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No. 187564

Want to diss some ships? Have any particular tropes you dislike? Annoyed by how the fandom treats certain pairings? Feel free to rant about anything NOTP related here.

No. 187565

I'm a phone poster so I won't right a huge paragraph yet but I hate anyone who ships Phoenix/Maya. They're best bros and will always be best bros. I love Phoenix/Edgeworth and Klavier/Apollo but I hate how western fans portray them. Anyone who ships Apollo/Clay is a retard. Clay isn't even a character, he's just a bunch of drawings on a screen. He's dead more often than not. I could go on with that series as a whole.

I can't stand Dimitri/Felix from FE3H but I don't know why exactly. My instinct is telling me it's shit. Same problem with Niles and and Leo in Fates, but this time I know where it comes from: it's too one-sided and Niles deserves better than dating his own boss. Leo seemed way more attached to Odin, actually. I hate Soleil/Ophelia too and Soleil is a fucking abomination that the localization made even worse.

I don't get the appeal of Dante/Lady. It's boring.

No. 187570

gonna list some tropes that i dislike
>bad boy x girl that fixes him
>when they turn a trio of good friends into a weird love triangle
>any ship where the girl acts as the caretaker/mommygf trope
>guy harasses girl, they still end up together
>anything involving very violent and obnoxious tsunderes

No. 187571

File: 1646667287379.png (1.16 MB, 800x957, fb52a243681b86c528cdecad6ba643…)

i lowkey liked them until they became so popular that the producers started shoving chuuya into everything, even though he's only a vaguely supporting character at best. i can understand shippy atsushi/akutagawa and atsushi/dazai content in official art because they have a meaningful relationship in canon and it's important to the plot (rivals/"""fated partners""" if you wanna be cringe, and mentorship) but dazai/chuuya is a thing of the past and usually only played for laughs by the artists behind the manga.

i also hate dazai/akutagawa but at least they aren't instrumentalized to sell merch to shippers with loose wallets and both are important characters with ample screentime. 99% of chuuya's personality and his relationship to dazai is just fandom interpretation. not to mention that stupid backstory they made up for him so he would seem more important just because the fans became so obsessed with him.

No. 187572

>I love Phoenix/Edgeworth and Klavier/Apollo but I hate how western fans portray them.
Would you elaborate please?

No. 187577

In fics Edgeworth and Phoenix are almost always portrayed as a cutesy domestic couple with none of the tension between them that you see in the games, and Edgeworth is suddenly not a tsundere anymore for some reason.

As for Klavier and Apollo, it's weird because the writer who replaced Takumi for AA5 and AA6 doesn't understand the characters himself either. In AA4 they have some weird rivalry but Klavier quickly trusts Apollo and Apollo feels the same way so it becomes some sort of weird friendship where Klavier teases Apollo or compliment him while shit talking him sometimes while Apollo respects him and finds him hot and charismatic but won't admit it. For some reason Western fans like to portray Apollo as way more tsundere than he really is towards Klavier and Klavier as way too obsessed with Apollo than he is and worshipping the ground he walks on for some reason. So you have weird shit like Apollo insulting Klavier to his face for no reason and Klavier having an existential crisis every 5 seconds. Don't get me started on what happens once Kristoph is added in that mess.

No. 187580

File: 1646670081210.png (565.21 KB, 816x624, B19630DD-1277-4A54-AAB4-0B4EC8…)

>literally only exists because people want Sou to be gay but not with Midori despite Soushin being the only gay ship (aside from Sara x Nao) that gets screen time
>edits Keisara pics and takes tropes from Sousara because they know it’s such a huge crackship
Similar shit with Klance, if you have to edit pics or steal shit from other ships to make your ship seem valid, you’ve already lost.

No. 187586

File: 1646672509214.jpeg (50.77 KB, 735x490, 2B5BA7BC-014F-4291-B3C2-E154A5…)

They literally hate each other it's so stupid

No. 187587

File: 1646672567292.jpg (129.21 KB, 930x1200, jesus wept.jpg)

real people shipping is weird enough as it is but this specific genre of edit honestly makes me want to be sick in my mouth

No. 187588

yaoi brainrot defies all logic

No. 187589

worse when they make analysis videos after they glanced at each other one time holy kek

No. 187593

When they swear that the companies make them ~ keep it in secret ~ but they want to tell the fans that they're a couple that is why they glanced at each other in a public event!! Is worse when it's gay because now is a "representation headcanon" (because it wasnt retarded enough to do it in characters, they need to do it with irl people)

No. 187603

Phoenix/Maya was my first thought when I looked at this thread and lo and behold it's the first post. Based.

No. 187607

File: 1646676501748.jpg (44.68 KB, 565x407, 1613297613858.jpg)

Great minds think alike anon. Let's hate Phoenix/Maya together.

No. 187610

Dimitri/Felix is absolute shit tier. But so is Slyvain/Felix kek! I don't like any of Felix's popular yaoi ships tbh.

I also hate KiriBaku. I hate how the fandom genderspecials keep making one of them FtM. It's ugly, I hate seeing the fanart but it's always on my TL because everyone that ships my OTP ships KiriBaku. I also hate Clerith but mostly because Cloud sucks. She's too cute for that vegetable.

No. 187611

Eh, I don't ship Light and L but I don't think it's really brainrot (after all they had that rain scene thing)
Despite that, the shippers for it do annoy me especially since they're kind of holier than thou lately? I interacted with one complaining about how 'DN IS THE GAYEST MANGA EVAR HOW COULD THE CREATOR BE HOMOPHOBIC?' (which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone if they look at his other works) but then proceeded to bitch about how abusive Guts x Griffith is when I mentioned my friend who shipped it as if it isn't on the same level of Light x L.

No. 187616

I actually like Sylvain/Felix but I hate how it's portrayed by western fans, especially in fics. Between them being ooc in general and stupid underaged fangirls making Felix a fakeboi all the time I'd rather just rewatch some of the scenes these two characters have together in the game and leave it at that. But only in Japanese, for some reason the Eng localization made them way less gay in their A+ support. I guess it's Treehouse's revenge for being told by fans and by Nintendo of Japan that they're incompetent retards for what they did to Fates as a whole.

>I also hate KiriBaku

I don't want to touch My Hero Academia with a ten foot pole because it doesn't look like my cup of tea but sometimes I almost want to read it just to understand what's going on with the weird shippers and ship wars.

Isn't the entire point of this pairing precisely that? Shizaya is actually worse in that aspect.

No. 187622

I hate the trope where the main character has two love interests and the author makes one of them a complete piece of shit because she very obviously favors the other love interest. What's even the point of writing a love triangle if you're just gonna do that

No. 187643

I don't get how there were even #TeamEdward vs #TeamJacob when it was so fucking obvious who Bella was going to end up with.

No. 187653

I don't care for L/Light but like, that's literally the point. A lot of shipping is done through fanworks, not the canon itself, so the appeal is seeing how fans manage to write/imagine them into a relationship despite the obstacles between them. That might be giving them enough character/relationship development that they get together in a healthy way, or they might lean into the hatred and enjoy how fucked up it is, they could write the characters as realistically complex to the point that it's not totally unbelievable to pair them up. Either way it's the conflict that makes the relationship interesting and intense.

No. 187655

Cloti. Clerith all the way. Aerith is clearly the superior heroine to pickme Tifa and tbh, I truly believe that Aerith is THE love interest of Cloud, based on both game scripts and the extra material. Kind of like Tidus and Yuna

No. 187656

Quit hating on my goddess. Both of them are wonderful women

No. 187658

Ok, I'm still allowed to dislike Tifa

No. 187659

File: 1646691973407.gif (1.71 MB, 498x280, tifa-tifa-lockhart.gif)

No. 187661

ew, literally a scrote blow up doll

No. 187663

I haven't played FF7 yet but weren't the NSES and PS1 games' localizations complete OOC garbage to appeal to stupid teenage boys? I wouldn't trust a shitty translation for this kind of stuff.

No. 187666

The accurate translations are even more pro-clerith. AFAIR she didn't even call Zack her boyfriend. Probably there was more stuff, but I cannot find cliff notes from the vidrel. Also… the errors in the original game didn't really affect important parts of the plot.
I have to admit that Tifa kind of got improved in FFVIIR, but I still don't like her much.
I'm gonna shut up since everyone is allowed their opinions.

No. 187668

OMG I love tim rogers

No. 187670

yae x anyone cause fuck yae i can't stand her

No. 187674

File: 1646693569632.jpeg (130.23 KB, 610x668, 3EC76BF4-E22F-4D41-8B7C-A241CC…)

Any fujo ship involving Parappa.

First, I’ve never liked seeing Parappa shipped with PJ. I swear that ship breaks all laws of canon. Not only is the entire series of games about Parappa trying to win the heart of Sunny Funny, a female who even if she isn’t that much of a character is still the main love interest; but PJ also has a canon female love interest and was obviously disgusted in the one visual gag that PJrappa shippers treat as an “uwu kiss scene”.

I don’t really like Parappa x Matt either, my yume ass didn’t mind it too much at first due to finding it easy to self insert, but nowadays I swear Parappa is always infantilized to death, acting like an uwu owo uke babey softboi stereotype when people draw or write stuff involving this ship. Doesn’t help that Matt is to me arguably the most overrated character in the entire franchise.

If you ship the three of them together, that’s even worse.

There are also a couple other fujo Parappa ships, but those two are the by far the big ones.

No. 187682

I like both but Cloti fanatics are the absolute worst. Some of the spergiest retards I've ever had the displeasure of interacting with. Aerith should be with me over Cloud though. I would treat her better than he or Zack could ever even wish for.

No. 187683

We know you've sperged about it on the Genshin thread enough

No. 187698

File: 1646699302514.jpg (6.79 KB, 180x183, ginny sucks.jpg)

I dislike ginny and harry together, they're horrible and my dislike of them together is so great I cannot properly express myself on my dislike of them together besides the statement that I greatly dislike them together. They shouldn't be together. I hate them together. I also hate ginny alone. Ginny sucks.

No. 187699

based they make no sense as a couple, but I also hate Harry alone he sucks

No. 187700

It didn't make sense but barely any HP couple made sense, you can tell romance is not Rowling's forte and she just paired characters because it's supposed to happen at the end of the adventure or something.

No. 187701

File: 1646700840056.jpg (354.09 KB, 597x768, cute.jpg)

My HP OT3 was Harry/Sirius/Lupin (consensual and once Harry is 15) so I agree with you. Fuck Ginny.

No. 187702

>Don't get me started on what happens once Kristoph is added in that mess.
Please, I want to know

No. 187704

ypu ship a 15 yo kid with two adult parental figures? please say sike

No. 187712

I hate all ships where a much older guy is shipped with a much younger girl (who is sometimes even underage) "out of necessity" because no other character spends that much time with either of them in canon. Usually the older guy is some kind of parental figure to the girl or otherwise their relationship is shown to be a loving one but strictly platonic. Sometimes it's literal incest.
Example: Maribel and Bruno from Encanto

I don't even get involved in the Parappa fandom, at all. I know there's gonna be some really weird shit in there, not just shit ships, and I don't want to have the games ruined for me.

No. 187713

they're literally fictional characters. who gives a fuck. Tell me you're gen z without saying youre gen z, kek.

No. 187721

Thanks for posting this, I love Tim Rogers, everyone should watch him, he's handsome and smart.

No. 187723

File: 1646714278220.gif (1.42 MB, 500x279, f924750fbd16f9230e2515f23e04bd…)

Agreed. I love their relationship but if these 2 end up together romantically I'll kms

No. 187730

Go back to twitter

No. 187733

This is what scrote level brainrot looks like

No. 187736

See >>187730 and don't come back

No. 187747

That reminds me of that one josei manga where the whole premise was some girl falling in love with her middle-aged uncle.

No. 187748

File: 1646718347787.jpg (22.63 KB, 256x400, 145405074-256-k879337[1].jpg)

I think they are cute but the agressive fanbase makes me dislike this ship. They have very few scenes in the manga/anime and yet everyone keep insisting about how they are smol gay beans uwu who can't be shipped with ANYONE else.

No. 187754

I never got into Tokyo Ghoul but anyone who seriously ships characters that barely even interact is delusional

No. 187755

Any pairing between 2 males, I don't wanna see 2 males engage in homo sex cause they aren't gay and you are a porn addict(bait)

No. 187764

I'll keep this short but you know how everyone makes Apollo and Klavier OOC like I said? They also like to make Kristoph OOC and shoehorn him in their fics to Klavier can have some angst, cry about being abused by Kristoph his whole life (which didn't happen in canon because if that were the case the entire story of the game would have been way different) and fuck Apollo. Kristoph is just a caricature of himself in fics, even when he's only mentioned instead of actually having a role.

No. 187766

I don’t even care about the age gap but my god that is a shitty ship lmao

No. 187767

anyone who ships pretty girls with ugly ass bts is going to hell

No. 187772

did some people get mad that i made a notp thread?

No. 187775

File: 1646729001307.jpg (41.79 KB, 640x604, yEUCK26.jpg)

I second the Cloti thing, they get bent out of shape any time SE releases something shippy related to Clerith. They go into full blown retard mode.
Oh that one too: Zerith fucking sucks. I feel like someone will vocally disagree with me, but I hate Zack. I could see the ship having some potential back in the original FFVII days when we hardly knew anything about Zack… or wait, no. He's literally been portrayed as a greedy playboy who probably cared about Cloud more than about Aerith and his 5 other girlfriends. SE whitewashed him for Crisis Core and turned into this retarded puppy high on honor like his mentor… and yet he was still fucking around with Cissnei while dating Artith.
>they weren't actually dating lol
Oh? So you agree that Zerith wasn't that intense love story some fans portrayed it as? Good.
Anyway Zack is shit and I cannot believe people force him on Aerith when she has stated multiple times in canon material (including FFVIIR, though anything can happen in that clusterfuck) that she wants to move on and actually likes Cloud more. Though I know there is an overlap of Zerith with Cloti fans, since the first one fixes "the problem" of Aerith. Pair the spares, basically.

No. 187776

I don't believe so. It's a pretty okay thread rn

No. 187780

you and oxygen are my NOTP, nonnie

No. 187783

someone copied the OTP thread word for word and i'm a bit weirded out

No. 187785

unfathomably based

No. 187786

Why would you be weirded out? They just wanted an OTP thread and decided to stick with your theming.

No. 187792

>I don't even get involved in the Parappa fandom, at all. I know there's gonna be some really weird shit in there, not just shit ships, and I don't want to have the games ruined for me.
Same anon as the post you’re replying to here, I’m in the Parappa fandom, and trust me, it really is hell. From the weird fetish art to the Tumblrina shit, it’s just a neverending hell sometimes.

No. 187794

I hate every hetero relationship portrayed in media. The horrifying experience of watching a women wasting her life away with a moid is painful. I cannot stand how western (and global let's say it) society makes women behave in front of men, the obvious power differences between the two roles makes me sick. I don't wanna be reminded of the horrible spot we women have in front of scrotes why would I watch it for entertainment?
Women deserve better than existing for the sake of a male.
How I want it is: media without romance
The way I enjoy my romantic needs is shipping males of course, they deserve eachother in their misery, women deserve to be happy

No. 187795

>The way I enjoy my romantic needs is shipping males of course, they deserve eachother in their misery, women deserve to be happy
What fucking miserable ships do you know?

No. 187796

My OTP is very miserable they aren't together because they both were too much for each other in that point of their lives, is very sad anon, I hope they find their way to be together again

No. 187797

based fujo nonna.
i can only think of a couple het ships i didn't mind. the fact that men generally consider women inferior to themselves irl usually bleeds into fiction as well, either in character mannerisms or story tropes.
the "love" expressed from men to women has this weird condescending infantilization element in a lot of media. i'd imagine het shippers would disagree, but that's just the vibe i get from most het pairings.

No. 187798

Both of you are retards

No. 187799

For me, fujo ships give me infantilization vibes just as strong as het ships do, especially given how the uke is pretty much a woman in a male body most of the time.
I’d actually consider myself to be a yume that ships mostly het, but also yuri when it comes to characters other than my husbando. Any fujo tendencies I had actually came from the advancement of my porn addiction, and ever since I quit porn they’ve been going away, too.

No. 187800

is it sugusato… if yes i'm feeling it. i'm crying as i'm tying this, i want sugusato to be happy.

No. 187801

then why not ship women being happy together instead?

No. 187802

I also think you're a retard and that leaves us in an equal position, which is not what women get in straight relationships portrayed in media
I agree, but I also agree with the post below saying that a big part of BL seems to have the same annoying infantilism dynamics of the one who's weak and the one who will save him.
Anyway I'd rather watch two men going through awful situations than watching women having a bad time but now in a fictional situation

No. 187820

yeah, i definitely understand where you're coming from. i deliberately avoid BL with that sort of dynamic (precisely because it reminds me of what i hate about het ship dynamics) so it slipped my mind kek.
generally i feel it's easier to find more interesting relationship dynamics with m/m and f/f ships because the characters tend to be on a more equal footing. definitely not in every case, though, as you both point out.

No. 187822

Definitely true, desu. I find f/f that isn’t written by moids to be the most consistent when it comes to dynamics that aren’t shit.

No. 187823

File: 1646755471160.jpg (25.15 KB, 500x492, 1640762987477.jpg)

Faggot worshipping pig shit eaters leave this thread, go suck faggot cock on stan twitter or a gay porn site(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 187827

this thread is called NOTP so they can post about anything they dislike in a ship

No. 187836

>I hate every hetero relationship portrayed in media
… But that's why most of us ship non-canon couples that we think are better than what is portrayed in media?

No. 187845

File: 1646763460470.png (534.64 KB, 1006x480, beetleydia.png)

My very first childhood ship. The problematic ship that tumblr just loves to hate. The shipping fandom that was chased after with pitchforks by the influx of gen z musical lovin twats. Purity crusade! The kids are so pressed about people enjoying fictional characters, can't understand it! Apparently shipping lydia with beej means you must support irl children having sex with deceased ghosts awhoogaboogah!! hahahaha

No. 187849

tbf its really weird, yeah they have good dialogue and bounce off each other but it seems way more like a friendship then anything romantic

No. 187853

yeah I unironically hate this ship. But I can’t remember if there was some specific reason why he couldn’t just be younger if they were going to pair them romantically.

No. 187856

Well I mean so? Even if one thinks a ship is weird or can't personally see it, that's totally fine to feel that way….but there's no reason to literally run people off the internet with the level of harassment ppl have gotten over it. Like actually death threats and doxxing…over some cartoon characters…

No. 187865

this is not the OTP thread nona

No. 187900

File: 1646776804360.png (497.39 KB, 583x638, cc51411af3c4fa7db83f7c3e4d4360…)

I don't even watch bnha and I know this is some bullshit

No. 187902

Hate a lot of m/m ships especially where the fans demonise a woman who 'gets in the way' or claim only m/m ships can be empowering for women. How? By removing them? Gobshites

No. 187903

The best BSD ship is Chuuya and Akutagawa

No. 187905

I hate this ship but I love seeing the ntr shitposts about it on /a/ because Deku self-inserters lose their minds kek

No. 187907

he had better chemistry with Luna (that ain't a tall order), but otoh Luna deserves better than a blank slate MC

>the fans demonise a woman who 'gets in the way'
imho, that is still better than having one half of the m/m hooking up with the female "rival" just to make a baby for the homo pairing. i will never forgive robin hobb, she ruined EVERYONE in that shitty love triangle.i swear she fucking hates her own fucking characters

No. 187911

How is Harry/Sirius/Lupin a shitty ship? Lupin and especially Sirius are both important to Harry's development and Ginny isn't really at all. There's already so much history with both of them and James, it's compelling and I think you're just saying it's bad because it's not "pure" and because Harry is young. I think you need to reread the books.

No. 187914

>Annoyed by how the fandom treats certain pairings?

You can understand my confusion with where to post I'm sure

No. 187915

Go get bent out of shape about hockey rpf somewhere else (c)rap-chan

No. 187916

It's a shitty ship because polyamorous pedophilia between characters with 0 romantic or sexual undertones in their relationships in canon is basically quite weird and unappealing to most of us normal minded individuals

No. 187917

File: 1646781094322.png (117.13 KB, 680x528, getbettertaste.png)

yeah, how is shipping a kid with 2 parental figures who heavily projected his dead dad on him a shitty ship?
ffs, the harry potter fandom legit has the fucking worst ships (and fanfics) i've ever seen in any fandom

No. 187919

yes this is the bad boy x girl that fixes him trope that i despise

No. 187920

It really does. My friend ships snarry and whatever the fuck Voldemort/harry is called, really just nauseatingly bad yet somehow popular ships, hp fans are all off their meds

No. 187921

not to sound like a twitter anti but honestly? turning a parental relationship into a sexual one just feels icky

No. 187923

Robin Hobb did what? I’ve been reading the Fitz and the Fool series and I’m not finished, but I don’t mind spoilers…

No. 187929

File: 1646783634571.jpeg (146.9 KB, 749x1069, 89C0A1F8-5060-4102-8221-D25AFC…)

Time to talk about my shittiest and only Harry Potter ship that i’m not even ashamed of anymore, Jeverus. Hearing about these and the Sirius/Lupin/Harry anon made me feel less weird, hallelujah.

No. 187931

YOU need to reread the books, there is nothing sexual about their interactions. Also the fact they were literally his dads school friends is gross and has massive groomer/pedo vibes and again I don’t even really care most of the time for age gaps or “oh no you can’t ship underage characters” but this is such a nonsensical and bad ship that I have to laugh. Just because they care for harry and are important to his development doesn’t mean they want to bang him what the fuck? Ginny sucks but even that shitty mess of a canon ship makes more sense than this weird delusional ship. I don’t even like Remus x Sirius because I dislike both of them as characters but that’s a solid ship, fine, go for it, why throw Harry into the mix? Also shipping OT3s is ugly in general so there’s a lot of layers to how bad your ship is.

No. 187932

iirc there are 3 trilogies

2nd trilogy
Fool dies and Fitz revives him. in the end Fitz has to choose between the Fool and Molly (?), obviously chooses Molly because he is fucking straight, and the Fool fucks off. it was actually a well done bittersweet ending, imo, and i say that as a Fool/Fitz shipper

3rd trilogy
Fitz and Molly had a daughter that looked like the Fool, because, i shit you not, when he revived the Fool they got mixed (?), so the kid is technically Molly, Fitz AND Fool's daughter
the daughter is the MC of the last trilogy, Molly dies right at the fucking end (because she completed her role as incubator), and Fool comes back, tortured and traumatised (fucking fanfic tier hurt/confort) and going full HSTS TIM. He was gay and androgynous on the previous books, but on these books he doubles down on his Amber (?) side and creeps on Fitz, that is really unconfortable with it, because he is FUCKING STRAIGHT. Their friendship is eroded by the Fool's constant creeping.

end of 3rd trilogy
at the end Fitz fuses with the magic rocks, plus the wolf and the Fool. but instead of reading as soulmates reunited it reads as Fitz just giving up and allowing the Fools advances because he (Fitz) is emotionally dead and lonely

tl;dr of character assassination
>Fitz: straight man eventually concedes to his "best friends" constant advances, after loosing everything
>Molly: literally comes back just to bear the fucking homo's child
>Fool: destroys his deepest friendship with his thirst, goes from textbook androgynous twink and a steadfast FRIEND to HSTS TIM rapist.

sorry for the wall of text, i was really disappointed by the 3rd trilogy and never wrote it out.

>not Snirius
how the fuck is Drarry so fucking popular and Snirius such a rare pair?
>enemies since kids
>bullying (goth nerd and jerk jock)
>the prank (tm)
>both lost their bestie in the same event
>both protective of their besties kid and projecting on him
>both lonely, damaged men with shitty lifes
i don't want abo, mpreg, soulmates, dom/sub, cross-gerational polyamory and kink, character bashing and ~queer~ themes (JKR Hate Brigade is a fucking tag on ao3, wtaf), i just want a slow burn enemies to lovers between 2 damaged br*ts in their late 30s

No. 187935

wtf i love snirius now

No. 187937

File: 1646786360537.jpeg (88.35 KB, 750x857, BD8BEF86-B0AA-421C-9455-2C1B85…)

I respect you and your ship and love how you described them but sorry I am brainwashed and ready to die on this train. I love the angst and the fact that they hate each other, which I guess can be applied with Sirius as well but Sirius kind of annoys me. I also love the trope of love triangle with an un expected outcome. I didn’t even really like this ship and didn’t even consider it and one day I just stumbled on a fanfic and it changed me as a person, sorry for being brain damaged. I also remember reading an angsty fanfic that had Snirius and Jeverus and it was really good despite me usually not being into mixing ships together like this

No. 187942

samefag, I haven’t been into Harry potter for so long but this has all made me so nostalgic. I wish my ship had more fanfics, because there is no way I am rereading all the books now.
Also forgot to say Drarry is such a shit tier ship, it belongs in this thread. I also dislike Draco x Hermoine but I forgot the name for that ship, HP zoomers seem to favor these two ships heavily and I don’t get it.

No. 187944

I hate these two for various reasons and this retarded ship is one of them.

No. 187947

it could be interesting in theory but in fics it's always the uwu sadboi who's suffered so much and the nlog who can fix his broken heart. the rabid fans don't help.

zuko is overrated anyway

No. 187952

I quit watching Adventure Time around season 4 but Bubbline was nothing but shoehorned garbage. In fact, I hate how most F/F ships nowadays are from lame kids shows.

No. 187954

File: 1646789043457.png (2.69 MB, 2210x1176, desgusteng.png)

I'm fucking repulsed. She still looks like a little girl btw.

No. 187958

Does it have to make sense? Does there have to be subtext? Can people just enjoy a thing which harms no one (except those that dislike opinion contrary to their own)

No. 187959

this is the notp thread, a thread about disliking ships

No. 187962

No one's telling you that you can't ship it if you really want, they're just telling you why your ship is shit and this is the NOTP thread where we post why we don't like certain ships, go to the OTP thread to post about why you like your OT3

No. 187963

no one's stopping you but we're enitled to say your ship sucks in the ship hate thread

"sirius & remus are so important to harry's developement" is precisely why people feel they shouldn't be fucking

No. 187975

Oh yeah, I was so focused on hating ginny and harry I forgot about drarry. Tried once because I'm so much into angst and enemies to lovers but draco always get horribly woobiefied to the point you can't even recognize the character anymore. Whats the point, that might as well be the author's oc.
Rather ship ron and harry than drarry. I wonder now why harry and ron isn't a popular ship? Other fandoms always ship male friends together but ron and harry seem to have escaped that fate?

No. 187977

because ron is ugly

No. 187993

since we're talking HP, my most hated pairing is Dumbledore with McGonagall.
She is so based and should have nothing to do with that manipulative old scrote

No. 187999

based i ship Dumbledore and the 8th circle of hell

No. 188000

So what, that never stopped the other guys

No. 188004

If everyone's going off about fave HP can't forget Draco and Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

my least fave are the canon ones

No. 188005

absolutely and unequivocally based. 15yo me did a happy dance when he died

No. 188015

File: 1646802455387.jpeg (73.68 KB, 400x507, BC16FA83-FEA9-4BEA-94EC-E5F331…)

kek i love that so much, as one should
best ship ever

No. 188040

File: 1646808432912.jpg (107.36 KB, 640x432, magical-sanatorium.JPG)

Not a NOTP I viscerally hate but I've grown to dislike the hype this pairing has. Too often the author/artists project themselves heavily on one of them (ie gives them their slew of mental disorders) and they don't have chemistry even if the fic's well written. Also Sniper is too old for Scout's shit but isn't fucked up enough to take advantage of his dumbass. Both characters work better when shipped with the other mercs.

No. 188045

File: 1646810195654.png (519.97 KB, 725x532, 1638515022999.png)

Samefag but I really hate Cedfia.
It even made me dislike an artist that I loved because all of her pixiv logs have it, so it was unavoidable when looking for the sauce of some fanart of hers. I usually avoid the ship as much as possible and had been successful before that happened. It was extremely off-putting.
It's a pretty popular ship too, what the fuck. I guess it was inevitable that people would ship it, but, sometimes Sofia isn't even aged up, and she's like 8.
You know, sometimes you don't need to ship every single character with someone else. Sometimes you don't need to ship two characters because they interact a lot with each other, sometimes it's better as a platonic friendship, and that applies in these cases even more. In general, I dislike it when seemingly everyone in a fandom tries to force a ship that really isn't that good, just for the sake of shipping something, because it's what they're "supposed" to do.

No. 188050

This ship is pretty meh since these two hardly interact with each other and feels out of character but I guess it's fair game since Deku is shipped with other girls like Toga and Hatsume. Also Ochako is a nice female self-insert to be shipped other BnHA boys.

>Deku self-inserters lose their minds kek
This lol.

No. 188054

File: 1646811968667.jpg (693.84 KB, 1688x2414, 04230174080.jpg)

They might look good together but at the end of the day Doppo is married to me

No. 188065

I thought it was just me, I always found him creepy and expected that there was gonna be reveal somewhere along the line where he was the true dark lord all along

No. 188067

decided to look up Cedfia
Its the one note villain from a disney kids show and Sofia whose like a baby, I didn't even know about this
This is peak DDLG

No. 188078

File: 1646820399167.jpg (60.77 KB, 498x422, animesher.com_james-potter-sev…)

same, anon. To me, Jeverus is like the better version of Drarry. Either draco or harry are always written in having feelings for the other from the start. Jeverus fics, albeit small, also tend to be dark and problematic and angsty. There's also a lack of unnecessary bashing and the characters rarely feel OOC.

No. 188080

>This is peak DDLG
Why did you have to describe it like that? You're right but now I'm wanna puke kek

No. 188081

cause that's what it felt like, the show seemed like a fun game between cedric and sofia, who was like a paternal figure for her
that's how I saw it

No. 188082

excuse me what? people ship this?????

No. 188087

File: 1646822018109.png (480.33 KB, 512x724, S037_Stage1.png)

Any straight ship with him because he is gay to me, I'm not even saying it in a fujo way, this man isn't attracted to women imo.

No. 188088

>the show seemed like a fun game between cedric and sofia, who was like a paternal figure for her
Exactly, obviously that's what it was like, but I just knew deep down that there would be people who have to turn it into creepy pedo shit, and sure enough that's what I saw once I went on YouTube and other sites for Cedric content. Why? Oh because of course shipping just has to happen one way or another, it doesn't matter if she's a goddamn kid. I don't even care if they age her up, it's still disgusting, and she's usually still too young in those depictions anyway.

Unfortunately yes.
I wish I had never found out. But now that I know I can probably take the necessary precautions to avoid it when looking for fanart and fanfic.

No. 188089

we need to discuss one day the autistic obsession people have to ship anything and being unable to consume platonic content

No. 188091

I agree, it does get annoying sometimes.

No. 188096

File: 1646824484911.png (1.91 MB, 1080x1080, 6F49DA1F-D5A3-4B7E-A552-331FD0…)

I think I have more NOtps than Otps at this point


All BNHA gay pairings are absolute shit, and I hate Deku and Bakugo so goddamn much. I can’t wait for this shit manga to finally end so I can enjoy another HOAD compilation when Deku ends up with Ochako because this is a goddamn shonen manga written for 14 year old boys, and that’s what happens at the end! The MC ends up with the titcow love interest, can’t wait for the BKDKfujo tears


Martin Freeman is a butt ugly cunt. Johnlock faggots gtfo Tolkien fandom, it’s already shitty enough as it is with the kweers like the annoying bitch who cucked Noelle stevenson making an ass of themselves. Tolkien slashers got on with everyone else fine for like 15 years, minding their own business, and then those faggots ruined it.


Martin Freeman is a butt ugly cunt but BC is an even uglier cunt. Mama fucked a stegosaurus looking inbred ass. All Johnlock shippers know how to do is embarrass themselves, harass the actors and writers, and come up with stupid conspiracy theories that even Alex Jones would be like “Wow, you guys are fuckin’ retarded!”


‘Ate Noelle Stevenson (cuckqueen), ‘ate Netflix, ‘ate this fuck ugly “How to Draw Anime” 2003 art style. Simple as.

No. 188098

sis what did noelle stevenson and her wife do to you kek

No. 188102

>>>/twitter/, libfem womanchild

No. 188103

nta but check the western animation threads on /snow/ and laugh at Noelle with us.

No. 188104

File: 1646826798366.png (2.94 MB, 1080x1080, 99C9F42B-D141-427F-8495-390E24…)

I can’t even say I hate it because Klance shippers’ pathetic dumpster fire of a meltdown over this mediocre space robot show had me more entertained than the show itself. The art also has that horrible “how to draw anime” look that makes everyone in the show look ugly but Lance is especially ugly with that stupid Dorito chin. The man wanted cute space elf coochie and Keith is just an autistic pickme for Shiro anyway.


I love Elsa and Anna, they remind me a lot of my own sister and I. Disgusting scrote Elsanna shippers should be castrated and killed. In fact, moids should not be allowed to watch childrens media after puberty, so they won’t create disgusting porn and traumatize innocent children.


Only people with big “trans Thomas Jefferson in miku binder” energy would ship one of the few male best friendships with no weird homoerotic undertones at all. It’s always Aidens who think they’re just like uwu non-binary feral innocent bean Charlie and, even if they won’t admit it, are super asspained over Mac x Dennis (which I don’t really love either, but it ain’t a Charlie shaped custom onahole Mac bussin nuts into) because it’s aBuSivE.
If only they watched the damn show instead of just looking at tumblr tranny headcanon bullshit. These guys don’t wanna fuck, they wanna get drunk, scam people, beat up children and clap evil twin cheeks.


Truly the worst ship that has ever existed, ever. Not only does it encompass every issue I’ve previously listed (moral superiority complex, entitlement and abuse of the showrunners and actors, and fugly dudes), but it’s fans (demons who should be sent straight to Super Hell with downsy-faced Misha Collins) are responsible for the leaky-anus, shit baby scourge on the Earth known as omegaverse. Destiel is so awful I embrace that weak ass lame series finale out of sheer spite.

Fuck. Destiel. Right. In. It’s. Discharge. Leaking. Asshole.

No. 188106

i thought molly is a lesbian… kinda feel bad for noelle now kek

No. 188107

She's bi, and a lot of people are speculating that Noelle is trooning out because Molly misses men or something like that.

No. 188108

I really hate ships where the male character finds a girl somewhere, like either the girl is asleep, comatose, was summoned or in some cases turned on because she's a robot or something. The girl is discovered to have no memories and usually acts like a child, and can't do anything by themselves but are usually the deus ex machina whenever there's a problem.

Chobits is an example I can recall and this trailer for a new netflix anime kinda implies that kind of relationship between the main characters.

I hate it even more whenever there's another girl, that is written to be mature, that already has feelings for the male character but gets sidelined.

No. 188109

File: 1646829059720.jpeg (41.09 KB, 400x600, 1644302525691.jpeg)

true and hilarious nonna

No. 188112

not the first time i hear about lesbians trooning out for girls they like

No. 188121

>born sexy yesterday
is the trope name of the particular female character trope, in case you want to avoid shit featuring it

No. 188122

I'm sorry, but when I heard about him being gay, it made me feel like he had been grooming Harry for something more than just being a sacrifice for greater good

No. 188127

Read Gunnm, it's about a cyborg girl being woken up in a junkyard by a scientist and there's none of that shit.

No. 188132

File: 1646832654493.jpeg (161.46 KB, 640x640, 2CD6DD6B-E898-4B0B-9638-2BE4CB…)

>husbandoing characters from a series this gay

No. 188151

seychelles x england or seychelles x france, i refuse to acknowledge himaruya's irrelavant self-insert

No. 188153

do you ship fruk nonny?

No. 188156

wasn't seychelles first introduced in the hetalia dating game? It's a bad move imo especially with most fans shipping the men (or male countries) together.

No. 188157

T.racist white girl who hates black women

No. 188158

Any of the female Utena characters with any of the male characters. In fact, I'll go a step further and say any of the male Utena characters with each other. How are you going to watch Utena and still ship any of the male characters with anyone? They're all insanely fucked up in the head and are incredibly misogynistic (on purpose). I ship the Utena girls with a world without men, free of misogynist oppression!

No. 188159

>Hetalia in the year of our lord 2022

No. 188160

i don't know how to break it to you but in the dating game seychelles was white, that's why i called her himaruya's self-insert

No. 188162

I do
it's weirder to take a small african country, turn her into a white-looking girl and then make one of her colonizers france sexually harass her and the other one england puts a collar on her

No. 188165

why is she himaruya's self insert?

No. 188169

because she was created as a self-insert for that dating game, that's why she looked ambiguously white/japanese
but they retconned her thankfully

No. 188171

No. 188215

>Hating Destiel and Klance
Basada and I love you

No. 188216

Nonnie you get me, I love their dynamic and they do get compared to Drarry but imo Jeverus like you said gets it right. It’s sad how little fanfic there is of them and how most are unreadable because they’re OT3 shit and such. I love love love the angst with these two especially when they make James suffer.

No. 188220

No. 188234

File: 1646856193799.png (53.67 KB, 512x512, puke emoji.png)

>Disgusting scrote Elsanna shippers should be castrated and killed.
fucking this, that ship is 100% pornsick scrote shit.

No. 188236

Weird, I've seen a lot of Elsa/Anna shippers and they were all real women. Either bi women, lesbians or some sort of gender fuckery, it never crossed my mind that men were also into that atrocity.

No. 188237

Snarry is even better

No. 188240

Pretty sure that's just the retarded whitewashed artstyle in the otome game which used the shitty anime artstyle from the 2 first seasons. Seychelles wasn't the only character affected by it.
But I agree with
>then make one of her colonizers france sexually harass her and the other one england puts a collar on her
Still she's not "Himaruya's self-insert", she's a self-insert for the players.
Personally I would've loved to have a romantic relationship with my Hetalia husbando in an official Hetalia game, even if I was into shipping.

No. 188248

Any ship with Snape is my notp. He's just a pathetic simp incel he deserves to be alone

No. 188250

Are all Disney fandoms this fucked up? My guess is that there's a lot of minors in there and they have brainrot from excessive exposure to the internet

No. 188252

a joseimuke sort of game with a faceless mc would be cute

No. 188257

No. 188263

>she's a self-insert for the players.
Number one reason I don't get the decision, in a fandom almost entirely fujoshis why would you make an otoge?

No. 188264

>in a fandom almost entirely fujoshis
mnay of those fujos also wanted to fuck the characters, but the reason is probably that making a BL game for the PSP and DS would've been impossible

No. 188272

because there were lots of simps in the fandom who wanted to date the characters. idk how succesful this project was because in the end himaruya dropped it

No. 188277

File: 1646865306053.jpg (290.86 KB, 1000x700, reg.jpg)

If Snape is too ugly for a marauders era pairing just use Regulus Black instead. Nobody can tell me this guy didn't fuck.

No. 188281

If you guys gonna keep talking about snape please give me jeverus recs cus I'm interested now and I got the time

No. 188284

oh nonny I got you, let me link my number one favorite for now and i’ll go look through my bookmarks for more normally I don’t like fics that go straight to sex actually I hate it but I love this one so much https://archiveofourown.org/works/4627896/chapters/10552044

No. 188287

does anyone remember how in snape's worst memory james exposed snape's underwear because sirius said he was bored and then just before the chapter ended he threatened to strip him naked? and old school hp fandom used to insist he was straight too.

No. 188291

Yes, James was such a fag honestly, Lily deserved better.

No. 188293

File: 1646868164591.jpg (426.93 KB, 800x600, m.jpg)

None of the marauders were straight. James was a sex pest who sexually harassed Snape to impress Sirius, Sirius and Peter were both obsessed with James and Remus was just there tolerating it because he liked being in their gay group too much to leave. For all we know Peter betrayed them because they kept having threesomes without him.

No. 188301

File: 1646869217830.jpeg (126.76 KB, 693x482, 06DBC739-8B5A-43A3-ABB5-3FAC98…)

why do they always make Peter weirdly adorable in fanart, but yeah he really hurts the groups attractiveness quotient. I always wondered why they were friends with him but bullied Snape for being ugly, even if he was a smelly Gryffindor.

No. 188302

File: 1646869677038.jpeg (267.58 KB, 828x579, F20D0AF7-C9F3-4152-A4F6-A2A792…)

i feel like jkr was too clueless about a lot of things and accidentally wrote some gay shit. also reminds me of how pissed harry got at cedric, ostensibly because he was a romantic rival to cho

No. 188314

KEK Harry inherited the gay from his dad. No wonder the HP fandom used to be such a fujo stomping ground especially back when tumblr and livejournal were popular. Just curious, would anyone be interested in another HP thread?

No. 188320

I was thinking this earlier and tbh yeah I wouldn’t mind it, we’ve kind of invaded this thread.

No. 188334

There was an HP thread before /m/ got wiped anyway. Start another temp one until admin fixes the board.

No. 188339

Hell yeah, I've been really enjoying this thread for that reason, might as well migrate to our own thread

No. 188342

File: 1646878724497.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.31 KB, 1360x1024, gaybastards.jpg)

what the- how can you not see Touga and Saionji with sometimes Akio added in? they're so gay and fabulous…but of course misogynistic and shitty too as you say

But I agree with your spoiler text headcanon

No. 188407

Any Harry Potter ship tbqh, it was one of the first book I ever read and I was into it for the magic shit, so when I found out some people were more invested in the characters' non existent relationships than in the story I was really weirded out lol.

No. 188421

OP is off her meds, they deserve each other. I guess Touga and Saionji are much less evil than Akio literally Satan, especially since Touga was pimped out as a child (the movie backstory is canon for TV too) and groomed by Akio. Saiounji is fucked in the head by his inferiority syndrome toward Touga, as well as insatiable lust for him… shitty, but also not Akio tier shitty. So I can accept all 3 fucking or just Saionji and Touga.

No. 188423

how is this gay? he is jealous of his love rival, every other interpretation is wishful thinking. Like fine if you think so, but it's not what's happening there…

No. 188425

Nta but I guess it's because he called Cedric handsome and a 'pretty boy'

No. 188428

well if someone thinks that an objective description is gay… we all know that jk meant to signal that Cedric looked so much like a boyband member that even Harry noticed he cannot compare and it made him feel like shit kek. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it's hard for me to see that as gay. Same with Harry's rivalry with Draco (and their seething obsession over each other). It's absolutely possible to want to bash someone's head in without wanting to fuck them

No. 188437

OP here. Yes they belong together, burning in hell for being woman hating freaks.

No. 188440

Pretty boy is definitely not a compliment.

No. 188450

>>>/m/188449 I don't make threads often, hope it's okay

No. 188468

I don't disagree kek. You've missed out on Ruka the peak rapist incel though and maybe Miki, though there is hope for him

No. 188474

Wasn't it even outright stated in the Case Files anime that he's a virgin at 29, not interested in women at all and is obsessing over Iskandar all the time? kek anyone who thinks he's straight is coping way too hard, he's absolutely in love with his dead boyfriend and the whole franchise pretty much spells it out for you

No. 188496

I thought it was canon that he had sex at least once with Iskandar during the events of Zero? I especially hate seeing him shipped with the female MC from FGO and I say this as a lifelong yumejoshi kek.

No. 188505

Yes, the creator of Case Files said in an interview (which I can't find now so you'll just have to trust me sis) that they had sex and were lovers, Waver was said to be virgin in case files as in he had never been with a woman before. He's also clearly disgusted and disturbed whenever he comes across as a half nude woman or when a woman makes advances towards him so I don't know who the hell thinks he's straight.

No. 188513

cannot stand EreMika from SnK, mostly because I loathe the author for keeping her entire character focus and development on Eren. What the fuck happened to her and Hizuru? Not on twitter but apparently it’s one of the biggest ships in the fandom

No. 188518

I hate it when people ship celebrities and YouTubers and stuff with each other and write gross fanfiction about them. Literally it's so disgusting like hello those are real people you're writing gay furry diaper scat porn of. Knowing A/B/O originated from supernatural RPF is so gag worthy. This also includes Hamilton fans writing fic shipping ugly dead historical figures that shit is so retarded.

No. 188527

as someone who reads frozen fanfiction helsa enjoyer elsanna is in fact shipped by actual women. I assume it is due to shipping brain rot, at least in some fics writers label them as being unrelated.

No. 188538

I can't stand EreMika because Mikasa is an airheaded overly obsessive girlfriend whose only personality trait is just being a guard dog for Eren and Eren is a retarded self-insert Gary Stu. Both are terrible characters.

Honestly to me Elsanna is the quintessential ship for the straight girls who believe lesbianism is just hand-holding cutesy cottagecore sisterhood shit so they don't even consider the incest angle.

No. 188553

elsanna doesn't even look like a scrote ship, i don't think scrotes ship anything other than shounen mc x whoever is his female love interest

No. 188556

>elsanna doesn't even look like a scrote ship
Oh nonna, you're so lucky to still be so innocent.

No. 188600

>i don't think scrotes ship anything other than shounen mc x whoever is his female love interest
kek. one day you'll find out that 99% of yuri producers and consumers are not in fact lesbians or even women regardless of whether or not it has explicit porn involved.

No. 188618

i hate azula being paired with any man but sokka is the worst

No. 188631

File: 1646973877590.jpg (168.84 KB, 821x1023, tumblr_mylc26wiOD1skjbkno1_128…)

Now thats a ship I'll never understand. Where it even came from???

No. 188633

no ideas. hetshippers thinking she needs a man to fix her i guess

No. 188637

Kek anon i said the same thing the other day.

No. 188639

Imma get flamed but idc. Nana and hachi dont belong together sorry. Theyre just best friends. Nana loves ren and hachi loves takumi.

No. 188647

valid opinion but takumi and ren were shitty males who didn’t deserve them and i hope they both rot in hell

No. 188651

Hachi didn't love Takumi, she was just a sex-addicted fangirl with no spine so she couldn't break up with him to stay with Nobu like she wanted. Nana actually likes Ren for who he is.

No. 188652

Fujos will see a character being "cucked" by his rival and think the reason he's upset is cause he wanted to be with him rather then the girl
they really are porn addicts

No. 188660

cedharry shippers they’ll never take this from us

No. 188669

File: 1646989689499.png (216.07 KB, 500x500, FJjp2JeacAEbz3w.png)

klance pisses me off so much. those shippers gave me such hell when i was like 16 on the internet just trying to happily ship sheith. but really, any ship people default to because they don't want to ship the """problematic""" stuff (e.g. itafushi & geto/gojo shippers don't want to ship goyu/gofushi) earn my ire fast as hell.

i'm definitely one of the biggest fujoshi on this site and i swear to fuck these two didn't trip my fujo sensor.

…but i also want to say "hate shipping" is a definite thing kek. it's based if done right.

No. 188677

>likes gofushi and sheith
You are my soulmate, but my god klance shippers are the most autistic bottom of the barrel parasites, that ship makes me recoil. The majority did not care that sheith was “problematic” or whatever they just used it to make their ship seem better by comparison but it was obvious even the creators favored sheith so they can stay mad and seethe. itafushi is such a shit ship too it’s so boring (and gojoxitadori too), i understand satosugu to an extent but it’s just not for me, I like them way more as just best friends turned enemies. It hurts me that gofushi isn’t more popular because of the moral crusaders because it’s just the superior ship in that entire manga.

No. 188706

>I swear to fuck these two didn't trip my fujo sensor
Rain scene kinda tripped it for me but not to the point where I got why they were one of the biggest BL ships.

No. 188718

Gofushi and goyuji are shit. Not for muh problematic reasons but because they’re genuinely shit. The manga ships satosugu anyway.

No. 188721

Geto is so fucking ugly. He doesn't deserve to be shipped with anyone

No. 188740

File: 1647013419468.jpeg (29.46 KB, 320x458, 9832a9fef456e904f3a94d44f37fe0…)

Shipping Integra with Alucard just does not sit right with me. Honestly don't know how I feel about shipping her with anyone besides myself tbh

No. 188743

Integra is my spinster queen and seeing her shipped with anybody weirds me out too, I think I even prefer Alucard with Anderson than with her, he's more of a paternal figure for her anyway.

No. 188785

File: 1647021028077.jpg (253.46 KB, 1435x2048, E5yEhXxVcA4UIBG.jpg)

stsg is so boring to me. geto isn't an interesting enough character to ship with anyone – his motivations for villainry are lame and the body-snatcher piloting his body isn't much better; oooohwoooo i want POWER zzzz.

also hate the dynamic between them in fanwork. it's just two guys in love. cute but dull. there's lots of ways to style goyu/gofushi that makes them spicy.

>It hurts me that gofushi isn’t more popular because of the moral crusaders

if it's any consolation, the jpn fandom is probably never going to pick up on the west's obsession with moralfagging over cartoons: gofushi is one of the most popular jjk ships over there. i think it's pretty popular in every fandom that isn't western and english-speaking, actually.

see, not even that got me. nor did the foot scene, maybe it's because i'm not a footfag though.

No. 188881

Good taste anon, Snarry is the way. Post Hogwarts where Harry is teaching Defense and they both still hate each other but work through it and bond over their shared trauma.

It's also my favorite dynamic in a relationship, one person is super smart and the other is an idiot.

>shit taste
Says the anon who ships Snape with the people who attempted to sexually assault and murder him.

No. 188882


Gonna be honest never put this together. James Potter is deffo a fag.

You learn something new everyday I guess.

No. 188917

File: 1647081120728.jpg (95.82 KB, 960x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The fact that she fell in love with him because he was the first man she met that didn't wanted to bed her, her bar was so low because her life was shit. Even her ending support is shit
>Astrid disregarded opposition and married the worst idler in three countries, but never tamed him.

No. 188918

>Says the anon who ships Snape with the people who attempted to sexually assault and murder him.
Cry about it, oh boo hoo it’s abusive, says the one shipping him with the son of the woman he was in love with who he met when he was a baby and proceeded to treat like shit for years. I don’t have an issue with Snarry, just showing you how dumb you sound.

No. 188919

>Says the anon who ships Snape with the people who attempted to sexually assault and murder him.
fucking based snapefag

No. 188923

you don't really get to cry about xyz ship being abusive if you ship snarry lmfao

snucius is the superior snape ship anyway

No. 188936


Snape is unwashed, oily and definitely has skidmarks. Discostang, all snapeshippers

No. 188941

I used to think that but now I am into Jeverus all the way and you are wrong

No. 188948

File: 1647105282782.jpeg (150.18 KB, 477x1200, 6BB7D542-4E5D-477D-A407-69C284…)


No. 188951

lol nonnas I love that this thread devolved into HP ship infighting but a reminder we have a containment thread:


also snarry 5ever

No. 188955

I thought I'd never see another Tellius fan here holy shit. But yeah them and Micaiah/Sothe are garbage "canon" ships. I'm thoroughly convinced that Astrid/Makalov was an inside joke amongst the devs and that they decided to write it in the final game with no rhyme or reason thinking it would be just as funny to other people (it wasn't). It's a shame because I really like everything else about Astrid

No. 188961

File: 1647111226881.gif (1.06 MB, 498x280, i-have-found-you-mario-judah.g…)

That Cedfia ship is going to make me kermit I can't go to Pinterest and search Cedric pics without that cursed ship appearing fucking everywhere and there's SO MUCH fanart wtf??? what's so ~romantic~ about a little girl kissing her 38yo teacher?? omg please kill me God has abandoned us

No. 188989

I thought this was just an objective thing, and I'm not even a fujo. He doesn't even have women around except for the ones who bully him (based)

No. 189277

Another Tellius fan here, and tbh all the canon ships are kind of lackluster even if Astrid/Makalov is clearly the worst of the buncg. Though that might just be because there were no proper support conversations in the game, and most of the base conversations involved Micaiah or Ike. And yes Micaiah/Sothe is garbage, even Micaiah/Pelleas was better

No. 189684

Not even notp but I hate how popular Royai and Wrighworth are because they are boring as fuck

No. 189691

File: 1647394963574.png (1.16 MB, 1069x961, 1B2C1664-C673-4964-B355-C93DAA…)

>all this anime fanart of Snape
Draw the greasy hair and hook nose, you fucking weeb cowards

No. 189703

kek nonny, that's exactly how I felt after I found that artist's pixiv (got over it a few days later tho)

There are far more boring fujo main ships in many other fandoms honestly

No. 189707

and? still boring and it's everywhere and peak boring straight girl ship

No. 189711

File: 1647399922001.jpeg (761.45 KB, 1920x1920, tumblr_d332730b83a6bea49b87f06…)


He's only cute when he's got his cute big, hooked nose.

You're a woman of culture anon.

No. 189713

Did you see the NSFW Pixiv log that was posted in the husbandoposting thread? Do you think the way he's drawn there is alright or not? His nose was kinda big but I'm not sure if he looked to conventionally hot

No. 189714

File: 1647400341439.jpeg (53.83 KB, 449x679, 736CC829-819F-4E1A-85F4-C16309…)

I think it’s just because realistic human features (in any capacity) like, noses don’t really fit into an anime style, I like his big nose though.

No. 189718

For scientific purposes, and because I cannot find the link, do you happen to have a link to the post or log, for my research, of course.

No. 189730

Here's the post: >>>/g/245991

No. 189733

File: 1647404696359.jpeg (98.84 KB, 600x425, FE87CC4B-9454-4BC7-9688-EDD5DE…)

thank you so much nonna, I love the related works system on pixiv because it led me down a rabbit hole of cute snape art

No. 189736

to avoid hijacking this thread I'm gonna reply to you on /g/

No. 190065

>makes deku self-inserters seethe
>makes annoying girls seethe
>makes fujos seethe
Perfect ship, I found it.

No. 190188

>shipping something just to spite your personal boogeymen
I think you're the annoying girl in this situation, kek. Why are MHA fans like this

No. 190291

NTA but I dunno, I’m starting to see the appeal
Pissing off those three annoying types is fun and it has that typical good girl/ bad boy schtick

No. 190354

The people who like this ship and these shitty characters in general are just as annoying as all those groups too.

No. 190383

not that anon and not really a MHA fan but whatever that ship is named makes those deku self-inserter beta moids really mad, even more so than fujos so it is good in my book

No. 190438

I hate ICHIHIME, I'm not dropping their pic because to this day they don't have official romantic cover or anything.
I think Tite is a fucking retard if he really planned that romance out from the start and failed so fucking hard to deliver anything with it. Most people supporting the ship are ether coombrain weebs that like how she has big boobs, or delusional female whales that believe if they like someone that someone should like them too by default, no matter if there is a real connection if two of you have anything to talk about.

No. 190464

That's basically how I feel about 99% of shounen endgame pairings. They're never thought out or developed at all. The one exception might be Chichi and Goku? Even then, DBZ did their relationship dirty.

No. 190500

Whoever the resident schizo is in /bnha/ for the last 5 years deserves a medal for his dedication. To this day he spams this meme ship (and other meme deku ntr ships) even after mods continuously crack down on him. The fujos in that thread lewding Decuck are based too. Without those two the generals would be filled with faggots unironically defending Hori's dogshit writing and delusions about a Deku harem.

No. 190557

it's because the audience always expects an endgame ship so the mangakas are forced to shove in something. pretty sure bnha is gonna end up with a naruto/kny tier ending, with everyone married or dead

No. 190615

I don't ship it, I rarely ship anything in MHA. The manga isn't build for shipping wars anyway, Ochako/Deku ending is pretty inevitable in my opinion so why not have some fun?

No. 190791

The more two males hate each other, the harder fujo freaks ship them together

No. 190795

File: 1647774249753.png (220.31 KB, 481x274, a28d676bdbc0bd98aafca47a340b3f…)

Oscar x André makes me seethe for so many reasons

No. 190797

Tell me more. I watched the anime when I was a kid on TV and missed a shit ton of episodes so I just know they were into each other and I remember the episode when Oscar accidentally shoots Andre in the eye.

No. 190798

people who ship this should be put down

No. 190811

File: 1647777822318.jpeg (444.22 KB, 1820x2570, 128E0509-D3C3-4CCF-A48A-BB0DEE…)

I’m open minded but I can’t entertain this at all. Kanji is best boy and I can’t willingly cuck him like this

No. 190824

Kanji/Naoto is as much of an abomination as Yu/Naoto though. Kanji's crush on Naoto is cute but Naoto is really not interested in him and they don't have any cute moments together.

No. 190826

You’re right kanji/naoto has no chemistry either, it just feels wrong in game to fuck naoto while kanji is crushing hard in cut scenes

No. 190828

What is so bad about it?

No. 190833

Riyoko Ikeda is first on the list kek

No. 190921

File: 1647808334595.png (112.89 KB, 591x742, 003.png)

I hate this ship.

No. 190933

You're posting this because I mentioned this on /g/? Do you hate me that much?

No. 190934

I hate any ship with Jotaro because I just hate him, I hate Kakyoin too so JotaKak is extremely haram to me lol.

No. 190935

BASED. Jotaro's general autism is so annoying.

No. 190947

Kek, based. I love Joseph and dislike Jotaro (and absolutely hate him in fujo depictions where he's turned into a typical annoying seme) so this ship is already bad enough before you even consider the grandson-grandpa incest aspect of it.

I'm so sorry, nonny, but you reminded me of how much I hate that ship. Sorry to have exposed your eyes to that doujin once again, I should've spoilered it.

No. 190965

i fucking hate jotaro too. his design is sexy for sure, i don't mind porn of him being violently buttfucked or humiliated but god i hate him as a character. he's incredibly boring on top of being an unlikeable jackass all the time.

No. 190968

>his design is sexy for sure, i don't mind porn of him being violently buttfucked or humiliated
Holy shit, same, I forgot to say that I only like it when he's a bottom, kek

No. 190988

File: 1647825828656.png (1.02 MB, 758x1102, Dz3Qgx3UYAAMi8_.png)

I don't necessarily hate it, I'm just really confused by it

No. 191025

File: 1647840191720.jpg (98.86 KB, 660x500, 1647837970337544.JPG)

No. 191028

File: 1647841523184.jpg (44.58 KB, 1280x720, fag jesus.jpg)

Let me guess, you're a yumejo. I don't even care that much about this ship, but it cannot simply be summed up as hate. They are rivals, but they also see each other as equals and respect each other. Also, you can't blame fujos for shipping them after the rain scene.

No. 191324

File: 1647960683427.jpg (70.84 KB, 507x556, can't believe it.jpg)

In my embarrassing amount of years being an Evangelion fan, I've never been able to wrap my head around the Kaworu/Asuka ship. I get that it's a crackship, but still… why. They don't have an interesting dynamic since they only interact maybe once in canon, and even then can't stand one another. They do interact more in non-canon side material, but only to the extent of fighting over Shinji and Asuka calling him a homo. I just don't get it. It used to make me seethe so much when I was younger kek

No. 191329

File: 1647961959573.png (71.08 KB, 980x613, S.png)

grown adult women simping for one note villain from a show meant for small children

No. 191331

It literally just exists for yumes to self insert as Asuka, even they know that every non Kawoshin Kaworu ship is crack as fuck.

No. 191343

Actually, I think Kaworu/Rei as like an Adam/Lilith ship is interesting.

No. 191351

>grown women simping for an adult character that they probably found out about online
I don't see the issue, plus most of the comments in your pic are just saying that they relate to him, not that they want to fuck him. Go sperg about it somewhere else, this thread is about shipping.

I wouldn't seethe over this ship, but you're right that it just has zero appeal. I can't imagine how it could possibly work and this is actually the first time I've heard about it.

If it were a self-insert ship, I think Kaworu/Rei would be better for that. But then again, I didn't even know people shipped Kaworu with anyone other than Shinji so I've never seen Kaworu/Asuka fans.

No. 191352

NTA I mean, the in-universe Adam and Lilith are more analogous to siblings than anything(both Seeds of Life created by the FAR). I can't see them as a romantic pairing, but they could have an interesting dynamic as former hosts for Adam and Lilith's souls. Though tbh I can't see Kaworu with a woman at all, even putting Kawoshin aside I just can't see him being attracted to women kek

No. 191371

> even they know that every non Kawoshin Kaworu ship is crack as fuck.
Still coping I see.

No. 191375

NTA but coping with what? You mean the movie ending? You know the Rebuilds are not canon and take place in a different continuity anyway, right?

No. 191376

ntayrt, but what? the only other character he has even a somewhat close bond with is kaji, who's much older and in love with misato

No. 191398

Why do yumes exclusively thirst after the faggiest looking twinks I've ever seen then turn around and chimp when they discover that most of the other people who like them are fujos…

No. 191409

who the hell would self-insert as asuka??

No. 191435

NTA but honestly I've seen way too many people on here saying Asuka is literally them. Still I doubt any of them would self-insert as her to be with Kaworu

No. 191445

Literally the only character he regularly interacts with is Shinji and his main character trait is being in love with Shinji, what are you talking about?

No. 191450

It's especially weird in this case, since the twink in question is explicitly in love with another guy. Like you could not pick a worse character as your husbando, kek

No. 191470

>You can't be attracted to an adult character because he's from a children's show
This argument is so fucking retarded

No. 191471

>Why do yumes exclusively thirst after the faggiest looking twinks I've ever seen
Because that's Japan's beauty standard. Most male characters look like this in animanga.

No. 191476

Bottom right is based. It feels like a crackship.

No. 191549

File: 1648023100922.jpg (27.48 KB, 480x640, E-skjDjUYAgKWtZ.jpg)

Aren't they more like rivals? IDK, imo they are incomprehensible aliens so you can interpret their "relationship" in human terms in whatever way you want. But I'm not posting with evapedia open, so I may have forgotten the details. The whole FAR NGE lore is a mess to the point the term has been created for/revealed in a game released like 15-20 years after the TV series has ended
I definitely don't subscribe to this ship whatsoever, but some random Khara artist actually may kek. Would assume the last shot in the Rebuilds is some retarded Pair The Spares attempt, but then Asuka is alone and mercifully not with Kensuke or Toji (if you want to keep it Eva pilots only)

No. 191555

Those comments are not even thirsting after him, just find him endearing/ relatable. I don't understand you: he's a simple albeit nice and comfy character, he's not problematic and is as bad as a Disney villain can be there's no reason to be so obsessed to prove a point as much as you're trying to. I would understand if it was a trainwreck of character but he's just…there yet you always bring the same weird arguments. I really wonder what's your damage.

No. 191563

Am I the only one who thinks describing a character/emotional state as comfy is autistic as hell

No. 191564

Yes you are the only one

No. 191568

I mean, the booklet this comes from is just a staff doujin, it has no bearing on canon. Otherwise Asuka/Rei would be canon too since they got ship art in it kek
>but then Asuka is alone and mercifully not with Kensuke or Toji (if you want to keep it Eva pilots only)
Asuka is the only one of the pilots(if you don't count Toji since he wasn't one in the rebuilds) to actually be in a relationship, funnily enough. Her relationship with Kensuke is confirmed romantic. Mari/Shinji was "just friends"-zoned and Kaworu/Rei is literally just them standing next to one another.

No. 191570

I don't care about the movies, but I liked how everyone shat their pants because of Kensuke. That was hilarious. I've seen people saying they're not actually a couple, I'd like to know if you say they're canon because of the movie itself or thanks to a confirmation from staff.

No. 191573

>I mean, the booklet this comes from is just a staff doujin, it has no bearing on canon
I didn't say that the booklet is canon, just in case. I only meant that there was some autist who explored the possibility.
>Her relationship with Kensuke is confirmed romantic.
What? Who said that? That's unsettling, they had big ddlg vibes if perceived as anything but brother/sister or whatever (yeah, Asuka walking naked was weird, but stroke me as retarded anime "humor"). I think I would like them in fanon, though. Kensuke grew to be a pretty cool guy, beyond the scene in which he says Shinji should reconcile with his abusive war criminal of a father.
>Mari/Shinji was "just friends"-zoned
You mean the quote by a guy working on the film who (Afair) wasn't a scenario writer? Please give me the quote since I cannot find it. I remember reading it and it seemed to me like he gave into a fandom pressure rather than his opinion being canon.
The movie has a real weird way of portraying friendship, if it's true, since the film language contradicts the interpretation rather than supports it. I don't ship Marishin though, if I cared about Shinji it would be my notp even. I saw something else in the movie, though.

No. 191577

I think after the fact they tried to downplay it because Asuka fanboys got salty, kek. Though to be honest I can see them as having a more sibling-esque found family(hate this term though) thing going on, even if technically they're the same age
>I didn't say that the booklet is canon, just in case. I only meant that there was some autist who explored the possibility.
I mean, them having baby Shinji as their kid isn't really a viable possiblity.
>What? Who said that? That's unsettling, they had big ddlg vibes if perceived as anything but brother/sister or whatever (yeah, Asuka walking naked was weird, but stroke me as retarded anime "humor"). I think I would like them in fanon, though. Kensuke grew to be a pretty cool guy, beyond the scene in which he says Shinji should reconcile with his abusive war criminal of a father.
They're referred to as "partners"(romantic sense), but I think her VA clarified that they weren't together(at least in the physical sense) while she was still physically 14. So I guess the implication is that they got together as kids, he grew up while she didn't, and they stayed together but in a more affectionate friendship than full-blown romantic one. Though since she's mentally and physically 28 at the end, I don't think there's anything keeping them apart
>You mean the quote by a guy working on the film who (Afair) wasn't a scenario writer? Please give me the quote since I cannot find it. I remember reading it and it seemed to me like he gave into a fandom pressure rather than his opinion being canon.
Yeah, I think it was a… sound director, or something? He said he instructed the VAs to try and portray friendship, and that he thinks the writers intended for the relationship status to be up to the viewer. I think it was from an interview with a fucking vtuber of all things
>The movie has a real weird way of portraying friendship, if it's true, since the film language contradicts the interpretation rather than supports it.
I can definitely see it as ship-teasy, but not as a full-blown confirmation of a relationship like some people think it is. I mean, he just repeats the line she introduced herself with in the second movie, and she's just surprised he didn't just spill his spaghetti at her flirtiness like last time. Her being his parent's friend who got them together also just makes them being together way too weird, even by Eva standards

No. 191590

Rebuild is fuckin’ garbage anyway, I’d rather ignore that it exists completely.

No. 191591

Rebuild isn't even canon or in the same universe as the original series, I don't know why it's so hard to understand

No. 191592

It is canon you brainlets, how are you unable to follow a basic plot?

No. 191595

How the fuck is having a basic plot the same as being canon?

No. 191596

You will find out with a final.

No. 191606

NTA, but it's a direct continuation of NGE/EoE. It's definitely canon, though I agree that it's not very well written

No. 191642

File: 1648061261907.jpg (262.21 KB, 2000x2048, FN0jrFGUcAE1Ni-.jpg)

fuck these two

No. 191646

IMHO it isn't canon, its an separate universe. A what if take. Some details don't match (like Asuka's damaged plugsuit)
Ignoring that… It's not a direct continuation, and it wasn't meant to exist when EoE was made. You can just as well pretend it doesn't exist.

No. 191656

File: 1648063868027.jpeg (78.6 KB, 660x464, images - 2022-03-23T222912.858…)

I hate the bootleg Nozoeli. They're so pushed it doesn't feel earned.

No. 191669

I using "comfy" as "character that makes you feel better and barely gets in trouble"

No. 191685

Kanan is such a bitch, why couldn't she just give a hug?? They have nothing on nozoeli

No. 191729

I wish

No. 192135

File: 1648228923510.jpeg (233.71 KB, 1024x720, DF432804-D167-4C27-A7DF-712308…)

they were always better

No. 200533

File: 1650920065435.png (292.4 KB, 477x511, true.png)

These. Two. I don't even mind MetaDedede but holy shit the way people will jump down your throat if you assume Meta Knight or Dedede aren't gay. MetaDedede shippers are entitled to high heaven too, self righteous and entitled moral purists make up most of them. It doesn't help that they use Kirby Fighters 2's plot and the whole "sworn partner" thing as "proof" for how they're totally gay. I have no problem with MetaDedede and those who ship it, because it can actually be cute but holy shit some of the shippers are so annoying. I'm also annoyed too because the one ship that pairs Meta Knight up with an actual female, Susie Haltmann, is demonized to hell and back while ships that have Meta Knight paired with a male character who have done possibly worse than Susie are praised and loved. I fully believe if Susie was a guy people would be all on board with MetaSusie.

No. 201971

File: 1651182544536.jpeg (44.85 KB, 595x387, F31055A7-B1B5-4CC2-8CCD-A340D7…)

Speaking of IASIP, I feel that Dennis/Mac shippers are way more insufferable and delusional. At least Charlie and Mac seem like genuinely good friends and seem to like being around each other. Whereas Dennis and Mac’s relationship is obviously more toxic. If they were a straight couple you just know the shippers would hate it and realize how unhealthy it is. But since it’s ghey, I guess it doesn’t matter. I hate that they started pandering to fujos in later seasons by making Mac suddenly obsessed with Dennis out of nowhere. But shipping in It’s Always Sunny is autistic anyway.

Also Elsanna was fucking stupid. Yurifags are so desperate that they’re willing to ship a pair of actual sisters together? Gross.

No. 202291

File: 1651271678574.png (252.77 KB, 540x304, dc8ee82574c322eac94bd9246da67d…)

Klance shippers are some of the most toxic motherfuckers on this planet. I was lowkey into this show and enjoyed sheith bc they have a lot of cute moments in the series together, which is apparently sending me to the ninth circle of superhell.

I don't even really get what the hell people were so autistic about, kek. I still don't. To this day I don't understand why the fandom of this random ass reboot was so cancerous, it's pure suffering being a casual fan of stuff like this.

No. 202316

File: 1651275153511.png (1.45 MB, 2048x1944, 527.png)

I fucking hate Byleth. I hate how all three of the lords are so autistically fixated on him/her for no reason, and how there's just random uwu shit written in about it, like how Edelgard paints Byleth's face or how Claude takes our hand to dance. It's both annoying asf pickme writing and also creepy. I hate playing a professor that has students thirsting after me, that I can romance in the game and have kids with. Picrel is my most hated pair, it just gives me such massive scrote vibes. Edelgard deserves to be with a badass woman like dorothea.

I think byleth's only true ship should be with jeritza. Those two are both so retarded they deserve each other.

No. 202320

I like male byleth i hate female byleth

No. 202330

>I don't even really get what the hell people were so autistic about, kek. I still don't.
I'm not into Voltron but from what I understand, it's because one of those guys is like a "father figure"? But I'm willing to bet that, deep down, the real reason was that the autists preferred the other ship more for whatever reason, and started to use that as an excuse to start witch hunts against people who shipped the rival pairing, then the whole fandom was memed into it.
>To this day I don't understand why the fandom of this random ass reboot was so cancerous,
Maybe because the studio is Western and got too close to the fanbase? I doubt this would've happened if the studio was Japanese, for example.

No. 202331

File: 1651280876673.jpeg (34.52 KB, 400x400, B8AD6882-2AF4-4E01-BCF7-6DE38D…)

This was… a unique read.
Wasn't part of this but from the start that fandom was a shitshow, must be that they were mostly underage. The shipping autism was terrible, I actually felt bad for sheith shippers or whichever it was that got hated so viciously. Why can't people leave each other alone?
I just think Byleth's boring is all, but that's probably the point for self insert purposes.

No. 202371

File: 1651294977606.jpg (59.63 KB, 320x960, ebe257d29b4483c5f9d736f8cb1a9b…)

they're the only haikyuu ship i have a more or less negative opinion on. like a dislike towards it in short.

No. 202377

Byleth in general is an inconsistent mess. Corrin was hated for being a mary sue with no personality, which wasn't even true, but for some reason they decided to take Corrin, make its mary sue traits infinitely worse, and remove all its personality traits and coherent backstory and Byleth is the result. FE3H as a whole felt like the marketing team wrote the story as opposed to actual writers with a vision and talent, saw Westerners complaining about some minor problems from Awakening and Fates and amplified them. Byleth/Edelgard is a fucking abomination and its fans makes it even more annoying.

No. 202390

I've seen people say fbyleth is way more interesting than mbyleth when they're literally the same fucking character, I didn't know tits and ugly clothes give you a personality

No. 202398

It's people who project whatever personality traits they want on fbyleth and mbyleth who say that. It's the exact same thing when you see people saying fcorrin makes more sense than mcorrin because Corrin is dumb and women are more stupid than men. Or I've seen the reverse with frobin and mrobin, with people saying that mrobin should be canon because men are smarter than women, and Robin is a tactician. Really, it's just people projecting their own bullshit on fictional characters.

No. 202399

I miss my self inserts like Robin. Yeah they barely had a personality (thanks amnesia plot) but at least they talked and were good at something, and Awakening's plot is… something for sure, especially after 10 years, but I don't think a self insert/lord pairing will ever have the magic of Chrom/Robin again.

No. 202400

You just reminded me of when I played Awakening, told my tumblr mutuals and they all told me to NOT marry Chrom because he's a violent rapist just because he marries someone automatically for plot reasons if he doesn't reach the S rank with someone. It wasn't even a joke or sarcasm, they truly found him offensive for that kek. They were crazy mentally ill tumblrinas.

No. 202402

honestly if they will be a self insert i don't understand why not give us the option to at least customize them like they did in the past with robin and corrin. both byleth and shez are hideous, i genuinely hate the new character designer they got she was working on uta no prince sama and i always thought her designs are fucking ugly

No. 202403

Byleth is everything wrong in a FE self insert. They have no personality whatsoever but they have a specific backstory that make no sense. You can't customize them. You can pick different lines in supports, or rather, you can but they ALL have the exact same meanings. Your choices barely matter because all 4 routes are like 90% the same in terms of story, maps and available classes and weapons. All the characters love Byleth for no good reason. At least with Corrin and Robin you can customize them, they have a set personality and backstory that make sense in their respective stories, they have amnesia to make self-inserting easier but also for reasons that make perfect sense in-context, especially with Corrin not remembering their life before they were 6 years old because of PTSD from seeing their step dad being shot and then beheaded and from getting kidnapped, the characters love them over time for reasons that are at least logical and Chrom gets fucking stabbed for trusting Robin too fast in one timeline, etc.

No. 202483

File: 1651339502249.jpg (129.64 KB, 1045x823, EbZAuaZ.jpg)

Zutara shippers being insufferable online since the early 2000s turned me off from that ship. I had to roll my eyes when I started seeing articles on legitimate news websites about why Zutara was meant to be. They will never let that ship go. Zutara shippers were the proto-Klance but to give them credit they only sent death threats to non-Zutara shippers and not the actual showrunners.
Can't read any fanfic with Aang and Katara as the main focus either because they are boring. Which is sad because I like almost every crack ship in avatar.
so basically every ship tumblr liked

No. 202485

File: 1651340539760.png (135.59 KB, 300x300, 1651340475361.png)

You know we should be thankful that atla aired when it did instead of today, can you imagine the discourse it would have caused today, people would be calling toph butch non-binary, somebody would call katara a pedophile, hardcore Jet sans saying he did nothing, sokka would be accused of being a sexist white man and they would be calling him racist….people wanting to fuck ozai…..PEOPLE WANTING TO FUCK IROH

No. 202487

all the genderspecials would flock to toph that's for sure. zutara would still be the most popular ship i imagine

No. 202488

anon i get what you mean but half of these things are already happening.
>people wanting to fuck ozai
you are over a decade too late for this. the ozai thirst is real
sweet summer child
>hardcore Jet sans saying he did nothing
jetzuko shippers kek
>somebody would call katara a pedophile
this is what zutara shippers always when they arguing against katara and aang being canon. they've been saying this since the show ended, they say katara was like a mother to aang and it's weird. i do agree aang and katara had sibling vibes.

No. 202514

can you explain why? genuinely curious i don’t know much about this ship

No. 202527

Taking into account most young people nowadays writing fics are fakebois and enby girls, I'd bet on them turning zuko, sokka and even azula into tifs, because everything else pretty much happened already.
I had a friend telling me katara is like aangs mom and their age difference is gross but the same friend sent me a fic about ozai and aang as the main pairing but of course "it's just crack ship" was how they justified it. Maybe the fic was supposed to be really crack but nah dude, I know you well enough to know you are into some nasty shit, honestly it's just so much easier to say you just don't like kataang than resort to the age gap argument. I don't like the ship either.
I guess zutara could have been interesting but the fandom made me ship anything else but them.

LoK had some annoying discourse didn't matter what direction you look. Makorra, korrasami, bolin and.. whoever they got him, everyone was so insufferable about the ships. I hate most LoK ships.. especially the ones involving korra. Would've loved korrasami if didn't freaking came out of nowhere. Wish there was some sort of relationship buildup beforehand.

No. 202532

With expection of Sokka's relationships, I think all romantic ships in ATLA are boring and lack intimacy and development. I get the appeal of Zutara, but they barely interacted. I bet most of it's shippers are self-inserter fangirls.

No. 202534

zutara is like drarry, chilumi and kacchako, the good old "relatable" girl x bad boy wattpad pairing kek

No. 202535

meant to say dramione

No. 202540

Exactly, one of the main reasons why I can't stand those ships.

No. 202670

some kuroo/tsukki shippers shit on yamaguchi, who is my favorite character in haikyuu and say he's boring. and i love tsukkiyama, so yeah the dislike is petty. i also noticed that there is also a lot of fics where yamaguchi or kenma suffers unrequited love and just cope that tsukishima and kuroo are together.

i read one where tsukishima is one of the few in the population who has a soulmate but is still defying the inevitable by dating yams. ofc kuroo is his other half but reassures yams he'll never leave him for kuroo and kuroo feels guilty for intruding the relationship and wants to form a relationship with yamaguchi as well.

and i feel so sad for yamaguchi because tsukishima always never feels satisfied physically with him in terms of sex and kuroo just comes in and scratch that itch.

the fic is depressing. but it's tagged as polyamorous and ot3. and that was my first time reading ot3 and poly shit.

ngl kuroo/tsukki doujinshi have great smut material tho.

No. 202673

well kuroo has kenma anyway

No. 202683

File: 1651416265496.jpg (804.9 KB, 2861x1983, teamrocket.jpg)

recently a lot of people ship james and jessie romantically and honestly i don't like that interpretation that much
i've always seen them as a pair of wacky besties. it's rare to see good platonic male/female relationships in the media

No. 202684

james is clearly gay

No. 202685

yeah, but most kuroo/tsukki fics i browsed tend to give kenma little role or cameo, but it's better than yams who rarely appears or gets mentioned in the fics at all. it's usually bokuto and akaashi that are tagged as main or side characters in kuroo/tsukki fics. it's a nitpick, i know, but it's an observation i have noticed.

anyways, i feel a lot better ranting the little shit that ticks me off from this ship.

it's worse when people interpret them as t4t, especially james because he's comfortable dressing up in women's clothing just to trick a bunch of kids into giving him their pokemon.

No. 202698

Kenma is for Hinata

No. 202703

File: 1651421772615.jpg (129.46 KB, 736x967, 1266fa658742dd57f99ae855c71d7c…)

idk how you can look at james and go "ah yes this mean is clearly heterosexual"
and yeah i like them best as friends. the two of them and meowth are pals who stick together no matter what
but i'm rly a sucker for villainous friendships in general tbh

No. 202710

I thought they were siblings

No. 202792

oh no not the t4t bi4bi cope

No. 202914

I don't know if you guys are aware but the current theme for the doodle room in /ot/ is shipping. There's still some space left.
Posting here and not in the OTP thread because this one was bumped much more recently

No. 203008

same, they acted like twins even the names sounded like something twins would have.

No. 204997

Why do fujos have such a huge superiority complex? Is this an LC-exclusive thing?

And no idgaf about Eva or any of the characters and ships in it.

No. 204998

File: 1652165188046.jpg (830.24 KB, 1191x1684, 1648986118331.jpg)

Can't be worse than ChiLi and their zero (0) interactions since 1.1 kekq

No. 205014

Don't scroll, another raid.

No. 205038

File: 1652180714572.jpeg (38.03 KB, 696x440, images - 2022-05-10T190409.402…)

i think theyre cute but god i hate the fujos that get into south park for this one episode

No. 205045

Totally agree, Byleth is such a gaping black hold of nothingness that bends every character around her into a cardboard cut-out of themselves so they can gush about how sugoi the professor is. I was never a fan of the self-insert MCs, but at least Robin and Corrin had actual characters of their own and good chemistry with at least some of their potential love interests. Byleth just stands there, blank faced and awkwardly gesticulating while other characters pour their hearts out to her for no apparent reason. The absolute pinnacle of 'tell don't show'; literally eveything about her, her character, her motivations, and her interactions with others is told to us by someone else, we never get to see it. Don't have Caspar or whatever go all "Wow professor, what a funny joke you told me over lunch!", fucking show it! Christ. It doesn't help that this charisma-less blank slate is able to get her students to abandon their homelands and betray their ideals to join up with her because she… ate lunch with them a few times? Likes a subject they also like? Not even Fates had writing that terrible.

And yes, Edeldoro >>>>> Edeleth. It's a little ~problematic~ but I like Edelgard/Manuela too kek

No. 205048

Not either of those anons, but how do they have a superiority complex? They're talking about a crack ship that exists solely for yumes to fantasize about being with a dude whose main thing is being in love with another dude, of course it's silly.

No. 205049

NTA but why do they instantly assume that any het ship with a character that is popular with fujos is for self-inserting? Plus, they never even provided any sort of proof or anecdote for that claim. I've never seen a yumejo self-insert as Asuka or Rei to be with Kaworu.

No. 205051

>but how do they have a superiority complex
>proceeds to spout the exact same shit as "them", phrasing and all
Bravo, samefag.

No. 205052

I'd rather see Dorothea with Petra or Ferdinand but Edelgard/Dorothea is still better than Byleth/anyone kek

No. 205059

I'm pretty sure they're making that claim because the characters canonically either don't know or hate one another; the most interaction they have is Asuka calling him a homo in an drama CD or something. I've always kind of assumed at crackships like this were a means of self-inserting since it involves rewriting the character into something else to make it work, which is prime grounds for self-inserting. I have seen Eva yumes do this, though only with Rei and not Asuka(they're also all Korean, for some reason? kek)
Not me, sorry to say. It's a goofy thing to do, don't take it so seriously.

No. 205068

Back when i was a teenager i shipped NaruSaku and despised SasuSaku. But yknow what? Fuck both of them. Sakura deserved better. I ship SakuCharacterdevelopment.

No. 205069

She was an annoying ass pickme, fuck her and fuck sasuke. Naru dodged a bullet.

No. 205074

Naruto is one of the worst written main characters, he deserves nobody. Sasuke was awful too. Sakura had potential to be good but knowing it is a scrote shounen series, it was never going to happen. The trope where girl helps herself was a good concept, but was executed bad. The writer literally gave her the shine for once only to take it away from her 2 pages later. Like wtf was the point? All the relationships in this series were awful. The fact whatever his name was said Sakura was based on his wife is frankly insulting. Sakura could have been better, but the author was obsessed with Naruto sucking Sasukes dick. Actually the only believable ship was NaruSasu. Hinata was the ultimate pick me and weeb fantasy though. The only reason it ended with her is because boys want the main character they identify to end up with a girl with big titties and lives for them. Awful. Fuck kishimoto kek. He had a great concept and he didnt know what to do with it.

No. 205075

Kishimoto sucks at developing female characters and Sakura doesn't deserve the ill-shaped fate see was given. i if he had continued on with the development of sakura after the chunin exams and at the start of shippuden with out her reverting to her pubescent teen self when ever Sasuke is around even though deserves no sympathy >>205068 tons of fanfiction with that ship is available for you to read

No. 205077

Nonna, as someone who grew up with Naruto, I wholeheartedly agree. Sakura was my favorite character for being cute and being a medic but I used to think she needed to be paired off with some sort of cool or otherwise popular character to have redemption from the hate she'd get. Grew up to realize that SakuraCharacterDevelopment fanfics >> any pairing

No. 205090

File: 1652203169157.jpg (201.96 KB, 1200x675, 1057383-fe-manuela-amp_main_me…)

Ferdinand and Manuela, I don't really like her character trope to begin with and it's weird to see them together.

No. 205110

File: 1652207206025.jpg (132.29 KB, 1054x732, __majima_gorou_and_makimura_ma…)

no offence but you have to be really fucking heterosexual to see these two as anything other than deeply platonic

No. 205116

File: 1652207918841.jpeg (225.81 KB, 874x1180, 6992892627282.jpeg)

I hate them together. It fills me with disgust really just hate him

No. 205142

I blocked this pairing out of my mind. I can't understand how this is canon when she's disgusted by him and has better chemistry with literally anyone else. It's like she settled.

No. 205163

the saddest thing: he was suposed to be a woman. Not in the tranny way, he was originally meant to be female so she could have a female love interest

No. 205177

File: 1652228128086.jpeg (132.95 KB, 2000x1449, Evu9cOHVIAAOsxn.jpeg)

I'm bi but leaning more towards straight. I just think MajiMako is cute and bittersweet since they can't be together because Majima lives the yakuza life and doesn't want to put Makoto in danger.

No. 205183

File: 1652229444230.jpg (157.87 KB, 1568x1241, ab67cd7c2db0ff15d9e79556b7810b…)

I'm also part fujo but I don't see the appeal of shipping two characters that would kill each other or one another. They're hot but still.

No. 205187

Joker and Akechi are gay as fuck in Royal though.

No. 205207

File: 1652234554654.jpg (56.4 KB, 500x500, artworks-000181301201-7sxysb-t…)

I can't fucking stand kuroken because of the shippers. They've ruined the characters by turning kuro into a horny cunt and kenma into a weepy onahole. the timeskip has only encouraged people to make kenma into a femboy with a leaky bussy.

No. 205243

It's made clear in the game that they would kill each other only because of the circumstances they're put in. If you played Royal (but you can see it in the regular game too) that Akechi acts pretty fucking gay. It's different from L/Light because they don't fully hate each other, they're rivals.
Also in one of the many deleted scenes, Akechi also helps Joker to get out of jail at the end.

No. 205247

i guess they're cute but i just can't see the romance at all? they seem more like brother and sister

No. 205267

I won't post a picture of it cause I'm not searching for that crap but yae x ayato and zhongli x ningguang are my top two NOTPs in genshit. There are many ships i dislike for various reason but those two take the cake because they're pairing my husbandos with tropey smug ara ara girls. Not to mention they have literally zero chemistry and their fans are obnoxious and delusional

No. 205268

I hate them because they're driven by unironic homophobes who can't stand that Ningguang and Yae are coupled with another woman and Ayato has a very close relationship with another male. It's not even a fujo/hime cope, they always say they ship them just to spite same sex shippers and not out of genuine enjoyment of the character chemistry.

No. 205272

File: 1652273516092.gif (169.74 KB, 199x332, sagsw262627.GIF)

this, fuck that guy. One of the most obnoxious and annoying MCs in modern media. Sasuke was a tiny bit less retarded but in the end they were both shit. Absolutely agree that Kishimoto fucked up bad, he simply should have gotten a better editor because apparently he can’t write shit on his own. Hordes of fun side characters can’t save the mess that is this series, it got almost unreadable at some point. He even admitted in an interview that he doesn’t know how to write women or something like that iirc, kek it shows

No. 205427

>because they're pairing my husbandos with tropey smug ara ara girls
Touch grass,have sex etc.

No. 205471

ma'am you're in the notp thread

No. 205996

File: 1652546278124.jpg (85.43 KB, 899x505, xingyun.jpg)

Also applies to Xingqiu/Hu Tao and Chongyun/Xiangling. People (mostly redditors) goddamn hate that XingYun is very obviously being pushed by Mihoyo.

Late but GOD yes. I actually like them both individually (third years >>> in general) but why are they even shipped? Aquors ships kind of suck ass in general honestly, especially in comparison to muse.

No. 205997

Eren x Mikasa from AOT. Shit ending, shit pairing. The only positive thing about this ship is outing every single tradthot and deppthot kind of fangirl and Mikasa self-inserter.

Most AOT ships are very scrotey and autistic.

No. 206029

loid x yor
no, i didn't watch spyxfamily but that ship has been everywhere for the past few weeks, and all the other fanartists are making edits of their garbage pairings as them. i don't care about their trad nuclear family! i'm genuinely sick of seeing it

No. 206459

You have shit taste

No. 206470

they’re not trad at all please do not call my husbando conservative

No. 206498

keep seething

No. 206499

not everyone wants to have a mediocre ship with their meme daughter being shoved in their face on daily basis so shut the fuck up

No. 207044

File: 1652816023129.jpeg (95.2 KB, 1024x915, Flippy x Flaky.jpeg)

Back when I was an edgelord I thought I was super special & unique for liking HTF and would draw them in anime human styles. I just found there is still a lot of people who draw HTF like this and I remember these characters being shipped constantly but don't remember why. Some of the art for this ship is lowkey predatory but I guess that's in line with HTF style?
I just remember Flippy (the green bear) was a veteran & had PTSD so random things would set him off to start killing everyone and the porcupine was always nervous.

No. 207077

I also believe in SakuCharacterdevelopment because when I was watching/reading Naruto I hated her. At the end of the series and some time after, I realized she wasn't that bad, maybe made some pathetic decisions but she deserved so much better than Sasuke (or at least Sasuke-post Five Kage Summit).
Narusaku is my NOTP but at my second read through I thought KibaSaku could be cute.

No. 207081

File: 1652825528007.jpg (43.66 KB, 549x688, 81295292652.jpg)

What the fuck was wrong with Stephenie Meyer?

No. 207082

For me it's Eren x Historia, it's shit and it's the quintessential-self inserting Christian fangirl ship.

No. 207086


No. 207089

oh god i remember this era, a japanese artist made a series of school AU comics and this particular ship happens because when the green bear(?) is not having a war flashback, he's nice to the red animal thing

No. 207090

kek'd, its true they're all fucked in the head

No. 207110

File: 1652837980214.jpg (549.25 KB, 2048x1365, jaimebrienne.jpg)

This was the worst pairing in Game of Thrones. Awful in the books too

No. 207112

File: 1652838107115.jpeg (172.62 KB, 1400x700, 4B3C6356-CDDB-4BD5-8376-DD1FCE…)

Did you prefer this

No. 207123

In the show no, in the books yes

No. 207151

File: 1652850258592.jpg (50.88 KB, 500x588, 9b75bf23d7e9fa5b49b999c9cd4dec…)

You could tell this ship was 100% wish fulfillment for the plain looking or fat girls who used to have crushes on the popular jocks

No. 207156

I liked the idea of the butch strong woman falling in love, didnt care for the incest man as much lol

No. 207221

File: 1652880163809.jpeg (63.55 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)

No reason other than I hate him as a love interest with a burning passion and I hope he dies alone.

No. 207311

based, 100% agree

No. 207356

I don't play this game but i've seen a lot of people that hate him, care to elab why?

No. 207358

what game is this?

No. 207361

a shit one

No. 207362

File: 1652903380005.jpg (80.91 KB, 1280x1068, 19507.jpg)

No. 207374

Tears of Themis

No. 207387

not the anon that posted him but I've already posted responding to it. but he is very full of himself and creepy, he's supposed to be a psychiatrist but he breaks all laws and risks Rose (the love interest and main character in the picture and game) and his patients lives to figure things out. An example is he puts Rosa around a homicidal DID freak patient to trigger the patient to try and kill Rosa, and when this happens he does protect Rosa but doesn't explain this to anyone and when he is stabbed by crazed patient proceeds to say this is a good way to remember our time together Rosa.
Definitely the worst out of the 4 LIs

No. 207392

File: 1652906231927.jpeg (26.47 KB, 478x641, images (3).jpeg)

People shit on Dylan and Haley, but for some reason they like to forget Hayley was the other woman when it came to Andy. The show only made his gf be insane because otherwise it would be so obvious how much of an indecisive douche he is

I'm amazed at how unlikable he is, considering the other three love interests are pretty okay, he is just wasting space in the game and should have been an antagonist instead

No. 207399

ah so he's the sadistic asshole trope but also this sounds very ableistic to me? using mentally ill characters for the shock factor

No. 207404

Kek. Are u 14 and retarded?

No. 207409

writing mentally ill people as crazy murderers is retarded and cringe on top of that you edgelord

No. 207413

Not all mentally ill people are crazy murderers, but all crazy murderers are mentally ill

No. 207416

File: 1652911157956.jpg (33.93 KB, 640x380, ltu77ci5jqh71.jpg)

fake news you ableistic cunt. studies show 99.9% of serial killers are neurotypically normal.(calm down)

No. 207418

File: 1652912069686.jpeg (30.58 KB, 662x463, 7445B204-7F8E-4A61-B51D-782A70…)

You sound stressed nonnie, why don’t you come have a lie down?

No. 207454

girl what the fuck???

No. 207593

>>207409 how did you find this website? It was the egirl thread right?

No. 207595

the fuck… why are mods so autistic they took an obvious joke post seriously

No. 207615

I respect your opinion but your post is also funny because the whole point is that they are not a trad nuclear family but three extremely bizarre people who become a family due to circumstance because it's mostly a comedy. Also Yor's character isn't really what she "looks" like if that makes sense.

No. 207653

Psychopaths aren't normal, retard

No. 207660

File: 1652998699912.gif (5.11 KB, 220x215, joke-not-getting-the-joke.gif)

No. 207669

File: 1653001379535.jpg (16.11 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

People who ship this are untrustworthy

No. 207671

This ship seriously used to do it for me. I'm a sucker for bully/jockxnerd

No. 207674

File: 1653001996718.jpeg (49.91 KB, 332x412, DEEFC917-F15D-4B1E-9E81-3706C4…)

Oh man people prolly ship Baljeet and Buford, don’t they.

No. 207680

Most likely anon, but every character from that show is hideous to me so I would never.

No. 207694

File: 1653008847578.gif (759.34 KB, 489x367, 567.gif)

EddEddy is the only way to ship Ed Edd n Eddy characters. Never forget that they kissed in the show

No. 207701

I think it was the combo of the Korra staff and animation studio and Bryke making Korrasami canon that made so many idiots flock to this screaming for a canon fag ship. Combine that with retarded staffers not distancing themselves enough from shipping shit (Bex repeatedly made jokes about it, knowing she'd get shit, but she's a retard anyway) and it coming out at the peak of Tumblr wokeness, and you had a complete motherfucking disaster. Funnily enough, the Klance fags who bitched about "muh incest" with Sheith flocked to She-Ra and shipped Catradora, a ship where they were explicitly stated to be raised as sisters.

Whatever, I shipped Shendak anyway. Fuck em all.

No. 207704

any ship with edd is bad tbh

No. 207744

rebecca sugar is that you?

No. 207781

File: 1653048951035.jpg (162.21 KB, 1000x662, fc154134d4d26a1ba81f4e0dda76bb…)


No. 207782

>Catradora, a ship where they were explicitly stated to be raised as sisters.
Nonnie, please

No. 207810

Double D is a cartoon anon, I know he’s cute but you can’t have him for yourself

No. 207820

I don't give a shit about whether or not the ship was "problematic". I'm merely pointing out Klance shippers hid behind the "incest" excuse, and obviously so.

No. 208126

File: 1653156483304.jpg (338.37 KB, 794x952, Makiyuuta.jpg)

yutamaki, i can't describe how much i hate it, typical super violent obnoxious girl with a loser mc. and no i don't ship maki with nobara either

No. 208128

everyone in the zenin clan should die alone

No. 208795

Damn, is this in the Chinese version? I'm playing on global and so far his personal story involves teaming up with Rosa to stop a creepy PUA (he was also suspected to be the PUA ringleader at some point too kek).

No. 208805

ayrt: No I'm on global(US) and its one of his early card stories"Near and Far". which is even weirder since the card stories are supposed to be more romance based than the actual main storylines and personal stories.but yeah i remember thinking he would be the PUA leader, kek. Vyn is one of those- I'm so smart but the world is evil so I'm sad types-

No. 208881

I have to thank the nonny who dropped James/Snape fic recs earlier. They were well written and fun to read.

No. 208903

Wait what, where is that? I read 1 and I need more.

No. 208905

shit sorry nona, I'm retarded. I meant the one fic upthread, not multiple. I do hope more good material comes your way though!

No. 209038

Damn anon, are you me? I thought I was the only person left on the planet who wasn't into the self-insert stuff that FE became. I sincerely hated Fates for that, it bogged down the writing and the plot horribly.
I have to admit that while I hate Byleth, I found them more tolerable than Robin and Corrin, because at least I could ignore them. I didn't have to think about who to pair them with to make kid units and I didn't have to ship them with anyone at all.
Still dislike them tho.
KEK Shendak. I wish I could go back in time and support the shit out of you nonny.

No. 209039

samefag but I meant to reply to this post, my b

No. 212581

File: 1654653600651.jpg (39.84 KB, 510x383, potato skins.jpg)

Not at all recent, but this love triangle (or square I guess if you include JJ) was so fucking stupid

No. 213523

>KEK Shendak. I wish I could go back in time and support the shit out of you nonny.
There's still some of us around, we just stay in our quiet corners.

No. 213610

File: 1655017543688.jpg (145.21 KB, 728x582, snow-deserts-footprint-tintin-…)

Why is this ship so popular in the Tintin fandom? I like to think it's because a lot of fangirls love to project themselves onto Tintin and fantasize about getting it on with Captain Haddock. It doesn't help that a lot of Haddotin fangirls are horny for the Captain. From that observation,I think any Haddotin shipper who claims they ship because of mutual understanding and respect between the characters is just cope. Mention the age gap between the two characters and the ambiguity around Tintin's age and watch them seethe. Btw, I don't even see Tintin as a minor, I just like watching the shippers cope and seethe.

No. 213620

Isn't the reason that this ship is popular that there are basically no other ships possible? He's Tintin's only friend

No. 214063

File: 1655171847182.jpg (106.29 KB, 1024x1024, hot.jpg)

>deathly hallows released 15 years ago and this pairing is still terrible and james/lily is just as bad

No. 214069

File: 1655173372998.jpeg (38.13 KB, 400x400, 36020ABF-9C13-41D3-9DAF-99803E…)

Can’t stand eremika and their shippers are annoying as fuck.

No. 214076

File: 1655175641674.jpg (130.81 KB, 922x871, jotakak.JPG)

Probably the worst Jojo x "jobro" ship out of all of them. They have zero chemistry and said like 5 lines to eachother in the whole part. Not to mention the extreme twinkification of Kakyoshit. They're also both extremely bland

No. 214080

File: 1655177953569.png (615.77 KB, 1017x560, tumblr_o4k11zCikz1qlgroro1_128…)

I absolutely loathe this pairing because it's the single biggest one in the Jojo fandom, perhaps tied with DioJona (another ship I dislike but not that much). It's got all the cliches, including how they twinkify Kakyoin because he's the uke since he's shorter and doesn't look as "manly" as Jotaro.
But Kakyoin himself is alright, it's just that the fandom either makes him look like a feminine twink or a meme "MILF hunter" so it's easy to forget his actual personality. Also Araki did him dirty when he lost his last battle before DIO and right after he came back after a long absence.

No. 214082

Bless you. Felt sometimes like i was the only person on earth who hated sirius x lupin. I just don't get it and it's so fucking boring

No. 214137

I only like it if Kakyoin makes Jotaro his bitch. I love CLAMP but making Kakyoin a kawaii ugu uke in their doujinshi and in Wish was a mistake.

No. 214140

I agree about zero actual chemistry and I hate all the misinterpretations of Kakyoin as a character as >>214080 said, he clearly is a dork gamer, not some twink or milf hunter. When it comes to relationships, Polnareff and Avdol clearly are much closer but they're not teenage boys so fandom ignores them.
This said, I've happened to read a really good slow burn fanfiction with "AU where everything is the same but Kakyoin didn't die" where Jotaro years after Stardust Crusaders is dealing with trauma about having a friend die for his cause, and I ended up being kinda fond of this ship anyway

No. 214164

What, they were in Wish? i don't remember that

No. 214167

No. 214176

I hope I didn't get the title wrong but the angel in Wish is basically oc donut steel Kakyoin. The most ooc Kakyoin you can think of.

No. 214177

No. 214233

NTA but holy fuck, you took the words right out of my mouth. I couldn't agree more.

NTA either but IIRC the other guy (the handsome dark haired one) also resembles Jotaro.

No. 214407

What HP ships do you like anon? As much as I dislike it I also get that most people can't resist shipping a bad boy with a good boy or girl no matter how boring and gross it is. I feel like James/Lily is popular partly for the same reason

No. 214490

File: 1655284316051.jpg (22.6 KB, 400x400, YbPb8Xvh_400x400.jpg)

I hate erehisu.

No. 215256

Any Eren ship is terrible tbh. Why would you ship the tranny self-insert incel cuck with anybody is baffling. Especially if you're a woman.
If you like eremika you're a pickme and if you like erehisu you're a tradthot.

No. 215412

Not an AoTfag, what do you mean by "tranny self-insert incel cuck"? I kinda know that he commits genocide or something and that everybody hates him after the manga ending dropped but I'd love to know exactly how bad he is

No. 215413

that doesn't make sense. how are you a pick me just because you ship eren and mikasa. erehisus are the pickmes because it appeals more to moids

No. 215464

im barely into haikyuu but i was always surprised that kuroken was so wildly popular. kenma x hinata is so much better but people don't seem to like that ship

No. 215555

The tranny part is just anon being retarded and repeating buzzwords she sees being thrown around here to look cool. The rest is true, though.
Mikasa is a stupid character who has no other personality trait besides being in love with a man who treats her like crap. EM is the SS of this generation.
>erehisus are the pickmes because it appeals more to moids
Implying Mikasa isn't the series biggest waifubait, while Historia and EH is a very unpopular character/ship. The difference is that EM also has a large female fanbase because of retarded women who fall for the " physically strong female means good character ".

No. 215557

>erehisu are pickmes
Mikasa is unironically the biggest pickme of the goddamn series. Bitch is completely spineless when it comes to Eren and simped for that loser even after marrying jean. Jfc is so pathetic I ship EH purely because mikasa deserved better than to be reduced to a doormat character that is complementary to the mc. Seriously who the fuck ships EM anymore, are you underage or something? You fuckers being pandered to literally ruined the ending.

No. 215596

She's not waifubait a lot of men hate her and EM and ship EH more instead. she has a personality she's just quiet and serious because she was traumatized when she was small. And eren is the only family she has left and he saved her from the kidnappers so of course she will be protective of him. She didn't marry jean either

No. 215640

Honestly a lot of people who really hate Mikasa genuinely lack compassion. No shit the girl who's entire family got murdered in front of her is overly attached to the boy who saved her life, gave her a home and ended up as her only living familial connection after her adopted mother also got killed in front of her and her adopted father disappeared. Mikasa would be a badly written character to go through all of that and NOT have attachment issues. I think she's great and deserves better than Eren.

No. 215661

>she's not waifubait
Oh yeah, a submissive woman who revolves her life around protecting a man and is devoted to him no matter what he does is not appealing to men at all
>a lot of people hate her
And? She still is the most popular girl of the series
>ship EH more instead
EH doesn't even have 600 fanarts on Pixiv. Only western people used to care about it, and most of them abandoned the ship after the ending
>She didn't marry jean either
>People should like the character who spends the whole story doing nothing besides saying the MC's name, because of that one chapter that was written several years ago explaining why Mikasa acts the way she does
Why do people think trauma justifies a fictional character's behavior? She doesn't exist, I don't care. Imagine defending a character who was created by and for men.

No. 215677

File: 1655689156908.jpg (379.93 KB, 1440x2385, B2A86ED7-B081-4F4E-BDC8-BB7555…)

You think caring about eren = submissive.
>does is not appealing to men at all
you just said she is waifubait though? I'm not the one claiming that mikasa is appealing to men.
>>a lot of people hate her
>And? She still is the most popular girl of the series
I said men, not people. You're saying she's waifubait but if you're in the fandom there are many men that hate on her.
>EH doesn't even have 600 fanarts on Pixiv.
not many people use pixiv. There are still erehisu shippers and there are more male EH's than female ones.
>even though no one mentioned Jean at all?
see >>215557
>LMAO Cope
sounds like you're the coping one.
>Why do people think trauma justifies a fictional character's behavior?
you say it like being caring and protective of eren is something bad that needs to be "justified". Isayama isn't misogynistic unlike other mangakas.

No. 215709

File: 1655704334615.jpg (265.67 KB, 1600x1440, 1600px-SMO_Bowser_Peach_Weddin…)

I wouldn't hate this ship as much if it weren't for the scrotes who jack off to porn of this ship.

No. 215716

Mario/Peach and Bowser/Peach are both crap, there I said it. Peach needs a real looksmatch

No. 215717

>nooo my waifu totally died as a virgin
fuck off scrote and go get your autism diagnosis, how did you not get sarcasm in that anon's post

No. 215721

It isn't sarcastic at all. Even my friend sent me that post and said it wasn't sarcastic. Maybe you're the autist, or you're just lying.

No. 215722

A lot of men don't like clingy women, a lot of men don't like Mikasa. I don't see the point in caring about what men like anyway. I think your hatred of her is odd.
Mikasa is the cutest.

No. 215725

>say anon
>it thinks im referring to fb post
it's no wonder you are caping for mikasa when your reading comprehension is dog shit. i was talking about you not getting the sarcasm in this
>>she's not waifubait
>Oh yeah, a submissive woman who revolves her life around protecting a man and is devoted to him no matter what he does is not appealing to men at all
go back to school monkey

No. 215728

Chilumi also attracts the worst schizoyumes who go berserk over seeing their husbando involved in any other ship (including childe x aether which is just as canon kek) and write longwinded, deranged paragraphs about wanting to be violently choked and raped by him. Every time I think I'm too attached to fictional characters some chilumi shipper proves me wrong and makes me feel like a normal, sane person with a healthy relationship with the fiction I enjoy.

No. 215730

>serious shipper
>normal, sane person with a healthy relationship with fiction
these are inherently contradictory whether talking about fujos or yumejos or himejos or hetshippers or whatever

No. 215735

I feel you anon. They're like komaedafags. Those masochistic mentally ill yumejos single-handedly drove me off game generals, I genuinely find them more repulsive than moids. I know what to expect with moids but it genuinely makes me physically ill seeing women with cockholm syndrome disgrace themselves for the whole world to see, it's so alienating. You know how vindicated scrotes must feel seeing their behavior. We need to throw male slaves to the sharks alongside their masters tbh. Honestly fuck every single self-insert Mary Sue female protag x miSUNDeRsTOoD homicidal sadboy ship. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 215738

genshin simply has the most unhinged shippers i've ever seen, and that's from a basic written game where everyone acts VERY platonic with each other. not just chilumis (although they're definetly on the top), there are a lot of other schizos i've seen. but yeah the fact that they hate childe x aether even though it's literally the same exact dynamic it's kinda funny for me

No. 215739

>cockholm syndrome
my sides nonny, but honestly you're absolutely right. At first I thought people like that were just scrotes larping because I refused to believe that so many women could be as demented as the ones who not only fantasize about being abused by their husbandos, but can't fucking shut their mouths about it. Then I came across them outside of imageboards and realized how not only common they are but how personally they take it when you're not interested in hearing about how they want to die by choking on his piss. A lot of these self insert Mary Sue protag x sadboy ships have an "I can fix him" side to them too so it's all around depressing and like you said, alienating. I really can't relate to women who are obsessed with degrading themselves like that.

No. 215741

That's tragic, where do you come across these people? At least the average yume farmer isn't like that.

No. 215752

>the tranny part is retarded
>Looks like a troon starting transition
>Behaves like an incel
>Fails at everything in life
It's pretty obvious Eren would've trooned out in a modern setting.

No. 215753

>Isayama isn't misogynistic unlike other mangakas.
Holy kek. Not like he made Historia barefoot and pregnant for the rest of the series with her childhood bully.
I'm a shameless Genshit self-inserter who likes both Xiaolumi and Chilumi. Some Chilumi yumejos unironically act as if drawing and picturing Lumine in hentai proportions and behvaior was an empowering move. Help me.

No. 215758

Zhongchi will never be canon. Each update will always make you remind that Zhongchi's dynamic was non-existent and fujautists like every single one of you are just delusional.

No. 215761

Damn I'm glad I stopped reading after Ymir died.

No. 215765

>realized how not only common they are but how personally they take it when you're not interested in hearing about how they want to die by choking on his piss
this! it's so fucking nasty and no matter what series it is there will be yumes that are guilty of it. worst part is how they never talk about anything else. its like they're trying to prove how no one is more dedicated to their filthy anime scrotes than they are 24/7. he will never pick you or rape you or use you as a meat urinal. enjoy your life of chasing away other women out of jealousy over a man that doesn't exist. that schizo intrasexual dynamic they have is why their community will never touch fujo numbers.

>At least the average yume farmer isn't like that

No. 215769

>Liking gross shit fanfics and being weird about it online is worse than being male and responsible for the majority of violent and sexual crime
Go outside please

No. 215772

To be fair a lot of fujos do take it personally if you're not interested in hearing about how these cartoon men are totally gay for each other. Plus all the fujos who throw hissy fits over anyone who dares think of their yaoi boys (many of whom actually like women in canon) in a heterosexual context or even in a homosexual one if with the "wrong" yaoi boy or the "wrong" position. You're literally not any better.

No. 215777

Ah, the anti-yume sperg is back.

No. 215778

As a primarily himejo I want the anti-fujo sperg and anti-yume sperg to kiss

No. 215780

cope and samefag

No. 215781

yeah that's what you're doing kek

No. 215782

I think they should be locked in a private room together to sperg for hours until they get exhausted and leave everyone else alone.

No. 215783

this! it's so fucking nasty and no matter what series it is there will be fujos that are guilty of it. worst part is how they never talk about anything else. its like they're trying to prove how no one is more dedicated to their filthy anime scrotes than they are 24/7. he will never pick your self-insert boy or rape his ass or use him as a meat urinal. enjoy your life of chasing away other women out of jealousy over a man that doesn't exist. that schizo intrasexual dynamic they have is why their community will never touch het shippers numbers

i doubt two schizo anons would fare good in a relationship

No. 215786

>worst part is how they never talk about anything else.
This really is the worst part because they keep even converting male x male ships into either male x genderbent or male x FTM in the case of an aiden yume. At least with perverted fujos they're putting two fictional men through depraved shit but the self-insert shipper schizos who slobber and drool over their fantasy of personally being used as a breeding cow and eating the hairy ass of a fictional abusive moid while attacking other women for finding the thought repulsive are something else entirely. I absolutely understand the yumefags on this board who complain about all the otome content being just borderline abuse porn because it's personally the main reason why I never got into the genre. It hits way too close to home.

No. 215787

Damn did we touch a nerve nonnie? I don't give a single shit about zhongchi or any of the genshin ships for that matter, they're all bland as shit. We're sharing our rightful disgust of women with EXTREME RAPE FETISHES and you make it about some inconsequential little ship war kek


Where did I say it was worse? No shit I'm aware that men are far more dangerous. It's precisely because I'm aware of their true nature that I'm so repulsed by women that get off on it. I hate the sense of betrayal. Besides, have you ever considered that maybe these things have some correlation? You really think their sexuality is limited to fiction? They'd never pursue a similar relationship in real life despite how obsessive they are about it? Don't kid yourself. Even if they don't I still have every right to be disgusted by them. How can you blame someone for hating people that seem like they're just one tiny step away from being yet another battered handmaiden throwing other women under the bus in real life? Keep trying to shill this "W-well we're all just as bad as each other!!!" narrative, you're not convincing anyone. In what world is fantasizing about men having sex equal to drooling over the thought of getting fucking raped? Seriously. Absolute bottom of the barrel women.

No. 215788

I think the anti-fujo sperg was outed as a moid and hates yumes too (women expressing sexuality is bad) so sorry to ruin your lesbian fantasy.

No. 215789

>implying fujos never have EXTREME RAPE FETISHES

No. 215790

NTA but she never implied that, she said that they're fantasizing about two fictional characters, not being subjected to sexual abuse themselves personally.

No. 215791

What kind of yumes do you even see that the majority of them fantasize about that?

No. 215793

Yeah wtf, even the horny thread in /g/ is mild compared to what those anons are describing.

No. 215794

Nobody was talking about majority of yumes being like that? The subject was specifically that brand of mentally ill yumes being attracted to certain ships mentioned upthread which makes the ships NOTPs to anons. If you didn't have another fujosperg fit and actually read them you probably would've realized it like 30 posts ago instead of chimping out.

No. 215797

the difference is you're vocally fantasizing about an unfeeling man raping YOU and using your body as a fleshy mastutbation sleeve to prove your worth to him. rape fetish fujos will instead fantasize about watching that unfeeling man to be raped and used as a fleshy mastutbation sleeve. they want to see a shitty man suffer, and you want to suffer at the hands of a shitty man.

No. 215800

I'm not fantasizing about anything, you're all unhinged hypocrites if you fantasize about any kind of rape to begin with.

No. 215810

Every female character in Shitgeki becomes a satellite for a man or becomes irrelevant. Combine that with the cuckholdry, gorn and humiliation fetish in the manga and you can no longer defend the author's feminist points kek.
You're saying this as if yaoi doesn't have the same with the uke as a woman with a micropenis. At least yumes are more honest in regards to that.
Meds and YWNBARM.

No. 215815

idk what the former posts are about but i agree women are overly influenced by shitty media all the time. why else do they become aidens or act out gross fetishes they see on tumblr and twitter? whether or not they're yume or fujo, they talk the same way i've seen handmaidens irl do when defending their husbandos/favs. do these women even take sexual assault seriously?

No. 215816

I can't find any other explanation other than the girls being autistic and/or underage. Being vocal on their fetishes make them feel special and sparkle all the NLOG energy they have in them.

The handmaidens tend to be very unhinged. We were talking about Attack on Titan earlier and eremika shippers tend to be one of the worst fanbases alongside sasusakus with how far they want to defend their shitty males. The difference is Sakura and Sasuke eventually getting married despite having not much chemistry and Sasuke mostly treating her like shit while Mikasa cucked Eren's ghost wwith another man implied to be Jean. So obviously eremikas are being more vocal about it, insist the man is Armin, etc…

No. 215817

How the hell do you cuck a ghost? No physical body, no sex!

No. 215831

Semi-unrelated but imo FF7 has the most unhinged shippers and by that I mean Clotis

No. 215834

Anyone who gets worked up about character relationships in a videogame from 1997 need to go outside and breathe some fresh air.

No. 215878

>looks like a troon
Implying troons manage to look androgynous and attractive. Imagine thinking that any male character with long hair resembles a TIM. Give the MtF a break, it's melting your brain.

No. 215880

Spotted the pickme. Go back worshipping trancels on Reddit.

No. 215882

nta but it's a fucking anime character you schizo

No. 215883

NTA, not even into SNK but from what I have seen of him compared to the average 3D tranny he's decent

No. 215888

Anime renders of some ugly ratface author will always look better because you omit facial details. The author has a BO fetish so it should give you a hint at best.

No. 215895

we were talking about a specific group of (mostly young) girls that romanticize bad boys and the idea of "fixing them" and how this sort of mentality can lead to them ending up in bad irl situations, why did you guys derail this topic into another fujo vs yume discussion? yes fujos like fucked up shit too but this wasn't about them treating ukes badly or whatever
also off topic but i don't like how yume has became a catch all term for liking heterosexual media, now everyone calls themselves a yume just because they don't like fujo stuff. i don't know which one of you started this trend, but there is a difference between yume, someone who reads y/n and creates her own OCs to a regular girl who simply enjoys romance. a lot of chilumi shippers for instance aren't yumes, they belong to the latter category and it's this category that entertains the idea of a "toxic bad boy" so much

No. 215898

>why did you guys derail this topic into another fujo vs yume discussion?
There's an anti-yume sperg now as well. Usually she goes into the yume threads to start arguments, but it seems that this time she chose a thread that isn't even about husbandos.
>i don't like how yume has became a catch all term for liking heterosexual media,
>now everyone calls themselves a yume just because they don't like fujo stuff
I haven't seen this happen however. Only the opposite, where anyone who isn't a fujo is immediately called (or rather, accused of being) a yume by other people. And before that, it was actual yumes who were called hetshippers. lol the irony.

No. 215930

they sexualize lumine more than anything else, sometimes i find it hard to believe they actually like childe and not just want to use him as lumine's irrelevant boytoy

No. 215955

>a lot of chilumi shippers for instance aren't yumes, they belong to the latter category and it's this category that entertains the idea of a "toxic bad boy" so much
The "no true scotsman" argument holds no water here because they specifically self insert and imagine themselves in that relationship which is the textbook definition of a yume. Just accept that there are some yumes who are fucked up and women are continuously conditioned to see being treated like shit as ~true love~ while they're expected to "fix" men, otherwise so many prolific otome VNs didn't have boyfriend options who outright bully and abuse the protagonist.

What anti-yume sperg? People were discussing self insert shippers who love fantasizing about being violently raped and think it makes them better and more dedicated than Other Girls, anons just saw the word "yume" and started screeching whataboutism about fujos and how they're oppressing yumes again. It's really not that fucking outlandish to not approve of mentally ill women who spam general threads about how much they want their husbando to abuse them because that's the behavior anons were talking about. They weren't talking about someone fantasizing about having the dream 2D Nigel bringing them flowers or something but the ships that attract autistic schizoids who want their anime daddy to choke them.

No. 215970

I think that the issue of girls growing up seeing abusive men as attractive could be an interesting discussion but perhaps it would be better suited for a serious thread in /ot/.
>What anti-yume sperg
There is one going around trying to provoke fights by saying things like "lel all yumes are schizos". Probably best to ignore and report.

No. 215998

>everyone I don't like is the same anon!
There are more anons who think you guys are freaks than just one or two. I'd wager at least one of you is the anon busily shitting up the tranny thread with homophobic derailing.
But what yume threads have there been fights in? The husbando thread is not a yume thread, and all the others are dead or uninterupted horny posting like the monster beastiality thread.

No. 216009

>mentally ill women who spam general threads
What general threads? Not everyone is a Genshit sperg, you know? Not all of us know what's going on in your shit general. Aside from that, most husbandofags stay in the husbando threads and maybe less than half of them talk about wanting to be abused by their husbando. You're the one who's throwing baseless accusations around here. If you're talking about 4scrote generals you can go back where you came from.
>Just accept that there are some yumes who are fucked up and women are continuously conditioned to see being treated like shit as ~true love~ while they're expected to "fix" men
Where has anyone denied this? You're the ones obsessed with it for some reason, always bringing it up and shitting on yumes in general, even when it's irrelevant.
>at least one of you is the anon busily shitting up the tranny thread with homophobic derailing
NTA but what the fuck are you talking about?
>The husbando thread is not a yume thread
Yes it is? That's why it's a "husbando" thread, and the sperg who started a fight there was specifically shitting on yumes. And it's not only that one, there was also someone trying to derail the hornyposting thread on /g/ recently.

No. 216055

which one of you retards posted that dick pick? some of you yumes are overly sensitive holy shit

No. 216056

>accusing FARMERS of posting dick pics

No. 216059

it's obviously the same person >>215758

No. 216060

What does fandom sperg have to do with the dick pick scrote, what are you smoking?

No. 216061

>Yes it is?
It's not and never has been, and husbandos have not and never will be a yumejoshi only thing. Most of the posters in it are sane enough to not actually self insert into the media the character belongs to, which is what's exclusive to yumes.

No. 216074

ok, so IS a y/n fanfic reader or writer a yume or not? is a regular het or even bl shipper a yume if she projects onto the woman or uke? or is a full fleshed OC required?

No. 216097

>is a regular het or even bl shipper a yume if she projects onto the woman or uke?
the way i see it, most people project to some extent when they have a favorite ship or read romance, that's very common but they will see that character as their own individual. it's like watching a drama with real people, the girls are often attracted to the male lead but they don't want to get in between their relationship
a yume will want that character for themselves instead, so yes, y/n fics and OCs are indeed an example of yumejoshi culture

No. 216098

it all boils down to asking yourself, are you just an onlooker, someone who watches the couple in a voyeuristic way OR do you have a crush on the boy and genuinely want to be in the girl's shoes? if it's the latter there's also a high chance you'll daydream about him romancing the real you, instead of fantasizing about the couple

No. 216100

Anon why the fuck are you so obsessively defending people who loudly fantasize about wanting to be raped and pissed on by their fictional husbandos?

No. 216101

NTA but the Genshin thread has a persistent resident scrote that keeps ban evading just to whiteknight his waifus and he has fujos, especially zhongchi shippers, living rent free inside his head. He doesn't even hide the fact that he's male.

No. 216103

>Most of the posters don't self insert
What do you think the word husbando is supposed to mean

No. 216113

So is merely fantasizing about banging an anime boy yume or not? If it does count as yume then how is the /g/ horny thread not a yume thread, let alone the husbando one? Are there different yume tiers for the ones who just fantasize every once in a while, the ones who actively create and consume y/n content and the ones who make full fledged OCs?

No. 216115

NTA but some anons here seem to be equating any sort of self insert content with the kind of women you describe.

No. 216116

I already said it's yume behaviour if you want to bang them yourself

No. 216117

So how can someone have a husbando and not be a yume? Pretty sure you're a different anon though so I want >>216061 to explain.

No. 216136

>Most of the posters in it are sane enough to not actually self insert into the media the character belongs to, which is what's exclusive to yumes
kekk what the fuck are you on? Go back to 4chan if messing with your precious canon bothers you so much. Also if you have a husbando you imagine yourself with him at some point and that makes you a yumejoshi. Quit being in denial lmao

No. 216143

Sorry, it's just obvious that she's the same retard from the husbando thread that said "I have a husbando and self-ship but I'm not like the other yumes who are insane for drawing it"
It also pisses me off how she's implying that doing that is somehow bad because "it's not canon" which is the same argument that scrotes use against fujoshi (and any other woman, really) who like to write fanfiction and draw fanart of their OTP. Traditionally, women in fandom are more into fanworks that change canon to their liking, while moids acting like the fun police tend to treat canon as something sacred that you cannot mess with even in your imagination. So that poster's emphasis on canon sounds suspicious to me, because everyone does what they want in fanfiction since it's just for fun, and it's something that should be understood easily.

No. 216186

I don't think he's a scrote, they're however very mentally ill

No. 216536

File: 1656036503096.jpg (403.7 KB, 2000x2400, image (1).jpg)


No. 216537

So happy Jules basically disappeared in season 2 kek.
I wish Jules was a woman, that way the character's story would actually read as actual internalized mysoginy.

No. 221051

I don't get the hype for this ship nor do I get the hype for Kane x Tsukiyama. I personally like Kane with Banjo.

No. 221053

when i was a kid, i had no idea why people liked zuko so much

No. 221054

Honestly, I'm watching Deathnote right now and I can't bring myself to ship L with someone as evil as Light.

No. 221163

Johnlock. I don't see the appeal at all and their shippers are the worst. Creators of the show were saying how it will never happen, actors hated it but to this day the shippers cry about being queerbaited. Embarassing.

No. 221234

L isn't a good person either

No. 221241

I just don't see the appeal in shipping two ugly dudes, Martin Freeman is just awful.

No. 221255

I thought this was about Johnlock in general not specifically the Sherlock BBC version. I was going to start a fight, but nevermind, I agree with you on that one. DGS has the best version of Johnlock anyway.

No. 221267

I really dislike the generic stereotype of an evil, powerful and either feral or sociopathic character and the good-hearted, weak, wallflower. The worst is that it's extremely popular and not just for hetero pairings. Even when it isn't canon and even with a male-only series and the coolest canon chemistries you can think of fans will headcanon and ship this the most, even if it means imagining at least one character completely OOC and it annoys me.

Another thing I don't like is what >>187577 says. Not directly a "pairing", rather a trope fans love to force into a story or drawing of their favorite ship. Think it's a version of the Coffee Shop AU. It nullifies any interesting and/or funny chemistry, tension and struggle the two characters canonically face.

No. 221293

File: 1657669336112.jpg (9.43 KB, 480x480, 1627920236824.jpg)

I hate Link/Ganondorf. It's just gross. It's always Link as a submissive and Ganon as the dominant one. It would be refreshing if someone would write Link as the dominant one and Ganon as the sub. Or just ditch that pairing altogether…
One other is Zelda/Ganondorf. That tag is full of rape fics. Disgusting.

No. 221307

It must be mostly moids who like it because Link is a "femboy"

No. 221311

File: 1657671997967.jpeg (348.87 KB, 743x852, 9B756EED-C078-4BC1-97E7-C23E01…)

Why couldn’t they keep kagura alive and ship her with him at the very least? Wtf.

No. 221376

File: 1657695030633.jpg (47.03 KB, 500x636, 169f82351de5b1383db6ed46a459a5…)

i could sperg about how much i hate this pairing but i'll spare you this time, nonnies. she deserves better

No. 221380

Don't worry it's not canon as far as I know, she's safe from his bullshit.

No. 221484

I like it honestly

No. 221497

>she's safe from his bullshit
I don't ship it but I mean, you could also say this the other way around.

No. 221498

There are in fact girls who like Ganondorf and probably use Link or Zelda vicariously

No. 221668

File: 1657778117797.jpg (110.68 KB, 960x960, tumblr_7dab49db89bd85d49d76deb…)

Hate the Duffers for trying to make this bullshit happen again. They're so fucking attached to the idea that Steve needs to be rewarded with a pet woman for being a good person. Typical scrote logic.

Steve would ruin Nancy's life, full stop. He wants to stay in that hick town and make her carry SIX KIDS for him. She specifically said that she did not want that back in season one. Nancy deserves to have a long and fulfilling career as a reporter, not be trapped as a fucking broodmare for Steve. The fact that he STILL is trying to rope her into that crap is proof that he doesn't give a fuck about her dreams.

I don't care who Nancy or Steve end up with, just NOT each other. Literally anyone but each other. Jesus Christ, even Argyle would be better for Nancy at this point.

No. 221670

AYRT and I agree but most of what I've seen looks rather moid-oriented.

No. 221671

THIS SO MUCH, god it irritated me watching the new season

No. 221697

>They're so fucking attached to the idea that Steve needs to be rewarded with a pet woman for being a good person
This is exactly why I can't stand Mileven and I hope the ship sinks, even if I fully know it's gonna be some married with kids shit.

No. 222007

I didn't like this either, not so much because the ship is an outright NOTP for me, but because I fucking hate hate HATE love triangles and/or cheating shit. I really wish writers would learn that audiences actually want happy couples, not people fucking around and being unhappy for cheap drama.

No. 222476

File: 1658018229864.jpg (44.19 KB, 500x623, ezlux.jpg)

Can Riot stop forcing this boring ship down our throats?

No. 222478

Add to it Graves x TF. Ship gives me disgust. Purely made for the ~*queer*~ and the fags

No. 222479

Yeah it's boring but still better than what Riot tried the last few years to shove down our throats, look >>222478
It's like the worst part of Tumblr has overtaken Riot and is running the company for the last 5 years.

No. 222543

File: 1658046941064.jpg (39.6 KB, 743x418, graves-tf-743x418.jpg)

I do not like TF Graves ship either because it's forced, just like you said.
They are trying to go woke mode because they are getting money only off skins and LGBT shill, all while trying to hide their past sexual harassment accusations. Hell, their esports scene is dead for a long time now. That's why they are making so many new games and creating 'mobile league only' skins, et cetera.
I am happy Leona and Diana turned out to be a thing, but my problem with is that they forced it only to give themselves woke points. They are also trying to slowly convince people that Taliyah is a tranny, all of the sudden. Probably the only ship I am okay with is Gankplank and Illaoi, because they seem actually interesting. But we will never get Illaoi content because she is not a 'sexy waifu'.

No. 222549

the ship looks like barabait to me

No. 222552

I love a ton of ships from Transformers but ironically I don't like the few that are actually canon. Ratchet/Drift always felt very random to me and absolutely fail to see how they can be anything but some sort of uncle and his rebellious idiot nephew and I fucking love Cyclonus but I hate Tailgate and again fail to see how they can be anything but mentor and student or old seasoned warrior and adopted kid. Chromedome/Rewind and such are fine in my book, even though I am not very interested in them as characters.
The problem is that it's exactly these two pairings (especially the first one) that are so goddamn popular in that fandom that you cannot even hint you don't like that shit. Honestly most of my NOTP are popular ones, I don't care if a pairing I dislike has a bunch of dedicated fans, what turns a pairing into something hated is when the fandom jumps on it like sheep and when the fandom of a cool series is reduced to shippers of that one pairing as if the anime/manga/comic had nothing else to love or talk about.

No. 222571

File: 1658067241576.jpg (30.5 KB, 474x324, just no.jpg)

I never understood it. It is just Zelda transformed. But the fandom has to make it always some weird "Oh no it is a real body or a totaly different person." No it is Zelda stop that shit. I am no fan of Link and Zelda ship but the mental gymnastic that some fangirls do to make shiek a other person makes me roll my eyes.
Also Link and Sidon, Sidon is just a bro. I would love just to have them a bromance and I understand that Link wants to protect him more because he is the brother of Mipha. Link knows him since he is a child. It is just disturbing, like someone suddendly wants to sleep with the baby brother of their best friends. Makes no sense to me.

No. 222573

File: 1658067978368.jpg (44.06 KB, 640x480, romione.jpg)

All HP pairings suck, especially this one.

No. 222574

File: 1658068944805.png (190.12 KB, 924x346, yuzumei.png)

>Have any particular tropes you dislike?
I hate romance stories that are based around the protagonist carrying the love interest's emotional baggage. The hurt character is usually such an asshole to the MC, and the love rivals are lovelier, but the MC chooses the hero/heroine because " muh mysterious beauty ". I hate Kuuderes and Tsunderes for being the most common type of characters in these stories.

No. 222613

File: 1658080523039.jpeg (36.56 KB, 480x495, 477457467646.jpeg)

I don't get this ship, the previous game was all about Ethan trying to find his wife. It's like shippers disregard the fact he has a whole ass family he is trying to keep together (pun intended). Also with the whole using his baby as a weapon thing you think he wouldn't be too fond of Karl

The only validity of any attraction is a throwaway line from one of the journals, which was enough to fuel the fire I guess

>Link and Sidon
This. Also Mipha's ghost is following Link around, I'd imagine seeing your ex-finace banging your younger brother that knew him when he was a child is awkward.

On that note, UrbosaXZelda is weird too, of course Urbosa treasures Zelda as the daughter of her best friend, but I don't see their relationship as anything other than parental/familial. If anything I could see Urbosa as being in love with Zelda's mother but because of tradition or royal betrothal stuff she had to marry the king so they couldn't be together, and after she passed Urbosa holds onto Zelda as a reminder of her ((not romantically))

No. 222713

Some HP pairings are good, mostly the gay ones that aren't canon excluding boring shit like fluffy Sirius/Remus. JKR isn't good at writing romance and her taste mostly sucks though and I agree that Ron/Hermione is bad. The way she tried to make everyone a Weasley at the end of Deathly Hallows was really dumb.

No. 222943

True i can't fucking stand how much they feminize kenma when he's not feminine by any standard and his kuroken fanarts are literally moid-tier tranny fetish (i especially hate that one bitch that's super popular that draws every character she touches like a bimbo caricature fucking gross)

No. 222945

I ship Zelink and this is part of the appeal. I love their relationship in OoT. Delulu Sheik x Link shippers keep coping and seething kek

No. 222946

This ship was fun at the beginning but like everything good in life it was ruined by porn addict scrotes

No. 222950

File: 1658169828180.png (593.29 KB, 1096x816, 0_rgJOyiwOEz9KTsEW.png)

Max and Chloe from Life is Strange. Their friendship is almost entirely fuelled by nostalgia for simpler times and Chloe is an inconsiderate, narcissistic asshole who would never be as popular as she is in the fandom had she not been conventionally attractive and alt. At most I can see Max having a lil crush on Chloe and them experimenting sexually, but as an actual couple it won't work; it would just be a lifetime of servitude for Max, playing along with Chloe's NPD and trying to keep her out of trouble.

No. 222952

With a Link Zelda ship it makes sense, just some people doing backflips to make it a otherperson/OC/selfinsert make it weird for me.

based nonnie.
I acutally really disliked Chloe and just wished she was not in the game.

No. 222965

i sorta understand because they didn't reveal shiek was zelda until almost a decade later

No. 222974

>I acutally really disliked Chloe and just wished she was not in the game.
Same, even characters like Alyssa who barely say two words in the game are more interesting and have more potential than angry, immature punk rawk grrl who's a shining example of style over substance. It would only work with Chloe in the game if there was a longer playtime and Max gradually came to realise how shitty Chloe is and confronted her for it. Fans will say she "changed" and then cite the shoehorned in apology for berating Max when she answered the phone to Kate when visiting her in the hospital and the out of character sacrifice at the end. That's it, just two instances. Comics don't count IMO as they're pure fanservice created to milk pricefield suckers for cash. It bugged me that Chloe got a prequel game too. A prequel in general was a bad idea because it ruined the mystery surrounding Rachel Amber, but that's another a-log for another day.

No. 223007

I actually came here to say NOTP is Chloe/Rachel. People think Chloe is bad? I actually liked her a lot in the prequel. Rachel sucks. She's a narcissistic manipulator who strings Chloe along. Chloe clearly has some kind of BPD or something and the way she clung so greatly to Rachel was really sad. She never really gave a shit about Chloe, only herself, which is proven in the main game.
The subplot where she makes Rachel's family drama her problem was really dumb too

No. 223023

GanLink will always be the best pair

No. 223061

AYRT, god, Rachel is so much worse. I should've made Chloe/Rachel my NOTP but I try to blot out Before the Storm Rachel from my memory, kek. Again, the game would work better with the shitty behaviour being addressed but there wasn't much wiggle room with it being a prequel, I guess. I hate how the fandom sees it as this love at first sight bullshit. Honestly, the play scene where they go off-script makes me uncomfortable because I've been in controlling relationships before and Rachel really does see Chloe as a pawn she can toy with whenever she wants. She actually made Chloe a much more tolerable character in that game by being such a huge asshole.

No. 223135

did you play the game or not?

No. 223152

Full agree. God the play was cringe and I'm sorry you had to go through similar relationships. I liked seeing Chloe's back story and home life but as soon as it turned into the Rachel show I was just done. Victoria is a bitch but her hatred of Rachel is justified kek

No. 241741

File: 1663973382108.jpg (93.22 KB, 1300x867, supernatural-lede-1300x867.jpg)

their ship feels forced.

No. 241743

Also hated chloe and everyone who were like “yasss lesbian representation” at chloe/max, when it was such a toxic fucking friendship

No. 241746

File: 1663973819734.jpg (41.69 KB, 523x586, shameful.jpg)

Never thought I'd find a hp ship that has less chemistry than dramione.

No. 241747

File: 1663973865300.gif (1.91 MB, 500x281, LOLWtfbossocelot.gif)

I wish all of the male MGS players would stop being gargantuan faggots and realize that Boss and Ocelot were a fucking pair.
Man it's so weird seeing "fangirls" and "Tintin" in the same sentence. I grew up reading the comics, it feels like they should be untouchable, preserved from fujo shit.

No. 241748

Thank god you changed that nasty pic kek

No. 241752

File: 1663974207359.jpg (191.31 KB, 1000x1400, IMG_20220919_180740.jpg)

for me its zhongchi.
i dont actually hate it per say and they have some of the best fanarts, but in terms of shipping i'm not interested.
before i actually played the game, i would see their fanarts a lot so i assumed there must be some sort of fan service content. i actually get to the liyue arc and they just have a business/political relationship at best. that was so incredibly underwhelming and i guess its my fault for expecting something gayer from a chinese mobile game.
i'm also just more of a childe fan and i don't care abour zhongli that much, so the fact that i only care about one moid in the ship doesn't help.
this is just a personal sperge but i stopped using childe on co-op bc some rando zhongli avis with the word "daddy" in their usernames would always send join requests & try being flirtatious. it just felt so forced

No. 241754

File: 1663974226395.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, 1380835936631.gif)

No. 241757

File: 1663974644024.png (250.72 KB, 500x406, 2273d1c999237b23931c9ed47634d3…)

there's a small contingent of people in the TLOK fandom that ship this and they're fucking insane… they're also usually weirdly homophobic because they're bitter about kya/lin being popular lol

No. 241766

File: 1663980159406.jpg (109.68 KB, 564x1048, bea3f7215184b8f0ca61d1d69f9f9f…)

Naww poor Ocelot

No. 241899

Nonnie please share examples, that sounds too dumb to be true

No. 241915

zhongchi became popular before the last part of liyue dropped, a lot of the fans assumed that zhongli and childe would have more scenes in the final arc and zhongli would be sad over childe’s betrayal etc. it didn’t happen but the ship kept on growing for some reason kek

No. 241920

the fact that both of them somehow have yumejos is even more cringe

No. 241929

File: 1664042295081.png (1.32 MB, 2400x1080, chopsticks.png)

someone on twitter said picrel is how the ship gained steam because the specific type of chopstick design was considered a wedding gift in China. But others are saying that's not entirely accurate according to Chinese players. I don't speak Chinese so idk who's right.

No. 241942

File: 1664044488838.jpg (94.4 KB, 800x727, 4b0.jpg)

This is like pet peeve from 10 years ago but I always hated Gamako from KlK (not depicted). I fucking loved Gamagoori and I loved Mako, but I disliked them as a ship and especially after how popular it got with everybody, often for no other reason than the stupid size kink. It also fucked over two pairings that I was into, Satsuki/Gama (which was interesting because the female part was the stronger one here despite Gama being fuckhuge) and the lesbian couple Ryuko/Mako (I am always into pairings with characters that are good friends on top of being a pairing).

No. 241968

why does he look like a Ryuji Goda copy

No. 241989

File: 1664053957518.png (175.13 KB, 448x461, 0f46bad1a0051cc5ac8b68e53a3b6e…)

I'm scared to post specific people because I don't want to seem like I'm vendetta posting lol but if you look through the linko tag you'll find shit like this

No. 241990

Based. Mako doesn't even notice him and his one-sided crush. Mako is for Ryuko only and Gamangori is for me.

No. 241993

ironically for me i fucking hate ryuuko/mako because mako is an unlikeable bitch

No. 243023

Late but I hated Rachel as well and Before the Storm was such a shitshow I regret I actually wasted IRL money on it. So for me my NOTP would also be Chloe/Rachel.
>The subplot where she makes Rachel's family drama her problem was really dumb too
That was so stupid. Like really?

No. 243285

File: 1664389571731.jpg (78.37 KB, 564x903, eremika.jpg)

Relationship based around the woman being obsessed with an indifferent, ungrateful and rude male who has a meltdown at the possibility of her moving on from him, despite never having make a move on her this whole time. Ship for rightoid incels and underage pickmes.

No. 243290

I hate any pairing where the girl is cheerful and bright while the guy is edgy and serious lmao

No. 243312

Maybe I didn't understand Rachel's character, but I always felt like she was using Chloe.

No. 243345

Necro but this happened in Invincible and I'm still salty about it.

No. 243389

File: 1664436987987.png (599.14 KB, 1280x720, Renga_(Ep_6).png)

I have no opinion on the ship, the shipper made me hate them. I swear people who ship them try to latch as many minorities point to Reki, i feel like it's one of those go-to ship that the shipper is clearly projecting their BS to the character

No. 243665

>I don't get the appeal of Dante/Lady. It's boring
"Badass couple" nonna. I dislike this ship as well because I hate the idea pairing two characters that the only thing they relate to each other is fucking trauma and just that. Also in canon Lady and Dante barely friends, I don't have interest shipping characters that aren't that close in canon

No. 243666

I know it's the whole "badass couple" thing but everyone is a bad bitch who can do backflips and shoot everyone and everything at the same time effortlessly so this could apply to any pairing except the ones with Kyrie.

No. 243674

Well the whole dmc3 game and some cd drama of anime hinted Lady kinda likes Dante are enough for shippers. That and I saw on /v/ lot of scrotes want to fuck Lady so they projected their desire on Dante.

No. 243677

kek these retards will NEVER be Dante.

No. 243714

>people who ship them try to latch as many minorities point to Reki
Stop browsing Tumblr and Twitter

No. 244960

File: 1664965383707.jpg (548.7 KB, 1414x2048, 76c6c03b40906de418c5ee4bd5d284…)

Not posting pedo shit fanart and there is thankfully only one Japanese artist (that I know of) that ships it, but the western male fans that do it are pretty vocal about it and I hate that ship.

The mangaka has explicitly made Asirpa a kid to AVOID shipping, because he didn't want the story to imply Sugimoto (the MC) was helping her because of some sexual attraction. He is obviously too naive to know how degenerated some people are and I hate how the same people that screech "NOO, friendship exists! Just because these two adults are good friends doesn't mean they are gay!" are absolutely incapable of ever seeing a male and a female being in the same room without considering them a canon couple, even when one is a grown-ass adult dude and the other one a child.

I remember that author saying at some point that he would hunt everybody down who dares to lewd Asirpa up or use her in a sexual context and sometimes I wish he would deliver on that threat.

No. 244962

it's sad how people will ship kids with adults before they ship anything gay

No. 244966

>I hate how the same people that screech "NOO, friendship exists! Just because these two adults are good friends doesn't mean they are gay!" are absolutely incapable of ever seeing a male and a female being in the same room without considering them a canon couple, even when one is a grown-ass adult dude and the other one a child.
THIS, it's always the same moids who make up 100000 ways to cope with Kawoshin being canon or Edgeworth not being straight but they're incapable of seeing an underage female character without lewding her or shipping her with an adult male (even if it's pedo and/or incestuous)
Moids' ships are hundreds of times more repulsive than any fujo ship

No. 244970

Not into child x adult shipping either, but you know "he who lives in glass castles" like fujoshis really can't try to claim moral superiority over this, cause a fuckton of popular fujoships are between adult men and young boys

No. 244974

Absolutely based opinion

No. 244998

File: 1664982636725.jpg (211.04 KB, 1280x1439, aerith_and_tifa_by_thuykt01_de…)

My tinfoil is that every girl who supports this is a pickme pretending they are not like other girls. It's a stupid senseless ship, and I get it that they are way more friendly to each other on the remake, but there really is not enough to imagine a relationship there. I hate every cloti or clerith shipper as well, it's been 25 years and they are still autistically obsessed over this minor part of the game, because NO, it doesn't fucking matter who you romance, the story is the same. The details that change are minimum to none, the game isn't about who cloud wants to fuck you morons. I can't believe I miss the fujos shipping cloud and sephiroth.

No. 245001

Preach, based nonna. Only ship I can't stand even more is their 3TP with Cloud.

No. 245017

File: 1664987707624.png (227.97 KB, 598x845, 59110ECE-CA97-4358-982B-B230F2…)

I’ve only seen trannies ship them.

No. 245018

KEK I hate Aerith but I hate that troons claim pretty female characters to be trannies even more

No. 245236

I've seen a woman who draws porn of them but panders to troons by making one of them a dickgirl. Fucking puke-inducing.

No. 245256

this ship only exist to satisfy moid coomers and trannies.

No. 245340

i hate that i know exactly who you’re talking about

No. 247777

yuki sohma and that literal who he ends up with at the end. if you don't wanna pair him with tohru, then don't pair him with anyone! fruits basket would have worked better with a proper otome format, not everyone needs to get married at the end, some characters are better left single

No. 249412

File: 1666380468467.jpeg (22.36 KB, 640x480, EDB98A68-0ED3-49A3-937E-3303FF…)

AtLA sperg incoming

Zuko and Katara had an entire mini-arc to resolve their issues, an episode where they teamed up, and delivered the best part of the finale together. That alone made them less boring than every actual ship that had multiple seasons to try something interesting.

Katara/Aang reads like a self-insert of the male writers, I don’t hate the idea of putting those two characters together in theory, there’s enough to work with in the hands of a skilled writer, but in execution it’s 100% male pandering and weird (especially in the comics, aang starts to act like a fucking incel and nobody on the writing staff thought that was a bad idea??). It also neuters all the complex and dark parts of Katara as an individual that elevate her above “nice girl mom friend love interest”. Incidentally all those facets of her tend to be more prominent in her interactions with Zuko which explains a lot kek

Mai/Zuko is literally insulting, how the fuck do you take the “hot brooding antivillain with a heart of gold” character known for one of the best redemption arcs of all time, and don’t even do anything interesting with the no-titty goth gf with a character design that’s as unpleasant as her flat personality? I love how he literally forgot about her existence 5 seconds after breaking out of the boiling rock and didn’t even remember to pardon her out of prison after he became the firelord. Did he even ask if Azula had killed her? Lmfao if I was Mai I’d be pissed, no wonder they can barely function in the post-series comics.

No. 249589

File: 1666454095777.jpg (86.51 KB, 1200x676, Supernatural-Destiel-featured.…)

why these two getting shipped together

No. 249590

Because uwu soft angel and Dean being the opposite

No. 249594

Serious question is this trolling and if not how does this line of thinking even work? She breathes and likes food so she is trans? How the fuck is anything they listed trans? I would disagree but at least understand the reasoning if it was shit like her dressing like a boy or casually calling herself a cool dude or something, but none of the stuff they listed is remotely gendered in any way, not even the worst type of conservative would associate enjoyment of food and dad jokes with men.

No. 249595

i know I'm late but you're right. after I watched all those episodes the fandom talked about, I was really underwhelmed? I didn't get all those "shipping" stuff from those or the dead apple movie. (But I think it's okay for them to make money with merch.) Atsushi with either of them is much better!

No. 249607

avatar is an example of a great series with shitty romantic sub-plots. mai/zuko was completely irrelevant and shouldn't have existed in the first place
and you're right about aang/katara, i think the writers even admitted aang was their self-insert

No. 249625

Because Dean's a 10/10 and it's a crime to not ship him with SOMEONE, but the options are pretty lacking. It's either Castiel or his brother or an irrelevant female character unfortunately.

No. 249657

No. 249663

Pure being of light and love sees redemption in the soul of a murder hobo and saves him from an eternity of torture and in doing so profoundly touches the soul of said murder hobo, I mean I can see how that’s compelling.

No. 249693

ntayrt but while i dislike the rest of those ships, katara was the most insufferable character in the series

No. 249707

I ship Aerith and myself.

No. 249723

File: 1666498132651.jpg (764.64 KB, 1920x2376, tiffany-yong-lux-sketch.jpg)

Lightcannon is a stupid ship. They don't even know each other and Lux is too goody two shoes anyways, if Sylas scared her no way Jinx wouldn't freak Lux the fuck out.

No. 249733

the shipping stems from the star guardian lore and somehow tries to tie in the romance between the two of them in canon timeline. i dont get the ship, don't really care about it. but i hate that twitter always make lightcannon as the better ship when compared against ezreal/lux when neither feels right.

i also hate that lightcannon fans are dissing people for shipping ekko x jinx together especially through arcane. even to the point of throwing homophobia or the likes, even bringing out how toxic it'd be or smth.

No. 249735

File: 1666504680145.jpg (194.22 KB, 1008x1920, tumblr_p6ojs7xpZj1ryxgdpo1_128…)

I mean I'm fully problematic or whatever, I ship Zinx and Sylux (because it takes Sylas to actually make Lux somewhat interesting imo). Ekko/Jinx (timebomb?) is alright too, I could see it happening, especially in Arcane if they don't introduce Ziggs. Imo calling any ship homophobic is just retarded, people just don't like certain things.

No. 249736

You speak the words of my heart nonna

No. 249972

Why do antifags ignore the fact that characters have interactions and keep making their own headcanons about how they would feel about each other?
Literally any ship is better than EzLux

No. 249985

File: 1666564255216.jpg (103.52 KB, 1366x768, FOGs-NUaIAEiYil.jpg)

This shit really ruined a nice anime for me, what an absolute fuck

No. 249988

File: 1666564763691.jpg (31.46 KB, 600x549, main-qimg-4ca155d178549e97a917…)

Stupid ass pairing that got pushed for no reason other than "she's a girl and it's important"

No. 249991

they're like denji and power, a romantic relationship simply wouldn't work

No. 250011

Anything less than a bimbo slut housewife homemaker is trans to trannies. They worship the very gender roles they claim to hate.

No. 250024

Star Guardian isn't the mainline universe and the Wild Rift trailer isn't canon. Seethe.

Tbf to you though at least your ship makes sense in Star Guardian.

No. 250027

Is this ship even a thing to be honest? I see people frequently ship Yuuji with either Megumi and Gojo, and Nobara with Maki more.

No. 250045

File: 1666574985887.jpg (188.37 KB, 2039x2894, FaIiLA2VUAICbZ7.jpg)

Oh my god I KNEW there was a recent NOTP I was forgetting all the time while reading this thread and it's Daida/Miranjo.

I choose to ignore it and thankfully the manga takes place elsewhere now, but I have no hope it won't get back to this shit in the future. It's damn weird because everything else in that show was so good. I am not even only hating this pairing for the most obvious reason, there is a whole series of issues it has or is indirectly responsible for. Easily the worst surprise pairing in recent memory. It also catapulted Daida from am obnoxious but well written brat with good development and potential to a shitty character I have no hopes for anymore (he also never told Bojji about his murder attempt IIRC).

No. 250046

it's because nobara is the only girl yuuji interacts with lmao

No. 250091

In the manga? No at all

No. 250131

File: 1666614087762.jpg (47.68 KB, 550x687, aruani.jpg)

Undeveloped couple who turned Annie into Armin's trophy waifu

No. 250136

File: 1666615645567.png (191.69 KB, 540x589, ss.png)

The most disgusting, pathetic and misogynistic pairing I've ever seen. Even pairings like Joker/Harley and Light/Misa are recognized as bad by the story, while Naruto wants us to think that Sakura's obsession with Sasuke and her lack of self-respect is cute and that the crumbs of affection he gives her through 700 chapters is worth it. The author said Sakura would be a bad woman for giving up on Sasuke, because how dare a woman walk away from a man who tried to kill her multiple times? Fuck Kishimoto. This stupid ship completely ruined Sakura's development.

No. 250162

isn't she literally old enough to be his mom ?

No. 250174

ily both anons
fuck their authors

No. 250177

Yeah. Think she's technically around 30. Just the body itself should be that of a 16 year old. And this isn't even the main problem.

No. 250179

In defense of Kishimoto, he didn't like Sakura in the first place and wanted to shove her in the back seat, but editors were against it. He genuinely didn't knew what to do with her as a character, didn't knew or had any interest in writing romance and definitely kinda hated all this Sakura/Naruto/Sasuke love triangle.

No. 250199

>in defense of a scrote author, he really hated the main female character that he poorly created because he cannot write women and thinks that their lives are all about scrotes and romance, too bad that his editor forced him to have a female character after all

No. 250218

File: 1666639383213.png (3.63 MB, 2123x1600, trash.png)

Trash, but mostly because Orihime is trash. At least it gave some hilarious meltdowns though.

No. 250250


Author at least could have given them a "happy" ending after all the shit that happened but instead makes Sasuke into a deadbeat whose daughter has not seen him in 12 years and Sakura a forever waiting housewife what the fuck. What is the point?

No. 250412

File: 1666694255928.jpg (61.13 KB, 802x802, a34cb9b39b7724791070b1e77a8951…)

I'm sure they'll be made canon in the series and that's fine and all, but I found their romance in Arcane to be extremely lacking, rushed and convenient. It reminded me of hetero romances in blockbuster films, so this is a NOTP for me now because it's just so uninteresting.

No. 250415

riotgames are a shit company that are trying to keep themselves relevant by
>making a Korean MMORPG-designed characters
>so scared of making a monster after years of not making one because people won't jerk off and play the champion, making human skins for monsters instead
>are trying to pretend they are SJWwoke by making shit like TF/Graves, possibly turning Taliyah into a tranny, etc

No. 250447

I found Caitlyn really boring in Arcane. Like every other character was more interesting than her and she always made the worst possible decisions. I hope she cuts out her sheltered behaviour next season.
To be fair apparently from the start Graves and TF were meant to be a couple, according to Runaan. But there's no excuse for Seraphine being how she is.

No. 250469

>They don't even know each other
I mean, you can say that about any LoL ship. LoL isn't the type of game where story matters.

No. 250505

Riot never heard of monsterfuckers I guess?

No. 250655

old news by now but im not sure how edeleth stans, the lesbian ship, ended up so sexist
can't fucking stand to look at it now, not sure why so many villain fans develop a huge complex over preemptive copium thinking people will judge them for it like nobody gives a shit what you like in fiction but you weirdos

No. 250667

I feel like Mai/Zuko was thoughtlessly thrown in to be 'comedic' relief. Mai and Zuko are superficially brooding and moody but are a horrible match, got paired because of their similarities for the punchline then Bryke forgot they had to deal with the consequences of making it canon. I'm convinced this was one of Bryke's boneheaded decisions like the idea that Toph supposed to be a token buff alpha male rival for Aang and Katara just because, and the entire Korra/Mako/Asami love triangle. I don't know why two grown men insist on shoehorning shitty teenage romance plots into their own work (they seem to think they need to include one for the show to be popular) but imo whatever magic they had fell apart by the time one of them REALLY wanted the 20's aesthetic for TLOK and fucked over the East Asian inspired world for it.

No. 250929

For me, I hate Vi the most, she's so fucking stupid and is the biggest reason why Jinx became Jinx and yet the fans baby her and blame it all on Silco instead (who was a big contributor, but they just ignore all the dumb shit Vi caused).

No. 250935

I never read it but I generally hate this thing most long-running shounen series do where they feel the urge to pair absolutely every single character up (m/f only of course) at the very end no matter how random or shit a pairing is.

No. 251196

>t. jinxfag
How do you end up blaming Vi for Jinx when that idiot father figure of theirs let them run around committing crimes.

No. 251286

File: 1667014395606.jpg (110.76 KB, 1200x909, burn it.jpg)

i hate this shit so fucking much, i was just getting into moomin when this shit started appearing and i just couldn't stand it
i remember seeing gross sexual and trans headcanon stuff about them too, and when someone said anything remotely critical, they would just point out how the author was a lesbian as if she were to condone this delusional behaviour

No. 251287

Should've spoilered this tbh nona, I'm not even a Moomin fan (never watched it) but even I am repulsed by this. Not everything needs to have shipping.

No. 251290

I have a childhood friend who grew up with Moominvalley and she's vented about this to me before. I think a lot of new Tumblr/Twitter Moominvalley "fans" don't actually understand the material, which is why they're doing the same shipping/headcanon nonsense they do with shit like Danganronpa and Homestuck.

Shipping the Moominvalley characters is like shipping the Carebears or the kids from Peanuts. These pieces of media aren't meant to be enjoyed in the way fandombrained geeks obsess over shit for YA and adult audiences. Not everything benefits from being engaged with in that way.

People need to learn that there are multiple ways to appreciate art instead of defaulting to the shipping-fanart-fanfic trifecta. You wouldn't do that shit with Citizen Kane or To Kill a Mockingbird.

No. 251292

Bless you moomin nonnas, i thought i was going insane when i started seeing that shit. Moomins was my early childhood.

No. 251312

File: 1667030337281.jpg (40.16 KB, 360x360, IwaOi.jpg)


No. 251314

Why? It's a classic and it's hot

No. 251343

File: 1667044207978.jpg (225.77 KB, 1752x2048, b11d067eb800956bed75899f9c520f…)

This drawing in particular is slightly cute, but the fact that there are people out there shipping these two causes me some visceral reaction and feels very cursed
I wonder if there's someone out there shipping Arthur with Rupert Pupkin too

No. 251346

Its boring, everywhere, i hate childhood friends to lovers and dont care for Iwaizumi at all. Tbh most of the big haikyuu ships suck but this is the only one that I cant escape having shoved in my face continuously somehow

No. 251392

because misha collins is a crazy narc who encouraged the ship to make himself more relevant. also because castiel is fugly and autistic and that makes it easier for tumblrinas to project themselves onto him.

No. 251393

Bad taste,and most HQ ship are god, especially Kagehina

No. 251409

I always have an issue with shipping of characters that are rather blobs than humans or look like 5 year olds, in other words, most cartoons. Browsing cartoon boards made me realise that no character design could ever look too young or abstract or both to not get shipped and have a horde of people horny for them. I mean I should have known since I saw the first sonic porn decades ago, but I am still surprised everytime I see it.

No. 251411

File: 1667064817403.jpg (41.07 KB, 720x404, evangelion-2.22-mari-english-d…)

I am not even an avid Shinji/Rei or Shinji/Kaworu shipper and yet I hate everything about this pairing.

I hate how she is a literal OC that makes the movies feel like they were an adaption of a bad AO3 self-insert fanfic, I hate how they barely even talked with each other before becoming canon, I hate that absolutely every other partner matched Shinji ten times better than her even regardless of the dialogues and I hate how the message boils down to another case of the "woman made to fix him" trope that continues to spread the stupid message that it's a woman's job to fix men on the one side while also implying that all legit serious mental issues can be fixed if you just find someone who is into you (and the consequence of this is that you are just fucked if you don't I guess).

I hate how an awesome series that tackled trauma, mental illnesses and social anxiety was downgraded so much with this just because Anno found his real life waifu and felt the need to tell us about it.

No. 251412

okay fair, vander was the real problem.

No. 251414

Lol wait, is that really what happened? Anno got a gf and wrote her into NGE?

No. 251415

No. 251450

Kek it's so pathetic and creepy when moids write their current (temporary, because the moid's fucking horrible and refuses to fix himself) gf into their works as soon as they start dating.

No. 251495

File: 1667092748494.jpeg (55.03 KB, 480x479, 8D7827FC-5723-4D6A-997E-14BE0B…)

i hate them together, and they’re annoying stans make me hate it even more.

No. 251498

it crosses a line even more than other kids cartoon ships and makes me embarrassed to be a human being. moomins should be sacred.

No. 251508

i don't hate it but it just seems a little boring to me. i'd much rather ship something with conflict like rhaenyra/alicent or daemon/aemond

No. 251511

File: 1667098004150.jpg (92.1 KB, 1200x630, 46.jpg)

samefagging to post my least favorite asoiaf pairing. grrm definitely ships it but it's boring and shitty. if jaimoid wasn't so sexy people wouldn't like it

No. 251514

File: 1667098514486.jpeg (63.84 KB, 390x552, 58DE726C-6B1F-4530-BC75-F55EF7…)

I mean he did marry queen Moyoco Anno.

No. 251516

not to mention his poor cucked wife writes threesome guides kek

No. 251537

What a waste to be married to a depressed incel who self inserts into the 14 year old boy who masturbates on comatose bodies

No. 251544

She drew him way more handsome than he is IRL

No. 251563

File: 1667126755959.jpeg (150.46 KB, 736x952, E5B016F4-59F8-40B9-B064-4FBC22…)

Words cannot describe how much I despise this ship. Halfway through the series the author decided that Leo suddenly needed a proper love interest so he created this disgusting Frankenstein’s monster of a pairing and crammed it into a chapter of the second to last book. Despite even being kind of foreshadowed in the previous book it still felt like it came out of absolutely nowhere. It spawns from a horrendously written, completely forced enemies to lovers arc between two characters who had never previously met that spans a total of like four days in universe. The author himself doesn’t even seem to like them, because in the next series he writes them to be pretty much miserable around each other and they seemingly only end up staying together out of obligation. My hatred for this ship may be a little personal considering how hard I husbando’d Leo as a teen, but the fact most people who read the series feel the same way now shows I’m not alone in thinking this. Searching the ship name on twitter just gives you a bunch of people who used to enjoy them coming to terms with how bad a pairing it really was.

No. 251569

The art anon posted is from teh Happy Mania sequel, nothing to do with Hideaki Anno. She drew him a lot in her autobiographical manga and he looks like the real deal in that one

No. 251574

this is what happens when writers are afraid of leaving some characters single. i think this phenomen of "characters are incomplete without a pairing" should be analyzed more

No. 251580

File: 1667136995314.jpeg (475.15 KB, 1468x2048, 8A753D0F-8F35-4FFB-9CBC-C9A3E9…)

Malleus and Leona fucking sucks. It sucks and I hate it. Malleus paired with anyone is just total shit tbh. Sebek can simp for all eternity but Malleus returning the feelings would ruin it I’m also not really fond of Leona/Vil, but at least I can see where people are coming from even if they’re wrong. Leona and Ruggie in whatever order are an infinitely better choice if we’re going for basic bitch pairings. You can make it basic or you can make it abusive and angsty and it’s all good.

I’m mad that an artist I really enjoy ships Malleus/Leona harder than anything, but their comics still make me laugh so I suffer through it.

No. 251590

File: 1667139125983.jpg (97.45 KB, 640x853, bgxbl7eydye91.jpg)

it's only shit because malleus is shit and the only valid ending for the story of an autist of his caliber is to sudoku himself in order escape his fate of an excruciatingly long, inceloid life. in malleo malleus is always the one simping for an unentheused leona, a recurring dynamic in almost every leona ship, and what makes them work.
cuckggie's official floyd nickname is dick rider and he still fails to be leona's most popular ship because he's a flop. leona is an apple chaser in canon, therefore any apple x leo ship is better by default.

No. 251600

Am still 100% convinced that Armin's crush on her is just Bertholdt's subconscious/memories getting mixed with Armin's.

No. 251601

Really? And here I was thinking he made her up to piss off the Rei/Asuka debate kek

No. 251602

Nona were you the one posting Malleus hate in the ugly character designs thread months ago? I love you also what is your twst OTP I must know thank you and take care

No. 251610

and I love you, random anon. all I want is a hadaka shitsuji esque harem scenario where vil squeezes leona, epel, and rook into maid outfits of varying styles picked to best suit their personalities and then verbally and sexually tortures them. also enjoy silbek.

No. 251629

File: 1667153782820.jpg (147.1 KB, 1080x825, Love this ship.jpg)

No. 251630

File: 1667153857427.jpg (139.09 KB, 595x856, Ariel 'Buy Witchy 2' Ries on T…)

No. 251666

File: 1667174687056.jpg (78.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-2052464821.jpg)

I have a tiny suspicion that this ship was based on the Hotel Mario gay Luigi meme and the "so long, gay bowser" meme

No. 251667

I genuinely hate every single SNK canon pairing at the end unless I am forgetting some.

No. 251673

I want to see his asshole gaped I don’t care about this little girl I’m sorry

No. 251675

Luigi is cute enough as it is, why do they have to animefy him?

No. 251679

File: 1667182033673.jpg (58.42 KB, 563x723, 7835656b528becf1e9b1811a9ba201…)

animified boewser is hot though

No. 251680

File: 1667182056247.jpg (45.23 KB, 563x543, 3ed0680c708491f2afe76c3cb59473…)

No. 251681

Much better

No. 251690

Not a fan of the pairing maybe but I always found Luigi cute so I won't complaint about shipping art with him, he deserves someone if Mario is simping for Peach.

No. 251693

>he deserves someone if Mario is simping for Peach
i thought he was usually paired with rosalina

No. 251696

Luigi? He's usually paired with Daisy (NAYRT)

No. 251698

Finally, someone with good hq opinions

No. 251714

Hard disagree. This made me love the Rebuilds even more because Anno gave the middle finger to every single shipper and made them seethe. If you ship Evangelion characters, you got what you deserve (Especially Kawoshin). Simple as.

No. 251724

not only that, but it's pretty obvious that moomin is a kid and snufkin is older. funny because this type of people always scream about "problematic" shipping.
it looks like they never consumed a non-romantic piece of fiction in their lives, or anything that didn't have a dedicated fandom for it filled with chronically online teenagers and creeps. so fucking weird.

No. 251812

Oh fuck off, Kawoshin always literally take the L, if her really wanted to fuck with the audience he would have paired him with the gay angel he always kill

No. 251840

I said I am not even really shipping anybody there, I enjoyed some art or ideas for all pairings every now and then but never really cared. Personally I would have even preferred no canon ship at all, but Mari was worse than every alternative IMO. I think this attitude of making the love or hate for a series dependent on whether it pisses fans off or not is pretty retarded.

No. 251913

Your anger is misguided, nona. Anno hates all shippers, including fujos. Shipping is the antithesis of Evangelion, especially in an idealized and unrealistic relationship like Kawoshin. I mean, he literally spells it out for you in 3.0+1.0, along with the other pairings.

Nah, you're just seething because you don't like what Anno is telling you. Anno will always be based for telling the vocal minority of shippers to fuck off. If you actually understood Evangelion's message, then you would know that the ending makes perfect sense.

No. 252273

you said like every shitposters I saw on /a/ during the time movie got released

No. 252305

if anno hates shippers why did he put his gf in the reboot

No. 252316

What do those things have to do with each other

No. 252344

Anno is manchild who keeps crying how "we don't get it"" while at the same time milking Eva like a cow and continuing pandering to waifu fans.

Even now he still milks Eva, and put his wife into the fucking movie .

If anno really wanted to piss of shippers he would have had Shining take Kaworu's dick on screen, I guarantee you that would have upset the average Eva fan more than his Mary Sue.

No. 252354

Fuck Armong the ugly tranny but do you nonnas actually care for this shitty femdom coombait who shouldn't have been brought back?
All I can remember is Sauce treating her like shit but they somehow end together. The most hilarious part is Sauce having a better chemistry with Naruto overall kek.
I'm IR all the way but I like seeing fantards bending themselves over to justify endgame pairings as if it's a carefully planned action. Here's the thing: scrotes can never stick to the landing emotionally.

No. 252425

File: 1667404976502.jpg (44.33 KB, 768x432, 12581751.jpg)

I can't believe nobody has posted this fucking trash yet.

No. 252443

I hate it so much. Fuck Yashahime. The only solace I take is that sales and viewership dropped dramatically when this garbage was revealed

No. 252449

Was Rumiko involved in this? I cannot fathom how someone that wrote a 300 years old demon dude raising an eight(?) year old kid would make him impregnate her a few years later but you never know. I didn't feel like watching it anyway because it gave me off some Buruto vibes and I hate it when shounen pair everybody off and give everyone kids anyway but this reveal made me ignore everything associated to this series forever and I try to pretend it simply doesn't exist.
They should have given us a prequel with Kikyou instead or something.

No. 252467

Only with the character designs, nothing else iirc

No. 252475

File: 1667413054537.png (120.17 KB, 1010x737, WTF.png)

what the hell, I just looked this up and Sesh is a gross selfish pedo. I did not know this before since i only watched the main inuyasha series. Wtf were the original writers involved in this too or did a another writer make this. Gross and fucked up.

No. 252556

It's fascinating because even otaku on 4chan were grossed out by the ending of Usagi Drop (this would be the next disgusting NOTP someone could post) where the same thing is happening when the kid the MC raised told him she wanted to marry him and get kids with him. Yashahime tops even that though, because even in trash like Usagi Drop the MCs decided to wait till she was an adult IIRC while Sess must have impregnated her when she was a young teen and there is the whole other shit mentioned in the screenshot you posted.
Legit one of the worst pairings I have seen in anime and it's even canon (technically).
God I hope this is true. I was never much of a fan of her series save for enjoying Inuyasha but if I hated her work I don't want her name to be tarnished with that. It would also make it easier to pretend this shit never happened.
Seriously Sess should have stuck to Kikyou forever even if she was gone. Being in love with a person who is long gone doesn'thave to be as depressing as it sounds, it's certainly less depressing than this shit here.

No. 252558

I have read somewhere that Takahashi didn't approve of that pedo ship, she had occasionally expressed her dislike towards it before Yashahime. So I think it's pretty obvious that was not her decision.

>Usagi Drop
Fuck that sucks, I didn't know that happened. It's josei and has very good ratings so I wanted to watch it.

No. 252559

I don't like SessRin because it was clearly forced by the anime director who was really into it and had no substance, but Sesshomaru didn't raise Rin. They were together for a few months over the course of the story because Rin insisted on following him around, then he dropped her into the human village with Kaede and co when it ended. He never showed signs of parenting her or anything like that. Never really showed signs of… anything, really.

Sesshomaru was never into Kikyou. That was Inuyasha.

No. 252562

Sadly I liked Usagi Droo before that. Most posters in the 4chan threads back then enjoyed it, as you said it was josei so it was well done not some loli shit. It was all nice, the characters were likeable and the manga did THIS.

Think I watched Barakamon not long afterwards, another series with MC meeting a little girl and it cleansed my soul. Such a good show about country life, calligraphy and great characters.

No. 252577

i hate heavymedic solely because heavy isn't attractive to me so I don't find any of the art/fics sexy. snipermedic ftw

No. 252602

I can't stand kyman for self-explanatory reasons
but bad ships are to be expected in a cringe ass fandom so I don't know if I'm allowed to complain

No. 252608

I always enjoyed this series but I dislike all ships related to it. It's just one of those series that aren't made for shipping IMO lol. Cannot fathom shipping Simpsons characters either.

No. 252663

funnily enough i don't mind kyman too much. i think a one sided feelings kind of situation would be the most realistic though, but like >>252608 said shipping south park characters is so dumb in the first place that if youre going to ship anyone at all you might as well just suspend all disbelief and go wild with it.
the fact that stan x kyle is so popular is more annoying to me tbh, bc it always boils down to the same tired tropes and idk theres just not much variety with the whole 'pining for your childhood best friend' shtick

No. 253352

HoTD ships sucks because 90% of it is incest.

No. 253552

File: 1667716987376.jpeg (206.35 KB, 630x713, 93033554_p2.jpeg)

I saw this while I was looking for westaboo art and I wanted to hurl. It's Bart from the simpsons looking sad because Lisa is getting married. They also drew pictures of them embracing and almost-but-not kissing. There are worse ships in the fandom for sure but this image really got me for some reason.

No. 253912

File: 1667853933767.jpeg (337.82 KB, 2048x1702, 3244CFCD-9035-45D3-8A2A-5C7D29…)

do i even have to explain why?

No. 253925

Sad because I kinda dig the artstyle and composition here. They should have drawn Milhouse instead or make this a story about Bart being left behind. It's actually an interesting topic I rarely ever seen explored in media where a family member is "lost" because they marry. The incest idea behind this fucks it all up of course. Sad it's such a popular fetish. I can maybe understand some but Lisa and Bart? Nope. They were always the two siblings that hate each other but eventually help the respective other because they are a family after all. They don't even work as friends.

No. 253975

I hate random incest ships. Why is everyone so pornsick.

No. 254005

Dunno I also feel that I often hate kid + older MCs in series even if the series has zero sexual hints or fanservice. Because I know if it gets popular enough people will ship it. I don't get why they cannot just enjoy any kind of friendship or relationship without interpreting some romance into it.

The worst thing is that a kid will always be excited once, try to calm down the adult or blush because they give them some gift or praise them and they are happy because of this. It's fine if the mangaka does this but damn does it piss me off that I know for sure that people will interpret the blushing as sexual shit and never ever shut the fuck up about it.

No. 254013

>The worst thing is that a kid will always be excited once, try to calm down the adult or blush because they give them some gift or praise them and they are happy because of this. It's fine if the mangaka does this but damn does it piss me off that I know for sure that people will interpret the blushing as sexual shit and never ever shut the fuck up about it.
I hate this so fucking much it has actually ruined several pieces of media for me because I've seen way too much of the shipping. It's repulsive. I wish incest and pedo ships were kept in very underground communities of degenerates so normal people would be blissfully ignorant of the fact that there's sick motherfuckers out there who see X interaction between the little kid/child and the adult/parent as sexual/romantic

No. 254021

book notps: katniss/gale from the hunger games (i wasn't crazy about gale or the love triangle, and it would've been fine if katniss had just done her own thing after the games).
sansa/sandor (is there a single good, popular sansa ship kek) and theon/ramsay from ASOIAF. ASOIAF fandom just has some really bad popular ships. source material doesn't help.
almost every YA book with romance has a bad central relationship, i remember hating four when i read divergent as a teenager and same with edward from twilight.
tv notps: krycek/mulder, most canon relationships in stranger things, clarke/finn, that awful student/teacher relationship in PLL, prentiss/hotch, waverly/nicole (i'm sorry but they bored me to tears)
btw macdennis is hilarious. it's what they deserve. the toxicity is just desserts! i totally get why it's a notp for so many, i just find it funny.

No. 254034

I have also never liked this ship. When I first read the books, I remember being frustrated with how Gale was characterized in the third book. Like he started acting like an asshole out of nowhere.

No. 254053

File: 1667893956873.png (962.88 KB, 768x647, cleon.png)

Claire and Leon. No reason other than him and Ada are endgame for me and I always thought of him as more of an older brother for Claire.

No. 254056

honestly been meme'd into accepting it

No. 254311

File: 1668114641662.jpg (44.88 KB, 640x360, hibieupho.jpg)

Boring and has no chemistry

No. 254315

Agreed. I would like Tifa way more if they didn’t portray her so pitifully over Cloud.

Her fans are also the worst. She’s fine though tbh. But it’s hard for me to like her because of how insane the Clotis and fanboys are.

No. 254322

File: 1668117412488.jpg (694.13 KB, 2661x3758, hyouka.jpg)

Haven't seen any of these anime but I could say the same for them

No. 254332

this anime has the worst yuribait i've ever seen

No. 254906

File: 1668372012685.png (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, 8336dea23808a311f840c2efa7496b…)

Surprised nobody has posted them yet, even the fans of DBZ+ (women as well as men) I know in real life hate it.
Goku is ab absolute idiot with the attitude of a 15yo battle addict. He is never there for his family, he canonically never kissed Chichi on the lips, he knows nothing about women, their biology, family and any problems not related to shounen fights and is barely ever at home because he wants to train instead.

He is also constantly risking the apocalypse and the lives of his friends and family by giving evil genociders another chance if it means fighting a strong opponent again. He is such a bad husband that even Vegeta is constantly shocked whenever he learns something new about their marriage. On top of all of this there wasn't even a proper buildup for them. Goku fought Chichi as a kid, they promised marriage and he forgot about her until she comes to marry him like 15(?) years later. They don't have any chemistry either, unlike Bulma and Vegeta IMO whom I can see as a legit (and functioning) family.

No. 254908

DBZ was a mistake, just like how Naruto have the timeskip was a mistake. Fun, lighthearted shonen manga should stop trying to take themselves too seriously as soon as they become super popular because it ruins them and you just explained why.

No. 254911

Oh yeah I feel this. I liked parts of the Frieza arc a lot but it would work so much better in a different frame with a different MC who suffered from his dictatorship himself instead a tourist like Goku who doesn't even have an attachment to the people he killed in the past.

No. 255155

It's stupid but so is Dragonball

No. 255174

Youre complaining about a shounen anime whose main focus is fighting. Besides chi chi shouldve known not to get with him esp when goku admitted to thinking marriage would lead to food not a life commitment. Anyway, thats why BulGo wouldve been superior to ChiGo but without VegeBul we'd never have Trunks so bleh

No. 255182

tbf Toriyama wanted to draw cartoony kung fu gag manga, not proper action shounen, DB was a fluke on his part and his editors forced him to continue until it became a full on power level shitfest due to how popular it was, even then up until the Sayain saga everything in the plot related always unfolded organically

>In his joint interview with veteran animator Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru in the anime guide Son Goku Densetsu, Toriyama explained that he personally felt the name of the series was just fine the way it was, but the anime staff wanted something new for this new section of the story, and so “Dragon Ball Z” was born. As Toriyama explains, “Z is the last letter in the alphabet, right? So, at the time I already really wanted to end the series, and so I made the title ‘Z’ to say ‘Hey, this is the end!'”

>Vegeta and Nappa change their plans and head to Earth as if they were their own bosses; in the Freeza arc this action is said to have been in defiance of Freeza’s orders, something not even hinted at in the original scene. Also, Vegeta originally proposes that he and Nappa wish for immortality so that they can enjoy battle for all eternity, while in the Freeza arc Vegeta’s motive for obtaining immortality is changed to being so that he can defeat Freeza. In the Saiyan arc, the Saiyans are said to be the strongest race of warriors in the universe, and Vegeta personally claims to be the strongest in the universe while fighting Goku, while in the Freeza arc we are introduced to many members of alien races who are stronger than the Saiyans, and Freeza is now said to be the strongest in the universe.

No. 255191

Yeah I know, I read Dr Slump as a kid and DB before the timeskip gave me the same vibes, that's why I feel like DBZ seems like bs.

No. 255203

File: 1668518299313.jpg (27.02 KB, 600x315, IMG_20180519_104812.jpg)

Someone already talked about this series in the character hate thread I think but I wanted to post them anyway.
No commentary needed.

God I forgot about parts of this yeah. And to think that the Frieza arc was still less chaotic and contradictory than everything afterwards.
I don't like Kimetsu but I am so glad we are getting more and more mangaka that end their series where they are supposed to end instead of rewriting and dragging them forever to milk the cow.

No. 255207

Nah, her cucking fatoshi was great. The whole show is awful, ZT and Hiro’s “romance” was trash, but these two and their arc was dumb entertainment.

No. 255217

You are kidding right,the amount of butthurt this pairing cause with incels game me a girlboner

No. 255226

I don't care about the fat guy, it was literally about a gay character being converted into being straight and impregnating a 14 year old.
I will never understand why everybody on this board is totally okay with the most fucked up shit as long as some men out there might be pissed. Your entire life evolves around men.

No. 255261

File: 1668544066782.jpg (50.68 KB, 574x948, 1606502738217.jpg)

Nah, Erehisus definitely win the crown for worst, cockiest, most delusional shippers considering their absolutely deranged behavior in the last 1-3 years of the manga.
I don't give a shit about Eremika and think a lot of their shippers are cringy but I'm glad the ending gave EHs and especially moid redditors/channers such a bitchslap they still can't cope with it to this day. And while we're at it, stop parroting said retarded scrotes. Mikasa didn't "cuck" anyone, eren is fucking dead and has been for several years by that point.

No. 255300

>a gay character being converted into being straight and impregnating a 14 year old
Fujosis… he was never gay. Take off your goggles. He was also the same age as her so don't describe it dishonestly. The entire show was breeding propaganda dogshit, don't get me wrong, but you sound mentally ill.

No. 255372

>Fujosis… he was never gay
His dream about Hiro definitely seems to suggest he was attracted to him. He even gets compared to Ichigo or how she's called at one point.

No. 255377

File: 1668581650082.jpg (55 KB, 740x416, 42312f9526c27641fbdafe803445d9…)

Picrel is my thoughts on a lot of ships, both canon and fanon

No. 255385

Oh he was. The entire thing is breeding anti-gay propaganda. The guys not abiding to gender roles are the villains and Zero two gets treated like a defect because she can't have children.
They did the conversion thing with the lesbian character too and proceeded to pair her with the fat guy, why do you think that the guy that's kinda gay for the MC didn't get the same treatment?

No. 255408

He's probably just bi or something.

No. 255438

Dont bring your spicy straight nonsense here. He was gay. Stop making everything about men.

No. 255641

>spicy straight nonsense
Fuck off

No. 255655

These types of ships are literally the most boring imo

No. 255696

NTA and I know nothing about this anime but how is someone looking at the situation presented and suggesting that it's bisexual "making everything about men?" It seems like a pretty reasonable conclusion? He fantasized about a guy, but ended up with a girl. Sounds bisexual or bicurious to me.

No. 255718

He fantasized about a guy but ended up with a girl because he was (kinda forcefully) paired with her because "things work out only if it's a man and a woman", that was the point of the show. It doesn't really matter if he was bicurious/spicy straight/bisexual (I doubt the authors wanted to make him bisexual, because then they wouldn't have felt the need to pair him with the girl and start that disgusting pregnancy thing), the intentions of the writers was to tell us that you can't be gay and you have to breed. Same shit happened with the lesbian girl who tried to pilot the sex mecha with another girl but couldn't, then she got paired with the fat guy and of course even if he's gross it works out because it's a man and a woman.

No. 255767

The lesbian doesn't get paired with the fat guy, she gets actually sorta paired with the MC ex female partner (Naomi?)

The problem is that the show implies she can't have children so she focuses on expanding everyone lifespans, which makes no sense because she's a lesbian, not sterile.

No. 255772

Maybe I'm remembering it wrong but I'm sure that at some point she does get paired with the fat guy, at least temporarily. The "gay" guy was paired with the lesbian at first, then he can't function because he keeps thinking about the mc (and the lesbian thinks about that one blue haired girl), so he gets paired with the pregnancy femininity goals uwu girl, who was originally with the fat guy. So then the lesbian and the fat guy get paired, but I guess by the end they split and she ages/gets sick earlier because of course she does, can't have a happy ending with the lesbian in an anime about breeding.

No. 255780

NTA but the point was that this anime wasn't exploring bisexuality and the writers didn't have any intention to do that, it's just conservative breeding propaganda and shitting on gay and gnc people

No. 255784

Take your meds

No. 255787

Only after you take yours sweetheart.

No. 256205

And the shippers always manage to be the worst people in fandom somehow as well

No. 259454

it's so weird because I even liked daemon in the first episodes and started to think I could tolerate the two of them together, then he killed rhea (rip legend) and took rhaenyra to the brothel, left her there, then kissed her at her wedding, once again left her there while criston moidraged and I was like this man is even insaner than thought before and I don't think he cares about her at all. Alicent really is her best option, which is funny because they made that up on the spot.

No. 259508

Also notice how the lesbian aged fast and died in her early 20s. Her only purpose was to improve life for the breeders. The show was pretty damn clear about its themes and the themes sucked ass.
Also notice how Zorome and his gf are the only ones not pro-creating and she is also having grey hair but not him, basically blaming the women for no kids. And the villains were asexuals that had to die, so not being gay isn't enough, not pro-creating alone is giving you the death penalty. I am honestly surprised that outside of LC I never saw people picking that up when it couldn't be more obvious.

No. 259510

Really? I've seen it picked apart all over the place, the whole "Abe Shinzo funded it part as his population replacement campaign" memes and conspiracies took off. It's only teen boys that got hard over 02 going "dahling" and e-girls cosplaying that act like this anime had anything else going on, or even a romance plot. I mean it's not so much subtext but characters clearly stating that human liberation can only be achieved by pairing up men and women and fucking.

No. 261484

that's why chichi is a cuckqueen for kakavege. or a fujo

No. 262787

File: 1670773843790.jpg (315.27 KB, 1422x1800, 20221211_094840.jpg)

i hate himeno and aki. himaki. it's boring as hell to me and i know it's the fujo in me talking because i'd be into it if himeno were a guy

right now it's just "hehe drunk loser partygirl into stoic boy :3c" ZZZZZZ

No. 262793

CSM ships are honestly pretty shit in general

No. 262808

File: 1670781468481.jpeg (61 KB, 750x417, CC32D805-0F22-4753-A74F-E9D345…)

Really, CSM is probably the last anime I would ever pick for shipping, none of the characters work together as ships, even my fujo self barely feels anything for the ship of Angel Devil and Aki, nobody has any sort of romantic chemistry with anyone in this story.
And while I think the ship on Angel Devil and Aki has cute fanart, it feels more like what people wanted than what felt like something that could've worked. I just don't consider that the characters connect with any other characters during the story, even if they have scenes together and such, it all feels empty.

No. 262810

you have bad taste and that's okay

No. 262824

I swear Goku is the ultimate scrote. He doesn't deserve Chichi.

Kek Goku is so retarded that even if Vegeta was actually in love with him, Goku would ruin it like he ruins his relationship with his wife.

No. 262959

File: 1670820704532.jpg (195.97 KB, 1638x1464, sayonika.jpg)

I don't like this pairing because Monika is responsible for Sayori's suicide, and it's not only because she messed up with the code, she literally told Sayori to do that. Sayori deserves better.

No. 262968

same. i literally only ship natsuki and yuri because before monika fuck things up, if you chose neither yuri and natsuki you see the duo bonding together and it's really sweet.
i love monika but she doesn't deserve her friends. she screwed them over for the player

No. 262976

I hate this ship because of how hard genderspecials have imprinted on Angel Devil.

No. 262995

File: 1670835292802.jpg (67.2 KB, 628x700, 1648032871044.jpg)

The thing you said about how you would like the ship if Himeno was male, I wonder if Bakudeku would still be popular if Bakugou was a girl.

No. 262996

definitely, just with a completely different demographic

No. 263001

yes, with men

No. 263002

it would be extremely popular with moids to the point they'd become spiteful towards ochako. you think only fujos dislike when someone gets in the way of their ship? moids do the same when their mc chooses another girl

No. 263062

Scrotes would eat that shit up like no tomorrow, but fem!Bakugo would also get a lot of disgusting abuse/gore art

No. 263123

Female Bakugou would be extremely hated, like Sakura Haruno. I hate this retarded character and his retarded hypocritical fans

No. 263157

File: 1670901062153.gif (6.35 MB, 540x430, helaemond.gif)

>house of the dragon airs
>the most boring ship with hardly any interaction gets popular because one half of the pairing is the fandom bicycle

Never change, fandom

No. 263211

Am i the only one who thinks Aemond is hideous?

No. 263351

No. 263356

I don't find him attractive because he reminds me too much of Legolas but I like him as a character, I just think him and Helaena make a boring pairing. Maybe for some people it's a self insert thing though

No. 266936


No. 266938

File: 1672842788313.png (354.26 KB, 640x640, tumblr_195075790dcfb4e2cd3d29f…)

I kinda hate it too but it's such a fucking meme that I must kek as well.

No. 267056

I don't know what movie people were watching where this even makes sense of they have chemistry. Outside of the movie it makes no sense

No. 267065

File: 1672907377526.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, lcbump.png)

cp in /m/, scroll with caution nonnies

No. 267069

It's probably because the Riddler is depicted as obsessively fanboying over Batman, but yeah as a romantic pairing it makes no sense.

No. 267070

Speaking of Batman

Hate batcat

No. 267071

Yeah. For me, it's any batman x villain character. Although, imo, the only batcat pairing that ever worked was the batman returns one since catwoman was more sympathetic than some asshole thief, but a once powerless woman using her new found strength to get revenge on the world that treated her so unfairly including the man who tried to murder her. Really liked that catwoman version, all others suck and are just typical femme fatale.

No. 267769

File: 1673227395129.png (42.98 KB, 663x454, Screenshot_27.png)

i don't know if this counts but these 'uwu fluff' shippers get on my nerves. it's so boring. i'm being unreasonable yes, i am thinking of "antis" online badgering me about like, teacher x student, but holy shit – yawn, why must they speak of their lame tepid fantasies as if they're revolutionary.

it makes me sad to a point, especially since most of the ships people mention are hetshit…like okay, this is a woman's fantasy. a man seeing as her as a human being before he sees her as something to fuck and woo. that's not really surprising but it still makes me kek and roll my eyes

No. 267798

>usually hetshit
What? Usually hetships are treated as an 'other', "gross" or "boring and lame" and most of that uwu fluff is directed mostly at M/M ships, there's a reason it's called hetshit.

No. 267800

File: 1673240171686.png (2.78 MB, 2252x1104, Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 8.55…)

Why tf do people ship these two? I've never liked this ship. Doesn't help that it's the most popular in the fandom.

No. 267803

Because they're the most attractive characters from the perspective of a teenage girl. Also Levi beat the shit out of Eren very early in the series and that inspired the more degen girls I suppose.

No. 267852

that scene was everything to my 15 yr old self and i wasn't even a degen kek

No. 267855

I remember hating that short little bully because he kicked a chained up teenager. Inferior moid.

No. 267985

File: 1673282942168.png (534 KB, 1000x638, tumblr_p6m3earhbm1sg9vcuo1_128…)

Bumping because of porn.

No. 268011

rookvil is the worst

No. 268430

Are you posting her from an alternate universe? Het ships are almost always more popular than M/M and especially F/F ships. Most are boring, though, at least in shounen and other male-directed media, since they have no chemistry beyond "she's a girl. he's a boy. romance" and the female half is usually underdeveloped, if developed at all and exists solely so the MC has someone pop out his babies in the epilogue.

No. 268556

I think there's a difference between something being a hetship, and a show just featuring a poorly written het romance. Even in popular shounen, women characters are hated or over-sexualized by men, or shunned from pairings by women. Being in women-dominated fandom spaces where shipping culture is predominant, you're more likely to see an m/m ship than any ship featuring a woman. And any ship that is het is seen as stereotypical or boring. Just check any popular fanfiction site. Though, this is just an observation, not making any commentary on it. Especially since this mostly occurs in fiction where women are either written like shit or not present at all.

No. 270653

Any and every interracial(-ish when it comes to fantasy or sci-fi etc races) ship with a big "tough" darker skinned person and a smaller "soft" white or lighter skinned person. Regardless of orientation or the characters' canon personalities the fandom will inevitably start churning out racist caricatures and degenerate borderline if not literal raceplay shit. It's even worse when it's F/F and the darker skinned woman is often given an actual penis and made completely OOC into some BBC porn stereotype.

No. 270679

File: 1674146099393.jpeg (48.43 KB, 600x800, 48647854578.jpeg)

I hate this autist simp murdering bitch so much, and I hate that it's cannon. I also hate when people try to defend it like they had sooo much chemistry when the entire part is just him harassing her or doing retarded things to get her attention and she is either pissed off at him or ignoring it. Her love interest should've been Ermes or Weather or hell even FF at that point had more chemistry with her

No. 270685

In my heart of hearts I know Jolyne and Hermes were the REAL canon relationship that entire part. At the end it still seemed like Jolyne didn't like him very much. I just know she and Hermes got together after her engagement to Anasui fell through. This is canon. IDC. I don't believe in that shifting shit but I might try it so I can brutally kill Anasui.

No. 270709

>It's even worse when it's F/F and the darker skinned woman is often given an actual penis and made completely OOC into some BBC porn stereotype.
You're going to need to give me an example of this

No. 270712

This is facts, and it's nerve wrecking because it's hella racist and cliche. Even if darker skinned one has a "softer" personality, somehow magically they are the dom/top/aggressive one in the ship. I'm never hyped to see interracial ships because of the same ole same ole stereotypes.

No. 272022

File: 1674877561607.jpg (96.42 KB, 1280x720, FOEtIrPWUAQ0Ehw.jpg)

the daida and miranjo plot was so fucking wierd, like everything was damn near perfect up until EP22, also Miranjo has been a maternal figure for Daida since he was pretty young as well and practically raised him since he was weaned. It’s like a young boy marring his babysitter

This pairing alone made the show an 8/10 for me.

No. 272027

miranjo was the worst aspect of the show with the king, she was forgiven in like the last 10 minutes and daido proposes to her, hope she dies in the future

No. 272396

File: 1675112841013.png (735.65 KB, 1200x675, DKApwldoospok.png)

Maybe it's because I preferred VashMeryl and Milly x Wolfwood, but the new zoomer fans of Trigun pushing this in my face is annoying. Someone even said if they don't end up together, they'll call it queerbaiting.
Can't blame them though because they took away every feature that made Wolfwood hot for the sake of making him a generic black-haired anime boy, as well as taking away the woman he ends up with. I know it's petty, but I honestly hope these people watch Trigun and get shocked at the ending when VashMeryl gets together.

No. 272398

Samefagging, but I hate how Twitter fujos are now latching onto the show without any knowledge of the plot or anything. They won't even know that the best girl Milly exists, and I barely see anyone mention Meryl outside of them saying they don't want her to end up with Vash. And I can't express this without having to go to moids who already vehemently hate the show for stupid reasons for agreeance, but I wish there were other fans that share this thought. I love all characters, and before the reboot, I even loved the pairing vashwood, but I hate how fandoms tend to throw out female characters or just ignore them completely for pairings that don't even end up together. Meryl is literally the second protagonist, and the story is like an introspection of her reports on Vash. She's just as important as the other four characters, but no one mentions her ever. Sorry for the rant.

No. 272447

File: 1675144675505.jpg (109.81 KB, 1278x720, FkQXEoWAA.jpg)

>Starts a war
>Brutally murders Bojji's mom
>Attempts murdering the other queen
>Broke several murderers out of jail
>Makes deals with demons
>Forcefeeding Daida his father's body
>(basically) kidnapping and imprisoning Daida
>Still gets redeemed at the end cause had a tragic backstory

No. 272518

All of this. I liked the show until this dumbass illogical thing happened at the end. It would have been much more interesting and logical if Miranjo was beyond help at this point from all those years of not having received any real mental help and basically being an embodiment of walking army of red flags. Whoever in the production decided this was a good idea and approved it has some serious shipping brain rot going on and needs to be banned from internet.

No. 273756

File: 1675680833664.jpg (151.82 KB, 847x1200, IMG_20230206_194804.jpg)

hinata x yachi from haikyuu, it's not that it's a bad ship, i don't even care much about hinata ships in particular but it's so refreshing to see a shounen manga where the protagonist doesn't end up with his female friend and everytime i see romantic fanart of them it seems incredibly forced. genuine platonic relationship between boys and girls are extremely rare in anime and manga and i think haikyuu managed to portray it very well. also i think it's lowkey implied she ends with yamaguchi

No. 273760

I'm unreasonably salty that they removed Milly and I know Vash always acted like a retard but he's like… triple retarded in the new show. I don't know how else to describe it. And I hate that Wolfwood has become an insufferable tryhard

No. 275709

File: 1676353458314.png (1.29 MB, 1406x740, 454D-4C68-.png)

I went on pintrest to find fan art of winx club for nostalgia but instead I saw way too much raunchy bloom x valtor fan art and i want to cry. he is like the same age as the headmistress and physically he's still like 40

No. 275742

That’s the power of grooming lol

No. 276102

File: 1676519132998.jpg (31.79 KB, 736x534, 04d8a7938a5c824c921155da94f4f4…)

Jayvik because Arcane shippers are annoying and Jayce is ugly as sin

No. 276497

File: 1676671596513.png (2.77 MB, 1812x1194, really-internet1.png)

I'm re watching Orange is the black years after my first watch and i can't believe i thought they were cute. He's an insecure little shit, he acts like he's above the others CO but he's just bad at his job. He abuses his power, he isn't romantic for shit and can't take responsability for ANYTHING. Daya deserves so much better.

No. 276501

They both used each other, it was a fleeting moment of happiness in a shitty place. Daya wanted love and validation outside of her mother’s craziness and he wanted a girlfriend but didn’t know how to approach the situation. I’m glad he left because his powertrips may have lead to worse abuse. Daya deserved better, but I’m not sure it would have led to a better outcome. Her giving away her daughter was the ultimate sacrifice for their future as a family.

No. 276535

File: 1676680312482.jpg (334.47 KB, 2048x1340, CalTammySol.jpg)

Sorry there's three people in picrel, but I couldn't find art with just these two. Anyway, I can't stand Cal and Tammy as a couple. I personally think they're better off with unnamed Helio colonists (or Sol) than with each other, and only feel so stronger after romancing Cal in my latest playthrough. Cal gets the same ending regardless of who he ends up with but Tammy gets different endings depending on whether she ends up with Cal, Sol, or an unnamed Helio couple. To keep them from dating, you have to be at 80/100 friendship points with Cal. Your friendship level with Tammy is completely irrelevant and it always rubs me the wrong way that regardless of which of them you want to date, you have to be bros with Cal to make it happen. They're also incompatible when it comes to raising children which is the only thing Tammy seems to care about. You even have to settle an argument between them during a babysitting event, and agreeing with Cal will lower Tammy's confidence (as it does every time anyone disagrees with her on anything). I get that the whole idea is that they grow up and level each other out, but it never actually happens, neither of them ever actually grows and changes in any way that makes them believable as a grown up couple.

Daya deserves so much better! Guard guy was the whiniest, most annoying part of the early seasons. Glad he's gone.

No. 276536

i'm the original poster but i can't believe Daya's got blamed for her pregnancy when he said himself that he didn't want to wear a condom. Mendez was a creep but he at least got Daya's a valentine's card when he didn't do anything
God i hate him

No. 276537

Where are they from ? A game ?

No. 276539

It's a game, yeah. They're from I Was A Teenage Exocolonist

No. 279988

hades x persephone
why is everyone so obsessed with this weird creepy couple, nothing about the myth is remotely romantic, this is about a woman forced to marry a man and her mother's despair over it. hades is always woobified and demeter is demonized, they have no empathy for a woman whose child was just kidnapped. and persephone didn't willingly fall in love with hades, she was drugged! the story is so fucking gross, i don't understand how this is peak romance to so many people and hades (not the game, the character) fandom is obnoxious, we get it you like "misunderstood" bad boys

No. 280540

WIT isn't to blame, they only adapted it and since the manga isn't finished it's too much of a risk to rewrite that since she might be relevant later.

But I absolutely agree that it was shit. The show would have had such an impactful conclusion if it wasn't for this and maybe Daida also getting away with ordering the murder of his brother without Bojji ever even learning about this. Maybe if the author doesn't want to kill Miranjo he could have at least found some middleground, like having her in jail or having her being freed from hell and dying with a smile.
Every fandom with popular het ships I was into was flooded with forced marriage fics and women romanticizing that shit and sometimes slavery too (crap like AUs in which feMC is a poor slave and gets bought and "saved" by male character, who is a powerful rapey king here).

No. 280708

Oddly enough, there were the only canon couple I ended up liking. Sure they were far from perfect but I kinda like the fact that they were both edgy, brooding teenagers that found some joy and solace in each other. I thought it was kinda sweet. Aang and Katara seemed forced and wish fulfillment esque. And Sokka/Suki just became boring. Look no further than Korra to realize that Bryke are awful at writing romance (although I did like Varrick and Zhu Li together).

No. 280851

File: 1678196344888.jpg (325.35 KB, 1600x900, l-intro-1660059574.jpg)

I feel like I am gonna get so much flack for this, but I don't care. I don't like Jimmy and Kim together.

Okay no, that's a lie. I LOVED their relationship in the beginning of the show, but they end up being really toxic and bad for each other as it progresses and it hurt seeing their relationship progress for the worse because I love both of them so much as characters.

As good and wholesome as the fanart is of them, I cant' help but get a sick feeling in my stomach whenever I see it cause I know just how awful they are together.

No. 280905

I'm studying classics and everyone hates the woobyficarion of that myth. It's a reflections of it's time and culture where women didn't have anything to say in who they get married with. I'm personally not very fond of retellings of myths but a more interesting retelling would give Persephone more agency instead of going "achtually she was in love with hades"

No. 280921

Big fan of the show and I’m 100% with you nonny. They’re a great couple at first but they bring out the worst in each other in such an insidious way.

No. 281120

File: 1678245013948.jpg (116.15 KB, 540x675, Henry x Regina.jpg)

I know that she has a shit romance with every other male in the series and technically they aren't biologically retarded but its fucked up to a ship a woman with her step-son whose she's raised since birth

No. 289284

Any Overwatch ship involving Mercy and especially pharmercy

No. 290484

File: 1681787269486.png (263.28 KB, 1366x768, 1CBBF786-F9EC-426E-81A8-CA89E0…)

tomshiv is the worst pairing. he ain't shit and she needs to kill him

No. 291849

File: 1682357730398.jpg (19.3 KB, 400x225, 6a7446c8d9.jpg)

I found this "unsettling", even when I was a kid. In the TV series Beyblade: Metal Fusion, there was only one significant female character in the supporting cast, named Hikaru(besides the main casts support nurse/mechanic). Despite that, I thought she was pretty cool. Unfortunately, in the first season's finale, she was traumatized after facing the main antagonist, and in the second season, she quit Beyblading and became the assistant to the main character's father. Their relationship is sometimes implied to be romantic(She blushes a couple times whenever she is around him) which is messed up considering she's a teenager and he's a grown man in his 40s.

No. 291880

File: 1682380417517.jpg (48.19 KB, 630x708, buffy-and-riley-buffy-the-vamp…)

THE most boring couple match in the entire series goes to the riley and buffy arc, my god he has zero depth and becomes annoying quickly once he turns out to be a secret special agent like couldn't of he of been just normal? it would have been so much more interesting if he was straight up normal and not dependent on pills to be non aggressive. for a bit i thought he was supposed to be based on leon from resident evil, but i think he's kinda too plain and uglish to be compared. they also looked a bit related like cousins kek

No. 291881

File: 1682380576790.jpg (202.66 KB, 1696x960, NOTPs.jpg)

This one is tragic cause I did really love their dynamic but I despise the "childhood friends that settle down by 19" trope. They were both more interesting separate than together.
Partly cause I love Irondad too much but mostly cause the characters are again just better apart. I think Tony Stark is at his best doing his normal business/hero/tech stuff with other adults and Peter Parker when he's barely scraping by, doing photography, vigilante instead of hero etc. When starker writers bring them together, it's almost always like "the 20 year old intern from MIT surprises this billionaire with his genius and sass" and I couldn't give less of a shit.
Boring. Kinda all ships in bnha suck since the world is so formulaic.
I couldn't finish this anime because of the ship. The fans see Eiji as like a perfect little angel to heal Ash of all his trauma so they can live happily ever after but he's so heavy-handed. Eiji expects Ash to want to heal and be happy as if he's dealing with his goldfish dying, not forced prostitution. I can't get over how annoying and ignorant Eiji is. He probably reacted to Ash's suicide like "how could he do this to me?"

I'm 5 months late but nona if you come back PLEASE do explain cause I love them.

No. 291882

this pic reminds me of leon and ashley from the og re4

No. 291900

File: 1682392356243.png (325.36 KB, 1920x1080, Succession.S02E02.Vaulter.1080…)

i really began to loathe tom when he was tearing up over shiv possibly succeeding HER father's company. such a greasy weasel of a character. still watching s3 but i'm so glad things are spinning towards divorce.

No. 291901

File: 1682392597543.jpeg (189.49 KB, 1830x1280, 3.jpeg)

>came here to whine about klance
>ctrl + f to see if anyone's said something i was planning to
>find a post i made a year ago
incredible: i still despise klance. it's like the pinnacle of non-offensive, blase, white bread ships; so glad the show-runners completely shat on it by making lance straight kek

No. 291906

Kek I was one of those annoying klance shippers at 16. The klance bible or whatever? I lived by that amen. I wanted to ship sheith but honestly they're incredibly tame? I like "problematic" ships and the rivals-to-lovers of klance appealed to me more. Now, I hate klance (lance is too fucking annoying, keith is my baby who deserves better) and if I want to read something vld I'll just look for the pre-kerberos sheith fics lol.

No. 292051

Agreed, it’s insane to me how it got so popular based on them being red and blue alone even though the show runners pretty constantly shilled other ships more.
I still love that video where some girl randomly comes in and bitches about how Klance wasn’t canon despite it making literally zero sense as a ship from the start.

No. 292052

File: 1682439145121.jpeg (30.7 KB, 640x374, 56691543-DEBE-4BEA-B490-6B082B…)

Fucking hated this shit as well, Allura should have stayed with Lotor and they shouldn’t have pulled that lazy ass plot twist with him.
Lance honestly just attracts shitty ships like a magnet, probably because he was never that great of a character to begin with and just existed for ‘lol he likes sexy girls’ jokes.

No. 292055

Lol I was the complete opposite(I hated Keith and loved lance or maybe I was a insecure teen kek). But I'll agree that the ship is annoying as hell ( would worked better if lance was a girl)

No. 292060

File: 1682441346522.jpg (52.5 KB, 531x808, gumlee.jpg)

I like Bubbline, but I dislike their male counterpart. Gumball is annoying and Marshall has more chemistry with Fionna.

No. 292064

I like this ship but not when it's straight (Bubblee and Gumceline). I just don't see the chemistry.

No. 292081

I don't think I could dislike Keith if I tried lol. Klance with girl Lance is actually hot now that I'm imagining it though wtf.
Ok can someone that wasn't blinded by klance like I was confirm for me if this ship was rushed? I loved Allura and Lotor so fucking much and Allura… basically rebounded on Lance right and that made him more mature out of nowhere? Iirc I thought the whole last season was just awful tho.

No. 292092

i dislike both versions because marceline deserved better

No. 319909

Any straight pairing that has a tomboy in it. Tomboys are for the girlies only

No. 322166

This. Not much that makes me cringe harder than tomboys getting epilogues or fanfics in which they are trad housewives with little kids. Crime against nature.

No. 322169

Every woman that has ever existed past the 1900's has been a tomboy

No. 322173

This makes no sense, most female characters and women are painfully girly. Even most anime tomboys are just girly girls just advertised as tomboys because they have short hair or because they are genki.

No. 322175

Piggybacking off of this: Piper and Alex. They're generally bad people who seemed to bring out the worst in each other. Piper being the shittiest, IMO. Her just deciding to settle down and live a modest life with Alex at the end felt very out of character and overly schmaltzy. If the show continued, she'd be bored and cheating on Alex once the monotony set in. I've tried rewatching OITNB but the will-they-won't-they shit gets boring real fast.

No. 322228

this just reminded me how much i hated angel and buffy x angel. kek fuck that guy

tbh most romance and writing overall in buffy is pretty bad. it doesn't matter to me because it's an action show but i will never understand why people love joss whedon so much and think his stuff is so deep and groundbreaking

No. 322293

File: 1695137020959.jpg (141.11 KB, 900x1366, vbmmcdnd04za1.jpg)

I will forever hate that they made Dawn the gets with Xander's creep ass in the comics. Xander really the character that make Whendon's worst and truest qualities shine since Xander's his self insert. Hitting on and sexually harassing Buffy even when he's in a relationship with Cordy/Anya, before eventually settling down with Buffy's little sister who he used to babysit. If Buffy was a real girl she might have tolerated Xander because he's Willow's only other friend, but would have low-key hated him.

No. 322304

It should have been Buffy x Faith, it would have made all the sense in the world ugh. I def prefer Spike bc I just really liked his character for as problematic as he also was. Also just while we’re on the topic fffffffffuck Xander, the whole show would have been better without him.

No. 322305

Joss Whedon literally physically threatened James Marsters (the actor who played Spike) because he was insecure about his popularity and how much the fans wanted him to be shipped with Buffy.

No. 322311

>Angel without a soul - complete monster
>Spike without a soul - still has human qualities, such as empathy

How the fuck can Angel compare? No, seriously. Back in the day people would shit on Twilight by comparing it with Buffy, but even Angel and Edward are the exact same shit.

And how the fuck could JW write those characters and not understand why Spike is the superior choice? I genuinelly do not understand.

I hate JW so much nonnas.

No. 322332

He's just not a good writer, the "lore" of baki was always its weakest element.

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