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No. 225290

Previous thread: >>>/w/216275
Discuss your (in)famous (ex-)Japan-vloggers here.

BEFORE POSTING: Please keep on topic. Post proof about topics before tinfoiling.
CHRIS AND SHARLA HAVE THEIR OWN THREAD. Please keep all topics regarding them to that thread only, all outside containment posts will be reported: >>>/w/219948


Aki Dearest


Connor/CDawg VA





Rachel & Jun
https://www.youtube.com/c/RachelandJun/ [not updated as often]
https://www.youtube.com/user/RachelandJunExtra [updated more frequently]
https://www.youtube.com/user/JunsKitchen [Jun's Kitchen, not updated much]


Tokyo Creative
https://www.tokyocreative.jp/en/ [Actual home website]


https://www.tokyozebra.com/ [Personal site]

>unfortunately the previous thread only had only Norm stuff brought back up without new info as well as the whole thread being filled with tinfoil
>hopefully we get new milk now

No. 225291

The OP also includes the Trash Taste and Aki thread subjects. Farmhands were asked to close those threads to consolidate them into one thread again now that Sharla and Chris have their own thread and not a single subject otherwise has milk enough for their own threads anymore. Especially Aki. It's been 6 years and anons only post to nitpick her body. She might as well come here with Joey. Otherwise if mods keep them open, just continue to talk about the other cows here like Rachel and Jun, Norm, Emmo, Sam.

Hopefully, this keeps the tinfoiling and derailing that the shippers brought to the last 2 threads at a minimum with their own space and we can discuss other cow behavior such as Norm harassing people and Sam stalking women.

No. 225307

I don't think the link to the C&S thread is accurate.

No. 225308

Thank you anon, my bad.


No. 225315

This means even if it's stuff that involves either individually it cant be posted here right?

No. 225319

Sharla often makes videos with TC, Aki, Emma etc. Chris shoots with Connor all the time. Can that not be talked about here either? Like when TC made a video with Chris and Sharla, Emma, Aki made chocolate for him. Can that stuff still be posted here?

No. 225324

Okay so if it’s not tinfoiling (like saying they got engaged just because Sharla posted a photo of a ring) but actual evidence, like discussion a video they filmed together, then that’s okay?

No. 225325

I think it means that the CxS relationship tinfoiling should stay in its containment thread, but if there's non-relationship milk involving them then it can be posted here no problem.

No. 225327

No, undortunately. CxS relationship stuff has its own thread for a reason, because it devolves into tinfoiling, infighting, and nitpicking. Non-relationship drama or milk that happens to involve them should be fine, though.(mini-modding)

No. 225332

Sorry, isn’t that kind of retarded? I think all Chris and Sharla discussion belongs in the containment thread. Trying to parse it out into relationship shit only is weird and will be impossible to enforce since people can always edge around and vaguely talk about them flirting . Containment threads/threads period are meant for like, a whole cow. Not just one aspect.

No. 225337

This is retarded.

No. 225340

If they are collabing, it makes sense, but the logic is no different than anons have 3 threads where Joey would be discussed. It's the exact same thing you anons tried to do, but now Sharla and Chris specifically have threads for themselves and their own discussion, even vlogging. Keep everything related to them in that thread.

If it's TokyoSam trying to start shit about the relationship, post about it in that thread. If it's people involving them in their own vlogs, post it here. If it's them with guests in their vlogs, post it in there.

It's really not that hard. Chris and Sharla everything goes to containment.

No. 225343

But wacky weekend episodes that are posted on Connor channel are okay to post here?

No. 225344

No. It goes in containment. There's no reason to post about it in here.

No, everything regarding them goes in containment. Even when they do film with other people, anons only focus on them specifically, so why would they be posted here? Keep them in their own thread now.

No. 225345

What nitpicking? What infighting? I didn’t see any of that in the old threads, just some tinfoil but mostly discussion that was relevant.

No. 225346

Yeah because it's his content, even if Sharla and Chris show up, it's from Connor.

BUT, if anons start delving into how Chris and Sharla behave towards each other in the video, go to your containment thread.

No. 225348

Okay, thanks for clarifying.

No. 225349

No prob. We are trying to keep this as separate as possible because 2 threads in almost 2 weeks is insane, so all the string conspiracies can remain in one thread and actual Jvlog discussion can resume here.

No. 225350


Yes I asked early due this and more like what if Chris collabs with PewDiePie.Events in his life or else outside shipping or linking him to S.
Like for example his upcoming journey to lose weight by the end of the year.
Thanks for the answers >>225346>>225343>>225332

No. 225351

It's good the clarification anons.
Personally I'm waiting to see if Chris collabs with Norm again.It will be a nice shitshow if happens.

No. 225353

File: 1656814517897.jpg (109.41 KB, 640x853, 4sly7ibfh1991.jpg)

The trashtaste gang have indeed grown by a mile yes we can call them generic weeb baiters but they are indeed pulling $$$.
They have a crazy USA/Canada tour for the upcoming months.
Maylene the one who group them together hit gold.

No. 225354

I think some nonnies need a refresher on what “milk” is. Don’t post random Connor vids, or any other jvlogger or whatever that aren’t milky. If you just want to discuss how much you like some jvlogger or enjoyed a video, that belongs in /ot/. Sorry for minimodding but if no jvloggers actually produce milk anymore this thread and its offshoots belong somewhere else anyway.

No. 225356

me too anon. I wonder if "moving to Kyushu" was strategic though.

Also want to point out how refreshing Currently Hannah's channel is. coincidence I discovered her during one of Norm's rooftop vids.

No. 225359

Anyone want to talk about Norm's blatant selfposting about his "achievements" at the end of the last jvlogger thread? Like anyone would be chiming in to support him right under those screenshots of how he drove a woman from her new life in Japan, ruined her career and she ended up ODing a couple of years later. Calling himself a sky lord and shit.

Do people stay friends with him because they're afraid of him going on a vendetta rampage against them too? because the man has no redeeming qualities.

No. 225360

OP links to the wrong last thread btw, it is here:


No. 225366

Fear of him backstabbing them is my call.It would not surprise me that they learn about his true colors too late so they just gotta remain "friendly" to him.

No. 225368

I do wonder till when such trio will last.
Cdawgva is growing massively individually and in short time he migth not even need TT aid for his career.He's already in contact with big influencers and his twitch channel is already solid.

No. 225370

so i do a little research on getting a pilot license in japan. many comment said dont its better just to get the license in the Philippines and US. it 3 times cheaper than in japan also you get a international license that can be use everywhere . i feel sorry for people thinking on on going to flight shcool in japan because of norm video

No. 225373

I watched a tkyosam. A tykyosam say japanese have website for use for silencing an enemy of japanese. Is true? Is website? Sororry for small english.sorry for sm(unsaged shitpost)

No. 225379

CxS got locked kek
Well we tried.

No. 225395

So we can post about Chris and Sharla here?

No. 225405

I guess unless they are banned from everywhere.

No. 225412

Holy fuck the anons trying to minimod this thread are insane. These are just rules random anons made up. wtf is this.

No. 225441

Last time i checked it no one has posted for hours, and all you idiots talk about is tinfoiling their relationship and shit, why should there be a thread for that?
I agree with locking the aki thread tho

No. 225453

>Holy fuck the anons trying to minimod this thread are insane. These are just rules random anons made up. wtf is this.

This thread has been crawling with jvloggers since months back now, they were very obvious at first because nobody knew how to sage or quote posts etc.
Norm straight up posting about himself in the last thread is proof of that, at least the others have learned to integrate.

No. 225469

This guy >>225198 deleted his tweets because someone told him off.

Honestly, Sharla invites that kind of discussion when she posts a photo of a ring on her left ring finger, where she usually doesn't wear a ring. Then her stans leap to defend her against Sharla x Chris dating rumours.

No. 225475

No different from other threads creating their own rules aside from site rules

No. 225502

I think she likes speculation.
Btw the answer to that tweet tells how her followers already have an idea of the cxs,they just ignore the elephant in the room.

No. 225505

i think she likes it too. chris on the other hand …

No. 225508

Yeah,I wonder how does it work.
One actively hiding shit while the other playing around sometimes(not necessarily about the ring).
Inb4 it's a Sharla kink to make him angry LMAO

No. 225510

What's with Chris repeating a lot he's 32 and too old.
Is this some kind of early mid life crisis or just his YT persona enjoying self deprecation?
Does trashtaste or what other YouTubers of his age can do is affecting him or what?

No. 225514

I agree it's weird, being in your 30s is not old. I feel like most people complain about TURNING 30, but after that they're okay about up it until they turn 40. Yet Chris always talks about being old when he's not even middle age.

A ton of his friends are older (both Petes, Ryotaro, Natsuki …) and he's more successful than them so I don't understand what he's stressing about.

No. 225527

I wouldn't say he's more successful than Ryotaro. On youtube of course but Ryotaro is a big deal in Japan and a business owner and is actually the one who sets up a lot of Chris' better videos.
Pete Donaldson is actually pretty big too. He has a podcast empire and was famous for radio for a while. Just on camera he doesn't show up a lot.
Chris acts old because he feels old. He didn't take care of his health and eats a lot of fried chicken. Most of feeling old is just falling out of shape. Until you get to your 40s, 50s etc.
Conner started off as significantly smaller than the other two. Now I'd agree he'll end up bigger. He grinds the most, stays on top of trends, and doesn't get too lewd if you know what I mean. Joey seems like he is trying to find himself and be taken seriously. Garnt feels like he just wants a good income and a good time but isn't actively hungry like Conner. I bet in a couple years. Garnts retired, Joey is trying to be a musician, and Conner has a new podcast and countless collabs.

No. 225529

I archived it in case he changes it and for anyone who needs to use google translate, but he created his own Japanese wiki page and it's more of the same thing. At the top it says he's trilingual and speaks Japanese at a native level (which he does not and who adds that there) and tries to make it seem like he's a pro shamisen player (he's not). He gives a detailed list (with months) of his history in Japan and talks up his friendship with Sharla, Chris, Dogen and Hannah.

No. 225660

Super anon, thx . Normy has so much time on his hands. Also modding those NSFW subreddits kek

No. 225662

I have no idea how this site works either. Not a jvlogger I just came here because it was a result when you Google jvlogger gossip. I have participated in other gossip boards but never one that had some many rules about how to gossip lol. I stuck around because I was interested in discussing C&S.

Now idk if we can’t discuss them here and their thread is locked.

No. 225664

ofc we can discuss them here. they’re jvloggers and don’t have a thread of their own.

No. 225690

>Now idk if we can’t discuss them here and their thread is locked.

The thread being locked doesn't mean they're a banned topic, in means a janny (moderator) thought that thread was shit and not necesssary. Jannies haven't said anything about the jvlogger thread or c+s afaik, so the actual mods of this board don't care at all.

No. 225698

2012 Norm being Norm at 0:08. He's in other videos, too. Don't know if they ever did, but Norm and Jamie do not follow each other although they played at the same events and are part of the same "Bachido" shamisen community (Norm_TKY). Always wondered how others in the shamisen community, especially other foreigners, feel about Norm.

No. 225701

They've said to stop tinfoiling and post proof

No. 225702

Despite giving a detailed list of his history on his wiki page, Norm curiously left out that he played at the 22nd Tsugaru Shamisen Championship in 2019. It doesn't look like he said anything about it on his channel either, didn't comment on the video of his performance, which is uncharacteristic of him, and didn't seem to announce it on twitter, but announced a performance he was giving at a shamisen store the day before on twitter and youtube. It's not that interesting, but since he maybe doesn't want us to see it, 3:55:38.

No. 225731

>Norm straight up posting about himself in the last thread is proof of that, at least the others have learned to integrate.
You're norm obsession is leaking. Disagreeing with you does not mean I'm Norm, and you have a weird method of bullying bruh.

No. 225756

"bullying," you say?

No. 225758

Possibly because he didn’t win?

No. 225760

Possibly because he didn’t win?

No. 225762

Show me your entire norm folder to prove just how not obsessed you are with this norm feller. Then continue to call everyone else that dissented from the "you have to hate what I hate" ree ree worldview
to silence their desent like a real queen b on hrt.

No. 225773

funny accurate about norm video

No. 225785

Maybe because he's getting close to the age of them is worrying him?
Like how time is going fast.
I also have the odd idea that perhaps he didn't live at its fullest his 20s and sometimes it gets him.

No. 225813

Is this a selfpost? I’m sorry but your vid isn’t funny please stick to your day job..

No. 225818

Samefag sorry, I saw these posts and could not just let it go..
Anons are you in your 30s? How can you perceive anyones experience of being in their 30’s if you aren’t?
It’s not about ‘turning 30’, it’s everything that comes with it. (Ageing, health, progress in life, why do my knees hurt? How did I gain 2lbs overnight??)
Everyone is different, I definitely didn’t think it was a big deal but it hit me pretty quick. The memes are real, and it’s coming for you lol.
Sorry for slight blog post but it’s really not a big deal that he complains about stuff like that, you will too eventually.

No. 225822

He didn't announce it before, not just after. He also rarely uploads videos of himself playing in full. He'll only show a short clip or play a little then stop or cut out to him talking, even when the entire vlog is supposed to be about him performing at a major event.

No. 225882

I don't think him complaining is the matter but the repeating it a lot.
Btw it could be too he sees Garnt/Felix at their 32s in a way better state.

No. 225909

Anon, you sound unhinged.

No. 225932

No, I’m just a 30 something who has been watching jvloggers for the past 10 years or so (maybe you are too idk). I’m their age so I guess I relate to them, I’m not sure that means I’m unhinged.

No. 225934

I feel like most people are pretty happy after they turn 30. If you gain two lbs overnight perhaps seek out a doctor because that’s not normal. Neither is knee pain.

No. 225941

Tbh, most Millenials make comments about their age or nearing 30 all the time. He's not really special in this aspect. That's their fucking go-to self-deprication joke right there aside from pointing out how badly they take care of themselves, another thing her literally does all the time.

No. 225948

It is probably one of the most annoying things about "my generation." Like, you don't have to be fat, unhealthy, and in pain. It isn't inevitable. Also, they're just all easing into boomer humor this way.

No. 225952

I don’t see other jvloggers like Micaela, Sharla, her.atlas, Currently Hannah, Taylor R etc complain about their age and they’re all in their 30s. I think Currently Hannah even said recently that she was happy about turning 30. Chris talks about his age ALL THE TIME and I’ve never met anyone who does that. Especially someone as successful as he is.

No. 225954

Um, a few of them have made mentions about 'being old' before. You probably don't notice it because you only notice it from Chris since he repeats it so often. He's also the only one who really uses self-deprecating humor constantly. Look at all the celebrities who actually use this and they are still popular. Popularity doesn't make coping skills disappear.

No. 225959

It’s one thing to mention it like once, another to talk about it on every fucking livestream.

Constantly complaining about his age is not self-deprecating humour. It’s pretty obvious it’s something he’s legit stressed about, who knows for what reason.

No. 225971

Maybe he's just not that much of a "master shamisen player" or whatever it was that Sharla said about him (or he made her say).
It's not uncommon for musicians who like to show off to play a few bars of a super complex piece and then you realize a few weeks down the line that that's all they know how to play.

No. 225972

To the 19 year old weebs on here it possibly does.

No. 225973

Oh sweetie, 2lbs overnight is actually very normal and common. It's not 2 pounds of fat (or muscle, alas!).
It's called weight fluctuation and a lot of factors can influence the amount of water and glycogen etc. you retain or don't retain.

No. 225976

this. It's a thing many people of our generation do, even with people who are like 5 years younger.

> I don’t see other jvloggers like Micaela, Sharla, her.atlas, Currently Hannah, Taylor R etc complain about their age
Haha, yeah… Taylor has been making "I'm crying on my birthday" videos for the past few years now…

Exactly. But all the children on here take everything he says as some heart-felt admission of deep-seated issues.

No. 225979

Didn't say he's not stressed about it, but it isn't abnormal at all for people his age to be doing that shit. Almost all my friends do it too. maybe you're too young or something, anon, or don't have the right friends who are outcasts or some shit, but this isn't surprising. I never noticed it when watching his videos because I don't see it being an issue. You on the other hand, clearly hate it for whatever nitpicking reason. How is this milky?? He's also been self-depriacted. Not even using it as an excuse. It's his literal personality along with his deadpan delivery of everything he says. It's very British and millennial at the same time.

No. 225988

It’s very predictable and boring. Like his videos. Like the podcast. Yawn.

No. 226002

Do we need to organize help?
Is somebody chaining you to a basement chair, making you watch his videos?
If in any way you can, let us know! I'm sure we'll all rally to help a bitch out!

No. 226006

No, but I have been a fan of him for years and I think over the past 2 years his videos have gotten worse. The persona he puts on has become cartoonish. It never feels earnest or real. He says he feel uncomfortable as a presenter and he would rather be behind the camera and it shows.

The podcast is incredibly stale. Listen to an episode from 4 years ago to one these days and it’s obvious how lacklustre it’s become. Shame.

No. 226007

not a selfpost but you should give a like lol
I just founded when looking at the old PULL archives.

No. 226009


Abroad in Japan has never been that great in my opinion but the others around him are so mediocre that he stands out.

No. 226047

I feel like we all know who this unhinged individual is

No. 226048

No. 226049

Zoomers plz, be nice to your millennial farmers we’re old and fragile and like to moan about it.
On a different note perhaps the age gap/time people have been invested with jvloggers has had something to do with the speculation over the past few threads.

No. 226050

I wonder if Sharla is going to introduce her new cat in her next video?

No. 226054

Some youtubers are. I enjoy Chris Patreon behind the scenes stuff because he feels much more chilled out than he is in the actual videos. It’s the same reason journey across Japan season 1 worked better than the following seasons. You could tell he was struggling but it made the videos better. It was supposed to be a challenge and it made the videos so much more authentic.

No. 226086

Yet you never post BTS anything, not even the simple Patreon posts, redardless of livestreams.

No. 226094

Why would I? Subscribe to his Patreon yourself if you’re curious.

No. 226097

This is an imageboard and no one believes you. Fuck off the thread if you don't ever plan to actually contribute. You're clearly not subbed and want anons to believethese paywall posts without contexts and stuff about cats which still no one has posted photos or proof of either. Take a hint.

No. 226098

Post where you heard about this imaginary cat, retard

No. 226114

I think so, too, but it's really cringey how much he tries to show off when he doesn't have the balls to share his full performances, and you'd expect better playing and attitude from someone who takes lessons from the Yoshida brothers, although he's probably not a true apprentice. It's like his claims of being an expert martial artist.
In which vlog was it that Norm first pretended not to be able to play the shamisen at a shamisen shop, only to "blow away" the shop owner with his skills a la Oriental Pearl?

No. 226115

What don’t you believe? That Chris acts more relaxed in the videos he uploads to Patreon? Why is that unbelievable, I’m genuinely curious.

No. 226155

Lol it’s cute that you think that you are speaking to one person. All the screenshots that’s been posted on here specifically from chris and Sharla Patreon, you ignore every single one of them !

No. 226156

Yes, It’s almost like night and day, He is way more insecure, more intellectual and more self reflective than he is publicly!

No. 226158

Will you apologize to me once her video about her new kitten come out? Lol nah I know you sorry sods won’t, because when y’all r proven to be silly name calling fools, you just pretend that you didn’t see it!!!(autism!)

No. 226164

It's entirely possible she has a new cat but if you have some kind of insider secret knowledge you really should just share how you know, or not post about it at all. People are just going to not believe you and if she does have a new cat, anons are just going to speculate on who you are and how you knew. Also who cares if she has a new cat anyway, she used to have two but her ex-husband kept the other one that wasn't Maro, I think. She probably likes the socialization you have with two cats, and it really isn't milk. Just an update on her life.

No. 226169

File: 1657050317358.jpg (567.2 KB, 1079x1890, Screenshot_20220705-115052_Ins…)

>iTs Her PersoNaL cAt

No. 226170

Anons confuse the purpose of milk completely at this point.

No. 226179

The Jvloggers scene is not as competitive as others.
We can even count them with our fingers tbh.
Markiplier, PewDiePie (current)and Anthony Padilla must be the most legit ones I've found.
Chris persona is up in most of the time, sometimes you find cracks tho.

No. 226181

This is the anon who barks about proof then goes silent right? Kek

No. 226187

Anons are asking for proof of timeline updates. Thats even something anons posted in Moo's threads. Why can't anon post that? It's not that hard to prove you are subbed and not like he could find out who it is who is leaking materials.

No. 226189

Proof was posted on last thread, do keep up nona

No. 226195

Anon has never posted timeline updates. I'm talking about outside of closeups of livestreams where we have to wait forever for anon to find someone else's post from another site to reupload. Do you even know what a patreon timeline looks like? Status updates and stuff. I'm talking recent updates. This isn't that hard to do. I don't know why you guys keep protesting posting basic shit.

No. 226210

They protest because they're making it up as they go along, same as usual.

No. 226212

I really hope to find out who this is. Delusional and insufferable. I wonder what they do irl.

No. 226214

File: 1657057762726.jpeg (579.47 KB, 2048x2048, A8A5F608-43FC-4C34-ADB6-42083A…)

I will eagerly wait for your apology!! We have posted many pictures so now your new excuse is that it’s from another site!?
I will post this and then ask you to apologize once again! Again you are Making silly accusations, ignore every proof it and then scream for prooof!

No. 226215

Why are these cut off so weird..? Anon, post normal photos.

No. 226216

Same exact cringe moment was asked about on the previous thread and someone linked it.
Agree so much. That was the first time I saw Norm on one of Sharla's videos and I found him so weird and unlikeable.

No. 226219

you will come back here in a week so and say The fact that this anon knew about the kitten in advance means nothing after the video drop. You will not apologize you’ll ignore the fact that people told you in advance and pretend it never happened because you deniers are lame! Deny, ignore and divert is your pattern!

No. 226223

WTF? You asked for post, so I post two pictures from each of their Patreon because the website don’t allow you to post e separate pics, so I put them together but you complained!?!?! Honestly you guys are so stupid

No. 226226

Cringe. They all look like they’re internally rolling their eyes over everything that comes out of Norm’s mouth

No. 226233

I wonder why that is? [scratches chin pensively]
I mean, he does what he thinks will appeal to a broader audience on youtube. If you, in fact, are a patreon subscriber, you're one of a small group of people who might like something specific about him. But that might not be the majority of people watching his videos…

No. 226234

so much to unpack..
so one, do you honestly think you need an apology? from lolcow?
and two, that was not the point of anon. it's very possible that cat-obsessed Sharla got a cat. But it's odd to just claim it without offering any kind of supporting material.

No. 226239

Why can't anon just post normal photos though? Screencap the whole webpage or whatever?

No. 226241

So, to sum up:
You guys think that all of those posts questioning random stuff posted without actual evidence are the same person AND you also think that you can tell that the person "goes silent" or "disappears"?
You do realize that you know very little and someone not reacting to your silly replies that fail to actually give detail or supporting evidence does not mean that the person magically went up in a puff of air?

No. 226242

Its more than one anon that's been asking for logical proof of things. Wierd cut up images spliced together don't really sell believability. I've never seen anons try to hide proof or full posts like this before.

No. 226243

Wait, what is this supposed to show/prove?
What do you want whom to apologize to you for?
Are you ok, boo?

No. 226244

Wait, so now there are kitten deniers?
ahahaha, you are unhinged.
look, if you know, tell us how. If you can't tell, then there must be a reason, which anons now can have a go at speculating about.

Also, getting a kitten is not milk

No. 226245

Yeah, that was my point. I feel like there's 2 or 3 unhinged shippers that think that everybody else is one person and/or "deniers" even though nobody is denying anything. It's actually quite funny.

No. 226247

Thank you. I thought he was supposed to be at a shamisen store testing out instruments. I didn't realize this was after someone's performance and Sharla was encouraging it. That's even worse. I could kind of understand asking the performer if Norm could see his shamisen if Norm was a tourist who'd never seen one before, but that was rude even without the poor acting.

No. 226255

He was so giddy about it. He likes to set up "situations for himself that present him in a certain way.

No. 226283

Why does Chris so rarely collaborate with women? The last time he did a collab with JUST a woman on his main channel was 3 years ago …

No. 226287

Sharla replied to a comment on twitter mentioning a video idea for her AND Chris. what are the odds Chris never even acknowledges the tweet?(samefagging)

No. 226304

Also, if he does film with a girl, Sharla is always there lol

No. 226305

Back then Norm behavior was barely know do they got away.
Heck if that happens now.. oh boy

No. 226308

Aren't there few in the Jvloggers scene? I want him to collabs with Kaho kek
Btw he did record with Chiaki the last journey across Japan (yet to be posted) but well she's Sharla buddy so doesn't count most likely.

No. 226317

Why is his last name Nakamura? What is his background?

No. 226318

His collabs with women are usually on their pages. He actually seems to be doing a lot of guest appearances lately. But overall though Chris is an older man in a younger mans body. It's not surprising that he aligns well with Ryotaro, Natsuki, and Pete and even when he's with younger people like Trash Taste it comes off more like Chris is the goofy funny uncle/big brother even though he's the same age as Garnt. He channels a lot of Top Gear energy into his work. Which is part of why he stands out but also part of why his content doesn't mesh well with a lot of the women that Jvlog. It'd be like having their dad with them when they talk about cutesy Japanese things or in Aki or Syds case lewd things.

No. 226323

File: 1657087872862.jpeg (750.02 KB, 828x1040, 517B26E5-9010-419E-AB75-3F88E0…)

Around the 30:45 mark Pete starts stammering “your mate… Norm?” With Chris quickly replying “yep yep yep” and then steers the conversation back to Kanji without trying to mention Norm or his pilot licence. I’m prob reading too much into it but sounds like Pete was trying to gauge whether he was treading on thin ice here

No. 226327

File: 1657089126769.png (99.54 KB, 1025x618, norm.png)

>from PULL archives

No. 226331

forgot to add, this just pure speculation from me. Norm definitly still married to his wife because his taking the private pilot license is not a cheap endeavor and his wife probably pay for it. i look around for info. it about 8 million to 10 million yen to enroll in japan flight school and he taking a jp license only.
most japanese pilot actually went to guam to get their international license but norm being norm his taking the japanese cert which only able to fly in jp only.

No. 226337

Looking back he was as youthful as the TT boys in behavior in his early videos.
I got a feeling grouping up with older people in Japan changed him indeed.

No. 226338

Slim because he did it a few hours ago.He didn't answer but dropped a like.
I find irrelevant the content of the tweet but find hilarious the content in that twitter account.
The girl is definitely what Chris is into kek .

No. 226367

natsuki, sharla and pete in chris studio,
no chris weird

No. 226373

Just joined, they're at an izakaya now with Chris

No. 226374

I like the video's where Victor shows up, he seems like a chill guy. Also enjoy it when he pops up in the TT boys videos (I think he filmed some/all of Connor's crane game video's)

No. 226387

Funny how they always need a chaperone when hanging out

No. 226388

Pete saying triple AAA Chris kek

No. 226389

>He channels a lot of Top Gear energy
lol. He tries to, but no. The forced sarcasm and grumpiness is tired. He was much better as his genuine self when he wasn't trying to be this character and his sarcasm came more naturally. The person who keeps saying he's just being British must not know many British men or what Chris used to be like.

No. 226390

I could not agree more

No. 226392

His (ex-)wife could be paying for the lessons to keep him away.

No. 226404

I bet Chris checked her only fans kek

No. 226405

LOL. What a load of crap.
That must be why literally every creator collabs with the guy. From TT and Ludwig to Kemushichan and Chiaki. The guy is friends with everyone. I think that says a lot more about his character than your bitter appraisal hun.

No. 226407

Yeah I’m guessing the dude who’s complaining is yet another failed jvlogger like the other 10% on this thread lmao

No. 226430

there's a big difference between a work based acquaintance and a friend.

No. 226446

Huh? He's probably the most known Jvlogger obviously most would like to collab with him anon or you think this doesn't play a factor?
Still I do think some migth be indeed friend.
Also Chris is indeed more a YouTube persona than himself in the late years tbh.

No. 226449

Saw the livestreams,jeez Chris is really developing a huge ass belly.
He has said to not drink too much off camera but that type of belly is definitely alcohol linked.
His body would be in another shape if the main factor was food.

No. 226452

How did C and S act around each other?

No. 226459

I think he's telling the truth and not drinking as much as he does on camera.The problem could be that his body is no longer able to keep up with such "normal" routine so he's gaining a "beer belly" despite not actually drinking more.

No. 226499

Sharla's STILL wearing that ring on her left finger in the livestream …

No. 226503

Only an extreme fanboy would place Abroad alongside Top Gear and have a hissy fit whenever he's criticized. Do you know where you are? This isn't Chris' fan thread.
>The guy is friends with everyone. I think that says a lot more about his character than your bitter appraisal hun.
If he friends with people like Norm as you claim, that certainly says a lot about his character, doesn't it?

No. 226513

I say Norm is besties with Sharla more than anyone else.
In either case it's shitty those who befriend him.

No. 226519

There was a livestream before he left for the uk, his or cdawgva's, and there was a bowl of popcorn to be shared between the two of them and a couple of other guys. Chris was constantly grabbing popcorn while the others occasionally ate. I don't think he realizes how much he eats and drinks.

No. 226520

Chat saying when he's due to lmao

No. 226526

Sharla was reading the chat too. Must be weird for her to have people talk like that about her boyfriend!

No. 226528

Too much on live camera nervousness probably? Seems to be a weak point by his own words so drinking/eating to calm himself migth be his cope mechanism.
Or simply bad habits probably.

No. 226529

Chat can be cruel indeed.
She has been (or still is) moderator on Chris liveshows so she's probably used to it already.

No. 226546

Why is no one posting caps of said stream?

No. 226551

Thanks for posting this. But to the og poster who wrote that on PULL, agree to disagree on the "Norm being above average in looks" part, kek.

No. 226555

It’s available to watch on premiere 2 pete twitch channle

No. 226556

Is it the DreamWorks eyebrow or the transparent beard that does it for PULL?

No. 226575

Probably beating a dead horse but Chris again saying I'm too old in the Premier2 stream kek
It's quite a stupid complain due being the youngest between Natsuki,Sharla and Pete.

No. 226576

Lolcow MD strikes again.
Yes, I'm sure your superficial distance analysis of his belly shape is super accurate.

No. 226580

kek. I was trying to think of what it is that annoys me about his face. And that beard is a big factor.

No. 226586

Sharla is 4 years older than him, I wonder how she feels when he constantly talks about 32 being “old”. Girl should dump him and find someone who is actually mature. Is Pete single? They would make a cute couple.

No. 226587

Y'all take all of this too seriously.
he mostly jokes about being old. He might feel old at 32 and she might not feel old at 36.
And, yeah, that's how relationships work. Gold star.

No. 226592

It’s about how HE feels about HER, not how she feels about herself.

No. 226596

when you get off the internet and see real people, or, just read a book about normal people, you might realize how relationships work.

Also funny how you'd turn
> I wonder how she feels when he constantly talks about 32 being “old”
into how HE feels about HER

No. 226598

whatever, a 32 year old constantly talking about being old has a tough road ahead. mid life crisis, turning 50 crisis, nearing retirement age crisis, turning 75 crisis etc! he should live in he NOW. he's rich af i presume, go a girlfriend + nice apartment + cat(s) and a GREAT thriving career.

No. 226611

To be honest both he and Sharla have somewhat let themselves go since that JAJ they were rumoured to have hooked up

No. 226613

Its not that big a deal.

No. 226615

Its called screencapping. Learn it.

No. 226616

People always do this when they get into relationships

No. 226635

She has a girlfriend I think.

No. 226636

Killing off those thoughts of being too old is the best indeed.
I do get the vibes that he limits himself on stuff plenty of times but I suppose is due due perfectionist nature.

No. 226637

Sees PewDiePie getting ripped after marriage kek

No. 226644

Just caught a snippet of Pete’s stream. Sharla looks bigger than Chris imo

No. 226654

i think pete is married and has a kid. she sometimes pop-in in his twitch.
pete is a great guy, you should check his stream with connor and chris. just skip to pete joined him , before that chris is so boring and low energy even connor trying to hype the stream to no avails

No. 226663


totally, Chris is just his belly and arms I guess, Sharla is overall chubby (nothing wrong with it)

No. 226685

I think it's just the angle. she's placed right next to the camera the whole time and it's filming from below.

No. 226686

why is Pete so sweaty all the time? in every video i've seen of him he looks like he's dripping sweat.

No. 226689

Cos he's just got back from screwing your mom(you must 18+ to post here)

No. 226720

File: 1657201552561.jpeg (160.09 KB, 1243x690, 93A5E096-9ADB-4F3E-86F6-DDD496…)

Here kitty kitty

No. 226722

With no explanation

No. 226724

Is that her new cat? Cute. Looks like one of those long haired cats, I’m sure Chris’ allergy is taking a hit.

No. 226732

File: 1657205225354.png (707.86 KB, 782x441, sharla splash chris.png)

if sharla only a friend with chris , she wouldn't dare to throw water onto chris .
from pete twitch stream go to minute 27.20

No. 226737


Don't be ridiculous. I have done this with friends before. You get me wet, I get you wet xD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226739

Tell me you are a teen without telling you are teen.

No. 226740

Maybe that's what Chris needs to get fit lmao

No. 226741

You can throw water at a friend … but this is cute!

No. 226744

She’s still wearing the ring on her left finger, maybe he’s halfway to marriage already

No. 226745

that's called "friends with benefits"

No. 226746

it's not as big of a thing as you make it out to be. Please tell me you're like 17 and just don't know adult humans yet.

No. 226747

And there are stats?

No. 226749

chris is the one making it into a big deal

No. 226750

No. 226751

punishment for following big booty account perhaps?

No. 226752

How? By making a joke every now and then?

No. 226754

you mean every single fucking livestream – his own and Connor's and Pete's.

No. 226760

I watched the clip and Sharla says "you c*nt!" to Chris

No. 226761

Lol I also loved when Pete asked about Sharla’s about Korea and how uncomfortable both Chris and Sharla were! 1:24:01.

No. 226804

For real I think one can make a 10 min compilation of "Chris feels old" lmao.

No. 226805

someone should

No. 226905

No. 226911

File: 1657237539891.png (2.93 MB, 1972x1352, Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 01.4…)

Man, you guys have all missed it. While you were busy thinking about Sharla's left-hand black enamel ring, she's been wearing a wedding band. Sharla is Hungarian and Hungarians wear their wedding bands on the right hand and look at that!

Confirmed: Chris and Sharla are married!

No. 226918

oh man sharla has definitely gained some within the past couple of months and the low angle is making it worse

No. 226920

Maybe she’s pregnant?

No. 226939

She only has half a thyroid so that's probably the reason for the weight gain. The trip to the UK likely also contributed.
She has mentioned multiple times that she doesn't want to have children.

No. 226940

She was drinking alcohol during the stream soooo

No. 226941

She told her Patreon that she gained 15Lb during her trip to the UK

No. 226942

15 lbs?! in 5 weeks?? wtf no way

No. 226947

esl friend, pls improve your english
t. esl fag
btw sage your shit, thank you.

No. 226953

I think Chris needs to realize he doesn't feel old he probably feels out of shape. He admittedly gave zero concerns about his diet during the England trip that he started off with with an obese bmi (no obese isn't Just 600lb life or Nick Avocado). He added a lot of British food which despite jokes is delicious but really bad for you and is now back but hasn't really talked about what he's doing to lose weight. So the tiredness and the aches are increasing a lot and he's lower energy than he should be. I think getting back in shape would do wonders for him, his content, and his burnout. Since PewDiePie is in Japan he should seek him out because PewDiePie is one of the few YouTubers who made the right physical and mental health decisions in the later part of his career. Chris could learn a lot from him. As well Conners really old videos he was chubbier but he worked hard and lost and kept off the weight.

No. 226971

woah, its def noticeable, esp the forearms and chin/jowls. Chris actually looks thin compared to her. unfortunately could be a side effect of her thyroid issues. doubt she would be pregnant as she's replaced having a baby with a new kitten

No. 226973

but where's Chris's wedding band?

No. 226974

Wait..British food is delicious?

No. 226980

Anon, no.

No. 226997

Anon is just shitposting again

No. 226998

>I think Chris needs to realize he doesn't feel old he probably feels out of shape
It's gonna be hard to realize that when he's surrounded by equally out of shape people who are feeling it too and also blaming it on their age. With an echo chamber irl and his fans sucking up to him online, where could the wake up call come from?

No. 227001

File: 1657259409777.png (295.63 KB, 854x480, I SLEPT in Britain's Most Haun…)

stay away from beers and fried food, chris

No. 227002

Before/After weight loss videos get a lot of views and Chris could do something with a meal subscription plan and a fitness club or training studio like Rizap, which likes to do campaigns with out of shape b/c-listers, and receive free personal training and nutritional advice while getting material for videos at the same time. He might even get more Japanese views that way if he's looking to expand his audience. I don't think he can commit to exercising and eating right without professional help to keep him on track.

No. 227003

File: 1657260079819.jpg (19.01 KB, 480x360, FK3rVJbXIAcpRmt.jpg)

I can't believe I used to find him handsome

No. 227031

File: 1657274178240.jpg (434.17 KB, 1440x997, Screenshot_20220708-054938_You…)

Idk Ryotaro, both Petes, and the Trash Taste guys are in good shape. Even Norm is fairly thin though being full of hate must burn a lot of calories.

It's not looking good here and this is with a black shirt too. He's only 32 but he's going on a dangerous road if the trend continues.

Japan has a lot of interesting Avenues fitness wise. He could get into kendo or judo or a lot of different clubs. But they emphasize general health more. Ironically giving the way things are there you almost have to go out of your way to pack it on in Japan.

Also RIP Shinzo Abe. Nobody deserves to go out like that. Any politics dispute aside for jvlogger fans he helped ease access that probably allowed a lot of channels to come and stay in Japan. It's sad that sick people can just do that in the world.(food derail)

No. 227034


To be fair, sometimes having the "right" people around you doesn't help either. Look at Sharla, she has always struggled with weight, her ex-husband was very fit, one of her best friends (Taylor)too and yet, that didn't motivate her to lose weight for real.

You need to have the will and strength to do it in the first place.

No. 227035

I remember when Sharla said "heck" and "crap" in her videos, now she's saying the c-word? You could tell she was changing the very first JAJ video she did with Chris. She was swearing soooo much.

No. 227036

I think that's fairly normal. When you date someone or even just spend a lot of time with them you start to absorb some of their personality and even appearance. It's not surprising they are gaining weight together and Sharla is talking like Chirs. I'm not sure what Chris is absorbing from her though.

No. 227037

Not true, Sharla looked very fit in 2018 when she was still married. She even made videos talking about how she was finally gaining muscle and how her stomach was flat.

Makes it even more surprising that she apparently doesn't care anymore, going on an on how the food in England (of all places lmao) is so good and how she's gained a lot of weight. It's good that she's feeling confident about her body though, it's not like it looks bad or anything. Maybe she's more self confident now than she was 4 years ago.

No. 227038

Sure, but the c-word is considered an awful slur in North America. She grew up knowing that and most Americans and Canadians I know never say it out loud. I know it's very different for Brits, but it's still weird that she as a mid 30s woman suddenly changes her vocabulary.

No. 227046


She wasn't dating Mr Fried chicken back then. There's studies on how weight gain (as well as fitness and weight loss) is shared by couples and close friends. Plus the thyroid issues. Though I will note Sharla is capable of cooking. Chris has zero ability.


Most youtuber of jvoggers will be less locked in than most people their age as they get to have extended youths by virtue of the platform and lifestyle. Sharla is probably better understood by someone in their 20s who does a working holiday or vacation on a whim than she would be by most her age who've worked full time for over a decade and may even have families.

No. 227051

It's not like she's swearing in her videos though? This was obviously by accident on a livestream, meaning she likely uses that word in her everyday vocabulary but not in her videos. And most North Americans in their 20s aren't running around saying c*nt, that has nothing to do with it.

No. 227071

File: 1657288120624.jpeg (488.7 KB, 1284x688, 3BB8354D-D17E-4D14-A36C-C9C029…)


Told you guys! I will await my apology . LOL

No. 227078

> doubt she would be pregnant as she's replaced having a baby with a new kitten
WTF?! She hasn't replaced anything. If she doesn't want kids, then she doesn't want kids. Cats are not fucking replacements for children.
Once you grow up, you'll realize that children and cats are actually quite different.

No. 227079

Hey, autist, post the video. Post anything. Might also be the cats from the rescue and not her personal cat.

Promoting >>226169
cats for rescue help

Massively clear you're a scrote poster >>226158

No. 227080

Careful you don't fall off that high horsey, sonny

No. 227081

It's the same story. Sharla is sending us messages about the relationship, while Chris is hiding it. We've been saying it all along.
But never thought he'd hide his actual marriage!
It must be soooo tough for poor Sharla.

No. 227083

…? The blurred thing looks like a toy attached to her arm

No. 227084

File: 1657289238908.png (37.52 KB, 515x217, sha.png)

Good sense of humor, better than deleting them.

No. 227085

Cunt isn't a bad word just because Murca and Canada. Wtf are you talking about? Its PC'd where MEN shouldn't use it but women can. They even joke about this shit in DC animated shows because it's that woke.

No. 227086

> Ironically giving the way things are there you almost have to go out of your way to pack it on in Japan.
A misconception mostly spread by weebs, who have never been to Japan.
Japanese people might be different because they were raised a particular way with a particular food regimen. Have you ever wondered how many calories are in some Japanese staples? It's not few.

No. 227088

The fuck do you want an apology for, dumbass?
That you somehow wanted to pretend to have insider knowledge, yet refused to post actual proof?
We'll gladly take that apology from you for posting this so late and throwing shit out without proof.

No. 227090

And its not proof or anything either, zero context. Nothing kek If the first photo was milk, you'd think anon would post the video to back it up, but nope. They ban evaded anyway, just wait for their ban again.

No. 227091


Did anyone contradict you?

Also, you must be a pretty shit friend/acquaintance to know before she made it public and then post here - even if it is a minor detail and nothing too bad.

No. 227093

I don't understand her reluctance to take thyroid medication/supplements. isn't that one of the most common medicines in the world? it's like a diabetic taking insulin; providing the body what it can't produce on its own.

No. 227094

I'm assuming she showed off her cat in a patreon post/livestream.

No. 227095

New cat isn't really milky anyway the way anon claims lol

No. 227097

Which of course anons refuse to ever post so I doubt they are in the Patreon. They keep getting stuff from Discords so they get thirdhand links, but no real paywall content. Embarrassing

No. 227098

But they posted a screengrab from what I'm assuming is her Patreon. Why would people lie about supporting her on patreon?

No. 227104

You didn't.

No. 227106

Dumb dumb I posted about her new cat last week and posted the picture of her and the new cat yesterday! the video came out today! So if posting about the cat before she posted it is not proof, what else will be?

No. 227108

Go away, autist. Stay in your discord hug box.

No. 227110

The picture posted on here is from her Patreon and bunch of other post from her Patreon on here. But her you repeat that same Line?

No. 227111

No! We are giving you good inside stuff and you love it! I shall stay!

No. 227112

The file names alone give it away. You're clearly not on her Patreon. Can't even post a basic timeline, you have to collage it. Kek No1 believes you or your updates because you never announce a source.

No. 227113

Why isn’t it milk? You claimed it was a lie but the anon told you in advance, and they were right, so how is it not milk?

No. 227118

They did

No. 227119

What a retard, you post on the wrong, IP so you deleted this? Kek

No. 227120

File: 1657290744607.jpeg (2.82 MB, 1247x1680, B02CAD56-63C4-4B90-A547-70A5FF…)

Tell me where you seen that picture of her and her cat posted yesterday on discord? You haven’t because it’s not found there! many pictures are in here from her Patreon like this one!

No. 227122

No I deleted it because the picture was under spoiler dumb dumb

No. 227124

No1currs about your fake updates, anon. 3rd party Discords aren't new. Post the timeline. Post where it shows you can leave a comment on her Patreon feed posts.

No. 227126

Funny how you're the only person who thinks that you're not the dumb dumb, kek.
Nobody said that the cat isn't real. People just said post proof. So… what the hell do you need an apology for?
Are you mistreated by your partner irl? Are you hurt easily?

No. 227127

Oh sweetie, you need to revisit what "milk" is.

No. 227129

Sharla’s new cat isn’t milk at all. None of us should care where some anon saw it first because she’s clearly shown it somewhere; Patreon, discord, whatever. But there is nothing to discuss it’s just an update on her life. Sharla’s so boring even her milk is dull.

No. 227130

Postproof of where you seen that other picture from this car then! Lol

No. 227131


It’s extremely boring because Sharla is boring but that wasn’t the point!

No. 227132

What? Who ever said anything about them and a car?

No. 227137

File: 1657291860263.jpg (413.33 KB, 1080x2201, Screenshot_20220708-074934_Pat…)

5hrs ago. >>227071

That's not posted anywhere

No. 227138

File: 1657291902809.jpg (777.33 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220708-075116_Pat…)

Anon can't even be bothered with their totally legit access to post basic paywall updates

No. 227139

File: 1657292012421.jpg (732.97 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220708-075309_Pat…)

Jfc, I gotta do Moo and this bitch's updates too now? God damn. Anons who can't post proof are the absolute worst

No. 227140

Sweetie the pic of Sharla with her cat was posted on here yesterday! And the video came pout today! The pic we said you can’t find anywhere is what we are referring to, not her announcement about the cat lol you are so dumb

No. 227141

Sharla updates her Patreon like twice a month if that lol

No. 227142

Referring to >>227095 and >>226720

So where was the first one done, a private livestream on her patreon that you didn't say was happening?

No. 227143


That first pic is clearly from a live stream, she uses that background for the Patreon streams. Probably the one she did at the end of June.(refuses to sage)

No. 227144

File: 1657292639671.jpg (795.81 KB, 1079x1438, Screenshot_20220708-080340_Pat…)

Her cat is gorgeous

No. 227145

Yes If you scroll back here you will see that the cat announcement was posted on here last week

No. 227146

It's not even milky. Its mundane as hell. Good for her and adopting, tbh.

No. 227152

Sharla is the very definition of mundane she made a video about breakfast shake and a kitten, LOL! But This place is full of people calling people liars and when the person showed them that they weren’t lying they go into what you said is not that interesting anyway. I guess we can all agree that sharla is boring and basic and riding her fat boyfriends cocktail!!

No. 227156

Gotta be 18+ to post here, anon.

No. 227159

taking bets on which jvlogger will be the first to milk the death of shinzo abe for views.

No. 227161

I hope you don't mean just mentioning it or his policies/what he did. Thats kind of the least they should do if they mention it. Same with any celebrity and its extremely niteworthy because it was an assassination. Considering a lot of foreigners watch these vloggers, where the whole schtick is explaining things to foreigners, why would it be considered milking it if its in context to what they even get paid to do? Next level nitpucking, anon.

No. 227162

Chris just posted a video

No. 227163

File: 1657294832799.png (2.49 MB, 1125x2436, F93BB60C-6228-404E-899F-0F33CF…)

Here we go..

No. 227165

Its exactly what I said >>227161 Foreigners watch these jvloggers for info on things. This isn't milking it when its the exact content he's followed for.

No. 227166

That’s insanely fast work wow. Guaranteed lots of views though.

No. 227167

99% of the jvlogger content is travel and tourism based, they avoid political topics like the plague

No. 227169

Its was a leader assassination

No. 227171

I'm not talking as a weeb. It's not dissimilar to mainland Europe. Smaller portion sizes, public trasit/walking/biking over driving, societal pressure against weight gain, encouragement of fit activities, and the food is less over the top overall. I'm not saying Japan is uniquely magic. Though they are one of the lower bmi countries.

No. 227180

The cat isn't milk at all anons idk why a lot get angry and btw someone claimed Sharla got a new cat some days ago without proof so … interesting.
On the other side lmao at Chris now living now with two cats.
Can picture the allergy going bonkers once the kitten starts to roam around a lot due being younger.

No. 227182

With the serious documentaries he has it's logical for him to cover such matters.
Ryotaro appearing was a good.

No. 227184

Chris had nothing to do with this.

No. 227186

Wdym he's allergic to cats and has asthma living with now two cats will be hilarious.
If denier you are don't bother in talk anon.

No. 227187

A more broader family kek

No. 227188

Why do you guys keep saying that they have 2 separate apartments if they're apparently living together. They wouldn't have 2 living rooms. Japan does not lease out apartments that way to white foreigners. You're lucky enough to get 2 bedrooms if you're only one person. Unless this is a business studio which we know they aren't renting out. You dating anons are so retarded. Basic logic is completely bypassed for the sake of wishful tinfoiling.

No. 227189

They had two apartments in Morioka

No. 227190

Separate?? Make that make sense.

No. 227192

Sharla said she had two apartments, one for her stationary business. Of course, that is retarded since probably just a few dozen people are getting packets of cat stamps and shit from her once a month. It didn’t need an entire apartment kek

No. 227193

One was on one floor, the other on the floor above it. One was their office apartment + a guest bedroom. They also had their TV in there. It was the apartment that was visible in the livestream Chris deleted.

No. 227197

She's always sworn and talked like that off camera. >>>/snow/145728 I forgot how much they hated Ashiya.
She's never been fit, but she hasn't always been overweight. It's easier to put on weight when you're older, but she also used to live in Tokyo where she was likely relying on walking and public transportation most of the time while Chris may be driving them around Sendai. Both are not the type to regularly exercise.

No. 227201

This, I'm not sure why anons think of her as this uwu princess who was corrupted by Chris, she literally told 'Fuck off' to the lady refilling her bowl in a restaurant during a noodle challenge (11:10)

No. 227202

This was years after she got together with Chris

No. 227203

How do you know they were together at this point?

No. 227206

Because they were living together by summer 2019

No. 227208

The tinfoil keeps getting worse

No. 227209

alright if you say so it must be true KEK

No. 227210

You have no idea how renting laws work in Jpn work, especially as foreigners

No. 227212

Sharla literally said this in a video but ok

No. 227213

I mean they were. He was living and filming in her apartment. Maybe they were just roommates at that point but judging by the backdrop in his videos which was Sharla’s closet room, they were living together.

No. 227214

No. 227216

No. 227219

If I am remembering correctly, the reason why Chris originally didn’t like Sharla is because he thought she never swore and then once he got to know her he realized that she swears all the time, just not in her videos.

It was in a JAJ video or livestream that they did.

No. 227220

Exactly. He must love her now when she calls him the c-word without flinching.

No. 227221

File: 1657300103081.gif (830.66 KB, 340x255, AcrobaticPotableAidi-max-1mb.g…)

No. 227223

Video? Screenshots? Something? no?

No. 227224

You don’t have to believe because obviously that’s what Sharla and Chris don’t want you to do since he deleted that livestream

No. 227227


Also Sharla drinks which is something his past girlfriend was not so fond off.

No. 227228

Didn’t she used to not drink?

No. 227234

File: 1657301202018.jpeg (458.95 KB, 1270x2610, A6B699B8-4AF4-439D-B60A-3ACB39…)

Here is the transcript of the video where Chris says he never really liked her even though they used to collab. Then he went to Korea with his ex-girlfriend mind you, and they hung out and he said he got to know her properly. It was shortly after his trip to Korea that she divorced her husband and joined him in the JAJ and by the end of that year he left his girlfriend.

No. 227251

Screenshots were already posted.
>>218722 >>219972

The room looked the living room in Sharla's second apartment >>218779 >>218814

No. 227255

Thats not proof, anon. Just drop it already. This is such a reach

No. 227257

Uh how is it a reach? It literally
Makes perfect Sense

No. 227265

No. 227266

File: 1657304696547.jpg (163.05 KB, 1080x532, IMG_20220708_132348.jpg)

She enjoys the chat during the drinking a passive drinker.
For Chris is a sport apparently.

No. 227270

Doesn't mean she's talking about Chris here

No. 227273

Chris has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, he mentioned on the trash taste podcast that in the past he had a bad break up and dealt with it by resorting to alcohol for a year.

No. 227283

What, really? Which episode?

No. 227286

I think Chris undermines what it's "normal" perhaps.
He's british so he doesn't see it as "too much" most likely.

No. 227322

Off topic but I would genuinely love to go out for drinks with Chris. I think he’s the kinda guy that will invite you out for one and then you wake up at 3pm the next day fully clothed wearing a sombrero (idk it was the first thing that came to mind). I’m British though so I think that is the appeal for me.

No. 227326

Really? Chris seems somewhat uptight to me even when drinking and not really a party person. and the few times we’ve seen him properly drunk (like in that gin livestream he later edited) he seems like a pretty sleepy drunk.

No. 227328

Calm down autistic anon, I think we all know Cats and kids r different. She doesn’t want kids and said this many times

No. 227330

Yeah he doesn't seems like the party drunk guy.He's probably just the one who hangs around till late because can drink more.
Really? I feel such would be more likely to happen with the guys of TT.

No. 227347

I bet in upcoming livestreams Chris will be wiping his nose way more than before due the new guest at home.

No. 227350

I don’t mean blind black out drunk, just that he’d clearly be up for more than a few. It’s a British thing.. I can’t really explain other than saying that. He doesn’t seem uptight to me at all in that sense (if you wanna talk mbti types that’s a whole different rabbit hole)
We British like to drink, and I am a fellow millennial. I just get that vibe from him I guess, and I bloody love a good pub!

No. 227351

No one gives a fuck about who you are or what you want. You're British. We get it

No. 227352

Chris seems unhappy his latest video isn't doing very well

No. 227356

I was replying to people who had replied to me, calm your tits

No. 227360

the video is doing super well, chris is a giant man baby. he was complaining because it got age restricted but it has 260k views in 7 hours! Most Youtubers would kill for those views. He got it in 7 hours, he will get a minimum 1 million views on that video so he needs to shut up!

No. 227361

Where is he complaining?

No. 227362

LOL The sniffing was already back on the Podcasts, so he is gonna blow his nose a bunch lol! he has double the allergies lol!! Sharla gives 0 fucks about that boy!

No. 227363

He really hauled ass to make sure he put out the video faster than anyone else.

No. 227364

Patreon, I believe

No. 227365

I can’t believe he agreed to another cat lmao

No. 227366

File: 1657320312808.jpeg (233.27 KB, 1274x343, C1A6EF9B-F7AC-446F-92FE-DA043D…)

More winning than complaining on Twitter!!! Look at those views, he needs to stop using Twitter as his therapist lol

No. 227367


No. 227369

No(stop shitting up the thread then)

No. 227373

> and riding her fat boyfriends cocktail!!
Good for her! I hope she's having loads of fun.
> But This place is full of people calling people liars and when the person showed them that they weren’t lying
Oh gosh, you do not have the least bit of reading comprehension, do you? Or you're just too flustered from imagining Sharla riding some things…
People didn't say that the person who said she got a kitten was lying. They said "post proof, tell us how you know, or just be quiet".
Those are not the same propositions. But I guess that's too high level for you to grasp.

No. 227374

"milk" his death? Like mentioning a major, like major event that shook a nation and many people abroad is "milking" now?!

No. 227375

Honestly. It's just tinfoil and speculation unless anons can back up these random claims like >>227352 but then when asked to post caps they say >>227369 and anons swear that's apparently being a WK. Jesus chris. Wanting proof is literally in the fucking rules.

No. 227376

I'm a Japanese-American living in central Europe for work (previously Germany, France, Italy, now Switzerland) and while all you said is true, eating out is so much cheaper in Japan when compared to cooking at home. Doing healthy vegetable-filled meals at home in any of these four countries I've lived in was super easy. I'd say it's way harder in Switzerland to get fat, since their restaurant food is ridiculously expensive. People who like fast food have to pay like 20+ dollars at McDonalds. In Japan, it's almost cheaper to eat out than to cook a really nice meal at home. And veggies and fruit are often very expensive.(food derail)

No. 227377

That's a grrreat reason for not liking a person. /s

No. 227378

I like how he names several points that actually make sense, like her cynical sense of humor and her being cool, etc.
Yet all you ding dongs pick out from that is "he likes her because she swears"

No. 227379

You might have, but there are several anons on here that keep on waxing poetic about how lonely she must be and how much she must long for a child because all her friends are having babies… and now she has a new cat, so that must be a replacement.
Also, spot on with the autism diagnosis. You must be a great person.

No. 227380

The transcript is barely legible anyway. There's no milk here. It's anons grasping for straws and this was years ago. I don't know why it was brought up except to have something to shittalk about because the thread is slow.

No. 227397

It’s really not that big of a deal, somebody wanted to see him saying that he didn’t like Sharla from their joint Patreon stream from 4 years ago That’s all!!!! you don’t have to doubt everything and argue everything, it’s literally a transcript from YouTube Patreon stream! You guys are so fucking annoying on here you asked for proof somebody posted and still complain!!! it’s just to show you where he said he didn’t like Sharla when he first met her, that’s all!!!! relax the fuck out!

No. 227398

Take your meds(infighting)

No. 227399

File: 1657324030162.jpeg (919.05 KB, 1284x1413, C9B07FD0-77C9-43D7-AB01-6C634D…)

Asshole it’s from his Twitter.., not everything has to be a fight you can take people for benefit of the doubt instead of screaming post it!! post it!’n post it!! and then they posted and then you go and accuse them of Photoshopping or lying, or that is blurry! you guys are never happy on here?

No. 227400

Thanks for finally posting caps.

Probably age-restricted because of it being the topic of assassination which is touchy and not explicitly because of graphic footage. Reaching out to YouTube is a good idea. This is a valid complaint and doesn't really come off as a complaint and more as an inquiry as to why that might've happened and if it can be fixed. You're so dramatic and for nothing.

No. 227401

No! When you’re called out for your stupidity and being wrong, you try to derail it with comments like “take your meds!” You come on here with nothing but complaints and accusations, then when people post real information, your response is to call them losers or liars. So you take your meds!(infighting)

No. 227402

>Yet all you ding dongs pick out from that is "he likes her because she swears"
Anons were originally talking about Sharla swearing, not discussing all of the reasons why Chris likes Sharla, then someone reminded us that Chris once said he didn't like Sharla because he thought she didn't swear, but then got to know her better and changed his mind. No need to get upset and defend Sharla's honor.

No. 227403

NTA, but it says nowhere in the video transcript or from him that he didn't like her because he was under the assumption she doesn't swear. He brings up that she's cynical and swears as a personality trait he wasn't expecting, not that he didn't like her because she didn't do that stuff or thought she didn't. You guys keep adding random context when there wasn't any missing to begin with.

No. 227406

File: 1657325256597.jpeg (594.88 KB, 932x1524, 64A3F5E0-0C28-4713-9EAD-18A58C…)

He didn’t say he didn’t like her because she didn’t swear, he said he didn’t like her because he thought she was fake! She did explain that she didn’t swear because she did get a lot of complaints from her viewers when she did, but she said she changed her mind going forward and that she would and that was four years ago!

No. 227408

He didn't say fake either. You're trying way too hard.

No. 227412

> >>227397
Take your meds
> NO!
kek, that explains so much

No. 227414

You should rethink how personally you take these things on here. That's just not healthy, dude

No. 227416

Why is this a fight ? What are you contending?
It’s not that big of a deal. It was a conversation they had for years ago. It’s in a video mini have seen it. He said he didn’t like her at first because he thought she wasn’t being real in her video I’m not quoting it Word for Word what does what he was trying to say. I

No. 227423

I wonder if he takes medication to ease the allergy symptoms.
Due 2 cats I feel he will do so if not already.

No. 227425

Video is doing well actually.
By his standards it seems like the video will hit 1m in a week at max.

No. 227426

Surprised Sharla did it frankly.
If my bf had a cat allergy I would at least avoid bringing more cats to the house.
Yes he accepted the relationship but …some consideration right?Why more cats kek

No. 227428

I mean some people indeed do that ,it fills a space that the person plenty of times is unaware of.
Saying all follow this formula is dumb thought.

No. 227434


I'd say with Canada and US it's almost hard to stay healthy and thin. If don't drive it's or live specifically in a major city downtown then it's prohibitively difficult to get on with life. Driving to work = 10 minutes, bus to work over an hr with a convoluted route and unreliable service you need to make assurances to make sure it won't screw you over.
Food in Canada and the US is way cheaper than everywhere else and the food that's subsidized for the benefit of local industries such as corn. Then eating out is easy and with huge portions.
The UK while not to the degree of North America is also deeper down that rabbit hole than the European countries you've visited. I'd probably say the Netherlands is the best country in terms of staying healthy. Countries like France, Italy, Spain etc take seriously the food quality and having high quality veggies in their dishes. Switzerland is just expensive in general though.

I can't imagine Chris having his current lifestyle in many mainland European countries I agree with you there. American/Canadian Chris and UK Chris though would be worse off.(derailing)

No. 227472

> puts up a video with footage of a person getting shot
> is upset when platform hides footage of person getting shot from younger age viewers
> whines to team youtube about it
typical whining brit with a dash of low awareness. I bet he thought this video was going to be like his north korean missile video that went viral, with expectations like that you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.

No. 227474

He didn't put those parts in.

No. 227476

it literally on the 1st minute of his video, anon

No. 227477

File: 1657340816745.png (1.48 MB, 1243x796, abe got shot.png)

5 second in when Ex-pm abe got shot

No. 227488

So, you see a gust of smoke, but no injuries or blood. His complaint is valid because of that. being on a stretcher isn't really an age restriction. Still pretty sure it's because of the term 'assassination' in the title.

No. 227496

he showed both shots that resulted in death. It'd be the same as watching someone face on but getting stabbed in the back and saying that because you saw no blood or injuries it's okay. It's not okay, it's violence.

No. 227499

Actually, that is exactly how censorship works. No blood but violence means PG-13 to be exact.

No. 227502

This is the same person who rode that youtuber's ass for posting a video of a dead body in the forest, now going on to post footage of a man being murdered for views and crying about it being age restricted.

No. 227507

Dude there’s a difference between filming somebody who’s killed themselves, hanging from a tree, gloating about how amazing it is for your YouTube career, than covering a major historic event and only showing a puff of smoke of a gun out of shot. We watch John F Kennedy getting shot in the head on repeat without complaining.

No. 227511

Holy shit, that's a massive difference.

No. 227515

He’s a Japan commentator - one of the biggest. I think he’s allowed to comment on one of the biggest political events in Japan’s modern history.

No. 227518

He can comment just fine and deliver his message without showing the murder footage. He chose not to because he knows gore brings in more clicks.
Your argument for showing the murder was that it's ok to show because there's no visible blood. There was no visible blood in the forest. See how dumb that condition is?

No. 227525

Jesus people, he is showing less than what tv anchors are showing when reporting the news on this. If you don’t see blood it is pg-13, Disney movies used to have people shot and hurt with no blood because of it. He has a valid point. I don’t understand how you can compare Logan Paul video with this lol being that Logan Paul was not restricted right away

No. 227526

Dead bodies hanging from a tree is the same as a man lying on the floor that you can barely see. Hmm ok

No. 227527

If Chris wants his entire audience to see this, why not just upload the video to Twitter? I know he won’t make money off of it that way, but he will inform people which I am guessing his his primary reason for making the video in the first place!

Or he could just write about what’s happened and make a Twitter thread.

No. 227528

Congratulations you’ve won the moron award.

No. 227529

Why? He’s complaining his video won’t get views on YouTube, the easy solution is to upload it to Twitter or write about it. I’ve already seen several Twitter threads on the matter, no reason Chris can’t to that as well he’s good at expressing himself through writing.

No. 227530

>He’s complaining his video won’t get views on YouTube, the easy solution is to upload it to Twitter or write about it.
But then he won't get to make money off it. Which is his real issues here, not education or other crap excuses he's hiding behind.

No. 227533

I generally like Chris and I think he's talented, but his constant whining is off-putting. Like last year when he complained about not being verified on twitter and listed all of his accomplishments, that was just super cringy.

No. 227536

File: 1657369963636.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.74 KB, 640x480, the-logan-paul-mistake.jpg)

It's the same, because they're both possibly images of murder. I mean why would the suicide guy tie up his own hands?

No. 227540

Sharla is doing a Q&A on Instagram right now. y'all get your Santorini/deleted livestreams/similar mugs questions ready!

No. 227542

Chris just tweeted that he's doing a livestream in 20 minutes so I'm sure if you donate enough money during the livestream he will answer your Sharla-related questions as well.

No. 227554

He's on now, only reading the paid comments, which is shitty, so he's ready for you all. Get your tin foil on

No. 227556

Ask them "if they aren't married then why do they have the same last name". Maybe they'll slip up, and show everyone that they have been eating the same ramen bowl this whole time.

No. 227557

Chris doubled down on not having kids one of his main factors is due being an anxious person such would be too much for him by his own words.
Personally that's in a sense a positive feeling.
At least having 2 cats can do the job kek

No. 227559

Chris and Sharla are a good match. It’s always bad if one person wants to become a parent and the other doesn’t.

No. 227560

I'm that light yes.
Chris used to want them so something changed before of after her.

No. 227561

Out of jokes you can actually give your cats last names.
Maro Broad and Tuna broad would be theirs.

No. 227563

When did he say that? I know he said he was against marriage before meeting her but right after they got together he said he changed his mind.

Sharla also used to want to become a mom when she was with her ex.

No. 227566

>That's not proof
Kek the room looked the same as the one in the second apartment.
>Just drop it already. This is such a reach
How the fuck is it a reach? Why are you so bothered?

No. 227573

And why can't building walls/ceiling look the same? You're basing this off a corner.

No. 227575

This is an imageboard, samefag

No. 227577

Anon is strawmanning for reasons why Chris is 'WhiNinG'. His complaints are valid. They are showing this bare minimum on tv. Kek

No. 227586

In today livestream.
He said to prefer if happens to just be the cool uncle.
Frankly due being 32 nothing is assured in my eyes.

No. 227587

chris whining is because he cannot monetize the video and age-restrictions. youtube still allow to show the footage . it all about the money

No. 227588

injapan should be their last names.

No. 227589

Dude who cares? Most people know whether they want kids or not at age 32. If he doesn’t want them, he doesn’t want them.

No. 227595

>And why can't building walls/ceiling look the same?
Apartments usually look the same when they are all in one building. The first and second apartment had the same plastic faux cement walls and ceiling lights. Do you think that apartments in two cities that are far apart would have the exact same features? And again it looks nothing like his old apartment >>218814 which we last saw in 2018 >>218779 did he say that he was moving into a new apartment in 2019?

No. 227599

I'm not saying I disagree with his choice kek
From my experience with older family it's always not a sure decision.Had my cousin of 36 going from "why kids I'll just travel around" to "why not have a kid?".
A whiplash for most of the family lmao

No. 227600

You could see the TV too and Sharla had a TV there as well. The light fixtures also looked the same and the curtains.

No. 227602

Trouble in paradise? Sharla and Chris are both very quick to like and promote each other’s post. But since the livestream with Pete, they have ignored each other’s post. It’s funny how much Chris went out of his way to ignore any mention of Sharla.

No. 227606

Oww Chris promoting Sharla collab with JunkfoodJapan in his twitter and Instagram.
Wanna have that type of platonic friend.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 227609

it's not like Chris is gonna sit around liking Sharla's cat tweets, he's probably terrified of people putting two and two together that Tuna is his cat too.

No. 227610

Glad Chris still calls Norm his friend (today livestream).
Shows the shitty relationship .

No. 227611

I found it pretty funny that Sharla said "there's a new man in the house" when she introduced her cat.

No. 227612

Talking about the new cat he was indeed with a nasal congestion in today's livestream.

No. 227617

Lol I love when somebody ask him if he live alone and quickly answered no,

No. 227618

Did he really say that? Do you know the timestamp?

No. 227619

Chris is not a Japan commentator. He's a youtuber who makes travel videos in Japan. He has no real knowledge of Japanese history, politics or current affairs, and can't read nor speak Japanese at a high enough level to understand what's going on. That's probably why he missed a lot of important information about the murderer and Abe in his video. That being said, Ryotaro's story about Abe's security when he briefly met him is kind of video worthy, though it should've been on his own channel, and Chris only showed what's been on the news around the world so what youtube did isn't really fair. Trying to monetize the video when he's just using other people's footage and not adding anything himself is kind of tasteless.

No. 227632

Must be because of the "assassination". The news channel clips of the shootings in e.g. Las Vegas were way worse and weren't age-restricted on YT

No. 227635

Do you not see the difference between a commentary on a major event that is clearly news-worthy vs. an idiot out for "content" filming the dead body of a private person who committed suicide?

Well, it's footage of the event. He commented in a very neutral way, like a news channel would. It's not about gore. If people wanted to see that footage, literally, any news channel had it. the heck do you think that people are looking for this specific footage on Chris's channel?

No. 227637

> Your argument for showing the murder was that it's ok to show because there's no visible blood. There was no visible blood in the forest. See how dumb that condition is?
Nta, but that's not the point. This was footage that was not gratuitous or gory. Showing somebody's body hanging from a tree because that person committed suicide, that's gratuitous

No. 227639

someone on the livestream asked him how he eats while living alone … LOL

No. 227642

WTF? "terrified"?
Take you fucking meds, dumb dumb

No. 227646

As per >>227617 he said he doesn't live alone?

No. 227648

well how do you describe deleting a 400k livestream just like that?

No. 227649

I didn't see the whole livestream, but that was a question towards the end and he didn't contradict the person asking the question, just said he eats out a lot.

No. 227657

Retard. Post caps. Do the bare minimum at all ever or stop posting all together.

No. 227658

Trouble in paradise? Sharla and Chris are usually very quick to promote/like each other’s tweet. But since the live stream with their friend Pete she has not interacted with any his post! Also Chris went out of his way to not mention Sharla at all domain his stream(still tinfoiling)

No. 227659


No. 227661

He literally just retweeted her colab with that junk food dude

No. 227662


No. 227663


No. 227664

I’m impressed he told the truth, probably because there’s so much evidence (like on here) to contradict that statement. Probably regrets reading the questions out loud though.

No. 227665

Again, not proof it's Sharla.

No. 227668

No, he just happened to live in an apartment that looked like Sharla’s and then moved to another apartment that also looks like Sharla’s.

No. 227670

Where did I say that this is proof it’s Sharla? Anyway bugger off denier!

No. 227671

I actually thought the same thing, I think the video was in poor taste. He should have made a statement if he wanted to pay respects. Not try to gain profits over a death of a past leader.

No. 227673

The funny thing is that it wasn't a superchat question but one from the comments .
"Are you a hikikomori?"
If I live alone? NO
He deleted video not so long to hide their relationship so I doubt he is willing to reveal stuff out of sudden ,it's more likely that he didn't realize the whole meaning of the question..an oopsie.
Wouldn't surprise if he unlists the video some hours later.

No. 227675

It's like when he read the Sharla big butt comment out loud. He never reads the comments in his head before he reads them out loud.

No. 227676

Just today he doubled down on being someone really anxious so yeah he panicked.
And answered that he eats out.
I do wonder if that's fully true like I know she's doesn't have to but I always guessed Sharla cooked for him or something.

No. 227678

Doe hikikomori really mean living alone? I thought it just meant being a loner.

No. 227679

Even if he does, it actually a normal question.His situation of hiding his relationship only makes it difficult.
Plus if it's a superchat the minimum is to answer the question.
(Unless offensive)

No. 227680

Same idea here but he said "if I live alone" so welp.

No. 227681

The question today wasn’t a super chat though

No. 227682

He outed himself LMAO

No. 227683

NEET and hikkimori are two different things. You can be a NEET and not be a hikkimori, but hikkimoris are people who are so introverted they don't leave their house at all. Chris isn't a hikkimori. if he said that, he's making a jest of his 'boring' life even though he goes out all the time and has more friends than most introverts.

No. 227684

Did you even watch the video? The question was do you live alone?

No. 227685

The comment said “are you hikikomori Chris?” He read it out loud and added himself (to translate for non-Japanese speaking people I guess) “do you live alone? or sit alone in a room doing nothing? no I do not”

No. 227686

He added stuff unnecessary for the main question.
In such process he fuck it up kek

No. 227687

Sharla is a shit cook! I remember her telling her Patreon that she had one of those delivery food service almost like HelloFresh but she never cooked them and they basically rotted and she ended up throwing them away. she basically lived off Ubereats, just like Chris. thus why the 2 of them are both attempting to change their diets. They both got the Fitbit watch and are Doing the intermittent fasting diet. Hope they can encourage one another!

No. 227688

lmao I know. huge fuck up.

No. 227689

Maybe we got it all wrong and Chris secretly wants the world to know that he lives with Sharla and their two adorable cats but Sharla is the one not wanting to go public because she went through a divorce online and learned from her mistakes of sharing too much of your love life online.

No. 227690

Then why the fuck she has a huge ass kitchen lmao

No. 227691

Anons don't repeat it too much otherwise in some hours he'll either delete or edit that part of the video u.u(u.u)

No. 227692

I'm not replying to you, clearly. Anon asked what if hikkimori means living alone. Jfc.

No. 227693

I only watch a bit of the video but her problems would be solved or at least under control if she takes the meds.
But she is not so willing apparently.

No. 227694

The meds are barely even meds they’re just a hormone supplement. It’s not like taking blood pressure medication. She’ll regret not taking those hormones because it can take forever to lose that weight.

No. 227695

Do you think his translation was incorrect? Asking because I don’t speak Japanese myself but he seemed to indicate it meant living alone.

No. 227696

She should embrace the gained weight.
Chris would be happy if she develops a fat ass ,let's remember his kink.

No. 227699

No. He's too active outside and has too many friends to be a hikikomori. Like these people don't leave their homes, ever. Like not even go to convenience stores usually and everything is delivered. Tsukasa Fushimi is a well known one. He wrote that Eromanga Sensei manga and is a known hikikimori. A better term for it in Western phrases would be something like "recluse" or I know a to of hoarders tend to be this way too. kind of the same issues as hoarders as well tbh. Hopefully that helps.

Chris is just an extroverted-introvert. He has friends and stuff, but he doesn't go out and party really. He's like most people his age, regardless of where you live: small group of friends and that's your life really, but even then he goes out of his house way too much. He's just equating being boring to being a hikikimori who also doesn't do much.

No. 227700

Weird that he’d translate that into “do I live alone”

No. 227701

hikikomori literally means not someone who lives alone, but someone who never leaves the house for years on end, not to work or anything, it's a specific type of recluse. So if Chris answered that question instead to say he doesn't live alone, it's a freudian slip of some kind since the question doesn't mean that at all

No. 227703

AAAAAH! It's you! Again!
He'd have to do fucking more than delete a stream to shut you dumbasses up. You are not that important, calm down.

No. 227704

Interesting. Thank you.

No. 227705

> Trouble in paradise? Sharla and Chris are usually very quick to promote/like each other’s tweet. But since the live stream with their friend Pete she has not interacted with any his post!
Oh no, the drama!

This is exactly the problem with you weirdos who call everybody else "deniers".
Like is there a non-zero probability they are in a relationship? Yes.
Does any of your other crap, like this here, have any sort of sane evidence behind it? No. Never.

No. 227707

> there’s so much evidence (like on here)

No. 227708

He literally deleted a livestream cuz it was posted abt here

No. 227709

> He deleted video not so long to hide their relationship so I doubt he is willing to reveal stuff out of sudden ,it's more likely that he didn't realize the whole meaning of the question..an oopsie.
Sure. He deleted a video because of the possibility that some people on an obscure website will spread among like 30-50 people that the corner of his background looks like it might be from Sharla's place.
But he "slips up" on a question that directly addresses something related to this whole clusterfuck.
You guys are straight up crazy

No. 227710

Are you mad because Chris confirmed he doesn’t live alone?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227713

> She’ll regret not taking those hormones because it can take forever to lose that weight.
Yes, because all she should worry about is losing the weight, not trying to balance her hormones naturally, if that's possible.

No. 227714

Stop it with the fucking deleted livestream!
I refer you back to: >>227703

No. 227715

Of course, but a big part of having thyroid issues is gaining weight. It's difficult to lose that weight. When she goes on the meds she will probably get better from the other issues (like feeling tired) and she won't gain weight, but the weight she gained previously will be soooo difficult to lose.

No. 227716

Again, I'm not replying to you. Stop nitpicking the shit anon is asking about. Literally answering someone else's question. Go to autistic somewhere else.

No. 227717

It's the truth. The 1 and a half year old livestream was posted about here, 12 hours later he made it private which he never does. Only unlists. The other livestream from the same time were left untouched. Do the math.

No. 227718

What? I just thought it was odd that he would translate hikikomori into "do I live alone" if that's not what it means. Maybe he's not very good at Japanese.

No. 227719

Are you actually blind or are just your neural pathways not connected properly? You moron.
I didn't say I didn't know that he lived with someone (likely Sharla).
I said that all of you idiots make such a fucking big deal out of him "slipping up" and revealing something he didn't want revealed. Like oooh! what an oopsie! He didn't mean to but he revealed it. Yet he was suuuuuper panicked that his livestream might reveal it, so he deleted it.
How does any of that translate into "I'm mad about him not living alone"?
Go do some basic reading skills training, you evolutionary dead-end.

No. 227721

Watch, he lives with Ryotaro lol

No. 227722

IDK, you seem mad for some reason.

I think i's one thing to accidentally show he lives in Sharla's apartment in Morioka, when he has maintained he has lived in Sendai since 2016. Revealing that he doesn't live alone now is probably not a big deal in comparison, because he and Sharla can spin it and say they got together and Sharla moved to Sendai to be with him. That way when they properly reveal that they live together, they will have to answer a lot fewer questions. They can just skip over the lived in-Morioka-from-summer-2019-to-2021 thing.

No. 227723

Anon, it's clear you are samefagging to hell and back. He's making a joke. I said that twice already and now a 3rd time.

No. 227724

Plenty of evidence just because you’re ignore it doesn’t mean it’s not there my love

No. 227725

But he answered the question seriously. "Do you live alone? No I do not."

No. 227726

Did anyone ask about Santorini in the livestream? I have an inkling he (or at least Sharla) went there because that pool photo looks exactly like one hotel in Oía.(non stop tinfoiling and samefagging)

No. 227728

Go be brain dead somewhere else, anon.

No. 227729

Huge kitchen? Her kitchen is small as fuck! She doesn’t even have a stove or a dishwasher. I know it’s not those things are not really a thing in Japan but you’ll have people like Connor who upgrade his apartment has a stove and a dishwasher, Joey and aki has a nice big kitchen. Her kitchen and apartment is basic and small as fuck!

No. 227730

Yeah her kitchen is pretty small. She could have gotten an apartment at the same price but with a big kitchen and without the "trash room" she doesn't use for anything important anyway.

No. 227731

Anon is just posting to troll and bait infighting with these samefag posts. You can tell who they are. Just report for baiting and trolling and every time they bring up a video or post, report it for "this is an imageboard" because they aren't adding proof to posts. The whole point is for them to play dumb like >>227725 and >>227710 who is a samefag. Just report and move on. Mods have confirmed several times it's the same person from the redtexting too anyway.

No. 227732

How come nobody noticed that Sharla cited that Britain has "great ciders" ????

She's never mentioned that she likes cider in the past. That's always been Chris's favorite alcoholic beverage and he used to talk about how hard they were to get in Japan. She's clearly leaking out little bits of how Chris has wormed his way into her entire being.

No. 227734

Saying the c-word, drinking cider, being on the junkfood Japan channel, collabing with Natsuki and Ryotaro and that real estate guy, gaining weight … she is becoming Chris 2.0!

No. 227735

Does she verbally and visually have to make you a list of things she does and doesn't do because apparently, she does. She's over 21. Of course she probably drinks her and there. What the hell is wrong with you?

No. 227737

Cunt. The word is cunt, anon. Go back to Twitter.

No. 227739

Sorry I don't want to use foul language like that.

No. 227744

I hope Chris and Sharla do a cute relationship reveal posting a family photo where Sharla is holding one cat and Chris is holding the other cat. Instagram/Twitter would break.

No. 227753

As much as I’d love to take that as an admission that he lives with someone (Sharla) the question “Chris are you hikikomori?” And he says “Do you live alone or sit alone in a room doing nothing?” “No I do not.”

That’s really an answer to are you hikikomori (which are people who are basically hermits): “ A form of severe social withdrawal, called hikikomori, has been frequently described in Japan and is characterized by adolescents and young adults who become recluses in their parents' homes, unable to work or go to school for months or years“
Chris is clearly not that, he has a social life and travels etc.

No. 227754

>Showing somebody's body hanging from a tree because that person committed suicide, that's gratuitous
Nta, but was this considered as gratuitous before logan paul released his video?
Iirc it almost seemed that the tourism board itself (not saying Japan was marketing it at all, but it was already a well established destination) was pushing that area as some type of attraction, and there were plenty of people both japanese, and foreign that showed bodies.

No. 227755

Sharla is from BC where we have tons of great local ciders. I’m sure she drank ciders as a teen/young adult in Victoria. It’s a pretty common first alcohol to get into here, cider, coolers, and beer. Although these days the kids are probably drinking more seltzers lol. Although yes I’m sure Chris also introduced her to his favourite ciders in England .

No. 227756

There is legit hiking in those mountains. That forest is also known to suicide. What the hell you want the gov to do, completely block of access to this area in general forever? Japanese people themselves, not gov related, popularized this area because of the deep rooted issue of suicide in Japan. Please do any kind of research at all before sounding so incredibly insensitive and dumb at the same time.

You cannot compare what Logan Paul did to what Chris did a video on. Ghost stories are extremely popular in Japan and suicide is a massive takeaway of lives there. This forest is mentioned in all sorts of media across Japan that even the gov HAS to put up signs and everything to tell people to stop going there because of the rumors to kill yourself. At least get basic shit right.

No. 227760

>What the hell you want the gov to do, completely block of access to this area in general forever?
Maybe they could fuck off with the fake outrage, and double standards?
>You cannot compare what Logan Paul did to what Chris did a video on.
Why, yes I can even though I did not.
>Ghost stories are extremely popular in Japan and suicide is a massive takeaway of lives there
Your point?
>This forest is mentioned in all sorts of media across Japan
No, shit.
>that even the gov HAS to put up signs and everything to tell people to stop going there because of the rumors to
Maybe they should do a little investigation while they're there while putting signs up, and blaming everything on the white devil's ignorance of japan culture.
>kill yourself
I'll pass on that mr english teacher that thinks "in japan" is a personality in itself.
>At least get basic shit right.
It's not a hard concept that needed further decoding, and fuck off with your fake outrage, and double standard.

No. 227762

> I think i's one thing to accidentally show he lives in Sharla's apartment in Morioka, when he has maintained he has lived in Sendai since 2016.
Like he couldn't have just done a livestream from her apartment even if his own apartment was in Sendai? Many couples have multiple apartments.

No. 227763

Nobody is ignoring anything. You really need to break open a dictionary, sweetie. Or just read books for adults. Or even YA.
Ignoring is not the same as pointing out that it's not airtight.
Are you …
a) deluded
b) a troll
c) stupid
d) a little bit of all of the above?

No. 227764

Yes, you've had that inkling for a while and have been ridiculed for it.
You should've asked.

No. 227765

>Many couples have multiple apartments.
True. This is actually pretty common.
Same anon here. Ramen sucks btw.

No. 227766

Is your shoulder ok after that reach? Might want to have that checked by a professional.

Have you been to the UK? People who normally don't like alcohol that much often like to drink the cider there. Are we all seduced by the big man himself?

No. 227767

yes, I can hardly tell them apart these days.

No. 227768

yes, because the smallest details are EVIDENCE for these idiots on here.
So unless she's mentioned somewhere before that she occasionally has cider, it's impossible that she likes it without being influenced by Mr Broad.
Even though she's lived in a country that's not famous for ciders and has now vacationed in one that has a really good selection of them. That can't be it. It must be "Chris worming his way into her entire being" kek

No. 227769

it's a beautiful thing that you came out of too

No. 227770

If they were pushing it for that reason, that is sick. I hope it was just marketed as a hiking area, which it is.
And yes, showing the body of a person who committed suicide would have been gratuitous even before Logan Paul.

No. 227772

Dude, your grammar/spelling makes your points incomprehensible

No. 227773

>And yes, showing the body of a person who committed suicide would have been gratuitous even before Logan Paul.
It really wasn't a problem before Logan Paul. Not that I actually really care, because I found Logan Paul to be obnoxious in that video.

No. 227777

You mean people didn't record there before him or that people didn't get upset about people showing deaths by suicide?
Because the latter is not true.

No. 227778

>that people didn't get upset about people showing deaths by suicide?
This is the one.

No. 227781

No. 227783

yeah, that is not true.

No. 227784

All I did was tell it how it was.
Maybe you're deformed brain can't remember anything past two weeks, but many people used to post photos/videos of looking/finding dead bodies in japan's suicide forest before logan paul. The Japanese didn't give that much of a shit, and kind of welcomed the tourism for it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227785

>yeah, that is not true.
It's not true in your headcannon I guess.

No. 227788

You don't know how to use the word headcanon. Also, you seem to think it's "cannon" as in weapon, not "canon" as in an assortment of fiction.
You are an idiot.

And you are basing your "opinion" on what, exactly?

No. 227790

Don't worry I lost interest in the thread.
>nitpicking, and that level of chivalry
It's based on all the photos/videos that I watched before they all got taken down, and some other reasons.

No. 227797

>many people used to post photos/videos of looking/finding dead bodies in japan's suicide forest before logan paul.
>The Japanese didn't give that much of a shit, and kind of welcomed the tourism for it.
Not true at all, lol. Logan Paul was only criticized because he's very famous on youtube and his vlogs got a lot of attention IN Japan, not to mention he was being disrespectful and practically harassing locals in other videos while he visited. Suicide and suicide tourism is heavily discouraged. There are signs and volunteers and staff to keep people from killing themselves or disrespecting the bodies.
The tourism to Aokigahara that's encouraged is for hiking around Mt Fuji and visiting the lava caves in the forest. You might not know because foreign media and youtubers are only interested wacky or weird Japan, but the suicides are only one aspect of the forest.

No. 227801


This is the same background that was in his vids and livestreams from 2019 to when he got the studio >>219972 same screen doors and shelves with all his stuff. So every time he wanted to film a vid or livestream he would travel all the way to Morioka, about 1 and a half hours or whatever on the train, to film in Sharla's apartment? Fucking kek

No. 227825

Holy shit sometime this thread just feels like two people going back and forth about boring ass crap.

No. 227834

No one cares about the livestream deletion or the apartment sperging, and I'm a believer. Yet it's the new mugs in terms of how often it's brought up as if it's the first time it's being discussed.

No. 227835

Just more useless and repetitive shit.

No. 227844

File: 1657433213025.png (1.33 MB, 1240x754, emma and sarah.png)

emma really like going to love hotel with sarah.

No. 227846

Love hotels are fun and really the only money most of them get now aside from the rare sex couple [which is rare because of the abundance of these hotels and lack of actual people recorded having sex in general, not including conceiving]. These hotels now show up on places like Air BnB for rentals because they are desperate for money. Visiting and vlogging isn't new for them and insinuating they are a couple because they visit these makes you sound stupid as hell.(derailing)

No. 227850

Damm you anons you made Chris unlist his video.
He even deleted the tweet that announce it .
Top kek

No. 227851

File: 1657437141711.jpg (299.39 KB, 1062x1757, IMG_20220710_021116.jpg)

Let me remember who is someone who openly practices stoicism…oh yes Chris.

No. 227852

I'm surprised he did that.
The video was called "Abroadinjapan once again",like him greeting his viewers now that he's back.
A shame indeed but I guess his "anxious" side will always gonna win.

No. 227853


that’s the quickest he’s ever unlisted a livestream

No. 227855

Sharla cat died(of Canada) and she supposedly just booked a flight.
I wonder if Chris will join her.
Her last tweet if curious.

No. 227857

Anon, is easily seen as just indoctrination, not a sign of living together.

No. 227862


She showed a book from this guy in 2021 too.


No. 227872

Good thing the livestream is linked here!

No. 227877

It's funny how evidence of the stuff Chris deletes or attempts to hide (the livestream that showed Sharla's apartment, the other livestreams he unlisted, the big booty account he accidentally followed) can be found here.

No. 227892


The livestream is still up. What are you guys talking about?

No. 227894

It's back now,the "do I live alone?" is still in too.
If it wasn't for the deleted tweet to it one would think it was never unlisted hue.

No. 227895

File: 1657452850836.jpg (269.19 KB, 1080x1719, IMG_20220710_063135.jpg)

Check the comments,the video got unlisted and then listed later.
The intention was to keep it unlisted definitely due the deletion of the tweet announcing it that had the link

No. 227897

File: 1657453256152.jpg (259.49 KB, 1080x1470, IMG_20220710_063801.jpg)

Evidence can be erased.
He wanted it to be unlisted but undid it kek.

No. 227909

I wonder why he listed it again?

No. 227911

Chris seems to fumble around pretending he doesn't read this thread and react to the posts in it

No. 227913

Yes. Fucking everything she does is because of Chris and only because of Chris.
Get the hell out of here with this crap.

Also, Chris might say he practices stoicism but does he?

No. 227916

Except, that's not true.
The video is still there. And you look like a fool trying to read into it.

No. 227917

NTA, but he definitely unlisted it. Didn’t make it private or anything though. Now it’s back.

No. 227928

Reeks of anons here posting to try to have stuff to post. No one else is looking for these old streams currently, 2 years old, for no reason.

No. 227930

This is his newest stream, he unlisted it for a moment. I don’t really think it means anything but it isn’t a 2 year old stream.

No. 227935

Probably just edited it in YT creator mode to see if it gets remonetized. Anons keep reaching when theres no milk to the actions on this video. All YTs unlist/private to edit. This isn't some Chris only thing and definitely not any the thread like anons think. Imagine being so narcissistic that you think Chris cares so much about your lolcow posts lol Anons humiliating themselves trying to get his attention with "muh corners of the living room match in color".

No. 227936

It is monetized tho what are you talking about?
Chris do unlists videos? Yeah that's not something rare for us.
Do Chris deletes or privates them? now that's something unusual as hell, it doesn't help the one that received such treatment was one that was being discussed here which showed a room that looked like S old apartment.

No. 227939

Why do you care so much? He unlisted it, then relisted it. It’s not the first livestream this year he has unlisted so it’s not out of the ordinary.

Choosing to make a livestream private where he accidentally showed Sharla’s living room in their second apartment in Morioka now THAT is out of the ordinary.

No. 227946

Go back to refreshing his YT page every 2 seconds, anon. You're unhealthily obsessed with a 2 year old video and weirdly obsessed over editing a video to try to get it remonotized. You're acting very narcissistic thinking that Chris is specifically hiding stuff because you're posting about it.

No. 227948

File: 1657461462210.jpg (107.24 KB, 1080x938, IMG_20220710_084249.jpg)

His livestreams of 3h+ are getting 300k+ views which is a lot.
Is he hungry for views or what?
I could understand cases like the one in which he got drunk only.

No. 227950

What he is describing is exactly what Patreon was supposed to be used for from the get go. He never should have uploaded the full ones to YouTube. This is good and makes sense. Youtubers do this with twitch streams already.

No. 227954

They keep the vods anon.
Here he's saying the livestream will be taken DOWN after few days.
Besides a long video getting 300k+ views is worth more than a way shorter one that migth get only 500k.The amount of ads make the long ones more valuable.

No. 227955

Im guessing he wants to make money, which is understandable.

People here rewatched a one and a half year old livestream though! Someone should ask him if he plans to reupload a bite sized video where he FaceTimed with Natsuki and accidentally showed his and Sharla’s living room.

No. 227957

"If not broken why fix it"
Feeling like he wants to clean possible traces welp.

No. 227958

I honestly think this is a direct result from the "accidentally showed the living room in Morioka" debacle. He wants to control what content is on his channel and it's difficult to do with 2+ hours long livestreams.

No. 227960

Yeah. And probably unlisted except through Patreon. Is this a hard and new concept to you? Even if it's just deleting, good? This is exactly what the monetization purpose of the site was from the beginning of at existing. Instagram models do the exact same thing to prevent people from stealing past updates

No. 227982

Unlikely she travels alone true.

No. 227983

He probably goes with and pops over to the US while they’re there. Victoria where Sharla is from is really close to Seattle.

No. 228005

She has an extra cat now though maybe Chris stays to watch over them.
But again her friend could help her in it like back in the UK trip.

No. 228020

>Instagram models do the exact same thing to prevent people from stealing past updates
I've never heard of this, a lot of Instagram is scraped by bots or reposted and accessible online even once removed, there's no true deletion online. Curated paged are more for aesthetic than worries about theft.

No. 228024


Sarah looks like Freddie Mercury

No. 228027

File: 1657469576418.png (602.11 KB, 585x688, weight gain.png)

this dress is doing Sharla no favors

No. 228028

That's not the point, anon. The point is Sharla has never mentioned ciders before. She rarely even mentions alcohol or drinking. This is clearly her boyfriend influence on her.

No. 228030

It's not about "Drinking her and there"(sic) anon. Are you 12 years old? It's about the fact she's never once mentioned ciders before, and Chris has been obsessed with cider and talking about how there's no cider in Japan for like 10 years. She's clearly influenced by him now. Grow up.

No. 228031

Wow this thread is bLoWiNg Up recently! but why(unsaged multiposting)

No. 228035

That dress looks way too big. Sharla looks cute though.

No. 228039

Kek anon, do you know what “too big” means? It’s fitting Sharla well, after her recent weight gain. It’s not skin tight but its far from baggy. It is a cute dress though.

No. 228047

Due the hormones shit I feel her weight changes are expected.
So if fat who cares.
Personally I feel only she being not willing to take the meds for it is dumb.

No. 228051

Jesus, her head and forearms are giant

No. 228059

Ntayrt, but i'm pretty sure not everything in their lives revolves around their relationship, unlike you being overinvested in theirs. Normal, healthy relationships involve having one's own interests and an identity outside of one's partner or a sense of individuality outside of being a unit. While they may share some generic interests, it's ridiculous to claim that the reason is strictly because of each other's influence. Anons like you are the ones obsessed with their relationship, having hardly any other interests outside of that, so you keep linking everything they do back to that fact. If this is some weird kind of projection and a reflection of how you handle your own personal relationships- that is, not having an identity outside of your partner, it's rather worrisome.

No. 228061

Imagine thinking adults need to disclose to you that they may drink on the side. These anons sound so dumb to assume that if something isn't posted about, suddenly the cow is keeping secrets because of a baseless relationship claim.

No. 228062

Yeah, they show up on booking.com too. Actually booked one for an overnight stay in Nara with a friend since it was cheaper than a regular hotel and it was one of the nicest places I've ever stayed at tbh
Sage for OT(no1curr)

No. 228067

Themed hotels are rare in Western countries, so these have a lot of draw and Japan is known to take really good care of sanitizing these places for the sole purpose they don't want to lose customers. Just sucks they don't get the use they used to. I feel bad for the ones with BDSM wall hangings that can't come off, but some people will probably like that stuff like goths.(derailing)

No. 228076

Sharla drank cider on the Aomori vlogs, of course that was with Chris so obv his influence alone /s. She did a whole video with Ushka drinking themed cocktails. There was that Tokyo Creative video with Sarah about Japan drinking culture where they dressed in weird horse costumes. She often drinks on camera, just doesn’t make it her whole personality.

No. 228146

Can someone elaborate why Sharla won’t take meds?

No. 228147

What meds?

No. 228151

I think she's afraid of the side effects. As far as I know, there are no side effects to levothyroxine as it's just adding a hormone your body can't naturally produce.

No. 228158

NO! It's you who is obsessed!
You are obsessed with him being single! Are you upset that he admitted to not living alone?
That is essentially the "logic" of the anons who have these weird fantasies about Chris being panicked and scared about the relationship being revealed.

No. 228160

So essentially, what's happening on this thread is:
There are people who legitimately have points to talk about.
Then there's a group of people who is fanfiction.net levels of obsessed with every single detail about the lives of Chris and/or Sharla. Like he says he's a perfectionist and contro-freak, probably referring to how he handles his youtube stuff, and it turns into him controlling the "narrative" of the C+S relationship. These people just like to "fill in" what they don't know about him, which is a lot because what he chooses to share is a fraction of who he is.
It's the same with fanfiction crap. You'll have a 3-line character in a book and there will be people who'll spin these three lines into novel-length crap.

But listen, this is not the place for that.

And then there's the third group, which might intersect with the first group: the rational people who every now and then dare demand proof. The people who dare to point out that you might not want to spin crazy headcanons from two words or a deleted livestream.
And then there's a crap ton of infighting because the irrational army of the weirdly obsessed feels the need to attack the rational people.

No. 228162

>Someone should ask him if he plans to reupload a bite sized video where he FaceTimed with Natsuki and accidentally showed his and Sharla’s living room.
Girl, you are obsessed with that friggin livestream!

No. 228163

> a direct result from the "accidentally showed the living room in Morioka" debacle
It's a "debacle" now?
Wow, your life must be very boring

No. 228164

She has NEVER mentioned CIDERS! And now she is straight up DRINKING them?!

No. 228165

No shit, sherlock.
So: Chris, from the UK, has been craving a thing from his home country that doesn't exist in Japan. Hence: he talked about it.
Sharla, NOT from the UK, hasn't been craving ciders for the past 10 years, living in a country where they are not super common, has not mentioned them before. Now Sharla has visited the UK, where ciders are very common and frequently consumed and she mentioned ciders.
There is NO other reason but her boyfriend mind controlling her for her to mention ciders.
It MUST be Chris's influence. Nobody has EVER found ciders on their own. Ever. It just doesn't happen in the wild.
Never heard of it.

No. 228167

> Ntayrt, but i'm pretty sure not everything in their lives revolves around their relationship, unlike you being overinvested in theirs. Normal, healthy relationships involve having one's own interests and an identity outside of one's partner or a sense of individuality outside of being a unit.
Sad that this needed to be said. But I'm hoping you will be a force for good in the lives of these weirdly obsessive anons.

No. 228168

She has never mentioned ciders! how else do you explain her suddenly liking ciders, if not through Chris's influence!?!

It's funny because I had never heard of hard ciders before travelling to the UK (I was only 20, though) and I loved them while there for summer school. I wonder who influenced me besides my deep dislike for beer. What if it was Chris?! Should I worry?

No. 228169

Her thyroid problem must not be that serious if she doesn't need to take medication, but she should still be more careful with her diet and exercise if she doesn't want to get worse.

No. 228171

If her thyroid problem was bad then she wouldn't be drinking so many ciders, I imagine.

No. 228172

So now this thread is arguing about if Sharla drinks ciders because of Chris or not?
Dark times, people - dark times here.(sage your shit)

No. 228175


She really looks out of shape in this video, there is such a difference when she films herself to when others film her.

No. 228177

Yeah, thyroid medication can seriously fuck with your mood and body. If she can control it through diet alone, good for her. But anyone I have known with thyroid issues medicates, and that medication gets constantly changed around in terms of dosage, and they have crazy mood swings, weight gain, tiredness, et cetera.

No. 228193

This is medication you're on when you're Diagnosed having a thyroid disorder in general. This isn't even something special they give you outside of having removed. This is medication that even I personally have struggle with remembering to take daily. You have to take this daily and before you even f eat

No. 228229

Medication doesn’t get changed constantly depending on person, very different for everyone. Thyroid diseases are individual based and different case by case in terms of symptoms, to the point that it’s pointless to speculate. We arnt her doctor or her, we only know what we go through as individuals with the disease.

No. 228230

Dude take your pills daily wtf

No. 228232

It's easy to forget tbh. May not seem like it, but it is and I'm wondering if Sharla gets up and eats and forgets to take it or doesn't remember if she takes it so just skips it. You can still take the pill, it won't do anything really all the bad, but really shouldn't do anything food wise in the morning if you take synthroid. Its definitely more important since her throid is removed.

No. 228260

Anon you sound retarded.

No. 228267

No. 228287

You want an explanation for why she possibly doesn't take them or forgets to take them or not, anon?

No. 228328

Forgetting to take your meds is not the same as choosing not to take meds because you think it's unnecessary, which is the case with Sharla. It's all in her latest vlog. Her thyroid doctor actually suggested that she take meds. Her doctor has also told her that she needs to be on a strict diet with no extra carbs, sugars, etc and she says she's been following it "really strictly" since she's returned from Japan, but it's a cheat day for her and she's doing intermittent fasting and drinking peanut butter smoothies, which I doubt was her doctor's idea. She's never had a great diet and I think she's overestimating her ability to eat the right foods and well enough to control her thyroid. (Same goes for Chris and his obesity problem.) Thyroid disease is more common in Japan than North America btw so it's not like Sharla is unique in her situation or that Japanese doctors don't have a lot of experience in this area.

No. 228341

I thought the same thing RE: thyroid and her diet. I feel bad for her because losing half her thyroid function will no doubt have a major impact on her life. If she wanted to try and control some of the issues that will come up with diet alone, it's just not congruous with having "cheat days" and taking a few weeks off to eat whatever you want while you travel. That's completely normal for people who don't have thyroid issues OR people who medicate their thyroid issues…but using diet in order to maintain the correct levels is going to be impossible if she also wants to have days where she eats candy or whatever. I like Sharla but I doubt any doctor would be advising someone to drink Huel with a banana and peanut butter as their "breakfast", which she is having at like, 1 PM. I don't know, sounded less like a normal, healthy sustainable thyroid-conscious diet, and more like a trendy thing what with the protein shake, cheat days, and the intermittent fasting.

No. 228350

> she's doing intermittent fasting and drinking peanut butter smoothies
She added PB2, which is powdered peanut butter with like 10% fat, to a meal replacement smoothie.
A meal-replacement smoothie is not just a peanut butter smoothie. What even is a peanut butter smoothie, ew.

She said more something like her doctor told her she could try and get her hormone levels to where they need to be naturally. And they were good for a long time and then were less good last time she had a check-up (Before the trip to England). So now she's giving it a last try the natural route.

I personally am more of the opinion that taking the meds is safer, mainly because I've never been able to do anything about anaemia without meds but I do sort of admire her will to try.
I wonder how much she actually can regulate her thyroid with just the right foods at this point. I don't agree with you that she's always had a bad diet and I think she'd be able to do it. But it might be out of her control.

No. 228352

> I like Sharla but I doubt any doctor would be advising someone to drink Huel with a banana and peanut butter as their "breakfast", which she is having at like, 1 PM. I don't know, sounded less like a normal, healthy sustainable thyroid-conscious diet, and more like a trendy thing what with the protein shake, cheat days, and the intermittent fasting.

I was actually wondering about how a doctor might like a meal replacement shake in this case. I guess it really depends on what she needs in her diet or doesn't need in her diet.
If the doctor just said to cut out simple carbs, then that might be fine. If it's more complex and she needs to increase certain things, then a meal replacement is silly.
I don't know about the hormone levels and what specific diet might be needed to get them where they need to be but more fibre and complex carbs and less simple carb foods is always a good idea.
Also, there actually is not that much research backing that weight gain is common after half a thyroid has been removed if diet remains unchanged.
So I'm guessing she's just trying to start a calorie-deficit diet, for which meal replacements might be good.

No. 228354

So she's a woo woo medically non-compliant idiot like Taylor. No wonder the two of them go on so well.

No. 228364

She chooses not to anon, you “forget”. she is just as retarded as you are. You need to realize you and sharla arnt the two people on the planet with thyroid conditions.

No. 228367

You can stableize levels if you're lucky, but usually months out after bloodtests you need meds again. She's probably just trying to see if she can stabilize her TSH herself. It's doable, but fucking with it like that when partially removed.. Yikes. I wonder if she got put into a radiation room for a few days after the partial. Being radioactive sure is fun.

No. 228372

I’d say so, I mean she managed to miss that huge lump on her neck. Doesn’t she have a decent skincare regime? I am amazed she didn’t spot it sooner.

No. 228373

>She said more something like her doctor told her she could try and get her hormone levels to where they need to be naturally. And they were good for a long time and then were less good last time she had a check-up (Before the trip to England). So now she's giving it a last try the natural route.
No, her thyroid doctor originally suggested that she take medication to keep her levels down, but she didn't want to and her levels slowly went back to normal over the 6 months following surgery, to the point where the doctor said she might not need medication if they stay that way, but her levels were back to "shitty" at her last check-up. Still, she's decided to "try this diet thing" for the rest of the year. If it doesn't work, she'll go on meds, but she never said her doctor suggested that she go the natural route. He's told her to stick to this strict diet because she doesn't want to take meds.
>She added PB2, which is powdered peanut butter with like 10% fat, to a meal replacement smoothie. A meal-replacement smoothie is not just a peanut butter smoothie. What even is a peanut butter smoothie, ew.
>I don't agree with you that she's always had a bad diet
I don’t think it needs to be explained, but a peanut butter smoothie is a smoothie with peanut butter in it. PB2 has less fat than regular peanut butter but it's still processed, has sugar and salt, and contains less vitamins. I don't actually think it's bad that she has the occasional smoothie or powdered pb, but I don’t know when you first started following her, but she has a history of overdoing these “health-food” or meal replacement shakes and doing intermittent fasting or other diets or fads while snacking with cheat days without long-term success instead of just adopting a healthy sustainable diet where she eats real meals and exercises regularly.

No. 228381

regime? lol

I hope you mean regimen

No. 228382

PB2 has literally 2g of added sugar per serving lol
It's just ground up peanuts with a tiny amount of coconut sugar, that's all it is. Less salt than your off the shelf peanut butter jar. It's literally just peanut flour.

I know people on here are not exactly keyed in to the world of fitness and nutrition, in fact I picture most of you eating Healthy Choice microwave meals and taking diet pills at your cubicle office jobs, but just for those who are fucking clueless, PB2 is good shit and a lot of people in fitness use it in our smoothies.

Good lord you morons

No. 228383

>PB2 has less fat than regular peanut butter but it's still processed, has sugar and salt, and contains less vitamins.

LOL it does not "contain less vitamins" what are you smoking?
Does grinding up a peanut equate to "processed"? Okay then. The reason it has less fat is because they don't add the oil to it that they add to peanut butter. It's literally EXACTLY peanut butter, without the oil (fat). The level of cluelessness about fitness, nutrition, and health on this thread is fucking abysmal. Why don't you all go back to talking about matching teacups lol

No. 228397

Do you even know what processed means?
>It is made by pressing out most of the natural oils from roasted peanuts and then grinding the nuts into a fine powder.
>PB2 is a highly processed food product, and some of the nutrients from the peanuts have been removed.
University of Wyoming
>Powdered peanut butter also doesn’t have the same amount of protein, iron, vitamin E, and folate of traditional peanut butter
>manufacturers add extra sugar, salt, and other processed ingredients to peanut powder (look at the nutrition label information) to replace the fat and make the taste more palatable
Sydney Morning Herald
>"While peanut butter is naturally high in fat, the fats are the heart healthy fats; monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats," she says. "Not only is this fat needed for your body to absorb the vitamin E (an antioxidant) found in peanut butter, but it also contributes to making peanut butter so satisfying/filling." Although Malek says PB2 could be successfully used by those who want the taste of peanut butter without the calories (i.e. in smoothies or muffins), because PB2 does not contain these filling fats, dieters will need to exercise significant portion control
Consumer Reports
>The fat in regular peanut butter is mostly the heart-healthy monounsaturated kind, so the only nutritional advantage of powdered peanut butter is its much lower calorie count.

But as I said, which you missed because you're so fixated on the peanuts, I don't think it's bad that Sharla has it or smoothies occasionally. The problem is she's done these smoothie diets and other fads before instead of eating healthy meals and they weren't successful and sustainable.(derailing)

No. 228399

> I don’t think it needs to be explained, but a peanut butter smoothie is a smoothie with peanut butter in it.
Yeah, of course. But like a smoothie is commonly a fruit thing. I don't think I've heard of a peanut butter smoothie.
And PB2 is hardly peanut butter, since it lacks, you know, butter.

No. 228400

Its in your throat, idiot. She was probably diagnosed young, but it can turn cancerous whenever. An enlarged thyroid isnt even necessarily because of lack of medicine or care. Sometimes its flared, no reason, so if the lump comes and goes, she can't tell. You need bloodtests specifically. The only thing they could do otherwise is touch it and ask you to swallow in person. They probably saw it was enlarged and out of level for a prolonged amount of time and did a biapsy and turned out cancerous.

Do you know how cancer works?

No. 228401

Sugar turns to carbs. Stop nitpicking a fucking smoothie.

No. 228405

Sugar is a carbohydrate, you nitwit. and what are you even replying to? "Sugar turns to carbs" kek!

PB2 is not peanut butter is all that anon you were replying to wrote. Stop derailing and baiting people into derailing.

No. 228406

This is a dumb derail but you know peanut butter doesn’t actually have butter either, nonnie… long story short Sharla probably won’t maintain this 1 PM smoothie diet for long. And I don’t think intermittent fasting is good for your thyroid, it’s just some trendy new way of dieting (cals in, cals out) under the guise of a health thing. Sharla really just should find a sustainable diet, and embrace medication. Im sure she’ll realize it, losing half your thyroid is a big deal and she probably isn’t ready to accept it fully yet.

No. 228407

>Yeah, of course. But like a smoothie is commonly a fruit thing.
What's your point? She added banana. Here's a "Peanut Butter Smoothie" from the BCC since it bothers you so much
>And PB2 is hardly peanut butter, since it lacks, you know, butter.
Not only does peanut butter not actually have butter, PB2 is commonly known as POWDERED PEANUT BUTTER and it even says so on the label if you actually watched Sharla's vlog even though you tried to give a summary of what she said. Seems to me you're just trying to argue semantics and derail because you didn't actually know what you were talking about and couldn't say anything else.

No. 228409

NTA but it wasn't cancerous.

No. 228411

I don't follow the vlogs religiously and I think anons glossed over most of the details because they were too busy filling up the thread with dating bullshit. Good to know, anon. Thank you. Going to watch it now though

No. 228423

The dating bs was better than the thyroid sperges of misinformation and retardation

No. 228425

Except its a real tangible discussion.

No. 228426

Yes, this tangible absolutely gripping argument over peanut butter powder is the total high point of this image board.

No. 228433

File: 1657605636238.jpg (181.27 KB, 1024x1024, 42038.jpg)

image board(samefagging and nitpicking a smoothie)

No. 228435

Anons meant thyroid issues where these proof to have discussion vs a conspuracy pin board for the dating crap. No new mentioned peanut butter. Wtf are you on?

No. 228438

Can you retard newfags learn to sage so this shit thread stops getting bumped?

No. 228440

Not really, half the anons don’t know what they are talking about. At least you can tinfoil about sharla and chris dating, it’s not a fact if they are or arnt - because we simply have no clue, we can have dumb little theories.

Majority of the thyroid talk is just straight up misinformation and simply untrue fake “facts”.

Very retarded anons.

No. 228441

She didn’t fucking have cancer, idiot. Why are you nitpicking my post when you clearly know what I meant??
Kek I did, at least you knew what I meant by my poor typing haha

Y’all are so triggered by this peanut butter powder stuff huh

No. 228464

As someone with hypothyroidism, you need to take meds (levothyroxine) your whole life.
Shit can go south really fast if you stay too long without being medicated.
And yeah, I developed gluten and carb/sugar sensitivity because of it, and IF + a low carb diet is pretty much the only thing that works for me. Any bullshit food can trigger bloating,IBS,nausea etc.

No. 228476

File: 1657628259541.png (1.42 MB, 1080x448, Screenshot_20220712-064321.png)

Nta in this vid Chris showed his bathmat and I noticed the same flooring and skirting board as Sharla's apartment. Exact same bathmat too.

No. 228477

File: 1657628888373.png (1.4 MB, 1080x423, Screenshot_20220712-064553.png)

Looks like he was filming in the closet room. Same skirting board and flooring again, though it's mostly covered by the rug.

No. 228491

You can clearly see that these images aren't the same for the fact that the curtain isn't there and there's a wall on the left side of the right image where there isn't at all on the left.. Just stop posting these at this point

No. 228500

There’s a photo Joey posted like a year and a half ago of Chris at his desk where you can 1) see Sharla’s mug and 2) Sharlas curtains.

No. 228508

This is an imageboard and the dating tinfoil and red strings to connect it all is not milky anymore. You guys just shit up the thread.

No. 228522

I was pointing out the exact same flooring and skirting boards anon, not that it was the same part of the room when it obviously isn't kek.
I see that you ignored the other screenshot I posted.
The bookcase and his desk was likely near or against the back wall of the room seeing as she avoided showing that area in her apartment tour. She never showed the full view of that room but she did with all the other rooms. There's a weird cut after she opens the door.

05:45 06:30-50

No. 228527

Lord at least someone isn’t retarded here, thanks anon for brining my hope for humanity back

No. 228545

>are near
>should be

Anon, stop. Unless you see his stuff actually with things that are hers, this is fucking stupid. This is so tiring.

No. 228552

File: 1657644860364.jpeg (457.04 KB, 1888x1888, 6CA96470-8234-4282-87BC-6B9274…)

You mean like his desk and computer in her house lol

No. 228555

did sharla ever consulted with a dietitian or nutrition? will that help with her hormon imbalance? just curious, that's all

No. 228559

Are those supposed to be Chris's arms? Otherwise, no. These are still separate photos and you can't see sharla's stuff in the space either.

No. 228566

File: 1657647246181.png (1.27 MB, 1080x275, Screenshot_20220712-183115.png)

Adding on to what I said, in the 'exposing what's on my bookshelf|room tour'vid the folding screen, which usually has a lamp behind it, is covering up the closets next to the sliding doors leading to the living room.

No. 228580

File: 1657648767434.jpeg (552.84 KB, 2048x2048, 4C2755DC-90AC-4AF4-BC79-9FC0BC…)

Lol both screen a shots from Sharla videos. The point is that picture on the left was from the video where she revealed she had a 2nd Apartment. In the video with the picture on the left you clearly see Chris chair and computer. Chris has a black chair with. The picture on the right is her that’s her desk and her brown chair. Equally on this picture below you will props from Chris video, in her apartment

No. 228649

I can't believe I'm being this minute but this seems like a smoking gun until shades are slightly different. It seems like each square in Chris's is more rectangular and Sharla's is more square. Could be different cameras stretching the appearance, but it doesn't seem stretched elsewhere on the shade.

No. 228653

No, but her doctor has instructed her to be on an "extremely strict diet" with "no crappy carbs, no sugars, low-calorie."
I think she really likes vanilla because she added both vanilla flavored soy milk and vanilla extract to her drink.

No. 228667

Sounds like a crappy life if she needs to eat like that for the rest of her life.

No. 228670

File: 1657660761709.png (1.59 MB, 1080x426, Screenshot_20220712-220608.png)

There's no stretching. The end panels are square then start to get more rectangular.

No. 228671

File: 1657661801418.png (95.9 KB, 359x255, Screenshot_20220712-214804~2.p…)

There's no wall next to the bookcase. It's the bottom of the folding screen.

No. 228685

Thanks anon, I was about to post something similar as I work in healthcare. Not taking meds for thyroid is like denying chemo/radiation for a treatable cancer.

No. 228686

Do y'all really believe she is only on a strict diet due to her thyroid? Seems like a bs reason to me because Chris is trying to shred the pounds too. I think she's probably on medication for her thyroid… like why wouldn't you be?

No. 228703

She should consult her doctor's advice and that's it. A nutritionist or dietitian is not certified to help with endocrinology issues of actual palpable proportions. This is not a case of "increase your energy by eating lemons" or some such crap. This is an actual issue that might have to be addressed with medication.
Nutritionists and dietitians are great at what they do but they are not endocrinologists.

No. 228704

I might get yelled at but I do honestly think that a cheat day every now and then is not a huge deal.
But I agree that even a 95% diet like this might be hard, depending on what exactly the doctor said.

She should just take the meds that are prescribed for a condition like that and she can still improve her diet. But leaving it to diet alone is a lot.

No. 228705

I had the same suspicion. Maybe she just doesn't want to share that she's dieting. And it's nobody's business, really.
If people want to come at her with the bs accusation that she's a role model or some crap like that, no, she isn't really. It's not like she's followed by thousands of young kids who will do as she does or that she's actively peddling any pseudo-science stuff.

No. 228714

Sharla said the only sugar in her smoothie was the banana, but her Costco vanilla soy milk and PB2 have added sugars. I think the Vegan Junk Food video was filmed before she left for the UK because she implied it was before she started her current diet, but she already looked puffy and swollen then. She doesn't plan to try meds until the New Year if she can't lower her levels naturally, but that seems too far into the future.

No. 228742

Anon stop trying to dig deeper into shit that's extremely obviously surface level. Let her eat whatever the fuck she wants at this point. You trying to nitpick what she eats is so autistic. It's like the anons claiming she's not allowed to be anything but a vegan.

No. 228744

You aren't able to micro-manage what you eat like that realistically on a worldwide scale, anon. Anons like me and others and Sharla just have to deal and watch what we eat. It's not that big a deal. There's no point in derailing to keep trying to explain to you anons that this shit is person to person and no one knows exactly whats going on with her diet or medical shit.

No. 228774

Yeah and I thought medfagging was supposed to be automatic ban on this board, that's what it says in the rules

No. 228775

Do you have one of those image dyslexia or face blindness diseases? But it affects how you see chairs?
Because only a total retard thinks those are the same chairs.

No. 228776

Both of those pics are from Chris's apartment, are you passed out yet from sniffing so much glue?

No. 228778

"Exact same bathmat too" = this proves you are an untrustworthy witness and have a complete lack of visual analysis.
Those are different mats. They have clearly different corner radius. You'd have to be a total moron with zero visual spatial understanding to think those are the same. Did you flunk out of high school geometry?
And that's a common hardwood veneer flooring in many renovated apartments across Japan. This proves literally nothing.

PS that's the mat that Chris threw away because it had asbestos.

No. 228801

This is so tiring. It's just shitting up the thread to have anons try to push this same apartment shit again. Still not a single same room photo of their living quarters. Anons would rather believe they move things around all the time.

No. 228808

Well, she's refusing to take prescribed medication like normal people do so that's her own fault.

No. 228821

File: 1657706668791.png (910.08 KB, 1080x861, Screenshot_20220713-104910.png)

>Both of those pics are from Chris's apartment
Oh so her second apartment was also his apartment?

No. 228829

File: 1657709653564.png (1.13 MB, 1069x483, Screenshot_20220713-110937.png)

Yep it was the same bathmat.

No. 228836

I don’t know if it was Chris’s apartment or whatever, but that second apartment for her “stationary business” always sounded like complete bullshit. Literally a business that requires a drawer or two full of little envelopes, stickers, and a desk. Absolutely no way she couldn’t do it in her apartment + Ushka’s house, since they were partners in that stationary idea. Again not saying it had anything to do with Chris per se, but the explanation she gave never made sense. Such a bustling cat paw stamp company she needs 1LDK to handle it kek

No. 228841

File: 1657717312344.png (1021.67 KB, 1080x984, Screenshot_20220713-135407.png)

It's not the same floor or skirting boards as his old apartment. In the bookcase screenshot the skirting boards are black.

No. 228844

File: 1657717926671.png (1.42 MB, 1080x620, Screenshot_20220713-140854.png)

Also the same curtains that were in the closet room. His old curtains were blue.

No. 228847


This thread is like groundhog day. I really thought their obvious trip to the UK would have stopped the deniers but they won't give up. There's no point in putting up old evidence again. I honestly doubt they genuinely believe they aren't together but either like riling people up or maybe it's Chris' PR. No point in indulging them so much. If Sharla and Chris ever have a child together we'll hear about how it's normal to get ivf with your friend if you want a child.

People like to second guess medical professionals and overemphasize what they see as natural and read online. It only seems to be getting worse. Though doctors do have a bad habit of overprescribing because most don't have faith in people to consistently keep with lifestyle changes. Sharla should at least be willing down the line to take the meds if her diet and cheat days aren't enough otherwise she's messing with her health.

No. 228864

Neither of them want children. Sharla has made multiple tweets about being childfree, and Chris's recent livestream he went into a length explaination about how he has too much anxiety to have children.

No. 228871

Being a anxious about how the child would be and the safety is way more than what a lot of fathers do.
I wonder if he realizes that.

No. 228872

It means she has to eat healthy,which is not crappy at all, with a cheat meal/day every now and then.
Low calorie because for those with hypothyroidism your BMR drops a fuckton, meaning that to maintain or lose weight you need lower calories than a normal, healthy person, even if you're properly taking your medication, your BMR can still be super low.
you're welcome nonnies, I\m pretty vocal about hypo because it wrecked my life and most people severely underestimate the damage it does to your quality of life, that little fucker gland controls EVERYTHING: mood,hair,weight,stomach etc

No. 228873

I'm sure he does, but that still doesn't mean everyone should have kids.

No. 228875

no idea what you're trying to say anon. Sharla's the one sharing the recipe and telling us she's on a very strict low-carb no-sugar diet and it has no added sugars. She's making it herself, it's only a few ingredients and it's kinda obvious that her vanilla soy milk has sugar because it isn't unsweetened. It's her go-to meal and she's doing this diet in lieu of taking medication despite her doctor's advice, so she should at least know what she's eating, be more careful and check labels.

No. 228895

it looks like chris latest video is flopping hard. only 180k views 24 hours after he released it. how long until he deletes it?(if you're gonna bring up new things to the thread, post caps)

No. 228896

File: 1657731620522.jpg (43.71 KB, 957x476, bathmats.jpg)

No anon they are NOT the same bathmat. Are you blind? Chris's has a corner radius about 15% bigger than Sharla's. In addition, Sharla's is slightly off-white or yellow, and Chris's is more white. This is so evident that only a person with zero sense of spatial relationships would believe they are the same mat.

No. 228897

I don't see a new video - his last video is the one about Abe's assassination, five days ago

No. 228898

Omg you have lost the plot

No. 228899

No anon I am just tired of people making up bullshit to justify their stupid conspiracy theory. Fine if they're dating but saying two bath mats that are clearly different are the same bath mat is beyond the pale. If someone doesn't defend truth and reality then it will continue to slip through our fingers like sands through an hourglass.

No. 228901

it's on his second channel. it's doing way worse than his videos there usually do.

No. 228902

it's not a conspiracy theory? they live together, they have lived together for a long time. it's not a big deal, who the fuck cares?

No. 228904

This is an imageboard. How many times do you actually need to be told that?

No. 228913

No one is making up stuff! People have posted pictures of matching apartments, furnitures, cups and crops used in his videos. His office mysterious changing the same month Sharla moved. And the bath mat of a screen shot from a video is what you chose to concentrate on? You posted 2 pics of bath mats claiming they are clearly diff, but the only diff we see is color grade from a picture. I am not saying that it’s the same bathmat but what you posted is only proving that u r fighting a loosing battle.

No. 228915

why should i post an image? can't you read? 180k views in 24 hours. there's nothing to show.(still an imageboard)

No. 228919

Because this is an imageboard, newfag.

No. 228930

not everything needs to be an image. evidence of them living together? sure. most of the posts here are just text though.

No. 228932

It's the same absorbent stone bathmat that had asbestos in it. Have you never heard of lighting and angles making the same thing look different in different pics? You sound unhinged.

No. 228936

Agree!!’ That post pic about the mats was the very definition of unhinged. Lol the deniers are crazier than the shippers!

No. 228938

Seriously, the better argument is something about two friends having the same bathmat rather than trying to CSI a "fact" out of them being two different bath mats. Even if they did both have the exact same type of bath mat, don't worry, it's still not the hard evidence we're all dying to see. Anything can be explained away outside of them just coming out and saying it - which at this point, why would they rock their respective boats? People who believe they're dating already think that, and those who don't believe…no amount of convincing and cajoling will convince them otherwise. Why would Sharla and Chris confirm it if all their friends already know, and are keeping a pretty good lid on things? They may just let it leak out naturally at some point, but I highly doubt we're going to get any confirmation from them if we haven't by now. For whatever reason they want to keep their relationship private, or at the very least unconfirmed, so be it. Or on the other hand, if somehow they're not dating (which I definitely think they are) they are choosing to let some viewers assume they are together. I think it's an odd choice to not just be honest about this quite big, but not negative thing, but they can make those decisions themselves.

No. 228945

>Have you never heard of lighting and angles making the same thing look different in different pics? You sound unhinged
I started typing a response to that anon and then deleted kek, like generic rectangle bath mat in looking different with a different lens and angle shocker.

Idek why people are still doing the screenshots of shared spaces as proof when these two literally just did an extensive holiday together in the UK and possibly somewhere else (pool photo/video) like they're dating, guys, it's fine.

No. 228952

I mean they all ignore that and want to argue over mats

No. 228957

But never in the same room and furniture and wall features never in the same place or removed. You can have an apartment complex that looks the same to others. This is especially common in Japan because their structures are literally pre-fabs. Can't you guys just wait for a photo of both their shit in the same space at the same time with both of them in the same space at the same time? Not this:

>there were curtains here one time and now its not

>this chair and desk were here one time and not it's not
>this wall color matches
>this curtain matches, but its mysteriously gone a month later in these photos

Come on. There's so much back and forth and manipulation they would have to do and it makes completely no sense to move your furniture around to this fucking extent. Be realistic even the tiniest bit.

No. 228960

The back and forth is boring! When it’s all added up, It’s very very clear to a lot of people that they have been together a long time. You clearly don’t want to believe it, nothing will ever be good enough for you, so you do you!

No. 228986

The moving furniture argument is not even a good one, there's an influencer Alythuh on Twitter who literally moves everything in her studio apartment around for photos to try and make it seem like a bigger space than it is. Plus anyone who films content will be familiar with the need to create a clear area for filming, (normal household mess and objects look terrible on camera, hence why most influencer backgrounds are very sparse) which usually requires moving stuff around, putting up backgrounds, etc, constantly.

No. 228990

Oh that's sure there's no rule.
I'm just pointing out the irony in his words.

No. 229027

File: 1657768228224.jpeg (831.97 KB, 2048x2048, 45D009EF-1E66-4815-A37F-3440C3…)

It’s amazing how both Chris and Sharla seem to always be at the same place at the same time. But it’s ALL just a giant coincident, nothing to see here!

No. 229035

Anon, realistically they aren't taking curtains down and then up and then down and emptying baskets for different purposes just to leave you personal breadcrumbs. You are so desperate.

No. 229037

Chris's friend pete (american) is going to the UK over Christmas. Very high chance Chris and Sharla will be back in the UK.

No. 229039

Again. How many times, anon? This is an imageboard. Where did you hear or see this?

No. 229047

File: 1657779497491.png (83.43 KB, 720x487, sc.png)

No. 229050

Already confirmed on the podcast that Chris will be there along with others. Sharla wasnt mentioned though.

No picture because podcast.. :P(:p)

No. 229065

Nta what curtains are you talking about? The ones in the closet room that is only partially shown twice?

No. 229066

I kind of get the feeling that Sharla is ready for a relationship reveal.

No. 229068

The way Chris is single handedly trying to make that man have a career in streaming is impressive. He even quit his job as a teacher recently because Chris has been hyping him up and promoting his twitch channel so much.

No. 229069

The deniers have to be scrambling to find anything at this point, like
>photo of exact same place from same angle posted on both their accounts at the same time, following several weeks of holidaying where the same thing occurred continuously
>autistic anon trying to prove the diameter and shade of their matching bathmat(s) differ >>228896

The deniers are the crazy looking ones at this point.

No. 229076

File: 1657799929217.jpg (396.75 KB, 1076x1729, IMG_20220714_185556.jpg)

What a lazy fat-ass Chris is.

No. 229078

"Perhaps if I was a major "creator" or someone with more of an audience, it would appeal to him more"

Lmao the shade. Does he not like Chris? I thought they hung out in Sendai not too long ago.

No. 229101

Lmao they no longer don't care.

No. 229102

Well she said she'll go back in xmas

No. 229104

Maybe he flirted with Sharla so now is Chris black list kek
He is the one of the video of pokemon manholes with C and S.

No. 229106

Climbing a mountain is something you gotta train for. Im with Chris with not doing that. Thats too much work, especially as oxygen thins. Fuck that.

No. 229120

He did answer a question a few weeks ago about whether or not he was dating Sharla. He seemed a little cranky when he answered. I don’t think he has a crush on her though, what’s the point in crushing on someone in a relationship?

No. 229122

maybe victor found it so stupid to keep s and c relationships hidden , i mean they both are a mid 30 old youtuber not some teens jp idols.

No. 229135

hes married

No. 229136

Victor/Frame of travel? No he isn't, he confirmed he was single. Maybe you're thinking of Pete?

No. 229148

Wierd for a single man to wear a wedding ring.

No. 229156

You know men can wear rings without being married right? Kind of like how Sharla is wearing a ring on her left ring finger without being engaged.

No. 229172

You can seriously dispute anything that isn’t a quantifiable fact, but generally speaking tubby heterosexual white men with zero identifiable interest in fashion don’t arbitrarily wear rings on their wedding fingers. When you hear hoofbeats nonnie, do you think it’s just as likely to be zebras?

No. 229176

He said in his Q&A a week ago that he’s single lmfao

No. 229184

He is probably single, why would he lie, but the ring sperg is annoying

No. 229185

I mean I’m assuming the man is telling the truth?! Why tf would he lie. Single at 40 isn’t exactly something most people are proud of even though I think that’s perfectly okay. Maybe that’s why the question about dating Sharla set him off and why he’s acting a bit shady towards Chris now!

No. 229247

he also said he was married when on stream with Pete at that networking event

No. 229254

It’s weird how he didn’t just say that in the answer to the question about him and Sharla.

No. 229255

File: 1657883520749.jpg (522.25 KB, 1080x1845, IMG_20220715_180818.jpg)

No. 229259

Him and Chris have a lot in common

No. 229265


Like what? Sharla is not vegan.>>229259

No. 229266

She basically is. At least vegetarian.

No. 229267

Not this vegan/plant-based/vegetarian debate shit again. I'm begging.

No. 229268

Has Chris ever said why he’s so obsessed with promoting American Pete? Pete has been on the podcast many times, Chris been on his twitch channel like 10 times and he’s centred two videos around him even though he’s not even a YouTuber.

No. 229269

Either Chris wants to break into twitch (doubtful since he likes youtube live) or they're just good friends who vibe a lot. The Pete push is way more organic then when every Jvlogger decided to promote TokyoLens/Norm as the second coming for like a year straight.

No. 229274

I think they’re just friends anon, not everything has a cynical true reason behind it. He’s promoting a friend/just spending time with them.

No. 229277

I know right literally Pete is one of his closest friends so he’s being supportive of him. What’s the big deal? He does that for most of his friends.

No. 229282

Pete just seems like such a wholesome dude. Very friendly, very chill. Glad he quit his awful teaching job and got to do what he loved. He’s one of the few people who makes Chris laugh whenever they hang out.

No. 229365

just think they're good friends - both in their 30s, both online, not married and busy/tied down with family life, etc. Just share a lot in common so why not. Plus Pete isn't controversial like Norm… who i think they cut off? lol

No. 229367

Pete is married and almost 40. His lifestreams are pretty fun, I'm an occassional viewer and enjoy them. His energy is awesome and he has a good attitude.

No. 229368

Agree anon. Pete’s energy is addictive, while everything they do with Norm seems so fake and forced/awkward.

No. 229434

Maybe freshly divorced? Just throwing that out there, don't know that dude at all

No. 229437

If he’s freshly divorced why would he talk about his better half Ion that Q&A?

No. 229438

File: 1657945205250.jpg (337.5 KB, 1080x1830, IMG_20220716_111930.jpg)

No. 229443

Good guy honestly.
Keeps it private but respects the existence of his relationship.

No. 229479

If you look at the posts I quoted some anon was saying he said he was single as well. Only way both statements would be true was if he was freshly divorced. It's not that deep. Clearly other anon was full of shit tho.

No. 229507

“their” privacy not “her”
is he gay?

No. 229510

Yeah the anon who said that he said he was single should post caps. So easy to screenshot shit you “see” and this is an imageboard.

No. 229511

I think he did say something about his dating life in Japan not going well in his last Q&A, but maybe he was just being sarcastic? Considering he’s married.

No. 229652


Show me those mythical deniers you keep talking about.
You just want someone to fight with, boo? Lonely weekend?

No. 229681

File: 1658025268444.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x2199, 0A24C95B-5E67-4C18-8191-791456…)

No wonder Chris spent the week in Tokyo

No. 229713

Could be just a way to create mystery around the sex of his SO

No. 229719

Most of Sharla stories put her at home so it fits.

No. 229743

File: 1658050787651.png (998.43 KB, 1440x2542, Screenshot_20220717-103742~2.p…)


No. 229744

File: 1658050929127.png (436.46 KB, 1440x2497, Screenshot_20220717-104002~2.p…)

Also lol what mod banned me for posting this! Get a life, I can just turn on my VPN and get around it(ban evading idiot )

No. 229746

Is this the day we get some answers?!
This thread will die if we do.. :P

No. 229747

Hopefully it goes something like this: "Am I dating Chris Broad? No … I'm ENGAGED to Chris Broad!"

No. 229748

My prediction: she will say they're dating, telling people they want their privacy respected, but won't say for how long they've been together. She won't say that they live together and actually got together 3 years ago and that Chris lived in Morioka with her. If she actually does say that i will be shocked.

No. 229749


I will be surprised if her answer is not a confirmation of them dating.

No. 229750

Me too. It's been obvious Sharla has wanted to confirm it for quite some time.

No. 229751


Interesting how she is looking at the Chris question and she paired it with the England question.

No. 229752

And she’s wearing a ring on her left ring finger …

No. 229761

I smell good clickbait and such is not answered at all kek

No. 229762

kek the pose with the ring in shot and the are you dating Chris Broad this is actually hilarious

No. 229764

Don’t think so, not when the question is posed like that.

No. 229766

I could be wrong but i actually think she did this Q&A specifically because she wants to talk about Chris. In one of the comments of her last video when she asked for questions, one comment said something about her and Chris dating and she replied "is that for the Q&A?" or something like that.

No. 229767

I see her just lying

No. 229768

I’m a little disappointed they’re actually confirming it … it’s been fun speculating and gossiping about it. Back to boring jvlogger gossip.

No. 229769

They are dating, go watch the video


No. 229770

Can somebody check on the deniers?

No. 229771

Hate this I told you so, but I told you so

No. 229772

She confirms it at 13:51 if anyone wants to skip ahead

No. 229773

I knew she wouldn’t talk about them living together. lol “a while” aka 3 years

No. 229775

File: 1658065030882.png (899.06 KB, 1160x736, A ✨juicy✨ Q A #asksharla 13-53…)

proof now we can rest with sxc

No. 229776

Incredible! Now we can all finally move on ffs.

No. 229777

But did she say chris broad? Lol lol

No. 229778

this is SO CUTE and i say that unironically

No. 229779

They really do make a cute couple. It does mean this thread is gonna die though kek

No. 229780

Oh for sure. But we have talked about it for almost a year and a half, that's quite enough.

No. 229781

She basically answered all the questions on this thread.

No. 229782

they really are the ultimate jvlogger IT couple … their power is unmatched

No. 229784


Not really, and she shouldn't because nobody should care about for how long they have been living together and other stuff.

No. 229786

yeah like they obviously lived together in morioka but it's not exactly important information they have to share

No. 229787

>Can somebody check on the deniers?

I'm handing out paper bags as we speak, breathe guys, it's gonna be ok

No. 229788

I love being right. I knew with 99% certainty over a year ago.

No. 229789

File: 1658066662995.png (74.27 KB, 1084x388, Screenshot 2022-07-17 at 15.04…)

No. 229790

Maybe Chris was actually bothered by how many people shipped her and Mark and her and Norm

No. 229791

She complained in that latest video about men in England shouting at her in the street but says she’d move there in a heartbeat.. also said it wasn’t like Japan (which has a hella high rate of sexual assault and I’d take cat calls over that any day) but she has previously shared a story of a guy following her to her apartment and trying to get in (during the latest q&a on abroadinjapan’s channel).

I think she’s pretty but I doubt she’s getting cat called as much as she seems to think. She’s probably either being recognised or people are yelling stuff in jest at her walking around filming.

No. 229792

Women always get catcalled regardless of whether they’re pretty or not.

No. 229793


If she means by yelling things like "hey beautiful" and stuff like that. I find hard to believe it too.

No. 229794

Something tells me they might be engaged.
For her to confirm it ….

No. 229796


She told people about her engagement and marriage way later after the fact. Totally believable they may be engaged or soon to be after Sharla met Chris family.

No. 229798

Have you ever been to a big city like London, New York or Paris? You could be getting your morning coffee in sweatpants and glasses and men still catcall you.

No. 229800

I think so too.

No. 229801

Could explain the ring she’s been wearing.. possibly covering the tan lines of an engagement ring with it.

No. 229802

This also explains why he didn't took down his latest livestream(well why he undid it).
She was making a video about it so him saying he doesn't live alone was no longer an issue.

No. 229803

It took them 3 years to admit they’re “dating” when they’re actually living together, I think it will be awhile before any engagement is announced. That should be a separate video.

No. 229806

Damn we all knew it. I’m happy for them. End of an era!

No. 229810

Now let's see if the viewership of either increases or decreases.
I do remember people saying this is a possible scenario.

No. 229812

Thinking the same, meeting his family could have been a factor too.

No. 229813

She just posted a photo of both.
That's no so relevant obviously but it seems it was for a photo shoot(with Lulu as photographer).
Something will be announced indeed.

No. 229814

Kek anon catcalling men don’t yell “hey beautiful” and they say disgusting shit to women no matter what they look like. Sometimes they do yell insults, but often its sexual shit. And yeah in Japan it is way rarer than in Europe or North America. Some cities it’s worse, like San Francisco and LA isn’t that bad but New York and Chicago is. London is pretty neutral but they definitely catcall girls who look like Sharla, or even girls who look like Susan Boyle. Moids are nasty.

No. 229818

Finally. Now Chris can stop with the "alone in a room" bs.

No. 229819

He should unlock that livestream that he put private not so long ago kek.

No. 229820

During his Christmas and birthday streams he was milking that he was ‘alone away from family on these special occasions’ and probably benefiting from people giving him money out of sympathy

No. 229821

Image board

No. 229822

File: 1658069856970.png (548.27 KB, 700x572, 1.png)

No. 229823

photo of what? where?

No. 229824

Dumb theory here…
He wants to lose weight to fit nicely in his formal suit for the wedding lmao

No. 229825

He wants to bet fit in december, where he will be in UK..

No. 229826

Maybe they're actually getting married in December?

No. 229827

I do find weird of him being fixated in December.
It should from now on I'll be fit but nope.

No. 229828

File: 1658070257169.jpg (51.51 KB, 621x457, cs.jpg)

NTA but this picture. I guess it was Chris who didn't want to go public.

No. 229829

chris is such a diva

No. 229830

what makes you think that?

No. 229833

He said to be an anxious person so it fits.

No. 229834

seeing how happy people are for them in the comment section and on twitter makes me smile. it's cute.

No. 229837

Let's not forget both are buddy buddy of Norm anons.

No. 229838

Sharla looks good in this photo and it's a pretty cool theme(?) too

No. 229840

Cyberpunk fits Chris vibe very well

No. 229842

How long did it take to date Chris after Sharla's divorce?

No. 229844

She didn't announce her until after they'd been separated for quite awhile. She announced it in march 2019 though and her and Chris probably moved in together in summer 2019.

No. 229845

Some people use "them" on principle, especially if they don't say who their partner is.

No. 229847

Ok, so now she confirmed it and it's out.
And now all the creepy shippers will move onto discussing how he wanted to hide it and she wanted it out, when did they start dating, when did they move in together, and blah blah.
Literally ad nauseam

Just shut up already

No. 229849

It will be a lot of "are they or are they not engaged," talk I predict.

No. 229856


No. 229861

That question kek .Her content doesn't fit PewDiePie style at all.

No. 229868

Lol Mark in the comments saying at last he’s free from the shipping.

She answered the vegan/vegetarian question as well so people can stop talking about her diet.

Honestly must be such a relief to them both to just be able to relax now that it’s out there. And to their friends to not have to watch what they say all the time.

Deniers oddly silent today.

No. 229873

At least that has more ground to be honest they've been dating 3y+.

No. 229875

Chris subreddit is losing their minds!

No. 229876

File: 1658073798642.png (871.82 KB, 1080x789, Screenshot_20220717-162459.png)


>>223411 Yep still friends with him even though his behaviour was posted about on Chris's subreddit and apparently also his discord >>213276
There's no way that they don't know about the shit he does. They are definitely lurking here, no doubt Sharla also looked through his PULL thread. Maybe this anon is somewhat right kek >>223050 >>223415 not that they are exactly the same but that they don't give a shit.

No. 229877

File: 1658073947490.png (1003.47 KB, 1675x1040, 36.png)

Norm is an asshole but his videos are pretty interesting

No. 229878

I'm not surprised but also Chris? I mean ok it's her choice but, really? Women's standards are so low

No. 229879

She feels the same way I feel about dating, I'd rather be friends first. Probably why she's dating Chris too, its easier than heading into the dating game again.

No. 229880

Hahah good to see his bitter French ex Lily here being bitter with her usual tell-tale awkward comma placement.

No. 229881

In what way does dating Chris indicate low standards? They have obvious chemistry, get along well with each other and have enough in common to be a good pairing and differences to keep it interesting. He seems like a nice guy with a good career and good long term friends. He’s not unattractive whether he’s your personal type.

Sharla’s old enough to know that personality is more important than looks, in any case. They make a nice looking couple anyway.

No. 229882

Chris seems like a good boyfriend to me. He's pretty good looking, seems to treat people well, he's funny.

No. 229885

File: 1658074834223.png (288.5 KB, 1080x699, Screenshot_20220717-171504.png)

The irony kek

No. 229886

File: 1658074950785.png (544.67 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20220717-171423.png)

No. 229887

It must be such a relief for them to finally have it out in the open.

No. 229888

The fact he’s lecturing others about their time spent online when he’s spending hours tracking people down like this over a one-line comment…

No. 229889

Yeah, on second thought you're right, they do have chemistry and clearly their relationship is going well.
>He’s not unattractive whether he’s your personal type.
Tbh my only gripe is that I think he's so unattractive and cares so little about his appearance lol but I'm not the one dating him so it doesn't actually matter

No. 229890

Why is he unattractive? I think Chris has pretty typical handsome features actually. They really came out when he lost weight during the first JAJ.

No. 229900

Looking at English guys I say he's just average and yes I'm considering jaj Chris looks.
Currently he's losing points due being overweight but his personality so far seems good.

No. 229902

I hope Chris YT ch maintains its role and don't morph into having her a lot.
(Occasional is good)

No. 229904

File: 1658078869315.png (746.07 KB, 994x645, Screenshot.png)

Just personal taste I guess. He just doesn't do it for me. Like >>229900 said maybe I'd find him more attractive if he lost some weight, who knows.
Same for both, I like their content separately and when they do collabs, but I don't want to have Chris in the background all the time on Sharla's videos and viceversa. They have very different vibes.

No. 229909

What’s their ship name? Charla?

No. 229910

Sounds like a spanish word kek
Charla = talk

No. 229911

File: 1658079311335.jpg (337.91 KB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20220717-133237_Duc…)

Saw this and wondered if it's some residual bitterness. The "actual" part was a bit smirk-worthy.

No. 229914

No. 229916

File: 1658079865800.jpg (187.85 KB, 1890x1204, FXZq6k9UUAEk9kc.jpg)

Chris is handsome but he's clearly balding and I don't think the bald look is a good look for him.

No. 229917

File: 1658079904043.jpg (48.06 KB, 400x400, unnamed.jpg)

But,, but… I thought they were just Platonic Friends who just happened to travel back to his family together, to a different continent, on a complete coincidence??! All my male friends and I do it all the time??!

No. 229921

Don’t think he’s balding. His hairline is receding though but that’s not uncommon among men in their 30s. Connor is an example of a balding man, he’s got that bald spot.

No. 229926

Maybe in 6 months she’ll reveal they got engaged in Santorini

No. 229933

Just because she says he’s her boyfriend, doesn’t mean that he is ! just like the daiso cups, you guys are tinfoiling. Show proof or shut the fuck up, retard, autistic this is an image board. You are not even Patreons tinfoil tinfoil.

No. 229939

File: 1658081914059.png (504.74 KB, 600x506, 123.PNG)

No. 229942

Looking at the replies to that photo Sharla posted you’d think they announced their engagement

No. 229944

>Norm is an asshole but his videos are pretty interesting
asshole is an understatement
Try stalker, harasser, and whatever you call someone who got a woman fired for rejecting him resulting in her killing herself.
The news about Eric Weinberg reminded me of that story a couple threads back about Norm plying young women with alcohol and trying to get them to agree to a private photoshoot. We know more than one person has talked about norm being a sexual predator as if they personally know victims or have seen it happen in real time. There has to be a lot more people with stories about him out there.

No. 229945

What the actual fuck

No. 229947

HAhaha in a weird way I’m kinda happy for them. The war of this thread has ended. They make a cute couple.

No. 229948

Hope you know I am making fun of the deniers

No. 229949

They either wanna fuck sharla or chris.

No. 229950

No. 229952

I’m very happy for them. Honestly they make an adorable couple. They seem perfectly matched.

No. 229955

>war of this thread has ended
nah nonna this is just the beginning

No. 229959

The pic she posted already has 10k likes … must sting for Lily

No. 229962

Take your meds

No. 229964

I think they're both sneaky characters who know what they're doing when it comes to media strategy. We know they're aware of the threads, and it was confirmed chris lurks on a daily basis from that deleted video. To me it's clear they benefit from this hype building heated argument spanning several threads and I do not doubt they have been contributing. Realize that under normal circumstances this would have been settled ages ago and nobody would have cared at this point.

No. 229966

There's like 1k lolcow regulars who browse the threads daily, I don't think the anon discussion here was marketing

No. 229967

both people in the yt comments and on reddit talk about lurking here … people are so nosy

No. 229968

I honestly think they were just waiting until after the England trip, after she'd met his family which was pushed forward because of COVID. If not for that I think they would have announced it sooner.

And I think they're probably engaged. She talked in the video about not announcing before she knew it was for the long haul and she's been wearing that black ring which is probably a placeholder for the real one.

No. 229971

Sharla was eating Napolitan pasta and drinking Cho Noukou Jersey Yogurt sake + whatever at the convenience store. Chris doesn't seem to be changing his ways yet. Maybe they can do a couples diet series together.

No. 229973

Are you okay boo lol deniers daiso cup

No. 229975

I'd like to extend my thanks to the person who first posted the mugs photos over a year ago. You convinced me they were dating.

No. 229977

Do you know where you are??

No. 229978

You are welcome! I honestly thought they would never announced it, but I figured out they’ve been a couple for a while now and I’ve been trying to tell people on here try my best to post the proof that I could find. but these two really went out of their way to hide it for a long and mostly well, with a few slip here and there. People on here we’re so rude calling me all sorts of names but slowly people started seeing it.

No. 229979

Sure, do you? You have some nerve coming on here saying take your meds especially after today, after the likes of you, have been proven wrong, you silly denier with your daiso cups theory. Lol but I do appreciate your attempt to derail

No. 229981

I haven’t even said anything anon, are you okay??

No. 229984

Lily probably moved on, it's been 3 years since they broke up

No. 229985

Didn’t she tweet a “vomit” gif recently in reference to Chris?

No. 229988

Balding wise he's ok plus he has the money to regain hair.
His friend cdawgva is in deep balding problems.

No. 229992

Lmao at least two threads full of people high on copium.
The cups win kek

No. 229999

Chris stuff aside, I really enjoyed that Q&A. She was pretty open and honest about most things like her diet. It made me like her more.

No. 230001

File: 1658091790692.jpeg (Spoiler Image,194.74 KB, 827x1335, 0EE8DB5A-297D-4031-BE3D-6D68A9…)

Yeah this is not the tweet of someone who is over it.

No. 230002

can't say i blame her. people are going back to old chris videos from journey across japan now commenting how they always knew something was up with chris and sharla and he was still with lily back then. ouch.

No. 230003

I mean even if they didn’t act on things during JAJ, it was so obvious that they were into each other. Even seeing those videos would have been enough for me to suspect if I was her. Chris saying look at the beautiful view with the camera pointing at Sharla, constant flirting in every live and video. Meanwhile Lily very pointedly said that she was not invited to go on that trip. Which considering she was there on many other trips where he made videos, just never shown on camera, kind of indicates there were already issues.

No. 230004

I feel bad for her but honestly Chris and Sharla’s chemistry was undeniable. I don’t think he cheated on Lily but he probably realised he was into Sharla and that’s why he dumped Lily ASAP which was probably for the best. It’s been almost 4 years and Chris and Sharla seem happy together so clearly it was the correct decision. Hopefully Lily finds someone as well.

No. 230005

did she say why they broke up, she still follows him on twitter

No. 230006

Don’t think so, she just made a tweet that she “started the year with bad news” or something like that

No. 230010

File: 1658095225284.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1325, Screenshot_20220717-224535.png)

He clearly dumped her and she unfollowed Sharla right around that time.
Something definitely happened. It's also pretty clear that she was the vendetta sperg who first posted about them being together back in thread 9

No. 230011

He said before when speaking about the trip that he pretty much did it to escape his apartment because he was so unhappy there but blamed the neighbours for making so much noise, sounds like it might’ve been Lily he was escaping.

No. 230012

Didn’t she move to Japan to be with him? Maybe he felt bad about dumping her. Feeling that spark with Sharla maybe made him realise what he’d been missing so he dumped Lily.

No. 230013

There’s a Tokyo creative video from I think March 2019 where Chris and Sharla just look at each other and you can just tell they’re either dating or just into each other.

No. 230015

Yep this one >>192847

No. 230017

Yes, exactly! It would not surprise me if they got together around this time.

No. 230018

Did she say why she wasn't invited to JAJ Volume 1? It seems she wasn't expecting the breakup

No. 230020

His video from the day before he left was just about him hanging with Natsuki and staying in a hotel room, didn’t seem to have any signs she was there.

She could’ve been involved but it still seems weird to me someone in a happy relationship wouldn’t spend the last day and night alone with their partner before leaving them for 2 months.

No. 230021

File: 1658096618022.jpeg (608.54 KB, 1274x1101, F0F7A8FD-FC07-4AAE-8AA0-EE8F48…)

No she hasn’t moved on! she still tweeting about trying to find a man in Japan. she has been single since the break Chris broke up with her 3 years ago.

No. 230023

Almost 4 years. She’s almost 32 so maybe she’s starting to feel stressed if she wants a family and all that.

No. 230024

Sharla is gaining followers on Twitter so fast. She’s already gotten a couple of thousand since the announcement.

No. 230025

Chris was on a trip trying to improve himself and lost a lot of weight so probably felt pretty confident and attractive. Sharla had not long gotten out of a relationship but hadn’t mentioned it yet (in her video about it she says they’ve been broken up for a while which would’ve made her single on the trip with Chris). Guess things just aligned for them to consider actually dating.

No. 230026

Didn’t he say he had a mental breakdown after JAJ? Maybe Sharla helped him pick up the pieces, she seems like such a calm person it seems like something she would do.

No. 230029

Maybe seeing someone ask Victor if he was dating Sharla a few weeks ago was the final straw

No. 230030

File: 1658097872225.jpeg (134.19 KB, 828x654, 49A66815-DAD9-4937-9E71-1B0EE3…)

I could see that, I think they’re both pretty sweet with each other. On the first journey across Japan Chris arranged for Sharla to be on the trip with him to see what she says is the one place she’s always wanted to see in Japan.

No. 230037

I was talking about Lily

No. 230039

File: 1658099776648.png (1.09 MB, 1052x1402, Screenshot_20220717-234701.png)

Seems they did spend time together just before he left. None of his vids have any sign of her though, aside from the privated aokigahara vid.

No. 230040

why tf doesn't she delete these tweets? if i got dumped i would wipe that guy from all my socials.

No. 230042

Do you guys believe me about Santorini now?

No. 230046

Yeah she clearly isn’t

No. 230048

Clearly a dig, well spotted nonnie. She’s always whingeing and complaining, no wonder Chris got sick of her.

No. 230050

File: 1658102185549.jpeg (Spoiler Image,97.18 KB, 822x526, D925A9E2-1B4E-4533-A66D-0F8F4E…)

Not really. Her Instagram shows she was at many spots when Chris was making other videos but she’s never in the video.

No. 230054


No. 230057

I genuinely think they're engaged. I don't think they'd announce this after 3 years if they weren't 100% they're in it for the long haul. They also must be aware of the "when are you getting married???" comments they're gonna get by announcing it like this …

No. 230059

Little did she know while posting that pic, that him going to that very cycle, would be the catalyst to her to lose him to some chick from Canada, that he actually invited to go to the cycle. No wonder she is so bitter!

No. 230060

Yeah, I don't want to get ahead of myself, but that shoot she showed a picture from definitely has engagement shoot vibes. You're sending out photos tying your love of cyberpunk and the fact that you live in Japan. She's wearing what seems to be a different outfit than she normally wears, which is what most people do.

Not overthinking it mainly because there's no proof, the shoot seems to be an older one, and they also just have photographer friends, so it's likely they do photoshoots more often than normal people do or just have a friend wanting to add to a portfolio.

No. 230061

Right? I actually feel bad for her. And now seeing how literally everyone is super happy for Sharla and Chris … wow it must suck.

No. 230062

I 100% think that they are very much engaged, tbh I wouldn’t even be surprised if they actually got married already.

No. 230064

I think that shoot is from early 2021.

I think they probably got engaged on the England/Greece trip because the second she got home she started wearing a ring on her left ring finger and she never wears a ring there. Idk, it’s just a hunch.

No. 230065

I don’t think she’s married already but engaged, yes. maybe she’s heading back to Canada to look at wedding dresses?

No. 230066

Is this just the same person flooding the thread the past 5-6 posts?

No. 230067

Why is this thread only about @lilyinjapan overnight? Who the fuck cares? Fucking odd.

No. 230068

Because Sharla and Chris just announced their relationship and Lily is Chris most recent ex

No. 230069

Dude it was FOUR years ago. People move on in their lives.

No. 230070

Who else is hoping British Pete brings it up on the podcast and makes him talk about it?

No. 230071

He’s been slipping up for years so he’s probably happy to openly talk about it

No. 230072


So much is claimed from circumstantial evidence in this thread, but the whole Greece/Santorini theory from a random pool pic is so far fetched! Yes, there might be walls like that in Santorini, but it is such a generic Mediterranean look and Chris has talked a lot about going to a place that means a lot to him in Spain.

No. 230073

They definitely did not go to Spain because he would have said so because he talked about it earlier. I’m like 99% sure that photo was taken in Santorini because it looks just like it. I could be wrong but I just have a feeling.

No. 230076

File: 1658107319953.jpeg (826.09 KB, 1270x1014, 19711116-FFCD-4D46-97C0-DBC50A…)

Yes you are right

No. 230077

LOL chris and sharla are both liking tweets that say they shipped them since journey across japan

No. 230078

The news genuinely made me so happy. Lets celebrate, y'all

No. 230081

Daiso cup lol

No. 230083

Earning a great income doing what exactly? Lilys social media career isnt exactly spectacular and she seems to have little other skills.

No. 230085

What does she actually do in Japan if she moved there to be with Chris in the first place?

No. 230086


No. 230088

Sharla’s video is trending on YouTube, something she says has never happened before. The power of Charla!

No. 230092

Well she put that question in the thumbnail clear intention to harvest views with his name…at least not clickbait so it's forgiven.
I do wonder if she will start to use him a lot more now.

No. 230102


She is already saying she will try to do a Q&A with him so go figure.

No. 230108

Sharlas thumbnail clearly is photoshopped as she has about 3 chins during that video.

Srsly tho I’m glad they’re together, it’s lovely. Power to Charla

No. 230125

She better never get pregnant bc he'll go on another journey around a country to find himself (find a different woman to fuck), while she's stuck in her routines at home.
But even if she doesn't, you lose them how you got them, it's only a matter of time before he'll feel the need to work on himself to feel young again and then he'll need a new girlfriend to match that level up and it won't be the old gal Sharla who reminds him of his old self.

No. 230126

Oooof Lily are you ok?(hi cow)

No. 230127

File: 1658119937330.jpeg (120.18 KB, 828x598, A109DD34-9EE1-4934-9053-8A98B5…)

Norm clearly creates new/ has old sock puppet accounts to comment on his own videos; been trawling through his comments sections and most of them have only ever commented on his videos alone. Plus that fkng passive aggressive smily emoji he always uses is a dead giveaway

No. 230128

Whoa anon you are going wild.
Although if you ask me this would be the case in my eyes.
Let's not beat around the bushes Chris is not into jap women so the chances of him meeting someone is low I doubt he'll try with tourists too.But if they were to move to England that's another story like just ask yourself where Sharla looks more unique in Japan or the UK.

No. 230129

Gotta farm it since it's "new" information.

No. 230133

LMAO oh it's Lily all right.
Still bitter after almost half a decade.
Wouldn't be surprised if has a rant on twitter at some point as per usual.

No. 230134

Are you projecting, or…?

No. 230136


What an awful take of someone else relationship, lol

No. 230137

And that my friend is a take from someone who’s never experienced true love.

No. 230138

But Sharla is older than you Lily - how does it feel now?

No. 230148

>tinfoiling about Sharla and Chris being in a relationship finally ends
>tinfoiling about them being engaged begins

We can't escape kek though personally I always believed they were together, it felt like an obvious thing to assume. I think they're cute and well suited to each other so good for them.

No. 230153

Where did she say that?

No. 230156

i don't know they always look to me like they like each other. Even on there old videos. For example there was video that they filmed with Rachel and Jun long time ago and they had great chemistry, and that was around 2015/2016.

No. 230158

So i don't think Chris will cheat on Sharla. He looks like He always had a thing for her. Even before He dated Lily.

No. 230159

If Chris did leave Sharla for Lily - so what? As long as there wasn’t cheating involved, who cares. You shouldn’t stay in a relationship out of obligation.

No. 230160

Totally agree, the chemistry was ALWAYS there. There's even a video when they celebrated Halloween at Simon & Martina's and Chris is poking her with some sort of stick (?) and it's just obvious they have chemistry. Also the video where he went with her when she got her ears cleaned, she kept smiling sooo big and he kept making dumb jokes. It's cute.

No. 230164


Simon & Martina what happend to them? still jvlogging? only watch couples videos of them when youtube suddenly recommended the why they leave korea.

No. 230181

They got divorced. Simon is in Canada, I think?? I don't know, I don't follow him. Martina moved back to Japan and she still vlogs.

No. 230182

they have their own thread some petty and just plain sad shit went down

No. 230186

Any theories as to why they chose now to announce it?

No. 230191

He has an unhinged writing style which you can see from a mile off, nothing more sad than sockpuppeting your own accounts
They had a nasty breakup, there's an inactive thread on /snow which covers some of it
>anon talking about true love on lolcow
God, you should see some of the things anons post about males they know (depraved lunatics, to be short) or their own boyfriends on /ot and /g, or read the mtf thread to really jump into it (so many transwidows, where they decided to troon out while she was pregnant or even on the f'kin honeymoon) and so many men get cold feet during pregnancies and such and dip, or cheat and dip. Plus men are statistically more likely to leave a sick partner. It's all rather bleak, not to say happy relationships don't exist but you'd be surprised how often men are dumb and disappointing, even when they claim to "love" their wives.
However they do seem to be very into each other so a bad outcome is not likely, but men's coom-brains know no bounds.

No. 230193

People have been picking up on it by clues for a while, and they keep appearing in each others videos/streams, on top of the long trip to England together… so why bother hiding it anymore. Plus it's probably annoying for their friends to be careful to not reveal it.
Also i guess they wanted to give it some buffer time considering Sharla immediately hanging out (hooking up?) with Chris right after her divorce and Chris immediately dropping Lily would look really bad.

No. 230194

I think the placeholder black ring and the photo of her hand with said placeholder black ring might offer some clues kek. The fact she made sure it was visible in the video thumbnail is telling.
The trip they just went on together is likely to have been one where they decided if they wanted to make it serious, engagement seems very likely. Something changed to make her confident to announce it.

No. 230196

Very true. I’m guessing engagement announcement around Christmastime.

No. 230199

There’s already Charla fanart d’aww

No. 230204

LOL Sharla had to clarify they weren’t together during JAJ … awwwkward

No. 230206

Post screenshots please

No. 230208

Lmao they indeed hook up both were eating each other with their eyes.
As I guessed the start migth have not been as some of us expect.

No. 230209

I don't know lily age..so she older than 36 ?

No. 230210

Sorry I don’t know how to post photos here. It’s the newest comment in her “yamadera temple” video. she replied to it saying they weren’t together when they did that first JAJ video, when they cycled round fuji

No. 230211

Don't want people to think he cheated perhaps ?
I think they will not reveal when it started.

No. 230212

She’s turning 32 this year

No. 230213

File: 1658148903313.png (962.43 KB, 1080x1220, Screenshot_20220718-135347.png)

That was before JAJ. That vid was filmed in September.

No. 230214

He was definitely still with Lily when they got back from JAJ because I remember they celebrated her birthday and he got her a video game or something and she tweeted something awkward like “my bf knows how to get rid of me” because she was gonna play the game so much I guess?

No. 230215

Oh a bit younger than C then.
Anons even willing to lie about S age kek

No. 230216

Not really, they were both born in 1990

No. 230217

Didn’t Lily tag along on this trip?

No. 230219

It wasn't the first JAJ vid, it was just him traveling round the Fuji area practicing for the cycle.

No. 230223

No I don't think so. He was with a bunch of people from TC, the same people who accompanied him on JAJ.

No. 230227

They should just clarify that they got together in 2019 and save everyone the awkward speculation

No. 230235

Nah. Honestly no one actually gives a shit except a handful of obsessive fans on here. I’m just happy for them and most people seem to be as well.

No. 230236

it's only time until one of them slips how long they've been dating since it's a really common talking point of 'oh yeah we've been together for X-years' or 'our first date was [time and place]' so a lot of people probably want to know to varying degrees.

No. 230237

I'm honestly surprised they didn't say they want privacy and there won't be any couple crossover between their channels.(learn2sage)

No. 230239

Sharla said she would try to do a q+a with Chris but that it would probably be a “nightmare”

No. 230252

Sharla gonna farm this anon either willing it unwillingly.
Top kek

No. 230255

All I know is if you're over someone you're pretty much indifferent to that person.
I don't follow Chris, Lilly or Sharla's lives (i'm here because gossip is entertaining tho) but that Lilly chick is clearly not over it.
Christ moved on,so should she.
damn that's a tough pill to swallow but life's like that sometimes

No. 230274

I'm laughing at how reluctant Chris seems about revealing the whole thing. One sarcastic youtube comment and he only liked one tweet on the subject. Meanwhile Sharla is out here liking and responding to multiple tweets and comments from several videos … fitting for both their personalities I suppose.

No. 230281

Yeah I wouldn’t read into that too much. Sharla likes more tweets generally, just their personalities I think. He liked the TT one and the guy saying he shipped them since JAJ1.

No. 230285

I think Chris is secretly a big softie behind the sarcastic exterior. The fact that Sharla convinced him to get another cat speaks volumes.

No. 230303

Younger Chris used to like and drop comments more casually than the current one.
Way more interaction than nowadays.
Now it's quite selected.

No. 230308

Sharla said she doesn't want to have kids though

No. 230309

I'm like 99% convinced Sharla and Chris are engaged. They just got back from a trip (where people often get engaged), she seems giddy in the video, she wears a ring, they announced it after THREE YEARS … come on. It's obvious.

They can't jump straight to the we-just-got-engaged part though which is why they did the dating reveal first.

No. 230310

Chris has also said he doesn't want kids

No. 230316

In Pete's livestream at 33:20 they talk about the ring: https://youtu.be/xICNmwRT5og?t=2000

Honestly it probably is an engagement ring.(learn2embed)

No. 230350

I think video of q&a with Sharla and Chris, but in japanese would be entertaining

No. 230365

Sharla liked a tweet that said "if you marry Chris you are not going to need a Visa to live in England"(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 230368

Preach it girl

No. 230372

File: 1658182209065.jpeg (332.12 KB, 1284x746, D24BD921-05A9-4DF5-B57B-F488D1…)

Micaela is all of us

No. 230373

Sharla needs to post a photo to IG so they can be Instagram official

No. 230404

Finally this arc is over.

Good for them, really.

No. 230414

now they’re entering their wedding arc

No. 230415

Yes, but what about us? Well, nevermind. At least people wont have to go through their trash or something to see fi they're actually dating.

No. 230434

How does Sharla saying they're together (something 99% of people on here have believed for months now) translate to a confirmation of them going to Santorini? You utter nut case

No. 230435

The competition in UK would be real unlike JP.

No. 230436

Love is about much more than just looks. It’s about chemistry and connection, something Sharla and Chris seem to have found in each other.

No. 230438

Oh, little one, there's still so much you have to learn about the world, isn't there?

No. 230472

I suspect it too because Sharla said in the Q&A vid that she will go back to England in winter “if all goes to plan” which is quite a weird way to talk about a random vacation.

No. 230475

I think there’s a lot of people in here who have an awful lot to learn about the world.

No. 230489

File: 1658209580564.png (573.3 KB, 535x749, 947ytjhsdf737.PNG)

There's also the ring Sharla is wearing on her ringfinger, it was even mentioned during the latest Premier Two livestream

No. 230491

Love ain't the same passion or desire anon.Why do you think even 10+ years old relationship still end or you think there was never love?
If you like to buy eternal love cliche stuff is up to you.

No. 230492

Kek this ain't a disney love story I'm just being realistic.A cute fish in a tank migth be unique but back in the ocean is just one many.

No. 230493

Something funny for future Chris livestreams will be people asking him about marriage.
Last time was with Chiaki and he well was jokeful about it,he was supposedly single for most of his viewers back then so he got away but with new status I wonder how would he answer…

No. 230499

>people dunking on this as if men haven't historically burned through their family and kids over fleeting affairs
Chris and Sharla do have videos going back years where they're getting along like a house on fire, but the idea that the nonnies who don't believe in true love uwu are the inexperienced ones is funny. Most kids or young women believe in love and then life teaches them otherwise, it's quite the opposite.

No. 230502

Their connection is about being two ageing english speaking people isolated together in a foreign country where neither of them has integrated into the local community successfully, just living a life of arrested development and not being able to talk to anybody else but one another and other foreigners who come and go because they have yet to master the language after a decade of being there.

Truly a stable basis of a successful long term loving relationship that is not at all entirely dependent on their specific location and circumstance.

No. 230535

File: 1658223483487.jpg (598.57 KB, 1080x2267, IMG_20220719_163233.jpg)

Why every youtuber need to tell their friends or somebody they just met to open a YouTube channel? Is it ego?
Also is Chris a nerd? Lol

No. 230536

Chris found him interesting, so he thought he was interesting enough to watch on youtube?

No. 230538

wtf do you know them or something? are you the ex?

No. 230549

I was one of the deniers but even I can see there’s more to their relationship than that, give them some credit!

No. 230554

Now that it’s been confirmed S&C have been together for quite some time, makes it all the more gross Norm trying to get that whole “Sharla and Me go camping” vid happening. Vom

No. 230562

I think Sharla wants people to understand that her and Chris have been together for a very long time. The way she mentioned how it took her 5 years before she introduced her ex?

She wants people to know this so the engagement news in a few months won't come as too much of a shock.

No. 230568

I bet you’re a barrel of laughs at a party

No. 230575

Imagine someone willingly going to an isolated place with him

No. 230584

And if they got engaged they're already dating so it's not like that would be a surprise or matter

No. 230633

Most English women tend to have that inbred, 20-going-on-granny look to them, though… Sharla might not be the most attractive but as far as looks i'd say the chemistry and bond she shares with Chris is what will make her stand out against them. Considering the time they took to announce things while figuring out if they wanted to take their little crush in a more serious direction, I don't think this is some light affair they got into just for the hell of it. Neither of them comes off as the type that absolutely needs to be in a relationship with someone, anyone to feel fulfilled. They've got long term potential, imo.

No. 230672

"Sees Chris still struggle with YouTube livestream"
Yeah sure ..he's a nerd, yeap.

No. 230690

Given how he is with most things, it's probably just his main talking points about space and other topics that he repeats in every conversation about it and this guy's all like "sugoi so smart" kek

No. 230693


Surely Chris would have just been using his customer service voice to get thru the interaction. People like that go seeking out people to give them confirmation bias and a free platform. What's he meant to say? You've got no personality and being a vlogger is a terrible idea?(sage your shit)

No. 230715

I think with Chris it's that he knows a lot about niche things and will get really deep into them but doesn't have much interest in anything else. Chris is a genius when it comes to filmmaking significantly better than any other Jvlogger peers but from his podcast he seems clueless on other things but he'll still try to BS through it such as history and politics (not his leaning but that he gets basic facts wrong and not the type that are talking points but just basic things). Conner and British Pete seem more well rounded in terms of knowledge. Conner seems to downplay his intelligence a lot. Theres monkey monkey monkey memes but he also clearly reads up on a variety of things he doesn't talk about and only are mentioned in a after dark quiz special. British Pete is opinionated but does his research. He's also really cool at least his vibe is. Norm overplays his intelligence and skills most notably him overhyping his shamisen abilities and uniqueness as a foreigner playing it. Sharla doesn't try to be intelligent in any area. Sydney and Garnt are more focused on getting deep into hobbies. Joey and Aki were more like Sydney and Garnt or even Sharla but the vibe now is that they are trying hard to improve/find themselves. Ryotaro of course is highly intelligent and he seems to have the most offline positive reputation. Natsuki is a nice guy but definitely not worldly or a bookworm seemingly even with more Japanese centric knowledge.

No. 230774

"Genius" kek

No. 230777

I do remember him saying something in the lines of how amazing and scary is the universe.
Don't remember the exact words.

No. 230787

That’s like saying all American women are 500lbs. Did you watch one episode of Jeremy Kyle and decide that’s all English women? You sound retarded.

No. 230792

>Sharla might not be the most attractive
Correct and neither is he… they are literally looksmatched

No. 230804

After her confirmation, I often laugh about how completely blind those deniers were! There were so many obvious clues, but they were adamant it meant nothing, that we who knew for sure because we connected the obvious clues were “retards”. If I had a dollar how many times they screamed tinfoil, I would be rich. LOL They are mostly silent now, but I am noticing some of them have shifted to predicting that Chris will cheat, or that his work sucks! They were and are being contrary, for the sake of being contrary and it’s an amusing thing to witness!

No. 230807


I thought about this some more and this is how their intelligence seems to be from my perspective.

S Tier (Highly intelligent/disciplined): Ryotaro, Conner
A Tier (Smart): Pete Donaldson, PewdiePie, Meilene, Dogen
B Tier (Above Average): Chris, Garnt, Aki, Emma, Norm (Thinks he's a genius though)
C Tier (Average): Sydney, Sharla, Joey, PremierTwo Pete
D Tier (Below Average): Natsuki (At least how Chris edits him. He seems like a totally different person in other videos where he's not egged on to be a weird and out of touch with even Japanese etiquette)

You can see the quality of his work. He actually puts thought, effort, and talent into his filmmaking. He's not Kubrick but compared to 99% of youtubers and tbh 90% of films these days he's above them. Plus despite playing a character for so long his effort into quality has made it so his videos aren't boring. The only boring ones he does are when he leans into youtuber trends too much and less into his actual style.

No. 230815

This by far is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen posted on here. No offense but you spent way too much time on this useless pointless tier of yours.

No. 230819

Now where's the engagement deniers at.

No. 230823

Haha someone is either trolling or they’ve lost their brain cells.

No. 230835

Calling Chris a "genius" film maker is ridiculous. He's above average compared to other j-vloggers (who are not at all talented in film making) but falls well short compared to other film orientated youtubers. Without Japan as his backdrop his video views would drop off a cliff, all j-vloggers know this. Why do you think they all fade away the moment they leave the country?
This leaves Chris in an interesting place, he's bound to japan and trapped there if he wants to keep making money from government sponsored tourism deals and youtube adsense.

No. 230850

Nta Felix himself said that Marzia is a lot smarter than him, he is just a breadmaker while she takes care of their decisions and she is good at financing.

No. 230859


Sweetie no one is arguing with you about people‘s intelligence, whether it’s Felix‘s wife or Chris or whoever else is on that silly list! you know why? because we don’t know them, they’re not our friends and their intelligence doesn’t matter to us , this is a gossip site not a IQ discussion board !

No. 230861

LMAO his literal last video was set in the UK and pulled in way over a million views.
But you keep deluding yourself sweetie.

No. 230864

His last video wasn’t in Japan and got like 1.3million views.
Neither was Natsuki the movie.
Dude will be fine.

No. 230867

How many views do you think a Sharla and Chris Q&A would pull? 2 mil?

No. 230871

I know right!!! His viewers are there for him and his content, style etc. Japan is his vehicle but he could switch it and they would go for the ride!

No. 230873

It depends on whose channel it goes!

No. 230881

This is something every guy says about their partner unless they're significantly smarter and it's obvious ie top scientists, engineers, doctors etc. With that said I didn't put Marzia in the list as I haven't seen her enough. PewDiePie is clearly very smart though.

Lol that's a big stretch. Japan is his comfort zone but he isn't as tied to it (as a filmmaker) as you think. He built a great network for a foreigner who doesn't speak Japanese well and it allows him to get loads of opportunities in Japan. But he has shown immense talent in filming, videography, and editing. He could go to Korea, Thailand, UK, Mainland Europe, USA, latin America etc and the skills will still translate. Only that he'd have to do a lot of research to have good narration. I think he should experiment with non Japan videos more. There's talk of Natsuki the movie 2 being a roadtrip in America which would be a great way for him to test his chops. Also if he ever does work with Garnt maybe they can do something in Thailand together.

I also doubt you could name these supposed "millions" of youtubers who are better filmmakers than him. Also as I said Hollywood outside of things like Top Gun Maverick or indie/small scale stuff is low effort and mostly made by a computer. Chris is better than that.

No. 230883

Chris will never fuck you, Lily 2.

No. 230884

If we’re talking about cinematography skills then CurrentlyHannah is pretty good. She deserves more views than she gets tbh. Though honestly for most k-vloggers and j-vloggers that’s not why they have an audience let’s be real. Being entertaining is paramount. Having interesting things to say AND appealing to people who want to live in those specific Asian countries. It can’t just be any dull video about Japan because otherwise every schmuck in Japan would get millions of views just for being. The general interest people have in Japan helps but it can’t be the only thing going for your channel.

Not as many people want to live in the random English speaking countries j-vloggers come from so they have to make it about something dramatic instead and created interest so that even though it isnt Japan they get views. But most j-vloggers trying to make content in their home country completely fail both to be entertaining or to create interest in their home country which is probably why they fall off. IMO it has very little (if at all) to do with cinematography.

No. 230890

Yeah people think that Chris would translate if he ever went back to the UK, but I think his viewership would drop off over time. His views stayed constant for his UK video because he had Connor and because it's a novelty. People don't realize enough that Japan has had an absolutely massive tourism boom the last decade, and that's a large part of why, yes, it is Japan that people find the most interesting. That doesn't mea