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File: 1713722936569.jpg (109.47 KB, 680x632, 1712113116542738.jpg)

No. 1987643

>Admin note: Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.
/ot/ gender ideology general thread: >>>/ot/1894283

News sites/Studies:
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885#pone.0016885.s002 (relation between committing a violent sexual crime and srs)

Gender Critical Writings and Websites:
https://www.chimamanda.com/ (Writings of Chimamanda Ngozi, a Nigerian gender critical feminist)
https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/ (JK Rowling's essay)

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cOANC_ykPxL_TZGnkxZCb4HNc-2tvfuK (vile comments made by TRAs)
https://odysee.com/@Skirt_Go_Spinny:7 (documentaries about TiMs and Trans activism)
https://web.archive.org/web/20231021212912/https://www.tumblr.com/chlorinatedpopsicle/654101574490161152/new-and-improved-not-our-crimes-this-never (Violent crimes by TiMs)

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No. 1987648

File: 1713723070502.jpg (16.92 KB, 450x124, cappe9.jpg)


Hm? Yes? How many nickles would you have?
Also why are tras acting like people cannot differentiate women with pcos from trans women, it's not like testosterone is gonna make a woman into a full man and viceversa lol if only I had their imaginations I would be a famous novelist by now

No. 1987649

File: 1713723096280.png (5.54 KB, 333x200, GLBI-DLXEAAUGH0.png)

No. 1987653

I know nothing about this man, but I can tell he likely abuses children.(tinfoiling)

No. 1987690

Put this in the Lily Orchard thread but that threads been dead since its creation so maybe it’s better suited for here. Essence of Thought is continuing to cry about Vangelina Skov “plagiarizing” and is going after Courtney (Lily Orchard’s sister/rape victim) for calling out how Essence obviously used the situation for views. Also Essence’s yes man Levi is in this video to bitch at Courtney and Britt (another person that Courtney is having beef with over some other petty shit >>1987194 )

No. 1987702

File: 1713737485135.mp4 (9.54 MB, 1920x1080, Man gets KO'd after letting do…)

kek there was some fight video on /r/publicfreakout and i noticed the two trannies, it's funny how clockable they are not just by looks but movement. i have NEVER seen a woman get up like the fat one here

No. 1987712

They dent biology so much, it's insane. Biology is now hate speech. 1984

No. 1987749

How much further can they take this shit until people get completely tired of it? How much? Because I can’t wait until normies stop catering to this disgrace of humanity.

No. 1987761

File: 1713757522503.jpeg (677.99 KB, 828x1432, IMG_2052.jpeg)

it’s really fascinating how many men troon out in pursuit of the “female orgasm” (which they assume is totes like the faked porn orgasms they jack off to), only to be disappointed by the reality of chemical castration

No. 1987781

God's irony of making people with a fetish take drugs that removes their libido and abilty to feel any lust trying to fulfill that fetish is simply so perfect and hilarious. Imagine being such a coomer that your ultimate coomer goal makes you never have a boner again. Delicious.

No. 1987789

It gives me joy they'll never experience genuine bean flicking.

No. 1987803

Imagine being the therapist who has to deal with those freaks. He's a surprisingly honest tranny though, they tend to lie about how they totally experience female orgasms when they have none of the necessary parts for it kek.

No. 1987856

Porn has destroyed these dudes brains so much it’s crazy. Orgasms are great but they can also the most mundane thing ever. I know there are some legitimate differences between male and female orgasms, but not as much as they think. Sometime it’s just getting off in the morning and going about your day, not some earth-shattering experience that leaves your legs shaking for hours on end. I wish they saw women as normal humans. It’s honestly embarrassing for them. Have they not actually interacted with women ever in their lives?

No. 1987877

What the fuck is a full body orgasm, even? TMI but I only feel my orgasms in my pussy kek, am I missing out nonas?

No. 1987878

Even if they have interacted (sexually) with real women, it wouldn't make a difference. One, because men suck at incorporating real experience into their worldview, and two, because any woman insecure enough to date a tranny is going to be fake-screaming after two seconds of him dry rubbing her labia so that he doesn't feel "inadequate" or whatever.

It's a porn concept that women have this otherworldly full-body experience that men troon out in pursuit of. Ironically, it's not so much an idealization of the female body as it is a male-centric view of how incredible cock is - that the orgasms women give men are underwhelming, but the orgasm a man gives a woman is an earth-shattering full-body experience.

You're perfectly normal, nona. Sure, sometimes if you have a really intense orgasm other parts of your body can feel tingly/nice, but it's not like you're going to feel like you're having an orgasm from all over your body.

No. 1987891

File: 1713795058433.png (82.67 KB, 498x281, IMG_0122.png)

Starting to see a pattern here. Male takes hormones or gets “feminization” surgery where they chop his dick off, sex drive goes down, inability to be sex pest goes down, and eventually they kill themselves. Could making males eunuchs make them less violent? I wish more of them would chop their dicks so it makes them so depressed they can’t use their weapons of violence and rape (their dicks) it actually kills them. Rev up that 41% please, can’t stand this nonsense about “female orgasms” like what the actual fuck is this man talking about

No. 1987899

Kek he read all of the creative writing other TiMs post to cope and he thought it would genuinely happen to him. They're excellent at unintentionally trolling each other.

No. 1987900

That’s exactly why we’ve been castrating livestock for thousands of years, yeah.

No. 1987904

File: 1713796484633.jpg (558.81 KB, 1080x1598, 1000039413.jpg)

Ever since this faggot trooned out, I keep seeing his comics all over my TL.

No. 1987905

These people unironically think women have 30 minute non stop full body convulsing orgasms because something something pigs (FYI, it's the male pigs who take a long time to ejaculate their entire load, it's absolutely nothing to do with sows.)

No. 1987908

File: 1713797347682.jpg (742.77 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230529-231334_Tin…)

Found some old screenshots I took when I was on Tinder, for context I'm a lesbian

No. 1987909

File: 1713797376003.jpg (682.7 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230526-183514_Tin…)

No. 1987912

I'm so sorry argenona, you live in the LATAM country with the worst tranny problem

No. 1987915

Uuuuuuh why bring pigs (the animal?) up?

No. 1987919

I hate that TRA are pushing dysphoria as a deferential diagnosis like this. Doubt should be cast on any single psychological diagnosis that purports to resolve 70% of a person's mental problems. For one, research is mixed on whether there's any kind of improvement to patients' psychological wellbeing. But also, we've been here before; psychiatric medicine is particularly vulnerable to being overtaken these sorts of diagnoses dejour. We saw it with lobotomy, recovered memory, and DID, and I believe we're seeing it again.

No. 1987921

I actually did used to have a girlfriend who’d basically have a full-on seizure every time she came. I’ve never experienced anything like that personally, and I can definitely say that if I’d seen her do it in a porn video I’d assume she was faking it. I hope that she wasn’t faking orgasms when I went down on her. Out of the 6 women I’ve had sex with she was the only one who orgasmed like that.(derailing/blogposting)

No. 1987932

We have perfect solutions to the tranny and male problem yet we never want to enact upon it cause muh human rights kek. Castrate these fucks pls so they can go away and die in a puddle of their own dickwound puss

No. 1987937

File: 1713803219138.jpg (24.01 KB, 617x130, ouroboros.jpg)

TIMs using the terf rethoric to be toxic, abusive and misogynistic? Must have been a shock to you.

No. 1987939

No. 1987941

The whole pig orgasm story has become a meme that I've seen moids unironically apply to women as well, just like how incels unironically think it's common for women to have sex with dogs. Troons in particular have the most fucked up, delusional view of female anatomy and sexuality not rooted in any sort of reality.

No. 1987946

if they were smart, they'd be going after prostate orgasms but that might not be ~~womanly~~ enough for them

No. 1987961

I love reading posts where they ask how to be more uwu feminine in bed. They tell each other to do high-pitched moans and shit, like they really expect that hentai, ahegao, milk spraying out of nipples, pissing/squirting everywhere shit to be normal.

No. 1987966

File: 1713812206031.png (534.3 KB, 1042x648, KUdVs2k.png)

they are beyond mocking parody

No. 1987974

Moids who believe “all” or “most” women do gangbangs, have sex with dogs, have 100+ bodycount etc. are completely pornsick and have little to no normal interactions with women. They’re really just telling on themselves and the type of media they consume.

No. 1987981

File: 1713815202692.png (1.17 MB, 1130x1016, wow.png)

Honestly when this popped up and with the first half of the title, I thought the sub was gonna make fun of him, like "this non-binary person just discovered highlighter and it looks awful"

No. 1987982

were all of the comments positive kek

No. 1987989

it's makeupaddiction, what do you think? I remember some Lovecraft looking troon years ago who had w wig he liked to place like a third of a way down his forehead and who's chin was basically the length of his forehead and you can bet he was coddled to death. It didn't matter what his makeup looked like and frankly none of these men need to wear it even if they can do whatever the hell they want, It just makes them look like they're special needs.

No. 1987990

i hope they realize that a trans inclusionary radfem is an oxymoron. they are literally just talking to some libfem idiot who probably didn't want to coddle them. I've never heard a legitimate feminist claim to be trans inclusionary even though everyone knows that feminism includes tifs.

No. 1987994

sad because i really like the shading and technical application of the colors, could harness that skill to take up painting or other art. but it looks so bad on that face. the false confidence is irritating. most people would be like "OOF, tried a new look and it's… not for me! but i'm getting there" it's ok to be learning something and end up looking foolish in the process if you're willing to have a little laugh at yourself and keep trying. but fuck self awareness when you can be slay and annoying and unlikable lol

No. 1987995

One thing I've noticed is that lesbian fetishists do not get anywhere near the same amount of hate that gay male fetishists get. If a woman said she was a gay man trapped in a woman's body she would get absolutely torn apart, not told that she was actually a twans boi or something.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1988001

>i really like the shading and technical application of the colors
girl where? there's 5 billion eyeshadow tutorials from skilled women that he probably just looked up for his palette and copied. i see evidence of shaky hands. and the streak down the cheek, what?

No. 1988004

What the fuck is the random red line going down the side of his face?? Also, didn't even bother to shave his gross chin or put makeup on it, much less use photoshop or filters. I get the sense that he doesn't identify as trans because he is fully aware he doesn't pass and never will.

No. 1988005

File: 1713820745951.jpg (252.07 KB, 720x885, 1000005763.jpg)

Sorry for fanart, but the title just sounds so much like an Onion headline. Also, wasn't this posted last thread?

No. 1988007

Geek moid behavior. Most troons are just modern-day geeks and predators.

No. 1988008

File: 1713820932697.jpeg (170.19 KB, 828x530, IMG_2099.jpeg)

Because gay men don’t put up with troon shit

No. 1988009

as the one who posted orig, kek

No. 1988010

File: 1713821409062.jpg (15.93 KB, 275x206, 1696675032114.jpg)

>feminism includes tifs.

while ironically tifs whine that they do not need feminism because they're "men", to the point that they do not see any sexism discrimination as "they did it because I'm a men! see? even men suffer!".

No. 1988012

No. 1988014

It’s strange how these motherfuckers keep trying to convince normal people that they’re only a very small minority yet they’re constantly shoved into our fucking faces and were forced to accept them. They have literal subreddits bend to their entire whim while they let racists and misogynist scrotes come and run the place. Women are gonna learn a hard lesson on not gatekeeping and putting boundaries where they need to be because why do you keep letting faggots and trannies on to these subreddits where they don’t belong?

No. 1988016

If you go on r/askgaybros you can see this in action all the time. Tifs always asking if they’re welcome there and getting ripped to shreds in the comments. Somehow, none of the gay men get banned from Reddit, just the lesbians who stand up to tims.

No. 1988043

that's a tif though, she rages against radfems almost always, cause someone called her a porn addict once.

No. 1988055

it is impossible to browse any beauty-related or woman-adjacent subreddit anymore. every other post is "i'm a MAN but i wore nail polish UPDOOTS PLEASE ignore the fetish content in my post history" or "i'm just a widdol 6'3" twans wammin wearing poorly applied lipstick and a halloween wig validate me, bootlickers" ad nauseam. reddit is tranny central anyway so it's just more incentive to never use the site.

No. 1988092

File: 1713840990314.jpg (144.54 KB, 1080x1199, 439998185_10163353423609186_82…)

(sage your shit)

No. 1988093

What post is this from?

No. 1988094

File: 1713842684521.png (408.09 KB, 1293x711, threadsource.png)

No. 1988096

Early but next thread pic please
I hope to live long enough to see the day every women on earth peaks and start euthanizing all trannies that invade our spaces

No. 1988109

File: 1713852984007.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x2010, IMG_4734.jpeg)

The way they always refer to these hulking moids as “the hottest woman to ever walk the earth!!1!1” just shows how disingenuous they are. They know they’re lying to themselves kek

No. 1988115

File: 1713854778224.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1080, highlighting queen.png)

what the fuck, kek. if a woman did this, she'd be laughed down to hell.
> either eyeshadow or contour creeping down from his eyebrows (???)
> one massive dot of highlighter on the corner crease of his right eye
> angularly applied eyeshadow
> mascara so light that it's nonexistent (plus, women are basically expected to wear false eyelashes now, anyway)
> slit between eyeshadow and eyeliner that's so similar to the eyeshadow color that it looks like a sloppy mistake
> color scheme completely washes him out
i'll take my ban for nitpicking, but sweet lord. kek at the makeupfags in picrel.

No. 1988123

>tfw you have to intentionally raise your brows up to your five head because you know as soon as they come down no one is gonna be able to see shit
>it's still over for y'all

No. 1988129

File: 1713859552312.png (20.56 KB, 900x426, a.png)

based women refusing to play into delusion
also this thread is hilarious. libtard mods too fast even for unddit

No. 1988131

I think he has some kind of huge scar, burn or birthmark on the side of his face. It's not makeup.

No. 1988148

File: 1713869758616.png (967.72 KB, 1640x2092, zXjiw1s.png)

can't imagine how much of a cryptid he likely looks like.

No. 1988152

File: 1713871417999.png (637.58 KB, 672x2879, hairlinetimeline.png)

checked out this specimen posted in the previous thread and it's a goldmine

LMFAOOO nature is healing, get his ass

No. 1988153

LMAO even if he were truly a UK size 8, which is not impossible, he would still look like a moid. That's hat their unearned male confidence makes them blind to: they will always look like a stick and not fill these clothes like a woman, period.

No. 1988154

File: 1713871929714.webp (1018.09 KB, 2316x3088, jnaz3r1qw1mc1.webp)

Like this apparently

No. 1988160

People who are “unbothered” don’t usually have to post selfies to prove any point. They just get on with their lives. In fact, anyone who uses the term “unbothered” is actually bothered as hell.

No. 1988162


No. 1988168

File: 1713875974039.jpeg (402.45 KB, 1125x1238, IMG_0758.jpeg)

this tranny loved being a man, would brag about how much beard pomade he had online.

No. 1988169

lmao the gaslighting is insane

No. 1988180

Only a male to think like that kek where is that tiny violin

No. 1988183

Wild misuse of the term privilege.

No. 1988192

I’m very sorry if it’s the wrong place to ask and I’ll gracefully take my ban if so, but does anyone know if that trans-detrans-trans mentally ill, drugged out, cult member vibes youtuber still has his channel up and what’s the name of it? It was a pale moid with long black hair, I had watched a video of him when he said he was detransing before he did a 180 and filmed himself during a psychotic episode or something.

No. 1988196

With a tattoo like "Forever Young", he probably thinks he's going to 41% before he turns 40. Sadly he'll just limp along being a drag on society and anyone around him.

No. 1988199

wow etinne sin's going through a rough time at walmart

No. 1988200

lmao, he does look like him.

No. 1988205

OT but the obvious attempt by that troon at skinwalking rhea ripley is fucking creepy. i swear every single MTF has a woman in mind that they plan on using like a costume

No. 1988212

Do you mean BPD case Isaac / Cluniac? Not sure which part of his insanity cycle he is on right now. His current YT handle is "Isaac Uncooked".

No. 1988231

File: 1713894526513.mp4 (11.46 MB, The truth about lesbian relati…)

ugly man explains lesbianism

No. 1988232

File: 1713894573274.png (560 KB, 1088x429, 2JnzYC2.png)

behold, the worst libfem take on TIMs in women's sports.

No. 1988238

File: 1713895311631.mp4 (2.98 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_736077730473528860…)

happy lesbian visibility week lmao

No. 1988240

>it excludes so many people
Yeah, as definitions usually do. Fucking retard.
>your gender doesn't describe sexuality, attraction does
>>>masculinity = male, femininity = female
>>>>>feminine identifying individuals
It's like he's trying to tick off all boxes on the retarded tranny bingo.
KEKKKK it's always the coomers with a lesbian fetish, ill-fitted clothes, and awkward mannerisms that film these videos.

No. 1988243

are they trolling? lmao

No. 1988248

That’s the one. Thank you anon, may your skin forever be clear and clothes available in your size.

No. 1988251

Fucking. Yikes.

No. 1988252

Laughed so hard at this I broke a rib. More seriously, that total lack of awareness is astounding. It is already happening and they have already stolen many opportunities from young girls and women (with the added downside of traumatising several of them in locker rooms and severely injuring girls and women in football and basketball…).

My sides. Is this a parody?

That has to be trolling.

No. 1988253

I'm late but holy shit keeeek nona, I cackled

No. 1988260

File: 1713900244133.jpg (76.32 KB, 832x394, Untitled.jpg)

make all the condescending videos you want, women still don't want to fuck you

No. 1988266

Autistic moids should go back to being interested in trains or coding instead of lesbians. It's genuinely insulting.

No. 1988276

>We have Dr. Frank N Furter at home
>The Dr. Frank N Furter at home:

No. 1988277

File: 1713904811886.png (861.04 KB, 1250x600, MmG38ho.png)

what are some other moids you could see transitioning? my pick would probably be robert evans, I used to listen to his podcast a few years back and the subject was beyond interesting. but robert and his friends were the most infusrrable types of liberals you could imagine and like half the time he used to get things wrong or present them through an extremely biased lens. I stopped listening to him, but then low and behold I would see him on twitter trying to dunk on "terfs" and acting genuinely embarrassing. I was not surprised to learn that he was an anarchist and bisexual, he also occasionally brought up porn in his podcast(unprompted) and thought banning porn was fascism.

No. 1988281

samefag, forget to mention he's poly as well.

No. 1988284

File: 1713905978692.jpg (213.29 KB, 1080x952, 1000005346.jpg)

it's not that deep. it's the misogyny and thinking womens lives are easier

No. 1988285

>it's the misogyny
It's funny that this was not even on his radar. Moids are oblivious to misogyny.

No. 1988289

File: 1713906882996.png (712.53 KB, 999x1130, Screenshot_20230901-083618_Duc…)

This anon was right

No. 1988291

Put Sam Bankman-freid back in prison

No. 1988295

I am a nonny who loves mecha and I hate seeing them taking everything good grr. Leave my mechas alone

No. 1988296

This guys tiktoks have been showing up on my fyp, all he does is call out other insane TIMs and i just can't take him seriously talking about respecting biological women while looking like a blow up sex doll

No. 1988298

>looks like a child
>ooh so pretty!!!
totally not pedos though

No. 1988304

Until he said he was a TIM I honestly thought he was a drag queen because of how absurd his makeup is. That foundation is way too pale and the overlining is caricature tier.

No. 1988306

Whatever that hamplanet is in back, why would it tooth smile so much with an entire missing tooth in front? Looks like redneck drag.

No. 1988307

its like they're starting to understand but then the delusions take over and they stop making sense again

No. 1988309


No. 1988310

Kekkkkk it looks like it was filmed at a group home for Whitaker Clan rejects.

No. 1988311

I fucking lost it when he yelled "FAAALSE" in the faggiest scrote voice possible, holy shit ahaha. Mega cope.
"Women all day long for me" also makes him sound like a douchebag fuckboy.

No. 1988326

Isaac, Isaac uncooked, his real name is Kobe I think but he’s still mentally ill and crazy

No. 1988330

File: 1713914330339.jpeg (178.47 KB, 1125x431, IMG_0769.jpeg)

1/4 nonnas, the way that tims contradict themselves is insane

No. 1988331

File: 1713914359533.jpeg (575.2 KB, 1125x1844, IMG_0767.jpeg)


No. 1988332

File: 1713914382761.jpeg (128.15 KB, 1125x343, IMG_0768.jpeg)

No. 1988333

File: 1713914407547.jpeg (148.64 KB, 1125x403, IMG_0766.jpeg)

It’s literally all sexual 4/4

No. 1988334

Oh my lord, where is their respite worker?

No. 1988352

File: 1713922342562.jpg (131.66 KB, 1080x538, 1000034241.jpg)

there's a force-feminization discord bot because of course there is. jfc

No. 1988353

His mannerisms are so fucking obnoxious, it's like a shit-smeared orc trying to imitate what it thinks human girls act like

No. 1988354

At least a trans person is actually starting to understand what's peaking women. The bimbo thing doesn't help but nothing will when you're pretending to be a woman as a man. I miss the world where the majority of cross dressers kept it at home and drag queens at late night clubs.

No. 1988356

>little girls who will serve
Pedos really have zero shame

No. 1988357

Not Discord, but character.ai. Someone should report the bot so it can get taken down.

No. 1988363

File: 1713927002415.mp4 (16.37 MB, 720x1280, Untitled video - Made with Cli…)

Is this the original?

No. 1988368

knew what this was going to be before i even clicked on it lmfao, good work

No. 1988392

what else would one expect from libfems that think prostitution is a genuine career path women should consider? they clearly don't understand that this is the livelihood for female athletes, they can't just find something else to do

No. 1988401

No. 1988406

Damn…. Based

No. 1988409

maybe they mean climaxing and shivering after?

No. 1988416

A male enby autist i knew was the kind to sperg about him not being able to care for kids properly and how getting a kid is unethical etc so he never wanted to have one, so maybe easier options for males to sterilize themselves outside of troonism isn't such a bad idea kek

No. 1988441

Nonnie men are idiots. They truly believe women are simultaneously less than human but also divine and that we have this mythical experience while orgasming despite being normal human beings. They’re so stupid that they didn’t even think the female orgasm existed for centuries, now somehow we experience the end-all, be-all orgasm because that’s how it’s depicted in porn.

No. 1988444

Are you new? No, trannies keep describing their fictional female orgasms that are earth shattering, apparently, and last for hours and they go for several rounds in one go. It's all porn, nonnie. It's all just porn fantasy. They have absolutely no fucking idea how a woman's body work, like most moids, which is always hilarious because they couldn't be more male while larping as women.

No. 1988486

Some men still don't think it exists and have no problem outing themselves by talking about it publically. That smug manlet Ben Shapiro did so pretty recently kek.

No. 1988497

File: 1713973739524.png (62.07 KB, 408x773, Screenshot 2024-04-241.png)

No. 1988507

Sorry if repost
>lesbian bar to open in London on a members only system to prevent transwomen from entering
The comments are full of but-hurt trannys crying. Many comments suggesting TIFs should go and overtake it as a gottcha. Do they not realise that those who don’t see TIMs as women also don’t see TIFs as male? Some also said about camping outside to shame women entering and leaving.
>mfw women can’t have anything without threatened male violence

No. 1988537

Woman in her natural physical state vs moid whose shrimp is hard because he's sexually aroused is NOT the same thing. The dissonance and irony of comparing these two is insane, vile and porn sick statement.

No. 1988555

I hate using this word but why is it a bad thing for there to be a "cis woman" only lesbian bar? TiMs have their own T4T stuff and there are other bars open to them anyways

No. 1988563

It’s a tale as old as time. Moids can’t handle female rejection.

No. 1988574

File: 1713988681299.jpeg (631.17 KB, 828x769, IMG_2157.jpeg)

>TIF: enters lesbian bar
>Picrel: mfw
>Trannies: owned
t. lesbian tomboy enthusiast

No. 1988591

TRAs see it as an oppressor class creating segregated spaces in which an oppressed class is forbidden entry. Of course the reality is that a lesbian bar forbidding heterosexual males from entry is the exact opposite of that, but TRAs don't see it that way because they're willfully delusional.

No. 1988607

File: 1713993174590.jpeg (358.71 KB, 828x681, IMG_2162.jpeg)

the mythical female orgasm strikes again!

No. 1988612

i mean good but 1. is this true and 2. how can they even advertise, they're going to get trannies brigading them and possibly attacking the business/its patrons on the street

No. 1988615

I hope they hire extensive security to protect members from violent TIMs waiting to beat the shit out of lesbians entering the bar.

No. 1988619

>1 bar in the entire world doesnt cater to troons
>instead of going to the bars (which is all of them) that cater to their demographic they want to ruin this one
inch resting

No. 1988627

>Some also said about camping outside to shame women entering and leaving.
Like men do at abortion clinics, chastising women who dare to have autonomy outside of men's say so? It can't get more male than that.

No. 1988629

Ayrt, I looked into it and there is a membership website with bar info already.
One of the founders, Jenny Watson is a known feminist activist so I hope it comes to fruition, seems promising. I feel like more lesbians would go out to clubs if the trannys stayed away.
Shame about the name, they really should have thought that one through kek

No. 1988634

I can almost predict what's going to happen, perhaps only a few people will actually sign up, but there will also be large swarms of unwashed TIMs their handmaidens camping outside, shouting obscenities and acting like complete degenerates and this will be recorded and shared on social media platforms, leading more people to eventually peak trans.

No. 1988635

I hate that this is the reality. Even if they had 200+ women signing up the likely hood of anyone risking going to opening night is slim. The entry queue will be filmed and blasted online as transphobic. Why are we going through having to hide twice?

No. 1988650

ah yes, the afterglow of pissing a little

No. 1988654

File: 1714007765016.png (47.72 KB, 999x255, Barbera.png)

But there are people that have porn addi- of course it was written by a TIM.

No. 1988655

File: 1714007771202.jpeg (105.67 KB, 1024x819, IMG_7170.jpeg)

Not recent pics but lmao

No. 1988657

File: 1714008034678.png (199.58 KB, 606x995, Barbera2.png)

>People want to ban porn to attack queer people

But won't somebody think in the moids wanting to wank in an actress?

No. 1988669

Not to mention that boobs aren't used to rape people.

No. 1988670

porn is literally the reason half of these people are troons. why do they desperately want to watch people have sex or be sexually exploited so badly?

No. 1988671

I might not be wording this right but has it ever occurred to anyone that equating pornography to queer people and connecting porn to queer people might be a bad thing optics wise? Or even in general? Like, in these people's eyes shouldn't "queer" be something that's normalized rather than constantly being connected to porn?

No. 1988672

File: 1714011126700.jpeg (40.02 KB, 600x315, AA586BBB-DDF3-4C34-9DFD-58F6CB…)

Hey notice the excuse they’re using? “Crack is addictive and destructive”? That’s why throwing around phrases like “crack addict” or claiming that doing crack is “addictive” is so dangerous. They’re using those false, but widely believed claims to justify sweeping censorship.

No. 1988675

Set aside that it's hypocritical to suggest chemically castrating your kid for being a moid with autism while opposing people who do it to "trans" kids. Chemical castration isn't a strong enough deterrent when it comes to moids who commit sex crimes. We know that there are troons whose predatory behavior persists after HRT. Unfortunately, moid perversion doesn't just come from testosterone (though that's definitely part of it.) It's socialization, and potentially also something in their genes.

No. 1988680

They tell on themselves whenever they roll out the "this will disproportionately hurt twans wimmin!" argument in discussions of anti-porn measures and sex crime laws.

Processed food is addictive. In many places (particularly Europe) it is heavily regulated. Unhealthy eating habits are indicative of mental problems, sure, but literally no one benefits from additives that make food more addictive except companies whose shitty products wouldn't sell otherwise. I think it's anti-free speech to fully ban live-action porn, but the production and sale of it should be way more regulated than it is.

No. 1988692

Because they know that's the only way they'll have someone have sex with.

Sounds like when conservative people equals porn to queer people, because "won't someone think in the kids"?

No. 1988697

yeah its very strange to me. they get upset when people think of sexual deviant when the word gay/bi comes to mind but theyre not doing themselves any favors treating it like its some kind of sexual fetish they need to feed constantly. The fact they dont even understand why some people are bothered with pride because they consider it to be too sexual is eye opening to how much promiscuity and over sexualization is normalized in LGB(TQ) spaces.

No. 1988720

Hunter looks like a cute male here. Forever a tragedy that he decided to do this, clearly kojima on his own could have lined his pockets.

No. 1988721

>Nuh-uh porn is not addictive
>legitimate research saying otherwise
In regards to "queer" experiences being labelled as nsfw, people like him are the reason why lesbianism is not respected as an orientation like being gay is, but is regarded as a sexual fetish. I don't see how troons can't get normal jobs in the real world either? They are always getting hired in ulta and h&m, most of them are only doing porn because it's what they base their ideal of being female, not because they struggle.

No. 1988730

It was the same with the Vancouver Rape Relief centre. There were multiple other centres in the area that did admit TIMs, but this one centre rejected a TIM volunteer and TRAs started a campaign to destroy it and nailed a dead rat to the door. It’s not just that they want in, they can’t accept that anyone should be allowed to keep them out. Total submission only.

No. 1988733

>Entire online identity is to do with fetishes
>"Nauuuu porn addiction is a lie!!11!!! Ignore the millions of studies that say otherwise they're twansphobic & pseudoscience & etc etc etc cope cope cope tweets between my porn art!"
They really are retardedly transparent in nature. It's beginning to fuck with my head how insanely blatant this has all become but people still side with these degens.

No. 1988738

he looks like a pre-teen boy and any moid who claims he's attracted to him, just reveals himself to be a gay paedophile.

No. 1988744

File: 1714030749845.jpg (345.82 KB, 1080x2166, 1000017854.jpg)

Lmao this one's been somewhat of a minor personal cow for a few years for the extreme coombrain this dude has. This is what he looks like btw, bonus delulu comment by a fellow troon (don't go check his account if you don't want to see futa porn).

No. 1988745

File: 1714030924985.png (106.27 KB, 555x566, NCHMkVR.png)

what's the joke supposed to bere?

No. 1988753

File: 1714034156972.jpg (264.48 KB, 1250x708, Untitled.jpg)

he always stands with his shoulders stretched way the fuck back which makes him look incredibly stiff lmao trying to hide the man shoulders. can't hide the male hands tho

No. 1988755

File: 1714034357334.jpg (262.03 KB, 1588x768, Untitled.jpg)


No. 1988766

Spoony trooned out?

No. 1988768

File: 1714041454800.png (99.35 KB, 731x652, Ekran görüntüsü 2024-04-25 133…)

he doesnt even pretend to be pc
imagine if someone said "islam forcing women to cover up their hair to be considered pure is evil, thats why im making hijabi porn"

No. 1988769

File: 1714041502246.png (88.57 KB, 729x606, Ekran görüntüsü 2024-04-25 133…)

No. 1988772

File: 1714043655880.png (276.91 KB, 944x1020, troon_guy_man_male.png)

Kek'd at the fact that troons talking about troons get flagged as "hateful" if it's even 0.0001 inches away from the only allowed trans narrative. Then kek'd again because he just had surgery and they still misgender him at the hospital, take a hint man

No. 1988773

Oh man, this guy. He was talked about in past threads and out of curiosity I checked his art and—Dios mio it's the scrotiest thing ever, the way he types is so painfully male too. Transbians who make no attempt at femininity whatsoever are worse than than yuri obssesed incels who can't stand their waifu breathing the same air as an icky male… at least the latter tries (and fails) with their LARP—this laydeee doesn't even try!

No. 1988787

i mean breasts aren’t sexual organs, but penis and vagina are. i also don’t look twice at a guy in a speedo on the beach but obviously it’s different if i’m in like, i don’t know, walmart and a guy is walking around with his dick imprint out. so weird. im also pretty sure vulva imprint (camel toe) gets photoshopped out in magazines sometimes so kek this retard

No. 1988789

Jesus they can’t get it into their thick moid skulls that it’s wrong to sexualise people who actively don’t want to be sexualised.

No. 1988791

>sailor moon vibes
noah antwiler vibes

No. 1988793

>being concerned about puritanism among young kids
why do you care about the sexual expression of kids you weirdo

No. 1988807

This is so fucking vile. I know religion isn't really popular here, but as someone who partakes in these "oppressive religious obligations", it's always a conscious decision and it encourages me even more when I see how western men behave. You aren't owed the sight of the female body, ever. You don't respect the autonomy and of the woman behind the veil if this is the way you appreciate them—by consuming fetishistic porn, adopting it into your identity, and forcing yourself into their spaces to pursue the coom. It's not "puritanism" to not want to be sexualized, or repulsed by sexual discussion among strangers. If you can't even fathom that concept then the porn addiction has become a tumor that consumed your disgusting brain.

Also the logic that the theoretical best way to fight against these "oppressive religious practices" that men also have to abide by is sexualize the women makes 0 sense. Even if one were to play "devil's advocate", there is no explanation to excuse that in any capacity. You just don't respect women and whatever life path they seek. And I doubt the women pushed into these positions want to be the ideas that get you off, you filthy degenerate. Sorry for the mild blogpost, praying everyday for a certain statistic to rise.

He could be cast as the next resident evil orc grunt!(blogposting)

No. 1988808

Samefag, but although I specified Western men, every nation has been becoming more degenerate in its content of men. But considering troonism is most prevalent here, just specified those regions. Stay safe nonnies.

No. 1988810

>You aren't owed the sight of the female body, ever.
I don't care what other women do but this is exactly how I feel.
>Also the logic that the theoretical best way to fight against these "oppressive religious practices" that men also have to abide by is sexualize the women makes 0 sense
Absolutely, it's just thinly veild fetishism for a group of women who do absolutely everything in their power to avoid sexualisation. These moids are just degenerates who get off to anything society deems taboo. That's why there's so much fury/pedophile crossover when it comes to AGPs.

No. 1988831

Your first comment made me think in this song and it relates so hard, it hurts: Because God wanted it that way, because God is also a man!

No. 1988833

This whole debate is retarded. Most nuns don't even wear habits anymore.

No. 1988835

God I hope he detransitions. Not just for the absolute hilarity of watching the transcommunity deal with it, but because he could be such a beautiful man (if he doesn't leave it too late). Why oh why didn't he go with the more rare, more coveted appearance that was handed to him and instead tried to be an uncanny caricature of a woman? (I know why ofc, I'm just lamenting.)

No. 1988853

I think you tagged the wrong person kek
>God I hope he detransitions.
I really can't wait until some of the big troon names detransitions. I wonder if they'll do it publicly or if they'll be spotted "boymoding" for a year before finally admitting to it

No. 1988863

File: 1714066115938.png (1.55 MB, 757x5582, porn addicts.png)

the response are "interesting"

No. 1988872

Men are so incapable of respecting women's boundaries, they don't even respect the ones that men put in place.

No. 1988873

>caffeine addiction is real, look at coffee culture
>sugar is addictive, look at disordered eating habits of most people
>video games are addictive, look at kids right now
also, alcohol and tobacco? I know it takes a real retard to be trans but holy shit

No. 1988875

these people both look genuinely special needs, is it really right for us to be taking the piss?

No. 1988877

It's always morally correct to ridicule moids.

No. 1988892

>If porn is banned, what's stopping them from buying a gun and killing people?
The absolute state of moids, Jesus Christ

No. 1988920

File: 1714075282609.png (276.86 KB, 600x789, degen.png)

what a fucking degenerate.

No. 1988933

Taking the piss out of the mentally ill is like 70% of what we do here anon

No. 1988948

File: 1714079223686.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.89 MB, 1125x10890, Astrology creep.jpg)

Entering a women dominated hobby and compulsively posting creepy guy shit. Found this account through a real life business too so this isn’t just online.. women can’t have anything :((emoji)

No. 1988949

one day all the libfems who supports these retards will finally realise the error of their ways.

No. 1988957

File: 1714080416668.jpg (450.8 KB, 2340x2340, 1000014484.jpg)

Another troon misconstruing arguments because they just love to do that.

No. 1988958

File: 1714080457777.jpg (218.57 KB, 972x1263, 1000014485.jpg)

More brain-dead misunderstandings.

No. 1988960

File: 1714080797890.png (858.32 KB, 662x955, samepicture.png)

How much of this 'I became a hot lady in ten easy steps' crap do they actually believe? This one had basically no pics showing his manly face for some mysterious reason.
He must know a lot of these misogynistic women, since they're the ones blowing hot air up his ass. And way to miss the fact that women troon out to escape misogyny whereas men troon out as a form of misogyny.

No. 1988961

He doesn't get that femininity in and of itself is not an issue to us. It's men fetishizing and exploiting it.

No. 1988962

>many grew up in an age where women were denied the same rights as men
Why do they think we are all middle aged? It’s been a consistent thing where they say terfs are all old. It is probably as a way to shame “you’re old and unfuckable” bs. Or just because older terfs have less to lose sharing their opinions openly so that’s all they see? I’m in my mid twenties and so are my friends who share the same ideals.

No. 1988964

The stubble in the 'after' kek, you'll never be a woman

No. 1988966

two years of HRT and all he has to show for it is slightly fatter moobs and that he barely figured out how to use a facial razor.
there's also lots of very cult-like phrasing used in this moid's post.
>join us become one of us join us attain everything and enlightenment via horse piss and porn join us join us join us

No. 1988978

File: 1714086748521.png (624.72 KB, 808x930, fae.png)

guess who's in charge of these rallies

No. 1988979


No. 1988983

not that deep lol

No. 1988989

Self-ID has rotted their brains to the point where they can't imagine external collective forces that aren't influenced by their thoughts and attitudes ('unlearning'). Can't fathom why their 'unlearned' socialization jumps out when interacting with women, either

No. 1989009

File: 1714094819634.jpeg (674.25 KB, 1242x1591, IMG_6616.jpeg)

Pure degenerates

No. 1989012

men like this can have each other

No. 1989014

>i have a pp
we can tell

No. 1989015

pathetic ratio

No. 1989022

Filters can't hide the man face

No. 1989024

Nonnas, some moids are simply fags and that’s ok! Kek

No. 1989028

And that 5 o’clock stache shadow too lol

No. 1989029

File: 1714098460725.jpeg (575.61 KB, 2496x1193, IMG_1798.jpeg)

Alright kids sit down and I’ll tell you about my experience watching “The People’s Joker”
>it’s about a boy who has depression
>tells his mom that he doesn’t think he’s a boy and she drives him to Arkham asylum
>gets put on Smilex (antidepressants)
>dude grows up but the drugs don’t make him remember much about his childhood due to high dosage
>wants to be a comedian
>moves to Gotham to pursue comedy
>goes to comedy school and meets the penguin they become friends
>blahblahblah school sucks so they open their illegal comedy club (we’re never told why they’re illegal)
>all of the Batman villains join including “Mr J”
>”wow he’s so hawt”
> has a comedy event and dresses up as his dragsona Joker the Harlequin
>”tell me about the saddest thing to happen in your life” gets high on smilex and is constantly laughing while Ivy talks about her worst experience.
>Mr J was like “woah such a genius comedy bit”
>they hang out in the tunnel of love and the famous“I’m trans” scene from the trailer
> they have gross sex and Mr J says “that’s my good girl” and of course our hero loves to hear it and comes to the realization he’s a troon.
>Mr J gets Joker to jump into a pool of estrogen
>batman shows up and we find out that Mr J was an orphan who got sex trafficked and adopted by Batman to be his Robin. Basically groomed.
>trouble in paradise the perpetual always victim blames Mr J for gaslighting, emotional abuse etc but it felt like it was Joker who was actually the abuser.
> the comedy club hijacks the airwaves demanding to be included on the parody SNL
>not Snl says “great, we’d love to have you as our diversity hire, Joker but you can’t wear dresses”
>some training montage with a comedian he looks up to I was bored so lol
>goes on live on not SNL, OD’s on Smilex, boobs/butt inflates and he fucking DIES.
>in death he’s greeted by a puppet called Mx Mxpthrlldbsomething and they sing a lame song it’s very theater kid
>they change the timeline and the puppet gives the final line from the Willy wonka movie.
I’m giving the movie a 0/10

No. 1989031

File: 1714099118316.jpeg (337.68 KB, 1429x1014, IMG_1802.jpeg)

Also before anyone asks yes there is a joker stair dance scene and they have closeups of his crotch and chest while it happens.

No. 1989032

its just two gay men dm'ing each other. i dont see the issue

No. 1989036

is this a real movie? what the fuck

No. 1989037

Thank you for your service nonna, I don’t think I could have sat through that.
>vat of estrogen

No. 1989040

Yes it was supposed to come out in 2022 but faced legal troubles.
Thank you, nonna my husband and I love to torture ourselves with bad movies. He was seated next to a troon unfortunately HAHA.

No. 1989042

File: 1714101580416.png (45.91 KB, 1055x471, joker2022release.png)

screencap next time, ples

No. 1989043

File: 1714101692303.jpg (68.35 KB, 684x1024, 684px-Vera_Drew_posing.jpg)

samefag but KEK the director looks absolutely retarded in his wiki pic

No. 1989044

File: 1714103041037.webm (2.92 MB, 296x640, 1713436594835267.webm)

No. 1989047


No. 1989048

File: 1714103548006.jpeg (298.16 KB, 828x1337, IMG_2195.jpeg)

Why is it that when I take my hormonal birth control pills I, too, don’t get insanely horny? Is it because it’s perhaps… a fetish?

No. 1989052

This is such a powerful case of AGP, wow. Even the psuedo-bisexuality because oonga boonga moid dick pointy at thought of demeaning grugself to porn female oo oo ah ah

No. 1989054

Can someone explain to me why trannies are so dead set on the topic of cis men who are into them aren’t at least bi or pan but they have to be “straight”? Trannies have dick and balls with an asshole, sometimes a rot pocket too and they really expect moids to like it? I’ve never seen a cis straight moid who openly told ppl that they like trannies, at least they somewhat have the guts to not pander to them lol

No. 1989059

Le validation
Because of their internalized homophobia, they don’t want to be seen as gay men dating other gay men
Their pseudo-bisexuality is a degradation kink in which they get off on embodying “femaleness” so they want a straight man to fulfill that fantasy

No. 1989073

Same reason why gay moids love talking about all the straight men in their dms. Insecurity, internalised homophobia and inability to take rejection. I mean it must suck when your entire self image is based on porn and people STILL don’t want to fuck you.

No. 1989074

This really makes me miss the r/itsafetish sub. That was the best peak trans material out there.

No. 1989082

just by the position of his eyes you can tell he was checking out his own chest, ugh wretched.

No. 1989083

>I’m in my mid twenties and so are my friends who share the same ideals.
how did you find them nonnie? show me your ways.

No. 1989088

so troon power fantasy?

No. 1989090

>Why do they think we are all middle aged?
They really want to frame it as "only bad old white conservative Karens think that men can't be women" but in reality most/all early terfs were young girls and women who had to suffer first hand from troons, the older women were blissfully unaware of troonism being a trend among the youths until it got mainstream. I constantly see the big middle age terfs say they only found out about troons in 2020 or after the pandemic

No. 1989098

File: 1714122302979.png (359.04 KB, 626x813, 1712113116542738.png)

what are the chances of this happening 7 times.

No. 1989103

if you repeatedly act like an autistic troon faggot in the wrong neighboorhood, there is a chance. muslim immigrants don‘t like fetishistic men dressing like women. and maybe the troon acts out on purpose because he enjoys public humiliation. these wretched creatures do anything for moid attention.

No. 1989109

Straight men absolutely hate faggots so it's not entirely unlikely, I despise troons but I don't wish any physical harm to them

No. 1989110

gays and transsexuals are super provocative and they will pick up fights (that of course they lose) then claim that they were attacked for no reason

No. 1989118

Not a single normal hairline between them.
Extremely high because troons see everything as an attack. He could have been acting retarded in the wrong place, or he could have been mercilessly attacked by ebil men who
stopped him from going into the ladies' restroom.
If these were transphobic crimes that happen out of nowhere, they'd go to the police, so the troon definitely acted out and got his ass handed to him then flounced off to beg for money. These people dress and act like pedos. They get aggressive over every imagined slight. They lash out because they've never had consequences for doing so. It's not a stretch of the imagination to assume that the men who dogpile these brave and stunnings are doing it to protect someone else.

No. 1989120

most trannies are poor and live in neighborhoods with apes that will punch at women, and freak men in dresses like them.(racebait)

No. 1989126

It’s like something a child would write. Why are they all so stunted and retarded?

No. 1989132

that's offensive to child writers, no this is something that only a degenerate male with a pathetic power fantasy would ever write.

No. 1989135

File: 1714139681479.jpeg (319.34 KB, 1125x1415, IMG_0808.jpeg)

I’ve never met a real lesbian who wants to suck dick

No. 1989138

That hairy arm in the foreground..

No. 1989140

My fav thing about tranny pictures is that they ALWAYS have to pose in a really uncomfortable way and plaster 20 filters to try to disguise the very male body they have, and everytime they're still so easy to clock LMFAO, DND goblins wearing wigs in the hope they pass as human women

No. 1989161

File: 1714144764259.webp (85.17 KB, 215x300, heave.webp)

NTA but thanks for posting this nona. I'm tired of religion being slandered even if I'm not as close to it as I used to be. As disheartening as degenerates like >>1988920 may be, I take comfort in the idea that these vile creatures are willingly killing themselves and cutting off their bloodline for the better. Godspeed(sage your shit)

No. 1989171

File: 1714146262069.jpg (166.63 KB, 1080x1490, mf1zVrK.jpg)

Troons will never understand that regardless that women liking their bodies and enjoying orgasms will never be the same as whatever pornsick agp fantasy they have

No. 1989172

File: 1714146371475.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.55 KB, 1080x1413, h5ip1aQ.jpg)

Literally the same account, just a full on porn addict. Tw: for porn

No. 1989181

The deeply closeted gay man's urge to suck dick where he copes by telling himself he's not a faggot if they're both pretending to be women.

No. 1989182

and what do you mean by that???

No. 1989183

>Paul Dano Riddler pfp
Is he skinwalking lacryboy?

No. 1989188

But WHY sexualize nuns, rather than just ignore it all together. It's because forcibly sexualizing a woman who isn't meant to be sexualized is part of the appeal. But yeah actually it's like uno reverse where if a woman is misogynized, double misogyny makes it actually femanist. Peak libfem

No. 1989197

Paul Stanley is looking rough these days

No. 1989199

The chocolate bar faggot?

No. 1989205

File: 1714153866701.jpg (142.56 KB, 466x712, Screenshot_20240426_194941_Chr…)

Ntayrt, but there's only so much a filter can erase kek. But even with all the layers of filters and angles you can clearly see that's a man

No. 1989208

File: 1714154385525.jpeg (Spoiler Image,727.64 KB, 1125x1434, IMG_0813.jpeg)

Dear god why are moids obsessed with public indecency. This is why they shouldn’t be allowed near children.

No. 1989211

Who is this guy? This is the 6th time he’s been posted in this thread

No. 1989221

Spot on. Perfect rebuttal

TiMs reject socialization because it admits two things: One, you're not a free agent floating in space, free of collective dynamics and influence. Two, you are (partly) molded, and there are some things you can hardly (if ever) change, even if you rationally want to.
If he didn't deny the fact that behavior > discourse (like he does for male feminists), he couldn't sustain his delusion that he's really one of us.
To him, femininity is a profession of faith. It's not what actually matters, the self-effacement, the agreeableness, avoidance of conflict, the piercing awareness you're weaker than half the population, all of which are practically absent in TiMs. Even women who lack these qualities and seem to be 'free' of feminine socialization (because they exist) do not display their specific kind of agression, don't behave like someone who's always aware he can get away with violence and rape.
>outright misogynists are more scarce

'women are aroused by the thought of becoming women' will never make sense kek

Exhibitionism and 'becoming the whore i wank to' is their primary motivation. They're almost completely shielded from things like actual pimps and underage prostitution, unlike girls and some HSTS.

No. 1989227

>TERFism is based around self-hatred
Ours isn't the ideology where hating your body and sawing parts of it off is normalized, but go off I guess. To suggest that feminists hate being women when we complain about systemic misogyny is akin to saying that marginalized racial groups are self-hating for talking about their struggles. We like being women, but we dislike the injustices we experience.

>If socialization is so set in stone that no one can unlearn it, how can radical feminism exist?

Because ideology, gender stereotypes, and socialization are three different things. A woman can be GNC, but still display aspects of female socialization. Phasing out sex-based socialization is an extremely long-term goal that could theoretically take hundreds of years, because most of the behaviors that contribute to it on the part of the parent culture are unintentional or even subconscious. Gendered socialization begins before a person is even born; pregnant woman have been observed to behave differently when they believe they are carrying a boy, regardless of what the fetus's actual sex is. People who advocate for men "unlearning" their socialization and "teaching men not to rape" are libfems. Radfems understand that the harmful behaviors of men aren't an issue that can be corrected on an individual level; they're a systemic problem with many facets that reinforce each other.

>what about men who are Good Feminist Allies™?

There are very few genuine ones, and they're still men with male socialization. Again, socialization and ideology are two different things. A man can have all the right beliefs when it comes to women's rights, but still act in accordance with his socialization. For most people, gendered socialization is subtle, but it affects women's prowess on a large scale. All women, even unusually "mannish" ones, have an inclination towards being concillitory, permissive, conscientious, and neurotic, even if it's subtle on an individual basis. In a world where people are measured by male social standards that reward selfish ambition and recklessness, women are less likely to ask for and be given raises or promotions, so they make less money. And that's just one example.

No. 1989243

>Terf bad because it hurt my fee fees boohoo
Nobody enforces gender roles harder than the trans community and their lackeys do. If you are a man and you think hello kitty is cute, suddenly it means you are a woman by their logic. They constantly scramble to label every single behaviour and create as many boxes to shove people in or to create false distress within people when they realise they don't seek to fit any box.

No. 1989259

File: 1714161937464.jpeg (715.07 KB, 750x5710, IMG_6413.jpeg)

troons have discovered new ways to be ugly and scary, it’s almost impressive.

No. 1989260

It’s lacryboys art so maybe

No. 1989265

File: 1714163265094.jpeg (465.33 KB, 750x1169, IMG_6414.jpeg)


No. 1989267

i shart therefore i have a true and honest vagina…gotcha.

No. 1989268

they look like Rob Zombie villains.

No. 1989269

File: 1714165059428.jpg (7.02 KB, 150x150, 7ashb1.jpg)

I can smell this post through my screen
my arm looks the same??? gotta love it when people act like body hair is something inherently male. i clocked him by his face, neck and torso and wouldn't even notice his arm if you didn't point it out. that's the least clocky part of this entire picture imo

t. hairy nona who was made fun of and compared to a male countless times(blogposting)

No. 1989270

File: 1714165679551.jpg (Spoiler Image,360.21 KB, 1080x2162, Screenshot_20240422_111229_Red…)

some nona's personal cow

STINKDITCH WARNING!!! enjoy this permacameltoe as thread tax and to excuse my doubleposting

No. 1989275

Why are they always so fucking high up? The top of the crease should only be about 1-2 inch from the clit so why is it so high up?
Also kek at the hip bones not being anywhere near the bbl hip

No. 1989281

KEKKK this is how I drew naked women at like 10 years old

No. 1989283

trannies need to get their grubby hands off of dano riddler
Wtf… at least it doesn’t look as woundlike as the others but this is like the uncanny valley of vulvas
>estrogen makes you have a self-lubricating asshole
This is what they think women have naturally

No. 1989287

nta but my hair looks similar to the one you posted, retard(infighting)

No. 1989301


>”I’ve never met an irl cis lesbian who didn’t want my girldick”

>”why is it that my only dating options are fellow troons I dont want to be another t4t couple”
>”chicks with dicks are superior in every way hehehe”
>”no srsly why can’t I find a cis lesbian, cis lesbians only plz”

Which one is it?

No. 1989302

Don’t worry too much simian nonna, it’s usually the combo of it with the masculine features. difference is these features are on a male body so therefore incomparable.

> we like being women, but we dislike the injustices we experience.
Beautifully put.

No. 1989303

File: 1714170346344.jpg (4.12 MB, 3072x4096, killitwithfire.jpg)

Jesus CHRIST the first one triggered my fight or flight so bad, I had to look him up. He's one of the most vile, disgusting looking creatures I've ever had the misfortune of seeing.

No. 1989306

God this shit is cringe even when actual women do it. I hope he got a good wank over these photos though, at least one person benefits.

No. 1989310

File: 1714172393551.png (64.91 KB, 949x298, Screenshot_20240426_185824.png)

>abusive moid troons out and blames all of his abusive behaviour towards his wife on being in the closet

No. 1989312

File: 1714172882846.png (78.8 KB, 978x386, Screenshot_20240426_190609.png)

Hilarious response to that creepy selfie guy's post about how his wife doesn't want to fuck him but he's horny so he wants to know how to get her to sleep with him rather than trying to figure out how to respect her boundaries

No. 1989316

ok but why is she talking about this in an interview.. sexposi libfems need help

great post nonna

No. 1989333

theyre living in delusion

No. 1989344

That wasn’t me, that was Patrica.

No. 1989371

This is insane

No. 1989375

>Woman is when your rectum gets wet
That's a new one. I'm almost impressed at their ability to come up with new misunderstandings of female anatomy, each more bizarre and offensive than the last.

No. 1989410

this is how every woman drawn by a "comic" "artist" in r/boomerhentai looks like

No. 1989430

File: 1714205807656.jpg (242.38 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_20240427-100655_X.j…)

Andrea ritsu the troonsbian tweeting about his recent dick inversion and breast implant surgery combo. It's funny how troons so often admit to withholding information about how painful it is and what complications might happen… because they don't want the literal truth to reach "transphobes". They'd rather more troons end up in pain and suffering than for one middle aged Karen to be able to say "see, it's painful so we should have more safeguarding in place". Just talking about his own lived experience is "playing into their hands" and he still fails to see how messed up that way of thinking is. What a truly pathetic and sad way to get memed into living.

No. 1989431

they have to be trolling. they have to be.

No. 1989432

Could be a larp, but having slime come out of your butt can actually happen. It is a sign of intestinal infection or disease. He could be actually making it worse with the hormones and sticking stuff up his ass. Cooming to his fucked up health. That is like shitting blood and saying its a period.

No. 1989438

Doing the terf work for us.

No. 1989443

File: 1714210875421.png (280.45 KB, 751x692, rT6RxXj.png)

imagine celebrating getting a woman fired just because she dared call out your perverted delusions.

No. 1989444

File: 1714210977967.png (2.6 MB, 1172x5152, JNflxJ4.png)

No. 1989447

File: 1714211487786.png (80.52 KB, 1387x473, Clipboard01.png)

trannies in the comments telling him to sue kek

No. 1989449

that sounds hilarious.

No. 1989451

File: 1714212087179.jpeg (568.97 KB, 2880x2880, vtfwcx0aikvc1.jpeg)

this is his pic

No. 1989452

File: 1714214201266.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1947, IMG_0818.jpeg)

They just keep making new words

No. 1989453

Can you sue someone for laughing at you?

No. 1989454

File: 1714214419761.jpeg (764.31 KB, 1125x1756, IMG_0819.jpeg)

Kek, even moids deep down know they are just larping and their handmaidens are just playing along to their nonsense.

No. 1989456

for anyone wondering, his post history is entirely “lesbians” getting “pegged” by trannies.

No. 1989484

Maybe they thought he was a gay dude making a joke

No. 1989496

They managed to rank Saul Goodman into it and some other b-ish list celebrities(sage your shit)

No. 1989501

the most absurd part of this is him trying to push it as normal let alone "sexual", like mmmm proctitis

No. 1989502

>i feel like some kind of disgusting freak
well if feeling is being, then you are by all means a disgusting freak.

No. 1989506

How tf did they get Bob Odenkirk involved in this? The only other names I recognized was Robert Wuhl and Maria Bamford. Luckily, no one really cares about them.

No. 1989516

Maybe he's desperate for work after BCS ended lmao

No. 1989529

File: 1714232801136.jpeg (438.57 KB, 1169x2199, A511E583-7B05-4A3A-9AEC-117493…)

Time for trans story hour, they really have such crazy imaginations.

No. 1989530

File: 1714232830227.jpeg (416.28 KB, 1169x1839, 491AE686-798F-49B1-BACA-85E2FE…)

No. 1989539

imagining being sent this and not immediately realizing this is some degenerate AGP scrote's lesbian sleepover gangbang fantasy.

No. 1989544

>They'd rather more troons end up in pain and suffering than for one middle aged Karen to be able to say "see, it's painful so we should have more safeguarding in place"
So bleak. And they're blaming the transphobes, but obviously part of it is also fearing that their own community will turn against them if they dare mention some negative aspects of ""gender affirming care""

No. 1989554

File: 1714239226046.mp4 (1.02 MB, nAXFNLewrCViF7xy.mp4)

"I feel unsafe"
If you feel unsafe in the women's bathroom then why did you go there in the first place? Go back to the men's bathroom.

No. 1989555

File: 1714239294448.webp (23.3 KB, 405x720, oar2 (5).webp)

No. 1989561

David Hogg trooned out?

No. 1989585

is it dry cum on his shirt

No. 1989601

This is the reason why the trans movement is going to burn out in such a short time. Historically, there have been people who have crossed wires in their brains that make them believe they are the opposite gender. But with the wide acceptance and the constant pushing of this new gender narrative (plus predatory “egg breaking” by chasers and queerdoes) there are going to be so many people getting irreversible gender treatment that will regret it in just a few short years. By 2030 there will be a boatload of de trans individuals who loudly caution against the mainstream trans narrative.

No. 1989616

File: 1714251571138.mp4 (4.16 MB, 720x1280, what are terfs exactly_.mp4)

low effort tranny seems to be projecting

No. 1989620

Tim Dillon talked about the Dylan twin troon on his podcast today. The segment is called, "It's not cool to talk about adult parties."

No. 1989622

Why do none of them brush their teeth? I guess they don’t wash anything else either though really…

No. 1989624

Sewer Monster coming from the man who hasn’t brushed his teeth in probably years and smokes on top of them holy fuck that buildup is one of the grossest things I’ve seen

No. 1989627

nick frost transitioned?

No. 1989658

This video is physically repulsive

No. 1989665

>Allies really are awesome!
Wow, they're just coming out and saying it now. Being an ally literally means sucking their dicks.

No. 1989708

They’ve grown bold enough to start saying the quiet parts out loud. They hate women and only view them as holes to rape.

No. 1989723

File: 1714275616814.png (37.67 KB, 577x474, enough.png)

I can't take it anymore.

No. 1989730

File: 1714278666871.jpg (Spoiler Image,365.73 KB, 1076x1417, IMG_20240428_055357.jpg)

Found this TiM by searching 'lolcow farm' on tumblr after i saw it casually mentioned there (not worth it). Most of his blog is him gleefully posting about how much of a rapist he is, describing his repulsive sex life and pretending to be offended by 'transmisogyny'.
I really think there's something especially wrong with TiMs who date a lot of TiFs, or fetishize masculine women. They always treat them like sacks of meat, and openly admit that they get off to the mutilations these women go through, aswell as adjacent traits like BPD/trauma-borne behaviors, neotenous features etc.
It's hard to gauge how much of this is vengefulness, opportunism (like moids who target TiFs on apps), or plain pedophilia/rape fetish.
The TiFs who orbit these goblins are either really young or extremely masochistic unwell women with whom they recreate the most bare-bones, crude abusive het dynamics. It's fascinating how this 't4t' kind of spicy straight couple is much, much more horrifying than the other kinds (bi reddit couples or 'lesbian' couples). They'll have the craziest age gaps and cases of DV, are seemingly more unstable than transbian couples (a feat).
It's even truer if they insert themselves in 'edgy' subcultures like goth/anarchism/obscure music in general, tranarchist TiF chasers seem to be the very worst from what i've heard.

No. 1989737

Didn't his penis rot off?

No. 1989743

>channeling my ancestral misogyny
at least he's honest
this shit is extremely disturbing though and I hope that any of the TIFs he preys on finds this before they have disgusting guilt-induced handmaiden sex with this cretin. though unfortunately i think most TIFs would be brainwashed enough to think that this sort of behavior is "hot" in some way. that or they'd explain it away as a result of the TIM's "trauma" from being "marginalized" or what the fuck ever.

No. 1989773

File: 1714299394601.png (87.11 KB, 1394x649, rRQmqRK.png)


No. 1989774

The undersocialized, degenerate nerd and the undersocialized, degenerate nerd

No. 1989776

why would someone put a rug down where they're planning to use a rolling chair? more proof that tims are insane

No. 1989782

The rug under the chair would be dirty with food, dust and hair. The mask is spit ridden and the sweaty fursuit would make the whole room reek as well as the unwashed buttplug.

No. 1989785

Tranny 1: discord femboy groomer
Tranny 2: racist music making groomer

No. 1989799

None shall pass: exhibit A
None shall pass: exhibit B

No. 1989807

TIM's are not incapable of being sociopaths. the crazy part is how posts like this are allowed on tumblr.

No. 1989821

crazy how i can never be as evil as a tim/moids even if i tried.

No. 1989822

Imagine making yourself sterile and unable to have any meaningful relationships to own women on the internet. Gamergate really did a number on those men. This is hilarious.
>Women are not human beings.
They can't move on. So they have to groom a new generation of men online.

No. 1989827

File: 1714315650616.png (14.58 KB, 762x822, 1714267250638784.png)

looking at these people is like me as a black woman coming across a homeless man screaming the n word at me. pure comedy. Any modern day man that can genuinely be groomed by these people were never gonna be worth anything to the gene pool anyways.

No. 1989840

File: 1714318760560.mp4 (1.96 MB, 320x690, sln5ellab-R-3-ho.mp4)

TRA's are awful everywhere.

No. 1989841

File: 1714318825432.jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x1536, GMNxs79aEAAGQkO.jpg)

No. 1989845

File: 1714319168498.jpg (139.5 KB, 1080x714, GMPvsPAWMAALFs9.jpg)

>This is what politicians are defending.

No. 1989847

why does the truth hurt so much? does this mean if we all just started using cisinstead theyd fucking listen? perfect way to troll tbh

No. 1989851

File: 1714320857572.jpeg (554.12 KB, 1125x1361, IMG_0826.jpeg)

No. 1989856

File: 1714322421759.jpg (259.07 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_20240429-003750_Red…)

TIM wont stopping trying to convert friend into a TIF despite saying she feels comfortable with being butch.

No. 1989862

Every anonymous poll I've seen about this was heavily skewed in favor of women's safety. People voted for the first option because their name was attached and they're cowards

No. 1989863

>She sometimes still misgenders me

But I thought misgendering someone was tantamount to genocide?

No. 1989874

File: 1714326824760.png (602.07 KB, 880x830, Screenshot.png)

>whatever that means

No. 1989880

File: 1714328072237.jpg (454.79 KB, 1080x1624, 1000015479.jpg)

Fucking finally. Long overdue. A bit of sanity.

No. 1989886

File: 1714328489889.jpg (503.9 KB, 1080x1410, 1000015482.jpg)

>I'm the only one who doesn't have at least a D
Fucking hell. You just know that dude must have done horrible things to his sister's and mum's bras. Barf

No. 1989893

File: 1714329295419.png (159.64 KB, 1080x983, Screenshot_20240428-141858-477…)

Imagine thinking AL isn't ALL TRANS ALL THE TIME

No. 1989894

The crab-bucket mentality in the comments is horrifying, textbook cult behavior.
>Oh, it's only been 18 months? I had a huge growth spurt at 19 months, keep going hun!
>Check back with us in 5 years once you've really given HRT a chance to work
>My sister's boobs grew from 11-15, keep it up!! I'm not a creep for knowing that btw

No. 1989904

that subreddit is basically a home for trannies and handmaidens that want to feel useful to an insecure man. what a shame lol

No. 1989909

File: 1714332571706.png (226.51 KB, 716x847, menbefunnychallenge-impossible…)

So here in burgerland we have a funny legal jurisdiction called in rem where, when the government wants to seize property using the courts, it names the property as one of the parties to the case. So, some of the names are really funny - United States v. 62 Cases of Jam, More or Less, United States v. One Lucite Ball Containing Lunar Material, United States v. 95 Barrells Alleged Apple Cider Vinegar, and so on. I was looking up other funny in rem names, and came across this really cringe and unfunny article dissecting exactly why in rem cases are funny, and why Canada doesn't have funny case names according to the author.

Turns out the author was none other than Florence Ashley, the fugly lesbian-fetishist troon who wrote Gender/Fucking. Picrel from the article I found of his tryhard wannabe-funny writing style. I can't believe Canada has so little serious academic work going on that they actually review and publish this tripe.

No. 1989912

ironically, between him, his mother, and his sister, he's the only one with a D

No. 1989916

File: 1714334712728.jpg (462.15 KB, 1080x1168, Screenshot_20240428_160322_Red…)

Haters will say this is fake lol(repost)

No. 1989921

this was already posted, scroll up

No. 1989927

He looks like his face is melting off his skull.
Corrective rape is so heccin valid, guys. And no lesbian would "okay" her girlfriend sucking someone's dick.

No. 1989932

File: 1714336712194.jpg (35.27 KB, 720x403, 148174629_10215521190177536_74…)

No. 1989948

People dressing up like weirdos/freaks is a first-amendment right so long as their junk isn't visible. I don't care when people go around like that, my issue is when everyone is bullied into enabling others' delusions. Dressing as a woman is fine, but I'm not required to view you as one.

No. 1989949

Ooo great to see Irreversible Damage reaching an even broader audience. You love to see it.

No. 1989952

feels like forced mass hysteria being put on the west. why do people have to be forced to participate in the delusions of obvious mentally ill people.

No. 1989960

>TERFism is inherently based

No. 1989964

File: 1714344647424.png (311.2 KB, 617x283, samepicture.png)

No. 1989968

It WAS going to be released in Japanese, but the TRAs swooped in and blocked it by screeching nonstop at the publishers until they caved in and canceled the launch.

I am hoping that another publisher bucked the fuck up to release it, or else they're going with print-on-demand over there.

No. 1989985

File: 1714351975989.jpeg (682.22 KB, 1125x1872, IMG_0844.jpeg)

A tim 7th grader attacked a female student at a middle school. Apparently this mini troon had a hit list.(wtf@gmail.com)

No. 1989989

kek, i love you nona

No. 1990005

File: 1714358908281.png (152.08 KB, 610x279, 1714344647424.png)

No. 1990008

Woooooaaah holy shit, I love Japanese women. Also, I can't believe Dylan is known even overseas? Absolutely embarrassing.

No. 1990018

ayrt here, holy shit hahaha

No. 1990022

>I'm the only one in the family who doesn't have at least a D
even his dad and grandpa have a D cup?? he might be creeping on the wrong family members here

No. 1990024

File: 1714363380097.jpg (1.37 MB, 1125x7521, Lol.jpg)

Top post got reposted on Reddit, what is this guy’s deal kek

No. 1990027

>a man smiling at me and saying he doesnt listen to my shitty music is a misogynistic attack
narcissists are very fragile creatures

No. 1990046

dont make him die out of jealousy nona

No. 1990053

Omg the comments. Looks like a mass-peaking event!

No. 1990057

Its a fucking psyop where mtfs wants to equate 'terfs' to ftms and open the floodgates so that they can be openly misogynistic and call out to the public that tifs are not real troons. divide and destroy tactic

No. 1990068

I heard he peed on a kid too.

No. 1990071

File: 1714385372029.png (2.29 MB, 2146x1308, Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 11.06…)

Remember the tranny who managed to get into a Wyoming sorority house (Kappa Kappa Gamma), whose sisters sued the university at allowing his entry because of his blatant voyeurism and perverted shenanigans, and inexplicably had the case thrown out? Well now Artemis Langford is a representative of the University's student body. Man, I feel so sorry for the young women there.

No. 1990087

Underrated comment

No. 1990088

kek nonna

No. 1990100

Pretty sure that dude was just being polite.

No. 1990112

Couldn’t even wash his hair for a professional photo, just slicked it back with its own grease.

No. 1990134

File: 1714406675886.png (262.51 KB, 1600x1333, tism.png)

>Congrats on the successful passage of your passenger rail resolution!
I don't know if this is a troll comment or a resolution he actually passed as a student rep, but either way I'm kekking

No. 1990143

File: 1714409660688.png (1.97 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_9142.png)

so 9 year old rape victims still have to carry their rapist’s child to term and women have to answer to a court for a miscarriage but thank god trannies get their horse piss covered

No. 1990145

File: 1714409855767.png (578.17 KB, 740x486, shoop.png)

potential next threadpic
he wants to be oppressed sooo fucking bad. also kek at the hideos imvu looking ass shopped face. did he paint over his dirty mirror?

No. 1990158

The more I look at the last photo the weirder it is, where is the camera? Why did he heavy photo shop his face and the mirror but not his obvious moid body?

No. 1990167

I have trauma from an accidental pregnancy (I had an IUD) and now my body looks so different than it did before that it hurts me to look in the mirror? Will I ever get coverage for a boob job?

No. 1990179

This is a point I thought of before, in my country we have free healthcare but cosmetic surgery isn’t covered, however trannies can get free boob jobs on the NHS. (Hopefully with the new legislation to stop gender affirming care to children it will branch out into adult troons). If I just say to my doctor I will kill myself if they don’t give me double Fs maybe that will work.

No. 1990184

It doesn't work, they'll just put you on an SSRI/antipsychotic and/or threaten to section you. To make it work you need to tell them that you have a penis. Only then will they view you as a rational entity.

No. 1990185

Kek at the last pic. Him doing that weird pose (in the first pic too) probably trying to replicate that 'typical female stance' they're so obsessed with for some reason

No. 1990196

YWNBN - You Will Never Be Nana

At least groom your brows and wax your 'stache if you want to be seen as an uwu dainty wahman, you perverted slob.

No. 1990202

Tell them that as an afab trans women they’re denying you life saving validation by not providing you with feminizing surgeries and you’re going to take them to court for discrimination.
It’s not your fault you were victimized by the doctor who tended the bonus hole from which you came and that they should’ve known, that although you were assigned the role of being fucked, you wanted to be recognized as a human being with male privilege and thus given you immediate access to all the validating cosmetic procedures you require to get off, I mean get a boner, I mean experience euphoria. They’re literally killing you nonna! Let them know.

No. 1990236

>by Rachel Weiner

it's fascinating how every TIM i've had the misfortune of coming across has some anime girl as their skinwalking goals. these retards do realize these are cartoons, right? no amount of horse piss or surgery will turn them into a cartoon or video game protagonist no matter how much they think they can will it into existence.

No. 1990242

A man in a dress who wants to give himself tuberous moobs is still more deserving of care in the eyes of Congress and the courts than any female, even a young girl who's been abused.

No. 1990245


Tfw my brothers mtf troon " gf" got his whole ass beard lasered off for free yet I have to pay for every single session of pcos facial hair removal(blogposting)

No. 1990247

This is what peaked me. So many women walking around feeling ashamed of our bodies because of nature’s course. Facial hair, lopsided breasts, stretch marks. I don’t care how “vain” people think it is to not love these things but if you want to change it, you should be able to. And if troons are getting these types of surgeries for free so should we.

No. 1990262

This is so disgusting. Especially with the fact troons can’t keep women with pcos out of their mouths. When they go out in full beards and get told to shave it to be valid it’s always “women with pcos exsist” as if that will ever be the same.

No. 1990265

I can't get the government to fix my pussy after a scrote hurt me and rendered me infertile, but the same kind of rapist can very a shit tunnel installed for free.

Women with PCOS can't get facial hair removed even though it's literally gender affirming care.

Women beaten to the point of disfigurement have to navigate society as pariahs while these perverts laugh from their surgery suites, faces wrapped in gauze from their subsidized nose jobs and brow shaving.

I placate myself with the knowledge that they're too filthy and lazy to take care of these procedures properly, and how many of them are butchered by the cash grab surgeons their victims defend tooth and nail.

No. 1990266

It’s not vain, women’s bodies go through so many changes nd without proper education on natural development it can feel as if you’re the only woman with “defects”. Societal standards and troons push this ideal plastic look that a women “should” be. I think soon the plastic tits and face full of filler look will be a marker of trannys, female celebs are already dissolving their filler in mass.

No. 1990268

Trends swing so wildly and so fast. Just 8 years ago, filler and plastic surgery was seen as paramount femininity. It definitely seems like the trend is heading towards the only people getting new procedures are troons and women who were too poor to afford it when it was super popular. I feel like in another 5 years, pillow face is going to be the most clockable physical aspect of a troon

No. 1990289

I saw a reel a few weeks ago of a Troon claiming the “clean girl aesthetic” is transphobic because it’s a trend which excludes MTFs who need heavy contour to pass. I’ll try and find it, but even as someone who doesn’t care for these kind of trends I thought it was a very pathetic take. It’s as if they want women to all heavily photoshop and wear tons of makeup so the troons can blend in better.

No. 1990291

File: 1714445841068.jpg (39.69 KB, 500x500, 8oh492.jpg)

No. 1990295

> i dont want to steal cis womens spaces from them
..then why did you even post in the sub in the first place? which is already known to be invested with tims?? this feels like bait

No. 1990296

File: 1714447503258.png (5.1 MB, 2048x1536, GLprdpgbUAAPwgP.png)

they're "roommates" now

No. 1990298


No. 1990301

File: 1714449428024.png (389.9 KB, 552x1304, a1p44o90.png)

My favorite Twitter mtfcow boygrrl/Mia has been almost completely radio silent this month following his friend blackwinterwells' cancellation. Small blips on Twitter indicating he's continuing to try to make something happen with his sewerslvt-esque music that has a very small following on soundcloud/yt. His most recent locale is in Philly, kicked out by parents I think some time before that from wherever. Anyway he's really going through it lately especially after recent events, will be curious to see if there's more milk.

No. 1990309

its because it's not a photo nonna, it's a digital collage/painting he made.

No. 1990312

It’s so funny because clean girl aesthetic is literally rooted in deep self care. Drinking water, proper skin care routine, working out, and being intentional about what you put in your body. Things moids have proved they can’t do.

No. 1990313

this has been my life for the last 3 years since i cut my hair. ive been slowly distancing myself from my lgbt friends bc i cannot deal with them they/theming me and telling me that i would make such a pretty boy (i'm 30 years old) or saying that i have to be trans bc no woman would do x, y, z. i dress masc sometimes, other times fem, other times i just wear whats comfortable and seasonally appropriate. these gendies are so into their head that all gender nonconformity, no matter how mild, is seen as trans behaviour bc they seem to get off on growing their cult. i miss my gay/lesbian/bi/ace friends they've all become disgusting gendie/troon weirdos who are completely intolerable. were all in our late twenties and 30's its time to stop this shit.(blogposting)

No. 1990317

Referring to PiV/PiA sex as "pegging" is some of the most profound cringe I have encountered in some time. A penis is not made out of plastic like a strap-on, or a "peg" of sorts. Pegging was originally just female on male anal toy sex anyhow. Troons are dumb as fuck.

No. 1990318

That's the lamest, anon. I assure you there are better friends out there for you that will enjoy your company no matter how you dress or spend your time. I'm same age and cut these types out, it is extremely relieving. Hoping the people you meet are worthy of your time, they are out there.(blogposting/responding to blogposting)

No. 1990319

Seconding that this should be next thread pic, this is hilarious and well done.

No. 1990336

Kek, clean girl aesthetic will always be unattainable to the unwashed

No. 1990354

Lots of them will age absolutely poorly though. Think about it. They have to do so much surgery. If you focus even only on their faces : shaved bones, fillers, Botox, hair implants etc.
How do you think they'll look like, a few decades down the road? The fillers won't go away and knowing trannies, they'll keep adding a ton, making their face sag horribly - which no amount of surgery can fix. Their facial bones are shaved : they'll lose density - and volume - like males do - because they are still scrotes. So they'll look like a giant raisin in a few years' time. Men always age like milk, and all these procedures will only make it worse. Think about it and take solace in this.

No. 1990356

File: 1714471912169.jpg (182.39 KB, 720x999, rderuhun.jpg)

FB friend shared a post of a troon about the man vs bear debate. I looked into the troon's profile and this is what I saw immediately below the shared post. Liberal feminism has destroyed any chances of women's liberation.

No. 1990398

Reminder of this note from the OP for the anons who won't stop venting/going off-topic

>Admin note: Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.

/ot/ gender ideology general thread: >>>/ot/1894283

No. 1990402

File: 1714485164947.png (559.77 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_0882.png)

Being trans apparently makes you better than everyone

No. 1990441

File: 1714494502111.png (Spoiler Image,182.06 KB, 309x308, curvyandtrans.png)

oh look, another tranny acting like he's superior to actual women yet still desperately tries to emulate us kek. of course he's a fat gigahon too

No. 1990444

narcissistic tranny moids like this Chris chan lookalike are fun to make fun of when they're delusional to the fact they look like absolute shit.

No. 1990459

File: 1714496775492.png (921.74 KB, 800x534, 1714488649395.png)

This is fucked. Another thing: I thought they weren't giving HRT to kids? Weren't there even people in these threads from like 2020 up til now saying "reeee stop saying they'll give HRT to kids, you're making terfs look retarded", but we've already seen shit like this and girls as young as 13 getting mastectomies. I hate this shit so much.

>Middle schoolers who protested trans athlete’s participation are banned from future competitions


>Five West Virginia middle schoolers who protested a transgender athlete’s participation in a track and field competition have been barred from future meets — prompting the state attorney general to ask the US Supreme Court to weigh in on transgender student-athlete bans for a second time.

>West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey filed a lawsuit against the Harrison County Board of Education on the dissenting students’ behalf after they were blocked from upcoming meets following their protests at the April 18 shot put competition, West Virginia Watch reported.

>Five girls from Lincoln Middle School stepped up to the circle for their turn before refusing to throw in the event, which was won by Becky Pepper-Jackson, a 13-year-old girl who takes puberty-blocking medication and estrogen hormone therapy.

>While West Virginia law bans transgender girls from playing on girls’ sports teams, a recent federal appeals court ruled that the law couldn’t lawfully be applied to the eighth-grader.

>Despite the ruling, Morrisey has rallied against both the ruling and the treatment of the student-athletes who protested competing against Becky.

>“Their actions at the earlier track meet were not disruptive or aggrandizing. They were the quiet demonstration of the student-athletes’ evident unhappiness with the competitive consequences of a federal appellate court’s decision,” Morrisey, a Republican currently primarying for governor, wrote in the amicus brief filed April 26.

>Joined by one of Becky’s classmates on Wednesday, Morrisey said he plans to ask the US Supreme Court to hear the case involving the state’s restrictions on transgender student-athletes for a second time.

>Former collegiate swimmer-turned-activist Riley Gaines, who has been an outspoken critic of trans athletes participating in girls’ sporting events, has weighed in on the issue, writing, “These girls stood up for what they believed and their coach barred them from competing. Insane” in a post on X on Monday.

>Morrisey quote-tweeted Gaines’ message, noting he plans to do “everything in my power to defend these brave young girls.”

>“This is just wrong. We must stand for what’s right and oppose these radical trans policies. Thanks to @Riley_Gaines_ for her leadership on this critical issue.”

No. 1990460

>Weren't there even people in these threads from like 2020 up til now saying "reeee stop saying they'll give HRT to kids, you're making terfs look retarded"
I've been here for a few years and I've literally never seen anyone say that here. Hormone blockers are a hormone, they are a form of hrt that are exclusively given to kids and I'm pretty sure that's been clear to most people

No. 1990462

You must not have been in all of those threads, because I distinctly remember reading posters insist that we should only talk about puberty blockers and view them as separate from HRT (and with that, surgery), despite the writing being on the wall.

No. 1990463

While I admittedly wasn't here in 2020 I don't remember seeing it in the last 2-3 years at least. If anything that should prove anons have become more educated on the topic/have peaked more in the last 4 years which is a good thing. But I do remember in the beginning of my time here there were some anons seriously arguing that "being socialized as a girl makes a boy into a girl for real" kek glad we're over that

No. 1990482

File: 1714501407946.png (418.43 KB, 958x616, pot meet kettle.png)

tranny tries to dunk on scrotes who play smash by saying they have no sense of fashion, is also a scrote who has no sense of fashion

No. 1990483

lol is he using elf ears or am I seeing too much?

No. 1990484

Yep, he is. Goes all the way to put on the elf ears but can’t even fully cover up his 5 o clock kek

No. 1990485

File: 1714502334106.jpeg (117.06 KB, 778x573, F9C5D438-8F0C-4C26-8B93-278783…)

bold coming from someone dressed like the personification of 2012 tumblr (now with stubble).

No. 1990488

why can't he just live as a man? what about pretending to be a woman is attractive to him. I don't understand

No. 1990516

Because women have easy mode and make pp hard

No. 1990525

what makes a man so high off his own tranny farts? seriously, ugly women could never be afforded this luxury of being narcissistic about their own ugliness

No. 1990528

Coom. It's that simple. His own reflection makes his dick hard and that's all that matters. It's like beer goggles except it makes them view themselves as hotter than they are.

No. 1990553

>moid decides to transition
> quits job and finds a new one with better insurance.
> in less than 3 years goes from a fat incel to fat pornstar

I hope the women he works with have also been given the option of free tits, lipo, facelifts, bbl etc.

No. 1990554

Wonder if it's Starbucks but he's just too scared of being cancelled to mention it kek

No. 1990555

File: 1714519332391.jpg (623.99 KB, 1179x1291, 1714518583686910.jpg)

Hope those girls sue the school

No. 1990564

This one looks just as stinky as your typical Melee player. Truly a picture you can smell.
The coach should be fired.

No. 1990565

Mystifing that this total political loser of a policy is the hill so many leftists want to die on. They'd rather hand elections to anti-abortion, anti-democracy Republicans than tell MtFs "no" even once. Their argument is that MtF athletes are rare to the point of meaninglessness, but it only takes one cheater to ruin a game. I doubt they'd apply the same logic of "it's rare so who cares," to school shootings or minors needing abortions due to rape.

No. 1990566

lol he's hiding behind the tiktok filters look at his eyelashes

No. 1990567

So the government requires insurance companies to cover cosmetic surgeries for troons and Viagra for elderly moids, but not basic birth control for women. For people who claim to be women, they sure get a lot of the privileges one would associate with men.

No. 1990593

File: 1714528744714.jpg (600.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20240430-185751_Chr…)

The delusion you need to think this even looks remotely like you… kek.

No. 1990612

File: 1714536383695.jpeg (676.72 KB, 1170x1415, IMG_6311.jpeg)

>whenever go into the woman's restroom it's like I don't belong there because I have a penis
So close to getting it lol..

No. 1990617

File: 1714537710677.png (Spoiler Image,517.92 KB, 640x589, my sides.png)

He's very obviously a retard, i wonder if his caretakers are aware of his myriad fetishes. Also this is so unintentionally funny

No. 1990619

Man opens up about reasons for wanting to be a woman:
>being able to pee sitting down
>being fucked in the hole
>masturbate like a girl
Moids are too retarded to realize that they are already able to pee sitting down, getting "fucked in the hole", and imitate pornstars while cooming. Maybe this one is officially retarded but all troons have the same braindead reasons for "transitioning" and should thus be institutionalized.

No. 1990631

Retards and autists shouldn’t be allowed to access any kind of porn whatsoever because they always end up like this

No. 1990632

So addicted to the coom, he's tired of his penis and now wants to pretend he's a woman for his next fetish.

No. 1990633

File: 1714543403214.jpg (55.28 KB, 462x959, 1000024711.jpg)

Lmaoing at his hair

No. 1990634

File: 1714543722799.jpg (139.01 KB, 1080x1092, 1000024770.jpg)

Sex based dont exist? This is so stupid i feel like it'd make great banner to have on here.

No. 1990640

File: 1714545996519.mp4 (10.15 MB, 720x1280, ZjBPN7JL_FRqtitl.mp4)

This is the perfect representation for enthusiastic liberal male "trans rights" supporters.

No. 1990642

and so by not paying for cancer treatments, arent they also discriminating against people with cancer for their right to be happy and healthy, and i dont know… providing treatment in order for them to survive? i mean its not even like SRS and genital surgery prevents troons from an early death kek. not paying for skin removal surgery for people who have lost lots of weight? arent they also dysphoric about what they see in the mirror? jesus christ give me a break. the hypocrisy is off the charts, gender 'affirming' surgeries should not be covered by insurance let alone TAX MONEY.

No. 1990643

Male pattern baldness speedrun.

No. 1990644

ugly degenerate sex pests?

No. 1990646

I was here in 2020 and i don't really remember that either, but what i do know is that some anons and still today are still pro-troon and push the idea that some people are "true trans" and the people that we talk about in the tif and tim threads are just fakers, as if there was a real way to distinguish between the two. They are prone to still parrot lies spread from the gendercult about hormone blockers being reversible or only being used until the child reaches adulthood or some shit, so maybe that's what anon is talking about. It's confusing anybody could think that since i am pretty sure the I am Jazz stuff was going on and there was already examples of children taking hrt in their teens.

No. 1990651

Isn't that the tranny who also said raped women that are scared of men in shelters need to cure their transphobia? He's a nutcase

Exactly. By the same logic, I demand breasts surgery to lift my boobs, it's affirming because my gender requires me to have perky boobs! And a tummy tuck too! That's gender affirming, isn't it? We should troll our governments making that type of demands just to show the absurdity of it all. Trannies should be free to access their mutilation surgery, but on their own money ffs. Except the chopping dick. This one should be encouraged, pushed on them and free.

No. 1990652

there's nothing i want more for this man to contract HIV.

No. 1990670

File: 1714557368472.jpg (155.28 KB, 1080x1113, 97b17f8f43dd9416d75f421b24a0aa…)

No. 1990672

HIV is treatable nonna. It has to be AIDS.

No. 1990687

im so dumb, i thought HIV and AIDS were the same thing, either way i thought for this massive retard to get the old fag extermination treatment.(a-logging/derailing)

No. 1990688

I fucking hate troons who join in on the moid dunking, acting like they aren't doing the same thing. "Men please stop being creepy perverts" you retarded cromagnon rapebeast you are skinwalking a 15 year old

No. 1990701

She truly has a way with words.

No. 1990705

Knowing that trannies offend at the same rate as non-tranny men, and with the same patterns, kek. Projection is truly at the heart of their mechanism.

No. 1990711

File: 1714570030858.png (431.89 KB, 828x498, 1652115997812.png)

they think it makes them sound like one of the girls when in reality it's just yet another example of their complete lack of self-awareness and how little they, like all moids, understand actual women

No. 1990726

I love her so much

No. 1990727

men will really think hairstyles like this looks better than just simply going bald

No. 1990744

File: 1714579588984.png (116.03 KB, 660x1039, P1.png)

Has anyone else noticed an increase in tweets claiming that porn addiction isn't real, especially from troon accounts?

No. 1990750

Who is surprised? After convincing everybody that their gross AGP fetishes are valid and not fetishes, that's the next boundary to cross. That's also coinciding with some countries pushing to regulate porn a lot more. Of course the trannies are seething, kek

No. 1990751

I noticed that recently on reddit and it was weird because I've seen posts that are obviously referring to more popular posts of men in my country talking amongst themselves how porn ruined their lives and experiences with women, and then these other men go making fun of them saying it isn't real and porn poses no real threat to anyone, I don't understand what is the end goal here besides making porn acceptable… they will make men completely broken and retarded by it, and then what? Trooning out en masse? Speedrunning 41? Weren't men crying how males suicide a lot and "no one is doing anything about it"? They sure are making things worse for their kind and then expecting women to fix it. Men are legit braindead.

No. 1990756

File: 1714583203207.jpeg (428.27 KB, 828x1097, IMG_4241.jpeg)

Speaking of porn addiction, autogynephiles_anonymous on instagram is throwing a fit because not enough “cis women and afab enbies” (lol) are consuming girldick porn, and that’s somehow violence… (1/2)

No. 1990757

File: 1714583243618.jpeg (243.17 KB, 828x718, IMG_4242.jpeg)

(2/2) the entire post is hilarious but the best is this comment. Christine peaking era incoming?

No. 1990758

File: 1714583435941.jpeg (347.36 KB, 828x1091, IMG_4243.jpeg)

Last post but I can’t get over how “women aren’t watching trans porn and that’s literally violence against us” is real. And of course the comments under his post are all handmaidens saying “I’m one of the good ones and totally watch trans porn but please stop conflating women with afab enbies”

No. 1990759

>afab enbies and cis women combined
Kek troons casually bite their female conterparts' asses and they do nothing. Bleak.

No. 1990765

If you said any of them wasn't consooming enough of x type of porn they'd freak out about kinkshaming. It's always forcing women to look at dicks.
There's no end goal except to make everyone else around them suffer as much as possible because they're suffering. Crabs in a bucket mentality.

No. 1990766

Tumblr really needs to enforce their porn ban better and purge those disgusting trannies once and for all.

No. 1990768

Highly unlikely, she trooned out herself and got the titchop.

No. 1990770

>not wanting to fuck them is wrong because it means you have internalized transphobia
>wanting to fuck them is wrong because you're fetishizing them
What the actual fuck do they even want at this point? Who the fuck takes the time out of their day to make a chart about porn consumption and some how make it a problem if a group isn't consuming enough porn? How, in what way or world, is not wanting to watch a type of porn wrong?

No. 1990774

File: 1714585642768.jpg (197.03 KB, 677x1080, lmao.jpg)

Troons desperately trying to force women to love them is hilarious. You can make people shut up but it is not possible to make people want/love you. Turnes out fake compliments from handmaidens don't convert into sex, who would have known!

No. 1990775

File: 1714585721931.jpg (847.3 KB, 1080x1758, 1000034528.jpg)

just guys being dudes, what's better than this

No. 1990778

>How, in what way or world, is not wanting to watch a type of porn wrong?
In the distorted world of trannyland, of course. But don't forget that if DO watch it then you are an evil evil fetishist like >>1990770 noticed. Trannies will never be content, they just want to make up a reason to hate women, that's it.

No. 1990786

Whatever happened to TiMs supposedly disliking chasers and being reduced to a porn category? Also, this is a clear example of selection bias (though the outcome of the data doesn't surprise me). The women who use Tumblr aren't representative of the average woman; they're suburban, educated, far-left, young, and predominantly white. If you polled a randomly selected group of American woman on their porn consumption habits, a plurality would say they don't consume it at all, and only a tiny fraction would say that they're even willing to look at troon porn. This would also factor in TiFs, who I think are honestly just virtue-signalling when they reblog troon thirst traps with shit like "yaaas keen."

They really do agonize over the fact that they're desperate for a woman, but women are repulsed by them. To me, it's very similar to the incel copes of "women fantasize about being raped," and "the average woman is hyper promiscuous." They just can't bear the thought of women being uninterested in them, so they resort to insulting women by calling them bigots and whores.

No. 1990787

They want lesbians to see them as true and honest women. Lile many moids, their ultimate fantasy is to be the first dick a "gold star" lesbian has had. They don't want to settle for a chaser moid, or a virtue-signalling bihet woman. They want to reject our reality and substitute it with their own where they get everything they want.

No. 1990788

>They really do agonize over the fact that they're desperate for a woman, but women are repulsed by them.
This… this beautiful, nonita…

No. 1990789

Do they not understand the concept of enjoying things in moderation? There's nothing wrong with alcohol, but if you get drunk every night, you have alcoholism and that's a problem. There's nothing wrong with food, but if you're 400 pounds, that's a problem. There's nothing wrong with shopping, but if you have several thousands of dollars worth of credit card debt, that's a problem. There's nothing wrong with masturbation, but if you have premature ED from looking at porn and you can't feel aroused by real people, that's a problem. Porn addiction is absolutely real, and the porn industry profits off of it.

No. 1990791

HIV is the virus, AIDS is the final stage of an HIV infection. HIV is incurable but the infection can be kept under control, but once it progresses to AIDS, you're fucked and probably gonna die within a decade.

No. 1990794

>cis women aren't okay because they don't watch porn (which is mostly women being abused)
It's shit like this that makes me think TiM misogyny is the last frontier of woman-hating. It's unusually advanced, a regular incel would stop at 'wamen whores like in my porn'


No. 1990795

Exactly, they live in a world where lesbians consume pornography at the same rate that transbian perverts do - and want to watch the same weird jackoff hentai garbage that they do, too. When they see that they're really nothing more than a phallic ouroboros of their fellow trannies and the "straight" male chasers that love them, it breaks their illusion and they rage. Crazy how much male sexuality truly does boil down to "please like my dick"

No. 1990798

>increase in tweets claiming that porn addiction isn't real, especially from troon accounts
It’s reactionary backlash against both the male porn-free/“no fap” movement and radical feminism that criticizes the misogyny of the porn industry. The transgender movement is a house of cards that will collapse once you remove porn addiction because porn addiction fuels it like gasoline
>excuses that are often used by various types of lesbian and bisexuals to excuse their lack of sexual interest in trans bodies
Trannies love corrective rape rhetoric. Sorry, female homosexuality doesn’t include your girldick, and not being sexually desired by lesbians is not oppression

No. 1990811

File: 1714597374089.jpg (2.18 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_24-05-01_17-00-08-028.…)

sage for old milk but i looked into the genny thing that nonna said forever ago that troons used in the 90s and found this

No. 1990818

>genetic women are becoming quite obsolete
What did the schizo fetishist tranny mean by this?

No. 1990819

It means women don't want to fuck him.

No. 1990828

So that was basically the incels of the 90s lmao. Basic moids telling the world they're superior to women - the malest behaviour they could display. The tired trope of 'men are better at being women than women'. To think that a 'genetic female' suffered to birth them, barf. At the root of trannyism really lies a sick envy and hatred of women.

No. 1990832

Be careful most-likely-41%ed-troon, you don’t wanna insult your future tranny ’sisters’ who will get the dick chop thinking it will give them a vagina or freeze tomato juice to stick in their ass to simulate a period or moobfeed their infant kids with their hormone sludge. Their cope was as strong then as it is now ywnbaw kek

No. 1990836

File: 1714602226324.jpg (124.1 KB, 1080x1080, GMhM8YGWwAAIGoq.jpg)

Is this conclusion from the lawsuit? If so its pretty based of them.

No. 1990838

sage for OT, this reminded me of something, so I saw this on radblr a few years back (around 2018), It was an excerpt from some book about artificial wombs and how once it's perfected, women simply wouldn't exist. As in thhere would be not be a single reason to create more women, even for sexual purposes. He argued that there would be a cloned class of pre-feminized males rather than women. like It was beyond disturbing.

No. 1990858

based. keep tranny shit away from the olympics.

No. 1990875

Honestly, it's just really difficult at this point for anyone to defend a grown ass man that fucking huge competing against women that even some milder tras are against him. Now most of the issues we will face with women's sports will be concerning males who transition in childhood.

No. 1990878

It's really funny how trannies claim TERFs reduce women to their bodies when they are the ones saying that women are only needed to give birth.

No. 1990881

No apparently it was satire posted on Facebook.

No. 1990891

He's already been barred, but his case trying to reverse the ban is still ongoing, but i doubt it will ever get overturned as mentioned, he is a big lad, a lot of tras will probably be willing to ignore this because of that.

No. 1990916

File: 1714615983812.png (1.75 MB, 2112x1714, B81C0A0A-5546-43CE-A8B0-C1D97C…)

Another beautiful day at r/actuallesbians. Who doesn’t love reading about giving head on a lesbian subreddit, amirite?

No. 1990917

What a disgusting subreddit. Worst site ever

No. 1990925

>used to excuse their lack of sexual interest in trans bodies
Putting aside how gross and dehumanizing it when someone describes people as "bodies", why the fuck does he think anyone needs to justify their sexual preferences and boundaries? if someone says they don't want to fuck you, that's it. They don't need to justify it or excuse it, it's their boundary to set. Nobody is entitled to other people's sexual attraction
Do gay men need to excuse their lack of sexual interest in women? No. If someone only wants to sleep with or date members of their own ethnicity or who only live in their town or whatever, they don't need to justify that. What the fuck is wrong with people where they are so entitled as to not just think people need to make excuses for not finding someone attractive, but to actively shame them for not doing it well enough?

No. 1990929

File: 1714617366590.jpg (653.95 KB, 1476x2048, GKWT8SUagAAp46H.jpg)

Went to look up info about a new horror movie after watching the trailer and instead got jumpscared by the director.

No. 1990932

On one hand, TiMs often claim that they are not forcing cis lesbians into anything. If you don’t like the posts about girldick, just don’t engage, it’s okay to have a preference, etc. But on the other hand their true feelings start to shine through the facade when they realize that the main audience for the girldick also has a penis. Then it’s suddenly not okay to have a preference, and it’s not okay not to watch their disgusting porn.

No. 1990949

Cool, thanks for the not-watch recommendation.

No. 1990950

You guys really need to check your sources to make sure the shit you're posting isn't satire. You're making us look like retards.

No. 1990968

>The women who use Tumblr aren't representative of the average woman; they're suburban, educated, far-left, young, and predominantly white.
isn't Tumblr also famously home to just weirdos or just mildly odd women? that wouldn't care if people see that they're reblogging porn.

No. 1990969

Why are these crossdressers unable to actually dress well? I swear moids have absolutely 0 fucking clue where a skirt goes, too. Either its all the way up sitting under their chest for some reason or hanging sadly all the way down their undoubtedly male pelvis. On top of that looking like a joke outfit in a movie where the character had to grab 2 random items from some thrift store's clearing bin to wear.

No. 1990970

>the future belongs to transsexual women
meanwhile, the future of transsexual women: getting bolt-ons and ass implants, grooming children, larping as being pregnant, larping their diarrhea as being period cramps, grooming children, having furry OC accounts, having colon juice in their "vaginas", growing hair inside their vaginas, pretending their infection-ridden asshole has discharge, grooming children.
for how transwomen are free from the "chains of menstruation and child-bearing", they sure wish they were shackled too.

No. 1990971

>He argued that there would be a cloned class of pre-feminized males rather than women.
and they said yaoi isn't popular among gay men, clearly they enjoy the omegaverse trope very much.

No. 1990984

I'd figure it was by someone who hated women so much that they became gay pedophile. Look at the ancient greeks or modern afghanistan, where the mentality is "women are for babies, boys are for pleasure"

No. 1990988

File: 1714635468857.jpg (196.86 KB, 1279x1280, IMG_20240502_092907_287.jpg)

lurked in some tranny telegram channels and found this awesome #lesbian #sapphic #wlw meme

No. 1990989

>lurked in some tranny telegram
I can already imagine their hard drive

No. 1990990

Endlessly laughing about how he looks like a complete disaster next to the woman, whose outfit is a little tacky but flattering and age-appropriate. A wedge boot probably would've looked better than a kitten heel, but it's not a big deal. On the other hand, the troon is wearing Mary Janes and bobby socks like a literal child, a kilt made out of grandma's table cloth, and a cheap cut-out top straight out of the Forever 21 clearance section. I wasn't even aware they still made glasses frames with that ugly leopard pattern. Complete with the AGP smirk and sanpaku eyes, of course.

No. 1990991

>meme is about a tranny fingering another tranny's asshole

No. 1990993

Men are so mystified by the female orgasm, they take onto attempting to encounter it to the most outlandish almost alchemical experiments like exploring another man's anus with their hands in search for it. Truly an adventerous spirit, he might have been the one to discover the Antarctic in another era, where he didn't get addicted to porn.

No. 1990997

KEKKK nona i was going to post that reply, truly perfect

No. 1990998

is that charli xcx ?

No. 1991001

my sides

No. 1991015

"Hey can you wear your biggest, most foot-enlarging shoes? I'm having dysphoria about my grody man feet again."
"All I have are some kitten heels that absolutely won't wo-"
"Omg you are such a trans ally!"

No. 1991041

File: 1714654219310.jpeg (287.02 KB, 1125x615, IMG_0905.jpeg)

This is such a bullshit “study”. People were forced into having children more than having to troon out. This is a clear manipulation of numbers.

No. 1991049

The problem with these studies is that those unsatisfied with their transition are incentivized to lie for the cause or become distrusting of the medical system in total. Follow up with detransitions is so incredibly low that you can’t make real conclusions from the data. But of course Pink News obfuscates those facts.

No. 1991064

What the hell kind of study even is this? Troons make up like 2% or less of the population in the US. Of course there are going to be more people who regret having children than there are trannies or detrans people who regret having surgery.

No. 1991066

It's per capita, nonny.

It's a stupid study either way, because half of pregnancies are accidental and a fifth of them are actively unwanted, whereas everyone that troons out chose to do so, even if there was some level of manipulation involved (and of course a ton of intended pregnancies were the result of people being manipulated into thinking they wanted a kid, so even that gets cancelled out).

No. 1991067

they interviewed troons and their parents

No. 1991069

This is great news, I hate being a parent! Feels good knowing it was the right decision to sterilize my child. I did't want to have a kid, so now my kid will never have the option.
I know they will be happier than I am. My eunuch baby will be so appreciative it will never have to deal with something as horrendous as itself. It will never reproduce and know the burden it places on me. What a life of freedom! "I wish your grandparents would have done the same to me! You are so lucky" I will say. Thank God for these transgender scientists. They're really helping humanity.

No. 1991074

I really wish what they mean by "female orgasm" because assuming they're porn addicted, the actresses don't cum on camera and they're forced to grunt like animals and as a female is just an orgasm like I believe that moids experience more or less the same thing, why is that such a strong obsessions of theirs. Did they ever sleep with a woman? Do they know what an actual woman orgasm is like? Do they know that's not as theatrical as they show up in porn? But most importantly, can they differentiate porn and real life?

No. 1991077

I feel pain in this. Love you(sage your shit)

No. 1991078

Her outfit is extremely unflattering to her chest, it makes her look bigger than she is. The troon’s shirt is hugging his ball gut and revealing his saddle bags. Everyone looks inflamed and like they are suffering from estrogen dominance.

No. 1991080

lil nonni is autistic as I see kek

No. 1991084

Every surgical intervention in the world has a regret rate leagues above the 1% troons claim srs does. Are we to believe that mutilating your genitals, even if it does work for some, is the ONLY surgery in the world that somehow has near zero regret? These activists are so bad at manipulating data it's almost funny.

No. 1991089

This reads like it’s from of those moids that would aggressively jam his fingers in the general region of your vulva and get frustrated when you don’t immediately have a pornstar orgasm. Because “three knuckles deep” = good at sex. They will never be lesbians kek

No. 1991099

that's Charli XCX, she's pretty into herself so what's she's wearing isn't that shocking, tho hilarious that despite having heels that make her feet look longer, a hairstyle that exposes her entire forehead, leather jacket that gives her wider shoulders, and her Indian heritage that supposedly aligns her with men, the troon couldn't even begin to look as womanly as her(derailing)

No. 1991100

File: 1714671793736.png (612.83 KB, 661x792, ew.png)

a photo of him from that movie's screening with Charli

No. 1991102

Now how would it be different if a woman showed up to a screening of her own fucking movie looking so frumpy and disheveled? Being unapologetically hideous is a male privilege.

No. 1991103

Kek the male as hell sitting posture. So ugly!

No. 1991116

Is cellulite gender-affirming to these freaks now? He looks like a reddit mod, embarrassing for Charli, I thought she snubbed women for at least fashionable, elite gays, not these nasty coomers, guess she’s AGP Cooked.

No. 1991128

Ew, he's wearing a skirt with his legs open like that? I bet there is such a foul stench emanating from between his legs.

No. 1991136

He looks like the axolotl in Animal Crossing.

No. 1991142

did they spend the entire budget on getting as many washed up pitchfork artists on the "instantly iconic" soundtrack as possible? the trailer was like a shitty student film

No. 1991145

Axolotl from Animal Crossing sweetie, I'm so sorry…

No. 1991146

First thing I see when I open the app. So fetish shit is ok if you try to be funny about it? There's another male in the comments complimenting how "femme" he looks. Male pattern baldness is so femme.

No. 1991175

No. 1991177

File: 1714688418894.png (858.96 KB, 720x716, Screenshot_20240502-174559.png)

We can never tell …

No. 1991221

File: 1714699326009.jpg (84.8 KB, 570x1000, bafkreidmsp5c2lf2bbrqcb3qz2h2o…)

Ugly,greasy trans-creature I found on Bluesky weirdly obsessed with Asuka & Rei from EVA.gibes me pedo vibes from him.

No. 1991222

all bronies are pedos, it's a law of nature

No. 1991228

File: 1714699963137.jpeg (829.48 KB, 1125x1923, IMG_0912.jpeg)

Why can’t moids divorce their wife then go troon out? Why do they feel the need to force this on women?

No. 1991250

They don’t divorce because they know they’ve cut their dating prospects in half.

No. 1991253

Forced on women? What, you mean my wife? That's not a woman, that's my wife. That's how the house stays clean, how the bills get paid, how I get food. 'For better or for worse' is a legally binding contract. I don't consider the feelings of the thermostat or other things that have utility to me. It's good to have tools.

No. 1991265

I don't understand your hatred for Charli even if she's a bit of a handmaiden but "AGP Cooked" made me laugh so hard.

No. 1991268

1) they get a thrill from violating women’s boundaries and 2) why give up his free bangmaid? Married men are happier and live longer than unmarried men even if they don’t particularly like their wife. Men generally don’t initiate divorce unless they’ve got a replacement lined up. He has no incentive to divorce her so he won’t. Her feelings don’t even enter the equation.

No. 1991272

File: 1714723892512.jpeg (Spoiler Image,917.65 KB, 1242x1847, IMG_6731.jpeg)

Has this tim ever been posted before? It’s funny because most terfs are the bio women that this dude would never be haha, keep lying to yourself buddy, this thread is him being delulu about becoming a wahmen

No. 1991274

File: 1714724399364.jpeg (471.47 KB, 1242x1783, IMG_6732.jpeg)

No. 1991276

File: 1714725091762.jpeg (470.16 KB, 1242x1859, IMG_6734.jpeg)

No. 1991278

Big cope from a twink with moobs YWNBAW

No. 1991280

Unsurprisingly sounds autistic AF. Yeah it's the usual coping and seething. Trans agenda is rooted in deep hatred of women, misogyny, and womb envy eating them from the inside.

No. 1991283

relearn to walk??? hoooly shit i cant stop laughing. didnt know estrogen gave people have scoliosis! wait what do you mean? you cis women dont use a back brace?

No. 1991287

Yeah if you go to r/MtF they keep spewing that bs. They are persuaded that oestrogen modified their bone structure, kek. Some of them even believe their clown feet or ape hands shrink or that they get smaller in height, it's hilarious. But it is a cult base on delusion after all.

No. 1991289

he used to have a nice figure, what a pity.

No. 1991290

File: 1714731840273.jpg (63.45 KB, 640x682, ezgif-5-bb09d86658.jpg)

>this makes the back/spine more curved and the butt look bigger
tims literally think picrel is from a biology textbook

No. 1991294

Kek are the big butt and wide hips in the room with us right now? All I see in the picture on the right is a slightly fatter fag with bitch tits twisting around to give some semblance of curves. It's extremely obvious that if he took the photo from the front he would look like a fridge with two pepperoni-shaped magnets stuck on the freezer door.

No. 1991295

i remember like 2018 tumblr when the TRAs would be annoying tf out of fems by sharing that and pretending it's what radfems believe when they say sex is immutable and that we can tell you're a moid in a dress.

No. 1991297

It's nasty how a lot of these trannies that don't chop off their dicks mention a "female orgasm" as though they've reached some euphoric peak to their transition of larping as a woman. Newsflash, it's your disgusting fetish playing out that makes you feel so strongly. You have no idea what a "female orgasm" is and never will know. I never see any mention of posts by moids who chopped off their dicks proclaiming how intense their "female orgasm" is. Wow, it's all so telling.

No. 1991301

>Newsflash, it's your disgusting fetish playing out that makes you feel so strongly.

this is GLARINGLY obvious, even to them they just don't always admit to it. The sexual high they get from imagining what it's like being penetrated is b/c they spent their entire scrote lives conditioning themselves to the thought/pron of piv. if you're familiar with SW cows, you'll notice that there's a very lucrative niche for femdom shit where men pay to watch hot women pretend to want to penetrate men. getting your penis tucked inside you surgically is the next step in the extreme 'sissy'/humiliation genre. a totally gender conforming gay man who was into extreme body mods got SRS and started bragging about his "vagina" on twitter like a week ago and GCs found him. men will do almost anything for their sexual kicks if they obsess over that crap enough.

No. 1991305

lol. They think their audience is retarded and can't see the insignificant muscle mass reduction/fat redistribution and him twisting his torso and not clenching his glutes. his legs aren't in the same position. plus the lighting difference. the shayngle he's sporting is a hoot. tbqh i don't prefer his previous body.

No. 1991312

I’ll never forget how the cgl crowd roasted pixyteri yet they accept hulkish males into their midst

No. 1991314

File: 1714744280476.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1739, Screenshot_20240503-104936.png)

Look at this absolute creature that just showed up on my feed(lurk moar, repost)

No. 1991322

I mean every tranny does have 2 parents, yeah

No. 1991341

>weeaboo Japanese name
>"it" pronouns
>identifies as an anime porn genre
>smash player
Yes this is exactly who I would trust to give me credible medical information.

No. 1991371

Every time I hear some moid say estrogen made him less violent, I become twice as violent in response.

No. 1991377

the reply is annoying. 'if she REALLY loved you she'd 100% accept you turning into a complete embarrassment and no longer being the man she married! if she doesn't comply, she just never loved you gurl'

humoring the delusion for a second, if he's really a woman does he expect her to just be a lesbian/bi now? does she not even get a say in her own sexuality?

No. 1991383

Doesn't it make sense though? Testosterone makes people more emotional and impulsive at higher levels, and so if a man reduces his testosterone then it makes sense he would be less violent

No. 1991393

no because it throws their hormones all out of wack which makes them more unstable thus more violent

No. 1991395

It doesn't though. Trannies offend at the same rate and with the same patterns as other moids. Almost as if they were all males.

No. 1991401

No. 1991408

File: 1714760499998.png (189.26 KB, 977x374, crime.png)

chemical castration was perscribed as a treatment for violent criminals at some point but it's ineffective for the vast majority of moid rule breakers. only in rare cases of moids having ABNORMALLY high (not on the high end) T levels that are related to
CSA, cases of abuse etc., does chemical castration have the potential to discourage reoffending. iirc

No. 1991414

Gynecomastia nipples always look so fucking weird

No. 1991446

And unlike this crossdressing moid, I will pass on this movie.

No. 1991454

i was thinking the same thing lmao.

No. 1991461

Sometimes nonnas are so funny, ty for the laughs

No. 1991469

File: 1714774808982.jpg (243.08 KB, 1080x1317, troony toons.jpg)

Of course lesbians should speak with men and wait for their mental illness to show and get a "girlfriend" that way. Why didn't lesbians think of that? Brilliant commentary.

No. 1991507

File: 1714782122152.jpeg (1.58 MB, 2718x2139, 40922F78-B403-44E3-9604-BA7397…)

Wut who needs FIVE “partners”?? Just call yourself a slut like the rest of us, jeez.

No. 1991523

Males like this are the ones who will claim they met a lesbian when they were younger and "boymoding" and she just ~fElT~ his female soul… pff we all know he was just making the poor woman uncomfortable but didn't care - and then he spends the rest of his life pretending the lesbian had feelings for him. fucking loser

Every time a tranny mentions his lEsBiAn Gf on any lesbian subreddit, the reality is probably these pics kek

No. 1991526

WHY why why is it always fucking diapers? Why are so many of them like this? Just living on the same continent as these reprobates makes me want to puke.

No. 1991530

Is he trying go argue that when women won the right to vote, that somehow meant losing sex-based rights? The only ones losing out in that situation were moids who wanted to prevent women from being active participants in society. First and second wave feminism were always about granting women the same civil liberties that moids had always felt exclusively entitled to. Third-wave feminism was where the counterproductive brain rot began to take hold and the rights of women as a sex class to a back seat to other bullshit like gender identity and intersectionality.

No. 1991531

It would honestly be ideal if all of the AGPs formed one gigantic polycule and left the rest of us alone. Then they could move to a compound somewhere where it would hopefully all end Jonestown style.

No. 1991533

>Follow up with detransitions is so incredibly low that you can’t make real conclusions from the data.
Exactly. Asking people who currently identify as trans if they regret transitioning is like asking season ticket-holders if they dislike football. It's classic selection bias; the type of individuals who would dissent are not even going to be in the population they're polling.

No. 1991536

He's standing at a different angle in the second picture to try and hide it, but the pathetic mosquito bite moobs are the only difference. HRT does not change the bones of am adult male, that's just nonsense. I can see it affecting the really young preteens they put on blockers, but not adults.

Not having dreams is caused by smoking too much weed you fucking idiot. Normal people of both sexes usually have dreams.

Women are typically quiet during climax. The screaming in porn is just acting. Also your hips didn't "rotate," you fucking idiot. A woman's pelvis is literally shaped differently, which is why the femur joins it at a different angle. You're going to injure yourself walking like a retard.

No. 1991537

>a bunch of gay men in dresses getting meme'd into believing theyre lesbians

No. 1991547

Exactly. I’m so happy that these ugly gay men >>1991507 found eachother. If they could just leave real women alone and stay out of women’s bathrooms that would be great.

No. 1991548

File: 1714791975903.jpg (864.75 KB, 1027x1619, 1000034625.jpg)

in a shocking turn of events, the (extremely hideous and hatchetfaced) man calling himself a dyke thinks women and girls responding en masse to vile misogyny is a heckin nothingburger. white male "intellectual" doesn't see anything beneficial about widescale consciousness raising/feminist discourse. groundbreaking stuff

No. 1991551

File: 1714793037276.png (265.64 KB, 635x702, ddr tournament transphobic.PNG)

A little late on this but an organization running a California DDR tournament disbanded and shut down because troons were on suicide watch from being misgendered by volunteers.

No. 1991552

sorry for no picrel (using different phone) but kek, this account defended Eli Erlick to me in their comment section once. he and Eli were bantering like chums. when confronted, AA casually explained that rapist Eli Erlick had apologized so him being a rapist was fine

No. 1991553

File: 1714793375785.png (75.62 KB, 601x714, ddr tranny.png)

Yeah imagine feeling so unsafe because probably he'd you in passing. Let's not mention the real women that feel unsafe by men taking over their hobbies.

No. 1991554

File: 1714793685059.jpg (468.54 KB, 900x900, 1000034642.jpg)

>He argued that there would be a cloned class of pre-feminized males rather than women
…jfc. ik it's not the book recs thread but this is a literal plot point (along with forcibly transing girls into boys) from the genius tome in picrel, which I wholeheartedly insist you all read. if you remember the name of that deranged book anon please post it

No. 1991556

File: 1714796255300.jpeg (472.57 KB, 828x1280, IMG_2357.jpeg)

Yassss queens! You ladies are totes yuri irl! This is what true sapphic love looks like!!
Now please continue dating each other and leave real lesbians alone and remove yourselves from the gene pool, thanks ~girlies~

No. 1991561

File: 1714798461564.jpg (388.71 KB, 1212x1494, 1000024971.jpg)

Mr botox here having a normal one

No. 1991569

>does she not even get a say in her own sexuality?
nona haven't you heard? if you're a lesbian that means you're attracted to dick and if the man you married decides to troon out then that means you were a lesbian this entire time. remember that trans women are more women than women so what they say is true

No. 1991571

Telling a troon to "just be a femboy/feminine man/gay/bi" doesn't work. You know femboys like all other men are still subjected to hypothetical statements such as "if you're a girl you'd xxxxxx etc" and a troon should in theory be immune to this. It's too difficult for a troon to explain that he's a "woman" and all the other boys are still males making him feel lumped with all these guys. Aren't "trans women real women"? Why don't trannies have the right to be asked a hypothetical question about an if situation if they're a regular male (or a TIF if it's a 1:1) the same way a woman is asked? Not asking anyone to start but this is what I've observed.

No. 1991579

>"Porn addiction isn't real!!!!1!2!!"
>Describes the most blatant symptoms of said addiction.
>Immediately associates his awakening as a tranny to said addiction
They spell it out, every fucking time

No. 1991580

Is it "Brave New World"????

No. 1991582

File: 1714801542420.png (903.79 KB, 1350x951, dfgoiuy.png)

Oh he definitely knows he looks like a man. It's been fun watching tims have meltdowns over this question. Self awareness is a hell of a thing eh boys?

No. 1991588

I thought Goddess Bunny died

No. 1991607

Boo hoo, what a fragile ego this troon has. He should be aware that his presence brings other women discomfort. I'm sure this whole man vs bear debate has been really eye opening to a lot of people, even with how the troons have decided to hijack this topic with their incessant whining and seeing themselves on the man side lol.

No. 1991626

File: 1714820636691.jpg (43.53 KB, 658x960, FB_IMG_1714820499432.jpg)

Imagine waiting outside for the baby change toilet with your little baby and you see this creature walk out of it.

No. 1991627

Kek new threadpic please.

No. 1991630

oh wow, where to even start with this?

No. 1991632

File: 1714822426085.png (559.5 KB, 771x781, holyhabsburg.png)

What a delicate lady.

No. 1991633

File: 1714822893779.jpg (185.07 KB, 1039x586, 1000015784.jpg)

Unsurprisingly, the whole thread is trannies saying shit like picrel. It's always kind of hilarious how they react exactly like the epitome of entitled self-centred maleness while larping desperately as wimin, kek
>Me me me
> I'm a hulking ogre but who cares if I scare women by forcing myself in their private space
>As long as I am happy ouuuiiiii

No. 1991635

File: 1714823103999.jpg (833.84 KB, 1064x2354, 1000015782.jpg)

What the fuck did I just read in there…yet another prime example why the bear is still the sensible option.

There's so many filters on this it's hilarious, it doesn't cover neither his 5 o'clock nor his retarded Habsburg chin).

No. 1991636

>rape and kill people
>get offended when people avoid your kind
men truly are something else

No. 1991640

KEKKKKK- this is horrifying.
The little doll just standing there is killing me

No. 1991647


No. 1991648

crimson chin trooned out?

No. 1991655

so whats the deal with bisexual men?

No. 1991661

File: 1714829143264.jpg (463.96 KB, 2000x1977, 1507115462-lb.jpg)

Every damn time

No. 1991669

>bla bla bla
>there's a deep jealousy in me that women can and can't be ogled at in various states of undress
>I am angry I too cannot be hot.
>bla bla bla
as always, the retarded moid tells on himself and shows how little insight he has into the female experience and what he really thinks of women. of course women perceive the freak in a dress who is high off his ass and visibly experiencing paranoid psychosis as a threat. but according to him, they should ignore their own need for safety lest his feewings get hurt.

No. 1991671

Just another moid fetishising the predation of women, and then wondering why women give him dirty looks.

No. 1991672

File: 1714831165775.jpg (122.53 KB, 1304x898, the-unknowns-voice-actor-zoey-…)

The tranny that voiced The Unknown for Dead by Daylight has apparently died

No. 1991673


No. 1991680

File: 1714832080699.jpg (145.52 KB, 558x665, 1000005210.jpg)

Hope his voice work for DbD is archived, if he 41%ed they'll prolly change it. RIP duderino.

No. 1991694

File: 1714833668136.gif (6.17 MB, 400x300, IMG_0380.gif)

seeing this shit makes me go like picrel. god why can’t these freaks just be shoved in a fucking asylum already(repeatedly baiting across boards)

No. 1991699

I know what your trying to do and it's not going to work, I also know right after your gonna use some VPN and post those men in drag once again. go back to whatever disscord you crawled out from.

No. 1991700

Have you ever read Brave New World anon

No. 1991705

Some day he's gonna find out what guilt is.

No. 1991707

>I give a shit about how thankless it feels to be alive
What a narcissist. No one has the right to be thanked. He didn't even do anything that benefited another person.

No. 1991710

File: 1714837017526.jpg (265.11 KB, 565x1080, killyourselfretard.jpg)

Have you seen this subreddit? It's full of retards.

No. 1991711

You’re not good at this, stop trying

No. 1991712

File: 1714837114466.jpg (123.43 KB, 1080x835, 1troon41.jpg)

No. 1991715

its the subreddit for /tttt/ so its expected

No. 1991716

Why are tannies even offended by this so called "man hating" trend if they are true and totes real women and not men?

No. 1991717

Nonita every troon on this subreddit needs to 41 I hate them so much. I love it when they describe how much they suffer because they 100% deserve it.

No. 1991718

File: 1714837914245.webp (100.03 KB, 888x337, retardedtranny.webp)

1717 kek

No. 1991719

>"My opinions are respect more at work" is not worth half of the global population being scared of the general concept of your being
Mon Dieu, males are indeed the biggest gaslighters! FFS, somehow he's trying to make it seem like male privilege in workspaces is not truly a privilege and women should not complain for often having their opinions and ideas dismissed because at least they don't have to deal with scaring half of the population to death… The fuck? How about telling your male peers to stop raping and killing women? Perhaps then we will stop being so scared of males? But no, males raping and killing women en masse is not the issue. The issue is that women fearing men makes the GoOd MeN!1!!(TM) feel bad about their own sex. If I had a euro for every single time I heard right-wing men using this very same argument to blame women for males wanting to be women… Women are more trusted because we earned this trust.
Btw, I didn't know this man vs bear thing had turned into such a big deal online, I thought it was just a tag on TikTok or something. Good to know that it's causing such distress in troons (based picname btw nona kek)

No. 1991721

he died of an autoimmune disease after he'd decided to go off his meds because they weren't much help

No. 1991722

>i started hrt before puberty
Not if he's posting on 4chan
>so like
Gotta love the shit attempt at imitating feminine speech kekkkk
This is such a blinding example of womb envy, it's painful. It almost feels like a parody

No. 1991723

>so like, I pass flawlessly
Kek. Every MtF thread here on lolcow is filled with pics of trannies that go to Reddit and comment "I pass well", "I'm 100% stealth now" and we all know what they actually look like lmao
>["cis" women] are not better than your average twitter transbian
LOL besides the fact that women don't force themselves into spaces where they make others uncomfortable (like, say, being a gross old dude showing off your dirty dick to unconsenting women and little girls) and don't reply to even minor jokes with rape threats (let alone all the women they actually rape), I suppose he's just referring to stuff like males on TikTok saying that women reading erotica by women for women is the same as males getting off to porn where actual women (including underage girls) get drugged and raped. What a retarded, such a waste of space. Males always tell on themselves kek

No. 1991724

the most cursed chin I have ever seen, even for a male kek

No. 1991726

File: 1714840082739.jpeg (438.7 KB, 800x1200, 13_IMG_3453.jpeg)

I was just introduced to "Pippa" Gardner's art and his hypersexual t-shirts make my skin crawl.

No. 1991727

File: 1714840116810.jpg (1.27 MB, 1476x2000, ML_PippaGarner_PinkT.jpg)

Why are scrotes like this?

No. 1991728

"So like," I'm pretty sure he doesn't pass flawlessly given the track record of trannies who state that. He's in a tranny chasm where he will never experience being a woman, but he's still a faggot failmale that posts on 4chan and is jealous of women. LOLing at him.

No. 1991729

File: 1714840307601.jpg (167.9 KB, 1154x1700, 3_pippa_shirtstorm-4-1154x1700…)

No. 1991732

huffing that copium pretty hard

No. 1991735

honestly sad, autoimmune diseases are no joke
double whammy cancer of 4chan and reddit in one subreddit…whew
i searched up this man vs bear argument and of course its just men crying about how women are stupid and dont understand probabilities. meanwhile men on 4chan post infographs about how their attraction to women goes down after 12 kekk

No. 1991738

Lol the guilt conscience is really jumping out

No. 1991745

i've come across several trannies online and have the misfortune of knowing one irl who have autoimmune or endocrine diseases that are actively exacerbated by taking cross-sex hormones. it's hard to have sympathy when they are actively choosing to harm themselves for their coomer fantasies. they could simply call themselves what they are, men who want to cross-dress, and wouldn't have to injure themselves with horse piss and other unnecessary procedures, but they wouldn't get the same satisfaction they currently do from manipulating the entire world around them.

No. 1991748

Yeah I was thinking that too but some mtfs never take hormones so I didnt mention it. I knew a ftm artist a long time ago who was actively taking testosterone while fighting leukemia at the same time, I really have no idea whats going on in their heads

No. 1991750

I bet it was AIDS

No. 1991753

Huh, I would have thought he killed himself over the DBD debacle, weird timing.

No. 1991754

he took a professional pic against a garage door, tasteless

No. 1991755

>men who want to cross-dress
Insult to transvestites. No and not enough, they want to have female bodies.
>ftfy. men who want their dicks offed and get a rotpocket axe wound sewn like a pouch just below where the dick was, using anal/penile/abdominal skin and being told to dilate it regularly for the rest of their lives.

No. 1991757

kek nonnie, it's autoimmune encephalitis and stiff person syndrome that he had, it sounds terrible tbh but it's a pity he was living a lie till his death.

No. 1991760

I can't believe kiwifarms did this

No. 1991763

File: 1714847850026.png (24.82 KB, 1041x249, fandomsecrets.png)

>HOW would a woman know if there's a trans woman in the shelter who is pre-op? Because if the issue is "having a penis", post-op transwomen don't have one.

Someone give to this anon a list like Chris Jericho's list.

No. 1991764

File: 1714849458162.png (802.18 KB, 1046x891, uglytrannies.png)

got curious to see what these two gorgeous ladies look like the moment I read these replies and their post history didn't disappoint kek

No. 1991765

File: 1714849740549.mp4 (4.15 MB, 720x1280, tranny (2).mp4)

No. 1991769

>solid 5-6
Men have way too much confidence even when they have low self esteem, this guy is a 2 and I am being very generous.
>solid 9
>everyone is checking me out
If that is a 9 then I am 1000.
Men were "checking you out" cus they see something is off even if they are bad at clocking. Best case scenario would be the men checking out thinking you are an ugly woman but I doubt that is the case, men don't see ugly women. Imagine not only being ugly and a tranny but also this mentally retarded. I'd 41 asap.

No. 1991780

Why do moids think that the faceapp girl filter of themselves is anything close to what will happen in reality? ah yes hrt will definitely make you have a smoothing filter on irl, your hairline will magically fix itself, your face and jaw structure will change, your neck will get slimmer, your eyes will get bigger, your midface will get smaller, you will definitely look exactly like that and not the same ugly old moid with slightly longer hair!

No. 1991787

>men checking me out
i think he's getting stares of confusion/disgust mixed with "being checked out" lol

No. 1991795

File: 1714860046276.jpg (52.94 KB, 736x1012, GibbonSkeleton.jpg)

why the fuck are his arms so long, even for a moid they look unnatural

No. 1991805

>I can't NOT ogle you, you're literally asking for it by wearing CLOTHES!

No. 1991807

kek nona this is a personal cow of mine. he always talks shit on his parents for supporting their gross failson and his legion of leftbook troons love it

No. 1991812

>and terfs like Rowling seem to want to keep all those evil penises away from traumatized women
Based queen, JK. Just keep all the penises away kek

No. 1991815

now picturing him in a shirt that says maybe it's marfan's syndrome, maybe it's maybelline with a baddie instathot edit of that skeleton

No. 1991836

File: 1714873044861.webp (233.39 KB, 1280x961, what_the_freak.webp)

well, we know why he chose the path he did. Theyre all sex freaks

No. 1991858

i thought troons were totally like us and also feared men in the restroom? and now they're whining en masse because women feel unsafe with a male stranger alone in the fucking woods?? this is absurd and more evidence that they are not "femalebrained" (as if we needed any). kek @ the cope >>1991712

preach nonna


No. 1991863

>my '''''''''girl'''''''' cum xD I ejaculated all over i'm so feminine
>ah my ''''''''''girl''''''''' penis no longer gets hardddddd life is over
I used to laugh at them but these posts just make me feel ill to read now
Total male death

No. 1991873

File: 1714890033942.jpg (73.78 KB, 500x693, tumblr_m6lt9mmAKz1rnseozo3_500…)

kek they're literally the same person(sage your shit)

No. 1991896

The issue is penises are attached to transwomen.

No. 1991905

Hysterical levels of cope here. Nobody needs, or wants, to strip these men naked. We can tell because they look like men, due to being men. No amount of smug AGP smirks can hide their male bodies, hands, hairlines, beard shadows and voices. No amount of FFS will ever make them look female, if anything they always look manlier. If a pantomime dame twerks up to the shelter in stripper heels and drag makeup and offers to strip naked in front of the traumatized women, nobody will accept his generous offer, and he'll be turned away anyway.
That's just what life is like outside an echo chamber.

No. 1991906

>trannies look like men bc they are men
See them start seething when an untrooned man looks like a woman

No. 1991913

The people defacing his obituary are disgusting. That's somebody's child.

No. 1991914

they are? at best i saw a guy address him as him, or are you talking about it being filled with people calling him "her" or talking about DBD?

No. 1991916

samefag, just saw what you're talking about, the jokes about him being a groomer and pedo are gross, its troubling enough for his parents to cope with his choices in life and now have to consider investigating if their son was a sex offender.

No. 1991917

seems like a mix of fruit farm faggots and some of our own, the latter from the HP references and the former from the references to KF cows and /pol/racesperging

No. 1991918

wouldnt be surprised if it was AIDS

No. 1991925

AIDS is not an autoimmune disease. AIDS weakens your immune system so you die after not being able to fight infections anymore or because you develop cancer etc, an autoimmune disease makes your immune system fight itself. He said he had something affecting his nervous system. But anyway, if he was taking cross-sex hormones, it certainly did not help.

No. 1991935

interesting, i completely forgot AIDS is an immunodeficiency, not autoimmune. although i feel that's such a common misconception and people use those words interchangeably. to the point where someone close to him could have reported the death as an autoimmune disease, trying to be respectful and discreet, but meaning AIDS. it seems like the public is super prone to get that terminology mixed up so that detail is not a total smoking gun for me

No. 1991953

i think they're far more likely to be moids than nonnas. not trying to moralfag but i think most of us would find it in poor taste to leave comments like that on an obituary where his family members can easily see it.

No. 1991973

File: 1714928432712.png (2.83 MB, 608x6108, feralratbitesu.png)

I think this guy could be a great small time cow. He's a fat TIM on food stamps living in a filthy gamerboy house who constantly orders ubereats and who's only hobby is drawing porn of women being brutalized.

No. 1991975

File: 1714928473049.jpg (129.54 KB, 828x647, 98909a5ac0325f0c30834a1bd3e_89…)

No. 1991976

File: 1714928505119.jpg (617.09 KB, 2048x1536, his door.jpg)

This is his door in his bedroom.

No. 1992003

I'm so glad I don't have a son

No. 1992009

File: 1714938330522.png (5.28 MB, 1940x1080, holy hugboxing.png)

I started feeling kinda bad for him halfway into stitching these screenshots together but whatever. Imagine shamelessly lying to someone's face like that. They treat him like a retarded child. I'd be offended. Also kek at his TIF fashion advisor bestie

No. 1992010

>gynocentric society
This is straight up incel rhetoric. I do not consider a world where women don't have reproductive autonomy to be "gynocentric."

No. 1992012

lmao anon, ayrt and tbh he's way freakier looking than bunny–who, btw, died a couple of years ago actually

No. 1992017

Troons definitely benefit from the gender equivalent to tard teflon. On one hand, I understand why people act like this; they see someone so gross and pathetic that pity overrides their better sense. But I think it's somewhat harmful to lie to people this flagrantly, it's kind of setting them up for failure.

No. 1992018

File: 1714941111792.jpg (459.74 KB, 1080x1510, menaresuchameme.jpg)

Here's this shitty comic artist again. Men are such a joke. Imagine being inundated with seeing trannies and whatever other porn on Twitter and then deciding you're a tranny too. Disgusting.

No. 1992024

he trooned out because of tranny porn?

No. 1992029

File: 1714944597573.jpg (508.67 KB, 1077x1793, 1000005685.jpg)

TiMs dispute the fact they are biologically/genetically males

No. 1992031

File: 1714944705316.jpg (367.43 KB, 1080x1906, 1000005690.jpg)

the initial post that started it

No. 1992032

File: 1714944824303.jpg (399.97 KB, 1080x1619, 1000005689.jpg)

some additional others. the whole post is an echo chamber of cope lmao

No. 1992034

File: 1714944975908.jpg (424.76 KB, 1080x1835, 1000005687.jpg)

No. 1992035

Including "giving good head" in his list of feminine traits… yeah that's DEFINITELY how a woman goes through the world

No. 1992039

They need to know your sex at birth because there are conditions unique to one sex or the other, you fucking retard. Only males can get prostate cancer, and the prostate isn't removed during SRS because you basically can't remove it without making the patient incontinent. Plus it's the only way for a dickless eunuch to feel sexual pleasure, if at all.

No. 1992041

File: 1714946137909.png (5.68 MB, 1992x2664, uglyassmoids.png)

skimmed their profiles,

princessplantmom - nothing interesting
intothemusic - nothing interesting
steffie-punk - picrel
oktear2981 - suspended
crimson_boomerang - picrel
phylisridesabike - his entire identity revolves around firearms
sarawannabeme - 99% of his profile is dick pics
yourgirlathena - PICREL KEK
aradian_nights - picrel. seriously what the fuck is with trannies and black lipstick. i especially love it when they have super yellow teeth and all it does is bring that out.

No. 1992042

>Social spaces I positively contribute to
Typical moid delusion, thinking they've improved something when they've clearly only damaged it. Name me one time a tranny has ever improved a female space he chose to colonize. I'll wait.

No. 1992043

samefag, just wanted to clarify that yourgirlathena made me kek hard because he literally looks the exact same. theyre so blind its unreal

No. 1992044

>I am indistinguishable from any cis woman around me
>immediately clockable as a moid
every time…

No. 1992045

>you're the weirdo for spotting potential predators (men), hear that females??!!!

No. 1992049

The goth girls they liked rejected them so they tried to become the goth gf. Hence why they like black lipstick and alternative fashion.
Trannies often copy their personas from women they're attracted to who won't have them, like the goth girl from school or their ex wife or their female best friend. Ethel Cain made a whole career out of larping as the preacher's daughter he had a crush on growing up.

No. 1992050

I was just about to post this. Every single time they say that, when you look at their photo it's so blatant. Men's egos are huge.

No. 1992051

File: 1714948925417.jpg (1.44 MB, 2259x2999, Judith-and-Holofernes.jpg)

>Woman is when baking, Hallmark movies, and giving blowjobs

No. 1992054

>baby trannies
of course they have to colonize the term "baby gays" (which I'm not particularly a fan of) as well

No. 1992056

>Just like gender, sex is changeable
Also trannies around 2 or 3 years ago:
>Of course sex and gender are not the same, no troongender person is saying they're the same, and you can change your gender
Exhausting. Their logic and demands always escalate. First, they try to be accepted by saying that they know that sex and gender are not the same, then as soon as people settle on "muh sex and gender are not the same", they start saying that "sex is difficult to define and not binary", "anyone can change their sex", or "trans women are also biological women and not biological males at all". Same shit as "no one is telling lesbians that they should have sex with twanswomen/penis-havers" that escalated to "lesbians are twansphobic sexual racists". Or "twanswahmen just want to pee" that escalated to "twanswahmen are allowed to expose their girldicks, even during a full erection, in female-only spaces where women and little girls are also naked and vulnerable, and perhaps YOU should teach your little daughters how to stop staring at others' genitals, you weird bigots". Or "twanspeople suffer from dysphoria because they were born in the wrong body, that's why they need to transition" that escalated to "twans people don't need dysphoria to be twans. You can totally be a lesbian transwoman and love your penis and want to fuck lesbians with your penis that that's 100% lesbian sex and VaLiD!1!!". I'm so tired of this shit, sigh.

No. 1992059

we can still tell general male biology by the advantage in strength, the build of your bones, etc, even with the horse piss you inject in that poor body of yours. chromosomes is not where it ends, fuckin denthead. and not the tim literally crying while writing their "agab" on the form. not only are they saying they're now biologically female, they're lying and saying they've ALWAYS been biologically female bc that makes them feel better. but sureee, the trans community is the side of logic and facts

No. 1992060

Let them all die of prostate cancer, problem solved

No. 1992069

>trannies are indistinguishable from women, unless you can clock them or they don't pass
>so anyway people who say we're biologically male are just coping and want us dead
do they hear themselves?? ridiculous. what's crazy is that the whole "transwomen know they're biologically male and distinct from women on some level" is literally what handmaidens say to defend troons. they know how ridiculous it sounds to claim that transwomen are EXACTLY the same as women so they're like "duhh, of course transwomen know some things differ!! but they're still women!" and of course it's not enough for trannies, it's considered malicious even.

kek imagine desperately trying to find an old comic that you can use as "proof" that you were totally a troon in denial all along, and you see nothing wrong with picking this one. either he really had nothing or he has no issue admitting that men who find troons attractive are also troons and it has nothing to do with muh female soul and dysphoria, it's purely sexual.

No. 1992083

>Maleness is evil incarnate and I am forever forced to be its vessel
Kinda based ngl

No. 1992092

File: 1714965420532.gif (425.71 KB, 220x220, IMG_0441.gif)

men are so lucky that women don’t become terrorists and go after them, this makes me want to alog even more so bad

No. 1992094

30 year ago, they would just be nerdy computer, geek guys, or wannabe rock band players.
Truly HRT is doing to nerds communities what crack did to blacks in the 80s…

No. 1992124

i wish women had the retarded ape gene that men have that make them go on shooting sprees tbh i think men need to be mass targeted by women

No. 1992126

god I hate the tism face he pulls in every narc-fueled selfie kek. the sheer number of somethingawful-adjacent unfunny troons on leftbook is actually staggering. the crazy thing is it's been that way for like a decade at this point

No. 1992135

not even just female spaces, they also ruin every LGBTQA2S+ space they enter by making it only focus on trans and kicking out actual LGB people

No. 1992136

>""biological male" is a term invented to invalidate our experiences and force us into dysphoria"
they're so self-centred they literally can't see further than their own biological male dick reaches

No. 1992141

>I’m now biologically female and I won’t be told otherwise
>I cannot be misgendered in any way that matters
Dude is coping so hard

No. 1992142

File: 1714998452013.png (49.04 KB, 540x509, Screenshot 2024-05-061.png)

that last line falls under suspiciously specific denial

No. 1992145

Narrator: the were indeed coming to fuck our kids and dogs.

No. 1992147

File: 1714999077769.png (83.7 KB, 530x810, Screenshot 2024-05-062.png)

No. 1992151

File: 1715000393945.jpg (55.87 KB, 600x337, eww-disgusting.jpg)

what… what did I just read…

No. 1992157

their coombrains don't understand that even just the concept of having a "diaper kink" will sound pedophilic to normal sane people. to be fair, the tumblr troon had even more fucked up things going on, but still.
>support the weird trans women, even the ones you're not personally comfortable with
statements like this would not work with any other group doing deranged fetish shit, but troons still expect to be coddled.

No. 1992164

File: 1715003614419.png (2.59 MB, 1174x1176, Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 14.51…)

he looks like a tranny fag version of donna from brandon rogers

No. 1992170

tbf I always wondered if Donna was a tranny, with all the plastic surgery and weird voice, still like Brandon so I never cared enough to actually look into it.

No. 1992172

I absolutely cannot stand the genre of trannies who see some tranny meme like "girl cock" and in this case I guess "transgender MILFs" and are so overly sensitive that they make some phony academic tumblypoo post about how, ackchually, it's thooooo problematic because ummm I said so. First of all retard, the trannies yapping about "trans MILFs" are not the type of person to treat delusional males who wank it to pregnancy fetish slop as the subhumans they are. The trannies that talk about tranny MILFs are the type of trannies to get off on the idea of being pregnant kek. Second of all uterus transplants will not be viable in this lifetime, or the next. Third, the tranny craze will probably die down before any retarded medical corporation tries to create actual real uterus transplants. It's literally a schizo pipedream. Fourth of all "I WILL KILL YOU, YOU'RE GETTING KILLED!!!!" Such a retarded xy failmale moment kek.

No. 1992175

File: 1715009257222.png (797.86 KB, 1080x2872, Screenshot_20240506-162311-969…)

Eww, men think having soft and tender sex is the same thing as lesbian sex

No. 1992178

File: 1715009448229.jpg (157.8 KB, 1080x1350, been-out-of-the-closet-for-8-m…)

"Lesbian", sure jan.

No. 1992185

>support the weird priests, even the ones you're not personally comfortable with
>support the weird boy scout troop leaders, even the ones you're not personally comfortable with
>support the weird children’s acting coaches, even the ones you're not personally comfortable with

No. 1992197

I've been subscribed to Brandon's channel for some time and I can confirm Donna is a TiM. Most people just don't pick up on it and just see him as an old woman with a weird voice

No. 1992201

>just hooked up with a girl through a lesbian dating app
>fear not being seen as a real lesbian
>lesbian sex is way better
>I have and like using my penis
Trannies, fakebians, and gender ideology must never be forgiven for the irreparable damage they've already plagued us (lesbians) with.
His face makes me want to a-log so bad.

No. 1992204

but like, why make it public that you're into that shit if you don't want to cause unnecessary friction in your "vulnerable community" and open them up to attacks about your gross pedo-adjacent AT BEST kinks
unless he's implying that transgenderism is kink based

No. 1992205

>first time he has sex while playing out his fetish is more enjoyable than when he didn't

No. 1992212

No. 1992213

>transgender milfs
imagine being such a coomer that you refer to yourself as a porn category. most actual mothers would never even imagine wanting to be called that unless theyre selling a sexual service to people

No. 1992249

built like king dedede

No. 1992252

File: 1715025163362.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x2106, IMG_0968.jpeg)

TiMs seem to think they can pass with a beard

No. 1992258

you tell trannies to simply "stop being degenerate sex pests" and they turn it into "your community will collapse". sir, your unwashed ass is glued to your gamer chair, your discord server is not 'a community'

No. 1992266

File: 1715028331616.jpeg (Spoiler Image,3.87 MB, 1125x20958, Lol.JPEG)

found this guy compulsively commenting on Riley Gaines’ instagram. Used to try and merge his face with pictures of young women until his long term girlfriend broke up with him which he commemorated with a post. sent chills down my spine

No. 1992279

Imagine shopping at Forever 21 and seeing that horror hulking troon creeping around.

No. 1992283

This is so fucking creepy

No. 1992294

Men know they can raise children as fathers right? They seem to forget that aspect of parenting, probably because they are focused on what they actual desiring, fulfilling their breeding link.

No. 1992302

holy shit he's literally skinwalking his ex wife, she needs to get a restraining order asap

No. 1992309

File: 1715041774994.jpg (597.44 KB, 1536x2048, GLUF1MiWsAATD8B.jpg)

If that's an actual photo of her he fucked up big time. She's so pretty. Crazy he thinks he looks good in those edited photos.

No. 1992310

File: 1715041804048.jpeg (116.64 KB, 434x1087, IMG_3170.jpeg)

more creepy men were supposed to allow in our safe spaces

No. 1992311

File: 1715041936589.png (44.62 KB, 795x336, Darts star FORFEITS match as s…)


No. 1992312

Based, cheers

No. 1992324

The way he writes about his ex… geez, seems like a psychopath talking about a victim he's just murdered and now is skinwalking… How creepy. Also, who tf posts a pic of their ex to announce they've broken up? It only gets weirder.

No. 1992325

File: 1715045876604.jpeg (826.93 KB, 3072x4096, IMG_0804.jpeg)

sure jan

No. 1992330

where in the FUCK has that phone case been to get that filthy??

No. 1992341

men don’t wash their hands

No. 1992343

File: 1715055881368.jpeg (223.23 KB, 828x449, IMG_2459.jpeg)

The “female orgasm” cope in this one KEK

No. 1992345

Did… did he just cope himself into believing that women feel no release when orgasming?

No. 1992352

>female orgasms are incredible and make you shake and scream and hurt for hours afterwards and make you jiz- I mean, squirt everywhere
>female orgasms feel like nothing at all but still really amazing
Which is it? If you're going to lie at least be consistent

No. 1992360

So another ugly man told him, an ugly man, that he was prettier than a real woman. Sure. Well. I'm doubting that's the case but even if it was, she's still a woman and he isn't. It also always comes down to competition with men doesn't it? They keep harping on about female competition and us being catty to women prettier than us but that isn't true for the vast majority of women???

No. 1992363

About the so called cattiness and competition, they always project, nonna. It's all projection, like the so called penis envy is really womb envy. They are so transparent. And 200% certain that burlesque dancer was perfectly pretty, not that it's important in any way but since they can't help it, no, he looks like an ogre, like most of these retards do, and he can't compare even to average moids.

There's a study recently that has shown that superbugs developed in mixed-sex toilets in hospitals because men never wash their hands and made it unsanitary for women to use. Just one more reason why we should never share these space with them.

Unironically Serial killer vibes.

He sounds truly like a deranged lunatic and I'm glad the girlfriend got out. It's so very bizarre to post her picture like that and it's so transparent he's trying to wear her skin, barf.

No. 1992367

File: 1715076522924.jpg (150.9 KB, 1080x680, 1000035559.jpg)

I was so freaked out I had to check to see if he posted other pictures of her/identified her and saw the bio. thankfully just ai–no doubt he's a total skinwalker tho

No. 1992377

>i can't orgasm and get that "release" like before
>but of course it's nowhere near as bad as before
what?? kekk they're miserable but still pretending they're not regretting it no matter how crazy and incoherent they sound

No. 1992379

He could be a fuckable man if he wasn't retarded. I just dont get it why fuckable moids do it. With tifs, its understandable as it can be dangerous to be a pretty girl. But with moids? He has all the privilege in word, why trooning out and destroy your life

No. 1992393

mental illness nonny

No. 1992394

Literally just porn addiction and mens lives revolving around cooming and dying.

No. 1992400

Troons for sure are a gold mine of inspiration to write a murder mystery, no wonder JK Rowling became GC while doing research for her book

No. 1992401

and this makes us wonder… what exactly is this, hmm, whatever he's feeling and calling "female orgasm" that hurts him and is "annoying" as he gets no "release" (although still totally amazing and better than when he WaS A gUy!1!!1)? KEK

No. 1992402

He really could but it's good he is showing everyone how deranged he is so no other woman get caught in this nonsense. In a way I guess it's a good thing troons have no sense of shame so you can filter them out most of the time.

No. 1992436

I suspect he used to get bad post-release clarity where he became suddenly aware what a filthy porn-addicted degenerate he was, and now that he can’t orgasm he doesn’t have to suffer that self-awareness “dysphoria” anymore. I think that’s true for many of them, actually.

No. 1992439

I'd bet that his ex wife's name is Kylie or something very close to Kylie.

No. 1992444

File: 1715104774002.jpeg (266.55 KB, 941x1512, IMG_2038.jpeg)

is this faggot serious holy shit

No. 1992451

from what googling I can find, his name is Kyle Boockholdt, since there's another account out there ran by someone with that name who uses the "kylossus" moniker. unlikely to be a coincidence

No. 1992469

>people really want to talk about "transgender milfs"
What people? I don't think anyone wants to talk about that except the retarded male coomers who call themselves that.

I wonder if accusing anatomical AGPs of having internalized transphobia for not accepting that their dick and balls are perfectly female and motherly would shut some of them up.

No. 1992471

Right? There’s a reason people keep that shit behind closed doors, bc nobody sane wants to see it or hear about it. Literally no community “supports” diaperfags except the diaperfag community. If this person thinks the troon community should be a safe space for open degeneracy, they can’t really blame anyone else for avoiding troons.

No. 1992481

File: 1715118884083.png (910.81 KB, 2561x1683, IMG_0699.png)

(unsaged scrote-tier meme)

No. 1992486

>I think I ate this fit
Well, you're certainly fat enough to eat it.

No. 1992491

Either the other "woman" is actually a TiM, or this is fiction. TiMs less ugly than him regularly complain about not getting responses from "lesbians" on dating apps. Sure, there are handmaids who get coerced into bad LTRs with troons, or whose boyfriends troon out, or degenerate couples who settle for troon unicorns, but it seems like it's extremely rare for a single, non-TiF woman to actually go out and have a one-night stand with a troon. He's not telling the whole truth here.

No. 1992493

Diaperfags belong in the gulag even if you don't consider them pedos.

No. 1992496

Abdl doesn't even have anything to do with dogs, I think he's trying to tell us something

No. 1992498

If troons are supposedly indistinguishable from normal women, how can they experience discrimination specifically for being trans? It's one or the other. They want to have their cake and eat it, too; convenience is what determines whether they're the same or different from normal women at any given moment.

No. 1992532

File: 1715131198936.webm (9.18 MB, 640x480, unfunny clown (2).webm)

this guy with his nails on chalkboard voice trying to be funny

No. 1992597

is his voice still cracking? I thought guys grew out of that at 15 or something.
>ha ha my doctor took a few squeezie weezies for funzies at my ""breast"" exam haha so woman coded!
Because all woman look forward to getting sexually assaulted at the doctors office, right

No. 1992598

Hate that he's comparing his tax paid titty surgery to libraries. Libraries are actually useful and honestly pretty wholesome in concept. Not comparable to a trannie getting implants at all.

No. 1992608

File: 1715171878985.png (1.21 MB, 2412x798, stupid.png)

Imagine being this fucking boring and easily influenced by online fads. This person is 31 years old.

No. 1992615

I thought he was going to say dick chop. I actually support the government removing degenerate males from the gene pool.

No. 1992617

File: 1715174414467.png (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 1082x744, fuckinggingers.png)

kekekeke glad to see my personal cow here
this is what he actually looks like (nothing nsfw, spoilered for a surprise)

No. 1992619

File: 1715175482084.jpg (158.47 KB, 1506x1310, snowwoman.jpg)

scrolling through this media tab rn. yeah this totally happened

No. 1992620

Kekkk of course he's just a fat fucking neckbeard scrote

No. 1992625

Ew, this guy sounds and acts like a 2010s youtuber. But I have to say, hearing trannies fetishize big boobs to this degree has made me defiantly proud and happy with my small boobs. I can't imagine trading my natural, sensitive breasts for infection-prone lumps of plastic with no sensation. Even the biggest fake tits have but a fraction of my power.

No. 1992627

File: 1715177185906.jpg (Spoiler Image,736.6 KB, 1080x1945, Screenshot_20240508_100339.jpg)

This wrestler posted a pic of his shoulder surgery and most of the comments says he has a "mangina". And by far no TRAs have posted "Excuse me but that's offensive for trans women".

No. 1992629

File: 1715177715007.jpeg (381.23 KB, 603x937, IMG_5260.jpeg)

troon from my country, where there has been recent public/government coverage on femicide and domestic abuse against WOMEN, but of course it’s all about this guy.
they aren’t even happy with afab anymore

No. 1992630

God I love it when they create retarded straw-woman terves, as if a self-respecting terf would every hang out and create snowmen with a retarded tranny then word vomit their internal monologue about how to correctly gender the snowman they're making and also how they were making a snowMALE first but changed their mind. First of all a real based terf would have intended the snowman to be female first thing.
Holy shit such a retard. ACKCHUALLY many people use "we" in their inner monologue voice kek, despite what retard trend-followers think it's actually quite normal. The "we" referring to the inner self (internal monologue) and outer self (physical body and personality we employ in social settings). Jesus christ imagine being a retarded 31 year old tranny who was convinced of having multiple personalities because of some retarded tweets. I would literally kill myself.

No. 1992631

look how he doesn't even address men as 'cis identifying men', lmao.

No. 1992632

I can smell the audacity from that image. No, women's issues are women's issues, no tranny issues.

Besides no woman use "afab" unless they "identify" as tif or nb, what is he smoking?

No. 1992636

reminds me of gorlock saying boys need to be men and stop wanting princess treatment. wish I could find the clip other than this fuckhead (isaac butterfield is an asshole and a shill imo)

No. 1992645

>reminds me of gorlock saying boys need to be men and stop wanting princess treatment.

KEK based Gorlock

No. 1992649

>a troon having an opinion i can agree with
did i wake up on bizarro Earth or something

No. 1992652

>cis identifying women
>womens issues are trans issues
We shall no a-log, we shall not a-log…
>they aren’t even happy with afab anymore
Troons not being happy with "afab" has been trending for a while now, nona, at least in lesbian spaces. Every time a lesbian says that "afab nonbinaries" belong in lesbianism but "amab nonbinaries" don't, trannies start throwing tranny mantruns about how "using terms such as afab and amabs reduces twanspeople to their agab" (see, it's not even "assigned SEX" anymore, now it's "assigned gender" lmao). Not even their own terms make them happy anymore. Nope. They want to be actual, biological women, and have everyone saying that there's no difference between "cis" women and transwomen (unless they want to claim privileges that only poor, oppwessed twanswimmin can have kek).

No. 1992655

I love when TRAs get radfem/terf beliefs completely backwards and opposite. It just tells me that what we say actually makes sense and is logical, so they have to ignore it and make up retarded strawmans instead.
I have never, ever seen a TRA able to actually refute a TERF talking point.

No. 1992657

That armpit is more convincing than any neovag I’ve seen kek

No. 1992661

And 100% less likely to contain fecal bacteria!

No. 1992663

Kek he didn't even try to refute the TERF argument, he just decided TERFs didn't actually believe what they said and gave the evil straw woman his own side's opinions

No. 1992666

File: 1715190615200.jpg (399.15 KB, 1080x1389, troon.jpg)

The nazis are trooning out

No. 1992667

File: 1715190676149.jpg (207.66 KB, 1506x1310, 1715175482084.jpg)

>meanwhile, in reality

No. 1992670

normally I hate these types, but he was a kid being likely abused and manipulated his degenerate dad and now a more socially acceptable group of degenerates.

No. 1992676

He'll be right at home then, trannyism is literally the same thing but the klansmen now wear programmer socks and lipstick.

No. 1992687

And doesn't need dildos to keep the wound open.

No. 1992688

This is like when rightoids celebrate trannies who find Jesus and become hardcore religious. People are so ideologically poisoned they think it's good to change from psycho nutjob to different flavor of psycho nutjob.

No. 1992713

File: 1715204743664.jpeg (194.15 KB, 1242x622, IMG_1015.jpeg)

Sure Jan

No. 1992716

This is noted liar Sam/"Cassie" Pritchard

No. 1992718

File: 1715205974359.jpg (1.01 MB, 2107x2169, 1000005268.jpg)

I low-key enjoyed this guy's content before he came out. Now that he decided he wants to cut his dick off, he's shoehorning being trans into like every other comic or tweet he makes. It's super annoying.

Picrel, he did a face reveal back in February and I thought he was "pretty" but not in a good way, he looks like a pervert… Just very unsettling.

No. 1992719

File: 1715206175842.jpg (122.86 KB, 1458x1944, 1000005269.jpg)

Samefag. He hasn't spoken about HRT or surgery etc yet but God he's deluded for thinking he would even look good

No. 1992722

I just knew how his voice would sound before I even clicked it

No. 1992724

From one cult to another

No. 1992761

File: 1715211950838.jpeg (Spoiler Image,38.78 KB, 661x464, images - 2024-05-09T094512.010…)

Adipose tissue growth is not a boob

No. 1992762

File: 1715212366049.jpg (93.64 KB, 1400x1050, ihatetrannies.jpg)

please tell me not all men are like this please(learn to sage)

No. 1992764

Deruru think he still can sing.

No. 1992766

For some context.

No. 1992772

he looks like every homeless druggie gay who curses at random women for not giving him money and shoots up heroin in the public bathrooms on campus

No. 1992786

File: 1715217047610.png (663.4 KB, 1517x1400, FireShot Capture 1421 - ava on…)

totes not a fetish says every tranny ever. this is the mr beast tranny btw

No. 1992812

File: 1715221718740.jpeg (5.81 KB, 299x168, buffalo bill.jpeg)

what causes men to have a face like this?

No. 1992813

Maybe it’s an attempt at a lady face, their trying to make their face sit more “femininely” or some stupid shit.

No. 1992824

he looks like a grandpa version of the skyler white yo dude, he will definitely make a gorgeous trans lady!

isnt this man a father? he acts so juvenile in social media. (also he does NOT deserve to have dr gf as his pfp)

No. 1992833

File: 1715229074474.png (1.46 MB, 820x1230, 1714802889680.png)

what's wrong with trannytube's ears?

No. 1992834

File: 1715229129299.png (1.34 MB, 820x1230, 1714802828629.png)

photo for his upcoming video where he talks to himself. I thought it'd be fun to edit.

No. 1992849

How does his ex not have full custody of their kid. If my ex husband posted this nonsense you fucking bet my divorce lawyer would be getting a copy of it.

No. 1992887

File: 1715249647778.jpg (293.01 KB, 1079x1156, 1000006333.jpg)

No. 1992890

I hope you're right, but I suspect this is very rare. Troons virtually always defend porn and prostitution and even disagree that porn addiction is an issue at all. If they truly realized how porn-addicted they were and felt bad about it, they could seek help instead of doubling down and acting like degens in public as well.

No. 1992896

kek nonny i love you

No. 1992900

File: 1715255106107.jpg (5.76 MB, 4096x5791, GridArt_20240509_074112773.jpg)

"hello darkness my old friend" why would anyone choose this kind of life. Im saving ya'll from the surgery photos because holy f

No. 1992901

File: 1715255276419.jpg (Spoiler Image,818.24 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20240509_074617_Red…)

Follow up from above, this is what the troons hack job looks like. One of the worst "clits" I've ever seen. (no gore)

No. 1992921

I hope she or her lawyer is saving all these receipts for when he inevitably gets caught grooming minors and she can finally cut off all contact. There is no way a kiddie YouTuber this degen doesn’t have skeletons in his closet.

No. 1992968

File: 1715272170564.png (8.88 KB, 278x87, 2024050984857.png)

imagine dropping this unprompted in a stream chat, and of course the important thing is the dress that has pockets because that is the only thing they know women like. i censored it but he did directly @ the streamer before addressing him by name

No. 1992969

File: 1715272343049.png (367.04 KB, 1062x2339, troons-take-over-PornIsMisogyn…)

>Troons virtually always defend porn and prostitution
While this is definitely true, on some occasions troons may pretend to be against porn just to, once more, hijack what is essentially a women's issue, since, as we all know very well, they can't stand NOT to be included when women gather to talk about female issues. You can see it happening on r/pornismisogyny like picrel, which used to be one of the very few female subreddit that was not banned, 'till TIMs started invading, sharing their unsolicited opinions about female oppression in the porn industry, and claiming that "pOrN hArMs tWanSWoMeN JuSt aS mUCh aS CiS wOMeN". That is, there isn't a single fucking thing women do that troons won't LARP, and those mfs will even criticize their sacred porn just to not be excluded from any female spaces. Such parasites.

No. 1992974

File: 1715272884684.png (180.48 KB, 1062x1520, clown-world.png)

Samefag actually, r/pornismisogyny actually stated a few months ago that
>discussing that porn is transphobic is allowed
>transphobia is not allowed
>the name of the subreddit is "Porn Is Misogyny" but it's actually for everyone who's anti-porn
We will never be able to FULLY discuss how porn is misogyny if we can't even be explicit about female anatomy and openly discuss how males cannot be women. But okay, go ahead and destroy another female space and place for discussing female oppression in the name of not making males "fEeL UnSaFe". Nowadays there are even a bunch of "lesbians" who are dating transwomen who often post on that sub. Like, sis, if you can't even understand that "transwomen" are just a consequence of pornsickness in males, you're definitely not ready to discuss how porn is misogyny, get real.

No. 1992978

File: 1715274579947.mp4 (6.59 MB, 570x854, l5IMRtP.mp4)

This is one of the worst situations I have ever seen, a TIM paid a surrogate to carry a baby for him, now he lies on a hospital bed cradling the newborn on his chest, while the nurses assure the baby that he's "with his mommy now"

No. 1992979

Those nails! You know he's going to end up accidentally poking and scratching the baby. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1992980

This is fucking disgusting but is that a colostomy bag at the top? Imagine having a normally functioning sexual organ and choosing to not only permanently disfigure it, but to then end up fucking up your whole gastrointestinal system too. And all for the coom

No. 1992981

Men do not have cooper’s ligaments, any breast that doesn’t look like cone tits or moobs on a troon is a breast augmentation, most likely with dense scar tissue.

No. 1992983


No. 1992984

File: 1715276080277.png (241.9 KB, 507x538, aboslutely repulsive.png)

me too baby me too

No. 1992985

you address the baby as male but the troon and his handmaiden-in-waiting address the baby as female, is the child female or are they already dreaming of being the famous parents to one of the world's fewest instances of MGM?

No. 1992988

shit, I think I heard it wrong, the base assumption with gay men is that they always get boys

No. 1992991

its fine nonnie, though its bleak imagining a young girl who even in typical circumstances would find puberty hard to put up with, but then having to go through it with TRA parents who you can't trust because instead of telling you that you have worth beyond being a man's bangmaid and despite what your body looks like and that you're not a piece of meat they'll just tell you that you ARE a piece of meat and so it doesn't matter the irreversible harmful changes you're put through in HRT. Also, imagine physically developing and instead of your parents reassuring you that it's normal and okay, your troon father just keeps observing you for pointers on how to perfect his skinwalk like a labrat.

No. 1992993

There simply aren't enough words in this world to explain how gross this is.

No. 1993011

No. 1993017

actually heartbreaking image i feel sick, newborns are purely helpless, all they know is fear and threat when separated from their mother. we live in hell. how can people live with themselves that they enable this to happen

No. 1993019

this has got to be one of the most evil things ive ever seen in my life

No. 1993027

File: 1715286992340.png (719.83 KB, 647x882, CAPTURE.png)

I looked it up and looks like its actually a pair of twin boys.

No. 1993031

This was unsettling and activated my fight or flight.
This is horrible and vile. He should be arrested. I'd elaborate more but then it would be alogging.
We all know where this is heading. They'll be forced to become "Kylie and Dyanne". Poor children.

No. 1993035

And/or trafficked to pedophiles

No. 1993041

that poor baby

No. 1993060

File: 1715297081673.jpeg (37.86 KB, 630x480, DAiAftA.jpeg)

i'm not religious but this makes me feel like i just witnessed ontological evil

No. 1993072

has anyone tried to make a private subreddit that only allowed women?

No. 1993073

File: 1715299895099.jpeg (336.45 KB, 1568x1005, IMG_8653.jpeg)

same dude

No. 1993082

File: 1715302686590.png (2.97 MB, 1947x1223, Jennav (@always_jennav).png)

girl pose~~

No. 1993083

File: 1715302727433.png (Spoiler Image,2.1 MB, 1237x928, scary.png)

spoiler'd a close up

No. 1993085

File: 1715302908846.png (3.54 MB, 2118x1237, @natalie_on_a_journey more lik…)

friends of his

No. 1993086

File: 1715302939014.png (5.59 MB, 2264x1732, ew.png)

No. 1993103

What the fuck. This is incredibly depressing. Post more of this scrote please, with his name uncensored. I want to know where he got these kids, did someone actually agree to be a surrogate for him or are these babies who are in the system that he's adopted? Neither option is good but I'm having trouble believing a woman willingly carried twin babies and gave them to him.

No. 1993107

File: 1715308664435.png (43.76 KB, 531x277, josephryanwayne.png)

No. 1993110

Seething that he couldn't come up with a way to victimise troons beyond the fact that they get called names sometimes.

No. 1993112

>achieve self-actualization through surgery
What a phrase. How much more consumeristic can you get?

No. 1993115

"Genital inspection" oh shut the fuck up, as if someone's sex isnt obvious 99.99% of the time. No one has to check under your dress to know you have a dick, troon

No. 1993118

As disgusting as this is, I think its just a fag and not a tranny

No. 1993120

It's not a skill issue. Women with "girl dick" or rather men, are unattractive in erotic art. Also I can't that that troon seriously with all that bad grammar.

No. 1993132

File: 1715320055824.jpeg (468.29 KB, 1174x1237, GNIZR-XWEAAUkid.jpeg)

I am tired of social media trying to psyop everyone, especially young girls into thinking these men are the pinnacle of female beauty. Mr cosani wasn't fooling anyone in Charli Xcx's music video for 360, literally looked like a twinky drag queen.

No. 1993139

File: 1715322325461.png (Spoiler Image,323.36 KB, 615x234, nastytrannyfeet.png)

im actually shocked he was able to find size 16 flip flops for his nasty ass feet

No. 1993140

No. 1993147

I found a private subreddit that only allow "cis" lesbians.

No. 1993153

Don't join that one, that one has a "transbian" as a mod, Ovarit told the entire saga

No. 1993170

The way he jiggles his head for his "vibratos" at the end of every sentence lmao

No. 1993172

File: 1715335666063.jpeg (521.61 KB, 750x1248, IMG_1021.jpeg)


No. 1993178

File: 1715337505181.jpg (374.63 KB, 1080x1108, 1000015940.jpg)

Thank you for pointing that out nonna, so disappointed. Researching ovarit to read about it and found that one. Imagine gays being more lucid about the whole charade than so called lesbians.

No. 1993179

File: 1715337543142.jpg (258.02 KB, 1080x840, 1000009890.jpg)

Guess what this one looks like.

No. 1993180

File: 1715337634046.jpg (481.32 KB, 1045x820, 1000009888.jpg)

This one was interesting to me because the delusion regarding their appearance that trannies tend to have usually doesn't start until after they transition. Congratulations on your transition from chubby to fat.

No. 1993187

He looks like a French pervert

No. 1993190

Random but apt description kek

No. 1993205

>"it could happen to you, too!
so, having slightly longer hair, becoming fatter and getting high-waisted pants. groundbreaking.

No. 1993207

File: 1715349968331.jpg (337.62 KB, 1290x1299, 20240510_153438.jpg)

Troon in picrel was bragging about how he looks younger than Dr.Cass even though he has to drown his selfies in filters to not look like a corpse. I don't even know what to say about his face, feels like nothing could be funnier than simply staring at his fucked up jaw. Name is 'Amaya' Deakins

No. 1993208

File: 1715350069938.jpg (23.55 KB, 423x543, 20240510_160339.jpg)

Samefag, he looks like the missing link between goldfishes and humans. Nothing behind those eyes, only coom

No. 1993212

>Troon in picrel was bragging about how he looks younger than Dr.Cass

So basically, in true male fashion, trying to tie women's worth to their looks or age. He looks like an ogre. No amount of filters can erase that retardation and Habsburg chin.

No. 1993216

“You wanna know how I got these scars?”

No. 1993217

I don't think I haven't seen any prominent NSFW twitter/newgrounds/tumblr artist not draw some weird futa or "girldick" shit in their portfolio. yet he's bitching over the ones who don't want to or care to do so? those artist aren't obligated to do shit and he already has plenty of others who already appeal to his fetish if he looks around. just another entitled moid coomer at the end of the day.

No. 1993220

why does he have pepper spray? surely he knows his scrote strength would be enough to deter a potential attacker? or is it for macing any evil terf calling him out for taking pictures in the womens restroom?

No. 1993231

Passes as gollum.

No. 1993232

File: 1715355879199.jpg (37.03 KB, 720x722, afarkeytewed.jpg)


No. 1993233

I'm confused, is this a trans timeline or a pasta pass timeline because it looks like the latter.

No. 1993234

File: 1715355926788.jpeg (25.83 KB, 480x640, download12.jpeg)


No. 1993237

imagine using the word peruse for looking at porn like its some curated collection

No. 1993244

maybe he lives in an unsafe area where multiple ppl could attack him, or someone with a knife or something? it's more likely that he's just larping as a smol scared woman and appropriating the aesthetics without understanding the experience

No. 1993249

Like they're at a wine and cheese shop lmfao

No. 1993271

they always wear stuff no woman would be caught dead in too. this looks like an outfit from the Goodwill bins picked by a blind person

No. 1993272

File: 1715366516445.png (1.52 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240509-165648.png)

can we just talk about how much i despise this scrote (yes, the "canine" implies a fetish/kink thing, he said so himself)
(also, forgive me if this doubleposts, my wifi is being a bastard)

No. 1993276

Ugh, thank you anon. This only reaffirms my belief that surrogacy should be banned. No baby should be taken away from its mother and handed off to a strange moid to be taken care of. If he wants to have a cute prop so bad he should just go adopt a puppy like everyone else, not rent out a stranger's womb to buy her actual human child. Insane that this kind of thing is legal.
Kek, he's been posted here before. He thinks he's self aware, aka the most annoying type of troon. Luckily he's an instant peak to anyone who comes in contact with him.

No. 1993282

No man alive on this earth is scared. Not even trannies. The fact most of them did not understand the bear Vs man thing is so telling. Talk with any man around you, none of them is scared walking around at night. He's just larping (or more likely, need that to attack women who disagree with him).

No. 1993286

do they hear infantilized porn stars talk about it as a "button" and think that's meant literally? christ.

No. 1993312

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose

No. 1993332

File: 1715381567405.jpg (62.38 KB, 1080x862, 1000014933.jpg)

A comment on the genius page of The Buttress' "Brutus". Ofc it was downvoted to oblivion by troons who got mad that this person told the truth. Wasn't sure to post this here or the TiF thread as it's mainly TiFs who hijack this song, as their whole shtick is "trying to escape misogyny and gender roles by larping as a man".

No. 1993333

Putting a new meaning to hon.
>hon hon hon

No. 1993334

File: 1715383607681.jpg (44.49 KB, 1280x720, 45.jpg)


No. 1993336

he's got the innsmouth look

No. 1993341

She's said she's a radfem so eat shit troons

No. 1993350

Genuinely hate it when they hijack this song. Have you seen the video for the second part?

It's glorious. But since it features the Labrys, those fagets will latch onto it the way they always do the second they learn about something important to us.

No. 1993357

yup he messages ‘TERF’ tiktok or instagram girls and admits that he loves them and understands what they’re saying lol, he even publicly ‘edated’ and ‘fixed’ that one girl who i forget the name of, who was well known for ‘terfy’ content

No. 1993403

File: 1715412392852.png (518.12 KB, 600x1428, troon groom.png)

No. 1993404

File: 1715413914740.jpeg (320.32 KB, 1169x956, A27BC577-0A50-4D86-8549-F665FF…)

>absolutely no connection or emotional reaction to the newborn
>literally numb as fuck, nothing happening in that skull
>baby cries from this distress
>is laid on top of scratchy ass chest hair no mother would have
Really? No one thought that scraggly ass uncomfortable ass chest hair wouldn’t disturb the poor baby? God, those closeups were so awful, the baby looked so pained like if you plopped it in the middle of a desert. How could someone minutes young already portray such a face of anguish? Usually when the newborn is placed in front of a mother there is an immense upswell of emotion. This thing couldn’t even pretend.

No. 1993405

Sorry to ask to be spoonfed but what is picrel? I'm deadly curious nonnie.

No. 1993406

This is how my grandfather's feet looked after he died

No. 1993407

The wire mother experiment

No. 1993408

I find it interesting that a lot of tradwife types are objecting to this and specifically mentioning the chest hair as a factor, as if it’s unnatural for a babies first skin to skin contact to be on a males chest. Ok so don’t give your baby to your fucking scrote husbear then. Either men are incompatible with children or they’re not.

No. 1993409

I specifically remember Ellen Meredith from my Facebook days but can't remember any specific milk about him. Small world.

No. 1993410

To mace an ebil terf and assault a woman for speaking I guess

No. 1993411

Did you see him in. An open casket? Why didn’t they put shoes on him? They put shoes on my nan.

No. 1993412

The cloth/wire mother experiments. Something everyone should see before forming an opinion on surrogacy tbh. It seems obvious to us because women aren't retards, but men were really out there wondering if a newborn needed the warmth of its mother it was kept inside for several months and why it would develop severe behavioural and psychosomatic issues without it. Men still choose to ignore this aspect to this day because they just don't fucking care.

No. 1993413

What happens if a different woman holds it. Or what happens if it’s given to the father to hold. Sorry but this is all really traddy crying about how it must be suffering because a man is holding it. Don’t agree with surrogacy though.

No. 1993414

we found him

No. 1993420

The point is that it needs the connection to the biological mother, because it formed an actual hormonal connection to her during pregnancy. It doesn't matter if the father or another woman holds it for a few moments, the most important thing is that it has close contact to the mother right after birth and during it's first years of life. It's not traddy crying, it's literally how it is and obviously the child will be in huge distress without its mother. With surrogacy they quite literally take the baby and plop it onto a stranger's chest, and the biological mother is out of the picture from then on. You don't need to be a tradthot to understand how fucked it is.

No. 1993434

be for real nonna the biological father holding the baby for a few moments vs a baby being placed in the hairy chest of an AGP moid is not the same thing, that is not a tradwife take

No. 1993437

>why is my timeline all racebait and stereotypes?
>this is a sign i'm meant to be a racist!

No. 1993438

File: 1715424319522.png (1.22 MB, 2566x2648, 1648665954187.png)

Adding to the thing above about the baby's physical need for the mother for normal development, I always feel so fucking smug whenever trannies and gay moids want to reproduce without the "direct" involvement of a woman (read: they pretend to get pregnant and pay a woman to birth them a baby). They want what we have so fucking badly, and mind you, I'm not saying this as someone who wants to be a mother, like ever. They moan about penis envy but the biggest male cope ever is playing out in front of us in full force. We'll never "want" to have dicks as much as they want the ability to make life and it's my ultimate white pill, proving the eternal inferiority of moids. I can see why so many of them troon out, the realisation that you're useless beyond the (barely working, broken Y-chromosome-riddled) semen you provide must be painful. It all reminds me of that post from either this thread or the previous one (can't find it for the life of me) about how trannies from 30-40 years ago were unironically thinking that they'd replace women in the near future. Absolute kek.

No. 1993440

It takes one look at Ollie and the second of listening to his voice to clock him, he needs to get real.

The obsession with forcing and manipulating people into seeing them in sexual contexts is so predatory.

No. 1993445

File: 1715431025180.png (710.86 KB, 750x1000, XZs3ngS.png)

Jennifer Lahl, Renate Klein and Rita Arditti (and a few other feminists) have written about this, from around the mid-1970s up until the modern day, many male scientists genuinely believed they could create human beings independent of women, one even imagined a world where women wouldn't even exist, "because men are stronger and smarter than women and giving birth is the only thing women were capable of doing and this idea that man's scientific achievements would triumph over mother nature and so women wouldn't need to exit.

No. 1993450

Bold of them to think that when reality has created women as the standard and whole being while men are only inferior mutations of us, they're literally an extension of the function female organisms used to do by themselves, like a company outsourcing a small department. In nature it's possible for females to reproduce by themselves (parthenogenesis, happens in bugs, fish, birds and reptiles even when males are available) because technically we have all the information and body parts needed, but it's absolutely impossible for males because they're only sperm carriers whose purpose is to carry around and diversify dna. But men even claming something so outlandish is proof of how retarded and limited they are.

No. 1993463

Oh shit good to know. I love that song.

No. 1993469

I wish we could be free of how painful and degrading it is.

No. 1993472

people like you were all interviewed, feminists like shulamith firestone who believed artificial wombs would liberate women

No. 1993478

File: 1715440299802.jpg (68.8 KB, 720x906, GNTX0e0WwAAbA-i.jpg)

No. 1993479

File: 1715440363540.png (474.28 KB, 744x719, 🚨A man in Vancouver Canada was…)

>B_-But bathrooms are safe with trannies too!!!!!!

No. 1993481

this gives palpable "I'd fuck me" buffalo bill energy.
if I'm gonna be honest the difference between AGPS and HSTS are becoming more clear the more straight/married/recently had kids fetishists come out next to the clearly groomed homosexual males. like the HSTS are clean-looking and try whereas the AGPs are greasy and garden variety coomers with wigs on.
they're both larpers it's just so odd to see the actual dichotomy of man when they try to "woman". it's what they observe and/or fetishize that sets them apart funnily enough. at least the twinks larping know when the wall is coming when these agps hit the wall and then decide to slap some eyeliner and lipgloss and (their wife or daughters) dress on.

No. 1993483

File: 1715441427889.jpg (269.57 KB, 1428x1821, GNK7-TiXAAAJox2.jpg)

Dahmer vibes

No. 1993484

AGPs are truly extra retarded, an hour to put on lipstick and some eyeliner??

No. 1993485

That deserved a spoiler, what a screamer

Why do they all have the Habsburg chin, what's going on there.

No. 1993487

bondi surfer chucks on gfs cheeky bottoms for a bit of banter like
>hey babe how do I look
meanwhile his gf is terrified
turns out he wants to wear her skin

No. 1993490

sage for off topic but doesnt the experiment conclude it doesnt even have to be the biological mother, but just a warm and close contact parent (who ideally breastfeeds)? i'm anti surrogacy but this particular experiment doesnt say much about actual biological mothers and hormones because it was the choice between cloth and wire.

No. 1993492

File: 1715442740971.jpg (843.46 KB, 1079x2796, 1000015985.jpg)

Media either reported him as a man or a woman but not a TIM. Wokism before factually correct information, amiright?
Also, fuck whatever media the article in picrel is. None of the witnesses referred to him as a woman but as a man, which he clearly is (see video here: https://globalnews.ca/video/10488733/man-charged-after-breastfeeding-woman-attacked-in-car-in-vancouver/).

No. 1993494

oh canada, goodbye.
any canadian nonas fucking MOVE. not to australia though, we're you're little sibling in degeneracy and crime. especially corruption. it's almost like we're controlled by the same people? it's full blown 1984 down here idk if americans (not going to call you yanks anymore cause I respect the MY RIGHTS shit, we shit on you for too long and look where that got us) know how cooked we are.
goose is fucking well done
the whole truedeu (aka FIDEL CASTRO'S SON ACTUALLY) will fine you for shitposting aka hate speech like going through your fb backlog bantering with mates is TERRIFYING and just sets a precedent
all of us in the commonwealth are fucked, US nonnies stay true and hang onto your guns because not only are the troons coming but they're cumming and in our bathrooms. with our kids.
unironically though trudeu is castro's son kek

No. 1993500

Always with the massive chins and huge, masculine facial features. Seriously that bottom left pic looks like these Japanese Tengu demons

No. 1993502

The experiment concludes that the monkeys prefer warmth over nourishment in the long run, showing that basic necessities like food and shelter aren't the only thing a baby needs (at the time warmth wasn't considered a basic need) but both groups turned out to be traumatized with behavioural issues compared to monkeys who had their mothers. I agree that the experiment isn't exactly about surrogacy and mother-child bond but various other aspects can be deduced from the experiment, namely that the monkeys who got taken away from their mothers for the experiment still suffered from anxiety and depression, and showed antisocial behaviours when put into a group of other monkeys. Obviously monkeys aren't humans, but I don't think it's that controversial to say that prolonged close contact with the biological mother is essential. Babies can fucking tell their mothers by smell, they're not going to be comfortable being taken away to be put on a stanger's chest so they can take a "wholesome" video t