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File: 1605147087874.png (2.16 MB, 2000x875, graduation.png)

No. 672223

For everyone who wants to move on with their life outside of lolcow, aka graduating.
Here is where we thank the website that accompanied us for months or years of our life, and we finally say one last goodbye to never look back. Try to not bring negativity into the thread.
>Your favorite lolcows
>What thread you loved the most
>How much time did you spent here
>What are you looking foward in the future
>Would you come here occasionally
>Etc etc etc

Or the reverse, why you would never quit this place. Please don't infight, don't vent, some people are just trying to stop being neets.

No. 672224

Do you realize the redundancy of making a thread about how you're leaving lolcow, on lolcow, and expecting others who are also leaving lolcow to interact with it?

No. 672225

Why do you want to ruin fun. I just wanna say goodbye sweetly and pacefully.

No. 672228

Because it’s lolcow kek

No. 672232

No. 672240

File: 1605148515691.jpeg (75.5 KB, 500x500, CB7CE3C5-1CA9-4E10-957E-5974CC…)

Bye anon!

No. 672241

Lmao this thread is cute
I hope you can move on from here peacefully anon

No. 672255

>implying you’re not here forever
Lol abandon all hope ye who enter here!

No. 672392

I don't really plan on leaving lolcow just yet because I'm just used to it and I find it useful but this thread seems interesting:
>Your favorite lolcows
I started coming here because of the thread about Emily Hu, then I remember mostly reading threads about American popular artists on twitter and tumblr like her, Omocat, the general artist thread on /snow/. I also liked the thread about Alison Rapp, Tess Holliday and that one Swedish tranny sperg who would write super long essais about how problematic FE Fates is and how lesbians lolis in Love Live are kawaii and relatable but their threads on KF had way more info. Momokun's first threads were entertaining but it's been a long time since it devolved in discussions only about how fat she is because she's not on twitter anymore. Nowadays I mostly read the FTM and MTF threads and sometimes the one about Jeffree Star.

>What thread you loved the most

If we're talking about cows then I liked the ones about makeup gurus when there was more milk all of a sudden, and I only really read the ones about trannies. On /m/ I like the video game ones because /v/ is shit and on /ot/ I like the dumbass thread.

>How much time did you spent here

It's been like 5 years I think. I was still in university back then and still a tumblrina pissed that fandoms turned to shit at the time and I remember there was a thread about tumblr where I'd regularly complain about it with other anons. I mostly lurk cow threads and post on /ot/ and /m/. I got here everyday because there's barely anything to do at my job because of the pandemic so I have time to kill at the office.

>What are you looking foward in the future

I don't know, almost all my plans in life were ruined before the pandemic or because of it, now I'm just living my everyday life without making any plans. I already somewhat succeeded in getting rid of social media accounts, but I don't consider lolcow as as bad as social media like tumblr or twitter.

>Would you come here occasionally

I already am doing it, but if I didn't have enough time to keep posting here I guess I'd only come here from time to time very quickly.

What about you OP? Do you actually plan to leave or you're just kinda considering it?

No. 672513

File: 1605189924034.jpg (11.53 KB, 128x128, avatar (18).jpg)

what do u mean by """"leaving""""?
u can always pass by lol the farms for me are like any social media u can get in,see some shit,kek to it and go.

No. 672574

Cute cat pic anon

No. 672655

Tbh I really only come here for /ot/ and /g/ nowadays. The cows I like best are usually the real nasty crazy kind, so I get that info from kf. But the two boards I mentioned are fun to chat in or get information on lotion brands or something lol.

I use both sites (and the internet) a lot less in general though. Maybe one day I'll leave it behind for good but for now I'm okay with my usage

No. 672660

>The cows I like best are usually the real nasty crazy kind, so I get that info from kf.
Care to recommend some fun threads there?

No. 672669

ntayr but a crazy onision orbiter have a thread there and has been very milky even tho she is a nobody,turns out she was a pedo/rape enabler compulsive liar narc she always responds and go full monkey on her thread Kek her name is Jodee

No. 672671

I visit KF for the foodie beauty threads, her (and amberlynns) 'haturz' are more interesting than the actual cows themselves. It's layers on layers of batshit people shitting on and obsessing over other batshit people.

No. 672719

File: 1605209004404.jpg (194.93 KB, 750x750, 1597313538255.jpg)

>Your favorite lolcows
Shayna, Yumi King, PT herself of course
>What thread you loved the most
dumb bitch memes
>How much time did you spent here
I shudder to say, at least six years, I've been here literally since the beginning, I remember the first time I saw it linked on /cgl/
>What are you looking forward in the future
Moving out and having a clean, tidy place to live, making food for myself, not disappointing my family constantly, lots of things I fear I don't deserve
>Would you come here occasionally
yeah probably honestly
>Etc etc etc
I lived my teen years on 4chan, my young adulthood on lolcow, and now I'm probably gonna die of adhd and loneliness. As long as I get away from home, it's all I ever wanted.

No. 672744

File: 1605211955766.jpg (140.31 KB, 1300x1300, 15199760-beauty-girl-cry.jpg)

I was slowly but surely graduating from lolcow, just occasionally popping in to see what was happening but nothing peaked my interest. Then the fucking pandemic hit and now I have way too much time on my hands and I'm back at square one staring at this page. I need a damn hobby already.

No. 672745

Onision thread kf posters are so annoying

No. 672825

File: 1605220720967.png (407.39 KB, 528x626, bb.png)

I've been trying to quite lolcow so maybe if I post itt I'll actually leave and live a productive life free of bitterness and nitpicking…

>favorite cows

Shuwu, stefany aka elsa frozen, pear, moo
>what thread you loved most
like above anon, I love dumb bitch memes. Also keekweek is a fond memory.
> how much time have you spent here?
5 years. I have spent way too much time here tbh.
>would you come here occasionally?
Yes because I feel like it's more fun to read new threads when you haven't been on in a while.
>What are you looking foward in the future?
I will become Stacy and be normal.
Arigatou lolcow-chan it's been good! jk I will probably be back tomorrow when I want to procrastinate

No. 672829

File: 1605221075602.gif (875.37 KB, 500x500, male.gif)

quitting lolcow
you're here forever, bitch

No. 672843

I got bored at work so here's a long ass list of the dumb shit I read on KF. I have an autistic fascination with gross and retarded things.

Threads I keep up with:
-Kevin Gibes (tranny pervert, current fav)
-Stephanie Cianfriglia (the womb wizard)
-Kelly Ronahan (munchie that will not stop fucking with legs. Posts nasty pictures and videos of her wounds)
-Tess Holliday (white trash HAES EYBS "model")
-Amanda Turcol (she's been described as female chris chan)
-WogglebugLoveProductions (autistic woman obssessed with obscure wizard of oz character, pic related)

Threads I only occasionally look at when I remember them:
-Tearzah Hayes (pastel goth artist dollieguts)
-Abby Brown (I check her thread for updates on her and to read about the crazy Facebook losers that hate her)
-Ashley Isaacs (also for updates)
-Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls (tranny cartoonist that made New Guy)
-Kayla Marie Waller (tumblrina, not very interesting. I check the thread every so often to see if she's changed, the answer is always no)
-Jennifer Gwen Ann Armstrong (deathfat with a hobosexual alkie bf, got bored)
-Kelly Lenza (obese woman posts selfies that are intentionally as ugly as possible, got bored and grossed out at the same time)

Threads I used to read but don't anymore for one reason or another:
-Chloe Wilkinson (DID larper, deleted everything and went into hiding)
-Jazz Jennings (trans kid, his show I Am Jazz is probably over so there aren't many updates)
-Desmond is Amazing (drag kid, not many updates, just makes me angry/sad)
-Schofield Productions (munchie parents insist their kids are schizo, drugs them into disability. Depressing, there's no happy ending.)
-Anna Johnson (vegan anorexic that purged her way into a colostomy bag, just got bored of her)
-Jonathan Yaniv (I could only take so much)
-Jude Valentin (entitled HAES woman-child trying to make a living as a successful twitch streamer. Boring and irritating)
-Amy Ramadan (white trash muslim deathfat, beats her kids with a wooden spoon, stopped being funny)

Specialized threads that aren't about a specific person, self explanatory:
-Munchausen's by Internet
-Tard Baby General
-Personal Lolcows: Tumblr Edition
-Dissociative identity disorder on tumblr
-Enbie (non-binary genders) on tumblr
-Tranny Sideshows on Social Media
-SJW Art and Extremes
-Plurals / Clusters / Systems
-Fat Acceptance Movement / Fat Girlcows
-Random Pics and Gifs

-Blue Moon Nursery by Smurf in Hand (thread about a fucked up comic with a mysterious author. A trip, to say the least)

No. 672851

File: 1605223618992.gif (15.12 KB, 283x300, Woggle.gif)

Ignore that I said pic related and then didn't upload a pic lol

No. 672864

>Your favorite lolcows
LJ and proanas. But I come here mostly for the non-cow boards. I don't like forums/discords/reddits/whatever place where you have to post under a name, and this is the only imageboard I know that isn't run by scrotes.

>How much time did you spent here

Too much.
>What are you looking foward in the future
Leave the internet. It's amazing how much information there is to be found, but for entertainment/socializing is fucking poison.
>Would you come here occasionally
Nah, I'm an addict, and cutting an addiction as to be total.
I honestly really like this board, but I have an internet addiction and coming here is just a fix.

No. 672874

Well, fuck. Now I kinda want to meet the autistic Oz lady.

No. 672882

lmao shut up
this place isn't too hard to leave if you have hobbies and shit. So many of the good cows are dry anyway and farmers can be awful and draining.
Fuck KF though. Most of the posters on there are retarded.

No. 673435

I aint leaving I just came to this party because someone told me there will be chips and drinks… anyways!

>Your favorite lolcows

Anisa/twitch thread
lilee jean
Luna and her smelly Tuna
gajin hunters

>What thread you loved the most

vent thread
lolcow's own caps

>How much time did you spent here

6 years

>What are you looking foward in the future

more milk, messiness and pettiness of my fellow farmers, I love you ladies!

>Would you come here occasionally

I am not leaving, bitch

No. 681834

Today is the day. Today will be the day I stop being a drama obsessed person. Today I will graduate lolcow and never come back, I'm off to pursue other endeavors! Thank you for all the laughs farmers, see ya.

No. 681861

File: 1606356834007.gif (170.75 KB, 500x375, 4966A7D5-E10D-4B50-8657-6749D0…)

Bye! Good luck!

No. 682012

File: 1606381078418.jpeg (20.06 KB, 274x275, F72CA2D8-6AD6-4A91-A7A4-F9D85F…)

Is this thread another psyop? First it was the “muh broken childhood” thread and now this?

Can’t y’all glowniggers just leave us alone and stop collecting our data? Go back to stalking 4chan.

Edit: was

No. 695806

File: 1608171356429.png (1.47 MB, 783x806, 1595548440587.png)

Everyday I outgrow this website more and more and I'm a bit sad about that.

Drama is not entretaining anymore
I get to talk to other women who think like me but there's so much infighting
It's nice to ask for advice and recieve it but at what point can people from here truly help me
I love looking at new resources that lovely anons sometimes post but idk, its not like I see actual interesting stuff all the time
I love having people to talk to anonimously but this site also carries the risk of admins compiling all your posts
And I need to move on with my life to get a job and make all my goals come true etc
I think I'm just addicted to coming here, yeah it sounds dumb but I am prone to getting addicted to webpages very easily

Idk, what do.

No. 696107

God, anon, but this could have been written by me. A thousand times yes. I'm sick of the site too, but I keep coming back for the advice and comfort. I wish there was a way to enjoy the anonymity while also being able to connect to individual farmers for friendship. I posted in the lolcow friend finder thread ages ago, but idk how to Discord and nothing came from it bc it's just anon chat, relocated but with screennames. It's like I keep coming back here to get things I'm not getting from friendships, but trying to meet people from here is impossible somehow. Posting on lolcow and talking to anons is chill and comfortable, talking about the same stuff with those same anons on discord just… isn't, somehow.

No. 696115

>Your favorite lolcows
Kiki, formerly Dakota (tho I know she's not dried up forever! I have hope!), Venus/Margo, JC&Syd, Yukapee, Himezawa, Sheina, Sere & the Kabukihoes, Taylor for her kotaphase, and recently Fat Elsa, Kate Davis (I remember her from her /cgl/ days, wild shit) and the Celebricows/J-music threads. My focus went from specific cows to general drama and wank.

>What thread you loved the most

The vent thread, personal lolcow thread, historical figure lolcows. Once upon a time we had a shortlived selfpost thread that was pure gold.

>How much time did you spent here

I don't even know how long it's been, I came here from /cgl/ during the height of the Dakota Drama when she was banned from being ppsted or discussed there, so 5-6 years ig.

>What are you looking foward in the future

From lolcow? I don't have high hopes for this site ever becoming much more than it is now.

>Would you come here occasionally

I mean I do, I think Covid has more people coming back here more often than they'd like, but who knows if this shit will ever end?

No. 696277

>Drama is not entretaining anymore
>I get to talk to other women who think like me
I feel this way too
I mostly use the ot/g/m threads more than any drama boards lately. I'm in my mid 20s and have a career and normal life now and can't easily remain engaged with dirt about random e girls any more but its so nice to have a place to talk to other snarky female autists. I also couldn't really get into the lolcow discord because the vibe is so different from the main boards, a ton of weird infighting. Where do we go??

No. 696667

If I had the resources (aka money), I would make my own all female imageboard. But I just don't know if people would be interested, lolcow doesn't have that many users I feel like, and ahserasgarden is pretty empty.

My dream imageboard would have a place for everyone here, the weebs, koreaboos, random autists and pink pilled radfem anons. And it would be comfy as hell.

No. 696679

File: 1608280498174.jpg (76.97 KB, 640x632, 996d1q7hl1261.jpg)

Goodbye, anons! You helped me through my tough times, and made me laugh when I felt down. It was a nice distraction, but I've spent too much time on this site kek. I wish you all well!

No. 696682

>My dream imageboard would have a place for everyone here, the weebs, koreaboos, random autists and pink pilled radfem anons
…and Adam Driver spergs too?

No. 696702

Driverspergs, borzoiposters, shapirofags and pitbulievers, everyone is welcomed unless you're a tranny or a scrote

No. 696706

sounds like a dream come true! I wish we had enough money to make this imageboard a reality (and enough anons to make it work, since the most generic threads on /m are dead, even though all anons watch movies or read books)

No. 696752

making an imageboard isn't expensive

No. 696764

Are there that many people who would like to be a mod though?

No. 696765


i can't read

No. 696773

is it possible to make an imageboard on one of those free hosting sites?
or a textboard.

No. 696809

But a textboard has no pictures lol

You need a hosting site like cloudflare or whatever. I wish I knew more

No. 696821

I think the problem with trying to make something that advertises itself as an exclusive space for women is that men will always invade and try to agenda push. See: crystal.cafe.

It's better to have a space with a traditionally female interest/hobby zone that men are more likely to not be interested in. The whole reason LC even exists as it is is because it was an offshoot from /cgl/ (more female orientated hobbyist space) and gossip threads.

No. 696936

sorry if retarded but what is ahserasgarden, I can't even find that by googling it..?

No. 697268

File: 1608342145087.jpg (624.84 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ohbw9qutA31qggr84o1_128…)

I'm doing this on a whim but, I think it's finally time for me to leave. I've had fun here, but I need to stop wasting so much of my 20s and time and braincells here. There's another gossip website I visit, but the community is more likeminded for me, and I don't waste as much time there. I was just gonna leave, but I feel like making this post really means I have to commit to this and gtfo.

>Your favorite lolcows

I don't really browse the cow boards anymore but, I really love the weirdo ot anons. Roommate and discharge/Nagito kin anon were my favorite. I hope discharge anon is doing well.
>Which thread you loved the most
Dumbass shit thread
>How much time did you spend here
like 3/4 years or so. That number is kind of embarrassing for me honestly. That's how much time I've been wasting here.
>What are you looking forward to in the future
Settling in my career, spending more time on my hobbies and working on my mental health. Also hopefully acquiring an animal companion. That's all basic stuff, but I think I'll be more productive.
>Would you come here occasionally
I hope not but, If I come back in a month I'll update on my utter failure
and um…. i wouldn't mind if farmhands ‍♀️ gave me a ban ‍♀️. Thank you

I'll miss all you girls. Even if some of y'all were annoying. Bye ♥.


No. 697270

File: 1608342401222.jpeg (323.1 KB, 750x406, 6FF1B6A2-5BCA-407A-B108-1CED8E…)


No. 697280

anon what gossip site are you talking about

I mean, I still wanna give it a shoot. I would be calling it something not super obvious and maybe center it on some hobby so scrotes don't flood there or something. I mean, judging by the threads on /w/ there's also a lot of men here


No. 697581

I was thinking what if we make a imageboard centered on arts and crafts? Literally a chinese basket weaving imageboard.

No but in all seriousness, a all female arts and craft imageboard, with a pp board of course, wouldnt that be cool? I have plenty of ideas and I could kinda do an attempt at coding but I would need more anons interested in this.

No. 697586

I would love that, I like arts and crafts but mainly embellishing clothes, and I am always looking for more ideas and want to show off as well kek

No. 697587

I would adore this!

No. 697602

I’d be all for this!

No. 697616

This is so positive and sweet. Anon I would love this!

No. 697627


I have no programming knowledge but I would totes join this. I have so many weird crafts I want to do.

No. 697628

Unironically for this!!!
I used to be turned off by extremely small and dead imageboards but honestly, they’ve grown on me!!! They can be comfy secret hangouts and being slow discourages me from obsessively refreshing the page every hour.

No. 697629

That would be awesome.

No. 697636

i don't really want to come here any more but I don't want to stop connecting with women anonymously. I found this place several years ago after googling Onision. I followed some of the drama in other threads but now I mostly feel kind of sorry for the cows, nobody posting all their shit online is mentally well whether you're an 'influencer' or a cow. Ten years ago I would read about lolcows on encyclopedia dramatica, and the internet is an extremely different place now.
It's probably because of lockdown but there's been tons more gen Zers failing to integrate. And I'm generally more uncomfortable with the idea that the comfy discussion I've been having with any anon might be a male LARPing.
I'll probably still be here, but it feels increasingly like an unhealthy habit.

No. 697950

fave lolcow: TND, Shayna, MTF thread
Fave thread: MTF
Little bit less than a year
Leaving abusive boyfriend, starting new job, moving to a new state
Nope, too much of a drain. I'm checking in on TND one more time before I go.

No. 698118

Thank you for the link anon

I’d love that.

No. 698397

So where is itttttt

No. 698479

Ok if anons are really interested in a basket weaving imageboard for girls I could maybe make a discord server to organize it?

No. 698480

The madlad, this girl got a ban and a redtext by asking for it…

No. 700537

wish i never found lolcow honestly, goodbye cows

No. 700656

I wish the defensive yaoi vulturechan sperg forcefully graduated because I'm tired of expressing my dislike for yaoi and then being called prudeish, scroteish, and crazy, just because I dislike yaoi lmao

No. 700659

Who's that if you don't mind me asking? What happened

No. 700662

I'm sorry what? Did you follow the discussion? It was not about what you think it was about.

No. 700664

File: 1608706709246.jpg (452.15 KB, 1476x1476, 1607491035648.jpg)

Everyday I get more and more sad and disappointed here but getting out of here is really hard, I've tried so many times and I keep coming back. I wish I was permabanned

No. 700666

Same, I literally said I was gonna leave and now I'm back. I thought about saying I'm a man or something to get banned. Maybe I'll just ask mods.

No. 700673

File: 1608707539584.png (386.29 KB, 1000x1000, 0b4e7a7275f15b1eac6f4730aa04e6…)

I have asked mods, and they didn't permaban me or anything. I'm still here.
Even /ot/, /m/ and /g/ are getting on my nerves, it feels grating to come here sometimes, I can only imagine it getting worse. It's not even the borzoi or driver posters, because I quite frankly think they add to the imageboard culture, and that's always interesting and fun to watch, every other imageboard has its own lingo and memes and I quite frankly find the ones here endearing, and the anons getting mad at them kinda silly themselves. But that's the thing, there's a lot of negativity and people who infight out of nowhere, and then the anons who minimod or try to "keep the status quo" when an imageboard is meant to mutate over time. Just how many posters in the earlier years of lolcow were anachans and very nitpicky, now we have a lot of radfems and terfs. I feel like in the future, lolcow posters will become different again. I always see anons on the pixielocks thread being a bit of libfems, etc. And then there's some anons that are so angry that I'd rather not interact with. I'm here for the girls who post random memes and are unapologetically themselves, the ones who just sound dumb and own it. I love that. I love this kind of interaction between women. I'm tired of picking women apart. I will kinda miss this if I go away, but I really hope I go away soon.

No. 700695

Well just leave then.

No. 701860

File: 1608811152326.jpg (49.13 KB, 500x500, Bm86P7rCUAAsrGb.jpg)

I think I'm the one who should leave this website instead of wanting it to get better, I'm not having fun anymore. Bye girls, the borzois and drivers were my favorites!

No. 701864

I understand anon. I keep telling myself I should too as there is much negativity here, infighting etc. I am too sensitive I think. Merry Christmas!

No. 703525

God I keep coming back after some days off, but I came back just to say this:

I think the get it off your chest thread is hilarious af. I thought it was irrelevant because we already have the vent thread, but oh my god the salt and milk pouring out of that thread is god like. Sadly I'm not interested in milk much, and I don't like hanging out with crazy people, but this made me realize again that people here are definetely no better than cows. Maybe cows are a bit better because at least they don't hide their crazy with anonimity. Or whatever. I used to feel bad about the poor sad anons here and feel part of some sort of sisterhood but man, what a depressive shithole this is. It's a wanna be "safe space" but ridden with hostility. Funny thing is that lolcow was more hostile before, but now the infight and schizoposting are wild. Arrivederci bitches I hope I never come back!

No. 703708

File: 1609109343868.jpg (26.71 KB, 735x439, 83ce4a9f8acb4df49a5134f933852a…)

Sorry to hear you don't have fun here anymore, anon. We love you! Come back whenever you want to.

No. 704384

I hope you don’t come back either anon
You sound just like them!

No. 704520

File: 1609207264698.jpeg (256.57 KB, 1009x1152, C142DB51-405A-4037-9EB9-E46DEB…)

Taking a break from here made me realize I’m better off not visiting this site. It’s been fun but time to move on. All the cows I used to follow have been inactive for years anyway rip. I did love the mtf/ftm threads though. I love u TERF anons
See ya ♥

No. 704720

It's not so much a graduation as: my new year's resolution is to stay off lolcow and other gossip sites as well as reddit, I'll be hopefully going cold turkey from Jan 1st 2021 to Jan 1st 2022. I only have one regular cow (Pixielocks) but I'm sort of excited to see what she's achieved in a year when I come back. I follow some UK studytuber threads (Ruby Granger, Unjaded Jade etc) on other sites as well. See you guys in a year lol and good luck to anyone doing the same!

No. 704734

File: 1609248796725.jpeg (35.33 KB, 200x130, 3B402438-BEB5-4B09-BDF5-7BC776…)

posting here to mostly hold myself accountable.

I have taken month long breaks here and there, but i’m going to make it a resolution of mine to stay off all gossip websites and reddit for at least half a year after coming and going for the last few years. who knows, maybe i’ll never be back. i’ve come to realize these sites get me into nasty habits of checking in on my old cow friends that were really awful to me and i should just put them out of my life completely. it’s not good for me and is really distracting me from living in the moment and focusing on my own life instead of what they’re up to in theirs.

my only fave cow was pixielocks and i can always keep up with the milk away from away from this website if i’m really thirsting for it. i’m mostly going to be sad about not having an anonymous place to vent about various things I can’t share anywhere else but hopefully keeping out of gossip and drama will lessen those needs to just throw it all out there, maybe i’ll let myself come here just to vent but that might be too much of a temptation. idk yet.

it’s been real, hopefully i won’t see any of you on the other side.

No. 704738

>im leaving lolcow for my ~mental helth~
see you in a week retard

No. 704820

no one said anything about metal health but okay project harder autist. no wonder people want to leave this shithole

No. 704831

Honestly I feel like using lolcow is way more rewarding and less of a waste of time than browsing 4chan. In the end both sites are timesinks and probably bad to use a lot, but for me spending time here is like a better alternative to browsing 4chan for ages. People here generally give more thought out responses and advice and threads stay up for a longer time, so I can come back every few days and read on from where I left off. Following specific threads in /snow/ and /w/ feels like I'm getting invested in a longer kind of story almost. That makes it feel like less of a waste of time than reading and contributing to a bunch of little 4chan threads that disappear in a few hours anyway.
It's the lesser evil to some extent. I can understand that the endless nitpicking affects peoples self esteem, but so does the influx of woman hate on other sites.

No. 704835

lolcow > 4chan
I never browse 4chan anymore. Browsing 4chan is like begging to become mentally ill.

No. 704842

I stopped using 4chan years ago. When I do go to revisit all the posters seem like pantshitting retards now. And in my age bracket, the ones still going there religiously come off as absolutely pathetic and in crisis.

No. 704847

> the endless nitpicking affects peoples self esteem
I don’t really get this particularly, I mean, why take it personally? The people posting here are just saying whatever they want without any terrible social consequences, being the “worse” getting banned from the site.
It’s not like we’re posting pictures of ourselves and asking for everyone to rate them and such.
And if it’s because of the people nitpicking about the cows, they’re talking about the cows, not everyone will find them attractive and not everyone will think what they do is actually not that bad and whatnot.

No. 704877

File: 1609270432904.jpg (185.02 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_pd1ug12ZmJ1rihoc2o7_128…)

Plenty of people posted are genuinely attractive or at least average, yet farmers will act as if any slight imperfection makes someone hideous. A pretty girl with slight smile lines will get called haggard, basically any nose is 'unfortunate', etc. Every once in a while someone is so good looking that even farmers can't find anything ugly about them, in which case they are dubbed 'average'. Calling any cow pretty will usually lead to accusations of whiteknighting or selfposting.
This creates an incredibly skewed perception of what is considered normal or average. When you read that sort of discourse on the regular, thoughts like 'if her nose is already considered big, mine must be gargantuan' pop up. It's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and think that people irl have the same insane standards and secretly judge you the same way as they would on here. Before you know it you're extremely self-conscious about something like a slightly square jaw, because any chin that isn't completely dainty gets called mannish on here, whereas in reality it's so mild that nobody would notice that or think anything of it.

I get what you mean and obviously you have to be prone to insecurity to take it that seriously, but all the exaggerated bashing of perfectly normal features isn't going to make you feel better about your own.

No. 704882

Where is the pic from?

No. 704918

while i agree the nitpicking can get a little overboard sometimes, it's also the nature of the people being posted you know? if most cows weren't shitty people then i doubt most farmers would go out of their way to call them ugly. or maybe i'm a little too optimistic

No. 704919

you're too optimistic

No. 704959

>Every once in a while someone is so good looking that even farmers can't find anything ugly about them, in which case they are dubbed 'average'.
kek, this is the funniest and most infuriating thing about lolcow. Posters on here have absolutely no idea what the words 'average' and 'plain' mean. Truly plain faced girls are hideously, irredeemably ugly, and any woman who's good looking enough to at least be a catalog model is plain. It's actually disturbing to see how warped perceptions are on here sometimes.

No. 704999

>no one said anything about mental health
Read the thread. Also, you’re still here.

No. 705115

People trying to roast Lori's perfectly normal nose on /w, someone tried that with Taylor R as well.

Alythuh is a good example of someone nobody can actually find fault in her appearance (her dodgy reselling keyrings as weapons is another story) and she gets called Auntie and average.

No. 705222

NTA but it's just pointless, repetitive, boring and stinks of underage. I don't see the value in making fun of others' appearances when they're hideous people otherwise or unless it's related to their bad delusional personality like Momokun getting tons of lipo and ending up looking like Donkey Kong, and even that got stale. But when 80% of the "milk" is just talking about how a cow looks haggard for having smile lines or how she's a fat fuck because she got a single stomach roll when sitting down it clogs up the thread when you could be saving the space for more intelligent discussion.

No. 707129

It's by little-tunny on tumblr, also known as Gogarty.

I think it's a bit of a vicious cycle. You see all the nitpicking and it makes you more self conscious and focused on looks, which in turn causes you to notice and post about tiny physical imperfections that you wouldn't have considered before, eventually becoming part of the problem.
I can't say I've ever made these types of posts before, but I have caught myself thinking 'ouch, that face is rough' at photos of for example Pixielocks, even though her looks are entirely normal.

No. 730634

This, for some reason this always happens.


Sometimes I feel like lolcow has the potential to be as big as 4chan but I'm not sure if that would be good or not. Tbh I wish we had well moderated GC threads where we could tell people to hide the thread and not be retarded, but for some reason that basic kind of moderation isn't allowed when it comes to those topics? I guess because lolcow wants to be free of ideologies but is it really?

No. 733100

If you look at Alythuh's posted images vs. her tagged photos from other people, she looks different. She shoops so much, people are disappointed her proportions and face don't match her images. Farmers drag her for her r/InstagramReality worthy photos , which makes her real face look plain even when it's just fine. She's just probably insecure of herself, really.

Back to topic. I've stayed off of most cows' threads because it's such a time rabbit hole. I only go back to lolcow because it's anonymous and easier to access & read. Also there's barely any internal drama, compared to PULL, GG, etc. I only get to check on the cows if I randomly thought of them after a while or if something about them came up on my timeline kek.

No. 766181

File: 1616320739906.jpg (171.84 KB, 620x618, 1616204543314.jpg)

I love the current imageboard culture we have in lolcow, truly an anti-male statement, love it. Hate the genderspecial twitterfag infiltration in some threads though, wish they could die.

But goddamn today was a tired day for me. Couldn't read any thread because literally every single thread was plagued with the same infighting, even meta has a tini tiny post that calls us feral animals. I won't continue the discourse, and I expect you not to either, because I'm tired, and I don't want to argue anymore. It gave me a headache, it made me want to throw up, I haven't been this upset in ages, my shoulders hurt from the stress. And I don't want any other woman in this website to feel the same way. I want to stop infighting, I want to support everyone, even the ones I don't agree with. I just get so upset when women are insulted. I hate seeing people defending those insults. I'm so tired.

I wanted to quit lolcow for so long but I keep coming back, this website is like my 4chan. I need somewhere to talk to others because I'm so damn alone, and there's topics I can't talk with other people irl or online. It has to be here. There's some real nice women here and we don't even know each other, and we don't have to. I wish I could give a hug to every single person who has been nice to me here, cause I appreciate it so much. But then I think to myself, what if the people that were nice to me infighted with me once? Idk, I'd rather ignore it and keep myself optimistic. I'm so tired… I'm so tired of everywhere I look, everything turns out to shit… I want to stop having to see so much doomer shit everywhere, I want this upside down timeline to stop… I just want to be happy, not oblivious, but optimistic and thinking everyone could be a good person if they really wanted to. I want to believe women are nice. I also want to believe men can be nice but that's besides the point. I want to believe in a better world. I don't know anymore… I want to quit this website, somehow.

No. 766189

While I understand what you mean and get angry at infighting myself I still like having a place where I can be vulgar and actually have a fight without pulling punches. Women are always expected to be mindful of others even during confrontation so it's immensely liberating to be able to tell a troon to fuck off or make fun of a bitch being dumb. The site has made me much less afraid of confrontation and I feel that's a very important skill to learn.

No. 766233

>It gave me a headache, it made me want to throw up, I haven't been this upset in ages, my shoulders hurt from the stress
Oh come on, you can't be for real

No. 766255

Omg I can't believe we're graduating already! Another year older and none the wiser, am I right ladies?

>Your favorite lolcows

Huge shout out to TND, who led me here when GuruGossip proved to be inadequate and I needed my nitpick fix.
I was here for the very first Pheebz post in personal cows and yes, she became my absolute holy cow.
Wandering around the farm waiting for Pheebz to update her stories (usually 15 minutes) I discovered Vicky and man, what an underrated gem. She always gives me hearty keks, I even read her whole back catalogue and it taught me a bit about tattooing and day drinking, too. Special mention for the hours she spent posing in the snow with an unopened bottle of champagne, and that time she lied about tattooing her own face.

>What thread you loved the most

Besides Vicki and Pheebz who are always reread-worthy, I have to say the Dumb Bitch Memes threads in /m/ belong in an internet museum.

>How much time did you spent here

Every toilet session, and I have IBS so that's a lot.

>What are you looking foward in the future

Re-assimilating into normie culture after my years here, and no longer being afraid to say "kek" "retard" or "faggot" in front of other humans

>Would you come here occasionally

Absolutely not, you're all a bunch of crazy hater bitches x

No. 766269

File: 1616328791440.gif (405.47 KB, 220x193, tenor (2).gif)

I know exactly how you feel, anon. It fucking sucks, and it's like there's no real escape except for the brief nice moments.

No. 766354

File: 1616335637068.jpg (13.21 KB, 550x413, 1616099236505.jpg)

>Your favorite lolcows
Holly Brown and the water color children's artist, forgot their name. I only like cows in a hobby I'm in, if they aren't I don't get whats happening, so that limited me a lot.
>What thread you loved the most
The lolcow caps thread
>How much time did you spent here
2-3 years, so I'm on the newer side considering this sites history. I spend 1 hour a day here average, 2+ if I'm bored. Last year I quit the site for 6 months because I was busy, missed the whole "OT is shutdown drama", but I'm back on.
>What are you looking foward in the future
Want to focus more on my classes, post art online, and spend more time on my hobbies (art, reading, code). I'd rather read then spend my time on LC. To relax I'd rather just watch a random show then browse this site
>Would you come here occasionally
Basically I have no self control, so the only way for me to use sites is to quit them entirely. The only real reason I use this is for venting my dumb annoyances which would get "just let people have fun" on any other site. I might be able to visit LC once a week
>Why quit?
I think my main problem is LC gets derailed to easily. I've skipped browsing the sites somedays because I see one bad post that will derail the thread so hard no other topics can take place. It's a weakness of LC having a few active threads
Also said deraling isn't even good. LC debates have the school debate feeling. You know how everyone is talking out of there ass with a dangerous amount of confidence while thinking random yt sperg =research. I've never felt anyone debating on LC new basic info on what they're debating. This is true of all sites, but on LC it's worse because it attracts more neets.

No. 766360

I don’t want to graduate, I’ll stay for summer school
>Your favorite lolcows
Onion and creepshow, I genuinely liked creepshow before, but she’s too aggressive to listen to casually now
>What thread you loved the most
Ancient lolcows
>How much time did you spent here
Too much, try to check in daily
>What are you looking foward in the future
Love or death
>Would you come here occasionally
My soul is trapped in this purgative farm
>Etc etc etc
I saw someone say “andandand,” instead of using ellipses, thought that was cute

No. 766394

Becca Hillburn/Nattosoup? I also really like keeping up with her thread for some reason, sad there isn't much milk.

No. 766452

File: 1616339383890.jpeg (123.72 KB, 882x1079, 1595397660320.jpeg)

No. 766645

File: 1616353093089.jpg (133.58 KB, 735x746, a569c49dbc68dece4a2f938168ca31…)

I've really enjoyed LC, especially during the quarantine, because I needed these interactions and to be able to talk to someone. The fact that there are no men here is my favorite thing, and majority of anons have been so kind, funny and interesting
I've learnt a lot of different things here, too. I don't regret coming to this site at all
However, I can't ignore that I've wasted a lot of time here and that in the end, it doesn't add that much direct value to my life. I've even become more judgmental, negative and critical of others, something I'm ashamed of and really want to change.
Also, I have this feeling of numbness on my brain, like I have collected all this useless information that I've absorded from here, and is taking so much space.
I want to invest in my life, my habits, my relationships, my health, my career and studies. The thought of looking back to my youth and just having so many memories of being glued to a screen, consuming this content; instead of doing sane, wholesome things that make me progress and improve, scares me.
It's not surprise that more often than not, I've felt like shit after visiting the site and procrastinated on important, personal things in favour of being here
I've also reflected on how it has affected my cognitive capacities, along with social media, and I simply can't have it anymore.
All in all, the cons of being here are bigger than the pros, and I feel like I've outgrown this place. I keep coming back, much less than before, because I've gotten used to it and made it a habit but it's just not worth it anymore
> Your favorite lolcows
I used to follow the celebricows, mtf and k-pop threads, but I didn't keep up with particular cows
> What thread you loved the most
The dumbass shit thread and I've really enjoyed all the threads focused on self-improvement, but they never lasted
> How much time did you spent here
I've been here for two years, not that much, but I have spent at least 1 hour here everyday. And many, many times I've spent 4-6 hours on a day
> What are you looking foward in the future
I'm looking foward to becoming a more considerate person and not being influenced by the stuff talked about here. I'm also excited to being more productive with my time and taking care of my soul
> Would you come here occasionally
Yes, but not for entertainment, only if I have a need for something (there's a lot of useful info and insightful nonnies in some /ot/ threads, /g/ and /m/). I'm never coming back to the other boards tho
> Etc
I genuinely wish everyone here success on their endeavors! Stay healthy, happy and confident. Don't waste your time in any activities and relationships that don't contribute to your wellbeing. I hope this will be a good year for all of us!
Ps, I know I'm being dramatic but I liked writing this down, it feels like taking a more official stance

No. 767234

File: 1616433538037.jpg (18.25 KB, 540x418, intodarkness.jpg)

>Your favorite lolcows
special spot for lurking the holly brown saga, i think that was a rare time where i saw anons being actually supportive/looking out for other women and not tearing them down and genuinely hopeful she would finally get a real job, lose some weight and move on from her edgy artist youtube personality phase kek
>What thread you loved the most
celebricows will always be my fav because of the amount of newfags pissing off the oldfags, anachans obsessively nitpicking lana's weight gain, and shitty saged non-milk will always be hilarious
>How much time did you spent here
let's be real I would forget about this place if I had classes on campus but I have too much time on my hands. i remember lurking here and occasionally posting but then forgetting this place existed
>What are you looking foward in the future
even though this website is fun and all I can't wait until it's finally gone, I honestly can't stand the userbase sometimes and the repetitive convos you stupid fucking autists
>Would you come here occasionally
No, do not recommend for anyone with a healthy mental state of mind. Too much confidence larping and white girl queebies here.
>Etc etc etc
If you are 20+ year old and still on here, you have absolutely no reason to be shit-talking anyone lmfao

No. 767240

>if you're 20+
You must be a baby from pull or twitter because I know this site from the staminarose days. I don't blame you, but trust me, there's nothing wrong with being 20+ and on lolcow. It's actually still pretty young.

No. 767259

what's the opposite of a lolcow graduation party because i just came back here after getting dumped

No. 767264

File: 1616435724668.png (875.36 KB, 765x967, Untitled.png)

A lolcow welcome back party!!

No. 767273

>If you are 20+ year old and still on here, you have absolutely no
Ah yes we all hit the 'not allowed to gossip anymore' wall at 20, followed by the 'not allowed have any fun' wall at 25 and the 'eggs all gone, total infertility' wall at 30

Taking notes everyone?

No. 767306

File: 1616440098710.jpeg (11.8 KB, 355x221, 4FE2D955-B364-4221-9E52-E43D13…)

Don’t forget about the either Milf or sad 40’s, the frumpiest 50’s and the sexless 60’s in which we all take pic related’s shape the moment we turn off the candles.

No. 767924

File: 1616522861427.jpg (39.72 KB, 382x383, smug-lau.jpg)

It's the start of a new year where I'm from and I've decided this is as good a time as any to quit visiting this place once and for all. The general board culture and it's gradual gravitation towards twitter faggotry has really put me off from using Lolcow lately. Incidentally, I've found other smaller imageboards that suit my palate a bit better. I figure it's time for me to move on to greener pastures heh
>Your favorite lolcows
I'm not familiar with that many lolcows but I would mostly lurk the shoe0nhead and holly brown threads. The troon threads were eye-opening as well. Thanks for the pinkpill Lolcow.
>What thread you loved the most
Lolcow's own caps had many hidden treasures. Also that one thread with the demon worshipper anon gave me a hearty kek; I hope she's well wherever she is. Oh and the femdom thread on /g/ but I now realize that most of the posters were probably larping moids.
>How much time did you spent here
Almost a whole year which isn't much in comparison to others ITT but it's still a whole year I could have spent doing something worthwhile. Some days, I'd spend hours scrolling through threads reading the opinions of anons I didn't give two shits about just to procrastinate. It really did a number on my sanity.
>What are you looking forward to in the future
Wealth and prosperity kek. I hope to at least get my life a little bit in order and gradually wean myself off of imageboards altogether. Baby steps.
>Would you come here occasionally
I sure as hell hope not. I'll kick my own ass if I do, you can be sure of that. But I'll miss shitposting with you, anonettes. Here's to hoping I never have to look at the jungle theme ever again. Goodbye Lolcow, it's been a riot xoxo

No. 767930

>I've found other smaller imageboards that suit my palate a bit better
I suppose those are not women only imageboards? I would hate if you knew of some and didn't share ngl

No. 768021

File: 1616531702204.jpg (108.3 KB, 1200x745, repin-what freedom!.jpg)

I actually really enjoyed lc. It's a women-only space, which is something that's near impossible to find now. This board, weirdly enough, gave me the female presence in my life I felt that I needed but never got until i discovered this place.
But this place is also a gigantic time sinkhole. I don't realise it when I just refresh the same 5 boards for 3, 4, 5 hours, and when I do, the time for actually doing more productive things is, of course, lost to the sands of time. Shitposting here when you have an hour of free time is fun, but its extremely unhealthy when it becomes a habit, and sometimes lc made me want to kill myself when i realised how much of my time it wasted. I just want to remember my youth as a time where I interacted with the outside world and became… Someone! Not a time when I stared at a screen and seethed at whoever. It's a fun place to visit, but a miserable place to live.
>Your favorite lolcows
Probably Shoe, Varg, the whole tradthot thread, and especially gimpgirl's - i've been following her ever since she was posted on one of the reddit hate threads. I was so morbidly intrigued that I ended up asking her for 'lifestyle advice', and she actually gave me some. I deleted my reddit account where we had that mini-chat (and thank god), so you'll just have to take my word for it. I always felt really bad for her, but at this point I just hope her kids get taken away from both of their parents, lol.
>What thread you loved the most
Not even gonna lie, I'm a filthy /g/ poster. The unconventional/attractive men/women threads gave me a sense of catharsis. Also, I'm bisexual, and my country has a pretty strong anti-LGB sentiment, so I needed to get my thirst out somewhere. Femdom thread, too. Yeah, im a work of art, i know. Other than that, the MTF/FTM threads peaked me (and also gave me a really unhealthy obsession with researching trans agenda topics), so that was fun.
>How much time did you spent here
Around 2, almost 3 years, which is embarrassing.
>What are you looking forward in the future
Hopefully becoming very slightly more of a normie in a good way, greater and faster improvement in my creative endeavours, choosing and sticking to an actual career, seriously studying for school, growing up and moving on.
>Would you come here occasionally
Yeah, just to check on certain threads. My goal isn't to leave forever and not look back, but to lose the habit of being on here way too often.
>Etc etc etc
Lolcow is not a bad place. But it made me into an unnecessarily bitter person, and obviously got me addicted to it.
Also, a word to all the graduands (which is all of you) - don't listen to the nitpick anons. You honestly know yourself they're making most of their shit up.

No. 768176

>Incidentally, I've found other smaller imageboards that suit my palate a bit better
please take me with you

No. 769400

they are very easy to find

No. 770393

Lolcow if affecting my mental health more than it helps it

No. 770399

How are woman only imageboards easy to find? I only now about the farms, crystal.cafe and the sushi something one (not sure if it really was women only, it was super dead tho)

No. 770411

I don’t get that idea either. I’ve only come across 3 others and lolcow was the most active one. The others being ashrehas garden which is dead and afaik was still owned by a male, choachan full of kpopfags, and crystal.cafe. I have never seen another women only or women focused imageboard when I’ve tried looking.

No. 770449

maybe take a T-break. Imageboards can suck you in, and a lot of the threads on this one are deep dives.

No. 770649

well they're not woman only but they're good enough. i just larp as a man lol.

No. 770696

the reason is they don't exist
I wanna make an imageboard for women only and the theme will be crafting. With a secret xx board of course

But I know no coding and I'm not willing to administrate that shit considering all the gore posted here etc. So please if anyone knows and wants to do that stuff please do it. I give you the rights to my idea kek

No. 770737

On endchan.net you can make your own board, I don't think there's too much coding required

No. 770804

Yeah uh, I want to have a whole site for myself, not some site that I have to share with scrotes with a /pol/ board there. I want it to be by women for women from day 0, and like I say, with crafts&arts/cooking/girlstuff/media/homelystuff/health&fitness boards from the get go. A happy and healthy place for women. 0 gossip boards. and the hidden xx board. Yeah, that's the dream. No more, no less boards.

Maybe I will make that site one day or maybe not, but that's all I want in life really when it comes to imageboards.

No. 770814

I saw a tutorial on how to make an imageboard, but it needs good moderation so all illegal stuff is removed so it doesn't get shut down. https://x10hosting.com/community/threads/howto-run-an-imageboard-e-g-4chan-711chan.109852/

No. 770860

Ive thought about doing this too but there’s no way I’d be able to handle a possible CP or gore raid.

No. 771506

File: 1616954883020.jpg (35.07 KB, 512x512, vileplume.jpg)

Alright, here's my full idea for a women-only arts and crafts imageboard:

General rules: No racebaiting, no infighting, no doxxing, no a-logging, no loli/shota/harcore porn, no illegal shit, no scroteposting, no troonposting.

Visible boards
/art/ - Arts and Crafts
/girl/ - Girl Talk
/life/ - Home and Lifestyle
/fit/ - Fitness and Health
/media/ - Media General
/weeb/ - Weaboo media
/kpop/ - Koreaboo media
/adv/ - Advice and helpful links
/ot/ - Off Topic
/meta/ - Site discussion

Hidden boards
/degen/ - Where we all can be degenerates *
/hot/ - A place to share hot shit **
/xx/ - Pinkpilled Palace
/fem/ - Feminism General *
/trad/ - Tradwives **
/trash/ - Shit threads

*This board is for women who don't feel like they fit anywhere else. Be your unfiltered self without worrying about people judging you. No porn or gore allowed (blood and nudity depictions must be tasteful). No self harm, pro-suicide or thinspo threads.
**This board is for hot shit. It's strictly moderated, everything that is nsfw must be spoilered and we have a 0 tolerance policy for contentious content, including loli, shota, hardcore porn, dubious consent, furry, scat, gore, torture and rape. This goes for drawn media as well.
*For talk about feminism outside of radical feminism (like ecofeminism etc)
**For tradwives.

No. 771509

call it sisterchan i think that’d be cute

No. 771516

I think /health/ would be better than /fit/ because of the 4chan name.

Also /fash/! I know we have a couple here but with a whole board, it would perhaps be more active. Reddit fashion subs, /fa/ (too male) and fashion spot etc all fail to to be the right mix of interesting / informative

No. 771548

Make it happen anon!

No. 771557

Definetely adding /fash/ and /health/!
I wish, maaaaybe, I could make a mockup of it, but don't trust me please. I have ADHD and I tend to come up with ideas and never following through lol. Plus I have 0 coding experience, I would need some other anon to guide me and then someone else who would want to be admin cause I'm not administrating that shit in its entirety lol. But I can make a mockup for sure when I have time.

sisterchan is very cute! For me this place would be somewhere all women can be free to be themselves no matter the ideology they have.
I think I might also add another art board for people who are more on the professional side of the business, it might be fun.

No. 771575

I like the idea I just don't understand why you want to call it an art and crafts imageboard when the majority of the boards are unrelated.

No. 771626

I love this so much

No. 771720

I agree with >>771575 like it doesn't need to have that specific theme. In the end it is just a women-only imageboard, not an arts & crafts board.

No. 771809

please make this anon it'd be amazing

No. 774273

Sounds great!

No. 775340

The cp on this site is out of control. It’s more than just the same image being posted now, there was a thread posted on /ot of an actual child rape image. I’m fucking done now.

No. 775350

I hate to blame it on anyone but the scrotes, but admin is kinda lazy and I feel like that might contribute to how bad this has been. Luckily, I've been fortunate enough to not see anything but gore for like 2 months. Anons in meta were saying the last pic was serious, so I hope they are actually contacting whatever authorities they can.

No. 775356

They're following the previous admin's way of dealing with it, which is reporting the image and the IP address and other details that might be relevant.

No. 776045

File: 1617527181620.jpg (88.24 KB, 735x640, 1615873160502.jpg)

Ok I came here to add more stuff to the general idea of what this imageboard might be

I'll add these visible boards
/pic/ - Picture Dump, to dump a large ammount of pictures of any kind, including wallpapers for example
/srs/ - For women interested into discussing things like philosophy, maths, history, coding, psychology, language learning, etc
/fash/ - Fashion generals
/alt/ - Alternative fashion (including jfashion)
/celeb/ - Celebrity talk

Hidden boards to be added
/blp/ - For blackpilled feminism (containment board so it doesn't mix with pp)
I also wanna mention, /degen/ is for women to discuss their personal problems or stuff without being judged. For example, detransitioned women, or women who were groomed from childhood and cope in weird ways, etc. For women who feel like they don't belong and want to be unapologetically insane. It will be a judgement free zone, I hope everyone likes it! It comes from a place of love and wanting to get better.
But a lot of people might not like this board and might go there to purposedly infight, so I think I'm also adding another hidden board called /vent/ (working title, I need suggestions), it's a board to talk about things you hate and dislike, and if you see a topic on /degen/ you absolutely hate, you vent and don't cause an infight. Venting is also important for your soul to feel free so this is why I think it's good to add it.

Besides that, I think that's it? I just want this place to be for every woman no matter the background or lifestyle they live. Of course, shit like racebaiting, posting illegal shit and disgusting porn, or being super nasty is off limits. Like, you can talk about anything but don't post ugly crap like hentai womb tattoo fetish or whatever, just talk about it if you really must without everyone else having to see it. I also want to implement a system that unless you have 500 posts on the other boards, you cannot post on the hidden ones even if you have the link, this will prevent spam and scrotes wanting to invade.
In /hot/ you can freely upload things like, idk, movie sex scenes. Or tasteful porn (I'm anti porn myself but I know other women might not be). Or hot yaoi guys if you like them. But anything that degrades women is off limits. I hope it makes sense?
I also want to implement a rule where you can call other anons scrotes and report for scrotery and any sign of proven scrotery will result in a permaban of the scrote, but baseless asumptions of scrotery will result in a 30 minute ban on your behalf. For example, a woman saying something nlog-ish won't be banned, but a scrote instantly will.

Anyways, sorry for sperging. Hoping maybe one day I'll get to do a mock up of this. But I don't promise anything lol

No. 776062

If this was real and got some traffic I'd honestly browse it over lc because I'm only here for /ot/ and /g/ nowadays anyway

No. 776948

File: 1617672508436.jpg (71.92 KB, 800x800, H33ca1b012f0b47ef99515e310e257…)

I've been getting into art again and I recently realised it makes me super happy. I stopped drawing a long time ago because I thought I was a bad person. Lolcow made me paranoid and think I was a bad person because I kept comparing myself to cows.

Drawing entretains me, it makes me super happy, it feels like I'm me when I draw. I never followed the art salt thread because I think those people don't really love art, nor the cows or the posters. Me not being able to draw for a long time because I hated myself because I thought I was a cow that would be eventually posted here was a big mistake. I'm finally free from that…

Anyways, I think visiting this website made me be more bitter. There's some upsides to lolcow but honestly spending time here reminds me of how depressed I am/was. I just want to move on and look into a brighter future!

I hope this makes sense, sorry if I sound retarded.

No. 776961

Just curious, why a board for tradwives? Is it like a containment thing for trad politics or would it be more like homemaking advice or whatever?

No. 776964

A female-only imageboard always sounds nice in theory but then I get flashbacks to crystal cafe and I'm not sure if it could ever work without being overrun by 4chan moids.

No. 776965

>Anyways, I think visiting this website made me be more bitter. There's some upsides to lolcow but honestly spending time here reminds me of how depressed I am/was.
I relate to this a lot. I feel like since I've started using LC, it's made me more negative and funnily enough, I made a post here saying I was gonna quit, but came back. Something about this site is addictive to me, which is weird because websites like KF, 4chan, CC, and AG have never been appealing to me in any way. Anyway, I know you won't see this, but I hope you enjoy your time away!

No. 776969

File: 1617674307649.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x1541, 6A4E544F-DC80-4109-8EED-488297…)

let them use pinterest

No. 776975

anon you're replying to
It's both a contaiment thread and a way to let more women of different backgrounds have their own place to talk. I want racebaiting, racism and political talk (and religious too tbh) to be banned

No. 777017

also I would love to add a board for libfems too (so they're contained)

No. 777904

I just finished watching A Ghost Story… holy fuck. I feel both empty, satisfied, and just thinking. Pondering.
I recommend it a lot for anyone to watch. It just made me think about my future, the future, and what I'm doing with my life… and not in a condencending way, not in depressive way. Just. What the hell am I doing? What the hell am I doing in this website?

Why the fuck am I not drawing, or animating, or writing or designing instead of scrolling through the same threads making fun of people? since when did I care so much about what other people do? Or what they say, or what they might think about me?? What the actual fuck?

Why did I let lolcow consume all my thoughts?
Why do I still keep coming back?
Why do I care so much about some memes, gossip, advice etc? If I can have better things somewhere in my life.
I mean yes I love the advice the radfems give, being radfem leaning myself. I love the niceness of some anons… but like… Why do I still keep coming when I have better things to do?

Nonsense. I want to do better things with my life.
Anyone reading this post please watch A Ghost Story. No it's not the magical revelation of the century. It's just very atmospheric and it made me think of many things. I love you all nonas, god I hope the best happens to you all.

No. 777908

Seen it and while I liked it a lot, I do not think it's realistic for me to subscribe to the 'there's no free time' line of thought and only do productive stuff 24/7. It kinda makes me think of how there are people that claim that video games are a waste of time and it seems crazy to me. If consuming media is a waste of time, the fuck am I supposed to do? Work and brainwash myself with self-help podcasts all the time? Entertainment is necessary too, though in a healthy dose. It absolutely is good to step back if you feel like are wasting too much time on lolcow.

No. 777913

>If consuming media is a waste of time, the fuck am I supposed to do? Work and brainwash myself with self-help podcasts all the time?
And it straight up doesn't make sense. If someone else's version of "productive" is to create art and media for other people to consume so they can afford a living for example, then what happens to them under this logic?

No. 777936

>Why do I still keep coming when I have better things to do?
Because everyone needs some downtime girl! If it's not all encompassing and just a de-stress sort of th ing, it's healthy to relax and decompress sometimes. That being said, sweet post and I'm glad it made you feel something. I haven't watched it yet myself but I'm getting there

No. 777955

AYRT and I like consuming media a lot-
but for me being on lolcow isn't consuming media; there's so many good movies, books and videogames to watch but instead I'm gossiping. I think I should be better than this, I should really invest my time into some better hobbies to be frank

Also I'm very unproductive myself, I love creating for the fun of it but I'm just sleeping and browsing youtube/lolcow all the time. Like I said I love you all nonas but… maybe I should put down this website for a while… I hope you all have a nice time here though!

No. 777961

NTA For me the problem is that I can meme anything into being an almost all-time consuming fixation. If I put down lolcow, I can just make reading and discussing and shitposting about some series into a full time activity outside work, or basically anything, instead of developing any skills. The core of the problem doesn't change, in that I'm avoiding doing less fun and harder things for easy distractions.

No. 778277

bye bye

No. 778278

File: 1617832745571.jpg (480.61 KB, 1582x2048, chocolett.jpg)

I think I'm finally gonna leave this site. I've been browsing for 3 years or so, and I feel like overall LC has had a negative impact on my life. I've said this in a post from a different thread, but I don't understand what makes site so addictive to me, because I don't truly love it here. It'll be hard to break the "addiction" of browsing but I think I will be a lot happier when I'm not wasting time here, but being productive and working on things like my hobbies and work/school instead. I am a little worried that I will just replace wasting time on LC with wasting (more) time on social media, but I think I'll be fine. and ngl, what pushed me to finally stop coming here is seeing an anon say she wants to start a site for suicide tips and some anons encouraging it. Some pro ana tier shit and an anon posting a pic of a dead baby Farewell farmers!
sorry anon lol. Reposted for grammatical error

No. 778284

I can understand what you mean. But I inly browse vent / stupid questions / positive vibes threads. Honestly every other thread will cause a depression. I hope you'll be able to be able to break the addiction nonny.

No. 778286

Do you listen to something while browsing? Listening to music also counts, but I guess instrumentals aren't as bad. Wasting time on mindless scrolling has been a plague and really hard to break (imo, I have a general addiction), but I tried to stop listening to stuff and it has helped me to stay grounded and be aware of the time that passes, instead of zoning out for hours. i only started doing it recently, so I can't vouch for it, but if you do the same thing, you could also try it. Also it has helped me to concentrate and focus for longer when I do projects.

No. 778322

>what pushed me to finally stop coming here is seeing an anon say she wants to start a site for suicide tips and some anons encouraging it. Some pro ana tier shit and an anon posting a pic of a dead baby

holy shit wtf? where, when? I missed this, please someone explain

No. 778336

The suicide website thing is in the confessions thread

No. 778343

File: 1617839174412.gif (916.48 KB, 500x297, UMc0.gif)

/ot/, /g/ and /m/ can be chill and really funny and nice to socialize anonymously but the bitchiness and infighting get old. many farmers are really just desensitized, holier-than-thou gossipers and looking for people to bitch about and at. I sank too much time into this website anyway, so I'll see myself out again.

No. 778364

As someone who attempted suicide multiple times and am now mostly glad that they were never successful, I thought about writing a post in response but I doubt anyone would have cared. The type of people who support suicide are often content living with their defeatist mindsets even though they'll probably deny it and blame external circumstances. They actively choose it for themselves by never seeking out ways to change and become a stronger person.

No. 778368

I used to be suicidal and I would like to read your post about it anon. I remember I used to check out websites on how to effectively off myself all the time. These sites already are a thing, those anons just want to continue the cycle of people dying.

No. 778423

I was going to say that nobody who's suicidal truly wants to die at the crux of the matter. People don't wish for death just for the fuck of it. We do it because living a better life seems so impossible that death feels like a better solution to end our suffering. I was suicidal as a child and teen because I had a shitty abusive family who neglected my mental health. If we could travel back to a decade ago and give the younger version of myself the option of a successful suicide or a happy and loving family, I can say with certainty I would have chosen the latter.

Yee I'm aware those sites exist which is part of the reason why I thought it was pointless to respond anyway.

No. 779831

I'm happy for you anon.
Turn around and don't look back.
If you're here now, let these be your last moments here, you are pure

No. 786035

I think it's time for me to graduate from LC. It's brought me a lot of valuable insights and the knowledge there's like-minded individuals out there, but I think there's overall too much negativity here to the point I'm literally avoiding certain threads because they anger me. I don't want to dwell in that any longer, I need to get back into the real world.

No. 807066

File: 1621052342417.jpeg (57.1 KB, 626x417, portrait-beautiful-woman-gradu…)

>Your favorite lolcows
Leftthots, tradthots, FTM/MTF, Youtubers, Shuwu, Breadtube, some more I forgot
>What thread you loved the most
Early leftthots thread because they were hilarious and I was the one who called Jack ugly and caused him to rage. Other than that Unpopular Opinions.
>How much time did you spent here
I've been here since Jan 2018 and I spend a few hours a day here. I spend way too much time on here and I know I just use this site to replace social interaction. I'm thinking of just starting a diary on Word for me to write down the stupid thoughts I would normally post on here.
>What are you looking foward in the future
Getting a job and moving out, getting fit, spending more time on my hobbies which are literature, film, guitar, outdoor activities, etc.
>Would you come here occasionally
Probably not soon because I have a history of compulsive internet use so I really need to control that. I might come back here when I encounter a cow in the wild that I just know has a thread on here. But in the first month or so I'll be blocking this site on my computer and phone.

No. 876130

Probably posted this before but I've got to leave this place for good. Seeing the bella thread made me realize we are unhinged and evil here no matter how I try to distance myself I am too. Who knows how many people like her are on here, I don't even want to know she or cwc or any of the coes exist. Simply knowing must be a sin, simply knowing any of this internet garbage. I enjoy the fun times in /ot/ /g/ and /m/ but even associating with this place is a red flag. The internet in general is turning zoomers into messed up freaks so I am breaking out of here, going to the real world let's hope, thank you and goodnight

No. 887913

The sites culture was fine for like a year or so but its full of ywitterfags now.

No. 888132

now that admin-chan is probably gonna kill this site and the cp/gore bombing we've gotten these past few weeks, i think it's time for me to go. i'm less shitty/crappy to people online, anyway. so, bye and thanks for all the lulz

No. 888217

File: 1629566623392.png (62.22 KB, 360x324, imagen_2021-08-21_122329.png)

I tried to quit this website so many times yet I'm still here fuck

No. 888289

kek i ""graduated" months ago and just came back to the site "dying". wtf nonas, it wasnt supposed to go down like this.

No. 888318

I used to dislike this site. I'd last 1-2 days before losing all interest and wouldn't browse again for at least 6 months. For some reason, I've been checking daily for over a month now and spending a LONG time here. I don't know how it happened but I'm hooked.

No. 888762

File: 1629608253655.gif (837.48 KB, 298x200, 53CDF941-4275-452C-A604-35C876…)

>your favorite lolcows
shayna, lillee jean, nemu for horrorcow, chris for revived horrorcow, used to like moo but she got stale

>what thread you loved the most

dumbass shit, shitposting, celebricows, unconventional male thread, a bunch of /ot/

>how much time did you spend here

too much, and frankly some of that I should've spent doing something else. I really fell into this rabbit hole where at the worst times of my life it felt second nature to resort to using lc as a repository for my shit thoughts. I have a terrible home life, my family sucks, and I felt disconnected from my friends for awhile, so lolcow was often my crutch during mental downtimes

>what are you looking foward in the future

my life after quarantine hopefully getting itself together, to get my degree and work in my desired industry. Don't wish to be the loser I thought of myself being a few years ago, to succeed in life if I can. If not I want at least one of my manifested dreams to come true, and I can somehow die by myself with purpose fulfilled if I don't otherwise succeed.

>would you come here occasionally

after leaving for awhile I came back on and off cuz of the bella janke drama and still peep threads. given what I might be doing in the future is demanding, I may not have time to come back much

I want to have my manifested dreams come true and I would love for life to go my way, I doubt it will but I hold out for my desires to land. I think by remaining here if the site is truly dying, I'm flushing potential and positive energies down the toilet. Maybe one day my presence will be immortalized somewhere or someone will remember me. I'm not sure how long I'll live. I predicted things for myself that I now doubt and fear, I am trying to live a life outside of the excessive amount of time I used to spend on lc and the internet. Like I hate myself for lack of productivity and verifying my existence in ways that'll lead to success and not failure. I was glad that amid disagreement and controversy and abuse in my life that I had you all, even if we didn't always see eye to eye. I'm sure there are some people here that are truly worse off than me, the site made me realize that, I'm a broken and shitty person, but I believe I can succeed if I really try and stop wasting time. there are a lot of evil and heinous things lurking at the back of our minds, and embarrassing things that don't necessarily befit those descriptors, but all things we can't state aloud. I understand why people flock here. As aforementioned this site would sometimes be a repository for my own embarrassment. Thank you for putting up with me nonas, wish me luck with my life as it goes ahead. I have decided there's a lot I would change about myself if I could go back, even in the last year and a half of quarantine hell, but sadly I can't

No. 889087

Im not leaving until I have to but just so graduate…

Fav cows: shayna, pnp, miss vicky, celebricows, luna, Lil bo weep was my personal cow for years so was glad she got her own thread

And that's why I g2g lol, I'm twisted

No. 893131

File: 1630033501197.jpg (211.39 KB, 690x1601, 15269839707985.jpg)

I've been on lolcow for 5 years and enjoyed mt time here. Some fun times were had and I got to learn cool, useful things from some cool anons, but yknow some things have to come to an end and lolcow is one of them. I have to stop being so terminally online and try to read a book or something. Anyway… bye!

No. 894293

File: 1630192948437.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 43.58 KB, 586x782, E91tIlFWUAkr_Hz.jpeg)

I'm ready to quit lolcow and every other site like it bc it's a terrible time suck and I can't be trusted to moderate my internet usage. I come here to procrastinate and I once I start browsing threads it's difficult to stop. I like that it's basically a female centric 4chan full of other malcontents and faildaughters, but I gotta chose me. My favorite cow and subject of literally the only thread I'm happy I read top to bottom was that schizo black girl with the terrible skin. Onision thread was entertaining circa Sarahgate. I also enjoyed the celebrity threads. Peace out ✌🏼

No. 894363

File: 1630204808179.jpg (59.39 KB, 500x383, 1504021712101.jpg)

Been here since 2016, I've wasted so much time here. I've been trying to quit for a while now. I'll miss being able to come here to complain about scrotes and trannies, but maybe I need to find a healthier way to channel my anger at this world. In the past I've gotten over my urge to come here by first thinking about how it would make me feel, and what it would accomplish. Every time I think about it I realize that coming here makes me feel like shit. The only reason I came back was because I had some issues in my personal life, and browsing LC has become like a coping mechanism/self harm for me.

>Your favorite lolcows

I mostly kept up with a lot of threads casually, I guess Moo was my favourite when the milk was still flowing
>What thread you loved the most
I don't know, maybe dumbass shit
>How much time did you spent here
In the last year, sometimes as much as 10 hours, when I ran out of posts to read I would just refresh over and over
>What are you looking foward in the future
Moving to a new city, starting college, making friends and hopefully cutting my internet usage to next to nothing
>Would you come here occasionally
Every time I have after quitting I only end up getting hooked again, so no.

I don't know what else to say. The internet is where dreams go to die and I feel like my life is worth so much more than this.

No. 898273

I really love this place but I need to quit it, even if I love this place my autism is too much and I'm afraid of the consequences of being an autistic stupid idiot.

No. 898536

File: 1630577716814.png (1.33 MB, 579x1079, 41C6C033-CF2F-437A-8E51-85AC3A…)

As I’ve gotten my life back together, I’ve been slowly leaving the past few months only to lurk a few threads for a couple minutes and possibly leave a few posts every once in a while. Maybe this already counts as graduation. I don’t think I would ever completely leave no matter how hard I try. I’ve found out that this website would have to officially die for me to permanently stop coming here, neetdom or otherwise. Between the first and second year I spent tens if not hundreds of accumulated hours on lc. This post will likely be the catalyst to make me use it again even more.
I wish I could have sperged about Spirit Fingers with you before you left. Goodbye anon, I hope wherever you go you show your own colour brightly.

No. 940089

File: 1634368993834.gif (1.64 MB, 332x164, ded.gif)


No. 940112

bye girl

No. 940215

File: 1634391300627.jpg (32.75 KB, 800x533, grandma-read-book-nature-silho…)

I've been here since staminarose fell in….2014 I think?
I don't browse or post as I used to, but I'm still here. I was only 20 back then and now I am 27, have gone through a lot while being a part of this site.

I usually just browse /ot/ and /m/ nowadays but favorite cows used to be Kiki and Kota, Ashley (spooky skeleton), various weebs from 2014/2015 like yukapon, himezawa etc, euthanizeallwhitepeople (that thread was a blast lmao) and of course Queen PT. I think the last time I was active on following a cow was shoe0nhead.

Site does feel different as it kind of was just an a gossip imageboard extension of 4chan's /cgl/ and everyone and everything could be posted at first but as traffic became bigger, more rules popped up so it's understandable.

Anyways I don't think I'll ever completely stop browsing this site unless it dies. I am content knowing there is an anonymous image board where I can post freely and vent without it being scrote central.

Anyways I went to a little nostalgia trip through /pt/ archive and found one of the oldest threads on this site that I remember lol.

No. 941155

File: 1634485618651.jpg (144 KB, 735x490, tumblr_9d67ad1dc621799233fc7fe…)

I would honestly like to stop spending as much time on here and just become a normie. I want to take better care of myself physically so that I look and feel better, may as well focus on the mental side of things too, which means spending less time online. Had a lot of great laughs on here, but enough is enough. See you all on the other side I guess.

No. 941420

File: 1634504114951.jpeg (362.89 KB, 828x524, FF9B8424-DBA1-40B8-96BA-1B4577…)

Having been here since the pandemic began I just want to move on with my life. It's very hard for me not to check the site. I did stop for awhile and now I'm back. I want to leave. Its hard to leave but I want to and plan to. As shit as life is I have to act like it's going to improve and I don't know if I can linger on lc much longer knowing it contributes to my doomer mentality. Sorry girls

No. 941570

File: 1634516559743.png (2.7 MB, 1192x1174, 1586315217081.png)

I believe my time has come. Not even the celebricow thread can keep me entertained, and I have nothing to share on other threads. I must take the path to becoming the ultimate, educated, and mentally stable Stacy and do other important things with my freetime. It's been fun ladies! thanks for teaching me that men don't deserve my time if they can't even put any effort into themselves, and thanks to all the radfems that terf-ified me. Peace bitches!
Jannies, do your thing(don't use emojis)

No. 951792

File: 1635393102244.jpg (97.19 KB, 540x663, 1635342418402.jpg)

Lolcow has a very special place in my heart. I grew up on /cgl/ and eventually found out this place in 2015. This place helped me open my eyes to many things… like how not to be an attention whore (kek) and why you should be wary of men.

But also, going on here feels like a drug to me. I think I have an addiction to the internet because my real life is very shitty. Poor, living with my abusive brother, not being able to move out, on the verge of neetdom. This place keeps me both "sane" and "depressed" at the same time. I love venting here and not telling shit to my friends so I don't bother them… but then I spend way too much time here instead of doing what I really want with my life. I want to be an artist and a writer. It's been a journey to me, and all I can say is I started using this site to cope when way too much. Instead of doing what I truly want in life I keep getting side tracked on here. I press f5 like a beast and wait until someone says something funny or interesting so I can reply. I keep making banger threads though. The first and second retarded shitpost thread? My baby. The husbando smell thread? My most recent creation. I designed a lot of the new banners. And so on (won't disclose more). I'm happy my retardation will live on forever for future generations of farmers who just want to pass the time over here. I just continue wanting to stop coming on here, but like any addiction I keep coming back. Before you say "HOW CAN YOU BE ADDICTED TO THIS PLACE LMAOOO" I have very hardcore addiction tendencies thanks to my family. My mom is addicted to cigarretes and my brother is an alcoholic. Going on here is not the only thing I do to satiate the itch to escape reality either, but that's besides the point.

I'm turning 26 next month… I'm tired of feeling like a nuisance, like a loser. I have no money to my name. I have many dreams but it's hard to pursue them when my enviorment is this harsh. People keep telling me I am a wonderful and creative girl, I don't trust them because of how fucking depressed I am. I want to correct this. I want to do something, and I think I need to stop coming here as the first step. It's just fucking hard. I wish there was another place on the internet that was 1.Anonymous 2.Women-only 3.With people who have brains 4.Cozy 5.Somewhere you can vent without it being a hugbox. Can't say this website isn't toxic for your brain but also this is such a cool and almost perfect place to share with other like-minded women. But I not only need a break, I need to quit…

I don't know. I want to say I'll miss this place. But I've tried countless times to move on from here, to become better, to do something with my life. All that keeps making me come back is having a place to vent, so I'll have to search for somewhere else where I can do it in an anon way. And I also love shitting on internet things together. I think I'll miss that the most.

I wish you all luck, I hope I can make it this time. Life is changing fast. Things aren't what they weren't before. I must move on, I must do something. Goodbye nonnies. I hope I can find somewhere else as wonderful as this place.

No. 951796

Very relatable. Good luck to you too. You sound cool and I wish we could be friends. From a fellow retarded shitposter to another, bye bitch

No. 951849

We'll miss you nonny, good luck in life!

No. 960611

Found out I'm intersex male with female biology. Call me tranny and ban me girls.

No. 960615

You’re just intersex, not a tranny, but you’re retarded.

No. 960638

What does this mean? Do you have an extra chromosome?

No. 960644

I have XY with female anatomy.

No. 960646

they have male and female genitals.

No. 960647

How’d u find out

No. 960649

Went to see a doctor due hormonal issues, three months of tests later I got the results.

No. 960654

How do you live with that?

No. 960658

begone scrote kek

No. 960679

I kinda want to quit because I feel like the chan lingo is seeping back into my conversations and my troon best friend(FtM) is starting to pick up on my TERFiness. I need to deterf a bit to fill in with my art school friend crowd.

No. 960680

Keep making others happy instead of yourself

No. 960696

Not all intersex people have both female and male genitals. Intersex is kind of an umbrella term for a lot of conditions. You can have female anatomy and look outwardly female and still have XY chromosomes, it's called androgen insensitivity syndrome (although some people with it do still look male/ambiguous but many look female). Some also have ambiguous genitalia but some don't.

No. 960762

You don't have ambiguous genitalia you have a micro penis. Go back to twitter and stop shitting up the thread with tranny propaganda

No. 960805

How does that work? Do you have ovaries?

No. 960877

fucking kek. nta but acknowledging that intersex conditions can be as simple as having too-high testosterone isn't 'tranny propaganda', you seething retard

No. 967479

File: 1636831005480.png (549.75 KB, 720x668, 61BA12EC-A545-4177-8696-246EC5…)

I came here after my sibling was murdered. I had a hard time functioning like I used to. I found this site by mistake, but I’ve found it entertaining.
I’ve deleted my social media a few years ago, but I really liked the /ot/ and /g/ threads. Some of you are really wonderful and nice. I even really enjoyed the JC and Syd shitshow thread in snow, but at this point it’s less fun and more sad.
However, I will say, there’s alot of anons with clear issues that shit up the threads.
I don’t really understand being so mean and lacking empathy when someone isn’t on the same wavelength as the OP. I think spending time here went from fun to cringy. Reminds me why I deleted fb and insta in the first place. I’ve made time for hobbies more important- to me. Gym, painting, screaming at dark souls 3 because I suck, and reconnecting with friends I lost in my Great Depression. My boyfriend and I are working on a little side business for the farmers market, and I got a good, stable job.
Being here feels like a step back for me. I’d rather write for me, privately. I don’t need or want interaction, or need validation one way or another from people on the internet anymore.

Thank you anons active in the cat and dog threads, the employment, the fitness and diet acc thread. I hope all nonnies achieve what they want in life!
Oh, and Watch your screen times!

No. 967537

Goodbye and good luck!

No. 967540

Good luck anon!!! Wishing you all the best on the new way of your life
>My boyfriend and I are working on a little side business for the farmers market

No. 967545

Love you!

No. 967547

damn anon your life sounds comfy as hell, enjoy it you probably deserve it love you nonnatella~

No. 967653

File: 1636846897064.jpg (106.42 KB, 1619x1193, yt038ltup3e61.jpg)

Back when I started to browse this site, I followed pt because I felt sorry for her and looked forward to seeing her life improve. I realize now that the reason I would follow these threads was because I needed hope that even the most unstable people can change for the better despite how ludicrous their situations were. After watching an episode of a woman who hoards cats because she needs something, anything at all, to be there when the inevitable downfall of her relationship ending. She had very low esteem and didn't believe anyone could love her, not even her husband who has stuck with her for 17 years. She didn't have the ability to truly love her husband because she believed he would leave her eventually. She was afraid of committing all of herself because she wad afraid of the pain of being abandoned. So her solution was to have a backup comfort, all 15 cats, that she obsessively took care of when that time would come. For the past 4 years, I have done that with lc and various video games. To me, creating the perfect game account is very important because I needed it to be just as I wish for when the time comes of my downfall. In my mind it's like, well at least I have this going for me so, x situation won't hurt as much. The Internet is only a scapegoat from learning how to cope healthily in my experience. This site had many funny moments and some of you are honestly hilarious with your shitposts. K bye!

No. 967694

you’re a babe. thinking of you and wishing you the best!

No. 968059

I haven't been here very long, just about over half a year, but I visit a little too much. I already have a problem with self control when it comes to screen time so I feel like maybe it's getting a little out of hand for me. Especially on quiet days, I'm basically waiting for anons to post so I feel like I've got a friend or something. Pretty lame. I could be making art. So that's what I'm gonna do! I really enjoyed talking to you anons, I liked hanging out in /ot/ and /m/, and picking cute thread pics now and then. I got a lot of cool art, funny memes and music I've never heard from here and I appreciate that the most. Okaaaay, last post. Bye bye!

No. 970315

This will be my second attempt at leaving lolcow as I came crawling back here when my health got worse and I spent more time at home but now I find my favourite cows aren't that amusing to me anymore and sometimes I'll argue over stupid shit here. I'll get riled up about something, argue, then realise I was dumb to care about it to begin with and shouldn't have acted like such an angry sped about it. Don't get me wrong, I have many fond memories here, some anons have been incredibly kind and sweet to me and a lot have had me laughing out loud on days when I really needed a laugh. I just feel like it's all becoming a bit stale and combine that with my addictive personality I'm flicking between boards for hours out of boredom. Even video games are a better use of my time compared to that. I'll miss having a female only space to vent in but I have so much in my life to look forward to that I know the right thing to do is direct my attention towards that. Mods if you're reading this I'm sorry for the times you had to ban me for not saging or derailing when I was a newfag and if you could I'd really appreciate being put out to pasture for my own good. I wish you all the best of luck and may the milk keep flowing long after my departure. ♥

No. 970935

File: 1637192366013.jpg (79.2 KB, 567x1008, seeyouontheotherside.jpg)

I love lolcow. I love imageboards, but all of them are overrun by scrotes, and if they are not heavilly moderated AND hobbie oriented any type of discussion or even shitposting ends up in /pol/ and porn ad nauseum. Lolcow is a legit oasis. Even lurking here is a pleasure.
I don't want to leave, ever, but i have to do important shit now. I hope from the bottom of my heart that when i'm free again lolcow has not been nuked from the internet.

Hope to see you on the flipside nonnies, take care.

No. 970943

lmao i love you too. I like looking at the mental illnesses here and reminding myself not to be that. But please, prioritise your life ♥ you are the captain of your plane

No. 984798

File: 1638574296163.jpg (2.52 KB, 300x300, R-16744146-1609586180-4973.jpe…)

Yesterday a friend of mine came to my house and I told her about how much I use this website. It felt oddly freeing. I talked about all the good times I had in here and how I love the sense of community and how I found people who think the same way as I do here. Nice people, smart people, cool people. I also told her how much this website exausts me. Constantly. I lose my time here and I'm always coming back. It's addictive and it's consuming my entire life.

She said "your website sounds like a cult" and even though she was joking, it kinda made me think, it kinda makes sense that she thinks this way. I have nowhere else to belong to, in a world where everything is hypersexual, pornified, disgusting, yucky, and everyone stupid and plain wrong, this place makes me feel at home. Everywhere else is full of fucking brainrot. There's still things I don't agree with and shit happens, but overall I like this website a lot. I also hate myself though and I have no discipline. I need to go back to doing what I'm most passionate about in life and move on. I'm tired of coming back, lolcow has taken like 7 years of my life and while I don't regret it I'm also not that proud. See ya everyone, I might hop around on movie nights (that's the most fun I've had in a loooooong time since the pandemic started) and love you all my precious cows.

No. 984808

>like a cult
People in cults agree on more than we do. I think of this place like a playground where all different types of kids just come and waste time but don't make any effort to make real friends because when summer is over we're all going our separate ways
Enjoy your movies anon

No. 1011697

File: 1641008072238.jpg (5.17 MB, 4051x1706, Nagano10.full.2223487.jpg)

Been here for like 5 years or even more, lots of iconic moments, laughs and good memories, here i finally found women who could understand me, they made me realize i wasn't so alone, they were crazy, funny, smart and made the whole experience great, they are all gone now tho, and it shows.

I don't think i can't enjoy this place anymore, too much infighting and circlejerking, it doesn't feel like a imageboard, just tumblr/twiter 2.0 but with more undercover trannies/moids and way more mentally ill people.

I've found new hobbies, and irl friends, i'm not as mentally unstable as i used to be, I've a lot to do irl, i don't have as much free time nowadays.

Thanks lolcow for everything, special mentions to komaeda-chan, driverfags, manifesto-chan, TF2fags, flugfags and spamtomfags, you guys rock

No. 1011698

sorry for the weird spacing, i was on my phone

No. 1011702

Love you nonnie, have a nice new year…!

No. 1011703

Can I break the cycle of addiction and stop coming here out of habit…? I wonder….

No. 1011705

As a driverfag I have a tear in my eye. I wish you all the best, much love to you Nona!

No. 1011795

File: 1641022127385.jpg (210.3 KB, 500x500, EsWohjd.jpg)

i am a newfag but my new year resolution is to be an offline girl with no social media at all, my time here was short but sweet, thank you nonnies, especially the terf ones

No. 1011802

How long have you been here?

No. 1012074

File: 1641055406641.jpg (109.87 KB, 516x720, 55d633a3dde527cd88a3f83872c785…)

It was a nice 2 years together lc. It's time to move on for me now. This website makes my brain fog worst and i've been disconnected from so many friends because of it. I'm sure there are more healthy ways to cope with my own existential dread than to mindlessly scroll on there. I love you lc, it was fun riding this pandemic with you.

No. 1030111

I hate myself and what hanging around this website did to me
Being so self aware has ruined my life
Truth hurts, I wish I was still living a lie
But I also thank every single one of you for being here

No. 1031958

File: 1642540344555.jpeg (31.86 KB, 439x439, 0a2c354c1fde91c69bdfb1ecf09362…)

I think I'll stick around forever as I'm terminally online. This place is filled with negativity, but I feel like it's the only safe space for my spergy ass. The internet is pretty much dead nowadays. I've seen so many websites being shut down, so many blogs have been deleted and since TikTok took over I just feel like shutting down my PC to never return. I might do that if I manage to overcome my internet addiction.

No. 1032743

I am still here.

No. 1033437

I gotta spend a bit of time in jail soon. Maybe I'll be back after, maybe not. I'll be telepathically shitposting with you all until then.

No. 1038786

Nonny did you go to jail lol

No. 1038788

File: 1642979085927.png (17.27 KB, 658x156, kofnofvnf.png)

IM GONNA DO IT BITCHES IM FINALLY GONNA DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1038790

I did it, but then I just started using firefox to browse lolcow. You know what, I am gonna uninstall firefox right now. See you nonnys after exams are over

No. 1045448

I've decided I'm only gonna follow /ot/, /g/ and /m/ from now on. I used to spend hours on the Luna and Pixie threads but I think it made me very critical of myself, as well as others. I want a happier life, and connecting with other women instead of degrading them is one of the steps for me to becoming a happier person. (no offense tot the anons who check up on the cows regularly, bitching is super fun admittedly lol but I noticed it made me a bit unhappy). I'm super glad this website exists anyway, sad as it is I've never felt so accepted both online and in real life lol. I love you all nonatella's ♥

No. 1045451

So proud of you nonnies, you're inspiring me. Here's what's holding me back from graduating right now: obsessed with Pixielocks DID saga, and also feeling v disconnected from my real friends and relating more to you gals. Maybe someday.

No. 1045458

That's totally understandable anon! You can leave and come back any time, so long as it's not affecting your mental state. I relate to the friends thing, sometimes you just need to vent but don't want to seem pathetic lol. I hope you find better friends and make better connections in the future!

No. 1045593

Same. I was more of a lurker until late last year, and even though I tend to just give offhand comments on the gossip boards it still makes me feel icky. Admittedly it's fun to give a reality check to some of these cows, Pixie especially, and I started to participate more. At least I'm not choosing to die on the hill of DID.

Blegh there's enough people to spill the milk for the cows, pray for me nonatellas.

No. 1052628

File: 1644037089730.jpg (328.15 KB, 1280x1114, 1641681637924.jpg)

I love you, lolcow, but I think it's the end between us.

>Your favorite lolcows

I first came upon this site after looking for LoL girl drama. That got boring and I read a lot of Luna Slater threads. I would cycle upon cows that seemed interesting, but these days I only really visit /ot/ and /g/. I feel shitty when I go on /pt/, /snow/ to be honest. I guess I owned up to my cognitive dissonance and did something about it.
>What thread you loved the most
Most of the /ot/ threads were pretty nice, bouncing between snarky and comforting to funny to absurd. /g/ was alright too but there were some very naive anons there.
>How much time did you spend here
Overall, I've been here for just under 6 years. There were days where I would just refresh lolcow endlessly and there were times where I didn't visit lolcow in a month. I visit here regularly when work is slow or when I'm bored at work. Browsing during work, mostly.
>What are you looking forward in the future
Practicing the guitar, working on my career, starting various projects (both on- and off-computer), going to shows, learning to rollerblade, reading, swimming, what have you. Basically, being in the present and making most of my time is what I'm looking most forward to after some psyche-induced navelgazing.
>Would you come here occasionally
I'm not sure. There were some cool anons, but I find that nuanced discussions can be buried due to people going "SCROTE" or "LIBFEM" and potentially good debates are suppressed for that reason. So, probably not. Perhaps for some more nuanced advice or help, but thankfully my problems are rarely very complex.
>Etc etc etc
I'm happy to have been one of the anons who posted a bunch of borzoi pictures to annoy that one anon. I didn't think it'd become lolcow tradition. My (and others!) legacy will live on, with or without me. I'll miss the vent threads to let out my anger and annoyances, but I figure I can write that shit down in a journal or relay it to my irl friends over a messaging app. Bye anons! Stay healthy, happy, and try not to be online too much. Thank you for a fun, sometimes educational, and welcoming experience.

No. 1106341

Sorry for bumping the thread but I will be spending much less time here. You all are wonderful women and have helped me so much when I was going through a rough time, but it's time for me to move towards more positive things in life than sitting on gossip boards all day. I feel like it's making me a more negative person overall, also very critical of both others and myself (I usually browsed the cow threads religiously). I recently have picked up new hobbies, sorted out my life somewhat and all that stuff. I've been wanting to be less terminally online and lc is my most visited website aside from yt which I use mostly for music lol. I have gotten amazing advice on here though and love you all so much ♥

>Your favorite lolcows

Luna, Pixie, Lucinda

>What thread you loved the most

Mtf, I learned so much from it (straight up, I was caught up in the whole tranny 'inclusive' shit before but don't believe anything about it anymore. Fuck trannies.) Also Luna's old threads, and all of /ot/ and /g/

>How much time did you spend here

I've been here since one of the first artist salt threads, I remember being underage and googling 'I hate Baylee Jae' or some bullshit lol and ended up here. Started following more cows like Toopoor and the Altcows thread. I've become a bit addicted over the years, checking my favorite cow threads right when I wake up. I noticed myself a lot happier once I stopped doing that the past few weeks, which is mostly why I'll stop coming here as much. I think I overall spent hours a day on here, reading and reading old threads lol.

>What are you looking foward in the future

Being a more positive thinking and less terminally online person mostly, really focus on school, art, music, friends and get the most out of life instead of sitting on my laptop all day refreshing and refreshing.

>Would you come here occasionally

Yes! I definitely see myself going back to /ot/ and /g/ sometimes for random questions (since it's one of the only all women's spaces) but not as much as I used to. I might check up on my favorite cows occasionally, but I won't 'follow' them anymore.

I had a lovely time here, thank you all nonatella's ♥

No. 1108561

File: 1648079377632.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.48 MB, 544x283, 43762010-858D-4D9E-950A-093E80…)

I am done with social media. We were never supposed to know this many people’s opinions, especially the shit they write without thinking on a whim. As an older zoomer social media have been my whole personality for so long, but it has answered very few questions and made me bitter. I am an offline bitch now.

Keep on hating moids and read BL. God bless nonnies. Bye

No. 1108562

Samefag accidentally spoilered this shit. Oh well. Fuck me

No. 1108740

It's okay. I liked the surprise

No. 1110459

Anon its been a nice 5 years but starting next week ill probably stop using this site.
This site was fun and i enjoyed alot of anons posts/threads but these past couple of months lolcow has become a mess and i feel worse after using it and i know there are other anons here who feel that way too.
The board culture has also changed too much, quality anons seem to be leaving (and i can see why) and we got a huge influx of males, trolls and newfags who derail every thread.
Its even worse that the new mods/admin are absent and incompetent.
The males here who who pretend to be radfems (and are doing a bad job at it) are also getting on my last nerves.
Im also tired of accidentally seeing nasty ped0 spam that occasionally gets spammed here.

So yeah. Time to graduate nonnies.

No. 1116794

File: 1648615993851.gif (45.67 KB, 200x200, CompleteBarrenLamb-max-1mb.gif)

I doubt I'm leaving for good I mean, I literally can't. I'm involved with community stuff here and I can't leave anyone hanging, but it's time for me to take a nice break. Not to be dramatic but some anons really truly disgust me, and I think I'm finally at my limit with the things people say here. I do still love this site though. See ya later nonnies, ily

No. 1116796

I've been into lolcows for longer but I probably started lurking this particular place around the same time. Can't say much about board culture changing since I mostly lurked, but I think cow culture is just dying off. The anonymity is also the worst thing about this site which leads to the influx of moids posting as women, schizo nonnies fighting each other, etc. I'd rather just suck it up on 4chan at this point and even 4chan is utter shit now.

No. 1116917

Have a good break, nonna. I feel the same way. Genuinely disgusted at some sentiments here so I avoid certain threads but it pops up anyways. Take some time for yourself and enjoy!

No. 1116981

File: 1648627087406.jpeg (386.46 KB, 1077x1077, F65E0181-B746-403C-BA45-C1D636…)

Sorry nonitas for the random image but bumping this for y’all don’t scroll

No. 1116983

I think it’s gone now, you don’t need to bump anymore.

No. 1117136

I can't see myself leaving lc anytime soon, but it's been years since I stopped caring about the cows in /pt/ and /snow/ except for the FTM and MTF threads. I started using lc in 2015 or 2016 I think! I don't really remember but all the cows I found interesting moved on and became normies or just straight up died so now I use /ot/ and /m/ all the time. Talking with all of you back when I was in university helped me become well-adjusted so much I can pass for a normal person now irl instead of an anxious perpetually stressed loser who barely knows how to communicate with other due to my upbringing. If I ever truly move on later it'll be either because lc would have died, which I thought was happening back when /ot/ and /m/ died in February, or because I would have stopped using the internet as a whole. No other places online is currently as fun or direct as this one, 4chan is trash to talk about hobbies, social media as a whole are one of the worst things happening to the internet, and I deleted a bunch of accounts I don't use anymore long ago.

No. 1118025

I love you nonna

No. 1119534

I feel like most of the nice and laid back anons left and now the rude, infighty anons are the majority. Too much black and white thinking with no nuance and straight up fear mongering. Many anons aren't talking in good faith, they just desperately want to put someone else down. This place and the internet overall at this point aren't fun to visit anymore for me and I can't help but feel a little sad about it. I love imageboards but unfortunately they just attract the worst people it seems.

No. 1119821

this is a fact. the userbase is getting worse and worse. they're more averse to any semblance of nuance than they have ever been before. they think cutting their nose off to spite their face is "feminist", they have absolutely no clue what they're talking about and have 0 grasp of any pragmatism whatsoever. the black and white thinking is off the charts and everyone starts bandwagoning off of it at a certain point, claiming that anyone who has any nuance is a moid. i've never seen it to this degree. within the past 3 months there has been an even further degradation of the userbase.

No. 1119824

Im trans btw. Not sure if that matters(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1119826

No. 1119827

April foooooooools! right? right?

No. 1119845

i think the anon was trying to act as if my post was critical that i had to or was trans to invalidate my criticism. so yes basically.

No. 1121981

you're obviously trolling, you're not that nonny. you're not my nonny at least. git out bitch

No. 1121983

>they think cutting their nose off to spite their face is "feminist"
…what? I've been using this website less and less. What's going on?

No. 1121984

still waiting, did you go to jail or not…

No. 1121985

Guess this is about the "terfs should align with anti-feminists" anon in the unpopular opinions thread?

No. 1121990

>"terfs should align with anti-feminists"
Lmao what. Let me tell you, I just cut off an ex friend who recently started calling herself anti-feminist. She's the most obnoxious person I know. She always says shit like "BUT MEN SUFFER TOO" and spends her days on facebook, streaming and catering to moids in a pink wig (she literally says belle delphine insipired her look). She's been getting on my nerves a lot lately, but since she was my friend when I was into lolita fashion I kept her around (nobody else in the comm liked her, they thought she was a drama whore). I am 100% certain TERFs should not befriend anti-feminists at all. Just because we dislike liberal feminism, doesn't mean we hold the same values.

No. 1121993

The only anti-feminists I've known were against it because they thought it was the only thing stopping them from bagging a rich husband and being a stay at home wife for him. Kek. The version you're describing is even sadder, is she overweight or unattractive? I've found that some women who think they don't fit beauty standards sometimes wrongfully think appealing to men and being the antifeminist pickme will get them male attention while most men end up being with women who value themselves, regardless of their attractiveness.

No. 1122023

Many terfs are anti feminist tradthots in disguise and youll easily find them on anti-sex work threads here or on twitter. They claim theyre against the sex work industry but its a lie. The only thing they care about is calling sex workers worthless whores and laughing at them being abused by men. They love to hate on sex workers then claim they care about abuse. Its all a facade to seem pure and angelic and please moids.

No. 1122039

This is what you get when troons insist that everyone who doesn't kiss their ass is a "TERF". Most people don't even know that it's an acronym, let alone what it stands for, and so we get literal anti-feminists calling themselves "trans exclusionary radical feminists"

No. 1122045

No one cares that you think you're above lolcow.

It's a gossip forum, you can't actually think that reading for pleasure is beneath you, can you? Kek

No. 1122056

I agree, it's jarring to see nonnies calling someone "based" because she reeeed at men and TQ+ people while calling homosexuality a disease.

No. 1130941

I blocked this site on my computer’s host file after I received a really rude reply on here and just became fed up with this place and people online in general. I stayed off for a while and enjoyed it because I quickly became bored and was forced to pick up my old irl hobbies which made me feel happier. I came back on my phone cause I was curious if there were replies to my last posts. I realized I could catch up on threads pretty quickly if I ever want to come back. I recommend blocking sites at the host file level, still looking for a similar way to block on my phone though.

No. 1130953

sounds pretty stupid tbh

No. 1131017

No. 1147733

File: 1650911303902.jpg (47.68 KB, 461x640, Lot-Style-Choose-Unframed-Seri…)

I've been slowly getting away from this website and posting less and less. I've created many well regarded threads and helped around and posted so much funny shit that I felt very much part of the community. The days I have spent away from online spaces have felt amazing though, and coming back here feels weird. There's definetely some pickmeism pro troon nlog shit going atm on and it's boring. This website is becoming boring and different as time passes. I love the radfems, the nice nonnies, the husbandofags, and the fujos too. But I'm sure I've outgrown this website, sometimes it feels like I'm talking to 18 year olds constantly (as proven by the friend finder thread of course) and I'm in my late 20's now. I like talking to the mature nonnies and those who are 25+. I also love the drawing board and the movie nights. Basically lolcow is a big part of my socialization because I'm kind of an hermit. But that's seriously unhealthy and I just want to move on and focus on what I'm truly passionate about. That's all.

No. 1147927

who else gay peepoo here

No. 1150298

File: 1651058764479.gif (1.2 MB, 245x150, tumblr_ob3gnvw0xP1r5xo1go4_250…)

I love you bitches and you've seen me through some hard times, but I see now that I'm outgrowing this place as a daily scroll.
I used to love the chaotic /ot/ energy, you never know if you'll get a sweet helpful response or merciless hilarious bullying. But now I get grumpy seeing the same four vents and derails play out over and over again, and that's not how I want to spend my precious toilet time. I live a blessed scroteless existence and I don't want to be reminded how awful they are all the time. I want to focus on things that make me happy. So I'll probably dip back when I have something to contribute to the perfume, fashion, sewing and career threads. I've really enjoyed the sense of family here, but since I'm feeling more and more of a black sheep, I won't stay and grind my teeth that this place isn't what I want it to be. Later.

No. 1150300

Didn't she come across her ex and go back to her friends after this moment of hers?

No. 1150342

>But I'm sure I've outgrown this website, sometimes it feels like I'm talking to 18 year olds constantly (as proven by the friend finder thread of course) and I'm in my late 20's now.
I felt this nonny, I started coming here when I was in my mid 20's and now I'm in my early 30's. Sharing this place with teenagers and people in their early 20's just isn't appealing anymore, I dealt with the phases they're going through years ago and I get tired of trying to explain the same things over and over again and their polarized way of thinking gets me frustrated like I was arguing with, well, someone in their teens.

I agree, and I think it's exactly because of a.) the moderation team being understaffed and not quick enough to ban and redtext budding infights between users and b.) the growing younger userbase and us oldfags growing more mature and finding more nuance in issues we have already dealt with for so many times. The black and white thinking with edgy takes is something underdeveloped people with no perspective on things have and they will learn the shades of grey between them eventually because the world doesn't work in absolutes and they will have to learn to deal with compromises. But for someone who has already grown past that it's beyond maddening to deal with brats acting and speaking on their impulses alone.

I hope this site will remain as somewhere for these young women to grow, find other women, learn about feminism and pinkpill themselves, but the amount of weird conservatism and extremism that has been creeping up makes me worried. Just because you a-log degenerate trannies doesn't mean you're a "radfem".

No. 1153485

File: 1651152820874.png (61.24 KB, 275x275, imagen_2022-04-28_083117122.pn…)

I'm burnt out on this website, everyday I scroll way too much waiting for something to happen. I think the Kaitlyn Tiffany thread was enough fun for me and I'm finally ready to retire. I feel terminally online and want to move on. Wasted my entire evening having hearty keks but it isn't very healthy. Maybe I'll become a turbo stacy once I quit my internet addiction who knows.

No. 1153491

File: 1651153131211.png (1.18 MB, 960x960, imagen_2022-04-28_083531081.pn…)

I hope if I quit this website I never get cancelled and posted over here. I know I can have cowish behaviors like being a turbo autistic weeb but I genuinely love this place as a place for women to help each other and I also love the free organic manhate. It would sour me a lot to know I was posted here kek I think only the nonnies here truly understand me even though I'm a stupid retard. I'm going to try to better my life and I really really hope I don't come back.

No. 1153610

I ain't leaving buuut…
I lurk here for the longest time, I don't even remember. So many stories…
I used to like Kota and her sister…I remember when kiki sperged here, oh my.
I rooted lots when Venus ran away (for what hahaha).
Followed the Onision-Billie-Don't know his waif name…
Kpop threads, all the shit.
Nowadays I grew out 100% from snows and cows but I reallu like ot, g and m so I stay, it's comfy.

No. 1174000

File: 1652122524497.jpeg (118.45 KB, 763x631, 6D36BAFD-A659-4268-95FD-373BA8…)

Thinking I will leave soon. I'll miss the fun times had with fellow nonnies, but the negatives have truly piled up. There's obviously the admin issue, in addition we have even worse raids, our userbase is too polluted with newfags and drama-stirring namefags, and a highly obvious male presence to boot. I love the good times I've had on LOLCOR but also I've decided not to say mean things anymore online if I can help it, life's too short. I can still come here and be nice but it hangs over me. Not to mention the attitudes here have made me too critical of people, too negative. So it isn't any one factor but a bunch that might soon break the camel's back. I'm still coming here for now, you are all my sisters but it may be someday soon. Who knows maybe I won't be able to until this site really goes under. I've tried leaving before and failed like many of you

No. 1174368

File: 1652132682167.jpg (378.83 KB, 963x1280, 1651192305847.jpg)

I'm still thinking of Jail anon, I wonder if she's ok.

No. 1181682

how the fuck can I quit this place, and the internet?

No. 1181686

Commit a crime and get sent to jail for a few months.

No. 1181696

Get an outdoors hobby, friends, a pet and a job.

No. 1181702

There are 2 kinds of people.

No. 1181974

C'mon anon, plz return and tell us what happened lol

No. 1190699

File: 1653097436576.jpeg (172.85 KB, 1125x1082, ñjljjl.jpeg)

I'm going to try and see how long can I go without coming here. I hope to make it to a month or two. When I come back please update me on shit.

No. 1208137

I love summer it’s the year of failing and/or succeeding but no matter the outcome it’s always something new

No. 1208438

Good luck mwah mwah

No. 1209345

File: 1654263544879.jpeg (187.95 KB, 750x1000, 32A5867D-3B90-4A39-B53C-638A63…)

Okay nonnies this is it for me I think. Lolcow has been a sort of sanctuary for me since I was a teen, I started browsing lolcow forever ago, I think it’s been about 7 or so years but it’s time I call it quits. When I first found LC it was a great way to pass the time, I loved reading about cows and it was just fun to read all the gossip, it had such a different feeling back then but I can’t really put it into words. Later on I discovered the off topic boards and was even more pleased, that’s when I finally started to actually post on the site and I had a lot of fun most of the time. I also met some really amazing nonnies on here during the first round of the friend finder thread back in 2019 and I still talk to a few of them. I’ve had a lot of fun with nonnies in the movie and drawing rooms and i’ve made a few pieces of art that I see used around here sometimes and it makes me very happy. But this place has become absolutely insufferable, all of the nonnies I met who were also old fags have abandoned the site and now I see why. I took a long break myself during the raids because I was sick of encountering cp, seeing moid spam and posts but when I came back and saw it had slowed down I was a bit happy about it. But sadly it just doesn’t feel the same, it feels like all the anons who made this a fun and interesting place have vanished and abandoned the site, understandably so, and the new anons are not really my cup of tea. At first when people complained about twitterfags I thought it was dumb, shouldn’t we be happy that they are peaking and coming here? They’ll assimilate eventually just give them time! But I was stupid to think so and wrong, this place has become absolutely infested. I just can’t stand how everything turns into an infight. I am so sad to leave because this felt like the only place left online where I could openly express my opinions about troons, males and media that otherwise would get me cancelled in normie social media spaces. I feel defeated too because it feels like this was the only site left where I could feel like I was surrounded by only women, sure men can come here too but they’re usually called out and ostracized, which I always loved, so abandoning the site in a way feels like letting the men who so badly want to kill this place win. Thankfully I have a good solid group of terf friends who share my interests and won’t need this place anymore. I’ll miss the board culture, the memes, making art with and for other nonnies and the farm in general, but I can’t deal with how awful this site is, coming on here now feels like a chore. Every thread is clogged with infighting about very stupid topics to the point that they are unusable. You can’t even really shit on males anyone without getting some butthurt anons defending men. Image board culture is dying and the new generation of it is absolutely rancid. I will always be grateful to this website for peaking me, letting me openly shit on men and giving me people to discuss my interests with. Goodbye nonnies and may you all have a good life ♥

No. 1209382

I'm an oldfag, I'm still here.

No. 1209387

Goodbye anon and good luck with all of your endeavors! Please have a full and blessed life. I relate to so much what you've said, we've always had unsavory anons but the culture of LC has really gone downhill. I still pop in here and there, especially for the husbandofag threads because I feel like I'd be completely homeless on the internet if I decided to leave for good and because I've been here for so long. I know you probably won't reply, but was there a particular post that sent you over the edge? I'm curious.

No. 1209398

I'm sorry but I don't see how it is going downhill and I'm an oldfag myself. I think it's better than ever with the movie nights and drawing room and I don't want all the oldfags to suddenly go away because if we don't keep the oldfags alive the retards will come flood this place.

No. 1209416

This. And infighting isn't anything new, either.

No. 1209502

Infighting is a tale as old as time, it's the constant raids and twitterfags/newfags who can't integrate into our culture that are getting on my nerves. That and the fact that admin is MIA even when there is something wrong with the site and will most likely continue to be so.

No. 1209536

I’m an oldfag too but the only similarities I see are the infighting, which will always happen and doesn’t bother me because otherwise the board wouldn’t move at all. I think things are vastly different and I don’t really get the same feeling from the board. I think a lot of old anons are gone and I, too, don’t have much to say to the new ones. It’s getting boring.

No. 1210439

This was me, where did I get all that positivity from kek. Still here, I don't follow the cows much anymore though! Lc is like Hotel California or some shit, check in never leave. Still love you nonna's ♥

No. 1216064

File: 1654678441125.jpg (83.74 KB, 1074x686, 9f138f4bd72b9a2f44eff94265da35…)

I say this with some unironic tears in my eyes- I've spent 7 years on this website and it's done nothing but make me a more bitter, tired, ugly person. I want to learn how to connect with people without being so cold and hateful and heal the abused teenager that managed to find solace here in the first place. I've made some nice friends through the friend-finder thread and I'll always be grateful for that, and I'll always be grateful to the nonas who answered my insane schizoposts in the vent and advice threads. I'm going to breathe in the fresh air and run my fingers through the tall grass for the first time in years and I encourage anyone else reading this who also has the urge to be free from this hell to just pack up your little handkerchief, put it on a stick, and hop the nearest train out of here. love yourself and love others and live your life putting empathy first

No. 1216820

I've had some good times here but the users seem to be getting more idiotic by the month. Sick of arguing about pointless shit that anyone with a brain and basic Google-fu can verify or trying to explain things to someone who types like a baboon with an internet connection. Some anons very clearly fall victim to shit like magical thinking, confirmation bias, and poor reading comprehension, and it makes me doubt the validity of the advice and opinions on here. Deuces.

No. 1246698

It's extremely embarrassing that I even have to ask this but can the mods please permaban me? I can't get myself offline through willpower alone. I've been wasting my life online since I was about 11 and it's only getting worse. This place is one of the worst offenders in terms of time I waste online daily. Thank you to the nonnas who have been kind to me and made me laugh, but I need to live in the real world.(so long, nona)

No. 1246740

Good luck anon, I hope I can join you soon

No. 1246765

No offense nonnie, but that's a you problem, not a LC problem. This is just a website. I've become more confident in myself, made more friends, and appreciate myself more than I did before I came to lolcow. Maybe the difference is that I spend all my time in /ot/ and /m/.

No. 1246771

NTA but yeah I didn’t want to discourage OP but lolcow is barely the hellsite a lot of people make it out to be. It’s barely addictive, has zero ads/marketing, and you know…..it’s an anon image-board; it discourages all of our shitty, dopamine-go-up attention-whoring fragile-ego-driven impulses. Like…..if you have a busy life - say you now have a job or go to school or decide to become professionally unhinged - you just won’t go on here. Because you’re busy. Having too much free time with zero structure, on the other hand, is just a recipe for online-aided listlessness. Like I can understand this about Twitter but never about LC. This whole thread is pointless; there is no need for a “graduation”, it won’t change anything. The only need for anyone suffering from being on LC too much is find something else to do with their time, and since most don’t have the willpower making money (not starving) is usually the most effective incentive.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1246780

The OP clearly realizes it's a problem she has with this site, that's why she's leaving. To deny that being on Lolcow can have an negative effect on some people's mentality or say that leaving behind sites that have negatively impacted you is pointless, is just stupid.
>it discourages all of our shitty, dopamine-go-up attention-whoring fragile-ego-driven impulses
Sure, that's why we have recognizable namefags.

No. 1246783

>recognizable namefags
Yeah. And still they aren’t half as bad as in other sites. And honestly, a lot of users play into it and incite them even further. But still, you can easily just…..not go on. It’s not addictive. Lolcow is just an underlying system of a much bigger problem.

No. 1246788

Who cares about other sites? This is about Lolcow.
>But still, you can easily just…..not go on
That's literally the whole point of this thread, anons who are leaving.

No. 1273322

Not leaving the site per se but I'll stop using /ot/. Full of crybabies and moralfags.

No. 1273358

No. 1273403

when anons say they only use /ot/ they're the whiniest babies ever who don't understand imageboards.

No. 1273410

I was just about to say something similar


/ot/ is just a sub board created for the women you’re complaining about. This board originates from gossip and if you think you’re somehow separate or morally superior because you came to loiter in /ot/ and not be a poo poo meanie head~ on other boards you’re just annoying.

No. 1273422

oh ya, that was our choice and not the fact that we had a shit admin…

No. 1273425

it's not about talking about cows, it's that some people on this board get so upset when anyone is "mean!" now. i've seen so many anons recently refer to /ot/ as a sisterhood and all sorts of cringy shit. the only thing that we all have in common is our hatred of annoying scrotes.

No. 1273443

well that's part of the issue, it's not really a place where we can be extremely honest anymore, anons expect everyone to be super nicey nice to everyone and a lot of posters look at how a post comes across rather than what's actually being said and end up ignoring good insights.

No. 1273459

actually right now in the vent thread an anon is defending a post that says lolcow is like 4chan because we're "too mean".

No. 1273664

Don't get why idiots keep coming to this board to complain about how much they dislike anons who don't use /snow/. Why are you here then? Nobody on /ot/, /m/ or /g/ feels a need to talk about how much they hate /snow/ or /pt/ users. And if one of you is the same anon who has been asking for non-drama boards to be shutdown for months, please stop being a sperg already.

No. 1273675

NTA, but that's not what she said kek. There's being "mean" and there's the underage newfag tier autism she complained about (and was later exemplified in that same thread)

No. 1273681

Yeah, by herself kek.

No. 1273683

Bit of a cope, it definitely wasn't just her, especially hours later

No. 1273823

Yeah this shit sucks now. Wish I could do absolutely anything to help this website but it's futile with silent mods and jannies. I'm so glad we got an attention-seeking numod who took the position for asspats never to return. RIP

No. 1274552

File: 1658606912582.gif (5.22 MB, 520x299, Norikos_Dinner_Table_Eng_Sub.g…)

Goodbye, my early 20s. Goodbye lolcow.farm. Goodbye, movie nights and drawboard.


No. 1274588

Goodbye and goodluck, all the best

No. 1274605

Thank you nona

No. 1274630

Thanks for ruinning my nice goodbye message, whatever

No. 1274639

Oh you're the troon. You clearly do not belong here.

No. 1274946

What are some good alternatives to lolcow? I like the anonymity of imageboards and older style forums (rip older internet) and would like to have a more positive and less angry experience browsing the internet. I don't really use social media at all at this point and hate woke shitholes where you can't say how you really feel.

No. 1274956

Are none

No. 1274964

What’s your exact age

No. 1274984

I've been looking for a while. Old internet is dead, anywhere that starts out good ends up radicalizing into typical scrote misery nests.

No. 1275030

Where do you usually browse around if not LC though? I was active on Twitter for ages (cringe) but recently decided to stop posting there.

No. 1275174

There is no where online that is good for us. Everywhere is infested with scrotes or tranny and aidens. Especially troons when it comes to women only spaces for crafts and such. It fucking sucks

No. 1275670

Who the fuck cares?

No. 1275671

Real life and discord groups with farmers in them.

No. 1275683

File: 1658691989787.gif (1.57 MB, 400x320, 92c662a0500a1fb2410eec63379c92…)

One day, when this website doesn't exist anymore, I'm going to make a novel about you all.
The good, the bad, and the awesome. I'll tell everyone about the smart women I had the priviledge of talking to.
And hopefully, I'll be able to convey everything I felt when I got to spend 7-8 years of my life on this website.
It'll be a novel inspired by female-only imagebaords. I'll publish it under a pseudonim and change the name of the website, of course.
But I will mention nonny in it. Because I love my nonny. I hope you all look foward to it.

No. 1275713

>discord groups with farmers in them.
kek no, those are absolute shitshows

No. 1275832

You just haven't found the right ones, sorry for your loss. And no, the main discord advertised in this website is not it.

No. 1276383

NTA but I'm jealous, I wanna join.

No. 1281436

Is it the one with like 270 members?

No. 1281520

I've only been here since 2020 so I'm not a legit oldfag, but I relate to so much of this. Just feeling like shit for my grody internet habits, combined with nostalgia for when this place felt like a secret club for hilarious, identically deranged women instead of whatever the fuck it is now. I think you're right in that most of the cool users have gone on to touch grass and only the most terminally online remain, myself included. Those days were so good though. It kind of feels like a dream. Idk how to end my reply either so I'll just say nonny, oh nonny my beloved. I hope everything goes well for you.

No. 1288388

Not graduating yet, but will be going into a period of my life where I will be spending less and less on the internet, especially with social media and imageboards.

>favorite lolcows

I came here because of either Bree or Venus, stayed for Shayna, Suzy, soon Holly. I was a big time Shaynafag.

>what thread you loved the most

Honestly the husbando threads and food threads. As well as the movie nights and draw rooms!

>how much time did you spend on here

Way too much, even now haha. It is becoming less and less now since life is changing for me.

>what are you looking for in the future

Honestly just enjoying my medical career and growing closer to friends and having more irl experiences that are fulfilling and nice. Hopefully moving in with my Nigel and getting our little life started together.

>would you come here occasionally

if LC is still around in a couple years from now, yeah probably.

I’ve spent a lot of time here laughing with my nonnas around the world, cringing at cows and husbandoposting Kek. LC has also pinkpilled me and helped me with seeing my value as a woman, and that there is nothing wrong with being one. That women are lovely and intelligent people who create wonderful things. They are strong and amazing, sweet and kind. That I should love all parts of myself and that I can truly stand above what society puts on me (kek) and I can have fulfilling relationships with other women. That ways I’ve always felt about myself isn’t just an alone experience. I’m really thankful for LC. There will be a day where I won’t post or ever look here again. That isn’t now, but the transitional period of life has started for me and like I said, I’ll spend less time here. Thank you nonnitas!

No. 1288390

I miss you LC. Grateful for my cytube nonnies.

No. 1288400

Samefag I’ve been here 5 years. Damn.

No. 1288566

No. 1295688

Got here 4-5 years ago and the userbase is shit now. I'll be lurking the (old) threads, no posting anymore. I will miss the laid back life advice nonna's and enjoy the autistic infights that go on in /ot/ and the cow boards.

No. 1331074

I've been here since, I would say mid 2017, and coming here way less over the months. I really feel like the celebrity thread completely changed the dynamics of the site lol, it attracted embarrassing teens from Twitter with their cringey lingo. People here complain about sites like Twitter and Tumblr but lolcow really isn't all that different to me personally. Idk it's like something fundamental has been altered forever in the way people interact here and the whole userbase. To be honest I was never fully part of the demographic on lolcow, I don't give a shit about people embarrassing themselves online, I don't care about thread drama or social media drama. But I enjoyed lolcow back in the day just to casually chat and rant about things we found annoying, sharing cool pictures, interesting discussions, attractive men threads etc, it was the simple things I liked. But I've just grown increasingly irritated and sour with almost everything having to do with lolcow because people just won't stop fighting and nitpicking over the dumbest shit - no thread is immune to this, so many anons are so weirdly aggressive and snarky for no good reason. The tone shift has just grown and grown over the years and I'm so over it now. I feel like I'm too old for this place lol, or more likely the demographic has been somehow dumbed down and de-aged. I like browsing the old threads from 2015 and I can't believe how calm people were (not that this site was ever perfect). I spent too much wasted time on here, and although I've had fun times and good talks this site just makes me feel bitter when I visit it. I regret opening it up the rare few times I do these days, and where's the good in that? Any time I'd have a thought I'd think about posting it on lolcow, and that doesn't happen anymore, and it feels so damn freeing. Though I still miss certain aspects of lolcow from time to time. I doubt I'll completely stop visiting for eternity, I only spend about two minutes on here anyway, but the days of browsing mindlessly for hours are long gone. It's really for the best.

No. 1340652

File: 1663242590054.jpg (67.6 KB, 788x788, 1662691857867.jpg)

Life's a shit and I've tried to quit this website multiple times now but this time I think this is harming my mental health in ways I didn't think would be possible. I love this place and the good nonnies but goddamn I feel ike I lose braincells when I keep scrolling every single day waiting for something to happen. I hate being terminally online so much, I don't have social media, I only use this place to communicate to people on the internet, because I love that there's no men in here and we're all anonymous women. But I feel so fucking immature and emotionally stunted at some points, I think this website is literally making me more autistic, no offense to anyone please. It's like I'm too much of a weird neet to even be here anymore. I feel ugly, sad, frustrated, alone, and I'm developing anxiety it seems. But I'm happy I came across this website when I did, and I'm happy I learnt new shit in here (mainly pinkpilled things). Still if I had made a better choice to not be a weirdo who browses gossip imageboards and comes across as retarded then I would had taken that chance. Sorry for everything, I guess the final lesson I got from this website was: don't fucking interact with anyone because no one will get you. Bye nonnas let's see how much I last without coming in here again to be retarded (the insightful and kind nonnas keep pulling me back in but I need to move on asap or I'll become even more stupid)

No. 1353774

File: 1664243415409.jpeg (64.02 KB, 1125x291, 1663904181182.jpeg)

12 days later and I'm still here. But I'm quitting now, exiting my flop era now nonnies.

No. 1353775

File: 1664243461184.png (207.76 KB, 1040x602, yes.png)

also sharing my most wholesome ban just because I really loved it so much and thought it would be funny to share.

No. 1353789

File: 1664244422504.png (1.04 MB, 828x591, 1662160301284.png)

Just deleted a bunch of lolcow related memes off my computer, I'm trying not to look at this website much anymore but I love you all, I love all the good nonnies. I just want to move on and do shit and not be a neet anymore

No. 1353793

that's cute. idk if we have new mods or they switched around board duties but they seem cooler lately

No. 1353795

damn, wish you dumped them before you deleted, anon. good luck getting out of your situation. idk if leaving lolcow will absolutely help, but maybe it will.

No. 1356532

File: 1664415259316.jpg (49.51 KB, 640x640, nene.jpg)

No one cares but here's some of my story. I got here around 2016, possibly 2015. It was a weird time because men still posted sometimes, and they were called robots instead of scrotes. We were anon-chans and not nonnas. Btw this new nickname is adorable. I even "graduated" at some point in 2017. I stopped coming here for years and was satisfied lurking KF every now and then, but the Cloudfare drama happened and I came back to see what was going on. Big mistake, I have been browsing the boards non-stop for the last few days because there's something addictive about reading people's opinions when they're not attached to useranames. But frankly, I think it's time to fuck off again.

I've noticed that some things about the userbase have changed. Some for the best, some for the worst. It looks like there are has less handmaidens pandering to men now, which is a relief because the site was infested with that shit a few years ago. They either left or have woken up. That seems to be a rarer occasion now and nonnies are quick to call others out on that. I've noticed that the prostitution/"sex work" thread has a lot of people trying to leave that shitfest of a world, so that's good and I hope it serves as a warning to women considering "working" as rentable sex slaves for grotesque immoral men. But overall, I don't see a point in coming here as often anymore.
I haven't followed anyone that closely since 2017 or so, my favourite internet weirdos are never mentioned, or have dead threads here.

The other boards aren't that appealing to me. In fact, they haven't since my first graduation. The intense nitpicking of women's bodies really contrasts with the feminist views of the board, along with the occasional hypocritical thread can be enraging. Yeah, I've always hidden the threads, but it still sucks to know your fellow anon-chans think or feel that way.
I cannot say if it's the same group of anons doing that and I understand the temptation of shitting on people's looks because they're nasty pieces of garbage because I had my days too, but this behaviour can get to ridiculous levels here. It's not good for anyone's mental health long term, even if you avoid looking at it. Women already get shat on and everywhere else on the web and the real world, so I don't want to see other women doing that to us when pornsick and misogynistic men do it in nearly every other online space. "Ugly", "fat", "haggard", "old" women can be happy and lovable and their value isn't solely based on their bodies and looks. Your life isn't over at 25 and your eggs don't turn into dust when you turn 30. If you've ever felt that way, it is time to wake up, nonna.
If any anons have been thinking about quitting or taking a long break from here, I cannot recommend it enough. It will do you wonders. I'll also try to quit that subhuman infested website called Reddit again because I hate those misogynistics, but I keep lurking since there aren't many good online spaces anymore. I guess I gotta focus on my real life again now, oh shit KEK.
Also here's a secret: you're all beautiful on the outside because you're women and all women are beautiful, and all men are fugly (even when they're "attractive") kek. Just do your best to keep yourself beautiful on the inside too.

>Your favorite lolcows

>What thread you loved the most
I cannot remember any old threads right now, but I've always liked the advice and vent threads. Not every reply is helpful, but I've always liked how people try to be supportive to one another here, or wake them up to reality
>How much time did you spent here
Way too much time lol I've seen some old contributions I made here
>What are you looking forward in the future
Forgetting this chan exists for a while. I need a little bit of normieness in my life
>Would you come here occasionally
Whenever some big news breaks and perhaps a handful of times a year, but that's about it. Though I doubt I will, I need a 4+ year long break again

No. 1356553

Aw thank you, nonnie, best of luck too! Talk to you in 4+ years (maybe!)

No. 1356554

It’s addictive because unfiltered opinions are rarely shared on any other platform. Everything is carefully curated and artificial. I prefer here to other imageboards for the obvious reasons. And yeah they were robots/bots at the time because they were mostly from r9k

No. 1356567

It's nice you are doing well! The cow boards really do suck lately. Honestly, the most spiciest and interesting things that really had me howling happened in /ot/ and /g/. Only the tif/ftm threads and occasionally the onlyfans thread have me interested. Milk is very scarce here. Hope to see you soon!

No. 1358953

File: 1664576949693.jpeg (63.06 KB, 1202x795, 59EEB772-771C-4856-8A02-A4652E…)

I have tried to “graduate” like the beginning of this year, I even made a post about it on this thread but I failed. But this time I’m determined. I wanna get into med school nonnas. Which means I need to start taking college more seriously and actually have a good gpa and also study for the entrance exams. It’s gonna be a tough journey but I know I have what it takes.

Covid lockdowns made me really bitter as a person, and I developed crazy video game/image board addictions. But I think it’s time I leave this period of my life behind. I want to thank y’all, you i opened my third eye, I enjoyed the terf shit, and also shitting on scrotes. I got banned a few times but honestly it was deserved.

Anyway nonnas, wish me luck. I will go over some of my fave threads and then nuke this website off my memory forever (or some for a few years at least)

No. 1358971

good luck nonnie I believe in you.

No. 1359014

I dream of a future in which I am the patient of a female physician who has been banned from lolcow multiple times. Godspeed

No. 1359445

Check the digital detox thread before leaving, this could be useful.

No. 1362716

File: 1664832535302.jpg (43.79 KB, 650x366, rabbit-hop.jpg)

I came here on and off over the last few years. It was nice to have an all-female community that did not excessively self-censor, but now I'm becoming tired of the pettiness and negativity, and I'm just not that interested in internet drama anymore, so I come here more out of habit than out of enjoyment. I'm definitely gonna miss the unabashed manhating though. I'm going to focus on my STEM degree now. Bye nonnas.

No. 1368447

File: 1665303903278.png (81.64 KB, 403x593, solanas2.png)

Fuck this shit, I'm out of here, I love you nonnies but this is the last raid I can handle. I don't ever want to see that shit ever again, the absolute lack of communication from the admin is starting to feel suspicious at this point, thanks to all of the good farmers and farmhands who are trying their best but it just not worth it at this point. I've learned a lot from this place and had a lot of fun talking with likeminded women but I need to go now.

No. 1368459

I stopped using LC for a week after seeing CPthat reminded me of my own childhood abuse I mean we have multiple NEETs who'd be more then willing to become full time moderators, it seems like such an avoidable problem

No. 1369357

I've been lucky so far in that i haven't seen that nasty shit yet. but wtf why can't we stop them?

No. 1377599

File: 1666033245084.jpg (230.98 KB, 1600x1078, Andrea-Dworkin-in-Heraklion-Cr…)

It's been fun nonnies but I think I'm ready to move on. I found lolcow when googling some alt cows, I wasn't too familiar with image boards and I was really fascinated and got kind of obsessed reading up on cows I knew when I first found lolcow. I lurked for maybe 1-2 years before ever commenting because the majority of you terrified me. Still sort of do. I'm just autistic and I take things a bit too seriously. I've been here for maybe four years. I spent a long time reading all the threads for Momokun, Vicky, and Luna. Luna remains my favorite cow, I have too much sympathy for her because I lost my best friend to heroin and it's basically a form of self harm following Luna's antics. I don't want to follow the activities of strangers anymore. I started posting and hanging out in it and g, but being so retarded, I get anxious to say shit then get dogpiled. I guess I just feel like I don't necessarily fit in with board culture despite having lurked for so long. I love all the terfy-ness, I've learned so much and it's truly solidified some of my stances. I will always be thankful for the nonas for helping me hone my man hating kek. One thing lolcow really helped me with, ironically, was body image. I'm tech illiterate and I really had no idea you could edit your selfies this much on your phone. I thought Photoshop was something only professionals could do. I had no idea you could change your face shape, make your waist so tiny, so easily without massive signs giving you away. It made me feel a lot better about myself.
I will probably come back from time to time to read the MTF thread, because it's the only place online to have food discussions and see news about that kind of shit. I'm always five threads behind, so I never run the risk of seeing cp or gore, something I've thankfully never seen but have no interest in being here for that.
Anyways thank you nonas for this community

No. 1396474

File: 1667454535792.png (778.11 KB, 540x750, Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael …)

My second attempt at leaving. Goodbye anons, and thanks for the keks. /ot/ janny, I'll miss you because even though you've banned me quite a bit, I have no hard feelings.

No. 1397105

File: 1667504461210.png (677.02 KB, 897x893, GOOD.png)

I was going to write a heartfelt message, but in the middle of writing it, my computer decided to crash and I lost all the words I was going to say.

But anyways… Goodbye nonnies. I finally quitted this website for good. I have nothing to look forward to in here anymore. Kudos to the nice helpful nonnies, but I'm glad I don't feel the need to come here and interact with this website just because I feel lonely, bored and misunderstood. I feel more satisfied now that I'm focusing on things that matter more to me personally and have people that care and listen to me elsewhere. Specially because I never felt deeply understood in here, though I'm glad for the times you all gave me your kind words and support. I'm not really fond of other times though, it's incredibly easy to find things that upset you in this website, and I think I was turning more bitter for a while. The constant raids specially took such a big toll to my mental health and I had to really quit it, you never know when that shit is going to show up. I also saw more people defending troonism, and threads going to shit/falling apart, so I'm afraid this website is only going to get worse in the future when more people with their own agenda come in. The constant infighting, paranoia, and scrote accusations also get tiring once you see them so often, it's grating to see innocuous shit get told off for no reason, trolling or not. I understand where these things come from, and I love the pro-radfem and 0 scrote policy this forum has though. Sometimes the prudeism from some anons that shows up when people talk about sexuality in a normal way is also pretty annoying, like, I get it. But it's annoying nonetheless. And also, not being able to vent without someone saying shit kek. It's all very little stuff that makes me not want to come back, but being honest, the raids is the main reason why I don't need this website in my life. I don't want to see that shit again, I need my peace of mind.

I closed this website on my browser for the last time over 2 months ago, and just today I'm saying goodbye, because I wanted to see how long I could go without it. Turns out, I'm better this way. If anyone needs help quitting your internet addiction, or any addiction really, search for the easypeasy method online, it's easy to find. I still feel the little urge to share a dumb post or meme, or some useful info somewhere, or talk about shit in a thread. I do get that feeling. But I cannot afford to have a peek, so I don't do it. And doing this has helped me great lengths. Every time I want to do it I remember about the raids, and then I think how this website will eventually change cultures again, and then I also remember that I'm tired of infighting and being misunderstood. So I don't do it. I feel sorry about this, but I must look out for myself, too.

So, yeah. Not the heartfelt response I wanted to leave. But the one that I needed to write out. Have a good one everyone. Bye ya'll

No. 1397111

I've been here for almost 8 years. My dumb ass is never getting out and neither are any of you. You'll all be back for more trash talking and libtroon hate when everyone else forces it down your throats.

No. 1397114

forgot to say, definetely block lolcow.farm on your preffered browser. There's still things that remind me of this website, and I try to remember it fondly. But it's better to move on. See ya on the other side girls

No. 1397115

Not true. I just ignore the libtroon shit, isolating myself from tv news and social media, and that's how I deal with the current state of the world. It's doable. You have to prioritize yourself.

No. 1397118

File: 1667504887644.png (47.98 KB, 204x170, Fbc-YvYXEAYOkzn.png)

This website made me more bitter and crazy so I'm dipping out, already feel better and less insane now

No. 1397126

I feel similar to this, I've followed this ride since way back when we were all on /cgl/ talking about Pixy. Lolcow feels like it's a part of me and I don't think I can just go without it for too long. I've never been a heavy poster or been too catty to any of the cows, but the shitposting and drama is just fun to follow. I love having a female community that can just say whatever and not worry about being banned or needing to cater to males.

No. 1409417

You and I are one and the same, anon.

No. 1418527

File: 1669173228149.png (605.09 KB, 480x472, 1650553337161.png)

My art and way of thinking, and the way I relate to others, and my overall mood has become better after quitting this website. I'm not afraid of drawing shit that most people might think is questionable anymore. I don't feel bad about the person I am and the things I like and I don't want to be policed ever again by strangers on the internet. I'm done with the mentality of "but what would people of lolcow think" that made me so afraid and paralized before. Everyday I'm full of creativity and I feel way happier. I disliked how much lolcow and the moralfags here hindered on my creativity. "You can't draw that because _____!!!!!!" Sincerely gtfo. It's okay to have a good set of opinions and morals but the way you must act or think a certain way in here makes me sick. And, the thing is, it's not like I don't share the same views as everyone else here about troons, protecting women, consoomerism, not making a fool of yourself etc. But it's the prudeism that really killed my enjoyment, you can't like anything because someone comes in and tells you you're a scrote or etc one of those buzzwords. I wish lolcow was a place where weird, creepy, artsy women were truly cherished and encouraged. Instead it seems everyone pretends to be a normie while secretly being fucked up. You're not a normie, you use lolcow.

No. 1418530

File: 1669173422539.jpeg (184.04 KB, 1080x1080, 1660252014977.jpeg)

I killed all of my internet and social media usage and lolcow had to be the first one to go. I have other hobbies now that aren't dependant on scrolling and reloading multiple times a day, I feel great now. Bye!

No. 1427615

Everytime I visit this site I get upset over some random comment… I have to cut out the negativity in my life. Bye lol

No. 1427956

Goodbye nonna's, it's time for me to drastically reduce my internet usage to focus on my job and my giant stack of books. Cheers!

No. 1436808

File: 1670468528512.jpg (17.99 KB, 259x259, 1661395683211.jpg)

Let's be real, who else has jumped ship or is thinking of jumping ship? someone on another thread mentioned that they see fewer regular posts. I wonder if the bad moderation, lack of updates, and constant raids did kill some part of the website. Or if we just massively moved onto better things. Or maybe it's just a fluctuation in the userbase?

No. 1436810

adding to this… cows are currently boring as fuck or the conversations are too immature to follow

No. 1436850

>I wonder if the bad moderation, lack of updates, and constant raids did kill some part of the website
that and the site itself constantly going down randomly without any warning and /m/ never getting restored

No. 1436857

i feel the same way and i think soon will be my time to jump ship. i used to spend a lot of time on here and i really miss the "original" vibe this site had. i'll be sad when i finally leave because i'll have to accept that the old internet is dead and there's nowhere fun to visit except normie social media now. but the lack of moderation or any kind of transparency from admins has driven a lot of people away, and it just doesn't feel the same on here. we've been taken over by zoomers who act like this is twitter and there are conversations on here that would have never happened a few years ago. when did anons started saying "r-slurred" because they're too scared to say retard?
also i agree the cows now are super boring, there are only like 2 threads i come here for. i don't know if that's part of the overall vibe shift in the site's climate and userbase or if i'm just older and can't get into cows the way i used to.
good luck nonnie!

No. 1436878

Personally I'm just too tired to even look at this website, and I really used to love it. I want to be unapologetically cringe and free. I used to be scared of "what nonnies might think if I do x". But I think it was all in my head.

No. 1436887

Yeah, still here.. lol

No. 1443610

all the recent retarded infighting and no milk has pushed me outta here. goodbye ladies see you on the other side

No. 1445444

File: 1671031813573.png (448.25 KB, 720x490, good bye.png)

Please ignore my post.

Lolcow has become a place where you can't step out of the line, be weird, snarky, or unhinged for fun because you always have to behave a certain way, like similar things, and have a certain type of thinking. Act different for a second and you’ll be put in place. Lolcow nowadays feels ‘too normie’ and ‘immature’ to me, akin to plenty other social media websites. I don't mind the hugbox and I love the gender critical and radical feminist content, but make the wrong type of post and you'll be persecuted on for everything you are. I always avoid infighiting for this reason. No wonder no one wants to post here anymore. Some anons just love replying with their personal moral coded corrections. One of my friends who also uses this website saw people calling lesbians “scrotey” for liking vulvas. (in between for, "that never happens!", I’ve seen similar things done to straight women as well). This place got turned into a mix of tumblr with twitterisms and also oddly conservative. Sometimes there’s no place for civil disagreement. I would had expected more freedom from an imageboard for women where camaraderie is encouraged. I honestly think lolcow is less an imageboard in the traditional sense and it's more of a gossip magazine for online washed out celebrities. There's been moments of unhinged female brilliance here and there, like when Kaitlyn Tiffany made her retarded ass thread. The problem here is, the website wasn't designed for all women out there including outsider ones. I'm not talking about posters like pakianon or romanianon who are absolutely infuriating, I'm more or less talking about women who don't fit a certain mold. I don’t know what I was expecting, this website was designed from the start to make fun of out there women. One of the things that irks me the most is how everyone says lolcow isn't a hivemind but jesus christ it might as well be. To be honest it also depends because from time to time you get the very strange libfem who defends men in dresses (absolutely disgusting). I know I'm being overly negative with this post, sometimes you need to let your heart out in an anonymous way. That's another thing… it's like you can’t just ignore any actively retarded post like mine that you don't agree with and move on because there’s a poster that always finds a way to reply to it and accuse you of everything. Chill out. Some people only use this website to speak a couple words and let the steam out without revealing their identity, but there will always be someone in the background who ends up having a problem with you. My vent here is only because I feel like an outsider in this website that I used to call home, perhaps the type of person I am was never fully welcomed to begin with. I will finish this post saying none of you should be afraid to be who you truly are, and none of you should be afraid of breaking the established mold, and none of you should be afraid of speaking your truth out. None of you should be afraid of saying, liking, doing, or being the wrong thing. Don’t just let some anons dictate who you are and what you can be like, walking on eggshells so you don’t hurt their sensibilities. I hope in the future, if there comes to be any new female only imageboard that replaces lolcow, they decide to celebrate smart, insightful, artsy, creative, angsty and weird women from all backgrounds without restricting their speech.

No. 1445547

Honestly you're very right and everyone should read your post.

No. 1445568

heavily agreed. godspeed anon, you will be missed

No. 1445586

Post ignored, all best to you nonna!

No. 1445590

I've been told to kill myself multiple times in the past few months. I make jokes in the dumbest threads nonnies take them serious. I love it here but I'm so close to just saying fuck all types of social platforms. They all are beginning to suck and not be fun

No. 1445615

Bless you nonnerz, I'm returning from a couple year LC hiatus myself and am sad to see the threads in a state of perpetual bickering or actively bumping to cover up gore/cp posted by a a moid. There's so much power to these interactions when anons are being cooperative and conversational with each other. It's all just misdirected aggression.

To those who are remaining, let's use this as an example of why we should perpetuate the sisterhood aspects of the ot and g threads because that do exist, but are often buried under needless arguments and blind accusations. We can do better for each other and ourselves.

No. 1445620

For better or worse, this is exactly what being on 4chan feels like, so congrats on the imageboard accomplishment

No. 1445635

>I hope in the future, if there comes to be any new female only imageboard that replaces lolcow, they decide to celebrate weird women from all backgrounds without restricting their speech.

That would be Crystal.cafe if it wasn't an understaffed cluster of shit filled with male-bait, also you are right about everything, goodbye nona best of luck to you.

No. 1445638

>Lolcow has become a place where you can't step out of the line, be snarky,
I think anons being too snarky is actually the problem

No. 1445640

File: 1671038362386.jpg (13.23 KB, 275x275, 1667676407831.jpg)

Nta, but, all I want is a fun imageboard for women with no dumb infighting and just funny shit all around. Somewhere lighthearted where you can also post dumb anime image reactions without someone being like "ew anime" or assuming shit or whatever. I've seen so many anons being so defensive over what pictures you can post that I started saving cat pictures just so I didn't make anyone mad. It's like everyone wants to be hyper girly and normie that they forget dumb gnc nerdy women with shitty sense of humor also exist

No. 1445642

You can be snarky in good faith I believe, as a dumb joke maybe. Or maybe anon meant another word idk

No. 1445646

>It's like everyone wants to be hyper girly and normie
pretty much, I know the stacy larp is a meme but some people here really took it to heart.

No. 1445648

I think it’s people who think that since lc is known as a “””gossip forum”” they think doing the whole mean girl attitude thing is liked here

No. 1445649

I agree, all the nice and playful anons left now we're stuck with the try hard aggro anons

No. 1445652

Ayrt and I didn't meant "snarky" in the sense of being a mean girl. I dislike the mean girl attitude too. I meant snarky as in saying things in a fun-but-blunt way without someone getting too offended about it. Sorry, english is not my first language.

No. 1445653

Hmm, maybe she meant banter or something. I agree with the rest of her post though. A lot could be fixed if the staff was bigger, imo the slight culture shift simply happened because infights are allowed to spiral out of control. Idk if anyone remembers but old admin made a post saying infights wouldn't be banned. They are again now, but infights/derails can go hours or days before a mod steps in to actually take care of it.

No. 1445655

All good anon! I read it again and figured you meant just light-hearted banter.

No. 1445669

one example I remember in which I felt extremely uncomfortable with the way some anons are was watching some movie in the movie room and everyone calling it scrotal. Or when people started showing anime and it flopped because anime is stupid and for males only I guess. I think this happened very early on but I still remember it and never interacted since. Like that anon said, sometimes this place really feels out of a gossip magazine, down to the contents that you may or may not post because everyone else will flip out if things don't look or behave a certain way.

No. 1445675

forgot to add, maybe I have more tolerance for certain types of media than others. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the one in the wrong or other anons are too judgmental and hyper moralistic. I know I've been like that too. It also makes me feel kinda sad when I see the husbandofags have drama in their own niche threads because for me everyone looks like they're doing same in the end, loving some 2D drawings.

No. 1445679

The try hard aggro mean girl attitude sucks so much, and feels very immature. It does remind me of how some zoomers act to be frank. But I know my generation was also like that when they were young (I'm an oldfag and emigrated from /cgl/, so I know how that goes). In general I think imageboards attract a lot of teenagers, but they also get posting on here because of some of the more teen adjacent cows we have like the e-girl and nymphette thread.

No. 1445693

File: 1671040196452.jpg (9.75 KB, 275x236, 1660879487961.jpg)

Agreed, I wish I could just post dumb memes and anime and art and transgressive shit and be stupid and crazy and talk about doing ecstasy in my female only safe space.

No. 1445718

>This place got turned into a mix of tumblr with twitterisms and also oddly conservative.
True. It's weird how you could read the most liberalist take ever and it's followed by a conservatard moral panic post straight out of /pol/. The infighting is everywhere and I don't know if it's the staff allowing it again or remnants of XY kiwifags who think they're being super smart and macho for starting fights all the time. Or maybe it's just me getting older and having less tolerance for some anon trying to pick a fight with me over things that don't matter. I could post about eating cereal and an anon would call me a retarded fat bitch for not eating fruit instead and fight me for an hour about it.

The "ew anime reaction image get out tranny" is the most autistic shit I swear, overall the anti-anime crowd is either a bunch of 19-year olds just getting out of their weeb phase or some small-minded LSA/Radblr/FDS regulars.

>It's like everyone wants to be hyper girly and normie that they forget dumb gnc nerdy women with shitty sense of humor also exist

Agree. I'm an oldfag /cgl/ migrate like >>1445679 and I simply can't comprehend where the masses of all these effeminate girlbosses with their normie stacy larp came from or why they would feel at home here.

No. 1445733

>I simply can't comprehend where the masses of all these effeminate girlbosses with their normie stacy larp came from or why they would feel at home here.
It was funny at first maybe still is but at some point people need to stop and realize they're not the only kind of women using this website. I get it, being a female only imageboard and the #girlboss shit being popular on the internet at the moment it would only be natural that we have that type of stuff here.
The movie room having so many boring normie girly movies and the fact that these movies are the ones that get the views can only mean we have a lot of boring normies lurking lolcow. It feels more difficult to suggest anything else.

No. 1445739

File: 1671042169825.png (429.02 KB, 511x490, 3243409324.png)

>The "ew anime reaction image get out tranny" is the most autistic shit I swear
I hate this too. Sometimes I just want to post stupid anime girls doing stupid shit. I just want to like shit in peace.

No. 1445740

>The movie room having so many boring normie girly movies and the fact that these movies are the ones that get the views can only mean we have a lot of boring normies lurking lolcow. It feels more difficult to suggest anything else.
Well this is kind of asshole-ish anon. No one is stopping you from suggesting movies you would like, and if you talk to the anons in the movie room you'd see that a lot of them are different with different/unique interests. But yes, women on a female imageboard are more likely to like movies geared towards a female audience.
Also, I've only seen anons judge someone for their movie recommendations twice, and both times they got shut down.

No. 1445743

>and if you talk to the anons in the movie room you'd see that a lot of them are different with different/unique interests.
That's seriously not the kind of interaction I've had in the movie room before, it always feels samey. Sorry for being an asshole, but that's my honest and true opinion. Unless you're the administrator of the room then don't take it to heart.

No. 1445890

The tranny panic, otherwise known as ‘tranny panny’ is running this website more than men themselves

No. 1446328

I'll listen to your ecstasy tales if you'll listen to mine fellow deranged Stacy

No. 1446514

AYRT, yeah, I get it. I think we will never have a good space like that for many concatenating reasons.

No. 1446650

Honestly tho there's nothing more 'Becky' imo than trying to fit into some 'Stacy' mold by policing and making fun of your fellow anons for not being the perfect ultra fem normie chan.

No. 1446654

A lot of people are like 'hurr it's a site to gossip and be bitchy' but imo LC became so much MORE than that. Lolcow was/is something really special, it's more than just mean girl shit.

No. 1447002

File: 1671121834662.png (45.15 KB, 600x525, Bennett.(Genshin.Impact).600.3…)

I was always afraid of becoming a cow. I think this is one of the things that kept me captive and coming back to this website. I wanted to make sure that what I was doing wasn't something that would be posted here. I didn't want to be cringe and I didn't want to be made fun of. I don't want to hurt anyone. I'm human and I make mistakes, I'm not perfect and I'm not pure, and I have my secrets. But I also want a career where I can post things online and I want to be successful doing it (art and webcomic related). I think it's time for me to leave, whenever I stop using lolcow, the paranoid thinking about me becoming a cow gets lesser and lesser until it stops. I hope y'all have it good.

No. 1447069

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. The anxiety over not doing anything "cow-like", triple-thinking my every interaction in order not to give people gossip fodder and so forth has poisoned my mind to the point I'm fast becoming a recluse. Anons nitpicking everything people post in threads that have literally no genuine milk is, for the lack of better terminology, toxic. I know it's probably them projecting their own insecurities into other people but it gets under my skin. Which is probably cow-like behavior when I think about it. Look, it's happening again.

No. 1447509

File: 1671143341286.jpg (9.9 KB, 225x225, stone.jpg)

>triple-thinking my every interaction in order not to give people gossip fodder and so forth has poisoned my mind to the point I'm fast becoming a recluse.
This mentality is something I've had before too. I am a recluse IRL because I do hate me some society but online I've been trying to open myself a little more. Not everyone is worthy of discussing and not everything is as bad as you might think. Just be careful, and if they end up discussing you, just namaste ce la vie しょうがない. It's just gossip. Sorry to everyone in this website but to put it like this: don't let some salty bitches larping as mean girls ruin your life. Some of it is projection anyway. Most people in this website are afraid of becoming cows too. Morals are kinda skewed in this website and I know I will get shit for saying that but it's true, feels like everyone wants to pretend they're completely well adjusted and free of sin while keeping skeletons in their closet. We've all done at least 3 publicly cowish things in our lifetime dude. It's called being human, no one is perfect.

No. 1447514

I am a cow, and you may laugh at me. Maybe we’re all cows. Maybe the real cow was the friends me made on the way.

No. 1447543

I just wish female solidarity was real.

No. 1447544

Same, nonnie. Same

No. 1447556

>I wanted to make sure that what I was doing wasn't something that would be posted here. I didn't want to be cringe and I didn't want to be made fun of. I don't want to hurt anyone. I'm human and I make mistakes, I'm not perfect and I'm not pure, and I have my secrets.
In a way I credit the farms for giving me more self awareness, but I think it has become too much. I'm always hyperanalyzing everything I do. I don't dare to make a social media profile, because I would definitely be a potential cow and it almost feels arrogant to do so (I know that's retarded to think). I've almost completely dropped alt fashion and became more normie looking. Hyperanalyzing everything I say. Everything to avoid being too cringe I guess and have someone make me their personal cow. It feels like being a cow is almost a moral failing to me (which is my own problem).
On the other hand I don't want to leave, because there's no other place like this and nonnas can be very sweet, supportive, uplifting and hilarious.

No. 1448279

We all of the potential to become lolcow's if we post to much about our personal lives on the internet. Just don't do that And you will be good.

No. 1448720

File: 1671225411011.jpg (24.26 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-1141536942-612x612…)

Too much hostility lately, cant post anything without someone infighting with you or baiting, on some days i feel like there are more scrote/troon posters than there are anons, alot of threads feel very dead and inactive (especially on m/) and it just feels like the general userbase has left.
I used to come here to let steam out but now its having the opposite effect on me and i feel worse after visiting so i dont see this place as a way to spend free time anymore, even if its 10 minutes i rather not.
Ive seen so many anons leave this year and i cant believe that im finally done with this site too.

Bye i will miss the normal farmers. Im not a oldfag but i have used this site since 2018 and will probably stop using it now.

No. 1448733

Imagine letting internet strangers dictate what you do with your life instead of strengthening your own principles. One good thing about cows is that they almost never change kek. Man, I knew we were autistic but is it really this bad?

No. 1448846

Not so much internet strangers, but it made me actually care what the people around me think of me, because before I definitely cared too little and was a bit of an asshole.

No. 1448859

I genuinely wonder about the shit in anons' closets if they're that paranoid. Being a cow is about having no self awareness and being an attentionwhore.

No. 1448879

The first step towards not being a cow is to not post about your cow like behavior on the internet. Nobody can see you if you are embarrassing in private.

No. 1448909

This is why I avoid social media and take care to not overshare irl either. I think I've just gone a little too far with it, because now people comment it's weird that I don't talk about myself (irl).

No. 1449187

File: 1671243425958.gif (3.96 MB, 522x640, 1660149665192.gif)

it's not just about posting too much about your personal lives on the internet. In this day and age, your friends, family, school, and even strangers can film you or post pictures of you online, sometimes without your consent. This has happened to me a lot, my college would take a SHIT TON of pictures at events and I would have to beg them to not include mines because I am hyper aware of some fuckers online being creepy and eventually finding them. I don't want my candids online because I know by visiting both farms what people are capable of doing. Even if you have good days and take nice selfies, someone will make fun of your insecurities.

It's also not just 'dont post any personal detail' because if anyone wants just a little bit of relevance online (this specially happens if you're an artist, you NEED a social media presence sadly) you will be subject to stupid shit and someone will end up cancelling you. I want to make youtube videos about art but the mere fact that someone will probably have a stupid problem with me makes me so upset. Growing up in this website on my early 20s really did a number in my head.

Idk if this makes sense, I'm posting this while being extra tired and sleepyy. Just a heads up.

No. 1449216

File: 1671244452636.jpg (107.33 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.4354459948_okks.jpg)

>having no self awareness
Often when someone tries to change or do things better on the internet they'll be reminded of past mistakes and your reputation will be tainted forever. Even in a moment of weakness you can become a cow.

>about the shit in anons' closets if they're that paranoid

Mine has to do with addiction and the fact that I was really mean on the internet on my teens. I also have sexual trauma that makes my addiction even worse. I feel impure. I'm not exactly mentally sound. I have my bad days and things I deeply regret. Even if I don't talk about it online, it follows me and I feel paranoid of someone finding out.

Visiting lolcow itself is also a skeleton in your closet for people on social media too.

>being an attentionwhore

If you are someone who wants to remain with 0 online presence, sure you will never be labeled an attention whore and your chances to become a cow are lesser. But there's also discord servers, there's online friendships, everything is a potential cancellation. Some people need social media for their own jobs or whatever too like >>1449187 said. Linkedin and facebook are as unsafe and even more unsafe as instagram and tiktok are. You can't even post personal things, it takes one thing for someone to put out of context. It's easier to make fun of others on the internet than it is to fix your own mistakes, I think this is why lolcow has been my copium for so many years. "At least I'm not as bad as _____ cow" you know, but deep inside I know my faults. I just want to one day live guilt and paranoia free and forgive myself. The thing is who knows if others WOULD forgive me. The way the internet is structured now, I doubt it.

Even your private life can be revealed by some fucker who stalks you if they find you amusing enough. That's the sad reality.

No. 1449220

Idk we're all human and we all have shit we regret nonny. Might not be as bad but some of us really carry guilt complexes
I do that too. That's why I hate when people online/irl push me to talk about my life. Feels so violating. I hate intrusive people so freaking much.

No. 1449231

>Even if you have good days and take nice selfies, someone will make fun of your insecurities.
In a way this is why I have (undeserved) empathy towards some cows. The least offensive ones anyway. They just keep being attacked online and made fun of their insecurities, maybe this is why they eventually become super insane. It's true they all have attention whoring behaviors but some of them also carry issues that made them attention whores online in the first place. I know that if I became a cow and was made fun of because of my insecurities I would also become really stupid. I know the whole "just walk away from the screen bro" is real but some things do in fact stay with you forever.
If anyone else here believes in karma, this is also why I feel so guilty about visiting the farms. Maybe one day things will turn around and I'll be the one being made fun of. Inb4 some rude ass bitch replies to my post with "get over it" kek

No. 1449281

File: 1671247171210.png (588.54 KB, 766x760, ofiwdoiwefhwoioiwfhoiwfohiwfeo…)

Bye nonny, I wish you the best

No. 1450670

File: 1671329239492.jpg (19.93 KB, 287x312, 0652016b56c34ee4a803f4245a3813…)

I really don't like the rude/immature anons, chill tf out. I hope we can make this place more chill somehow or else I really want to quit coming.

Some cows really don't deserve empathy but when it comes to cows who are clearly mentally ill women, I always get some sense of "wish they could get help and fix their lives". What makes them cows is that they never do though.

No. 1450677

I hope one day everyone gets mutual understanding and we don't have women infighting women ever again.

No. 1450688

this post should be pinned or something the problem you describe just keeps getting worse. i keep leaving the site and coming back to it being even worse than before, it feels so suffocating to be invaded by twitterfags even on here. there's a new breed of gender critical twitterfags that have found their home on here recently. they're just regular sjws who cope themselves into believing that they aren't because they're gc.

No. 1450693

nta you can ask for a mod to give it a star on /meta/ kek

No. 1450694

>there's a new breed of gender critical twitterfags that have found their home on here recently. they're just regular sjws who cope themselves into believing that they aren't because they're gc.
that's so fucking retarded and these people suck so bad

No. 1450718

yeah idk where they are all coming from, probably twitter?

No. 1450759

it makes me wonder how bad the things you guys have done is, if you're really that paranoid

not all of us have massive presences

No. 1450763

NTA sometimes it doesn't need a real big presence or a big mistake to trigger someone into witch hunting you nonny… look at what they do to terfs and radfems on social media

No. 1450765


being a radfem isn't the same as being a cow, and people mentioning addictions and SA as if that is cow like makes me think that a lot of anons ITT don't know what being a cow actually means

No. 1450771

Paranoia and guilt complexes sadly don't always correlate to what people have actually done. Some people are just predisposed to it or were shamed all their lives so it feels like that sometimes. I know a couple of very close friends like that, they're also afraid of confrontation or afraid of disappointing others. Sometimes it's not even a big deal. So you can't really be like "you must have done something super bad if you're that paranoid" in all cases. Also see how many perverted scrotes have actually done very bad shit out there and gone literally scold free. It's somehow easier for men to not feel as guilty as some women feel.

No. 1450773

>people mentioning addictions and SA as if that is cow like makes me think that a lot of anons ITT don't know what being a cow actually means
Maybe it's not the reason but the cause, maybe their addiction made them do the wrong thing at some point. Who knows tbh
Also, I know being a radfem doesn't make you a cow obviously, it's just that besides lolcow there's very unhinged people on the internet willing to make your life hell if you catch their attention. Even over here on /ot/ we have like a stalking thread, it just takes some weirdo to follow you

No. 1451475

The aspect that makes them a cow is that they plaster it online consensual. Developing severe issues from child abuse and sexual assault is very much understandable and doesn't inherently make you a cow and if that were the case this would be a much more vile and exploitive site. Nobody here is lolcowing people in their lives with addictions or csa trauma for their poor coping mechanisms. The core aspect of being a cow is knowingly, consensually broadcasting your antics online and even then when people are severely mentally ill in a way that is sad anons rarely relish in it, except for odd cases like Lucinda etc. For example, Abbie Brown is very much harmless and various anons have said she is cute and harmless and do not fixate on her actions. People like Pixielocks become cows for their grifts and need to try to document and monetise them. If Jill was doing this privately in her own home and anons were documenting it to the same degree, that would be stalking and is a felony lol

No. 1451527

You all suck and I won't miss any of you. The anons that matter I've already made a personal connection with, the rest of you are steaming trash and I know that you know it's true. Have fun hating yourselves and everything around you, you miserable losers.

No. 1452107

File: 1671409180448.jpg (88.53 KB, 960x720, 1112.jpg)

>we hate the infighting it's killing our website I wish female solidarity
also nonnies:
>actually we love the infighting it's so fun let us be infighting retards women aren't a monolith

I'm tired of that black and white thinking so much, wish everyone kept themselves to their own business without having to self insert in a conversation. Live and let live, I don't want a hugbox but neither I want to keep using a website where everyone is on edge fighting for hours across multiple threads.

No. 1452374

File: 1671432217556.gif (1.21 MB, 275x275, 1662534378208.gif)

Once again, lolcow has taught me an invaluable lesson: no matter how much you try to explain yourself to others they will never listen and it's way better to be a loner, that way no one can bother you. People will take your words out of context because they always prioritize their own minds and their own experiences over yours. In that case just prioritize your life and don't let them see, don't let them know. Just as humanity will never change, this site will never change.

It's so cringe when people make this website their only hobby, only outlet, only way to talk to likeminded women, and only personality trait. No wonder everyone is so bitter all the time. This is just a really stupid imageboard and the way people infight is just as bad as 4chan. To pretend it is not is mere wishful thinking and delusional. If you don't think a certain way you will be put down simply put, because everyone who uses the website is the same or wants everyone to be the same. People talk about female solidarity and how this website is like a hug box but it's so not that. People keep saying women are not a monolith but then everyone here forgets there's literally women from all over the world using this forum with different life experiences and yet everyone keeps the black and white us vs them mentality alive, putting everyone in a right or wrong box without any other further thinking. Whatever you post there will be some motherfucker trying to discredit you simply because fuck you, that's not what they have been through therefore you're invalidated.

This is so boring, I don't know why I even come back to what feels like a glorified version of an online chat room, I hate chat rooms and I hate socializing on the internet, I don't know what I expected coming here. If you want to keep your retarded infights because they're "fun" then keep doing that and lose some more braincells and valuable time of your day to some petty internet arguments. It would be so different if the disagreements were civil and everyone stayed in their lanes, but the stubbornness and apprehension of some really ignorant users really drives people nuts. If you have fun infighting so be it, but you're in the minority. I don't fucking want a hug box, what I want is different women with different opinions to coexist without a bitch flipping out. I don't give a fuck about what type of rude language you use to express your point (I don't mind women being rude or having strong opinions for fucks sake), just stop being insufferable to others.

Yes, you can disagree, yes you can have your own opinion and say it, everyone fucking does. But unity, respect, and fun in this website is just impossible though. How the fuck people find this website fun is beyond me. It's like you all want to fight and be in the right all the fucking time without even letting the other person explain their viewpoint. That's not a conversation, that's being a stupid troll on purpose. Literally learn to chill and have a life outside lolcow, your mean girl mentality will not take you anywhere.

No. 1452390

>on some days i feel like there are more scrote/troon posters than there are anons, alot of threads feel very dead and inactive (especially on m/) and it just feels like the general userbase has left.
It feels like this for me too. It feels like everyone left, or most of them did anyway. And then they were replaced. I don't care anymore though, I'm leaving and not looking back. It all feels cringe, immature, boring, repetitive, and so alien to me now, I can't believe I wasted so much time in here.
>I used to come here to let steam out but now its having the opposite effect on me and i feel worse after visiting so i dont see this place as a way to spend free time anymore
Same. I don't see fun things going on anymore. It's not worth it and it just keeps you bitter. Once the movie nights and drawing boards are done, this website is completely done for. It already feels like a carcass, so I'm leaving before it completely turns to dust.

No. 1452393

even Lucinda has been defended by farmers when she was getting picked on over twitter

No. 1452403

let yourself be and let yourself feel and don't listen to what bitter assholes say. Thays my parting message, good bye

No. 1452424

Sayonara farmers

No. 1452432

See you tomorrow, unfortunately.

No. 1452441

>le epic comeback

No. 1452472

You know it's true.

No. 1453115

there's no way to know tho lmao

No. 1454630

File: 1671908893944.png (2.24 MB, 1276x1936, tiktok.png)


No. 1454632

>all of them look like shit
>all of them larping a stereotype
>one of them has manipulatorlord as her handle
holy fuck.

No. 1454642

File: 1671910073395.png (52.26 KB, 300x356, 1642551726132.png)

why can't everyone just leave us alone??

No. 1454648

Discovered lc through animecore thread as I was coonsoming too much and feeling sad over plastic toys I didn't get. It made me had a reality check and I stopped the retardness I had (wow big tiddy anime figure is basically worthless if it makes me miserable buying it? ). Discovered noonas who gave me hope for humanity. Vented some things that I've wanted for a while . Noona ❤ love

No. 1454666

valid animecore nonnie

No. 1454692

Think we should start commenting on any tiktok heeheeing about going on here shit like "why are you hanging out on a transphobic website? Are you a transphobe?" to get them to stop posting about us

No. 1454755

Genius gonna start doing this kek

No. 1457444

File: 1672320690644.gif (2.89 MB, 268x340, 04e6776e2278d066f4a30f9a52eac3…)

My lolcow friends.

I am leaving, I have been trying to do so for ages. but I come crawling back every time! Although I am not constantly typing lolc- autonomously whenever I go to search for something. I was a neet since leaving uni in 2020, but this year in Sept, I returned to uni to do my Master's Degree and got my first part-time seasonal sales advisor job in October.
This place has made me laugh often and I have been able to chat with like-minded nonnas. I only really browse /ot/ and /g/ because I have never really got into any cows and only found this place when I was searching for what happened to Jess Woods.
But overall, I think this place has made me more negative. In 2023, I want to be more positive and move forward in life with these new opportunities and I think lolcow will remind me of my neet and lonely days.

I wish all of you nonas happiness and I hope good things happen to you in 2023.

No. 1457451

Goodbye nona, thanks for being here with us! Hope everything goes exactly as you plan and you live a happy, fulfilled life

No. 1457455

Goodbye nonnie, I wish you health and happiness in this new year

No. 1457470

My overall experience here has been shockingly good but I can longer in good faith pretend that 2021-2022 was a positive experience for me. Things have sadly changed and there's been shifts; some minor, some major. There has always been, and always will be, retards arguing but the influx of scrotes and those with malicious intent has increased so much so that it's affecting the way regular nonnies interact. It is heartbreaking to see. Unfortunately wanting to be an all-women's space means you are targeted twice as hard by outside forces. The brigades have become too much and I have seen things I wish I could forever erase from my mind. In a perfect world LC would have mentally stable female mods and admins that could monitor 24/7 but that will never happen because it's not practical.

Goodbye Nonnies. You have supplied so many laughs and unique insights. I hope things change for the better and you have better experiences than I have over the last two years. My time here has now come to an end.

No. 1457787

I wish you all the best, nonnie! Get out there and get your happiness!
I've been on lolcow for going on 5 years and I have to admit that it hasn't helped me better myself. I grew negative and checking the site in the morning could ruin my day because anons would be so ugly to each other for no reason at all. I think it's really true that anons grew paranoid and cruel because of all the scrote raids. Every other comment is an accusation of being a tranny and the infighting is so embarrassing.
It was nice to get celebrity tea but I'm almost ashamed to read up on cows because they're strangers to me and I could be doing something productive. I would literally spend hours on end catching up with 100+ threads of single cows, years of past irrelevant milk. I don't like the pathetic person it makes me.
I'll stay for the retarded husbando threads because they actually make me happy and are generally accepting, but I need to stop observing other crappy people's lives. It's lame.
I'll be in g gushing over and finding new husbandos! I'm deleting the negative threads I have bookmarked and I honestly hope for the best for all of us! Love you, nonnies.

No. 1459126

File: 1672486337845.png (165.73 KB, 275x270, 6F041DC2-8E98-417E-B88C-6DF270…)

think I’m finally gonna cut off LC for the year, this year I’m going to try to get my shit together kek. I spend a lot of time here. I’ll try to hang by the doodle boards/ movie room when I have free time but can’t spend time scrolling. Will miss u nonnies! I’ve had many laughs here and learned so much. I’ll return in 2024!! ♥ hopefully the site is updated and better by then!

No. 1459170

File: 1672491905556.jpg (52.04 KB, 1080x1080, 1664791841928.jpg)

After the site migration I will start calling this website Nu-Lolcow or Neo-Lolcow

No. 1459176

Lolcow has taught me stuff but also made me deeply self concious and ashamed (maybe for worse, maybe for the better) so it's been a mixed bag of positive and negative influences, and now Idk what else to do but I'm here back again.

I've succesfully quitted it for some months. Now I'm back just because I need to see how lolcow looks after the site migration and I just need to know if everything will be okay. It's like looking up an old friend and seeing they're still okay after all.

No. 1459179

people are already calling it nucow, it's more catchy than your suggestions, no offence

No. 1459181

Nah it sounds cool too I just didn't know it was already a thing

No. 1459949

File: 1672568137282.jpg (14.66 KB, 362x300, a594fe56fdbdc9c7f29875fccd1bac…)

Goodbye nonas. It's fun but time for me to move on. See you all in greener pastures.

No. 1459988

I’m going to quit reminds me of crowded gyms in early January. You’ll eventually return back to your old ways by February. Best of luck to those who truly mean it!

No. 1459989

the fact the cancer admin ruined the site forever kind of helps

No. 1459992

If I never went to the bunker threads I would have been lc-free since the 19th because the url lolcow.farm doesn’t work on my computer and I’m not a phone poster lol

No. 1460641

File: 1672629596596.jpeg (432.81 KB, 2048x2048, 1607393901928.jpeg)

I feel like I can officially close my lolcow chapter behind. I don't know if I'll probably come back ask a niche question in the stupid question thread, it was REALLY nice to have a space to vent my frustration together with other people about the troonery, but as the years pass it gets old. I want to get my life together this year and I've done baby steps to far, so I want to distance myself from here since it's like a double edged sword, there's a side of toxicity and negativity and I essentially came back to see bad news to be sad or mad about. I'm letting things go now. See you never hopefuly!

No. 1460642

Bye! wishing you the best!

No. 1460753

File: 1672654629190.jpg (38.53 KB, 564x583, 58cf24638880c23d842a3188551745…)

After Lolcow's recent long downtime I realized how much healthier of a headspace I was in and once I came back I was immediately smacked in the face by the overwhelming negativity, anons being hostile and judgemental towards each other and the suspicious amount of homophobia and racebaiting. So my new year's resolution is to stop wasting my time here for at least a year. Like >>1460641 said I'll probably drop in some thread occasionally or when there's a major drama fallout but my days of lurking lolcow for hours on end are over for good. Goodbye nonnies, I've been here since 2015, learned a lot, met a few nice people, had great moments but now it's time to move on. I just wish there was a female-centric place to discuss anime in anonymously, that's the only thing I really miss.

>It would be so different if the disagreements were civil and everyone stayed in their lanes, but the stubbornness and apprehension of some really ignorant users really drives people nuts.
>Yes, you can disagree, yes you can have your own opinion and say it, everyone fucking does. But unity, respect, and fun in this website is just impossible though. How the fuck people find this website fun is beyond me. It's like you all want to fight and be in the right all the fucking time without even letting the other person explain their viewpoint. That's not a conversation, that's being a stupid troll on purpose. Literally learn to chill and have a life outside lolcow, your mean girl mentality will not take you anywhere.
Amen, anon. It didn't use to be like this all those years ago, it definitely got exponentially worse post-Creepshow art drama. It's the combination of retarded male kiwifags and young women who think being a "troll" or a mean girl on the internet makes up for them barely functioning in real life. It was much better when the oldmin banned infighting and even though I got hit a few times with the hammer myself when arguing got too heated it was definitely for the better.

No. 1463853

File: 1672925634565.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2900x2900, 1596589325477.jpeg)

the fact that mods didn't permaban and redtext the kpopies and left the thread open for DAYS that then invited the choachan retards with their stupidity and racism was the final nail in the coffin to me. I will probably check this place just to see how it looks after they find a new admin but I'm afraid that NUcow is here to stay

No. 1463855

>it definitely got exponentially worse post-Creepshow art drama. It's the combination of retarded male kiwifags and young women who think being a "troll" or a mean girl on the internet makes up for them barely functioning in real life. It was much better when the oldmin banned infighting and even though I got hit a few times with the hammer myself when arguing got too heated it was definitely for the better.

agreed and same.

No. 1465915

File: 1673106559647.gif (2.26 MB, 640x416, 1666983877991.gif)

Dear Nonnies,
I'd like to offically apologize for my ironic and unironic Josh-fagging. I've seen the error of my ways and now on the outside looking in, I've seen how utterly retarded being a Josh fag/Chan/"Simp" is. I have seen the light a long time ago and I no longer even find the "Joke" of it all funny. There's nothing there, nothing to laugh at or fight for. Also seeing legit unironic Josh simps really is kinda…ew.
Im also considering leaving lolcow but I don't know when. I plan to finish my Google Doc on "Drake" and I may drop the proof on my way out.
I've done months of investagations into "Drake" and this fake persona/gender. I've only wanted to speard love not hate to my nonnies.
I'm not leaving yet, but I'm afriad my time is near. I'm beginning new things and i must leave the FAT weight behind. I'm not sure when the end will come but it will happen.
Love you Nonnies, Nona, Nonas.

No. 1465936

For the record, I loved your Joshposting. I'll miss that stupid gif.

No. 1465942

File: 1673110245631.png (82.5 KB, 469x435, Lolcow Shitposting Board.png)

Please drop your truth bombs

No. 1466001

File: 1673116467784.jpg (131.83 KB, 667x737, 0987_6543.jpg)

Thank god
Elsie belongs to 2X!

No. 1466424

>But Josh…the troons…
Please keep exposing the truth about Drake and his shapeshifting ways. You have entertained me in 2022. I hope to hear more of your theories. However, if you wish to take a new path on your life quest, I wish you luck, Josh-stan-chan. Much Love,
Schizo Chan, formerly Homophobe chan. ♥

No. 1466741

Noooooooooooooo the funny and iconic nona's are leaving… lc truly is dying. I'll miss you and your posts nona, the bunker threads were especially fun with you in them. I wish you luck in whatever endeavors are ahead of you, and lolcow will be different without you here. Love you Drake truther anon ♥

No. 1467586


No. 1468487

File: 1673338530392.jpg (197.75 KB, 1920x1080, bluey-the-album-releasing-glob…)

Goodbye my lovely nonnies. It was fun while it lasted but it is now time for me to live my own life happily. Vicariously living through others' life isn't a life worth living. My dear sisters, we will find each other again. I will always be cheering for your happiness. Love will always win.

No. 1468666

File: 1673356802103.png (202.93 KB, 631x711, 80A3AC11-E5EF-48DD-8BC5-3BA08D…)

People who don’t even know who Elise is are taking over the site while admin and any sort of moderation are nowhere to be found. There’s a lot more than can be said but for those that know, the first line says enough. It’s been a wild ride but the time has come for me to go.

No. 1468719

>there's a new breed of gender critical twitterfags that have found their home on here recently. they're just regular sjws who cope themselves into believing that they aren't because they're gc.
The way they think women are a monolith and if they don't conform they must be men has absolutely destroyed this site, along with the moids from kiwifarms.

No. 1474555

i’m just ready to move on now… i havent really even liked this site since the holly brown threads but it’s been a constant in my life for so long that it’s hard to give it up. the site has been negative since its inception but with the new influx of twitter and tiktok nonnies there is constant infighting that i’m just so sick of. see you around ladies

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