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No. 33094

Previous thread: >>>/meta/31751

No. 33096

Mods, bloody talk to us. Can you explain how you let a cp raid up for over 6 hours and then let gore stay up the next day for 4?

No. 33097

Gonna move my suggestion in the new thread.

Mods need to filter out keywords when people report posts/threads, if someone writes 'cp' or 'gore' in their report, the post/thread should automatically be hidden and moved for mod approval.
>inb4 but that means anyone can just report posts as cp or gore
then just ban people who report for the wrong reason, simple as that.

No. 33098

Were cp raids always this common? I’ve been here since 2016 and only saw it once and that was last year.

No. 33099

No, this is the worst raid we've had in years. Not only was it left up for hours but there were multiple pictures posted and on every board.

No. 33101

Yes. Or at least, if possible, temporarily remove or spoiler any photos that are reported with that tag until a mod can review it and confirm. All of it is wishful thinking though, I think if the admin was capable it would’ve been done.

No. 33102

File: 1652346917271.jpg (130.02 KB, 1618x1622, eugh.jpg)

Was this implying anything? >>31763
Which one of yous posted this?

No. 33103

So we haven't heard anything from admin and mods yet? I wrote admin a few days ago to see if she'd still consider my farmhand application

No. 33104

The problems with raids would be solved if we had eu farmhands. Also the amber/depp thread is just scrote bait. There's been an influx of scrotes posting here since that thread was made.

No. 33105

It's posted by one of the illegal content spammer males, of course. They're the one who came and shit up the site but act like we need men to protect us from other men. It's the same thing men always advertise, you need a man or other men will hurt you.

No. 33106

Scrote thread up in ot

No. 33107

File: 1652356301884.jpg (312.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220512-075313_Duc…)

Ot seems to get hit the worst even with the cp raid the other day. You'll also find the amber Johnny thread on ot.. .coincidence? I think not. I agree with anons saying its attracting scrotes like a moth to a flame

No. 33108

The cp poster is the same man that's been shitting up /ot/ with marina and twitchthot threads for at least a month, even his style and his words matched up. Stop acting like anons having discussion is causing men to come here, if we shut down every controversial thread that attracts men, we wouldn't have unpopular opinions, relationship advice, ideal male types, sexual fantasy threads, etc. either.

/g/ and /ot/ will be filled with men no matter what. Stop u sing this as an excuse to try and shut down a thread because a sperg in there disagreed with you.

No. 33109

File: 1652360119091.jpg (626.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220512-085741_Duc…)

Scrote posting in ot again

No. 33110

The fact that this site is trying to operate as a woman's only space brings males here. The amber Johnny thread is just where a lot of them are camping out right now in /ot/ rn. Idk why you're so defensive nobody said we couldn't talk about their case, just that its likely a lot of the spam on ot lately is coming from there rn

No. 33111

Again, creates more unnecessary work for mods as someone could just go on a mass reporting and hide a shit ton of threads. Users should not be given the ability to manipulate ANY posts. The real solution is to just require post approval during quiet hours. Like, who NEEDS to make threads during certain times? If an anon is absolutely unwilling to be okay with not posting a thread between the hours of XYZ and ZYX then they don't care about raids. Mods can always just approve it when they come around during peak hours. Also more mods are needed.
Also also, I've noticed they actually implemented a duplicate image detected system. I was banned for posting a duplicate image quickly, and got appealed the next day somehow even though I didn't email admin yet. So they probably noticed that some users were hit with debris. So that's good.

No. 33112

They keep evading/shitposting and newthread needs autosaged when its made and itll be a garbage OP like Taylor and Daokta's most likely >>>/w/212324

No. 33113

The same thing happened with he Ukraine thread, anons deny that those threads are the reason citing that this is a site for women. Yeah? Well when those threads didn't exist there was a lot less male autism around. There was the occasional male, not an entire flood of /pol/fags. Those specific threads have been specifically posted in /pol/ and other boards. Not sure why anons deny that.

No. 33114

Exactly. Idk why their excuse is "But ThE ModS aLreaDY geT usEleSS rePorts". No shit. Why make it more complicated. Just report the fucking posts. This is a privately run site for public discussion. Wtf would users get the will to mass report? It's not a solution

No. 33115

Because it’s not true? That reeks of newfag. This site had moid infestations long before any of those threads were made, they would always try to form raid groups on 4chan and little irc chats to come here baiting and seeking attention, it’s not any nonnas fault that that happened.

No. 33116

It doesn't reek of newfaggotry. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the correlation. Nobody is denying that there were raids before. We're specifically saying this is an influx at the moment. There were always raids, duh. But right now there have been a few major events in pop culture and world news that has caused an increase, even if temporary. I've been here for years, never denied that there weren't raids before.

No. 33117

/ot/ don't interact just report til mods take care of it

No. 33118

Retard. Why would you repost the whole moid post? Absolute fucking idiot. Are you the moid? There is no reason to repost a screenshot.

No. 33119

>Well when those threads didn't exist there was a lot less male autism around
Yea obviously there are raids all the time but making a claim like this is just not true, it’s stupid to blame the threads on /ot/ for it. Plus the most recent raid that was probably the worst ever, we had an anon who posted evidence that it was leftypol who was behind the raids. Stop blaming the anons here for what retarded scrotes are willing to do, they always antagonize and there is literally zero reason to distinguish that talking about certain issues are causing it because they are going to do it anyway and it’s just making anons here feel guilty about talking about what they want to. It does nothing to solve the issue… well, we can’t really solve it either way, but it certainly does more harm than good.

No. 33121

Are you hard of reading and or ESL? It's like you just didn't even read my post kek. "Those threads caused an influx" =/= "Well when those threads didn't exist there was a lot less male autism around". Where did I blame anons? Also, you're basically telling me to stop pointing out that certain threads are the cause of influxes here and there? KEK okay. No.

No. 33122

Ayrt i didn't post any gore cp or porn posts. They were relatively tame posts one being the twin towers and the other was just a bait post calling us ugly, they were still scrote posts nonetheless
.Mods sometimes wait forever to delete the scrote posts especially lately but got to them immediately when I posted the screenshots. This is a thread to communicate with the mods i dont see the issue

No. 33123

There's absolutely no need to post any screenshots of anything scrotes post here, especially if it's already deleted. You're not helping and actually just look retarded. If you want to help mods, link to the actual thread. the fuck are they going to do with a screenshot? "Uh yeah hi mods here is a picture of a scrote post, I don't have a link or anything but uhm, hope you find it!"

No. 33125

The /meta/ police/minimods are getting so damn annoying.

No. 33126

they're right tho. the autism on this site needs to be stamped out. Getting so tired of newfags acting like they know everything.

No. 33127

A potential solution to the raids could be to add a new category to reports. Have a box that can be ticked for illegal content. Then when the post is sent into the report system it would go to the top of the reports queue and any farmhand would be able to delete it, even if the post was on a board that she wasn't assigned to.

The major problem with this would that it could be abused by the userbase, so bans would need to handed out for false reports of illegal content.

No. 33128

No. 33129

even if that happens, just appeal your ban.

No. 33130

cat sperging in moo thread is getting annoying. anons defending moo need to get bans.

No. 33131

No. It's irritating to watch anons bitch at other people who are making a complaint, trying to help or making suggestions concerning the raids. They're not actually helpful or trying to improve anything. It's not an issue with newfags.

No. 33132

or maybe just don't be a fucking retard and don't report someone for disagreeing with you as illegal content.

No. 33133

None of the posts had been deleted when I complained about them here. That's why i complained about it here, then they were deleted.

No. 33135

Dick posted in ot

No. 33136

that same scrote is in the celebricow thread,posted a picture of himself and is larping as a ana-chan.

No. 33137

A big FUCK YOU to whoever banned me for my heart emojis, yall fucking suck, I should be able to heart emoji to a sweet nonna. Instead we have to wait hours for mods to ban cp/scrote bait.
This site sucks so much now. What was the point of any of our donations in the first place?!

No. 33138

Nice ban evasion

No. 33139

I don't get banned when using ♥
Maybe try that one.

No. 33140

Thats what i did! I dont understand why i was banned!

No. 33141

Oh wtf

No. 33142

Can you please do something about the anon who keeps derailing the celebricows thread with blogposts about their bf:

No. 33143

You can post on meta while being banned. Also admin has said hearts are ok apparently?

No. 33144

It's pretty obviously a troll, the bf photo was taken from some gay redditor. I know mods are shorthanded rn, but it'd be great if they could hand out some short bans to anons who keep responding to bait. It's becoming a real issue.

No. 33145

Cp thread on top of OT

No. 33146

Cp in ot

No. 33148

Cp up for almost 20 mins mods

No. 33149

Yall were just red texting the shit out of belle delphine dead ass autosaged thread but now you can't be bothered to clean up cp links

No. 33151

hello newfag, not all jannies have access to all boards, this has been repeated many times before. so if they were banning people in /w/, and the cp was on /ot/ they probably couldn't delete it.

No. 33153

There has been scrote posting all day in /ot/ you would think their priority would be removing cp. Why do they have mods staffed on dead boards and not the one with cp posted on it all day? And the posts, both of them, stayed up for like 20+ mins. Theres no excuse they can obviously see its getting spammed why can't they moderate where it counts

No. 33154

more cp, I literally cant browse this website in public or where anyone can see because I am literally scared cp will show up.. what the fuck

No. 33155

Cp in /m/ and /g/

No. 33156

i want to fucking vomit
careful in /ot/ everyone

No. 33157

Jannies can you at least tell us where the admin is or what she’s doing? We’re tired of this shit already

No. 33158

This time it’s weird, usually the spam has links to gather IPs and shit, but now it’s just the pictures. This has to be a moid posting his folder of CSA content.

No. 33159

i think a nonnie in the moid thread in /ot/ is tracking him or some shit she clearly knows her stuff i’m so proud

No. 33160

can someone tell me why there has been such an uptick in maleposting lately? Is it the same scrote?

No. 33161

it's always the same moid

No. 33162

File: 1652388765767.jpg (3.01 MB, 2731x4097, Ian.jpg)

A male is running the site

No. 33164

The fact that the admin and mods can't even address this and its been going on for days….

No. 33165

Our fucking discord has a more active admin than the actual site

No. 33166

Can someone wake the fuck up and do something? It's literally getting posted in threads now.

No. 33167

Anon that was about 5 years ago, the former admin from last year was some brown hispanic woman who was slightly a lolcow and hated the users of this website. LC was about to shut down a few months ago if they couldn’t pay for the server cost but some rich retard-chan gave $1k to the fund and the former admin is replaced with shayna-admin who has only updated us once and we never heard from them again. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took some of the money and ran off with it kek

No. 33168

We don't even know if shaynadmin has replaced oldmin. The last update just said she was in training.

No. 33169

cp in the safe thread

No. 33170

File: 1652389716678.png (285.74 KB, 536x410, imagem_2022-05-12_180854994.pn…)

Where is our fucking captcha. It's probably one of the most requested things.
I know pedo moids can bypass it, but at least it would stop the bots.

No. 33171

can someone tell me when it's gone please?

No. 33172

And the vent thread

No. 33173

Yes I know it was 5 years ago former mods are saying he never left, there's a reason they won't to voice chats on the discord because there are males running the site. He never left and if he did it was only temporarily. Anyway I linked the old thread about him so newfags can brush up on who Ian is

No. 33174

The old admin should have honestly never been admin.

No. 33175

looks like it all got deleted!

No. 33176

She was a sjw that defended trannies, she was a nb retard herself. She likely had no qualms handing it over to scrotes and troons. The silence from the mods and admin here lately is DEAFENING

No. 33177


No. 33178

So what you’re trying to say is that the admins they use that are supposed to be women are covering up his identity or something? Show some more proof anon pls

No. 33179

What former mods are saying this? Where?

No. 33180

Thank you nonna

No. 33181

File: 1652391041205.jpg (333.22 KB, 941x459, Screenshot_20220512-173330_Duc…)

Check out >>33162 this post and also this

No. 33182

What are you talking about?

No. 33183

Is this true or bait

No. 33184

Isn't this post like 2 years old? It's not up to date, it's old milk and feels a bit irrelevant. I'm not taking the word of an former mod that wrote this post 2 years ago. They don't even use skype anymore.

No. 33185

Tinfoil, trannyhands is Ian. The twink male hands check out, banning power checks out, male ideas too…

No. 33186

i have images hidden so i could keep the threads up. jannies deleted the posts

No. 33187

Its from a few months ago

No. 33188

How do you know?

No. 33189

>screen shot from kiwifarms that has had the date posted removed is evidence
These posts get an airing anytime there's a meta issue. I wonder if the sick fuck posting CP is the person also posting these screen shots?

No. 33190

Where is the timestamp?

No. 33191

OMG THANK YOU that's EXACTLY what the fuck I said last thread. Even if ian was a janny or admin, it would take a whole team of pedophilic mods to not remove cp "just because". This is retarded.

No. 33192

Right its tinfoil but tranny hands is emaciated like Ian and they have the same skin tone. Mods were really going to bat for tranny hands for NO reason until multiple users were making a fuss of it

No. 33193

What mods were going to bat? Wasn't a user banned for reposting the hands as a joke? (See last thread)

No. 33194

…uhhh so being critical of who owns the site (since no communication from staff, horrible track record on removing cp etc) is being on the same side / same person as cp spammer????

No. 33195

If you go read the tinfoil thread you'll see i only went looking for more info because the admin has completely abandoned this place and will not address any of our issues here. In the last complaints thread someone had posted a screenshot which prompted my curiosity to find more info since admin and mods want to be dead silent on the weird shit going on. Anons were even saying in the tinfoil thread that our mod team, despite being more active on discord, refuses to do voice chats. Hmm very strange

No. 33196

Of course not omg, the mod team is just incredibly small and not covering all time zones = could be bc admin is a moid and doesn't want it getting out. Or Ian is not officially admin but working in the bg like described in the KF post.

No. 33197


No. 33198

IIRC it was Ian that set up the site software for LC after Stamina Rose died. If the admin that hosts lolcow in her basement in Mexico according to Elaine, is writing new site software it's not that out there that maybe Ian has been consulted.

No. 33199

Bullshit supposedly the mods are burgers but its burger time they should all be awake. Not to mention they had active mods on dead boards but nobody watching /ot/ the main board being spammed.If you know a certain board is a Hotspot for cp spam, then why the fuck aren't they being more diligent about modding it? Especially after whats unfolded here the past few days. We had the worst raid in years the other night and it hasn't stopped

No. 33200

>they should all be awake
The cp was deleted after like 20 minutes, not 6 hours. I don't expect them to be sitting and refreshing the site all day just waiting to check for cp. That would absolutely drain someone. Assuming they also either have school or jobs. Even if someone was watching /ot/, if other mods weren't available, nothing could still be done about it kek

It's pretty obvious there are more than one jannies

No. 33201

The posts were up way longer than 20 mins, the scrote had even started posting multiple threads not just cp but bait threads too the mods are MIA they need to open up farmhand apps if they are TRULY stretched so thin

No. 33202

Idk anon, they still got the posts down in less than an hour. That's good compared to the shitshow the other night. If they have work or school, I'm assuming they can't always be looking. I'm just trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. It's not fair for them to take the blame for the actions of moids, and receive all the hostility. If they did open apps, I'd apply but even still, I wouldn't be checking the damn website every minute I'm breathing. The shit happens at random times so if it goes 3 hours without cp and they relax and then suddenly there's cp spam, how is that their fault? Do you really expect jannies to be glued to LC at all times of the day?

No. 33203

Nta, it was over an hour. Look at the times of the posts above. This was 3 hours ago >>33149 and then the post when they got deleted >>33175. It was up for over 2 hours.

No. 33204

Funny because Ian and his team would say the same shit back in the day when they kept dropping the ball on spam posts and what not "oh were too busy to moderate the site were hosting. I have a real life I cant always be there to remove the cp and gore" like, no. Theres no excuse for this. And even in your post you're just highlighting my point, that they need more mods on their team. I believe anon from the last thread its really looking like a one or two man show over here with the mod team. And on top of all of this, even after the worst raid we had in YEARS, there's still radio silence in this thread from them. Stop defending them they are incompetent at best. If they would just be transparent and have an ample team to remove child rape photos we wouldnt be so fucking pissed!

No. 33205

Of course not, but the point is that if there was more farmhands checking the site even occasionally things would be so much better

No. 33207

There were two separate waves of it. The first one was only up for an hour. Because I posted this >>33151 to the newfag. The second one started here: >>33154 and ended here: >>33175

Meaning both waves were handled in an hour-ish or less

No. 33208

I'm pretty sure it was all deleted at the same time, but regardless it was definitely not handled in under an hour.

No. 33209

My tinfoil is that a woman is posting the cp to ruin the site / some weird attempt to frame the shitposters

No. 33210

Nonny have you even been here for "years"? This is not the worst raid we've had, there were far worse ones just last year.

idc if people are pissed, that's not issue. I'm irritated too. Just saying, it's weird that the "one man mod team" thing only started being an accusation shortly after cp is posted, instead of when /m/ was deleted for months and the site was shitting itself, and that the tinfoiling comes with a screenshot that suspiciously has 0 timestamps and timestamps still have not been provided.

No. 33211

So you're telling me cp was up on every board for over 6 hours last year?

No. 33212

It wasn't, it was all gone by the time I replied to that anon calling her a newfag because that anon was specifically mad that it took that long to be deleted.

No. 33213

Wouldn't you know? since you've been here for years?

No. 33214

A woman posting cp? Statistically unlikely. Did u miss the bait posts? I bet you'll think a woman made those too. Theres a scrote infestation on this site down to its core

No. 33215

Nta, but I think when this first started (which has probably been over a year at this point) it was up for longer. My memory is rusty though. It's been a while since it was this bad though.

No. 33216

It honestly feels subversive and that it's being done to undermine the site. It's not the first time it's happened either.

No. 33217

File: 1652394022158.png (515.38 KB, 423x563, 42d4439e-6d7c-4e97-bda8-bd3c52…)

There's more in /ot/, please be careful

No. 33218

No no, you elaborate since you are the one trying to minimize the issue here and claim that it happened last year (cp up for 6+ hours on every board)

No. 33219

I know it’s unlikely but don’t you think it’s strange for a baiter to post something innocuous like “why dont you whores suck dick” and then suddenly spam illegal content?

No. 33220

So then, you don't actually know because you're a newfag, got it.
Fucking thank you. This whole thing is like a repeat of last year. Anons were pissed at people bumping and spamming, cp was being flooded in /meta/ /m/ and /g/ for hours because they were being deleted quickly on /ot/ and /snow/ and the jannies on those threads apparently couldn't delete the cp from /m/ and /g/ and /meta/

No. 33221

I dont think its strange for a male, no

No. 33222

it's gone btw!

No. 33223

Ok well let me ask another way; why post bait if you’re just going to flood the site with cp?

No. 33224

>the jannies on those threads apparently couldn't delete the cp from /m/ and /g/ and /meta/
This actually just made me kinda mad (not at you nonna). A while back unresponsiveness from the staff made sense because it seemed like there weren't many mods who had access to /meta/, but now /meta/ is more moderated than it has been in a while (like quicker bans. Even this thread didn't take long to get pinned) and yet staff are more silent than ever.
Thanks anon.

No. 33225

I've actually been here since shaynas second thread, she was my introductory cow. its not like I come here everyday, but I've been on here intermittently the past few days and im tired of the mods not dealing with the cp.I dont doubt there was a raid but cp on EVERY BOARD FOR OVER 6 HOURS? If that did happen last year one day then this is a trend with the mods and they need to find a way to fix it. Yall donated all that money and we can't even get child rape photos removed in a reasonable time we can't even get a mod to address it in this thread. Instead you have farmers brainstorming ideas so the mods can fix it and bumping threads. Stop defending this

No. 33226

I mean, it could be the fat retard from snow who has like 300 names and constantly stalks children online to talk about sex Ed, but it’s weird because she’s a sperg and she wouldn’t drop the opportunity to sperg.
I still think it could be her since she wanted the site to shut down “for hosting cp”.

No. 33227

I started talking about it after reading the post on last thread that made very much sense, and last time I checked I had no dick nor possess cp. Idk, might gave changed since I said "fam" kek

If you go back the meta threads the rumors did not "just start". Again, check the last thread for links to posts about a year old. Someone also linked to the KF thread that person claiming to be an ex mod posted.

Also, there is 0 communication. They could just answer simple "no you retard we are not moids", but not even that huh? Until they open duscussion I can come up with a million theories if I want to.

No. 33228

Using CP to get image boards shut down is a common tactic. Notable examples include 4chan, where moot was forced to change the host and domain name in the early days and Wesley (troon name Laurelai) Bailey did the exact same thing to 8ch.

No. 33229

Because it rocks their jollies to come into what is supposed to be a woman's only space and wave their metaphorical (and sometimes literal) dick around. They get off on coming here and shitting up the site. This is obvious it shouldn't even have to be said.

No. 33230

You can be mad at them, I'm gonna feel bad for them. Don't tell me what to do. It's clear they don't listen to people seething, I prefer actual brainstorming and coming up with ideas with other anons instead of seething and getting blood pressure up, but to each their own.

> They could just answer simple "no you retard we are not moids"
KEK even if they did say that, would you even believe them? Going super deep into retarded tinfoiling says otherwise, esp if apparently think ian is one-man banding the site.
>If you go back the meta threads the rumors did not "just start".
I know Ian rumors haven't "just started" but they are mysteriously super prevalent right now? Of alll times that shit has gone down in the past few months, when cp is being spammed suddenly the idea is being brought up again?

No. 33231

Yes, because handling of the site is so abysmally bad the things behind the scenes are being questioned. It's not that deep good god.

No. 33232

Its literally not our jobs to come up with ideas (capchas etc) and on top of that the mods literally won't even acknowledge this situation. There is no communication. They don't care about your ideas. You all donated money to these shadow people (because who the fuck is even running this place rn) and they can't even mod the site for us. I dont feel bad for them at all they have the means to get more mods on the site

No. 33233

Also another point; have you noticed site banners are 99% female cows? Many of them pretty misogynistic in tone imo. Only like couple featuring the onion man

No. 33234

Most of our cows are female anon….

No. 33235

We've had how many tranny threads?? We could use some more banners and this is coming from the anon who was defending daddys lil porkchop

No. 33236

so then make some banners dummy?? look at the banner submission thread, it's literally all women. if you want moid banners, make them.

No. 33237

Would mods even care to use them if we made them??? We can't even get them to discuss our ideas THAT WE ARE COMING UP WITH ON OUR OWN to address the cp problem.

No. 33238

The last admin consistently communicated with the site and in return she got called a troon and was given abuse for her nationality, all because she spoke the truth. It wouldn't surprise me if the new admin has simply decided that talking with anyone outside of discord is not worth it.

>site full of women prefers to discuss female cows and popular cows get featured in banners and this is now deemed problematic
I don't know what to think anymore

No. 33239

Why are mods not joining vc when verifying users?

No. 33240

The last admin got shit because she openly said she hated the user base and didn't want to code for us. She was also a woke NB retard who had no problem with trannies and had tranny friends irl

No. 33241

Exactly!!!!! This is what I'm saying all together this does not paint a very good picture

No. 33243

from what I understand, mods don't upload banners, admin does. So even if you did, it's up to admin.

things have been abysmally bad for years. In the downtimes, when cp wasn't being spammed, no one was questioning whether or not admin is a moid named ian.

let anons brainstorm, damn it. stop crying about this already. control freak.

that wasn't even the last admin that said that, retard.

No. 33244

>It wouldn't surprise me if the new admin has simply decided that talking with anyone outside of discord is not worth it.
Nta, but this is not acceptable at all. Idk how you can even say this and feel like it's correct. If you decide to admin a site, it's your responsibility to listen and talk to the users. The communication is so bad they're we're not even sure which person is exactly admin right now. We're not even sure which user in the discord is supposed to be admin (and we shouldn't have to go to the discord in the first place).
Also, oldmin got called a troon because of how bad she wanted /2X/ to be gone. She didn't speak the truth, she was (is?) just a bad admin in many ways (even if I don't agree with everything that was said against here).

No. 33245

>The communication is so bad they're
*that. Don't wanna repost again.

No. 33246

How am I a control freak for being mad at the mods for not addressing this for DAYS on end, they can't even respond to all our nonitas coming up with ideas FOR THEM. I literally don't understand why you're defending them unless you're a mod posting as an anon because people literally paid money in the worst economic time to keep this site running and instead we get child porn spammed for days on end

No. 33247

>this is not acceptable at all. Idk how you can even say this and feel like it's correct
I didn't say that I agreed with not communicating but I can understand the reasoning behind it. There's not much point in trying to talk to the userbase if the overwhelming result is posts calling her a tranny. It's not constructive and would just cause issues on /meta/ instead of solving anything.

>Also, oldmin got called a troon because of how bad she wanted /2X/ to be gone

She was the one who made /2X/ in the first place. The board is hardly used anyway.

>She didn't speak the truth

She correctly identified that a significant majority of the sites userbase are newfags that LARP as radfems and don't care for the actual purpose of the site.

No. 33248

>The board is hardly used anyway.
Gee, and why is that? Can you think of ANY reason? Like a large portion of the userbase not knowing it exists?

No. 33249

Mods made this bed with their secrecy and lack of transparency. Lack of communication. You can't just admin a site and decide not to communicate with the user base because uwu they might say mean things to me. Guess what mods now we are pissed you have some splainin to do

No. 33250

Exactly wk anon says this as if former admin didn't lock the mtf thread and go to bat for trannies at the expense of the user base . Anons bitched so much they made a secret board its hardly active because its hidden.

No. 33251

That's why newfags need to lurk moar.

No. 33253

Oh please most of you are newfags who only know about this site exists because it got promoted on YouTube and Twitter during the creepshow art saga. Most of you are zoomers who have only been here since the pandemic. What does any of this have to do with the problem at hand? Where's the mods at?

No. 33254

>The board is hardly used anyway.
It is now but it was a lot more active when it was around, and anyway this wasn't even Admin's reason for closing /2X/. She created a purposefully misleading poll (actually, I think there was 2) to decide if /2X/ should stay, and then insisted that it should go despite everyone saying to keep it. She fucked up this site in a lot of ways.

No. 33256

I'm literally the anon sperging so hard in this thread mad as fuck at the mods.

No. 33257

Sorry anon, I realized my mistake after I posted.

No. 33258

>she spoke the truth
oldmin, either put on your hat when you try to defend yourself or fuck off.

The polls were what made the death of /m/ so funny tbh. That and /w/ both got voted on in a townhall. Oldmin wanted both so both we got; /w/ had a fair vote split, /m/ only got over the line because her clique bumped the numbers (it was like 47 to 46 or something)

No. 33259

If communism worked lolcow would be a collective of anons without spam and full of rainbows

No. 33260

It seems pretty evident at this point that something went wrong during the transfer of power between the old and new admins, and that the subsequent lack of an active admin is what lies at the root of lc's current problems. Every issue we have (gore/cp staying up, male bait, newfags running wild, lack of pinned threads/mod engagement in general) has to do with there being too few moderators. Since the admin is the only person who can add more mods/grant the existing mods more powers, the ability to solve these problems hinges entirely on the admin seat not being vacant.

That's why the number one priority right now needs to be figuring out what's going on with the admin position. Until that's sorted out, all accusations made toward the site leadership may as well be directed towards an empty chair. The few remaining mods are the only ones around to read your complaints, and they're powerless to address them beyond what they're already doing. Without an admin, gradual mod attrition is going to kill the site, assuming the plug doesn't get pulled before that when the current pool of server funds runs out.

Is anyone here in contact with any current or former staff members? Any leads in the discord?

No. 33261

The Belle thread spergs keep ban evading. The new thread is going to be a disaster.

No. 33262

Anon, stfu. All people keep screaming about is /m/ and admin already said what they needed to about it. Mods are as fast as they can be with the cp and gore. Sometimes it's gone within minutes, sometimes it's up longer, sometimes anons are dumb as fuck and don't report, but like to bury it.

You might as well also stop associating the discord with actual lolcow. We already know scrotes live in it and it's a cesspool. Maybe try contacting the admin via Discord yourself.

No. 33263

you're a control freak for trying to tell anons how to react to this situation
>stop defending
>stop brainstorming
>stop giving the benefit of the doubt
>this is how you need to feel
blah blah blah. your need to control how everyone acts on the site is weird. We aren't all going to be like you nonny. get over it.

No. 33264

>admin already said what they needed to about it
Like what? A vague ass post about how it would be "restored soon" 3 months ago?
>sometimes anons are dumb as fuck and don't report
And would you like to tell us how exactly you know what is and isn't reported?
>You might as well also stop associating the discord with actual lolcow
We will do that when staff decides to quit giving updates about the site on there. Btw, I don't think anyone actually knows who Admin is on discord.

No. 33265

Its a free to use forum. You're lucky you ever see admin post. They don't have to interact with us at all.

No. 33266

Yes she does.

No. 33267

get out

No. 33268

Why? you don't even have to register an account either. What do we do where admin needs to interact with us and not just mods relaying messages from admin?

No. 33269

these admin capers are fucking insane.

No. 33271

Why is the mei thread pinned?

No. 33272

So the site is in a worse state than it was but at least we don't have to deal with Oldmin's schizophrenic bans anymore kek. The amount of unnecessary reveal posts, only half of which being from the actual cow so she could seem like a ~cool hacker chick~ was embarrassing.(I kinda miss the pseudo intellectual ban descriptions kek). There's still some jannies with this brand of autism, but being able to critique this site without being accused of being a cow by a paranoid zoomer admin is refreshing.

No. 33273

are we ever going to get new banners? why is it like walking on water?

No. 33274

not to sperg, but my only other complaint is the state of the snow vs pt sections. We have cows like shayna still in snow for what reason exactly? and we have boring as fuck cows like vicky in PT, again for what reason? Nonnies/admin please educate me on why

No. 33275

The only interesting cows on /pt/ are Moo and Lillie Jean. I hope Shayna never gets moved over there because farmhands never seem to moderate that board. It takes days for anyone to catch bans over there. There seems to be no defining feature between /snow/ cows and /pt/ cows other then /pt/ is a lot more dead

No. 33276

File: 1652416845597.png (1.27 MB, 1076x1198, imagen_2022-05-12_234046026.pn…)

this website is going through very, very dark times, and it's gonna get worse.

No. 33277

why did you close it so quick but the moid bait was there for minutes?

No. 33278

File: 1652417240943.jpeg (198.07 KB, 779x536, 04B10359-FA28-4046-BD26-FFB2A1…)


No. 33279

I hate that we've had so much exposure to this site (not just through this article, but also other things) when we're going through of time of shitty administration.

No. 33280

seriously what the fuck mods?

No. 33281

shit they got me lmfao

No. 33282

oh wow, whole minutes. surely mods just didn't fucking see it. I hate to use this term, but why is everyone suddenly acting so entitled when this website is free??

No. 33283

Yeah, mods are pretty quick on /ot/ lately. It's not like it was gore or cp.

No. 33284

are you seriously complaining about minutes

No. 33285

File: 1652418603044.gif (623.19 KB, 498x208, titanic-breaks.gif)

Can I give a tinfoil out? I think the closing of /ot/ and /m/ was actually a way to test the waters to only leave the gossip boards in, deleting every other board.

No. 33286

Retard moid in ot again, he seriously does these “why aren’t you whores” threads on a daily basis, pathetic

No. 33288

Appreciating your quick work tonight jannies

No. 33289

Yeah, they're doing great this time.

No. 33290

woo go jannies sorry you for calling you incompetent/retarded/awful etc etc

No. 33291

in a distant future where janny accidentally misses a post and it's up for 30 minutes

No. 33292

Yes we are all bipolar what of it

No. 33293

There's a huge difference between one post being up for a few minutes and dozens of posts being up for six hours.

No. 33295

File: 1652423142807.png (903.82 KB, 775x535, FzDrNJcN.png)

This. You're doing a very good job and I'm sorry for the previous posts where I was bitching. Arigato~

No. 33297

Anons were just pissed earlier because something wasn't removed after 30 minutes. And don't say "it took over an hour for them to be removed" anons were alog levels of pissed at jannies after just 30 minutes which is what my post was showcasing

No. 33300


The moids are spamming more cp now because of the article. Prove me wrong.

No. 33301

If we see a wave of newfags and trannies from this, we definitely need to close /ot/ for awhile. They’ll never find /2x/ though.

Back in my days in 2016, we didn’t get raided as much and barely anyone found farmers interesting, because we just gossiped. There was nothing else really going on. So if we do get more intense newfag and moid influxes from this article, we just need to pretend we’re a boring gossip imageboard for a few months until they leave.

No. 33302

solid idea

No. 33303

File: 1652429258480.jpeg (633.34 KB, 828x794, A48D059A-5292-42F1-A979-979497…)

No. 33304

she actually went ahead and did it, I can't believe it

No. 33305

Isn't this illegal? I mean we didn't consent to her writing a whole ass article about us

No. 33306

I agree

No. 33307

Is it possible that the 'why aren't you' moid is the same as the moid who spams cp and gore? Can mods somehow check his IP address and permaban his ass?

No. 33308

No it's not lmao

LC does not ban VPNs. If you use those you are practically unbannable.

No. 33309

Also if someone in posession on CP does NOT use a VPN they are absolutely braindead

No. 33310

>compares incels to female dating strategy and calls both awful
Seems likely at it happens at the same time.

No. 33311

is this dumb bitch even able to read and comprehend sentences? no one here is a involuntary celebate kek. we are just here to milk the cows, no one even talks about scrotes

No. 33312

Hm, so I guess that's why you just never respond to journalists. They're eager for any kind of reply, no point in engaging (though that thread was really funny). Maybe everyone should've ignored her thread and the jannies should've deleted it quickly, oh fucking well though. She's irrelevant, so it's not that concerning. Plus, the site was mentioned in only one part of the whole article

No. 33313

It's rude she didn't mention all of the funny things nonnas said, give them some credit! Nonnas are so smart, funny, talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopper, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before

No. 33314

Funny since this is the iceberg that makes me no longer care about any news media. If the news is lies why read it? All this shit is just fake outrage and no facts seeped in sexism. Journalist and tabloid writers are now the same and none deserve any respect.

No. 33315

Retarded racebait fighting in the fashion thread.

No. 33316

File: 1652458593344.jpeg (113.73 KB, 613x856, 6B0BDCAF-25C5-4893-BAA8-F99B22…)

so which tranny mod thinks a racist slavic woman is a queen?(ban evasion)

No. 33317

>posting racebait in order to get a reaction
>gets banned
>lmao y'all are racist

mods please permaban this retard

No. 33319

Great now we have an influx of moids thanks to that fucking journalist. Fuck you Kaitlyn

No. 33320

Some Scrote desperately trying to be funny on /ot/ saying women can’t handle responsibility and more psychological projections such as that.

No. 33321

File: 1652465265566.jpeg (1.34 MB, 2898x2898, 951796C5-8897-4BD6-8928-760516…)

I fucking hate this ugly bitch. Can we make a thread about her and dig up dirt in her past and ruin her reputation? Genuinely I want to go full vendetta fag and ruin her life and her shitty journalism career.

No. 33322

This is the post she'll screenshot and use for her next op-ed about how "femcels" are dangerous, "just like incels!!1" kek

No. 33323

She was determined to do that anyway since she was pandering to the manosphere from the beginning. I’m literally so much hotter than this mousy looking rank bitch and i fuck men of a higher calibre than she does too. She WISHES we where femcels but SHE is a femcel.(take your meds)

No. 33324

Anon you are fucking unhinged.

No. 33325

File: 1652466446342.jpeg (69.66 KB, 300x300, 4F81849B-8901-4005-95C0-0F5F12…)

Well spotted! How did you know?

No. 33326

When anons screech tjat only terfs use this site, you think she's actually wrong?

No. 33327

KEK nta but I admire your energy

What do you mean?

No. 33328

I love how unhinged you are but don't a-log dumb bitches. She's obviously a low self-esteem retard who feels the need to appeal to scrotes and that's why she makes such a big issue of femcels, the idea of women who don't fuck and service men enrages her. Don't play into her game.

No. 33330

There's a schizo in the vent thread

No. 33331

Moid is back and baiting on OT

No. 33332

I get accused of being a moid meanwhile mods are letting actual men and pedophiles roam. What’s wrong with calling bisexuals and gay men sexually promiscuous?

No. 33333

>no one even talks about scrotes
Cmon now anon…

No. 33334

>no mention of /cgl/
>no mention of pt
>no mention of LC being the largest archive of female lolcows on the internet
>mentions that LC is 4chan for femcels which isn't even true
Zero thought, research or any intention to reflect reality was put into this article. She could have written an article that explored the origin of the term "femcel", what it actually means and why women are rejecting men and finding contentment in voluntary celibacy. Clearly such a well researched article was above her level of intellectual functioning.

No. 33335

How is this not a moid tier post? Who cares what she has to say, lots of articles about 4chan are wrong too. Jesus.

No. 33336

Have you ever spent time on /pt/ or /snow/?

No. 33337

I didn’t even read her article but this is childish. Childish to get upset over and childish to care about the article. Let her make her money so she can buy her bread. It’s not untrue that many of us are femcels anyways, and cgl is a board on 4chan, so it’s not totally wrong.

No. 33338

It used to be my main board, but I quit because of the unhingedness.

No. 33339

>buy her bread
lololol nonny

No. 33340

>I mean, it could be the fat retard from snow who has like 300 names and constantly stalks children online to talk about sex Ed, but it’s weird because she’s a sperg and she wouldn’t drop the opportunity to sperg.
>I still think it could be her since she wanted the site to shut down “for hosting cp”.

And she has been just outed as associating with not just Elaine but "Angry Canadian" and another open pedophile named Naught, who are definitely the types who might just have those kind of material "laying around."

I'm not saying it's definitely her or anything but the timing is sus.

No. 33341

If you're going to be a journalist and write an article then do it properly. Use the opportunity to inform others and spread knowledge of the subject you are writing about. The article is click bait bullshit and is of no value to anyone except google ads.

No. 33342

Tiffany stop selfposting. You're the femcel, you're the one who wrote an article because a man didn't wanna fuck you.

No. 33343

I skimmed quickly through the article, but have I missed anything or was she spot on about the reddit board trufemcel and in fact didn’t say much about LC becaus that was mentioned very briefly?
>and is covered with femcel lingo
Kind of true? We used to call the men on here, robots, then scrote and because of the femcels moid.
>They’re a fringe group that is mostly a meme,
How also not true?

No. 33344

Take your damn medications.

No. 33345

Stop being a femcel, tiffany

No. 33346

Afaik they were called robots because they came from /r9k/ which is an incel place where men refer to each other as robots.

No. 33347

"Robot" is the "r" in /r9k/ so that definitely came from there but I don't think it is "incel lingo" as such. The female users there were called "fembots." "Moid" and "scrote" are obvious sendups of "foid" (which is 100% incel-speak) and "cunt" and are more satire than anything else plus a typically channish way to vent your sleep at moids, but aping some of their more toxic rheotric. What actual "femcel terms" we use I'd love to now. Nonnies don't even sperg about "LVMs" an such all that much.

No. 33348

Yes true, but I have a feeling people are shitting at her useless article for minuscule reasons. Chanology is cringe anyways and can’t ever be good.
I’d like to add now we’re mentioning r9k that we should never forget that many posters here actually enabled a lot of the supposed good behaving bots. They may or may not be lurking here. I suspect those are the “femposters” who used to post on r9k.

No. 33349

File: 1652480026071.gif (677.24 KB, 300x100, 92CBD72E-0836-4B72-9EFA-39198E…)

Can this useless banner go away? She has literally 2 stan banners. What’s even the point? Cows with worse lives get mocked cruelly on here and don’t have fabulous kawaii abnner but this grown ass woman gets a garlic garlic garlic banner? (What even does it mean?)

No. 33350

stop you will trigger the autistic Venus defenders.

No. 33352

I've never followed Venus, but my understanding is that she was like LJ in that she's a spoilt cow with a schizo stage mom. As for the garlic, I assumed it was a joke about her being an ana-chan because garlic is a natural laxative and is therefore popular with anas. Idk just guessing.

The banners do need to be updated. Some of them are just badly drawn, unfunny, or about cows that were just a flash in the pan.

No. 33353

where are all these retards who complain about banners coming from? You don't even know what it means, so why are you so sure that it's a "Stan banner" and not one mocking her?
Also, do you realize everything that's making that banner "cute" is just how Venus herself looks?

No. 33354

farts garlic fumes in your face so you can’t post for the next 2 years anymore

No. 33355

Meh I feel no strong feelings towards this banner but agree a lot of them need to be updated

No. 33356

So basically, you have no idea what you're talking about and just want a banner taken down for no reason.

No. 33357

>banner taken down for no reason.
Because it’s clearly a fan-banner on a gossip board, my dear fangelic. It aligns together with the other kawaii manaki “good luck” banner. Now get off my ass.
And there’s so many newer and mint ones made that are 1000 times better but we know they won’t ever update the damn banners.

No. 33359

You're dumb for complaining about a banner while admitting that you don't know what it means and that you just don't like how it looks. It's making fun of another cow.

No. 33360

Samefag, but I'm pretty sure we do have a banner making fun of Venus too.

No. 33361

I actually do know what it means, it’s making fun of another cow, margo, I’ve watched the video that belongs in a snippet of one of her QAs. So, margo has rightfully 2 banners that mock her, meanwhile venus still has 2 banners that are positive. Bby i love u why call me stoopid?

No. 33362

Or anons just want aesthetic pleasing cute banners that include cows

No. 33363

Why you always lying tho

No. 33364

The OP says
>What even does it mean
but sure. Anyway, there is a negative Venus banner. If you go through the banner thread or even the page that displays all of our current banners, I'm sure you can find it.

No. 33365

Never seen it displayed. Have a nice day.

No. 33366

>Bby i love u why call me stoopid?
Kek you made a fool out of yourself and now you're backtracking

No. 33367

Sage before the tism, prease.

No. 33368

Sage isn't required in /meta/. This thread can't even be bumped.

No. 33369

1. Can we permaban the sperg who posts her average nudes in cow threads for attention while also calling the cows fat (maybe start a gofundme for sperg-chan's therapy while we're there)
2. Belle thread needs to go on autosage, as even though she's back, the resident nitpicker who reposts the same images over and over and makes shit edits and reposts them over and over is still at it, it's been literal years. The milk is always buried under all the sperging and most Belle anons are morons so, yeah autosage to save all our braincells please, thank you farmhands

No. 33370

>Can we permaban the sperg who posts her average nudes in cow threads for attention while also calling the cows fat
Uh, where? I don't lurk the cow boards, so spoonfeed me pls.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 33371

Link? I just keep up with the momo thread on here and those are the only nudes I’ve seen.(spoonfeeding)

No. 33372

Imagine saging in a pinned thread. What a fucking retard.

No. 33373

Even in this thread, I like to hide bad posts. So please, sage if it’s not a useful post I can’t miss.

No. 33374

File: 1652484141082.gif (1009.46 KB, 245x170, 4F408BBD-F3B9-4C03-A252-7B0053…)

They seems schizo. I want mods to compile their posts and do a thread tbf

No. 33375

You are annoying and no one likes you.

No. 33377

Awww okay. Venus won’t fuck you.

No. 33380


No. 33381


No. 33382

I just got banned for a post I made days ago. The actual ban was reasonable, but are you guys looking through days old posts just to ban people? Weird.

No. 33383

I'm pretty sure it was mentioned a while ago either in the discord or somewhere that they have a report page that they ban from, I doubt they're looking through threads to find people to ban

No. 33384

Might want to autosage the belle thread

No. 33385

Scrotes posting porn in Media

No. 33388

"everyone that disagrees with me is a whiteknight" is mega copium luv

No. 33390


No. 33391

Oof keep seething

No. 33392

Reatrd in /ot/: >>>/ot/1181731

No. 33393


No. 33394

No. 33397

not in the way of "oh why does X not like me, do i need to get ass implants so this chad will fuck, where is the female dating strategy so i can secure an ape" like she is implying

No. 33398

>gets wrecked
>zoomerspeak for comeback

Wow you sure showed them, anon.

No. 33400

Why do you fangelics keep replying

No. 33401

There's a tranny in Amber Johnny thread but retarded trannyjanny is banning random anons instead. The tranny literally defended trans people and men itt and keeps spreading weird incel propoganda.

No. 33402

not everyone who isn't brownnosing amber is a tranny. you're just retarded. And that random anon typed like a scrote on 4chan and deserved to be banned kek

No. 33403

You retard, that one tranny anon got mad when the banned anon called him tranny. Then he went to say trannies and gays actually support women.

No. 33404

Samefag but janny banned the anon right after this.

No. 33405

File: 1652641859046.gif (188.37 KB, 80x80, EA9C9DDC-0FF6-47A2-A259-B66394…)

So do we leave and bully trannies out of CC or what

No. 33407

Can't we tell trannies to go to CC? They'd be coddled there.

No. 33408

have you considered that maybe their post history has revealed that they aren't, in fact, a tranny?

No. 33409

But everyone who disagrees with me is a tranny!

No. 33410

salty as fuck I got redtexted for asking a saged question about wearing a bra to bed cause I free the titty as soon as I'm home alone. A kind nona answered my question and pointed out there was more to the posted image than sleepwear, so I don't think I deserve a ban for noncontribution that I wouldnt have gotten if I posted the image without questioning her clothing choices. Thank you nona and fuck you janny I hope your nipples chafe

No. 33411

Trannies use vpns, retard. The post history isnt theirs.

No. 33412

Where was the post?

No. 33413

I'm on a different internet connection so I couldn't contest the ban, but it's fine if it stays cause its kind of funny; I just needed to complain. If I catch another ban for bra sperging I accept my fate

No. 33414

Weird ban

No. 33415

Belle thread continues to be in desperate need of autosage, it's always at the top of /w now and most recent post is a pressed scrote's roastie porn edit. Autosage plss

No. 33416

You absolutely empty-spaced brain. I'm pretty sure they know exactly what to look for in post history, including checking if the ip is a vpn. not everyone you disagree with is a troon, schizo.

No. 33417

Get help. Vpn ips aren't detected and banned so this isn't true.

No. 33418

this is true, retard. sorry, are you in the matrix where this was discussed or…? No? Okay then, retard. Keep talking about something you don't know anything about! cheers

No. 33419

Jannies have been known to ban operafags for samefagging because they used the same vpn. They can't tell. Get help.

No. 33420

Usually you can tell when an IP belongs to a VPN.
But. I remember when they thought everyone who used Opera VPN was a particular person and there was drama over it, then they decided to ban Opera VPN altogether. So the mods are not infallible.

No. 33421

Exactly, thanks. Mods are not infallible but they get scrotes and troons most of the time, I highly doubt they're "making an exception" this time.
take your meds babygirl. you don't know anything so don't die on this hill

No. 33422

mods got trannyhands horribly wrong like 4 times, so no.

No. 33423

I scrolled fast but I saw a dick in snow unspoiled, too scared to go back because I don't want to see CP or some shit. Not chancing it. Watch out nonnies. It's in the MTF thread I believe.

No. 33424

It's not cp, it's some shitty grainy anti-feminist porn. And it's corny kek

No. 33425

okay thank you, when I get a glance of anythign that looks like unspoiled nudity I just bounce.

No. 33426

Paki anon about to ruin tinfoil thread once again.

No. 33427

She can spam so much and fast because she lives in yurop. Or dubai.

No. 33428

Rachel Leeds-Minkin is spamming massive walls of Ws in her thread.

No. 33429

Porn in /ot/: >>>/ot/1183037

No. 33430

Every fucking day at this point, jannies are useless.

No. 33431

Some retarded tranny in ot spamming porn memes about “terfs” in a thread they made. They’re also in the mtf thread posting the same memes

No. 33432

So is this ever going to get fixed? It’s been a year.


No. 33433

seething tranny in the dumbass shit thread in /ot/

No. 33434

The tranny is still here. Also it’s ironic sometimes when I type tranny it autocorrects to tyranny.

No. 33438

The 'why aren't you' moid is back in /ot/(there is no good reason to ever repost what a scrote posts)

No. 33440

why repost the screenshot here, why give it attention? he's even camping meta with his dick out ffs . report and move on

No. 33442

He's definitely selfposting.

No. 33443

I reported it but felt that wasn't enough. Retrospectively, it wasn't a good idea sorry

Nope, that was me

No. 33444

You can still delete file only (the checkbox next to delete button) if you do it before 30 min passes

No. 33445

Fuck, I thought the time limit was 15 minutes for some reason?? So yeah I cannot do it anymoe, but I mean it's gone from the front page so that's good

No. 33446

porn in /ot/

No. 33448

you're a pedophile isn't that your preference(stop replying to the scrote)

No. 33450

File: 1652714438936.jpg (79.54 KB, 1280x720, 1276417c.jpg)

Why was I banned from posting a screenshot of a naked tranny in /snow/, spoilered? Axe wounds and tranny nudes get posted all the time, and Shayna's etc threads are FULL of porn?? Why are some of the other stuff redrexted and mine was, just because mine was an ugly troglodyte? That makes is more milky than some of the run of the mill troon nudes that were posted just before I did.

Also watching porn once in a blue moon doesn't make me a scrote wtf, I get that this a radfem site but surely you know some women watch porn? I said I regretted it in the post

No. 33451

idk nonny. It honestly seemed like a moid post, were you permabanned? Also, that's just not the type of shit you post in that thread. A blogpost of you watch tranny porn with a disgusting screenshot of it… not a good look, what made you think that was good for the thread?

No. 33452

Nah. It was just so disgusting looking I wanted to share lol, isn't that what the MtF thread is for, digusting trannies? That gets posted all the time

No. 33453

not porn experiences as blog posts,,no.

No. 33454

It was one sentence as an explanation of how I found it I thought it was relevant

No. 33455

infighting at the celebricows thread.

No. 33456

nevermind the infighting stopped.

No. 33457

You can just use the report button you don't have to post about it here

No. 33458

can we have a suicide thread or is that against the rules? obviously not to give tips but almost like a general thread to talk about their experiences, passive things or to help people

No. 33459

against the rules, as one was already deleted

No. 33460

How do you embed twitch clips? I got a warning for the first time about posting them

No. 33461

convert to webm

No. 33462

Got it thank you

No. 33463

Highly sus looking post in /pt/. Its image is a yellow triangle and it's outright claiming to be illegal porn of sex slaves performing scat, posted about 20 minutes ago

No. 33464

Can anything be done about the ban evading samefags in the belle delphine thread?

No. 33465

Did we get hacked?

No. 33466


No. 33468

Girls we didn't get hacked, farmhad did some modifications so vpns are not allowed anymore

No. 33469

really? or are you fucking with me

No. 33471


No. 33473

Anon is fucking with you
>t. posting on a VPN

No. 33474

Someone in the movie cytube mentioned that you can't go on lolcow if you use a VPN/Tor anymore

No. 33475

They were mistaken, try it yourself.

No. 33476

It's only Tor that's blocked. Not all VPNs.

No. 33478

Bullshit t. posting on a VPN

No. 33480

CP on /m/

No. 33481

File: 1652774488142.jpeg (144.91 KB, 754x549, 8D8F036C-BF60-4016-8934-63D604…)

The tranny is back spamming his unfunny porn memes about muh white lesbian terfs in the mtf thread. It could also be some bleeding heart leftist male who doesn’t mind sexually degrading women. It’s ironic how they’re all very obviously CIS women.
Either way permaban and delete please.

No. 33482

File: 1652774556831.jpeg (155.31 KB, 930x510, 8EDB5B18-2D7D-43EC-9854-79E671…)

Kill all men

No. 33483

weird porn in /m/ and /ot/

No. 33484

>It’s ironic how they’re all very obviously CIS women.
This is so funny to me. "Trans women are women"…until they're not

No. 33485

Permabanning doesn't help, he was posting the same shit yesterday and most likely banned. He is using a VPN.

No. 33486

Trans women are women until it’s time to slap someone around and ejaculate on their face. This is how leftist labour bros honestly think. They cry about “far right talking points” while essentially cyber flashing and being disgusting misogynists.
I’m sick of males being allowed to talk.

No. 33488


No. 33489

This retarded troon has been at this for four hours already and he's still posting? Bleak


No. 33490

nah i think he got banned already

No. 33492

File: 1652805382587.png (10.44 KB, 956x158, gayshit.png)

I can't stretch this enough, we need another hellweek. I'm tired of the fucking newfags that come from twitter thinking they're above the rules of this site.

No. 33496

this anon derailing celebricows thread with infighting

No. 33498

I'm so tired of the 'just a gossip site' excuse they use. You can always tell it's people who never have real milk who complain about that.

No. 33499

Some moid is posting his porn folder on the mtf thread as per usual.

No. 33500

Samefag, he’s also posting on /ot/

No. 33501

Incel tranny moid is posting porn again proving anons point about men in dresses being misogynistic coomers/potential rapists.

No. 33502

Plus there’s a retard bumping the moid’s porn thread.

No. 33503

Do you sometimes have special feelings for mods when they interact with you in the red text bans? I like to fantasize a whole full friendship and future with them when that happens.

No. 33504

File: 1652829246608.jpeg (83.78 KB, 1005x720, FEAE946E-EF14-47B4-912F-98F761…)

Samefagging in a row but good night mods
I’ll be dreaming about the honorary ban. I’ll try to no longer involve myself in the case

No. 33505

Moid posting porn on ot. Making threads

No. 33506

Porn in /ot/ in its own thread

No. 33508

yeah, I always feel like it's an old bestie of mine telling me the ways I'm messing up, humbles me immediately

No. 33510

I want to dream but we aren't probably going to get a hellweek in at least 6 months. The egirl thread is like a magnet for newfags, I think 90% of our problems related to newfags would be solved by locking it kek.

No. 33511

Yesterday or the day before when I tried to access the site my browser said the site was unsecured and wouldn't load. What was the deal there? Sorry if I'm out of the loop. I usually lurk and read threads here and there

No. 33515

can mods fucking ban the kaliacc selfposters on /snow/ already, or have they infiltrated lolcow moderation too? there's a sperg who always posts in the same retarded recognizable way, and they keep derailing the egirl, coquette, and sometimes leftcows threads and responding to each other instead of creating their own. no matter how many times i report they never seem to get banned. FOR FUCK SAKE BAN THESE DERAILING SELFPOSTING RETARDS

yeah it's all the same band of newfags, and mods just sit around sucking their own toes

No. 33516

File: 1652950626015.jpeg (39.99 KB, 400x255, 1652387792718.jpeg)

I dont get it either!! Its so fucking annoying. Even the egirls OP post says to NOT POST KALIAC FAGGOTS yet they dont get redtexted.
Just make your shitty thread already! maybe its like when the twitter fags wanted a twitter proana thread. and then it died cause there was obviously no milk and just self posting. The kaliacc faggots probably know no one would even check their threads and they would die within a week. Still no reason they should be in the fucking egirl thread!

No. 33517

Paki-chan racebaiting in /ot/.

No. 33518

Infighting in the reddit thread in ot/ by a ana-chan

No. 33519

I know this has been posted before but I'll go again: will we at one point get a Darkcow version of the catalog?
Because right now whenever you click on it, it suddenly changes into the regular white colored version of the website and it's like a sunburst to the eyes. Also maybe it's just my computer but loading the catalog always takes a long time

No. 33520

The last hellweek was barely noticeable so dream bigger, anon.

No. 33521

its been 2 hours jannys…….

No. 33522

did you report any of it ?

No. 33524

File: 1652975553440.jpg (60.15 KB, 564x757, 38f56fbed25243784c0a7d80b5368e…)

Admin, we are waiting…

No. 33525

The mashalla/inshalla anon is annoying af and basically a namefag at this point.

No. 33526

It's gotten so bad. Newfags coming in, not lurking, not reading the rules and not posting images. They are so obvious too, calling this place a gossip board and sub.

No. 33527

And posting countless comments to here from retarded places like reddit with the whole "huur durr look what these anons also say" as if its milk or proof. No1currs about useless posts like those. Its not proof of what a cow does when its just another site full of speculation comments.

No. 33528

I thought I saw a post of her admitting she wasn't even Muslim and that she only says those words because she thinks they're funny. Could be a different anon though.

No. 33529

not that anon or the muslim anon, but myself and my friends do the same thing. just saying inshallah or alhamdulillah

No. 33530

It literally identifies you, even though the anon isn't namefagging. Its just as bad as the nero spergs and anons who say 'nico'. Just dint do it. There's zero reason to except to do it intentionally to antagonize. Same thing with anons making up their own retarded nicknames for cows like the 'MooMoo' sperg in Momokun's thread. Even a mod had to term them to so signaling their posts with that identifier.

No. 33531

Nonna, it's literally just a meme. If someone posts memes you do not like, they should not be banned for it.

But… this literally is a gossip board primarily? That's where the name comes from, that's why the site was founded?

No. 33532

I do it sometimes but I'm not the only anon who's doing it, I think you're assuming it's all the same person when it's clearly not.

No. 33534

There's gore in the image board linked in a new thread on /ot/ (one with the Latvian flag anime girl)

No. 33535

>>>/w/213633 the constant ban evading is astronomical

No. 33536

You need proof to post here. Its not a tinfoil gossip board.

No. 33537

There was a convo in the tinfoil thread where an anon who knew the words explained them to another anons and it became funny and a bunch of people started using it. It's not just one anon.

No. 33538

File: 1652987704698.jpg (173.79 KB, 614x680, comment_1642874909ElSegQgMBGZb…)

why'd you click on it, stupid? it could've been an ip grabber or anything idk. don't click links, you absolute fool. like, at this point you must be actively trying to look at cp or gore. The picture was of a small anime character and you just clicked the link? literally could have been child exploitations shit and you clicked…. idk what this makes me so mad, just don't do it again nonny.

No. 33539

What are jannies supposed to do about gore on a different site. Why'd you even click it?

No. 33540

Banned and then immediately shitposting >>>/w/213642

No. 33541

So much autistic derailing and infighting in the Reddit hate thread jannies pls help

No. 33542

This is the kind of newfaggotry that proves why we need a Hellweek.

This isn't your friends place though. That kind of shit is namefagging

No. 33544

namefagging is when you put your name in the subject or email, or when you sign a post off as your name.
my point was that there are more than just that anon that use inshallah, retard. do you understand how to read things with context? so it's not namefagging. quit whining because people are using words that confuse you and get over it

No. 33545

She will get banned for it inshallah

No. 33547

When you are identifying yourself with extras, yes. Its the same as if you're namefagging.

No. 33548

NTA but how is it any different from saying something like "kek" or "nonnie", it's just a meme and not only used by one person.

No. 33549

it's not, she's just retarded.


No. 33551

I am not a smart (wo)man

Just delete the thread which they did, thank you

No. 33552

Do you have autism

No. 33553

Kek and nonnie everyone uses. When you're giving cows a personal nickname, using repeated images when oy you post (soyjack type shit), or when obviously ban evading with the Ishallah thing, yes. Anons tend to be able to pinpoint who you are. Same with the Nicole/Bellefag. We know who they are bc they have the same constant inflections and collages. Anons give names to these anons bc of it and mods take notice of the posting. Just bc you don't have a name in the field, doesn't mean you don't bring attention to yourself by another means. Calling it namefagging is just the easist thing to call it.

No. 33555

kek i got banned for an unrelated reason yesterday and the text read "don't ask for others to be banned then break the rules uwu ur a hypocrite"

they banned the kaliaccer who A-logged, but forcing, derailing, and the recognizable posting style (like anons above are saying about another poster - it's namefagging) are apparently A-okay

mods are fucking retarded

No. 33556

You're literally the only one trying to pinpoint it on one anon though kek, I never even used it. And if the mods could tell it was all one person or something like namefagging or personalityfagging, usually at least one of the posts gets redtexted eventually (like the anon in the advice thread, boyega-chans' posts, crap chan etc.)

No. 33557

I'm not a part of this. I'm just explaining what anon means.

No. 33558

I like when people use inshallah, I think it's more than one anon. I might start using it too to piss off people.

No. 33559


No. 33560

This you? >>33515 you are also breaking rules with your redditfag spacing, nonny

No. 33561

Oh my fucking god making your text more readable is breaking the rules too now? Top fucking kekkk. I'm able to identify you by your obsession over reddit spacing, stop namefagging rreeeeeee

Inshallah you nonnas get a cure for your autism

No. 33563


A lot of anons are tired of this tinfoil derailing about this relationship when there is no substance, proof, or anything regarding it. It's derailing the thread again.

No. 33564

>complains about distinguishable writing styles
>uses redditspacing in every post so their own posts are distinguishable
Inshallah you'll get better soon.
Anon isn't complaining about about the spacing but that retard is hypocritical for complaining about writing styles when her style is easily distinguishable unlike the inshallah-anons who clearly shr can't tell apart.

No. 33565

I use mashallah inshallah too, get over it is funny.

No. 33566

File: 1653046889135.jpg (203.97 KB, 1284x1456, nemo.jpg)

Anon it's a meme.

No. 33567

flushed away spammer in ot. tbh they should just make a thread to spam flushed away in ot, it's not like it would stand out there.

No. 33568

he made 2 threads already

No. 33569

There's an anon in unpopular opinion thread defending sex work using the same speaking points men use. She's been derailing for hours but still no redtext.

No. 33571

It's the unpopular opinion thread, not hating sex work would be an unpopular opinion.

No. 33573

>jannies an anon is making an unpopular opinion in the unpopular opinion thread and it's making me angwy

No. 33574

samefag but the unpopular opinion thread is for opinions that are unpopular on the site I'm pretty sure, I may be wrong though. Maybe it doesn't matter and the opinion is unpopular either on site or off site.

No. 33575

Supporting sex work is an opinion but she kept minimizing the effects of rape which is why I thought it was bait. She said she'd rather get raped than work in a fast-food shop or something which isn't really an opinion imo.

No. 33576

If you don't like the opinion though, don't reply and try to infight about it in a thread dedicated to unpopular opinions.

No. 33578

I haven't read it yet but I'm hoping someone else called it rape and she was like "yeah well I'd rather be "raped" than work at fast food", that's the only way it is probably okay, seeing as that's sarcasm/a comeback

No. 33579

That's honestly what I'm getting from anons ITT and some women do like sex work, so it should definitely go in that thread. I wouldn't relate every post defending it as only coming from a male.

No. 33580

Minimizing rape isn't an opinion. Are you that anon? If not why are you so defensive?
No. She admitted to being desensitized to rape and not thinking much of it. That that's why she didn't see anything wrong with sexwork as she admitted to knowing most of those women get raped every day but it was still a better career than a normal job because rape wasn't important after the first time. Her words.

No. 33581

That's sad and no, nta. Maybe let them get it off their chest and move on. Stop relying to them if you don't like their rational.

No. 33582

You're right and I'm not replying anymore as I don't think they can change their mind when they actually believe stuff I wrote above.

No. 33583

that was clearly a man larping

No. 33584

I agree. They switched personalities from a sex worker support worker or something to a prostitute but still used the same writing style. It's definitely either a troll or male but retarded jannies didn't ban them.

No. 33585

after this instance and multiple others (lets not forget the tranny-hand disappearing) I totally buy the tranny janny tinfoil

No. 33587

if you anons are so insistent that there are tranny jannies why are you still here posting?
it feels like every time a janny doesn't do exactly what you want them to do, they're either a tranny, a moid or retarded. i'm sure if jannies thought it was a tranny or a moid, that anons post would have been deleted. it happens over and over again. in the same thread that a moid's post would be deleted, another post remains. If jannies thought it was a guy it'd be deleted, no?

No. 33588

Mods have been giving out based redtexts for even responding to scrotes, threads in/w/ actually being moderated and quickly, same in/ot/ I notice. Some anons probably have non-red bans too.

No. 33589

you are writing what a moid undercover would write in order to coverup his ill attempt at writing a shitty clockable male post in the unpopular opinion thread after being calledout tbh.
Get out of here with this gayops

No. 33590

Also remember that screencap posted around last year that showed a poster from /lgbt/ on 4chan admitting to coming here to bait in that thread specifically
The ban given to the anon in the last confessions thread for basically using the thread as intended while doing nothing towards worse confessions was weird tho, and banning some other anon just for accidentally posting in the wrong thread.

No. 33591

yeah this situation smells

No. 33592

redditspacing is a newfag complaint, newfag. i'm not the same anon as >>33542

No. 33594

kek and I'm not >>33564 either. I never accused you of being >>33542 and I don't think you are. I just think you're complaining about being recognizable with words like "inshallah" when clearly other anons use it while your own typing style is newfaggish and retarded. needing to go all caps and bolding like some moid who needs attention. You're transparent and type like a retard. take your whiney little "no u" and shove it

No. 33595

File: 1653068433055.jpg (71.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>anon disagrees with what i'm saying while asking a reasonable question

No. 33596

Trannyhands incident made me believe we have a trannyjanny. That poster literally posted about using a speculum with her imaginary boyfriend husbando and thinking of child rape victims as whores yet he didn't get banned first but other anons did. Also the anons who reposted his handpic got banned and that same trannyjanny literally locked three threads just to defend a tranny.

No. 33597

i'm not the anon complaining about inshallah, retard. stop trying to identify anons, i responded to >>33560 and >>33564 both because both whined about redditspacing, not because i think they're the same person
>needing to go all caps and bolding like some moid who needs attention
are you retarded?

No. 33598

my bad, but if you WERE my words still apply. so if that anon IS reading this, fuck you. but if that's not you, have a good day, inshallah

No. 33599

Racebait and derail in celebricows.

No. 33600

have a nice day nonnie may your enemies be smitten inshallah

No. 33601

moid posting weird spam threads in /ot/

No. 33602

Spaming in /ot/

No. 33603

Hey mods, the Belle/Nicole fag is back from being constantly banned again and have moved to the Nicole thread for their retarded social media posts again and crap tinfoiling. >>>/w/213892 You can't even find real milk in these threads anymore. It's all posting about other people, barely the cow, and social media posts that literally have nothing involving milk that comes with comments like "She's hiding her boyfriend" when other anons point out she literally just made posts about her boyfriend. Also replying to themselves.

No. 33604

What’s with that anachan selfposting weird shit in /w/?

No. 33605

File: 1653139416792.jpeg (915.07 KB, 3540x1579, 5A3C49CA-6B7E-4D06-99AE-1192A3…)

Can the anachan derailing troll get perma banned already? They post the same shit on w threads using random anachan tumblr pics

No. 33606

I've notice when an anon gets banned from one of the /w/ threads, this poster gets spammy. They even go to the photoshop thread.

No. 33607

Probably ban evading.
They might be one of the usual posters who keep getting banned and the ban might be what triggers her weird sperging.

No. 33608

A mod should be able to tell right? Doesn't matter if they keep using different means to post though.

No. 33609

If they use vpns and incognito, I don't think so. Also jannies haven't revealed poster histories since kiki or whoever she was, afaik

No. 33610

Someone please ban the Sharla and Chris autists in the Jvlogger thread, they are hell bent on proving that Sharla and Chris are attending a wedding together with 0 evidence. They just know

No. 33611

I'm so tired of their bad tinfoiling. it's so irritating. Can we report the lowkey chrisxsharla bait posts too like the one about the trash can mug? They aren't even veiling these posts right and the Bellefag poster is back [as well as the Nicole one], so I think it's safe to say the derail anons are back in /w/. This is tiresome and kills so much milk, fills up the threads uselessly.

No. 33612

It really just comes off as her fishing for meanspo because anons instantly just to calling her fat and saggy. Anachans that unhinged love seeing that whether it's actually their pics or not. Anons really need to just ignore and report but they hate bone rattlers too much to compose themselves I guess. It's pretty clear to me she's just severely ill and desperate for any amount of attention, hopefully negative.

No. 33613

I have my own tinfoil that it’s just a troll which is annoying cos I’m excited to see the proof that they aren’t at a wedding together lol

No. 33614

I mean without that, the thread will be dead. But sure

No. 33615

Good. Most of the threads on /w/ are bumped with non-milk anyway because anons think their tinfoil warrants retarded posts that also isn't milk.

No. 33617

>Kiki or whoever she was
Saddens me how little farmers nowadays know about the classic cows

Anyways, admin can we please get a sign that you’re actually alive?

No. 33618

the last one was creepshow, and before that it was that veronica girl from a vent thread

No. 33619

So is /m gone for good? Damn…

No. 33620

Someone whiteknighting in Pixielocks thread

No. 33621

Exactly my point really.. not sure how that thread has survived as there is no milk on jvlogging these days

No. 33622

File: 1653187788633.jpg (172.94 KB, 679x738, 1653187660932.jpg)

Someone is defending tranny porn on /m/.

No. 33623

Oh you're right I completely forgot about her! Also who is Veronica? It she a random anon? I don't follow a lot of cows so I'm clueless.
I don't use /snow/ often, I don't really like female cows as it just becomes a few vendetta-chans nitpicking their appearance after a while.

No. 33624

Veronica was an anon in /ot/ who kept posting random pics of her face in the vent thread, like first her eyes, then lips, etc. then claimed it was her bf? (or someone she knew I forgot) posting the pics, think she wanted them removed too at some point, then someone else asked for her post history to be revealed and it turned out there wasn't any bf, the anon posted it all herself. Happened sometime around 2020.

No. 33625

god please, that person is so unhinged! It would nice if there were more things to discuss about chris/sharla, but the same anons regurgitate the same points over and over again.

Good! If a thread doesn't have milk, it shouldn't be bumped.

No. 33626

Tinfoil isn't milk and will never be milk.

No. 33629

With these strict guidelines what do you think about opinions & discussion? Obviously that’s not milk either but ALL cow threads have plenty of that. What makes discussing Sharla or Chris verboten but talking endlessly about Lori’s cringey facial expressions or Shayna’s ugly stomach not? Its weird imo how many anons in the jvloggers thread seem to just want all discussion there to stop. Farmhands should put it on autosage but if were only supposed to post milk & never “discuss” or tinfoil then nearly all threads in /w/ are DOA.

No. 33630

Nta, but saying to not tinfoil isn't a strict guideline. Besides, usually opinions and discussions in cow threads are based off of milk that has already happened.

No. 33631

there's a connection between that brigade and the same sentiment expressed over and over by a couple shills in Taylor's thread

No. 33632

What part of “it should be saged” do you not get? The people peddling this stupid shit ignore site rules, don’t integrate, and are generally just annoying.

No. 33634

What part of me saying that thread should be autosaged don't YOU get? Anons there act like it shouldn't even be a discussion. That's what is retarded. Sage all the non-milk, duh, but don't act like we cannot even discuss these people. This isn't just a random repository of milk, people also use these threads as discussion boards. Non integration is REEEEing every time someone talks about something you don't want to talk about…

No. 33635

That's because it's the same IP hopping anon and you can tell when they all come at once and reply to each other

No. 33636

It says in the rules not to tinfoil, dumbass

No. 33637

Can someone tell me why the Mei thread is pinned?

No. 33638

Just ban all the international threads already, it attracts /pol/fags

No. 33639

cause she was spamming her threads with fake info and jannies had to pin it with a warning about it. she seems to have stopped but mods havent unpinned it cause there are a thousand more important things to fix in lolcow anyway.
sometimes it takes them weeks to pin complaint threads on /meta/. this is not weird.
please stop asking this everyday. elaine was pinned for the same reason. its that simple.

No. 33640

Fuck off

No. 33641

Can you please ban the discussion on how "lolcow used to be better" that we have every fucking week? It's annoying, boring, repetitive. Autistic too.

No. 33642

Can you please ban discussion?

No. 33643

Can you please ban

No. 33645

Can you please

No. 33646

Why not delete lolcow, it attracts /pol/fags

No. 33647

Can you

No. 33648

File: 1653315774888.jpg (179.88 KB, 1080x588, Screenshot_20220523-072040_Fir…)

Called it, this anon is a cancer to /w/, I knew it was the same thread hopping sperg.

No. 33649

And every time you ban them, this ana-chan sperg comes and spams >>>/w/214554 Its like clockwork.

No. 33650

But it's true. Certain parts of the user base are killing the site due to the amount of thought policing that goes on. LC used to be fun to browse, now the site feels increasingly stale because it's just the same shit every day. Anons don't want to actually post the real opinions because someone might start a infight or call them a moid. In the past if someone posted a shit opinion, they weren't censored, they were mocked and then everyone moved on. Now LC is basically turning into twitter in image board format.

No. 33651

your that anon from that consp thread arent you kek.
If anons here ''didnt police'' this place would be filled with male posters since the jannys often tend to be sleeping.

No. 33652

pakichans post was removed by the mods meaning it was her and those posts denying murderer shooters being real and that they are mk actor ''feds'' is UNHINGED boomer male type of posts, so can you please tell me how anons calling them what they are is thought policing since you want to take this topic to meta too.

No. 33653

It's the tinfoil thread. If you're mad about tinfoils being posted in the thread made exactly for that, then hide it.

No. 33654

I think it's a good idea to simply not reply to that kind of people.

No. 33655

infighting and namecalling isn't censorship

No. 33656

Go to Crystal cafe and see what happens to them uswrbase when people aren't rude and snarky. Yes, the user base would be like %40 larping men. You'd fit right in.

No. 33657

This doesn't work as was proven by the recent raids. Replying to men encourages them to post more because they want female attention.

The effect is the same. There's no point in posting an opinion if the end result is derailing the thread instead of discussion. Civil discussion could lead to the anon changing her opinion, infighting and calling her scrote does nothing. It also creates a weakness that can be exploited by moids looking to cause disruption. All they have to do is post an unpopular opinion and then they can enjoy watching the resulting infight.

>when people aren't rude and snarky
That's not what I'm advocating, do you have difficulty with reading comprehension?

>Yes, the user base would be like %40 larping men. You'd fit right in.

My favourite type of reply is one that proves my point.

No. 33658

You don't want anons to bully people with controversial and most likely male leaning opinions, you can only get that if userbase is at least half male. That's why I said you'd fit in with the men and be able to post your weird opinions. I don't suspect you're a man.

No. 33659

>most likely male leaning opinions
Define male leaning?

No. 33660

Gonna give a few examples. One anon came, said abortion was evil and all women were whores if they practiced premarital sex, went as far to blame kids for getting raped and getting pregnant and said even rape victims shouldn't get abortion because it's what they deserve. The anon got torn apart because of his opinion. There are a lot of scrotes who post their shitty opinions, yesterday one had a hysteric(ironic innit) crisis because someone brought up horoscopes and he kept saying any woman who believed horoscopes was 4 iq and we're all narcs, etc. Anons said they disagreed and continued discussing horoscopes which instead of agreeing and fueling either anons delusions.

Most controversial opinions are obviously written by males and telling anons not to bully them is stupid, they'll get comfortable and settle down like they did in other image forums or even female spaces on popular websites like reddit or twitter.

No. 33661

But every opinion or personality trait not accepted by Lolcow Canon is called a male immidiately. It's some tranny tier shit. If you like sex or video games, you are branded a Male. Or like on twitter where you are called a nazi when you dissent even a bit from the latest woke train of thought. It's exactly the same, but on the opposite end of the spectrum. It's funny how even radfem tumblr is less toxic in the purity of thought, and this is a fucking gossip website that claimed not to be a radfem site to begin with. It's the weirdest mixture of """radical feminism""" and rampant misogyny I have ever seen.

>inb4 fuck off back to tumblr

I will, just came to whine a bit

No. 33662

>said abortion was evil and all women were whores if they practiced premarital sex
This was never confirmed as being male. The poster was banned without their sex being specified which means that either the poster was a woman or that it was male and the mods were unable to confirm it by looking through their post history. It could have been a woman, there are conservative women that are pro-life and hold those views. Note that I am not agreeing with her or defending her opinion, it's more that designating someone either as male or female for their opinions is retarded.

>someone brought up horoscopes and he kept saying any woman who believed horoscopes was 4 iq and we're all narcs, etc.

Confirmed as male by the mods.

>Most controversial opinions are obviously written by males

There is zero evidence of this.

>they'll get comfortable and settle down like they did in other image forums or even female spaces on popular websites like reddit or twitter

LC was founded by a man and originally men were allowed to post here, yet men are still not the majority. As a poster there is no way of knowing who you are discussing something with unless they make it known. It's something that you have to accept when posting on an image board. The paranoia over men potentially posting is pointless because there is no way of stopping them. LC is not comparable to reddit or forums because it is an independent image board. The mods are more than prepared to ban someone for being male if there is adequate evidence.

>It's the weirdest mixture of """radical feminism""" and rampant misogyny I have ever seen.
It bizarre beyond belief, especially when the result is accusing abuse victims of being male.

No. 33663

Mods fuck you. You labeled my post as “scrote” . You know what I mean. I’m the “lesbian rapist chan” anon and you actually did that. Fuck you.

No. 33667

Wait i’ll write them an email. Just wanna say briefly that the one who summoned me last time i briefly mentioned my rapist who was female: i do not have an agenda and you and the mod (i think it’s only one who did that) are wrong. Terribly wrong.

No. 33668

Abortion sperg was proved to be male by how he talked about how he put a speculum in his pussy and that's how he always had sex with his bf. He had some weird speculum abortions fetish and kept asking anons if they wanted to see his cervix. Then he said it wasnt him but it was proven to be his when he did the cervix fetish thing again a few days later.
>LC was founded by a man and originally men were allowed to post here, yet men are still not the majority.
So you want men to be here? Also there used to be a ton of incels, trannies and larping men in those days, lesbian threads were literally filled with men. You're bring stupid by acting like lolcow bowing founded by a faggot means they should be free to post their retarded opinions.

No. 33669

I didn't see your new post but you've already been banned countless times. You should find some other way to unwind, writing about your abuse on an anonymous image forum isn't a good idea as you can get traumatized further.

No. 33670

It was about a post I’ve made over a year Breh. Wtf? I already stopped? And I have stopped evading since the last warning (mods know) and haven’t been a super big nuisance, or so I thought. Maybe they confused other posts for me, or so? I have the feeling so.
You’re right but I do need to have a place where I can vent and ask questions, if I don’t I’ll explode of curiosity and pain. You girls are the only ones I have, regarding this. And often times you did help me. Whether it was negative or positive it did teach me insight. Even about serious matters like rape (I vented anonymously unidentifiably vented about several different men and 1 woman) I’ve been loved and shat on by you guys. It’s amazing. I just get the truth. Like it is. They banned me for reasons like “u a scrote”, which is wrong. Ban me for other reasons, but not that. I wrote them an email but didn’t send it because it’s just painful. Like what am I even asking? Anyways I had an awful day, I must be taking it seriously because of that. Or it’s actually annoying, despite the low quality posts I make? Sigh.

No. 33671

Also samefagging
>writing about your abuse on an anonymous image forum isn't a good idea as you can get traumatized further.

No. 33672

You can appeal and prove you're a woman by voice. It's ok for you to stay but try to takw matters lightly, some anons may disagree but it's just an internet argument in the end.
I've posted about my own abuse on another website and I had a lot of weird people try to get more info to jerk off to or faggots or stupid men make me feel like my issues were small and theirs were totally more important even though it was the opposite, kek. Some people online will do pity Olympics and try to make your issue seem minor. Some people will maliciously try to hurt you and use that sensitive info against you. Some will try to make you think you deserved it for not being perfect or that you shouldn't speak out because you're not a perfect victim and your experience could make men blame women, etc.
I'm not saying these stuff for your story but these are the general stuff all men and some ill intentioned women try to pull.

I mean look at johnny depp amber heard bottle rape case, she got raped but there are actual women dancing to the voice recording and playing out the sex scene and saying they wish they were assaulted instead. Even women do this shit. Don't put yourself in such vulnerable position.

No. 33673

Anons weren't being mean to that anon just because she talked about being sexually assaulted, it's because she kept posting about how she dislikes lesbians and bi women, and even did it in the lesbian thread.

No. 33674

Yeah I saw it now, she's unhinged but I didn't want to be any mote needlessly mean to her because I sympathized with her as I've been abused too, though it was obviously by a man. As I said, she needs a better way to cope and instead of letting hatred take over, she should find a way to unwind and let all that energy flow.
She did go through very bad experiences and it's hard to think logically when you went through something like that and didn't receive proper support. I hope she finds a good therapist and breaks her biases.
Also for her sake she shouldn't think women are more dangerous and although it's ok for her to not befriend bi or lesbian women, she should realize straight men pose a bigger danger.
I'm bi myself and honestly in my experience most straight women already see gay women as weird and think every gay woman will make a move on them so her thinking similarly really isn't shocking. Lesbian and bi women have been portrayed in such ways in media and straight women would much prefer hanging with gay men than gay women just like how men don't like having gay male friends. It's homophobia and sadly most straight women think that way unless they've had lesbian friends before.

No. 33675

I love you anon this is what i mean by i need you guys. I feel so sorry for you that they did that. And you’re right, about the sensitive info. Honestly I feel so vulnerable, I initially want to post something innocent today and then get reminded of the thread of a year ago, for fucks sake. Fuck that mod. But because of the whole
>sensitive info
I’m scared to send in my voice because of paranoid reasons and to continue posting. I’ll try not to evade anymore and/or to post less unless I’m in an emergency again (as in feelings are cropping up). But even then I’ll stick tot he wholesomer threads and interact with anons that way. Some of you are genuinely good. Even most are ok. Unlike on 4chan ew or reddit ewww.
Might send the voice on a later time when I really wanna shitpost here again. May be better to stop forever and find female friends irl and other online spaces.

No. 33676

>lesbian thread
I did that, because that anon seriously mocked me. And I don’t actually hate bi and lesbian women lol. And in one instance I vented about my mom and friend, because of how uncaring they were about the rape incident, blaming me for it. And then the one anon (you?) called me out.
As for the kinder anon, I don’t know if a therapist works, but I never hated lesbians. Only in the moment because there were several lesbians defending that girl.
I look bad in the lesbian thread, but honestly, I legitimately am not bad or in the wrong for venting in the vent thread.

No. 33678

I just want to say FUCK the janitors
TROLL the janitors

That is all.

No. 33679

But why call me unhinged when you understand me? Of course I don’t hate lesbians. Anyways I don’t even give a shit about it anymore, it just suck to have sensitive posts redmarked where i described that the police mocked me. And then an anon who screenshotted my posts. I guess I will stop now.
Last post now but i agree.

No. 33680

>She did go through very bad experiences and it's hard to think logically when you went through something like that
I understand that as an abuse victim myself. I don't want to be needlessly mean either, but I get why other farmers were really unsympathetic.

No. 33681

Well it’s hard to fuck off when I read stuff like this.
The first time I was raped I was a teen and the dude was almost 40, but because of certain things I’ve said, the police officer didn’t pity me and said I enjoyed it. If being so unfiltered makes you hated for everything, idgaf. Bye bye.

No. 33682

You should try to find female friends and try therapy. You can keep posting using a vpn if you don't want your voice or just explain your situation in the email.
Also I'm most telling you to go to a therapist because you come off homophobic, I'm telling you because I myself internilazed my anger and it only hurt me in the long run. No one wants that.
Also I called you unhinged because most of your posts were very emotional, I make unhinged posts all the time too amd honestly half of the posts in ot and g are unhinged, I didn't mean it personally.
Yeah it's hard to be sympathetic when youre online. I'm sure they wouldn't behave that way if they were talking to her irl. Everyone acts selfish online, especially on anonymous spaces.
Nta but see what I wrote above. You went through a lot but imageboards aren't the best place to seek support. I do wish I could talk to you in person but that's just not possible. I hope you find a supportive environment.

No. 33683

Samefag, meant to say I'm not telling you to go to therapy because of your issues with lesbian women.

No. 33684

That's not really what I was talking about.

No. 33685

Well, are you derailing in threads? If being called a guy is that triggering, maybe don't have lines of thinking equivalent to men. Imag being triggered by a scrote ban that for lifted.

No. 33686

Post the ban then. Show us.

No. 33687

Hi thank you. I feel better a lot. And yes I see my issues. Don’t worry, I can be defensive and have emotions as you may have noticed a la amber heard style in those voice notes they use against her, but I do see your points. I am sorry I made those homophobic remarks and made any lesbian feel shit about their identity, I admittedly am struggling as well about my identity because of trauma but it’s getting better. Anyways enough for now, I guess I just was triggered because I was reminded of something I long forgot.
>implying a crazy woman like me didn’t just delete browser and sperg itt instantly
Anyways it doesn’t matter anymore

No. 33688

>this is my personal diary and i'm complaining and making this everyone's problem except my own

No. 33689

>he did the cervix fetish thing again a few days later
but what is ever confirmed as male?

>So you want men to be here? Also there used to be a ton of incels, trannies and larping men in those days, lesbian threads were literally filled with men.

My point is that even then the number of men on the site was lower than the number of women. Now that men are banned, there is even less of them. Constantly accusing other posters of being a moid is completely unjustified and does more harm than good.

>maybe don't have lines of thinking equivalent to men
Holy shit. You are blaming a rape victim for not liking being referred to as male.

No. 33690

This thread has basically become the personal grievances thread and it's been that way for a while now. Hopefully the staff of the site do or don't do whatever it is they're suggesting or not suggesting (idk I'm not gonna read that shit)

No. 33691

Anon, for all we know she's making shit up. Don't take every post as real, like seriously.

No. 33692

>don't believe victims of rape
If that's not a male opinion I don't know what is

No. 33693

Revenge porn in /ot

No. 33694

Was just coming here to post this. It’s still up. I’ve reported as Porn

No. 33695

This >>33693 is happening and anons itt are still mad that we point out obvious male posters. They're here and they need to be kicked off. The abuse victims anon is obviously not a male but the other anons talked about are. The cervix-chan is literally a obvious male and there's a male in /g/ asking for 17 year old anons to chat with him and be ok with loli pictures.

No. 33696

This is both retarded and disingenuous. No one is suggesting that reporting male posters is bad, what's being suggested is that the constant scrote accusations without basis are pointless and do nothing but cause increased infighting and disruption. If you genuinely suspect that a poster is male, report and ignore. The fact that some posters will defend the need to accuse anyone they disagree with of being a moid is deeply suspicious, especially when it's results have been well observed. If a group of trannies wanted to subvert the site and make it so that any actual discussion was impossible, this would be the perfect way to do it.

No. 33697

>calling out pro-life pro-rape men out means you're a tranny
You're mentally ill. Take a break and stop being obsessed about what every single anon is doing. Retard.

No. 33698

i got called a moid for saying that the site had changed, some posters use it as a way to stop wrongthink

No. 33699

If you genuinely suspect a poster of being male, report and ignore. You don't because accusing another poster of being a scrote is the only low IQ reply you have. If an opinion is as bad as the example given, then it should be easy enough to correct them without resorting to ad hominem.

No. 33700

Yes, but again, liking video games or talking to men (I got shamed for even interacting with a man outside lolcow kek) is not even in the same galaxy as posting revenge porn or even some obvious "you are all whores" shit wtf. >>33696 is Based and Correct

No. 33701

You got called a moid because you kept on talking about how mean women were here and making stuff up to prove you're not a newfag like how you used pull ten years ago, even though that website is the og discount store regina george central.
Most anons tried to tell the abortion sperg why he was wrong before he went and exposed his maleness by screevhing about his uterus and cervix. Same as the dude in discord friend finder thread who was asking underage anons to contact him, they questioned him first and he got mad and called everyone post-wall hags because anons told him loli wasn't ok. I thought it was a pornsick woman before he did that but I reported him afterwards.
You're the stupid one for choosing to die on this hill. Coddling questionable views isn't great. You can easily tell if it's a moid or not and most moid accusations hold true which makes you even more stupid.

No. 33702

>Coddling questionable views isn't great
Obvious bad opinions such as calls to violence and misogyny should be banned. The problem is that what counts as questionable views or bad opinions is becoming increasingly broad and now includes everything from liking the wrong media to getting raped and asking for advice.

>You can easily tell if it's a moid or not and most moid accusations hold true which makes you even more stupid.

There is no evidence that this is true. You even admit yourself that you were initially unsure if another poster was just a woman with bad opinions or a man.

No. 33703

I didn't accuse him then simply because I wanted to give benefit of doubt, I only call it out when I'm fully sure which I almost always am because male posters expose themselves when someone dares to disagree with their views.
What do you mean when you say more opinions are being considered inavlid?

No. 33704

You sound like a pick me and insufferable. You have an excuse for everything and if being called a moid is as triggering as you say, then fuck off of lolcow. This has been the culture for years.

No. 33706


Why won't this Sharla fag go away permanently yet? They are lowkey attempting to doxx and won't stop tinfoiling, making upfake milk anout knowing them but won't put them. It's so annoying the lengths these spergs to go to try and prove this fake dating narritive.

No. 33707

Nta but
>most moid accusations hold true
This isn't really correct. They are true sometimes because we all know males do lurk and post here, but most of the time it's just anons infighting that accuse other farmers of being scrotes. I have to agree with other anons that the constant moid accusations are very annoying and can stifle discussion. You can argue that it helps keep men away, but it wasn't this bad a while ago and we still did fine at keeping men away if anything, it feels like more now but that can be chalked up to the moderation issues lolcow has been having for a while. There can be a middle ground, it doesn't have to be "accuse every anon of being a man" or "never point out when a post seems suspicious or call out obvious male posters". I'm not saying that scrote accusations are never reasonable because sometimes they are (even if the anon being accused isn't actually scrote), but I think it's just kind of got out of hand.

Also, the rise of moid accusations kind of made me wonder why anons would reply if they think someone is a man, but I realized those are probably the same anons who purposefully reply to the bait threads that males make.

No. 33708

She probably posted some weird stuff and got so mad she's been spamming multiple boards complaining about it. She needs to go outside.
Moid accusations rising is because of summerfags. Normally most anons don't reply.

No. 33709

Can we blacklist anyone who posts about kaliacc they cannot stop self posting about themselves being NFT peddling pedophiles who get away with everything. Nobody even cares and at this point we know it's kurabbu and Miya trying to inflate their egos in between sexually harassing bot egirls on Twitter.

No. 33710

And probably the lack of moderation like another anon mentioned. The black-and-white thinking occurring in this thread is evidence of the summerfag presence. You'd think that for such a userbase whose so inclined to 'radical feminism' they would realise that it's pretty sexist to assume all women act and think alike… almost like what a 1950s scrote would say? The differences between females and scrotes are fundamental at best due to things like hormones, not because some women are okay with talking about sex with their friends and that to think otherwise is scrote-ish, which is exactly the conversation happening in the Shatna thread at this very moment.

No. 33711

I posted a screenshot of some retarded violent shit a moid said on a discord server and got basically told it's my fault for even speaking with a man rreeeee!1 Sure, I'm a pick me, a woman should not speak to a man unless spoken to after all.

Blacklisting or banning does absolutely nothing, VPNs exist.

No. 33713

some 8ch retard in /ot/

No. 33715

Same obnoxious tranny namefagging and attention whoring in the Rachel thread right link this time >>>/snow/1539013

No. 33716

Whore moid is in /ot/ again

No. 33717

Are you the one who spoke to a moid on discord and he told you depp threatening to rape and burn amber was nothing serious and funny but you continued chatting with him in a nice manner?
You're a desperate pickme if you chat with discord men cause they're all mentally ill but not blocking an incel after he does that stuff is beyond. You deserved to get flamed for it, stop crying.

No. 33719

What? I did not post anything I said to him after, I told him that shit's creepy. And I did block him, that was not even discussed on the thread, you are just making things up. Not that it's a big deal or the worst example of this weird misogyny shit some nonnas do constantly, or not really relevant to the big pickture I was talking about.

You are literally just constantly looking for reasons to hate on other women because you are "not like other pickmes"!!1

No. 33720

You're the one entertaining scrotes who see no issues with rape murder and necrophilia. Of course women won't like you, lol. You did reply to him in an understanding manner after he said depps necrophilia comments were funny jokes. If you really don't want to be seen as a pickme, don't entertain men like that or chat them up on discord.
You've obviously been getting called out for your retardation yet you'd rather blame all women here than question your own actions.

No. 33721

What?? Where the fuck are you pulling this shit from? I never posted my reply. You are quite literally making things up

No. 33722

You literally did.

No. 33723

Ok, show me the receipts

No. 33724

I'm not going to dig 3 threads. You got called out then, why would you get flamed if you hadn't clearly replied and kept talking? Stop acting like talking to desperate men on discord about how rape jokes are funny doesn't make you a pickme. Even being desperate enough to interact with those men for a crumb of attention makes you a pickme.
You've clearly been acting the same way since then and instead of owning up, you keep acting like we're the mean ones for telling you not to humiliate yourself for male attention. You'd do better on reddit and you probably should leave if you hate the userbase so much.

No. 33725

You can ctrl + f "discord". I am waiting.

No. 33726

I'm not going to search something for you. You're obviously obsessed because you brought this up after one month. You should just stop talking with low quality men online and entertaining them if you don't want to get called pickme.
Also as I've said, if you think we're all evil and you're the only special nice girl, then just go to another website instead of complaining in several instances because anons didn't applaud you for playing along a necro rapist scrotes jokes.

No. 33728

Is this a scrote trying to make us fight with some anti feminist plot or something

No. 33729

Can a mod delete this image? There's an address for Belle on it. >>>/w/214955 Idk if it's her home or office, but anons shouldn't post it. The Belle thread has had people try and post doxxing info before, so probably just don't post addresses in general.

No. 33730

I get maybe vibes he's larping as a rape victim. I can't believe, after an these years, only one person had gotten this level of triggered by an anonymous board for being canned a scrote. This whole thing feels like an embarrassing larp for pity. I don't believe this anon one second.

No. 33731

Yes. You're in the discord and no real farmers are in the discord unless they are scrotes. You haven't posted a single screenshot to prove anything you're saying.

No. 33732

Please permaban this anon. The thread is a shitshow. It's constant tinfoiling about them dating or lowkey being like 'they are….friends'. It's fucking irritating and there is literally no way to find real milk in this thread at all and this is the new thread. >>>/w/ 215001

Everyone is there for events, clearly, but anons and their Chris and Sharla dating bullshit with no proof, ever, in the past 2 threads, keeps samefagging and clearly won't get the hint that it isn't milky to tinfoil.

If mods want threads on /w/ to be useless, then so be, but these anons derail several threads and it's getting out of hand. Being told to hide unsaged posts doesn't do anything either because nothing unsaged is milk since it's all tinfoil about dating or nitpicking the way Norm replies to people.

No. 33733

It's literally the only thing to discuss in that thread. If admins say no more Chris X Sharla posts, then that will solve your problem too. Until then people will keep talking about the only vaguely interesting topic to do with jvloggers.

No. 33735

Nta, but they didn't say they were in the LC discord…

No. 33736

They why are they even fucking posting here to complain about it?

But there IS NO PROOF. Tinfoil isn't milk. It isn't. Deal with it. they already said that and have redtexted countless times the tinfoil without proof.

What about proof do you not understand? Seriously. Traveling to the UK with 7 other Japanese creators doesn't prove they are dating just because she isn't participating in a podcast. She even traveled without Chris, considering they traveled at different times, to the UK, so how the fuck does that make sense if they are dating?

No. 33737

the point is anon, a lot of things aren't "milk". These boards aren't literally just meant for milk. You sage non-milk. Anyone posting unsaged non-milk, sure, redtext them. But there is going to be a lot of redtexts across the entire site if we decide any saged discussion of a cow outside of literal milk (which is posting new shit the cow did/relevant information things the cow does) is not allowed.

No. 33738

The site says no tinfoil.

Fucking read the rules, troll. You don't get a free pass.

No. 33739

Tinfoil would be something completely insane and out of left field with zero proof/evidence to support it, like suggesting that Sharla is pregnant, or a drug addict or something. You're kind of unhinged over this. Maybe take a breather anon, it's not that deep that people post pictures and tweets in that thread to discuss.

No. 33740

The 'proof' isn't proof though in that thread. It's anons trying to connect strings that aren't even there. It turns into a conspiracy rather than milk because there is no concrete proof of dating. None. There is no hand holding, no kissing, none of their friends have said a name or mentioned them dating, nothing adds up regarding them dating. They don't live together clearly [both live in a different part of Japan and have different offices]. They only thing they have in common is their friend group. That's literally it. Everything else gossip without basis for the tinfoil because anons get off to gossiping rather than posting anything substantial.

Maybe get to work and post real milk rather than reaching for something that isn't even conclusive and hasn't been for years, so at that point, give up. if they were dating, there's no way or reason everyone who knows them would keep it a secret and they would stay apart from each other every public appearance. Imagine that kind of shitty relationship? It doesn't make sense at all. There's no reason for them to hide dating even if they were.

The fact that there's no reason to hide a relationship should be the biggest give away to why they aren't dating.

No. 33741

Because it was a violent moid being annoying. Literally not even relevant to this thread, kt was just a personal experience of lc anons being so "feminist" they tirn right back into misogyny, even though it was not the worst example I've seen. I admit I got too annoyed by being told literal lies about though, it's not relevant to this thread.

No. 33742

>They why are they even fucking posting here to complain about it?
Idk, I'm pretty sure they were complaining about something else and another anon brought up Discord.

No. 33743

If anon is so triggered by getting a red text about being a scrote, then maybe anon shouldn't interact with guys in general. I can't imagine a redtext ban being the trigger and not being around or talking to guys doesn't.

No. 33744

I think the anon complaining about being redtexted was a different anon (the one who said she was sexually assaulted) and the other anon was just talking about moid accusations. Maybe I'm mistaken, or we're all just confused because of how long this infight has been going on.

No. 33745

I can't tell who is who because everyone is just infighting. Both anons are retarded though.

No. 33746

Hey mods, anons joking about visiting the address. Fucking delete it already. Its not funny.

No. 33747

Hey mods/farmhands there is a retard who just doxxed herself in the vocaloid thread

No. 33749

The issue is they’re scraping bottom barrel for their tinfoils and use random Reddit mods/YouTube users unrelated to the jvloggers as “evidence”. It’s not a conspiracy when their unhinged posts on Reddit get banned.

No. 33751

There's a retard on the MtF board in /snow/, could you take his posts already? I've been repeatedly reporting from the very first moment he appeared and nothing yet has been done. And some nonas fell for the bait even.

No. 33752

Can you ban the assmad drawfag in Lori's thread who is trying to coax infighting over non-milk? I'm waiting on another eviction saga.

No. 33754

Probably the same sharlafags in the jvlogger thread and the anons posting useless non-informational "statements " about Belle that show no info whatsoever but they are foaming at the mouth for saying it shows no info.

No. 33755

is it possible to make a separate autosaged chris/sharla thread? The jvlogger thread has just become paragraphs of infighting

No. 33756

Really agree with this, it should be autosaged. It’s attracting newfags of every type, and is causing tons of infighting and mini modding.

No. 33758

No. There no milk there. Circumstances don't make milk. It's tinfoil.

No. 33759

There’s infighting and potentially minors in RALM’s thread.


No. 33760

Can’t browse for more than 30 seconds now without getting a cloudflare error.

No. 33761

scrote posting random pictures of some woman in ot/ claiming its the admin.

No. 33762

I love when /w/ threads fill with tinfoil. Its so much fun to have 677 threads for 1 person bc anons derail it to max with tons of non-milk and tinfoils.

No. 33763

Insane degrees of samefagging in jvloggers thread.

No. 33764

You mean the tinfoil anons, yeah. We know.

No. 33765

Porn / CP (?) in /m/ thread

No. 33768

Is it kiki kannibal’s pics he’s spamming?

No. 33769

File: 1653671540501.jpeg (348.84 KB, 797x1918, 34D34B1B-E970-405F-BEBF-AD006D…)

I think there’s a moid in the tinfoil thread. He isn’t even denying scrote accusations and referred to biological women as “breeders.” He’s sperging so hard about women’s bodies, accusing celebrities of being troons and yet seems to lack any knowledge regarding female anatomy. He tried to say having a crooked linea nigra during pregnancy is a sign of a celebrity being a troon. Like wtf. Picrel.

No. 33770

Probably a tranny. They seethe when women bringing up how they can het pregnant so trannies tend to use breeder as an insult as they sew real women inferior to their crossdressing male selves. He's also saying all celebs are troons because it helps his delusion that he can pass like them one day

No. 33771

there's always been scrotes in the tinfoil thread and they're starting to bleed out into other threads because im starting to see schizo tinfoiling in other threads.
The anon who said that shithole thread deserves to be autosaged was right, im sorry for the actual normal nonnies there among the males in the thread.

No. 33772

scrote in the vent thread infighting with anons.

No. 33773

where did the new mft thread go?

No. 33774

there is a selpromo thread in m/ that needs to be locked.

No. 33775


No. 33776

mods wake up and lock >>>/m/209331

No. 33779

porn /m/ thread farmhands

No. 33780

There is a moid in the amber vs Johnny thread posting nudes >>>/ot/1200111

No. 33781

Can Sharla dating Chris /vice versa be a banned topic? the derailing is insane with tin foilers and newfags in the jvloggers thread in w.

No. 33782

Honestly. Its derailed the whole thread. Theres been no milk since it was made

No. 33783

he is back

No. 33784

No im not

No. 33785

Do mods even bother checking shit out before deleting it? That's public information about Belle provided by the UK government itself, and address is just for contacting her company. It's an address of a post office ffs. That post is not a doxx.


No. 33786

File: 1653763033777.jpg (96.44 KB, 500x526, address.jpg)

No. 33787

would it be necroposting to add milk to the author cows thread?

No. 33788

posting valuable, legit milk is never necro

No. 33789

I looked at it for the first time in the past couple of days, and it's kind of awful how obvious the selfposting is. if it isn't someone in the circle, it's a reject who's trying to start beef. could use a mod-enforced quarantining into its own thread, imo… either some farmers are actually interested in the drama and it'd be able to survive on its own, or the selfposter would get bored eventually

No. 33791

Lots of derailing and tinfoiling about the economy and reproductive rights in MTF. They should take it to the hidden board or tinfoil thread on OT. Please mods

No. 33792

Now it’s emojis and clear newfags

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