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File: 1712859755172.jpeg (894.76 KB, 1242x1202, 1712631037997.jpeg)

No. 1959358

Prev threads:

Any pro-fujo derailing in this thread will get a 3 day unappealable ban. If you do not like the thread, hide it. Repeat infractions will eventually result in a permanent ban.

No. 1959361

File: 1712859832479.jpg (255.76 KB, 1440x1080, IMG_1241.jpg)

No. 1959362

File: 1712859856902.png (752.82 KB, 1080x1101, IMG_1242.png)

No. 1959363

File: 1712859883666.jpg (16.03 KB, 278x350, IMG_1243.jpg)

No. 1959365

File: 1712859933336.jpg (52.06 KB, 376x250, IMG_1244.jpg)

No. 1959366

based but still kekky asf

No. 1959377

Business is business, gotta sell yaoi to pay the bills. The prime minister making a Beyonce reference in the original tweet like the white gay millennial he is far worse.

No. 1959384

I don't she's involved in politics and just runs an import industry for "LGBT+ literature".

No. 1959400

File: 1712863149052.jpeg (278.7 KB, 1290x2048, GgovrfW.jpeg)

So this was posted in the MTF thread, In 2018 a pretentious autobiographical comic was released, depicting a rent-boy transitioning into a trans woman, It was filled with disgusting sex scenes and pretentious whining but turns out that the creator of the comic was not an MTF or even male, the whole thing was fan-fiction of an FTM who had a history of drawing porn involving underage children, It's shows that no matter how fujos hide behind layers of irony or outright deny that women can also get porn-sick, you can reach a level of porn-sickness that your indistinguishable from an MTF troon, It's as if they believe women are magically immune from basic brain patterns.
link to the comic and her callout twitter thread
https://twitter.com/nonervana/status/1167968764970692610(post the tweet caps too)

No. 1959407


No. 1959417

The twitter link was deleted.

No. 1959462

It was written by an ex-prostitute MTF, but its and open secret that the artist Remy Boydell is a FTMTF detransitioner pretending to be a transwoman. Her birth name is Jennifer or something and was FTM on Tumblr a decade ago. I kind of love that for her, lmao.

No. 1959478

why would you proud of anyone being a degenerate who draws porn or underage children?"

No. 1959489

Nta but learn to read. She said she respected her specifically for de-transitioning.

No. 1959495

Because she makes money off of pretending to be an oppressed twamzwomin. It's a great LARP.

No. 1959606

Here's a properly working link of the callout post of the comic's artist. It was still written by a clockable hon, but the artist is a furry FTMTF.

No. 1960023

KEK I’m glad my personal lolcow could be the thread pic

No. 1960042

File: 1712896967203.png (104.46 KB, 252x224, 1438576622312.png)

>mfw every time a pedofujoshotafag claims to be a lesbian

No. 1960198

I knew that no moid could draw that good. The way the comic is drawn is so feminine in its attention to detail i doubt a moid would be able to create something like that.

No. 1960269

Yeah, the way she draws is very feminine.

No. 1960312

File: 1712913913090.jpg (214.26 KB, 1080x933, Screenshot_20240412_022443_Fir…)

Why was Clifford in this, kek

No. 1960594

I was exposed to shota porn when I was 14 by an older fujo coomer that liked South Park yaoi and thought kids IRL can consent. Now she claims to be a lesbian while drooling over cartoon little boys getting groomed. I usually don't care about fujos because yaoi involves adults but WTF is wrong with shotafags? It's so hard for me to believe they aren't into actual kids and hiding under the "it's just a drawing" excuse.

No. 1961302

>thought kids IRL can consent
>"it's just a drawing"
This is actual pedo cope.
>Now she claims to be a lesbian while drooling over cartoon little boys getting groomed
Many such cases. Identifying as a lesbian has lost all meaning specially to these retarded pornsick women that think their lack of attraction to irl men means they are gay.

No. 1961750

File: 1713001048590.png (138.83 KB, 1385x588, Screenshot.png)

Their logic always ends up sounding the same as what lolicons use, "Why don't you care about real predators abusing children instead of us, who aren't hurting anybody" "It's just drawings' and "You are all moralfags, and you should leave this space"

No. 1961770

between a female shotafag and a male lolicon who is more likely to get arrested after hard drive check?

No. 1962153

It's because pedophiles are sick regardless if they're male or female. My time in fandom has convinced me that female pedos are better at hiding it, I used to be on fandom in the Livejournal days and nearly every shotafag groomed someone or defended "non-offending pedos that can't help it" like they have a stake in it. I never understood how so many pull the card that "actually, shotacon is good because real pedos can use it as an outlet instead of abusing kids!" - Doesn't that just scratch the itch for some?

>retarded pornsick women that think their lack of attraction to irl men means they are gay.
They barely show interest in real women outside of roleplaying yaoi or looking at porn with other women like them. It's like a female counterpart to AGP men dating each other and pretending they're women.

No. 1962233

Both don't get a pass in reality, if it's a fed check what you are talking about. In jurisdictions where drawings can be CP then loli/shota gets treated as such. And CP is CP no matter if it's little boy CP or the opposite, and the owner of the computer gets convicted for it no matter if they're a man or a woman. If you mean socially though, I think women can "get away" with it easier to some extent (as in retarded degenerate moids saying "nice" or "that's hot").

No. 1962241

File: 1713032606535.jpg (27.24 KB, 542x540, 1485487882980.jpg)

>It's like a female counterpart to AGP men dating each other and pretending they're women
Jailhouse gay nerds dating each other because they are severely autistic and socially isolated will never not be funny to me. I think the stereotype of fujos being lesbians is essentially due to this, the fujos just date each other because men are disgusted/weirded out by their obsession, and fujos don't find IRL men attractive anyway because of the extreme anime porn brainrot. So they just date each other because it's the closest they can get to living the twink softboi yaoi fantasy and have a partner that shares their autistic obsession. If they start going down the "I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body" rabbit hole they just go full degenerate on Grindr and never date other women ever again.

No. 1962308

File: 1713037101944.gif (Spoiler Image,876.33 KB, 416x410, absolutelydisgusting.gif)

I went through the past threads because honestly I have never closely interacted with fujos and was curious to see some of the cringe behavior I've heard about since I'm also a weeb, but holy hell, I didn't expect so many of them to be pedophiles and defend shotacon and even irl attraction to little boys. I feel fucking sick, I always thought fujos were retarded and annoying gay men fetishists but otherwise harmless. Now I think about how a lot of those women will have children, and at least half of them will have boys and it really freaks me out. I never doubted that a portion of the female population are pedophiles, but I seriously never imagined they were this common. Seeing how non-fujo women here also defend shotacon is even more repulsive. Now I feel really paranoid, how many het women are actually pedophiles? Seeing this I realize I may have really really underestimated this number holy shit. I don't even know why but I feel betrayed, these women are truly on par with scrotes.(spoiler)

No. 1962310

>fujos were retarded and annoying gay men fetishists
They're probably gonna come on this thread just to yell at you for saying that

No. 1962319

File: 1713037584130.jpg (85.51 KB, 1241x1284, 20240131_031500.jpg)

This thread is autistic as is everyone in it and technically the anon I'm about to talk about only resorted to being a fujo out of desperation due to the lack of femdomshit if you've been following the lore, but can we talk about the nucarnivalsperg who's been shitting up the site lately here?

How does a woman reach a level of coomerism where she can no longer consume any form of media that doesn't include at least softcore porn in it? I think she's just larping as a the female version of a male porn addict and she doesn't actually feel that way, there's something disingenuous about her vitriol. Whether she's doing it as bait, or to make fujos look bad as even they chase her out of their thread with pitchforks, or she's trying to convince herself for some reason, it is a mystery. Maybe she gets horny over the idea of making men seethe and someone told her liking ugly, scantily clad anime boys and calling other men, 3dpd and anime alike, ugly on a website where men are banned will accomplish that. But one thing for certain is that she's one of the most obsessive and mentally ill personalityfags active currently, just below that unwashed paki and trannyhands, and now we know she's an avid ban evader like them too.

Pic unrel

No. 1962359

File: 1713038979162.jpg (17.8 KB, 306x403, yaoi hands.jpg)

This seems to be a thing for fujos in the cosplay community. Like their relationships involve roleplaying as the anime boys that they ship so they can live out the fantasy. A lot of them identify as trans or "masc nb" or something like that. I feel like their sex lives must involve fake giant yaoi hands and lots of mutual gender affirmations.

No. 1962366

>No true Scotsman (fujo edition)

No. 1962374

She announced it herself several times in the old videogames and sexism thread on /m/ if you want to dig through that cesspool. She doesn't appear to like any bl besides Nu:Carnival which she likes because of how hypersexual it is, in a way that's very reminiscent of some of the 2D gay porn real gay men make, and throws a fit when strays point that out.

No. 1962380

can you give me some lore about her and the paki omg

t.newfag lurker

No. 1962443

From what I know
>terminal porn addict who frequently preaches about how men need to be sexualized as much as women are in media, and once that is achieved it will solve world hunger
>might've started out as a genshin impact fan but later got into nu:carnival because she likes men who look like they're on their way to a halloween party at a gay bar
>makes posts that reek of bait and absolutely chimps out at anyone who disagrees with them, often for hours into the night filled to the brim with samefagging, moid accusations, and ban evasion.
Some of the things that trigger her include:
>calling her a coomer
>saying you'd prefer less porn in your media and not more
>saying nucarnival guys are ugly or look like [something for] gay moids
>reminding her of how much gay moids like nucarnival compared to normal BL
>liking any man, 2d or 3d, she deems ugly
>liking any media she deems as 'for scrotes' which she defines as everything that isn't joseimuke, shojo, or specific bl, especially if it was made by a man
>doing things for fun and not for coom
>questioning her taste
>questioning her bizarre claims and definitions of things
>Fate grand order - anon wearing a pickle suit baited her by spamming pictures of a guy from this game one time and she's never been the same since
And if you're guilty of any of these things she will diagnose you psyopped and the spergening will commence. May or may not be the OP and most active participant in the ugly men psyop thread, and was a regular in the fandom thread. She's been chased out of both the fujo thread and the anime thread on /m/, and camps out in the videogames and sexism thread and /meta/ to complain about her dissenters and fight anyone who tries to complain about her there. The paki is a story for a different day but we're in her sperging domain right now. If you've noticed how autistic the posters in this thread get, know that she's the worst and most active among them.

No. 1962508

Fucking gross. Her/his whatever the fuck tranny’s Instagram is slimgiltsoul by the way. The profile is seemingly fine with nothing sexual on it, so that makes this extra disturbing. Are there any of the callout tweets archived?

No. 1962510

I’m an idiot samefagging, but I found it:

No. 1962534

File: 1713048535866.jpg (1.79 MB, 4096x2302, 20240414004357066.jpg)

i'm pretty sure it's rancefag

No. 1962541

good find, that explains everything kek. right when you thought that weird bitch actually left, turns out she just got a new special interest. the pakichan, trannyhands, rancefag unholy trinity of autism is prospering.

No. 1962560

She’s still around? Jesus

No. 1962746

File: 1713062830646.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1460, uke.png)

No. 1962750

File: 1713063028203.jpg (90.88 KB, 1280x720, teacher.jpg)

Posted it last thread but wanted to include the tweet when I realized it was the woman who created High Garden Spice and played the FTM teacher. Just makes it a little bit funnier and yet sadder.

No. 1962753

File: 1713063227500.jpg (172.94 KB, 827x1170, jack.jpg)

Also shout out to that one anon who hated Jack Frost.

No. 1962768

File: 1713064359930.jpg (Spoiler Image,169.09 KB, 1024x1448, dean.jpg)

>The dean of Yaoi High.

No. 1962770

File: 1713064440044.png (Spoiler Image,621.04 KB, 1343x584, deanbio.png)

Also she is apparently the daughter of Lupin III and explicitly child conan.

No. 1962792

Love when fujos realize that they're just experiencing heterosexual female sexuality but they are too retarded to tell.

No. 1962796

File: 1713067876954.jpeg (846.35 KB, 2468x2850, download-4.jpeg)

This makes me feel so vindicated. From the moment I saw her sperging in the fandom discourse thread and later on the ugly men psyop thread creation, I knew it was a shotafag of some sort (since she likes genshit), I never thought of the coomer or rancefah possibility though. And everyone was attacking me and calling me schizo for this and saying I'm just making up some shotafag boogeyman or something but at the end I was right. Is she also behind picrel or is that another sperg? Either way I was right. And it's a shame because I don't disagree with the thread and think it's fun to make fun of ugly men's looks and ugly characters that are shoved down my throat 24/7, but those shotafag/rancefag retards have to override the discussion to justify their gross coomerisim and ruin it for everyone.

No. 1962807

File: 1713069392259.png (1.02 MB, 857x906, japanese.png)

>Weaboo not knowing the use of uke in Japanese

Yes, it means "Receive" but not only in porn.

No. 1962817

Whenever you see her bring up rance, fgo, her untaken meds, and her gray cooter to shoo her manic ass off from now on


Probably her samefagging, because the same thing happened to me and I've seen it happen to basically everyone who interacts with her. Those pictures in your pic are so random it looks like she just plopped "shota" into some booru and downloaded whatever popped up to spam here and not like a genuine interest, of which we know she doesn't have many of, so could be her too. There are a lot of female shotacons who just do it to be edgy because they're bpdfag attention whores, with troon and terminally online radfem ones being the most likely culprits, and she falls perfectly in line with that profile. For one reason or another it looks like she's moved on from shopping for new personality traits from anons in the husbandofag thread to anons in the fujo thread.

No. 1962822

File: 1713070883609.png (10.82 KB, 225x225, images (1).png)

rancefag post history exposed like mystery and spoony when? when will mods stop giving her special treatment?

No. 1962827

>probably her samefagging
Explains the same use of uncommon terms over and over.

No. 1962883

That's such an old cow. Here's her thread full of fujo cringe.

No. 1962963

>one single shotafag posst in the ugly man psyop thread(and gets marked as bait)
>proceeds to get shit on by everyone in the thread
I genuinely dont understand why that thread makes so many anons butthurt, probaby because they have ugly nigels

No. 1962973

File: 1713086094889.png (28.94 KB, 2463x270, fateshitter.png)

kek you are that fateshitter who was crying to the mods to get the sexism in videogame thread locked because it hurt your feelings. You get angry women like attractive men, but defend a game that has realistic little girl characters(fate go) in it because it has your husbando. You might genuinely be mentally ill and need to be locked up if you think everyone who disagrees with you is your personal schizo.
>inb4 its not me you are the schizo reee!!!
mods literally banned you for ban evading >>>/m/357828

No. 1962989

File: 1713087685679.png (16.89 KB, 1072x229, autistic ban evader.png)

And here is another of your posts bragging about your epic troll ''bait'' . We can tell it's you because when anons started shitting on you for praising a game with lolis in bikinis you started shitting and crying and sperging on /ot/ about mean anons pointing out your disgusting game has pedoshit in it. You tried to spin it as a ''bait(i was pretending to be retarded you guys)'' but in reality we all know you just got angry anons were calling you a pedocoomer for supporting a game with so much pedoshit in it.

No. 1962994

I had a similar experience.
Claim to be lesbian but reads yaoi to this day
When you call them out, they play the victim

No. 1962996

I feel like this thread has too many tinfoil theories about xyz anons all being the same person.
Nu carnival is pretty anime boys but slutty. Rance is peak moid aesthetics. Neither of these have any appeal to shotafags. Post some actual coomer fails instead of sperging about people you don't like. Also don't derail and start infights just because it's lolcow. It's not cool or edgy to randomly shit on unrelated
people like genshin/fgo players, radfems etc, stick to the actual topic.
Anyway, I'd like to post some milk myself but sadly I don't have any rn so gotta sage. The last time I saw extra weird fujos was in the the last fujo thread. >>>/m/361298
Curious anos can search "ryona" there, there were some hilarious infights kek. Some sperging troll part of that fight also got nukani pushed out to its own thread and then wanted to do the same for nitro chiral, which is basically the company that made 80% of the BL games currently available in English.

No. 1963012

calm down, rancefag. please don't flash your unwashed clam at us again. it's not our fault, direct your ire towards the mods who outed you.(infighting)

No. 1963029

Do mods ever out anons like that? Newfag so I never saw that happen.

No. 1963035


No. 1963040

Farmhand probably enjoys a good dumpster fire

No. 1963043

Integrate, don't announce you're a newfag.

No. 1963119

>fujocoomer calling another anon pornsick
the pot calling the kettle back

No. 1963283

Nigga did you miss the part where I said I don't disagree with the thread topic? Read, nigga, READ. I don't have a nigel or an ugly husbando, I'm just not a fan of the smugness and obnoxiousness of some of the posters who always turn out to be weirdos.(infighting)

No. 1963322

File: 1713110078682.png (553.51 KB, 1080x1786, 5u4Xr05.png)

Another fujo who thinks she's a "feminist"

No. 1963340

im not reading that pic but i think obviously many fujo mangakas are actual eastern feminists

No. 1963372

>NOOO YOU DONT UNDERSTAND!!! BL is empowering and feminist because straight girls living vicariously through men is totally feminist!!
None of them mention how fandoms basically view BL is “progressive” and thus better. That’s why they started dominating fandom shipping. In the past women shippers het ships without any problem. Now if you’re a het shipper you’re evil.
Completely ignoring how this website is so hostile towards GL ans straight shippers anyway

No. 1963484

So centering your time on two moid pairings is feminist but doing the same for a pairing with one moid and one woman is lame? The delusion is real

No. 1963548

I disagree with the first part but I think you're taking this out of context, this is about hypocritical hinejoshi Twitterfags are.

No. 1965879

File: 1713269880544.jpeg (742.01 KB, 1170x2062, IMG_2905.jpeg)

The result of fujo inbreeding and “ew het” is gendies making essentially f/m with extra steps

No. 1965881

kek anon that’s me

that twiggy fuck is the loli dragon character equivalent for western fujos (he’s not a 14 year old boy, he’s ackshually a 300 year old snow spirit!)

No. 1965883

He doesn't really look like a child though. I had no idea of his age actually. Most of his fans were teens anyways who tf cares about jack frost nowadays.

No. 1966444

I've noticed from the fandom thread that the term "porn addict" really sends fujos into a spiral, like they go at the mere idea they have any sort of paraphilia.

No. 1966456

Tbf unless you are level 99 porn addict, everybody would feel at least a little slighted at being called a porn addict.

No. 1966524

but they are porn addicts, if you get off to cartoon boys fucking, you are a porn addict.

No. 1966534

Probably because in their heads they only associate it with moids. There is a huge dissonance with fujo brains and behaviour

No. 1966931

File: 1713317114949.png (83.29 KB, 1080x429, fujoshi.png)

They sound like those neckbeards who defend lolicon.

No. 1966986

probably the same anon/s posting about liking Strike Witches and wishing their was a male version in the anime thread

No. 1966995

File: 1713319024739.jpg (198.01 KB, 650x650, 1406863355390.jpg)

Strike Witches is based. Don't hate.

No. 1967305

File: 1713357805205.png (26.59 KB, 636x578, 1713352633451.png)

We got some live fujocoomer cringe in the Post art for nonnies to rate-thread. A femboy bl "artist" who just won't stop ban evading and samefagging.

No. 1967314

This one is rough because even her art is recognizable, she wont be able to post anywhere without being known

No. 1967326

I hate how they present jilling off to drawings of little boys getting assraped as some hecking feministo retaliation against le hecking moids when they're sitting alone in their rooms rubbing it to drawn children, compare that to feminists, say, going to protest against abortion bans or whatever. These freaks are terminally online retards who'd rather politicize their sexual desire to cartoon children than to get off their simply asses and actually make a change. Shota fujos are truly one of the weaker links of womankind. I can't believe I have to share a sex with mouthbreathers like that but then again they're usually friendless shut-ins with no life.

No. 1967329

I cut them slack when they're young because for some girls and women it seems to be a way to offload/project childhood sexual trauma onto something. Like women who get into bdsm after sexual trauma. But at some point you have to address your issues, someone in her late 20s (arbitrary age I'm picking off the top of my head) who is still into shota has permanent issues or might just be a pedo honestly

No. 1967333

Nta but I guarantee you most of them are in their 30s or late 20s, just look at the threadpic kek

No. 1967334

Ayrt, I agree with what you said. I can relate to the sexual trauma aspect. When I was like 10 I was really into Supernatural, probably one of the worst fandoms a child could be in, and it did groom me into reading "Weecest", which makes my fucking stomach curdle to even think about how I was a child reading written child porn. It makes me sick and I want to a-log all those freaks who wrote that shit. Ugh. But even then it was a short phase and within a year or two I'd completely grown out of it and even realized how megafucked it was. That's why I have such a hatred for shota fujos because I had the sense to grow up and realize that what I was doing was fucking weird and the things I was reading were harmful in general and to my psyche, and here are 20+ year olds foaming at the mouth about how they're TOTALLY getting back at le SCROTES. It's so fucking retarded man.

No. 1967771

"Getting back at scrotes" by reading pedoshit is cope. These grown ass women are pedophiles and deserve the rope accordingly.

No. 1968229

File: 1713395892163.gif (658.93 KB, 300x224, 1000014046.gif)

>Loli panties and ass: The Anime
where are you people coming from

No. 1968317

File: 1713399882137.jpg (234.65 KB, 873x1000, 43075351.jpg)

>implying that's what I like about it
Cool and strong female characters being turbo dykes is great. The military references are also nice.

No. 1970129

>Replies to the redlining nonna in a thankful manner
>Also posts her real reaction in another reply like the seething crab she is
ooh i'm laffin also am I getting déjà vu or did this happen before?

No. 1970789

At this point the whole discourse thread should be posted as cringe. The mental gymnastics of these woman hating pickmes sperging about women who don't hate themselves and all female characters and how only men like women and if you don't hate women you must be a tranny is insande. The bullying is 100% justified. The seething over the fujo to ftm pipeline is also pretty funny.

No. 1971150

What annoys me are the ones who keep bringing up how moids do similar coomy behaviour as if that’s something an excuse. Why the hell would you compare yourself to a scrote? It shouldn’t even be needed to say that their behaviour isn’t good either (it’s worse of course), that’s why it’s so jarring to see fujocoomers use the same retarded arguments as them.

No. 1971316

While there were already fujos on the site, the recent ones feel like they're from twitter where their usual shota/incest content is laughed at or mocked by the majority over there. You can tell by their reaction pictures and lingo. Here, they're free to post their cringe, and they use the fujo vs. anti-fujo discourse as a way to defend their scrote-adjacent tastes so they don't clog the normal fujo thread. Don't take it to heart, the only thing "meaningful" they'll contribute is a 1000 word pedo fanfic with 5 kudos on ao3

No. 1971912

>sperging about women who don't hate themselves and all female characters and how only men like women
This is so fucking mind boggling to me, specially when they claim to be lesbians but always find an excuse to hate female characters and unironically think only moid characters can be "cool" or whatever is their cope.

No. 1972083

I think nothing is wrong with yaoi, but the culture around it and seeing how fujos treat women who aren't into gay shit has turned me off of it. Similarly to some anons ITT, I feel like I was groomed into it in the first place, but not by a specific person, rather the culture of female fandom. When I was younger I was always into het content, but it switched when I saw how popular m/m was in comparison in fanfiction circles. As a young girl, it made me feel like to fit in I had to be into m/m too. They acted like every girl into het was cringe and m/m was cooler and edgier, not just because it was supposedly sexier, but because of the added taboo of homosexuality. Of course, these same people always said f/f was "disgusting" or "for men". I want to apologize to the women I thought I was superior to for liking m/m as opposed to m/f, thinking that it made me different or edgier.

No. 1972086

Peer pressure is not grooming. This is a retarded TiM-tier argument.

No. 1972087

The superiority complex a lot of the fujos have on this website and others is strange to me. For some reason they act as if the things they apply to yumes and het shippers (being cringe, entitled, etc.) can't be applied to them. All I know is walk up to any random person on the street and tell them one of your hobbies as a straight woman is reading two men getting fucked and they'll point you to the nearest psychologist. The truth is everyone is a weirdo, I'm just tired of them acting like they aren't a part of it.

No. 1972121

Found this on /snow/. Shotacon incest fujo: >>>/snow/1987188

No. 1972126

Try explaining the phrase "shotacon incest fujo" to a plain-jane normalfag. I dare you.

No. 1972128

Stop being so arrogant, you're on lolcow too.

No. 1972129

okay okay you caught me, I surrender.

No. 1972241

Oh I follow her a bit, honestly I don't have an issue with her fujo stuff (though her taste in ships is pretty cringy and outdated) but her personality is fairly shitty (with her being a typical pick me who hates feminism and the word lesbian for no apparent reason), despite that I'm happy she seems to be doing better (from her tone of voice alone you can tell she's calmer) since she attempted suicide a few months ago.

The furfag fakeboi in the video honestly seems far far far more obnoxious than her, I don't even get how you get obsessed with a fanfic about Pinkie pie killing people.

No. 1972277

I think the thread is basically containment for the few fujos that constantly infight and derailed the fandom thread. 'discourse' and 'anti' as in antishipper is embarrassing to read on lc. It's twitter/tumblrfag language we've never used here. I assume they're underage newfags who were too un-pc for twitter/tumblr fandom spaces. It wasn't like this before.

No. 1972804

File: 1713647824404.png (269.43 KB, 1080x863, embarrassing.png)

No. 1972813

File: 1713648134004.jpg (58.57 KB, 1125x1083, 1697575737722.jpg)

>jealous of a fictional man hooking up with a fictional woman
what? Just imagine an alternate universe where your husbando specifically hooks up with YOU, nigga! Just use the clone-theory that yumes use, my nonette! Oh my god KEKK I don't hate fujos, but that anon has so much to learn.

No. 1972817

Fujos like this do exist and tbese are the types of fujos who seethe at josei/shoujo, yuri or female characters.
The problem here is when you try to pass of this is all veing fujos when yaoi has become a popular genre and the majority of fujos do not share these sentiments, many fujos do read other genres such as hetero or yuri, cherrypicking is wrong, yes there are fujos like that with seething hatred for women but you are cherrypicking since a majority of them are just normie readers.

No. 1972820

At least she's honest. This is pretty much always the real reason, from what I've seen.

No. 1972830

You are actually braindead. Please look up the terminology for the word addict before you utter shit.
This thread has always been infested with moids and turboautist pickmes.
You are a man.(infighting/scrotefoiling)

No. 1973013

File: 1713662351388.jpg (179.27 KB, 1000x1419, 1475737904808.jpg)

>You are a man.
I'm a woman with a lesbian fetish. This is why I hate fujos and yumes, they refuse to admit the superiority of yuri and they shit on female characters.

No. 1973015

File: 1713662461204.jpg (125.54 KB, 1080x1059, 838f84ee9bb524707c8daca4fedd5c…)

>lesbian fetish

No. 1973017

Wait, what sexuality are you?

No. 1973024

File: 1713662787696.png (3.09 MB, 1500x1165, 1512868282457.png)

I'm heterosexual. Why?

No. 1973030

fujo detected

No. 1973033

Okay I'm going to ask probably the dumbest question you've heard, but how does that work? So you're attracted to men, but you like lesbian characters kissing/fucking? Is it for the art, or are you actually "into" it?

No. 1973037

hey clearly larping lesbian fujo anon, what is this weird logic that to be a lesbian you have to be into yaoi or that mostly straight girls are into yuri? tif4tif cosplay prison gay doesn't count as lesbianism btw

No. 1973040

File: 1713663260075.jpg (585.35 KB, 1280x1707, 1000014094.jpg)

>the superiority of yuri
>out of all yuri examples to post, uses strike witches of all things (a series known for loli fanservice)

No. 1973041

But aren't you the anon always talking about how there needs to be a boy version of Strike Witches/GuP? When are you a lesbian

No. 1973050

File: 1713663950420.jpg (134.84 KB, 640x800, 1480005924961.jpg)

How can I be a fujo if I hate yaoi and male characters.

Lesbians are cute and hot. What's not to like? I think everyone can appreciate lesbians regardless of sexuality and this is why fujos are broken to me.

You seem like a schizo and I didn't understand anything of what you said.

At least I don't watch these shows for the "loli", unlike fujos that constantly coom at shotashit.

God fuck no, I wish anime males didn't exist at all. They are blight.

No. 1973052

99% of yuri is loli fanservice tbh. Even Utena is 14.

No. 1973056

are fujos really this pathetic that they have to come in this thread to larp kek

No. 1973057

you are the first person on earth to call utena a loli

No. 1973059

She's canonically 14.

No. 1973062

File: 1713664245706.jpeg (39.85 KB, 450x254, 005.jpeg)

>At least I don't watch these shows for the "loli",
As if that show has anything else besides that…

No. 1973063

>Even Utena is 14.
She's not a loli though. That's a teenager

No. 1973064

Underage =/= loli

No. 1973067

File: 1713664350035.png (349.48 KB, 722x946, Lum.png)

I remember reading somewhere that Lum was originally considered to be a loli.

No. 1973068

You are obviously a larping/false-flagging fujo. Get out.

No. 1973074

the director gropped teenage girls, so its clearly she's underage because it turns him on and not for innocent plot reasons

No. 1973078

File: 1713664642070.jpg (370.22 KB, 1345x1080, intricate farming.jpg)

ok this is the funniest troll. this feels like farmers creating intricate rituals to argue with each other just to do it all again tomorrow.

No. 1973079

That still doesn't make her a loli. She's just underage

No. 1973080

Yeah. It's too ridiculous to believe. I assume they're mocking that original lesbian anon that posted here and in the g thread about liking yuri and thinking lesbian fujos were polilez. She called herself a lesbian, not heterosexual.

No. 1973081

she's still pedobait from a director who has a fetish for teenage lesbians

No. 1973082

That part is true.

No. 1973084

File: 1713665065549.png (448.21 KB, 529x1024, shotaro.png)

Is Jotaro a shota?

No. 1973086

File: 1713665176016.jpg (281.43 KB, 800x961, 1474900453126.jpg)

Wait what, you actually think I'm a fujo? I can post my yuri manga shelf and Steam yuri games if any of you unironically doubt.

It has cool girls and lesbians, and I also like the military theme so of course I like it.

No. 1973087

he's clearly not meant to be fapbait for the author, so no

No. 1973088

Ntayrt but its funnier if somebody says yes.
He's just a quiet and innocent young lad.

No. 1973090

this is my first time ITT but i don't believe you are either fujo or himejo. post manga shelf with feminine hand showing and steam screens right nao.

No. 1973096

File: 1713667107597.png (18.58 MB, 5428x2366, dadasd.png)

There you go

No. 1973097

oh wow, you even know about Kyoshi being in a relationship with a woman in her story.

No. 1973099

I'm a huge yuri fan, how would I not.

No. 1973100

opinions on girls und panzer? or is it not yuribaity enough

No. 1973101

so are you sure you aren't like… bi or anything?

No. 1973103

>G Witch
post hand

No. 1973104

if she was a lesbian i would respect her but she's like female kikomi, so it's cringe and lame

No. 1973106

File: 1713667592765.jpg (433.45 KB, 1046x1910, 1515206032550.jpg)

I made a post about it in the /g/ waifufag thread a couple days ago. You can check that out.

>can doubt the sexuality of a """"""""heterosexual"""""""""" yurifag but cannot doubt the sexuality a """"""""""""""""lesbian""""""""""""""""""" fujo
Hmmm funny how that works huh.

No. 1973107

Kikomi is female lol

No. 1973108

my bad i forgot. Then she is LITERALLY kikomi. Hilarious, especially since she has the Intel core box alongside her animu coom figs, just like troons do.

No. 1973110

i doubt both. if you really are a woman (and i doubt it), you're at least in denial, and most fujos are straight women who went prison gay after getting on testosterone and detransing. hope that helps.(infighting)

No. 1973111

I'm just saying if you're a woman who has a "fetish" for lesbians, that means you're attracted to women which makes you gay

No. 1973113

Yeah should have bought AMD smh

No. 1973117

So I'm the anon who asked you about your sexuality and I'm still curious about it; so when you say that yuri is hot, you mean that you feel sexual arousal? Or "hot" in a way that's more like staring at a nice statue?

No. 1973120

File: 1713668271433.png (14.81 MB, 4000x3000, asdasd.png)

For the record I fucking hate how honbians like G-Witch.

Okay I will just tell the truth. This anon >>1973080 is sort of right, I'm actually the poster who mocked """""lesbian"""""" fujos in /g/. I'm a lesbian. Of course I'm attracted to women. It's ridiculous how fujos can get away with calling themselves lesbians despite being so obsessed with gay men. I was actually just curious how people here would react to the opposite, ie a himejoshi claiming to be totally not homo. This whole website coddles the retarded fujo """""""lesbians"""""""" but surprisingly enough becomes rational when presented with the opposite.

I pledge alliance to Israel. I will give my money to Intel so they can continue genociding m*dslimes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1973122

Oh wow, you actually did a hand pic.

No. 1973126

I was almost about to call you based but
>I pledge alliance to Israel.
You're cringe unfortunately

No. 1973127

It's really giving tranny(it's giving scrotefoiling + newfaggotry)

No. 1973129

Has this larp really escalated to you posting your hand to own the enemy?

No. 1973130

How do you all manage to be so schizophrenic.

No. 1973132

>I'm a lesbian.
well you're definitely attracted to women, let's just say that

No. 1973133

File: 1713668678715.jpg (120.09 KB, 719x720, 1364361525335.jpg)

Am I really.

No. 1973145

Yes. Also I momentarily forgot that you're a lolifag, so I must retract the previous "almost based" as well. Gomen.

No. 1973151

File: 1713669208060.jpg (102.32 KB, 500x500, 1497765308049.jpg)

Seethe and cope. Oneloli is life.

No. 1973154

okay I'm obsessed with you kek. how did you like the flowers ganes? i only played printemps. i thought about buying the rest. how does the story develop over the series? is it satisfying?

No. 1973190

No. 1973192

I think Suoh and Mayuri get overshadowed by the other pairings. Erika/Chidori and Neri/Yuzuriha are just so much better, so ete and automne are definitely worth playing. I actually haven't player hiver because I don't think the main pairing is as interesting anymore lol.

No. 1973219

File: 1713671396217.jpg (42.42 KB, 512x462, 6144fad8ce302a76ec18ee4c_512_4…)

interesting and good to know, i was hoping erika's story would deliver. thank you for this.

No. 1973226


>im a straight woman with a lesbian fetish

>most yuri shows you know is weird pedo-shit
> i was just jooking guys im actuaaaally a lesbian
>self admitted lolifag
>oneeloli is life
>posts weird meme that looks like it belong on pol.

Ok this is very obviously either a demented xy defect baiting or a sad pathetic excuse of a pickme who is suffering from terminal brainrot.
You can call it autopedophilia or general pedophilia but lets not call this attraction to women.

Eitherway i think this autistic attention seeking personalityfag has derailed this thread enough.

No. 1973232

It's a tranny or severely mentally ill woman who is likely into both shota and loli yet feels defensive of fujos because some of them like shota which they want to defend. This means their enemy is "antis" of both shota and loli which is why they've chosen this thread to sperg in and act like antis are somehow lolifags or some shit and are thus ""hypocrites"". Extremely immature and transparent

No. 1973235

If you didnt generalize fujos based on a few bad apples then fujos wouldn't generalize your side based on schizos like paki-chan, paladin boo and now irl kikomi tranny hands.

No. 1973237

Did you read their brainrotting text, nowhere did they defend fujos, i get it you hate fujos but please use your brain. This is one of your people aka the anti-fujo spergs.

But i do agree with you that this might be a tranny.
2 years ago someone like them would have gotten perma banned from this site by now meanwhile now its the anons who call a spade a spade getting banned.

No. 1973241

I just hope those replies to the tranny-pedophile was just them samefagging and not actual anons being friendly to them because how do you see someone admit to being a pedo and then be like "ohmmge girl im so obssesed with u whats your favorite game"….like what the fuck. Things aren't looking so good for anti-fujos. I just hope they're samefagging

No. 1973243

>a few bad apples
This is not a bad apple, this is a fujo obviously trying to smear "antis" as lolifags and racists, screenshotting it and posting it seconds later to the infight thread saying "wow look at how bigoted those racist lolifag anti-fujos are! This is PROOF they're JUST AS BAD!"
>nowhere did they defend fujos
The point was for them was to larp as a racist anti-fujo lolifag and try to conflate the two

No. 1973249

>This is not a bad apple, this is a fujo obviously trying to smear "antis" as lolifags and racists, screenshotting it and posting it seconds later to the infight thread saying "wow look at how bigoted those racist lolifag anti-fujos are! This is PROOF they're JUST AS BAD!"
its not the first schizo on your side on this site.

No. 1973252

I feel like you are too naive. Because number 1 trannys raid this board all the time so that might have been a tranny, number 2 there is a small minority of women whose brains get too rotted after spending too much time online and in male weeb spaces that they develop auto-pedophilia. Most of those women are imegeboard posters so not that surprised to see one of those freaks here too (although most of them spend time on male imageboard).
I can even give you a famous example of a woman like that such as Grimes.
You say they are larping but i don't think that's the case, i just think you rightfully so feel grossed out be having a degenerate piece of shit like that agree with you so you try to blame it on fujos like you people always do even though fujos have nothing to do with this

No. 1973258

Okay fujosisters, whatever you say. I guess the straight "lesbian fetishist" "death to all mudslimes" lolifag manhater totally wasn't a larper trying to make "antis" look bad after all then. You insult the intelligence of everyone on this site including fellow fujos when you larp incredibly cartoonish strawmen like that

No. 1973260

is pakichan also an strawman psyop by the fujos? lol

No. 1973262

Probably someone trying to encourage personality fags

No. 1973267

I just told you that i have seen actual examples of women (or trannys) like that and that it might not be a larp and you got defensive and snarky.
Also this is not the first time i have seen weird suspicious pictures/stories be posted in this thread before its just this is the first time one of them got called out for the content in their picture which lead to this whole derail.
At this point you deserve people like that on your side such as pakichan or tranny-pedo because you behave like nutcase narc cultists who blame everyone but themselves.

No. 1973268

It's bait, but just the baiting fujo from the discourse thread. They posted to try and own the antis or whatever.

No. 1973269

Ok conspiracy theorist. Funny thing is they were having multiple anons talk friendly with them in this thread despite them being a lolifag before i >>1973226 called it out which just goes to show how you are hypocrites with fake morals.

No. 1973270

I mean they have pakitard on their side, i don't know why they are surprised. Pakichan also posted her fat ugly hand in the first fujo cringe thread >>1146823

No. 1973271

Okay anon, post links to anything as blatantly retarded as anything like that in the thread please that isn't a baiter who was banned. It's obviously some retard baiting to be like 'see, they're the real degenerates, not me!'.
They couldn't even post the whole word to complete the larp, they had to censor it kek.

No. 1973274

Why do i get the feeling that if pakichan was new you would do that same thing to her and claim that is a fake larper.
You are deflecting the people who share your sentiments onto other communities and people and that is borderline pathetic.

No. 1973276

Don't treat anons like they're dumb enough to fall for this. C'mon anon.

No. 1973277

No. 1973280

Do you believe this >>1970888 ?

No. 1973281

Oh i think you should be the last person to talk to me about falling for something dumb considering how multiple anti-fujo anons replied to that pedo like they want to be best friends with her (with only 2 anons finding her weird) but now that she makes you retards look worse (which i thought was impossible) now you are pretending like its a fujo as if there werent multiple anons being friendly with her before that, cut the crap.

No. 1973282

pakichan is nothing like this retard, she's consistent. this pathetic one-time fujo larp was obvious bait by an obviously assblasted fujo, and i hope whichever fujochan bastard shotafag/lolifag hybrid user did it gets the help they need

No. 1973283

Kek you know that they believe that because they believe anything that fits their autistic anti-fujo agenda no matter how utter bs it is.

No. 1973286

go back manhands

No. 1973287

>pakichan is nothing like this retard
they both posted hands, and kikomi chan also posted her loli yuri collection. I love how all of you are ignoring her yurishit collection which no fujo would own.

No. 1973288

Farmhands tasukete…they're going to keep tinfoiling until the end of the world if you guys don't clear this up

No. 1973289

Use your brain moron, i said if pakichan was a new poster and not a already consistent oldfag. Anti-fujo spergs never beating the retard allegations.
Also imagine defending pakichan as if she is not a pedo either when she posted actual you-know-what-content on this site once and got banned for it.
Yes there are anons who still haven't forgotten about that and how she tried to defend herself for posting that.

No. 1973291

Im not that anon dipshit, i hope you get banned for anonfoiling.

No. 1973292

>when she posted actual you-know-what-content on this site once and got banned for it.
holy shit, i completly forgot about this. Yeah, it was in one of the dumbass threads i think? she's disgusting.

No. 1973297

>I love how all of you are ignoring her yurishit collection which no fujo would own.
that fujo was defending shotafags. shota/loli consumers are often fans of both. again, like i said, clearly a mentally ill person, maybe even a scrote
>i hope you get banned for anonfoiling.
i'm sure you do, since this entire larp attempt depended on (fellow) fujos being dumb enough to buy it. i don't think you are, i just think you're desperate enough to own le antis that you'll take whatever you can get

No. 1973298

You are actually starting to sound schizophrenic but its not surprising considering your own anti-fujo leader pakichan is a schizo sperg. You all kind of start sounding like her after some time almost like you are sharing the same collective mental illness

No. 1973300

>anti-fujo leader pakichan
This is mental illness. You are on lolcow.

No. 1973301

She didn't defend shotacon, she called all fujos shotacons >>1973050
>At least I don't watch these shows for the "loli", unlike fujos that constantly coom at shotashit.
stop trying to rewrite something to fit your narrative.

No. 1973302

it's "schizophrenic" to recognize a larp kek? please. you're not winning the hecking lolcow culture war by defending the most obvious bait ever

No. 1973303

Possibly the greatest delivery of fujo cringe ever.

No. 1973304

Lol who do you think started the fujo threads and who do you think makes up the majority of the posts here? You can try using your braincells or maybe borrow one from pakichan who seems to like boyxmommy incest, gross.

No. 1973307

Anon they are schizophrenic, we are watching a real life example of a person hallucinating and trying to rewrite reality. Maybe soon they will say that yuri-pedo was also one of those fujos who groped them at a convention.

No. 1973308

you're really fucking slow, so let me explain this slowly. this person was likely a shotacon/lolicon hybrid angry at the anti-shota sentiment on lolcow. they were larping in this thread as an "anti" who was also a lolicon and a racist so that they could claim anti-fujos were lolis and racists and thus hypocrites and post it in the other thread so their fellow fujos could see it and seal clap. at first they also claimed to be a heterosexual "lesbian fetishist" but then walked that back too.

No. 1973311

>writing fanfiction with 0 proof instead of accepting that another one of your own is disgusting
my fucking sides.

No. 1973315

>>writing fanfiction
scroll up. they weren't even trying with the 'man hater' thing lmao, but then they had to add the israel shit on top of it to make it obvious. written like a brainmelted, fanfic-writing defensive fujo with too much time on her hands

No. 1973316

she has too much yurishit knowledge to be a ''fujo''

No. 1973317

>his person was likely a shotacon/lolicon hybrid angry at the anti-shota sentiment on lolcow
pedo bisexuals are into shota and loli, yuri and yaoi. the gender doesn't matter. they are like the ultimate anti-anti, so it makes sense they would target this thread

No. 1973321

you are trying so hard to pin this on fujos but this anon is a legit schizo who's known in the lesbian thread because she spergs about fujos constantly.

No. 1973326

that's not the same person. also what's with the desperation to paint anti-fujos as lolifag lesbians?

No. 1973327

>that's not the same person.
she admitted it was her >>1973120
>I'm actually the poster who mocked """""lesbian"""""" fujos in /g/.

No. 1973328

It's why they can't link to anything like this post larp attempt kek.

No. 1973329

you're assuming they aren't lying, which given the fact that it's a larp i doubt. my guess is that the fujosister who wrote that didn't like the lesbian anti-fujos talking about it in lesbian general, so now they're trying to paint them as pedo lolifags and racists to get them to shut up about the fact that lesbians being attracted solely to depictions of men is weird

No. 1973331

The lolifag might be the 4chan girl from the lesbian thread >>>/g/363983

No. 1973332

This is the lesbian yurifag who wants to rape fujos btw, they have been at it for months
vocaroo she posted

Least schizophrenic antifujo btw.

No. 1973333

Wow. I don't know if she has autism, a personality disorder, or what, but that anon is pretty freaky. And it's really not even a moid? Wow.

No. 1973334

It's what years and years of 4chan do to the brain

No. 1973335

still seems like a long game troll to me. so it is a mentally ill woman, like i suspected
>Least schizophrenic antifujo btw.
no matter what that retard said or did, fujos still can't be lesbians, and "anti-fujos" will still never be a thing to anyone but terminally online tumblr fujoschizos, i'm sorry sis

No. 1973336

>I know this is the retard scrote baiting but for future reference, all the female yurifags that I personally know are straight women as are most yuri mangakas. I don't know a single lesbian woman into yuri
in her defense, i think i would go a little insane if i heard stuff like this from "fellow lesbians" 24/7 too. thank god i don't hang out in the "lesbian" general on this site

No. 1973338

Hilarious how antifujos stick to their own and defend them even after they come out as pedophiles who want to ''rape correct'' women they dislike >>>/g/363960

No. 1973340

Lol the fact that you are on waking back on it and backpedaling after infighting with anons for hours by saying it was a fujo and now that you are shown proof you are pulling the "we can't be defined as anti-fujos" card, you are such a sore loser.
Anti-fujo spergs being freaks and not wanting to take accountability once again.

No. 1973342

they are also defending the pedo too.

No. 1973343

Yes i noticed how they became softer towards them here >>1973336 once they realised that freak was actually one of their own.

No. 1973344

i didn't say i defended that at all lmao. pedoshit, loli and shota all disgust me, as does that person's racism and rape fantasies. i'm defending her stupid vocaroo she posted in response to that "fujo lesbian" anon, and her general spiral into insanity
i'm not walking back on anything dumbfuck. this is a stupid website culture war, nobody knows or cares who people like "lesbian general yurischizo" or "pakichan" are, i don't give a shit.
>Anti-fujo spergs being freaks and not wanting to take accountability
it's the fact that you think "anti-fujo" is even a community that's hilarious and makes everyone point and laugh at you
where? making things up yet again

No. 1973346

A sore loser with no actual morals that's what they are.

No. 1973347

Sorry no one believed the larp anon.

No. 1973348

ok, now go jack off to your shotashit you paragon of morality

No. 1973351

i love how antifujos are always projecting yet two of their own, pakichan and now yurifag tranny hands, got outed as pedos.

No. 1973352

You are now hyperfocusing on the anti-fujo label because you have nothing intelligent to say after you have been shown proof that the yuri-pedo was real meaning that your schizo ramblings were all false. So now you are trying to reach for whatever you can and are scrambling.

No. 1973354

Stop projecting on me you fucking freak.

No. 1973360

>antifujos are always projecting yet two of their own, pakichan and now yurifag tranny hands, got outed as pedos.
shotafag fujos are too ubiquitous on lc to be given individual names and have their personalites pointed out. it's sad that lesbians on a niche site are the ones who get singled out by an army of equally mentally ill straight women
you are now trying to copy and paste this post through google translate
>NO U!!!!
i don't need to project anything. just go back to your fujo threads and see it

No. 1973362

The theory that anti-fujos spergs have never watched any yaoi in their life or haven't taken a look at any recent/modern ones is so true.
Shota is incredibly rare in recent BL and especially manhwas, i read manhwas and everybody are adults there so i dont know why anti-fujo spergs keep projecting their own sickness on others.

No. 1973366

go cry on tumblr about it faggot

No. 1973369

Even back in the day it was rare. The most popular yaoi were always about grown men. Even school boys are fairly rare in yaoi, meanwhile in yurishit they are the default.

No. 1973370

You always have some excuse, what happened to all those posts you made accusing yuri-pedo of being a fujo and accusing every anon of being a larper. You were so high and mighty while doing that too. But not so high and mighty now??
Also i don't think you even realize how ironic it is that you are saying that anti-fujos shouldn't be generalized because of some people meanwhile you are generalizing all of fujos.

No. 1973373

This is such a 2014 insult that i can't even be mad at it. It really shows that you are developmentally behind.

No. 1973374

>school boys are rare
You know that's not true. But it's the default in het, Yuri, and BL so not like it matters much in the end

No. 1973377

I havent watched yaoi since the 2010s but back then it was all grown men in suits. Idk if it changed.

No. 1973378

>something you would hear a moid say during gamergate 2014
Where did you even come from?

No. 1973381

i'm not even sure that it's the same person and i still have an inkling that the anon in this thread was a baiting larper. that vocaroo the anon posted supposedly by "her" was legit harmless, i listened all the way through. there was no rape or racist or manhating shit in it. if anything, that anon is tinfoiling that it's the same person. if it WAS the same person as the anon who posted in this thread, which i don't think it is, i hope she gets help because learning she's a lesbian who had to deal with "fujo lesbian" gaslighting actually does make me more sympathetic towards her

No. 1973384

True but we need to be more specific when we say school because you know the anti-fujo schizos will take that out of context when most of them are high school stories about seniors or sophmores falling in love.

No. 1973385

Barely any gets animated at all anime has never been a good way to gauge BL trends. High school is less common now than it was back then but it's not rare by any measure. It's basically the default setting in all of Japanese media

No. 1973392

>there was no rape or racist or manhating shit in it
here >>>/g/363960 she also recommended lolishit >>>/g/364750

No. 1973394

All i got from this post is that you are still doubling down and saying that if it's real then you have sympathy for her despite her being a pedo. Wow anti-fujos really keep revealing themselves as being bastards who don't care about morality as long as that person shares the same opinion as them. You would have sympathy for her because of fujis gaslighting her….are you fucking kidding me she is a racist pedo and it sounds like you would be okay with that as long as she is a anti-fujo sperg. Anti-fujos have really revealed their face tonight. Also kek at you still trying to deny it even though its obviously her.

No. 1973397

I wonder what intelligent comeback they will stew up for this one.

No. 1973398

>you have sympathy for her despite her being a pedo.
>are you fucking kidding me she is a racist pedo
you are a dumbfuck who can't read
>i didn't say i defended that at all lmao. pedoshit, loli and shota all disgust me, as does that person's racism and rape fantasies. i'm defending her stupid vocaroo she posted in response to that "fujo lesbian" anon, and her general spiral into insanity >>1973344
yeah i've seen my fair share of corrective bislut rape in the lesbian threads on this site, let's just say it isn't unique or specific to her. still disgusting though, if that really is her. still not sure if it's the same person who posted in this thread tonight though, also kinda weird how anons remember posts from 4 months ago and have them on deck too
take your italics and attitude back to tumblr, fatass

No. 1973400

she also recommended morinaga milk too, who's also another yuri pedo

No. 1973405

>yuri pedo
hmm will the lc fujos attempt to paint yuri fans as uniquely pedophiles unlike pure wholesome cinnamon roll yaoi fans? next on lolcow. also btw, i'm not a yurifag and neither are most people in these anti-fujo threads so this entire conversation completely rolls by me. all you're doing is really alienating women into yuri and turning the site into fujochan 2.0 which did allow shota until last year and there was a huge spergout by the mostly lolcow userbase when it was taken away

No. 1973406

No you are a dumbfuck who either doesn't know how to properly express their thoughts or are braindead. And those posts of yours you linked are not any better considering one of them is a reply to a another anon where you were also trying to prove that you were totaaally not defending the yuri-pedo anyi-fujo sperg.

No. 1973408

>hmm will the lc fujos attempt to paint yuri fans as uniquely pedophiles unlike pure wholesome cinnamon roll yaoi fans? next on lolcow
just because you guys are incapable of critcizing a person without generalizing an entire group of people doesn't mean we do the same. As always, you fags continue to project.

No. 1973410

I'd say it's sorta easier to find college student/working romance in bl, but it's more like 40/60 deal rather than the super majority.

No. 1973411

Please activate your ape brain and use those neurons, we know nothing about this anon except for the fact that she is anti-fujo who likes yuri and is a pedo so of course she will be called yuri pedo. It has nothing to do with other yuri-fans. Anti-fujo spergs cannot stop projecting, we are not like you where we would catagorize a whole group of readers.

No. 1973412

>hmm will the lc fujos attempt to paint yuri fans as uniquely pedophiles unlike pure wholesome cinnamon roll yaoi fans?
says the one who were spouting that fujos are out abusing children to be their little ukes, why cant it be said for you too? why do like little girls so much you pedo? you understand why painting a whole fandom as being "pedophiles" hurts everyone where the majority are depicted as adults? we know not every himefag or fujo is a pedo but making up stories to benefit your own agenda favors no one dont cry when that same sentiment comes at you

No. 1973413

They just started shitting on yuri because it was pointed out that they're trying to pretend to be the g anon >>1973080 When no one took the bait >>1973080 >>1973068 >>1973056 >>1973037 >>1973030 they pivoted kek >>1973120 They're sure the doubling down will work.

No. 1973415

>still continung the schizo conspiracy theory of it totes being le evil boogeyman fujo despite evidence leaning towards it being one of your own.

Yawn this is getting boring , youve been going at it for hours, cheers to any fujo anons still here but i will have to peace out.

No. 1973417

seeyu nonnie have a good one. also kek at the backtracking antis are doing

No. 1973418

you said "another yuri pedo" lmao
"another yuri pedo" comes with connotations i wouldn't expect you to understand
i haven't defended yuri or loli at all, so i have no idea where this projecting rant comes from. i even said that i'm not a yurifag or lolifag

No. 1973423

>you said "another yuri pedo" lmao
i was talking about the mangaka, morinaga milk, who's a yuri loli author, so yes, a yuri pedo.

No. 1973424

it's pathetic. i'm not even into yuri nor did i ever defend it lol. in fact it's mostly just lesbians into yuri. what a shame
fuck off to shotachan i mean fujochan and don't come back

No. 1973426

>continues to project
lmao, this thread is hilarious. Antifujos are so fucking insane.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1973427

>no argument or even comeback
ok. pro tip: if you're embarassed by your own community so bad, stop trying to project that onto other people. terms like "anti-fujo" show a fundamental disconnect with the real world and how others perceive you

No. 1973428

File: 1713682034196.jpg (87.06 KB, 951x972, 2e81b56a7e641cdeb68758990ae0b9…)

No. 1973429

ok, great

No. 1973430

> in fact it's mostly just lesbians into yuri
>lesbian fetish
sure retard.fuck off to lolichan i mean 4chan and dont come back

No. 1973432

>fuck off to lolichan i mean 4chan and dont come back
>i'm not even into yuri nor did i ever defend it lol.
>i haven't defended yuri or loli at all
literally the sentence before. also i really suspect something fishy with this larp, it's not convincing that that's the same one who posted the harmless vocaroo and "bislut" soft corrective rape fantasy which is, no offense, pretty unfortunately common of the lesbians on lolcow and no way comparable to the israel "death to mudslimes, death to all men" autism thing that happened in this thread tonight

No. 1973433


No. 1973434

she's a known schizo on the lesbian thread but you can keep coping

No. 1973435

Its 2024 its no just a moid thing anymore, get out of your 2014 anti-tumblr/fujo/women lolī goon cave and you will see normies using it too.

No. 1973436

>bislut" soft corrective rape fantasy which is, no offense, pretty unfortunately common of the lesbians on lolcow
atleast write better bait troon

No. 1973439

Lmao that one caught me off-guard too when i read that. How is being offensive more worse than rape i mean both are bad but damn anon's priorities and generalization of lesbians are messed up. Looks like that anti-fujo is close to spouting lesbophobia.

No. 1973443

i'm sure "lesbian fujos" were looking for an opportunity to use those posts for something at least
ok, everyone who isn't a fujo is a troon, whatever
i think lesbophobia is probably targeting an entire genre of lesbian works as "for straight women" more than pointing out an unfortunate trend on a site for mentally ill women
also if you're a fujo i don't think you get to make that call. only lesbians do

No. 1973448

> Looks like that anti-fujo is close to spouting lesbophobia.
because they are. extremely misogynistic too if it isnt clear by their pickmeism categorizing lesbians into rapists and pedos there was also another antifujo who said fujos harm women more then men so its clear what they are..handmaidens.

No. 1973451

You were trying to generalize lolcow lesbians as being creepy rape fantasizers and say it's common just so you could defend that one yuri anti-fujo. Thats obviously not true considering how majority of lesbian anons talk about how they are not even attracted to bisexuals and that they avoid them, you tried to throw all lc lesbians under the bus just so you could defend one weird anti-fujo lesbian.
Also before you deny it by saying thats not what you said like you always do here is a quote from you.
>the same one who posted the harmless vocaroo and "bislut" soft corrective rape fantasy which is, no offense, pretty unfortunately common of the lesbians on lolcow

No. 1973452

>categorizing lesbians into rapists and pedos
sincerely, the person who brought you "another yuri pedo". and you implying that a "soft rape fantasy" (soft rape doesn't exist irl) would equal her actually raping a woman in real life is kinda you making out a large chunk of the lesbian general to be rapists from what i've read tbh
>fujos harm women more then men
they do. fujos bully women who aren't into fujoshit like they did to that woman in lesbian general and pretty much everywhere else on this site and everywhere else they congregate too. thinking fujos negatively affect men in any way is completely delusional and based in fantasy rather than reality

No. 1973453

>You were trying to generalize lolcow lesbians as being creepy rape fantasizers
lolcow women are disproportionally into fucked up shit and fantasies but that doesn't really reflect my view of the general population. i've seen some terrible shit in the lesbian generals said about women, and "soft corrective rape fantasy" to "cure" a "bislut" (commonly used term in lesgen) of her attraction to men is not even the worst i've seen. you're trying to clutch your pearls and moralfag your way out of this but it isn't going to work if you're honest

No. 1973454

Rape is still rape you braindead moron. When they said another yuri pedo they were talking about a mangaka artist did your mind just fly over that.
At this point fujos are doing chaity work by having debates with the mentally disabled of this thread.

No. 1973455

>being this dense on purpose
oh to be a fujo
>At this point fujos are doing chaity work by having debates with the mentally disabled of this thread.
then why do you STAY in this thread? why don't you ever get the fuck out?

No. 1973457

>lolcow women are disproportionally into fucked up shit and fantasies but that doesn't really reflect my view of the general population.
excepts when its fujos lol

No. 1973458

fujos are not a normal part of the general population, lesbians are, is the thing. there are normie lesbians, there are no normie fujos. don't compare yourself lol

No. 1973459

Because you spread lies and generalizations in this thread. Or do you just expect people to not say anything when you are writing fanfics accusing them of serious things meanwhile your own anti-fujos are either nutcases or pedos which shows it's all projection from your side.

No. 1973460

Normie fujos are absolutely a thing, who else do you think reads coffeeshop shit and shoujo mag BL?

No. 1973463

>makes an exception for a yuripedo into rape correction fantasies
>but fujos are too much
lol. I hope you treat women into het shit the same, but we know you don't.

No. 1973464

>soft rape doesn't exist irl
if youre an actual woman and wrote this youre beyond hope
>>they do. fujos bully women who aren't into fujoshit like they did to that woman in lesbian general and pretty much everywhere else on this site and everywhere else they congregate too. thinking fujos negatively affect men in any way is completely delusional and based in fantasy rather than reality
fujos arent out there hunting women down to be fujos with them we dont fucking care if you like us or not ,you know why fujos "attacked" you because
>accuse us of being pedos abusing little children
>transition because we want to be ukes totally
>the moid drawn like a moid and which behaves like moid is actually a pseudo woman and you are watching a woman
>you liken agp moids to irl yaoi
>you fujos are worse than actual agps who literally think of killing women and wearing their skin
>you all are pornrotted brains and are on par with coombrained moids
>dont call fags faggots!! that is offensive!! but let them call you fish,holes,and cum dumps sure those gaymoids deserve our respect!!
seriously now? why are you acting like anyone is forcing you to interact with us? seems like youre just jealous women having fun without the presence of moids

No. 1973465

>then why do you STAY in this thread? why don't you ever get the fuck out?
stop spewing your shit into our thread we've seen you go and cry in meta because the ebil fujos made a new thread!!!! and theyre discussing in the fandom thread about fandom shit!! BAN THEM NOW NOW NOW!!

No. 1973466

>makes an exception for a yuripedo
uh no i didn't "make an exception" for a "yuripedo" lmao. i myself have said, time and time again (but you don't read) that i'm disgusted by her fantasy, her racism, and her investment in lolishit. the only reason you anons keep saying "B-BUT YOU'RE MAKING AN EXCEPTION FOR THIS RACIST SEXIST LESBOPHOBIC YURIPEDO LOLIFAG!!" is because a) you're desperate for that anon to be her because you're desperate to own the anti-fujos and b) because i said i feel sorry for her to have to deal with the schizophrenic fujoshis that inhabit the "lesbian general" thread
>this much projection and denseness in one post
take your fucking medication

No. 1973467

> because i said i feel sorry for her to have to deal with the schizophrenic fujoshis that inhabit the "lesbian general" thread
>uh no i didn't "make an exception" for a "yuripedo" lmao

No. 1973469

i haven't called for one person to get banned lol. meanwhile fujos:
> i hope you get banned for anonfoiling. >>1973291

No. 1973470

> because i said i feel sorry for her to have to deal with the schizophrenic fujoshis that inhabit the "lesbian general" thread
everyone in that thread hates her for shitting it up with her schizophrenia and calls her a moid. She posted the vocaroo because anons kept telling her she was a moid for acting like a 4chan scrote. You should be feeling sorry for the normal lesbians, not your pet yuripedo antifujo-chan.

No. 1973471

Also add to them saying
>soft rape doesn't exist irl
Also this is the first-time i hear that the lesbians in the lesbian thread are fujos, anon seems to be really talking out of thier ass.

Got tired of bitching about fujos so now they are moving on to harassing the anons in the lesbian thread?

No. 1973473

how is feeling sorry for someone while still condemning their actions (if that really is the same person) "making an exception"? do you know what that means? i have less sympathy for fujos than i do lesbians yes, but that doesn't mean i'm "making an exception for her"
reading the things they said to her, and about yuri in general, made me feel sorry for her. like this:
>I know this is the retard scrote baiting but for future reference, all the female yurifags that I personally know are straight women as are most yuri mangakas. I don't know a single lesbian woman into yuri
over half of the "lesbian general" are not lesbians, and they're definitely not normal
>Got tired of bitching about fujos so now they are moving on to harassing the anons in the lesbian thread?
please just go away you slow retard

No. 1973474

>Got tired of bitching about fujos so now they are moving on to harassing the anons in the lesbian thread?
i saw it coming a mile away considering how much they hate tifs(who for the majority are actually pitied here and encouraged to get better if someone confesses they are one) typical handmaidens throwing women under to get a scrap of moid attention

No. 1973475

>still feeling sorry for a yuripedo
how do you guys manage to have sympathy for a yuripedo but draw the line at women who like adult men fucking kek

No. 1973476

>over half of the "lesbian general" are not lesbians, and they're definitely not normal
kekkkk so theyre not true lesbians now huh? tell me whats a real lesbian like?(infighting/derailing)

No. 1973477

either you're a samefag, or you're all pussies who need to gang up because you can't handle a 1 on 1 convo without your gay backup ""community."" typical coward fujos. also i thought "yumes" were the truTIFs and "schizos!!" according to you
i have no sympathy for pedos, including shotachan/fujochan users of which i'm sure you are one, and projecting as always, but that poster was a lesbian being ganged up on by a bunch of larping straight women so yes it did make me feel sympathetic in comparison
if i had to guess, probably someone who doesn't get off to men fucking

i thought you losers were going to sleep, but you just can't help it. literally losing sleep addicted to this thread lol

No. 1973478

>i have no sympathy for pedos
>but that poster was a lesbian being ganged up on by a bunch of larping straight women so yes it did make me feel sympathetic in comparison
LMFAOOOO you do have sympathy for pedos.

No. 1973479

if this is the level of reading comprehension then i'm not surprised the argument has devolved this way

No. 1973480

>lesbians don't like yuri (because majority of it is made for male readers and made for their tastes instead of female readers)
>this proves they aren't real lesbians, ugh those evil fujos.
>wow that anti-fujo yuri-pedo anon who talked about rape is totally being oppressed by these gaslighting lesbian fujos


No. 1973482

you have been defending a pedo for hours lol

No. 1973484

go back to discord or wherever you came from where you don't have to fully read shit before you respond because everyone is just as braindead as you you fucking retard

No. 1973485

We are on a imageboard once you make a post then as many anons can reply to you as they want. Go back to whatever echo chamber you came from if you can't handle being "ganged up on" kek

No. 1973488

Weren't you previously being overwhelemed from anons relying to you…i dont think im the one who has to go.(infighting)

No. 1973490

uh no you go back, this isn't your thread dumbass. i can handle whatever because you're all dumb pussies, but you're still pussies whose arguments don't hold up to scrutiny so you need to gangpile and point and shame whoever's criticizing you at the moment

No. 1973491

nope, and if this is another fujo attempt to bully someone out of the thread/off the site, then sorry but no matter what schizo shit you pull there will always be people who dislike you here and you will continue to mald about it

No. 1973495

>pussies pussies pussies
You sound like a moid who just learned a new word.
Also imagine using pussy as a insult in lolcow of all places.

No. 1973499

>imagine using schizo as an insult on a site full of mentally ill people
so you admit you are mentally ill?

No. 1973500

Just report and ignore the baiter anon.

No. 1973504

One is based in truth considering the fabricating and warping of reality that anti-fujos have done to either attack fujos or to defend their own.
Meanwhile you going "pussies pussies" was literally you
getting overwhelmed from too many anons replying to you on a imageboard.

No. 1973510

>fabricating and warping of reality that anti-fujos have done
no such thing happened. it's a baseless insult. and no one got overwhelmed, sorry. i said you're pussies because you are in general, you move in groups and only suddenly pop in this thread when you know you'll be supported by 3 or 4 other anons at a time. that's pussy behavior, because your arguments have no substance and you rely on pure social shaming and brute force to try to get your fetishes accepted, which is why you're so widely hated outside of your insular masturbatory gooncave of a community

No. 1973511

why cant you use coward like a normal person? why do you gotta talk like a moid

No. 1973513

next you'll probably say saying "faggot" is talking like a moid and then call someone "schizo" in the same breath. go clutch your pearls somewhere else fujofag

No. 1973517

using faggot is based because faggots are annoying moids, using pussy interchangably with 'coward' is scrote behaviour.

No. 1973527

File: 1713687422836.jpg (73.71 KB, 828x988, FopoZcMaIAAS0zt.jpg)

No. 1973537

>go clutch your pearls somewhere else fujofag
the audacity of a antifujo to say this while doing only that what a faggot(infighting)

No. 1973541

when did i clutch my pearls? being mad about someone saying "pussy" is as retarded as saying "DON'T SAY BITCH OR CUNT, THIS IS A FEMINIST WEBSITE!!" go away concern trolling fujotard

No. 1973705

What a fucking mess. The attentionwhoring loli schizo has been permanently banned, if you see her posting again please report her for ban evasion. There are relatively few other redtexts because most of the derailing in this thread was by the same 3 retards, who have all been banned.

Any pro-fujo derailing in this thread will now receive a 3 day unappealable ban. The reverse is true for antifujo posting in the fujo containment threads. You have the discourse thread for this discussion, doing it anywhere else will be heavily penalised and repeat infractions will eventually escalate to a permanent ban.

No. 1974032

>Any pro-fujo derailing in this thread will now receive a 3 day unappealable ban.
Thank you farmhand. Much needed rule for this thread.

No. 1974716

Based. The fact that this thread set some fujo sperg off so bad they posted hand and tried to larp as some g sperg is incredible. Why don’t fragile newfags ever just hide threads they don’t like.

No. 1974730

File: 1713776749613.jpg (29.76 KB, 750x417, elonrip.jpg)

No. 1974773

File: 1713780112951.jpg (138.06 KB, 496x750, book.jpg)

For a more interesting kind of cringe, how about a book? Picrel was written based on an event that happened at some sort of convention when a girl questioned Jensen Ackles about the subtext between him and Misha Collins character on Supernatural who's non answered caused some sort of meltdown in the fandom. The story itself seems to be entirely lifted from the scenario, with the added fanfiction aspect where it portrays the original question asker as getting to be involved in the show.

No. 1974775

File: 1713780293567.png (Spoiler Image,100.86 KB, 631x411, bookopening.png)

It opens with the main character googling gay porn to help finish her fanfic. Idea itself is fine, but the fact that it is almost entirely based on some real life fandom shipping drama is cringe, as well as the writing not being very good.

No. 1974789

File: 1713781888906.png (11.57 KB, 934x135, icantremember.png)

No. 1975017

The fact that they conveniently remembered the exact posts to link as "proof" only an hour after those posts KEKKKKK

No. 1975857

File: 1713846908933.jpg (740.42 KB, 1080x3271, cringe.jpg)

No. 1975887

This isn't really cringe, nona seems self aware about her past nlog ways, I respect that, this is more than what I can say about most fujos kek
Also glad to see idiot infighters and derailers getting banned, I recently found these fujo cringe threads and was very entertained by the previous ones. Current thread becoming so full of idiotic name-calling and pedo accusations was starting to depress me, hopefully we can return to quality milk days

No. 1976470

Oh my god what the fuck, is the character really retarded enough to google handjobs on a school computer and think nobody will find out because the librarian isn't looking at the screen? Do these people really have that little self awareness?

No. 1976547

File: 1713894857335.jpg (210.18 KB, 900x834, Da_NvEuXkAAfCFH.jpg)

Blanchard's theory of female troonism explains the link between FTM troons and fujos, and why so many females who do troon out were former fujos or still identify as fujos. Even if fujos aren't autistic enough to troon out, the underlying fantasy is the same. MTFs transition in order to become the fucked thing in heterosexual sex - autogynephilia. FTMs transition in order to be gay males, with no strict desire to penetrate or be penetrated, just to participate in gay male sex - autohomoeroticism

No. 1976572

thank you for picrel, i was trying to elucidate this in another thread. i think part of it is the desire to not be seen as the ‘female object’ like heterosexual men see them.

No. 1977613

File: 1713922855208.png (274.03 KB, 990x418, mtfujo.png)

the logical consequence of troonism: TIMs are going the next step in their woman skinwalk and becoming fujo rights activists now, thinking they're doing something new and revolutionary by copying old fujo arguments that have been around since the 90s. male to fujoshi indeed.

No. 1977682

File: 1713926468042.jpg (82.8 KB, 750x500, 8ntex0.jpg)

It inspired me to make this kek

No. 1979001

File: 1714001669346.png (527.91 KB, 753x2559, ohno.png)

No. 1982799

File: 1714265310078.png (422.25 KB, 505x632, Screenshot 2024-04-28 014637.p…)

So a female

No. 1982876

Fujos like this are the type who eventually become trannies. Kek

No. 1982890

the pregnancy thing is why I'll never accept the whole "I just want to see two hot guys kissing" spiel. It's never two hot guys, I can always see the way a male character is turned into a woman and yet they refuse to accept it.

No. 1986245

>"occurs only in girls"
This is the most retarded thing i have read in my life. Today i learned that transbians do not exist.

No. 1986247

i'm not sure on this distinction myself, but pretty sure blanchard is in fact aware of transbians

No. 1987134

File: 1714579679981.png (475.29 KB, 663x740, FcMaIAAS0zt.png)

No. 1990250

File: 1714819533590.png (1.71 MB, 948x2980, 1714819495557.png)

No. 1991503

File: 1714915146951.jpg (84.66 KB, 720x540, 159018391035.jpg)

No. 1991512

>implying men can be friends(pro fujo sperging)

No. 1992284

File: 1714980109347.png (161.76 KB, 635x302, d4qADyd.png)

my degenerate fetish is better then your fetish.

No. 1992344

no you don't understand, those historical male figures were just misogynist and hated their wives because they were GAY! no, it's not because women were an easy source of labor to use and abuse or anything, they were just repressed! if it weren't for those evil het women forcing them to be heterosexual, they would have had pure loving relationships with their best friends!

No. 1992462

File: 1715001565612.jpg (72.07 KB, 466x647, 1000005485.jpg)

>Dislikes: Monestary
The fucks that even mean?

No. 1995598

File: 1715197835264.png (377.93 KB, 601x687, FbcMaI0ASvzt.png)

and they've only grown more degenerate

No. 2002541

File: 1715703549192.jpeg (141.37 KB, 1242x1403, GNbf-O8X0AA021p.jpeg)

No. 2005073

File: 1715853971859.png (891.08 KB, 1080x1416, ss.png)

>I was a fujo that shipped Klebold and Harris

No. 2005251

Nonna in picrel: It was hybristophillia, those guys were below average in terms of look, it's the fact they commit a crime that make them hot for fujoshi true crimists.

No. 2005286

>Picrel was written based on an event that happened at some sort of convention when a girl questioned Jensen Ackles about the subtext between him and Misha Collins character on Supernatural who's non answered caused some sort of meltdown in the fandom.
Late as fuck and only semi related but can you elaborate about this? Or point me to a transcript or video

No. 2005559

Maybe, but they didn't commit the massacre in the few fics I read (I barely read things in English back then and there was none in my native language). They were one-shots with a lot of lemon tho, and in the one I remeber more distinctively that gay sex kinda cured them from their rage, in the rest they resumed the fic with some brief tragic words about their fatal fate for more angst. That leads me to think the authors had above all a savior complex, but that's very common with hybristophilia so yeah

No. 2006158

Reminds me of the fujos who ship Dahmer and Bundy.

No. 2006897

File: 1715980398388.jpg (530.86 KB, 1080x2126, 1000016786.jpg)

No. 2006986

File: 1715983496976.png (65.9 KB, 1027x203, 1653090541648.png)

No. 2014092

File: 1716363809682.png (238.08 KB, 601x646, IMG_1925.png)

No. 2019927

File: 1716647313890.png (47.84 KB, 597x383, 159018391036.png)

least misogynistic fujo

No. 2038980

File: 1717714040858.png (652.37 KB, 900x838, IMG_1929.png)

No. 2039360

File: 1717743292762.png (442.94 KB, 598x735, 1000016788.png)

they're the same picture

No. 2058758

File: 1718986431562.png (61.9 KB, 834x515, Untitled.png)

OP says that she isn't referring to pornsick women but then proceeds to describe pornsickness kek

No. 2058769

That's literally me except i am not a fujo. Nice.

No. 2058771

Another pickme malding over her precious moids being sexualized, seethe. Stop humanizing men and your life will seriously be so much better(infighting)

No. 2058849

kek, I love how some anons seem surprised that women who use a female only site to avoid male degeneracy dislike it when moid-minded dick obsessed females try to replicate that degeneracy with only the genders flipped and expose everyone to gross shit. Coomer behavior is disgusting regardless of its target. Sane women want to prevent moids from degenerate behavior as much as possible, not copy their shittiness.

No. 2058862

God forbid women be attracted to men. Just because you’re asexual (mental illness) doesn’t mean most of the women on this site are. Once again, you sound like a scrote worshipper

No. 2058863

b-but men are rapists, so you have to listen to my obsession with yaoi peen all day because men are worse!! otherwise you're not a girls girl for listening to how much i love dick and hate every female character because they're sluts that only exist to consumed by men. men that exist to be consumed by other gay men are hawt tho

No. 2058872

File: 1718992371449.jpeg (79.48 KB, 682x1024, B4F485D7-848F-45EF-907F-7BE3BA…)

Womp womp

No. 2058875

people rly draw this shit for free

No. 2058878

Also love the assumption that you can make nonas freak out by posting some casual fujo stuff. Many of us are fine with m/m ship content (I shipped these two in the first few episodes but dropped the anime when it got boring af full of school life crap), fujo doesn't equal to coomery kek.

No. 2058879

Nlog fujo, now that’s a new one

No. 2058883

No. 2058894

What? The original animator was paid. Pretty sure somebody just edited an open mouth onto an anime screencap.

No. 2062044

A lot of the more retarded fujo posters were brought over from 4chan. These retards literally had a discord and were spamming it across imageboards and advertising this place to get more thread posters until farmhands told them to stop.

No. 2068845

File: 1719585433942.png (322.47 KB, 1048x1419, IMG_1930.png)

Gee, I wonder why

No. 2070665

File: 1719669553462.jpeg (403.67 KB, 1294x1244, 1719462597532.jpeg)

No. 2081053

Light isn't a minor for most of the story. By the end, he's 23.

No. 2082383

File: 1720486350426.png (149.59 KB, 720x621, ceouke.png)

No. 2085773

Anyone else starting to notice that "polilez" is the new buzzword insult for fujofags now to deride women who have a problem with yaois and whatever degenerate porn addiction they have? First it was "pickme" and now it's "polilez"

No. 2085835

the polilez accusations are absurd, they assume everyone critical of all forms of porn must be andrea dworkin lite or something? they dont know how to formulate an argument because they've fried their brain with coom, so they just copy the argument of whoever is the loudest.

No. 2085836

maybe people just (rightfully) hate political lesbians because it's a fucking stupid idea

No. 2085945

Doesn't change the fact that the polilez accusations from fujos are baseless and has nothing to do with disliking yaoi

No. 2086256

A lot of fujos on here are polilez ironically.

No. 2086489

The fujotard projection never stops

No. 2086868

This fucking shit in its entirety is why it’s impossible to find semi-normal female friends interesting in videogames and anime. They are all yaoi gooners who can’t stop talking about their cartoon fags fucking each other or can’t stop talking about their irl moid boyfriends and their “oh so gay” relationships and just keep sex out of conversations. Women online have successfully psyopped themselves into becoming pornsick retards, trans or not. It’s also extremely embarrassing when libfem type women who aren’t TIFs in these communities have boyfriends who are obsessed with hentai and to compensate they develop an obsession with yaoi because their moid is giving them such an unhappy relationship or some shit

No. 2091033

>or can’t stop talking about their irl moid boyfriends
>why does Stacy hang out with Chad instead of ME
I will never understand why femcels say shit like this and then go to the venting thread to bitch about not making any female friends

No. 2091076

Being a cuck for anime men and trooning out is not stacey behaviour kek.

No. 2091632

Obviously I meant women who’re pretty enough to have irl boyfriends, who farmers hate.

No. 2095191

> or can’t stop talking about their irl moid boyfriends and their “oh so gay” relationships

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