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File: 1517597191529.jpg (94.9 KB, 773x504, 1432694148217.jpg)

No. 227162

Can we have a fujoshi cringe thread? We already have a weeb cringe thread somewhere but I really want a thread where we focus on fujoshis or cringey yaoi. Can be about your cringey past self or your cringey NEET friend or gay obsessed tumblrinas, it doesn't matter. What are your experiences, farmers?

>OP apologizes very deeply for lack of better thread pic

No. 227165

I think the picture is cringey enough. I don't have much to say about myself because I keep my hobbies to myself most of the time even though I'm a fujo and my close friends are also fujoshi, but in high school I had this classmate who was bragging about her mother buying yaoi for herself and sharing with the classmate. Shit was weird but I wouldn't even be surprised if it were true because her mother created a very small con at the time. She used to read Viewfinder something at school, and almost all the girls were weebs and jealous that her mother would let her read drawn gay porn.

No. 227176

File: 1517602822340.png (95.45 KB, 500x377, 7b9ebb72-820b-425d-bc7a-f01535…)

this probably belongs in the fakeboi general or the gender crit thread, but it's crazy how 99% of modern fujos are straight girls running around calling themselves faggots and re-naming themselves after yuri on ice characters. i can't believe i'm saying this, but i miss the Black Butler-watching losers from the late 2000s. at least they didn't try to hide their blatant fetishism under the guise of diversity.

No. 227177

The weird thing is that back in the late 90s/early 2000s on forums and mIRC I didn't see fujos trying to assert themselves as the opposite gender. They were just girls. Sometimes they were tomboys or maybe they'd do a cosplay ~for teh yaoiz~ but I never came across any who wanted to be men.

No. 227180

Yeah, I get kind of nostalgic thinking back on the fandoms of stuff like Black Butler and Hetalia and I was never even a fujo. There was no pointless gender bullshit or politics, just weeb teen girls sperging out and writing bad fanfiction together.

No. 227184

This thread really reminded me of some cringey shit from my freshman year of highschool.
>me, quiet, enjoy anime
>end up in the "loser" circle with other rejects who also like anime
>one of the girls from said circle is in my english class
>she sits behind me and kind of forces me into this weird Jiraiya/Naruto slash RP that lasted for months
>was so weird and I'm not a fujo myself, but I didn't have any other friends at the time

Jesus, I am so glad I don't own that notebook anymore.

No. 227247

File: 1517628687473.png (296 KB, 687x1227, SmartSelectImage_2018-02-02-19…)

Fujo and fakebois/ftm posers are 2 completely separate camps on dumblr these days. Haven't yall heard?

>liking gay manga is fetishization

>pretending to be a gay guy is not fetishization

No. 227248

File: 1517629991739.jpeg (27.06 KB, 214x267, 7C3FFC9E-F850-439D-9A53-4CE0EC…)

Oh my god, you just made me remember something I buried in my mind.
>weird obese chick in one of my high school classes notices that I read manga
>asks if I like Naruto (this was when it was super popular) and if I can read her fanfic
>forces me to read it before I say anything and it turns out to be an erotic story about Kiba fucking Hinata under a waterfall with way too much detail about Kiba’s ejaculation and how huge his dick is
Someone in my friend circle was also huge on writing yaoi fan fictions and gay rping with other girls online for series like Kingdom Hearts and TWEWY. I could never get into rping, it was just too weird for me.

No. 227249

lol I'm flinching remembering how my fujo friend used to "ship" various actual boys in our year in high school.

>pee your pants
good way to know who tf to avoid on tumblr

No. 227250

i wish they'd realize that just because they don't identify as fujos, doesn't make them not fujos lol

>implying most "normal" ftms aren't also AAP

No. 227268

>like this character from a mobage because of his character development, his design and cuteness
>draws him bc I like him a lot
>tfw wanted to communicate with ppl in a mobage community
>most of the people who like him are fujos
>most of them draw/get off on borderline incest art of him with his half-brother
>fujos claim they're not fetishizing them
>really want to draw art of said character bc he's cute and wanted to try making him communicate with other characters in some comics (that I never posted)
>fear of being approached by fujos and being lowkey forced to ship said character with sibling
Idk, every fandom I enter there's always a small portion of it that ruins it.

wow this reminds me of irl friends who casually talk about cringy shit on twitter
>one normie friend casually shares about Killing Stalking one time (idk if he's still following it)
>another normie friend is a koreaboo who shared stuff about shipping two Korean idols
>another normie friend was a directioner who liked shipping two guys from One Direction
>a different normie friend watches Citrus (yuri incest anime) while doing work in her office

Idk what I'm supposed to feel anymore. At least my friend stopped stanning that CuPcaKke chick after she tweeted about wanting to suck some Korean idol's dick.

No. 227272

It's partly because Tumblr now attacks any girl who likes fujo stuff for "fetishizing homosexuals" so they turn themselves male in order to avoid being accused of being a "gross straight cis bitch". In turn they support the "yeah fuck those disgusting straight girls" discourse after their "transition" so it's mostly kept up by girls larping as gay boys. Actual gay males I've never seen complain about fujos tbh. If anything, they're even more thirstier for fujo stuff.

The other reason is that these young girls don't realize that the guys in their gay comics etc. are usually written by women as idealized, very feminine males. When they feel a connection to a character, they start thinking it's because they're REALLY A GAY MAN INSIDE!!!11 as the current trans trend is pushing that narrative to anyone who's even slightly non-gender-conforming.

Makes me fucking nuts because I almost fell for that trap and hard and I see people around me constantly taking the bait.

No. 227273

Oh boy I think I have several notebooks worth of old cringey RPs I did with my friend back in high school. I can't even look through them without cringing hard enough to make my face hurt for hours.

>Killing Stalking
Yeah what is it with that manga? It's clearly intended to be psychological horror and less shexy gay butt secks and yet every run-of-the-mill tumblrina fujo is suddenly an edgelord obsessed with it. I just don't get it.
>I realize you said normie friend but still

No. 227274

Ohhh boy I knew this one fakeboi who was obsessed with Orihara Izaya from Durarara!! and everything yaoi and edgy so they had built a whole persona around him and made up a bunch of fucking weird backstories like how their mother had strangled themselves with a hose and how they had gouged their dad's eye out.
All of this turned out to be fake though haha.
They had even made another online account and pretended that person was their boyfriend who was secretly in with the mafia or was some hardcore drug dealer/pimp or something like that and got all the fujos in the group chat kya kya-ing when (s)he'd describe all the things they'd done or whatever the fuck. They'd even get stereotype tumblry pics off the internet of some black haired dude making out with a blonde dude with their faces blurry or something so they wouldn't be caught (kek) and be like "SEE??? THAT'S ME AND [insert imaginary boyfriend's name here]"
It was amazing how much the fujos were willing to turn a blind eye to the obvious fake shit to believe in their yaoi fantasies.
It was even more hilarious when my hardcore fujo friend fell for them and started cutting their name into her arm.
….It was weird.
>I wish I was lying lol
>Sage for samefag

No. 227290

I was really into reading Junjou Romantica and shared the few volumes I had with my friend in middle school/high school. I remember reading other BL manga that were a lot more rape-y and I can't believe I read that shit back then. I got into the Nitro+Chiral games before they really got popular with the Tumblr crowd, who ruined everything. Anyone who was into Dramatical Murder remember how hated the character Mink was? If you liked Mink you were accused of being a rapist/condoning sexual abuse, even though most BL games have elements of rape so they were being hypocritical af. Nitro+Chiral games are very dark and I remember being annoyed with the Tumblrinas who just didn't do any research at all. I started skypeing with one girl from Tumblr who was into Togainu no Chi, and she was obsessed with Shiki. It was all she would talk about. If I didn't reply to her quickly she would freak out, so I ended up blocking her.

No. 227375

Fakebois are basically fujos gone bad. But I love fujos, I won't lie. Most of the fujo cringe I have seen is from fakebois anyway. Other than that it's mostly babyfujos, and everyone knows what they're like. Anyway, sorry for not contributing.

No. 227390

Never had an active livejournal but I use to lurk Hetalia and Hitman Reborn groups/communities when I was like 13 and the ship wars were fucking top notch entertainment.

No. 227392

Sorry to double post but holy shit anon I love Mink's character in both games. Tumblr got so triggered by his rape scenes despite almost all bl games feature forced sex that would be seen as rape IRL. Plus, Tip amd Virus didn't get nearly the same amount of shit despite being technically worse by far but, since they are your typical looking bishies no one gave a fuck. It's almost like they were bias because Mink was too masculine or something. I don't understand it.

No. 227638

Lmao, isn't Shiki a rapist too though? Togainu no Chi is one of those things that works better without the porn imo.

I still like BL, but I hate the screaming Fujoshi type and the rape shit really gets to me, not gonna lie. It's s annoying and repetitive, and whenever I see tons of "OMG SO HOT GAYS >//w//<" comments under those things or see girls in their 20s coo over it at cons I just lose faith in humanity. It's hard to find good BL.

Granted, I used to be a cringy Fujoshit too, but I blame that on being 14-16 and knowing zilch about anything to do with sex and relationships.

No. 227888

>most of them draw/get off on borderline incest art of him with his half-brother

Who is he? My favorite character is in the exact same situation as yours, he gets put together with his brother the most and I find it a little disgusting.

No. 228063


Why are their heads so tiny?

No. 228088

File: 1518131643867.jpg (88.09 KB, 530x577, opressedfujos.jpg)

No. 228189

Kek tumblr. Just admit you're turned on by gay men fucking. To answer tumblr I'm a lesbian and don't give a fuck what they have to say about me being a fujo. I do what I want. They should perhaps try actually talking to fujos or lesbian/bi fujos sometime though.

No. 228312

>closeted gay trans men
That reminds me, how many other fujos actually imagine themselves as the uke when they read yaoi? Like, yeah sometimes I relate to a certain characters but, I never put myself in the fantasy.

No. 228898

>fujos who put themselves in the uke's place
A lot of the do actually. Maybe subconsciously but they do. I had this one friend (two actually) who were absolutely obsessed with Asami from Viewfinder and for the longest freakin time all she could talk about was how hot he is and how he'd fuck her and how she'd never find a guy like asami irl. It was total cringe.

Also speaking of viewfinder, can someone tell me whats the appeal of all these "starter" yaoi mangas like junjou and viewfinder? I see all these fujos scream over it but for the like of me I cannot see the appeal beyond "gay" and "romance".

No. 228948

the internet has taught me that there are a disturbingly large # of men who want to be adorable little girls holding each others hands and women who want to be ultrachads fucking little boys up the ass with their footlong cocks

No. 229050

>It's clearly intended to be psychological horror and less shexy gay butt secks and yet every run-of-the-mill tumblrina fujo is suddenly an edgelord obsessed with it. I just don't get it.
>I realize you said normie friend but still
I called him normie friend because I know he's into horror and not into BL/GL/romance stuff. He said he only read it bc he was into the genre. He did say he got turned off by it at first thanks to the fandom on tumblr praising it despite it not being romance. Idk I have a similar experience with an anime too which was Tiger & Bunny. At first I legit thought it's BL with some superhero stuff thanks to the fanart I see on tumblr but then a friend convinced me to watch it anyway since the plot was okay. I guess I can understand the shipping behind it.

>"let my gays marry" women at rally's with Sherlock shipping banners
wow all of a sudden I remember the few Sherlock fanart with #LoveWins I see on tumblr. It was pretty cringy.

No. 268233

Like being Fujoshi, isn't a reason good enough to kill yourself on its own.

No. 268235

Fake boi spotted

No. 268284

I've seen fujoshis in otome games fandoms - usually the fandom is separated in two, the fans with gay ships and the fans with OCxcanon ships. The latter hate the fujoshis and post "vague-ing" stuff about them. The fujoshis post statuses like "pls don't send me discourse info anymore". It's so funny.

No. 268330

That's because consuming m/m content while female is problematic now so fujos have to pretend they're trans men to be able to do so. On tumblr these troonfujos actually drag normal fujos for being "homophobic" and "fetishizing mlm".

No. 356577

Maybe that's more of a western thing. With a lot of Japanese fans I follow it feels like the opposite, especially in their gag fanart where the top character is spitting blood (2010s equivalent of nosebleeds I guess) at something lewd the bottom character is doing.

No. 356583

With the incest stuff and a lot of kinks in fanart, you have to think of it as closer to the bedoom rp equivalent of them than real life sexual abuse.
Like are you guys really that vanilla or not understand how fetishes work come on

No. 356666

Don't necro a thread without good cringe

Anyway I am convinced anime is at fault for the number of troons now. Prove me wrong.

No. 356742

that anon didn't necro the thread >>356577 did.

No. 388667

File: 1553076255998.png (93.68 KB, 1816x313, purefujomaidens.png)

Thank you for the cringe /ot/. First I learned that yaoi is peak female sexuality, now that fujos are so pure that they do not even masturbate to the pornographic content they are obsessed with.

No. 388685

Are you the same anon who claimed they were being harassed and called homophobic by hordes of fujoshi like it's 2007?

No. 388694

No. That anon should post their experience here, sounds interesting.

I think it's really weird to claim that people obsessed with a certain type of erotica do not fap to it…do you disagree?

No. 388706

It’s true though, if you spend time in actual fandom spaces it’s pretyy frowned upon to admit you get off to what you’re reading. the anons at fail-fandomanon have discussions on the topic frequently, sometimes they get off to it, sometimes they don’t. No one said yaoi is peak female sexuality, the only people using that phrasing were anti-fujo, and no one is saying all Fujo are ~pure. Many of them are lesbians with no sexual attraction to men, but decent yuri/women-on-women content is hard to find.

No. 388708

I almost think that had to be bait. No seme/uke? Fujos don't ship? No naughty touching? That's so ridiculous it's funny.

No. 388722

I'm not obsessed with yaoi but i do read it sometime and… I never masturbated to it. Even thinking about masturbating to it kinds disgusts me. Plenty of fujoshi are lesbians and yaoi isnt strictly pornographic. It's like saying "Oh you liked the movie LOVE by Gaspar Noé but you didnt jerk off to it? Weirdo!"

No. 388767

File: 1553109878075.jpg (537.12 KB, 1809x679, yaoiisheterohetislesbian.jpg)

>it’s pretyy frowned upon to admit you get off to what you’re reading

This is news to me, I have been in really perverted fandom spaces then.
It sounds sad and like another example of how female sexuality is repressed. Men will talk about their dicks and getting off all the time online (I am not saying we should copy this obnoxious tmi behaviour exactly) while fangirls can't even say they wank to their beloved yaoi sex when talking to other fujos huh.

>Many of them are lesbians

Also crazy news to me. Excuse the autism but in this other discussion yaoi was the most het thing ever. I don't find these comments cringey however, except for the last one which is insane (thinking het is for lesbians)

No. 388776

Most fujos aren't lesbians. Most fujos are straight girls who think finding Ruby Rose pretty means they're bisexual, and this gets twisted into "Fujos are all lesbians anyway!" because fujos think it makes them look better for some reason.

No. 388780

If they're actually into women it makes them seem sadder. Why ignore women and look at unsexy men if you're a lesbian? If the yuri out there sucks then just write some hawt woman on woman fic of your own.

No. 388786

>unsexy men
They aren’t real men, they’re fictional drawings, and big shock lesbians can relate and connect to gay men.

>write your own

Most people in fandom spaces are consumers.

Seriously spend time in fandom anon spaces and you’ll see that your experiences with yaoi culture ten years ago isn’t the case now. I rarely even see “yaoi” tossed around as a term anymore

No. 388816

A disproportionately large amount of fujos are lesbians, yeah. The lady who wrote my lesbian experience with loneliness was a major fujo lol.

No. 388907

a good friend and i used to rp yaoi. she came out as a lesbian and we STILL rp yaoi. i think it's just difficult to find female characters who hit certain tropes that male characters do, plus yuri content is generally really fucking bad.

No. 388962

Agree. Virtually all yuri is by males for males and even when it's made by women most of the women who make it (and consume it) are bisexual so it still tends to have very male gazey undertones.

No. 389175

The fujo thread here on this very board is a beautiful gift that keeps on giving. Massive textwalls, continuing the asspain and still defending the 'discussion' that took place the other day at the end of the UO thread. Stereotypes are generally true to some degree. Accept it and move on.

Fujos are honestly the most ridiculous subset of fandom imo. Hyper cringe. Just flick it and hush.

No. 389188

fujos are the cringiest part of every fandom, they ruin everything. they always come up with the "b-but i am so gay!! this is gay representation!!" thing after being into like one extremely butchy girl despite being attracted to men 99% of the time. lesbians might inherently relate to a same sex love story but i really, really doubt that a woman who is obsessively into watching two men fuck is a lesbian. gay sex has such different ways than lesbian sex, i don't even relate to gay sex despite being into men myself because i don't have a male anatomy. so many fujos troon out like the mtfs who think they are going to become uwu anime girls too, it's hilarious. they think they are going to become a cute bottom twink boy or something.

No. 389213

File: 1553200409440.png (Spoiler Image, 511.63 KB, 720x812, 1552808078503.png)

From the bad art thread. Why is being pedo such a big thing with fujos and sadist ones at that? Why do they so often enjoy and create things were underage boys are sexualized, tortured or raped?
The same tendency do not exist in fangirls who create straight content. Straight shota is mainly created by and for men.

No. 389216

these hands are creepy

No. 390262

i honestly hate the occupation of fujos in sports anime fandoms when most of the time the sports anime isn't highly homoerotic. not everything is fucking yuri on ice and I don't want to search for fanart of my sports anime favs only to be greeted with gross fetish gay shit. and hell although yuri on ice had fujo baiting heavy it didn't treat gay relationships and gay subtext abusively unlike the actual yaoi genre does, because at least the canonical couple didn't fit the typical SCARY SEME DEFENSELESS UKE framework

I used to be a minor fujo, but never was that entrhralled by the genre and my increasing disgust w it allowed me to distance myself from it for the most part. I'm really repulsed by the heavily sexualized and rapey stuff. I love power play in straight relationships but I can't stand seeing the rapey and objectifying gay stereotyping in yaoi esp when I almost never see it as frequently in yuri. yuri has some bad apples but it's almost never as bad as yaoi that I've seen from a fetish standpoint at least the trio that I've read. thats why I stopped reading yaoi pretty much cold turkey. the only shit I can stomach is the fluffy stuff and I barely read that because I'm afraid it'll turn into a rape orgy. I was never a shipper in fandoms and the fujos in my respective fandoms always grossed me the fuck out. there was legit a translator who stopped translating haikyuu content because she was a stingy fujo bitch who got offended when none of her non canonical pairings became real and the boys showed affection towards female characters, what a fucking clod.

oh boy

there was a self proclaimed "pedo fujo" bitch on a site I used to frequent, and she was milky as hell.

favoring mostly young looking teens and that one kid from erased she was absolutely obsessed with the teacher from that show and shipping him with the kid. it was disgusting because I'm 99% sure she only liked both of their characters because she could ship the kid with the adult in question.

she also got super defensive and huffy and harassed anyone who dared question why she was so gross when she'd openly declare she was attracted to underage kids. her profile was also plastered with pictures of borderline shota rape, and proclamations of how "proud" she was to be a self proclaimed pedo.

there is a silver lining that after months of harassing others on said site and discord- the mods finally forced her to remove all references to pedophila and drama, and she left for good (seemingly) but she leaves such a disgusting taste in my mouth.

No. 390568

ah here I found it
she still updating her shitty fanfiction
read "sensational soliciting" if you want your day ruined, anti fujoshits, it's basically killing stalking + pedoshit + overusage of a thesaurus

No. 391565

Sort of ot but this post reminded me of this huge influx of fujos into hockey fandom here in the US, it happened back around 2011 with tons of shipping irl teammates and coaches and rival teams. They were messy as fuck, honestly.

I remember it being a decent size portion of every thread over at failfandomanon on LJ, I'm sure they were thrilled when Yuri on Ice came out.

No. 395542

Oh my fucking god. Vanoty made it onto lolcow? Surprised but also not surprised. I used to run around in her circle around 2010-2013 or so. Almost all of her friends were into roleplaying pedophilic themed fantasies where all the "bottoms" were super childlike and naive and while the "tops" were always abusive and controlling in some way or another. usually sexually. and as time went on i saw Vanoty draw her "bottom" characters more and more childlike and pre-pubescent. Gross as fuck. Not to mention her and her friends were incredibly stuck up.

No. 395553

File: 1554529876152.jpg (18.17 KB, 409x393, 031.jpg)

>we're just like keith and lance from my favorite anime, dan and phil

gets me every time.

No. 395984

File: 1554635631675.jpg (50.85 KB, 500x500, BGUKC-0CAAMF3bB.jpg)

>Fujos in sports anime
Holy shit I get really uncomfortable when I think about Inazuma Eleven fujos. A lot of them are in their young adult age, but I'm pretty sure every character is in middle school, if not early high school.
How do they find something sexual in an anime clearly meant for children winding down from a long day at school?

I still ship male characters together, but I don't do it exclusively. And I definitely don't do it when it's never hinted they could have been a couple at one point.

No. 395987

>my gays
Mega cringe.

No. 395992

I was surprised to learn how many fujos their were in the Hajime-no-ippo fandom

No. 396063

You're talking about YaoiMaster from MAL aren't you.

No. 396120

Hahahahaha I won't deny nor confirm that but she's got her own dead thread here.

Sage for OT- if you're looking for milky myanimelist posters check out IPreferEcchi. He's a 24 year old NEET whose mom still pays for his shit, has never held a job or gone to college, he harasses women in their DMs and is a cringey incel overall, worse than most of the men on that site by far with how blatant he is. What he does in public is disgusting, what he sends to girls in his DMs is worse. Surprised he isn't banned yet.

MAL is an alt right hellhole if you venture into certain threads- kiwifarms and 4chan plants who are merely there to spread political propaganda are posting rampantly, trying to radicalize weebs by political posting in non political threads and sections. rly nasty shit.

The site itself is a milk factory, it almost deserves its own thread for the amount of cringe it generates.

No. 396176

>>Has her own thread
Oh god anon please link it idc how dead it is please

No. 396195

File: 1554682107872.jpeg (57.25 KB, 750x340, C61FBAE8-BADE-4179-8CB5-6DBAFF…)


hopefully this link works

No. 396213

File: 1554687126328.jpg (53.42 KB, 600x604, fuck.jpg)

>Seriously spend time in fandom anon spaces
Yes, most people do, and still find these "stereotypes" to be true. How about you spend some time in a popular fandom and see how many people go out of their way to harass you for not liking the yaoi?
Oh hey, i should post the thing i posted in the bad art thread, but in more detail.

>get to know a girl that ids as a lesbian

>she likes yaoi but she's not annoying about it so i don't mind it
>among friends are a few fakebois (big mistake)
>we all decide to settle down on discord
>she claimed she stopped being a fujo a long time ago
>strangely obsessive over male characters she strongly believed were gay
>Link, Sidon, most characters from mha, any video game, etc you know how it is
>fakebois colluded with her so i stayed quiet and didn't block either
>she takes interest in my characters suddenly
>why me
>i don't have a lot of guy ocs but when i do they're hetero
>"An ass and a vagina feel the same once you get enough lube in"
>"My oc will crossdress and look just like a girl for yours"
>"What more do you need? Just tell me"
>clearly uncomfortable at this point
>she backpedals and plays it cool
>a few months pass without incident
>then suddenly every time i joined voice chat with her she'd beg me to make my guys gay, verbatim
>she seems to become a ruder and ruder person by the day
>she ignores everyone and only wants to talk about herself and gay porn
>fakebois are okay with it because she posts a lot of gay porn every day
>finally burst because of her, i briefly complain about it on a public channel and immediately leave
>tells the others i have internalized hatred and that's why i avoided having LGBT characters/headcanons
>all of my close friends manage to leave too
>a few of them tell me afterwards that she denies being a fujo often but has an obvious fag fetish
>mfw when i had to do all this tip toeing to not start drama between friends but she was a fujo from the get go

No. 400548

Chris Evans Talks About Cap's Love for Peggy Carter, Crowd Starts Chanting "Bucky"


No. 400560

>Yes, most people do, and still find these "stereotypes" to be true. How about you spend some time in a popular fandom and see how many people go out of their way to harass you for not liking the yaoi?
This, so many people are incredibly obnoxious about their "uwu smol gay beans" even when you ship a less popular mxm pairing.

No. 400563

i remember watching inazuma eleven, it was a wholesome show, can't believe fujos ship these kids

No. 400566

File: 1555767583010.jpg (222.43 KB, 842x979, IMG_20190420_152504.jpg)

I once knew an ultra christian girl that was a fujo, got rejected by her crush for a gay man and started drawing fanart of those 2 kissing and gave it to him for his birthday. It was the deviantart tier overly airbrushed kind of art.

I probably wouldn't have a problem with fujoshits if they wouldn't erase the personalities of my favourite characters and draw them as mentally crippled. Like seriously, show some love for those guys instead of drawing them as helpless and crying about dick.

No. 400576

My problem with fujoshits is that they always try to claim there's something 'more' going on between two male characters who are just clearly deeply platonic. I've seen this in multiple fandoms and no one is allowed to speak up against this without being branded as a homophobe.
It's like these boring bitches have never had a long term best friend that really cared about them before (I can see that) and vice versa. It's really disgusting and propagates disrespectful social issues.

No. 400578

yeah like i don't care if they ship two male characters and have their headcanons or whatever but when it gets to the insane "it's 100% DEFINITELY real (creator) keeps them closeted but it's canon homophobe hets can keep denying it but it's obvious" extent it's extremely cringy. the amount of people like this has doubled with the whole fake woke lgbt representation wave.

No. 400589

There are lots of anime where guys fight for a girl in a love triangle and they end up being shipped together. Is it a fun idea? Sure, but then you see it become "canon" even if one guy slashes the other with a sword and they express disgust to each other.

I can get fujos on 4chan that do it for the shitposting and pissing homophobic guys off- but you see a character who has legit suffered because of another one and had his health harmed or lost major opportunities in life and tumblr goes on to push them as a healthy canon tsundere ship. Bonus points if both guys have healthier relationships with other men in the story.

The other variant is where the 2 guys have a good relationship, but they never hug, kiss or express romantic interest and a fujo legit told me that I'm too shallow if I need any of that for a romantic pairing, that muh nipponjin fujos are superior because they don't care about the canon and are happy dreaming about it.

No. 400770

File: 1555829692904.jpg (387.76 KB, 1280x1274, btw.jpg)

This shit happens so often it's not even funny. Now people have a high pedestal for this inane complaint too, so you can't blame it on some dumb spergs anymore, so you get both the woke retards and the spergs arguing that the author doesn't love his fanbase.
>pic related, fujos got mad even though ONE (author) later said that he doesn't mind any type of fanart
It would be fine with rival shipping so long as fujos didn't try to jam it in everyone's throats. These are somehow usually the most popular ships because fujos can't learn how to not wet themselves when there's two dudes fighting about one murdering the other's entire family or something.

No. 416963

>if you're looking for milky myanimelist posters check out IPreferEcchi
This dude is a literal pedophile and a disaster of a person. If anyone has any dirt on this guy I'd love to see it. Maybe in a new thread. I want to make a list of this guy's sick fuckery. He preys upon young girls online and has looked at cp before, and even sexualized his niece.

No. 417002

>many of those girls doing that are actually closeted gay trans men discovering what they like
Literally the mirror image of "lesbian" troons explaining why they love schoolgirl yuri hentai.

No. 417268

someone found pastebin about IPE. I didn't post it, I personally have logs that my friends on discord from mal sent me of him harassing their friend, it's not really fucking surprising but the mods not banning him yet is one of the most retarded decisions the sites made in recent years. He's definitely not "advertiser friendly" and the site is becoming more and more atune with trying to be ad friendly so maybe they'll kick him soon enough? I goddamn hope so.

mal is crawling with degenerates. towards the beginning of this year a group of predominantly foul male incelfags spread a female users nudes at one point and tried to catfish a male user, attempted to make the female user have a mental breakdown, harassed people who tried to combat them. judas & yaoimaster doxed another user who came out in the lolcow thread and attempted to blackmail / defame / threaten the user, just a mess.

mal has become this pathetic black hole of a site compared to what it used to be and it's full of actual cows who are willing to take internet drama beyond the computer and attempt to hurt people irl and it's fucking yikes, half the userbase ditched after the forums shutdown for two months last summer but the stalking doxing harassment and behind the scenes drama drove most of the rest of them away, fairly so. no wonder it's fucking dead now, idk how ipe has survived it when he's just as cow as yaoimaster

No. 417299

Thanks. If it's cool with you, could you post the logs you have about the guy in a temp pastebin paste? Redact their name if you like, but it would be useful to have some examples of him being a creep and harassing people.

As for stalking and doxing, yeah, he's into doing that shit too. He really shouldn't interact with any women at all, especially younger ones like he likes to target and send his nudes to.

No. 417584

Ask and ye shall receive, took me a bit to find it buried in my DMs. My friend's friend was trying to "troll" him, if you can't tell by the emotes, and he bought it, but he still sounds so sleazy and she was effectively creeped out.


No. 419889

File: 1560064928465.png (95.09 KB, 921x418, fQdrHdS.png)

More IPE cringe.

IPE proudly professing that he found a female user who he's sexually harassed's blog from when she was underage (user is now an adult but was underage when that blog was published).

No. 420582

File: 1560224801456.gif (1.08 MB, 435x250, IllustriousSlipperyAmericanwir…)

y'all motherfuckers posting in a scrote thread

No. 495495

File: 1576634659337.png (82.39 KB, 676x560, 569.png)

just make this and put this in here

No. 495532

nice necro genius

No. 495558

Are you the ESL anti-fujo sperg who constantly pops up to declare their irrational hate for fujos and how misogynist (excuse me, misoginist) they are?

No. 495563

>not clit rubbing

only a man would get that wrong

No. 495569

I like how most of this aren't even roasts

No. 495574

Yeah cause you don't sound like you've got any internalized misogyny/homophobia at all, what with mocking women who dare masturbate. And to something other than hetero sex no less! God forbid.

No. 495575

no, i rarely coming here to be honest

No. 495576

whatever if you think i am a man, you can edit it as you like
calm down mate, it is just my projection plus i am a fujoshi as well. i just want to make female version of this meme

No. 495598

The resident Fujo Sperg will never chill, even gentle memes by other fujos will send her raging. One must never insult the yaoi.

No. 495601

File: 1576658687016.gif (788.84 KB, 245x250, 2mqkktc.gif)

Jesus Christ, learn to speak English. Haven't you ever heard of a fucking plural noun?

No. 495738

Calm down, bitter fujo.

No. 495945

>the thread gets necroed just for fujo and anti fujo infighting
kek just post some more cringe already

No. 496027

the infighting was the cringe all along

No. 496038

Literally never said anything about yaoi but go off I guess.

Maybe if you don't want people arguing with you, don't necro a thread with an ESL MS paint meme.

No. 497240

is necroing a thread always the worst sin in here
The "how do I stop enjoying yaoi?" thread was becoming yaoi cringe thread anyway, why not just use this one again

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