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File: 1655487496630.jpeg (207.47 KB, 1200x630, 2E0AEBC6-8C41-490B-9818-0C81D0…)

No. 34548

jannies and admin missing edition #9

previous thread: >>>/meta/33094

No. 34552

ffs. Clean up the raid in /ot/ and open up applications for new mods

No. 34555

once they upon applications it’s probably going to take them months to vet the applications. it’s entirely pointless

No. 34559

Bug porn in /meta/ thread

No. 34560

God I wish the anon who made the img board survey is still around and making a new one. I'll help you out if I can!!

No. 34561

Please do something about the scrote raid in the Mike guys thread on /snow/

No. 34562

File: 1655488000520.jpeg (115.88 KB, 750x739, 24742B15-7309-48E2-8EF4-F9676C…)


No. 34563

scrote on the lose in /ot/

No. 34568

Scrotery of the highest order going on rn

No. 34572

Jannies and admin are useless at this point

No. 34574

This has to be one of the most autistic attempts at a raid I've ever seen. Imagine saving this much scat, bug, and nikocado porn to your personal computer. Moids are truly hopeless. kek

No. 34575

too busy looking at people’s post history and banning /ot/ posters for bumping threads but not the actual porn and unfunny memes being spammed

No. 34578

File: 1655488664640.gif (9.58 MB, 680x382, mendiegodlaughs.gif)


No. 34579

Can’t believe anons really express their true feelings about the moderation and when the jannies finally come online to do the bare minimum they turn around and praise them. Moderation can only be done by NEETs or losers. Look at Reddit where lots of moderation actually exists. This website can’t exist because 90% of the user base who applies to become a mod actually has a decent normal life outside of the imageboards kek

No. 34582

i was curious what that avocado scrote's onlyfans content looked like but i always had other things to do, but now i know. KEK i can't stop laughing at his face getting railed by another obese scrote

No. 34583

Mods I'm begging you, OT is full to the brim with scat porn and other scrotery rn

No. 34585

Hey remember when we were bitching about the one tranny delivering milk? Fun times.

No. 34586

I can't believe you admitted to racebaiting and using a vpn ban evade. I'm not even a mod, I have no access to your post history lmao.

No. 34588

he’s still going. Those threads have been up for hours. And he’s literally everywhere.

No. 34590

I am thankful at least one farmhand is FINALLY here, but like what the fuck? Why is there no communivation from the admin or any of you? There are so many people willing to help, me included. But NOTHING, no communication, not a peep.

Oh, what a lovely time that was.

NEETs are ideal, but non-NEETs could be useful too if there is just enough of jannies.

No. 34593

there's that cat shit parasite webm in the Cat Love Thread thread

No. 34594

Mods delete these:

No. 34595

This. WE CAN FUCKING HELP YOU, wake the fuck up jesus christ.

Or is there something you are hiding about the admin, that's why you do not accept any jannies?

No. 34596

I don’t even speak Spanish but there has been a pic of nikocado avocados gaping asshole and saggy balls on the Latin thread for 3 hours now. Delete it blease la creatura el làrgo horriblibô…

No. 34598

Kek imagine the state of the site when the fucking spammer give you tips holy shit

No. 34600

Kill yourself, please.

No. 34601

What do you mean anon?

No. 34603

File: 1655492758743.png (289.71 KB, 989x587, 1647465954691.png)

>still posting
>total lack of awareness and any form of empathy
>unintelligent in differences board culture
>unironically partakes in raids and uses a website dedicated to wojacks
>uses buzzwords
Holy shit, the Y chromosome is a defect. Let us pray it's genes never spread.

No. 34604

He posted what vpn he uses and adviced the mods to ban those specific ones lol

No. 34605

>I'm not mentally ill

No. 34607

Is this that troon that kept posting about how he was upset that he's not welcome even if he's posting milk here in /meta/? I didn't keep up with the drama but I did see a few posts and they sound similar

No. 34609

>still posting and trying to defend himself
What a retard. Again, kys.
Wouldn't be surprised if it was a troon.

No. 34612

File: 1655495355893.jpg (27.65 KB, 373x235, 1655017205051.jpg)

No. 34615

Moid is back in OT. Bait threads at top

No. 34618

I don't think it's that tranny but Mike is a tranny (kind of) and the other idiots involved like Naught are at a minimum tranny-adjacent, but what they all have in common is misogyny. (I am not sure if there is a single natal woman that posts on lolcow.org) They are all stirred up by the tranny doing gayops for his own amusement and now they are doing their gay little panty raids. They are like little boys it is pathetic.

No. 34619

Gay-ops means you planned it with others, I gaslit them, it's different tyvm.
I don't remember doing this, might have been my imposter, I have not been drunk in a while.

No. 34620

He's still going in this very fucking thread and on other boards, and mods are nowhere to be seen. AGAIN.

No. 34621

The moid is so bad at trolling that its painfully obvious he keeps trying to bait anons (but fails) all morning. Does he even have a life lmao

No. 34622

File: 1655539379475.png (7.61 KB, 512x100, ew.png)

Can something please be done about the fucking drive-by hags that keep going into the baby thread in /g/ just to be nasty?

No. 34623

anon idk what you expect from an imageboard, its not a mommy forum…

No. 34626

There’s been unspoilered unsaged porn in the Micheal Thurlow thread for 9 hours

No. 34627

there were gifs of women having bugs going in or out their vaginas

No. 34628

It's the moid stop reposting him


Don't repost the moids shit good god

Or maybe it's the y chromosomoid repostin it himself

No. 34630

Troll(s) in this thread >>>/pt/879844

No. 34631

In the miniscule chance you are not in fact a scrote, you literally get banned for reposting their shit jsyk. You can link to the message instead, if you feel just reporting it is not enough. You did report it, right?

No. 34632

It shouldn't be allowed to bump these threads
>absolutely retarded shitposting
>dumbass shit
>mundane shit
They clog up so fast anyway. Yeah they're entertaining sometimes but it's annoying that several of the threads on the first pages are just chatrooms. They don't encourage discussion or quality posts.

No. 34633

>They don't encourage discussion or quality posts.
kek what do you think the off topic board (which was originally called /b/) is for anonna

No. 34634

Lmao, maybe choose a site more suitable to your High IQ Posting then? Or hide the threads?

No. 34635

I get it, but these chatroom threads have really taken over the board.

No. 34636

it's no different from before. just hide them.

No. 34637

You can hide threads. I have hidden like half of /m/ since I do not care about anime or husbandos, but of course nonnas can discuss things they like. You can also bump the treads you like with High Quality posts to encourage discussion, or start threads yourself. Be the change you want to see.

No. 34638

You can hide images too but you can't unsee bug vagina.

No. 34640

File: 1655552877940.jpg (11.46 KB, 333x499, 31LzzvRZXHL._SX331_BO1,204,203…)

Jannies left up bug porn, pony porn and CP in the Mike thread but called a nonna a tranny.
You tranny jannies really fucking suck at your job and it's snowing hard. Y'all are obviously moids if you're trying to sniff out the tranny so hard.
Tranny chasing jannies leaving up all sorts of scrote shit to call nonnas trannies and hand out a ban I can avoid by refreshing my mobile browser.

Fucking retards, go rope.(assmad tranny)

No. 34641

Even if that was the tranny they're supposed to not bring up that they don't have a vagina.
Enforce all the rules don't get jealous that a tranny looks better than you.
Shit clowns.(tranny)

No. 34642

File: 1655555096354.png (1.02 MB, 882x1260, 1649999290567.png)

Butthurt tranny spotted


Lol what, no, I've never fucking posted in those threads. I just do not personally care, you can enjoy your anime men in peace though.

No. 34643

You know mods can see you using different ips even if you use a vpn right? fucking idiot.

"they are supposed to not bring up that they don't have a vagina" lmao tranny you have no rights here

No. 34644

The trannies have gotten bolder and bolder recently

No. 34645

Belle-fag detected. Keeps spamming Jodi in >>>/w/220907 too

No. 34646

Why was there a Trash Taste thread made when anons are still cross posting everyone who exists who's a Jvlogger? Mods, lock Trash Taste and make everyone come back to this thread or ban posts that anons specifically made a new thread to post this shit it,but refuse to do so.


This begins in Trash Taste, not Jvlogger now, if they want their other thread. They need to keep those guys in their containment discussion thread.

No. 34647

Moid upset at a girlboss detected

No. 34648

File: 1655561566250.png (38.87 KB, 592x388, 852F212C-577E-4E2D-AF48-096A80…)

>don’t get jealous that a tranny looks better than you

No. 34649

Aki and Joey also already have their own thread, so why are the anons still posting about them and reposting posts, in the other threads too? There being 3 threads makes absolutely no sense. >>>/w/221096 was already posted in >>>/w/220589

No. 34650

>>34649 agree. Also if more discussion was directed to the jvlogger thread maybe it would help dilute the Santorini pool tinfoiling by idiot anons with zero life experience.

No. 34651

shayna thread is absolute hell right now, it’s been constant infighting for over 8 hours. we need a cleanup immediately (with actual red text bans because otherwise it’s just going to keep going)

No. 34652

I came here to post about this. One of Shayna's fellow ewhores derailed the thread to defend herself because anons weren't impressed by her bellow minimum wage earnings.

No. 34655

It’s been 21 hours and over 100 posts now of this bullshit. Farmhands please come wrangle these tards

No. 34656

Came here for this. Reporting isn’t doing shit

No. 34658

I wouldn't be surprised if he talks about how the women at LC didn't want to help him on whatever site he's going to which is going to attract some of them here.

No. 34659

Gore in /ot/

No. 34660

File: 1655598204184.png (326.06 KB, 500x375, 162622-Cute-Bunny-In-A-Basket.…)

thank you for cleaning it up jannies!

No. 34661

Don't go on /g/

No. 34663

It's the newfag moid >>34657 he's butthurt farmers didn't help him or whatever so now he's posting gore

No. 34664

Hard r in /ot/

No. 34665

Gore in /ot/

No. 34666

yeah I wish I were high. I need to smoke now. Moids are the worst garbage in existence. No one give birth to males. they are a defect. Avoid /ot/ for now, nonnies

No. 34667

Gore in /g/

No. 34668

how the fuck is the anti-fujo sperg who caused a huge infight and derailment in the vent thread not banned yet?? Also i wouldn't be surprised if they are the ones spamming gore too.

No. 34669

Can make a rule to bully zoomers out of using dry ass Shrek memes in response to everything? I like Shrek as much as the next gal but they really do stick out like a sore thumb kek.

No. 34670

stop snitching it’s an imageboard, you clearly just want them banned because they’re anti-fujoshi

No. 34671

Open up janny applications because gore has been left up in /g/ for 2 hours

No. 34672

>stop snitching
because you are breaking the rules and no one likes you.

No. 34673

cat gore in g/ is still up…

No. 34676

It's gone now

No. 34677

Yes, when the mod applications were open you were prompted to select a board to moderate.

No. 34678

Is the gore etc gone now?

I like that there was literal animal gore being posted but this anon was ANGY at SHREK MEMES lmao

No. 34679

Also came here to post about this, the infighting and derailing and baiting is still going despite reports, the thread needs red text bans because this is ridiculous

No. 34680

File: 1655619796590.jpg (84.64 KB, 735x477, 90-percent-of-millennial-coupl…)

No. 34681

File: 1655620722555.jpeg (92.73 KB, 569x349, A28D0471-D3B1-417F-926E-9966E9…)

You’re not you when you’re hungry. Eat your Shrekfast.

No. 34682

There's a retard in the vent thread who tries to convince people they are autistic, can we ban her/his ass?

No. 34683

Spam thread in /ot/ posted in the last twenty minutes.

No. 34684

Some anon messaged a cow (cece) anonymously on the proana thread and screenshotted it and posted it to the thread and other anons where encouraging this behaviour

No. 34685

Race/religion-baiter in the celebricows thread. Keeps spouting “anti-Jew” shit.

No. 34686

He moved to the conspiracy thread now.

No. 34687

Derailing about npd narc mommies from a trauma dumping retard in mtf. Sorry jannies

No. 34690

Racebaiting moid troll in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 34691

homophobe is derailing and shitting up the thread in Mtf /snow/

No. 34693

seething scrotum is back in the manhate memes thread kek be prepared and tread with caution if history should repeat itself nonas

No. 34694

you just know he's taking his time to find wojak no.17395847394 of woman archetype he got rejected by to "le own the foids"

No. 34695

File: 1655743458297.jpg (37.08 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-536664974-612x612.…)

It's incredible how upset he is at mean images saying moid bad lol. AND HE KEEPS COMING BACK what a loser lmaooo

No. 34696

Still going strong

No. 34697

Can you guys ban this tetarded and spastic !!!!!!! using anon? They fly off the rails in multiple threads, constantly ban evading from Belle's thread. >>>/w/221862 Typing the way they do, honestly they come off as underage.

No. 34698

The homophobic derailers in the mtf thread are making it such a chore to enjoy.

No. 34699

Why is this thread allowed?

No. 34700

Because the jannies are AFK

No. 34701

There’s been a shit thread on /pt/ for 4 days now. Jannies are on summer break

No. 34702

I think the tinfoil, coof, tradthot etc threads attracted schizo /pol/lutants to lolcow and they've made themselves at home. Compare last week's pride threads to this year's and you'll see how bad the problem's getting.

No. 34703

*last year's

No. 34704

The degenerate sex workers are posting in Shayna’s thread again

No. 34705

weird cp image has been on /m/ for like 3 hours

No. 34707

Doubt complaining here is worth it, but some redtext bans or note from farmhands about the stupid racebait, blogs, and infighting would be appreciated. I always report this shit like we're supposed to but apparently we have to reeee like the wk anon to get a little intervention. I hate race autists on both sides, fucking boring and cancer to every society. Here: >>>/w/209757

No. 34709

Still there…

Jannies please..?

No. 34710

idiot man posting dicks on /ot/ jannies

No. 34711

Paging jannies, scrote is posting small penis in m.

No. 34712

Appreciate the fast removal this time jannies! What a pathetic little shit lol

No. 34713

Ditto, thanks jannies.

No. 34714

if i see "sage for blogging" in a cow thread one more fucking time i'm going to say a bad word (to myself (in my head))

No. 34715

Is sage not required in /pt/? I know at some point it was disabled but idk about now.

No. 34716

File: 1655832630222.jpeg (761.79 KB, 828x1351, CF9D9EC5-5E54-4A6C-A73F-AC7715…)

/pt/ seems to be an unchecked wasteland where rules don’t matter for some reason. I don’t think farmhands care enough to check up on it anymore. Like who is this guy and what makes him /pt/ material?

No. 34717

we were abandoned long ago

No. 34718

Can the infighter in the autism thread catch a ban

No. 34720

Did a janny accidentally take the Venus thread off autosage? There's no new milk and half the replies are illiterate males who can't sage, please put it back on autosage jannies ♥

No. 34722

The same ones derailing about veganism in the Sharla thread and the ones in the Belle thread going on about queerbaiting as if that exists.

No. 34724

File: 1655859584442.jpeg (114.89 KB, 785x323, 575A21EE-13CF-405C-9401-0FDBC8…)

That thread is such scrote bait it’s insane. It’s too bad, she’s a good cow but it’s unreadable

No. 34726

"Actual milk", meanwhile a week's worth of posts on the thread is all insane nitpicking over a piece of hair in a pic she posted.

No. 34728

Male chimping in reddit hate thread.

No. 34730

Retard spamming /w/, there's Nikocado porn don't scroll

No. 34731

And /ot/

No. 34733

he’s been spamming this site for months, stupid fucking fag needs to get a life or some friends it’s honestly just sad at this point

No. 34734

Nikocado porn and scat spamming

No. 34735

can't VPN's get banned too, like does he just continuously buy more VPN's

No. 34738

>stupid fucking fag needs to get a life or some friends it’s honestly just sad at this point
What's even sadder is that you and I both know that's not going to happen any time soon, that faggot is probably going to spam until he eventually kicks the chair.

No. 34740

File: 1655877010002.gif (1.81 MB, 267x200, 89584B2C-7D76-4E32-B4E1-AD62D5…)

>he has to wait 30 seconds in between his spam

No. 34742

Anyone who finds Nikado porn anything but disgusting is either a faggot who wants to fuck him or a retard who's brain didn't develop past fifteen. Kindly, buy some rope and kick the chair, deep throat a double barrel shotgun or draw red lines against your wrist and neck with a knife. You will not benefit the world and no one will miss you if you die.

No. 34743

he's malding rn

No. 34744

he doesn't need to. he will die young without even meaning to. these losers have no real relationships, their hearts are for shit, their biology is for shit. men die young from direct but preventable action or disease caused by the negative feedback loop of chronic, purposeful aggression

No. 34745

lmfao why do the moids who dare to post here only ever confirm their total psychosomatic degeneracy you can't pwn us we already know you're subhuman

No. 34746

Tinfoil but I fully believe he jerks it to Nikado, he types like a faggot and what sane man downloads that kinda shit.

No. 34747

No. 34748

>funny gay shock porn
whatever helps you sleep at night, fag

No. 34750

kek you're right its faggot rage

No. 34751

"femcel site"

No. 34752

It's a clear example of gay male depravity

No. 34754

there's a dick pic in this thread for almost 30 mins and mods still haven't removed it

No. 34755

File: 1655878714806.jpg (21.04 KB, 656x322, IMG_20210502_090630.jpg)

consider doing this next time you wanna spam your fap folder

No. 34756

don't think /ot/ janny can

No. 34757

god what a pitiful and miserable take on the motivations of women

No. 34758

me man. i do stuff? you do stuff like that too. ooga booga

No. 34760

File: 1655879167807.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1646360745494.png)

they refuse to honestly compare picrel and the real and present danger men are to women, and fact that many men literally live to cause others misery, to the complaints of men, which revolve around how we do not want to fuck them. if our distaste for men wasn't warranted, we wouldn't have terminal faggots (who absolutely do not have fulfilling lives) posting obscene material "for fun" (admits it's for his own "fun") in our spaces. they prove it every time.

No. 34762

>Why is that so hard to belive? Im not some raging r9k incel fighting back against the evil roastie hole whore slut bitches i'm just posting some cados for shits and giggles
The problem is that you lack the emotional maturity to see that it is upsetting others and they'd prefer you to stop, you get joy at the expense of others. This site isn't some edge fest where you can post gore and porn and everyone will laugh. This isn't 4chan or 8chan or whatever the fuck is being used nowadays, this is lolcow and as such the users and culture are completely different because this site is primarily made up with women with actual lives. That and you sound like a faggot and should kill yourself. Imagine jerking off to Nikado kek.

No. 34763

retarded zoomer go back to where you've effectively proven you came from with your little "femcel site" quip. every point you think you're epic for is based on logical fallacy. you're attempting to be objective through deception (zoomers fav tactic)

No. 34764

>we have a moid who unironically saves and faps to Nikado porn
Every day my patience for the opposite sex thins.

No. 34765

dude for real needs to get a hobby that doesn't involve masturbating to nikado and being a Le Epic Troll
there's more to life than gay porn and imageboards!

No. 34768

It's okay faggot-kun if you wanna jerk off to Nikado, there's no need to lie. Just don't share it with the class, kay fag?

No. 34769

"no one jerks off to nikado" - someone who is obviously a homosexual and jerks off to nikado

No. 34770

>no one actually jerks off to cado coinslots
>he says as he downloads nikado porn
Nobody but you, faggot.

No. 34771

what are you trying to prove at this point? the users of this website know the userbase better than you and you're ignoring all testimonies because it doesn't fit your narrative. talk about disingenuous. kys for coming here to specifically find things you don't like and sperg when you find them

No. 34772

Can't you go jerk off to your weird gay fat fetish porn or, like, kill yourseld?

No. 34774

so just to recap:
>women who are aware that troons are dangerous men who want to invade our spaces and erode our sex based protections, and tend to be some of the worst men, as many of them are literally the violent/rapist fantasist incels who've gone down the troon pipeline = the same as the KKK

No. 34775

so you're admitting you're a fag? you love men? please go get laid hopefully he'll give you aids and we'll finally know peace

No. 34776

>angry tranny scrote chimps out at women only site because he's mad women want their own spaces where he's not included
many such cases

No. 34777

Must be a tranny or a tranny chaser. I don't know what their obsession is with black people. It's weird.

No. 34778

Nona he literally jerks off to Nikado and has porn of him too, wouldn't be surprised if he's subscribed to that blob's only fans. If the self entitled and willful ignorance and disingenuous way he talks and responds to others didn't clue you in that he's a faggot than I don't know what will.

No. 34779

the male rationale at it's absolute finest

No. 34780

>femcel board
>despite lolcow having a huge amount of well adjusted individuals who get laid and have relationships.
>the people we make fun of are horrible people doing things from scamming, lying, abusing others, etc.
I'm getting ptsd flashbacks of fucking Kaitlyn Tiffany.

No. 34781

to be fair some of them don't really deserve threads but most of the people he was targeting on /ot/ seem to rarely visit cow boards anyways

No. 34782

File: 1655883078921.jpeg (115.13 KB, 1062x1046, 1649057722490.jpeg)

Moid spamming retarded porn in /ot/

A tranny was uncovered to posting on /g/ friend finder thread, and hosting a server

No. 34783

still porn spamming on /ot/

No. 34784

>anons are just havin' a laff calling the spammer moid gay because he spammed nikado and tried to justify it
>spammer moid gets butthurt and starts spamming naked women

No. 34785

Weird porn in /ot/

No. 34786

It’s the male psyche in action. If they say foid it is fine but if women say it it is literally hitler kek. Men are the og SJW.

No. 34787

*say moid

No. 34788

Go wank to rk9 fags about saying foid and holding men accountable for sexism and I will give an iota of a fuck about men. “I’m like the black man and you’re the kkk.” Moids will talk like this but call women feminazis for speaking against sexism. Men are worthless and entitled rules for thee but not for me faggots.

No. 34789

Moids need to cope that the women who reject them are loses when im fact it’s projection. Simple as.

No. 34790

the new mtf thread is being derailed by a bunch of political sperging, there's so much I can't even bother reporting it all

No. 34791

Male conservative moid in mtf thread coping about cons.

No. 34792

It seems like theres a flood of moids recently. Sucks

No. 34793

Yeah, they're pretty fragile and easy to trigger and right now it's summer so a lot have nothing to do. Very funny watching them chimpout about women saying means things about them though. Just look at the retard in this thread who started rage posting porn and comparing himself to a black man fighting the kkk. Scrotes are truly delusional.

No. 34794

Moid who continues infighting in mtf thread has moved to ot dumbass shit thread to further continue infighting after not receiving applause kek.

No. 34796

Where have you been? Several several times have farmers wanted to become mods and jannies, practically begging, we just have extraordinarily poor communication with the admin so it can't be done.

No. 34799

Honestly I just wish Nonas would stop replying to moid posters it does nothing of value but egg him on to continue.

No. 34801

>Like this is objectively not true, women rape all the time and it's just tiring how NPCs
Hate to break it to you nonnie but men do commit an overwhelming amount of crime compared to women.

No. 34802

Is this a tranny posting as a woman or are you lost? Nobody gaf if your husbands or sons are offended at male crime statistics.

No. 34803

Oh good, exclamation anon is still here.

No. 34804

Men will cope with their dying breath about the fact that they commit the majority of violent crimes, like 90% not even a close split kek.

No. 34805

It's not a woman.

No. 34806

Thank you all for proving my point precisely, the 97% is a crock of shit and does not even hit the reported numbers by a long shot.
I came in here saying anyone going against the grain would be called a man, fucking easy to make chimps dance.

No. 34807

It talks about how people are NPCs for recognising rape is almost soley a male perpetrator crime. The majority of time a man is raped is by another man. Scrotes are truly delusional.

No. 34808

It's a tranny. Probably the gay moid who was spamming porn before in a rage and chimps out when women point out men being prone to sex based violence and attacks, even online with rape threats and posting gore/porn/child porn. Moids are literally retarded.

No. 34809

if we are looking at the same post, I don't know how you got to the conclusion that its a scrote? just because that anon goes against your beliefs or? just wondering if Im missing something here

No. 34810

Retard tranny please stop samefagging to defend yourself and 41% instead.

No. 34811

The fact that the only crime that women have over men is prostitution is really depressing and really says a lot about the state of things.

No. 34812

>Thank you all for proving my point precisely, the 97% is a crock of shit and does not even hit the reported numbers by a long shot.
The original meme says men commit 97% of rapes while in the table is is 96.5% and the meme also says men commit 93% of all sex offences, again, the table says men commit 93.5%. The table is accurate to the meme and the meme is accurate to the table, I don't know what exactly is a crock of shit about either. You're being willfully ignorant.

No. 34813

It is a male declaring us to have proved his point because we do not accept his blatant lying about women being just as bad despite women never being just as bad throughout history to the degree and quantity of the coddled moids.

No. 34814

Anons are still racesperging


No. 34815

there is some not-so-subtle racebait in belle thread

No. 34816

>Women rape all the time reee npcs I'm not like those other girls

Anon you're going to get raped someday and regret saying that shit. I suggest you stop challenging karma before it catches up to you.

No. 34817

NTA but did you literally just passive aggressively wish rape upon someone while trying to say women don't have urges to inflict rape on others?
Trick question.
You did.
Seriously I think a lot of people in the /meta/ thread freak the fuck out at very obvious bait, and it's not funny, it's just like are you that angry at life?
What did life do to you to produce this much salt?

No. 34818

Hey just being honest. There are people who really think that way.

No. 34819



No. 34820

You know what, fuck it, yes, I do think that women who say this type of thing should be raped, because it's extremely ignorant and detrimental to society, not to mention, pathetic and a sad attempt to grasp at a mere iota of male approval. Women like this can only be cured by experiencing the shit that they say does not exist.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 34821

Oh totally fine, I'm just saying it's very offputting to come in here to report something or see if anything changed and most of the time it's people calling each other men and being nastier in here than on most other parts of the site.
I'm more confused than anything really lmfao.

No. 34822

I hate that you're right, some people need pain to be empathetic.

No. 34823

>you're going to get raped someday
Such a normal and rational thing to say.

No. 34824

Begging mods to auto sage or lock any new egirls, camgirls and Myah Alanna threads. Seeing beyond-powdered milk and selfies of people bumped multiple times a day for no reason is so annoying. Hiding threads won't stop newfags and people who refuse to integrate. We need to show them that it isn't allowed even in their own spergy threads because it's shitting up the site and bringing more twitter and tumblrfags. Especially egirls because that thread is a hot topic among edtwitter and Instagram hikineet weebs, those are the last retards we need trying to make this place their personal burn book.

No. 34825

retarded moid posting porn in sex worker thread in /snow/

100% agree

No. 34827

please kill yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 34828

Moid spam in OT and in this thread. Reported. Help me find in OT

No. 34829

Ah shit, the Nikado fucker is back.

No. 34831

epic trolling sir XD here's your reddit karma also are you going to make it to the gay orgy tonight?(stop replying to males)

No. 34833

Sorry to your eyes in advance jannies.

No. 34834

imagine responding to someone who jerks off to Nikado porn. It isn't worth the energy nonnies.

No. 34835

Like talk about donating your time to a subhuman. Treat him like the chewed up piece of gum his mother does and ignore him like the trash he is. Nikado scrotes are just late term abortions waiting to happen.

No. 34836

I hate to admit it, but I have to agree with the genetic waste that also replied to you on this

No. 34837

They're coming from here and wait for when jannies are least responsive https://soyjak.party/soy//res/701405.html#701405

No. 34838

Did the friend finder thread get deleted? I wholly understand if so, I just wish farmhands communicated about it.

No. 34839

File: 1655923291894.jpg (185.14 KB, 373x327, 6c4.jpg)

>is a moid
>fag who faps and save nikado avacado porn
>uses a site dedicated to raiding and making soyjaks
>has low emotional intelligence and empathy
>white knights trannies

No. 34840

AYRT but stop acting so triggered in response to raids (cp raid excluded). The whole purpose of raiding is that they want gullible nonnies like you to respond out of offense

No. 34841

File: 1655923807522.gif (79.24 KB, 381x147, fQE0.gif)

You are all fucking retards who are unable to understand a simple concept

No. 34842

File: 1655924170875.gif (13.21 KB, 338x42, ED033510-6927-42F9-9050-E27D66…)

No. 34843

You are on the same level of retard as the moid raiders if you respond to them. It only gets them aroused.

No. 34845

The anon you're responding to sounds like a twitfag

No. 34846

File: 1655924576717.gif (78.54 KB, 439x177, fZyu.gif)

No. 34847

it’s still there for me?

No. 34849

Oh my god I'm blind kek

No. 34850

Can something be done to the scrote in every Genshin thread and his embarrassingly bad bait? It’s being going on for weeks. Whenever we mention how female characters are designed to look like hookers in Genshin he sperges about evil feminists, tumblr and Muslims. Every single time.

No. 34851

assblasted tranny seething in the mtf thread

No. 34852

nvm that was quick, thanks mods
he's probably gonna ban evade again though kek

No. 34854

Anyone else notice the influx of dumb motherfuckers here? I swear every second thread I look at has someone responding earnestly to what anyone over the age of 18 knows is hyperbole.

No. 34855

yeah he is back

No. 34856

It is summer, after all.

No. 34857

Ah, I'm in the wrong hemisphere but it should have been obvious

No. 34858

virtue signalling moid back in the mtf thread

No. 34859

I’m amazed he hasn’t gotten bored yet because no one has been responding to him.

No. 34860

Well, some of his posts are gone now so ty jannies

No. 34861

Some retard responded to 8 hours old paki-chan sperging also to continue infighting and shitting up the thread about hating western academics.

No. 34862

Men are so retarded kek. You can't call me a groomer, actually that makes you the pedo for thinking about me being a pedo. Men really be coping like this while posting child porn.

No. 34863

99% sure it's the same one that was whiteknighting trannies and spamming gay porn last night, he must be a highschooler on summer break and have nothing better to do

No. 34864

Right and he called you that bc of the cap another person posted from reddit about a young scrote trying on his mom’s bra like really? The reach is so far.

No. 34865

>what rule was even broken??
Being male. He is very bored. Good job though to nonnies who haven’t taken the bait.

No. 34866

All he can do is cope and say nooo everything is fake when it's been witnessed and stated by trannies themselves hundreds of times.

No. 34867

To add, it's like the men from aaginsthatesubreddits who hate terfs and post child porn to get their subs taken down. Like, moid, you own and distribute child porn. There is no good reason to have and post it even if it is to own the nasty women who won't call a moid a women because he says so.

No. 34868

Tranny is still going, lol. It's getting sad.

No. 34869

thank you to the based mod who keeps nuking the tranny chimpouts the moment he posts them

No. 34870

it's gotta be a highschooler with the constant "omg u guise are bullies bad evil bullies bullying trans ppl all day" like welcome to the real world bucko

No. 34871

seconding this

No. 34872

He is the ftm thread now. >>1569502

No. 34876

I assume the tranny still continuing to chimpout in the mtf thread is trying to get the thread locked.

No. 34877

Is that possible?

No. 34878

Ntayrt but I don't think so.

No. 34879

I hope not, this is insane

No. 34880

Well, it is a troon. Sanity was never exactly on the table.

No. 34881

Tranny still ban evading in snow. Please do your best to banish the pedophile groomer. Sorry about the retard jannies.

No. 34882

It's starting to get annoying now. How is he coming back so fast?

No. 34883

Is it actually a tranny though?

No. 34884

VPN switching probably.

No. 34885

depending how many IPs he has it could be impossible to stop

No. 34886

Yeah, it's pretty obvious. It's likely the bunker tranny from the last raid.

No. 34887

what's a bunker tranny?

No. 34888

he referred to himself as she in a few of his posts and hasn't left the mtf and ftm threads so I'd assume yes

No. 34889

multiple vpns clearly but whats with this new "bullying children" arc like…bitch where

No. 34890

It's just typical groomer projection, the old no u the groomer when we point out trannies being predatory males more often than the old hsts now (even though hsts could also be predatory, just less common because there used to be less).

No. 34892

Funny enough it was because we called a male troon who stole and wore his mothers close without her knowing a pervert. Moids truly cannot stop being degenerate and can only cope.

No. 34895

Kek, it started replying to itself.

No. 34902

To anyone wondering why the bans on resident trannies and moids don't work: it's VPNs. You are unbannable if you use one. And LC does not even block free ones that are readily available. Evading bans here is incredibly easy. And niw that the site is targeted by moids on their little hives, nothing can be done, except recruit more mods which they will not do.

No. 34904

Tranny is still ban evading in snow and in meta.

No. 34907

They should just impliment device + ip range/provider/useragent/cookie bans. I've seen some imageboards displaying that info per poster, so bans based on that shouldn't be impossible.

No. 34908

That sounds like a good idea too (I am not that tech-savvy though so idk)

No. 34909

You can change all of that

No. 34910

Please don't tell me anons have actually been using lolcow without a VPN…

No. 34911

Heads up, that will not work in the slightest and it won't even make it that much harder. Serial ban evader here and pet troon of the Rachel thread, essentially for me I would keep ban evading until I don't have more content on Rachel, she is a pedophile and I need somewhere to document her behavior.

Stopping raids is pretty easy, you slapfight them to a standstill and they log off. Farmhands ban me for doing that around here so I stopped and now the flood is back up. It really comes down to you ladies needing more staff. It won't stop people like me who are actually here to do something but it will stop low effort raids and troons that act like the gender they were born as.(you can also stop invading women's spaces )

No. 34912

Can you temporarily lock the Rachel thread until the "pet troon" gets bored and leaves?

No. 34914

I don't care about kf lmao

No. 34918

Yes but it's more effort than just switching vpns.

No. 34919

Samefag, but actually, if we ever have more staff, revealing the post history of any and all serial ban evaders and/or attention hungry trannies and automatically marking their posts (like admins did on kiki, mystery etc) would also help farmers to ignore them in the future.

No. 34921

I don't (I'm the one screething about them), but yeah. The moid might be right in that the only actual solution is hiring more staff. IMAGINE calling yourself a "pet tranny" tho jesus christ

Seconding especially for the moids and trannies.

No. 34923

LC has become so paranoid even honest women have been mistaken as scrotes.

No. 34924

File: 1656017704697.jpg (7.22 KB, 310x163, plan successful.jpg)

No. 34925

>LC has become so paranoid
>literally moid pretending to be one of us about 5 posts upthread

No. 34926


No. 34927

>slept through the past couple of years of Everyone I Don't Like Is A Tranny Or A Moid

Anyway, it's no wonder staff abandoned us. This thread is 90% anons completely losing their shit over trolls and then being confused that trolls keep coming here.

No. 34928

File: 1656056816674.gif (574.23 KB, 322x322, 122235326262.gif)

Newfags from tumblr, twitter and other shitholes think that the way to get what they want is to screech to a higher authority until their wish is granted. Anyone that's been around for a while remembers the old lessons of self moderation such as don't feed the troll.

No. 34929

This image makes me irrationally angry

No. 34930

This, no one HAS to take the bait. Just don’t respond to moids when it’s obvious they’re trying to troll. The one the other day was pretty relentless but usually they’ll give up if people just stop giving them attention.

No. 34932

I've never left. Most of the times when nonnas are mass calling out a moid, it's not because they merely disagree but because a bunch of factors like vocabulary and intend. It doesn't help that actual redtexted moids also use the same "don't be hysteric my fellow farmers, there are no moids here" gaslighting shit. Just fucking look at all the unashamed polfagging on /ot/ within the past few weeks and tell me with a straight face they aren't getting way too comfortable here. I'd rather get called a moid by a bitchy infight hungry nonna and ignore it than complain about all the other times it is called out rightfully.

No. 34933


These idiots won't shut up about this tinfoil regarding where a photo for promotional purposes was taken.

No. 34935

I miss when we would lock any kind of political thread. I mean it would be nice to be able to discus political matters in a constructive way but it always just draws in all kinds of /pol/ retardism

No. 34937

A mod deleted every single post I have ever made under that IP because I said if you don't want to get pregnant you should take birth control pills. Now there are a bunch of threads with people replying to nothing, very funny tbh. Mods are fucking insane tho.

No. 34938

Racebaiting in the roe v wade thread. There will probably have to be close moderation.

No. 34940

It's over for femcels.(tranny)

No. 34941

Birth control pills have severe side effects, can affect your heart, circulation, make you suicidal or depressed. There are other contraceptive options available but your idea it's "so simple uwu just don't get pregnant" means you're definitely 15 years old, lack life experience and are too young to be using lolcow

No. 34943

The search function on this site is ass and I wish someone would improve it

No. 34944

Scrote in Roe v Wade thread in ot sperging about murder vs rape.

No. 34945

Very apparent now that the "rape isn't as bad" anon is a troll and is baiting the thread.

No. 34946

It's a moid. Wake up jannies.

No. 34947

they outted themself as a scrote

No. 34948

Men want to prevent women from having class consciousness, it's the same reason they support/create trannies + being pornsick degenerates + financial benefit. Scrotes need women more than women need them and they know it, can't have women relating and understanding how they are seen and treated and trying to stop it.

No. 34949

File: 1656119770237.jpeg (71.1 KB, 622x622, 1655868375992.jpeg)

thank you jannies for cleaning up and sticking around

No. 34950

Make the yaoi spammer a moderator.

No. 34951


No. 34952

No. 34954

File: 1656124494557.jpg (59.96 KB, 563x760, f11660aab97a8cb32d1616379c77ef…)

fake and 3d-gay, i was the yaoi spammer.

No. 34955

thank you for your service.

No. 34958

Was coming here to let people know that some idiot is spamming Nikocado’s gross dick everywhere, and here it is again. Fuck off and choke, scrote.

No. 34960

Kek nikocado's dick looks like a fucking turd
not a scrote nonnies i promise

No. 34961

Only a male would find posting a fatty’s disgusting balls and asshole over and over entertaining. Otherwise you’re a really retarded scrotey female. Either way kys.

No. 34962

it's the same tragically gay scrote from a few days ago who simps for troons etc. he's deeply closeted and his dick pathetically flails like a deflating balloon when he manages to squirt a few sad droplets of cum from his tiny barely functioning cocklet.

No. 34964

Can he kill himself instead?

No. 34965

Terminally online incel try not to get baited challenge (impossible)

No. 34966

Scrote in mtf thread.

No. 34967

Nikoado’s asshole is in the roe vs wade thread

No. 34968

No. 34969

I know I shouldn’t laugh but the day has been so shitty I couldn’t help it when I read this sentence. My brain is just fried right now.

No. 34970

Cp on /m/ at the bad art thread, for some reason someone also thought it was a good idea to bump the thread while cp was still there….

No. 34971

CP in /m/

No. 34972

Cp still on /m/

No. 34973

Cp on /m/ been up for 3 hrs now

No. 34974

mods, please, for her own good, permaban parrapanon

No. 34975

Jannies are such squares.

No. 34976

If this is about the roe thread getting locked, anons were openly posting glowie bait so that’s probably why

No. 34977


No. 34978

Don’t forget yesterday when people were recommending things that will literally kill you.

No. 34979

doxing is not illegal

No. 34981

I think it should be okay to use hidden board for it. The thread was confirmed to be made by a moid and was infested with them.

No. 34982

Would keep out idiots and new fags as well

No. 34983

some deleted and they were just recs. anons pointed out the flaws anyways. such stuff is spreading everywhere on SM anyways. it's not like it was done maliciously.

No. 34984

lmao which thread is she at this time

No. 34985

why the fuck is the roe thread locked?? how are we, women, on a female imageboard, not allowed to discuss this major court decision?
are you kidding?

No. 34986

they locked it because somehow they think posting supreme court judge info/addresses is doxxing and this website will get in trouble.
which is ridiculous. really shows how stupid the people running this site are

No. 34987

they think it’s awful that you’re doxing men with ugly fucking mugs in the Supreme Court.i get why they deleted it because of the rules, the rules don’t care about doing the right thing they’re just going to be reinforced because there’s no admin present to allow things to slide. jannies can only do so much when there’s barely visible leadership

No. 34989

It is if it’s a government official.

No. 34990

Turned into? Even from the start the thread was full of bait and men pretending to be women in the verge of committing murder-suicide. Thing is, while 4chan incel and troon boards are aware of this site, every political issue will be surrounded by male trolls posting.

No. 34991

im pretty sure there is only two jannies on this whole site which is why the moderations is so bad.

I can see why though its easier for Ian to have to janny to manipulate and keep them in line because if he had more then the chances of one of them going and exposing him as a moid like they did in the past would be higher.

No. 34992

can't be true, because it seems like they're always banning people in every thread i post in
what's up with that?

No. 34993

Do not post the personal information and details of US government/senate members. Our host gets enough complaints as it is, we do not need federal attention to add in to that.

No. 34994

i saw that anon say it was public information though, its not doxxing if its public information? ian.

No. 34996

maybe in snow, but pt,m, ot and g have very bad inactive moderation. And it seems like the mods and admin ian are also ignoring anons who are telling them to open janny application's again.

No. 34997

Move it to the hidden board. That thread was a shit show and it was just pulling in more /pol/ tard males

No. 34998

let's not argue justifying it right now nonnies. let's just not to post stuff like that. it's whatever. i'd rather have our thread back than argue this.

No. 34999

today was fine

No. 35000

ot has more visibility. No one really goes to XX

No. 35001

how much more do we have to silence ourselves so we dont get males here, also the roe thread was a day ago and before that we still get raided and spammed so whats your point, when we choose to be silent we still get raided by males so there is no winning.

The real problem here is the moderation and you know it, the lack of communication or existence from the new admin is also something thats concerning.

No. 35002


You can stop spamming the thread already.

Do not post the personal information and details of US government/senate members. The reasoning is very simple, posting those attracts attention and problems lolcow.farm does not need. It is quite certain some services are working overtime to monitor websites and compiling lists we do not want to be on.

No. 35003

It’s unlocked, ladies; you can stop sperging here now

No. 35004

Thank you.

No. 35005

you forgot to use your farmhand account in this one >>35003

Also can you tell us why janny applications are hidden and whats going on with the new admin??(users are expected to contribute in a constructive way and are discouraged from posting low quality comments)

No. 35006

AYRT, I just have elf eyes, I’m not a janny

No. 35007

The pet tranny from the Rachel thread is the new admin.

No. 35008

I have no dog in this fight but I do think it's funny for the farmhand to say they're worried about being put on lists for the "dox" of what is supposedly public info yet cp gets left up for hours regularly kek

No. 35009

lol be careful nonnie so you dont get redtexted for ''low quality comments'' aka calling out the moderation.

No. 35010

The tranny jannied better without a broom, this site is such a shit show I love it!

No. 35012

>(users are expected to contribute in a constructive way and are discouraged from posting low quality comments)

do you know what site you’re on newfag mod?

No. 35013

In this thread too of all places kek

No. 35014

Men post CP. You underestimate the hate towards women in this country. Feds are programmer sock trannies with actual power, nonna.

Probably admin got a warning by the host, hence locking of thread and disclaimer just before it was unlocked again. Has happened before to other sites I visit

No. 35015

We all know its moids who come raid the place with cp, not sure why you even wasted your time typing that. The fact that mods are more concerned with anons sharing public info about politicians than the actual illegal stuff that gets left up for hours on a regular basis says a lot

No. 35016

If the host informs admin that stuff needs to go down or services stop, you really think that is when to stand her ground and remove one of the last female spaces?

No. 35017

What the fuck are you on about? Nobody said anything about removing female spaces kek. You must be one of the mods or something huh? kek like I said the fact that the mods (and the host)think public information about politicians being posted is more concerning than the actual illegal content that gets posted and left up for hours, then it says a lot about the state of this site and things in general(derailing infighting)

No. 35018

>everyone who posts something that does not fit my narrative is a janny
spotted the scrotoid. back to kiwifarms.(derailing infighting)

No. 35019

Why are you banning users in the complaints thread for complaining about the state of the site and its shitty jannies?(ban evasion)

No. 35020

Crazy the host doesn't seem to give a shit when child porn is posted. What's really going on behind the scenes

No. 35021

Interesting how mods are banning anons complaining about the moderation faster than when we have cp, spam, bait and gore here.

No. 35022

I am starting to believe the anons theory that Ian is back as the admin again.

No. 35023

can we please do something about the pakistan samefag and her systematic derailing of threads

No. 35024

You guys are so fucking dumb with how you've been ignoring basic concerns and questions about this site for months but can suddenly find time to post when anons are talking shit about you.

No. 35025

Farmhand is not the same as admin.

No. 35026

I'm aware dumbass. The problem is, they could at least tell us why it's been so silent, if both admins have really just been MIA or what the fuck is going on.

No. 35027

Can we get a farmhand in /ot/ to start redtexting the /pol/ moids who are using the tinfoil thread for their own personal jew and satan spergs? It's so obvious that there are alt-right cockroaches infesting it and now derailing talks of abuse on women to say that they don't want to talk about how moids are evil but are totes women guise. It's so transparent and the quality of the tinfoil thread definitely went down after covid since now it's just fucking low IQ vigilant citizen and transvestigation spergs.

No. 35030

fujo sperg in the bad art thread in /m/

No. 35032

Moid bait in roe v wade thread in /ot/.

No. 35033

File: 1656191890946.jpeg (154.74 KB, 750x1054, E77F4D40-5D4A-493E-BA87-14B008…)

kekk what is this?

No. 35034

You cut off the part about whether it says you are banned from all boards or not. Also says it's over in 2 hours, so are you seriously ban evading, if it says all boards, just to bitch about something over in 2hrs? jesus christ Get out of here.

No. 35035

You can post in /meta/ even if you are permabanned I think?

No. 35036

If it says all boards, I don't think so. I've had it happen before and it doesn't allow you to post even in /meta/. The report page just comes back up.

No. 35037

Ah I see, my mistake. I have seen some nonnas complain about perma bans in these threads so that's what I thought

No. 35039

Fucking amen, it's not just the tinfoil thread either.

Think of the consequences of outright saying that this site has no active admins nonnie. Though I hope that's not the case.

No. 35040

I don't know why you guys won't back this exclamation spazzing and spamming anon. They literally only post this shit and you know when they are posting too. They use large amounts of !!!!! constantly and have the same TYPING LIKE THIS style every time. They also keep derailing and it a main derailer in this thread, constantly pushing tinfoil like the Satorini shit when mods already said to stop tinfoiling about them dating and where photos were taken. They also need to learn to reply to multiple people at once, not spam a new post every time. Also samefagging a lot.


There is also this anon who keeps condensing reddit spacing, but only posts in that format. a new line for every new piece they want to bring up. They are also able to be pinpointed and you can spot them in these thread:


How many times do anons need to complain about these posters and how they fill up the threads with useless posts before they are banned and kept an eye on every time these posters come back with the same typing style and nitpicks? Its great you guys are keeping up with the bans, but these threads have been complained about for months. This Sharla and Chris shit is the most derailing. Still no milk and pretty sure its going to need to be autosaged again because of these anons. They are still tinfoiling about where a pool was. Come on.

No. 35042

File: 1656205002836.jpeg (36.51 KB, 1113x251, head scrote in charge.jpeg)

Well he felt the need to post this on the lolcow.farm thread on KF, so that might explain some of the influx of retarded scrotes posting on the subject. Nice one, Josh!

No. 35045

To be fair, the "condensed" reddit spacing is the standard way of writing on imageboards. Lolcow attracts more normies than the others which is why you see so many people write in nonstandard formats (but I agree that it looks nicer than the standard format)

No. 35046

They think lolcow will be doxxing when I just passed a tiktok doxxing all 6 justices lol Are these scrotes serious about who is actually posting the information of these people?

No. 35048

this from the guy that allows his buddies to doxx and humiliate innocent but autistic losery users that he claims to "protect". he's so full of it.

No. 35049

>users are expected to contribute in a constructive way and are discouraged from posting low quality comments

This is some Facebook tier shit the absolute state of this site

No. 35050

Boohoo read the rules, scrote

No. 35051

Kek I love when nonnies think they know who they're talking to on an imageboard. Didn't get banned, not a scrote, stop caping for a farmhand this autistic.

No. 35052

For me it will always be the time when Josh hid in the bathroom and made his mom answer the door to an angry tranny lmao. Him insisting that he totally would've faced off against the guy but he was stuck on the toilet (for several hours) will never not crack me up.

No. 35053

If anyone was in doubt about how bleak the future of this site is, that should be put to rest. Farmhands haven't said a word all year and when they do resurface, it's this. RIP LC.

No. 35054

Best jannies are always trannies, played yourselves.(tranny)

No. 35055


No. 35056

What a fucking retard lmao

Also confirms that he lurks consistently. Fuck off Jersh, you are an embarrasment.

No. 35057

He absolutely does (which also means he has known about the Elaine catfishing fiasco for what a couple weeks now?)

No. 35058

Oh he's been lurking way longer than that, he's shown pics from here on streams etc

No. 35059

Josh, just because two anons here want to have sex with you doesn't mean we don't see you as a USELESS PIG. TO THE GYM, FATTY.

No. 35060

Oh I know he's been coming here for years, he even made the cringe-inducing OP of the lolcow.farm thread over there. I just mean he'd have read a few weeks ago about someone catfishing Elaine as him and now it's blowing up big time and he had to actually address it over there.

No. 35061

samefagging to add fat, would not sex, etc.

No. 35062

Scrote has made a retarded thread in snow.

No. 35063

The persistence Josh has is almost admirable tbh. Hes been rearing his ugly head around here for atleast 7 years, there is an ancient thread on him that was moved to/manure/

No. 35064

Why can't he be discussed, why did they move it?

No. 35066

Anon was just talking about the oldest thread. He can be discussed, there is a kiwifarms general thread on /snow/ (might be autosaged), but it's full of onionfarmers and ex-kf moids

No. 35067

Ah I see, thanks. I'm not that into cows or /snow/, I only went to KF to laught at trannies lol

No. 35068

Josh is scared of trannies too, you should stay there, you'll like it better.

No. 35069

Cp on /m/ again on the tiktok thread

No. 35070

Null has handmaidens who keep him up to date on what happens on here, like Tesco. I don't think he comes here himself.

No. 35071

!!!! Anon in the roe thread again

No. 35072

But he has come defending himself here over the years lol

If you want a tranny haven, KF or 4chan is much more up your speed

No. 35073

4chan is the tranny haven, Josh unironically will either ban a tranny or try to get in their pants.
(Actual trans lolcow boards are invite only, it isn't some open thing where anyone could see what people are talking about like oh say, here)

No. 35075

tf are you talking about?

No. 35076

If true we need to make invite only boards unironically

No. 35077

It's a tranny babe

True or not (most likely is though, imagine the shit they say on there when they say absolutely horrid shit on public), we do need to make one. I've been thinking about it for awhile, but I have 0 web developing experience myself. Voice verification or similar, but I would like to keep the posting anonymous still. You would need an account most likely, and that would deter many (as your post history would be tied to an account visible to admin/jannies, yes?).

No. 35078

Use video with the voice, any way you gate keep you will be cutting out unfortunate looking and sounding natal women this way but it's the way to keep someone out. The sites I'm used to are not exactly trans exclusive, it's just not as tranny focused as someone not passing is not funny enough by itself.
Yes you would be easier to trace to the staff but not to the users, once a site gets to around 30 active users it's easy enough to mask. On the smaller places it is essentially namefagging everywhere because everyone will be able to armchair detective well in the first place and will have a small pool to eliminate.

You ladies do need it, everyone deserves their own spaces yo.

No. 35079

This, I think we should start with using the friend finder discord and it would be tedious but going through verification would be worth it

No. 35080

*meant thread. Using that type of idea

No. 35081

That is unironically what I do, it is a fantastic idea for you ladies because holy fuck do you get raided so fucking often.
(Discord lets you do video and voice identification and is open source so someone faking is easier to determine there than on other platforms)(tranny)

No. 35082

> You ladies do need it, everyone deserves their own spaces yo.
What the fuck are you still here for, you narcissistic piece of absolute shit? God I wish they would jannie me up exclusively to hunt every scrotish piece of bullshit you post. I hope all your handmaidens see a massive dick the next time they have to pee. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, fuck your fanbase for enabling you, and fuck staff for not dealing with it more aggressively.

No. 35083

> voice verification or similar
> but I would like to keep the posting anonymous still
These don't really go together lol

No. 35084

Mainly salting people like you.
They most certainly do not and that is the issue with keeping any place truly anon but wanting to just have one group in it, there never is a way to know. Hell we both know I could be larping as the tranny, it's not hard to do.
Poster above you doesn't but still.

No. 35085

Just report the post and move on, don't respond to the moid. Acting triggered is only going to bring them back to bait you harder.

No. 35086

You can tell them this all you want but it's determined to be the same person squawking everytime, just chimping out for over a month and calling everyone else a tranny just because one was in the Rachel thread, it's been amazing to watch on discord and off.

No. 35087

So the next time I go into the men's restroom you hope I see a hung dude, and that he's into me?
Thank you Tranny-Chaser-Chan, you are always so kind and thoughtful!

No. 35088

There's been multiple trannies hosting servers there. I want the cc/lc experience, without moids. Anonymous posting, but actions taken to weed out scrotum-havers.

Yes, that's the issue, they don't. Idk a better idea either though. One person (admin) knowing your post history and appearing anonymous to other users would be preferable to the raids and moids and no administration communication here, but I know many of you understandably would not agree. It would be iffy as fuck but I can't take the scrotes here any more.

What are you on about handmaidens? The tranny is avoiding bans with VPNs, he has been banned time and time again.

No. 35092

kek this is Elaine having a spergout again

No. 35093

> it's been determined to be the same person
People (or just one person, who knows) keep saying this but "determined" how?
> What are you on about handmaidens?
I mean his fan club of what feels like a small handful of posters who egg him on. Who knows though it could be all him?
> I want the cc/lc experience, without moids. Anonymous posting, but actions taken to weed out scrotum-havers.
So we're back to needing jannies. If this place wasn't anon, I wouldn't come back to be honest and I am sure others feel the same. I do post on namefag sites as well but also have a long history with imageboards and I like this place partly because of that.

No. 35094

Ah I see. Yes nonnas need to stop responding to him.
>If this place wasn't anon, I wouldn't come back to be honest and I am sure others feel the same.
Yeah, that's my thing too. I know jack shit about web development, but would it be possible to somehow have invite only/voice verified image board you can only access with an account to read or post, but the posting would still be wholly anonymous even to the admin? Man idk. But yeah, jannies are needed BADLY, but nmot a peep from the admin, if there even is one.

No. 35095

>I know jack shit about web development, but would it be possible to somehow have invite only/voice verified image board you can only access with an account to read or post, but the posting would still be wholly anonymous even to the admin?
That actually happens to be a bit in my wheelhouse and if you mean is it possible in any strong way the short answer is "yes" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-knowledge_proof but the actual answer is "not really practicably, no." If I were tasked with making that system work I might come out with something a little less rigorous that would require a little more trust in the site. I dunno though, it would make this site a new kind of animal that I'm not sure has existed out there before and it being a fairly traditional imageboard is part of it's charm for me. But this is asking for a technological solution to a social problem and that social problem is needing to about quadruple the number of farmhands.

No. 35097

File: 1656270770506.jpg (130.61 KB, 660x495, 0-15.jpg)

Personally I find it very amusing that people think they can totally tell what anonymous poster is the same person and who has a dick and who doesn't. I have been called a scrote on this site at least 50 times and still no dick has sprouted in my nethers. I think less paranoia and more report + ignore + move on would do this site good, but also I don't really care cause the paranoia and seething is funnier than the original drama.

No. 35098

>>>/m/200306 as much as i love sperging about how cringeworthy fujos are don't we two threads for that already?

No. 35099

samefag, it's just the fujo yume debacle thread now

No. 35101

Offtopic but you sound like someone I would follow in the real social media world, I like the way you think

No. 35102

Moid bait in roe v wade

No. 35103

The tranny menace of the Rachel thread is now adding avatarposting to his bucket-o-cringe >>>/snow/1573279

No. 35104

I knew all it would take was just using the same character she did!

No. 35106

Would be nice if you could become a farmland solely for the role of removing images. I wouldn't know how to handle infighting and knowing who to ban but my stomach for the shit that gets posted is decent enough.

No. 35107

Tranny posting Nickocado porn in lefthot thread.

No. 35108

Hey Spooky, log the fuck off the internet already you dumb bitch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 35109

There’s been little else besides weight sperging in Shayna’s thread for 24 hours and reporting the posts isn’t doing anything, where are the jannies?

No. 35110

Lost in the depths of Nikocado's asshole. They tried removing it but got sucked right in.

No. 35111

Inshallah they find back out

No. 35112

Moid spam in the roe v wade thread

No. 35114

Related to /meta/ how?

No. 35115

Tinfoil that the unhinged TiM is the only one posting in the Rachel and associated threads half the time. A lot of the posts where he refers to himself sound exactly the same in addition to lavishing praise on himself to a ridiculous extent. Unlike some of the other idiots involved he does know how to use a VPN.

I also know how to use a VPN and typically do but this, plus the CP and everything else (funny how this all tends to go back to Elaine) is starting to make me reconsider whether banning them is a good idea. I don't really want farmhands/admin to know where I live but if we don't have to put up with this kind of bullshit anymore it might be worth it.

No. 35116

Can you please ban the Taylor derailing in JC’s thread. I understand talking about her when they were still in contact but they’re not anymore. anons are using JC’s thread as a substitute because the TND thread maxed but nobody cares enough to make another one because she’s not milky anymore.

No. 35117

Letting the Elaine threads continue past the first one was a mistake. Worse when oldmin was already mentally checked out and getting ready to ghost. It's brought so much cancer and little of value.

No. 35119

It has to be, the thread is full of walls of text that are boring as fuck and retarded moidspeak.

No. 35121

Not only that but he keeps posting memes with his anime avatar in them and attacking third parties that he thinks are his enemies and now he's promoting some genuinely schizo theories in the Elaine thread too about Elaine being held captive in a hotel room and stuff like that. It's intolerable and I know farmhands are in those threads because Rachel's dox and Elaine's nudes got taken down within the hour but the moidposting and trannyposting isn't even getting a redtext the vast majority of the time. Please, jannies, please.

No. 35122

Eh, I don't support that tinfoil but whoever brought it up stopped the infighting. I make ya'll paranoid as hell.
There are two discords churning out memes and having fun impersonating me and you just eat it all up, like, they are trolling yoooooou lol

No. 35123

And now there's schizo posting too.

No. 35124

At this point can we just close all of the affected threads? Very serious suggestion.

No. 35126

That's probably Mike.

No. 35128

I don't know what you're replying since it was deleted but the constant attempts at "hi, cow"-ing and speculating on who various anons are, usually for incredibly little reason, is one of the majorly obnoxious things in those threads too.

Please lock all those threads, farmhands. They're not salvageable without massive moderation which clearly isn't going to happen.

No. 35129

I don't know who you are but he just posted about conducting a 'loli raid' so.

No. 35130

Samefag, this is insane, the farmhands can see more than just IP, it is probably one of the threads with the most unique posters on it. I could buy him being most of the posts in the Mike thread but not the Rachel or Elaine thread, that's schizo bullshit.

No. 35132

There has been the most retarded shitflinging fight happening in Shayna’s thread for 2 days now and I’ve only seen one redtext ban go out for it. Please make it stop

No. 35136

There have been bans for other posts in the thread but the weight sperging is being ignored, there’s no excuse for this incompetence when we’ve been reporting all the posts and repeatedly bringing it up here. Please just perms ban the ewhores already

No. 35137

File: 1656385130612.jpg (311.47 KB, 1080x2340, image.jpg)

Suggestion: ban every single thread and topic that is or could conceivably be made in /ot/ and /2x/ that has the potential to attract extremists, incels, pickmes, and schizos to the site- i.e. anything that touches politics that aren't directly related to women's issues. These threads add negative value to the site in and of themselves and there has literally never been a case of a successful containment board/thread on a large platform because deranged basement-dwellers take them as an invitation to stay and evangelize. pls

No. 35138

Examples of such threads?

No. 35142

Not sorry to say that that poster sounded like some other anons in some other threads before spiraling when he got caught. I've been saying for months there was a specific moid poster, but the vendetta scrote jumping around the threads kept getting ignored. Hopefully they can keep tabs on him now or something.

No. 35143

Nah I got yelled at enough, you all can deal with him now.

No. 35144

Political threads relating to women's righte need to be made on the hidden board. The fact that the thread is not immediately accessible and to know about the hidden board requires lurking for a while, would cut out at least 75% of the problems seen in threads in /ot/.

No. 35145

Infighting in ot twitter thread has been going on all day. Probably the Pakistani retard again considering the seething about the Handmaids tale novel and the recent situation in the US. Please clean it up so it can be used again jannies and not be like when the tinfoil thread was shat up by Paki-chan.

No. 35146

for the Nth time can we please close down the egirl thread ? its quite literally infested with nonsense nobody but the samefag engaging with it, that or incessant newfaggotry. there is literally 0 milk i dont see why it should still be up. that retarded kaliacc faggot barely even gets redtexted

No. 35147

Fridgechan still sperging about "twitter ewhores" to cope with her tantrum about shoulder width being poorly received lol

No. 35148

Where, do you have her number?

No. 35150

File: 1656452233074.jpg (87.95 KB, 966x386, techsavvy.jpg)

ayrt I said "half of the time" it is the Blaine/Erika person posting and even that wasn't intended to be literal. But a lot of the stuff absolutely reads like samefagging. There seems to be another character involved posting on the metokur forums caping for Erika but who knows that could be a sock.

As for
>farmhands can see more than just IP
see picrel, it's Erika saying that she knows how to circumvent this.

No. 35152

So this Erika is a tranny? And he also goes under the name Blaine ?

No. 35153

Correct. He is a certified schizocow with his own KF thread. Said KF thread was made by Michael/Angry Canadian who is an even bigger cow and definitely more malicious, but the Blaine/Erika has been trying his best for weeks now to use lolcow.farm as a platform to attack his personal enemies (Michael included) and to gain clout by shitting on easy targets like Elaine and Rachel. It is incredibly tiresome but he's really starting to tell on himself more and more and more.

No. 35154

Source on this intent and not just you projecting like you have been for a month now?
Hope youre one of the retards that fell for Mike and Elaine's gayop you faggot.

No. 35155

I wish nonnies like you could learn to stop shitting where you eat because the retarded tinfoil and lack of substance is killing this site even faster

No. 35156

Anon still refusing to ever post caps. This is the exclamation that keeps ban evading too.


No. 35157

there's new dick sperging in moo thread again.

No. 35158

File: 1656487876185.png (409.65 KB, 1034x1649, Screenshot 2022-06-29 03.29.04…)

Where did all these posts go? And no, it wasn't just one person deleting their posts. There is some autism here but nothing in comparison to elsewhere in the same thread. WTF is going on?


No. 35159

Says in the cap I do believe honestly.

No. 35161

Can you just fucking close the threads that bring this much drama with kf moids here, good lord. Why is the /meta/ thread filled with that shit?

No. 35162

God please yes and I've been involved in those threads. The trannies and kiwiscrotes are going to make a home here if not driven off by closing their favorite threads so better the loss of those (bad) threads than the infection spread.

No. 35163

I want the kiwifags to leave so badly, they shit up every thread they touch on here and can't integrate because they are so used to having an avatar and needing to be recognized in every post

No. 35164

Yes, it's so bad the jannies are labeling us regular users moids for calling them out on their bullshit, it's so weird how they let this site be run by Kiwifags who, FELL FOR A MIKE AND AN ELAINE GAYOP AND COULDNT WAIT BUT HALF A SECOND TO POST FOR CLOUT
Neutron Injector, you are a clout chaser, your schizo poster makes it even worse you dumb cunt.
I Am Vomit, never ever brought milk before in his scrote life and one of the people de-railing these threads based on timing alone.
Bonktrash - ILJ investigation bitch, you are the female moralfag you keep poop touching and inserting, I cant wait to see your halal you fat fucking bulldyke.
Melkor, stay in your lane and off the .farms you fucking man who jacks off to children cats, fucking furry pedo fuck!

No. 35165

I think the threads directly related to women's issues are fine on /ot/ because the actual normal women here are invested enough to tell scrotes and schizos to fuck off, but the tinfoil, ukraine, coof, religion etc. threads are only interesting to delusional internet-poisoned wingnuts that contribute literally nothing of value to the site.
One of my favorite parts about lolcow, and imo one of the reasons why it didn't go to shit through the years, is that the farmhands haven't been shy about banning topics and people, so I hope they do the same for non-women-related political topics.

No. 35166

>us regular users
>goes on to sperg about different KF moids that literally no one here on lolcow gives a fuck about

Can you stop being a faggot for like 10 minutes?

No. 35167

Kek exactly

No. 35168

Thanks for taking action last night janjans but the tranny is selfposting all over the Rachel and related threads again, it's incredibly obvious. Ban any mention of him and the threads would improve and/or whither away which would be a blessing.

No. 35171

Samefag, I am a nonna, not the tranny, it is shameful to hi cow so often in those threads.

No. 35172

Why did an image get deleted in one of the recent posts in the photoshopping thread in snow? It’s either that or I imagined it being there in the first place

No. 35173

yeah, delete that weird scrote post of some poor woman, wtf.

No. 35174

I love this picture. Make OP admin and mod and janny at the same time.

No. 35175

cp in the replies in /m/

No. 35176

it's gone

No. 35177

Mods, might want to do something about this infighter >>>/w/224269

No. 35179

..it's /ot/, not /snow/?

No. 35180

the covid thread, tinfoil, and ukraine are especially big male attractors, especially the tinfoil thread. it's so annoying.

No. 35181

Possibly controversial suggestion but please hear me out: permanent bans for repeat weight sperg offenders

It's everywhere constantly derailing almost every thread. This is a gossip site, not a fucking MPA clone, so I don't see why derailing should get temp ban but constantly shitting up threads to announce your BMI and call everyone fat is somehow not derailing. I suggest permanent bans only because weight sperging specifically is rampant and drastically takes away from the quality of some threads (celebricows, for example)

No. 35182

Permanent bans do nothing you tard. They just switch their VPN to a different IP and keep posting. All a permanent ban does is inconvenience people who are using the same VPN provider.

No. 35183

At least contribute something or suggest an alternative if you're so adamant that handing out the same kinds of bans for weight sperging as any other bannable offence won't do anything. They keep other things relatively in check. Weight sperging would be reduced if it was penalised

No. 35184

that thread is garbage anyway, that's why it's on /ot/

No. 35185

No it wouldn't. People would just ban evade.

No. 35186

tfw you realize this site is so out of touch w/ normal slang a good thread is locked bc a bunch of grandmothers run this site

No. 35187

why do we even have rules at all then

No. 35188

Your thread was shit and redundant.

No. 35189

It really wasn't

No. 35190

nta but was, retard newfag. Check the catalog before making threads. There are more threads than the consoomerism one but you're lazy and didn't even bother looking

No. 35191

except i did check, but you can only crtl+f to find many things.
maybe if this site actually had a search bar to filter out results in the catalogue, it'd be easier to see a thread made a year ago, especially on /ot/.

also that "Mail Thread" you are referring to is so constricting, so you can only post shit you bought online and that has come in the mail? thats stupid. my thread was for any goods recently acquired.
anyway, this site continues to stifle discussion and fun thread ideas for absolutely no reason besides mods/janny power trips.

No. 35193

Your flexing thread was stupid and a cop thread has been a better idea and obviously in higher demand.

No. 35194

>if only this site had a search
Ah so you genuinely are a newfag, cool. integrate.

No. 35195

NTA but the search function on this site is atrocious

No. 35196

It's actually not, if you know how to use a search function. Operators are your friends. No it's not super intuitive but it's far from atrocious, it follows the standard imageboard search function.

No. 35197

can there be a new black girl problems thread in /g/, seeing as the current one >>>/g/199512 chose an asian girl in black paint to be the OP pic? (which kek i'm not gonna lie is still kinda funny)

it makes it hard to want to use

No. 35198

should've clarified, what im trying to say is, can i start a new thread and pretend the other one doesn't exist even when it's not close to being locked?

No. 35199

The celebricows thread is just a wall of retarded infighting and nary a single red text in sight. What’s the point in becoming a jannie if you aren’t going to do anything.

No. 35200

And yet celebricows used to have the bare minimum of moderation necessary to keep it from filling up with retarded personal blogs that nobody cares about and endless infighting about topics that have nothing to do with celebricows.

No. 35201

are you stupid? no.

No. 35202

Please take the Phoebe Tickner thread off autosage
There is new milk to discuss

No. 35203

why the fuck not? it's a shit thread even without the pic seeing as it has 0 guiding topics or questions.

No. 35204

>0 guiding topics or questions.
so then add some. what's the point of you making a new thread to do something you can so easily do in the current one? you just want to make a new thread with a new pfp. Make conversation and when that one fills, make a new one. then you can have your own questions in the OP.

No. 35206

samefag but there have been plenty of times where an OP was shit. make the most of it by adding your own posts to buff it up. Hell, I'll even contribute myself if they're good

No. 35207

Thread has been going for 11 months. When it is done you can make your new shit OP. Thanks for at least asking what the right thing to do is, though.

No. 35208

Weight sperging is a problem on every board tbf. It's not at all just celebricows, most of the threads on /snow/ have weight spergs that go on for ages until a jannie intervenes. Lillee and Luna are basically the only two active threads on /pt/ and both of them are just constantly fighting over whether or not they're fat. I'll be honest I'm surprised I don't see more people complaining here considering it's as prevalent as it is

No. 35209

the dick sperging in moo thread is out of hand. they are tinfoiling about the guy's nails. this needs to be a banned topic.

No. 35210

Considering she still hasnt shown isface and all 3 videos have the body fully covered,including popping the dick out the zipper (which is painful for most guys, but moo wouldn't know that as no1 wants to sleep with her for real.) There are different people shooting with her. Take a seat. At least unlike the Sharla fags,Moo's thread actually has warrent to this tinfoil because she has used fake props before for this shit. Even fake nipples.

No. 35211

you're fucking insane. mods will ban all you crazy retards though.

No. 35212

Something needs to be done about the constant posts in the Jvlogger thread where people are not posting images to an imageboard.

>>>/w/224608 Tired of seeing the same anon post the same posts without actual images or context. This is a waste of fucking time.

No. 35213

No. 35216

Some scrote on ot trying to be our friend by posting cat pictures and quirky insults like “I hope you whores have a bad weekend!” I would like to see him die slowly.

No. 35217

He's been doing it for a long time. Just report it and move on.

No. 35218

please stop the sperging.

No. 35220

Sperg ban evading in jvlogger thread >>>/w/224804

No. 35223

Knowing how to use Boolean operators doesn’t make you a genius, faggot. I use them every time. They work better on other imageboards anyway. I stand by what I said, the search function is ass as are the logistics of much of this site.
And have any other anons seen farmcow.lol? I just thought it was interesting to bring up.

No. 35224

what even is the appeal of elaine anyways? from a quick glance she’s just a typical schizo.

No. 35226

Tranny in Elaine thread agendaposting/selfposting and admitting to it >>>/snow/1577914

No. 35228


No. 35231

There is no appeal to Elaine. She makes fake accounts to post about herself, even recently posting the vid of herself pissing and cutting herself because she needs the focus on her. No one really cares much about her until she herself posts stuff. It's tiresome and does nothing but bring kiwifags to the site tho

No. 35234

I think 2X is stupid. Like cmon what was the reason for making a separate board? to prevent raids? I came here when there were pink pilled threads in OT and I literally never saw nearly as many raids as I do these days. Handmaiden Admin pls. Just let there be casual man hate and tranny hate in OT again.

No. 35236

It was agreed that this would happen at the townhall meeting in fucking November and nothing changed

No. 35237

outdated is fine, but stop claiming anything drama is moid shit and trying to get rid of the drama part of the site. we want a place for us to be able to talk about cows without men calling us jelly roasties.

No. 35239

Whatever, Moid.

No. 35241

> not every moid is blatant about their maleness
This is literally the only thing the rules ask or have you read them?

Also scrote raid ongoing in the Michael Thurlow thread, featuring the same tranny before posting astroturf and cope, just shut those threads at this point imo.

No. 35243

The marilyn clone thread looked interesting imo, those people have millions of followers so it's not vendetta imo as a janny redtext it, maybe unlock so we can see if it ends up being interesting? I follow one of those people already and it is weird to see people make being marilyn their identity in 2022. I didn't realise there were more of 'em on tiktok, so would like to hear more about it.

No. 35244

I don't see the raid, am I looking at the wrong thread?
Does someone need to take their meds?

No. 35245

Seriously why do you think the tranny is behind everything, it's so schizophrenic you need your head checked you jealous moid.

No. 35246

Hey mods, I think this is one of the Sharla people ban evading again. It's the one that can't ever calm down. >>>/w/224969

No. 35247

Typing style infighter is loose in the America thread, already reported it.

No. 35248

Isn’t pakichan supposed to be banned from this site? What the fuck is wrong with her and how do we get her to stop fucking derailing every anons post into victimization and shit about the women in Pakistan (who she doesn’t even represent bc she’s wealthy and leaving the country)?? Ik ban evading will still happen but she seriously derails so many fucking threads, how does she even have time to come on here and infight as much as she does?! She qualifies for a cow thread by now.

No. 35249

Are we ever going to do a Hell week again? We desperately need it.

No. 35250

How many times have you brought this complaint now, sister mary innocente? Of all the things going on with this place, that's your thing?

The last one didn't do shit and that was before all the staff bailed so no.

No. 35251

I don't know why those other anons can't ignore her. It's always the same thing over and over.

No. 35252

Nonnas you jannied so much but not the unsaged obviousposting, nearly namefagging scrote in the Rachel thread?
He's the worst fucking one!
You do this on your free time? Why? You're clearly not good at it.

No. 35253

I think she is banned but bans don't do shit tbh

No. 35254

Mods, just to be clear, I made a containment thread because these anons who can't get over the Chris and Sharla tinfoiling need their own thread so that the next Jvlogger thread isn't hijacked again and redtexted out the ass because these anons can't post caps on an imageboard to go with their conspiracy theory derailing. Just wanted to bring it up because anons are probably going to complain, but we've stormed through 2 threads already because of their tinfoiling and its annoying as hell. You can't have any discussion about anything else because of it.

This is the containment thread. Please don't lock it. >>>/w/225033

No. 35255

File: 1656748311054.jpeg (261.72 KB, 566x754, 90BF120E-61D8-4940-81F5-ACF68C…)

Is this really a logging? I saged and everything. I think one of the mods has a crush on belle delphine because they over-regulate her thread. It would have been fine in shaynas thread.

No. 35256

You guys nitpicking and derail the thread all the time. The whole thing is filled with redtext bans and its clear you guys keep evading.

No. 35257

I didn’t ban evade, the ban was finished by the time I came back on LC.

No. 35258

This you too? >>>/w/225035

No. 35259

Never been on that thread in my life. Take your fucking meds and go outside. Not my fault you refresh LC 24/7.

No. 35260

Infighting women hater back in vent infighting about muh emotional abusive women as harmful as physically violent men cause muh mom didn’t care about my feelings.

No. 35261

The Belle thread is weirdly moderated. The sperg who WKs her pedopandering never gets a redtext but shit that, as you said, would be completely normal in the Shayna thread or Momo thread or whatever gets redtext. Its like backwards compared to the moderation on /snow/ and /pt/. /w/ in general is weirdly moderated.

No. 35263

because some of the mods are trannies/moids/newfags that hate everyone on the site what don’t you get it lmao

No. 35264

Not every post is pedopandering, anon. Screaming that every other post doesn't make it true and you're complaining about her fucking height. Try not nitpicking.

No. 35265

Because one of the mods is Slanus from .org, yes a tranny, very low effort, never provided half of what the tranny in Rachel's thread did and is not marking every post he disagrees with as "tranny" in a schizo meltdown over a tranny that acts and passes better than they do.
Slanus even admitted to it on their scrote hugbox before the feds shut it down over Sig fedposting yet again. He was over there bragging about how he was the pet tranny and he would start a campaign against the rachel thread tranny and sure enough it got aggressive and went to shit right after the claim.

There have been raids from lolcow.org all over those threads and from an unbiased third party this is pure and utter fucking lunacy.

We need real jannies, not a man who claims to be a woman that sucks of scrotes all day.

No. 35266

And is now* stupid autocorrect.

No. 35267

tranny hands wrote this

No. 35268

Tranny hands wrote this.

Wait…omg we are all trannies…
I should have known, it's not projected schizobabble but the truth! Everyone here is a tranny omg!

Stfu scrote.

No. 35269

> quote someone calling the tranny out
> " fuck you scrote, i'm not a tranny"
(minutes later)
> get called out by a mod as being, omg, a tranny.
and scene.

a tranny life.

No. 35272

Wrong thread and nitpicking >>>/w/225145

No. 35273

>deny being a tranny ( "NO U" defense mode enabled)
> blame spooky/any other kf fag on the next post (NOT THE SAME ANON THO!)

a tranny life part 2.

written by: dick wolf

No. 35274

Spookybones arguing with himself like he has done repeatedly on these threads. Can we ban his mac address or something? I can promise those threads would stop being so aggressive if we did.

No. 35275

Learn a different style of writing Spooky.

>Continues to bluster even when defeated.

A pooky life: Part 872
Written by: (Someone you will scream is a tranny no matter who it is because you are fucking insane)

No. 35276

Paki-chan in Roe v Wade thread infighting going on about hating western women.

No. 35277

Wtf is this layout? You sound utterly retarded.

No. 35278

They are, every retarded post attributed to the tranny is this person, ex-KF mod, founder of ralphapedia, moid and person who infiltrated our discord to skinwalk as us, Spookybones.
They halal approved the tranny over calling them out on a bad decision a year ago and have been alogging and trying to get them to slapfight him for a literal year now. It's fucking insanity.

No. 35279

Giantess sperg ban evading their out to pasture ban >>>/w/225164

No. 35280

Please farmhands do something about the jvloggers thread, it's so full of tinfoil and infighting and derailing that the small amount of actual milk is getting buried and ignored. Meanwhile we are getting through threads at lightning speed. I also think it would make sense to eject all Chris X Sharla discussion into the containment thread and close the separate trash taste and Akidearest threads. I know it's a niche thread but there could be interesting discussion in there if it was managed a bit better.

No. 35281

I'll make a new thread later. I was going to do that and appeal to farmhands to close the other 2.

No. 35282

I thought it seemed interesting too and I didn’t even realize it was a thing. I don’t use tiktok though, so I’m not really subjected to all of the stuff that happens now.

No. 35284

Not everyone has caught onto her and is aware that we have a perma-anon from the "Middle East" who victimizes herself like she's a poor woman or a woman in Afghanistan. For a long time I assumed that it might be another Middle Eastern anon but nope, it's pakichan every fucking time with her narcissistic derails. It's alarming how much time she spends on this site and how dedicated she is to making every problem about herself.

No. 35285

Thank you nonnie

No. 35286

Still refuses to post caps and ban evading >>>/w/225194

No. 35287

how do you recognize pakichan's posts? romanianon's (am I just lucky or has actually she been silent for while?) are quite easy but I'm never sure when it comes to the former

No. 35288

nta but usually she has cat pictures

No. 35289

a handy guide to recognizing pakichan posts in the wild:
>always hates on western women, western feminists and western radfems in particular
>also hates fujos, whom she accuses of being pedos
>always mentions her country even when it has jack shit to do with the topic
>often goes into long autistically specific derails with random details about pakistan
> acts like she's the bigest victim ever and western women do'tnknow how good they have it
>hates arabs
>usually spergs about islam referring to it as the arab pedophile religion (not that she's wrong, but that's a specific phrase she uses a lot)
>uses cute cat pictures a lot
> hates women, simps for white men and especially varg
>makes every single thread she powts in about herself and her victim complex
>extremely combative, will argue over a dozen replies

tldr: if it derails a thread to sperg about about western women or "in my country… " it's pakifag

No. 35290

She takes over threads and makes them about herself, and calls fujos and yumes degenerate pornaddicts. She keeps using those specific words.

No. 35291

there's a bunch of posters (pakichan, sealchan, parappanon, the samefag who uses 'low iq subhuman' to name a few) who always deliberately make it obvious who they are. like they'll psot "yes im parappanon".
that's supposed to be against the rules and they're all invariably insuerable attention whores who shit up threads with their self-centered shit but nothing gets done

No. 35292

Sealchan hasn't been active in months though, has she? And I kinda liked her seal thread

No. 35293

File: 1656796946360.jpeg (446.39 KB, 750x935, A97602B7-B82D-4AF2-9C69-6CAB9A…)

Everyday I respect the mods less. My only issue is this would be better in /g/.

No. 35294

It's more of a newfag post in the wrong place than a horrific thread.

No. 35295

i miss komaeda anon

No. 35297

That, and also uses too many commas and no periods.

No. 35298

she does pop up still. the seal thread was cute but she was a nazi edgeposter and attention whore who even has "sealchan" on her insta bio

No. 35299

Hey mods, before we have to make a new thread, can I implore you guys to guys to close the Trash Taste and the Aki Dearest threads? it's clear that we need a containment thread for the Chris and Sharla shippers, already made that, but as is, Aki and the newly made Trash Taste thread [which was unnecessary] don't have enough milk and continue to be slow unless anons are nitpicking.

Can we close those threads and migrate those subjects back to a new Jvlogger thread, please? The threads to close in order to consolidate are:

>They are all vloggers and don't need a separate thread just for their podcast that aren't milky at all, plus there is no drama with their either
>Conner is still talked about in the Jvlogger, no reason a second thread should've been made about him too
>Same for Garnt, anons still talk about him in Jvlogger, no reason Trash Taste needs a second place for the milk he never has

>Aki has had this thread for 6 years, going on 7. Joey is already discussed in here, Jvlogger, and Taste Taste. Taste Taste and this thread need to be nixed and both moved back to the Jvlog basics thread.

No. 35300

I'm going to go ahead and update the new thread. If we keep the other 2 up, that's fine, but I added those other thread bloggers to the OP of the new thread in case you guys do close it. otherwise, not really a big difference if there's extra subjects under OPs that link to the cows social medias. I hope that's okay. I just don't want another one of the ban evading, derailing anons to make another trash OP thread like >>>/w/218113 when they made it.

No. 35301

Is she also the one who keeps posting those compilations of "naturally buff men who don't look like skinnyfat hairless men of my race"

No. 35302

yes lol

No. 35303

sealchan is awful and should not be encouraged. hope she leaves permanently. parappa-anon is an awful racist too. these people should go back to /pol/ or whatever male centric shithole they crawled out of until they can't get their heads out of their asses and stop being shitty people

No. 35304

The belle delphine thread is infested with scrotes

No. 35306

Retard male making retard threads in ot.

No. 35307

why are so many racist right wing pickmes spawning all of a sudden?

No. 35308

Proof on parappanon? But somehow I'm not even surprised hearing that

No. 35310

Because more people are becoming right wing in real life as well as online. The super progressive left is pushing things too far and that means a counter-culture is growing that is fed up with it. When pendulum swings too far left, it will eventually swing the other way again. That's just how society works.

No. 35311

No. 35312

There is an abundance of moids in the Belle thread screaming about how much of a genius she is for “slobbing on a dildo”

No. 35313

Is the gay video game dog anon a furry? I remmeber an anon saying they saw her post in a waifu thread on rk9, don't remember if they said she posted her gay video game dog or not

No. 35314

Agreed. Society is incapable of finding a happy medium, we just go from one extreme to the other.

No. 35316

Cp on /m/ again, general anime thread

No. 35317

Cp in the anime thread on /m/

No. 35318

Yeah I agree there’s no reason jvloggers fill two threads/2400 posts within a month when nothing is fucking happening

No. 35322

Well,they closed containment, so guess we all get to enjoy a 3rd thread filled in a week from tinfoil from the shippers.

No. 35323

Whiteknight in belle thread patrolling day and night, accusing everyone of being a samefag and causing constant slap gout

No. 35324

Your mirror shit is retarded. There's more than 1 anon who has called it out and it's not whiteknighting. Try not nitpicking.

No. 35325

Mods, delete retarded anons post after I just posted this >>>/w/225539

No. 35326

Thanks for trying anon

No. 35327

>your mirror shit
Stfu stop accusing everyone of being the same person and get a fucking life. If you can’t acknowledge the very obvious photoshop then you aren’t mentally sound enough to be on the internet at all.

No. 35328

/w/ has a mad dog who WKs all the conventionally attractive women who have threads. Really not worth engaging with them, they only lurk Taylor R, Nicole, jvloggers, and Belle. Meanwhile a WK in Ironmouse and on in Venus’s thread have all been redtexted. belle’s WK is likely a mod tbh, given how swiftly her thread gets redtexted or cleansed of unsaged moid sperg.

No. 35329

No one said you were the same anon ITT. If youve also brought up the mirror stuff, you're spazz out is an obvious tell. No1 said in that thread you were a samefag either. You keep derailing about whiteknights when you post nitpicking. Go back to being banned already if you can't integrate.

No. 35331

Hey can someone please make a new TND thread? We’re in this not-milky-enough-for-a-new-thread but enough-milk-to-post-in-the-Jonny-thread limbo, someone might as well just make one.

No. 35333

File: 1656868939109.jpg (2.73 MB, 4096x3072, Dumbassmods.jpg)

I agree I got banned from all boards for posting this to show (again) how far she will go to sexualize children; specifically seeking out kids clothing and accessories for her larp and NSFW content. The bracelets she wears are from cheap kiddie sets. There was a wk anon in a previous thread trying to say this set had zero pedo pandering at all

No. 35334

It's only on /w/, and only on a select few threads there. Momo, Luna, Shayna, loads of retard camgirls, and Jill (pixielocks) can't take a shit without some anon posting about it. The culture of /w/ doesn't really fit with the rest of this site, which is a shame for those of us who want to laugh at weeby cows. Aki is being defended in her thread for failing some Japanese language exam. Nowhere else on this site can you WK a cow so much and come off like you're the mod and we're all crazy. Not worth posting in /w/ anymore unless you just want to talk about how pretty Belle is or how cool Connor from Trash Taste is, or something. Meanwhile try saying Shay looks like she lost weight in some picture kek

No. 35335

We know she buys kids stuff. Its no longer milk to nitpick every little thing about it. You spend more time doing that than actually producing milk.

No. 35336

Quit ban evading, you contribute nothing to the thread with your autistic nitpicking collages but you just keep coming back everyday

No. 35337

that's not even remotely milk, it's is the epitome of autistic nitpicking. your ban was deserved

No. 35338

Youre not wrong nonna no other board allows white knights like this. The mod for /w/ is a joke. Belle buying children's pajamas and children's accessories is milky thats the whole reason she has a thread… she is autopedophilic

No. 35340

It was in the Venus thread. Says a lot about who follows that cow tbh.

No. 35341

Bunch of weird racebait stuff in that thread too.

No. 35342

Seriously and they want to complain about the/w/ WK when its clear multiple anons are fucking tired of this fag and their friends nitpicking every little bit of every cow. Multiple threads have been rapidly filled or made for no reason bc of it. Its insane mods aren't catching on.

No. 35343

Ya they get rapidly filled due to the white knight sperging out and infighting because they can't control the flow of conversation. Multiple anons are tired of the whitekight its been mentioned in multiple belle threads so much so anons were even making memes about it

No. 35344

And yet all the threads have massive redtexts such as:
>this is an imageboard
>post proof
>out to pasture
>unsaged autism
>ban evade
>unsaged shitpost

Anon, all the stuff the WKs keep complaining about, for the most part, gets banned. The only things I see banned of the WKs anywhere recently was infighting with another anon who was nitpicking in the Taylor thread, the Sharla and Chris thread getting locked, and one mini-modding in the new Jvlog. You're blind if you can't see who exactly is ruining these threads, especially when you account for the anons like in the Belle thread who post 5 images in a dump at once and the come here to complain >>35333

The Jvlog thread alone had an autist just spamming 'CUUUPS' who was part of the shipping crew the WKs were coming to meta to report.

No. 35345

the cups anon was sarcastic, and /w/ WK is a mod, that's why the proliferation of redtext in just those threads compared to every other board on this site. Seriously, jannies, either say that criticizing a cow for shit she's always done is now considered "nitpicking" and lock Shayna's thread, or clarify what the fuck tinfoiling and nitpicking is for /w/ autists.

No. 35346

the gyaru thread on /w/ has a samefag wk sperging out. again. pls and thank you mods!

No. 35347

Not sure if you're defending the whiteknights or not..but you said it yourself, the white knights are allowed to run rampant on every thread.. while everyone who isn't a die hard fan of the cows has to walk on eggshells.. God forbid anyone dare say anything out of line about their beloved cow. We can post a pic in any other thread and laugh till the cows come home but nope not certain ones in /w/ because their #1 fans will REEEEE while trying desperately to control the flow of conversation.

No. 35348

And before any newfags think a mod can't wk for the cows just remember shoe had someone infiltrate the moderation team here at one point

No. 35349

The dating sperging is literally shoestrings on a pinboard tinfoil. There is no concrete proof they are dating. No holding hands, kissing, wishful thinking they are living in the same space, when they each have their own living rooms and kitchens that don't even match, but this idea they have only 'seperate rooms in the same house'? That makes no damn sense. Matching cups could easily be filming over at their friends places, they aren't the only ones with the same cups in vlogs and probably because they all gather and shoot multiple forms on content at once. CUUPS anon is a shitposter. That's bannable right off the bat, sarcastic or not. This isn't a chatroom. If you anons are desperate to giggle and post inconsequential nonsense to poke fun of, go to the Discord or make your own for that. Tinfoiling is a pretty black and white topic. That's why mods keep banning you guys for tinfoil and especially the anons who come in out of nowhere and say "I SAW THIS POSTED" and never, ever post receipts and yet you want anons to believe anything you guys say at face value. Hell no. Post actual concrete proof or stfu with the literal tinfoil. How hard is that to understand? Trying to conspiracy theory proof doesn't make that important enough to bypass tinfoil. It's still a conspiracy.

I didn't say the WKs are running rampant. I even said they come here to meta constantly. Most have to take their time to explain why tinfoil doesn't work. That's not defending cows. It's pointing out bad takes to make sure other anons who come to the thread understand that, especially in tinfoil threads, that what is posted isn't fact. There's a difference between defending and actually having to rebuke and point out nitpicking.

If you haven't noticed, anon, the mod team has been vastly different for years since. You guys complain about lack of moderation when CP is posted, but when you get held accountable and redtexted, suddenly the moderation have been infiltrated.

No. 35350

Anon, I've literally never been banned for tinfoil. What you consider tinfoil isn't agreed upon by the jannies. Saying shit that is completely unsubstantiated is 'tinfoil', as in, if I said that Sharla is secretly gay with Taylor R or something. That's retarded tinfoil. Given all the admittedly coincidental things surrounding Sharla and Chris, it isn't tinfoil to say they're likely dating. Some anons got redtexted over the Santorini sperg because it was retarded…but the fact that mods closed the goofy ass "containment" thread tells you what they think about Chris and Sharla as a subject; it isn't that deep, and they don't care that anons talk about it. If you don't like it in the thread that's allowed, but you don't own it, and can't control all conversation. Even if you put your requests so politely in the OP. This entire site is for making fun of cows, gossiping about freaks and weirdos. It isn't for just general discussion on subjects, which seems to be the direction jvlogger fans want it to go. They want a place to share the new Wacky Weekend video or some shit. It's as retarded as the Santorini/engagement ring anons.

No. 35351

You're just going to have to deal with anons reporting the posts then and getting mad still over getting banned. If the posts are getting redtexted, don't complain when the mods are agreeing.

No. 35352

Kek oh please they leave cp up for hours but that mod in /w/ is always working overtime to make sure nobody says anything mean about their favorite cows. Anons complain all the time how retarded and useless the new team is

No. 35353

Mods ignore bans all the time.

No. 35354

Okay, you're going to have to deal with anons talking about Chris and Sharla in the jvloggers thread because the containment idea was very retardo. Really not trying to infight here, I hate how much time I've devoted to talking about whether or not we SHOULD talk about two boring ass jvloggers. Do you ever feel that way anon? I think we really both should, tbh.

No. 35355

Nah, they just didn't think a thread for 2 vloggers with the only milk being tinfoil about dating, needed a containment. That's why anons are just going to have to settle with reporting the tinfoil posts again.

No. 35357

Retarded newfag threads up in ot and g

No. 35358

Why does the shooting thread need to be locked? It isnt breaking any OT rules.

No. 35359

1.This is a board for general, off topic discussion. Direct all bathroom talk to /g/.
Infighting is highly penalized, it’s not contributive to the overall health of the board.
2.Don’t make duplicate threads unless the most recent thread has been dead for more than 6 months. Always search the catalog.
3.Don’t make threads targeting specific nationalities, ethnicities, or races
4.Responding to bait in the pink pill thread will always result in a 3 day unappealable ban.
5.Don’t report a post simply because you disagree with it, not everyone who disagrees is a man
6.Don’t go into a thread to complain about the exact same thread. Hide threads you don’t want to see and take topic complaints to /meta/.

Right??? If anything you spergs are breaking rule 6.

No. 35360

Got the rule numbers wrong but yeah. Doesnt break any rules.

No. 35362

Tranny in tradthot thread.

No. 35363

theres a news thread AND an eurofag thread already, idiot. post your shit there instead of clogging up the board

No. 35364

its one thread that you can easily hide, contain your autism. It doesnt break any rule. There are also 50 million different hate threads, why shouldnt those be containted to one then? >>35363

No. 35365

The anon is back >>>/w/ 225678

No. 35366

wtf "delete anon's post" just because she posted at the same time as you, and wasn't neutral or positive? What an entitled brat you are.

No. 35367

Scrote in m fujo thread.

No. 35370

I hate to say this but maybe tradthots should be autosaged since every bump for a week has been political infighting about abortion and troons with no relation to any of the cows. I've been reporting them but it's just a complete clusterfuck today and somehow new spergs keep flocking to it.

No. 35371

Duplicate posts often get deleted. Different captions don't matter. How about not being a brat regarding double posting? This is meta.

No. 35372

Racesperging anon keeps coming back to the Taylor thread >>>/w/225682

No. 35373

Doxxing anon is back,trying to hunt down Belle's specific location.


Is this also the Sharla sperg who keep trying to find where Jvloggers live too? Mods, do something about this anon. This is ridiculous.

No. 35374

Should honestly be autosaged too, just to add. It's another thread these/w/ samefags keep derailing and nitpicking photos and self edits. Pretty sure doxxing anon is collage anon.

No. 35375

Belle doxxed herself though.

No. 35376

her posting inside her house isn't her doxxing herself. trying to reverse google image search, desperately trying to match window trimmings, the look of what the street and trees are outside the windows, and using a POB she set up, so people wouldn't go to her house, and trying to triangular her location based on that, is fucking doxxing and stalking. You are insane. You're literally as bad as the creeps in Japan who use any reflection possible to find a girl and track her down [which has resulted in murders, multiple]. Stop trying to defend posting a cow's whereabouts. You're not fucking supposed to be doing that anyway. the same with the anons trying to post the houses and apartments of Lori and Sharla and Chris. you're inviting scrotes who come here to find these girls.

No. 35377

this shit needs a red text ban. for everyone participating. it is so boring.

No. 35378

It wasn't a duplicate post because you said different things about the picture. And here's what gives your WK ass away: posting social media pictures without any interesting comment or milk is considered non-con posting here. The text isn't a fucking caption for dear Taylor's photo, it's the actual reason for posting the picture here. We can all go to Taylor's IG just fine without reposting her pics here just to summarize them "looks like her 'friend' had the same pui yuet": no shit, that is literally what is written on the story.

But it is funny to watch you run to meta every time and whine to the mods to do your bidding. It actually never gets old.

No. 35379

Reposting photos is duplicate posting, anon. It's not that hard.

No. 35380

Thank you. This metacamping WK anon has zero idea what this site is for. If he/she wants to just discuss their most loved weeby pretty girls, take the shit to Reddit. If Taylor isn’t milky, let her thread die. They’re in here now assuming all anons are the same doxxer, or whatever. WK Anon, are the Belle doxxers & Nicole nitpickefs in the room with you now? Blink twice if you need help.

No. 35381

cp in /m/s doll thread

No. 35382

why has it been those obscure threads on /m/ only? what are they trying to accomplish

No. 35383

no it's not.

No. 35384

cp still in the /m/ doll thread.

No. 35386

I don't think so, since CP was also posted on the GNC characters and husbando game threads. My guess, if it's a bot, it probably goes to small but recent threads.

No. 35387

Wow you need to calm down, Belle posted her own house

No. 35388

A house isn't an address.

No. 35389

Belle is dumb for doxxing herself

No. 35390

When did she put her address?

No. 35391

Jvlogs anons still refusing to post caps and want everything they say taken at face value >>>/w/226094

No. 35392

Oh my god shut the fuck up. If you don't know how to act like a normal human go to KF. It's by retards for retards.

No. 35393

You need to stop trying to post possible addresses of cows.

No. 35394


No. 35395

the gyaru thread is fucked. cinnagal wks keep coming in and shitting up the thread. they're likely all underage btw because they don't know who yukapon/natalie is and refer to her by her tiktok handle.

No. 35396

This autistic keeps demanding apologies from anons and it's fucking derailing as hell when they still keep splicing and editing photos of their so called proof and keep denying to post photos otherwise.


Its weird and very scrote-like behavior and we already know there is a scrote who keeps coming here to post

No. 35397

Stop calling people you dislike or disagree with scrotes (or bitter childfree women, or underage, or fat, jealous hags). There is nothing male about those posts.

It would embarrass me to write a language as bad as you do while tossing around imageboard slang like «scrote» and «retard» and «furbabies». Instead of nobly defending all your ladies, try reading your posts before clicking send. Some of them are close to gibberish. Not sure if that's your language ability or ragetyping.

No. 35398

Asking for apologies from anons on an imageboard when you didn't post caps to begin with is pretty retarded, only to get mad when you have to post caps.

No. 35399

nta but women are capable of being retarded. (they definitely are on /w/…

No. 35400

the unsaged sperging in the gyaru thread is insane. if anon posts one more autistic rant about how much is going on in the comm without actually posting milk i am going to scream.

No. 35401

There are two identifiable WKs on /w/, one who uses italics and all caps and types like a Reddit fag who is above it all. The other is a ESL case who just uses phrases she picked up from here badly, like Sure, Jan and headcanon. They’re making /w/ basically unreadable with their braindead crusade against “nitpicking”

No. 35402

No. 35403

Nice, the aren't posting milk in that thread too but keep saying they have it? Jfc… Mods, handle the non-milk posters on /w/ already.

No. 35404

Self posting idiot in Moo's thread >>>/w/882232

No. 35405

Learn to post caps and maybe anons will leave you alone. What a hard concept >>>/w/226287 Clearly.

No. 35406

Seething tranny in Unpopular Opinions thread kekkkk

No. 35407

Not the non-caps posting anon, they’re annoying too. Not as bad as the WKs though.

No. 35408

tym means take your meds, anon is nuts.

No. 35409

/ot/ is beyond salvation

No. 35411

That's the thing, lolcow does have rules and they are enforced to a degree to keep order on the boards, except for some reason weight sperging (the single biggest fucking derail present on most threads and are extremely annoying) for some reason is allowed/defended. I can think of 20 seperate threads that should just be locked/abandoned at this point because the weight sperging derails are all that happens on them

No. 35412

you're dramatic

No. 35413

No, she’s right.

No. 35414

That Cinnagal bitch is still sperging in the gyaru thread

No. 35415

The foreign gyaru comm is pure cancer, always was and always will be. The whole thread needs to be nuked, because it attracts nothing but low IQ self posters and brings nothing of value to the site.

No. 35416

scrote spamming trump and league of legends in the vent thread. probably a bot

No. 35417

Most of/w/ needs to be nuked.

No. 35418

Please, put it out of it’s misery. Pixielocks can go to /snow/ but the rest are just nitpicks and WKs.

No. 35419

Where's the whiteknighting on /w/?

No. 35420

One deranged psycho on the Belle thread. Taylor gets random posts that are just milkless updates on her social media with aww commentary. Main two threads that stink of scrote or something. Nowhere else on this site does Belle’s level of pedopandering get defended. Its some unintegrated sex fiend.

No. 35421

I noticed that too. That pedo Belle WK gets away with anything retarded he says.

No. 35423

Can confirm the current generation of bootleg gyarus have got to be the biggest selfposters on this site. I barely read the thread and everytime I come back there's some twitterfag sperging about ytpepo

Agreed, it does seem like two distinctive people. The ESLfag that brigades /W/ reminds me of the obsessive scrote who made a pull account to talk about Belle all day a few years back. He moved to this site when pull died but kept coping bans for evasion, newfaggotory and wking. I guess he's finally figured out using ":v" after every post is too much of a calling card.

No. 35424

>Nowhere else on this site does Belle’s level of pedopandering get defended
Can you imagine the rage and disgust if Shayna shoved gummy snakes into her pussy while dressed like a child character?

No. 35425

Moderation in Belle thread is insane and super protective of Belle for some reason. For many threads now, whenever a WK starts infighting to derail the thread for burrying milk, it is always others who get redtexted and never the WK. He goes as far as defending pedo content now.

No. 35426

File: 1657201707867.jpg (120.48 KB, 1080x374, Screenshot_20220707-064805_Fir…)

Yep, only all milk, all the time, right? Mods should autosaged this thread too as with every Belle thread.

No. 35428

It’s not autosaged retard. Also this isn’t alog it’s just stating facts. People are either repulsed by her or are the sexual sadists that she panders too.

No. 35429

Anon is saying mods should autosage it because every belle thread before has been autosaged, for good reason, it attracts the most retarded posters. It’s not that the mods are banning people there more then other threads because they’re “protective” it’s because there’s a disproportionate amount of autism, newfags, nitpicking and scrotes that are drawn to her thread

No. 35430

Since the WK was banned, 4 other nitpicking posts have been redtexted. Definitely the WK fucking with the thread and not the posters actually ITT lol 100% autosage it.

No. 35431

It is one of the most retarded threads on the site, because at this point her "milk" is really just photographs, she doesn't do anything else other than ugly porn. So all we can ever critique is her appearance, which always turns into nitpicking and inevitably drags out the pedophile white knight, who I'm so glad took a ban finally. Belle isn't really milky as in she does a lot of funny shit on social media, she's just a detestable pornographer along with her boyfriend. At this point it's like having a thread for whatever girl is the top in the "teen" category on pornhub. They're shitty people but it doesn't have the same spirit of social media dumbasses like most of the cows on the site.

No. 35432

Thats all anons post. Complaining about the clothes which we already know she buys kids clothes, it's not milk anymore, and then random photos they find leaked with their retardec commentary added. There's nothing milk that's been posted.

No. 35433

To be fair, milk doesn’t cease to be milk just because we ‘know’ a cow does it. They’re always doing the same stupid shit, that is part of what makes them a cow. Luna’s a junkie, Jill’s an attention whore, Shayna is an uglier, poorer version of Belle and Momo gets lipo and lip augmentation. The lack of milk from Belle is because she only posts ugly pornographic pictures of her dressed like a child. What can we say except “gross” anymore?

No. 35434

yes, but when it's repetitive like complaining about her vulva, its not milk.

No. 35435

idk i finally cracked open that thread and she is doing some pretty perverted stuff. i don't understand why a couple people try to force anons to stop talking about some cows. We used to have a grand old time discussing lori and other cows a couple years ago. They did repetitive stuff and we had fun keking at it. now it's like there's some arbitrary line about what's milk and what isn't, and a couple people lose their shit if they don't agree. If non-milk is saged, who gives a crap? It's allowed to comment on what cows do.

Why are so many tame posts about Belle redtexted? i think lc really needs to take a look at the mods and admin (kek) because someone has a hard-on for shutting down Belle discussion. probably other discussions too but the moderation of the Belle thread is fucked.

No. 35436

That's the thing, "over the years" sounds a lot like repetitiveness down the line.

No. 35437

The celebricows thread is literally full of males and proTRA bullshit. I know that thread is kinda the landfill of /ot/ even if /ot/ is the site's landfill, but is getting retarded now.

No. 35438

Some retard in Belle’s thread just called the cops on her kek. Further proof that thread is completely fucked

No. 35439

So you want the Belle thread locked?

No. 35440

No one said to lock it? Calm down.

No. 35441

Is this the "calm down" WK who uses it irrelevantly on /w/? Kek

Belle thread is actually quite milky with Belle doxxing herself, making more horrible pedo porn and failing hard with her e-career. There is no thread without nitpicking and most trolls appear after new milk about Belle is posted to derail the thread.

I am also glad the pedophile WK got banned finally.

No. 35442

I think Rachel's lackeys are shitting up the celebricows thread. It's definitely a retard, though.

No. 35443

As in Rachel Leeds-Minkin? I knew that turned into a shitshow but why are they in the celebrity thread kek

No. 35445

Sounds like Kengle's boys, we better not open up a nation lolcow board of they will swarm that too! On the real yeah and when the thread slowed down they moved to other boards to stink up the joint too.

No. 35446

You're absolutely avoiding what was said and suddenly attacking random anons. Yeah. You need to calm down. Mods have had to redtext the fuck out of the thread since the Wk. I don't understand what you're trying to argue.

No. 35447

Wtf is there so much weight sperging across /w/? Lori, Sharla, Belle, Aki.. All these threads have been bumped with weightspergs the days, literally a bunch in the past few hours.

No. 35448

File: 1657250107916.jpeg (107.74 KB, 671x267, B5360624-E28B-4038-A265-5EDAFF…)

Prime example of /w/ whiteknighting. “Stop coming here if you hate her so much” kek like this is Taylor’s instagram? Seriously, what is it about /w/ and WKs + nitpicking retards? Just shut it down, anyone milky enough can be moved to /snow/ and the WKs can fend off the far more active anons there

No. 35449

Just why does anon post at all? >>>/w/226909 scrote teir logic.

No. 35450

Anon is replying to anon calling breastfeeding nipple play, for context lol How more autistic can you get when talking about breastfeeding women?

No. 35452

Nonnas in mtf won’t stop arguing over some rapey twitter user’s sex. It’s been going on for two threads now.

No. 35453

File: 1657255205794.jpeg (235.08 KB, 494x780, F07B5D14-9AEE-4206-9183-8073E2…)

Whiteknighting scrote on belles thread claiming her ugly ass photos are all photoshopped by anons to make her look worse

No. 35454

I didn't attack anyone and I wasn't redtexted? Kek, you should calm down though.

No. 35455

Anon did post photos that are edited lol what are you even arguing?

No. 35456

Thinking every anon is the same anon is the height of newfaggotory. I'm not surprised that anon is sperging over a /w/ thread either. The language all over that board reeks of pullfag.

No. 35457

I think the demented anon who slightly edits photos of Belle before uploading them as real is probably also the vagina sperg from 2020/2021, considering they just posted a vagina pic like we are supposed to care about what it does or doesn't look like. We're here to laugh at Belle's antics, only this absolute moron cares enough to be zooming into her vag or slightly editing photos to make her look worse. Mental illness.

No. 35458

no one called it that?

No. 35459

Admit it, you don’t give a fuck about belles “antics” and if you do you’re probably enamoured and entertained with them like the disgusting waste of oxygen that you are. You are an even bigger spectacle of that thread than the cow herself. Get a life PLEASE. You must be a disgusting person yourself to be so in love with such a degenerate.

No. 35461

We don't know if an anon edited them. Belle had milk about re-editing her photos before, including her nipples.

It's not like she looks good without the edits too, I don't see why an anon would need to do that.

No. 35462

oh my god, you know her vulva well enough to identify if it's slightly edited? Fucking nasty male, leave

No. 35463

How about anon stops paying photos not directly posted by Belle? Anon always has the onlyfans watermark missing and belle isn't posting these without watermarks to onlyfans. You can tell they are edited, anon.

No. 35464

Collage anon from /w/ is being autistic as hell again >>>/w/227021

No. 35465

Are you the same anon in the real opinions thread on /ot/ crying about this again?? Kek

No. 35466

File: 1657271900845.gif (286.85 KB, 194x200, ep00000-emoji.gif)

>tfw u get called out

No. 35467

No. 35470

Embarrassing for him

No. 35471

Scrote posting his fap folder of dicks in ot.

No. 35472

Kek, sorry. Beaten to the punch.

No. 35473

Scrotes have infected every part of this site and half the time jannies don't care. They astroturf threads I watch to make scrotes look good and delete any comment trying to respond to their obvious posts.

Those threads were super active and it's you jannies who killed them, not anyone else.

No. 35474

They truly have. We are Crystal Cafe 2.0.

No. 35475

That place is so gay even trannies who take hrt don't go there, that place is so gay I saw 8 guys fucking 9 guys, that place is so gay it asked me how I styled my hair and did my nails, that place is so gay I saw him suck Andy Dick off for some coke.

Honestly we are about there and it's utter lunacy, the jannies are deleting milk now.

No. 35477

Maybe the whole "admin stepped down" thing was just an excuse for feds to take over. It's been about 10 months now and I doubt it's that hard for any admin or farmhands to say something if the issue would be just newmin trying to learn coding, newmin backing out or scrotemin taking over again(because then some farmhands definitely would say something).

No. 35478

Take your meds. Some previous farmhand told in moidfarms Ian is still in charge, and thats why they do not accept more farmhans, to keep the circle small. Sure something is going on but FEDS? Lmao ok

No. 35479

Damn this is really what we’re going down to

No. 35480

>some random kiwiscrote says something on scrotefarms
This isn't any more plausible than feds, nevermind imageboards being taken over and closed by them is nothing new.

No. 35481

Main issue is the only people I know that can code and would not be extremely bias or try to change the site are fucking trannies so we would have a scrotemin of a different color, which at this point fuck it dude, I just want transparency.
Can anyone really look at these last years and say, oh yeah def not worth handing the site owner to someone who will at least talk to it's members or be open about staff choices and decisions?
I really don't fucking care who runs it as long as they let women speak and actually tell us what's going on instead of hiding. It's ridiculous how things are now and it really just further ties this site to scrotery.

No. 35482

ahhh yes, as we know, trannies are super big on letting females speak their mind on issues kek. scrote/troon detected. because somehow knowing a tranny, who would rape a child if given the chance, is running this site and not a moid which is the exact same thing would make us feel better.

No. 35483

Instantly jump to all trannies rape and I am a tranny.
Yeah that doesn't kill the site faster than anything, what I was saying was they were a scrote anyways but instead of reading the whole thing you read the word tranny and lost your shit, yet you think you individually deserve a discussion?
Retarded hostility that doesn't read the comment it responds to is a big issue here and the posts that should get jannied are ones like yours that adds zero to the discussion.
I already said a tranny was a bad option.

No. 35484

Who the fuck is this Ian guy that you anons keep talking about? I’m also pretty sure there are scrotes they keep as jannies because they are severely understaffed and only can be mods in certain boards.

No. 35485

There are older threads, Ian is not even a tranny but a cross dresser. I'll be honest before he took over the site was a bit anti-trans but it really stepped up to that while being like yaknow some moids are okay, let's let moids in.
I'm sorry but that just seems ridiculous to me. The whole point is to keep this space testosterone free. Ian also looks like your stereotypical fag boy and is jealous of trannies that commit. Which is utterly pathetic, he should accept he is a man and fucking act like one. Right now he hides away doing nothing and making sure the only staff he lets in won't tell on him and will keep his echo chamber floating.

No. 35486

File: 1657288675052.jpg (76.8 KB, 900x852, 1652001040664.jpg)

>the only people I know that can code and would not be extremely bias or try to change the site are fucking trannies
>not being biased
>not intending to change the site the second they get their greasy manpaws on the admin panel
>things are so bad anyway so fuck it, right sisters? why not try a scrote, fellow females?
kek you're so bad at fitting in, even your falseflagging is shit

No. 35487

Mods youre doing a terrible job at permabanning this anon. >>>/w/227071

No. 35488

Holy fuck you cannot read, I am complaining about men and you still call me a man. Your stupidity astounds me and at this point I can only assume it is due to a lack of comprehension. I lamented that I do not know any women that can code you fatty tub of tard with a brain as smooth as a marble.

No. 35489

Asking for "muH ApoLogIeS" is the samefag as >>>/w/226158

No. 35491

This is so retarded >>>/w/227106

No. 35492

Samefag, but anon posted on the wrong, IP then deleted it >>>/w/227117

No. 35499

Good morning mods. Just here to report that some child is bumping all boards with pictures of black men's genitals, as seen above. I have reported the ones I came across, hopefully it helps in a quick clean up!

No. 35508

built for..

No. 35509

I'm mostly just confused by the spammers choice of material tbh

No. 35510

It's an incel who thinks BBC disrupts other people's thoughts as much as it does his.

No. 35511

Incels think that all women, especially white women crave black cock. It's porn induced brain rot.

No. 35512

this is one of the most least offensive spams ive seen recently, ill take dick over the other stuff any day lol

No. 35513

jannies thanks so much !!!

No. 35514

What would even be the point of posting then lol some self cuckholdery?

No. 35515

Wojacks in Belle thread

No. 35516

Stop reading your own thread and go outside

No. 35517

Samefag but probably should just autosage the Belle thread. Or ban her discussion. It just brings scrotes and the weird obsessed editing farmers here who keep making collages and can't post milk.

No. 35518

File: 1657297504958.jpg (981.49 KB, 4032x2026, 836367282122740.jpg)

No. 35519

there's no milk, attracts scrotes n spergs, please autosage so i don't have to see it at the top of /w/ every single day yes i've hidden the thread, i can still see it existing at the top of /w/ despite no milk and constant nitpicks. hell maybe /w/ should all go. i think pixielocks and lori lewd could move to /pt/, lolita thread moved to /snow/, and what else in /w/ is worth saving kek

No. 35520

My god would you stop sperging out about “collages”? There’s nothing inherently bad about editing images together you absolute sperglord. Just because you saw one anon got banned for nitpicky collages once doesn’t mean its against the site rules. You’re so transparently the /w/ WK who camps here and tries to shut down conversations about the girls you think are pretty. Are you a troon who wants to wear their skin, a scrote who wants to fuck them, or a pathetic egirl who idolizes them?

No. 35521

Maybe if the collages weren't so autistic

No. 35522

Almost like they want to be her because the heterosexual women on this website crave male attention no matter how much they deny it, super sad.(bait)

No. 35523

Ian was the original site owner.

No. 35524

You’re still right. If they allow men on the discord which they do I’m sure those high and mighty piggy cop mods would allow shit behind the scenes. All mods and admins hate the users they rule over.

No. 35525

Calm down, why do you care so much

No. 35526

It's not milk

No. 35527

it's saged, unlike some of your posts. Maybe take a break from the internet.

No. 35528

Nah the thread is fine, fuck off and ignore it if that pedophile's thread bothers you.

There is a retarded WK crying about locking Belle's thread every time it gets heated after milk. Either a pedo or Belle herself.

No. 35529

Belle accidentally uploaded two versions of her edits, made another simulated child porn, flopped hard on Youtube and got called out for that by the artist she stole a song from, doxxed herself and sucked twomad's nasty toes in front of her boyfriend just in last 30 days alone. It does have milk, you are just retarded. If you think /w/ is not worth visiting at all, why do you care that Belle thread is at the top of it? Stop sperging about it, pedo

No. 35530

i think a lot of us just don't want to see HER being a creepy pedo. it's gross. giving her attention is what she wants. why would belle even want her own thread autosaged she would WANT people talking about her. that's her whole schtick, shock value. when you GIVE ATTENTION to people like that it makes them continue with this!!! let the thread get autosaged and let belle fade into oblivion. it's not 2017 or whenever the fuck she got famous anymore. i also love how you accuse anyone who disagrees with you a pedo ? i'm a female and i think everything she does is nasty. i think
most us just don't wanna have to open the front page to see belle delphines pussy lips.

No. 35531

If you don't want to talk about nasty lolcows as you see that as giving attention to them, why are you even here? Believe me Belle wants the thread closed as her friends voiced it, she tried to get her old PULL thread silenced and she even tried to shut down Facebook groups calling her out before.

No. 35532

why are farmhands letting /ot/ turn into pol by refusing to lock threads that are scrote bait. first a ukraine thread, then a depp/heard thread and now a news thread
we all know the news thread is just going to be filled with polsperging and moids.

No. 35533

You realize everyone is older than 18 right, so no one is doing anything actually pedophilic. You want Belle to bring in real children, is what what you mean by
>i think a lot of us just don't want to see HER being a creepy pedo

because by that logic she hasn't involved children at all.

No. 35535

>thinks people asking the thread to be closed are depp defenders
we begged for the thread to be closed because it brought scrotes, gore and cp raids.
you are being obtuse if you think the news thread won't attract polsperging scrotes and raids. go talk about the news on facebook, twitter, reddit or literally any other website

No. 35536

When will you retards learn? There is no logic to the scrote cp spamming. It’s not going to get worse just because there is now a news thread. You’re literally just silencing people who want to talk about news. The scrotes want to cause us distress and horror, they don’t give a fuck if we discuss news.

No. 35537

Yea let’s just only have threads about the following
>catty gossip
Lest we piss off our 4chan overlords and invoke the wrath of his fap fodder. You’re fucking delusional.

No. 35538

Using scrote here and there doesn't change the intend and you didn't deny that. "Complaining about men" but then caping for accepting them as admins and mentioning how another nonna should be banned for calling you out for the defected XY you are while saying troons would not change the site or act biased doesn't make it any more smoother. You will never be a woman.

No. 35539

we banned the kpop threads to keep out the annoying koreaboo spam but the news and ukraine thread is taking it too far? moids are the only ones who keep those threads active.

No. 35540

crapper chan attention seeking in the celebricows thread.

No. 35541

Had milk deleted, I'm leaving, have fun Ian I'm sure one day you will find a woman to manipulate and abuse irl!(you’ve already said you’d leave twice, troon)

No. 35543

Also was not me, the site has more than one thread. You have fun doing whatever witch hunt you're doing too, toodles~

No. 35544

>moids are the only ones who keep those threads active.
Women are a hive mind and they never care about politics haha!!
You’re the fucking scrote.

No. 35545

There's a fucking moid shitting up the genshit thread as if it wasn't shit enough.

No. 35546

How many times do you guys have to ban these anons for not posting caps before they are permabanned? Anon won't post caps for any of these posts they claim.


No. 35548

Anon forgot to take their meds >>>/w/227397

They come back so fast.

No. 35550

Heads up we might get bit spam or something again. Coonsoomerism thread #3 was bumped with a bot like post

No. 35552

The Spam poster who refuses to ever post screencaps is back in the J vlogger thread and completely refusing to do it but is going around and spamming posts saying that stuff is happening.

No. 35553

Just report them, you don’t have to come here every time it happens. That’s what the report button is for

No. 35554

hey, this is what meta is for. Gatekeep meta, more.

No. 35555

The retard in /w/ is trying to infight and start up baseless tinfoil again.


This is why we wanted a containment. Anons go out of their way to bait with these trolly ass posts about 'Its HIS cat too because HURR DURR they are DEFINITELY dating can't DENY DENIER".

Can we ban the fucking discussion or something?

No. 35558

Tranny no saging in mtf and baiting

No. 35559

Anon, have you ever considered that this poster just enjoys getting a reaction out of you? It's kind of embarrassing to see you post here constantly fuming over some nobody on an image board not posting proof or ‚tinfoiling.‘ Like you come across as unhinged, js.

No. 35560


Yet a lot of the reports result in bans, so..

No. 35561

Why do anons keep coming back if they hate it here so much?

No. 35562

Does /ot/ still have jannies? There's a racebaiting tranny larping as black woman in the unpopular opinions and a few other threads for hours now.

No. 35563

That entire thread is two or three people all getting incredibly pissed about Chris and Sharla. I still don’t get how passionate the anons are on that thread. Seems like Chris and Sharla dont care as much as the nonnies there do about whether or not they’re dating. My “tinfoil” is the capless ESL anon who insists they’re dating is Chris’s ex. The ones who keep denying it have crushes on Chris or Sharla. Probably the same ones who get fussy whenever anyone calls either one of them fat.

No. 35564

Anon, way more than 2 people have told you guys to stfu and post real caps, not just corners of bedrooms where the lighting is terrible. You guys sound like Charlie from ASIP and "Pepe Silvia". You can't just wish things to be more than tinfoil and suddenly they are.

No. 35565

No one has ever asked me to post caps, whether it be one anon or a million. Way more than one anon finds the slobbering gibberish about tinfoil and head”cannon” (kek) annoying. But the fact that you assume I’m some non-milk bringing tinfoiler proves that the thread really does bring out the paranoia in anons. Take a breath, we’re talking about whether or not two puffy boring people are boinking.

No. 35566

Anon I'm making a generalization the same you are think there are only 2 anons. Doesn't matter when the people who get banned get banned and it seems a lot of tinfoil and non caps gets banned. Not to mention the constant anon who keeps saying they don't want to be here but spams the threads.

So what do you want exactly?

No. 35567

some scrote posted weird unspoilered underwear pics in the /w/ lolita thread, mods can you please ban him and take the pics down or at least redtext? it's been 5 hours since they were posted

No. 35568

No. 35569

Anon is editing photos of some of the girls in the photoshop thread to try and prove a point, but it's derailing into them sperging out their real ages and it's becoming a vendetta clearly >>>/w/1584685 at this point since they are editing the edited photoshopped photos for some reason.

No. 35570

thanks for linking the posts nonna, I always forget how to do it

No. 35571

Vendetta in cosplay thread >>>/w/227858 and anon being salty about being called out about it

No. 35572

you're not alone, nonna. Wish mods would shut this obsessed minimod up for awhile

No. 35573

stop minimodding and being obnoxious, you ruin every thread you enter

No. 35574

i didn't post it, but updates aren't vendetta.

No. 35575

Calling someone fat ain't milk

No. 35576

What is up with the massive shitposting in /w/ lately? Are these banned anons who come back when its expired and just post this stuff because they are salty now? >>>/w/227838

No. 35577

/w/ is really shitty these days, between WK minimods and vendetta nitpickers it really blows. Like some retard non-saged Twitter update from a cow and then 10 hours later some WK shows up to say it isn’t milk. Nowhere else on this site shares the cringey vibe /w/ currently has. Send Jill to /snow/ and get rid of the rest. Nonnies who want to discuss their favorites without criticism can take it to /ot/ and people who want to cal Lori fat can write it in their diary.

No. 35578

That's because anons only do this in /w/ where you need milk, not random thot photo you found and posting just to complain about her face. Nitpicking is against/w/ rules. Anons can't even do basic thread posting yet you want to know why anons report constantly lol

No. 35579

Minimodding and infighting are also against the rules. Please post less.

No. 35580

Coming to meta is minimodding, now?

No. 35581

Shitposter back in Belle thread


No. 35582

File: 1657462965249.jpg (171.38 KB, 1080x646, Screenshot_20220710-072250_Fir…)

And more refusals to post caps

No. 35583

No, all the minimodding being done about what is and isn't milk is what I'm talking about. Come to meta all you want but maybe when the shit you bitch about doesn't get banned, take a note. 1 out of every 10 posts you complain about get redtexted, so again, just post less. You come off like a complete weirdo who wants to kill any discussion about cows that you have a crush on.

No. 35584

Not every ban is redtext if that's what you think.

No. 35585

so ironic that you post this while claiming that reposting some picture of Taylor's is totally ok because "it's for discussion." Nah, it's for your obsession.

No. 35586

Can a mod look into this anon who messaged Jillian’s ex for no fucking reason and posted the caps? Girl didn’t deserve to be messaged over something that happened when she was a young teen or whatever.

No. 35588

And retards responding to it

No. 35589

They already did get banned for cowtipping, but those bans expire.

No. 35591

Love hotel derailing in jvloggers, weirdos showing off their infinite knowledge of Japanese people’s sex habits in the style of reddit weebs

No. 35592

anon is crazy and asking for posts to be removed.

No. 35593

Not me. I never even interacted with them in that thread. Idc if it’s removed.

No. 35594

please pin

No. 35595

Its relevant to the fact an anon COMPLAINED about 2 vloggers of the same sex visiting them

No. 35596

Man, look at all that samefagging and ban evading in Belle's thread. It's almost like anons are valid in their reports and complaints. Even mutithread posting after anons have called out the cross posting fags. Huh. It's almost like there's a vendetta when posts aren't milky.

No. 35598

Porn in /m/

No. 35599

some retard in the lor thread is infighting with everyone who disagrees with their tinfoil. i already reported it.

No. 35600

Anons can easily ignore a posted arrest warrent, but commenting their precise room number outside of legal papers, and ZERO reason to keep repeating it too, is unhinged and seems like attempted doxxing by trying to say it outside of the image of the arrest. >>>/w/228225

Why is there an anon in /w/ obsessed with trying to post Sharla, Chris, Belle, and Lori's exact whereabouts? Wtf

No. 35601


Anon reuploaded

No. 35602

Retarded racebaiter at the female gaze thread /m/

No. 35603

I bet the thread topic touched some scrote's nerves.

No. 35604

Can we not have this cows discussion in 3 [snow has 2 threads of discussion about her milk] different places on the site? She's been dragged dead through in /snow/ but now anon wants to rehash all the discussion but in /w/. Like, why? >>>/w/223521 Also They keep arguing that it's gonna be new milk because it's been put into a new thread. She's already been discussed. No one wants to go back over old dry milk except vendetta anon.

No. 35605

File: 1657550062773.jpg (30 KB, 540x302, 1652789137963.jpg)

Summerfags are in full retard force these days, can we please have a Hellweek? It would be so nice to get the site back on track. I feel like every thread I visit has some derailment and infighting going on, it's insane. It's tiresome to wade through all the crap to get to any milk or real discussion. Please and thank you, Admin-sama.

No. 35606

Yes, we need hellweek ASAP.

No. 35607

thirding this. please. seeing people take low quality bait is so painful. it's especially bad in any threads for camwhores/costhots/ethots.

No. 35608

mods please ban the raging schizo who just caused a massive derail in the female gaze thread. the anti fujo crap is getting real old. they've been camping out in the thread replying to every post for literal hours now.

No. 35609

Samefag but I made a google form to see what anons think should be done so we can all see the general consensus together and discuss it. And then admin and farmhands can see how we feel. I've never used this before so apologies if I messed up.


No. 35610

File: 1657558546964.gif (125.3 KB, 500x600, 76.gif)

>implying admin will ever read this, much less wake up

No. 35611

Kek nonnie, true, still just wanna try

No. 35612

Yeah, not clicking your personal external link.

No. 35614

Kek okay. Then don't.

Also unrelated but can farmhands give Jillian Vessey's thread a warning or something. Ever since the cowtipper, it's been an absolute mess. Smells like twitter in there.

No. 35615

Oh great. Another thread in /w/ specifically where within the last year anons keep reaching out to cows or friends by acting like a concerned individual. The anons that have been on /w/ doing this shit are annoying as hell. Same anons most likely doxxing the /w/ cows too. This is legitimately scrote behavior to try to post addresses and force milk by interacting.

No. 35616

cowtipping sucks but please shut the fuck up.

No. 35617

If anons stop trying to find where apartments are across threads, sure.

No. 35618

Aw this is sweet anon. But why in the fuck do anons think a hellweek will be organized when we haven't heard from admin in a hundred years?

No. 35621

Seriously. I would give my left tit for another Hellweek.

No. 35622

constant derailing in art cows thread on snow, it’s full of underaged twitter fags

No. 35623

This thread is so trash every time anon posts ITT. We don't need 3 photos off not the cow, plus an unsaged one. I get she knows Nicole, but this isn't the Cassie thread and we don't need off topic updates and not the cow. Especially when unsaged. Don't need musty close ups of someone's ass just to show they have the same hair color lol wtf are these retarded posts?


No. 35624

We still see redtexting and farmhands here and there and they must have contact with admin right? Surely? Kek although, for all we know, they may have also lost contact with her. Maybe she ghosted us all. Wasn't she also in the lolcow discord server at some point? You would think there would be some way to contact her. She decided to take on leadership and she has a responsibility to keep at least some communication with users. Lolcow will die at this rate and be taken over by twitterfags and spergs. We are doomed.

No. 35625

She doesn't have a responsibility to talk to us at all. Usually that's what mods are for on imageboards.

No. 35627

Can we please not allow talking about politicians in the Celebricows thread?? Political figures are not celebrities. The thread should not be filled up with bullshit tinfoil about US politicians

No. 35628

Unhinged Belle anon is back >>>/w/228557 and immediately infighting

No. 35629

What makes an anon a twitterfag? I’m just seeing a lot of oversensitive babies on /ot/ tbh

No. 35630

>What makes an anon a twitterfag?
ntayrt but i noticed there's an increase in posts complaining about 'white women' out of nowhere when a discussion has nothing to do with race, and not even exclusively on /ot/. also the aiden who shat up the unpopular opinions and celebricows thread

No. 35632

I know it's just on /ot/, but the porn sperging in the confessions thread has been going on for eight hours…

No. 35635

racebait is against the rules. are you that anon who derailed the female gaze thread

No. 35636

Fine, I apologize then deeply. But it’s kind of true. We had so many cultures and opinions were more diverse. Link me to that thread lol.

No. 35637

also happened in unpopular opinions too with that other racebaiter wishing someone's baby would drown

No. 35639

does she have a vpn? she has been shitting up so many threads, there's no way she doesn't have a ban by now.
they should just redtext femoid, IQ and subhuman because she loves those words kek. this was also her by the way.
she uses that painting a lot.

No. 35640

Not me anon wtf lol. Unfortunately I know that sick people come in all colors, I just miss speaking to nonnies from my own culture.

No. 35641

i mean they kind of are. celebrity is just anyone who is universally famous.

No. 35642

You said it yourself, "universally famous." Most are not. Regardless, if the Royal Family fags got kicked out to their own thread then we shouldn't have to suffer through US bullshit either.

No. 35643

that's pretty true.

also some unhinged bitch is infighting in the phobia thread about hygiene superiority

No. 35644

Take a shower obsessed faggot

No. 35646

File: 1657672478871.png (6.01 KB, 1118x82, wtf.PNG)

This guy keeps coming back, necroing threads, and posting spam and probably malware. Focus on the bigger problem

No. 35647

anon came back just to derail the thread about their race shit again >>>/w/228706

No. 35649

There's cp in /m/

No. 35650

unhinged af

No. 35651

Learn the definition of infighting and germaphobe retard. Also I wanted to say something to you I’ve read today: cleanliness is next to godliness.

No. 35652

What a messy day today..

No. 35653

being unhinged isn't a phobia, kek.

No. 35654

this is making me kek because luna slaters tumblr bio is currently "cleanliness is next to godliness" so i don't think this saying has as much weight as you think it does

No. 35655

Anon came back to talk about something apparently happening again, but won't post caps to show how this supposed video is failing when even anons pointed out there is no new video aside from the one from a few days ago. >>>/w/228895

No. 35659

Moid still in reddit hate thread derailing about bullying.

No. 35660

Can gaslighting be redtexted

No. 35662

I think all redtexts should be removed. No one cares about previous admin's "trigger" words and some of them are really dumb like nonnie or victim.

No. 35665

That anon really was gaslighting you tell your story in the vent thread we will listen nonnie

No. 35666

Kek. Yes redtext gaslight and girlboss and femcel too, please shaymin wherever you are

No. 35667

File: 1657826850551.png (147.59 KB, 475x475, 492.png)

Can we start calling shaynafag admin "shaymin"? she's nowhere to be seen just like the pokemon kek

No. 35672

so much racebait atm. i know it's summer but these twitterfags are insufferable

No. 35676

redtext is like word filters on 4chan. it's for fun. i honestly think we should have word filters too, it'd be funny. like something cute and silly for terf or something.

No. 35677

word filter terf to queen

No. 35678

yes. or like rational thinker kek.

No. 35679

The Belle/Nicole/Sharla-fag came back to derail about being mad their past was deemed 'derailing'.

Satalite cows aren't the thread subject. >>>/w/229225

I don't know why mods have let these vendetta Nicole threads even last this long.

No. 35680

Wojack spam in multiple /snow/ threads

No. 35682

Please ban the wojak spamming moid who thinks feminism was invented by “Jews who hate white people” (men are seriously retarded and I wish they’d read a fucking book or research just ONE of the topics they sperg about endlessly instead of waiting for some fellow incel to regurgitate propaganda and lies into their mouth like a mother bird because their brain is too inferior to digest the simplest of information)

No. 35683

File: 1657874960343.jpeg (142.51 KB, 553x726, 0055133F-2534-41B3-9B52-C3899C…)

Are we ever getting a new belle thread?

No. 35685

Hope not.

No. 35686

Hopefully yes

No. 35687

Someone make a new manaknight thread plz

No. 35688

we need to start locking threads that attract twitterfags who come here to be outraged by the subject over sjw topics. threads that are mostly filled with anons complaining the cows are doing things like being transphobic, racebaiting, shaming sex workers etc. should be locked. those threads usually fill with infighting when sjws get angry we hate trannies and don't care about their stupid rhetoric.

No. 35689

Threads such as?

No. 35690

tons of threads on /w/. the cosplay community in general is full of sjws. you constantly see newfags making threads about cosplayers who don't follow their rhetoric but don't actually do anything milky. i can go pick out a few, but there are examples all over /w/.

No. 35691

nta but it's happening more often on snow lately too, and ot

No. 35692

hasn't the shayna thread had a lot of people reeing about kinkshaming?

No. 35693

Anons have posted examples before anyway, anons can scroll up to see reports/requests for moderation.
I know anons say not to accuse everyone of being the same anons, but the typing inflections and the way the tinfoil is carried out, plus the obviousness of the anon[s] who keep trying to doxx and find out where cows live and it's not even on /w/ either. I've been here since Momokun's 12th thread and it's never been this bad. It's clear there's been a bunch of anons in the past year and a half who keep coming back after bans and derailing threads and posting useless shit.

No. 35694

There's an absolute faggot shitting up the altcow's thread.

No. 35695

I am so sick of the scrote accusations. Idk what the answer is though bc I don't think banning it ala "hi cow" is the solution

No. 35696

i honestly think we should ban it, it's male behavior anyway. r9k incels do this.

No. 35697

Accusing OP of being the cow ITT all because they keep getting banned for not posting milk >>>/w/229419 These Nicole threads are trash and you can tell it's the same anon because they've nicknamed Nicole "Narcole" like some autistic who thinks they are a quirky medfag.

No. 35698

I know it's annoying to moid tinfoil but there's such a noticable uptick in posts that completely lack empathy and talk down to you in way only a scrote could

No. 35699

CP spammer in /m/ buyfag thread

No. 35701

Moid in the dumbass shit thread. It would really be nice if you ban him for once, instead of ignoring reports and making him feel welcome on /ot/ for some time now.

No. 35702

it amazes me how even though half the site is about drama, with mostly women as subjects, even though libfems, pick me's and nlogs exist, anons insist on crying male at everything that they disagree with. it's like some of you have created a stereotype for women that's unrealistically positive just because you hate men. it's so strange…

No. 35703

Having absolutely minimum empathy isn't unrealistic for anyone but scrotes.

No. 35704

that's just not true, unfortunately.

No. 35705

This is so dumb kek
Women with low empathy exist because they aren't all angels and you're very likely to see more of them on a gossip site. It's just how things are.

No. 35706

i think there's just too much dissonance between the drama boards and /ot/. using /ot/ in recent years has become really annoying because of the shift in the userbase. anons that don't use the drama boards really have huge misconceptions about the site and the types of women they're sharing it with.

No. 35707

The point is that several anons noticed an uptick in scrotes posting freely. I don't know why you're bringing in the "but women can do x too!" shit to undermine the observation and pretend like lolcow doesn't get mentioned on scrote websites on the daily now with them openly admitting to posting here. If you want lolcow to become 4chan or kiwifarms, why not go there in the first place?

No. 35708

you're part of the problem. associating all negative posts with men is fucking annoying. especially when we know that there are insane shitposters who are women. the site was never designed for your userbase, it literally exists for weeb drama. it was co-opted by people like you because drama board users didn't want the site to be like kiwifarms and banned men. the whole site is basically an echochamber by now anyway.

No. 35709

I am not saying all negative posts are men, I am saying men increasingly openly announce they come here and I agree with the other nonna(s) who noticed it.
What is your intend in denying that with whataboutism when moids themselves literally admit to it, and sometimes even in the fucking threads they derail?

No. 35710

i'm explicitly not talking about those posters. why don't you stop and actually read what you're responding to. OP was claiming that any post she deems as unempathetic was clearly men, even though most of the site is full of women nitpicking other women.

No. 35711

Anon, >>35698 this is not saying the same thing you are at all. We've been arguing against that point, not yours.

No. 35712

Really, women are less cruel than men in a general sense and we're also way less violent or crazy (ergo way less full on doxing on this site compared to KF) but to act like women drawn to an anonymous board to make fun of fat girls who like anime are empathetic…eh, compared to scrotes with similar interests, I suppose. I'm probably less empathetic than a scrote who teaches retarded kids, but more than some freak on KF.

No. 35713

this is exactly what i was trying to say. i don't know why anon is kneejerking so hard. i was never talking about explicit moid posting. but to imply that all posts that don't fit >>35698 version of empathy are moids is stupid, especially when we have romanianon

No. 35714

There's some obsessive scrote in the Belle thread who is so proud of scrounging 4chan to post retarded nitpicking photos and fanedits. >>>/w/229419 I take it back. probably not even a scrote. Probably just a farmer who thinks they are quirky. Nothing posted has been milk at all yet. Her threads are complete cancer.

No. 35715

Can admin do something about the sperg in the camgirl thread. They are ranting about KatieKat without posting milk

No. 35716

the belle thread is cancer

No. 35717

Whores with terrible taste in women in ot

No. 35718

i agree with this, honestly /ot/ should be its own site, this site is for lolcows…. i mean what do they think the name means. also lots of women have low/selective empathy, especially the sort of autist and bpd women who use this site (myself included).

No. 35719

the retards continuing to entertain the moid thread by responding. are you even banning them or are they just that retarded

No. 35720

This is still up lmao

No. 35721

agree. i don't care about them bitching about men, but they want us to all be lovelies and i am a huge bitch.

No. 35722

everyone in that thread needs to be permabanned. this annoying newfag shit is making my blood boil. /ot/ needs to be nuked. all it does is attract scrotes and fuel the most annoying userbase on the site who act like the whole site is made for them and look down on the drama boards, you know, what the site is for.

No. 35723

No, it's tradition to sometimes party in retarded troll threads until it's deleted.

No. 35724

Lmao take your meds and just don't visit it.

No. 35725

It would be cool to have two sites. One for drama and one for /ot/ stuff. Or we could use CC since it's almost dead.

No. 35726

It's tradition for you summerfags, leave bait threads posted by moids alone.

No. 35727

Report and move on.
If you're that hungry for male attention, just get a bf. So many anons kept saying the girls were ugly and they were prettier like pickmes, that's not tradition.

No. 35728

I'm not a summerfag or that anon but I like spamming shit.

No. 35729

Omg shut up you brainless annoying bitch

No. 35730

Yeah, cause the drama boards definitely don't and have never attracted scroted

No. 35731

there's not even a 5th of the amount of cp porn on drama boards

No. 35732

File: 1658004361702.jpg (5.39 MB, 2480x3508, 75264782_p0.jpg)

No. 35733

But entire threads attracting them instead, lmao.

No. 35734

your favorite lolcows and snowflakes are boring as fuck and most people are tired of gossiping about the same people all of the time. /ot/, /m/ and /g/ is where it’s at and makes it feel like an actual imageboard

No. 35735

I agree.

No. 35736

you'd think you'd want to separate the site then if you feel that way. honestly anyone who doesn't use drama boards shouldn't be on here. period.

No. 35737

Stop being retarded and just don't visit boards you don't like, both of you. And if you want to split lolcow, just go to kiwifarms/CC for that "great" experience.

No. 35738

this thread is for complaints and suggestions, my suggestion is to get rid of the non drama boards, or at least ban people who don't use both. get over it.

No. 35739

It's a retarded complaint and a retarded suggestion

No. 35740

And my suggestion is for you to simply not visit boards you don't like instead of begging for them to get deleted like a twitterfag.

No. 35742


Looks like you're that newfag minimod shitting up low-volume threads with bait and derailing to try and get them shut down. If gossip about your faves hurts your feelings then this place isn't for you.

No. 35744

Cp has been up for 20 mins in /m/

No. 35747

Tranny in tradthot thread again.

No. 35748

Can admin do something about the sperg in the camgirl thread. Huge walls of text keep being posted. I have tinfoil who is posting but I will keep it to myself.

No. 35749

they don't care anymore

No. 35750

>I have tinfoil who is posting
It's romanianon kek. The misspellings, word choices and wall of texts check out.

No. 35751

How can normies even post in these thread? It’s either scrotes doing it or camgirls like romanichan lmfao. Either way that thread is so sus and a mess and I just took a 20 seconds glance. Imagine being obsessed with a camgirl even if you casually watch porn lol.

No. 35752

For the love of all that his holy PLEASE do something about the ewhores shitting up shay’s thread

No. 35753

Massive infight and racebaiting in Eurofag thread, idk who to even report lol

No. 35755

There's a sperg in the altcow thread writing paragraphs armchairing and starting infights

No. 35756

>>>/w/229917 Reddit scrote keeps coming back and ban evading

No. 35757

Her thread is literally just PULLfags commenting on her weight and if anyone disagrees they are called a wk

No. 35758

ban evading tranny cow having a meltdown over being posted in the /w/ lolita thread

No. 35760

That’s because there are as many WKs as there are nitpickers there. Her thread is retarded but it’s not just for one reason.

No. 35762

Can we delete this thread and ban the pedo scrote who wants to rape 11 - 15 year olds

No. 35763

File: 1658093830400.jpeg (237.08 KB, 640x758, 47676110-EC39-4B4C-83D1-0B8BF9…)

Forgot pic. It’s in /g/

No. 35766

Pepes, wojacks, and nitpicking in new Belle thread. Autosage it please

No. 35767

File: 1658103747322.jpg (1.01 MB, 4032x2026, 37276262829934256.jpg)

No. 35768

porn bot

No. 35769

he's back at it kek

No. 35770

cp still in the vidya thread in /m/

No. 35771

Ban avoiding moid in the Lolita thread.

No. 35772

Some schizo pedo has been posting in this thread all day

No. 35774

Have all the farmhands taken the day off?

No. 35775

he's still going, looks like being posted in the thread really got him upset kek

No. 35776

Moids in Stupid Questions, moids in Attractive Guys, moids everywhere. Will assholes just do a fucking hell week already? I'm sick of all the moids and lazy newfags.

No. 35777

FUck off

No. 35778

>WAAAAAA! They wont stop nitpicking my beautiful grinch queen! Time to mount my white horse and gallop over to meta and scream about how desperately it needs to be autosaged when this site is currently infested with pedophiles!
Hang yourself unironically.

No. 35779

How in the world will they do a hellweek when they have like 2 farmhands and admin is MIA

No. 35780

God this WK is so funny. As soon as Sharla and Chris revealed their relationship, the WK had to jump ship to another thread. I predict a big increase in minimodding and sperging on the Taylor thread too.

No. 35781

tranny thread in /g/ >>>/g/275974 please either lock it or delete, thank you.

selfposting banevading scrote back in /g/ >>>/g/276157
Please ban him and berate him.

S a i n t e the pedo troon is back on /w/ >>>/w/230101

Please open up mod application again. this site desperately needs a HELLWEEK

No. 35782

Nta but shopping a womans pussy onto Arby's burger is a bit unhinged if you ask me. That anon is %99 a bella simp male.

No. 35783

Anon didn't edit it, it came from another site where people are making fun of her too kek

No. 35784

There is a literal brown man (self admitted) posting his selfies in the “attractive men you want to fuck” thread. None of his posts or his selfie has been deleted. What the fuck?

No. 35787

They’ve always been in the Belle thread, they randomly would accuse people of being “the Belle sperg” in the vloggers thread because they once saw that redtexted in a Nicole thread. They only seem to participate in the WKing of pretty weeby girls, like Sharla, Belle, Nicole, and Taylor. I really think it is a troon or a moid based on that. Like they literally post updates from Taylor’s social media saying shit about her baby being cute, then get mad at other anons for not providing “milk”. Meanwhile Taylor’s thread would probably be dead if not for their retarded WK fan updates, then them sperging out at anyone who doesn’t like her. They’re completely retarded but they leave the threads of less cute girls alone, so Jill and Lori for example never get their WK treatment.

No. 35788

will that faggot be banned already christ its been hours he only keeps making more retarded posts possibly with company looking at that tranny "girls who like girls" thread. they are blatantly admitting they are scrotes

No. 35789

The self-admitted rape ape is still posting on the “attractive men you want to fuck thread.” Last post was made 12 minutes ago. Where are the moderators?

No. 35791

File: 1658153959534.jpeg (327.28 KB, 2454x531, 1065AEC6-818C-4DDA-B7A0-9A9EE2…)

Girls who love girls, summer edition thread. When will jannies wake up?

No. 35792

First the pedo age question thread on /g/, then the tranny thread, and now the Indian scrote attention whore who is now posting on /m/ too. Unless those happen to be the same "person", it seems like lolcow got mentioned on some scrote website (or Discord server) and that's why we're getting all these autistic males at the same time.
When will the mods wake up?

No. 35794

It's most likely not the same person nonna, the website is overrun by moids. It's been happening for a while.

No. 35795

The first 4 images you see on the homepage are dicks posted by the Indian scrote. This website desperately needs more moderators. I think he’s the retard that posted his selfie on the “attractive men you want to fuck.” thread.

No. 35796

retarded homo moid posting bbc or something all over snow, jfc

No. 35798

were do I sign up for being a mod? or is it all through the discord now?

No. 35799

Tranny in the /ot/ vent thread

No. 35800

Help dicks here and in ot

No. 35801

Please ban the tranny…

No. 35805

Tranny used vpn and tried claiming he looks like a woman by using instagram filter.

No. 35806

keksimus maximus smegoids are on a whole different level. Hope he ropes soon when he realizes that no matter how much he tries to insert himself into female spaces he will never become a woman.

No. 35807

Tranny is posting his self harm in the vent thrad in ot how pathetic can you get

No. 35808

lol fucking trannies can't even cut properly. That's a mosquito bite

No. 35809

He is still there, venting for attention and posting blood

No. 35812

There are incels giving each other advice on “looksmaxxing” and calling each other “bro” on the attractive men thread on /g/
That thread needs stricter moderation.

No. 35813

Scrote talking to himself in /g/ attractive men thread

No. 35814

wtf I didn't realize how retarded this loser is. I knew the Taylor thread got weird but I think you're right, it could be a man. I posted some mild thing once in Taylor's thread and got a total spergy rant from that fucknut.

No. 35815

Can a mod do something about the Altcow thread? It's nothing but newfags spamming.

No. 35816

possible tranny/male who keeps spamming in /ot/, LC drawing room thread is just a mess. wake tf up mods cmon

No. 35817

It's the wojak fag who spams his nikocado fap folder sometimes, you can tell it's him because he posts the same ugly soyjaks everytime.

No. 35818

tbf nikocado’s onlyfans content leaked everywhere and apparently has a free google docs link of his nudes that were shared in a bunch of recent memes but spamming it is just straight up scrote depravity

No. 35819

thanks janny

No. 35821

Spam in ot

No. 35823

Porn spam across the board, are we going to have mod applications opened?

No. 35824

No. 35825

But race debating over a baby and talking about misinformation in the Taylor thread sure is milk.

No. 35826

Who said it was? Her thread is milkless, WK. That includes reposting her random mommy blogger social media shit without any criticism.

No. 35827

Yep, her current thread is pretty dry of milk.

I'm sure she'll provide more milk once she starts reselling sweatshop clothes as her own "brand." Her whole business and how it got pushed on HK media is incredibly sus especially considering Tom's business (which btw actually did have a paid porn thing, I posted it in a past thread but it got drowned out)

No. 35828

It's still going, too. We need a Hellweek so badly

No. 35830

I didn't post anything. What the hell are you on about? It says race-baiting in the thread which I'd take those random updates to have general updates on a cow rather than anons incel takes on a baby's race. have some better priorities and standards when reading a thread, anon.

No. 35831

Try and keep two thoughts in your head at once, anon. The milkless social media updates are retarded - this site isn't for just keeping up with your favorites, go to her Instagram yourself for that? It also isn't for retarded racesperg. Both of those things are shit, and I think trying to weigh the two piles of shit in the Taylor thread and figure out which one is heavier and stinkier is a waste of time. Don't do either.

No. 35832

The fact you assume someone posting updates means they are someone's favorite cow, is weird. Everyone is here for milk.

It's also not milky to try to argue her being ana when something she is doing has nothing to do with that. There's so much of this useless fake outrage over things and anons trying to pass misinformation on their behalf off as milk, which it isn't because it's anons own personal fault for their lack of knowledge, because then trying to clear up information makes you a whiteknight.

There's so many threads in /w/ with the same symptoms as the Taylor thread. Not to mention the unhinged group who keeps trying to doxx cows which itself is weird as hell, the group of moids and actual farmers who nitpick the hell across the board [all the threads, even Jillian has nitpick tags].. There's a good group of anons who shitpost across the threads and make up milk along the way or don't post caps and refuse to post caps because you should take them at their word and believe tinfoil and the edited photos they post.

Again, I'd rather take some boring updates and see how that can develop into milk with discussion, rather than someone posting and trying to force milk.

No. 35833

File: 1658262690054.png (421.74 KB, 2556x758, Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 4.29…)

This is the kind of retarded update that I'm talking about in the Taylor thread. If you say yourself while posting "there is no milk with her lately" stop, and don't post. Editing pictures is weird, sure. Making fun of cows is part of this site, and sometimes making fun may sound like nitpicking. Nitpicking specific topics get banned on specific threads, like Shayna's thread has the nitpicking ban on her zombie tit. Belle's thread is heavy-handed on nitpicking bans, which is fine, but Lori's thread for instance you can say "lori actually old & fat" constantly and no bans. Nitpicking is a really weird rule to constantly sperg out about because it is very unevenly applied across the site. Anyway, this is the kind of retardation that the Taylor thread has in addition to a thousand posts about whether or not asian men like white women. It's so retarded and an embarrassment to this site. Just like the rest of /w/

No. 35834

That honestly sounds like it invited anons to pick up a discussion about her mommy stuff, tiktoks, or her schedule with posting too though. It's not uncommon to see anons do this, even in /pt/. Trying to keep interest in a slow cow and trying to start convos that are on topic while using some sort of update that isn't seen as a necro.

No. 35835

The proana scumbags thread is getting spammed with vomit porn and gore.

No. 35836

Retard moid/moid bot posting child porn in m.

No. 35837

stop it. She lost her period for more than a year, she did an ad promoting weight loss apps when she was already underweight (but called herself heavy). she's got fucked up eating and body issues. She says as much in her video about how "everything has changed" (no shit, taylor). She can't turn off her dysmorphia even for one video, and she barely looks like she was pregnant. But you come in defending her like you know every thought her couple of brain cells churn out.

I know you're pissed that Sharla and Chris actually are dating but maybe go outside for awhile and stop trying to control what other people talk about on the internet

No. 35838

The wraps after her birth weren't because of dysmorphia. That's what is being talked about.

No. 35839

I don't usually visit that thread as I'm not an ana-chan but I saw one of the gore(?) posts where an anon posted a bulimic dead with her head in the toilet mid puking. Do we know who's behind this? Is it a man with ana/bulimia fetish?

No. 35840

Tranny in the “what happened to lolcow” thread

No. 35841

File: 1658328933102.jpg (23.16 KB, 800x450, shocc.jpg)

>mfw (mods faces when) the kaliacc cancer they refused to ban start creating shit new threads

No. 35842

What's kaliacc cancer

No. 35843


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 35844

the pink pill shit needs to go once and for all. this site is a drama site, men were banned for being annoying, nothing more. the entirety of /ot/ is an annoying dumpster fire of anons raging about men that needed to be contained instead of nutured. it's an echochamber for annoying radfems who think women need to behave a certain way or they will shut down discussion. they don't understand or even like the types of people who post on drama boards so they should leave. i said this years ago when the "man hate" thing was a hot issue that people were upset about, but it's just gotten worse and worse.

No. 35845

This is one of the rare places online where women can speak freely and anonymously, with the intention of it being a male-free zone. I rarely if ever see pinkpill shit outside of OT, and even there, feel free to argue with them if you disagree anon. It's pretty contained to the vent threads, MtF, and other specific places. When people say really psycho shit like kill all male infants they get argued down, but if you expect anons here to never say fuck moids well…you're not going to like the culture here.

No. 35846

Stop going to /ot/ to whine. Problem solved.

No. 35847

i am not new, that culture here was only cultivated the past few years. and it needs to go, men also need to stay banned. this is a drama site. go to crystal.cafe if you don't like it.

No. 35848

It's a drama site with boards that aren't specifically related to drama. You can easily avoid that entire section of the site if you don't like the tone. I don't bother going to /m/ or /g/ ever because I'm not interested in discussing those things with anons here. Why should I have to go to a different site entirely when this site already has boards to discuss topics outside of the cows?

No. 35849

Stop replying to the retarded currycel/tranny that keeps fighting in /ot/ just to come back here. He's here because you all feed him attention every time, just fucking report and ignore. Even if janny doesn't delete his posts, he'll be invisible when no one replies.

No. 35850

maybe i like /ot/ but also don't like what a retarded echochamber it is? the site is bogged down with twitterfags trying to blend in and bringing sjw behaviors here under the guise of being radfem/pp leaning. the recent uptick in male/tranny accusations towards extremely mild posts is insane.

No. 35851

You're right anon. Lesson learned.

No. 35852


No. 35853

>it's an echochamber for annoying radfems who think women need to behave a certain way or they will shut down discussion

you provide nothing of substance to the conversation, you just keep whining about how this website has turned into a radfem space when that is far from the truth. 2xx is hidden and inactive, plenty of anons claim to love their own sons, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, there’s /g/ where the entire board centers around how attractive men are, what the fuck are you doing trying to get the thread in /ot/ shut down?? kek

No. 35854

Most anons don't even hate men like men hate women, they just hate literally evil men such as incels, rapists, etc. Just because they mocked the currycel doesn't mean they hate all other men, it just means he's ugly.

No. 35856

you're not even listening so i am not going to bother. but you're misinterpreting everything i'm saying.

No. 35858

>the pinkpill userbase in 2018-2020 were actually very chill and didnt bring in their topics in other threads.
Wrong, there was the exact screeching about manhaters manhating too much over the entire site then too. Even after the manhate threads were banned, the screeching about radfems and evil misandry continued.

No. 35860

Nope, there was a lot of screeching in /meta/ about LC getting too radfem and that manhate is mean. The GC threads and manhate threads were banned but those posters still weren't happy because farmers still expressed opinions they didn't like.

No. 35861

this is what i was saying in my post. the newfags made everything intolerable.

No. 35863

No I was defending them from those idiots. It's the constant same shit. Pickmes and scrotes can't handle the freely spoken opinions on LC and complain in /meta/ that everything needs to be banned.

No. 35865

if you can't determine the difference between posters speaking freely and talking down others with insults, i can't help you.

No. 35866

>Pickmes and scrotes can't handle the freely spoken opinions on LC and complain in /meta/ that everything needs to be banned.
The mental illness and projection is off the charts. No one is asking for man hate to be banned. Like no fucking shit there's going to be man hate on a website inhabited by women. What posters are asking for is for the constant infighting and scrote accusations to stop because it's killing the site. The utter desperation to enforce regressive gender roles by so called feminists is truly fucking retarded. The only use it has is to shut down other women expressing opinions that you can't handle. You're no different to SJWs and troons that scream nazi, terf and transphobe at anything they disagree with.

No. 35867

anon, it's useless to argue with them, they're the ones who do it. they don't get it because they choose not to.

No. 35868

Funny thing is that the posters that were “pickmes” actually disliked the robots that came here and the now-radfems interacted with the men on lolcow LOL. The “pickmes” were always the sanest and most rational. Clearly with “pickme” I mean normal farmer.

No. 35869

the crazy anons interacting with obvious males aren't even radfem pp posters, they're newfags trying to blend in by using radfem rhetoric to confuse other posters into thinking they're the same. that's why there's a correlation with the twitterfags calling everyone moids and taking scrote bait. you even see them arguing with posters clearly identifying themselves as male. it's crazy.

No. 35870

OK so the actual problem is newfags from twitter. Which is why we need a hellweek or something. Except it won't happen because admin is missing.

No. 35871

Please ban Canyon before it gets out of hand. Newfags can never not reply to shit shitty bait.

No. 35872

i think this is a big part of it. pp anons are getting unnecessary hate because they're being conflated with twitterfags. and people from the drama boards don't know the difference because they don't go on /ot/. we're really being pinned against eachother by newfags…

No. 35873

That thread has been dead for so long, that cow has been boring for years, I feel like it was made by crayon himself or some shit.

No. 35874

Lmao I reported his ugly selfies like two hours ago and still no redtext or ban, sad!

No. 35875

I know it's not actual pink pill posters. The threads were around for years without causing any problems and I used to enjoy them. It's newfags from outside that don't understand how image boards work and can't handle anonymous discussion.

No. 35876

some weirdo is spamming political doxes on /ot/

No. 35877

exactly. this is just a recent issue. and it's happening on other boards as well. it's related to tranny defending and cows being posted for shit that's not milky like transphobia, racebait and asianfishing. the entire site is overrun by these annoying posters and the regular posters are caught in the mix. lolcow is the last bastion of female speech, whether it's shitting on cows or complaining about men. we need to work together.

No. 35878

File: 1658347662179.jpg (244.82 KB, 1080x1213, IMG_20220720_220744.jpg)

No. 35879

God I wish "pick me" was redtexted, it's used so much it's lost all meaning

No. 35880

Our regular males have been using it so much i just ignore posts when they use it. I've been called a pickme whore because I said I wouldn't date a white man. I advise anons to ignore posts that have pickme, whore and racebait in them because most of them are done by moids.

No. 35881

racebait is also used by crazed sjws, but we also don't want them here either

No. 35882

yeah you're right with this. plus random conversations being completely sidetracked so autistic baby radfems can screech about how evil moids and anyone attracted to them are (see: any thread or comment even very vaguely relating to moids, relationships, fake 2d husbandos, etc)

No. 35883

Umm hi mods, gonna complain about the jvlogger thread again… the majority of posters have come from Reddit or Twitter. Now Chris and Sharla’s relationship has been confirmed there is just constant nitpicking/tinfoiling and it’s getting ridiculous. Just a suggestion, but could future threads be autosaged to encourage them to go back to where they came from so actual milk (if any) can be discussed without people sperging about how fat and unhealthy Chris is? They aren’t even cows, their thread is so popular a new one gets made quicker than anyone else in /w/

No. 35885

I don't want PP/GC talks to be banned personally (I learned so much thanks to nice anons sharing feminist litterature and stuff like that) but I wish there were more posters in the hidden board.
Every /ot thread is filled with discussions about scrotoids and it's getting tiring.
Sometimes I just want to forget about them, is it too much to ask ?

No. 35886

Look I've never made a complaint before in this thread in my life except maybe to report gore spam or something but the pro ana scumbags thread is really overrun by teenagers at this point. They're posting about a 72 year old woman with brain damage, calling it "milk" when she posts about being 13 in a photo and then reposting it as 17 or something. It's like they've never known an elder who's starting to get confused later in life. They're bitching about "mean" messages she's left on other ana cows socials but haven't posted proof. And even if she has been rude it's just obvious elder confusion/lack of filter. Sometimes old people get a little harsh as they age because that filter people have can diminish. My 85 year old grandma once told me she hated the birthday cake I made for her with a cheery smile on her face because she didn't realize what it was she was saying, she then completely forgot she said that and told me the cake was delicious and she loved it. It's just classic aging, it's not milk and it's obvious from the farmers confusion about her speech patterns and messages that they don't know what an elder in cognitive decline talks like, she's not a cow she's an old woman with brain damage. Is there anything that can be done about the summerfags and teenagers in /snow/? It's just getting worse and I can't even enjoy the thread now because seeing these children complain about her getting confused about her past is truly heartbreaking.

No. 35887

Did she post hilary clinton’s maiden name?

No. 35888

Is it stupid to reply to a post just with like, lol or lmao. Does that waste space or is it annoying at all? I always want to acknowledge funny posts but I don't want to shit up the thread with no-content posts. What do you think nonies?

No. 35889

think its most commonly accepted to respond with a simple "kek" or a reaction image to contribute to the thread

No. 35890

Bellefag is encouraging doxxing, again. >>>/w/231050

No. 35891

same anon is bragging about how a 10 year old would type as if they know and thus equating that to how Belle is typing and these types of takes absolutely comes from scrotes. Get this fuck out of here. No1 want sot hear how Belle sounds to them like a child when she's using words like "horny" as a fuckng adult. Especially on a non-pedobait post which makes this even creepier on the anon's part.


Gotta stop letting scrotes post here like the ones bragging about posting from the Belle sex thread on the site.

No. 35894

cp on /m/

No. 35895

stop replying to old posts, jfc. read the rest of the conversation.

No. 35900

Can we ban people for minimodding in /W/? It’s seriously annoying. Is especially bad in the belle thread.

No. 35901

Scrote in reddit hate thread. Likely same one as has been the past week.

No. 35902

I love how anons complained about the Taylor thread not being milky and people gatekeeping REAL interesting milk like nitpicking a baby and then immediately go back-to-back to race debating and talking about a baby's features as if that's milk. Imagine picking a fucking child and getting mad when anins tell you it's not milky because it isn't. Valid complaints come to meta yet it's still the derailing anons who will go out of their way to completely not stay on topic.

No. 35903

Nitpicking her face isn't milk. Rando no context image posts, aren't milk.

No. 35905

Exactly, the whole board is made up of 50% nitpick threads or threads full of pulltards and Redditfags.
Why can’t anyone lurk more???

No. 35906

Case in point. Mods (actual, not WKs) please end /w/‘s misery and nuke it, brings the whole site down and attracts the shittiest WKs and nitpickers.

No. 35907

It's in the rules, anons. Jfc. You don't get immunity just because you hate a cow 100% more than other anins just here for basic discussion and milk. Nothing new has come from half the threads on /w/ in 2 years because its all nitpicking bs and resharing past thread images because anons can't handle someone being irrelevant for 2 days with no posts.

No. 35908

I agree, /w/ is worthless and should be deleted. I guess you’d be fine with that, or would it be upsetting to not have a place to defend Belle from the slings and arrows of anonymous bullies on lolcow?

No. 35909

It's less nonnys defending her and more like nonnies pointing out how insanely unhinged most of the posters itt are. I actually think a lot of the "slings and arrows" are facetious or downright trolling.

No. 35910

the people derailing with race-baiting are not those posting here. I report it every time. Are you posting it on purpose?

No. 35911

yes pls

No. 35912


Moid is the unsaged comments in his own thread, ban that IP please. He thinks women will fall for everything and you're all stupid.im very sorry for shitting up your site before.

No. 35913

if you think that's unhinged check out basically any other thread on this site, anon. It's only /w/ where you get these shitty "uh actually the cow is really pretty? DAE think she's beautiful?" responses. No one here cares if you actually think Belle is pretty, or that she isn't milky. Infighting is also against the rules and minimods basically always start that shit.

No. 35914

Also I only namefagged cause he hates the fuck out of that handle and is more likely to leave if he thinks I always Post here.

No. 35915

This, a woman's beauty doesn't matter. Simping only prevents cows from ever learning

No. 35916

He just did a tranny voice to try and say it wasn't him not realizing they're moids too. Sorry for posting here so often jannies.

No. 35917

So he obviously linked it to his site and it's getting flooded with moids for or against him, I didn't bring any of them here, idk how kuz found out about his thread.

No. 35918

Thank you UH I see you finally found the proper sites to shit up with your cringe, we got it from here you can leave again now. No hate but no trannies allowed, still I think jannies should be lenient on you for coming in to shut down WK'ing by a lolcow in their own thread. I hope they will be but that's just one opinion and they are their own people. You're always welcome when you blend and we cannot tell and I know you had to glow this time but I am glad you knocked that shit off if you still use this site like I suspect you do.

No. 35919

Np I hate people who abuse women even if they are one (like Rachel) I hope that pattern is obvious by now, hopefully nobody will recognize a post of mine again.(some threads yes, I ignore most of the site)

No. 35920

I still hate you for making me into a handmaiden you know. I will continue to think all trannies are men who are trying to be predators in women's spaces but…I will admit you do not do that, just be a cross dresser please it's so much less cringe.

No. 35922

Get help if you think me complaining about the racebaiting means I'm the one posting about it. Wtf?

No. 35924

Probably. They call that milk yet an update on asking where new vlogs might be and posting a photo a long with it because you don't want to just empty post, is apparently not okay. Like damn. The travesty of these threads of /w/ and what these troll anons keep pressing as milk. Not to mention another doxxing request from the Belle thread yesterday. These anons are absolutely unhinged and you can tell it's the same ones that keep coming back. Especially the anon who uses "!!!" constantly. They aren't just in /w/.

No. 35926

Is some KF tranny talking to himself in this thread lol?

No. 35928

Where is our shaymin? When will farmhand applications open?

No. 35929

filled with underaged soyjak.party moids, can mods autosage the thread? they will keep coming back and bumping the thread with non-milk for eternity otherwise

No. 35932

Sorry for being that anon but can admins look at the IP addresses in the camgirl thread. That sperg was posting walls of texts/ revenge posting on Kati3. 5 days later multiple anons are responding to the sperg/ bringing it back up…. seems odd like maybe only one person is posting. Thats just my tinfoil.

No. 35934

Doesn't matter when accessing lite mode bypasses it. Anons have mentioned switching browsers too.

No. 35935

and using incognito mode, and deleting cookies

No. 35936

I honestly haven't seen those work well.

No. 35937

Can I report posts for using spoilers for no reason? It's obnoxious.

No. 35938

Can I report you for whining and being obnoxious?(kidding, if it's bad enough then why not, if the jannies disagree they just won't sweep it)

No. 35939

Wow, rude!!!!!!! kek

No. 35940

What's the problem these days with anons who want to nuke all the boards they don't like?
First /ot and now /w
LC is an off-shoot of CGL and SR, so originally a site for weebs (hell, one of the boards was named after the Weeb Queen herself) so I think we should keep /w for the sake of tradition.
If some posts seem too nitpicky/twitter-y, report them but don't cry for the whole board to be nuked cause it don't catter to your personal preferences.

Be careful nona, you could catch a short ban for abusing the report system.
It already happened to me once (sorry mod-sama, I'm a tard) for reporting a post deemed to old.

No. 35941

Why is this site used as a halfway house every time that a moid forum/board falls off? Mods didn't realized that is what is ruining lc's culture? Because once their sites come back they don't leave and instead they poison anywhere they touch. I give a week, maybe two until soyjak moids discover the rest of the site and hell will break loose.

No. 35943

/w/ is a more recent board compared to /pt/, most of the cows on /w/ were originally on /snow/. and i remember when new boards were being made most anons didn't even want /w/ that much. the problem is the twittery/pull-like posts extends to the whole damn board rather than just a few threads, like the whole culture on that board is different from the rest of the site

No. 35944

Likely it's romanianon, she's notorious on /ot/ for samefagging.

No. 35945

samefag mods I beg of you lock it or least autosage the thread, it is bringing in a steady trickle of autistic scrotes from their containment site and it's only a matter of time before they begin shitting up other threads

No. 35946

They're in the mtf threads already just call it a hunch.

No. 35948


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 35949

can we please get some bans in the Leftcows thread? someone's sperging about abortion in there and it's devolved into a multi-day derail/infight - thanks in advance

No. 35950

Moid in this thread telling anons to not report/point out males and accept them.

No. 35951

reporting is different than derailing. stop being stupid.

No. 35952

Please link the post where anyone has said not to report men. The entire argument is that moids should be reported and ignored instead of being called out. You are either fucking stupid or are being intentionally disingenuous.

No. 35953

it's probably both. i'm sick of moids getting attention here under the guise of "protecting anons from talking to them".

No. 35954

That post was saying anons shouldn't care if they're talking to a man, it's against the rules to reply to males and that anon says we should ignore that rule and reply.

No. 35955

Fucking men just need to learn when to sit down, shut up and listen.

No. 35956

It's bizarre. The majority of women interact with men daily and do not need to be protected from them on an anonymous image board. Do these posters not go outside or something?

No, they need to fuck off from this website. Men can go and sit down, shut up and listen in the inside of an industrial oven for all I care.

No. 35958

No it wasn't. It was saying they shouldn't respond to males at all. Anons are defending the idea of responding to males to out them and warn other anons, which is what the mods are for. Some posters were advocating trying to bait males into outing themselves, which, we shouldn't be doing. If you think it's male, report it. I swear anons on /ot/ are deranged about this.

No. 35959

It's not protection. "This sounds male/baity, don't reply " isn't for protection but to minimize the attention/derailing

No. 35960

It doesn't work and it's against the rules. Report it, or post it here. And anon's were saying it's to protect other users, that's not my sentiment. Anons who think that are batshit.

No. 35961

anons on /ot/ are literally saying shit like "anons are vulnerable to moids" without redtexting. the site is full of such crybabies.

No. 35962

It's not to protect, faggot. How's a man gonna hurt you on lolcow? Saying "This sounds like bait, don't reply " without quoting won't get you banned or even warned.

No. 35964

tell that to anons on /ot/.

No. 35965

no one responded to that post because it's a troll.

No. 36078

what does "cow tipping" and "hi cowing" mean?