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File: 1705180140528.jpg (351.65 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_560e116cc6be9b7c7d0ddfb…)

No. 1954761

Doyle Valentine, also known as Hamburger Baby, is a Costa Rican artist and musician. His art, music, and blog are wildly inappropriate, containing gay bdsm, pictures of tombstones of child he doesn't even know, occult references, and kidnap situations.
<romanticizes serial killers, eating disorders, and child abuse in his music
<posts gory and disturbing content on his tumblr
<uses watercolor art by nicole dollanganger as his blog's background without credit
<posts and reblogs gay bdsm and dominant/submissive cp
https://www.instagram.com/flowersoffleshandblood/(shit thread)

No. 1954762

what in the dollanganger calf

No. 1954763

what a coinkydink, the ND thread was bumped just 15m before this shit (self)post

No. 1954765

Is this actually a man or a TIFfie?

No. 1954777

Boring, he (she? There was one another sadbbyboi poser like that which was definitely FtM, but not sure if it was that Hamburger loser or another one) was mentioned in calf threads. Doesn't deserve separate thread, it's pathetic but not milky enough. selfpost?

No. 1954781

Tranny or not this person is nobody and has like 4 SoundCloud followers and 5 songs total in its catalog. Nothing about the blog or music is edgy in 2024. Self post or what

No. 1954785

Just post this person in the Nicole calves thread

No. 1954786

File: 1705183573625.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.35 KB, 500x400, tumblr_3cc90268a62bcbac81f201f…)

found this on his tumblr.. not sure what to make of it

No. 1954787

go through his archive, there's sm really creepy pics of horror characters and also a random post about the boy in the box

No. 1954790

It's gay porn. Not too surprising for an edgy fakeboi

No. 1954796

least obvious selfpost.

No. 1954797

What would anyone make of a poorly compressed image from the 1990s? If you think this is shocking, wait until you see Lil Nas X

No. 1954801

how do you even know it's from the 90s? and besides its just so weird like the rest of his posts omg

No. 1954805

Even if this wasn't a self-post it would be really funny someone thought this girl was remarkable at all. Just another generic clone copy, and a really lazy one at that.

No. 1954808

Oh my god…bloody easter bunny…with a head photoshopped in a basket…..so disturbed….worse than goatse for sure… I will never sleep again after seeing this artificial gore photo….so much worse than LiveLeak…

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