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File: 1656377098189.png (428.6 KB, 393x497, sd.png)

No. 223624

Belle Delphine the 22 year old professional internet attention seeker. Best known for lying about selling her bathwater, getting bolt on implants & photoshopping her nips, buying followers/likes to boost her failed marketing stunts, dressing in children's bathing suits, selling another girls nudes claiming it was herself, and bootlicking any youtuber or lolcow with a following. Recently dumped by her mother belle turned to porn in the hopes of gaining relevance but this backfired now she posts increasingly shocking deranged content to extend her 15 mins as far as possible.

Previous thread: >>212589

>Meme girl e-thot of "Gamer Girl Bathwater" fame

>panders to pedophiles and neckbeard incels, desperate NLOG floundering
>"hello fellow 4channers" meme humor

Recent updates:
>Spent months hiding in the background on friend’s social media posts >>165089, >>168157, >>168156, >>168163,
>Belle announces her return on Twitter, flexing that she’s totes a rich e-girl >>207697, and posted on facebook >>208342,
>She had braces again. >>208018, gives her reasoning here >>210870, totes not for pedo pandering uwu
>And possibly had a boob job >>208056, to appeal to her anime coomers >>212411,
>Botched plastic surgery >>210516, >>212102, >>212068,

Past threads:
#1 >>>/w/2640
#2 >>>/w/69238
#3 >>>/w/123836
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#6 >>>/w/144354
#7 >>>/w/165079

Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine

No. 223627

File: 1656377468508.gif (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 1312x984, output_CAD8FV.gif)

Belle posted the same nude image twice with 2 different nipple sizes. Watch the nip area. She photoshops her big nipples now

No. 223630

why was this picture used she looks decent

No. 223631

nta but most didn’t seem to agree with that last thread.

No. 223633

You should have taken this chance to use the picture of her eating a foot but thank you for the effort
I sure as hell wasn't going to be making the new thread so ty

No. 223636

She looks moon-faced kek

No. 223639

what's the deal? she looks better with larger areolas

No. 223642

File: 1656383235262.png (75.29 KB, 332x281, lurch.png)

No. 223657

The moment I read that sentence I just knew. Ty for the laugh nona, I needed it.

No. 223661

KEK i love you

No. 223663

File: 1656387263334.jpeg (345.15 KB, 640x668, 327EEBE4-058A-4599-9EFD-9183CE…)

From the last thread. Her ass pimples are absolutely disgusting.(nitpicking)

No. 223684

but it doesnt look like a child which is what she's obsessed with looking like

No. 223690

File: 1656392548191.jpeg (419.28 KB, 640x904, E26DE8E7-0798-49C4-88CF-70B624…)

I can see belle doing something like this one day: facilitating sexual abuse of a child. Since she “loves the idea of something big and gross taking advantage of something small”. She’s not safe to be around children.(take your meds)

No. 223716

Eww wtf is this ??! Why do u find it fun to pretend belles a pedo, shes does weird stuff for shitty clout chasing but lets not falsely accuse people of abusing kids

No. 223720

She sexualises little kids and young teens. Of course she’s a pedo.

No. 223729

>>223720 The autism in this thread is insane. She became big at the same time as gross loli shit so she was just cashing in on weebs and degens. Lots have changed in 3 years and her shit gets called out now.
Actually believing she's going to help her bf abuse kids is schizophrenic.

No. 223736

old news

No. 223738

It’s not schizophrenic it’s common sense. You have to be sick in the head to post the sort of shit she does about children. Don’t be fucking naive. She has been peddling child porn to perverts since she was underage herself (the images of other children, not herself) she is sick in the head and you need to wake the fuck up and see that.

No. 223750

>>223738 Come back here when you're over 18 please.(infighting)

No. 223753

Why did you tag my post in this? I was laughing at Lurch.

No. 223759

Come back here when you’ve been chemically castrated(come back when you stop being an infighting retard)

No. 223765

come back when you use your brain(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223791

File: 1656435294735.png (3.96 MB, 2436x1125, 62C66680-0372-4CBA-8768-710601…)

No. 223794

"if watching me makes you a pedo then there's 69 million" oh Belle, you're just a stonetoss away from getting it

No. 223798

Her new yt video is so cringe, truly reads like a grown woman trying desperately to look like a teen and cling to her youth kek how do you do fellow kids type of energy

No. 223804

it reads i have no other redeeming qualities as a person besides my crusty cum income

No. 223817

File: 1656439271305.gif (301.74 KB, 320x418, xrVmcZ.gif)

Noticed she uploaded 2 different versions of this photo too. lol Getting sloppy with photoshop

No. 223822

the way that maximalist eye makeup + editing them bigger gives our animu queen normal sized eyes at best..

No. 223823

I’m sorry but this is very dramatic. you can’t compare the two

No. 223824

Imagine being a millionaire, get a nose job, and still have to photoshop your nostrils

No. 223825

File: 1656440055137.jpeg (386.6 KB, 813x764, 6EF795FD-66BD-4613-BF25-D7AA95…)

here's an alternative, the smiling titan version

No. 223826

These are 2 photoshopped versions. I'd love to see the original pic. Imagine what she photoshops out. lol

No. 223827

wow she used crazy skin softner on that video(unsaged doublepost)

No. 223832

The weird baby voice singing that sounds like timmy turner makes me want to vom, shes such a freak

No. 223833

File: 1656442171864.jpeg (118.17 KB, 828x460, A5058BE3-C0B3-43A4-BB60-00B157…)

Its so weird she basically doxxed her own house in that video? I mean how many 10 bed country houses are in lewes.

Actually im pretty sure they moved to brighton a few weeks ago as josh left the lewes fb group and joined the brighton one recently

No. 223834

that looks like a 4 bedroom house to me. its probably her previous house also.

No. 223836

i'm curious what she stands for. i can't figure out her moral compass at all - she's clearly not very humble, she's narcissistic, she's fine exploiting the porn industry's infantilization of women, she's fine with doing porn, she's openly into rapeplay, ddlg, ageplay.. now i wanna know where the line goes, what's beneath her if anything at all?

No. 223837

Why has nobody posted this shit yet

No. 223838

I knew her braces were fake. Kek they're sliding off her teeth in this pic

No. 223844

File: 1656445077841.png (4.62 MB, 828x1792, E8C55F9E-ECD4-4E59-8DEC-3142BD…)

Look at that side profile, shes so ugly bless her

No. 223845

File: 1656445171024.png (3.23 MB, 828x1792, F3078D00-C0F0-4EBD-95B5-E5AA81…)

Is it just me or shes looks fucking huge, she must be a big 5ft 9 at least. Big strong woman bet she’d birth 10 strapping sons in a viking village

No. 223846

She has no stance on anything, this whole thing is a joke persona and she’s been attention whoring this way for so long that the line between meme and plain old e-thot doing porn is no longer there besides being self aware and making trendy references. She has no shame about how disgusting her porn is because it makes her a lot of money. If I was her though I’d never publicize my earnings or any of my homes previous or present, hope she has constant security.

No. 223847


> i hope she has constant security

I dont, hope people beat her up in prison when her article about her pedo ring comes to light(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223848

Everyones saying theyre happy for twomad… theyre really in a sunken place if they think its good for him to be used by belle for her own gross intentions

No. 223849

i agree, with her particularly creepy fanbase i'd be very cautious and very paranoid if i were her. some might see her sexual openness as an invitation - i saw someone make a joke video with Speed's controversial rapey comment "who's gonna stop me" paired with a Belle Delphine video, and one of the more upvoted comments was that she'd probably like it.

No. 223850

I think the reason i despise belle so much is because i know people like her, middle class, priviledged, boring british bitches who will step on anyone in order to get attention and validation they crave even if that means being a borderline pedo

No. 223851

She would probably pretend to like it for cool girl points, shes such a pick me i bet she victim blames children who were SA

No. 223852

File: 1656446239565.jpeg (934.51 KB, 1055x1603, 80985ADC-D803-428F-A9BE-953C09…)

for anyone unaware and might think ppl are exaggerating about how she tries to make herself seem small while shes near 5’7; heres her cosplaying as if shes 5ft
saged for old milk but posted for comparison.

No. 223853

frankly i think you're right unfortunately and this is probably the pinnacle of my distaste for her. The whole "one of the boyz" shtick always comes with adopting their misgonystic humor for bonus points. You'll never know what girls like Belle are truly like because their whole personality is based on the need to stand out from other girls.

No. 223860

I cant lie I wish i was belle, imagine being a millionaire without ever having a proper job, who just shows some skin for a living and everyone just worships you, i bet everyone she went to school with working 40 hour weeks living in ugly flats are seething

No. 223861

Not only show your skin…. you'd have to sell your body, take giant dragon dildos in your ass, play with your pussy out in a dirty lake with bugs around you, rub a dead squid against your body, have your mom/dad disown you and hate you, have the rest of your family hate you, have a boyfriend/husband who doesnt seem to give a fuck about you, lie/photoshop how you look so pedos would like you, get plastic surgery to look a certain way, have friends who are trying to mooch off you, do marketing stunts to get attention because you're not good enough to sell on your own, etc… I mean if you wish you were Belle, do this!!(sage your shit)

No. 223869

i imagine this reality catches up to her once in a while, no one who is truly happy is that self deprecating. sometimes it's just better to live a mediocre life and retain your self respect

No. 223874

No you don’t, wouldnt suprise me if belle ate poop in dubai for money shes such a desperate hoebag

No. 223875

As someone who sold their body online for years and made lots of money off it, I can definitely tell you I am waaaaaaay more happier that I quit. So is my husband (who participated in vids with me). Sex work gave me major depression, anxiety, made us dislike sex (for both of us), etc… I can also tell you I've never met a truly happy sex worker who has been doing it for awhile. They pretend to be online but its just part of a fake image.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223880

File: 1656451720970.jpg (2.27 MB, 3072x4096, GARGANTUAN.jpg)

Look at how tall she is compared to him they're like the same height, she may be a little taller even. Hes 5'10 for context

No. 223885

Shes such a big british bitch, imagine being a child and you see this oversized pedophile with fake braces stomping around

No. 223886

Both are shopped either way.

Why does she act and talk like a child in that clothing? I wish Youtube still showed the dislike count. Her videos got even worse like-dislike ratio than Logan Paul's. Most of her views were from people memeing her or hating her. Her view count is pathetic too, she "took the dick" and still fell off.

She looks enormous in that video. That's why when she acts childish, runs around and sings in a kid voice it looks hilarious. She tries so hard to pander to pedos but she doesn't look childish at all, which makes her passive aggressive. Maybe after 10 more surgeries and apps she will look like a kid.

No. 223887

She looks inbred here

No. 223888

Most people don’t worship her, they see her as a character who does quirky shit sometimes that amuses them. I’d say most of the guys buying her onlyfans will talk badly about her after they’re done jerking off, no man has respect for porn actors.

No. 223890

Marzia is a millionaire without a proper job and she still has a dignity, a boyfriend who does not cuck her and much more fans than haters. Belle is at the worst position an e-celebrity can be, money won't make her life any easier. Compared to any other female celebrity online, her reputation and fanbase are so awful.

No. 223892

thats senzawa’s voice. belle is british thus she wouldn’t have an american accent obviously. idk why she keeps collabing with her, the baby voice is intolerable and a dead meme. sums up belle well tho.

No. 223893

File: 1656453867928.jpg (2.84 MB, 3072x4096, Sheerterror.jpg)

This part was so funny she was legitimately scared of injuring her fake face. Anyway this video would explain all the bruises from their hotel photoshoot anon had previously pointed out

No. 223895

That guy is fucking obese and she still covers him up fully. Sitting on twomad's lap is another level of gross.

No. 223900

File: 1656454412291.png (363.54 KB, 886x684, screenshot.png)

Ignore her horse face. Is this from her OnlyFans?

No. 223906

looks like it, some of these chicks couldn't fathom how not everyone views OF money the same way they do

No. 223911

Did she take inspiration from Miley Cyrus's Baby Talk music video? Miley was actually making fun of pedo-pandering in that video…

She has exact same expressions and retarded baby movements like 0:56 or 1:14

Belle also often holds her feet and poses like Miley, and Miley is imitating a baby. Belle seems to have taken inspiration from this video in many of her photos and videos.

No. 223915

I mean, I think Belle is taking inspiration from actual babies - as was Miley Cyrus. When that video came out was sort of the beginning stages of the DDLG mainstream shit anyway, so I wouldn't be surprised if Belle saw it as a teenager and adapted it into her sexual persona. Or just as likely Josh saw it as a teenager and liked it, just like loads of other Tumblr users and Melanie Martinez types. What Belle does is really nothing new, but she is more flagrantly sexual with it than a lot of the performers who dallied with the imagery but didn't you know, do porno.

No. 223916

File: 1656455366772.jpg (246.65 KB, 1945x1080, 20220629_005004.jpg)

Could be Dollia Kouhai. I remember her story about Belle Delphine asking for a collab. Sorry don't have a screenshot.
Here's how many subscribers she has if you believe this screenshot from the video.

No. 223919

idc but a lot of OF users have been exposed for lying about how much they make in order to groom young girls into believing sex work is big money

No. 223920

lol her areolas are nowhere near luna-tier, it makes her look more womanly though

No. 223921

File: 1656455690562.jpg (91.49 KB, 983x642, pedopandering.jpg)

This is literally how Belle poses for her porn, unironically. Her fans defend her and say she doesn't look like a child and that's true. But she desperately tries to look like one with editing, surgeries and clothing.

In her latest video she sings in a child's voice and acts like one, she also larps and dresses like a teen. She still looks old and huge but that doesn't make her any less disgusting.

No. 223927

Most of it is a grift, pretend you’re living large and successful so others won’t judge your whore lifestyle. It’s only the .01% of those that try that end up being rich, those who actually struggle don’t announce it or put up a front.

No. 223928

If that's true, she earns $13,860,000 per month just from the subscribers (without tips). The numbers here >>223900 for monthly subscription income don't match up. She is probably lying about both as usual.

Plus she has much less followers and people who care about her now as it can be seen from her social media numbers.

No. 223947

She makes around 600k a month but right now she’s at her lowest ever at 300k.(post milk or sage)

No. 223958

What I don't understand is that in the onlyfans space, there's a general understanding that everyone advertises themselves as being in the top percentages and flexing their luxurious lifestyles - drawing in young naive girls who leap into it only to find that it's not at all like that. In a podcast, Belle said she doesn't want to inspire young girls to follow suit for this reason, but now she's doing that exact same thing by posting her earnings? What gives?

No. 223973

That's her pornhub acc, not her onlyfans.

No. 224002

According to her screenshot, its $24 million (after OF's cut) from yr 2000-2022(learn2sage)

No. 224003

It says from June 2020 till June 2022 people. So no she’s not making millions a month. If you divide her income by the time (24 months) and then sub price, she would have 26k subs. However that’s the average of all months, could be fluctuating

No. 224011

What video games does belle even play? Has she ever named any to back up her self proclaimed gamer girl status? I can’t bring myself to watch any of the podcasts she’s in

No. 224013

Idc about the obvious fake earnings I wanna know why she told on herself with this picture

No. 224014

She doesn’t play shit. Never talks about playing either. She had that high tier on patreon that said she’d game with someone and some YouTuber purchased it… invited her to do Minecraft with him and she cancelled on him. Can’t even play Minecraft lol(emoji)

No. 224019

obviously its fake, just like the "house", we already know her house isn't that big

No. 224020


Imagine living a life where your whole personality is based off of what scrotes like, but the kicker is that she doesn’t even have a real interest in anything she claims. You’re a gamer girl, but the only one you can namedrop is minecraft? I want to see her get schooled on the spot about her video game knowledge, helpless and without being able to look to her boyfriend for help. What anime does she watch? Why is no one asking her these questions publicly? If only someone would have given her the reality check she much needed on one of the podcasts.

The only thing that can save homegirl is an ego death at this point. She needs a heroic dose of psychedelics to make her realize her future is going to be one of extreme depression and loneliness, no longer recognizing herself in the mirror as her face and body become deformed from plastic surgery and the lack of hygiene she has because all she knows is to be pretty and attract scrotes on the surface level. No personality of her own, no friends or family, no more “fans” as she ages out of her jailbait looks. Her whole cringey past immortalized on the internet forever.

No. 224021

How could she stay off the internet for so long if she is clearly this desperate for attention?(sage your shit)

No. 224022


she comes off as a total egomaniac. Idk, she gives me Narc vibes, like a Narc going through a bout of mania, like when the veil is falling off and they decide to double down. She's so reactionary, her character is her career and her life, and it's based on what other people say about her.

So reactionary trying to flex on the haterz like "look at my big house, my money, my fame"… It's compensation. Reminds me so much of when a narc is cornered!

No. 224023

Regarding the money she has made: The home, insurance, maintenance, lawyers, security, and who knows what else, is going to run a big bill. A 10m home? the taxes alone will be ridiculous.
I TOTALLY believe that she burnt through that money and that's why she's back and she'd rather double down before ever admitting that the "haterz" are correct lol

She's hiding behind Belle because "it's just a character" but girl, the loudest one in the room is always the weakest.. and she just couldn't help it this time.
She gives off this vibe in that other video where she's dancing around with paint on her ass but not nearly as much as this one, this one yells desperation. She just showed how much she hangs onto the attention strangers give her as proof that she matters. Yikes, kind of sad tbh. This was just straight up mask off lol

No. 224024

Her entire comeback has screamed mania to me. Almost as if being around her sex worker group of “friends” while on hiatus reinforced her delusions so much that she came back overly confident. No one around her to tell her that her photoshop has become increasingly absurd, that these photos do not look like her in real life, and that it’s not normal to be getting plastic surgery like this to appease the scrotes/as a result of body dysmorphia.

No. 224025

I would of expect her to have a nicer home

No. 224036

Plastic surgery recovery and depression is my guess.(sage your shit ffs)

No. 224039

She’s definitely trapped herself in a corner, her belle sex worker persona must be so exhausting and humiliating but she knows that to have the rich lifestyle shes going to have to keep it up for a long time, but i doubt thats even possible for another year, she should just live frugally, invest her earnings in another business and try and quit her whoring before her scrotes drop her

No. 224042

I wouldn't even go as far to call belle's life above mediocre, she might be rich but her life looks fucking boring and instead of prolonged success and a dignified life she chooses worldwide humiliation every single time. Especially after seeing her stuff twomad's toes into her mouth I don't know how anyone can see that and not feel better about themselves in some way, like holy shit

No. 224043

What shocks me is that she didn't HAVE to do any of it - this girl coud've dipped with her money after the porn cashout but she /wanted/ to come back and continue to humiliate and degrade herself. How can a person be so incredibly shallow that it really only is all about the money and fame? Belle Delphine is the bottom pit of modern women, and it'll really only sink in around her mid twenties when the prefrontal cortex of her brain develops.

No. 224046

File: 1656490208429.jpeg (39.14 KB, 443x121, E5023937-830A-4F2F-857F-398C20…)

well that was a total flop. seems people only care when she shows her tits

No. 224049

File: 1656491108085.png (294.54 KB, 433x502, Screenshot 2022-06-28 224528.p…)

lol yea they look the same height and he's 5'10 >>223852

No. 224055

Numbers still don't match up

No. 224068

They are obviously not the same height, she looks about 5'7/170cm to me, he short af if he's only 5'10 though no wonder she looks big next to him.

No. 224078

>>224068 idk do u see how tall she is sitting on his lap here >>223880

No. 224084

Can you just post both pictures side by side? someone could've easily edited that

No. 224087

File: 1656498714823.png (313.02 KB, 433x518, Screenshot 2022-06-28 224528.p…)

he's wearing a costume that has some height on the hat part you can see that their shoulders are on the same level.
if that doesn't convince you just look at their eyes and they're on the same level too and belle is bending a little

No. 224088

how do u keep finding the same photos but edited? did she posted one or the other on her public social media or of???(learn2sage)

No. 224091

>>224087 you can see him bending forward my god.
Even IF she was as tall as this manlet does it matter if shes 5'7 or 5'10 to you guys this much? The fuck

No. 224093

She is so reactionary kek, you can tell the point of the video is to clap back at all the hate she's been getting. As if she tried boasting about how rich she is while self reporting with receipts… wonder if she will delete this one as well.

No. 224094

File: 1656500998510.jpg (5.49 MB, 3072x4096, MaRkEtiNgGeNiuS.jpg)


No. 224096

that whole fairy spinning segment had me chuckling, she really thinks her appeal absolves her from the cringe factor

No. 224097

cause she said she's 5'4 and tries to look small uwu and pedopander???
it's just funny to see a tall grown ass woman pretend to be a child

No. 224101

Better thread photo compared to current one(sage your shit)

No. 224104

>She tries so hard to pander to pedos but she doesn't look childish at all, which makes her passive aggressive.
Passive aggressive? What?

No. 224106

File: 1656507699222.jpeg (69.63 KB, 1170x460, 10D80727-4B27-42EB-B525-B79B34…)

Hehe that’s cute Belle, now show us you pornhub likes to dislikes ratio. So many views, so little subscription.

No. 224107

she trolled all her fans on pornhub. i don't think she actually uploaded any porn there tho…

No. 224117

She is passive aggressive on Twitter and the video she made, newfag

No. 224123

This is so old

No. 224128

File: 1656513678741.jpeg (586.08 KB, 722x972, DC4D3ADB-0609-4BFD-ADAB-5D75DD…)

it's funny cause the replies were spamming the photo of her wearing the MLP bathsuit. This reminds me of that Tiktok trend where people were making fun of girls who refer to themselves as petite. Included photos of said youthful childlike appearance for laughs btw, if it's not pedobait then how come this comeback mysteriously aged her about ten years forward? "I never claim to be an age I'm not" but I will however bring in my 22 year old friend to pretend be my 18 year old sister so I can keep making money off of pedos.

No. 224141

This was an elaborate troll. She got hit with an actual cream pie like they do on Nickelodeon or some shit. The coomers got a bit angsty over this. I actually thought this was kind of based. Now she’s sucking toes…

No. 224146

this reminds me of that super shopped picture of pixielocks from her "anachan" muse phase where she shooped her teeth, face, and body so much it warped her braces and gave her a second set of teeth kek.

No. 224154

File: 1656518827218.jpeg (154.89 KB, 960x638, 116FFA45-455D-4E7B-979E-06F8FC…)

Aww shes so petite here

No. 224158

For the nipple photoshop, the dumb bitch included the 2 different photoshops in the same photo set she sold on OF

No. 224159

So one of you paid for that…..

No. 224160

File: 1656519327735.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3464x3464, 9C22542B-3CCF-4BD0-BDFE-C8152A…)

Shes just such a doll

No. 224161

>>224159 hopefully not. Almost all her posts get leaked on gross sites.

No. 224164

Hell no! Her stuff is leaked everywhere and the onlyfans leak forum they were mocking her/hate her too and someone posted it

No. 224165

File: 1656519542034.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3464x3464, A540EFDB-5DA4-43C7-AEF1-D37575…)

She had such a uniquely pretty face and now she looks like a wendigo in a hello kitty outfit

No. 224169

she had conventional beauty, the personality really ruined it however

No. 224171

It's so sad she traded her sharper features for instahoe plastic bimbo shit. She could have just found temporary ways to diminish her insecurities and whatnot without making herself a different person. Her old FB pics despite the shoop are still very cute and look more human than whatever she's pretending to be now. Why do women feel the need to become default sex object #1 instead of just being themselves and sexy? It's so disappointing and hard to watch.

No. 224175

File: 1656521521724.jpeg (741.63 KB, 828x907, 56F284B3-72AA-4FAC-A570-99D32D…)

I agree, this new look looks manic and reminds me of momo

No. 224177

Does messages mean PPV?

No. 224179

File: 1656521837527.jpeg (277.64 KB, 750x741, 954F291A-3860-46CB-A099-24C066…)

No. 224181

File: 1656522075234.jpeg (538.67 KB, 828x869, FE74BD58-3A5B-438D-AED6-736BF7…)

i really don't think anything she's done so far has been all that crazy. it's all been doable and realistic, i wanna see crazy crazy like trisha paytas crazy. Real crazy and not pretend crazy.

No. 224182

Her wealth is above mediocre, but her life is anyone's guess. She's amassed so many creepy fans that I've got to imagine she mostly stays in her house at this point, or else their would probably be loads of creepshots of her posted on Twitter and shit, candids and the like, if she went anywhere besides the occasional convention. Like it's minor, but I'd hate to have all that money and not be able to just go spend it at Liberty or Selfridge's, or whatever. I'd hate to worry somebody was going to follow me home from Waitrose, or whatever. And I think that's probably what her life is like, and it was her doing for the most part by playing into the worst of scrotes' desires. Money is great, no doubt about that - but the sort of infamy she has from that money makes her life infinitely shittier IMO.

No. 224184

File: 1656522233636.png (1.07 MB, 828x1792, A17DCAD9-95E9-477C-BB89-10C949…)

Poppy is an example of how u can go viral for being a weird pretty girl without humiliating yourself/ fucking up your personal life

No. 224186

Why I sage my shit? Put me out to pasture mom(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224187

Any bored gen z can come up with way better marketing stunts than this pitiful cow, she must just be a really, really boring and average person to not be able to think of anything actually interesting or funny. Its always the boring white pick me girls who think theyre crazy and hilarious

No. 224188

the difference is that belle's ego is insatiable, she gets off on pushing boundaries and having everyone talk about her. Poppy is the real mystical and secretive character Belle pretends to be

No. 224191

crazy people dont try this hard to convince everyone that they're crazy. you just know crazy when you see it, i don't know why she wants to be seen as unhinged so bad

No. 224195

File: 1656523446394.png (94.13 KB, 649x388, Capture.PNG)

Here's the like and dislike count.

No. 224197

Okay alice delish we see you x(hi cow)

No. 224198

why do you think its alice?

No. 224199

Alice is russian and also has an obsession over belle

No. 224201

File: 1656524652361.png (5.23 MB, 1792x828, 3726AA35-ECDE-49F1-8540-900427…)

Is it …. Lmao

No. 224202

File: 1656524831270.png (2.51 MB, 1792x828, A0464056-3FCB-4DA8-9C18-07A333…)

Who else gets shane dawsons old skits/ music video vibes from the gamer boy video. The dakota fanning dub voice and the gross lyrics seem very shane dawson

No. 224203

Exactly this. I just don't see anything enviable about her life when despite whatever money she has, she doesn't seem to have much of one. Most of her content is just her being boring in her bedroom. The shit she's put out on the internet should be a source of eternal humiliation for her but we can see that she has no shame, maybe that's something of a blessing in her position.
She is getting more and more passive aggressive on her socials and it's probably contributing to her decline. It's like she's trying to be as off-putting as possible.

No. 224205

Im so suprised no one has ever taken candids of her out in public, she has over 3 mil followers on insta and thats not including all her haters and people who laugh at her who would also see her in public. Anyone know if photos of belle in public were posted her lawyer or police could get them removed immediately

No. 224208

She looks so plastic where it looks anything but pretty lol.

No. 224211

she looks like a neanderthal in drag here

No. 224212

she photoshops so much and pretends she's little.
A lot of people probably can't tell its Belle when they see her in real life. Even at the porn awards with her pink wig, most of the people there thought it was a wannabe/impersonator and wrote that on twitter. When she went to that big convention with her pink wig & Belle gig, she barely was approached. Like 5 people got pics the whole time. Fucking "Jenny's Movie Reviews" on youtube had more fan pics that same day she went and she has like 1k subs. lol(sage your shit)

No. 224223

File: 1656526967289.jpeg (99.31 KB, 1133x801, E1BDE136-2729-435D-B26A-51D788…)

I bet belles only fans money all goes into josh’s bank and he gives her a really shitty allowance and thats why she tried to get a job at new look or wherever it was lmao

No. 224224

File: 1656527027155.jpeg (151.21 KB, 828x1014, 0FECA9F8-AA48-4753-8CDC-2C5620…)

People always tell me i remind them of belle, idk how to take it… i dont see it tbh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224225

Comic sans belle

No. 224227


No. 224228

File: 1656527374368.png (501.46 KB, 783x437, k.png)

if this is more accurate to what she really looks like then I wouldn't expect her to get creepshotted in public

No. 224235

you know what pisses me off?
i hate that he gets to be this faceless man behind all of this and getting the bag without any negative consequences.
he never showed his face in the porn unlike belle, if he decides to have a normal life one day this shit won't follow him for the rest of his life but it will affect belle cause everyone will recognize her.
she's dumb, incredibly so… he's basically just using her for money and she will realize this when it's too late and just become mia khalifa 2.0 and complain about being "groomed".

No. 224236

File: 1656528618368.png (58.04 KB, 250x312, BA85DF36-FC58-4914-BE55-5095CA…)

No. 224238


No. 224239

Idk Josh was getting roasted pretty hard on twitter for being a cuck after the twomad thing

No. 224240

nobody knows his name or what he looks like unless they dig deep like anons here do but most Twitter retards are not gonna do that and that's exactly my point. doesn't matter if they roast him for being a cuck or having a small dick he's basically anonymous.

he won't come up in google search if someone searches his name up etc but belle will and it's gonna stay there forever.

No. 224242

I feel bad for the girl whose pictures you're posting to incite hate

No. 224257

>And possibly had a boob job
She did have a boobjob. Why is OP trying to create conspiracy theories?

No. 224258

She just looks like a typical older teen/uni student in the UK, creeps are creeps though and it isn't really about attractiveness, but she also looks quite generic. She's said she doesn't get recognised much in the UK as most of her followers are from the US, but she also is not recognisable unless she's doing her e-girl act imo.

No. 224274

Are you seriously wking because that’s my point. Those 69million views she’s so happy flexing, no one actually likes her shit. But of course wooo yes we stan a marketing genius.

No. 224276

File: 1656533653205.png (475.78 KB, 643x681, eyes.PNG)

She's clearly manic bipolar or has a severe personality disorder, you can see it in her eyes, the way she talks about staying up for days at a time, the stuff she posts. I actually feel bad for her because it's hell to deal with when unmedicated.

No. 224286

I believe that's what she wants people to think of her

No. 224287

That's her cope. She wants the world to believe she's "so quirky look nothing get to me" because being a gross menace is less embarrassing coverage than people talking about how shopped and self conscious she is

No. 224289

My guess is that if you advertise yourself as deranged and morally bankrupt, people will never expect any more of you and you will get away with everything. Can you imagine the absolute uproar and outcry if Pokimane were to do anything remotely similar to Belle's antics? No one would be hollering about it being genius marketing, everyone would be shaming her endlessly. In this particular case it's not the same because there's no respect left to be lost.

No. 224290

I know Belle said she dropped out of middle school… I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she dropped out because she got pregnant. Obviously her parents don’t care about her (she’s mentioned this) and probably let her do everything she wanted. Belle is so desperate for love and attention she was probably banging every ugly middle school boy she could find.

No. 224297

blatant made up theories with no evidence. boring. post milk.

No. 224298

File: 1656537453854.gif (3.62 MB, 498x357, karmi-wearing-dungarees.gif)

I mean in this picture she looks pretty retarded. That big cartoon grin looks very bad on actual human beings, especially coupled with uncoordinated spinning.

No. 224308

there's no middle school in the uk dumbass. also you can't leave school until you're 16.

No. 224309

>>224308 Oh you definitely can slip through the laws surrounding that. The police does not come knocking lmao. I literally dropped out at 14 due to bullying and there was attention but in the end I got to stay home for about a half a year without anything else, then I just had to work up my grades to graduate like with the same grades as everyone else.
Makes sense to me if she did something similar, seemed genuine when she talked about it on that podcast.

No. 224313


LMAO she DOES read the lolcow thread. Man, if I had that kind of money, I would have not come back. This is too much energy going towards people who don't even like her. Seems exhausting and pointless, not for me

No. 224315

Is this really Belle?

…She clearly looks much better now

No. 224316

meh she looks much more human there imo and not so much like momo. Plus her smile seems genuine and not forced - she tries to make it as huge as possible now and it just looks like its straining her cheeks

No. 224317

Also no matter how much she changes she always looks like a horse

No. 224319

Her hairline is so unfortunate

No. 224322


Lol no way…she was way cuter before, in the old picture with the fake tattoo. She looked "warm", like, actually human. She passed uncanny valley territory but it's particularly uncanny in her recent comeback.

No. 224329

she looks like she's about to murder someone kek

No. 224348

No. 224352

she said she dropped out when she was 14.

No. 224354

File: 1656554434787.jpg (510.57 KB, 1029x1080, Picsart_22-06-29_06-49-37-776.…)

Josh in his natural habitat

No. 224356

her teeth are so long. What if she keeps on her braces because she's insecure about looking like a horse-chan?

No. 224359

>the boner
Honeslty I doubt Josh got hard during that photo set, like does a pimp get hard when he knows his girl is working?

No. 224362

In the UK, is dropping out when you just turned 14 bad?
Belle said in a podcast that she was 13 and the day she turned 14 she quit school and never went back.(sage)

No. 224363

twomad has talked about how he wants to be with femboys and trans. I don't think Belle is his type.

No. 224370

File: 1656560165175.png (1.17 MB, 1553x2048, Screenshot_20220630-043358.png)

No. 224371

they don't announce is because in SW moids will often blame the womans appearance if she doesn't make like 6 figs 5 hours after posting a nude

I can tell you right now belle delphine is NOT making millions or even 6 figs a month. Do people even realize the lifestyles of people making this much? these people are often traveling the world, buying multiple homes, investing, going to spas and having perfect skin and hair because of all the treatments they get. Belle delphine has none of that, her skin is awful and she's unhealthy along with her husband, she lives in a ratty home/apartment that never seems to change and she doesn't even have a car to our knowledge. and she hoard cheap aliexpress tier shit, the closest thing she got to travel was the recent shoot with that black guy and that's it.

I'm not doubting she's making a lot of money but literal MILLIONS monthly and there's magically no indicators of where all this money is going at all? yeah right
>inb4 she's saving it for retirement unlike you retarded consoomers
belle is absolutely a consoomer

No. 224372

some anons get horribly triggered if you point out boob job suspicion and anons in the last thread kept trying to claim she didn't have one and that it was from weight gain

No. 224378

File: 1656563631193.jpg (3.05 MB, 2739x3464, Picsart_22-06-28_23-28-45-254.…)

she looks completely different in her irl friend pictures

No. 224380

Alright calm tf down. You where making out like it was a video of her porn and it wasn’t. Don’t accuse me of whiteknighting this disgusting pedo please.

No. 224388

she didn't drop out of Priestlands, she transferred to a school near London and stayed there until she was legally able to drop out.

No. 224391

i suspect that she's been inflating her likes/followers/numbers to make herself seem far richer through her content and far more popular than she actually is. Her success is entirely hinged on her openly cockteasing incel losers, she openly dunks on the men who pay for her content and tries to market herself as a self-aware retard meme queen. I don't think it makes sense for such high numbers of men to want to pay for her porn which gets leaked constantly and mocked across the internet. i don't doubt there are plenty of simps or rich fucks paying for it, just not as many as she pretends. why pay for something you can easily see for free and put yourself at the laughing end of the grift where you are the pathetic beta simp

No. 224405

this got 60k likes so far, someone's in a bit of trouble

No. 224413

The moment she started showing tits she lost the game. She was winning before, earning bank posting lewds. Josh destoyed her career and I am floored some of you retards think he's the brains behind anything. She's just another Onlyfans whore now, and despite the video her twitter chimp outs show she knows that, too.

No. 224419

He should get the video copyrighted.

Belle didn't credit the singer neither so people will think she has a childish voice.

No. 224423

I find it hilarious she tries to justify not pedo pandering yet uses a kids voice over and claims that if it were the case there's 69,0000 of them. What the actual fuck lmao

No. 224424

She's really cute naturally without all the editing and fake braces

No. 224425

Nah, she kind of looks like a horse grinch mix

No. 224439

File: 1656590125789.jpg (4.2 MB, 4096x4096, 23YearOldPretendsToBe7thGrader…)

Still pedo pandering hard af

No. 224440

File: 1656590187918.jpg (2.81 MB, 4096x4096, Autopedo.jpg)

No. 224441

File: 1656590228890.jpg (1.68 MB, 4096x2048, UnbridledMania.jpg)

No. 224451

i don't see what other use she has

No. 224458

Give her a break anon Im sure she’s reading at a 7th grade level kek

No. 224473

she actually looks so scary here lmaoo

No. 224479

I think she’s gonna end up like Michael Jackson; a recluse with a melting face and a nose that keeps falling off, stuck in a filthy home with no central heating surrounded by a hoard of pink little girl crap, 50 years old prancing around in fairy wings, re enacting her childhood forever, floor littered with McDonald’s wrappers, sleeping on the floor. They will find her 6 months dead decaying by the toilet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224495

You can wear cute clothes without resorting to buying children's… complete armchair but it comes off like keeps buying kid's clothes because she has a complex about her height and it makes her feel like a petite uwu anime princess

No. 224505

I think is more that she's concerned her pedo bait grift is finally over

No. 224511

Her wearing totally "unsexy" clothes (like not even a "sexy" uniform or something, although that's weird too, but just plain Minecraft pyjamas for children) makes me feel especially uncomfortable. It reminds me of the images of blurry shirts one would see on the Interpol website when they ask you to recognise items found in CP to help find the victims.

No. 224515

The tit job makes no sense to me if she's still buying kid's stuff, why'd she get it done?

No. 224516

She definitely missed key milestones because of dropping out at 14, tinfoil she's mentally stuck at that age because of it

No. 224521

read through the quote tweets for a good laugh, this broad is so hated it's unbelievable

No. 224522

File: 1656607861828.png (2.37 MB, 1689x1177, kek.PNG)

No. 224524

>Poppy is the real mystical and secretive character Belle pretends to be
Kek, they're both fake tryhards with massive egos, nothing mystical there. Just read Poppy's /snow/ threads

No. 224525

She's going for the teen look instead of the tween thing. Teenage girls can have bigger boobs. I think everyone was assuming she would get like, mastectomy levels of surgery done to look like an 8 year old but that's too on the nose. Men need to get their pedo kicks in a ~hebephile~ way so they feel less like child molesters because "b-buh teens are sexually active and physically matured!!!1! Wanting to fuck a 15-18 year old is normal!! They're at peak performance!! I-im normal!"

No. 224526

Why does the computer look like it's from 2005?

No. 224529

kekking at the thought of this giantess wearing children's clothes

No. 224530

From the numbers I've seen, I'm guessing she's making 100k-300k a month but not the "over one million dollars a month" she claims.
She doesnt take care of herself and doesnt come across as rich because she most likely spends it all on the wrong things… Every normal pic of her/Josh tends to be at a bar so they drink a lot, probably on some sort of drugs, they spend lots on failed marketing or stupid gimmicks (the giant dildo collection they tried to do), etc.

No. 224531

i think thats just the 'aesthetic' goal

No. 224540

"a mil a month" to spend directly on AliExpress

No. 224550

I’m sorry but her house looks haunted and old like wtf is this lmao I’ll never understand why people want to live in huge mansions, especially ones that look like shit

No. 224559

because the whole point of that video was to be on early 00's aesthetic.

No. 224565

Even if they brought expensive dildos and partied it up at the most expensive bars in town it wouldn't nearly eat up a 100k-300k a month income. Her entire selling point is appearance but the most she seems to get are shitty wigs and plastic surgery. She may not care about her self but if she's willing to order cheap AliExpress shit why not order better quality stuff when she could easily afford it? Apathy doesn't apply since she's ordering shit either way

No. 224566

A boob job can make your body look proportional/ feminine even if you gain weight like belle did, if you have small breasts you have to keep a super flat stomach at all times to look feminine

No. 224567

i wonder this too, she really is a classless millionaire. Being rich just doesn't suit her

No. 224571

I'm begging some of you to leave the house more

No. 224574

even so - surely she would have some sort of stupid expensive shit laying around?

No. 224581

She looks awful in this video. Waiting for her to get insecure and delete it like she did with the fairy room tour video.

No. 224583

She said her dildo collection was worth 6 figures. lol So pathetic she spent that much on a failed marketing attempt.

She obviously doesnt spend her money to upkeep herself. She looks so cheap. Bad nails, bad wigs, bad clothes, etc. Even her normal pics has like $10 shirts

No. 224584

Does anyone else feel like she tries to get people to pity her? Who would want to be pitied???

She keeps talking about her "awful childhood", having no dad and having a "neglecting" mom in every video and interview. I knew she would mention her parents again before I even watched the video. It's getting old now.

She wants any kind of attention even if it's hate or pity.

No. 224585

She is huge with her shoulders and height

No. 224586

The average female Britain is 5'3". It doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to call her a giantress, especially compared to the uwu delicate loli fairy she tries to portray.(sage your shit)

No. 224587

She cares about this thread so much. Ever since anons mentioned her broad shoulders, every photo and video of her has her bend her shoulders back uncomfortably.

No. 224590

ok giantess, I won't call belle a giantess anymore!

No. 224609

i think its often mentioned cause she does porn and people wanna know how she got to that point. first she brings up her dad then people are like “ah makes sense” then of course her mom who let her get on a train to see a 24 yr old when she was like 14-16yrs old.

No. 224614

I don't think anyone really cares about that actually. She just mentions it every chance she has, even in her cringe music videos.

No. 224615

Money doesn't bring class. She butchered herself completely and injects her face with all shit possible while she isn't even that old yet. Whatever she does looks just bad. Her nose job, her face injections, her fake boobs. Other women like cosplayers do the same often bur Belle just looks straight outta Edler scrolls dungeons.

No. 224618

She is just a porn star. She doesn't and won't ever have "class".

No. 224628

She copes with those fake numbers but her video was barely viewed and most comments are either about twomad or making fun of her. Belle fell off hard.

"Marketing genius" faked a light bulb accident, tried to make barely legal teen incest porn, queerbaited, made an awful comeback video and tried to be controversial for months and they all failed.

Now she gets a little attention for sucking the greasy toes of a fat lolcow and she considers it a success. She went from a nyannyancosplay copycat to a failed porn star to internet's forgotten punching bag. She earned money but so did other clowns like Onision or Logan Paul. She has no reputation nor a decent fanbase but she has many haters and no other career options. I hope Josh stops being anonymous and suffers the same future as well. I am surprised his name is not mentioned anywhere online other than this thread.

No. 224629

I think a lot of this is explained by weird time jumps in her content. She has some pedobait-y photos she took pre-boob job, and the newer stuff is the more teenage rich girl or scene girl stuff. I think she's dumping her photosets really randomly but ultimately is gearing up to just do "normal" porn, with the boob job and a more "teen" gimmick rather than straight up children's Frozen pajamas. Still foul, but probably more commercially viable as the anon said earlier, men like to think they're hebephiles at worst.

No. 224631

File: 1656635061176.jpg (288.17 KB, 1051x1772, 1642157769864.jpg)

She is a giantress

No. 224633

File: 1656635583905.jpeg (480.25 KB, 960x1154, F88BE238-B27D-45F7-A21B-352911…)

If Belle’s gamer boy video was a big deal it would have been on the YouTube trending page with over a million views by now. Right now it’s sitting at 396k two days after release.

No. 224645

Pic on the right was edited by anon though, right?

No. 224668

Touch grass sped. She's tall for a woman but she's not even tall enough to be a model outside onlyfans pedo bait.

No. 224692

Plausible deniability so she can keep buying kids clothes, or because she gained weight she feels more proportional this way. Probably a combination of both.

Just ignore it nonnie tall women are desirable (there's a whole industry demanding them) just not to the type of men Belle's pandering to.

No. 224694

Well who is she to get millions within a day? She can keep dreaming on thar forever. She isn't close to 1 mil after 2 days , not even 500k but we are all supposed to believe the world gravitates around her.(learn2sage)

No. 224701

File: 1656659277423.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 3072x4096, Giantess.jpg)

This is so comical she looks huge and honestly (looking at the wk itt) nobody would even mention her height if SHE wasnt such a sped. Sure, 6'0 women are fine and normal and nothing is wrong with them BUT in belles case its funny to see her real size when she's tried to force the idea she's some tiny liddol gorl child to be ravaged by "daddy". She's wearing literal children's clothes AGAIN ffs, at her large grown age and height kek. I bet the pants from that pajama set wouldn't even fit her mile long woman legs kek

No. 224707

I have to agree. No one is just making millions monthly/yearly with nothing to show for it

No. 224709

You sound like a sperg, average height in the UK skews short so it's easy to look tall if you're 5'7" (t. 5'7"-chan who lives in the UK, ask me how I know kek, my friends are generally smaller than me and even a 5'3" girl is gonna look short compared to me)

5'7" is not a giantess and you sound retarded for repeating that over and over, it's not even tall enough to model which I believe is 5'10".
The one photo where she looks very tall she's wearing enormous platforms >>224154

You must be trying to bait the cow since she obviously edits to try and be a short cute loli, but in actual reality calling 5'7" women giant makes you sound retarded.

No. 224712

what is wrong with her? WHY is she so OBSESSED with looking like a young little girl???
she is so sick in the head it makes me have 0 sympathy for her.
does she think acting/looking like a young girl brings her more views??? i just don't get it

No. 224713

File: 1656665379135.jpg (1.4 MB, 2113x4097, Skyscraper.jpg)

Its really not that deep. The only reason her height gets brought up is because she pretends to be a small child

No. 224716

>>224713 global average isnt a great indicator though. A norweigan or dutch average woman is going to look tall in uk/america. An average uk woman will look huge in japan. An average woman in america will look short in the netherlands.

Even being tall for a british woman she is lucky to have good proportions so she doesn't look like a linebacker, she just kinda look akward and lanky.

No. 224717

File: 1656667490042.png (366.47 KB, 478x574, Screenshot 2022-07-01 122447.p…)

the tranny face lol

No. 224718

Models are not as broad as her, neither.


No. 224719

We are different anons and this thread is not for you to cope with your own height. She is huge compared to anyone she takes photos with. Even her fans called her a "giant amazon goddess" when she made the pedo-bait rape porn. She is a lolcow because she is huge AND pedo-baiting, not for being tall.

No. 224720

A huge and grown up woman larping as a kid for her porn looks hilarious.

No. 224721

this. we are just clowning on her for trying to look a widdle gurl and one of the biggest requirements for that is being short and small which she is not and she tries and copes to look that way but in reality she is a tall grown ass woman in children clothes and botched nose thinking she has everyone thinking she "naturally" looks petite and young lol.

this is rly depressing for her cause she tries hard and gets surgeries to even remotely resemble a teen and i'm sure if there was a surgery for height she would 100% do it lmao. it makes her look pathetic

No. 224723

She actually tried the gym girl look for her comeback video but barely anyone gave a fuck about that

No. 224724

Im 5'9 and have baby face along with awkward broad shoulders, she should accept that she's a big girl and try not to look so weird in photos in those.. clothes.
There's other options for her to work with what she has… gym girl attire would suit her for example.
This crowd she brings and caters to is far from okay.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224725

It's the super narrow forehead

No. 224727

I had to delete to edit a typo but I presume that's for my comment about the gym attire.
I actually hoped she would switch her looks but no.. compared to what shes doing it would be light years better for her. just my 2 c

No. 224775

Yeah the height sperging is pissing me off. 5'3-5'4 can still look like grown ass women, as a matter of fact usually they look older than tall slim girls because they have wide child bearing hips while taller girls are more lanky. Seethe more fat shortchans.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224789

Height means fucking nothing. Same anons nitpicking across /w/ in all the threads. Its ridiculous at this point.

No. 224790

Lmao why tall anons come here to seethe now

Especially on the thread of a woman who tries to look smaller kek

No. 224792

No one said tall women are ugly. Why do tall women have to explain how their height is great and try to convince others? You don't see short women doing that kek

Belle has to put extra effort to pedo-pander and look feminine because she has the wrong body type for her aes. That's what we are laughing at. Cope about your manly height somewhere else.

No. 224797

Samefag, fuck off about height relating to pedos.

No. 224809

Newfag, that's what Belle does.

No. 224811

File: 1656691910064.jpeg (105.92 KB, 828x886, 3FA9539C-0280-4841-956A-DF2E3F…)

Whys her head shaped like a tic tac(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224812

Most women on average are about 5'4" so your argument doesn't even make sense. Nitpicking height, yikes.

No. 224814

No one gives a fuck about your height or preferences. This thread is about Belle.

No. 224815

She tries to look like a kid, retard. No one "nitpicks" heights, we are laughing at a cow.

No. 224817

Americans and awful reading comprehension

Where is that pic from?

No. 224818

You're literally nitpicking heights


No. 224819

I mean i went to school in england and there were girls at 15 who were a good 5 ft 10

No. 224821

She looks like any other DDLG porn star on pornhub. Shes not a child. Of course she looks "huge", retard.

No. 224822

Check who you are replying to dumbass

No. 224823

She looks huge in any photo her friends post too giantess

She also edited herself to look tiny in her swing photo. Stop being a derailing newfag just because you are insecure about your own height.

No. 224824

What is up with these weird photos and captions, anyway? Are they coming from videos on her OF or something? Is it supposed to be like a comic book, because the format is incredibly retarded.

No. 224825

She looks so inbred

No. 224826

>WHY is she so OBSESSED with looking like a young little girl???
It’s called autopaedophillia.

No. 224827

I think those are leaked OF content from reddit.

No. 224828

File: 1656692768313.jpeg (133.15 KB, 828x857, 7B522358-E0FD-44A0-BCDA-E8C929…)

Shes genuinely scaring me recently, i think shes having an episode of some sort bc the look on her face is abnormal, anyone considered a 5150(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224829

Anons are fan editing. The spergs did this in the Nicole thread too (based mod redtexting its the bellefag in that thread, so we know it's the same anon)

No. 224832

The captions are kind of like the storyline of the porn.. It wasn't edited in. The blue text is the male dialog and the pink text is hers. The gist of the video is Josh finding belle tied to a tree in a forest and he takes her back to his house and forces her to call her daddy and other things. Anyway there's no actual talking but theybuse the pink and blue text to covey dialog between them

No. 224833

also that sounds disturbing af

No. 224834

Seems weird to have captions instead of actual talking considering they both speak English. I guess Belle may be self conscious of her voice not being particularly uwu. I'm not a big porn viewer or anything but I've never seen it done in the style of like, a silent movie kek. What next, is Josh going to tie her to train tracks and twiddle his mustache?

No. 224835

No one was talking about that photo.

No. 224836

Yes they were? I'm >>224824 and I was asking about >>224701. The stupid photos with the ugly captions. Apparently it comes from a video, which has to look extra retarded in motion because apparently they don't actually talk at all in it.

No. 224837

Are you retarded? The post i replied to specifically tagged it kek

No. 224839

File: 1656695024002.jpg (3.31 MB, 2160x2880, Crazyeyes .jpg)

I thought the same thing when I saw this picture posted. Shes got very manic eyes

No. 224841

Too bad for the dude, this can pass for parody.

No. 224842

They didn't use real audio because of the way its edited, I might just upload it to my drop box so you nonnas can see it for yourself. Anyway they record video shots then splice in photos during the editing, they add the captions to give it a storyline. So, for example, the scene where he's dragging her back to his home: you'll see video footage of her being dragged fromnhis pov then a perfectly edited picture of her posing while being dragged gets spliced in real quick then it will go back to video footage. Its probably easier to edit this way since there's less video footage of her in motion….theres a dick sucking video where the background is warping terribly the entire time it was hilarious

No. 224846

>>224828 Yea I think the lack of reaction to her coming back is making her unhinged. Everytime shes come back its been a huge deal but this time she didnt get it so shes coming with with worse and more desperate ideas to live up to the bathwater girl hype.

No. 224848

File: 1656697080148.gif (Spoiler Image,7.21 MB, 356x730, 20220701_133954.gif)

No. 224850

File: 1656697215198.jpeg (610.18 KB, 1170x1550, 97E17F79-E94E-4943-86B5-37D068…)

This text made me fully cackle. Belle so tiny and smoll uwu

No. 224852

File: 1656697777663.gif (Spoiler Image,13.06 MB, 356x730, 20220701_135151.gif)

And here's her video filter fail. You'll notice the background warping like crazy kek

No. 224853

Damn that really is bizarrely edited. While moids have gotten used to HD porn on their 4k 70" TVs, Belle and Josh are out here making the shit in Powerpoint.

No. 224856

Ew how did she just summon cvsm from her mouth thats literally a dildo

No. 224857

Bless her heart for trying. She should just accept that she can't suck dick and move on
She looks manic and possibly on drugs. Keep in mind she edits her eyes to look straight up demented

No. 224858

Its fake cum. About half way through theres an edit where she comes back on wearing the fake cum lube on her face

No. 224861

Who knew calling belle, (a tall woman who larps as a little irl loli) a giantess would trigger so many giant walking fridge-chans!

No. 224862

you don't need to act like a pickme and shit on tall women just because belle's wet dream is to a be a little girl comon now

No. 224863

File: 1656700939703.jpg (650.99 KB, 3464x3464, E3527606-A55E-431F-B56F-80B1B7…)

No. 224864

Stfu, anons were making fun of Belle's dream to be a little girl. A retard got insecure and acted like a pickme, pretending all short women are fat and jealous of tall women who edit themselves to appear shorter kek >>224775

No. 224865

She doesn't have a youthful face without the dumb edits neither.

No. 224866

and yet here you are shitting on tall women and saying they look like fridges and you're not a pickme? stop derailing btw. nobody gives a fuck that you're a midget(derailing)

No. 224867

Why does she put photos between those videos? She is so insecure and dumb. Calling herself a "little girl" is also retarded, she looks huge.

Josh also "talks to her" like she is an actual little girl and this is all too rapey. I am glad this horseface fell off.

No. 224868

Wtf is this awful retarded edit

No. 224869

Nta, giantess. You are derailing

No. 224871

the thing is i'm not even tall. i'm 5'4 but ok pickme midget

No. 224872

This is funny because during their previous rape porn Josh had to tiptoe

No. 224873

No one cares

No. 224874

ok then shut the fuck up retard

No. 224876

Fuck off scrote(infighting)

No. 224877

Who asked?

No. 224878

they called me a giantess? are you pretending to be a retard or are you incapable of reading?

No. 224880

It’s because she tries very hard to make them look big. Without the exaggerating eye makeup on top of straining to make them look huge, she has small beady eyes. She definitely abuses the eye enlarging filter.

Not only does she strain to keep her eyes looking big, but she also strains to keep her upper lip thin. I wonder how strong her facial muscles are at this point

No. 224881

File: 1656703160475.jpeg (80.68 KB, 327x276, CA472666-DF1C-40A3-B826-223E52…)

her mouth taking up over half of her face is genuinely terrifying, she looks like a creepypasta(mouth nitpick)

No. 224886

Geez calm the fuck down giantess, it's just lolcow.

No. 224889

stfu you sound autistic anon. calling 5'4 a giant makes you sound mentally unhinged

No. 224896

this is so funny, how can you do this shit for a living and genuinely believe everyone is jealous of you

No. 224898

Ok giantess, please continue raging in the belle delphine thread on lolcow dot com

No. 224903

Okay but imagine youre just walking your dog and u come across these nutcases

No. 224904

shut up midget stop shitting up the thread

No. 224905

Will you shut up? You are so triggered for no reason. We are done talking about how Belle tries to appear smaller for cute points.

No. 224906

File: 1656708356962.jpeg (671.96 KB, 1170x1546, A626340F-0A5A-4F91-883E-637F37…)

picturing Josh stood on a stepladder to take this shot

No. 224914

Why do you make it sound like having "wide, childbearing hips" and not looking like a child is something to seethe about or equals being fat, kek? What in the ageplay anachan hell

No. 224915

Lol they don’t even spellcheck the lazy generic uwu kinky ddlg captions. Men are stupid if they pay for this but I guess that’s the whole idea if you’re in the business of being an e-whore.

No. 224917

/ot Youre so obviously mad about that comment LOL guess it hit a nerve midget fattychan.
Anyways stop infighting and go to the vent thread or something.. /ot

Anyways Belle's new makeup/photography or whatever she's doing looks awful compared to before. Her blush looks like a rash. Why would they use iPhones when they obviously own nice expensive cameras.(infighting )

No. 224918

Is that the same thing as pedophilia or different? Are guys into ddlg actually pedophiles? I've always been curious

No. 224920

God I knew you were a newfag the moment you thought all the anons replying to you were the same person. Probably some triggered gen z giantess anachan, sad!

No. 224921

I don't think that's how you tie your horse to a post…

No. 224923

Definitely the sort of guys who would go lower than 18 if they could. I wanna know when Josh /actually/ started dating Belle

No. 224924

Nah, I wasn't in your autistic height argument. I was just scrolling, read that shit and think it's pathetic and sad how obsessed some women are with pandering to pedophiles and bitter about their own height, to the point that you rage at women shorter than you for having "child-bearing hips" and call them fat for not being lanky. You'll never be a little girl, you'll always be a tall adult woman, and if you're like Belle, you'll probably always look a tiny bit like a slack-jawed donkey, sorry(derailing)

No. 224926

thought this looked extremely off and i checked the one on her twitter, what was the point of editing her nose bigger??

No. 224927

ntayrt so what's wrong with being a tall woman? why can't anons stop talking like demented scrotes here?
looking like a child is not an accomplishment you sickos. stop shaming women for sth out of their control and stop masculinizing them(derailing)

No. 224928

before it got taken down her entire subreddit were mocking these really horribly written captions. porn is their one sole contribution to society and they can't not botch it

No. 224929

File: 1656712317076.jpeg (907.53 KB, 905x1179, 28E5D542-EB76-480D-AECC-EFF6EF…)

>>224927(posting random pics isn't milk)

No. 224931

There's nothing wrong with being a tall, adult woman, and I never said there was. This person >>224775 thinks there's something wrong with women not looking like children and was sperging about it, though

No. 224932

This looks extremely facetuned lol

No. 224935

Ah yes if we get rid of a woman’s whole entire eyelid area including the skin and natural eyelashes she’ll look like an ugly naked mole rat. This is like those take her swimming on the first date redditors who get mad at makeup

No. 224938

her nose is just as botched as michael jacksons now. definitely body dysmorphia and deep deep insecurities going on, sad! but also funny how much money she wastes on surgery and filler kek

No. 224939

Are you really going to seethe here all day because you can't cope with an anon calling you a giantess? Touch some grass and stop derailing.

No. 224940

This thread is about Belle, not about anyone's preferences. Stop being retarded. Anons mock Belle for trying so hard to look like a short girl and even retconning her height. You sound as insecure and dumb as Belle about your tallness, shut up already. No one gives a fuck about you or what you like. Use a blog.

No. 224941

mods please ban the short fat chicks and the insecure tall gals who won't stop seething and slapping each other, i'm tired

No. 224942

What's this supposed to be?

No. 224947


Her lips look outrageously botched her omg

No. 224973

edited her nose smaller on the left

No. 224974

No. 224976

u edited her nose to look like that

No. 224980

this anon mentioned how on twitter it’s edited so i put them side by side

No. 224981


Could be because Twitter messes the quality on photos

No. 224982

They really remind me of those fucked up Family Guy and Simpsons porn comics that always had complete ESL nonsense dialogue. Very erotic stuff for the sort of sexless NEETs she’s trying to appeal to I guess.

No. 225001

I didn't even know where to start with reporting the infighting and fanart itt, looks like other anons and janny have been at work.

Whichever absolute tard is editing photos and then reposting them here without mentioning you edited them, stop. She already looks and acts like a fool, you look desperate to be digging further than that. Like if you see a clown and edit their nose 10% bigger you are indeed also a clown

No. 225004

All of her attempts to go trending since her comeback has bombed one after the other, quite frankly its not a good look since nobody cares to talk about her through all her efforts. Her presence on the internet and content has gone boring, even the supposed fans in her dedicated telegram acknowledging she’s messed up her face and body by going plastic in every part and photoshopping to the point where it makes their dicks limp.

No. 225018

Exactly. She's as boring as batshit now and her looks don't make up for it since she ruined herself. I bet she thought the new twomad video would help build up her popularity. Instead everyone is just laughing at her kek

No. 225019

She doesn't even know anymore how to edit herself with all the plastic. If you're natural it is definitely easier to edit yourself. The towmad was another desperate attempt and she thought that video will go within 24h viral. Go do your cottage living how you wanted it.(sage your shit)

No. 225020

File: 1656739804981.jpg (1.02 MB, 793x1500, Crane.jpg)

No. 225021

She's not rich enough to get decent plastic surgery or take care of her skin and hair enough to be shown on camera. I feel like the anons who believe she's actually making millions monthly or even yearly don't understand what that genuinely looks like. Doctors only make 100-300k yearly and live more luxurious lifestyles than her

No. 225022

I literally had the same thought back when she took those photos in that "rock n roll" 12 year old's outfit lol. Like just imagine Josh with his arms extended up as high as possible to take the photo or standing on a ladder. I'm sure they argue about it lol

No. 225040

I like how she doesn’t even use Josh’s dick in porn anymore and instead gets him to fuck her with dildos kek. He’s insecure because everyone laughed at his small dick and fat gut. also in every scene he’s like barely erect and is probably already slamming down the viagra.

No. 225044

I think that Belle is legitimately mentally ill, because she plays into the fantasies of these disgusting scrotes, in the reddit hate thread I saw a post of a man saying he wants to do all these insane things to a girl who was posted on a sub, like drown her and f her while unconscious+ other horrific things I want wiped from my mind. These men really exist, either she knows that and is foolish enough to have no fear at all that they could ever come after her (even though sweet Anita and amouranth have recently talked about their stalkers) or she really doesn't hold onto her life that dearly.
She's done worse, but seeing this post triggered me because how can she post this stuff knowing there's horrible, creepy, hideous, old freaks who literally would do this shit to her, and all it takes is one of them to be batshit enough to act on it. If she wants to make money off of sex work couldn't she at least choose a less grotesque and debasing avenue that doesn't cater to the slimiest of scum?

No. 225045

She won’t do that because she herself is slimy scum

No. 225047

The money and male validation has rotted her brain. When she responded to the hate she got for the rape video, she falsely said that violent porn doesnt create violent people the same way video games dont cause violence. A simple 5 minute google search would have taught her that there is in fact a very real correlation between the consumption of violent porn and the desire to enact violent acts upon women in real life. Her and every other pornstar who believe they should be treated this way in porn are a danger to women.

No. 225054

This lol

No. 225065

File: 1656764222576.jpeg (332.86 KB, 828x743, E00ED1FE-BCC4-48BB-A119-213F90…)

looks like her plan as usual is just to simmer down until everyone forgets they hate her again

No. 225073

File: 1656766769027.png (371.79 KB, 720x485, Screenshot_20220702-135334-022…)

She enjoys it clearly. She lamented the murder of Bianca Devins in a podcast when she related it to her own incidents with stalkers then not long after posted this. She is disturbed trash and she gets off on being called just that. She wants to be accepted by edgy 4chan scrotes so bad and it's pathetic.

No. 225078

She deserves all the hate she gets. She is literal garbage.

No. 225089

I agree, the plot of her latest video was:
>Girl gets left tied up in the woods by a hinge date gone wrong
>Is found by a stranger on the way back home from work
>Stranger states they had a bad day at work and this girl is perfect to take his frustrations out on (rape)
>Stanger says if girl does as he says he will free her
>Beats her with a belt
>Reminds her he is larger so don’t try to escape
>Leads her to his home on the condition that if she makes him coom he will free her
>Girl blames wearing the outfit for the reason she was SA
>Girl is locked in a cage, plans to make stranger coom quickly so she can leave
>Stranger cooms and decides he won’t free her and keep her against her will

I understand it’s a trope in some degenerate porn, but out of all the other tropes they could choose they are obsessed with going back to pedophillia and rape over and over again. There are many sex workers who just make normal porn of having sex, these rape inserts are so unnecessary.

No. 225095

I didn't get any pedo vibes from the newest video. What part of it was that and not just unhinged cringe DDLG RP?

No. 225097

This was already posted

No. 225102

This is really disgusting.

No. 225103

Uh I have bad news about what DDLG is meant to emulating anon…it’s a marketable term for incestous pedophilia RP

No. 225104

She is so disgusting and cringe, she is basically female Chris-chan of this generation. They have more than a few similarities actually.

She deserves all the hate she gets for roleplaying as a little girl for rape porn. I hope Joshua John Gray was not anonymous though, he gets away with everything. People mock him for being a fat cuck but no one outside lolcow.farm knows his name.

No. 225105

this so much. josh gets away with everything and gets half the earnings she makes and still remains anonymous. she is really fucking dumb for getting the short end of the stick and she's being exploited by that weirdo but she brought this upon herself oh well

No. 225108

We don't even know if they are still together or how much he was making.

No. 225109

To be honest, Josh deserves his own thread as well. Or at least have his name in next Belle thread title. He is a lolcow as much as Belle is. He is a 30+ year old man filming his girlfriend dressed as a kid for porn and cucking her to other internet memes. He also seems to enjoy making those rape roleplay videos where Belle is larping as a little girl. He is gross.

What's worse is when he dumps Belle for a younger girl in the future with the money he earned off of Belle, his name will not stay stained like Belle's. Google doesn't even show his face when you search "Joshua John Gray", yet alone his pedo-pandering porn.

No. 225111

I love the comments under that tweet. Whenever Belle trends for something, she always earns more haters than fans. It's hilarious.

No. 225113

Samefag but when you google Joshua's name, only photos you see are Goran's kek. Aside from those you only get an archived 4ch thread exposing him as Belle's "Jewish pimp" with no pictures.

He really got away with everything and Belle is too dumb to realize.

No. 225118

We don't know much on him. He didn't need a headline. He's barely in front of anything when she's involved and we don't even know if they are still together.

No. 225127

Assuming isn't the same as fact.

No. 225134

And you know he's the photog how still?

No. 225135

Josh is still the co-director of their company. They still share photos on their fake facebook profiles together and they are still seen together in parties. Don't ask to be spoonfed, newfag. These are all in the threads.

Why do you sound defensive of Joshua John Gray of all people? And why he doesn't need a headline exactly?

No. 225139

Stfu, you are the one assuming Joshua and Belle don't date anymore when there is nothing to support your claim.

No. 225143

Except shooting with other men

No. 225144

Joshua John Gray is a cuck. So?

No. 225149

That's not a good excuse

No. 225155

Who do you think took the pictures anon lol

No. 225157

Josh would hardly be the first grimy little pimp to watch his girlfriend fuck some other guy. Besides, twomad and her just posed together, doesn't seem like they actually had sex or anything.

No. 225184

Wow, she’s fucking sick in the head

No. 225188

isn’t he 29?

No. 225189

Josh and belle terrify me, this genuinely sounds like some sort of police interview where the kidnapper describes what he did to his victims

No. 225190

Belles desperate pandering to these foul shits of earth who want to torture and abuse women makes me think shes doing it all for show, no one who is really sexual or kinky is that extreme and desperate to portray that image, it probably stems from being called a prude by ex bfs who were much older than her, i expect she was type casted her whole life as a sweet good girl and has always wanted to break that image but the way shes trying to do that is gross and harmful

No. 225193

File: 1656787633618.png (295.2 KB, 730x838, Joshua John Gray.png)

Literally everything Belle does is arranged by Joshua or done with him ever since they started dating. These are documented in previous threads.

Quote is from the old Tanya Gold interview. It seems Joshua makes Belle hide his identity. The horse drawing was the cover of the interview KEK

No. 225199

Ngl that interview did not make her sound great, if anything it showed that she's just a normal girl with a very deep-rooted and desperate need for attention and not this interesting, unhinged character

No. 225202

The artist made her look like shoe0nhead's pink haired FAS sister kek

No. 225203

belles friend group in her Leamington school seemed like the socially awkward type, shes definitely a quiet introverted and insecure person who wants to portray herself as some chaotic, charismatic nymphomaniac.

No. 225210

She looks like some fat ugly hillbilly who had 14 kids with her paedo brother and lives in a shed and likes capturing and eating people.

No. 225211

File: 1656793147630.jpeg (Spoiler Image,204.77 KB, 1600x900, 1C034247-9C2E-4E49-B6A4-E97256…)

Belle and josh remind me of these two. God forbid they ever have kids, probably will lock them up to keep them ‘safe’ in a filthy mcmansion full of belles old dildos and wigs were they take after their mothers illiteracy from lack of education

No. 225228

Off topic and ban evading

No. 225268

File: 1656800127564.jpg (117.81 KB, 643x801, yxg31pz8j6991.jpg)

she said this in case technoblade dies, he did so more attention to the ~kween~

No. 225273

I actually think you’re on to something. That’s such a weirdly specific and random thing to say and she knew a bunch of morally retarded neck beards would be like “omg belle delphine boobs will get bigger now lolll!!!1!1!” After his imminent death and she’d be part of the trending news after… but it’s vague enough that people will give her the benefit of the doubt. I genuinely believe she would let someone die if it meant she went viral for 5 minutes

No. 225275

File: 1656801378200.jpg (79.01 KB, 692x481, lol.jpg)

in come the SHE'S SO SMART MARKETING GENIUS!1! comments. I'm convinced Belle buys bots to say this shit on reddit and youtube, they're all copy and paste

No. 225276

This broad could breathe and they'll put her on a pedestal, she gets praise for the same gimmicks many other women get shamed for. Men are dumb and simple, that's the core of her success.

No. 225278

Shitposting memes and doing porn makes you a genius now? Bet they won’t say any of this about women with a large audience who don’t take their clothes off.

No. 225279

File: 1656802579386.jpg (8.11 KB, 458x65, sc.jpg)

These caps were from this reddit thread, people were either joking or pissed off at what she said. Ofc the second people criticize Belle her zombie GENIUS MARKETING BUSINESS WOMAN bots come in to praise her.

No. 225292

This was already posted.

No. 225295

>this is why she has no dad
My fucking sides KEK

No. 225301

She used to be cute but surgery fucked her face bad. and it's only downhill from now on. She's gonna age like a carton of milk in the sun

No. 225303

No way she doesn't buy bots. That or i am underestimating how retarded men can be

No. 225304

Men pay

No. 225326

watching you little fatties try to imply being tall = bad in women is hilarious.

No. 225329

this giantess anon is legit retarded. PULL fag no doubt. Go back to twitter. You must be rough as fuck looking irl to be jealous of an ugly thing like belle.

No. 225330

holy fuck you "josh is responsible for belle" anons are such giant pick-mes. He's not gonna fuck you, she was successful before him because she pedo baits.
this thread is full of pullfags

No. 225335

I’d disagree. Before josh she wasn’t doing porn and wasn’t a “MARKETING GENius!1!1!”

No. 225347

Oh not this shit again, the thread JUST got back on topic.

No. 225369

she's just a pick me. she probably didn't get much male attention as a kid, and that in combination with whatever manic personality disorder equals belle. things you can completely fix if you go to therapy, but she'd rather do awkward porn instead.

No. 225372

this shit always cracks me up because if she was an ugly girl doing all of this, people would be disgusted/not even pay attention. she's not a marketing genius she just has conventionally attractive genetics.

No. 225385

I bet you preferred her when she was underage right?
Kill yourself.

No. 225386

Yes, women are famously enamoured by female socialisation expressed by other females and find it deeply sexually attractive rather than as a symptom of our oppression

if we talk about feminism, maybe the moids will leave

No. 225402

Why is everyone acting like belle has to be extremely mentally ill to do what shes doing, its hilarious and quite gross but its piss easy, im sure the 95% of brits who are wage slaves working 60 hr weeks would rather slob a dildo for a quick buck

No. 225403

This, her marketing works, doesnt mean shes a genius just means most men are dumb and horne, she even said herself is other girls tried doing what she does they wouldnt be successful because they dont have her initial platform which she used to advertise her decent into porn

No. 225413

scrote go back to your dungeons

No. 225427

Agree but I'd change
>Conventionally attractive genetics
>Just attractive enough to abuse Photoshop and procedures to shallowly replicate the two-dimensional smudge that is her online persona

No. 225445

True, it's the fine line between deprived and genius - funnily enough I've seen only straight men and other sex workers like/support Belle. Take away the attractiveness factor and you're left with unbearable cringe on the same level of Nikocadoavocado, who is also opting for the same way of marketing himself as deprived and disgusting. Yet he's just that - disgusting, not a marketing genius.

No. 225451

File: 1656842000816.jpg (72.09 KB, 828x1404, FB_IMG_1656841786090.jpg)

honestly if she wants to break a sexual world record it should be "2 girls 1 cup" reboot , it'll have the whole Internet talking about her again

No. 225455

if she wants to prove that she's crazy so bad, something like this would be the way to do it. Otherwise its all bark and no bite

No. 225458

I can't believe this giantess is still seething KEK
Get a life and stop samefagging

Learn what "pick-me" means, retard. You always derail this thread with your dumb inputs. Joshua is responsible for Belle, Belle herself said in her podcast that she can't even leave the house without him. She puts him in charge of her photoshoots or interviews, even her company. Stop derailing on old milk and asking to be spoonfed.

It's also weird this thread suddenly has anons licking Joshua's ass lol. Believe me no one here wants to fuck that fatass cuck.

No. 225459

For this comeback, she is mostly ignored or disgusted at though. She was also always a meme, not a dear egirl people love.

No. 225462

File: 1656843951764.jpg (2.7 MB, 3072x4096, OOPSallfilter.jpg)

No. 225464

File: 1656843984663.jpg (Spoiler Image,5.42 MB, 4096x2732, ThisIsAnAdultWoman.jpg)

No. 225465

File: 1656844055866.jpg (3.67 MB, 3072x4096, Mentoillnesluvxx.jpg)

(not milk)

No. 225466

File: 1656844354048.jpg (4.13 MB, 3072x4096, BETRAYAL .jpg)

Kek betrayed by her own reflection

No. 225468

This is hilarious

No. 225472

No. 225473

I thought this set was after her comeback, where tf did her boobs go?

No. 225479

She looks the same. Sage your photo dumps, nitpicker.

No. 225482


looks the same? just super pixelated

No. 225483

Clearly her jaw is very different in the two pictures kek

No. 225484

nitpicking too much? i don't see anything wrong

No. 225485

Its giving poot Lovato vibes

No. 225487

You have a mirror at a 55 degree angle. That's not how mirroring works to show how she's 'missing editing'. This thread needs to be autosaged

No. 225488

Which editing app is this kek

No. 225489

that looks like snow or sth

No. 225490

She forgot to edit her uwu dorito chin on her reflection on snow. She looks totally different in the mirror

No. 225495

that hairstyle makes her look especially troonlike lmao. rly shows how big her face/head is

No. 225497


it's giving nitpick vibes

No. 225504

Fuck off white knight

No. 225509


okay samefag

No. 225511

Stfu assface. It's not nitpicking when clearly her face is edited but not in the mirror reflection. Sage your wk, autism and existence.

No. 225512

you're clearly the autistic one, you don't seem to understand how mirror reflections works(unsaged slapfight)

No. 225520

does she live in a funhouse? when the fuck does a mirror enlarge only your jaw? the posters in the back and other objects don’t look distorted

No. 225531

Seems like you don't even know what a mirror is fag(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 225532


Have you ever seen a mirror before?

No. 225550

If belles doing this all for male attention why didnt she stop once she started getting the floads of thirsty comments from ugly coombrains, why has she taken it this far, even made her comeback twice??

No. 225554

Money. You can't grasp the concept?

No. 225558

She asks these things all the time, pretty sure its a way to boost engagement bc people will reply and tag their friends. She wouldnt actually do anything of the sort she just needs the attention

No. 225560

She is very disliked now too and wants to win back the favor of the internet

No. 225596

You really think any attention is enough for an attention whore?

No. 225619

Her whole life and confidence is money and attention. She probably can’t phantom not being relevant anymore, because then she knows she’ll be a nobody. So she’ll keep going as long as she can.

No. 225620

Watch her play with her pussy blood soon.

No. 225624

My guess is she will do a tuna and drink piss

No. 225631

Shocked she hasn’t done that already with watered down lemonade in attempts to go viral on Twitter for being a dumbass again

No. 225634

She will probably do something boring like fuck the most youtubers kek shes such a leech

No. 225635

Wouldnt suprise me if she was like “OMG ew a fan sent me a jar of his piss?!!!? Should i drink it lol” cut to weird video of her pouring apple juice on her horse mouth

No. 225636

I wonder why shes never played into the piss kink thing seen as it was memed quite a lot recently too.

No. 225651

Is Josh the one who fucked her over the dining room table? That was crazy to me bc whoever the guy is cannot fuck to save his life. Embarrassing

No. 225654

"haadcore phoon"

No. 225659

neither of them can, it's their sole personality trait and product and they cant even do it right.

No. 225678

File: 1656893441028.jpg (295.82 KB, 810x1800, v96.jpg)

she's in Spain with Pixie on vacay

No. 225714

File: 1656911501825.jpg (322.02 KB, 1150x960, rt88.jpg)

she has lots of freckles when she turns off the filters.(nitpick)

No. 225717

This is definitely some sort of self post. Either belle or more likely pixie posted this. Either way you’re both whores and I think it’s funny that you still have to work while on holiday you broke ass bitches kek.

No. 225721

The pictures in that set look like they were taken in a dingy youth hostel. Or a cheap airbnb at best. If that's the kind of accommodation she's really able to afford I am cackling.

No. 225723

Wheres the proof of being in spain. Why don't you post statuses or updates not just photos and tinfoil?

No. 225726

It’s simple: they aren’t that rich. Most wage slaves earn more and have a better work life balance. Staying in some shitty 2 star hotel miles from the beach and still having to post your desperately edited and strategically angled pics.

No. 225733

She looks especially musty here

No. 225766

imagine your girlfriend whores herself out on OF and then takes you on vacation with the money, Josh truly has the saddest character trope known to mankind

No. 225767

no belle is more pathetic lol. imagine paying for your bf's vacation while he pimps u out

No. 225768

true, putting a monthly subscription fee on your body doesn't compare

No. 225784

Looks like the same face app freckle filter coconutkitty uses. this is not an unfiltered pic, far from it kek

No. 225793

They filter would be over her features then. Eyebrows arent, freckles aren't over the hair. Coconut you can see the filter. Maybe if anon stopped personally editing these photos to fuck with saturation.

No. 225794

File: 1656946427120.jpeg (526.07 KB, 669x959, B6A2B4B5-930B-4E8F-BEE1-641DC4…)

they're not, she just looks particularly tired and crusty in this set for whatever reason.(stop sperging about freckles)

No. 225795

she's slowly morphing into coconutkitty now lmao

No. 225798

Her clones look way better tbh

No. 225801

Can't you post the whole photo? Why are these retardedly zoomed and cropped?

No. 225802

File: 1656949380143.jpg (Spoiler Image,170.67 KB, 810x1080, belle-delphine_0373[1].jpg)

No. 225803

File: 1656949493456.jpeg (57.7 KB, 828x288, D4A540A9-EE8C-4E1F-BF5A-2C5AB0…)

Kek the coincidence she went abroad a few days after someone commented this

No. 225804

Feels more like a reaction to anons itt calling out her lies in the music video and how ragged and dusty her shit is. Cool holiday belle, very glamorous kek. Maybe she'll even leave the hotel.

No. 225809

Her weird obsession with wearing a silly fake wig everyday… she must have mild autism and not realise they look dumb af

No. 225812

File: 1656952426924.jpeg (1.28 MB, 3464x3464, C0B94122-A5AB-44EF-A6E1-B0669A…)

Matched the circling to her swimsuit <3

No. 225819

Nah it looks the same to me lol

No. 225824

Awww, this is somehow one of the most wholesome comments on lolcow I’ve come across so far

No. 225833

her brown hair suits her so much better than the pink. It was a mistake to make the pink wig her "brand"

No. 225834

File: 1656957495850.gif (Spoiler Image,15.08 MB, 356x730, Neigh.gif)

Looking very strained and awkward

No. 225835

That looks like such a cheap room. I don't really believe the tinfoil that she actually didn't make much money, but looking at this tired and grimy looking sheet set with Ikea side tables has me thinking differently… There are loads of luxurious resorts in Spain with attractive modern rooms, if you were a millionaire you'd be in one of them. Not this shit, looks like where a couple of Tesco workers would holiday. But how could she have not made money given what we know about her OF subscriber count and whatever?

No. 225837

I thought the same, if she was a millionaire, or just someone with eyes that looks at the pictures before doing a reservation at a hotel, she would've picked a better place. My tinfoil is that she probably picked a place that wouldn't care if she filmed some porn videos or accepted clients in her room.

No. 225838

Could be she bought a villa in spain or cyprus and is in the process of decorating, if its a rural area her access to nicer decor would be very limited. <- this is all tinfoil tho, more likely she wanted somewhere cheap to film indie porn

No. 225843

File: 1656958803390.jpg (2.89 MB, 2449x3265, 58810343.jpg)

No. 225845

My guess is that she must let her guy control the money. Most women have a sense of luxury, even those who wear cheap plastic wigs every day. If she was choosing their vacation spot and money was no factor, she would pick a place that seems beautiful to her. Trashy men like Josh however have no taste for beauty and usually guess based on price or size if they care about having a luxury experience at all, but I doubt he is interested in treating her to a nice vacation when he's only taking her there to film more crappy porn. I doubt he's holding her money hostage, more like she prefers to pretend to be a retarded baby all day and lets him make terrible decisions for the both of them.

No. 225847

do people actually hump their pillows like this??

No. 225848

You may be onto something. It's weird to me how she purports to have all this money, which seems definitely possible if not likely, but doesn't flex anything really 'luxurious'. They seem to have bought a big house in a nice part of England, that is an expense for sure. But other than that, no nice purses, clothes are still all trashy, home decor that we've seen is boring or themed around doing teenage girl style pornography…I think she probably is just happy to have male attention online, and maybe doesn't care that much about her actual surroundings. And Josh as you said, like most scrotes, doesn't give a shit either. So their entire lives & purchases seem to center around making increasingly ugly porno. Weird.

No. 225849

Do you belle will ever come out with
>"teehee I'm just pretending to be bad at sex. I do a little trolling!"
As some sad attempt for something

No. 225856

this is the same woman who did a photoshoot displaying her foot fungus. she is a grimy person who spends her money she has on aliexpress. i don't think she cares much about having nice things or surroundings because the attention she gets online is what fulfills her.

No. 225857

I dont think she is a huge fan of most luxury goods tbh, doubt we would ever see her wearing sophisticated luxury goods. I don't think belle is a master millionaire, I also don't think she's poor either …im sure she could afford at least one designer bag if she wanted it but she seems to prefer her tacky dolls kill and aliexpress shit

No. 225862

She is so insecure about her broad shoulders. Also more proof that she stalks this thread.

I am surprised she even uploaded this shit. She looks like a goblin.

No. 225865

File: 1656961473300.jpeg (150.52 KB, 828x1174, B31FB07B-54D4-4F5F-B99C-8BBB3D…)

She has a gucci necklace. she used to like expensive stuff a few years ago in her room tour she had a few designer perfumes and handmade lolita dresses, i think her personality and tastes have changed a lot now.

No. 225866

> shes happy with the attention she is getting online

Idk how she can bare it, her comment sections are so foul, she is probably stuck as josh’s hostage forever bc shes too scared to leave the house kek.

No. 225872

This is probably true for your average scrote who would be spending a big chunk of their hard earnings, but we are talking about a multimillionaire ponce who leeches off his e-prostitute gf. They just don’t have as much money as you think. Look at the Pauls, ricegum etc, if they have the money they are going to flex or at least live at a standard consistent to their earning. Most men enjoy modern minimalist living spaces as opposed to homely so to pick some cheap pontins looking room is most likely down to what they can afford. Seeing as pixie is there, maybe they went for something cheaper they all could afford, either way ain’t no way she’s a multimillionaire as a multimillionaire would probably rent accommodation for them and their friends. Even “her” “big” house Im skeptical of, we have only seen 2 bedrooms and why retard would dox themselves to that extent of showing a birds eye view of the exterior that could be easily matched to googlemaps.

No. 225877

File: 1656963056548.jpeg (91.73 KB, 828x512, 3A1AD9FE-CA16-4C89-832F-D2280F…)

Yeah a lot of people are commenting how ugly her house is kekek, her photoshoots in 2018 when her success first took off were so much better looking and polished, the clean backgrounds and backdrops, professional camera quality and lighting. Maybe shes just got lazy from all the money she is making with zero effort and doesnt see a point anymore.

No. 225879

> ‘it reminds me of my old bedroom’
Her whole teen aesthetic obsession kind of seems like shes trying to relive her childhood but with money and no bullying, i wouldnt be suprised if she is taking evening or day classes so she can larp a school routine where josh drops her off and picks her up.

No. 225881

File: 1656963772344.jpeg (302.19 KB, 828x955, 20908037-2922-4945-9958-7ED776…)

Belle and bella in spain july 4

No. 225883

Either pixie has an iq of 5 or she loves baiting us by giving away all belles business

No. 225884

File: 1656964782666.jpeg (940.13 KB, 1841x1227, 3AF59C09-22D3-40CB-B521-3FC9CA…)

I take back what I said about Belle not being retarded enough to dox herself, I wanted to test my theory and found her house on the first page of google images just typing in 2 words in the search bar linked to a news article reporting it for sale in 2020. The property was listed as being £4million, 8 bedrooms, has a tennis court (which was in her I’ll never leave you again video), 26 acres of land and a lake with seating area (probably the one she took photos stripping in front of), the front of the house matches the recent kidnapping porn she made, as does the back of the house match the gamer boy video. Such a marketing genius. Picrel from article.

No. 225885

if you're saying the person next to pixiecat is Belle look at the tattoos i don't think Belle has them, if thats not what you mean sorry i'm retarded

No. 225887

The fucking dumb ass lip biting has got to go.

No. 225888

“Gamer Girl drinks Gamer Boy Cum”

No. 225889

Wait until some scrote says it's her mirror reflection making her face so long and double chin looking.(sage your shit)

No. 225893

Fucking top kek nonna

No. 225902

File: 1656970662006.jpeg (75.66 KB, 650x433, download.jpeg)

damn anon you weren't wrong kek

No. 225903

Are you talking about the fairy room video? She had designer perfumes but the rest of her beauty products were cheap grocery store stuff. I knew tons of middle class girls who used designer perfumes . Also that Gucci necklace is a knockoff because the original had big white diamonds in the stars and a thicker chain

No. 225906

So suddenly her name us Bella? Post a photo of her face says she's there. Stop trying to doxx her otherwise. Its fucking creepy.

No. 225907

Bella is pixie cats real name hun, both mary-belle horsner and bella hazel are in spain in an ugly villa with their oily, short fat british boyfriends

No. 225912

Belle doxed herself, her address hasn’t been posted even though it’s clearly on the listing for anyone to see because she’s a dumbass who cares more about flexing her her “10” bedwooms to fuck in uwu than her privacy. Anyone with half a functioning brain after scrotes found her mothers address would avoid showing the outside and aerial view of their house, even those with 2 followers on the internet. The pictures posted are no different than those she’s already posted herself, just doesn’t have her in them.

No. 225918

File: 1656972658255.jpeg (579.25 KB, 960x628, D4138BC2-1243-4AC6-B16C-660907…)

Here’s her uwu tweeange bedroom. Looked better before she got her grubby hands on it.

No. 225920

all this for showing some asshole online? the word success has lost all positive connotation

No. 225921

It's a nice house. Too bad their decorations are tacky. This article mentions 8 bedrooms, but there's also a tennis court and stables.

No. 225922

Didn't she even say in a podcast she had to move because of stalkers? She has doxed herself so many times now, you'd think she'd know better but nope, we get a full aerial view of her new house like she's inviting something bad to happen
Could be Josh is content with what income they have and can't be bothered setting up decent looking shoots any more. The low effort porn she mostly takes herself on her phone is where the money is at now so why bother putting in the work

No. 225923

Tinfoil: its an airbnb

No. 225924

No. 225925

They don't gaf about doxxing that house because its not really theirs

No. 225927

File: 1656975636086.jpg (305.55 KB, 1080x1057, 20220704_190007.jpg)

No. 225929

File: 1656975730070.jpg (290.14 KB, 1080x1365, 20220704_190017.jpg)

No. 225931

But it's where she could be currently. Fucking creep.

No. 225936

who gives a fuck

No. 225937

Thats a completely different house. I don’t want to post the front of the house because I don’t want it to come across as a full on dox but it’s on the majority of the listings with the same green colour front door, even down to a floor by floor plan of the house. She’s dumb af.

No. 225939

File: 1656977454648.jpg (417.36 KB, 1080x1806, Screenshot_20220705-011643_Tik…)

Belle and Josh look even in their everyday life filthy

No. 225940


And how do you know it's them? Their backs are turned. Learn2sage You keep posting these from behind photos and it's not really proof of who they even are. Moreover, no name indication either and the one up top has a completely different name for Belle compared to the other 26272 anons have apparently found. Random photos of them aren't milk.

No. 225943

Emicat as well as Pixie are part of Belle's friend group and if you don't believe it just watch their Tiktok videos. All of them are in Barcelona rn and it doesn't take much to put one and one together or..? You can tell it's them if you know how they look like (without Photoshop)

No. 225944

Shes a huge bitch and she doesn't deserve what she has but guys PLEASE don't doxx them, you don't know what kind of weird moids watch this thread

No. 225945

Mods please delete this post, its against site rules and I s2g im not the cow I just don't wanna see anyone beheaded

No. 225946

Being a part of the group and knowing for sure who is faceless from behind photos are completely two different things. Sage your shit.

No. 225947

Even just trying to post as many addresses as possible where she COULD be is fucking insane. These anons need to be permabanned. They keep coming back and the same fuckers do this in Lori's thread and in the Jvlog thread. This is scary and not okay and I don't think it's scrotes.

No. 225950

She didn't post her address. Anons and scrotes dug around, desperate to find where she lives because they are unhinged. It's the same MO as the idol otakus in Japan who use reflections in the eyes of social media posts to find the girls. How can you not see how that's literally the same thing? Get serious help.

No. 225956

They're dressed normally as well? There's nothing about this that screams filthy. Some anons in this thread are so mentally unhinged.

No. 225957

Random status updates aren't milky either and against posting rules anyway. The anon gets unbanned and immediate dumps a bunch of useless posts every time

No. 225960

Are you one and the same person?
No one cares about Belle's thread as much as you

No. 225962

Vaguely googling the name of the city with the word mansion and seeing it on the first page is hardly digging around anon. Get a grip. I doubt we are the first who has seen it. If she didn’t post a video with 700k views showing it we would have been none the wiser which was her house. Let me google Buckingham palace and dox the queen too whilst at it.

No. 225964

You're using listing information to match windows in the other thread. Yeah. totally normal.

No. 225965

Nothing was mentioned about windows matching, but I’m glad you noticed and agree nonnie that she was dumb to post a video of all that clearly in view.

No. 225966

Belle doxxed herself, not anons

No. 225968

She showed her house in the gamer boy video. All it took for me to find that small bedroom was reverse image searching the other pic anon posted. It’s readily available online. If I were belle I would have gone for a house that wasn’t featured in articles lol.

No. 225970

>Belle makes a video to show off her house to the whole internet
>People recognize/find that house easily

Either the cow or someone really retarded who doesn't know what "doxxing" is

No. 225975

What don't you understand about going the extra mile to find her address is what doxxing is, not her posting inside her house? Scrote, go away.

No. 225977

File: 1656981485920.jpeg (223.2 KB, 1170x836, 0E5E62C3-26B2-4786-866A-F9ED6A…)

>inside her house
Yeah about that…

No. 225978

She's not posting an address. You guys are.

No. 225980

Correct me if I’m wrong but none of the links nor the images are of the address nor have the address listed besides the city which is common knowledge at this point.

No. 225984

I mean I posted the second one on purpose to throw people off but if you're gonna be like that ok, thats not her house the first one is

No. 225985

Either Josh is hella short or belle is hella tall

No. 225986

Belle is 5’11”

No. 225987

5'8" isn't exactly short

No. 225991

The outside of the house looks nice but the inside is ugly as hell, that's the weirdest taupe/grey colour scheme I've ever seen, and that runner in the hallway..

No. 225992

I'm gonna say the word

No. 226004

wym they have a big height gap??

No. 226005

File: 1656985214732.png (60.81 KB, 1278x838, Screenshot 2022-07-05 043944.p…)

their height difference

No. 226010


ignore the pedo anon

No. 226017

I wouldnt be surprised if her posting her home in the youtube video was to bait people into searching it up so she could pull a marketing stunt about "people doxing and stalking me! I had to move! So crazy"
Its seems highly suspicious.

No. 226023

File: 1657002185499.jpg (397.06 KB, 1280x720, jfc.jpg)

No. 226028

Watch her fully doxx her address on like insta and no one even cares lmao, i dont think anyone would want to go to her house anyway, shes gonna have to fake a crazy stalker

No. 226038

This is the house that was 100% theirs, it's opposite a garage that's visible in loads of kai's party pics, tinfoil is they moved out when this was posted several months ago and they're just stupid enough to dox themselves all over again, or the "10 bedroom" was an Airbnb to distract people from the condition of their real house but i doubt that seeing as they've decorated and posted tennis court pics like a month ago, seems they really are just thick.

No. 226039

The fact she changed her online name to myah lewes when she was on her surgery hiatus, then filmed porn and content on her actual home property in an easily identifiable way, girl has like one functioning braincell

No. 226045

Looks like this one was deleted from her page

No. 226056

The self doxxing was deliberate.

Josh made a plan to doxx the air bnb, lure one of belles teenage fans and trap them in the basement

No. 226057

she's dumb, stupid and dumb

No. 226065

They do read this thread, Belle's friends confirmed it before

No. 226068

Belle name searches for sure, she did it a lot during her rape controvery and she also did it on kiwifarms cause she alluded to a comment about her in a podcast

No. 226072

This is Shayna tier

No. 226081

Lol she gets more and more like shayna every week

No. 226099

File: 1657037868817.jpeg (225.2 KB, 828x816, 79A138F7-AB62-4A17-A599-C5E78D…)

When your looks rely on heavy eye makeup(nitpick )

No. 226100

File: 1657037901288.jpeg (35.83 KB, 320x320, 626B6BF5-5801-4999-95CB-6A1683…)

I bet she wishes she could get this photo removed from the internet

No. 226103

That's a lot of blur tool used around the outside corner of her eye. Why photoshop that area? Is she just trying to make her eyeshadow look smoother?

No. 226107

It’s a stupid edited pic that has removed her fake eyelashes as an “own”, like when scrotes discover makeup for the first time. Belle looks bad enough on her own these days tbh, no
Need for these bad edits. See this gif for example kek >>225834

No. 226108

or anti aging. It's normal to have some wrinkles showing when you're scrunching up your face but she's so far gone with photoshop that she sees any lines as a tell that she's not a child

No. 226109

Why did she delete it? Belle and Josh weren't in any of her vids? that screencap is of Emi and a random dude.

No. 226110

Why does anon keep trying to pass off behind photos as Belle and Josh? Utterly stupid.

No. 226111

Great, nitpicker anon is back.

No. 226116

Why are you so triggered? It's them

No. 226122

Can mods permaban this tard. I’m sick of seeing your fanart edits. Delete those apps, they aren’t accurate and it’s hardly milky, just makes us look so desperate we have to make up dirt because she’s so perfect uwu which is hardly the case

No. 226123

Spoiler this shit retard

No. 226125

this is literally the worst Belle Delphine thread so far, so many nitpickers, not actual milk going on

No. 226126

File: 1657040981119.png (4.85 MB, 2582x1609, Titelloses 31_20220705190458.p…)

Emicat deleted it because they all lurk here all the time, even on their vacation it seems.
The group consists of attention seekers.
It's also funny how some anon tries to deny it's Belle and Josh. Is it you Pixie? Kai? Or Belle?

No. 226127

File: 1657040998923.jpg (Spoiler Image,5.19 MB, 4096x4096, Bigchungus.jpg)

Thought I spoilered it anyway belle has put on some weight, yeah?

No. 226128

>>226126 he wide af

No. 226129

His neck is short and his head is tiny. Odd combo.. >>226126 I agree they camp out itt

No. 226131


No. 226133

File: 1657041437281.jpeg (Spoiler Image,152.39 KB, 751x1063, 4B740074-553F-49B1-A422-63CB49…)

I want to see her Shayna 2.0 so bad. The curse of the petplay cage. The deviantart community is really in to Belle Delphine inflation, could be her next cashcow stunt kek. Spoiler because cursed.(disgusting scrote-tier posting)

No. 226146

Eww he’s got love handles and I hate her top.

No. 226147

Did she forget to shoop her asshole pink?

No. 226149

She definitely gained weight. Clearly double chin on some photos that aren't PHOTOSHOPPED hella back and forth.(learn2sage)

No. 226154

Don't post your fap folder with your retarded fanfics.

No. 226161

That photo of belle is years old ancient, sage your own sht instead of whining about people calling belle ugly

No. 226162

Eww what the hell is this??? Get out you pornsick freak

No. 226163

File: 1657048013023.png (316.71 KB, 604x364, Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 3.03…)

Never realized how much she looked like Billie Piper until I saw this picture. Shame they both botched their faces, but Belle really looks completely different now. That being said Josh is definitely 100x uglier than her, even if she is a botched has-been. What's with that peanut head and the thick fatboy waist? He must really have her wrapped around his finger for Belle not to have moved on to a better moid.

No. 226165

>>226154 >>226162
A reading comprehension that could only rival Belles. I didn’t say I was in to this but some of her moid fanbase are, now she’s getting porky she can finally cater to them. I’ll enjoy her downfall.

No. 226166

I think she looked like Billie Piper too, unfortunately she got surgery and now looks like a cartoon chipmunk.
What is it with anon(s?) posting edits and old pics in this thread, it just muddies the water (intentionally, I'm sure)

No. 226167

The thread has been so messed up since someone started posting about belles holiday and posted her address. Belles definitely lurking

No. 226175

I think this is actually Belle's house. The woods and the gates match with her disgusting child rape story porn.

No. 226182

I also noticed whenever something about Belle gets exposed here, the thread gets filled with irrelevant shit. It's like she tries to get this thread autosaged or locked.

She cares too much about what internet thinks of her, despite being one of the most hated internet figures. She printed every single bad comment she got on Facebook in middle school to show them to her mom. She lashed out at everyone during her Facebook times. She made an account with her ex boyfriend when she was popular on PULL. Now she stalks this thread and her greasy sex worker friends like Kai and ChanceofCosplay keep mentioning this thread while posting ugly candids of Belle.

Also, Katie McDonnell (the girl larping as Belle's barely legal sister for incest porn) made her instagram public again and removed her selfie with Belle.

No. 226183

this bitch is a different height, different weight and has a different nose in every pic lately. she's lost it, can't be remotely coherent with her editing or controlling candid pics anymore

No. 226185

why does she suddenly look so much shorter than josh here though

No. 226186

Because it's probably not her. Anon keeps posting behind the back shots and claiming they are Belle or Josh. These are pointless to even post here.

No. 226188

Why she bothered to smooth the corners of her eye but not her crusty, cakey foundation is beyond me.

No. 226190

I dont think belle posted that version of the pic, the one you replied to is a farmer edit not sure what they were trying to prove with it

No. 226191

Noticed exactly the same. They lurk here 100% as per usual done on other threads in past too.

No. 226193

File: 1657055027922.jpeg (98.53 KB, 641x614, 3A48FB0E-46C3-4C48-B178-8CD1B3…)

vaguely recall someone praising her for handling the hate well and she said something like she's not handling it well in real life at all, can't blame her after all that hate for being accountable for many of the worst female content creator debacles to date

No. 226194

File: 1657055111790.jpg (867.52 KB, 1295x3085, Screenshot_20220705-170451_Twi…)

No. 226196

I don't think US laws work for copyright the globally. She might be able to use the snippet or repeated chord and without legal cause. This YouTuber sounds dumb as hell, tbh.

No. 226198

Kek another failed stunt, this time more people noticed it

No. 226200

lmao that's one way to say that no one gives a shit about her anymore

No. 226202

Speaking of hate, i remember she was victimising herself in one of the podcasts, saying people love to hate her for no reason, especially women, and the moid host was like “ why?? Must only be because they’re jealous of you and your porn!!!!1!1!1”

I do feel bad for her a little bit bc she is in a way, a victim herself and the nitpicking of her appearance can get pretty ridiculous. Then i remember all her borderline pedophilic behaviour and pick me girl attention seeking and all my sympathy disappears lmao.

No. 226203

this amount of editing is hysterical

No. 226206

Her whole cOmEbaCk, trying to be relevant forcefully has only backfired. Feels like more and more people realise she is made out of shit.

No. 226213

Her marketing genius so smart bots are no where to be found kek

No. 226218

That's gonna burn, can't wait for her next passive aggressive video where she doxxes herself more to prove the internet she is not that miserable.

I bet even those 500k views have bots anyway. She had 80k views the first day, and that's when the most views come for popular content creators.

No. 226221

I've been thinking this for a while now i think its funny other anons are picking up on the pattern too …enough to mention it

No. 226222

Even if it's "legal", stealing art or someone's work without credit is not okay. Youtube doesn't allow it anyway, because it's an American company. You sound dumb as hell, tbh.

Belle is retarded for doing it again and again. She sold someone's fanart without permission or credit before as well. Though anyone who would draw fanart for that pedo deserves it, I guess.

No. 226224

I bet she spent more money for that video than she earned from it, it's hilarious.

No. 226225

I remember that. She really leaned into the stereotype of women being catty and painting herself out as "not like other girls", as if most of her online hate was even coming from jealous bitches and not the edgy scrotes she was desperately seeking approval from. Even her own Onlyfans coomsumer base were fed up with her content.

No. 226229

To be fair, if you check her fans on her social media, you will see they are edgy scrotes, mainly 30+ year old fugly pedo weebs praising her for being "small" (kek) and fellow sex workers. On the other hand, people who hate her or mock her seem completely normal -they are the majority anyway, even on her own social media.

I don't think anyone is jealous of a girl who sucked twomad's toes while her boyfriend recorded it for money and still flopped hard.

No. 226235

She really risked getting doxxed to show her house off to her haters in a flopped video lmao

Her reputation and life are so miserable that only two things she could show off were her income and the views she had (even though she had more dislikes than likes on that platform and this very video barely had any views).

I don't feel sorry for her after that last "little girl" rape porn. She is enabling the worst kind of people for money.

No. 226236

i've seen numerous moids saying how they hope she dies and that she's like a disease that keeps coming back, there are definitely 2 types of incels when it comes to her. it's just untrue to claim it is women hating her the most is all

No. 226264

The fact that her very first porn video was simulated pedo kidnapping rape porn really was the beginning of the end for her. She torpedoed any likability she had left with that

No. 226269

Thay water pattern bikini is cute af minus the flower anyone know where she got it?

No. 226270

File: 1657067476436.jpg (191.54 KB, 843x1200, dslgmfg.jpg)

belle we all know you only wear tacky aliexpress and dollskill crap. stop derailing.(hi cow)

No. 226275

Not belle, she's a cow but sometimes her outfit choices are cute

No. 226277

Can't believe she larps having him as her daddy when she's the sole provider
Belle must have really low self esteem to do that

No. 226282

i think im done with this thread and this cow, between the nitpicking and doxxing it's just getting oddly resentful. I do hope for belle's sake she doesn't read through these

No. 226321

If you're looking for Belle's clothes, go to aliexpress and sort by "lowest price". The lowest price item the one she bought.(sage your shit)

No. 226330

who cares?

No. 226349

Fuck off scrote

No. 226350

Sage your autism(lolcow.farm/info )

No. 226353

They did sage but you didn't ?? Kek learn 2 integrate

No. 226354

I like it too. knowing belle its dollskill or aliexpress, usually you can find kockoff DK on there anyway.

No. 226357

This is so odd looking lmao, small noses are cute but hers looks so bizarre and shrunken, after her nose job it's really not necessary to edit it this small, looks genuinely bad, I guess her goal is to become an animal character with only eyes and a mouth

No. 226359

she looks so stupid here trying to look like an anime character lmao

No. 226432

File: 1657130326092.jpeg (585.73 KB, 2048x1536, A3BE022A-0615-4F17-8743-56F53F…)

Ive noticed belle is very pale recently despite it being summer in the uk and everyone and their mum is walking around with a tan, is it an aesthetic choice for her or does she never leave the house?… in her older photos before she went by ‘belle delphine’ she was a bit more olive as well so im not sure if shes even naturally that white with a pink undertone(nitpick tinfoil retardation)

No. 226435

probably trying not to age by avoiding the sun

No. 226436

It looks shrunken cause her irl nose is too long & narrow. naturally small nose are a bit wider.

No. 226440

Her being pale isn't milk.

No. 226463

It is when she enhances it to look like an anime grill

No. 226466

File: 1657134619245.jpeg (1.94 MB, 3464x3464, A98E00C5-48BF-4DAA-9B44-536D01…)

Tinfoil but she gives me self hating wasian vibes

No. 226467

File: 1657134704761.jpeg (38.6 KB, 400x317, 2481ECAF-15A3-4792-A25F-8B39AE…)

Josh probably likes his girls pale and ‘innocent’, when she was with goran she always had a tan and fake nails

No. 226472

she's not waisian anon

No. 226485

I have never seen her eye shape on a fully white woman, she has to be like 1/4 filipino(cut the genetic tinfoil)

No. 226489

>>226485 Nicole eevee davis got the same one, I know a few irl with it. Its really not that rare nona

No. 226490

anons already posted her mom and she was a fully white woman and her dad is dutch/south african.

No. 226491

kek if you think she doesn't alter her eye shape with makeup to LARP as uwu small Asian gurl

No. 226494

A lot of Caucasians have small, hooded and deep set eyes. Take amber heard for instance. You're blind if you haven't seen that eye shape on any Caucasian. Plus she edits and wears makeup to change her eyeshape/face/body and has had a lot of surgery/fillers to larp as a smol Asian loli.

No. 226515

Why her flat looks like it never has been cleaned in each photo(sage your shit)

No. 226527

Not everyone wants to look Asian kek

No. 226532

the way her nose wrinkles kinda reminds me of shayna's forehead wrinkles.(nitpick)

No. 226543

There are actual white snowflakes who lie about being asian like tsundebolt and himeahri

No. 226559

>I have never seen her eye shape

No. 226561

to clarify, nobody has seen her eye shape

No. 226566

File: 1657150816366.jpg (3.06 MB, 2160x2880, 657150828143.jpg)

The video/picture filter apps she uses brightens and whitens the skin, there's a good chance she's not that pale, not sure how that's milky at all.

No. 226569

Failed to be an anime girl so she went for Disney’s 9 yr old Venelope von Shweetz

No. 226571

We all know she erased 70% of her jaw and chin to look young

No. 226584

File: 1657153108353.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x1620, 51B6DCBD-5A04-4D2D-A652-B5DCA3…)

No. 226585

ain't no way she lewded a nine year old character………… this entire OF set is the worst by far the broad straight up cosplayed a 9 year old and stuck candy up her cooch

No. 226589

Nasty yeast infection in her future. She immediately deleted most of the pictures from that set after posting them, either they were against tos or she forgot to photoshop something. Embarrassing

No. 226591

oh naw someone needs to check her hard drive ASAP as well as Josh's

No. 226597

you guys are subbed to her OF? tf are u here for

No. 226603

File: 1657158553490.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1242x918, 40739E8F-1F71-469B-93A6-BA5401…)

love the lube chilling in the back(spoiler that shit)

No. 226605

File: 1657158673262.jpg (Spoiler Image,824.73 KB, 1440x1080, Picsart_22-07-06_19-38-46-117.…)

sexualizing a 9 year old while inserting gummy worms in her hoohaa and making her stupid ass faces

No. 226606

Lmaooo she needs lube because her dry pussy never gets wet

No. 226608

Like this has to be painful right? A UTI waiting to happen? But who are we kidding she is probably riddled with various STDs that she may not even notice(lrn2sage)

No. 226610

File: 1657160486044.png (36.88 KB, 521x241, ginka.png)

some of her peers do

No. 226617

Anon, you gotta cope somehow. This looks nothing like a child. At all. Whatsoever. No one is thinking this is a 9 year old shoving worms up her vagina. Jesus christ. This is just an adult woman cosplaying as Vanelope and doing gross shit at the same time. The character's age literally has nothing to do with this and how old she is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226618

cope more white knight pedophile freak

No. 226619

File: 1657163296447.jpg (301.06 KB, 1080x1322, 20220706.jpg)

She's trying so hard kek

No. 226620

The completely disconnect of her age and the character is the last thing I'd assume you'd complain about. She doesn't look 9.

No. 226621

It’s unreal how much this WK will defend her and never get redtexted. Please dedicate yourself to defending poor innocent Shayna next from the mean girl pedobait accusations she gets on her thread. Why is Belle exempt from it? She doesn’t look like a kid but she is dressed like one. If she was dressed as a cop with a billy club in her dry pussy we wouldn’t all think she had become one - but she would be sexualizing it.

No. 226622

it's fiction, anon. No one is looking at a computer glitch and confusing it as real.

No. 226623

That is a Vanellope von Schweetz cosplay….

No. 226624

fully clothed apart from a hole for her flaps to hang out of is so weird. I didn't even register that that was her vagina at first it looks so awkward

you can argue the case that this doesn't have anything to do with age for literally any other venelope cosplayer, but belle goes out of her way to cosplay children for the gasp controversy. like that time she cosplayed lolita, belle doesn't care about that character she literally just wants to pedobait for attention

No. 226625

A giant and broad woman posting cosplays of a 9 year old character on her OnlyFans is both pathetic and disgusting. She is a nasty pedophile.

She also ruined this house with her terrible design. What the fuck is that bedroom? Money doesn't buy taste.

No. 226626

She definitely lurks here. An anon said she looks like Venelope with filters in a previous thread.

No. 226628

Why is her vagina huge?

Also fuck OnlyFans for allowing this pedophile to create content like this. First porn about child rape, now porn of Disney kids. She tries to be like Filthy Frank but she is just like Chris-chan instead.

Police should check her devices.

No. 226629

Its not just how she specifically shops for children's clothing and accessories or cosplays child characters, its also how far she goes to (badly) edit her face to appear how she thinks is child-like and youthful.

No. 226630

Fuck off, you sound like a scrote subscribed to her OnlyFans.

She doesn't look like a child because she is a giant and old looking adult woman with botched surgeries. But she dresses like a kid, dubs herself as a kid, mimics toddlers when posing, calls herself Lolita, cosplays children, makes porn while larping as a kid, edits her horse face to look childish.

Anyone who denies she is trying to make legal porn for pedos is either a disgusting fan of hers or legit retarded.

No. 226631

God everything about this is fucking nasty, why dress like an actual child character from a children’s movie and do this shit? Hope she gets chronic UTI from being so disgusting. Imitating the character of an underage cartoon for your porn is unforgivable and sickening.

No. 226632

Lori Lewd?

No. 226633

Multiple surgeries, heavy make-up, filters and additional photoshop yet she still looks gross. I hope this photoshoot haunts her in the future like her pedopander rape porns. After flopping she won't be able to get any job.

It is also scary to think this woman was a babysitter. I hope she and Josh never breed.

No. 226634

the loud house has an absurd number of pedo fans. actually i dont think any actual kids like that show, its just stunted adults who want to have underage incestual sex (rape.)

No. 226638

No one cares whether this behemoth looks 9 nonnie, and it's disingenuous to imply otherwise. We care and adult woman is going out of her way to dress like a children's movie character, that is specifically depicted as a child, whilst shoving gummy worms into her genitals. The combination of all these factors make the image not only disgusting, but intentionally very morally dubious. You really gonna tell me Belle isn't specifically shoving gummy worms into her vagina whilst dressed as a kid because it's a normal thing adults do for sexual gratification and not a degenerate woman trying to mix innocence and sex?

No. 226640

If that's true jesus christ belle keep straining your eyes like that and you're gonna end up with deep forehead wrinkles like Shayna, a fellow pedobaiter. Maybe aging terribly is karma for pedobaiters.

No. 226642

this is the first cow i've seen where people are arguing so much over height, is it specifically cause she's trying to pedo-pander?

No. 226643

No. 226645

It's been explained multiple times before but no one has anything against tall women we just like to bully this bitch because she thinks she's a delicate waif of a 9 year old.

No. 226649

File: 1657172493739.gif (17.03 MB, 320x568, NmjSHh.gif)

Wtf is this retarded shit? She chews like a horse

No. 226650

She's wearing massive platforms in that picture.

No. 226651

I'm a young looking person and I hate it, I get infantilized a lot and it makes my fucking skin crawl. How can she be ok with bringing this on herself as an adult women? Why is this something she and other ddlg girls want? I don't understand.

No. 226652

kek did she upload this as a response to when people (mainly her simps) were saying they weren't too impressed with her bj skills after uploading one of her first clips?
Why does she look different here? Did she not slant her eyes in ps?

No. 226653

Looks like she forgot to edit her eyes mouth and jaw in this one. Meaning that she obviously uses some video editing to shave her jaw in all of her videos. This explains why she looks so different in all her videos. Her jaw isn't really this short. >>226649
She wants what she can't have. She is insecure about being an adult for some reason. Sexualising children is going far too far.

No. 226655

I don't mean to be rude but you stick out like a sore thumb here when you add personal anecdotes like how young you look. It's looked down upon on the cow boards /pt/, /w/ and /snow/.

No. 226656

My bad, I meant to open a discussion on why this is something belle wanted to do and thought an analogy would provide a good contrast (Why does belle want to look/be young when she could embrace herself as a sexy adult woman? Looking young isn't that fun in reality, ergo)

No. 226657

File: 1657174409415.jpg (160.59 KB, 1363x2048, 18671499_1276437729121720_2045…)

She looks soo good when she embraces herself as an adult and dresses like it, her face was naturally so pretty.. a combination of soft and sharp features are what makes someone really beautiful, not just soft.

No. 226658

She really ruined her face with her choice of procedures.

No. 226661

>the white knight finally got banned
Thank fuck.

No. 226662

She looks absolutely disgusting

No. 226664

What a downgrade >>226619

No. 226665

If you zoom on the face looks like that memo horror shit. Fucked up face. She is thinking the more weird and outrageous she acts she becomes trendy again but is making a whole clown out of herself. Pedo panderer with 0 dignity left.(lrn2sage, nitpicking)

No. 226666

She's lost her fucking mind

No. 226667

her mental illnesses are raging, never before has she edited and filtered THIS hard to try to look like a little kid lol. she looks nothing like this irl. only thing i do think, is she got some fresh filler to create hideous round obese chipmunk cheeks. because pedos

No. 226668

File: 1657177489497.jpg (Spoiler Image,5.02 MB, 4096x4096, Wut.jpg)

Its always funny when she pulls her vulva back like this to make it look less fleshy kek belle you're a grown woman who's been through puberty cut it out kek(obsessed nitpicker, take a break)

No. 226669

These are fucking horrifying holy shit, who would jack it to this.

No. 226670

genuinely shocked she hasn't edited her labia…

No. 226671

Cringe as fuck.

She looks like a horse. Also stop posting ancient photos to derail the thread, especially when there is milk like her doxxing herself or making another porn based on a child.

Disgusting and not only because she does this for pedophiles.

No. 226672

Watch and see, the WK will soon enter the thread trying to bury all these ugly pictures of belle with bs nonsensical posts crying about locking and autosaging the thread

No. 226674

She filtered it pink. There has been photos how her vagina looks without filters.

No. 226677

Yeah and demanding everyone be permabanned just for pointing out their marketing queen doxxed herself.

No. 226678

This pedophile and her boyfriend should not be allowed near children. Two adults fetishizing children with rape fantasies and making porn for other pedophiles sound super dangerous. I'm glad all their friends are nasty sex workers like them who will never have families.

No. 226679

Belle doesn't deserve this house.

No. 226680

"im not pedobaiting"
"hey guys this 9 year old is one of my most requested cosplays"
this bitch plays coy

No. 226683

I really need to stop clicking on this thread. It seems like it just gets more disturbing every time. Idk how you're even allowed to post shit that disgusting and pedobaity on onlyfans or ig or wherever she's putting it, hope she gets her account suspended, totally vile

No. 226684

File: 1657185405394.jpg (1.04 MB, 4096x2480, 82636372991974631.jpg)

Her picture sets have been really sloppy lately

No. 226690

he was making a joke

No. 226691

ok but what does this have to do with the loud house? the character shes cosplaying is from wreck-it ralph

No. 226695

I honestly think she's trying really hard to lean into this "I'm totally unhinged!" persona in a bid to stay relevant and get people to buy her OF to find out what weird shit she's gonna do next. I don't see the sense in posting something like this if you want to keep the customers you have. I think she's lost OF subscribers so she's lying about the figures and trying to create drama around her OF for more buyers, but that's just my assumption seeing this gross body horror pedo carcrash.

No. 226697

Nobody in the big “YouTuber meme sphere” really cares about her anymore. She clearly wants to be up there with all the big YouTubers and be known for being this big meme queen that worked for her for a little bit. But no YouTuber who really matters wants to associate with her, and girls like her a dime a dozen now. She will always have degenerate coomers but what she wants to be noticed is by the big funny meme boys. Reminds me of Shayna(sage your shit)

No. 226701


this is so sad… she outlived her usefulness for pedo coomers and tries extra hard to appeal to them but fails miserably. I mean at least she could change up her content but I think most people lost all respect for her after she put out those degenerate porn videos and she's not the ironic meme kween anymore

No. 226708

She looks so fucking ugly. She so obviously has a double chin as well.

No. 226710

She was sporting a double chin in this candid >>226127 too.

No. 226712

I bet many would want to beat the crap out of her. And I mean it. Even her own scrotes would beat her to death if they could. Especially on that chewing gif. Folks, such disgusting person would deserve it.

No. 226713

>>226651 People always want what they don't have, fact of life

No. 226716

She is such a pedophile that, even normal and non sexual selfies and videos of her dressing up and acting as a 9 year old get uploaded to OnlyFans. In her sick mind, looking like a kid alone is sexual and enough content for a porn website. She is seriously fucked up and not in a "crazy but cute girl uwu" way she wants. She is just a vile pedophile who gets off to the scenerios of raped children. OnlyFans should ban her

No. 226727


Everyone is pointing out the fact she cosplayed a 9 year old vanellope, but you have to also realize that 95% of all the cosplays she's ever done were underage anime characters.

Cosplayinv Anime characters and Disney characters are both pedopandering . They're all disgusting. If you're over 18 you shouldn't be sexualizing and dressing up as underage characters period.(lrn2sage)

No. 226730

anon, she didn't have a single lolita dress in her room, they were all cheap pastel dresses. she even said that she gets all her skirts from aliexpress and amazon.(sage)

No. 226738

Loving these belle and shayna comparisons and parallels, shayna's current life is belle's future if she doesn't wise up and stop spending her money on cheap fast fashion.

No. 226742

Fuck off pedo

No. 226743

>OnlyFans should ban her
Onlyfans won’t even ban actual children from posting on there so you are smoking dick if you think that is ever gonna happen. You are spot on about everything else though. She sexualises every single aspect of childhood and it’s repulsive.

No. 226755

Belle is so dumb, if she really wanted attention from the memer boy youtubers she should have gone the pokimane route and milked her simps without being a hoebag. Belles desperate pornsick behaviour is just going to scare off any men except from the worst kind of scum

No. 226768

Agreeing with all you anons recently, like…there's something so gross and not in a funny edgy way about how she's so blatantly leaning into simulated cp now.
Dressing as a child character, fully clothed except a hole in her tights (so nobody can see the adult body) and then shoving candy where the sun don't shine. It seems intentionally to simulate some of the weird stuff kids do when they're on their own, even though she's a 22 year old woman. The facial expressions, too, and the recent photosets push me on the swing mister with shooped child proportions.

People used to sperg about her pedobaiting but it's actually disgusting now. She's fallen so far from the quirky meme girl.
Anon who pointed out that she's uploading fully dressed (as a child) photos as porn has a great point too. It's absolutely blatant she's a pedo or has a pedo attitude. Absolutely nothing redeeming about this girl now.

No. 226771

File: 1657214650923.jpeg (1.41 MB, 3464x3464, A9B01FF6-360B-488C-A8F8-1F9F63…)

AHHHHH she looks so haggard and scary… belle please just delete all your social media and only fans, take a long shower, dump josh and change your name, maybe move country too

No. 226774

in the entire history of the internet there really has never existed a more punchable face than this

No. 226777

She’s one of those unlucky people who has a fat goiter of a double chin despite being skinny. Like she’s 22 and already looks so haggard. The fact that her nose is now so small just draws even more attention to her bulbous tubby chin.
She can’t because she has zero personality and is borderline retarded.

No. 226780

File: 1657215177341.jpeg (141.48 KB, 728x1353, belle_delphine_girl_scout_only…)

Lest we forget, she already has a girl scout set. I don't see any near end to her sexualizing of minors.

She literally cut the hole into the pants so she could stuff sweets into her vagina. I just don't have the words for it.

No. 226781

she looks like she smells so bad

She thinks chewing like that looks kid-like but it doesn't. She looks older than usual in this cosplay

No. 226783

wish i knew what her onlyfans comment section is saying under this set. who tf would like this shit?

No. 226787

Nobody's subscribed to her OF because they don't like this kind of shit, nonnie. This is what she's been teasing for years, porn where she's dressed as a fictional child. I'm sure they're loving it, but will get bored soon until her next, more depraved stunt.

No. 226796

Sugar+vagina=yeast infection. Fucking troglodyte.

No. 226809

just checked this thread after a few days. i think im gonna throw up. anybody with a basic knowledge of female anatomy knows thats gonna give her a nasty infection. are her white knights not disgusted by this??

No. 226810

File: 1657221076385.jpg (Spoiler Image,87.82 KB, 728x971, belle_delphine_fake_tattoos_on…)

Of course she uploads a "rape dungeon" set in her musty basement, complete with shitty fake tattoos for some reason

No. 226812

File: 1657221116811.jpg (Spoiler Image,282.79 KB, 1440x1080, Belle-Delphine-Dungeon-Nude-Ph…)

No. 226823

Why is it always the unsaged anon who posts belles only fans content seconds after she does

No. 226825

Those hammy lunch lady arms and mile long legs with the knee fat kek

No. 226826

maybe shes selfposting? or just one of her coombrain scrotes kek

No. 226827

I think what is more indicative of the self posting is that when the thread is dying from in fighting over doxxing, suddenly there are posts with her heaviest photoshopping, and latest selfies. This anon would rather the thread be filled with self checked and verified selfies, over the milky candids and locations.

No. 226829

Ive contacted police and requested them to check mary-belle kirschner and josh gray under sarah’s law, ill post on here any updates if im allowed(cowtipping)

No. 226832

You’re doing an honorable service to humanity(https://lolcow.farm/rules )

No. 226835

Holy shit this thread is retarded. No you fucking didn’t.

No. 226836

This must be the "wk" lurker trying to get the thread locked again by acting out kek. Sabotaging the thread.. I swear the "doxx" was them too; that was so random and it was such old milk being posted again for no reason..in what seemed to be an attempt to lock the thread and bury those ugly pics/gifs. Its retarded

No. 226837

You’re underestimating the autism that some people posses. There truly are people this obsessed with her unfortunately

No. 226841

This is lolcow we come to gossip about the cow, its only the wk who gets upset about it. As other anons have also noticed, there's always an uptick of weird posts trying to act out like this to try and bury posts or get the thread locked/autosaged. Its so obvious what's going on in majority of belles threads but hi cow-ing is against the rules.

No. 226847

Belle doesnt even read these threads, shes probably too busy online shopping aliexpress, especially if shes in a bit of a manic episode she is not going to be reading loads of text on a forum… shes also illiterate

No. 226848

Did she actually upload these herself?

No. 226849

She reads these threads, her friends Kai and Chanceofcosplay referred to this thread before while sharing her photos. She also has a history of lurking any threads about herself. This is old milk, though.

No. 226850

I reported this an hour ago and still no red text

No. 226851

File: 1657228514427.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1440, 3773638228673952.jpg)

No. 226852

File: 1657228546870.jpg (1.93 MB, 2880x2160, FW71jgyX0AAOd5I.jpg)

Here's her extra shopped version. She must not have learned much from the accidental nipple shop vs unshopped fail

No. 226853

File: 1657228666202.jpg (231.92 KB, 810x1042, 83726289286172051.jpg)

There was a photographer there on the trip with them so I'm not sure why her pics are so bad

No. 226854

Is this even her?

No. 226855

>bent over to look extra UWU smol
>awkward deer in headlights stance
>basic aliexpress bikini
>cheap lacefront pink wig

it all checks out anon

No. 226857

They aren't even in the US. Idiots.

No. 226858

File: 1657229073318.jpeg (79.76 KB, 1280x720, D6D5192A-51AD-45AC-8413-501FC6…)

She actually does look like Sarah Silverman, the voice of Vanillope. Big horsey smile and small eyes. I doubt that’s the look she’s going for.

No. 226859

File: 1657229086595.jpg (4.3 MB, 3072x4096, 7366252799372635.jpg)

No. 226865

>>226851 Oh wow shes put on weight, I usually hate the random weight spergs but you can see it so easily here, Belle what? How will you be forever loli now

No. 226869

She looks drugged and weird, what the actual fuck is this photoshoot? Karma is hitting her hard with her looks now.

No. 226874

File: 1657230850936.gif (730.98 KB, 245x200, giphy (2).gif)

No. 226875

What's up with her legs? They look photoshopped in

No. 226876

She is deleting the comments calling her a pedo for her Vanellope cosplay on Instagram.

No. 226879

I personally think she gained weight on purpose to deflect any "did you get a boob job" "why do your boobs look different" comments with "uwu the fat went to my boobs!"

No. 226881

What the hell is wrong with her face here? Her head looks so elongated and chubby

No. 226884

She looks bloated and super weird lately, I wonder if she actually started doing drugs. She also keeps posting photos and deleting them to re-touch them. And some of the photos look too awful to be shared by her >>226619

Maybe she just stopped giving a fuck and accepted the fact that she fell off.

No. 226885

She does look like she's on something, she looks like she's about to faint.

No. 226887

File: 1657234201488.jpeg (909.28 KB, 828x1016, 55119237-1E83-4BD2-948E-C29214…)

agree, she's put on some weight and her face is a great deal puffier, her entire appearance has changed overnight?

No. 226891

How has she managed to edit near enough everything about the picture, but leaves her triple chin in

No. 226892

These seem to capture her true spirit, misery because only a miserable person with no actual confidence whatsoever would still be doing this shit.
She just isn't fake smiling in these so we're seeing her actual face for once. Probably also too drunk/high to edit as much as she usually does since she was on holiday.

No. 226893

Oh ffs, are you the same anon that's been editing her photos to look worse and posting them here?? Stop it already

No. 226897

It wasn’t overnight though. Her photos are all over the place in terms of when they were taken. That latest cosplay porn set could be like, a year old. I guess these Spanish holiday ones are the newest though.

No. 226904

>>226881 She looks normal, but the filters we normally see her with makes reality look off.

No. 226913

She's clearly heavier in so many of her new photosets not to mention she's been uploading and deleting pics that weren't edited well enough. what are you on about?

No. 226917

half the photos that get posted in here look oddly worse than normal and when i go to check, they're usually edited and i'm guessing it's the same anon because that's really fucking weird and serves no purpose? they edit her nose bigger, face longer etc. and this one is edited to have her arms and waist bigger, face longer. What's the purpose?

No. 226924

Idk it looks the same to me

No. 226925

Retard is referring to Sarah's law in the UK where it's for pedos with access to children. We don't know if Belle or Josh have access to children and reporting them on false claims makes it harder to report if they ever were to do such a thing.

No. 226926

Can you post the actual photos? Clearly anon has a vendetta and wants to present her edits as the posted photos, not everyone is gonna see the actual photos to notice the difference (I for one mostly follow cows via here rather than their actual socials)

If you see anon doing this please post Belle's actual uploads since we're supposed to be reacting to the cow, not fanart of the cow.

No. 226929

File: 1657239509973.gif (1.02 MB, 562x577, 91CA3735-F262-498C-BC41-ED03E2…)

here's what i'm talking about

No. 226930

What… this barely looks any different. Why did anon even bother editing them lmfao

No. 226931

Does she drink? She looks wasted

No. 226934

i'm guessing they're trying to make it subtle?… i have no idea

No. 226935

I think these are the ones she kept uploading and deleting herself kek

No. 226936

File: 1657239965650.jpeg (33.57 KB, 399x340, 09FE5958-2DD5-4762-9501-514065…)

Kek so she is self posting and picking out the wrong edits?

No. 226937

sigh you can see where the anon blurred out the watermark for the leak website where both them and i got it from, these aren't straight from her OF

No. 226943

This is extremely retarded of anon to do.
If you put an anon edit for example >>226851 through photoforensics you can see it's at a lower megapixel than >>226852 which suggests it's edited after saving from Belle's uploads. If it was Belle's original upload it would be at the same megapixels.
Anon is probably repeating the lie about 'wrong uploads' ITT to try and make us believe her retarded edits are real. This thread sure does attract some crazies.

No. 226944

I'd also assume she's (trying to) hide her traces..not a far reach
I saw the supposed "edited" pictures on a Discord Server straight from her Of

No. 226948

Reminds me of anon who was saying she was rapidly deleting and re posting from her venelope set.

No. 226951

She's been guilty of deleting and reposting her edits see

No. 226954

Don't forget about the time she biffed it on this upload too

No. 226955

That photo is edited and pretty sure she had work done there too, less than now, but her face is not "naturally" pretty

No. 226959

I wouldn’t be surprised if she has started doing drugs. No sex worker is happy with what they are doing long term. A lot of them turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with what they are doing. She sure doesn’t seem too happy in those recent photos.

No. 226960

wow, that's really weird. They're just making her slightly uglier, or slightly fatter. and yeah I never look at her actual social media or OF or whatever, just here. What a strange retard to do that. Feels like a personal vendetta, if you're just trying to be funny or whatever with edits, you do it way more obviously. This is like subtle negging, like trying to convince Belle she actually looks like that kek

No. 226961

Kek why are you so pressed? Multiple anons have said they caught belle in real time deleting and reposting edited pics, even on leak sites theres duplicates from where she was deleting and reposting them. Belle is just making mistakes and slipping up with her editing,happens to most online SWers

No. 226963

not the same anon but belle showing off her own poor edits and retarded mistakes is milk. anons posting their own fan edits makes it look like she's too uwu perfect and has to be shopped uglier.

No. 226965

Nonna said she even saw the "edits" posted to discord straight from her OF >>226944

No. 226968

shes said on a podcast that she has an issue with being around drunk people and doesnt drink. think it was the phil defranco podcast.

No. 226969

Not pressed, if these aren’t random farmers making weird edits than it is definitely milky and funny. Guess no one knows for sure what the fuck is happening.

No. 226977

Anons have been pointing out the edits for months now. They do the same in Nicole Davis thread.

No. 226978


but anons are editing the photos and you think grabbing photos off of a discord makes sense? Anon should post the discord feed to prove it then, keep timestamps and all. Its not hard to go to a leak site to see originals.

No. 226984

This thread is trash. Anons have made comments about saturation and stuff edited. Wouldn't doubt they're editing the vagina snaps too. Fucking weird obsession with Belle. Embarrassing its female anons even.

No. 226987

I'm not trying be be mean nonnies but damn is she intentionally trying to glow down? Since her initial blowing up on social media it's only been downhill and this is a fucking nose dive

No. 226993

That’s bullshit. When she dressed up in that ugly ass cheap ass Britney Spears costume (that made her look fat as hell) she was seen drinking beer. I cba to summon the photo. Also she has parties and drinks all the time. It’s not unusual for her to lie in order to frame herself as more innocent uwu.

No. 226994

What’s your point? She still looks deformed and hideous in the “normal” ones

No. 226999

That would be an interesting outcome. Speedrunning to settle down for that mom life she allegedly wants.

No. 227013

File: 1657263586402.jpeg (Spoiler Image,170.9 KB, 750x440, 16EA82F4-2A53-44E7-8707-7C1D4A…)

100%, and directly on her OF too. She’s had an array of slip ups in attempt to bring back popularity since her comeback but the sloppy uploads is becoming an especially common one that many have been noticing fast. Major career failure.(vagina sperg)

No. 227015

What are you even comparing this too??

No. 227017

Completely unsurprised if edit retard is also the vagina sperg from way back, the thread had to get redtexted in virtually every post when they went on a vagoon tirade in 2020 or early 2021, editing pics of her vagina with contrast and zooming in on it and stuff.
I promise none of us give a fuck what her vagina looks like.

No. 227018

You’ve been lurking a hella long time KEK. Get a fucking life.

No. 227019

File: 1657265391085.jpg (35.8 KB, 768x432, 4beejf-768x432.jpg)

So I'm right? you are the vagina sperg?
think it's you who needs to get a life pal. You're the only one with such a demented obsession with nitpicking you edit the cow's photos before uploading.(infighting)

No. 227020

File: 1657266127813.jpeg (49.03 KB, 636x610, 7EF36182-E0F3-44AC-B1A9-A313CE…)

I don’t even know who the fucking “vagina sperg” is because I have not been lurking the thread for that long. Clearly you have and not for milk or keks, but to relentlessly white knight. I wonder what your motive could be?(infighting)

No. 227022

Kek you are unhinged tym anon

No. 227024

Now this got exposed on 4chan too, I wonder if she will move out.

No. 227027

She looks retarded and ugly in both versions so if an anon does edit those, she must be really dumb. It also could be her failed re-edits though, like her nipples one.

That aside, only a hardcore fan or Belle herself would notice those slight edits. Whoever noticed that also has reach to Belle's OF content.

No. 227041

It’s either her or a scrote with a major obsession that keeps white knighting the thread and constantly trying to get them locked in meta.

No. 227042

or i draw faces for a living anon, it really isn't that subtle when her nose suddenly doubles in size. all her crap is for free online and easy to find

No. 227043

I dont really see much of a difference tbh it looks like belle posted lesser edited pics on accident again, its not that deep

No. 227044

i never said it was deep, i simply asked the editing anon to stop with the falsified photos because it's misleading with fake milk

No. 227045

most of us have stopped constantly refreshing this thread so we can go to work, go out in the sun or do some other worthwhile activity but you’re still on here arguing about the same shit relentlessly….

No. 227049

File: 1657281753808.gif (Spoiler Image,181.06 KB, 480x280, 7E9005AF-1512-4B77-A501-E74DCA…)

No. 227052

So pathetic this wk will make up crazy conspiracies instead of just accepting that she slipped up a lot with her posts lately. sure jan, its everybody else in the thread editing her to look ugly and totally not belle making upload mistakes like she has multiple times before in the past kek

No. 227053

i'm responding, nonnie… are you well in the head?

No. 227054

You are so easy to identify whiteknight chan. Why don’t you go cry to meta about how the gay dick spam and the “vagina sperg” are totally connected, lock the thread, permaban us all…

No. 227055

>>227049 Since her bf has been a huge part of her online presence, most likely taking care of a lot behind the scenes in the past. What if she's doing it by herself now and that's why there's so many edit fails and reposting?

No. 227057

File: 1657283939385.png (953.92 KB, 1326x673, Screenshot 2022-07-08 153753.p…)

lol she shortened her face removed the nasolabial folds and made her eyes bigger. pathetic and hilarious at the same time.
she literally looks inbred in the before pic

No. 227060

She still looks inbred, she didn't really improve her looks

No. 227066

File: 1657287628332.png (9.7 MB, 2208x1242, 29804BD8-9830-4C7D-8F2C-5B9B8B…)

Belle might be a problematic bitch but you can’t tell me she doesn’t look pretty here. She should stick to skits instead of gross porn tbh

No. 227067

Her aesthetic issues aren't that she's ugly on her own. She's chosen it, to please pedos. I can't look at that ugly little chipmunk nose and call it pretty, or her giant horse mouth, with braces.

No. 227068

Same fag okay she looked good in the video but she’s looking rough irl

No. 227069

File: 1657288017271.png (4.06 MB, 2208x1242, 8ED79562-4ED2-4C18-805D-87EBD1…)

She called out her subscribers

No. 227072

she really wants them to be pedos so she could feel like a widdle girl

No. 227082

No. 227087

File: 1657289431450.jpg (1.1 MB, 3826x4094, 20220708_101335.jpg)

No. 227096

Develop some taste, anonaninarina.

No. 227101

NTA, but its not like shes Leafy, anon.

No. 227116

Her eyeliner makes her eyes look so weird..

No. 227123

All her later videos scream video editing to me. We've seen her real face in the irl podcast and the I'm Back video. We know her real face does not look like this.

No. 227153

I hope she kills herself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227155

Kek this is so accurate. I’m convinced she’s on here 24/7. Nobody else cares or likes her enough to do it: her “fans” want to behead her, her family won’t even claim her and her friends and boyfriend just want to leech off of her.

No. 227157

File: 1657294075311.jpg (351.04 KB, 1078x684, 1606530008281.jpg)

Wouldn't be the first time anons were suspicious of the wk picrel

No. 227158

File: 1657294187164.jpeg (168.94 KB, 900x720, 1606528236145.jpeg)

No. 227164

you arent convincing anybody kek

No. 227174

File: 1657296188197.jpg (4.3 MB, 4096x4096, 837362682928273.jpg)

Snow filters maxed out in that video anon. Don't forget what she really looks like irl

No. 227175

She definitely lurks here. There is always that one random comment about her complimenting here out of the blue while trying to make it look like they are one of us still. Give it up dorkphine.

No. 227183

Honestly anon i agree with you, belle is a cow for the pedobaiting but it's hard to argue she's not conventionally attractive. pulling her apart and dissecting her from photo to photo is very pointless

No. 227185

Especially when you see anons edit saturation just to post for shits and giggles. Its embarrassing

No. 227194

"conventionally attractive" lol she is the most average woman alive when she isnt wearing a pound of makeup and cranking snow to the max are you ok nonnie?

No. 227200

File: 1657299091948.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.62 KB, 728x546, Belle-Delphine-Sleepover-With-…)

The recent collab sets with this girl are particularly awkward & hilarious.

No. 227205

There's no chemistry whatsoever. She's just there.

No. 227211

This was already posted, dumbass

No. 227215

She’s aging quite fast. When she’s not in power of manipulating the lighting/raw footage such as this interview, she looks a fair deal older. Look behind filters on top of makeup on top of cosmetic surgeries and you’ll find her real face and a desperate attempt to look youthful with a mannish face

No. 227237

Hi belle(hi cow)

No. 227239

Tbh I think this thread needs a nitpicking ban. No vagina spergs, no “omg look at her she’s so OLD” none of it. I’m here to laugh at this pedobaiting retard who’s letting herself be exploited by her scrote bf who won’t even show his fucking face.

No. 227241

Seriously. I can't think of a single milk post aside from the grossout posts which I think are valid, but the nitpicking about editing, editing her photos and posting them and every time conveniently no one ever catches her in the act of self posting these edits by mistake. Its always anon magically has it saved so take their word for it that its not anon who edited it.

No. 227244

File: 1657302149985.jpg (1.01 MB, 4032x2026, 37276262829934256.jpg)

Reposted bc I just know the wk is going to report and REEEE if it wasn't saged kek(autism)

No. 227246

Nah she looks like an inbred horse with a rat mouth and nose, she also looks too wide and big despite being skinny. We also know she lacks personal hygiene, remember how her teeth were before she bleached them.

No. 227248

That's why Joshua John Gray needs a thread or a mention of his name in the title. He is also a pedophile for directing and shooting those child rape themed porn or her girlfriend's child cosplays for a porn website. It's not like Belle does those alone, they are a team. He will stay anonymous forever though and Belle will get all the hate and shame. She is such a retard for not seeing that while her fat and ugly boyfriend lives a great life with the money earned from her body. He is such a disgusting, fat leech.

He is what Belle deserves but he doesn't deserve to be anonymous.

No. 227250

She’s frantic KEK

No. 227253

Yup absolutely needs to be mentioned in the title. I’m not the WK either but I just want people to know that Shayna’s thread got a “no vagina nitpicking” rule in place for a reason. Nobody cares about 3000x zoomed in pussy.

No. 227256

Doesn't need his own thread and he's really not as front and center as Belle. The most you guys do is suggest hes in charge of everything but nothing to back it up.

No. 227259

Joshua is literally the guy who "rapes" Belle in those simulated cp videos, he takes the videos and photos, he is co-director of their companies, he arranges the interviews and they are definitely a team. Just because he wears an ugly mask doesn't make him innocent or less of a pedo than Belle. They do those shit together, they need to be called out together.

No. 227262

I do find it weird that her cp advertising doesn't get noticed by the police. Because she is belle delphine and can get away with it? It's literally child porn what she is doing in her latest photo set.

No. 227264

She's not a child. That's why.

No. 227277

>it’s LITERALLY child porn
Fuck pedo panderers but thinking she should be arrested for literal child porn is beyond retarded kek

No. 227281

Just to add really quick, but anon, the FBI aren't going to go after someone overseas for one and two, no, she isn't producing CP. She is over 18. So is Josh. They aren't going after adults producing gross-out barely legal porn. I understand your reasoning, but that is legally why no one cares what she does. I'm not even defending her. I'm trying to explain this to you as simple as possible because you apparently don't understand the difference between real CP and what Belle actually produces which isn't CP. She may pedobait, but she's not actually a kid so calls to the FBI like >>226829 literally do nothing because there is nothing.

No. 227284

It's obvious from some comments they are from the same person wking her lol(sage)

No. 227289

>needs a random mirror because nobody in her life will take a photo of her outside at the pool


No. 227293

i would bet on my life that josh has actual cp on his devices lol

No. 227297

I know this is a wk post but I really do wish she'd never done porn. She was always really over the top, but she seemed to just entirely go off the deep end once she did it, and there's no going back once you start. Kinda sad, but she made her own bed, pardon the pun.

No. 227320

This is an imageboard

No. 227331

Shut up already, you say the same shit over and over again.

No. 227348

What if belle actually did something to herself bc of all this, theres a bunch of people on tiktok calling her fat and ugly i actually feel awful for her, i think she needs professional help instead of being online(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227359

I think you and the other anon sympathising her need to stfu

No. 227368

>belle kills herself because of a shitty lolcow thread and tiktok teens calling her fat and ugly
What do moids say? Nothing of value was lost.

No. 227370

>bunch of people on tiktok calling her fat or and ugly
Kek please post some that’s hilarious

No. 227372

This is nothing compared to the hate she got when she first got famous, memes people made about different ways to harm/kill Belle, death threats he got from 4ch users and some users tracking her down. She won't kill herself for getting called ugly after having gone through those now. I don't really care though.

No. 227382

File: 1657322849963.jpeg (Spoiler Image,32.83 KB, 1280x720, 79C5FE17-EE47-4370-B5BB-3D3488…)

xBelle, please stretch your little lippies to look like this and recreate… such hot potential for stretched meaty pussy look(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227421

You know you're a newfag when you're shaming another anon for being well versed in the thread you're posting in

No. 227427

not to nitpick but it's so obvious she gained weight, definitely around 20lbs. That and her tits make her look so much older it's unfortunate

No. 227433

Imagine spending 4 millions for a villa without even a pool(sage)

No. 227435

File: 1657331763197.png (Spoiler Image,5.05 MB, 828x1792, bellebodycheck.png)

kek this made me think of how much of an anachan she used to be before and i can only think of her super obvious body checks from 2020-2021 (picrel)

No. 227443

Is she on the floor there? and her wig/extensions are front and center also on the floor? The girl has always been such a mess.

No. 227454

i despise that thing she does with her top lip. she curls in up, so she looks younger. her natural lips are full

No. 227456

Her ribs look exactly like the anachan sperg posting on every thread

No. 227463

her editing in the last couple months has been seriously horrendous. like the sloppy cheek implants she gives herself to have a round shorter face is so choppy looking in numerous pics lol. i know she does this partly from insecurity and half to ""play the character"" to get money but its so obvious and poorly done lately

No. 227464

File: 1657335634722.jpg (Spoiler Image,311.49 KB, 1887x1329, what.jpg)


No. 227495

File: 1657344746596.png (72.19 KB, 374x337, 55A47209-FE99-4A76-A64A-59214D…)

fucking KEK “sweaty little pussy”

No. 227498

anyway look at how atrocious this editing and deformed fat roll is, lazy belle.

No. 227503

>1 minute ago
are you stalking her onlyfans anon

No. 227504

"Tight little pussy" KEK, sure Belle.

I can't believe some scrotes pay for this cringy shit.

No. 227523

I swear Josh writes these, this is so oddly written and formatted I struggle to believe a woman wrote it. Especially 'checking' to see if it's wet inside (if it isn't always wet inside at 22 you have a medical problem) like it's half written by a moid and half written by a desperate middle aged woman

No. 227532

It's probably Belle who wrote it. Even her scrote fans noticed she has a dry af vagina. She also needed a lube for snake gummies kek

No. 227535

who wouldn't have a dry af vag filming "content"? It's not like it's arousing or anything, it's just a chore to do for an ewhore. I agree with >>227523 , the whole term "wet inside" (repeated) reeks of male. Also "sweaty". Who thinks pussy sweat in hot weather is cute? Only a degen male

No. 227539

Anon, lesbians exist and people with sweat kinks exist. Fetishes and kinks aren't gender specific. I'm all for shitting on guys but don't be retarded.
The editing has always been horrendous honestly..and what irks me is all the other "up and coming" E-thots that try to emulate her "style."

No. 227541

It's autistic no matter who wrote it but she likes the attention with her degen captions so wouldn't wonder me it's herself doing it on purpose.(incapable of saging)

No. 227543

lesbians exist but we know 100% Belle isn't one of them by how visibly uncomfortable she was in her photos with her friend

No. 227555

Not implants, because those tend to look more like high cheekbones, but definitely cheek filler, which she'll regret in a couple of years when it migrates and looks even worse.

No. 227569

no ma’am scrotes post all of her content to reddit, i saw this an hour after it was posted

No. 227572

Thots wrote this shit all the time on OF. Women aren't above pandering to what scrotes like which is universally dirty talk and degradation. Automatically linking everything to Josh makes you sound retarded as hell.

No. 227576

See >>227259
He's literally down on record as joint owner of the business, she's the face and he's the 'brains' (I use that loosely)

No. 227580

if you think her content is even remotely targeted towards women then you are the retarded one

No. 227582

TBH it's just kind of hilarious how she went to extreme lengths to hide her boyfriend and now he's become equally if not more of a problem than she is.
>Anon fails reading comprehension.

No. 227583

Im crying at this comment, if u know u know

No. 227596

Ew why do I feel like Josh wrote this

No. 227601

Because you won't accept that women who shill onlyfans/fansly etc actually talk this way.

No. 227620

>>227596 nah i could easily see him writing most of this shit

No. 227636

File: 1657392099543.jpeg (105.43 KB, 828x438, 32C1E3C4-A565-4A98-8760-E04A96…)

god why are men so gross and why do some women stoop to their level

No. 227643

Porn addiction

No. 227647

Same reason women are gross. Humans are disgusting.

No. 227666

>why do some women stoop to their level
for the coomer bux, obviously

No. 227669

Men love it too. Degradation is probably one of the biggest kinks they have.

No. 227697


No. 227758

Ruining her health for strangers, i wonder what will she do next time

No. 227780

this thread in infected with nitpicky pullfags that talk about how belle's art is good and they loved her old facebook posts. you dont have to be belle to see that, retard.

No. 227786

They only say that because she’s above average looking. If it was some fat chick sticking candy in her cooch, those same guys would be disgusted.

No. 227787

No one talks about pull on this site with the exception of a very very persistent whiteknight in this thread kek that site has been dead for years, belle had a hate boner for the site though perhaps she still does kek

No. 227794

here is belles "good art" on display for them in the background ft. crusty gum being rechewed after being in her eye

No. 227799

I wonder what all belle’s wannabes think of her stuffing gummy snakes up her snatch

No. 227822

whos gonna tell them she can get an infection from that..?

No. 227864

"above average" kek
Sure, horse

No. 227866

File: 1657440868176.jpeg (91.63 KB, 427x579, 76833647-0FE5-464F-886E-BEB7F2…)

>above average
I see more attractive people in my retail job everyday

No. 227869

I don't get why people find her so attractive or at least try to argue the point that she is above average despite her garbage personality, it's not a hill worth dying on.

No. 227889

File: 1657450617980.jpg (101.55 KB, 1080x1080, 676fdb886850136deb7f8d897829ba…)

she kinda reminds me of Caleb Finn they both have that British phenotype smile going on(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227900

If Belle Delphine is ugly or unattractive then the average woman is clapped beyond reason. You don’t have to like Belle to acknowledge that as a young, thin, white girl with straight teeth and well-proportioned, fine, feminine features is likely within the top 5-10% of female attractiveness, though this is no doubt the product of surgery. Sorry, but there’s a reason she blew up online and not another pedo-panderer like Shayna. Denying the obvious just makes you appear salty.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227901

It's called editing and photoshopping Hagraven.

No. 227902

She blew up as a meme, not for being pretty. No one cares you find horsey features pretty on a grinch face. Also the photos are not without surgeries, face fillers, wigs, fake eyelashes, heavy make-up, bleached teeth and layers of editing.

You sound retarded. Go back to reddit, scrote.

No. 227903

Shes legit ugly though, im sorry, i just dont think she looks pretty at all… her eyes are quite pretty when she wears lashes and her figure is fine but her mouth and nose area look really jarring and badly proportioned

No. 227904

If this is top 5-10% attractiveness for you, you live with literal goblins.

No. 227905

File: 1657457065262.jpeg (362.82 KB, 1078x684, CDC36C63-6887-43CF-B8F8-48B799…)

>>227900(hi cow)

No. 227906

File: 1657457093667.jpeg (9.15 KB, 300x168, 8C1CB2A1-A47E-422F-A5ED-6BF07E…)

She looks like one of the weird girls at school who wear skirts ontop of their jeans and bark at people(ugly sperging across multiple posts)

No. 227908

Forgot implants

No. 227910

Whenever a WK appears on this thread, Belle's OF says "Available now".

No. 227912

How did Gamer Boy video got 1M views suddenly? It had 80k views at the end of the first day and it barely reached 500K after a week.

She is using bots.

No. 227914

why do anons cope so hard to say belle is ugly lmao??? as if scrotes would give a fuck about a girl aside from how she looks.
men only like and pay for her because of her youth/beauty so stop coping please you sound delusional if you think men legitimately found her interesting or "funny".

No. 227918

Bots don't add to views, anon. That is the ONE thing youtube moderates extensively because views turn directly into money.

No. 227919

Because an anon called Belle pretty? She is ugly though, cope.

Also, if you check Gamer Boy's comment section, it was definitely Belle chasing clout with Twomad and not the other way around, people forgot she existed.

No. 227920

Many Youtubers use bots, they get restricted when caught.

No. 227921

Most men make fun of Belle and only weeb scrotes who want legal simulated cp content are actual fans of her. It's not like she is an e-girl famous for her beauty or even a girl with more fans than haters KEK

No. 227922

ok so an "ugly girl" is one of the top internet onlyfans whores and men pay to see this "ugly" girl lol. anon you sound jealous and delusional she ain't ugly and she's definitely conventionally attractive no matter how much you sperg and keep deluding yourself.

if you say she's ugly then you're admitting she's muh meme kween and men pay for her because of her memes and purrrsonality which is undeniably even more skitzo than saying she is ugly like come on

No. 227923

Calm down anon, you sound mad.
She is ugly by the way.

No. 227924

there are tons of other pedo pandering whores out there and she still is the top pedo panderer and that just comes down to her looks.

you guys don't understand that she gets an easy pass cause she is pretty and denying that is being anti female cause you're relating her success to her actions not her looks and her actions are fucking vile.
just get over it belle is a conventionally attractive female and that's why a lot of men pay for her lifestyle despite her being a vapid disgusting person and she only has it easy cause she was lucky enough to be born white and decent looking(also enhancing her beauty with editing and makeup of course).

No. 227925

Why are you trying to convince others that a horseface looks pretty? Cope harder, scrote, you are derailing the thread though.

No. 227926

Because its Belle

No. 227927

having a long face doesn't automatically make you ugly. she has upturned/almond eyes and good facial proportions. she is young, skinny and white and has a nice figure.

are you implying she has anything worth paying for other than her appearance? anything she can offer than le memes that have been dead for years?

No. 227933

post a picture of yourself anon

No. 227934

Fuck off with your constant nitpicking and bumping the thread. This is an imageboard for milk, not your vendetta posts complaining about her face. There's talking about cow behavior and then there's you.(infighting)

No. 227938

Fuck off retarded scrote. You are the one calling her pretty and trying to convince others that her horseface looks nice. No one cares about your favorite e-thot who is a hated figure on the internet. You provide no milk by derailing the thread and saying she is pretty.(infighting)

No. 227940

People who are subbed to her are not the majority of males, you sound dumb. She has more haters than fans. People who pay for her are the men at the bottom of society with their looks and lifestyles as you can see from her social media comments. You sound like you are coping when you say she must be pretty because she has scrotes paying for her filtered simulated cp.

No. 227941

Piss off male

No. 227942

I'm NTA. Just tired of seeing your nitpicks keep going to the top of /w/.

No. 227944

Not everyone else is the same anon, newfag. Quit sperging about "nitpicking anon".

No. 227952

She is ugly btw

No. 227959

not everyone is the same anon but you sperged and assumed she was the anon calling belle pretty, retarded hypocrite

No. 227961

I wasnt even that anon that called her pretty lol

No. 227964

then define your definition of attractiveness using a celebrity or picture of yourself(infighting)

No. 227965

File: 1657463479253.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3464x3464, 884DDC51-1518-46A5-B3B6-E640E0…)

Belle was pretty for a bit in 2018, but after filler and weight gain, she is just average (nothing wrong with that) and copes with filters and photoshop

No. 227966

That's not even Belle. Stop postig here.

No. 227968

Learn to read retard
PS Belle is ugly

No. 227969

You are an actual retard kek
Stop derailing, learn to sage and cope harder.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227974

File: 1657464534043.jpg (486.17 KB, 1098x1080, Picsart_22-07-10_08-43-53-727.…)

are all her friends in a polygamy relationship with each other?

No. 227977

you'll probably look like literal shit if you were to be next to her(infighting)

No. 227978

This was already posted.

No. 227979

It's so funny that she has absolutely 0 idea how to dress herself

No. 227980

File: 1657465617330.jpg (88.34 KB, 765x1200, the-changing-face-of-michael-j…)

They all are dressed like total shit, like trampy hen night 30-somethings screaming about cocks at a Weatherspoons. Her friend on the right is also really starting to resemble Michael Jackson (or the Bo Selecta version of him) with the powder white skin and fucked up cheeks.

No. 227981

okay and so were a lot of other pictures above this

No. 227984

Why are you seething? KEK
Either Belle or some retarded scrote
I'm sorry Belle is ugly

No. 227985

shut up uggo(infighting)

No. 227987

They are all sex workers, wouldn't be surprising. Also Belle looks like a rat here.

It is also shared by Kai and he is known for stalking this thread and sharing Belle's photos for fame.

No. 227988

Shut up loser, Belle is uggo(infighting)

No. 227989

I think she is the only pretty one of the group. Katie was also pretty but I think she stopped seeing Belle after their failed stunt together. She also deleted her selfie with Belle from her IG

No. 227991

Kai is the worst, hes a narcissist and leeches of belle’s twisted thottery

No. 227992

He also claimed he was a feminist because he runs his gf's onlyfans. He is such a clown.

No. 227995

File: 1657467034370.png (2.1 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20220710-092934.png)

Kai is fat loser

No. 227996

> she is pretty and denying that is being anti female
The spergs on this thread I swear…

No. 227998

You can tell he fancies himself so much kekek
All belles friends are losers

No. 228008

He actually used to be handsome, look at his old photos. He was always an attention whore though.

No. 228009

All belle knows how to do is trace lol

No. 228012

I actually like Pixie and I find her sweet, the rest of the lot are a peculiar bunch and not in a good way. Belle looks tired in this photo, her candids really show how edited her eyes usually are

No. 228019

Belle dresses like a tranny, the other girls at least tried to match their shitty costumes a bit better.

No. 228021

File: 1657469186862.png (916.16 KB, 594x1049, art.png)

sorry i went to bed and for some reason the image didnt upload, anyone who claims belle is even somewhat talented with art is retarded
vid: https://fapello.com/belle-delphine/899/

No. 228025

the filter on her face glitches at 10 and 14 seconds in, how didn't she notice?

No. 228033

File: 1657470205490.jpeg (1.31 MB, 3464x3464, C10894FA-5D6C-46A1-86FC-3093B1…)

nonnie, theyre kind of identical…

No. 228036

idk who this is but I looked him up and he's from melbourne, australia and belle is from south africa

No. 228049

i think it was a joke because they both look like horses

No. 228054

The boy unironically looks better

No. 228064

Wy do you keep making fanart for your queen that you love so much.

No. 228077

Why do u keep camping in the thread hun ? X

No. 228078

If she wasn’t such a shitty person I think she’d be good as like an emo/ alt girl in a different timeline. She’d have TikTok fans.

No. 228080

This thread is cancerous

No. 228081

Fucking degens trying to derail this thread hard. The only thing she is talented at is stealing other peoples work and being a absolute nut case. Josh serves her well. Both are disgusting people in Britain.(sage)

No. 228085

File: 1657479370960.jpg (112.86 KB, 760x452, 765446789854145901.jpg)

She is beauty is she grace kek(retard)

No. 228086

that's edited af

No. 228087

Why does this thread exist? All it is literally just nitpicking and infighting

No. 228089

Idk looks like all her other sloppy shoops tbh >>227866 >>226859

No. 228090

Shes gained weight because she has weird food rules bc of her ED, she can only eat crisp sandwiches and boiled eggs

No. 228091

… What?

No. 228095

File: 1657481194480.jpg (Spoiler Image,469.67 KB, 1920x1440, belle-delphine_0471.jpg)

Nah. It's a mirrored picture straight from her onlyfans feed.
Even when there is actually milk to discuss this thread will always fall back into boring pointless arguments.

No. 228096

That’s bullshit sorry but she goes out to eat all the time and has like burgers and chips and stuff. I don’t even lurk any of her socials but I’ve seen pics of her ITT eating Nando’s and burgers. She’s just bulimic and won’t eat vegetables.

No. 228097

Where did you get this information??

No. 228099

Her autistic friend emi took a pic for her IG story of belles crisps sandwiches and said something along the lines “belles the only neurotypical girl i know who also suffers food aversions “

No. 228101

I dont think anon means she only eats sandwiches and eggs kek, i think thats her comfort food which suggests somethings stressing her out recently

No. 228103

Food aversions are different to comfort food nona, if she has food aversions then she is restricted to only eating a few types of food, which is obviously not true as she has been seen eating kbbq, fast food and at restaurants

No. 228104

neither of those people are British you absolute retard

No. 228108

File: 1657482858657.gif (218.41 KB, 500x332, AF37EC67-65F9-4004-A16A-DCA2EA…)

Fan art anon is at it again. She made Belle’s nose bigger, eyes smaller, added eyebags and warped the jaw. Get a new hobby this is autistic

No. 228109

Im new to these threads and im not sure if this info has already been discussed, obviously i read the forum rules and I’m not trying to cowtip, its about Josh not Belle.
Josh already moved out from the manor in Ringmer like a month ago because their house was doxxed from the tennis court photoshoot, and people started showing up to their house and taking photos through the front windows.
They now live in the sussex/kent area, this is why they posted the clip of the ringmer mansion in the “skater boy” MV. Josh left a troll face on the door because he thought it would be funny if people starting showing up to the house thinking they still lived there.

Again i really hope this is not breaking any rules, i hate the pair of them and what theyre doing is sick for the sake of money, and then they have the audacity to call it a “business”…

No. 228110

I dont get why belles fake friends always publicly tag her and mention her in shit? Like you know your friend is infamous why would u post that then delete it. Leech behaviour

No. 228112

She really is gaining weight recently kek. She used to be so so thin and finally looked healthy during her boob job hiatus, maybe its because she was being closely monitored by health professionals to see if she was fit for surgery.
>boiled eggs and crisps sandwich
LMAO this sounds like a troll but i could totally picture belle sat on the sofa ordering josh to make her a crisps sandwich with the crusts cut off(multiposting)

No. 228119

Omg not you again we already know belle has been quite lousy with her photoshopping, and has been caught more than a handful of times reposting pictures, even in past threads.(ban evading)

No. 228120

the editing anon is the one that keeps "kek"ing. got very easy to pinpoint

No. 228123

What are you talking about? I just took the weird edit anon posted >>228085 and overlayed in on the real version from onlyfans >>228095

No. 228126

Edit anon is actually demented, who would bother to do this over and over even when they've been called out ITT about it

No. 228132

Stfu and dig your grave already(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 228134

File: 1657489364562.jpeg (487.42 KB, 828x1176, D3D2904D-CAF5-43DC-A19A-FA131B…)

welp here i was giving her the benefit of the doubt and thinking she showed some humility by deleting the weird pedo bait porn herself. how do these OF girls still have platforms if this is the new case?(doublecheck before posting outdated stuff)

No. 228135

Pretty sure they announced that (look at the date, 2021) and then walked it back after all the SWs and johns threw a shitfit about it, it was due to Mastercard's new rules pertaining to what can and can't be paid for with their services iirc, not sure what kinda deal was struck but the porn continues on OF.
She probably deleted because literally nobody wanted that set and the reaction was probably bad from the scrotes.

No. 228143

They did this all to Nicole Davis's photos too. No cow slips up this many times with posting, especiallywhen anon won't screencap the full page of the originalphotos, COUNTLESS times. Especially when you notice anon keeps posting close ups and nothing with stamps, same MO as the other thread.

No. 228152

Belle is British according to uk.gov
Stop arguing over ancient milk

No. 228153

Thanks anon it's really interesting
Are they known in the Brighton area? And how did you heard about everything?

No. 228154

I wonder if it's Belle posting both versions here to make this thread questionable, Belle actually messing up and uploading two edits on of like her nipple one or an actual retard who thinks she looked good in first place to edit her face even worse.

No. 228155

Proof or stfu

No. 228157

I use kek too and I'm not that anon. kek is used a lot here, newfag.

No. 228159

She decides to go fully naked for pedo content and OF pulls this right after? Hilarious

No. 228161

Nicole is a pretty girl who looks great with or without edits actually. I don't understand why this anon bothers with those changes when Belle looks like an autist either way.

Maybe Belle saw that someone spotted her nipple slip up and to make that information here less reliable, she samefags and "exposes" the editing anon? I don't think normie anons would notice the slight differences, have reach to her OF content and care about it enough to make comparisons.

No. 228166

It looked weird and there’s been a history of some weirdo subtly editing her face both here and other threads on /w/ so I lined them up to check. Thinking Belle is purposefully editing herself to look ugly is a reach. This person is just retarded

No. 228170

I posted the onlyfans pic after browsing quick to see if I could find and compare the original but I didn't notice the difference to be completely honest so my bad. What the fuck is with the editing itt jfc.
They are all as retarded as eachother.

No. 228173

she isn't from south africa, retard. she's from england, her dad is just south african. either way both are just colonies so they're probably biologically british.

No. 228182

This is old old news. OF has reversed this policy since then

No. 228249

she was born in SA and moved to the UK when she was a kid.

No. 228262

she took the dry ugly pussy comments on reddit at heart(learn2sage)