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File: 1714862342945.png (1.85 MB, 1348x1657, male insecurity.png)

No. 1990830

Thread to discuss the current psyop regarding ugly men getting shilled as attractive. Discuss beauty double standards in media, ugly male characters being shilled as attractive, lack of attractive men in hollywood, etc
>do not try to defend ugly men ITT no1currs

Last Thread: >>1982591

No. 1990836

painful reminder in this thread pic

No. 1990837

Lovely threadpic.
I hate the current trend with being submissive and gay and being a femboy.
I know a moid that sometimes mentions stupid stuff like that despite being simply a pretty young gay man and it makes me seethe. A bi moid i knew that was around my age was an absolute normal and good-looking guy that didn't mention stuff like that, don't know if he was into being fucked or fucking men, he surely watched porn but i just feel like the younger generation is so ruined by the normalization of porn and i say this as a zoomer myself.

No. 1990841

Looking at the thread pic it's weird to think in the past when women's rights were even worse in terms of being able to pick partners etc in the west that the moids looked better than now. In general you would think that with things becoming more liberal and feminism being a thing that moids would also improve for women in terms of looks but instead it's the exact opposite

No. 1990844

Yeah, it always weirded me out too even if i know that not all the moids were that attractive. It's like nowdays they just decide to look hideous by default out of spite, woman repellent.

No. 1990845

can we also a disclaimer to report bait from male trolls.

No. 1990846

modern feminism is completely ruined. mainstream feminism anyway. it's an entirely egalitarian, personal choice-driven movement. also trannies have won completely and most women and girls are back to thinking feminine = female so it's now unfeminist to do things like criticize the beauty industry. it's over, we are never getting out

No. 1990849

File: 1714863512422.jpg (536.89 KB, 1079x1887, 1000016130.jpg)

I love it when moids get triggered at husbandos. It's a character, fiction. Imagine being such a loser that you create competition between yourself and a fictional character, and still lose. Flynn doesn't even exist and he still made actual moids realize they ain't worth a shit kek. All ugly moids that are lurking and reading this right now, grab the rat poison and mix that in your fruit punch to end your misery already.

No. 1990850

File: 1714863526941.gif (8.85 MB, 540x445, tumblr_05b2cad2d398bb4c9179ef8…)

is david corenswet one of the few truly handsome men we have left in hollywood?

No. 1990851

get your eyes checked nonna

No. 1990853

This is hilarious but true. No wonder Flynn is most women’s favorite prince. Even my boomer aunt said he was hot.

No. 1990854

File: 1714863722250.gif (8.92 MB, 540x540, tumblr_00d47b2f3e8a9721e22d6c8…)

you are cray cray if you can't see how beautiful this man is

No. 1990858

they get triggered at husbandos but god forbid a woman makes any comments about their waifus even when they're 300 times more ridiculous, extreme and unrealistic looking

No. 1990860

File: 1714864053770.jpeg (35.15 KB, 355x500, IMG_0941.jpeg)

that’s a better angle. he sort of looks like michael fassbender in inglourious basterds. i looked him up right now. shame. men really have to get back to those 40s hairstyles and fashions.

No. 1990862

>This guy has a nice chin but he has blue eyes, don't give Flynn blue eyes
Kek the color of eyes is such a trivial thing, i don't doubt that they were discussing it but it feels like a moid was hurt because he must have thought that his only good trait was having blue eyes, and i know that it's generally considered a pretty color so it's like they wanted to highlight this to make the women seem crazy.

No. 1990864

I agree, he's very hot. I even like the moustache. I think I'm so sick of full beards that an otherwise clean face with a small, neat moustache has begun to look classy and handsome to me.

No. 1990865

Don't wanna sound like an ageist but some older women really need to stop caping hard for old scrotes when they never do it for them. Also, what do they mean when they say >>1990854 he looks too young to be superman? They want Cavill's decrepit bloated ass? No way.

No. 1990867

He needs to shave and grow his hair out around shoulder-length, then we'll talk.

No. 1990869

File: 1714864491595.png (612.44 KB, 580x868, 6546354.png)

He looked kinda like what an average man should look like, nothing special. I hate the moustache so i tried to look him up and kek, much better. Not everyone has to be a perfect supermodel but he's much prettier to me here.

No. 1990870

still better than cavill

No. 1990872

File: 1714864769867.gif (1002.71 KB, 500x349, IMG_0942.gif)

What even happened. People say looks go out of fashion, but I think that applies more to men’s standards for women because they can’t make up their mind or have a decent heterosexual thought towards women. This is from 1939 and he still beats the male competition of today.

No. 1990875

File: 1714864870152.jpg (301.57 KB, 1200x1521, Henry_Cavill_by_Gage_Skidmore_…)

They say that he looks too young? What the fuck, he looks completely normal and defined for a role like that.
I hate faggots, this moid should prepare for the next role in being the lazy father with the hot wife.

No. 1990878

How to find a moid that looks like River Phoenix. Tips anons? If you have a genuine sexy nigel where do you find them? I’ve seen normie women picking them up at grocery stores and such, hell even churches, I’ve seen Mormon scrotes and they’re always decent looking/handsome compared to other religious moids. The biggest ugly man psyop is convincing young women they’re going to find hot, dateable men when they go to the club. Nothing but rapists and sex pests there

No. 1990883

That is literally nothing compared to how the average moid talks about women with his buddies kek it’s actually very respectful by simply pointing out features and scrotes still say they’re so sad and offended by that minuscule criticism. It’s insane how men never face scrutiny for their looks. Men are seen as people so their fucked up ugliness is seen as endearing instead of some unfortunate moral failure of creation. Fucked up.

No. 1990886

who is this/what movie is this

No. 1990888

File: 1714865849417.jpg (50.73 KB, 850x400, qwrdephrelvz.jpg)

he was a faggot and a misogynist but this is truth. this quote also applies to men with autism and small dicks.

No. 1990891

File: 1714866125724.jpg (37.91 KB, 440x660, 1699919352493.jpg)

Do any of you find him attractive?I posted him on the punchable faces thread a while ago.I guess many would say he has the chad phenotype idk.

No. 1990892

Spoiler this freakish shit

No. 1990896

The jaw is too much. He looks scary.

No. 1990897

File: 1714866284156.gif (484.88 KB, 165x161, leek.gif)

Sorry in advance but i just felt like saying that just because i'm a shy anon that likes assertive moids it doesn't mean that i wouldn't support what other nonas were discussing about in the other thread.
Camps where moids are fed only healthy food, forced labour, outdoor activities, cleanse of the mind and spirit, science experiments, whatever works.
Decent looking men with good self esteem barely exist nowdays, if they have a hint of that it's all just brainwashing they had from other moids or people that never told them the truth, all men are assholes in their own way, the least they could do is being good looking. Wanting them to take care of themselves and not look like an old pig by age of 25 shouldn't be taken as if it's some extreme feminist thing, it should be common decency and all the moids with ugly genes that couldn't kill the bears in their home cave should have gone extinct.

No. 1990898

Moids love to overrate how terrible envy between two women is, while ignoring their own intrasexual competition, how much they scratch their asses off when noticing pretty boys getting attention from young women.
It's always "he looks like a fag; it's just the birth control; you are lying about it; you want to feminize men" and other bullshit.

No. 1990900

Holy foot face, he looks AI generated

No. 1990901

Kill It with fire.

No. 1990902

File: 1714866467244.png (377.48 KB, 800x888, gigachad.png)

Gigachad is part of the psyop, don't trust anything that goes close to it.

No. 1990903

This is Laurence Olivier in Wuthering Heights.

No. 1990905

mustaches are the ultimate, #1 deal breaker for me sorry. any man who has it reminds me of someone's dad, it's like the opposite of beauty

No. 1990909

Some men look better with them, instead of the beard trend that ugly moids latch on to, they should try a neat mustache. Michael Fassbender looks worse without one. Though I agree, mustaches must feel weird and collect bacteria.

No. 1990910

>blue eyes

No. 1990913

Not wanting a scrote that looks like Carl from ATHF at 25 is bare minimum.

No. 1990917

they shouldn't have any type of facial hair at all. if a man needs to rely on it to look decent maybe he wasn't attractive to begin with.

No. 1990923

Fuck no.

No. 1990930

Needs to be killed in a horrendous manner

No. 1990932

If you give him a face mask to hide the jaw, maybe.

No. 1990937

File: 1714867840054.jpg (183.94 KB, 1200x1200, Odell-Beckham-Jr.jpg)

this dude is ugly as fuck. why do so many women insist he is attractive? he also allegedly is into scat

No. 1990939

I have a feeling he doesn’t look like this irl. This is severely edited, seems like he has body dysmorphia of his facial features. There’s obvious liquify tool usage here. Hopefully for the better he looks like a handsome human being irl.

No. 1990942

Not a single attractive facial feature on this guy. No facial harmony either. Eyes? ugly, nose? ugly, lips? ugly, jaw? ugly, eyebrows? ugly, but the hair and ear are nice.

No. 1990945

Insta noodles hair and nipples protuding, very, very disrespectful.

No. 1990965

Jaw of a Mr. Punch puppet, good for him that it isn't real.

No. 1990967

he would look better without the beard and that weird exaggerated jaw. i'd give him some more hair and bangs too
gigachad is so ugly, i don't understand how moids think this is what we want lol.
the birth control thing is such a massive cope, i've never been on it in my entire life and i still don't want to fuck ugly roided up men. they're so retarded they memed themselves into believing women who want a pretty man surely must be on meds or it's their problem, it's insane. it's like if i told a moid ackshually all moids must only be into pretty women because of whatever medication they take, it's absurd how they have such a hard time comprehending women also like pretty men when it should be obvious

No. 1990969

Kek based Stacies

No. 1990971

File: 1714869570739.gif (459.7 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lr88gjpXoy1qkxzroo1_500…)

I only find pretty boys attractive.

No. 1990972

File: 1714869670673.jpg (109.65 KB, 736x939, 21254607cfe3dac02f7b134a6e728c…)

Young Cavill was qt

No. 1990973

It’s just projection as usual, scrotes will pit women against each other based on traits like hair color and body types but they get salty af over girls liking young pretty men. They do it to distract themselves from the fact that they are undesirable to most women at the end of the day.

No. 1990977

He looks very handsome here, it proves the point that handsome moids shouldn't have facial hair
Why did you post that unspoilered abomination?
All I can think is that he was the inspiration for Squall. If you want to husbandofag nona…
I love how moids dressed in 1920s to 1950s. The first World War did make them get rid of beards and facial hair and I think that was the greatest achievement. Moids with an unshaved face look gross. I thank the invention of shaving razors so much. I want a cutie in suit and tie with a transatlantic accent to woo me. Is it too much to ask?

No. 1990989

He's ugly, and his dumb hair and beard make him look worse.


No. 1990990

File: 1714870937697.png (943.56 KB, 1706x1138, 1706576930252.png)

He looks like what men think women think is an attractive man.

No. 1990991

File: 1714871015064.jpg (119.5 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Considering the complete degradation of moids in mainstream media does anyone else just find themselves crushing on online personalities like youtubers? I had a crush on some weeb that moved to Japan (he was cute, full head of hair, nerdy) until I realised he said he wanted a harem of Japanese high school girls. Fml

No. 1990996

Based. This is why Flynn is the hottest character in years, because women actually helped design him.
>it wasnt easy for Nathan or Byron to stay in the room during this time
Cope and seethe. They were probably extremely respectful with what they wanted in a male character. Men are such babies irl

No. 1990998

Twink death is so real. He's hideous now.

No. 1991002

No, most youtubers are even uglier, doughier and hairier than hollywood men. Scott is just an exception.

No. 1991003

File: 1714871709108.jpg (149.72 KB, 1100x701, 796625206.jpg)

Chico is a true miracle, he's half Polish and half Portuguese (one of the ugliest moids in Europe).

No. 1991004

He looks so basic. Sure he is not butt ugly but he has that meh look to him that only moids would find attractive. Its the same reason why moids find that weird botched alien Jordan Barret attractive (google how he recently looks like) he literally looks like a botched alien and he has become super anorexic and none of his moid-fans care to tell him to get help.

No. 1991007

File: 1714871813136.jpg (Spoiler Image,149.11 KB, 440x660, Luca-Marchesi-2.jpg)

Surprisingly not AI generated that's his actual face he's also some Italian supermodel lol both sides of his jaw are shaped like an acute angle.

No. 1991009

Left one has a greasy face and pimples ew the one on the right looks like an extremely autistic school shooter.

No. 1991010

You can't like the weeb men, almost all of them are like that to the point where I consider it a red flag now if a man is into anime despite how I also watch it. They can't be normal about it and japanese culture 9 times out of 10 unless they're a really casual fan. I don't have any crushes like that but I do follow some good looking guys on social media

Also, I find it funny how incels whine modern women (and depictions of women in media) have declined and been ruined by feminism bla bla bla when if anything it's the other way around and men and their depictions in media like movies are what declined. I feel like anything incels say would make more sense from a female pov in general. Women are the ones that are forced to be celibate because of the amount of trash men around, women are the ones that don't get picked because men care so much about looks, etc.

No. 1991012

I don't know why men are so attracted to weird roided out bodies or weird botched alien bicycle-faces that look out of proportion.

That weird long nose, roblox jaw and chin, alien eyes, neanderthal brow, stereoid body is basically what men strive to look for (for other men)

No. 1991017

I know its frustrating. I lived in Japan and a lot foreign men that go there actually will turn themselves into "anime" twinks (no beard, skinny) to appease the Japanese girls because obviously they have a fetish and want a Japanese girlfriend and will do anything to achieve that.

No. 1991018

Sorry I was responding to you.

No. 1991019

Yellow fetish moids are very likely to be pedos.

No. 1991023

File: 1714872448097.jpg (1.31 MB, 3900x3000, 1000014251.jpg)

he used to be fat before looking like that

No. 1991027

What…he literally has a incel phenotype face. This a ugly psyops thread but you are psyoping fugly incelitos. I could go on the street and within 5 minutes i can find someone who looks like him and yes the men whith this type of phenotype all tend to have the personality of a cardboard and are coomers + losers.

Anons stop posting ugly as fuck z-list celebs in this thread and calling them attractive. I could literally go on tiktok and find more attractive guys than the shit you are posting here.

Your incelito or roblox men are not attractive.

No. 1991032

Based af

No. 1991034

If he got more attractive glasses frames it would help. Those rectangle frames can make anyone look like a dork or incel.

No. 1991048

File: 1714873707110.jpg (22.37 KB, 300x390, 8198-1694609670.jpg)

I knew a guy like this, I call it Animemaxxing. Sucks how they never seem to make that same effort if you're not japanese
Real, Portuguese men are hideous. Ronaldo being shilled as attractive makes me go insane

No. 1991062

This kind of man attracts women who think bbls look good so it makes sense.

No. 1991067

File: 1714875401443.jpg (60.88 KB, 500x611, 1613382337526.jpg)

so im trying to compile a list of our demands
>facially attractive
>under 30 (25?)
>full head of hair, no compromise
>fit, but not a roidpig
>clean/well groomed (overreliance on beards is OUT)

am i missing anything? with a list this short its amazing how few men make the cut. then when you add in non physical requirements like not watching porn… its over.
pic is my attempt at a palate cleanser after all the ugly men in these threads

No. 1991073

Yeah, i think that's generally the conventional idea, to me clean/well groomed also includes body hair, i hate seeing it on chest and stuff no matter what, but i'm not sure if that's too personal, some moids look passable with body hair but i would still prefer if they had none. I've seen this already but thank you for the pin-up moid.

No. 1991074

Clint Stevens is a cuter version of this genre of moids

No. 1991087

File: 1714877355543.jpg (70.17 KB, 479x774, rate-alessandro-dellisola-v0-j…)

I prefer Alessandro Dellisola

No. 1991094

File: 1714877609119.jpeg (39.53 KB, 500x501, 3555346_images_72.jpeg)

Giulio Berruti is also gorgeous

No. 1991095

I feel like saying good facial balance is better than saying facially attractive because it still sounds too vague. Basically nothing should really stand out on a mans face other than the eyes.

No. 1991096

He’s good looking imo

No. 1991106

looks what other men think that women find attractive. I find it hideous and primitive.

No. 1991107

File: 1714879491872.jpeg (135.96 KB, 750x1113, IMG_9637.jpeg)

Can anyone agree on who we would rate as a 10 or is that impossible. I would suggest Aaron Taylor Johnson and probably Alain Delon

No. 1991108

It’s fugly, a 1 or 2 out of 10

No. 1991112

>Alain Delon
Yeah sure
>Aaron Taylor Johnson

No. 1991113

File: 1714879869135.jpeg (121.13 KB, 540x810, IMG_1294.jpeg)

I think Logan Lerman is like an 8, maybe 9

No. 1991114

What would you rate him then?

No. 1991121

This is just brunette Ryan Gosling, way too average looking.

No. 1991128

File: 1714880719465.jpeg (137.22 KB, 655x698, IMG_1295.jpeg)

I think he’s bland but still cute. Most males don’t have cute or youthful features so maybe he just looks good compared to the average moid to me, I’m not sure. Oh and Ryan Gosling is freaking hideous.

No. 1991131

today i saw a documentary on Afghanistan current situation regarding education and scholarship and it was surprising to see many good looking moids. there were many moids with a head full of hair, well dressed (the ones that weren't with traditional clothing), clean looking and healthy. a lot of them have very pretty eyes and a good facial structure, and some were really cute in a feminine, pretty boy way. and it didn't seem like it made other moids jealous, most taliban groups had 3-4 terrorist looking males and one or two that were very handsome.

it's just comical how one of the (currently) most misogynistic and patriarchal societies on earth can have plenty of handsome men in the wild, while women of third world shitholes or better have to fight for that one moid that bathes.

No. 1991132

File: 1714881005515.jpeg (133.64 KB, 728x1095, IMG_2453.jpeg)

Logan Lerman and Dylan O'brein are two white boys of the month who haven't aged like spoiled milk in the sun, but DoB's styling these days is… questionable to say the least.

No. 1991134

post them nona

No. 1991136

Retarded-looking cute young boys like this should be conscripted by the government to take arms and kill every old ugly disgusting sugar daddy in the world amen

No. 1991141

I’m disturbed by his styling but he hasn’t hit the wall yet unlike all the other men his age, same with Logan. I think men with cute features might age better.

No. 1991142

I just don't see it. His facial hair and eyes are ruining any potential cuteness idk, he looks 30ish

No. 1991146

He’s 32, he probably only has a few years left of looking normal. Maybe he should be more like a 7.

No. 1991149

No. 1991152

Too thin faced for me but he’s alright

No. 1991163

File: 1714882807239.jpg (8.79 MB, 1660x5000, armyofmostattractive.jpg)

I try to not be biased here but in beauty standards, maybe he's a 7 at max to me, he's not my type but he's not that jawdropping.

The first article i tried to look up for "most attractive male actors ever" gave me these examples and i think i'm lesbian it's not like i'm 19 but not many really worked on me, some have questionable pic choices but i don't really have anyone to present as a 10/10 myself, i give up, most moids are not that beautiful but i swear that few strangers that i can catch in a park here look prettier than most of these.
Don't get how this is the best they can come up with, the threadpic ones are much better/have better pictures.

No. 1991168

I had a crush on this vlogger moid who moved to Korea and would constantly post unintentionally sexual things like him eating snacks or being slightly homoerotic with his bros. He's in his early 30s and has cute glasses and round features, but he says he's married and it gives me the ick to see a married man posting himself like that, especially if he doesn't say anything about his wife.
Also, all weeb moids are mentally fucked. Purposely moving to the pedophile country where 99% of shows and media are about underage girls is the biggest red flag. They're probably obsessed with the idea of a "submissive asian wife" too.

No. 1991173

All of these actors are 6’s and below, the psyop is so real

No. 1991176

like a third of these men aren't even considered conventional by the majority of people nor in media. i find most of these ugly but understand that the media portrays them differently but some of these guys were never meant to be attractive in the first place, idg how they got added here. and some aren't liked by anyone at all (i,e. john legend. seriously when has a single person liked him? the other uggos may have small fanbases but him?)

No. 1991177

File: 1714884206175.jpg (43.07 KB, 509x720, Thomas_Brodie-Sangster.jpg)

His co-star Thomas Brodie Sangster is 33

No. 1991181

James Dean, Elvis, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad pitt I can see especially when they were young,even Kurt had a cuteness to him, but the rest of them?? There's too many old men too ugh and you can bet any of the list of female celebrities has literally no old women.

No. 1991184

I don't mean this in a weird way but i feel like they've picked men of various ethnicities just for the sake of it at some point instead of maybe actually seeing if there are attractive ones.
If i go look at any of these articles with women all of them look pretty or extremely pretty, no one feels like a token or out of place, maybe some are more natural than others but they all have a visible reason to be in that spot.

No. 1991193

Damn, those eyes creep me out. Very piercing gaze, his eyes look like that of an insect and he's about to jump on you and eat you, genuinely scary. And the jaw looks almost deformed. I understand why he's a model, but he just looks disturbing a bit, like he's a perfect killing machine with no emotions like an alien.

No. 1991198

File: 1714885945271.jpg (283.22 KB, 989x1189, Tyson_Beckford_(47140804691).j…)

I do think that Tyson Backford is actually generally very pretty despite being bald and usually having a beard + having a strong build which is not always liked by 100% of women, i don't think that i'm just used to see him in classy settings, i'd think the same if he was wearing some hawaiian print shirt in a kitchen kek.
I'm just not cultured in celebs and i think it's a bit weird how the few male models that i know of are him and Lucky Blue Smith basically, he's okay to me but damn his smile is something else.

No. 1991201

I don't know this guy but if that picture is an accurate representation: absolutely not.

No. 1991205

Ugh, you again, get lost

No. 1991206

he always looked gay to me

No. 1991252

File: 1714892202769.jpg (25.69 KB, 400x400, hGF2wlpk_400x400.jpg)

Unpopular opinion but this guy is actually ugly
He's like men's idea of male beauty, like what some redpill youtuber would call the perfect face

No. 1991255

his eyes are way too small. moids think these super narrow eyes are hot for some reason but they're hideous.

No. 1991256

He could do with a different hairstyle. He's not the type I'm attracted to but by no means would I call him ugly.

No. 1991259

The attractive men or unconventional attraction threads are in /g/, can you retards stop spamming the thread with "guyze I think this moid is hot"? Go post in there, this isn't a rating or caping thread for your favourite celebrity moid.

No. 1991260

Idk, I can tell he's conventionally handsome and his face doesn't offend me but he's sooo unattractive to me. He looks like an asshole.

No. 1991263

File: 1714893708522.webp (115.39 KB, 640x898, byran howard.png)

kek nonnie, spot on! picrel is Byran Howard looking downright psychotic.

No. 1991264

File: 1714893738199.jpg (80.67 KB, 648x864, 503323_v9_ba.jpg)

and picrel is Nathan Greno

No. 1991266

this look is so scary and shark-like. i don't think changing the hair or anything else could fix those creepy eyes.

No. 1991267

File: 1714894009220.png (32.01 KB, 829x183, Screenshot 2024-05-05 125618.p…)

surprisingly based for a male fashion designer.

No. 1991268

You've heard her, only post about how ugly every single scrote is and how the media will always be unfair. Anything else goes in those threads because it's impossible for specific topics to cross each others in any way.

I don't have that pic now but this looks exactly like that weird uncanny front picture on an eagle.

No. 1991269

he's gotten some type of jaw implants definitely that weird outward poke of the jaw at the ears is caused by illfitting jaw implants

No. 1991270

Thats not what I said, but sure if you want this thread to derail into anotyer rating thread instead of actually having discussions, fine. I personally think the soscio and psychoanalysis is more interesting than "guize can I find this man hot"x20.

No. 1991271

hear me out, the obsession with height is also part of the psyop. the amount of women i've seen date a greasy lanky moid just because he's very tall is ridiculous, height might be important to some degree but not enough to make you ignore everything else

No. 1991272

Then find your socio-psychoanalysis in those replies. They're still discussing male beauty standards in a way or another, what is ideal and what is influenced by faggotry. No one has the picture of Mr. front eagle as their background wallpaper, i don't care about celebrities either but that is unavoidable when talking about this.

No. 1991273

this is an interesting take, I'd like to see what other nonnies think

No. 1991274

File: 1714894934063.png (39.5 KB, 838x223, karl lagerfield.png)

samefag, even he admits the furious murderous envy men have for better looking men, even when it's just a difference of clothing and not face.

No. 1991275

I agree. Anons coming here asking if _ moid is hot just come across as insecure and seeking validation. This isn't a rating thread, maybe one of those anons could make one and continue the discussion there.
Well, it's the Ugly Man PsyOp Discussion Thread, what anons posted was more like regular gossip about what celebs they find attractive and considering the amount of infighting happens whenever a moid some anons like gets criticized I can see why the ayrt would be annoyed.

No. 1991276

keek please share the article

No. 1991277

its a short article by British Vogue, https://www.vogue.co.uk/article/keep-it-short

No. 1991278

many thanks babe ♥

No. 1991281

Dylan' hairline is an abomination and his "cute" features will make him look like 50 year old smug face wrinkly CM Punk soon but this one looks like a TIF

No. 1991283

it was much harder to get access to women, because you needed to wait for them to get into marriage age, and get approval from her father and family. I don't mean to bait but there are negative effects to the sexual revolution…if it didn't advantage men with so much freedom to just fuck around and spread disease with no responsibility it would have been oppressed quickly

No. 1991284

This. Moids are also the ones who are the most obsessed with it to the point where they believe a 5'11 hottie with good hair is less attractive than a balding 6'3 uggo.
Unpopular opinion but freakishly tall moids have fucked up fridge like proportions and their shoulders often end up looking too narrow for their frame. On a personal note, I hate big height differences because it feels like I'm with my dad or something. I don't want to have to look up at constantly just to chat. I'm an average height but wouldn't go for a scrote taller than 6'0.

No. 1991285

My grandfather just looked like this, and he was no more than a salesman with a normal diet who rode a bicycle regularly

No. 1991295

I feel like a psycho because I'm 5'0 and even 6'0 is way too tall for me.

No. 1991301

Anon.. Please tell me who the weeb was. Please

No. 1991306

I agree, I think that's why adam driver, jacob elordi, pete davidson, and paul dano got shilled so hard

No. 1991307

He's attractive without the nasty moustache. Facial hair on men is so fucking gross.

No. 1991313

Nona he has under 50k last time I checked. He made Japan related videos. Ill feel like a stalker posting him here so heres your clues kekk

No. 1991317

Enjoy your short children.

No. 1991321

agree. i see a lot of girls settle with awkward ugly guys just because he was tall. i guess i understand their logic because if you had to choose between an ugly manlet or a tall ugly guy, the latter is the better option. of course, the real answer is neither but the psyop has ruined standards these days

don't be obtuse, nona, she obviously means that we shouldn't give men a chance solely because they're tall. they need to be tall AND handsome

No. 1991325

No i feel the same, why would i want some giant guy who makes me look like a dwarf in comparison next to him.. not to mention how taller men have shorter lifespans

No. 1991329

The more I think about it, yeah. A lot of 5'11"+ guys don't have personality or style because they have other guys in their ear gassing them up that the height does all the work, that all women want a tall guy to protect them ("It's biology bro!"). The idea that tall guy=protector figure is a fucking joke these days when most of them tend to be lanky and can't fight to save their life let alone a lady.
Also 5'0", the height difference meme is overrated. They move like cavemen swinging their arms around with no spatial awareness so you end up getting accidentally hit a lot. Obviously no one wants a manlet either but there's gotta be a more acceptable middle ground

No. 1991331

I think it depends, like I'm 5'7 and I'd like to be with a guy whose at least 2 inches taller then me but that's it, there are hundreds of millions of men at that height range, but like If I was shorter I could get with a guy who was also 5'7, it really wouldn't be an issue for me.

No. 1991333

kek i feel like what i said might be misconstructed as me advocating for manlet rights, when the point is that freaky tall men can also be hideous and height shouldn't triumph over everything else. it's better to date an above average height man with beautiful proportions and a handsome face rather than a 6'4 uggo awkward lanklet

No. 1991344

File: 1714903275650.mp4 (2.78 MB, 576x768, video_2024-04-24_18-26-58.mp4)

He's attractive but he does look a little bit uncanny. He's a good person though, not narcissistic at all, watch Chico's interview with Sean
Also now they're shilling this ugly autistic uralic alien called Jordan Barrett, ew

The truth is prime 6'3 Chico will always mog the shit out of every other male supermodel ever to exist

No. 1991346

File: 1714903434866.mp4 (3.3 MB, 576x768, chico.mp4)

No. 1991347

The right combination of masculine and feminine features > hyper masculine uggos

No. 1991354

File: 1714904664837.png (839.32 KB, 682x1024, Ap01lI4.png)

I think the obsession with him can get really autistic, I think he was very attractive when he was young but like he's older(and thankfully he's still mantained himself and stayed natural) and he seems nice and happy with his family

No. 1991356

File: 1714904825940.png (635.83 KB, 677x840, ch.png)

No. 1991357

File: 1714904982399.png (347.41 KB, 584x851, now.png)

No. 1991358

Objectively his young self was very cute but incels shilled him so much that I can't stand seeing his face kek

No. 1991359

He is on Finasteride

No. 1991363

File: 1714905473365.png (355.97 KB, 672x599, instagram.png)

This is what I mean, the obsession around him(by mostly Indian men for whatever reason) comes across as some autistic fetish, like going through his Instagram.

No. 1991365

They're from the Lookism Community

No. 1991366

Yes, because for some reason those "looksmaxxing" communities are full of pajeets and pakis, idk exactly why though

No. 1991372

men are so fucking gay. this is a covert way of channeling their homoerotic impulses.

No. 1991374

There's nothing wrong about homoerotic impulses

No. 1991380

have you ever met an army dude? a pakistani? a meth head? dont come up to me with that bs

No. 1991382

What's your point?

No. 1991392

doesn't even seem homoerotic, mostly just autistic.

No. 1991407

As a South Asian I can somewhat explain, arranged marriages have existed for thousands of years and are incredibly commonplace in south asia. If you have a "love marriage" ie a non-arranged marriage with someone you know it's considered scandalous. So most groups of south asia more than any other group of males have evolved a culture where anything resembling an attempt to improve oneself, such as physical fitness, grooming, romantic gestures or anything even remotely pleasing to women don't exist. so younger men are aware of the fact that they are considered ugly and smelly by most westerners and their own people but Instead of simply trying to be somewhat decent, they are either coping by talking about how other races of men ar "feminine" compared to them or getting into really autistic race science to prove their actually hot.

No. 1991415

Holy shit, I always thought Cavill was butt-ugly but this picture of young him is cute as fuck. I mean, daaaaamn. I had no idea he ever looked like this. What happened?
He's so cute but he needs to get rid of the facial hair.
Kek some Afghan boys are really cute (very rare specimens though). Reminds me of the time my dad took me and my brother to his third world shithole to visit some family. The males in the city were the stereotypically ugly motherfuckers we all love to hate, nothing new there. But then we went to the villages in the jungles for a few weeks and saw this really hot guy. It was crazy because I've never found a moid of my own 'race' attractive before. But damn, this one moid was a needle in a haystack. Sculpted body from physical labour all day, amazing jaw and skull from not eating processed food, and a full head of long black wavy hair. No facial hair. An actually attractive face too. He didn't look inbred or retarded like every other moid I saw over there during my month-long stay. Dang. Saw 2 other cuties too but they weren't as hot as the first one.

No. 1991432

File: 1714910226952.png (386.76 KB, 625x410, 02UAzk7.png)

same phenomenon happens in my country, the only semi-decent looking men are usually the tribals, literally all they have to do is just hard labor and have a healthy diet, that's literally all men have to do to not like disgusting freaks.

No. 1991451

I've seen guys dressed like this dancing stiff dances on tiktok and claiming they are from Gaza to get donations. It's really weird.

No. 1991459

>teenage looking man
Found a retard in the wild. The fact that this guy looks so youthful is impressive though.

No. 1991475

Idk why this family picture gives me incest vibes
Like you could caption it "10 reasons why marrying my brother was the best decision of my life"

No. 1991499

this feels like bait.

No. 1991500

he's cute but would look better without the facial hair. Same for >>1991128
same, I'm 5'1 and I've never wanted a tall male, anytime I've tried to explain this people either just say I'm lying or a pick me or something but I genuinely dislike really tall males. They just feel intimidating to me and I'd rather be with someone who is closer to my height and doesn't tower over me, it just reminds me of shitty power dynamics with the sexes (wanting le epic tall chad to overpower you or whatever).
If he's 33 he's one of the rare men that actually look as youthful as a 33 year old woman
that's weird, it just looks like a normal family picture to me

No. 1991523

File: 1714916475572.jpeg (242.76 KB, 1363x2048, licensed-image.jpeg)

How old is that picture? He looks like a weird mix of 13 and 40 at the same time in this one

No. 1991529

I feel he's one of the actors that was put on hormones to look young longer.

No. 1991537

Leo, especially in the movie The beach was peak cute. That, titanic, Romeo +Juliet, and Man in the Iron mask were his last movies where he looked good. RIP to Leo's looks. Now he's a fat, bloated scrote post wall

No. 1991538

looks like the child of Patrick Bateman and Dylan Mulvaney

No. 1991540

He must not watch porn, not engage in any perverted debauchery, no recreational drugs or alcohol since it ages them and deteriorates their health, make them fat and violent

No. 1991541

a lot of incels (regardless of ethnicity) are closeted homos or bis. glad to see men harassing other men with their retardation instead of women for once though.

No. 1991542

Well, he is British, it's expected kek

No. 1991544

>man looks as attractive as his wife is in sweet family picture
>makes anon think it's incest because this never happens

No. 1991548

those type of cheeks are fucking scary

No. 1991549

additionnally they are the same phenotype with the brown hair and olive skin which is also pretty rare

No. 1991558

He looks like a randomly generated sim. Even the retard smile animation they make.

No. 1991559

They're both great looking, especially the one on the right

No. 1991563

He preeetty cute and young

No. 1991564

>Sculpted body from physical labour all day, amazing jaw and skull from not eating processed food, and a full head of long black wavy hair. No facial hair. An actually attractive face too.
what about skin texture? because its so weird when i see poor labourers that don't get to eat much, spent their days exposed to dirt and grime, but still have such flawless skin texture.

No. 1991567

Most men look old as fuck even before they hit 30 because they refuse to take care of their skin

No. 1991569

nta but they age really fast because of this, like their skin texture is good for a few years but in their 20's but their skin ages worse then white guys.

No. 1991571

"great" is way too generous, especially for pimple-kun

No. 1991577

i'm pretty sure superman supposed to be young

No. 1991595

>He's a good person though
Isn't Sean into some weird porn

No. 1991646

Yeah, his skin was smooth. I'm guessing it was because he didn't eat processed foods. If you look at pictures of tribal people from all around the world, they usually have amazing skin.

No. 1991651

he got caught liking bbc porn iirc

No. 1991655

i think losing their hair in their 20s is what ages a majority of scrotes, less their skin

No. 1991671

don't believe everything you read on looksmax

No. 1991683

>Sucks how they never seem to make that same effort if you're not japanese
what do you mean?

No. 1991687

Hell no, I wouldn’t use looks as an indicator of a man’s morality. Hot guys can be disgusting pornsick freaks too, I promise.

No. 1991751

An anon posted this >>1991067 and then a reply was asking if we could agree on who we would rate as a 10, like the looksmaxxing charts that were posted before. All of the men in those charts were ugly and rated incorrectly.

Some discussion about what we find attractive is going to happen in these threads because it goes hand in hand with the discussion about how few attractive men exist/are shilled in the entertainment industry. A few posts asking how anons would rate actors on a scale isn’t the same as the threads dedicated to attractive men in /g/

No. 1991781

I can't wait for the psyop to end. I would never step that low but i hate how many bad/below average/old moids tried to hit on me or propose, it's like they have no sense of shame. I have never felt like really adoring a guy my age just from his looks yet but the only time i gave in was when i got with a normie moid that looked similar to a videogame character i had a crush on (DMC4 Nero kek), i can't even believe how desperate i was back then because normally i would have never made the first move.

No. 1991787

What I meant was that nonna said some white men will shave etc because that's what they believe japanese women have a preference for on average, but they won't do that for white women, since they seem to assume we all like roided up chads or something. Not that there aren't moids that don't make any effort for japanese women too though
I'm not hopeful it will end honestly, it only seems to be getting worse. I've had ugly moids hit on me too and it just feels insulting, like this one moid who had probably the ugliest face on a man I've ever seen and it's just like…Where do they get the audacity, but then I remember the psyop is a thing and tons of women give them a chance regardless of their terrible looks so they aren't called shallow. It really feels like it's the opposite of what incels parrot: men are the ones who try to date up and pretend like they're looksmatched with a woman who is out of their league

No. 1991798

>It really feels like it's the opposite of what incels parrot
It literally is the opposite, they describe the natural state of how it should be, they have inversed what's natural, they won, but they still continue to feel like they're victims, we live in literal hell.

No. 1991802

>men are the ones who try to date up and pretend like they're looksmatched with a woman who is out of their league
Yeah it's insane, incels must be the whiniest ones but generally men don't really have much to fear because the worst thing that could happen to them is rejection and we all know how it risks to end up which is why so many women try to be careful. Now if it hasn't become so rare for moids to look decent maybe the situation wouldn't be that tragic, but it's even rare for popular fictional moids to look attractive enough now kek.

No. 1991808

File: 1714937728984.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.18 KB, 579x397, big-ed-from-90-day-fiance-when…)

moids when you tell them that beards are disgusting or that they should shave it. either this or they chimp out as if there are double standards against men

No. 1991811

>but it's even rare for popular fictional moids to look attractive enough now kek
? what

No. 1991815

it's fucked. I've had men act like I'm crazy for just having standards and not wanting to date men that are way uglier than me and put zero effort into their looks. I'm no stacy myself but why should I have to date someone who is uglier while they get to date up. They act like you'd have to be a gigastacy to get a remotely attractive male but even the actual stacies are dating fugly men too a lot of the time. They literally have nothing to complain about compared to women, if they lived a single day as us they would kill themselves
kekk, so true. I always make it a point to tell moids I hate beards and balding and they act super shocked and start coping by saying I have weird, "immature" tastes. Even pick mes come out and start defending beards too which is always pathetic to witness. I don't care if a woman likes beards, she can have her bad taste but it's funny how they immediately arrive to defend moids when they would never do the same for them

No. 1991860

File: 1714941004557.jpeg (4.76 KB, 259x195, images (10).jpeg)

He looks like this dragon ball character(racebait)

No. 1991882

Not the flavor of white man I usually like but he's quite handsome except for one thing which is his brow bone (fun fact ! If you google "low brow bone" and "low set eyebrows" this exact moid shows up, that's how bad it is) and the overly hooded eyelids resulting from it. It's like a huge bar across his eyes that take the life out of them entirely. It looks like a bad case of ptosis in need of corrective surgery. I don't understand why scrotes think it looks cool.

They are so cute

No. 1991885

He was so hot but such a twat and a douchebag.

No. 1991894

File: 1714943071732.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1325x1670, IMG_7013.jpeg)

I work my ass off to draw men as handsome as possible, yet my maximum number of likes has not exceeded 5k. And this bitch draws absolute degenerate fatso shit. Just read the replies, people are drooling over this ugly fat shit. What the fuck? Just what the fuck.

No. 1991895

File: 1714943105486.jpeg (95.25 KB, 520x699, IMG_3705.jpeg)

Elvis was a certified uggo, both young and old. Fatty with pudding face.

No. 1991914

it's twitter, so much garbage gets tons of likes while actually good things don't, don't let it get to you
god he looks disgusting

No. 1991915

File: 1714944662588.jpeg (15.57 KB, 475x334, ugly man.jpeg)

Where do you guys draw the line between psy op and too many women having shit taste? I just see so many women who have such horrible taste, so many that seem to have bought into the beard thing, and a moid having a decently groomed beard is enough to make him attractive. I think almost any white guy with a beard could be succesfully shilled where I live and I just feel like I'm surrounded by insane people.

No. 1991929

Psyops are basically brainwashing, and this psyop has gone on for so long it's hard to see where it started. Between modern living creating deformed men and the media being owned by old men who want to force young women to see them as desirable, things have gotten especially dire lately. What makes an individual woman fall for the psyop varies, sometimes they're susceptible to brainwashing and peer pressure, sometimes they have low self-esteem, sometimes it's actually contrarianism. Those are all more common than having a genuine taste for fat hairy manbeasts.
This is the ugly moid thread, but the psyop to make people lower their standards exists for all of society with the body positivity movement. Men are slightly more resistant, but then they've only been targeted recently. They still cry when women push back against the much older and more insidious psyop painting ugly men as attractive.

No. 1991968

he was also a paedophile

No. 1991981

Hey any anons here kept up with that whole Ole Miss fiasco and noticed how ugly all the men are? Those conservative men being edgelords and making monkey noises….they were so ugly amd miniature looking.
They literally looked like they were built like a 5 year old Victorian child and their average height being 5'6, their super narrow shoulders also didn't help. They looked like grindr ugly bottoms.

Anyone else pepped how ugly they are.

No. 1991999

He's so ugly looks like a little boy hit with an aging ray. What the fuck are those arms? Puke

No. 1992003

i really don't get how everyone thought he was so sexy? he was fat and gross like orson welles…

No. 1992049

File: 1714956181508.jpg (559.47 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20240506_024243.jpg)

No. 1992054

i wish they didnt speak for all of us

No. 1992058

fucking markiplier??

No. 1992059

File: 1714957455614.webm (1.25 MB, 720x1280, 1714192972649633.webm)

Kinda funny that you have a higher chance seeing an attractive moid on social media than Hollywood.

No. 1992063

True. The most attractive men I've seen were all literal who's crossing the street. We don't see those faces on the screen because A) most men aren't interested in acting/modeling and B) from the ones who are interested, only a few are willing to suck dick to get ahead

No. 1992086

even here he used to be posted in conventional attractions multiple times..i don't get it. he's got an even worse version of gosling's eyes

No. 1992106

Don't listen to degenerate western losers and keep fighting with me nona.. Stuff like that attracts trannies, minors, idiots and the worst thing about them all: real ugly gay moids.
Keep creating beautiful men as if every one of them is a step towards the extermination of uggos.

No. 1992115

Sorry i was mostly talking about videogame characters from popular games that try to get inspired from real moids, it was discussed a bit in the other threads.

No. 1992213

File: 1714970382760.webp (Spoiler Image,78.99 KB, 1080x1173, waksi3stxse71.jpg)

why do 95% of the men in my slavic country look like pic related after they reach the age of 35

No. 1992214

kek made me smile(replying to racebait)

No. 1992216

is that joe rogan?

No. 1992224

Just saw an actual horde of white tourists all of which had fucking glasses and beard styled exactly like Vaush… Bunch of them manbuns as well. What the fuck is this. Bet they're sexpats as well.

No. 1992228

>men are the ones who try to date up and pretend like they're looksmatched with a woman who is out of their league
And they succeed! I've seen so, so many insanely pretty women dressed incredibly fashionably with some twig nerd with generic graphic shirt and glasses and also wearing a fucking bag like a school kid. And they would act lovey-dovey in public too.
The best friend of mine married some really fat guy because he's "funny" and "cute". They even quickly got a bunch of kids. I feel insane.

No. 1992241

File: 1714973721928.jpeg (60.24 KB, 635x478, IMG_7601.jpeg)

New and old versions of the psyop. I wanna vomit, no one wants to see these oldshits on the big screen or even on my phone.
Thank you for spoilering this pic but it’s a shame that I still revealed
This look is so outdated on men but it is in style for weirdos and creeps nowadays. Even voosh got a haircut (not that it helped)

No. 1992252

OT but DiCaprio doesn’t look remotely like Sinatra, I’m sick of Scorsese reusing the same actor over and over again. A joke beaten to death, but couldn’t he just cast Ronan Farrow?

No. 1992254

Only women from outside the west can be feminists, postmodernism has totally gutted out real feminism. Unless an apocalypse happens, we will not see actual feminism in the west

No. 1992287

>I've seen so, so many insanely pretty women dressed incredibly fashionably with some twig nerd with generic graphic shirt and glasses and also wearing a fucking bag like a school kid.
this makes me seethe to no end, whenever i see a "overdressed bf vs underdressed bf" reel with them acting quirky i feel like screaming, it's literally the norm, you're not different at all.

No. 1992295

>Only women from outside the west can be feminists
you're mistaken, handmaidenry pollutes India just as much as it does the West, mainly because men go apeshit on women that say something they dislike, cusses, threats, whether online or irl. And just for the sake of real feminist progress(in relation to education, job opportunities, marriage/dowry) women have to tone it down and make men see the appeal in it, one common being that equal pay is good for men too bc now they don't have to pay on the first date.
The Lana Del Ray psyop has reached here as well since many of my friends in college considered the prospect of an older geriatric men or even a sugar daddy, no matter how many times i told them what the money is supposed to go towards.

No. 1992300

I think that a lot of western feminists believe that their own brand of feminism is inferior or not getting things done.(even though it's by far the most effective) So they compare their own efforts to those of minorities who they perceive as following the 'correct' version of feminism. It's the same with discussions of korean feminists, there's actually a quite diverse group of both christian, buddhist and socialist feminists in korea but a lot radfems prefer to create a single idealised image.

No. 1992332

Hipster style and its consequences had been a disaster for human race

No. 1992382

File: 1714992801137.jpg (219.98 KB, 2000x1333, Nicholas-Galitzine-Steals-Anne…)

I just watched the Idea of You, I think this movie is a step in the right direction on fighting the psyop. It wasn't very good and it is definitely based on Harry Styles fanfic but the male actor is young and hot and with the age gap, I consider that a win.

I'm actually surprised Anne did something so lowbrow ngl, maybe she supports women raising their standards. Or needed a break from her old looking husband.

No. 1992383

File: 1714992908075.jpg (202.56 KB, 1080x1619, anne-hathaway-and-husband-adam…)

>Or needed a break from her old looking husband.
This is him btw. Apparently they're around the same age but he looks 20+ years older than her.

No. 1992389

KEEEK what annoying mod redtexted this

No. 1992415

File: 1714995990843.jpg (112.11 KB, 720x983, 1619415550952.jpg)

I don't know if this fully belongs here but I think it's sort of related. In 2017 there was a film released called 'my friend dahmer' based on a graphic novel about the author who was semi-friends with jeffery dahmer. The film starred a disney star ross lynch and it attracted a lot of people who started thirsting after him playing dahamer and making edits of him.
and I'm fully convinced this was a psy-op to get young girls to thirst after real life serial killers or get them assume that attractive people have a higher chance of being murderers and serial killers.

No. 1992417

File: 1714996158728.jpg (296.53 KB, 1473x539, 1636023938553.jpg)

I read the comic the movie was based on and it was very different. To begin with, Derf (the writer) only sorta knew Dahmer, just a guy who hung out with him occasionally, but never without his other group of friends and then there's also the he draws and portrays Dahmer, everyone is drawn with this crude style with exaggerated facial features, but Dahmer especially is intended to look unappealing, he was very tall for his age and had a long face, which made him stand out and he'd pretend to have seizures in public to freak people out.

No. 1992418

and this is how the film portrayed these fake seizures

No. 1992420

>get them assume that attractive people have a higher chance of being murderers and serial killers.
Interesting. Since the highly intelligent, attractive and sophisticated serial killer is such a tired cliche. When in reality they're embarrassing ugly genuine retards, often with erectile dysfunction.

No. 1992425

I find it funny men think the droopy eyelid small eyes and straight blocky brows is alpha. Makes any white guy look like the average finnish incel.

No. 1992429

to be fair he just look like peak nerdy boy, which is the appeal. This is what dave in the live action of kickass should have looked like.

No. 1992431

also, i meant the actor. The original dahmer looked unevolved and apeish.

No. 1992464

post them
it's way easier to find them just going on tiktok or instagram reels, that's pretty much where I've found all the attractive men I've seen recently
god I hate that trend so much, I always feel so embarrassed for the women in those. they really think it's funny or a flex that their bf can't be bothered to put in any effort while they're spending 5 hours doing their hair, makeup, and getting the most fashionable clothes.

it disgusts me how it's seen as a woman having high standards if she just wants her moid to put in THE SAME AMOUNT of effort as her in general. for example, if you shave, wanting your moid to shave should just be a natural expectation, it's not asking for much at all. if you dress fashionably, your moid should also do the same, if you wear makeup…you get the idea. yet it's painted as such a crazy thing if both people actually put equal effort into their appearance or the woman expects it from her man. the only justification i could see for this is how moids believe because they "protect and provide" they don't have to care about their looks, but what does the average modern moid even provide nowadays when most marriages and relationships are 50/50 and the women also work? they no longer have the excuse that they bring in the money and women are all about their looks and taking care of children. so like, why have straight relationships not evolved to also be 50/50 in terms of looks and why are women still expected to be the "hotter" one while the man sits on his ass, when he's literally not providing anything? it makes no fucking sense at all. if marriages and relationships in general have evolved to be 50/50 in terms of finances it'd make sense that moids should also be putting an equal amount of effort into their looks as women

No. 1992474

samefag but it really makes no sense when people can understand the concept of reciprocating "love" in other contexts, for example if you say I love you the other person says it back, etc. hell, even in friendships everyone understands that if it's too one sided and one person is putting in much more effort, it's a toxic dynamic. somehow this never applies to looks with men though or it's suddenly too much to ask for them to put in the same effort or do the same things as women. it's as if they think women are naturally wired to do these things or something so it's "easier" for us (it's not) and it's cruel to demand moids be put through the exact same thing. or they cope by pretending they actually "reciprocate" by doing other things like supposedly providing and protecting you (except they don't do those either)

No. 1992485

pic related is what lesbians see when they look at any man

No. 1992527

His nose is broken

No. 1992550

to men there is

No. 1992702

File: 1715020342533.jpeg (263.22 KB, 1169x1463, IMG_1284.jpeg)

There were so many ugly men in Bullet Train and yet people were screaming about how attractive all the actors were for months after it came out. Aaron Taylor Johnson was like 32 here and he looked middle aged already.

Side note, Joey King was 23 but played a teenager and wore a schoolgirl outfit, ew. All of the actors were much older than her.

No. 1992704

File: 1715020507543.jpeg (87.5 KB, 720x720, IMG_1344.jpeg)

Logan Lerman looked like a bloated methed-out freak in it too, yet people still made thirst edits of him

No. 1992708

i dont think her character was meant to be a specific age in the movie, iirc she just dressed in pink/schoolgirl clothing to seem innocuous, she didn't really come off like one. i wish we got more of sandra bullock though, because she was really cool for the few seconds she was on screen.

No. 1992711

The styling on ATJ in this movie is so bad. Just makes him look old and sleazy.

No. 1992714

theres zac efron and chad michael murray ted bundy movies that came out around this time too that no one asked for, except maybe genz hybristophiles. but ted bundy wouldve never been a disney boy that ugly freak
Atj hasn’t been attractive since angus thongs and perfect kissing, and the only reason anyone talks about him still is because of his marriage
ew this is a cross of jared leto and ryan gosling 2 fugly moids im sick of

No. 1992721

File: 1715021898803.jpeg (259.92 KB, 733x1000, IMG_1342.jpeg)

This promo picture shows the dynamic perfectly, an attractive young woman surrounded by sleazy old goats. ATJ has never looked worse.
I thought she was supposed to be in high school, I guess I’m misremembering.

No. 1992723

You forgot when anons thirsted for him and his dick in A Million Little Pieces or whatever the movie was called

No. 1992730

Dahmer was huge with women way before Ross. Women even sent him letters when he was alive.

No. 1992732

So, there's this German documentary about North Korea, probably the most neutral video about that country. One thing I noticed was that imp the young men looked better than both regular and celeb south koreans, though the older men and women looked haggard as hell though.

No. 1992738

Styling is when receding hairline. What a cope kek. He's ugly, just face it. He was never good looking to begin with.

No. 1992742

File: 1715023487684.jpeg (88.96 KB, 480x556, IMG_9772.jpeg)

He had a few years of attractiveness when he was young, but becoming hideous is just part of the natural aging process for males. There’s nothing they can do to avoid it.

No. 1992752

Maybe it's because I'm on my period or something but I can't see the attractiveness in your picrel at all. I'm so sorry.

No. 1992761

What's with giving these kind of actors a pedostache? Better than a full beard but it's still odd.

No. 1992762

If you cover up everything from the nose down with your hand he's alright I guess.

No. 1992764

her face says it all

No. 1992779

File: 1715025384393.jpeg (506.08 KB, 1170x1529, IMG_1346.jpeg)

I didn’t realize that the mustache would offend anons, I’m sorry. This is when he was trying to be a coquettish young man, and I think he looked cute. Then in his mid 20s he grew fugly facial hair, his hairline started receding, and his legs got fat. What a depressing difference only a few years can make for moids, he’s just pathetic now.

No. 1992782

he looks a lot better here

No. 1992784

Don't worry i wasn't offended kek, i don't usually rant about pedostache and try to make a point out of it, i just genuinely don't know why i see certain normal looking moids getting pedostaches in movies, feels intentional.

No. 1992787

Lots of movies take place in the time era when those were a thing?

No. 1992790

Usually i've seen them for much older men or men of lower classes though.

No. 1992811

So if I don't see his face he's "hot" KEK, this genuinely made me laugh.
He's not my type but gotta say blond hair looks awful on him and makes him look washed out. His features look normal and stand out more with the brown hair.

No. 1992828

>he's a perfect killing machine with no emotions like an alien
OT but that was the idea behind casting the leads in Starship Troopers. He would've been perfect in that

No. 1992897

It appeals to the homos that are giving him roles.
Personally I like them but only on certain faces. His face is not one of those “certain faces”

No. 1992927

>Interesting. Since the highly intelligent, attractive and sophisticated serial killer is such a tired cliche. When in reality they're embarrassing ugly genuine retards, often with erectile dysfunction.
Most of the time they target communities/people who never really had a chance of reporting anyway e.g, sex workers
It's just another form of victim blaming when true crime paints out serial killers as hot and overemphasize their victims being attracted to them. Most of these serial killers already had criminal records.

No. 1992936

KEK Men always whine about women hitting the wall to justify grooming teens/early 20s girls but scrotes start balding as soon as they hit 30. Everything they whine about is projection.

No. 1993155

File: 1715040172043.jpeg (78.56 KB, 275x266, 1712349235398.jpeg)

the kawaiidesu edit from the chadification thread is unironically better

No. 1993380

No. 1993462

File: 1715050078223.png (689.44 KB, 905x582, Screenshot 2024-05-06 223643.p…)

Idk who these people are, but there was a cnn article about them saying how the moid in this relationship is sad about being cyber bullied for being with a woman completely out of his league. For as much hate non-fat moids get for liking fat women, at least a lot of fat women still maintain some palatability, but obviously i speak from a place of bias because i think some fat women can be hot if they maintain good proportions, aren't too big and have a cute face. With moids, they don't have as much wiggle room in this department. I question how any woman who isn't huge herself can be attracted want to be stuck with these sleep apnea having motherfuckers. You KNOW he breathes heavy as fuck, it's so disgusting. Men have it so much easier to lose weight because they don't experience childbirth, their heights allow them to pig out as it is already and they don't experience huge fluctuations in hormones the way women do, i don't get what the excuse is.

No. 1993476

70s bishie vibes

No. 1993479

He deserves the bullying

No. 1993490

What the fuck is that???

No. 1993492

A rapper and his escort wife, jelly roll and bunnie

No. 1993514

What is this fucking creature? It deserves the fires of hell, can it even use the toilet? Pluto is smaller than this beast.

No. 1993528

Wow this scrote made this video in response to the 4b west movement, he’s literally saying “give up and submit or men will start forcing you” this is how angry and violent they get about a small percentage of women deciding to be celibate and childfree. They want women to settle with ugly losers who don’t have anything of value to offer anyone, and they’re saying out loud that they’ll start hitting women who aren’t interested in them. Males are all sick in the head.

No. 1993549

Incel behavior

No. 1993566

Normie women don't know that they're essentially keeping men obedient and in line by willingly settling down with them (you might even say they're being used to keep men obedient). Nearly all men, no matter how ugly weak or unskilled, being able to settle down with a woman and having access to sex without having to compete physically against other males is one of the major reasons we have 'civilzied' societies. This video shows a silver of men's true colors when their guaranteed access to women and sex is on shaky ground.

No. 1993596

Yep. Women’s freedom frequently comes at the cost of making them more sexually available. This behavior even persists in remote tribes where the females are expected to mate indiscriminately.

No. 1993628

sage for blog but when I started dating my high school nigel I started telling him what clothes to buy and how to style his hair and shit because I was embarrassed to be seen out with him with his current fashion, and he actually liked the things I was making him try on but his family and friends made fun of him relentlessly for looking 'metrosexual' or 'gay.' But I told him 'you will thank me later because even if we break up girls will like you more if you present yourself like this' and it didn't even take us breaking up, I ended up getting endlessly jealousy-bullied by other girls in high school and later college after I made him start styling himself in a semi-acceptable way. The 'gay' shit I was telling him to do wasn't even remotely gay looking, it was just shit like getting pants that fit, actual shirts and t-shirts without ugly surfer logos on them and crewneck wool sweaters, scarves hats and boots for cold weather instead of him walking around in soaking wet skate shoes in 2 feet of snow. Both women and men will be so nasty when some halfway decent looking moid starts putting effort into his appearance but then women all start hitting on them lmfao. I actually had scrotes I was just casual friends with see how much attention my boyfriend was getting and ask me to help them go shopping lmao, I have to believe that most of the hatred straight men have for other straight moids looking 'gay' i.e. presentable is because they are too retarded to figure out how to dress on their own and need a woman to help them. It's amazing what a woman's advice will do for any man's looks if the man actually takes the advice, most are just so egotistical they will never ask or ignore it when it's given.

No. 1993833

File: 1715088622909.webp (56.3 KB, 800x644, lsmark.webp)

the guy is 22 the woman is 30

No. 1993929

yeah it's sad that for males you can take all his rights away, make him live in shit, but as long as you give him a woman to rape and birth his kids, he'll be grateful to other men

No. 1993930

no idea who that is but would sorry(don't cape for uggos in this thread)

No. 1993932

File: 1715092503282.jpeg (293.79 KB, 1290x1577, newsuperman.jpeg)

I guess this is the new Superman in costume, they made him look fat, the first thing I saw on this picture was his undereye bags. This whole image sort looks like AI especially the background, but they couldn't fix his bags and forehead wrinkles?

No. 1993970

File: 1715094297162.mp4 (3.75 MB, 480x854, OF1q2FL.mp4)

While this thread goes a though a lot of racebaiting and trolling(that I hope will be resolved), I am grateful that it exists because I do believe this is the result of a mass psyop, like take vidrel, it's completely fine to not find the actor playing young darth vader attractive. but its absurd to outright claim that another actor whose only distinguishing characteristic is being older than and this should be considered more desirable just because he's 'daddy'

No. 1993974

We can tell she had shit taste because she has two shelves of funkos in the back.

No. 1993986

>funko pop
opinion discarded

No. 1994006

he looks like jahar tsarnaev here which also, would.

No. 1994129

File: 1715100606427.jpg (738.34 KB, 1012x1556, Screenshot_20240507_184921.jpg)

No. 1994143

this guy is hot

No. 1994164

I hate that this fat piece of shit is shilled as attractive or charming. I don't know a single woman who finds him hot.

No. 1994206

The same dudes she's talking about also believe you can get any woman you want as long as you're rich and famous, she's retarded if she thinks she disproved anything here.

No. 1994213

Degenerate bitches should stop speaking for normal women.

No. 1994249

File: 1715107979180.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080, AJTSunScreen.png)

>be Sam Taylor-Wood
>marry young qt
>become Sam Taylor-Johnson
>young qt is british and pale
>young qt doesn’t wear sunscreen
>he now looks 45
>he is 33
He looks like Jonah Hill in the colored photos. I’m not even trying to blame the wife but wow he hit the wall at maximum speed. The cracks on his face are so bad.
Any hope out there?

No. 1994251

He's British? That explains why I find him so ugly even when he was young. There's something about British features I can't be attracted to at all.

No. 1994257

You can sense how inbred and fucked up their genes are kek

No. 1994265

I hate how it's either one extreme or the other with these people. It's either incels saying women only want roided up 6ft chads, or retarded women saying actually all women only care about personality and want ugly old fat fucks. Like sure, a lot of women have no self respect and fall for the psyop, but I hate how it's framed as if it's a bad thing when women actually want attractive men, as if somehow we're proving the incels right by just wanting someone we personally find attractive…When they're still wrong and retarded because they act like every woman wants to date up or wants their specific moid idea of what a chad is, when wanting to be attracted to someone doesn't automatically mean that at all. So sick of this oversimplification and generalizations in general, people are so retarded

No. 1994290

File: 1715112494537.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1040x1291, IMG_1477.jpeg)

His parents are Jewish and Russian, that’s why he’s so good looking. If he was british he would look like a hideous twisted animal version of himself.
I’m actually quite exhausted by how quickly males hit the wall, it’s depressing. I’ve lost hope. I finally found one male on the planet who I’m attracted to, and wouldn’t you know he’s already aged out of his attractiveness like a complete freak. He was attractive like a decade ago when I didn’t even know he existed. I really hope his wife Sam enjoyed his youth and beauty because I’m kind of jealous. Picrel is him attempting to smoulder when he looks almost 100 years old, wrinkled forehead, receding hairline, stress etched onto his face, fat legs, blank stare

No. 1994324

>It's either incels saying women only want roided up 6ft chads, or retarded women saying actually all women only care about personality and want ugly old fat fucks.
Every single time, but is always retards with pathetic levels of mental illness and -0 self-esteem that say shit like that in mainstream social media. The problem is when normies start engaging in the same loser behaviour.

No. 1994325

lmao what is this photo? he looks like a hobo trying to get a cigarette from me KEK

No. 1994364

KEKKKK homeless chic

No. 1994489

He’s trying to look like a rugged muscle pig in the rain. He always does strange photoshoots, he usually does flips and tricks or dances shirtless

No. 1994503

how do men get wrinkles this fast. i'm in my late 20s, only recently started caring about my skin and i dont have any wrinkles yet. i noticed every man including my own brother (who is a few years younger) already has them though, it's so weird

No. 1994555

Testosterone accelerates the aging process, and male and female skin is completely different so it ages differently in the first place

No. 1994591

File: 1715131823934.jpeg (220.1 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_1343.jpeg)

Actors need to get beat up and culled more. I’m so sick of them remaining famous leading men as they get older and fugly, it’s just annoying. I’m also sick of starlets only being between 18-25 years old, it should be the other way around since women have longevity and men do not.

No. 1994600

File: 1715133029305.jpeg (522.11 KB, 1366x2048, IMG_1501.jpeg)

This age gap is a step in the right direction but it still isn’t good enough. He needs to be younger and handsome, he’s actually kind of ugly. The actor is 29 and male fertility drops at 29, he should have been 18-22 if they wanted him to be appealing. People are already calling poor Anne a pedo for this role though

No. 1994604

Yeah his potato nose, drawn on air brushed looking lips, and dead eyes make him hideous.

No. 1994609

that makes sense. ironic how it's women who are told to be so worried about aging and how we are losing our value when it's men that age worse

No. 1994642

At least he dresses nicely

No. 1994788

he's handsome in his movies, but for some reason his recent public appearances like on red carpet n stuff have been extra ugly, he looks bloated asf, maybe the wall is close to making it's debut.

No. 1994859

File: 1715150229702.png (479.25 KB, 548x665, skywalker.png)

God forbid a female character is with a guy her age without a disgusting beard

No. 1994965

>with a guy her age

No. 1994968

the canon age difference between them is five years and she only feel in love with him when he turned 19.

No. 1995108

Do you ever interact with some ugly moid's content on social media because his videos are semi interesting and related to your interests only for the algorithm to push them onto you even harder? This is what happened to me with the etymology nerd. His content is interesting at first but very mid and not that amusing, I'm tired if his ugly face and voice.

No. 1995112

Same with the "fun fact" guy though he isn't nearly as pushed onto my social media feed as it was before. Like, I had to literally block the etymology nerd because they just couldn't stop pushing it even though I wasn't following him.

No. 1995248

File: 1715182861803.png (566.86 KB, 857x1110, GNKXfA3.png)

we need to RETVRN

No. 1995493

File: 1715190770882.png (933.61 KB, 794x796, squall.png)

Agreed. The male faces in this game were nearly identical but I'm not complaining, at least they were pretty.

No. 1995587

File: 1715197225380.jpg (487.46 KB, 1080x1665, Screenshot_20240508_213404.jpg)

No. 1995590

Both are equally disgusting

No. 1995596

Unironically this meme is not wrong. If pickmes had never become the vocal majority, we could still be shaming men into being hot. Men used to fuss about their hair and clothes and muscles in the hopes of impressing women. Hell, Abe Lincoln got negged into glowing up by an 11-year-old girl lol. Now they've all completely let themselves go because too many women lied about only caring about "the inside" so as not to seem shallow.

No. 1995696

The problem is that the guys who relate to the one on the right always chase after women out of their league

No. 1995698

Women really have no standards anymore. that's why this is true.

No. 1995711

one thing I noticed is that most men are walled by 25, but the more handsome guys who still manage to look good past 25 are walled at 30. so basically they get only 5 more yrs of prime looks before the big bloat

No. 1995730

File: 1715204871560.jpg (130.3 KB, 640x1034, 6o1nfyYDsn0AJl48XnuX5PZxxPdB77…)

Just date an ugly woman then jfc. Funny how its only moids that are allowed to desire a woman based solely on her looks (and then always excuse it in some retarded way like being "visual creatures" or something).

No. 1995768

I think its a consequence of shifts in what media gets funded at all downstream of shifts in how people consume media. Women used to be the primary movie going audience and the films reflected that. Now I think the average person sees less than 5 movies a year when it used to be a near weekly activity for people and the only things that get butts in seats are 'spectacle films' while romcoms and dramas languish in cinemas. Men in TV are IMO often more attractive than Film Men and I think that's to do with women watching more tv than movies now.

No. 1995770

>bashes us for being shallow whores for wanting hot men to fuck and date
>bashes us when we attempt to be nice and give fugly men a chance and says we’re liars

It’s so tiring you can never win with these moids who just whine, whine and whine some more. What the actual fuck do these scrotes want from us???

No. 1995783

Look at this point I'm willing to sink the boat I'm on just to kill the captain. Go ahead moid-kun, meme all your friends into seeing through the virtue signaling, make them believe that even genuinely psyopped women who are head over heels for uggos are faking it, all the way until women finally give it all up and stop partaking in these silly virtue olympics so we can start openly shaming ugly moids instead.

He's gravitymaxxing to pull more bitches kek. Talk about a massive object holy shit, how much time does it take for his wife to complete an orbit ?

No. 1995836

Agree. They're the main speakers of the psyop and now idiots growing up terminally online will think this normal.

No. 1995867

File: 1715212182961.jpg (98.22 KB, 1400x700, tyler-hoechlin-as-superman.jpg)

This looks lame as hell,well,I don't know who this is but at least it isn't Tyler Hoechlin who is ugly as fuck.

No. 1995913

he was cuter when he was younger but probably one of the worst casting choices they could have made. superman should be clean shaven and all-american looking. tyler hoechlin looks like a caveman who managed to infiltrate normal society

No. 1996021

if he can be superman then i can be batman kekk

No. 1996089

He’s ugly

No. 1996159

I hate how moids demonize women falling for the psyop they themselves created. So many women genuinely believe personality is way more important than looks and settle for ugly moids out of their league but it's never enough for them unless none of them ever get rejected or some women still have any standards. Meanwhile they can expect a super model gf and no woman can say that's retarded and hypocritical without them chimping out and claiming a woman's value is her looks and his is his humanity, money etc even when they're broke and subhuman

No. 1996162

Samefag they claim to be visual creatures but only ever seem to notice women's looks and never their own. Visual until it's about grooming themselves or making themselves actually appealing to women

No. 1996172

I'm cutting them a (very tiny) bit of slack because women have pity and maternal instincts that can be exploited very easily i.e. "but I'm ugly and that makes me sad :(" as well as perhaps being scared of physical threats if they say what they really think.

No. 1996174

maternal instincts are a psyop. load of bunk.

No. 1996176

One of the most stand out things about superman to be is that he is always to me what men think is hot but also somebody who would be on the cover of a romance novel. His face seems too doughy to me, superman typically should be very sculpted and be somewhat fresh faced, especially since this film is supposed to take place early on in his crime fighting career, which is even more distasteful they hired someone who is already so haggard looking. He's going to look like a pensioner by the 2nd movie. Henry Cavil at the time of the man of steel movies wasn't this haggard looking either. We will never get a superman as hot as the one in smallville again and it makes me mad. lois lane deserves better.

No. 1996180

File: 1715231918135.png (4.68 MB, 2043x1953, superman.png)

How did he even get cast? He looks too plain. All superheros need to have the classical old hollywood handsomeness to them and i am so irritated that casting directors can't see that. I am pretty sure a lot of artists have directly mentioned those kinds of men are specifically used as muses for the comics. I just want men to look like they were drawn by Mikel Janin at least, like fuck.

No. 1996193

Why do women have empathy for and continue to cooperate with men when they have no rational reason to do so? Why do women advocate for equality and "fairness" rather than top-down heirarchy with women at the top? Why aren't women subjecting men to the sort of treatment they subject women to? If women had male levels of empathy there wouldn't be a male left alive on this planet. The empathy gap is a real thing and its reflected everywhere from insurance rates to crime statistics. I'm sorry but it most likely developed from having to take care of a thing that doesn't look like you and anticipate its needs. This doesn't mean we need to act on it, however.

No. 1996206

damn these are hot

No. 1996219

File: 1715236117089.png (495.83 KB, 750x768, shuwu.png)

i remember when shuwu used to ''brag'' about dating irl shrek and posted pickme shit like this. As if anyone would be jealous of you dating the scrote of the left.

No. 1996221

File: 1715236298477.jpeg (888.57 KB, 1170x1152, IMG_1544.jpeg)

Actors need to start Chadifying themselves if the execs and producers won’t allow attractive young fertile men to get famous

No. 1996236

Back when the shoe threads were a good time. Kek, at shoe thinking preg is remotely anything like the man on the left, let alone a handsome man at all. That's a trend i see with a lot of women, they think that somehow a man not being a pretty boy automatically makes them some kind of silver fox, rugged man. As a woman who appreciates more masculine men over the overly pretty boy look, this shit is fucking triggering. Secondly, i don't understand why we are fighting over male preferences like this, the only rule should be not to be ugly, i will never shame a woman for liking twinkier men just because i don't care for them.

No. 1996241

File: 1715238905723.jpg (124.35 KB, 1080x1180, dCGbad1.jpg)

Can Hollywood stop shilling ugly Nigel actors? I don't care how much Shakespearan training they have, they're getting ridiculously ugly

No. 1996243

more proof that gay degens rule Hollywood.

No. 1996249

File: 1715239281352.jpeg (25.61 KB, 273x366, IMG_1590.jpeg)

He could have fit as a “handsome biker” back when he played Eric Northman, he’s too old now.

No. 1996252

This sounds like a bad wattpad trope..

No. 1996275


No. 1996283

File: 1715244309537.webp (32.77 KB, 640x502, IMG_6999.webp)

Ntayrt but he used to be hot, I promise. I had such a crush on him as Meekus in Zoolander

No. 1996324

nonnie pls he looks like one of those ugly scrotes that seethe about Twilight extra hard dressed as Jasper for parody.

No. 1996374

He's literally halfway through to baldness here. Literal 5head.

No. 1996443

Can't believe they let him be on camera with that weird fading boil on his forehead. Even though it's got Adam Sandler on the cover of Click levels of blur, I can still see his forehead canyons. And as >>1996374 said, balding. He looks like if Macaulay Culkin
did a tiny bit less coke. Cute lips though.

No. 1996448

File: 1715263774189.png (151.85 KB, 417x385, good.png)

Boo hoo bitch, welcome to how every woman has felt since age 12. The seething fags that run Hollywood are going to try and spin this into a sob story about how awful male objectification is so we never get cutie males in movies ever again.

No. 1996460

God I hate males sometimes. They're so weak and spoiled.

No. 1996466

File: 1715265105740.jpg (63.89 KB, 796x647, who-is-nicholas-galitzine-1660…)

dude's not even good-looking, he's got potato face

No. 1996477

He looks downsy

No. 1996545

first of all, boohoo, second of all, not true, bc if it were, like any other cut of meat at the market he'd be thrown out after a certain age but then why tf do geriatric scrotes still have influence in Hollywood?

No. 1996551

File: 1715270546825.jpg (79.29 KB, 1200x834, 30-Taylor-Zakhar-Perez-1200x83…)

he was just barely passably cute in that Cinderella movie and i can't even be sure if it was his face or just the clothes.
also, speaking of moids that were in the Red White and Royal Blue movie, i've never seen a male need inner corner eyeliner this badly.

No. 1996556

They can always just, you know, leave showbiz. But that’d never happen, they love the attention too much

No. 1996738

lol he wished

No. 1997042

File: 1715295757064.png (46.11 KB, 981x645, lifexpectancy.png)

Proof if men had to live like women do they'd kill themselves on the spot, they get 1% as "objectified" as women do daily and immediately start whining. Of course, when women are objectified and dislike it they're just being dumb annoying karens though. Men claim to be so strong and emotionally unaffected by things and call women weak and it's just pure projection, they are far weaker than any woman could ever be outside of their ability to be more violent.

Also, related to this thread and something I've been thinking about lately and I don't think I've seen anyone else talking about. You can tell the whole narrative that geriatric scrotes are the best and all the glamorization of age gaps where the women is younger and the male is older is a psyop when women on average live longer than men. Why does this make it retarded? Because it's contradictory messaging. They tell us we will die alone and need to secure a man otherwise our cats will eat us, but if you as a woman on average outlive your man, how would it make sense to pick an old one if you don't want to die alone? If he's older than you, he's most likely going to die before you, which would leave you at…You guessed it, dying alone anyway. By this logic, age gaps where the woman is slightly older would actually make more sense since it'd balance things out. Women also just age better even visually besides living longer than men since they don't go bald, so it doesn't make any sense to push for younger women but prefer older men. All of it points to the opposite, that a woman should be with a man that's slightly younger if anything and that men are the ones that should be trying to look younger since they're the ones who go bald and hit the wall the hardest, besides just also dying earlier. It should be much more normalized for women to prefer younger partners or at least men their own age based on life expectancy of men and how we age in general.

No. 1997055

Samefag, but I'd like to add that given that women quite literally outlive men as shown by life expectancy statistics in every country in the world, it makes absolutely no sense to put the onus of aging worse on us, if men are literally dead and buried by the same age. The way men have twisted reality and made it so women are the ones who have to feel bad about aging while older men are good and healthy when they die earlier is appalling, it's a complete psyop that we are meant to prefer older males when even males our own age are likely to die before us. It really goes to show it's all a narrative constructed purely for men's benefit and the delusional reality they live in where women somehow age worse than they do.

No. 1997080

Exactly, you get it. It's funny that males use the life expectancy as a crutch when they argue that the world is "gynocentric" and that males have it sooo hard. Oh no you die like 5 years earlier as an octogenarian that is literally women oppressing you! Males should kill themselves more often and drive that average life expectancy even lower.

No. 1997091

File: 1715298953519.png (20.44 KB, 430x228, 8273467.png)

It doesn't even make sense for them to use it as a crutch or act like it's solely due to "women oppressing them" (kek) in the first place when part of why they die earlier is that their immune systems are simply inferior to women's. There's also other reasons that have nothing to do with them killing themselves too, such as women actually going to the doctor more often, not engaging in as many risky behaviors, etc. I do agree they should kill themselves more often though, so many of them are a danger to women. Imagine how much higher the life expectancy for women could be with the violent men who kill and stress them gone. It's crazy to think that despite all the stress and terrible things men do to women and all the psyops we are subjected to on a daily basis, we still outlive them. But yeah, I just feel like if women quite literally outlive men, it should actually be older women that are more represented in media and not the other way around- and as I said, it would make more sense to pair a woman with a younger, attractive man given that women outlive them by 4~6 years in most countries, sometimes more. Men even talking about women hitting the wall or saying women are old by 30 is laughable if you look at lifespan expectancy, they are literally deteriorating physically at a much higher rate and should be more concerned about themselves. Pairing a woman that's a few years older with a younger man in media is actually perfectly balanced when you consider this, yet it's almost always the other way around due to the psyop.

No. 1997404

File: 1715308807572.png (974.3 KB, 1408x938, jrkkhftd3fzc1.png)

Its crazy to me that you could land a cute guy and he balds THIS badly in less than 20 years.. so awful

No. 1997494

nah he's ugly in both

No. 1997590

James has always been homely. He had the boy next door thats cute and sweet and shy appeal when he was younger, but those men always age out of it pretty fast. Its still a shame that attainable nerdy guys like him are extinct nowadays and instead replaced by porn addicts that somehow manage to look worse than average.

No. 1997602

>By age 35, two-thirds of American men will have some degree of appreciable hair loss and by age 50 approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair.
Men are just biologically uglier than women.

No. 1997625

Is it weird if I think that balding like this is better than completely shaving it all? Maybe having monk hair makes them look older, but shiny bald heads just freak me out.

I always get funny/sad feeling whenever I remember those fakebois that take HRT and instantly start balding and immediately regret it.

No. 1997628

Isn't it also literally because generally bigger you are, shorter you live? Which is part of the reason why being obese is bad. It's just bad for your heart to be big, both tall and wide.

No. 1997645

Harry Melling is so ugly that he's cute to me, like a pug or something… but a gay romance movie again? I'm so over this shit… are gays even watching them anymore?

No. 1997685

James is mentally challenged. I'm not trying to be rude – he's actually legitimately literally absolutely formally diagnosed as mentally challenged. He was in special ed his whole life and he didn't "really" go to college. He talks about a lot in his recent book, and that book is very clearly written with an extreme bias towards himself (for example he describes himself committing many acts of random violence and destruction and always blames everyone but himself), so itwas probably even worse IRL. That "cute and sweet and shy appeal" you mention from his early videos was a symptom of mentally challenged confusion. I'm not joking. When he became more confident he became worse. I used to like his videos but when you go back to the old ones now it's actually obvious how much of his "schtick" (not just as the AVGN) is actually quite sincere and a result of being mentally challenged.

No. 1997740

Probably yeah

No. 1997792

File: 1715351552157.png (497.19 KB, 680x673, 1715283537144.png)

I know he's been discussed before, but I just saw this pic on /m/ and can't believe Jacob Elordi is shilled as a current gen heartthrob. He looks like a middle aged background henchman from a 90's Italian mob movie who got his hands on a toupee. You can already tell he's going to age like milk left out on a hot summer day kek

No. 1997809

File: 1715352183686.webp (206.83 KB, 2000x2000, Euphoria-Casts-Dating-Historie…)

Samefagging but look at him compared to Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney who are both around his age and costar on the same show kek, he's already starting to look past his prime meanwhile they're both still youthful and gorgeous. Never believe moids when they say women "hit the wall" earlier than men

No. 1997891

>He looks like a middle aged background henchman from a 90's Italian mob movie who got his hands on a toupee.
kek. men always shit on zendaya for looking "mid" but she looks 30 times better than any male actor that's shilled as attractive, including tom holland

No. 1997920

especially tom holland

No. 1997922

Wtf anon

No. 1997930

File: 1715358039305.jpeg (80.09 KB, 348x275, IMG_0461.jpeg)

>she looks 100x better

yeah I get that moids are super ugly and this thread is a circlejerk but let’s not lie. she is very much looksmatched with every ugly moid she co-stars with. there are plenty of other naturally beautiful actresses that exist and are unfortunately paired with the ugliest of romantic partners to male actors, but this bitch is simply a neanderthal dressed up in makeup and hopes and dreams lmfao

No. 1997934

I hate this faggot so much he creeps me the fuck out. All the stuff like him copying Bella Hadid’s photoshoot poses without a hint of irony, referring to himself as babygirl etc, ugh, just die you ugly moid. Totally soulless NPC hairy weirdo. Reminds me of Chris Noth but less charisma.

No. 1997941

Based. She's not straight up ugly and unsightly, but not beautiful either. I especially hate her eyebrows and brow ridge, I think it's why I don't like her face. Her eyes are also way too small to me, and nothing else about her face stands out that much. She's also ultra thin, which is unfortunate because I like her height.

No. 1997944

ok well when she makes faces like that she’s hard to digest

No. 1997950

Gives off Drake trying to appeal to teenage girls vibes.

No. 1997957

>purposefully picking a screencap where she's making a weird expression
>this bitch is simply a neanderthal
this feels less like you find her legitimately ugly and more that you're racist. go back and sperg over how hideous you find her in the celebricows thread

No. 1997959

it's like the book red, white, and blue. these kinds of gay movies are western fujo content.

No. 1997967

Go nitpick some ugly moids instead of Zendaya in this thread

No. 1997970

>this thread is a circlejerk
How ironic

No. 1997980

Kek, how?? And no, she is just plain not pretty and is covered in an armor of makeup and semi-decent fashion to make people believe that she is. That’s how she really looks, she is not a looker and looks very neolithic.

No. 1997983

File: 1715360411747.png (1.32 MB, 1200x1322, kappa.png)

A thing of japanese nightmares.

No. 1997984

Saying a black woman looks like a neanderthal doesn't sound even a little bit racist to you?

No. 1997989

File: 1715361047200.png (1.04 MB, 1177x655, 27643756745.png)

If you think she's "looksmatched" with the actors she co-stars with you need to get your eyes checked. I don't even think she looks amazing or anything but that's just blatantly untrue

No. 1997991

File: 1715361295103.webp (25.14 KB, 440x661, IMG_0497.webp)

>heavily edited
>not gettysimagemaxxed lol
>heavy makeup and done up
>w/o hollywood glamour magic looks like the elder protective sister who wears Cookie Monster pajamas of a white mom who owns a pitbull called cupcake

Zendaya is average, skinny and looks good in a variety of fashion styles. My eyes don’t allow me to be deceived by makeup and editing like your retarded ass does(derailing)

No. 1997994

You’re racebaiting because you can’t even admit to yourself not every woman you’re defending is a great bombshell in comparison to the hideous moids she’s seen in photos with. Typical twitterfag/summerfag triumph card is calling you racist for not finding their favorite celeb hot or liking them in general kek. Also Zendaya is not black, she’s mixed, gtfo with that shit you self-hating nog(infighting/derailing)

No. 1997998

Even in this picture she still looks better than the other moids and it doesn't matter either way because just the fact that in her other pictures with them she's having to wear makeup, having to have her hair done etc while the moids get to appear as they are with shitty hair and no makeup is part of the psyop and inherently means it's an unfair dynamic regardless of how much you want to nitpick her looks. Now stop shitting up the thread and go nitpick women elsewhere

No. 1998001

Hijacking the 'ugly man psyop' thread with pictures of Zendaya making weird faces to prove that she's so ugly and just looks good because of makeup… Even if all moids disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow, misogyny would still prevail thanks to women like you. Also I don't care if you think Zendaya looks ugly, it's your opinion, but trying to put her down especially itt and with arguments like that is not a good look.

No. 1998004

No she doesn’t lmfao, just leave the echo chamber if it’s not allowing you to see the full truth that’s right in front of your eyes. We all hate scrotes but ugly women exist, just stop.

No. 1998005

It’s not misogyny because ugly women exist

No. 1998008

what echo chamber? you're the one coming into this thread where the point is to talk about ugly men and shitting on women and when you're called out you act like anyone who finds it annoying must just be an NPC stuck in le echo chamber and has to agree with you because you're mad not everyone considers her as ugly as a moid and had to come shit up the thread. why do you have to talk about ugly women in the ugly man psyop thread to begin with? everyone knows ugly women exist but that's literally not the point of this thread lol, the misogny lies in how even in a thread dedicated to shitting on ugly moids people like you still have to come in here and talk about how women are ugly too ackshually.(infighting)

No. 1998012

I hate how accepted body hair is on scrotes. Especially armpit hair, testosteron already makes them more stinky, so why do they feel the need to cultivate microflora to stink even more? Seriously a moid goes around with a filthy bush in his pit and noone bats an eye (even here on lc) but a woman does it and its suddenly the end of the world.

No. 1998020

Agreed, not to mention the fact that there always are more young males than females due to the fact that girls are statistically less likely to be born/rarer (xx sperm is bigger and slower)

No. 1998024

its fine i like retarded men

No. 1998025

it's really odd and counter intuitive how women are the ones that are expected to shave, when moids are the ones who have the most body hair. it should be the other way around, the one with the most hair has to shave it off while women don't have to concern themselves with it as much because they naturally tend to have less of it

No. 1998033

He has the face of a flamboyant gay man who spews homophobic takes and supports politicians who hate him to grift terminally online and probably closeted right wing scrotes. Who exactly is harassing him?

No. 1998034

she would be pretty if her forehead was bigger.

No. 1998055

>Who exactly is harassing him?
Random women and gay men online who said his metgala outfit sucked KEK

No. 1998067

>She's also ultra thin, which is unfortunate because I like her height.
In what world is being thin bad? (besides America) LC feels like such a bizarroworld sometimes kek "ackshuyally this conventional trait is ugly!"

No. 1998124

Sorry, but this is delusional, kek. Why does this thread always get invaded by ugly men and sad horse girls? Your copes don't work.

No. 1998132

In the world before around the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. Being this thin as an attractive trait is a trend of the last decades. I know you must be very thin yourself and grew up and maybe thrived in 90s-2000s, so it's difficult to comprehend. I honestly do see women as too thin sometimes, too close to underweight, it's good for certain aesthetics that not all people might like, in all honesty they might not like it, it's not always a cope. Nta and i'm from Europe.

No. 1998233

Most men look terrible with crewcuts, they reach 25 years old and simply decide to cut it short enough to look like a finger, unbelievable.

No. 1998240

File: 1715374808162.webp (152.89 KB, 1067x1600, 07084922-gettyimages-215179724…)

Why be endlessly charitable to men in Hollywood while tearing down obviously pretty women?

There is literally no upcoming female actress who you could say was the female version / possible twin looksmatch of this man. And if there were she'd be a freak character actress, never invited to to the Met gala by a designer brand.

Every time you derail and nitpick a woman's looks, pause and think of all the ugly men projected on 100ft screens across the world.

Not to mention that men have longer careers and receive awards later. J-Law can win an oscar at 22, but no geriatric men in the academy wanted to vote for Timothee Chalamet for CMBYN. Young men are almost barred from winning awards or playing historically accurate figures like Napoleon because of old men's egos.

No. 1998316

You can still see her good face features in this photo. And it doesn’t matter if she looks better with makeup than without it if putting on some eyeliner makes her look better than most women.

No. 1998319

>plenty of other naturally beautiful actresses
I sincerely wonder who are these in your opinion.

No. 1998410

This is the ugly man psyop thread and somehow someone managed to bring in their semi-racist hate boner for Zendaya. The ugly MAN psyop thread. Anyway, I was watching a moid's Youtube video and he said that Adam Driver and Pete Davidson were hot with Adam growing his hair out somehow making him attractive and Pete being good looking because he's tall and funny and it really hit me that the scale for attractiveness in men is so low.
Men are nowhere near as scrutinized as women are where every angle of our faces are observed for symmetry while men can get by with a scruffy beard and suddenly they're handsome, completely overlooking that now he's just an oily scraggly moid. Men are looked at as a whole, never the finer details. A woman is dissected to her atoms until she's just parts instead of a person and suddenly everyone's a scientist. Men will always be ugly and women will never be enough.

No. 1998414

File: 1715387433895.jpeg (392.14 KB, 2131x3195, IMG_3729.jpeg)

Adam Driver is the biggest psyop, I’ve seen people thirsting for him irl and I think there’s something wrong with them. His body is ugly too, he’s built like a Lego piece.

No. 1998417

>race-bait about zendaya

Those are the white moids from 4chan trying to derail this thread. This thread got shared there on one of their more racist incelly boards so thats probably why. Alot of incel men are currently hate-obssesed with zendaya for some reason.
Previously they were hating on Margot Robbie and saying how she is mediocre and average and now they are saying the same thing for Zendaya

No. 1998418

He’s built like a fucking tranny grasshopper and has ugly small hands

No. 1998419

i am one of them and the reason we like adam driver is not his looks. most others i know fell in love with his character in girls. i found him to be unattractive looking at first too or, he never became beautiful all of a sudden, just sexy. and the longer hair was a big improvement and his voice is probably the hottest thing about him in general.

No. 1998425

he looks like a stray dog that got run over by several cars

No. 1998428

some anon here ruined adam driver for me. they heard a rumour that adam driver‘s character in girls was based on sam hyde because lena dunham went to school with him or something. made me throw up a little bit when i imagined hyde doing all the things adam did.

No. 1998434

File: 1715388892733.jpeg (75.57 KB, 1024x640, IMG_3728.jpeg)

The point is that none of these people I know watched Girls, they liked him in Star Wars ig where he looked ridiculous. I liked Adam too but come on, the man is ugly.

Somehow I fully believe it kek.

No. 1998436

I have no idea who this is but I like his eye shape. He’s not that handsome but I wish more men had sad droopy almond shaped eyes, the whole “predator/prey” eye meme is such dogshit. His eyes make him look friendlier and cute even if he looks like a special needs Italian man

No. 1998440

No. 1998459

File: 1715392327801.jpg (307.97 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240511_035034_Gal…)

I am begging shounen/seinen women to love themselves

No. 1998483

i especially don't get the BPDpete shilling. he's never been funny, throws random fits because of his mental illness, (so no one can use the "oh i like his personality" excuse) looks like a gas station drug addict, yet i see so many women and articles claim he has "big dick energy". do they even know what that means? and some people acting like he's the only tall moid left in the world

No. 1998547

She's actually extremely cute and pretty in this pic despite pulling a weird face though. A girl who looks like this in your average college class or working as a barista or something would have a lot of people staring and asking her out unlike either of the moids in the photo above.

No. 1998553

Eww he is so revolting. Ugly body type, ugly small head, ugly face, and always scraggly greasy looking hair no matter what show/movie he stars in. I don't understand this psyop at all. He also has a way of talking that makes him sound mentally slow/actually retarded.

No. 1998594

I hate moids derailing, but I love that this thread must make them seethe into oblivion.

No. 1998781

Was in r9k or pol?

No. 1998809

>Adam Driver and Pete Davidson

No. 1998838

Ayrt, and agreed! He's not even funny. He pulls the my dad died in 9/11 stuff and I'm sorry but that was over 20 years ago, but it's just an uwu trauma he pulls to endear himself to women. He suicide baits and that's freaking insidious and if a guy who looked like him approached any woman at the gas station she'd lock the car doors and roll up her windows.
They cape for men who look like that while those same men go for extremely done up, conventionally beautiful women.
Please don't feed the moid or moidbrained fail woman.

No. 1998839

We need to talk about how common it is for women to be told, ESPECIALLY by other women, that if they're average/mid they shouldn't have any hopes at a handsome man. It doesn't matter that an average woman is still more beautiful than an average man, they have to lower their standards cause they're not gigastacies. No one is gonna tell an average man that he's too ugly for a hot girl, they'll just tell him to learn how to flirt or to make money but if you're a woman you have to compromise yourself! And seems like people don't even pay attention that a lot of those gigastacies don't have hot boyfriends either lol again this shit is only a problem for women, women can't have standards even when they're super beautiful, while men are allowed to be picky and talk shit about women's appearances

No. 1998903

Ayrt, I'm not saying being thin is ugly, she's just too thin. I remember celebricows discussing if she had anorexia or something because she tries to show her collar bone for photographs, and it is weird when someone's weight is at the stage where you can see their bones through their skin. Not attractive at all.

No. 1998912

You're part of the psyop with your shit taste.

No. 1998927

which woman ever said that? i only hear bullshit like this from incelish sort of guys. pearly or other tradthots don‘t count, they‘re larping.

No. 1998933

I hear that all the time. I’m constantly getting negged and talked down to for saying I want a man I’m actually attracted to. I got a big lecture about how you can’t have a guy who’s attractive because he’ll cheat on you anyway so you should date a fixer upper and “help each other shine” like tf he can just cheat on me anyway.

No. 1998943

It was common for me to see girls scoff at other girls for wanting a handsome guy and then implying that they should lower their standards cause they're not all that. Or i'd would hear them gossip saying shit such as "she's no goddess either who does she think she is". This happened to me too when i told a relative that i don't find most guys attractive, she was like "you think you're angelina jolie?". Basically if you're not whats considered a high status woman you should shut your mouth and not judge the appearance of any man. Obviously they can judge the appearance of women though….

No. 1998956

Men also do this shit. I heard someone say about a girl who had a crush on this relatively handsome guy that she's so ugly she shouldn't even look at him, how dare she have a crush on him

No. 1998959

that man sounds like a faggot

No. 1998975

that‘s awful, i‘m sorry nonna. you can‘t expect someone you‘re attracted to? that‘s nuts, you‘re not even saying he has to be objectively attractive to everyone. i wonder why your friends (or people around you) are such cunts, what do they look like? decent guys are hard to find but the ones who look garbage aren‘t necessarily better, some say they are worse. how would you feel if a guy was with you but he didn‘t find you attractive? better to not date until you meet the one where you feel something.

also, i‘m not saying this to make you feel better and i‘m a little scared that this will have the opposite effect but funnily enough i‘m a situation where i‘m just obsessed with one guy (for 1-2 years now, it‘s pathetic) and many think he is insanely hot but he has a girlfriend others describe as very unfortunate looking, not average or above average at all. i‘m considered conventionally attractive and he doesn‘t look into my direction and only interested in his girlfriend. this sort of behavior obviously makes him even more attractive. she has a similar style as him and i assume he must have loved her art and stuff too, chemistry and she gives me almost opposite personality vibes. i know a dynamic like this is not as common as attractive woman x unattractive man but it exists and i can‘t compete with personality.

i hope you have one and your own style and such. don‘t lower your standards, wanting to feel attraction is a requirement.

No. 1998979

*i‘m not making this up to make you feel better i mean. of course i want to give you a different perspective when i have one.

No. 1998984

The weird thing is..people do that to high status women too.
I see very pretty popular girls also getting attacked when they date a pretty moid by other jealous women and men.

No. 1999005

fucking disgusting he looks like a degen

No. 1999037

wtf i can't blame you nona he really sounds like a catch but yeah in certain situations "personality" (i still think it's kind of a vague thing) wins. his gf probably reminds him of a very early childhood crush, moids are weird like that and they tend to imprint on the first important girl in their life and base all their future attraction on that

No. 1999357

File: 1715470343579.png (10.72 KB, 880x750, joisdfjiasdf.png)

i'm guessing someone here would know but wtf is this piece of clothing called

No. 1999359

A bolero/shrug?

No. 1999362

File: 1715470752831.jpg (142.27 KB, 1477x1200, __emiya_shirou_and_senji_muram…)

no, it's a japanese thing. something like picrel but with two sleeves

No. 1999416

Shirtless sleeves.

No. 1999420

File: 1715473343259.jpeg (1.83 MB, 4095x2730, BC0FF233-2EA7-4778-A0B0-19B782…)

I remember hearing that Simu Liu got casted as Shang-Chi and genuinely laughing. This is him vs the comic book version. They went out of their way to choose some uggo. It was even funnier when he got exposed for being a ricecel and posting on r/aznidentity.

No. 1999445

More for stupid questions or somewhere on /m/. But I found it on danbooru tags.

nagatekkou 長手甲
igote 射籠手

No. 1999586

Based Mainlander women were shitting on his looks too.

No. 1999693

Wow, they really went out of their way to cast a middle-aged guy and not even bother to shave his shitty moustache.

>exposed for being a ricecel and posting on r/aznidentity

God, as an Asian, Asian Americans are so fucking embarrassing. Women create cringe fanfiction about their "home" and how people there are actually like without ever visiting it, while men do that AND are cucks constantly worked up about mythical rampant racemixing.

No. 1999762

blog but I'm conventionally unattractive depending who you ask and my nigel of a long time is a fashionable prettyboy who looks younger than his age, it's not actually that unusual if you have confidence in yourself. I also subtly got him into basic self-care like hair and skin products and criticize men's appearances around him openly lmao. Women do get weirdly enraged by it though and I think it's sad, they should just have higher standards for themselves instead of getting mad about it when other women have standards.

I don't think Zendaya is too thin but even if she was the collar bone is a weird example, most people who aren't morbidly obese have visible collar bones. Anyway this is supposed to be the ugly moid psyop thread not the ugly female celeb psyop thread.

Women get mad all the time that 'ugly' women have hotter boyfriends, I have personally experienced it a lot and even on threads like this one spergs will come talk about how horseface stacy doesn't deserve ATJ. This happened with other flavor of the moment celebs too like I remember when Keanu Reeves unveiled his new 9-years younger but grey-haired gf tons of women were getting mad that she was too ugly and old for him despite being very attractive and much younger than him. I also remember getting so bullied when I was younger for saying I wouldn't consider dating scrotes I wasn't attracted to, with both peers and older women/relatives saying 'but what about his personality though' and 'you'll never find a really nice guy if you have those standards.' Then when I actually started dating a guy hotter than me they constantly told me he would cheat or dump me or they would make fun of him for looking too 'pretty' and 'feminine' and say I was gay (well I am bisexual though) because he doesn't look like a 'real' rugged old scrote.

No. 1999776

The Simu Liu shit is dumb too because there's tons of celebrity men in east asia who speak fluent English (a fair few korean/japanese actors even grew up in anglo countries) who are actually held to high standards of appearance, but somehow western movies and TV will avoid hiring them and hire ugly middle-aged hollywood actors again.

No. 1999803

One thing I find jarring about a lot of terminally online Asian Americans specifically ones that grew up on tumblr is that they really wanted to push themselves at the center of everything and constantly wagged their fingers about racism when they themselves are more often than not extremely racist, raised in an supremely racist household, and sit on their phones typing verbal assaults at people for x or y perceived social crime meanwhile ignoring their close relatives referring to black people as egregious racial slurs flippantly. There's a word for the phenomena of the cringe "diaspora" poetry birthed from this but I forget what it was. It isnt specific to Asian Americans but it was common for several years.

No. 1999828

I can't really speak to any of this but my biggest issue with the few Asian celebrity moids in hollywood is they always seem to have this chip on their shoulder about how 'people think Asian men are ugly and the media is full of propaganda about how we can't be hot' when in reality there's a massive media industry in East Asia that millions of North American, South American, African and European women/girls are addicted to largely because they think the men in that media are hot and dreamy. So these ugly Asian moids from hollywood have a massive chip on their shoulder and act like they're fighting the good fight to make American women realize that Asian men can be hot too when in reality it's just that they specifically are ugly and it has nothing to do with Asian men in general. They just can't accept that it has nothing to do with their ethnicity and everything to do with their age and ugly faces and act like victims when women don't treat them like heartthrobs.

No. 1999831

Simu Liu is a whiny little bitch and has built a career off of virtue signaling. Lucy Liu is an extremely beautiful woman and she was called ugly by China. If even westerners are calling you ugly, you're not leading man material buddy

No. 1999835

watch scrotes who throw hissy fits over characters being recasted as black because ''muh bad casting choice'' not giving a shit about this one

No. 1999837

They're not related right?

Nona men never care when the casting for a 20yo male is a 45-50yo scrote or the casting for some pretty boy cartoon character is a balding roidpig, of course they won't care. Women can't even ask for a single cute/prettyboy video game character in games that have dozens of barely dressed sex kitten female characters.

No. 1999844

File: 1715505949854.jpg (551.71 KB, 1280x1738, Caligula.Carlsberg_Glyptotek.(…)

I'm just catching up on the previous threads so sorry if I didn't integrate itt but the discussion of moids getting bald in their 20s made me thinking about one historical anecdote, if you can call that.
So, if some of you might know emperor Caligula was considering fugly at best and absolutely repulsive at worst by his contemporaries. The reason? He went bald around the age of 30. I'm not talking like redditor bald where he lost all his hair but picrel. Like, pretty fugly hairline (although not atrociously bad by modern standards) but remember that it was considered absolutely ridiculous in the 1 century. Like, legit he was the butt of the jokes for that. Imagine if moids today got the same treatment.

No. 1999855

fuck the comic one is literally my dream boy, why do we keep losing girls? (dont answer i already know why)

No. 1999856

>cast a middle-aged guy
Girl, he was only 32…kek

>my biggest issue with the few Asian celebrity moids in hollywood is they always seem to have this chip on their shoulder about how 'people think Asian men are ugly and the media is full of propaganda about how we can't be hot' when in reality there's a massive media industry in East Asia that millions of North American, South American, African and European women/girls are addicted to largely because they think the men in that media are hot and dreamy.
That's the worst (and also the reason why Simu Liu makes me seethe so much). Being an east asian moid in 2024 is life on tutorial mode, put on a little kpop styling, upload your face - instant money and millions of followers. You just know Simu was a little emperor at home, then he get's cast in huge Hollywood roles despite having neither looks nor talent and then he has the audacity to complain about supposed "racism" (bitch there, you get everything handed!) and being boolied for being ugly, but at the same time he also complains about muh sexualization of asian males. Literally what do you want? And it's not just him, other normie or online "famous" moids do it too, acting as if they can't get pussy because they're asian but also feeling uwu exploited when a preteen kpop fangirl compliments them. Deep down most moids simply don't even want a gf/wife, they hate us too much and fantasize about chad cock too much for that kek Now if they could stay away from media supposedly created for us…

No. 1999857

The whole Julio-Claudian family were baldis, from Caesar until Nero.
Baldness was see as tragedy imposed on the male gender by the gods. And they tried to find a cure even back in ancient Greece.

>In Ancient Rome it was desirable for men to have a full head of hair. This was a problem for Julius Caesar. Being bald was considered a deformity at the time, so Caesar went to great pains to hide his thinning hair, combing his thin locks forward over the crown of his head. Suetonius wrote: "His baldness was something that greatly bothered him." Caesar was allowed by the Senate to wear a laurel crown with which he was able to mask his receding hairline.


No. 1999869

File: 1715508986060.png (106.04 KB, 306x388, 5gmA8vr.png)

I think I've come to realize that the whole daddy kink or general older man fetish is essentially a cope because they are the only guys into you. Like the attractive guys in your class probably don't even know you exist, but older men online and irl will approach you and give you the attention that you might feel starved for if you're a lonely, confused girl.

No. 1999872

E.g. Shayna.

No. 1999898

preach nonnas

this. it's important to note that the vast majority of women who claim to like older moids online do not actually date or seek older moids IRL, it's often a larp or straight up pity, but even for those who do, it seems mainly motivated by the fact that it's easier to receive attention and feel special/pretty/youthful when you're talking with geriatric moids or more generally, moids who are much older than you. if you're insecure, not very popular with moids your age, or already worrying about ageing in your 20s/30s, dating a scrote twice your age can seem like a solution at first. it's all part of the psyop.

No. 1999906

older men are safe horny. Women get bullied for lusting after young men, like boy bands, but everyone from your next door neighbour scrote to hollywood pushes the agenda that post wall scrote are somehow more ''manly'' and therefore okay to lust after

No. 1999908

I'll never understand how we got the bald gene if even our ancestors hated it. It should have been bred out of our genetic material

No. 1999909

Also what sucks is that we women also carry it if our male relatives were bald and we can give it to our sons. You could marry a lucky guy with no balding gene, and your son inherits your flawed genes or you could date a young moid with a full head of hair, his dad also has a full head of hair but his mom carries the bald gene and your bf's hair suddenly starts thinning

No. 1999917

Pretty much, we should also do genetically screening for baldness, no matter the gender.

No. 1999923

>20000000 post soon

No. 1999928

r9k get out

No. 1999933

nta but gets are an important part of imageboard culture, newfag

No. 1999949

Tall height is like the only visual preference majority of women share and agree about.

No. 1999961

This is what happens when you fuck up natural selection.

No. 1999972

File: 1715517660756.jpeg (1021.75 KB, 831x1747, 6C4344A7-9A22-4D90-878C-E2DBE2…)

I would play video games if the guys looked like this

No. 1999979

How much of it is actually a visual preference vs. wanting to feel baby smol and feminine uwu?

No. 1999998

To me the most important thing is skull size. Tall males can look like midgets if they have horsefaces and vice versa. Looking modelesque I believe is a mostly global standard.

No. 2000009

File: 1715517951398.jpg (586.08 KB, 2048x1488, 1687242745868.jpg)

they should look like this. Friendly reminder scrotes are so insecure they nerfed ghost's bulge.

No. 2000011

>scarred skin
>gorilla body hair
>obvious signs of aging
>grey brown skin tone
>burqa covering his face
Go back to reddit

No. 2000013

Not really, many tall moids have bigger, more brutish faces compared to more delicate shorties like Alain Delon.
Also this >>1999979 the pressure to be feminine, thin, "worthy of protection" is so big that many women simply get with huge ogres in order to look girly and pretty next to them.

No. 2000016

No, they should show their faces, which must be handsome.

No. 2000020

also >roidgut threatening to burst their sides wide open

No. 2000021

>burqa covering his face
That's based though

No. 2000024

Dude in comics looks 21-24. Simu is ugly. Isn't he like 40? Why do they keep casting old ugly men?

No. 2000025

masks make it more erotic, it makes you focus on what matters and makes them look extremely whoreish. But ofcourse it must be accompanied by an actual cute face behind. Plus the fanartists can headcanon them as having pretty boy faces, when we know irl they would look like chris patt and other ugly hollywood scrotes.
agreed, but they only became popular because they dont have a way to fuck up his face since its covered up, its a shame this is the only way we can get hot guys, by doing the work ourselves.

No. 2000030

sorry but all i see are two fridges. they both have that adam driver lego body.

No. 2000032

I hate suits being shilled as the most attractive thing a moid can wear. I have never seen a scrote look good in a suit, they always look like ventriloquist dolls.

No. 2000035

I honestly don't understand how women even manage to lower their standards to that point. Getting together with a scrote means you will have to see, hear, smell and touch him for decades to come. You'll be putting your mouth and your pussy on THAT possibly for ever. You will have to bother with contraception and its side effects too and make many other kinds of efforts and sacrifices. From this perspective it's not shallow or vain to want a man you actually like. No way I'm putting myself through the lifelong torture of being with a lazy fat uggo with a shit personality just because he makes the very minimum effort of not cheating (yet). How can they be satisified being with just any creature who spouts a half assed "I love you" in their direction, I don't get it at all. I guess they just don't think about it and then sunk cost fallacy takes over or something.

Kinda unrelated but while I'm at it, "beauty fades" is such a lame cope. As if cute old couples who still love each other don't exist and all women get automatically dumped at 35. Even 50 years old divorcees are finding each other and getting married because surprise, not everyone is a pedophilic male who is attracted to 16 years old girls until death. Growing old together is something you should be able to look forward to or at least imagine, if you're scared of it it just means you picked a shitty man. Truth is most women who will call you vain for wanting physically attractive men are often with moids who are many times more vain than you and are coping hard.

IMO the ideal height is in the 180s range because they seem less likely to have weird proportions compared to short or very tall guys.

Let's not start this debate again. Also men are lazy and cannot pick clothes that fit to save their lives, not to mention the current trend of tapered cropped pants which are just awful, and the obsession with navy blue too.

No. 2000036

>Let's not start this debate again.
this is literally the thread for this and suits SUCK. Literally the faggiest laziest thing a moid can wear.

No. 2000039

File: 1715519610768.jpg (881 KB, 1080x1080, 31o3zlw3hbec1.jpg)

>scarred skin
Sexo, did you see Balalaika?
>gorilla body hair
Hate body hair but you can't call that "happy trail" gorilla body hair kek, i repeat that i hate body hair.
>obvious signs of aging
>grey brown skin tone
Really don't see it, he's just not pale.
>burqa covering his face
Fair because we should be sure they're pretty but that's how they were born anon, and that's hot because it draws attention to their body.
>roidgut threatening to burst their sides wide open
The stomach is perfectly balanced with their pecs and thighs, they have a heavy build without being fat.

She's so based for drawing stuff like this and having the courage to show her face too, it's so hard to find decent hot beefy art of moids without them being smelly barafags.
Why did i have to find out that they added Raiden to Fortnite with this image though, not too on-topic, sorry.

No. 2000040

Yeah the 180-190 range is ideal for aesthetics.

No. 2000043

uugh I need to play MGS2

No. 2000044

the roidgut isnt even a roidgut, its called the adonis belt and all moids have it

No. 2000046

so you want them to look like a disgusting fat tif? okay, kek

No. 2000047

this is my 9/11

No. 2000049

If I tortured a wild hog in a shipping container for months by whipping it’s partially shaved flesh with chains and peeling off its scabs during the healing process and made a man wear said hog’s peeled skin he would still look smoother than those faggots. You have to be taking crazy pills if you legit can’t understand why these 2 are disgusting. They look UGLY and OLD.

No. 2000052

File: 1715520059323.jpg (32.13 KB, 518x156, 1000014332.jpg)

NTA but she means this section that's above it

No. 2000053

Nigga his waist is wider than his hips

No. 2000058

yeah thats how the adonis belt works, men have narrow hips because they dont have to birth babies anon

No. 2000060

Gross. You can just tell this was made by a porn-brained gay male.

No. 2000062

nta but i am sure you are the baiter that comes here to derail kek your posts are too tryhard

No. 2000065

File: 1715520706637.webp (671.91 KB, 1804x1200, rendercombined.jpg)

they nerfed his ass too. If he was a female character moids would be screeching about gamurgate 2 and feminists ruining everything

No. 2000066

>yeah thats how the adonis belt works
ntayrt but no it's not, look at other adonis belts in the ideal bodies thread or anywhere else and they don't result in muffin tops kek

No. 2000068

Well they should get extensive plastic surgery to fix it then because I’ve seen 18 year olds have perfectly normal hips it’s clearly an age related defect. No man with a roidgut will ever be loveable

No. 2000070

I don’t even know who you’re talking about but I bet you’re one of the retards who cry themselves to sleep when anons bully you for posting your ugly man on the “attractive men’ thread.

No. 2000073

File: 1715521013994.png (296.46 KB, 489x486, adonis belt.png)

it always does, even if slightly. They are more beefy so its more noticeable.

No. 2000077

aha, sure

No. 2000079

at least this guy's stomach is flatter, while >>2000052 looks bloated

No. 2000081

This is so fucking disgusting he looks like an obese mother of 5 with those handles squeezing out of his shorts. Repulsive beyond human imagination. I have a personal beef with the male hip, it’s so pathetic and tiny. Even the strongest scrotes look like they’re about to constantly tip over because of it. I want to break their hip bones and surgically rearrange it so they can finally resemble humans. It pisses me the fuck off. How are you muscular and having a muffin top?

No. 2000082

i agree though, i was just explaining that pretty much all men will have a slight muffin top because god hates them and gave them ugly narrow hips. Its why slender will always be better than super beefy, that way i dont have to see their ugly ass narrow hips.

No. 2000084

File: 1715521356306.png (9.82 MB, 2048x2048, 454362655463.png)

Kek i kinda get it because it's a kid's game (they do allow women with big butts tho) but it's kinda funny since they mentioned that he has a big one in the game? Rip his waist and thighs too, my favorite parts of him.

I don't really care that much about them, i don't want to derail since i'm pretty sure that anon just wanted to mention the clothing mostly but i don't find fanart of them disgusting because they have face shields that protect them from the curse of being born in one of the most moidest western games. Ofc the fanarts are not going to bishonen-ify them too much but that's also a passable type for women that like muscular moids with stronger buiilds, yeah sure they don't look like they just turned 20 but they also don't look 50, compared to the alcoholic bear granpas you see in military themed stuff for no reason, this is my final message, goodbye.


No. 2000087

It’s always so sad seeing women mimic faggots in their attraction to males to gain social acceptance. Mental illness + early porn exposure

No. 2000089

whats for faggots about liking guys in revealing clothes?

No. 2000092

Body hair, visceral fat in stomach region, middle aged male fetish (“bear” body type) multilations (scarring and discolouration) etc

No. 2000093

they are middle aged? i though they were in their 20s

No. 2000094

They look obviously above 30

No. 2000095

not really, but again i am pretty sure you are the falseflagger so i will stop responding.

No. 2000096

I’ve never seen a male in his 20s have skin that bad. He looks like a hamster that was thrown in a blender

No. 2000123

File: 1715523292673.jpg (235.16 KB, 1435x810, jean-cho-spike-spiegel_z4x5.jp…)

Its giving this.

No. 2000126

>makes them look extremely whoreish
Gross. Who tf wants an STD ridden rotting dick? I'm not risking them being uggos underneath the masks either (on top of their grotesque fatty roidguts).

No. 2000128

File: 1715523465398.jpeg (66.32 KB, 726x400, Foto_20230902_085445_u9E.jpeg)

Seriously though good on One piece casters one step in the right direction.

No. 2000130

File: 1715523510520.jpeg (708.51 KB, 1355x1352, C75176AF-C8D7-4DB4-BCE4-EAE98A…)

I tried rating some men I see mentioned online but I’m unhappy with the placements even an hour of heavy thinking. It feels so inaccurate no matter where I place them. Definitely harder than I thought. 5 and under are invisible to me, I don’t even register their faces as human so obviously they’re not included.

No. 2000138

he and nami carried the entire show for me

No. 2000140

Good stuff nona better than the moids graph for sure so far. One thing though maybe to add more ethnicities? Theres only one mixed guy

No. 2000143

Damn the very top left dude looks like a perfect young Leon S Kennedy.

No. 2000146

>Bieber only a 7 with Cobain
Stop the cap

No. 2000147

far right 7 looks like male Sydney Sweeney kek

No. 2000148

Omg yes

No. 2000151

I thought about that too, I have a preference for pale boys so they can fly under my radar. I think it would be a fun group activity, let’s all share some names and make a digital tier list for it. I want to see what anons think of my favourites!

No. 2000155

>objectively attractive
ye gods

No. 2000159

Ah preference, that makes sense. If you look at the earlier threads and attractive men threads on g theres posts of other attractive poc men. I think it would help if we had a thread where we could post our own attractiveness scales for men

No. 2000164

Ooh yeah I’ll use the g thread as reference. Where would a hypothetical tierlist thread belong?

No. 2000172

File: 1715525151468.jpeg (82 KB, 986x555, IMG_3184.jpeg)

i like a man with nice thighs but this looks like a woman. needs to be more like pyramid head.

No. 2000175

i hate that his body is the threadpic for the attractive male body thread

No. 2000178

I didn't care for One Piece and i didn't watch it but i think so too, Zoro was always so hot to me and it's nice to see that he looks decent.
Speaking of bodies now: i found myself kinda giggling with my friend when we were watching the Fallout TV show because i didn't expect the raiders to have such gym bodies kek, even in the games they tend to look more scrawny or overweight.

Same, i wanted to hide that thread so many times just because of it but i'm glad i never did.

No. 2000179

The difference between >>1996448 and >>1996466 really shows how much an unflattering hairstyle can change a mans appearance. They look like two different people.

No. 2000180

>ugly horror game monster with hidden face
Wow the bar is in hell.

No. 2000183

I think Jeenu Mahadevan and Mathieu Simoneau but Jeenu looks an awful lot like an impoverished child sometimes and Mathieu looks retarded with how much makeup and lighting exaggerate his cheekbones, not to mention he has that same plague of male runway models having weirdly pouty lips
>Where would a hypothetical tierlist thread belong?
here definitely, and maybe the conventionally attractive men thread.

No. 2000184

probably because it may be from the chadification thread and the original pic was of a coombait female character

No. 2000185

Nona we're talking about his thighs. Stay on topic.

No. 2000193

ayrt, you're not wrong how it's sad how few options women have, though i was simply talking about his thighs as example as big but masculine.

No. 2000195

I edited it myself from a coombait woman character yes but honestly I'm only attracted males with womanly hips. Realism doesn't do it for me at all. The femininity is sexy to me.

No. 2000197

Why is that dorky glasses dude so high up. He looks like a recolored doug walker

No. 2000198

Leon guy, glasses guy and the black and white 6 are the only pretty ones.

No. 2000199

Nona just curious but are there existing male characters that appeal to you that way?

No. 2000204

it's difficult to properly rank them because besides the leon guy who is on a league of his own the other guys are all equally conventionally attractive no one would feel ashamed to date so it boils down to taste. other than maybe the guy with pigtails, he looks uncanny valley and has a horseface

No. 2000210

File: 1715526844022.jpg (982.06 KB, 700x994, 54345476_p0_master1200.jpg)

Husbando mentioned

No. 2000214

File: 1715527105870.jpeg (291.28 KB, 1347x1352, 1715523510520.jpeg)

>the other guys are all equally conventionally attractive no one would feel ashamed to date

No. 2000215

Kek i kinda love you anon, i feel like you'll always be there for him.

No. 2000219

This is a joke right? What's with the two particularly bogged ones?

No. 2000221

at least cross the horsefaced guy not the long haired cutie in the 6 category

No. 2000223

Nigga do your own list then I'm the only one putting in the effort and you're sitting on your ass and complaining. You will never have an enjoyable thread if you act like this

No. 2000229

i'm still in shock some reddit looking fucker is next to peek bieber

No. 2000235

bitch don't get uppity for getting criticism for your low effort graph. the far right guys in 7 and 9 look literally inbred. and what's with the middle aged guy in 7?

No. 2000237

I'm not making the tierlist, all you bitter bitches do is complain. I guess infighting is enough entertainment for you

No. 2000238

I spent an hour on it and no one else puts in the effort for anything creative. Fuck you retarded whore(infighting)

No. 2000240

KEK nobody asked you to make this putanona(infighting)

No. 2000243

is this your first day on the internet? kek take your meds please

No. 2000244

I hope all of your husbandos get a revision where the creator decides to make them bald. In fact I hope your real life husband starts to bald immediately after your marriage

No. 2000246

File: 1715528265234.png (823.32 KB, 765x988, 1000014334.png)

>Fuck you retarded whore

No. 2000248

File: 1715528335279.png (923.48 KB, 1280x1132, shittyscale.png)

kek shitty examples of men I must say

No. 2000257

It takes you an hour to put images together? Kek

No. 2000260

Nigga stop chimping out

No. 2000269

You're going to become a personalityfag if you keep slapping up "nigga" on every post you make

No. 2000276

You cover the decent long-haired fawns (bottom row) but not the random 50 year old man? Who the fuck even is he?

No. 2000283

Rest are fine, but remove the glasses moid. Is he a voice actor you like or something? Stop this shit lmao

No. 2000285

File: 1715529377658.png (343.61 KB, 828x558, noooo.png)

I've noticed that would be good to bring the psyop about ugly men getting shilled to the average young woman in a non-lunatic way (AKA, talked about It with group of friends and acquaintances from college).
They ended up agreeing that there are fewer attractive men in visual media, then, without my intervention, they talked about many features that men swear women find attractive too, kek.

No. 2000314

here comes the tranny derail

No. 2000323

I wasn't really looking at their hair tbh, only the face and the square jaw is always an instant no from me. I have a friend justl ike you who think anyone with long hair is hot kek

He had a nice smile so I was forgiving. He's not good looking but he's also not offensive looking imo.

No. 2000333

File: 1715530730247.jpg (392.36 KB, 1031x963, 80smj.jpg)

controversial take but he tried to fight the ugly man psyop, he was just mentally ill and plastic surgery wasn't advanced enough and they didn't know how to work on black features so it all went crashing down, but the man had a vision!

No. 2000345

what were they thinking

No. 2000347

Gay men don't count because they're a world apart from women. They have always been improving their looks to please other men and that doesn't benefit us irl. But I appreciate his mental illness still

No. 2000359

His fanbase tend to either be coping that he looked good in his later years (mature era michael fanfic lol) or coping that he looked best before he had anything done and totes woulda reached the same heights without ever having any work done. Which tbh I doubt. I think he looked his best after the first few procedures but obviously everything after a certain point was his vision collapsing again.

No. 2000360

>gay men

No. 2000361

Who cares if the eyebrowless old scrote has a good smile

No. 2000363

And pedophilic men. Happy?

No. 2000367

>"objectively attractive" moid looks like shit
>right ken doll guy looks like someone distorted his face on the left side
>half the inoffensive guys look better than anything above them

No. 2000371

I doubt little boys appreciated his transformation.

No. 2000381

I agree, he looked best after his first few procedures, like a cute twink with big bambi eyes. The chin dimple procedure was his first big mistake and after that it just got worse and worse kek but his natural nose was indeed too big for his small face, the proportions were off. But I think he's also just another victim of the big wall cause his looks really deteriorated after hitting 30, and all that combined with his plastic surgery addiction left us with a nightmare

No. 2000394

We need genetic engineering asap

No. 2000395

How the fuck is the greyscale guy in 6 that low? He's one of the most attractive guys there.

No. 2000401

>2nd one rated 7
anon are you fucking blind he looks like an incel school shooter wym he's cute ew

No. 2000403

he looks older than 25 too

No. 2000425

agreed I think the nonnas posting this are just very young, wtf are Bieber and the butterfaces on 9&6-right doing in there

No. 2000488

The fact the gorgeous black guy is a no in every possible way but the old guy who looks like a creepy teacher who makes girls stay after class gets a pass is mind-boggling but also not surprising.

No. 2000495

The black guy is a plastic surgery monster, but the middle aged guy needs to go too.

No. 2000499

the black guy is not bad looking at all, he's a bit uncanny valley though. the ugliest are the glasses guy and the horseface

No. 2000509

You dont get it, he has a beautiful smile!!!

No. 2000531

>no budge
>less thick thighs
>shitty hair
How did they manage to ruin Raiden, the ultimate MGS husbando after Snake.

No. 2000532

This actually makes me feel feminine rage.

No. 2000533

They almost all look weird. The 9 look inbred. I really really hate their eyes and mouth. Black guy, Justin Bieber and the second from 6 are cute. Everyone in 7 but Justin Bieber is ugly as sin.

No. 2000534

Wow, this art is shit

No. 2000536

The fact that they could have casted a perfect young 20 something year old for Spike and didnt prove that women arent angry enough about shit like this. If the roles were reversed, men would be flipping cars.

No. 2000554

hips too wide tho

No. 2000595

Everyone at 6 (but the last one) look better than the 7s, 8 and the last 9, seriously that guy looks like a dog, the tiny and angry ones.

No. 2000599

File: 1715546744768.jpg (110.75 KB, 1500x1555, kate-mckinnon-justin-bieber-2c…)

Beiber is hot in a butch lesbian kind if way imo
Kate looked so good as him KEK

No. 2000602

ugh if there was an ugly women thread kate mckinnon would be the threadpic

No. 2000613

File: 1715547204663.jpg (2.44 MB, 3000x6000, scale.jpg)

This is my take on the male attractiveness scale. White male edition.

Also how I view the numerical values:
10. Our eyes cannot perceive such beauty.
9. Have been sculpted by the gods.
8. Great facial harmony. A nice balance of masculine and feminine features. Conventially attractive. Can be striking looking.
7. Conventially handsome/pretty.
6. Above average and has more of a boy next door vibe or above average with some falios.
5. Average,basic, forgettable, unoffensive.
4. Average ugly.
3. Just ugly.
2. Ew.
1. Repulsive.

No. 2000622

Much better. The other nonnie fell for the psyop and doesn't even know it.

No. 2000632

I like your white moid scale nona but kek at the fucking proportions showing in the third line, they look like they're from different realities.

No. 2000636

That josh hutcherson at 5? I used to have a crush on him when I was a teen, he was real cute back then, expected him to grow up a bit better looking, ugh. Totally agree with your assessment.

No. 2000641

You picked a good pic of timothy chalamay, in reality he's sub 5

No. 2000652

a nonny after my own heart

No. 2000653

good ranking BUT timothee is a sneak. he should be in the 5 category he isn't better looking than the hemsworth and captain america. peak titanic dicaprio also mogged him

No. 2000666

I tried picking most of them when they were at their "peak". I put timothee on 6 based on his younger self, during the call me by your name/Little women era.

No. 2000668

who is the 2nd one in 8 ranking? he looks familiar

No. 2000671

Tom Welling

No. 2000674

the wall hit him hard holy shit

No. 2000676

Nice job nonna!! Id move Chalamet and John Hutcherson or whatever lower but besides that it actually makes sense

No. 2000688

where would peak cillian murphy be placed on this list?

No. 2000700


I find him attractive at his peak and he has some nice facial features but he looks unconventional.

No. 2000701

I can't find a fault with this, nice work!

No. 2000704

I mourn his peak smallville era so much, he was so fucking hot then.

No. 2000708

good list. i feel like i and most women would nudge or move a few based on personal preference, but has good bones.

No. 2000719

File: 1715552676014.jpeg (287.7 KB, 642x743, IMG_3768.jpeg)

nona who the hell is picrel? he looks like me as a moid it's spooky

No. 2000720

He reminds me of musk but with a pig nose…

No. 2000725

That isn't what a "pig nose" is but yeah his nose is ugly, especially combined with his shrew eyes

No. 2000726

reverse image search isnt showing anything for me so maybe hes AI?

No. 2000750

What does it mean if I personally find the men in the 8-9 category unappealing and strange looking? At least that’s my initial automatic reaction until I really start to think about it. I know that they are obviously very attractive but that high level of attractiveness has always looked otherworldly to me. Is feeling like this part of the ugly man psyop? Have I been conditioned to see conventionally beautiful male faces as off-putting or intimidating? They just look like a totally different species compared to the rest of the men. Maybe this is why old ugly scrotes fear having men like this in movies commonly. Maybe if I saw them represented in media more I wouldn’t feel so off put looking at them. The psyop runs deep in ways I wouldn’t have even imagined. This series of threads have really been perception altering, thought provoking, and shocking.

No. 2000757

The way you describe it I'd say yes it's a result of the psyop, if you described it any other way than seeing handsome males as otherworldly or a different species I wouldn't believe so strongly that it is the psyop speaking, but it is.

No. 2000758

File: 1715556088833.jpg (43.74 KB, 500x667, 1243116-500w.jpg)

his name is erin mommsen

No. 2000765

ty anon. i guess it was just that one picture, he doesn't look as similar from another angle

No. 2000904

what the hell

No. 2000908

What's your conclusion, anon?

No. 2000921

That's because those are men that men find attractive. Those rating infofraphics are made by men and they always use those same men over and over.

A man can be attractive without him looking alienish or having extremely big filler cheekbones with tiny eyes that makes him look gross and botched.

Even when it comes to attractive men, incels only pick the unconventionally attractive instead of the conventially attractive men, that's why the so called attractive men on these lists don't have facial harmony or proportions and have a feature that is too prominent whether it be those filler bogged cheeks, hag nose, gigechad underbite and overworked muscle masseters, or too prominent brow ridge which starts to border on neaderthal. They dont know facial harmony.

No. 2000932

This was masterfully done nona

No. 2000934

It means they're not your type. Not the end of the world even if petty ass anons itt say otherwise. I only find the guy with long hair at 9 on that chart attractive, the rest look retarded, faggy, pug faced or too neotenous for me. Some look like they have lip filler or something idk, I'm not into that.

No. 2001022

"Those conventionally attractive men look like botched faggy aliens! No REAL women is into youthful fit men with full lips, symmetrical face and a masculine jaw, only fags love them!" You either fell too deep in the psyop or you are a larping moid. I am curious to see your chart "nonnie".

No. 2001049


I think women are just too intimidated by beautiful men. They instinctually push back any type of attraction they could possibly have for them due to insecurity. The feel threatened because there are higher standards of beauty for women and the value of a woman in the eyes of society is determined primarily by her youth and attractiveness. When the guy is more attractive than her, he takes the spotlight away from her which is why a lot of women say they want a guy uglier than them. Men and women alike nag him to find a woman more attractive than him and they scrutinize the less attractive woman in the relationship which makes her feel unworthy and insecure. She knows they are way more beautiful women than men and since she doesn't wanna feel those negative feelings, she chooses the cute normie instead. He is not anything special. He is cute but non threatening. Approachable but not striking. A safe bet.
Also you don't have to find the guy personally attractive to acknowledge that he is objectively attractive and the ideal for many women. I think most women would find peak Tom Welling more attractive than peak James McAvoy but would prefer to date and smash the latter.
I gotta say, you know the psyop runs deep when people attribute youthness and facial traits that are universally attractive for either sex, faggy and feminine. Apparently masculinity means ugly and rugged or old and basic.

No. 2001071

id like to see a poc version

No. 2001110

Great work, nona. I wish it had one for black and asian moids

No. 2001127

Most men really need just bare minimum work to be about 4 to 6, with below that being reserved only for very unfortunate genetics. Too bad that they choose to be obese abominations below 1.
My personal 9/11 was when one cute guy I knew years back that was about 8 with a perfect jaw suddenly trooned out and became a massive drama queen. Nowadays he's pudgy and has a terrible side shave. What a waste.

That's fair. I really like TsudaKen and Hiroshi Tamaki, for example, and I still think they look really handsome, but I'd never actually date someone so much older than me lmao. Older men that age like fine wine are extreme minority and "men peak in their 40s" is pure cope.

No. 2001134

File: 1715597887191.jpg (688.49 KB, 3000x1680, chadface.jpg)

Nta but are you retarded and blind? She said filler CHEEKBONES, not lips. And was criticizing the looksmaxing jawline like picrel, as well as the cheeks. She's right that the images on these charts have unnatural looking men, even the 7-10 guys look weird and unreal because they're probably photoshopped to oblivion for aesthetics or modeling or whatever. No attractive guy takes a normal picture of himself and posts it online for women to ogle at, let alone take the time to pose and choose good lighting and props kek.

No. 2001144

huh but the guys on that chart look nothing like that, they're just born with modelesque features it's not the same

No. 2001147

someone's jelly kek

No. 2001188

It's clear that you are not used to seeing actually attractive moids lol

No. 2001236

File: 1715607145947.jpg (271.25 KB, 2000x2901, 83abe3fe648885966c0c339530dc06…)

I'd bang his Revengeance initial model , it was absolute perfection
that's pretty gross and I'm the one who likes muscley guys

No. 2001254

File: 1715609161241.jpg (686.65 KB, 1060x1885, 20245930.jpg)

I don't like the obsession with chad jawlines that looksmaxxers have either but they do have a point that a good, well defined jawline means you have a better bone structure and a better bone structure equals more handsome. Also did you guys forget who is the poster boy for looksmaxxing? Nothing about francisco screams uncanny valley or unnatural, guys like >>2001134 are just a funny meme

No. 2001276

This guy is just mid. There's nothing eye catching about him. Literally "guy next door" and nothing more. Not model material.

No. 2001281

>Not model material.
But he is?
If you have a nigel you better post him, because calling Chico mid, is delusional.

No. 2001287

why yes the average man on the street looks just like him!

No. 2001288

File: 1715611387030.jpg (2.26 MB, 2304x4608, IMG_20240513_174142.jpg)

Total shitshow. White men with black hair are worthless.

No. 2001293

actually now I wanna do the asian ranking just so i can shit on kpop idols spoiler: despite the amount of plastic surgery and makeup most of them are still ugly as fuck

No. 2001295

I've seen multiple men like him working minimum wage jobs. Go to any highscool graduation and you'll find at least 1 scrote that could mog him. He has a fat nose and small lips. Not my type. The only reason he's a model is because he retained 18 year old looks until his mid 20s which is shockingly rare for a male. That's it. He has now hit the wall and is a dad with facial hair.

No. 2001304

I'm starting to believe you just have a distorted taste in men and you probably don't even pay attention to their features if you think there's chicos at every corner of the street. And I say this as someone who isn't even particularly attracted to him, but I do pay a lot of attention to the men around me and it's super rare to see any outstanding guys.

No. 2001307

Tom welling used to be so cute. Damn. I only watched that shit show cuz of him

No. 2001308

He's just not special, I don't know what to say. He's a brunette with short hair and proportionate features. Yawn. If you're going to be a white moid at least be blonde about it.

No. 2001312

Ah so you're this one. You think the redhead guy with a weird chin and mouth area is hotter solely cause he has red hair? You even crossed alain delon who by your logic should have a very cool coloring like dark blue eyes and dark hair

No. 2001316

aw that's my favorite flavor of white men. blonde ones look too boring to me since there's no contrast and sometimes don't have brows or lashes

No. 2001318

Being attracted to tall and muscular men is extremely cucked. Moids rightly mock one another for having muscle mommy fetishes, because that's "gay" (by which they really mean "submissive").
Take the ana-kun pill.

No. 2001355

i think bullying men for their hair colour is pretty funny, but that doesn't quite make these men ugly, but either way i wish for you to find the qt3.14 Aryan moid or soulless vampiric ginger manwhore of your dreams.

No. 2001387

calm your nazi fetish

No. 2001391

It's unmasculine to have high contrast. White men will always look defective with dark hair or eyes. Men are meant to be monochrome. If you have black hair you must have black skin to accompany it. If you think your life is hard try saying you're exclusively attracted to blondes in front of a pick me. She'll literally start foaming at the mouth and try to bite your face off like a chimp.

No. 2001393

Well thank you anon!

No. 2001416

what a cutie omg
> obsession with chad jawlines
I have a tinfoil that this started as a meme and the idiots actually ended up taking seriously

No. 2001426

it's like the gigachad meme, it looks funny

No. 2001443

Yes I am, it's just you guys have shit taste.

No. 2001515

OK then post moids you think are better looking.

No. 2001518

this guy is cute he looks like lachowski

No. 2001522

timothee is too high

No. 2001524

gross, no, blonde and redhead men look too feminine

No. 2001535

This is really well done nona!

ntayrt but I feel embarrassed by how much you read me like an open book. Looking at tier nona's list I'd probably feel intimidated irl by moids above tier 5 bc I have such low self-esteem and think I'm hideous. I know nonas here preach all the time how uglier men can still be misogynistic af and treat you poorly but just something about the super beautiful men makes me fear I'd get some sort of Carrie at the prom type treatment at their hands kek.
So I guess I cope by getting attracted to personality and "charisma". These threads and discussions have been really eye opening.

No. 2001539

Already did. And posted my opinion on male looks being best when balanced between feminine and masculine and not leaning too mucu one way or the other.
Shit taste. Blond and red head men with handsome features are the best, brunet men are boring, basic and a dime a dozen.

No. 2001544

kek nona that is him

No. 2001564

do you guys have any examples of post-wall (post 30) moids that look good? i hate his guts but i think johnny depp survived his 30s and 40s thanks to a good bone structure

No. 2001566


No. 2001573

This is the most mentally ill take I’ve read in my life and I’ve been on image boards since 11. Brunette men are women to me.

No. 2001577

File: 1715629517725.png (Spoiler Image,3.74 MB, 2400x1699, They should kiss.png)

Got you sister.

No. 2001579

You mean lachowski??
That is what you consider the epitome of male beauty? He easily belongs in the 6 tier. He looks too soft, his eyes are too small and hooded. There is nothing beautifully striking about him.

No. 2001580

fixating on contrast and coloring preferences in this thread is losing the plot, women are fighting for basic ability of actually having hot men in media or who match in looks to their female counterparts

No. 2001581

File: 1715629847421.jpg (244.68 KB, 1200x630, Untitled.jpg)

glowies from the ugly man psyop agency

No. 2001584

File: 1715630124038.jpg (2.73 MB, 3000x6000, scale2.jpg)


My take on the male attractiveness scale. Black male edition.

Truthfully I am not very satisfied. I kept switching between the 6-8 tiers and I still think they could be changed but I give up because I am too tired.

No. 2001588

Wtf does that mean….
No, I don't even know who is that, the guy I posted was a Japanese actor. But I can't be bothered to find his name.
Guess young Axel Rose, young Dave Mustaine, and that Brendan Feaser's ginger son dyed their hair and aren't natural redheads, right? While I don't like Kurt Cobain, he was an example of an attractive blond man, can't remember other examples or names of examples on my mind but you get the picture.

No. 2001596

gingers are so unfortunate, although i think prime axl rose was cute
pretty solid list, but i couldn't help but kek at the first guy wasn't he a criminal who became a model and then went to jail again? keith powers is missing i think he's at least a 7. also i feel like ranking current male black rappers is super difficult cause all of them make themselves uglier with a shit amount of tattoos and weird styling choices. i'm curious where would you place some oldies like tupac

No. 2001600

idk who the fuck the furthest right on 7 is but no
otherwise decent list (but i'm butthurt daniel kaluuya is so low)

No. 2001603

The moid on tier 8 on the far right looks really cute actually…hot.

No. 2001606

the guy next to him looks like a genderbend version of lisa bonet

No. 2001608

i feel like the 10 point system isn't helpful, too many levels. Once you get past the hotties and average guys ugly is simply ugly.

No. 2001610

well some people are ugly but not repulsive while others are actually repulsive like chris chan

No. 2001612

File: 1715632077867.jpeg (605.32 KB, 1736x1056, IMG_5715.jpeg)

71 year old Marianne Williamson vs 55 year old Dean Philips. Why are there zero attractive male politicians but plenty of attractive female ones.

No. 2001614

File: 1715632111429.jpg (46.72 KB, 330x409, dfher.jpg)


That's Alfred Enoch. I guess I should have picked a better pic kek I was between putting him or Asap Rocky on tier 6.

No. 2001615

he mogs asap rocky kek

No. 2001617

Tupac was definitely one of the few good looking rappers I could think of. He had beautiful eyes and looked the best when he smiled but otherwise I guess 6 or 7.

No. 2001621

Moids on screen have become so disgusting in recent years. The only decent looking scrotes in media are some of the cringe tik tok pretty boys. I’ve resorted to watching their stupid thirst traps just so I can occasionally see an attractive male. This is how starved I’ve become for male beauty.

No. 2001629

Younger Corbin Bleu was actually pretty cute, too bad he aged like shit kek

No. 2001633

Pic unrelated, right?

No. 2001639

Is this a selfpost? Kys

No. 2001654

He has an outstanding feminine eye area but his big failo is the recessed chin and long midface

No. 2001661

he looks retarded

No. 2001665

he isn't hideous but his face is too asymmetrical to be that high imo, like timothee

No. 2001673

Just take the L, your taste is shit tier. If you like that look so much go to the middle east or something, all of the average and ugly inbred men look like that.

No. 2001681

Kek this is so true, i'm talking only about young adult moids but it's so disgusting how so many of them keep pedostaches but i'm not an expert on cultural stuff
Stop baiting like a retard, you're just embarassing yourself and wasting space

No. 2001682

? im celibate

No. 2001687

>using femcel unironically
>using femcel as an insult
Where the fuck do you retards come from? Kys²

No. 2001691

File: 1715635284344.jpg (75.68 KB, 680x1088, xsr.jpg)

Too bored gonna make another scale for asian moids. Can someone recommend me attractive asians who look slightly more macho? I found a bunch of attractive ones but they look too neotenous, I need some variety for the tiers kek

(picrel is A.I. generated btw.)

No. 2001692

I really hate both category 8; they look old and crusty. They need to be mature, like 9 or boyish, like 7, but not in between.

No. 2001697

File: 1715635547984.gif (19.79 KB, 220x251, monky.gif)

ok, you cant make me feel bad for not wanting to date crusty moids

No. 2001700

Just ignore her, she's a retard who will always be salty and mad about this thread no matter what.

No. 2001707

Only a retard would think female celibacy has anything to do with men not wanting you. The misogyny popped out

No. 2001714

Why do you even care? You're so insecure, just hide the thread. Trying to bait in all sorts of ways will just get you banned and it's obvious that you keep doubleposting when you feel like it too.

No. 2001715

ntayrt, bodyshaming men is funny and based

No. 2001717

>The misogyny popped out
It's almost as if..

No. 2001724

File: 1715636506488.jpeg (848.9 KB, 951x955, 74B5AAA3-3BC9-4CF0-8797-AE6A5D…)

All males will be judged for their looks. They will be torn apart and put back together, aesthetically altered for our viewing pleasure. There’s nothing the PsyOppers can do about it. Your times are over.

No. 2001725

Finding pedo inbred ugly men of my culture ugly=hating myself? How does that even work? I don't even look like them, I look better.

No. 2001728

>You can stop pretending to not be a janny and do your job now, lazy ass
Kek, thank you for admitting that you're identifiable by your retardation.

No. 2001731

Check the /g/ thread for better picks, the korean soldier guy is really cute. Kimisawa Yuki is my ideal asian man personally. He's tall, macho, but still pretty in a way that balances the best parts between masculine male and feminine male features. Don't disappoint me with your chart like the ones posted itt kek.

No. 2001732

Still needs tear trough filler and a decent conditioner in the second picture, smh

No. 2001735

File: 1715637004644.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.9 KB, 576x1024, b5e9eef3-c1f5-4523-9b50-65692a…)

Why would I lie about it? Wouldn't that be the real self-hating? I don't get what's your point exactly. You want me to pretend to be attracted to picrel? Spoiler for the ultimate ugliness.

No. 2001740

Where would you put Tom Hardy and Carey Elwes on your scale?

No. 2001741

Aren't Muslims suppose to have a beard at least 4 fingers long?

No. 2001753

There's multiple different factions of islam much like with christianity, there's a different set of rules accordingly, hence why you get muslim men wearing jeans and being clean shaven.

No. 2001755

Ntayrt but when you’ve spent time in the Middle East just the sight of their men sends shivers down your spine. Westerners can’t comprehend the horrors they will subject you to and you start to hate everything about their features. This is normal for us third world girlies and I won’t even bother elaborating because you just wouldn’t get it, it’s like ptsd for certain phenotypes. Foreign looking males feel safer just by instinct. I’m slightly patriotic even but “my own” men scare me. Don’t hate on her for that

No. 2001758

I know, I’m not retarded. Did you even read my post?

No. 2001759

File: 1715638096472.jpeg (411.08 KB, 1625x1179, 5E2CF4D8-1D22-45E8-A390-BAF181…)

Does god hate european men?

No. 2001760

Absolutely based of you to include Kevin Samuels in this, he is probably seething from the depths of hell. Side note, but the model in the 9 tier irritates the fuck out of me for the fact that he couldn't stay out of prison and just focus on being pretty, smh.

No. 2001761

>Foreign looking males feel safer just by instinct.
Because they're forbidden fruit out of your reach, "girly".

No. 2001764

They’re paying reparations!

No. 2001766

Kevin Samuels was such a nasty, hateful moid. I physically rejoiced when he finally dropped dead. Rest in piss.

No. 2001767

Lol I literally asked boyfriends to show me pictures of their maternal grandfather to know if they're likely to go bald, I'm so paranoid about this. But this probably answers the other anon's question about why the bald gene hasn't been bred out, because a lot of the time women can't tell if male partners carry the bald gene and if women themselves carry it and can still reproduce (which historically most women can and do) there's really nothing they can do to breed it out via sexual selection.

No. 2001769

Germany is even worse irl. Without exaggeration, when you go out in any city, there is not a single minute where you don't see an ugly fat balding moid. They should pay tax for being like this.

No. 2001770

I will be taking one for the team and removing myself from the gene pool as my dad was bald by 25.

No. 2001773

Nonnie i know you don't think that simply the ethnicity itself makes them unattractive like that anon tried to imply.
I'm white and i had a weeb arab friend, it was weird to me how at first she always preferred white or asian looking moids but then i understood her culture more, and i think that she's lucky that she didn't live in a place where they're too strict and got to meet some actually pretty and more open minded arab moids later on.
I think those kind of moids tend to have troubles in their family for not conforming to a certain extent though (not wanting to keep facial hair should be okay), which is one of the unlucky things.

No. 2001778

yet it's women who are the ones truly suffering for having to look at them

No. 2001779

Thank you for ‘getting it’ lol and yeah, the facial hair thing is such a massive problem for me too. All of my crushes ruined themselves by growing one and I’m barely 20.

No. 2001782

Well, yeah, his ethnicity is part of why he's ugly, because they do forced marriages to keep their genes going, eat unhealthy food, and develop unhealthy life styles on purpose as part of their culture. And doesn't help that they favor cousin marrying which makes things even worse. I lucked out with my parents not being immediately related but I still suffer some health issues and facial features caused by genetic diseases, unhealthy habits, and an unhealthy diet forced upon me since birth. Ofcourse I'd hate my ethnicity for subjecting me to this, if I wasn't born in it I'd be a healthier better looking person with better genetics. It's not rocket science to figure this out. Call me self-hating all you want, but I'll always hate the looks of the inbred legitimately retarded people of my country and I'll always be attracted to actually good looking people living in normal countries. It's not like I'm competition and gonna steal your white scrote all the way from here or something, why do you care if I want to fuck white men kek.

No. 2001784

Boyegachan is going to seethe if she sees you asap rocky at 6 and boyega at 3. What would Lakeith Stanfield be?

No. 2001785

Nooo the weird wide-faced alien on the right in your 9 tier is legitimately hideous. Most of your 7s are ugly too and the long-haired one in your bottom row should be above all the 7s. The other 6s are like 5s to me at best (blonde neanderthal is also ugly). The 9 on the left and the 8 are good looking though.

No. 2001787

Fair enough.

No. 2001790

All super-short male hairstyles are onflattering on everyone except the most perfect looking men and even then almost all of them would look better with longer hair. I don't understand why men are obsessed with having these ugly short haircuts when they always look bad, especially when they gel the tops/fronts of their hair up with that dried cum looking gob of hair gel. Men who can pull off long hair should keep it long long (like below the chin) and the rest should opt for flattering hairstyles with at least 3-4 inches of length and preferably some sort of bang in most cases to cover the male fivehead and ears. For men who don't look good with hair in their faces/bangs I also don't mind half-up or bun type hairstyles as long as their hair is well kept or more old-fashioned (like 40s-50s) gelled hairstyles. But again it's men wanting to look good for other men and fetishizing military looks making the short ugly crop the norm.

No. 2001796

File: 1715639801908.jpeg (144.01 KB, 714x931, IMG_2953.jpeg)

It’s true that males can’t be 10s. The most attractive men in existence can’t compare to women like Monica Bellucci, it isn’t physically possible. The attractive male 7s are the best looking men in the entertainment industry, and yet they’re about equally attractive as female celebrities who would be considered girl next door types

No. 2001802

File: 1715640200796.jpeg (114.55 KB, 529x716, IMG_2010.jpeg)

For example, Alain Delon is considered one of the most attractive actors, and I would say he and his wife are about equally attractive. While she’s a very beautiful woman she isn’t one of the most attractive. He stands out because it’s rare for men to be attractive, but she looks like a typical beautiful model because it’s not only more common for women to be attractive but we can reach levels of attractiveness that are impossible for males to get anywhere near.

No. 2001803

Let’s be honest men don’t look loveable. Neoteny is what makes us want to love and take care of someone and to be male is to lose neoteny. Being attracted to them feels like an unnatural fetish. I never feel like they’re enough no matter what. Being a straight woman is a mindfuck. The fags are just blinded by the horny so they don’t even realise.

No. 2001806

File: 1715640344489.jpg (47.82 KB, 268x514, main-qimg-46645296d120379e7dba…)

I'm a gigaFEMCEL because DMC4 Nero used to be my husbando when i was younger and at some point i met an absolute normie that looked just like him but brown haired, i went to get intimate but i'd always refuse to have actual sex because i wasn't sure if he'd be the right one for me romantically, it was pretty nice that he would respect that despite being the typical popular sporty moid you can think of though but then i just ghosted him for unrelated reasons kekkk.
Cringe but one time he noticed that i had picrel as phone background (Nero was safe in my home screen) anyhow, i'll always be proud of any nona who doesn't lower her standards and i wish them lots of luck.

No. 2001809

wow the top moids actually look really good
same, people made videos shitting on eboys on tiktok but they're genuinely hotter than most moids even if they're cringe(unless they're underage obviously).

No. 2001810

Dude was hot but why does this pic look so fake?

No. 2001820

I agree with you. I can put men into 7,8 and 9, but never seen a true 10 man irl. only in 2D.

No. 2001824

But as a straight woman she's just white noise to me. Like I guess she's pretty? But not interesting at all.

No. 2001826

that explains why straight women always look like they've settled hard no matter who they end up marrying.

No. 2001827

Same. Even though women are objectively perfection they're not sexy to me and I couldn't care less about their looks. White noise is the perfect term. I don't even notice pretty women most of time. I don't have eyes for them.

No. 2001830

File: 1715641666060.jpeg (202.27 KB, 828x1026, IMG_2014.jpeg)

True and I’m only attracted to cute moods with neotenous features, the rest look like haggard weathered old freaks to me. Ignoring his fugly facial hair this one is cute imo. He’s starting to look old though because he’s in his early 30s, and men hit the wall so early.

No. 2001836

Speak for yourself, I can't find neotenous features attractive on either men or women, I prefer my men and women to look mature and defined. Maybe because I also hate kids idk. But I also don't care about loving or taking care of anyone, not even a pet, so that could be another factor to my preference.
>inb4 mature=90 years old and haggard!1!1!1!

No. 2001838

Based tbh. If I could get a super nice easy to brainwash and control moid who looks copy paste of my husbando I'd be happy.

No. 2001845

Well that’s unnatural but you do you.

No. 2001849

I'm not saying this as a judgement of his hotness, but he looks like a sims 3 sim
Love him
Males age like milk
Nonna wtf is that picture???
I wanna peg him
100% psyop of the century
>(picrel is A.I. generated btw.)
frowny face

No. 2001853

File: 1715642814293.jpg (25.64 KB, 540x674, jackles.jpg)

Hotter every day

No. 2001855

Nona same I'm always actually attracted to men irl with slightly neotenous features like big eyes, short philtrums/pouty lips, and non-gigachad jaws even if I can recognize more 'masculine' looking men are objectively attractive because neotenous/feminine looking men just seem more loveable/sympathetic. It's hard to feel that kind of 'aww loveable' feeling toward a really chad-ish looking male. But then I've had problems of picking nigels so 'cute' that even my mom would side with them over me because 'look at his big emotional eyes he's an angel who could do no wrong' so I guess the downside is other women are less likely to believe they still have male behaviour if they're cute or pretty looking.

No. 2001856

there's so many deleted posts, what did i miss

No. 2001858

File: 1715642939826.jpeg (548.3 KB, 811x810, IMG_2037.jpeg)

Old Hollywood actresses are a perfect example because they had an extremely high beauty standard back then, these women are all 11/10 goddesses and I’ve never in my life seen any male who comes close or is good enough to even look in their direction. The male 9s in the chart look like cockroaches and rats compared to these women.

And the fact that these ladies married hideous scrotes is further proof of the psyop, while there aren’t any males who compare to them, there were certainly more attractive men back then than there are now.

No. 2001861

Only man to age well.

No. 2001864

A lot of these women only look so ethereal because lower def cameras, heavy makeup and hairstyling at all times and basically no paps. If women with these same facial features were in hollywood today people would be picking out photos of them looking tired makeup-free going to the gym and nitpicking them. This is also part of why male actors those days seemed more attractive although some of the men in hollywood were genuinely much more attractive than any male actor today, but I think the heavy makeup, styling, lighting and low definition of old photos and films is part of it too.

No. 2001865

Please say sike, he became fat with rotting black teeth, he looks like a legit methhead now. The last time he looked slightly decent was in the eaely 2000s.

No. 2001868

She posted some super low quality picture of a couple with a weird looking moid with a pedostache and said something like "how could she find such a cute moid?" and then continued to bait when anons said that he was ugly, called randoms loser femcels or other moid-esque bottom barrel insults, said that she wants this thread to be locked forever, and then maybe calmed down eventually basically.
Don't worry she will be back to bait when she's bored because she doesn't know how to be mature and hide threads instead and she'll always be salty about whatever is said here.

No. 2001869

File: 1715643382808.gif (1.71 MB, 250x321, jdm.gif)

No. 2001873

Modern films use a lot of editing and filters to make the actors look better, the filters literally work like social media filters to change the persons face. Then we see them in public and think they look kind of average irl. I’m not denying that the cameras and lighting were flattering back then but these women were still ethereal.

Anyway my entire point was that males can’t be as attractive as women, it’s impossible.

No. 2001876

Nta, maybe i'm too young (25?) but i don't find these men particularly good looking, they're average, if i ignore the fact that i hate hairy bodies and facial hair, maybe drop their names for uncultured nonas like me so i can try to see what they look like without the hairy stuff next time. I don't even know how everyone is called in >>2000613 and such

No. 2001878

Kardashians hulu show has prominent use of those filters they sometimes glitch lol

No. 2001881

File: 1715644091291.jpg (66.99 KB, 648x956, 1000029057.jpg)

The first one is Jensen Ackles who was easily an 8 or 9 when he was younger. Still pretty good looking nowadays too as far as celebrity moids go. He has a nice blend of feminine and masculine traits imo.

No. 2001883

I'm a bit of an old man fucker, admittedly. First one is Jensen Ackles and second is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Morgan imo wasn't that hot when he was younger. I really like him old and scrawny. Pls no hate.

No. 2001884

Don't wanna stir shit but how is being attracted to child-like looking people the "natural" thing? And again, I specified mature, as in having good bone structure and sharp features, like prominent cheekbones, chins, straight noses, medium sized lips, not too big and filler looking, not too small and thin like some British ass scrotes, almond/slinted/monolid eyes with positive or neutral tilt, angular eyebrows, and ofcourse nice thick long hair. Babyfaced people creep me out, like those asian drama actresses or kpoop moids with the 100 plastic surgeries. So uncanny.

No. 2001891

Oh yeah he looks much prettier to me here, thank you.
I don't think i'll ever have any kind of feelings for any moid over 35 in my life kek, at least in the celebrities for sure, i'd just prefer at least more well-kempt moids.

No. 2001892


No. 2001896

It has pubes growing out of its face.

No. 2001900

that hairstyle is alright but i think he'd be really cute with long hair

No. 2001901

File: 1715645118566.jpg (99.35 KB, 800x551, 108433032_545e8a7d94_c.jpg)

He's aged well but he was in his prime in Dark Angel imo so yeah younger Jensen was universally top score (also that show had quote a few good looking, if sometimes unconventionally attractive men).

One of the fw celeb moids to float my boat good call nonna.

Also want ot give a shout out to Jason Behr. My friend had a crush on him in Roswell but imo he looked better when he got older with a beard and I liked the fact he wasnt afraid to do some femgazy pin up pics (search jason behr motorbike online)

No. 2001902

File: 1715645152499.jpeg (92.74 KB, 320x500, IMG_1646.jpeg)

Having neotenous features doesn’t mean someone is literally child like. Marilyn Monroe had neotenous features (and is usually used as an example of neoteny) but she looked like an adult women, just with cute or youthful features. This moid >>2001830 has neotenous features and he definitely looks like an adult.

No. 2001903

You have it easy. Try having 25 as your hard limit.

No. 2001904

No. 2001910

File: 1715645710876.jpeg (373 KB, 1125x1115, IMG_2020.jpeg)

I’ve noticed a lot of male celebrities will date women who people call “normie” when they’re actually looks matched, she just isn’t a starlet or model. Logan Lerman and his fiancée are equally good looking, (or she might be better looking) but she’s a random artist and I’ve seen people talk shit because he isn’t dating an ig model or actress and they think he’s dating down. It seems like beautiful women are often considered average and male 7s are considered stunning because most men are 3s

No. 2001911

How old are you? I started lusting after older men when at around 29.

No. 2001912

Kek tbh i'm pretty much there irl, but i added 10 more years for when i'll be an old hag and probably will let older moids pass.
This is actually unfair because i have a fetish for biker moids and i'll have to reflect about this image.

No. 2001914

File: 1715645859486.jpeg (222.16 KB, 952x1003, 5DADBEFA-17BE-4645-AF25-3F1D4A…)

No. 2001915

File: 1715645987237.jpg (1.04 MB, 3000x6000, scale3.jpg)


My take on the male attractiveness scale pt3. Asian male edition.

Left the 9 tier empty because I could not find a single moid who I think deserves that spot plus couldn't find anyone more good looking than the 7-8 tier.

The only beautiful asian looking moids I could find were Native Americans.

No. 2001916

I see. The definition of neotenous features seems to be different from one person to another though, so I prefer being more specific about what I like and avoiding the word. For example cheeks with babyfat, big round eyes, big foreheads and round face/head shapes are considered neotenous, but I find them ugly and fat. I don't particularly find the guy you refer to attractive or even youthful (too many lines under the eyes), but this >>2001881 looks nice and perfectly balanced.

No. 2001918

File: 1715646105414.jpg (270.38 KB, 1156x840, 2be9b6a9c37ba93b1deed27e411c70…)

I just looked him up he seems to be really into bikes irl given most of the paparazzi pics are of him and his bikes as well as some of his photoshoots

No. 2001921

File: 1715646162810.jpg (130.14 KB, 640x768, Regé-Jean Page.jpg)

The only hot black guy is Regé-Jean Page.

No. 2001923

The 8s are all attractive the rest are nondescript or fugly

No. 2001924

Why is Kim Jung-On in this LMAO. Can't say I agree, I'd switch 7 and 8, and put Yuki higher, maybe at 9 or 10. He has better images than the one you picked. I'd also put the 2 korean actors at 4 at 5 instead, and lower the 1st and last ones on 5 to 4. But based for putting the bts scrote low. Bts and all kpoopers deserve to be at 1.

No. 2001928

File: 1715646664754.jpg (116.68 KB, 691x741, young-Gregory-Peck.jpg)

Yeah I think styling and tech at the time is partly to do with it but I also think there was a higher standard for men then than today. Gregory Peck is a 9 imo and he aged well. I dont think the more "quirky" modern moids they are trying to push on us would look good back then I think the tech would show their odd faces up even more.

No. 2001931

>is a 9
Men who look like him have to pay for hookers

No. 2001933

>A$AP at 6
he is cuter in interview/motion

No. 2001935

The turd stain on his cheek kills him.

No. 2001936

Ohh the second one on the 7 line looks so handsome to me nona, unfortunately i don't know too many asian moids but i just remembered that Atsushi Sakurai is very beautiful even if it's not anything new kek, i like native american moids too but don't really know much about them.
For the bottom line you could have also picked that asian moid who whined about the Fable 4 protagonist but i can't find him, just remember that he looks mega ugly.

No. 2001939

I agree with you nona, a 9 for him is too much kek but at least they didn't look as hideous as all the actors look nowdays, they all look homeless.

No. 2001940

You are waaaaayyyy too generous with the numbering here nonna

No. 2001943

I put imo but should have said personal taste-I'm aware he wouldnt be a 9 in a general sense.

No. 2001952

File: 1715648004337.png (234.08 KB, 400x400, sakurai.png)

>Atsushi Sakurai
Damn nona, you weren't kidding, he was beautiful when he was young.

No. 2001957

File: 1715648387259.jpg (143.3 KB, 736x1308, yoshiki.jpg)

His name is Luke Ishikawa.

I completely forgot Atsushi and he is one of my fav crushes kek

I'd say Yoshiki was also quite cute, not as cute as Atsushi but the hair made him look quite majestic.

No. 2001958

What changes would you make?

No. 2001959

he's a 10 for me

No. 2001961

File: 1715648710781.jpg (118.81 KB, 645x723, 5b0d7ba519dc4f16b39f58b3138fbf…)

I think that Cha Eunwoo without the pale filters and young Won Bin fit on 7/8, and young Nagase Tomoya on 6.

No. 2001963

Am I a super stimulation seeker? He’s objectively gorgeous but doesn’t do anything for me because I’m aroused by swollen lips and wide faces with fat cheeks. I need exaggerated signifiers of youth and plastic surgery to be “attracted” to someone. I shamefully find botched fags hot sometimes with their massive lips and wide jaws

No. 2001966

File: 1715648992067.gif (1.25 MB, 245x161, iVZ1qcgwn4o4_250.gif)

Kek it's fine, he's probably over any moid so that's why you didn't connect to the asian moids in general.
I'm not sure what other nonas would think but have you heard of Sessue Hayakawa? I think that the hype over him was legit (awful choice of words here sorry), i do like grumpy looking moids but i think that the only things i don't really like of him were the bushy eyebrows and hairline, sometimes he looks older than i like, but i think they had some kind of pass for that era.

No. 2001967

File: 1715649019753.webp (176.44 KB, 564x618, djavan2.jpg)

Br musician I really like who was really pretty when he was young.

No. 2001974

File: 1715649362657.jpg (36.24 KB, 564x924, hdfr.jpg)

What about him? He kept showing up when I was searching for hot asian moids but he looked too botched for my liking.

No. 2001976

He’s facially hot yes, he needs to bleach his hair and get pectoral implants though. Then he’d be yummy

No. 2001977

Oh my fucking god I just noticed that nose. Hell nawww

No. 2001978

I dont get the appeal sorry. I guess is the serious and elegant gentleman vibe that you like about him?

No. 2001980

File: 1715649948874.jpg (9.38 KB, 170x237, 191ba21dc6eff4d545c134d6b1edb1…)

7 and up are fine, all the others are too generous (except corbin bleu and terry crews) i think there are better looking blk men out there. if i find enough to make a chart i will do. also offended by you adding kitten heels in there lol

No. 2001982

File: 1715649977113.jpg (283.88 KB, 1453x635, Errol Flynn, Laurence Olivier …)

Yeah, one of the issues with liking films of that era is the lack of looks matching with the female leads. To me, the hottest guys of that era are Errol Flynn, Laurence Olivier and Tyrone Power but I'm sure the facial hair haters of this thread would still hate them.
Is it a case of styles changing too much that we don't find like, Rudolph Valentino hot. Like Jean Harlow's pencil eyebrows. Or do women find different traits attractive. I'd compare women's lust for Rudolph Valentino mostly coming from The Sheik like girls lust for Adam Driver as Kylo Ren or Benedict Cumbereggs as… Sherlock I guess.

No. 2001983

His eyes are super botched. He looks like those people who get surgery to become Asian.

No. 2001987

Fish lips

No. 2001991

File: 1715650920775.gif (1.54 MB, 500x375, 9006f3e45.gif)

I sure do, but i also kind of like his sharp but quiet features, his small mouth with defined lips, his eyes look really intense but i'm not sure what makes him look that way, i like how his face looks full lbut still has nice cheekbones too. I find it cute when he does a more grumpy expression and i think it fits him so much but that's something else kek, i don't think he's absolutely beautiful but i can believe that he had a lot of fans back then and became a thing in the west because of it compared to the actors that become trending these days.
Also as other nonas mentioned before, i agree that movies in those times made people look a bit prettier on the surface.

As a beard/moustache hater some of the old actors look kinda okay to me in certain movies even if i think that most of them are still too old-looking, but i haven't been really infatuated with any of them, just generally prefer them over the sleazy ones we tend to have nowdays.

No. 2002072

>I'd get some sort of Carrie at the prom type treatment at their hands kek.
ironically, the Carrie never suffered at the hands of her date, it was other people that thought she didn't belong at the prom or with him that bullied her.

No. 2002077

same nonnie, whenever i get a cute/hot guy on my FYP i send the reel to myself to look at later kek.

No. 2002078

he's not macho at all in a fashion sense, but Atsushi Sakurai at his peak with long hair and lipstick was pretty imo.

No. 2002081

cho gue sung

No. 2002085

Far right, tier 7, i can't tell if it's the photographer doing him a big favour or if he's pretty enough to rank higher.

No. 2002087

File: 1715657063965.jpg (27.21 KB, 474x634, 1000003621.jpg)

It's so irritating that the women from classic media were all gorgeous, Lauren Bacall types but the "attractive" leading men were all disgusting and looked like sun-dried raisins with cataracts. In every single picture I've seen of this mediocre tanned hide shitstain, his eyes are edited. Don't get me started on that fat fuck John Wayne. And Perry Mason deserved to be pushed down a flight of stairs for looking like that while all the women on the show were beautiful. Reeeeee.

No. 2002090

File: 1715657255087.jpg (14.23 KB, 472x612, 1000003622.jpg)

Those shoulder pads don't disguise how fat you are you fat fuck. I'm supposed to believe you magically solve every crime on your own with perfect ease out your ass every single episode while some maniacal glamorous woman cries and confesses to you? You look like you eat a tray of brownies every morning and deepthroat sticks of butter. I hate you.

No. 2002091

He is kind of cute (but not very much) and looks fuglier in photos, you’re right. I noticed recently in this clip of him hearing a moid make Rihanna laugh and getting scared

No. 2002093

As much as i have not liked asap rocky in the past, seeing how much he worships Rihanna like a goddess is giving him extra points, ngl. Just wish he would marry her eventually and do a ridiculous ceremony.

No. 2002154

He looks like crap

No. 2002169

jackson is NOT a 7 get the hell out of here, place him at 5 where he deserves

No. 2002194

Another good list!

This is very true nona ty for reminding me. I was just focusing on my mental image of her covered in that blood, shell-shocked and humiliated kek

No. 2002197

File: 1715670028066.jpeg (110.99 KB, 640x918, IMG_2007.jpeg)

Yeah because he was over 30 in that picture. Here’s another example, they both have good bone structure and attractive features, yet despite being equally attractive he’s still very famous for his looks and she isn’t.

I think it’s partly that female features are just inherently more attractive than male features, and partly the fact that women have been chosen for their looks and men were chosen for what they could provide, so now we have a lot of very attractive women and a lot of very ugly males. If males had been chosen for their looks then we wouldn’t have this problem, the average man would be a 7-8 like the average woman is.

No. 2002211

File: 1715671768414.jpg (82.66 KB, 750x500, news_13422.jpg)

just curious anonitas where would you put Stromae on this scale?

No. 2002212

This is great. I share your hatred of that melted leprechaun Barry keoghan.

No. 2002218

nothing more than 4

No. 2002232

No. 2002234

kek nonnie, if he was fat and short, i'd kick him down two tiers as well.

No. 2002237

You have shit taste. Jackson is ugly and Jiwoong is botched. Most of them are average or ugly.

No. 2002239

Without having seen this list >>2001584 I probably would've said 6-7 but now my third eye has been opened and I've exited the Matrix so my answer is 3 or 4

No. 2002260

I love his music but honestly he isn't pretty and the current shit he was doing does land him at a 4 to me. He looks like an idiotic thembie.

No. 2002269

File: 1715679573670.webm (571.11 KB, 480x852, 1685941468540.webm)

No. 2002284

File: 1715681960350.jpg (35.33 KB, 600x427, CjMzdYXWEAAYLyL.jpg)

Where Park Hae-jin would fit?

No. 2002307

File: 1715685012653.jpg (52.88 KB, 1080x607, 1666452349170.jpg)

personally I think east asian male actors were the best looking in 80's/90's

No. 2002308

This is a joke right? That’s someone’s dad

No. 2002315

Why is that bowl haircut so popular on asian guys? Every one of them that I saw at an airport recently had it. It would look dumb even on the most attractive moid.

No. 2002317

very nice, i like how you picked twinkish guys and more manly guys to fit everyone's taste

No. 2002343

File: 1715687937276.png (627.28 KB, 928x928, SYYaAVG.png)

he was just a general example of what I meant, that Asian male actors (even middle-aged) at the time were much better looking than Asian male actors today, like no kpop moid gives me the feelings I get seeing takeshi kaneshiro in chungking-express

No. 2002344

The deaf fallen angels scrote was boy next door cute, which its better than the monstrosities we get in western movies. now i want a retarded cute deaf bf.

No. 2002347

Finally someone with good taste.

No. 2002348

>Total shitshow. White men with black hair are worthless.
Not now varg..

No. 2002352

Girl, uncanny Jordan Barrett as 9 and Dolph Lundgren only at 6… This just isn’t right.

No. 2002356

File: 1715689182616.jpg (2.05 MB, 2508x5017, beauty_scale_nitpick.jpg)

Just my personal opinion.

No. 2002357

File: 1715689274306.webp (41.58 KB, 660x959, IMG_3785.webp)

I hate seeing ugly women on TikTok and Instagram sperging about they hate her because she scorned Jacob Elordi (I’m not a fan of her either because she’s a zionist, but they solely focus on about how she looks like a 'weird toothless baby'). I don’t find either of them particularly attractive, I’d say they’re looksmatched, but even if he was more attractive then good for her. It’s always mediocre insecure women getting mad about other women getting with their shit husbandos and praising average males.

No. 2002361

I feel like 6 on the far left and the one second in from the right need to be higher, they look gorgeous compared to the other guys in that tier. They're better looking than the ones in 8 imo, first guy in that tier looks botched, second guy is cute and worthy but the wig might be doing some heavy lifting, third looks like a gigachad meme kek

No. 2002362

That first guy at 7 is cute, whos that

No. 2002364

I don't understand it either, he looks like a tortoise in that photo so they seem evenly matched to me kek. Personally I love it when women who are deemed ugly or basic get with "hot" celebrity guys (not that I personally find them attractive but lots of women do) like ATJ and his wife, it just proves that you don't have to settle for some bottom of the barrel moid the psyop tries to convince us is the best we can get

No. 2002365

Their thought process doesn't even make sense. Don't these kind of women realize they're shooting themselves in the foot?

No. 2002368

No. 2002374

The one on the far left at 6 kinda looks like a lesbian. Cute.

No. 2002375

The blonde Roland guy is so fucking scary. Cannot believe that he's a damn host.

No. 2002376

Cha Eunwoo has to be at 9
Also the guy at 6 next to Minho is beautiful damn

No. 2002378

>Hideo Kojima

No. 2002385

File: 1715693530111.jpeg (245.19 KB, 1170x1891, IMG_2201.jpeg)

I hate these freaks

No. 2002389

at least they admit 30+ is post wall

No. 2002401

Imagine being this brainwashed

No. 2002402

why is denzel still a 4? no lips?

No. 2002431

I am kinda tired of how lusting after ugly scrotes is considered part of nerdy girl culture. I hate being lumped in with women that like ugly scrotes like Paul Dano.

No. 2002433

Also hot
I hate incel lingo but they're looksmatched. I wish I could wash every single woman's brain clean of the toxic competitiveness that was drilled into our brains.

No. 2002443

99% of people are not photogenic and will look way way way worse on photos (and videos), just accept that as fact. That's why you see way more cuties when you go around. Them being alive and animated also helps with attractiveness.

No. 2002448

old men are ugly, nasolabial folds on men are fucking disgusting

No. 2002609

File: 1715707509242.jpg (50.65 KB, 439x537, GNjUmPVWYAA0qOo.jpg)

The return of HoTD will be insufferable.

No. 2002612

File: 1715707618363.jpg (39.17 KB, 563x687, river.jpg)


No. 2002614

Her face is our reactions kek

No. 2002621

Who is that?

No. 2002627

Are your eyes ok? Haruma Miura (third on row 7) was a 9

No. 2002628

i just fell in love with this picture and googled him. i‘m so sad and wish incels were right about men aging well and that twink death isn‘t real.

why would i care about women losing their attractiveness but not men? i‘m straight and unfortunately the opposite is the case. it‘s really a psyop and pure cope. moids who didn‘t hit the wall at birth will hit the wall in their early to mid 20s. there are some exceptions that keep their twink beauty into their 30s, more common in asian moids, but it‘s still rare. i don‘t want to date fucking neanderthals or leather bags.

twink = like picrel, not baby faces that could be mistaken for a girl if they had long hair.

No. 2002629

File: 1715708914697.jpg (75.33 KB, 500x729, river2.jpg)

River Phoenix

No. 2002633

That's not River btw.

No. 2002634


No. 2002641

File: 1715709938504.jpeg (45.59 KB, 900x600, IMG_9857.jpeg)

you forgot the 9

No. 2002645

He was in squid game right? He's gorgeous.

No. 2002649

Yes, just a lookalike.

No. 2002657

File: 1715710946146.gif (88.47 KB, 500x306, mariah-carey-idk.gif)

No. 2002670

I realized this when I was like 11, took a photo of my crush at the time and not saying he was a super beauty in real life, but he definetly looked waaay worse in my pic, completely stripped of its charm to the point I was wondering if this is the same boy I like kek

No. 2002686

It's all about focal depth. If the lens is too close to where the image is formed, you get a fisheye effect. Usually that makes noses look huge and the edges of the face look distorded.

No. 2002687

File: 1715713830228.gif (1.11 MB, 250x250, 8936b1b8ba8ab99d879050168f3f29…)

>placing a kpop dude, a clearly plastic chinese nobody actor and a tiktok fuckboy over haruma miura
>placing haruma miura next to two boxer looking ogres and a midget kpop idol
Some of you girls… Him and Atsushi Sakurai were the best. Nowadays a cutie is Ryusei Yokohama and maybe Mackenyu. But the gap is large. Korean actors are taller with better bodies but currently nobody really has a good face. Some young chinese stars are handsome but probably completely unknown to most anons, plus they're rarely natural.

No. 2002696

File: 1715714297241.jpg (102.13 KB, 736x1307, 3c4068ee86c607e525eeb3af58112c…)

For me, it's Xiao zhan. And the Chinese have the correct idea with slapping filters all over their dramas, we weren't meant to see pores in 4K

No. 2002705

yes, that‘s him. unfortunately the other stuff he acts in isn‘t good, mediocre at best. „little women“ is a new show on netflix where he‘s a main character in case you‘re really into him, it‘s alright and good for k-drama standards.

anon is clearly not an asian connoisseur, she couldn‘t even find a single 9 kek. someone else should make the asian edition and choose different types of moids like the white edition had.

No. 2002709

File: 1715714987738.jpg (74.01 KB, 1000x675, Mifune (1).jpg)

where would nonas place toshiro mifune? he looked rugged for the most part but that due to the roles he played. still i find him very handsome.

No. 2002711

2, and I'm being generous.

No. 2002712

File: 1715715164182.jpg (21.93 KB, 354x512, gl108815.jpg)

Yea their tier list kinda sucks kek, there are lots of cuties out there but I guess it's harder to find them if you aren't into Japanese/Chinese/Korean/etc media at all. A personal fave of mine is the Japanese actor and model Kominami Koji, he's so handsome. Easily beats out all the 8's she listed imo

No. 2002713

no way you tripping

No. 2002717

Could you maybe list more? I know like 3 asian moids by name and wouldn‘t know where to look for more hotties, especially ones like the squid game actor and the one on this pic would be very, very, very appreciated.

No. 2002722

File: 1715715605117.jpg (11.51 KB, 236x354, 8306d81ef3e2ce738078e249e551f9…)

Correct. How was this guy a 7 again?

No. 2002726

Nitpick but thats some ugly hair. Looks fried and dull and the color doesnt suit him at all. It's enough to distract me from his face to the point I can't assess his hotness level.

No. 2002729

File: 1715716039767.jpg (78.99 KB, 1024x768, F8vB3glW0AAk1wY.jpg)

Remember when Lewis Hamilton used to get shilled as a hottie? He got a hair transplant for that abysmal hairline but I still think he looks mediocre nowadays

No. 2002730

I'll take the racebait but I struggled with the asian chart the most lol Idk most of these moids names. Found them on pinterest and chose the one who I think looks the best based on photos alone. The asian moids the other anons posted in response are cute as well(like 6-7 tier, nowhere near 8-9 tho) but they all look similar and homely to me kek I am interested to see other charts cause I truly don't know many asian celebs apart from kpoop idols and few kdrama actors.

No. 2002735

I wouldn’t touch him if he paid me

No. 2002741

he‘s a strong 8 at least but he reminds me of cashew nekrasova with that mole.

7 at best because he looks like he is twelve and five foot tall. he also doesn‘t look that asian to me for some reason. he’s giving british boyband vibes

objectively a 6. i personally find him unattractive but i think many women would like him, especially older ones. something reminds me of robert downsy jr but italian.

7 but that might be a bad picture, i also hate the hairstyle. he has the same smile as kristen stewart and timothee chalamalet

that‘s my voting for a new list

No. 2002750

File: 1715717271345.png (1.29 MB, 1044x1408, tumblr_ooy6gqwmXI1vk8814o1_128…)

No. 2002752

He looks better than any of the supposedly attractive Asian guys on the chart. I just don't like the hyper feminine plastic surgery look.

No. 2002754

Lolita dress is cringe.(off-topic)

No. 2002756

You know whats up.

No. 2002757

File: 1715717560352.jpg (31.22 KB, 630x380, a2a4799cb5082f7649fd665dd8dc0f…)

Personally, I feel like filipino actors are overlooked. Do you guys remember when filipino men came to America and American women were into them, and white American men unironically started painting them as feminine and made negative caricatures on them in media? Funny how media works, yet people are denying the ugly male psy op. How else did they think this stereotype against asian men started? American men are the only men who would depict themselves as unruly and ugly and still be depicted as "attractive".

No. 2002760

Go nitpicking somewhere else, this thread is about nitpicking moids!

No. 2002763

If that‘s true, then why don‘t you post attractive ones? they look mid and not even filipino, the third one does but he also looks indian.

No. 2002767

You're joking, right? These guys look retarded.

No. 2002773


Josh Luna pls

No. 2002778

File: 1715718518522.jpeg (78.9 KB, 960x540, IMG_3789.jpeg)

Very handsome. I like Tatsuya Nakadai too, but I get he may be more controversial for nonnas.

No. 2002784

after reading the text again i have a feeling it‘s a moid from r/asianmasculinity who looks equally retarded. no woman would care about it in that way.

sorry for scrotefoiling but if you read the next, it‘s absolutely valid.

No. 2002787

lmfao i love this

(wish I could find an IRL Dimitri tho)

No. 2002813

nonnas what do you think about facial hair, especially beards?
can I vent my profound hatred for pubic hair on men's chins here? having a beard makes any guy automatically a 0 to me

No. 2002822

Depends on the man. There are a lot of moids I find hot whom I prefer with a beard, but if the beard is long enough to be combed, that's a huge nope.

No. 2002826

Lol, no, I’m mostly saying that as an example as to how media affects people’s ideas of others. I’m not a moid. I’m a hapa woman myself, but thanks for calling me a moid for trying to point out another example as to how media can affect others..? I was trying to make an example as to how the male psyop does exist, and how men deny it. I’m just biased because I have a slight crush on Bruno Mars, who’s Filipino himself LOL. Sorry I guess.

No. 2002827

File: 1715720195187.gif (5.46 MB, 533x400, p234258468.jpg.gif)

I like him too. I actually think the top middle guy in the list was cosplaying him on some tv show, meaning anon posted a (bad) copy kek

He sometimes overdoes his smile and tries to look overly cute but when he's serious his bone structure is very elegant.
However, to look like this he needs to be very low weight (that's the case for most chinese actors), can you think of any western actor willing to starve for years/decades just to appeal to his female audience? They already complain now without having to do anything. The height (and skin color) difference between the average chinese men vs their celebrities is also insane meanwhile western moid viewers unironically claim that the wrinkly dadbods we see on tv are setting the standards too high for them.

No. 2002829

looks terrible, I'm with you nonna

No. 2002847


Take your ass to the unconventional thread. He looks old and rugged.

No. 2002848

i dislike facial hair of any kind on every man, but i must admit, it can save some ugly men, like they're still ugly and unfuckable, but not as horrid as before, like a fat person wearing fitted business-y clothing.

No. 2002852

When it comes to south east asian guys some thai "gay" actors look good, e.g. Apo of Kinnporsche who was a model when he was younger. Most of them somehow happen to have chinese blood tho and look very different to the normal, usually rather short sea guy.

No. 2002855

File: 1715721215624.jpg (272.11 KB, 1920x1080, MV5BMTQyNzExZjctNGNkYi00MGEwLT…)

a filipino moid i'm willing to consider is Marco Gallo from the Rain in Espana, but in some photos he looks like shit, in others he looks somewhat cute. i need he needs sunscreen and skincare bc he looks his best in photos blurring out his skin texture, and plucking between the brows bc they look too close together, also ban any barber from giving him that "little more on top" and trimmed at the sides haircut, i think hairstyles that round his head suit him.

No. 2002857

I only say that because I live in Hawaii, and there are a lot of handsome men there. I am very biased however, as most of them were nice to me where I am, more nicer than East Asian men to me. I’m fairly tall, so I was actually talked down to by them, lol. East Asian men were the cruelest to me and the women on my moms side, so that may be why I don’t like them as much as south Asian men. I’m half East Asian myself, but I prefer Filipino men. They’re more nicer to me, and I like tanned men anyway. I do notice that they are short, though, but I’m willing to overlook it if they have a cute face and a cute personality, since I’m quite tall for my state anyway.

No. 2002864

speaking of islands, what about polynesians? only stereotype i hear often is that they're "huge" which usually means either a guy is muscular and tall or fat and tall, the former seems appealing,

No. 2002872

I like them too. A lot of them are lean/muscular/buff, but there are a lot of muscular fat ones as well (think of the guy from moana, or the rock), but a lot of them are extroverted/outgoing from what I’ve seen. They’re also really nice usually, I think a lot of them are handsome too, but it depends which part of the islands you’re on, a lot of the handsome ones are usually on the city side. The only other islander group of men in Hawaii that I can think of is Micronesians and Samoans, Samoans are known for being huge, but I don’t have much of an opinion on them. I do not really like Micronesians though.

No. 2002876

>see Haruma Miura
>get sad
why couldn't it be an ugly hollywood pedophile who bit the dust

No. 2002889

Nonas can cry all you want but you WILL become attracted to 30+ year old males when you reach that age, mark my words.

No. 2002894

File: 1715723532748.png (1.37 MB, 1286x858, yyX3wjG.png)

I kinda like the asian guy from riverdale, he's also a lot more natural looking

No. 2002902

No one cares. Take it to >>>/g/363202

No. 2002914

As much as i agree with this thread, i can't back the idea that men over 30 are never appealing. The core issue is that men just seem to use age as an excuse to stop trying to preserve their looks and a lot of them start going bald.

No. 2002919

Yeah, at least the 30+ old males that still look attractive (rare)

No. 2002923

File: 1715725414716.png (1.73 MB, 1215x685, hair.png)

The biggest psyop of them all is "men's body hair is attractive". No, it's fucking disgusting and more men should remove all of their body hair on a regular basis.
Weirdest double standard ever that people find this ugly on women and not men when it looks absolutely revolting on men and they are much hairier. How subhuman are men that they are so bald on their scalp but produce hair in the grossest ways possible, like chest and back hair? It's insane how much better the male body looks when they are in shape and have no body hair besides the hair on their head, eyebrows and eyelashes. Beards and mustaches are ugly too, shave that shit off. If I was about to have sex with a man and he undressed to reveal his chest hair I would leave the room because I am not attracted to chimpanzees.

No. 2002927

I will never forget the mid/late 30s guy at the gym who helped me one late winter evening at the gym with some exercises about 9 years ago
He had a full head of jet black hair, fair skin and piercing light blue eyes, he was tall and wore a long sleeved black compression shirt and black sweatpants
and yea, he was tall too
I think I would've made love to him right then and there if he asked me too kek
my only gym crush , I still think of him sometimes
It's possible for men to look good 35+, but it's fucking rare , coincidentally I know some cases, and what makes it even more impressing is that they're easter europeans
nah I'm in my 30s and all the men I find cute hover around the late mid 20s mark

No. 2002930


No. 2002936

No, i won't. Disgusting. If you like 30-34 year olds, i'll let it slide, but liking 35+ geriatric paternity age scrotes is paraphilia.

No. 2002937

I really can’t grasp why anyone would “prefer” hairy body. I can tolerate it, sure, especially if it’s not heavy, but to prefer? Lol no

No. 2002948

fucking pickmes and moids trynna derail the thread. What was the point of this comment? Are you post wall and ugly yourself?

No. 2002957

I did reach that and yet on my way, I guess, to find an attractive man of my age. I don’t mind it, I really don’t think all men hit the wall at some point, but those who didn’t are so rare in the wild. The worst thing - many of 30+ men are bearded cavemen, even those who are not fat. Fucking beards. It’s so bad. So no - I didn’t magically start to like older men and it’s not even about their natural geriatric features, but decisions they make (lifestyle and styling) that’s why I currently dating a younger one

No. 2002971

Old fart.

No. 2002978

looks at my husbando

No. 2002982

Nonnas, remember the graph, that was posted around here somewhere, where it was shown that men across all ages preferred women ages 20 to 22 max (and it was suggested, that researches just didn't let them to choose younger), but women tended to choose men around their age or a bit older even? I believe this is women correcting themselves to be "attracted" to a man of an "appropriate" age, because you'd be literally a pedophile if you like 20 year olds. You can be called a pedophile if you like a 20 year old guy at 24 as a woman. Meanwhile, with men - no one cares, even though they're the predatory ones.

No. 2002996

That “study” was conducted on a dating website and had a smaller amount of participants, it’s not necessarily accurate. It still shows that a lot of men on dating apps are looking for young women to hook up with, which is creepy, but the majority of relationships irl have an age gap of two years or less, and the next most common age difference is 3-5 years.

That graph is often paired with the graph that compares the average age of leading men and women in movies, which shows that actors still get leading roles throughout their careers and are usually paired with young starlets under 30, regardless of how old he gets. Those two charts combined make it seem like males strongly prefer teenagers and young adults but it’s not completely true, it’s kind of a meme.

No. 2002999

why do ugly moods feel entitled to have beautiful women? I've noticed it's always the uglier ones who are the most vicious to average looking women (and possibly the ones who believe Instagram girls are natural lol)

No. 2003003

File: 1715729660949.jpeg (65.76 KB, 960x540, IMG_2232.jpeg)

Facial hair almost always looks disgusting and ugly, but it can look “ok” in rare circumstances. I think Tom Hardy as Alfie looked ok with a beard because it fit his styling and bone structure. Anons could argue that he looks haggard, unkept and ugly here of course, but it’s partly his character styling and the fact that he was almost 40 here so obviously riddled with typical scrote defects like forehead wrinkles and other such things

No. 2003010

File: 1715729941284.mp4 (1.9 MB, 576x1024, adbbfbc050a80b683bb70a2da7ab1a…)

All the comments too are from other women telling her she made a mistake and that he needs to glue it back on. He went from 35 yar old hobo to 25 year old normal cute ish guy, and thats BAD?? I feel like I am alone(apart from you ladies) in a bizarro world

No. 2003013

No, he actually does need the beard holy shit he looks like a turbo autist

No. 2003016

She needs to break up with him. "He's only attractive when half of his face is covered with pubic hairs" THEN LEAVE??

No. 2003017

Whenever women tell a guy that he looks better with a beard, I feel like this is an indirect way of calling him ugly. "You look hotter when you cover half of your face" type shit kek

No. 2003021

nice hair but this hairstyle doesn't fit his face shape

No. 2003024

A beard just means he doesn't eat pussy.

No. 2003039

File: 1715732841859.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.87 KB, 600x901, 7cc8ed06baf39a0736c6c6b79af430…)

When I say I like chest hair, I mean really light hair in thr middle between the pecs only. Something resembling my chest hair, and preferably in a light color. The image on the left was NOT what I expected a hairy chested man to look like shirtless. It's horrifying, doesn't help he's also ugly. Found picrel while looking for an example of the chest hair amount I prefer, didn't find a good example but I like how this guy looks and the hair doesn't bother me that much because I'm too distracted by the face. Spoiler for chest hair.

No. 2003040

Chin wig

No. 2003051

i hate when people say that if you like a shaven man you must be a pedo. Meanwhile no one says the same for women, who are expected to shave their entire bodies and pussy. I personally refuse to shave if my scrote doesnt do the same for me.

No. 2003077

I don't like it on men under the age of 35. I don't like the way men use it to try to look mature as young as possible, it always looks so bad and i feel like this ideal shouldn't be pushed on young men. Also the pube beards make me so angry, some men just need to accept that they can't grow facial hair and it's for the best that they can't.

No. 2003079

Beards being trendy is God's way to punish me for my sins, even when I come accross a guy who could be good looking I always think "but he needs to get rid of the beard… and of those awful tattoos"

No. 2003093

People here love to get angry when you say it but yes, tattoos instantly nerf appearance

No. 2003120

File: 1715740556950.png (1.74 MB, 1237x1282, real gamergate.png)

i hate whiny scrotes who complain about ''muh booba censorship'' when they already have 3 bajizillion boob and ass games meanwhile we can never get shit because scrotes piss and shit themselves at the sight of an attractive character or male characters women like

No. 2003121

File: 1715740713725.jpg (43.27 KB, 480x360, 1000001447.jpg)

Nah fuck this weird looking motherfucker and all his attempts to disguise his age in youthful styles that only make him look older

No. 2003124

I'd print this picture and stick it anywhere i can, hack the times square displays to advertise it, but all i can do is work hard to make the attractive moids myself and hope i'll be able to make other women happy. Revolution. Also
>metal slug
Kek i didn't play it but is that more about the female characters? I agree that they lost all the cool appeal when they pretty-fied them like that

No. 2003125

Omg you guys are so autistic

No. 2003127

>Kek i didn't play it but is that more about the female characters?
its about the double standards. The moids stayed equally ugly and the women turned into blow up dolls

No. 2003128

That's Sadie Sink.

No. 2003133

yeah wanting a man with a decent hairstyle, good skin and no unibrow is soooo weird omg

No. 2003135

its because he's hideous, anon

No. 2003136

Hypergrooming rarely looks good irl. Pictures of Asian drama actors with four filters on, toppik hair powder layered four coats thick, full face and spackle over their skin is not realistic and never will be kek

No. 2003141

nta but imagine if a moid in a moid imageboard said the same. You are part of the problem, let men feel insecure over unnatainable standards.

No. 2003142

but what >>2002855 said isn't even hypergrooming that's just basic stuff. women do way more than that on a regular basis

No. 2003144

Nta but you sound autistic for taking that from a nona that was talking about decently grooming a moid in completely normal ways rather than having him look like a plant that was abandoned.

No. 2003150

My point was that those things would not make him more attractive

No. 2003155

Moids have so many years to look as old and ugly as they want. Yeah he's not stunning but damn at least he looks like his age and one can actually see his features rather than staring at a gross forest growing under his nose. Even if i was a hideous moid i'd hate myself for being a coward that hides under unhygienic shit.

No. 2003156

NTA but it would make him at least slightly less ugly, even if only a tiny bit. Like those changes are the bare minimum.

No. 2003159

Why call it even hypergrooming then? Kek it doesn't change that it would 100% make him look better thanks to following common and normal beauty standards. There are moids refusing to lose weight or lose the veil of shame on their face, asking for an unibrow removal shouldn't be so hard.

No. 2003160

that doesnt mean he doesnt even have to try

No. 2003164

Oh yeah damn, my bad because i do think that the grungy ones were still cute but yeah the men were always ugly. I had some remains of the psyop in my nerve system.

No. 2003175

unbased opinion, shaving is a total psyop for both genders. most humans have body hair, it's part of the package.

No. 2003176

lmfao that is exactly what he looks like oh my god, I can never unsee this

No. 2003178

Motherfucker he does try. All the spackle toppik and male daily natural makeup in the world won't save men from themselves.