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File: 1652479287307.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3180x2862, FDB60A25-89D6-4D1C-AED5-3DD73D…)

No. 212589

Belle Delphine the 21 year old professional internet attention seeker. Best known for selling her bathwater, dressing in children's bathing suits and bootlicking any youtuber or lolcow with a following. Recently dumped by her mother belle turned to porn in the hopes of gaining relevance but this backfired now she posts increasingly shocking deranged content to extend her 15 mins as far as possible.

Previous thread: >>165079

>Meme girl e-thot of "Gamer Girl Bathwater" fame

>panders to pedophiles and neckbeard incels, desperate NLOG floundering
>"hello fellow 4channers" meme humor

Recent updates:
>Spent months hiding in the background on friend’s social media posts >>165089, >>168157, >>168156, >>168163,
>Belle announces her return on Twitter, flexing that she’s totes a rich e-girl >>207697, and posted on facebook >>208342,
>She had braces again. >>208018, gives her reasoning here >>210870, totes not for pedo pandering uwu
>And possibly had a boob job >>208056, to appeal to her anime coomers >>212411,
>Botched plastic surgery >>210516, >>212102, >>212068,
>Coomers don’t like how she looks >>212301, >>212303, aren’t a fan of the plastic surgery
>A small percentage of her loyal white knights still consider her a “marketing genius” >>212396,
>Eats slime and tries to be quirky and imitates her past “meme” posts >>208525, >>208677, eats a lightbulb to garner attention >>208546, trolling was a fail as the internet has moved on.
>Dresses up as a subway employee? >>209026, as a quirky joke; a skit to promote her onlyfans >>209161, >>209665,
>Makes an Amber Turd shitting in bed joke with fake poo >>209670,
>Wears even uglier outfits/costumes >>210954, proving she’s out of touch on trends >>210891
>The internet is sick and tired of her same old boring shtick >>212491, she acts unbothered

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Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine

No. 212591

Delphine is fat. No 2 butts about it btw. Im ALOT SKINNIER(shut the fuck up)

No. 212593

File: 1652480568644.jpg (Spoiler Image, 989.38 KB, 2576x1932, 20210329_172945.jpg)

Belles an ugly fat fuck. Hope someone murders it(a-logging)

No. 212595

When was this taken? I’m curious because she’s quite pale and I was under the impression instagirls use spray tan and no longer sunbeds. But I guess they secretly do still participate indoor tanning after all..

No. 212599

Who fucking cares lmao

No. 212601

Brave of you to post your face, sperg-chan, but uh we're getting bored here, post your boring nudes on some men's board where someone might give you the crumb of attention you crave. You're a cow, which is amusing, but you're also a one trick pony
>x cow is fat
>unlike me
>posts average nude
(permaban when?)

No. 212602

File: 1652482521576.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 2880x2160, IMG_20220513_185422.jpg)

Spoilered just in case, wtf is this tard doing

No. 212603

It's not belle, it's our resident sperg who posts her average nudes in all the cow threads for some reason. Seen also in Lori and Nicole's threads, and also sperging out in Kathy's thread on /snow.

No. 212604

>a resident board autist
Based whore. Can she post her arm because I’m curious how tan she’s gotten?

No. 212605

Childrens Frozen pajamas… nice /s

No. 212610

File: 1652489033593.png (15.58 KB, 639x183, Untitled.png)

I'm seriously starting to think that she might be single. Have you noticed that she's posting pretty much only selfies now?

And the fact she got slightly fatter and significantly more desperate makes this scenario even more plausible to me. A bad breakup, perhaps?

No. 212611

not to nitpick but shes close to 23 now not 21 lol

No. 212614

Do any autistics remember the last photo of them actually together? It would explain the boring comeback and zero marketing genius style epic troll trademark antics to get everyone's attention. The creativity well dried up it seems. In fact it would explain why her OF seems exclusively just nudes and solo stuff now.

No. 212615

I doubt. Since the start of her Belle Delphine career she pretends she’s single to pander to her audience so they pay her more money in hopes she will be their girlfriend just like the teenybopper Nipon idorus do uwu. The only boyfriend she was ever open about was Lurch boy Goran but only from the shoulders down as he was just a photo prop to make her look smol

No. 212617

Not sure why she would lie about it when she's free to do what she wants on the internet now
Maybe they're together but have fallen out of love or something, remember the tinder account?

No. 212618

She also said she picks which room to sleep in at night, that's kind of weird for two people who are together..

No. 212620

All of the people nitpicking velle for being "haggard" are retarded. I say this as someone who doesn't even like belle this misogynistic bullshit needs to stop. Women in their early twenties generally look like their late teens, they don't just magically hit some imaginary "wall".

No. 212622

Does she only own one bra

No. 212624

File: 1652491299310.jpeg (306.66 KB, 1170x1338, DC764A24-CFCC-43DC-A5EB-D78866…)

In February Josh mentioned Belle in his fb pfp caption and the photo was liked by Bonnie Wabbit (Belles alternate account). They could have split since however

No. 212625

File: 1652491398960.jpeg (483.29 KB, 1170x2322, C17BA703-55F5-4748-A335-9E1986…)

Josh is such an ugly hefa kek

No. 212629

I imagine they're together but wondering if it's just a relationship of convenience, like a split would be too messy so they stay together

No. 212630

The carpet in her rooms look old as fuck, I'd assume they have enough money to replace them by now?(learn2sage)

No. 212631

They're registered as joint owners of the business iirc
I'm sure she's just trying to get new desperate fans by implying she's single.

Also please anons, type sage in the email box until this thread is on autosage again, we don't need to see unsaged anon shitposting at the top of /w

No. 212636

For her sake I hope she is breaking up/has broken up with her pimp boyfriend. I bet he pressured her into porn. Even though it was ultimately her choice, we know he has been behind a lot of her content.

No. 212641

Saying you're single as someone in porn is honestly such basic advice kek anons please stop acting like this is a giant deal. It's for the scrote fanbase to fantasize about maybe having a chance with her. Often times a woman stating she is in a relationship will turn away many fans

No. 212652

She went very public with her relationship with Josh last year before going on to do porn with him. Makes no sense to pretend she's suddenly single now.

No. 212659

ayrt, I know but she probably thinks she will sell better if she pretends he isn't there. Get a bigger fanbase. She probably loved the attention she got for being "such a master 4d chess genius troll" but once people started pointing out that her scrote was doing almost 100% of everything behind the scenes and calling her out, it bothered her

No. 212664

she came back because she wants $$, could be a lie to trick fans, could be they broke up, i'm sure time will tell.

No. 212669

Inshallah. I hate men who pressure their gfs into stuff like this which will ruin their lives. I bet he got a huge cut of it too. She should've kept trolling and shouldn't have gone this far, she ruined her gimmick and the bad attention is definitely ruining what little psyche she has left.

No. 212670

She's 22 years old not 21
Belle would love to be seen as younger even if it's one pathetic year

No. 212672

File: 1652517508488.png (2.31 MB, 2000x1171, 20220514_102737_0000.png)

Nahh they're still together also it might be convenience
Pixie and her bf Kai are of course also huge influences on her. I mean both are the type of people who preach "SW is feminism and shit" and the guy has is own OF.
The rest of her allegedly friends are either SWers or Online attention-seekers like herself.

No. 212674

The OP pic freaks me out kek

No. 212681

Her left eye is melting. Did she really make her nose so tiny or is it photoshop? You can tell in the car pics she posted that her editing is really bad.

No. 212689

I get that editing and filters can just be for fun but she's got like five different faces. She is editing her body much less now and I'll bet this is why she's losing favor with pedi moids because they're slowly seeing that she's not actually got the body and face of a small child

No. 212691

File: 1652534738020.jpeg (426.29 KB, 640x517, C435CF55-848D-42B2-976A-4DE799…)

Oh jeez

No. 212692

Ok now it's actually sad how she's trying to stay childlike. Give it up already.

No. 212693

File: 1652536133307.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 1170x1887, 42EAF530-EDF1-49CF-9795-7E64D6…)

she’s now 21 and still trying to attracted pedophiles? how can you post a lewd/nude with a picture of you dressed up as a child right above it. i’m actually disgusted with her(reposted milk)

No. 212694

she's 22

No. 212701

Get out.

No. 212716

She still doesn't look like a kid. Good cosplay though tbh, but you can tell she's over 18. Nothing about her body or face look young and no one would use it to cope because she isn't appealing to them since she looks over 18.

No. 212717

File: 1652548972288.jpeg (629.47 KB, 967x1808, CD2D02B5-072C-48BE-9563-4C2CC0…)

Quit trying to cope nonnie, you/your boyfriend is a closet pedophile.
Picrel from “Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis For Law Enforcement Officers Investigating Cases of Child Sexual Exploitation In cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation”(derailing)

No. 212718

File: 1652549042421.jpeg (276.16 KB, 977x647, 6A04A0D5-3DB5-4175-B2B3-50FACA…)

No. 212719

File: 1652549092094.jpeg (5.85 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg)

No. 212722

It's interesting isn't it that she overwhelmingly cosplays underage girls especially after her sperging about teddy Roosevelt's daughter in the last thread.

No. 212724

You can stop now anon, no one agrees with you

No. 212728

Damn that's creepy as fuck

No. 212729

What would that make her then, being the adult who dresses/acts childish? Clearly not a pedo but stunted or recovering from csa or something?

No. 212733

OT but I dated a guy (multimillionaire so pretty powerful) and he always encouraged me to lose weight and shave to the point of looking prepubescent and would do stuff like decorate a room with old fashioned girl's stuff and call it mine, reading this makes me feel so icky, men are fucked(no1curr)

No. 212734

As a victim of csa I hate people like you who lump us in with her. We don’t act like this and pedo bait bc tRamA. Fuckkkkkk you kindly please leave white knight. Begone!(derailing)

No. 212735

a weirdo who fantasies about being a child and getting raped. maybe she's a pedo herself.
i know a lot of women who think minors are the sexiest and think looking like a child is an achievement and it's a way to get attention from men

No. 212742

Maybe she read the nonas arguing ITT over if she pedobaits or not kek.
>>212729 Either trying to appeal to incels and pedophilic degens or just showing her mental age.

No. 212768

Yesssss showing her mental age!! I loved it when five yr olds act this way. Please read the sarcasm.

No. 212790

She should have just done regular cosplay, it would have given her plenty of attention too since, despite what people say, she does have a cute/attractive enough physique on pictures that will attract an audience. This picture kind of reminds me of bonbibonkers.

No. 212792

File: 1652593682550.jpg (108.13 KB, 736x979, 239ab22b5707b19c23a8d74e03aaad…)

What about it isn't a regular cosplay though? Other people have cosplayed Darla. Is it just the fact that she looks more like a kid than other cosplayers? That because very nitpicky in who can and can't cosplay certain things at that point.

No. 212795

Not really. I know plenty of people who sleep separately because one partner snores. Also some people just enjoy having an entire bed to themselves

No. 212797

Its more about the fact shes a sex worker and mixing lewd content with cosplaying darla is a bit messed up

No. 212799

File: 1652600897188.jpeg (47.18 KB, 712x258, C62C4BAE-D993-41EB-9014-CBCC6E…)

We know belle

No. 212800

File: 1652601020818.jpeg (128.17 KB, 695x687, D50A3909-9977-4603-B62B-CD8338…)

The cheap kiddie crown…. How is no one else disgusted(nitpick)

No. 212802

It’s so pathetic how hard she’s trying to recapture lightning in a bottle. She’s doing the same things she was before her hiatus, but now ethottery is so popular she’s just one in a sea of cringy girls embarassing herself in public

No. 212820

Wtf did she do to her face..?

No. 212824

>>212820 Bad editing
>>212768 Retard
>>212802 Don't know what she expected by coming back. She trapped herself by doing full blown porn because she's limited her options if she wants to stay likeable, she either keeps doing porn forever for moids or she pivots away from lewds and does streaming or vlogging. She could be pretty successful on Twitch I think but her life is probably too empty for vlogging

No. 212831

So many women actually do buy kids clothes because they are cute and fit. A shirt doesn't make her suddenly make her look like a kid of that's what you mean.(this is lolcow)

No. 212841

why do u white knight belle so much lol. if you wanna wear kiddy clothes okay but it's weird. you're a bunch of weirdosss

No. 212845

File: 1652626421666.jpg (503.94 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20220514_173602.jpg)

Didn't see anyone post this so I guess I will. I think the outfit is from Jennifer's Body.

No. 212855

As someone who likes weeb shit, doll shit, and animation/disney shit, I still draw the line at wearing pjs intended for children.
It's not like ddlg is a big secret, we have dolly mattel on the snow thread dressing up as a baby having nappy changes, not sure why belle wks try and deny it.

Honestly Belle tries to do too much at once, appeal to normal males with breast implants, appeal to pedos with braces, appeal to ddlg freaks with the children's clothes, appeal to closeted gays with the anal stuff, while also trying and failing to be a meme queen for the normies who don't watch her onlyfans porn.

No. 212857

>the oversized britney prints pretending to be magazine pullouts

I guess Belle is too young to have ever bought a magazine and know what scale they should be(?) (Think they both are just out of touch with reality)
I haven't seen the movie, are the posters part of it?
Belle's natural hair looks very good here. She should quit porn and just be a normal influencer at this point, people appear to be tired of it now.
iirc she has a nice friendly personality in interviews, and I think everyone has realised she has no actual sex appeal at this point. So influencer/streamer/whatever seems logical rather than beating this dead horse.

No. 212859

It's just for the background, anon.

No. 212861

Seriously, there is one anon on belles threads specially who wk so hard over her and try to claim women cannot pedopander because “she looks of age!” When that’s exactly what pedos say when they get caught. Snow has a whole fucking thread of pedopanderers and get belles is the only one that has a retarded wk. I bet it’s her ugly scrote who tries to do damage control.

No. 212868

Nailed it. She be looking tired af these days.

No. 212878

why in almost all of her recent pics is she shooping her eyelids away

No. 212879

Her fingernails are fucking gross.

No. 212880

Of course she idolises posters of britney when she first was sexualised despite only being 17. I genuinely think shes in the lana del rey coquette cult.

Also her bedroom is so girly and i cant picture josh sleeping there with her? Either its purely a set or shes a single pringle

No. 212881

>belle’s natural hair looks very good here

Sorry its a wig, her natural hair has an emo fringe

No. 212882

She wants people to think shes secretly 1/4 japanese

No. 212888

File: 1652644715161.jpeg (225.42 KB, 780x1334, 857A8A10-7BCC-4FEF-881F-2CF99B…)

she looks so fucking weird at sunlight because usually she keeps her face full of filters(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 212893

not trying to wk but hyper specific nitpicks are partly why ppl get defensive

sure bc it's belle there's nuance but plastic crowns are a pretty common accessory

No. 212894

It's an omage to Jennifer's Body. Brittany had nothing to do with this aside from a 20+ year old photo as a prop.

No. 212908

File: 1652652508324.jpg (412.08 KB, 1078x1165, Screenshot_20220515-230819_Gal…)

there's a single bed in there aswell for some reason?

No. 212911

It’s probably either a guest room or a room they have dedicated to her photoshoots that looks like a teenage girl’s room in the 2000s. Or both. It’s possible she’s single now or they sleep separately or whatever but it’s more likely a spare room. She looks pretty good in this picture too, I wish she’d drop the gross kiddie schtick. When i think of her saying she would eventually quit porn and just be a mom with a secret it’s depressing. Its one thing to see your mom on the internet naked, its another to see her dressed in the same pajamas as you saying deviant shit.

No. 212923

Part of me thinks she lied about wanting kids and only said that so the tradboys feel validated.

No. 212928

File: 1652661460600.jpeg (116.47 KB, 601x601, 789A73E2-1756-4122-8B08-0D08FB…)

Jennifer’s room was not as girly as this. It was still girly but more mature. It looks like belle just went on some 15 year old girls Pinterest and printed out all the photos from their aesthetic y2k board. She’s so creepy and gross. Belle is officially a groomer

No. 212930

I’m sick of seeing her taking pictures in that ugly preteen beginner bra you’d find at Ross.

No. 212932

File: 1652661910491.jpeg (84.34 KB, 500x667, 17C8FFAE-8924-4820-9649-1B877D…)

She’s blurring her face on onlyfans

No. 212933

File: 1652662023103.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 515.52 KB, 1536x2048, A7AD1529-A65E-448A-A607-BCE02D…)

Do you think she’ll leave after realizing no one gives a fuck about her? I mean the internet has pokimane, bella poarch, and neekolul to simp over and they don’t need to take off their clothes to garner attention.

No. 212937

File: 1652664372027.jpg (82.25 KB, 1689x663, K8x7q3s.jpg)

Pokimane is such trash, she's worse than belle in terms of catfishing lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 212948

>don’t need to take off their clothes to garner attention
>example is neeko who specifies in ass/boobs shots
Sorry but an ethot is an ethot. Doesn’t matter if they do porn or not, they’re all the same

No. 212949

>they’re all the same
Absolutely this, they all also end up doing porn at some point, it doesn’t matter if it takes them years, they always end up doing porn because moids are into the degrading aspect of Thotery.

No. 212951

Poki likes to lowkey show off her tits and ass and be like “OPPSIE I DIDN’T MEAN TO MOAN AND STICK MY TITS/ASS OUT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA uwu”. The old PULL thread had a bunch of posts about her “accidents”(not a poki thread)

No. 212952

Doesn't she also pander to footfags?

No. 212955

Poki has a long laundry list of whoring herself out

No. 212973

I want to kiss big noses.

No. 213000

All 3 of them are still ethots though, especially bella poarch who's almost always in lingerie Loli pandering to coomers while pretending to be 'so innocent uwu!'

No. 213005

File: 1652703464166.jpeg (75.08 KB, 1459x303, D73ADB27-646C-479D-B1C6-725373…)

Guys! Belle Delphine eats food when she’s hungry so she dosent starve! quite smart if that’s true.

No. 213010


No. 213041

Does she not post many full nudes anymore on her OF? Looks similar to what she was doing before porn.

No. 213048

File: 1652719769012.jpg (337.67 KB, 716x632, Screenshot_20220516-123519_Ins…)

Dear god there's two of them…

No. 213049

File: 1652719832853.jpeg (1.79 MB, 3464x3464, 5E41FBD6-CB85-4062-B6CF-3AAB4D…)

Who the hell is connie delphine? Whats belle trying to pull here

No. 213050

i may be retarded but just looking at these, could both of them be her and she has edited the pic kek

No. 213052

Maybe Belle has a sister? Or is pretending to have one?

No. 213053

File: 1652720088648.jpeg (213.66 KB, 828x982, ADFB73A7-D3DA-48B2-92F2-728509…)

Connies only just turned 18…. I think belle groomed her into joining her sex worker cult on her 18th birthday or to make her seem younger by having barely legal friends

No. 213055

File: 1652720163197.jpg (1006.94 KB, 2880x2226, 20220516_125652.jpg)

She-s pretending her friend is her sister, what the fuck

No. 213056

>>213050 samefag, no way are they two different people kek. belle is trolling, i bet. i bet she has photoshopped the pic to make it look like two people. sorry for possibly retarded tinfoil

No. 213058

File: 1652720571779.jpg (526.54 KB, 2880x2880, 20220516_130350.jpg)

No. 213059

File: 1652720725416.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3464x3464, DA3B597B-0ED3-458D-8498-722AD7…)

That is most definitely her, same exact eyes.
My question is, why the FUCK are two 22 year old women, larping as 18 year olds what the actual fuck

No. 213060

File: 1652720931896.png (3.71 MB, 2000x1429, png_20220516_190722_0000.png)

She has the same nose piercing and even tho both are edited.. they're the same person(not milk. sage.)

No. 213063

No. 213064

File: 1652721804380.jpeg (152.07 KB, 828x1472, 628FD5FF-B2F9-4C35-A183-B8285E…)

Why the hell are all her comments identical?? Did she tell her fans to comment the same thing somewhere or do all scrotes just think alike

No. 213065

People can have similar mindset ideas. Different punctuation and stuff.

No. 213066

Tbh it fooled me at first, they do look like sisters

No. 213070

The third one down has written their comment with quotations like someone said comment “now theres two of them” on my recent

No. 213072

No. 213073

Well, she deleted everything now
She was fooling people so I don't know why

No. 213074

Maybe she realised its a bit weird for her 22 year old friend to cosplay her 18 year old sister

No. 213075

probaby because the comment site she paid fucked up and posted identical comments.

No. 213076

There's a 4 year difference between 22 and 18, it's not that weird at all

No. 213077

A 4 year age difference isn’t weird when comparing a 32 year old to a 36 year old. It’s weird when it’s obviously being used to pander to the “barley legal teen” crowd.(learn2sage)

No. 213078

I wish she'd kept going with it I thought it was pretty smart and creative
The only reason people realized it was because I posted the comparison here

No. 213079

Kinda wish I didn't, it spoiled the milk

No. 213086

note how she named herself connie lmao. sounds way too close to cunny which is a pedophile dog whistle 4channers use.

No. 213089

You nonnies just have to be retarded and share it everywhere on Twitter and reddit so she takes it down

No. 213093

Uh do we owe marketing genius Belle a chance to lay the groundwork for what was sure to be pretend sister incest porn?

No. 213095

File: 1652727272431.jpg (325.41 KB, 1076x1276, Screenshot_20220516-145332_Ins…)

I wonder if faking having a sister has anything to do with the success of the burch twins since she's been gone. She recently followed both of them and they have something like 10 million followers between the two of them could be another marketing strategy but I'm not sure why she deleted it now kinda weird(Emoji, unsaged, irrelevant people)

No. 213096

KEK I bet pixie is seething in jealousy, bitch didn't even bother to tag her when she gave her those 5 seconds of fame last year. Someone pointed it out and pixie raged and blocked them lmao

No. 213112

There's rules about cowtipping, you guys shouldn't be posting info from here on her and her friends accounts, get a freaking grip pullfags

No. 213118

If belle actually wanted to go viral again her next stunt should be filming herself going into a tesco and licking an apple then putting it back (faked obviously so shes not sued) people ate up the rumours that she spread herpes in the bathwater

No. 213126

File: 1652736615789.jpeg (93.52 KB, 828x213, 0EB8D565-C43C-44F4-A2CA-D3015B…)

Another one of Belle’s ploys to get people talking about her crusty ass. She prob got this idea from reddit scrotes asking if she has a sister and this guy making a video about Alice Delish saying she’s Belle’s “sister” becuse of how much she resembled Belle. Lol at him using a pre plastic surgery pic of Alice

No. 213128

I commented 'Hiiii Connie!' On kt.mcd__'s newest TikTok, as well as 'does your big sis Belle like MCR, too?' On another

… and got blocked.

Confirmed, it's her.(cowtipping)

No. 213134

Bots, people can tell the bot what to say and they create fake engagement for influencers. People have noticed some Youtubers do this, most people just read like 12 comments max while scrolling and won't realize it's botted

No. 213135

Literally never heard that rumor

No. 213153

It’s a quote from Star Wars which is used as a meme

No. 213158

Lol at least one of you picked that up

No. 213162


No. 213170

This thread would be good if there weren't so many retards. Pretending to have a sister is milky af and people say it’s “smart and creative” and start posting people that have nothing to do with it.

No. 213171

I cant believe shes deleted all the milk, why did everyone have to expose her so fast.

Atleast its confirmed she reads her thread… rip her mental health.

No. 213172

Peak scrote humour is posting the same quote on a thots Instagram that you can clearly see has already been quoted by hundreds of others. They’re like sheep.

No. 213173

You’re another retard. It does not confirm that she reads the threads. She deleted it because it was a dumb idea and she chickened out. It was so obvious she did not have a sister so how is posting it here “exposing” her?

No. 213195

We already knew she didn't have a real sister. There was nothing to expose. It was just another stunt.

No. 213222

Belles siblings arent even milk, i feel bad for them if she has any. Imagine your sister being a flop

No. 213223

i don't even think she has any, she has only ever mentioned her parents, she talked a bit about her childhood on cold ones but never mentioned siblings

No. 213224

Imagine paying £100k a year for ivf and you get belle… Id ask for a refund

No. 213226

not to wk but yeah her 'comebacks' have been a flop and she isn't getting the attention like she used to but overall she has made tons of money from trolling and selling bathwater, so i wouldn't class her as a flop all together

No. 213228

She never actually sold the bathwater kek do you think british post offices let you mail biohazard internationally??!

No. 213238

Yeah I think she only sent it to influencers, it's pretty easy to mark an item as "sold out" on your ecommerce store without actually selling any. It was also just plain tapwater.

No. 213243

If you look at the instagram hashtag for conniedelphine there is a sole post from someone who also pointed out it was a 22 year old friend, idk if that person is a farmer but clearly Belle noticed her "sister" had been rumbled instantly and deleted it.

Belle's Instagram is so weird, many carefully posed and edited photos pretending to be a teen in a bedroom. She's finally got decent human hair wigs and she says in one photo she went back to pink hair (is wearing a wig) then switched back to brown hair in the most recent photo.
The photoshoots seem so disjointed to be posted back to back, like she planned on posting these photos over a longer time period where it would make more sense and pass as organic content, but is instead rushing them all out with 2 days in between each one.
Maybe she has something she needs to fund so she's doing a very rushed revival. Pics get 200-300k average likes but I haven't dug through them to see if it's all bots.

No. 213256

I just want to see hows shes gonna get out of the corner shes backed herself into, shes lost her touch with her weird stunts. Also as someone whos a few years younger than her she comes across really awkward and peter pan-ish and she never gets trends or memes quite right like some industry plant directed by middle aged men

No. 213260

I actually would have loved to see the shenanigans of belle and connie delphine kek
Her friend legit looks just like her

No. 213264

Why is this thread tagged with #8? There was also this thread: >>>/w/165079

No. 213265

Because belle spergs have brain rot

No. 213268

File: 1652818548014.jpg (137.6 KB, 750x728, KAI.jpg)

Katie's unedited look and Belle

No. 213269

File: 1652818672209.jpg (248.43 KB, 750x1179, katie.jpg)

She made her Instagram private.

No. 213271

They both have that ugly inbred smile with the fiancé gums, must be a kent thing

No. 213272

Katie deserves her own thread

No. 213287

Giving these losers threads just makes them feel relevant and controversial

No. 213290

Anon pls the shenanigans were just going to be designed to hustle cash out of coomers who love incest between sisters.

No. 213299

Does anyone think Belle will be at MCM London comic con next weekend like last year October?

No. 213322


I don't think she deleted because it was a flop. I think Kate asked her to take it down. Why? Because she actually has something to lose, has a life unlike Belle. Friends, probably parents, just graduated from school, a good reputation,in a modeling agency. People are already coming down hard on her. I think it would do her life more harm than good to be associated with Belle and she's seeing that. I think it flopped because Kate isn't used to being exposed like that when Belle is. People are already coming after her. Her accounts have been privated and the Connie accounts have now been made without posts and bios. She backed out, my money is on that. And of course Belle would have to take it down, Kate is a part of their friend group and probably even closer to them than she is.(learn2sage)

No. 213325

They're all degenerates though, you wouldn't associate with someone who's famous for sticking dildos up their ass in front of millions unless you were fine with that. She posed for photos and probably already filmed a porn with her if anon's are guessing right.

No. 213333

no she doesn't

No. 213337

That thread is full

No. 213342

Sounds plausible, she didn’t like the attention and couldn’t deal with it. Not everyone wants to be an attention whore pickme like Belle

No. 213351

NTA but what they are saying is this thread we are in right now is numbered wrong. This is thread #9 but OP fucked up and put #8.

No. 213353

Proof of brain rot right there

No. 213356

she wouldn't have been involved in this at all if she wasn't an attention starved pick-me. It just backfired and she can't take the heat.

No. 213387

It is funny how she already made a subreddit and onlyfans account for "Connie". I wonder why Katie chickened out. Didn't she know Belle was generally hated and got stalked a lot?

All of her friends are sex workers and she pretended to be the barely legal sister of Belle to make porn with her. She is a lolcow just like Belle. If anything she is even worse because she just graduated and she could have a decent life with good reputation.

No. 213397

Belle has probably manipulated her into wanting to do it, making her think it’s anything other than soul destroying. We always knew she would grow up to be a madam and this is her first attempt. She’s a groomer.

No. 213411

What if belle used her friend as a stand in and belle or her ugly cuck we’re actually the one behind the Connie accounts? Wouldn’t be hard to pretend to be someone else and make an account, especially since the photos are already edited.(this is the Belle thread)

No. 213416

insane tinfoil

No. 213456

She was barely noticed then so maybe she will try again

She got so boring jc

No. 213527

Last seen May 12 on Katie's Connie OnlyFans account, she was planning to be a sex worker even before she made Connie persona public. She's a lolcow.

No. 213528

File: 1652950124633.png (63.12 KB, 734x581, Connie.png)

Maybe Belle put an end to that after getting jealous of the attention Katie got. Belle's incel fans loved how Connie looked more and most of her retarded fans prefer "teens".

These are from Belle's own subreddit.(derailing)

No. 213533

I dont think belles the jealous type, surely she knew that scrotes would prefer her prettier, younger, bleach blonde sister

No. 213539

File: 1652959048233.png (116.6 KB, 350x349, SiveAppearance.png)

Pewdiepie made fun of Sive in his last video for simping for Belle again.

Why are all Belle simps ugly losers with no confidence?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213541

Because real men like real women kek

No. 213545

Fags that look like this are the ones subbing, buying her merch and spamming marketing genius! And Belle is so smart! In every fucking video and post

No. 213551

Connie is a common girls name in the UK you schizo

No. 213556

Those aren't even her fans

No. 213559

Nobody WK like the person who camps out in all the belle threads kek
I've truly never seen anything like it in any other thread(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213563

Literally never met any one called connie and ive lived here my whole life

No. 213565

Yay, useless social media posts that give no milk

No. 213581

Can anyone see the last time belle posted on her secret fb ‘bonnie wabbit’ ? Stinky slag blocked me

No. 213623

KEK They literally said her pretending to have a sister was “pretty smart”. They are delusional I swear to god.

No. 213629

I've seen it in the Nicole Eevee Davis and himeahri thread too kek. I'm pretty convinced that it's the cows camping their own threads(hi cow)

No. 213633

File: 1652983861855.jpg (141.74 KB, 592x1836, 20220519_104615.jpg)

Crazy how the white knight is allowed to run rampant on every thread and they never get banned. Things that make you go hmmmmm(complaints go in /meta/)

No. 213810

I think she will especially with some of these anime youtubers attending next week i.e TheAnimeMan, Gigguk, CDawgVA

No. 213882

All of her desperate stunts fail for a "marketing genius". She just embarrasses herself at this point.

She blocks anyone asking about "her sister".

No. 213884

surprised she started following kiwisunset/kiwithesmoll on twit, i think it was right after the creator clash. i would think she’d seethe at the thought of a shorter/younger ethot getting attention. but i think its after she saw shes hanging out w critikal.

No. 213906

JoeyB mentions Belle in his newest vid (4:23), other than him believing in Belle's fake light bulb stunt I enjoyed watching him rip into her

No. 213969

File: 1653127197283.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 2296x1440, 20220514_084959.jpg)

Belle wont ever be as skinny as me. At least suck in ur gut when u pose belle. Sheesh. Ur gross. Ppl only like u bc ur filters. Unfiltered ur an ugly out of shape swine foid like 10k ehogs before you. get like me. Skinny. Fuck u uggo fat slut. Y'all CANNOT tell me belle isnt ugly and chubby. She is yall r whiteknighting(a-log)

No. 213972

You're sucking in so hard that your skirt doesn't fit anymore and that outfit is really bad. Don't mix busy patterns like that.

No. 213973

Whatever helps u cope fattypatty. Some ppl have SELF DISCIPLINE and dont eat like a bloated hippo 24 7 like belle prob does. Just bc ur slim doesnt mean u suck in

No. 213974

Just a hunch anon, but I don’t think Belle cares about her weight as much as you do.
Take your meds.

No. 213975

You're sucking in but even then belle has a thinner waist and she has an average body at best. You just have a very unfortunate build that even angles, sucking in and strategic photos can't hide how weirdly wide you are.

No. 213976

She clearly doesnt. If she cared shed be skinny in shape and wouldn't have to cling to meitu and shoopforce one

No. 213977

Kek. Not sucking in and um no belles waist isnt 24/25in. Mine is. If i ever saw her irl shed wind up like that equally ugly lardo biance devins. She really shld get murdered. Not jokin

No. 213979

You're sucking in in every picture and if you measured yourself while doing that, you're even fatter than I thought you were. Go on a diet bitch.
>24-25 inch
Isn't this M in European countries? Do you think you're thin because you're American and everyone around you is obese? Kek.
Post a front facing photo with outdoor sucking in if you're really not obese. You can't. You know you'll always be fat and ugly.

No. 213980

Hahaha stop talking about belle. she knows shes ugly fat and cant dance to save her life. Haha inches u cuck. R E A D

No. 213981

Not sucking in but ok….someone cant cope that someone works out and eats whole not processed murican shit

No. 213982

wtf, that's the most warped shit i've ever seen. You have some cheek claiming she shoops when your photo is a stretched out dumpster fire of clashing patterns and low self-esteem.
This is not about Belle as I see your deranged ass posting in other threads too, this is definitely a you problem, get help.

No. 213983

Ur best help is thru a noose nonnie

No. 213985

Nta but I agree. She's definitely not thin and even though she shoops and sucks, she somehow ends up looking fatter than chubby belle. She also never posts photos of her body from front, it's always some weird angle in an effort to make herself look smaller but never works.
She knows she's too fat for proana sites so comes here to feel thinner by mocking cows. Sad.

No. 213991

The amount of fat fucks trying to cope by tearing down actual fit ppl is astonishing. Belle is fat. Anon is skinnier and you all can find a ledge. 3 hrs of running add Muscle to ur legs. But how wld fat foids like u know that?

No. 213992

U can see my ribs. Belles u cant. Im skinniet fuck off(eat some fucking bread)

No. 213993

You're too dumb. Everyone can tell this is you defending yourself because of your writing style.
I literally can't see your ribs if you don't suck your huge belly in. If you were actually thin, you'd go hang out with anorexic girls but surely they dont accept lingerie fatties like you so you come here to cope instead.

No. 213995

Kek the amount of belle white knights here is defining. Y'all need a gym. Get up 3am workout till 7am. Thats how u dont end up fat like belle. Haha so funny u all stil think its sucking it. Bc u cant cope someone actually WORKS to be fit. Wow. such delusional fucktards

No. 213996

>has tree trunk fat legs
>says she works out
Sure jan. Learn to suck in your legs next, xoxo.

No. 213997

Still notsure whr everyone is obsessed with twig legs thats isnt hollywood ideal

No. 213998

Show me one model with thick short legs like yours. I'll wait.

No. 214000

Its called photoshop. At least im not fat like belle. Puhleasee….they photoshop most the models to look twiggy sure some are naturally but man…the 90s wants u back anon

No. 214006

File: 1653137879674.jpeg (785.22 KB, 828x1579, E4C649AE-BDFC-4E33-8065-98C4B5…)

Lol at Anons falling for the obvious troll. This fag posted the same thing in the Nicole thread not too long ago

No. 214007

Someone ban this retard

No. 214011

I love how he implies Belle is retarded and calls what she does as "degrading herself" instead of calling her a "genius". Earning from incels by doing porn and cringy shit isn't genius just because you con people and retarded basement dwellers think that's trolling.

This failed comeback is going horribly for Belle. She should give up already.

No. 214014

Why are the meanest ana-chans always the average or chubby ones? Also wtf are those jeans? Why does all of her outfits look like she found them from garbage?

No. 214021

Only degenerates praise her behavior

No. 214026

belle flopped so hard i feel embarassed for her, her tweets don't even get a third of the numbers they used to do even when she shakes her non existant ass and turkey sandwich looking pussy. she's washed up and needs to quit and get a real job, no need to degrade herself further after the horrid porn she put out

No. 214028

it's the ed twitter faggots invading because summer is close and school will be over soon

No. 214062

What the actual fuck is this thread

No. 214063

I find it so strange because belle is gen z but her humour and personality is like a millennial, if i didnt know she was 22 i would genuinely think shes 30-31 lmao

No. 214072

I’m guessing it’s cause she hung around older people ala the online groomer emo groups she was a part of

No. 214073

File: 1653152510371.jpeg (148.88 KB, 828x758, 533B3561-02D8-448B-9284-2D5FBA…)

Keking so hard at this hideous artwork some bellefag made

No. 214075

The proportions looks really wrong but i think thats just what her face looks like

No. 214092

I know exactly what you mean, I was shocked in this thread when people were saying she was in her early 20s. All that surgery has definitely prematurely aged her, and her humor/style is dated, I definitely thought she was 28 - 30.

No. 214116

Christ, her plastic surgery is horrifying.

Also, I am confused how anyone can deny she pedobaits at this point? How much mental gymnastics do you have to do to convince yourself that she isn't pandering to lolicon coomers? She is cosplaying as characters who are straight up children, not even aged up versions of them. God, I haye Belle and her disgusting fanbase so fucking much.

No. 214121

She can’t get a real job. Who the fuck would hire her? She’s not even finished secondary school and her disgusting rape and pedo bait porn is all over the internet forever.

No. 214125

To my knowledge she actually interviewed for one job in hove so she may have applied for others

No. 214126

She applied to a uk chain pet shop in 2016 but wasn’t successful not sure if it was to do with her lack of gcse’s or if she just was too young. Maybe she would be successful if she applied now?

No. 214137

Honestly this troll anon needs a thread I'm loving the content

No. 214138

Naaaaahh anon Belle and her degen followers say she’s set for life. She’s a marketing genius and so smart for putting all her eggs in the pornstar e-sex worker basket!

No. 214139

Josh is 30 iirc which explains a lot, the Britney posters and you wouldn't steal a car reference in her Youtube video/ad is clear millennial. Belle was a literal baby when this stuff was happening, there's no way it would even be part of her memories. So the "marketing genius" is her scrote.

Also pretty sure now they've been botting their comments this whole time and Josh was the one who planted the "marketing genius" line in the first place. You see the same two comments over and over in her latest video, and the same one comment with her failed "sister" post.

No. 214142

Even the pepe meme stuff that was in like 2010… belle was like 11

No. 214143

This is me tinfoiling but maybe she’s lying about her age? She could actually be in her mid 20s she had no problem lying about her friends age so there might be a possibility.

No. 214166

Its plausible, she never looked that young in the photos from 2017 where she would have been 15/16, also explains how she legally left school at 14 if thats actually when she graduated

No. 214185

I accept this tinfoil. Could be a shit meme among her fans but I noticed the same pattern. Iirc there was a discussion in an old thread about Belle/Josh possibly buying likes and comments to inflate their engagement. Wouldn't be surprised if that helped her reach in the first place.

No. 214189

This could also explain why she could easily move out even though she allegedly was under 18.
Plus wasn't there this scandal of her having an account at some erotic websites where she said she was 18,sending nudes to scrotes of other girls?

No. 214203

That wasn't even an erotic website, it was facebook lol, she sent the images of herself and other girls in the DMs and then claimed she accidentally uploaded other people's photos along with her own (screenshots are in an old thread somewhere)
But I disagree with anons thinking she's older, two years or so wouldn't make her understand these extremely millennial references any better, it's definitely Josh's doing.

No. 214205

Belle’s next stunt can be her age reveal

No. 214206

She's not older than she says. jfc

No. 214225

Legit it's just a moid shitting up every thread with low quality bait. I can't believe there's nonnies responding sincerely to it.

No. 214227

anon i…

No. 214229

Agree. She's more delusional than belle. She's an average size and thinks she's the skinniest bitch, wears those weird clothes she says are designer but literally looks like she dumpster dived to find. Perhaps she's one of the usual vendettafags and when she gets redtexted, she ban evades to have these schizo meltdowns.

No. 214232

Um, no? Pepe was most popular in 2015-16

No. 214263

Did you even read?

No. 214267

This age sperging makes no sense. Internet culture is just that. Age doesn't matter when you ask have moids Pepe posting in 2022. A lot of her stuff isn't timecapsuled.

No. 214352

It does make sense, how was she legally allowed to not attend compulsory education and leave home in her early teens? Shes always had a grown up look for her age till recently

No. 214398

UK isn't US and emancipation let's you leave home

No. 214408

Who even gets emancipated unless theyre a child star… how could she possibly support herself on a babysitter wage

No. 214411

Anon, she's as old as she says. Unless you have some kind of proof about it, its not true. Sound like the idiot who keeps insisting bishoujomom is almost 40.

No. 214483

And I've also lived here my whole life and know two girls named Connie so what's your point

No. 214521

I think it’s more of a common name in America. I’ve only ever known a dog named Connie kek.

No. 214546

No. 214556

File: 1653312315581.jpg (305.87 KB, 715x699, Screenshot_20220523-084846_Ins…)


No. 214557

i'm from the uk and have known of a few connies, one was actually constance kek

No. 214560

Comeback content is so boring

No. 214561

why yikes?

No. 214564

What's wrong with it? She can just take cute photos. That might be her new catch.

No. 214567

why does she always grab her nasty ass shoes in the pictures?

No. 214570

nothing cute about this lewd photo where she is dressed like a teen and her t-shirt says "slut"

No. 214573

>might be her new catch
Kek she’s been doing the same thing for how long now? Keep trying to shield her. Your kween is dried up and she knows it

No. 214575

File: 1653319505225.jpeg (525.34 KB, 629x957, 0464C256-06B7-40B0-8329-4869C6…)

Oh ffs

No. 214576

Eww the maga meme is so stale

No. 214577

File: 1653319765183.jpeg (1017.55 KB, 3464x3464, ECAFF5DF-52C5-4455-911A-0A17B6…)

Twins!(autistic nitpick)

No. 214578

No one was defending her.

No. 214579

File: 1653320412909.jpg (264.72 KB, 621x681, Screenshot_20220523-084859_Ins…)

The shirt literally says "slut"

No. 214580

Regarding the photo being normal otherwise, anon. It's not outright sexual like her other photos.

No. 214582

sexual and explicit are different. this is pedobait, it's meant to attract creeps. do you think these photos are innocent?

No. 214583

That's kinda cute actually lmao. A friend of mine called her Ratoncita when I said that I thought she was pretty.

No. 214593

is she wearing a wig

No. 214595

I think so bc her hairline isnt naturally that low/straight, its more of a manly receding hairline

No. 214603

File: 1653324876316.jpg (Spoiler Image, 322.13 KB, 720x814, Screenshot_20220523-125313_Twi…)

Kek isn't half of Twitter minors? Choose your words wisely Belle

No. 214607

Anon, she doesn't mean minors. Jfc that's such a creepy way to nitpick this.

No. 214609

You’re still boring as fuck Belle

No. 214611

what happened to her bf. does this mean they broke up or sth lol. stupid hoe gave her money to him and he just ditched her after the internet saw her pussy

No. 214613

I doubt they broke up, she needs someone to take her pics and run her Belle Delphine persona and he needs money. Without her bf she cannot be Belle Delphine.

No. 214614

She could still be doing this stuff and with him, doesn't really matter when it comes to being a thot. Just because she isn't parading around with him doesn't mean they aren't together. Also guys pay more when it looks like you're single and as long as money comes in, I doubt he gives a shit.

No. 214619

>>214556 You'd think she'd want everybody to forget about her embarrassing clips of her slurping on a banana and giving really shit head that she got obliterated for

I think it's a stretch to assume she broke up with Josh but I think she could be pretending he's out the picture to get people talking or she thinks her OF took a hit because of him. She's yet to post any semi-professional level photo shoot pics since her comeback which are the photos he would take of her and all of her content has been selfies or could have been taken by a friend

Could be that they just got lazy. He got the money in the end, why bother brainstorming for her any more. So, maybe Belle came back but Josh didn't

No. 214629

if they broke up it explains why her content sucks rn and it's mostly just her posting selfies now. i feel kinda bad for her cause i feel like she got groomed by josh into doing porn/onlyfans. she literally said he had been there since the beginning of belle delphine and now that he got half her money he ditched

No. 214638

Kek, how is that a nitpick

He was always a cuck, why are you surprised now?

No. 214652

Nah josh and belle are still together. They’re goofing around on the fake profile on fb(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214663

File: 1653343722481.jpeg (593.34 KB, 640x808, 4161D2B5-C8E4-4F27-B21B-7793E2…)

Just noticed her boobs seem natural here. Unless she’s photoshopping out her boob job because it was turning off her pedo fans(boob nitpicking)

No. 214684

I think she’s just got a lot of unreleased photos that she’s releasing arbitrarily now. Her weight also is fluctuating a lot in them.

No. 214709

Yeah agreed, you can tell they are taken at different times, she's probably been taking them over the last year and spamming them all now for some reason

No. 214734

Gain weight- take ass and boob pics “IM NOT FLAT!!1!1!!1” lose weight- take pedo pandering pics “uwu look at my flat chest i love old men ~~”

No. 214750

is that a teething necklace??

No. 214754

I mean it looks like ettt julia fox voice

No. 214770

how does she have so much money but her place and interior is disgusting?

No. 214775

Y2K is in right now and especially Britney due to the whole FreeBritney movement. It's trendy again, in particular among teen girls and young adults who were indeed babies at the time it was truly popular. For many that's part of the appeal of this revival; they were too young to participate at the time it was new, so now they're trying to relive it in their own way. Also the "you wouldn't download a…" meme isn't that old. A lot of memes repurpose much older references and become popular as such. It was also still used on a lot of DVDs she might have watched when she was little. Some anons are so autistic, I swear

No. 214776

>how does she have so much money
Spoiler:She doesn't.

No. 214778

Who cares? She can print photos of Britney out. It's not that deep to nitpick her age when she's just taking photos.

No. 214779

no that is a knuckle ring thing idk what it’s called, looks like something i recall from hot topic in 2010. it’s a scene thing.

No. 214786

didn't she make hundreds thousands? given how many coomers there are, i assumed her stuff sold,unless she blew it all

No. 214802

I mean she makes enough to live comfortably as it seems but shes no where near loaded with cash, i think she said she was saving most of it for retirement before 30

No. 214808

The house she has now looks different than the one a few years back, the area of Brighton/Hove 2 bedroom houses are probably minimum £300-500k. I’m imagining she bought a house rather than renting now but she no way made 1 million per month and now has a home that looks like that unless she was in London

No. 214810

File: 1653414609530.jpg (50.83 KB, 1024x826, 1640934781896.jpg)


This doc was posted in the last thread. If this is real, she was 6 million in the hole last year in Feb that had to be paid within a year. Wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't have millions still, not to mention the kind of interest this would rack up.

No. 214835

I actually feel bad for her, this failed online career isnt the same as a youtube channel turned dead, its worse, her fannys on the internet for life and her mums stopped talking to her

No. 214837

Belles simps arguing about her implants lol
They claim she’s a natural pure girl
https://forum.thotsbay.com/threads/belle-delphine-simp-chat.18069/page-101#post-440525(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 214840

Again, this doc looks bullshit like last time too. There's zero reason why these financial statements, or any of the docs in these papers, with no other explanation to this one, would be public. This isn't proof of anything and didn't matter. Making money is still making money, even if she spends it ask that's what actors do all the time. Rich people do that all the time.

No. 214842

I thought so too but after a google search it’s found here https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/11633830

No. 214851

There are no men on that website… Literally who cares about NEET pedofags?

No. 214853

You know those are normally public information, right? How old are you?

No. 214876

Post the link

No. 214881

highly likely that her implants were put thru the nipple, which i assume is why shes not showing them. either theyre healing or jts made obvious that they look fake with the nips showing.

No. 214882

it's literally a few posts up

No. 214890

fr, she'd be better off not even starting porn to begin with. marketing genius my ass.

No. 214894

File: 1653449073256.png (492.63 KB, 803x488, Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 11.2…)

Yes, it's called a brass knuckle/knuckle duster and you can buy jewelry with them on it from most goth/scene/alt fashion shops.

No. 214898

There's barely info here.. wtf

No. 214922

Are you actually retarded or just 12?

No. 214929

Post the other pages, anon onmy posted page 2. Not clicking a link and other anons shouldn't either. This is an imageboard.

No. 214936

File: 1653478998592.jpeg (66.15 KB, 960x1431, 3ED1C314-F563-42B0-AC58-A9016F…)

The other pages are basically empty and only tell us that one employee works for the company.

No. 214938

That's literally no info.. Doesn't prove its Belle. No names, no nothing.

No. 214955

She’s listed as sole director of the company(doxx)

No. 214956

Stop derailing because you don't know how to read and how things work for companies, retard.

No. 214957

>gov.uk website prodiving what should be public information
>Company is named Belle Delphine
>Directors are Mary-Belle Kirschner and resigned Joshua John Gray

Retarded Belle WK: There's no info here! This is not Belle's company! Looks like bullshit why would these be public!

No. 214965

Learn to post all the info. No one is WKing her by pointing out lack of names and information in >>214936 and >>214810

This thread isn't autosaged, so obviously anons haven't seen the posts before.

No. 214966

One of the wise anons,break this down for me. So the numbers mean…. what? This didn't say gross income or spendatures. How is this information on what's going on financially with her? Also why is this named as a different company?

If its the same, why the 2 names unless anons want to claim she has 2 businesses now.

No. 214970

the info has all been posted and discussed before. learn how to read the thread and quit acting like a newfag that needs to be spoon fed.

No. 214975

Oy those 2 pages have. Why are the company names different and again, the papers give no real info. There is no gain, profit, loss.. this is just shareholder info and assets. This doesn't even say how much she earned overall for the year. Seriously anon. These posts make no readable sense. In the other thread, no sense either just shittalking about josh. So no, these were not discussed and dissected.

No. 215013

Stop… the address is near me…. Should i visit the house lmaoooo(no)

No. 215037

No. What are you, 12? Don't bother asking your mommy to drive you there.

No. 215104

I'm with you, I have no idea what the fuck I'm looking at here. I have no doubt that Belle has a pretty substantial amount of money from her OF and other ventures, but I doubt it is millions in liquid assets. She probably bought a nice property somewhere in the UK, a lot of clothes, and that's about it. My question is why is she posting so many photos from random points in time over the last year, and deleting shit like the Connie reveal? It seems like she's spiraling for some reason, like trying to raise some quick $ or test out ideas and then delete them if they don't get the response she wants?

No. 215117

There is zero info at all. I dont know what anons are even posting this for. The two different pages are different names too.

No. 215127

She flopped so hard and produced so little milk it really is the end for her

No. 215152

So she is a regular e-thot now, just with more haters than fans. Not a troll queen after actual porn and not a marketing genius after falling off. I would feel bad for her if she didn't make pedobait rape porn. It's amusing to watch her struggle with this comeback.

No. 215155

she's literally in a sea of copycat thots now. it's amazing.

No. 215172

File: 1653519147396.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 704.58 KB, 1242x995, 02C8F5BA-3D50-4010-AD07-0E3C95…)

No. 215178

I think she had a few sessions/personas ready and wanted to slowly reveal them to provide her fans with something new each month, but she didn't receive as much attention as she wanted so she is posting all of the sets in hopes of some of them working and making her lusted after again.

No. 215182

She still has almost 50k on most of her Twitter posts, she's to popular and a way bigger following than most thots outside of bishoujo.

No. 215213

Wow! What a marketing genius!

No. 215238


Her face is edited and blurred to oblivion in all her new photos

No. 215241

File: 1653543450572.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 574.75 KB, 1653x1424, 0A9C9EB3-622D-41FF-AFC8-F29031…)

Wtf is that

No. 215242

File: 1653543497834.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 378.74 KB, 1084x626, 76AE25CB-0848-446E-B93F-C2B457…)

(unsaged nitpick)

No. 215243

>>215242 She looks like such a normal, plain British girl

No. 215251

She has perfectly calculated the exact angle of the head tilt to maximise incel attention, and that nipple poking through her ratty pink wig? That’s akin to Michelangelo’s genius with his marble carvings. Most e whores would just have their titties out but she’s just far too intelligent for that. I bet this one grainy selfie earned more money than a loser junior doctor makes in a year. If only all females where as smart as her and maybe we wouldn’t need feminism.

No. 215260

File: 1653564923114.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 274.5 KB, 828x934, 3ACE99C9-8E85-47A4-A14C-2AB602…)

I actually liked belle at one point, she was just a weird internet person who had pink hair and liked japanese things, now its clear shes so desperately sexualising herself but her fame is mostly gone and theres nothing clever about what shes doing, shes just another thot in a sea of scrote pandering whorebags

No. 215261

she was literally never what you described. I knew her irl way back before she had this persona when she was friends with Anastasia May, Vee3rdEye etc and she was always an attention whore with no real interests of her own.

No. 215273

Sure you did, also, No1currs

No. 215282

Yes anon. We know you hate her fans calling her a genius. Calm down about it already. You don't need to make a post about it constantly. Do you literally have any other commentary ever?

No. 215339

The fuck is this pose and expression supposed to be kek. No nitpicking intended, she has become a caricature of herself

No. 215359

Even when she was a literal who on facebook she was still thirst trapping in bad ebay cosplays, she was a cow in the making and you probably just had rose colored glasses on.

No. 215399

File: 1653601642760.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 199.59 KB, 828x1079, C4C330CD-5322-4495-88AD-7C05C5…)

Is she done marketing herself as thick? She is tall and slender but has tried to brand herself as being curvy even making lyrics about having “thick thighs and a big ass” in one of her music videos, don’t know why.

No. 215405

File: 1653603336759.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 653.17 KB, 1170x1748, FB45383A-7F50-43C0-934D-30D03F…)

No she’s not done kek

No. 215408

tinfoil: she got a labiaplasty

No. 215423

File: 1653609259457.png (Spoiler Image, 536.94 KB, 757x523, unknown-3.png)

She is neither thin nor thick just average and can't decide which version she likes more to Photoshop.
This is closer to her real body

No. 215427

What? Her labia looks the same

No. 215450

Love people in the comments saying it's because she will fart KEK

No. 215490

File: 1653667202855.png (3.13 MB, 1526x1240, Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 11.5…)

this looks like a shopped photo they were gonna use for "connie" that's being recycled on belles ig(not milk)

No. 215491

her incision was most likely done through areolas that's why she doesn't show her nips lol

No. 215494

I think Belle uses the wig now. Connie photos were also edited but they kept Katie's green eyes.

It's sad this looked better on "Connie" though.

No. 215496

Yeah “connie” was actually so much prettier than belle kek, makes sense why she backtracked but i feel a bit bad for her, poor insecure girl.

No. 215502

File: 1653674862960.jpeg (284.88 KB, 828x982, 56A8128E-4923-499F-83BB-4E8A05…)

Classic belle using a dead social media platform for her autistic millenial sperging

No. 215503

Eww she looks just like a smelly cex employee in that photo

No. 215506

I wish i was her manager, i bet she would go viral again if she suddenly turned super political because people eat up influencers sharing unsolicited political opinions

No. 215508

Please stop fantasizing about Belle, that’s weird of you.

No. 215534

Why do you retards keep saying this? She's not British, she's South African.

No. 215551

Her mother’s British

No. 215569

File: 1653688419511.jpeg (62.8 KB, 609x406, C238B9D4-0DE2-467F-AEC9-47E52C…)

tinfoil but it wouldnt suprise me if shes lying about the south african thing, she had a die antwoord phase and she takes a lot of inspo from the style

No. 215577

Read before sperging. She looks like a typical britfag

Idk, it's not that farfetched and she'd probably play it up if she made it up

No. 215585

This looks like everything thots wear though and have since 2010s. Antwood isn't the creator of this style. She follows kawaii style herself. She doesn't own it or made it popular in the UK.

No. 215605

I swear white people who say they are from South America thinks it makes them seem special. And I doubt Belle is from South America

No. 215631

who the hell is into this stuff and would pay 35 dollars to see her naked ass in this scenario? men in their thirties who want to revive their teenage years? it's their unfulfilled fantasy? i don't get her trying to appeal to certain people if it's just one session and she is not going to regularly deliver to them.

No. 215632

File: 1653707388769.png (147.09 KB, 1275x1275, map-south-africa.png)

South AFRICA, retard

No. 215645

South America? Kek

No. 215660

>most brits are english heritage
>most south africans are english heritage
that's probably why.

No. 215661


Not tinfoil, her nationality is British. Unless UK government is lying kek(doxx)

No. 215662

It could be another lie to hide her identity or make herself look more unique.

She lied about her nudes, her OF content, her income, her mother being a lewd model, having a good relationship with her mom, being single, getting arrested and even having a sister. She lies constantly about her life, idk why you guys trust anything that pathological liar says.

No. 215668

No. 215669

She never said her mom was a lewd model. She did she was a model and she was for commercial (not like tv retards) model for products. She was in things like bus ads.

No. 215686

>Model for bus ads

No. 215688

She actually does have a brother or could be half brother but he lives in germany

No. 215693

She had one ad for plastic surgery.

No. 215770

File: 1653771779845.jpeg (501.28 KB, 827x1028, DB59FC26-DCA5-49DE-A196-BD7F3E…)

Shes so BORING and milkless, shes lost anything interesting about her with this new girl next door brown haired teen bitch persona, atleast with the weird pink egg cracking bathwater girl persona seemed so surreal like a social experiment

No. 215771

File: 1653771886437.jpeg (426.17 KB, 827x814, 4A8D8E7E-A716-4CC9-BB04-E98527…)

Why are all her shoots in the woods/ fields nowadays?? Is she trying to pull a katie hopkins stunt

No. 215772

Her body is so top heavy kek

No. 215774

Her hair looks nice here

No. 215789

It’s super obvious that someone is managing her Twitter and Instagram. The Facebook is exactly like belle was before her fame. Extremely boring lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 215791

If I had to guess what’s the deal with this newer persona it’s likely her just trying to create a new zeitgeist. She’s got so many clones of the OG weirdo loli anime Belle memelord, so maybe this is what she/her BF thinks will take off next. I think it’s funny she seems to be aging up her agere persona too kek, now its more 15 year old LARP. Better than 10 year old I guess.

No. 215797

She looks the same, she never liked 10 or 15. Get help.

No. 215815

are you newfags forgetting she wa doxxed and her dad is south african? It's all public record
skin blur working overtime in these

No. 215844

Her dad moved to South Africa but he isn't South African

No. 215868

File: 1653825640019.jpg (1.15 MB, 1527x1440, 20220521_163145.jpg)

im still ALOT skinnier than this mutant fat ass. come. on. for the whiteknight cuck who ssid shes "slender" UR FUCKING NUTS. doubtnshe ever works out. she prob gorges like a hog hence the gunt. thats skinny thats beauty not BELLELARDOFATASS.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 215870

Get help freak

No. 215871

i believe its belle aka fat fuck barfine who needs help and the ppl who pay her for her UNIDEAL UNHOLLYWOOD IMPERFECT body. sge shld develope an ed or go to a fat farm. i hear they have great ones in the UK funded by the NHS

No. 215872

fix your fucking nails gross

No. 215873

She steals those photos from Tumblr, just report and move on.

No. 215973

Are you allergic to matching clothes or something?

No. 215991

File: 1653857060729.jpeg (322.82 KB, 828x1250, 544F3135-18AE-4EE9-B2B4-3523CE…)

Dusty photo of belle thats shooped to oblivion, also what the hell is that caption jesus christ

No. 215992

>even if its just rewatching your favourite youtube video
Kek at her trying to get people to watch her youtube, porn funds must be all dried up

No. 216011

she could have at least shooped those crusty black caveman feet

No. 216025

Probably trying to fix her image after last year's dumpster fire. She wants to be the internet's sweetheart. She got lucky in the past but it's like she tries to pander to too many specific demographics at once, I think that's what landed her in trouble ultimately and made her take a break.

No. 216044

Her feet looks dirty and the black nail polish isn’t helping

No. 216087

Shes clueless about which niche to pander for as her first shot at fame was a fluke

No. 216088

She went from shock value gross porn, to pretending to be an innocent indie girl who loves nature

No. 216154

Looks like that might be her real hair. Is this chapter gonna be her Connie larping phase

No. 216157

KEK shes now a connie skinwalker

-oh the irony-

No. 216192

File: 1653938755309.jpeg (40.41 KB, 633x355, 0C951F46-7380-4E7C-829D-CDB34A…)

She claims to have posted 2,000 photos on her /OF/ this month??! She must be really struggling financially poor desperate hoebag

No. 216217

File: 1653949073598.png (138.64 KB, 1080x732, Screenshot_20220529-210836.png)

is she still dating Josh??? why does she want to Collab with a male pornstar???

No. 216221

File: 1653950353727.jpg (3.9 MB, 3072x4096, Itsawigg.jpg)

This is clearly a wig. Either full human hair or half human half synthetic, I think her new wigs look quite nice honestly… Its very obvious though even in "connies" selfies because of the overly plucked and powdered hairline, not to mention Katie went right back to her regular hair the day after their connie stint since all she did was throw on belles hair hat and probably some of her clothes to take those pics before getting cold feet kek but the wig is hardly milky.anyway on another note her roommate, pixie, was just posting a few days ago how someone was taking (likely rude and ugly) candid pics of her in her own home and sharing them to a group chat, this person is apparently single now. I wonder if she's not vague posting about belle. All tinfoil ofc.. Other farmers were speculating if she is single now too because of her weird posting style all of a sudden, seems all over the place to me and some of the photosets ,like the bathtub set for example, just feel like josh has nothing to do with it.

No. 216223

for attention. She was hinting her sex tape was going to be with KSI and publicly trying to seduce pewdiepie remember. She will do anything for attention, even if it’s virtually cucking Josh (though half the time it’s likely Josh trying to pimp her out for more Doritos and games on steam)

No. 216227

File: 1653953314280.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.2 MB, 4000x4000, Picsart_22-05-30_17-27-17-682.…)

seems like her simps are finally getting bored of her boring content and dry pussy nudes

No. 216228

kek I would fully sudoku if I gave up the last bit of dignity I had left for these chumps only to receive these comments. My sides!

No. 216229

This is why the OF money dries up fast. Men are garbage. they do not promote loyalty

No. 216231

Spoiler this, retard.

No. 216232

Men are so fucked lmao

No. 216235

ngl I can't blame those baby dick retards, she painfully mid now.

No. 216236

She brings this on herself kek. It's almost sad she doesn't come back to the internet and try to do something she actually enjoys instead of posting for the sake of posting something. Nothing she says is funny or interesting and all her captions read like they were AI generated. Most egirls will show some personality on their socials. No wonder moids are getting bored of her, she's not even milky anymore.

No. 216239

File: 1653956889257.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.91 MB, 2730x4095, 6DB13102-75B9-4D92-AB4A-16610B…)

I feel like belle must reek of shit irl, whether it be her trenchfoot, grimy ass shower or her rolling around a faeces-ridden swamp. The colour of that water is turning my stomach. Trading being an E-girl for E.Coli(unsaged nitpick)

No. 216250


No. 216251

Don't you take a bunch of photos for selfies and only pick like 2? Thots too that but post everything. It isn't some secret why it adds up. What a weird nitpick.

No. 216252

As much as I think she’s pathetic, these moids deserve anything bad that happens to them.

No. 216278

she's always been gross. no wonder her feet look like that

No. 216281

In a way, I kind of want her to keep going just to spite them. Ungrateful disgusting coomer pigs. I don't support onlyfans culture but I dislike men even more

No. 216286

Her shower isnt even that bad, she just seems dirty because she set such a high artificial standard for herself with the thick cosplay makeup and snow filters

No. 216303

the guys i play video games with thought she'd fall off as soon as she did the porn and they were largely correct. i was surprised by the breast implants too, as i thought her brand was more flat chested. i guess i just don't get it.

she's still making huge money with all the haters though. i just don't get why she did the porn, seems like the best situation would have just been being a meme and meta-camwhore that doesn't actually get naked…no anal bleaching or vag photoshop required…

No. 216309

No. 216310

Idk why anons are trying to push the single now thing when her recent Youtube video/ad was clearly filmed by Josh and her current image is clearly devised by him too, it smacks of millennial male. All of her reboot is intentionally extremely dated and not something a zoomer would have gone for, and inb4 it's a trend it's authentically dated in a way only a millennial would come up with, really reminds me of the page 3/90s era in the UK of bikini babes/topless models, sorta a pre-internet version of coomer pandering that was particularly popular in the UK from about 1995-2006ish.

I think she would be invested in pretending to be single since her Christmas porn was such a massive failure, but he's definitely still around.

No. 216311

>it smacks of millennial male

No. 216352

hmmm that yeast infection in the second photoset

No. 216353

So the the one posted 5 days ago its real? Same background. Where did you find it nonnie?

No. 216355

It seems to be an OF leak

No. 216358

File: 1654022680393.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1536x2048, F7C14CA5-AD71-4B26-B231-E56856…)

Her side profile reminds me of emma watson

No. 216359

File: 1654022886251.jpeg (348.15 KB, 828x996, 01E2CAF8-272F-4518-9207-0439B5…)

Her outfit looks so autistic, i wonder if josh picked it out for her

No. 216363

File: 1654023324470.png (3.78 MB, 828x1792, D3C8907C-2A3D-4780-AF20-50E5CD…)

Nitpick but her feet look like those of a dead old man, _im scared_(Nitpick )

No. 216365

I liked her side profile more before she got the slop nose job. It was a nice cute nose she had.

No. 216385

She has always dressed like a tranny with the programmer socks, cat ears and porn star attire.

No. 216388

File: 1654030113068.png (133.84 KB, 250x250, D1921172-EF06-457C-9245-497E22…)

Looking straight up retarded. Guess this is what happens when the only fashion you pay attention to is what coomers like.

No. 216391

I cant believe she posted that, theres like ingrown hairs on her butt she wasnt bothered to shoop out. Also she applies thick makeup onto her nipples to make them look pink and uwu so why does she not care about her grey fanny lips

No. 216392

over 50 of them were just of her "DVD Collection". She's doing this to inflate her OF account. Makes it look like she has more pictures than other girls and helps with algorithm. Just another "brilliant" scam

No. 216394

Whats with the jailbait vibes?

No. 216395

Where are you getting this stupid idea she pinks her nipples?

No. 216420

Why are you so defensive about the fact she pinks her nipples. Does this ruin the perfect image of your pastel princess waifu knowing shes got big brown nipples not pink anime ones

No. 216423

What fact besides you making up the idea she does because you want it to be true? I've never heard her say or mention she does, so how do you come to that autistic conclusion?

No. 216456

>Emma Watson
You need glasses

No. 216457

Horseface WISHES kek she wants gamine features so bad but all she can do is shoop and hide under hats irl

No. 216478

Ehh lots of fanonly use benfits and other makeup brands / nipple tints. It’s not uncommon, but I don’t think it matters if she does

No. 216480

Dude chill your really defensive for no reason

No. 216484

Probably the same anon who can’t contain themselves whenever anyone says Belle pedopanders now, or has done so in the past. My guess is a scrote here for free porn who doesn’t like being interrupted with intrusive thoughts about what exactly they’re getting off to.

No. 216515

Facetuned but still So fat

No. 216516

File: 1654068750279.jpg (1.55 MB, 1440x2116, 20220529_073128.jpg)

Still an ugly normie slut even irl she dresses like poor tornado bait white trash. Why cant she just LOSE WEIGHT? And stop shooping?

No. 216517

She has no ass 2 fat 2 b porn star. Legit like 0% ppl wld tap that. Guys want kim k not honey boo boo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 216543

Are you a coomified male? Why the hell do you care if she loses weight unless you’re jerking off to her nudes

No. 216594

Ok you are skinny!! don't compare yourself!
If this is a real person please talk to someone who can help you. You don't have to bring someone down. This goes to people saying belle is "top heavy", ok she can't change that. How about we talk about actual HORRIBLE stuff she did???

No. 216621

I admire her commitment of trying to convince her fans that she has real anime girl hair by wearing that wig into the shower lmao. Jeeeeeesus.

No. 216652

Yeah wearing the pink wig in the shower was such a strange choice lmao, maybe a coomer requested it specifically.. kek poor wig

No. 216710

Eurgh made me feel ill reading this, i hate coomers so much

No. 216728

why are you doing this nona?

No. 216732

Poor autistic ana-chan, best to ignore it and it will go away

No. 216733

this is literally from the book i read lmao??
keep defending pedophilic media pickme

No. 216734

ok explain to me how it works then??

No. 216741

In case you are not a troll, you look pretty and you would look prettier and healthier if you gained weight. Get help. Belle is disgusting, and it's not because she is chubby. You got the attention you wanted, so you can stop spamming this thread. I also wish mods would just delete these posts instead of red texting them because they take so much space.

No. 216772

Read the actual book. Its not a memoir.

No. 216773

Why are farmers interacting with the troll. Report and move on, stop being retarded.

No. 216774

you cant match ur clothes even if ur life depends on it, jesus.

No. 216795

File: 1654139387788.jpeg (735.5 KB, 828x1030, 01F60965-B3CC-4A89-A3DD-F25BA6…)

Why does it look like she has tubby midget legs? Is this a photoshop fail?

No. 216797

shes really behind on the y2k trend wtf i dont understand why shes so on it NOW that its died out.

No. 216807

That's his wife in the passage and she runs away and marries some rich dude. This isn't a true story and the marriage to Valeria wasn't even Humberts's idea. At least be factual in what you're talking about.

No. 216837

Probably old photos from last year when she was lying low, i bet it killed her to not post these and get attention for so long

No. 216846

it's the socks plus the angle plus the pose plus she photoshops her waist and upper body to oblivion so the legs look out of proportion big

No. 216849

She doesn't look that shopped, not even an overly smooothed photo

No. 216857

Her current shoop style is to try and appear shorter for the "teen" image, she's on the taller side iirc (5'6" or 5'7"?) but it ends up with weird proportions

No. 216875

She's not shopping herself shorter.. she keeps taking full body shots.

No. 216880

She looks much taller and chubbier in any photo her friends share. Her face looks completely different too.

No. 216882

She looks enormous near other girls when she takes photos with them, even fat ones. She is tall for a girl with wide shoulders and hips. That's why her rape porn looked weird and lanky.(stop)

No. 216889

Then she's not shopping herself shorter. Just because anon can't handle depth perception in >>216795 doesn't make sense for >>216221

None of these look squashed.

No. 216898

File: 1654181469284.jpeg (490.89 KB, 872x793, B609F63B-0BE5-44CD-8FA0-D541E8…)

really old milk but damn she used to look like this

No. 216902

Isn't the average white woman height 5'5"?

No. 216918

Pre plastic surgery Belle looked more mentally stable

No. 216944

I cant believe everyone thought she was half japanese she looks so white and always has

No. 217009

Belle is proof that men dont actually know what they find attractive, they just unanimously decide who is mid or not and then worship them till the next great whore comes along. I actually envy belle in a way, shes been given a platform where all she has to do is post bad nudes and its eaten up because its “belle delphine” and she makes a comfortable wage for zero effort

No. 217011

File: 1654200469742.jpeg (229.15 KB, 828x1037, 8E271EAA-C5E9-4207-8917-7407AA…)

She looks more like her old self here

No. 217012

File: 1654200536668.jpeg (264.19 KB, 828x1034, D826680A-76B3-42F0-AF86-6C59EB…)

This bedroom is so uncanny, it reminds me of my room at like 11

No. 217015

That’s definitely the point. In these photoshoots the theme seems to be a girl Josh would’ve had a crush on in junior high in 2005.

No. 217022

female predator vibes.

No. 217026

Scrotes don’t know what asians look like. They think any white girl with black/brown hair +brown eyes + asian style makeup is asian or half/part, it’s pretty pathetic.

No. 217027

File: 1654204322547.jpeg (739.43 KB, 750x975, D31B29CA-CBD4-426A-865C-39D82D…)

this literally looks so weird and her outfit doesn’t match at all.. just imagining her 5’7 self in this childlike outfit, without all the intense filtering makes me cringe so badly.

No. 217029


Interesting to me when girls have money but still can't dress themselves well..

No. 217047

Yup. Seeing adults present themselves this way is sinister. How can anyone post something as embarrassing as this and not be a pedo.

No. 217081

Nothing about her looks like a child in any of these photos just posted. Get help.

No. 217090

you. gotta. be. KIDDING.(typing like a character from Clarissa Explains It All)

No. 217093

File: 1654222438736.jpeg (1022.34 KB, 828x1208, 2BBA78E9-625C-4EE0-ABE0-138B64…)

She posts multiple times a day, was she always this active or is she just desperate to stay relevant?

No. 217095

It’s her pedo pander denial wk, nothing new.

No. 217096

why does it look like she shooped her eye shut

No. 217100

from what i gather, she didnt have a childhood. thus these kinks where she re-enacts having all these things and a nice childhood. josh probably also plays the role of a dad. shes making the “pedo pandering” a lot more obvious now cause she knows ppl will say something and u guys are eating it up. shes in the porn industry. its slimey and gross. people have weird fucked up kinks. its expected. whys everyone surprised? shes not just a social media presence shes a literal porn star.
i think whats weirder than the pedo shit is the fact that she interacts with youtubers and other “influencers” although they just used her for views. thats why ppl forget shes a porn star and posts kink shit.

No. 217115

This is shit club kids wear.

No. 217118

She was very active on OF once she started, but not that active prior that on Instagram (as in during her peak of popularity), more like once a week?

No. 217121

File: 1654231533547.png (3.36 MB, 1440x1746, proportions.png)

The way she is editing to try and look short with a big head like a child. Picrel compared to two screenshots I found on image search. She's sitting down in those screenshots too, foreshortening does not explain why a well-proportioned adult now has midget proportions.

No. 217122

File: 1654232072030.png (3.01 MB, 1440x1979, lol.png)

Samefag, I wanted to run it through how-old.net to see what it said but the website has been removed, this is it through https://age.toolpie.com/ kek, guess the kid proportions can't fool the ai

No. 217125

Those apps are absolute shit. I’ve tested it by putting pics of my 7 year old niece and it said she was 30, then it said I was 15. Then I put a pic of me in full makeup and it said i was 45. Im 27.

No. 217127

She’s going to spend her adulthood reliving her adolescence over and over again and spend all her money on props to enable this. This is a very sad and unhappy young woman.

No. 217136

Jesus christ who remembers those weird videos of belle playing on swings when she was like 12 lmao, poor girl, genuinely confused what could have happened to make her relive her childhood when she had a middle class upbringing with a loving mother

No. 217143

File: 1654246635961.jpeg (157.7 KB, 1080x720, 510479EA-3251-4D55-9048-CC99C3…)

She looks so different now, idk which is worse her nose before or after surgery

No. 217144

File: 1654246802414.jpeg (105.11 KB, 960x640, B598ACB9-4896-49D1-86DC-2006D2…)

No. 217147

what not having a paternal figure does to a MF

No. 217148

I do think that other women and other ethos grifters must have extreme hatred for Belle Delphine. She's literally living the dream of any girl that lacked a paternal figure. She made a shitload of money off satisfying her need to have a father and has a partner. A lot of women that grow without a father literally develop a complex into adulthood that makes them want to be babied or cared by a man. Her only mistake was doing actual porn. She could have gotten off her grift of selling cute pictures and trolling for the rest of her life. She really made a mistake and degraded herself without a reason by making actual porn. Her entire shtick was making money off lewd either way, not actual real porn(baiting)

No. 217149

she's also honestly a sweet girl and doesn't get involved into drama and sticks to her shit

No. 217150

WTF Why is this thread full of scrotes now?

No. 217151

Thinking a woman's personality is solely derived from whether she has a father figure or not gives you away as a scrote, I agree she never needed to do actual porn though. She's a cheerful moron who got lucky, like Forrest Gump.

No. 217154

yeah I actually think long term she would have made more money NOT doing porn. she could have played her fame into a career in (regular) entertainment even. I still think she'll keep enough followers for a very long time to live very comfy.

No. 217156

Belle stole nudes, made pedo-pandering rape porn and lied about everything for attention. There is nothing sweet or innocent about an internet prostitute who pleases scrotes. If you want to praise her, go to her subreddit. Even it is full of haters but this thread is not for fans, obviously.

No. 217158

i have a friend that is into wearing kinda kiddy clothing sometimes and she's like 5' 9" so it's really awkward on her. not sure what the appeal is either.(no1curr)

No. 217162

File: 1654256684388.gif (1.57 MB, 498x382, 3554ECA8-12E2-4EDD-8034-FADE98…)

>As a woman respecting turbo chad

No. 217165

Would it be considered cow-tipping if I shared her father's milky conversation?

No. 217167

No. 217170

Just do it

No. 217174

Her dad must be so proud

No. 217175

File: 1654261593784.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3464x3464, 7B57009E-13D4-4B92-86BD-1990BC…)

Share it please nonnie(spam nitpicking autism)

No. 217188

Because she doesn't look like one, jfc.

No. 217217

Holy shit I thought that was a child. As someone who draws people for a side hussle, those are the dimensions ratio for head/body of a underaged under 10 proportions. I can never read this thread often, and this is why.

No. 217219

Yikes tons of people grow up without dads, and go kill yourself scrote. Go back to Reddit.

No. 217227

Why are you drawing cp? Get out of here, scrote.

No. 217230

Don't take the bait, nonnies. This is most likely the same person who rages whenever anyone says Belle is trying to look like a kid because "she doesn't". Meanwhile most sane people understand if you wear kid's clothing, you're obviously trying to appear underage whether you succeed or not. Just like when a scrote puts a skirt on, they're trying to look like a woman - not that they ever succeed. Anyway I don't think the picture is shooped necessarily, I think she just chose it because the angle makes her look more kiddish. That and the fact that she's posing on an oversized swing and using babytalk in her caption. If Shayna did this her thread would understandably kek because it's nasty, obvious pedobaiting.

No. 217233

File: 1654273666694.jpg (648.33 KB, 1080x2079, Screenshot_20220603-092714_Chr…)

This is popular amongst coachella girls. It's not childs clothing.

No. 217235

A lot of sex workers and cam girls wear this ugly sin as well. I am sure it is not for children.

No. 217237

You're right, it isn't. She doesn't literally exclusively wear children's clothing, sometimes she wears normal clothes. But when she does she still says shit like "hey mister uwu can u push me on dis big swing ?" like she was imitating a kid. Also of course, there is this, where she is wearing literally children's pajamas. >>212602 And I know anon, she doesn't look like a kid. She looks like a grown woman trying to appear childlike. Just like a man in a bra and panties is trying to appear feminine.

No. 217241

loving mother? from one of the podcasts she was on she said her mom let her do whatever and never monitored her. she said she got on a train to meet a guy in his twenties when she was a teenager, came back and her mom never noticed. her mom was neglectful.

No. 217255

It wasnt her mums fault she was irresponsable and perverted, i bet people would argue that overprotective parenting causes children to grow up like her as well

No. 217261

No kids say that to random strangers lol It's DDLG shit.

No. 217263

Shayna literally has this set too and busts it out every pride month for a lazy rainbow video.

No. 217267

to me it's not the outfit, it's the hairstyle, pose and facial expression that's mimicking a child.
even a blind person can tell what she's doing
ddlg is just an acceptable term for csa roleplay and no one can change my mind. i've met some guys who were into that and they were definitely pedos in denial or they knew they were pedos and just trying to make it less disgusting by calling it ddlg.

also almost all couples who do ddlg also do ageplay and this is definitely some ageplay shit. this is no longer just muh innocent uwu cute kawaii stuff

No. 217269

ddlg also needs to burn in hell

No. 217281

>>217267 "this is no longer just muh innocent uwu cute kawaii stuff" She has been very open about the ddlg from the beginning of her online presence, it's nothing new

No. 217291

ddlg =/= ageplay

No. 217307

Anyone who doesnt think belle is pedobaiting/ trying to look like a minor is retarded lets face it. Now, can someone post that milky chat they had with belles father.

No. 217308

File: 1654292283229.jpeg (131.35 KB, 828x916, 5B843D4F-7FC4-4C8F-A151-E93CF6…)

The comments on her big swing IG post…

No. 217316

Begone scrote, you can’t wear a child’s my little pony, dress up as cosplay little girl from finding Nemo, and so much more such as photoshopping your head bigger and your body tiny. Just go touch yourself to her, and stop bitching

No. 217317

How is wearing an adult sexy outfit justify past actions? You sound retarded. Youre taking something that isn’t relevant. How about the times she does imitate children? Can you explain those please, I’d like to hear the justification that isn’t “trauma”.

No. 217325

I saw a 14-ish year old girl dressed as Lolita (same heart glasses and hair) with her friends at the mall today. When I was that age the furthest thing I wanted to do was look younger?? I remember desperately trying to look older and grow boobs lol. What the appeal for belle and these girls is, I honestly don't know..

No. 217331

Also to add all of the girls I knew who wanted to grow up super fast were CSA survivors, so surely that can't be it

No. 217332

This isn't about randos.

No. 217336

I'm talking about belle and girls like her

No. 217345

CSA survivor here. Sucks your blogs are your evidence and not a scientific study. You’re a gross person. Lots of my friends were SA survivors as minors. There are groups to help us find one another. Never meet any of these type of survivors you keep finding supposedly

No. 217348

Forgot to add, my abuser would LOVE this girl. She hits every mark and is overage so he won’t end up back in jail for the second time for diddling kids. Bc we are blogging as evidence now.

No. 217351

There's a page on /ot/ for all this blogging.

No. 217373

Wtf? We were discussing ddlg and age play. I was wondering what the appeal was for belle and girls like her. I said that usually CSA does not lead to girls adopting the lolita aesthetic. It's on topic considering her jailbait posts recently

No. 217378

File: 1654305786560.jpeg (2.4 MB, 1242x1603, B2F0EBFB-A973-4D52-8431-3C6594…)

why is her standing so awkward?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217379

Anime character pose but she looks like she needs to pee

No. 217381

Trying to be qUiRkY

No. 217393

Lets be honest here… No pedo would like Belle in person. She's tall and always looks like she has a bigger head/frame than most of her friends. When she was at the porn star awards and the con last year, she looked ridiculous in her "Belle" getup. She would never pass as younger in person. She looks like a lady trying to desperately appear younger

No. 217394

File: 1654314266645.jpg (289.51 KB, 634x720, Image6.jpg)


No. 217398

That's a sperg, she looks like the 21-22 year old she is and that ain't ancient, 17-24 typically looks the same

No. 217400

Money is why, she was never a victim of abuse. If you're in the UK you can figure that out just by her old bedroom tour, the things she owns, and the kind of homes she lives in, that demographic (middle class/well off) are not the same demographic who are most at risk in childhood, in the UK that would be more council house types who have a lot less money and move locations/families often, children from care homes, and some working class people. She was just a typical pampered teen who got groomed by weirdo scrotes and now takes cringe photos where she intentionally tries to look like a child for said weirdo scrotes.
She lacks empathy for what she is actually emulating so it's both cringe and shitty to be doing this. Abuse isn't an aesthetic.
I'm sorry about your experiences, bloggers

No. 217401

She's just underdevloped and that's the biggest issue. Otherwise she looks like other adults trying to look like 16 year old babysitter pornstars. She's a specific niche for her porn demographic.

No. 217402

Having money doesn't magically make you immune to abuse. Wtf, anon. Anyone can get abused. Seek help.

No. 217404

She isn't from the demographic most at risk, if you saw her old room tour and her hoard of shit you would know what I mean. In the UK someone like that is extremely unlikely to be abused.
Finances and circumstances make a difference, if you've always had a large bedroom to yourself in a family home, it's a completely different environment to a child with strangers sweeping through the house every day and who shares small rooms. The latter is much more likely to be abused. Abusive men don't waste time trying to target well off people who have no reason to pander to them or stay silent, and who they literally do not have access to since money affords privacy and safety.(not the place to discuss this )

No. 217406

I feel so bad for you, anon. Most are victims of people they know, usually family, not strangers.

No. 217408

Being wealthy does nott mean you won't get abused

No. 217409

Sharing rooms generally means someone will be there to spot the abuse. I feel like you're more at risk with a room to yourself(enough)

No. 217410

Ususally means you have more ways of hiding it. Jesus. Scrote needs to go.

No. 217416

where the fuck is your belly button holy shit

No. 217421

she looks 25+. No one would think she was 17 in person. She made Riley Reid look like her younger sister.(sage your shit)

No. 217427

Why don’t so many of you get that not all pedophiles want to offend, they know it’s morally wrong and criminal, so they will use the closest thing to a child and let their imagination do the rest, which is why so many of them were repulsed she got implants. Belle was/is the type that will play along allowing them to coom guilt free, it’s easier to do that with a slim, flat chested woman wearing things you don’t typically see anyone above 8yrs old wearing, who will baby talk and enjoys cnc than a voluptuous fleshy woman that dresses her age and is ‘vanilla’. And what’s worse is most of the porn sick scrotes claim to be bored of her now, who knows what they’ll move on to next.

No. 217441

File: 1654345886881.jpg (14.51 KB, 322x349, 83bd42cce2e19ba3cd6901c67647fa…)

To look like a dumb uwu baby, anon.

The sun shining through the two brillo pads on her head are a nice touch.

No. 217442

Go to the pedopander thread in /ot/.

No. 217463

Nta but just shut the fuck up and stop telling people what to do. Belle pedopanders, get over it.

No. 217477

It's turning into a general discussion, outside of Belle.

No. 217480

Eww i dont care if not every edophile will offend, the chances are not great and belle normalising the sexualisation of childish behaviour and accessories is so damaging to young girls and victims of SA

No. 217481

can't find this thread you're talking about

No. 217482

File: 1654360920528.png (7.69 MB, 828x1792, 143EAB67-A979-41AF-BC1D-526871…)

Shes looking so different, is this gonna be her connie skinwalking era?

No. 217485

You can tell shes trying to look younger because she will always choose the photos where she looks childish even when theyre the really unflattering

No. 217494

tinfoil but i feel like the whole boobjob thing is a publicity stunt. she wants to get people talking about them and photoshops/contours her tits to make them look bigger. she would NEVER get them done cause looking a little bit more adult would literally kill her ego and her pedorape fantasies

No. 217498

She got a boob job, autist.

No. 217501

File: 1654372331762.jpeg (101.21 KB, 828x907, 20419312-E8D1-4806-A5D3-0E0F07…)

I really dont think she did, her boobs are a 32 c so theyre not completely flat and she can use a pushup padded bra and make them look bigger (image is from 2019)

No. 217502

File: 1654372531981.png (Spoiler Image, 438.14 KB, 564x459, Screenshot 2022-06-04 225521.p…)

they look the same size to me

No. 217506

File: 1654373579618.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 2880x2160, 2880x2160_6621fe4474f1e5fb821c…)

they look like ugly bolt ons now

No. 217517

that’s the point being made you illiterate dipshit

No. 217518

Yeah no, I’m pretty sure everyone arguing it’s natural are just scrotes judging women who get boobs jobs

No. 217519

You know you can get breast implants removed. It’s not permitted

No. 217521

if anything its the opposite, she was hoping all the Belle simps wouldn't notice her plastic surgery and think she's a pure natural babe. One simp on a forum was arguing that noses sometimes get smaller and she never got a nose job. lol>>217494(learn2sage)

No. 217531

yea but the real question is why?
she obviously tries so hard to appeal to her pedo fans. why would a self proclaimed loli get breast implants? i mean her goal is to look more childlike and i feel like this defeats the purpose.

there is a reason why she's not showing her nipples cause she wants people to talk about her tits and why she suddenly stopped showing them and also the tits just look off to me, the shadows around them look fabricated somehow

No. 217532

She did not get implants. Women can grow lots with hormones if you didn’t know. She was already a c cup before

No. 217533

I thought mayb like most women she wants breasts and to feel sexy, but the loli persona got her the attention from her pedo male orbiters. She probably assumed they would all still love her either way because she’s Bell Dolphin™

No. 217534


I assume she thought she’d forever be gone from the internet because she made enough money off it. Probably always wanted titties and got some but months later she had to get braces again for not taking care of her teeth and decided to make a quick comeback. If she did the same porn she did previously it would only allow limited growth for her brand so she started at the beginning. She knew her simps would sign up right away and they will stick around until she shows her fake tits and gets fucked by josh. It’s a smart move.(sage)

No. 217541

fuck off scrote. Learn how bras sizes work

No. 217561

Leave scrote it’s so clear you don’t even know how bras work. She did get a boob job, but it’s not even a big deal. Who cares? Why does your sick care so badly if she had work done. She got a nose job too, plastic surgery doesn’t matter you sexist mother fucker

No. 217562

You can’t get rid of a dorsal hump nose and have it turn into a slope nose. Who does she think she was fooling? Both noses look amazing on her imo

No. 217568

You can't just get implants removed. It's not the same as having your breasts removed with a mastectomy. It's a very special procedure and there's not many doctors that do it specifically and the ones that do are far between. You have no idea what the hell you're talking about. You can't just go in, get them done, and then a few months later change your mind. This surgery is damaging and you have to scrape out the scar tissue and everything.

No. 217569

File: 1654393992044.png (Spoiler Image, 8.41 MB, 3500x3000, image_2022-06-04_215258893.png)

she definitely got one. not a bad thing but its definitely noticeable in comparison to her old photos

No. 217570

I'm glad she got them done and didn't get some massive stupid bolt ons like Stephany Michelle or Bishoujomom. These actually look good like Rockyslight who has the same underdeveloped body as Belle. However, unlike Belle, she got them because publishing cosplay books wasn't a thing she was able to do because printers thought it was CP. Belle looks less like a kid now than she did, even with her colorful clothes, so I'm glad she got tits. Pedos aren't in to tits and with her height and clearly over 18 face, I think it's all a good thing. Anons are going to complain about her looks no matter what, but she has the unfortunate genetics of not getting that curvy 'womanly' body that another anon was seething about.

No. 217573

jesus fucking christ go back to her subreddit scrote this is not the place for you.

No. 217575

There's been miltiple anons who don't agree she looks like a fucking 10 year old, anon, because she doesn't. I'm not even defending aside from saying it's good she got tits because anons biggest issue with her is just on looks alone and a lot of that comes from the unlucky genetics of being underdeveloped. Not all anons agree with this idea that she looks like a kid. We can discuss other shit she does too. Imagine being mad that someone you complain pedopanders gets tits.

No. 217577

>You can't just get implants removed
Nona do you are have stupid?

No. 217578

No, Ive done the research. It's not an easy procedure and it's vastly different from having your chest reduced.

No. 217579

Nta but having small breasts doesn’t mean a woman is underdeveloped or has bad genetics. Stop watching porn

No. 217580

Womens breasts grow until they are 28. Belle is simply going through growth into an adult

No. 217581

Those traits do tend to fall in line with what doctors call underdeveloped. I'm not trying to nitpick. I'm literally saying what would medically be considered for her since she is over 18. I'm not saying it makes her less of a woman or anything, anon. I'm saying she got implants to try to make her body look more mature without her clothes on compared to how everyone else complains about the fact that she has none being an issue to begin with.

No. 217586

Are you fucking retarded? How can you try to educate people then make this statement. Go back to the mental hospital scrote. You clearly arnt a women.

No. 217587

You’re retarded. What study says this? I have Bella body type, many girls do. No doctor says this shit. At this point just kill yourself. Do this thread a favor. End it

No. 217588

you sound unhinged, buy some tits

No. 217591

fuck off scrote

No. 217592

41% already.

No. 217594

Women's breasts are variable. Its not really a one size fits all game. Small breasts != inadequate milk tissue, in fact sometimes they can have more tissue than larger breasts. Stop trying to justify your pedo tendencies.

No. 217597

Implant removal is the BBL of tits. A reduction, lift, actual implants, mastectomy, are not as serious as the complications to taking out implants and then reconstructing them. You can get them removed, but it's the least easy process compared to everything else you can get done to your chest. Do any research at all. I don't know why you're foaming at the mouth.

No one is being a fucking pedo. Seek help.

No. 217604

It’s is nothing like a BBL stop making outrageous comparisons and inaccurate claims, it won’t make you magically right. You kinda suck scrote. Why can’t your just jerk in peace and not try to fight with women about how our body work.

No. 217605

I'm not saying it is like a BBL, I'm not saying you transfer fat. I'm talking about complications because of the peeling done to the implant once it's been settle amongst scar tissue for years on end. It's a very invasive procedure because you need to be careful with the veins. The skin being stretched out and thinned makes it complicated as well. I don't know why you're trying to add extra subtext to what I'm saying when I've been pretty cut and dry with how the procedure differs from a normal augmentation. You clearly have never have fake boobs or know people with them or someone who has had them calficied to the point that removal isn't even an option anymore because of how thinned out the skin is and complete lack of muscle tissue left. I'll take the bait, but do women a favor and do some God damn research about how having implants removed is different.

No. 217606

Is this the same faggot crying about Belle "not looking like a child" when literally no one ITT thinks she does and the point is she tries to present as one. Stop derailing the thread with this retarded nonsense.

No. 217608

Yeah best to ignore the retarded scrote.

No. 217610

she's right anon if you've ever looked into implant removal you know the plant gets covered by scar tissue cause it's a foreign thing to your body and removing them isn't easy. you think our bodies are made out of plastic retard?

No. 217613

You can get scar tissue when getting breast implants also. Why are you referring to the scrote as “she”

No. 217617

there is a whole sack of scar around the implant it's not like the surgeon can just pop it out. the "scrote" in question knows more than you about female anatomy so kys

No. 217628

her boobjob looks good, she did the good choice by not going too big
ofc they looked bolt on because it takes 6 month - 1 year for them to drop and look more natural
I have 2 friends who got boob jobs so I've seen the evolution of their boobs, they started looking best after about 1 year
If you go from A to a D cup it will look pretty bad, regardless of implant type.
I still think she's somewhat cute, despite all the surgeries
It's the pedobating that makes me despise her and makes me wish she was wiped off the face of the planet. It's disgusting

No. 217635

Yes. Thats the issue with them being removed like I've been saying. Its not just a silly goofy mood to have them removed.

No. 217643

One of her videos shows her fingering her butt, then her vagina with the same finger..(sage your shit)

No. 217654

Eww autism whats your point?

No. 217669

File: 1654450178382.jpeg (361 KB, 828x1416, A2AB8704-C68C-45B1-B87D-49BD3D…)

Imagine skinwalking your own imaginary little sister… wtaf

No. 217670

I wish she’d stuck with the connie debut a bit longer, would have genuinely been interesting and i feel like it would have actually taken off and received a lot of engagement

No. 217672

File: 1654450438501.jpeg (270.43 KB, 828x923, 24CCDC3D-687F-49F9-A7D3-BA98D8…)

We get it belle, your nose is invisible

No. 217679

Did she got another nose job or was the first one that bad?

No. 217680

Her bangs make her look like a horse…

No. 217693

I should kill my self for pointing out scar tissue can develop when you get implants. Are you high?

No. 217694

No said it was easy, they said it was possible and not this crazy life changing surgery. Lots of A-list celebrities are having their implants removed at Beverly Hills, Bella can afford a good surgeran. I don’t think she even got them removed.

No. 217697

I enjoy (but I'm sure farmhands do not) how this thread is 89% useless shitposting about things that aren't even referenced by Belle, like she never posted about removing her implants

No. 217699

The only milky things about Belle are her pedopandering (although that immediately starts a derail when the one WK anon shows up) and why she leaves social media for long periods of time. Most people guess it's to do with plastic surgery, and I think that is accurate. I do think the whole Connie thing was milky, it's weird that she just immediately shitcanned it even though people seemed excited. I can kind of believe the tinfoil that she was jealous that her simps seemed to like Connie better, and decided to just not do it at all kek

No. 217738

I did not say it was impossible. I said its the BBL of chest surgeries because of the complications. You have never been around someone who's needed it, clearly, so I don't know why you're acting as if you know what you're talking about.

No. 217740

Becoming irrelevant even in these kinds of threads lmao.

No. 217745

It's cause everyone preferred Connie over her. No one cares about her tit implants kek

No. 217748

I’m not even the og anon your reposinging too. Stop derailing let it go

No. 217765

>Says the anon who interjected into the conversation in first place
Nta, I'm just here as the ghost of your self awareness

No. 217766

Not to WK, but 'connie' was styled by Belle to look like her, it's not skinwalking when she came up with the look?

No. 217770

That's what I'm thinking. Anon is just desperate to call her out for things that are on purpose. It's not really milk to say skinwalking when it wasn't skinwalking to begin with lol

No. 217783

Its just embarrassing and ironic, young girls are looking up to belle and copying her look and style, whereas belle is trying to look like an imaginary 18 year old in her head

No. 217784

Ive seen so many girls on instagram tagging belle and wearing outfits she would wear, pulling the ‘face’ or wearing pink wigs and its just so gross to see minors mimicking the behaviour of a p star

No. 217788

Why did Belle returned anyway? Before she ruined her image, she was making millions and could have been set up for life with barely decent budgeting.
Is she completely broke?

No. 217794

They did the sane thing because of Brittany Spears too. Kids do that. Teens especially do that. The hypersexualization through SM has been happening even before Belle, but you can't control kids who copy. Its not her fault. Parents need to hold accountability for letting their kids buy those clothes and shit online.

No. 217802

Pretty sure she was already set up for life

No. 217804

She's an attention whore who needs men to validate her. If she had half a brain, she would have left, invested her money and did something else not involving sex work.

No. 217809

I think she never intended to not be a pornstar, regardless of what she said in interviews. She leaves to get plastic surgery, then returns. You’d only feel like you were set for life if you didn’t want to do this work anymore. She wants more money, and is perfectly happy being a pornstar. That’s why she came back imo, she’ll keep ‘coming back’ until the money completely dries up and then she’ll end up like all former pornstars do, depressed and having wasted all that “easy” cash on dumb shit.

No. 217821

I mean, if she likes it. Some women just crave the attention and love the adoration and again, free easy money if you plan on doing this forever or at least plan to work in the SW trade in general.

No. 217828

Did they design a new room for the Connie porn?

KEK Connie looked much better

No. 217830

Pretty gross how Belle tried to pimp out her own friend for money and the internet to find her slightly interesting again. Good thing her friend dipped before it was too late.

No. 217837

What the fuck are those eyelashes

No. 217858

Idk if this is cowtipping but belle applied to my work a few months ago under belle gray-kirschner (im not that worried about her reading this and doxxing bc i assume she applied to many places?) its a clothing store in hove, she quit before she even started, she said her mother was ill and she had to return from”uni” to london to care for her which is absolute bs. I just wish i got to see what she put on her cv to even get hired.

No. 217859

that definitely doesn't paint a great picture of her finances if she was trying to get a job at a clothing store. Let that be a lesson to any ethots trying to get rich quick doing porn, scrote-sucking doesn't pay and you'll have to work a normal job anyway. I'd be scared as hell if I had as many obsessed fans as she probably does to work in retail.

No. 217862

Highly doubt this even happened. Sure Jan.

No. 217867

It’s just another genius marketing scam anon. You’re just not intelligent enough to understand.

No. 217877

She probably just wanted a discount kek, wonder why she didnt follow through?

No. 217878

It sounds like something belle would do as a failed stunt but how would applying for part time work go viral when her fans arent exactly local employers.

No. 217886

File: 1654542606355.png (1.97 MB, 1386x721, image.png)

People suddenly getting big sums of money blew through it fast all the time, hearing jhonny depp blewing through $650 mil from bad financing, I think it's very plausible she ran out of money

No. 217890

Christ fucking why

No. 217896

Is she at a store or is this her place? Why does any woman need to many dildos??

No. 217899

Thats a youtube video of hers, i could picture her working at ann summers though!! I bet they wouldn’t even mind about her sex worker past

No. 217903

She bought all those dildos for her image, degens thought she was so quirky~ when she showed off her collection she obviously purchased for the video

No. 217907

File: 1654545654913.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 1312x984, output_CAD8FV.gif)

Belle accidentally posted 2 of the same images with different edited nips. lol The bigger nipple pic was less compressed so that means its closer to the original. The smaller nipple pic had been through 3 editing programs and apps

No. 217911


Not suprised she edits her nipples smaller, got to be as childish as possible for her ugly old fans

No. 217933

I actually think if this is true, she only wanted to work there for "content" but maybe she or Josh researched the legality of filming porn at work and realised they'd get in trouble for flashing and indecency or whatever. I can't see her working for £10 an hour or whatever when she gets thousands per month (at a minimum, from coomers who never cancelled their sub) without even uploading anything to OF, and obviously far more when active

No. 217959

Why would she use the first part of her online name?
Wouldn't it make sense for her to use her actual name, Mary?

No. 217967

this girl has some kind of circulation problem, her legs are always blue or grey

No. 217969

File: 1654556356746.png (Spoiler Image, 703.97 KB, 1043x1047, Screenshot_20220606-165637.png)

she going to end up with a yeast infection, she kept fingering her dry butthole and vagina back and forth with the same finger

No. 217974

File: 1654557883527.png (Spoiler Image, 649 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20220606-171845.png)

ngl her pussy kinda scary looking(unsaged nitpick)

No. 218051

Where's the so called second photo to compare? Post both images?

No. 218055

Firstly ew. Second why is it always so dry? Does she not know what lube is?

No. 218077

Her dry pussy is probably part of her rape aesthetic

No. 218099

Lol. Look closer anon. It's winking at us.

No. 218117

I really think belle has autism, being genuine with this, the way she speaks in her podcasts just smells of aspergers, how her voice is slightly nasal and she has a few idiosyncratic ways of saying words, such as, “cuh-rate” instead of create, “somesink” instead of something, shes also tone deaf and has no sympathy, in addition, she was very disliked in school for being tactless and saying socially innapropriate jokes.

No. 218122

autism, and asperger’s, literally have nothing to do with the way you speak…

No. 218124

I went to a school that had a special needs department and met several boys with autism and they all had a certain way of speaking, i can just tell nowadays by listening to someone if they have it

No. 218125

shut up lol don't give her any ideas

No. 218127

lol anon thats because shes illiterate and left school early

No. 218128

Why did she even bother with that? And there are apps for nipple editing??? What the fuck.

Imagine how much she edits her face and body if that's what she does with her nipples.

No. 218129

Where is this photo from? Huge shoulders and toddler clothing look ridiculous together.

gray-kirschner? She got married?

No. 218131

The photos from her dildo room tour on youtube

> she got married?

Pretty sure it was last summer, josh’s sister posted at a wedding and since then shes friends with myah wabbit (aka belle) on facebook

No. 218132

Can you share the post?

No. 218133

Sorry its got josh’s nephews in it, you can find it on her fb tho it was in july

No. 218135

File: 1654602110849.jpeg (53.41 KB, 828x320, D3B8CA9E-134C-444B-A799-0DC982…)

Kek josh rping as a rich person, i bet he was edging for this to end up on here, he is so desperate to convince the world he has money

No. 218137

Edit the names and non cows (as in anyone who is not Belle or Josh) out of it and post screencaps pls anon

No. 218138

I cant find anything to do with a wedding on any of their facebooks i just checked anon

No. 218142

Fuck off you ugly sexworking rat, your fanny looks like an infected fleshlight and you will never be cute or small you 5 ft 7 broad backed bitch, i hope you kill yourself when your money runs out and you have no other options to feed yourself because josh ran off with another younger slag.

No. 218143

Your nose is too short for your face, you look like a down syndrome horse, thats why josh likes it from behind so he doesnt have to smell your rancid braces that you dont clean properly. Go take a bath and shave bath seeth repeat because you cant afford laser

No. 218156

what was the deleted reply about?

No. 218159

“ how do you whores stay straight with grills like belle running around” it was unsaged

No. 218165

Anon, no one believes any of the shit you say, across /w/. Post fucking caps for once, blur the kids.

No. 218169

Im crying this is so funny

No. 218173

So when will anon post the convo with Belle's father?

No. 218189

Whats up with all the fake milk atm im bored. Someone doxx belles house and lets all show up and partaayyy, i want to give josh a sloppy gawk 3000 infront of belle then spit the cum in her horse face(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218213

Nearly reported this again even though he's already banned, god men's brains are absolute mush.

No. 218377

lol at her photoshopping her big areolas

No. 218403

File: 1654655699147.jpg (170.9 KB, 1404x1168, 85.jpg)

she gave the 6 mil to Josh

No. 218404

She paid him 6 mil to marry her

No. 218405

Again, these numbers mean nothing and neither does this chart. None of these talk about her gross income or anything actually important. Stop coming here already.

No. 218465

https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNRxSJq6/?k=1(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218521

File: 1654699714760.jpg (281.06 KB, 1080x2019, 20220608_104913.jpg)

This is the freakiest belle skinwalker that I've seen, what mental illness makes people do this?(derailing)

No. 218522

File: 1654699815900.jpg (269 KB, 1080x1998, 20220608_105115.jpg)

No wonder belle is distancing herself from the pink hair

No. 218523

This thread is about Belle.

No. 218528

>>218521 she got nothing on the OG belle skinwalker Lina deppsen/cowbellemilk. Even Belle herself called her out on being really creepy about it. Lina been out here since 2019 larping lol

No. 218567

I always think Belle isn’t even pretty, but then I see how ugly 97% of her skinwalkers are and think nvm maybe she’s not that bad. This girls ahegao makes her look lobotomised.

No. 218569

File: 1654712709271.png (4.62 MB, 3000x3000, image_2022-06-08_142502605.png)

saw this old picture from her onlyfans and thought something looked off (first image) and then i realized her cheekbones were way lower than in all the pictures she normally posts. i put it next to the second image for comparison which is a relatively recent photo where she has very high cheekbones even without smiling. i wonder if she got botox or just heavily edits her face shape (or both), in videos her cheekbones seem lower like in the first image but seems like she tries to cover it up with her hair a lot of the time(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218576

Its just the angle and when shes lying down gravity pushes her cheekbones up

No. 218578

File: 1654714244288.png (692.42 KB, 597x785, image_2022-06-08_145056995.png)

i see what ur saying but even in pictures like these her cheekbones appear much higher. i wouldnt be surprised if she edits her face

No. 218579

If she photoshops her nipples so much now… I'm sure she photoshops every little thing about her face/body too

No. 218583

File: 1654714744314.png (Spoiler Image, 314.76 KB, 493x634, image_2022-06-08_145429533.png)

i can already smell the tears of her sad desperate simps bc you can see joshs hand on the dildo lmao. cant imagine how that guy feels watching her so obviously faking enjoying it at all, not to mention the weird and badly written dialogue that kept popping up at the top of the video because shes too afraid to use her real voice since it isnt uwu and childlike enough for her greasy fans, what a sperg

No. 218587

The worst thing about this is she has a Tweet wall hanging (bottom left), belle skinwalkers are nothing new. There's a thread on snow for them iirc.

No. 218602

she looks like a milf here

No. 218603

Go away scrote

No. 218605

Tbh it looks like a mixture of fillers and editing. She likely gets tear trough and cheek fillers to hide the fact that she's an aging anorexic. Fillers start to sag like that when you get them enough, doctors have done scans that prove your body doesn't really absorb filler, most of it just migrates, which after a while causes sagging and an over filled pillow face type of look like we see in the thread pic. One lady they scanned thought she had jowls but the scans showed it was really just migrated cheek and lip filler. I dont doubt she slightly edits her face shape in pictures too because fillers can only do so much.

No. 218629

>>218569 Top pic has no/much less filtering. Are you ok nona?
We know she uses snow to shorten and sharpen her whole lower face of course everything will look like its higher up.

No. 218677

File: 1654724417753.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3464x3464, 8EACE466-9C7B-40E4-89E5-3741D0…)

OT but what do we think belles kibbe type is? She obviously tries to look gamine and a lot of the cutesy, childish things she wears look so awkward on her, but why?

No. 218680

>She obviously tries to look
>a lot of the cutesy, childish things
Nona, it's pedo bait

No. 218687

It's really hard to classify her with all of the filters, can you post an unfiltered pic?

No. 218691

i think she's classic tbh, maybe dramatic classic but i think kibbe is bs anyway.

No. 218693

Anon, that’s something weird to ask.

No. 218706

You can't type her with all that plastic surgery, the nose screws up the cohesion
Before the surgery probably sharp dramatic

No. 218707

File: 1654729382584.jpg (401.14 KB, 1054x770, 20220608-190533_Twitter.jpg)

Yikes kek

No. 218708

The suffragettes are rolling in their graves seeing the kind of women they accidently created.

No. 218710

I'm gonna alog

No. 218718

She's definitely gotten so much lazier with her pictures. Same backgrounds and poses. What a low life cunt lol

No. 218725

She’s really trying to farm some outrage with this photo set and get people talking about her again, huh? It’s an interesting approach

No. 218729

Outrage from what though?

No. 218735

sage your shit, goddamn m*

No. 218737

Nice bolt ons

No. 218762

What's wrong with it?

No. 218780

The best solution at this point is to ignore her. She’s absolutely desperate for attention and wants to piss off feminists. If she does that, incels will fawn over her once again. This didn’t piss me off at all, in fact I felt a twinge of sadness. Everything that women have been through during suffrage and this new generation of women who are more privileged than any other are debasing themselves and all other women in order to get attention from the lowest male on the totem pole - misogynist porn addicts.

No. 218786

File: 1654762226530.jpeg (260.33 KB, 828x1158, 5AF77AAC-6A63-444F-BA4D-CCDDFF…)

Even her disgusting audience is showing more moral integrity

No. 218800

Idk, is she really doing this against feminists?
Her Facebook account follows feminist accounts.
Maybe this is meant to be a semi-ironic metamodernist message because she thinks she's one of them?

No. 218802

Her boyfriend was quoted on Instagram (a friend reposted him iirc with a ridiculous "sincere" caption) as calling himself a feminist because he pimps her out, it's in an old thread somewhere, but liberal feminism genuinely believes that prostitution is some element of women's freedom, rather than oppression, so I think she's only half-trolling here.

No. 218813

Yup, that's what I thought.
She legit probably thinks she's some modern day "feminist icon"

No. 218820

File: 1654780105239.jpeg (48.78 KB, 576x174, 092C3F1C-D347-4B23-814D-2B29FA…)

In response to being asked how she feels about feminism, Belle said her opinion is 'controversial' - which is astronomically ironic. Certain jokes write themselves.

No. 218821

Kek, cow crossover. I’m sure if June sees this she’ll lose her shit. She has definitely modeled some of her image on Belle.

No. 218826

>>218821 belles post is atleast 2 years old at this point.

No. 218832

If this was two years ago and she's semi-ironically spouting feminist messages.
Many people that were anti-feminist and anti-sjw types have now shifted more to the left again.
This happened with June herself so this might be the same for Belle.

No. 218833

It's comical how this self-proclaimed anti-feminist masquerading as the more male inclusive feminist who so bravely shuns modern day feminism ended up being an onlyfans whore in the end. It's a testament to the fact that your concerns aren't with combatting male issues and fighting the eewil kawen feminists who oppress men, but appeasing your redpilled manosphere for the male validation that your empire is built upon. I'm glad these girls exist for the entertainment value, like seeing dancing monkeys in a cage.

No. 218841

Love the take, but please sage bc we can tell who you are

No. 218862

It is. Its just fuckery, but people want to read deep in to it.

No. 218912

Belle has a lot of female followers who like her or aspire to be a hoe like her. Watch this backfire on her

No. 218925

Theyre all self loathing pick mes who would sooner give up the right to vote if they got a discord mod or korean bf out of it

No. 218927

How does she even know about the suffragettes? She dropped out in year 9

No. 218931

Womens vote is taught in like key stage 1 in uk, belles quite an intelligent girl so im not suprised she knew about them

No. 218932


No. 218933

Its not gonna backfire, she knows what shes doing and youre all talking about it so something must be working.

No. 218934

We’ve seen what shes capable of it the past, shes good at observing what works for other content creators, taking that, then putting an e girl spin on things and making it go viral

No. 218938

And… We're just about the only ones talking about it. Belle deleted the post from Facebook as well, her last two genius marketing endeavours have been a swing and miss and her amazing disappearance act has cost her her 15 minutes. If anything it'll be interesting to see what extreme measure she'll go to to force the internet to put her on the frontpages again. Won't be many more missed stunts before she tries something really worthwhile.

No. 218943

Anything with tits and ass is going viral nowadays, she was nothing special. Other sex workers/egirls don't pose with dead animals or post disgusting shock value porn.

No. 218946

Why would she delete it off Facebook thhough?

Not like they faced major backlash for it there.

No. 218972

Something that would actually put her back on the map would be if she suddenly started making normal content, imagine a youtube video of her talking about normal stuff, answering questions from fans, people would be shocked at how boring and 2d she is irl

No. 218973

I think her long breaks were for surgery so she could look like her beauty app/shooped versions, she edits far less now and posts in high res, even has high quality wigs for once. I'm sure the barrage of horrible comments she got every day from creepy scrotes would have played to her insecurities. still some body warping but everything isn't glowing and plastic as before.

However the ethot tide sorta came and went, being a weirdo on tiktok seems to be the new way to go viral, which involves being on that app everyday keeping up with the latest shitty trends, belle has always been significantly late to trends so it's not something she would succeed at even if she tried imo.
So it's no surprise nobody cares that much this time around even if she's a technically better quality version of her initial brand.

No. 218974

She wouldnt even go viral on tiktok, like if she made tiktoks about her discharge bleaching her underwear everyone would be like “yup thats the weird girl who sold her bathwater” but if a blonde girl next door type does it:” omg shes so crazy!!1!1 i cant believe the stuff people confess on this app !!”

No. 218976

You’re fucking retarded. Do I dare explain why? Will you understand? I don’t think so. Just know that you’re the most brainless fool I’ve ever encountered on this site.

No. 218978

The problem with her brand is; shes too far removed from current affairs and society, tiktok is all about the merging of normal people and public figures, belle is shut away in her ugly mansion in hove, posting boring pictures of herself, while everyone else is out there, travelling, networking and being personal with their audience. Theres no topic or person to link Belle with, shes irrelevant.

No. 218979

Kek that post sounds like either a 22 year old whore or a deranged old man wking

No. 218980

Genuinely wondering her reasoning for half the things she does, her “marketing” just seems so all over the place and her posts reflect the chaos and cluelessness of her little p brain

No. 218984

>>218978 this 100%
>>218973 she's abusing snow less but she still edits a lot just like the average ethot

No. 218998

there is too many belle delphine copycats now and most of them are younger and cuter than her. her only appeal was her teenage, underaged looking body and that she was one the first people to be shamelessly doing sex work/selling sex etc. she's past her prime for selling nudes/ sex work cause most models hit their peak at 18 and are retired by 25 unless they wanna do milf shit.
she has no actual value now, i think streaming on twitch might be her best bet but she'll probably get banned in a week because she said /did sth controversial

No. 219000

it’s noticeable.
really sad honestly. she had to fucking cut off her labias to pander to these pedos.

No. 219015

"most of them are younger and cuter" …anon

No. 219022

She could probably be very successful on twitch where could just sit there saying and doing very little. She wouldn't need to be good at gaming. I'd be surprised if she ever actually did that though.

No. 219030

it's true.
not a scrote btw. i hate men for their nature but they do prefer teens over actual adult women and there are countless studies that proves this.
just accept that 22 is too old for porn and this is why you hear 18 or barelylegal A LOT in porn and it's degenerate but it is what it is.
this is why doing porn is never a reliable career, you just gotta accept it and don't pretend like you don't know what you're getting into and no matter how much you sperg about older women being more attractive it's not gonna change how men view women and it's a pretty disgusting point of view but this is just how men are(coomers especially)

No. 219047


Her marketing IS all over the place. She tries to be the girl with no ass and the girl with a huge ass at the same time. She tries to be emo, anime, girl next door, etc, all at once. Boobs and then no boobs. "Smol" and then absolutely towers over everyone in regular photos. She tries to be weird but then also tries to portray herself as normal. I think she has a hard time choosing between what she actually wants to do vs. what would please the simps. I think it's telling that she's stressed. She has no direction in life or career, not even as a sex worker.

No. 219050

Agree, I think she is trying too hard to appeal to everyone at once and it comes off as really confusing and strange

No. 219070

That’s not entirely true. There are plenty of men don’t have the patience to fuck around with dumbass teenagers who barely know anything about life no matter how attractive.

No. 219084

Most porn actors in the "teenager" category aren't even teens but rather (skinny) adults in their late 20s..I'm sure it's the same shit for coomers like watching fake "incest" porn.
Interesting because it's a taboo.

And I'm also sure Belle lost most of her appeal after she did the porn video or showed that she wasn't Single.

No. 219099

her bedroom is so ugly

No. 219101

I think it’s not just the fact she wasn’t single, it was just legitimately bad porn. For 1 scrotes are always pointing out how dry she is. There’s no passion, she never comes across as legitimately “horny” or in to it, it looks awkward, lacklustre and fake like an asexual doing it just to be paid. Let’s also not forget she was grabbing cake and smearing it on her ass, unless you have a cake fetish I imagine most men going soft.

No. 219127

she always bites her lip when touching her vulva, or playing with toys

No. 219134

So no new milk still?

No. 219135

Yes, the 5 reddit scrotes lol out of over 2mill.

No. 219147

I agree. Decorating is the only resemblance of talent she has and her idea of it is displaying a load of tacky, cheap, plastic items from wish. Fake flowers, fake plastic vines. Fake skulls. Tacky four poster that doesn’t go with the bed whatsoever. She is the epitome of tack.

No. 219148

So basic bitch egirl consumerism.

No. 219149

>5 scrotes out of 2 million!
I’ve not seen one single positive comment about her porn. Not one. When people found out she can’t fuck to save her life, she dropped the rape in the forest photo shoot. That got deleted and then she slivered back into hiding.

No. 219159

Nta but ok? Who cares. What is this comment

No. 219169

22 is biologically basically the same as 18, you're literally fucking delusional if you think that women 18+ aren't attractive to men anymore. Who do you think plays the teens in "barely legal porn"? Not real teens that's for sure. Belle is still young as fuck.

No. 219184

File: 1654849192309.png (185.73 KB, 768x853, Screenshot 2022-06-10 111945.p…)

i said too old for porn cause most ps peak is when they are 18-20.
also this

No. 219198

exactly kek. she got absolutely roasted for the porn, even on her onlyfans she had to issue an apology or some post asking buyers not to be mean saying she was trying her best. it was hilarious

No. 219206

File: 1654859133998.jpeg (923.39 KB, 2048x2048, 302A8BDA-3FB2-49EA-A078-4DD93A…)

yeah everyone totally loved it
I’ve never seen moids complain about a porn…in fact I didn’t even think it was possible

No. 219264

anon you know men only think underage teens are fuckable because 20+ year olds play them in porn(and in mainstream media). belle's issue isn't that she's too old, but rather, her coomer paypigs didn't like her actual body. she doesn't look like a kawaii uwu forever loli. and she got bolt ons because she was insecure about her small breasts for some reason, despite her fanbase not being into that.

No. 219274

I would've said that Belle is trying to look more conventionally porn-y with the boob job because she's realized it is what she "wants" to do (AKA, only available option anymore) but then I'm not so sure, because she still posts creepy pedo-y pictures too. Like another anon said, her marketing is all over the place. Her best era was definitely when she was teasing scrotes. Sure it was still pedobaiting a lot of the times but she was successful and didn't seem AS despicable. Well, she can't go back now because she's just done straight up porn now. I think she's just going to double-down on porn, doing some conventional and some weird shit to try and keep her old audience too.

No. 219288

>>219274 Ima go ahead and say that she got a boobjob because she wanted them rather than try to appeal to men. Some women want big boobs other don't, and if you've got the money to get what you want why not?

No. 219290

>Belle is a pornstar
>Got boobs for herself and not for her scrotes and occupation

No. 219292

That's why I think her finances are bad. This is a tasteless low middle-class bedroom, not a millionaire one.

No. 219294

Her finances arent bad, you should see the lifestyles of japanese ex porn stars that sold their dignity and wellbeing to live in slums

No. 219295

Can easily see her feeling self-conscious about her non tits though.

No. 219296

>>219290 "pornstar" lmao. She made porn, it was bad, star where?

Her scrotes liked her tits, no reason to change the size for them

No. 219297

File: 1654884449387.jpeg (332.82 KB, 828x1002, 648BB862-1FB7-4DFD-84CE-8E4394…)

Belles queer baiting with maya miller her token asian friend

No. 219299

File: 1654884568320.jpeg (263.81 KB, 828x616, 98A38196-64E5-4C78-B865-C26D36…)

God this is embarrassing, absolute state of those girls and the cat ears pukes

No. 219311

Their relationship is so weird considering that’s her ex boyfriends ex girlfriend who she made sock puppet accounts to harass. I imagine if Belle didn’t have any sort of popularity she wouldn’t bother, I remember her account changing her IG from typical asian basic model to DND g4m3r g1rL elf fairy princess the last time she leached off Belles scrotes. They will do anything for attention except be themselves.

No. 219317

>>219311 I thought she was doing that to rusty? If its actually this girl thats really really odd

No. 219329

it’s in an old thread

No. 219341

>>219329 thanks for spoonfeeding. Damn it is weird though. Goran looked like a toad anyway lol. Maybe they bonded over that?

No. 219427

>Token Asian friend

No. 219429

File: 1654916604454.jpg (297.02 KB, 1053x969, Screenshot_20220611-031816.jpg)

Saging so I dont get my head bitten off but she was trending on twitter and I thought something happened to her but turns out she just dm'ed dream and many idiots are insanely happy about this? I dont know much about dream but my first thought was that last I heard he was a gamer with a really young audience? Turns out yep, he is and apparently the minecraft tag is being flooded with her porn (didnt check because I saw more than enough when I checked her trending tag) but yeah I know its the internet blah blah but I wish young kids were not exposed to either of them tbh.

No. 219436

You can tell neither one of them is gay or even bi lol, so not into it

No. 219441

Isn’t dream some fat minecraft YouTuber?

No. 219443


Her Asian friend got fucked by a 30 year old middle Eastern fat card game store owner and had a daughter with him when she was 19.
Was basically groomed. He then cheated on her and threw her out.

No. 219461

Sauce? Or do you know her in person?

No. 219474

>Maya Miller
>Asian girl
How is she Asian? Her name and appearance is no where near Asian lol.

No. 219481

Are you fucking kidding me? Shes clearly thai or pinay

No. 219482


Belle looks half japanese
Maya looks white (? Wtaf)

No. 219484

Her name is Tayszea Lai in the thread from 4years ago. Or do you really think Belles real name Bonnie Wabbit or Myah Lewes? It’s probably a facebook alias just like the rest of them have to stop mouthbreathers adding their personal socials.

No. 219494

Exactly, its the same with that jane devlin’s private fb “derrick javalin”, tinfoil but i genuinely believe that whole friendship group is some pedophile sex working ring, especially as belle was friends with that lot when she was only a teenager, makes me think she was groomed into it

No. 219502

Yes, hes literally right there in the pic how did you miss it?

No. 219530

It's pathetic. Everything she does fails now: comeback video, light bulb accident, barely legal sister porn, triggering feminists…

Fuck off scrote "All men are pedophiles"

I love how she looks broad as fuck even when she pulls her shoulders behind

No. 219531

still confused why kids like them so much

No. 219536

A lot of 18yo porn is played by 21+ actresses. You're delulu if you think every woman in those videos is forever 18. It's also a disgusting industry and not getting hired by them shouldn't be an own to anyone.

No. 219540

I know her irl. Essentially she is belle's best friend from high school, and I think belle is the godmother of her daughter.

FYI Belle in person is very shy and kinda awkward. She's nice enough but I don't know her very well just met a few times and only once after she got famous. Still the same awkward girl.

She started going to the game store really young with belle's ex Goran. As she was dating gorans friend at the time. She cheats on gorans friend after the game store owner basically grooms her over the years of her becoming a regular visitor of the game store. Just to note the game store is a side business for the guy and he isn't your typical nerd, his quite wealthy.

I run in similar circles and have with "Maya Miller" (not her real name and I don't want to dox).

No. 219553

Any more milk?(no)

No. 219590

I dont get why youre all acting like belle is broke and desperate for money, even if she only makes 10k a month, that puts her in like the top 10% in the uk, furthermore, bc of her 3m+ followers, collectively like 5m across platforms, she has a huge audience and her content has high engagement. Stop coping belles career is flourishing.

>if u say im wk thats cope

>if u say im a lolcow thats cope

No. 219598

People forget that shes a competent marketing manager away from being more successful than bella poarch

No. 219601

So she's not a genius marketing specialist anymore?????

No. 219603

People hate to admit that she has all the ingredients for a successful content creator, she just keeps being lead astray by her weird pedo pervert bf pain in the assua

No. 219621

You’re a bit late to the party. No one has discussed her finances in a while and the thread has moved on past that point. This is why this thread goes in circles with minimal milk and maximum derailing, either keep up or shut up.

No. 219627

File: 1655033656686.jpeg (257.2 KB, 1459x1175, DC61887A-7ACA-4A93-BDC7-07CD91…)


She published a lot of open legs photos with her

No. 219629

She’s also way prettier

No. 219634

File: 1655034255484.jpeg (499.46 KB, 1024x821, 35DFEC3B-F48F-4B43-A8B9-05743E…)

She blurred her nose away

No. 219636

they look busted

No. 219640

File: 1655036550187.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 706.94 KB, 1165x1670, 6F3291D6-A5C1-42E2-802C-645EEE…)

This set is such a weird gaybait to do during pride month kek. The whole thing looks so awkward.

No. 219642

disgusting, she's the type of girl that pretends to like girls just to get male attention with muh threesome fantasies.

No. 219653

Can you imagine josh sitting there awkwardly taking those pics? Gross. I think if you’re going to pretend you’re gay in the porn industry you might as well go all out like Bryan Silva kek.

No. 219655

kek notice how she is awkwardly hovering over the other’s vagina. she had to have her covered in underwear and remain at a distance to even stomach being near another woman. looks afraid to touch or even smell her. they’re even looking away at from each other when they get too close. pathetic gaybait. if she is supposedly a “sex worker”, it would just be part of the “job”. if she couldn’t ever eat out or have sex with a woman, she shouldn’t have even tried at all. you can just see the awkwardness and disgust in the photos.

No. 219656

How is fingering your asshole ok but touching another girl isn’t? SMH

No. 219671

This would've been her other friend's fate if she didn't drop out of being Connie

No. 219674

Its funny how belle edits her body but not her friends

No. 219676

As a bisexual woman this is really dry and boring and transparent. I'd have more respect for belle if her porn was actually any good, but it's sheer cringe.

No. 219678

kys scrote, and get the fuck out of here while you're at it

No. 219687

Her vagine looks like a hamburger with a double patty(nitpicking)

No. 219694

some of you really have never seen a vagina and it shows

No. 219700

Okay pixiecat stfu lmao(hi cow)

No. 219702

Someone is butthurt. Gtfo this page if you wanna WK(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 219703

Belle chose the ugliest Asian

No. 219704

File: 1655061239446.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 342.87 KB, 1170x1731, B5F002B7-FEA1-430A-822B-8E0098…)

I find it so weird she would larp as her friend larping as her sister, now her friend who doesn’t have an OnlyFans is associated with full on coochie shots and will be possibly mistaken for theirs. I don’t know how I personally would feel if my friend pretended to be me and took photos like this.

No. 219709

In how many photos of this set is her friend featured as a human couch? This looks so funny. Belle needs to be the star of the show. Like what was the point of the friend being a part of this if she was going to roleplay physical therapist, human couch, or set decoration in the set? This does not make me think "besties" lol

No. 219719

As in, her friend isn't getting much attention in the set. It's imbalanced. It would have been better if her friend wasn't instructed to do poses that make her seem like more like a stagehand rather than her "bestie".

No. 219721

She clearly doesn't care, so what's the point of your opinion on how she should feel?

No. 219722

She must have cared to some extent to completely delete her socials related to Connie and private her real account for a length of time, so what’s your point nonnie?

No. 219735

That probably is kates fanny, it doesnt look dry enough to be belle acephine

No. 219737

Youre clearly pixie, sage your vendetta against belle posting ugly pics of you

No. 219745

Umm yeah >.< i feel so ashamed about it… i have to read a bible verse everytime i think of her, grabbing me… holding me down… umm :;(∩´﹏`∩);: please dont tell anyone !!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 219784

stfu belle. nobody cares about your dry ass pussy

No. 219803

you rarely see two people less interested in each other sexually than in these photos. Like Belle must be aggressively straight (or more likely, quite disinterested in actual sex) because its all she can do not to be snarling at her friend’s underwear clad pussy. They both look worn out and unhappy. Her simps weren’t wrong to be disappointed in her porn. She seems to have a lot more fun just taking goofy pictures. nearly feel bad for her, but she has tried to normalize sexualizing minors or rape or even murder with a lot of her shit so…now let her fade into obscurity like 10,000 other deadeyed women with zero remaining sex drive after asking for it to be commodified by coomers and scrotes.

No. 219810

Agreed with all of this, while she has painted herself in a corner with this sex work she clearly has no interest in, she played a huge part in normalising sex work and ethottery to young girls, basically the postergirl for it, so I can't feel sorry for her.
She definitely prefers simply dressing up and taking photos, that's how she started out so many years ago.

No. 219820

I think unfortunately the dress ups doesn’t get her the male attention she so deeply craves. She can’t even normally do her thing and if people like her they like her, she needs to be trending with all eyes on her even if it means lying. She’s not a marketing genius, the reason she didn’t jump straight in to porn is because she didn’t want to and had no interest in it so was probably weighing the pros and cons and debating on if the money was worth it and how long could she continue being a ‘tease’ for, not because she’s a sexual being who loves sex. I was also confused why she didn’t go with an actual professional porn studio to make her porn considering they probably would have paid her a decent sum but it’s either down to a) greed, b) cockiness or c) the fear of the lack of control over her own unshooped image, as we saw she couldn’t keep her eyes off herself in the view finder.

No. 219831

What's the point of having these photoshoots if they aren't really gonna stimulate each other?

No. 219836

File: 1655096114857.png (88.3 KB, 1038x619, Screenshot 2022-06-13 075520.p…)


No. 219838

File: 1655096551703.jpeg (641.1 KB, 1125x2018, 6D2FD79F-E373-4F83-AA56-1B70DE…)

this as well looool

No. 219840

File: 1655097415191.png (88.89 KB, 1048x691, Screenshot 2022-06-13 081647.p…)

i'm having so much fun reading these comments

No. 219869

it's not uncommon to do lesbian themed shoots, she's just going through the motions she thinks she's supposed to take but as always, doing the bare minimum because she thinks posing with a human prop is is enough

No. 219872

File: 1655113080932.jpeg (808.23 KB, 2312x1614, 5ABF5EEA-B5CB-42AE-B534-361474…)

Kek yesterday I was reading through sufficientgazelle255 extensive comment history

No. 219874

>tall girls know the angles to look short

While extremely true (angle and shoop) in Belle's case, girls need an intervention. Since when was being tall or even above average something you need to disguise.

No. 219875

Belle does look like she smells of play dough

No. 219897

File: 1655121435842.jpeg (737.54 KB, 828x1343, 4C5C3841-F32D-4866-A8D3-97E0A3…)

No. 219898

File: 1655121537375.jpeg (109.28 KB, 828x348, 9BB1DB23-63E9-4CA7-B99C-85B048…)

The obligatory she's so smart calculated business decision comment

No. 219908

Every photo they take is unnatural and overly planned. There is nothing natural about Belle's looks, edits or expressions. That's why they don't turn people on. It would work better if she was not so insecure and focused on sex instead of looking prettier or smaller.

No. 219913

File: 1655126160756.png (10.71 KB, 411x144, wtf.png)

I have never seen someone so aggressively hated and mocked all over the internet as Belle, maybe except for Logan Paul. I don't see other e-thots get half the haters Belle gets.

No. 219942

This isn't milk about what scrotes have to say.

No. 219957

>comments from someone who supposedly knows them IRL saying Goran cheated on Belle and that’s why she hated Tayszea, has sniffed them both in person and explaining why her house looks like a downgrade from before, all things questioned ITT
>”this isn’t milk”

No. 219961

Until he shows proof of him knowing her, it isn't milk. Anyone can claim anything online.

No. 219969

Like the anon ITT who keeps claiming they know her too. lol

No. 220002

File: 1655147284043.jpeg (365.05 KB, 791x821, DC4ADCC4-FD8C-44CA-894F-F48FF8…)

Ah yes the classic "I'm self-aware unlike these other thots - see doomer, I like self-deprecating humor just like you!" trope.

No. 220007

isn't that picture is from like 2021 lmao she didn't even post a new one (unless she just recreated her old "messy makeup in bath" set because she's out of ideas already)

No. 220009

Yeah it’s old as she has no braces. For someone with no real job she sure is lazy with her uploads.

No. 220010

Except Belle doesn't look like a nice girl

No. 220011

Eww that droplet thing on her nose makes me want to puke

No. 220013

Just found out why belle smells so bad


No. 220017

>>220013 dats so nasty get a grip ladies

No. 220019

When it reeks of desperation…

No. 220023

archive pls

No. 220054

File: 1655164712256.jpg (Spoiler Image, 383.29 KB, 1080x1666, 20220613_195556.jpg)

This is actually sad

No. 220055

Genuinely sad, like I don't believe she really quit since she's had multiple surgeries during her break, but even as a narrative this is pathetic.
Also…Bdsm porn while advertising yourself as a teenager, she really hates other women huh

No. 220057

It's like a pitiful race to see how much she can disappoint her parents in one lifetime. At just 22 she has forfeited her dignity and integrity, can you imagine? Also - so much for the image of the dainty little girl that initially reeled in her creepy fanbase. This'll be a cautionary tale of what happens when you allow your children unmonitored internet access.

No. 220069

Didn't she buy her parents a house? They don't seem all that disappointed, even if they should probably be. I don't know much about the subject but I doubt she was parented all that well considering what she's doing now.

No. 220071

Her parents aren’t together and her dad iirc doesn’t have anything to do with her, and her mom cut her off because of her porn. Where did you get this info from?

No. 220078

Belle's mom is a Landlord she owns several properties. Why would she need another as she's not exactly hurting financially?

No. 220084

Since sw's pander to pedos whose brains are rotted from too much anime. They need women to look small or their peepees get scared. I wonder if Belle or any of her thousands of clones would still get scrote attention if they tried one day dressing and talking like adults on camera. But I sadly don't think internet coomers are into that, so cam whores will keep trying to contort themselves to look around 5 feet tall.

No. 220090

Good to see they are both leeches. Mother and daughter.

No. 220109

Anon coming in hot with the slUmLoRdS twittertake

No. 220114

That's not true, just look at the 'milf' craze.

No. 220115

I think the teasing is what kept her appealing to most of her fanbase.
The moment she did porn all of that went out the window.
I didn't follow her/what happened to her closely, but it just seems like she's really attention hungry

No. 220117

Kek ok bootlicker

No. 220118

nta but milf is a niche category not representing majority

No. 220122

Actually MILF used to dominate the stats forever up until recent years. I believe its phub that gathers the numbers from its user base. I remember reading an article on this a while ago, talking about this shift in porn consumption, if I can find it i will link it.

No. 220151

why are you even here, man?

No. 220168

… to laugh at the cow?

No. 220243

he seems like a creep.
also seems to have some sort of obsession with belle

No. 220251

Now that you mention it the whole "milf culture" of the early 2000s (American pie, Stacey's mom ect) has completely disappeared from the mainstream.

No. 220252

You realize that by posting these reddit clips you got her to sic her lawyers on anyone posting her pics which she found via your reddit screenshots? God you're retarded

No. 220253

Also just stop posting reddit comments this is lolcow not fucking retarddit

No. 220256

Most of her fans are reddit users. They are not normal men with a life.

No. 220262

Nta but are YOU retarded? why the fuck would we care about reddit incels being sued? That’s a bonus if you ask me. She’ll never be able to sue us for posting them here though kek.

No. 220263

Belle is such a genius for knowing that men like to watch spanking and dungeon porn. She’s so clever and always knows what people like.

No. 220270

Sorry scrote for jeopardising your masturbation material, are you going to cry about it? Am I supposed to care. It was hardly some secret society, it’s the first thing that came up when you type her name, maybe her fan club shouldn’t have been so retarded to repost paid for content, I hope they end up in jail for that and whatever else they are harbouring on their hard drives kek

No. 220279

File: 1655286806176.jpeg (344.96 KB, 828x924, 72055D31-6861-4275-AC00-B13A24…)

ironic after she did that whole set with tay.. why is this chick pretending to care about these issues?

No. 220281

>>220279 you know you can support lgbt and still be straight right?
I don't think her and her friend taking pics together is in anyway harmful.

No. 220283

i'd argue as a queer that the fetishization of a sexuality is harmful and part of the reason why lesbian relationships aren't taken seriously?

No. 220289

She sees herself and all other women not as equal but as sex objects. Really fucking sad.

No. 220292

>her and her friend taking pics together

Yeah it is shitty porn, not just "pics" wk, and what this anon said >>220283
Straight people fetishizing lesbians has long been a problem for gay women, and straight femme women doing lesbian porn is specifically why men think femme lesbians exist for their sexual amusement irl, and can be "turned" yet those same men get offended at butch lesbians existing. Porn is not good representation of any demographic.

No. 220555

File: 1655392815347.jpeg (369.95 KB, 828x1432, 2353752A-47A1-46F2-BD25-39C52F…)

How does this weird btch even come up with her captions, shes such a creep

No. 220586

File: 1655398318455.jpeg (735.22 KB, 1536x2048, E6F8F976-FA48-490B-8FB7-83145D…)

I actually love this look on belle

No. 220619

I agree, she looks pretty here and I think she should go for the "normie" look more often. It suits her.

No. 220628

She looks like a 30 yo single mom about to go shilling monat. I hate this with every single fibre of my body. Millennials all look like this I can't.

No. 220642

File: 1655410358734.jpg (373.89 KB, 1054x679, Screenshot_20220616-160752_Twi…)

Its super normie, sure, but not bad. Definitely looks better than the other (childish) pic she paired with it. it feels like she's slowly prepping her audience for a more matured look. I think she will keep drip feeding stuff like this until she has more of a girl next door type of aesthetic as opposed to an uwu kawaii anime pink haired egirl vibe. She will probably cycle through a contrived "teen" phase and then move on to a mature look, almost like growing up in front of her audience. If she's still doing porn in 5 years I wouldn't be surprised if she's moved on to femdom or milf content. All tinfoil of course.

No. 220647

I hope she matures/ stops pedo-pandering for her sake, and the sake of all women

No. 220649

File: 1655413420968.png (3.77 MB, 1320x1626, screen_shot_2019-10-24_at_5.15…)

sure, it's better than her other clothes. but it's literally the look that every basic Southern girl wears.

No. 220651

I think she's parodying the Christian girl autumn look

No. 220652

i know. to be clear, that's what I was showing. she's not being serious and anyone who thinks it's a "great look" doesn't realize that it's a literal meme because of how corny it looks

No. 220655

This was my first thought as well. I think she's cycling through shit to find out how to market herself

No. 220656

She might as well settle for a more mature look. I’ve noticed she’s starting to deviate from the pink wig etc. there’s so many belle copycats and she’s already exposed her “marketing” secrets.

No. 220657

Doubt. This probably wasn’t even taken recently. I’m guessing this was from autumn last year as a meme parody as >>220651
said, she’s just cleaning out her photos from her hiatus.

No. 220690

Gen z remain mad all their aesthetics involve cat ears and stolen y2k millennial fits kek. Sorry your "youth" isn't enough to make men like you so you get big mad at older women

No. 220692

Ha. Making fun of the US and two aesthetics that as huge here.

No. 220705

Her new look is so boring.. she just doesn't seem interesting anymore idk

No. 220757

Unironically based. I couldn't think of a more shallow generation than millennials, that is until gen z started posting on the internet kek.

No. 220782

She’s so brainwashed by incels that she’s screeching about “western women!” Ban me for alog I don’t care but I can’t understand why she doesn’t just kill herself. She’s such a sad fucking person.

No. 220787

File: 1655458504116.jpg (94.44 KB, 750x571, prowhiteprofamily_instagram.jp…)

No, it's a meme, the "which way western women" is in reference to the pro-family, anti-liberal "which was western man/woman" memes that are popular in alt right "trad" spaces online. Picrel is example

No. 220790

Ngl her tit surgery was a mistake. She was using nonstop omg im baby teenie image. Which worked well for her. Looks not "unique" anymore since she went on the surgery train. Her personality wasn't interesting to begin with and she became more boring with the failed comeback.

No. 220801

That and the tattoos, she basically ruined the child/“loli” aesthetic her coomers were greasing over. Makes you wonder why make a comeback if you know what your audience are into, she probably did go broke and is desperate for funds

No. 220802

I like how moidy this meme is
>Being a musician and winning grammies is bad
>Somehow tradwife has four babies all the same age (quadruplets are extremely uncommon)

Belle's version seems to side with the altright bros in that she looks better on the trad side.

No. 220803

aren't the tattoos fake

No. 220810

File: 1655472264405.jpeg (61.21 KB, 553x416, 4F655CC6-256B-48F3-9261-CEE982…)

It originates from the famous Emily Youcis comic.

No. 220813

It is according to her. Either way big tits are yesterday. She should have stayed with her mini tits and not jump into the mainstream plastic wagon. But when does the mutated thing ever use her brain anyway.

No. 220826

She was so into ddlg where small boobs are a big thing (I imagine?) Was she just pretending the whole time for $$ or was it just a phase, I dunno

No. 220827

Also eating disorders..

No. 220831

Which Way Western Man was a book by William Simpson . It was used as a meme by the now defunct Alt Right

No. 220901

File: 1655494682974.jpeg (482.89 KB, 794x529, 73F4548F-F066-4CC1-97B8-137881…)

its crazy the difference that eyeliner makes

No. 220903

moid moment

No. 220906

She looks native american here lol

No. 220907

File: 1655496710901.jpeg (48.3 KB, 513x656, 8369329F-C9E0-41A3-A757-A28881…)

Why are they twins

No. 220911

File: 1655498093962.jpeg (983.32 KB, 3464x3464, EC0198CD-7C4F-43A7-BB67-1FC316…)

Theyve always been twins

No. 220912

File: 1655498129264.jpeg (1022.66 KB, 3464x3464, 2133228B-2C0E-40B8-9B55-0F7AE7…)

I miss this era of belle

No. 220915

so do i, she's become another boring pornstar in the online sex worker cesspool. it seems she's stopped trying to reel in new audience with stunts and is milking her career before her looks fade and the door of oppurtunity closes.
also, she has a talent for making her chin disappear in photos.

No. 220925

dont do jodi like this

No. 220946

Wash your balls

No. 220960

on god

No. 221037

It’s the weird excited look in their eyes where they are most similar. I never saw the comparison before but now it’s all I see.

No. 221053

I think the issue is simply everyone seen everything they wanna see. Her pussy and tits are all over the internet. Back then simps were simping to get a glimps of just her panties lol. Belle ruined her career by simply exposing herself completely and giving people that what they wanted. She is literally another porn chick who wears wigs occasionally, thats it. Among maaaany other pornstars who definitely look better than her. Too late belle.

No. 221065

Been seeing a lot of truth videos of her pedo pandering popping up on Tiktok, and some of them have a lot of views/comments from people who agree that she’s doing something wrong.

Honestly relieved to see more people finally waking up.

No. 221066

I think the internet is getting tired of her. Since the christmas porn flop it's been rolling downhill for her. Her boring comeback seems to have a lot of people asking why when all she does is take repetitive selfies with sperge captions, her content is shit really next to other internet personalities

No. 221090

File: 1655557243123.jpeg (71.08 KB, 960x490, 623B68BF-120E-45BA-BFC6-CA3F81…)

the men that like millennial women. stay mad that you’re no longer the taste-makers and trend-setters lol.

No. 221092

You guys keep saying flop like it's true, but she left after the gaming setup sale, not after the porn. She posted other porn after and before.

No. 221095

The porn was late December 2020, and she stopped posting early Feb 2021, think we can assume a lot from that since there was only really just over a month (Dec 25th- about the 2nd Feb) between the porn and the hiatus. Her niche has always been cringey weeb girl, not actually being hugely sexy or beautiful (not a diss, she is pretty imo but that isn't her main draw)

Kinda ironically for someone who makes porn, people liked her for her (fake, hyper animu) personality, it was the porn that killed her career for sure. She even wrote a post and poll on OF after the porn was posted, promising all kinds of hardcore porn, then bailed.

No. 221104

I say thank god we aren’t. Your time will come too.

No. 221124

So the go-to is assume flop when its pretty clear she took the money she racked in instead and took time off to heal from a boob job?

No. 221131

It doesn't take a year to heal from a boob job

No. 221135

You are so delusional kek.

No. 221142

Agreed. I find that a lot of women have an imbalanced concept of sexiness or how to appeal to the male gaze, thinking that more is more and showing everything by doing extreme acts. Guys don't find that sexy, not long term, anyway. It just satisfies their lust in the moment, and when they've seen everything, they become bored and move onto the next girl who'll exploit themselves until they've jerked it to exhaustion. In turn, some women get desperate and think that showing more or doing even more extreme things will save their failing career or draw in more clients, and this tends to be their downfall. Women are seen as disposable, since there's an oversaturation in the market and the ease with which one can acquire or find porn causes overstimulation and porn sickness in these moids, so in the end, there really is no winning. These girls put all their eggs in one basket and lack financial planning and cunning, so they don't think ahead for the future because clearly this kind of work can't be relied on forever. They're left with nothing- no dignity, no assets, no skills or career prospects to show for it.

No. 221145

That last part isn't really an original sentiment here, but I guess what i'm saying is that they could string guys along for a lot longer if they found a balance by leaving more to the imagination. Doing straight up porn never works, and so Twitchthots who string men along with the parasocial connection that they crave end up being far more successful, although their time is also limited. By that I mean, obviously not the ones deep throating dildos on screen as part of some cheap ASMR bullshit. And on second thought, I guess it would require having some appeal other than one's looks.

No. 221158

This is so true, after her podcast episodes so many people agreed that she seemed really charming and interesting and many were shocked that she was an actual person and not some social experiment created by a discord mod using a random girls photos. She also started to become more main stream especially with the youtube collabs and she was gaining a lot of girl fans and was seen as a dark horse marketing genius who looked just like a normal girl. When she announced her nosedive into porn in her last podcast was when she killed off her future of a funny meme turned cute and charming influencer

No. 221159

It's been well established that her porn was not well received and her popularity has been waning since. Yes, the Christmas porn was a flop. That isn't to say she is universally hated, she obviously still has her fans, but as >>221095 and >>221145 pointed out, she lost a lot of appeal when she sacrificed what mystery and weird charm she held for many by playing all her cards at once. She could have been far more successful if she continued her teasing lewds and softcore porn instead of laying it all on the table. She was being heralded as a based legend for rinsing simps of their money without having to show so much as a nipple but she decided to throw that all away.

No. 221161

What i find so unsettling about belle is that she acts like a regular influencer and interacts with other content creators and markets herself to children by talking to minecraft youtubers yet shes a literal whore bag

No. 221162

Yeah, no worries, "gen alpha" or whatever they're being called, is coming up in about 10ish years. Gen Z'ers will get a taste of their own medicine, or worse. They'll be humbled by some cocky ass ipad kids in the future.

No. 221163

I think she really wants to be an influencer/"normie" web phenomenon, but she won't be able to put the rabbit back in the hat. She started off as a tease to scrotes, did some genuinely kind of funny things, but now it feels embarrassing to say I ever thought she was clever. I think she/Josh love the money from porn, which they're very likely making a lot with very little actual work…but she would much rather be just a funny quirky girl online again. She really looks miserable in any of the "sexy" photos where she isn't pulling a goofy expression. I think that easy money was too tempting to resist but now there is no going back. I would feel bad for her if she wasn't also a shitty person.

No. 221166

>When she announced her nosedive into porn in her last podcast was when she killed off her future of a funny meme turned cute and charming influencer
Spot on. She is a total fucking idiot for that and I hate her for it.

No. 221194

can't think of any >genuinely funny things she did..

No. 221196

I am so glad you bumped the thread for this shit

No. 221235

It’ll hurt them even more since they’re more obsessed with youth than any other generation and see 30 as a death sentence.

No. 221243

i can tell youre fat from this post alone(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 221263

File: 1655638162835.jpg (405.36 KB, 1080x1442, h6.jpg)

No. 221270

File: 1655644061835.jpg (Spoiler Image, 473.13 KB, 1920x1440, belle-delphine_6464.jpg)

Can she suck in any harder.

It's a half-hearted effort to pander to BDSM enthusiasts when all she actually does is just pose with the equipment. She is churning out content on OF without bothering to make any porn it seems, which she should have stuck to in the first place if all she really wants is to play lewd dress up.

No. 221274

>millennial fashion sucks reeeeeeeee
also zoomers
>90s revival!
>animal print but this time it’s cow!
>hair dyed fun colours in the front only!
>zoomers definitely invented all of these!
every article about zoomer fashion says it’s rooted in nostalgia kek. In the actual 90s we had middle parts and bootcut jeans too. Fashion is cyclical.
Maybe it’s different for britfags but I think she looks fine on the right. We don’t have hordes of autumnal Mormon influencers roaming the streets here though, so this just looks like a basic normie outfit. I am a millennial though so maybe that’s why it doesn’t look hideous to me kek

No. 221346

stop fucking derailing with the millennial vs zoomer bullshit nobody cares, the thread is about Belle not the shitty taste in fashion from both generations

No. 221363

File: 1655672389494.png (1.03 MB, 1080x804, samisekkoum .png)

Late to the party but I brought some milk.

This vile attempt at queerbaiting pisses me off so here I am.

Tayszea still lives with her fat cunt groomer baby daddy. They live in his rather big, but absolutely filthy smelly apartment. I know she does lewds, but I think desperation is setting in and with the help of belle's influence she'll be doing porn next. Her daughter sure has some great role models.

No. 221365

So many millennials clearly insecure they’re getting older on here… maybe it’s time to get a life instead of gossiping about a random British woman with teens on the internet.

Anyway, even YouTubers like WillNE and pewdiepie have completely dropped belle now so I hope for her sake that she has enough money to last the rest of her life. Any more information about that job she applied for a while ago?

No. 221465

>So many millennials clearly insecure they’re getting older on here…
That's not what you got btfo for and you know it kek. I'm glad you're already fixated on youth despite being obviously underage. It feels extremely hopeful for the next generation of women and not at all ironic in Belle's thread.

No. 221468

Anon, she could be bi and photos with someone else or sex, its work. No one is looking here to ruin a relationship or anything. Calm down. It's not queerbaiting when you're using the fact that men will throw money at you for consensual hands on each other. It's not that deep. That's the point. It's shallow for shallows sake because its easy money.

No. 221506

Not mad about that, just the fact that it was all done during pride month. I'm agreeing with everyone else it's in really shit taste.

I was just sharing some inside info. They aren't together, but they still live together. It's honestly just sad to see a girl who's constantly been used getting wrapped up in Belle's bullshit and following her path.

No. 221508

She's also done it outside of pride month. You're only making it an issue about the month specifically because it's easy right now. No1currs about your SJW bullshit, anon. Look where you are.

No. 221509

Im pretty sure Belle is bi, she had a girlfriend For a really short period of time when she broke up with goran, she also hinted about liking girls on her podcast episode but that could have just been pandering

No. 221511

The only job i know of her applying to was pets at home in 2016, she didnt work there very long but she would brag about getting a job and being the only one who works in the group. She would also say she was gonna buy people ipads and stuff for their bday but then not actually get them anything lmao

No. 221516

You’re the same white knight who’s constantly here telling people to “calm down!” You have some serious psychological problems that you need to evaluate before commenting on the demeanour of anyone. Calm down. Get help. Log off.

No. 221519

Also “no1curr” you “curr” enough to constantly lurk these threads and deny the obvious, like how obviously queerbaiting during pride month is shit taste. IT IS!

No. 221530

Why she covers those plastic ballons like no one seen her naked.(sage your shit)

No. 221533

I'm guessing her areolas are stretched because of the surgery. this is why they don't usually insert around the nipple cause the incision can get stretched because the skin is tight after the surgery.
it makes sense cause she edited her areola size in that one pic

No. 221535

I'm not after any SJW shit. I just know a bit more of Tayszea's story. She's a real piece of work too and is no angel either, believe me.

Frankly speaking, I just don't like anything Belle has done. From her pedo pandering and how she's basically self grooming young women into this line of work by "opening the door". You start to realize why the the world and people are so fucked up now.

Honestly when I saw this I got a good laugh knowing that after the whole Connie shit failed she got her next close friend to take the her place.(sage your shit)

No. 221665

No1currs. This isn't a thread about her.

No. 221666

hi belle. you fell off btw(hi cow)

No. 221719

>she had a girlfriend
anything to back that up there would be great. afaik she said she isn't interested in girls as someone already posted above, and being sexual with a girl seems unnatural and uncomfortable for her. i think she panders because she sees how highly fetishized lesbianism is on the internet.
highly expect this to be true as well, especially after the areola editing was caught.

No. 221731

The lighting/shadows and her rock hard bolt ons makes it look like she has the same caved in chest lori lewd has.

No. 221824

hey anon, what's the next best thing to a pedophile?

No. 221846

File: 1655760818458.jpeg (150.41 KB, 940x788, D8F5083A-4328-4296-B3E8-21D621…)

How is belle even allowed to work near children??!

No. 221850

How the hell would you know Belle is working there?

No. 221903

what the fuck anon, I just looked through their Facebook page and see zero evidence Belle has anything to do with this. Thanks for making me look at a bunch of British people in facepaint though.

No. 221904

File: 1655772882809.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.75 KB, 1080x1440, preview.jpg)

Sage for no actual milk but her face is looking puffy again, do you think she's still suffering from bulimia? Maybe I'm just retarded and she got fillers

No. 221914

She's such a gross pedophile.

Imagine how terrified of aging she must be

No. 221921

She has a pig nose

No. 221939

Does she have bulimia?
It's like all the SJWs are claiming everyone has a eating disorder now kek

No. 221940

Nta I agree it's shit taste, and intentionally designed to cause controversy… but I don't imagine the porn industry is going to suddenly stop making everyone's favourite exploitive genre just because it's fag month. The amount of pearl clutching this is causing is exactly what the ~genius~ business woman wants kek.

No. 221941

And women get off to it too, so its not even men it panders too. Theres a reason why roleplay exists and if you're not repulsed by the same sex and will go to lengths like Belle dud,I think its safe to say she isn't straight. No one is when doing this stuff. Its exactly what another anon said, fake outcry to force milk when its not milky. Its nitpicky at best.

No. 221958

Imagine fucking up your nose to this extend where it just looks like the grinch

No. 221961

Did anyone see the tiktok where Belle was called out (yet again) for her pedobaiting with a clip from a podcast where she says that she likes the thought of big gross things overpowering something small?… What an obscene statement.

No. 221962

What's up with her teeth? Don't tell me she's still wearing those fucking braces for maximum pedo pandering

No. 221963

She still is wearing the braces

No. 221966

that's Japanese middle school uniform… she literally has no shame sexualizing little girls for profit

No. 221998

actually that's not correct. it's just a mostly outdated style of uniform in general, like those gym uniforms. not defending her, i just hate this kind of misconception.

No. 222006

Her small nose is not milk, can you retards actually talk about something interesting for once

No. 222010

Whats your point anon? People who arent autistic wouldnt know that. Its obvious that shes wearing japanese LITTLE GIRL uniform and its really fucked up and pedophile behaviour as a grown as woman

No. 222013

kek, calm down. my point is you shouldn't associate everything with anime. sexualizing school uniforms is one of the least offensive things she's done also. it's so normalized at this point only rabid sjws such as yourself would care.

No. 222040

nta but you shouldn't try to let that slide because it's "normalized".the whole thing about doing sw and wearing a school uniform is weird AF and disgusting and I know she's done worse things but it doesn't excuse this shit…

No. 222043

File: 1655832036632.jpeg (33.55 KB, 204x288, 1551670296535.jpeg)

A few threads back someone pointed out she had marks on her knuckles, aka Russell's Sign, which is a sign of bulimia. Couple that with her yellow teeth and puffy cheeks and it really makes sense. Nobody's an "sjw" for assuming she has an eating disorder when the signs are right there.

No. 222053

It's sailor dress nonny

No. 222056

it's not about letting it go, it's just and not worth sperging over more because anon associates it with middle school. she's reeing about minors like belle is in diapers or something.

No. 222065

Not saying she doesn't engage in bulimia, but looking at pictures of bulimia cheeks, the fullness is mainly due to filler. However, overdone filler definitely can look very similar to bulimia cheeks with the sagging, jowls, and protruding nasolabial area that only emphasizes the deep lines.

No. 222081

She just tries to appear rounder in her face and goes with the fillers/injections. We all know she has a rather square long jaw/ oval face. Yet, she overdone it again like a while ago which makes her look puffy. Everything she does is fail. Nosejob that doesn't fit her face, boobs that stick out way too much. Injections in her face like she had a allergy reaction and is about to blow up.

No. 222097

Come on! Its gotten so ridiculous Belle. Anytime a serious topic of Belle is brought up or her tit implants or anything that actually makes her look bad….fake ridiculous milk is brought up. Its obvious that its Belle trying to derail the conversation. She does this on multiple forums about her. I just have to roll my eyes. You'd think being a "marketing genius" she'd know of a better way to change the direction of the convo. The funniest part is her recent call out of photoshopping (her accidentally putting 2 different photoshopped version of the same pic on her OF) she was obviously super upset of that mistake. Deleting the post on OF immediately and going to every forum/here to change the topic with some fake news of her in debt. lol!!!!!(learn2sage)

No. 222100

I wouldnt be suprised if the only milk that gets contributed is actually belle herself, i think she gets off on being a spectacle in the public eye

No. 222105

Post it then

No. 222111

Funnily enough Belle's English is very distinguishable from the fact that it's riddled with poor punctuation and simple pre-schooler mistakes lmfao. It shouldn't be too hard to pinpoint her.
Refreshingly enough, the video gained a lot of traction. Too long to post, the tiktok user is skunkard.twitch and she has called Belle out numerous times.

No. 222113

File: 1655843834629.jpeg (92.79 KB, 520x587, 4386F3AD-1DA5-4B82-AE2F-AE426B…)

She looks inbred

No. 222115

File: 1655843884461.jpeg (108.19 KB, 828x1023, 641E9869-393F-47D9-AB36-68DA4B…)

LMAO BYE what is this(nitpicking)

No. 222116

Skip to 0:24 to hear it

No. 222119

Belle likes attention and being in the public eyes but for stupid things. She doesnt want the world to know she photoshops the shit out of her pics/videos, all her botched plastic surgery, her lies, her stealing pics from other girls, her lying about her money, etc. She wants people to believe she's this wild smart girl when she's just a insecure scam artist(sage)

No. 222120

Thanks. It irks me knowing men only think with their dicks and will never show some moral fiber when it comes to their coom material. Belle said it herself in the podcast when asked about the forest shoot - women care more for the moral implications (which Belle so sweetly referred to as 'drama') whereas men don't care if their sexual gratification is sourced ethically. She only cares to satisfy her incels, doesn't matter if she throws women under the bus and plays into the fetishization of rape and children. They're not there for her personality or moral integrity - they just wanna see some titties, and she knows that. She knows everything that's been said in here already, she just doesn't care.

No. 222123

File: 1655844725253.webm (9.75 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1655844189028.webm)

No. 222124

Belle definitely severely lacks empathy, she has to have some kid of personality disorder because she is not right, she seems to have psychopathic and autistic traits. She also used to put her hamsters together in cages and laugh at them fighting out of stress. She is also cruel to her mum and said she deserves the abuse her dad gave her because she lets people walk over her.(unsaged armchairing)

No. 222126

Where'd you get that info?

No. 222134

>>222116 Don't forget she was groomed herself by older guys/men when she was young, she also spoke about that in one of the podcasts, which could attribute to the messed up-ness of her sexuality.

No. 222139

Shut up. A lot of us here have been through a lot worse and we aren’t about to pity this pedo bitch and her fake braces.

No. 222142

>>222139 I've also been through shit. Doesn't matter if your experience was worse or better, some people get fucked up from it other not, I definitely believe its a factor. Especially the way she worded it ''so big and so gross''.

No. 222146

If anything, shouldn't this steer her away from what she's so obviously trying to do? Shouldn't she want an end to the exploitation of minors more than anyone else? As someone who recognizes myself a lot in Belle with her paternal troubles and the teenage grooming, there's a point where you gain the sense of self-awareness to steer yourself in the right direction and shun such a harmful culture. Belle is an example of someone who isn't suited to be an online figure - this is someone who's needed an intervention since her teenage years as well as professional counselling. Instead, she's been allowed to capitalize on a behaviour that is the product of grooming and daddy issues, likely urged on by her exploitative boyfriend and equally degenerate friend group. That's what makes a lolcow. And now as a catastrophic byproduct of her success, many young girls are following in her footsteps and making fools of themselves online.

No. 222147

How do you know this?

No. 222150

Instead, Belle has made an aesthetic of it. She romanticizes it, and even endorses (said it's her favorite) the openly pedophilic novel Lolita. She has cosplayed as Lolita, captioning that selfie teasingly with "If you know, you know". Now why would a victim of grooming fawn over a novel on grooming and pedophilia in such an… Approving and endearing fashion? This may be an over-the-line analysis, but I genuinely believe Belle likes this aspect of her.

No. 222152

i think she has a naturally puffy face, and the bulimia adds on.(sage)

No. 222153

"Groomed" in her late teens is still old enough to know better and to eventually gain awareness in one's mid 20s. I dislike how grooming or unhealthy coping from CSA has become the go-to excuse for women who promote pedophilia or ephebophilia, some of them are just degenerate. Daddy issues is also kind of a misogynistic and misunderstood stereotype put on sex workers. What I have seen is that girls who lack a secure father figure tend to like much older men and want to be babied/taken care of by them, but there is little evidence that there's a link between that and sex work.

No. 222159


It's fillers, we've already seen that she had them in that one interview, her face was never naturally puffy. She wanted to add volume to her face to look more childlike and round. I find that most people are inexperienced with the way filler looks, because usually they picture the super angular, alien instathot look or the very obvious pillowface and so attribute such roundness to weight gain, aging, bad genetics, or poor health. She likely has bulimia too, but it's def not just that.

No. 222160

No. 222161

She's certainly not ashamed of playing up anything that makes her seem more jailbait-y. Who knows why exactly she is like that, but the fact it she happily tries to look like a sexualized juvenile. Frankly, I think it's weeb brainrot more than anything, and then she just capitalized on what her simps responded to the most, all her "uwu FBI knockin on ur door wat u doin" shit. She came up at the same time Shadman was like, a huge phenomenon on the chans and even scrote-centric parts of the normie web. Maybe she was groomed or abused, or maybe she just found a niche and has stayed in it.

No. 222164

This. In that way, could it be considered self grooming for girls to latch onto these trends, seeing their peers get "positive" male attention for emulating the loli coomer anime aesthetic?

No. 222165

weeb brainrot is a better word for it than anything. This chick is chronically online, tries to prove it through her knowledge of outdated and extremely niche memes and is basically the birthchild of 4chan and early tumblr.

No. 222168

Not only that, but teens are highly sexualized to begin with and there's a disturbing obsession with youth which is partially to blame for the irrational fear of aging some girls develop, so they want to continue being perceived as fragile and attractive, and it's a neverending loop of conforming to bizarre societal standards and enforcing the standard that scrotes become accustomed to as it becomes more normalized.

No. 222172

Absolutely. I remember her going on about how "perfect" hentai is in one of the podcast interviews she did. She isn't some sexually liberated person, she is just as brain rotted as the moids she degrades herself for with the same porn-addled thinking. She doesn't see an issue with sexualising minors probably because she is trying to replicate what she sees in hentai according to her disturbed mind
Well put. I don't pity her but I think she is very naïve and terribly misguided, under the influence of her boyfriend and what "friends" she has now, being coddled by the internet while lacking a healthy support system in life. None of that will change as long as she stands to profit from her mental instability

No. 222234

Fuck off pedo enabler

No. 222235

literal bulimia cheeks unless she's shooping herself this way on purpose. no its not from filler

No. 222236

So she is in to ugly bastard content too. Also she doesn't look like a kid in her example lol

No. 222239

Stop being retarded and sending the thread in circles jfc

No. 222259

Her face overall gained volume, not just her cheeks; are you saying that she didn't get filler when she clearly did? You can see it when she smiles, you can see it in the recent (?) picture posted by >>222113 as well. Looking at google images, the majority of women with bulimia cheeks have a certain volume in the lower cheeks that looks clearly puffy/swollen, almost chipmunk like, not just full- many of them also have what i'd call jowling concentrated in the lower face. Bulimia cheeks have a very distinct look, which you can also spot in the side profile.

No. 222269

she looks so weird here and the pigtails make her look older somehow. she looks like a soccer mom trying to cosplay a child???
also, her hairline looks fake idk like a wig or like she drew it on lol

No. 222270

File: 1655905194176.jpg (43.35 KB, 564x684, 7bd4ed9adde8f4dd498b51d000069f…)

in her head she thinks she looks like a dainty small asian girl like picrel. it's so hilarious and sad at the same time. she will never look small or childlike and no matter how many surgeries she gets she just looks like a down syndrome tranny.
belle seriously give up on trying to be pedobait

No. 222275

File: 1655907705567.jpg (102.46 KB, 634x734, 2F478D2000000578-3356084-image…)


No. 222291

She looks nothing like the woman in the photo here.

No. 222293

File: 1655912885648.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3464x3464, 42041AA4-4C56-4D0A-A808-5FB9C7…)

When someone has a very small forehead it gives a weird effect, it makes the cranial top look too low(jfc forehead nitpick )

No. 222294

File: 1655913077889.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3464x3464, A4DB416C-213B-440D-9AE1-D08540…)

High cranial top e.g jennie kim, gives a cute youthful look but a too low forehead like belles gives the opposite effect and looks very uncanny on a woman especially

No. 222295

Trying to analyse her bone structure in this way is both concentrated autism and pointless, because she shoops and warps everything she posts. Her real proportions are perfectly normal.

No. 222297

Are they? Did u see her irl then?

No. 222298

File: 1655914102809.jpeg (114.34 KB, 538x895, 4F58ED7B-7AF9-4FD1-8083-F95369…)

Found a dairy free, gluten free, photoshop free pic of peach belle-ini

No. 222302

asian or not grown ass women who want to be small and childlike are mentally ill

No. 222303

did you read what I said retard?

No. 222304

i think the whole bulimia argument is retarded. even if she has bulimia she has to be constantly throwing up for that to fuck her face up. she just got fat

No. 222305

File: 1655916650997.jpeg (380.25 KB, 801x527, 5A9F4AC0-8FAB-477C-A68E-96A7BB…)

Imo her eyebrows are way too tiny and make her forehead protrude. I've edited them here to be slightly longer and it looks better if you ask me. She used to do her brows like this but dropped it, in my experience I find that shorter brows can balance out a long face so perhaps that was her aim.

No. 222307

No, longer horizontal lines makes longer faces appear shorter.
If you shorten brows and do a small area of blush will make your face longer than if you extend both.

No. 222312

try to make her forehead taller lol

No. 222313

She also seems to have somewhat decent teeth (fake braces aside), and if she were throwing up enough to cause bulimia cheeks, the acids from bile would be causing some serious damage and erosion to her teeth by now, like Venus's.

No. 222317

She has a face only a mother could love, but even she hates belle LMAO