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No. 660000

Do you believe in it?
Are you a "witch"?
Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff?
Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?
Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rithuals, shamans, and the like?
Is "witch" a female-only term? What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women?
Post everything related to this here. It doesn't matter if your only experience is playing with a ouija board in 7th grade, just discuss.

No. 660003

File: 1603169329478.jpg (192.13 KB, 992x852, ccc.jpg)

I don't believe in it and dont practice it, but i like the aesthetic.

the dark rooms, decor, smell of herbs and plants, the artwork.

I'd like to think if it were real i would be some kind of plant witch. Love my houseplants.

No. 660005

Already existing thread here >>>/ot/381137

No. 660006

yeah but that one is cringe

No. 660007

How is it less cringe to make duplicate LARP thread

No. 660010

File: 1603170287309.jpg (254.66 KB, 1280x851, Women_of_Amphissa.jpg)

I wish it were real but I think it's past its time. It's cool to read about historical sort of things, you know paganism, especially the maenads/Bacchantes.
picrel is a painting which always makes me think "women supporting women" lmao. The regular women from this place Amphissa protected the maenads from being preyed upon in their sleep. The maenads in general have great lore surrounding them like tearing apart a creepy man for hiding among them in disguise.
Sorry if that's ot, but I wish that insane, dedicated pagan shit was around today. I'm not really serious since they were violent and unhinged etc etc. Still it's a lot cooler than "witches" nowadays who to me are clowny larpers but I definitely see the appeal. Sadly it doesn't make sense to be a witch or pagan anymore.

No. 660011

that me, sorry my example isn't really witches just wanted to sperg. Tried ouija at a slumber party as a kid. but I cannot believe in it. It's the subconscious mind driving it, which is intriguing in itself (you can find articles and research about this)

No. 772559

I think it's fair for the anons who legitimately believe in this to have their thread, so it's good to have it handy. Nobody should question your beliefs even if they disagree with you. Be happy and be yourself, do you magic if you want to.

The other thread is locked

No. 826783

File: 1623299491912.jpg (76.52 KB, 850x400, quote-imagination-is-always-th…)

>Do you believe in it?
Yes 100%, but also 0%
>Are you a "witch"?
I'm a female magician or mystic, so you can put it like that. Though I feel like "witch" is something more earned through wisdom and time.
Also, schizo posting helps getting around censors.

>Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff? Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?

How is that not taking it seriously if someone does believe in it? Also what is doing a spell? You first have to define that. Doesn't writing words conjure up images, don't images conjure up feelings, doesn't it influence what we perceive as the real world? Isn't art a spell or form of magic? Isn't science not just a word for some of the great things the magic of imagination and invention has brought us? Isn't it magical that life imitates art? Isn't it true that especially for women, the mind has a great effect on our performance in what we perceive as reality? Mere words spoken before an experiment can change the outcome like an incantation. Our imagination has been especially repressed by the powers of the status quo, so it's no wonder.
>Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rithuals, shamans, and the like?
After the first time I tried magic mushrooms, all intrusive despondent thoughts disappeared and haven't come back since. Every few months to once a year I plan another trip, to gain more insight.
>Is "witch" a female-only term What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women?
Technically no, but men appropriating it feels very tone deaf either way. I think men labeled a lot of their magic "science" and we've only recently been allowed to be a part of that. And the witch hunts were after real witches, as in women who practiced magic. Healers, mathematicians, literate women, all in an effort to stifle women's magic and preemptively exclude us from the institutions they would set up.
For me calling a lot of things "magic" is also a form of reclamation.

No. 826809

I know of the research but idk whether or not to 100% believe it because when i used it, the planchette would just spin between us while we discussed what to ask. This was such a long time ago, and it was the only time that the Board ever worked for me, but the coincidence of the answers and then finding out the research of the home was weird.

No. 826820

File: 1623304137391.png (28.21 KB, 128x128, scared.png)

Okay that is really spooky

No. 827465

>Do you believe in it?
Yes and no. I go back and forth on how "real" it is. I've had weird synchronicities happen that make me believe there's something metaphysical going on. But I mainly just 100% believe that it's helped me psychologically so I'm going with it.

>Are you a "witch"?

Idk. I've been autistic about mythology/occultism/weird philosophy since early childhood and it's kind of just culminated in me becoming a mildly schizo mystic. I think I'm kinda similar to >>826783

>Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff? Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?

I like tarot cards and I keep an altar in my bedroom. I don't think having crystals and stuff means you're "not taking it seriously".

>Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rithuals, shamans, and the like?

Not really.

>Is "witch" a female-only term? What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women?

I don't care if males call themselves witches but I unironically believe males lack the capacity to understand god and mysticism.

No. 827528

i do tarot, i dont take it seriously. except for when i do. i don't call myself anything idk what i believe in. something something synchronicity something something probability. idk. i did have one experience that made me believe; i wasnt religious or anything but i almost died in a car wreck and i heard the name "archangel michael" in my head. i guess another experience, i went to a psychic and unprompted she said archangel michael watches over me. she told me the name of my dad's aunt and her hobby she wants me to do, again unprompted. and she said that for some reason my deceased grandfather doesnt want to talk to me bc he's bigoted. im gay so it adds up

No. 827551

Damn I wish a spiritual figure would reveal themselves to me the next time I have a near death experience.

No. 833387

Don't believe in witchcraft. I find most of it to be, quite frankly, just people trying to make themselves seem more interesting or doing it because wicca is trendy right now. Quite frankly, I find (some) of it disrespectful to women who were put to death for 'witchcraft.' A lot of those women weren't claiming to be witches, they were simply old women who were easy targets to blame for the latest crop failure, and seeing 15 year olds romanticize that sort of thing feels a bit iffy.

I like crystals, I think they're pretty, though the idea that they're exclusively witchcraft related is a bit more recent (they've always been an element of certain branches of wicca, but they seem to be automatically associated with the religion now).

I definitely think 'witchcraft' should be taken seriously in a historical context. The history of medicine is very intertwined with the history of witchcraft. Take the Ancient Roman witches for instance. Much of what they did would be, in modern day, considered medical treatments.

It is theorized that one of the many, many motivations behind the witch craze of the 17th century could've been the result of the rise of the medical practice. As medicine was taken more seriously, it became a men's profession, and one that brought prestige at that, with physicians beginning to come out of the academy.

When one looks at the history, many of the witches who weren't just random women were those brewing tonics for various ailments. Makes one's university education seem a little less prestigious when the old woman down the street is running a more successful practice than you. What better way to get rid of the competition than claim they've made a pact with Satan and must be executed?

One of my friends became a witch when we were teenagers. She's a lovely girl, though I don't know if she still identifies as one (I haven't seen her in a long time). She struggled with a lot of problems, and I hope she found purpose in wicca. I might not believe in it, but provided you're not hurting anyone and it makes you happy, I'm okay with it. Despite some personal misgivings, there are far worse things in the world than wearing crystal necklaces and forming covens.

No. 892526

>Do you believe in it?
I do but honestly on and off. I’m falling out of it from time to time but I have been interested in it since I’m 14.
>Are you a "witch"?
I do believe so. Although saying it out loud would make me cringe.
>Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff?
I have a few crystals. Amethyst, clear quarz, rose quarz and some for chakras. I also really like black Turmaline because it’s naturally magnetic so i feel like it’s a good absorbant.
>Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?
Definitely, I think if you look at social media, tiktok, amino there are lots of egos floating around who just need attention. It’s sad.
>Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rithuals, shamans, and the like?
I mean I have nice memories celebrating sabbats but one really emotional experience was during a meditation. I tried to see if i could meed the goddess and god and just hang out with them and it was really amazing and I just cried? I never thought i could get so emotional during something like this.
>Is "witch" a female-only term? What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women?
I guess it’s woke if men call themselves witches but I honestly want to gatekeep the term kek i feel it’s not only for women but I do feel there is a strong connection through the moon and different aspects of magic/nature regarding my femininity

No. 892546

i have been some kind of pagan since child because my parents and overall environment was like that and i honestly believed in all kinds of pagan stuff from my country. nowadays i guess i consider myself some sort of secular pagan lol, because even if i'm not full on collecting crystals and practizing witchcraft kind of pagan i still hold different kind of magical beliefs about nature and stuff. i don't follow any sort of specific movement i just do stuff that feels right and have magical thinking.

No. 893804

File: 1630129074431.jpg (163.54 KB, 736x912, b2772b6585916731b71c79a6599d66…)

I've mentioned in the last confession thread that I'm still on the fence about witchcraft and I do like some aspects of it, my favorite being how unapologetic women oriented it is. I also love the nature elements, it's really beautiful aesthetically and I feel like it's respectful to our home, as corny as this is. I just get a real feeling of sublime and insignificance in the best way when looking at nature, especially the sky, so I feel very… Grateful? Towards it.

I already also like some elements of it "for fun", like tarot, manifestation, pretty rocks. What would be a way to get in it "deeper", but not too deep all at once? Dipping toes and all that.

Also one thing that I think is really funny is that in my country we have a "watered down" and full of catholic syncretism of spells, they are called "simpatias" but they are literally just spells with a Christian prayer at the end.
For example, I saw this one for getting a job: you'd right your name and wanted job position with ink on a paper, get a key and fold the paper with the key in it. Then you mix sugar and cinnamon with water, put the paper and key inside it and let it for a week on top of a very tall cabinet or the liking for a week. Afterwards, you throw away the water (preferably on plants) and pray a Lord's Prayer.
It's funny (and annoying) to see boomer aunties doing it but looking down on witchcraft.

No. 893831

I think it fucking sucks that the one thing that women get to have for themselves is scientifically ungrounded magic bs. Truly cannot see why this is something to be happy about.

No. 893834

File: 1630133674660.jpeg (27.18 KB, 570x427, 283909937277.jpeg)

Shaming other women for liking something that is harmless (or even helpful when it comes to nature) doesn't help or change anything aside from creating needless animosity. Change the target of your anger

No. 894264

respect yourselves, nonettes. don't be scammed by this goop shit. decide for yourself what you want in life.

No. 894265

shush, libfem. go back to pole dancing class.

No. 894283

Lol what's wrong with witchcraft and polidance? Rads claim to be empowered but keep shackling themselves all the time. Just do what you like nonny it ain't that deep.

No. 894832

>Get in a thread with stuff she doesn't like
>Get asked to get out, especially since that's against the rules
>"No, you get back to your poledance classes, libfem!1!"
Make it make sense.

No. 896477

File: 1630426526804.jpeg (54.84 KB, 474x474, A5AD9B9A-7BE3-45DC-B3FB-6157E1…)

> Then you mix sugar and cinnamon with water, put the paper and key inside it and let it for a week on top of a very tall cabinet or the liking for a week
Lol anon that’s legit witchcraft. It’s always so funny to me when you notice little details like that in christian behavior. Lots of it comes from pagan beliefs - Christmas tree.
> What would be a way to get in it "deeper"
How about celebrating the sabbats? Picrel

It’s definitely also a lifestyle however you don’t have to do a spell daily or some shit like that. I do like to do different activities matching the season to appreciate nature, like collecting fallen down acorns or leaves. Maybe if you have an altar or a ~litte corner~ you can decorate it.

One topic i find really interesting is ~cultural appreciation ~ is this a thing? I’ve seen people “borrowing” traditions and practices here and there and apparently using a smudge stick is stealing from the natives of America or something

No. 896509

File: 1630428914723.jpeg (52.3 KB, 555x389, 6B3CF36C-2627-4F9C-BDDF-5A8B01…)

uwu muh choice feminism. don't you have a crystal to shove up your arse or something?

pseudoscience and esoterism are being pushed hard on women and that's dangerous. scepticism and rationalism are healthy things, i hate this trend of "uwu women are more spiritual".
i hate how many women my age are into astrology and witchcraft shit. i'd rather see women scientists than witches

No. 896565

Nobody said it was feminist, you dense fucker. I just said you should yap somewhere else. There are plenty of scientists that are religious, go back to r/atheism and complain there about wicca destroying women and how much smarter you are

Thanks for the suggestion, anon!

No. 896578

thread op asked for opinions about witchcraft and i gave mine. go cry to your astral guardian about it

No. 896649

and how exactly does this constitute as radical feminist activism. what rights are women gaining from you attacking random women on the internet because of their interests? is the patriarchy crumbling now that you get annoyed at women? trannies everywhere detransition? or are you basically just flicking your own bean over how you are so much better than the other stupid women?

what dangers exactly am i facing when i collect rocks and pinecones from the woods? i mean sure i am potentially putting my health in hazard when i collect bones and other dead parts of animals, but what horrible danger does this behavior put women under? the stupid hysterical girls need someone to guide them? how exactly does your moral panic over witchcraft differ from all the idiotic think pieces how gone girl and midsommar ar bad for women because we stupd, stupid girls might not know the differnce between right and wrong and now we might get sucked into neo paganism over science or whatever because we women just are so fucking stupid apparently.

i really am only interested in traditions of my own country's origin because that's what's familiar to me since childhood and since i don't really feel like follwing some random rules ai just do stuff that feels right and traditions i fel connected to. honestly it's the reason why i have never gotten into crystals because i really do not see any spiritual sense in taking some random mass producted rocks from other side or the world, like what do i gain from it. i feel more spirit in just common rocks i notice in the nature, because i feel that they have lived there and "seen" their environment, and are connected in that way to the surrounding world better than some rock i could buy from a store.

No. 896668

Based and truthpilled
Hey anon guess what not everything everyone says is about you. no one is talking about or cares about you collecting animal bones (??), what's bad for women (and people in general) in the real world is when they are easily persuaded into retarded political or financial desicions (like routinely paying for sessions with a psychic or medium etc, buying crystals or other ~magic~ items, using their pension to go to lourdes etc). In general, being open to believing irrational things makes you easier to control. Women in catholic countries were kept uneducated and completely controlled by the church for centuries, for example after women got the right to vote in my country they all voted for the same Christian party because they didn't have access to any knowledge besides whatever their priest was telling them that week

No. 896679

i'm >>892546 and like i said i honestly used to believe in the original deities etc from my country. that never really hindered my education, or my skills in critical thinking. only confusion i had was when i was told about chritianity because i had never heard about such things, but i never had any problems with things related to science

this is nothing but you morally panicking. oh no the e-witches are gonna create another generation of brainwashed women who don't believe in science, the horror, they surely have the fucking power or a goddamn chatolic church.

and what's exactly your confusion about me collecting animal bones?

No. 896686

and you don't think people don't make shit financial decisions over other things? people are not falling for other kinds of ponzi schemes, etc, getting into political cults that are completely unrelated to any kind of spirituality? are you losing sleep over any of these kind of things or is it just easier to attack random women because attacking women is always easier even when you pretend to be concerned?

No. 896690

Fence sitter here, witchcraft is mostly just syncretic elements of pre-Celtic Druid culture, there's nothing really special about it as both men and women were technically witches but it was mostly an administration job that you were born into it, mixed with Celtic rituals
There's no deeper meaning or origin to witchcraft bedside's that, being a witch i.e Druid would have been mundane instead of magical

No. 896694

>a new generation of women who don't believe in science
I cannot stress enough how my point has nothing to do with your experience. There is no new generation, millions of women are still like this where I'm from and the things I mentioned (psychics, mediums, fortune tellers etc) are still rampant. Millions of gullible, undeducated people, mostly women, are taken advantage of every year by these people. It has nothing to do with your religion. And the collecting animal bones is just weird

No. 896698

samefag, I am a woman, and yes I do think the things I mentioned are as bad as ponzi schemes etc. This is the witchcraft thread so I'm talking about witchcraft

No. 896699

why is it weird?

and how does your country's situation relate to some random e-witches and their crystals? are they behind it? is this the place to save those uneducated women, the random women from this thread are gonna stop the centuries long phenomenon or did you all just want to come here put other women in their place? go complain the wrong doers in your country if you are actually concerned and don't look for ego trips at the expence of some random women buying crystals and playing with tarot cards

No. 896712

ffs anon I don't care what anyone itt does or buys what I'm saying is that its objectively dangerous to be open to irrational beliefs. That's it. It makes me sad to see these scams be marketed to women specifically because despite what you might think I care about us as a class. You can actually enjoy something and be critical of it at the same time, rather than being in 24/7 cope mode and calling everyone who disagrees a misogynist. And it's funny you keep mentioning e-witches because surely that's objectively the most retarded kind
>why is it weird
idfk fam it just is

No. 896725

nta, I actually agree with you but being hostile and calling them Idiots isn't going to convince anyone, the history of witchcraft and religions in general are really fascinating
If you explain the concepts and histories of beliefs with the proper knowledge of said history you'll get people realize how kinda nonsensical but interesting their beliefs actually are

No. 896726

why? do you have anything else than just moral panicing? because that's what it is. you saw some random women talking about their tarot card hobby and you go into catasthropics about how millions of women are uneducated and brainwashed around the world, how the "retarded" e-witches are a sure sign of this oppression of women.

you are not doing this over the concern of women, you are ego tripping. you had to go and put the stupid other girls into their place, you gotta moral panic over how "hey did you know that you playing with damn tarot cards reminds me how women are kept uneducated and oppressed" as if the women in this thread are the people you are talking about. you are not doing anything else than just finding a way to feel better aboiut yourself, your shit isn't any different than those who go into hysterics about gone girl and midsommar or whatever they wanna moralize about. you are nothing but a self righteous prick

No. 896733

also my problem isn't with anyone questioning by beliefs or whatever. my problem is with self righteous people moralizing and masking their ego tripping as anything more than what it is.

just admit you wanted to call people dumb and be done with it and don't try to act as if you're on some moral crusade to save women

No. 896747

Am anon you replied to, I'm not shaming women for liking witchcraft, I just think it's highly unfortunate and the wrong thing to focus on for women. I regret my crude words but surely you can see how I think it's unfortunate that the one field that is a "women's field" is scientifically unfounded and has no real impact or effect. When everything else that's traditionally men's has visible results, makes a difference, does something, wields actual power in this world. Witchcraft is cute as a hobby, I guess but I don't think deluding women into thinking they wield power or whatever through witchcraft is harmless whatsoever.

No. 896748

>calling them idiots
I never did and I don't believe they are
You're assuming an awful lot about me lol. I do have friends who are into astrology and tarots, when they talk to me about it I listen and ask questions like a normal person. A girl I know is into tarots and I actually really like her approach to it and hearing about it, she knows I don't believe in it and wouldn't get a reading myself and that's fine. I don't think my posts were moralizing or going into catastrophics unless by that you mean stating my opinion and describing reality.
>hey did you know that you playing with damn tarot cards reminds me how women are kept uneducated and oppressed
Well it does kek sorry for being too blackpilled ig. I don't sperg about it randomly like you assumed though. makeup does too but I still wear it, yet dont deny its role in womens oppression, it's not that deep and you sound like you're in denial

No. 896769

File: 1630442605206.png (2.91 MB, 1912x978, msnc.png)

>Anons in here LARPing about muh science and how women are licherally endangered and being thrown into the dark ages because they like collecting crystals, picking up old knowledge and learning about their family/culture traditions
>Meanwhile, literally everyone important/powerful

No. 896772

I agree with you tbh. New Age and all of its derivatives are just commercialized versions of the most vulgar fragments of religion. Virtually no different than materialistic Christian-inspired self-help crap like prosperity theology except that there's no conman counting money at the top (at least not as often as there used to be). Hey everyone, let's will our senpais into noticing us by burning plant material we ordered from amazon and shoving etsy crystals up our asses. Maybe later we can commune with nature and contact dead religion goddesses we learned about on tumblr by meditating in the dog park. I feel so in touch with a vague universal energy of some sort.

No. 896781

Anon did you see a TikTok and think that's actual magic kek.
Classical astrology (birth charts, repetitive events in history corespondending to planet positions), psychology (tricks, dominance displays, manipulation, etc), and herbal medicine (rich ppl all have a holistic/Chinese ancient medicine Dr) were all witch craft, they're useful skills. The moon water shit is just zoomers playing make believe.
For example https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/astonishing-medical-potential-soil-northern-ireland-graveyard-180973741/
Just because ppl don't understand how something works, doesn't mean that it doesn't work. These sorts of things were considered witch craft, and once we understood how it works we call it science. I'd wish scientists would get around to trying to disprove/approve stuff like crystals having healing properties, if we never test it then how can we know if it works or is just placebo.

No. 896789

Freemasonry is an initiatic networking group with hundreds of years of history and tradition. Strip every aspect of esotericism from it and they'd still accomplish exponentially more from a day of elbow-rubbing with the local comptroller at the lodge than the most powerful tiktok witch could by hexing the moon every day with the biggest bulk order of hemlock imaginable.

No. 896795

I'm not talking about what they're doing, I'm talking about the fact that they're still openly a cult with ritualistic practices.
It's literal slave mentality to think only people richer than you can balance belief/faith with living life, understanding science and accomplishing things.
>the most powerful tiktok witch could by hexing the moon every day with the biggest bulk order of hemlock imaginable.
Who cares what the TikTok witch is doing, though? Everyone on that app is just wasting time. Being on Lolcow is wasting time. Time to ban women from the internet (except for Wikipedia), we obviously aren't using it correctly.

No. 896801

File: 1630444160799.gif (756.9 KB, 275x275, 1629384852618.gif)

No. 896810

Forget the internet from now on we only communicate through the female collective unconscious.

No. 896816

>I'm talking about the fact that they're still openly a cult with ritualistic practices.
Comparing 'burn these herbs to attract money to ur life' to any sort of actual institution is rarted. Witchcraft is analogous to that chant catholics say to Saint Michael whenever they lose something but turned into a fashion statement with nothing meaningful behind it.
>It's literal slave mentality to think only people richer than you can balance belief/faith with living life, understanding science and accomplishing things.
Who claimed that? There are fucktons of accomplished people who are into religion and even new age woo. It's embarrassing to see the religious equivalent of the dollar menu basically define an entire generation of women's religious beliefs, though, and so is comparing commercialized spirituality to even the dumb scrote shit that freemasons get up to.
>Time to ban women from the internet

No. 896821

So, you're upset because the women you see aren't doing it right in your opinion, even if you believe it's all a bunch of woo, anyway?

No. 896829

No, I'm irritated that so many young women are wasting their time on 'law of attraction but with more steps' and embarrassing the rest of us by touting it as something that's both legitimate and meaningful. If it makes you feel any better, I hate prosperity theology way more and that's basically the same stuff in different clothing.

No. 896832

>embarrassing the rest of us
To who?

No. 896837

File: 1630446176256.jpg (132.37 KB, 800x800, 1402249543040.jpg)


No. 896839

You only have to prove yourself to yourself, anon ♥

No. 896841

You have a point. I'll stop shitting up the thread now- sorry!

No. 896894

anyway i went to see the aurigid meteor shower and saw 6 shooting stars. maybe that has some power over anything, maybe not, maybe it's useless woo woo but it was beautiful

No. 896904

blah blah blah at least i actually have enough sense to not wear make up, lmao. you are not actually doing anything but posturing with the "make up is bad for women but because i recognize it i am smart" and funnily enough by wearing make up you are actually making a way bigger impact on women around you than some women collecting dried up sticks or playing with tarot. and you ARE randomly sperging when you come and shit up some meaningles thread where people are basically talking about their hobbies. idk what you mean i am on denial about

No. 897146

I still don’t get how it’s harmful to like crystals and have a herb garden kek better put on a button down shirt, grab my briefcase and make stuff happen like a real man huh? A big part of “witchcraft” is medicine which some other nonnys mentioned is today’s science. I hope we can focus on the topic of the thread from now on…

No. 897150

See post here >>896690

No. 897162

To the anon who collected animal bones. I have a few at home like a jaw or a little birds head. Do you recommend any use for them like do you corporate it into your magic? I keep them in little caskets (?) and made it nice for them you know out of respect.

No. 897240

Superstitious beliefs licherally can't be detrimental to society if the British royal family are freemasons. Checkmate, atheists.
>blah blah blah at least i actually have enough sense to not wear make up

nta but bitch, you literally collect animal bones to cope with the chaos of existence. You possess the coping mechanisms of a predatory bird. I don't think you have the right to judge someone for doing something that genuinely helps when you're a fucking animal bone collector.

No. 897308

Where is the "detriment", though? Why are you bothered about women having hobbies you don't share?
If you're serious and not just NLOGging, why not do the legwork of recolonizing STEM for the female sex and breaking barriers?
>nta but bitch, you literally collect animal bones to cope with the chaos of existence.
Oh nvm you sound like a doomer type. Not everyone wants to like, rot all the time. Clean your room or something. Makeup doesn't genuinely help anything about the "chaos of existence", either, unless by "genuinely helps", you just mean "makes some people feel better" (and that'd still be dumb, because the same thing would apply to anon collecting animal bones or anything else you dislike).

No. 901134

This is your reminder be the bad b you can be and clean your house. Change your sheets, drink some water, and banish those bad vibes.

No. 901149

I believed in this crystal witchy astrology bullshit when I was a teenager. (In my 20s now)
I just gave away/threw out my crystal collection and whatever other retarded knick knacks that have been collecting dust. I feel so much better after getting rid of the crystals.

No. 901724

>the coping mechanisms of a predatory bird.

No. 901846

Manefesting being that bit h tonight

No. 904523

I’m currently trying to learn to better meditate and visualize. So today I learned there is Moonwalking and Sunwalking. Both are walking meditations. Sunwalking is basically walking slow but aware. And during moonwalking you take a step, exhale three times and then take the next step. It really slows you down. It was an unexpected cool experience

No. 904896

>One topic i find really interesting is ~cultural appreciation ~ is this a thing
I've always firmly believed that magic is most potent when it's practiced by people native of the culture it belongs to. I could research and practice indigenous African witchcraft, but it would never be on the same level that a native African would achieve. Another thing I've personally experienced - I'm born and raised in Eastern Europe, but currently live in a Western country, and while I am indulging in ancestral worship it never feels as "right" as practicing it in my native country's lands. It feels more watered down. Of course some people could view this as "problematic" because they believe every form of witchcraft should be open practice regardless of ethnicity/race or maybe they want to practice their ancestors' religion while being born in a different country. It's just my personal view, you could learn everything about a culture and speak their language but you will still be at the end of the day weaker connected to it than a native.

No. 904951

That makes a lot of sense. The magic runs in your blood. I think there is a magic in the cultures ancestors as well. Like if I tried African magic, I don't think Africa's ancestors and spirits really want to help out someone descended from colonizers.

No. 906523

File: 1631310275014.jpeg (42.8 KB, 220x296, 8B495EFC-57EE-4966-9DE3-59E148…)

Absolutely agree. I remember being on some witch amino and people there were wild. Using shinto traditions if they’re in California for example. I’m from Europe as well and I was really interesting in norse gods but couldn’t commit because it felt not 100%. I feel most comfortable with the traditions where I’m actually from. I read though that white sage is an endangered plant and specifically smudging is frowned upon. Personally i really like mugwort since it’s very local and has a strong history

No. 908412

can any of you witchanons tell me how to cast a spell or smth? not sure if I believe in witchcraft but I'm willing to try anything at this point

No. 908709

Out of curiosity, where do you find spells? I'd assume the kinds that you can find on websites/Youtube are not authentic

No. 909952

File: 1631525970574.jpeg (45.88 KB, 334x499, BA4A00CE-9359-405D-B1D3-7343C6…)

Anon idk if it makes sense to test your faith with a spell. That’s not what witchcraft is about. Maybe read a little bit about the backrounds of it. Spells can be really simple though like lighting a candle every night during waxing moon and wish for something to grow or increase

>>908709 i take mine from books, i prefer Scott Cunningham for example. I usually change them here or there to what I find more reasonable for me.

No. 911197

Anyone here have a nasty curse to cast on an attention stealing bigot?

No. 911970

Ever heard of karma?

No. 912515


No. 916793

Has anyone here had experience with honey jars? Do they work at all? As someone who hasn't done any witchcraft in the past I'm cautious about trying it, as well as the fact I'm unsure if that's a closed practice or if that even matters. Could anyone recommend me some protection spells for when I end up doing it? If not a honey jar I would like to do something else that deals with infatuation and obsession, beginner friendly would be nice. This might be my gateway into this kind of stuff

No. 917210

I’ve never heard or honey jars tbh so it’s maybe an american thing? When you do a spell or ritual you should make sure to ground yourself, cleanse the space and put a protective circle around your workspace

No. 922782

I didn't really believe in witchcraft but since I started doing witchery my life got a lot better. I'm happier and more confident. For me witchcraft is the same as any religion and if it makes you feel good you should definitely partake in it.

No. 925320

Are you following a specific path anon?

I’m currently studying about herbalism i find it the most fascinating for me! I can connect to the plants much more than crystals for example.

Looking forward to celebrating Samhain soon

No. 925479

File: 1632841703205.jpg (159.12 KB, 564x854, witch newspaper.jpg)

I'm similar to >>826783 and >>827465 like I do believe in magic and at the same time I don't. It's a very weird feeling. Maybe now that I'm older I'm more sure it's real kek. I'm still at the "seeker" stage, and I think I'll always be.

I wouldn't call myself a witch though: I mean I'm not practising it that much, it's more like a mentality or a world view that I have. I never have participated in elaborate rituals, I've just made little offerings etc. small scale stuff. To me, magic is making your will come true and you can achieve that in many ways.

I don't collect crystals, they're just pretty little trinkets to me. Tarot works, if you put your mind to it and have a certain goal (this could be said about anything of course).

I feel the difference between female and male magicians/witches/whatever is that males tend to have weird motives behind their will to do stuff with magic. Like for example look at the myriad succubi threads on 4chin. Scrotes gonna scrote I guess.

No. 925585

File: 1632850311506.jpeg (280.99 KB, 828x1083, 0F6FA584-7D10-4232-987B-EDC12F…)

I’m also very similar always seeking. I figured it helps to stat away from witchy sm like amino. I sometimes totally fall out of believing in magic and all the things that come with it. Last year i was trying to get into wicca a little more and find a community - to belong and to learn. Didn’t work our, i started to dislike BTW and took a long break until recently.
I want to read a little more about dianic witches

No. 944871

File: 1634801052892.jpeg (267.63 KB, 900x900, 2065306D-4392-42CC-A70C-CD5BF8…)

I miss her

No. 944893

She's still active on IG I think

No. 944895

Yea but very sparse. I miss her on YouTube though

No. 946386

whenever I see this thread pop up in the catalog I imagine all of you in here as the "do NOT face allah alone when astral projecting" white women

No. 946560

Excuse me what?

No. 946607

>dianic witches

I have never heard this before anon, what is it? Google is giving me trendy garbage.

No. 946651

File: 1634919550562.png (897.07 KB, 720x726, Screenshot_20210926-175059_(1)…)

I love that the "pagan/witchcraft trend" has become a thing personally, because it's made it so much easier to learn and find things than when it was a more niche topic. Especially the interest younger women have today in the herbal/healing/scientific/psychological aspects of it.

In my opinion, "witchcraft" is a healthy female-oriented alternative to the boys'" clubs" that gatekeep education, tradeskills and business. The more girls and women who unify and learn the old knowledge that still works (like medicine), the less we as a society will have to rely on artificial, patriarchal means. If women build communities where they grow their own food, practice herbal wellness and take care of each other the less dependant they are on other means that may be predatory or for profit.

No. 950017

File: 1635245865803.jpeg (154.56 KB, 828x755, B411AE7C-F9C3-4420-8CDC-82D2CB…)

That’s so sweet anon. A huge part of witchcraft is about healing for me. I lead me to experiment a lot with herbs, teas, tinctures, salves etc personality i find incense so be a bit boring these days.

Just checked wiki quickly. I can’t recommend any books though sorry!

No. 950122

I miss her too. Her videos really helped me a lot, not just with witchcraft but with self love and healing too

No. 950581

Delayed reply but good Dianic reading list here:

Be aware most of the history is not considered fact based any more.
Treat it as mythology, if it inspires you.

No. 951245

Nta but thanks so much!!

No. 1250099

I wish this thread was more active. Me personally I know magic exists. I've felt the aura of deities and their energy is so extremely powerful it's difficult to write off. I'm clairaudient and I can even talk to them.
>inb4 imaginary friend
I think feeling the real presence of another entity in the room with you can turn any skeptic into a believer. I've had psychic experiences like dreaming of a certain song only to hear the anouncer on the radio start the song just seconds after waking up.

I also know what it's like to be under a full-on psychic attack by demonic entities. These beings can turn you psychotic and schizophrenic. I've seen a full pack of Dragon's Blood incense disappear right before my very eyes and they even stole candles from my ancestral deity, the Buddha, and my guardian angels. I later found these candles in a different part of the house.

No. 1250132

>they even stole candles
>I later found these candles in a different part of the house.
Aww, I have little house fairies like that, except mine usually take my glasses or measuring tape.

No. 1250134

>wish this thread was more active.
this thread was locked, i dont know why the mods unlocked it.

No. 1250163

Lol I think my house fairies were the ones that got them back for me. I forgot to mention but I gave the brownies living in my house an actual brownie as an offering if they would find my shit for me. I think the demons also took my oracle deck but it could just be a memory fail because I'm not sure if I left it in my drawer or on the coffee table where my mom could have picked it up. I found it in the closet the other day. The candles were under the sink. When it happened I walked out of my room for a minute and when I walked back in they were just gone.

No. 1250164

now i know why this thread was locked….

No. 1250169

>people talking about their paranormal experiences in a thread about the paranormal
>oh no mods plz lock
Literally just hide the thread.

No. 1250178

>muh paranormal experiences
This is the witchcraft thread you retarded fuck, your shizo ''paranormal'' experiences should go in the spooky thread.

No. 1250189

How is summoning demons and working with deities not a part of witchcraft and magic? I think you're the retard, anon.

No. 1250192

Didnt you previously say it was paranormal. your obviously schizophrenic saying you are having psychic attacks by demons and having them ''steal'' you things lmao.

No. 1250198

Bitch where did I deny that I was schizo? Deity work has always been a part of witchcraft and that flies under the banner of paranormal. Sorry but not all witchcraft is basic crystals and tarot cards shit.

No. 1250204

no its not the deity work, its the obvious schizoid paranoia and making shit up that your doing.

Ive summoned a literal demon from the Goetia, i do have actual experiences with demons.

No. 1250212

I've summoned several goetic demons and have had good and bad experiences. Dantalion for example healed a nasty energetic cord for me and Orobas helped me get much better at tarot and scrying. It was a different demon that fucked my shit up.
That's the thing with New Age demonologists, you refuse to acknowledge the demons can be incredibly powerful and dangerous and aren't always you're fucking friends. I'm just talking about my experience with the lefthand path and warning you pieces of shit about the dangers that can happen. If you're going to summon low vibrational entities you need to protect yourself.

No. 1250217

I'm a nonbeliever but I'm curious. What experiences have you guys had where you felt certain that you had influenced the world with a spell, made a prediction that came true, or had a very vivid experience with an entity like a demon, fairy, or ghost? I promise I'm not here to make fun of anyone or call you a schizo, I'm something of a schizo myself.

No. 1250254

> Do you believe in it?
Yeah, but I don't talk about it with more than one or two people irl so that's why I'm interested in this thread.

> Are you a "witch"?

I guess that works as a catch-all title, but I don't call myself that and I get a little sus of people who introduce themselves as such.

>Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff?

I collect crystals because I think they're pretty and I like the #aesthetic, but I don't personally believe they do anything for me aside from being good worry stones. I read tarot cards because I think of them as a tool to assess your psychological state in an abstract/visual form. I have occasionally done sigil work and sympathetic magic. I don't have particular interest in worshiping pagan deities, but I do believe in petitioning. I have absolutely zero interest in modern Wicca, its derivatives, or any theories perpetuated by that con artist hack, Gerald Gardner.

>Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?

I think taking it seriously can be about as useful as learning any trade in life, but it takes a long time to git gud, there is a significant amount of misinformation out there, and everything you learn about it should be taken with a heaping spoonful of salt (no pun intended) and critical thinking.

>Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rithuals, shamans, and the like?

I had a really interesting experience with a 'haunted house' investigation conducted by a local ghost-hunting organization, and also done several 'spells' that seemed to work (and really reinforced my belief that specific wording is key in whatever you go about trying to do). Other than that, I've hung out with people who really…ran the spectrum in whether I thought their witness testimony of supernatural events was believable or no. I also have a member of my family who's suffered from psychosis before in the past so if allowed to ask questions, I'm usually able to tell when a story sounds like it was the result of some kind of mental illness or whether it was something else.

Is "witch" a female-only term? What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women?
No, they used to commonly be called 'cunning folk', and 'witch' even used to be a gender-neutral word up until something like the 1700's iirc. I do think 'witchcraft' was a way back then for the people who were the most powerless members of society (usually poor, single women) to 'get justice', whatever way they could, and that's the reason why their existence was so frightening to people. The idea that the lowest-status individual of society might have the power to punish others for the wrong-doings they'd inflicted on herself or others was anathema to every man guilty of abusing his power. It's still an idea that people are attracted to, which is why I think we've seen this BOOM of interest in the occult over the past decade or so - people feel more powerless than ever right now and are looking for whatever allows them to feel like they are 'doing something' to fix their lives or the world around them.

No. 1250333

nta but demons are totally my fucking friends Buer is a precious cinnamon roll and I love his sweet dumb face

No. 1250354

>It was a different demon that fucked my shit up
nta but can you elaborate. Tbh I don't believe in this stuff but I'm really curious also are you that same anon that was in that how to summon a hot demon boyfriend thread who was talking about having summoned an actual incubus and told anons not to do it?

No. 1250380

I was on a long flight and sat next to a shaman. She told me I was definitely a witch.

No. 1250456

I don't believe in witchcraft because I feel like if I did I'd also have to believe in or acknowledge the possibility of god being real, which I don't think is real.

That said I've always thought the idea of witchcraft being a women's craft about connecting with nature or whatever sounds really nice and I wish I could believe in it.

No. 1250484

Oh nonnies i wish witchcraft was as in the movie the craft. Or just like when i discovered it and everything was so pure and smelled like rose incense and i just had my tiny little shrine. The internet ruined it for me. There is so much misinformation and girls who just do it for insta attention or just like the look. Detaching from it is hard because i kind of want to connect. I haven’t found my own path although I’m interested in witchcraft since 13 and now I’m 30. I do have some desire for spirituality in me but i have no clue how to live it out. Not sure if witchcraft/paganism or whatever is the right thing for me. I wish i could just 100% believe in it.

No. 1250688

File: 1656950560234.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.96 KB, 660x984, actualqueenshit.jpg)

Anyone here do deity work with goddesses outside your culture? I've done LHP with goetic angels for most of my life because that's how I was raised, but I'd like to branch out and learn from other entities. Most pagans in my area stick to Greek or Norse gods due to pop culture exposure, but I don't feel comfortable with any of them. Picrel is the only goddess I've found so far that feels, I dunno, right somehow? But I wasn't raised Hindu or Buddhist and wonder if it's even okay to work with her.

No. 1250713

File: 1656952059572.gif (860.21 KB, 320x253, giphy.gif)

No. 1250732

I haven't really found any religion that has suited my beliefs to a T, but I guess witchcraft is the closest. I like nature, herbalism (using it for spells and healing), and follow moon phases and think both sun and moon have abilities, like the rest of nature. Also, celebrating the sabbats has been fun and healing.
I wish I could belong to more of a religion rather than being spiritual though, I guess just so there was somewhere I could belong with like-minded people. I've looked into Wicca (since it's nature-based), but my belief of angels/demons/ghosts conflicts with that religion. But reading some of the posts in this thread, believing in spirits seems to be in line with witchcraft.
I've been recovering from being raised in Catholicism for years (not my choice). Took a long time just to accept appreciating nature and using it for craft. I just couldn't participate in a religion that had so much disdain and hate for women and had animal sacrifice in its books. For example, reading that menstrual cycles matched the moon cycles was a much nicer belief, rather than literally being told growing up that my period was "a punishment for being a woman".
What is ironic is like what >>893804 mentioned, there is a lot of what you would consider spells in Christian beliefs. Even down to there being "deities" (saints) for certain spell work (prayer). That aspect was interesting, but I'm trying to separate myself.

No. 1250786

File: 1656955789359.jpeg (104.15 KB, 1366x768, 900EA1ED-A206-466B-BCFC-83288D…)

Incoming schizo thought but: do you think it’s possible to be a witch and not know it? Over the last several years, I’ve watched a lot of people that I perceive as having wronged me have absolutely shit luck happen to them later down the line. I’m talking car wrecks, injuries, illness, job loss, all kinds of shit. And I feel kind of weirdly guilty for it sometimes. Did my a-logging these people accidentally put a curse on them? Is this just karma? Or does shit just happen for no reason and it’s all coincidence?

No. 1250801

File: 1656956310996.jpg (590.22 KB, 1280x2066, 1280px-Millais_-_Die_Rückkehr_…)

I think the manifestation of these events have a bigger impact if you previously wished for them, hence why the guilt. Isn't that how chaos Magick works?

No. 1250843

File: 1656958002503.png (1.08 MB, 782x591, sisters.PNG)

True and real power can only be rhythmically practiced and carried on by a covenant with land or blood. It is most potent through multiple generations. You cannot use herbs that are grown by someone else, plucked by someone else, and shipped to your local co-op as a substitute for plants that come from the dirt your ancestors (or sworn members) toil.

power is holistic, yet closed. much like how store bought herbs cannot be used, a spell cannot be shared on the internet and be expected to work in the same facet. A spell is knowing the true name of something, and it's the true name that is only known through the covenant that has either been left to you or created by you.

you all need to build before you can create.

No. 1250845

I'm not into witchcraft, just curious, what do you mean "working with X"? like what would you be working on with a supernatural entity?

No. 1250901

For me it's like having a role model you can talk at and get abstract guidance from (direct guidance if you're schizo). It's not for everyone because not everyone wants to take life lessons from abstract concepts humans made up and personified thousands of years ago, but it's great if that's your thing. I worked with one entity to clean up my diet and stop drinking back in college. Probably could have done the same without supernatural 'help', but I like how it went.

No. 1250912

Amazing babe, I agree

No. 1250923

I got into witchcraft in 2008 because I had PE first period and I would sweat so much that it would fuck up my scene kween bangs so I went on a rabbit hole online until I found this weird website called spellsofmagic.com iirc and started doing rain spells.
Does anyone remember that site? It was like social media esque cuz you could have a profile, friends, dm and chat boards. Lots of freaks on it

No. 1250951

If you like the basics of wicca you could just go your path as an eclectic and pick what aligns with your beliefs

No. 1250967

Unironically based.

No. 1250982

I watched Hereditary with the real Paimon and he was literally mad as fuck that I wasn't as scared of the movie as he thought I should have been. He opened up my clairaudience so I could hear him mocking me constantly and then he made me schizophrenic. He even mocked me for being depressed and suicidal as a kid and I attempted suicide for the first time in over a decade. Yeah they're gonna call me schizo again for painting a more accurate picture of the LHP but what they don't understand is that schizophrenia can actually connect you to the spirit realm.

No. 1251095

I've a question for you out of pure curiosity, not hostility: if these things are real, why do they seem not to be? You'd think it would be obvious with how badly people try to get what they want and the lengths they'll go to (or not go to, if they can find a shortcut). Shouldn't it be self-evident if magic, demons, and so on are real? Wouldn't more people be getting results? So often it's self-proclaimed practitioners of magic who are miserable, unfulfilled people so I have to wonder. To you guys is it that it's something about the nature of it being more difficult and hidden than that by virtue of being occult? It's just interesting that I've never found someone who gained something meaningful out of it, or who was well-balanced and not at least halfway a cow. To be fair I suppose you'd have to be a little wonky to go off the beaten path. Just seems like most practitioners are either a) blatantly schizo or b) performing mental gymnastics to justify that it totally worked this one time.

No. 1251107

Different anon, but how come that people who don't believe in supernatural stuff are never affected by these supernatural beings that supposedly exist? I have never in my life seen a ghost, or any phenomenon that could only be explained by magic or spirits or demons or whatever the fuck. So why do only superstitious people "encounter" them?

No. 1251132

>poorfags go fuck yourselves

No. 1251141

yeah i don't exactly have my own land to grow herbs or crops on

No. 1251174

or family generation back to ancient witches who toiled the exact land i live in

No. 1251176

File: 1656973485073.jpg (51.2 KB, 449x640, 6912993e27247b3518f601b31406cc…)

I'm sorry that shit happened to you, anon. Ari Aster will always be a faggot moid, and we all know why.
Hereditary was weird to me, because the obvious defense was never even brought up. If you're an atheist, and you're being attacked by demons, then your worldview has effectively been smashed, and there's really no option but the obvious. We can't even just say it "doesn't work", they fucking hate it and leave you alone in short order if you actually hold conviction in your words and actions. This is my "thing" in general, re: demon attacks. What I'm about to say is meant in no offense to you. IMO, it makes sense to cooperate with all sorts of entities, but why neuter yourself in the process? It's not even something outside oneself, really. Are people scared it looks like they're pussying out? Is it in hopes of not offending them and/or others? Because if you're being attacked, trying to appease your assailant or beg them to show mercy is a very bad move

No. 1251178

File: 1656973718154.jpg (270.9 KB, 1080x942, Screenshot_20220704-172433_Gal…)

Fuck all that

No. 1251201

Because they're looking for them, and ascribe magical significance to otherwise mundane events. It's like little old Christian ladies who think angels help them find parking spots, but can get to mental illness territory when someone is distressed by their encounters or it interferes with their life.

No. 1251207

File: 1656974999273.jpg (832.68 KB, 1280x1925, 1656887446626.jpg)

>Go on 4chans /x/
>Pdf's, resources,cyber demons, divination, succu/incubus summoning, astral projection, manifesting

>Go on singular witchcraft thread on lolcow

>"Lmao you bitchy schizos why are you believing in this shit it's turning back women's intelligence. I've summoned several goetic demons they are all my friends with no consequences NO YOU ARE THE LARPER! Fuck your cheap chinese rocks but don't exclude me because I can't grow herbs on my kitchen counter, yes my like and reblog spells are real!"
Women really can't have shit kek. Waiting for the "witches are ignorant radfems worshipping goddesses is stupid" or trad sperg

Nayrt you can still do all that but witchcraft is about connecting to nature and your spiritual beliefs…its going to be much less connected. It's not meant to be "anyone can burn sage and call theirselves a witch, even men" besides modern/ trendy places counting on people for money. Grow a single herb indoors and you're already better than half of modern "witchcraft practitioners"

No. 1251214

That's what I figure, but wanted to hear what anons itt would explain it with

No. 1251222

>that come from the dirt your ancestors (or sworn members) toil
>that has either been left to you or created by you
anon was saying you needed land, passed down from generations and used by your ancestors, for your herbs to actually have any affect. of course you can grow some small ones indoors, but she was making it out like you need to have literal old land to toil, or else it's useless.

No. 1251238

File: 1656976093603.png (64.33 KB, 800x800, magik apu.png)

magik is about using your will to manipulate the hive mind of reality, you can do this through many ways, like art, or music, dont even need any spells.

I used to be deep into the occult until i had an episode involving satan, david bowie, and the moon and sun………….

there are still some things i cant rationalize about the episode to this day.

Now i mostly stick to astrology. cant wait till pluto enters Aquarius ya'll.

No. 1251242

i have the same views as you anon. What pushed you into this conclusion other that the episode.

No. 1251247

well i came to many conclusions on my own, but also there is this video by alan moore who explains very simply the connection between art and magik

No. 1251251

>I used to be deep into the occult until i had an episode involving satan, david bowie, and the moon and sun………….
Respectfully, were drugs or mental illness involved? The reason I sound so skeptical is that it's actually interesting as hell but I can't just jump right in to how to feel about it. It'd be cool if you shared what happened since you brought it up, or at least I'm hoping to hear what your overall experience with the occult was like.

No. 1251253

Let's not pretend like /x/ isn't full of racism, anti-semitism, infighting, and various retardation. There's some interesting stuff posted there, but it can be a nightmare trying to find it.

No. 1251264

File: 1656977334232.jpg (128.38 KB, 763x900, 1656894799817.jpg)

Didn't take it that way, if that's what she meant yeah that's extremely retarded lmao. I agree with the obvious fact that more power/belief/community comes years and generations (like those original Italian witches NOT Tumblr "the ~universe~ wouldn't allow bad things to happen). But how can we forget literal mass killings and witch trials on women with knowledge that would evolve over centuries into what is now modern medicine and science + immigration/rape/slavery/genocide/forced or succumbing to modern moid religion?
I'm not defending or pretending moidchan is good, it's just amazing the difference between what reception a single ot thread here gets vs entire board of interesting stuff and information

No. 1251266

So why did David Bowie manifest as a demon for you? Not judging, he does seem sketchy

No. 1251279

File: 1656978385874.jpeg (67.81 KB, 720x364, ksj.jpeg)

Women are unironically better at these things, but they're also socialized to hold men's opinions above everything and try to browbeat eachother on whether or not they "look good" to moids. This isn't just the case for anything regarding spirituality or witchcraft, you see this "OMG you make all women look bad!!!" shit when it comes politics (feminism being the biggest example, see: libfems and pickmes who rage at radfems for being too misandrist), sexuality, fashion/makeup (or lack thereof), even the way you fucking sneeze or cough. It's just the hyper-rationalized version of the need to "be ladylike", whatever "ladylike" means in the given context
Men, on the other hand, are unapologetically schizo when they're not denying anything they can't control. They dive headfirst into researching and trying to understanding as much shit as they can to make up for their innate limited ability, and they barely waver even slightly when shamed or called "schizo" by those outside their field of interest. On top of that, both powerful men and women do their weird fucking rituals that most of their predecessors and family members have also practiced, while "skeptics" nervously laugh and go "T-Those crazy rich people doing crazy rich people things…Means nothing….".
tl;dr: A lot of women need to realize that "schizo" doesn't actually mean the same thing as "wrong"

No. 1251294

Just because they have resources in the OP post doesn't mean shit. Most of the actual content in the threads is just shitflinging, infighting, muh dick posts, etc. I'm tired of the ~men aren't catty as women~ retardation when they prove time and time again they are hundreds of times worse.

No. 1251393

File: 1656986602213.jpg (18.73 KB, 480x514, blacksheep.jpg)


I will spell this out further.

>I have no money or land

Land is not always the land beneath your feet. I stated you can also start a covenant with land. Dirt is land. You can grow plants in your home. If you can afford to buy herbs in a store, then you can start planting. This is the first step to building conviction and rhythmic practice. Your plants will die. You will try again. You do not get the fruits of your own labor immediately. It's about building principle and allowing the environment to trust your knowledge and intuition. Some of the most knowledgeable practitioners had nothing to their name, were slaves, recluses, or were women tossed to the curb in society.

>I have no witch ancestors

I said the covenant that has been left to you or created by you Someone must start a cycle. Or someone must reconnect to an ancestor who once did know the true names of things in your line. We are all connected to a black sheep somewhere in our heritage. Knowing your ancestor's names is not necessary in becoming familiar with them either. Getting to know yourself is literally getting to know them.

A covenant that is left to you is not always blood family. I said blood, and then I said "or sworn members." Many movements had covenants with one another regardless of literal blood lines.

True power cannot be commodified like food or fashion.
When I say you must build I mean it will take time. Sometimes years. That's what true power is.

No. 1251416

>Some of the most knowledgeable practitioners had nothing to their name, were slaves, recluses, or were women tossed to the curb in society.
Fucking name one.

No. 1251428

you are so separated from the world that you think every powerful practitioner has a personal plaque or a wikipedia page? You’re doomed.

No. 1251433

>tl;dr: A lot of women need to realize that "schizo" doesn't actually mean the same thing as "wrong"
Demons and magic are still not real though. And just because I'm telling other women this on a site that is exclusively for women, doesn't mean that I don't think male schizos aren't retards too. It's ok if it's your hobby, but none of this shit is real. Also /x/ is a whole board for schizoposting, while this is a single thread on a board where not everybody believes in spirits and gods, so of course you'll get some posts from "skeptics" (especially when one of you went on other unrelated threads to sperg about this schizo shit).

No. 1251434

File: 1656991050707.png (720.14 KB, 686x647, uih.png)

No. 1251446

File: 1656993174916.jpg (230.36 KB, 920x920, audrey-kawasaki-enrapture.jpg)

Hylics stay seething. Also I never answered the questions in the OP
>Do you believe in it?
Yeah, but not in the commercialized sense. Mostly, I believe in not following the modern cult of willful blindness, paying attention to one's grandparents, and learning about different cultural practices (especially those close to home, if possible).
>Are you a "witch"?
Not exactly, but I think occult stuff is pretty fascinating.
>Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff?
I think tarot is a great tool.
>Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?
Depends on what's meant by "seriously". r/witchesvsthepatriarchy stuff and "hex the moon" BS is too cringy for me, but I feel like anyone who doesn't come from a very milquetoast family has enough anecdotal evidence in their life to consider it. I think what opened my eyes the most is the Wiseman/Schlitz experiment, things about the CIA investigating astral projection, Nikola Tesla's thoughts that still have some people seething, and the observation that families more successful than the average person unironically believe in these things. Also, the more I learn, the more "placebo" seems like a cope for the fearful. People who call everything retarded, schizo and fake just make me roll my eyes, because more often than not, they seem to speak from ignorance (deliberate or not) to all sorts of concepts and their own emotional investment in said ignorance than from knowledge on the subjects they want to debunk. I've never seen a person who's like "I've researched this in excruciating detail, and here's why it's all lies, all of it", but I've seen the exact opposite a lot.
>Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rithuals, shamans, and the like?
Yeah, but for whatever reason, I don't ever feel comfortable sharing them with people I don't know well.
>Is "witch" a female-only term? What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women?
I think it should be, but that's mostly because I believe in excluding males.

No. 1251458

What books or online resources interest/have helped you

No. 1251494

Well, I started off reading about sigils anywhere I could find information (blogs, Wikipedia articles, etc), then I started going through things from here at random:
You can honestly start from anything that catches your eye, it's a wealth of information

No. 1251548

File: 1656999459443.jpg (364.38 KB, 790x767, elgatoescreamo.jpg)

Lmao show me exactly where you think I wrote or meant that and then when you can't find what you made up gain some reading comprehension.
It's not skeptics, its "ZOMG you guise are bitchy schizos I don't like bitchy schizos posting in a meme thread with the literal title "how to summon demon boyfriend" you're tricking and enslaving women into being dumb your shit is not real don't ruin my epic fun bread~!1 you habe a low iq" Kek I don't understand all the vitriol from that one "I actually have connected with an incubus and it was dangerous" post. No one went into threads trying to insult anime boys or ruin fun or sperg, it was definitely a random from that thread sperging about schizos.

>Do you believe in it?

Yes but not like a religion I constantly have to remind myself to follow, or the "like to charge reblog to cast" meme social media corruption
>Are you a "witch"?
No, but only because I know I do not do the things I should. I'm always distracted but I always have believed in it through various intensities.
>Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff?
I collect crystals as shiny room decorations, I do spells very very rarely. I "believe" tarot in the way that its a little game way where the results can bring up some points that do relate to your situation, make you reflect, then change.
>Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?
Yes 100%, but no religion/ spirituality is 100% serious. And crystals,spells, tarot doesn't mean you don't take it seriously.
>Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rituals, shamans, and the like?
At 15 I used to try "charging" a crystal in the sun/moonlight on a windowsill. It was completely covered by blinds but every time I came home/woke up it would be somewhere else like the desk. Here's the part where I'm called crazy for thinking a ghost or demon moved it. Surprise, I knew it was one of my family going in my room and moving it for whatever reason! Bc of that I have never sat down and done a real genuine spell read and researched from a book due to lack of money and fear of being called a crazy schizo, reinforced by my family calling my uncle's Wiccan wife insane (never knew her). Meanwhile he was a shitty druggie husband and there are multiple orthodox families getting their daughters married off at 18 and buying a house for her future 10+ children where I grew up. So who is the real crazy…
I used to feel very connected to a goddess but never did anything for her even after promising in my mind I would if she supported me in getting through anxiety and learning. I always and still feel so unmotivated to do anything but lay down and relax with my cat, outside of random bursts of motivation that go away hours later. She's been in the backdrop for at least 5 years, I have to work on genuinely changing myself to properly connect with her again(I don't think I ever really was sadly), even deluding myself we already are would give me that short burst of motivation, then I'd fall back again. It's a sad cycle I know kek, I'm going to begin putting more of the animal she's associated with around myself as a start. There's also another goddess from the country my mother is from with the animal but idk if it would cause problems.
>Is "witch" a female-only term? What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women?
Yes to me it is. Ask someone or yourself what comes to mind when you hear the word "witch", 99% it is of a green, hook nosed woman on a broomstick. That is proof that even in the watered down, jokey, many times offensive modern depiction, an elderly woman is what you think. And guess what sex and age of person held knowledge of spirits, natural medicine, childbirth issues, beer, remedies brewed or baked or boiled in a cauldron, etc. ?
Also because men should be excluded for once and witchcraft in women's history is extremely based.

No. 1251750

Practicing nonnies do you do anything daily? Like little magical gestures or meditations?

Also do we want to dump our favorite books here? I was very much into green witchcraft but i wanna go a different path and maybe go in the dianic or moon goddess focusing direction. I honestly don’t feel that comfortable with males in my spirituality

No. 1251963

Anyone in here do writing magick or art magick and wants to share how they do it or resources they used to gain more knowledge on it?

No. 1251985

I like to rise with the sun, have a smoke with the moon, a cup of tea to represent all the elements of the earth coming together and a little bit of gratitude. I white rabbit on the first day of the month and always throw salt over my left and pepper over my right. I lay black salt and brick dust by the doors. White salt and sweet orange oil on the windows that keep bugs out on top of warding. Turn your broom up to send away company. Check how my boiling eggs crack. Light a candle why I cook. Clean my hearth when I get desettled.
Men don’t have a lick of magic in them anon. They can’t create, only destroy. They can’t harness energy. It’s why they’re defective heathens. Don’t pay them any mind.

No. 1252004

you literally sound like those moids from /x/ , no one is going to read your long paragraphs anyways.

No. 1252043

well said and also inspiring nonnie

No. 1252092

NTA, but I read it. It's interesting. Stop raging so hard, go back to your bf thread or whatever kek

No. 1252158

>Demons and magic are still not real though
Stopped reading right there. If you don't believe in this shit then why are you in a thread about magic and witchcraft?

No. 1252193

File: 1657051080429.png (8.97 KB, 531x233, 540047.png)

I curse you with itchy clit and assne

No. 1252621

Love you nonny

No. 1252771

She is a form of Parvati. Hinduism is pretty open, but I believe the tantric forms of the Goddess need to be worshipped by people who follow a certain lifestyle (no meat/eggs, alcohol, drugs, etc.). As long as you come to the Goddess with pure intentions and respect Her, I believe you will have a positive experience. Make sure you do your research and know what you're getting into, particularly with Tantra and Tantric forms of the Goddess…

I'm not born Hindu, but married into it & live in India. Hindus here are really excited whenever foreigners are interested in their culture/religion.

As for experiences with "foreign" deities: I had a cool experience with our neighborhood God, a large cobra.

When I first moved here I went to his temple and asked not to see any snakes.

That night was a full moon and I was on our roof.

The moon became covered with clouds. The image in the clouds was a snake going up a mountain path. The clouds shifted became an old man with one hand up, very obviously a Rishi. It looked like a photo. It was so realistic. I had my journal with me and immediately wrote it down.

I am leaving the country and I really wanted to see the giant cobra God all the neighbors talk about. I passed the temple (can't go in this time of year due to rains) and asked to see Kariya Baba before I go. Less than a week later a 7 foot long cobra was in our front yard. That boi was THICC as hell too. I have NEVER seen a snake in the years I've lived here until I asked to see him.

No. 1258210

File: 1657518698594.jpg (327.12 KB, 1000x1250, power.jpg)

>>Do you believe in it?

>>Are you a "witch"?

retired witch

>>Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff?

I did runes, spell work, candle spells and herbalism. Crystals never worked for me.

>>Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?

Yes, since there are unintended consequences for spellwork. Intent is crucial.

>>Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rithuals, shamans, and the like?

Yes, I do. I got into an argument with this crazy bitch on 4chan for pointing out that she isn't an empath. The argument carried over to two threads. I tipped her off telling her that the darkness she detected from me is from my ex- practicing (retired witch now) She didn't believe me about the Nordic runes and herbalism, saying anyone on youtube can do that shit. I told her she messed up the energy around me and she should be more careful whom or what she pisses off since "muh high sensitivity empathy" and that she'll have issues with her love life now. She didn't believe me so I'm tempted to follow through with a jinxing.

>>Is "witch" a female-only term?


>>What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women

Witchcraft is empowering for woman, they have a natural aptitude that men don't.

No. 1258212

I mediate daily for anxiety but it feels great afterwards.

No. 1258217

>>Grow a single herb indoors and you're already better than half of modern "witchcraft practitioners"

I respectfully agree. I had more luck with runes I craved myself and plants I've grown than crystals and sage bunches.

No. 1258227

File: 1657520701436.jpg (50.82 KB, 1000x1000, RWF-t-shirt-teeturtle-1000x100…)

>Do you believe in it?
Yes, but I am also part skeptical. Otherwise I would look for signs everywhere and go crazy.

>Are you a "witch"?

I don't practice enough yet to feel worthy of the title but compared to normies yes?

>Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff?

Crystals worked, spells backfired, believe tarot but don't own it, use eggs to check curses, jars to make well-being spells, and I collect pine cones, stones, plants and colored candles.

>Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?

Honestly yes. I tried breaking the arm of someone who betrayed me. For one second I doubted my protection on my family, and the next week my grandma broke her arm.
I was always too scared to try the Bloody Mary in the mirror, kek.
Also I am vary of doing any negative spells. If I am pissed off I am better off sending negative energy and protection from certain persons. They then have very shitty days. If I try to be specific with a spell, the universe says, fuck you, and puts it on me while giving them good luck.

>Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rithuals, shamans, and the like?

My grandmother told me about some demons. I have vivid memory of my mother(?) rubbing shit in my eyes and chanting Beelzebub. This must be absolute horseshit unless another universe exists.

>Is "witch" a female-only term? What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women?

Witchcraft requires insane amount of intuition and feeling. Women naturally have more of this, so they have more power from it. Sexism also played a role in calling everyone a witch, but women were more capable than just using a mother's instinct to protect their children. Imo witch is only a female term. Men have.. wizard for that.

No. 1258353

So can someone who doesn't think of themselves as witch do a spell if they believe in it or is that not how it works?

No. 1258357

Yea i think it’s possible. You just have to put intent into it, maybe be a powerful thought or a strong manifestation. A lot of old religious customs could be seen as magic or spell work as well. The label witch doesn’t mean anything.

No. 1258600

File: 1657555469546.jpg (1.11 MB, 1030x1400, floodruins.jpg)

Oh no I forgot to fill this in the other day, sorry nonas!
>Do you believe in it?
Yes and no. I believe that most gods/spirits/whatever are personified concepts that humans made up in order to better understand those concepts. I also believe that most magic amounts to behavior changes in order to achieve a desired outcome. Doesn't make it any less "real", just gives it less unwanted power over me and others.
>Are you a "witch"?
Probably? I've been part of multiple druid groves and still do divination practice. I don't do a lot of active spells or deity work these days because I don't have as much need to.
> Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff?
I collect rocks because I like rocks, and do tarot both for fun and to facilitate advice. I do spells through singing and music because that's how I best connect with anything spiritual. I used to have a pendulum that worked well for me, but had to retire it when my health deteriorated.
> Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?
It's as serious as someone wants to take it. Personally I don't get along with "serious" practitioners. It often feels like a battle of "my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend!" and it's exhausting dealing with self-important witches who think that their way is the only way. I'm also an irreverent person and will joke-insult my deities as a form of affection because they're big enough to take it and that's considered distasteful in my local community.
> Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rithuals, shamans, and the like?
I did LHP with goetic angels for years because I was raised in an adjacent tradition. Real schizo shit where I'd see and talk with them, and they'd help out with parts of my life. An older practitioner lent me a peacock feather to make one of the angels happy and it was the best wand I've ever had. It's so swishy and fun to direct!
> Is "witch" a female-only term? What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women?
I didn't think so growing up but I definitely do now. Every mixed grove I've been to has been an uncomfortable experience because of the men there. I left my first grove because one of the arch-druids kept pushing me into a priestess role to invoke the goddess which I didn't want to do at the time. He was pushed into accepting his masculine "priest" energy by the group's leader and figured I needed the same treatment in order to grow. It's laughable that a man tried to teach me how to invoke the goddess when all I had to do was just get older and let that energy come naturally. Across multiple cultures and time periods magic and higher reasoning were restricted to women, and I think there are reasons for that. Perhaps men have a place in witchcraft, but in a support role to a female practitioner and never as a soloist.

No. 1258699

File: 1657560909778.png (1007.1 KB, 637x847, 3bxe2708zsk31.png)

>Do you believe in it?
Yes, absolutely, but I think it takes a lot of introspection and personal research. I think magick can be anything you want, but you have to be authentic and figure out what works for you.

>Are you a "witch"?

I guess, but I would never actually call myself that out loud. I'm more of a theistic Satanist.

>Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff?

I do spells when I need to and read tarot as an introspective practice, but I think a lot of neo-pagan stuff is hokey and too capitalist.

>Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?

I don't believe in the 3 fold law or anything but you have to think long term about what you're doing and what consequences might be there. I really hate seeing teens online buying shitty Hot Topic witchcraft books to make spell jars and call it a day. And please stop saying "baby witch".

>Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rithuals, shamans, and the like?

I was always drawn to witchcraft but didn't get serious about it until after my mom died and I got into some very fucked up, schizo ritual shit. It became more important to me and allowed me to see things in a new light and bigger picture. I've mellowed out since then though.

>Is "witch" a female-only term? What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women?

Yes. Men need to stay out of witchcraft. Witchcraft is about creating, something women naturally know how to do. Men are incapable of tapping into that ability. It's not for them.

No. 1259372

File: 1657614925956.gif (150.57 KB, 356x200, 5D930FA4-1331-4103-BB74-5A0AE4…)

Tomorrow is fullmoon nonnies let’s get crazy!! Are you doing anything? I wanna do a little ritual for hekate to connect with her. It’s also the 13 th so that aligns really well ♥

No. 1259707

I'm making pumpkin cake and labneh tomorrow. Didn't even realize it was the full moon, I should invite Buer to celebrate and make it a proper ritual! Maybe we can get this thread poppin' enough to make this moon an lc esbat?

No. 1259821

Sounds like a good idea to me

No. 1259964

I’m in! At least it’s nice when we can remind each other on the phases or sth like that. Time to recharge tomorrow and looking at our accomplishments

No. 1266541

Any wiccan anons here? It’s soon Lughnasadh ♥

No. 1281926

File: 1659101564424.jpeg (113.57 KB, 1170x400, E5E0E20C-F258-4276-A77D-2AA8FD…)

Hey can any witch anons please put a hex on the creepy, lying moid who runs this account for me. Thank you in advance may your life be abundant etc.

No. 1281931

I once hexed someone and they texted me apologizing, so. I think it works?

No. 1282112

It’s always the simplest spells that have the most power.

No. 1282133

Someone pls hex my no good lame managers. Please and thank you

No. 1282135

File: 1659114539986.jpeg (257.49 KB, 1170x666, 68555658-DF08-425C-AD07-6D8F8B…)

Kek of course this voyeurism-fetish degen made a tryhard word salad bot-wannabe post about spells after I posted this. Completely unable to go a moment without lurking. Psycho.

No. 1282149

Oh god, how did I end up here?
Pls stop dragging women back to the dark ages (it’s always women who fall for witchcraft shit, it’s embarrassing as a woman in STEM) science needs y’all’s enthusiasm, it’s real magic.

No. 1282178

Do you know their name anon? And what did they do?

No. 1282180

What plants do you love working with and around? What’s their vibe like?

No. 1282190

nonna i want to believe you but so far there’s been no proof or backstory to this person stalking you at all and what little you’ve posted seems like a massive stretch

No. 1282252

File: 1659119491754.jpg (39.03 KB, 498x441, where do you think we are.jpg)

>Oh god, how did I end up here?
You can always leave. I hate how moids can talk about witchcraft and other shit and yet no one bats an eye but god forbid A WOMAN does that and we're immediately 'dragging women back to the dark ages'. Just hide the thread.

No. 1282282

Reporting the derailing and ignore. They’ll catch a ban anon. It’s infighting and bait

No. 1282298

>I hate how moids can talk about witchcraft and other shit and yet no one bats an eye

nta but he would get called insane too. I think it's fine as a general interest/aesthetic but anything deeper than that is just insanity. Same with zodiac shit. And yes this also goes for moids who believe in retarded shit.

No. 1282301

i sort of agree but all of witchcraft/new age stuff FOR FUN is fine and fun. as long as anons aren't schizo deep into it and still believe in science idk what the problem is.

No. 1282308

hi nonnies, anyone know any good love spells to bring back an ex-lover?

No. 1282310

File: 1659123072750.jpg (71.84 KB, 960x864, scientific method.jpg)

No. 1282378

Men say I hear voices and we take them serious. Women say I use ginger tea and meditate and practice traditions from hundreds of years ago and we’re schizos. It’s not like we believed the sperm chose the egg in science over something crazy like frog semen on leather pants till two years ago right? That might make big science brains uncomfortable.

No. 1282386

Aww, Tintin.

No. 1282899

why can’t you reveal his identity or make a thread about him or something

No. 1283395

Nonnas I have a question. Is it in poor taste to put my cremated pet somewhere on my alter? Would it be better to make one just for them?

No. 1283593

As long as it's to respectfully commemorate him I don't see the problem.

No. 1283648

>It’s not like we believed the sperm chose the egg in science over something crazy like frog semen on leather pants till two years ago right?
what does this mean

No. 1284039

Egg chooses sperm. We taught a bunch of kids until 2020 that it was the opposite because of a guy who’s theory was based off what frog semen did on leather pants. No I’m not joking. Medical science is fucking retarded half the time and should be questioned.

No. 1284898

For real. Moids have been doing magic for thousands of years but nobody calls them out for science denial for forming secret societies and worshiping Moloch or some shit. FYI you can believe in magic AND generally agreed upon scientific theories.

No. 1284944

It's no use, every time you say believing in witchcraft is retarded they bombard you with "b-but what about MENNNN" as if you didn't think that men who believe in magic are just as retarded and often dangerous. We're on a website for women, there are no men here to directly call them retarded (though we can and do complain about them in other threads so it's not like only women who believe in magic are targeted).

No. 1285000

Nta, but it is pretty dumb to complain about witchcraft being retarded in the witchcraft thread. Men hate women no mater what, if they don't think we're retarded for which shit (while scrotes still believe in old religion and rituals and preying), they'll hate us for other innocuous shit like shopping, being on social media, not catering to scrotes, liking video games, etc. Like, what's the point other than being personal-opinion-police? Not a witchfag, but it's their thread.

No. 1285001

*witch shit kek.

No. 1285018

it’s literally the schizotranny trying to cause infighting itt. just report and ignore, sorry witches

No. 1285072

Because it’s an infighting tranny policing us again. It’s why his earlier replies got deleted. Report and ignore. He tried this yesterday like a retard because his Y chromosome means a brick has a stronger connection to the world

No. 1285219

why are you posting this on both cc and here are you planning something nona

No. 1285221

it’s the schizophrenic troon who’s been spamming the entire site. check meta

No. 1286947

I feel like I have a dark cloud of bad luck like somebody cursed me does anyone know any rituals or spells I can do that actually work that will help me? I am at the end of my rope

No. 1286967

Form a circle around your body with both hands and acknowledge what you feel while wishing it away

t. rural Irish

No. 1286969

TOPKEK at those ogre fingernails and balding combover.

No. 1286972

who is that ugly incel, anon?

No. 1286987

Do you mean like doing it as a sweeping motion or linking your arms somehow either way I like this and thank you. I'll try

No. 1286996

File: 1659469231933.webm (11.65 MB, 576x1024, 46db36beeff50ea5eb941029ef3197…)

Sounds like you need to do an egg limpia, anon. Rub the egg all over your body to cleanse off negativity then watch vidrel on how to read it. I usually let it settle for about 30 minutes. Then pour salt in the glass and flush the egg down the toilet to send the energy back to sender. Some people also add hot sauce and chilli powder to break a hex.

No. 1287002

Do two small kind things every day, one for somebody else and one for yourself. Easy things that don't take too much time or effort are best for this. I hope things go better for you soon nonita

No. 1287127

mm yes the germinal disk, the evil eye lmao

No. 1287279

ayrt, it's done two ways, one way is just with one hand drawing a circle in the air around you, you can do this by physically turning around. This is the most common. The other way (this one is the one I'm familiar with) is just touching your hands behind your back and then in front of you standing still. Just do whichever feels best for the situation, it is used for multiple people too. Best wishes anon.

No. 1289047

Any nonnies here know about reclaiming or dianic witchcraft?

No. 1289070

Dianic is a closed Wiccan practice. You would need to find a coven if you wanted to practice traditionally. Wicca is a religion and not witchcraft by itself. What do you want to know about it?
What do you mean by reclaiming? Are you talking in the new age sense of reclaiming your power as a woman and witch? It so the book the trannies canceled just titled WITCH would be up your alley

No. 1289212

Yea i know. I’m searching for a coven actually. As i understood so far dianic wicca is not trad in the sense lie gardnerian is correct? It’s just that i don’t see many people talk about dianic wiccans as they’re feministic (some terf)

No. 1289213

File: 1659637476114.jpeg (83.24 KB, 828x560, 8BAE3E58-29B9-4E22-9560-65304B…)

That’s what i meant about reclaiming

No. 1289298

Behemoth or..?

No. 1289305

Wicca normally has three main branches for the main religion. You have gardenia and Crowley. Then dianic. Dianic was not started by the moids that started Wicca. It was started by a women who is a terf (according to trans people) and she personally has said things against trannies.
The other branches tend to focus on the god and goddess. Dianic focuses on the goddess. There are no male practitioners of any kind. In Dianic. There’s some books you can read inspired by their mostly by eclectics who aren’t part of a circle and never learn the inner workings of the practice. So take it with a grain of salt.
As for reclaiming start with the WITCH one it’s the best I can think off as a starting place.

No. 1289369

Thanks for your help nona. I picked up z budapests holy book of womens mysteries. I really like the aproach of feminism + magic. It makes so much sense to me. I was trying to reading different things from and about gardner and don’t feel good about him at all.

No. 1289387

Ariadne's Thread is another good one. There's a lot of forgotten 2nd wave feminist witchcraft books that may/may not necessarily fall under Dianic wicca but has similar themes and go into reclaiming & stuff like that. If you have a secondhand bookstore near you that has a new age/wicca section, there's usually funky forgotten books there for cheap that are great doorways. If I remember any other titles I'll come back but definitely try googling around for Dianic wicca books, that's how I found out a lot of info and there's usually pdf or epub downloads available if you can't afford to buy the book/it isn't available.

No. 1289420

I don’t like the way they speak.
I’m glad I could help. I hope your book is good! If you want a practical approach to magick work Jason Miller is a sorcerer with practical approach who would never call himself a witch. (Something that tells me respect.) his book of practical magick has a lot of breathing techniques and hands and setting intent work to add in with the Wicca and focus on Dianic. I found a copy of witch online last year so I think you can find it and like the another anon said above a lot online if you look for books. As far as circles do you have any witches hours or drum circles at local metaphysical stores or coffee shops. Places to meet other potentially practicing women that’s how I found most of the other magical women I know.

No. 1290748

Unabashed newfag.

No. 1290754

That's the schizo tranny, don't respond to him now you know.

No. 1290779

Seconding ignore the moid. Check admins comment in meta if you want a site update. Tranny is on CC too.

No. 1290782

It's the name given to a particular poster who has been spamming and raiding here for weeks anon. He's not being called a schizo for posting in the witchcraft thread.

No. 1290785

It's most likely him you're replying to.

No. 1290794

god damnnit

No. 1290917

File: 1659723006226.jpeg (236.7 KB, 828x1328, F88AA599-EBDA-47EE-AA12-E7CAF4…)

I’m late to this but literally the only reason I don’t share more yet is due to future legal proceedings. This person is genuinely a fucked up degen so there’s no possible way they’re going to get away with it. There’s a reason all their posts are weirdly specific and vitriolic, and their ad-libs aren’t random and are actually based upon very specific events and actions. It isn’t schizophrenia, and I’m not having delusional persecution fantasies. I am just sick of it, and watching the people who are complicit to it. Cannot even fathom how they have been vocal about the Johnny Depp trial given the person they are and what they do. I don’t care if vagueposting about it looks crazy, I’m laying the groundwork. This is to foreshadow. There’s a reason there’s 20 thousand followers yet not a single hint at their identity, or any actual identifiable information or other accounts linked for that matter. Normally someone would link their main, right? This person is so calculated and manipulative in what they do. I guarantee you that they’ve already seen the lolcow posts or one of their shitty little terminally online lackeys screengrabbed, they used to camp here for inspo on how to mimic users typing styles etc and likely still are. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already been cultivating an empty fake schizoposter twitter account meant to look like a real, unhinged person for future damage control to argue with themselves when this begins to circulate more. They’re very good with photoshop and manipulating screenshots as well. Lastly I will add that I will never interact with their posts, but I promise they’ll try to create a “woman” that does and try to deflect from everything. They might even use some Blaine-esque persona to derail this and make it seem like a random schizo has latched on to them, but they know the truth and continue to sneer and mock the women they’ve harassed, stalked, and victimized. This is my last rant about it unless it escalates enough, or til after I know it’s perfectly safe to dox them. They love to drop fake red herrings anytime they fear being exposed, or pretending to be aloof about it. If there’s ever any word salad posted about it on here, it will without a doubt be them attempting to discredit me. Their posts are much creepier with context.

No. 1310156

The twitter is genuinely just a mean-spirited terminally online asshole whose only hobby is stalking women, sorry.

No. 1310319

File: 1661047530399.jpeg (41.48 KB, 221x357, 0694845D-133A-4F4E-9BDD-E97611…)

I’m a practicing witch who mostly works in folk magick. It’s more of a family/cultural tradition and using herbs and things than doing actual spells, but I do those as well. My practice has allowed me to delve into my culture and pay respects to those who passed before me. I interact with my ancestors by leaving them food and drink out, but a lot of it entails little customs passed through the generations. I wouldn’t call myself a bruja per say (it still has a lot of negative connotations in Mexico where people still believe they eat babies) but I do use hexes, spells, charms and cleansings. It’s interesting to see the mix of indigenous and colonist beliefs blended into one over arching belief system, since Catholicism is a big part of Mexican culture and many spells include people like Mary. I love reading up the history of witchcraft and the origins of certain practices, I think everyone should pick up a book or two just because outside of magic I find them interesting reads. I think the history of certain mystical/religious practices helps understand certain cultures better. Many of my friends were non believers in magic until they came across me and started experiencing weird stuff. I don’t really care about men or larpers on tiktok claiming the word witch because I don’t really interact with many people as is, and I don’t use tiktok. People will still do whatever they want including using closed practices so I just ignore them. I’m happy just doing my own thing and being the weirdo who rubs an egg all over my sick friends.

No. 1310434

Soy Mexicana pero vivo en los EU.
It's interesting when you mentioned Catholicism mixed with the indigenous beliefs because I always grew up with a mixture of that magic. It's really fascinating how in Latin America the imagery is so mixed with christianity and is so unique.
Recently, I started to think very hard if I have some sort of Witch ancestors in my family or if I may have some sort of clairvoyance or some sort of connection to the realm of magic. Is there any way that I can know about this?

No. 1310478

File: 1661059337875.jpeg (31.21 KB, 236x176, A7CB7A94-8154-4B82-89A8-E8DE2E…)

Hola nonita! Yo también vivo en los EU! My Spanish is actually shit I’m so sorry

I think everyone inherently has the ability to perform magic if they learn about it. I see people who practice witchcraft in the same way I see doctors, they’re never actually done with learning despite getting a degree. Reading about the things you’re drawn to can definitely help. I feel like our ancestors were always performing magic whether they realized it or not. Even in Catholicism there are elements that could technically be considered witchcraft when you describe it literally. Worshipping a god by performing a ritual where you consume his flesh and drink his blood is pretty damn pagan. Continuing your spirituality journey I think will help reveal more to you, like creating a dream journal or sitting in prayer/meditation. I am a big proponent of reading, so reading things like histories, rituals, and herbal practices makes a connection stronger to the ancestors you are tying to get to know. Understanding their perspective vs a colonist perspective helped me connect a lot as well (like how Guadalupe wasn’t a catholic saint to the natives but another goddess to venerate and an easy way to pretend to be catholic while still maintaining your culture). Sorry for the super vagueness, it’s just kind of a hard question to answer? I’m not sure how it worked for others, but this is what helped me. Also listening to stories from older people in your family might reveal something you didn’t know. Apparently my aunt is clairvoyant and my family has seen some fucky shit. You’re already there babe, just go out and absorb knowledge!

No. 1313616

File: 1661291978922.jpg (535.68 KB, 1200x2000, 2233765109077.jpg)

I'm interested in hearing what spellwork anons have performed recently.

No. 1313624

I accidentally did a rain spell a few months before this year's monsoon season and it delivered hard.

No. 1313638

I don't believe in witchcraft, but I do think collecting crystals and reading tarot and such is inherently harmless. I just wish that people who did it didn't refer to is as witchcraft because it feels disrespectful to the history of witches and what women who were accused of being them went through. I think performing witchcraft as a religion like wicca isn't much better than believing in any other kind of religion, plus the pagan gods are inherently misogynistic. I hate the trend it has become, but since it's such a source of empowerment for young women nowadays it's hard to speak up about my frustrations with it. It's like we took something inherently meaningful about our past and reduced it to cute tik toks and expensive alternative clothes with fake crystals on them. People are free to practice this stuff, but don't grab a bunch of fake crystals from a shop reeking of incense and call it witchcraft.

No. 1313644

I've been repeatedly manifesting cloud coverage in the exact window of time I need (my lunch break). Britbongs may not find this impressive but it is a feat in my hellish location.

No. 1316844

File: 1661480553354.jpg (90.87 KB, 1124x875, 84625284947373.jpg)

Yesterday I petitioned an Archangel to help me get a job that would suit my needs and last night I had a dream that I got a part time job blowing up balloons. The guy who hired me told me to come back "anytime." Positive sign?

No. 1316850

Sometimes you gotta just hope a predator that won’t stop being a predator dies. Is it witchcraft to will a deer to kamikaze headfirst into a sick piece of shit’s car, bust through the windshield, and antlers puncture their eyeball? Then bitch I’m a witch or whatever

No. 1316857

what did the deer ever do to you?

No. 1317005

Deers are invasive a few of them can die

No. 1321276

deers are not invasive, they just have too few predators now thanks to humans

No. 1321285

Remember anon what you send out will have an impact on you. Not necessarily times threee but you gotta live with the guilt if it actually happens, just to name one consequence.

No. 1321289

I gotta post a lil rant here. I feel like my local pagan community is so closed in itself that it’s hard to get in or get a reply from someone. I literally just want to chat to other pagans in my city but it’s impossible. They do meet occasionally like mothly i believe but it’s still online so you have to have an invitation, that comes obviously from one of the people there. The responsibile person i know is not messaging (an email got literally forwarded to her with me in cc) me back but is online on discord. There is no update on Facebook since years because guess they all know each other. No chance. It’s probably old boomers anyways.

No. 1321398

The group may not want new members tbh.

No. 1321406

Yea i figured. It’s not a coven or anything btw. I just wanted to get to know other witches and maybe find a friend who i can connect to, oh well

No. 1324609

Yeah let me mourn the death of a stalker or a predator or a useless sociopathic creep sure

No. 1324749

i'm not a witch or whatever, but do you guys ever get annoyed by men who participate in rituals and do an entire larp for the sake of edge? Like the type to listen to $uicideboys$ and steal their neighbors dog to torture it? my mom is from ireland and I was interesting in druidism, but males make it so gross.

No. 1325243

When i was in Uni we went dumpster diving with my roommate because people were often throwing away wooden borads and stuff like that you can paint on. One time there was a gypsy family throwing away things and i found this small book of magic that was came out in 1920. I didn't even know there are books with lietral potion recipies, i thought it was just some astrology bullshit but it was full of things like: Wings of flies, pidgeon foot, raven liver, a whole bat and cook it on that particular day with the moon shining over it…. Some parts of the book are missing now. Anyway when i brought that book into our flat i started to have weird dreams about an angry ghost and supernatural shit was happening in there sometimes…so i wonder if that had anything to do with it. Couple of years later notohing weird is happening and i still have part of that book, it's pretty neat but written in an old fashion language so it takes me time to undestand. Hope i'll find at least some potion with normal ingrediences kek

No. 1326469

>the book the trannies canceled just titled WITCH

author? kinda hard to look up "WITCH BOOK" without getting every single book about witchcraft ever published

No. 1328953

Lisa Lester

Also does anyone know how to pronounce this?
>> Silthakhooklailamblasaloth

No. 1329776

that sounds pretty neat, could you post a page here to look at?

No. 1343797

File: 1663629889552.png (435.73 KB, 590x640, 1663628296922.png)

Kathy pisses me off so bad.

>Money alter with no money

>No tigers eye
>Is white but uses sage she most likely bought at a store instead of getting it gifted by someone

Idk why I'm even so bothered

No. 1343798

Ah yes the TikTok plastic malachite for manifesting. Classic

No. 1343802

File: 1663630363823.jpg (34.16 KB, 749x339, IMG_20220919_151028_872.jpg)

No. 1343805

So retarded, will manifest KF's return and the safety of Lolcow to spite all these assholes (I don't care about KF I just want them to seethe)

No. 1343816

Men have no magic. They’re just yelling into the void and rubbing themselves in their mother’s eggs

No. 1343821

File: 1663631841381.jpg (88.31 KB, 750x1062, 1659202593703425.jpg)

I hate positivism so much nonnies

No. 1343841

File: 1663633540243.jpg (70.1 KB, 510x757, b4d48a8639210fdf6a13adca0a8cad…)

Same. Wish magic on social media was less about "omg positive energy!! sprinkles and rainbows!!" and more about the actual cool shit

No. 1343843

File: 1663633731225.gif (248.45 KB, 355x350, e8c69025263ef0c5def1c11ea6cf14…)

I rebuke you

No. 1343844

File: 1663633781852.png (664.1 KB, 523x862, the front page of the internet…)

Cute pic, thought of sharing it here

No. 1343849

File: 1663633968900.jpg (23.22 KB, 640x360, 72683-1532336916.jpg)

>Wish magic on social media was less about "omg positive energy!! sprinkles and rainbows!!" and more about the actual cool shit
Sometimes it is but apparently this is called "gaslighting" and is abuse

No. 1343905

The cool shit comes with work and scary shit. They don’t like that and it doesn’t sell well anon I’m sorry

No. 1344032

whats the difference between witchcraft and cooking?

No. 1344065


No. 1344209

Try to look into traditional witchcraft

No. 1344520

NTA but TikTok zoomers have co-opted that word.

No. 1344541

This post reminds me of full metal alchemist haha, they said alchemy was akin to cooking or something like that

No. 1344546


This. Men don't have the same spiritual strength as women, hopefully they get salmonella somehow.

No. 1344553

This made me laugh kekk

No. 1344556

You’re upset over some salmonella lmao

No. 1344559

What’s funny is they’re stealing hoodoo curse banishing with those eggs like the spirits aren’t going to fuck them up for that.

No. 1346186

Idk I’m not on tiktok

No. 1346202

Do you have any recommendations for protection?

No. 1346203

What kind of protection?

No. 1346206

I’m not either. The only reason I know that as it’s started to take over all the search results and published books. They’ve also canceled all the magick books and users from the 70’s for being toxic and refuse to learn fundamentals while screeching about closed practices and stealing hoodoo.

No. 1346209

tbh anything. Probably especially from spiritual things? I am not really sure how to explain what I am feeling, I kind of feel defenseless

No. 1346218

Kek isn't this that munchie bitch who lied about having cancer to fund her disney trip addiction?

No. 1346232

Okay I got you. Let’s start with the easy stuff:
>> Salt and Ashes and Charcoal make black salt, ash makes it unsafe to eat. Put this in front of your doors to the outside to protect your entrances. Add red pepper for extra kick.
>> Brick dust keeps those meaning you harm from crossing the threshold good for old haunts.
>> Bells cleanse the air. Spirits can’t stand the high pitch ringing. So witch’s bells (bells) hanging on your doors to cleanse the air everytime the door moves. You can also put wind chimes outside.
>> flip your broom upside down to send company away.
>> if you want you make sigils for protection and draw or carve them into things.
>> use your preferred protection herbs to make a cleaning wash and wash your walls windows and doors
>> take white chalk and write protection runes on your doors, mirrors, hearth, and windows.
>> visualize your energy source in your body. Imagine it expanding to cover you like a layer of light entirely protected. Then push it to fill a room. Basics of protection work right there. Get good at it. It’s your will against whatever it is.
>> Bowl of water or salt under the bed to absorb bad. Change regularly.
>> Big spiky plant. Give it offerings and let it represent you and your home. Let it’s aggressive self protection give you protecting energy.
You can go for protection amulets and talismans. You could even make your own.
Do you need more or is there specifics?

No. 1346243

Adding because I thought of more
>> say hello and thank you when you enter and leave your home. You’ll make good with the house spirits that way.
>> slam the motherfucking doors if you have a ghost problem. They hate it and it will make most weak spirits flee
>> don’t name a poltergeist you give it more power and identity and it will use it.
>> shadow people don’t give a fuck about protections. Getting rid of them is stubborn will and telling them to fuck off and mean it.
>> you can give offerings to the local spirits. Do the ones that help and say thank you. The ones just passing through and thank them for being peaceful and respectful. Then one to the baneful and ask that they take it as a truce and sign of apology. Sometimes it’s not a malicious thing it’s just very “particular” and short tempered.

No. 1346250

This is so fascinating for me to read. Are spirits and skinwalkers actual things or just metaphors for health problems and such? Are they related to christianity?

I have never done any of these things or ever encountered anything supernatural, but reading this I'm curious as to what people have experienced that gives them a need to protect themselves. Will spirits naturally only go for people who believe in them, or am I as a non-believer unsafe too?

No. 1346257

I don't believe in christianity either, but I usually hear christians talk about protections from spirits and about these rituals, so it was my initial assumption, sorry about that.

No. 1346258

Troon itt, report his posts

No. 1346264

That's alright, don't worry about it. Thanks for your reply!

No. 1346265

I have future magic and this quote shall be green in the future

No. 1346273

circle around the body meeting both hands in front and behind you, this works

also my mother taught me to say "You're not welcome here" to any presence that isn't welcome here, it might not work on nasty shit but at least it will send away non-harmful spirits that were just making you uneasy by mistake, which probably happens more than we realise, we're very sensitive to changes around us and not everything is as scary as it seems, like a mouse might alarm you a lot but its just running to its next destination and not actually there for you, if that makes sense. Deep down, I think you can tell when you need real safety or when you just need a defence system to prevent accidents, one of those things is easier than the other kek

No. 1346276

what mean

No. 1346288

File: 1663770888726.jpg (96.29 KB, 400x400, 265495.jpg)

No. 1346310

I am the anon of this: >>1346202

Maybe I should explain my situation more? I feel regularly watched (since over 8 years, maybe even 16, idk). Funny thing is that I don't have this feeling everywhere, but I honestly think some ghost is messing with me (it got better, but a few years ago my room door would always open and close without a reason as the only door in the whole apartment, I feel only in some rooms and streets watched, some of my things were moved to spots I did not put them in, my things were until last year always pushed to the edge of my shelves etc. and this only happened to me. As I said before the messing with me got way better but it still happens sometimes). I feel in certain streets (especially some near my apartment) really unsafe (especially when it gets dark, even if the streets are not the bad ones). An old lady also died in my apartment (but I am very sure that I was being watched way before this) and I sometimes hear weird things (footsteps, but mostly the floor creaking) and see some shadows here and there

thank you so much for your help! Just asking in general if there is a good website for sigils and runes (because I don't want to accidentally write something down, which is wrong and maybe is harmful). And can you recommend any protection amulets or talismans, please? I googled it and so many different ones show up and I have honestly no idea and am a total noob


thank you. And which curse do you mean? I am a total noob at this


thank you

No. 1346322

the old lady is someone I did not know though. I saw her only like 2 times and she was not really sane when she died (and she was rather miserable. Her husband probably also cheated on her but I doubt she knew it). She also died like 2 years before I moved into the apartment with my family. Also, the feeling of being watched existed way before she died. I also don't think I am cursed (or at least not badly?) but my father for example also experienced a lot of weird things (and a lot of unlucky things since like day 1) and I just want to be sure, it is nothing harmful. I will look up what a guardian imp is, thank you for your opinion

No. 1346366

Sounds like a poltergeist as far as the old lady. Like an echo. I’d leave her be and ignore her. Like a roommate you pass in the hall but don’t ever talk too.
The one talking about imps is the tranny, anon. Don’t listen to them. Algiz is the standard rune for protection. Looks like a bird foot kind of. It’s Norse. But I practiced traditional witchcraft in European and Celtic roots so it might very.
Chances are if your dad was sensitive so was are you and if you know it exists it knows you exist. The watching could be a lot of things anon. I’d start protecting and warding and building good relationships with the local spirits and work from there.
Sigils are very easy. Write out a phrase that makes you feel protected. Then only keep the distinct unique letters. The. Write 1-9. Write the alphabet in order under the 1-9. Match the letters to a number. Keep only the district numbers. Then make a clock with 9 numbers instead of twelve, a circle. Draw lines in order of the numbers in your phrase. That symbol is your sigil charged with your statement.
Do you mediate at all? Or have a way to read your cards or runes or bones or something?

No. 1346367

Men can be touched. Men can be druids. Men can be sorcerers. A man will never be a witch.

No. 1346368

Samefag, but the more energy you give to the old lady and focus the stronger she’ll get. Just ignore her.

No. 1346384

Sorry original anon. I just didn’t want the dnd larping retard to mislead you. Ignore the defective x-y

No. 1346388

He admitted to it and also don’t treat a poltergeist like an imp. That’s how you’ll end up needing to move. He’s intentionally hurting women with misinformation like an ass.

No. 1346389

Men do not have wombs so they can never be witches

No. 1346393

Yes and no. I’ll answer anon. You seem nice and respectful.
Spirits tend to go after easy targets. People sensitive are easy targets. People depressed or mentally unwell or over tired. People on the brink of death. People that aren’t sensitive or are too strong will probably never run into anything unless it’s strong enough to “interrupt “ you. Some people live in a straw house. Some people live in a brick house. You won’t feel the wind in a brick house. But you’ll feel it when you open the window or an earth quake shakes the house. Same thing here.

No. 1346404

Men will never be witches. Men will never know the words we whisper. The herbs we use. The relationships we make. It’s why they need masks, and orgies and lots of coin. Their magick is fake grandstanding and that’s the real problem with a lot of the magick books. In the words of Debbie Sherwood, “he’s nothing more than a magician with a bag of tricks.”

No. 1346406

File: 1663777950404.jpeg (117.92 KB, 845x845, 31E3C579-7131-41C6-B8C4-89CD73…)

The rune

No. 1346414

Silly male, you don’t have a soul!

No. 1346418

That's a really nice explanation, thank you! When I was a kid I was open to things like this and experienced some things that to this day I can't really explain, but my mother was very strict about it all just being make belief and my brain playing tricks with me, and so I was taught not to believe in anything, really. I'm glad to see there are people with a less cynical approach, since I do miss some of the wonder I experienced as a child.

No. 1346422

God this is so fucking cringe. Why do men have to ruin everything? This thread is usually cozy. Now it's at 14 year old devianart LARP levels.

No. 1346424

Hey nonnas, what are some of your more unusual or silly spells? I like to bring rain to my town by driving when there's bad weather and letting it follow me home. I also sing along to bouncy 80s music when I need to banish bad energy.

No. 1346428

You’re welcome anon ♥ and your mother probably did you a favor. There’s a lot of wonder and joy in magick and this side of the world but a lot of unsettling and potentially dangerous stuff too. Even in the mundane side of magick with herbal work and such.
If you want to exp the little “wonder moments” occasionally you’d probably need to go somewhere with high enough affinity/energy but go positive not negative. I can’t recommend haunted house ghost hunting for fun. But maybe a long hike on a mountain. Once you reach the top sit and see what the woods have. The sky. The sun. The breeze. Take it in and just exist. Or maybe a quiet lake. Something natural and with a little peace and quiet. Not too many people or buildings.

No. 1346431

I just got here. I don't know what you losers have been going on about, I just know that you look stupid.

No. 1346432

I have a rain chant too! Kek did you know in the idiots guide to witchcraft they publish over a decade ago it says not to do weather spells.
I do a white rabbit good luck chat at the beginning of the month. Little stuff like that

No. 1346435

Barbie Girl came out in 1997 you ignorant moid.

No. 1346437

The troon does it every time. You’d think he’d get bored. Waiting for the cozy to come back and his posts to be deleted like the universe will one day do to his existence.

No. 1346438

That sounds really nice. I'm going to try that, and I hope all the best for you on your side.

No. 1346440

kek i like to make up diss songs when someone pisses me off, makes them nicer for some reason

No. 1346444

Thank you anon. You too.

No. 1346447

I had no idea, I assume they didn't want people to get discouraged or annoyed if they couldn't immediately fix their desert sun or britbong rain. A monthly good luck chant sounds so cute nonna!

No. 1346451

You don’t need to announce it, just report and ignore.

No. 1346453

You’re responding to the troon

No. 1346455

Kill yourself

No. 1346462

Thank you! I have a bunch of little habits. Like a silver coin in my purse from Jan 1st to dec 31st to attract wealth. Never putting my purse on the floor because it’s money out the door. Little charms like the white rabbit. I make a wish at 11:11 too.
That’s fair I never thought about that part. I just remember thinking it was weird. Rain spells were the ones I was running around as child casting.

No. 1346467

File: 1663779508615.jpg (23.68 KB, 499x380, Nah I'm Good.jpg)


No. 1346481

Friendly reminder. All you need to target a curse is a full name. A birthday and a effigy (a picture). Without those things a curse won’t work. More reasons to stay anonymous right? But that’s just me.

No. 1346486

>Never putting my purse on the floor because it’s money out the door
Wow I love that! Also a great way to keep healthy because you don't want your purse on the nasty ass floor.

No. 1346494

It’s something I learned from a bruja friend of mine! So I can’t take credit for the original idea, but it’s served me well.

No. 1346497

You're great anon. I appreciate your posts in the sea of nonsense.

No. 1346504

Brujas and mambos can be great friends, but nightmare enemies. I don’t blame you.

No. 1346505

Thank you. I appreciate you too.

No. 1346517

File: 1663780754037.jpeg (136.39 KB, 570x479, 1AC72CFE-EC5D-4718-960D-2FA191…)

Good blessings to all scrolling farmers and to the jannies having to deal with this.

No. 1346529

Thank you anon!

No. 1346666

File: 1663788634995.jpg (60.31 KB, 500x333, Tumblr_l_20715822917843.jpg)

I would like a good luck charm or satchel for reassurance, either to attach, sew on, or leave inside, so I don't have to worry about losing it and freaking out over yet another thing. I always get anxious when experiencing new things and am not used to them yet, or thinking of what might go wrong between getting there/ throughout the day/ coming back (having to Uber with some random male 99% of the time does not help at all). Any suggestions what I should plan out? I'm thinking a satchel or embroidered border of significant things to me. I have fallen whiskers and clipped claw tips from my cat, natural fiber thread, rosemary from my plant, dried mint, and a bunch of pressed flowers.
Like this but without the words and different charm I'll make myself. Thanks for the inspiration noney

No. 1346680

Maybe make an effigy of you. Something that represents you to tuck inside? Your hair, a fingernail, a photo, whatever. Basil is also good for love, luck, and protection and bay leaves. If using a bay leaf write your intention in it before putting inside. Do you have a relationship with any spirits or anything if so five offering and ask for their blessing. You could make a sigil to embroidery on with the other things if you’d like.
You could make ones for different purposes. Make one that stays zipped in your purse. One for your car. One that hangs from the front door. Or just one total for general protection. If it’s small enough it can go in your bra.

No. 1346690

An effigy is European and used a representation of someone in a spell. For yourself or someone else.
Voodoo and hoodoo involves dolls and not the kind you see on tv. You’re uneducated.

No. 1346697

In case you come back. Don’t listen to the troon. I reported him in meta again. He can’t handle us using the thread.

No. 1346724

You’re literally the patriarchy.

No. 1346780

Don’t forget if you’re looking for things online, since witchcraft has become trendy and all you can find is cosmo/vogue/buzzfeed articles google whatever you’re looking for and add before:2012-01-01 after! The date is just an example use any you’d like ♥#

No. 1348776


No. 1350862

Hey so i have nowhere to ask this and i know im probably going to get judged by anons and i know its weird so spare me the snarky posts but i just moved to a new city , where im lonely, have no friends, no partner and the people are awful here.

Ive been thinking of creating a ….imaginary friend to cope with the loneliness and depression. The thing is im kinda worried of the safety risks that come with getting a imaginary friend, because im using subliminals to manifest him faster and in the past i tried using a liminal for that and listened for a week and nothing happened so i was like ''this shit doesnt work'' but then a day later some weird stuff happened like my closet randomly opening or my arm being touched while i was sleeping, so im a bit worried what may attach itself to me if i fully try to create a imaginary friend.

These are the subliminals im planning to listen to, let me know what you think




No. 1350867

also id like to add that yes i was that poster in the spooky thread from 7 months ago.

No. 1350962

Right, didn’t you have bad luck with it last time? Why would you try again? Also subliminals are gay and don’t work. Are you trying to do a tulpa thing?

No. 1350969

because im lonely and yes im trying to do something similar to a tulpa but not it (since tulpas are typically alters in your mind and im not into that).

No. 1350973

nta you replied to and I don't really delve into this but could I make a sexy husbando tulpa if possible

No. 1350977

tulpas and imaginary friends are different, im trying for a imaginary friend since its safer for my mind but im still worried about getting something attached to me or losing my mind.

Yeah you could, anythings possible but it will have bad effects on your mental health and probably cause psychosis.

No. 1350998

I don’t think you should since it was bad last time. I feel like if you’re not in a great headspace it could have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for. I hope you can meet some people soon, anon ♥ Lmk how it goes if you end up doing it, though!

No. 1353502

I want to chime on this imaginary friend talk with saying that
> im still worried about getting something attached to me or losing my mind
As long as it is a fantasy and you know it is a fantasy, without trying to manifest that idea into reality, you will not lose your mind. You do not need any subliminals or techniques for it, just use your own imagination and daydream. Source - someone who literally spent their entire childhood and teen years in their fantasy world surrounded by imaginary friends. It is so natural to me, I even still have them (as sad as it is).
Imo tulpas are where it gets dangerous and can make you go coocoo cachoo. As a kid I researched it and wanted to make one too, but often tulpas just go sideways with their "independent" life and become a burden on you. You never know what will happen. Your tulpa can just switch on you and start shitting on you 24/7. I agree with other anons on that you shouldn't use manifestation or tulpa-tier techniques for imaginary friends though. Just keep them strictly imaginary lol

No. 1353585

I like your reasoning. I also had a bunch of imaginary friends throughout my childhood and early teens. Even now when I need to reason with myself, calm myself down or think through difficult decisions, I will pretend to have a conversation with an imaginary friend which really helps me sort myself out. I think that's very common and nothing to be afraid of, considering you're just talking to yourself in an elaborate manner.

No. 1361750

How can I tell if someone has put some strange love spell or sexual energy spell on me? I used my tarot cards and asked them why do I feel this energy and so strange. The cards that came out was the magician, the devil and the high priestess. I believe it's someone that I know and they live far away from me. How can I make sure?

No. 1361770

Those cards do sound weird for sure. I recommend you double and triple check through other forms of divination. I just did a pendulum reading for you and asked if someone put a love spell on you and it said no. Then I asked if someone did a sex spell and it said yes.

No. 1361773

Thank you so much for checking. I have a headache and have felt strange all day. I've felt strangely hot and I don't have a high libido. If I gave more details I think it'd be really gross but I was shocked at myself.

No. 1361780

I also got the 8 of wands at the back of the deck when I pulled those cards out the first time.

No. 1361781

This person is what most people would consider an ex but they haven't let me go yet…

No. 1361784

She gave me a tarot deck that I still use frequently. Should I stop using it or any advice to prevent this from happening again? I'm in a no contact situation. Thank you everyone again because this is the first time I ever felt this way and it ever happened to me. I don't cast spells on others at all but I didn't even know she would be capable of doing that to me.

No. 1361829

Thank you. I'll hide the deck and stop using it and use another one gifted to me by someone else. Thank you for your help. I calmed down now.

No. 1361932

I hope that I do not sound insane but I am begging for advice on something I really can’t ask people about..
how can I let someone go who has a hold on me? Lots of strange things have happened this year for me and I want to start my life but I feel as though something evil is holding onto me.

I’ll make a long story short but;
About last year I was asked to give a necklace of my blood to a partner of more than a decade, because we’ve been together for so long and was told it was a way of showing my love for them after months thinking it over and being bothered about it I finally gave In and did so and when my ex finally got what they wanted they left me and my life was hell.
This ex was toxic, controlling and a cheater but I ignored all of that because they were the only one I had, they wouldn’t allow me to have friends and put me down about everything. Every now and then I feel my chest is heavy and something is following or watching me I do a cleansing and that’s when I get random messages from my ex after months of not being messaged, they only do so when I can feel a bad vibe and cleanse myself almost like they know I can feel it or want to see if it’s working.
I admit I felt so scared that I did a “return to sender” and later that month after doing so I got the message “ did you wish me bad luck?” Which was strange.
Am I paranoid? Is it all in my head?

Another thing that has happened was when I was depressed I went to someone who did a reading for me, they told me that I would find someone who would act as my guardian angel, I shrugged it off not believing much then two months later I was randomly approached by someone who told me they felt as though they were my guardian angel..we hit it off and now I couldn’t imagine life without them.

No. 1362082

File: 1664791653434.jpg (46.59 KB, 570x706, il_570xN.2454926287_9mod.jpg)

Would any nonny here be interested in a thread about spell jars or spellcasting in general?

No. 1362092

In my humble opinion it is always possible to get strong enough to break free off any spell and curse etc. Go within and find your inner strength. Get unshakable. There is a place inside you where no spell has any power.

No. 1362111

Isn't this thread enough? It isn't very active to begin with

No. 1362157

Spells are really unique to the witch I don’t think something like that would be helpful tbh.

No. 1362437

>Lmk how it goes if you end up doing it, though!
Ill start doing it next week, ill give a update on how it goes.

No. 1362447

I don't want to make you feel worse, but you should have never gave in and given them your blood. That is an energetic link to you and can be used to do so many nefarious things I don't even know where to start. Just keep doing return to senders and cleansing yourself and your surroundings. Things will get better eventually.

No. 1362450


>Never putting my purse on the floor because it’s money out the door

I was about to ask if you were black or Latina cuz even my religious ass family says this. But I see in another post you learned from a bruja so that makes sense. Kek

No. 1362850

Does anyone else have other little tips like this?

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