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File: 1549609765014.jpeg (84.26 KB, 1000x479, 55184ABB-3103-46E3-80BF-B24CB7…)

No. 369313

Sekrit plans for world domination, sekrit klubz, government coverups and experiments, etc., etc..

Pizzagate talk is welcome!

No. 369315

anime is a psy ops to weaken the American population, the number of young men trooning out should be evidence enough.

No. 369339

Why would Japan inflict anime on their own population then?

No. 369343

Most modern anime is created to be seen overseas, not by their own population.

No. 369348

Area 51 isn’t where they keep the top secret stuff, they hide it in plain sight at Edwards AFB.

No. 369350

Are Japanese youth trooning out the way Western idiots are? Japanese people seem to have a stronger concept of gender performance/play that isn't indicative of the need to mutilate your body and take weird medications.

No. 369355

My feelings are they don’t have the innate need to feel special or different due to how the society is in general ie western “I” vs eastern “us” so troonage is less prevalent.

No. 369389

That couldn't be farther from the truth, tbh. Their homegrown otaku are where the money's at, and weeby westerners typically follow what's already popular to the Japanese fanbase.
The only director trying to appeal to the west primarily would be Shinichirō Watanabe (the guy behind Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy and Samurai Champloo), and one of his more recent westaboo show attempts flopped, even though westerners liked it (Zankyou No Terror).

No. 369469

Most money comes from blu-ray and merch sales. Of course, mostly Japanese otaku buy those. It doesn't really matter whether show is popular overseas or not.

Not really, but I have noticed that crossdressing is on the rise.

No. 369483

I think anime is a symptom of other psychological operations, not a psychological operation itself

No. 369499

Huh, never knew there were weeb conspiracies about anime, besides the symbolism, demoralization and promoting Satan as a “not a bad guy!”

No. 369503

Does anyone think some of our cows have been “programmed” before they were cows? I’m thinking of one in particular who was previously in the military, he and his ex-wife have connections to the military and have (mainly he) dabbled in the occult. There were also anons armchairing that he might have split personalities aside from narcissism.

In one of his military videos, he stated that the airmen including him were given meth for “concentration”.

No. 369506

Which one is this, sounds very interesting, also sounds like he fits the profile

No. 369508

Gurgles is full of shit. The only thing they do to you is psychologically fuck with you to obedience. Everything he’s said about his time is a straight up lie. But the truth is many people are on drugs because of the stress and shit they go through, and people use others on the inside to pass their piss tests. Pilots love their uppers and even leave behind roaches in their cockpits. The real shit is you literally sign a contract and your life belongs to the US government, so it’s pretty easy to get arrested/take the fall for someone higher than you, and you wouldn’t be able to say shit because there’s specifically a clause in your contract saying you can’t sue the government. Prior af who had a job that lets me talk to everyone, so I’ve heard a lot of and seen different things. Nothing too crazy but still the realization and uncanny feeling that the government is doing a hell of a lot more in the background than we realize…

No. 369509

File: 1549639684544.jpeg (395 KB, 640x1047, 284BE62A-83F0-4210-860F-E42F5C…)


No. 369511

Have you ever seen a video of his mom? She's an adult female version of him and a complete narcissist. It's easy to see where he got his personality from.

No. 369538

yeah sure, onion was MK ULTRA'd into being a grooming piece of shit instead of being a product of crazy genes and bad upbringing like >>369511 said.

It's impossible to treat you tinfoil guys seriously.

No. 369541

Shit, don't lump us all in with that retarded post.

No. 369796

Yes and she also molested him in the guise of nude body massages, would praise him then verbally and physically abused him throughout his life, called out his name during a fuck session with her bf at the time (his name is also Greg), one of his stepdads made the kids chant, “I love you, Satan” to a tv channel containing nothing but static one night. Not to mention him being “possessed” by demons (or imaginary friends, really) and supposedly not remembering shit between the ages of 5 and 11 years old unless there was a cute little girl he “was in love with”.

Saged for the late reply, I was at work.

No. 369921

This is about a thread in PULL but based on what I've seen there, I have a feeling that the snowflake and their group are members there and intervenes when needed, disinform the "legit members, provide info that that's not too revealing but enough to keep it going, basically just subtly manipulate and control it.

But heyyyyyy that's just a th

No. 370011

File: 1549693802037.png (494.33 KB, 562x842, 2019.png)

>Pizzagate talk is welcome!
holy shit, this thread is a dumpster fire from the very start
take that shit back to /pol/

No. 370033

Have you ever read about it?
No? Then go away

No. 370154

I don’t believe this man simply “died” of an overdose, he knew too much.

No. 370178

CSA is rampant in the government and hollywood, i 100% believe pizzagate, i don't even see it as a conspiracy, it's an open secret at this point with #metoo and how quiet and weird everyone involved acts. we know sexual abuse is rampant in the film and music industry, why wouldn't they abuse kids too if those men have already proven that they have no soul? the lolita express is real and it's heavily implied that the girls that "work" on it do sexual acts. look at how many people working in the kids entertainment industry have been convicted of having CP or molestation and/or rape. look at how many politicians are shady and creepy around kids, like joe biden. lots of YT videos with proof right there.

sex trafficking happens everywhere, all the time, and kids are the most vulnerable. people who think that shit isn't real are ignorant as hell. kids are the easiest to manipulate and abuse, so of course assholes in the industry would do it, and men with power in government will abuse kids for power and control. child sex trafficking rings are real. what do you think happens to all the kids who go missing and are never found, not even dead? they're being trafficked. it's not hard to believe. people in hollywood who speak out get killed a lot for knowing too much, and for speaking too much.

anyone who says pizzagate is false has never, ever looked into it. it's so obvious if you read about it and look at all the dubious connections and language surrounding it (podesta, epstein). i don't believe in satanic ritual abuse or anything "satanic" because i firmly believe those rumors are used to make the general public believe it's a crazy conspiracy even more. it's child abuse and they have no souls, they like to hurt and manipulate vulnerable people, simple as that. anything debunking pizzagate makes no sense and overlooks the eerie imagery and language used by those involved.

everyone turning a blind eye to rampant CSA is dumb as hell. i think that drag kid is getting abused as well, look at the men (one who has been convicted of killing a man and buys pedophilic art) they have him hang around. ignoring the rampant pedophilia in society is retardation.

No. 370184

samefag but i need to add that the celeb microchip shit is nonsense too to make CSA in hollywood/the govt less believeable. celebs dont "malfunction" due to machinery inside them, they're having real psychological issues due to being abused as a child, maybe realizing how many fucked up situations they were in growing up. look at child stars especially!

No. 370187

File: 1549728250227.gif (651.69 KB, 320x162, anigif_sub-buzz-7670-150022234…)

No. 370188

File: 1549728318224.png (23.08 KB, 474x317, Screen Shot 25.png)

>anyone who says pizzagate is false has never, ever looked into it
>Have you ever read about it?
Why is this your assumption? I've consumed a lot of info about it, I'm just not an idiot like you guys. Or are you forgetting that the man who charged in to Comet Pizza with an AR-15 thinking he was going to save these children supposedly held captive in a pizza restaurant found nothing? Even the owner of Pizzagate.com who played a huge role in the spread of info has denounced it and has changed the website (which was previously used as repository for all Pizzagate related info) to say it's fake. I'm not saying politics aren't fucked up and children aren't being abused, but your precious "Pizzagate" has been debunked a thousand times over.

….or have you just not read about it?

No. 370189

File: 1549728332361.jpg (137.37 KB, 523x378, 20190209_075626.jpg)

Well said anon! Have you seen that crazy video of the child in the shower (you can only see thru a frosted glass door) while "skippy" berates, screams at, and shines lights to scare and confuse the child? It's fucking awful. Idk if it was ever confirmed (of course not) but the torturer sounds like Podesta. Take it for what you will. The video is incredibly disturbing. Or the one of the two children at home and their grandmother iirc dressing up as a witch and threatening and scaring the children?
Once you realize the true depravity of some people and the disregard they have for the sanctity (idk a better word) of children, it really seems plausible that csa is rampant and systematic. And those who participate are powerful and willing to snuff people out to keep the secret safe. I believe it's used as a form of blackmail and therefore power over other adults as well.
I think there may be some truth to the ritual abuse of children and teens, but instead of satanism (fuck, who knows…) I think it's just a blood sport and majorrrrr tinfoil but I do believe they try to get adrenaline pumping in the victims in order to somehow consume blood and/or parts of the brain for vitality or some shit. Idk if I'm as gung-ho about that theory but really, why the fuck not at this point? I wouldn't be surprised to learn this shit has been going on for a very long time among human beings, specifically those with near-unlimited power and control.

That drag kid is fucked. Hanging out with convicted murderers and pedophiles. His mom and dad should be locked tf up for that shit. Social media is cancer.

No. 370192

Preach anon, people don't want to look into it and when you do you feel sickened. Apparently only child sex rings can be masterminded by job bloggs, like the uncovered massive one in Birmingham. No, people working in high level position jobs clearly will never have the resources to extort and exploit people.

It's sad. They conflate so much nonsense with very real things uncovered to keep the status quo. It's very hard for the establishment to keep secrets with the Internet and spread of information and sites like wiki leaks. Easier to debunk the sources of the information as crazy than discuss the content being exposed.

Now you've got bought journalists by government administrations pushing false narratives in mainstream news networks while shitting on independent news sources, you know non biased information. It's interesting and scary.

No. 370193

The term Pizzagate is more than the Comet Pizza debacle. My understanding is that it's an umbrella term at this point for systematic sexual abuse of children and young people, orchestrated and carried out by powerful people.
The man who went in there with a gun is a fucking moron of course he didn't find anything.
What about the weird ass instagram posts with the babies and children with the pedo references? Tied to tables with tape? Creepy ass comments? The FBI cheese pizza/hotdog references and confirmed pedo symbology? What about the creepy troons they had performing at Comet talking about pedophilia?

>Even the owner of Pizzagate.com who played a huge role in the spread of info has denounced it and has changed the website (which was previously used as repository for all Pizzagate related info) to say it's fake

Well, yeah, I'm sure he's up to his eyes in lawsuits and threats. Seems like a logical progression in the timeline.

No. 370194

there's a difference between thinking pizzagate specifically was a dumb conspiracy and thinking that there isn't rampant and organised csa among people high up in politics (and any industry really). denying the levels of csa would be ridiculous, i don't know how anyone could. the bbc scandals in the uk were open secrets, people just didn't know exactly how deep the saville stuff went

if i wanted to really tinfoil about it, i'd say pizzagate was deliberately blown up because it was fake. if you can get people to either focus on a red herring or to think all accusations must also be fake, then it'll take any scrutiny away from real pedo rings

No. 370195

Sorry, here
>The FBI cheese pizza/hotdog references and confirmed pedo symbology
I meant to say The cheese pizza/hotdog, spiral triangle "boy lover" FBI confirmed pedophile symbology. Just to be clear.
Also I think "Pizzagate" is a stupid name for all this but it it what it is…

No. 370196

yeah its not like there is aaaany other explanation for why he found nothing after the scandal went so public… he was an unhinged retard anyway. it literally hasn't been debunked other than "uhhh yeah uh lol its not real guys" and the fact that some guy really thought that the elites wouldnt be able to cover shit up really well? the retard unsurprisingly didnt find anything because it's covered up really well lmfao. i can't believe people buy into the bullshit "dubunkings"

No. 370197

yes they totally use it as blackmail too, iirc men in power will let other men in power have sex with a child then they'll intimidate them using pictures and videos of them having sex with the child

No. 370198

This is the thing everyone seems to gloss over. There are declassified files about this, that code words were used for children. Young girls, young boys, there was a story about a fucking baby or something.

The guy that stormed the pizza shop did so after there had already been articles about the Instagram posts and who the owners where etc. A moron could have predicted what would happen. And it's this exact story most people use to debunk the whole conspiracy.

No. 370205

What the fuck. I somehow have avoided Onision to the point where idek who he is or what he does but this is fucked up. How did this information come to light?

No. 370214

Okayyyyy to take away from the pizzabait for a second lol

My tinfoil is janitors and mods post as regular farmers and when they get into fights with anons they don't like they compile lists of IPs and get as much personal stories and dox on them from their other posts as possible. If it gets bad enough and they start to vendetta they target a farmer more frequently for bans.

No. 370221

Watch your fucking mouth, anon

And your back too ;^)

No. 370223

File: 1549731395701.jpeg (32.67 KB, 400x400, 4AA43324-29C6-4E0B-B4DD-EDF26F…)

This bitch was seen in the Podesta emails and has close ties with celebrities like Gaga and the Kardashian’s. She’s over 70 yet looks way younger - I think she eats kids

No. 370224

Im sure this is photoshopped. Any vids of her?

No. 370225

File: 1549731761079.jpg (70.58 KB, 1050x550, download.jpg)

She's had a lot of work done. Most of the people who obsessed over this are men, and we all know how ignorant they are when it comes to grooming.

No. 370228

I wonder about this alllll the time

No. 370230

File: 1549732274548.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1366x1182, 3l20mhvrxtvx.png)

Never forget (warning dead body)

No. 370234

File: 1549732473953.jpg (1.34 MB, 3600x2400, zgmRqmf.jpg)

deleted the other pic because it was tiny and you couldn't see anything but her skin has that plastic surgery texture to it a lot of older women with facelifts have. Joan Collins for example. Kim Kardashian is starting to have it too.

No. 370235

File: 1549732512238.jpg (110.51 KB, 866x1390, marina-abramovic-presents-as-o…)

and here she is without flattering lighting and more or less looking her age.

No. 370236

this is more like an open secret really, the fact that mods exposed kikster means they could do the same with any anon they dont like. its why i never post too personal stuff here and just stick to /snow/

No. 370239

No. 370240

Wait who was kikster? I usually just browse ot

No. 370241

File: 1549733165543.jpg (169.7 KB, 1024x742, 1517671592125.jpg)

>Or are you forgetting that the man who charged in to Comet Pizza with an AR-15 thinking he was going to save these children supposedly held captive in a pizza restaurant found nothing?
Are we even sure that case was real? Even in theory, it sounds off
>man walks in with gun out of nowhere, no security to stop him
>no deaths, no injuries
>only thing shot was a fucking computer

No. 370242

I meant kiki kannibal, kikster is not a common nickname for her i just made it up lel

No. 370243

File: 1549733271489.jpg (1.15 MB, 2942x3010, 1517664477205.jpg)

Dumping Pizzagate stuff.

No. 370247

I think she's referencing Kiki.

I take solace in the fact that I'm not a serial poster or a major asshole to people, so if mods ever did some expose it would just be…some lonely chick posting an embarrassing story every now and then. And sometimes infighting. Not really milky, I'm a literal who.

No. 370249

File: 1549733340606.png (3.92 MB, 4100x3485, 1509047110554.png)

No. 370251

File: 1549733527245.jpg (328.94 KB, 563x3686, 1517668713669.jpg)

No. 370253

File: 1549733708089.jpg (Spoiler Image, 309.81 KB, 1915x1131, 1517668974700.jpg)

No. 370254

They have no reason to unless you're a giga autist (i.e. kiki, mystery, vicky, etc.). Kind of a weird thing to be paranoid about otherwise.

No. 370255

Oh excuse my dumb ass for not catching on.

No. 370257

I think it's more a loss of their anonymity knowing that someone somewhere knows something about them, not necessarily a fear that they'll be exposed.

No. 370259

File: 1549734044742.jpg (2.28 MB, 711x9937, 1509047084006.jpg)

No. 370260

File: 1549734169700.png (710.17 KB, 720x720, 1517669513234.png)

No. 370262

I always hated the pretentious cunt for using self-harm as a gimmick for her bs art and being praised for it while plenty of people struggle with it. Not to mention the whole ~the artist is present uwu~ crap which is modern art cancer.
She seems like a shit person to me and the ~satanic~ leaks do not help. Fuck her and people that mindlessly ass kiss her for being ~strong independent female artist~.

No. 370269

File: 1549735466936.png (76.59 KB, 979x294, pg.png)

For anyone still questioning, here is a user from a pedo forum discussing pizza parlors being used specifically for such practices.
But Pizzagate is "impossible", "ridiculous" and "obviously fake", I guess.

No. 370274

File: 1549736010126.gif (3.97 MB, 7000x5893, 9967aff5a738d3c7783bac82450985…)

>>370243 nta but if you don't believe pizzagate after reading this you're a confirmed dummy

No. 370275

it actually does creep me out how much she looks like a kardashian now and makes me go "hmmmm"

No. 370282

File: 1549736981125.png (340.83 KB, 601x597, 7FB14B12-C0F4-4B2B-95FD-8CF672…)

I’ve read that the Kardashian’s are witches who get with black men for their “life energy” or something and that Kris Jenner is the ring-leader but maybe that’s reaching too much?

No. 370283

maybe they're the real life inspiration for Get Out

I do think Hollywood bases movies on stuff thats happening irl sometimes because thats part of the "code"

No. 370284

>pedo forum
>that pic

I’m going to be sick

No. 370286

Why do these always leave out Trump's connection with the Clintons and Epstein? I feel like pizzagate has some truth to it but is also a psychological operation. Also, how does everyone in this thread feel about qanon? LARP or psyop? I'm thinking psyop.

No. 370287

I thought they were exposing mind-control techniques (because the symbolism is already done to death) being done to people irl but your explanation might be more plausible. After the movie came out and Kanye was done with rehab, he kept talking about “the sunken place”.

No. 370292

Didnt Qanon post on 4chan? 4chan mods would delete and permaban posters for even the most obscure shit that was related to conspiracies(seth rich mentions, the "alien" photo, various posts on /x/ pertaining to certain things) so i doubt anything posted was grounded in reality or the mods would have been on that shit. It was probably LARP, and there were possibly multiple people making claims and pretending to be Q.

No. 370293

what's significant about the avatar beyond it being a little girl?

No. 370299

Apparently that’s fake news for those who think Trump is our lord and savior against the illuminati

No. 370300

Probably some sick fuck politician took a picture of his victim and posted to his account there

No. 370302


Thanks for the dump. I’ll never sleep again.

Is Nickelodeon/Dan Schneider part of pizzagate speculation? Or is he a lone wolf? I mean, someone is using a LOT money for covering his tracks.

No. 370306

ive always suspected that some sick fucks arent liked by the bigger people in the industry/organization
those people are doing the same things but because they arent really well liked(or they break rules or dont obey the people above them on the totem pole), they're used as scapegoats and allowed to be fed to the wolves
i:e dan schneider and weinstein etc

No. 370307

All Hollyweird sick fucks are connected somehow.

No. 370309

Kevin Spacey comes to mind

Some say this video is a warning to the higher ups in Hollywood

No. 370310

itayrt, i think all prominent pedos are connected somehow, but i agree with >>370306, there's probably blackmail on every single one of them and if a guy pisses off too many others, things get leaked and the other pedos dont care as much about him getting outed. i bet weinstein and schneider pissed off too many guys and that's why they were given the boot.

No. 370311

yep weird nonsensical humiliation like this could be a tactic as well
also corey feldman
even though he's an adult and has always had issues, i think there really is some truth in the higher ups allowing him to make himself look as crazy as possible because he's the main person coming out and saying how deep the cabal runs

i also believe they encourage underaged kids who are molested to become full blown drug addicts and most of them die from it before they are ever able to be willing to speak out about it

No. 370314

Weinstein was confirmed to have made his brother mad right? and thats what started the leaks? seems to me his brother won favor and Hollywood chose him over Harvey. Then it all came tumbling down.

No. 370316

If you want me to be honest: it's too messy.

You know how here on lolcow we can generally follow the drama because there's caps from linked sources so we can at least have the context around when and where someone pulled the info from? Example:
When people exposed Onision in Tractorgate, we knew he had goofed. Because we had a satellite picture of his property, a video that a neighbor posted of him destroying the wetland that approximated with what we observed on the map picture, and then later public court records were capped from an official source to confirm he fucked up.
It was consistent and logical.

I have a problem following Pizzagate because…almost none of these images have context. It looks like someone opened MS Paint and made vague connections from picture to picture and then random caps. Whoever made these things expected people to believe it with no questions asked, or we're morons. Or how dare we not get it when to this day I've yet to see a succinct summary of what the fuck any of it is, probably because it would make someone's head spin if they were to actually write out what's pictured in these cockamamy graphics.

No. 370317

that's what i think too. everyone pushes the narrative that "omg amanda bynes went crazyyy" "lindsay lohan is a crazy drug addict" etc but i think they turn to drugs because they want to forget the abuse. i completely agree with you there, i think they even make some addicted to drugs so they OD before anyone is told about what was done to them. it's a sick cycle of abuse. all child stars are to them are prey.

No. 370319

this gave me chills, never heard about this before. man…

No. 370323

i think of all the ones that have died really young
brad renfro, dana plato, jonathan brandis, river phoenix, anissa jones, judy garland all those child actors from the original Our Gang/Little Rascals series, etc theres so many and almost all of them have the same rumors about them being molested/raped/abused

ive heard Jay North was one of the first kids they fucked with and he's still alive but I wouldnt be surprised at all if its true

No. 370324

oh and forgot to add corey haim

No. 370325

>sunken place
It's a reference to the film "Get Out".

>It looks like someone opened MS Paint and made vague connections from picture to picture and then random caps
Someone absolutely did do that. Pizzagaters are Alex Jones stans.

No. 370327

thats…literally what the person was talking about

No. 370329


I know two people who worked with her, she has had a billion facelifts and extensive botox/fillers. They said her face has that waxy look were it barely moves. This was years ago, I think around 2010 so it must be even worst now kek

No. 370332

One thing that creeps me out is how in the 70s, it became common place for young boys to pose in "teen magazines" shirtless and in their underwear. Not going to post them here because its icky but you can google at your own risk any of the young actors/musicians from the 70s and you'll see it. I was a huge fan of The Never Ending Story and the photos of the boy who played Atreyu that are being sold and traded online(even now) are fucking sick. Its very obvious when grown ass "collectors" are buying up borderline nudes of underaged celebrities, whats going on.

No. 370333

Sorry, followed the comment chain wrong and got the message mixed up.

No. 370335

Conspiracies are always rooted in a half truth.

Take >>370259, it's been suggested by many forensic experts that Madeleine's parents are being dishonest about the events surrounding the disappearance of her daughter and many think it's plausible she was sold into sex slavery.
But a conspiracy theorist takes it a step further and then it becomes absurd–like linking this to Podesta.
Someone is supposed to take for granted that the images depicted are Podesta's home and the images are what he had in his house.
The picture with the statue trying to link it to Dahmer is also a strange reach (because it assumes Dahmer was being original, not that he himself was recreating a very common pose in modeling despite the macabre circumstance of why he was doing it).

Podesta is probably a creep (the half truth) but it's a stretch to think he was involved in the kidnapping of Madeleine.
Context is really important for a few of these images too.

No. 370337

Maybe that’s why they killed off Marilyn Monroe

No. 370338

To clarify I was talking about the entire screenshot, makes me sick that sites like that exist out there somewhere

The 70s were a brutal time, especially for kids. Reminds me of that gameshow where the grown ass adult man host would ask for kisses from little girls. ugh
>photos of the boy who played Atreyu are being sold and traded online(even now)
What the fuck

No. 370340

I dont know if I beleive JFK was killed by the CIA or whatever BUT, I do find it interesting that so many women died under weird circumstances that were connected to JFK or his brother. I recently read about Dorothy Kilgallen. I had no idea she was connected to JFK and her death is considered a conspiracy. In fact, all I knew about her was that she was that snotty panelist on Whats My Line. Never liked her lol. So its interesting.

No. 370343

Yep. Im 30 and when I first started accessing the internet(back in like…2002ish?) I looked him up because it was my favorite movies as a kid and he was one of my first "crushes" or whatever. And even back then at 12/13 years old I was freaked out when I saw the photos being sold on Ebay of him and felt like I was seeing something I shouldnt have. And I havent forgotten it to this day but wish I could. It was obvious by the tightness of the underwear he was in(and pictures from the front AND his backside) what they were for. And grown ass people(probably men) are selling these photos all over the internet in broad sight. I dont see them anymore because I dont actively look for them but Im sure they are still being traded and sold by the same fucking weirdos who were doing it back then.

No. 370347

i understand how crazy a conspiracy pizzagate/pedogate sounds but imo, how many cases of csa and child abuse involve really unusual settings/punishments and outlandish sounding stories? some people really are heartless, especially the elite. it's totally believeable that they have the money and the means to systematically abuse the most vulnerable people of the world, and to cover it up from the general public.

No. 370350

I’ve read that higher ups went all-out necro on Marilyn’s corpse before she was in the box shudders

No. 370355

Anyone ever wonder about the people that probably fucked Harvey willingly? According to CDAN Lindsay Lohan thinks the whole thing is ridiculous and overblown because she's used the casting couch almost her whole career and doesn't see any issue with it. On another note I was watching the Fyre fest documentary and I kept thinking the guy named Marc Weinstein needed to get a legal name change

No. 370359

define willingly
i dont believe ANYONE who has fucked Harvey has wanted it
not even his wife
its literal prostitution except most actual prostitutes and escorts are at least guaranteed money or compensation of some sort if things go correctly

these women were giving up their pussy to him just for the CHANCE at making it and advancing in hollywood and thats terribly sad and heartbreaking to me

No. 370365

Lana Del Rey.

No. 370367

really dont get why people stan lana. i dont hate her but whats the point of glamourizing being a sugarbaby, its cringe

No. 370368

I think rita ora and january jones were probably weinstein casting couch girls. Maybe jlaw as well but i'm pretty sure she was underage when winter's bone was being filmed.

she was already well connected, I don't think she needed to fuck around to get places. That probably contributed to her romanticising it. Why would you sing coquettish songs about it otherwise?

No. 370380

I like (most of) her music and retro-aesthetic but not so much as a person.

We had an anon stanning her on the last thread claiming she was just using satire and parodying the ddlg/Lolita lifestyle. k

She also tried to hex Donald Trump kek


>”that’s why I don’t hang out with those “Hollywood people”, because they want to hurt me and my ideas.”

No. 370384

File: 1549742889867.jpeg (65.33 KB, 634x423, 9C08940F-2C80-4F30-AEAC-79DE6E…)

She looked uncomfortable or dissociated with him

No. 370385

File: 1549742938905.jpeg (40.36 KB, 634x423, 89D438EC-0D03-4AA7-8123-1EE17D…)

Harvey with her on tour, why?

No. 370390

nta but pizzagate isn't about comet pizza, the comet pizza bs was a coverup. Pizzagate is about the emails from wikileaks with podesta & others talking about finding "a pizza related hankerchief" & more pedophile lingo. Read the emails dude, there's absolutely child sex abuse happening and they count on people like you just forgetting all about the emails.

No. 370394

wasnt johnny depp one of his "handlers"? he also died at johnnys club

No. 370405

They never met but some speculate that he was a “blood sacrifice” for him. And he seems “too aware” to be mk’ed anyway but if I had to guess, it would be his mom; Arlyn/Heart. The “before” Kris Jenner

No. 370409

ah i thought they were in the same crowd, thanks for clearing that up anon

i know there have been other deaths allegedly tied to johnny depp/the viper room
one of the co-owners or something went missing
i dont remember his name but i can search later after work

No. 370412

God, I'm sorry you had to see something like that anon
I've had an experience or two seeing something that I really fucking should not have. Spoilering for incoming sperging
I know there's a lot of "debate" over pedo/loli shit and the defense is usually "uuuhhhh they're just drawings" but like who genuinely likes that shit and thinks ah yes this grown ass adult thirsting after a kid is fine? Especially with Japan having a crazy obsession with youth. It's just fucked up that they can have doujins like that out in the open on display and no one says a thing.I unfortunately was on pixiv the other day looking through some art some depicting adult content(with consenting adults of course) but I had seen at the bottom section of the page, in the recommended, was a thumbnail(?) pic spliced in that looked like a straight up traced of an actual kid. (With someone just drawing a peen in) I feel nauseous just typing this but how the fuck is that allowed? Didn't want to click it, but if I did report it would it even be taken seriously? Saying it's just a drawing is the worst fucking cop out. I wouldn't be surprised if there was more shit like this out there, and IRL pedos use shit like this to groom kids and save it to their computers without worrying about getting arrested. It's all fucking sick

>promoting Satan as a “not a bad guy!”
That's an interesting pull, don't think I've ever seen that pushed unless it was for a joke.
I think anime is created just to make people sick or sicker than they already are. But that's probably an obvious one

No. 370413

fill me in about this, i'm not familiar with it at all. is there anything i can read about it u can link to me?

No. 370414

You say underage like it’s a bad thing

No. 370418


discusses the missing dude, river phoenix, and the gambling ring tied to the club to get you started down the rabbit hole

No. 370421

agree with you anon, it's weird as fuck when people own pedo art. it really makes me think less of them because the only reason a person would get art that depicts kids in sexual situations are people who want to see it and look at it. it's disturbing and gross.

No. 370422

interesting enough im seeing about the pussycat dolls having a room there and one of the girls claimed last year that they were in a sex ring so theres another connection
i didnt know about that

No. 370424

You are correct but nobody will agree with you here because it's a tinfoil thread.

That is a huge red flag for me too. For normal people it's impossible not to be disgusted by the visible fetish. Anyone that responds well or neutrally to pedo art is someone you should stay the fuck away from.

No. 370426

i didn't expect depp to be involved. i have a neutral opinion on him, dont hate him but never understood why people worshipped him so much.

No. 370429

I mean, they were from the same crowd but but never really talked to each other; only acknowledged each other.

No. 370431

Have you seen seven deadly sins, the devil is a part-timer, high school dxd, panty and stocking with garterbelt? That’s why I said that.

No. 370435

I've been dumping most of the PG stuff, and I agree. A lot of people involved in exposing this shit are being deliberately dishonest. The political partisan shit is holding things back. Trump is part of it.
>"I've known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,'' Trump told New York magazine in a 2002 profile of Epstein written three years before Epstein began to be investigated. "He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life."
>Q: Have you ever had a personal relationship with Donald Trump?
>A. What do you mean by "personal relationship," sir?
>Q. Have you socialized with him?
>A. Yes, sir.
>Q. Yes?
>A. Yes, sir.
>Q. Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18?
>A: Though I'd like to answer that question, at least today I'm going to have to assert my Fifth, Sixth, and 14th Amendment rights, sir.

>Someone is supposed to take for granted that the images depicted are Podesta's home and the images are what he had in his house.
It is.

No. 370439

>The picture with the statue trying to link it to Dahmer is also a strange reach (because it assumes Dahmer was being original, not that he himself was recreating a very common pose in modeling despite the macabre circumstance of why he was doing it).
It's not necessarily that he's linked to a serial killer, but rather that both of these sick fucks used a humiliating and vulnerable pose of a young man.

No. 370444

File: 1549746166499.jpg (231.22 KB, 847x1024, backward bening goddess.jpg)

>used a humiliating and vulnerable pose
How is the pose itself humiliating? It's only humiliating in Dahmer's case because he mutilated the body and unwillingly posed it like that.
That pose is common in figure drawing, yoga, and other statues.
Someone is emotionally manipulating you and making you read into a message that's not really there.

No. 370452

No. 370459


I mean not being traumatized and seeing it as a a lucky break that a powerful person in the industry is into them, and can't pursue any recourse because there is tons of incriminating texts/emails between them. Some woman have such disturbed self-image/self-esteem they will be flattered by any older man with power, no matter how physically repulsive. I'm sure thats why Paz de la Huerta's claim wasn't ever pursued, besides the obvious issues with her story she has tons of interviews where she talks about how Last Tango in Paris (old unattractive fat brando having sex with 20 year maria) is the most romantic movie ever made.

No. 370470

Interesting point. I stand corrected.
Who is the artist of Podesta's statue I wonder? I did a quick google search but came up with nothing

No. 370476

File: 1549748835060.jpg (85.84 KB, 448x594, Harvey Weinstein Jennifer Lawr…)

I firmly believe that Jennifer Lawrence fucked her way up.

A while ago I kept wondering why she suddenly got so popular so fast, seeing as she's not that much of a beauty or incredibly talented. Then I came across all those youtube compilation of her kissing Harvey Weinstein's ass…
All the other actresses associated with him are way more distanced or at least seemed a tiny bit uncomfortable having to hug somebody as ugly as him, but she is not at all.

Meryl Streep, Matt Damon and some other older actors also seem very suspicious. For years they were supporting him and now they claim to have had no idea. How can you simply look away when young (often foreign) and desperate women are coerced into sleeping with disgusting old fucks?? Like how can somebody as big and popular as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie claim to be "scared" of speaking out? They would have had the whole public backing them up, they could have done something. But after that whole MeToo thing a lot of people demanded answers, but now everything has calmed down and everybody just continues supporting them.

No. 370478

Samefag, Timothee Chalamet also blew up too quickly. And he seems exactly like the type some old perverts would want to fuck in the ass.

No. 370479

Nevermind, I found it. The piece is called "The Arch of Hysteria" by French-American artist Louise Bourgeois.

Her assistant, writer Jerry Gorovoy:
>Louise had actually been in psychoanalysis from 1951 all the way up until the 1980s. At the beginning of psychoanalysis with Freud there was a lot of interest in the hysterical woman who would have these contortions where the body would arch up in the air. Men did it too. But Louise always thought the psychoanalysts liked to see the women.
>I mean they couldn’t figure out because there was no physical reason for this kind of bodily reaction. They thought it had to be some sort of mental trauma, whether it was repressed memories or connected to psycho-sexual repression. Louise's work is to a certain degree the same thing. It’s psychological and emotional things manifesting in the body that she then transforms into sculpture.
>The hanging arch figure is actually a cast of my body. Louise had me lie down on a curved mound to get this shape, and then the body was in a plaster mold, which she then cut up to make this curve.
>To Louise the state of hanging was this idea of fragility, because it meant that the body could turn, it could pivot, it could spin, so it wasn't a stable kind of thing. Louise wanted this figure to have a high polish so that the viewer’s face is caught inside the body of this contorted figure. So it brings the viewer into the picture.

Soooo….there's that.
Sorry for deleting and reposting a million times. Posting from an old ass tablet rn

No. 370485

Don’t forget that he was buddies with Oprah Winfrey and the Clinton’s who dunno nuffin

No. 370496

I’m not one to tinfoil but I can definitely believe that she had something to do with Harvey Winestein. Notice how she’s rather mum about MeToo and her career has been in a slump since Harvey’s downfall. I can believe some actress are sincere in their support and experiences but you’re probably right about other actors doing some damage control in regards to knowing about it and still supporting him.

No. 370497

Wasn't Oprah abused as a child? How can she be friends with a rapist?

No. 370500

She also owned a school in Africa where sexual abuse was rampant and there was a story about an abortion with one of the students

No. 370508

He made videos about contacting demons and being possessed by “gewdla” when he was a kid, talked about having naked massages by his mom one of his “I betrayed my wife” videos to excuse cheating on Lainey, and this linkhttps://onisiondotme.wordpress.com/onision-childhood/

No. 370516

>vagina area focus
Sexualizing cannibalism and it's so fucking disturbing. Sick. I've seen a couple of pictures of that same artist with lady gaga at another event where there was another naked woman cake they were eating from.

I read a small conspiracy that said the illuminati/elite/however they call themselves will destroy the democrats and take full control of the republicans to promote their version of "family" values ie cannibalism and pedophilia. And everyone, all the democrats and republicans, are in on it because they all follow each other and are actually friends.

even now you can't bring up how trump supported and is friends with the clintons. It'll get blown over. It's like people are programmed to be more and more extreme until they have to be told what to do by their person

No. 370517

>vagina area focus
Sexualizing cannibalism and it's so fucking disturbing. Sick. I've seen a couple of pictures of that same artist with lady gaga at another event where there was another naked woman cake they were eating from.

I read a small conspiracy that said the illuminati/elite/however they call themselves will destroy the democrats and take full control of the republicans to promote their version of "family" values ie cannibalism and pedophilia. And everyone, all the democrats and republicans, are in on it because they all follow each other and are actually friends.

even now you can't bring up how trump supported and is friends with the clintons. It'll get blown over. It's like people are programmed to be more and more extreme until they have to be told what to do by their person

No. 370538

File: 1549755817023.jpg (85.85 KB, 1200x900, reptilians.jpg)

The majority of Japanese aren't Christians, to many of them Christianity is like a living mythology. There are very few depictions of Christianity or Christian iconography that are used 'accurately' in anime because they either don't know better or don't care.

Oprah is a dingus but I'm not gonna fault her for not personally keeping an eye on the school.

My favorite conspiracy is anything to do with reptilians. Funny as fuck.


No. 370567

I don’t believe Chester Bennington is the son of John Podesta (ew wtf?) but I do believe that he, Chris Cornell and Paul Walker were tryng to expose the pedo-rings which is why they were suicided.

Also, it is believed that CPS is intentionally targeting children from “broken homes” as delivery for the elite sick fucks for higher pay. Since Bill Clinton signed an act that CPS workers get paid for every child they “save”. A former senator from Georgia tried to expose it which costed her job and well, her life.


Here’s the article she published before she got killed: http://www.nccr.info/attachments/600_The%20Corrupt%20Business%20Of%20Child%20Protective%20Services.pdf

No. 370576

Love this thread! Came here to see if pizzagate was actually being discussed and wasn't disappointed.
I'm really mad about it, I was deep into reading it at the time, and I feel like people were really onto something big. But it kept getting messy relating everything to everything else and with no proof, the pizza shop, and madeiline mccann. I believe they were all more isolated and all led somewhere, but maybe not exactly connected. And if they were it was too far of a reach to prove with evidence that they were indeed connected.

This kind of stuff >>370253 was weird AS FUCK like it's impossible that there was nothing that could have come out of the whole thing.

And of course the media only cherry picked the pizza shop story and ran with it and made it look like a joke.

Once the priests in Pennsylvania were uncovered to mostly be pedophiles, made me think about pizzagate again. If so many priests have rings like that, how is it hard to believe that politicians and celebrities do, too?

No. 370582

So people believe that Chester is a son of John Podesta instead of some random pos policeman? WTF. Where do they even get this bullshit from?

No. 370585

Joan Rivers died a couple days after calling Michelle Obama a man.

No. 370586

>pizzagate talk is welcome
So uh, where did those missing mexican kids go when they were separated from their parents at the wall? I hate to think what happened to them…

No. 370595

I remember bbc did this big spotlight on the immigration from South of the American border. It was following this plight of a pregnant woman and her son and one of those migrant caravans. It was suppose to be showing how desperate they were to get on trains etc. The fucking pregnant woman gives her son up no question to random men running along trains helping peoole hop on. Well guess what her fucking toddler gets on the train and the fat pregnant bitch can't keep up and the camera crew is just left watching the train leave like oh no better luck next time. No one fucking addresses the fact her child has just been essentially kidnapped and separated. And people wonder why there's so many fucking kids detained at the border without parents. It's a mass free for all, without a doubt human traffickers will be loving all that shite

No. 370602

File: 1549764388517.jpeg (32.82 KB, 710x354, 1A78D089-DF67-427F-89B0-5CF9AF…)

Those caravans are funded by George Soros, who also funds the BLM.

Yes. There are idiots who believe this shit. (Pic related)

No. 370604

Who is George soros apart from an agent of mass social chaos?

No. 370605

I'm always suspicious of that. No one was off limits, but as soon as Michelle obama was brought in, this happened.

No. 370623

A Jew who betrayed his own people for immunity during ww2.(racebaiting)

No. 370628

Eh. Plenty of people called Michelle a man while her husband was in office. And they’re still around. Not to say that the Obamas haven’t done anything sketchy but even the thinnest skinned politicians doesn’t go after someone who mocks their personal appearance. Even Trump, as stupid and narcissistic as he is, doesn’t secretly murder someone for making fun of him being fat and having a toupee. These people have bigger shit to worry about.

Besides, Joan Rivers was old as fuck and got tons of procedures, especially in her later years. The way she died was inevitable.

No. 370629

>only Edward Scissorhands
And Ed Wood, and Gilbert Grape, and Nightmare on Elm Street, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas…

No. 370630

there were huge threads on chris cornell being suicided on lipstick alley but they all got deleted or hidden and im not a member so i cant see them anymore
but they still have a huge fan thread dedicated to him and mention stuff there i think
they also arent very fond of his or chesters wives(exes?) and mention that they are involved in some way

No. 370632

>forgetting Cry Baby which im pretty sure was his most famous role
come on you guys..lol

No. 370691

>Katy: “I call him on his bullshit! XD”
>Russell: -holds “OBAY” sign with pentagram-
>Katy: -goes slightly autistic-


No. 370692

Ive always felt like Katy was a troll. A celebrity who wants to look ~edgy~ and cool and have 34734579237845 different aesthetics. Isnt it true that the actual evil people referenced in most work about secret societies or good and evil actually appear 100% normal? Even in religious texts, the most evil beings appear normal and attractive to everyone before revealing their true form. IE; people involved in the Churches. People that go out of their way to gain trust and adoration. Walking around with pentagrams and the eye of Horus is an attempt at "edgy" points. Nothing more.

No. 370694

Katy never seemed like a troll to me because that implies sthinking for ones self. I always got the impression her image was carefully designed by people teams.

No. 370699

She probably went autistic because he was embarrassing her. He'd been gripping that keyring the entire time, then holds it up like some looney toon. The guy seems like a total tweak and a headcase based on the quick google I've done of him, and probably explains why she was only married to him for 2 years.

No. 370700

You do realize you’re in a conspiracy thread, right? Anything is possible.

No. 370702

He was her handler (a fancy name for an elite tard-wrangler) at the time. Handlers are known to trigger their victims into submission.

No. 370705

So was Lana’s.

No. 370707

I get the concept, he just doesn't strike me as someone that intelligent to be so manipulative. I really do think it's just stupidity and bipolar mania.

No. 370727

File: 1549787039077.jpg (473.78 KB, 1080x897, 20190210_091826.jpg)

Maybe that sculpture also refers to pic related?
It's from the work of Jean-Martin Charcot, a French neurologist and a sick fuck who used hypnotism and masturbation to treat "hysteria".

No. 370764

Huh? He was born in 1930 so he was just a young teen during WW2. Can you expand on that?

No. 370780

Silly: Blood banks are run by vampires. What do they do with your blood after they test it? They send it to the vampires. OR they sell it to vampires.

Serious: I'm sure the CIA is still doing unethical experiments on unwitting human subjects. As bad as MKULTRA.

No. 370787

I think women aren't told the effects of pregnancy to keep them reproducing, and this is also the reason a group of women who have given birth before will turn silent if a childless woman enters the room.

No. 370801

i swear women get warned about the dangerous effects of birth control more than we do about dangers in pregnancy. it’s in the interests of too many people that we have at least two kids

No. 370804

That's not a conspiracy, that's a fact. I had multiple older women in my life shut down when I ask about pregnancy because they "didn't want to put me off". Um no I was like 14, please put me off.

No. 370806

The amount of shit I found late in the pregnancy and after the fact is unbelievable. So many parts of my body are now permanently altered, so many life threatening risks that I went through. Sure am glad doctors were transparent with me and that I didn’t accidentally stumble across it while googling and it stressed me the fuck out while heavily pregnant which can cause further complications!!

Also, nitpick, but even fucking midwives will speak to the male partner and be more concerned about their health and general well being than yours. And these are women in a field entirely about caring for women. Go fucking figure.

No. 370808

as a woman who's open about not wanting to get married or have kids, the amount of people who try to shill it to me is fucking annoying. like it's so outdated to think having kids has to be part of everyone's life script. and it's rude to assume that all girls have this innate desire to reproduce, like some of us just don't! i agree with this anon, people intentionally don't talk about it because the government wants people to mindlessly procreate so it makes more money off of consumers.

No. 370813

I thought it was the opposite? Like the theory of population control is really popular. I think they want us to reproduce but only reproduce stupid people to keep the elites at the top and never questioned. An intelligent society is a threat to them

No. 370814

>The amount of shit I found late in the pregnancy and after the fact is unbelievable. So many parts of my body are now permanently altered, so many life threatening risks that I went through.
Would you mind telling us about it?

No. 370816

>I think they want us to reproduce but only reproduce stupid people to keep the elites at the top and never questioned.

Idiocracy, and there's plenty of reason to believe it's true.
Uneducated and impulsive people get knocked up young and decide to have children. They automatically limit their upward economic and educational mobility because they have to take on low-income jobs and shovel every last dime to their family. There's no time. They never question the status quo and love welfare because they're dependent on every last dollar.

No. 370827

It’s become clear to me that the pro-life debate in the US particularly has nothing to do with religion or the individual child per se, it’s just another iteration of our country’s love affair with racism as the only babies anyone seems to care about saving are Caucasian. You never really see all these violent protests with people harassing you at the door and hordes of old men in predominantly ethnic neighbors. It’s always directed at young career-orientated white women. If you look comparatively at the rate say a black woman gets an abortion, it’s alarmingly high and no ever questions/harangues a black or Latina woman for aborting a fetus or even using contraceptives as much as they do a young white woman.

No. 370858

pregnancy and childbirth is honestly so repulsive to me and my brain cant handle the idea that it still exists and they havent found a way around it in 2019
surely they developed a cure by now..LMAO

No. 370864

getting married to some guy and having kids is such a meme.

power to women who make that decision, but the only reason so many groups of people have such vitriolic hatred for independant career women is because it's the best lifestyle you can choose imo. they don't want women to be self-sustaining and even try to convince us that we can't be, because they make more money off of the alternative. i cringe at all the ads where they push some "uwu bayyybeeez" emotional bs because all i see is "make us more consumers so we can make money!!"

No. 370867

It's more like they question becoming mothers and wonder if they would have been happy with a different path and outcome. Maybe everyone gets a little insecure when they see someone who chose differently and turned out better for it, in fairness. I think that's human nature.

No. 370878

itayrt, in my experience, the people who hate women for not becoming mothers the most are men in power. i do have women here and there but it seems to be because they love being a mom and assume all women do, that doesn't bother me the way it does when a man who has no way to concieve or understand what it's like to be in that position. when it's a man it's just offensive of him to act like he knows better.

No. 370884

Yeah I agree, men usually have very negative and selfish perspectives when it comes to women not choosing motherhood.

No. 370891

Here’s a clip from 60 minutes where he admits it.

No. 370892

Ok so what are your plans for when you're old and can't take care of yourself? Going to a elderly shelter, because you have no family?

No. 370895

nta but family isn't just kids and a spouse? being close to cousins that are around your age as an adult is a thing, and friends are a thing too. some of us aren't going to reproduce just to ensure that some kid is going to be pressured into being your caretaker lol. some kids have good parents and still hate them and refuse to help them as they get older anyway. so your line of thinking is pretty flawed.

No. 370897

>elderly shelter
Anon, people don’t become completely incapacitated once they hit 65. Assisted living communities that accommodate the elderly are a thing along with hiring caretakers to perform checkups. Or y’know, having friends.

No. 370898

Uh I work in a nursing home. Most of them have kids and most of them only visit on holidays. Having kids doesn't mean they're going to take care of you.

No. 370899

yea, river phoenix was in the same cult i was in. i can only imagine the sick things that
happened to him.

No. 370903

How fucking stupid are you? Do you know how many elderly parents die alone from falls or injuries? Do you know how many of them are lonely, dealing with mental illness alone?
In the west, children view their parents as tools for resources and money. Once they are unable to provide that to them, children generally have fuck all to do with their parents.

No. 370914

what cult? do you have any more info about what could have happened, anon?

No. 370923

I won't go down at your low level and insult someone for having a different view. Just because they didn't give a shit to raise their kids properly and with standards, doesn't mean everyone is the same

No. 370924

nayrt but the family were in the children of god/the family international when he was a child, he was under 10 when they left iirc. it's interesting to look into, reading into ricky rodriguez alone is fucking wild. river phoenix seems like he was a target for fucked up shit for his entire life

No. 370926

oh no not that cult. i remember going down that rabbit hole, the "love words to jesus during sex" are forever stuck in my head. it's so odd that cult picked up in the first place.

No. 370927

nah, i've met plenty of people with good parents and they treat their parents like dogshit. it's not 100% the parent's fault. just like how shitty parents' children can end up being good parents/people. my mom's parents were abusive as fuck but my mom isn't like them at all. the way a kid is raised affects them a hell of a lot for sure but their parents don't determine how they turn out 100%.

No. 370974

I remember hearing something about how in that cult that when you're having sex, you're having sex with Jesus and males need to take on a feminine role so it isn't homosexual. It's so confusing and nonsense.

No. 371010

Children of God/Family international

Not only did they made kids have sex with each other but also with adults. The cult would also have choir singing for the Clinton’s (and the Bush’s?) at the White House

No. 371072

I've read that abortion was meant to target minorities in predomiant white countries to control the population and keep it mostly white. But now that white women are for it, its an issue since white people going to be the minority soon. But that's only for regular people. Rich elites will stay as rich elites. There are theories that the ultra rich are trying to find ways to be transhuman, merging machine with their bodies and consciousness so they'll live forever. The transhumanism theory is wild in general

No. 371094

Abortion had ties to eugenics pre-WWII in the USA. People shit on Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood) because her beliefs overlapped with eugenics–she thought anyone unable to afford children and unfit to raise them shouldn't have them. That unfortunately meant a lot of minorities during the time who didn't have the option of education or were not given affluent jobs. I don't think she intended to be racist (she did set up the first all-black operated female clinic in Harlem), yet it was an effect of her beliefs. Other doctors had no scruples and were outright racist. Sometimes after the abortion the women were sterilized without their consent too.

And it's true, the country didn't really seem to care about the plight of abortion at all until white people started to demand them.

No. 371103

Kamikaze. The damage they self inflict is less than the damage they inflict on Americans.

No. 371107

>same cult i was in
You won't deliver.

No. 371110

>Children of God/Family international
Two anons have pointed this out

No. 371116

That's literally on River's wikipedia page. I was talking about more insider info on the cult.

No. 371167

This is pretty likely.

No. 371232

What a weird question wtf? Lol…

No. 371241

Can you elaborate on your experience with the cult or is it too traumatic for you to speak of at this time?

If that’s the case, we understand.

No. 371263

What is your take on the “13 bloodlines”? Seems legit or nah?

One fam had a u.s president, another started the jehova’s witnesses religion and not all families are European one of them was probably mentioned in a Cardcaptor Sakura movie.



No. 371625

That's not even the same anon.

No. 371766

Has anyone seen the Grammy’s last night? There were a lot of people wearing red lately during the Dolly Parton tribute as well as Diana Ross’ big ass gown (love that gown btw).

Since red supposedly means “blood sacrifice”, I wonder which people were killed off?

No. 371869

where are the actual sources for any of this? even in the book the author admits at one point >"In terms of research … from a scale from 0 to 100, I’m about at 10."
also it's interesting how ten of the thirteen families that supposedly control the WORLD just happen to be American. like only one asian family? really? I find it all very hard to believe.

No. 371940

I've been looking into bloodlines and how the people of the bible seem to be referring to blood lines and different families of people.

Sure all royalty are royal because they're believed to be ordained by God and that's why royal blood is so special.

Sure the current United States of America is a mixing pot of different cultures and ethnicities. All people are mixed and hybridised except for the extremely isolated people that are protected (like islanders etc).

There's a lot of historical context is holy scriptures and with modern science we are able to date and analyse samples for information. Ancient DNA can be synthesised and replicated to find biomarkers.

Funny that today's modern wars are still in the Holy lands and holy relics are constantly targeted before researchers are allowed access. And guess who controls all research in Israel

No. 371965

Red is superior to every other color they just got some good taste kek

No. 371969

True, but most of the girls were wearing red while Dolly was wearing white which seemed kind of sketchy but yeah I’m probably reaching.

No. 371974

God doesn't exist.

No. 371975

Watched this and it reminded me of theories regarding child grooming and rampant pedophilia in Hollywood that extends to other industries like photography. Richardson being one guy who was "known" to be predatory with eager desperate girls. He reminds me of Weinstein by in the photography world. People know what he does and how he treats women but nobody says anything but they don't want to be exposed either

No. 371985

thats because dolly is a literal angel anon cant believe you'd question that

No. 371986


Nice and simple.

But seriously, I think this is something a lot of people, even people who are soft core nonbelievers (just go along to get along types even though they doubt), are afraid to admit.

I remember I had an art history class years ago where our final exam was based on Kubrick’s 2001. And the interview he gave to Playboy about the possibility of alien intervention in human evolution was eerie in a way because of how he described these sort of pure spirit energies.

I wonder sometimes if humans were confronted with this kind of reality, if religion would no longer be such a crutch (seemingly) in our interpersonal development.

So many wars, so much unnecessary judgment and fear surrounds this idea of the Abrahamic god. I wonder sometimes where we would be spiritually in the West if so much of our morality, ethics, and opinions about others didn’t hinge on this idea of everything revolving around god.

Here’s the interview for anyone interested -


No. 371987

religious people are preparing for an alien invasion believe it or not

they believe aliens are demons and that an invasion will be part of the fight of armageddon
ive been interested in this for awhile and like to snoop around forums of various denominations, and ive seen it mentioned by catholics, baptists, muslims, etc

No. 371993


Samefagging but the link isn’t complete damn it.

I can’t find the original but I think this is another proper transcription which gives everything he said.


No. 372007

that's why i decided to not ever enter an art or entertainment field after #metoo happened, my first semester in film school. every single artistic field has great people and great minds within who truly care about artistic merit, but for every single one of those geniuses there are dozens of disgusting villainous scumbags who abuse and manipulate who they can.

No. 372020


Anon I enjoy doing the same thing.

I remember that from my Christian teen years when I used to hang out on religious message boards a lot.

So much of religion, especially Christianity and her sisters, seems to rest on this idea that humans are the center of all existence, which seems silly considering how big the universe is. If we were confronted with another type of life form, physical or not, I wonder where it would take us.

No. 372696

I already found God so everything makes perfect sense

No. 372714

Paul Walker is a pedo himself. He started dating Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell when she was only 16 years old and he was well into his mid 30s

No. 372716

File: 1550031620907.jpg (101.24 KB, 960x544, marriage.jpg)

maybe not a tinfoil but i feel like ill get boolied here less lol, marriage is a scam and the government only pushes getting married and having kids so they make money off of more consumers. in my experience people think you're crazy if you express dislike towards the idea of getting married and reproducing so i think everyone has been brainwashed by media/ads on this picture-perfect disingenuous idea of being someone's partner/parent because of its pathos

No. 372721

I like marriage as a contract so women don't get fucked out of everything when the relationship ends. Not much else, and at that it depends if they were smart enough to negotiate an adequate prenup. Not so true for every marriage.

No. 372728

my parents have a very healthy marriage but the whole concept of marriage seems so superficial and dumb. unless shit's changed a lot in the past decade, people generally get an expensive rock, a whole ass wedding, just to be like "yeah we're committed to each other lol".

No. 373047

It’s 2019 and I still think Grugly has a secret child somewhere.

He never debunked hsanon’s ~sekrit child~ but everything else was. Every time those rumors were brought up there were always anons sperging and reporting us to stop because ~muh Skye’s/other girl’s privacy~ and there’s no such thing!!!1!1!211!”

Later on , Alicia was caught bitching about her nudes getting leaked (they weren’t on main) and before that; “Shiloh doesn’t deserve privacy because she’s stole muh sister’s man!”, then tried to become a farmer just to delete everything about Skye which is probably on her behalf. So I wonder…

No. 373057

This is exactly it, which is why the MGTOWs and incels cry so much about roasties taking their money and the kids.

They'd love it if they could all do what men try and do now: Live with you for a decade, then leave you after wasting most of your youth with him while he goes and gets a younger model.
If you're married you will at least get some money in the divorce as compensation for being abandoned and becoming the dreaded "single mother". A woman loses a ton of status if she geta divorced or leaves a long term relationship. A man gets to be the handsome bachelor forever.
Divorce means we don't end up with nothing, or destitute on the street when he gets bored with us. So you wanna be the cool girl who's anti-marriage? Use me up and leave me with nothing, guys! Being cool is more important than avoiding being destitute on the street!

Source: Divorced parents, father still bitter decades later that we're still alive, has not given us any money for over a decade but he literally wanted us homeless on the street and we survived thanks to the courts being fair on my mother back then.
Additional source: All the guys I've met who had live-in girlfriends for 6-10 years and then suddenly dropped them for flings or short term relationships with younger, sexier women.

No. 373087

>Being cool is more important than avoiding being destitute on the street!
This is why you get an education and a well paying job before you start a romantic relationship

No. 373141

File: 1550094983358.png (279.08 KB, 1169x2048, Screenshot_20190213-165315.png)

No, you're 100% correct. Everything negative about motherhood, marriage and childbirth is completely hidden or minimized in order to get women to continue having children with men.

I mean for gods sake, just read any confession on "Scary Mommy Confessions" to see how many women were lied to about motherhood.
We've been having children and being mothers for so long, yet we've never been able to express any negative opinions about it without fear of social exile.

No. 373157

i've said this countless times on lc and have been more attacked for this opinion than anything else tbh. these girls refuse to accept that their dream of having a child is (first of all, unethical, from every standpoint), but also that it's FRAUGHT with negatives for women.

No. 373162

I think mothering has probably gotten harder. People don't live in close knit communities anymore, don't live near family, since they don't have a giant passel of kids they don't get much help from the older kids with the younger ones, and domestic service was more common and affordable. Employment wasn't as centralized outside of the home and laxer zoning regulations meant it was easier to run businesses from the household so parents weren't as cut up by costs for daycare and they could socialize with adults throughout the day. Children spent more time playing outside, children started working and contributing to household expenses much earlier, etc. There's a lot going on but overall the expectation of motherhood now is a much more cloistered one where a lone mother spends her day with her kids. My mom was an immigrant and could tell you the difference in parenting between both nations first hand and found American style parenting very socially isolating and difficult.

I've inadvertently ended up in a job where I work with children and its practically an expectation that mothers be joined at the hip with their kids now. Its an overly sentimental vision of motherhood championed by conservatives and liberals alike and I don't think its healthy. Women end up smothering their children and personal identity and everyone thinks this is good.

No. 373176

Reading this is sad for everyone. You have exhausted moms tired of being moms and kids that need them.
I agree>>373162 You need more than mom and dad to raise kids. To raise them requires a community or family nearby. But that isn't favorable or promoted

Does anyone think that the world is actually overpopulated or do you think that that is a theory in itself to prevent too many people from being born so it'll be easier to conquer the world? Elite population control is such a creepy and terrifying theory to me especially since the population they want is 500 million. It'd be over 90% of the world killed off

No. 373184

File: 1550099516265.jpg (86.68 KB, 850x400, quote-democracy-cannot-survive…)

>Does anyone think that the world is actually overpopulated
for a society that is safe, free of disease, and has all of the lovely comforts we've come to enjoy and life would be largely miserable without? yes, we're definitely overpopulated. people will say "no, we have plenty of room", but first off, dense living are the perfect situations for pandemics, and medical waste, waste in general, public safety is a major risk with higher populations, resources are wearing thin, and the effects of pollution and climate change are going to be hitting us very soon, so yes, for everyone to live comfortably, we're overpopulated. people are living longer and longer, too. overpopulation is the reason for every complaint that people have. you cannot meaningfully construct well designed civilizations without having some population check.

>do you think that that is a theory in itself to prevent too many people from being born so it'll be easier to conquer the world? Elite population control is such a creepy and terrifying theory to me especially since the population they want is 500 million. It'd be over 90% of the world killed off

no, because it's in the interest of wealth owners and the elite to devalue labor and human rights, which is easier to do when people are expendable as fuck. people complain about jobs, pollution, cities being too busy, wages being too low, crime, etc, it's all a result of unchecked population growth. having children plays right into the hands of the elite.

No. 373186


Anon, I understand if you think I’m a bad person for what I’m about to say but I do kind of understand population control and why it may be necessary in the future.

I think eventually we’ll have non-Earth colonies in space where cities and infrastructure are taken and that they’ll have a certain number of people living there to balance our current population, perhaps artificial farming as I don’t think we can live sustainably at the rate we are currently reproducing at.

No. 373188

That woman sounds crazy, what kind of normal person feels jealousy for their kids? Ok its one thing to regret having them or feeling exhausted from chasing after them but nothing irks me quite like a mom or dad that resents their kid for having something they want especially jealous moms ew.

No. 373189

i'm the anon that the anon you responded to, responded to… sorry for bad wording lol
i don't know if you were implying i was a "cool girl who is anti-marriage", but i just wanted to say, i'm not. i don't want to get into any relationships with men, period. i am completely supportive of people who want to get married, but i have my reasons for not feeling like marriage is "for me".

No. 373192

no, the world is overpopulated. have you ever been in a non-rural area? i literally feel like people are taking up way too much space, besides that, if you study epidemology, energy/waste conservation, or even poverty and its cycle/effects, the world being overpopulated has undoubtedly contributed to nearly every negative on earth. i have professors who have written books on it. carbon footprints are very impactful. it's misanthropic, but we're parasites. i wish population control was real tbh.

No. 373196


>overpopulation is the reason for every complaint that people have. you cannot meaningfully construct well designed civilizations without having some population check.

I think this is an unfortunate truth a lot of people have a hard time reconciling.

I mean, I’m not an expert or anything, I’m just another citizen of the world, but we’re not evolving like we should be anymore as we continually push up against one another, fight and scrap, people are stratified across economic lines because there aren’t enough jobs for everyone, etc. This isn’t an ideal situation.

We may look back at the past and criticize how backwards our ancestors may have been, but they lived knowing and understanding something modern people don’t - this balance of life and death. Nowadays everybody seems to be suffering from some sort of existential dread as we build on top of one another, or people resort to radicalism to combat the sense of meaningless and a loss of identity.

There’s a lot I love about living in the modern world and all it’s luxuries, but as I get older I wonder more and more where we are going and what it all ultimately means. It seems like we are continually fighting endless wars in places no one cares about, I see people dreaming of these utopias where the value of the individual is lost in a quagmire of words and empty philosophies instead of concrete action, and ideas are jealously guarded by an elite class which forces the poor and the outcast to sell their soul to whomever preaches the loudest. We no longer ask questions about the human condition, people don’t really challenge the status quo and those that do often have ulterior motives which ultimately benefit themselves.

No. 373197

File: 1550100760301.png (157.04 KB, 500x226, D62EE3B5-29C7-4D60-8E4F-0220F0…)

100% agree. It’s crazy that being childless/childfree is depicted as horribly selfish when not having any offspring is the easiest way to ensure you have a smaller carbon footprint.

The internet has just confirmed how much parenthood sucks and I’m so glad I don’t feel the pressure to procreate anymore. Happy for people who genuinely want children (even if I think the world is overpopulated and honestly wish more people would adopt/that adoption was an easier process) but it just sounds GHASTLY and I hate how so many people blindly follow the life script.

No. 373202

>Happy for people who genuinely want children (even if I think the world is overpopulated
anon, don't feel forced to say this. these people are condemning their children to a horribly uncertain future, and one that is already filled with far more negatives than positives without even factoring in the literal existential threat of climate catastrophe that, at this point, is irreversible.

No. 373851

Does anyone think Kanye was a presidential model for Donald Trump?

No. 373861

Did not think of that before but now you bring it up, maybe. Although I think the most likely situation is that Kanye just boarded the trump train for the attention, he’s done stuff like that for attention before.

No. 373867

I don't really understand where you people are getting this "marriage and kids are being pushed" shit from in 2019. The media and everything being promoted says about the opposite. You and everyone who says this shit is delusionally stuck in the 60s.

No. 373880

How? The media just says to delay marriage and kids a bit, but at the least, kids are expected to be an eventuality. I see marriage less pushed, but everyone is expected to have kids and is encouraged to, especially women

No. 373890

Just a bit.. yeah to the mid 30s or even 40s these days.. with one or two kids at the most. And marriage-less relationships as well as divorces are more accepted and promoted, so much OOW are becoming more common than "non-bastard" kids.
Fertility rate of all race and sexes is going down, I'm telling you right now that's not from the media telling them to have kids lol

No. 373891

Shit, of all races. I didn't mean to say both sexes

No. 373957

Honestly, this is something I see in my personal life moreso than in the media. Sounds anecdotal but this is what I hear and see from others, IRL and online, as well. Coworkers, friends, family, and even strangers will push about marriage or children. I haven’t seen it as much since I’ve move away from the US, but as soon as I got married at 24, people I knew in the states started demanding to know when I was going to start popping out babies. I’ve even had complete strangers ask me when I’m going to have kids. It’s so weird.

No. 375109

File: 1550408892470.png (619.64 KB, 760x540, 1519808219406.png)

Posting here, because it could be all bullshit.
I randomly found this in the 4chan archives and it mostly contains some autist sperging about how ugly some model is.
But she/he also talks about how yakuza supposedly controls lolita fashion, that Kota is also one of their "whores" and about Gackt also being part of that business.

>Well, Japanese lolitas and cosplayers are threatened and harassed to quit lolita/cosplay as a whole by people affiliated with ad agencies(=Yakuzas) because the "market" now belongs to the Kanto Rengo network and not the former customers. Lolita brands have no power to kick out Yakuzas. Putomayo is closing, H.Naoto closed, Meta's designer got kicked out of her own company, Mary Magdalene's owner slept with a teenager…etc.

>A night before seiyuu Ai Takabe was arrested for drug posessions, she was at a party with 50 celebrities and one of them was Dakota Rose.
>Attendees of this "party" was under thei influences of substances that people suspect shady ties with drug dealers.

Read if you've got some spare time on your hands and are bored.

No. 375110

No. 375133

are you that crazy Sumipe anon from a while back lmao

No. 375139

Kek anon you should play the Yakuza series, there's a storyline in the 5th game about the idol industry and yakuza affiliation.

No. 375200

>some autist sperging about how ugly some model is
I have never heard of her, that's why I only wrote 'model' (which I guess she is?), so no.

No. 375263

I think cows do the same here given the amount of cows that got caught posting in their own threads and you know they know about this site.

No. 375528

Sandy Hook victims win discovery against Alex Jones


No. 375597

I believe every conspiracy about Hilary Clinton. That psychopath definitely has blood on her hands. I believe she had a hand in murdering Seth Rich. I mean come on. He was "robbed" but nothing was stolen?

Also, I hate that conspiracy theories as a term is used in the negative. People immediately plug their ears when they see it and don't seek out the truths from the insanity. It's ridiculous. Like the anons in this thread trying to downplay pizza gate despite the disturbing things uncovered. It's thanks to pizzagate that I realized how much of a creep Joe Biden is.

No. 375599

hillary is a warhawk but the seth rich thing is dumb, as is pizzagate

No. 375622

You might like this video; it details everyone who has been “suicided” by the Clinton’s before and after Bill’s presidency.

No. 375628

we're to believe the clintons took part in jfk jr and his wife's death? small private planes crash literally everyday

No. 375665

Hilary is a cannibal wbk

No. 375705

Maybe Hillary didn’t kill him, but the elites probably killed him so we wouldn’t have another president Kennedy standing up against the man in the shadows.

No. 375737

File: 1550506030605.png (666.34 KB, 582x720, image.png)

I don't think he was ever considering running really. He was into acting, failed his bar exam like three times, and for like ever he was heavily invested in this terrible chic pop culture and politics magazine that he dreamt up. Don't really think much beyond being the modelesque heir to a political dynasty was on his radar. Yes that is Cindy Crawford in a George Washington costume and unsurprisingly the magazine was a flop

No. 375742

>I hate that conspiracy theories as a term is used in the negative. People immediately plug their ears when they see it and don't seek out the truths from the insanity.

Couldn’t the exact same be said about people who believe conspiracy theories?

No. 376960

Why is Madonna always referenced as the “kabal priestess of the music industry”? Isn’t she just some chick who made great music back in the 80’s and 90’s? She ain’t that big of a deal (except for her fake ass-cheek implants kek)

Btw Michael Jackson dindu nuffin!!!!

No. 377584


There's a difference between obvious WK and intervention of other cows VS the skillful manipulation that goes over other people's head. It is on the same level of narcissistic manipulation.

This is what I meant by that. Also, nice distraction and false equivalency ya did, anon. ;p

No. 377588

Regarding Pizzagate, I don't know if this was already said before but I made but, has anyone not thought about how the word "cheese" means "asian" and "pasta" means "white"?

It was in this part of the email:

"Ps. Do you think I'll do better playing "dominos" on cheese than on pasta?"

Kinda makes sense that way. Apparently "dominos" means "domination".

No. 377590

*could mean


Also found it weird that they would spell dominoes as "dominos"…

No. 377631

I'm not sure how you can't see that the institution of marriage is becoming quickly irrelevant and that this is no mistake. Also the elite/technocratic agenda isn't one of encouraging population growth, it's that if eugenics, and population control, back from the late 19th century. I doubt there is a conspiracy to strengthen the notion of family, on the contrary, the family is being weakened so that kids are more beholden to/raised by corporations and govs than their own parents.

No. 377634

File: 1550807569522.png (288.64 KB, 719x460, jaffe-memo-screen-shot.png)

See this Planned Parenthood memo from the 60's, not long after it's openly racist/eugenicist nature was not obfuscated

No. 378581

Now I’m hungry for some domino’s (pizza)…while feeling sad and disgusted at the same time.

No. 378582

Some of these things are currently happening right now.

Which reminds me: https://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/watchwomanonthewall/2011/04/the-45-communist-goals-as-read-into-the-congressional-record-1963.html#WE2Vql1eYaEM2Sft.99

Credit goes to kiwi farms for originally posting this!

No. 379009

Black Nobility:
>Stanley, Morgan, Goldman, Kuhn/Kohn/Cohn/Cohen, Oppenheimer, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Spencer-Churchill, Stuart/Stewart, Planck, Smith, Jasper, Levy, Palmer, Gordon, Moore, Fitzgerald, Kennedy, Noble, Bennett, Forbes, Beresford, Bancroft, Barclay, Cabot, Higginson, Adams, Baker, Coffin, Cooper, Delano, Gardner, Otis, Quincy, Rice, Bush, Lehman, Tudor, Sassoon, Shermans, Clarkes, Royces, Lindsays, Raffles, Robinson, Pratt, Bartlett, Abraham, Guggenheim, Loeb, Strauss, Sach, Lazard, Seaf, Schiff, Morgan, Schroder, Harriman

No. 379010

>Aldobrandini/Borghese, Breakspear, Borja/Borgia, Chigi, Colonna/Cologna, Conti, Farnese/delle overe, Gaetani/Caetani, Merdici/Medici/Domedici, Orsini/Maximus, Pamphii, Somaglia, Este Estence, Flavian

No. 379011

Black Nobility Houses:
>House of Bernadotte, Sweden
>House of Bourbon, France
>House of Braganza, Portugal
>House of Grimaldi, Monaco
>House of Guelph, Britain (the most important one)
>House of Habsburg, Austria
>House of Hanover, Germany (the second most important one)
>House of Hohenzollern, Germany
>House of Karadjordjevic, Yugoslavia (former)
>House of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein
>House of Nassau, Luxembourg
>House of Oldenburg, Denmark
>House of Orange, Netherlands
>House of Savoy, Italy
>House of Wettin, Belgium
>House of Wittelsbach, Germany
>House of Württemberg, Germany
>House of Zogu, Albanian

No. 379451

I know a couple of voice actors with these last names, one of them admitted to being Jewish not too long ago.

No. 380516

yeah hard disagree. you're looking at it from the wrong perspective but go back to cooking plain buttered noodles for your "hubby" tradthot lol

No. 380523

>get as much personal stories and dox
How would they obtain this info, unless you excessively blogpost?

sage for pizzabait

No. 380538

Alex Jones, King of the mentally unstable is on Joe Rogan now live (has been for like over 4 hours) and he's going mental.

No. 380543

Dropped link

No. 380545

Wtf. This guy is tripping balls. He looks worse than I've ever seen him somehow.

No. 380556

Dude, at 4:22 he starts talking about getting choked out (after talking about head injuries at 4:16) and having visions and "long dreams" about random things including living thousands of years ago with his family that died from starvation and he's on the verge of crying wtf

No. 380574

he is absolutely off the shits. he's scaring me.

No. 380616

Inside info on how the music industry laces songs with witchcraft.

No. 381506

I think microchipping as a way of tracking victims definitely exists. we know it exists in black market international sex trafficking, why not Hollywood as well

No. 381533

hmm as someone with problems self harming I'm pretty sympathetic to marina (she had a fucked childhood iirc so its understandable that she would use self harm in such an exhibitionistic way) and don't actually believe she's deeply involved outside of her edgy art being appealing to whackjobs but hey who knows

maybe I'm just sad that a woman artist who struggled with bad things could now be involved in perpetration? maybe I find her art too easy to sympathise with. idk

No. 381558

genuinely praying that transhumanism doesn't occur within my lifetime but the odds do not look good

No. 381562

The powers-that-be need a constant stream of new workers and consumers to keep their wallets fat. It is in the best interests of the elite that we have as many children as possible.

No. 381628

Children of the elites often have fucked up childhoods due to SRA, but that doesn’t mean we continue to feel sorry for them as they continue the abuse.

But I guess you don’t really care bcuz MUH FEELS!!!! are more important than blatant satanism and pedophelia.

No. 381752

I am that anon you replied to (still hanging around, yep) and precisely because I used to self-harm for 15 years or so I am not supportive of her histrionic art. Women that self-harm are usually ashamed and yet they get accused of doing it for attention and laughed at. I can imagine it was worse in the 70's as there was less knowledge about this kind of behavior and mental illness in general. And yet this pos used a very real torment as a shocking gimmick and still gets praised for it because ~it's art uwu~.
Plus what >>381628 said.

No. 382065

Speaking of Alex Jones, what the fuck is up with Planned Parenthood and considering the sale of specific, "intact" tissues from abortions? I'm not against abortion , but selling tissues just so high level executives can buy Lamborghinis and other vapid, material things (while of course the patient recieves absolutely nothing in return, not even aftercare from a serious medical procedure) is incredibly fucked up to me.
The way this woman speaks in this video truly disturbs me and I fear for the future market of this. Tons of Hollywood stars and elites already use literal "discarded" foreskins for skin care, what the fuck is going to happen when you can market other products made of fetal tissues?

No. 382081

File: 1551480704539.jpg (121.56 KB, 1200x800, 00.jpg)

courtney stoddens resemblance to marilyn monroe freaks me out
the fact that she's obsessed with her certainly doesnt help, but her mannerisms and everything just look like her so much that it really does make me wonder if reincarnation or cloning is a thing

No. 382083

just saying, in reading the foreskin thing, i looked it up and it's said that it's not like they're taking it from foreskins NOW. it's like the HeLa cells thing, whih i think is a lot less bad, really, if true
>which are essentially stem cells that have been grown in a lab, but which the company says were cultivated originally from the stem cells of a single baby foreskin 20 years ago.

No. 382085

i mean, she went through assloads of surgery to look this way… she looked nothing like this before

No. 382086

most surgeries dont result in someones essence being so similar to someone though idk

No. 382092

Tbh if it was regulated and out in the open I’d have zero issue with discarded fetal tissue going to research and other purposes of good.

I take those videos with a grain of salt, this country is not universally pro-choice, if this was really the smoking gun prolifers think it is, it’d be nationwide outrage.

No. 382109

Yeah, just the fact it's all behind the curtain just really freaks me out.
I also just have a huge problem with inserting compensation or money in this for anyone. Selling someone else's fetal tissue just so you can personally profit is just so fucking weird. These tissues should be used for research, not so they can be passed around to the highest bidder. There honestly needs to be a ban on harvesting and selling tissues for private profit.
That's not too bad, but it still isn't right that one party profits from selling the foreskins. No one should be paid for harvesting tissues, just so you can transform them into consumerist products.

No. 382112

It is regulated https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R44129.pdf

The entire series of the PP videos were made my the Center for Medical Progress, an anti-abortion group

What they thought were "smoking guns" were literally worthless. The only people that cared were pro-lifers, but nothing discussed in any of the videos is/was illegal. It sounds scary to the average person who doesn't know anything about fetal tissue research, which was the purpose of making the video.

The last I heard the founder of Center for Medical Progress was facing 15 felony charges related to the videos, not sure what ever happened with that

OP of the video please actually research this shit before blindly believing a vehemently anti-abortion group. Fetal tissue has been used for years and now we're using it for medical research on conditions like Parkinson's. Fetal tissue research is the reason why we have vaccines for chicken pox and shingles and aren't constantly disease-riddled! It's actually being phased out as stem cell research becomes more advanced. And the women who donate fetal tissue do so on a voluntary basis; the process for the patient is just the same as any other abortion so I don't really know what you mean by "of course the patient receives absolutely nothing in return," abortions are typically very safe and you can recover at home.

No. 382160

yes, it's regulated, and the videos are trying to show that those regulations are being violated.

page 5 of the PDF you linked:
> the timing, method, or procedures used to terminate the pregnancy were not altered in order to obtain the tissue; and the abortion was performed in accordance with applicable state law.

the doctors in the PP videos said that they were altering the procedures to get intact tissue, which is illegal. this isn't a pro-choice issue, it's about doctors potentially hurting women for profit. they should be trying to perform the abortion in the safest way, that's supposed to be the only priority, not trying to get research materials. the pdf also says that they can receive money for the fetal tissue, but only to cover the costs associated with storage/transportation/etc, but they can't profit off of selling them. the centre for medical progress videos also imply that PP was making money beyond just covering those costs.

literally every claim that the pro-lifers made about PP is specified as being illegal in that document, did you even read the shit that you linked?

you can say that you think the videos are faked or whatever, or that you think those things shouldn't be illegal, but you can't claim that admitting to illegal activity isn't a "smoking gun"

No. 382162

Am I the only one who's creeped out by Hillary Clinton? There's something about her eyes that look so dead and similar to the convicted pedos online.

No. 382170

Marilyn was the first monarch slave so of course the elites would make Courtney and all the other famous bitches look like her.

This process is part of the beta (sex-kitten) program.


No. 382171

I meant to put “emulate” in there as well

No. 382182

File: 1551492813461.jpg (105.7 KB, 691x534, 1547003011497.jpg)

Her eyes and mannerisms are so fucked. She literally moves like an animatronic.

No. 382191

File: 1551495005786.jpg (222.48 KB, 623x450, c9fb35ea9159c0cae62fa818baa538…)

I believe that for sure. But they have done a REAL good job with her in comparison to the others. Just off of the top of my head, all the celebrities and drag queens and everyone else who's tried to take on her persona, Anna Nicole, Madonna, etc, none managed to look or act THIS much like her. It just freaks me out because she literally has her face lol.

No. 382223

Kind of autistically upset they went for bigger boobs than marilyn appears to have

No. 382226

File: 1551501386144.jpg (25.37 KB, 559x676, marilyn-monroe-013.nocrop.w312…)

Courtney's manner is very studied. She tries hard to make herself act like Marilyn, which might not bring Marilyn to the viewer's mind if Courtney looked different, but pair it with her Marilyn makeup and Marilyn nosejob and you can't help but think of Marilyn.

She's basically a Marilyn impersonator at times, which is sad because if you try to copy someone else you'll only ever be a second-rate version of them.

Sorry for ruining the conspiracy theory lol. I would like Marilyn to be reincarnated but nah, Courtney is just a woman who needs therapy and a sense of identity so she's trying to be someone else.

No. 382230

The way Gatter is talking about the possibility of changing the method of abortion from manual to machine suction in the video makes it clear that it has not been done even though the guy tries to bait her. She even says, "Well, now you’re shading into the area of you’re paying me to do something that’s not right. So that’s not what I want to talk about!" after he attempts to bait her into saying she would take more money to instruct a doctor to improperly administrate an abortion to get fetal tissue.

What seems to be "haggling" on her end is CMP leading her into agreeing to raise the price. She says $50 and he keeps saying other places pay more, she needs to raise the price. She literally says "we’re not in it for the money… [but] there are costs associated with the use of our space…" and then says "It’s been years since I talked about compensation, so let me just figure out what others are getting…" sure, there should be a discussion of how much specifically they need to reimburse their costs, but it's not as nefarious as it seems at first glance. In other CMP videos, like the one with Melissa Farrell, she clearly specifies the costs. It seems to me that Gatter doesn't know the specific cost, or is led to believe that they should be reimbursed more for services rendered, but states she is going to see what the appropriate cost would be.

Sure, the video raises red flags. Mary Gatter is unsavory but she isn't making every decision at Planned Parenthood, and it's stupid to think that this is some conspiracy or that there's some nefarious scheme involving hollywood skincare or something else idiotic. No illegal activity was admitted to in the video.

No. 382239

Ugh, then why are you here?

No. 382257

Well, he asks her about changing the procedure to get an intact specimen, and then, starting at 4:40, she says that there's "a little problem, which may not be a big problem" about how if they change the procedure at all, aiming to get better tissue:

>"Then we're kind of violating the protocol that says to the patient, 'we're not doing anything different in our care of you'"

>"Now to me, that's kind of a specious little argument and I wouldn't object to asking Ian, who's our surgeon who does the cases"
(to alter the usual procedure)
>"in order to increase the odds that he's going to get an intact specimen"
>"But I do need to throw that out there as a concern"

then she acknowledges that it's illegal, because they've both signed something (doctor and patient) but she doesn't think there's a big difference in doing one or the other

So can you explain to me how she isn't saying that she "WOULDN'T OBJECT" to doing something that she's admitting is illegal, and calling the expectation that she would adhere to a signed legal document a "specious little argument", because in her mind she's only "KIND OF violating" it

of course she would get uncomfortable once he makes it clear that he's setting her up, but you can't deny that she agreed to it, and said that she doesn't think the law is a big deal

they have another video on their channel called: "Planned Parenthood's Custom Abortions for Better Baby Parts", which has more examples of this

by the way, i'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything, not even a pro-lifer, just being realistic about the fact that money tends to be more valued than women's health

No. 382259

you dont have to be a conspiracy theorist to think its fucked up for a multitude of reasons, to be using human body parts(especially that of fetuses or dead babies) for products and consumerism
its honestly gross and scary and i cant believe anyone would defend it

No. 382260

I totally agree, it's just that that other anon doesn't even believe it's really happening. I don't think anyone would actually defend it

No. 382395

Obviously I know the video was funded by a pro-life organization, but my point was what >>382259 said, the fact that only the most elite people are getting shocking amounts of money to twist the rules and laws for a purely consumerist desire is completely fucked up. The fact that after she talks about bending the rules, she jokes, "I want a Lamborghini" while shoving her face with food at some shitty dinner is so Lynchian and disgusting.
I don't have a problem with abortion, nor do I have a problem with fetal tissues being used for research. I have a fucking problem with these elitist demons behind the show profiteering from women's bodies and their pain, while they still have to bear all of the shame and burdens from the procedure. The commerical sale of fetal tissue should be banned because we don't fucking need it in our skincare/beauty/health products, we need it only in research.

No. 382406

Wow you’ve actually bought into the CMP pro lifer garbage. No human body parts are being sold. Fetal tissue is being sold. They’re not tearing arms off babies and selling them on the black market for nefarious purposes. The rhetoric of ~dead babies are being ripped apart limb by limb for profit~ is fucking dangerous, as evidenced by the man who shot up a PP office and killed people explicitly for that reason.

There was no wrongdoing done by PP proved by investigations into their practices, and PP never even attempted to work with the fake company in these videos in the end because of their illegal propositions, so I’m not sure why you’re taken something a medical director for Pasadena said she would run by a doctor as a possibility as bible truth. I’m sorry to say but there’s no conspiracy here, just some old hag who’s bad at her job.

Is $50-$100 for services rendered really so shocking to you? You’ll be very shocked when you find out that the middlemen who buy tissue and sell to other organizations sometimes charge tens of thousands of dollars. They’re the ones profiting here, not abortion providers. Planned parenthood makes barely any money off of it. Should there be more regulations? Absolutely, but I really think you guys are off base here.

No. 382455

It has absolutely nothing to do with being pro life.
Its fucking disgusting period and its a slippery slope.
Human body parts or "tissue" should only be used to advance medically or to provide life saving advantages to other humans, it should never be used for consumerism.

Dont act like its the same thing as stem cell research, organ donation or in vitro or anything that is medically apt which I think most people would agree are perfectly fine.
We are talking about rich people using essence of humans(however little the amount is or whether or not you want to get into "a fetus aint a human lulz" bullshit or not) for vain, elitist consumption and its practically how every dystopian novel starts.

No. 382725

So, I wanted to just bring this up out of curiosity.

What do some of you guys think about scientific rationalism, materialistic philosophy (NOT consumerism) and how politicized ‘science’ has become in the world?

I’m neither for no against it, but I am curious about many of the ‘beliefs’ which have become pretty much dogma within the past 20 or so years in the post modern era. For example:

>many so-called ‘scientists’ have become quasi-religious figures with devoted followings who have specific beliefs about how the world operates and any deviation from it, and you are met with vitriolic shaming

>a lot of popular scientific media and pop culture theories advocate for a very rationalistic, materialistic worldview where humans are often reduced to nothing more than machine organs, and moral codes/values are derided for ‘holding people back’
>religion is universally panned as evil without even attempting to understand its relationship to human evolution, and you are not allowed to consider the potential existence of spiritual entities or a reality which does not conform to the linear, technologically-centered civilization ‘science’ advocates will be our future
>very little interesting research is shown to the public, giving people the impression that scientists do not explore certain theories and do not ask certain questions, and what is often seen is often very one sided and dated
>the diluted version of certain philosophies like ‘subjective reality’ are passed down into soft fields like the social sciences, giving rise to the idea that our individual reality cannot be trusted, that humans do not share the same experiences, and that we cannot trust ourselves to think without someone doing it for us.
>no one is allowed to question how artificial intelligence will affect human society, even though it is becoming increasingly more likely that advanced technology will render some aspects of human life obsolete, possibly creating even more inequality than ever before
>humans in industrialized, advanced societies are encouraged to eschew compassion, emotions like empathy, culture, beauty, and tradition as these values are in conflict with the world which is being created
>in regards to the above, students in university are encouraged to focus ONLY on tech-based degrees, and the liberal arts deemed ‘obsolete’ because these courses are human centric; potentially the humanities may be written out of curriculm as they are deemed unnecessary, leaving students in the dark on the human condition and the powers which shape our history

BTW, I’m not anti-science. I am, however, becoming aware of something funky in the way the world is moving.

No. 382751

You're right, there is a big problem with 'scientific rationalism'. And the problem is scientists LARPing as philosophers and speaking outside of the fields they are expert in. Meme scientists don't just do this with philosophy, meme scientists can and do comment on medicine, sociology, economics and political theory when they lack the proper understanding. The whole 'technocrat' movement was basically meme scientists doing this.

There are actually decent scientists with a philosophical understanding, many even use their knowledge of mathematics to justify metaphysics and certain forms of platonism, not every scientist is a radical phenomenonist/empiricist. These aren't the celebrity scientists unfortunately though.

'science' doesn't exist. Well it does exist but it also doesn't. 'science' is a 19th century meme logical positivists and hard empiricists used to re-brand 'Natural philosophy', early modernists like Hume and friends thought empirical testing couldn't extend to discovering axioms and the human mind, but later modernists believed they could.

This isn't a new problem though, it's getting worse because we've disregarded the humanities so much in our society. The meme scientists are the same technocrats as always. But the humanities and universities themselves are responsible for losing the battle, by dropping their standards they hollowed out what the humanities meant. And embracing subjectivism and post-modernism to the extent they did has crippled the ability of people in the humanities to make sense of their culture and the world around them.

No. 382752

File: 1551582440165.jpg (26.85 KB, 400x400, Headshot2_400x400.jpg)

Forgot my picture, this fuck is basically exactly who I'm talking about.

No. 383781

Michael Jackson dindu nuffin!!!!!

No. 383801

I'm not particularly smart or knowledgeable, but I'll give it my best shot.

Basically, I agree for the most part with >>382751. But I have noticed that the top echelons of technology specialists have (re-)embraced the roles of humanities in advancing technological research. Mainly in AI, humanity and human beings are being re-focused into the limelight. This doesn't seem to be trickling down to the lower levels of research atm, students and such. Mid-career professionals seem to be getting the message in my limited experience.

I think part of the problem lies in that schools are teaching science outside of its context. We learn that the Earth is flat, lava is molten rock, and so on. I'm only an asshole who took a class about the history of scientific theory once, but it did change my view in important ways. We know lava is molten rock because people were trying to find logical explanations that a supernatural being could really create a world in 7 days. Most of the early discoverers of scientific theory were deeply religious and trying to explain their beliefs. Scientists these days are characterized as anti-religious, cold, solidly logical, rational beings, but a lot of the scientific facts we accept as fundamental nowadays was rooted in religion. I don't know where the shift in perspective happened, though.

I definitely agree that science has become politicized. Many scientists and researchers can only do as much as the money will allow.

As for Subjective Reality:
>humans do not share the same experiences
beyond the really basic, survivalist experiences, we do not. I cannot even begin to actually understand what it is like to be poor in a 3rd world country. I honestly believe anyone who believes that all humans experience the same shit in the same way in all parts of the globe is just a self absorbed weirdo.

Most of your issues with science seem like issues with capitalism as it appears to us now. What research that actually happens is usually an issue with what type of research gets funded (what is better for politics or profits). Keeping people from understanding our fellows is what makes them spend money against us. Looping back to AI research, the technology is almost basically there. Speech recognition, for example, has like a 5-10% error rate. They are refocusing and putting more importance into "soft" science and human-based behaviors so it is not totally hopeless. "Soft" science (anthropology, sociology, etc) were all held in very high regard for as long as men dominated those fields.

No. 384128

File: 1551934126146.png (504.76 KB, 800x1009, Screenshot_2019-03-06-20-45-47…)

No. 384129

File: 1551934157826.png (231.95 KB, 800x912, Screenshot_2019-03-06-20-23-57…)

No. 384216

Half of the comments on his page when it were announced were saying it was suspicious.

Now they have deleted his page because there was too much evidence on it. Just proves foul play. They took his company and then he mysteriously "fell" from 33 floors. I feel so bad for him. Thank you Brandon for being honest so we all know what happened to you. I hope people boycott the parent company. I bet the products will go to shit now too that he isn't designing and overseeing it.

I think anyone with a business should either sell outright or ignore all offers. They used their share/investment to illegally push him out, remove him as CEO, delete the founder page, ban him from his own stores. They stole his company from right under him, but thousands of fans saw and know.

No. 384219

Can someone post a summary for my dumb ass so I understand how and why they (who?) are using fetal tissue from abortions for medical experiments (or something?)
Is this with the mother's consent? Are they selling anything as a result? Help my dumb self out please

No. 384226

This is sad but what does this mean for The Ordinary? Their granactive retinoids saved my skin. I really hope the biz doesn't fade away or anything?

No. 384233


I was looking at his Instagram when it was deactivated the first time. ghostboy14k had already posted the same comments on the last video. His final clips were of him drinking and manically ranting. I watched all of the videos he recorded immediately before and while he was in the psychiatric hospital. He was floridly manic. But just because he had a mental illness does not mean he wasn't victimised. Arguably he was more easily taken advantage of in his compromised state.

No. 384261

It almost sounds like a blood sacrifice tbh

No. 384264


I’ve never used anything from them but as long as people buy their products, there’s really no reason for them to shutter at this point but I would keep an eye on it just in case. Another company could buy them out, like Estée Lauder or l’Oreal, which could help preserve the future of the brand while being under the supervision of a larger corporation. I know that’s probably not the ideal situation but the current structure of the beauty industry and how quickly brands come and go, I just think it’s the inevitable future for a lot of brands that want to survive.

No. 384332

File: 1551992437283.png (69.78 KB, 800x754, Screenshot_2019-03-07-12-55-37…)


I'm digging around to see if he has posted about this anywhere else.

No. 384363

That pfp tho

No. 384382

Thats not true. Most of the carbon emissions are coming from a small percentage of first world. Its from factories, shipping, first world global economy. Countries with very high reproduction rates have neglible effects on the globe’s health. That and farms.

No. 384754


No. 386781

Somewhat old milk from the Chris Watts case but CW was listening to Metallica after killing off his wife and children and there’s a video of him at the band’s concert, tickets were paid by Shan’an. I feel like Metallica’s music “triggered” him, if you know what I mean.

On a side note, I think the band sacrificed their own bassist (Cliff Burton) and a few people connected to get where they are today.

No. 386829

The real reason plane manufacturers don't bother with real safety measures on their aircraft is because it's actually cheaper allowing ~150-200 relatively unimportant people to die once or twice a year in a fatal crash. Moreso than the total cost to install and maintain any kind of safety apparatuses on literally thousands of aircraft. In fact, I think companies love the crashes where there are no survivors as the outcome is more straightforward, whereas survivors compound the issues by pursuing years of costly lawsuits and litigation. Plus all the negative PR from the survivors being interviewed and sharing their awful experience.

No. 386855

he also had a metallica back tattoo. what an absolute weirdo. apparently, nichol was encouraging him to listen to that 'battery' song

No. 386967

And she also looked up his wife’s name on google, I think she’s connected to this.

It doesn’t help that her dad’s a Freemason either

No. 387065

What if pedos use ritualistic abuse to make victims’ experiences unbelievable to public eye? When victims try to speak up they got silenced because it’s too surreal scenario for the most people.

(I’m reading about case Fiona Barnett atm)

No. 387109

File: 1552688779479.png (176 KB, 274x275, 1552349893586.png)

Good lord anon, that's heavy.

Is there any way for the public to obtain information about how expensive it is for airline companies to review/install safety features?
I know you could probably collect information about the victim's lawsuits but what the actual airlines spend and decide to spend on seems to be much more hidden.

How much of these corporation's actions and dealing are public information?

No. 387119

Yes absolutely, plus it would help the pedophiles to compartmentalize the events in their own minds and appear to be normal in everyday life. It's like some horrific dream sequence for all parties…other than the trauma and injuries maintained by the victims.

No. 387357

I am not sure that I buy it. Aren't planes built using redundancy as a safety measure?
Though at the same time, I am not aware of what is done vs what could be done, using technology available to us atm.

No. 387368

File: 1552760002540.png (1 MB, 1136x640, 794CFECA-8445-4921-B430-1A9187…)


No. 387426

I get this is the tinfoil thread but have you ever actually looked into what it takes to get a plane in the air? Shit is regulated to hell and back. I have close friends and family working at Boeing and you can't fart in a room there without having to fill out three different pieces of paperwork. I mean, they literally pay a guy 80k a year to inspect screws and bolts so the idea that they would then cut costs on more effective safety measures just doesn't make any sense.

Also litigation is peanuts compared to money they get from shareholders and when planes crash, stock values crash.

No. 387767

What are you talking about? Airplane manufacturing and engineering has probably the strictest safety measures in the world, if one plane comes crashing down every plane of the same model and producer are grounded until the reason can be found out. Fatal aviation accidents with passenger airplanes are still very rare and keep getting rarer each year, most of them happen with shitty 3rd world blacklisted airlines who fly with inexperienced crew and old airplanes with no maintenance. You can look up the list of fatal commercial airplane accidents from recent years and see for yourself how they almost never happen.

No. 389443

File: 1553226139845.jpg (115.83 KB, 678x1024, 1553223481329m.jpg)

No. 390553

Has anyone ever noticed that whenever there’s a new tinfoil topic, they are automatically “debunked”?

I see you CIA/FBI/MI6/Mossad!


No. 390573

No. 390603

My tinfoil: The US fudges census numbers on black (African-Americans) to not make whites go into "oh-shit" mode.

No fucking way it stays at 13% for decades straight.

No. 390611

Aren't half of all black pregnancies aborted? That's probably why.

No. 391515

Weeb conspiracy time!

Recently, I rewatched Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Side of Dimensions and noticed the transhumanist agenda being pushed, stating that “our souls are prisoners to our own bodies and we must free them by using the newest duel-disks” or something as well as SJW-ism spiel. And of course the usual occult symbolism being present, watever.

Maybe I’ve been tinfoiling too much but that part of the movie didn’t say well with me, there goes my childhood I guess

No. 391540

28% are, anon. Not 50%.

No. 394062

Kek, Joe Biden’s being #metoo’ed

No. 394100

File: 1554153411268.jpeg (51.83 KB, 730x802, BABC09ED-9FD9-4C65-931F-D98955…)

I’m starting to think that this board is run by N**l with a full mod team of scrotes and troons, I’ve also had suspicion that multiple cows have been fucking the mods to get their threads taken down. Pear and PnP were the milkiest people this site ever had and they shut them down!

O and Lainey looks like a foot(:DDDDd farmham has ben put out to basture xD)

No. 396613

File: 1554781991609.jpg (43.86 KB, 320x318, ku-medium.jpg)

I think the theory that everyone in the media/hollywood knew about 9/11 beforehand is very interesting, Im always coming across random pics and videos that seemed to have predicted it or alluded to it in some way that I never saw before.

No. 396617

what's that supposed to indicate? how does that give the impression they knew about 9/11 like 30 years beforehand?

No. 396618

what's that supposed to indicate? how does that give the impression they knew about 9/11 like 30 years beforehand?

No. 396620

9/11 over the twin towers(when the word is reversed) and it being viewed from a plane window

No. 396622

Oh lol thank you

No. 396624


This has always intrigued me as well. It seems like there's too many examples for it to not have some sort of significance but idk maybe we're all overthinking it

No. 396630

No. 397057

Any thoughts on the Trump time travel conspiracy?

No. 397209

File: 1554915727045.jpeg (64.99 KB, 320x240, DCCA17DE-311B-43FE-A272-1BAE9E…)

I mean, Baron does look like the kid in the novel.

No. 398082

So…any thoughts on Julian Assange’s arrest?

…will the govt be autistic enough to suicide him once he’s been extradited to the US?

No. 398128

Baron Trump is the anti-christ.

No. 398151

they already are there. My tinfoil is that they're desperate to overturn roe v wade/restrict bc for white womeb so they can force their birthrate back up and
not become a minority. Pretty sure it'll fail
I remember reading a prediction by Baba Vanga who claimed in the future all races and ethnicities of people will come together and become 1 and I kinda believe it

No. 398218

Dang, not even the fundies want to be a part of the NWO

No. 398222

File: 1555160386070.jpg (42.42 KB, 640x640, 1553492434497.jpg)

>tfw start buying into the Mandela Effect theory

No. 398260

I told my mom about it, and mentioned the Fruit of The Loom thing. She agreed with me and said the cornucopia had always been there.
It's definitely real. I think it's some form of mass gaslighting to see just how much "they" can get away with.

No. 400053

Is it just me or is it looking like this whole Britney Spears thing is almost leaning towards MK Ultra style conspiracy theories regarding certain celebrities being true?
>Start having mental illness out of nowhere as an adult
>Go absolutely 0 to 100 within a few weeks
>Everyone around you allows the media to run with articles of how ~insane~ and fucked up you are
>Father gains control over your entire being, not even just your finances and health but literally forces you to still perform and be in the industry so you make more money
>get commited against your will and also get pumped full of drugs
>Still paraded around like a puppet
>Date several men who basically control you and "handle" your affairs and everything that your dad doesnt control, and its all men who are connected to other shady things and have been with other "mentally ill" and sick Hollywood females
>You no longer even have the right to vote
>Dad and people in your camp straight up lie and claim you are readmitted to involuntary hospitalization because your dad is ill and its stressing you out, when in reality you just started having a mental relapse again so you get thrown in the hospital with no control over your own situation

And now its coming out that some of the same people doing this to Britney also tried to do it to Courtney Love simply because she owns something that would bring a lot of money to someone if they can prove she is "unstable" and gain ownership and control over her assets

Hollywood is some scary shit man…

No. 400056

Her mental illness didn't come out of nowhere though. Idk if you're referring to her mental breakdown in 2007 or whenever or recently but it's pretty clear she has always been unwell on some level and seems to have never emotionally matured past like 16. Not surprising given her life. I would say it's more her parents wanting all of her money, not some MK ultra conspiracy

No. 400058

I havent seen proof that she was mentally unwell before she started dating Kfed and hanging out with Paris Hilton though? It seemed once she got in a certain circle she started to go downhill but idk I was never a super fan or anything. Im just going by what people are saying about the situation right now.

No. 400062

But, that's not out of nowhere? I don't think it's really that far fetched that a child star was driven to the brink in her 20s. Judging by the rest of her family she seems predisposed to have mental issues too (she is apparently bipolar, and had postpartum depression when she first "snapped"). I don't follow britney at all but I think saying this has something to do with mk ultra is far fetched…. from what I saw the #freebritney stuff was based on an anonymous tip to a podcast, I could be wrong tho

No. 400063

i think its also a thing because her mom is going around liking tweets that are claiming its a conspiracy or something, so her mom is directly contributing to it

No. 400067

this is from before she started dating kfed i think

No. 400070

her being mentally unwell had nothing to do with kfed or hanging out with paris. britney seemed happy doing all of that because for the first time she was doing normal adult things and was starting a family. it was when the media started hounding her and invading her privacy that she caved under the pressure. her parents are extreme stage parents, up there with the jacksons imo, and pushed her into a life of celebrity as a child so they could make money. they lashed back at her for rebelling by taking away her freedom and trapped her in a situation where she could never stop performing and making them money. my theory is that they did this because it was becoming more evident that she no longer wanted to make music or perform and wanted to lead a normal life as a mother. sage for britney sperg

No. 401070

Apparently Britney’s now in the loony-bin being reprogrammed. #freebritney

Ugh, why the fuck are you here then if you don’t believe or explore any of this shit? Do you even realize where you are?

No. 401109

just because it’s a conspiracy thread doesn’t mean that anon has to buy into every retarded idea you have

No. 401722

I believe Sewol ferry accident was caused by SK's governement, as a sacrifice for the cult that their ex-president was involved in.

There are so many nonsensical shit, president being gone for 7 hours and government not helping and just ordering the coastal guard to film the sinking ship, president referring to the victims as "noble sacrifices", government obviously hiding evidence etc…



No. 401728

tbh, remmeber hearing and reading about this back when it happened, and i always thought that something was really off about the way their government responded. iirc then a lot of the survivors were saved by fishing boats and the like instead of the coast guard too.

No. 401816

What is “their” endgame in sacrificing so many people in the past recent years anyway? More power? Immortality? Getting a high rank in hell (kek)?

No. 401857

If you dig deeper, you'll start getting into the reports and interviews with parents of the deceased that some victims had died by hypothermia. Indicating that they didn't drown, but were in fact trapped within the ferry inside air pockets for hours before being overcome by elements.
It's accused that the SK government purposefully stalled the rescue efforts and rejected foreign intervention. Specifically the Coast Guard who outright turned away diving assistance.

Sadly, I've tinfoiled about this before with a similar argument about airplane crashes versus cost of installing proper safety features: It's easier for companies (or government in this case) to cover up dead bodies than to risk survivors.

In this case, the SK government already had a conflict of interest in being involved with the Korean Shipping Association, aka the people who overlooked the modifications and overloading done to the ferry. Corruption.
The second the SK gov't got word of that ferry sinking, the higher ups KNEW some people be going down, but also knew that the outcome would be worse for many more if there were survivors to be had–witnesses to the negligence, Coast Guard cover up, and ergo more people who wouldn't disappear any time soon. Survivors would cause bad air for decades and demand compensation. Pesky things just won't shut up and go away on their own.
Dead bodies are silent. Students "accidentally" dying in a disaster due to poor safety regulations is a "sacrifice" and a "tragedy," not malicious murder, or so it would seem to someone not looking too hard into the headlines.

When parents of the victims demanded answers and compensation, the SK government painted them as money hungry leeches. Park Geun Hye, the now impeached ex SK president, blacklisted any artist who tried to represent the ferry sinking. Park wasn't present for several hours after first word of the ferry sinking (some people attribute this to cult theories and the outside advisor), but I think the bitch was just getting her ducks in order and parachuting the most VIP corrupt officials.

No. 401869

if you take a gander into the kpop crit thread or just happen to browse some news sites today, theres info about the clubs the idols and elites are connected too now being alleged to have made snuff films and actively participated in trafficking and raping literal children

its crazy and scary shit and its not exclusive to korea im sure it happens in hollywood too but people freak out if you even suggest theres a possibility of truth in the theories

No. 401886

For anyone unfamiliar with it you can also search for the "burning sun scandal" and it comes up with a pleathora of articles and summaries. would also recommend checking out the Jang Ja Yeon case, an actress who supposedly committed suicide after being repeatedly abused and raped by numerous powerful men, and the impeachment of the country's previous president, those may also be connected. burning sun started with sexual assaults that occurred in a SK club and now has escalated to including prostitution, the illegal sex trade, cop corruption, government officials and powerful CEOs celebrity involvement, the whole shebang. Something that began as a k-pop scandal has branched far beyond the music industry and into questioning the powerful individuals and authorities in the country itself. If you can read up on it it's a disgusting dive into a rabbit hole of corruption and depravity thats been going on for years.

No. 403207

The conspiracy to make people shit in a toilet is the best kept secret of the Jews.

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that the other Jewish conspiracies are a mere smoke screen for the newbies to ignore the Jewish conspiracy of the toilets.

Until the invasion of Venezuela by the CIA is because Venezuelans do not have toilet paper, so the Jews seek to enslave them to use toilet paper and thus make millions of toilet and sanitary products for cleaning the ass when people shit .

That's why the UN is carrying out education campaigns in India so that the Hindus shit in toilets, it is clearly a Jewish plan to sell sanitary, toilet paper and soap in India.

That's why the Jews pass laws so that shitting in the bush is illegal.

That is why children are brainwashed so that they learn to clean their ass with toilet paper and shit in toilets, Jews control education globally, it is only logical that they promote this since it makes them earn a lot of money selling paper hygienic and sanitary.

There are many Jews in the toilet industry, Jews control the bathroom soaps industry, bath towels and other industries related to shitting in a toilet.

Jews also control porn, which is why in scat videos they are toilets, it is part of the Jewish plan so that people who subconsciously fap with shit use toilets.

On television we see commercials of soap and toilet paper every day to clean our asses, clearly when controlling TV and newspapers too, it is evidence of a Jewish conspiracy to do social engineering so that people buy cleaning products to clean their asses when they shit in a toilet.

Hitler knew of these plans to make people shit in toilets, that's why he made World War II and turned Jews into soaps.

Everything that has happened since then is evidence of the Jewish plan to make everyone shit in toilets.

The other Jewish plans on the NWO and the white genocide are mere smoke screens so that people do not suspect the plan of the toilets.(This is bait.)

No. 403237

What kind of literal shitposting is this wtf

No. 403245

Avicii's death was totally pizzagate related

No. 403246

File: 1556329941824.png (18.74 KB, 1433x475, b4b87c121ed4c3c517d410bfcb7dda…)

No. 403255

I thought I was the only one who noticed how strange in the way the world was moving, and everyone who considers them half-intellectual parrots this same fucking point. It's all disingenuous and frustrating really.

No. 403685

He wasn’t the only one who openly “filmed” about it either. Gothic lady is supposed to depict Marina Abramovic.

No. 403686

File: 1556431348844.jpg (1.92 MB, 1477x2048, brie larson.jpg)

I think Brie Larson is being shilled to promote manly features so that the public will be more receptive to trannies and see them as the beauty standard. I don't think she is a tranny though.

No. 403697

File: 1556437420542.png (34.77 KB, 220x290, 13FEA134-68A6-4958-BD5D-DCAE2C…)

They are continuing to blur the gender lines, all according to keikaku.

No. 403724

I was going to ask why Avicii was killed off while Dave Mustaine is allowed to live, but then I watched both videos and realized that >>403245 is straight to the point, more poignant and rings more true, while this Megadeth video doesn't really betray any truths, and is almost….exploitative and trite.
Whoever wrote the Megadeth video only knows as much as any regular person who takes the time to read about Pizzagate. Avicii, on the other hand, probably knew a bit more than anyone can say for sure at this point. Who knows what he might have eventually exposed if left alone?
I think the same is true for the creator of Pan's Labyrinth, but his silence has been bought and paid for.

No. 403740

Maybe anon was right about the bots

No. 403747

File: 1556446047137.jpg (45.9 KB, 425x542, alienvasquez.jpg)

You think that woman looks "manly"?
We need more butch women in media if people think that's manly kek.

No. 403764

I saw in one thread someone calling Gillian Anderson manly. What kind of warped perception of femininity do you need to have that you consider a woman manly?

I get the feeling that as soon a woman isn't have a fairy tier long hair in a long dress with huge eyes, small button nose, and heart shaped lips, she's automatically deemed a guy here.

No. 403810

>I think the same is true for the creator of Pan's Labyrinth, but his silence has been bought and paid for.
What? Can you say more on the topic?

No. 403837

Women can have square jaws, you know…?

No. 403939

File: 1556469106022.jpeg (158.62 KB, 640x446, 3C85FB0D-B274-4442-92C6-5688B7…)

The video came out after the whole pizzagate thing calmed down, and then I found this tweet…

>nothing surprises me anymore

No. 404730

So, any updates on NXIVM? Beside it being onion’s wet dream for Sicesca and Allison Mack’s last tweet stanning Marina Abramovic

No. 404743

Maybe women with square jaws are hot too? She doesnt even closely resemble a man at all

No. 404745

>conventionally beautiful feminine face
>square jaw
pushing trans narrative!

>has soft feminine face
>has curvy body with large breasts and nice butt
>has short hair and is strong

Can't stand these transvestigator people. I know that's not what you're saying but there's literally people out there who think HITLER was trans. One of my friends actually believes in the "Michelle Obama is trans" conspiracy theory and that they killed Joan Rivers because she "exposed" it.

No. 404748

File: 1556648570192.jpeg (228.56 KB, 494x600, 6FDA591A-D71A-4896-902B-923659…)

But all women look like 8 year olds if they dont theyre men!! This one example might even be a man secretly because her orbital bone slightly protrudes reee!!!

No. 404752

I’m a gc radfem but it’s really embarrassing. 9/10 it’s not even relevant. Just cringey and rude to women who have a masculine feature

No. 404757

lol what, this is just ridiculous. she doesnt even look manly she just has a square face, which is completely normal.

also, even a woman who perhaps has a few masculine features is easily distinguishable from a tranny. 99.9%+ of trannies are immediately clockable.

No. 404763

Normally agree but this is the same thing people said about the YouTube shooter lol

No. 404766

File: 1556651086195.png (378.56 KB, 758x432, macsmom.png)

Yep it's so easy to tell in almost every case. Pic related is Mac's mom from It's Always Sunny (Sandy Martin) on the left and Axl Rose on the right. Axl could seriously be almost any trans woman you see on the street and is instantly clockable. Women who look like Mac's mom aren't that rare and always look more like women than 99.9% of trans women.

So insane that people think Michelle Obama is trans. So what, she's in her 50s and they started her transition when she was young, before it was even remotely common. Because they foresee her getting married to a man who will become the president in 40 years…and they know the trans issue will be big after Obama is president…to push the trans narrative? like that is the most ridiculously insane conspiracy theory.

The trans narrative is pushed by the healthcare industry making doctors and the general public believe that the only and best treatment is lifelong hormones and surgery. They didn't need a Manchurian Candidate tranny in the white house to push this narrative lol

No. 404768

File: 1556651304319.jpg (211.72 KB, 1440x1621, 45rjquraeqt21.jpg)

You gotta have overexaggerated feminine features now in order to be a woman I guess, the media also believes Brie Larson to be flat and shapeless too

These people even claimed Marilyn monroe was trans, do these people live in cities where the women all look like ball jointed dolls and men all look like gi Joe figures? Or do they just think everyone but them is trans?

No. 404772

File: 1556651770253.jpg (95.25 KB, 640x951, brie.jpg)

it's her styling now that just sucks. she's very pretty and feminine when she has bangs that cover her forehead otherwise… yeah.
jenette goldstein in alien is objectively more masculine than brie but i'd rather see her in movies than brie just because i don't personally like her face.

No. 404791

>Axl Rose on the right
OT but… is this him for real? Christ, he looks 70

No. 404799

I dont even care that much for Brie larson as an actress, but she does not deserve all this disgusting hate she's getting from man. The fact that all they can focus on is her looks really pisses me the fuck off.

No. 404800

OT as fuck, but Vasquez was my first woman crush as a teenager! She's great in Aliens.

No. 404804

Here's a fresh hot TINFOIL for this thread: I think the transvestigation shit and other of these new conspiracy theories are being pushed by TPTB / some psyop group to dismantle the conspiracy theory community and make it look as insane and retarded as possible.

PIZZA GATE was the FIRST pedo ring conspiracy theory to make it in mainstream media and when it was it was riddled with the most inane and irrational aspects possible.. really makes u thinkus

The conspiracy theory community hasn't been the same since 2012.

No. 404820

Gingers don’t age well, do they? Kek

Except there is some truth to the pizzagate conspiracy compared to the trans one. The rituals aren’t obviously gonna be held at a pizza joint and there is also proof about Obama requesting “pizza and hotdogs”.

No. 404843

I think it's being pushed by trannies trying to convince themselves they might be able to pass one day

No. 404854

No. 404977

>a conspiracy to make conspiracy theorists look insane

no you literally do that to yourselves. meeting a conspiracy theorist in person is always such a fucking trip because tons of them are willing to admit that they believe every single theory no matter how far fetched.
>inb4 wHy aRe yOu evEn HerE thEn Reeeee
i know, i know. but it’s just /ot/ so who cares. there’s some genuine crazy-person shit in this thread.

No. 405623

Imagine marrying a cutie like Axl Rose and then he turns into this hahahaha

>transvestigation shit
What is that exactly? Is there something other than people saying some women look like men?

Also I don't understand how the media just glazed over those very real, very shady podesta emails but had to go with the most ridiculous parts of pizza gate. They would've gotten actual attention and views for that. If they thought it was ~*sooooo*~ irrational and crazy but were too afraid to go after those parts…

No. 407041

So are we sure our pal Onion boi isn’t under mind-control? This split personality shit has been going way back since 2002 when he came up with “Onision” and at the time claimed it was the name of his many personalities (can no longer find the source on Someguy’s tumblr anymore as I used to use that as a shortcut). Not to mention, he has family/connections to the military which is known to participate in the mk ultra project and so did the Seventh Day Adventist group. Also, this post might be on to something: >>>/pt/658248

To note:
>Greg doesn’t remember anything between the ages of 5-11 other than the girls he used to crush on
>He was sexually abused and harassed as a child by his mom, relatives and his camp counselor (Julia) from church
>Spent a few weeks in Korean military jail for…autism and never really gave much detail about it.
>He somewhat dabbled in the occult and tried to make his religion come true and apparently was demonically possessed for a time.

No. 407042

>Also I don't understand how the media just glazed over those very real, very shady podesta emails but had to go with the most ridiculous parts of pizza gate. They would've gotten actual attention and views for that. If they thought it was ~*sooooo*~ irrational and crazy but were too afraid to go after those parts…

One news anchor covered it with detail and included the Podesta emails; he was fired, blacklisted and hopefully not suicided.

No. 407045

No. People literally think that certain historical or political or celebrity figures are trans. To further the trans narrative and/or as explanation to why they were they way they were. Video related is HITLER'S transvestigation. There's many videos like this about many other people.

>hitler had hypospadias meaning his urethra opened on the other side of his penis


kek I think this about Alex Jones. I know it's not true but sometimes I really feel like he's actually an agent of the government there to make any and all conspiracy theories look insane. Most of them are insane (pyramids in Antarctica for example) but many have been proven to be true.

No. 407126

File: 1557122405013.png (695.6 KB, 840x1280, paleman.png)

Hi, sorry for the late response. But to say more on the topic, pic related is what Del Toro has said about the Pale Man, a monster in Pan's Labyrinth who eats children.
On top of that, here is some more he had to say about him from a 2006 interview:
>The Pale Man represents the Church for me, y'know? [He] represents fascism and the Church eating the children when they have a perversely abundant banquet in front of them. There is almost a hunger to eat innocence. A hunger to eat purity. I didn't want to avoid it, but I did not seek Catholic imagery.
>Nevertheless, I understand that redemption by blood and the rebirth by sacrifice is a Catholic conceit. So I accept it without any problems because I think that sexuality and religion come from your imprint in an early age. Whatever arouses your spirit or arouses your body at an early age, that's what is going to arouse it the rest of your life. Everything will be subordinate to that. It's a personal choice and it's a personal experience.
He somewhat singles out Catholics, but it's obvious from pic related, how he phrased his answer back then and even the way the very scene is handled that he doesn't solely recognize religious folk as the only powerful institutions or people seeking to "eat innocence and purity". Him saying he "accepts it without any problem" ("it" obviously not only being religion, but the "sexual imprint", aka pedophilia) is what has me convinced his silence has been bought. He is absolutely no threat to the "Pale Man", no matter what he posts on Twitter or puts in his movies. That's why he hasn't been "suicided" or blacklisted from the industry.

Sources: https://twitter.com/realgdt/status/827065272028766208?lang=en

No. 407135

File: 1557126536215.png (2.55 MB, 1996x1254, creepy.png)

Same anon (I deleted/reposted this three times already because I made so many mistakes. I'm done, it's too annoying lmao). I want to add this. It's from the same interview, and it's food for thought if you've seen the movie:
>[in] the movie all the tests are a misdirection and you actually go back and watch the movie and realize that my thesis is that the Faun is the Pale Man in another guise. He's the trickster in another guise. So is the Faun. And the proof of that in the movie is that at the end when she goes and rejoins her father and her mother and the baby in the other world, the fairies that the Pale Man ate are all around her. The same fairies.
So, this same faun is also, canonically, a "child-eater". And we are actually not to see him as a villain, but a sort of guide, a part of Ofelia's journey to becoming a princess.

In mythology, a faun is a charming creature that notoriously lives in a forest and flirts with beautiful women. It's already a bit suspicious for that specific creature to be chosen to get involved with a child, but that's forgivable, right? It's a forest creature, and Ofelia goes into the forest, after all.
At least that's what I thought, until I found out this was originally meant to be the story of Pan's Labyrinth:
>a pregnant woman who arrived to a mansion in Spain; her husband worked for the mansion owner, restoring the home. The woman fell in love with a faun in a labyrinth–they made love–and he asked for the blood of her firstborn in order to open the gate and let her enter the magical kingdom to be with him. The ending was this woman sacrificing her son to go with the love of her life, the faun. Eventually, del Toro realized it was more interesting to talk about the magic through the girls' eyes.
So, in this story, instead of a grown woman being charmed, we have a little girl. And instead of a cheerful, fun-loving faun who loves music and merry-making, we have a monster with a desire to eat purity and innocence merely masquerading as one. He "guides" her through "certain tests", and punishes her for not obeying him.

At first, I thought "But she passed the test and got a happy ending by not killing her baby brother. If the plot was to take advantage of her naivete and eat a child, doesn't the ending go against that? And why didn't he just eat her on sight?", but to be honest, Ofelia being a pure, innocent child herself actually proves that her little brother wasn't really necessary. He wasn't the target. Also, the reason the faun didn't eat her the moment he saw her was probably because she was 11 years old, meaning she was just old enough to be on the cusp of puberty. Basically, she was at the age where you might stop believing in magic and fairy tales, and are no longer "innocent" enough for a pedophile/child-eater's tastes (much like Mercedes, a grown up character in the film who used to be an little girl who believed in "so many things"). Whether or not Ofelia was "still immortal" (ie still innocent and pure) was an important question to him, because that's exactly what he feeds on. It's why he put her through the tests.

To boost the age/puberty thing, I want to draw attention to this:
>In the original draft of Del Toro's screenplay for the film, Ofelia was around eight years old, but after seeing Baqureo, who was 10 at the time of her audition, he realised that he had found his leading lady and rewrote some elements of the script to make the character's age match that of his new leading lady.
What exactly would Del Toro need to rewrite in his story that would be fitting for an 8 year old, but wholly unfitting for an 11 year old (and Ofelia is canonically 11, according to this: https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Ofelia)? What's so meaningful about the difference of age in a story like this, if it's just meant to be an innocent (albeit dark) fantasy story about a little girl? I don't think anyone has ever really cared whether Alice from Alice in Wonderland is meant to be 8, 9, 10 or 11, so what was the importance in Pan's Labyrinth specifically? I've been turning it over in my mind. I know it's not the most powerful evidence, but it does make me wonder.

IMO, the faun (aka the Pale Man) was just making sure that Ofelia was exactly what he was searching for. In fact, it would've been a win for him either way, since if she was "impure" enough to stab her own baby brother, he could've just eaten him. The fact that she was too pure of heart to injure or kill him confirmed that she was what he wanted, and so her innocent, pure blood was spilled by the end of the film. She was eaten. And we're somehow supposed to consider this a "happy" ending because of what she sees after she dies. Supposedly, the reason it's like this is that Del Toro just thought this kind of a story would be "more interesting".
Bottom line, I believe Del Toro knows about the real life parallels to this tale, and he is not opposed to them. At least, that's the impression I'm getting from all that I'm learning.

No. 407153

File: 1557129106358.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.76 KB, 840x466, 57ac28cb67ec4b86fe858bc8cdbffb…)

One more thing that just popped into my mind: As for why the faun doesn't just snatch the baby from Ofelia's arms and eat him, or why he doesn't eat both Ofelia and her brother, many pedophiles have a specific age of attraction. Infantophiles are attracted to full-on babies, while pedophiles typically prefer children aged 13 or younger, according to Wikipedia. I'm not saying a pedophile wouldn't go for a defenseless baby, but they most definitely have their preferred targets.
Based on the paintings in his room (pic related - spoilered just in case), the Pale Man is overwhelmingly the latter. He seems to exclusively eat children old enough to walk and wear shoes. In fact, the Pale Man makes it a point to collect their shoes. This is not new or an entirely original phenomena. Many killers save their victim's belongings. In fact, the pedophilic child murderer Anatoly Slivko often collected children's shoes:
>Slivko typically retained the victim's shoes as a memento.
I read that the shoe thing in Pan's Labyrinth was actually meant to be a reference to concentration camps, but I'm hard-pressed believe that was the only thing being referenced with this particular addition, especially since one of the focal points in this context would be children, not just any and all victims. In film, almost nothing is a mistake or a mere coincidence. That's all I've got. Sorry if this was derailing, but it has to do with the Pedogate stuff, so I thought I'd elaborate.

No. 407156


Lindsay Ellis i luv ur channel uwu

No. 407159

Lower your voice anon
Anyway, Guillermo Del Toro also signed a petition for the release of child rapist Roman Polanski in 2009, and has voiced admiration for Woody Allen before. Two more arrows pointing exactly where Del Toro's loyalties lie.

No. 407177

Is it actually yerself? There are a lot of smalltime Youtubers and artists who post here so…

I seem to have a natural aversion to symbolically pro-pedophilia stuff, like I avoided M Martinez for years, when I finally investigated it turns out the pedo pandering is off the charts. Del Toro is another one I avoided, who I have just discovered via your posts is another panderer.

No. 407303

Thats a statement you are assuming no one will actually watch.

The whole answer he gave was this.
>Well, of course, … I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that was — well, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in the markets — that if I weren’t there — of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would — would — would be taking it away anyhow. And it was the — whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the — I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.“

He said the opposite of what you pundits claim.

No. 407819

so I posted this >>407773 in the mh thread but it got me thinking about a tinfoil of the gov trying to push for birthrate to rise by eliminating abortion, limiting bc and all that because they're planning the next war. I hear ww3 is coming over and over

there are people who say that the elites will hide underground and wait to profit from the war after

No. 408147

what do people think about the idea that people in power or illuminati or satanists or whatever enjoy forcing people to look at things which disgust or frighten them? not in a horror film way but in a 'this is real and it's disgusting' way.

i think it happens in music videos all the time but i never see anyone talking much about how fucked up billie eilish's videos are. like, if you are afraid of spiders or just don't like them don't watch this. i know the phobia is common but it absolutely made me feel nauseous and fucked up in a way that is hard to describe. this will sound ott and i am aware of that, but it feels a little violatey. like i didn't need to see that or feel like that, or have that image in my head. this was the first thing that ever made me feel that fucked up, i don't know. never looked at her insta so had no idea this was even a thing but whatever.

i feel like being forced to see things you do not want to see is important to these people. you getting grossed out or sickened is something they feed on.

No. 408148

I wonder if billie was scared to do that or if she's one of those bug girls

No. 408152

she said she wasn't and that some woman named Diana taught her how to do it. with the tarantula in her mouth, i mean.

the bury a friend video looks rapey as fuck with these leather gloved hands pulling her around and at one point around 1:15 you can interpret it as someone forcing this weird shell person to suck their cock, like, she's sixteen. why are they showing this, seriously? people will say oh, it was her idea but it's interscope, they are in the business of selling product, they're not letting some unknown sixteen year old girl run the show, they are modeling her behavior and her look..

so again, why use horrific or disgusting or violent imagery? is it important to elites that we be forced to see this stuff?

No. 408156

Depressed teenagers love this shit and it sells well. Their fear/caution and empathy aren’t fully developed yet so they love anything gross, gorey, violent, creepy, messed up and wrong.

No. 408161

agreeing with >>408156 , when i was a teen i used to run a tumblr focused on gore and pictures of operations and such, the genre was very popular back in like 2012-2014, I just thought it looked pretty and sad. had her shit come out 7 years ago, probably even more teens would be stanning her, they tend to be drawn to the gross, morbid stuff, especially the weird, antisocial ones. who ever curates her image is just aware of this and pandering to the niche

No. 412117

So do yall believe in the theory that people have to sacrifice people for fame? Or as stepping stones to advance further in power or wealth? Ive seen it a lot where a celeb will have someone die unexpectedly in their family or a friend, right as they're making a comeback or releasing a new album or something. Well, Slipknot JUST came back and the drummer/percussionists daughter was found dead today. She was 22.


No. 412190

Hollyweird pedo-exposer Isaac Kappy is dead, he was suicided by jumping off a bridge in Arizona in route 66.

Here’s his final livestream:

No. 412198

Highly possible; Jonathan Davis’ wife died of an overdose last year while KoRn were getting ready for the 20th anniversary of Follow the Leader and Amy Lee’s younger brother died of an epileptic seizure during the Synthesis tour during that same year. Yet I’m still wondering why did they killed off Vinnie Paul…

However, the most blatant sacrifice I could think of is when Jennifer Hudson had her mom, brother (or cousin?) and young nephew murdered supposedly by the sister’s boyfriend before rising to the top and losing weight.

No. 412202

also kanye with his mom is a big one i can think of

No. 412227

Or Lady Gaga with that Russian pop singer

No. 412231

lina morgana? yeah that situation was sketchy af

lady gaga could literally have her own "conspiracy" thread tbh shes kinda scary

No. 412247

Yes! From hanging with that spirit-cooking lady to allegedly bathing in blood while in the uk after news broke out of some teenager being murdered…

Dang, I wouldn’t know where to start! Though I feel kinda bad as I used to be obsessed with her in the late 2000’s/early 2010’s but am glad I grew out of it.

No. 412250

to be fair, jonathans wife was a porn star and heavy drug addict, as most porn stars are so i feel that was more of a "matter of time" kinda situation rather than random

No. 412634

Didn't she jump off a roof?

No. 412639

The spirit cocking lady has photos with literally everyone in Hollywood

Voat has pics with her and kids

No. 412641

Some of them were spotted in NYC

No. 412643

you'll see them in the next mass shooting aftermath video

No. 412662

It doesn’t have to be healthy

The point is to have single mothers that create more troubled kids that are easier to ship to war/live in poverty

No. 412668

Her life size cakes in the shape of naked women with fake blood around it creeps me out and that's the least of it. And you're right, she's popular with everyone. I wonder how many celebrities are into blood magic. Lady gaga has to be one

No. 412673


No. 412684

Felt obligated to post this; video was shot in 1997 and apparently she’s using pig’s blood for this…

No. 412706


i think that the nuclear family is a meme created by the western governments, especially in america, in the mid 20th century to get more money out of families. a nuclear family really isnt that much better than a single parent tbh, its inherently unnatural and unhealthy.

i think its because a tight knit generational family is going spend less money buying houses, paying for childcare, etc than a nuclear family who will have to pay for a new house every generation and will end up having to pay someone for childcare when both parents have to work to pay off the ridiculous amounts of money. then theres also the elderly, and since they live alone and have no one to look after them, the families will have to pay someone to look after them too. its all just a way to milk people of even more money.

No. 412744

Yeah you're right. This is plain blood sacrifices right in front of us. All these celebrities and politicians of all parties are part of it too. I watched this one youtuber who brought up how so many celebrities cling onto charity work and church (hillsong) because after doing all demonic things they've done to get to where they are, they want to feel human with a soul again.

"it takes a village to raise a child" isn't just said just because. we're meant to be in communities

No. 412846

I’ve heard some things about Hillsong, apparently Justin Bieber was making out or doing it with one of their pastors or clergymen in a pool while at a party.

No. 412914

this is an interesting thought. my family, when they first came here, settled in an area where there were lots of other people from our ethnic background. it wasn't that we didn't want to integrate, but it was easier on the new immigrants to stay in a place where most if not all still spoke the old language, there were doctors who understood you, priests and churches that said mass in the old language regardless of the fact that the church wanted it said in english, there were older 'wise women' who acted as midwives/psychiatrists/family dispute mediators and lived in what were widely understood to be safehouses for women and children. i'm sure there were places for men to go also, it's more that not being a guy, i don't remember these people. but there was a place for everyone in the community. everyone had a role, even when very old. it could feel small sometimes, but most people liked this way of life so much that even after they learned to speak english, they either stayed in the neighborhood or moved just outside it.

anyhow i'm a bit of an oldfag, enough so that these people and structures were still in place when i was small. nothing was off limits because of it. if i wanted to play with friends i walked over, because there would be three or four young parents i knew on every street who would look out for you. in fact i remember that there was one block where this wasn't the case and i wouldn't walk down it because of that, i would go two streets over and then back down so that people could keep an eye on me. lots of gatherings and parties during holidays, and someone's always having a kid or a birthday or there's a religious festival, and the nice thing was that you always felt safe, no matter what.

my generation was the first to leave for good. i can't speak the language, the neighborhood is gone because the people who held it together are dead. in grade school we were taught that these neighborhoods were the old way, not modern, not in keeping with the health of the nation, that to self-actualize, to become true individuals it was better for us to leave. they also taught us a lot of other specious junk, and for the most part they did it all before we got to college.

i think in some ways, not all, but especially with regards to the mental health of people, the old ways were better. people were happier. they felt like they belonged. if someone didn't have enough, everyone got together and helped out. the village did raise the child. a lot of my 'good' clothes were hand me downs that were about ten to fifteen years out of fashion, but i was five, i didn't know or care.

the nuclear family and single parent households produced a lot of unhappy, lonely, anxious people. a lot of cool shit to buy and bells and whistles and apps to distract you from the fact that you're alone. so many women on anti-psychotics these days, it pisses me off, but that's a tangent i don't want to get on. anyhow.

i'm not much for conspiracy, but i'll say this. there are a lot of things that people will tell you, in school and outside it. a lot of what they tell you is good is not actually good but ultimately destructive for you, both as an actor in society and in private. it benefits the wealthy and the privileged. you are never the privileged. when you're told something is good, you should always ask 'who does this benefit.' most times it doesn't benefit the people or institutions they say they want to help. it benefits their bank account, or their ego. they see people as a means to an end. you should never let them think for you. i'm not talking about left or right or trad bullshit, either.

sorry this was a boomer ramble, guess i had some feelings on the matter.

TL;DR life was pretty good, even being poor, as long as you had a community around you to help out. these days, not so much.

No. 413111

File: 1558494509036.jpg (46.76 KB, 410x368, tumblr_lupmi4ZomV1qd0imf.jpg)

to be fair a few of the cakes ARE modeled after real people, including celebs

debbie harry probably paid a SHIT ton of money just to be able to ritualistically slice herself up at a dinner party in front of other fucked in the head elite weirdos

these rich people are paying to go to these events and have this psychotic kartrashian lookalike come to their parties and do weird shit

No. 417409

For any Ghost fans and in general:

Do any of you think that Tobias Forge is a possible MK victim give his many alter egos like Papa Emeritus and Cardinal Copia?

Not to mention that his band has became very successful here in the americas/rest of the world.

No. 417417

Hillsong was created by a child molester and they pretty much abuse all of their young camp leaders

No. 418050

Apparently there’s a recording with Allison Mack and Keith Reniere discussing the branding process and how it should be done.


No. 418133

i would love more on lady Gaga. she's spespect af.

No. 418216

Nah. I just think he's playing a part and having fun with the lore. In his interviews out of costume he's very matter of fact and down to earth. His band became popular because of the style of music which many people compare it to old school rock so I don't see how that can be a conspiracy.

No. 418372

>In his interviews out of costume he's very matter of fact and down to earth.

Kind of a weak argument you have there. Just because he’s “muh gr8t3st rock n roll musician evarrr!!!” doesn’t mean he is exempt from being their puppet. I’m sure you feel the same way about Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and even Christina Aguilera, right?

No. 419663

File: 1560000424115.jpg (237.51 KB, 1024x768, dectypewriter.jpg)

A brazen,deadly gangster policeman professor and parroting puppet of the computer god was teaching a class on Franklin D. Roosevelt, a known Tsarina Fag.
"Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship The Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God and accept his lifelong Frankenstien radio controls!"

At this moment, a brave writer of unforgivable thruths and terrorized member of the master race who had typed over 1500 poorly worded rants and understood how CIA gangsters pump deadly poison nerve gas-smoke into secret compartments and lived in a low,deadly niggertown old house,stood up ALONE and held up a thick, strong homemade appeal brief.
"How long do people naturally live before they are dead or useless?"

The cackling, sneering, co-conspiring felon gangster parroting puppet officer professor laughed his mad giggle now,and smugly replied "70 years, you helpless and hopeless frankenstien slave."

"Wrong. People are subjected to worldwide systematic instant-plastic surgery butchery murder,inside a sealed computer god robotic operating cabinet"

The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his nerve gas ball point pen and blurted many statements. He stormed out of the room crying those hangmanrope sneak Gangster playboy tears.

The students applauded and were all notarized as pummellers of niggers that day and converted to Astrocism,the true religion of the Slovene people.
A deadly touch tarantula spider named "MENACE TO GANGSTER GOVERNMENT" trajected around corners into the room and perched atop the American Flag and shed a tabin needle on the ticker tape. The worldwide open secret was read several times.

The professor lost his tenure and was put into Maximum Security Insanity Prison the next day. He died of the The worldwide completely controlled deadly degenerative climate and atmosphere and was lead into Frankenstein living-death eternal slavery.

No. 419763

File: 1560027861828.png (312.51 KB, 926x742, Capture.PNG)

No. 419778

Anon my dad is terrified of spiders and I showed him the video but it caused nothing for him, maybe you're just really sensitive about things like this? Which isn't a bad thing.

No. 421061

Remember when they had Christina Aguliera imply she was fucking Harvey Weinstein in his office WAY before the allegations came out?

Hollywood is a sick place. They literally JOKE about sexual abuse when its going on behind the scenes. They put it in their commercials, movies, music videos etc. Like they're literally and blatantly rubbing it in peoples faces because they know nothing will be done about it.

No. 421112

File: 1560368432790.jpg (22.74 KB, 297x346, hillary_tinfoil_hat1.jpg)

/ot/ is a giant honeypot to collect all the IPs of TERFs…cuz a dream told me so

No. 421218

Didn’t Eminem reveal in one of his earlier songs that she was sucking off Carlson Daily and Fred Durst? I wonder if there’s any truth to that now.

No. 421225

The rumors about Fred Durst came from the fact that he and Christina performed a duet at some award show, and his fans got pissed off because >we hate pop muzick you sold out bruhh!!1

and his response was som,ething along the line of "i hate pop music as much as you guys, but i did it for the nookie", referencing his song

not sure about carson daley

No. 421268

There’s too many double entendres here that there really is no truth or lie.

The entertainment industry is very shady so I just take things with a grain of salt.

No. 421270

Will she finally get “her turn”? God, I hope not.

No. 422249

File: 1560576952757.jpg (89.31 KB, 1079x896, D8f79WZUYAEsHLP.jpg)

>Peter Bright, Ars Technica journalist, male feminist, troll, and frequent critic of gamers and other nerds as misogynist "pedos", has been arrested for attempting to have sex with a 7-year-old girl.
This is already in the pinkpill thread, but the particular Tweet in pic related was too good not to share here.
Chatlog outing him/report: https://www.docdroid.net/UMNWMSx/bright.pdf#page=3
Someone in the comments pointed out how casually he talks about "teaching" kids ("Helping girls find those special places to touch, it's very rewarding", "Do you want the lessons to be heteronormative? Does [the Girl] eat flowers and [the Boy] suck snakes?"). It makes me wonder if this shit is considered "normal" in his circle.

No. 422262

I think a lot of the "mindfulness" fad is just a brainwashing technique so people don't think about how much capitalism is grinding them down and ruining the planet and to deter people from being involved in real life activism because of 'muh mental health uwu.'

No. 422277

All male gingers, and especially fat gingers, are sex offenders

No. 422318

File: 1560597789833.png (76.2 KB, 625x605, ee8[1].png)

No. 422579

IDK if this should go here or celebrities but my bf and I were talking and like .. Does anyone think Elon Musk might not be operating his own twitter? After a certain time it starts not sounding like him, far too ' this'll get you trends, mr.musk!' I dunno. Maybe he is just a weirdo dumbass but it seems like there's some PR business creating ways to have him talked about..

No. 422582

>Dr. Pizza
>Pizzagate is fake!!!1!!1!1!!2!2!!2
>Revealed as sick fuck pedo


No. 422590

It's shit like this that makes me wonder how any sane person can completely write off EVERYTHING pertaining to pizzagate. Like yeah maybe some idiot pizza shop owner isn't hosting a pedo ring but the idea of pedos using code words and shit? Not that hard to believe

No. 422593

File: 1560658731443.jpeg (51.86 KB, 1280x720, A82E5D35-A011-4839-9AEF-54197D…)


YouTube star in contact with that photographer went insane recently

She was groomed and the video shows her breakfown

No. 422614

File: 1560669042286.jpg (280.9 KB, 1522x1049, D8kfMwkWsAAjsR0.jpg)

He made multiple posts about Pizzagate being fake.
I'm not saying that denying PG is some kind of pedo dogwhistle, but I used to personally know one guy who adamantly insisted it was all fake that turned out to be one himself. Also, when I was digging for information, I found some wiki for actual pedophiles that decried the whole thing and had some bullshit line like "Children in the US are very well taken care of and rarely go missing".
I have a feeling that some of the people who deny it are just doing so in hopes that it'll go undetected and keep existing so they can join in one day (if they haven't already).

No. 422798

So, kinda like how no one believed in the Franklin coverup from the 80’s/90’s?

No. 422863

Ouch. I remember thinking something bad was going to happen to her when I saw her be all disney channel actress in the react videos. Poor girl.

No. 422866

Damn, I remember this girl from the react videos….sad. She used to be so innocent and bubbly.

No. 422975

I buy this. Thanks for the new perspective Anon.

No. 422998

File: 1560810237261.png (2.98 MB, 1125x2436, A336072B-5154-409E-888F-C37342…)

I had planned to post this in the celeb thread but since he’s kinda… one of us, it was appropriate to be posted here.

Coincidental or not, this has to be some kind of sick joke - on Dave’s expense. It should be noted that the former singer of Kiko’s old band had recently died.

I hope he’s right that things will get better for him.

No. 424969

No. 425074

Does anyone know where all of the pizzagate investigation has gone? I know 8chan is a thing but I remember a website similar to reddit in design, and I can't find it again.

No. 425095

Are you thinking of Voat?
Here you go: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate

No. 427182

Jewtube being jewtube

No. 427494

I guess they got some election coming up in USA. It’s nearly impossible to read any conspiracy forums because it’s filled with politics even more than usually

No. 428130

The elites don’t want Trump to win for the next term, that’s why they are trying to censor everything and are pumping the propaganda machine x10.

No. 428395

Are you retarded? He serves the elites. They love him, they just don't like that he says the quiet part loud as often as he does. It doesn't matter tho bc his base will never turn on him, so 'the elites' don't really care.

No. 428709

America will be last country to switch to Euro (antichrist's world currency).

Aborted babies are subject to damnation for 33 and a half years. If pregnant, do not abort and deliver at home because kids are chipped using ivs and vaccines in hospitals.

Dentists and doctors chip patients secretly chip patients.

Dogs can become possessed. Don't keep dogs inside of your home.

According to my school: The earth is flat. It remains on 3 columns (the Most Holy Trinity); columns stand on water at zero Kelvin.

First dinosaur to return will come out of the Volga River in Russia.

No. 428711

SN: Has anyone noticed US based conspiracy theories websites, discussion boards, and forums have really fell off? I remember a time where people used to take notice about some super fishy stuff, now something even as open as Trumps presidency gets thoroughly defended and derailed if people try to point out the conspiracy in it, also many of the conspiracies are drowned out by stupid shit like transvestigations.

No. 428713

shit i fucking wish im a huge paleo nerd and ill never get to see a non avian dinosaur. :(

No. 428714

Here are my conspiracy theories about the music industry

I was thinking about the Telecommunciations Act of 1996 that was passed under Bill Clinton's presidency and how much this radically effected the US music industry in several ways

>Okay so this bill was passed to give corporations to buy out radio stations and have most if not all radio stations in the hands of 6 corporations, effectively making corporations decide which music and artists gets promoted and creating the playlist for the masses to consume; unlike in the past where the people chose. This damaged non backed by labels indie artists but especially African American artists and music genres, Ill get to this later

>The early and mid 90s music was seeing the revival of socially conscious and politically critical music that was absent from the mainstream of 80s music, similar to the music of the 60s and 70s, as soon as this bill got passed, teeny bopper shit like garbage boy bands and pedophiliac female pop stars with no substance or value got pushed down the masses throats and gangsta rap had an overdevelopment pushing out other black genres and cannablizing them

>This also affected billboard since radio owned the billboard as well as music labels, also musical artists since the mid nineties have increasingly become always in line with the agendas or messages the media or tptb are trying to push

>And boom; music industry sales go down because people cant choose anymore and businessmen are forcing you what to like and choosing the lowest risk artists for max profit and people know this and find it shit, even though this can be seen as early as the 2000s most people didnt start seeming to agree there was something spoiled in the water by the 2010s it seems. Dumbfuck corporations wont learn from their mistakes and switch to streaming which makes artists peanuts in comparision and engagement in award shows, touring acts post nineties; ect goes down

Why is this important? Because people listen to the music and get motivated by it, music is important, if the only messages being pushed out are shit then what does it do to peoples growing and influencing brains? And its not only music; its also other parts of society like this; being more controlled by corporations and businessmen that suck our soul and creativity and art out

Fuck this keyboard

No. 428733


You say this as if college and independent radio was destroyed in the mid-90s. I was a DJ and held several managerial positions at three college and indie stations from the late 80s and during 90s. From the late 70s the music industry was always indie versus corporate.

No. 428743

> dogs can become possessed
tell me moar anon i’m looking at my labradoodle in fear rn at 5am

No. 428751

The artists who get promoted and which songs get airplay did get really affected though which was my main focus
Youre right about the late Seventies but also the music industry has become too controlled and imbalanced

No. 429062

It’s their fault rock music is dead.

No. 429311

I buy this. If I had heard it in the 90s I would have told you that domination of music by the few mainstream companies has nothing to do with politics and is just about free market capitalism, but in the wake of confirmed social media as a soft political tool I can believe it.

No. 430595

Not sure if this belongs here or in the annoying thread but

>be me

>in late middle school or early high school
>into conspiracies
>research alien abduction theory
>read that aliens place device behind right ear following abduction
>get paranoid, move hand to ear
>check again months later..somethings there
>hard and size of tiny pebble
>don’t think about it except sometimes
>remains there for years
>check again when I’m 21
>it’s not there

I hope they’re done w me

No. 430599

Lmao it was probably just a cyst or a zit anon. They're very common and resolve eventually on their own.

No. 430626

if you say so. it was rock solid

No. 430678

Cysts tend to feel like solid peas or off shape lumps under the skin.

No. 430793

Lol this is a cute comment. I like you anon

No. 431197

did you check your ass, anon? 'cause they say that as well.

No. 431729

I legit saw some aliens once wbu what happened?????
I dont give a fuck if anyone believes me it was like they saw me see them and bailed.
it was three of these in the same-ish area of australia. I saw them in 2012. anyone got similar?? I was so poor I still had a nokia with no video capabilities and I regret it to this day I didn't film it

No. 431827

based schizo poster. i want to believe

No. 431834

Apologies for longpost but:

You are absolutely correct that it hasn't been the same since 2012, and to a greater extent through the last election cycle. there was a definite psyop in motion through the Trump campaign. I believe it has something to do with NATO and Cambridge Analytica. Also people with links to the Trump campaign were writing articles in NATO strategy journals:

There was also a link with Cambridge Analytica employees speaking at/attending NATO strategy meetings around the same time but I can't source that because the writeup I did on this is on my defunct blog and now gone (lol). I'm sure if you do some digging you can confirm what I'm talking about though.

I definitely think there was a concerted effort to manipulate and channel the 'truth movement' or 'conspiracy culture' or whatever you decide to call it.

The 'conspiracy culture' today is in a very bad way. There are still great researchers out there but they get no audience compared to the hucksters. It's all know-nothings selling bullshit to their know-nothing audience who now have a worldview to back up their lack of willingness to know anything. Qanon, a great majority of of the pizzagate stuff, Isaac Kappy, etc. Everything that gets real traction is fake as hell and it's obvious to anyone who have been in the game for more than a couple years and knew the term "deep state" before Fox News co-opted it to mean Obama-era bureaucrats. Some of the fakery is 'benign' moneygrubbing and misinformation, some is legit weaponized disinfo. Crazy times. If the truth is out there it's being buried in a load of absolute horse shit.

No. 431851

A lot of shit changed for the worse in 2012, was it really the end of the world?

No. 431855

i believe in systematic CSA simply because there are unfortunately so many children out there in foster care, children's home and on the streets who unfortunately have no one by their side or parents who simply do not care.

with that said i do not believe in satanic rituals by the elite. i've read a few articles and books about the techniques therapists use in order to get out 'repressed' memories and in fact they are more harmful than anything and so the person who may or may not have been abused can end up with false memories. i'm not saying there aren't cults with dumb ass beliefs who try to sacrifice people and do rituals. i just don't think it's as common as some people think; i find it weird that people always feel like spirituality or the supernatural has to be involved when it's plain and simple just humans being awful because they choose to be :/

No. 431950

File: 1562641908997.jpg (41.5 KB, 379x500, Twitter_Picture.jpg)

Anyone else follow the drama between Sibel Edmonds/Newsbud and pretty much everyone who gave her exposure originally? Not sure if it's something you guys would be interested but figured I'd check.

Context: She was a former FBI translator and figure in the 9/11 truth movement. Also worked with a few other conspiracy research to expose what she called "Gladio B", a lot of which seemed to make a lot of sense and have some circumstantial evidence. She also is confirmed to be under several gag orders by the US government. Revealed she was a hack by randomly attacking Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley, two independent journalists on the ground in Syria for no reason so far as I can tell aside from jealousy. Made a 75 minute video taking their tweets out of context and outright lying about things that their colleagues said about them. Also painted them as "violent" and "unprofessional" for swearing in emails and DMs, while swearing publicly all the time herself.

This caused everyone, including people who gave her exposure in the first place, to turn on her and leave her "news organization". My tinfoil is that she was some sort of intelligence agent from the start, she clearly had money and knew some stuff but also for awhile had a questionable source of income and was travelling all over the world which I consider a red flag. Was a huge Erdogan shill for awhile randomly which was out of character. All in all pretty sad because I considered her smart and at least relatively trustworthy prior to all the shit flinging.

No. 433157

People write off Pizzagate because they are told by the media, they are the authority.

You'll find a lot of links to the CIA and Israeli intelligence if you dig a little. Epsteins g/f's father was killed by being pushed over his yacht, afterwards it was found he was Israeli intelligence.

Look up George Nader for example, isn't it strange how a person arrested for so much child prostitution is still free and acting as the unofficial Washington liason?

Isn't it odd Epstein initially got off so easily in the same way?


No. 433368

Came here after I saw the derailing in the celeb thread haha.
I wish we could scrap the term "pizzagate" honestly because of how much it has been tainted. It needs a new name. And not being one sided politically, it should not matter what party these people are affiliated with. What a coincidence all of them have some kind of connection. Scrap the whole pizza shop owner shit. Start new with connections to celebrities and politicians.
The media made a mockery of it just because of the name pizzagate and the pizza shop. They saw that opportunity and took it.
I like what was posted in the celeb thread about the guy who kept making "google jeffrey epstein" graffiti

No. 434067

nyc blackout on the anniversary of the 1977 blackout, and twitter, instagram, and facebook went down this past week. idk what tinfoil it is that im looking for but maybe someone else can put the pieces together

No. 434203

Twitter didn't fully go down. If you were trying to use Twitter when it was having issues, you could still access the site, but no content would load. This is because they pushed an update to their backend that fucked up how their API loads profiles and user posts.

I'm not sure what instance you're referring to in regards to Facebook/Instagram going down, but recently Cloudflare pushed an update to their systems that caused CPU usage to spike heavily and cause their main and backup systems to run sluggishly and fail. You may have seen "bad gateway" errors popping up across multiple websites when this happened. That's because a shit ton of sites use Cloudflare, and they were all affected. While I'm not sure if Facebook and Instagram use Cloudflare, I'm pretty sure they use Amazon Web Services. A SHIT TON of sites use AWS to host their data, and if AWS has issues, then all the sites hosted through it will have problems. Same goes for Cloudflare, I just brought it up as an example as I'm more familiar with that fuck-up.

It's really not that deep. It's very easy to mess up when configuring web services, and it's even easier to fuck up when you're the one running a web service that hosts thousands of websites that millions of users access daily. One error and all of your customers' sites go down. That's just how IT is. Sorry if this seems OT, but I just felt like explaining why these things happen.

No. 434219

Fuck you reddit for taking r/donald down. All conspiracy sites are now infested with the same shit that got the sub cancelled.

Pizzagate does not feel like a conspiracy anymore because it’s so obvious.

I think they are waiting photo evidence to come out. There has been suspicious amount of articles about ’deep fakes’.
Maybe it’s because powerful people know that Epstein’s blackmail videos will come to public. They are prepping audience for narrative to deny video footage.
’It’s not me doing those illegal and disgusting things! It’s ~deepfake~

No. 434220

gotcha, thanks for explaining

i'm still concerned wrt the blackout on the same anniversary

No. 434259

Somebody on 4chan thinks recaptcha is training an AI how to nuke certain objects. I find that hilarious.

No. 434271

I thought it wasn't deleted, just quarantined?

No. 434280

I am pretty sure it is for training smart cars, which is still funny since it goes wrong so many times and accepts selecting a road sign as a crosswalk, so one day a car is going to ram a family at 50mph into a stop sign because of lazy recaptcha users clicking whatever object without even reading the prompt.

No. 434337

the purpose of captcha is literally to train ai

No. 434355

being quarantined is like being on death row. once its quarantined it usually gets banned

No. 436369

I have a theory that many celebs are vegan/vegetarian due to traumatic events which they were forced to seeing or participate in like killing animals and humans as well as cannibalism as part of the training process.

No. 436375

lmao what

No. 436380

Hah, no. They're vegan and vegetarian because they have personal chefs to make any dietary choice delicious on demand since they have the money to burn.
There's no excuse for celebrities to eat unhealthy unless they purposefully select not to be.

No. 436635

No. 437395

Does anyone else get really bad feelings about Elon Musk? He genuinely feels evil to me, but I can't quite explain it.

No. 437408


Same. I don't see his appeal in the first place but as you say that there is something about him that makes him very unpleasant as a person.

No. 437427

You can’t be a genuinely good person and be in place where Muskrat is.

No. 437436

File: 1563723538596.jpg (46.45 KB, 700x475, s0fvyktmmtjz.jpg)

He's a bad guy who's deluded himself into believing he's doing good. He'd sell your family and kill your dog if he thought it meant for the greater good or rationalize it away. A sociopath. A technology equivalent to a Zuckerberg but even the Zuck seems to have empathy for his own family.

Picture this: A small man grows up without power and increasingly diminished looks. By chance, he strikes rich in the 2000s technology boom and realizes he can create the "alpha" image he always saw himself as. He gets plastic surgery to look like what he thinks is alpha. He now has money and knows he can do whatever the fuck he wants. He will destroy reputations and people if he feels crossed, and knows that he can snuggle himself in his echo chamber of devoted fans to feel justified in doing so.
This is a dangerous man.

No. 437437

File: 1563723659699.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1448, His first wife.png)

Also related.

No. 437440

Nta but her name is Justine Wilson.
Let's call her that instead of the derivative "Musk`s ex-wife".
She's a contemporary fantasy author and TED talk speaker.

No. 437442

No. 437443

I saved it in a hurry because I'm on my mobile, but yeah, the guy is no good and he treats anyone who he feels is beneath him like shit (re: everyone).

No. 437450

You might enjoy r/enoughmuskspam if you don't hate reddit.

there is literally nothing more beta than a straight man that has to tell his gf/wife that he is an aLfA cause he feels threatened by a woman lmfao.
I don't believe in the retarded social darwinism, but I can't help but laugh at the irony.
No dominant person needs to state that, that's just how they are!
Muskrat is a cunt and I hate his braindead fanboys circlejerking about ~real life tony stark uwu~
I did not know he had plastic surgery done, thought he started lifting and got a better haircut or something.

No. 437452

No. 438302

late to the party but aus anon here and I've also had a weird experience too.
I'm still not sure if what I saw was legit or not as I was stoned (but still functioning and everything like not fucked). I was walking back to my boyfriend's house with him one night at about 11pm after we'd been at his mate's house a couple of blocks down the street. He lived near the beach (about 700m down the street), so the direction we were walking was towards the ocean. As we neared the peak in the hill of the road, I saw these three lights in the sky, it was as if they were floating above the ocean and coming in towards us, hovering over the beach. They were changing colours too, like going from red to green to blue. I immediately shit myself (despite having boasted about being someone who would totez not be scared of aliens before this point) and tried to open the front gate to get inside away from these weird lights but I was shaking so much I couldn't open the gate lol. Personally that's the only sus thing that's happened to me (I was 18 at the time, 24 now and nothing since) but my parents have seen a huge 'flash' fly over them while they were camping on an island off the coast of Queensland a few years back. They described it as being like a camera flash flying off towards the pacific ocean.
Tbh I think there's a lot of weird UFO shit going on in Queensland at least, I watched that Australiens doco on netflix and it really spooked me out. Would recommend.

No. 438466

File: 1563911214153.png (93.97 KB, 400x400, tumblr_proerr7s1a1x72ag3o1_400…)

Meme magic is real in the way that a collective of people who are tuned in a similar frequency can sense trends in the world that are about to break out like a hivemind of sorts.

Things like Alex Jones "gay frogs" were a manifestation of the phenomena of chan frequenters, aka pepe the FROG cultists, were being groomed to feel sexual attraction for "traps" and then to become a real "trap". That way the gay frogs thing become an actual realized prophecy because if was sensed and backed up by so many people.

What I'm trying to get at though is if a critical mass of focused anons is reached in whatever social platform you can at best create an oracle and at worst an alt-reality disaster generator.

No. 438577

The perfect revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki

No. 439194

File: 1564038899414.jpeg (112.34 KB, 1600x728, C46DAFC7-49DE-4BD4-96B0-2B0A3B…)

Found another Gaga/Marina pic on kiwi farms. Also Gaga, wtf are you doing with that kid???

No. 439511

I apologise for my ignorance, but wtf is going on in the left photo!?

No. 439549

Mock cannibalism/spirit-cooking gala

The naked chick is actually a cake and the blood is syrup.

No. 439601

Not to be edgy, but after what they did to Nanking, they had it coming. There's a reason why the unconditional surrender basically banned Japan from having a military.

A big chunk of people in Japan still deny that the rape of Nanking happened. They have statues of the generals who carried it out.

Personally, I'd rather be vaporized by a bomb than brutally raped and burned alive.

No. 439792

Unit 731 - never forget!

No. 442136

>why is Dave Mustaine allowed to live?
Or better question: why tf is Al Jourgensen still alive when he’s been blatant about the deep state since the 90’s or even earlier than that?

No. 442144

Any thoughts on the 5g conspiracy theory? Said to really amp up the violence everywhere. More shootings, more fights will break out etc once we are all on 5g

No. 442146

lel good luck govt. 5g is laughably bad. straight up can't propagate through water and has trouble through metal. go with lead in the water supply if you want planned mass mindfuckery.

No. 442147

I'm scared of it. I have heard reports on how it causes tumors too. It's gonna be so hard to avoid. Cancer rates are gonna be at an all time high. I find it disturbing how people are willing to create such danger to people's lives just for profit.

No. 442157

Anyone noticed anything strange about the website v g l n t - c t z n (pls censor the name)? Many people trust this site too much, little did they know that there were many conspiracies about this so-called elite debunking website. It's been standing tall for at least 10 years, which is weird. Some people say the real person behind that website is dead and the elite have taken over it to spread misinformation. Or maybe it was started by the elite from the beginning. Idk.

No. 442169

Should I keep using a shitty old phone to avoid it? I also saw advice to wear tinfoil hats literally so it doesn't penetrate your head

No. 442176

File: 1564624191227.jpg (128.84 KB, 1024x722, 1563820739670.jpg)

There will be a tower every 200m or so with overlappin signals. German govt. is willing to shell out 500 Billion for it when most of the country doesnt even have 4G. Glass/optic fiber and 4g is cheaper, easier to maintain and way less risky in terms of health hazards. There defenitly is a big push behind this. And dont even get me started on the possibilities of chinese espionage.

No. 442178

What should I do to protect myself? Short of moving to the woods and becoming a hermit

No. 442180

From what I have heard the countryside will not be "upgraded" with 5g. Like >>442146 said. 5G range is horrible and cant really penetrate so old stone houses might provide "protection". Otherwise buy a 4g phone with a low SAR rating. What makes me think is why israel refuses 5g (even though developed it= and is even sceptical of 4g. Wifi is banned at kindergardens

No. 442184

I think banning wifi in kindergarten has more to do with child protection than ~muh evil internet beams~

No. 442185

How so

No. 442186

Kids finding weird shit online or not engaging with their peers because of it? There's a lot of toddlers that have youtube and ipad games as nannies.

No. 442187

So that the teachers / adults who are around don't take pictures of the children and upload them, you fucking fool.

No. 442188

That just common sense and doesnt require a state wide shunning/ban

Who tf lets kids have phones in fucking kindergarden ?

No. 442202

Teachers have wifi at school of course…

No. 442234

dude this sounds like exactly what happened to me. I was living in south east QLD near the beach at the time. fucking wild.
Australiens?! fuck dude I am so getting amongst this sounds sick. legit from like, byron to brissy the whole east coast is poppin with these lil orbs. I described it to my friend after it happened and she pulled up all these videos for me.

No. 442240

>and coming in towards us
thats when the gat comes into play

No. 442295

my friends little brother has a cellphone and he is 5.

No. 442315

Not to be weird, but this seems pretty Satan worship-y.


>FBI agents have reportedly found buckets full of heads, arms and legs, as well as refrigerated heaps of male genitalia and different people’s body parts sewn together while working on a case concerning illegally trafficked body parts.

>The officers made the sickening discovery, described as a “horror story”, at a science lab in Arizona.

>The Biological Resource Centre in Phoenix – a body donation and tissue bank facility – is being sued by eight families.

>The lawsuit reportedly alleges: “Pools of human blood and bodily fluids were found on the floor of the freezer.” It said there were no identification tags to mark the corpses.

>One agent said he found a “cooler filled with male genitalia”, “a bucket of heads, arms and legs”, and says he saw “infected heads”.

>They also described the sight of a small woman’s decapitated head which had been sewn onto a large male torso “like Frankenstein” and hung up on a wall. The creation is reportedly referred to as a “morbid joke” in the lawsuit.

My only question is this: Why would they tamper with the bodies like that, if this was just a matter of buying and selling? Bodies definitely aren't cheap. Isn't that messing up the merchandise? And why would they hang something like that up on a wall? Shit just seems like a bizarre ritual.

The same BRC, lead by Gore (fitting name), is also linked to the US military:
>Jim Stauffer, from Surprise, Arizona, thought his beloved mother’s remains would be used to study the effects of Alzheimer’s when she died five years ago.

>But instead 73-year-old Doris Stauffer’s cadaver was strapped into a chair on ‘some sort of apparatus’ and a bomb was let off beneath her.

>The records showed that BRC workers detached one of Doris Stauffer's hands for cremation. After sending those ashes back to her son, the company sold and shipped the rest of Stauffer's body – including her brain - to a taxpayer-funded research ‘blast testing’ project for the U.S. Army.

>Jim said: “There was actually wording on this paperwork about performing this stuff. “Performing these medical tests that may involve explosions, and we said no. We checked the ‘no’ box on all that.”

>BRC and military records show that at least 20 other bodies were also used in the blast experiments without permission of the donors or their relatives.

>The donated bodies were all sold to the military for £5,000 each.

No. 442343

your friends little brother is spoiled

No. 442361

I never knew about the second story but what the fuck? Isn't there fake cadavers for that kind of shit? Why would they want to use real ones? Especially for something as dumb as explosions?

I think places like these, plus funeral homes, are some places where some fucked up shit happens and just nobody looks or wants to look.
I'm a florist that does funeral arrangements so I sometimes hear about funeral gossip, and there is a funeral home where people who have seen their autopsy room has described it as looking like a horror movie, like blood everywhere. And nobody understands how the guy manages to get it so messy. And if that's just local gossip, I can only imagine what goes on in other places.
I just imagine people at a funeral mourning someone without knowing about the bloody room in the building where the person was embalmed.

No. 442388

File: 1564686788751.gif (3.19 MB, 498x280, oldcow.gif)

I had a psychotic episode a while back. (or I was dosed with high quantities of psychedelics by the elite for getting too close to the truth. you decide.) I had some really funny hallucinations

one of my hallucinations was that Tina Fey executed a Mean Girls themed lolcow raid during the Ides of March (march 15th) where everyone on every single thread was just being extremely nice and supportive to each other while also talking about various feminist theories lmao

also it was reveled in this hallucination the entire site was an elaborate social experiment designed by Tina Fey and every single cow was in on it

No. 442401

>also it was reveled in this hallucination the entire site was an elaborate social experiment designed by Tina Fey and every single cow was in on it

i like that part a lot

No. 442583

>the company is led by Stephen Gore
It couldn't have been a coincidence could it lmao

No. 442804

Electrical engineer here. It's complete and utter delusion if not an outright red herring to smear more legitimate conspiracies. There's a relatively small number of people who spend an absurd amount of time spreading it on social media, mostly to prop up the immensely profitable industry of selling snake oil like oregonite and "electricity conditioners" to believers.
Check out any 5G thread on 4chan. Most of them are made by one guy and it's gotten bad enough that there's pastebins full of links debunking him.

No. 442826

I think there's an elite pedo conspiracy for sure but that it has nothing to do with that DC pizza place

No. 442832

File: 1564765007063.jpg (77.51 KB, 892x960, sexcultpoly.jpg)

Then why was the owner linked to NXIVM? See >>424969.
NXIVM is/was also known for child trafficking, FWIW.

No. 442835

File: 1564765188980.jpg (2.11 MB, 1800x2400, 1557359522527.jpg)

No. 442901

File: 1564773057026.jpeg (722.29 KB, 1125x1785, F646DA16-E95E-45CA-BBE5-1D5825…)

Another piece of the puzzle


No. 443588

That shooting just distracted you from Kevin Spacey being a free man, didnt it?

I dont negate the deaths and tragedy of shootings by dismissing them as a coverup scheme, but I do think that in the US, shootings and similar events take up ALL news slots ALL day EVERY day as a conveniently picked-and-chosen thing to distract us from whatever else we were in uproar about that big names want brushed under the rug. Its either an incel shooting or something super insignificant Trump has said that gets mulled over by news anchor over and over for like 72 hours at a time. American news really is this bad and normie suburban families eat it all up so they dont have to think about pedos or real problems.

This is like a mix of tinfoil and pinkpill, just dumb ass boys manipulating everything for gain.

No. 444146

can anyone drop some links to places I can read up on more conspiracy stuff? Conspiracy forums etc that isn't vigilante citizen?

No. 444159

Wtf yeah the grumble I heard about 5G is that people are pushing it for speed despite it being proven than 5G is actually shit, one of the reasons being that it’s a frequency that’s already crowded af and the wavelength they chose isn’t gr8 at propagating when you want a good signal to carry across miles. That and western govs are complaining about China being the one to build towers everywhere cuz muh national security. Honestly I welcome it if fucks with people’s phones and their access to cancerous social media.

No. 444180

He only serves certain elites at the expense of other elites. Within every hierarchy there will always be multiple factions and internal power struggles.

No. 444181

Alternate theory: People just come up with crazy ass alien fantasies to cope with the reality that a relative molested them.

No. 444183

Or it's just trendy and good publicity.

No. 446396

The El Paso shooter was an MK patsy, his dad is/was involved with the CIA and is a psychiatrist. Pretty sure this recent shooting is another means to pass a gun ban.


No. 446399

No. 446402

>this mass murder was done with guns because they're bad
>OR this mass murder using guns doesn't count because it was just done to make guns look bad
Either way guns are bad, Americans are so fucking weird.

No. 446632

Epstein an hero’ed himself.

No. 446639

No. 446653

The Clinton’s have something to do with it…again (kek)

No. 446671

Imagine sacrificing your own child to a cabal of pedo dems. Grim.

No. 446682

Same thing happened to the Ohio shooter.


No. 446811

A friend of mine works at the mortuary where he was sent to, he’s being cremated like the piece of shit he is. I so wish she could’ve seen his autopsy to appease my tinfoiling.

I’m mad he “heroed”, I was hoping he’d implicate more people.

No. 446817

didn't keep up with the thread soz, what do you mean by gat?

No. 446947

>A friend of mine works at the mortuary where he was sent to
That is interesting. I thought cremation wasn't very popular with Jewish people. He didn't seem very religious though from what I've read.

I'm not that anon (I would never say gat), but "gat" is a term for gun.

No. 446963

I honestly think it’s because a funeral would’ve probably been “too scandalous”, who would want to show up to a pedo’s funeral to get mobbed by paparazzi & be associated with him?

No. 446972

Cremation usually happens when they hide the actual cause of death. So we’re not getting an autopsy then?

No. 447016

If he is truly dead, his remains should be at Frank E Campbell’s mortuary, no legal way to get our hands on any records I’m pretty sure though.

No. 447537

It's hilarious that absolutely no one believes this was a case closed suicide. People on all sides of the political spectrum think it's fishy. Important documents were released the day before he died? Come on. And not to mention he was supposedly taken off suicide watch but you really have to wonder how dumb the person who made that decision could be to let such a high profile criminal have any sort of avenue to kill himself or be harmed.
And of course, now that people are suspicious, twitter is messing with trending tags and the news is warning people about conspiracy theorists. It's almost comical how blatant this is.

Even if he did actually commit suicide of his own volition, it's obvious someone let him.

No. 448146

Null is a legit pedo who belongs to one of the Illuminati bloodlines and gives kf users’ info to the government.


is suicided by three gunshots to the back of the head

No. 448154

Isn't there actual milk on Null being a pedo though? Hilarious when Farmers so vociferously hate anything with even a whiff of pedo

No. 448162

omg spill josh moon tea

No. 448173

I think the real conspiracy is that he did just commit suicide because he didn't want to die in prison and was a cowardly fucking child molester. He was spotted with marks on his neck a few days before he died and 15 minutes is plenty of time to die by hanging, especially if you've been practising like he obviously had been.

I think pedos are deeply selfish people who'll take the easy way out and he was a billionaire who had complete control over his life and felt like he could control many others, a person like that wouldn't want to be under the control of anyone else.

Just seems logical to me that he'd kill himself when he realized there was no other way out.

Everyone's gone full retard over it, though. The fact that the pro-Clintons think the Trumps did it and the pro-Trumps think the Clintons did it is enough for me to show that no one but Epstein did it for himself because he was an asshole.

No. 448228

File: 1565767805829.jpg (115.61 KB, 680x680, 1565509446035.jpg)

>I think the real conspiracy is that he did just commit suicide because he didn't want to die in prison

You are not fooling anyone C.I.A chan

No. 448367

He secretly owns comet ping and was was a frequent traveler to the Lolita Express. Nobody knows this shit because well, nobody knows!

No. 448400

No. 448402

>not calling me CIAnon.

I'm disappointed.

No. 448626

File: 1565829152312.jpg (748.19 KB, 1422x1722, 129877pcnexp_gisele_102906773-…)

I know this is a pretty common tinfoil, but I definitely think there are some female celebs/athletes/models etc that are actually biological males and vice versa.
Pic is Gisele Bundchen standing next to "her" biological sister….

No. 448648

Ive heard this theory before and I think it's misogynistic. Not all women have to have super feminine body types. Gisele looks like a real woman to me even though she isnt as curvy as her sister.

No. 448774

File: 1565864398269.jpg (113.27 KB, 634x801, article-0-1DD8406B00000578-914…)

Not being a flabby midget means you must be a man, got it.

This is why I don't trust shorties, they're always out there trying to prove that they're more feminine and overall "better women"…

No. 448781

You might want to go out more and delete instagram for a while.

No. 448784

Clean the sand out of your vagina, stretch. It's just a person on the internet being retarded, there's nothing wrong with your height or short girls being short.
Gisele is clearly a woman and has feminine features. Women come in all shapes and sizes. You don't have to like all of them but that's your problem to handle and they'll exist whether you approve of them or not.

No. 448790

File: 1565868288520.jpg (43.79 KB, 550x550, Gisele-Bundchen-Pregnant-Bikin…)


lol you dumbass

No. 448794

I think Gisele is ugly with a hard face and a plain body but it isnt because shes tall, thin, athletic, and not super neotenous that shes a guy. For example I absolutely love, love Grace Jones who does more andro styling than Gisele and has a fitter body but I find her 100x more attractive than Gisele or the current crop of tall and thin celebrities. Its just a different star image really.

Sage for autistic rambling

No. 448924

All wimminz r trannies, end of story!

No. 449427

Courtney Love is defending Epstein.l and was associated with pedogate

Oh and let’s not forget that she killed Kurt.

No. 449431

Caps of her defending him? Link? Anything?
I Googled "Courtney Love defends Epstein" and nothing came up.

No. 449515

NTA, all I was able to find is:
>The names listed in Epstein's "black book," first reported on by Gawker in 2015, are far-flung and include President Donald Trump, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Ted Kennedy, Alec Baldwin, and Courtney Love.
She was definitely involved.

No. 449529


I'd believe anything incriminating about Courtney. Fuck her.

No. 449703

I hate myself cause I still enjoy her art. I would never rec it to anyone tho and will gladly inform any unaware person of the shitstain she is

No. 450406

I think it’s not fair to assume that name in Epstein’s address books means automatically that you are part of the pedoring. I wouldn’t be suprised if Courtney Love is up to sketchy business but name in the book is not evidence.
All the rich and powerful are running in same circles.

Everyone in that book must be investigated but it’s not reasonable to mark every single person who has ever met Epstein pedophile

No. 455691

No. 455741


Globalists seething

No. 455750

I dont believe Alex Jones is actually a real conspiracy theorist because he has too much attention to him and he isnt that pushed back against. Tariq Nasheed is more pushed back against and less mainstream than him so I dont believe it.

No. 455769

Alex Jones peaked when he did his Bohemian Gr*ve bit. now he’s in the pocket of the corporate media and dutifully plays the role as the “wacky conspiracist” spreading disinfo

No. 455770

Winner winner chicken dinner. When the media and/or the elites are truly against someone, they don’t give them attention, positive or negative. Alex Jones makes conspiracy theorists look bad, he peddles his snake oils, refuses to call out Israel, has connections to the CIA, plus he exaggerates way more than he used to which indirectly debunks the topic he’s describing. No fucking bueno.

No. 455915

Didn’t he used to sell dick-enhancement pills! Top kek

Throwback from 1997

No. 455917

Wathever Alex Jones gets right is always something he got from Bill Cooper , who actually got rekd. I do believe he is there to lower the reputation of conspiracies and mix in a bunch of bullshit with real stuff so no one takes any of it seriously or even know whats good info or not.

No. 455953


Rational (not CIA-shill) conspiracy theorist right there!

No. 455966

So i've been listening to the Higherside chats podcast, a lot of episodes are kinda lame, the host is a stereotypical redpill weed smoker but some of the guests are really good. There's an episode about the alcohol conspiracy i recommend, about Rockefeller forcing prohibition to wage war on alcohol being used as a fuel source and to put his own gasoline monopoly forward, its good stuff. It clicked with me since i have always been skeptical about electric cars and Elon Musk, that doesn't seem like the cheapest and obvious alternative to coal and gas. I recommend a listen.

No. 455971


obama turned my frog gay with chemicals, a classic
swear to fuckin god Erik's conspiracy shitposting keeps me alive

No. 456029

>redpill weed smoker
You're going to get indoctrinated anon, one minute you're laughing at how cliche the jokes are the next you'll be posting your tits for the redpillers on /pol/

No. 462107

File: 1568432629613.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1707, 4B4B1FC2-6DAB-48CE-A280-6ACB61…)

Halsey’s been indoctrinated

No. 462119


No. 462120

File: 1568437551083.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 218.22 KB, 957x1264, 3FFCF055-1EED-4DCD-B48D-BE3506…)

No. 462130

If I had to guess, it would be the eye thing.

No. 462532

Operation Flicker isn't news, but it's creepy to know.
Out of several people exposed to have subscribed to CP websites, at least 264 of them were found to be Pentagon workers. Nine of them "had “Top Secret” security clearances, which means these individuals had access to information that, if disclosed, could “reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to national security” [4]. A total of 76 individuals had “Secret” or higher clearances".
Only 10 of them were charged with anything.
A large chunk of the subscribers were not investigated for any government involvement, meaning the true number is still up in the air. Daily Mail reported eight NASA employees being caught in this same operation.
As for why this belongs here:
>The Pentagon allowed at least 254 employees and contractors caught purchasing child pornography to go unpunished. Conspiracy theories thrive because governments lack transparency and often fail to meet their responsibilities, often through incompetence. Of course, powerful people also conspire to manipulate situations for their personal benefit.

>Decide for yourself which theory best fits Operation Flicker.

No. 462697

It’s not just an “eye” thing, this might help


No. 462741

>of the thousands of famous people in the world 25 of them had an extremely common minor injury over the last 20 years

No. 462928

File: 1568649328829.jpg (36.75 KB, 718x365, fightclub.JPG)

No. 463086

File: 1568707324081.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1836, E8FBED7D-C695-4307-979C-582E2D…)

No. 463105

no offence but who tf doesn't get a black eye once a decade or so? especially old people and alcoholics (half the people there) are very prone to random injuries from nothing.

No. 463115

Damn, not reading rainbow! Then again, PBS is funded by the CIA

No. 463116

I take it you didn’t even read the link? kay

No. 463141

File: 1568736454584.jpg (387.09 KB, 1400x1027, d5f84de8c0f4d7dc9bb07da7a3c65f…)

I am usually very liberal but Desmond and Lactatia and all the stuff with drag kids and drag queens (some of which have been found out to be registered sex ofenders) reading to kids, trigger some intense anger and disgust in me and everything about it screams Pedo Satanic Illuminati agenda. It was supposed to be about the individual freedoms of consenting adults, wtf, this is not it.

No. 463183

I did read the link in its entirety actually, I just find the whole "a black eye is not a black eye but something to do with illuminatti if it's on a celeb/politician/economist" concept even more far fetched than the usual. there is legit disturbing shit that is probably real, like >>463141, and then there's looking for signs in the most benign shit and the transpiracies ala >>448626. Maybe someone should keep a tally of celeb colds, they are probably due to some ritual where they are forced to swallow a snake as a punishment you know. inb4 that' s a legit conspiracy

No. 463226

Lainey only troon'd out in hopes of onion divorcing her where she will not only be away the grease but also get sympathy and babied by Tumblr folk

No. 463234

The men that were with him in the video where he looks drugged are sex offenders in the registry.

You don’t even have to dig deeper to find it most LGBT people I know actively talk against a LITERAL CHILD in a bar dancing for $$

No. 463238

No. 463241

Desmond whilst drugged, the artist in the background paints disturbing art involving kids

No. 463247

I know y'all will call me liars for this and I have no proof, but I SWEAR that my friend who lives in new york went to the same gay bar that Desmond danced at, and requested desmonds information for "a private show" and they offered to give him his mothers number and says she handles that. Feel free to take it with a grain of salt since I have no proof, but it is the genuine truth and someday I expect it to be revealed that she's letting men pay for time with him. mark my words. deleted this and reposted to add that my friend is NOT a pedophile, he did this because he had the same suspicion and disgust about Desmond being pimped out/dancing like a stripper at gay clubs.

No. 463258

He should go to the police. Also should have recorded it.

No. 463262

The police doesn’t care both men in >>463241 have records and people tried to report it nothing happened that’s why >>463141 is more concerning the more you think about it

No. 463273

Who cares about weird paintings, that's Michael Alig the fucking party monster killer. Who takes their kid to be filmed eating candy on a couch with a well known murderer?

I don't believe the kid is drugged here, kids act weird all the time, but the way so many adults are using his childhood hobby as a vehicle for everything they can gain from it is disgusting. It's nice for the little boy that he gets to play dress up and learn stage skills and so he should have theater classes with other kids his age, not be out performing at raunchy nights alongside numbers about people hiding cocain in their assess.

No. 463278

You never know when a report is going to be the straw the breaks the pedo cammels back or might help put together a picture for a future prosecution against them.

This is why I hate this conspiracy theory shit beacuse it gets in the way of actual real crimes by making people think its hopeless and muddying the water with autism.

No. 463300

apparently did record it but it's a drunken dark bar, hard to tell. I'm gonna try and see if he will send me a copy of the video to post here as proof. back when he did this (a year and a couple of months ago) he tried to send the video to multiple news organizations but literally none cared at all, surprise surprise. Not sure if he tried to go to the police, but since many people have already tried to report Desmond's mom to the police with no response, I doubt they would care.

No. 463315

I don't think he's drugged, I think he's autistic. Doesn't make it better, I know, but still.

No. 463317

File: 1568768038520.png (491.57 KB, 718x650, 1567911849647.png)


In Wokeland, no one can hear kids scream.

No. 463320

>that image
??? How can this be a debate? They can't find anyone else to read to children?

No. 463324

File: 1568769660563.png (104.6 KB, 500x709, massresistance-revealed-that-a…)


No anon, It can't be scientists, athletes, firefighters, actual trained teachers, it has to be drag queens.


No. 463329

There's got to be actual educators out there with degrees or certifications who can do this and be just as "fun" as letting the sex offender drag guy do it, right?
What the fuck is wrong with society where ordinary and qualified people cannot find employment but somehow this loud fucking criminal trash makes it out because they're flashy? Fuck this shit.

No. 463332

File: 1568770750579.png (554.14 KB, 412x768, 9e20192a89ca13332f271dd86d794b…)


Kids are under attack, every crazy agenda out there wants to hook them young

No. 463432

Onision was programmed during his detainment in Korea prior being allowed to return to the US where he would continue making videos and achieve “success”.

His mission is to cause discord, chaos and malice without no repercussions nor consequences. I believe is is being protected by YouTube/Google higher ups for this purpose to see how long they can ride whatever outcome.

There’s also photos even before he was “famous” where he hides or covers one of his eyes as well as dabbling with the occult, no matter how amateur he and his family were with practicing. He maybe is even telling the truth when he states that he has split/multiple personalities as way in the past (2002 or 2003) he revealed that “Onision” was one of said personalities. He also does not recall past tense memories (like the narc rage livestream about Billie) nor does he remember when he shot that video live.

There is also another possibility that he was being programmed before even signing up for the military as he admitted visiting multiple therapists on his mother’s behest and maybe while in juvie. His family has connections to the military and maybe freemasonry.

No. 463435

alright keith

No. 463525

File: 1568827641486.png (729.81 KB, 996x704, file.png)

No. 463538

Everyone knew

No. 465285

This is probably old milk but this Youtuber’s suicide ^screams* sacrifice, not to mention his family has ties to the Ghanan(?) government


No. 465288

Elaborate anon? His death really messed me up.

No. 465296

Does anyone else get suspicious of science sometimes and the things they bring out to the public? I'm not saying i don't believe in science (and people usually jump at you thinking you're "anti-science") but I'm aware that there must be many organisations and companies censoring certain scientific discoveries and experiments, and that the results that they make public can be changed or warped for some popular agenda. Like scientist are doing their job but they're swayed by the higher-ups to push a certain message. Remember when the sugar industry payed scientist and the like to keep it a secret that sugar was bad and to instead say fat was worse for health? Who knows how much of that is still going on today? (The trans trend comes to mind with every company pushing that shit like crazy)

No. 465299

File: 1569310521719.jpeg (604.29 KB, 1125x1371, ABC5081F-7581-4814-AC1A-847D32…)

It’s almost similar how Isaac Kappy’s death went down, and Etika’s body was found five days later, weren’t his an hero thoughts taken seriously beforehand?

Also, why would he need his equipment and a pair of clothes if he was gonna an hero? I think he was trying to get away from something but that “something” caught up and…finished the job.

No. 465300

They probably already have the cures for cancer and aids/hiv but you know, they want to kill most of us and possibly population control.

No. 465301

Yes. One example of this is the way milk (and dairy itself) is/was shilled hard in the USA as an essential, healthy substance. It's really not, but the government needs people consuming it to slow down stockpiling because there's been an excess of it since the great depression.
Here's an article about that: https://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/07/us/07fat.html
Same goes for the early food pyramid that claimed grains, ie carbs, were the most essential part of a healthy diet even though it causes obesity. It was literally only made because the US produced way too much grains specifically to prove to the USSR that they had the better agriculture of the two.

One more recent, slightly more innocent example of this is shit like this article:
>Eating fried potatoes linked to higher risk of death, study says
Sounds reasonable enough, right? But then:
>The study is observational, meaning the researchers simply tracked the behavior of a group of people and found an association between one behavior – eating fried potatoes – and another factor – early death. Because it is an observational study, Veronese and his co-authors note it cannot be said that eating fried potatoes directly causes an early mortality
They didn't do the research required to actually say the headline statement reliably. You might as well put out an article stating "Going outside and breathing air linked to higher risk of death, study says", then throw in something like "W-Well, we believe you might breathe in some secondhand smoke or other toxins, decreasing your health" to make the article seem less like bait.

This is what passes for "science", and it's what news publications gladly put out. Now, think to all the more serious things they may purposely be misleading the general public about.
Also, just for fun, here's a TED Talk on astroturfing. It discusses this phenomenon happening, but with things like medicine and drugs for the sake of profit.
I don't even know if I could call this tinfoil/conspiracy. It's just so blatant how often people are lied to and purposely mislead. I'm discussing the US in this post, but you can bet your ass it's a worldwide issue.

No. 465302

Anyone tho thinks cancers will ever have one or even just a few cures is too retarded to help.

Each type of cancer would need an individual cure because cancer is not a single disease. You think there’s a hundred thousand cures just stockpiled around while researchers loved ones die of those same cancers?

How embarrassing to think like that.

No. 465355


If it is sociology we are talking about, don't ever believe nothing they try to pass as "science" because it isn't. Sociology is opinion and propaganda with extra steps.

Science itself has become a buzzword to justify aanything and make people accept it at face value, "scientism " is the current religion. Sometimes the data is technically correct but doubt who is telling you , how he got the data and what conclusions that person is drawing from them.

No. 465367

I started reading about Lina Morgana and listening to her music, and I've sort of fallen into a rabbit hole. I don't really have anywhere else to dump my autism, so I'll do it here.
In her song, "My Angel", one of the lyrics is "The silent clouds tell me that something's wrong. They're moving towards me, and it won't be long. I try to run, but my body's frozen over". Kind of creepy. She also looks a lot like she's on something as she lip syncs her song in the video for it. A few commenters have said she had a dope addiction, but I don't know. It gets creepier, though.

As a reminder, she died by falling (or jumping) off the rooftop of a 10-story building. Here's an account of her death, from a news article
>A woman believed to be in her 20s or 30s jumped from the roof of the Staten Island Hotel in Graniteville this morning. The woman – whose identity is currently unknown – was pronounced dead at Richmond University Medical Center in West Brighton, police said. No criminality is suspected.
>Shocked witnesses said the emotionally disturbed woman appeared to be dancing or exercising on the roof of the 10-story building when she suddenly jumped off the front at about 11:20 a.m.
I want to bring attention to this: In the music video for her song, "Far Away" (>>412634), at the end, she stands at the rooftop of a building, laughing and smiling, blowing bubbles, etc. Dark irony there.

Also, in one of the songs Lady Gaga wrote for Lina to sing, "Red Shoes", the lyrics go "Falling off of the world into the universe. I could send a message back there, but would that be weird?".

Lina also had a sort of preview for a reality show (a docu-soap pitch) in 2005 (vid related), but it seems that it didn't get released. She was 16 at the time.

At 2:13, you can see famous producer Rob Fusari coaching and directing her. On MySpace, she was listed as being signed to Rob Fusari Productions, and says of record deals "Major labels have been courting me, but my gut is to wait for the right deal. I don't want to jump into bed with a stranger and in the morning roll over & say “what was I thinking?” But I am signed to a publishing deal with Sony Publishing which I’m happy about, I think?! Major labels have been courting me, but my gut is to wait for the right deal. I don't want to jump into bed with a stranger and in the morning roll over & say “what was I thinking?”".
Something about Rob gives me uncomfortable, almost Dan Schneider vibes. I can't really back it up, it's just a greasy feeling, but I'm guessing I'm not alone, since other people have pointed out the same thing. He was the one who first introduced Lina to Lady Gaga. He continued to work with Gaga after Lina's death (apparently, they were also dating for a while), and produced/co-wrote a few tracks from her 2008 album, The Fame, most notably the song "Paparazzi". In the music video for "Paparazzi", Lady Gaga gets thrown off a balcony. A headline in a newspaper in the video reads "Lady No More Gaga" (obviously, "More Gaga" sounds like "Morgana").

At 3:58, Lina sings "I need some strong medicine" (ironic, considering her mannerisms in the video for "My Angel" and the drug addiction rumors), then "For your ulterior motive, it's just a matter of time" (no words needed), and then a snippet from the song "American Girl", "All she ever really wanted to be was the whipped cream on top of the American dream". The full song in the last one also has the lyrics "Long lost innocence", "Rage against the system, prescription drug victim", "Her boyfriend's a stalker, he gets off on torture. But if she ever left him she'd be forced to nah, nah, no wait" and "All she ever wanted was for someone to love her. Someone she could love, but instead she got some perv in a tie and shirt breathing heavy on the phone from work, you jerk" (…Rob? The male listeners? Some other exec she's dealt with?).

At 4:41, she explains that she found out about the Arthurian character, Morgana (aka Morgan The Fey) from a book of paintings. Morgana is described as "Seductive, mischievous and powerful", and Lina says she was immediately inspired by her. She says "When I saw her name, I loved it. Right away, I was like "Mom, that's me. That's Morgana. That's what I want to be."", implying "Morgana" isn't her real last name. That makes sense, considering both her parents are Russian, and "Morgan" is a Welsh name.
Morgana (the character) is written to be capable of both flying and shapeshifting. A quote attributed to her by two magic-related sites and one comment on the video itself is "I end so that I may begin". I'm sure I don't have to explain why those details are eerie, given the rumors.

I don't know about any of this. It's just all so….weird. All these sad coincidences lining up.

As for whether or not Lady Gaga stole her persona, I don't feel like that's entirely the case. Lina's image and persona was obviously a pop-rock kind of thing. She seemed a lot like a dark, brunette parallel to Britney Spears. In fact, I think that was exactly the point for her. If she had blown up and gotten famous, that niche would've placed her something like where Avril Lavigne once was and where Billie Eilish is now (but for the early 2000s). While Britney exemplified the idealized, squeaky clean, all-American blond teen cheerleader, Lina reveled in the darker, uglier parts of American teen culture, singing about depression, drugs, and a boyfriend who gets off on torture. Both were sexualized as a sort of "jailbait" and clearly had aspects of their youth exploited, though.
Lady Gaga, on the other hand, started off more as a "hot mess" self-parody/campy pop act that later evolved into being more avant-garde and drag-inspired. She was also never marketed as a teen type, always a grown woman. There's definitely something there that's a bit similar, but I can't pin it down very well, so I won't try.

No. 465370

Here's an interview with Lady Gaga, a bit early in her career (Pokerface/Just Dance era).
At 0:44, she's asked what an artist is.
>"A liar. Artists tell lies. We tell lies, and we kill for them, to make them real."

No. 465379

File: 1569331751781.jpg (86.37 KB, 969x766, C_5dSu9VwAAhNeh.jpg)

In 2009, Gaga put out the alter ego "Morgana Devacelli". This is what she said about her:
>“A boy ate her heart then ate her brain, and she doesn't have a soul anymore, just the body and the meat. That's why Morgana has a crow on her head.”
Two things.
1. Morgan The Fey (aka the same "Morgana" Lina based her stage name on) is said to have a raven as a familiar (not a crow, but another black bird): http://thefamiliars.blogspot.com/2010/03/morgan-le-fays-raven.html
>Traditionally said to represent death itself, the black raven assisted the evil sorceress Morgan Le Fay in her conflicts with the Roundtable. Arthurian legend deems this dark witch and her villainous familiar enemies of the land.
>Her animal form is the Raven and when she arises from her fairy mound she sings:
>I have a secret that you shall learn.

>The grasses wave. The flowers glow golden.

>The Goddesses three, low like a kine.

>The Raven Morrigan herself is wild for blood.

2. Lina Morgana is said to have been in an abusive relationship with a man named Tyler Francis Schwab. It's been theorized the song "Monster" from Gaga's album (TFM) may have been about Tyler.
>" Lady Gaga wrote the song Monster about her "girlfriend'" Lina Morgana's boyfriend model, Tyler Francis Schwab, .. Lina always complained about him, abusive violent mentally unstable boyfriend Tyler, every time Lina tried to leave him, he threatened suicide. Tyler broke into her mother's Yana's house broke a door, Yana had him arrested, Lina begged her mom to drop the charges & she would leave him. Then Lina "allegedly" commits suicide , by jumping off a hotel across from her mom's nail salon? Who was Lina going to meet at that hotel. ? The police know there was a call earlier , between Lina and Tyler. Tyler told the police, Lina told him she was going to commit suicide. Shortly after Lina's death Tyler approached Lady Gaga, he wanted to write songs with her. She wouldn't give him the time of day, and wrote the song Monster. He wants to be famous. Yes this case needs to be reopened and solved. "

I just feel like things connect a little too well.

No. 465381

File: 1569331922910.png (170.81 KB, 1154x842, ty.png)

Here is that same Tyler (or someone who claimed to be him) denying that Gaga had anything to do with Lina's death.
Interesting that his bio reads "Lifes a play…. Act".

No. 465385


I totally believe Lady Gaga killed or sent someone to kill Morgana. They are way too connected for it to be just some coincidence. Lady Gaga always seemed off to me for some unknown reason, and this solidified it, along with her going to those spirit cooking dinners, having all those Satanic and illumanti shit in her videos and costumes. There's a lot of mystery and creepiness surrounding her and her career and her past.

Also, wasn't there that instance in, correct me if i'm wrong, some Netflix documentary of her concert tour where she and her team are backstage, and one of them mentions having to be careful as an artist because bad things can happen, and Gaga says something like "yeah, remember what happened to…you know?" and everyone starts getting nervous. I didn't watch it but I read about it when looking up the conspiracy of Gaga/Morgana

No. 465389

File: 1569332788617.jpg (158.26 KB, 675x1200, C_5dqCnVYAA2bGz.jpg)

Meanwhile, Lina's family claimed that they don't believe her death was a suicide (I found her real name already, but I'm not sure whether I should post it, since it could be the same as doxxing her mother). The https://linamorgana.com website is down now, I got the cap from:

No. 465390

IMO, either she had her killed, as you said, or she did something to drive Lina to suicide.
I didn't know about the Netflix thing, that just makes everything even more suspicious if true.

A few years back, Lady Gaga was involved in a lawsuit involving Rob Fusari and Wendy Starland. She begged the court to seal certain documents, claiming that they were "sensitive, private, and personal".

>Gaga claims that if the info went public, it would "inflict significant personal and professional harm upon" her. She also says that she and Fusari are legally bound to keep the information private as part of a non-disparagement agreement between the two.Gaga claims that if the info went public, it would "inflict significant personal and professional harm upon" her. She also says that she and Fusari are legally bound to keep the information private as part of a non-disparagement agreement between the two.
She succeeded in this.
>A NY judge has sided with Gaga and ordered the docs sealed, pointing out that both Gaga and Rob want the info under wraps. So it's pretty obvious … Wendy's the one with the damaging info.

>The judge made it clear – the information could definitely "seriously injure" Gaga.

If Fusari is involved, my first thought is that Lina Morgana is/was, as well, but I guess we'll never know for sure.

Also, building off my earlier suspicion of Fusari, Lady Gaga apparently filed a lawsuit against him.
She called him "predatory", and also said his contract with her was "financially abusive" and an "unlawful arrangement". Knowing this, I'm inclined to think this man may have treated Lina the same way. If she actually committed suicide of her own accord, we can probably bet this man had something to do with it.

No. 465395

File: 1569333864329.jpg (84.39 KB, 675x1200, C_56KVKVoAAbsHW.jpg)

Also, from the same Twitter post, someone pointed out these Lady Gaga lyrics, and I found someone commenting on them.
>I don't want to be "one of those" people, but…
>Lina jumped from a ten story building.
>Not much, BUT.
>The highway near The Staten Island Hotel on Richmond Ave. where Lina jumped? You take Exit 10 off of Dr Martin Luther King Expy to get there.
>NOT saying Gaga did it, but she COULD be referencing the situation.
Additionally, in the song Gaga wrote and performed backup vocals for Lina in, "Wunderland" (last song they worked on together IIRC - and Lina didn't write any of it, according to Genius), Gaga whispers "I'll take you, I'll take you" repeatedly, and at the end of the song, there's a scream that gets cut off.

No. 465398


Here's a reddit post I saw talking about that part in the netflix documentary I mentioned:

"In the lady gaga documentary on netflix there is a part where she is talking about young singers in the industry who die. She is naming a few and then she starts crying and she looks at her manager and whispers "and you know who else im talking about right?" But never says her name. This would definitely fit in with that part of the doc."

Interesting how Gaga and her team are always trying to bury information about Lina like she never existed. I bet you it was them that took away her Wikipedia page. It just goes to show, never underestimate what people will do to achieve fame and fortune. This shit probably happens on a near daily basis in ways which will never reach the public

No. 465407

Yup, definitely makes sense. They went full damage control mode trying to make it all go away. I'm surprised there's still this much information left, even. I read that news publications were directly stopped from naming her as the victim, which is why there's only that one article about an "unnamed woman" who died.
I wish there was some way to find out if she had any non-impact injuries or signs of a prior struggle/fight upon death, or if there were drugs in her system, but I imagine that kind of information is locked up tight for just these reasons. Everything surrounding her death is just so shady.
That doc scene sounds heartbreaking.
Here's a video where Rob Fusari talks about her (posthumously). He says "I wanted to work with her because I saw the darkness, and I'm attracted to the darkness", and says something about it "overcoming" her. He mentions that they went out to get pizza, and on their way out of the pizza place, a stranger went after them and said "God sent me to tell you something". He told him to get away, but now he wishes he knew what the man had to say that day, and that Lina killed herself shortly after that.

No. 465409

The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper…. I didn't even know there was this much information on Lina. I heard some people even say that Lina actually didn't exist in the first place and was just a hoax to boost Gaga's popularity and career. But that sounds so bizarre to me because how would accusations of murder help someone's career? Maybe THAT theory was planted by her team lol, who knows. I don't necessarily believe she was "sacrificed" but just Gaga was jealous and wanted to steal her style, but then again who knows what kind of things happen in the music industry, maybe blood sacrifices and the like are part of the process.

It's a fact that artists and actors lie and distort their past all the time to push a certain image of themselves and market themselves, like where they came from, how they started out, who helped them etc. And i just know that Gaga is one the most suspicious of them all

No. 465411


yeah i kinda believe that science discoveries and such are published in a way that's very easy and understandable for the public to digest, and they use this to their advantage to trick or lie or manipulate their information? I know that these kinds of scientific fields are guilty of using click-bait sort of titles and headlines too, to catch people's awareness about whatever, sometimes coincidentally lining up to whatever agenda or trend is going on at the time. Maybe they're also responsible for pushing moral panic sometimes, for whatever reason.
Personally i've a pretty skeptical person about almost everything, and i realised one day that the more power and influence an industry has, they can abuse this and say any shit they want, and it's their illusion of knowledge and intelligence that get people to fall for it, cause they probably think "well these guys know what they're talking about because they're professions, it's their job, we can trust them". This also applies to media and news and such. There's no doubt that this happens regularly imo

No. 465417

>Yes. One example of this is the way milk (and dairy itself) is/was shilled hard in the USA as an essential, healthy substance

They did it with oil based fuels too, Rockefeller got in the gasoline game and suddenly alcohol powered cars were a no-go despite them being widely used at the time for all sorts of vehicles and machinery and of course he lobbied for prohibition, he funded the temperance league and the moral panic campaign to ruin the alcohol fuel industry and succeed, it was not about morals and is wasn't even the drinking alcohol they were really targeting.


No. 465447

This reminds me of the huge fear mongering that happened around cannabis because hemp was proving to be a more profitable alternative to tree based paper

No. 465470

I don't like saying "The Police" since obviously there's plenty of individual officers that care, but your point is true truefax. The police as an institution doesn't care because they're owned and controlled by billionaires that are part of it. Same as corporate media. Same as CPS. For Desmond to be saved I think someone will need to buy him out completely.

No. 465472

It has to be drag queens because they even admit themselves that the whole point is raising a generation of kids that aren't as homophobic as the last.. Though clearly what some mean by this is the whole point is exposing them to adult sexuality.

No. 465480

Broadly speaking there's two sorts of scientists. First is ones that work in research and development for giant corporations. Those ones you can trust since they're paid to be real scientists. Though most of their work is under lock and key. Nobody would know more about climate change than BP. Nobody would know more about nutrition than Nestle. The other sort of scientist is the sort that works for government/school grants. For this sort they have to know what the presumed outcome should be since they'll never get funded otherwise. Outright lying is still frowned upon, God bless, but fudging data to fit the majority consensus is more or less the industry standard. It's not about finding the truth. It's about telling their backers just what they want to hear.

No. 465491

>raising a generation of kids that aren't as homophobic as the last

As if being gay means doing drag. Thats like having kids listen to gangsta rap so they don't grow up to be racists. You are not advocating for gay people , they are advocating for drag queens which is not something that should mix with children. Drag is a highly sexual minstrel show making fun of women performed in adult venues, its more problematic that mainstream accepts it and is being shown to kids than the other way around.

No. 465581

Nayrt, but while I essentially agree with you I think scientists working for big companies have to censor their findings more than anyone. There's no doubt that Nestle knows a lot about nutrition but it's in their best interest to keep that knowledge inside of their company.
The stuff that actually gets published with a big corporation as a backer is going to be the "new study finds eating Kellogg's (tm) cereal is healthier than eating a sandwich" type of bullshit.

No. 465596

>The stuff that actually gets published with a big corporation as a backer is going to be the "new study finds eating Kellogg's (tm) cereal is healthier than eating a sandwich" type of bullshit.

Not gonna be much different from what is funded by political parties, governments and ongs

"Study finds trans women are actually more women than women"

No. 465615

File: 1569371570679.jpg (149.68 KB, 1440x907, file.jpg)

I can't be the only one a bit suspicious of her motivation and her backers, right? Nobody ascends to the national stage that swiftly without some serious money and influence behind.

No. 465617

Literally every single poster in every single republican, climate denial, redpoll, and MGTOW space ever is saying the exact same thing and saying it loudly.

No. 465623

I’m neither of those things but this whole things seems weird. I could be wrong but I read that her parents let her quit school to do this? What could go wrong?/s

No. 465624


Mass media are corporations that are controlled by something like 6 international conglomerates and hire according to a certain gauntlet that filters through people with the values they like. They're also based in large pop centers that tend to have a political bent to them and the culture enforces itself. If one media empire starts to push an agenda the rest will generally bandwagon if its congruent with their overall interest (globalism, for example, is good for giant international companies all the owners have stocks in). Also journalists will often have mailing lists across various outlets that are used to set an agenda on the lower level.

But in the end all that you need is a well funded pr campaign. If media people like the messaging they will pick it up. They're overwhelmingly centered between neolib and progressive so its not that hard.

No. 465630


read harder, caring about completing her schooling necessitates a future to work toward

No. 465635

File: 1569373710026.jpeg (89.31 KB, 851x638, 02E7A321-8514-4BF0-9076-E99BAB…)

Greta: makes valid and damning points that the UN agrees with. Her talking points include how there will be no future worth living and children are going to school to prepare for a future they will not have.

Anon: uhhh why isn’t she in school? This will end badly send her back to algebra.

No. 465637


what a corny melodramatic tagline. She is obviously getting milked for dough. Activism is a big racket specially if some woke corporate entities are involved, getting that notoriety so fast is like winning the spokesperson shill lottery.

No. 465641

File: 1569374213251.jpg (103.1 KB, 634x960, grettard.jpg)


>Greta: makes valid and damning points that the UN agrees with.

Truly, she is indispensable regurgitating the 4 decades worth of slogans that happen to add a rationale for the UN's existence and the pay for the goodly people working there. Totes not a media prop. This is just a spontaneous grassroots movement of Greta maniacs swept up into a frenzy by her novel takes and sage maxims. And they all happen to be bean counters at places like the UN or EU or journos. This is all organic, go back to sleep, conspiracytard shit babies.

No. 465645

Lmao climate denialists are wild. It’s not the corporations or politicians rich from coal and oil lying and shilling nonsense, it’s definitely commie leftists lmao.

No. 465650

>and children are going to school to prepare for a future they will not have.

Her future lies in being a paid shill and a politician upstarted with lobby money, that's her livelihood , she didn't opt out a career, she is pursuing the most profitable path that opened up for her.

No. 465653


Right, I forget. The media is stacked for Big Oil and Big Coal and the messaging is anti-climate change 24/7. There's no political capital to be made at all from retarded climate tax and super national institution schemes. Not at all.

All these good bureaucrats are just fretting over our future, is all. Thats why almost all the carbon taxes aren't really dedicated to anything climate related and carbon-neutral energy source funding is restricted to the meme ones which won't cause push back from the nimbi exhippies who keep us from building modern nuclear. Oh sure, the transmission costs from wind ans solar coupled with space limitations means they're semi useless, but when saving the world its intentions that matter, not results.

>Lmao climate denialists

This is how I know you're mad.

No. 465656


are you seriously shocked people are trying to make money off environmental activism? People will try to make money off fucking anything. Doesn't make us safe from climate change…

No. 465659

This 100% happens in all sorts of ways. A scientist can be paid to do falsified research or slap their name on a "ghostwritten" journal article. Research might be shut down by higher ups and researchers fired or suddenly transferred if they aren't getting the results they wanted. Politicians can be bribed and scientific advisory panels can have biased or corrupted individuals. Sometimes corporations themselves will go after individual scientists or labs who publish results that go against their interests. One of the most famous examples would be the scientist Tyrone Hayes who found that the pesticide atrazine feminized male frogs (although evidence is still being debated among scientists), and the company that produces atrazine started a large smear campaign against him and hired a detective to stalk him. I have no doubt more scientists are silenced by corporations through threats and lawsuits. Once while researching this topic I also came across another biologist who said they were always worried that somebody from a corporation could have planted an audio recording device in their lab or office or even sneak in to steal documents from those places. The government itself can censor results they don't like. Even without these pressures, scientists at universities may falsify data and figures in articles that the reviewers don't catch and can be left unchecked for years, there are tons of huge scientific misconduct scandals you can read about. This happens even in places like Harvard. It happens due to grant pressure, "publish or perish" mentality, work or personal life stressors, personal ego and narcissism of scientists, and failure in the organization and structure of the workplace. So yes I am sometimes skeptical of science and scientists, just because it's published with a scientist's name on it doesn't automatically mean it's true.

No. 465660

Mad that someone profits from climate responsibility, not mad at all that corporations with massive profits causing extinctions of animal species.

Sure, you’re super mad about the financial aspect and not at all bitter about Greta being a teenage girl.

No. 465663


The analogue opposite was an argument for you a moment ago. Sort yourself out instead of trying to make me do it for you, will ya?


Greta will either get her shit fucked up or get rich. I wish her no ill, she's a tool of cynics and doctrinaires, not one herself.

>climate responsibility

Climate responsibility is something like thorium reactors, not pie in the sky bullshit about magically cutting emissions in deindustrialising developed countries, then pretending Asia is located on Mars or that good old Jinping wouldn't send a native-born Greta for a sight seeing trip to an organ harvesting facility.

You will never enforce this nonsense. If the bureaucrats that help push this had a cut-all-emissions button they'd throw it into a volcano, because the only non technological solution is depopulation of 90+% of humanity.

No. 465672


im with u!!!! posted in unpopular opinions about this… everything about this is sketchy… a quick look into her background and what ur saying adds up to me..

good on her for caring but her talking points imo arent much… any kid can say this stuff, but studying and promoting action like cleanups, etc. would be better bc i think striking only goes so far.. i dont deny climate change but i still like to hear from skeptics as i totally agree with u on this topic

No. 465681

File: 1569385088578.jpeg (37.83 KB, 369x232, 01325E12-51B9-423F-B55E-80A052…)

Another artist err…band that might need to be looked into is Metallica.

Recently, they have been considered as “the world’s biggest band” and are already up there with Queen and The (Rolling) Stones. Not only that, they also have been inducted into the RnRHoF 10 years prior (apparently from what people are saying, this is a high-level witch status) as well as being the leader of the “Big 4” of the LA/NY thrash metal scene from the 80’s.

Now, I’m sure they’ve worked super duper hard to get where they are today and rightfully deserve to count their fuck you money before our very eyes but what price did they have to pay; what sacrifices were made in order to be at the very top?

Cliff Burton’s mysterious death comes to mind, so do the Chris Watts murders and Lars Ulrich’s fam’s connection to royalty dating back to WWII (apparently King Gustav of Sweden helped his Jewish side escape the nazis - I forgot where I’ve read this, gomen nasai).

It was also revealed that Q-Prime, their management of many, many years was making shady deals with Live Nation and fucked over the fans with high ticket prices so the band and some higher-up dude named Tony can “leave with their pockets filled)


Pick related: got this from godlike productions where they suspect what looks like James and Lars cleaning up the scene

No. 465703

File: 1569390719388.jpg (102.03 KB, 620x436, 22021616-mmmain.jpg)

>thorium reactors
I know these are theoretical but isn't nuclear power kind of falling out fashion these days?

>magically cutting emissions

What's magic about it?

Also the rest of the world does not have to be like China. Just because we can't get them to play by our rules doesn't mean everyone in this battle should just up and quit.

>solution is depopulation of 90+% of humanity

This would be amazing though.

No. 465709

Anons arguments are basically why should anyone do it if China won’t, and someone I dislike will profit instead of Jeff bezos and nestle.

Literally the same as a room full of kids whining about who has to put away the stuff they all threw on the floor. They’ll bitch for twice as long as fixing it will take and then cry not fair at every solution.

No. 465713

I completely agree with you. That's just how it's rationalized.

No. 465714

Well yeah. Almost every kid in the world thinks highly of their poorly thought out opinions, but not every kid is related to millionaire actors/producers/politicians, etc. Girl was pretty much groomed to be a spokesperson from birth.

And speaking frank here, it's a really garbage strategy. When most people see that an uwu innocent autistic girl is being pushed to center stage they just resent the manipulation and start leaning the other way.

No. 465717

File: 1569397014736.gif (295.89 KB, 480x362, giphy.gif)

She's a true case of astroturf. Her narrative of "a single kid skipping school can change the world uwu" was orchestrated by her parents and a NGO called We Don't Have Time that sells carbon bonds. Her mother wrote a book about the Thunberg family just before Greta started her strike where she explained Greta can see CO2 with her naked eye and that she almost starved from the anxiety this caused her.

This series of articles explains in more detail how Greta is being used to push a certain narrative (without denying at any point that climate change exists, just that it's being manipulated in a certain way to make capitalists earn more profit) http://www.wrongkindofgreen.org/2019/01/17/the-manufacturing-of-greta-thunberg-for-consent-the-political-economy-of-the-non-profit-industrial-complex/

No. 465718

That nuclear power is falling out of fashion is exactly why you know that few people are serious. We've had the technology to cut emissions to almost zero for several decades now, but it's really not about cutting emissions, it's about making money by controlling and taxing people.

As for China and India, if they don't follow suit - and seeing as how they're still centuries behind us on simple things like human rights it does look as if they won't - then whatever else the rest of the world does will be pointless. Like thinking that you can stop a moving train by putting a feather in front of it.

No. 465747


>I know these are theoretical

How are they theoretical? Elaborate. There were simple models done in the 70s, this isn't fusion (which is another thing that should get more funding, but nobody cares).

>but isn't nuclear power kind of falling out fashion these days?

Because of nimby hippies screeching at the governments, sure. That is why the developed world won't be carbon neutral within a decade and the streets aren't populated by electric vehicles. France has a fuck ton of nuclear plants that are not run by Soviets or placed on fault lines/in tsunami zones. You know what happened? Pretty much nothing. If they had twice as many likely twice the nothing would happen. Same goes for the rest of Europe outside of maybe Italy.

Why are you fucks not solving the problem if you care? Because this is just some social dance like a bunch of strutting flamingos and you don't actually care. There ya go.

>Also the rest of the world does not have to be like China. Just because we can't get them to play by our rules doesn't mean everyone in this battle should just up and quit.

Jesus, do you not understand? Global manufacturing base is moving into Asia, then it probably will move into Africa. It will move wherever, we live in a single planetary economy and single atmosphere. People consume, they will buy "made in ____" because they want the product, fuck Tibet, fuck the organ harvesting. You can't even twist their hand to actually solve the problem with nuclear but you think you can slash emission, which is just a proxy for global production by half? Even if you killed demand (you won't) you're going to force poor people to kill themselves economically by wiping their industrial base instead of trying to retool for other markets, with what army? Embargo them with US Navy and starve em out? You and Greta are gonna lead the charge?

And even after you did all the stuff you'll never actually do, then what? Half the emission will just take twice as long to get to the same point, did you even think about that???


You've obviously never given any of this any thought.


No. 465751

>but you think you can slash emission, which is just a proxy for global production by half?
Glad you brought this up. It's what I always think about when a carbon taxes mentioned. Polluters are taxed more. Great. Maybe that could affect behavior. But then the added government revenue would just lead to more spending, more production, and ultimately more pollution. All that's been achieved is you've killed off local industries while support foreign, unregulated ones.

No. 465753

File: 1569413001972.png (Spoiler Image, 496.82 KB, 320x1080, 5765AA49-A47C-47FF-A6AA-EDA199…)

Have we talked about this yet?

No. 465762

>Mad that someone profits from climate responsibility,

But she sacrifices herself because she is so worried not selling snake oil because ulterior motives anon reeeeee

No. 465792

People been knew for years now.
YouTube is not and has never been for kids. If only it still was 13+ to use YouTube, none of FTC and policy changes shit would happen.

No. 465813

>added government revenue

thats the gist of it, bureaucrats wanting more revenue.

>would just lead to more spending, more production, and ultimately more pollution

In the scenario that the money is actually spent and doesnt just go to "bonuses" for politicians or corporate subsidies that will be eaten up by upper management wage increases. At the end of the day is the worker and the little business being taxed and then suffering from the restriction on economic activity.

No. 465814

File: 1569423295427.png (85.13 KB, 686x414, thunberggate.png)

Greta released a statement distancing herself from We Don't Have Time and insisting that she has no backers and no agenda and that she writes all of her own speeches. Yep.


No. 465819


Funny, Desmond is amazing released similar "its totally not my mom" statements

No. 465821

This reminds me of when Soph vehemently insisted all her words were totally her own, not written by her brother or some older guy she met online.

No. 465847

this girl is so sketchy. its like everything about her was "designed", for a lack of a better word, to try to manipulate sympathy out of people, but its just painfully transparent. i think thats why there is such a prominent backlash against her, because everything she says and does seems to sound scripted and fake.

everything from the way she looks to the language in her speeches is to guilt and provoke imo, which really isnt going to do anything. she will just get attention for a while being provokative before being forgotten about. shes just another puppet used to make money.

also is anyone else disturbed by how young she looks for her age. as far as i know she is 16 but when i first saw a picture of her i legitimately thought she was around 11, maximum 13. i guess this is helpful for whoever is pulling the strings for whatever reason? i cant imagine a a 16 year old who actually looks 16 in her position.

No. 465851

11? Nah. 13? Absolutely. I couldn't tell you exactly why she looks so young, whether it's to do with sexual abuse or a shitty hippy diet. Could tell you that her looking so young is part of why they chose her.

No. 465852

now that u bring it up i do agree she looks super young for a 16 year old! honestly, that could be part of the mission to provoke guilt…

innocent looking child / has braids / speeches meant to shame everyone for destroying her dreams lol = u see a kid saying all this and u should probably feel worse as a result…

im glad to see many ppl echoing their skepticism and opinion on this bc i feel like if i mention any of it to ppl irl they would ditch me

No. 465853

If she's old enough to be listened to then she isn't too young to criticized. Bollocks to them trying to have it both ways.

No. 465863

exactly lmao. and then theres that constant bringing up of how her childhood is being destroyed, bitch is 16 not 6, what childhood is she talking about. shes less than 2 years away from being a grown adult, i just searched on google and she turns 17 in january, she isnt a little kid. this whole situation stinks of political manipulation, but since she looks 12 and probably has a lot of money backing her youre not allowed to critisize her.

No. 465866

File: 1569433760073.png (393.13 KB, 461x494, jed3.png)

Right, and since when do 16-year-olds repeatedly refer to themselves as "children?" Everything about her campaign gives me serious Kony 2012 vibes.

No. 465874

She's autistic. People with autism, especially girls, tend to look younger than their actual age.

No. 465876

File: 1569437450728.jpg (136.46 KB, 862x922, 1badc607ce255a9473c4de2d31f817…)


Desmond is amazing is autistic too, ummmm i am noticing a pattern here

No. 465884

Are you sure about that? I just figured he's always out of it because they have him on more drugs than it would take to knock out an elephant.

No. 465885

>Are you sure about that?

Thats what it is said everywhere, don't know if it was confirmed somehow or if its only his mother's word they are quoting. I personally do think the kids is both autistic AND drugged.

No. 465920

I always thought any parents who let their kid use youtube unattended/on autoplay are nuts.

The article I read about these said that most of the views are from view-bots, to create artificial interest and push them to recommends. Pretty sick.

No. 465921

She's Swedish, a lot of Swedish people look significantly younger for their age.

Her Aspergers creating awkward mannerisms+the way she dresses+no makeup = looks 12 years old.

No. 465970

someone save this poor fucking child. it makes me sick to see adults pushing him out as their mouthpiece while parading him around as something "woke and progressive uwu". Someone call the damn cops

No. 465972

File: 1569460329690.jpg (142.82 KB, 921x811, Screenshot_1.jpg)

Thats the thing, people do call, a LOT, and police and child protective services refuse to do anything. They just go "lol @ the haterz" and media spins the story to portray those people as nazi bigots for reporting literal child abuse and exploitation



No. 465982

Did anyone hear about this? It doesn't surprise me that the UK, infamous for many pedo-like incidences in its government and other industries, are pushing this.

>Parents in Britain are outraged after more than 240 primary schools introduced lessons on “self-stimulation” for children as young as six as part of their sex education program.

>A teaching manual instructs how to teach children aged six to ten about “the rules of self-stimulation.”
>In the section called ‘Touching Myself’, the teachers are advised to tell the youngsters that “lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice,” including touching their “private parts.”
>The children are then warned that it is “not polite” to touch themselves in class or other public places, and they should “only” do it when they “are alone, perhaps in the bath or shower or in bed.”
>“This sexualisation of our children is just totally inappropriate,” Matthew Seymour told the Mail on Sunday. “They are calling it self-touching and they won’t use the term masturbation, but when you read it that’s exactly what they’re talking about.”
>Conservative MP David Davies was “furious” over the program. “These classes go way beyond the guidance the Government is producing and are effectively sexualising very young children,” he said.


No. 466004

>I know that these kinds of scientific fields are guilty of using click-bait sort of titles and headlines too, to catch people's awareness about whatever, sometimes coincidentally lining up to whatever agenda or trend is going on at the time.
Unless I'm misunderstanding your point, I think you're pointing at the wrong people. I wanted to be a research scientist at one point and still read papers when they're cited in the media. More often than not, the titles and abstracts of the papers are dry and specific, and likely not language accessible to your average joe. The problem with clickbait is coming from the media, including popular science media, not necessarily the scientists. There's definitely data fudging and bias and you can learn to read papers critically. And some things are more likely to get funding than others: follow the money. _But_, the people extrapolating shit from papers are, more often than not, writers for the general media or popular science who purposely overblow the research and don't expect laypeople to ask questions about methodology.
Science literacy is absolutely crucial in modern society or people are tricked into all kinds of shit.

No. 466029

Right, if I have children I'm definitely paying for private school. This is some bullshit. Meanwhile when I was a kid in catholic school, there was a lesson about not getting in strangers cars or talking to strangers. Seems things have swung the other way to favor the pedos.

No. 466032

Also if any child is engaging in this (which I saw zero children engage in ever in my youth) there is a good chance they have been sexually assualted themselves. Hypersexuality. Instead of dealing with the causes, just put it into the curriculum lol!

No. 466038

CPS and Cops only exist to arrest to parents against sex change operations.

No. 466043

That's what's the most rage-inducing about this, the media and police backing this up and calling people who have every right to be concerned "haters" like they're some teenage twitter obsessed fanatic. You can bet the parents are having fun censoring any information or any person speaking out about the exploitation of their kid. "Aww but like he's just a kid dressing up and having fun why are you so against that you bigot." Fuck the American media.

No. 466046

Mmmhmm. The only woman I know that masturbated before her teens was one whose womb donor would pimp her out to pedophiles for drug money. That she gave off red flags is how others found out about it, and why she able to be placed in a better home. If all this does is help the most vulnerable blend in then that alone makes it dangerous.

No. 466051


It makes me concerned about the number of children in Warwickshire (sp) who are getting assaulted, since it was deemed important enough to add to lessons specifically in that county. Or if that is a trial county and they will be rolling it out everywhere.
There may also be issues of copied behavior in situations of overcrowded houses and porn-addicted parents. Maybe they are exposed to sexual behavior or see an adult jacking off and copy it. All of these things are issues to be dealt with, not normalized and added to lessons like it's an ordinary thing to happen.

However in my research, a parent can remove the child specifically from sex education classes only, so at least there is a choice. But I doubt many parents will know about this before it's too late. It's completely inappropriate for a strange adult to be talking to children about jacking off, that is textbook child-grooming behavior.

No. 466054

Honestly at the age of six I didn't even know much about sex so I'm horrified that they would think that children are that precocious. there's the ye olde "little kids playing doctor as ways of figuring out sexuality" crap but I can guarantee most kids who did engage in that as kids did it with other kids, the precocious contact was short, nothing severe happened, and they weren't spurred on by adults. I don't remember doing anything like that myself but that doesn't mean that kids doing it means they're somehow ready for sex ed when they're barely at the age to read and write on their own, yikes. I didn't even begin to take any interest in sexuality that I remember until I was pubescent and even then I was still incredibly childish so it's concerning as fuck that people think prepubescent children need to learn what sex is… they're not even pubescent yet. I think the most explicit thing I remember before I was actually pubescent was videos about menstruation, periods, and technical definitions as to what babies were, but there was nothing sexualized about that. There is no need to teach 6 year olds about sex, is the UK retarded enough to think 6 year olds need to know about sex let alone take sex ed? That's gross and baffling beyond measure

No. 466091

Whenever we played doctor it was definitely innocent. Maybe when much older kids are playing it with younger ones there can be a predatory element, but you're right that's not the norm. Really all they need to know is to always tell a parent or teacher if anyone is making them feel uncomfortable.

No. 466102

dunno fam, while lessons like that are extremely dubious to say the least, I started masturbating when I was 8/9 and no, I had no child abuse going on in my life. never told a soul as I thought what I was doing was wrong and shameful and I was the only one doing it. just my two cents.

No. 466107

I mean, more likely than not you were in the minority doing it so young

No. 466108

I agree, I played doctor with my neighbour and it was never sexual we were just interested to see the different parts. There was no sexual contact and it was a look don't touch situation and probably over in seconds followed by giggling then going out to play like normal.

I remember my friends younger sister had a streaking phase before she started playschool but again that had nothing to do with sexuality. Adults are fucking retarded thinking children need sex talk how about a course for adults about toning done the overtly sexual tones of every day life now and stop corrupting innocence.

I remember all the girls in my street weren't allowed to wear crop tops and we were taught about stranger danger. Now all that's for sale for children's clothes are mini versions of teenage outfits, everything is cropped and shitty material. And doing cute things for strangers to like online is normal.

I probably started a form of masterbating (just rubbing myself off stuff) just before hitting puberty. I learnt about sex from my older cousins and brother not directly but just listening to them and got exposed to porn early by a female older cousin. Think the first thing I ever saw was a photo of a golden shower on someone's front lawn. I think around 9 I had my school period talk and then at 11 we had a tame sex one, separating the sexes then at 14 we all came together and we had the condom demonstration on a banana again at 16. I remember one guy fainted lol

No. 466112

early masturbation anon, we had period talk at 12 which was way late for me as mine started when I was 9. didn't tell mom and she kinda found out on her own half a year later (just bled on tissue until then lol) as I didn't want her to treat me as an adult lol (had read too much fantasy shit where 1st period is sign of womanhood).

frankly I don't know how to make sex ed non depraved yet more informative and useful as I know I was let down severely and surely so have many others. then again I'm not an educational professional lol.

No. 466117

I mean, wouldn’t the best case scenario to be teaching sexual dimorphism and different bodily functions at a young age, but not introducing sexuality until they’re at an age to appropriately digest the info?

No. 466127

that approach would make sense, but I guess the question then is what age would that be, as some kids develop earlier and others are very much so late bloomers. I personally think the burden should be on parents rather than school as they know their kid best, but then again finding decent, well educated parents is borderline needle in a haystack situation. However, if I think of myself back then, my mom telling me about periods or masturbation etc would have embarrassed me 10 fold more lol (tbf I was a strange kid). dunno where I'm going with even getting involved in this discussion, urge to blogpost mby

No. 466151

I think children should be taught about sex in the same way they're taught about how an apple grows or where puppies come from. A neutral, fact-based "here's how a you happens" kind of deal. Why would learning that "ruin the innocence" of a child?

Knowing about what it was and exactly who does it and why would've made me realise that it isn't OK for adults to do it to me.

I think keeping children ignorant about sex is keeping them ignorant about sexual abuse.

No. 466158

Sex education in a scientific manner as you describe is done in science class. This discussion is about new laws in the UK to make sex education (a separate, talking-based class) compulsory in schools for children aged 5 and up. 240 schools in Warwickshire have decided this means adults talking to toddlers about masturbation, for most of whom it will be completely irrelevant.

I don't think anyone objects to kids learning about the birds and the bees. Talking to small children about masturbation is a different thing entirely, and screams "paedo" to me. Other topics on the curriculum include pornography, cybersex/nude selfies and so on.

No. 466278

I know it has memed so much on shitty boards that no one likes to bring it up anymore, but there is actually a huge push for soy , soy is on everything now, is replacing all other products and it is not a very healthy product. I have one friend who was forbidden to eat soy for example but it is shilled as a panacea thats good for everything and the side effects of high soy diet downplayed and pushed under the rug. Even vegetarian and vegan movements now feel like they are co opted to simply be shills for the soy industry.

No. 466282

Guess they’re running out of cows to eat all the soy

No. 466285

You're not a parent, are you? Children masturbate. It's normal. They need to be told to do it in private and it isn't a "bad" thing, just not something to do in the living room.

This is pretty basic human development.

No. 466289

>Children masturbate

6 yr olds infants don't fap, get out of here. This would be a thing if we are talking about teenagers.

No. 466292

No. 466293

I didn't fap until I was a teenager
But then again, my parents had a terrible sexual relationship and slept in different beds by that point so I was incredibly unaware and naive as to what a healthy sexual relationship was

No. 466296

There's a difference between physical masturbation or touching a part of your body because it feels nice and imagining sexual scenarios, you know. Children don't fap in that sense but you're a fucking idiot if you think bodily exploration in an infant magically avoids the private parts.

No. 466319

I started when I was 4 and it was definitely in a sexual manner. But I was molested, so that's probably why.

No. 466330

I'm sorry that happened, anon.

No. 466434


kids already get taught that boys have wee wees and girls have coochies, so why would you even make it sexual when it doesn't apply to them at that age.

at this rate we will have toddler porn education seminars , any minute.

No. 466442

I was putting candy up my vagina when I was like 5 while having proto-sexual fantsies. Lucky I didn't get yeast infections.

No. 466484

Are you a man? Young boys certainly can't cum but girls can orgasm very young. Starting when I was around 5 I would push on my pubis and wave my legs around because it felt good, and after 15 minutes or so I would end up orgasming from it. I didn't understand what it was except it felt good, I didn't see it as sexual, but I was masturbating.

No. 466501

prude-chans aren't men anon.

i personally agree with everyone who's for teaching kids about sex/porn and the dangers of it. a childhood neighbor almost killed my trying to imitate something she saw in porn she found.

kids are not innocent pure beings, they're selfish tiny humans that can't understand other people.

No. 466517

>who's for teaching kids about sex/porn and the dangers of it

Because its not the porn peddlers we should be against or kids having access to it.Its the kids who need to be normalized and indoctrinated into it.

No. 466553

I agree that there needs to be age-appropriate sex ed, but that it might need to be called something else with very young children to prevent parents getting upset. Stuff about personal boundaries and respecting yours and others is important to teach to children and creates a foundation for better sexual and relationship behavior when they get older. Stuff about masturbation might need to be just discussed if a parents notices a child doing it inappropriately, or said as "it's not nice to touch your private parts or someone else's with other people around" and "if an adult tries to touch you like x, run away and get help". If a child asks at a certain age what sex is, I think you should be frank about it but not overly explicit. If you suspect they've seen or are trying to find porn, you discuss it with them. With the internet now, children are exposed to more than just porno mags in the forest or skinemax clips and need better guidance and warning from their parents, because their peers will probably introduce them to porn by the time they're preteens. We hate thinking about sex and children because we don't see them as sexual beings, but they're intelligent and growing and will figure things out or act inappropriately if we don't help them mature. There are ways to do that appropriately without being exploitative.
blog: my parents taught me that the only person who could touch me there is a doctor and I probably got told not to touch my privates in front of other people because it's not polite. If you phrase something like "your wee comes from there, people will think you have dirty hands" it's pretty simple to explain without talking about sex.
I did "masturbate" at a very young age but didn't know that I was doing that, just that it felt good, and at some point must have realized it wasn't ok to do in front of others. So I seriously doubt people saying it's abnormal, children do it and often don't know it's sexual, it's accepted in child development literature. And some children are more sexually precocious than others. The sex ed I got in school was not enough and I ended up clueless until I sought out information myself. I'm lucky because I was a levelheaded individual and didn't really feel comfortable with porn, so I learned from sex ed resources aimed at young women and got the "right" information before I ever got into bed with anyone. Someone else may have not. It's important to meet kids where they're at and have open and age-appropriate discussions about sex so they don't get hurt.

No. 466559

>they're selfish tiny humans that can't understand other people.

reeks of a "my body my choice" and "demon spawn" and also "animals are better than people uwu" poster.

No. 466560

What is wrong with you people? Ew.

Pedo-apologist radfem GTFO

No. 466573

Does anyone think data breaches, lobbyist, psyops and bots, ect happens in the US more often than any 1st world country except maybe the UK? I think living in the US is a gamble compared to most other Western countries

No. 466577

This happens everywhere but the us has less privacy than the average

No. 466605

>defending porn
That's not how that works.

No. 466625

Young boys CAN orgasm, they just don't release semen because they haven't reached puberty yet.

> selfish tiny humans that can't understand other people
I really don't know what that has to do with anything. Not that it's true anyway. Kids just follow what they've seen without fully realising the consequences, it's not like they understand from the start what's wrong and right. That's why sex education can help, but of course that's now been ruined by fucking teaching little kids how to masturbate.

No. 466647

Shhh, no one understands what radical feminism is on this site, not even the radfems.

No. 466689

>teaching little kids how to masturbate
How are you going to teach kids not to touch their genitals in public, not to stimulate their genitals in a dangerous way and that it's not ok for adults or other kids to stimulate their genitals without letting them know stimulating genitals exists? All this shit about pretending kids don't know what sex is is retarded, especially in 2019 when they're all watching porn on their friends phones by the time they're in school.

No. 466843

File: 1569609171082.jpg (64.28 KB, 600x593, 561b92c4dd0895e4708b45f7-600-5…)

the Titanic was sank on purpose to get rid of the most powerful individuals that were opposing the creation of the Federal Reserve

Did you know that J.P Morgan , who funded the building of the Titanic cancelled his trip on it at the last minute? In this boat were some of the wealthiest people on the world were traveling there were no Rothchilds or Rockefellers to be found, half of the required life boats, no flares.

Cui bono ladies.

The sinking of the Lusitania was also staged, it was a military vessel carrying ammunition and left unprotected in a war zone, they lied in the propaganda and used it to propel the USA into WWI.


No. 466866

Isn’t he part of the 13 bloodlines? They killed one of their own just like they killed one of the Rockefeller’s decades later

No. 466868

Samefag but I’ve heard that JFK was assassinated because he was about to get rid of the federal reserve and the CIA

No. 467222

File: 1569721026185.jpeg (49.98 KB, 400x396, 0791ACB5-8944-48B0-B252-C80D18…)

Daddy Het NOOOOO!!

No. 467276

So we all know there's theories about the CIA linked to Hollywood and politics and media to control/influence, push agendas and such. But I didn't know there was such a deep rabbit hole on Ellen Degeneres holy moly


No. 467962

I’ve heard that Ellen was a handler awhile back, same with Dr. Drew

No. 467983

File: 1569884301159.jpg (21.35 KB, 333x499, 41VHycUctIL._SX331_BO1,204,203…)



>Ellen Degenerate


I believe it, no spokesperson gets to that level without getting dirty and playing ball to some shady agenda, anything with that reach will have spooks all over it. Showbussiness gets dark, getting asked to suck a dick for a part is just the tip of the ice((berg))

No. 468006

Tyra Banks had her own daytime show and is the host of ANTM. Speaking of which, I wonder whatever happened to the models that do make it? Because I don’t remember ever hearing from them again after they’ve won.

No. 468096

Reddit is so shilled that they're probably into really deep levels of shilling at this point. The way redditors spot fake accounts has probably been discovered by corporations so they probably invest in buying old unsuspicious accounts and manipulate the posts so well that they go undetected. I'm basically suspecting that I've probably believed many product recommendations from reddit when it was in fact a manipulative shill post/comment, which is very depressing.

Also, the redpill subreddit survived so long because some sexist piece of shit gave a lot of money to a reddit CEO or something. How else had it thrived even though it broke so many site rules? (And it was documented and reported for years with no results).

No. 468100

Is the Hollywood pedo/ritual abuse/mind control conspiracy theory even a conspiracy theory at this point? It's so well known by now especially with the Epstein thing being so badly covered up even the normies joke about it.

No. 468114

Its been mainstream knowledge for decades. What burns my wick is the people who know and still pay to go to the cinema when its so easy to pirate. Are you really that desperate to see The Fast and Angry Star War Avengers of The Caribbean 9, that you're okay with lining the pockets of a child sex trafficking ring.

No. 468158

File: 1569943455351.jpg (63.63 KB, 640x425, disgusted-face-640x425[1].jpg)

Post a warning beforehand if you're going to be so cringe.

No. 468362

I am KIRA: I do not forgive, I do not forget.

proceeds to write names on the Death Note

No. 468454

So I was in college in the US about the same time.A couple woman's studies professors were having week end pool parties at their private homes with the students and talking about their sexual exploits with the class the next week. It would be considered highly unethical for a male professor to do such a thing but the sexual "revolution" meant badly blurred boundaries at the time. These of course were not minor children. The consequences produce a very different and damaging outcome in them.

There is evidence that Freud was on to the devastating effects of child sexual abuse and was met for years with resistance and disapproval from his contemporaries. He finally discovered his brother and sisters had been molested by their father and suddenly his patients were suffering from hysteria and an Oedipal complex. It was only then that he was welcomed into the fold.

I think the world is still battling with this same push/pull from those who know and understand the damage it does to children and those who want access to children.

We are all aware that to be a Doctor at this point in time means you will risk your career if you stand up to the trans propaganda machine. That's not just a fear, it's a real possibly. Somewhere in history the people who did not fight the thought police will not be looked on with compassion and understanding.

We are not clear of this issue yet. It's not surprising some people end up making the wrong decisions about things. It's messy and complicated. I don't know if she should be stricken from the books as a important figure in the women's movement or not. I guess everyone has to sort that out for themselves.

No. 468455

File: 1570006936490.jpg (114.67 KB, 603x591, as346.jpg)

>A couple woman's studies professors


The absolute state of humanities faculties

No. 468490

File: 1570015518018.jpeg (89.59 KB, 900x900, 60F3087A-61D9-4A7F-99ED-916FB8…)

If we are going to talk about predators can we discuss Jon of god?

He has human farms ffs.

I’m not saying this >>468455 isn’t important but … this dude was outed literally FARMING HUMANS.

No. 468491

File: 1570015608429.jpeg (69.93 KB, 1024x579, 8A547E7F-59AA-423F-8193-1001FB…)

No. 468492

File: 1570015748554.jpeg (62.3 KB, 640x480, 85E79B7E-0862-423D-9DA3-33B631…)

João Teixeira de Faria, known also as John of God, is a Brazilian claiming to be a medium and "psychic surgeon". He is based in Abadiânia, Brazil, where he runs the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, a "spiritual healing center". In 2018 he became the subject of what prosecutors consider potentially the largest sexual-abuse scandal in Brazil.

Twelve women have alleged that Faria abused them. The case was widely reported in various media outlets in Brazil and around the world. The number of claims led to the Prosecution Office of the State of Goiás creating an e-mail address and phone line to receive all accusations towards the medium. In 30 hours, more than 200 complaints were received, from 9 different states, including two claims from outside of Brazil. Claims allege abuse of victims as young as 14 years old, as well as a woman that revealed having being abused for three days. In December 11, four days after the "Conversa com Bial" show, the number of sexual abuse complaints against the medium had reached 206, in multiple Brazilian states, leading to Faria limiting his appointments at Casa Dom Inácio de Loyola.

On December 12, 2018, the public prosecutor of the Brazilian state of Goiás called for the arrest of Faria after allegations of sexual abuse. On December 16, 2018, João de Deus surrendered himself to the police near the city of Abadiânia, in the state of Goiás, Brazil. The number of sexual abuse accusations has reached 300.

His own daughter, Dalva Teixeira, 49, stands among the accusers and called him a “monster” and alleged she was beaten and raped by the medium until she ran away when she was 14 years old.

Now the activist, Sabrina Bittencourt, who laimed he operated a sick 'farming' operation which exported babies on the black market, has been found dead.

Here, John of God can be seen with Marina Abramović. This only reminds me of the picture on Allison Mack's Twitter. Mack was arrested in Brooklyn by the FBI on April 20, 2018, on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy. According to prosecutors, after she recruited women to join the organization, she used tactics such as blackmail to force them into engaging in sexual activity with Keith Raniere against their wishes and enslaved them to do menial tasks, for which Raniere allegedly paid Mack. Mack is said to be second-in-command of NXIVM after Raniere.

Smallville Actress and Sex Slave Groomer Allison Mack has a photo of Marina Abramović.

Ironically it was the last photo she posted.

No. 468493

File: 1570015863142.jpeg (74.39 KB, 600x411, A1859FB3-926E-44A0-A609-EDEF92…)

“And you get a sex slave! And you get another one! Everyone gets a sex slave”

Oprah is still a supporter of this guy btw

No. 468495

There was some kind of child pregnancy scandal going on in a school Oprah started in South Africa, if I remember correctly.

No. 468635


Brazil has a major hard on for cults and wacky sects. I have no idea why even but they are shock full of every crazy magical sect and weird spiritual denomination there is and they get so much leeway, popularity, money and power there. Is the spirist capital of the world, there are like a million looney cristian denominations thriving with their biggest numbers, its neo-pagan and neo-african cult central, santeria central, all sorts of alien based religions. Brazil is a rabbithole, its wild. If you are a black wizard or a tinfoil alien guy or a spiritist in 2k19 Brazil is where is at.

>Marina Abramović

She has been linked before to pedo rings and shady stuff right? pretty creppy

No. 468649

File: 1570060006685.jpg (125.08 KB, 895x616, porn.jpg)


CIA and hollywood pedo rings are so common knowledge by now that is barely entry level as far as conspiracies go. I don't believe it even counts a conspiracy anymore, its real, but the specifics and how deep it actually runs are still speculative.

No. 468660

Interesting you mention that. Didn't Jim Jones work in Brazil for a while?

No. 468675


Yes!, he lived there for a a few years before Guyana.

Its crazy, every time i start going into rabbitholes about occult organizations from all over the world it seems at some point they all go to Brazil and either set up headquarters there or have important chapters. For example thats were all the spiritists and theosofists went when their cults were dying down in Europe and muhrica, i think the second largest religious demographic is cristian spiritism.

No. 468697

Brazil is a right wing dystopian fantasy.

No. 468699

>Right wing
>Last two decades of PT plundering with the banner of XXI century socialism
>Lava Jato-Odebrecht intensifies

No. 468700

Cat’s out of the bag, of course this isn’t a real fight


No. 468701

File: 1570072018338.jpeg (120.63 KB, 1077x1497, BA845EF9-A6AF-4753-8849-ADCBD5…)

One of the leaked messages

No. 468705

Is it me or every place in the Americas is just retarded and pretty much insane. I think only Trinidad and Martinique doesn't make me wanna blow my head off from the insanity

No. 468715

File: 1570076599573.jpg (19.48 KB, 307x450, 1537753553047.jpg)


Movie daddy tried to redpill us about this before he died and all he got as thanks were mixed reviews.

"Be suspicious of people who crave power. Never, ever go near power. Don't become friends with anyone who has real power. It's dangerous." - Stanley Kubrick

No. 468731


Yep, there's so much about sex cults and trafficking in elite circles in that movie. Kubrick knew all about it all along, being in Hollywood. Hell, we didn't even get to see the full movie, because he had been forced to remove about 20 minutes of footage. People suspect the higher ups killed him for trying to expose everything, which wouldn't surprise me seeing as how he died literally after the film was released. Hollywood is swarming with those mafia types.

No. 468746

File: 1570092045217.jpg (90.69 KB, 920x584, shields.jpg)

I met Kubrick's grandson. It was the strangest thing actually because I had the wiki page of this movie up on my laptop and was pondering on what you're discussing literal minutes before I happened to be introduced to him at college.

Tbh it actually made me not believe in any of the conspiracies since the guy was just the most normal person ever and shrugged off the idea that his granddad knew anything.

He was in a mildly successful heavy metal band he's second from the left.

No. 468751

Who cares about you meeting some metal head dude that isn’t involved with any A listers lmao

No. 468754

File: 1570095268683.png (58 KB, 396x562, 434CD6DF-314F-426E-A17D-545874…)

Read this book if you want to dig deeper

No. 468760

Did you even read my post you retard it's not some random dude it's his grandson

No. 468786

His grandad got suicided 3 days after releasing something.

As in he wasn’t part of them lol and k famously didn’t confide in his family but the people he worked with due to how long shooting takes

But congrats on meeting some metalhead with a famous family member lmao

No. 468813

>famously didn’t confide in his family but the people he worked with due to how long shooting takes
wow so believable

No. 468838

No. 468898

If you knew things you could be killed for you probably wouldn't share them with any loved ones either.

No. 469006


Thats a cool story anon, i didn't even knew he had a grandson much less a metalhead one.

As for the other stuff i honestly would not expect him to be anything but normal. One thing does not correlate to the other.

I think the thing with eyes wide shut is that it doesn't actually go thaaat deep but was still very bold to put those things forward at the time, and Kubrick was not terribly specific and left a lot to the imagination, he also removed all the jewish references from the original book to make the adaptation, even the main characters were jewish to avoid the conversation going down that road. That there is collusion within the elites, secret societies and weird cults and sex magick and just perverted stuff going on behind close doors was "crazy conspiracist fodder" back then but is almost exoteric knowledge now after all those years of more stuff coming out, more people getting to know what the CIA was doing decades prior, all the blackmails, psy ops, the elite madames, the sects, scandals like Epstein and wikileaks. It would be amazing if Kubrick was alive today to see events like these unfolding.

No. 469070

>I think the thing with eyes wide shut is that it doesn't actually go thaaat deep

20 minutes to an hour of the movie was censored

If you watch the movie again the couple ends up sacrificing his daughter

No. 469092

Remember the scene in the movie with the costume store owner pimping out his daughter(played by a then 14-15 yr old actress)? It communicated to me that it was meant to be metaphorical of the corruption present in all levels in society rather than an accurate representation of exactly how they operate. It just so happened to be closer to the truth than many would admit.

Supposing that the world really is run by Satanic pedophiles it would also make sense for Kubrick to receive an invite into an inner circle after making Lolita. That would also fit the timeline given that shortly after he was chosen to work on 2001: A Space Odyssey. Ie, the alleged precursor to a possible moon landing hoax. Not that the actual moon landing was a hoax, they just wanted a backup plan.

Though I still don't want to believe he was ever one of them. I want to believe that Tom Cruise's character was more or less his self insert - the lower class outsider that's just kept in the vicinity for having useful ability. Especially considering his dad worked as a homeopathic doctor as well.

No. 469097


I have no clue either, i too want to believe he wasn't part of it because i admire his career so much or maybe the truth is in the middle, he was part of some of it only in so far as he could get his way on his career but he started wandering off too far by the end.

Nicole Kidman's own father died in misterious circunstances in 2004 after being accused of being part of an australian and international elite pedophile ring and fleeing to Singapore amidst allegations of this anons' book author >>468754

No. 469122

Speaking of Jim Jones, I've almost become convinced that the whole thing was a massive CIA set-up and social mind control experiment from the beginning. What do you guys think? Btw this is only a few information pieces I put here. The rabbit hole goes extremely deep.

>He told some of his neighbors that he was involved in the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence. The U.S. embassy provided Jones with transportation, groceries, and a large home. Jones took everything he could from his followers, much of it in the form of welfare and social security checks, using blackmail, extortions, and any other available means. The local press reported about seven mysterious deaths of those who attempted to leave the "church" due to conflicts with Jones.

>Members of Jim Jones’ “church” were bound and gagged immediately after landing in Guyana. They were pumped with drugs, which were available in vast amounts at Jonestown, enough to drug 200,000 people for more than a year, like Quaaludes, Valium, morphine, Demerol, sodium pentathol (a truth serum), chloral hydrate (a hypnotic chemical agent), thallium (which confuses thinking), and, of course, cyanide. Jonestown residents lived in cramped quarters and ate small rations of often spoiled food. They were then forced to give 16 to 18 hours of slave labor per day. They were required to stay up all night listening to Jim Jones lectures. They endured physical torture, beatings, and public rape and humiliation. All of the drugs and environmental conditions forced upon Jonestown residents were also employed in the CIA’s notorious MKULTRA program, which was implemented to test and implement brainwashing and mind control techniques. A 1974 government report admitted that certain “target populations” were used, namely blacks, women, prisoners, the elderly, children, and inmates of psychiatric wards. The Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence drew guinea pigs from the “target populations” to test drugs, implants, and psychosurgery techniques at an isolated military missile base in California.

>Congressman Leo Ryan visited Jonestown on November 18, 1978 to investigate allegations of human rights abuses. Ryan, a noted CIA critic, suspected that Jonestown was a front for sinister covert activity. The State department offered Ryan no answers or assistance, despite numerous inquiries. Ryan soon was killed in Jonestown, along with four reporters. The assassins were described by witnesses as “glassy eyed,” “mechanically-walking zombies,” and “devoid of any emotion.”

>Besides the 913 dead, 167 survivors returned from the camp. All news reports concede that there were at least 1100 individuals at the camp (and most reports place the number at 1200.) Who are these 200 or more people unaccounted for? The survivors report that there was a special all-white group that was well-armed, well-treated and free to exit the compound. These guards were never accounted for by any news reports. Perhaps it is these same guards whom a congressional aide was referring to in an Associated Press quote which stated, “There are 120 white, brainwashed assassins out from Jonestown awaiting the trigger word to pick up their hit.” Of course, they may have had a little help. Over 300 U.S. Green Berets, trained for CIA covert assassinations, were in the area at the time.

>Michael Prokes, a Jones aide, held a press conference and stated that the CIA and FBI were withholding an audiotape of the massacre. He also stated that he was an FBI informant. Right after that, he went to the restroom… and never left. His death was proclaimed a “suicide.”

>As the massacre unfolded, Jones can be heard on a tape recording yelling, “Get Dwyer out of here!” Richard Dwyer was later found at the airstrip. When asked if the allegation was true, he replied, “No comment.” Dwyer wasn’t the only link to the CIA in Guyana. Besides those previously mentioned, U.S. ambassador John Burke and another official named Richard McCoy were both heavily involved with the intelligence community. Dan Webber, sent to Guyana after the massacre, was also with the CIA.

>In 1980, Joseph Holsinger received a paper entitled “The Penal Colony,” which explained that CIA MKULTRA operations did not terminate in 1973, as officially proclaimed, but instead continued in public hospitals, prisons, and religious cults which were used as fronts. Holsinger later stated at a San Francisco psychology forum on Jonestown that he believed the CIA worked with Jones to perform medical and mind control experiments at People’s Temple.

>Michael Meiers, author of “Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment?” stated: “The Jonestown experiment was conceived by Dr. Layton, staffed by Dr. Layton and financed by Dr. Layton. It was as much his project as it was Jim Jones’s.” Layton was head of the Army’s Chemical Warfare Division.

>Only a few autopsies out of over 900 bodies from Jonestown were done, leading people to believe the government was covering something up. In October 1981, Jonestown survivors filed a $63 million lawsuit against Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and CIA director Stansfield Turner. The suit stated that the State Department and CIA conspired to "enhance the economic and political powers of James Warren Jones,", conducting "mind control and drug experimentation" there. The suit was dismissed.


No. 469132

Dr Kidman got suicided after 3 days because a whistleblower outed him as a pedophile using kids for satanic rituals.

I wish I was kidding

No. 469154

i honestly believe this theres a ton of info online that shows even former followers believed something like that was going on

some former followers were even murdered suspiciously back in the states both before and after the actual mass murder

No. 469186

can someone explain to me why they think some edgy art hoe in the 90s painting with blood as performance art = BIG SATAN WORSHIPPING CONSPIRACY
if nothing about this conspiracy turns me off, its this bit. it makes you seem like absolute loons for suggesting 'spirit cooking' is an actual thing where you sacrifice children because of some woman's performance art, and what, hillary clinton liked it? god forbid

No. 469205

the marina abramovic kooky talk is one of the things that makes me think pizzagate is really silly. this aspect of it is just people who don't know anything about fine art, or performance art, or art in general - they also go after the louise bourgeois piece arch of hysteria piece as being another nail in the coffin of the podestas - and i'm just like what. art is sometimes disturbing and uncomfortable. it's not actually drawing rule 34 of your current obsession.

although i guess it could be, but yeah.

pizzagate is fun though because it's like this blanket theory that's an umbrella for all the other conspiracy theories in the history of ever. i mean, they fit JFK in there. it's wild and pretty funny to go down the rabbit hole.

No. 469207

holy shit he really looks like his granddad, those kubrick genes are powerful.

No. 469281

Clearly you both haven’t done much research it seems.

No. 469284

I knew that Jonestown was part of a huge MK-Ultra experiment and have seen a couple of documentaries here and there but I didn’t even know half the shit here. And I thought most of the people were as loony as the others from Heaven’s Gate, boy was I wrong.

Thanks so much for the pieces of the puzzle, anon-san

No. 469311

Are we seriously heading to this era of streaming in the upcoming decade?

No. 469318

You're welcome anon. Yes there's a LOT to uncover about Jonestown, which the media coincidentally always leaves out. They showed a documentary on it here in Australia and even I felt that there were a few missing pieces they were leaving out on purpose.
I forgot to mention that Jim Jones and his followers practised drinking and poisoning themselves at the nightly lectures he held in Jonestown, like they were preparing themselves. I think the reason people are suspicious that only a few autopsies were done (and all of them were botched) was to hide the fact that some of the people refused to swallow the Koolaid cyanide and were shot by military guards as a result. Very few of the bodies were sent back to their families too. And it would help to research Jones' background and family too and just how he managed to get his power. There's a lot I left out because I felt the post would be obnoxiously long lol

No. 469319

File: 1570250892226.jpg (194.26 KB, 1305x1111, marina.jpg)


Research more, Marina can be tied to Podesta , Nexium and Ghislaine Maxwell. The fact that she keeps showing up in cult and child trafficking related scandals as the John of God thing should be telling that she was linked for more than performance art.

No. 469322

I wish anon

Things will be like this

No. 469326

What was the purpose of Jim Jones an hero’ing himself? Did he really wanted to go down with his cult or was he just another disposable asset to the big boys?

Oh God I hope not…

No. 469327

File: 1570257439933.jpeg (114.46 KB, 730x956, 5A344C70-2C66-4017-A0F3-E557B3…)

It’s always the kids, huh?

No. 469339

masturbation is actually a normal and healthy thing for prepubescent kids to do, some will, some won't. good parents will explain to them it ought to be done in private, that's why you never saw it in your youth. they don't sexualise it, it just feels nice. you projecting sexuality onto it is the weird thing.

it's a problem / indicative of sexual abuse when it becomes compulsive in nature or done at inappropriate times. you clearly haven't spent much time around kids.

before you come for me i was abused as a kid and did show abnormal masturbatory behaviour so i'm not shilling for paedos here or anything lmao.

No. 469384

File: 1570281969341.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.02 MB, 1300x9100, 655E2B7E-DEB6-4179-A48C-6920CE…)

No. 469386

No. 469391

File: 1570286165558.gif (2.16 MB, 500x281, pls.gif)

No. 469392

Not totally sure to be honest. A lot of people believe that he didn't actually kill himself and managed to flee and has been helped with hiding ever since. Others say someone else killed him, maybe against his will? Sources contradict on whether he was supposed to join in on the suicide or escape.

I can't play the video. What happens in it?

No. 469394

He creepily caresses the chest of a child aka joe Biden until she pushes his hand away

No. 469395


Pfff as if NY times didn’t post that article about being pro pedos

from the article: "Associate of powerful people in Washington, James Alefantis is now working with the NY Times to call for Facebook, Google censorship of what he calls "fake news." Because of his factual association with powerful people, who are associated with convicted pedophiles, he has been the center of a public investigation: these facts could never be misconstrued as "fake," and people are free to theorize as they will about the implications of these facts.

Since Wikileaks emails suggest John Podesta and Tony Podesta may be involved in pedophilia, and because of the Clinton/Podesta connection to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and worse, because of Tony Podesta's professed appreciation for pedophilia depicting artist Biljana Djurdjevic, James Alefantis and his Comet Pizza have come under intense public scrutiny.

Tony Podesta said he is a fan of Serbian painter Biljana Djurdjevic: her work is about as creepy as it gets, apparently depicting pedophilia. Podesta "regularly opens his house to casual pizza parties co-hosted by his friend James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong," according to a mainstream article about Tony Podesta's art collection.

Because of James Alefantis' own decision to associate with Tony Podesta, a powerful lobbyist who lobbies for Saudi Arabia, a country that kills civilians and children in Yemen with US bombs, he has precipitated this wave of public scrutiny. Because of James' own decision to be closely involved with powerful people who were exposed by Wikileaks, he has become a target.

This video exposes the most intense censorship rhetoric possibly seen yet in the age of information: accused pedophile James Alefantis working with the NY Times, calling for Facebook and Google to censor content that explores info that should be free for anyone to access, in the public domain.

The info about Tony Podesta's appreciation for art depicting pedophilia, is summarized in this mainstream Washington Life article:

"Known about town as a legendary political “fix-it” man, Podesta has turned his Kalorama home into a shrine to contemporary art, ranging from relatively under-the-radar artists such as Serbian painter Biljana Djurdjevic to those who are much better known (like French sculptor Louise Bourgeois)."

This is Biljana Djurdjevic's art, the artist Podesta explicitly expressed appreciation for. These are the facts, not theories, that lead people to speculate on the possibility of a pedophile ring"

No. 469396

No. 469404

File: 1570289152582.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 400x225, jason momoa.gif)

There's been a gif of it going around. Spoilered because gross

No. 469407

Lia Marie Johnson post her marbles after being abused by Kathy granann

No. 469409

File: 1570290083345.jpg (44.8 KB, 605x330, gross.jpg)

why are you quoting something without a source?

> these facts could never be misconstrued as "fake," and people are free to theorize as they will about the implications of these facts.

They were debunked in the article above though?

Honestly I'm not gonna drink the kool-aid and sleuth around the internet to dispr