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No. 218113

Discuss TrashTaste and their friends in Japan

>part 1/3 of Garnt's wedding has been completed. There will be 2 more so all their friends & family can attend.
>Joey struggles with making content because of his previous coomer persona.
>Connor debuted with a vtuber model with IronMouse and continues to harem every man/woman
>Karen is on hiatus from vtuber duties to attend conventions/events as her real persona
>Aki goes through a quarter life crisis with tattoos, piercings, and is trying to distant herself from TT&friends
>PewDiePie is having the time of his life in Japan

-Aki being fat is not milk
-Chris/Sharla anons stay in >>>/w/216275

No. 218115

Joey's new youtube series trailer dropped. He's trying really hard to separate himself from being the coomer man.

No. 218116

File: 1654587914650.jpg (221.88 KB, 596x550, lol.jpg)

aki continues to be a nlog and throws in her 2 cents, siding with johnny depp despite all the evidence of him abusing his other partners lol

No. 218118

File: 1654588299664.jpg (344.9 KB, 600x645, ddk.jpg)

Karen continues to be a raging alcoholic and couldn't make it through the wedding

No. 218141

Could someone enlighten me on how this is different from the jvlogger thread

No. 218147

>asks for a Chris/Sharla containment thread so the tin-foils can fight over non existent milk.

We get this instead Kek

No. 218149

Thanks, I hate them all very much.

No. 218153

Watching anons getting their panties in a bunch because scamber turd got her lying ass handed to her was funny for a while but now it's getting really fucking annoying. Take it back to twitter.

No. 218161

The point is there’s no need for Aki to make DV a black/white issue. Also she’s a YouTuber who makes videos on hentai ffs, literally why

No. 218174

Aki had her own fucking thread for her and Joey already

No. 218178

>TrashTaste and their friends
>and their friends

No. 218184

File: 1654614662158.jpeg (975.43 KB, 1125x1756, DBDB3234-33F1-46C0-938F-A2031E…)

The oreimo shit is making me lose my mind

No. 218185

This isn't milk.

No. 218218

Nothing milky about having an anime incest themed wedding, everybody.

No. 218219

Its fiction, anon. Jfc

No. 218220

Didn’t say they should go to jail, but it is milky.

No. 218227

Ashley (intern) is leaving Trash Taste. Connor says it's because his contract expired, Ashley says he doesn't want to go into details

No. 218236

>it's fiction
And it's cringe, and it's stupid as fuck.

No. 218237

Why is Gigguk so white in these when he's dark irl?

No. 218243

Still fucking werid, why are we not allowed to judge insest themed stuff on a gossip site? I think it’s really fucking werid

No. 218297

Damn that sucks. It sounds like they just didn’t like his work though

No. 218360

Connor said something about not being able to bring him on full-time, Ashley saying he doesn't want to get into it. idk how internships in Japan work but 1.5 years is a long ass time to be an intern. Feels like they strung him along with the potential for full-time work. They're making plenty of money, I doubt they couldn't afford it.

No. 218400

if you know anything about the merryweathery team is that they're allergic to drawing anything that's not white pale skin characters.

looking at their portfolio you'll see this. they couldn't even draw gigguk's skin tone right for god sake. if i were him or gigguk i would have told them to fix that shit

No. 218401

no that anon, but judging is fine, but its boring as fuck to talk about. wheres the actual drama in this dead thread

No. 218516

Seriously. They are animefags. If course they have anime icons and the anime they aren't even biological, so anon nitpicking it seems just autistic for the sake of shitposting.

No. 218524

Trash Taste is my guilty pleasure i put on while doing chores on Saturdays.
I like Connor best out of the bunch, although I used to watch Gigguk like a decade+ ago and didnt have a clue who the other 2 were until TT. I was living under a rock and apparently "anituber" became something in the meantime.
Garnt actually watches anime,Joey actually speaks Japanese and Connor's content I find most enjoyable.
For some reason I can't stand Sydsnap, it's just not my cup of tea of content and she's a bit too loud for my taste.

No. 218539

the brother and sister are biological siblings in oreimo, nonny…you should always be immediately suspicious of anyone that likes oreimo

No. 218540

better not ever make fun of anyone for cringy weeb shit on lolcow. sounds like /w/ is about to shut down under your strict guidelines

No. 218548

Do not respond to the trolls, it’s just the angry anons from the previous thread trying to start fights. Ignore them and they’ll die off eventually

No. 218550

File: 1654708984688.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1339, 44F9A7CD-D6EE-41B5-904E-80B3EC…)

I do think there’s beef from aki to the rest of the crew though, they used to hang out all the time and now they don’t.

No. 218551

Interesting, I feel like the most likely scenario is a breakup with her and Joey. That the quickest way you immediately go from buddying around with a group, to being out of a group. Kudos to the two of them for not making it a big public spectacle if they DID break up, that's the healthier way of dealing with it. I know a lot of anons think Joey could do better and physically sure, but I think he'd be a pretty annoying guy to date with all the anime coom shit. Aki did seem like she put up with a lot of stuff most women wouldn't, necessarily.

No. 218574

Pretty much same nona, I don't care too much about the guys indvidually tbh but TT is my guilty pleasure because they remind me of back when I used to talk about weeb shit with my friends, except it's scrote edition. It rouses this feeling of nostalgia within me.

No. 218611


i hope joey would leave her she also seems to not take care of herself anymore

No. 218618

nah, he's a baby boy who needs a mommy, they are fine

No. 218625

Nah, they deserve each other. If they were to break up it would be because Aki wants it.

No. 218627

You have to be a low self esteem nlog to stan hentai and coomers in the first place, but lmao I can totally see the type of person that’d think Joey was ~out of Aki’s league uwu~.

No. 218740

Hell, even the original male character from the anime was drawn with darker skin. Makes it even more obvious.

No. 218743

idk if anyone else will agree with me on this but Connor is the most enjoyable to watch considering the fact that he isn't as afraid to give his honest opinion on things even if people may disagree with him

meanwhile Garnt and Joey have the most basic ass takes ever

No. 218755

I mean you aren’t wrong. It helps that he doesn’t really like coomer content and has moved on from his whole “I’m Sebastian from black butler” Schlick

No. 218880

But I liked Joey videos about manga: it is still pretty rare for youtube to make videos about manga - especially if it’s unscanlated and kinda niche
Personally I don’t have pearls to clutch even if it’s grotesque
As far as I know, he doesn’t make videos like that anymore

No. 218908

File: 1654794451546.jpg (45.87 KB, 783x305, 2022-06-09 18_02_03.170 0100.j…)

Saw this in the comments of the most recent trash taste vid. Kinda weird and possibly a bit more evidence pointing at the fact that things might not all be well between Joey and aki. (Pls forgive me the tinfoil)

No. 218951

to be fair though, Aki confessing to him has literally nothing to do with the passport story

for context, right before Joey told this story, Garnt shared his own story about losing his passport and having to have it be shipped to him. so bringing Aki up at all would just be irrelevant to the conversation imo

No. 218954

they already talked about her confessing to him during this when she was a guest on the podcast. it wouldnt have been relevant to bring it up a second time.

No. 219136

And this person knows this because?

No. 219166

Pewdiepie hung out with Joey and Aki before the wedding and it’s very cool he didn’t show off their hang out lol not that I think he purposely did it because he thinks they’re clout chasers, but more like he didn’t care to film

No. 219193

File: 1654852884581.jpeg (779.86 KB, 1125x1571, A7B20375-F9DC-4ED8-9AD1-9ADF5C…)

Ignoring the obvious scrote bait

Isn’t it weird Karen’s ex who was underground for years, is suddenly gaining notoriety? I think it’s obvious she’s helping him with industry contracts and gigs, but I don’t understand why. Especially after he wrote a diss track(now deleted) about being jealous of her newfound fame.

No. 219249

I'm surprised she managed to date any Japanese guy at all considering she styles herself like a butch lesbian. The gaijin fetish is intense

No. 219286

File: 1654882611832.png (1.36 MB, 1318x650, firefox_kO4cthAPn3.png)

So glad there's finally a thread on these weebs. Showing your mom NTR hentai has got to be the lowest low.

No. 219313

I know Aki always gets dunked on for how she takes care of herself but I can't stand how greasy sydsnap looks every time I see her. How hard is it to find a hair routine that doesn't make you look like you haven't showered in days?

No. 219318

Really gross and weird under normal circumstances, but didn't Sydney mention growing up in a conservative Christian family from the midwest?

No. 219319

She has good bone structure. Or, the angles she chooses to take photos from make it seem that way. She can do another hair style that favors it (and hides her thin white girl hair) instead of the standard-issue millennial side part with layers that she's probably used since high school.

No. 219322

lol i guess we sometimes forget these are the same dirty weird weeb kids in highschool who just have massive followings.

No. 219323

Doubt, her mom is very supportive of her pornsick pick-me image

No. 219325

She talked about it on Trash Taste, including how she didn't have proper sex ed and instead learned everything from hentai.

No. 219326

Fucked up the timestamp, it starts at 16:10.

No. 219351

I never watched their own channels, but I loved the first season of TT. But about halfway into the second season, I've kinda lost interest. For some reason, the podcast started to annoy me, it's kinda hard to explain why. Sometimes it just feels that all three of them (Garnt maybe the least) have gotten on some high horse after getting really popular, and every youtube centric episode turns into a circle jerk. Production has been good, except the audio mixing is sometimes too dynamic - would it be too much to add some limiters or compression so I don't blow my eardrums everytime Connor starts screaming out of nowhere?

No. 219352

For future reference: these are "big" anime youtubers, Grant was involved with promoting the crunchyroll anime awards. Their content is more focused on anime coomershit.

No. 219353

File: 1654896008954.jpg (210.51 KB, 895x757, IMG_20220610_231939.jpg)

>one of the quote tweets
My sides, such an animu prince

No. 219354

File: 1654896193147.jpg (344.65 KB, 1080x1534, IMG_20220610_232251.jpg)

No. 219355

File: 1654896254843.jpg (436.43 KB, 1080x1473, IMG_20220610_232322.jpg)

This wedding sounds like something 14 year olds would organize

No. 219356

You probably are just finally realizing none of them are good content creators. Gigguk has bad anime opinions and stole his initial gimmick from Demolition D while being less entertaining than Demo. Joey is a braindead coomer brain and doesn't even enjoy anime or otaku culture anymore beyond hentai. Connor just feels like he's a leech and only got popular from doing LOL SO QUIRKY videos for fujoshi retards. I'm pretty sure he's never cared much about anime and just went with it when he started getting fujo fans. Connor's old PULL thread had some pretty saucey posts from former fans who said he would DM his fans to get something from them then ghost them (money, free assets for his videos, etc.) I know PULL doesn't exist anymore but maybe it's possible to find it through the internet archive.

No. 219358

File: 1654896366293.jpg (374.88 KB, 1080x1372, IMG_20220610_232605.jpg)

No. 219360

Could be. And the ammount of clickbait and "look how much we spent on useless shit please remember how relatable we are, here's a clip of us jerking each other how we're so popular that we're a fire hazard" is a thing I've always hated.

I'm waiting for when they get caught doing some shady shit, maybe next time it's not enough to just call yourself "advisors" when shit goes down.

No. 219368

There was one episode of trash taste where they discuss their favourite porn doujinshi, and Gigguk mentions an oreimo incest doujin. They sure bonded over that anime.

No. 219376

Very true, but I think they definitely apply here.

No. 219381

This thread has absolutely no milk besides weebs getting married.
And don't trick yourself into believing their Is any.

No. 219382

Sage your offtopic shit, Jill's thread also started with her just being annoying in the lolita community.

No. 219383

And this thread will end after a couple more weeks at the maximum .

What milk is there to weebs being weebs at there wedding and not liking them? Nothing.

No. 219384

Just ignore the trolls. They’re rollover from the vindictive Chris/sharla anons. I’m happy this thread is slow, threads aren’t supposed to fill up in less than a month

No. 219385

File: 1654902245772.jpeg (313.57 KB, 676x550, 36F141AB-66E3-48D7-9437-5A63A0…)

Just remembered this old meme that has reached “jon tron punched Suzy” levels of drama. Joey/Aki no longer interacts with noble/last pause, but Connor/Garnt still does I think. Everyone thinks it’s because noble had a crush on Aki and he was jealous, but I think the more likely scenario is he called her fat so they cut him out of their lives lmao

No. 219386

How am I trolling? I'm saying there is little to no milk to be had here because not liking someone and a wedding for weebs isn't milk.

If that's the case most anitubers belong here more then them

No. 219388

Then why do you keep bumping it

No. 219390

Just wanted to say that. Don't expect me to bump/view it until it's dead before long(unsaged autism)

No. 219391

Sage your shit what the fuck

No. 219403

That’s what I meant by don’t reply to them, they’re 0 IQ ESL monkeys

No. 219407


Are the ESL boogeyman in the walls?
Because English is my first language.

No. 219450

I do find Syd's online behavior milky, it's cringey and entertains me in a gross out way
>that poor shitty room
>coomer figures and poster
>constant "uwu my cleavage"
>that face and unwashed hair

The NLOG hentai art she comissions is worse, she comissioned
>her as a futa giving penis birth to an ugly hentai bastard while Grant is crushed by her balls
>her being fucked and on a milking machine for cows
>her farting into a tube and the tube is connected to some guy's gas mask
I am not interested in looking up the uncensored versions of those, jesus

No. 219452

>NLOG hentai art she comissions
wow i didn't know it was that bad jfc
she lucked out on genetics with her eye,hair,skin color and facial structure but she doesn't seem to really take care of herself or stay fit, what a waste.
I think she's super annoying

No. 219475

I thought he friendzoned her and she wrote a whole album about it.
They still work together and I'm not aware of the "diss track" being deleted but maybe we're thinking about different things, they're rappers and were probably just ribbing each other.
FAKE TYPE had a pretty long period of hiatus then got back together, and both parts were doing stuff over their breaks, with THHK having some serious breakout success with his track Princess. It's possible there's some Mori -> DemonDice -> FAKE TYPE fans out there but most people I know knew them pre hiatus or through princess/post hiatus tracks. FAKE TYPE are pretty established and have a long career and THHK has his own solo career; so while Karen's contributed via animation and stuff it feels weird to attribute their success to her when they had a firm fanbase before she even showed up.
Also Karen is like… the uber-FAKE TYPE fan so if she is helping them out, no shit. She literally went to Japan and got into music because of them.

No. 219477

File: 1654959214780.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 109.63 KB, 850x696, 484ED762-E4FC-4C41-9813-7A709C…)

I’ll post one of the cursed hentai she commissioned. This is the futa one please don’t unspoiler If you’re uncomfortable. This gives us confirmation that yes she is as depraved and pornsick as she lets on.

No. 219483

Ahahaha,holy fucking shit.
By the way,in this video she says the girls losing their virginity trope in porn is awful because irl they're bleeding and having their skin torn, gigguk says the same. Seems like she (or they together) had a bad experience with not even getting her relaxed and wet enough? She also says she likes cumflation and orc rape.

No. 219493

There was a leak where her mom posted a picture of faketype and Karen together and called him her bf. The diss track was deleted because the producer was found in possession of drugs and any association is career ending.

Also high-key hate fake type. Karen might be a raging alcoholic but even she didn’t deserve to be overworked for content as much as faketype pushed her. The reason why she was so fucking tired during the start of her debut was they were demanding her to draw things for them. I theorize out of jealousy since she hit it big with holo.

No. 219515

There's a reason why we don't post about vtubers here. This isn't about Trash Taste at all.

No. 219518

She is not a vtuber, she is a youtuber you retard. Check the videos.

No. 219519

And still not a part of TT though, so what's the excuse?

No. 219520

She is gigguk's wife, she's in the OP pic and her videos with him and wedding were posted. Are you trying to shit the thread up to get it deleted? lmao

No. 219521

Aki has her own thread where Joey is already discussed. Pewdiepie isn't a part os TT either, but he is in the bio. Honestly, yeah. There is no reason for this thread since you're personally pointing it out.

No. 219523

File: 1654982068103.png (1.93 MB, 1276x666, firefox_Kc9Wr2DtRa.png)

OP is literally TrashTaste & Friends and Syd is in it, how retarded can the whiteknight be? This is about coomer anime podcasters. Anyway here's a pic of Syd's mom looking at her as she explains nipple penetration.

No. 219524

I disagree, PewDiePie and Gigguk's wife are notorious enough to the Trash Taste people that they should be here. Do you want this thread to be boring as fuck? Because that's what your minimoding sounds like.

No. 219525

Aki's thread is a shitty trash fire full of nitpicking, so much that I rather have actual discussion about her here. Anyway, you sound really autistic about this, let people have fun for god's sake.

No. 219535

Please I’m begging you to ignore the butthurt trolls. They are upset about being called retarded and are trying to pee on every thread

No. 219562

Idk maybe I'm trashy, too, but some people just have a really open relationship with their moms. My mom and I have this sort of relationship and if I were a YoutTuber, she'd love to be featured for her reactions.

No. 219564

Her might be invested in this stuff, Dr. Ruth was big on TV around her time she'd been alive and that was a show that dug into a lot of weird stuff. Not everyone is a prude or is embarrassed to talk about this stuff with their parents. You have the CUT program on YouTube that does this type of stuff with parents/kids all the time.

No. 219604

The video is very awkward, the mom seems pretty disgusted and acts like she doesn't wanna be there.

No. 219614

I like how even the comments are calling her out for pretending to be innocent when in other videos she openly admits to her fetishes lol, but here she's like "I'm a pure girl uwu"
>her mom even showed her youtube channel to some coworkers
Oh honey…

No. 219645

nah, they likely just didnt want to make content out of meeting. they said on the podcast before how they hate when people film when meeting, plus pewdiepie said he has a parasocial relationship with the boys through the podcast.

No. 219681

nothing is supposed to tear or bleed how old are these people ffs

No. 219804

A lot of people do bleed their first time?(derailing)

No. 219824

if the woman is aroused and relaxed then she wont bleed. bleeding the first time is a myth unless the guy just jams it in dry.(enough about bleeding)

No. 219829

Are you not a women?

No. 219858

ive bled my first time but not significantly just a tad bit. i suppose its another thing hentai took, coomers can only get aroused with their eyes so everything has to be over the top.(derailing)

No. 219911

Did you forget about hymens? The bleeding isn't from friction or something omfg(enough)

No. 219941

It can be, but literally, this isn't the thread for your gross degenerate discussion of sex talk. Go to /ot/ for this shit.

No. 220089

I noticed this too. She never goes on trips with Joey and didn't even attend Garnts wedding. They did a recent video where they hung out together and Joey said the only reason she was with him is because Garnt slept in. Definitely a tinfoil, but i don't think their relationship is going well

No. 220116

I can see why people tinfoil. Something is going on, Sydney and Aki don't get on etc But what I don't understand is why didn't Toyko Creative send Aki to any of these events? Comic-Con & Ax? That's her fanbase right there.

No. 220131

She should’ve at least pretended to be based by being disgusted by the shit that the average weeb gets off to, being into it just makes her another average discord dweller NLOG that tries to get picked by anyone and anything.

No. 220143

>>220116 maybe she has visa issues and can't travel?

No. 220202

Okay got to get this off my chest, and this seems like one of the few places on the internet that doesn't just glorify Trash Taste.

Connor really gives me weird vibes. Like if he's a former school bully or something. The Chris Chan episode for example, when Joey and Garnt are laughing with obvious disgust in their voice, Connor really finds all the topics really funny like when they talked about how Chris ran over a store manager twice. That laugh is genuine laugh. And I don't know man, I wouldn't be suprised at all if Connor would get caught with using other people to his advantage without any compensation for other peoples work or something like that. I read about something like that on PULL a long ago, so I don't remember any details but even then I had no trouble believing it. And he seems to detest his fans, or atleast used to, but still thinks his work is something truly amazing and world changing.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.(unsaged ted talk)

No. 220203

Connor is clearly one of those people who just do the thing they are supposed to be doing to be liked (& to make hard cash) and those who will do everything to reach the top. Out of the three he's clearly the least woke and his conformance with the current PC culture is very clearly rooted in money. Strikes me as that guy who is ruthless and will just do anything for game and glory.

Also, he was a literal no-one before Trash Taste. I actually watched him first out of all of them, because youtube recommended one of his voice acting review videos and I kind of enjoyed them so I subbed. When TT started, his following was like 10 times (literally) lower than Gigguk's or Joey's, or more. I was very surprised that creators of this caliber had taken someone like him to a podcast. There's no doubt that he's the absolute biggest winner of Trash Taste, because without it he would still have been a very mediocre VA based youtuber.

No. 220218

The Chris Chan episode was really bizarre. I think that and the time their friend the host with some outdated views came on were the most uncomfortable eps. I don't think Conner was a bully (none of these guys seem like they were true bullies, we're all nerdy) but I do think he was a troll for a long time. Think call of duty kid. They all were deep online growing up but Garnt and Joey went to more obscure anime and certain lewd things and Conner went to sites similar to this one. He's definitely followed and maybe participated in that business for years. Overall he seems nice in person at least.

The idea was that GeekxPlus were going to bring in three different anitubers from different backgrounds. Gigguk - old school, long form review style; Joey - Modern, lewd, Japan adventurer, well connected, Conner - Voice acting, actually has female fans. Joey was clearly the headliner initally and Conner was the biggest risk. I don't think much of his original fanbase translated to trash taste since the fanbase is more nerdy guys than lonely single young women. His channel probably would have died if he didn't go to Japan or join Trash Taste. His old content is completely different and even now he's building himself as a twitch gamer outside of his anime/Japan/trash taste side. He's not a bad guy but definitely mostly money/grind focused compared to the other two. Joey feels like he wants to be more of a legitimate artist/creator but isn't sure how and Garnt just wants to be happy and do right with his family. When trash taste ends we will probably never see Garnt again and Joey will focus on his music while not acknowledging the anime man much. Conner will be around though maybe with his own podcast.

No. 220222

Idk man, I feel that from them all Connor managed to become the better content creator. The guy is a big risk taker, his content is really interesting and unique with his visits to bizarre Japanese places, collabs with Chris, Daidus and Emily and even the crane games. His viewership numbers are also the highest of the boys.

No. 220227

Exactly. It's impressive what he's built for himself in the past three years. I would also say his current content is the best of the three. It's the grind I'm talking about. Garnt is content and focused on his actual life and Joey wants to do something meaningful. Conner is kind of like what The Rock is to movies. With the fast rise after being stuck in a niche and great work ethic to build a brand. He even has more subs than Chris now. Meilene took a risk with him and it paid off big. He could have easily been a guy who should have stuck to his niche but he's the biggest riser of trash taste and is giving Joey's network a run for it's money.

No. 220268

Connor got extremely lucky his PULL threads didn't seem to get archived by PULL discord (people did not care that much about him despite throwing a lot of milky proofs onto him being a leeching and manipulative asshole), right when he started leeching off vtubers. The luckiest guy in the world istg.

No. 220272

I agree it's impressive and he's clearly very successful, but at the same time, if someone rises that high that fast, it's usually because he's a ruthless, success driven person who uses people and sometimes relationships as stepping stones. I had no idea about these PULL situations mentioned here, but I don't doubt that one bit. His content is hella entertaining but as a person I would stay as far away from him as possible cause it's pretty clear what he is.

No. 220274

Is there really no way to pull up the old Connor PULL thread through some kind of archive? That is pretty unfortunate since there were several past fans that were upset with his manipulative behavior and posted proof of it there. Maybe they'll find this thread someday and drop the details again. Connor definitely seems the most suspicious of the three in my opinion. Very cunning and able to talk his way into what he wants.

No. 220282

I definitely would like to read his old PULL forum. But I do mostly put it down to his age at the time because nothing has come up recently, he works with a lot more people now too, something would have cropped up. Connor just comes over as very driven with not much experience, again his age. At least he is trying to improve himself unlike the other two. Joey tries everything and Garnt needs to step up now he has time, now the wedding is done.

No. 220297

Now that reminds me, when /vt/ was created on 4chan there was a mass-raid of people spamming some other Discord server and dropbox/mediafiles of proofs against Connor. Maybe there is still a way to get those links through warosu.

No. 220314


I, too, would love to see some proof rather than just hearsay, as i'm not sure what iteration of PULL everyone's referring to, but Connor and TT weren't really a big thing until recently. Otherwise it's like people can sockpuppet to make exaggerated statements while agreeing with themselves in order to give the illusion of credibility to their claims. He's unlikely to be the narcissistic mastermind some anons are implying he is, but it shouldn't be that difficult to locate the original screenshots and files that are supposedly out there, if someone can get ahold of the anons that provided them. I can't remember what video he talked about it in but back when he was on his Black Butler schtick he collaborated or met up with some creepy parasocial fans/wannabe voice actors and said how it was an unpleasant experience for him, which is pretty milk worthy, although I don't know if he said anything more about it as he seemed very uncomfortable recalling it. I'm not deep into TT as they can hardly hold my attention for more than a half hour, but out of all of them, Connor seemed at least somewhat decent and down to earth, if not a bit queer bait-y.

No. 220326

Here's the archived PULL thread:

All the pages should be archived. I went and found it back during the drama with Mori Calliope. IIRC, it's mostly about his opportunism. And the former fans who are talking about him come across very young and naive. I didn't find anything that seemed extremely damning, but I did get bored and stop halfway through.

No. 220342

I went through this one too anon, none of the discord screenshots are intact sadly. I found this one with images intact but only the first page is archived.

No. 220349


Anons providing proof without bickering back and forth, i'll be damned. Much appreciated, nonnies. I do agree that the fans in that thread seem terribly naive and Connor sounds socially awkward af and not equipped to handle the responsibility of having a Patreon and Discord with a large fanbase whom expect genuine interaction. Not defending his behavior, but it seems difficult for most content creators to strike a balance between professional and genuine without crossing boundaries or offending people.

No. 220394

Is there any real milk in this thread aside from TT and Friends being coomers? Because if that was enough lolcow would quadruple with threads overnight.

No. 220396

I only know Connor through Ironnmouse and frankly he seems like an asshole unironically. And he gives off tryhard bad boy vibes so it wouldn't surprise me if he wanted to be a manipulator.

No. 220472

I'm surprised you get that vibe. I don't watch any vtuber stuff but he seems nicer and more self aware than most youtubers. Probably he was immature with his fame before but he's doing well with it now and isn't up his own butt like a lot of people would be. Growing up he seems like he just played a lot of Call of Duty. Honestly whenever I watch trash taste he seems like the most normal one while Joey and Garnt are more unique people.

No. 220480


It's probably cause you yourself are a normie with a background of traditional upbringing. It's fine, I used to be a bit like that as well, that's how I instantly see red flags. The question is always whether someone's reformation and growth as a person is honest or just done for money, and with content creators it's always safer to assume the latter. Also, for Connor specifically, sometimes his carefully concealed toxicity leaks from time to time, particularly when he talkes about issues connected to gaming and youtube drama. He's the Asmongold of anitube - woke cause it pays.

No. 220521


You're telling me Karen actually dated Tophat Kyo or someone else from Fake Type? I never knew this, interesting

I hate consoomerism and scrote behaviors too but I do have TT in the background sometimes when I do chores or clean. It does have a nostalgic feel as one of the nonnas said earlier.

No. 220528

Woke does pay, but I actually think he's being mostly genuine about it, since he has gained a lot of fanbase from TT and most of their fans aren't exactly woke, quite the opposite, since they're mostly reddit/4chan dudebros, and those people probably outnumber the fujos among his subscribers by now. It just wouldn't make sense for him to pander to the woke squad just for money, especially since wokes probably hate TT anyway cause they're friends with Pewdiepie.

That being said, I don't see him as actually Woke(tm) either, all his takes have been very mild. He just seems like a dude who tries to keep up with politics a little bit more than Garnt and Joey, and thus has formed opinions about stuff. And I actually like that he's trying to be respectful to others, for example his video about the Japanese gay bar was nice, I know that at least Joey would have made some weird jokes. Also it's refreshing to listen to Connor when they talk about coomer shit cause at least he is sensible enough to get disgusted by lolis.

I'm not trying to wk, I'm not a super fan of any of them, but yeh idk why he would pander to a group that isn't his target audience anymore.

No. 220533


If a brave anon with storage space wants to do it there's a reddit thread with a magnet link updated 2 months ago with the PULL archive that includes images


No. 220591

> It totals to around ~97 GB.
piece of cake
I knew my 5TB HDDs and digital hoarding would come in handy one day.

No. 220829

>>220591 pls nonny provide updates

No. 220888

File: 1655490362381.jpg (13.69 KB, 364x96, snail.JPG)

downloading the topics and one month of picture uploads as a test, this is slower than a snail

No. 220934

Holy shit god bless you for trying

No. 220936

Bravo! Mega Chad right here!!(learn2integrate)

No. 221096

File: 1655558643885.png (60.18 KB, 753x317, Captura de pantalla 2022-06-18…)

What is she talking about?

No. 221125

Aki has her own thread and this was already posted there. Stop cross thread posting and stick to one thread about Aki and Joey already.

No. 221154

Probably has something to do with her not going to the wedding lol

No. 221164

File: 1655575928710.jpg (10.48 KB, 384x62, topicsonly.JPG)

update, im dropping the upload folder for now so i can get the whole topics website rip, since that one's gonna go a bit faster and might start the milkiness

No. 221198

Bless you nonnie

No. 221232

>An online content creator that is clout-hungry and chases numbers has an ego
If cdawg was doing shit like grooming, physical abuse or something truly outrageous that would be something, but every single thing he's done is just standard overinflated eceleb ego.
He's no different than the average twitch streamer or youtuber.

No. 221322

If/when you do get to the uploads folder, for context (if my memory is right) the PULL thread has some gossip/rumors about shit from his early discord with screenshots. The screensshots weren't saved in WebArchive, so hopefully some of that can be unearthed. Weird shit about threesomes. Potential milk or teenage girls being dumb. I'll try to grab some screens if the webarchive is still up.

No. 221466

No one cares about already discussed old milk.

No. 221503

File: 1655704786929.png (63.43 KB, 1099x333, f7f711b7b6a6bac7a4848b833b78e3…)

I downloaded some of the archived thread off the magnet link on reddit. It doesn't function as a website so I have to go one by one on all images/htmls from folders downloaded. Only found this so far about responding to getting critiqued.

No. 221749

I don't know what specifically Conner was replying to but that reply is like 100x more mature than what 99% of YouTubers would do. There's many who go full rage mode to any criticism, some who try to be snarky but it comes off as mean spirited and it's clear they are offended, and worst of all others who try to turn criticism into a big rallying cry for their fans to fight their critics for them. Conner actually took the criticism well and judging by how his content evolved is better for it. It's okay that he was immature and asked too much from people before because he grew up from that stage. He's still only 25 and seems pretty mature with a good head on his shoulders going forward. He seems actually professional and not like a diva.

No. 222479

Connor is the best in terms of getting attention and is good at content creation.

I also find him so obnoxiously annoying and truly trashy.

I wish certain folks would stop collabing with him so much as I've been skipping a lot of videos that I'd otherwise watch.(no1curr)

No. 222656

I never understood the hate for him. He is the only one who isn't a degenerate coomer who brags about liking loli's(learn2sage)

No. 222675

File: 1656039825592.jpeg (274.15 KB, 1125x705, 6180403B-409E-436F-8236-81A6AD…)

NLOG still going strong

No. 222757

Of course she would hate the confident girl with a cute-ish boyfriend.

No. 222899

Ah I remember that, such simplier times. What ever happened to Noble now adays?

No. 222943

She gives me the creeps - any milk on her? Or is it just what we see here

No. 222946

yesterday's episode reminded me of the irredeemable degeneracy the 2 asian boys have

No. 222954

Honestly to me this doesn't feel depraved or pornsick this just feels like an desperate attempt to appear oh so quirky and ~DIFFERENT~ and totally into sick stuff. I used to watch her videos, but somehow she just doesn't seem like she's genuinely enjoying the stuff she claims to enjoy. It feels like she's only doing it to upkeep her quirky nlog online persona.

No. 223118

ironic coming from someone who's obsessed with marin

No. 223134

She's obsessed with Marin bc she's projecting herself onto her, the ~totally hot blonde girl who's into anime and ecchi and all the silly boys have crushes on her~

No. 226012

If there’s any doubt to if Connor is dating/single etc I’m pretty sure he’s still single. I saw him flirting pretty hard with women at a corporate party this weekend, so he’s a straight white man.

No. 226013

Sure, anon.

No. 226090

It’s AX weekend nonny, sorry you’re not part of the anime industry. I would’ve taken pics but I’m not losing my job for lolcow lol

No. 226171

No one is going to believe you, anon. Post caps or say what party even. You can't even do the bare minimum. Lots of people go to these parties, so why would anyone know who you even are? Again, if you're going to post bullshit, don't bother posting at all.

No. 226297

ah yes let me post caps from a real life party nonnie. You don't have to believe it, but idc, I'm going to share what I saw, and have it archived in this thread for when shit hits the fan.

No. 226302

nonnie at least say what party is was. that's the least you can do

No. 226309

No one is going to be able to pinpoint, anon. I don't understand the utter refusal to post caps or at least be more specific? Jfc.

No. 226335

It was probably the private Vshojo party for industry peoplem. I don't have any proof, it's just what I heard from friends who are in the industry so take it with a grain of salt I guess.

No. 226383

Even if it was, anon being retarded not posting caps, saying what party,and thinking its milk isn't helpful or proof of him being straight. Probably went to more than 1 party tooor anon, as usual without caps, is making shit up as usual. Especially because anon never met him and is assuming far away veiwing means flirting.

No. 226549

how the fuck do you post caps of a in person party nonnie? enlighten us

No. 226723

How about give more details? Why are you so against saying what party? No one believes you. Fuck off or post milk.

No. 227339

you're avoiding the question, how the fuck do you expect caps from a real life event?

No. 227340

>say which event
>what day
>who else was there from TT

There's options.

No. 227520

>Guys my uncle works for Vshoujo and he says Connor is going to be in the next Smash Bros

No. 227956

sydnap looks like she smells of grease and BO

no wait, they all do

No. 228127

that analogy doesn't make sense because he's already a vshojo member/bubi

No. 228737

lmao really? I didnt know Bubi was him because Im not tuning into that shit

No. 228988

its the same as syd being a vshojo, it's the worst kept open secret

No. 231680

too bad model design is awful

No. 232033

We'd have to consider that Connor was about eighteen when he was starting out in that Sebastian imitation era. The former fans grumbling about him just seem like parasocial nuts that a then 18/19yo guy wasn't gonna talk to them every night. Hell, they should be relieved at all that Connor couldn't be damned to maintain a relationship with any of them.

No. 237938

I stopped watching/listening a few episodes after they moved to the second studio.
The purple and those japanese things they have behind (those used for dressing, don't know how they're called) remind me too much of porn sets used by cosplayers.
That said, I think what changed was that they weren't new to Japan anymore. At first it was about these 3 guys moving to Japan, talking about their funny experiences and culture shock.
This then mixed with talking about their interests or themselves, they talked about stuff that they most liked, so they made it interesting. It was a good combo, japan+experiences+what they liked.
Slowly the interest in japan faded, they talked about their main stuff and now it's too generic for my taste. Of course it has a huge audience and it's well done, but it's not for me. I think this is why I don't like it anymore.

Also the porn set. I cannot believe nobody ever told them, the second set is a porn set and the set on the couch it kinda is too.

No. 237945


No. 237960

yeah, I came here from google and I didn't understand I had to sage. Sorry.

No. 237975

Underrated post

No. 237988

It’s not well done. Their sound mixing is awful.

No. 241539


Nigri thirsting on Joey big time(learn2embed)

No. 241606

Connor's reply is something Tokyolens could never.

No. 241740

She and fakenerdboy have been tight forever, he's a scumbag and shes way too good for him. She would never lmao, especially for joey who never works out

No. 250266

the Geno episode might bight them in the ass more then they realize

Some people are blaming Janke for the whole kiwi farms E drama trying to memory hole his daughters involvement with chris and if Geno is committed to the whole cover everything about chis they might try to drag him which might blow back on trash taste a bit for having him as a guest.
Doubt either will happen because the drama seems 100% centered on null, but who knows>>220202

No. 250267

Fuck off ESL chama

No. 250308

File: 1663737181307.png (1.17 MB, 1267x1064, akijoey1.png)

Joeys been spending lots of time travelling without Aki and now theyre both in ireland at a friends wedding. I still find it weird that aki didnt go to Garnts wedding.
The comments in the insta post thought for a second aki and Joey were getting married. They've been together for over 6 years according to his recent youtube video. Strange that they're not engaged although Joey seems so low energy with Aki in the video and its a bit painful to watch. Their relationship seems strained. wonder when theyre going to get engaged or break up. sage for tinfoil

No. 250353

I think they're both super content with where they are in life, good or bad. I doubt they'll get engaged anytime soon and as far as breaking up? I mean, Joey may be slimmer than Aki but she's not hideous and maybe he's into chubby girls? They come off like a lot of couples I know where there may be a slight mismatch in appearance, but unlike weirdos on imageboards normal human beings don't constantly judge whether or not they could "do better" than their current partner. If Joey isn't disgusted by Aki physically, and finds her a fun person to be around generally, why would he break up with her? If she doesn't push for further commitment or him to do anything he doesn't want to do…it's probably really much easier for them to stay together than to break up.

No. 250379

It's because anons think "ASIAN MAN LIKES LOLICON WHICH MEANS HE HATES FAT WOMEN IN REAL LIFE!!" which is just retarded takes. He's not going to breakup with her after all these years unless something happens [which anons will all assume is cheating].

No. 250521

They aren't getting married. Couples who date this long and don't get married is usually because there's a lot of doubt and apprehension. They've dated so long they don't want to break up because of sunk cost fallacy, but they also don't want to get married because they'd be giving up possible other better relationships. (Unless it's for another reason like career, distance, etc..)
If he wanted to propose to her he would have already.

No. 250556

This is such a bad tinfoil lol Were you the girlfriend for so long and never got proposed to, anon? Are you okay? You don't need to force your own personal scenarios on to cows to try and prove a point when there's no indication there's an issue in their relationship.

No. 250557

Why? She stayed in Japan. It's not that serious.

No. 250936

…no lmao? I'm not blogposting but My situation is quite the opposite. This is literally a site for speculating so I don't know why you're personally offended at someones opinion. All I did was give a reason why they aren't married since it was the topic. Weirdo.

No. 250940

Hi Aki.(hi cow)

No. 251011

You just sound bitter lol

No. 251349

This is actually a good picture, I’m an Aki hater and also think Joey isn’t cute, but this picture is wholesome and they look nice, Aki doesn’t look like a behemoth

No. 252092

File: 1664460979886.jpeg (171.22 KB, 1157x535, D52B735A-85EB-438B-A0D2-177D53…)

anyone else notice how bad Connor’s balding is getting ?

No. 252143

I remember watching a highlight reel of the podcast and he mentions he likes bigger women so that explains a lot.
Semi off topic but my friend sent me a snippet of their live LA show and Joey made a joke about making a tinder account which likely means nothing but still a weird joke to make if you’re in a 6 year long relationship

No. 252217

it seems like they're all on track to, tragic genes

No. 252265

He’s got the royal family genes what did you expect

No. 253279

Wow, his hair is going quick. Well he can certainly afford a hair transplant if he wanted one.

No. 253998

kek, i thought he wearing a tiny hat, but damn that man is going bald fast. Isn't he only 25?

No. 257493

Some tinfoil, aki didn’t travel to Europe for garnt/Sydney’s wedding but she did travel for peachmilky’s. Idk what Connor/garnt did but there’s some funky blood between them and Aki

No. 257499

i think he has haemophilia or something so he can't even get one.
also lol at aki really thinking she did something by getting naked on the plane. gross

No. 257500

I too want to know what went down. Aki used to make videos with Connor a lot. But now Aki goes out of her way to not work with any of them, like their posts etc just be with "her" friends. She could at least pretend to. Pretending to be friends with the others associated with Trash Taste would help her career. She must have fully burnt that bridge. Just tin foiling.

No. 257569

She made a bunch of videos while they were gone that released while they were gone. Your tifoil sucks.

No. 257603

Uh what are you trying to say? No idea if there is bad blood with Aki and the others but her making videos while “they” were gone, whatever the fuck that means…means nothing at all?

No. 257716

I think someone brought it up in the old jvlogger threads, but they thought she was a numberfag because someone approached Joey on the street and she replied to the camera man instead with something like “
I have 1 million subs too”. I kind of see it now. Also looks like there’s this inferiority complex going on where she wants to be a more legit YouTuber without relying on hentai(though she still leans into it).

Besides that rrat, I don’t think she invited the TT crew to her thanksgiving/New Years/Olympics party which is also pretty sketch

No. 258766

Aki still never addressed her past issues with being a complete pathological liar and content stealing. Its amazing how you can be a complete ass and still find some form of success.(sage your shit)

No. 258883

idr there being pathological lies? like i know theres an issue of her omitting truths - like she says she went to the military school when in reality ROTC is just a PhysEd alternative.

as for her drama, her biggest one was reading off wikipedia articles to vocaloid videos and not actually knowing about the fandom. I wish their PULL thread was archived, I'm sure there was more evidence there.

No. 259011

This isn't her thread. Go ask about her ancient milk elsewhere.

No. 267921

Connor's fujobaiting keeps escalating, Kaho's influence.

No. 267922

File: 1669340495702.jpg (49.05 KB, 469x863, FyulEVJ.jpg)

No. 267961

He's bi.

No. 268027


No. 268032

No. 268180

His Japanese is so bad but I guess it's fairly normal for people who surround themselves with other foreigners.

No. 268753

File: 1669655639563.jpg (182.15 KB, 408x1066, sydsnap.jpg)

What is she trying to prove here?

No. 268783

The whole 'women don't buy or participate in sex culture in japan, yet all they do is get sexualized, but that's because so pure and innocent' is massive over there. It's not societally 'normal' for a woman to buy this stuff. She's just boasting about doing something UK and US people do, but this is exactly what tourists usually do if they are degenerates, it's not like it's not expected. It's a shock, sure, but it's not the same as if someone actually assimilated into the Japanese society is buying it. Foreigners are seen more sexualized because they don't have modest societies like Japan. She's trying too hard, but that's probably why she posted that.

"He's going to think I'm so LEWD~! I-I DON'T CARE!" Like.. Okay. Are you weird when you buy tampons and condoms too?

No. 268812

i mean we're talking about the girl who had incest as a theme of her wedding cards, did we really expect better

No. 269038

For real? What the fuck?

No. 269047

If you're going to say this is an anime, stfu.

No. 269347

i once brought this up in the general jvlogger thread and ppl got mad but his videos would be so much better if he just spoke better japanese

No. 269454

she acts like a yellow fever scrote and it's fucking embarrassing. like what is she gonna do with that magazine? masturbate? put it on her dining room table?

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