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File: 1632616569816.jpeg (77.4 KB, 783x1228, toucansam.jpeg)

No. 174287

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikan.mandarin/?hl=en
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Mikanmandarin
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@mikanmandarin?lang=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikantheorange
Thread #1: >>143614
General info:
> Mikan (Vina) Mandarin is a J-Vlogger currently living in Japan. She is Kurdish, Iraqi, Swedish, and English, and wants the whole world to know about it. But will only claim her West-Asian heritage POC card when called white-passing. >>>149078 >>157122 >>149372
>Got famous for her pro-ana body and her awful weeaboo fast fashion cords.
>Lived in the UK long enough to blame her stank bitchy attitude on her “British humor”
> Used to be best friends with Venus Angelic and Tsuruko but stopped mentioning/seeing them after it was revealed she’s an absolute bitch to people and leading to failed friendships. >>146039
>Went to Bunka Fashion College for about a year and a half before either dropping out or getting kicked out after showing her teenybopper weeaboo fans the work quality she submits for a final grade. >>143658
>Dated a Japanese boy whose family helped her get into Bunka, broke up and continues to stalk his social media. Now currently dating and living with a Japanese/Filo boy who got exposed by his ex for cheating on her with Mikan (gaijin hunter). >>144836 >>145908
>splergs on Twitter about her issues but absolutely do not give her advice or she will post it on her story and try to shame you. >>154633 >>166681
>Was exposed for being a part-time online sex worker on PULL because she apparently didn’t like working at mcdonalds and all her friend were doing it. Begged PULL to take down the posts. Used the money for a botched nose job and her trip to Japan. >>144456 >>148229 >>148304
>On a mystery Visa now since she dropped out of school and can no longer use her student visa. >>157764

Recap of last thread:
> Saw that lolcow made a thread about her, immediately broke down and poorly attempted to get her fans to wk the thread (didn’t work lol) >>143696 >>143773 >>159201
>Had a photoshoot with Junnyan, a known predator in the Harajuku Fashion community and deleted/ignored comments trying to educate her about him including blowing off pinkii/yukapon >>144981 >>145160 >>150856 >>150860 >>150863 >>150869 backtracked and posted >>50894
>was exposed by Pinkii for being rude >>150990 >>150991 >>150992 anons brought back an old video where you can clearly see pinkie being uncomfortable as mikan makes fun of her. >>151020 >>151382
>Got a token black friend so you guys can’t say she’s racist >>154970 >>155021 >>157115 >>162150
>Revealed why she and Venus aren’t friends >>161027
>Showed her followers a picture of her brother to show she’s indeed west Asian >>163908 >>163911 >>163958
>>will not shut up about her race >>163958 >>165072 >>166682
>Is totes glad she’s not American >>167032 >>167997 >>168062 >>170917 >>171316 >>171317 but recently went to the US base with her American friends where she got American food and got to tour an American apartment where she became an honorary American. >>152319 >>167583 >>1167598 >>167721
>quite literally Iraqi >>167583
>mentally ill and doesn’t care who knows it >>168399 >>168400 >>169008 >>169176 >>169325 >>169692 and then declared her mental health as the beginning of an “evil arc” >>169356 >>169814
>Got a job working a minimum-wage florist shop >>171098 >>171748 >>172237 and stupidy doxed herself where she works >>172382

This is my first time making a thread hope I did good.

No. 174305

File: 1632627161678.jpg (391.47 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20210925_220356.jpg)

And she is 100% asian again

No. 174306

File: 1632627224353.jpg (393 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20210926_063147.jpg)

No. 174307

Because everyone knows white people can't have brown hair and slightly tan skin

No. 174309

File: 1632628011478.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3840x2080, 3F06C0CA-4099-4432-9D47-28C7B3…)

Yasu got diagnosed with autism and it somehow “never really clicked that he might be neurodivergent” to Vina even though it’s all she talks about (aside from being WEST ASIAN). I guess she literally only ever thinks about herself.

No. 174311

kek this is such an awkward way to caption a photo with a friend. LOOK at me next to this WHITE person (who is my beautiful friend by the way).

No. 174312

>She is Kurdish, Iraqi, Swedish, and English, and wants the whole world to know about it.
She's not Swedish or English she just lived there. I guess we're gonna start calling her Japanese now too KEK

No. 174313

I think that sentence was sarcasm.

No. 174316

she should add blind to her list of diagnoses because she 100% looks like a white brunette girl. She does not look "ethnic" at all. the fact she posted this with complete sincerity is sending me because it reminds me of those 90s diversity ads where it's just two white girls with different colored hair.

if you don't want your ethnicity to be the focal point, then stop sperging about it so much vina. no one thinks you're white because you "wear dolly lashes", people think you're white because you lighten your skin, straighten your hair, and got a nose job. You eliminate, change, or hide anything 'ethnic' about you. i implore you to pick a struggle retard.

this girl claims so many identities because lacks any sense of one. i never see her sperg/infodump about cultures or traditions associated with these identities (unless you count the British humor thing lmao) which is weird to me.

No. 174320

Brown turkfag born and raised in Scandinavia here
Her race is BROWN not "asian" from a racial perspective. She's absolutely not white passing either guys. She's just a light skinned brown woman and some of the Brits and Swedes probably called her the n word from time to time (happened to me often enough and I'm lighter than her kek) Her ethnicity is middle eastern or "West asian", a term Ive only ever seen being used by middle eastern weeaboos and kpopies to cover up their yellow fever. I have a lot of white relatives myself because the middle east is basically a messy mix of brown and white people and I can guarantee you Vina is definitely 100% considered to be brown and not white. Her nationality is either whatever citizenship she has or even kurdish if she feels more comfortable claiming that as her nationality.

No. 174321

Thank you Anon for this thread, so much better than the last one.

No. 174322

Y'know she is bordering on being "transracial" since she lives in Japan, and keeps calling herself 100% Asian despite clearly being of some European or Arabic descent. The actual Asian people around her must think she's raving.

No. 174324

how nasty of her to post this photo where she looks good and the other woman looks dour

No. 174331

File: 1632643764389.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, 61682840-DD45-4D3B-A85C-811CF1…)

spotted this more natural looking pic of her on her instagram story

No. 174332

She's not the one holding the phone. Looks like a screencap or a group photo she had someone else take. They are all looking away from camera.

No. 174333

the anon wasn’t saying she took the picture, just that her friend looks worse than her there

No. 174336

You can tell the friend is objectively prettier than her too, what a petty girl.

No. 174338

File: 1632645971219.jpg (356.82 KB, 1440x1800, E_-RaJjVcAMHEg3.jpg)

Samefag, the whhiitee friieend

No. 174349

You say that as if Mikan wouldn't have white friends to begin with.

No. 174355

I think anon is just showing how pretty the friend is, compared to Mikan.

No. 174386

File: 1632665546081.jpg (226.83 KB, 1102x1478, E_5GQcWVkAsHpN4.jpeg.jpg)

ot but both are equally ugly. This girl is just as insufferable as her, both of them love complaining and gatekeeping about everything, no wonder they're friends.

No. 174389

File: 1632666345977.jpeg (69.38 KB, 510x680, 4CAEBEFD-EBA3-403A-B4E2-EF2D3C…)

yeah they’re evenly matched and both annoying tbh they just feed each other’s egos on twitter

in motion: https://youtu.be/UwgBy733h30

No. 174406

I've also only ever seen Indian/Arab weebs/kboos claiming to be West Asian and can only assume it's because it has the oh so illustrious term "Asian" in it. Whether it's accurate or not most of the world tends to refer to themselves by their nationality or skin colour specifically, and I don't think that's coincidence either kek.

No. 174425

lol wut? I'm Indian and I have NEVER heard of any Indians call themselves West Asian. We are South Asian, which many Indians use. I have heard Levantine Arabs call themselves West Asian, a few times starting in the early 00s, but the term has recently picked up more steam because most Arabs dislike "Middle Eastern" which isn't accurate and slumps a large region along with various ethnic groups together (like Levantines, Kurds, Amazigh, Copts, North Africans, etc…) so West Asian isn't some trendy term, it's actually more accurate than "Middle Eastern" which falsely slumps Levantines and other groups with North Africans.

No. 174451

God they look like such narcissist bullies lol it would be so miserable being part of their group.

No. 174455

I don't see how she's ugly. Her nose is really poorly edited here, or if it just looks like that, oop. But it's not Mikan levels of yikes, I can't believe you paid to look like that. Like please eliminate all of my nose but keep a little dangly bit that obscures my mouth please. She keeps hinting that she has a super secret job/project but it genuinely baffles me that Japanese people find her looks appealing. Dictionary definition of a butterface.

No. 174468

Sorry I misspoke, I tend not to pay too much attention when weebs/kboos call themselves exclusively Asian, I just noticed the connection along with that other anon. Especially when they go on long rants about how they're Asian on social media in a similar vein to Vina's race/nationality obsession. Though it's technically correct in a lot of cases geographically, when the majority of the word refers to themselves/others as Asian, people primarily mean south/east Asians in particular with the associated physical features of such. I can also see your point, and I'm surprised to learn it's not just some trendy term utilised by weebs for weeb cred. I had no idea because again I've only seen people who want to over validate their interests in another culture use the term exclusively.

No. 174473

File: 1632729611111.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1080, bleachy.png)

"pushed to consider myself white"
gurl you literally ONLY put the swedish flag in your bio which is like the whitest white people part of the world and you only ever lived there as part of your childhood

also interesting that to post a "look how brown i am" picture she had to use a picture she didn't post herself because she looks too white in her own edits kek
she must feel so insecure about her race and not being japanese/asian enough since she's surrounded by japanese people all the time now, hence all the race sperging from her

No. 174488

She's the same color as "the white person" (such a weird way to describe a friend) in her own edits, way to tell on yourself Mikan.

No. 174489

imagine being the token white friend lmao
next it will be "um guys i don't hate white people just because i'm 120% jap- i mean asian, several of my friends are white!!1"

No. 174493

>100% Asian

Why does every white person think having tan skin, dark hair and a big nose makes them "not white"?

No. 174500

i mean she's right that she isn't white, she's literally middle eastern, she just hates being middle eastern (internalized racism against middle easterners probably lol) and wants to be seen as nothing but pure east asian so she can be closer to being japanese.
There are middle eastern people who look more "asian" and some who look more "european" and mikan is clearly on the "european" side of it. Plenty of middle easten people pass as fully white so i guess that makes tan white people think they can be not-white too kek

No. 174508

File: 1632746248520.jpeg (1017.89 KB, 3840x2880, 32BDA719-5683-4F61-9D38-ED2285…)

She wouldn’t tell someone which restaurant she went to yet she’s inviting people to find her at work?

No. 174512

She only wants people to visit her in the wild on her terms, she doesn't wanna go to a cafe to take selfies and run into a cuter girl taking selfies there at the same time.

No. 174534

This is unhinged. Why does she think this is safe? She's not some artist doing a pop up vending at different locations. Why the hell would anyone with any kind of online following post the exact dates and times to see them at their workplace or follow them home after they leave? Jfc no wonder she has been stalked before if she has no self preservation instincts.

No. 174549

File: 1632763832373.jpeg (477.77 KB, 1170x1496, 9DA2A02B-16CE-4057-99F6-843FAD…)

I feel like she literally just goes on Twitter and finds some new topic to be a “activist”
about each day. Gakt literally said nothing inappropriate at all to the person and also in Japan when you get a tattoo legally you have to be 18, and the person mentions drinking which you (legally) have to be 20 to do (not that people follow it) but it’s literally just a celebrity replying to someone. Mikan is really so irksome.

No. 174569

Starting to see why she struggles with friendship, the DMs are right there and completely innocent, she's suggesting it was something sleazy by stating "underage" didn't know you need to be a certain age to send a DM.

No. 174585

Don't worry Vina is a wimp. She only attacks influencers with small fanbase (especially women). So imagine with a star like gackt

No. 174635

File: 1632798143131.png (82.7 KB, 1068x365, Screenshot_20210927_225845_com…)

I went to check because I hoped she was joking. What is perverted about responding to a fan and telling them not to get dumb tattoos

The man's sick and dying. And she has to make him out to be a pervert, that's fucked.

No. 174651

so it's grooming for a public figure to reply to a fan who unbeknownst to the public figure happens to be underage? He's not even being friendly, he responds like a disappointed dad and tells her not to get more tattoos. Hope Vina has never replied to anyone's comment ever if the person leaving it was under 18 or she's a massive hypocrite, or maybe she only thinks this because she is a perverted groomer herself huh
Is that why she's asking her underage fans to come to the flower shop where she works? So she can groom and pray on them? Very sus Vina

No. 174659

her face is becoming a little more mature.. she should consider dropping the baby doll lolita style.. is she gonna be 40 and still dressing in little girls clothes kek

No. 174663

her clothes are still a non-issue to me, it would be boring if everyone dressed the same all the time even if I don't always like her styling. Plus Japan is known for having much more feminine clothes for women so it doesn't stand out as much there, other than her obviously being a foreigner so she stands out anyway

No. 174673

Gackt is sick and dying? Wtf?

No. 174676

Feminine and immature don't have to be mutually exclusive, you know. She can dress feminine and dainty without dressing in clothes inspored by Victorian children's fashions.

No. 174682

Say you hate lolitas without saying you hate lolitas. I really don't think her "femininity, but make it weeb" look has ever really worked for her, but it seems like that's how her current friends dress. I always admired the style of her classmates at Bunka, like Japanese youth are incredibly creative and innovative with fashion trends and yet Mikan chooses to dress like…that for sponsorships and free sweatshop clothes.

No. 174685

are there any pics of her that aren't shooped or taken by her?
like candids, I don't think I've ever seen one
also, I'm really curious what this girl will do when she hits 30

No. 174693

File: 1632834905754.jpeg (1.84 MB, 3072x2156, 93E38531-450D-48B8-BFE0-7FA339…)

Her hairstylist has an absolute goldmine of less edited photos.

No. 174697

I searched gackt health and this was the first result. I can't tell what exactly (diagnosis) but it seems a severe problem affecting his voice and other things, he lost 22lb and had to cancel all forseeable plans.

This was posted 20 days ago, which makes Mikan's comments even more tasteless.

No. 174698

Bottom right looks absolutely nothing like what she posts, the chin and nose in particular.

No. 174699

File: 1632836049084.png (218.81 KB, 1440x663, gackt.png)

Samefag, cap since imageboard. The article describes it as a "life-threatening" condition. Now is not the time to try and cancel him on Twitter Mikan.

No. 174704

She isn't talking about this particular DM, js

No. 174739

File: 1632847752549.jpeg (393.06 KB, 1125x1831, 581AA572-8F39-4E56-AA21-702017…)

She hasn’t noticed that her pic was reposted and tagged by some socks fetish account yet? Or is any publicity good publicity

No. 174774

Cope harder. Saying you can be feminine without dressing in a fashion aimed at teens that is literally based on children's clothes isn't "hating lolitas", that's exactly logic plus lolita history. Sorry if you feel attacked, but it wasn't.

No. 174801

shes in her early 20s, why worry about what shes going to be wearing when shes 50 at this point in her life. stupid nitpick.

No. 174803

Frills and soft colors and pinks aren't just for children. You guys have the weirdest gatekeeps. Look at how floppy men and women used to be.

No. 174848

lmao i'm sorry what
lolita is based on victorian clothes and primarily aimed at adult women, which is still irrelevant because Vina does not and has never to my knowledge ever dressed in lolita fashion. She's even said she doesn't always post outfit pics because she wears more basic stuff a lot of the time and the frilly dresses is her dressing up and making her insta feed look more interesting. If you wanna nitpick her clothes at least post pics and actual constructive criticism.

No. 174849

File: 1632908373895.png (71.5 KB, 1174x278, 2021-09-29-11.38.png)

kek yeah i bet

No. 174860


This is just straight up dangerous. As much as I find Mikan repulsive, I really hope she doesn't get any creepy stalker who would cause harm. Incredibly stupid to post this but then deprive a german of their bread

No. 174861

wild guess, she probably feels more safe now that she has a bf to walk her home if needed? And I guess she's only there 1 day a week if that schedule is anything to go by. I still think it's a bad idea considering she has been stalked in the past to the point of needing to move…

No. 174864

File: 1632914912402.jpeg (27.41 KB, 532x358, BA350B0A-1B07-4641-8970-C05E01…)

My sides

No. 174874

File: 1632921389977.jpeg (494.46 KB, 1412x2048, A3D94DC0-2F88-4C72-A041-D01603…)

Not a huge fan of the pants but this style is alright on her

No. 174917

A stalker could still follow both of them to find out where they live. If anything, frog boy makes her easier to id.

No. 174992

File: 1632967221799.jpeg (33.66 KB, 256x275, 1625665273574.jpeg)

Old milk but still relevant because she complains about other people complaining about her all the time. I just wanted to point out the delicious irony here. She asks anons to stop "keeping up with her", aka exposing her bullshit if they don't like her, but she will still come here and "keep up with anons" and what they're posting. Why doesn't she just forget we exist lol and live her life? Take her own damn advice.

No. 174993

It looks abysmal and tacky like almost everything she wears. Cheap internet harajuku style. And the pigtails are vile. Why do women over 20 even wear them? They look too old for them. The only decent thing there is her necklace maybe.

No. 174998

She doesn NOT look more "European" lmfao. She looks Middle Eastern af. Even with the nose job and straitened hair. She is not a white-passing Middle Eastern, like some Turkish people I've seen. Not even close. Keep deluding yourself.

No. 175000

So her job isn't like a real job then and she only got it for mentioning her "influencer" status? She only works a few days a month and is clearly doing promotion for the shop using her influencer status. Not really a real job then. It's like when Venus did that bar gig Gaku Kitano got for her. Just promotion using her influencer status that she never would have gotten otherwise. I mean, Mikan at least filled out an application unlike Venus, but she didn't even have a legitimate interview, by her own admission. Did she just get asked to do promotion for a company online and then faked an interview/application to make it look more like "a real job" or am I reaching?

No. 175002

No, but dressing in tacky internet weeb fashion is and also does nothing for her except infantilize her and make her look worse. There are numerous ways to dress feminine/cute without resorting to tacky kids-like weeb clothing, that include the color pink or even frills. She's like mid-twenties now too and still dresses like a degenerate weeb. The white yesstyle-looking dress she wore here is much more age appropriate and still "cute" (not Mikan, the dress).

No. 175003

samefag, but the dress on the left

No. 175007

anon, are you blind?
why do mikan threads on lc and her old pull thread always have anons coming in to give her bargain bin outfits asspats?

No. 175008

“looks alright” = “asspats” to you? Considering she always looks like shit, it was just nice to see her try a different style for once even if it wasn’t great.

No. 175009

everything she's wearing looks like it was $2 from aliexpress. just because she's not wearing a yesstyle dress it doesn't mean this is a fashion breakthrough anon, this is exactly like her other cheap sponsorship outfits

No. 175011


Not the same anon, but I like this outfit/style wayyyy better than that other ugly childish shit she tries to pull off as a grown ass adult woman.

No. 175016

Well done OP.

No. 175024

File: 1632987737033.jpg (1.29 MB, 834x500, mideastladies.jpg)

you're not getting the point, she looks like the woman on the left who is more "european" looking than the one on the right who is more "asian" looking, despite them both clearly being middle eastern women. that's all.

No. 175036

>And the pigtails are vile. Why do women over 20 even wear them? They look too old for them
lol wut they look adorable on someone like ariana grande. 15-25 have a lot in common in terms of style as opposed to 5-15. apparently once you hit puberty you’re too old to wear frills and pigtails? nah sorry but that’s retarded

No. 175085

It's okay, anon. She does look more European than she does ME, and it's not just you who thinks so. Anons have mentioned how she could be white passing, but anons go rapid when you even mention it. She's not full-on ME. She does look mixed. I agree with you.

No. 175097

File: 1633025136809.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 6.96 KB, 220x275, images (8).jpeg)

It's because don't want her kek
also don't personally think she looks European but you're entitled to your opinion

No. 175137

This comment is retarded, as is gatekeeping pigtails. There are plenty of ways to wear your hair in two ponytails or braids or buns without trying to look like a child.

No. 175166

She's frustrated because she will always just be "the foreigner" in Japan and will never not get treated like an alien. It's obvious that the Japanese people around her constantly objectify her (due to her ethnicity) because they're obsessed with "race" and nationality. Ofc she won't shut the fuck up about it because she's surrounded by it.
Yeah, once again, Japanese society is just as shitty as any other (if not shittier even) but weebs can't acknowledge it because they're busy trying to fit in while miserably failing.

No. 175176

I think you're nitpicking here, I personally don't see the issue with her looking different on photos that were taken by others because it's normal. Everyone looks different on front camera photos… most people use their selfie-cam and know their "good" angles. She's totally recognisable on her hair dressers' photos after all, they're not really shocking.
(I know she edits her pics but obviously no hardcore shooping on every single one)

Better keep on focusing on her twitter bullshit, this is the true shitmine .

No. 175181

nta I agree with your points, but it's also nice to get a reality check for influencers who pose and shoop themselves to look "perfect". I always questioned why people complained about her "botched" nose until I saw that bottom right ski slope, it really looks odd and out of place on her face

No. 175182

You mean >>175097 ?

No. 175188

no, i was commenting on the fact that while yes she's recognisable in those hair stylist photos she looks significantly different/worse than in her own selfies and while it's not super milky it's still worth mentioning

No. 175221

File: 1633104583129.jpg (374.43 KB, 1141x817, Clipboard01.jpg)

Mikan spending 17 minutes force-giggling and apologizing for diet related titles in a 80s fashion magazine and acting fake embarrassed and concerned about ana content….. as a literal chronic body-checking ana-weeb.

No. 175272

The title and thumbnail of her new video are so boring that I didn't even bother to give it a try

No. 175288

File: 1633135659801.png (1.42 MB, 961x1427, 1620370130960.png)

She looks really different in some of her videos too, where she can't control the lighting and blur out her skin textures. This lighting let's you see her skin texture better, which she obviously smooths, firms, removes shadows and lightens her skin. Stuff like that really makes or breaks a person's looks. She really looks nothing like her photos.

No. 175289

Pig tails look bad on adult women. Sure they can wear them if they want, but they look as ridiculous as being 20+ wearing weeb clothing. Thankfully, most adult women don't wear them, mostly just the weeaboo dumbasses.

No. 175291

File: 1633136629331.jpg (87.57 KB, 526x701, 1165045.JPG)

Imagine posting a picture of two ME women who look ME through and through and then claiming Mikan looks like the one that has more prominent features, thus Mikan must be "white-passing" lmao. What a joke. Neither of those two women are even close to "white-passing" or look European whatsoever so your point is completely moot, as Mikan looks Middle eastern through and through, especially if she looks like either one of those women. Her nose, even post-surgery is a dead giveaway. Using those women and then labelling Mikan "white-passing" is absurd. Here's a picture of an actual "white-passing" ME, (some half Turkish/half-Iranian woman), who Mikan looks nothing like.

No. 175327

Lolita fashion is designed for adults and looks good, seethe. Worrying about what other girls wear and saying they’re too old for two ponytails on the sides of their head is childish as fuck. Back 2 middle school you go

No. 175329

Anon please go back to school and learn reading comprehension

No. 175370

you really like writing “through and through”

No. 175373

No1currs about your misogynistic hair and clothing choices and who is white-passing or not, gatekeeping and nitpicking. Even the girl posted looks white passing. Anons are referring to this the same way people have light/dark arguments in other races. No one is saying she looks white, straight out of Alabama. She looks white enough, safe enough, just foreign enough, but still white enough, to book for stuff that other people with dominant features, don't get the privilege of participating in.

No. 175398


No. 175406

You sound like those boring, regular boys/girls back in highschool who tried their best at looking and behaving as average/socially accepted as possible and who would constantly lick the bully's asshole, asking you "why you can't dress normally" lol

No. 175454

File: 1633247010858.jpeg (911.36 KB, 828x1530, 7A2349DE-A34C-4562-9797-8578B8…)

In Mikan's newest tiktok she's responding to people accusing her of asianfishing, but the most interesting part to me is that she says she spent years "wishing my name was Taylor"

No. 175483

Is she referring to Taylor R for hooking up with a millionaire Asian and living an easy life with no job, or as in the given name Taylor used by white people (suggesting she wished she was a white girl named Taylor)?

No. 175486

>I'm just so sick of me having fun on this app but everything being political
She does realise she has a catalogue of twitter history perpetuating the same behaviour she's complaining about right?

No. 175489

File: 1633275218033.jpeg (394.27 KB, 828x649, 6BDD0E4A-8780-4819-A0BC-0B814F…)

She is so aggressive to the people in the comments lmao, and she only replies to the trolls/idiots and ignoring people actually making good points or advice.

No. 175490

It is an American problem though. Immigration here did cause a ripple effect in how other countries decided to categorize migrants from certain parts of the world and certain places did become just "the ME" even if they were parts of Asia and parts of those countries identified as Asian or part Asian [It's not just Mikan as the only ME to identify as Asian/part Asian].

No. 175501

Echoing so many of the comments, she is absolutely intentionally missing the point. Call yourself west Asian if it helps you sleep at night but her ethnicity and phenotype is literally nothing like East Asian or Japanese people. But here she is trying to yeet away her double eyelids. Also it's hilarious that she used that candid where she looks darker with her nose more prominent than anything she posts herself.

No. 175502

Calling yourself Asian is weird when the implications of that to practically the entire world is racial not geographical. We all know why she does it, regardless of the minority of honest people who also do.

No. 175507

File: 1633285321376.png (416.89 KB, 2048x1118, Screenshot_20211003-212030.png)

Yeah, she whined about Taylor's money before. She can't understand that maybe people were just suggesting topics to her and not "do what Taylor does":

They are both wastes of space tho

No. 175513

huh, so she's mentioned Taylor twice in the last month. I didn't realize she has a similar overt jealousy for Taylor as Venus does (admitted on livestream) like why would you advertise this fact even so?

No. 175525

Taylor R is soooo much prettier and tolerable tho.

When did Venus admit that? Not surprised at all, all of these girls came to Japan dreaming of being worshipped just for their foreign looks but only Taylor managed to make money.

No. 175573

since she is still only displaying the swedish flag in her bio you'd assume this was about her "home country" sweden, but Taylor straight up isn't even a name there and there's not even a similar equivalent since taylor is litterally just the english word tailor

No. 175591

honestly, I don't think she looks white. Her nose, face shape in general. Her skin is definitely note white-white. And her hair looks naturally dark and thick. It's just that she should stop claiming to be white/POC when its conventional for her. Wouldn't advocate for a white man to race mix with her.

No. 175596

lol she is not tolerable, but she has learned to not be a total tard, which mikan never did
she looks prettier, is that rly ao hard though

No. 175635

she looks like a typical middle eastern/white mix to me. No vendetta, but I personally think Mikan's facial features are fucking hideous, no idea how she keeps sneaking onto these lolita insta/fashion shootings. I always think I have a crushed fly on my screen, pull down my sleeve to wipe my phone clean just to think oh wait, it's just Mikans damn punchface again.

Her ever changing race-roulette is deeply irritating, didnt her friends or relatives comment on that at some point?

No. 175734

Yeah she looks Middle Eastern in person, not saying this in an insulting way. She doesn’t look white like some Turkish or Persian girls do. I would say Arab or Kurd even if I didn’t priorly know about her ethnic background.
Even in her edited pictures, it’s obvious that she is a Middle Eastern girl who lightens up her features with a beauty app lol. She thinks she is “white passing” because that’s how she imagines herself to be. The constant sperging about white people, Muricans and Taylor is a dead giveaway to her inferiority complex too.

No. 175735

Anon the woman on the left is not European looking. She looks like a typical woman from Iraq or nearby ME countries.

No. 175736

Ah yes, attacking another (former) J vlogger because of your insecurities and because she’s doing much better than you in life.. what’s next?

No. 175882

I find it hard to believe it's actual caucasians posting this hilarious stuff. It's the equivalent of confusing Samuel L Jackson with Laurence Fishburne just because they're both black kek

No. 175895

>anon posts picture of mid eastern women saying they are clearly mid eastern women
>other anons go "hurrdurr they don't look white, they're clearly mid eastern!!!!11111!!111"
the autism in this thread

Does she actually have any friends left that we know of at this point? She no longer seems to talk to venus, tsuruko, hiro or her bunka friends

No. 176065

The only autistic thing in this thread is that green text newfag.

No. 176066

She doesn't look "white enough". Tf is that even supposed to mean? She looks Middle Eastern, you must be fucking blind.

No. 176067

File: 1633579000392.jpg (72.67 KB, 702x669, 000434324.JPG)

Oh yes, they look great on adults /sarc

No. 176068

Exactly, but here you have some retarded anons saying she looks like a white passing Middle Eastern person which is so stupid. It's like saying a white person with non-prominent features, hooded eyes and a baby face is "Asian-passing," specifically east Asian. No one says that. She looks like a typical Middle Eastern woman, and that's not even a bad thing. Then these same anons who brought up the white-passing crap try to shut down the argument with, "no one cares." If no one cares, then don't bring it up in the first place.

No. 176070

Why would she want to be seen as white-passing though, given the racist way she sperges about the West?

No, anon said the woman on the left looks like a "white-passing Middle Eastern woman". I am guessing that same anon has never been to Turkey, to see what actual white-passing Middle Eastern people look like.

No. 176071

>posts old woman making a face as an example
Sure is PULL in here

No. 176103

Who fucking cares? She's obviously middle eastern trying to subtly larp as a light skin east asian except when it is convenient for her. Obviously that's where the milk is, so why is this thread filled with autistic spergs about twin tails?

No. 176105

File: 1633594246998.jpg (457.43 KB, 1079x623, part2theautismreturns.jpg)


anon who made the >>175024 post here, sorry it stirred you nonnies up lol
to clear things up no, I did not in any way mean the woman to the left was white passing(nor do i think mikan is, bar from a few select edited selfies). literally all i meant was that if you compare those 2 clearly ME women to a white person and a (let's say east) asian person it's very clear who looks more like the white person and who looks more like the east asian person. obviously neither of them actually looks white nor east asian themselves. autism certified picrel to explain xoxo(stop with the race-sperging)

No. 176109

Anon, stfu. No one cares about your racesperging. Jesus christ.

No. 176111

some simp bought her fetish boots, the guy has a twitter that is 75% for replying to mikan

I'm not downloading that pic in my office to post here, sorry but I have my limits at work

No. 176142

File: 1633612769882.jpeg (453.52 KB, 828x642, CFC5B115-F486-48C9-AA73-3EA764…)

>uses 70 year old woman as an example instead of a youth in mikan’s age range
>uses tone indicators
Back2twitter you go KEK let girls dress cute if they want to, it’s not that deep nonna

No. 176183

mikan probably uses a mood ring to decide her race/nationality for the day at this point

No. 176198

I beg you, please stop mentioning this racefaking lame ass pedo baiter as a reason it's fine for adults to wear pigtails.

No. 176246

Bruh how is that fetish boots theyre literally demonias. Some of u are so retarded or underage has to be one of the two

No. 176300

Right might be equally ugly on the inside as the toucan, but on the outside she's nowhere as ugly. Middle girls is pretty cute imho.
Lol. She very likely does say that about Americans.
That's like saying that sub-Saharan Africans and Indians are both black because they can share a similar gamut of dark skin.
She wants attention by proxy. Not a bad tactic, to be fair.

No. 176303

I think she's hideous too, specially in these >>174693 but I always feel bad for saying it. It's not like it's her fault that she's physically ugly.

No. 176332

Oh boy I thought she was actually cute lol. I had no idea she had a double chin, a crescent moon (?) face, and an unfortunate nose. Half of her eyebrows seem to be brow powder, the stark difference between actual brow hairs and the drawn on part is so obvious in unfiltered photos.

No. 176333

Ahhh Mikan. Posting pictures of your “white” friend where she doesn’t look her best. You really don’t care do you

No. 176338

That's one of her long time friends iirc

No. 176426

File: 1633751471812.jpeg (1.76 MB, 3840x3840, CB168A71-9290-471A-82E1-2BC70E…)

Sperging about race in her echo chamber once again. Does she ever get tired of missing the point? I’m pretty sure what she doesn’t get is that East Asian people are sick of weebs flocking to Japan to live out their fantasies yet she’s making it a ‘why can’t you accept me as Asian!!! East Asians in America are mean!!!’ tantrum.

No. 176427

File: 1633751923833.jpeg (162.76 KB, 1125x705, 3B7F2900-5277-4E48-BB16-8BFC9A…)

She’s being obtuse by making this out to be an ‘American’ thing yet again kek then surely she also knows that in the UK, East Asian people aren’t even referred to as ‘Asian’ most of the time. She needs to get over herself.

No. 176429

burgerfag spotted.

No. 176433

She'd be called paki or south asian, middle easterns being called asian and white in crime reports because they're too woke to say the actual term isn't a good enough excuse.
She's annoying flip flopping nationalities and claiming authority on different groups every day.(learn2sage)

No. 176435

This is such utter nonsense, the common distinction that is made (in several countries of europe) is that people divide the asian continent in Russians, Indians, Oriental/Arabic countries and "Asians" for the rest. She would certainly not be refered to as "Asian" looking like a pakistani. Americans might use the term Middle East, but at least were I live it's said as the "Close East" opposed to the "Far East" and she would be oriental.

No. 176440

File: 1633766172886.png (235.32 KB, 491x451, you-will-never-be-japanese-460…)

Imagine being 24 and still not beeing over your "i'm totari nihonese azn uwu!!1!" ultra weeaboo phase.

No. 176441

File: 1633767153166.jpeg (255.12 KB, 1125x1273, 89C3743B-7DC6-4BCC-BB8B-1AF954…)

She seems really bitter towards (East) Asian Americans in particular unless they’re her friends and kiss her ass lmao

No. 176443

ngl, it's always funny to see young weebs move to Japan then grow bitter over time when reality sets in. I don't particularly care if she calls herself west Asian, but her trying to glaze over everything as her being just Asian constantly and pushing this narrative that she is basically Japanese now is a cope at best.

No. 176448

>>176427 lol no. literally no one would call her asian in the uk.

No. 176452

She's so buttmad she isnt east asian. rofl

No. 176455

In UK she'd be called paki.

No. 176465

File: 1633792562439.jpeg (402.5 KB, 720x1349, EA39F621-2F87-4969-A6B3-FA4971…)

This level of anger constantly must get tiring. She fucking called herself Middle Eastern as recently as last week

No. 176466

File: 1633792605655.jpeg (272.29 KB, 1011x1800, 0054E4C6-0E15-419B-B701-9E6274…)

Here she is calling herself Middle Eastern proudly

No. 176468

Why does she insist on living in Japan if she’s going to spend all day sperging on Twitter about being a middle eastern feminist lmao go to Lebanon or Turkey and teach English there.

No. 176470

Why are all the Arab weeaboos so insufferable?

No. 176474

This really has the energy of "it be your own people though"

No. 176478

lmfao don't think they've never met in person and he bought her demonias. You tell me you wouldn't be grossed out if your SO gave those to some weeb online.

No. 176507

I was sure she edits her jaw a LOT which makes her look weird but I didn't expect the reality to look this bad though kek, it's like a witch's face. She and Venus should've stuck together and start doing witchy content

No. 176510

Inferiority complex. They know they'll never get as much as attention as an actual white girl, nor be accepted as an actual Japanese… so they end up resenting both.

No. 176511

>spends all day sperging on Twitter about being a middle eastern feminist
>moves to a xenophobic, sexist country and spends her all her time dressing like a little girl
Bonus points for dating a gaijin hunter who cheated on his ex gf with you. Such feminism.

No. 176512

File: 1633846208603.jpg (58.15 KB, 828x1003, 1632834905754.jpg)

>it's like a witch's face
I see it.

No. 176518

I genuinely think this looks kinda cute lol better than the original, no doubt

No. 176519

>gaijin hunter who cheated on his ex gf with you.
>Such feminism.
Finally someone said it. This entitled brat could never admit it.

No. 176520

File: 1633867404990.jpeg (341.62 KB, 828x1420, 76E69492-509D-4733-A507-8AC672…)

why does she always post photos where capsulebunny looks bad hahaha

No. 176524

Because crapsulebunny overedits her pictures as well and just looks like that irl lol

No. 176526

Most of the time in the u.k. we refer to people like her as fucking pakis(racebait)

No. 176527

she always looks like she’s holding a fart tbh

No. 176533

She has naturally very pale skin, a small nose and jaw, I think we need no explanation why Mikan might be a wee bit jealous of her… >>174693
Early vote for next thread pic for this edit. Giving me strong Wicked vibes.

No. 176534

how is this race bait when it's true? she literally would get called a paki in UK not asian

No. 176535

File: 1633879952867.jpeg (746.1 KB, 3840x1806, 0557B23A-17D0-4063-9EC2-DBFDE4…)

they really deserve each other

No. 176542

>Low tolerance for discomfort
>Very very very very sensitive
She sounds like a nightmare to deal with and almost like she's proud of it. That your bf tolerates your fussy baby codependent behavior is actually impressive if he isn't cheating to cope.

No. 176553

If Yasu really never shows any struggles handling her mental health struggles on the daily, it just shows us that he's emotionally detached and/or has communication problems. It's suspicious.
It's normal for the partner of a mentally ill person to struggle from time to time because it's extremely desperate and emotionally draining, just like any other illness. Especially because a loving partner would feel helpless at times.

Idk,Yasu has been displaying covert-narcissist vibes right from the start.

No. 176556

this girl needs to log off and touch some grass before she inevitably has an aneurysm

No. 176565

Kek even Mikan looks better than capsule bunny. Bunny has a permanently surprised face, terribly applied makeup and she is an average chubby Brit. Her “Brit model in Tokyo” description always gives me laughs lol.

No. 176576

Not to armchair, but I think we all know what this sounds like.

Don't doubt it for a moment.

No. 176580

He was also recently diagnosed with autism so he may not be particularly empathetic. She’s mentioned before (in a positive way) that when she has these tantrums, he just continues what he’s doing as if nothing is wrong.

No. 176583

mikan and capsulebunny are like the perfect match for each other - two miserable average looking brits who spend all day on twitter bitching about America and Japan but reap all the benefits off of superficial Japanese culture and benefitting from American viewers and subscribers. Its no shock that they are good friends as they need each other to feed into each others fragile egos. Not to mention capsulebunnys face looks so damn weird its not even mikan's fault that she looks that way in every single photo. I want to see how she looks like without all that caked on doll make up so bad it must be… yikes

No. 176584

Maybe she's just amazing in be-
That could explain it. Where was the diagnosis mentioned?

No. 176585

she is complaining about having breakdowns and not doing good mentally yet she logs onto twitter as soon as she wakes up, and we all know too well how much social media fires her up. she honestly could use a short break, even one day from being on social media all day without complaining about every single tiny inconvenience in her life. and honestly, we would all be so glad for a day without her nonsense.

No. 176586

u know damn well she most likely isn't lmfao

No. 176587

Here you go anon:

She’s talked before about how he just doesn’t seem to react to her breakdowns and tantrums (but it’s a good thing to her) lmao

No. 176588

Kek, bunny’s “princess party” post on Instagram was a goldmine for average looking white weebs in Japan. Butterface white girls wearing Lolita fashion never cease to amuse me.

No. 176589

Neither of them know how to use brow powder lol. The contrast between actual brows and the filled in bits is too obvious. Most brow products made in Japan are designed for Asian girls who have almost no eyebrows and the existing brow hair is very feathery.
If any of them are reading this, please order some Anastasia products instead of the Japanese burando.

No. 176590

Bunny has the same mouth as arisu. Megakek

No. 176593

thats all it ever is around mikan lol, the caked on doll makeup makes them look different enough to still get enough attention and their Japanese friends are probably just excited to have the token foreign friend to practice English with and shit. Not too mention mikan could probably never stand to be around anyone a little more attractive/successful than her, as her insecurities literally reek off of her.

No. 176596

I love when bunny post group photos with other girls and their kawiwi princess socks are dirty af. Does she have a thread on lolcow

No. 176600

she doesn't since she mostly stays out of the spotlight. She is friends with Shiena and Sere as well so most posts about her are in their threads

No. 176608

She’s BFF with the SW crew? Ironic that Shiena being kicked out of Japan was the best thing that happened to her, she’s now close to her family and going to school. This incident should set an example for other weebs who insist on staying in Japan only to live in a cardboard box and rant on Twitter all day. If they work a non dead end job or study in Japan more power to them but it’s sad to be in/nearing your 30’s and strutting around in Harajuku in cheap tacky kawaii clothes, deluding yourself to be a “model”.

No. 176613


No. 176643

File: 1633986913852.png (2.09 MB, 1442x1157, RGX7jpPumEazFdBu.png)

Mikan is such an asshole to her friends. She posted this story about how all her friends "share one brain cell" because they all got her Sanrio gifts for her birthday. She posted a follow-up story about how lucky she is but if I were her friend I would feel pretty hurt that she made fun of me like that on her social media. She's such a nasty person.

No. 176645

inb4 she meant brain cell like jail cell

No. 176648

Being hangry?

No. 176649

Calling her friends dumb for…buying her a brand she likes? I mean it's sorta obvious they probably all went shopping together on the same day, so…

No. 176653

sure mikan

No. 176658

Come on, as much as I hate her too, "Sharing one braincell" is really common and harmless joke and phrase, you see it all the time on social media. Even I say this with my friends all the time. This is really nitpicky

No. 176660

Notice how racist and derogatorily she talks about white people: "stupid white people i expect it from them those stupid whites" but her fetishized glorified East Asians? Oh no, how could they not consider her Asian? What a fucking racist.

No. 176662

No one cares about her accent because she grew up there and would naturally pick it up. If she lives in Japan longer term, her accent will change overtime to a Japanese/English accent. She is being intentionally obtuse to cope with the fact that she fetishizes East Asian culture/Japan and only moved there to get attention/money/power as an influencer, appropriate and use the culture for her own personal gain of endless free clothing + sponsorships ontop of that clothing and ass pats from her followers for being a typical shitty weeb only into the culture superficially. There is a huge difference.

No. 176663

I wouldn't call it out either, if she was a decent person, but she has a history of shitting on other girls during her facebook days, then publicly virtue signalling on her social media pretending to be a defender of women, acting as if she was never a catty, jealous bitchy shallow piece of shit.

No. 176665

That looks fucking gross. the granny actually looks better in pigtails lmao but both are hideous with them.

No. 176667

What's you point? Some middle eastern and south asians generally have more caucasoid skulls instead of monogloid (ie: east asians). What's the point of even mentioning that and using terms like "white-passing", when 1. Mikan still looks ME and 2. The women there still look ME and 3. You even add that you think they all look ME. Completely superfluous then.

No. 176675

NTA and never heard of this beyond an insult, but how long have they being her friends? There are jokes you can make with people you've known 10 years that you can't make with people you met a couple months ago. While I wouldn't be offended by the "Not my friends all sharing one braincell" per se, I would be with the added "LMAOOOO" which seems very dismissive to me.

Remember that Mikan is a massive bitch to her friends, always. Remember that Tsuruko video where she shits on her to the point the poor girl looks like she's about to cry.
>as if she was

No. 176712

hard agree, she's discriminatory and the worst kind of stupid: can't see how she does the exact same stuff she whines about constantly.

The "one brain cell" thing isn't that important, but all she does is brag about all the gifts and birthday stuff she gets from friends, bf, etc. I can't believe a narcissist has this many friends. Q: does she do nice things for other people? buy them gifts? Buying the dark-skinned baby a banana toy doesn't count.

No. 176713

double post sorry
I mean, imagine you're buying your black friend's kid a toy. How do you choose a banana out of all the options? I doubt she intended to be racist but it's such a terrible-looking choice. In the same video, she shits on America constantly but zooms in on the darkest skinned black woman saying something like, "here [at the US military base store] there's makeup for dark skin tones, so X really likes that." I can't really explain why her behavior with her black "friends" in that vid seemed so weird, but it was.

No. 176715

File: 1634023131243.jpg (714.87 KB, 668x719, Mikan1.jpg)

This cow is so rude to people who dare to engage with her tweets

I whited out the person's name in the screenshots as a courtesy, but obviously you can see it in the link.

No. 176716

File: 1634023161313.jpg (634.62 KB, 602x635, Mikan2.jpg)

No. 176717

File: 1634024727647.jpeg (292.63 KB, 1124x1134, 3364A60B-F293-4D66-AAC1-905E4A…)

Kind of odd to flex receiving a gift from her ex’s parents on a platform where she regularly interacts with and shows off her current boyfriend (or is this normal now)

No. 176719

How does she still have friends omg she’s so rude

No. 176736

Saged because non milk, but I recently read one of her old essays for a contest and thought the exact same thing. Uncomfortable mix of despising her friends, praising herself for being such a non-conventional genius and some budding East Asian fetish.

No. 176744

I wouldn't eat chocolate that my exes parents sent me (wtf) why would they even do that.

No. 176754

These are massively popular right now, so of course she's flexing. She's not the only one flaunting these anywhere you can on tiktok too

No. 176757

Tbh the judgment is more towards her flexing that they’re from her ex’s parents rather than that she’s flexing something cute

No. 176782

she always shows pics of what her ex's mom sends her. It's some kind of bizarre bragging - look at how much my ex's parents love me even though he is dating the love of his life in America! Sometimes I wonder whether she just lies and says they send her this stuff. (prob not but would be funny)

Who could possibly like Mikan enough to do that sort of thing though? Hiro's parents probably breathed a sigh of relief when they split because Mikan is a walking red flag

No. 176808

>"Sharing one braincell" is really common and harmless joke and phrase
It's definitely annoying

No. 176814

Lying about being gifted things from your ex-boyfriend's parents would elevate her cow status quite a bit, that's objectively nefarious. I don't think she's doing that, but could be… but regardless, I think she flexes out of spite. I sadly have more than one friend who I've seen get jaded because they saw their ex with another girl, which in Mikan's case makes very little sense. I think she's just a huge jerk and likes the idea that his new girlfriend might read it and suffer.

No. 176823

jeez she really is so miserable, it's amazing how her followers see how hostile she replies to her most simple interactions and continue following her and kissing her ass. she's almost scary.

No. 176824

and are we going to talk about how she outed her brother about his past drug use as a MINOR? like none of us needed or wanted to know that, and I'm sure if her brother saw he wouldn't be too happy either. There are some things you just don't have to mention, especially to your thousands of followers who are essentially strangers to you. someone should have bought her a diary for her birthday instead of all that useless sanrio stuff.she really is running out of dumb shit to tweet about for attention isn't she. so pathetic.

No. 176829

File: 1634085425616.jpg (72.33 KB, 720x820, IMG_20211012_173700_518.jpg)

You didn't include a pic, anon.

No. 176844

Tokyo's a relatively inexpensive city compared to a lot of major US cities. Rents are much cheaper and inexpensive food is readily available. It may be expensive if you eat every other meal in a trendy cafe and your only hobby is shopping.
This isn't even her story to overshare, what an asshole.

No. 176887

God she really doesn’t give a shit about anything but herself.

Either it’s a lie or why the fuck would you share something like that.. to get at your brother? Ass pats? Just plain ol’ attention?

OT: I’m gonna sound like a boomer here but if this is what mikan is like, what are people in 20 years gonna be like if they have people like her as parents? The world is gonna be full of entitled narcissistic snowflakes.

No. 177051

Oh you're right, I remember her mentioning his autism diagnosis.
Even though Yasu has been sending covert narcissist vibes all along, I have to add that Mikan actually displays narcissistic behaviour very fucking clearly, especially on twitter (not that I think tht she's a full-blown narc, it's rather the usual borderline-ego-bullshit lol).
And I'm not talking about the usual selfie-posting (as some people consider this as narcissistic somehow) but her lack of insight, self-reflection and accountability. She's so obsessed with being right and praiseworthy and behaving ethical in order to receive admiration. So tiring and unbearable.

No. 177105

File: 1634257515930.jpg (232.32 KB, 750x772, mikan tweet cropped.jpg)

ok but this tweet was so off-putting, like how does a cat knocking over ur tree make you "enraged"? and why do you have to think about its tiny organs to not be mad at him anymore? this whole tweet was giving off such weird energy, she really needs to control those mood swings of hers.

No. 177114

Very slightly psychopathic, not sure those meds are working Mikan.

No. 177117

Wow, so qUiRkY

No. 177120

File: 1634264610850.jpeg (277.39 KB, 1125x1765, 8BDBC07B-AEC0-45EF-97EF-6186F8…)

Companies trying to be relatable online is annoying but kek at her getting pissy over this

No. 177124

She needs to get her meds and maybe even diagnosis checked. Who gets pissed about something like this?

No. 177132

God she's so irresponsible. Does she want her brother's future/potential workplace to know about a teenage mistake??

YouTube is literally her employer kek she should tone down the bitch attitude.

No. 177143

You can be enraged at an animal for doing stupid shit the same way you can be pissed as a child for doing the same thing. Most people know not to harm the animal/person, but being pissed isn't invalid. Seems a little dumb to post about though.

No. 177144

That's practically free promotion for a site you make a slight portion of living off of.

No. 177164

uh…This is worrisome…Like she would be ready this hit this animal so badly its organs would take a blow too if it pissed her off the right way at the right time.
She has already thought about this for her to express it in such a way…like she has to remind herself that it's helpless and at her mercy to not act through it. Like the animal has decided to make her mad because it wanted to personally hurt her feelings. Disgusting.

No. 177178

File: 1634320345904.jpeg (206.18 KB, 828x1075, 7F563460-7720-4FE9-A404-DC81BE…)

she called this comment patronizing. it cuts off but towards the end the comment says “I know you mentioned you don’t need sewing skills but I’ll still recommend sewing. I hope you can find a place where you can enjoy and take care of yourself.” i agree there’s more going on with her. she’s far too sensitive which is ironic considering how callous she can be towards her friends and even her own brother >>176829

No. 177181

What a cunt. It's expected for weebs to be socially awkward and overshare, maybe this person is lonely. You can just ignore it. Instead she went on a tirade on how all her tweets are either "look at my cat" or "I hate this person". You hate someone over a too enthusiastic youtube comment? Meds. Take them

No. 177186

I doubt that she's really this sensitive (even if she wants to believe that). She's probably just being theatrical and obsessed with her online persona.

No. 177189

File: 1634330232134.png (575.19 KB, 2048x1494, screenshot.png)

I love when she backtracks. Don't worry Twitter users, she certainly loves you…

I also find it at fucked up that she didn't bother to censor or crop the person's YouTube user name.

No. 177195

I bet Mikan is jealous of this one for not dropping out and actually getting a related job after.
If you're an influencer, people will blogpost to you. What she wrote was harmless and friendly, Mikan's main character trait is "little bitch"

No. 177207

Seems to me she has gargantuan victim complex, like most narcissists.

No. 177222

File: 1634348193401.jpg (94.63 KB, 532x550, mikan.jpg)

No. 177225

She ought to find another line of work if she can’t understand that she’s made herself into and profits from being an online personality. “This is just my personal social media”? Make private accounts for your unhinged rants if you don’t want thousands of people to see and potentially comment. She’s such an idiot.

No. 177226

She's really showing she reads this thread hourly, since all the comments on her tweet were asspats about her reaction.

She needs to either make a private account to cry on, or simply block/delete/ignore like every other content creator.

No. 177234

Vina: I love my fans and our interactions and community uwu!
Also Vina: why the fuck do random strangers think it's ok to engage with me with a comment related to my content?? I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND.

No. 177238

File: 1634362223786.png (434.7 KB, 714x490, scarygodmother_mikan.png)

The resemblance is uncanny

No. 177245

She is so unnecessarily mean. This person was just trying to engage with her (yanno, since she’s a “social media personality” and all) and that’s how she responds? By shaming them publicly? That person and others like them are your fucking audience, Mikan. They’re the reason you get to “work” one day a week and bitch 24/7 on the internet live from Weebland. Find some gratitude.

No. 177249

File: 1634379764138.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3840x2880, 805FA7C9-B7E7-4BDB-B44D-064D5F…)

kek she’s getting called out and just blocking people

No. 177251

File: 1634381508761.jpg (252.44 KB, 1080x1287, Screenshot_20211016_124757.jpg)

She was screeching about not calling herself ME as recently as last week. And now she's back to proclaming herself a ME woman. Make up your goddamn mind.It's as if she just says those things for the sake of disagreeing. You could probably tell her the sky is blue and she'd go on some weird political tangent why its actually purple or some shit.

No. 177267

File: 1634404882855.jpeg (133.33 KB, 1125x755, C4B25506-96DB-40C5-81DC-99DE8B…)

she is just… obsessed

No. 177284

what a whiny little snob. "their whole life story" just say you get frustrated with people talking about becoming successful normies because you gave up AND made that public. how can you claim the comment "crosses your boundary" in this case? stupid.

No. 177366

holy shit man idc what anyone says, that nose and chin combo is so unattractive wtf
i knew she edited her pics but this is so eyeopening
now i REALLY want to see more normal non photoshopped pics of her
damn i'll get my popcorn

No. 177391

File: 1634494414810.gif (789.82 KB, 1024x354, step0003.gif)

No. 177405

kek, banner material

No. 177412

I’m sure that’s lord farquaad 3rd pic in..

Definitely banner material!

No. 177414

Sometimes this site really goes full Mean Girls and this is one of those moments.

No. 177415

lord farquad is a generous comparison for this beak nosed freak

No. 177427

lol this is amazing

No. 177436

File: 1634520997624.jpeg (366.59 KB, 1125x1592, D044CC6C-E246-4B6E-AEF7-EF5488…)

Wow she is useless

No. 177438

Seniors in high school are able to do more than her. Laughably pathetic.

No. 177439

Known cheater goes on """driving course""" for two weeks, very normal nothing to be concerned about, Mikan uses it as an excuse to pretend he does all the housework while missing the obvious.

No. 177440

How the FUCK is she getting her boyfriend to iron her clothes for her? I need her secret immediately, I hate ironing so much. Also men use less way clothes on average so I doubt he's just ironing all the clothes in the house as a random chore.

No. 177441

Samefag, also very clever to announce to the (infamously stalkery) men of Japan that you will be alone in your apartment for two weeks!

No. 177444

what in the world is stopping her from getting her japanese license and driving a rented car? absolutely nothing. every foreigner i know in japan had a car and took the test, including myself.

No. 177451

A driving course that has him out for two weeks?? Sorry if I sound ignorant but is that normal in Japan? I’ve never heard of something like that unless she means he has to learn how to drive then go on a business trip by car

No. 177454

waiting for him to finally get fed up with her uselessness. like what, she can’t even change her cats litter box? Why did she even want cats then? More work for yasu lmfao.

No. 177470

Lmaoooo, why does it feel like she’s literally lying. I bet he does none of that shit for her. Bird nosed freak.

No. 177472

Overworked boyfriend who quietly deals with her abusive outbursts and is a known cheater going away for a "driving course" for two weeks? Yeah, I'm sure it's fine Mikan. kek

No. 177492

cheating or not, I'd grab any excuse to leave if I were him. Not defending his past actions but maybe someday he will realize he acted shittily to his ex and change. But it won't be while he's still with this shrew.

don't get it wrong, they are both bankrupt morally but mikan shows 0 chance of reforming while being enabled this much

No. 177498

My friend said that intensive courses are quite common in Japan and that's what he did. I can't remember the duration though but I think it was a month or maybe some weeks?(sage)

No. 177503

So you can't even go home to sleep at the end of the day? Seems off, especially considering he's a known cheater

No. 177505

Nah my hubs did the same, it's normal there… but who is to say that's really what Yasu is doing kek.

No. 177518

File: 1634573799665.jpeg (60.61 KB, 472x1024, FB_KMRGVEAct0zX.jpeg)

"it's hard being tiny"?

No. 177519

holy fucking shit all these bitches who want to live on EZ mode
how the fuck can men put up with la creaturas like her? man at least if she were pretty then yeah, it would be a tad justifiable(sage your nonmilk)

No. 177522

also would like to ask, how long was she with her previous bf?
how long do you think she'll be with the current one?
i'm reeeeally curious what she'll do if yasu dumps her

No. 177524

All her ranting about hating infantilization because she “wears dolly lashes and pigtails” when she’s the one calling herself “tiny” and called Yasu “daddy” in a tweet the other day… ok

No. 177528

her phone layout makes me wanna throw up lol this is how mine looked at 13

No. 177537

what chat app is this? I think it looks cute kek sorry I’m not phone savvy

No. 177539

Is this supposed to be a comprehensible conversation? i can see why he wouldn't react to her tantrums (as she claims) since he doesn't know what the fuck she's saying.

No. 177559

LINE, the weeb messenger

No. 177560

this woman acts like she is some delicate waif fairy when she most certainly isn't, especially not in Japan. Does she not have eyes and see that there are many women shorter and thinner than she is? It's fuckin crazy how she keeps telling us how thin everyone thinks she is when it certainly doesn't stand out.

No. 177575

I have this theory that Mikan was treated as "the thin one" when she lived in the UK but she doesn't get attention for it in Japan so she keeps on talking about it as a sort of cope.

No. 177588

in her last video where she was reviewing some old Japanese magazine she was acting like she was so cautious of people potentially getting triggered over the dieting sections, and that she didn't agree with all of the advertisements aiming to look thinner, however now shes posting about how its "so hard being tiny uwu" like its some cutesy thing with yasu.

No. 177589

File: 1634610084296.jpeg (178.83 KB, 744x1121, 95FFBB61-B151-41A4-B4CA-6E6CF0…)

She’s back at calling herself West Asian. What happened with her being ME?

No. 177590

wtf does being west asian have to do with having a lot of cousins??? i see no correlation. she dumb af lol

No. 177616

dated pol speak in a pull tier thread, mikan certainly has a diverse audience

No. 177623

i don't know what it is about this cow in particular but she makes me want to a-log frequently lmao. Her constant deflection and crutch to her mental illness is so maddening. Maybe the reason you feel like shit all the time mikan is because you lack any fucking autonomy whatsoever and refuse to take any accountability for inappropriate outbursts towards your "fans" (and probably people irl). Yes, you are mentally ill, but that doesn't mean the whole world is responsible to tip toe around your ever changing rolodex of emotions and self-image. do you even have an identity outside your ethnicity/nationality and mental illness? better humble yourself before you fly right into the fucking sun girl.

No. 177636

Ah yes the classic "this thing is so unique to (insert minority group here)", like having a bag full of other plastic bags, many cousins, or properly seasoning food. Spoiler alert: it's not unique.

No. 177723

File: 1634694684229.jpeg (157.82 KB, 1125x731, CDCAE22D-7820-48B5-9B7B-0E692E…)

Sharing this as cute little ‘teehee look how relatable and mentally ill I am’ tweets is idiotic

No. 177730

>I'm mature because I don't like cute things anymore
Fuck off, there's absolutely nothing wrong with her phone layout.
No, but I assume anon only posted it for the "tiny" comment.
Not saying you're wrong, but it's also a bit disingenuous to say when other apps are nowhere near as used in Japan by the Japanese.

No. 177733

Specially in eastern Asian where women are way smaller and thinner than in the west.
You might be onto something.
I wonder if this tweet alone could be enough to for the Japs to launch in investigation. AFAIK a lot of these migrants with inexplicable incomes evade taxes in way or another.

No. 177790

why… would she share this? what's the context? I feel like this is something I'd see in passing because someone left their phone open. not something share-worthy on social media.

No. 177806

Yes, it is completely normal. You NEED to attend driving school in Japan to get your license and it requires a lot of hours and tests. A lot of college students do this intense course over school break. Literally all you do for 2 weeks straight is learn to drive, eat and sleep lol

No. 177818


Sorry I can’t get a video upload to work on here but this is so awkward to watch

No. 177864

I find her offensively ugly, but other than that I don't see what's wrong with the video. As in, it's something standard when it comes to people that like to share their boring lives online.

No. 177912

She has a very punchable face and smirk, reminds me of a little girl trying to make another little girl jealous at school of whatever petty thing they have (toy, food etc) (in this case the extremely rare food item, macaroons)

No. 177929

I'm not a perv but it felt kind of uncomfortably pseudo-sexual. maybe it's just how people orgasm over food these days though. no h8 pls. But I had the same feeling when she was biting into this long rusk with cream all over it. "Now I'm gonna bite the strawberry," she announces mid-groan. Ew. I'd never let someone film me eating something like that, personally.

No. 177930

not to mention no one fucking cares to see her eating a fucking strawberry anyways.. she needs new content asap

No. 177931

and lol i know im so annoyed by how every time she takes a bite of something she closes her eyes and makes a weird noise, like i know every single thing u eat cant be THAT good.. she tries too hard to be cutesy.

No. 177939

Not only the whole fruit and macaron eating but her also showing how she watches a movie. Nobody needs to know that. Just watch the movie ffs

No. 177942

Not to mention, a rusk (usually not sweet) with cream sounds weird in general. People pay for that?

No. 177953

File: 1634820675409.png (705.51 KB, 690x551, corn for micorn mandadumb.png)

Is it me or does Mikan seem slightly envious towards Maily? I noticed she makes digs at her like in 11:05 where she says "She just wanted me to film here so I did" and that forced AHAHAHA gives me the vibe that she's going to make digs at her the more they film together


No. 177959

Is Vina really her real name? I didn’t believe it when I first heard about it years ago.Sounds like a pseudonym for a thot.
What parent in their right mind would name their child Vina? Why don’t go the extra mile and choose Vinaxxx

No. 177967

yea its her real name, its kurdish, there are a million other things to pick on this dumb bitch for besides her name though

No. 177968

Her real name is Vina Murad. If you google it, you can find her posts on a plastic surgery site, her old essay about Japan, etc.

No. 177972

Parents who are giving their child a name originating in their country or language?
Sorry to break it to you but not everyone has English names

No. 178039

It’s a Zazakî name you uncultured swine, not everyone has Christian names. It’s a beautiful name that means Iris.

No. 178041

Do you really need to doxx her?

No. 178052

I thought this too but according to google she was in an area called Hoe Valley and it made me lol.
There’s no actual info though on any addresses or any profiles so it isn’t really doxxing, it’s all public info or what she’s willingly put on the internet.

No. 178086

Doxxing? Kek it’s information she’s put out herself and it’s been posted on lolcow before

No. 178088

i agree that coming for her name is a bit of a reach, but this sounded uber defensive kek. vina is that you on ur burner account?? lol jk

No. 178089

she literally revealed the city she previously resided in, her past work, and her old schools on youtube and her full name has been out there for a while now, its not really doxxing js. shes really fucking careless about her information and gets mad when ppl discuss it on forums, lol.

No. 178091

The Streisand effect except she’s even never bothered to remove these old accounts/posts/etc.

No. 178128

No lol, I’m neutral about her, I just like some Kurdish names for girls a lot and seethe when people post such tone deaf bs.

No. 178189

Relax Rebecca. Vina is a cute name tbh, one of the few good things about her. It's definitely nicer sounding than "Mikan".

No. 178318

File: 1635002035748.jpeg (956.62 KB, 721x1499, 3FF98375-4113-4E65-96F4-6187D7…)

Still trying to lure in totes kawaii nippon salaryman SD with this not so subtle upskirt

No. 178341

It's not showing anything, anon. Millions of girls take skirt photos like this. It makes you look taller. It has nothing to do with her trying to lure salarymen. The hair aside, the fit is cute.

No. 178354

hm idk anon, it's a lot closer and weirder angle than the women I follow who like to weeb it up, but what do I know

No. 178358

Obvious wks always sound the same
>it's blah, anon
>weak excuse as to why anon is wrong when they are clearly correct

We're all online and we know the difference between a low angled modeling stance and an upskirt, try again. This is clearly the latter.

No. 178362

nta but i swear this thread has the most whiteknighting on the whole site. Is mikan constantly lurking or is she just a pulltard magnet

No. 178363

>is she just a pulltard magnet
lmao pull fucking hated her guts, this thread only exists because PULL got purged and they had nowhere else to go and nitpick about mikan anymore

No. 178380

File: 1635026999972.png (203.77 KB, 1080x1412, Screenshot_20211024-010705.png)

go mikan, violate the rental agreement! so empowered.

No. 178381

File: 1635027066247.png (138.02 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_20211024-005801.png)

is this some degenerate meme? so tiny?

No. 178385

Girl is obsessed with being tiny in a country full of smaller women.

No. 178386

hope her landlord will hear about new pet :)(:))

No. 178433

Those stupid ass agreements are bullshit anyways, she's doing the right thing, wouldn't give a shit either.

Landlords better curb their arousal that's caused by exploiting people and let people mind their own businesses in their own home lol (and saying "its the landlord's property!!!11" makes landgayl0rds look even worse lol)

No. 178444

It's reasonable to limit the number of pets allowed in an apartment. It literally is their property, and that is why there are rules. What is exploitative about that? (I rent and am a pet owner, fwiw.)

She already said Maple is too territorial: https://twitter.com/mikantheorange/status/1440693333123235847

No. 178447

Because housing should be free, period. Spare me with your "socialist!!11" comments, keep on jerking off to people getting kicked out of their homes just because they're not as privileged as the landlord who makes his living off of this misery.
There's enough space for everybody but there's no pRoFiT with free housing and people living better lives with less worries lol

It's okay, I'm gonna shut up now because I don't want to get too political in here, just wanted to state that I think Vina better feels free to do what she wants at her home just as anyone else and that anon's just nitpicking with that bullshit lol

No. 178460

I don't disagree with you about housing ideals, but the reality is that she has a tiny Japanese apartment and should respect the rental agreement she signed to live there. Whether or not housing should be free is kind of a separate question. But I feel like you've never had a problem with a neighbor's hygiene or hoarding while living in rental accommodation. You're lucky. The people next to me were illegally feeding wild animals on the roof my accommodation shared with theirs. Who had to deal with aggressive animals attacking me and my pet because of that? I did.

No. 178463

>landlords get aroused when they demand their tenants not ruin their apartments
Fuck off commie retard. Buy your own property if you don't want to follow basic civility rules.

No. 178469

found the landlord

No. 178475

Yeah okay, fair point but I still think it's wrong to restrict everyone's possibilities per se, it's not everyone's fault when things escalate to an extreme degree (especially when it's about animal companion). Prevention can still work, even when people finally get treated like actual individuals.

As in Vina's case now, her intentions with the cat aren't problematic at all (the opposite actually for once lol) and it'd be unfair and illogical if she had to pay off someone else's past mistakes in her own home.

People can think what they want but whining about such trivialities just make y'all look like those annoying snitches from back at elementary school (like Rendall from "Recess" lol)

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