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File: 1517597191529.jpg (94.9 KB, 773x504, 1432694148217.jpg)

No. 227162

Can we have a fujoshi cringe thread? We already have a weeb cringe thread somewhere but I really want a thread where we focus on fujoshis or cringey yaoi. Can be about your cringey past self or your cringey NEET friend or gay obsessed tumblrinas, it doesn't matter. What are your experiences, farmers?

>OP apologizes very deeply for lack of better thread pic

No. 227165

I think the picture is cringey enough. I don't have much to say about myself because I keep my hobbies to myself most of the time even though I'm a fujo and my close friends are also fujoshi, but in high school I had this classmate who was bragging about her mother buying yaoi for herself and sharing with the classmate. Shit was weird but I wouldn't even be surprised if it were true because her mother created a very small con at the time. She used to read Viewfinder something at school, and almost all the girls were weebs and jealous that her mother would let her read drawn gay porn.

No. 227176

File: 1517602822340.png (95.45 KB, 500x377, 7b9ebb72-820b-425d-bc7a-f01535…)

this probably belongs in the fakeboi general or the gender crit thread, but it's crazy how 99% of modern fujos are straight girls running around calling themselves faggots and re-naming themselves after yuri on ice characters. i can't believe i'm saying this, but i miss the Black Butler-watching losers from the late 2000s. at least they didn't try to hide their blatant fetishism under the guise of diversity.

No. 227177

The weird thing is that back in the late 90s/early 2000s on forums and mIRC I didn't see fujos trying to assert themselves as the opposite gender. They were just girls. Sometimes they were tomboys or maybe they'd do a cosplay ~for teh yaoiz~ but I never came across any who wanted to be men.

No. 227180

Yeah, I get kind of nostalgic thinking back on the fandoms of stuff like Black Butler and Hetalia and I was never even a fujo. There was no pointless gender bullshit or politics, just weeb teen girls sperging out and writing bad fanfiction together.

No. 227184

This thread really reminded me of some cringey shit from my freshman year of highschool.
>me, quiet, enjoy anime
>end up in the "loser" circle with other rejects who also like anime
>one of the girls from said circle is in my english class
>she sits behind me and kind of forces me into this weird Jiraiya/Naruto slash RP that lasted for months
>was so weird and I'm not a fujo myself, but I didn't have any other friends at the time

Jesus, I am so glad I don't own that notebook anymore.

No. 227247

File: 1517628687473.png (296 KB, 687x1227, SmartSelectImage_2018-02-02-19…)

Fujo and fakebois/ftm posers are 2 completely separate camps on dumblr these days. Haven't yall heard?

>liking gay manga is fetishization

>pretending to be a gay guy is not fetishization

No. 227248

File: 1517629991739.jpeg (27.06 KB, 214x267, 7C3FFC9E-F850-439D-9A53-4CE0EC…)

Oh my god, you just made me remember something I buried in my mind.
>weird obese chick in one of my high school classes notices that I read manga
>asks if I like Naruto (this was when it was super popular) and if I can read her fanfic
>forces me to read it before I say anything and it turns out to be an erotic story about Kiba fucking Hinata under a waterfall with way too much detail about Kiba’s ejaculation and how huge his dick is
Someone in my friend circle was also huge on writing yaoi fan fictions and gay rping with other girls online for series like Kingdom Hearts and TWEWY. I could never get into rping, it was just too weird for me.

No. 227249

lol I'm flinching remembering how my fujo friend used to "ship" various actual boys in our year in high school.

>pee your pants
good way to know who tf to avoid on tumblr

No. 227250

i wish they'd realize that just because they don't identify as fujos, doesn't make them not fujos lol

>implying most "normal" ftms aren't also AAP

No. 227268

>like this character from a mobage because of his character development, his design and cuteness
>draws him bc I like him a lot
>tfw wanted to communicate with ppl in a mobage community
>most of the people who like him are fujos
>most of them draw/get off on borderline incest art of him with his half-brother
>fujos claim they're not fetishizing them
>really want to draw art of said character bc he's cute and wanted to try making him communicate with other characters in some comics (that I never posted)
>fear of being approached by fujos and being lowkey forced to ship said character with sibling
Idk, every fandom I enter there's always a small portion of it that ruins it.

wow this reminds me of irl friends who casually talk about cringy shit on twitter
>one normie friend casually shares about Killing Stalking one time (idk if he's still following it)
>another normie friend is a koreaboo who shared stuff about shipping two Korean idols
>another normie friend was a directioner who liked shipping two guys from One Direction
>a different normie friend watches Citrus (yuri incest anime) while doing work in her office

Idk what I'm supposed to feel anymore. At least my friend stopped stanning that CuPcaKke chick after she tweeted about wanting to suck some Korean idol's dick.

No. 227272

It's partly because Tumblr now attacks any girl who likes fujo stuff for "fetishizing homosexuals" so they turn themselves male in order to avoid being accused of being a "gross straight cis bitch". In turn they support the "yeah fuck those disgusting straight girls" discourse after their "transition" so it's mostly kept up by girls larping as gay boys. Actual gay males I've never seen complain about fujos tbh. If anything, they're even more thirstier for fujo stuff.

The other reason is that these young girls don't realize that the guys in their gay comics etc. are usually written by women as idealized, very feminine males. When they feel a connection to a character, they start thinking it's because they're REALLY A GAY MAN INSIDE!!!11 as the current trans trend is pushing that narrative to anyone who's even slightly non-gender-conforming.

Makes me fucking nuts because I almost fell for that trap and hard and I see people around me constantly taking the bait.

No. 227273

Oh boy I think I have several notebooks worth of old cringey RPs I did with my friend back in high school. I can't even look through them without cringing hard enough to make my face hurt for hours.

>Killing Stalking
Yeah what is it with that manga? It's clearly intended to be psychological horror and less shexy gay butt secks and yet every run-of-the-mill tumblrina fujo is suddenly an edgelord obsessed with it. I just don't get it.
>I realize you said normie friend but still

No. 227274

Ohhh boy I knew this one fakeboi who was obsessed with Orihara Izaya from Durarara!! and everything yaoi and edgy so they had built a whole persona around him and made up a bunch of fucking weird backstories like how their mother had strangled themselves with a hose and how they had gouged their dad's eye out.
All of this turned out to be fake though haha.
They had even made another online account and pretended that person was their boyfriend who was secretly in with the mafia or was some hardcore drug dealer/pimp or something like that and got all the fujos in the group chat kya kya-ing when (s)he'd describe all the things they'd done or whatever the fuck. They'd even get stereotype tumblry pics off the internet of some black haired dude making out with a blonde dude with their faces blurry or something so they wouldn't be caught (kek) and be like "SEE??? THAT'S ME AND [insert imaginary boyfriend's name here]"
It was amazing how much the fujos were willing to turn a blind eye to the obvious fake shit to believe in their yaoi fantasies.
It was even more hilarious when my hardcore fujo friend fell for them and started cutting their name into her arm.
….It was weird.
>I wish I was lying lol
>Sage for samefag

No. 227290

I was really into reading Junjou Romantica and shared the few volumes I had with my friend in middle school/high school. I remember reading other BL manga that were a lot more rape-y and I can't believe I read that shit back then. I got into the Nitro+Chiral games before they really got popular with the Tumblr crowd, who ruined everything. Anyone who was into Dramatical Murder remember how hated the character Mink was? If you liked Mink you were accused of being a rapist/condoning sexual abuse, even though most BL games have elements of rape so they were being hypocritical af. Nitro+Chiral games are very dark and I remember being annoyed with the Tumblrinas who just didn't do any research at all. I started skypeing with one girl from Tumblr who was into Togainu no Chi, and she was obsessed with Shiki. It was all she would talk about. If I didn't reply to her quickly she would freak out, so I ended up blocking her.

No. 227375

Fakebois are basically fujos gone bad. But I love fujos, I won't lie. Most of the fujo cringe I have seen is from fakebois anyway. Other than that it's mostly babyfujos, and everyone knows what they're like. Anyway, sorry for not contributing.

No. 227390

Never had an active livejournal but I use to lurk Hetalia and Hitman Reborn groups/communities when I was like 13 and the ship wars were fucking top notch entertainment.

No. 227392

Sorry to double post but holy shit anon I love Mink's character in both games. Tumblr got so triggered by his rape scenes despite almost all bl games feature forced sex that would be seen as rape IRL. Plus, Tip amd Virus didn't get nearly the same amount of shit despite being technically worse by far but, since they are your typical looking bishies no one gave a fuck. It's almost like they were bias because Mink was too masculine or something. I don't understand it.

No. 227638

Lmao, isn't Shiki a rapist too though? Togainu no Chi is one of those things that works better without the porn imo.

I still like BL, but I hate the screaming Fujoshi type and the rape shit really gets to me, not gonna lie. It's s annoying and repetitive, and whenever I see tons of "OMG SO HOT GAYS >//w//<" comments under those things or see girls in their 20s coo over it at cons I just lose faith in humanity. It's hard to find good BL.

Granted, I used to be a cringy Fujoshit too, but I blame that on being 14-16 and knowing zilch about anything to do with sex and relationships.

No. 227888

>most of them draw/get off on borderline incest art of him with his half-brother

Who is he? My favorite character is in the exact same situation as yours, he gets put together with his brother the most and I find it a little disgusting.

No. 228063


Why are their heads so tiny?

No. 228088

File: 1518131643867.jpg (88.09 KB, 530x577, opressedfujos.jpg)

No. 228189

Kek tumblr. Just admit you're turned on by gay men fucking. To answer tumblr I'm a lesbian and don't give a fuck what they have to say about me being a fujo. I do what I want. They should perhaps try actually talking to fujos or lesbian/bi fujos sometime though.

No. 228312

>closeted gay trans men
That reminds me, how many other fujos actually imagine themselves as the uke when they read yaoi? Like, yeah sometimes I relate to a certain characters but, I never put myself in the fantasy.

No. 228898

>fujos who put themselves in the uke's place
A lot of the do actually. Maybe subconsciously but they do. I had this one friend (two actually) who were absolutely obsessed with Asami from Viewfinder and for the longest freakin time all she could talk about was how hot he is and how he'd fuck her and how she'd never find a guy like asami irl. It was total cringe.

Also speaking of viewfinder, can someone tell me whats the appeal of all these "starter" yaoi mangas like junjou and viewfinder? I see all these fujos scream over it but for the like of me I cannot see the appeal beyond "gay" and "romance".

No. 228948

the internet has taught me that there are a disturbingly large # of men who want to be adorable little girls holding each others hands and women who want to be ultrachads fucking little boys up the ass with their footlong cocks

No. 229050

>It's clearly intended to be psychological horror and less shexy gay butt secks and yet every run-of-the-mill tumblrina fujo is suddenly an edgelord obsessed with it. I just don't get it.
>I realize you said normie friend but still
I called him normie friend because I know he's into horror and not into BL/GL/romance stuff. He said he only read it bc he was into the genre. He did say he got turned off by it at first thanks to the fandom on tumblr praising it despite it not being romance. Idk I have a similar experience with an anime too which was Tiger & Bunny. At first I legit thought it's BL with some superhero stuff thanks to the fanart I see on tumblr but then a friend convinced me to watch it anyway since the plot was okay. I guess I can understand the shipping behind it.

>"let my gays marry" women at rally's with Sherlock shipping banners
wow all of a sudden I remember the few Sherlock fanart with #LoveWins I see on tumblr. It was pretty cringy.

No. 268233

Like being Fujoshi, isn't a reason good enough to kill yourself on its own.

No. 268235

Fake boi spotted

No. 268284

I've seen fujoshis in otome games fandoms - usually the fandom is separated in two, the fans with gay ships and the fans with OCxcanon ships. The latter hate the fujoshis and post "vague-ing" stuff about them. The fujoshis post statuses like "pls don't send me discourse info anymore". It's so funny.

No. 268330

That's because consuming m/m content while female is problematic now so fujos have to pretend they're trans men to be able to do so. On tumblr these troonfujos actually drag normal fujos for being "homophobic" and "fetishizing mlm".

No. 356577

Maybe that's more of a western thing. With a lot of Japanese fans I follow it feels like the opposite, especially in their gag fanart where the top character is spitting blood (2010s equivalent of nosebleeds I guess) at something lewd the bottom character is doing.

No. 356583

With the incest stuff and a lot of kinks in fanart, you have to think of it as closer to the bedoom rp equivalent of them than real life sexual abuse.
Like are you guys really that vanilla or not understand how fetishes work come on

No. 356666

Don't necro a thread without good cringe

Anyway I am convinced anime is at fault for the number of troons now. Prove me wrong.

No. 356742

that anon didn't necro the thread >>356577 did.

No. 388667

File: 1553076255998.png (93.68 KB, 1816x313, purefujomaidens.png)

Thank you for the cringe /ot/. First I learned that yaoi is peak female sexuality, now that fujos are so pure that they do not even masturbate to the pornographic content they are obsessed with.

No. 388685

Are you the same anon who claimed they were being harassed and called homophobic by hordes of fujoshi like it's 2007?

No. 388694

No. That anon should post their experience here, sounds interesting.

I think it's really weird to claim that people obsessed with a certain type of erotica do not fap to it…do you disagree?

No. 388706

It’s true though, if you spend time in actual fandom spaces it’s pretyy frowned upon to admit you get off to what you’re reading. the anons at fail-fandomanon have discussions on the topic frequently, sometimes they get off to it, sometimes they don’t. No one said yaoi is peak female sexuality, the only people using that phrasing were anti-fujo, and no one is saying all Fujo are ~pure. Many of them are lesbians with no sexual attraction to men, but decent yuri/women-on-women content is hard to find.

No. 388708

I almost think that had to be bait. No seme/uke? Fujos don't ship? No naughty touching? That's so ridiculous it's funny.

No. 388722

I'm not obsessed with yaoi but i do read it sometime and… I never masturbated to it. Even thinking about masturbating to it kinds disgusts me. Plenty of fujoshi are lesbians and yaoi isnt strictly pornographic. It's like saying "Oh you liked the movie LOVE by Gaspar Noé but you didnt jerk off to it? Weirdo!"

No. 388767

File: 1553109878075.jpg (537.12 KB, 1809x679, yaoiisheterohetislesbian.jpg)

>it’s pretyy frowned upon to admit you get off to what you’re reading

This is news to me, I have been in really perverted fandom spaces then.
It sounds sad and like another example of how female sexuality is repressed. Men will talk about their dicks and getting off all the time online (I am not saying we should copy this obnoxious tmi behaviour exactly) while fangirls can't even say they wank to their beloved yaoi sex when talking to other fujos huh.

>Many of them are lesbians

Also crazy news to me. Excuse the autism but in this other discussion yaoi was the most het thing ever. I don't find these comments cringey however, except for the last one which is insane (thinking het is for lesbians)

No. 388776

Most fujos aren't lesbians. Most fujos are straight girls who think finding Ruby Rose pretty means they're bisexual, and this gets twisted into "Fujos are all lesbians anyway!" because fujos think it makes them look better for some reason.

No. 388780

If they're actually into women it makes them seem sadder. Why ignore women and look at unsexy men if you're a lesbian? If the yuri out there sucks then just write some hawt woman on woman fic of your own.

No. 388786

>unsexy men
They aren’t real men, they’re fictional drawings, and big shock lesbians can relate and connect to gay men.

>write your own

Most people in fandom spaces are consumers.

Seriously spend time in fandom anon spaces and you’ll see that your experiences with yaoi culture ten years ago isn’t the case now. I rarely even see “yaoi” tossed around as a term anymore

No. 388816

A disproportionately large amount of fujos are lesbians, yeah. The lady who wrote my lesbian experience with loneliness was a major fujo lol.

No. 388907

a good friend and i used to rp yaoi. she came out as a lesbian and we STILL rp yaoi. i think it's just difficult to find female characters who hit certain tropes that male characters do, plus yuri content is generally really fucking bad.

No. 388962

Agree. Virtually all yuri is by males for males and even when it's made by women most of the women who make it (and consume it) are bisexual so it still tends to have very male gazey undertones.

No. 389175

The fujo thread here on this very board is a beautiful gift that keeps on giving. Massive textwalls, continuing the asspain and still defending the 'discussion' that took place the other day at the end of the UO thread. Stereotypes are generally true to some degree. Accept it and move on.

Fujos are honestly the most ridiculous subset of fandom imo. Hyper cringe. Just flick it and hush.

No. 389188

fujos are the cringiest part of every fandom, they ruin everything. they always come up with the "b-but i am so gay!! this is gay representation!!" thing after being into like one extremely butchy girl despite being attracted to men 99% of the time. lesbians might inherently relate to a same sex love story but i really, really doubt that a woman who is obsessively into watching two men fuck is a lesbian. gay sex has such different ways than lesbian sex, i don't even relate to gay sex despite being into men myself because i don't have a male anatomy. so many fujos troon out like the mtfs who think they are going to become uwu anime girls too, it's hilarious. they think they are going to become a cute bottom twink boy or something.

No. 389213

File: 1553200409440.png (Spoiler Image, 511.63 KB, 720x812, 1552808078503.png)

From the bad art thread. Why is being pedo such a big thing with fujos and sadist ones at that? Why do they so often enjoy and create things were underage boys are sexualized, tortured or raped?
The same tendency do not exist in fangirls who create straight content. Straight shota is mainly created by and for men.

No. 389216

these hands are creepy

No. 390262

i honestly hate the occupation of fujos in sports anime fandoms when most of the time the sports anime isn't highly homoerotic. not everything is fucking yuri on ice and I don't want to search for fanart of my sports anime favs only to be greeted with gross fetish gay shit. and hell although yuri on ice had fujo baiting heavy it didn't treat gay relationships and gay subtext abusively unlike the actual yaoi genre does, because at least the canonical couple didn't fit the typical SCARY SEME DEFENSELESS UKE framework

I used to be a minor fujo, but never was that entrhralled by the genre and my increasing disgust w it allowed me to distance myself from it for the most part. I'm really repulsed by the heavily sexualized and rapey stuff. I love power play in straight relationships but I can't stand seeing the rapey and objectifying gay stereotyping in yaoi esp when I almost never see it as frequently in yuri. yuri has some bad apples but it's almost never as bad as yaoi that I've seen from a fetish standpoint at least the trio that I've read. thats why I stopped reading yaoi pretty much cold turkey. the only shit I can stomach is the fluffy stuff and I barely read that because I'm afraid it'll turn into a rape orgy. I was never a shipper in fandoms and the fujos in my respective fandoms always grossed me the fuck out. there was legit a translator who stopped translating haikyuu content because she was a stingy fujo bitch who got offended when none of her non canonical pairings became real and the boys showed affection towards female characters, what a fucking clod.

oh boy

there was a self proclaimed "pedo fujo" bitch on a site I used to frequent, and she was milky as hell.

favoring mostly young looking teens and that one kid from erased she was absolutely obsessed with the teacher from that show and shipping him with the kid. it was disgusting because I'm 99% sure she only liked both of their characters because she could ship the kid with the adult in question.

she also got super defensive and huffy and harassed anyone who dared question why she was so gross when she'd openly declare she was attracted to underage kids. her profile was also plastered with pictures of borderline shota rape, and proclamations of how "proud" she was to be a self proclaimed pedo.

there is a silver lining that after months of harassing others on said site and discord- the mods finally forced her to remove all references to pedophila and drama, and she left for good (seemingly) but she leaves such a disgusting taste in my mouth.

No. 390568

ah here I found it
she still updating her shitty fanfiction
read "sensational soliciting" if you want your day ruined, anti fujoshits, it's basically killing stalking + pedoshit + overusage of a thesaurus

No. 391565

Sort of ot but this post reminded me of this huge influx of fujos into hockey fandom here in the US, it happened back around 2011 with tons of shipping irl teammates and coaches and rival teams. They were messy as fuck, honestly.

I remember it being a decent size portion of every thread over at failfandomanon on LJ, I'm sure they were thrilled when Yuri on Ice came out.

No. 395542

Oh my fucking god. Vanoty made it onto lolcow? Surprised but also not surprised. I used to run around in her circle around 2010-2013 or so. Almost all of her friends were into roleplaying pedophilic themed fantasies where all the "bottoms" were super childlike and naive and while the "tops" were always abusive and controlling in some way or another. usually sexually. and as time went on i saw Vanoty draw her "bottom" characters more and more childlike and pre-pubescent. Gross as fuck. Not to mention her and her friends were incredibly stuck up.

No. 395553

File: 1554529876152.jpg (18.17 KB, 409x393, 031.jpg)

>we're just like keith and lance from my favorite anime, dan and phil

gets me every time.

No. 395984

File: 1554635631675.jpg (50.85 KB, 500x500, BGUKC-0CAAMF3bB.jpg)

>Fujos in sports anime
Holy shit I get really uncomfortable when I think about Inazuma Eleven fujos. A lot of them are in their young adult age, but I'm pretty sure every character is in middle school, if not early high school.
How do they find something sexual in an anime clearly meant for children winding down from a long day at school?

I still ship male characters together, but I don't do it exclusively. And I definitely don't do it when it's never hinted they could have been a couple at one point.

No. 395987

>my gays
Mega cringe.

No. 395992

I was surprised to learn how many fujos their were in the Hajime-no-ippo fandom

No. 396063

You're talking about YaoiMaster from MAL aren't you.

No. 396120

Hahahahaha I won't deny nor confirm that but she's got her own dead thread here.

Sage for OT- if you're looking for milky myanimelist posters check out IPreferEcchi. He's a 24 year old NEET whose mom still pays for his shit, has never held a job or gone to college, he harasses women in their DMs and is a cringey incel overall, worse than most of the men on that site by far with how blatant he is. What he does in public is disgusting, what he sends to girls in his DMs is worse. Surprised he isn't banned yet.

MAL is an alt right hellhole if you venture into certain threads- kiwifarms and 4chan plants who are merely there to spread political propaganda are posting rampantly, trying to radicalize weebs by political posting in non political threads and sections. rly nasty shit.

The site itself is a milk factory, it almost deserves its own thread for the amount of cringe it generates.

No. 396176

>>Has her own thread
Oh god anon please link it idc how dead it is please

No. 396195

File: 1554682107872.jpeg (57.25 KB, 750x340, C61FBAE8-BADE-4179-8CB5-6DBAFF…)


hopefully this link works

No. 396213

File: 1554687126328.jpg (53.42 KB, 600x604, fuck.jpg)

>Seriously spend time in fandom anon spaces
Yes, most people do, and still find these "stereotypes" to be true. How about you spend some time in a popular fandom and see how many people go out of their way to harass you for not liking the yaoi?
Oh hey, i should post the thing i posted in the bad art thread, but in more detail.

>get to know a girl that ids as a lesbian

>she likes yaoi but she's not annoying about it so i don't mind it
>among friends are a few fakebois (big mistake)
>we all decide to settle down on discord
>she claimed she stopped being a fujo a long time ago
>strangely obsessive over male characters she strongly believed were gay
>Link, Sidon, most characters from mha, any video game, etc you know how it is
>fakebois colluded with her so i stayed quiet and didn't block either
>she takes interest in my characters suddenly
>why me
>i don't have a lot of guy ocs but when i do they're hetero
>"An ass and a vagina feel the same once you get enough lube in"
>"My oc will crossdress and look just like a girl for yours"
>"What more do you need? Just tell me"
>clearly uncomfortable at this point
>she backpedals and plays it cool
>a few months pass without incident
>then suddenly every time i joined voice chat with her she'd beg me to make my guys gay, verbatim
>she seems to become a ruder and ruder person by the day
>she ignores everyone and only wants to talk about herself and gay porn
>fakebois are okay with it because she posts a lot of gay porn every day
>finally burst because of her, i briefly complain about it on a public channel and immediately leave
>tells the others i have internalized hatred and that's why i avoided having LGBT characters/headcanons
>all of my close friends manage to leave too
>a few of them tell me afterwards that she denies being a fujo often but has an obvious fag fetish
>mfw when i had to do all this tip toeing to not start drama between friends but she was a fujo from the get go

No. 400548

Chris Evans Talks About Cap's Love for Peggy Carter, Crowd Starts Chanting "Bucky"


No. 400560

>Yes, most people do, and still find these "stereotypes" to be true. How about you spend some time in a popular fandom and see how many people go out of their way to harass you for not liking the yaoi?
This, so many people are incredibly obnoxious about their "uwu smol gay beans" even when you ship a less popular mxm pairing.

No. 400563

i remember watching inazuma eleven, it was a wholesome show, can't believe fujos ship these kids

No. 400566

File: 1555767583010.jpg (222.43 KB, 842x979, IMG_20190420_152504.jpg)

I once knew an ultra christian girl that was a fujo, got rejected by her crush for a gay man and started drawing fanart of those 2 kissing and gave it to him for his birthday. It was the deviantart tier overly airbrushed kind of art.

I probably wouldn't have a problem with fujoshits if they wouldn't erase the personalities of my favourite characters and draw them as mentally crippled. Like seriously, show some love for those guys instead of drawing them as helpless and crying about dick.

No. 400576

My problem with fujoshits is that they always try to claim there's something 'more' going on between two male characters who are just clearly deeply platonic. I've seen this in multiple fandoms and no one is allowed to speak up against this without being branded as a homophobe.
It's like these boring bitches have never had a long term best friend that really cared about them before (I can see that) and vice versa. It's really disgusting and propagates disrespectful social issues.

No. 400578

yeah like i don't care if they ship two male characters and have their headcanons or whatever but when it gets to the insane "it's 100% DEFINITELY real (creator) keeps them closeted but it's canon homophobe hets can keep denying it but it's obvious" extent it's extremely cringy. the amount of people like this has doubled with the whole fake woke lgbt representation wave.

No. 400589

There are lots of anime where guys fight for a girl in a love triangle and they end up being shipped together. Is it a fun idea? Sure, but then you see it become "canon" even if one guy slashes the other with a sword and they express disgust to each other.

I can get fujos on 4chan that do it for the shitposting and pissing homophobic guys off- but you see a character who has legit suffered because of another one and had his health harmed or lost major opportunities in life and tumblr goes on to push them as a healthy canon tsundere ship. Bonus points if both guys have healthier relationships with other men in the story.

The other variant is where the 2 guys have a good relationship, but they never hug, kiss or express romantic interest and a fujo legit told me that I'm too shallow if I need any of that for a romantic pairing, that muh nipponjin fujos are superior because they don't care about the canon and are happy dreaming about it.

No. 400770

File: 1555829692904.jpg (387.76 KB, 1280x1274, btw.jpg)

This shit happens so often it's not even funny. Now people have a high pedestal for this inane complaint too, so you can't blame it on some dumb spergs anymore, so you get both the woke retards and the spergs arguing that the author doesn't love his fanbase.
>pic related, fujos got mad even though ONE (author) later said that he doesn't mind any type of fanart
It would be fine with rival shipping so long as fujos didn't try to jam it in everyone's throats. These are somehow usually the most popular ships because fujos can't learn how to not wet themselves when there's two dudes fighting about one murdering the other's entire family or something.

No. 416963

>if you're looking for milky myanimelist posters check out IPreferEcchi
This dude is a literal pedophile and a disaster of a person. If anyone has any dirt on this guy I'd love to see it. Maybe in a new thread. I want to make a list of this guy's sick fuckery. He preys upon young girls online and has looked at cp before, and even sexualized his niece.

No. 417002

>many of those girls doing that are actually closeted gay trans men discovering what they like
Literally the mirror image of "lesbian" troons explaining why they love schoolgirl yuri hentai.

No. 417268

someone found pastebin about IPE. I didn't post it, I personally have logs that my friends on discord from mal sent me of him harassing their friend, it's not really fucking surprising but the mods not banning him yet is one of the most retarded decisions the sites made in recent years. He's definitely not "advertiser friendly" and the site is becoming more and more atune with trying to be ad friendly so maybe they'll kick him soon enough? I goddamn hope so.

mal is crawling with degenerates. towards the beginning of this year a group of predominantly foul male incelfags spread a female users nudes at one point and tried to catfish a male user, attempted to make the female user have a mental breakdown, harassed people who tried to combat them. judas & yaoimaster doxed another user who came out in the lolcow thread and attempted to blackmail / defame / threaten the user, just a mess.

mal has become this pathetic black hole of a site compared to what it used to be and it's full of actual cows who are willing to take internet drama beyond the computer and attempt to hurt people irl and it's fucking yikes, half the userbase ditched after the forums shutdown for two months last summer but the stalking doxing harassment and behind the scenes drama drove most of the rest of them away, fairly so. no wonder it's fucking dead now, idk how ipe has survived it when he's just as cow as yaoimaster

No. 417299

Thanks. If it's cool with you, could you post the logs you have about the guy in a temp pastebin paste? Redact their name if you like, but it would be useful to have some examples of him being a creep and harassing people.

As for stalking and doxing, yeah, he's into doing that shit too. He really shouldn't interact with any women at all, especially younger ones like he likes to target and send his nudes to.

No. 417584

Ask and ye shall receive, took me a bit to find it buried in my DMs. My friend's friend was trying to "troll" him, if you can't tell by the emotes, and he bought it, but he still sounds so sleazy and she was effectively creeped out.


No. 419889

File: 1560064928465.png (95.09 KB, 921x418, fQdrHdS.png)

More IPE cringe.

IPE proudly professing that he found a female user who he's sexually harassed's blog from when she was underage (user is now an adult but was underage when that blog was published).

No. 420582

File: 1560224801456.gif (1.08 MB, 435x250, IllustriousSlipperyAmericanwir…)

y'all motherfuckers posting in a scrote thread

No. 495495

File: 1576634659337.png (82.39 KB, 676x560, 569.png)

just make this and put this in here

No. 495532

nice necro genius

No. 495558

Are you the ESL anti-fujo sperg who constantly pops up to declare their irrational hate for fujos and how misogynist (excuse me, misoginist) they are?

No. 495563

>not clit rubbing

only a man would get that wrong

No. 495569

I like how most of this aren't even roasts

No. 495574

Yeah cause you don't sound like you've got any internalized misogyny/homophobia at all, what with mocking women who dare masturbate. And to something other than hetero sex no less! God forbid.

No. 495575

no, i rarely coming here to be honest

No. 495576

whatever if you think i am a man, you can edit it as you like
calm down mate, it is just my projection plus i am a fujoshi as well. i just want to make female version of this meme

No. 495598

The resident Fujo Sperg will never chill, even gentle memes by other fujos will send her raging. One must never insult the yaoi.

No. 495601

File: 1576658687016.gif (788.84 KB, 245x250, 2mqkktc.gif)

Jesus Christ, learn to speak English. Haven't you ever heard of a fucking plural noun?

No. 495738

Calm down, bitter fujo.

No. 495945

>the thread gets necroed just for fujo and anti fujo infighting
kek just post some more cringe already

No. 496027

the infighting was the cringe all along

No. 496038

Literally never said anything about yaoi but go off I guess.

Maybe if you don't want people arguing with you, don't necro a thread with an ESL MS paint meme.

No. 497240

is necroing a thread always the worst sin in here
The "how do I stop enjoying yaoi?" thread was becoming yaoi cringe thread anyway, why not just use this one again

No. 609252

File: 1597918388264.png (350.24 KB, 852x352, Spock_and_Uhura.png)

This is pretty old drama but it still feels relevant to me in how misogynistic and ignorant fujos can be, when the reboot star trek series was released it clearly showed Spock had a relationship with Uhura and they greatly expanded her role from the original, this however had the ill-effect of triggering fujos cause it was interferng with their Spock x Kirk headcanon and they started making comments of how the relationship was added so that it would be more "hetronormative" and ended up making some very hateful and ignorant comments about her character

No. 609320

My weeb experience ranged from being a fujo to deeply hating fujos in a span of 2 years. I started to hate them when Yuri on Ice came out.

Long story short, I'm an amateur figure skater and have been involved with the sport all my life. I love it deeply- and when I saw YOI I was delighted! I genuinely still like YOI, it's a wholesome anime and I like how it handles the sport. Ofc it's FAR from the perfect masterpiece fans tried to make it seem like and the animation gets wonky as fuck during the routines, but it made me very happy still. It having a canon gay couple was also very sweet.

But GOD the fujos nearly ruined it for me. Because of them people to this day still avoid it because they think it's a yaoi anime. I often watched the episodes with my fujo weeb friend and when the gay kiss happened she had a squealing fit so loud I wanted to throw myself out of the window out of embarrassment because my mom came into the room to ask us if we were okay. She kept making unfunny yaoi jokes on the Eros routine scenes while all I wanted was to just watch the thing in peace. I don't think YOI will ever recover its image from what the fujos did and I still deeply resent them for it (of COURSE I hate them for all the other reasons too but…in this case it felt like an extra sting).

No. 609323

The thread pic. Forget yaoi hands, yaoi heads kek

No. 609579

>Have a blog that posts almost exclusively ship AxB content, but open to other ships
>Chat with fujo about BxA dynamics
>Mentions how it’s cute but I still prefer AxB
>Fujo tells me off on how “No way, B should always be on the bottom”
>????? why are you reading my blog then???

Shipping wars and especially designation of top vs bottom was always confusing to me. That’s mostly why I keep to myself now, but shipping the smallest, most uncommon pairings helps me stay out of drama.

No. 610469

I just found a Twitter thread that's a huge compilation on how fujoshi are viewed in Japan.
tl;dr: All the fakebois screeching that it's "problematic" and "fetishizing gay men" are loud and wrong. Actual Japanese people in the LGBT+ community are unbothered. Big surprise.

No. 610475

>All the fakebois screeching that it's "problematic" and "fetishizing gay men" are loud and wrong
Funny how they're the ones to talk, as if 99% of them didn't "transition" solely because of their obsession with yaoi

No. 610503

The "bottom vs top" thing is so cringe, it almost funny. There was a webtoon where guy come out as top and fans want crazy bcs they wanted him a bottom.
Fujos really think it's personality trait. Yeah: I also have preferences, but no need to be so serious about it.

No. 613098

for actual gay dudes it is. but cartoons don't need the label as something stable

No. 617376

File: 1598600887525.jpg (2.16 MB, 2832x4256, 1587006143622.jpg)

I personally witnessed a similar phenomenon, in the series Merlin the character Arthur was being paired with the character Gwen, their romance had devolped over the course of the series and they were clearly meant to be endgame, also worth note is that the actress playing Gwen was black and black girls are often uncommon as important characters in fantasy shows and so many young black girls got attached to the ship, fujos wanted to ship Arthur with Merlin and the result shipping war became racially charged and fujos made certain comments of how Gwen should never even be there and that it's not "accurate" for her to be their

So Fujos can and do make racist comments if a male character is paired with a minority female character, just so that they can further their dumb ship

No. 617410

Speakin of ANOTHER series were a white dude ends up/crushes on a black girl: Motorcity.
Fujos threw a fuckin fit when the uwu soft boy Chuck had a VERY clear crush on Claire instead of his teammate/leader, Mike. Got tons of comments saying why would he even like her, because was super ugly even tho (imo) she had one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs in the show. Fujos will absolutely be racist before they accept their ships arent going to happen lolll

No. 617423

File: 1598609122801.png (34.79 KB, 610x297, briana-1--1460110310.png)

Here's the thing I like some BL myself occasionally and I'm fine with shipping but I absolutely hate how delusional Fujos can be about their head-canons, I mean their are some fujos who are 100% convinced characters were supposed to be gay all along but were changed in the last minute to appease the "Straights" or were made to be "queer-coded" and what's worse is when this delusion gets applied with real life people
One infamous example of this is Louis fake baby conspiracy, which is something idiots actually believed and were obsessed about, that Louis Tomilson(a member of one direction) relationship and his child were all fake and that he was actually gay and was seeping with Harry styles
It got so bad that the mother of his child Briana Jungwirth was harassed on social media by these morons who said that she was setting back gay rights


No. 617578

It's insane that probably 99% of all fujos are girls/women yet they perceive any female character as a major threat. Always. Doesn't matter whether they are the partner of a man they deem to be gay or if they dare to exist in the proximity of a gay couple, they're always ugly, evil, and so on.

And now they do the same with close to all kpop idols and actors. Imagine being an actress and getting verbal abuse from the people who are supposedly fans of the movie you star in because they hate that you play alongside some dude whom they headcanon as uwu gay flower who's totally in a relationship with another male actor… It's not just young pretty boys, they even ship men who are 50+. And you don't need to queerbait either, to fujos a handshake or 0.1 second eye contact between males will always be more "proof" for love than a kiss or sex between a straight couple kek
This problem is so widespread nowadays, they should just use gender segregated casts for the movies who cater to a female audience, otherwise the women involved are always bound to get hate. It seems like the ability to differentiate between role/stage persona and actual celebrity is completely lost with these people.

No. 617643

I honestly don't even understand how people can get like this? like it's one thing to be some one who likes yaoi and bl's but to go from that to making racist comments against and non-white female love interests or harassing actors wives and girlfriends and building up this elaborate fantasy of how 2 actors are gay and in love is such a huge leap

No. 618093

I wish I had some psychology insight into why they act so crazy? I always thought BL fans enjoyed it for "yeah they're not gay in canon but they would just be so cute together" while accepting it's all just fantasy. Is it a "I love this OTP, therefore my entire personality IS this OTP"? god I hope they're all just dumb teens, I don't want to accept immature adults bitching about it.

on the flipside: getting snide comments of "XYZ isn't gay in the show!" when I did fanworks always confused me.

No. 622931

File: 1599228764668.png (29.9 KB, 1110x131, ....png)

Sigh, that girl was either painfully naive or straight up desperate for money to take that role. It's always the same, any woman in the vicinity of a m/m couple is bound to get death threats. That movie isn't even released, yet they already collectively decided that she has ruined it. Those crazed fujos' claims range from 'she's unpopular and tries to leech off the male actors' to 'she has a powerful background, is pulling the strings to change the script and her fans are manipulating the trends'… https://38jiejie.com/2020/09/03/immortality-lead-screenwriter-addresses-accusations-romantic-scenes-were-added-for-female-supporting-character-and-the-two-male-leads/

I guess loneliness paired with internalized misogyny. Those women probably don't have much going for them in their lifes and therefore they focus on fictional characters and celebrities. They're bored, consume any content they can get, idolize them and then turn so obsessed and detached from reality that they seethe at the mere thought of their man possibly liking another woman. They know that they themselves have zero chances of being with him but at least another cute guy should get him instead of some filthy slut.

No. 623018

Was this really so common?
I'm kinda shocked, back in the day most of the fujos I knew really liked Gwen and, despite shipping Arthur and Merlin, usually paired her up with Lancelot or Morgana and wrote college AU fics with her and Merlin as best friends.

No. 623288

I definitely liked Gwen, despite shipping Arthur and Merlin and paired her with Morgana. I thought she was a good character, and the actress is really pretty imo

No. 623307

I find it pathetic how so many fujos ship m/m over f/m to the point of bashing fictional girls who get in the way of their precious yaoi ship. It's extremely pathetic how much they dislike women and their own femininity that they hiss at it unless it's in the form of another male. You never see gay men or straight men acting like this with yuri couples and hating on men. Imo it's a sign of weakness and some kind of "colonized" mindset but in gender form

No. 623763

>You never see gay men or straight men acting like this with yuri couples and hating on men.
You clearly haven't seen AGPs obsessing over girl pairings then, anon.

No. 626220

yeah yurifags are even hated on 4chan because of that

No. 635114

File: 1600690967085.png (299.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200921-172214.png)

Why do fujos do this ? You can't even criticize the problematic aspects of yaoi for even one second before they get triggered and act as bad as hentai watching scrotes

No. 635124

to be fair, there is a lot of scrutiny reserved only to hobbies or things women are invested in. Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey got railed for being ""problematic"" back in the day.
I don't side with fujos but at least they're honest on 4chan, I can't stand twitter fujos who either fake being a transman just to enjoy their fandom trash or make essays on how THEIR ship is good representation or, my favorite excuse of all, "we ship male characters because female characters are poorly developed" when there's plenty of popular yaoi ships who are put together even if they got no chemistry/hate eachother.

No. 635135

>to be fair, there is a lot of scrutiny reserved only to hobbies or things women are invested in.
yeah and that sucks, but
>Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey
are a bad exampkle as they were shitty and rapey literature. Even women, especially feminists, hated on them.
Better example would be like… idk, pumpkin latte or boybands which are laughed at and villified just because teenage girls enjoy them.

No. 635139

This is what happens when people keep ringing false alarms to complain about the fandom.
Either the participants become hyper self-flagellant and are forced to hide their interests and/or claim to actually be trans men to justify it, or they become intensely self-defensive and balk at any criticism at all.
Blame the SJWs, neckbeard coomers and pick-mes for causing this with their bitching.
Not all fujoshi are like this, but it's become pointless to even try picking apart the content. You'll either have your shit derailed by one (or all) of those three groups, thinking it's their big chance to dunk on femoids who don't care about pandering to men, or any fujos reading will just mistake you for one of them.

No. 635143

Good, at least keep your spergery to this containment thread instead of purposefully going to start infighting in the fujo thread under the guise of "criticizing dangerous aspects". Go on, hide that thread right away and keep your "t-that evil yaoi is making girls into agp ddlg trannies" fits here.

No. 635329

they have a point. if anything loli porn would put thoughts like that in my 12 yo self without supervised internet.

No. 635392

late, but i'm not surprised fujos act racist at all lol. a shit ton of fakebois are racist too and they're basically the same thing. what's with the misogyny? why do fujos hate women so much? they either obsessively try to get you into BL by spamming you or scream at you until they turn blue

No. 635402

>a shit ton of fakebois are racist too

No. 636045

Purely anecdotal and observational evidence, but I've interacted with a shit ton of fakebois who were racist, they did things like pretending to have a certain race/ethnicity and yes, being subtly racist towards women of color that were "competing" for against their favorite ships. Call me biased, but every single interaction I've had with a fakeboi or a fujo has been negative.

Why would you go into the fujo thread to pick fights anon? Just hide it. So long as fujos are minding their own business and not annoying anybody else they're fine.

No. 639027

What do you guys think about jap fujos? It's funny how lots of them are married with kids and draw tons of yaoi porn, I wonder if they are actually unhappy with their marriages and cope with drawings.

No. 639047

Much like with detransitioned troons, I wanna hear from reformed fujos.

No. 639076

>why are these married moms still drawing YAOI, that dick shoulda fixed them!!!!
This thread is seriously more like Anti-fujo cringe because goddamn

No. 639200

File: 1601133825115.jpg (163.65 KB, 540x502, the absolute state.jpg)

Japanese fujos tend to be (somewhat) better at not screaming or annoying people over ships, so they're fine. Or maybe I just hear less about them sending death threats to manga artists over ships not becoming real, the only time I've heard of was in Tokyo Ghoul. Western fujos will screech and throw death threats the moment the mangaka implies one of the guys is straight, lmao. There are plenty of female het hentai artists that are married too, so I don't see the issue with it.
I wonder where that deep, above "straight girl" connection to BL porn goes after they detransition. Literally coomers memeing themselves into trying to become the porn that they read, it's impressive. Back in my tumblr days I personally knew girls who transitioned for this exact reason, and they were just as obnoxious post-transition.

No. 639219


I was watching some detrans videos last week and lots of them were fujos, it takes a lot of balls(lol) to admit you had a yaoi addiction and that fucked up your perspective of men, relationships and homosexuality so good for them for admitting their whole troon phase was them being awkward, unsocial, terminally online virgins

No. 639224

File: 1601136414886.jpeg (626 KB, 1242x1346, 3A46BC7A-3673-4113-86C9-D35F50…)

I'm not quite sure if this belongs here or in the reddit hate thread, but it always annoys me how fujos present their ships as facts.

Shounen friendships are always pretty gay and ship-friendly, I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing or if it’s just conscious choice, but it always annoys me how fujos take it as them being totally in love with each other

No. 639226

File: 1601136553905.jpeg (34.46 KB, 640x270, B5DC0FBA-A2AD-4846-8CFA-EB7702…)

The great quality collage they linked to in the comment

No. 639227

>I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing or if it’s just conscious choice

sometimes is just the mangaka being autistic

No. 639244

I get what you're trying to say, but you know, someone doesn't need to be unhappy in their marriage to keep drawing things they find cute or sexy. We're used to analyzing "yaoi addiction" because of fakebois or socially inept fujos, but sometimes it's really not that deep. It's just a thing they like to draw. A happy marriage and guilty pleasures can coexist.

No. 639259

I've only watched the first HxH anime like 15 years ago so I can't speak for this specific ship, but at least the mangaka is known for inserting gay stuff whenever he can in his works, like with Sensui/Itsuki in YYH and the lesbian FTM who's getting rejected by straight girls all the time in Level E.

No. 639268

I mean it's togashi, who is pretty lgbt-friendly so it could def be intentional. Alluka seems to be trans, there is hisoka, kalluto crossdresses and kurapika too once, there was a gay couple in yyh and one of his manga ideas got rejected for involving too much crossdressing iirc.

He's a madman and i wouldn't be surprised if this ship was meant to be canon unlike other shonen ships.

No. 639276

Would you be willing to share some of the videos you watched?

No. 639334

so he literally just looks at that character sometimes, cool

No. 646995

I must be some sort of fandom hermit because I never see this shit. All the fujos I talk to are other dykes who mainly talk about the male characters having pussies, with one or two bisexual fakeboi exceptions.

Maybe that will change though considering I started posting about anime again a few mo ths ago

No. 659415

File: 1603124116489.jpg (379.64 KB, 1536x1024, 5C51E427-1715-44E6-9B14D9487D7…)


No. 659509

No. 660033

shipping 12 year old boys is pretty cringe ngl, I hope this collage was put together by a 12 year old girl but I'm pessimistic enough to believe it could be a 30 year old woman.

No. 769107

>historical instances of young boys getting raped and abused cause of an open culture of pedophilia
>Fujos:wow this is just like my yaoi stories, sagoi so cool

Fujo brain rot really does ruin peoples minds that they think literal rape is romantic in anyway

No. 769189

I don't know, fujos saying that Wakashu were (often) pretty boys and that a lot of yaoi most likely is inspired by the same dynamic isn't wrong. I cringe more at the people calling groomed boys taking it up the ass a "third gender uwu" instead of just men.

No. 769252

But there are three genders anon. Woman, pedophile and victim.

No. 856172

File: 1626516485319.png (12.22 KB, 806x153, assbabies.png)

The state of the /fujo/thread in /m/ right now.

No. 856319

Fujo should be officially classified as a mental illness

No. 856658

based and fujopilled

No. 856727

File: 1626574902841.png (33.86 KB, 1356x176, Screenshot (148).png)

that's bad but this is the crigiest fujo sentence I have seen in a while
>By and large everyone who isn't familiar with the fujo culture or knows what the appeal is based on thinks they're lower than dirt for either being sexually autonomous or "fetishizing gay people". It's just how it is, being fujo is suffering regardless of the political views, especially if you have unconventional kinks.

like Christ, imagine having a persecution complex cause you think people calling you a degenerate for your dumb Yaoi is akin to mistreatment

No. 856732

Fujo's are gross as fuck and mentally ill

No. 856794

File: 1626587131450.png (439.98 KB, 676x747, 1619052328325.png)

No. 856805

nta, but seriously, why do Fujos think people calling them out for being dengerate fetishists is somehow misogyny

No. 856812

its one of the few communities that doesn't cater to the men at all and other women won't even let us have it in peace while men want us dead.
You don't like fujo shit? ok go back to enjoying whatever media you want, let us have one thing

No. 856821

There are tons of spaces that have nothing to do with males, radfems just call fujos out on it cause it's degenerate and fetihitic and yes often times "problematic"
the content you consume does have an effect on you, it fetishized and glorifies male homosexuality, as well producing rabid self hating female misogynists who erase strong female characters or harras IRL women cause they believe they might be interfering with their ship

you are simply porn sick coomers and fetishist's

No. 856826

That’s only when the girl watching the anime gay porn is underaged or cwc levels of autistic so I don’t get why the fujo hate in lolcow.farm

No. 856828

>women won't even let us have it in peace while men want us dead.
That's some dramatic cringe right there. If you have weird fetishes other women might laugh or criticize. No one is taking your mpreg assbaby porn from you.

No. 856829

I also posted several times in this thread despite being a fujo myself because there are some aspects about it that I hate (for example hating on all women who exist next to your ship or that one anon who posted her gangrape shit like around a year ago).
But is there really a need to hate yaoi as a whole?

It just feels kind of unfair, there are billions of examples of males fetishizing girls/women/anything female, so why chose to pick on the one instance there women do the same (just a milder version of it actually).
This kind of has the same energy as those people who for some reason are obsessed with focusing on female teachers grooming male students, when in reality this happens very seldomly (and is often high school senior boy + just finished college female teacher).

No. 856830

>the content you consume does have an effect on you, it fetishized and glorifies male homosexuality, as well producing rabid self hating female misogynists who erase strong female characters or harras IRL women cause they believe they might be interfering with their ship
I'm not a fujo so idk much about the community from personal experience but, weren't there also fujos in the vent thread talking about grooming that goes on in the community a little while ago?

No. 856831

ah yes equate the women who made an entire sub genre to escape the male gaze to incels who jerk it to anime children. At least we keep our standards unrealistic and refrain from forcing it to be seen as normal unlike the average anime coomer who wants to see a underage girls naked.
browse /a/ for 2 minutes, they may not be serious but the resentment is there. stop being a fucking handmaiden

No. 856845

Beware, anons. If you read too much mpreg omegaverse slashfiction, this might happen to your brains.

>browse /a/ for 2 minutes, they may not be serious but the resentment is there. stop being a fucking handmaiden

Of course a fujo would take 4chan seriously at all. Also keeping your "standards" unrealistic is not something to be proud of.

No. 856847

buhuuu let me enjoy degenerate fetish drawn porn in peace. You called me out for degeneracy? So anti feminist, you fucking pick me!! Degenerate fetish gay porn is so feminist! Why do you post fujo hate in the fujo cringe thread?bahaha it hurt my feelings, men want women to be dead so that justifies me consooming degenerate fetish media.

Fujos are literally the female version of lolicons. Some fujo shit even includes pedophilia. Are you fucking insane trying to turn degenerate and disgusting drawn pornography into a feminist staple~~
If women become like scrotes our world will literally collapse.

No. 856851

Honestly being this pressed over fujos is a male trait. They're either scrotes or NLOGs with a moid pleaser mindset, regular women couldn't care less even if they're "degenerate fetishists" because fujos are like the most harmless type of perverts there is. Prove me wrong because you can't, especially because there's been an anon on a rampage for days bitching about fujos hating her waifus.

No. 856855

I saw you faghags in your hay day, you weren't innocent uwu angels, you shipped incest and harassed the wives of certain actors

No. 856858

Are the fujos for real? How can you cope so much over being a female mentally ill degen and make assumptions about normal women that think this shit is gross? If you don't like gay manga porn you're not a pick me or obsessed with the male gaze or thriving off male attention. It's literally called being normal. How much mental gymnastics do you have to play to justify your fucked up fetish? At least accept you like some degen shit because there's something wrong with you and accept criticisms for that fact. It's funny because this is the fujo cringe thread and you fujos have to create the cringe in the fujo cringe thread itself. All the justifications and looking down on women that dont enjoy degenerate fetish porn and calling them scrotes or pick me's for it is cringe as fuck. Go back to your thread, you literally have your own fucking thread.

No. 856859

wow, how terrible. autistic teens and adults shipping dumb shit and sending autistic hateful dms. truly, they should be gassed for such heinous crimes.

No. 856862

Anyway come back when fujos are beating up gay men on the street when they refuse to kiss for their entertainment, grooming young girls to send nudes and start a sexual relationship with them at 14, send unsolicited pussy pics to random girls, slit the throats of e-girls, use real life children in their porn and even send it to the child actress, nail rat carcasses to gay activist doorframes simply because they won't fuck them and whatever the hell perverted men have done in the recent years. And no, one beta aiden saying "g-g-gay men s-should f-fuck twans men p-pretty please" on twitter while getting steamrolled doesn't count. Just admit you hate fujos because one bullied you in middle school or they don't like the waifu you're projecting into and you're taking it too personally.

No. 856866

File: 1626595709046.png (24.99 KB, 538x148, really.png)

Honestly the only reason I'm pressed over fujos is just how much they insert their degeneracy everywhere. I'd be fine if they kept their degeneracy to their own communities, but they always try to force their shit everywhere by making characters gay and shipping them with other male characters, getting super pissy when someone even suggests otherwise or, heaven forbid suggest them together with a female instead. And it's always the most nasty ships too, like incest or weird abusive powerplay dynamics. Even if they're not the worst perverts in the world, I think this thread is still warranted because of how much shit they fling. They already have their containment thread anyway
Just because they may not be following these extreme examples and joining the worst of humanity, doesn't make them not degenerate for what they use to get off on. At least take some responsibility

No. 856867

I didn't care about fujoshis before, but seeing how they react whenever someone has even the slightest criticism of them is making me dislike the fujos here. They get so dramatic and act like it's a damn hate crime for someone to call them degenerates.

No. 856869

SEETHE Im going to read the grossest mpreg incest shit and still be a functional member of society while the average scrote coomer walks around his piss covered bedroom in his cum crusted socks to complain on 4chan about his anime waifus.


No. 856872

No idea who hurt the rabid fujo hater. I didn't have a strong opinion before, but from what I've seen, fujos seem pretty based to be honest. I've never seen them being evil or awful online, I only ever see them minding their own business and cooming over animus and mangoes. It's fun to clown on them occasionally, but genuinely seething and hating on them? That's weirder than some gay fanfic, let's be honest.
Hey fujos, I don't personally get the mpreg and bum birth stuff but I respect you and your right to enjoy it! Stay unhinged and hilarious. Keep enjoying your insane fictional shit, just don't hatecrime anybody ♥

Do you go this hard against blokes who watch lesbian porn? Or "ebony"? How about all the men that have harassed female porn stars and actresses? Or the men who have killed or kidnapped women they find unga bunga sexy? Do you bring this ferocity to 4chan, or just female dominated boards?
I know the answers to all of these questions already, of course. You just want to police female sexuality. But get a grip; some women getting moist to fiction and getting a bit delusional and stalkerish ≠ the thousands of literal sex crimes, rape threats, and sexually motivated murders men commit against the objects of their desire every day.
I know there's no reasoning with you, at any rate. I feel like this is that moid who keeps posting attention whore threads in /ot/.

No. 856873


I'm not the anon you're replying to, but you cannot justify something bad with something worse. This genre of manga is pornographic and degenerate. I don't personally hate fujos and I don't know if anon hates them either, but if you, fujos keep attacking women that criticize your media of choice, calling them pick mes or scrotes those women might end up hating you. Also, isn't it pathetic that you have your own thread but you still come here to defend yourselves? If you had a bit of self awareness you would see how this type of media could be criticized since it is degenerate, you don't have to remind us of the atrocities men have commited so that we can see how very little degenerate fujoism is compared to men and what men enjoy. Most of us already know that. It is even a very manipulative tactic, you point out at other worse atrocities to make up for your own. Yes, men are horrible, but that doesn't make fujoism less degenerate or gross. That does not make fujoism a feminist movement. Stop coping, stop trying to manipulate others or persecute women that don't agree with your degeneracy by calling them pick me's or scrotes.

Also, stop trying to become men. If women become as degenerate and bad as men our world will collapse. This is not a fight between who has done the worst atrocities. This is just the fact fujoism is gross, degenerate and generally for the mentally ill.

No. 856875

Nta, but it's weird that you guys keep bringing up men as a defense. Are we not allowed to judge women anymore because men are worse?

No. 856877

Who are you arguing to? I never said that or compared fujos with scrotes. It's not a competition. Fujos are gross and as this thread has proven very similar to scrotes. Agressive and willing to put down other women that dont agree with their fetish. It's like you're a part of a cult. Very similar to how porn addicted men attack you when you talk against porn.

No. 856878

When its about a subset of women enjoying fiction that men hate? no, you can just block them and know there won't be a underage boy being raped in killed by a fujo.

Literally block the fujos you see its not that hard, you're all just obsessed with policing women who don't agree with you.

No. 856879

How about we just leave fujos to be? the only unhinged ones are usually western and thats as expected.

No. 856880

I don't understand why you're trying to pick and choose when we can judge women on lolcow.
>Literally block the fujos you see its not that hard,
Then just hide this thread if you don't like it.

No. 856884

more like why even start the thread if you're just going to make the same arguments as scrotes.

No. 856886

Nta but I think it's weird to truly hate fujos this much. They're funny and we should make fun of them, but being this personally assblasted?
This is the fujo cringe thread, it's supposed to be funny and toe-curling, not unbridled seethe and virtue signalling. If anons want to make a fujo hate thread, maybe start one in /snow/?

No. 856887

where do you see the supposed "hatred" fujos are receiving in this thread, this was always about jabbing at them, but fujos acting so hyper defensive over their Yaoi is sad

No. 856889

I personally never went against a fujo publically. I think it's gross as fuck. But this is the Fujo cringe thread. You should accept not everyone agrees with you. Can you go back to your weird drawn men that fuck one another in harems or whatever thread? You literally have your own thread. Stop attacking anons in the fujo cringe thread. You're acting like we are the ones attacking you when you have all came into the only thread that criticizes fujos to call women that are critical towards it pick me's and scrotes and show us how little degenerate fujoism is compared to men. Like that is a valid argument. You could very well block this thread and let anons hate on fujos or criticize them. Maybe you should apply your own fucking advice before you give it. You are the ones literally politicizing and persecuting women for not agreeing to your degeneracy. I dont think any lolcow anon actually hates fujos.

No. 856890

I think anons are just annoyed that fujos came here to infight instead of just posting in their thread

No. 856891

yeah some are overeacting but i think its fair that their bothered by other "women" saying the same shit scrotes say

No. 856892

Why do fujos get a magic pass from all criticism? No, I'm not saying they're as bad as filthy coomer scrotes and I'm not saying they've commit the same atrocities. But you can't tell me that their interests aren't nasty and they've done no wrong. Literally just hide the thread and stop making a fuss, I hide yours on /m/ all the time.

No. 856893

File: 1626597107474.jpg (16.43 KB, 467x508, 1615895237889.jpg)

Do I want to know what an ass baby is? Probably not.

No. 856895

And with the way you act, like you're from a cult and protecting the martyr you're literally gonna make us hate you. I have never went into the fujo thread to call you stupid, brain dead, degenerate coomers. You have came into the fujo cringe thread to call the very few anons that are critical of it scrotes and pick me's and patronize us and use half assed arguments and literally even do straw man.

No. 856896

are the "fujos" in the room with us right now?

No. 856897

These ones are just from a quick browse because I refuse to spend more than a couple of minutes of my actual life on this, but these are pretty unambiguous hate messages. I've seen many more while casually browsing other threads today.

Along the same vein, I don't actually see any fujos chimping out here, just one self-admitted fujo saying that the hate seems a bit unfair and a few raising some pretty fair questions around misogyny and female dominated porn genres. These haven't been responded to beyond "reee degenerate" which isn't really an argument. DIY dildo anon is a degenerate but she's a core part of lolcow.farm history at this point.

No. 856900

File: 1626597958291.png (83.82 KB, 1369x427, Screenshot (150).png)

>The only reason they don't like our degenerate behavior is cause they secretly agree with us
Hilarious, also see that I'm Invading their thread and simply sticking to our mine, revolutionary I know

No. 856902

>they secretly enjoy fujo content

No. 856903

look at the thread. Obvious fujos are calling other women scrotes and pick me's. No, there isn't fujo hate on lolcow, you can only find a little bit of it in here, but that's it. Stop acting as if you're being hunted down. If you look at the posts you will see fujos chimping out and attacking women.You are one of them too, go back to your own thread if you do not want to see criticism over your chosen media. Yes, degeneracy can be an argument against something. Yes, they are raising questions over that only to justify and protect their degenerate chosen form of media. They are not raising those questions because they want to help victims of sex trafficking or poor women that have to prostitute themselves. They are using the suffering of women and degeneracy of men as an argument to why fujoism is fine which is actually sick, inconsiderate and manipulative.

No. 856906

If we're speculating on each other's motives baselessly and calling everyone who disagrees with you a fujo, then I'm going to do the same. Go back to shamefully schlicking it to your incest butt babies, you self-loathing closet-case fujo. I'm sure Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles will name you godparent of their first little ass angel. It's going to be OK.

No. 856907

File: 1626598477451.png (125.15 KB, 420x680, 12736412984.png)

I thought you retards thought fujos getting mad at the this thread should just stay in their thread at /m/? Are you that mad that there are women that are happily enjoying shit that you force yourself to care about? Fujo's for the most part hurt nobody, its pathetic that you really want a pat on a back from other anon for malding at other women.

No. 856908

how degenerate and anti feminist and sick in the head can you become to use arguments such as the atrocities men have commited against women and how sick and abusive the porn industry is against women as a way to try to twist public opinion your way and justify that what you like is okay? That is literally sociopathic behavior. You are literally creating another argument to why fujos are mentally ill as this thread progresses.

If you actually cared about sex traffick victims or the abuse in porn or truly hated scrotes you'd do something against that, but instead you use the suffering of others as a form of manipulation to make your fetish seem less degenerate. Sociopathic and sick, made me vomit inside a bit. If you hate men so much maybe take a look in the mirror and see how you are transforming in that which you you hate the most. Sociopathic, manipulative and inconsiderate, just like scrotes.

No. 856910

Andrea Dworkin won't kiss you anon

No. 856911

>I thought you retards thought fujos getting mad at the this thread should just stay in their thread at /m/?
Yep, and we're staying here so what's your point?

No. 856912

>I don't actually see any fujos chimping out here
Man I wish there weren't any fujos chimping out on here. Even if they aren't fujos, why come to the fujo cringe thread at all? They have their own thread and that's perfectly fine. Why can't there be a thread criticizing them? Are fujos completely exempt of criticism because they're not just degenerates, they're female degenerates. Yeah no. I completely get wanting a space free from the sexualization of females and the misogynistic tropes scrotes impose, but you can't deny fujos have their own set of problems (often stemming from those issues actually).

No. 856913

because theyre going against their own words to complain about fujos doing their own thing? Making fun of the ones that are sperging here makes sense but why bother crying about the what theyre saying in their own containment thread if it shouldnt apply to anon……unless?

No. 856914

Nobody is going against anything. It was posted here, not in the fujo thread. Incase you forgot, this is the "Fujo Cringe" thread.

No. 856915

The difference is these anons aren't posting in your weird asslick thread and trying to overtake it.

No. 856916

File: 1626599403332.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.06 KB, 677x698, Wtf.jpg)


No. 856919

I'm sure they'd be into this, there unironically cuckqueens

No. 856920

Wait, I got it. Psyops. The scrotes are trying to pit radfems against fujos because they think it'll destroy the site.

No. 856922

You're right, I'm the scrote thats causing you all to fight each other, oh no you caught me and now youll all make up now right?

No. 856929

File: 1626601966099.jpeg (381.21 KB, 828x1081, A512EA09-6C82-4682-A0A2-796C4F…)

let’s just all calm down and enjoy boys kissing

No. 856932

Just stop, why are allowed to make fun of faghags alright, you have your own thread where you can discuss ass babies

No. 856936

File: 1626603069865.jpeg (92.57 KB, 403x304, E6AD34B8-696A-43BF-BD4C-9E64E7…)

learn how to spell first babe

No. 856937

nta but calm down aiden, its a joke post

No. 856939

File: 1626603291469.png (246.12 KB, 1672x1036, 4e4.png)

No. 856940

File: 1626603314707.png (835.92 KB, 1200x863, Gtfujo thinking she even gets …)

No. 856946

File: 1626603932050.jpg (196.04 KB, 1076x759, a0d103d5ede494c233_09c4a6de280…)

No. 856952

I don't even care about yaoi, like whatever you want. What I have a problem with are the fujoshis themselves. They are annoying as fuck, always play the victim, literally ruin every fandom by pushing their shit on to others and get mad and whiny when you call them out for their gaslighting and abusive behaviour. The absolute state of fujo degeneracy and gaslighting on this site esp. is just sad. They start fights in every thread and make everything about themselves because their egos are that fragile. It wasn't that bad a few weeks ago, we should just ban all of the fujo-newfags. Go back to twitter, please.

No. 856955

kek it's funny how everyone hates fujos
they're really hated on twitter too, because they're sexualizing faggots and that makes them vewy uncomfortable

No. 856956

tbh so far I've regrouped 4 type of fujos 1. the old school SEMEUKEE XDD one 2. gay rep! kweer soft babies uwu 3. the seething ftm 4. fujo-tan (most likely the most degen)

No. 856957

I guess the ones that are polluting this site with their degeneracy are the seething ftm kek

No. 856961

you will never be a man

No. 856963

Fujoshis: accuse others of misogyny when you call them out on their degeneracy
Also fujoshis: send death threats to female actresses & hate on every female character
I guess we now know who really has a problem with misogyny.

No. 856964

which group is the 'fujos have always been lesbians!!!!' one?

No. 856966

I usually defend fujoshis on here even though I don't read yaoi and am not really into fandom anymore bc 1. they trigger aydens and male weebs to no end, which is funny and 2. i do like m/m fanfiction so I feel some kind of kinship with them. They are cringe though, especially the teenage genderspecial ones, I feel like we always talk about how porn affects boys growing up but female porn-induced degeneracy can be just as severe
Also the ones who say it's lesbian culture or whatever are retarded

No. 856970

I don't care about fujos unless they start to tinfoil about real people/celebrities because it creeps me out. Also I'm here for the drama kek.

No. 856971

i honestly don't understand some of the hate fujos get, could someone explain? i don't watch anime or yaoi or anything of the sort, but i'm straight and of course two hot guys kissing or something would be hot to me. just like straight men would find it hot if two girls were doing something. like how is that wrong or weird? of course the shipping stuff is cringe as fuck and yaoi porn is probably very unethical just like all the other porn, but being turned on by men doing something with eachother when you're a straight female just seems natural to me. that being said i do see the cringey aspects of the fujoshi "culture" if you will. i just don't think it's weird at all to have a voyeuristic kind of attraction to good looking men making out or something if you yourself are a straight woman. anyone who disagrees care to enlighten me why that would be bad?

No. 856972

Obviously, they're in the "muh gay rep!" category.

No. 856979

to be fair most fujos are not interested in content involving real men so are probably not watching actual gay porn. most of them just read smutty fanfiction or mangas. yes there are degenerate aspects of fujo stuff but i wouldn’t put it on the same level as men who are addicted to beating their dicks to real porn or hentai

No. 856980

File: 1626611280820.png (10.02 KB, 595x133, fujos.png)

I don't think there is anything wrong with women creating and looking at gay male erotica. The problem with fujos is that they are so fucked up and aggressive about it. Like a recent thread where they were angry about yumejos and called them otomecucks.

No. 856985

File: 1626611839924.png (114.09 KB, 639x589, husbandothread.png)

A fujo has decided that a straight character is gay, so anon isn't allowed to think heterosexual lustful thoughts about him.

No. 856987

yumejos are just the otome game version of self-shippers. why would fujos have beef with them?

No. 856995

Kek now this is true cringe

No. 856997

File: 1626613786765.jpg (20.53 KB, 288x450, 269002130-288-k285063.jpg)

now fujoism is one of the most powerful feminist expressions. Yes, you might mistakenly think that these women coom to fetishistic homosexual drawn erotica, but in fact they do not coom and they just consoom it. A very wholesome and joyful female community created by females for females, the community of course presents no issues at all and it is made up by only women enjoying homoerotic drawings and having a wholesome time. No grooming, degeneracy, violence, pedophilia or unnecessary infights take place in the fujoshi community. As opposed to men that have as you know, created war, famine and rape and kill. Women just partake in the peaceful fujoshi community where men get sexualized because well, they deserve it! Fujos never do anything wrong as opposed to you know…Men that kill, rape and cause war.

Yes, all the women in the fujoshi community are real lesbians and have not been rejected by male partners for being ugly or mentally ill or both which has resulted in them having a disdain and repulsion towards the opposite sex, meanwhile still desiring it, hence the obsession with male sexualization.

Please, leave fujoshis alone. Women have never been able to be men and hurt men or be pedophiles like they are! Fujoshis are hated everywhere and they do not even have their own thread on here that is one of the most popular threads ever. Thanks to all the fujos in this thread I have realized that I am a pick me, a handmaiden and that I opress women and I am not a true feminist and that I have an internalized desire of consuming homoerotic media.

No. 856998

>or summ?
So this is what anons meant when they talked about twitter faggotry ruining threads these past few days?

No. 857003

>yumejos are just the otome game version of self-shippers. why would fujos have beef with them?
Because if women don't ship guys, but want to fuck guys (or other women) themselves, that is a problem apparantly.

No. 857004

ah, I wasn't sure since they strike me more as stinky radfem weebs than soft twitterfags
>haha otomefags are homophobic cucks since they want a heroine to self-insert
>omg why are hetties so triggered, we dindu nothing wrong, this is cliteral violence against the freedom of female sexuality!!11

No. 857007

this is literally aave. nice to know you’re racist and hate black people

No. 857018

At this rate I'm not even sure if this is sarcasm or one of the twitter obsessed newfag replying.

No. 857023

I think the fujo thread has some trolls in it around where the ABO discussion begins, before that it was pretty normal posting about manga. I didn’t really want to respond to this thread but it looks like whoever has a grudge is carrying it over here.

No. 857044

what is wrong with you faghags, you have your own thread, we have ours we just wanted to slightly make fun of cringy fujoshi's, yes you are a porn sick coomer and not really much else
you are better then a male but your still a coomer

No. 857046

>Women have never been able to be men
Um, yes? Way to reveal your troon leanings lol

No. 857047

It's a joke post anons.

No. 857048

I'm the second anon, I know they meant it to make fun of fujoshi. Just thought it was funny that the OP seems to think women can "be" men, or "just as bad as them".
Also, if the stuff about violence/grooming/pedophilia is actually true and not just whataboutism, I think receipts should be posted. Who are the biggest cows in the fujoshi community?

No. 857061

Fujos feeling persecuted because of their ~female sexuality~ but then acting hostile to female otome and yuri fans is incredibly ironic.

>I think receipts should be posted. Who are the biggest cows in the fujoshi community?
Oh I agree. Bring us some milk outside of lolcow.

No. 857108

kek what a dumpster fire. Fujotroons are pathetic

No. 857117

Is there even any fujo cows? I thought they stayed in their bubble

No. 857123

File: 1626623673779.jpeg (146.33 KB, 808x446, 2E138F11-56B5-448E-9570-759904…)

I come here expecting entertaining cringe from Voltron spergs or tinhats for the modern age or something and instead you’re all getting assblasted and taking things personally. Embarrassing.
>t patrician enjoying shoujo, fujo and yuri (written by females only)

No. 857125

Kek based

No. 857127

>I come here expecting entertaining cringe from Voltron spergs or tinhats for the modern age
okay then post the cringe

No. 857132

I remember getting death threats on tumblr by fujo genderspecials because I dared to say that a character from a video game wasn't gay and trans kek

No. 857136

which character?

No. 857138

John Seed from Far Cry 5

No. 857151

i thought tumblr hated the Seed family for being "white supremacist coded"?

No. 857160

that didn't stop them from writing ABO slash & making incest fanfictions

No. 857162

No. 857171

does anyone remember the rabit dan & phil shippers? their boku no pico shit was wild. an infamous webtoon case of fujo degeneracy is the killing stalking fandom but i do blame the author for creating this trainwreck in the first place

No. 857175

File: 1626627035889.jpeg (244 KB, 750x522, 2FC44040-DD3A-4E71-9F00-A578EF…)

NTA but I scroll this account when I feel like making myself cringe

No. 857180

File: 1626627266565.jpg (99.11 KB, 750x1000, 12.jpg)

The author literally stated sangwoo is not gay, he's also very clearly depicted as a misogynist who likes killing confident women
the series was always suppose to be a psychological horror, the fact fact Fujos got so invested in it for the romance aspect says a lot about them

No. 857190

The author retweets art of the two characters shipped together all the time and said they were inspired by BL they read, just sayin’.

No. 857196

I'm pretty sure this was a sarcastic joke what are these replies

No. 857200

I remember seeing physical copies of the KS books in a bookstore because it was translated in our country. We shit talked it since we're both fujo so seeing this shit online was inevitable. Some girl was like "noo don't say that, it's really good and well written, it's just fiction anyway, give it a chance :D" except one of the reasons why my friend hates it is because she had her own stalker who ruined her life for over a decade. That was super embarrassing to witness.

No. 857214

That's so awful. I feel like the KS fandom really glorified killing of women and it was so uncomfortable. The Arthur must gate herself to write sexist shit
like this

No. 857258

File: 1626632156653.jpg (Spoiler Image, 209.77 KB, 869x2265, 40.jpg)

If it was written as a romance it would be horrible, but I think it's intentional
sangwoo(who is a bad person) is a misogynistic rapist and murderer, his misogynistic opinions are literally established in the second chapter
spoiler for gore

No. 857300

The most disturbing part for me of the KS fandom was when sangwoo/yoonbum murdered that woman who hated yoonbum and the fangirls in the comments were so happy to see that happen and they were cheering that on like ''yess kill that bitch'' and i saw some saying that they didnt care that sangwoo killed all those people until he killed that chief police officer, so they were okay with him killing females until he killed a man.

No. 857301

So only straight fiction is allowed to be dark and disturbing and bl has to be squeaky clean lolcow antifujofag verified? got it

No. 857304

Nice try fujo but as someone who was a fujo and used to read yaoi, it was so fucking hard for me to find normal yaoi to read that werent dark or didnt have coerced sex.

No. 857305

Don't worry it's prbly scrotes trying to cause infighting, they always get triggered by yaoi

No. 857312

go back to /m/

No. 857313

Why do you guys keep accusing people of being scrotes? I dont understand why it's so hard to believe that some farmers just may not like fujos

No. 857314

go back to /a/

No. 857317

i wish you had at least a good comeback

No. 857321

Why do you think it's impossible for other farmers to have a problem with the examples posted itt? Do you really think it's scrotes who are annoyed by misogyny among fujos and being told we can't have husbandos, for example?

No. 857326

Having a husbando or a waifu is schizo shit in general honestly.

No. 857328

I'm a fujo myself yet i have no problem to talk about how cringe you are. stop getting angry every time someone calls ur ship stupid

No. 857340

you know it doesn't mean tulpa tier idiocy for most people, right?

No. 857343

Still kinda schizo. It's less schizo than kinnies who think they are the fictional character but believing your married to them and having tulpafags isn't improving it much.

No. 857357

or: people just have favourite characters.
who cares about husbandos anyway, it's lolcow, we all schizos here, i don't know why you feel the need to defend yourself so much. why not stay in fujo thread and trash talk?

No. 857362

idk why this delulu fujo is convinced you cannot have a favourite character, even crush on it without some "actually he's real!!!" bs. Sounds like a cope

No. 857377

You can have favorite characters and not pretend to be married to them kek.

No. 857671

I s2g people bitched excessively about Yuri on Ice which was super popular at the same time as killing stalking. that was the most normal healthy non abusive fujo show in existence. People are just gonna bitch.

No. 857698

File: 1626678684873.png (23.78 KB, 1347x125, 8989.png)

Is this thread just Fujos endless complaining hat some us aren't disgusting fetishist's and find you cringy ?
you have your own thread, stay there
like this, I find this post on the fujo thread cringy, but I don't go there invade these spaces and act like a spaz

Yes Heterosexuality is the default, 96% of the Human population is hetrosexual and most people who want "x character to be gay" are never gay people themselves, but brain- rotted Fujos

No. 857712

I remember the anti-yurionice blogs at the time it was so weird lol, like why being so picky about BL/shonen ai when yuri can be full degen because liberty of expression? It's all about feeling the power over someone or something

No. 857726

leave the fucking thread already

No. 857735


No. 857796

Can anyone explain the psychology behind this to me? I have known that there are women who are into two men fucking ever since I was briefly into the Sims community on Tumblr, but I never understood what kind of mental illness causes this attraction? I am straight and I barely even like penises, why would you want to see two penises doing gay shit to each other? Just the thought makes me want to vomit. Would say no hate, but I mean a little bit of hate, this shit is weird af. Please explain what's wrong with you.

No. 857863

There is nothing wrong or unusual with finding sex between two hot persons you're attracted to sexy.
The real problem is fujos being so batshit about it.

No. 857870

Straight women watching two gay men have sex is definitely not normal. It's fucking weird, what do you find attractive about homosexual anal intercourse? It's nasty. TBH I don't get watching porn at all but I thought most people use it as a fantasy to self-insert into, how do you insert yourself into two men having sex? Are you voyeurs? Why would you want to see that? I am just trying to understand. Tell any normal person about this and they will definitely tell you this is not normal.

No. 857871

NTA, but tons of straight men think two hot girls doing sexual things is hot. Most people aren't perplexed by that, it's considered relatively normal/understandable.
Just switch the sexes, and replace the women with androgynous, drawn guys. Same deal.

No. 857875

But men imagine themselves fucking the women, they don't really fantasize about two women together, they fantasize about a threesome (unless they are weird trannies self-inserting as the women). Almost all straight men dream about threesome, but not all straight women want to watch men have gay sex. Clearly there is a big difference here. Gay sex between two men is also a lot less erotic cause anal sex is involved and that is fucking disgusting to most normal people.

No. 857880

>But men imagine themselves fucking the women,
I mean, then they could just watch videos of M/F/F threesomes, right? But instead, they choose the F/F videos alone. I don't think it's just a threesome fantasy, it seems more like the same thing that'd turn someone on when watching an attractive person masturbate. Seems like a visual appeal aspect.
Straight women do seem less "weird" than men sexually, but tbh, how much erotica is even made for/by women to gauge what we're into? Do we even spend that much time talking about what we enjoy? It seems like every "sex positive" space for (straight) women just centers around what turns on men. I know Fifty Shades of Grey blew up, though, and that had some weird shit in it, including anal.

No. 857882

Most women's erotica centers around elaborate fantasies where the man fulfills the main character (self inserts) every need plus is rich/handsome/strong/confident etc. It's less about just physical aspects of a man like his penis and more about a "sexy situation" and all the women I know also have sexual fantasies and desires that are more centered around the dynamic between the man and the woman, the situation and how he treats here. Men and women's sexualities can not be compared. I don't know a single woman who would pull up a man's pp pics and just masturbate to how his penis looks, while men would absolutely just masturbate to a picture of a woman's cameltoe or butthole or tits or whatever. Which is why I find it so confusing to masturbate to a scenario in which no woman is involved whatsoever and it is literally just about watching two male bodies together. Most straight women I personally know and myself as well don't really fetishize male bodies in a sexual way that men do women's bodies. I would never google "big cocks" and just oogle them, fucking weird. A penis is attractive cause it belongs to a man you're attracted to, not just on it's own and certainly not entering another man's anus.

It seems maybe women who watch gay porn have more of a male sexuality than normal women? Like do you imagine yourself as one of the guys? Do you really just get off to some dicks slapping together? It is so fucking weird to me.

No. 857883

There are tons of slash fans so it's common.
Some women are just more visual and others identify with the guys. And then there are the mpreg fans and other insanity.
Why don't you go ask the fujos in their containment thread about this, I doubt they will be happy about it though.

No. 857885

I'm not really into BL personally, but most of what I've seen is what you described in the first sentence. Stories/emotions/situations and "beauty" of the characters, rather than just sex for sex's sake. Character dynamics and personalities are often stressed.
Like, I've never seen any fujo shit that's just two dicks and nothing else, kek. They're always attached to characters that the target audience find attractive. You might be overthinking things, or oversimplifying them. Not sure which.
Some girls just like to see romance/erotica with two hot guys who kind of look like butches, idk, I don't think it's that weird.

No. 857889

But why not read a story about a woman and a man together then? The only thing I can imagine is maybe if you have some kind of sexual trauma in the past from your own experiences that maybe you can not imagine scenarios with women because it reminds you of that? Like why remove women from it and only have two men? Do they imagine themselves as men like trannies who watch lesbian porn imagine themselves as women?

No. 857890

samefag but to add to that, I think a lot of men watch lesbian porn because they don't want to see dicks that are bigger than their own, maybe it's that kind of anxiety? Like if you see a woman you feel insecure cause you compare yourself to her so you'd rather there was no woman and only two men?

No. 857893

Again, go ask the fujos in their actual thread. Most people ITT are here for cringe caps.

No. 857984

I tried and was immediately told to kill myself. I am left to believe that my original assessment, that this attraction stems from some form of mental illness is correct.

No. 858018

How friendly and mentally stable of them.

No. 858027

>Do they imagine themselves as men like trannies who watch lesbian porn imagine themselves as women?
Well, maybe. When BL was created, it was a way for Japanese women to explore their sexuality and bottoms were purposely effeminate so female readers could self insert themselves in.

There's also this.
>According to the results of her qualitative research, ten distinct motive dimensions could be identified. The first, “Pure” love without gender dimension refers to a motive to view/read romantic contents in which gender differences are not present. The Pro-gay attitude/forbidden & transgressive love dimension represents a motive to view/read materials that portray a positive picture of homosexual men. Identification/self-analysis refers to yaoi viewers’ and readers’ motive to better understand their own feelings and dilemmas. The Melodramatic/emotional elements dimension represents a motive to experience intense emotions. Dislike for standard romances/shoujo reflects a motive to avoid heterosexual romance stories (e.g., shoujo) due to their often one-dimensional female characters and ‘boring’ narratives. A female-oriented romantic/erotic genre dimension refers to a motive to consume yaoi because it caters to women’s narrative preferences. Pure escapism/lack of reality reflects a motive to escape daily life. Art and aesthetics represents a motive to view/read yaoi for its distinctive graphic style. The Pure entertainment dimension refers to a motive of seeking relaxation and entertainment. Finally, Arousing/sexually titillating reflects a motive of seeking sexually arousing content.
>For example, female readers may consume yaoi as part of their rejection of or resistance to conservative patriarchal or parental norms about sex and gender [5, 14, 15]— as might some male readers [16]. In other cultures, fans may read yaoi as a way of affirming and/or participating in gay rights communities [13, 17], rejecting gender binarism [18], or enjoying romance narratives that avoid problematic female stereotypes [19].

No. 858502

I remember seeing a japanese, lesbian fujoanon (I think she posted this in one of the lesbian generals irc) a while ago explaining this a little more in depth. But from what I remember, she explained how it's a way to escape to escape the misogynistic tropes and ideals imposed on female characters, and to keep a community space for females that is solely their own (because most men do not like this kind of content, obviously). But yeah in a lot of yaoishit there's always one very effeminate, submissive guy for the (female) reader to project on. Even when you look at yaoi fanfiction of popular m/m ships (like bakudeku), there's always a character that plays that "sub" role, even if it's kinda contrary to how they are in canon- or they are "made" to fill that role.

I sympathize with some fujos because of this, because I suspect a lot of them went through some sexual trauma and are mentally ill like you said. It is not normal to want women removed from every capacity of your media if you yourself are a woman. I think they just want to disconnect themselves from being a woman.

No. 858505

this entire thread is full of scrotes projecting on women. ''can't masturbate without getting the family dog involved'' you need to go fuck yourself

No. 858507

Be honest does the thought of two anime men fucking each other scare you?

No. 858510

ok if this is the case whats wrong about it?

It's the same reason single women read straight erotica but stay celibate due to sexual trauma.

What if-now i know this may sound crazy, but what if we left fujos alone to read their "gross coomer shit" and focus on the men that actually come after young girls because they can't tell the difference between a anime loli and a human child? I think it would be way more productive but thats just me

No. 858518

>focus on the men that actually come after young girls because they can't tell the difference between a anime loli and a human child
Nobody here likes those men either though. Why do you guys keep bringing up men as if anyone here condones what they do? This is the Fujo Cringe thread so people are talking about fujos (shocking, I know), and afaik nobody has gone in the fujos thread to infight with them. Feel free to make a male coomer cringe thread if you want, but you can complain about them in any thread here and everyone will agree with you

No. 858530

Anon you literally entered the fujo cringe thread. Coomer scrotes are very well disliked and I and many other anons have no shortage of hatred of them. That's like saying mtf trannies are way more annoying and dangerous (true) than tumblr aydens who sperg about yaoi, it doesn't mean the latter isn't worth discussing sometimes too.

>It's the same reason single women read straight erotica but stay celibate due to sexual trauma.

If it's the same reason why aren't fujos reading the same straight erotica instead

No. 858533

You bring up men more then libfems
"what about men"
"what about men"
"what about men"
"what about men"
"what about men"
"what about men"
"what about men"
"what about men"
"what about men"
"what about men"
that's your entire defense basically

No. 858538

remember, according to fujos if you don't like homosexual degenerate manga with rape you are either a scrote, pick me, aiden or handmaiden. The problem is that they are projecting, I'd rather see a fujo be an aiden than an average woman. Investing so much time in consuming that sort of media cannot be done by a fairly normal person. Fujos are insane, that's why they get so aggressive and "troll" everyone when someone criticizes their sick interest. They literally run on scrote behavior on deafult.

>consuming media with depictions of forced sex

>attacking women
>attacking anyone that disagrees with them
>using manipulative tactics to try to justify their sick interests
>using the suffering of others to manipulate people into accepting your interests

This is literal scrote behaviour. Fujos need to get their breasts cut off ASAP

No. 858546

love triggering fujos by saying i want to marry my husbando who is from a bl series

No. 858560

File: 1626757655903.png (193.62 KB, 350x280, rsz_diabol10.png)

>But why not read a story about a woman and a man together then?
As a fujo, I don't mind reading het but a lot of it especially in VNs (which I'm mainly into) is just guys abusing the shit out of the girl you're supposed to project onto, that doesn't happen with BL because there's no one that you're supposed to project onto or self insert as so you don't feel as shitty when reading them.

There you go.

No. 858564

>I'd rather see troons
You're either extremely insane or an Aiden.

No. 858578

I don't even know what fujo is but what the fuck is going on with the proportions in that picture

No. 858599

File: 1626761241217.jpg (Spoiler Image, 251.99 KB, 1000x1418, 21.jpg)

Damn ya'll really going at it… Where's the fujo cringe though it's all just ranting. No milk at all, where's the examples? Boring.

No. 858608

well you literally posted cringe, a adult man having sex with a little boy

No. 858610

this is bara shit anon, this is made for gay men not fujos

bait harder

No. 858615

the fact I hate men is why I'm grossed out by fujos in the first place.

No. 858618

plenty of fujos hate men though? the whole point is that real men are worthless and unattractive so 2d are better. then make two fictional characters of the type of men you wish would exist and make them kiss. simple

No. 858633

>I saw some shitty VNs made by misogynists
>instead of finding healthy media I'm deflecting to media where men abuse other men
Lmao, pathetic.

No. 858634

File: 1626766767551.png (Spoiler Image, 272.63 KB, 780x631, noncery.PNG)

Wrong hill to die on for this specific example, nonnie, this is from the exact same manga that's from

No. 858636

Coomers fetishizing lesbians is different from fujos fighting for their ship being canon and making shrines for it to worship. Cringe example: the Klance (Keith x Lance) shipper who went on a studio tour in Korea, took pictures of unreleased material and threatened to release it if Klance isn't canon. That's the prime of fujo cringe.

No. 858643

True Fujoshi's have an obsession with their unrealistic gay ships that will never happen, I mean do they live in complete delusion

No. 858645

And it's literally written by a gay man so how does it have anything to do with fujos??? fujos only consume bl made by other women or ship shounen characters.

No. 858646

nah, it's about "doing better" and upholding sjw angle even toward harmless things you are the audience for, even though scrotes dgaf. see bl articles on animefeminist for more of this bs

No. 858661

"what about scrotes ?"
"what about scrotes ?"
"what about scrotes ?"
"what about scrotes ?"
"what about scrotes ?"
"what about scrotes ?"
"what about scrotes ?"
"what about scrotes ?"

again, you keep brining up males

No. 858671

calm down he's not goin to fuck you

No. 858673

File: 1626774124495.jpg (331.49 KB, 1280x1547, tumblr_ce30530b28e754829157cf1…)

this is what i imagine every fujo looks like

No. 858677

she looks based

No. 858693

Where's the fujo cringe?

No. 858722

You are faghag

No. 858727

File: 1626780611438.jpg (Spoiler Image, 491.25 KB, 1602x2048, 20210720_132614.jpg)

Seems like this thread is being derailed by some seething anon and defensive fujos too. Have some cringe from a twitter BL artist that ships a decapitated vampire head with a NEET.

No. 858730

Why is the head on a dog. What.

No. 858741

now this is what this thread is about

No. 858744

That's nuts, where can we read more about this incident?

No. 858753

File: 1626783897875.jpg (63.67 KB, 500x912, 0c5bf4453d2e9f4c0a11b2f76740d0…)

I am not sure if somebody made an archive but the Voltron fandom was crazy. Key terms are Studio Mir, Klance14, if you google it you might find something.

No. 858765

File: 1626785735785.png (36.82 KB, 792x449, voltron.png)

And of course she also demanded that the boyish female character must be trans. Of course.

No. 858780

what the FUCK?

No. 858782

im going to out myself but when i was a kid (talking like 14 years old) I wanted to be a gay guy in my next life so that i could have sex with hot semes shudders. I also remember following these 2 guys who i assumed was gay around the mall and ended up getting lost. It was a dark time. But i grew out of it. This was like in 2008 mind you. Now i just read korean BL and keep it to myself lol. But it kinda scares me that if i was 14 now the BL community would probably convince me that I was actually trans which is terrifying. I think personally I just liked how the uke's were treated as compared to the love interest's in most shoujos. (meaning they got to actually fuck the hot guy and not just kiss them lol)

No. 858805

Anon we are the same except I just read fanfic of mostly western stuff, not Korean BL. Also topkek at getting lost in the mall, fujo queen shit

No. 858807

File: 1626790612392.png (Spoiler Image, 238.59 KB, 360x640, EF93B4F8-7F00-488D-A9AE-2AAE39…)

The most Japanese thing I have ever seen. I thought of this, but it doesn’t seem as sexual as that.

No. 858812

Anons please explain the context of these, I feel like I'm hallucinating.

No. 858823

I'm not even a fujoshi, I just want to see actual cringe content and not Aidens' unsaged screeching. Keep it on your Twitter and go chop off your tits or something, threads should have substance.

No. 858923

Not her but it's a mobage about a girl who has to work in a farm and the horses look like ikemen. I don't even remember the gameplay but it's all for humor, it's the type of shit you'd see in youtube videos with people going "lol that's weird, Japan amirite xD"

No. 858930

I don’t care if men abuse other men because I don’t care about men outside of that they look cute. Scrotes are scum.

No. 858957

NTA, but I'm into submissive men and BL is usually the closest I get to seeing that. I don't like how the power dynamics are skewed towards dominant man/submissive women in most media, even if it's subtle it's usually almost always there. So pretty much what >>858502 said, except I hate BL where the bottom is clearly the more effeminate in the relationship, because then it's just the same gender role shit you see everywhere else.

No. 859069

File: 1626810808752.jpg (Spoiler Image, 345.26 KB, 799x1129, 20210720_213824.jpg)

The cringiest part about fujos is when they attack other female fans who aren't shippers. I play lots of joseimuke games that have a female or neutral MC and fujos bend over backwards to prove the boys are canon gay for each other, even when in one game they straight up ask the feMC to marry them.

Picrel cringe: an artwork where the top boy is depicted as a morray eel because he's a gijinka of Floatsom from The Little Mermaid fucking the queen of hearts from alice in wonderland boy

No. 859085

>the top boy is depicted as a morray eel because he's a gijinka of Floatsom from The Little Mermaid fucking the queen of hearts from alice in wonderland boy

I feel like I'm taking drugs again. Is there any explanation for this?

No. 859091

Long story short, disney japan made a contract with the kuroshitsuji mangaka who wrote shotas getting raped to design all disney villains as hot magical boys and it became a huge hit.

No. 859095

File: 1626813221418.jpg (132.73 KB, 1024x768, EYqHbylXQAEDp4d.jpg)

Twisted wonderland, they're not literal gijinkas like anon said but they're more just inspired by the Disney characters.
Basically they go to an all boys magic school and you usually do rhythm minigames.
It's not really a romance game at all but the protagonist's gender is left ambiguous (it's more so implied to be a male protagonist over a female one though).

No. 859111

I see. Disney want a squeaky clean image though don't they - hiring someone known for child rape mangas doesn't make any sense.

No. 859128

It's only released in Japan and targeting a late teen/adult Japanese audience. The only your average Disney enthusiast will know about it outside of Japan is if they're already weebs and know about Black Butler or weird crossovers like Kingdom Hearts if they have weeb friends. The average western adult Disney fan who brings their kids to the parks every year probably know about none of that shit and focus on completely different parts of the company's releases, whether it's movies, cartoons, merchs, etc. I'm not even sure most weebs know that Toboso did some shitty BL manga with shota characters before starting Black Butler.

Nobody really gives a shit what someone does at the start of their career as long as they used a pen name before, which is why the Fire Emblem Three Houses character designer is known for being the artist of Togainu no Chi and Lamento, and why the character designer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 just won't stop drawing explicit porn despite Nintendo being overall a family friendly company with a few very specific rated M franchises. I don't know if Japanese people don't give a shit because they're just that open minded or because they won't even bother looking it up and just care about the products they have in front of them, but I'm thinking it's the latter.

No. 859451

drawing nsfw material isn't a big deal in japan or europe; tons of people who work in the eurocomics/manga industry, even for Disney have porn/nude art easy to find with just googling their name.

No. 859576

Didn't the guy who worked on Lilo and Stitch also draw erotic art? Also, Rebecca Sugar of Steven Universe fame drew porn of the boys from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
I don't think anyone in the animation/comics/etc industry really cares about that sort of thing much, as long as it's not shoved repeatedly in everyone's faces. It's not just Japanese people who don't give a shit, it's more that only a certain loud subset of internet people really give a shit.

No. 859589

>Rebecca Sugar of Steven Universe fame drew porn of the boys from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
Porn is one thing, but that's not normal or healthy. Those belong in this fujo cringe thread too.

No. 859653

For real they aren't even cute or attractive and Sugar didn't even age up the characters or change styles-

No. 859657

File: 1626878974313.png (112.16 KB, 300x297, All_3_eds.png)

Seriously who looks at these characters and thinks "um yes I wanna draw porn of them fucking"

No. 859658

I was reminded of how Disney fired Gina Carano because she tweeted opinions they didn't like. So they really care about image. They are supposed to be a kidfriendly company so I was really surprised by this game.

No. 859659

You wouldn’t let Double D hit?

No. 859663

File: 1626879795689.jpeg (187.28 KB, 956x1000, 66B27BDF-14E8-4DB3-A42F-78DE7F…)

The worst of this is the giant sensation of KevEdd bc some tumblr artist got really into it. Sorry if it’s the person mentioned in >>859576 but idk any animation cows

No. 859717

Didn't red cap kid bully the Eds

No. 859750

File: 1626886538425.jpg (815.42 KB, 1214x2453, 1615776688765.jpg)

She posts among us

No. 859753

I didn’t post this, but I get it and agree w her. Anon if you’re reading this let’s either be friends or fight over the double dick.

No. 859766

File: 1626888112384.jpg (126.12 KB, 1229x1218, IMG_20201011_134733.jpg)

The fuck is wrong with you bitches?

No. 859768

enemies to lovers is my favorite trope

No. 859770

One of their storyboard artists, apparently.

No. 859771

Yeah, Chris Sanders for sure has an amazon/giantess/thicc fetish. Which is odd, 'cause his work for Mulan definitely doesn't reflect that.

No. 859786

Me too anon

No. 859787

Just a display of fujo cringe, it fits kek

No. 859795

That’s what makes fujos get into it

No. 860442

NTA, but how? They're shipping themselves with Double D.
If anything, this could be classified as "otome cringe".

No. 865414

File: 1627459067646.jpg (Spoiler Image, 296.34 KB, 1080x1312, IMG_20210728_095615.jpg)

The spergy things I see on this site

No. 865415

based, put it on the screencrap thread

No. 865416

context is everything

No. 865424

Context being a fujo sperging and spamming a thread with cringe to epically pwn someone instead of reporting and ignoring? Cringe

No. 865434

We get it, you felt left out. I'm not even a fujo and I love posting cringe when moids are the ones who want to "own" us. It's funny. Try it next time babe.

No. 865435

Lmao I saw you deleting your previous reply, are you the cringe poster defending yourself and trying to sound cool?

Also this whole thread
>fujo cringe thread
>it's full of defensive fujos trying to justify their shit fetish

No. 865436

kek i'm the anon that deleted her reply, i just decided i don't care and it wasn't worth instigating more infighting for the most dumbasss of reasons. hope you have a good night.

No. 865439

I didn't delete my post? You're probably confusing me for someone else. Anyways you're too assmad for something that didn't even involve you or target you lmao

No. 865568

File: 1627476191164.png (82.53 KB, 500x321, tumblr_inline_p0r5tucR2m1tpb4i…)

>wrote shotas getting raped
>someone known for child rape mangas
Jesus the rape part wasn't drawn in a sexy way and empathized on how traumatizing it was for Ciel, it only took 1 panel. how the fuck do you get to this point

No. 866189

is it possible to mainly ship gay pairings without being a fujo or is a big preference for m/m always tied to fujoism?

No. 866221

well in my very biased opinion yes, I pretty much only ship and read m/m but I don't consider myself a fujo because 1 I don't consume that fanfiction as porn ie I don't coom to it, and 2 I'm not into 2d at all. Though I admit as a teenager I did have cringe fujo tendencies (like shipping any two male characters who interacted with each other, and real people)

No. 866239

imo fujos are specifically into 2D, if you're just shipping other pairs it doesn't really apply.

That said, if you're trying to split hairs so you're ~not like the other fujos~, don't bother. The spergs who think being a fujo is degenerate evil on par with scrotes enjoying child porn are going to paint you with the same brush regardless.

No. 866341

In my view that is a fujo by most people's basic definition, but I don't think it is a bad thing inherently at all. Let people generalize what they want about fujos but it doesn't have to be that big a deal as long as you're chill, sane, and keep to yourself

No. 866600

A fujo is a girl who is into asian media, and is obsessed with gay male pairings and usually think other pairings are gross.

No. 866697

Yes, it makes you a fujoshit and is a direct pipeline to internalised misogyny.

No. 866741

>The spergs who think being a fujo is degenerate evil on par with scrotes enjoying child porn are going to paint you with the same brush regardless.
Except no one compares fujos to pedos, what you're describing is one of the biggest fujo copes "men are worse so anything I do is fine and not cringey at all!".

People mock fujos or show disdain towards them because they're at best annoying and unaware how embarrassing their behavior is, or at worst they harass gay men at cons or straight women who don't share their opinions (or things like the yaoi paddle shit). I don't give a shit what your fetish is as long as you keep it to yourself, but the running theme in this thread is how fujos integrate too much shipping into their online life and try to justify it.

Normal people see a gay/straight/wahtever ship and they think "oh, they're cute together, I like that". What defines fujos is that they voyeuristically obsess over their ships on social media, draw cringey porn, defend the "canon" status of their ship, get in arguments about who's the top or bottom (the infamous Sherlock tumblr cult). Most of the time these girls turn to such an obsession because they saw bad moid-made porn and are trying to "reclaim" things by reading porn of men abusing each other like >>858930 or they go the FtM route with their self-hatred and want to be men, similar to incels who fetishize lesbians on /u/.

Tl;dr just because you're not a pedo doesn't mean you're not obnoxious and your obsession over fictional gay couples can't be laughed at and mocked, especially with the shit fanart fujos produce.

No. 872565

I like writting mxm relantioships more so then consuming it ( I like some stuff but I don't go out of my way to consume it but will read something that seems interesting regardless of the pairings gender ) and I argue I'm only so invested because I put so much thought/ love into it vs there innate homoness ( as a bi woman I may have liked it more as girls even and sometimes think of scenarios where the sexes are switched and still get an enjoyment out of it)

No. 873375

File: 1628189586013.jpg (153.36 KB, 1080x402, 20210805_204932.jpg)

do they really believe in it? i ship all kind of ships for fun too, but this is another level. i don't even want to go to twt after new chapter

No. 873495

Bruh the only thing good about MHA is concept and art and fan depictions of characters

Also fite me Kiribaku is the superior homo ship of that milquetoast train wreck pftt

No. 873513

File: 1628195873527.png (165.72 KB, 368x368, imagen_2021-08-05_153810.png)

there is only one cannon ship and y'all know who it involves

No. 873553

The fact that the twitter idiots actually believe that Mineta is confirmed gay is honestly so fucking hilarious to me.

No. 873718

File: 1628211383756.jpeg (175.68 KB, 828x828, 0C8CE6BA-9806-41F8-AF31-69C18F…)

The fujoshi who act like they work for Fight The New Drug are a special kind of cringe, there’s no point in trying to separate yourselves from the horny coomer side of BL.

No. 873723

is the bakudekus dont interact bag a pride flag or are the colors just ugly

No. 874170

Cringe merch, but least they're against pedophilia.

No. 874305

based opinion

No. 875748

File: 1628395343082.png (145.89 KB, 1373x728, Screenshot (22).png)

WTF is this reaction, this boy was likely sexually molested as a child(cause pedowood) and I had visceral reaction at the thought of someone sexualizing him getting raped and who how did they respond, by acting like coomers and trying to trigger people
Its wrong to draw pornography based on children with adults and especially wrong if that child was likely molested as a kid IRL

I don't hate Fujoshis's if they ship generic best friends together or rivals but doing shit like this is what makes me hate them and the fact they don't call out this stuff out in their own community is just infuriating

No. 875837

Wtf which thread is this?

No. 875840

I don’t know something about this screams shitpost or bait to me. But maybe I’m just paranoid.


No. 875843

No, I agree. Something about it feels off and baity. Weird anons are not rare here but this one is most likely just trolling.

No. 875889

Ive encountered some "shota bl is based" anons in /m/ so who knows if they were serious.
Really bad taste even if they were joking though. Poor Hollywood kids.

No. 875922

anons from /m/ are known for being more retarted than anons from /y/ so i wouldn't be surprised

No. 875962

i bet they're ftms too

No. 879795

File: 1628806860789.jpg (536.31 KB, 2836x1837, 79312021.jpg)

Why are you blaming women for the degenerate shit that men do?
guess this place has turned into troon website, the weirdos are ftm and men that read yaoi, women don't sexualise gay relationships or else they would be watching gay porn, gay men are disgusting, the sight of a gay man makes my skin crawl, in fiction (yaoi) male characters look attractive and there is no girls in it, self-inserters are the issue not women.

No. 879799

What thread was this?

No. 879802

hey where can i find the troon hating thread, i don't know how to use this website

No. 879810

The previous dumbass shit thread

No. 880041

>women don't sexualise gay relationships
I'm sure the fujo thread in /m/ agrees.

No. 880094

I think the distinction anonis trying to make is 2D vs 3D. Oldschool fujos that spend their money on Boys' Love doujins don't care about "real" gay porn or even the drawn porn made for gay men (majority of /y/), and they couldn't give less of a shit about real men dating each other. I've seen weird teenage girls "ship" real life actors/k-pop stars together,and even make weird mpreg edits of them,but I haven't seen them calling themselves fujos.

No. 881552

I've heard stories about fujos creeping on gay guys at anime conventions for 15 years. Zoomers not associating themselves with subcultures from 2004 doesn't create some kind of hard distinction.
The anon with the mspaintcomic is just brainrotted. "Any time a woman does something shameful it's a man in a dress."

No. 881560

>I've heard stories
doubt you heard these stories but ok, women would be watching gay porn not reading yaoi if they were into gay men, I've had plenty of creepy gay men trying to show me nudes or ask me if I'm interested in seeing what they put in their pooper because they think I like yaoi then I must be into actual gross gay men.
Fujos who obsess with gays are FTM and troons that think being into yaoi is cute

No. 881562

I think you're genuinely autistic.

No. 881599

A lot of straight women watch gay porn. I used to be one of them before I stopped watching any porn altogether. And it's not just about anal, some straight women just really like dick and get aroused by it visually.
Even if they were FtM gay Aidens, that means they are straight women into gay porn lol doesn't change the biology

No. 881625

File: 1628998837838.jpg (40.48 KB, 456x398, aoba.jpg)

>Watching 3D porn
Watching that period makes you more degenerate than fujos lol.

No. 881648

A lot of people were exposed to internet porn when they were kids and didn't realize how harmful it was until they got older and stopped. Looking at fictional men get gangraped doesn't make you better than them.

No. 881655

My brothers got shipped in 18+ with his friends fanfics back when they were both 13 and 14. those fan fics were made by Fujos I know and they were explicit. This has been years ago, 2017, but even when I its one of the reasons these people are just fetishits who can't look at 2 males without making graphic sex scenes in their minds, even if they are literal children

No. 881668

i feel like i’m having a stroke reading this. some fujo’s wrote fanfiction about your brothers?

No. 881671

yes and they were my former friends

No. 882459

i've never been friends with a fujo as far as i know but it's always weirded me out how they(and male yurifags) refer to their fetish as "pure love". so apparently a man and a woman falling in love is impure, but goku getting vegeta pregnant in his asshole is just beautiful?

No. 882461

No. 882462

The “pure love” thing is a meme, fujos and yurifags know it’s all about degeneracy and making your favorite characters so weird shit.

No. 882465

yep exactly. straight love is disgusting and impure

No. 882494

Writing smut of irl teenage boys isn't "based", anon.

No. 882496

i hope they felt objectified enough to never do it to a woman. Based fujos putting scrotes in their place before it0s too late.

No. 882498

Ok pedo.

No. 882604

Like another nonnie said, fujos are pretty self-depreciating, it's not serious. They constantly make fun of themselves. Even when japanese men try to make fun of fujoshis it fails because fujos can laugh at themselves.

No. 882691

I had a girl in a friend group that would point to literal strangers on the street and proudly proclaim, 'i ship him with him!'. Nobody asked. Literal brainrot. Hopefully she got better by now.
go back to your containment thread, fujo

No. 888339

File: 1629572446976.png (Spoiler Image, 758.02 KB, 718x659, 546873233.png)

No. 888359

File: 1629573477152.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 869x752, 1612658391170.png)

No. 888367

wow fujos are so smart and fun not like other communities of depraved individuals, fujos can laugh at themselves

No. 888452

File: 1629579226472.png (122.56 KB, 1372x334, 777.png)

This is Fujo argument I despise, I already posted this before but just cause 2 characters have memorable interaction together doesn't change their sexuality or make their relationship romantic
""but what if x was guy/girl then you'd ship men"
that's the thing heterosexual men and women have different dynamics, sure men and women can be friends but the likelihood of romantic relationships is higher

No. 888471

why not selfinsert in uke characters? ukes are largely feminized anyway, it's why i can enjoy bl doujins but never watch real life gay porn

No. 888569

old but gold

No. 890840

There should be one where male moe yuri fags are fooled into watching a film about old ugly butch lesbians, although since they're moids at least on guy would get a boner anyway.

No. 893944

I wonder if there's any girls that self insert as the Seme/ giver/ Top rather then the bottom

No. 894054

Today was a great example as to why you never give men a empathy. I met a guy at a bar who I wasnt attracted to at all and was shorter than me but he asked for my number and I gave it too him cuz I felt bad. Then the next day he asks for a photo and says "you are bigger than what I remember".

No. 894071

Was he a BL cartoon?

No. 895615

File: 1630346083354.png (181.57 KB, 1421x323, 45454.png)

Fujos: Were totally not degenerate fetishishts, its all about pure male love and avoiding misogyny
also Fujos:

No. 895721

I mean I'm not denying that fujos are degenerate but what about that post was misogynistic?

No. 895753

jfc shut up, literally nothing about it is misogynistic and why do you care if some girls want to see a (fictional) man get fucked? do you also sperg like this when men say they want to fuck girls or watch porn or pictures of half naked models? are you a yumejoshi or whatever they're called? is that your retarded crush? are you a male?

No. 895857

Nta, but this is the fujo cringe thread.
>do you also sperg like this
….how is that sperging?

No. 895869

Honey you are the only one sperging out here.

No. 896070

you did it again, you don't have any defense other then "but men" I dare you do you have any other argument, I'm just someone who doesn't like seeing little boys "getting dicked" cause I am not a brain rotted degenerate unlike you

No. 896072

>omg did I miss an infight, let me insert my unwanted opinion, I don't want this to go without me
>it's the fujo thread

No. 896113

what did yumejoshis ever did to you? you jealous or what?

No. 896160

I know, but what anon posted is hardly cringe. It's just someone who wants to see nsfw stuff a character.

Yeah, that's not a little boy and wanting ship characters isn't really a "degenerate" thing.

Honey this whole thread is about anons seething and sperging over women having some weird hobby. And you're on lolcow.

Nothing to me, but they sure act autistic when they see their fictional boyfriend getting fictionally fucked.

No. 896182

>I know, but what anon posted is hardly cringe. It's just someone who wants to see nsfw stuff a character.
wanting to see a character who clearly looks like a little boy getting raped is cringe and degenerate
and I'm sure a lot of people don't like seeing depictions of their comfort characters being violently raped, Fujo content is always filled massive amounts of violent rape and abuse and the only one into this is someone with a fetish for male Homosexuality

No. 896185

>Nothing to me, but they sure act autistic when they see their fictional boyfriend getting fictionally fucked
Fujos aren't better. You all seem awfully triggered by existence of women who don't need to cuck themselves to enjoy hot fictional characters. The fact you immediately started sperging about yumejoshis in reply to >>895615
is a proof of that because jealousy wasn't OP's point at all. Go back to yout containment thread if you want to defend fictional dicks raping fictional assholes and cry about mean yumejoshis that don't appreciate the beauty of that.

No. 896192

>Nothing to me, but they sure act autistic when they see their fictional boyfriend getting fictionally fucked.
Why do you have to be a tard about yumejoshi? Not everyone calling fujos degenerate are yumejoshi. I have only seen people call fujos degenerate, no mention of self-inserting being better, so why do you think this is an either or situation? Personally I think fujos are based or neutral because they make men seethe for enjoying something for themselves unrelated to over serviced straight men, but tards like you make me annoyed at shitting on other women who also enjoy things for themselves. Both should be allowed to have their fun. Women self-inserting as fucking their husbando is also based. Not all self-insert stuff is made for men and shitty about the women, a lot of self-insert stuff is made by women for women, like fanfic. You're falling into the trap of thinking gay relationships are pure because of the lack of power imbalance, when there is no power imbalance with something that isn't real even if it's straight.

No. 896208

>Looks like a little boy.
This is exactly why I hate the Genshin art style. I prefer the fanart I see of most male characters from that game for this reason.

No. 896211

I just don't like seeing Link getting raped by Demons or as a femboy(Christ I hate seeing the whole concept)
compare the average Fujo fic with a normal self insert OC fic, most of the time the self insert fic is usually Vanilla and features dumb but caring men, the Fujo fic is just violent rape, calling the other "bottom" a slut or a whore and the whole thing is just power imbalances

No. 896215

honestly any normal person would think being a fujo is complete degeneracy and mental illness. Stop justifying your sick fetish with feminism

No. 896227

I've never agreed with anything more than your post. Sorry, don't have anything to add but I wanted to acknowledge that. It's really reasonable and well explained.

No. 896229

I don't know if this is a pro or anti argument, but with regards to m/m shipping by straight women, There's actual representation out there that can be supported instead., no need to insist that they have rough BDSM sex, It also also give's every dipshit male who keeps saying women can’t understand friendship extra fodder imo

No. 896234

>caring what men think

No. 896300

>comfort character
I'm gonna rape all your anime boys myself not even a fujo but that was so cringe kek

No. 896312

>comfort character

Because personally I've seen far more yumejoshi getting triggered that gay fanart of their husbando exists than the opposite. Maybe we've had different experiences, but even here you see that somehow wanting to self insert and fuck fictional men is "better" than creating art or fanfiction of two male characters fucking. I personally don't think any of those two are bad, but for others it's sick and degenerate to like a gay pairing while it's okay if you're obsessed with a straight one.

OP sounds like a yumejoshi who can't stand that someone wants to see the character getting dick. It's not even an especially cringy post, but OP probably started sperging because the post mentioned some yumejoshi being annoying and came here yelling misogyny because she felt offended. And how's that misogyny anyway?

No. 896923

>caring about whether a fictional character is some complete stranger's "comfort character"
Why do this? Do you also like, buy adoptables for hundreds of dollars instead of taking inspiration from designs/art pieces/etc you enjoy like a normal person would? Do you donate to nonbinary uwu baby GoFundMes that they later use to buy themselves Nintendo Switches?

No. 899025

male thread

No. 899041

I may be cringe but I am free

No. 899066

I like that the fujos just come here to milk themselves. We don't even have to harvest the cringe from the internet, so convenient. Everybody say thank you fujoshits~

No. 899082

Thank you fujoshis, I hope everyone from the old discord is doing well. Everyone was really nice.

No. 899116

Did anyone else have an inverted fujoshi stage?
In highschool, I was a loser and yaoi or male gay stuff would send me into turbo autism rages because I could not get the concept of fetishizing men being with other men and especially getting aroused by it seeing as it actually equated to not being able to fuck those men. It put a wedge between me and most other chicks who liked weeb shit because it seemed like everyone and their mother got horny for gay men. Now I'm just ambivalent to it.

No. 899123

I guess? I liked yaoi but it was hard to find then. At most there was like what, DNAngel or whatever it was. Just stuck to reading yaoi fanfictions. Never told anyone though. I dont mind fujos and I dont think there's anything wrong with liking gay shit-men like lesbian shit so I dont see a difference. Enjoying sexuality in itself though isnt cringe, it's just when people go overboard and make it their entire personality. Like the ones who would bust out yaoi paddles and yell cringey shit in hallways to other weebs. and use those annoying terms like uke or bishie-giving myself a headache now. Even though it's a pain to remember how the behavior of some used to be, I still feel bad for todays fujo. As another anon said, todays fujo is immediately told to transition or face cancellation and constant suicide demands so. Then again all they have to do is just enjoy what they want and shut up about it, it really isnt hard. Literally just dont tell anyone.

No. 901634

File: 1630899025792.png (178.45 KB, 720x563, 2014-09-19-1062sea.png)

No. 904950

I see shit being flung at yumejos for supposedly being "cringe otomecucks" or something, which has me intrigued about something. Yumejos and fujos are contrasted as if they were cats and dogs or vanilla and chocolate. Like this weird dual feud.
It's clear there's fujo cringe, but is there yumejo cringe? Is it bad enough to warrant its own thread? Or are they just less milky period

I feel like an alien trying to figure out human behaviour by delving into the rich history of an extended tribal war.

No. 905855

File: 1631240785217.png (259.52 KB, 888x835, a hundred percent into dick.pn…)

someone who used to be popular on tumblr has recently published a south park fanfic with the names changed where kyle is trans and stan is his gay bf. does this count as fujo cringe? twitter is already cancelling it for being racist but the writing itself is hilariously bad.

No. 905868

Even in highschool I kept my mouth shut about yaoi and what I liked, but in freshman year my dumb weeb friends talked freely about it. The leader would bring her doujins to school. Two of them went the extra mile and cosplayed as gay princes for Halloween. (This was at an all-girls school, btw.) I think them lusting over spindly frog-faced men is what pushed me into liking bara.

No. 906074

Yes, it counts as massive fujo cringe. How did it get published?

No. 906084

I will never get why fujos cope that the women who want to have sex with men they like are "cucks" while they watch the men they like get fucked by other men or fantasize about being the man who gets fucked and transition into an Ayyden. Projection at its finest.

No. 906088

>b-but what about muh men
Fujos just can't stop clowning themselves

No. 906103

Honest answer? You will barely see any yumejos in the wild, the culture is so different. The most I see are merch posts and random accounts by teenagers.

In Japan they are pushed by fujos to censor themselves and have private twitter accounts, while fujos can wear their "degeneracy" as a badge of pride even if they draw amputation porn. Yume art and fanfiction is also rare compared to fujo art (only exception I've seen lately was twisted wonderland before yumes massively dropped it, there were around 50 000 yume artworks on pixiv for it last year). I even saw an article on a jp news site telling otaku how not all otaku women are fujoshi and some would consider it an insult, just like in the west redditors call all female anime fans fujos.

I personally just want more fiction and porn of women being pleased, not homosexual scrotes destroying their anuses or abusive stalker boyfriends raping pick-mes.

No. 906155

No. 906182

Do you feel so hurt that other women find you cringey that you jump straight to denial?

No. 906239

Are you that much of a pick me that you feel the need to criticize other women's way of exploring their own sexuality without real men being involved? Do you really need to feel so insulted on behalf of your beloved scrotes?

No. 906258

How is calling fujos embarassing related to scrotes? Is that your only coping defense when anon called you a cuck?

No. 906272

Lmao nona, how do you explore your sexuality while watching a scrote cover his dick in a feminized scrote's shit? Read the thread before posting more cringe yourself

No. 906371

>In Japan they are pushed by fujos to censor themselves and have private twitter accounts
Really, are japanese fujos harassing yumejos? That's really shitty.
> personally just want more fiction and porn of women being pleased, not homosexual scrotes destroying their anuses or abusive stalker boyfriends raping pick-mes.
Me too. It's crazy that it's rare.

No. 906619

File: 1631317218400.png (258.16 KB, 909x752, both sides now 2.png)

the author has clout or something. i've only read bits and pieces from the fakeboi thread in /snow/ but it's so funny to me.

No. 920525

I thought about it for a second and I just remembered what I've heard fujos say. The fujoshit mind is a twilight zone of elaborate projection and reversal, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with competition.

Basically they like yaoi not because it's two men fucking each other, but because there's no woman for them to "compete" with over said men. Yes, they are autistic and think that if the MC is a woman, they will inevitably "lose" to her, a cartoon. Same goes for any other female characters present in any capacity other than showing how pathetic and evil wemens are and how pure male rabu is superior. This is why they rub their cheesy gashes to the idea of some bishie hating all women and some token female third wheel being killed off, because it makes them feel "safe" from evil cartoon Stacy. They can't consoom at all when there's a female MC because they see her as "cucking" them, hence "otome cucks". Watching a man cuck them is fine though, because most fujos are either pooners or love groveling for men.

No. 931795

File: 1633519502373.png (7.46 KB, 315x108, wa.PNG)

Idk if it's worth to bump the thread but here's some zuko fangirl

No. 957312

File: 1635872683016.png (318.83 KB, 589x655, Fujo Cringe no 55522.png)

The movie just released a couple days ago, how do you already want to make gay porn of an underaged male character that was brutally murdered by an uncaring serial killer.
seriously it seems like they can't watch anything without their fujocoomer brains immediately thinking about gay male sex

No. 957325

File: 1635873575413.png (5.76 KB, 483x104, bihetscolonizingyaoi.png)

Well since this thread was revived, anyone got more caps of the crazy "us fujos are mostly lesbians and bihets are colonizing our hobby"-anon?

No. 957387

I am wondering why the hell so many fujos are lesbians. Many lesbian friends of mine either are into yaoi or were at some point

No. 957492

they’re mentally ill

No. 958000

File: 1635920790932.jpg (264.72 KB, 1033x1969, 20211103-015803.jpg)

So I've been noticing that most pirated reposts of Sadistic Beauty had some batshit commentary (pic related is from a recent chapter, but the assmad comments start from very early on) slapped onto them. I was like eh, some moid seething and cryfapping or whatever. Then the yaoi side story came out, and apparently it was an autistic fujoshit buttmad that Minho is being "abused" because he's a "sympathetic misogynist" who's only terrorizing women because of the "trauma" of having a small penis and being a virgin kek.

>Tfw fujofeces would defend Elliott Rodger if he was a 2d bishie uwu

The hamplanet is seething so hard she "fixed" the entire series by making it into a tl;dr BL fapfic that she advertises on pirated sadistic beauty pages. Among other seethe is wishing death on the author, accusing her of basing Minho on her "fine" ex and other mental illness:


No. 958078

She sounds like a farmer, lmao. That screencap reads like a /snow/ post

No. 958206

Why is she torturing herself by reading a comic that consists mostly of hetero smut?

No. 958228

Fujoshit was and is made for and by horny girls who are into pretty men. "Lesbian" fujos are most likely just bi or hetero women who are attracted to men but decide not to date them irl. You HAVE to have an attraction to men to enjoy drawings about horny men fucking each other in the ass over and over in the most smutty way.

No. 959636

She definitely has that "utterly /b/ yet somehow tumlr sjw at the same time" vibe some farmers have. A case of using every talking point in existence to defend her cuck husbando I guess.

My favorite thing about this particular fujoexcrement is how she (being a fujo) isn't against rape and abuse in fiction (since that's all BL is), but how in this hetero comic it's not being done in a particular way she thinks advances "character development" (lmfao). This is the saddest case of being jellymad over a female cartoon I've seen.

No. 969678

File: 1637071582748.jpg (483.34 KB, 1080x1823, IMG_20211116_164701.jpg)

Googled her and, God, if this isn't a goldmine lol.
>bullied for penis size and erectile dysfunction
Literally was mentioned only one or two times in manhwa
>poverty, low-paying job, sexual inexperience
Which one of these things justify his misogyny?
>shamed for being a masochist
Only by MC and only in the manhwa's present. Noone (including him) knew that he was a masochist before the events described in the manhwa have happened. And he was a literal abuser back then. Also funny how all those things justify minho's behavior, but doona's experienced abuse and humiliation doesnt justify her.
Did she even read that manhwa anyway? Or just straight up butthurted till the end of it? Seems like the latter, because her minho """character analysis""" doesn't describe him in the slightest. Prob just hallucinated an ebil woman abusing a relatable poor pure boy and still lives in that fantasy up today lol. That's why I am anti-fujo tbh - they always empathize with male characters, see good in them even when there is nothing good at all and consider them more important than female characters by default, which usually results in autistic obsession with them and full headcanon characterisation. Not to say that women who ship het pairings are always more considerate to female characters, but generally they treat them better than fujos do. At least they give them some sort of importance. I've seen "feminist" fujoshits refusing to write any sort of female characters in their fics, like as a gang member or something, simply because they will ruin all the sweet-sweet homoerotic dynamic they have imagined their faggots must have.

No. 969683

I still don't get why she is reading a smut comic where a sadistic woman is the mc. The entire appeal is supposed to be seeing (mostly) men being dominated.

No. 969697

I'm not a fujo but tbf the minho abuse is a bit uncomfortable and even kinda difficult to read through at times

No. 969797

It's alright, I also think that it was unnecessarily cruel. But this is supposed to be a fetish manga, so people like me and you are not the target audience (personally I've read it out of pure curiosity and am actually anti-bdsm).
Perhaps a recommendation popped up on some manhwa site she was reading her mpreg assbaby yaoi on. Or maybe just wanted some nsfw art of males.

No. 970025

Which actor was this supposed to be? Two of the guys in the movie who are "young" at over 25.

No. 982871

File: 1638383088419.png (12.34 KB, 867x123, bigbrainfujo.png)

No. 982875

File: 1638383267940.png (103.1 KB, 653x357, bigbrainfujo2.png)

No. 983137

She's right

No. 984297

You must be 18 to post here.

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