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File: 1655016458876.png (860.25 KB, 1080x719, 34112C78-7AB0-4124-BEC7-0F106F…)

No. 879844

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>874714
Websites: https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peachygirlmomo
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: momoku.n, mariahmallad (currently down/banned), mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co (currently down), peachycollective.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xmomokunx (Banned)
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them.
(You need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog).

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/174607
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

Last thread:
>>Photos from friends who get to use her studio for free start trickling out. Lighting is shit, for a studio that provides it (As long as you pay a ridiculous upcharge)
>>Neighbor saga continues as she throws a public fit over her neighbors entering her backyard to fix her broken pool pump
>>Finds the insta of some girl she's been ogling at her local gym and calls her a bimbo as a compliment
>>Announces her first ever real porno with teaser images that look like she's about to cry
>>Video releases, filmed in her "no porn allowed" photography studio. 20 minutes of her fully clothed blowing a faceless man, also fully clothed, with 3 minutes of actual penetration at the end. As awkward and uncomfortable as you can imagine
>>Thread immediately devolves into anons speculating whether the dick is real or fake
>>Adopts yet another cat
>>Seems to be delving into a woo phase as she buys crystals and piles of spirituality books, conveniently right around the same time she posts about hanging out with Tattoo-Sensei again
>>Flashes her badge for AX
>>Raids her local thrift stores for tacky paintings on sale and calls it bartering

No. 879845

File: 1655016599511.jpeg (458.24 KB, 1241x2205, EA1FC858-6D59-4E4D-9037-555384…)

Dump of recent pictures

No. 879846

File: 1655016642406.jpeg (462.08 KB, 1241x2192, 7AC9C78B-2E01-419A-BE45-7D02F6…)

No. 879847

File: 1655016793644.jpeg (194.7 KB, 1241x2003, 3EB3EF96-0956-4EBA-817B-1DF07F…)

SS from a video where she kept smearing her fingers around her face

No. 879850

as an anon pointed out in the requests thread, both of her banned insta's are back again

No. 879854

This can't be comfortable. She looks like a big trussed up Easter ham.

No. 879861

File: 1655028197600.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x2198, E05B6194-62F2-407D-92FE-8D733B…)

fucking with her leggings like she has a wedgie while dubstep plays… ok

No. 879864

not dubstep, phonk (shit name for a genre, i'm well aware). That combined with her recent car sperging makes me think that whatever dick she's chasing is into cars since phonk is normally used in the drift/jdm scene.
well, that and edgy amv's

No. 879865

File: 1655032180305.jpg (62.59 KB, 940x409, 1655016642406.jpg.jpg)

Holy fuck. I can't believe she thought this looked good enough to post.

No. 879866

She looks deformed. Her fupa looks more like an ass than her ass does. Her cankles look a bit slimmer though, has she gotten lipo on her lower legs too now?

No. 879878

I don't know how she's getting worse at editing. This is as bad as when she edited herself down during her breast exam video and the guy didn't want to be there. She shopped herself down to this size but candids showed she was over 300 pounds and busted the seams of that poor dress she squeezed herself into

No. 879883

Imagine being obese but having zero ass? What are the odds.

No. 879893

to be fair, at least that song specifically is pretty popular in tiktoks/ig reels atm.

No. 879907

File: 1655063204699.png (3.87 MB, 1242x2208, DE744E83-4AF3-4A52-9100-B09FFB…)

How she manages to keep getting her accounts back is beyond me when she immediately posts shit like this.

No. 879908

File: 1655063302895.png (2.74 MB, 1242x2208, 8F91CDA8-FC02-4196-853F-FAAAA7…)

No. 879909

File: 1655063629544.jpeg (754.93 KB, 3264x1958, 6BEFB9A2-5DAD-456B-8CC5-1FCE8E…)

Some more dumb shit

No. 879911

File: 1655064208292.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1079x1786, 2E2B36FD-B228-4B13-B253-4B564D…)

To the anon in the previous thread saying she’d eventually pick up Crowley (and not understand it), you called it.

No. 879919

File: 1655070813204.jpeg (599.27 KB, 1242x1718, A6775620-AAED-4A8B-8F20-543E07…)

From a thread about cosplays for AX. Start what, Moo? Pulling out your wallet?

No. 879920

Oh ffs- now onto the golden dawn saga. Can’t wait for her finding something to latch onto there. This will be a riot to watch.

No. 879940

>”the human body is awesome when you give it the right nutrients and stay consistent”
well you’ve got to give it to her, the human body definitely is awesome. it can withstand consistent abuse via poor diet and invasive voluntary procedures every few weeks

No. 879941

Mariah you already cheat and copy other people.

No. 879944

How much longer until she posts her altar? I’m dying to see how much she blew on her new phase.

No. 879946

this may be the dumbest thing i've ever considered but is there any chance her showing the predicted book next to a word similar to nonna isn't a coincidence?

No. 879947

File: 1655088954682.jpg (487.25 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20220612_225340.jpg)

My brain is having a hard time trying to wrap itself around that blurred tf body shot. Neither of my outlines make full sense…anyone else have a better idea of what's going on here?

No. 879948

What is going on with the black band tattoo? I thought it went all around her fat arm

No. 879949


No. 879954

the first one is right. that whole ass blob is her left thigh.

No. 879957

Training 5x a week for 8 months. Training sessions with a trainer are an hour minimum. If we suspend our disbelieve and believe her, then how fucking much must she be eating a day? Especially if we delude even further and actually believe she's plant based like she loves to claim. Does she not realize how pathetic that would all be, it was true. If it was just at the healthy rate of 2 lbs/week (not unreasonable with 5 hours of strength and cardio a week) then she would be down 68 lbs or just under 4-7 dress sizes depending on fat distribution.

No. 879958

Kek my husband saw this and said “that looks like a bloated corpse caught in a fishing net”(no1curr)

No. 879959

Crowley or did I mention David Ike? Crowley is very High School, "I just watch THE CRAFT" occult started pack. lol

No. 879974

About fucking time you Liberachi make a new thread. “Workers of the world, unite!” but can’t lift up your fat fingers to type for shit except when it’s time to eat.

Fat people, I fucking swear.(anyone can make a thread retard)

No. 879978


you know anyone can make a thread, including you

No. 879981

File: 1655128438658.jpg (36.45 KB, 800x450, Breaking_Bad_S04E01__Box_Cutte…)

No. 879982

It's the same idiot that defends moo and shit talks people calling everyone fat that got banned awhile back, guess it just got lifted.

No. 879983

File: 1655129545308.jpeg (437.25 KB, 1242x1742, A1DE6D6E-26A5-4571-BE7F-E686A6…)

She just got it back and now it’s down again lol

No. 879985

You don't understand, my dude. She's getting it verified now that it's back, that's all!

No. 879990

kek. she's clearly getting temp banned, too much of this, it will be permanent. she already was banned for over a month before. i wonder how many strikes she needs before it's gone.

No. 879992

Good. Lol

No. 879995

Her nose in her avi looks really bad. It looks like a pig snout and not the cute upturn look she was going for. It looks too short for her fat face

No. 880031

Girl needs to remove all her titles from her bio (cosplay model and whatever) and replace it with "professional catfish"

No. 880056

She's not that smart.

No. 880082

she needs to stop buying followers lmao it will keep doing that until she stops

No. 880092

I mean I reported it for the closest thing to ban evasion and posting shit she shouldn't. They purge bots eventually anyway.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 880127

stop fucking doing that

No. 880140

File: 1655186698788.jpg (Spoiler Image,106.26 KB, 1440x3040, nw65koihrg591.jpg)

Well well well, here we go again

No. 880141

i wish she would learn how to be at least a LITTLE bit sexy so that the screenshots of her dry gobbling dick wouldn’t give me a fucking conniption every time she looks like the monster from Ao Oni

No. 880144

Now here’s an image I could have done without. She looks like she’s about to rip that dick right off.

No. 880150

Wonder who’s in the background watching this shitshow go down.

No. 880159

File: 1655209518401.jpeg (19.52 KB, 360x450, 19940C2F-AEE1-415F-9BD4-105B2A…)

i’m fucking dying

No. 880165

Two questions because this doesn’t make
Any sense- who’s hand is on her shoulder? Things? And who is in the background (leg on the right). ? This is just a really weird painful looking picture lol.

No. 880166

I wonder if this is the same guy as before. If it is, I'm surprised he returned given the way she brutalised his dick last time
It's not her shoulder. It's her hand on his knee. The claws give it away.

No. 880173

It’s like she’s an alien sucking the life force.

No. 880174

this pic always reminds me of Soren

No. 880175

Ah ok- the way this is shot that was (and is) a weird fucking pose.
Either way moo, the one trick pony, doing the same thing over and over and over again. She really is simple isn’t she.

No. 880180

kek, it was me mentioning Crowley, after she talked about Jung and "mythology class" and I'm still baffled that it's in thing. Maybe Anton Szandor LaVey will be next? Then her occult starter pack would be complete.

No. 880181

I wonder if it's embarrassing for her to buy all these followers but have so little engagement. It's so obvious what's going on. Or she doesn't care, as long as she can go up to strangers irl and shove her phone in their face so she can pretend she's someone. Cuz people love it when influencers do that irl

No. 880182

"I don't do porn. I do cosplay. I'm a cosplayer"

No. 880183

You gotta admit, it's a lil sus that the guy is fully clothed and they both seem desperate to have him completely covered up other than the dick
for the third time now

No. 880184

Ffs, not this argument starting again

No. 880186

Kek this is horrifying to look at. The soulless eyes, the vacuum hose mouth, the death grip…

No. 880198

Sage for dumb tinfoil but it's not as dumb as the fake dick ones.

The scrotes aren't taking off any clothing so they can get away from her faster, pump-and-dump style. They probably think that she's a clingy pickme without much value outside of sex, and bounce when she tries to watch anime with them after. I know this sounds like scrote talk but momo has terrible taste in men and no self respect so…

I know anons take the hooker blacklist story with a grain of salt, but the part about her thinking she could seduce sex workers by pressuring them to hang out as a friend? That sounded exactly like moo lmao

>It's not her shoulder. It's her hand on his knee
Kek she's so fat that it's getting hard to discern her anatomy.

No. 880201

Looks like the same dick though. So much for running if they keep coming back.

No. 880203

File: 1655237172796.png (4.03 MB, 1089x1800, DA4EDBFA-8DD4-476A-8FC1-F3E8DA…)

Shame, if Moo had ever had been held accountable for her sexual assaults, her “friends” would be rocking Moo mugshot shirts by now.

No. 880204

File: 1655237197089.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220614-150642_Ins…)

No. 880205

File: 1655237394325.png (2.89 MB, 1242x2208, A857A282-A740-4532-B590-1D73B5…)

No. 880208

So she's been lifting for a "year" now as she said herself, and she can only cable machine curl like, 10 lbs?
Cmon girl, if you're gonna lie and make yourself out to be a Buff Mommy uwu bitch, at least hide the fact you're struggling to lift the equivalent of what you get lipo'd out of yourself every fortnight.

No. 880209

Momokun just casually admitting to befriending criminals. Makes sense considering she is one.

No. 880210

I don't know anything about those machines, but if these are honestly only 10 lbs, it's hilarious, she must be so weak and her muscles won't grow from that. I'm carrying at least 13 lbs home when I've been grocery shopping and 13 lbs are nothing for a young, healthy human.

No. 880211

Sage for bullshit but: Some machines have the plates range in increments of 5lbs, some do 10, so I'll give her benefit of the doubt and say at most it's a 20lb curl, which again, is absolutely nothing if she's been training with someone for a year.
Plus, her trainer should have her on actual free weights at this point, anyone who stepped foot in a gym would know she's lying, but 90% of her orbiters are obese incels who don't know their elbow from their asscrack.
tldr; Moo is just prepping for more surgery and lying through her teeth but we all knew that already.

No. 880214

her quads being bigger than her pancake ass will never not be hilarious to me kek

No. 880215

All in the tatami room she cant clean too. I'd bet she filmed it all in a big batch and is slow releasing that way she doesn't have to set her schedule on someone else's availability.

No. 880237

File: 1655259351700.jpg (46.26 KB, 600x600, 081978-600x600-A.jpg)

All I can see…

No. 880251

You’re right, but to be fair, >>879974 is also correct about certain lefty types. They want everyone to provide for them but they’re also not willing to do shit in return (like Mamokun).

Didn’t want to refer to >>879974 as Anon/Nonnie because I don’t know what pronouns they use (or how they identify) out of respect.

No. 880252

how the fuck are politics at all relevant to what is being discussed in this thread? stop

No. 880253

That's literally them. Someone has made a thread and his reaction was to whine "but you didn't do it fast enough!!!". The entitlement is off the charts.

No. 880254

>>880251 tell me this is satire. Everyone on this website is a woman aside from the troons and scrotes that come to troll occasionally. All users are assumed female because this is a website for women. Also literally what the fuck does this have to do with anything currently being discussed?

No. 880257

Ikr? What the fuck is going on?

No. 880271

File: 1655305168714.png (5.32 MB, 1800x1633, 92A0FFB8-D1AD-4962-922A-D481DB…)

You were hardly a “baby” here, Moo. You had thousands to blow on this monstrosity at that point and since you lack any creative bone in your body, the redo will be just as inaccurate or worse.
It’s more funny than sad at this point that she still thinks her audience is here for big build cosplay and not sloppy OF content.

No. 880273

prob redo to make porn in it, i bet

No. 880274

she's clearly trying to creep back into the cosplay scene. but no one will pay for this now that she's passed the porn threshold.

No. 880276

you're right, but seeing that she's doing cosplay porn, its not out of the question what she might do with it.

No. 880277

Holy shit I forgot about this monstrosity. Love that she’s clearly cutting off the bottom portion of the photos because she knows it’s terrible.

No. 880279

Ah good we get to watch her avoid security and run around like a sperg shooting where she isn’t supposed to again? Can’t wait for her to catch an indecent exposure charge if you guys are right and she does a porn version of this. And nobody cared the first time. It was a poor effort then, it will be worse a second time .

No. 880286

Ah so she's doing it again. Every time she moves more on giving scrotes content (this time "proudly" doing bg) she back swings and tries to do a big cosplay in hopes that she can switch her audience back into being made up of cosplay fans.

No. 880293

Please use Dobby ears again. Everyone wants to see your fancy Harry Potter porn. Maybe that scrote will give you a sock and you can be a cosplayer again.

No. 880297

even after all these years i still find it unbelievable that she was actually a honor guest in some latin american convention … and she got mugged

No. 880355

For fuckssake, the dumb bitch goes to Latin America covered with gaudy Gucci/LV trash that you can rip and run away with, don't turn yourself into a target.

No. 880380

File: 1655420589675.jpg (216.66 KB, 1080x2046, Screenshot_20220616-155812_Chr…)

So, turns out Moo has scrubbed the new house she moved in to from all listings, so there are nothing but aerial veiws with no discerning show of which one it is, so can't 100% guarantee it matches the inside. Got this from public information and edited out the street, but this might give a look a how much she does per month for the house at least. She could honestly probably do well eith the 6k a month mortgage if that's what this is, plus other bills. Like anons have pointed out, money stacks really easy on OF.

I did find her old house though and I didn't block the address because SHE DOES NOT LIVE HERE ANYMORE. Just so mods understand this is NOT DOXXING.

No. 880381

File: 1655420638992.jpg (534.57 KB, 1079x1387, Screenshot_20220616-155843_Chr…)


Says sold, so I'm going to assume she wasn't renting it.

No. 880392

I doubt she paid over a million, she paid before the housing market went super high, and then it had to be built. Find a comparable listing from 2019 and that’s probably closer to what she paid (and when I say paid, I mean the loan from the bank, I don’t believe for a minute she paid in cash up front).
No idea what a typical mortgage would be for a house like this, but keep in mind she’s paying rent for the studio too and all associated bills (utilities, internet, etc). and suddenly it makes total sense that she’s making ridiculous porn trying to get more money. Too bad she sucks at it and will have to start sticking house plants up her ass or something to try to get simps to pay.

No. 880393

File: 1655423134135.jpeg (Spoiler Image,21.01 KB, 358x343, Raspberry cows.jpeg)

still look's nice(weirdo)

No. 880394

please forgive me as ive taken about a year off moo, did she finally lose weight?

No. 880395

didn't she say she was renting this house? zillow doesn't disclose if it was ever for rent or not. and wasn't this sold way after she moved?

No. 880397

File: 1655425995987.jpg (60.55 KB, 275x275, 1596042565404.jpg)

Oh we go through this every couple threads
Moo is currently going through her insecure editing phase because one too many guys called her fat
Any weight loss she got was from emergency lipo from multiple clinics. But I assure you, she's still a fat ass and will re gain the weight in a couple months.
I think she went over board because without her compression gear her skin is sagging kek.

Anyway, she did similar edits when she was 250+ and you can edit video now a days so it seems convincing until candids show up

No. 880399

you know i really dont care if mariah wants eat herself into a fat sack of shapelss shit, and i don't care if smoothbrain coomers want to pay monthly to keep her in carbs and white marble, but the blantent dishonetly and societal damage of this shit is disgusting. Then she turns around and talks about advocating for women and being open about her procedures.

No. 880417

It's disgusting because you know the only people she's fooling are coomers and desperate girls who believe Moo when she says you can lose 1/3 of your body weight over night with wishful thinking and weight training for a week.

But then she gets emotional when people leak candids of her and screams fat shaming when she fat shames herself on the daily

No. 880426

Why are you guys so mean(lost wk )

No. 880429

ppl are brave on the internet

No. 880430

why is moo so fat?

No. 880436

It’s not being mean if you’re just describing what’s in front of you.

No. 880446

bitch bullied us for years you get what you put out

No. 880449

Because we’re fat, just like Mooriance. The difference though, is that this bitchante is richante and we’re not. For that reason alone, she deserves the shit we give her.

Moo does nothing all day and makes a fuck ton of money. Like most of us, we also do nothing all day but some of us actually work shit jobs to pay off our student loans for art degrees that landed us jobs at Starbucks and Subway.

We give her shit because we work our asses off and get nothing in return while she sucks cock (albeit terribly) and eats all day while making six figures. It’s not fair. It’s just not fair. Slevedicus.

This bitchola deserves the hate we give her. Her attitude, her lifestyle, her “work.” We despise everything about her. She doesn’t realize how lucky she is to be a fat girl in the United States who makes a fuck ton of money every year for doing nothing. We’re fat too, but we don’t get shit in return.

No. 880453

do you know where the fuck you are?

No. 880459

gtfo moo

No. 880460

It’s that anon who likes wasting their - I mean spending their time writing fanfic about the anonymous people on this thread/site (Shayna has one too). It would be funny if it was Moo or one of her calves.

No. 880462

Are you as fat as Momo nona?

No. 880464

1/10 fanfic do not recommend.

I started reading this paragraph with high hopes that it would be humorous and enlightened. It derailed into laughter (not the authors intended laughter though) about midway first paragraph. Self inserted characters and the fact it was written online in crayon didn’t help. Also it had no narrative. I don’t recommend this paragraph.

No. 880469

Bitch speak for yourself!

No. 880471

Some website for fat bitches with mental disorders to complain?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 880473

She admitted to renting it, it’s possible whoever she was renting it from sold it though.

No. 880474

She is speaking for herself - it's Moo.

No. 880476


What in the hell

No. 880484

This is exactly how Moo thinks all the nonnies here are lmao. Way to tell on yourself.

No. 880485

Hm. Didn’t think being 135 was fat but go on gaslighting yourself with your camera apps. You’ll never be as thin as you were in high school Mariah.

No. 880486

i wonder if she knows some of us have a lot of time because we have rich families/husbands. moo could never.

No. 880490

speak for yourself lol most of us here are gym nonas or are in the cosplay comm. Not everyone is fat ass like you.

No. 880495

File: 1655490389225.jpeg (19.91 KB, 284x178, FFC8C46B-EADD-4905-9684-9EAF93…)

anyone else choking on the copium fumes?

No. 880498

File: 1655494270132.jpeg (910.84 KB, 1081x1801, 82AF2298-E12F-44E1-8A31-160F03…)

She dyed her hair black and has been posting cringe pseudo-witch shit in her stories lately that I haven’t bothered to cap.

No. 880501

If the general consensus is that fat, angry women are the only people who use Lolcow then I’m out.

I don’t want to be associated with these hambeasts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 880502

Bye fatty
At least her witch aesthetic matches her witch face. It’s so saggy now that she’s sucked what fat they could out.

No. 880503

File: 1655498368791.jpeg (26.18 KB, 625x626, 32EDDB6F-244A-4BD0-B801-580908…)

Report and ignore it.

No. 880505

File: 1655499396036.jpeg (2.65 MB, 2350x2048, 35D255D9-C4FA-4452-A63A-02568B…)


No. 880507

The ripped mesh does it for me.

No. 880512

>>880505 I never cease to be amazed bu how fucked that tattoo is. She needs to either laser that shit off or get a full, very complicated sleeve from Tattoo-Sensei with enough shit to distract from the sheer awfulness of that tattoo's composition. It looks extra retarded with the sleeveless shirt cuff things she's wearing.

No. 880519

You can still see how red and outlined the Fate tattoo is too from the other side. Can't wait until that's scarred to high hell.

No. 880520

She's somehow making the same dumb open mouth expression in both pictures. Like she has a talent in being as unsexy and lazy as possible

No. 880521

Didn’t she do almost this exact same shit a dozen or so threads back? I’m sure she did. Bitch hasn’t got a creative bone in her body, and her thirst posting game sucks. Also I’m thinking that this is who owns the legs in the background of her latest attempt to suck dick.

No. 880525

Im sorry, is this cow wearing triple tights?? Lmao.

No. 880526

That other girl looks like she regrets this lmao look at her face. It reads like she smelled moo and is leaning back to avoid the stench and also afraid this hamhock is gonna break her leg.

No. 880529

File: 1655516132890.jpeg (1 MB, 987x1646, AD7AA49D-4304-4272-AF09-0C971B…)

her fucking wrist cuff is unbuttoned and there’s a huge ass ladder in her tights. even akemi’s tights have a hole right at her ass… neither of these bitches give a fuck

No. 880532

Her fucking arms aren’t even edited the same size. The arm on the left side pic is considerably slimmer than the one on the left. Also her tights on her legs on the left pic look weird at the top, there’s no indents of the fishnets yet on her calves there’s indents.

No. 880546

she erased her calf around the edge of the netting, look at where her calf meets her knee. jesus.

No. 880550

Moo looks like she’s having a back spasm, and the other idiot looks like she’s leaning away from the smell and straining not to be crushed to death. How bizarre of Moo to share these photos.

No. 880552

File: 1655526355342.gif (889.73 KB, 380x285, E7128E97-5BDD-4DE9-9589-ECF49B…)

Do you have proof to back up your claims?

You just activated their trap card (their because I don’t know what pronouns they use). By calling that Anon/Nonnie a fatty, you just proved them right.

Judging from the responses from the last couple threads this seems to be the case. It’s funny how this all started by people laughing at one cow, only for them to end up no different than Moo herself. This is what happens when you consume too much leche from your only source.


No. 880553

Fat people are scum.

No. 880555

not you again with your autistic “their because i don’t know what pronouns anon/nonnie uses”. >>880251 learn to integrate or fuck off back to reddit.

No. 880559

Be nice I said(no)

No. 880564

File: 1655544334978.png (100.36 KB, 245x245, 29f77a59-415b-45d8-b21a-b54c15…)


No. 880576

It’s looks like a type of shake wear, nylons, and then the fishnets over the nylons. She has to use as much as possible go give her some sort of “shape”

No. 880578

>>880576 Agreed. Also, sage pls.

No. 880583

she's using tights that have a control top, ones with a control top that are supposed to give you an ass, and then fishnets.

No. 880585

File: 1655574004409.png (3.48 MB, 1242x2208, 91D942FA-170C-4131-A390-C32D80…)

No. 880587

Jesus her fucking tattoo. Attend your removal appointments, Moo

No. 880589

didn't she go to just one appointment, realized it hurts too much and she had to do 12 more and didn't go back since?
So now the tattoo is even worse?

No. 880590

What’s funny is that the last time she mentioned it months and months ago, she had had 14 sessions for that tat’s removal at that point. I don’t know why she’d just stop but I’d be embarrassed by having that ugly shit on my arm (and not even bothering to shoop it out for pics she charges for)

No. 880594

And red is some of the easiest ink to remove that's why most artists (or at lease ones worth the money) don't do red without outlines. If she wanted that gone it would be gone, shes pale with a red tat. Shes an ideal candidate.

No. 880596

i'm wondering if the only reason the tattoos didn't hurt her is because she got them while high? tattoo removal is in a professional derm office setting, not sensei's house, so she can't be high there.

No. 880597

I think simply it’s just that it requires a commitment. Moo can’t do that, she was hyper focused on getting it removed for o e reason or the other and then moved into something else. I would hate to be in her circle

No. 880605

Someone unshoop this pic

No. 880612

For a second I thought she was trying to do amputation porn. Looking at her legs makes me wince that cannot feel good. If she's high 24/7 she likely can't feel them. Isn't passed 25 your body starts catching up to any reckless shit you've done?

No. 880616

File: 1655595234832.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1242x2220, 9AC04766-D75F-4233-B05C-30D6C8…)

No. 880617

File: 1655595263578.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x2213, 44C5353A-AD6D-4D36-8D49-2CB867…)

No. 880618

Isn't this like her third Morrigan or whatever succubus she's picking?

No. 880619

The shapewear under a bikini come on…

No. 880620

Lol bitch please.

No. 880621

Moo, pulling out your wallet and waiting for someone else to complete your outfit isn’t “con crunch”.

No. 880622

File: 1655597054493.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x2003, F1F6E241-BCB6-4CBB-863B-D06EB5…)

“The Crow” reference… She’s a true goth now! /s Jesus it’s like she’s fucking 13.

No. 880624

It's really sad when Mariah pretends she's some super hard worker when we know she isn't. It's not like those paying care about her cosplays outside of if she'll film porn in it.

No. 880625

I thought she was only getting the red Fate tattoo removed but it looks like she's trying to take off the Douma ones too? She would've only had them a few months then before she started posting about removal. Those are the ones Sensei was outright telling her they're going to look stupid and to not do it and she fought back so hard. What the fuck is she on?

No. 880626

she also said she was covering the cheese rose up, which is why she got those bands around it.

No. 880627

It’s making her need a shit?

No. 880628

is she pretending she makes her costumes again?
Moo, you can't even make an apron

No. 880629

File: 1655602943479.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x2199, 35BA1437-4542-4AF4-97FC-B00A4F…)

At first I figured she snapped a pic of her slaves working on this until I noticed her signature "weathering" she used to put on everything.

She couldn't even finish an armband.

No. 880630

Oh man, this is going to be like her sloppy Yoko at AX where the paper stars on her tits were falling off. I can’t wait to see some pics of this disaster.

No. 880631

Didn’t flexing Fiji water go out of fashion a few years ago?

No. 880634

Yep. Right around the time moo being a cosplayer went out.

No. 880637

ah, she's going through her usual pattern of doing some porn, regretting her life choices and is trying to crawl back to the cos because deep down she doesn't want to do porn to make a living

baby's first cosplay
having stiff, 2d cardboard wings on her head is going to look stupid. She's suppose to be a pro at this point

No. 880638

moo using foam board is sending me. who does this? maybe for a mock up.

No. 880640

Moo has always been “one and done” lol. This foam garbage is obviously going to be the final product.

No. 880641

oh, not her doing a mock up, other cosplayers would only use this for a mock up and even then, probably not. this is like that cheap foam board from staples that kids use to make posters.

No. 880642

And that’s good enough for her apparently. She’s not above being cheap on supplies because she really has no clue what she’s doing.

No. 880643

Is she too poor to pay real costumers now? Her costumes looked terrible because she gave wrong measurements but they used to at least be made by people who were competent. Or is this her attempt to pretend to be a cosplayer again until she realizes no one wants to pay for that and makes some more porn?
Anons, do you think people will scorn her at AX or have they all forgotten the drama of 3 years ago? Do you think she’ll actually go to the con or do some pics outside and then go get drunk in her hotel room like years past?

No. 880646

The same thing is going to happen at every con she goes to. People will give her nasty stares but no one is going to confront her. She’s also irrelevant. No one is going to approach her unless they’re one of her braindead fans (who may not even recognize her due to how heavily she filters herself online). I’m hoping she catches covid while waddling through a packed artist alley looking for Douma merch or some shit. She will most likely hide in her hotel and drink the weekend away.

No. 880647

File: 1655627397101.jpeg (936.93 KB, 1060x1903, 96248842-C9AC-4B6E-8F51-364D12…)

No. 880649

File: 1655628496682.jpeg (916.67 KB, 1059x808, 13194248-6730-4929-9288-075529…)

a quick google tells me this place does axe throwing and flight simulator/VR shit and they recently had some fairy themed event with costumes encouraged so i’m guessing that’s why she’s dressed like an emo pixie

No. 880650

at least there are no characters in The Crow she could possible try to cosplay. I'm still waiting for her posting pictures of the Satanic Bible she is reading. Come on, Moo, I know you read here, show us what a true hard working goth you have become.

No. 880653

why do the other tattoos on that arm look so bruised and discolored?

No. 880655

Now that cons are a thing again, do you think mods will bring back the annual, “Raping of Momokun™?” Or do you think mods will pussy out again?

I know PC culture and Covid-19 made mods really soft these past couple years.

No. 880658

Nonnie, sexual harassment of any kind is not tolerated. Unless you’re Moolester of course and most of her fan base simply forgot what she did or are ok with allowing that behavior.

No. 880668


No. 880682

Speaking of allowing certain behavior, the silence from the mods is deafening.

No. 880685

dunno if this counts as blogposting but I’m going to AX as well and I wonder if I’ll see her for a second time in the flesh

I passed by her at katsu 2020 and holy fuck she was huge LMAO. And that was when she had (allegedly) lost a lot of weight from her highest weight. She was in her cos of that “thicc” gym leader from sword and shield. I specifically remember her wig looking crispy in a decrepit way.
It felt surreal seeing a cow IRL

No. 880686

File: 1655700796644.jpeg (617.88 KB, 1242x1399, A0478455-9ED1-4C44-9CE6-424F4A…)

Post of her zooming in on her scarred tattoos. Is she mad we brought it up?

No. 880688

Damn, that's a deep accidental burn on the one over the right. Wtf happened there? It's like the dude with the laser forgot he was working and burned a hole. There's tattoo removal scarring and then there is like.. damage like that. That's not even in a place where the tattoo is. I hate Moo, but if they fucked up like that, I'd be pissed. What were the captions? if she complaining about it? If it's a mole, then I feel silly and ignore everything I said. The post looks to be gone too.

No. 880690

Are you talking about the large dot above the tattoo? It's part of that Kanji so it's meant to be there. I think the worst thing about these is the discolored shadowing around both. Sensei was right when he was trying to stop her from getting these done because they look fucking gross.

No. 880692

no, bottom.

No. 880693

Yes, the one that looks like a cigarette burn. >>880692 is not me who was mentioning it.

No. 880709

goes without saying, but pls take a lot of photos if you do see her. We need a reminder of what she REALLY looks like.

No. 880711

File: 1655744340897.jpeg (785.87 KB, 1242x1733, 1E9E64E5-BDC4-414A-B206-8177BF…)

It's still up. Her most recent post is a photo dump of selfies and memes including this. She doesn't say anything about it and the video has no sound but she specifically zooms in on the discolored part. It's very odd.

No. 880712

File: 1655744485141.jpeg (163.73 KB, 1242x553, 83C93A36-45AD-4A2E-95C6-102771…)

Samefag for comment, I don't even know what this means

No. 880713

Oh that's easy, moo's having another one of her manic episodes.

No. 880727

File: 1655752647042.jpeg (57.58 KB, 1242x214, 10F3D1D2-F362-4074-A9BD-8A98AE…)

The last comment I saw on that post lol. Moo, your base doesn’t care for your manic episodes or cosplay crap. You made your bed, now you gotta (badly) suck dick in it.

No. 880733

Oh my god is she doing Lilith from Vampire Savior again KEK

No. 880735

get help and stop derailing

No. 880736

Is that Maddie in the corner? She looks like a retarded shark about to munch on a beached whale. In this lighting you can see how aged she’s gotten in only two years.

No. 880739

File: 1655766556235.jpeg (392.47 KB, 1242x1445, CD1A6A61-D16A-45FC-B25F-757C09…)

More comments I didn't see here, from this >>879847 post
Why does she talk in such a roundabout way like this? She thinks she's spouting some deep sage wisdom but ends up just not making any sense at all.

No. 880749

No. 880761

She’s your typical moron, trying to look deep.

No. 880762

I screen capped that comment and archived this thread for lulz and posterity.

Mods need to do something (like shutting down these threads) for allowing this abhorrent behavior. That, or censoring comments and getting rid of the ones that we don’t like.

Sage I say. Sage.(no1curr)

No. 880774

Newfag Summer coming in strong with the Moo Crew I see.

I can't wait to see candids of this trash in action. Bless the return of con season.

No. 880775

You're not even trying to hide it at this point, stick to having your maniac breakdowns on instagram.

No. 880813

her main got banned again, correct? insta is putting her ass in so many timeouts lately, kek.

No. 880837

No, her main is mmallad.jpeg I think and it’s still up for me

No. 880839

mmallad.jpeg is her secondary account, look upthread.

No. 880842

File: 1655876569614.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x2217, 9E76D24F-4B6E-4002-A967-7725F1…)

posting about spirited away while being ~*witchy*~, ofc

No. 880848


God she's so fucking cringe. She's like those tumblrtards who add "like to charge, reblog to cast uwu" thinking they're really doing something.

If she's so "witchy" then why can't she manifest her cosplay career back? Kek.

No. 880876

A bit late for a ghibli tard phase.

No. 880878

i love how she says this but provides no explanation.

No. 880898

Makes me wonder what other persona she'll take on next for her pursuit of dick

No. 880900

Studio Ghibli has been trending lately. My local movie theater chain is having a Ghibli movie marathon all summer. She's probably trying to ride the hype.

No. 880920

Theaters have been doing that pre-pandemic too. She’s only obsessed with Howl and some parts of Spirited Away, but more so Howl with how much she spams the "I see no point in living if I can't be beautiful" scene.

No. 880926

the thing with her howl obsession is he had archs and matured but she's obsessed with the immature howl because she's an immature brat. she probably hates sophie for "ruining" him or something.

No. 880931

While you guys are talking to shit, momokun is making stacks.

Be salty(genuinely hope you’re getting paid to do this; otherwise, this is very sad)

No. 880933

You're still not trying to be less obvious. Go back to IG lol.

No. 880935

Moo would think the only reason we talk shit is because she thinks we’re jealous of her money. Couldn’t possibly be because she’s a piece of shit person.
Hey Moo, anyone can make fat (lol) stacks of money when they degrade themselves to degenerates online, It’s not that hard. How’s business at the money pit er, I mean, "studio".

No. 880938

she's just bored because he insta is down. she has to convince herself we're all jealous to cope. as if none of us have good paying jobs, husbands or rich parents(or all 3) but that's also because she doesn't have any of that, and wouldn't even have money if she didn't do gross porn. it's pathetic.

No. 880948

I'm sure some of the people posting here are people more relevant in the cos/anime community having a huge laugh at Moo. And we didn't have to take our clothes off to get money or attention

No. 880955

Wow, As someone born with no eyes or brain, I really appreciate Moo Moosplaining. I would have never noticed such small details on my own.

No. 880958

Lol oh moo (or maddy or whatever pathetic dude she’s using for OF money and not sharing)- some of us have a lifestyle that makes you look the ghetto rich you truly are. Some don’t but I’d say the bulk of us have friends we don’t have to bribe, don’t have to pay for sex, or insecurities so deep we have to pretend to have substance. Remember what you’re doing isn’t porn right? Cause at least porn is interesting in a way and you can’t even do that right.

No. 880962

Lose weight

No. 880963

Anon, I love you.

No. 881001

File: 1656022552346.jpeg (883.26 KB, 1242x2215, 34562D6D-F63D-4564-9E5A-F24AEA…)

she also had a story up rambling again about her “bodybuilding” and then another about how good her life is and how she hopes everyone else is doing good, but they’re both deleted now kek

No. 881002

File: 1656022692840.jpeg (247.26 KB, 1242x2209, FC783712-62F2-4DBB-A301-40C408…)

she looks fucking herculean in size even with filters and she’s apparently still rocking fannypacks even though the dumbass trend died out like three years ago

No. 881005

Her body shape changes with every new post. This one she's letting her true size slip, but that waist edit is laughable

Also I noticed when she feels fat she mentions lifting and body building. She wants to pretend her fat is muscle so bad
What a cope

No. 881009

A lot of body builders brag about their body fat percentages. I never once heard her brag about those numbers. Maybe because it'll break the delusion she's huge because of muscle

No. 881010

Mariah. These two pictures don't even have the same shoulders, stop lying. We can see the bingo wings and tomato face. She really thinks that people can't tell the difference? Like we're all blind people living in her land of delusions and she's really a ditto reaching for her shapeshifting dreams.

No. 881013

Kek her bottom half looks like that of a pig or cow. The toe area looks like hooves with the way the leggings cover half her feet. Very fitting

No. 881014

I was almost convinced maybe she lost some weight lately but this picture brought me back to reality. She is as huge as ever.

No. 881015

Also nitpicking but her desk area behind her looks like a dental office with how white and sterile everything looks. Including that lobby marble flooring. What a nightmare

No. 881016

aaaaand now this one is deleted too

No. 881018

She's just upset because despite all the lipo she got the past two months she's still over 300 pounds. 80% of her posts are convincing herself she's not fat. We're due for a huge mental breakdown when she's 350 pounds. I expect her to reach 400 in the next few years. She'll still pretend she's slim thicc and fat shame other people though

No. 881020

File: 1656030691782.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1083x1868, D1B1D00A-782A-4985-B911-425984…)

Here’s another 2 she deleted earlier.


No. 881021

File: 1656030744556.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1079x1936, 4C75CB1F-4E7A-4EA2-956D-35D81A…)


No. 881022

like going to the gym and actually losing some weight instead of just taking selfies in the bathroom?

No. 881023

looking extra deranged today
what do spiders and femininity even have in common?
i need to know what she's smoking
>doing the work i need to get done without procrastination
work must be done then if you've got time to post shit like this

No. 881026

Girl, shut up already with the fake hidden meaning shit. She's going to find a dog turd on the ground and say "This is life saying leave your shit behind. It represents letting go of the past and walk away from it. Don't try to clean it up what can't be helped now I just have to keep moving forward."

No. 881027

How is it possible for her to look completely different, face and body wise, in every photo she takes? Oh yeah, abusing filters.

No. 881037

What happened to her goth look?
She looks like cheap, white ghetto trash

No. 881039

Funny… she IS cheap white ghetto trash.

No. 881042

>she's like "Nah, you thought you was gonna keep me shut up, Nah"
This just sounds so racist.

No. 881043

>>881026 This is absolute poetry, Nonita. Perfect moo impression right there.

No. 881050

Perfect Nonnetiquette.

No. 881052

does that include the two living above your eyes?

No. 881060

Sage for nit pick maybe but peep around her chin. There’s a bunch of acne that the filter is failing to cover up. Wonder what her face looks like without her cake face and snow filters.

No. 881061

C'mon, Mariah. Those spiders represent nothing, they are just attracted by all the flies flying around your sweaty ass.

No. 881064

Strong men and bodybuilders are different. Strong men don't care about body fat. Body builders do because they are showmen, their muscles work, but they are more for aesthetics whereas a SM really don't care and go for all over muscles.

No. 881072

moo is neither, just a lipo abusing hog. she likes to pretend she's a body builder though.

No. 881101

I like how she said “rn” meaning that her view of spiders and what they mean may be different later and yes, this is a fad that she will grow out of, just like her jeans.
I bet she has acne/tough skin patches under her chin, I’ve seen some fatties with weird rash like acne on their double chins.
I don’t understand why she doesn’t wear socks with these compression leggings. I can’t imagine being so ashamed of your cankle size enough to have to go about wearing leggings in a retarded way

No. 881102

Or why she wears those leggings 24/7 at all. They make her look like a fat midget. She needs to start dressing for her body shape but until she realizes that she's a fat ass, she's going to keep up the delusion that she's skinny. She goes all in the "fake it 'til you make it" but it's been years of her faking skinny now.

No. 881109


>great feminine is coming out

what the actual fuck does this even mean

No. 881110

Why does she insist on trying to make every part of her life some kind of spiritual journey? It's so disingenuous it makes me nauseous. She's so empty inside. Her living space really reflects her well - devoid of personality and soulless.

No. 881112

File: 1656128472265.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x2204, 74576BEF-08FE-42F6-A4E2-1076C7…)

well she’s got the tits of a 65 year old woman so at least she does the tsunade cosplay justice in that regard

No. 881113

Michael Jackson just needs to give it up at this point.

No. 881129

File: 1656167204276.gif (584.07 KB, 400x223, f2a2acce-de39-4689-a6bd-3b0c81…)

Omg hahaha. That edit! She made her body small but also shrunk down her hands
They're not even the same size. I'm wheezing

No. 881146

File: 1656189804140.png (3.02 MB, 1242x2208, 380FBBC2-C297-42DB-96C2-C00421…)

Her face looks so busted

No. 881147

her nose really is fucked. look at the nostrils. who would be happy with this??

No. 881151

her eyes always look like she is on drugs, about the nose, we don't have to talk about that anymore

No. 881152

She looks like someone’s 50 yo mom

No. 881156

File: 1656207746560.png (5.08 MB, 1800x1582, E1C4CC4B-3EA3-4FD1-9715-D1369A…)

Guess we’ll see some candids during AX. Is she riding Stella’s coattails for this too?

No. 881157

Lol does anyone really want a meet and greet with this landwhale? Who’s giving her legitimacy as a cosplayer ?

No. 881158

File: 1656210834900.jpeg (160.33 KB, 828x1459, 4243690D-E8C8-4446-A150-F28EA7…)


No. 881159

File: 1656210880439.jpeg (188.19 KB, 828x1478, 1BC52BF2-9B0B-4204-BE2E-3EC007…)


i can’t wait for her to get clowned on at anime expo

No. 881160

All the selfies she's posting now remind me of the selfies all the edgy teen egirls post, which is fitting with her attitude and maturity level.

No. 881161

Ah, looks like she took my advice on wearing socks, but fuck look at that fat spilling out from them. I’m soooo excited for her going back to cons! It’s when she’s milkiest and we get candids.

No. 881162

Pretty sad that she already anticipates needing to apologize.

No. 881166

She’s already deleted this lol
Any "funny business" usually comes from your end, Moo. Keep your filthy paws to yourself. Or don’t. I’d love to see her make a pass at the wrong person and have another glorious meltdown at AX. It should be like a tradition.

No. 881170

Oh so this was Stella's payment for the time at the tacky studio. Getting Moo back in the cosplay scene. What's the point though, anyone actively following her is either coomers or farmers.

No. 881175

Lol at this cow trying to make jokes about Bunny Ayu. She really thinks she has the upper hand.

No. 881176

Oh my God, she’s used the tiny hands photo as a promo, this dimwitted bitch, I love it!

No. 881179

Her desperately buying followers and her shit engagement on posts she didn't buy likes for shows how irrelevant she is now
She's a porn thot who's ashamed she only gets money and attention from porn. She just wants to say she gets money from cosplay.

As for senpai squad, she's friends with a dude there. They're the only brain dead idiots who'll defend and promote Moo as long as Moo pats them (or fucks them if the rumors are true)

Having Moo as a cosplay guest is no different than having a rando porn actress there

No. 881180

> Pays them
You know Moo, successful cosplayers get paid to be guests at cons or podcasts. She's so use to tossing money at all her problems I wonder how she'll function when that's no longer an option

No. 881182

A shame Looni and Kevvy are perpetually broke as fuck, I'd love to see the promised cow brawl between them and Moo at AX finally happen.

Has-been thots gotta stick together, I guess! Way to stick to your guns, Stella, but we always knew you were pathetic trash.

No. 881191

who memed her into getting a booth? AR photoshop doesn't exist yet. people are going to see her unshooped. please anons get candids. hell, even posed photos will be amazing.

No. 881195

File: 1656275727934.png (2.58 MB, 1242x2208, D1D05FC3-DF24-4C60-8676-D55A11…)

Looking like a Christopher Hart “How to Draw Manga” image.

No. 881196

File: 1656275893520.jpeg (17.92 KB, 213x236, 4707AB02-0AC2-46D6-8D39-A848D3…)

Samefag but it’s uncanny

No. 881197

KEK ANON this is giving me the same energy as the nonnie in the luna thread who said she looks like claire from who's who

No. 881199

So much for that group to have previously said they cut ties with her lol
Always back to shilling after hoping people will forget.

No. 881201

I’ve never seen any statement from them saying they cut ties. You might be confusing them with Creative Guild who originally were going to promote her at the AX when shit went down.

No. 881208

Stella hasnt been relevant in years, hoping for lots of milk from AX now

No. 881209

Moo pays for online articles about herself you know she pays to pretend to be relevant

No. 881210

they uninvited her from their party that year too.

No. 881214


She just wants to be the femme tomboy yaya

No. 881303

File: 1656389602023.jpeg (221.17 KB, 1241x2269, 30176998-BABB-4FED-B7BD-1EE712…)

I think we’re fully into the botox saga. Looks like cheek and chin filler and the ahit photo quality screams its not a filter

No. 881304

File: 1656389631749.jpeg (317.86 KB, 1241x2269, 4360ABB0-AAE9-414A-860D-8EE4BC…)

No. 881305

Straight from fucking Whoville

No. 881306

With as greasy as she looks she’s burning faster than most lol

No. 881307

she always posts the exact opposite of what she's doing.
>causing drama
posts about how she hates drama or how awful you are if you're involved in it
>gaining weight
posts about how thin she's getting and how much the gym is helping her
posts about how happy and blessed she is
it's like clockwork.

No. 881309

The filter trying to skim her face made her index finger super wide

No. 881311

it also took a chunk out beneath her eye.

No. 881318

This fucking fake ass attention whore needs to fucking just stop while she can with the procedures, stop acting like someone’s “anime mom” actually get an education and finally grow the fuck up and stop trying to escape reality and living in a teenager fantasy and stop flashing her asshole every time she wants to eat at chipotle out of gold plated toilet.

No. 881321

File: 1656432568747.png (582 KB, 1600x800, mac-tonight.png)

'Come on make it Mac tonight' looking ass

No. 881326

File: 1656437021265.jpeg (859.23 KB, 1242x1893, F521417F-308B-4922-B2DA-088146…)

Girl I-

No. 881328

the fuck kind of drugs is she on so i never use that shit.

No. 881331

File: 1656443767573.jpeg (870.25 KB, 1081x1953, E7335CDA-F23C-4525-B75A-15BCFA…)

You can see her struggle to suck her gut in in this story. Also, her main is back (but who knows for how long lol)

No. 881335

this isn't her main. unless you don't mean this one.

No. 881337

File: 1656448676976.jpeg (101.1 KB, 1068x676, C4D0E5F2-AAEE-41B6-8E39-29927D…)

I mean her MAIN main…

No. 881338

looks like her temp ban expired. it will probably get taken down again soon because she never deletes whatever is getting her banned.

No. 881340

She double downs on it lol and she did delete around 16 pics actually..only to immediately post that tsunade shit.

No. 881341

File: 1656450142096.png (68.71 KB, 825x252, Old.png)

What it was when her temp ban expired.

No. 881346

We need a thread for Senpai Squad. This isn't the first time they've worked with someone toxic people (JVNA). Their old parties were havens for underage drinking.

No. 881348

kek. does insta delete content? well either way we know crazy anon will report her again. she better figure out which pics are getting flagged.

No. 881354

File: 1656463585889.jpeg (279.1 KB, 828x1466, C603E4B3-AFEA-46A3-93B2-2D6AB9…)

can’t wait for the fuckin’ candids of her and her large hams in a 2B cosplay

No. 881355

She is literally 5 years too late to the Nier hype.

No. 881356

Assuming Mariah is 2B,we could have another instance of her not wearing underwear to the con and flashing everyone again.

No. 881358

Oh god, it’ll be like when she wore Chi-Chi all over again.

No. 881359

2b has pretty iconic underwear tho. also 2b's entire thing is being tall. moo is literally the opposite of her.

No. 881360

File: 1656468314864.jpeg (112.03 KB, 828x445, ADC158F9-08AA-4A5F-A82D-BC759C…)

again, not sure what her sister gains commenting this every time mariah bodychecks herself instagram

No. 881361

She's hoping for a crumb of clout.

No. 881363

Money I bet.

No. 881364

File: 1656470831251.jpg (303.06 KB, 583x423, QsR39Yr.jpg)

Tsunade video:
>"Do you like my hand pussy?"
>crusting upper lip and wiped lower lip with foundation that doesn't match

No. 881365

File: 1656470895851.jpg (Spoiler Image,853.12 KB, 1102x743, ougOWOc.jpg)

No. 881366

File: 1656470961564.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.59 KB, 208x347, d0HnY8m.jpg)

There was another angle in the video but who is the camerawoman?

No. 881367

File: 1656471181118.jpg (Spoiler Image,388.27 KB, 463x726, Y6jmGYd.jpg)

Who is the "model"?

No. 881368

I’m never going to get over the hypocrisy of her filming this shit in the studio when she forbade anyone else from also doing so. I hope her customers (lol) know what she’s doing where they'll potentially shoot. That and the fact it’s either not cleaned, or it’s sloppily wiped up. God her ass is painful to look at…

No. 881369

Probably that busted face akemi or hasbeen stella

No. 881370

Maybe she's being sarcastic, but Moo is too stupid to realize?

No. 881371

She really said hand pussy again? Is she trying to be as unsexy as possible?

No. 881372

moo is only doing this because of the new game.

No. 881373

the guy has long brown hair? hmmm…

No. 881374

what if it's tattoo sensei? doesn't he have a lot of body tattoos?

No. 881375

I asked that before. What, does dude need a different girl to look at while he half asses fucking moo? Seems legit.

No. 881376

I'm scared to ask but what is happening in this pic….is that a hand? A dick? A dildo? My brain cannot comprehend this anatomy

No. 881377


He’s fingering her. Ain’t never getting the smell outta there lol

No. 881378

It's not tattoo-sensei fucking her.

No. 881379

File: 1656479184568.jpeg (878.54 KB, 1242x1600, FA640350-F536-49F6-A675-34F7FE…)

Are those acrylic nails? Or am I seeing things?

No. 881381

Sure looks that way but who fucking knows

No. 881382

I noticed that too but was afraid of pointing it out and getting shouted down lol

No. 881384

holy shit moo, WASH YOUR ASS

No. 881387

Holy shit you nasty cow. Wash your ass and stop wearing compression shit and let your cheeks breathe. This is definitely the worst her ass has looked. Images you can smell.

No. 881392

Yikes. Look at all the ass black heads lmfao. Has this bitch ever heard of soap and a loofa. God. But that’s why I keep coming to these threads. She gets worse and I learn to take care of myself better through her faults.

No. 881400

She's lost weight, but still can't accept how much of a fatass she still is, so she uses these retarded filters. And that ass is worse than Shayna's. Her ass crack looks crusty and the amount of acne and black heads is disgusting.

No. 881401

lost it where exactly?

No. 881403

Her brain. Lol.

No. 881406

File: 1656515259006.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x2274, 5EBAB098-653B-4C27-B82C-66E605…)

speaking of images you can smell

does nobody have the balls to tell her it looks like akemi is retching? moo’s lackluster concept of sexy strikes again

No. 881410

i don't get this pose at all, literal ass licking? also it's hilarious how moo's tits start where akemi's end.

No. 881414

I still can’t get over her multiple hose wearing to cover up how fat her ham hocks are.

No. 881423

I'm always floored by how anti-erotic her and most cosplayers work is. If you're going for gravure lewd costhot you have to at least try. These people think bending over 90 degrees and just leaving your mouth agape is sex appeal. Even as a woman attracted to women all this type of stuff does is make me sad and grossed out. It's boring and feels like they do it at gunpoint and visibly hate it. I will never understand how people will genuinely be horny off this and pay money for it.

No. 881424

So this is a visual representation of all her friendships pretty much. They have their heads firmly up her flat ass but still very much look repulsed to be around her.

Moo has made her entire career by looking like she’s been forced at gunpoint to do this. I guess that’s what morons get off to nowadays. It’s just funny that in all this time she still has no clue how to convey anything remotely sexual. Hentai really has rotted her brain.

No. 881425

Im thinking it’s akemi in the background of these videos. But why?!?

No. 881428

She flashes the scrote so he doesn't go flaccid by Mariah's smell, lumpy body and asscne?

No. 881433

Her thigh highs match the cosplay she did for Uzui Tengen

No. 881450

Maybe they are sharing studs. Like a two for one special

No. 881456

Isn’t there a chick from Naruto who wears a bunch of fishnet? I didn’t watch the show so I can’t remember the name.
Was this a video that was released or just some stills.
How is it that she’ll edit off 200 pounds in a candid but won’t edit the acne and rashes off her ass? How does she think that’s ok to show? How do you even let that happen???

No. 881457

because she doesn't know how to actually edit. she relies on beauty apps that do it all for her, and they just blur the shit out of everything. she even sucks at using those.

No. 881464

Holy fuck, her ass looks like it has chicken pox. Mariah, you have more than enough money to WASH YOUR ASS. A bidet won't apply soap and do the scrubbing for you, you nasty bitch.

No. 881465

I've been waiting for her to 2B since like 3 years ago when she first mentioned it. I'm so excited, I wish I could see it irl

No. 881467

Makes time for hole bleaching, but can't even be bothered to clean her acne filled ass

Gotta be the mouth breather roommate/wig slave

No. 881468

I think she was filming the other angle. Why she's in fishnets.. I have no idea.

No. 881471

>>881456 >>881468
Yes but Akemi was just there doing a bunch of sets in Moo's studio. She could have worn the same fishnets for a bunch of different costumes but who knows. I got this idea from the stills Akemi posted while in that particular costume. There's also the fact that she's there at the studio all the time. She has her own studio, yes, but goes to Moo's studio.

Umbran is just as fat as Moo. Not likely.

No. 881473

she doesn't get paid to shoot in her own studio. moo is obviously trying to use her as advertising while clawing her way back into the cosplay scene(poorly)

No. 881475

Uh, Akemi shoots at Wonderland studios a lot but it’s not “her” studio. It’s been there for years and most LA/OC costhots shoot there.
I’m sure she’s not paying to shoot at Moo’s clusterfuck though, I don’t think anyone has.

No. 881478

File: 1656566447490.jpg (360.22 KB, 1199x1725, xes1twg4zz771.jpg)

No. 881479


Can we please, please not start this retarded tinfoil that it's Maddie with a strap-on again, I am fucking begging you guys

No. 881483

At this point it's more sus imo that anons keep crawling over each other to screech "It can't possibly be a strap on reeeeeeee!" I don't think it's Maddie from the hair, but it may be someone with hand tattoos? Anyway, it's sad and weird they have their hand wrapped up, possible acrylic nails, their phone out, and someone else in the room dressed sexy to distract from the swamp ass.

No. 881484

Why is akemi tasting moo's farts

No. 881485

I still don't understand how people don't believe that there is a guy actually willing to fuck moo
the hand wrap is part of narutos outfit, its really nothing deeper and The phone out is because he's likely filming his POV

No. 881487

“sad and weird” as if naruto doesn’t have his right hand wrapped. some of these anons are clueless.

No. 881497


Where is the ejaculate then?

No. 881498

This doesn't confirm nor deny fake or real penis, as there's dildos that ejaculate cum lube. She finds "cumshots" to be "Degrading" which is why it's absent from the fucking videos. 99% because she can't actually get a guy off and 1% because of her excuse.

No. 881503

No. 881505


There is nothing coming out of the head, its a tube under a stunt cock.

Theory - Moo has convinced a penis haver to wear a stunt cock and make moaning noises because that way they won't 'spoil their friendship' or some other orbiter bs.

This would explain the lack of close ups on the fingering and the total lack of balls in this is also odd, no?

No. 881508

moo probably started the fake dick rumor to prevent someone from reporting her for doing real porn in her uninspected, improperly zoned studio. last time she posted a video someone was vehemently claiming there's no rules for porn zoning in vegas, despite proof to the contrary.

No. 881509

it would be hilarious if she was sucking a dude’s fake cock
flashback to when she wore fake nipples and thought she did something there

No. 881510

This. People forgot the fake "nipnop" saga where she felt she was too good to show her actual nipples but still wanted to do topless/see through shit.

No. 881511

she also posted videos of her getting raw fucked by kbbq so…

No. 881517

What, when? They did photos but when was a video existing where you saw the dick and all?

No. 881518

Didnt Umbran also dress with moo in cosplay? Fake muscle and plates exist.

No. 881519

File: 1656601313480.jpg (821.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220630-100114_Ins…)

"Mystery man" could be akemi. Similar nails and would explain why she's constantly saying "my bf/husband/etc" in reference to them

No. 881523

I think her b/g videos last thread were real and it was definitely a real dick. But I think the acrylic nails on the hands are suspicious in this situation.

No. 881524

I don’t see acrylics at all. Looks at best like gross scrote who doesn’t clip his nails enough and will never get the smell out now kek. Either way, men have no standards and would of course fuck Moo for a cut of the profits. Men have sex with animals and vaginas in cans for chrissake. If You e saw this clip in gif form I’m sure it would be more obvious it’s the same scrote as usual collecting his paycheck and slaving away in Moo’s mines.

No. 881530

File: 1656612356504.jpg (102.64 KB, 1070x592, Screenshot_20220630-140312_Chr…)

I got a slightly better look at the hand. Idk it does look like a manicure.

No. 881534

This is clearly a dude probably some dude off the street she paid

No. 881535

This looks like a man's arm and torso to me.

Scrotes will fuck anything, and 100% she can get one to fuck her, specially since she's paying.

No. 881536

Please get out and see more humans yall. Some men happen to be born with nice nails/hands. This just looks like a guy who has nice nails

No. 881538

not only that but dick sperging points to moo trying to cover her ass more than anything. she knows we found out the address. and she knows someone itt has it out for her and has been reporting her insta. someone was also raging about the legality of her using the studio for porn and shutting down conversation about it, even though it's illegal. i don't know how anons are so adamant about that gross dick being fake.

No. 881539

File: 1656626683455.jpeg (164.46 KB, 946x668, 977719FC-4142-4A4F-897F-A70444…)

I saw this on the newer post on her main. This account has 112k followers and it seems sketchy that now people are forced to go on her IG to get an answer. Funny because it’s from a fitness/mma account so maybe it’s intimidating Moo lol

No. 881542

File: 1656629734880.jpg (661.45 KB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20220630-155505_Ins…)

She archived everything

No. 881543

File: 1656629785388.jpg (672.78 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20220630-155622_Ins…)

Same here

No. 881558

File: 1656639221424.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1082x1778, B8628BE6-004B-4C90-B7D6-CC8D36…)

Farmers attending AX, please grace us with some candids.

No. 881560

Why does the male model low key look like her cousin?

No. 881564

would not be surprised.

No. 881574

Thank you for saying this. I know everyone here assumes that the person who Moo is filming with is male. Not all men have a penis; some women have them too. Same thing when it comes to vaginas.

Maybe use a different term other than penis haver because it’s sounds too degrading. It’s important that we remind everyone here that we’re not the bigots in this thread. Momokun is.(fuck off to where you came from)

No. 881575

Please fuck off

No. 881579

I don't know if you were serious or not but if you were, kindly go back to Twitter with your tranny worship bs

No. 881580

Yeah nah fuck off back to Tumblr

No. 881581

it does. Could also be a guitarist, tho. Or one of those scrotes who don't clip their nails.

No. 881582

All men have a penis. All women have a vagina. People with a penis can never and will never be women. People with a vagina can never and will never be a man. Fuck off.

No. 881587

Part of me thinks this is either Moo or a moo orbiter trying to throw us off the scent or derail the conversation entirely.

No. 881588

This is usually the case, to try to distract from her being at AX.

No. 881589

We hate trannies here ma'am

No. 881590

Anyone know where to find the video of her fucking acrylic nails suspect?

No. 881591

File: 1656683745296.png (Spoiler Image,549.69 KB, 661x557, Untitled.png)

What's going on with stunt dick? I've heard of curved penises, but this is ridiculous. Or did moo absolutely mangle it with her "hand pussy"?

No. 881592

his dick is gross. dudes get this way from death grip and stuff.

No. 881593

Death grip is just being unable to cum easily (sometimes at all) during sex. While I don't have a dick, I know enough from being an RN that you can't physically reshape your dick from masturbation lol. I don't think a singular dick typically curve in multiple ways..its usually either straight or curved in one direction. And before a turbo autist respond to me, no, I'm not saying "it's a fake dick" I'm saying I can see why people even question it outside of Moos usually lying bs. (She did use fake nipples for the longest too.)

No. 881594

it’s trying to dodge her mouth lmao

No. 881596

anon that's not correct…look it up. also it's not even curved in multiple directions. it just looks soft.

No. 881597

The fuck this looks like a still of “when animals attack” is she going to eat it? Did she skip her third breakfast and was hungry for a Sam club corn dog?

No. 881598

Her chomping on that dick with her chiclet teeth is such a visceral image, I hate it.

No. 881607

File: 1656696740824.jpg (12.07 KB, 480x360, KaTB9Qk.jpg)

No. 881609

If she is attending Sunday I will try nonnies

No. 881612

It's not like you can miss her kek.

No. 881624

Cause it’s not fully erect, he’s like 3/4 of the way there kek

No. 881625

link to video. This is bottom basement levels of shit


No. 881629

File: 1656706863109.jpeg (Spoiler Image,215.18 KB, 828x1443, C1862527-33B8-4449-BDFC-E40A28…)

some people really do look like they snuck their way onto Earth huh

No. 881630

They really went with raw fucking when it's momokun?

No. 881631

unbelievably funny that her friend is chilling in the room watching
genre: horror

No. 881632

He straight up told her to “shut the fuck up” toward the end when her noises started sounding ridiculously fake and strange kek

No. 881633

he said "shut up" a couple times throughout, the first time was after she said that dumb ass "hand pussy" shit again lmao

No. 881634

Do you mind sharing timestamp? I don't want to see the whole thing, but I want to kek at this part.

No. 881636

there isn't a single thing right with this picture

No. 881637

we are all weird bendydick on that one
never want to think about that phrase ever again

No. 881638

File: 1656710475495.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1078x1754, 1A2F0DA2-E6D2-4A1B-BBFE-0552E3…)


No. 881639

File: 1656710592569.png (1.78 MB, 1334x750, FA6F8DE9-6968-4AF3-B424-33F0E6…)

God that damn smile with her dead eyes. Like it’s so creepy.

No. 881640

Holy shit Umbran looks like they're wearing a kigurumi plastic facemask. The hulking tranny frame, the chin, EVERYTHING is so unflattering while dressed as a tiny anime girl.

Utterly unsettling.

No. 881641

Omg this is so bad. I can’t get over her moldy ass and her trying to sound uwu tiny animu girl but she can’t move when he fingers her because she is so huge. Kek at the shut the fuck up.

No. 881643

File: 1656711244551.png (384.23 KB, 1009x474, triforcekun.png)

Sorry this is hard to see, but I really do think the person fucking her is still triforce-kun. The shape of the tattoo on his arm as it pokes out of the sleeve looks very similar to shape in this screenshot from the video where he slaps the shit out of her.

No. 881645

this is definitely the same tattoo.

No. 881646

File: 1656712037718.png (Spoiler Image,3.32 MB, 2994x1920, triforcekun2.png)

Additionally, the size, shape, and color of his hands (and dick) look very similar to me, though obviously his hands have some level of bruising or cuts/scarring on them currently.

No. 881647

So nice to see middle aged moms dressing up to support their teenage children

No. 881648

the first time is around 3:08 after she says some stupid shit about her hand pussy and then right after around 3:33 she says "mhm, speak up what do you waaant?" and he whispers "shut up" a second time, clearly exasperated lol

No. 881649

Thank you nonny!!! That was hilariously cringe but I get the guy. Everything she says is cring and not sexy at all.

I fast-forwarded to the end where she tries to make the ahegao face. She looks and sounds like she is about to vomit, I shit you not. HAhahahahahaha

No. 881650

jesus christ

No. 881663

Moo why the FUCK does the left photo look like you have a scrote? Like jfc.

No. 881665

File: 1656718104887.jpeg (283.39 KB, 889x1097, 7DA145D4-FF44-4009-9A81-3D95CD…)

sorry for titpicking but what is this mcdonald’s chicken nugget looking bullshit? when she hikes her tit up it literally just rolls in on itself because of all the lost volume at the top

No. 881667

She's using tit tape, but she can't even use it right and is that mimsy in the orange as hell body spray? They both look terrible.

No. 881668

File: 1656718680557.jpeg (Spoiler Image,344.05 KB, 2178x1167, 36E4349B-BFFB-44AF-96E8-938272…)

She hates doing this so much.

No. 881669

File: 1656718770402.jpeg (Spoiler Image,364.83 KB, 2176x1187, 2252577B-FF51-4200-9AD9-D17972…)

No. 881670

File: 1656718971374.jpeg (Spoiler Image,48.52 KB, 540x642, 7C3F617F-992F-49C8-B47B-EA8A28…)

Also, the other person filming is apparently naked too? Poor dude was probably wishing it was her instead

No. 881671

idk what gimmick she’s attempting, but unless she’s just repulsed in this still, it’s like she’s half going for ~super sexy pornstar~ vibes with the “hand pussy” and “what do you want?” shit while also trying to seem uwu smol and delicate by making pained faces as she gets fucked. she’s so inconsistent that it’s weird… she wants to be all hentai tropes at once

No. 881672

he was probably too immersed in the porn on his phone while using moo as a fleshlight to notice

No. 881673

the worst thing is none of these are hentai tropes at all.

No. 881674

See ladies. Do not be jealous of this cow. She's fucking miserable. How is a bitch giving a stiff hand job (all while looking like she's going to burst into tears at any moment) erotic?

No. 881676

She took a monster dildo up her snatch. I doubt she feels his little feller.

No. 881680

18:29 is the final "shut the fuck up"

No. 881683

>penis owner
Gtfo scrote.

No. 881686

By this point he really sounded like he meant it too. She kept going “kya~“ toward the end. What do you think their relationship is to one another?

No. 881688

there's a running theme with these vids. moo doesn't want to be fully naked in them. that explains why the guy isn't naked either. that's just weird. dudes would rather the woman be naked if anyone is. who the hell is buying these?

No. 881689

She probably thinks there's a relationship, but he most likely DMs other people all the time and shit. moo has no self respect.

No. 881690

Moo has always tried to avoid showing her stomach and back. Both parts of her body, despite lipo, are grotesque. Reason why she uses beauty filters and/or covers it up. Tragic thing about her camera is that she can't use beauty filters on it like her phone.

No. 881691

File: 1656723309381.png (Spoiler Image,10.39 MB, 1284x2778, 878F020E-FA08-4533-9873-C6D7CC…)

She has the ass of a old person. It’s so pointy. Also so very on brand of moo to release a porn in the same outfit she’s wearing to the con.
She gave the driest blowjob, even when she tried to muster up spit it wasn’t enough. She probably was stoned and had dry mouth. I actually feel bad for the scrote when she kept giving him an Indian burn with her “hand pussy”. And she needs to stop watching so much hentai, the moaning noises don’t match her valley girl accent when she speaks.
It also speaks volumes how he didn’t do anything with her tits. Isn’t tsunade known for her big old titties? Was she too ashamed of her Tara Reid Frankenstein floppy stomach?

No. 881694

Tsunade is known for her titties and aggressive personality. the fact he didn't do anything with her titties or that she didn't at least ride him is so lazy.

No. 881697

Holy shit, that’s funny and depressing at the same time. She must be dead inside. You’d think she’d edit that out.

No. 881699

She tries to put on this "big mommy milf" persona and then makes the worst high school girl in a hentai noises ever. Consistency was never her thing, though.

No. 881702

Dude just seems bored AF and annoyed. As for lack of creative she’s putting out the same shit video every time. And no cumshot? If it wasn’t behind a Paywall pretty sure not as many people would pay whatever insane price she charged.

No. 881714

Honestly my thoughts was it's about tsunade cucking hinata. Hence the fishnet.

No. 881715

if it were anyone else but mooriah i could give that theory the benefit of the doubt but i don’t even think she’s seen much of naruto at all. she picks the character to cosplay first and skims the show’s wikipedia page later.

No. 881719

It's probably all he could do to keep hard long enough to get through the video. She's so bad at sex man needs a secondary hotter body to look at and porn on his phone.

No. 881732

Is she at LAX for both days?

No. 881733

Why was he stabbing that knife into his leg for half the video though? That could not be comfortable

No. 881741

She does not have stamina to ride a dick lol.

No. 881763

Why the fuck is she laughing through the whole thing? This has to be the most awkward porn I've ever seen. And her "acting" just makes it all the more cringe.

No. 881765

No AX candids yet?

No. 881770

File: 1656795802994.jpeg (714.63 KB, 828x1477, B435759C-BA6A-49AC-8DF5-020EE7…)

No. 881771

this looks terrible

No. 881772

File: 1656796027429.png (1.01 MB, 794x954, Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 3.59…)

I think we have a tattoo on the left wrist, ladies. 13:19 to 13:04 if you want to stomach the vid and see it. This may be triforce dude again and that's why he is wearing pants in every vid, because there were recognizable tattoos on his fupa. Could also explain all the long sleeves. Does make me wonder why they decided to stay faithful to the hand wrapping on the right arm when accuracy is never really moo's prerogative.

No. 881774

How does she not die of embarrassment?

No. 881775

anon brought this up >>881643 it looks the same.

No. 881776

Someone who has lost as much weight as she claims does not need all of that to just squeeze into a cosplay. It’s like a sausage being stuffed into a casing too tight

No. 881777

she's clearly just corseted up in this. she's also wearing compression tights so her legs don't spill out everywhere.

No. 881779

That costume looks uncomfortable close to exploding.

No. 881781

Even tho she’s squeezed into a sausage casing, you can see how boxy she is. Guess she couldn’t wear her heavy duty cincher under this cosplay without it being noticed.

No. 881782

One has to wonder how far up her back fat has been pushed up by this.

No. 881783

where is the mesh in the chest area?

No. 881786

The leg is cut too high to wear it without being seen. I’m guessing that’s why she’s been going extra hard on the lipo

No. 881788

That would imply that Moo has the ability to wear an accurate costume. She just wants to show off her sandbags.

No. 881790

Where's the dress? The proper headband and eye covering? The swords? It's just an excuse to show off her sloppy body.

No. 881792

>bulky upper arms
>camel toe
>empty sandbag tits
>no waist, making her legs look like a fursuit

Jesus christ, if I were her I would turn around and just go home.

No. 881796

I'm hoping someone takes a photo from behind because 2B is known for her ass. That's her selling point. Moo looks hilarious with her straw wig and no curve, corset-kun attempt at a shape. And the arm puffs are SO huge to cover how fat her upper arms are. She looks terrible as hell.

No. 881799

she looks like she has trash bags on her arms.

No. 881800

File: 1656807915666.png (165.38 KB, 328x562, 2b.png)


Her outfit looks so cheap and inaccurate. This is what she is trying to cosplay.

No. 881801

The camel toe

No. 881802

File: 1656809513951.jpg (377.72 KB, 352x629, 437EKDk.jpg)

No. 881803

Good lord.

No. 881807

File: 1656809983263.jpg (118.18 KB, 422x1318, Screenshot_20220702-205531_Ins…)

No hips at all

No. 881808

her cleavage literally a single fold of skin. this is not how that should look. tit tape is destroying her.

No. 881810

3 different skin tones.

No. 881811

File: 1656810782253.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1083x1871, 00EBD100-97DB-4B9E-A4AB-3470F0…)

Can’t wait for the inevitable blowback on G4 for interviewing her. Expect any comments on a video to be disabled lol

No. 881812

What an unfortunate looking person. Yikes.

No. 881814

Momokun is such a selfish idiot. She actively takes an interview with G4 knowing her baggage is likely to cause the crew and others to get harassed but she does it cause she wants attention for a split second.

No. 881818

she's clearly wearing tights. it actually looks like they're attached to the leotard if you look. the face is because she has no clue how to do makeup.

No. 881819

In this clip shes talking about how she isn't into "Boy Love" then she says yaoi and makes an eugh noise

No. 881822

This fat slob is legit trying to pander to straight scrotes lol. She really is tone deaf.

No. 881826

Love the rip in the leotards lol

No. 881828


Homophobic much lol

No. 881831

Well we know she is, but given its G4, she's trying to appeal to capture new simps. What she doesn't understand is dudes don't hate or care for BL, so hating on it does nothing but make you look even more retarded.

No. 881834

that’s not fucking cleavage, she has an obese man’s asscrack on her chest

No. 881837

She's not into it cause she can't handle fictional dudes not being into her. After all she claimed Devilman isn't gay.

No. 881839

File: 1656815254674.jpg (453.54 KB, 351x851, J3rfUYV.jpg)

No. 881840

Damn, she's cosplaying Grimer, 2B, and Hank Hill at the same time.

No. 881841

Ahahahahahahahaha holy fuck this is hilarious

No. 881842

holy fucking shit

No. 881844

File: 1656816059444.png (453.54 KB, 351x609, 165681525467.png)

If you crop it you cant really tell front from back

No. 881846

her back has man titties.

No. 881848

This is.. unfortunate

No. 881849


If you took this nonnie well done! Wow she really did shove everything in the back of her “cosplay”

No. 881850

File: 1656818384039.jpg (103.35 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1656818371581.jpg)

Giant bruise on her leg. Maybe from recent lipo?

No. 881851

This is so unflattering put on some SHORTS.

No. 881852

File: 1656820276726.jpeg (75.81 KB, 800x450, 21E38B77-7676-4782-B9DD-613EAB…)

I knew a back candid would confirm exactly what I thought.

No. 881853

Jesus Christ Mariah, lay off the waist lipo and suck out the back tits that are bigger than the ones in front. Did she just forget they existed? Does she not care because she can’t see it? Who made this monstrosity of a costume and didn’t bring the sides in a little further to hide the back tits? Her costumer did her dirty.

No. 881854

Is back lipo not a thing?

No. 881855

I’m guessing she’s gonna gloat on the fact that she’s never canceled and will let everyone know that she’s unstoppable. It goes to show that it doesn’t matter if you sexually harassed people, you can get away with it as long as you’re a woman.

No. 881857

Skinny legend? Her AND her sister are delusional.

No. 881858

no one really gets canceled tbh. everyone who's ever been canceled has just gotten a new audience instead of none.

No. 881859

Did you forget Momokun is still hated by most cosplayers and her only fans now are just porn addicts and Maddie? Her being a parasite on someone's booth doesn't change that.

No. 881860

I don’t understand why she chose to cosplay this version of 2B’s outfit instead of doing the version with the skirt. She looks like she smells.

No. 881862

Because she's delusional enough to think she has an ass, and she wants to show maximum skin to get the attention of scrotes.

No. 881863

Even deflated as they are her tits are rubbed raw from being stuffed in a top 5 sizes too small. tinfoil but is it possible she has almost no feeling in areas of her body?

No. 881866

File: 1656826002136.gif (843.89 KB, 400x251, 271335037_1289693428173483_829…)

this is the worst she's ever looked at a con and i can't believe she came out like this. her back has more cleavage than her boobs. her boobs are a better butt than her ass. her lower half looks the same from the front or back. it's like an optical illusion jfc

No. 881868

but she's wearing thick ass tights.

No. 881869

File: 1656828334762.jpg (232.99 KB, 1071x1828, Screenshot_20220703-020519_Ins…)

No. 881870

Lol does she know about the lipo work she’s been putting in?

No. 881871

Did her trainer just suggest she’s not a body builder? Light shade thrown in moo’s direction kek

No. 881873

lol it sounds like he's making excuses since it's clear from these photos that she's still a doughy fatass. Her looking remarkably unchanged and just as fat as ever after months of supposedly working together can't reflect well on him.

No. 881874

File: 1656832543661.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x2130, E8E2697D-839A-40EF-ABE0-E49ACF…)

I just gotta say. The before and after difference.. you have to admit she did lose weight, but I’m curious what she looks like without the compression. Also, did she approve him posting the first image? Never seen that candid before.

No. 881875

I love how she’s standing there and nobody cares and they look like they are trying to avoid the obvious attention whore lol.

No. 881876

When you put it that way, damn. Why even bother posting her at all? It’s gotta hurt his image… you’d think anyway.

No. 881877

File: 1656833113270.jpeg (485.65 KB, 1284x1970, 5DAF2956-DCAC-473F-8D18-D9F289…)

Ah, so she took vamplettes trainer too. Also vamp seemed to have moved onto a new group of friends.

No. 881878

We know what she really looks like >>881839

No. 881879

File: 1656835926695.jpeg (622.53 KB, 1252x1202, 3DC003F2-E4BC-4E8B-ABF8-F15614…)

I can only imagine the stench wafting from her unwashed ass.

No. 881880

anon that pic is shoop'd to hell and back.

No. 881883

Wow, I can’t look past all the plastic surgery but she really had lost A TON of weight. 99% of people cannot accomplish something like this

No. 881885

You really don't think that 90% of people that hire a trainer and get lipo can't lose weight?

No. 881886

kek, right anon? I wonder just how many pounds of fat she's had sucked out of her at this point.

No. 881887

No, she did not lose any weight. Lipo =/= weight loss.

No. 881888

shut up Mariah. You did not all you do is get lipo, photo edit yourself and refuse to look into a mirror. Whatever attempt this was at playing us it failed miserably.

No. 881889

This sounds like something from a bot farm designed to hype someone up/help them maintain their delusions. Poor bait.

No. 881890

Sooooo how much did she pay him to say this and or how bad of a BJ did she give him lol.

No. 881891

It’s because she pays her sister to say shit like that.

No. 881893

But won't show how lumpy she still is outside of her full body compression wear

No. 881894

If you look at photos, the leotard is sewn into the tights. Its all one piece. The leotard doesnt shift when the tights shift. Its a full body compression!

No. 881897

Hi, I’m the Anon who posted >>881505

The pleasure is all mine. I wanted to show that representation is important even after pride month is over. You know what exists long after pride month? People like you. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Nonnies in this thread to be on the same side as Moo on bigotry, which is disappointing.

Representation matters. You matter. I want you and other people like you in our communities to know that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 881900

nonnie, this better be bait because this is not the place for oppressed+marginalized group support. The farms are anti-men on all fronts: bio, MtF, FtM. If you want to show support for the GBT part of the community, you're better off on Twitter, really.

No. 881901

So what's gonna happen when people point out she's a sexual harasser on his page? Is he gonna deny it or drop her cause of the bad press?

No. 881902

File: 1656854728270.jpg (23 KB, 313x272, 20220703_122350.jpg)

Kek if you zoom in on her stomach you can see her fat (green) hang over the top of her waist cincher (red)

No. 881905

That entire costume looks so cheap, she probably just ordered it on Amazon or Aliexpress, kek. I doubt there is a "costumer" involved.

No. 881906

On account of her being obese, yes it is possible.

No. 881908

>You matter.
You don't. Begone.

No. 881910

First picture she’s wearing a life vest so it’s making her look bulkier, and in the secon she’s wearing full body compression wear. Her arms are practically the same size in both photos.

Also kek at the before and after nose job.

No. 881911

Our first fully unedited look at her legs? She certainly would be 300+ were it not for the lipo. Those are ALR levels of fucked.

No. 881914


Good god, that candid on the left is terrifying. Her thighs walked right off the show “my 600 pound life”.

At least she looks relatively human with her old nose compared to the literal pig snout she has now.

No. 881916

Exactly. Her arms are noticeably the same size in both photos and the only reason she looks slightly slimmer from the waist down in the second is because she's a) gotten more liposuction since that first photo b) wearing a bunch of compression gear and shapewear and c) photoshopping and filtering the fuck out of her photos. Make no mistake, she absolutely still looks that alleged "before" photo. If she actually worked as hard at dieting and exercising as she does at just making it appear as though she's lost weight, she'd probably be close to her goal by now.

No. 881917

Lol her leaning on the opposite wall to keep her balance. Weak ass bitch cant even do a full leg extension

No. 881918

This looks like gaudy Castle Corsetry

No. 881919

aliexpress ones would be more accurate and also don't come in her size.

No. 881922

this is a typical deceptive weight loss marketing tactic
>pictures taken at different angles/distances
>candid vs posed pic
>egregious photoshop
textbook shit. moo just found a trainer as shitty as she is.

No. 881924

It was made by her sycophant, Aly Brazil.

No. 881925

Being slimmer also doesn’t do much for your appearance if you have no tone. She’s so…droopy and floppy, like she’d fill the shape of any container you poured her into. It actually genuinely grosses me out.

No. 881928

Also true. She should have some pretty noticeable tone and definition by now if she's actually been working as hard as she claims. But there's clearly no muscle under all that fat, even when she's intentionally flexing. She's just… flabby and soft and doughy.

No. 881938

File: 1656877349722.jpg (983.85 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220703-144117_Ins…)

She has that bruise on the other side too so I assume it's lipo

No. 881946

To try to give her ass any semblance of shape. Idk she didn't transfer the fat at all. Yes it's risky, but most thots have gotten it.

No. 881947

I don’t think she did fat transfer, she just got it sucked out. Probably did the thighs, the midsection and maybe the arms, hard to say with them always in compression or these giant sleeves. She should have done her back tits instead, although then she’d have loose skin there. I’m actually surprised that she doesn’t get the fat transferred to her sandbag tits to try to get some fullness, but she’s probably just concerned about looking smaller.

No. 881948


what am I looking at with the leotard area? Is she wearing flesh colored tights underneath? It looks so weird and cheap.

No. 881949

the compression tights are attached to the leotard. this has already been established earlier on in the thread.

No. 881951

Its thick material up and down. Its a full body compression suit. She crawls in to it from the back hole. The back collar probably opens too. The tights and leotard are 1 single embarrassing attempt to be skinny.

No. 881955

you can only get a certain amount of fat transferred, and that amount probably wouldn't be enough to fix that mess.

No. 881959

File: 1656886903152.jpeg (492.59 KB, 637x1081, FD51CEF4-B30C-4299-9EF9-CF761D…)

everyone in this image looks scuffed as hell but especially maddy for some reason?

No. 881960

because maddie is ugly as sin. she looks like a mtf tranny on a good day. i don't know who did her makeup but it look like a woman mask.

No. 881961

File: 1656887194098.jpg (524.84 KB, 1079x1134, Screenshot_20220703-152543_Ins…)

She keeps taking weird ass pictures with her cousin and framing it like they are dating (did this in the past too) and not turning down comments about being a couple… um.. anons..

No. 881962

Kek all the comments pointing out her flat ass have gotten to her… She has been lurking. She even tried to photoshop her arms slimmer in this photo.

No. 881963

What the hell is momokun wearing? It looks like some one taped a bunch of belts together.

No. 881964

The comments don't say that at all and there are only 5. what comments are you talking about, this is an imageboard.

No. 881965

Comments in this thread, which she lurks. Go to bed nonna, you are being daft kek.

No. 881966

You really didn't make that clear, anon. You made it sound like you meant comments under the Instagram post, especially because anon is mentioning comments under that Instagram post too. Not a big deal. Just needed clarification

No. 881967

Maybe I am the daft one then. I thought it was clear. My b.

No. 881973

How convenient wearing a poncho to hide her rolls

No. 881974

She's not going to get any flak for wearing a headdress or anything. I get it's cosplay, but that part of the community might foam.

No. 881975

The most accurate part of her 2B cosplay is the weight

No. 881984

File: 1656896982861.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1242x2175, 9C4A6E9F-28AD-41B7-8C67-0732F6…)

what the actual fuck is going on with the hairline of her wig

No. 881986

If it was made by Maddie then that should tell you everything you need to know. Her fucking wig cap is showing… "professional cosplayer".

No. 881988

no, that anon is just being autistic. maybe say posts?

No. 881989

bitch is too cheap for a lace front and her wig is falling. "professional".

No. 881990

The green shit on her chin just looks like a Booger and the headband looks like she sat on a chocolate coin and then glued it to her headband. Is anything on this cosplay not cheap or gross?

No. 881991

I called BS on this one. If she is trying to lose weight the proper way like up to 3 pounds a week then it would definitely take some time and it’ll show. If she really did the work to look like her photoshopped version of herself then there wouldn’t be back rolls as big as hers. She obviously took the easy way out from Lipo. I hope people can call him out on that. I swear she picks the birds of the same feather so easily.

No. 881992

Like… this was the outfit she put off for so long to wear because she was "afraid" to. Now that she’s gotten enough lipo to squeeze herself in it, it looks horrendous. As expected. I hope some candids come from this one. I’m sure her back tits are suffocating in it.

No. 881993

File: 1656901707001.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1070x1765, 65D15A89-2A9B-4CEC-BA73-E899F2…)

Her legs are bruised to fuck and back. And still massive despite what her trainer thinks lol

No. 881994

File: 1656901754705.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1089x1795, C895976E-1143-4D47-89EC-5720E7…)

No. 881995

File: 1656901811477.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1081x1787, 261D38E0-5DDA-4485-8E72-2433F6…)

Just some nightmare fuel

No. 881996

Samefag but I just noticed, is that a fucking zip tie holding her hair together on the left side of the pic?!

No. 881997

Are her saggy sandbags just out and flopping around under the bandana top? Pretty sure most people that do this cosplay create it like a shirt that has an asymmetrical hem, not just hanging over their tits.
Any signs of bruising around her midsection from lipo? Or did she only get the thighs done recently?

No. 881998

I think you're right. She is just going braless under a cheap blanket.

No. 881999

No possible way, her titties would be flopping all over the place, those things droop and flop when nothing is holding them tigether.

No. 882000

I know this is a moo thread but what the fuck are those claws on Umbra.

No. 882001

The fact that even in low res, you can tell her legs look like cottage cheese. Yikes.

No. 882002

So did she even wear the Lilith cosplay or whatever it was with the head wings she was making??

No. 882003

Cousin fucker saga!

No. 882004

wait you’re fuckin right. what happened to the “AX crunch” costume-making shit she was hyping up a few weeks ago

No. 882005

easy looked like shit and whatever actual work slave that was on it didn't finish in time. So she pulled out whatever completed shit she had done ages ago. Hell I'm still waiting on her 7k Albedo dress we got glimpses of the wig and then silence.

No. 882008

holy fuck underrated post lmfao

No. 882009

File: 1656915677579.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1079x1786, 3EA21D8A-F21A-4A1A-AFA7-A596D1…)

There’s a weird shadow on her knee in the video and I can’t tell if it’s another bruise or what. In any case her legs look fucked from something (and I doubt it’s from "working out" lol)

No. 882013

I’m sure Albedo doesn’t fit and got thrown in the closet along with her other costumes that not longer fit. I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to sell her old costumes, I’m sure there are people who would pay for the designerdaddy ones at least just because they have his name attached even though they look like trash.

No. 882014

cosplayers don't care about designer daddy, just cali dismey princess gacw character wannabes. the cosplays he made for her are extremely inaccurate.

No. 882025

Obese legs.

No. 882033

She's offering them as rentals in her studio

No. 882034

What post?

No. 882035

File: 1656946931218.jpeg (167.12 KB, 1324x1178, C57FD054-82EA-4293-AF7B-D340C5…)

That head accessory just looks like a painted can of soda.

No. 882037

Oh without a doubt it doesn't fit and looks like shit, some of my fav moo moments are just that. Her horribly inaccurate costumes struggling to contain her massive body. I just desperately wanna see it because like you say it's likely by DesignerDaddy and will look tacky as shit.

No. 882063

File: 1656970907675.jpg (955.32 KB, 1079x1360, Screenshot_20220704-174131_Ins…)

Definitely does not have a bra on.

No. 882064

Shes using tit tape

No. 882066

File: 1656971651930.jpeg (496.16 KB, 1241x2175, DAC0DFDA-B110-4D59-A34A-04B1A0…)

I think she has pasties on. Her nipples should be visible here, I think? With her fucked up body I can't even be sure. There's some difference in color around the middle but looks more like some kind of covering instead of nips.

No. 882067

Pretty sure she's breaking Con rules then because the places cons rent don't want random half naked people running around.
Mariah Mallard has her boobs barely hanging on via tape able to flash anyone whose cursed enough to come near her. It really is like the time she did Shampoo without underwear.
Shout out to that random Howl(?) cosplayer in the background who looks like they're also suffering seeing momokun.

No. 882068

20 bucks says her main goes down right after ax. Just in time for unflattering candids.

No. 882069

that still means she's not wearing a bra tho. which like >>882067 said, she can't do

No. 882073

I’m sure she flashed some unprepared randos walking by, who probably thought she’s too stupid to wear a bra. There’s no reason for her not to wear a bra here, ya it’s technically more accurate but it’s not like the bra would show in most cases, especially with the cape on. She just gets off on the idea of people seeing her udders blowing in the wind

No. 882074

We can see the kardashian type >>881665 in this post too.shes not nude, its covering her nipple and under the. Flap and hoisted up where you cant see the tape go up and over the collardone. You have tiny micro bikini MEMEME bitches years ago.at least Moo is covering shit with flesh colored tape and not actually nipslipping on purpose.

No. 882076

Just like her to hang out with other predators who try to drug girls and fuck teenagers

No. 882077

Leon Chiro was also hosted by SS. The community is a joke. It's like the GOP.

No. 882078

Lol she is as big as a beafy MAN.

No. 882079

Lmao hang on I'm pretty sure thats her cousin wearing her Howl cosplay. You can see the crunchy Umbran wig even from that far away. His insta profile pic is also currently Howl.

No. 882087

It only takes one asshole high up or a rabid fanbase(that mariah doesn't have anymore) badgering the con to get people like Momokun and Leon there. It's how Vic MicSexpest kept getting con appearances despite the huge amount of con horror stories. I imagine most of the con people either don't know them or wish they could just kick them out.

No. 882093

the real thing is that cons have terrible communication. even if she's banned then it won't prevent her from buying a badge or flag her name because it was likely not put in their system. you even get people with real restraining orders going into cons where the people with the order are and con security has no communication about it. you'd basically have to inform every member of staff and the staff rotates constantly.

No. 882100

Cant be pasties. Think about it, with Moos saggy tits they would be sagging down to her stomach. She's clearly using something to lift then a bit here.

No. 882103

she's probably wearing those stick on lifting bras.

No. 882122

Ok but anon how tf is any event supposed to know about legal matters like a whole ass restraining order, thats sort of on the person who is being protected to be vigilant.

No. 882157

I'm going to swallow this for you, she was never banned from any convention. She stopped showing up 2 conventions. You guys really need to stop taking a non's words without any proof behind them. The same way they announced keep saying apparently she's black listed all over Nevada. Unless you guys are gonna start backing up shit you say, stop believing nonsense. You guys are willingly believing rumors and fake posts

No. 882158

Ok moo(hi cow)

No. 882163

ax said she was banned.

No. 882164

no they fucking didn’t lol? image board post proof or stfu

No. 882165

you must be new, the proof was posted years ago. it wasn't announced on their page, it was in an email response. go find it. i am not spoonfeeding you old info just because you're bitching and moaning, newfag.

No. 882166

File: 1657040721641.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1090x1944, 62AD2159-DFB8-4E6C-8FD7-D95B92…)

No. 882167

This is complete cringe. Sexual harasser takes advantage of staff not knowing she's banned to flex her newest lipo pretending it was body building instead.

No. 882169

Lol. Nice fatceps.

No. 882171

moo's a weapon alright.

No. 882175

That is fat

No. 882176

She holding a vape battery? Hahaha

No. 882177

I don’t remember this either, but I’m assuming they must have just forgotten if this is true. It’s been years at this point and a pandemic to boot. And as another anon said communication is not great with these big events.

No. 882180

She could of gotten a new ban for that last costume having her terror tits barely contained.

No. 882181

nta but I remember it. However most likely (as it's common with other cons) she probably was banned, but not a permanent ban. Probably a few years at most.

No. 882182

File: 1657047855484.png (130.02 KB, 388x374, boogie bicep.png)

No. 882189

File: 1657052855075.jpg (232.26 KB, 182x553, 2YY2vXW.jpg)

cluster of bruises unedited

No. 882192

i will look for it. it was either an email or facebook message reply saying that ax takes that stuff very seriously and she was not welcome in the con anymore. it's probably a case of bad communication.

No. 882199

File: 1657058761946.jpg (540.8 KB, 1064x1708, 1530825419636.jpg)

found this saying her badges were taken.

No. 882200

File: 1657058794065.jpeg (26.92 KB, 275x228, 1530855751022.jpeg)

also this is where senpai squad said they'd have nothing to do with her.

No. 882203

It's like what, 100+ degrees and she's out there in full black compression gear. God what a sad excuse for "muscle." Skinniest legend for sure.

No. 882204

Funny how nothing was resolved but they still decided to invite her to do meet and greets at their booth knowing full well she never apologized for shit.

No. 882205

Returning her badge isn't the same as being kicked out. She was literally being shunned the rest of AX by everyone. Giving the badge back was her walk of shame to leave.

No. 882206

i said i am still looking. but cg did remove her from their event and take back her badge.

No. 882217

She's actually made a lot of progress, it's really great to see her trying to improve. Happy to see her building some actual confidence

No. 882218

She's only lost weight due to Lipo and her confidence is still a giant front as she tries not to have a break down over the fact she has to buy her friends.

No. 882219

kek you’re not even trying

No. 882220

Any proof she got lipo? She's been posting workouts on her story so I got no reason to think it's not legit

No. 882221

C'mon…even for you this is pathetic lol.

No. 882223

Wonder which one of her friends this is

No. 882225

Right, because everyone who says anything REMOTELY positive has gotta be momo

No. 882226

she's been doing this for YEARS. Goes on and spam posts all the work outs in the gym and 'healthy' food she's eating, RIGHT BEFORE going thru a bunch of lipo. You're either one of her friends or just retarded.

No. 882229

Probably umbran or moo as usual. Since of course this site is designed to "compliment" the cows in question and "totally not surgery or lipo my dudes" that has obvious post treatment scars/bruises.

No. 882232

File: 1657068634398.jpg (4.47 MB, 4032x3024, 20220705_204530.jpg)

None of them, just a fan of the threads
Really? Seems like she's been posting it for months now, though. She's posted about her trainer and everything, and her progress seems pretty consistent.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 882233

absolute cringe.

And no. She's posted about her trainer and work outs before. You're clearly new, go back to some of the old threads to look at yourself. Some of us have been here since day 1.

No. 882234

What the fuck is wrong with your thumb

No. 882239

nothing to see here, just a totally normal lolcow.farm poster and not a complete retard who needs to go back to reddit

No. 882244

people who make legit progress dont feel the need to shoop themselves half their size. Compare her posted gym selfie >>881874 to even this >>881879 which is still undeniably edited (and as another anon pointed out she's also wearing shape wear)

Even >>882166 She's bending over and pulling on her shirt so you cant see her gut/rolls (or obvious shapewear) and if you compare her arms to >>881638 >>882063 where her BARE arms are obviously bigger and with how her fat is visible around her bra it's probably not THAT much compression, but yeah sure these are not just photoshop!

If moo was ACTUALLY always at the gym for 8 months consistently with a trainer there would be actual toning, she wouldnt still be living day in day out in lululemon (which is known to be a good brand for compression/shaping) and her back wouldnt look like that in her 2B

No. 882249

Hairy ass knuckles. Scrote, go away.

No. 882250

>expecting a moid to use his brain

No. 882251

I can tel from your hands you have a small pp

No. 882256

File: 1657074727265.png (1.87 MB, 883x1563, xwhat.png)

speaking of maddie, christ is she fucking hideous

No. 882258

She did lose a whole bunch of weight though and way faster than Moo. I wonder if moo got jealous.

No. 882260

File: 1657074930747.jpeg (56.25 KB, 324x358, CA4E78AC-4029-451D-B958-AF1A22…)

No. 882261

Ya but unfortunately in her face it just makes her look older. It sucks because she’s just not an attractive person, which is probably why Moo keeps her around.

No. 882264

Considering how momokun got jealous of Vamp so much there's zero doubt she's jealous.

No. 882265

>thinking she didn't also get lipo
she looks like a fucking tranny now for real.

No. 882279

those circle lenses gotta GO she looks uncanny as FUCK.

No. 882281

she'd still look like a horse either way.

No. 882282

no doubt about it, she can eat an apple through a chainlink fence. But at least she won't look like a Clive Barker creature.

No. 882283

if she had her own thread this would make a great thread pic kek

No. 882284

what's terrifying is that she thinks she looks cute. plus she's dressed as a literal child character.

No. 882286

… do these people have any self awareness of what they look like ? It’s so odd to see a big woman with a man face dressing up as a 6yo. It’s just accentuate how grotesque they look jc

No. 882298

she looks like a fucking middle aged woman dressing up like a child not at ALL like the character lol

No. 882300

poor girl is doomed to look fucked no matter how much makeup you slap on her marionette face but at least she’s proud of herself kek

No. 882301

File: 1657093270523.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1276x2315, 739AAC9C-97B3-4E69-8502-546B78…)

Candids are the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 882302

that hoverhand is sending me.

No. 882303

dude her tits are on par with the udder of an unmilked cow

No. 882304

it literally looks like a fat man's ass crack.

No. 882314

god i hate her horse mouth

No. 882317

That seam is holding on for dear life - it’s stretched so much you can see the threads pulling apart. Yikes

No. 882332

As another nonnie said, this is definitely the worst she's looked at a convention. Even from that angle you can tell just how absolutely WIDE she is. I'm sure her trainer and sister are super proud of their skinny legend.

No. 882334

We need a compilation of past convention candids.

No. 882360

I don't know about worst…I still think her Tamamo was the worst.

No. 882364

File: 1657136122860.png (13.56 MB, 2732x2048, 84050746-648A-4940-A579-824775…)

The filter erased most of her nose in the first pic and she still looks busted.

No. 882366

File: 1657137248524.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x2288, F0925202-BF6C-477A-B22C-0CD01C…)

Oh god I didn’t even realize it’s all one piece there’s a seam on the panty attaching on the thigh that’s extra horror show. Especially with that fleshy tear.

>>882232 Probably the ugliest hands I’ve seen in a while. Tsutomu Miyazaki is haunting the boards nonitas.

No. 882368

the fact that this is a custom made cosplay and it still doesn't fit her is hilarious. those compression tights must have been working overtime for it to tear like that. the side seam is also stretched to fuck and about to burst any minute.

No. 882369

File: 1657138001168.jpeg (2.22 MB, 2880x3840, 3E6A05CA-EEC9-4C38-BBE6-E187BC…)

Had to dig for it but here’s the Tamamo pics an anon took three years ago for comparison.

No. 882370

honestly i think it's worse now. on top of her awful back man titties, she has her botched as fuck face. tamamo also doesn't have gross cameltoe. also looking at how high her tits are in tamamo really puts it into perspective how saggy they are now.
>inb4 tit anons baww about how totes normal saggy tits are etc.
this is a cow thread, we're going to comment on her bad features.

No. 882371

Mariah showing up to a con in a cosplay that just falls apart, the world has finally righted itself, we are truly escaping the dark and coming back to the light(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 882374

There’s nothing light about moo

No. 882376

it's definitely wayyyy worse. I'm surprised she didn't wear something to cover her back tits.

No. 882379

Really anon? Wasn't here for this but this is probably the best cosplay i've seen her in. She still looks pretty bad, but not as much as usual, and especially compared to these atrocious "comeback cosplays" she did over the weekend. She's so embarrassing.

No. 882380

ayrt Seriously…? I was here for this and the outfit was atrocious. Go back in the threads to see better details of this cheap looking, inaccurate, Designer Daddy dumpster fire. You really must be new if you think she looked decent in this.

No. 882383

You need to take a closer look at it from the other threads. Designer daddy used very cheap, carpet-esq like fabric with textures upon textures, and it looked very thick and frumpy. Not to mention what >>882380 said.

No. 882384

we are comparing it to the 2b cosplay…

No. 882387

It doesn't matter how bad the cosplay is when it comes to Mariah she'll always find a way to make it look bad.

No. 882389

Yeah, and? Your point being? Both are still inaccurate pieces of garbage. The Tamamo is arguably worse since she looks like a walking book of upholstery fabric samples.

No. 882392

it's not broken.

No. 882396

Idk her Yoko was better bad. It was in pieces in a few hours.(sage your shit)

No. 882397

Remember her Camilla armor that fell apart quickly? Or the armor KKBQ made that Mariah ruined to pretend she did something?

No. 882401

Can’t we just agree Mariah is bad at making AND commissioning cosplay no matter what?

No. 882410

If anons hate a cosplay,let them why are you defending her outfits? Shut up, anon. No one needs your 2 cents of lowkey "but I liked it".

No. 882411

Anons have been pointing it out nonstop, I've mentiined it 3 times personally. Lurk more.

No. 882425

i think its really funny how people just absolutely eviscerate moomoo online like cosplaying isnt infested with vile creatures EXACTLY like her. honestly she probably masturbates to all the hate she gets theres no such thing as bad attention to people like her.

No. 882432

your parents should have let you play with blocks, that's a really sad lack of spatial reasoning

No. 882434

she's too fat to masturbate.

No. 882438

I dunno, she can tape a vibrator to a stick.

No. 882440

lurk more

No. 882442

My mind just superimposed her face over Bart Simpsons. "This is my gettin' off stick. I call him Douma."

No. 882504

File: 1657260167753.jpeg (688 KB, 1072x1959, 7FB7C5F4-A993-4824-8B17-E078BA…)

So flat, so very very flat.

No. 882524

File: 1657264976726.jpeg (459.06 KB, 1242x1164, EF45857A-F8BD-4E4A-9384-9F2214…)

Looks like she just watched Perfect Blue for the first time and posted a bunch of screenshots from it. Is it just me or do her posts lately seem extra unhinged? Like a cry for help almost? I think having to resort to full on porn may be getting to her more than she's letting on. Just the vibe I'm getting, something feels off in her posts.

No. 882526

File: 1657267004857.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1284x1779, 0C4395AF-128C-4BDC-A575-882C11…)

I love when her friends tell on her.

No. 882558

When we finally catch her outside of her shapewear. Yikes.

No. 882591

I'm so stupid, I thought that was a real monkey and was momentarily horrified.

No. 882604

File: 1657310876408.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1812, A856A079-C572-4480-A68A-BC4F1B…)

This is the same bitch from this sickening photo. Christ, she must be desperate.

No. 882611

File: 1657314489195.jpeg (2.14 MB, 1284x2192, 57CB1193-1407-4197-83AA-120525…)

I love con season. Moo candids are the gift that keep on giving. I would love to know what is going on with that giant bruise.

No. 882618

Even in one piece with no visible tears the costume is terrible. This has to be a weird bootleg costume off a sketchy site.

No. 882623

Nah, this is Castle's work. I'm pretty sure.

No. 882648


wasn't this the girl that bragged about being flown in on a private jet by moo to maddie's birthday party? lmao

No. 882658

The bruise is most likely from lipo, if not, then she probably crashed into something waddling around while high

No. 882664

yeah she’s the most recent edition to the yes men moo buy’s for friendship, equally annoying cosplayer personality too

No. 882677


Really sad, droopy tits. If it was castle that made it, really did the top dirty lol

No. 882688

File: 1657339503251.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1242x1679, 2B03776F-20D9-4580-80E6-5553D9…)

i don’t know what made her think this was a good look… her skin looks like dog shit

No. 882692

If I didn’t know Moo or the fact that she’s 26, I’d swear this was a woman pushing her forties. Holy shit. Surprised she let her friend publicly post her ghoulish facade.

No. 882694

File: 1657340937313.jpg (943.01 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220708-232825_Ins…)

A close up. The filters make her acne look like liver spots.

No. 882695

Who is her friend? A new bff?

No. 882697

the worst thing is that moo herself uploaded this

No. 882698

Hey Siri, show me “clapped out hag who’s dead inside”

No. 882699

Oh shit, I’m a dummy and didn’t even notice! I was distracted by that mug! Thanks anon lol! I’m doubly shocked now that she herself posted this when 99.999% of her posts are filtered to hell and back.

No. 882700

She looks like she has a black eye. Is it just me or does her right cheek always appear dented?

No. 882708

It's because she's fat.

No. 882723

Anon..no. This isn't even defending this living garbage, but that's not always true. She has too much botched work done.

No. 882725

It's a joke, anon.

No. 882756

She truly has no friends. No one who really cared about her would let her go out in public wearing this godforsaken "cosplay." I can't believe she thought she looked good in this. The anon who said she looked like one of her friend's mother who was trying to stay hip by cosplaying hit the mark.

No. 882768

Why am I still amazed by her delusions? This doesn't look good. Her hair is a perpetual rat's nest and this filter makes her look like she has a ton of sun damage on her face.

No. 882774


Her bruises come from being so fucking huge that she keeps bumping into shit lol(sage)

No. 882785

A new friend that’s also problematic no surprise(post milk)

No. 882796

Yeah, bumped right into that lipo machine kek

No. 882797

File: 1657444897048.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x2197, D1845E1D-7F10-4DBF-A2EA-8676F2…)

fuck she’s an insufferable cunt

No. 882799

Forget the ocean, with her size she's gotta be the whole universe in a sack.

No. 882802

this doesn't even make sense. it's just dumb egotistical garble. her and the moron who came up with this clearly don't get what the original quote means.

No. 882821

Hey take it easy on our cow! Sensei proposed to his girlfriend this past weekend

No. 882822

oh, shit, Moo’s going to be hitting the copium pipe HARD

No. 882831

Lol good on him. So what cheap ass thing you think she’ll get the girlfriend as a wedding gift while giving sensei a new studio on Tropicana ? To show “what he missed out on”.

No. 882852

File: 1657482423661.png (3.26 MB, 1800x1623, 5394CD57-CC6B-4CF7-95A6-5AC995…)

I guess that would explain these lol

No. 882853

LITERALLY on cue lmao.
"Look at what you're missing"
Meanwhile, Sensei:
>"I'm finally engaged, I'm so happy!"

No. 882855

i don't know why she thinks she needs to post these, as if her nudes aren't plastered on every corner of the internet. moo must be the most annoying person ever to be around since there are hundreds of thousands of ugly old sugar daddies and young attractive men literally clamoring for sugar mamas so they can be lazy shits. she can't even get a guy with her money.

No. 882856

Lol, deleted the 2nd one.

No. 882857

I have her blocked so idk, I find it funny she never fails to miss a beat. Now we'll see her stop gym/spirituality shit now that sensei didn't bite the greasy bait.

No. 882859

she bought herself a pig snout

No. 882867

elaborate or stfu

No. 882868

go ask in her calves thread, newfag. no one here is spoonfeeding you, especially if it's not about moo.

No. 882873

Twomad who recently collaborated with belle Delphine had moo appear in his video at 03:20.

No. 882884

Doesn’t she look THRILLED…

No. 882886

File: 1657498563470.png (392.78 KB, 509x588, The state of things.png)

Holy shit if I has arms that fat I would wear sweatshirts non-stop my girl.

No. 882888

File: 1657499504304.png (702.12 KB, 815x607, FX0CVv0.png)

Collabing wth Belle Delphine is cringe enough but the man knew Momokun by name and has merch of him as a giant boobed anime girl. Yikes.
Mariah's part starts at 3:18 by the way

No. 882891

dude twomad is ultra cringe. that's all he does.

No. 882894

clearly i had a point since mods banned og poster

No. 882895

then don’t bring up shit with no milk newfag

No. 882897

i didn't post it, stop minimodding and being a cunt. also you didn't have a point, it got banned because it doesn't go here.

No. 882898

File: 1657505539890.jpeg (2.6 MB, 1242x1842, 81FCD2BE-7066-4EDA-855E-8F4EB9…)

Poor Moo. Always the cow, never the bride lol

No. 882912

What does this have to do with Moo though, did she post that?

No. 882914

did you just get here?

No. 882915

actually it got banned bc they made a claim and didn’t post anything to do with it. it’s not like it’s past news and ppl aren’t caught up.

No. 882917

Kek looking forward to the manic episode following this. I’ll never forget her downward spiral when sensei starting bringing his girlfriend to their house.

No. 882918

Kek, I wonder if moo liked it. Salty ass

No. 882919

Maybe that’s why he decided to do it over the weekend when she’s at Anime Expo.

No. 882921

Inb4 she dresses like a cowgirl or some shit.

No. 882922

i can't wait for the wedding! this will be amazing.

No. 882931

File: 1657528051199.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x2200, CBBB6DFA-6628-4B4A-B93B-7EC331…)

okay she’s literally just outright calling herself goffik now

No. 882934

File: 1657529254908.jpeg (996.34 KB, 1242x2004, E2974FCF-D29E-4C90-9C3C-B20F5E…)

sorry for samefagging but she’s definitely manic

No. 882935

Shit like this makes me miss with the goth subculture was viciously elitist

No. 882937

>Weird goth girl.
Wasn’t this cow a known bully who probably bullied the weird goth kids in highschool? Jesus christ she is such a trend hopper.

No. 882947

Wearing black lulus and a tie shirt is not goth at all. If you were walking in public people would just think you’re wearing a regular black outfit. At the end of the day it’s all about the music and fashion. I think momo should try and be a “bimbo” instead. At least pink and white would probably suit her better.

No. 882948

Stfu you are not goth Jesus Christ, you stupid bitch.

No. 882949

File: 1657547372296.jpeg (70.48 KB, 700x700, 86112A8F-28FD-433B-9217-5A4299…)

No. 882950

I don't even understand what she is trying to show off here? She was clenched up so tight and in compression gear and still looks fat? She keeps posting these body checks but they show no progress or muscle growth whatsoever.

No. 882952

This is the "look at my ass" pose. She's missing something though.

No. 882955

>using MGK as her bgm
so goth kek

No. 882956

She really is completely shameless and completely un-self aware, isn't she?

No. 882963

Lol. >>882935 I was part of that scene. Goth culture was pretty much married to post punk, industrial, noise and cult bands. Hell you were scoffed at if you didn't listen to deep tracks. The goth phase is absolutely unsuitable with her personality.

No. 882967

You just know cucksensei is either going to do a small, strictly family-only wedding or just suddenly elope with this girl to avoid Moozilla making a scene. I'm envisioning Moo cinched and compressed within an inch of her life in some white boho gown to show up the bride, high off her tits the whole time.

Mooriah, once again you're years late to this party and very, very unwelcome.

No. 882968

She's claiming goth so she has an excuse to wear black 24/7 to hide her weight gain.

No. 882969

Mariah you're as goth as a person wearing an expensive pink shirt is posh. That's not how it works, you dumb shitstain. Next she's going to say that she's always understood shooters cause their shadow form had a conflicting spiritual aura.

No. 882970

don’t give her any ideas, nona

No. 882974

honestly if moo does go to his wedding as a drunken mess this is karma for him. He’s kept her in his life for all these years despite knowing exactly what the dynamic was. Cucksensei eagerly accepted her lavish gifts and saw how she treated his fiancée. Cuck and moo deserve this outcome. The poor girl caught between this is not to blame.

No. 882981

File: 1657576267611.jpeg (204.42 KB, 828x1305, E50D42C7-0510-436F-A200-6A7150…)

Is she pulling a Lia here

No. 882984

Since being Great Value Nigri and Dollar Tree Bishoujomom didn't pan out for her, she's been riding hard on being Aliexpress Sssniperwolf, it is true.

No. 882985

kek good one, Nonny

yeah Mariah definitely has issues with not really having a personality of her own due to her being so insecure, she just kinda skinwalks different popular influencers until she finds someone else to impersonate, she literally has never had her own unique “brand” she can call her own

No. 882991

I agree as the title of “fat lying bullying posuer” was awarded elsewhere. She can’t find a unique niche as she has nothing unique about her. She’s common variety fat porn at best, laughable shit tier cosplayer at worst.

No. 882997

that "poor girl" stayed with him anyway though. it's not like she didn't see or probably encourage his behavior for free shit.

No. 883027

File: 1657599635979.jpg (931.4 KB, 1080x1611, Screenshot_20220711-211449_Ins…)

Just a quick update on her studio (gonna sage bc not really ultra milk, more pointing out her failures with updates) : no new tags from new clients. Newest 2 are repost tags from mooonths ago. Moo, hows being irrelevant and only having 3% of your followers even like your photos on average (generous by saying the average is 50k)? 50k of 1.5mil is 3.33%. Its even more glaringly obvious since she hid all her posts. Can't wait for her to get banned again.

Of course she still makes money from scrotes, but it should be embarrassing that only 3% gaf at all about your content. Nigri is worst at 1.25% at 50k.

No. 883035

you can see another set in the background of the top left image, how embarrassing.

No. 883039

File: 1657605997633.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1015x1261, 0F401466-0137-42EF-9ED6-1CA2CF…)

Recent efforts at making scrotes give her money.

No. 883040

File: 1657606037084.png (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1015x1103, 27CBB73C-D626-4508-8CA8-3E74BB…)


No. 883041

Hospital recovery room. More lipo.

No. 883042

File: 1657606436783.jpg (858.96 KB, 1079x1752, Screenshot_20220711-231320_Ins…)

She sounds SO stupid! Its the genitalia of plants. Jfc Moo. Does she think acorns are just tree decorations?

No. 883043

also flowers definitely have a purpose, they attract insects to pollinate them.

No. 883044

Her ignorance is so damn loud.

No. 883045

nature is so mysterious and deep.

No. 883052

The dumb bitch want to be goffic dark witch special and doesn’t know shit about nature and what flowers are for

No. 883053

It's always funny to imagine how smart and insightful she thinks she is every time she posts shit like this, but she manages to sound dumber every time.

No. 883054

File: 1657616818880.jpeg (728.04 KB, 1284x1705, 80DF8054-0F4D-4AA9-BBA8-6CD9D7…)

Mariah is back on tiktok. Can’t wait to see how fast this account gets banned.

No. 883056

Imagine paying rent for a business you don't even bother to run. All her ikea furniture and trash set dressings are just collecting dust.

No. 883060

Why does she even keep trying?

No. 883062

File: 1657633233718.jpg (805.19 KB, 1079x2042, Screenshot_20220712-064047_Tik…)

Is this really her backup too?

No. 883063

File: 1657633358191.jpg (130.97 KB, 1080x999, Screenshot_20220712-064247_Tik…)

No. 883064

Figure she isn’t reaching anyone new otherwise- she isn’t known outside a fairly small bubble, and she’s less than relevant in the circles she badly wants to be respected in. She’s a fat joke in cosplay and a boring niche OF porn thot. She has to shill somewhere
Nah it’s collecting her bodily secretions and not much more.

No. 883072

also looks like she's shilling her studio.

No. 883075

Wow, how goffik.

No. 883076

Cuz she recently went to AX and cosplayed, so she's totally not a pornstar anymore.

No. 883095

So she decides to go back onto an app that openly despises her? The simp bucks must be running low this month.

No. 883097

Maybe finally getting that breast reduction/ lift? Girl needs it, idk what she did to her body to fuck up you her tits so bad but they fucked.

No. 883098

File: 1657650418518.png (2.96 MB, 1034x1800, 189F0D66-28AB-4DD5-828F-F19EDE…)

She really thought it was a good idea to repost these back to back.

No. 883103

aww, someone's trying to cope after the candids proved she's not actually a skinny kween

No. 883106

The size of her lunch lady arms compared her skinny qween waist is hilarious to me.

No. 883108

File: 1657660139997.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1070x1938, 27EAEFFC-F09E-46D8-9077-07F1BA…)

No. 883110

Anons were right, tattoosensei getting hitched threw her into a incoming meltdown.

No. 883111

This is a terrible shill.
It's momokun's terrible videos so all you'll get is another reason to actually work out instead of going for Lipo.

No. 883112


So…she’s so narcissistic she watches her own videos? Also fucking Jen from dark crystal lookin bitch lol

No. 883114

“We are not the same. I hide behind filters and eat myself to death and smoke myself restarted and dotter around like a child unleashed from their mothers baby leash as I babble about my sausage fingers are a gothic hand pussy”

No. 883115

you're supposed to say "we are not the same" at the end. what a dumb bitch, she can never even memepost correctly

No. 883116


The way in which I can tell that she is fully manic based only on her odd and eratic movements.

No. 883120

File: 1657668975758.png (36.11 KB, 153x167, potato.png)

No. 883121

You watch your OF videos before a workout to see just how obese you actually are outside of filters. You're right, not the same.

No. 883122

she looks off her rocker in all of these body check videos she posts… like, literally half awake. any time her self esteem takes a hit she spams her socials with “bodybuilding” fuckery and it’s an embarrassment for everyone involved

No. 883123

Wow she's FINALLY got her hands on the chinese editing apps that make everyone weird Code Geass monsters but because she's so large it just makes a new creature. The tiny squished head really tells on her.

No. 883125

she edited in cleavage so it looks like she has 2 sets of boobs…

No. 883127

File: 1657672704905.jpeg (997.02 KB, 1242x2200, A62542BD-C3D6-48A5-BBD2-8BBC5F…)

No. 883128

Does this bitch know that she's flexing fat? Wait, don't answer that, she's delusional.

No. 883130

She really is speed running lipo
But she had fresh lipo marks
I thought you had to wait at least a month between sessions?
Or is that only for responsible clinics?
Hard work my ass

No. 883132

the scrotes who follow her haven't seen muscle so they wouldn't know
But yeah, her flexing fat is hilarious. She is in full cope mode
I hope she can rest easy knowing no one gives a shit

No. 883133

Seeing her struggle to pose (and suck in her gut) in all of these videos she’s been posting lately is both sad and hilarious. I have never in my life seen a girl so fucking insecure with her body image. No amount of money and lipo is going to fix Moo.

No. 883134

File: 1657675182843.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x2210, 79467AE3-F3F9-4866-A6A5-9DF838…)

what the actual fuck does she even realise her nipple is showing? mariah put the bong down

No. 883135

Her body proportions look like they've been drawn by rcdart.

No. 883136

larping as her dad, I see

No. 883137

File: 1657675559321.jpeg (824.4 KB, 947x1779, 87A6B952-69BE-43B6-9740-4906DD…)

Holy shit she must be high as fuck right now.

No. 883142

Her foot looks like a lump of dough but I am LOVING her Glenn Danzig cosplay so far.

No. 883144

File: 1657675976599.png (278.6 KB, 552x505, BwJ9wds.png)

Mariah we know you don't like other women don't pretend you do.

No. 883148

She literally looks like an ape here.
Which is insulting to the intelligence of apes

No. 883150

She tried lifting her tits up so they stay up in the swimsuit, but you can tell that shit still fell.

Its all fat and batwings. I don't understand what she's showing off.

Who needs calorie burning pre workout when you can get lipo every 3 months?

No. 883152

inb4 anons repost the same DK body meme for the millionth time.

No. 883153

File: 1657678603435.jpg (60.65 KB, 992x757, 42778497_2081835698542798_7901…)

smoothed out michelin man looking ass

No. 883154

We've established this like 100 threads ago, she knows what she's doing in regards to bullshit like this (shit showing), she's just retarded where it matters.

No. 883155

"Skinny!!! Our skinny qween!!"
-her sister, probably-

I can't imagine looking at this photo and thinking it looks good, let alone posting it online for others to see.

No. 883156

Them cankles. Sheesh.

No. 883157

my bad, i thought this was an oversight as a result of her mania

No. 883158

File: 1657680270809.jpg (71.34 KB, 449x750, SDBTUiCECbPMWMmXkT7DIrTLnkWFB1…)


No. 883159

If I was sensei's fiancé I would file a restraining order against moo, she could use her lethal zen Tai chi or worse(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 883168

File: 1657682035214.jpg (Spoiler Image,506.63 KB, 1077x1218, Screenshot_20220712-231257_Red…)

Is she at some kind of doctor office taking nudes??

No. 883170

Yes, yes she is. I doubt it's one of her "sets."

No. 883173

she's getting more Lipo done at that sketchy beauty spa she goes to. She had lipo done last month as well.
I'm honestly here for the show in a year when she's even more botched up. The fat distribution is going to look more fucked up as she re gains weight

No. 883174

Her ankles have been MIA for years now but she's totally working out, guys.

No. 883175

I'm aware this is filters
But the fact she only gets lipo on her waist is so weird looking
She has the arms and legs of someone who's 400 pounds. The fact she's pretending it's muscle but can barely work with 100 pounds is sad

No. 883178

Not really she posted them on OF under “fuck it have some nudes” or some shit. And I think this is in her studio but I could be wrong

No. 883179

It's not her studio. It's a place she either gets lipo or fillers.

No. 883181

File: 1657687658483.jpeg (259.99 KB, 1083x1903, 4D9A4ADA-DC62-4779-BDBA-6BF7F0…)

Anon, this is her "hospital" set lol

No. 883182

so, she uses herself as fatspo? lol

No. 883183

can't tell if you're just stupid or baiting

No. 883185

Those are very clearly different beds. I'm not convinced she is at her studio

No. 883186

you're the one who is stupid, >>883181 is saying that they're not the same set and is providing a photo as proof because >>883178 said
>And I think this is in her studio but I could be wrong
holy fuck the reading comprehension on this site is atrocious.

No. 883187

anon posted the photo to show what moo's studio set looks like. she's not saying they're the same.

No. 883189

That’s what i thought kek i don’t get what she meant otherwise. Pre workout is also not supposed to make you horny if that’s what she was talking about kek

No. 883190

File: 1657695828896.jpeg (83.68 KB, 828x1199, 9A065BBD-3887-4FCE-959C-116630…)

Wtf is happening here

No. 883192

I said it earlier, but she leaned over and lifted her tits into the suit, but this is what happens when you do that because the gravity is spilling it out rather than actually keeping them up.

No. 883195

Mariah’s body type is Donkey Kong

No. 883199

Jesus, that’s so disturbing; no ankles, no wrists, the hundreds of rounds of lipo … she’s a Cronenbergian horror.

Flab + skin destroyed by lipo = Mariah.

No. 883206

I have to constantly remind myself that she is in her 20's still. Even with all her lipo/cool-sculpting/whatever, you can't slap a bandaid on a sinking ship. She's fucked for life.

No. 883209

This bitch needs to be on the treadmill for at least an hour a day Jesus christ

No. 883212

Lmao what the fuck even is this body type, I’m so fascinated by how distorted she is. And she parades around like having giant beefy shoulders and cankles was totally the look she was going for.

No. 883214

Am I losing my mind or is there something strange in the fact that a form fitting swimsuit has… creases?

No. 883219

Is no one gonna point out that the filter blurred out her arm in the first bathingsuit pic?? Lmaoo

No. 883222

File: 1657732582158.jpeg (210.97 KB, 946x2048, 1621DB8A-CBB1-4793-B254-60CEFB…)

This is definitely a lipo clinic. Her cucks always tell on her by posting her pics on Twitter. I tried finding the other pic from a couple of months ago showing her in the same clinic but I can’t find it but one cuck in particular had flooded her tag with old pics. It’s hilarious, some pics I haven’t seen before and jfc her face

No. 883223

File: 1657732949952.jpeg (238.38 KB, 946x2048, AD9B7A85-F760-414E-A1D2-516D33…)

Here’s her gyaru unedited. She absolutely has been having rounds and rounds of lipo done and is probably manically ‘working out’ and not stuffing her face as much but she is still big as fuck because the lipo is just gonna fuck up her fat storage.

No. 883224

File: 1657733518183.jpeg (772.32 KB, 1180x1378, 5691254C-627B-480D-A495-4D07A5…)

???? Why did she post this?

No. 883225

Holy shit what happened to her head? This looks like a mean edit jfc her cheeks weren't this wide right?

No. 883227

anon i'm crying wtf is going on with her legs???

No. 883228

SHE SLIMMED DOWN ONE LEG KEK. The one straight is thinner than the bent one, bet she wishes they could lipo ankles.

No. 883229

File: 1657735011363.jpeg (63.25 KB, 444x960, 7A968148-12F7-45DF-A299-58D7E0…)

It’s her face without lipo or sculpting.

No. 883231

She's such a gorilla

No. 883232

While even there she looks better than whatever the fuck the other picture is, damn I have forgotten how hideous she made herself. I'm too used to seeing Goblina under filters clearly. Also ffs women who wear coomer shit are so annoying yeah Momo you're one of the guys now such an honour.

No. 883239

why is she ripping up that rose?

No. 883241

She might want them for a terrible photo set or sensei getting married has made her want to ruin anything pretty.

No. 883242

anon this is an old photo

No. 883243

That’s an old ass photo though back when her hair was fried from the constant bleaching/grey hair dye. But I won’t doubt she’s destroying something atm (her body, etc…)

No. 883254

Imagine how fat her face would be now if she hadn’t botched it to keep up with the lipo. She’d look like Tammy Slaton.

No. 883268

i’d kill myself if I looked like this feeder

No. 883288

She looks like what Anisa is trying to achieve. Arab auntie goals

No. 883292

File: 1657769251278.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x1389, 1E8ACE97-3665-47FE-8702-6321CE…)

I want whatever the hell she’s huffing on to live in this delusion.

No. 883293

she's a fucking moron, but she's not stupid enough to actually believe this shit. she's saying this to save face, but then why even bother responding to the comment? it seems she's so addicted to any morsel of attention that she's willing to make herself look like a retard just to sate her narcissism.

No. 883312

No anon, she is LITERALLY stupid enough to believe it. When you lie so much you start believing it.

No. 883319

It’s literally been a fucking week Mariah. You don’t just get curves from a diet on a week.

It’s workout lines all over again. Jfc, time just repeats itself it’s a forever circular loop we’re all doomed to repeat the same lol cows for eternity.

No. 883320

File: 1657799974189.jpeg (8.21 KB, 275x172, 1485737557588.jpeg)

No. 883326

File: 1657803332884.jpg (227.08 KB, 720x1320, 20220714_075436.jpg)

How has no one posted this beautiful monstrosity yet?

No. 883332

These comments have to be curated botted comments because no one is so fucking retarded to even think that even if they think with their dick.

No. 883336

Nothing is more peaceful than seeing the witch of the waste.

No. 883339

Goddamn, she looks like she's pushing late 40s here…how is none of her followers calling out the fact her face shapeshifts on a daily basis just as much as her body does? Wild.

No. 883340

probably. you can buy insta comments like that.

No. 883346

You kidding? Scrotes absolutely put these types of comments because they think it woos well.

No. 883355

File: 1657821457319.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, B9380B86-46C6-48EE-AC4F-F61BBB…)

All that work done and still no ass

No. 883356

File: 1657821552686.png (358.65 KB, 268x504, Howl's Momo.png)

I think she looks exactly like this Howl's character.

No. 883357

Wonder why she won't post this on her main, lol. It never ceases to amaze me she thinks something is happening after lipo.

No. 883359

Imagine having more curves on the front of your lower half than the back.

No. 883363

File: 1657824398378.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x2026, 880D6190-9046-470E-8451-2F68AD…)

Imagine listening to a song once and suddenly you’re posting shit like this.

No. 883368

Imagine looking like a living fursuit. This’ll be "rossbossfit’s" legacy lol

No. 883373

File: 1657826713919.jpeg (174.17 KB, 834x1080, 45C8DAFD-3175-46CD-843E-6AEC66…)

I’m sure this is what she believes she looks like every time she posts a selfie.

No. 883378

File: 1657830139145.jpeg (154.34 KB, 828x557, A36A93B3-8B82-49D6-8BC6-FB4589…)

yeah just wondering when the same pair of lulu leggings, a loosely fitted an anime shirt, and some over priced bug eye glasses were the epitome of fashion lmao

No. 883381

Man… if she'd just maintained this weight and toned up, maybe gotten a lip lift to help her turtle mouth, she would have been much closer to achieving the look she wants than she is after thousands of dollars worth of unnecessary procedures. I don't think I'll ever get over how much money she's spent to look worse than ever and how much she had going for her before that she just completely ruined with weight gain, lipo, and filler. She was never a beauty queen, but with the right styling imo she could be passably cute in that girl next door kind of way. She's so hard to look at nowadays.

No. 883384

File: 1657834229815.png (992.45 KB, 1004x857, DB3CF26D-6D05-4D9B-A382-FECCF1…)

Too bad she ruined her body because she’s lazy.

No. 883387

She is so stupid she thinks those are muscles…

No. 883388

Kek I miss these days. So embarrassing

No. 883389

Yes Moo, because ab definition (not that those lumps are abs) is totally possible when your arm is around three times the width of your chubby head. Miss Totes Profesh Bodybuilder, ladies and gentlemen!

No. 883391

her body “changes rapidly” for the routine she’s on, my dude!

No. 883397

Well this takes me back, one of the first pics of her cool sculpted "abs" lol

No. 883398

Can you stop posting old irreverent photos?

No. 883399

One of the stupidest things she's ever done to herself lol. Not only did it never, ever look convincingly like abs, but now her stomach is marred like that forever. Even if she ever does manage to lose the weight again her stomach is gonna look fucked up probably for the rest of her life. All because she wanted a quick fix instead of doing real work and is too impulsive to think about the future or about any potential consequences.

No. 883403

File: 1657844460672.jpeg (765.7 KB, 1284x1278, FAF7B5C1-5FFB-49E3-B599-06CB7D…)

No. How is this irrelevant when she’s trying to say she’s lost weight and still looks the same as three years ago? Don’t be annoying.

No. 883414

I really hate to say this, but I actually think she is losing weight. She actually looks decent now, money can accomplish anything

No. 883415

…she got lipo. did you just get here?

No. 883416

NTA, but anon is right.sheis losing weight but also lipo and coolscultping at the same time. She keeps defending that she only got lipo 4 times, 2 as revisions, but she's lying, disingenuous, and her followers should be reporting her for false diet/unhealthy claims (as per the report function in insta). Why do you anons think she went down twice? I'm not going to repost the take diwns again, but the side account was for false information and her main was bullying/harassment. Im shocked she got them both back again still though. Moo, peddle your diet drinks again. Its an easy tag.

No. 883417

File: 1657856096835.png (122.3 KB, 447x360, lunchlady.png)

anon look at these ham hocks she calls arms and tell me she's lost weight. it's all lipo, filters, and compression gear.

No. 883418

Yes, totally "fashion" when you can't even wear normal pants that don't stretch

No. 883419

if she was actually losing weight naturally she wouldn't need the lipo. use your brain.

No. 883421

i think you missed the 2B cosplay where she had man boobs hanging off her shoulder blades

No. 883430

I think anons means in the midsection. There is lipo, absolutely, but I also think she has lost a tiiiiny bit of weight and it's unfortunately only noticeable though in her waist but that's only because of the massive amount of fat already taken from her midsection every few months. She knows exactly what she is doing. Not the same anon as >>883414 because you can tell by her cankles and overlapping elbows/knees she hasn't lost anything and neither gained an ounce of ass either, but her tits are slightly saggier and her midsection is more than what lipo has ever done for her, so we need to kind of put those two things together.

My question is though, how is she going to handle how saggy her tits get and how unfull they will look if she does want to keep losing weight. She needs to get to a goal [overall though, not just weight lost from lipo] in order to not fuck up a lift/implant. Losing weight after will cause uneven sag and downward turn the nipples early.

No. 883431

speaking of her moobs all ive ever noticed is that she just wears sports bras which have no support, instead of doing all that lipo shit she needs to get those pancakes lifted for godsake. at this point she could probably throw them over her shoulder like a scarf

No. 883432

she got lipo there, why is that so hard to grasp?

No. 883437

File: 1657867287918.jpeg (65.86 KB, 720x960, 2C77A224-3C8D-4064-A2EF-989857…)

Yeah, no. She’s still wide in her midsection.

No. 883438

I said that.

No. 883439

the tiiiiny bit of weight is lipo, stop being dense.

No. 883445

Exactly. Moo has been losing weight, but her body is fucked up due to all the lipo and other shit she’s done. He fat distribution is messed up, and she’ll look funny even if she continues to lose weight.

I know. We said that.

Damn that’s some nice freshly sliced chest papaya. Can I get a Chug Chug up in this mug

No. 883446

I literally cannot interpret this as anything other than Akemi coughing after Moo farted in her face. What else could they possibly have been going for here? They're fully clothed, so it's not like cunnilingus or ass-eating is supposed to be happening. Moo's even doing this weird bashful gesture, like "whoops I farted in your face."

Moo's tried to appeal to footfags now, I wouldn't put it past her to try and cater to brapfags.

No. 883447

Uuuh. Am I crazy or is that guy's hand covered in track marks?

No. 883449

It’s a slippery slope from here, so you might be right lol. its a new cycle for her now. She tries to get into the cosplay scene, again. And when her income dips she does this huge porn stunt for a few weeks or a month to gain back chodes who don’t know better. She goes back to being a mediocre cosplayer, her chodes drop off. Whoops time for porn again. And you know she can’t keep going old hat with her porn. Sheila gonna have to keep doing weird shit to keep up anyones interest. I see gross scar and other porn in her future.

No. 883450

SAMEFAG I meant scat. Stupid autocorrect.

No. 883459

Don't fartsperg. Its fucking weird and absolutely most likely not what happened. When you guys come up with your own stories its so cringy.

No. 883460

You're fucking retarded

Well if so I guess we found his motivation for continuing to rawdog Moo. And perhaps also how he tolerates it lol

No. 883461

Mariah’s a babe, she’s doing welll for herself.

Yall just salty buttholes.

No. 883462

I think they are just scars nonnie. But at that rate should make it pretty simple if dude ever shows up in any of her stories to clock him.

No. 883463

Lol no. She does no good, and isn’t even doing well. Certainly isn’t getting the fame she desperately wanted. And she’ll never fuck you so piss off.

No. 883470


Shut up, Sydney. No she isn't lmao.

No. 883472

>>883461 try not to overdose on that copium

No. 883485

All 220+ lbs of that walking fat drainage cup is solely propped up by bottomless procedures and yes men like you. The real Mariah is constantly trying to break out of that body, rapidly packing on weight, her worst features becoming more pronounced with each face surgery, all her shape disappears within a week of her lipo, etc. The bitch can't keep the facade up without a medical team on call and a fucking fat roll handler. She's not doing great, it only seems like she's thriving because the standards for her are below ground.

No. 883486

dude, it's not that deep.

No. 883487

Yeah, she's well. Well on track to die of obesity related complications.

No. 883488

seriously this. the lipo just gives her a false sense of security when it comes to her "health" but in reality she's killing herself from all her bad habits. lipo can't such out the fat clogging her arteries.

No. 883489

You bitches done with the armchair infighting?

No. 883497

Look at her morbidly obese arms and legs and tell me she has "lost weight".

You are either trolling, stupid, obese yourself, or Moo. There is no other explanation for this sperg.

No. 883500

File: 1657918068787.jpeg (92.19 KB, 980x1040, D08BEDE7-3E22-44BF-9EB9-B305BE…)

>actually looks decent now

>Mariah’s a babe

No. 883599

So I was skeptical of her getting more lipo done, however- there are rapid recovery methods now like air sculpt that she can definitely afford…
Would probably leave very minor bruising like we see in the photos.
However, this is clearly a spa suite.
And she is most likely getting a lymphatic drainage massage for post-lipo care to smooth it out, OR more non-invasive sculpting like wood rolling, ice sculpting, maybe even things like Emsculpt which send electric pulses to your muscles to make them contract- they allege a 30 min session is equivalent to 2000 crunches, or 1000 squats if you do it on your ass.
I had 3 sessions on my ass and it was firmer but lost fat so I regret it lol.
But yeah that would help trim her up, there’s a million things she could be doing and she probably does them all, at the same time as showing up at the gym and phoning it in with 10 reps of 40 lbs
And then eating like a beast at home. You can’t out-exercise that.
I think she definitely looks smaller, but she’s not any less wide. If she were organically losing weight I think she’d shrink horizontally and not just around her upper arms/face/mid section.

Just my 2 cents since people are reaching saying 1-she’d have lipo in that non-sterile room or 2- saying it’s her hospital set at the studio lol

No. 883619

The people who keep saying Moo wouldn't have constant lipo sessions to fake healthy weight loss are just as delusional as she is

No. 883620

what the fuck is this blogpost?
you're just as retarded as she is, that shit is proven to not do shit.

No. 883623


Which is why she remains fat and now has to resort to chinese slimming apps to make her look thinner.

I think that anon is right, she is probably throwing money on a bunch of slimming treatments that don't work because… She is stupid and lazy.

No. 883624

Anon, I get what you’re saying and stuff, but she’s probably getting the less invasive stuff on top of the regular lips she gets. She posted before while getting one done (it wasn’t classic lipo, it was one of the less invasive ones, laser lips maybe?) literally she was awake and on her phone while getting it.
My guess is that she gets the invasive type once or twice a year (hence the bruises on her thighs at AX) on each of her problem areas (midsection, thighs, upper arms) and then gets the less invasive stuff in between and on other areas more often.
We also have to remember that if it’s posted by her she is absolutely photoshopping and using filters. So we can’t trust those pics as being accurate.
The only way I can see her losing any weight on her own is if the surgeon for her boobs told her she had to get down to a certain weight to do the lift. I can see her attempting to cut down on what she eats to get to the point of getting the surgery, while also doing as much lipo etc as she can to help get smaller, and then gaining it all back as soon as the lift is done. I only say this because she announced that she would be getting a lift and then hasn’t mentioned it since. So I think the surgeon told her to lose weight or there’s a money issue due to her money pit studio.

No. 883627

you forget that these procedures that she needs to go under for don't simply require her to lose weight, she needs to be actually healthy. going under with high blood pressure can kill you.

No. 883630

For creditable plastic surgeons yeah. But remember who she got her nose job from again.

No. 883631

even moo probably learned something from that experience. imagine how horrifying a botched breast lift will look.

No. 883636

how does she afford all this? surely her weird porn and ugly 'studio' dont generate enough income to actually pay for this many procedures, even knockoff butcher surgeons.

No. 883637

She scammed early on and is set for life basically. Remember the era of her "promising nudes/etc" for months that led on so many people. She makes at least 10,000/month if not more.

No. 883638

she's not set for life lol. there's a reason she does porn now. costhots who don't start out with porn only do porn when they're backed into a $$ corner. jnig has never done porn and doesn't ever have to. moo had to because her simps got bored of her sets and she had to in order to keep cash flowing. she wouldn't ever have done it otherwise, especially with how arrogant she acted towards camgirls and whatnot.

No. 883640

Yep, this. Add on the money sink studio. She probably spent 10k or more on the stupid sets, and she’s got to be paying at least 2k a month rent (no idea how much commercial rent is in Vegas, it could be much more). This is all on top of her mortgage payments/rent for her house, her crazy lifestyle, car payments etc. She’s making these porn videos to try to get money because she needs it. I don’t think she’s struggling perse, but I think she’s trying to keep up her lifestyle with eating out, going on trips and slimming treatments/lipo all the time.

No. 883641

Moo is indeed set
but she's stupid with money
So has to do porn to keep up her life style of plastic surgeries, drugs n binging

No. 883645

well that's why she's not set. she can't live off of this forever and she doesn't know how to save money.

No. 883649

exactly, if she made a million dollars and spent a million dollars, that’s not “set”
the only thing of value she has is her fugly house

No. 883663

Considering the half life of her scrotes being entertained at least we know she’s going to have to do even more depraved shit to get the same levels of money and attention. No matter how much she fights the slope she’s still sliding down it and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

No. 883674

She never really survived on cosplay anyway. One of her first sets was that POV set with KBBQ during her "I don't think what I do is porn" phase
Even then I remember a good chunk of comments were literally screaming for her to just cut the cosplay crap and just due porn already.

No. 883822

File: 1658102748148.jpg (Spoiler Image,414.21 KB, 697x516, 9xLeOfl.jpg)

No. 883826

She always looks like she has a gun pointed at her head every time she does this. I guess it’s someone’s fetish.

No. 883829

File: 1658104210179.jpg (640.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220717-193012_Ins…)

Nimu is at moos again and apparently she got another lizard.

No. 883831

RIP lizard.

No. 883834

Yet another dry blow job video full of grimaces while she figures out how to obscure her body enough to do more things on film

No. 883837

This has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen. Why does she always look like she’s in pain? Is this why she’s desperately trying to claw her way back into the cosplay community?

No. 883839

this bitch needs to stop hoarding reptiles

No. 883840

File: 1658110211247.jpeg (12.61 KB, 267x189, 127B1C26-2373-4883-95D9-4D95E5…)

well, that’s a real vagina clencher

No. 883849


Seriously though how many times can she release essentially the same damned video? I know her scrotes are pathetic but even they won’t pay for the same thing repeatedly. So what’s the next step down cause from what I can tell she doesn’t get much engagement for her “bad angle fucking” videos.

No. 883876

Looks like muppet porn wtf

No. 883905

It's the fake "nipnop" era again, she'll keep doing the literal same thing over and over now.

No. 883927

Unless in the story it's stated that moo bought a lizard at that store I'm fairly certain that's just a pet store they're at, looking at the generic retail floor.

No. 883937

got to replace the ones she killed

the fake nipnop era was hilarious. this current "dick" era is just as funny
it's the only trick she has

No. 883984

Anyone have a link to the new blowjob video? TIA

No. 883986

begone scrote

No. 883996

I hope she didn't buy this poor lizard. She's already had a couple one-hit wonder reptiles, we don't need more.

No. 883998

File: 1658187966139.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1082x1782, 67588459-08EB-4FF4-A140-038EF9…)

No. 883999

Nothing about this says dog food. Does she not know how dogs eat?

No. 884001

It’s because she’s not stuffing her face with expensive sushi for one meal. She was also bitching about rossbossfit making her do some squats in an earlier story.

No. 884003

File: 1658189724363.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1090x1940, 79C4BF21-1678-46B5-9F35-5DCEE3…)

Samefag but she just deleted the story of her bitching about rossbossfit. She had to know he was going to see it eventually since he’s on social media as much as she is.

No. 884009

lol I wonder if he's being more of a hard ass on her because of the photos from AX. I think he might actually be embarrassed that his name and livelihood have been attached to her since it's clear she's still a doughy saggy skinned fat ass and not a taut toned skinny queen like she claims on insta.

No. 884010

Lmao this is pretty sad. This is just like her “abusive” dad making her run drills in High school. She just hates putting effort into herself and wants quick fixes. It’s so sad that she needs someone else to control her life if she ever wants to be as thin as she was in her school years. She’s such a fat disgruntled toddler. Fucking lazy fatass.

No. 884033

File: 1658195594348.jpeg (813.88 KB, 1284x2034, 84F868DB-83C8-4D6D-8E94-90757A…)

Her fursuit legs has me in stitches.

No. 884034

File: 1658195831275.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1284x2009, 3CFED432-EC3B-4C4B-B59B-B9D882…)

Samefag but it’s hilarious to see her being posted without her millions of filters. Those jowls.

No. 884055

File: 1658200802301.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x2077, F55B6399-DC81-4357-9EDF-4BCFE2…)

One has to wonder if her neighbors also think she’s in her 40’s.

No. 884061

Wow nice piles of garbage everywhere.

No. 884068

Lmfao what in the deflated titties. I wonder what happened to her getting a boob job

No. 884085

Way to give zero context. She's not shitting on him at all in either of these videos.

No. 884094

She deleted it, moron. The story where she said it came after >>884003 but she took it down shortly after.

No. 884136

The cat in the background side-eying her

No. 884143

And not a single anon has a post of it but capped these?

No. 884144

She's not referring to Ross in that. She's referring to whoever invented a type of squat.

No. 884155

I couldn’t cap it at the time I first saw it anon. Jfc you’re dense.

No. 884166

why didn't you cap it?

No. 884181

I'm not believing she said anything actually shitting in him. Even the screencap we have is taken out of context.

No. 884200

for the last time, we don't have those caps, the caps we have aren't referring to him. are you new? moo constantly goes on weed induced rants and deletes them minutes later.

No. 884211

I saw this. She was referring to the inventor of some exercise and saying expletives because they hurt when doing them. Said nothing about her trainer.

No. 884217

We're talking about a different story. Not the one anon capped.

No. 884219

And yet anons can't even give context to what it was about besides "She was shitting on him". Like come on. What did she say, what was it about? Seriously, post some semblance of fucking milk about what was said and why.

No. 884222

She was whining and bitching that rossbossfit made her do those squats. I couldn’t cap it before it was DELETED because it had no text filter like the others and I didn’t have access to a screen recording app. Jesus fucking Christ get the fuck over it already.

No. 884224

So if the following video she didn't delete has her explaining the complaint as not being him, but being about whoever invented the squats, I think she deleted it because she thought people took it that way, rather than her meaning that way. The beginning of the video she kept even she says it's not about him and the following videos she kept after these too, so it wasn't an afterthought, but one of her continuation rambles.

Unfortunately, most likely deleted because people assumed she was actually hating on him when it wasn't that and she didn't want to deal with that shit because she's 'AlwAys TakINg whAT I Say OuT of ConTEx' as she's complained about before.

No. 884225

Yes, she absolutely deleted it because people would misinterpret it. That and she probably realized rossbossfit would eventually see it since he goes to her page regularly judging from how often he comments. But it’s also not surprising since she deletes shit a lot soon after posting it and then context is gone for a lot of it.

No. 884226

why are you defending her so hard?

No. 884227

File: 1658262770612.jpg (140.04 KB, 506x903, KdxpDlW.jpg)


She DID delete the third one in this series saying something like "you guys are never satisfied"

No. 884228

File: 1658262799647.jpg (510.59 KB, 516x923, xOHy80x.jpg)

No. 884231

Not defending her. I'm looking for context and given the other videos before and after, and the one directly after specifically, it doesn't sound like she was actually talking crap about him. We are discussing the video that doesn't exist, anon, because conveniently there are no caps at all. You don't need to gatekeep a discussion trying to gauge actual context. I'm not just going to take someone who didn't have caps at their word without looking in to it.

No. 884232

Probably deleted that because someone said that she shouldn't call people out. Tbh, could result in a report for harassment. She's an idiot.

No. 884240

I can't believe this person actually thought her thighs were because of muscles.

No. 884244

Anon, it’s not a conspiracy that no one has the one video of her bitching. Not everyone has immediate access to screen recording apps and time to upload, especially for some dumb less than 7 second clip. You need to quit derailing the tread with this shit. She said something stupid that got misconstrued and deleted it. How is this so hard for you to understand?

No. 884249

this, and we don't even know if it got misconstrued or not, either way would not be a surprise. don't forget all those rants of her neighbors that she deleted.

No. 884279

If the trainer pushes her too much she'll ditch them like she does every other trainer
tbh she only gets results with lipo so I don't know why she bothers with a trainer

No. 884290

Sniffing her own farts again.

No. 884300

I saw this story like 10 minutes after she posted it—she didn’t say anything about her personal trainer, just about the inventor of the quad squat. Some of you guys are so desperate to find more reasons to hate someone whose already a huge piece of shit and it’s fucking embarrassing. No need to lie or make up fake milk about her.

No. 884302

File: 1658288507734.jpg (772.12 KB, 1079x1078, Screenshot_20220719-234048_Ins…)

She looks like she escaped a psych ward.

No. 884303

No. 884305

Anons could screenshot the other rants but not that one at all? No one asked for a recording. Absolutely anons just making shit up again. Never saw that in the order of her posts either. Don't see what could've been deleted.

I'm never going to believe anons who don't add milk.

No. 884307

all the wks trying to claim moo never said anything about her personal trainer need to fuck off.

No. 884308

Get help.

No. 884309

It literally happens all the time where an anon says "I can't capture/screenshot it right now but she posted a story saying this can another anon grab it before she deletes" or "I wasn't able to catch it before she deleted it but" like I don't understand why you have such a hard on for this. Unless you're Mariah herself or on her payroll trying to do damage control after badmouthing her trainer and then panic deleting hoping no one saw it.

No. 884312

this. just stop replying to them. they keep saying the same things.

No. 884317

It was between those two, but anon could pause where it looks like she's talking about her trainer in the second shot lol.

No. 884329

Her hair is an absolute travesty. Always a greasy unbrushed mop.

No. 884339

the fact that her arms, legs and back are still bubbling fat I highly doubt she lost weight naturally.
And no, there is no such thing as "spot training"

No. 884341

Wow, you incells really be out here still cutting up momokun because she’s a babe and never will pay attention to you guys.


No. 884342

File: 1658327429246.jpg (22.75 KB, 720x406, wtfisthis2.jpg)

No. 884343

The fact she peddles you can target and not have it affect your overall weight, is so misinformed and just dumb on her side.

No. 884344

Why does this actual retard keep coming back here?

No. 884347

Because momokun and/or her paid "friends" need to validate their existence every now and then. Notice "Mariah is so hot/a babe/sexy/better than you" only happens when she's being heavily shit on or loses the dick she chases after?

No. 884352

Can't be her paypigs. They don't respect her at all and blatantly say they're tired of the cosplay shit and just want pirn so they can go
Or others are just grossed out from her botched obese body

No. 884354

Moo is just unhinged cuz dick she was chasing for years is getting married while she has to get countless plastic surgeries to hold up her flopping deformed mess of a body
Must suck she can never show off her skin in public and has to squeeze herself into compression gear to hide her rolls and flaps

No. 884356

Even her OF people are bored. She’s reaping less each time because she’s doing the exact same thing over and over. And I’m sure you’re correct it isn’t her paypigs come here unless it’s one that’s butthurt we don’t give free content cause he’s too pathetic to be able to afford it lol

No. 884358

”I love fashion!!” Says moo and looks like that lmao. Homeless people look more stylish than her.

No. 884368

it's almost ironic that she went to a wedding with him years back and was acting like they were dating and it was a big relationship milestone.

No. 884370

Didn't moo get a bunch of plastic surgeries and skin treatments done after she met sensei's girlfriend for the first time as well?
She naturally looks young and is just a cutie pie. No amount of plastic surgery can fix Moo. But it's also her shit personality too. Sensei made it clear he thinks Moo is stupid

No. 884372

File: 1658344567668.jpg (82.59 KB, 729x538, mallad.jpg)

Good fucking god.

No. 884373

File: 1658345761508.jpg (586.86 KB, 519x922, YESffAi.jpg)

I guess AX was her chance to grab some ~big name friends~ to go to her vacant studio

No. 884374

File: 1658345818397.jpg (391.24 KB, 519x924, AFQcblp.jpg)

No. 884375

File: 1658345940817.jpg (694.43 KB, 524x919, 6WgWY70.jpg)

No. 884377

It has been said ad nauseum, but I can not believe what she did to her nose. It really looks like a prosthetic from the live action Grinch movie. Her eyes also look like they are melting down her face.

No. 884379

File: 1658347270315.jpeg (942.04 KB, 1064x1503, 58D306DB-4038-40D1-8A85-73A4D6…)

Her and her google translated, pseudo intellectual bullshit can fuck right off. I honestly don’t know why she’s so proud to broadcast how greasy she looks.

Birds of a feather. Shitty people flock together.

No. 884380

I agree, to think she has done that to her face intentionally, yikes. She kinda looks like those droopy faced dogs, and not in a wholesome way.

No. 884381

Chances are they also shot there for free lol (and so Moo can add them to her "client list"). This studio is dead and no amount of big name acquaintances are going to boost business.

No. 884383