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File: 1694538261568.jpg (90.47 KB, 513x600, Pokémon.600.2739550.jpg)

No. 320917

Pokemon is a japanese media franchise consisting of video games, animated series and films, a trading card game, and other related media. The franchise takes place in a shared universe in which humans co-exist with creatures known as Pokemon, a large variety of species endowed with special powers.

Pokemon Day List of Updates: https://serebii.net/

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No. 320918

File: 1694538830963.jpeg (182.19 KB, 900x1200, IMG_4093.jpeg)

Ice Miku

No. 320919

File: 1694538895285.jpeg (281.65 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_4094.jpeg)

I have no idea why they went with Lapras and I’m still like how is there only one good design(Psychic) and one decent design (water) thus far?

No. 320920

File: 1694538895394.jpg (738.18 KB, 2611x4096, necky.jpg)

Awww the op art is adorable!

I started to wake up every day excited to bully the new Miku in here

No. 320922

File: 1694539219683.jpeg (2.95 MB, 3223x2415, IMG_4096.jpeg)

For some reason people are sucking them off super hard in a server I’m in and getting upset that I’m calling them ugly haha
Their reasoning is literally ‘BECAUSE THEY’RE SO CREATIVE’
I don’t even think most of the designs are that creative, they’re just overdesigned.
People have mentioned this but the fan designs are honestly much much better.

No. 320925

File: 1694539871159.jpeg (240.81 KB, 800x1130, IMG_4098.jpeg)

I’m not always a snow Miku fan but just Vulpix having a matching cape makes it better than the majority of these new designs
I’m assuming these new designs are for twitter kids

No. 320927

File: 1694540119923.jpg (29.66 KB, 475x475, 8dc46-16303854743965-800.jpg)

I liked water more than psychic. With psychic, meloetta and miku look fine by themselves but they don't look good together and they don't scream psychic. Water is cohesive and cute.

>I have no idea why they went with Lapras

It's a stretch but I assume it's because lapras is known for perish song? Muh 'tism can't handle how poorly Miku matches the Pokemon in most of these, they're utilized horribly.

>that hair
>…with lapras instead of one of the billion ice type pokemon made of ice to match
The outfit is a little cool at least (besides the shoes). They should've given this ugly fuck his time to shine, he'd look nice with her. Or regice, avalugg, glalie, anything besides a poke most people forget is half ice. Glastrier was the dream…

No. 320928

Yeah that's another thing they had a billion snow miku designs to go off of and a pokemon who can fill the role of her bunny perfectly. I think limiting themselves to pokes associated with music was a set up.

No. 320929

Even ‘music related Pokémon’ feels like a stretch for a lot of these
Like…the fire crocodile thing from the new games has what to do with music exactly?

No. 320935

File: 1694542562823.png (201.7 KB, 245x342, SV02_EN_37.png)

he sings for the dead or something hence his name skele-"dirge" https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokedex/skeledirge

No. 320950

>I have no idea why they went with Lapras
Lapras is associated with singing, not much but since there are no better obvious music themed ice type they went with it. It's gmax form has ice "music notes" floating around it.
>how is there only one good design(Psychic) and one decent design (water) thus far?
Because Megumi Mizutani made most of them and her current taste is Bad (she did make the water type tho)

I like the ghost type drawing for halloween creeping closer!

No. 320953

This one is straight up neither pokemon nor Miku? Too masculine to really look like Miku, and pokemon trainers don't have literal ice for hair so she doesn't belong in the pokemon world. The fact that her hair and shoes are made of the same ice makes me think he's just wearing a dumb wig. It looks like a shonen anime rival to me, he has a cold personality and butts head with the main character who's a fire guy with red hair

No. 320957

kek that is literally how you compliment a kids drawing when it's kinda shit. Sorry for asking but are they gendies? Like the kind where making themselves into ugly af goblins is the goal because "being unique" is the only thing that matters, and they call trans women brave and stunning when they objectively look disgusting? Because idk but it's the vibe these designs give me, that only people who have memed themselves into liking weird things because the weird thing is "oppressed" and need to be defended and loved.

Have you showed them the rotom fan design as an example of what is actually good and us haters like? It incorporates the pokemon itself really well, Miku matches the theme and it's still unique and fun without being a weird mess.

No. 320961

File: 1694546588168.gif (4.13 MB, 540x304, skelederp.gif)

>Like…the fire crocodile thing from the new games has what to do with music exactly?
Oh boy I love that I get to sperg about how shit skeledirge is! It has a living bird fire ball on it's nose, (not a pokemon tho somehow) and the bird can stretch the "leg" out and become a mic.
Skeledirge is a croc, a flat fuck on the ground, so they did the obvious thing of making it checks note awkwardly stand up on its hind legs for a second to "sing". It has to stand up to reach the bird mic - except the bird mic is normally not stretched out and could literally have stayed near the ground to let it sing from the ground?
And that's not even mentioning that it has ugly clown hair and a bald head. I'm like the opposite of a genwunner, I think gen 1 is one of the worst gens but I still think gen 9 is worse.

No. 320963

>I started to wake up every day excited to bully the new Miku in here
kek nona
I really badly WANT to like the Mikus because I love both her and pokemon but I just genuinely hate the design direction pokemon has taken the past year(s)

No. 320966

File: 1694547053597.png (139.83 KB, 502x643, the channel is called salt and…)

>Sorry for asking but are they gendies?
Just looked it up, yes they are all gendies kek.
>Because idk but it's the vibe these designs give me, that only people who have memed themselves into liking weird things because the weird thing is "oppressed" and need to be defended and loved.
Agreed, one of their reasons for it being 'above criticism' is because they were done by the artist, even though I mentioned liking Lisia's design and her artist is working on the project? It's so weird how these people attach their entire personality to a multi billion dollar company and if you point how weird it is that they're obsessively caping for them they immediately go 'N-NO THE ARTIST'
>Have you showed them the rotom fan design as an example of what is actually good and us haters like?
I mentioned it and mentioned it being on danbooru, but I don't think they looked it up.

It actually does kind of track that the designs are made for gendies though. They're obsessed with that 'Miku made minecraft' meme after all.

No. 320969

File: 1694547603753.png (136.95 KB, 688x634, baaaaw you're so mean for sayi…)

Seriously though pokemon fans will cape for literally anything and take any criticism of the world's highest grossing franchise as a personal attack on their character, it's kind of amazing.

No. 320973

She looks really cute here, I love her hair and outfit. Ice and electric have been my faves so far

No. 320976

I’m sorry, but she is so ugly.

No. 320977

honestly yeah she looks kinda iffy

No. 320981

>Just looked it up, yes they are all gendies kek.
lmao you really can clock gendies on their poor taste alone, tragic
>one of their reasons for it being 'above criticism' is because they were done by the artist
Not to dox myself but I am literally a professional artist and I think a lot of the shown designs are bad (or at least average, which in this context makes them bad). Taking and giving criticism is important and any good artist and designer knows that criticism of their work is not a personal attack by any means, and it is to be expected. To be like "but it will hurt the artists feelings!" is super childish, and frankly mean and unproductive because then you're saying you don't want to be honest with them and help them improve. Pity is not a compliment, it's an insult.
Especially when you're poiting towards their other works saying you like those, you know they're capable of making better designs which you are openly complimenting. That's the opposite of being mean to the artist.
>Seriously though pokemon fans will cape for literally anything and take any criticism of the world's highest grossing franchise as a personal attack on their character, it's kind of amazing.
Eh I think it's just that pokemon is SO big that there are a lot of obsessive people. I see the opposite opinion a lot, that "all pokemon fans do is complain".

No. 320985

kek, same nona. the designs are all so bad and uncohesive. i almost forgave the rotom one bc it was inoffensive. i cant believe all the artists are flopping so hard, they shouldve brought their A-game for international star Miku
i could appreciate the corporate boss concept if it weren't for those fugly neon green and pink accents and the total mismatch to lapras. theyre so contrasting, it looks like miku's about to close a deal that would drive lapras out of their habitat and make them endangered again

No. 320988

The ice toes are… a lot.

No. 321006

File: 1694562900650.png (44.51 KB, 300x300, mimikyubusted.png)

honestly i think picrel is perhaps the greatesg pokémon in terms of design. just the right blend of creepy cute, has personality, and the designs really ties in with its combat mechanic. even the name is adorable. perfect little critter right there

No. 321021

Playing the new DLC and there's a gender neutral bathroom in the community centre in the first village you visit… not even the games are safe from genderspecial shit anymore sigh

No. 321051

Fuck this one is so ugly. I like most of the pokemon miku designs but this one is just horrible

No. 321056

>it looks like miku's about to close a deal that would drive lapras out of their habitat and make them endangered again
omg nona lmao
you're right tho

>Playing the new DLC and there's a gender neutral bathroom in the community centre in the first village you visit…
I told everyone before the SV launch that the games seemed woke and troony and people said I was exaggerating… yet here we are with gender neutral bathrooms, no female/male options, ugly gendie looking npcs all over… pokemon GO has had an enby team leader for many years now and it's one of their most profitable games ever. (Not that most people are even aware Blanche is a troon but still, I openly misgender her and people don't react kek)
Funny though how as soon a franchise touches the gender stuff the designs go to shit, like clockwork. Can't wait for the trans medical scandal that is mutilating children gets exposed.

No. 321143

File: 1694623655946.jpg (153.62 KB, 1200x900, F55bvurWwAACRS_.jpg)

Rock Miku. This should have been the ice design, but at least it's not a total disaster like the ice design was.

No. 321146

>official art mogged by fan designs
it's so over

No. 321150

File: 1694624741030.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x2167, F55chwTWUAAOcde.jpg)

The concept art made me like this one, finally a design that looks like Miku. Not a fan of the ice parts though, but the rest is nice.

No. 321151

Aww, it's cute that she's a jester that Aurorus turns into a princess.

No. 321157

damn megumi mizutani is redeeming herself with this one, actually cute and brilliant concept with the court jester and princess theme. wish she had kept this energy for all of her mikus

>Not a fan of the ice parts though, but the rest is nice.

given that it's the rock type I think it's rock/crystals and not ice

No. 321164

File: 1694626799942.jpg (165.98 KB, 1002x562, 2022.11.28-07.16-boundingintoc…)

>ugly gendie looking npcs all over
god the one buff female NPC type pisses me off, they literally look like hulking men with wigs kek

No. 321168

Oh my god we finally have another design that isn’t complete trash
I’m not crazy about the like, rock pigtail ends but you can’t even see those in the main design anyway.

No. 321170

I haven't played gen 9 yet and thought that the fire starter was the more normal looking one but I guess not. I don't know if I'll ever play it but it seems like if I do I should just put whatever starter I will pick in the PC forever.

No. 321178

File: 1694627800244.jpg (97.49 KB, 969x916, 1693761750200009.jpg)

Did it look like the bathroom was done on purpose to be woke or is it just Game Freak being lazy? If the story takes place in a school again I understand tbh, we had gender neutral bathrooms in primary and middle school and I remember being harassed by my male classmates who always tried to force themselves inside to see me and the other girls without our underwear… Anyway it's not like it would be the first Japanese video game company trying to appeal to Western TRAs who don't play video games as opposed to their loyal costumers who don't care about that shit. I remember some Capcom leak a few years ago about that for all their upcoming game (before all the current RE remakes and the Great Ace Attorney remaster got released) and Square Enix always tried too hard to appeal to the West while alienating JRPG fans like with Nier becoming a middle aged albino looking gorilla in the original release of the game instead of staying a bishonen or the fucked up English localizations of the recent FF games.

No. 321188

I can't find the tweet again, but someone posted a pic and they added 3 bathrooms, the gender-neutral one flavor text says "This bathroom can be used by anyone"

No. 321191

Jesus fucking christ, it's over. Western JRPG fans are officially the most oppressed minority on earth. It's a joke, for the autists out there.

No. 321234

File: 1694635625894.jpeg (356.05 KB, 1176x1500, F45F8OHbQAAUIFV.jpeg)

Mimikyu is adorable! A very creepy-cute rag doll. I wish to make a plushie of him one day.

No. 321237

>god the one buff female NPC type pisses me off, they literally look like hulking men with wigs kek
I haven't started the DLC yet but I will find it interesting to see if they'll have the troon npc's in Kitakami, a Japanese region, or if they're specifically a western thing to them. I have this suspicion that the uglier npcs is just how they see western people and that they'll make the Japanese inspired people more "normal" in comparison. (I'm sure they'll reuse some models though).

No. 321238

>Did it look like the bathroom was done on purpose to be woke or is it just Game Freak being lazy?
They specifically point out in the story that "the bathrooms are to the left!" so that you'll check them out despite there being NOTHING there other than doors (that you can't enter). If you press A they say "for girls", "for boys", "for anyone to use".
They really thought they did something there. Good job game freak you ended twansphobia. Whoever the troon chaser at game freak is I hope they get fired.

No. 321313

File: 1694677056772.jpg (43.6 KB, 716x346, fanmade_mikus.jpg)

I wish ice Miku had been this instead. I don't care if an ice skater is "predictable", there's no ice skater trainer yet so it would still be unique for pokemon

No. 321319

File: 1694681594853.jpg (195.89 KB, 1280x720, F536UkOakAANXNF.jpg)

Found a pic of the bathrooms again, they also made the men one red & women one blue (not that it matters, but I guess it adds to them trying to be progresive).
Though now that I look at it the "gender neutral" room has a double-sized door so it may be a bathroom acomodated to wheelchair users and such, they're 1-for-all over here as well. I wonder what the jp flavor text says.

No. 321324

>they also made the men one red & women one blue (not that it matters, but I guess it adds to them trying to be progresive).
Pretty sure even in japan that is the opposite of the color tradition, usually blue is for men and red for women so it's definitely some intentional gender bs. It wouldn't matter otherwise, like a static door doesn't change anything obviously, but the fact that they proudly present it to you in an effort to seem woke and inclusive is gross and performative. It confirms the "muscle woman" NPC and mannish female NPCs were probably intentionally made to appeal to western gendies and not just "body diversity".
I fear the next gen will be way worse, unless the mass-peakening hits so hard in the next 2 years that they silently remove it before the games have even been released. The only hope is that countries like China would get pissed off and maybe ban the games which would hurt their sales too much.
I wish there was more public outrage of this, not like "reee the gender devil made it, save us jesus" but just like people rightfully rolling their eyes and mocking it openly because it IS dumb, and the designs are ugly.

No. 321327

I wish the bigger bathroom could just be for families, where they can take in a baby stroller and change the diaper. At least make it functional instead of "Anyone can come here!"

No. 321328

Is anyone familar with the staff who work at game freak? A lot of them have twitters and social media, I wonder if it's possible to find the gendie(s) at game freak who keeps pushing for it to be in the games (since they have to be terminally online to catch the social contagion) they have to be pretty high up/influential to get it this far

No. 321329

samefag, not to dox them or anything, i just feel like they're probably into sus content and would make a fun lolcow to watch

No. 321331

File: 1694695354009.jpg (186.93 KB, 900x1200, ground.jpg)

Ground Miku

I like this one a lot (still doesn't look like Miku at all though)

No. 321373

Not a terrible design but looks literally nothing like Miku, also …crocs…?

No. 321389

Ground is definitely my favorite so far. Personally, I don't really get the issue with these designs not looking like Miku when there's already plenty of song-specific Miku designs that don't look like her. Project Diva has a module where Miku has curly purple hair as an example. Or another example is the Raspberryism Miku. It doesn't look like her but it's still a cute and memorable design.
I'm glad the artists for this collab are trying different things instead of playing it safe.

No. 321395

The thing for me is most of the designs are just kinda ugly and underwhelming, they are still playing it safe but in a different way. Like did giving Miku crocs for shoes really improve on the design, or are they just kinda ugly and off-theme meme shoes for the lolz?

No. 321397

>Personally, I don't really get the issue with these designs not looking like Miku when there's already plenty of song-specific Miku designs that don't look like her
Miku not looking like Miku in a Miku project isn't an issue and instead kind of expands on what Miku looks like in her own brand. Miku not looking like Miku in a crossover renders the crossover completely meaningless. There's no point in having Miku there at all if she's not there as Miku.

It's like if McDonalds did a collab with your favourite ice cream place and you couldn't wait to see what wacky burger ice cream flavor they'd come up with, and they're like "we put ice cream on a pizza, enjoy!!" like ok that's cool I guess because pizza is nice, but where is the McD burger theme and why is there a pizza, this is not at all what anyone came for or wanted from this collab this isn't pizza hut

No. 321480

File: 1694774096651.jpg (55.79 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg)

You have to be kidding me in saying these designs are on the same level as Project Diva. Project Diva works because they use Miku's exact face and bodytype (rounded eyes, no eyelashes and her pupils) so with any design you can still tell it's her. These designs change her entire face, hair shape, hair color, clothes, even skin color like this Ground one.

These are more akin to the Mikusonas DestinyMoon made trend in that they're basically OCs trying to attach themselves to the Miku brand, except not trans, obese and black.

No. 321520

File: 1694790623233.jpg (148.62 KB, 900x1200, 20230915_132004.jpg)

Flying type, I like this one too

Agreeing with all of this post. These aren't Miku, they're just OCs

No. 321627

File: 1694814021402.jpg (97.17 KB, 1280x720, 20230915_174227.jpg)

I saw one female hiker on one of the mountain trails, but the rest of the npcs are entirely new and normal looking. you may be right kek

absolutely adore this one, kannu hit it out of the park here.

No. 321773

>I saw one female hiker on one of the mountain trails, but the rest of the npcs are entirely new and normal looking
I'm pretty sure the hiker was the one with alolan pokemon, making it so she's clearly a tourist and not a real Kitakami native. Most NPCs there have Japanese names as well (except the siblings you interact with since they're main npc characters who always get translated names). I've not seen any hideous npcs at all, so the theory that game freak are being kinda racist ans making white people into caricatures is still on lmao

No. 321787

File: 1694864990800.jpg (315.75 KB, 1280x1920, _ai_art__perrin___pokemon_scar…)

Bump because of moid post

No. 321797

>These are more similar to fat black obese tranny Miku by Twitter zoomers.
Nona quit smoking crack at least the Pokemon designs are still cute.

No. 321800

File: 1694875953853.jpg (29.9 KB, 566x370, ew.JPG)

I hate this moid so much, he was annoying all DLC and kept punching walls and acting like a little school shooting freak. Of course the whole story has to drag because the moid needs to be coddled. Also I felt like his sister Carmine had a thing for the protagonist, kinda cute.

No. 321801

I loved him kek I love angsty characters and I love how they're setting him up to become an antagonist.

He thinks he's owed something because he was rooting for the bad guy all along (the fact that the bad guy was actually good was purely coincidence, he liked the ogre as a bad guy). But he's clearly set up to be wrong and bad for thinking so, I feel like that's refreshing. Usually this kind of "tortured male" will be presented as just a poor victim but we see protag + his sister care but him closing himself off and making things worse. I'm assuming in part 2 he'll go nuts but turn around at the very end.

No. 321804

It was obvious that he'd become an antagonist from the very start, his design is clearly creepy just like that one blonde lady.

No. 321901

File: 1694917012326.jpg (64.28 KB, 1200x675, featured-pokemon-scarlet-viole…)

words can't describe how much i hate this thing

No. 321923

Aw why, I think she's cute and I like the mask gimmick

No. 321926

Her face is so cute, but I don't understand the rest of the design. Why does it looks like she has a horseshoe around her head?

No. 321956

She's wearing a cape/poncho over her head, that's the collar

No. 321967

i dont like humanoid pokemon. it looks like a loz or splatoon character

No. 321980

>i dont like humanoid pokemon
I don't mind ogerpon's level of humanoid where its basically just "bipedal litte goblin", but dear god do I hate the disgusting furries we get as starters these days

No. 321987

Looks like a Kirby character. Cute but doesn't feel like Pokemon.

No. 322249

Ladies, living dex anon here with a style question for you all: would you keep the same ability through a line, or would you try to showcase the different abilities a line can have? For example, a or b:
Fletchling: Big Pecks
Fletcinder: Flame Body
Talonflame: Gale Wings

Fletching: Gale Wings
Fletcinder: Gale Wings
Talonflame: Gale Wings

No. 322251

I'd make it different ones to have as many as possible available if I ever "need" them (I won't lol). But if I don't care enough to diversify I'd pick what I consider the most iconic one for the pokemon, for example clamperl having Shell Armor over Rattled because it's literally in a shell so it makes more sense to me

No. 322253

File: 1695119592805.jpg (167.25 KB, 900x1200, fairy.jpg)

Fairy. I love this one but I bet the troons are already trying to claim her because of the colors. Thank god Miku is a known female character.

No. 322256

File: 1695121613196.png (255.4 KB, 600x600, 4580736403680RESIZED_600x600_j…)

Woah this one is adorable (and Wigglytuff is my favorite pokemon, so points for showcasing her pre-evo). The design actually looks like Miku, it reminds me of her prize figures.

No. 322273

i love this one too but you know the ftm “femboys” will claim her and so will tim troons irregardless of facts

No. 322274

Who cares what scrotes do? Shes cute. Reminds me of the fairy type trainers in XY

No. 322285

File: 1695134416918.jpeg (296.62 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_4241.jpeg)

I like the heart shaped pokewalker

No. 322286

Troons have been trying to claim Miku for ages. Who cares, she’s cute and they don’t matter.

No. 322288

Thank god they didn't disrespect jigglypuff with an awful looking Miku.

No. 322308

File: 1695142030407.png (748.54 KB, 1080x1060, eb2d609742d4d3b5b9da06aacc9da4…)

Reminder: Having pink, white and sky blue colors doesn't make it trans. Pastel colors are just appealing and cute.

No. 322391

That's obvious to most people, the problem is the troon cult loves their flags and will turn every conversation to a troon topic and no one is allowed to criticize it. Doesn't help that game freak is attempting to appeal to them now by erasing feminine coded things to make it "gender neutral"

No. 322409

File: 1695206747196.png (2.99 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4372.png)

Just got done watching a playthrough of the DLC
Why did they make Kieran’s sister such a humongous cunt? She pretty much is either being a bitch to everyone or rubbing it in her brother’s face that his autistic hyperfixation hates him and likes the only friend he’s ever made more.
The writing legit made it seem like she just hated him having any friends at all and purposefully wanted to fuck with him, left a bad taste in my mouth honestly.

No. 322411

File: 1695208044427.jpeg (151.39 KB, 1200x900, F6ddYiXbIAATMEH.jpeg)

Today’s bug type Miku reminds me of Gakuen Alice. It must be the pigtails.

No. 322412

Ok tier design, I could do without the butterfly wings combined with the arm sash things
Not terrible though

No. 322420

File: 1695212481068.jpeg (249.31 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1140.jpeg)

Character sheet

No. 322425

I love that she’s a choir girl. An actual music related Miku. So might be the best for me so far, if not Rock.

No. 322427

This one's my favorite so far, so cute!! I used to love Kricketune as a kid bc we both played/made violin sounds. I love how the artist made them match, and the arm sash and wings look like something a kid would really really want their mom to add to her clothes despite it not looking super cohesive or good… Ok that last part is cope, I just like Kricketune.

No. 322431

Glad I wasn't the only one thinking she was pretty bitchy KEK. At times the way she treated her brother felt unnecessarily cruel, like she was trying to humiliate him or something. The writing for both Carmine and Kieran felt kind of off though. I guess it's better that they're different than the NPC's from the main storyline that are all happy go lucky and automatically love the MC right from the get go otherwise the DLC story would end up pretty stale.

No. 322448

Mandatory "looks nothing like Miku" comment. Other than that, as a not-Miku pokemon trainer I actually love it because it's a take on a bug type trainer we've never seen before. Love the multiple sashes that look like wings/extra arms like a bug

No. 322454

I'm not very far into it yet, but it was very funny to me that the first thing she does is basically yell baka gaijin at the MC despite studying in a foreign school herself the rest of the time…

>I guess it's better that they're different than the NPC's from the main storyline that are all happy go lucky and automatically love the MC right from the get go
IMO they sound like they're obsessed with the MC right from the very second they meet. They have a different flavor of autism for sure, but it sure as hell isn't a milder one. Guess I'll wait and see

No. 322455

File: 1695235502696.jpg (328.52 KB, 1621x1920, 1695099399898.jpg)

I actually love Carmine and Kieran's rocky but caring sibling relationsip, they act EXACTLY like (some of) my friends did to their siblings as kids. Siblings fight ALL the time, I'm sick of only seeing moe "onii-san uwu" shit all the time. They're both unnecessarily mean to each other at times while you can still see they care a lot for each other, but often in misguided ways becuase they're dumb kids who don't act perfectly and have their own issues. And still usually the second they stop fighting, they're "friends" again. This is a very normal and realistic sibling dynamic. I'm glad they didn't half-ass it and made her actually quite bitchy because it's more realistic and funnier to watch as a player.

The few people I've seen complain are ones who hate all the mean rivals and love the friendly ones (I see more men hate Carmine though since she's female and females have to be good little girls at all times). Personally I greatly prefer the meaner rivals to the cookie cutter nice ones who are just your friends, so this kind of friendly-but-mean rival middle thing was MUCH better than Nemona and Penny who I find boring as fuck. (Arven gets a pass because at least his relationship to his parent was interesting)

>rubbing it in her brother’s face that his autistic hyperfixation hates him and likes the only friend he’s ever made more.

You're exaggerating, she's literally telling him she gets how he feels but that he has to consider ogerpons feelings. And to be fair, his fixation on the villain who attacked the village and killed their heroes IS weird. He's the kind of guy who thinks the Joker is justified and it's the world who's wrong, you know? He said he likes the ogre because it's so powerful it killed the 3 good heroes on its own, he didn't care about the real sweet innocent ogerpon at all - and that's why it didn't like him.

No. 322465

Yeah I don't mind the change, I just wish the game didn't basically ignore that she's a bitch and expect you to like her for…basically no reason?
I don't have siblings so maybe that's why I don't get it, but by the end I was more like 'Kieran is my sonfu why is she being so mean to him!' and I was annoyed that there was no option to not lie to Kieran and be kinder to him.
>The few people I've seen complain are ones who hate all the mean rivals and love the friendly ones
I guess I mind it less when they're being mean to the player character since the player character doesn't really react? Like in HGSS you get kicked around and forcibly stripped by Silver but the protagonist doesn't really seem to care (due to being silent), meanwhile Kieran basically gets mindbroken which could have been avoided if his sister didn't pull the 'IT WANTS TO GO WITH YOU PROTAGONIST' right in front of him and that Ogerpon was scared of him despite him desperately trying to get it to like him.
> his fixation on the villain who attacked the village and killed their heroes IS weird.
He's a kid who gets bullied by his sister and has no friends, so from the start he pretty much considered Ogerpon to be a reflection of himself and wanted to be friends with it because of that, it's pretty normal stuff for kids and I don't think it's on the level of being a Jokerfag teenager.

No. 322525

i love her

No. 322568

>Kieran basically gets mindbroken which could have been avoided if his sister didn't pull the 'IT WANTS TO GO WITH YOU PROTAGONIST' right in front of him and that Ogerpon was scared of him despite him desperately trying to get it to like him.
Was she wrong though? She wasn't doing it to spite Kieran, she was doing it to uplift the player and ogerpon, while suppressing her own complex emotions about it (she doesn't like outsiders, doesn't want their village legend to go to someone else, is also sad for Kieran because she knows he wants it too etc).
Why should she be mean to the player AND ogerpon and instead insist her little brother's unhealthy obsession with getting the strong murder pokemon means he should take it? Or the other option, not learn from her earlier regret of not telling him and just make you take ogerpon later behind his back instead?
>He's a kid who gets bullied by his sister and has no friends
>I don't think it's on the level of being a Jokerfag teenager.
Siblings making fun of and annoying each other is not at all the same thing as school kids bullying each other, which I'm not sure someone without siblings get. It absolutely is the same as the joker-stans, Kieran's an outcast "by choice". HE sees himself as weak and weird - but others don't. And ultimately that is what turns him into an actually bad outcast at the end. There are plenty of times Carmine tries to be considerate to him, even right from the start she calls him really strong and HE's the one who denies it. They both point out each others flaws while also revealing how the other is being considerate in secret. They both know how the other acts and that their "bullying" conceals kindness. It's why I love both of them, they're complex and realistic.

No. 322618

NTA but you're spot on. Kieran is a typical self-defeating beta.

No. 322628

Adding that Kieran overhears Carmine (and protag) hearing about ogerpons true story, and he hears Carmine wanting to tell him about it - but the grandpa being the one to stop her (and protag), and he still blames the two of them even though they just did what they were told despite not wanting to. He's immediately mad at protag being all "why did you lie???" even though he literally heard the reason why. Why did HE lie and pretend he didn't overhear the story when he could easily have mentioned he heard it all? He forces protag into an uncomfortable position where you have to lie to him, and then he's mad that you lied.

No. 322699

File: 1695350688181.jpeg (218.93 KB, 900x1200, ECE60EE4-AA41-4C9E-ABC9-3EE006…)

This is the furthest away from Miku yet, isn’t it!

No. 322700

File: 1695350746881.jpeg (352.29 KB, 1920x1080, A02A9408-5B85-4977-9C8F-6C0CA3…)

No. 322702

File: 1695350887625.jpeg (308.22 KB, 1920x1080, 33EBD266-A19C-4CF3-8E1E-D4BDC7…)

No electric guitar or anything, sad.

No. 322703

Batshit crazy miku looks fun, but doesn’t look like miku at all tbh.

No. 322738

Wish she had a guitar or something, I feel like this one misses the point of toxtricity. Honestly it's too overdesigned for pokemon while as usual not looking like Miku at all either. Massive fail imo.

No. 322740

One of the worst things about the Miku designs for me is that they keep treating the hair as if it's not hair and instead make it look like a big solid lump of… something. It cheapen the designs by a lot. Pokémon may not be known for the most detailed hair but at least it's usually not just a weird lump of plastic or ice or literal thorny vines.

No. 322746

File: 1695367172521.jpg (61.91 KB, 1000x741, 81-QTao4WDL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Maaaan we had a couple good designs in a row and now we're back to the shitty ones, my immediate thought when I saw it was 'why is she wearing moon shoes with plastic bags around them'

No. 322749

I assume it's like a lab thing where you have to wear that ugly plastic over your shoes to not drag in dirt all over, but it's such a stupid detail in the context of an insane scientist who works with toxins when the shoes themselves should just be protective gear then.
And wtf is up with the jacket? Are we supposed to pretend it has protective function at all or that it's just quirky fashion? It's team star level garbage

No. 322757

File: 1695372767978.png (643.15 KB, 1280x690, Alolan_Muk_webp (Imagen WEBP, …)

Quirky fashion I guess. It reminds me of alolan muk, so it may be a reference to it.

No. 322758

Just like the normal type one, alolan muk is having a fashion moment huh

No. 322763

Haha hair being not hair is something I really have a hard time suspending my disbelief over, too. I imagine hair just…becoming rock at the ends in real life. How it would tug down and swing around so stupidly.

Also, Miku’s trademark teal would fit well with this design. But yeah just make her hair multicolored goop with no teal in sight. #different

No. 322764

I think more of these designs have baddie eyes that angle down or are flat on top than designs that have Miku’s actual round genki eyes.

No. 322775

File: 1695381701120.jpg (151.6 KB, 900x1200, F6nwqKVacAACDic.jpg)

Ghost type.
Pretty simple, but gets the job done.

No. 322777

File: 1695381727998.jpg (227.9 KB, 1920x1080, F6nwuyYbUAAbPzI.jpg)

Ref sheet

No. 322781

File: 1695384230463.jpeg (68.3 KB, 646x475, B728E9D4-7A29-49E8-BC6B-047424…)

Neat detail with the shape of the cut-out on her back!

No. 322795

No. 322796

File: 1695388717763.png (551.59 KB, 965x915, tumblr_da468a84c7c450a8e404019…)

forgot to sage, have art as apology

No. 322818

I think it would be so cute if in the next game they made, they would add a Miku that would be chosen by voting on a poll, that winner Miku would be a gym leader and in the gym she would be singing until you fight her, she would abruptly stop singing and then the battle would begin like any other gym battle. Sage for autism.

No. 322823

Finally a Miku that passes the Miku-vibe-check. I like this one, this one actually looks like the theme they set "what if Miku was a ghost type trainer". This looks like Miku is both ghost type herself and a trainer kek
We've seen ghosts floating around in some of the mainline games so it works in pokemon canon too, the glitch feels like a missingno ref which is cute imo

No. 322824

I saw someone point out the hair thing when ice Miku was revealed and I can't stop thinking about it when I see them now because I agree so much. In SV they even switched to highly detailed hair on the models, the Miku models would mostly look like shit because the hair is so "lumpy"

No. 322827

That's similar to the poison type gym in BW2 isn't it? I liked that each gym had its own remix of the gym theme.

No. 322829

this is a really cool and clevver design, make sense that ghost type miku would be based on a glitch. her poke could have been missingno

No. 322877

It would be cool if they did that and finally added "Sound" as a type. Having Miku as the first Sound gym leader would be awesome.

No. 322944

I know some people like the idea of sound type but I can't say I'm a fan. We already have "sound inspired" pokemon and they're fine as they are. I just find sound as a type to be a bit boring on its own. I love that they can make toxtricity and obstagoon have obvious ties to music without that being their whole personality/type.
Maybe it's just me but I feel like if you make one group like sound into a new type you kind of have to do it to other groups too and then suddenly you have 25 types to keep track of. Like why should sound get a type when there are plenty of food inspired pokemon like slurpuff and smolive that could get a food type? Or an "enchanted object" type for all the object based pokemon like klefki and magnemite?

I feel this way about most fan made suggestions for new types, the only one I've seen that I can get behind is maybe a space type of some kind (be it cosmic, star or universe type) because space is its own unique environment so it would affect the pokemon living there.

I wouldn't have minded if they had made a "prehistoric" type that included all the fossil pokemon, but since they've been doing them for so long without it they feel fine as they are.

No. 322983

File: 1695485238950.png (8.8 KB, 174x437, Screenshot 2023-09-23 090716.p…)

i don't want any new types until we get every other type combo filled out. and we have a LOT to go.

No. 323137

File: 1695556077253.jpg (313.76 KB, 2325x1554, 1c5cafbbe5eb9103a2564c76063df6…)

Does anyone follow/watch pokemon creators? Like artists, youtubers, tiktokers, cosplayers etc
I'd like to see more fan made content.

I'm not huge on battling/competitive pokemon and prefer laid back stuff

No. 323147

File: 1695561956148.png (192.62 KB, 588x398, 87635.png)

Yisuno, I love the mods he's doing on the DPP remakes. Almost makes me want to get a PC so I can play it when the full mod comes out. I also follow Lewtwo for the official art/conent archiving, they're interesting.

No. 323149

File: 1695563274172.jpg (415.85 KB, 1077x1374, Shinycatherine.jpg)

If you're into shiny hunting, I like Shiny Catherine! Just a warning she does have a bit of a tumblr-y heckin doggo sense of humor but if you can get past that the videos are usually pretty fun.

No. 323254

I'm not a huge pokemon fan myself but this design has given us such good fanart already, and it's so cool.

No. 323353

File: 1695623237823.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x859, 111975117_p0_master1200.jpg)

I found ghost type trainer Miku so interesting because while some of the others generated some fanart this one in particular just flooded my social media with fanart. It just happens to be the one that actually looks like Miku. Because what people wanted from a Miku collab was Miku, not just "random pokemon girl with twin tails".

The only reason I complain about the pokemon franchise is because I love it and want it to do better, and I really think this is just another case where they dropped the ball on what people wanted. As cute as some of them are they should just have given us cute Miku-looking designs from the beginning.

I was complaining about one of the designs on twitter not looking like Miku and some Miku-stan replied with a snarky "she can look any way they want her to because she looks different in all of these things" with 4 pics of unrecognizable Miku designs. And yeah sure they CAN do that, but the trade-off is that it loses all brand-recognition, people who like the standard Miku get disappointed, and no one is interested in general. They could also turn pikachu into a naked molerat but no one would buy that it's pikachu anymore.

No. 323400

I think it may have to do with her typing as well, the Fairy design flooded my TL probably since it was one of the most anticipated types, along with Ghost and Dark. Bug and Flying look like Miku too and they didn't generate as much fanart.

No. 323412

File: 1695640661354.jpeg (166.8 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1161.jpeg)

Her hair is technically teal just a darker shade. Not overly fond of this one.

No. 323413

File: 1695640685562.jpeg (220.97 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1162.jpeg)

No. 323415

File: 1695640821523.jpeg (199.53 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1163.jpeg)

No. 323416

That doesn't look miku at all wouldn't a more rockstar look been better?

No. 323417

>Bug and Flying look like Miku too
lmao no, they really don't. ghost type miku looks like miku even if you've never heard of pokemon or had no knowledge about the collab.

I love this dark type miku, she still doesn't look like miku of course, but it's a great dark type trainer design. and I much prefer this artists style where miku looks older than 14 (unlike most of the other drawings we've seen)

No. 323418

Weirdly I'm glad they didn't do a rockstar because it's almost too obvious and overdone at this point given obstagoons inspiration. I feel like you would find her hanging out at an underground sketchy jazz club for rich people, and obstagoon is her personal life guard. I wouldn't have minded a rockstar, but I'm also content with this one.

No. 323419

File: 1695642145260.jpeg (216.62 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1164.jpeg)

She reminds me of eclipsa butterfly and globgor

No. 323420

File: 1695642253631.jpg (101.13 KB, 1500x1000, rUHUBi1.jpg)

No. 323421


No. 323426

Maybe I just got too used to this collab's weird designs that now anything that keeps her blue pigtails looks Miku enought to me kek

No. 323427

Only complaint is the moon hair. Like I said earlier in the thread I hate imagining what all these Miku’s hairs look like irl.

No. 323428

kek even better

No. 323429

File: 1695650590976.png (486.81 KB, 900x1200, grass type.png)

guys they're doing bonus Mikus, what do we think kek

No. 323430

File: 1695650628599.png (613.46 KB, 900x1200, ice type.png)

I like alolan ninetales, good pokemon choice

No. 323432

File: 1695650667316.png (513.42 KB, 900x1200, psychic type.png)

This Miku is pretty cute too kek
ok i'm done

No. 323468

This art is sooo beautiful

No. 323470

“She uses the gorgeous ball, because it’s gorgeous”

No. 323471

this is my favorite one so far. it actually looks like miku + a magical mirai design

No. 323481

File: 1695679805970.jpg (51.5 KB, 1000x1000, poster,840x830,f8f8f8-pad,1000…)

When someone pointed out it looks like the dark symbol it made a lot more sense. Cool detail, plus lownine is an amazing artist. >>323415 is stunning even if youre not keen on the design itself.

No. 323482

File: 1695679806865.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, F6pEZLmWEAAS07F.jpg)

yessssss i can finally main her

No. 323498

One of the first female Poketubers I subscribed to. She doesn't upload much but her content is enjoyable.

>Tama Hero

Another female Poketuber I also subscribed to. She doesn't upload much either but her content is enjoyable too.

>Jaiden Animations

She's one of the most well-known YouTube animators who does animated story times but she also does some Pokemon content.


He does playthroughs and randomizer nuzlockes that are pretty entertaining to watch. He also does Pokemon speculations and news and I like that he goes through in depth detail about them and making interesting points.

>Lockstin & Gnoggin

He does educational Pokemon content like explaining details, designs, orgins, etc.


I hardly watch his videos nowadays but I still subscribed to him because he was part of the Filthy Frank group. He does Pokemon merch though it's pretty chaotic.

No. 323502

i adore this one

No. 323508

pikasprey makes really funny and absurd softlock scenarios

No. 323566

>Tama Hero
I used to watch her but after following her on twitter it turned out she was super whiny and annoying and it turned me off her content.
>Lockstin & Gnoggin
Also seen him act like a dick to people on twitter before. It was years ago but I think it's indicative of his true character so I still stay away.

I might try out mimikyu too!

No. 323577

File: 1695723708659.jpeg (179.58 KB, 1200x900, IMG_1174.jpeg)

Miku with Jirachi

No. 323578

File: 1695723743800.jpeg (269.13 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1175.jpeg)

I’m conflicted on this one.

No. 323583

I don't mind this one, although it's almost weird how even when sticking to a blueish color palette she doesn't know how to make Miku resemble Miku in the slightest

No. 323586

File: 1695727690127.jpeg (123.81 KB, 850x1200, IMG_1177.jpeg)

I still think psychic miku is my favourite because she actually looks like a trainer.

No. 323588

I was harsh on it being "too casual" when it was revealed but in hindsight at least it looked realistic to the pokemon world and had Miku's hair.

No. 323591

Fuckin sausage hair.

No. 323598

This one is really cute! Maybe I'm biased because Jirachi is her partner Pokemon and I love Jirachi, but I think it's one of the better designs so far. At least it features some callbacks to Miku's original design whereas some of the others it could literally be an OC

No. 323605

That's what, 10 designs by Megumi Mizutani? She's cute and I get that she's an in-house artist, but part of me wishes we were seeing more guest work and variety. Plus her character sheets always feel a little bare in comparison

No. 323609

It still means her hair suddenly juts upward nonsensically midway down the ponytail. It’s my fave design but that part sucks, like almost all the Mikus hairs.

No. 323611

I wish all of them had been finalized by the same person, but that person had to stay with real Miku's proportions so they all have the same body, face and eyeshape etc. I think that would help with making them feel like Miku and not just random trainers

No. 323769

File: 1695812230486.jpeg (187.4 KB, 1200x900, IMG_1187.jpeg)

Today’s miku is fighting. Yes, she’s a jojo reference.

No. 323770

File: 1695812257546.jpeg (298.22 KB, 1920x1080, image0.jpeg)

No. 323773

omg leek miku

No. 323774

File: 1695813517800.jpg (470.07 KB, 1719x1669, cd28747c87a65d9d940358954576f9…)

I actually really really like this one!

No. 323776

I wish her weapon wasn't literally a leek, other than she's cool

No. 323801

Takes designs have consistently been the best, this ones terrific

No. 323803

Do you think she uses her hair as a weapon?
Maybe she grabs a piece of her hair and uses it as a weapon.

No. 323847

File: 1695843885530.gif (2.38 MB, 320x240, IMG_1190.gif)

I want them to be like this

No. 323931

the samurai angle is a bit weird to me. don't know how it relates to steel aside from swords being steel? idk, i like the design besides that.

this is great

No. 323932

File: 1695868861694.jpg (211.04 KB, 400x733, poison2.jpg)

i really like poison miku, but i wanted to see what she looked like with more miku-y hair and a bit different color palette. do you guys like it? i'm not even into miku but i like her design, and i wish the poison design had a bit more of a "miku" feel. a lot of the colors in the original are a bit unsaturated and gross looking so i made it more saturated too.

No. 323961

File: 1695885351206.jpg (165.89 KB, 800x533, 七夕_19545533256.jpg)

>the samurai angle is a bit weird to me. don't know how it relates to steel aside from swords being steel?
I'm guessing it doesn't, but since they went with a very culturally japanese pokemon the artist just chose a matching cultural japanese concept for the design

No. 323977

File: 1695887430767.png (319.64 KB, 482x733, miku poi.png)

i went a step further (sorry about quality, not good at editing) tried to give her more normal hair and a more limited color palette

No. 324008

File: 1695895592277.jpeg (211.06 KB, 1200x900, IMG_1192.jpeg)

Dragon type miku. We’re at 18/18 now what’s your thoughts about the lineup?

No. 324019

File: 1695896845505.jpeg (327.4 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1193.jpeg)

No. 324020

It's so weird that they pushed for only music related pokemon until the very last ones where they ditched the concept for a leek and "ai" i guess?

No. 324021

I kind of hate it, but it looks as cringe as dragon types trainers usually do in pokemon

No. 324023

File: 1695897018121.jpeg (509.26 KB, 1170x1672, IMG_1194.jpeg)

No. 324024

File: 1695897039722.png (801.62 KB, 948x724, serebii scrsh.png)

huh the miku for the music video here doesn't seem to match with any of the designs… I assumed they'd be related lmao this is so stupid

No. 324026

well fucking duh that was obvious
it makes sense for miku, it just doesn't match the music theme they had going on

No. 324048

do you know what jirachi and sirfetch'd have to do with music btw?

No. 324049

from the Sapphire pokedex entry "Jirachi will awaken from its sleep of a thousand years if you sing to it in a voice of purity. It is said to make true any wish that people desire."

I think sirfetch'd is just because of the leek.

No. 324050

File: 1695906525939.jpg (514.54 KB, 1659x1242, meeks.jpg)

miku's cute but i hate that stupid motorcycle pokemon. they should have saved altaria for dragon, or, hello, noivern???

anyway here is my tier list

No. 324052

one of miku's earliest viral songs was ievan polkka where she spins a leek. she's been associated with leeks ever since. I can't believe vocaloids are so old now that so many people don't even know miku's associated with leeks anymore. ugh.

No. 324053

Ariga illustration is pretty cool but Ohmura is a mediocre designer and theres too much going on here. A little bit of a disappointing end but ghost was far away the best for me

No. 324055

lol i'm probably older than you, i just don't know anything about miku.

No. 324058

This + the hair from your prev attempt would be perfect for me tbh.

No. 324067

No. 324070

is she really a jojo reference? just seems like sukeban attire

No. 324082

File: 1695913148531.png (1.07 MB, 1500x1285, mikutierlist.png)

I decided to make one too after seeing yours, sorry for shit quality

No. 324087

You both put fire dead last where it belongs. Someone told me it was their fave and I was frankly disgusted with their shitty taste lmao

No. 324091

I agree fire is the most forgettable and boring.

No. 324093

File: 1695916996630.png (447.73 KB, 1140x553, my-image (1).png)

Here's a list of all Mikus: https://twitter.com/jerdieh/status/1707153258047762518
There's also a tier list maker for those who want to join! https://tiermaker.com/create/miku-x-pokmon-project-voltage-16213550

No. 324096

File: 1695917487470.png (457.04 KB, 1140x465, my-image (2).png)

I don't even go here, I don't play pokemon.

No. 324098

File: 1695918143169.png (440.91 KB, 1140x461, my-image.png)

I love jirachi so much, and I almost love that Miku but I just don't get the hair. It looks like a solid tube. Whoever said it was sausage hair was right.

No. 324099

File: 1695918340997.png (450.49 KB, 950x647, IMG_0862.png)

most of these look like OCs. i wish they resembled miku’s base design more

No. 324100

File: 1695919174596.png (458.37 KB, 1140x465, e0dd3c96-6dd3-4366-b6b5-1adc7f…)

around B is when the designs felt more like OCs to me. personally i gave the flygon one a bit of leeway bc that design reminded me of Sand Planet

No. 324103

File: 1695920111982.png (465.78 KB, 1140x556, my-image.png)

fire type at the bottom gang unite

No. 324105

i judged them "neutrally" as pokemon designs on their own, but as a whole I honestly think this miku collab was a flop. maybe the songs will make up for it though

No. 324135

File: 1695929973984.png (479.02 KB, 1140x464, bJzVLkK358hvtHxSXsBiGhg41Ppgox…)

The ones in B are like 'I like the design but this just looks like an OC'

No. 324163

File: 1695937932512.png (461.43 KB, 1140x465, my-image(2).png)

i feel bad for puttting my buddy lapras in tier c since it's one of my favourite pokes but the attttached miku is terrible

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