it’s ultimate downfall.

No. 733034


The fuck… I can't believe this is real

No. 733043

>You’ll own nothing And you’ll be happy

>Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city - or should I say, "our city". I don't own anything. I don't own a car. I don't own a house. I don't own any appliances or any clothes.

>It might seem odd to you, but it makes perfect sense for us in this city. Everything you considered a product, has now become a service. We have access to transportation, accommodation, food and all the things we need in our daily lives. One by one all these things became free, so it ended up not making sense for us to own much.

>In our city we don't pay any rent, because someone else is using our free space whenever we do not need it. My living room is used for business meetings when I am not there.

>Once in awhile, I will choose to cook for myself. It is easy - the necessary kitchen equipment is delivered at my door within minutes. Since transport became free, we stopped having all those things stuffed into our home. Why keep a pasta-maker and a crepe cooker crammed into our cupboards? We can just order them when we need them.

>My biggest concern is all the people who do not live in our city. Those we lost on the way. Those who decided that it became too much, all this technology. Those who felt obsolete and useless when robots and AI took over big parts of our jobs. Those who got upset with the political system and turned against it.

>Once in awhile I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy. No where I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me.

Hell world

No. 733169

This is very disturbing… what happens if nobody wants this? Because nobody who’s waking up does, area gonna round ‘em all up in fema camps?

No. 733510

Time to move as far from civilization as possible. Hell no I don't want this crap.

No. 733715

19th century village here we gooooo!!!

No. 733721

The Great Reset started out as a novel, A FUCKING NOVEL from fucking 10+ years ago.

So this was in planning all along, just like every other manual-I mean, book?


No. 739250

serious question: is Alex Jones credible at all? even a little bit? he seemed to get everything right about Epstein and way before anyone else had anything to report on it. it’s making me question some of the other claims he’s made, even the frickin frogs being gay seems somewhat true in the face of the rampant troonery we’re seeing today. humor me a bit anons

No. 739272

ehhhh, his credibility is questionable at times but i will give him the dues w/ the epstein stuff.

OT question, but how long has the epstein stuff been floating round in online spaces? i know 4chan was talking about it in the early 10s

No. 739304

Remember he wasn't concerned about the frogs being turned gay because it represented the impact of industrial pollution on the environment but because they were gay.

Epstein also didn't need to be part of an adrenochrome drinking satanic cult to explain his actions. He was a pedo with a lot of money and connections.

Don't know if Obama smells like sulfur but.

No. 739314

Epstein was a well known child rapist since the 90s, we just didn't call it that for a long time
It's hard to give anyone credit for revealing that because it's only a little more obscure than santa not really leaving the christmas presents

No. 741474

File: 1613538412077.jpg (88.5 KB, 985x743, Screenshot_100.jpg)

Wow look at this huge decline in US cases beginning in late January :^)
its the middle of winter but we did a really good job of stopping the spread :^) time to open up the economy just in time for the new president's first 100 days :^)

No. 741481

File: 1613538814791.jpeg (763.78 KB, 1242x618, 4C077993-F747-4711-B5F6-5B5D9B…)


Are you shocked anon? They rigged the election.


No. 741494

it makes me want to pull my hair out because the powers that be certainly do not give a fuck about very obvious wealth inequality between the professional work from home class and the """essential""" workers who aren't paid a living wage, people who lost their small business, or any effects it will have down the road.
and any real social movement that tries to do anything about our burgeoning neo-feudal America will have itself cut down the moment twitter/amazon/google feel like they're making things a bit too uncomfortable for the suits
it's not like trump cared much either, but holy shit, you didn't have to stoke COVID panic to beat him.

No. 741570

Are you taking the piss, because that article is entirely about a bi-partisan effort to prevent election wrongdoing.

No. 741581

Fucking hell, WHO changed their guidance on how to handle positive PCR tests on jan 20, Biden's inauguration: positive test results from a person without symptoms now require a second test, see: https://www.who.int/news/item/20-01-2021-who-information-notice-for-ivd-users-2020-05

But what fucks me up even more than this riggedness is that EU govs don't seem to comply? NYC allows for indoor dining in restos again since 2 weeks while central europe talks about increasing restrictions despite infection rates being as low as ever?

No. 741602

That's because people have been brainwashed to death. I live in a EU country and my region recently lifted some of the restrictions. People were crying that we're all gonna die and we need another strict lockdown as if that shit does anything.
Politicians are just taking advantage of the panic to line their pockets and grab more power.

No. 741661

It's a fun intersection between trying to stay a favorable government and being a slave to the economy. Lockdowns work because the infectious period a person experiences who is a carrier is something less than a fortnight, which prevents spread that may be asymptomatic or may leave you in the hospital > respirator > coffin pipeline.

You get indoor dining in places where there is still insane spread because governments also don't want to shell out for income protections or healthcare.

No. 741666

Lockdowns work my ass, look how proud New Zealand was of their zero covid strategy. If they work so well why was Auckland just locked again? We don't live in the paleolitic where people never travelled or did it by foot and it took decades to reach some new settlement.
It's funny that you mention indoor dining as every fucking bootlicker but see absolutely no issue with crowded public transportation. Everyone looks the other way when you mention it. Our governor said "it's no issue because people don't travel hugging each other" when during rush hour you can't fit a needle in a train.
Go wear a double mask alone in your car, dumbass.

No. 744526

sage because this'll sound dumb and it's just a prediction but I think that new disney movie with the dragon will contain much propaganda. not because it's asian themed but due to the focus on unity/trust at this time, something about a "xenophobic" country called Spine, and a quote something like "This is the first step to a better world"

No. 744536

Only if you take it at its word but I'm someone who's not pro-trump and I don't want to believe it but that article is fucking sketchy and outright admitting to propaganda. What happens when this continues in future elections where they push whatever they want? Hell you can pretty much be sure they use these same methods to spread propaganda of whatever other views they want the public to take

No. 747623

I think the general opinion does differ a bit depending on the country. My country is kind of known for its people having a more rebellious/anarchistic mindset and every single person I've spoken to about the restrictions thinks it's complete bullshit and does not give a single shit about following the rules. There's been riots to protest the restrictions as well. On the other hand I know a lot of people in a neighbouring country and from what I've gathered people there are really scared and convinced of the importance of restrictions. I know it's just anecdotal evidence so I might be wrong but imo cultural differences between EU countries shouldn't be overlooked when talking about 'people in the EU' as a whole.

No. 747913

File: 1614201542416.png (535.93 KB, 1080x1199, D3E34525-378B-4041-96D2-946991…)

No. 747927

What if every man, woman and child trooning out was part of the depopulation agenda all along while making them believe they’re doing it voluntarily? Not realizing that they are sterilizing themselves

No. 747928

Yes absolutely, they’re just political pawns. Anything bad for us is pushed with strategic social engineering.

No. 747941

Enough of them now are skipping the actual transition part of transitioning tho…they're announcing a new name and new pronouns but then some are taking no treatment at all. Enough FTMs are taking these micro doses of T rather than the old accepted dose and they barely change over the years on it. Many are not losing the ability to conceive

Years ago transition had a set beginning and end, that journey lead to being sterile. Now transition is optional

No. 748025

Are you a swissfag talking abt germans there?

No. 748030

Based anon

No. 748065

File: 1614211006207.png (118.22 KB, 422x417, 58AE975E-D823-4453-BB2F-BAD440…)

During the great reset, you will be forced to drink your own shit. Thanks, daddy Bill!

No. 748211

File: 1614223781682.png (9.19 KB, 906x132, 33.png)

I'm sorry but you can't tell me this isn't a male, maybe we're under an infiltration?

No. 748519

You can't tell this isn't how anons here are though. All this talk about hating moids and moids being subhuman, yet /ot threads are filled with either bragging or whining about their discord and /r9k/ boyfriends

No. 748997


i know this is a month old but can you please elaborate more on this? if you've read the body keeps the score or read about csa and the affects of trauma on the body it's not too far to link a correlation but i'm wondering what specifically you're referring to

No. 749229

This is an incredibly piece of technology. It turns human waste into clean drinking water and produces electricity. Theoretically it could solve a lot of sanitation issues, particularly in poorer countries, and could provide the most optimal form of waste management currently possible.

All water you drink will have been through its share of shit and sick, it's just filtered or distilled somewhere along the way. This is really just a manmade version of a natural process that also has a beneficial other purpose - electricity.

No. 749262

But anon, computer man bad! Besides, our loving and all powerful God would never let us run out of fresh water. That money should be put towards evangelical outreach, not demonic water filtration schemes.

No. 749458

File: 1614323733013.jpg (521.01 KB, 1080x1452, Screenshot_20210226-021354_Chr…)

Are you Canadian? You do know that people are being sent to hotels for quarantine if they cannot do so safely for reasons, like a multigenerational household….

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