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File: 1657280224298.jpg (1009.5 KB, 1080x1080, FXIjZrfXwAET599.jpg)

No. 1254738

Thread to talk about the general world news and current events.

No. 1254750

Omg bless you, I have been thinking about creating a thread like this for a while

No. 1254755

thanks,i also didnt link the previous thread from years ago since it was filled with racebait, male posters and it was a different lc culture.

No. 1254760

Finally a thread for news stories that don't fuck with me

No. 1254804

I was honestly surprised that Boris stepped down, I though he was more stubborn than that

No. 1254808

File: 1657284685089.jpg (478.54 KB, 1079x1867, Screenshot_20220708-145111_Sam…)

Info on Abe's shooter

No. 1254816

>male dies

No. 1254833

me too but i guess the number of politicians coming out and turning on him was the final straw. they need a new piece of shit to do the bidding of the obscenely wealthy, one that has comparatively less baggage. i'm surprised voters are turning on boris, the most. why are they even turning on him? he was transparent about being a piece of shit since day one and they LOVED that

No. 1254887

Tbh politicians are the only people who deserve to be murdered over politics. If all the crazed narc moids could stick to killing rich people instead of randoms at the grocery store or kids in schools that would be awesome

No. 1254905

The whole Brexit process blew my mind tbh. The English always had this stereotype about them being educated and intelligent and there they were, blindly voting for a drastic step that was purely based on the emotional reasoning of 'we r big, strong, proud nation, we don't need no other countries!!!' with no consideration of the potential economical consequences. Like a British sitcom came to life or something, except it was reality

No. 1254912

File: 1657289242684.png (3.83 MB, 1794x1187, suspect.PNG)

Photo of the suspect and the handmade gun on the floor

No. 1254914

They never will cuz they're pussies. Which is ironic because they want attention, so why wouldn't they aim for someone that'd put them in the history books?

No. 1254973

kek Damien Rieu (some french far right faggot) posted on twitter that Hideo Kojima was the killer and that "the far left kills", I'm losing my shit. I bet he thought all Japanese men above 30 years old with short hair and glasses are the same people.

No. 1254986

File: 1657294389961.jpeg (109.85 KB, 1000x780, 1000.jpeg)

Another photo showing his face more

No. 1255019

Two issues:

First, democracy doesn't work in the first place as too many people vote without properly understanding what they are voting for. Even Socrates knew this. People will always vote stupidly, regardless of the country.

Second, for the Brexit vote specifically, there was a lot of voter manipulation by Cambridge Analytica and such like, and even then, the result was very close. Gibraltar and Scotland both voted to stay but got dragged out by England. The Brexit promises used to persuade the voters were never intended to kept and there is no organisation to hold them accountable. Look up the NHS bus for a perfect example. It's unlikely that had the vote been fair that the UK would have voted to leave, even accounting for stupid voters.

Sadly both of these will only become more common in the future.

No. 1255022

All those people genuinely mourning him (japanese people are so polite and their country is so peaceful, how could this happen? uwu) like what did i miss?
that's like the grandson of a nazi becoming a german right wing politician, denying holocaust and worshipping war "heroes"

No. 1255024

Why do people pretend like they care about past war crimes? Brits don't care about the genocides they commited in India, Murricans don't care about the genocides they committed in the middle east, Western Europeans don't care about the crimes committed in African colonies.

No. 1255027

Because some people do care and are upset that we have laws and treaties to prevent this and it still happens because stupid moids are in power?

No. 1255031

You missed the point

No. 1255032

>The suspect, named as Tetsuya Yamagami, admitted shooting Abe with a homemade gun, and said he had a grudge against a "specific organisation", police said.
What organization, I wanna know

No. 1255033

Assuming he’s a schizo and it’s gonna be the Japanese equivalent of Skull & Bones or NWO or something.

No. 1255037

File: 1657298136750.jpg (151.11 KB, 957x457, 60026549-10993771-image-a-8_16…)

Caption this photo

No. 1255044

He's definitely getting the death penalty for this one

No. 1255053

File: 1657299143781.jpeg (39.46 KB, 500x219, C8E40976-BDBC-4C11-9E3B-FB3253…)

It's them.

No. 1255059

Meanwhile, the second twitter heard the news, they kept showing some blonde-haired white guy, claiming that he is 'the right-wing incel youtuber ' and the one who killed him. Twitter in a nutshell.

No. 1255060

My point is that people do care a lot - unless it's japan because somehow half of the world is brainwashed into thinking they're a country of angels
That just shows this again

No. 1255073

Depends, if you're talking about the general population in Western Europe, people either don't know anything about this, don't care, care and think colonialism and genocides were horrible, some retards legit miss "l'Algérie française" and would deny that war crimes happened there, and some french far right politicians even got in trouble with the law for saying racist shit and given how easy it is to get away with it most of the time it shows how they truly don't give a fuck. I'm guessing it's the same in the US because I see a lot of Americans online saying that invading the middle east for oil was horrible.

No. 1255088

Ntayrt but it is true that political assassins get put in history books while the mass shooters just all blend together, even the isis ones that get progressively worse. I hope the 4chan autist moids who lurk here will popularize killing their actual enemies (politicians and elites) and stop killing random innocents who have nothing to do with their angry manifestos.
I get so angry thinking of that recent NY shooting where some dumb kid went and shot a bunch of elderly black people. His reason? The "white genocide". How does killing a handful to a dozen of people correct the exponential population growth of AFRICA, a continent where black people are reproducing? I wish they realized how pointless this is and got over their egos and white supremacy. I hate how stupid they are. It brings me back to Columbine where the shooters claimed to be bullied by jocks and then did the majority of killing in the fucking LIBRARY of all places. They even confronted a former bully of theirs in that library but then LET HIM GO before taunting and viciously killing a bunch of kids that they'd never met before.
These moids don't even stand for their 'values' given how easily their logic behind attacks falls apart imo, they just want to kill people to feel powerful in the moment and it's really that sad. Hell they probably have considered taking out evil Nancy Pelosi or AOC (they always despise the female politicians) but they know that they'd be taken into custody faster and it would ruin the length of time they have to feel big and powerful over other people.

Sorry for sperg.

No. 1255089

You can dislike Abe's politics and still be shocked a gunman killed a big profile politician in a country that's considered peaceful. It's not like school shootings in America, that's page 2 material in this decade.

No. 1255093

Because sometimes the surviving victims do not get compensated in any way or the country the people of which committed the atrocities pretend nothing happened or don't believe the victims. Woman from video got her life ruined and she didn't even get an acknowledgement or an apology from the Japanese government. She said that even if she was given monetary compensation, she would use that money to help kids who want to study because she herself wasn't given the chance to do so and she's too old now anyway.
Fyi, there are mentions of suicide and rape in the video

No. 1255094

It's because it's too soon to admit he did shitty things I think.

No. 1255098

Samefag, I didn't answer you properly, I guess my point is that they should grow some fucking empathy and care because precious lives were ruined and some of them are still alive today and their pain haven't been acknowledged in any way

No. 1255099

most recent mass shooters are men who decided instead of simply offing themselves they want to throw a big tantrum and make other people suffer.

No. 1255112

File: 1657302110099.jpeg (55.25 KB, 827x829, 3999DC7D-E67A-41ED-A39A-769F53…)

No. 1255127

speak for yourself

No. 1255149

be gone, twitter tranny

No. 1255151

male on male violence, what's new.

No. 1255172

No. 1255183

are you a weeb scrote? Moid scum are not welcome here, there are women still alive today who were comfort women and they do deserve compensation for the hell they went through.

No. 1255205

You will never be Japanese, you will never have a Japanese gf

No. 1255216

You know he doesn't even care that he'll never be Japanese. Even if by some miracle he got a Japanese girlfriend, he wouldn't give a shit if she never loved him back because males are inherently incapable of caring about women. That's why he doesn't give a fuck about the Asian women that suffered forced prostitution during Japan's invasions in WW2.

No. 1255515

These two weeks have truly been bizarre, I can't keep track of the gun-related incidents that happened

No. 1255592

A lot of shooters don’t actually off themselves, many of them prepare manifestos beforehand. Aren’t the majority of them nowadays captured alive? It certainly feels like it.

No. 1255596

This has to be a bot

No. 1255725

That handmade gun is a fascinating thingie, very cyber-punk

No. 1257092

What’s with the 4chan and hunter Biden stuff going on?

No. 1257099

4chan is weird don't listen to them

No. 1257100

This thread feels like /pol/ and I don't like it. Enough.

No. 1257119

I’m not shocked only because Japan is not a peaceful country they are just really good at mass producing propaganda. I doubt any woman living in Japan feels safe riding the train. I bet they all have to do a little prayer before going on hoping no gross Scrote assaults them or stalks them. Also just a few years ago a man set fire to the Kyoto animation building one of the biggest anime studios. Killing majority women in the most terrifying way possible. Like it’s not peaceful at all over there. Or how about the dude that brandished a knife and killed children in school!? Or the other guy who brandished a knife and killed 19 disabled people. No country is peaceful in my opinion. Especially not one that sided with The nazis lol. Japan has a true mental illness problem that they try to keep under wraps but they can’t keep it under wraps for long. They have horrible mental health care and it’s why all their mentally ill Scrote are able to do shit like this so easily.(namefag)

No. 1257120

you're right

No. 1257125

This is true but read the site rules.

No. 1257160

Anon is right when she says Japan is peaceful if she's talking about political and diplomatic stuff, but you're correct when talking about Japanese people's daily life. I felt infinitely safer in Tokyo than in my country when I lived there but that's probably because I developed habits to protect myself in case anything happens to them and the police barely gives a shit I'm still thinking about the police box right next to a soapland in Shibuya, while Japanese women are taught to stfu and not embarrass themselves in public when anything happens to them so there's that too. For example I made sure to live only with female housemates.

No. 1257170

Sorry my phone broke and so I didn’t realize it wrote something in the name field I’m sorry

No. 1257200

japan treats their women like shit but also offers them more protection than other countries like women only train cars and floors in certain buildings, it's like they're admitting the problem and trying to do something without disturbing their societal structure. they also have cool stuff like tours and events for only single women. i personally like japan because i hate people and the expectation that random strangers will talk to me but that's where it ends.

No. 1257212

Yeah it's always like that, they have that weird "things sucks and we wish we could change that and we could but we also can't, sorry lol" mentality. It's like companies making their employees work overtime very often just because it gives a good impression so instead of outlawing working above a specific number of hours per day and per week and enforcing that strictly with huge fines for companies, the government just decided to create the "premium friday" thing a few years ago so employees can leave their offices a few hours early on Fridays specifically to go shopping and boost the economy a little. So it's not even just about women, it's everything that's equally strange.

No. 1257222

The only reason they HAVE to have those woman-only trains is because sexual harassment is so commonplace in Japan. How the fuck do you try to turn that into a positive? "Yeah women literally can not ride the train with japanese moids without being dry-humped, BUT AT LEAST THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!" How about teaching their fucking moids not to touch women?

The only reason Japan is considered "safe" is because crime, especially sex-crime is ridiculously underreported. It actually happens at an extremely high rate, especially exploitation of children/school girl prostitution etc, but nobody talks about it because of how ass backwards their shitty society is.

No. 1257228

They also had to make it so you can't turn off the camera-sound-effect on Japanese phones because Japanese moids wouldn't stop trying to take upskirt pictures of random women in public. With the sound being hardwired into the phone at least the women are made aware of it. Japanese moids are the worst fucking sexpests.

No. 1257301

wdym? I don't see any racism or right leaning posts ITT.

No. 1257431

it is a positive. any response to that stuff other than lol get a restraining order which psychos will violate anyway is a positive. it's not a solution but it's great that they actually have shit like that.

No. 1258561

File: 1657552848965.png (425.7 KB, 885x1122, abe.PNG)

A bit of an update on the assassination. According to NHK, the gunman had a grudge against a "certain organization" but that organization wasn't named until recently. I've seen a twitter thread here and there talking about how it is most likely the Unification Church, where the gunman's mother was a member and where she donated an insane amount of money to the point of bankruptcy, and one article says the money donated was meant for the gunman's university tuition (and thus he had to drop out early). Abe/the LDP had ties to the church. Japanese media seems to keep saying it wasn't politically motivated and have been skirting around the naming the church until recently.

I can't read most of the articles so I'm just summarizing some of the main points made from this thread I found. Here it is for others who are interested/can read moonspeak. He also speaks a bit about the LDP/Unification Church ties. https://twitter.com/mrjeffu/status/1546481982653497345

No. 1258565

File: 1657553522321.png (1.8 MB, 887x3239, ldp.png)

More on church ties and here's the article linked at the end. Abe's grandfather, Nobusuke Kichi was introduced to the church's leader (Sun Myung Moon) and they hit it off because they were both anti-communist, but it doesn't elaborate on the circumstances of why they were introduced to each other.

>A research paper published in 2001 by Richard Samuels, however, states that the Unification Church “built its Japan headquarters on land in Tokyo once owned by Kishi. By the early 1970s, a number of LDP politicians were using Unification Church members as campaign workers. While the politicians were required to pledge to visit the Church’s headquarters in Korea and receive Reverend Moon’s lectures on theology, it did not matter whether they were members of the Church. Actual Church members– so-called “Moonies”– were sent by the Federation to serve without compensation as industrious and highly valued campaign workers. In return, for many years the Church enjoyed protection from prosecution by Japanese authorities for their often fraudulent and aggressive sales and conversion tactics. Not incidentally, by the 1980s, Japan reportedly provided some four-fifths of Unification Church revenues worldwide.”
>He adds that Shintaro Abe, Kishi’s son-in-law and Shinzo Abe’s father, “depended upon ‘Moonies’ in his election campaigns.”

No. 1258578

So it's a Korean sect? What's up Korean cults and politicians? A coworker lived in Korea for a year and told me she couldn't go outside without some Jehova's witness tier of stalking.

No. 1258692

Apparently the Christians in Korea are fucking nutjobs. The only sect that seems to keep their shit together and get along with the Buddhist population are apparently the Catholics

No. 1262890

Has anyone else noticed there seems to be a curse on current and former world leaders this week?

>8th - UK PM Boris Johnson forced to resign

>9th - Former Japan PM Shinzo Abe shot dead
>10th - Sri Lanka PM Ranil Wickremesinghe and President Gotabaya Rajapaksa forced to resign and later flee
>14th - Italian PM Mario Draghi resigns as coalition collapses
>14th - Former US President Donald Trump’s first wife dies

Who will be next??

No. 1262980

It's long past time for Justin Trudope and his incompetent ministers to go

No. 1262997

Samefag but due to the farmer protests in Netherlands I think their PM Rutte will go next.

No. 1263008

im crossing my fingers that macron gets hit by a falling chunk of masonry or something

No. 1263068

Biden needs to stroke out already.

No. 1263071

He's gotta go. (Trump too.) Unfortunately, Trump's replacement, DeSantis, is much younger and in excellent health.

No. 1263198

Putin hopefully

No. 1276926

Curse still going strong

>21st - Italian PM Mario Draghi resigns (again?)

>21st - US President Joe Biden tests positive for Covid-19
>25th - Former Northern Ireland first minister David Trimble dies

Come on Putin

No. 1277178

I read that as Trump died and got so excited, but he's still moseying about.

No. 1277180

Putin really does need to just drop dead. I wish he could be assassinated, but he's too prepared for that.

No. 1286822

File: 1659462260606.jpg (29.04 KB, 600x329, cartoon-dinosaur-worried-about…)

i saw that china was trending on social media and i clicked and these were the types of posts.

>If Pelosi visits Taiwan , then war is a possibility

China has issued a warning, using the phrase"不会坐视不管" Meaning "We will not sit idly by" The same warning was issued at the Americans in 1950 when they crossed the 38th parallel, resulting in China joining the Korean War

Whats going on.

No. 1286839

Eh, joining a proxy war is different than outright starting a war.

No. 1286917

china is all bark and no bite, there's even a russian proverb for it "china's final warning"
but it would be interesting to see anglo hegemony replaced with sino hegemony in my lifetime.

No. 1287058

fucking KEK that's so funny. I wonder what they're gonna do though. Pelosi landed earlier today. Military maneuvers? Backdoor deals with Russia? More yelling into the void?

No. 1290672

VISA cut off mind geek the porn hub owner company. No master card. No visa. They’re going to lose almost all of their ad revenue. Porn addicts get fucked.

No. 1290673

shinzo abe was kind of fuckable for a boomer

No. 1290788

News fresh off the press! Anon is horny! Read all about it!

No. 1291167

File: 1659736472590.jpeg (190.44 KB, 1024x731, have sex.jpeg)

No. 1291568

imagine getting struck by lightening and dying

No. 1291569

I almost killed 4 of bidens people with lightning I cast so I don't have to image it

No. 1291585

File: 1659763188115.png (2.6 MB, 2138x1274, Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 10.1…)

Wtf is wrong with these people I swear. Nothing better to do. homeless tents near schools is unsafe, they take up the entire fucking sidewalk, there's needles everywhere on the ground, feces, piss, garbage. Literal junkies and psychos who really should be sent to some kind of facility.

No. 1291732

No. 1291916

while I have an immense amount of sympathy for homeless people to the extent it's unusual, who the fuck is arguing that their camp should be near a school? kids should feel safe around school. I'll chat with a homeless crackhead, I've volunteered at soup kitchens, and if I've got money to spare without hurting too much (rare because I'm a broke ass bitch) I'll even give it to them. but no, I will not support them camping by a school because I've never felt safe doing any of that. you can be loving and compassionate but keep your guard up.

No. 1296068

File: 1660074408882.png (336.85 KB, 334x885, virus.png)

Not this shit again

No. 1296075

great, another planted virus

No. 1296081

foodbourne zoonotic disease really should make people rethink the consumption of any kind of meat, particularly bushmeat.

No. 1296089

They probably weren't sent to facilities or anywhere though. That's the problem. Homeless people have to live somewhere and if people don't like it they should help the homeless voluntarily leave through work or treatment (and section the ones too unwell to make the choice).

People who kids have chosen to bring a new person into the world instead of helping those who already exist. I don't have any sympathy for them complaining about the homeless. They knew homeless existed in their area when they decided to have a kid.

No. 1296092

agreed. they don't care at all about the people who are living today and suffering or who pose a threat to them and their children as a result (not blaming the mentally ill). it's really sad that people choose to pop out more kids instead of choosing to help other people who are here. there are tons of kids on the brink of homelessness that are aging out of the foster care system and they don't give a fuck

No. 1296129

they have shrews over there?

No. 1296150

Exactly. You also have to consider that from a homeless person's perspective, living near a school is probably one of the safer areas to be.

Very few people want to voluntarily be homeless. I don't understand why people don't get this. Stop punishing them for trying to live.

No. 1296248

people who hate homeless people are unhinged imo. most of them are mentally ill, including the druggie ones who are mostly druggies either because they're mentally ill or homeless. instead of blaming them for existing, blame the government for not having good infrastructure to help these people. even places with many homeless shelters need reform because those places focus so much on getting homeless people back into the workforce rather than actually helping them.

No. 1296475

I only hate homeless men. They don't need to sexually harass or assault women or throw feces at random people in order to live.

No. 1296611

that's all moids

No. 1300081

File: 1660343854257.png (573.5 KB, 720x1286, Screenshot_20220812-143710.png)

No. 1300085

totally agree with you guys

No. 1300092

the hell is with the replies to this? the homeless men could be sex offenders, child abusers or murderers and unable to get jobs because of it. most of them are probably addicted to drugs and barely conscious. i don't give a shit about any of these men or their sob stories

No. 1300097

Could you paste the text or take a screenshot of the whole page?

No. 1300114

Some people have never had their 7-year-old loved one screamed at by a homeless man wielding a large steel pipe as he pushes passersby to the ground and it shows.

No. 1300129

Regardless of whether you like the homeless or not, the solution for both sides is to give the homeless somewhere to live. They then won't be screaming at your children or making the streets unsafe. Sex offenders and child molesters especially should not be left to roam the streets if they are unable to integrate back into society. They either need more help or left in a secure settlement.

No. 1300134

“Give homeless people a place to live” and “don’t let homeless encampments be built near schools” are not mutually exclusive ideas, nonnie.

No. 1300140

No one in this thread is arguing for allowing the homeless to live near schools. People are saying that you can't just move the homeless on without having somewhere else for them to go.

No. 1300146

I tried to copy and paste it it said the body was too long. I'm at work unfortunately so I don't have time to put all the screenshots together. But basically he was giving a speech and some guy jumped up on stage and started repeatedly stabbing him in the neck.

No. 1300465

>They either need more help or left in a secure settlement.
they need the death penalty. idc about some pedo's feelings, they can't be fixed.

No. 1300642

Something a lot of people don’t remember is a Japanese translator of one of his controversial books was actually murdered back in the 90s and the case is still officially unsolved. I’m not a fan of Rushdie’s but an author and his translators being murdered is grim. I hope he recovers.

No. 1300722

painting all homeless men as "pedos" is just a way for you to justify your demonization of the homeless. there are shit tons of pedos with money and family and assets, probably more than even the homeless population. i was twice attempted to be abducted as a child, both times by normal men in their 20s with nice cars, seemed normal and actually fairly attractive. pedos come in all shapes and have and do not have.

No. 1300726

the rich ones deserve death too

No. 1300727

samefag and i still don't see why i should have sympathy for men in general. ~mento illness~ does not give them a free pass to harass others.

No. 1302930

holy shit that's terrible

No. 1303359

>>1300642 not only that, an Italian translator also was stabbed in the same week as the Japanese one and a Norwegian publisher was shot (but luckly survived). And there were even bombs thrown in two bookstores in California, who sold that book and an American community newspaper was also firebombed. Also in the UK several bombs attack happened. In Islamabad six protesters were killed in an attack on the American Cultural Center. And 1/3 of the book stores in the US were too afraid to sell the book and it was banned in several (even non-Muslim) countries. I did not even write everything down but the wikipedia page is honestly scary, that something like this is possible. The sad thing is that the author will most likely be blind in one eye, the nerves to his one arm were cut, his liver got seriously injured and he is in a coma right now

No. 1317312

File: 1661517840295.jpg (38.98 KB, 555x117, 0979087uh.jpg)

kinda necro but i wonder how this makes politicians feel.
because the assassination basically being a success for the assassin makes me think that this will also probably set an example to other people. before politicians could have been lulled into thinking that the crazies seeking revenge will just continue shooting up shopping centers and elementary schools but now we all can see that targeting politicians is what can actually make your personal revenge campaigns successful. so i guess there might be more attempted assassinations of politicians in the future?

No. 1317908

>financial disaster 100x the size of the crisis in 08'
We're all fucked aren't we

No. 1317965

tbh news media has been saying "CCP has fallen!!" since like, the clinton years

No. 1319096

crazy that this assassination was so successful. Now every crazy with some niche political issue that is not too crazy can just assassinate someone for free publicity.

No. 1326925

The Jackson, Mississippi clean water problem is a complete disaster. You’d think it’d be a bigger story than it is.

No. 1327013

This is not even the first time clean water issues were prevalent in a town in America, Flint Michigan comes to mind. I don't even know if handling it is more of a state or federal issue, some parts of America really function in the third world

No. 1327341

That's because it's a local issue of a city government being too poor and incompetent to keep up the infrastructure. It's nothing to worry about if you don't live in the immediate area or in a similarly shitty place.

No. 1327388

The situation in Pakistan is breaking my heart so much. I can't fully process or fathom the insane casualties. It's so horrific and cruel.

No. 1333013

File: 1662733909194.jpg (80.25 KB, 620x702, iKNPEDm.jpg)

are we allowed to talk about lizzy here?

No. 1333021

I’m surprised there are even people left in these countries. There’s just so much death

No. 1333058

File: 1662735813498.jpg (126.63 KB, 598x690, XmDVpOY.jpg)

No. 1333061

Please no, stop. Go use the UK thread

No. 1334077

nayrt but the UK thread? do you mean the royals thread? or is there a thread for general UK talk that idk about.

No. 1391184

over 150 people died in Itaewon today, due to the halloween celebration which lead to the city being overcrowded and filled with people which caused a stampede and some people were stepped on. Im not sure but i think the cause of death was lack of oxygen, due to the city being overcrowded and people being drunk.

No. 1391192

will be posting webms in a couple of minutes

No. 1391196

Do we need videos of people dying in a stampede here?

No. 1391199

um no wtf…i wasnt going to post that. I wanted to post a video explanation.

No. 1391201

To be precise people die in crowds because they suffocate from having their lungs crushed from all sides, or people fall on each other and the people on the grounds get crushed by the weight of all the others falling above them. It's not literally being stepped on and it can happen in any crowded place!

No. 1391205

Sorry nonna, I misunderstood

No. 1391218

File: 1667075457527.webm (2.58 MB, 576x1236, tiktok_1667074217531.webm)

The amount of ambulances…

No. 1391220

File: 1667075648033.webm (4.05 MB, 480x852, fb96ab4221a2659247458077c02612…)

No. 1391228

File: 1667075986241.webm (11.66 MB, 576x1024, 0808856b361f44fbcb3ad4083015c9…)

No. 1391244

I believe the word for this is 'crowd crush' and it's what happened at Astroworld too.

No. 1391246

dear god this gave me so much anxiety. what a fucking awful way to die. i feel horrible for all of them, even the ones who didn't die that got stuck because i'm sure that is incredibly traumatizing

No. 1391249

The two seconds that shows the people immediately around the camera man where people have their eyes closed or strained or just look limp in general is absolutely haunting.

No. 1391251

this is just horrible >>1391220 you can see the people crushed together and I couldn't tell if they are all standing or nearly falling over each other

No. 1391253

Any kind of human crush reminds me of the Hillsborough disaster too. I think it must be a horrendous and slow way to die.

No. 1391254

I'm so confused, i get a concert but this is a public area, how did so many people gather at the same time place without noticing there was no space left? retardation?

No. 1391255

Jesus christ I can't put it into words how horrifying this makes me feel.

No. 1391259

I only saw videos of people receiving CPR and stuff (couldn't bear to see more), but it was so awful. From what I understand, it just happened because Itaewon is small and everyone was excited to have a big event post-COVID. There was even a video of the subway station being crowded. People dying from crowd crushes will always be so horrible, I cannot even begin to imagine how terrifying it must have been for everyone.

No. 1391263

Seoul has a lot of small alleyways in different neighbourhoods and people were probably too drunk and having too much fun to notice that it was getting too crowded. There were 100k people there, anon.

No. 1391264

samefag, apparently police told them earlier to leave but some refused

No. 1391270

This kind of thing happens slowly and starts off as just any other crowd experience you'd have before that… people only realize when it's too late, and this is when panic kicks in and things get really bad. It's hard to really blame anyone, especially since it's a public area so there's not really a limit to how many people can be let in I suppose? I'm sure we will know more about how it all happened in the future

No. 1391280

What's awful about these sorts of incidents too is once you fall over, that's it. People fall on top of you and people fall on top of them and your legs get stuck and you can't untangle yourself from the crush even if someone is pulling you. Asides from Hillsborough which is probably the most known incident, there was a mass crush on a bridge on Cambodia several years ago where 300+ died. There's footage of police trying to pull people out of the pile and they just won't budge. Horrible way to go.

No. 1391284

It’s so upsetting when these occur at events where people expect to have fun

No. 1391327

File: 1667082662012.webm (14.83 MB, 576x1024, 20dba9f33d1def99d77ec78e47113d…)

This was a yesterday, before it become too overcrowded like today

No. 1391339

what's with the music

No. 1391373

File: 1667086136060.jpeg (229.24 KB, 936x1295, 6471A32F-179C-4E11-B7B4-AA64FB…)

No. 1391374

File: 1667086210687.jpeg (Spoiler Image,118.75 KB, 900x675, 85FE97EC-CECC-4C9D-B1A8-3A8589…)

This pic is disturbing as it shows bodies, so spoiler. I found it on twitter.

No. 1391376

This video is terrifying. Sorry I don’t want to save it or anything so here is just a link

No. 1391390

The poor woman in this video in the top right looks like she's drowning. She's so much shorter than the people surrounding her, so it looks like they're covering her up. This is so fucked. I hope she's okay.

No. 1391404

She (or another woman) is yelling "PLEASE SAVE US". It's harrowing

No. 1391439

She looks like she's in so much pain… God, I can't imagine the amount of trauma everyone who survives this tragedy will have to deal with. Imagine witnessing a person squeezed next to you suffering and maybe even dying, and you cannot do anything about it.
And on top of everything there are reports that there are still people in this district partying as if nothing happened, fully aware because they clearly see the ambulances

No. 1391455

Are you sure they are aware of what is going on? A typical reaction to a severe tragedy occurring close to you isn't to dance and sing, no matter how fucked up you think people are in general. There's a reason that nearly everyone's reaction to this news is to be horrified and upset. I just find it hard to see that the people dancing in the video must be an exception to this universal reaction.

No. 1391469

there were so many ambulances with sirens going off… it'd be hard to not notice imo

and there's already propaganda going around saying drugs caused this, that people were flocking to drug laced candy (https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20221030000258315) or rumors of a celeb. Not surprised the korean government would try to shift blame somewhere else considering how stupid they look for not closing the streets like Tokyo does for Shibuya on Halloween. If there's evidence that the mayor had early warnings/knowledge of overcrowding i hope he gets legally fucked before he has the chance of publicly blaming foreigners and/or drugs.

No. 1391544

How do you get crushed in this kind of situation? If you fall over you can never get back up, how does that happen?

No. 1391551

This could have been entirely avoided with safer crowd control and policing
Why is the Korean government always so incompetent

No. 1391560

You literally get packed in so tight with other people that you can’t fully expand your lungs and breathe properly, combined with pressure from the crowd knocking the wind out of you

No. 1391561

Not retardation, it’s lots of crowded people going one direction, either path gets narrower or more people join/push and suddenly you can’t move a limb and you’re at the mercy of the whole crowds movement like an ocean. Then people start passing out and falling and it gets worse, it’s not something you can avoid once it gets bad enough to happen. And if people in the back are trying to get out it only makes it worse crushing everyone stuck further in. Even at small concerts I’ve been in situations where some people in the back try to shove forward selfishly and it ends up pushing everyone together to the point of pain and restriction so I’d imagine a crowd like that could easily cause severe damage to the chest when you are literally unable to breathe. I’m so sad about the death toll though, to think these young adults just wanted to have a fun night is heartbreaking.

No. 1391567

Watch the informative video about crowd crush

No. 1391570

halloween in seoul, esp itaewon, has always been incredible, i went a few years ago. this is devastating news, it's always been incredibly crowded so i can't even imagine how packed it was there. thinking back to the alleyways, this sort of thing seemed inevitable in retrospect. i can't believe this sort of thing hasn't been predicted by seoul govt.

No. 1391580

I think a lot of people don’t realize it’s an entire country the size of Indiana

No. 1391584

i saw netizen comments (i know lol) that were already calling for a ban on halloween parties. because clearly it's the fact that a foreign holiday is being celebrate that caused this and not the fact that their was poor crowd planning and control.

No. 1391590

Did you see that Netizen comment that was boohooing that foreigners were going to mock them for dying celebrating a foreign country? They're fucking nuts lmao as if foreigners are in the habit of laughing at horrific tragedies let alone that anyone gives a fuck about them celebrating Halloween. If anything Americans would be confused about the rest of the world NOT celebrating their holidays.

No. 1391591

>foreign country
Foreign holiday I meant

No. 1391592

yeah i saw those too. clearly comments are cherry picked by how outrageous they are but i also saw a bunch that were basically mocking the people that died and "putting their parents in distress just so they could party". like god forbid young people have fun for once in a country that is stressful to simply exist in

No. 1391598

I wonder if a crowd like that is stable enough to walk on? Like imagine running over it with your hands behind you like sonic

No. 1391708

Idk, i wouldnt be so hard with the insane comments. This is korea's biggest tragedy since the Sewol Ferry, people are going to be very, very trigged. Especially with those videos people dying with electronic music in the background, retards taking selfies with corpses, or people dancing in the street preventing the ambulance from arriving, ect. Especially since it was avoidable or at least predictable, itaewon is a very old city with only 22k population, where a 100k crowd was going to fit? And this nightmare is not over. There is possibly missing bodies to identify, people agonizing in hospitals, people who are now permanently injured or disabled, and the massive ptsd that the survivors will develop.

No. 1391751

reminds me of what happened in germany in 2010 where also people went to a place to party, with too many people coming from each direction, which endend in people getting crushed to death because of it.

No. 1391752

The reason why there was no proper crowd control (like in Shibuya's Halloween) is because the new anti-feminist populist president refuses to lead from Blue House and instead stays in Itaewon. It takes 700 policemen to make this safe for him and since the beginning of 2022 it has taken a significant amount of Yongan's police forces capacity.

No. 1392384

It's a shitty thing to happen but the weirdo Koreaboos I've seen on twitter acting like it was their family members that died and Halloween is permanently ruined for them are fucking weird. How do you form a parasocial relationship with an entire country/race?

No. 1392424

repost cos i messed up but i saw one say they hope their idol is ok & not upset bcs halloween is her favorite holiday and she didn't get a chance to celebrate. jesus christ

No. 1393273

I just hope these retards don't have another crush disaster for the memorial wake

No. 1393281

this is why i hate zoomers. this is a sad and serious situation. Wtf is this music..

This video really gives insight to how tight the crowd was. That guy who was basically being held by the people around him, head sideways is actually haunting.

No. 1393299

I saw a lot of horrible religious people saying this is halloween's fault and the devil's fault. Like, are you seriously. 150+ people just died. it isnt halloween's fault. It's the Seoul government being absolutely incompetent. Look at the Sewol ferry tragedy.
Religious people looking this tragedy as some kind of gain for jesus fuckers make me sick.

No. 1393672

360 video from someone who seems to have made it through RIGHT before the collapse. I get the shakes just from watching these

No. 1393679

Samefag, watch at 2x to really see the currents people are being pushed in

No. 1393955

It's probably confirmation bias but this made me realize how there's so many man-made disasters/tragedies that happen in South Korea that that could have been prevented if it weren't for incompetence and negligence.

No. 1393961

Is this supposed to be watched in VR? It's giving me a headache

No. 1393994

Watching this from beginning to end is so nerve wracking. You can see towards the end where the panic starts to set in and people are now being swept up by the crowd. I feel so bad for those who didn't make it out of that alley.

No. 1393999

Why is Halloween cursing Asia

No. 1394019

Is there a single day where India is ever not cursed?

No. 1394026

> itaewon is a very old city with only 22k population, where a 100k crowd was going to fit?
What? Where are you getting your information from? Itaewon is a street in Seoul. It is known its crazy nightlife and a big number of clubs. It’s not an actual city. Every year about 100,000-200,000 people come to Itaewon to celebrate Halloween. This year, not even the max amount of people came, there were more people in the previous years. It was the police who weren’t prepared this year for some reason, which you can see from the countless videos where they appear to be stressed af b/c there’s clearly a shortage of workers. When the additional crews arrived, it was too late as people were already dying.

It is 100% the Korean governments’ fault. Ironically, they are the ones treating this as an “accident” instead of a tragedy which it really is. Neither the president nor the mayor of Seoul have apologized for shitty organization. I won’t be surprised if Yoon gets impeached in the end b/c Koreans are getting really tired of his shit.

No. 1394035

I didn't understand what was going on when I first watched this, but this is the sloping alley near the Hamilton hotel where the crush took place. Someone fell and there was a Domino effect where others started falling down too. Those first responders are trying to pull out the people who got stuck underneath.

No. 1394044

>It was the police who weren’t prepared this year for some reason
Not sure how true it is, but I saw something that said the president everyday has 700 officers as security for himself and there were only 200 in Itaewon. If you google it there's articles from months ago about it.

No. 1394048

short girl survived, you see her at 59:26 in this video, after people helped pull people up onto the stairs
this video is really fucked up though, the screams are almost unbearable..

No. 1409990

>Turkish police have arrested 46 people over the explosion in central Istanbul that left at least six people dead and 81 others wounded, Istanbul police have said.
>Justice minister Bekir Bozdag told A Haber television later on Sunday that a woman was seen sitting on one of the benches on Istiklal Avenue for more than 40 minutes.
>The explosion occurred just minutes after she got up, he said.
>“There are two possibilities,” he told A Haber. “There’s either a mechanism placed in this bag and it explodes, or someone remotely explodes [it]”.
>Al Jazeera has obtained pictures of the woman suspected to be behind the bombing.
>In initial questioning, the woman said she was trained by Kurdish militants in Syria and entered Turkey through northwest Syria’s Afrin region, the police said.
>Television news reports also showed images of a person, who appeared to be a woman, leaving a package below a raised flower bed on Istiklal, which has a tramline running the length of the street.
>Al Jazeera’s Koseoglu said two more Syrian nationals were involved in the attack, according to security sources.
(quotes taken from a al jazeera article)

No. 1409993

File: 1668522383451.jpg (272.68 KB, 2048x2048, Fhg9wuxXkAAPmWw.jpg)

here is the picture of the main bomber, left picture is when she got arrested, the right picture is when she was dropping the bomb.

No. 1409999

there are also some videos of the bombing that happen where you see some people die if you search on social media, im not going to show those videos of course since they are graphic.

No. 1410002

Wait, she dropped the bomb? She didn't immolate?

No. 1410012

there is a video of her dropping it and then walking away and pretending to be a part of the crowd, im too lazy to convert it into webm format.

No. 1410018

sounds like a psyop to keep up the whole 'Kurds are terrorists' thing, meanwhile Turkish military has been attacking Rojava this whole time and helped IS.

No. 1410025

i highly doubt it, actual people died in the explosion. Including a little girl in a stroller.

No. 1410027

both can be true at the same time you know that right… This bombing is real, but turkey leaning on extremism is also real, see how i can think rationally without calling psyops or taking sides.

No. 1410032

I don't doubt that actual people died, but I think the Turkish government did it themselves or are making up that it was done by Kurds. It's a little too convenient.

No. 1410474

File: 1668548098722.jpeg (153.88 KB, 828x647, 8AB0266C-4DF4-4E10-B517-15345D…)

missile from russia landed in poland killed 2.

No. 1410481

oh shit

No. 1410497

very scary.
> stray Russian missile targeting Lviv, which is a straight shot to the Polish border
> stray Ukranian anti-air missile targeting such a Russian missile (both sides have similar Soviet weapons systems)
> deliberate Russian antagonism towards Poland masked as a mistake, i.e. brinksmanship
> deliberate Ukranian false flag to get NATO aid

possible NATO responses
> ww3, not likely for a pair of farmers
> escalation of military aid to Ukraine with more lethal weapons, dangerous as it could encourage Ukraine to attack Russian territory, etc. leading to escalation in another way
> one surgical strike at a Russian target as retaliation
> stern diplomatic words

I think a combination of the last 2 is best. giving more and more powerful military tech to the Ukraine may help achieve short-term goals but is dangerous and destabilizing in the long run. either way, this is going to escalate things even though just a day or 2 ago the news cycle was talking about peace options (although ukraine's proposed conditions were obvious nonstarters for russia)

No. 1410499

They don't actually know if it's a russian missile. It might have been a stray piece of a missile that fell on the Poland border. I hope so because if it was intentional shit is about to go down.

No. 1410526

Even if it's intentional - probably impossible to prove - I doubt anything will happen; it would have to be more than this one incident so close to the border for this situation to actually escalate. Everyone will be on high alert now though, that's for sure, but it's best to not panic.

No. 1410607

Reports are saying that it's from an S-300 air defense missile system. The S-300 was first produced in the 70s in the USSR and it's used by both Russia and Ukraine, although Russia mostly uses the more modern S-400 and S-500 which Ukraine doesn't have. The S-300 has a range of 150km which would make it unlikely to be Russian because how could a Russian air defense missile be launched within 150km of the Polish border?

The missiles Russia uses to attack Ukraine are guided Kinzhal and Kalibr missiles along with Geranium and Lancet drones.

No. 1410957

File: 1668593088310.jpeg (198.6 KB, 828x734, DFD60495-7A2F-4542-BB27-7E1EFD…)

No. 1410996

>giving more and more powerful military tech to the Ukraine may help achieve short-term goals
Well, it helps Ukraine to get its territories back. Better air defense systems help with the missiles. It's in the Europe's interests as well, because where do you think Ukrainians will go if Russia manages to ruin infrastructure? And that's exactly what they're trying to achieve now, to create a migrant crisis, so that everyone will start speaking about bullshit peace agreements.

No. 1411169

A maternity hospital full of American GI babies getting a tactical nuke on it would get handwaved away as an accident. Nobody wants WW3.

No. 1411351

You're not wrong, but outside parties (EU or US) tipping the balance too far in the favor of Ukraine motivates Ukraine against seeking a peace settlement and to see a realistic solution that involves regaining the Donbas republics and (particularly) Crimea, the latter especially is an absolute no-go for Russia and serious danger lies there if Ukraine sees a realistic possibility of achieving that goal and is encouraged towards it by allies.

No. 1411387

What is the guarantee that they'll grab Crimea now and honor the peace treaty? What would stop them from waiting a few years and doing the same thing over again, maybe with a bit more of Ukraine, maybe another EE country. There was a peace settlement in 2015 and look where we are now. It's hard to not look back at Nazi Germany coming to power in the '30; they were taking territories left and right and western countries were just allowing that in hopes it will satiate Hitler and he will not wage war on them; it's not impossible that this situation could play out similarly, very likely for all former USSR countries. For everyone's safety, Russia has to be shown they can't just do whatever they want, Ukraine should receive all the support possible and keep their territories.

No. 1411657

I agree with this anon
They got Crimea once and had "DNR" under control, too, there was basically no reaction except for some sanctions, and after 8 years they also want all of the Eastern and Southern Ukraine and, of course, Kyiv (at least to plant a pro-Russian puppet there). The same happened before, and not even once: Moldova, Chechnya, Georgia… And Russia simply cannot be trusted, at all. They lie and they violate agreements. If the conflict gets frozen, the attacks will start again once they're ready. Their army is in a very poor condition right now and loses daily, so surely they want to buy some time. They haven't changed their rhetorics at all, they still don't regard Ukraine as an independent state, they still "protect" Russian-speaking people (which they consider Russians) and fight "ukrainism", "nazism", and, lately, satanism as well. And after all the shit they've done there simply can't be no compromises.

No. 1411942

So you agree with anon saying that Ukraine should be pushed into seeking peace settlement and Russia should be given Crimea and Donbas but you also agree with me saying that Russia will not respect any peace agreements and continue their expansion further into other former USSR territories?

No. 1411998

Oh, I didn't think it'd end up so confusing, I was saying that anon that I agree with you.

No. 1415430

File: 1668956890258.jpg (84.72 KB, 731x719, ClubQ.JPG)

No. 1415441

>retarded moid with gun shoots people in the US
how is this newsworthy anymore

No. 1415530

The saddest part is I really can't keep up with these shootings anymore. The USA idiots wont do a single thing about gun laws…

No. 1415585

It’s mentally exhausting. I hate having to be worried about myself and my family and friends every time they go outside, even if it’s just to get groceries or go to school/work. I don’t understand. I hate men.

No. 1415654

i love how people like to focus on the race or politiics when it's ALWAYS A SCROTE, SCROTES ARE THE ISSUE. A woman can grow up in the same shitty cirumstances as a scorte but not do what scrotes do.

No. 1417174

Where's that Men commit 98 percent of the violent crimes post again?? Men are the problem!! It's always men.

No. 1419884

Thousands of migrant workers who were building the stadiums for the Qatar world cup, have died and live in horrible conditions.



No. 1419902

That's unfortunately the truth for every single construction in qatar, not just the stadiums. But sports organization will never even think of boycotting rich arabs.

No. 1419910

Everyone stop what you’re doing and watch this.

No. 1419913

i dont even know what to say to this, Its so absurd, retarded and ignorant that it looks like it belong in a satire cartoon.

No. 1419916

Me when i call in sick:

No. 1419918

>Compares him being bullied for having red hair in the same level of migrant workers and gay people not having human rights.


No. 1419920

Me when I make my female sim woohoo with Bella Goth

No. 1420014

why'd he look down at his notes for that? he should of been bullied for being a fucking egg

No. 1420027

It should be illegal for men to ever earn more than a certain amount of money. they do not deserve to be wealthy or rich. Ever.

No. 1420304

I feel like my brain has eroded from watching this.

No. 1426058

File: 1669753091213.webm (10.56 MB, 576x1024, itaewon 2.webm)

This is a video of a woman who survived the Itaewon crowd crush recounting her experience. Nothing really graphic, but she does show a photo of herself in the hospital.

No. 1426071

i feel sorry for her but that ''my mind ditn want to let me die yet because there was so much more i had to do in the world, like create music'' at the end was a bit moronic.

No. 1426077

She's probably experiencing survivor's guilt and is trying to find a reason for why she survived when all of her friends didn't. To some people, not dying means you haven't served your "purpose" yet. Let's have some compassion and think a little, nonna.

No. 1426102

Poor thing. Can't imagine going through something so horrific then dealing with the aftermath and guilt

No. 1426104

I can't imagine a weight of survivor guilt everyone who made it out of that crowd must have now… it will probably haunt her forever.

No. 1426132

I am the most sour bitch on earth for getting to the end of this video of this clearly battered and suffering young woman and thinking
>of course someone is gonna use this to further their music career, idols shall idol
Jesus christ, I need to go touch snow

No. 1426897

File: 1669808888655.jpeg (311.4 KB, 750x1214, 60A14F0F-869F-4F72-8BE0-B3C271…)

Census shows Christianity now a minority faith in the uk, as politicians call for faith leaders to be removed from parliament. I wish I could support this as a positive for women, but you just know removing a Christian figure would result in needing another religious replacement as the uk needs to celebrate how diverse it is uwu

No. 1426919

Strange thinking about it, it really is true as I'm UKfag and don't know any Christians or even any people who go to church anymore. We are not religious at all anymore unless you count Islam over here. It's always wild when I look at America and realise how religious they are over there in comparison.
>religious replacement as the uk
I suggest the inclusive diverse lgbtqia+ icon of peace Prophet Muhammad

No. 1426933

Off-topic but why is the second guy's face at the back of the seat so mooshed.

No. 1427852

I think people would be more triggered about the fact that there was a small increase in muslims in the country and the same people crying are the ones who don't go to church. I wonder how catholicism is doing in particular, it has a bigger reach beyond white british elderly people and I think that's probably what's keeping it somewhat strong. I've also known of numerous converts to catholicism from different branches of christianity and even knew some former muslims who converted to it.

No. 1429524

File: 1669962015398.jpg (797.34 KB, 1439x1376, Screenshot_20221202_001738_You…)

Chinese news commentary channels are saying the pooh bear protester has been kidnapped and likely executed

No. 1429526

I hope he is ok, he seems based as fuck.

No. 1429914

File: 1669998643153.jpg (368.19 KB, 1439x993, 20221202_102738.jpg)

Putin has fallen

No. 1429976

Man I wish he broke his neck that way. We can't have shit.

No. 1429978

If/when Putin dies chances are someone even worse will take power.

No. 1429983

Yeah SURE """fell down the stairs""' he was getting his back blown out raw dog, case closed.

No. 1430091

I don't think it will work. The whole thing about Putin is the bullshit cult surrounding him. He spent all of his life LARPing the super masculine strong man and idiots fell for it. Take away Putin's face and nothing is left, even many of those that still stan the kreml right now might rebel then or blame the next guy for everything wrong with their life. Right now the bad stuff is just the result of the evil west because Putin can't do no wrong.

No. 1430130

I'm unironically afraid of that, if he dies any death other than natural one, he will become a martyr and whatever comes out of that will be really bad

No. 1430205

>he will become a martyr and whatever comes out of that will be really bad
this. somehow so many people still refuse to see just how many russian citizens worship him.

No. 1430352

No. Russian oligarchs don't want more instability because it further erodes their profit.

No. 1430648

The Putin worship is precisely the reason for why they won't accept anybody else as leader. No matter who it is he won't be able to build up a cult like Putin anymore.

No. 1430649

>It's always wild when I look at America and realise how religious they are over there in comparison.
Yeah it's like a fundamentalist country to me. I don't know any religious people who were born here either. Even those that immigrate tend to lose faith at some point and the eastern part of the country is even blatantly anti-religious.

Anyway I think it's always good when less religious people are allowed to have any influence on politics. Even right-wingers have to debate stuff and come up with excuses to shill their ideas but caths just say something must persist simply because it was a law before, or "cultural" or because some old book that rips off another story said so.

No. 1435580

File: 1670395589554.jpeg (370.07 KB, 750x836, 85F928A1-AD3C-4A53-98AD-0CC4A2…)

I watched some videos of them protesting and these men are unbelievably cringy, but drag queen story time is just…no. Gay male culture is so hypersexual, there’s absolutely no reason to try and include kids in that. Both of these groups of men need to perish.

No. 1435592

I have this said before, I literally cannot comprehend why so many liberal parents are so insist on their toddlers and kindergarteners seeing drag shows. drag shows are just male strip shows with more costumes and glitter; that doesn't make it appropriate for children under any context.

No. 1436218

fr. this would have been the best new years present

No. 1453422

Recently there's been a condo board mass shooting in Rome and one in Toronto. Seems like condo board shootings are going to be the new "going postal".

No. 1453425

As someone that suffers under the most persnicketity, cliquey, and unfair board imaginable I understand. I'm not excusing it but I understand. Though when you watch that vid of that guy speaking he sounds cuckoo he was talking about schizo stuff like electromagnetic weaponry

No. 1453427

toronto guy didn't shoot the condo board, just random people in the lobby.

No. 1453452

so nothing of value was accomplished then.

No. 1878990

File: 1707191805816.jpg (214.38 KB, 720x705, Screenshot_20240206_040717_One…)

No. 2016953

File: 1716498182491.mp4 (7.38 MB, 576x1024, 0dc5af4c4365735f1ffb5db85de043…)

America going towards handmaids territory…

No. 2016998

i cant wait to leave this actual hell hole. over priced piece of shit state with no greenery or a beach. heard texas is so bad they're trying to criminalize texas residents leaving the state for abortions as well.

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