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File: 1711867834557.jpeg (393.74 KB, 750x671, IMG_9784.jpeg)

No. 74111

No. 74115

Though this anon acknowledges >>>/w/323946 it's been established in the thread for a while now that she doesn't even have to disclose ads due to HK law, it's constantly brought up and assumed, without proof, that everything she posts is an ad. If this is established, can anons stop nitpicking and posting with a comment about it? She doesn't live in the west and usually says when something is sponsored. It's just not done fast enough for the posters and instead, the assuming derails the thread every time she goes to an event or does something with her kid instead of anons focusing on milk, not about HK laws on META.

No. 74116

File: 1711897630749.jpeg (614.95 KB, 536x1324, IMG_3176.jpeg)

someone on /ot/ has been making bizarre posts in different threads about these bdsm chinese women. links lead to more creepy captioned pics if the woman in bondage. idk what's going in but it's creepy as hell

No. 74117

I hope you didn't click any links, anon. People can add trackers to them if they are faux links. Never click any on here. Even instgram stuff, Google the cow yourself instead of clicking links.

No. 74118

File: 1711901356973.png (47.38 KB, 799x145, emoji.png)

so why is this emoji ok?

No. 74119

please do something about the stacey sperging in the unpopular opinions thread, i can't take it anymore. same goes for the extreme debates about aaron taylor johnson's wife. i don't know it it's like 2 anons taking their arguments from the celebritycow thread to that one, but they need to be stopped because they're shitting up the thread.

No. 74120

it's not but why are you complaining about it here? it's one emoji. report and move on. maybe it was banned without a red-text message, you never know.

No. 74121

mods don't have a magical emoji detector. rule-breaking doesn't get detected if it isn't reported.
just because a post flew under the radar doesn't mean shit is suddenly allowed. use your brain

No. 74122

Can you ban the topic of ATJ and that lady? Not that I agree with censorship, but I've seen it happen in multiple threads where someone brings up his wife and then someone says they don't like her and it subsequently causes sperging.

No. 74124

husbando derail and infighting in the fandom dramu thread

No. 74125

Please mods. Get on this. Stop the madness. I just wanna discuss actual fandom discourse, not "who has the better husbando."

No. 74126

It won't help because the person is a ban evader. I think they had a similar spergout a few weeks ago, in the Brit thread (?) larping as a model and going on about older women. I think they even came here to complain about being made fun of.
Actually, I think it's just pakichan detailing again. She also has some hyperfixation with "farmers calling themselves Stacy" and the dig at fujos she just couldn't resist.

No. 74128

They need to make their own thread already

No. 74129

You would bitch about it too and go there to infight because ''silence doesn't mean acceptance''. I fucking hate newfags so fucking much. The entire internet already babies men why can't we have one single site where woman can vent about men.

No. 74130

Fandom discourse thread is not a "vent about husbandos" thread. And while there is a fandom phenomenon of praising uggo fictional and uggo real life moids happening, the fandom discourse thread is currently just being derailed at this point to sperg about uggo husbandos.

No. 74131

>The entire internet already babies men why can't we have one single site where woman can vent about men.
The only people getting offended over 2D men being insulted on this site are women. 2D fictional men don't exist and therefore can't be offended.

No. 74132

The post that brought up the comment is about her story with literal PR mail and then her and Levi going to see the cartoon that happened to send her goods. It is an ad and it is not a good look for her. She's not breaking rules but she's literally lying to her followers, which is what anons have a problem with. It's not an assumption or a nitpick in this case.
Plus, guess what, if you keep posting sponsored things and not disclose them as such or repost it much later in a separate post with special promotional hashtags and still not be transparent about it being sponsored, people are naturally gonna assume that many other of your posts are also non-disclosed ads.

She can't have her cake and eat it, too. Well, technically she is doing just that, but then anons have the right to point it out.

No. 74133

File: 1711913805184.png (132.57 KB, 2218x433, muh baiting.png)

Why do mods keep bending to the newfags and how the fuck is this baiting?
you are destroying board culture because some retards get upset when cartoon men that will never read any mean posts get insulted. If you want the board to become yet another shithole that babies moids like Reddit then get rid of the manhating/TERF banners, because this is clearly not the lolcow those banners were made for.
Don't they have a husbando thread hugbox already? why the fuck can't nonnies insult cartoon men anymore. Do you not understand how insane it is to ban anons for shitting on anime men that don't exist? what the fuck is going on with the moderation. You can't even say it's derrailing because even they admit it's a very real phenomenon in fandom, they just don't want anons to talk about it because they are newfag vermin.

This is lolcow, a site built around shitting on women for being too fat or being too skinny or taking a photo with a bad angle. But shitting on men that aren't real? no man, that's too far! we must draw the line at cartoon ugly men.

Yeah, it gets derailed by anons with ugly husbandos that get upset over ugly cartoon men getting insulted. You have your husbando hugbox already, go the fuck there if you want nothing but praise over your cartoons. Women have to deal with insane fucking beauty standars both irl and in fiction and we can't even vent about it anymore? The entire internet already bends to your whims. Go to twitter and you will find tons of women praising the ugliest motherfucking moids, hell, even in lolcow we have countless threads to praise and lust after ugly men. You are so entitled.

It's so easy to just ignore a woman who's venting over ugly men getting pushed in anime as attractive, but you decide to be a faggot over it. Because again, the whole internet must pamper men, women don't deserve a single space for themselves, how dare we shit on men that aren't even real!.

Exactly, it's so fucking wild we cant make fun of ugly husbandos because autists get offended over it. Ugly men in cartoons are literally fucking everywhere, no one is taking their ugly retards away. Women just want more alternatives and for ugly men to stop getting shilled as attractive. Men don't have these problems because most female characters are attractive, women can't even ask for equality without retards getting pissed over it.

No. 74134

No. 74135

You don't get banned because you shit on anime men, you get banned because you're giga retarded and derail the thread repeatedly because you can't jerk off to every character in existence. Get over it.

No. 74136

meds now

No. 74137

That wasn't me, i was just catching up to the thread. Anon just vented about something that happens in fandom but anons couldn't just ignore it, nah, they had to go and defend their cartoons. Like what the fuck is this newfaggotry, lolcow has never capped for men this hard what is going on.

No. 74138

Hey, here's a hint: you constantly make the same spelling mistake in all your posts which makes you extremely recognizable. We all know you derailed the previous thread

No. 74139

Is it that hard to allow women to have one single space where they can be themselves and shit on ugly men?
You know admins can tell when someone is samefagging, right?

No. 74140

They aren't real men. Let women like things.

No. 74141

Then why do you get so offended when anons make fun of them and call them ugly?

No. 74142

>why don't you let people shit on your (non-issue) tastes???
>how dare you defend your (complete non-issue) tastes you pickme!!!
I mean, isn't it obvious? If you shit on something someone likes obviously they're going to defend themselves. It one thing if you were shitting on women who got off to women in pain like that null weirdo but this is such a non-issue that I don't understand how you're wondering why anyone would get defensive or even annoyed at your tsim. It's not that hard to understand unless you lack an inability to understand basic social norms. Now again, why can't you let women enjoy things, doubly so if those things do not exist?

No. 74144

i did report it, literally everything else i’ve reported since then was either redtexted or deleted

i’d assume if mods don’t want emojis to be posted ever they’d redtext them all especially because anons have been banned for literally copy pasting cows verbatim. guess it’s ok to use this emoji then to any emojifags as long as you write a wall of text to go with it!

No. 74146

So, we have to turn this place into a hugbox and never say anything bad about male characters because it might offend you? have you tried growing a spine and touch grass instead of getting offended over ugly fictional men. I genuinely don't get it, not only do you have several threads to sperg about ugly men, but ugly men are already accepted as the default everywhere. Are women not allowed to complain about the double standars in anime anymore because it triggers you?

No. 74147

I just saw that too. That anon is spamming with the Asian coom bait. It’s gross.

No. 74148

Nta but why keep bringing it up when we already know? It doesn't matter

No. 74149

A wall of text and 'it wasnt me'? Sure jan.

No. 74150

As an oldfag it hurts to see the only place women can shit on men and be misandrist turning into twitter 2.

No. 74151

File: 1711916008076.webp (84.76 KB, 773x1000, 71AoFh82ajL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

No. I am not saying you can't say anything negative about another anon's tastes. I am explaining to you why a anon would get annoyed and defend herself when you shit on her tastes. Is that a bad thing? You somehow missed my point that hard and didn't even answer the question.

No. 74152

Again, have you tried growing a spine? you have to be mentally ill to get offended when women call the fictional men you like ugly. Do you even realize he isn't real, and that words cannot hurt him because he's a cartoon? you are going to move on from your cartoon faggot in a month, meanwhile women have been enduring objectification since the world was created, and just ask for some equality in anime. You know, since men get to have cute waifus, we deserve cute husbandos too.

No. 74154

What the hell? Anon. I am answering your question of "why do you get offended". I never said you couldn't criticize another person's tastes. You can do so and so can someone to you.

No. 74157

She's mentally challenged you'll never get through to her. Meds is the only solution.
Take your meds

No. 74158

Thank you farmhands for deleting the Asian coom bait.

No. 74159

do you understand no one is critcizing your taste, right? insulting old/fat/ugly men doesn't mean you cannot like them. A lot of women like unconventional men and just own it. Infigthing over women not liking ugly, old and fat men is mental illness. Lolcow is the only place where we can make fun of ugly men, when IRL and everywhere else on the internet they get love-bombed.

No. 74160

I've just now realized that.

No. 74161

Are anons so low IQ they think anons saying a cartoon character is ugly means they cannot like him? because i don't understand how me saying ''this male character is ugly, i wish we had more varied male characters'' is coming across as ''you cannot like him!''. You are taking it waaaay more personal than it really is.

No. 74162

Aren't you the one taking this personally, all considering?

No. 74164

what you people don't get is that you're free to debate taste in husbandos until the sun explodes
but the fucking fandom drama thread isn't the place for it, hence the bans hth

No. 74165

Please just make a "husbandos I hate" thread and stop using fandom drama as a turd receptacle

No. 74166

You are the one who's angry because women insult men that aren't real. I have been here for a long time and this was never an issue before. Hell, i remember nonnies shitting on astarion when he was flavour of the month and no one got banned back then, so i dont understand why we cannot make fun of ugly male characters anymore.

No. 74167

it was never an issue back when astarion was shilled as hot despite being senile. But the newfags are overly sensitive.
so, we cannot discuss things partaking fandom because you don't like? even >>74130 anons admit it is a real issue in fandom
>there is a fandom phenomenon of praising uggo fictional and uggo real life moids happening
so, why cannot we discuss it? why cant you just turn off your pc and walk away when anons are talking about things that trigger you?

No. 74168

I'm not the nonnas you were talking to.
Just, you've been complaining about this in like, 4 different threads now? It seems like you're taking it incredibly personally.

No. 74169

I am not the only one who's complaining about it. Is it really shocking to you that women are tired of being shilled ugly men?

No. 74170

Don't lie and try to pretend you're upset about misogyny in fandom. We all know the reason you're upset because you can't coom to Laios. Make a different thread.

No. 74171

Shill in this case seeing Anons talk about a husbando you don't find attractive?

No. 74172

This is precisely the point to the reason >>74133 was banned.
This is the preferred action. You are completely welcome to shit on which ever husbando you wish in your own thread but using a fandom drama thread for it is not it. Please make a thread for this in /ot/ if you feel it has enough content and enough people want it. No one cares about the discussion itself happening or not, it's just that it's happening in non related threads and derailing with a lot of infighting.

Not to mention there are still a few dumbass shit anons going around to various threads purposely derailing with offtopic comments and baiting infighting, worsening discussions. Please report them accordingly.

No. 74173

Regardless of whether it's one or two, it really seems like this has hit you really personally.
Maybe take a walk or something.

No. 74174

If we make a ''husbandos you hate thread'' they are going to infight about it because they are angry women consider their husbandos ugly and want better. Can you explain to me how is it wrong to discuss about the double standars of anime in the fandom thread?

No. 74175

Ok, i will make a thread, but you better not come infight and cry about how anons boolying your retarded pixel scrote

No. 74176

Make a thread anyway. If you're going to get infighting either way, why not at least try?

No. 74177

File: 1711918467691.png (79.25 KB, 1013x393, what’s wrong with you lol.png)

I saw this and I’m just confused. Are we actually deterred from discussing dumbass shit now, even though it’s already been shut down? Or is one farmhand just in a bad mood?

No. 74178

okay i will give it a go, they better not cry about it now that it has its own thread instead of being a topic of conversation that pops out once every 5 months.

No. 74179

samefag and farmhand if you actually could please respond with a yes or no answer i would appreciate that a lot. thank you very much.

No. 74180

>There are still a few dumbass shit anons going around to various threads purposely derailing with offtopic comments and baiting infighting, worsening discussions
I feel so vindicated right now. I knew it was those dumbass shit anons shitting things up with their retardation. Everyone called me a schizo for it but I knew. Thank you wonderful & benevolent Farmhands for taking a stand against the agents of disorder and battling against them in your redtext ways. Don't despair because we will be getting through this together as a community.
Shut the fuck up dumbass shit sperg nobody, and I mean NOBODY, cares. Go be autistic about an important thing like dementia research or building wells for the poor, use your mental retardation for good instead of being annoying.

No. 74181

The reason that person was banned was because they are baiting infighting and derailing comments in an unrelated thread. If you make a thread with that specific content in mind, and people disagree within that thread, it's fine. But if they infight about it, then they themselves will get banned. Please report those people if they infight in the thread you make and we'll be on it.
1. That is in the unpopular opinions thread
2. And the comment that the person was responding to was not even an opinion. It was a literal 'dumbass shit' comment. It was unrelated to the thread and as I've mentioned before, dumbass shit anons are going around posting unrelated and off topic comments in various threads. Hence why they got the redtext 'not an opinion/dumbass shit anon'.
3. You can talk about dumbass shit in the dumbass shit thread (because it's still there, it's not 'shut down', but just autosaged) or complain about it or whatever in meta. But not randomly for no reason in an unrelated thread.

No. 74182

Second AYRT, why do you feel the need to be mean omg? I was just asking a question.
But you do understand that autosaging dumbass shit did effectively shut it down, right? And it was just a question. Instead of banning her you could’ve just responded with a comment. Not sure how that was at all deserving of a ban.

No. 74183

well janet if you don't want dumbass excrement to be wiped all over the board maybe fucking unsage dumbass shit! just some motherly advice for ya ♥

No. 74184

>usage dumbass shit thread

No. 74185

The "literal autism" redtext was retarded as fuck though tbf, even if the OP was off topic. That anon just asked a question.

No. 74186

This attitude is why dumbass shit thread was hated so much and why none of us have any sympathy that your thread got autosaged. It's just proof that you don't integrate and used that thread for being annoying and baiting for reactions.
>You understand that autosaging dumbass shit did effectively shut it down!
This is the same line that dumbass shit spergs have been screaming since it got autosaged. Nobody cares. If you want to post in that thread just go post in that thread.

No. 74187

continuing to keep dumbass shit saged is only gonna resort in like retardation riots across every thread imaginable right? we can see it happening right now

No. 74188

KEK i thought the model thing was sarcasm.

nta, but they need to go to the husbando thread in /g/

No. 74189

Yeah, nobody cares and thats why hundreds of anons have continued making posts about how it should be taken off autosage. Got it.

No. 74190

nayrt but why is it autosaged? maybe we would have less sperging in threads if it was easier to find and anons could let it all out there?

No. 74191

It was autosaged during hellweek and they decided to never take it off autosage because it attracted to much baiting and infighting, in their words, however now I’m sure they realize that baiting and infighting has spread across multiple other threads since the death of dumbass shit.

No. 74192

>Retardation riots
No because it's the same group of maybe 10 anons that just act annoying in other threads and get reported because it's not that big of a deal. It's just the same small group of retards going around pretending to be a bunch of different people to drum up "support" for their stupid thread (like itt right now) that hasn't even been deleted or locked. If they love the thread so much they can go and post in it right now. It's not hard to search the catalog.
Exactly. I'm happy you finally understand.
Lurk more

No. 74193

>Do what I want or else…

Learn to code and go make your own dumbass shit imb, if shitposting is that essential for you.

No. 74194

We don't negotiate with terrorists.

No. 74195

KEK. They've been trying to use their retardation as a bargaining token like anybody really gives a fuck since Hellweek.

No. 74196

I suggest a sitewide vote for the fate of the Dumbass Shit Threads
>Keep the Dumbass Shit Threads Autosaged
>Unsage the Dubmass Shit Threads
>Remove the Dumbass Shit Threads all together
Off topic, but I've always wondered why we haven't hidden /ot/, /g/, and /m/ to reduce newfaggotry. It's clear most newfags don't come here for the cow threads.

No. 74197

>maybe 10 anons
Nonna I think you’re forgetting how many users there are on lolcow kek, mods confirmed we have over 6,000 users. I don’t think it’s the same 10 anons.

No. 74198

Yeah casting a vote actually does sound like the most reasonable course of action! And /snow/ isn’t really a thing anymore because younger users just aren’t as interested in cow culture.

No. 74199

Tbh it's so easy to rig polls that I don't see the point UNLESS it's in a townhall but they refuse to do townhalls for lousy reasons.

No. 74200

So where’s cerbmin during all of this?

No. 74201

yeah it keeps infesting other threads like just make the dumbass thread the designated infighting thread so it's contained as much as it can be contained

No. 74202

File: 1711919902909.jpg (94.45 KB, 800x533, our bffs.jpg)

Thank you for your service Farmhands every night before I go to bed I pray to God and I say please Lord protect our Farmhands confound the knavish tricks of their enemies and let the Farmhands live happy long lives. I love you Farmhands.

No. 74203

Good point, polls are easy to rig if they allow for anonymous polls. Well I'm out of ideas.

No. 74204

Anyone? Anyone? Farmhands? Do you have an answer? Do you guys even talk to him anymore?

No. 74205

File: 1711921438957.png (4.63 KB, 686x89, told ya.png)

infighting and derailing >>>/ot/1945322

No. 74206

Your thread sucks and seems more like an /m/ topic anyways

No. 74207

>And /snow/ isn’t really a thing anymore because younger users just aren’t as interested in cow culture.
And because most cows these days are milkless.

No. 74209

All you do is bait.

No. 74210

Farmhand needs to point out the samefagging in meta, pls.

No. 74211

that's not what /m/ is for, admins told me i could make it on /ot/. It's on pair with all the other discussion threads.

No. 74212

Thats not bait though that was a genuine question. I have no idea what’s going on right now that asking moderation a question is bait but talking about your fetish for black rappers in unpopular opinions isn’t.

No. 74213

Pretty sure that was you both times.

No. 74214

Only reason you baiting retards want dumbass of autosage is so you can appear on the first page of /ot/ and get engagement. Autosaged threads have happened so many times and if anons actually cared about the thread they'd still use it. I understand it's probably more difficult to have a dumbass time when the thread is full of samefagging and unfunny shit.

No. 74215

It was, thats why I taggdd both. They really think no one can tell lol

Exactly, they want engagement bc its the same spergs otherwise

No. 74216

Theres a sperg in momokun's thread titpicking, saying her boobs are botched and "wrong". Wtf??

No. 74217

Yeah thats why I said samefag? Dumbass

No. 74218

You sound uptight and annoying, do you expect professionalism on an imageboard nonna? And following that logic, Unpopular Opinions gets the most attention now and in turn also has a large increase in infighting and bait, does that mean it too will eventually be autosaged?

No. 74221

Nta but how do they sound uptight? Just follow the rules and posting etiquette. You're not above it.

No. 74222

can you do something about this retard? >>>/ot/1945461
there is no point to white kighting fictional men, it's just infigthing and derailing

No. 74223

This isn't Twitter. Of course anons want threads they like to be active.

Are we really acting like the dumbass shit thread was a hub for infighters now? Before the bigger antifujo infight, there weren't even any complaints about the thread for half a year.

No. 74224

Anon in picrel was right. Newfags cannot help but act like this is twitter.

No. 74225

File: 1711930658036.gif (768.39 KB, 498x371, AMERICAN.gif)

Based Burger farmhands confirmed.

No. 74226

Their reasoning is that a townhall chat would be “impossible to archive”. Honestly sounds sussy to me, there’s tons of chat platforms that can be archived or have archiving built in.

No. 74227

Farmhands are the ones that told me to make a thread >>74172 and even though the OP clarifies not to defend scrotes, retards still try to jump in and WK fictional men because they just cannot help themselves not to

No. 74228

Wow… imagine if there was a way to detect character input of automatically… that would certainly be magical…

No. 74229

Yes, not to mention that previous admins made threads for the purpose of archiving and informing everyone who wasn't able to attend of what was discussed. I understand why admins didn't want to do it, but I also think that a town hall is the safest/most verifiable option if were gonna be voting on stuff

No. 74230

Pretty sure the same constantly banned anons are just trying to fill threads with as much bullshit and samefagging as fast as possible.

No. 74231

File: 1711935333179.png (69.82 KB, 2776x180, Capture d’écran 2024-04-01 à…)

can this kind of retarded thirstposting be banned from the husbando hate thread pls

No. 74246

I agree, it's annoying. Their husbando thread already has a rule where you cant shit on their husbandos, why do they need to shit up a thread and white knight their pixels everywhere else.

No. 74248

I have a general question for admins, do you turn over information about your users?

Posting TERF stuff can and has resulted in arrests of women in the UK before.

No. 74250

Sponsor ads are fucking hilarious, love to see it

No. 74251

I was about to a-log over there being ads now, but then I actually read them and realized it was an April fools prank

No. 74253

Wtf? Free speech is illegal in the UK? Never been so happy to be an Amerifag

No. 74254

Beats never ever being able to own your home outright because your gov extorts you for 'property taxes' lmao.

No. 74255

Both your countries are shit but mine is worse

No. 74256

Lol true. Aussies have the most insane troon politics.

No. 74257

Under absolutely no circumstances would we willingly comply with a request from law enforcement regarding a legitimate user, especially over matters of free speech. Our server is located in a country where we cannot be forced to comply with such a request unless it was about a user committing a serious crime (e.g. posting details of a murder here).

In the interests of transparency, I will say that we submit details about every CSAM post to the NCMEC and FBI CyberTiplines and we have spoken directly to an FBI agent regarding a certain prolific CSAM poster (don't want to summon it by speaking it's name).

No. 74258

File: 1711980184481.jpg (614.73 KB, 1080x1475, 1000005869.jpg)

I forgot it was April 1st and I was sp upsetty

No. 74259

Thanks for this assurance basedmin.

No. 74260

Tbh they've made this statement before about reporting it.

No. 74261

these ads are fucking dope, I genuinely hope they stay forever and I hope farmhands make more for the funnsies, 10/10, I care about this april fools day more than any of the site updates

No. 74262

The april fools here actually made me laugh, better than 4chans. I hope the iPixielocks services work

No. 74263

KEK I saw the onision one and I was like yeah hell no they have to be joking

No. 74264

what happened on 4chan, also getting a lot of "bad requests" when the site loads up or I try to upload an image.

No. 74265

you could probably just go to twitter and check

No. 74266

I was getting that too eventually I had to open it in Edge. It was just a retarded fake stock market ticker thing for stocks with "meme" names like GACHI and AUTSM. Unfunny scrote shit

No. 74267

Men are so boring. At least the staff put effort into our ads.

No. 74268

File: 1711993428023.png (1.26 MB, 2638x938, Screen Shot 2024-04-01 at 1.43…)

this is genius can you keep these up?

No. 74270

can you do something about the white knights derailing the ugly man psyop thread?
they have countless threads to talk about how they love wrinkly dick and saggy balls cant we get one single thread that doesn't white knight ugly men?

No. 74271

Obviously no the poster, but there are some women who do like ugly men. Not just sexually, but they find them cute or handsome still. I don't think the thread should allow arguing over another anon's opinion though like in the vent threads. It just ruins the point of the thread. It's who anons personally think are ugly. Arguing over it is pointless. Everyone has different tastes.

No. 74272

Ok but that thread isnt to shit on women who like on ugly men, it's to shit on those who shill them as attractive. The reading comprehension is abysmal. If you want to be a pickme and think ''all men are beautiful uwu'' then go back to your containment threads. This is a misandrist leaning site, we can shit on all men, and especially ugly ones that get shilled as attractive.

No. 74273

Thats what I mean. Anons shouldn't have opinions over who thinks who is ugly or not.

No. 74274


No. 74275

there's a gazilion thread where anons can gush over their husbandos. you can survive one with negative talk, just hide it or something.
it's not allowed to go in the husbando love theeass to say "ur husbando is ugly". by the same logic it's very annoying to have whiteknights come in the critical thread to defend their pixel moid. it's not even a dedicated hate thread, ppl are trying to discuss a specific media phenomenon.

No. 74276

Do you know where you are? also old/fat men ARE ugly.

No. 74278

So what if someone posted one of them in the attractive men thread because they personally thought they were attractive? I know a lot of women like Jack Black, but he falls under "old/fat"

No. 74279

that's what the unconventional male attraction is for. Fat men are objectively ugly.

No. 74280

Sure, Jan.

No. 74281

lmao you’re that offended to the point you snitched to the mods to get other people banned. I guess contributing to the thread by offering another pov is now considered “infighting” and “derailing”. biased as helll

No. 74282

this is the appearance nitpicking website ma'am

No. 74283

trying to convince anons that objectively ugly men are attractive ackshually is infighting and derailing. I dont know why it offends you so much women dont find geriatric and old men attractive.

No. 74284

stop snitching to the mods

No. 74285

File: 1711997228873.jpeg (202.22 KB, 828x200, IMG_3180.jpeg)

No. 74286

File: 1711997296387.jpeg (331.39 KB, 750x472, IMG_9815.jpeg)

you got to it before me fuck kek. you fucking suck nonna

No. 74287

based farmhands i am so tired of not being able to criticize men anymore in lolcow because the twitterfag bodyposifags get offended

No. 74288

they are outstanding

No. 74290

File: 1711999407821.jpeg (196.18 KB, 674x452, IMG_1118.jpeg)

/pol/-tier racebait about da joos causing ww1 and ww2 in the tinfoil thread. I feel like some anons don’t understand you can discuss conspiracies and even criticize zionism and corrupt jewish figures without regurgitating blatant neo-nazi talking points

No. 74292


it’s the CONSPIRACY thread. hide the thread and stay out. you anons are the cancer killing /ot/

No. 74293

You are retarded

No. 74294

your precious schizo thread isn't exempt from global board rules abour racebait. you don't like it, go back to /pol/

No. 74295

you and that other anon are the only one complaining about it when there’s genuine discussion being made in that thread right now. i’ve never posted or cared about /pol/, who would have thought you can get your information and come to your own conclusions from other sources besides rightoid media kek

No. 74296

A big round of applause for everyone who made these little ads lol, I absolutely love them

No. 74298

I haven’t posted in that thread during the current discussion about da joos because while there are some anons who are actually contributing in reasonable ways, there’s also one or two lost /pol/tards like picrel above and I don’t want to catch a ban for responding to bait

I’ve noticed a group of anons on here that constantly complain about how “no one can talk about da joos!!1! we’re being silenced1!!” while posting takes like “jews set up ww1 and ww2 and antisemitism doesn’t exist” (without any sort of justification or evidence for their claims) when this is exactly what the nazis were saying order to scapegoat the jews for their loss during ww1 and spread jewish hate in order to facilitate the eradication of jews from europe. if you can’t discuss jews without sounding like a nazi or a /pol/tard, you don’t belong here. like it’s clear some of you just hate jews, but please refer to global rule #7 and cry about it

No. 74299

we’re not nazis, didn’t get our info from nazis. and it wasn’t a bunch of anons saying jews started ww1 and ww2 it was one. chill out and hide the thread, and no, no one is giving “SOURCE!???” because it’s a tinfoil thread.

No. 74300

I literally posted a screencap of what I was talking about. If you think I’m calling every anon in that thread a nazi, that’s on you and your lack of reading comprehension

No. 74301

Please address all the polfag sperging about Jews in the tinfoil thread.

No. 74303

i have the thread hidden. i'm replying to you because you're the one coming here to whinge about how the obvious antisemitic racebait in the screencap totally isn't bait.
just bc it's in the schizo thread doesn't make it any less racebait.

No. 74304

DA, but thanks farmhands for stepping in. I normally enjoy the tinfoil thread, but unfortunately a /pol/tard thinks it’s their little sanctuary

No. 74309

File: 1712012019161.jpeg (367.89 KB, 1242x2688, IMG_3740.jpeg)

Thanks for removing my ban, but in general I would appreciate if you could hire some non-autistic jannies.

No. 74310

Spam all over /pt/ >>>/pt/930886

No. 74311

Honestly this reads as infighting, why even reply sarcastically?

No. 74314

jannies can't even take a silly little joke. sad!

No. 74317

Shitting up threads with JoKeS is scrote teir behavior

No. 74318

No. 74319

i really like when the mods do fun stuff like the april fools ads, especially when they're creative and tongue in cheek. we should do these more often, just for the hell of it. it brightens up the boards a lot.

No. 74320

Derail abouut hot/gay men in the ugly moid thread

No. 74322

yeah ngl i kinda hope they stick around kek

No. 74323

>only scrotes can make jokes on image boards
we aren’t beating the “humorless women” allegations

No. 74338

Negating the fact that it shits up threads. Okay, Jan.

No. 74341

maybe an overreaction, but i think posting false/easily disprovable info in cow threads should be a bannable offense. two retards who don't know how to use twitter posted some screenshots in shay's thread that were wrong

No. 74342

Pointing out that astarion would be handsome if not for his wrinkles and bad hairstyle is not whiteknighting ugly men. Can mods stop being so ban happy?

No. 74343

Can someone take care of the psycho in the vent thread? I've been reporting because she's obviously ban evading

No. 74344

Serious business on the intellectual discussion forum lolcow dot farm only

No. 74345

What do you think threads are exactly

No. 74346

threads are for shitting in

No. 74348

The leftcow thread should go to auto sage because it’s just self-posters from twitter and their reddit moid orbiters racebaiting - none of the og leftcows are relevant and the scene is dead.

No. 74349

Why do farmhands love randomly cracking down on rulebreaking one day then not give a fuck another day? It’s truly mind boggling. Must be the same farmhand who doled out incorrect bans and got chewed out by cerbmin.

No. 74350

What are you talking about and the weekends tend to have less bans always. Crackdowns usually happen Monday when farmhands actually get to most of the reports.

No. 74351

It’s literally Wednesday/early Thursday

No. 74352

It might help if anon linked the posts.

No. 74353

''lesbian'' infighting and derailing in the ugly man psyop thread

No. 74356

File: 1712181521763.png (673.09 KB, 596x634, Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 2.57.…)

I truly don't understand why the dumbass shit thread was autosaged. It was fun and if you didn't like it you didn't have to look at it. But man I missed joking around with nonas on there, it was a nice little weird outlet for stupid shit.

No. 74357

it seems they just shit up other threads now so you can post in the vent and unpopular opinions threads like the rest of them

No. 74358

Oh my God can we shut up about the dumbass shit thread already it's been 2 months please

No. 74360

No. We should talk about until it gets off autosage.

No. 74361

>if you didn't like it you didn't have to look at it.
This is a terrible attitude, we should just bring back proana and kpop threads. shut up and make a shitpost discord if you're so upset.

No. 74362

I agree especially since autosaging it didn't seem to have any affect on the quality of the rest of the website. I know I'm just going to get called a dumbass shit trolls or whatever but I think a lot of nonas liked that thread

No. 74363

I don’t get the logic at all especially since they said /ot/ users were “merely guests here” but were also apparently ruining the rest of the site. Also idk why they choose dumbass shit when celebricows is right there…

No. 74364

>A lot of nonas liked that thread
Apparently not because nobody wants to scroll the catalog to find it and post in it. It's not locked or deleted. If you like the thread you can go post in the thread.
>I miss joking around with nonas on there
So go to the thread right now and joke around with nonas there right now. It's not locked or deleted. You can go there right now, in this very moment. Just scroll on the catalog and click on the thread and make your posts.
>Shut up and make a shitpost discord if you're upset
Nooo because that defeats the whole purpose nona, then they'd have to be surrounded with dumbass shit spergs when really what they're complaining about is that their dumbass shit posts don't get read or interacted with by normal anons. They're whining about the loss of attention, not the loss of the thread.

No. 74365

It’s just inertia, it’s the same with 2X, it’s technically “there” but nobody wants to use it so it may as well not be. Even if one person posts nobody else wants to, so nobody does. And they had to have known that’s what would happen, they did it on purpose like with funposting. It’s disingenuous to be like well it’s still there when everyone knows auto sagibg is basically killing a thread.

No. 74366

Why was this random misogynynistic thought the first thing that came to your mind?

No. 74367

Idk, why would you imply that joking around is “for scrotes”

No. 74368

It was sooo much fun I agree, should have kept it as it’s a legendary thread. The old fucking cankle hag jannies put it to a stop because apparently there should be no fun allowed. Killing those threads has led to more divided hostility and people leaving the website. I hate bitter ass ugly bitches getting one ounce and sliver of power to make other women’s lives a living nightmare where we constantly have to tone police and self-censor. The jannies literally fucking hate women I stg, how do we genuinely know that admin and their legion of internet cops aren’t bitter TIFs or troons? One hand/arm reveal isn’t enough as a tranny can just get their mom/sister/friend to take the picture for them. Sigh.

No. 74369

get the stick out your ass loser

No. 74370

Struck a nerve huh

No. 74371

Right? So much micromanaging and tone policing, it’s just unfun. Feels like we’re all in detention.

No. 74372

you know you can still post in an autosaged thread right?

No. 74373

File: 1712193799011.gif (16.36 KB, 220x220, IMG_9856.gif)

>lc is dead
>>lc is dead
>>>lc is dead
>>>>lc is dead
>>>>>lc is dead
>>>>>>lc is dead
>>>>>>>lc is dead
>>>>>>>>lc is dead
>>>>>>>>>>lc is dead
>>>>>>>>>>>lc is dead
>>>>>>>>>>>>lc is dead
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>lc is dead
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>lc is dead
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>lc is dead

No. 74374

no anon you can’t even search for it anymore, it’s over.

No. 74376

No. 74377

Were there even any complaints about dumbass shit prior to hellweek?

No. 74378

You make this same post every week. Shut up.

No. 74379

I want dumbass shit to come back simply so there’s more positivity and fun on /ot/

No. 74380

Someone wrangle this WK


No. 74382

Why do jannies let certain posters that clearly return time and time again to shitpost the same takes over and over again come back? Like I swear I have seen the “we only exist to reproduce” nonna post the exact same take over weeks now and it always starts the same retarded infighting of nonnas saying “no” while they unsaged insist “yes” in OT. Jannies feel so focused on micromanaging actual posters that they let moids and bippies routinely shitpost in /ot.

No. 74383

File: 1712201466947.jpg (344.82 KB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_20240403_232801_Ope…)

I'm not a newfag. I've been posting here for 5 years. Your mods are shitheads and need to stop harassing posters. ffs, a mod didnt recognize My Immortal copypasta. Thank you for proving my point by banning me.

No. 74384

Considering how many times the site has changed ownership, I find it ironic to be getting told I "don't fit in" when you have mods harassing posters for not breaking any rules. Has the mod who banned me been posting here 5+ years? Its they who "dont belong"

No. 74386

The zoomer mods who didnt know about this site a year ago can't actually moderate. They need to control the conversation. Most of the people that get the red text edit on their post arent breaking any rules. Its just a newfag mod going "I don't like how you post so you need to be shamed for it"

No. 74387

Does anyone have a cap of that my immortal thing it was hilarious

No. 74388

to be fair, calling this place "unwelcoming" really does make you sound like a newfag

No. 74390

it's way too easy to ban evade, so it doesn't even matter. the only thing you can do is ignore them but I swear some anons love taking bait

No. 74391

you were there too? I wish I saved it. Hilarious knowing the people micromanaging posters dont know it
i'm not wrong

No. 74392

because they agree with everything thats being said

No. 74393

File: 1712203858329.jpg (234.34 KB, 1080x1301, Screenshot_20240404_000857_Ope…)

found it.

No. 74394

The mods are reddit trannies

No. 74395

We don't care. Get a grip. You've apparently been here for 5+ years but you still call them "mods," you don't know how to type "samefag" when you respond to your own post, you shit up the board with retarded threads that could have been posts in another thread; it's just too much unchecked retardation from your end. If you don't like the site fuck off, if you like the site but keep getting banned then learn to integrate.

No. 74396

who fucking cares what people call shit? Lose your obsession with policing others. I've seen the mods over and over again go after users for posting content and not seem to understand their own sites rules. It's embarassing

This place could be so much better if not for the obsession with control. You are exemplifying it

No. 74397

File: 1712204493586.jpg (368.84 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20240404_002002_Ope…)

inept farmhands

No. 74398

>"I don't want to integrate!!!"
>Get banned for not integrating
Get a grip.

No. 74399

maybe rename your files before samefagging because it’s clear you’re just throwing a fit after getting banned for being a retard

No. 74400

Ntayrt but the "micromanaging" comment cemented in my mind that it's just a dumbass shit thread sperg, they constantly reeee about "micromanager jannies" and shit like that. It's so tiresome.

No. 74401

There's been like a 4 hour long infight going on in unpopular opinions with a bunch of samefagging, bait, and people responding to bait. Can they get bans already because it's been 4 hours.

No. 74402

NTA but you're more mad about someone not naming their files correctly than newfag farmhands going after people who actually post milk. what the fuck. insane.

No. 74403

And now there's a random off topic post that sounds straight out of dumbass shit

No. 74405

yeah, can the farmhands at least say if they're shorthanded or something?

No. 74406

kek what? I was just pointing out how it’s clearly the same anon samefagging and posting caps from years ago to make their “mods bad” point. that anon could’ve been more discrete if they wanted more people to take them seriously. I’m not mad, but you sure were quick to get angry over nothing

No. 74407

whats with the extreme nitpicking

No. 74408

do you know what nitpicking means? I’m not criticizing anon for their file names, I’m criticizing them for samefagging

No. 74409

Don't fall for their bait nona, it's the same "jannies bad dumbass shit good" spergs going on and on again for whatever reason. They pretend to be all sorts of different people to get their point across that "jannies are bad." They respond to themselves, to you, then to you again pretending to be someone else. It's annoying.

No. 74410

No. 74411

That anon posted multiple examples of the mods being dipshits…These are the people going on about newfags needing to integrate

No. 74412

Boo hoo someone called you out for samefagging and being annoying boo hoo hoo. I don't know if you can hear it because it's so tiny, maybe the world's tiniest, but I'm playing the violin for you.

No. 74413

>I love when the farmhands micromanage
>all who disagree are newfags

No. 74414

>Boo hoo hoo micromanage wahhhh boo hoo hoo so sad boo hoo so sad wahhh micromanage jannies booly me wahhhhhhhh
Get a grip.

No. 74415

>Get a grip.
ahaha. knew it was a samefag

No. 74416

Get a grip retard

No. 74417

She was relying to different people that’s not samefagging.

No. 74418

she was changing her typing style with each post and not all were replies. anyways, this infight has reached extreme levels of retardation, so goodnight nonnies

No. 74419

And you constantly ree about “dumbass spergs” and “da camper”

No. 74420

Get a grip.

No. 74421

Maybe there's just multiple people who think the farmhands need to let people post

No. 74422

Go make a “I love jannies” thread if it bothers you this is the complaints thread

No. 74423

oh my goddd her file names were all the same, so it’s clear it was the same anon. I don’t even care, I was just pointing out it was a samefag despite her change in typing styles. I didn’t realize my point would be so easily missed by anons here

No. 74424

Go make a dumbass shit thread if it bothers you that much, oh wait - you can't because it'll get autosaged! Ha ha ha ha

No. 74425

Not everyone who dislikes the moderation here is a “dumbass poster” who apparently lives under your bed. This is complaints people are going to complain. If you think everything is perfect you can make a janny praise thread which wouldn’t need to be autosaged because nobody would ever use it.

No. 74426

Yeah they were posted by the same person, but she wasn’t pretending to be different people. You can only post one image per post.

No. 74427

Yeah yeah go cry about dumbass shit thread somewhere else

No. 74428

Ninja you were the one who brought up dumbass shit

No. 74429

do you want a medal or something?

No. 74430

oh no, here come more retards

No. 74431

File: 1712208128403.jpeg (462.94 KB, 1170x665, IMG_1678.jpeg)

No. 74432

based anon

No. 74433

I admit I enjoy debate club but you are correct

No. 74434

that thread is such a radioactive cesspit. whenever unpopular opinions get busy I go do something else for a while because the rest of the board will be dead kek

No. 74435

Life of a dumbass shit thread sperg:
>Spew shit in different threads in revenge for autosaging dumbass shit
>Target a specific thread to shit up
>Come to /meta/ to complain about that thread after shitting it up
>Samefag to say "x thread is wayyy worse than dumbas shit thread see!!" and use your shit spew as an example of why x thread is bad
Just what I've noticed

No. 74436

Unpopular opinions has been widely known as a complete dumpster fire that attracts infighting and bait for years just by its nature alone. It’s very easy to bait in because you can just say ummm my opinion. It even says in the thread OP not to reply to bait. This isn’t new.

No. 74437

I think you mean nono kek.

No. 74438

lets start selling "i love jannies" shirts and donating the cash to their kofi

No. 74439

I'm gonna jump you

No. 74440

They still can autosage, I have no idea why they choose to keep that unsaged even though its attarcted the most retarded possible bait every single day for the last 4 years, but dumbass shit is in prison

No. 74441

and what do you do? sit in the complaints thread to tinfoil and complain about people complaining? meds now

No. 74442

this typing style looks familiar

No. 74443

Boo hoo your dumbass shit thread is on autosage boo hoo so sad

No. 74444

Really? We've been discussing Scott in Lori's threads for 4 years now without any issues. So even when we're all having fun, getting along, and discussing milk from one of the main cow's calves, /w/ mod just has to kill it? At this point I'm convinced she wants the board to die completely.

No. 74445

whats wrong with dumbass siht

No. 74446

Not every single complaint is about that. There were like 20 complaints threads before hellweek, were they all ~~~da dumbass baiters~~~ with a time machine?

No. 74449

File: 1712209891855.png (663.23 KB, 2790x1010, Screenshot_2024-02-07_at_11.22…)

Ayrt, this is the first time I’ve posted in the complaints thread so at least we know it’s not just me

It’s so silly, I saw new farmhands asking whether they should ban people for using acronyms like “irl” and “ntm” and debating whether it’s twitterspeak. Like come on. The walking on eggshells is insane now

No. 74450

Juvenile fatty

No. 74451

Unpopular opinions has been like that way before the dumbass autosage, like since 2019 at least

No. 74452

This person's fervent, knee-jerk hate of dumbass shit makes me think they don't really care about the thread itself, they just want to agree with it because it was admin's decision. If it were unpopular opinions that got 'saged it would be defending this decision.

No. 74454

Once again I have to say: the anons who come to /meta/ just to infight with other anons who are posting complaints, suggestions and questions are shutting up the board and should be banned even if you guys want them to have free speech.

No. 74455

I think it's because you made this an entirely new thread that got you branded as a newfag.
I don't believe so. There were a lot of anons having discussions about how lolcow and the culture has changed a lot, and how there are a lot of newfags now so I guess for admins that lead to choosing to autosage the thread.
I said this in the hellweek thread but tbh I don't think autosaging the thread changed anything in /ot/. In fact, it may have made everything worse and they still have yet to rectify any of the issues with other threads.

No. 74456

Nta but mods and farmhands was the more common name before "jannies" became trendy

No. 74457

>you don't know how to type "samefag" when you respond to your own post
Samefagging means deceptively posing as different anons, what you are talking about is double posting Mrs. Big Oldfag

No. 74460

can the dumbass shit thread be un autosaged

No. 74461

No. Go make your own Dumbass shit imageboard.

No. 74463

The Finnish thread has apparently been invaded by not zoomers, but users from a Finnish baby forum / their refugee board in the Finnish moid imageboard Ylilauta. The baby forum disabled posting in the night time and cracked down on racism/doxxing/shittalking influencers iirc, and Ylilauta offered them their own board to discuss instagram/tiktok influencers and bloggers in. It's kind of like a boomer mommy version of Lolcow, but with more racism and moid worshipping. Anyway they refuse to integrate here kek.

No. 74464

>autistic mommy invasion
everything makes sense now

No. 74465

Take dumbass shit off autosage

No. 74466

I heard female imageboard heolkek.cafe is filled to the brim with dumbass shit threads, you should try it

No. 74468

That is what's happening. I got two of my posts redtext last night and none of the actual troll apart from the put out to pasture one and some of their posts got deleted by farmlands because the replies are still up. I get so not to encourage infighting etc but fuck it is annoying as fuck constantly seeing them be bitter about mothers and anyone who's sole joy and purpose in life is not the dumbass shit thread.

No. 74469

Oh and I forgot to mention the reason they probably are here now is because of the paywalls on Ylilauta make using the site almost impossible if you don't pay. The paywalls have been discussed here before.

No. 74470

You sound like you’re autistic and making it everybody else’s problem. Sometimes I hate spergy women

No. 74471

Can we please have a discord

No. 74472

lmao, saving this in my niche meme folder

No. 74473

even if you're a zoomer who doesn't know my immortal, it's written in such a blatant copypasta way the only way you couldn't recognize it is if you are a reddit tranny or a literal retard

No. 74474

Fuck off

No. 74475

no because they’ll just allow men on it just like they did with the last one. a bunch of fucking cock-sucking idiots and traitors

No. 74476

We did have a discord and it got beat to death by newfags such as yourself

No. 74477

A lolcow discord will always go to shit because once you take away the anonymity you realize the real cows are the user base here

No. 74478

I miss having a lolcor too

No. 74479

>once you take away the anonymity you realize the real cows are the user base here

Good, we need new cows.

No. 74480

Seconding this, we should revive the Discord cows thread.

No. 74481

Nta but the whole thing of the lolcow discord cows thread was that no one had really dived into it before and anons who didn't use the discord were completely unaware of what was going on in there. You really think anons are going to want to participate in a discord knowing someone is watching their posts, looking at their chat history, and that they will just end up being posted in a cow thread?

No. 74482

File: 1712257659676.png (104.62 KB, 530x675, Screenshot 2024-04-04 8.06.47 …)

when are you going to be sorting the MtF thread? It has looked like this for the last 4 days.

No. 74483

What do you mean sort?

No. 74484

>You really think anons are going to want to participate in a discord knowing someone is watching their posts, looking at their chat history, and that they will just end up being posted in a cow thread?

This is quite true, and it's what happened to hex, but she's a very extreme example and she pissed a LOT of farmers off and cow tipped a catalogue of cows, including Pixyteri IRL by attending a con to meet her.

People should just try to maintain their anonymity.

It's unreadable and half the posts are missing. I can't make heads or tails of it.

No. 74485

>It's unreadable and half the posts are missing. I can't make heads or tails of it.
…. Nona are you being serious? Kek

No. 74486

File: 1712257994893.jpeg (275.1 KB, 1242x517, IMG_2488.jpeg)

You just need to tap hide or show saged posts… It looks like you have saged posts hidden…. kek

No. 74487

File: 1712258017437.png (115.23 KB, 530x675, Screenshot 2024-04-04 8.13.11 …)

Stop gaslighting me there is objectively something up with the MtF thread it's totally broken.

No. 74488

Im crying kek

No. 74489

Thank you

No. 74490

I have been here for almost a decade and never known anything like this…no bully pls.

No. 74491

Please tell me you're joking
Kek what kind of newfaggotery is that ?

No. 74492

Kek nona what did you think was the purpose of saging all this time…? I'm laughing not to be mean but this is kind of funny to me

No. 74493

Fucks sake. I'm not a newfag. I have been here 9 years. I had no idea what was going on.

No. 74494

Kek I was so confused when I accidentaly hid the saged posts too some time ago. It happens

No. 74495

For some gay reason I got banned for sharing my new radfem server link but for those of you wanting a discord for farmers, I have started one, if you add me in discord @anonhomicide I will gladly add you.

No. 74496

So you got banned for breaking a rule so you come to /meta/ to break it again? kek

No. 74497

Sharing discord link is not in the rules and thus was not a bannable offense. Admin specifically told me I was able to share my own Discord handle, so that is what I am doing.

No. 74498

Would modmins mind bagging and tagging some obvious samefags in the lolita thread? Its been a few days straight of this now.

No. 74499

autists derailing over their pixels getting insulted, as per usual

No. 74500

Can you stop the sperging about roidpis in the Art Salt thread? It's obnoxious

No. 74501

I… I miss dumbass shit thread

No. 74502

No. 74503

I never used it but I support you guys

No. 74504

You're whining that a post about a safe space literally no-one asked for got deleted for advertising. Finish high school and come back.

No. 74505

redtexting the retarded zoomer phrase "goated" is not enough. we need perma-bans

No. 74506

In all fairness what is redtexting even supposed to accomplish, it's not like you can't post the word. nonnie sus goated fr abusive trigger valid nonny terf femcel

No. 74509

Can mods do a post reveal for Hex?

No. 74510

Admin said no more post reveals

No. 74511

What’s the deal with a shitload of old threads on /pt/ being bumped? Is Laur bumping every old thread to bury the current LJ thread? Kek
I feel like old threads should be auto locked to prevent people from bumping 1+ year old threads from being bumped.

No. 74512

She deserves it.

No. 74513

That was never said

No. 74515

No one is going to spoonfeed you and yes it has. It was even said it shouldn't have happened under past admins as well.

No. 74516

You mean Farmhands outing post histories without Admin checking first. Nice attempt though

No. 74517

>Noooo don't reveal my post history, it's NOT_OKAY.GIF despite being in the rules as a last resort punishment!!

No. 74518

Admin please, please show her posts. I have a really strong feeling she has a fuckton of vendettas against other farmers.

It would be so fucking funny. Please.

No. 74521

Samefag but the sheer fact that she is desperately afraid of having her posts revealed means there are some seriously milky skeletons in her closet that she is terrified of people finding out.
Once her post history is revealed, almost all her online friends are going to be alerted to the fact that she's been posting them behind their backs and the milk will flow.
Mods, I am pleading with you to reveal. No one has been more deserving. I bet her posts are flowing with vendettaposts.

No. 74522

Seconding this.

A post reveal would be milky and will make people use /snow/ more, which the staff said they want.

No. 74523

Who the hell is Hex?

No. 74524

Admin pretty pretty pretty please with a cherry on top.

No. 74525

No. 74526

derailing in >>>/ot/1951535

No. 74527

If you didn't want to read the whole thread she's basically this cantankerous farmer-turned-cow who has victimized, vendetta-posted or otherwise pissed off every last user on this site with her antics because she has this preposterous Regina George fantasy.

She moderated a lolcord and saved a ton of crap from farmers she befriended who shared anything personal and posted them all over the farm. In that very discord, she shit-talks the other farmers at length and insists she is a 10/10 anorexic stacy despite being just average looking and a healthy weight.

No. 74528

It's not derailing if we're discussing the topic at hand

No. 74529

I just know Rena is already drafting a cease and desist with her lolwyer, absolutely shitting her frilly lolita bloomers for the post reveal. This milk will be the most divine and richly deserved.

No. 74530

Minimodding and derailing the thread is not discussing the topic, you fucking retard

No. 74531

File: 1712350990778.png (120.78 KB, 995x566, image[1].png)

This isn't my post but can we get clarification on how this is cowtipping/selfposting? As far as I'm aware cowtipping/selfposting requires the anon to acknowledge it's them, not that a mod assumes it is.

No. 74532

I hope it happens! Adding my vote for a reveal. I hope anyone else with Hex stuff from that discord posts it too.
Bullshit, admin just said no random IP address reveals like the cat poster. Which was petty and retarded to reveal. Why are you lying?

No. 74533

>Why are you lying?

There is only one person with an active interest in not having hex's posts revealed.

No. 74534

If ponycord hasn't already turned on her, after they realise she's the one whose been leaking their private messages to the farms, they most certainly will, and it will be glorious.

No. 74536

Except theres an anon who keeps posting boring mickey milk that has self posted and linked the cow previously. If it's not your ban, you don't need to worry about it.

No. 74538

Just replying to this post to say that I agree that it sound be either completely banned or not banned at all. Like a day or two ago some anon posted that they didn't understand why so many articles were posted about her boobs and started a discussion about it. I responded to an anon saying something pretty neutral or positive depending on how you look at it. Everyone who was even slightly negative to Sydney ended up getting banned, but guess who didn't (me)? >>>/ot/1948939

I don't personally care about Sydney and that post is the one time I've talked about her and I understand farmhands wanting to stop the derailing over her. However considering it's a thread for celeb gossip I also think it's unfair that if you say something even a tad negative, you get hit with a ban and a claim that you're sperging. If that's how jannies will operate, ban her completely as a topic

No. 74539

another retard inn /ot/ keeps making threads early and it’s so fucking annoying

No. 74540

I hate the newfags who keep doing it as soon as it hits 1100 because the threads they make are always shit, especially when it's a slow thread just fucking wait.

No. 74541

Sorry for samefagging but the retarded coquette vendetta sperg is back and making more threads.

No. 74543

I find it convenient they did that for the ugly man psyop thread and forcibly chose a threadpic that no one asked for or wanted and there was already a classic g(oldy) pic I posted in the thread that I suggested someone used as the next pic. I hate anons like that, it’s like actual retarded autism like log the fuck off annoying ass bitch

No. 74544

You sound like the autist here honestly kek

No. 74545

you sound like the femme faggot who keeps making threads early even though this entire website is thread

No. 74546

That's reasonable, but it should be redtexted differently then in my opinion in order to avoid confusion. There have been small, but really stupid changes to how some rules are interpreted so there should be as much clarification as possible.

No. 74547

Potential raid happening there are way too many retards emailfagging

No. 74548

Nah, I think in that case it was justified because of how fast the thread was moving- you sound like you're mad they didn't choose your threadpic.
I hope it's just a coincidence and they don't start spamming shit.

No. 74550

admin/farmhands, can you confirm if the idiot posting tranny onlyfans cocks in the Ideal Man Bodies thread is simply an unintegrated newfag who has never read the rules, or if they're are a male themselves getting off on posting cocks. extremely suspicious activity in the thread lately between the trannydick and the samefagging; the last round got deleted by you but there is a fresh batch of dickpics sitting in the thread right now, some reposted. Spoilering doesn't make it okay to post porn, /g/ is not for porn.

No. 74551

Considering anons were complaining about the other man thread the other day too, I think it's safe to say it's some farmers shitposting.

No. 74552


gay infighting about obesity in unpopular opinions

No. 74553

I refuse to believe actual farmers are actually sad they missed tranny “benis”, especially that one since it’s literally all over the internet and not hard to find. They need to gtfo

No. 74558

File: 1712448721428.jpg (102.12 KB, 716x434, IMG_20240407_031102.jpg)

Indian scrote on the loose

No. 74559

Indian moid posting in multipe /ot/ threads

No. 74561

Post it here so we can laugh

No. 74562


No. 74566

Mods can you kill him already.

No. 74567

Yeah but while you can't see it, the farmhands can tell if it is. That thread is dead aside from the one anon who keeps trying to update it with stupid posts all referring to the cow repeating already rancid milk. No one needs a play-by-play of every time she brings it up online.

No. 74568

There's a lot of random shit being posted in the Jill thread all because they are likes in a tab. Nothing is actually coming from the cow herself or her boyfriend. It's all been spammed, some unsaged. It's not milky because now it comes with tinfoil about "WhAt CouLd ThIs MeAn??" Again, if it's not coming from the actual cow, there's no point to even post about it.

No. 74569

Did you reply to the wrong post?

No. 74570

oh yeah thank you lol I meant to reply to >>74546 It's too late to edit now.

No. 74571

perma bans are literally not possible

No. 74572

Yeah I don't think people know how IPs work. Very few internet providers, if any, have static IPs that stay the same. They change very once in a while. And phone data IPs change pretty much constantly.

No. 74574

File: 1712487621605.png (12.84 KB, 510x275, wtfmods.png)

Mods need to learn what context is. anon was clearly not "hi cow"ing, they were obviously replying that it the screenshot was from Jill's twitter and not Steven's. Would love to see some actual responses to why some mods are being this anal lately? It's gotten ridiculous

No. 74575

I think they don’t bother reading the context anymore

No. 74578

anons do get banned for deranged genocidal takes and baiting about israel here? next time link to the post you’re talking about. but first, go back to twitter

No. 74579

This ban was done in error and has already been removed

No. 74581

File: 1712511679526.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1284x2370, IMG_4318.jpeg)

Why the hell did my confession IN THE CONFESSION THREAD get deleted? You retards thought I was a moid just because I dont have the same taste as what you think a woman “should”? I would understand if I randomly wrote it in an irrelevant thread or if I was trying to bait someone but fuck, this is just ridiculous. Meanwhile you let moids harass nonas here for hours before farmhands finally get off their asses to delete or ban stuff 6 hours later

No. 74582

I guess only minor “hehe i peed outside once” confessions are allowed? I dont even think confessing to being a shotafag is worse than some of the straight up awful shit nonas have said on lc before and at least it was in the right thread
The fuck is this dictatorship based on farmhands feelings

No. 74584

Wasn't there some poll some time ago where they asked if shota should be allowed to be talked about in lolcow or am I misremembering it? I swear there was something like that, so I wonder if that is in effect? No clue.

No. 74585

I remember that poll and it was about posting art of it, making threads of it, etc. Also included options for sfw and nsfw. Which obviously I never do and never would because its against the rules.

No. 74586

The only post in this users post history previously and on this occasion are a post in the confession thread about being shotacon. Even if were a genuine confession, admitting to an attraction to fictional children will always lead to infights and infight bait is still bait, even if it was not posted expressly for the purpose of causing infights. A user with a more fleshed out post history would not be punished as harshly as one who has contributed nothing to the site except confessing to being a shotacon.

No. 74590

Do you get off on censorship? Are we children? God this place is shit.

No. 74591

I think it's specifically posting nsfw art of shota that's banned, otherwise there would've been a bunch of bans in the fujo thread a few days ago.

No. 74592

why are you bitches so fucking retarded like for real. I wish the tranny jannies would make posting about shota in a positive way permaban worthy you retarded fucking pornsick pedophiles. I bet you report bait like the "I'm genuinely racist and hate black people" posts and but you think "I'm sexually attracted to children" is MUH FREE SPEECH. KYS ASAP. brainrotted faggot

No. 74593

True shotafags are gross regardless of gender

No. 74594

some other anon actually did get banned for admitting to being a shotacon in confessions last year or the year before. idk what op expected.

No. 74596

If we’re banning shotafags for being pedos, are we going to start banning anons from shitting on (currently) underage grooming victims too?

No. 74597

Yeah idk if anon is a newfag but multiple anons have been banned for being shotafags for years. Anyone with some foresight can see why allowing shotafags here isn't a good idea

No. 74598

Is there a possibility for embedding tiktok or youtube videos without farming views for them?
Like automatically change link to a mirror site or something

No. 74599

This is a dumb argument considering how much bait gets regularly posted on lc that could lead to infights

No. 74600

No one said that.

No. 74601

It's up to us to report bait that we see. And certain topics aren't allowed to be talked about due to them always leading to insights. You can see posts get redtexted often

No. 74602

infighting retard accussing everyone of samefagging instead of hiding a thread they dont like

No. 74603

please move the sexism and videogames thread >>>/m/368628 from /m/ to /2x/. most of the posts in it can all be attributed to one hysterical loon screeching about how every game ever made is softcore porn, samefagging, infighting with and antagonizing everyone in it, including anyone who attempts to move the subject away from the current infight. it's a shitshow. while a joke at the expense of moids or troons every now and then is ok, politics should be kept out of /m/ for the most part, especially political autism of this nature.

No. 74604

Accusing anons of samefagging should be a banneable offense tbh. Mods know when someone is samefagging, otherwise it wouldn't be a banneable offense in the first place(non tech illiterate anons know how). Acussing someone of samefagging is always used to discredit a discourse the anon doesn't like. Like the schizophrenic above who's been derailing the thread for a while instead of hiding it.

No. 74605

I think the anon who keeps derailing the ugly man thread to call women ugly is the same the one derailing the sexism and video games thread. there's a moid who gets touchy about us discussing the low standards for men.

No. 74606

how are the discussions in that thread different than the ones in the bad fetish art, transwashing thread, tropes you hate or character redesign thread? all of those threads have sperging about sexualization and sexism in media

No. 74607

Dickhead posted racebait thread/threadpic in /ot/

No. 74610

You should really link your examples because this sounds overblown.

No. 74611

haven't been derailing anything, assuming everyone who calls you an obnoxious retard is the same person is no better than a samefagging accusation. keep your obsessive gamergate politics sperging off of /m/. /ot/ and /2x/ can rot for all I care, I quit using /ot/ years ago specifically because your brand of autism ruined it and /2x/ failed miserably as containment. move the thread to one of them where it belongs.

you're just being obtuse if you can't see the difference. for one, infighting isn't a problem in any of the threads you mentioned.

No. 74612

Its funny how sensitive it is about nonas discussing regular stuff they cant usually do anywhere else, why doesnt it just hide the threads instead?

No. 74613

File: 1712592528314.jpeg (152.48 KB, 1242x426, IMG_3785.jpeg)

Dear jannies, not every post that’s asking a question is bait. Thanks.

No. 74614

You've been trying to derail that thread for hours now, just give it up. And dont ban evade.

No. 74615

It's very obvious when you're posting because you act like a child in regards to the questions you ask and then act like a victim when you're penalized for obvious bait.

No. 74616

was just coming to post this. ridiculous that of all the autistic bait in that thread, only a genuine question actually gets banned for "bait." is the sperg who camps out in there a mod or something?

No. 74617

Politicial threads don't belong on /m/ period. It's not just a matter of hiding them, they have a long track record of attracting retards like flies to shit, which the sexism and videogames thread is doing as we speak, and leaking out into other threads. Either move it or autosage it, but don't contaminate /m/ with your gaymurgay bullshit.

No. 74618

>shit thread
>on inappropriate board
>full of bait, infighting, and schizoposting 24/7
>"but first, explain to me why you don't agree with every word I say"
why do we even have mods

No. 74619

Then it's the ones derailing who are causing it. The problem is that they keep ban evading, using new IPs. That's why some instances like >>74586 only show a very small post history. We know it's the samefags. Let them waste their day shitposting. Farmhands aren't going to waste their time banning every single post.

No. 74621

they're not derailing anymore than the spergs are is the thing. it's a thinly veiled gamergate thread, a controversial, POLITICAL topic no one can see eye to eye on and almost everyone has a very strong opinion about and that naturally invites endless infighting. if someone disagrees with you or tells you to calm down, that doesn't mean they're derailing the thread, it's still on topic. it's just the nature of the thread. the solution is autosage the thread to kill it, lock it, or move it to another board because it doesn't belong on an otherwise normal media board.

>Farmhands aren't going to waste their time banning every single post

they only ban who they disagree with it appears. I don't actually give a shit who gets banned. bans are a meme now more than ever since farmhands have admitted to adopting a freeform jazz moderation style, ensuring that absolutely no one will ever take them seriously again until they inevitably nuke the team and start from scratch once more, and they're still pitifully easy to evade. point is, the thread shouldn't exist on /m/ in the first place. it's bad for /m/'s board culture.

No. 74622

Seconding this, so annoying to get redirected to tiktok every time

No. 74623

>Stop posting about video game sexism in the sexism in videogames thread! It should be nuked because I don't like it.
Faggots are still seething about women in games after all these years huh?

No. 74624

>freeform jazz moderation style
I love you so much, anon.

One of the main things that kept the farm together was a sense of identity. We all knew what we were here for and it wasn't all the shit we could get on the rest of the internet. It was a niche and it was good.
Now it's just eh, whatever, might change it up later idk and this is how it works out. Be glad /m/ managed to avoid it this long.

No. 74625

I don't know what gamergate is and at this point I'm afraid to ask. I like when that thread shits on the ugly coomer female characters in videogames though. that shit's a plague

No. 74626

why doesn’t admin care about scrotefoiling anymore? it’s annoying

No. 74627

If you’re from the amerifag thread, maybe don’t post scrote-tier bait! Hope that helps, nonna ♥

No. 74628

nobody posted bait though ♥

No. 74629

Sperging about how females are too hysterical to be politicians isn’t bait? Actually, that wasn’t even as bad as the meltdown that followed when no one else agreed

No. 74630

This is the fateshitter, right? it has to be. They acted the same way when anons pointed out Fate(the game they were trying to shill as femgazey) has a bunch of loli and coomershit in it.

No. 74631

Based and same

No. 74632

File: 1712620086518.jpg (61.01 KB, 1170x958, 1659691360089.jpg)

It takes like 2 seconds to hide a thread you don't like.

No. 74633

you can just do that in the bad character design thread. keeping a thread about sexism on /m/ is like if we had a troon thread but specifically about gamer troons and housed it on /m/, or if we kept threads like celebricows and youtuber gen on /m/ because they're somewhat related to media. political autism just doesn't belong on that board, and that's all that's been going on in there lately. it's not what the board is for. we have an entire board dedicated to radfem politics, mind you.

everyday we inch closer to being /pol/ for underage radfemtwt users and tradtards. the soapboxing is out of control. the new mods unironically might be the most retarded bunch yet, the old ones were lazy heifers but if they knew banning the fuck out of kpop the way they did was the move they would've nuked this shit on sight.

No. 74634

there is a woke media cringe thread too, retarded newfaggot >>>/m/186892
go back to /v/ if talking about sexism in videogames hurts your feefees so much

No. 74635

We have a thread about characters being turned into trannies, is that not political?

No. 74636

You can’t tell me what my actual intentions were when I posted that, that’s insane. I was actually asking. Not everyone who disagrees with you is baiting. How is insisting every game is basically porn not bait but asking what games you even mean is. And it’s normal to post your bans here for clarification especially because this one was made in error.

No. 74637

Please, I’m so sick of that one anon that goes on and on about how girls who got groomed aren’t actually victims because they’re ‘bitches’.

No. 74638

You seem suspiciously upset about these threads. Slapping radfem onto your post to categorize threads you dont like wont suddenly make those threads radfem or political btw, its a female imageboard and everywhere is going to be filled with nonas venting about sexism because sadly its just a daily part of our lives since childhood. There’s no such thing as a “containment” for the average female experience here

No. 74639

>Politicial threads don't belong on /m/ period.
Who died and made you admin?

No. 74640

are you retarded? that thread isn't about shilling your political beliefs and fighting with those who disagree with them, it's there for the express purpose of making fun of people who try to do just that in media. I've been here since 2016, years before /m/ even existed, these kind of subjects have always been avoided on it and if you honestly think cringe threads and making fun of troon comics is in any way comparable, you're only revealing your own newfaggotry. go make your 30th radblr account, or go to our radfem political board >>>/2x/ that you refuse to use for some reason.

No. 74641

Agreed. I actually think it’s good to have threads that address the female experience across the board to create an unwelcoming environment for the moids who are inevitably linked here

No. 74642

I am 10000% sure its the pedo fateshitter because i called them a cuckqueen in the thread for playing Fate, and they came here crying about how mean anons were calling them ''cuckqueens''>>74618
. I was the only one calling them that and it was in regarding playing fate, so it seems suspicious that they took it so personal if they don't play that pedo game in the first place. They have been shitting that thread for a while.

No. 74643

File: 1712623148315.jpg (31.09 KB, 499x338, 1694628035946.jpg)

>larps as an oldfag
>doesn't know that you can easily hide the thread if you click on ''-''

No. 74644

people here complain about how stupid politicization of apolitical topics such as fandom spaces and the idea that not entertaining it must mean your a cryptonazi bigot is only to go on to do the exact same thing with their own politics in one of the only spaces where you don't have any incentive to do that. unreal.

why do you think the kpop threads were banned even though we all knew we could just hide them? because the retardation seeps out. this has happened to many different threads on many different boards over the years and it's proven to be the only effective solution to the problem after months of ban-daid fixes every single time.

No. 74645

File: 1712623556095.jpg (14.43 KB, 275x262, lol.jpg)

are you really comparing kpoopies to women talking about sexism? why do you even come to a female only imageboard, go back to 4chan, shoo

No. 74646

additionally, it doesn't change the fact that the thread doesn't belong on /m/. if an anon makes a thread on the wrong board, you don't tell anons who ask for it to be moved to just hide it. move the thread, I don't understand why the idea of moving a thread about politics to a board about politics inspires unbridled rage in these anons. it doesn't belong on a board about media any more than celebricows does.

the twitter reaction pictures aren't helping your case

No. 74647

The unhinged sperging checks out tbh

No. 74648

So, women, in a female-only board, shouldn't be able to talk about sexism because it offends you?

No. 74649

funny they didnt have a problem with a thread before anons started shitting on their beloved gachashit. Fate players truly are monumental cucks.

No. 74650

talk about it all you want, on /2x/, where it belongs.

No. 74651

For someone who pretends to be an oldfag its kinda funny that they never had a melty about it when the original thread was made an entire year ago

No. 74653

It clearly doesn't belong there if admins allow it to stay on /m/. Cry about it.

No. 74654

Like other anons have said, there are multiple other ““political”” threads in /m/ by your standards, and it’s very strange to me that you think discussing sexism in the gaming industry and gamergate is actual radical feminism kek. Regardless, whine all you like. It’s not up to you to decide, and I’m not sure if farmhands will sympathize with your plight after you called them retards multiple times >>74621 >>74633 for seemingly no reason. You’re quite intelligent, I can tell!

No. 74655

its very obvious they only dislike politics when it's something they disagree with, like 4chan moids.

No. 74656

I love how this melty started because she got rightfully banned for her derailing for HOURS in that very thread she’s complaining about kek. She just needs to be put on a permanent timeout

No. 74658

because it was dead until recently.

that's why I'm asking for it to be moved here in /meta/

>I’m not sure if farmhands will sympathize with your plight after you called them retards multiple times
what else should I call them? speds?

No. 74659

Who are you even talking about, the thread wasn’t derailed. We don’t all have to agree all the time.

No. 74660

Have you tried moving to /v/, anon? they also dislike politics in media, except when they do it ofcourse when they add big titty half naked women it's based actually. I think you will fit right in.

No. 74661

I've only made one post in the newest thread telling someone to ignore bait. you fight with a lot of different anons on a day to day basis because a lot of people disagree with your highly inflammatory posts. you might tell yourself it's the same anon everytime, but that has never been and will never be the case.

No. 74662

No. 74663

move on, its very clear they aren't going to move it just because it offends you lol

No. 74664

this, no one derailed the thread. the infighting was on topic, but that anon claims it's derailing to have a differing opinion from theirs. the infighting will decrease by itself on a board with more hive-I mean like-minded individuals, but /m/'s userbase has less intense and more varied feelings about this matter because it isn't a board where we talk about our beliefs all the time. it's a win-win scenario to move it, I genuinely don't understand what the problem is.

No. 74665

so, we should move the transed characters and woke media cringe too? or only the threads with politics that offend you personally

No. 74666

gamergateanon is just a minimodding narc, and they could hide the thread but instead are trying to get it moved on the nonsensical logic that it is the only thread that discusses sexism and politics. the transwashing thread and female gaze thread were all made before that thread.

No. 74667

or the how to write a good female character thread too.
that anon probably mad they couldn't derail the thread into shutting down and just got red texted by mods kek

No. 74668

gamergate wasnt even about sexism. They are clearly not oldfags if they dont even know what gamergate was. I was there witnessing first hand when it all started on 8chan, lol. It was about a gamedev sleeping with journo moids to get them to rate their vidya higher, and ofcourse moids sending death threats to the gamedev.

No. 74669

there are still plenty of other threads in /m/ that are explicitely about sexism
>how to write a good female character
>2 threads about the female gaze thread
>overlooked/underrated female character

No. 74670

Seeing as I was the only person redtexted I guess you mean me. Again I don’t see how disagreeing or asking questions is derailing. My whole point was that while it’s an issue it’s not in literally every game.

No. 74671

don't remember what you're talking about tbh, but if you came into a thread sexism and video games to say not ALL video games have sexism. I can see why it got redtexted as derailment

No. 74672

those fit fine on /m/, they revolve more around the characters and shows themselves than personal political beliefs, and the anons using them are exhausted by troons shoving their political beliefs in media where it doesn't belong the exact same way you and the other anons in support of the thread are right now. they're not comparable. not wanting something in a place where it doesn't belong doesn't mean I think it shouldn't exist or I fundamentally disagree with it.

you're comparing a thread that is not about politics to a thread that revolves around it.

I don't want to fight with angry spergs all night trying to make me out to be someone they fought with earlier or a neckbeard from /v/ just because I think a thread would fit better on another board. if you're concerned about activity, move it to /ot/ instead then. it's already full of political sperging too and it would be more active over there than it is on /m/.

No. 74673

No, I got redtexted for asking a question. There wasn’t any derailing. Bringing up games that aren’t sexist is still on topic, you guys really don’t know what a derailed thread looks like.

No. 74674

you asked the same question like 5 times just to derail the thread

No. 74675

Yeah you got me, that was my master plan. Threads on this website are just so important I thought I’d throw it down the stairs.

No. 74676

you have been seething here for 4 hours and trying to get the admins to lock a thread you dislike

No. 74677

I’ve made two posts in this thread? And I use that thread I don’t want it locked. Retard.

No. 74678

I never said they were hysterical I said that female governors and presidents are simply unfocused

No. 74679

File: 1712635196394.jpeg (184.55 KB, 1170x950, IMG_1804.jpeg)

No. 74680

Based on all the men who have started wars???

No. 74681

That person who didn't shut up about the baiter successfully psyopped the jannies into thinking any disagreement is bait. GG

No. 74682

no actually based on the women who totally dissolved the society they live in, my opinion doesn't have anything to do with men.

No. 74683

That anon already got banned for baiting, let’s not drag on the infight here nonna

No. 74684

>its baiting to say that female governors dont do an amazing job
How comfortable do you think you'd feel walking down the street in Eugene Oregon? Or worse, Portland?

No. 74685

Derailing in the fujo cringe thread in ot to infight again because cringe has been posted.

No. 74687

The fact that they are poor leaders has nothing to do with them being women.

No. 74688

they always jump in to derail everything like clockwork without repercussion. fujo anons can't resist because everything feeds their victim complex, the absolute retards

No. 74689

sure but none of these things started until we elected female governors. of course, it has to just be coincidental

No. 74690

Maybe lolcow isn't for you, but you're already used to shitting up /meta/ daily/weekly.

No. 74691

It is the curse of autism that all anime fags bear.

No. 74692

I really hate how pakichan took over the fujo cringe thread. It could be a fun thread to discuss actual fujo cringe but the anons there are so painfully unfunny and autistic. They expect everyone there to take some fujo cake super seriously and when they dont and instead find it cringe but charming they start throwing a hissy fit over it. We could all be laughing at MHA pergnant omegaverse westoid art but instead they always derrail it to sperg about TIFs.

No. 74693

Bellesperg editing photos and making collages as usual, this anon really went from /w/ to /snow/ with this obsession with editing >>>/snow/1983931

No. 74694

Just take your xy damage back to pol if you want to talk about how women can't be leaders.

No. 74695

>everyone I don't like is pakichan
>posting cringe in cringe thread bad
No wonder anons still want the thread.

No. 74696

>none of these things started until we elected female governors
sure jan

No. 74697

I think a lot of anons who accuse people of samefagging when it isn't incredibly obvious (posts seconds after the other in usually quiet threads about the same shit unrelated to the thread topic/infighting) are usually projecting because it's what they're doing, or because they want to feel like they aren't being shit on by multiple people and the odd retard out.

No. 74698

Getting angry over anons not taking a yaoi cake seriously is pretty spergy.

No. 74699

>Getting mad cringe is posted in the cringe thread and derailing isn't being a sperg.

No. 74700

no one is getting mad at the yaoi cake, we were laughing at it but the anons with a stick up their arse couldn't contain themselves and started sperging about how fujos are all tifs reeee

No. 74701

what does pol mean i keep seeing eeveryone use that term is it a the thread for polish anons? i'm not polish

No. 74702

This is just false. You realize anons can go and read the thread right? Link what you think started it, because this just didn't happen.

No. 74703

it has nothing to do with the cringe posted, it started because an illiterate anon tagged the wrong post to sperg about how ''fujos think they are owning men'' even though the post didn't say that.

No. 74704

Again, you realize people can read the thread right? It was >>>/ot/1956671 "Imagine about caring about men being abused" and then >>>/ot/1956679 "fujos aren't owning/abusing men" kek. Are you esl?

No. 74705

NTA but the first post you link doesn't imply fujos are doing the abusing, it was in response to >>>/ot/1956602 which was about men abusing each other.

No. 74706

Anon, reread the chain of posts again… i think you might be too retarded to post(infighting)

No. 74707

It was a post about fictional men in yaoi abusing each other for the readers enjoyment, not irl men.

No. 74708

Duh, I wasn't talking about real life men.

No. 74709

And the post was that fujos don't oppress or make irl men mad by enjoying the 'abuse' of fictional men (yaoi isn't abuse, that's dumb) and therefore isn't 'based' or whatever spergs want to say to try and convince anons to stop posting in the cringe thread because they don't like it.

No. 74710

Anon please read a book no one was saying that abusing men is based. It's just retarded to compare media where women are abused to media where men are abused, that's the whole point. No one said fujos are abusing men or that yaoi is based, just that it's not comparable to romance where the woman is abused.

No. 74712

Obvious derailment >>>/ot/1956779 . Is this the same retard who threatened to smear ot with shit last thread >>>/meta/74183 ? Autists really have been thinking they have power lately. Ot was on the brain, sorry.

No. 74713

Most likely. There's like a good handful of anons purposely fucking with the mods and then coming here to bitch about it.

No. 74715

I have privacy concerns after an incident that happened cross-board. I was posting about one matter in /ot/ and then another in /pt/, completely different threads. Within an hour, someone had somehow identified me as the same poster referencing a post I made earlier in /pt/ from /ot/. I don't have a distinct writing style, I don't think.
How is is that that anon was able to locate my IP address? I had no idea that our IPs were public information to anyone other than Admin/farmhands and have since started using a VPN.
I guess it's possible that the anon who spotted me was a farmhand and that could well be the explanation, but if not, how is it that other anons have access to our IPs? That's quite bad practise IMO.

No. 74716

Nonna I have the opposite of autism I can identify anons with my 6th sense sometimes. I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you

No. 74717

link the posts so we can judge for ourselves if it was easy to tell they're both you, or if you are being paranoid / something else is going on. regular users can't see IPs.

No. 74718

Nah the incident already frightened me enough without other users needing to see it.

No. 74719

link the posts

No. 74720

is the emoji rule just not enforced anymore? it’s funny seeing how mad everyone was about the anon quoting an emoji in meta only to see a bunch of unbanned emoji posts everywhere

No. 74721

I see emoji bans handed out literally all the time? If it bothers you, have you reported them?

No. 74722

Yes, only the ones in /w/ were banned. Others unbanned

No. 74724

Also emojis don’t bother me, the inconsistency does. Why have the rule at all then?

No. 74727

Nona… you can’t see all the bans as a regular user. Only the farmhands and mods know which posts got a ban, unless they decide to add a ban message for all to see. Not every ban gets a message except during hellweek and even then there’s only one ban message per IP (could be multiple emoji posts by one person, hypothetically, but only one post among several would have a ban message because they were all posted by the same user)

No. 74729

Are they heart emojis? On my phone the ASCII heart which is allowed shows up as an emoji heart

No. 74730

Anon even within this post uere you have typed in a way that makes you look super clockable and unintegrated. Sorry but you're just autistic, I bet I can go on /pt/ and find your post right now.

No. 74731

Watch out, next thing she'll say
>akshully I've been here for 8 years

No. 74733

Holy shit anon you are retarded, NTAYRT but people who type like a retard like you often claim to have been here for 10 years so they can't be a newfag etc. You aren't being gangstalked on lolcow.farm. Take your meds jesus christ.

No. 74734

Anyone know why CP gets spammed here so much? And is it moids or trannies doing it?

No. 74735

It doesn't as much as it used to. Newmin has some good coding that helps, but because men like spamming the most upsetting stuff in general, this doesn't even happen just on lolcow. Just shitty men continuing to be shitty.

No. 74738

There is a tranny called Blaine who spams the site with CP, admin mentioned a while ago in this thread that she has contacted the FBI about him. She didn't say his name because it makes him sperg out but it's 100% Blaine

No. 74739

I saw some on pt's thread and it was deleted within a minute so props to admin for that.


Kek, what's the lore on Blaine and how did he get found out? Quelle surprise a troon is also a pedo, most of them are.

No. 74741

Samefag obsessed with going on and on about taylor being a loli and tom liking lolis. Also samefagging with recent posts.

No. 74742

How do you know ?

No. 74743

I don't know much about him honestly or how it started but I know he has something to do with Elaine as well? And he spams other sites with CP too, I think he spams crystal.cafe. His full name is Blaine Gaven Ross and if you google him you can find loads of pages about him. He also likes spamming the Tradthots thread for some reason, ages ago admin locked it for a while because half the posts in there were him talking to himself kek

No. 74744

God I really miss the days when people like this were institutionalised.

No. 74745

Same! Also he likes to schizopost in /meta/ a lot, other nonas are really good at spotting his posts, maybe the anon who wrote the Blaine guide can repost it

No. 74746

Tom is a pedo who defended the sexualizing of underage girls on his website. Aka he does like lolis. Why do facts make you mad?

No. 74747

Considering the past 2 years anons never referred to her as often as loli compared to currently, trying to bring up old milk again, pretty obvious. Same with another anon with what they do and their images. I don't think posters understand you don't need to be a mod to spot it.

No. 74748

File: 1712682595229.jpg (233.46 KB, 1080x751, 1000005921.jpg)

Kek the obsessive Belle/Venus/Jvlog edit-chan is back, we already know they lurk /w/ still. Obvious baits on /w/ might want to be reported lol This bitch is insane and won't stop.

No. 74749

Where did that nona samefag? So what, as >>74746 said, Tom is fine being a pervert and helping other guys be perverts too

No. 74750

File: 1712685515950.jpg (287.46 KB, 1080x957, Kek.jpg)


No. 74751

Ngl this sounds like fearmongering and made-up. Post your links, anon.

No. 74752

search about him, Blaine Gaven Ross, on KF, Onionfarms and on here and you'll see lots of shit

No. 74753

Moid-fender is back in town, that's why.

She does look like a cow. Too bad mods didn't appreciate the humor. I find it hilarious.

No. 74754

can we rename the website someday

No. 74755

even if they did it's still a nitpick

what to

No. 74756

i'm not sure, something cute? like sala.mi

No. 74757

Why tho

No. 74758

cause we dont really have lolcows anymore, theres no new ones coming in at least

No. 74759

sala.mi is cute maybe we should make a new crystal cafe called that

No. 74760

Sala.mi is gross why would anyone want a loaf of dried meat full of garlic as an ib name.

No. 74762

What did she say?

No. 74763

nta but what's wrong with her post? i can't clock her.

No. 74764

NTA but weird paragraph spacing was probably it.

No. 74765

oh to me it kind of looked like a block of text with one space at first

No. 74766

sala.mi is so yummy cmon nonnita

No. 74767

I have nothing against discussion between those who formerly identified as lesbian– I think a lot of the pushback against the conversations in the ex-lesbian thread are as retarded as troon coverup of detransitioners. I get it, people who formerly identified as lesbians exist.
But does it need to be it's own thread? If you're het now, you can discuss that anywhere. If you're bi, you dsicuss that in the bi thread. If you're questioning, there's a thread for that. It's weird to single this out as a thread topic and the way the topic has been framed is ripe for bait and infighting, with the way many nonnas in that thread seem to imply without nuance that you can genuinely go from being lesbian to another sexuality.

No. 74768

The real question is why can’t our genius girlboss STEM overlord figure out a way to filter colorful internet pixels if they overstimulate her autism this much

No. 74769

Some philistine is starting a porn spam on /m/ and probably other boards

No. 74770


No. 74771

Still there

No. 74772

incel whining on /g/, idk why anons still reply to moids
could all be the same guy?

No. 74773

It's been 40 minutes and the moid sympathize muh incels thread is still up

No. 74776

Baiting moid with a shit OP in /g/

No. 74778

Farmhands, please delete the thread before more anons engage. I have reported and ignored

No. 74779


No. 74780

now 3 hours…mods ded

No. 74781

Why are there so many threads made by self admitted scrotes popping up? Who leaked and where?

No. 74782

what ither threads got made?

No. 74783

One in /snow/ that got banned quickly and that one in /g/ that's still sitting there afaik. That ontop of emailfagging this week and the CP posting makes me suspicious.

No. 74784

Also random moid comments on /ot/ about women

No. 74785

Does anyone actually think the people in that thread were actually lesbians to begin with though? I thought the thread was for women who thought they were lesbians but turned out not to be? That is an unique experience. A thread for women who thought they were straight but turned out not to be should be allowed too, right?

No. 74786

File: 1712753098370.jpeg (59.52 KB, 522x213, IMG_9921.jpeg)

Oh gosh how dare anon use the word “kek” on an imageboard and add extra ks to it, so unheard of. The janny who redtexted this was probably huffing her crackpipe and it accidentally fell on top of the ban button

No. 74787

File: 1712753328997.png (803.45 KB, 600x600, 6a2-446546176.png)

>The janny who redtexted this was probably huffing her crackpipe and it accidentally fell on top of the ban button

No. 74789

Maybe the mod has an expansive funko pop collection and was upset, kekkk

No. 74790

its because "not the [blank]" is considered twitterspeak.

No. 74791

File: 1712756164347.png (173.8 KB, 2716x386, Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 09.33…)

this nona is right and she should say it more. some of the changes to etiquette over the last year have been so nonsensical it's like a psyop. thank you for keeping the site going but please, mods, you are wasting your time with some of this shit and creating an unnecessarily awkward environment.

No. 74792

how is a single sentence saying not the ___ twitterspeak when i see tons of spergs in /snow/ and /w/ typing and nitpicking like underage retards that don't get banned. it's in fucking /ot/ too so not saging isn't the issue

No. 74793

the mods trying to stop changes in language is like watching someone trying to hold water in their hands. it's going to happen, culture will change, words will come in and out of fashion and trying to police this is like trying to stop the passage of time itself.

No. 74794

If you like zoomerspeech, stay in twitter. Why do you come to a site that has it's own culture just to pollute it?

No. 74795

Stop policing innocuous phrases that are hardly “zoomerspeak,” faggot. This isn’t fucking reddit

No. 74796

>cp raids
>scrote raids
>newfags post creepshow art expose keep shitting up /snow/
>dumbass shit thread gone because of a vocal minority who can’t handle pissfights on the internet
>mods with personal vendettas against certain personalityfags who are virtually harmless
>calling out scrote posters is now a bannable offense under the name of “scrotefoiling” which is odd and leans into the conspiracy of tifs, imageboard trannies and gendies being apart of the janny team

your biggest concern is just one wrongthink phrase an anon said? there’s plenty of other things that’s shitting up this website and it’s not one person kek

No. 74797

it's the same group as always, just ignore them. you can tell by the complaints about dumbass shit and adding kek to every single sentence while failing to adhere to site culture after having been here for allegedly 7 years or whatever. they don't care about the site or getting to use it - they have heolkek.cafe for that. this is just to be annoying and browbeat cerbmin into giving them a designated space on the site. it's really that childish and retarded.

No. 74798

Take your meds

No. 74799

you too, maybe it'll help your group not to continue e-dating trannies and then crying about getting e-raped because you believed his penis was a true girldick

No. 74800

File: 1712763032491.png (340.21 KB, 1305x600, Screenshot 2024-04-10 4.29.42 …)

Can shit 'threads' like this just get deleted rather than locked? It's just a scroteposting who is getting off on the idea of women reading his weird fanfic larp.

No. 74801

What the actual fuck are you talking about. I usually don’t get riled up by obvious schizos like yourself, but accusing a literal lesbian of fucking trannies is a new level of delusion

No. 74802

Preserving the culture of the site is actually one of the only things staff does correctly though. Idk why you want this website to be like all the other sites on the Internet.

One thing that has been irritating me for a while is that, nowadays newfags have enough gall to infight and sperg out when told to integrate to this site. That's why this site has changed so much and sometimes doesn't even feel like lolcow anymore, because they try to bully the staff and users into bending to them rather than integrate to the site they chose to post on. Pretty soon you will have anons demanding that transphobia be a bannable offense.

No. 74803


No. 74804

This. We've never had so many spergs shitting up /meta/ demanding the site caters to its most annoying users. I miss when people who didn't like the spirit of the site just fucked off. Imageboards aren't a democracy, we're a niche site hosted privately by some autist woman and a bunch of mods, it's not a public service, it was made to entertain the owner's social circle and nothing else. it doesn't try to be a citable source, it's not advertised on other sites, it doesn't ask for new users, it doesn't beg old ones to stay, there are never any attempts to retain a certain size userbase, it's intentionally clunky to use. The tight-ass bans are a feature, not a bug. Keeping users who aren't willing to integrate out is the entire point.

No. 74805

I think mods should unironically just ban users for failing the ~vibe check~. I don't even care if it's biased or if it hits me too. Decentralise retardation

No. 74806

>it doesn’t try to be a citable source
Debatable honestly given how obsessed they are with ‘butions

No. 74807

They can try but it’s not going to work. I also find zoomer speak annoying but everything goes on waves. Lol was seen as illiteracy at one point. New users will come in and old users will move on, it’s the nature of things. They can keep going until the whole site is red, it won’t bring those years back.

No. 74808

>You people started memeing the jannies into self-induced schizophrenia and psychosis thinking normal paragraph breaks is reddit-spacing and that random strings of words are twitterspeak.
This is so accurate. I promise you lolcow was never this serious before

No. 74810

Because it was a fraction of its current userbase and most of the trash got taken out. Don't forget the most annoying users who wouldn't shut up eventually got their post histories outed.

No. 74812

>meds now, take your meds, meds, meds
You sound like a broken record methtroon

No. 74813

Vibe check is twitterspeak, ban incoming.

No. 74815

Since when is calling a cow out for pretending to have medical problems to sell a fucking matcha, nitpicking?

No. 74816

Can the moderators stop power-tripping in the venus threas.

No. 74817

File: 1712778468875.jpg (880.15 KB, 1080x1888, Samepostnokid.jpg)

If farmhands need proof that there are posters deliberately posting children, here it is. Anon capped it with the kid on purpose when it was completely unnecessary. I understand that if the cow posts their child the kid can be posted to a thread, but this is deliberately posting a child for no other reason than to do it. Just seems strange to do when its not even milky. I've seen anons make points that this happens on /snow/ too.

At least the user got banned.

No. 74819

Mods explained a thousand times that it's ok to post the kid if his mommy-influencer posted it to thousands of her followers. The only one pressed about it is you, sicko. Get over it. No one's gonna try to screencap a story at the right moment to avoid the kid's face, especially if he's in her every post.

No. 74820

I'd say it invites medfagging, but yeah, the ban is a reach.

Anon was banned for a different thing. Ree on. It's a non issue.

No. 74821

Couldn't have said it better, that's exactly what's happening.

No. 74822

Sicko? No one said anything explicit. That's fucked up to go right to that, anon.

No. 74824

File: 1712781173114.jpeg (307.31 KB, 828x704, IMG_2326.jpeg)

Strong contender for funniest redtext I've ever read

No. 74827

Reddit-tier moderation at this point kekk

No. 74829

>it invites medfagging
The fuck? It's not?

Are not satisfied with the nitpick ban, wk-chan? You had to bring your favourite "won't someone think of the child!!!" argument? Chill, it's a non issue. Go tell Taylor to stop shoving the kid into the camera for cuteness points in an ad if it bothers you that much.

No. 74830

Nah that banned was deserved. What do yaoi fangirls have to do with picky eaters?

No. 74831

>mods with personal vendettas against certain personalityfags who are virtually harmless
ntayrt but personalityfagging was never accepted even if the poster seemed harmless. now i'm curious who you're referring to because i don't recall individual ones being singled out more than others (unless they're infighting or disrupting threads).

No. 74832

pakichan, ezrafag, boyegachan, etc.

No. 74834

You’ve got to be kidding me

No. 74835

pakichan is one who constantly disrupts and derails threads tho, so not "harmless". the other two avatarfagged which has always been against the rules.

No. 74836

breaking the rules per definition. Anyone who thinks they're just too interesting and quirky to stick to the rules is probably causing a ton more infighting and bullshit all over other threads too. I can't wait until the day we get all the post histories of these chronically oversharing constant breakdown havers. Is anyone interested in making threads for the personalityfags we know of? The Hex thread was pretty fun until the milk stopped flowing. I know there's at least one other personalityfag Japanonshitting up that thread and /meta/ at the same time all the time and she sounds good too.

No. 74837

I feel like there's a difference between personalityfagging and someone who is genuinely weird or has a niche fixation and they stand out unintentionally. I won't take any boyegachan slander

No. 74839

If personalityfags have to ban evade because they've been told over and over to the point of permabans that they're not welcome then how is that not intentional?

No. 74840

Man ya'll get so made for what kek

No. 74841

If cerbmin updates the catalog feature, maybe consider adding an option to hide locked threads? That way it would be easier to browse old threads when spam/shit threads were kept up more often

No. 74842

I hate the whole idea of personalityfags and even the fact that we have names for each of them. It just gives them the attention they desperately want and makes them feel like they're important to the website

No. 74843

Samefag, sorry to dredge this back up cause I know the thread has moved on, but I also wanted to say that it's also hard to discipline (for lack of a better word) newfags because you will get hit with an infight ban. And no, bans are not a big deal, but it's more about the message it sends.

No. 74844

Farmhands don't have any "personal vendetta" against them. Honestly the gall of you to name pakichan when she's one of the most insufferable infighters on this website.

No. 74846

pakichan is a group of people, kind of like shakespeare

No. 74847

The fujos falsely accuse a lot of people of being pakichan, but other than that, pakichan's posts are recognizable

No. 74848

Kek, I've only come across this poster a few times but they always manage to make me laugh.

No. 74849

/pt/ mod is not caught up on Venus milk from /w/ and is banning anons who post facts >>>/pt/931208. Anons having to spoonfeed the mod on old milk is pretty sad >>>/pt/931228. Mod needs to go catch up on the /w/ threads or just move this thread back to /w/

No. 74850

That's not proof she's getting government benefits though. Thay could just be the level of mental disability she is. She's never once said she's on government assistance.

No. 74851

Moid being disgusting in /g/'s sexual assault thread, can we get that taken down ASAP before nonnas have to see it

No. 74852

CP on the front page

No. 74853

Cp on /ot/

No. 74854

PLEASE when is the thread watcher coming? I just want to follow my favourite threads

No. 74855

>Because it was a fraction of its current userbase and most of the trash got taken out.
Was it really, though? I’ll admit I haven’t been here since the /cgl/ migration, but I thought we lost a ton of farmers during admin changes and the site was down. Lolcow feels pretty slow these days

No. 74856

yeah this place is dead, congrats to the spergs who wanted to chase off everyone they don't like I guess

No. 74857

I see it more for the fact that a lot of cows, if you're into them, aren't milky or unique anymore. A lot of users grow out of using /g/ and /ot/ since using one or two threads becomes a check-back every few weeks now. It's just the userbase getting older and less newer users. I think we have a good chunk of users who have been here a few years who are the most active of the base.

No. 74858

the average thread on here now reads like the exact behavior we used to laugh at. the currently active userbase skews much more towards being cows than farmers, that's just the truth.

No. 74859

Watching Hex camp out here and aimlessly attempt to guess through her multiple-proxies who is posting in her thread is absolutely fascinating. I await her post reveal with incredible patience.

No. 74861

If you like nonnie stay on tumblr and if you like kek stay on WoW. Only organic imageboard lingo like OVER 9000 and lolcat speech allowed.

No. 74862

>If you like nonnie stay on tumblr and if you like kek stay on WoW.
unironically agreed

No. 74863

No. 74864

Including nonnie in this as a gotcha is stupid because it and it's variations literally are a relatively new term (to lolcow). Actual oldfags remember when anons just said anon and when the switch happened. There are literally anons who are opposed to using nonnie/nonna because it's indicative of newer users.
Actually, including kek in this is dumb too. Kek is old as balls, it predates this websites existence and it's always been used here. The whole problem with twitter slang is that it shows your a newfag who is choosing not to integrate to our culture. I feel like some of you are purposefully being dense or something.

No. 74865

No I think in trying to bait she was making a legit point. You've seen those baiting spammers who add keeeeek kekekekkeke kek to every single sentence/post, it's as much of a newfag tell as saying nonnie.

No. 74866

nta but it was obviously a joke, calm down. self-proclaimed oldfags are another level of autistic, I swear

No. 74867

So you agree that they did use to be considered newfag words until they got integrated into "imageboard culture". The same will happen to "zoomerspeak", and then in a couple of years zoomers will overtake lolcow and become the "oldfags" and alphas from whatever platform will be popular with them will follow them and zoomers will start to cry about "alphaspeak" which will also get integrated into "imageboard culture" and so on. This is inevitable and crying on /meta/ over it does absolutely nothing. Time is a flat circle, get over yourself.

No. 74868

just make a zoomer imageboard and fuck off, what's the hold up? if you don't like the rules of this place then make your own instead of demanding it to change so you can sperg out unfiltered all day.

No. 74869

No shit, but it was a joke to oppose OPs point and it didn't work because of the examples anon used.

No. 74870

Kek was never a newfag word here. Idk why you guys are fighting so hard just because you want to be able to call people cunty slay mothers on here. Literally just go to a different website.

No. 74871

This is true, I’m not sure why anons are acting too retarded to see it
Who is arguing against following the rules and integrating? It’s simply inevitable that board culture will change over time. LC is hardly the same place where moids were posting openly, moderation were no where to be seen, personalityfags ran wild, and I’m GLAD

No. 74872

I think drag slang is retarded too but I see way more complaining over those words than people actually using those words. We have anons throwing shitfits over otherwise normal posts because OH NOES SOMEONE SAID MID THE ZOOMER TWITTERFAGS ARE TAKING OVER NOOOOOO

No. 74873

Can we have a list of zoomerspeak words then? The lines are hard to draw. From what timespan are words acceptable? I’m a millenial, never used tiktok, used twitter last time a decade ago and I had no fucking idea ”not the ___” is ”zoomerspeak”.

No. 74874

I'm sure these anons consider themselves "oldfags" because they found this place in 2018-2020 and now it's 2024. Their idea of "real original lolcow culture" is the culture that was at the time they themselves first started using lolcow. If you look over the very oldest threads you'd see plenty of posts that were considered acceptable at the time but years later would be bannable offences.

No. 74875

just read this. >>>/meta/74482
most of these self proclaimed oldfags may live on this site 24/7 but that doesn't mean they understand how to use it.

No. 74876

That anon did not say they're a oldfag, wtf are you talking about.

No. 74877

Can we also add a rule that non-lesbians are banned if they announce themselves in the lesbian thread and non-bisexuals are banned if they announce themselves in the bisexual thread?

No. 74878

Yes she did.

No. 74879

I didn't say those are common terms, and I've actually never even complained about them on here. I was just taking an example of twitter slang, but obviously if they make integration rules more relaxed then yeah over time anons probably will be ok with those terms.

No. 74880

The problem is that current integration rules seem very inconsistent and downright hypocritical.

No. 74881

I don't necessarily think these should warrant an auto ban but they stick out when i see them:
>vibe check
>it's giving..
>not the…
Just off the top of my head. Imo language will probably shift as >>74867 said, even though zoomerspeak stands out now and is annoying

No. 74882

Exactly. They stick out now and I get finding them annoying to some extent, but throwing tantrums over them and demanding that anyone who ever uses them is banned is annoying, hypocritical and actually a waste of time. Like it or not, at least some of these words will catch on and they will no longer stick out. And new terms will be coined and those will stick out until they catch on too etc. Aggressively policing "imageboard culture" is a pointless sisyphean task.

No. 74883

File: 1712867489284.jpg (47.09 KB, 539x768, a19dfef5ef28a9d89e13fc73ba2c9c…)

At the end of the day, I hope farmhands don't start getting soft on integration bans (whether that be certain slang, posting styles, personalityfagging and whatever else) even if transplants, newfags and twitterfags try to manhandle the site into changing. We probably need integration moderating more right now than ever tbh. Adapt to the culture of the site you're on or gtfo.

No. 74884

You keep saying it's fighting against time or whatever, but it's not as if slang from twitter/IG/other-social-media-apps is a new thing. We seemed to do fine at keeping it out before without anyone getting their panties in a twist about it.

No. 74885

No. 74886

Look me in the eyes and tell me farmhands aren’t more nitpicky and trigger-happy with bans than ever before. I agree that integration should be enforced, but some bans are simply schizophrenic. There has to be a reasonable middle ground

No. 74887

>throwing tantrums
you're the only one doing that. the rest of us sees a redtext for "not the rizz fr fr", take a mental note, move on and integrate. it's really not that hard.

No. 74888

Again, can we have a list posted of the forbidden words on the rule page then? If there are no objective guidelines for the bans, they are just vibe checks based on the opinion of the farmhand handling the report (and let’s face it, their track record with understanding sarcasm for example is not great due to their autism). Who decides what is ”acceptable og lc culture”? At what point do words become non-bannable, like happened with nonny/nonna/etc?

No. 74889

>not the rizz fr fr
Strawman argument. You know damn well that’s not what the funko pop post said

No. 74890

>Again, can we have a list posted of the forbidden words on the rule page then?
That beats the point of needing to lurk before posting. Any good newfag will lurk for a while, see what gets banned and what doesn't, or even try to post and get banned and take it in stride, and then integrate better. It's a part of the process. The ones that don't put in the effort fall off and you preserve a certain culture. Now whether that's necessary or not for a gossip imageboard I don't care and I don't concern myself much with it, but this is how I always approached any imageboard or forum. The worst and most cancerous spaces are the ones where you can dip right in and begin posting immediately.

No. 74891

I see your point, but what time period is acceptable internet slang then? Some farmhand may think a word is bannable when another might not. I agree they should ban obvious newfags like the ones who spam emoji, say ”I found this site on tiktok!!” with their gmail proudly in the email field etc but banning based on single words is way too vague.

No. 74892

Might be too late to implement this now, but what if we had automatic word filters? Integrated farmers would be used to those and say nothing of them while newfags would be confused on why particular words in their posts are replaced so they'd have to either lurk more to figure it out or reveal themselves as newfags and get banned for lack of integration.

No. 74894


ugh you’re just a bunch of no-fun havers with a tampon stuck far up your cooch. you’re not a janny so stop mini-modding, you are a peasant like the rest of us

No. 74895

Or you could just integrate.

No. 74896

Nta but how are those posts mini modding? They're just explaining why personalityfagging isn't allowed since the op seemed to not understand.

No. 74897

It's because they want zoomerspeak to be accepted here in order to change the site into something worse. The retard a few posts above pretty much said it through the flower, they want farmhands to go easy on the bans so the unintegrated twitter and tiktok shit can take over. It's in bad faith and so are the weak hair splitting arguments of "b-but you can't clearly define zoomer speech, give me a list". They tried the exact same shit with the acceptance of moid-sounding posts a few months ago and probably got high off the success to get it partially banned.

No. 74898

it’s bootlicking which is even worse than personalityfagging imo

No. 74899

no seriously if an actual farmhand (not one of this threads' resident bootlickers) could at least give an idea of what they're banning as zoomer slang that would be helpful. I don't use any social media so I don't know what the slang is. I saw an anon get banned earlier for posting "lIkE tHiS" when I've seen that used mockingly here and on PULL for years, I associate it with 2010s tumblr more than zoomers tbh. it just seems so random and up to each farmhands' personal interpretation

No. 74900

What's with the weird hateboner for zoomers

No. 74902

I doubt the ones in this thread are even zoomers, just our typical bad actors.

No. 74903


No. 74904

Newfags just use words they don't knew the meaning of

No. 74905

Spongebob text has been banable for years. That being said not everytime I've come across it has it been redtexted (generally with something like integrate), so I don't know if bans have been consistent.

No. 74906

you know exactly what I meant by mini-modding, a regular user adding useless inputs about how the site should be moderated and acting like a mod even though they’re just a regular user. shut up

No. 74907

>a regular user adding useless inputs about how the site should be moderated and acting like a mod even though they’re just a regular user.
where did the posts you linked here >>74894 do that? literally all they did was restate the rules because the other posters didn't get why it's bannable

No. 74908

You are dense if you think acknowledging personalityfagging breaks the rules is mini-modding, and I say that as a personalityfag fan

No. 74910

Probably wouldn't be so many heavy handed bans if the same ban evading dullards weren't constantly baiting and shitting up threads.

If you got banned for trying to use kek too much to blend in maybe speak to a doctor about an autism diagnosis. If you don't know how to type in paragraphs please keep your shit concise. If you're a man fuck off.

No. 74911

>inputs about how the site should be moderated
This is literally /meta/. Apparently newfags also don't know the purpose of each board.

No. 74912

oh no, why would anyone post inputs about how they think the site should work in the "complaints & suggestions" thread of the meta board?
there's an uptick in newfags aggresively refusing to integrate and insisting the rules shouldn't apply to them. even when you try to explain the rules they just get offended

No. 74914

>post in a heckin unintegrated manner all day
>go to sleep
>wake up to a since-expired ban message
GG jannies

No. 74915

Not everyone you disagree with is the same boogeyman anon you have constructed in your head.

No. 74916

I'm requesting all fujoshi discussion just be banned fandom threads and add in discussion that have nothing to do with fandom and just spering about how based they are for having fetishes, can future discussion just be banned.

No. 74917

Farmhards need to corral the tards in the unpopular opinions thread stat!

No. 74918

Might as well request that water not be wet. Female fandom = fujoshi. If you don't like it go make your own general where fujo discussion is banned.

No. 74919

you already have your containment you faggot, stay there. You only post to bait.

No. 74920

Nta, but female fandom is not the same as fujoshi. Some female fans of things are fujoshi but not all, obviously.

No. 74921

That's not what anon said, dumbass.

No. 74922

Sounded like it.
If she had written it like fujoshi = female fandom instead it would have made sense.

No. 74923

its the exact same thing

No. 74924

NTA and not a fujo but it's not. Everyone should stick to their containment threads, the infighting is annoying because it's all the same shit over and over again and if there were something new to say about the topic I wouldn't mind but there never is.

No. 74925

spongebob speak got banned by oldmin for "not board culture" or something. Before that, it wasn't specifically banned but it wasn't popular either.

No. 74926

how is bringing fandom drama in the fandom discourse thread not on topic?

No. 74927

unpop opinions is once again a garbage fire of infighting. there aren't enough farmhands to keep /ot/ in order. you should open tard wrangler applications

No. 74928

you are just mad this place can’t be mumsnet and nobody’s was reading your unpopular opinions

No. 74929

this is clearly /meta/ because you retarded bitches clearly can’t read. it’s like the word “useless” came before “input”

No. 74931

Racebait on /ot/

No. 74932

so I guess unpopular opinions is a permanent dumpster fire at this point, if jannies can't keep up with it I don't blame them. It's always been infight central but not to this extent

No. 74933

I don't understand why you will not autosage unpopular opinions. You guys said you were considering it weeks ago, surely it cannot take this long to make a simple decision?

No. 74934

mega tinfoil but what if it's not autosaged because some of the worst baiters are staff kek

No. 74936

Nta but I like this tinfoil kek

No. 74937

Tighten your tinfoil.

No. 74939

If farmhands do not respond within the next 24 hours, we will have no choice but to accept this as the truth.

No. 74940

i stg youve said this several times at this point and admin has already addressed this. lurk more.

No. 74942

I've literally never said that before, and I was clearly joking. Remove the stick from your ass anon

No. 74943

File: 1712971295483.png (181.29 KB, 1853x464, incel-seething.png)

>incels unironically thinking that PearlyThings actually believes in the shit opinions she shares
Fucking KEK this is why we need the tradthots thread back

No. 74944

…Why are you posting this here? What does this have to do with us?

No. 74945

Cause we need the thread back. Where else would she post it.

No. 74946

I mean I get that, but why do posts from another (seemingly male) imageboard mean we need the tradthots thread back

No. 74948

Shotafag baiting in /ot/. Permaban all shotafags please

No. 74949

Can a farmhand tell the anons to stop tinfoiling for post after post about Jill and how she might act at a wedding? Nothing has even happened yet.

No. 74950

fujocoomer posting "shotacon" in the ugly-men psyo-op thread.

No. 74951

File: 1713012414774.png (46.22 KB, 581x270, IMG_20240413_063715.png)

No fun allowed in my gossip website

No. 74953

This isn't even gossip, its fanfiction.

No. 74954

The Taylor thread is filling fast, theres posters obviously dropping random posts just to get it to max to make a new thread. I think farmhands need to re-evaluate if a new Taylor R thread is even worth it. They have to babysit it already and its only ever redtexted. Maybe when there's real milk it should be remade after max.

No. 74955

there's a thread for off-topic cow thoughts and musings on /ot/, we don't do shit like that in the cow thread

No. 74956

stop trying to minimod. It is not only ever red-texted. Stop replying to every post and it will not "fill up" as quickly.

No. 74957

I find it so funny that you actually think the latest posts are a single anon replying lol. No one is minimodding the thread by suggesting in a suggestion thread that farmhands reevaluate the thread like they did so many other threads on /w/ when it's clear the thread isn't used for milk at all and has devolved into constant nitpicking. Maybe learn lolcow terms like 'minimodding' because you aren't even using them right.

Also welcome to lolcow culture, calling out retards who post retarded things. Especially ones about how a cow holds a glass.

No. 74958

ah, look "close the thread!!"-chan is back here after infighting in the thread. dumb nitpicks take only one post. retard anons and wks responding to every single one fill up the thread way more. don't visit the damn thread if you hate it so much. it's not even bumped unless a newfag doesn't sage, so what's your problem?

No. 74959

so mad over a suggestion kek the newfags are on something else

No. 74960

File: 1713021389028.jpeg (229.01 KB, 686x906, IMG_9981.jpeg)

was vpn hopping and found this kek, farmhand didn’t even bother permabanning let’s just make this a scrote haven and ban all of the female users en masse. they banned dumbass shit thread because most of the posters would talk shit about trannies and scrotes and contributed to more troonphobia and troon consciousness. most of the jannies eat dicks for breakfast, ugh

No. 74961

Lmao stop pretending you're not here every two weeks crying about closing the thread. simple suggestion my ass

No. 74962

File: 1713021708796.png (221.63 KB, 1837x836, more than one anon.png)

Genuine question, these users aren't the same that are highlighted, so is >>>/w/324879 technically also infighting along with ban evading? Anons have always made it clear in threads when posts are terrible, but when did that become whiteknighting? Also the thread sucks, I agree with not allowing a new one to be made until actual milk flows.

The post never said anything about closing the thread. Maybe re-read the post. You're jumping to conclusions. Putting it in a box with the other /w/ thread that farmhands have said need proof of milk before a new thread could be made isn't even a new notion for the site.

>farmhand didn’t even bother permabanning
But you got the ban from 2022 though. They escalate ban lengths instead of permabanning sometimes. This has always been a practice even before the 2020s.

No. 74963

the fanfiction on this site is crazy. first jill and now anons need to make up this idea that taylor is completely sloshed and how it's a danger to her child. all over holding a glass. i really hope the mods see this crap and recognize the pointlessness of a thread with no milk, but plenty of takes like these instead.


No. 74964

That wasn’t me anon, it was a scrote who got banned through the same VPN IP address I decided to use. They didn’t even attempt to permaban them kek

No. 74965

I know, but you still got the ban. Not that it's your personal ban, but the ban at least still works and hasn't expired. Permabanning isn't always the solution.

No. 74966

Taylor fangirls are so fucking annoying, good lord. Including the mod herself who bans literally every post there for "nitpicking" yet other threads like Terry's goes completely unmoderated and is filled with stupid nitpicking like "here he is sticking his tongue out again ewwww!"

Anyway farmhands have already said legacy cow threads will never be closed or stopped, when Kota fangirls requested the same of her thread.

No. 74967

Terry does get redtexts, but he does cosplay. So anons judging his cosplay isn't the same as comparing it to Taylor R holding a wine glass or cooking and misspelled something in a caption. Those are legit nitpicks. Him dressing up as a troon is not the same as complaining about not liking a blouse Taylor is wearing. Also the posts was about him wearing a troon shirt which is laughable.

No. 74968

it's bait, fuck off. I see it was redtexted as bait as well. As it should be.

Thread would be slower if WKs and fangirls stopped replying to shit they don't like. The glass thing is retarded. Solution: do not reply. Problem solved.

No. 74969

I love their dedication and the audacity to yell 'newfags' and 'board culture' to make it seem like a legit cause lol The thread is overly moderated. Discussing an influencer's dumb reels is not nitpicking. Calling blatant ads deceitful is not nitpicking, even if it's technically legal in her country of residence etc. But as anons mentioned above, wks and retards responding to bait like the latest post fills up the thread much more than the shit posts themselves.

No. 74970

but the posters go on about muh gossip site. there are no good or bad posters. anons just need to follow posting rules and looking at the thread, even once in a while visitors to it have noticed how vendetta-like the posts have been.

No. 74972

The Taylor R thread in question only has two bans for whiteknighting but tons for nitpicking (28). This doesn't include finding variations of nitpicking like "pointless nitpicking" >>>/w/310457 and >>>/w/302581 "baby nitpicking". The thread isn't full of whiteknights and most of the infighting redtexts are to anons going out of their way to call any posts being indifferent or saying it's not important as whiteknighting or fangirling. Some posters are delusional and don't know how to cope that their cow isn't as milky as she used to be.

No. 74973

Why are there three boymom cringe threads in /ot/?

No. 74974

give it up. You counting the bans is retarded. Just hide the thread already.

No. 74975

looks like anon might've lagged and it duplicated it by accident

lol the point is that the wking boogeyman isn't out to get you and that these posters are the ones ruining a perfectly good and slow thread

No. 74976

Obviously it's because it's a vpn, you think the scrote will make a mental note of "I used this and that ip address with xyz vpn, I can't wait to come back and shitpost in 2 years"?

No. 74977

File: 1713031721570.jpg (195.82 KB, 1080x812, Screenshot_20240413_125010_Chr…)

Why is this anon red texted when the person who asked for recs and then got mad and started the infight when they didn't like the answer didn't? Also they reposted a question asked previously in the same thread just to argue. From the anime thread.

No. 74978

pro-shota posts on /ot/

No. 74979

you guys do know muslim isnt a race right? even white muslim men are just as bad as regular muslim men

No. 74980

It's a two year long ban though, if I had to guess that farmhand likely just didn't want it to be permanent in case any actual woman got that IP/VPN. It's not like the male is gonna actually wait two years to post again, he will just use a VPN or something and keep posting.

No. 74981

it's not a race but "regular" muslims and white muslims are separate for you. lol. Interesting.

No. 74982

White westoids are typically not muslim.

No. 74983

its been popular for some libbies to convert, like Lindsay Lohan for example
ok then i'll rephrase, white and western muslims are just as bad as muslims from an actual muslim culture. Really, muslims borne from a legitimate muslim culture are worse and we all know that.

No. 74985

Cause incel right wing scrotes are retarded enough to think justpearlythings grifting and saying things she doesn't practice nor believe in is some kind of sign that women want to give up their rights lmao

No. 74986

Looks like he confused lolcow for that ass crack smelling incel site 4chan. This scrote needs to kill himself. I hate the incomplete XX gender so fucking much.

No. 74987

Are we ever going to permaban the schizo race baiter that shits up /g/ and /ot/?

No. 74988

How many times do anons have to say permabnning doesn't work.

No. 74989

permabanning isn't a real thing anymore

No. 74990

Then what do you suggest?

No. 74991

Some retard is necroing a ton of threads in snow

No. 74992

some 4chan tranny is trying to bury something is what i gather.

No. 74993

came here to double this cause holy shit its so annoying seeing the first page just be 8 yr old threads. i wish they tried to type differently or botnet with a few people to make it look authentic


No. 74994

Autist necroing old threads in /snow/.

No. 74996

Yeah, I guessed as much. When it's multiple it's usually some retard trying to bury/spam.

No. 74998

"any actual woman"
what the hell has happened to this place, seriously. We used to just worry about the milk. If moids made themselves known, kick them and move on, no big deal.
Now the banners about past milk are being replaced with "laughing at boys" because we're twelve year olds now or it's this paranoid schizophrenia that a m*le might look at the site and then womanhood is over or something.
Why the fuck are we obsessed with moids and trannies now? Where's the fucking milk?

No. 74999

Did you give up on moderating integration in some threads? There are particular ones where I've noticed things like emoticons never get a ban even after reporting.

No. 75000

Those numbers are literally just because the mod is a fangirl herself. She refuses to redtext all the wking, doesn't mean it isn't actually there. And labels everything nitpicking or tinfoiling even if it's facts (ie Tay being a golddigger with a fat old uggo husband)

No. 75001

>goated is now redtexted
Kek when did that happen

No. 75002

All of this just I said actual woman? How does that make me a paranoid schizo? I probably discuss men on here the least of any anon, OP is the one who was upset that a male got a 2 year ban so go direct your sperging at them.

No. 75005

it's been like that since last year

No. 75006

There is no better suggestion

No. 75009

Please, if you're an oldfag, learn what wking actually is. Pointing out nitpicking because anons are retards is not the same as defending a cow, its making fun of the anon making the OPs. Your head is screwed on wrong.

Tinfoiling mods are fangirls is so childish when all the redtexts have been rule breaking thus having to treat the users like children. You might as well sperg about them being trannies too, who hate women and are trying to take down the thread by self posting. Literally a stone throw away and all for a milkless cow.

No. 75010

Titsperg not likimg that Moo's tits aren't fake, hard, and have gravity and weight to them instead. >>>/pt/931325

No. 75011

Is there a spammer on the loose? Why are all these nearly ten year old threads being bumped

No. 75012

Anon, that's not titsperging. Moo has had lipo done and a breast reduction which is basically lipo on your breasts and a lift and her body reflects that. I have no idea why anons like you go in her thread and white knight reasonable posts pointing out how her body is ravaged by lipo/weight gain. You need to stop knee-jerking and associating every post that points that out with moid logic. Her breasts are not natural anymore because she had procedures done to alter their size and she has an unnatural accumulation of post-lipo weight gain there. Anons like you seem so mentally ill if you insist in posting in threads where and body discussion results in you losing your mind like this. Be reasonable.

No. 75013

>Anons like you seem so mentally ill if you insist in posting in threads where and body discussion results in you losing your mind like this

Says the anon who went on a whole upsetty rant about anons nitpicking Moo's boobs which is against the thread rules for 5+ years. It's really sad that other women act as if her boobs aren't natural, a reduction is as natural as you get. She didn't get implants and lipo doesn't change your boobs. I really want to see what anons are comparing her boobs to tbh. Fat, saggy boobs indent when wearing string bikinis like this. Anons claiming she has "four boobs" sounds like a moid.

No. 75015

Hoping this isn't too controversial, but may I put in a suggestion to redtext the word cock? It appears like the main person who uses it is the blackpill escapee who calls everyone cockbreath. Please disregard this if redtexting would only encourage their behavior or cause other problems. Thanks farmhands!

No. 75016

>anon asks for recs with sexy men, gives a yaoi porn game as example of what she wants
>anon gives anime written by men for men with moids that look nothing like the ones from the games she gave as a recommendation
>anons say she doesnt like it because its written by men for men(true) and they dont have the body type she likes
>golden kamuy fags get butthurt women arent into men who are bald and have weird chola eyebrows and start shitting on women who are into bishies

golden kamuy fags are so fucking insufferable you cannot say anything bad about it without them going apeshit and derailing the thread, they are like narutards.

No. 75017

The fateshitter is ban-evading again.

No. 75018

kek seethe harder tranny

No. 75020

Mods can we make a definite fujo vs. anti-fujo debate thread on /ot/ so that anons can have a place to hash their shit out for good? This would be fundamentally different than the fujocoomer or the anti-fujo cringe thread. There are anons who want to argue about this and they're shitting up other threads, it's time they have their own proper playground.

I don't want to put effort into making a thread OP just to have it immediately get shitcanned. However coming at this from an outside perspective it's not about promoting infighting, there are people who obviously want to discuss this issue with each other without resorting to sperging and name-calling. And paki-chan obviously deserves a permaban so all these anons are excluded and normal moderation rules apply.

No. 75021

what's there to discuss? anons who dont like fujos dislike them because they think they are all pornsick TIFs pedophiles fake lesbians and won't change their mind about it.

No. 75022

Without taking a stance on this both fujo and anti-fujo sides both believe they have good and well-thought out points to make, so they should have the chance to make them at each other instead of wanting to have this discussion in unrelated threads. This would take some pressure off the fandom cringe thread which rehashes this constantly but under a different anime-of-the-week coat of paint.

No. 75023

I'm going to be very honest I'm tired of all the weeb and fandom discussion in /ot/

No. 75025

The "emoji" you reported was the ascii heart "♥" which has always been allowed. Some phone browsers convert it to look like an actual emoji.

No. 75026

Do you know who is bumping and necroing all the threads in /snow/?

No. 75033

This is such an exaggeration. Fujo anons just don't like hearing that every straight trans man was a fujo before transing. For some reason there is a group of fujo anoms who cannot accept personal anecdotes describing TIFs beimg fujos before trooning out. Fujoism is deeply ingrained in straight TIF culture.

No. 75034

Some retard is spamming the bee movie script in the Lilee Jean thread

we know some fujos are tifs and vice versa. it's not that no one wants to hear it, it's that we're tired of it being brought up all the fucking time.

No. 75036

Can you do something about the retards that come to the Ugly Man PsyOP thread just to tinfoil about their schizo boogeyman? I don't understand why they just don't hide it if they don't like it.

No. 75039

Why is Jill's thread so heavily moderated? Not saying the tards in there don't deserve it but why is there so much bitchy communication via redtext? I swear I'll see comments made similar to the ones in Jill's thread in other threads and there isn't such an emphasis on snappy redtext one-liners.

No. 75040

The fujo thing is the same type of thing with TIMs and yuri anime girls. Maybe step away from conversations if you don't like what you're reading instead of throwing a tantrum because you see mean words about something you like.

No. 75041

/w/ mods are just special

No. 75042

please farmhand /snow/ is being flooded with necro

No. 75043

File: 1713113880147.jpeg (566.33 KB, 1170x1074, IMG_7762.jpeg)

I get that /snow/ had loads of necro recently but this is actually new potential milk.

No. 75046


See? The farmers yearn for a fujo vs antifujo discourse thread. Mods let us make one without catching a banhammer please.

No. 75050

/snow is a nightmare any thread older than 3 years old should just be locked

No. 75051

ayrt idgaf about defending yaoi or w/e im just tired of the same infight being rehashed iver and over again in multiple threads. get a hobby
yeah but it should be a containment thread

No. 75052

The mod's pet cow threads are heavily moderated (Jill, Taylor, Venus before hers was moved) while other threads have little to no moderation. It's been this way for a long time

No. 75053

So speculative, non-concrete milk is not necroing?

No. 75054

>i hate when mods moderate
As if it's hard to not be dumbass posters

No. 75055

no that sounds like a terrible idea tbh. the antifujos already compulsively derail about tifs and female ukes whenever someone mentions yaoi, there's fujo defenders in the fujocoomer cringe thread, and all the "arguments" for or against yaoi have been discussed to death. I don't know what's up with the fujo/yume/antifujo slapfights here but a discourse thread would just make it worse, see the ugly man psyop (which is a good thread, but didn't make the ugly moid sperging leave the other threads). why can't the nonnies just get along and keep the sperging in their designated threads

No. 75056

Could have been phrased better but a cow wearing a wedding band alongside a long time collaborator also wearing a wedding band is milk. It is worth discussing. Necro imo would be more just some retarded commentary about a cow, like “she looks so bad here!” or whatever. Not my redtext, just think it was overzealous modding.

No. 75057

I wish they could but as we can see they obviously can't, which is why I'm proposing creating a containment thread. They can hash out their discussion there for the unpeemth time in there and for once, it wouldn't be offtopic infighting. It's not like it's against the rules to discussion fujo or antifujo arguments. And there's obviously a lot of anons who can't keep it in their panties and wanna bring this topic everywhere else. I'm sick of it too. Fandom cringe thread also started as a containment thread if you recall.

No. 75058

File: 1713131064572.jpg (398.54 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240414_232849_Gal…)

Pinkpill thread immediately got locked a minute after it got made with a reply from the farmhand telling anon to go use the pinkpill thread in the hidden board which no one uses.

Meanwhile there are is already a ton of gender ideology hate, gender critical and troon threads on the hidden board yet farmhand is not locking threads here telling anons to go and and post in the hidden boards.

It's strange,i remember a couple of weeks ago anons were discussing pinkpill threads and one anon said it was weird how the GC threads are now on OT yet pinkpill still isn't here and those anons told her surely if a thread is made it wil be allowed. Well this proves that pinkpill threads still are NOT allowed despite the fact that they peaked many anons on moids. Actual feminist discussion is not allowed, you are only allowed to talk about troons.

No. 75059

I hate when anons just assume every racebait post is made by a moid. Some of the bitches here are just racist

No. 75060

iirc the reason why the gender ideology threads are allowed is because farmhands/cerbmin wanted the mtf/ftm threads in /snow/ to be more milk-focused rather than just general discussion threads like they were before. to compensate, gender ideology discussion was allowed again in /ot/

No. 75061

I dont think you understood a word out of my post. Tons of gender critical themed threads exist in the hidden board (you know what a hidden board is right?) yet farmhand still allowed them to make a thread in OT and disnt tell them to go on a inactive hidden board.

No. 75062

Its hidden because they want seasoned users only to use it. They don't detail and ruin the thread nearly as much.

No. 75063

NTA but I think that anon did understand, and I remember that reasoning being discussed too. Newfags don’t know about the hidden board because it’s hidden, so they were derailing the /snow/ threads with that type of discussion. Now there’s a link to the /ot/ gender ideology hate thread in the /snow/ threads and farmhands direct them to /ot/ when they get banned for derailing. There’s not the same need for a pinkpill thread on /ot/

No. 75064

Do you really expect anons to never say anything bad about ugly men ever again? Lmao. Anons just need to learn to ignore anons who dislike ugly men and don't respond. If admins aren't going to ban anyone shitting on women's look outside of /snow/, i don't see why shitting on male's looks should be banned either.

No. 75065

So for manhate or pinkpill/feminism they should be hidden and only seasoned users should post but for gender critical threads its okay for them to be on OT. The hypocrisy. This is why you have retarded GC/radfems saying they will vote for conservative right-wingers.

No. 75066

I’m so sick of this, nobody uses 2X, everybody enjoyed pink pill threads and there’s no reason not to have them. They can’t make the argument that it’s too political for /ot/ anymore.

No. 75067

Also there are (or were) threads where PP naturally spilled out like leftcows, tradthots, troons, nofap etc, the demand is clearly there but all GCers want o do is talk about how troons are gross for the millionth time rather than idk the fact that all that separates them from “normal” men is the kind of porn they watch. Tranny tunnel vision.

No. 75068

>They can’t make the argument that it’s too political for /ot/ anymore.
Yes i remember they used to make that excuse and now they are making the excuse that there is a thread on 2X so it should stay there. It seems like they are making any excuse they can to not allow the pinkpill threads so they don't offend the moid and pickme anons in this site.

No. 75069

There has been such a huge uptick in moid defenders on lc since covid and it honestly feels so fucking weird sometimes. Especially since you will never see that shit in moid spaces

No. 75070

And I don't think you understood a word of my post. I was telling you why gender crit specifically was allowed out of /2X/ containment, but not pink pill/man hate. Learn to read. I don't necessarily agree with the farmhands' decision. If gender ideology threads are okay, then other threads should be allowed to merge back into /ot/. Or at the very least, /2X/ shouldn't be hidden anymore. The site doesn't get nearly as many raids anymore, and it seems like farmhands are better equipped to delete spam/bait

No. 75072

Anons randomly bringing up manhate in threads where it doesn't belong just because they want to be salty and trash men in general, is not defending moids. It's telling anons to fuck off to the proper threads and stay on topic.

No. 75073

Farmhand might want to look into this user and check their post history to see if they are a moid (as they keep going on about 4chan) or not 18 at least. >>>/m/370815

No. 75074

seconded. It’ll prevent the shit ton of unnecessary bumping that clogs snow

No. 75075

2X was such a bitchmade move.

No. 75076

GC was banned from /ot/ because anons wouldn't stop calling the admin of the time a troon.
Pink Pill was banned from /ot/ because it attracted retards that refused to keep it contained in it's own thread. /2X/ was hidden again for the same reason.

LC is not a feminist website, it is a site that allows feminist discussion while remaining focused on lolcows. Every time Pink Pill has been allowed to break containment, the result has been the same. It attracts newfags that are unable to understand that distinction and use the existence of one thread to drag infighting across multiple boards. The disruption to the whole site and the amount of tard wrangling required from the farmhands isn't worth it has been the conclusion of several admins.

No. 75077

you have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 75078

>>It's telling anons to fuck off to the proper threads and stay on topic.

How when the pinkpill/manhate threads are hidden?

>because it attracted retards that refused to keep it contained in it's own thread.

Lol meanwhile ot is filled with retards who derail every thread about troons but gawd forbid you see manhate. Also there is already some manhate derailing in snow threads so it would be better to have pinkpill containment. Also throughout your post you purposely leave out the detail that the infighting "newfags" were butthurt moids who wanted to derail the threads. The same thing used to happen to the troon threads yet they are allowed, its very telling that you are only allowed to shit on troons but not on moids. The radfem to tradthot pipeline is real.

No. 75079

you're straight up rewriting history, it was banned because it attracted raids and admin cba to deal with them. that's the whole reason they made 2x hidden.

No. 75080

File: 1713167219663.png (55.48 KB, 1843x364, admin-2X.png)


>2X will be hidden on Friday the 28th. We’ve decided to hide it again as we never really agreed with unhiding it and its “trial run” as an unhidden board has attracted a lot of new users who don't integrate and shit up other boards.

No. 75081

that bs, how can a board with like three active users cause them to shit up other threads. how do they even determine this.

No. 75083

File: 1713170045827.png (289.01 KB, 632x515, Screenshot_20240415-003115.png)

I accidentally reported this because I was scrolling and not paying attention to the thread (it's the "post like a mois" thread) please disregard lmao. Sorry mods.

No. 75084

Racist posting threads in /ot/

No. 75085

minimodder infighting with anons because the thread is discussing something she doesnt like

No. 75086

Please ban the fandom thread or move it to another board, its attracted so many twitterfags its unreal. There also isnt a single day that thread isnt derailed with infighting and unironic terminally online zoomer talking points. /ot/ mods shouldnt have to stalk that thread 24/7 just to keep these newfags in line

No. 75087

hide it, dumbass

No. 75088

When is the next hellweek? LC needs it

No. 75089

Hiding it wont get you twitterfags to fuck off

No. 75090

Do you not remember how everything turned to shit last hellweek and nothing improved? Hellweeks don’t work anymore

No. 75091

Pls do something about the tradthot defender in unpop opinions she's been dragging on the infight for hours

No. 75092

Again, they should just work on a way to make bans less easily avoidable. Hellweek and banning in general won't do shit. Just look at the usual target Unpopular Opinions right now. An anon got banned yesterday for sperging out about some literal who tradfag tiktoker >>>/ot/1963089 and after less than 24 hours, they're at it again in the very same thread.

No. 75093

Is twitterfag the new scrotefoiling. Anti-fujos are the only autists who derail those threads and they get banned and sent back to their containments, where they belong.

No. 75094

I don't understand why old threads don't just get auto-locked. If a thread has not been posted in for over a year it should just be locked to avoid the old thread bump spam problem. If an old cow with a long ago locked thread suddenly happens to give milk again unlocking should be done only by request. It's super retarded how someone here can just bump threads that have been dead for several years.

No. 75095

>anti-fujos are the only derailers
Classic fujo victim mentality. I wonder who it is that keeps biting their bait for hours on end? Definitely not my fellow fujoshi sisters! We could never do any wrong!

No. 75096

I am not even a fujoshi but the thread is littered with examples of antifujos trying to bait and getting banned for it.

No. 75097

do you remember those old internet mazes with the super narrow passages where if you'd touch the walls it'd show a "scary" pic and blast loud jumpscare audio? maybe we should implement something like this on the ban page that'd show for repeat or severe bans, but y'know without the maze part

No. 75098

This but it's all pictures of cillian murphy.

No. 75099

too repetitive, spice it up with photos of spongebob, jay-z and gay barry every once in a while. maybe even add some troons in there as well

No. 75100

No one believes you. Someone has to be biting their bait for it to clog up the thread fujosis

No. 75102

True, but also if you feel a post is made in bad faith just don't reply to it. Report and move on. You're not owning the antifujo spergs by replying to them, quite the opposite. You will never change their minds but you will keep fueling their infighting drive by engaging with them

No. 75103

I am not responding to them, but they have been crying for hours on the fandom thread over anons discussing something they dislike despite being on-topic for the thread. They are just very fucking annoying and extremely terminally online.

No. 75104

Unfortunately the best way to deal with annoying terminally online individuals is just not giving them any attention. Report and continue the discussion without acknowledging their presence. Not talking about you in particular, but many fujos do have the habit of taking antifujo bait instead of carrying on with more productive discussion.

No. 75105

They can only "cry for hours" if someone is actually replying. You can pretend like you dont do it personally, but dont act like other fujos ITT dont also sperg for hours in response. You're both pathetic but you want to act like a blameless victim

No. 75106

/ot/ would be better without the fandom thread tbh

No. 75107

File: 1713197655523.png (202.73 KB, 1080x973, retards.png)

Not the anon pictured but are farmhands actually retarded? Look at the number the other posts are replying to, the anon who got banned hit the backspace key by accident and replied to the wrong post. They don't pay any attention to what they're banning, no wonder so many anons are ignoring the rules even in the sea of redtext that is redditcow lately when this is what caliber of stupidity the mods are on.

No. 75108

Anon should've read their post before pressing go. Otherwise it looks like they are replying to a 4 year old post. The mods don't have to read upthread for context to read numbers to check for posters. Anon should've checked.

No. 75110

No, it's just simple like that. Anon should've checked. Also there's a poster in that thread who sounds super underage and keeps bringing up /ic/ and telling users to post their work if they are going to crit others.

No. 75111

Kek are you the mod who banned her or what? It doesn't look like that, you can deduce what reallt happened just by looking at her own post number, no excuse, both you and the mod whose dick you're sucking are just retards. There was no reason to ban her for that in the first place but she was banned within minutes for a typo, before the post deletion window expired during which she could have corrected it. The absolute state.

>The mods don't have to read upthread for context

Yes, they do? I mean, they don't do it, obviously, because they're lazy but they're supposed to.

Again, banned before the post deletion window expired and there's no reason to ban someone over a typo. I cannot believe you're so dedicated to whiteknighting the mods you're trying to spin this on that anon.

No. 75112

Who gives a shit even if she did reply to a four year old post (I know it was a typo) like how does that inconvenience anyone, genuinely? They click the reply and see an old thread? So what?

No. 75113

>I cannot believe you're so dedicated to whiteknighting the mods
Anon was an idiot. That doesn't mean anyone is wking lol its Monday, you really want to start the week off so salty for a ban that isn't even yours. I'd get it if you fucked up and it was your ban, but someone else's ban isn't a you problem. Also do you know it was banned before the posting window was even up? Your picture says 52 minutes ago, that's far outside of the window.

No. 75114

File: 1713205421918.png (42.92 KB, 505x343, screen.png)

Same thread as >>75107 and I'm neither anons, what's the rule against shitpost? I'm surprised this dead thread suddenly got a lot of reports kek. compared to this one, I had reported more offtopic posts that got denied.

No. 75115

This place is run by literal Victorian schoolteachers with canes who rap you on the knuckles for giggling

No. 75116

Probably because it's the same anon as >>>/m/370815

No. 75117

Exactly, it's not ban worthy no matter how you look at it on a board like /m/. Fucking retard mods and an equally retarded admin who failed to train them properly if at all.

No. 75119

we just ended a hellweek a few months ago kek

No. 75120

You sound so bitter for no reason lll

No. 75122

Why did you guys lock the Rev thread?

He actually seems cow-like. And no I'm not OP but this guy is always starting drama and being obnoxious on social media

No. 75124

cute to see the time honored tradition of farmhands anonymously whiteknighting their fuckups on /meta/ is still alive

No. 75125

Some autist is sperging in Taylor's thread, responding to two-days-old bait with infigting.

No. 75126

Kek, I'm that anon. I accidentally clicked the post number twice and must have gotten the back end of the inital number when trying to fix that. I thought I was at fault in this case and didn't bother appealing but thinking about it now it was a bit retarded. Thanks for being salty by proxy though nona.

No. 75127

Weakest bait possible

So yeah, it was an anon just being retarded.

No. 75128

What's up with unpopular opinions on /OT always attracting weird anti lesbian and women haters? I dont get it

No. 75129

It also attracts all the racists

No. 75130

i assumed it was our resident wk-chan being two days late as always, but this one is different, this one is truly deranged.

No. 75134

Making a typo is being retarded? Okay.

No. 75135

I'm surprised a bunch of stuff is getting redtexted and they're not just banning the weird femboy autist that keeps bringing up /ic/ and using the thread as their personal art dump

No. 75136

No. 75137

That user is fucking annoying. Wants crit but complains about advice they don't understand or can't comprehend. They need to just fuck off it /ic/. Their art is ugly af too.

No. 75138

This anon >>75126 and yes, it is. I do agree the femboy poster was more of the issue, especially how she shat up the artist's salt thread prior but trying to work out the mod's thought proccess is beyond comprehension.

No. 75139

It’s an accident, does dropping something also mean someone is acting retarded?

No. 75140

i agree the femboy retard realky needs to be dealt with, she uses the art critique thread as a palce to dump her low-effort trap coomshit and then gets mad when she gets actual crit.
thewhile point of the rate my art thread is to get feedback.
in general, anyone who snaps back " well lets see how well YOU draw" everytime someone critiques them is missing the point if the thread and they ought to get banned for infighting.

No. 75141

The femboy poster keeps demanding anons post their own work. They are an unintegrated newfag. Farmhand should ban them. Not to mention the non-contribution "keks" every time someone defends them. I wouldn't be shocked they keep ban evading.

No. 75142

No one agrees with you.

No. 75143

nona I agree it was a retarded ban but arguing with the /meta/ bootlickers is pointless, if this website put up "MEN WELCOME" banners tomorrow they'd probably defend it

No. 75144

No I'm saying in my case, I am the retard. Other posters I'd be more sympathetic towards but I keep fucking up replies so I feel like a massive idiot every time it happens.

No. 75145

>femboy poster at art rate thread
I was trying to be nice, at least she posts art but it does seem like she doesn't really wanna improve. It's a mystery to me why everyone jumped in the bandwagon to draw her femboy oc.

No. 75146

its true, anons have been telling the user for a month now how to help their art and nothing they post is improved art. they won't even post their models they claimed to start using after anons told them to. i think they are using the thread for attention and asspats because they keep bringing up /ic/ constantly too. newfag needs a permaban. i don't honestly even think it's a woman unless they are under 18. they don't seem mature at all and their art seems juvenile. while i know people start at a shitty level, this artist draws like a junior high kid making art oc their femboy oc in the back of their 3-rule.

No. 75147

Isn't replying to things with just "kek" considering chatroom speak? It doesn't contribute anything to the thread. I've been seeing this a lot more on /ot/, /m/, /snow/ and /w/ sometimes.

No. 75148

No. 75149

meta doesn't count lol

No. 75150

god can you newfags stop asking retarded questions and just learn how to integrate already

No. 75151

you look so spergy calling reply words on an IMAGEBOARD “chatroom speak”, stop concern trolling

No. 75152

I agree with >>75115

No. 75153

Newfag found

No. 75154

Have you used any other imageboards besides this one?

No. 75155

No. 75156

I've seen it redtext before that's why I'm wondering since the redtext was "non contributing".

No. 75157

Please permaban the 4chan crabfag >>>/m/371288 They keep ban evading and complaining about crit they receive. Claims anons rating/criting can't draw and baiting. Already got caught defending herself. Honestly, still not 100% sold its a woman. Calling farmhands "admins" too is very telling that they are a newfag.

No. 75158

I wanna know why you’re mini-modding so hard. Go post somewhere else in another thread and enjoy your day, I’m sure the jannies will handle it/already handled it.

No. 75159

Please fix the countdown bug, I’ve had to wait like 5 minutes and reopen my browser just to be able to post again

No. 75160

Several anons have pointed out they need a permaban. This is a complaint thread, so it's not minimodding.

No. 75161

calm down schizophrenic. I am not the only one shitting on your crabbing, you are very obnoxious. If the best thing you can say is ''lol shitty anatomy'' then people are going to make fun of you and ask you to post work. No one called other anons crabs because they actually provided either a redline or a thoughtful critique, you are just being an obnoxious shitter and acting like a victim when anons make fun of you. You are actually acting like a lot of art cows we had in the past.

No. 75163

Not going to defend >>75157 but it does reek of ass pat begging if femboy anon keeps posting art without any visible improvements or not having actively applied the critiques kek. Just bad form in most art communities but not necessarily rule breaking.

No. 75164

>everyone who disagrees with me must be the same anon waaah
yeah, no wonder that thread is fucking dead with obnoxious retards like you shitting it

No. 75165

defensive retards shitting up the rate my art thread again.
people coming to a crit thread and then callign others crabs for critiquing their shitty art ought to be banned.
/m/ is a chill board any belligerent retards coming in from /ot/ ought to be nuked on sight

No. 75166

thats exactly why anons are fed up

No. 75167

No one improves on an afternoon. You guys either don't draw or don't remember how hard and frustrasting it was when you started. I read a lot of drawing books and i don't improve magically right after, it takes years for the brain to process the information. It's why people who don't draw shouldn't give critiques and why anons ask them to post work.

No. 75168

No one is calling the anons who give good critiques crabs, you retard. Read the thread, anons saying ''your anatomy sucks!!1!'' are the ones shitting the thread and being called crabs. Fucking retards are acting like /ic/ scrotes then get defensive when anons treat them like /ic/ scrotes back.

No. 75169

The point is they aren't trying to improve and they won't even show their models. They anatomy is constantly out of wack and anons have been giving the same advice for a month now. They complain when the advice isn't good enough for them or if they don't understand it. nothing they have done is an improvement at all and while I understand it takes time, even small changes in a month would be helpful. instead they are using it as an art dump

No. 75170

tbh I don't think they're coming from /ot/, there's a lot of crossover between the art threads here and /ic/. if anything they're unintegrated newfags from 4chan.

No. 75171

Definitely a newfag

It's a rate thread kek anons can say your anatomy sucks and that's on topic.

No. 75172

wait how is this announcing ban evading she didn’t say she was banned

No. 75173

She has improved very slightly, just as one does in the span of a few months. You can't expect her to turn into leyendecker in a year.
anon already knows her anatomy is shit, how is shitting the thread with low iq ape posts good for the thread? either ignore her if you think she's a retard who will never improve, or provide a deeper critique. I think you are just jealous because femboyfag anon got a lot of fanart from other anons who aren't shitty crabs.

No. 75174

/ic/, anon, take a break and go outside.

No. 75175

they think everyone who disagrees with them is the same anon for some reason. /m/ hosts some of the most schizophrenic and infight-prone anons on all of lolcow, so it makes sense they are this hostile.

No. 75176

Thank god, based farmands for banning the /ic/ poster >>>/m/371288

No. 75177

File: 1713287541874.jpeg (474.73 KB, 573x1442, IMG_3445.jpeg)

it's an art rate thread no kne is obligated to be nice. "your anatomy sux" is still feedback.
the odd offhand this is bad" comment won't shit up the thread half as much as people sperging and infighting about crabs and farmhands because they're oversensitive.
i said /ot/ because the same kind of retards were previously shitting up the art salt thread, picrel

No. 75178

File: 1713288012816.png (134.76 KB, 627x609, 7867786786786.png)

I'm >>75163 but I'm gonna agree that "your art sux" is not good feedback. However at this point femboy anon has had enough good criticisms that's why everyone else is shitting on her. Ultimately still in topic of the thread. I'd ignore it and focus on studying and not posting if it were me kek.

She has posted a few times before in art salt where people also gave her crits, and then people asked her to move to art post thread. Her and another anon from the /cgsg/ drama are from /ic/ and it reflects their little integration, the other anon calling women foids for example. Checking thread of picrel, she did say she wanted to get in /cgsg/ so she might not be the other /ic/ anon.

No. 75179

Posts like >>>/m/188508 is not good feedback either. The thread isn't made specifically to cater to feedback. If an anon says they do or don't like something someone made, that's still contributing to the thread. I don't know why this poser is causing so much hassle complaining that someone said they hated their art outright instead of prancing around it and walking on glass like some anons have been because they are trying to be nice. The pic you posted still does not use a model or any kind of reference. The user has not improved and anons cannot keep giving the same feedback over and over just because /ic/fag wants to cherry-pick who can comment on their posts. They just want to share their femboy art which is fine, but throwing a tantrum at feedback or crit they don't like or even the offhand "I don't like it" is what is shitting up the thread. Anon can ignore those anons and not reply. She can't take people not giving her doting praise.

No wonder she posts on /ic/. Moids love femboys and I bet they asspat her day and night to see coomer material. Maybe she should stay over on /ic/. Demanding anons post their own work if they plan to give crit that /ic/fag doesn't like is asinine too. She's a pick-me artist who caters to moids and comes to lolcow where the majority is female and she can't handle actual people trying to help improve her art. Stunting herself from improving.

No. 75180

No. 75181

I agree with her, the only retard here is you and the mod who banned that anon.

No. 75182

you're just insecure. don't let the asshole bootlicker talk down to you, you didn't do anything wrong.

No. 75184

File: 1713289938742.jpeg (245.29 KB, 1284x701, IMG_4341.jpeg)

>unintegrated tiktokfag gets no ban
>random post gets banned for “bait”
Accurate display of the average moderation on lc nowadays

No. 75185

the infight rule needs to be clarified, responding to posters who are purposely inflammatory in an inflammatory manner doesn’t warrant a ban.

No. 75187

Can you quote the “tantrum” that anon threw? It seems a bit ironic to claim that when you are actually throwing a tantrum in this very thread >>75157.

No. 75188

Also 6 hour bans for infighting is beyond retarded, especially the short one-off posts, should be 3 hours at most

No. 75189

File: 1713292253238.jpeg (373.43 KB, 1365x2048, 1713271646069.jpeg)

>random post
anon, it was a retarded twitterfag accusing someone of being a pedo for posting this. that ban was earned.

No. 75190

>posting art in a thread meant for posting art in is bad
you can’t be serious

i’m sure it’s just the art style but that does look a little shota

No. 75191

Where did she call the anon a pedo? She just said it was creepy and not to post stuff like it again. All that requires is someone ITT telling her the truth, not a ban
Also you’re conveniently ignoring the unintegrated newfag not getting a ban

No. 75192

I wouldn't consider that shota tbh but even if it is, I don't think posting sfw shota is against the rules? we had a poll for it and everything

No. 75193

it didn't until very recently and look at how the site has only gotten worse and more irate under the new baby Hitler mods. /ot/, /g/, and /m/ have never, ever been so covered in redtext the way they are right now. former teams specifically avoided heavy moderation on those boards. their last hellweek did jackshit so why would they think treating every day like hellweek, even on boards that have been exempt from hellweek in the past, would go over well let alone help anything? it's completely arbitrary. in an environment where you get banned for breathing, it makes anons care less about the rules. it's a win for people who like to report the anons they're infighting with and no one else.

agreed. if you're a mobilefag, try turning your mobile data off and back on.

No. 75194

>She can't take people not giving her doting praise.
also why tell blatant lies in a thread anyone can read? she quoted multiple posts that she felt were giving good advice, a few of which weren’t kindly worded. i’m a bit annoyed that an anon this schizo wasn’t banned but i was

No. 75195

>in a
*about a

No. 75196

Did you just announce yourself lol

No. 75197

Why don't you guys just remake/resurrect the draw my oc thread so that anon can just drop all her art there without the need for advice?

No. 75198

bans are incredibly easy to avoid and thusly amount to nothing but a wrist slap, that said being slapped for stupid shit is still irritating.

No. 75199

Theres a specific /ot/ mod that hands out bans based on her personal feelings and you can tell when her shift starts because all of a sudden the most random posts that dont outright break rules will be redtexted or deleted, I wish cerbmin would fire her already

No. 75200

>it's a win for people who like to report the anons they're infighting with and no one else.
I wonder what % of infight reports are made by the person starting the infight.

No. 75201

is deleting posts that talk shit on kpoppers the staffs way of coming out as kpoopfags?

No. 75202

having eyes and seeing things is a bannable offense anon. don’t have eyes and see things, you don’t see things, the jannies see things for you and know all and so it becomes just that you got redtexted (sarcasm for the autistic faggots who take what people say on here seriously). fuck the jannies, they’re so damn cynical and hate the entire website yet want to keep being mods, literally why? because some of them are feds taking intelligence and trannies trying to destroy a sacred female space

No. 75203

no intelligence of any kind to be found on 2024 lolcow.farm sadly

No. 75206

uh that does look kind of weird though

No. 75207

File: 1713296412693.jpeg (110.75 KB, 640x491, IMG_1542.jpeg)

yes it does. it takes two to infight. by replying you're giving the baiter what they want and dragging the infight. there's a reason "don't feed the troll" is one of the oldest rules of the internet.
bc we're not here to indulge retards. that anon was selfposting in the third person (she's probably still doing it if this thread is any indication) and shitting up threads with her defensive sperging. she deserved a ban not handholding.

No. 75208

>someone calls you a retard
>call them a retard back
>you get banned, but not them
that’s fair

No. 75209

This happens so often its insane

No. 75210

exactly. shouldn't it be common sense to ban the og troll too, at the very least.

No. 75211

Trolls use this tactic often too where they just report anyone who disagrees with them and of course retarded mods only ban the latter

No. 75212

op image describes the thread perfectly rn kek

No. 75213

mods please ban
>nigelposting outside of /g/
>anyone who goes “ermmmmm”
thank you

No. 75214

they should ban nigelposting everywhere honestly

No. 75215

ermmm actually i agree on that first one

No. 75216

Continued derail after mods already handed out bans hours ago

No. 75218

day 14564 of asking dumbass shit to be taken off autosage. it'll fix this website I know it

No. 75219

They should put unpopular opinons on autosage, see where all the racists there run off to

No. 75221

Thirding this!

No. 75222

cmon mods, its been months. let us out of jail

No. 75223

seriously this, if there's any thread that's a magnet for the worst type of newfags it's unpopular opinions

No. 75224

the fandom thread too

No. 75225

Please don’t autosage any more threads without good reason. Anons may think it’s a good idea now but I guarantee they’ll be whining about how jannies killed /ot/ if one of the most popular threads is autosaged again

No. 75226

can the all fujo discussion please be banned from the fandom thread, they derail every fucking discussion.

No. 75227

dumbass shit come back

No. 75228

File: 1713310370248.png (26.9 KB, 275x222, IMG_1893.png)

Say it with me nonnas
Dumbass shit dumbass shit dumbass shit dumbass shit dumbass shit dumbass shit

No. 75229

fujos posting shota for the dozenth time again

No. 75230

Can you please mass ban the fujos shitting up the fandom thread for the 100th time. Literal non stop off topic sperging with each other

No. 75232

If their discussion involves anything
>Male isekaishit
>Persona 5
It’s the discord/4chan fujos

No. 75233

if the discussion involves "feminised ukes" or implies all fujos are imminent tifs it's pakichan then right?

No. 75234

They’re so repetitive its boring.

No. 75235

fujochan and that fujo discord that gets linked in the thread has done irreparable damage to any weeb discussion here. mods should ban it like they did kpop if this keeps up

No. 75236

ban everything people "infight" about. weight discussions, visual aesthetics, clothes, food, etc. it all has to go. we should discuss shayna only

No. 75237

lc would heal without fujos tbh

No. 75238

not a janny in sight

No. 75239

t. yumefag

No. 75240

Starting to think the harsh moderation is overcompensation for how fucking worthless they are 90% of the time

No. 75241

tonight's chaos is a little funny at least

No. 75242

I wouldn't even mind that the moderation in some threads was super lax and they don't care to stop infights, it's that they're so inconsistent about it. there will be a meltdown in fandom discourse or unpopular opinions and nothing happens meanwhile anon gets banned for misquoting a post

No. 75243

ok pakipoo

no one from fujochan is raiding you faggots, it in its entirety is barely as active as the average cc board. antifujos have a containment thread, use it.

No. 75244

Haha yeah hilarious stale fujo sperging for the millionth time

No. 75245

Who said anything about a raid? Its just noticeable we’ve had an influx of your pathetic kind ever since fc was made and you dont even have the etiquette to stay in your containment thread on a completely separate board, or even better, fuck off back to your dead imageboard to help revive it. No wonder no one wants you here when you’re spamming and derailing every thread you get the chance to.

No. 75246

we don't have a containment thread, we have a general. if it was containment, half the threads on /m/ would die overnight. I don't give a fuck about /ot/ but whatever's going on you probably deserve it. no one ever came from fujochan to here, people come from here to fujochan.

No. 75247

The only thread that gets derailed is the fandom one, which lets be honest is not some bastion of quality discussion on this site even when yaoi isn't the topic

No. 75248

yaoi was on lc before you were

No. 75249

In general, I don't think the fandom thread is necessary. It's a repackaged version of the fandom psychology thread, and rather than critically looking at fandom like it promised, people try to participate in fandom fights and defend their claims. It's just an infight central, all about the same five topics over and over again. Plus, I feel like I've seen more twitterfags and newgfags in there recently than I have in other /ot/ threads. They've still mentioned Kpop, genshin, fujo vs. antifujo infighting, yaoi vs. yuri infighting, and more shota infighting.

No. 75250

Janny is probably a fujoshit herself tbh, they clearly have enough time to waste fighting here daily

No. 75251

Its so obvious when they screenshot certain posts that they’re just venting shit they’re too scared to say to their twitterfag friends
Mods should nuke the thread forever

No. 75252

its true that the demographic was more split in the past and because of that even divide we were all able to cohabitate alright with some occasional modding. imo the influx of newer fujos that post here are a younger and more entitled demographic and the farmhands will police everything to death but them

No. 75253

Clearly works as a containment thread considering I’ve been happily using /m/ for years without running into you retards spamming for hours. Keep it up though, just move your worthless /ot/ posts over there too. Oh and take your newfag fujochan friends with you too who clearly dont know how to integrate
Exactly this, obnoxious little kids who refuse to integrate and think lc is their tiktok comment section. Back then fujos here were trained well in keeping their sperging to a minimum outside the containment

No. 75254

>mods should ban it like they did kpop if this keeps up
Kshit was banned for less at this point. Yaoi has always been here because there was considerable cross over between /cgl/ and /y/ in 4chan's female userbase. Once again, over sensitive newfags that can't contain their autism ruin it for everyone else.

No. 75255

I'm just tired of all the media related drama and discussion threads being in /ot/ instead of /m/

No. 75256

Love this pic

No. 75257

Sorry nonna, gotta keep space on /m/ for randomshit image dump thread #300

No. 75258

Yeah the kshit retards werent on this level but I’m glad farmhands dealt with them regardless
Now if only they would do something similar about the newfag fujos

No. 75259

because /ot/ is the asshole of lolcow, keep that shit far away from /m/.

>Kshit was banned for less at this point
you must not have been around during the time before kpop was banned if you can say that with a straight face. kpop wasn't just banned due to infighting, it was banned because of the daily race wars the most active kpop thread was home to because a good half of the posters in it obsessively hated koreans, something that's actually against the rules for a better reason than "wah, I don't like it." picture celebricows with 70% racists and 30% twitter users spamming fancams of 6/10 men with bowlcuts doing shitty two-steps. you just have a vendetta against fujos. the shotacon is all one person and it might be rancefag if that one farmhand redtext is to be believed.

you know why /m/ never gets spammed? because it's not one of the cesspool boards, that's just the culture of /ot/ in action.

No. 75260

if you can't write a 10,000 word essay on why kshit was banned, there's no other explanation than
>1. you weren't there
>B. you liked it and your autism making you resistant to change prevented you from moving to the multiple kpop boards that popped up in the aftermath
because that was the darkest age of /ot/ and that's saying a lot. the fujos are getting wild on /ot/ because that's what everyone else does on /ot/, blame yourselves.

No. 75261

*and /m/, /m/ had just been created back then and the entire board was dead because everyone was busy fighting to the death in the kpop threads. everytime an unrelated one got bumped, someone would make it about kpop.

No. 75262

That's just how /ot/ and lolcow always i-is, us brave and valiant /m/ fujo sisters would NEVER truly s-shitpost or even visit those dark evil chambers of /ot/, please believe us…

No. 75263

>because /ot/ is the asshole of lolcow, keep that shit far away from /m/.
Not when most of the threads that are shit are media related and most anons there self admittedly come from 4chan cesspools like /co/ and /ic/, clearly clashing with the retard tiktok zoomers and twitter infighters. Lolcow is so polluted with this shit, /ot/ was fine for a while until the media related threads took over, now it's media discussion central.

No. 75264

We don't need a big essay, it was banned because it made the site worse, simple as.

No. 75265

do you think unpopular opinion threads and every other thread that runs on infighting is all an inside job by cryptofujos? you're trying to get something banned because you don't like it, not because it has a reason to be banned.

>Not when most of the threads that are shit are media related
cope of the year kek. /ot/ hasn't been fine since 2017, newfag.

No. 75266

Please don't close the fandom thread, the unpopular opinions infights are too boring for me

No. 75267

how are the fandom infights any less boring? it's the same few topics that were already fought over in all the previous threads

No. 75268

It's just my personal taste in infights nona. It's my opinion.

No. 75269

NTA but celebricows (and unpopular opinions too for that matter) is already like what you described tbh, just with less fancams.

No. 75270

At least it wasn't full of shit as it is today with people admitting to being shotafags. If you think this is somehow okay than even a year ago you're completely wrong

No. 75271

When people have no other option than to assume that everyone is a newfag to win an argument, kek. Seethe more nonny. /ot/ was better without the constant spam of media threads.

No. 75272

then bitch until they lock them and watch it still be an unusable landfill when they pick up a new infighting topic of the month the second they go, no skin off my ass. you're part of the problem.

No. 75273

dumbass shit? hello?

No. 75275

Hello mods stop being retarded and bring back fucking dumbass shit thread, how can unpopular opinions go on unsaged with the constant baiting and infighting but dumbass thread gets all the blame, the newfags are worse than ever, shit literally made no difference, come here and explain
It is unfair and had dumb excuse to go autosage. Why is it every time someone talks about it you fuckers come out of fucking nowhere to tell us to let it go, we want to be dumbasses and seems like you are a fully fledged dumbass with your retarded question. Dumbassery will never leave you, sister.

No. 75276

nta but the things i want to talk about sometimes truly don't fit into any other thread. got banned in mundane shit once because of this kek

No. 75277

File: 1713336214847.jpg (185.37 KB, 720x1456, 103848492181833.jpg)

Farmhand needs to get their eyes checked because objective reality isn't "tinfoil"

No. 75278

It's cause /m/ is the image dump board and nobody wants to fucking use it to discuss anything when AI generated mutations keep being spammed at bindling speeds burying any thread where you need to write a complete sentence including comma.

Moving all the fandom shit to /m/ would be pointless as it would only go back to /ot/ under a different package. If you move fandom discourse there the fandom discourse is going back to artist general. That's where it was after fandom psychology was locked.

The solution is obviously to create a dedicated image dump board. Then all the media shit, including artist general, can go on /m/ and stay there. The state as it is is not user friendly and thus will not be used.

No. 75279

Agreed, anon. An img board would be great.

No. 75280

mods are trannies confirmed

No. 75281


No. 75282

Just close the fandom thread tbh, it discusses nothing on value in the first place since its obviously a place for twitterfags to congregate which just leads to the same loop of infights

No. 75283

Kpop broke it's containment far less often. As someone who is neutral on both kpop and yaoi I was involuntarily exposed to kpop far less. Now anytime yaoi is mentioned in any thread it results in a huge infight because both fujos and anti-fujos can not contain themselves.

>you just have a vendetta against fujos

This paranoid delusion is part of the problem. I pointed out that kpop was less disruptive and that yaoi has always been present on LC. I never called for it to be banned, yet apparently I now have a vendetta against fujos when I don't care either way.

No. 75284

at this point the only ones who want to keep it around are retards who enjoy the infighting like >>75266

No. 75285

File: 1713352633451.png (26.59 KB, 636x578, -.png)

Kek, thank you farmhand.

No. 75286

well if /m/ is effectively a kind of /img/ what's the problem? a bunch of people here supposedly wanted that. we're almost there. (only being a little sarcastic, it doesnt bother me either way)

No. 75287

>ask how does the farmhand know for sure, as I see a few of my posts in that quote chain
>post gets deleted
Suspicious.(chronic ban evader)

No. 75288

To be clear, this is still the same ban evading femboy posting anon from the "post art for nonnies to rate" thread. We are deleting this anons posts because that's how we deal with ban evading attentionwhores, not to hide anything. She is too retarded to cover her tracks and is trying to bait us into telling her what is giving her away.

No. 75289

That’s nice, can you move the media threads on /ot/ to /m/ now

No. 75290

That's so fucking sad, just do your fundies, ic-chan

No. 75293

I honestly don’t like the post deleting other than for moid spam. This site is turning into CC, and soon posts get deleted for the tiniest ”wrongdoing” that just happens to annoy one specific mod that day.

No. 75294

No please keep deleting femboy anon’s posts, I’m tired of that attentionwhore obviously samefagging and referring to themselves in third person. That’s breaking the rules and we shouldn’t entertain them

No. 75295

Same kinda. I feel like post deleting should be kept for moid raids, especially since farmhands sometimes delete random posts that arent even controversial or rule breaking like that kpoop anon from /ot/ yesterday

No. 75296

I get what you mean anon but I think in the case of massive spergs it's okay. It's not like she's just upset the mods one time, they banned her a million times in that thread before they just started deleting. If she won't learn her lesson she doesn't deserve to post here imo. Also I'm like 99% sure she's underaged based on how much she's sperging out so

No. 75297

I also thought they seemed underaged. Probably not the only one in that thread, there's a lot of art that looks like what I drew when I was 15… lol (makes me kinda nostalgic)

No. 75298

File: 1713358642882.png (445.14 KB, 860x1240, elsie.png)

wtd did my post >>>/m/371288 get accussed of being the femboyfag? did you guys just quoted anyone you dislike. I don't even use a VPN i just have a dynamic IP and use incognito because i don't want this shitty site that gets raided by cp almost daily on my history. Here is an old wip of elsie i never finished to prove i am not the femboyfag.

No. 75299

Same, kek. I go as far as spoofing my user agent and posting under a VPN, and my posts were accused of being her. See >>75287. I'm going to leave it alone after this however as I don't really care, it's just kekky to see the mod team scramble to hide their mistakes like this.

No. 75300

This doesnt even surprise me. Staff have gotten so retarded and dont even communicate properly anymore.

No. 75301

They are so fucking retarded. They refuse to ban VPNs, which is good because tranny hate is hate speech in a shit load of countries now, but they are too tech illiterate to acknowledge the idea of anons just having a dynamic IP or using incognito. The only way to know if someone is IP-hopping is through cookies, which my post wouldn't have because they delete as soon as i close the tab. Try it out. Make a post on incognito, then close all the tabs, open your tabs again and try to delete your comment and it won't let you because the password is stored in your cookies. Admins are actually retarded, they would be better off as discord moderators.

No. 75302

You are correct that your post was mistakenly quoted and it has been removed from the list. It was clearly not by the ban evading anon and was added in error.

No. 75303

if there was one mistakingly quoted anon it wouldn't surprise me if there are more. Considering you quoted me despite having no real proof, as i explained in >>75301 i do actually want you to be transparent and explain how you found out that anon was ban evading, because after the first bans the goat femboy anon continued to post without her posts being banned for ''ban evasion''.

No. 75305

Your post being quoted was literally a misclick rather than a mistaken identity, I was just retarded. Posting specific proof would mean making it easier for her and anyone else reading to ban evade, but essentially there are steps you have already alluded to that she didn't bother doing

No. 75307

iirc different jannies mods different boards. /m/ is one of the less busy ones do the farmhand is more reactive
they really need more farmhands for /ot/ though. if you report something during euro hours a redtext doesn't appear until the yanks come back on

No. 75308

>Posting specific proof would mean making it easier for her any anyone else reading to ban evade,
There are already entire cow history exposé pages exposing how staff tracks post histories.

No. 75309

It is weird that they conveniently reply and ignore to certain things. Even if its just a final word post saying they’ll never make /img/ or never put dumbass shit thread off autosage would be better than straight up ignoring complaints and only posting when they want to own a retarded shitposter in public. Like what was the point of the post-hellweek thread if there are no updates on anything discussed in there? Even if those updates are just an affirmative “no”.

No. 75310

Oh sorry i dont know if you deleted nona or if mods cleared up

No. 75311

sounds like anon was too dumb or lazy to clear her shit between IP hops kek. typical zoomer

No. 75313

I agree that /ot/ would probably benefit from a Euro hours farmhand. The lack of moderation at certain times is noticeable.

Finding the links and info would require newfags to lurk and they would need a minimum competence to understand how to use that information. Let's not spoon feed the retards.


Dynamic IP. You live in the same area as someone that keeps getting banned.

No. 75314

I thought this exactly kek

No. 75315

You're so salty over a mistake. Calm down.

No. 75316

You were derailing the thread, you idiot. Adding to infighting by calling anons crabs just like the femboy. You expect people to not report you?

No. 75319

Racebait >>>/w/325042

No. 75320

It is a rating thread. Getting mad at advice and telling anons they can't give any unless they post their own work is a personal issue for you, anon, it makes you sound just like the /ic/fag. How do you even know anons can't draw behind their advice? Your post was inflammatory. Stop defending yourself. You chimped out in /meta/ over a mistake for being grouped in with the poster, but your post sounds just like her.

No. 75321

What is it with newfags acting like jannies can answer any of that stuff? Some random janny from /m/ doesn't have the authority to take dumbass shit off autosage or make a new board

No. 75322

It's not racebait if it's true. Not sure why anons can talk about Japanese salarymen's infidelity culture but Chinese is just too far? Oh wait it's the Taylor R thread again of course.

No. 75323

And no one implied as such you dumb fuck

No. 75324

Defending racebait is on another level,all men cheat, chinese men aren't suddenly more known for it. Also calling chinese men ugly isn't bait? Fuck off.

No. 75326

The anon I replied to literally said its weird the janny is replying to this stuff and ignoring bigger things like she has any control over it. It's not her fault admin is ghosting us kek

No. 75327

I genuinely don't get admin's vision for the site. They want the glory days of lolcows back, they also want it to be a cute cc-esque hugbox with no jokes or shitposting allowed, and the ideal user doesn't use ot/g/m at all, and conjures up milk from the ether to post on the even stricter cow boards? Are the three admins just constantly going back and forth on the same account? If someone has any idea please illuminate me.

No. 75328

They can still address shit like moving media threads off /ot/, they arent some hapless lambs with zero authority. Even 1 reply saying something has been noted/passed onto admins is better than radio silence.
Also farmhands have previously discussed the dumbass shit thread problem in these threads, it isnt only cerbmin.

No. 75329

So they should speak about uncertain moves as if they are admin? If they aren't addressing it, they don't plan on it. What's there to say then? Anons have asked this for over a year now. Take the hint.

No. 75330

Huh, funny how you conveniently ignored me saying that even just communicating briefly, even as an affirmative negative, is better than nothing.
>uncertain moves
They have every authority to move threads to the correct boards. Why would they be jannys if they have to ask mommy admin for something as basic as that.

No. 75331

did you even read my post?

No. 75332

What if it is on the works and they don't know, then it comes out and anons call them a liar? Let it go. Just keep tabs open of threads you like. That way boards don't matter except for rules.

No. 75333

One sperg asserting the fandom discourse thread should be moved to /m/ does not mean farmhands are obligated to do what you want. /m/ has a distinct culture and fandom discourse has much more in common, including the anons who post there, with the rest of /ot/ than it does with /m/

No. 75334

You cant cope with saying its 1 bogeyman when several anons have said they're tired of you retards being in /ot/

No. 75335

We already have threads like transwashing, woke media cringe, and video game sexism on /m/ which discuss similar topics as the fandom thread

No. 75336

Its a thread about media culture, so it should be on the media board. Simple as that. That thread isnt even my main gripe with farmhands but considering how you latched onto that point I imagine you’re one of those retards who loves the infighting in that thread shitting up /ot/

No. 75337

Ayrt, I mainly use /m/ and I don’t want the retards of /ot/ to ruin the culture of /m/. Just hide the thread if you don’t like it. It’s obviously different anons who use the /ot/ fandom discourse thread than the anons who use /m/

No. 75338

>i dont want it on /m/ because i dont like it!
Ok… dont care. There are boards for different things for a reason and you can hide that thread in the same manner on /m/

No. 75339

You deleted your last reply to me, so I don't care. Your post deserved the ban it got whether you are the /ic/ poster or not. You're just mad you got lumped into a post about them. Don't act like your post wasn't on par with them.

No. 75340

I can't believe grown adults can't just keep tabs on thread they gaf about in general and keep it at that. It's not this deep. Its an imageboard.

No. 75341

And the /ot/ gender ideology hate thread should be moved to /2X/, the /ot/ TMI thread should be moved to /g/, celebricows should be moved to /snow/. Right. For anons that don’t really understand how imageboards work, there’s always going to be some overlap between board content. However, each board has unique anons and culture, which has been cultivated by the board it’s on. It doesn’t make sense to move around long-established threads when they obviously best suit a particular board’s culture

No. 75342

>It’s obviously different anons who use the /ot/ fandom discourse thread than the anons who use /m/
This is flat out delusional

No. 75344

No, it’s really not. /ot/ fandom discourse is full of twitterfags moralfagging about fujos, while /m/ has anons who actually are versed in IBs

No. 75345

You see the same moralfagging on /m/, what bizzaro /m/ are you using? I've had several conversations with the same anons on both boards in passing

No. 75346

Autosage the ridiculous photoshoppers thread, its just filled with unsaged vendettafags, self posters and hi-cows.

No. 75347

kek retard

No. 75348

Lol, /m/ has massive overlap with /ot/, literally the same exact topics are brought up with the same exact points on both boards, it's just the slowness of /m/ means that infights fizzle out much faster unless you're dealing with a giga-autist.

No. 75349

No. 75350

Mods are somehow way more present than the past and yet way less effective than old staff wrt the userbase

No. 75351

they seem more concerned with banning things they don’t like and pushing arbitrary rules vs actual moderating. i dont think anything can really be done about it past venting in /meta/

No. 75352

Rancefag who no one tolerates on /m/ and the sexism thread which should be moved to /ot/ because it's full of /ot/ards? Because where else are you seeing faggots like that. They can autosage or lock the threads because they aren't welcome on /m/. Or bring back /sty/.

No. 75353

my posts were in the chain too. i’m starting to suspect farmhands are just pissy people drew her oc for whatever reason kek

No. 75354

But then when you vent in /meta/ you get the whiteknights in full force telling you to shut up and be grateful, kek. At that point just delete /meta/ since nothing we ask gets answered anyway

No. 75355

when everything's against the rules, nothing is. with nucow it's lrn2evade and hold your most regarded posts in until the tranny jannies go to sleep.

No. 75356

>don't like it? hide it!
Then why can't you do that…? Why do you have a problem with it in the first place?

No. 75357

And which one were your posts?

No. 75358

i didn't delete anything, that wasn't me. And i stand with my post, the anons crabbing are on part with the femboy fag in terms of autism.

No. 75359

if we could actually hide posts then 90% of issues would be solved. hurry up and update this shitty ib software already.

No. 75360

>celebricows should be moved to /snow/
They already tried that and it was a disaster. The celebicow thread is basically a containment for tourists from Twitter and LSA. /m/ is where it belongs.

No. 75361

we honestly don't have enough users for board culture to be a meaningful phrase here.

yes. the bans here are given out so freely yet are laughably easy to evade… another of God's little tests.

No. 75362

>It doesn’t make sense to move around long-established threads
The fandom thread(s) aren't even that old.

No. 75363

>I was just retarded
Farmhand come on don't just admit it like that, love yourself

No. 75364

I like when they delete stuff.

No. 75365

No u. I hope you're happy.

No. 75366

kek are you the same retard that banned that other nona for making a typo

No. 75367

>/m/ has a distinct culture
Kek, what? I’ve been using /m/ for maybe the last 6(?)ish years and I have no idea what “distinct culture” you’re talking about. Besides maybe the snail pace discussions that die in a few replies and silent image dumps, if you consider that culture.

No. 75368


No. 75369

That anon even replied to you and said they should've re-read their post. You really only come to /meta/ to try to start infights. Go outside.

No. 75370

>/m/ is where it belongs
>when /ot/ is already the board for newfags, batshit personalityfags, infighting, and twitter tourists galore
nah, it belongs there. it's a containment board at this point, and that's how it's users like it.

No. 75371

Finally a nonna who understands the way of things

No. 75372

one day th/ot/s are gonna need to to stop blaming everyone but themselves for their board being the way it is and face reality

No. 75373

Calling users thots makes no sense.

No. 75374

You wouldn’t get it

No. 75375

least retarded /m/aggot

No. 75376

now this is a newfag

No. 75377

I have been here since 2018, sadly

No. 75378

do any of you seriously believe the posters on /m/ and /ot/ are entirely different people? there's like 5k people here total, pretty sure everyone posts in threads they like on each board. there is no "board culture" that's different between them it's all the same people

No. 75379

Honestly reeks of the /ic/ poster trying tobe creative.

No. 75380

Don’t mald over a joke

No. 75381

Its just one retard, probably the same dumbass who is fighting tooth and nail to keep her infight thread on /ot/

No. 75382

you are my least favourite flavour of schizo, the cancer actually killing lolcow by trying to turn every anon you dislike into your boogeyman personalityfag

No. 75383

You really stand out, nonna. Talk about personalityfagging.

No. 75384

It was two different anons quoted here >>75376 so no, probably not

No. 75385

I honestly wonder if they are crying on 4chan about being banned on lolcow lol

No. 75386

>you really stand out i swearsies!!
>claims a post talking about an unrelated topic is mine just because she dislikes that anon
kek, my side. This is my post btw >>75375

No. 75387

been here since 2016, worked my way from janny up to mod at one point believe it or not!

if it was all the same people, the post quality would reflect that. it's not. there are a ton of /ot/ onlies.

No. 75388

This has to be bait. Those are same things here, anon.