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File: 1670283309033.png (2.28 MB, 1200x720, 607.png)

No. 1433914

Come join us for a pint down the pub nonnies, we can count the big bongs together and hate the next Prime Minister as usual.

No. 1433920

File: 1670283621925.png (331.28 KB, 408x599, more cheese gromit.png)

Cracking threadpic

No. 1433932

File: 1670283936544.png (191.35 KB, 621x300, 1662661076676.png)

No. 1433935

File: 1670284141256.jpg (42.98 KB, 810x539, 2_Jack-Grealish.jpg)

Wales I'm sorry you got knocked out, and Scotland and NI I'm sorry you never qualified… but who's watching the game on Saturday?

No. 1433936

I will be nona
Kek can we make this a lolcow banner?

No. 1433938

File: 1670284369719.jpg (124.19 KB, 1200x1200, 10872767119390.jpg)

You guys better keep it PG in here.

No. 1433941

File: 1670284551426.png (353.25 KB, 640x640, god tier.png)

Peasant tea that. Picrel: the only brand for me.

No. 1433942

File: 1670284594496.jpg (33.85 KB, 390x390, yorkshire.jpg)

For me it's

No. 1433944

File: 1670284715104.jpg (51.95 KB, 600x600, pp-1714.jpg)

Stop bragging nonnies I can't afford the hoighty toighty tea because it costs £135893 to put the kettle on

No. 1433945

This is reminding me I'd made a brew earlier before realising the milk had gone off and I had to drink it black

No. 1433946

for him, yes. and to watch us beat the frogs hopefully.

No. 1433948

File: 1670284770790.gif (2.42 MB, 498x498, jack-wink-jack-grealish.gif)

No. 1433950

I am so glad I'm not French

No. 1433951

Not even a bong I’m excited to see this thread

No. 1433954

File: 1670285045423.png (98.72 KB, 309x465, v for victory.png)

That's the spirit

No. 1434158

Burger TIF ex friend is obsessed with football (she ships all the players with each other and self inserts) and has been shitting on England for the world cup for seemingly no reason other than her own insecurity about being a burger. Don't even care about the footy but hope she's seething right now

No. 1434289


i'll be watching, it is my son's birthday and i'm hosting a world cup party for a house full of teenage boys, wish me luck nonnas

No. 1434328

Wtf that's so unbelievably embarrassing. I wouldn't have thought that was something Gaydens would ship over. I swear to god if there's fanfiction of this shit I'm gonna a-log

No. 1434395

Does anyone here completely ignore the football, I never gave a shit or had moids in my life that would drag me into it so each year it barely registers to me. Also who has tips to fix a fucked kettle, the button on mine turns off as soon as I turn it on.

No. 1434411

zero interest in football. some of the norf fc memes amuse me but otherwise i'd rather not hear about it.

>fix a fucked kettle

descale your kettle nonnie! citric acid is the best thing for it. boil some water in a saucepan, pour that into the empty kettle and then fill it with half a box of citric acid. let it sit for at least 15 minutes and then rinse.
if that doesn't work, maybe the plug fuse needs changing.

No. 1434422

Anons I want to go back to London to do some visits and go shopping. But taking the plane sucks ass. Are there other places to visit nearby for next time? I'm not British.

No. 1434440

yanks are so annoying when it comes to football. they get offended by the most basic of jokes but then expect everyone to laugh and clap when they tap the mic and roll out another 'um… so… england BAD?!?' joke. i also hope she's seething

No. 1434464

Didn't know you could just buy boxes of citric acid, thanks nonna. I hope the problem is just limescale, I thought these Russell Hobbs appliances were meant to be good (I got the one that's mostly made of glass).

No. 1434483

File: 1670330095758.jpg (211.9 KB, 634x533, comment_1624044770QZtilFMckwQy…)

I hate football too nonnie, never seen the appeal in it and it's really cringe when ingerlish scrotes around me get really excited and turn into fat red hooligans over it. Whenever someone talks about football to me my brain instantly turns off.

No. 1434490

File: 1670330847719.jpeg (70.1 KB, 506x900, FiqZrsYXEAEpptb.jpeg)

anyone watching White Lotus? there is a laddish character from essex who burgers seem to find so dreamy and charming. but in the latest episode (not really a spoiler) he gets drunk and sings blowing bubbles really obnoxiously and in true english football fan abroad style, complete with west ham tattoo. you can see the american woman's face begin to sour progressively after that display. it was honestly a very accurate representation.

No. 1434503

File: 1670332189119.png (375.79 KB, 381x510, unknown.png)

Why do burgers always feel the need to comment on food and say that UK has bad food? American 'cuisine' is literally the worst fucking slop I've ever had the pleasure of seeing and consuming. I have American friends and not one of them eats vegetables. Literal beige diets. They also have such poor quality of produce that UK and Europe refuses it. We aren't known for our food over here, but shit, we do good comfort food and have good quality produce. Best food I've had is from a Gastro pub in the Norf. England food bad is such a shitty meme and it's 99 percent Burgers who say it.

No. 1434531

That's one epic op pic.
I'm not a Britbong but I'm sending my luv to all British terves, you rock.

No. 1434532

File: 1670334612586.jpeg (162.12 KB, 640x436, 8855082E-38D0-435A-9D2E-85BBCB…)

Nothing beats a mug of the ol smugglers brew

No. 1434535

Burgers, bongs…I think BOTH our cuisines suck

No. 1434539

It’s also other people from Europe I’m afraid. I don’t take it personally, I make good af cottage pie and no burger, frog or bratwurst can tell me otherwise.

No. 1434545

you are far too defensive over the UK's shit excuse for food
they are both bad

No. 1434552

it's all projection. burgers like to yell BEIGE but their food is loaded with sugars and artificial dyes. at least a roast dinner or english breakfast has vegetables in it

i've met just as many burgers as bongs in my time in both countries, who are afraid of vegetables

No. 1434612

It's times like this we can appreciate this always relevant sketch

No. 1434613

I've never had this but just from the packaging it looks like my kinda brew kek
I'm the nona who posted the original picture of Grealish and I was like you for a long time after moving out of the family home where my bro and dad could get really angry about the football; it would ruin their days if we lost etc. Now I've got a group of chill football fan mates and find it a lot more appealing. Also, eye candy innit.

No. 1434617

That's the key to caring or engaging with the football, those around you are chill about it. My family is football crazy football mad let's play football with the lads but they aren't obnoxious. Heck, I had a season ticket once but in - person games are eh because you are more likely to see a 5 year old swearing.

No. 1434628

>no mention of Tetley's extra strong
This is why we should dissolve the United Kingdom. Can't even agree on the superior tea brand ffs.

No. 1434634

Takeaway tonight, anons. What are you ordering from the chinese?

No. 1434639

My Chinese is run by actual Chinese people so… anything, it's all good. I weep when it is Chinese new year and they leave us for a month.
But probably fried rice, prawn crackers, and crispy beef, cannot go wrong.

No. 1434641

My local is also amazing and run by a family, I am deeply in love with kung pao chicken. Nothing else tastes as good!

No. 1434657

Sweet and sour pork (Hong Kong style), egg fried rice, and mini spring rolls.

No. 1434668

File: 1670345984767.jpeg (154.83 KB, 558x871, 9F4714BF-738B-400E-9431-6F8414…)

Are Warwick x

No. 1434679

I always get roast duck in plum sauce with crispy wontons on the side. So good but Chinese is closed where I am every Tuesday.

No. 1434703

Takeaway? On a tuesday? What are you, a hedonistic Roman emperor?

No. 1434729

Yes me and my Nigel both intensely cringed at Essex guy every time he was on screen. How anybody (burgers) find that accent charming is beyond me.

No. 1434754

not a bong but i've had plenty of good food in the uk. the us? all terrible quality; even if you cook for yourself the ingredients are shit bc burgers have 0 food quality sandards. it's a yank cope

No. 1434851

Omg kek
My dad used to watch F1 when I was growing up just because my granddad (mum's dad) followed it and he wanted something to talk to him about. So not only was it on every Sunday for a few hours, but literally nobody in the house enjoyed it.

No. 1434876

File: 1670360292359.jpeg (837.78 KB, 1099x970, B22B5701-40BB-4E2A-9090-480A17…)

But there is one thing we can all agree on and that is picrel tastes like shit. I’m convinced it’s not real tea.
Not the pre-made iced tea though, that’s good.

No. 1434895

>me and my nigel
No one cares about your nigel

No. 1434899

>America's favourite tea

No. 1434964

File: 1670364630422.jpg (521.09 KB, 1440x1800, footballformen.jpg)

based woman for ruining it for them

No. 1435071

Men are always commentators on women's sports tho?????

No. 1435094

I think this is based off of a female pundit getting the score wrong, and the tweets are taking the piss (I fucking hope cos jfc otherwise)

No. 1435653

File: 1670404613945.jpg (50.19 KB, 640x651, 5b4d7b3jj54a1.jpg)

Just trying to get through another week

No. 1435723

File: 1670412203631.jpg (Spoiler Image, 168.04 KB, 840x630, gimpVSgimp.jpg)

TIL there are 2 famous gimps in the uk, one good and one evil. I thought people were talking about one guy this whole time

>The Essex Gimp: 'The Somerset Gimp is giving gimps a bad name'

No. 1435735

This reminds me of when I lived in a really tiny village and had a look at the dating sites, there was one gimp guy with the full black outfit who lived in the same village. I probably walked past him in the street many times.

No. 1435773

I live in the west country and have friends who saw Somerset Gimp. He was slowly following them while panting and moaning until they legged it away. It genuinely freaks me the fuck out seeing him pop up in the news every so often. If I ever see him he's getting a whole can of self-defence spray in his eyes and a free castration.

No. 1435897

What's the good gimp like?

No. 1435936

Consent ig???
and of course community outreach godbless.

No. 1436053

The Essex Gimp, also known as the Good Gimp of Essex and the Fabled Gimp of Legend, is rooted in ancient ingerlish folklore. Some say he has been wandering the land for years with his Gimplings in tow, spreading cheer and good fortune to those who may encounter him.

According to recent lore, the Good Gimp of Essex has denounced his evil brother, the Sinister Summerset Gimp. There are rumours that the two brothers engaged in a vicious clash that tore through the english countrysides, and many of the Good Gimp's Gimplings were injured and faced huge casualites.

No. 1436278

KEK, ily nona.

No. 1436350

I'm a bong and only heard about the gimp through this video kek

No. 1436356

nonnies what do u eat at Greggs?

No. 1436368

File: 1670442201266.png (410.35 KB, 446x554, sosig.png)

veggie sausage roll. also their mince pies are the best.

No. 1436369

nona i loved this. please regale us with more tales of Gimpdom

No. 1436429

Sausage roll every time but only when I see that they're fresh out the oven. Still wince at paying £1.15 for it though. Remember when that shit was like 35p and it wasn't even that long ago really.

No. 1436472

Mexican chicken oval bite, ready salted Walker's, and a strawberry Ribena. Lunch of queens.

No. 1436506

>>1436356 For bakes, sausage, cheese and bean or corned beef. For sandwich the tandoori chicken. Always a ribena drink as for some reason it just makes me think of greggs.

No. 1436508

sausage bean and cheese melt. with tomato soup. sometimes I get a cheeky little jammy heart biscuit. I used to work at greggs during uni and it makes me kinda nostalgic kek

No. 1436511

never forget this northern queen, ladies

No. 1436522

Did you get free food nona?

No. 1436531

kek nona it's a video originally from like 2016 so the makeup is maybe mildly more excusable

No. 1436534

we got a 20% discount on food but free hot drinks at least

No. 1436550


I only go to Greggs when I get the free sausage roll on a Friday on o2 priority, I'm a Pound Bakery gal when I'm spending my own money

No. 1436560

Every male who is concerned about this should just fucking kill themselves. Pitiful scum.

No. 1436567

My aunt lives in aus and she always brings as much chocolate as possible back with her when she visits, specifically dairy milk, because in aus, they put something in it to prevent melting and it makes it taste like shit apparently.

No. 1436620

File: 1670454476462.png (428.47 KB, 640x427, 44d7e0544ac97a48d734fa3cc70a3a…)

Wtf I'm with O2 and I never knew about the free sausage roll!!

No. 1436621

File: 1670454476918.png (175.43 KB, 1090x764, 1000133.png)

my favourite cake is a Pink Jammie. dunkin donuts could never ever

No. 1436625

File: 1670454661758.png (177.41 KB, 1090x764, 1000446.png)

here you go anon

No. 1436629

Ilu nonny

No. 1436632

File: 1670454912988.jpeg (10.48 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpeg)

outing myself as an oldfag but who remembers the ASDA cow button??

No. 1436635

KEK nonnie thank you so much for reminding me of this. Am I right in thinking the squareheaded youtuber WillNe used to do commentaries on this?

No. 1436663

Oh I forgot about that! My mum used to always just leave me there in the supermarket while I shopped because I would be playing with the cow.

No. 1436666

sausage roll or cheese and onion pasty

No. 1436669

She is the reason Bella Poarch is famous

No. 1436671


I just checked the app, and it's a mince pie right now, which is a downgrade IMO, but yeah, free brew and a sausage roll usually.

No. 1436839

Who are the most annoying bong celebrities/well known people in your opinion anons?

No. 1436895

Regular pastie
But I remember one time I was young and was child-drunk (too many froot shoots + J20 combo) and it was late so we got something from greggs and because I was so out of it I just pointed at something and to this day I have no idea what I ate. It was something in pastry definitely a pastie with this weird stringy meaty but odd-meaty inside. Still no idea.

No. 1436965

File: 1670480079460.jpg (29.85 KB, 615x409, picture-image-2-371874815.jpg)

Louis Spence

No. 1437083

Does anyone else miss Will Young? Me and my mom used to love this when it came on the radio.

No. 1437087

James Corden. Simon Cowell. Phillip Scofield. Russel Brand. Frankie Boyle. Most of the old white male comedians. I used to like Sean Locke but he died. what’s his face, the guy with the obsession with Meghan markle. The journalist guy who’s always pissing people off. Can’t remember his name right now.

No. 1437088

Didn’t they also have something to do with chickens? I wonder why they stopped doing this. Did peta throw a fit or something?

No. 1437091


No. 1437123

Ugh I fucking loathe Philip Schofield. I consider being secretly gay cheating, especially when you have a wife and kids, and no one calls him out on the fact he's been a liar all those years. I get if you're from a religious country/strict family to an extent but there are 15 year olds living in Muslim countries out the closet, don't be a coward when you live in the UK and are also a celeb.

No. 1437124

I remember him! Me and my sister used to always play this song/music video!

No. 1437125

Katie Hopkins. But you don’t hear of her anymore really, thankfully.

No. 1437132

Rylan. Pretty sure his voice is my MK Ultra assassin mode trigger.

No. 1437133

I used to like Noel Fielding when I first watched The Mighty Boosh but he only irritates me nowadays – Barratt was the heart of the show. Most of the recurring panel show comedians annoy me, as well as the programmes themselves. I dislike Ricky Gervais and the whole scrotal 'anti-woke' comedy movement which is just as boring and didactic as the woke stuff. British comedy is in such a sorry state which is a shame since it's something the country still insists on priding itself on.

No. 1437140

I don't really like Nish Kumar, might just be his voice or his general attitude but something is up with him.

The anti-woke comedy crowd is so boring, go on any clip of any old british comedy and "you couldn't do this now!!1" unless it's literally papa lazarou yes you absolutely can.

No. 1437215

The amount of arselicking Philip Scofield got for coming out was on the same level as that fat tory MP who crashed his car in stilettos and a miniskirt then saying he was trans. So stunning, so brave, conveniently downplay any mention of the wife and kids

No. 1437219

I may be showing my age here ladies… who remembers this

No. 1437244

That kid looks like 10 and 35 at the same time.. must be all that hsbc and grand-theft auto

No. 1437245

>>1437088 yeah, where the eggs were they used to have a hatched roof with fake chickens on top and most shops had a button that when pressed would moo or make chicken noises. My asda still had the buttons until fairly recently.

No. 1437252

File: 1670507447839.jpg (56.34 KB, 563x471, 2c676cea1571ee8f5632341f71bc1c…)

Today I will tell the tale of how the Good Gimp of Essex and the Sinister Summerset Gimp came to be.
Long ago, in the early age of Ingerlandia, there lived two humble peasant brothers known as Gimpleton and Gimpledung. They were close as brothers, and enjoyed their simple poorfag life, but knew nothing of the land beyond their little village - this is because the Arriva buses there were fucking shite and cost £7 for a single and they couldn't leave the village, but anyway.
One day, the Gimpson brothers came across a large tree bearing shiny succulent black fruit - this was unlike anything the brothers had seen before, and they were mesmerised by it! Gimpleton was wary, but Gimpledung immediately reached out to grab a piece of the fruit and scranned that shit like no tomorrow. "That was mint" He exclaimed upon eating the delicious fruit. Gimpleton thought nothing of this, and also scranned a fruit from the tree.
What these simple brothers didn't know however, was that this fruit was a very magical fruit indeed. Each piece of fruit had the opportunity to turn you into a Saintly Gimp or an Evil Gimp, and you couldn't choose.
Suddenly, Gimpledung attacked his own brother, and a long and deadly fight ensued until Gimpleton was forced to flee. When he returned to his village, he noticed that the village had also been cursed by the tainted fruit, and every other poorfag peasant was turned into a likeness of Gimpledung. Fearing for his life, Gimpleton fled to the blessed lands of Essexodar to live his new life in secret.
In the meantime, Gimpledung had wrought fury and despair upon the lands of Somerset, and you can tell because Yeovil is still a shithole to this day. He ruled over the kingdom of Somerset with a malevolent latex fist, turning it into a land of hopelessness, desperation and people with weird accents.
So it was that these two brothers were named The Good Gimp of Essex and the Sinister Summerset Gimp.

No. 1437268

This is excellent.

No. 1437283

File: 1670509901385.png (588.61 KB, 747x552, kitty being read to.png)

SO good. explains a lot about yeovil. thank you nona

No. 1437377

NTA but shut the fuck up. Yes, it's terrifying, I agree. I'm >>1435773 and it freaks me out to think that he's still out there and in my area. But making light of this quite frankly ridiculous situation does not show a lack of empathy. It's human nature to laugh at the absurd, even if it is scary. You're either retarded or from Yeovil; same difference, really.

No. 1437601

He is literally just a retard in a gimp suit. I bet it would be terrifying to see him at night, but us laughing at him does meant we lack empathy! kek. Didn’t you see the video of him trying to scare some teen boys and they just filmed him crawling and making weird sounds and because they weren’t scared and were taking the mick, he just got up and mumbled and walked away. I bet he is autistic.

No. 1437603

List these supermarkets from best to worst:
> Tesco
> Asda
> Morrisons
> Sainsbury’s

No. 1437605

sainsburys, tesco, morrisons, asda. i'm a snob.

No. 1437646

nta but honestly something about food from sainsbury's always tastes off to me

No. 1437772

this is co op erasure honestly

No. 1437774

proper mental. love it

No. 1437788

I’m from the south, I rarely see a Morrisons other than the McColls shops that they took over.
I shop at both Asda and Sainsbury’s, quality of food is 10x better from Sainsbury’s
I swear the coop is more expensive than Waitrose.

No. 1437823

I have no opinion other than tesco is way overhyped, their produce is shit quality, the basics/savers range is the worst and it's only worth shopping there if you have a clubcard.

No. 1437831

agree on the produce, which usually looks like it's rotting, but their clubcard deals are really good for stocking up on cupboard stuff. plus the 24 hour ones are useful for nightowls like me. i used to live opposite a 24 hour asda too and did my shopping at 2am. nice and quiet.

No. 1437844

Co op often comes out as the most expensive in price comparisons, yeah. It’s the only supermarket in my town though. I kick myself when I forget something at big Tesco and have to get it from Co Op for up to 2-3x the price.

I would do the main shop at Aldi or Lidl if I had one local to me. Low prices, quality is the same as other supermarkets, can buy random shit from the middle.

No. 1437850

Same anon, there’s only a coop and a Waitrose local to me! I just shop online and have it delivered.

No. 1437855

I really wish I could shop online but all the online grocery places are like £40 minimum and i live alone so really don't need that much food.

No. 1437858

i still sing this to myself at least once a week.

No. 1437862

I order for two weeks at a time and freeze everything. But I also mostly eat stuff you can cook quickly or pop in the air fryer. I don't know if you use a lot of fresh stuff. Occasionally I'll go to the corner shop for milk and bread on week 2.

No. 1437864

I like the co-op too nonny. mainly because I think their custard donuts and own-brand four cheese frozen pizza are top tier

No. 1437885

File: 1670538099250.png (1.21 MB, 1024x768, n4f7927p0t741.png)

I'm visiting my parents in Scotland for Christmas and just want some tips.
1. The house will most likely be freezing due to the energy bills, I prefer it toasty and I usually struggle when I visit and TBH it keeps me out of the house more than anything. Any tips on staying warm?
2. I want to eat a lot of UK food, I've only got 7 days but I'm bringing fibre sachets and want to make the best of it. So, is there anything new/interesting at Greggs and Wetherspoons? And anywhere else. I haven't been since last Christmas. Last time I had the halloumi fries and they were amazing. I'm going to get a munchy box, chippy and Chinese at LEAST but I think the British are quite innovative with their junk food so maybe there's something I don't want to miss.
Thirdly is there anything else that's significantly changed in the past year?

My contribution is baby Gromit.

No. 1437891

Where are you from? Did your parents move there from somewhere else? Sorry just being nosy.
> Any tips on staying warm?
hot water bottles and cosy blankets! that's what I have, like, always recently.

No. 1437892

get yourself some thermals or an oodie (or a fake version. oodies are overpriced, i got one as a gift.) i can't afford heating so i just stay layered, fluffy socks help. if you're there a while you could invest in a heated blanket for sleeping. they cost practically nothing to run, but cost like £30 upwards for upfront costs.

No. 1437898

Eat lots of cheese toasties to stay toasty! Honestly my favourite thing is a cheese and sun-dried tomato toastie from costa.

No. 1437903

i love my heated blanket so much, it's one of the best things i have ever bought. keeping me alive when it reached -5 last night. i also got a smaller electric heating pad to put on my chair. I second thermals too.

No. 1437910

other than the suggestions for thermals, layers, hot water bottles etc. i recommend a large thermos flask so you have constantly warm drinks to hand, just keep topping up. instead of frequently turning the kettle for your tea to only turn cold after a couple of minutes.
also, not the kind of suggestion people enjoy, but random spurts of aerobic activity like dancing or jumping jacks, really does help. as does spicy food (but NOT before the jumping jacks. careful now.)

No. 1437925

We’re all Scottish, I just moved away from my hellhole town about 5 years ago to central europe and every time I visit again everything seems a little worse.

Thanks all for the tips! I’ll go for a heated blanket

No. 1437939

does anyone else feel like all restaurants/cafes are way colder now? i feel like they’re not turning on the heat anymlrw

No. 1438068

>>they put something in it to prevent melting
Really? It never seems to work.

No. 1438173

not sure if they all count as celebs but a few i find annoying are

>hairy styles

>all of the royal family including harry and meghan
>owen jones (male pickme)
>phoebe waller bridge
>nepo babies, daily mail writers etc

No. 1438252

Omg the chicken buttons… thanks nonnies you just awakened a happy childhood memory I had completely forgotten

No. 1438263

I work at tescos & the clubcard thing is such bullshit. Just normal prices & 'ooh yay I'm avoiding being scammed' by not paying the 'normal' price. Maybe just a recent thing tho w everything getting more expensive

No. 1438269

The co-op is the worst. There's nearly always one in low income areas. It's just as expensive as Marks and Spencer for far worse quality and half the shop is alcohol and diabetes.

Since Tesco started doing the club card only bollocks I have just gone to other supermarkets. I'm not giving Tesco my personal details so I can buy special offers when I can go elsewhere.

No. 1438424

Agree nona fuck Philip Schofield. He literally waited until it was more acceptable to be gay and just completely abandoned his family to live what I assume is probably a completely degen lifestyle. Imagine your dad doing that. I hate men. Imagine being the wife and having to pretend to be supportive of it as well lest you be seen as homophobic. Clown world.

No. 1438427


No. 1438962


Co-op or Nisa

All government owned

No. 1438969


29 here anon and I remember this!!!!

No. 1438972


im so happy someone else thinks their mince pies are the best

my family think theyre like diabetic ones because they lack sweetness

No. 1438975


Anon you are one cheeky bastard using a pic from my home town for this thread kek

No. 1438979

File: 1670616753689.jpg (82.61 KB, 640x372, Safeway_Superstore,_Bude_-_geo…)

I didn't have an ASDA near me growing up but I am old enough to remember when Morrisons used to be Safeway. Good times.

No. 1438983

Stop >>1438962

posting >>1438969

like >>1438972

this >>1438975
You do not need to press enter after quoting.
Pressing enter once is fine

No. 1438986

do you anons remember Big W? I used to love going there when I was young with my sister and buying a Bratz Doll or Sims 2 game kek

No. 1438990

I swear Safeway was taken over by morrisons (fellow millennial here)

No. 1438993

Yep that's what i'm saying. I remember they got bought out around the millenium and i wasn't impressed (because i'm an autist and hate change).

No. 1438994

Sorry nonny, I posted without even reading properly. I hastily posted cos the local one to me was a Waitrose for a short time before becoming a Morrisons

No. 1438995

The only correct ranking. Sainsbury's is comfy.

No. 1439010

File: 1670618834980.png (14.97 KB, 200x212, Morrisons_logo_old.png)

No worries nona. It's weird how they managed to buy out so many existing stores. Me and my friends used to joke that Morrisons was a fascist store because we found the logo design really brutal (before it got re-designed into something softer - pic related) and seemed to suddenly take over lot's of pre-existing supermarkets. Like an invasion. I've never forgiven it.

Sainsburys is comfy, if you happen to have a decent local store. And their produce is usually decent, compared to all the others.

I'm glad some of you are actually interested in talking about supermarkets. I have a strange obsession with them and understandably most people I know aren't interested. I usually spend a couple of hours in supermarkets, slowly wandering around, looking at everything, like a retard (only if it's quiet) and have to go alone because I will drive other people insane with how long I take. I don't know what it is.

No. 1439075

Man, I remember Safeways. Used to shop in there with my mum every week. Anyone remember Somerfield? I used to work in one as a code checker but the job was shite 'cause night fill lads fucked up my system by pushing the produce I arranged to the back meaning I was finding stuff literally years out of date. Ended up sleeping half my shift in a toilet cubicle. Good times.

No. 1439081

>phoebe waller bridge

I like co-op too kek, they always have good snacks and meal deals.

No. 1439143

wow yes i forgot about Somerfield - bought out by co-op. hated those shops though. i can imagine it would be a really depressing place to work. and i say this as someone who worked retail for 7 years.

No. 1439147

what's with the hate for phoebe wb? I loved Fleabag but I don't know much about her otherwise.

No. 1439214

i've never watched more than like 10 mins of fleabag but i find her brand of middle-classery pretty grating. that might be why people dislike her

No. 1439219

niche but giles coren, ive read some of his columns and jfc. he also famously wrote a terrible book years ago that gets circulated online as an example of horrible writing. i wouldnt even bring him up bc he's not really a celebrity if not for the fact his sister victoria coren mitchell is 100x cooler in every conceivable way

No. 1439245

File: 1670630852144.png (681.6 KB, 834x603, police.png)

furry teesside police

No. 1439266


wtf are fibre sachets and why do you need them to eat a greggs lmao

No. 1439288

I was looking for the true royalty tier teabags in this thread

No. 1439290

Why are male furries drawn with snatched waists and womanly hips?

No. 1439458

she's a posh twat who pretends to not be a posh twat, like lily allen

No. 1439675

I know it's selfish but the royal mail strikes so close to chrimbo are making me really irate, I ordered a bunch of gifts for people a week or two ago and I'm so on edge hoping they'll arrive here in time

No. 1439689

hi fellow supermarket autist. whenever i visit another country i'm always most hype to visit the supermarkets (i love albert heijn the most but the best bong supermarket is probably sainsburys, M&S is great if you have the money for it)

No. 1439700

File: 1670674415802.jpeg (24.81 KB, 615x409, percy.jpeg)

Yes! I used to visit Netherlands a lot when i was in a LDR with a guy there and would spend a lot of time in Albert Heljn. I liked their glass door displays. Everything was so clean and slick.

M&S Foodhalls are obviously top-tier but for rare treats + Percy pigs.

No. 1439705

>albert heijn
You should try Dirk, Vomar, Deka, Jan Lindens etc. instead next time, they are cheaper. Albert Heijn is one of the more expensive Dutch supermarkets.

No. 1439722

M&S food halls are the best

No. 1439723

do you think we will beat the frogs today nonas
i am just glad we outlasted the burgers

No. 1439735

File: 1670676722932.gif (433.6 KB, 403x409, 16706757475564234.gif)

Percy pig. Huh. That's new to me! Cheers!

No. 1439741

As someone who makes money betting on football: absolutely not, kek. You wanna see England win the World Cup? The women's one is next year. Last World Cup the women made it to the final only to be beaten by the bloody Yanks BUT we beat them in a friendly recently and the team seems more confident after the Euros win.

No. 1439788

i honestly don't think so but at least brazil are out! i hated those obnoxious cunts and loved watching neymar crying on the pitch. that was my wc win, i'm still riding on the high it gave me

No. 1439800

because 14-yr-old ellie knows what's up

No. 1439823

Don't forget Jumbo!

No. 1439828

File: 1670684066495.png (16.17 KB, 427x285, D934631A-EFBD-528C-12C6A55912F…)

I don't know if these shops still exist but I miss them, haven't seen them around for a while.

No. 1439829

That makes sense. I just assumed the netherlands was really expensive. I went to Lidl the rest of the time. My safe haven (and also my nightmare, sometimes).

No. 1439831

bought by Asda apparently. weird, don't remember seeing one of these at all.

No. 1439833

this just brought back so many childhood memories!

No. 1439842

I think we have a chance!!

No. 1439844

The Netherlands is more expensive than England ime in most aspects, but the difference is worse with Albert Heijn. Plus there are regional prices, with touristy areas being even more expensive, including in shops like Jumbo. Lidl in England is also cheaper than Lidl in the Netherlands imo.

No. 1440002

lmao fibre sachets are to help constipation, they're a packet of powder you put into water then drink it before you wanna reach for medicine to sort that shit out.

No. 1440080

deadly serious here: you should be making complaints. Complain every day. Don’t think of it as hurting the posties - it’s helping them. Posties WANT us to complain. The more pressure we put on Royal Mail to fuck off the shareholders and accept the posties’ (very reasonable!!) demands, the faster the strikes will end and then everybody will be happy except the greedy fatcats. Complain!!!!!
descaling is unlikely to fix this on a new kettle. can you describe the fault in more detail please kettle-chan? like you flick the switch and it just flicks straight off? does the kettle boil normally if you hold the switch down manually? does the light come on? if no then change the fuse

No. 1440184

fuck englandsisters… denied again

No. 1440186

Sending Harry Kane a dozen roses for that utter wank second penalty that helped me win my bet against England. Thanks for the money, lads. Blessed are the shite x

No. 1440261

congrats nona! happy4u

No. 1441011

sending warm hugs to my fellow britnonas

No. 1441015

Praying for a snow day tomorrow so I don't have to get up for uni

No. 1441064

it has kinda snowed a bit where I am, but nothing dramatic and has literally just slush now. but omg I remember when I was in my first year of high school, we got sent home from school because of the snow and the pipes froze or something? I remember at first my year group got sent to the sports hall and watched Flushed Away on one of those TV on wheels whilst the school decided whether to send everyone home kek!! so exciting!!

No. 1441235

>high school
why do you talk like a burger?

>TV on wheels

flashback to a time I got detention for my inability to stop laughing during one lesson because the noise of of that TV on wheels being wheeled into the classroom. The silent room + squeaky wheels murdered me.

No. 1441241

File: 1670783647215.jpeg (152.99 KB, 950x1200, thecailleach.jpeg)

I have a work training day tomorrow which it would be very fortunate to have to miss. weather app says 40% chance… praying to the goddess of snow.

No. 1441283

as a child I was utterly convinced that this was a pet food shop kek

ntayrt but in scotland usually people seem to call secondary school high school? it's not uncommon over here anyway

btw nonnas I love this thread, it makes me feel cosy and happy to chat and shitpost about britbong stuff

No. 1441294

anon.. high school is literally secondary school… but calling it high school is more common than secondary school? so don't tell me I am talking like a burger!!
I am English and we say both but it is more common to refer as highschool especially when you are young.

No. 1441300

Because men are hideous and must to be artificially altered to resemble women if they are to be attractive.

No. 1441301

File: 1670786249210.gif (8.22 MB, 640x406, woman-mad-face.gif)

rate these soaps:
> eastenders
> coronation street
> emmerdale
> hollyoaks

No. 1441304

apologies nona. i didn't know this. i have literally never heard an english, scottish or welsh person call secondary school 'high school' in my 30 years. only ever american people. i wonder if it's a relatively new thing that i missed or if it just seems to be random pockets of the UK that use it. weird.

No. 1441306

>the northern one
>the rural one

No. 1441307

it's ok nonnie! sorry I got offended kek. i am 26 and it is what I have always referred it too like between friends and family and in general, although I know the official and correct term is secondary school.

No. 1441308

> Eastenders
> Corrie
I don't watch the others, only sometimes Emmerdale if my nan has it on whilst I am there

No. 1441313

corrie at the top simply because I'm mancunian and my gran used to watch it religiously so I find it nostalgic, idgaf about any of the others

No. 1441330

>eastenders (just because the sheer level of drama is ridiculous)
>corrie (very close second)
>emmerdale (it's alreet, used to be better)
if you watch hollyoaks you're legally retarded, i'm sorry. that shit is abysmal

No. 1441337

kek hollyoaks is tv for people who failed foundation subjects at gcse

No. 1441340

File: 1670787407998.png (980.76 KB, 1200x630, June.png)

>Everything else
My mother used to have it on all the time so it's the only one I've actually watched. I'm not a Londoner but am close enough that it feels very familiar. RIP June Brown, Dot was always my favourite


No. 1441342

hollyoaks has the best acting though. vid rel

No. 1441349

it fully is. the same goes for everyone who acts on the show. i fully dont believe they're actually literate enough to read the scripts

kek this always makes me laugh. the way he spins once on the roundabout and the delivery of the 'true' absolutely kills me

No. 1441355

File: 1670788065312.webm (1.07 MB, 320x240, eastenders dot.webm)

one of the most harrowing eastenders scenes

No. 1441359

oh my god kek
mr blobby used to terrify me as a child though

No. 1441361

File: 1670788415155.jpg (121.29 KB, 962x659, FO_5JWuXMAAcLT2.jpg)

do you anons remember come outside? aunty Mabel and pippin the dog? I used to love her and her polka dot plane! I remember my mum saying the theme song used to make me emotional so she would have to mute it

what is a nostalgic bong tv show you remember?

No. 1441363

File: 1670788427572.png (795.22 KB, 1200x800, Harry.png)

Funny how they left the actual jumpscare right until the end.

No. 1441365

same. i can laugh now but seeing this chaotic malevolent clownish monster on TV as a kid was nightmare-fuel

No. 1441394

File: 1670789426767.jpeg (229.51 KB, 1920x1080, playdays.jpeg)

yes! with the lady from Open All Hours. it also reminds me of being off sick from school because if i recall correctly it was on around mid-morning time.

I mean, so many shows make me nostalgic, it's hard to narrow it down. Playdays is probably my strongest earliest memory. The theme tune and all the different bus stops and puppets.

No. 1441398

File: 1670789575949.jpg (22.45 KB, 315x315, The_Hoobs_(screenshot).jpg)

Hoobledoop woop tiddlypeeps

No. 1441435

Hoobledoop whoop nona!
I watched this when I was far too old for it before doing my paper round in the morning kekkk

No. 1441450

Same nona. My mum recorded it for me and I watched it every time I was off school until I was about 12 kek I'd still be doing it if the video hadn't packed up

No. 1441468

File: 1670791977230.jpg (30.59 KB, 425x432, 51P7WF8RRYL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

teletubbies and Pingu came to mind but I think even though they are bong shows (Pingu is brit/swiss) they are kinda worldwide known. so the Tweenies, I remember I had a Tweenies game for my PS1

No. 1441471

File: 1670792038133.png (222.51 KB, 388x462, romas somewhere far away.png)

RIP your video player. The Motorettes' tunes slapped, I still think of their what/why songs

No. 1441480

File: 1670792280091.jpg (150.12 KB, 683x384, MV5BZmM4MDdhNzItZDg2OS00YzkzLT…)

the original Thomas the tank engine I get mad when burgers/non bongs call it Thomas the train I had a Thomas toy when I was about 4 and carried it everywhere and still have it in this memory box thing I have.

nonas we had the best children's shows in the 90s/00s

No. 1441507

fireman sam was my favourite theme song. still rockin' to it right now

i loved thomas the tank engine so much. i had the toy, duvet set and lunch box too.

No. 1441526

omg I used to love the theme song!
>>1441519 >>1441480
speaking of the Beatles, ringo starr narrating Thomas the tank engine used to be so soothing to me? idk why? and I don't tend to like Scouser accents

No. 1441550

North west nona here, old scouse sounds a lot gentler and more like a type of Lancashire accent. Same with Manchester, eg. Victoria Wood v Liam Gallagher.

No. 1441553

yes! I guess it sounds more like a Lancashire accent, so maybe that explains it

No. 1441588

this deserves to be used as a british cultural history primary source in 50 years

hoob hoob hooray nonny!

No. 1441620

It totally is American but my secondary school was called xxxx high school, and I’m in my mid thirties. I’m from the south if that helps??
Why bird!

No. 1441625

yes same! mine was called xxx high school, so I guess that's why I have always referred to it as such

No. 1441763

trashy british tv you like to comfort watch? for me it's the early-mid seasons of geordie shore. couldn't tell you why. maybe because it keeps me off the drink

No. 1441771

Is Come Dine With Me and Four In A Bed considered trashy TV?

No. 1441787

It’s not trashy but it’s nostalgic. Spaced and Black Books. I don’t really like British tv though so I am biased.

No. 1441791

idk I think of reality tv (like towie) as trashy tv? oh my god I love come dine with me, I used to always watch it with my nan. I watch compilations of it on YouTube sometimes.
I used to love snog marry avoid, true trashy tv.

No. 1441799

Snog Marry Avoid & any of those house wife programs on ITVBe kek
Yeah, I consider them background noise programs, like Home and Away and shit. Never known someone to genuinely enjoy those shows apart from my Ma & the episodes/scenes that are always on those 'Classic British memes' videos

No. 1441801

File: 1670799252341.gif (846.97 KB, 320x179, ThickPossibleGrayreefshark-max…)

Oh my God I love Spaced. I'd love to see it hosted on the movie nights sometime.

No. 1441807

snog marry avoid would never get away with all of the insults pod used to say now kek

No. 1441815

snog marry avoid is peak british trashy TV

naked attraction is kind of similar in terms of trashiness. i watch it out of morbid curiosity but it's not as good as SMA.

No. 1441819

File: 1670799733458.jpeg (10.79 KB, 300x168, download (5).jpeg)

anyone remember Ladies of London? It was on around 2014. reality tv show about british socialites (and a few americans living in the UK)

it had caprice, caroline fleming, annabelle neilson…

No. 1441830

This awoke so many memories in me. I'd always watch the reruns they had on BBC at 3 in the morning when I couldn't sleep kek

No. 1441840

I used to watch in the early hours too. I need to re-watch this… good times

No. 1441869


Mr Bobby's niece used to do my nails

No. 1441886

File: 1670804265134.jpg (246.08 KB, 900x675, MV5BOTNjNWNjMzItY2RlOC00N2FiLW…)

Kek. Mr blobby was so horrifying to me as a child. I remember when they had those £1 mr blobby rides in tesco near the checkout and I would always run past it and avoid eye contact.

There a too many to list, but one that stands out in my mind that never gets talked about is big kids. The grip this show had on me was insane. The plotline could never work in the modern era though.

No. 1441906

I used to be so obsessed with watching eastenders, i also did dabble in coronation street too. Is it me or whenever uk soap operas go for a comedy route, especially eastenders and coronation street, it always delivers? Some episodes are straight up more funny then a lot actual comedy shows.

Sainsbury's takes it all simply because of those cookies. I don't live close to asda or Morrisons.

They deserve to be erased, you're unironically better off going to waitrose or marks and spencers.

No. 1441948

Impeccable taste. Add in Father Ted and that's like my perfect trio.

No. 1441957

I remember Niall's act of revenge in Hollyoaks being the hottest drama of the year

No. 1441976

wow, i completely forgot about Big Kids. that was great! is there a place to re-watch it?

No. 1442170

>like you flick the switch and it just flicks straight off
Yeah I did say that. Sometimes it works like normal though, haven't found any pattern to when it does, it's just random. Didn't think to hold down the switch because I just press it again if it jumps up until I get lucky.
Isn't it regional? Nobody down south calls it high school. My school had 'high' in the name but we never called it that, it's definitely a secondary. Even if it is/isn't correct I prefer just saying 'secondary school' to ppl online to be precise because US high school is from ages 14-18 and that just feels different to the memory of being 11-15 then going to a totally separate sixth form college.

Aight now does anyone here remember Learning Land and Jump Ahead on the computers at school?

No. 1442398

i noticed this too, i lived for some years in NL and whenever I came back to the UK i was shocked at how much cheaper it is here. an entire punnet of strawberries for £2, what a steal

No. 1442431

File: 1670842740969.jpeg (69.88 KB, 480x680, FjxKZwcXwAEKQig.jpeg)

thank you Beira, Goddess of Winter for blessing me with snow today. hope you nonas got a snow day too.

No. 1442436

I keep seeing people online talk about how they're keeping the heating off and living in 10C-16C houses. Is it really that bad? I've reduced my heating massively compared to a year or two ago but I can't function even in 19C. People are going to ruin their health with the cold and mould. It's worrying me.

No. 1442453

Ayrt I'm Dutch, but prior to Brexit I spent at least 4 months per year in England (or Scotland sometimes), which ended up saving a lot of money actually kek. If the directness vs stiff upperlip cultures didn't clash so much, I'd try to marry a bonginita. Sorry for intruding in your thread btw, my cheapskate ass got triggered by Albert Heijn shilling kek

No. 1442503

went for a walk in the literal blizzard last night and feel bare unwell now, my throat feels like shit. which could also be because i had 2 cigarettes yesterday but i get the feeling inhaling snow for an hour didn't help

No. 1442504

Anything above 14 degrees isn't so bad for me, I can wrap myself with blankets in the study and camp there while the rest of the house is just "warm enough".
Mold is more a problem with moisture than coldness really. The real issue I've seen is that people aren't ventilating their bathrooms because they want to keep the heat in, and THAT's gonna cause mold if they're not careful.

No. 1442539

speaking of mr blobby earlier itt, he was literally on this morning earlier, with basil brush kek such a weird coincidence

No. 1442540

> Sorry for intruding in your thread btw
you're welcome here nona! you seem kind and sweet!

No. 1442672

File: 1670860960993.jpeg (99.82 KB, 1200x815, Download (1).jpeg)

I wish i was british :((lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1442676

Don’t put anything in the name nonnie

No. 1442678

this feels vaguely bait-y

No. 1442735

is it because you want to study at a British university?

do you want to spell color as colour and use degrees celcius? would you watch Sherlock on BBC all night while drinking a cuppa tea with your flatmates? will you have fish and chips every day that’s worth 5 quid? would you go to gaff parties every night? are you also willing to meet chavs, One Direction, Ed Sheeran and the Queen?

No. 1442756

>>1442436 I've been leaving mine off as much as I can. Only turned it on today because the thermostat said it was 6 degrees in the house. I'm trying to get better just to make sure my cat is comfortable.

No. 1442779

Nta but I drink tea everyday, drank on a field with other uni students for Colombia-England while wearing an England shirt and singing football's coming home. Helped clean the field. I have been trained to say trainers instead of sneakers and lose more Americanisms. Won't do fish and chips, but could live with daily Indian takeaway. I'll watch outnumbered and monkey dust on the BBC. I've met a British cow. Can I get a residence permit now?

No. 1442786

We had one of these down the road for years! It did get bought out by ASDA though yeah. I think we still have a £10 mirror from there, had it for more than a decade and it's still exactly the same.

No. 1442824

I used to love Balamory (the theme song still gets stuck in my head), Angelina Ballerina + Fifi and the Flowertots!

Growing up we went 3 years without putting the heating on and were fine but we were also skint and dressed in lots of layers during winter. Personally I only put the heating on when I need to dry clothes, and even then I keep it on low - I don't know how healthy that is but I'm pretty used to it by now, but ymmv.

No. 1442830

I'll trade you

No. 1443158

As a Brit I am glad I will never be American but you don’t want to be British, it’s not an improvement.
Mould is an issue for me in my shitty building and I’m also a bit of an autist who can’t stand wearing too many layers so I have to have it on.

No. 1443374

I once had a lucid dream that Angelina Ballerina was dancing on my chest and I couldn't move, couldn't watch it after that.
Love me a bit of balamory though.

No. 1443391

Oldfag here, Welsh and we always called it high school. The 3 secondary schools on my side of Cardiff were all called name of area High School, and still are.

No. 1443407

when I was working part time as a student the actress who played miss hoolie got a meal at my work and I only realised it was her because she speaks to everyone the same way she speaks to toddlers on the show kek

No. 1443408

Aw, I lived in NL for quite a few years as well nona but truth be told I missed the every day banter so I came back. When I tell people I used to live in Amsterdam they're always really impressed but I tell them it's not what They imagine. I do miss it visually occasionally though, cycling to work downtown through the Grachtengordel used to take my breath away every single time.

No. 1443488

Omg balamory! I used to love the theme song too. I always wanted to live in one of those coloured houses by the seaside.

No. 1443491

File: 1670890692483.jpeg (351.82 KB, 1500x1000, FCFBF21F-A915-4F15-A231-9C22BD…)

What places do you want to visit in the uk? I want to go to bath and rye.

No. 1443564

i can't believe any of you are taking a harry styles poster seriously, it's like talking to a child. she has her email in the field and everything.

No. 1443615

File: 1670902142630.png (472.48 KB, 627x789, guardian terf moment.png)

nonas what do you think of the scotland gender bill currently being pushed? i can't imagine how it will all end

No. 1443812

Oh I really want to visit Cornwall, might go in spring when it's quieter. Only thing I'm worried about is unfriendly locals, I've heard they can be pompous dicks to tourists. Also I want to go to Edinburgh again but it's so expensive, luckily the national express coach is cheap enough to get there.

No. 1443824

nah, people are nice in cornwall

No. 1443845

yeah the culture clash is real, despite us being such close neighbours. i was taken aback by the bluntness sometimes and i didn't really vibe with the dutch sense of humour (or the zwarte piet parades lmao). i thought i'd never miss the UK but there you go, i'm much happier back here. i do miss how clean and well- functioning everything is in NL though

No. 1444442

File: 1670968367658.jpg (345.09 KB, 1047x1572, beimages_1267351bt-p_2017.jpg)

Nonnies, what is your favourite police procedural TV drama series?
Imo, Prime Suspect is still top-tier. I absolutely admire Helen Mirren's character and her story arc. Everything else is so immaculately and talented done, too. Even the background characters are interesting to watch. I think the second season and the first episode of the forth have are the most exciting and moving in terms of the plot and issues concerned.

No. 1444507

File: 1670971310740.jpg (302.83 KB, 1800x1246, MV5BMjE4OTAwNTczOV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

The first season of Broadchurch? Does that count?

No. 1444509

File: 1670971381386.jpg (88.37 KB, 800x800, 080.jpg)

Eating skips right now. What are your favourite crisps nonas?

No. 1444580

I bloody love those, I always get the coop own brand cos they do a bigger bag and I can eat them all at once!
Tbh my fave crisps probably don’t count; plain tortilla chips for dipping. Flamin hot wotsits are pretty good too. Probably just the msg tho.

No. 1444628

I fucking hate how much wotsits get that horrible cheesy dust all over your fingers but I just demolish them regardless

No. 1444642

File: 1670979569812.jpeg (88.05 KB, 522x739, 951BA213-0C18-4072-9001-5DFFCD…)

don’t eat crisps anymore really but i’m a monster munch girl

No. 1445201

File: 1671013879990.jpg (108.76 KB, 875x956, 61O292Q-DpL._AC_SL1000_.jpg)

pickled onion monster munch or picrel

No. 1445225

oh my god yes I remember this. I always used to love the episode where she goes off to the sewerage plant and later in the episode finds a poo on the floor and thinks pippin did it but it's just a fake, gag poo?? such a lovely, wholesome show. I miss being a kid.

I love all the trashy weight-loss shows like secret eaters. feels like a guilty pleasure. >>1441799 snog, marry, avoid was amazing.

we're putting on heating on basically only from 5 - 9 when everyone's home but we've always been penny pinchers kek so it's nothing new. I just wear tons of layers. our house is getting mouldy beneath windows though. tbh the condensation on our windows is dreadful but we're about to get a new dehumidifer which has cost almost two hundred quid but it's meant to be worth it. fingers crossed

No. 1445229

sensations thai sweet chilli, deeelish. would've said walkers bbq rib if they were still around

No. 1445271

Same!! They are so soft and melt in your mouth. I visited my family in America a few years ago and tried Cheetos and they do not compare!!!

No. 1445273

Picked onion monster munch are my favourite too. Even though you literally get 7 in a bag now. When I was young I would crush them into dust. Also, do you remember the monster munch that turned your tongue blue? Or did I dream that?

No. 1445578

Work christmas party got cancelled because most of us couldn't get any reliable transport, thank you rail strikes I really didn't wanna go

No. 1445678

File: 1671039756376.png (449.05 KB, 1000x1000, blackpep.png)

Or Twiglets.

No. 1445856

tyrrells is amazing, i ate so many of their sweet chilli & red pepper crisps that i got sick of them sadly. longing for the day i can love them again

No. 1446064

File: 1671055660437.jpg (251.19 KB, 680x1000, Babylon.jpg)

if you enjoy comedy dramas too, I enjoyed Babylon (written by peep show creators)

and an old one called The Last Detective with Sean Hughes, which was very comfy.

No. 1446489

Are there many les/bi farmers around? The lesbian and bi threads on /g/ seem to be mostly burgers. As a binon it's a dream of mine to one day date another terf kek

No. 1446496

I've always loved how these melt on your tongue, top tier crisps, even though i haven't had them in years.

No. 1446737

I remember eating an entire bag of those when I was at uni, I later puked and I haven’t been able to eat either flavour of Sensations since.

They once made a cinnamon sugar flavour popcorn, it didn’t last long but I miss it.

No. 1446788

i get the same vibe, i'm bi as well. everyone in this thread comes across really young though to be honest. something something newfags

No. 1447661

AYRT yeah, it feels like a lot of anons in general are quite young, maybe if there's been an increase in twitterfags or LC being mentioned on tiktok or tumblr. I'm actually 28 though so it's definitely not everyone

No. 1448038

finally some snow in my town! a Christmas miracle

No. 1448068

Seems like gen3 pokemon dialogue

No. 1448143

I once ate an entire large bag of spicy Doritos and I puked, and it was the most painful thing you could ever imagine. Throat burned for days. I never ate them again.

No. 1448180

Common topic but why are all these migrants in their dinghy’s just scrotes? They are literally putting them in hotels and holiday inns here. I would feel a bit different if it was women and children but it isn’t. God it makes me angry. Brown scrotes are the worst and I bet if they stay they will end up setting up sex trafficking rings. Fuck them all! Send them back out to sea. Cowards.

No. 1448181

Sorry to be negative in this thread of wholesome topics like snacks and stuff but god.

No. 1448220

File: 1671196115072.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 65.79 KB, 655x450, A5200EDC-AC47-4A85-97F3-B67701…)

Our government cares more about economic migrants than its own women. They are so deeply selfish they would rather import convicted rapists and murderers than pay a woman maternity leave or protect her from harassment. They let this guy into England after he murdered his gf in Moldova and was released early. He then raped and tried to kill a woman over here. Yet shamima begun is banished forever after being a victim of trafficking.
I’m spoilering this moids mugshot because he is beyond ugly https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-62693438

No. 1448244

MEMORIES. I loved this show so much and loved all the super OTT girls on it. Britains answer to gyaru kek. This would be on BBC3 in the background while I played sims all night, it was a simpler time.

No. 1448276

Agreed. We cannot even look after the women and children who already live here yet these boats full of scrotes are given priority. Hmm. And we all know they have such a "hard time" integrating into society aka they feel the need to molest and sexually harass women once they come here. Careful though, they'll pin you as Islamophobic for saying that brown moids should integrate into western countries and treat all women here with respect.

No. 1448327

I didn't know where else to share this but I'm rewatching this for the second time in a few days. Old uk based documentary on stalking… or is it? About 4 mins in you start questioning if its a comedy sketch..

No. 1448345

Brits have learned nothing from Sweden. I only care about women's safety.

No. 1448389

Western women have no idea what it's like with mohammedan males. Imagine if Kyle the schoolshooter was allowed to rape women and children as much as he wanted for 35 years. You can't comprehend what they're capable of until it's too late.

No. 1448473

> Careful though, they'll pin you as Islamophobic for saying that brown moids should integrate into western countries and treat all women here with respect.
if that makes me Islamophobic then so be it. I don’t care. Screw them all. Brown moids are the worst moids, they are all cowards leaving women and children behind.

No. 1448558

>everyone in this thread comes across really young
you clearly missed our riveting discussion on ye olde supermarkets and 90s cartoons further up the thread.

No. 1448590

I went pottery painting yesterday with a friend! It was really fun!

No. 1448757

I'm curious, in non English speaking countries we learn English when we start primary school or middle school, but do you learn a second language at school around these years too? Do you pick and choose a European language or something like that? I've met Americans saying they could pick and choose between French or Spanish or something else in their high schools but I'm not sure it works the same way in the UK, does it? inb4 google it, I just want to have British anons' personal points of view.

No. 1448813

In my school we did, but most of us didn't get to pick, we were forced to do italian. You don't ever learn the language enough to actually speak it and it didn't help that most of have were being forced to learn a language we have zero interest in.

No. 1448828

We are only offered foreign language classes starting from age 11 where the little kids begin secondary education. I’m 25 and it was compulsory to do one (and only one) other language on the curriculum at the time but apparently they’ve scrapped that recently due to a shortage of teachers and funding. I might be wrong on this. Imo starting a language at 11 is way too late, I was a straight A student in French but can’t really string a sentence off the top of my head now whereas it seems like all the other Euros who learn English from when they’re 5-6 are basically fluent and can hold a conversation with me online even if they’ve never left their countries. English being the lingua franca is a blessing and a curse but the people in education who could stand to make it better don’t even try. You could argue there’s no interest for it in the here but it’s not like Germany makes sure all their schools are full of kids who want English classes.

No. 1448829

I love spicy doritos but doritos are honestly mid.

No. 1448830

God I hate British threads. I knew it would be shit kek. It always attracts twerps who talk about football, fatties, booze, tea, Muslims. Every time. I might learn Welsh just so I can have a half decent conversation about Britain online.

Secondary school for most. Age 11+. It varies. In my area, French and German once a week, until aged 14. Then you can drop. Majority do. German has always been very unpopular. Only a few thousand take it up. French is very badly taught, you copy from a textbook, no talking and little listening (to a shitty tape). School trip to France after a few years learning and students end up distraught to discover they cannot understand a bloody thing said to them and the French hate talking to them anyway kek.

No. 1448847

I wanted to add more, but because i lived in a diverse area, there was a lot of people who had second languages like Portuguese and arabic and they would get them to do the gcse tests in their home language just to give them the opportunity to get an easy qualification and probably to increase overall testing scores in the school because most of them got high grades. Imo i think french or spanish should be mandatory and we should learn from a younger age.

No. 1448868

>Then you can drop.
I'm so jealous. On top of English I had to study German starting from age 11 until I left high school, that shit ruined my grades.

No. 1448874

Oh and I want to add that, in my school specifically, we did Spanish and French from 11-13 or 14, then we could only pick either of the two for our GSCE, then I think we learnt it two or more times weekly. I remember having ‘double French’ on a day (two lesson blocks in a row) and again on another day in the same week.

Our language teachers were based, they handed out sweets like crazy as a reward and after some of my exams the teacher would but us a cheap cake from Sainsburys, obviously nobody had a knife so he had to use a ruler to cut it(dw, he cleaned it first).

No. 1448884

My grammar school in NI we did two languages in 1st year French and Latin, then 2nd year we picked a second modern language I picked German cause the pass rate was better than Spanish. In 3rd year you can keep all the languages on or just two I dropped Latin. Then for gcse I dropped French and got a B in German.

No. 1449215

Fellow bongs, I need a fact check. I know a moid who said ‘scrote’ a few times in previous conversations. He thinks I thought it was a funny word because I did a confused laugh and asked him where he got that word from, he explained “it’s a northern thing”. I thought scrote was a pretty British word to begin with because we have so many words for balls and saying it in a US accent sounds wrong, then I joined this place for years, now I’m surprised to hear him say it. There’s 0 chance he knows about LC and is fucking with me, it’s pretty ironic he implied it’s just what lads say when we banter. Does this mean we can get away with calling men scrotes irl? Can we use it like covert farmer talk to other women?

No. 1449230

lived in the north my whole life (moved from north east to north west) have never heard that in my whole life. best to avoid saying it

No. 1449392

My German teacher was this camp af guy who acted like a goddamn drama teacher. He would put stuff like this on and sing+dance to his hearts content whilst the class just sat with a completely straight face. People hated him so much kek but he was based because he never gave a fuck what people thought of him and always seemed sooo excited about German.

No. 1449430

I’m going to scream I want to be friends with your teacher

No. 1449621

File: 1671276633541.jpeg (38.39 KB, 540x540, 3ff401d4-fb3c-4aba-a006-c8da18…)

Favourite pot noodle flavour, go

No. 1449918

That one.

No. 1449932

My mam said they cause cancer one time when I was a kid when we went to butlins and I asked for one, ever since have not had one.
That being said, sticky rib.

Also a fun one, apparently the pot noodle people are really weird because they got in trouble for advertisements calling pot noodles 'the slag of all snacks' ages ago.

No. 1449937

Am a burger but my German teacher made us watch this one.

No. 1449959

>the slag of all snacks
Hot, wet and easy

No. 1449969

>My mam said they cause cancer
I heard the same thing as a kid and despite associating them with that, and even calling them "cancer noodles" - I still eat them. They're too easy and comforting. Especially the curry one.

No. 1450296

pretty common where i live, meaning a similar thing to chav. one of my friends says it all the time and i always laugh to myself about the lc meaning

No. 1450722

Where in the UK do you instantly think "gross" when you hear mentioned? You don't need to have visited the place you name. For me it's Essex

No. 1450729

The guy is going at it so hard

No. 1450867

File: 1671347956051.jpeg (222.82 KB, 576x960, E679137F-A792-4BA4-8E31-0554FB…)


No. 1450870

We also watched that one and quite a few others but the favourite subject one is my favourite. It’s so catchy.

No. 1450872

No. 1451251

My dad uses the word scrotes and he's a sixty something year old man. He uses it to mean young men who just cause trouble and piss about all day. I've not heard it much but it's definitely a thing.

Essex for me too, probably because of The Only Way is Essex TV show. I think Essex and I think fakery and trashiness.

No. 1451261

File: 1671368015501.jpg (27.37 KB, 600x800, large_sbbp.jpg)

Is political discussion allowed? I'm just wondering how is everyone planning to vote whenever the next general election comes around. Are we going to finally get the Torys out? For Labour voters, are you still willing to vote for the party even when half of them can't give a straight answer to the question 'what is a woman'?

No. 1451308

I want the Tories out and I used to be a Labour voter but now I find myself genuinely politically homeless. Labour are tranny-pandering spineless arsewipes who don't really have an ounce of genuine leftism in them anymore and Tories are happy to see electric bills rise to £500 a month and do fuck all about it. I really don't know what to do about voting.
I think I'll end up voting Labour regardless honestly but then I just fear for the outcome of women. There's only one good point for Tories and it's that they're not shilling for trannies (as much, anyway) but I come from a part of the country that was decimated by Conservatives so I can't bring it in me to ever vote for them. They've made it clear they dgaf about the working class.

No. 1451342

I feel the same, the absolute state the tories have left us in blows my mind. Completely in the same boat, politically homeless, no one represents my interests right now as working class woman in a minimum wage service job. I feel powerless, as dramatic as that sounds lol. I've always voted Labour but this time I feel so conflicted, it should be an obvious choice when you see what the conservatives have done to the country but then I see the hate Labour women who speak out about trans issues face and I lose what little faith I have in Labour, they're slowly erasing women's voices and our rights. In my opinion though, I think it's only a matter of time before all of the bullshit of the trans movement begins seeing the light of day among everyday people. There are only going to be more and more detransitioners, more of them will attempt to sue the NHS too. More and more public figures are coming out in quiet support of JK too. I worry it'll get worse before it gets better but I know we can't go down this clown route indefinitely. In the meantime… we're stuck between a rock and a hard place it feels.

No. 1451511

my hometown is on here get innn

No. 1451523

The West Midlands and I was born in the Black Country. The whole area is a decayed shit hole.

I will never vote Labour again. It's a paedo party that allowed muslim rape gangs to operate for decades.

No. 1451531

I've never voted labour or conservative and nothing has ever made me want to switch. Luckily, a vote for a third party isn't useless.

No. 1451699

I’m happy that the frogs didn’t win! I love to see them cry boo hoo wee wee

No. 1451702

Average Britbong moid

No. 1451761

same boat as you nonnies. I feel like not much would change with Kier starmer. He is Blairite/Tory-lite anyway and would only worsen things for women. I will never vote Tory but I'm not feeling at all motivated to vote Labour either. Even the Women's Equality Party is in favour of self ID at this point.

By the way, if you haven't already, you can sign up to the Women's Rights Network to help bring awareness and change. If enough women wake up to this, they'll have to take notice when it comes to policies etc. https://www.womensrights.network/

No. 1451767

File: 1671390718126.jpeg (91.83 KB, 680x612, rspca.jpeg)

No. 1452011

I intentionally will ruin my ballot. Why would I ever participate in what is essentially illusion of choice? If I was more unhinged I’d smear period blood on it.

No. 1452117

At this point same. I've always been in the "you can't complain if you don't vote" camp, but a choice between a tory and a tory arselicker isn't a choice imo. Fuck Starmer, fuck the illusion of choice, hell I might even vote green for a laugh

No. 1452120

Normally I would protest vote with the green party but now it's just the troon party, basically. Aimee Challenor was just a symptom. I know someone who was chucked out of the party just for raising a concern about safeguarding. So even though the vote wouldn't amount to anything, I don't want to show them any support at this point.

No. 1452144

Normally I would just throw away my vote because all politicians are bad politicians, but the tory party has so systemically torn this country apart since they've been in power I feel like it would be dishonest to vote anything other than labour.
I hate them all equally but fuck, the Tories somehow manage to be an even lower level of fucked than the others.

No. 1452170

do you think you will vote for labour then? how worried are you about self ID and erasure of single sex spaces? how does that worry compare to tory policies? do you think the harm of trans ideology will still effect us just as badly, regardless of whether the tories keep single sex spaces protected by law? because we still see huge organisations like the NHS disregard those laws consistently. i'm still on the fence but interested to know others thoughts on this.

No. 1452179

Honestly? I think none of that is as important as the fact that I'm currently freezing in my phone, can barely afford to pay my heating bill and that half of the country is on strike so if I got suddenly sick there would be no ambulances to get me to the hospital.
It's not that I don't care about any of that other shit, but holy fuck is the country in so much disarray at the moment the only thing I want is the tories out, then I can start figuring out the rest.

No. 1452180

>freezing in my phone
freezing in my home*
fuck im retarded

No. 1452186

aw nonnie. i get you.

No. 1452315


Thanks for letting me know, haven't read up on policies for a minute and that's just disappointing

No. 1452372

What cheers me up is the thought that butchered trannies out there are also freezing to death while their wounds will never heal. I hope winter kills some of them unironically (in Minecraft).

No. 1452416

Uhhh I signed it and also signed a gov petition it linked to "Update the Equality Act to make clear the characteristic “sex” is biological sex", we don't have to put our legal full names on there, do we?
Btw I can't believe we have to clarify what sex is now, this petition feels like it's well intentioned but I can't help but hear the way it sounds just like the word 'woman' being turned into 'cis woman'. The last feminist petition I signed didn't make it through IIRC…

No. 1452497

I hate trannies so much, I am so close to voting for the tories just to dick them over. They’re getting way too much power in Scotland etc. Labour are useless and won’t fix the cost of living crisis, they will import more rapist immigrants and giving them bullshit sentences and they will just continue making empty promises. Every other space on the high street will be a brothel or massage parlour and you will have to work there if you don’t want your universal credit revoked.

No. 1452498

Samefag, I’m aware I might sound like a moron and I’m very open to having my mind changed.

No. 1452506

You sound kinda para, like I get things are shit but we're not just around the corner from forced labour at massage parlours and brothels. Also I think giving your vote to Tories over one issue is letting the trannies win. Don't fight one sect of oppression by propping up others to do so. You're just adding fuel to more fires in the hopes one gets put out. But I don't have a better solution so I get it.

No. 1452632

what oppressions are they even propping up? It’s not like labour cares about women and poor people because they’re so busy sucking Muslim dick and licking tranny arse.

No. 1452638

You can join here https://www.womensrights.network/join-us so that you can be part of events and campaigning if you wish. It does involve a vetting process though (understandably) so if you're not comfortable giving your information to them then it won't be for you. If you feel powerless and want to do something though, then it's a good place to start.

>can't believe we have to clarify what sex is now

This is what is motivating me to do something. If we lose our ability to define ourselves as a sex class and the right to refuse men from single sex spaces then we are screwed.

No. 1452650

I keep going back and forth on this. If it felt like Labour would actually make significant social + environmental improvements then it would be a lot clearer.

Also, in terms of thinking of voting with the most vulnerable in mind… I do think this gender shit has and will continue to have more of a negative impact on vulnerable children and women. More than half the population but particularly the women at the bottom, who don't have cushty lives where they can identify as whatever they want. The real world knows what a woman is.

Saying that, despite the Tories hating trannies, it does not stop the harmful effects of gender ideology. The NHS still allows men into female wards, universities still allow men into women's toilets, rape shelters (except for Beira's) allow men. So even if there are laws that supposedly protect us, they're not being put into action. So is there even a point?

And we know they hate women just as much. Our health secretary is anti-abortion, is another thing to keep in mind.

No. 1452658

I feel the same.
The real problem is it is always red v blue, there is nothing else to choose from that stands a chance of winning. The media are owned/sponsored by them, old people who are stuck in their boomer ways will always vote Tory.
This is just my 2c but I feel like it’s gonna have to get a whole lot worse before it gets better and I hope smaller parties have a say, it will inspire real change.

No. 1452988

File: 1671473348787.jpeg (123.9 KB, 1068x1200, 284F9550-3C94-4AA7-B0FA-F377C5…)

You guys do know there’s more parties other than Tory and labour right?

No. 1453277

Not if you don't like wasting your vote there isn't.
I love FPTP

No. 1454480

I’m going to vote for the tories. I despise Kier Starmer so mucub

No. 1454488

After what happened in Scotland, scottish nonce party was trending on twitter. Maybe Elon's not so bad after all.

No. 1454725

File: 1671924040584.png (1.54 MB, 1907x841, image.png)

No. 1454731

Imagine choosing to be homeless instead of "getting into finance" like Rishi did

No. 1454791

burger driving by, what is a 'country pile'?

No. 1454878

Why is Christmas in Britain so full on? I’ve come from a country famed for its lovely Christmas markets, but you can kind of detach from it if you want and focus on other stuff. Here it’s unbelievably in your face. Is it the consumerism?

No. 1454883

Yeah, it's unavoidable here. I used to work in Greggs and Tesco and every winter the christmas themed shit would be overwhelming with the same 5 christmas songs on repeat on the radio. By all means I'm happy for people to be festive but there is a limit and the UK crosses it every year kek. It's literally all just a marketing thing

No. 1454886

"We've had a bad year, let's go big on christmas" repeat annually

No. 1454899

You're German? I love big Christmas markets, I'd love to visit Berlin once more just for that. And yeah I also was told to visit the UK for Christmas because of this, apparently decorations are really over the top in London at least. I kind of want to see that for myself.

No. 1454929

yep, consoomerism and this >>1454886 combined. suppress all genuine feelings and eat a mince pie

No. 1455015

At least Christmas in the UK hasn't reached 'halloween in USA' levels yet. The entirety of fall and part of late summer has become a consumerist nightmare.
t. expat

No. 1455044

The state of the NHS is terrible. I really don't it to become privatised, but I have no idea what the alternative will be. Higher wages at least I hope. It's very hard to access help for mental health problems when you cant afford it. I was told by a psychiatrist that I don't need meds and will be fine with counselling. And when I speak to a counsellor, they say they can't help me and I should contact a GP. So now I'm trapped in some dumb cycle.

No. 1455252

that sucks nona, i'm sorry. I have a friend who worked for Mind charity and apparently they are really good for offering support/info. they can also advocate for you in terms of getting your GP to cooperate, not sure if you have tried there before https://www.mind.org.uk/

I love the NHS but it is barely able to function right now. it's sad and I don't know what the alternative will look like either. Tories are determined to destroy it.

No. 1455476

>searching for a new show to watch
>get recommended gavin and stacey and peep show
>find both of them completely unfunny and boring

Is something wrong with me?

No. 1455478

nothing is wrong with you, you just have different tastes. i fucking love peep show (i've rewatched it about 4 times after discovering it during lockdown) but there's plenty of very acclaimed objectively well made shows i just don't 'get'. don't let people shame you for it, nonnie.

No. 1455490

Have you watched Black Books? No one ever really talks about it but I love the fuck out of it, plus Dylan Moran is sexy

No. 1455552

There's only two British comedies worth watching. One Foot in the Grave and The League of Gentlemen.

No. 1455574

omg nonnie. I am a huge onefootfag, it's my favourite show of all time. TLOG is great too (and inside no9)

No. 1455575

what shows do you like? we can recommend you something more to your taste.

btw gavin and stacey is shit and boring - nothing wrong with you. I love peep show but admit it takes a while to get into and can be "boring" if you're not in the mood for that kind of thing.

No. 1455768

A country pile is a big house in the countryside with land, usually owned by families with generational wealth. They go there to escape the rigours of city life.

No. 1455770

Oh gosh yes. Hugely underrated imho.
Dylan is so attractive in this. Love you for mentioning this nonna.

No. 1455771

File: 1672091811303.gif (383.23 KB, 520x309, bernard.gif)

agreed. he is hot

No. 1455781

I think the reason I dislike Christmas is because of how jarring the over the top consoomerism is with reality. There’s endless festive shit to buy, but aside from that (at least in my area) there’s fuck all. My towns decorations are literally a couple of wonky Christmas trees with a string of yellow lights. No cute markets or events that don’t involve spending £10 to see an old man in a Poundland Santa hat. I’m an atheist but maybe next year I’ll go to church just for some genuine joy.

No. 1455809

File: 1672097247475.jpg (321.55 KB, 951x640, Sainsburys.jpg)

This is like a 20 day old post but I was thinking about this while I was home in the UK for Christmas. Food quality in the US is noticeably different when you buy it cheap, but you can find some of the best food there too. Mexican food is unlike anything we have here, you can buy freshly made tamales there and sweet bread. You can also find super authentic, cheap and healthy Korean food unlike here where you'd probably need to go to London for it. Clam chowder from Washington and cheese from the mid West is fantastic. San Francisco is known for its sour dough bread. It's like how people kind of bash the UK for toad in the hole, when in reality we have some really great food. Don't be afraid to try the food in the US because you can find some really good stuff.

No. 1455840

File: 1672103674260.jpg (68.33 KB, 480x600, s1.jpg)

What do you think of Skins? aka prehistoric funnier better written euphoria I was a young teenager when the first few series came out so for that it will always have a special cringe place in my heart

No. 1455846

Can't stand it. It was something that was slated for being complete crap when it came out but is now something people reminisce over. I do agree that Euphoria ripped off a lot of the plots used.

No. 1455853

File: 1672105807464.jpg (36.81 KB, 580x350, rgedr.jpg)

AYRT I always imagined it would have been created by some guys similar to Levinson, like weird and obviously coomers but also "cool" if you're 14. But then I found out it was really made by a father-son duo(??) from Scotland, picrel

No. 1455857

Dreadful but much preferable to Coomphoria

No. 1455865

My boyfriend got me a mug and a keyring for Christmas meanwhile my friends ones are literally building gaming pcs for them or buying them iphones. I am disgustingly jealous of them.

No. 1455869

Soon to be ex boyfriend i hope?

No. 1455871

I don't know if I can bring myself to dump him. He's nice, I think I just feel entitled because I bought him some expensive trousers he picked out for Xmas.

No. 1455872

File: 1672109934852.jpeg (116.55 KB, 750x750, 8F582046-D1BF-4C79-A67F-386405…)

I enjoyed it, the characters are very flawed and funny. I liked the parents’ dynamics as well.

No. 1455875

I'm in a situation where I'm the breadwinner and my husband is younger and stays home raising kids, cleaning, etc so he doesn't have a paying job, He donated plasma, did small craigslist gigs and sold some old stuff he doesn't use over the course of several months so he can buy me expensive jewelry, spa trip, and toys for our kids for Christmas, my ex when I was in college had a job and no bills and only got me some cup holders that came free with his dad's subscription stuff. Money is zero excuse for low effort gifts, if he wanted to he would

No. 1455993

If someone picks out an expensive present then you are entitled to expect something similar back. I would be mortified if I were him, but it sounds like he did this knowing he could not / would not match the value of your gift. He needs to be binned.

No. 1456024

donating plasma just to buy christmas gifts wtf? i'm guessing you live in the states. not only is fucked up to expect someone to donate their blood to buy you a christmas present but you can't make money from it here in the UK…

Also we have gumtree instead of craigslist.

No. 1456027

Smells like consoomerism in here

No. 1456084

It's plasma not a kidney ffs. I also didn't "expect" it, I didn't even know he did it until after Christmas. My point being is that if a moid really likes you he would do something to make the money or even just handmake Christmas gifts, birthdays, or even valentine's. Obviously mine is an example of someone who went all out. But either way money is zero excuse for someone to not give their partner a present. Sorry your partner isn't willing to put that effort in for you

No. 1456088

not everyone cares this much about christmas presents jfc. it's deranged to put this much importance into it. and why are you even in this thread if you're not a brit?

I get why this >>1455865 anon is upset because her boyfriend knew she was getting him a more expensive gift and should have set a limit if he couldn't afford to do the same in return (sounds like he just couldn't be arsed to make the effort).

but in your case, if it's not just a bait, you are expecting your husband who does all the housework and looking after the kids all day to buy expensive gifts when you know very well he doesn't make as much money as you. I mean, whatever works for you both but it's a ridiculously high standard and very superficial. You sound like a moid larping tbqh.

No. 1456093

I didn't expect anything kek why do you keep adding this? I also like how you add "does all the housework" as if he's some slave that I'm holding hostage when I make the money. What's your obsession with me "expecting" things? I honestly just expected something handmade he's the one who went all out, obviously I don't expect all partners to be this way but it's a good example that when moids actually like you they put in effort for you. Would you rather me quit and do the housework and stuff then? I'm confused

No. 1456099

File: 1672155104701.gif (600.35 KB, 220x220, 2096EF4A-4720-4273-A0C7-934A26…)

why are yous all arguing about blood plasma? Just shut up you mong x

No. 1456131

get tae fuck ye radgie yank

No. 1457401

I’m going to vote Tory just to fuck over Kier Starmer. Can anyone talk me out of it? If Kier Starmer has 100,000 haters then I’m one of them. If Kier Starmer has 1 hater then it’s me. if Kier Starmer has 0 haters then it means I am dead.

No. 1457404

You can spoil your ballot or vote for any other non-tory party if going against labour is all you want to do. I don't believe tories deserve votes given the state of the country but idk what your other beliefs are anon, to talk you out of it

No. 1457421

I hate the tories. I despise the tories. I’m a labour voter but I have boycotted them for the last 5 years because I will not put up with tranny nonsense. Kier Starmer wants sex work to be considered work so he can fuck 18 year old uterus havers before cheering on the lads-er I mean ladies of the lionesses.

No. 1457422

In fact, might as well lower age of consent, so that trans ppl can transition as early as possible without “not able to make informed decision” transphobic nonsense. Children CAN decide for themselves if they’re male, trans women or a uterus haver so let’s lower the age of consent to fucking 12, why not? Then me and my Muslim buddies can take it in turns to fuck 12 year old uterus havers in brothels, whilst beating and abusing them because kink and porn are totes feminist. In fact let’s just delegate uterus havers as a slave class. We have enough stunning trans women to replace them, now all we need is their uteruses. Hooray. The party that supports pedos as long as they are brown or trannies vs the party that supports pedos as long as they are white.Oh my goodness, golly gosh I am spoiled for choice arent i?

No. 1457424

Let’s just give ip and become Sweden. Let’s just not care that rapist scrotes are coming over here lying about their age so that they can go to school and rape young uterus havers. In fact, let’s just take all uterus havers out of school. Iran and Afghanistan are doing it, and to disagree with them is Islamaphobia. Learning takes energy away from a uterus havers uterus, and we need those so that they can be harvested and used to supply all the stunning trannies and faggots like H from steps with children. Besides, education only makes uterus havers and menstruated into feminist- er, I mean terfs. If they disagree with us we can punish them by attaching car batteries to their clits and nipples and savagely beating them.

No. 1457426

This is actually mental health care for a uterus haver, it’s good for them. How do I know this? Well it features in all my favourite pornos and they always beg for more so it must be true. Let’s stop female healthcare and perfect harvesting eggs and wombs and putting them into stunning trans women and their male pelvises. Hehe. Haha. Hoho. Pop the kettle on why don’t you? Tickety boo.

No. 1457433

You are insane but I agree

No. 1457436

kek i second this reaction

No. 1457449

File: 1672320977723.jpeg (437.8 KB, 640x1005, C389320F-397C-49B1-A5D0-8751CA…)

Gyns I just saw this Scrote on Twitter and I’m struggling to process. Please help. I want to brutally beat this bespeckled beirdo to death.

No. 1457456

The thing about Tories is they might hate trannies but they don't care about women's rights. And many tories are in favour of self ID (like theresa may, fabricant etc.) so we could see a turnaround at some point.

And even if we don't have the self ID laws, it isn't making much difference. Like I said here before - NHS still allow men into women-only wards, men are still allowed into women's rape shelters and support groups, men are still in women's sports. Many of these cases are based on self ID but go unchallenged because of the current climate and the trans-inclusive training forced into these institutions. Protection for women is never on their minds. Any 'win' we have against the gender shit is just because Tories hate anything related to LGBTQ+.

I completely understand the urge to give the finger to Kier though. I think I will just vote 'none' https://www.votenone.org.uk/protest_votes_count.html

No. 1457462

>"I'm entitled"
yeah we can see that you smug twat.
imagine having the confidence to "educate" people on something whilst admitting you haven't researched it at all.
meanwhile, statistics show 90% of sexual assault claims take place in unisex areas. and almost half of the TIMs in women's prisons in the UK are rapists.

No. 1457473

Thanks for the replies, I think I've kind of calmed down now. We agreed to spend the same amount and pick our main presents. I wanted him to pick out things he really wanted and I spent around £200 on his gifts (main one being something he chose) and when I told him what I wanted he got me something else that was worth a lot less. I just wish he had told me rather than wait for the day because I asked for something I need for university.

No. 1457483

>Is it the consumerism?

yes, but british christmases have nothing on american christmases when it comes down to it. i live in france now, and like you said, in europe you can detach yourself from the holidays and pretend it isn't happening, which is what i ended up doing. but in the states it is so hard to detach from the holidays. there's just so much - way too much - pressure to do things. people barging in and out your house, spending thousands on food people pick over, strangers competing to see who has the best this or that, buying gifts for people or not getting gifts at all. i could go on. then they'll throw some weak christian bullshit in it to try to soften it up, like okay just because you threw the nativity on your lawn doesn't make it any better dumb dumb. my ideal christmas would be spent in the mountains until new year's far, far away from civilization, but i digress lol.

No. 1457487

File: 1672323782363.gif (3.34 MB, 640x516, vaush-soy.gif)

>90s paedophile glasses
>receding hairline and gelatinous double chin
>"i haven't looked at the statistics…"
>"i'm entitled…"

Imagine not only being visibly disgusting, but also having the audacity to think that your opinion is valuable or relevant when you haven't even done any fucking research on it. Men are the only ones to get away with this shit. His "research" is probably just watching tranny porn in the depths of his pornsickness after his penis won't work because he's already cleared the entire exploited real woman section of pornhub.
I miss when these men would just work in factories or die in wars at the age of 18. Cannot stand this faux-intellectual high body fat percentage dad-bod breed of English scrote, they all look like their stubby shapeless fingers stink of Wotsits and like they just came from the same irradiated test tube that Vaush spawned from.

No. 1457491

>Cannot stand this faux-intellectual high body fat percentage dad-bod breed of English scrote, they all look like their stubby shapeless fingers stink of Wotsits and like they just came from the same irradiated test tube that Vaush spawned from.

You’re so correct.

No. 1457511

File: 1672324515021.jpg (114 KB, 683x1024, 1ae6c6c7bb0ed319ecaa1129f19e6a…)

I'm English, my boyfriend is American. We started dating just before the pandemic and he was in really great shape. Pandemic happened, and he ended up working from home. He couldn't go to the gym. By the time I next saw him in late 2021 he had put on a lot of weight and he was clearly very self conscious about it. He has since only put on more weight and he is about double my size. I don't know how to politely motivate him because I am not attracted to him and I worry about his health. When he met my mum, she was egging him on to eat more and more. I know she had sweet intentions but I wanted to try and stop her because he puts on weight so easily. I think it's a British thing to just kind of gloss over it which is why I've let him get to this stage. Meanwhile his dad screams at him for getting so fat.

No. 1457563

does he want to lose weight? now is the perfect time because you can frame it as a new year's resolution. you could mention wanting to eat better in 2023 and see how he reacts to that. if he says he wants to do the same, then you can start holding him to it.
but ultimately it's his responsibility and it can't be on you to motivate him all the time, if he shows no interest or willingness. tell him you worry about his health, if it continues.

No. 1457578

He goes between wanting to lose weight and just completely giving up. He tried a no carbon, refined sugar diet a while ago which lasted about a week. He tried only eating one large meal every 24 hrs and gave up after a week. I will try and bring it up as a resolution like you said. Like you said, now is the time to set goals.

No. 1457618

Rather than go for some meme diet, I think it would be better to change his daily meal cycle so he slightly undereats and loses weight over time.

No. 1457621

I'll try this with him, I think that would work better too.

No. 1457750

>willingly dating a yank
>willingly dating an OBESE yank
i know bri'ish men aren't much better but fucking hell lass have some respect. your ma sounds like a fat twat too, what the fuck. it's definitely not a 'british thing' to gloss over someone pigging out so much that they literally double in size in a year unless your family is full of tubbies too

No. 1457803

>Tories hate anything related to LGBTQ+
This isn't true. It was the Tories that legalised gay marriage and most gay people I know are Tory voters.

No. 1457892

make better friends

No. 1457903

>tries only fad diets
Is he retarded? Was he actually in good shape before or was he just skinny? He needs to eat at a calorie deficit.

No. 1457990

Of course it's some Northern pike saying this like they're any better than him kek. The North of England has higher obesity rates than the US.

No. 1458002

>your ma sounds like a fat twat too
wtf anon. calm down pls

No. 1458004

I should have explained that he's not literally obese and double my size wasn't a very good expression to use. That was my bad. He was very lean when we started dating (had abs, muscles) but he is now on the larger side. He is native American, and they are naturally bigger people compared to Europeans.

No. 1458241

I'm not bashing the other points but aren't Natives literally evolved to store fat? Assuming he isn't 1% cherokee princess, native Americans get fatter when they're stressed. They also don't burn fat as quickly because their bodies don't digest processed food as well especially wheat. Maybe it would be best to limit those kinds of foods?

No. 1458278

Ntayrt Im in a similar situation, except it was I who ballooned up. Bf has always been supportive and when I mentioned my insecurities and awareness of diet/health/etc he leaned in, helped me prep food and encouraged movement. Now I look better than I did before and he does too.
There was no shaming, there was no mean comments. There has been full on support, and understanding on my off days.

No. 1458461

File: 1672423712017.jpg (148.92 KB, 872x999, Brexitgeeza.jpg)

Something that really annoys me as a Brit living in the US is the amount of us who just lie about what America is like and the Americans who idolise our country. The amount of people in the UK who believe contactless payments and bank transfers don't exist is ridiculous. A load of people also asked me what it's like having to drive everywhere, when public transport where I am is free. Driving is also super cheap, I spent about £1k learning how to drive in England. Also, I lived in the middle of piss nowhere in the UK and you needed a car to get around. Its just city dwellers who suck on GWRs cock. Also heard people say US education is "the worst in the world" when they go to Nottingham Trent. I'm pretty sure US has the highest no. Of top Unis globally.
I talked to an American who told me they were moving to Northern Ireland because of the recent ban on abortion and rising costs. When I told her that abortion was still illegal in NI and that it was the most expensive place to live in Europe, they said "it doesn't affect me".
Do people just like to sell the idea that Britain is so much better? I feel like we're just as stupid as each other.

No. 1458469

I hate when Europeans visit NYC or LA and think the rest of the US is anything like that. Most Americans have never even been to the places foreigners visit.

No. 1458476

Especially food they try in those places. I guess a lot of people visit the touristy spots and buy the sugary food there and leave saying "everything tastes so artificial! Mexican food upsets my stomach!". There's amazing food there, you just have to seek it out. Real authentic clam chowder is great and American cheese tastes so good.

No. 1458506

it's funny because these are the same people who slag off americans for visiting capitals or not eating the most authentic food you can find, basically holding us to this impossibly high standard that they themselves cannot match. living here i really get tired of the pretentious uptight attitudes some individuals have about americans because they always, inevitably, manage to make themselves seem even more insufferable than we are, if not downright close minded and prejudiced. it reminds me of when i tried nannying for a hot minute and the douche bag husband laughed at me, in my face, to his wife about me going to an international american university, and then wanted to act surprised i could speak more than one language when he himself could barely speak english.

No. 1458524

>"Did you know that the chemicals they use in their food is banned in the EU! They all eat GMO crap"
Red 5 and other food colourings are not banned in EU, they require that a warning be printed for it causing hyperactivity in Children. EU also imports GMOs and requires that they be labelled.
>"Their education is worse!"
US has the best higher education in the world, with UK ranked second. Global employers rank degrees earned from US and UK institutions higher than any other nation excluding Canada. Canada requires many UK degree holders retrain. More Americans speak a second language than Brits.
>"They only ever visit the tourist spots"
Whenever I have asked another Brit where they've visited in the US, they say Florida (disney land), NY, LA, Vegas.

No. 1458535

>US has the best higher education in the world
Are you talking about universities or in general? When I see fellow Europeans shit all over US education it's based on what's taught from primary school to high school because the average American doesn't know some stuff that's taught in European schools (supposedly, the only Americans I know irl were university professors and the ones I see on TV or online are actually really stupid so I can't speak from my own observations). Anyway, the average American doesn't go to Harvard to get their degree is what I'm saying.

No. 1458549

Higher education typically means degree level upwards. They have a higher proportion of top universities compared to UK. So the average American is much more likely to attend a top institution than someone in UK. I think their courses tend to be much more intense too. I knew someone who did a semester abroad and they had to learn A-level higher maths in one semester. When I googled it it seems like their education system is ranked around the same as ours but it really varies in quality. There are some places with a population of like 7 so education is not going to be as great as if you live somewhere else. Geography and wealth disparity plays a huge part in their secondary level education.

No. 1458677

yanks get out r fucken fred right now x

No. 1458802

My parents work overseas and they're currently home for Christmas, and they can't believe how much of a shithole this country has become. Potholes everywhere, no trains, no post, no GPs appointments, everything costs a fortune, useless government and opposition, and we live in the affluent south. I can't imagine what it's like in the north right now.

No. 1458832

File: 1672449490825.jpeg (100.68 KB, 1663x1038, hi.jpeg)

nonnies i'm conducting an experiment. please post your thoughts on the following moids:

>russell howard

>frankie boyle
>ricky gervais
>james corden
>dan howell and phil
>owen jones

us northerners need to stick together hun xx

No. 1458846

>russell howard
>frankie boyle
>ricky gervais
>james corden
>dan howell and phil
>owen jones

No. 1458850

Samefag I got Russell Brand mixed up with your pic.

No. 1458931

I feel the exact same way after coming back for Christmas. No realistic way to travel other than drive. No viable postage service for letters. You can use Hermes/Evri to post parcels, but that's if it's not stolen. Bollocks to the people who say it's a walkable country with lots of public transport because a day ticket for a 10 min journey into town is now £5.50. I get their frustration 100%.

No. 1458937

>I was 15, my mum had been hit by a car several days earlier. Her entire foot had had the skin torn off.
>She calls 999, she explains her pain has gotten so bad she think it might be infected. It was sepsis.
>"we will send an ambulance your way in 1 hour"
>an hour goes by, no ambulance. She rings back.
>"we will send one in 3 hours"
>2 hours go by, she's in agony and calls back.
>"we will send a taxi"
>they send a taxi and she ends up having to pay. She was never reimbursed. She had to hobble to hospital.
>mum left on the floor after collapsing, nurses left her there for 10 minutes.
>She regains consciousness and she was left on a bed in the middle of a corridor for several hours before being seen.
>she was going in and out of consciousness, the doctors who finally treated her were astonished she survived.
This was the first time in my mums entire life she had to rely on the NHS and they left her to die. She has been a tax payer for over 40 years. I really struggle to defend the NHS after this experience. I was left to care for my mum after the incident with no support whatsoever.

No. 1458938

i remember meeting a girl on a lolcow discord from my city once… we didn't really hit it off, which was a shame because she seemed really smart and cool and it would be great to get a coffee with someone i met off here. northern nonnies hang in there
>russell howard
competent to the point of being bland. boring on taskmaster.
>frankie boyle
never seen his comedy but he looks annoying
>ricky gervais
>james corden
im very ashamed of how hot i find him physically.
>dan howell and phil
brings back too many memories of school for me to even see their faces without retching
>owen jones
don't know who he is

No. 1459068

I am also a brit who lives in the us and the notion that us public transport is better than uk, especially london transport is ridiculous. I live in an area where public transport expansion was snubbed because it would spread crackheads even though there are already crack heads hiking around. I will say, us high-school is definitely shitter than the uk but higher education is better than the uk.

No. 1459124

File: 1672486180413.jpeg (87.4 KB, 1200x675, p010fj8n.jpeg)

>russell howard
>frankie boyle
>ricky gervais
prick (but I love the office and karl pilky stuff)
>james corden
>dan howell and phil
who? pricks, probably
>owen jones

slightly ot but i only recently found out that laura in Him & Her is russell howard's sister. she is 5000 x funnier than him, my god

No. 1459127

that's horrifying, i'm so sorry. i've spent a lot of time in NHS hospitals (as well as working for one) due to an illness that required frequent visits for treatment and have had a 90% positive experience, except for A&E. I think when it comes to ambulances and emergency wards they are so overstretched especially. almost every month at work we are told we have reached a new 'critical incident' level. it just gets worse and worse and it makes me sad. i really don't want to switch to the US model of healthcare but that's what the tories want and they have no interest or intention in fixing the NHS. I would be in ££££££s of debt or likely dead without it though.

No. 1459163

What a horrible experience. I hope you and your mother never have to go through anything like that again.
I've been to A&E only once, after burning my lower body with boiling water. They put me on a bed and forgot about me for over 3 hours. Someone came in eventually and said "Oh! You're still here?". Did they expect me to give up and go home?
I've tried getting medical help though a GP for my mother and her referrals never get sent off. They tell you to sit and wait when in reality noone is actually working on your case. I legit fear if I ever get into a bad accident I will have no hope of getting medical help here.

No. 1459262

So cool to hear you're also living abroad. I do agree with you. I'm living in a pretty hippiesh city where all public transport is free. Luckily it's mostly international students on them and they have security on all the trams. I visited a border town in Texas a while ago though, and there were no pavements. To get from one shop to another you need to drive. Its somewhere you can't live with without a car so I think both extremities exist here. As for secondary education, I think some aspects of their system work better and some aspects of ours work better. Our exams are better and more rigorous. They have a lot more foreign exchange programs to learn languages which are few and far between in the uk. I also like that they can take uni credits in year 13 that's a really good idea. Universities there do have a really polished system though. It's also a lot more accessible because they have community college and a lot more online programs.

No. 1459425

File: 1672515184928.png (538.6 KB, 662x369, newyears2022manchester.png)

Happy 1st anniversary to our threadpic. cheers nonnies!

No. 1459448

I recently watched a compilation on Effies coolest moments and good god the whole show is so cringe, literally 2edgy personified KEK, yet I thought she was cool at the time

No. 1459454

File: 1672516952448.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.02 KB, 294x392, tumblr_ljg921qwfO1qzs3xio1_400…)

>russell howard
retarded but alright for 5 mins
>frankie boyle
recognise him, but don't know shit
>ricky gervais
picrel. enough said.
>james corden
>dan howell and phil
Was my childhood but now bait if they're bumming or not (two grown ass gay men living together in their own house at 30, why you dragging it)
>owen jones
No clue but looks like a tory

No. 1459470

Thank you nonnas, but I'm so sorry to hear you've also had abysmal experiences. I think there's a lot of room for improvement because at this rate, it's not serving anyone very well.

No. 1459484

>owen jones
>looks like a tory
kek that's the best insult you could give him tbh

No. 1459762

>russell howard
seems a bit naff, used to think he was fairly good looking when he was on mock the week though (i know…)
>frankie boyle
>ricky gervais
i prefer him to james corden, sorry
>james corden
>dan howell and phil
responsible for the creation of thousands of fakebois, mostly burgers though
>owen jones
pickme gay who likes to pretend he doesn't have a "genital preference" for dick for some reason

No. 1460027

File: 1672579018281.png (72.84 KB, 599x345, owenjones.png)

>likes to pretend he doesn't have a "genital preference" for dick
he pretends he would date a TIF for the clout but doesn't honestly consider it for a second because he is a gay man. but he doesn't give a fuck if lesbians are being pressured to suck dick.

No. 1460074

I just want to say that wetherspoons are more depressing each time I go back to visit family. I used to love that I could go to a pub and eat hot food for so cheap (it was 4 quid for the burger and pint combo) but now it's so unpleasant it puts me off wanting to eat anything. The tables are almost always sticky and there's a gloomy aura about the place.

Far up north it's dire. I'm from Switzerland and make 3x annually than I would the equivalent position in the UK, yet I caught myself thinking "shit that's expensive" for a LOT of stuff. I found myself having to actually watch what I was spending vs. in the past when I didn't even look at the total. I can't imagine what it's like for people on average UK wages.

No. 1460087

*7th anniversary

No. 1460347

File: 1672609605341.jpeg (767.96 KB, 1536x2048, tesco.jpeg)

picrel was taken on 28th december 2022 in Tesco. has it always been this way? i feel like there is extra consoomerism going on.

anyway, happy easter.

No. 1460361

last year my local was loaded with easter eggs on january 1st, maybe even earlier as I don't tend to go to supermarkets after the 23rd. I feel like its preying on people who can't control themselves and eat them early, just to make them buy more.

No. 1460496

File: 1672617320347.jpg (223.29 KB, 1137x1200, FlOfDfrXoAAmqY2.jpg)

I kept seeing people sharing pics of the new EDGY toblerone egg, 2 days post xmas. That and plush collectors were posting about valentines edition squishmallows.

No. 1460534

>tweeted in 2015

he definitely seems to have doubled down on troon brown-nosing since then

No. 1460556

File: 1672621391322.jpg (2 MB, 2176x2045, PXL_20230102_005622559.PORTRAI…)


my boyfriend went to tesco on boxing day and came home with a creme egg for me, you've just reminded me, thanks

No. 1460559

Idk what do you mean? aren't grocery stores supposed to be consmeristic in itself? you go to the store to buy shit n stuff?, legit perplexed about what you mean please explain

No. 1460583

It has to be in season though, you don't buy Easter candy in January. At least put the Valentines stuff up first.

No. 1460605

File: 1672625542791.jpg (3.19 MB, 1382x2048, iamveryrelatableandmiddleclass…)

watching this show is an experience as a northerner who isn't stinking rich

No. 1460761

Consumerism is about buying in excess/without need, just going to tesco for your bread and milk isn't consumerism.

No. 1461142

>russell howard
Liked his older stuff
>frankie boyle
Weird ears. Tries too hard to come off as a prick.
>ricky gervais
Again liked his older stuff. Not a fan but I like the fact he speaks his mind.
>james corden
Fat prick who has small dick energy
>dan howell and phil
>owen jones

No. 1461209

File: 1672696287527.jpg (90.93 KB, 411x325, Screenshot_20230102-214740_Chr…)

Romesh Ranganathan is not funny. He was on the NYE edition of Graham Norton and Hugh Laurie was funnier than him without even trying.

No. 1461214

the way he brands his comedy on him being angry all the time is a huge red flag to me. like it wouldn't surprise me if one day he turned out to be a domestic abuser.

No. 1461274

so sick of this face

No. 1461972

File: 1672771901382.png (627.22 KB, 718x614, jack monroe.png)

has anyone else being following what has been going on with Jack Monroe? she is a british food writer who has become famous for recipes using food bank ingredients.
>lied about being working class/living in poverty
>cookbooks contain retarded advice like cutting open a tin can to use as an egg ring (someone pls call 999)
>attention seeking + compulsive liar
>non binary they/them + TRA
>patreon scammer (£60k a year with no updates)

she has been trending on twitter because of how dumb and dangerous some of her “money-saving” suggestions are. hope she gets exposed as the fraud she is.
shame because i love the idea of a mainstream food writer sharing recipes for those struggling, just wish it didn't have to be a narcissist with dangerous advice.

No. 1462016

I remember this chick! She was incredibly unlikeable nearly a decade ago, is the UK really that hard up for food influencers? I agree her message was fine but yeah, she was an insufferable type of aiden. Why lie about who you are, it's perfectly fine to have a good idea to help people who aren't exactly like you anyway.

No. 1462110

exactly, no need for the grift since it's not like other foodie celebs care about inserting their nose into this niche (such as Jamie Oliver) but she has a perpetual need to be a victim. she is well educated and makes a good living but people who are barely scraping by are donating to her. it's sad.

No. 1462208

File: 1672783898525.png (2 MB, 2204x1228, Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 22.08…)

S3 of the drama happy valley has just started and I am rewatching the first two seasons to recap and because I loved it lol. When I heard this I immediately thought of this place

No. 1462238

Him and Jack Whitehall can go jump off a cliff

No. 1462256

>the fact his sister victoria coren mitchell is 100x cooler in every conceivable way
No she's not, kek. She once was on Question Time and said something braindead like, "Why can't poor Indian women just bring their children to the worksites that they work at?"

No. 1462413

and she is a fierce troon-defender. just another posh woman throwing other women under the bus.

No. 1462415

kek good spot. also thanks for reminding me to watch this. have been meaning to for ages.

No. 1462511

Besides the obvious ones like JKR, are there any bong celebrities or politicians who give you nonnies secret terf vibes?

No. 1462517

Graham Linehan, but it isn’t a secret. I assume Helen Serafonowitz (spelled like shit) also because she was married to Linehan and you probably, as a scrote, get these views about troons from the women in your life. Ricky Gervais, again, not a secret. Most UK comedians who haven’t actively taken a stand one way or another I assume are marginally anti-troon. I hope to god the guys from League of Gentlemen are.

No. 1462518

File: 1672800117862.png (539.96 KB, 775x660, diane morgan.png)

diane morgan (aka cunk)

No. 1462519

i think part of why i said diane is because she worked with graham, helen & ricky too. plus she just seems like a no-bullshit type.

>guys from League of Gentlemen are

i think they're the type of guys to stay out of it, one way or another.

No. 1462520

Oh, Julia Davis too. Again maybe wishful thinking because she’s hilarious, but I don’t think you could be woman that aware of the darkest aspects of human nature and NOT know they’re all just fucking perverts.

No. 1462522

YES. I've wondered about her too. and maybe her husband julian barrett too.

ot but i only recently discovered her podcast with vicky pepperdine and it's hilarious. for anyone who doesn't know it, i recommend: https://www.dearjoanandjericha.com/ (they pretend to be patriarchy-worshipping agony aunts)

No. 1462524

File: 1672800756798.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, konnie.png)

konnie huq was spotted following lots of terfy accounts and liking JKR tweets. pretty based of her. i wonder if that means charlie brooker is gender critical too.

No. 1462525

Wow seriously, I love that and did not know that. I nearly said Charlie Brooker but reconsidered. If she is gendercrit I bet he is too.

No. 1462529

yep and she has been hounded since but has kept quiet on it. this troon reported her to her own husband kek https://twitter.com/notCursedE/status/1595417273564536833

basically saying "control your woman"

No. 1462533

File: 1672801468040.png (294.99 KB, 572x722, a1.png)

Sonia Sodha (Guardian writer) is very openly terfy and has written a bunch of articles about it

I didn't know about this but based Konnie

No. 1462536

File: 1672801727776.jpeg (104.26 KB, 900x450, gimme_gimme_gimme.jpeg)

if we are extending "terf" to mean gender critical men too then James Dreyfus (Gimme Gimme Gimme, Thin Blue Line) is very open about his views and defending LGB & women's rights

No. 1462544

File: 1672802589527.png (132.47 KB, 639x493, robert webb.png)

and Robert Webb
unsurprisingly it's much easier for the men to be open about this issue. but still.. based.

No. 1462548

File: 1672803312598.jpg (55.51 KB, 750x721, 8c5730bb18e45aa02df955675019bd…)

I like Nish Kumar & James Acaster okay separately, but put in the same room together it becomes so clear that they both have the exact same brand of comedy and it's being a grown man pretending to be a toddler and whining. I need a 2 week detox between watching episodes of stuff either are in.

No. 1462562

I get what you mean. They also both disappointed me by being troon defenders.

No. 1462571

File: 1672805375619.png (143.85 KB, 594x358, saunders.png)

Jennifer Saunders! She has hinted at it very subtly a few times, is free pro free speech and apparently has liked terfy stuff on twitter (pic related).

Meanwhile, Lumley has declared that Patsy was in fact trans. I know this was a bit of a joke in some of the episodes though so whatever.

No. 1462572

JK Rowling seriously seems like she set famous women free in the UK, to an extent. If America had as famous of a woman be publicly anti trans I wonder if the same thing would happen there? In the US its mostly conservative males who say anti troon stuff from a conservative Family values vantage point. In the UK it seems to be more a feminist stance. Lots of respect from a visiting burger.

No. 1462577

Women in the UK can "get away" with it more 'cause they're an island nation. Unfortunately us burgers are spread over a very wide territory. So if there's some based woman in Alaska, people in Florida probably couldn't care less because she's nowhere near them, not really likely to run into her on the street.

No. 1462586

He had a beautiful singing voice, so soulful. He deserved to be more famous.

tbf i don't think i can think of a single i know personally on terf island who gives a fuck about troons. I worked in primark and her being a terf didn't stop harry potter shit fly off the shelves. This is coming from someone who lived in london too, i can't imagine how it would be in other places. I just don't think there are enough sjw types to give a shit about jk rowling because tbf those types probably too busy getting bullied by everyone.

No. 1462759

based. saunders was always the more talented and intelligent one anyways

No. 1462772

yeah, we're not a small island with such high population density but i think the primary problem is that america never developed a real socialist-feminist network and influence the way women did in the UK. actual marxist and socialist thought gave way for women to develop these networks that acknowledge reality unlike the way americans have never developed class consciousness or an interest in reality. americans are especially susceptible to brainwashing. women's liberation was particularly tied to socialism in the UK, in comparison to the US.

No. 1462970

watch it anon! I love James Norton and his role in this really shows his talent as an actor because he is actually quite soft spoken and posh irl. and his character in this is disturbing.

No. 1463126

I remember my older brother and I watching this music video on tv and taking the piss out of it and I would just laugh at it until I was physically in pain. I was far too young to understand the tragedy and meaning and I just thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever, and the way he gets dragged away at the end while singing “NOOOO-HOOOO-HOOOWWW” and also the place they’re having this party in literally looks like a random ass hallway in a school or dentist, but it’s an art exhibition or something with tiny ass pictures. The fact that he’s ignoring the fuck out of everyone around him. Then some guy falls down the stairs at the end. I miss being a child because now I watch it and I think it’s disturbing and fucked up. Who is he supposed to be yelling at/singing to? And some woman comes to intervene and then she gets yelled at by some guy. So weird.

No. 1463151

Is she actually being called out? I remember reading the tattle threads about her 2 years ago. Despite all the evidence against her, it never spread far beyond the site. I don’t understand how when twitter loves to cancel people, and she’s shite at hiding the fact she is wealthy.

No. 1463181

I thought Charlie Brooker was a huge TRA?

No. 1463208

File: 1672864709843.png (21.42 KB, 465x132, can opener.png)

it is mostly her new cookbook being slammed at the moment, by a lot of normies and reviewers. things like pic related. just pointlessly dangerous advice.

but a lot of people who speak out against her are usually called terfs and/or right wingers. her nonbinary credentials seem to be doing her a lot of favours i suppose.

No. 1463214

really? i couldn't find anything where he mentions trans people. konnie is definitely terfy though so maybe his views might have changed since whatever you saw.

No. 1463259

File: 1672866430812.jpeg (156.88 KB, 750x395, 329B769F-62CA-4A02-8851-A8BAF4…)

i really like sonia sodha. glad there's someone like that at the guardian bc i'm tired of having to read tory papers to see some anti-TRA stuff

No. 1463434

When Jacqueline Wilson came out she said something along the lines of "I'll never have a trans character as protag of a novel"

No. 1463474

File: 1672881283767.jpeg (658.41 KB, 1170x1672, DB76E1D8-DA32-4ACC-9BA7-AE28B6…)

I love Jacqueline Wilson. I still have my collection of her books in my loft, I used to reread them over and over

No. 1463477

I wonder if/how hard Owen Jones seethes knowing she works for the same paper as him but in a higher up position

This song is still good imho but I find his hard nipples so distracting when I watch the video kek. It must have been cold in the room

No. 1463479

wow this makes me happy. loved her books as a child. good woman.
glad to know we still have at least three terfy children's authors not pushing gender shit onto young girls (JK, Konnie and Jacqueline)

No. 1463494

File: 1672883560668.jpg (102.8 KB, 772x326, Maths.jpg)

What is your opinion on this? It seems like our government wants to crush any studies outside of STEM - no plans to make English compulsory despite reading level dropping dramatically in British adults.

No. 1463497

the subject that no barely anyone finds useful in adult life, to the point where it's become a meme. utterly useless.
what is his justification for it? i saw that he said "it's personal" for him. does he think he is some kind of economics genius because he married a billionaire heiress and avoids taxes?

No. 1463514

Maths is a foundational tool that is applied to so many different areas, increasing mathematical competence can only improve other areas of education. I think it's good honestly. Teenagers these days seem thick as shit

No. 1463517

>There is a national shortage of Maths teachers
>Gov trying to retrain engineers to become teachers. Majority quit after 3 months.
>No new content will be taught, you will just "relearn" what you already have just taken a GCSE qualification in.
>Same treatment isn't being provided to English, despite the average Briton having a reading skill level of a 9 year old.
>Heavily criticised as funding is being stripped from other areas and it has been quoted as a means to "discourage teens from pursuing degrees in history, English, philosophy, arts.."

If you're not British I'll explain. we already learn Maths up until the age of 16 and complete the same level that is taught through until 18 in US. It won't be anything taught in addition, just having to learn what you're already qualified in. No qualification will be earned.

No. 1463521

It's definitely a plan to try and wittle down the people they want in universities and get them to pay back loans quicker. A lot of people who pursue English lit or history go on to become solicitor whereas engineers will usually go straight into work. They pay back their loan much quicker than solicitors.

No. 1463523

It could go either way. It depends on the quality of courses being taught and teachers. I was never had particularly good grades for maths, it was always my weakest subject, yet I excelled at physics which makes no sense. It was because my physics teacher was a good teacher and maths teacher wasn't. In my experience of going to grammar school and seeing my own children in school, maths departments are underfunded.

No. 1463526

Maths and the sciences are the best funded but the way its taught here is terrible. That's why these departments have such high turn over rates. They offer good bonuses to retrain as a maths teacher, but then you're stuck in an unmotivated and outdated field of study. My dad is a physicist, he was offered a hefty bonus to retrain and he turned it down because even he hated maths in school.

No. 1463847

QUEEN. I still love her and her books. Her depictions of working class children made me feel seen as a kid

No. 1464127

Maths was my best GCSE (I was even due to take the exam a year early) but I was so glad to drop it post-16 to focus on things that actually interested me. The tories really don't care for the youth vote, and if our next general election follows the trends seen in the US midterms, they're going to regret losing that chunk of the electorate.

No. 1464254

Seems weird they're taking this approach when more and more employers now just require a bachelors. So many people drop maths after 16 and then go back to it later in life. Lots of people study something like music or geography then after 10 years or so retrain as accountants. Hell I'm an animator, and so many people who originally studied it and worked in the field go on to become computer programers or work in data analysis because they're well accustomed with IT.

No. 1464526

I'm gonna choose to take this as confirmation that GNC icon Tracy Beaker grew up to be a terf

No. 1465798

File: 1673097916151.gif (1.12 MB, 498x277, tracey-tracybeaker.gif)

tracy beaker would be a farmer

No. 1465799

File: 1673097961428.jpeg (253.5 KB, 1170x1467, jack.jpeg)

Interesting article for anyone following her downward spiral https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/jan/07/jack-monroe-interview

pic rel is in relation to what she was spending donated money on. she basically admits to being a fraud.

No. 1466048

Playing dragon quest, thought the va for the girlfriend sounded familiar. It's Jay's girlfriend who dumps him for being too emotional in the inbetweeners.

No. 1466440

I think we need more of an emphasis on fitness in schools. Team building, angst taming sports, and good old fun.

No. 1466464

File: 1673141909850.jpg (61.1 KB, 768x574, 8.jpg)

catching up with the apprentice. the homophobechans of /ot/ might hate me for saying it but gregory is my favourite so far. i have to support other autists even if they're libdems

No. 1466850

File: 1673186877132.jpg (16.2 KB, 530x216, uk vs us.jpg)

there is no incentive to work in the uk anymore.

i would argue that the UK is really only a good place for people who do not work, or who work part-time for low wages and qualify for low income benefits.

if you work, you're gonna be taxxed out your arse in order to support those aforementioned groups while living a very deprived sub-lifestyle, even if you have a partner to share expenses with.

in addition to this, the average professional salary in the UK does not provide adequate income to purchase a house here (avg. $400,000) however people who occupy council houses (government houses, 17% of the uk live in there) are entitled to buy that house at an enormous discount (which is paid for by working people like yours truly) through a scheme called Right to Buy, which gives them to opportunity to purchase at a large discount, which is paid for by public funds (taxpayer money).

so essentially, while professional taxpayers (doctors, teachers, nurses) on middle incomes can't afford to buy their own homes, the government has no issue with using our tax money to subsidise houses for other people who either dont work, or who work min wage jobs.
i am not trying to cast judgement on people who do not work, but i will certainly be joining the mass exodus on working people who defect to other countries with more reasonable taxes and wages.

the best strategy for brits is to get the free university training in the uk, and then get the hell out of dodge and get paid fairly for their work. and yes, you are reading this table correctly. otherwise you are stuck working for third-world wages, paying first-world housing costs, AND having an outrageous tax and council tax bill to boot.

the UK is currently having a doctor, teacher, and nurse crisis, because <shockingly> no one wants to work for monopoly money after spending 4-6 years in university, and any doctor with any sense of self-preservation fucks off to the USA with their hard earned MD.

No. 1466860

exactly. who gives a fuck about football unless you're a pickme. didnt even know Aston Villa was a fb team, thought it was a luxury car that men like. kek

No. 1466876

wahhh i hate people who dont talk like me reeeee

No. 1466880


nothing from any other supermarket is worth eating. Tesco is DREADFUL. Sainsburys i okay. i prefer ASDA if im feeling tight. ALDI and LIDL are good for basic essentials but the quality isn't great. Morrisons has an impressive range.

No. 1466881

>contactless payment and bank transfers
Yes but how long does it take for the transaction to appear in your bank account nonnie? In the UK it is instant. I can send my friend money on my bank's app and they get it within seconds. Do you still have to use CashApp or Venmo to do that?
Most of America is the middle of nowhere. Last time I was there my friend lived in an apartment complex that pulled out into a highway. You literally could not leave or enter by walking at all. Being too lazy to walk or stuff being far away in the UK is not really the same as no pedestrian crossing.

The UK sucks now but when I moved here in 2009 it legitimately was better than the USA for the average person.

No. 1467108

I hate this too nonnie. I always wanted to be a research scientist, but after seeing the starting salaries at like £27000 for all those years of education i'm planning on emmigrating as soon as I finish my undergrad.

I also hate when people say that nurses shouldn't be striking because it's selfish. What would they say if the doctors could strike? All they want is to be able to live comfortably after the exhausting work they do. Especially I support the ambulance workers and 999 operators who end up with PTSD after a year on the job and are still around minimum wage. Like you said, most sensible healthcare workers fucked off to private or another country where they get paid fairly.

Have you seen the reform UK party? I normally vote labour but if I still live here next general election I think i'll vote for them, their economic policies seem decent and we need a change from the conservative crap we had for the last 12 years. Starmer's a sellout so he's no better.

No. 1467348

File: 1673214960172.png (131.28 KB, 574x580, sharon davies.png)

Sharon Davies is another one to add to the British terf-y list. Just seen she has a book out in the Spring on the unfair advantages men have in women's sport. based.

I met her as a 9 year old child and wrote a follow up letter to her cos i was such a fan, and she sent the nicest reply back, which i wasn't expecting. makes me so happy that she is still a great lady and standing up for women.

No. 1467400

Nta but junior doctors took strike action years ago (and seems like they will again soon), and people just thought they were acting like brats. The average britbong is suffering from such a degree of brainrot that they cannot see a connection between their inability to get medical treatment and the political shite going on.

Regarding the Reform Party, if the polls continue this way until the next election I’d encourage anyone to vote for whoever they want. Otherwise, if you disagree with what’s currently happening, tactical voting is required. I have a lot of issues with Starmer’s Labour but I’d rather get them in than vote for a smaller party that better aligns with my views, just to see another overall Tory victory. It’s not worth it. I took comfort in the suggestion that the big parties were all centrist now, but this shitshow has firmly convinced me otherwise.

No. 1467411

here ladies have I been living under a fuckin rock or have the use by dates on fruit and veg literally disappeared overnight? I stg they were still on the tesco and lidl packaging until like last week

No. 1467415

funny you mention it because i first noticed friday in sainsburys. there is now a note on the packing 'no best before to cut food waste'. but there is no news or announcement about it that i can find. it's a good thing though, i think.

No. 1467416

I think it’s been a few months anon. Annoys me because I’d at least like a vague idea of the date.

No. 1467431

Contactless is instant. I can check my banking account and it shows the transaction has been made immediately for both my UK and US accounts. I mostly use PayPal and Venmo because for some reason my British sim card blocks me from downloading cashapp so I can't speak for that. Basically, on PayPal it puts it into your PayPal balance and then you need to withdraw it but Venmo deposits it into your bank account immediately without needing to give the other person any details besides email or phone number. As for bank transfers, it works the same as my UK one too where you put in a friends details and it shows up as deposited straight away. I think some banks prefer you do it in branch to prevent any scams (especially with older people).
I'm from the middle of nowhere Welsh countryside where one bus runs every 2 hours and there are about 2 lamposts. It's a good 30 minute drive to a Tescos. Where I am right now has free buses and trams so it's a pretty accessible city in the US. I will say though that I visited a town in Texas (that was 70% title loan businesses and 30% dollar trees) and it had no means of public transportation or even pavements. It was one of the poorest cities in America so you saw a lot of people having to walk across busy roads. Learning how to drive is much cheaper though which I think is good, I think they even offer driving Ed classes in some schools which I wish we could've done in UK. Some rural parts are absolutely impossible to navigate on foot here.

No. 1467500

posh southern twat detected x

No. 1467503

I used to work for Morrisons/M Local back in 2014 and they did this for some stuff. It works if the staff actually check the quality enough as it goes down to staff judgement if something is off or not…

No. 1467518

i think people just aren't used to knowing what looks or smells in date anymore. it used to be something we relied on but now get scared to use something one day past it's sell-by date which is only a guide. i'm glad the dates are going because it will stop me personally wasting so much food (i have a mental block when it comes to using past the sell-by date because i'm retarded but i think a lot of people are the same way, unfortunately).

it doesn't help that a lot of supermarkets seem to store their fresh produce in really shitty conditions. so even if it's within date, it's all slimey and rotten. tesco being the worst for this imo.

No. 1467640

File: 1673253372309.jpg (499.45 KB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_20230109-083319_Chr…)

I hope they demolish that bitch amen.

No. 1467714

I liked him too but I hope he's still good when the challenge doesn't involve cannons lol.

No. 1468348

yeah, it might admittedly be tough when his special interest isn't involved but i admire his shameless enthusiasm

No. 1469181

File: 1673400767777.jpg (39.48 KB, 639x608, 1d.jpg)

Who do you think is the bigger attention whorerry between the two Harries?

No. 1469493

I don't know if I believe the racism stuff he said because it's pretty well documented his dad had a thang for black women

No. 1469549

unrelated, this is the best picture of them both i've ever seen. maybe because only half of their face can be seen but i've literally always thought of them as inbred looking. i'm floored at how normal and dare i say even a little handsome they look here. can't say the same for the rest of the people in your picrel

No. 1470496

File: 1673530312124.png (271.84 KB, 537x585, happyvalley.png)

Just started watching Happy Valley from series 1 and this article caught my eye: https://unherd.com/thepost/happy-valley-the-crime-drama-that-avoided-porn-and-won/ which was a good read for anyone interested.
>the most feminist thing on British TV
I hadn't thought about it before now but this could be true.

No. 1472583

File: 1673666068892.jpg (126.4 KB, 1040x1040, yes i ship it.jpg)

I watched the first two series when they first came out years ago. Can't remember anything to be honest so I decided to rewatch them again before series three and I've been really enjoying it. Afaik the same woman wrote for Last Tango in Halifax where Sarah Lancashire plays based lesbian Caroline

No. 1473341

>>1470496 I'd never bothered watching it even though I used to live and work around where it was filmed, but this might actually make me want to watch it.

No. 1473468

File: 1673771400908.jpeg (237.91 KB, 640x559, E789E52D-9E7B-44E3-8395-0CB91E…)

No. 1473684

Starmer has also said 16 is too young to change gender. Let's hope 2023 is the year politicians stand up to gender nonsense!

No. 1474087

trans bullshit has become such a hot topic here on terf island in the last few years that i feel like now it's only a matter of time before something really blows up. i don't know how but it feels like things will inevitably cumulate in some very dramatic and autistic way soon

No. 1477536

i don't watch tv much anymore but i swear the chase has gone downhill a lot lmao. i watched it a few times recently and the energy is just so… dead

No. 1477710

I would agree but for the embarrassingly huge crush I have on the Menace. It's the only thing that keeps me watching these days

No. 1480441

So this thread is about bashing Britons and talking about Americans. Wow didn't expect that.

No. 1502085

File: 1676582814145.jpg (2.32 MB, 2048x1365, troon station.jpg)

The ginger dwarf from the north has resigned

It of course had nothing to do with recent tranny scandals such as the gender reform bill, refusing to define what a woman is or putting troons convicted of rape in women's prisons.


No. 1502982

What do you guys like to order from Chinese takeaway? I'm living away from home and I miss crispy chili beef so much.

No. 1503003

Crispy beef in cantonese, salt and chilli chicken with satay dippy sauce and fried rice

No. 1503062

Kung pao chicken with soft noodles, my beloved

No. 1503165

special chow mein is goated. i used to get chow mein, chips, some kind of ribs with sauce and then id fill a plate up and gorge myself like the pigs from spirited away lmao

No. 1504061

Every person who has lived in students flats before has had to deal with someone who never makes an effort to mingle or clean. For me it is some generic aliexpesthetic, pretends to be a cat girl and catfish men online. She would only come out for food. Looked in her room once when she had her shopping out. She had plates of food stacked up with fruit flies swarming around them. never does her washing up, just leaves it on the sink.
>is this acceptable behaviour in Manchester?

No. 1504838

It's not acceptable behaviour anywhere, but some people in student flats will be living away from their parents for the first time and they genuinely don't realise how they need to clean up after themselves. They may realise and sort themselves out, or just continue to live in a tip, it's a gamble.

No. 1505994


I work in a library and this has been recommended to me by a coworker nonny, I may try binging it soon, and Happy Valley!

No. 1506051

File: 1677033015225.jpg (13.54 KB, 500x281, 73f554ff-0cdc-4ade-a50b-8c744c…)

>"Guess who's getting a 4 day work week? Guess who gets a minimum of 5.3 weeks paid holiday? Required maternity leave? That too. Guess who has employee benefits and protection? That's right. ME. My Anglo ass gets ALL of that!! Wallow in it! 4 day work week bitches!!"

No. 1506132

could be mental illness coupled with what >>1504838 said. when i went to uni i was extremely anxious and didnt like going to the kitchen when other people were around, so id leave plates in my room like that for way too long.
the sink thing is bad though. a lot of the students in my accommodation (all of them moids, typical) would leave the kitchen in an absolute state and people would usually leave some kind of passive aggressive notes about cleaning up after yourself. maybe try something like that if you dont want to talk to her directly, idk

No. 1506152

Do British people really pronounce "zero" as "naught"? I've only started noticing this when I've had British professors for university. Do you guys never use the word "zero"?

No. 1506154

kek, no we still say zero anon. some people might say naught but i wouldnt say its the norm. id tentatively suggest its an older person/middle class thing to say naught instead of zero but ymmv

No. 1506223

On my way to the gym I walk past something resembling a homeless encampment then I go into the building and there's always one homeless person sleeping in there as it's the only building on the high street that's open 24/7 and today there was two of them. Idk how many times I've seen someone get kicked out by security in my local Sainsbury's and lately there's been crackheads coming up to me and asking for change IN the goddamn shop, something that's never happened to me before. A few weeks ago there was a rather normal, regular-looking eastern European woman outside the Sainsbury's crying and begging for food. The increase in the number of crackheads and homeless in my area over the last few months has been absolutely staggering, so much worse than even during the pandemic. Never seen anyone using out in the open before, now it's just a regular occurence to see strung out junkies in the local parks.

I live in London and it's never been a particularly glamorous area but it really feels like we're turning into the US minus the insanely good wages and huge houses.

Anyway, has anyone been noticing the same lately? Idk if it's my brain overreacting due to the constant doom mongering in the media or this country is really turning into a shithole.

No. 1506239

it's nought not naught - like noughts and crosses.

No. 1506247

I had a guy begging near my local supermarket a few months ago, saying he needs £20 per day to pay for a hotel room some charity or the council provided him. £600 per month - that's enough to rent an apartment. I guess he was lying as they usually are but I felt bad because I saw him stop a few women and they did give him money.
I used to work in the center of a big city and it made mefeel completely unfazed by any beggars. Every day at the bus stops, the same person needs 20p for their ticket to go to hospital. Same guy on the bus spinning a story how he's stranded and needs to return to Canada. I worked in a charity shop and beggars would come in and demand I give them our stock "because you're a charity! you're supposed to help me!". This was half a decade ago but it does seem worse now. I noticed beggars on the roads shaking cups at people waiting on red lights, I only saw this kind of thing in America before.

No. 1506270

File: 1677063386220.jpeg (374.94 KB, 640x850, 67BA5642-B6FF-416D-8EEC-D17C70…)

I’m also unfazed by them. When you see so many and are repeatedly hounded and treated poorly by them, you stop caring. I lived in a city with lots of druggies and homeless and they know exactly who to target and how to intimidate them. I only give money to homeless women. Also has anyone seen this case lately? Disgusting. The scrote jury failed to reach a verdict because they believe everything a man says no matter how depraved or unlikely.

No. 1506273

File: 1677063612849.jpeg (197.17 KB, 640x546, 8BC70133-345B-46D7-B8CC-A79592…)

Didn’t even give evidence to the jury yet they believed him. What a disgusting person. I hope all homeless scrotes die.

No. 1506278

Homeless men are practically allowed to rape whoever they want. Let alone GIVING them money, you should fucking rob them. But again, they’re violent junkies so you’re better off carrying a glock.

No. 1506286

Only scrotes are allowed to have guns in this country. For ‘clay pigeon shooting’ but really it’s to intimidate their wives and families or go on an incel rampage. What reason does a clay pigeon shooter have to own his own gun? They should supply them at the shooting range.

No. 1506287

I live in a rural area and I'm noticing more homeless people. It's been bad in the two main cities for a while and now it's spreading to the smaller market towns. They're always treated with kindness and respect here. A lot of people, including myself will buy hot food and drink like pasties and tea for them instead of giving them money. If I see a homeless woman I always buy some food for her even if it's just a sausage roll. At least for now there doesn't seem to be a problem with drugs and violence because the homeless are locals that find themselves in difficulty.

No. 1506288

Sorry I’m not a Brit bong, but can’t you just lie and become a ‘clay pigeon shooter’ yourself? Fuck them laws. Just acquire a gun illegally. Are the repercussions really that bad? Can’t you at least get a semi auto and cut the barrel so you can keep it inside your coat? If so, fuck this retarded gay ass country!

No. 1506289

not a bong but from what I understand, you can get in serious trouble just for having mace or a small knife in your purse, so no, carrying a sawed off semiautomatic shotgun under your coat is not an option.

No. 1506290

They would turn down my application for a license. They’re biased towards males and over-restrict and punish women.

No. 1506295

That’s so fucking evil, what are you going to do to fix this? Can you troon out to get a gun then “detrans” after you get it? Genuinely so evil. Fuck this retarded gay ass country

No. 1506297

my job is to sort through medical records and i'm becoming increasingly more disturbed how many men who have mental health problems, severe depression and alcoholism etc. also have gun licenses (firearm certificates are mentioned on medical records) in this country. clay pigeon shooter = depressed angry man who has nothing better to do in the countryside except drink and owns a gun, basically.

No. 1506299

It's like that in France too and just at the end of December some homeless crackhead tried to stab some guy in the subway on my way home, thank fucking god he started shit with the wrong guy because the guy who was about to be stabbed had a pepper spray and made him leave by spraying it a few centimeters away from his face. Since that shit is now illegal I really hope he didn't get in trouble for saving us from a potential mass murder.

No. 1506305

File: 1677069307705.jpg (150.12 KB, 966x976, side eye.jpg)

it stinks of burger gunfaggotry in here

No. 1506345

Theres a homeless scrote who hangs around my predominantly student area late at night to try and get change from drunk women. I had an issue with a can where he was in a bay of cabs that accepted card, didn't accept card, and dropped me at a petrol station to draw out cash to pay him. I paid him and he gave me my change and drove off without actually taking me home. This scrote starts fucking following me, my phones dead. I bite the bullet and just give him my change so he doesn't kill me or something. I still see him around and it makes me fucking seeth

No. 1517969

File: 1678271878588.jpg (323.63 KB, 750x365, podcast1.jpg)

what podcasts do you all listen to that isn't american? I'm trying to find some new ones, preferably with women hosts.
ones I've enjoyed recently
>joan and jericha
>women like us
>athletico mince
>adam buxton, depending on guest

No. 1519138

File: 1678380812446.jpeg (803.49 KB, 1816x4032, bean pizza.jpeg)


No. 1519373

100% against, baked beans are so gross the fucking skin that they get when they sit too long and the smell nah fucking NAH

No. 1519873

sick of brand mish-mash in supermarkets, always shite and overpriced

No. 1539427

some of you may have heard in the news recently that surrogacy laws in the UK are changing to a commercial-style model. this would mean greater risks to women and give more power to baby-buyers, basically. if any nonas want to write to your mp asking them to vote against it, there is an easy tool here: https://nmnow.org/support_women/find_your_mp

No. 1540721

Thanks for posting this anon, I had no idea.

No. 1552604

Has anyone been keeping up with the Lucy Letby case?

No. 1553649

Anglo-Saxons rule the world

No. 1553732

Lidl > Aldi

No. 1553826

i’ve never understood why people can’t carry weapons in europe with how bad street harassment here is. i’m a burger and i know how people are about guns and shit, but i think it’s dumb to not let people defend themselves in some capacity. then you end up getting thrown in prison for protecting yourself if someone attacks you. it’s like they just expect you to lay there and die or get raped? some woman was screaming outside my apartment a few days ago; several of my neighbors and myself called the police and they just didn’t give a fuck. you would expect better cause i live in a “posh” area where the most that ever happens are bored kids stealing groceries, but nope. it’s really hypocritical.

No. 1553882

Non-english anon here. Why are English women generally pretty but the guys are usually ugly?

No. 1553932

I guess it depends on the social class of man you're looking at. Most male fashion in the UK is hideous and a lot of men here have no concept of personal grooming beyond basic personal hygiene.

No. 1555243

I'm not a britbong but sometimes I listen to Sleaford Mods even though I don't understand all the specific references without genius.com and I wonder if britnonnies consider them cringe, so what's your opinion noonies?

No. 1556086

Sleaford Mods are so real. Vidrel is a great documentary covering the duo that I thought was pretty good (the full version is on Vimeo to rent but you might be able to find it free online elsewhere)

No. 1556670

No. 1556793

File: 1682169015913.jpeg (7.38 KB, 300x168, download (8).jpeg)

has anyone else disable alerts on their phone ahead of tomorrow's alarm test? i'm so jumpy about noises and don't see how helpful this service is gonna be in the UK… unless you live in an area that is prone to flooding perhaps.

No. 1556801

Pretty sure it’s gonna alert your phone regardless of whether you turn alerts off anon. All countries have them, Japan for example uses them for earthquakes.
Makes sense to prepare than just do nothing

No. 1561632

Phillip Schofield has a court injunction against uk media so that they can't report on the fact that he groomed an underage boy. Hes paying 30k a week to a crisis management team to take all mentions of this off the internet. Fair enough the media can't report on it rn but.. when you google his name it obviously comes up that phillips (policeman) brother was just found guilty of also commiting sexual crimes against a minor.. and phillip obviously wants to distance himself from that and pretend to condemn his actions

So what are the media discussing…
> omg phillip has cut off his brother! Is it really right to cut off a family member just because they sexually abuse children??
ffs what a cool take that'll age well, esp when they are already sitting on this info

No. 1561643

Yeah there's been a lot of rumours about him and underage guys for a while now. IIRC they predate him coming out; which makes me wonder if that was an orchestrated move to stop him being outed? I wouldn't be surprised, he's a wrong'un. Another wrong'un who needs to be exposed: Cliff Richard, or "Kitty" as he was known at the Elm Lodge guest house.

No. 1563040

File: 1682820064772.jpg (6.25 KB, 190x281, jez.jpg)

How many more years do you think it'll take for the monarchy to be abolished? I hope I live to see it tbh

No. 1563065

I really appreciate your presense, Jeznon

No. 1563122

I think it will happen in less than a decade. I can't remember where I saw this but apparently 30% of the country wants to abolish the monarchy. I can only see this increasing with King Charles III.

No. 1565098

I kinda liked the Queen in the sense that she was our national grandma, but the monarchy as a whole is not appealing. It's weird how other European royal families can seem pretty normal and lowkey yet ours is all pomp and expense.

No. 1565903

nonnies should I join the met police? will I regret it? I have nothing going for me anyways

No. 1566317

Patrick Mackay out and about in Bristol chatting with unsuspecting locals kek. Mad. Anyone remember him?

No. 1566340

Being a police officer is a thankless job.

No. 1566357

Why do you say that?

No. 1566366

Most of the time you're dealing with time wasters, druggies and regulars. You're spat at, abused, puked on, shit on. It's basically acting as baby sitter to the worst aspects of the general public. Sure, you'll help marshal events and things, assist at RTCs and stuff like that. But most of it is shite. Same goes for paramedics too. Unless you get an office based role, I'd avoid. Even then, the police attracts some of the scummiest people I've ever known. Source: had a mate leave the force and I've had a lot of dealings with them due to my line of work. They all seems miserable.

No. 1566377

Nonna you're going to be absolutely despised by everyone you encounter in and out of work and you'll become just as miserable as the people you deal with. Don't do it. Everyone loves to shit on the police and on women especially, you're going to be filmed, spat at, punched, have shit thrown at you that could be dangerous like rocks or bottles, do awful shifts, and get paid peanuts for the trouble (the money might sound good on paper but when you consider how much you put up with, it really isn't). You can have nothing going for you in a job that won't make you hate humanity.

No. 1566741

File: 1683109493927.jpg (505.55 KB, 1166x1614, Untitled.jpg)

I have zero interest in the monarchy but I like seeing the stuff people come up with. Seen anything good?

No. 1566742

File: 1683109540656.jpg (546.45 KB, 1172x1558, Untitled2.jpg)

No. 1566743

File: 1683109607833.jpg (380.02 KB, 1172x1560, 3.jpg)

No. 1567063

Same, I saw a really cute postbox topper in my area. These knitted decorations give you a nice feeling of community spirit, until they're burned or nicked, eventually.

No. 1567598

Im in me mums cahhh vroom vroom

No. 1567601

Didn't that girl troon out? Man, what a waste of comedic genius.

No. 1567604

Kek. Aw. Low crime where I am, we've had no issues. We do have a lot of Banksy-style shite though. Definitely prefer the more wholesome granny graffiti!

No. 1569756

File: 1683421539885.png (49.78 KB, 292x427, simmons.png)

damn I didn't know this. just looked her up and now she is a Tristan he/him. shame.

No. 1570080

Alternate version of SOTG to celebrate 20yrs. Sounds weird. More shots of Nicola though. Someone said the lightbulb gets more camera time than Nicola in original kek.

No. 1570114

File: 1683467208463.gif (5.09 MB, 500x272, giphy.gif)

Twenty years ago?!

No. 1574046

Equality Act debate Westminster Hall Monday 12th June.
Ask your MP to take part.
Please share widely!


No. 1574292

Anons above are right. There are also massive cultural issues, especially in the met. Even if you get an office job I can bet your senior manager is a white middle aged overweight balding man with a goatee. (speaking from experience)

No. 1578450

It depends where you live. When I lived in a city I met my only friend through work because like you I don't like going into pubs and clubs. When I moved to a rural area I joined a woman's volunteer group and became friends with the other women.

No. 1582918

>see the new beeb gay version of love island trending
>watch 10 minutes out of boredom
>can't stop thinking about how a lesbian version likely wouldn't be allowed to exist without tims crying about being excluded and slapfights about whether contestants should be able to say they love pussy

Is this a sign lc has ruined my brain? I'm not a lesbian (same sex leaning bi) and don't hate the basic moids for participating on this show or anything but I feel so jaded about it all

No. 1582952

They should have let BBC3 stay dead. It used to be a comedy channel and now it's just cringe. I've never heard of anyone watching it.

No. 1582991

You are 100% right. I legit saw scrotes in datalounge crying about their favorite pornstars fucking tifs and they get mad when "straight" scrotes they want to see sleep with normal gay men, fuck TIMs because it's literally fucking a man with tits.
Gay men don't allow tifs to truly fuck up things that are theirs. It's never a big push and I bet you there's barely any tif crying to be on this show, unless it's one of those super passing Tifs using the show for other reasons or simply for representation. They barely add TIMs to dating shows that are m/f. People want to see attractive men and women compete.
Im just rambling but the more I spend time lurking gay male spaces I realize why tifs aren't successful. They are women. Men are crazy about dicks, straight or gay or bisexual.
Gay men don't need tifs to come on their show, to change the narrative or to be treated like men. The average gay man is sleeping with other men and there's no reason to even pretend. I've seen more tif/Tim relationships.

No. 1583246

Did they cry about the TIFs in the show? Aired on BBC? Wow if so, lesbians would NEVER be allowed to say that anywhere

No. 1583869

Gay men are easily the most delusional and objectifying subgroup of people. I would argue that a lot of young gay men don't want to watch shows like this anyways, but regardless the community itself is so exclusive and hostile even to its own kind that they have no trouble being far worse to tifs. The amount of gay men that are Trans inclusive to transmen is extremely small (they dont care to respect transwomen on surface level though of course), and since gay men have a penchant of becoming obsessed with policing women, being able to also police and criticize tifs is a goldmine for them, the only thing that stops them from doing it more vocally is the "cancelling" they'd receive. Gay men regularly make fun of and call tifs pooners and will have group chats where they send pics from their twitters with ewwww and keys mashes. They're so sexual constantly and objectify literally anything so the thought of other men actually liking tifs make them angry and repulsed, theyre entitled babies and there is honestly no difference from gay men and straight men as far as policing women goes. They're just as obsessed with the coom because otherwise there would be no reason to care. It's crazy how they're able to tell tifs to fuck off and call them homophobic with nearly no pushback but lesbians who do the same thing are mocked, ostracized, and threatened constantly. Rules for thee but not for me!! Gay men are obsessive compulsive about hypergrooming and standards, even many of the ugly fat ones who sit online all day, so they think they have every right to criticize and put women under a microscope constantly. They also pick all their fights with women because they're still misogynistic pigs and taking their anger out on women while being too cowardly to go after real men is standard practice. Its crazy how they'll call women Karen when they are the most Karen demographic in existence. Also any criticism of their misogyny makes you homophobic allegedly, God forbid they have to conduct themselves like adults instead of teenage girls.

No. 1584238

File: 1684765168871.webm (6.16 MB, 640x360, ssstwitter.com_1684764966650 (…)

The only sizeable left-wing group endorsing the Let Women Speak events is the Workers Party of Britain, which is headed by George Galloway (a man accused of promoting Russian and Chinese interests)

No. 1584671

File: 1684807538563.jpg (213.28 KB, 1024x948, 1674313190182.jpg)

i wonder how all the communist identifying troons (cots? kek) feel knowing that this party supports let women speak meanwhile they have labour/snp and big brands during pride month

No. 1590737

File: 1685327629107.png (510.29 KB, 1066x628, Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 03.33…)

Philip Schofield has just been exposed as the creepy nonce he is. He had been grooming a young male child since the age of ten to go onto have sexual relations with him. Of course, in ordinary fashion, ITV knew all about this and helped to cover it up. I knew he was a piece of shit ever since he decided to come out as gay after being married to his wife for several decades, but now it turns out that was a news story manufactured by the media conglomerates because more and more people started talking about how he openly grooms and has sexual relations with this young boy. Are there any men in British media that aren't nonces? I bet Simon Cowell will be exposed next.

No. 1590743

Why are so many men both gay/bi and straight, famous and normie complete nonces?

No. 1590744

The picrel on the left is Schofield being caught by a random youtuber with the same boy when he was only 13 years old btw, and I think the youtuber said he was drinking alcohol.

No. 1590749

File: 1685328419480.jpeg (251.26 KB, 1072x1140, FxQwfN4WYAIz36I.jpeg)

Damn… I wonder if more is going to come out about him. That seems eerily similar to how Jimmy Saville used to be.

No. 1590778

Does this surprise anyone? The BBC and Channel 4 has been full of paedos for decades. Jill Dando was assassinated because she was going to blow the whistle on what was happening at the BBC.

Disturbing considering that Jimmy Saville used to visit children's hospitals to abuse the patients.

No. 1591305

This has been pretty well known for years now, even outside the schizo tinfoil communities I hang out in. You'd see it in comment sections on articles about him online quite frequently. I find it very odd it took this long to be confirmed. The whole coming out saga kinda reminded me of Kevin Spacey. "yes I am a predator, but I'm a GAY predator so pls feel sorry for me". I feel like that was damage control, that he wouldn't have come out of his own volition. Pissed me off to see Ranj Singh complain about This Morning being toxic, though. He's another gay moid who married a woman and strung her along for years.

Good to see Jill Dando mentioned. Poor woman tried to do the right thing. There used to be a great documentary about her murder online, very detailed and covered her time on Crimewatch and how she knew about the noncery going on but ofc it's been wiped off the face of the internet. I'm gonna try and find it and hope it's been mirrored on bitchute or something though.

No. 1591336

Hope you've been enjoying the warm weather nonnies. I got sunburned yesterday.

No. 1592011

Don't forget that he used to defile and rob the corpses in the morgue too.

No. 1594861

File: 1685674801470.png (168.07 KB, 626x401, antiwarkerry.png)

Kerry Katona is the best bong "hun" saw she was talking shit about Schofield too, what a timeless icon

No. 1595944

>celeb news: ooooh he's actually GAY ooooh juicy gossip oooh he's been seeing a younger man oooh
>turns out he's actually a fucking pedophile and the man he's "dating" is actually a barely legal grooming victim
>tfw this is all being portrayed as exciting gossip rather than literal child abuse


No. 1597062

File: 1685925964699.png (318.33 KB, 580x732, ugh.png)


No. 1597143

I am genuinely so sick of pedophiles being shielded. Gay, straight, transgender, non binary, male, woman, whatever ostracized and punish all pedophiles and strip them of all their power

No. 1597777

I met her in a nightclub bathroom years ago. She was ranting about a man to her friend (I think it was the friends bf, idk) and then said to me as I came in "MEN! they're all BASTARDS, aren't they love?" Underrated national treasure.

No. 1597951

File: 1685976314631.jpg (176.31 KB, 1414x809, y456ytr.jpg)

How many times have the cops paid a visit to somebody's home for shitposting on twitter? I've lost the count. Legit feels like China.

UK police sent five officers to arrest man for posting LGBT flag swastika on social media

Arrests for offensive Facebook and Twitter posts soar in London

Euro 2020: Five arrested as police contact social media giants over posts aimed at England players

Woman guilty of 'racist' Snap Dogg rap lyric Instagram post

Mother arrested in front of her children for calling a trans woman a man on Twitter is charged with trolling

Moment Catholic mum-of-five arrested at her home over 'Twitter gender row'

No. 1597989

Nona, if you find it, please post it.
I didn’t know this and just read it. Kill all men. May his soul never find peace and those who helped him cover all his atrocities up die screaming.
Not only gossip but also, “poor guy, oppressed for so long”. I haven’t seen him be labelled correctly as a grooming pedophile anywhere outside “radical” spaces. Kill all men: Redux.

No. 1599255

kek based if true. i love this chav queen

No. 1600116

She's actually one of the nicest minor celebrities I've met. Most have this annoying "keep me away from the peasants" vibe but Kerry seemed pretty open to having a laugh. She was taking selfies with people and chatting away to them, quite down to earth. Pretty sure she was coked out of her mind but, eh, par for the course.

No. 1600514

File: 1686211683192.jpg (1.48 KB, 275x27, 1686210413365.jpg)

No. 1605414

File: 1686652028964.jpg (104.57 KB, 1188x728, dumbo.jpg)

Scots, how well known is Ika Ferrer Gotić? I've only just discovered the shill. I can't believe how many Scotsmen have fallen for her bollocks kek. Please no one turn this into a yes or no thing. I only want to laugh at her.

No. 1608363

I’m not an emotional person whatsoever and don’t cry at anything but I can’t stop crying about the Nottingham murders. I think it’s because the kids were both the same age as me. They were literal kids, probably on a high after a night out, thinking they were safe with each other, them bam, their life just gets brutally taken away from them. It’s seriously fucking me up and I can’t stop thinking about it, they were fucking teenagers and it could’ve happened to anyone in that place at that time. They had their whole fucking lives ahead of them, like not even 4 days ago they would’ve been thinking about stuff they were going to do in the future and that’s just been fucking torn apart by a disgusting monster who didn’t deserve to be in our country. The fact that the girl saw her friend being murdered in front of her and knew what would happen next, the fact she had enough strength and willpower to crawl near a house before dying with nobody coming to help just fucks me up so so bad. I just feel absolutely distraught for their parents and siblings, I can’t even being to imagine how they are feeling right now, how they must’ve felt receiving the news, I genuinely can’t comprehend the feeling they must be experiencing and I don’t think they have fully processed what has happened yet, doing speeches so soon after the incident. It’s just made me realise how this can happen to fucking any one of us so so easily, they look so happy and young and full of life on their pictures and now they’re gone forever it just fucks me up so fucking bad god idk

No. 1608620

Try talking to the survivor, or the person caught up in the act, if it really gets to you.
That's what I did when I witnessed someone who was related to the victims of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting barely lose face in one of my public speaking classes.

No. 1609039

This could have been prevented if only there had been a sound immigration policy in place.

No. 1609099

Honestly, more young women should consider moving to rural small towns and villages. It's like stepping back a few decades but in a good way, it's liberal in the true sense not 'woke'. England is so packed you're almost never that far from a city for employment, fun. It's possible to have the best of both. I live a forty minutes drive away from a major city but my immediate surroundings are extremely safe, calm and cheaper. I'd say the only downside is you are car reliant, being able to run a car is a must.

No. 1609102

don't think him being a portugese immigrant had owt to do with it - it was probably more to do with the fact he was a typical homeless mentally ill moid. he had 'no fixed address' and was probably a fucking smackhead. something needs to be done about them - where i live they've chased girls home in the middle of the night before. it's had me lose all sympathy for them in the matter of a year or two

No. 1609103

samefag but he wasn't even an immigrant - he had dual citizenship.

No. 1609111

File: 1686938525395.jpg (97.58 KB, 327x995, 1234567890.jpg)


>The former flatmate, a 21-year-old business management student at the University of Nottingham, said Calocane - a mature mechanical engineering student at the same university - did not mix well with his contemporaries, who were all much younger.

>'He would knock on your door in the middle of the night and say ''did you hear that screaming?''
>'One time he walked right into my flatmate's room and he woke up to find Valdo just looking at him.'

No. 1609208

Bet nobody could say anything either because they’d be deemed “racist”

No. 1609787

We need to stop allowing moids into the country without extensive background checks. Every problem caused by immigration is specifically caused by moids that have immigrated. terrorist attacks = moids, rape gangs = moids, county lines drug trafficking = moids. They turn their own countries into shitholes, leave the women and children to come to Europe because they put up in hotels for free. Then they repeat the same behaviour. The priority should be ensuring the safety of women and children that are trying to escape war and violence.

No. 1612430

File: 1687225582448.png (64.93 KB, 649x480, katie fitch is one of us.png)

Rank the following shows from best to most shite:

>derry girls

>peep show

No. 1612480

>Derry Girls
>Peep Show

I've never seen Fleabag, what's it about?

No. 1612487

>Peep Show
>Derry Girls
I seriously hated Fleabag

No. 1612518

File: 1687231722492.jpg (66.07 KB, 1024x576, 78.jpg)

>Skins (iconic tbh x)
>Peep Show (love Succession and Robert Webb is a gc king)
>Derry Girls (there's a lot of shouting in this show)/Inbetweeners (loved it when I was 16)
>Fleabag (mostly posh person "humour", not relatable to northerners)

Love picrel. Imagine having Doctor Who as your verbally abusive dad.

No. 1612646

inbetweeners = derry girls >>>> skins
haven't seen the other two.

No. 1612759

If you were going to meet family from another country in Europe for the first time, what would be a good idea for a British gift, just as a nice gesture? I have a grandmother and two aunts that I have never met in a European country. I'm thinking of going to Fortnum and Mason and buying a small fancy tin of Earl Grey or something but it's fucking expensive

No. 1612764

>peep show
>derry girls
>fleabag (not funny)

No. 1612988

I guess a tin does sound cute and they could keep it for their sewing supplies kek, but if I was concerned about money I'd get them tea in a plain box, like three kinds of biscuits (probably custard creams, jammie Dodgers and bourbons - again inexpensive), heinz beans kek, maybe some typical UK choccie bars like double decker, twirl, a nice Cadbury chocolate…

I think that sharing international snacks and foods is really fun and thoughtful whilst not being too expensive.

No. 1613005

>peep show (iconic)
>skins (who didn’t love this as a teen??)
>Derry girls (never really watched much of it)
>inbetweeners (I can’t handle the cringe)
>fleabag (never watched it)

No. 1613070

Artisan oat biscuits. Alcohol. A jar of piccalilli. Cheeses (I recommend Red Fox). Whatever catches your fancy in a healthy food/organic/greengrocer shop.

No. 1613072

>a nice Cadbury chocolate
This crap is everywhere, why even buy it specifically in the UK.

No. 1613084

Cadbury in North America is not made the same way as it is in the UK. Euro chocolate is objectively better.

No. 1613108

Thanks nonas. I got a tin of loose leaf earl grey after all. Hope she likes it.

No. 1613178


No. 1613349

I wouldn't have expected so many bong nonnies to hate Fleabag, why is that?

No. 1613701

The fact that American food is crap has no bearing on food quality in the UK.

No. 1613780

Fleabag (the character) is a very particular kind of annoying posh woman, which I suppose foreign audiences wouldn’t have picked up on

Her life revolves entirely around the men she fucks which for me was totally uninteresting and tiring; and the inane ‘feminist’ interjections while she was vacantly fucking or crying over some man, I found quite insulting

But worst of all it was unfunny

No. 1613965

True, but it's still gone downhill in quality since they were acquired

No. 1614416

it's posh nonsense. maybe if it was a messy geordie lass I would've cared but I don't give a fuck about a privately schooled rich woman writing a show where she pretends to be too poor to afford rent while also flexing her wealth at the exact same time. also it has that particular brand of 'try-hard' funny where you can tell every joke has been picked out and worked at to make it As Funny As Possible to its audience, so it doesn't feel that genuine in the first place

No. 1615102

File: 1687487574361.png (187.07 KB, 784x532, true.png)

>a messy geordie lass

Charlotte Crosby (pre-plastic surgery self harm) would have been a great Fleabag.

No. 1615159

anyone have recs for good bookstores in london? particularly for history books

No. 1618198

I went to Housmans one time and really enjoyed it. Annoying though because I've lost the books I bought from there when I moved.

No. 1622353

My other half paid to watch wwe money in the bank on bt sport and I have to hand it to the British crowd, the chants are amazing. Literally the whole stadium shouting tribal wanker at Roman reigns has made my day.

No. 1622399


I haven't physically been there but I had a book subscription from Heywood Hill once and it was one of the best gifts I've ever got, they sent me such cool, interesting books

No. 1622708

No. 1622960

UK has always been a police state. I wonder what made them so emboldened now, years after Brexit.

No. 1625457

File: 1688589513810.jpg (495.78 KB, 1825x2785, cake.jpg)

Question for English nonas: Do you have a day where you celebrate your past queen Elizabeth or other historical monarch by eating cakes? In Sweden there is a day where we eat cakes with king Gustav Adolf's head on them in order to celebrate him (dying kek). If not please import this fika tradition ASAP and make even more glorious afternoon teas with delicious cake.

No. 1625458

Your Victoria cake is delicious btw so I imagine an Elizabeth cake would be even better. Just a weird shower thought I had.

No. 1625488

File: 1688593077008.jpg (80.19 KB, 1065x1600, Mary_Berry_Victoria_Sponge-1-3…)

Victoria sponges are the best. I used to always make them for my grandad, right up until he died from cancer. I haven't made one since as they remind me of him.

No. 1627557

We just eat cake all the time because we have an obesity problem, no need for a special holiday for it.

No. 1627591

File: 1688767278092.jpg (46.24 KB, 640x640, 510989011_0_640x640.jpg)

Can't improve on perfection so I say we make this the Liz cake

No. 1629041

Aimee should have got in the band not Nicola.

No. 1629180

fellow bongs, who do you think the unnamed nonce bbc presenter is?

No. 1629181

File: 1688920948278.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1134, IMG_2775.jpeg)

I could eat one of these now. I love how you can cut it into perfect slices. Ugh I’m on my period and I literally could eat one now

No. 1629418

Who guys I wanna know

No. 1629424

The favourite at the moment seems to be Huw Edwards.

No. 1629431

No wayyy my dad actually met him in a lift once lmao. I swear I’ve seen him on the news recently though and apparently the guy’s been off air for like a month

No. 1629442

AYRT, it's all just speculation. Another name I saw pop up a lot was Stephen Nolan, a Northern Irish broadcaster. I haven't a clue myself, but I think the BBC should name him, as it's not fair on the other presenters being falsely accused.

No. 1629450

I am dying to know who it is. And if the victim is a guy/girl.. the mum said she knew the presenter and that she saw a pic of him sat in his pants (sorry that sounds funny typed out) but I hope they name and shame him soon.. I have a feeling he may be a football related presenter? Idk

No. 1629791

hwat is it like to be full of beansn

No. 1629797

>>1629450 Gary Lineker?

No. 1629899

he already denied it, but you never know…

No. 1630411

You keep trying this dumb 'intentional misspelling for comedic edge' thing that's extremely Tumblr 2015 and I need you to stop trying to make hwat happen.

No. 1630790

File: 1689082804525.jpg (72.22 KB, 828x660, 09578642742.jpg)

It's Huw Edwards. He subscribed to an 18 year old boys' OF.

No. 1630798

My stepmum just excitedly messaged me a picture of his arse and said "ooh, your little internet friends were right, it is him!" kek.

No. 1630806

File: 1689085929130.jpg (146.01 KB, 1080x1080, 1631183208535.jpg)

tag yourself

No. 1630815

clyde is so ugly wtf

No. 1630816

Christmas Colin. Didn't even know you could get a Christmas Colin.

No. 1630825

But I don't want creepy Colin!

No. 1630864

man, we December birthday nonnas always get Christmas-themed representations, THIS ENDS NOW! Stand up against the injustice! Be more creative, you birthday marketing cowards!

No. 1630865

There's no greater feeling than walking to Marks & Spencer just before they close and finding a reduced Colin cake.

No. 1631207

Normal colin fuck yeah

No. 1631870

File: 1689184530311.jpeg (280.77 KB, 1125x1501, 10587C3A-DEF7-4B2C-B880-32D553…)

Confirmed to be huw lmao. For burgerfags this is like the equivalent of finding out George Stephanopoulos is a gay perv

No. 1631897

He's already pulled the mental health card and is in hospital because muh depresshun.

No. 1631898

He's worked at the BBC for decades which raises questions of how many teenage boys has he done this to, how long has it been happening and why did no one at the BBC know?

At this point I would assume that anyone working at the BBC is a paedo before I would assume that they weren't. I hope that one day Jill Dando will be recognised for what she tried to do and the people that killed her will get what they deserve.

No. 1631961

ugh sorry but that leaked pic of huw is so hilarious

No. 1631967

what the FUCK is wrong Carl? i don’t want him

No. 1631994

I know lmfaoooooooo

No. 1632372

I thought this thread would be the best place to ask this. How much of an issue is bullying in schools in the UK? I often hear that there's a lot of physical bullying in all boys boarding schools but what is it like outside of that?

No. 1632447

for an old white bastard he's packing some cake. probably from running after all those young lads.

No. 1632478

Bullying is subjective. Every culture will have its own ideas. I don't know how you'd compare. There is no legal definition here. Schools define it loosely as intention to 'hurt'. Gossiping on your personal social media account could be considered bullying if brought to the attention of school staff. Some schools may be very strict, some not. There's a general feeling we overreact to stuff. I don't know if that's true. And yes there are loads of stereotypes about posh boy's schools but few of us, especially here, know what really goes on. I'm sure there's some individuals who physically bully ofc, but I doubt private schools turn a blind eye to or encourage it like they used to in the 70s which is where a lot of these stereotypes originate from. Today, 40% of students aren't even white. Just an example. People think 'posh white boys sent away from mother!' kek, but that is not accurate.

No. 1632959

have u anons seen the dove advert? (I just saw the extended version) it made me cry

No. 1632965

File: 1689280713597.jpg (98.87 KB, 967x333, she's right tho.jpg)

Stacy behaviour.

No. 1632970

when i read this thread i read it with an accent in my mind

No. 1632972

based behaviour
what accent? and don't say British

No. 1634346

Unfortunately, Lorraine is a trans ally. It really was a mistake.

No. 1634941

File: 1689481001248.jpg (69.08 KB, 700x790, kopi90j09.jpg)

Nongs, the time has come. Pick one to fuck, one to marry and one to kill from picrel

No. 1635218

File: 1689518281318.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1990, IMG_2814.jpeg)

omg nonnies…

No. 1635221

File: 1689518345117.jpg (363.74 KB, 800x598, Jane-Birkin-Flare.jpg)

i used to want to be just like her. i even bought one of those basket bags

No. 1635231

>inspiration for the birkin bag
I don't know why but this feels insulting to include in the headline

No. 1635239

Stuart seems nice.

No. 1635264

i wouldn’t mind a farmer.. he seems less of a degenerate than the rest

No. 1635314

Am I the only one who's bored of these memes? The humour is really dated. If they were perceptive they'd be funny but it's always some variation of an over the top chav and some London hipster who hates him. 'Stuart' is the most inventive I've seen yet and it's still painfully unfunny.

No. 1635409

fuxk stuart, marry adrian (i can poison him and inherit the north london flat), kill the rest

No. 1635557

Think this one actually is old, the references to Love Island and selling supplements on Instagram strike me as 2015-ish

However Adrian is a very accurate one, can't speak for the rest

No. 1635677

No. 1635981

Not sure when the actual meme comes from but you're probably right, 2023 Oliver would have already transitioned to become a transbian named Abi. I'm norf x and don't see so many Adrians up here either.

No. 1643054

File: 1690231700389.jpg (159.76 KB, 940x906, F0djlUtWYAELjKF.jpg)

nonnies i just moved to cornwall from europe can you give me any tips on how to adjust to british culture and how to make friends? almost everyone is extremely friendly and kind and i love that but some people can be very mean when they want to, i had a bad encounter yesterday and cried the whole day because it was my first day in a new country (im ethnic if thats important)

No. 1643072

Foreigner currently in UK here
>(im ethnic if thats important)
It isn't in cornwall
Honestly just tell them you love pies and you'll be welcome by all, not even joking

No. 1643085

File: 1690233735427.jpg (274.65 KB, 1920x940, exM.jpg)

Cornwall and Devon are the whitest and most conservative areas of the country. I live close to the Devon county border in Somerset. In general just be respectful and if you live in a small rural town or village get involved in the local community. Most people here aren't politically correct and may say insensitive things or be casually racist. It's rarely said with any ill intent, it's more that it's unusual for anyone foreign to be in these areas and local people don't know any different.

No. 1643849

i tried my first cornish pie today it was delicious!

i felt that too, today i met my colleagues and they were all so incredibly kind and welcoming i think i'll do fine here, what happened my first day was probably an isolated incident

No. 1645316

Grow a spine. There will always be people who hate you and you can't do anything about it. The Poles in the UK have had it much worse than you.

No. 1645427

bless you nonnie. i hope you continue to meet kind people. there are mean people everywhere

No. 1647801

I’m drunk (can’t find the drunk thread but I know how to SAGE, mods I’m sorry)
Mate, kill all of these, like if this is the epitome of dating a male in the uk I am now a lesbian.
I feel like kev and bazza would have gear on them at the pub. Maybe they like a rave, I’m up for that.

No. 1653862

File: 1691170588414.jpg (174.68 KB, 779x1024, 202331SummerSpecial_nobarcode-…)

I thought this was an edit, but nope the new statesman released this unironically.

No. 1653876

Welcome to Cornwall nonny! You’re the first nonny I’ve seen say they live in Cornwall. That makes me weirdly excited. Some Cornish can be cold to outsiders even if they’re just from London, please don’t take it to heart. Of course there’s gonna be more racists down here because the area is predominantly white. Most people are appalled by them, especially younger people. I’ve known ethnic and immigrant people living down here for decades, so you’re not alone.

No. 1654668

It's 11 degrees. 11 DEGREES IN AUGUST!! Sat here considering putting the heating on ffs.

No. 1654708

sup britbongs. i grew up in britain as a victim of immigration, and finally returned to my homeland as an adult 3 years ago. im having a hard time integrating among my own race and people in my village still jokingly refer to me as "the brit". feels kind of bad.
either way, i dont miss life in britain itself as much as i miss wotsits and guiness. gawd id love me some wotsits and guiness right about now.

No. 1654785

File: 1691240892468.jpg (237.01 KB, 1400x1400, Walkers_Wotsits_Really_Cheesy_…)

anon I am so sorry you have had to leave wotsits behind. that is truly tragic. I have some in the cupboard right now and now I fancy some.

No. 1654830

File: 1691247147840.jpg (16.08 KB, 359x455, 1_mtDqziHtC9AP0p-DenM2qQ.jpg)

there is no Guinness in your homeland? Are you sure you want to stay there, I would suffer so much and I'm so sorry for you. I stopped drinking alcohol and the best news was non-alcoholic Guinness, it's not 100% the same and I have to import it as I'm not living in Britain, but I can't imagine missing out on Guinness. Maybe you can import it as well or annoy someone so much that they will send 100 cans of Guinness and 100 bags of Wotsits to you, kek.

No. 1655045

it breaks me how expensive nando’s is nowadays, and how I will pay it anyway because I am a fiend

No. 1655138

Where did you move back to? If you don’t mind me asking.

No. 1655150

Cries in celiac

No. 1655288

You can buy the nando's spice kits and marinades to make it at home.

No. 1656293

File: 1691359331180.gif (6.17 MB, 640x360, sopranos-tony.gif)

Anyone else keep checking the news in the hope that Ian Watkins had died?

No. 1656307

I kind of hope he doesn't die but is left in some permanent horrific and painful condition, of which he is 100% mentally cognizant.

No. 1657822

File: 1691498258468.jpeg (263.96 KB, 1170x632, IMG_1145.jpeg)

No. 1657911

Six hours and they couldn't kill him. Pathetic. If you want something done properly, you gotta do it yourself.

No. 1658017

6 hours and a non-fatal stabbing makes me think they wanted to keep him alive and suffering.

No. 1658019

File: 1691514746228.jpeg (36.46 KB, 640x368, IMG_3015.jpeg)

Nonas do you remember snog, marry avoid? Imagine if a tv show like that existed now? I used to love people getting destroyed by pod

No. 1658117

What kind of people would be on it though? I could think of attention whoring e-girls and plastic surgery disasters.

No. 1658140

File: 1691520595213.jpg (116.28 KB, 615x925, wolf.jpg)

Should've cut his dick off, then. A life without the ability to coom is a moids idea of hell.

Wouldn't be surprised if it came back, tbh. They're rebooting Big Brother and Gladiators, tv producers are clearly out of ideas. I might watch Gladiators to see what it's like, though. Loved it as a kid. My mum even wrote to them and got me Wolf man's autograph! It was a postcard of picrel that I now keep framed on my desk, kek.

No. 1658426

Lame. I wish they'd at least taken turns shitting into the wound

No. 1661005

File: 1691765393991.jpg (761.95 KB, 2708x1842, YNKvKt9bA9B.jpg)

What the hell is wrong with the UK Justice system.

No. 1661046

>Matthew Hapgood
>Hussein Alinzi
I wonder why?

No. 1661057

It was because his daughter, that he bit and battered, went into court and begged them not to jail him. He battered her for wearing makeup but the reason she was wearing it was to cover up bruises he’d given her before, and it was her mothers idea.

No. 1661059

I remember all the scrotes jumping at the chance to claim they’d “avoid” women who wouldn’t spit in their direction.

No. 1661061

They don’t care about what he did, they’re probably paedophile rapists themselves. They were just jealous that he had a job teaching guitar lessons. That’s why they didn’t kill him, they didn’t intend to.

No. 1661150

Certain groups are 'protected class' because 'it's their culture'. Did you know
>For a polygamous marriage to be considered valid in the UK, the parties must be domiciled in a country where polygamous marriage is permitted and must have entered into the marriage in a country which permits polygamy.
>For polygamous marriages considered valid in the UK, an award of certain means-tested benefits and tax credits can be for more than one spouse.

>Polygamous marriages, largely confined to Muslim families, are only recognised in Britain if they took place in countries where they are legal, such as Middle Eastern states, Pakistan and Zambia.

>There no official figures but it is estimated that there may be as many as 20,000 polygamous marriages in the British Muslim community.

No. 1661152

I guess no child should be taken into care ever because they defend their parents after they get beaten or neglected while mom is doing drugs and partying for days?

No. 1661153

File: 1691776673203.png (154.48 KB, 570x455, OHNONONONONONONO! THE MEDIA HA…)

No. 1661167

Powertripping lesbo

No. 1661169

If someone is that butt hurt about being called a lesbian, they have no right to accuse other people of "homophobic comments."

No. 1661170

Idk. Get mad at the judge, not me. Id of hung the cunt but I haven’t passed the bar yet.

No. 1661172

This. I wonder if she is straight or has a special identity.
Hope the police get severely punished for tormenting an austistic girl with scoliosis because she blurted out a typical autistic comment.

No. 1661181

All police should be subjected to the most offensive insults possible as a part of their training so they can grow thicker skin

No. 1661184

she is super straight get it rite

No. 1661221

You'd think they were trained to de-escalate situations, not go apeshit at nothing.

No. 1661398

Muslim scrotes are the worst scrotes. I would love to beat him with a metal bar

No. 1661582

oh yikes that's problematic, but how does metal bar man feel about the trans community? cis straight white guy on the left looks so middle class, ew.

No. 1662232

wtf bongs.. in a shop I saw this collection of like autumn decor and it said “the fall collection”… also there was a bag of giant marshmallows which said “an American tradition” Kek

No. 1662415

File: 1691856205093.jpg (199.86 KB, 813x382, 46347475.jpg)

The only way to fix Britain is the American way - suing left and right.

No. 1662420

They did this to themselves by letting these scrotes in en masse and then crying racism when someone said something. UK did this shit to themselves. I only feel for this women. this is such a joke.

No. 1662422

If being called a lesbian is the worst thing you get from a 16 year old girl, you need to quit life. Wtf

No. 1662605

File: 1691867238180.jpg (144.24 KB, 958x423, Britain's deadliest transphobe…)

As a lesbian, I laughed my ass off at "lesbian nana", it's so mild and silly; and I wouldn't consider it homophobic at all. I agree with >>1661169 and >>1661172 I wouldn't be surprised if she's just a kweerio type or a hyper NLOG (well, kinda a given as she's a pig) and being likened to an icky dyke is litcheral violence to her. Either way, the bitch should be sacked. Police get called way worse, idk why they reacted this way. Seems like one big power trip for her and her cronies. Reminds me of when an autistic lad asked an FTM hobby bobby if they're a boy or a girl and had to pay £200 in compensation. The absolute fucking state of our police.

No. 1662611

That autistic girl was just trying to be a wingwoman for her nana.

No. 1662614

File: 1691867538537.jpeg (1017.98 KB, 1170x1674, IMG_1171.jpeg)

Should we bomb Switzerland?

No. 1662616

No. 1662623

Exactly! She's an ally, kek. Nana deserves better, though.

Bombing them would be too kind. They deserve something much worse for this.

No. 1662920

I'm bi and have been told I look like a lesbian before by total normies in a way that clearly wasn't meant to be offensive. Are any lesbians actually offended by this? Sounds more like the officer was on a power trip. I feel really bad for the girl though

No. 1663514

File: 1691951678643.jpeg (837.38 KB, 1170x1695, IMG_3057.jpeg)

> “gender neutral” facilities is removing the “fundamental right” to “privacy and dignity” for women and girls.
i love her!!

No. 1663530

I wish she had become the next prime minister instead of Sunak.

No. 1664433

I hope this goes through and that it's segregated into at-birth genders only.

No. 1665334

theres a lot of immigrants here but they're largely white, non-whites stand out a lot in this area admittedly, they're gonna get stared at out of season in particular.

No. 1671033

File: 1692566099844.jpg (340.14 KB, 755x739, Clipboard01.jpg)

This story is making rounds to a surprising degree. TERF Island living up to its name.

No. 1671808

File: 1692634748051.jpg (69.61 KB, 550x500, brazen_bull.jpg)

Can we please bring back torturing methods people like this have no humanity and should not exist. Death is too kind of a punishment.

No. 1672755

File: 1692709347345.jpg (230.15 KB, 1462x700, Untitled.jpg)

Holy shit do British men hate us. We are insulted online all the fucking time. One compliment and they explode. They're even arguing with foreigners in the comments who say they were pleasantly surprised. Some pickme women too ofc.

No. 1674598

File: 1692808011527.jpeg (150.06 KB, 1076x568, IMG_1252.jpeg)

I’ve actually been to Eastern Europe and most of the women are indistinguishable from the British. I feel like scrotes just say this because all the other scrotes say it and they don’t actually know what they’re talking about.

No. 1674610

Samefag, I will say the main difference is they’re a lot less likely to allow themselves to get fat.

No. 1674616

fwiw I'm Eastern European and I do think British women are luvly… it's the scrotes who give me the heebie-jeebies tbh…

No. 1674633

It's because English speaking scrotes hate women that can fight back with them. If a woman in another country doesn't speak English well he can just insult her freely and she will likely not do anything, British and are only "ugly and obnoxious" because most of the time it's women reacting to the moids bullshit they push on her. As soon as you understand other languages eastern euro and Mediterranean women are practically the same as brits and american women if not worse due to clubbing culture

No. 1674787

Nah, the Brits have awful fashion.

No. 1674799

I think British women are very beautiful and full of personality. Men, however, are disgusting and many come to my corner of Eastern Europe just to treat it as a cheap brothel, so. I don't think Slavic women are any better or worse looking than any other European, we're just poor and some women are very desperate. Moids just say things to get under your skin (just look at the unpopular opinions thread).

No. 1674803

>many come to my corner of Eastern Europe just to treat it as a cheap brothel
This is why we all celebrate when they get financially eviscerated by EE women in romance scams.

No. 1674814

It’s true a lot of brits dress like shit, but most of them are too poor to afford decent clothes and can only afford to buy see-through leggings and crop tops at primark. We are the birthplace of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen among others after all. I live in the countryside now and everyone’s just in their hiking gear and jeans but when I lived in a big city a lot of people dressed incredibly, they wore all different styles from vintage, to Lolita to hardcore punk or goth. It was fun to see.

No. 1674920

that's a rather dramatic generalisation anon

No. 1676653

Shamima Begum was not the victim of trafficking
Women AND girls, they don't discriminate between the two - if you're White, you're fair game to them
Hand maidens, SJW women are going to find out the hard way. Even now they champion open borders
'leaving women and children behind'
Behind where? In a non-existent war? They are economic migrants, NOT refugees.
This is the best flavour nonna :)
They could well do, they have palm oil in. Which has been shown to cause and accelerate cancer in mice. I like me Bombay Bad Boys though
Reform UK
He is dirt and so are Jeremy Vine and Storm
Mark Gatiss is not a TERF
>I like Nish Kumar
I don't like you
It's wild how people have to tip toe and walk on eggshells about troons. "Very worried" lol
Did you find the Jill Dando doc?
Easy to speak out now, isn't it
We need to stop letting them into the country FULL STOP. And stop falling for the 'escaping war and violence' crap, give me strength. Remind me how many European countries they pass through before they get here?
Indeed, I'm sure you've all seen her cringe interview with Ellen Page lmao(:))

No. 1676657

File: 1692951687573.jpeg (190.72 KB, 938x714, GROOMING GANGS COMPILATION.jpe…)

One rule for them, another for the natives. Kalergi plan in full swing(racebait)

No. 1676663

The thing you have to understand, is they do this shit in Pakistan as well with the few non-Muslim minorities, its not just them, their entire families and communities are involved or support this, cause to rape a kafir woman is a form of Jihad. and Muslims have done in every region of the world.

No. 1676664

Most sex crimes are committed by fathers, brothers, boyfriends and husbands. The most dangerous men in our life are the closest to us.

No. 1676666

File: 1692953119136.jpeg (300.59 KB, 1054x1504, MUSLIM MIGRANT STABS 9 YEAR AN…)

You're absolutely right.
Yeah, just stick your head in the sand, deflect and divert from the point that's being made. In fact, muslim moids are exemplary, let's keep the borders open for all eternity. Who are you fooling?

No. 1676673

What is this logic lmao all of these men were husband to x, boyfriend to x, brother to x. This is still a problem or that men imported en masse from a country with no consequences for rape aren't dangerous.

No. 1676692

Stupid fucking idiot.

No. 1676696

Middle class white woman who has never experienced the misfortune of living around muslim men.

No. 1676715

The easier access a man has, the more dangerous he can be towards that woman. The thing is, even if the husband abuses his wife or kids, usually the victim can't escape and it becomes a a cycle of abuse where the victim has nowhere to escape, it's really dark actually.
You're acting like muslim men aren't most likely to rape their daughters or wives compared to random women. You're muslim/brown yourself and that's why you're more likely to be victimized by them, muslim men knowingly prey on muslim/nonwhite women because they assume the woman is less likely to be dangerous or have the means to report him.

No. 1676717

Raping kaffir women isn't jihad, pakichan. Stop excusing the behavior of your men, you're the same as them. You're as subhuman as them, didn't you say you supported varg and wanted to be his slave-wife? Don't you always attack white women and say they don't deserve abortion rights? Didn't you larp as a black women to insult black people for a literal year? Didn't you say that muslim women don't deserve rights? Your people are the same, male or female. You want to attack every other group violently, just like how your men want to kill white men and take their women, you want to abuse white women and fuck white men.

No. 1676758

I feel like I have adressed this a dozen times, already and I have red-texxed for avatar-fagging and so I'm gonna make this brief and one cause I know there are some users who seem to despise me or have created a Jinn like figure out of me.
>regarding vrag - I was purposly trolling to get a reaction out of people - I hate old and bland mne
>on the abortion issue - I stated multiple times that I belived it was awful, however my reaction was mostly on how some radfems were comparing it to the actual fall of afghanistan and the absolute subhuman woman were going to be treated
>the fake identity thing - It was a troll to see, how well I could pass my English, honestly waiting for someone to figure out I something screwed up my grammer on puroose

I don't care about that shit, my real issue is on the theology aspect(cause its not Sikh men or Eriteiran men make grooming gangs), Muhammad the greatest human being who will ever exist and his Sahanah(the greatest group of humans who will ever exist) raided the Qurainish women and took their women as their own, it was considered a form of Jihad, Muslim men in Pakistna and Afghanistan did this exact same pracice towards non-Muslim men and sex-trades have existed in almost every region where Islam has permiated

No. 1676769

brown Muslim scrotes are the worst scrotes. I want to put them in a boat and send them out to sea to suffer(racebait)

No. 1676789

File: 1692964962480.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x2128, IMG_1270.jpeg)

Am I evil for finding this funny? Like, imagine how shit that man feels NOW kek.

No. 1676799

>feeling bad over government's automaton getting broken
Why would anyone do that?

No. 1676805

I would only find it funny if the guy he tried to help wanted to kill himself. Like why risk your own life to save someone who doesn't want your help?

No. 1676823

>tragedy happens
>'teehee so funny'

No. 1676954

How is dissing one particular RELIGION a racebait, mods? Are you all SJW Americans?

No. 1676959

File: 1692980109470.jpg (38.64 KB, 613x221, exterminate males.jpg)

Pakistan is a shithole beyond your wildest imagination. It's literally a rape culture country.

No. 1676960

Apparently we now have a tranny janny so it wouldn’t be surprising

No. 1676962

>Apparently we now have a tranny janny
Source on that? I can't believe that the admin would allow it.

No. 1676965

According to this nonna >>1676910 they’ve been copping bans for “terfposting”

No. 1676967

obviously this janny has never had to experience these kind of scrotes

No. 1676968

I don’t understand what about this is funny?

No. 1676969

As expected of Americans.

No. 1676971

only bong jannys should be able to stick their oar in, in this thread. they don’t have to deal with these horrid men

No. 1676972

They are talking about crystal.cafe though.

No. 1677013

>man tries to kill himself, probably because he’s miserable and hates himself
>police intervene
>get killed in the process
Like…it’s just funny. Life is really a gigantic black comedy isn’t it?

No. 1677091

You are actually a pathetic human being
I don't blame you
Grow up(racebaiting)

No. 1677247

I understand it’s relevant because it’s UK news but, can we all just talk about stuff like how shit summer has been or the price of a can of baked beans? There are so many other places you can talk about immigration (like Daily Mail comment section kek)
I am genuinely pissed off that you have to have a supermarket membership card to get cheaper prices. I refuse to pay £3.50 for a 2l bottle of coke but I also refuse to sign up for a nectar card.
I think getting dark humour and also understanding that it’s not funny while laughing about it is just something brits do.

No. 1677591

Just come here and say what you want to say, instead of screaming and crying about what others choose to talk about. Yes, I agree, prices at the moment are extortionate.

No. 1679176

I saw an American food section at a petrol station today. They had a pickle in a bag. So weird. I do love gherkins though. It made me fancy some but not those giant ones. The little sliced ones in glass jars you can get from supermarkets

No. 1680226

File: 1693218336097.jpeg (652.11 KB, 1170x1853, IMG_1492.jpeg)

Why have we affectively thrown afghan women and girls to the dogs, meanwhile we let afghan rapists import themselves here in the hundreds of thousands? I really don’t care if Middle Eastern scrotes fear for their lives.

This goes for Pakistan too, I was checking to see if there were girls in that cable car. As soon as i realised there wasn’t I just thought “let it drop. I don’t care”. I just can’t muster any energy to care even slightly about any brown scrote. You should be acting as a human shield for your female relatives, not running to Europe because you fear for your safety.

No. 1680237

You should research who enabled and supported taliban. This was a project to brainwash men into being violent rapists and them importing them to Europe that was financed by America, lmao. The same America that took women's reproductive rights away. Are you surprised? As long as they can make European country's take enough refugees for it to become a financial burden for the countries, they don't care what happens to the women on either sides, they just want to weaken other countries.

No. 1680278

I agree more then anyone that the US destroyed the middle east cause of their pathological fear of communism but the US didn't give these men their ideologies or worldview, they just taught them how to fight and what weapons to use, their ideas came 1400 years ago with Muhammad's society(the perfect society for all Muslim)

No. 1680281

>I refuse to pay £3.50 for a 2l bottle of coke but I also refuse to sign up for a nectar card.
I usually just use one of my friends or familys one, usually someone got a card for something.

No. 1680285

Not letting rapists in Europe would make us zanies, you don't want to be a nazi, don't you? Love is love.

No. 1680312

Yes yes the US also invented the Quran and all the sexist and pedophilic things written in it. It's not the poor little muslim man's fault, they are too stupid to think for themselves.

No. 1680355

File: 1693229626264.jpg (138.74 KB, 647x229, rapist.jpg)

Speaking of Afghan moids
Afghan moid rapes a 12 year old Albanian girl who was an asylum seeker in the same hotel. I don't know how anyone can support allowing more muslim men into the country. Not only do they rape British women and children, they make the whole asylum system dangerous for women who are genuine asylum seekers. There's already a number of cases where Ukrainian women trying to escape the war were targeted and raped my muslim men in asylum centres.

No. 1680406

Oh no, how could this happen?

No. 1680572

Muslim men are such a blight, I wish they all get raped and burned alive. Yes all men are bad but these men believe rape is their god-given right and it shows, they absolutely will rape any woman that's in a vulnerable position, also helped by the "refugee" label and "it's muh religion". Rape and death for all of them.(racebait)

No. 1681827

File: 1693333912266.jpeg (92.64 KB, 1300x956, IMG_1510.jpeg)

What’s your favourite British sweeties my loves? I luv a couple fruit pastilles every now and then x

No. 1681871

File: 1693336083162.jpeg (77.02 KB, 1000x563, A3A4E81C-14A3-4025-B83F-4A84E6…)

Parma violets

No. 1681874

People who like Parma violets are pedos sorry I don’t make the rules x

No. 1681893

maynards fizzy fish. so fucking good, though they're not as sour as they used to be! my mouth is watering thinking of them.

No. 1681909

File: 1693338451907.jpg (80.81 KB, 829x1000, 51A0Y2euJzL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Though I think they changed the formula recently and they aren't the same now.

No. 1681910

File: 1693338559366.jpeg (406.69 KB, 1500x1500, IMG_3169.jpeg)

Rhubarb & Custards! Especially in a little paper bag from those little old sweet shops. I don’t like rhubarb or custard but I love these

No. 1681913

File: 1693338624732.jpeg (59.03 KB, 620x697, IMG_3170.jpeg)

No. 1681920

No. 1681928

Love these. The green and pink ones are nice too!

No. 1682089

File: 1693354861766.jpg (204.96 KB, 1026x1026, SS004_1026x1026.jpg)

the strawberry and cream twists!

speaking of sweets we need to talk about all the money laundering "american" sweet shops that pop up in every city in the UK where a bag of imported m&ms will set you back £10.50 kek

No. 1682126

File: 1693359324127.jpeg (25.91 KB, 282x179, IMG_6291.jpeg)

i’m trash

No. 1682132

File: 1693359776186.jpeg (69.08 KB, 462x491, IMG_6292.jpeg)

No. 1682392

File: 1693390669792.jpg (91.61 KB, 1000x1000, 611zD60BvUL.jpg)

jelly babs
vapes, prime drinks, and american sweets are the trifecta of a dodgy shop

No. 1682522

I had to travel to some utter scuzzhole near where I live the other day to take a test and there were about 3 vape shops on the same tiny stretch of high street as well as numerous phone repair shops. Hardly any of them were open even though it was 11am on a chewsday. Makes perfect sense that these are the places people buy to launder the money. It’s sad because it doesn’t create actual jobs or improve the wealth of the area, just makes degenerate drug dealers richer meanwhile everyone else is still queuing outside the job centre.

No. 1682644

My town is like this. I normally work from home but the main office for my job is in the town centre and every time i go it's grimmer than before. Nothing but vape/phone repair/american candy/turkish barbers and charity shops plus the inevitable homeless addicts loudly arguing in the middle of the street while everyone walking past tries their best to ignore it.

No. 1682731

Yes!!! That’s another one. Every other shop is some sort of Middle Eastern barbers. Or a betting shop.

No. 1682775

File: 1693422015799.jpg (107.26 KB, 640x401, 09f992abb8cdc363bd97dafefb1704…)

I hate those american "sweet shops". They aren't even sweets, mainly chocolate (which is gross). Picrel is a real sweet shop, where they are weighed and put into a little paper bag kek so cute and nostalgic

No. 1682778

my local town centre is just banks, card shops, charity shops and Turkish barbers too kek… and the market

No. 1682827

Werther's Originals. Old people know what's up, those fuckers are addictive.

No. 1682831

Got one of these near me and I love just going in to look at the sweets. Used to go to one when I was little too. It was a news agents and post office, but all of the interior was this solid, dark wood and the till was one that went ding! when they opened it up. Really old looking. I loved rushing home from school and picking up a mixed bag and sharing them with my mum.

No. 1683641

I miss The Jeremy Kyle show, watching chavs fight was some top trash entertainment.

No. 1683739

>>1683641 It's like lolcow for normies

No. 1683742

File: 1693513526334.jpg (183.53 KB, 2046x1415, R (3).jpg)

>>1681827 I fucking love dolly mixtures, and creme eggs!

No. 1683751

I remember when I was poorly and off school for the day, that was the go-to daytime tv to watch

No. 1683856

File: 1693524203016.jpg (64.85 KB, 490x1000, 51l0V6YxZwL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Same. At one point I didn't go to school for six months and I got to watch it every day, it was so much fun. It was kind of cathartic to imagine that the chavs that were bullying me would end up there one day kek
Picrel was also a sick-day highlight.

No. 1683895

I love any gummy sweet, squashies are probably one of my faves. Does anyone remember millions? I love the apple flavour.
It’s not English but the jelly babies in haribo supermix are the absolute best.

No. 1684024

A chav who bullied me, verbally and physically, ended up on there and was literally ridiculed by the whole country and beyond for how stupid she looked.

No. 1684065

File: 1693540962436.jpg (43.85 KB, 540x675, 0.jpg)

Speaking of chavs, would bonngies ITT consider picrel to be chavvy?

No. 1684134

those are deanos

No. 1684155

It still makes me laugh that his name should be El Número. Loved watching this, Come Outside, and a few other classics when I was little.

No. 1684171

I think this is what chav evolved into. I don't see many old school chavs anymore. It's either this or "roadmen"

No. 1684178

Posh chav look. They've taken the tracksuits off but still prefer buying clothes that are complete outfits because maths and putting objects together was never their strong point. They're a paint by numbers type of simple mindedness.

No. 1684191

Most asylum seekers commit crimes against asylum seekers but unfortunately it rarely ever gets reported. I don't see why the afghan guy was allowed to stay in the country after that crime, if anything they should've sent him back. He would've been killed in his home country according to sharia.

No. 1684214

File: 1693562028330.jpeg (523.02 KB, 1170x1602, IMG_1547.jpeg)

British police are so fucking useless. These people could have been found, arrested and put on trial by now but they couldn’t pull their fat fucking fingers out of their doughnut holes fast enough to request a search.

No. 1684215

File: 1693562110048.jpeg (653.05 KB, 1170x1952, IMG_1548.jpeg)

This is also the fault of misogynistic judges who gave custody of her to her father, when she wanted to live with her mother.

No. 1684218

File: 1693562655661.jpeg (901.61 KB, 1170x1770, IMG_1549.jpeg)

It’s because they were beating her. She had bruises and scratches all over her face. Her stepmother took her out of school for that reason and lied and said it was because of racist bullies. She was probably procuring a future Islam wife for one of her worthless bastard sons. Sara’s 13 year old brother also did nothing to protect her, he was being coddled due to being a boy while Sara had everything taken from her.

No. 1684229

>Most asylum seekers commit crimes against asylum seekers but unfortunately it rarely ever gets reported.
What happened to intersectionality? It suddenly gets swept under the rag when it's not convenient? Nobody gives voice to the most vulnerable, yet 'movements' that are glorified grifts get astroturfed worldwide. Fuck this earth.

This is so fucking weird. The mother gets the custody in almost all cases - what was so different here? I looked at her photos Daily Mail plastered all over and she doesn't look like a terminal alcoholic or drug addict.

No. 1684231

iT's ThEiR cUlTuRe

No. 1684232

Because statisically, men do get more custody when they ask (it was above 60% iirc), but they love crying they don't get most of the custody ignoring the fact most of the time they don't ask, and then when none of the parents actually want custody, the custody is pushed onto the mother anyway.

No. 1684233

they probably wanted another tardbaby by breeding her with her cousin. "we're replacing you" isn't worrying if you're replacing the natives with literal drooling spastics.

No. 1684238

>the mother gets custody in almost all cases
How wrong and naive you are. Courts are biased towards fathers. Women everywhere are being forced to co parent with men who abuse them AND their children and men only have to breathe the words “parental alienation” to get full custody despite abuse allegations from both children and their mothers.

This is the same in America btw. The only reason fathers don’t get custody is because they can’t be bothered to take it to court. When they do, they win the vast majority of the time.

No. 1684240

Most men who cry about this are just MRA tards who don’t even have children. However, a lot of women do put their children at risk by prioritising their new partners over their children, and this shouldn’t be ignored. The most dangerous person for children statistically is mums new bloke.

No. 1684243

nonny, when you discover a sure fire way to find out if a man is a pedophile or abuser, please inform us all. meanwhile, have some empathy and consider not all of us want to be alone and stop blaming women for men's faults.

No. 1684245

You’re misunderstanding me. Women will disbelieve their children’s allegations or overlook clear abuse from their new partners, and it leads to death sometimes. That’s a fact. I don’t know how you got THAT from what I wrote, but when a woman KNOWS her child is being abused by their partner and makes no effort to leave then yes, she is partly if not equally responsible for their death. It’s her duty as a mother to protect them and she’d rather not be alone than do that.

No. 1684247

Take Star Hobsons death. She was brutally beaten to death by her mothers female partner, who made no effort to leave her and even joined in the abuse. And Arthur Hughes, who was battered to death by his fathers new girlfriend, who also made no effort to leave or intervene and joined in. Both parents are responsible for their children dying, along with the person who killed them. Was there a sure fire way to know these people were child abusers? Not at first, but once the beatings and severe punishments started, then THATS it.
I’m trying to be polite but I’m actually shocked at how stupid your reply was.

No. 1684252

nowhere you implied it was about women ignoring their child being already abused. you said prioritize, which could mean anything in a broad spectrum. also often the women are also being abused and/or manipulated by the same men.

No. 1684254

Prioritise is the key word here. Prioritise him being there over their safety. Only idiots need things like this spelled out for them.
Being abused isn’t an excuse to become an abuser and neglecter of your own children. Think about how often you hear about girls saying their mother disbelieved them or took their abusers side when they were sexually abused? By either mums new fella or some other male in the family. There’s no excuses, ever. They protect abusers, they are abusers.

No. 1684464

anons I just went to an Italian restaurant (for my birthday) and head and shoulders lady herself Claudia Winkleman was there kek

No. 1684761

I hate the majority of young British men. They’re the scurge of this country and give it a bad name because they’re the typical loud drunkard sex tourist abroad. But it is so funny to see them seethe at other people realising that generally, women in the UK are raised to be polite, warm and friendly. They’re no uglier or more beautiful than any other nationality which is a silly metric of beauty regardless

No. 1685398

I notice the media use images of girl children wearing very little or makeup in these cases.
It's pedo bating. Why on earth is she wearing makeup in the first place?

No. 1685738

They usually want to publish the prettiest photo of the child for max sympathy points. It's nothing new.

No. 1685900

File: 1693710006162.jpg (81.29 KB, 724x1000, gyiiy.jpg)

>decide to watch picrel

This film definitely falls under the category of "posh southerner comedy where the characters aren't actually meant to be that posh" alongside Fleabag

No. 1685926

I still can't comprehend that Renée Zellweger is American.

No. 1685942

File: 1693716259924.jpg (101.78 KB, 1600x900, You-Guys-Are-Getting-Paid-Meme…)

Renee Zellweger is American

No. 1686153

File: 1693737991131.gif (3.14 MB, 563x383, 5e483b6cc1900aad073488b4065c73…)

she is the only American that can pull off an English accent without sounding like Dick Van Dyke from Marry Poppins. Also this reminds me of my mum as it is her favourite film.. also young Colin firth in the first movie was cute

No. 1686154

nonas i am watching come dine with me compilations on YouTube and having a fun time

No. 1686159

Colin is so cute

No. 1686319

oh man that's a shout, heather vs zaira is my fave meltdown ever

No. 1686325

Yep they're chavvy. I actively avoid people who look like this, they're always bad news and have nothing whatsoever going on in their heads.

No. 1687153

File: 1693814852231.jpeg (655.78 KB, 1170x2015, IMG_1601.jpeg)

No. 1687156

File: 1693815023744.jpeg (770 KB, 1170x1967, IMG_1602.jpeg)

Proof that family court would rather give custody to a convicted pedophile, as long as he cries “parental alienation”. Please don’t listen to MRA myths.

No. 1687158

File: 1693815195805.jpeg (810.22 KB, 1170x1828, IMG_1603.jpeg)

No. 1687159

File: 1693815290293.jpeg (787.73 KB, 1170x1955, IMG_1606.jpeg)

No. 1688114

File: 1693900773766.jpeg (845.95 KB, 1170x2222, IMG_1617.jpeg)

No. 1688118

File: 1693900951812.jpeg (693.85 KB, 1144x1331, IMG_1618.jpeg)

No. 1688179

File: 1693907684568.jpeg (235.11 KB, 960x1440, IMG_3214.jpeg)

Does this make you feel cosy and nostalgic?

No. 1688283

Thanks, I hate this.

No. 1688285

I would consider this just trashy, it’s what some chavs aspire to be or look like.
To me chavvy is (some) people that live on a council estate, have knock off everything, live outside their means (on benefits and have no concept of the value of money), live off Iceland microwave meals, steal stuff and sell it at car boots. Sit in their front gardens drinking, are loud and shout at people for looking at them, uneducated, etc etc.

I realise some of that would be considered as just someone who is poor and I don’t mean those people, chavs make it a way of life - it’s who they are.

No. 1688491

I think this anon
Got it spot on. This is the new age of chav. The middle class chav. The chav that made it off of the estate working trades, running their own salon, tapping their garish acrylics over a keyboard in a call centre. They have a harmless French bulldog as opposed to a pitbull and neither of them would ever touch drugs. Their children do well in school, but not too well, and they’re polite to their neighbours and a credit to their communities. Good on them, I think.

No. 1688494

Samefag, I don’t think these people look poor. In fact I’d say they’re a young couple doing well for themselves. Their only true crimes are crimes against fashion and home decor (they have a grey crushed velvet sofa set and a “live laugh love” mural above the electric fireplace, next to their professionally taken portrait of themselves with their 3 kids Cayden, Jayden and Harmonie-Mae along with their beloved french bulldog named Bruce)

No. 1688968

6 year old me wanted to marry Archie the Inventor. Naturally, I grew up to be a fujo.

No. 1689031

You people just can’t help but mention yourselves can you? You’re like vegans except even worse. I promise you the fact that you’re a fujo is NEVER relevant outside whatever containment thread they forced you in.

No. 1689056

I don't see a link here, you're just attention-whoring. Do you even know what a fujo is?(infighting)

No. 1689242

She’s writing balamory fujo-fiction as we speak. That cop from the White House and Archie will be going at it in a raunchy enemies-to-lovers saga.

No. 1689244

File: 1694007490811.jpg (98.08 KB, 1069x1049, 690d288b651b78ecf09e776c05d977…)

can we please stop the anti fujo sperging noone wants to hear this. every damn day on this cursed site

No. 1689247

It’ll stop when the fujos stop.

No. 1689767

File: 1694056663394.jpg (430.59 KB, 1913x1461, 6344.jpg)

The white house cop is called PC Plum. iirc he was hinted at having feelings for the teacher Miss Hoolie so I guess he's bi. idk if they're enemies though except maybe PC Plum would be jealous of Archie because he lives in a castle.

No. 1689953

Archie is a free spirit and probably has wild parties at the castle. Probably involved with drug trafficking, when pc plum goes to arrest or investigate him the sexual tension is absolutely unbearable, they both fall in love at first sight, but they can’t be together. Their relationship is a toxic whirlwind of undeniable sexual chemistry but a totally incomparable world view.

No. 1690325

File: 1694106973487.jpeg (59.45 KB, 1280x720, A41DD95B-D7BC-436F-B805-88274F…)

He’s hot

No. 1690327

I agree. It’s a shame he’s spying for Iran and is probably some sort of anti women’s rights incel.

No. 1690749

Love yourself

No. 1690862

File: 1694140574648.jpg (65.07 KB, 1617x1080, 7I4A1B578CRY88R4DMSP.jpg)

thought this was dan howell for a second

No. 1691531

Why does he look like a butch lesbian here

No. 1691850

People often confuse twinks and butch lesbians. Both are kind of based though.

No. 1692156

They’ve arrested him now.

No. 1692313

File: 1694268223573.jpeg (763.98 KB, 1170x1354, IMG_3241.jpeg)

Kek I love these