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File: 1656003798645.jpeg (106.99 KB, 716x935, lolcowuprising2.jpeg)

No. 1569894

Last Thread

Rachel's KF Thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/116204
Rachel's (as of this thread's creation) Current LCF Thread: >>>/snow/1561022

Purpose: To contain off topic Rachel junk, her orbiters and their fights, cows found during Rachel's activities, memes, slapfights about trannies, etc.

Summary of last Thread:
>We find out that larping as other's is something Michael and his scrote personal army does, alongside spamming bugvagina and gore, and other things of a nature to evoke some reaction to the 14 year old edge he never grew out of(see his photobucket).
>Regina and the pet tranny stop slapfighting, well more accurately, their simps stop.
>Mike gives some primo photoshop pictures and memes spew forth.
>Tinfoiling about bullshit, mainly figuring out that surprise, Burnbook and the pet tranny have nothing to do with Mike's group.
>Mike larps and deflects as various people with Elaine also joining in on the 'fun', solidifying their cow army that formed.
>Naught attacks the discord tranny, tranny dumps Naught's secrets about getting fucked up the ass, naturally.
>Moralfag is brought up a bit, he inserted himself into many poo touchings to get some lukewarm ass takes and cheer on someone for pizza spamming someone's house, a complete sped.
>Thread whiplash occurs as this cycle forms for a while;
>Everyones Erika and everyone (okay like 2 people) hates her
>Everyones a kiwi
>Everyones spooky
>Everyones Mike (besides the obvious ones)
>Everyones chill
>Rinse, Repeat
>Cycle eventually dies down.
>Nonnies suss out who on .org are in on Mike's gayoping cow army, a few members quickly jump ship but in particular Sigsev and Nohull double down on the butthurt and defending their pedophile friends Naught and Mike.
>Kengle ages 20 years as he gets pulled into tranny discord drama where he is on the side of literal pedophiles.
>Epic Fail Man starts a personal army thread in True and Honest over at Kiwifarms against Spookybones, fails, gets dunked on.
>Troll teams crawl out of the woodwork to sog into the conflict that is brewing and brought about by The Cow Uprising Army attacking the remaining members of the old group burn book and the pet troon.
>Empresa, Cowpoly and his gang, some bullshitters maybe being ironic, a group from .org that isn't with Mike, and a few others pop up to add to even more low effort spam posting but at least they didn't spam porn like the Cow Army did.
>Kiwifarms user Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, and known by on Discord as Coldbrew, embarrasses himself and EFM spectacularly revealing they were jealous of Empresa liking the pet troon more than he liked them.
>Autism from the pet troon, still somehow better than most trannies I have seen.
>Some scrote tries and fails at making a second thread.
>Lolcow army seems to settle down, has received more Ls than I can count, it now seems to have moved on to finding cringy roleplayers that Rachel gather's with her gravity produced by the hamhocks of a jew who worships Hitler.

> Elaine: https://original.lolcow.farm/snow/res/1567357.html#1567357
> Mike/Angry Canadian: >>>/snow/1557779
> Naught: https://www.lolcow.org/threads/naught-bismuth-anameisaname-anon-llc-nitto-nanashi-death-of-chans-doppelganger-tardwarsllc-cpu-bismuth-heart-ctrl-moe.724/
> Sigsev: Known annoying fedposter and king janny of CJocker's shithole known as dot org.
> Nohull: Either 15 year old being groomed by Michael and Naught or the cringiest adult ever to exist.
> Epic Fail Man: Another dot org scrote who pays Josh money to kiss his ass on KF and then turn around and shit talk him on dot org, cuck.
> Coldbrew: Ragepig and UwUdles simp.
> Clerith: He is the Discord 'owner', so Rachel is his janny and has done most of the legwork, this man is creepy just from the get go but when you get to his twitter, you will see why.

Clerith's Old Twitch- https://www.twitch.tv/mrdatola

Clerith's Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBadJY9cMTLFRXaeIFa76XQ

Clerith's Twitter - https://twitter.com/ClerithHappily1(tranny op)

No. 1569911

File: 1656004798918.png (941.19 KB, 1060x1440, mooging bitches.png)

Say what you will but those are some unique milkings, hell we might not have gotten a thing about Mike trolling, or Rachel's discord and someone else would have had to step up and draw Elaine's ire.

Clear version of the moogle gestapo attached for meme purposes.

No. 1569973

File: 1656008347528.jpeg (243.43 KB, 1040x1011, aliens vs sexual predators.jpe…)

No. 1570001

Good thread anon! It's a huge fuckoff mess to summarize and you did it better than I could

No. 1570015

Appreciated, certainly did not want to but after someone crapped one out last night I knew it needed someone to step up. I'm a bit inside baseball so it was easier for me to know some of these nobody players than I expect it would be for most users on this site. Hopefully it shifts more towards some rp fag milk, I generally find that a bit funnier.
Since I was banned for it though, I think I will just leave honestly, no real need to have a second thread as I said in the last one in my opinion anyways.

Left out some things that seem ass patty, either jannies are mistaking VPN ips or they are just going through to device ID to mark me now so I really do not see a need to bring any milk here, and am just going to utilize the farmers who have contacted me since I dumped in the first place.

A heel forever shall I be, that is the price of being me.

No. 1570027

File: 1656013565612.jpeg (149.49 KB, 1024x691, kekkekkek.jpeg)

No. 1570036

Hands down best content creator not allowed on any site. This is not an Erika simp thread GG jannies.

No. 1570038

Jannies can't do shit around here so is anyone surprised that they would instantly hate and go to such lengths about someone who actually tarwrangled threads and kept a bunch of different threads on track. They cannot do it, even with their mod perms. What a joke this site is.

No. 1570039

Oho, it is now.

No. 1570048

File: 1656015634441.png (1.27 MB, 1244x636, pedo hunt.png)

No. 1570049

File: 1656015700328.jpeg (100.48 KB, 928x523, hugbox company.jpeg)

No. 1570051

File: 1656015740649.jpeg (101.38 KB, 980x920, slap squad ss.jpeg)

No. 1570054

File: 1656015786957.png (615.86 KB, 768x432, unknown (6).png)

No. 1570132

File: 1656020703143.png (194.23 KB, 351x395, empresa3.png)

never befriend empresa

No. 1570139

File: 1656021028989.png (172.7 KB, 1497x605, possible.png)

Real question for anyone who knows Erika, how the fuck did she dip an hour before Null put out a message saying he would unban users?
Is she actually psychic of some kind? I feel gaslit by reality and know I am reading into coincidences too much but it's fucking hilarious how she just calls so many shots.

No. 1570148

>>1570132(don't use emojis)

No. 1570153

File: 1656021551894.png (679.52 KB, 702x642, 1644429704787.png)

No. 1571316

File: 1656126916349.jpeg (35.59 KB, 943x355, banned and misgendered lol.jpe…)


No. 1571362

tfw erika is a better speedrunner than michael

No. 1571370

Trombonista is a true and honest woman, too. We'll take back the internet inch by inch!

No. 1571618

That's a natal woman? Yeeeeeeeeeshhhhhhhh, they really do be making 'em worse thasn the trannies these days smdh.

Glowing honeypot, most of the users have cared about the drama for over a year, so finding that the same one filing reports are the same ones who acted the same in September of last year is some goooooooood shit mayne.
Chaos is a ladder.

No. 1571920

Erika, how did you fuck up so fast?

No. 1571936

No official reason given, account glowed so I planned on scrapping it after posting to the Mike thread as per request. I never planned on going back to KF so posting there for that time was just extra, I would not fit in on the farms with most of the posters. A few and probably in BP sure but my name glows too much so if you find out who my sock is, ask them in a DM, it might be new, it might be old.

No. 1571954

File: 1656189563961.jpg (156.54 KB, 686x832, 20220621_091102.jpg)

>Might be new, might be old

No. 1572357

This time, this time, making Lolcows
Making lolcows, making lolcows
Making lolcows is so fine, it's ours this time
And won't the farmer be surprised?

It's ours this time, making lolcows
Making lolcows, making lolcows
Time to give them something fun
They'll talk about for years to come
Let's have a cheer from everyone
It's time to party!

Making lolcows, making lolcows
Snakes and mice get wrapped up so nice
With spider legs and pretty bows
It's ours this time
All together, that and this
With all our tricks, we're making lolcows time

Here comes Empresa!

I don't believe
What's happening to me?
My hopes, my dreams, my fantasy

Won't they be impressed? I am a genius
See how I transformed this old rat
Into a most delightful hat

mmm My compliments from me to you
On this, your most intriguing hat
Consider though this substitute
Not being mad in place of this old tophat, huh

No, no, no, now that's all wrong
This thing will never make a present
It's been dead for much too long
Try something fresher, something pleasant
Try again, don't give up!

All together, that and this
With all our tricks, we're making lolcows time
This time, this time
Making lolcowss, making lolcows, na, na, na
It's almost here and we can't wait
So ring the bells and celebrate
'Cause when the full moon starts to climb
We'll all sing out, "It's Lolcow time"(tranny)

No. 1572376

File: 1656223626934.png (908.38 KB, 800x507, 9o3xsPk.png)

Making Lolcows, how can The Hugbox Company outdo themselves next?!(tranny)

No. 1572467

All of the female cows that I follow know less about female anatomy than I do, how is this possible?
Oh yeah, most 'trannies' are actually crazy men I forgot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1572477

Lol based.

No. 1573653

> attacking the tranny again
Funny how that is the major complaint…so this is a tranny vendettapost until proven otherwise.

No. 1573677

No. 1573695

anon w/deleted the post, I asked for a link because I'm dumb and couldn't find the kiwi post lol sorry
>>1573552 still applies though and I'm pretty sure that all of these across the several threads are the same troon/scrote with a VPN. dunno who boyfriend coefficient is but at least he(?) has been around for a while and probably not a sock

No. 1574165

Lmfao Empresa did Spooky invite you into their discord and then threatened you to dump your server to prove you didn't carve up Elaine?

Hey Spooky, sure is looking like you, who unironically gay oped with Elaine just last month, knew that Elaine cut herself before the rest of us did and are chimping out about losing your big drop, all of this is clout to you isn't it you sick fuck?

No. 1574167

Epic fail, man

No. 1574179


Scrote fight!
Does this have anything to do with those old DMs Vetti posted to Empresa's wall or is that a separate drama thing?
Just trying to figure out who is on Spookybones' side as he keeps playing like he isn't here and gayoping when anyone who's used to his posts knows he is.

No. 1574181

File: 1656378849106.png (15.89 KB, 536x129, unknown (7).png)

Samefag, forgot to show him raging on discord like he has been raging here. Vetti is a nobody so he is insanely jealous of anyone who has been mentioned, he lurks .farm with Spicy his pet constantly.

No. 1574218

>why attack them now?
Because everyone hates everyone else, it's not complicated

No. 1574228

Good to see this thread descend into unmitigated schizophrenia and Kiwiscrotes vendettaposting about people who I don't even know who the fuck they are because that's what this thread was made for I guess?

BTW if anyone is confused this latest crop of screencaps is from Kiwi Farms chat not Discord. They look a lot alike but discernibly different. Funny about how much Josh hates Discord but made a chat that looks like it but that's neither here nor there.

No. 1574233

File: 1656382149834.png (17.36 KB, 1070x86, returnedhermit needs help.png)

Isn't ReturnedHermit their leader or something?

No. 1574242

ReturnedHermit has 80 posts and joined only a year ago so I doubt he leads anything but if you look at his Kiwi profile he got into some drama with chatfags so filling in the blanks I guess they took the opportunity to try to dunk on him here, really transparently. I don't think any of the people named here have much to do with the current situation either other than Vetti and Empresa supposedly were on a Discord with Elaine. I'm willing to be wrong, with way better proof than I've seen here, otherwise the chatfags should go away.

No. 1574891

> AC socking as Erika now
> our space
> our
lol right scrote

No. 1574910

Nonna he got busted for socking as Erika on twitter, do not act like it's a stretch he is doing so now here.

No. 1574931

Hello faggots, trannies, and femcels.

No. 1574953

OK you're right as I always will admit when I am wrong. He did that with a bunch of people on Twitter. My brain just didn't put "twitter" and "socking" together I was thinking like on one of the forums.

No. 1574958

Yeah, I do hope you're not the one making all these wild claims either. The tranny carved Elaine up? Really? So she blew her own gayop to kidnap Elaine?
Whoever keeps bringing that up is a retard and I want to find out who it is, no cap, it has gone too far and is only hiding whoever did it.
I know Spooky is alogging her, he got ran off of the Met forum by her and her enforcer, Spooky did not say a thing back but sniped Erika from the Maize account until it was banned. It's very obvious he was one of these wild posters and he needs to be stopped.

I honestly cannot believe the amount of retardation on display with these threads, and it really does not come from the Tranny.

No. 1575127

> The tranny carved Elaine up? Really? So she blew her own gayop to kidnap Elaine?
Where did anyone ever say this?
> I know Spooky is alogging her, he got ran off of the Met forum by her and her enforcer, Spooky did not say a thing back but sniped Erika from the Maize account
This happened in the opposite order but OK.

No. 1575131

Ntayr but uh, yeah go check the Mike thread and put your passive aggressive glasses on, Spooky totally implies Erika could have been the one as opposed to Mike and that either was just as plausible. The dude is literally insane.

4 Kiwis rushed to go report for Mike and Elaine how they believed their gayop and now have the embarrassment etched there forever.
Neutron Ejector deserves a halal based on that alone, not even counting in that autistic as fuck posting history.

You and all the gossiping fucks who are clearly jealous of someone need to pull your heads out of your asses, I am so sick of YOU people de-railing the threads and running to meta screaming the tranny did it.

Fuck off.

No. 1575136

>4 Kiwis rushed to go report for Mike and Elaine how they believed their gayop and now have the embarrassment etched there forever.
>Neutron Ejector deserves a halal based on that alone, not even counting in that autistic as fuck posting history.
You're talking about a post that relates to unambiguous receipts not that involve cell phone receipts which actually belong to Elaine (which is obvious from the date and thus should indeed be embarrassing to people who fell for it, oops.)
>Spooky totally implies Erika could have been the one as opposed to Mike and that either was just as plausible.
It sounds more like implying that Erika has been up to some cowtipping and gayops the whole time and is not reliable which is undeniably true, but I see how it could be read the other way. Unfortunately that account is now banned (for reasons unrelated to any of this other than that is how it got discovered) and cannot comment to clarify.

No. 1575143

Really is and I think someone got upset because there was a direct line but instead of wanting their side they'd rather fall for Mike's tricks yet again like a fool.

There is no comparison and I hope we both know that, Erika said not to dunk on anyone so I'm gonna let it slide but that was stabbing in the back behavior and everyone knows it. Nobody can trust 'that account' aka Spookybones, like sorry dont advert ralphapedia on a sock and expect it not to get popped.

No. 1575144

Samefag but in summation Spooky put gossip above facts and is a bigger cow than Erika objectively and he needs to publicly admit it or he will never live this down.

No. 1575147

Hey, have faith in me, no need to fight.

No. 1575152

File: 1656473751974.png (1.08 MB, 1280x989, unknown.png)

No. 1575155

Okay I've had this autistic idea to make a lolcow family tree, to show how everything goes back to CWC.

No. 1575168

I love this idea but honestly? It actually all goes back to Tommie Tooter.


Tell those fuckers to go to the Metekour forums and get some shitposting in, the other splinters are either exclusionary, focused solely on Tom or used by 4 gayopping lolcows in their battle against 'The Coom Slayer' as another nonna labeled them.

No. 1575177

I don't see why Tom is funny or relevant so I was going to post:

>This saga is easymode because a lot of the fixtures in it relate to the Bella saga in one way or another. As for Elaine, add Lillee Jean as the Eve to Chris's Adam and you will need nowhere near 6 degrees of separation to cover everyone ever mentioned on this site.

But I guess everyone likes their favorite cows for the center.

Who tf is the Coom Slayer though?

I am not a weeb so have no idea what the manga is supposed to represent.

No. 1575186

It is a very old handle UH used and someone dumped a modified copypasta of the doomslayer into with it, videogame and manga fags go hand in hand.

Tom is not too funny at all, but if it's a history of lolcows chart he is the prototype and honestly any and all lolcow behavior can be found in Tom, he's fascinating, not funny, it's why he attracts oldfags who like to speculate and just take potshots, laidback sort of section.

The Manga panel is shockingly apt and really lends credit to UH having seen earlier bad shit happen with Cows, which honestly shouldn't be brought up again.

The context needed is simply that Aizen while an anime villain is actually a person who ends up helping the hero make a change in the world in the end and is far less evil than people would like to think, UH has stuck with Aizen from the start so I'm not too surprised to see them breaking certain rules left and right. There is a gayop going on with them, but it's far more likely that the gayop was setting up the Metekour site as a splinter.

No. 1575192

File: 1656477808153.jpg (1.02 MB, 3024x4032, excuse me.jpg)

I have gotten my moms permission to post this here. Police officers have shown up to my house over the things Blaine the tranny has said I have done.
He called my mom and at first was himself and then called again pretending to be a social worker calling himself Michaelle.
I have lost access to the internet except for one hour a day of supervised internet activiy and I am fucking pissed fuck you BLAINE you schizo tranny FUCK. You had no right to call the police on me and file false reports against me and I will be considering legal action against you if it is possible to do so for the trouble you have caused me and my fammily

You fucking cows wanted proof that he called? Here is his number in my mom's caller ID history he called her fucking HOUSE PHONE

No. 1575193


No. 1575197

Proof thats from your house?
I dont see you in the picture, you could have called them and have that showing, this says nothing ragepig.

No. 1575201

Those look like man hands.

No. 1575202

Okay even if true, Erika is now Bob!

No. 1575208

Now that I'm getting a better look at that hand, those do look suspiciously like Mike's fingers…idiot

No. 1575209

lmao tfw anyone can punch those numbers in, press dial then cancel, then screenshot the call history


No. 1575215

File: 1656478817378.png (1.55 MB, 1280x720, ew.png)

Mike has gross untrimmed fingernails like that

No. 1575217

Rachel wears press on fake nails usually, and actually takes decent care of her hands. Those fingers are too long to be hers. Mike you gotta do better.

No. 1575219

I'm looking at the photos she's posted on her cat account of Bello and the hideous green decor is sort points towards it because there's a lot of green in the ones on her Twitter..

But quite honestly, boo fucking hoo.

No. 1575221

Funny because I remember in the first five or so threads people were shitting on her nails…

No. 1575222

I said decent, not immaculate. A step above scrotes who don't understand why they keep getting hangnails.

No. 1575224

Those are Berchal hands, Mike's are dirtier under the nails and the nails are square not rounded.
This is very likely cope.

No. 1575225

If she posts about it on Twitter, or from her Sourpuss account on the Meato forums, I'll buy it.

No. 1575228

Agreed, until then it's the Mike that did gayop, we truly cannot know if anything posted to this site is the person they claim to be in this saga because he does it so fucking much after all.

No. 1575229

If it is her, she'll most likely sperg out on Twitter as her mother will definitely be looking into what kind of sites her little retard baby has been looking at if she's being supervised heavily for an hour.

No. 1575230

File: 1656479920550.jpeg (750.84 KB, 1284x1824, 1649042029963.jpeg)

Time to use the autistic superpowers and analyze hands

No. 1575232

File: 1656479987590.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1284x2238, 1649134016626.jpeg)

Another hand pic but worse quality.
If someone can find her YouTube sailor moon toy reviews you can see her hand in motion

No. 1575233


No. 1575234

YouTube for people who wanna join the autistic analyzation


No. 1575236

There is no cow army, there is no "lolcow uprising", there are no gayops afoot, for example. No one is conspiring against anyone. People like Suburban Bastard seem to think I'm on a vendetta warpath against someone, this isn't the case.
I don't associate with Elaine Miller, my contact with Rachel extends to Onion Farms where she made an account. I have not gunt guarded her, I deleted spam posts that guest users made en-masse on the site, I told the guest users which threads to use and they ignored that direction so I deleted everything because fuck em.
These are all distortions of reality that blaine has woven into the overarching metanarrative of this story. No one's out to get you, and I'd bet you every cent I have that the only reason you think what you think is because Blaine told you it was true.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1575242

I wonder if that's the same laptop as in the phone pic

No. 1575246

Okay on the real that's too many spelling errors to be a gayop from Mike, that's Berchal, this is fucking hilarious, that is worth it fuck everyone else, Rachel raging for an hour of supervised internet time until her mom breaks and/or kicks her out of the house is an arc I want to see.

It's so fucking carthartic to see her scream about how being held responsible for her actions, and hilarious how she blames Erika for hurting her family? How? Rachel you hurt your mother more than Erika ever did, and if this is true I know she respects Erika far more than she respects you, her own daughter, you fucking clown!

Anyone feel free to comb through all the pictures she posted there are a ton, that is her house, that is not proof of cow tipping and it sounds like she attacked an actual social worker and is trying to blame her doing that on it being Erika like a schizophrenic.

No. 1575252

Imagine being held responsible for your actions.

No. 1575254

tl;dr scroteposting

No. 1575256

You will be, you will be.
Imagine using the same meme forever, and ruining it for everyone else.

They are repeating something Mike said as copypasta so yes it's scroteposting in a way but it's not a scrote posting per say.

No. 1575261

> They are repeating something Mike said as copypasta so yes it's scroteposting in a way but it's not a scrote posting per say.
But it is a scrote posting. Look at the namefag, that's a Kiwi discord meme. Go away kiwitards.

Apropos of the actual subject at hand I think that is a man's hands and I don't think that sounds like Rachel. Have we seen Rachel screaming in all caps like that?

No. 1575264

My bad I legit did not notice the namefag you are correct, it's late and I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Yes, she screams in all caps exactly like that while nobody else in their group does.

No. 1575268

Fair, if she does she does, I just don't remember her doing that. And the fingers are pretty hard to see. It could be and if it is that is hilarious and all she would have had to do is put the tranny's number into her phone, lmao it's possibly an even more inept gayop than the one from a few hours before. When Elaine and/or Michael are better at gayopping than you it is really time to pack it in, lol. And this is speaking as someone who would love to run someone (man, woman or troon) out on a rail for cowtipping. But if anyone is looking for proof this damn sure isn't it. Thanks for the laughs I guess?

No. 1575270

I mean nonna, what me cowtip?

No. 1575271

Also I'm obviously not familiar with this specific model of phone and I don't possess the weaponized autism necessary to figure out what that even is, but I'm pretty sure that there is not an "EDIT" option in the log of calls which have been made to you but that it is something that shows up after you have entered a number to dial yourself. So, lol.

No. 1575272

Sold those models before, you are completely correct. I can search up for a link but they were super common like ten years ago, cheap model sold at most retailers.

No. 1575279

Oh and Rachel is our lane, Kiwis need to stay the fuck out of it.
This cow is for .farm and Met, Rachel has never been to Kiwifarms and that makes you faggots seethe so hard it's very obvious. You screaming BP thots have cow tipped on your accounts and it's out in the open, pure hypocrisy. You're all newfags chasing clout besides DBS who you want to manipulate onto your side.

Fucking speds need to get the fuck off .farms, this isn't for them.

No. 1575281

Wouldn't it also indicate whether it was a missed call or not? I don't have a home phone anymore but I remember when I did have one like that, incoming calls had a symbol for indicating they were incoming and also one for missed calls. Also should have how long the convo was, right?
I might be going crazy though.

No. 1575285

Ironic considering you were the one to cowtip Rachel, now you're telling Kiwis not to? You should stay in your lane.(hi cow)

No. 1575291

People being so petty is just the most ridiculous part about this, like how many people hate each other? Is it always like this? Wtf.

No. 1575292

Erika, you've admitted to cowtipping Rachel. You made the phone call to her family and to police. That's cowtipping. I personally don't give a fuck if you do, but don't be a fucking hypocrite and gatekeep because you got banned from the other forums and are mad. That's Mike behavior.

No. 1575293

> how many people hate each other?
Very few, I think, but they are loud.

No. 1575301

ntayrt but
> it's lame that they can't necro my thread just wanna shittalk and make it more off topic.
Let's be real though, necroing the thread and trying to explain what the fresh hell is going on here would be an effort on par with making a new thread. Let's also be real that cowtipping Rachel is not at all offtopic here and that you have admitted to doing it, which makes the failed efforts to "prove" that you did it all the more ludicrous-looking.

No. 1575307

File: 1656486270851.jpg (118.66 KB, 1196x481, confession.JPG)

Blaine explicitly confessed to cowtipping 30 minutes before Rachel posted this.
Check the timestamp, pic related was posted at 12:10AM my time, the Rachel post here was posted at 12:43AM my time. Blaine explicitly confessed to contacting Rachel's mom 30 minutes before Rachel came here
Blaine also explicitly confesses to making pedophile allegations to Rachel's mom.

Link to the post and the rest of the thread for context.

No. 1575322

wtf is going on and why did a bunch of posts just get swept? I can still see many of them, there's some sperging but nothing actually objectionable especially relative to all the other bullshit that has been going on

No. 1575323

Coverup cause it involves the tranny.(ban evading tranny)

No. 1575328

File: 1656487909557.png (409.65 KB, 1034x1649, Screenshot 2022-06-29 03.29.04…)

No. 1575335

not a jannie but glad to see them at least drop some redtext although i don't know why they would outright sweep all the above if they didn't want people to tinfoil about it … but i would go with 4, all three subrules, plus 6, 8, 9 and 12 having been flouted in the extreme throughout this whole saga

No. 1575338

No the rule for the comment lmfao, the other stuff makes sort of sense but yeah looks very much like they want to cover up instead of ban. The comment seemed like a joke so I don't want to make a similar one and get banned for something I have no clue about.

No. 1575350

File: 1656490739844.png (286.95 KB, 1185x564, this is why.png)

Well I think with this cap we can put those slapfights to rest and move on, pretty obvious why yeah the tranny should be banned here but it is not something to dunk on them about unless you really think having Mike controlling Rachel was going to end well.

No. 1575353

Samefag but hey one of you BP thots should probably bump Rachel's thread with that instead of eating up Mike and Elaine's gayops you thin skinned piles of refuse.

No. 1575444

I still don't buy it. I've had time to sleep on it and I don't think Rachel would admit to that. If she was being supervised online I don't think her mother would approve of her talking like that even if she allowed Rachel to come on here.

Also, it had been less than 24h since everything went down. How would Rachel know her mom was unplugging the internet? We don't have an exact time frame of when the call with Erika took place and them being contacted by the police.

Also, the people flat out denying AC (or anyone) could've been responsible? This is the exact reason why people think AC was involved in Elaine's meltdown. Elaine outright denying his involvement when she claimed she didn't know who was "responsible for the deepfakes" or whatever her excuse is.(redditspacing)

No. 1575472

The reason why their posts are being deleted is because of global rule #4: no men are allowed to post/ announce themselves. If they posted anonymously and didn't make it so obvious they are moids then we wouldn't have to delete their posts. Also stop with the dumb tinfoils.

No. 1575476

Phone calls aren't illegal fatty

No. 1575481

fucking retard. can't even be bothered to READ the rules to figure out which one. nothing I didn't expect from a lazy moid, as most if not all are.

No. 1575520

Those were not all moids and we all know it. I am very disappointed that is the excuse that was given for that sloppy shit of a broom last night from your other janny.
They may have told you that but they swept everyone's comments last night in a meltdown shitfit.(moid)

No. 1575551

To be fair, the jannies haven't dealt with this level of autism in a long time.

No. 1575556

Yes, and I am not excusing that shit, we have some kiwifags who rushed to post to Rachel's wall so we know the de-railers now and we should honestly bitch to Josh to get those posters banned there too.

No. 1575557

Jannies fucked up but anyone would because that is the point these kiwifags have pushed us to.

No. 1575582

At least the tranny is funny, Rachel's Kiwifarms thread is terminally unfunny.

They are referencing the tranny which is not against the rules, you need to settle down you dumb broad, you are probably one of the kiwifags who needs to be banned off that site too.
Go away summerfag.(kiwifag moid)

No. 1575603

No jannies have "fucked up". We can see all post history. Any moids that make it clear that they are moids will get their posts deleted. But most of the kiwifags crave attention, they have no choice but to out themselves. We know regular users from shitflinging tourists. Follow the rules and integrate, you're not going to receive a special pass. You will be banned if you break any rules. End of story.

No. 1575650

Buffalo chicken sandwich one of the kiwi scrotes who came here to schizo post after schizo posting in the kiwi chat tried going to the chat again today to brag how he was cow tipping Elaine and when he got called out for it he retreated to his hug box to seek affirmation. My insider in that server informed me that they do this all the time but refuses to rip the server only provide caps.
For context he mentioned Empresa because he is mad Empresa won't talk to him anymore.

No. 1575651

File: 1656525413993.png (81.17 KB, 626x459, Discord_lszehc7yak2.png)

No. 1575654

That cap says nothing and BCS is hated by the tranny, funny how that works. Go back.

No. 1575667

No he is not, the tranny was slapped by him for three days straight and blocked him. If she hated him, we would see a thread on Metekour silly, pretty simple.

I do agree that the cap says very little and I have no idea what that user meant but just figured I would inform you why your assumption is uncaused and not based on any facts or logic just a personal opinion.

No. 1575678

Unsaged scrote, opinion discarded.

No. 1575688

File: 1656527242610.png (12.94 KB, 703x104, Discord_cfffanODTm2.png)

Well look who left a bunch of servers after that latest discord drop. I think it's actually safe to say local shit stirrer UwUdles was probably naming shit everywhere.


Okay if youre unsaged you're practically namefagging on this site so who are you then?

No. 1575690

Oh look another Discord vendettapost directed at another person the tranny doesn't like (and I don't like either btw but you should still go back)

No. 1575692

File: 1656527558938.png (96.23 KB, 247x400, _PNG15918.png)

Source on the tranny actually hating anyone and you not projecting how you hate everyone onto them?

No. 1575697

You can say 'hate' is a strong word but here is him going after uwuddles 10 days ago
and he was going after Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (I have no idea who that is) all over the place recently too

You're welcome.

No. 1575703


I think Erika baited EFM into posting like this again and showing he has a vendetta against spooky, the tranny only released nothingburger caps.

EFM is slandering UH all over Kiwifarms and showing how much he still hates spooky after a year, you got trolled by UH again dude.

No. 1575706

Hate is a very strong word and that is obviously someone posing as them, learn the signs and stop attributing things here to them. They have an account you can judge them on, no need to eat up a Mike larp.

No. 1575717

File: 1656528992254.png (44.76 KB, 1046x277, she did.png)

Samefag as

For being a troll and claiming everyone else has thin skin the unsaged EFM sure gets trolled and cries about it a lot…

No. 1575766

Yeah it's odd, I have never seen UH wish death or rape on Mike. Only say he is a dangerous person as we all know, EFM really hates UH and it's clear now but why?

No. 1575775

File: 1656533393228.jpg (437.09 KB, 1440x2733, FLIPFLOPFLIPFLOP.jpg)

Ah yeah, it was definitely just Mike and Elaine gay ops wasn't it lol

No. 1575779

Nope, it's funny that their gayops cannot prove it when it is so obvious. I hope you're not Neutron Extender because you really look dumb right now with the obvious vendetta posting.

No. 1575781

Samefag sorry. Mike+Elaine very well may have been involved in the cowtipping but that doesn't mean Blaine didn't do anything himself

No. 1575786

We know, we do not care, screaming about an altruistic tip is not a good way to get kiwi clout, it gives you the wrong type of attention. You seem drama hungry, and that is cow behavior, they love to eat their own there. Do not think because you're getting updoots you're safe newfag.

No. 1575789

And you are incredibly obvious samefagging across three+ threads with whatever your issue is with Neutron Ejector who is another kiwi nobody that nobody gives a fuck about other than you, did s/he hurt your feelings at some point or what?

No. 1575790

Ntayrt but as a lot of people here are sick of thread de-railings and that account is very new and not posting in the correct thread but hiding in Rachel's I believe that is what we call a warning, newer accounts might not know that we can tell when someone is doing what they are accusing someone else is doing.

I have actually brought them up in the Rachel main thread as a warning, they are a newer account and rushing to post instead of waiting. It is a classic trap to fall into a cycle of and I have seen a few people crash and burn that way, I actually enjoy their posts or I would sit back and watch.

No. 1575798

So neutron wrote that comment as a gayop huh…

No. 1575801

File: 1656535800596.png (731.28 KB, 802x883, efm sane.png)

Say what you will about EFM, I don't know anything about him, but here he is looking way more reasonable than the people posting about him here.

No. 1575802

That is all vendetta posting, he looks unhinged to me.

No. 1575803

It's all vendetta posting and they're all unhinged but he seems less unhinged than his alogs at this point in time.

No. 1575806

Your opinion differs from mine and that is okay.

No. 1575809

Holy shit is that an anon being reasonable about a difference of opinion? Are you sure you're in the right thread?

No. 1575829

EFM if you're reading this, just necro Blaine's thread. Derailing the AC thread because of Blaine just makes you look like a faggot.

Go necro it if you wanna ride Blaine's ass this hard.

No. 1575845

Or just slide into his Dms lol

No. 1576116

the last 2 appear to be talking about Ethan Ralph's daughter, why do you keep bringing up these Kiwis who nobody cares about, the mentions of trannies aren't even clearly about our tranny

kiwi/tranny PA request denied, kindly run the engine in the garage for a few hours

No. 1576251

People who hate the tranny are ITT the thread, two people? The OP was optimistic, they really pissed off a lot of clout chasing kiwis who should mind their superiors.

No. 1576504

Ah yes the tranny is behind literally everything somehow. You're fucking retarded dude, you a scrote?

No. 1576838

But he's right in that post

No. 1576853

File: 1656615410384.png (210.51 KB, 910x480, PA denied.png)

Just realized that is a cap from the tranny's KF thread https://kiwifarms.net/threads/unabashedhermaphrodite-belial-the-actual-queen-actuallybella1-autisticaizen-blaine-gaven-ross-jess-ross-erika-starling.99380/page-24

The tranny kept saying "bump my KF thread, oh wait you won't, I'm not a cow anymore" (more or less, not a direct quote), EFM did, and now you are trying to have a go at him for it.


Who the fuck are seven and the sodacats? You really do think this is a place to hash out every retarded vendetta, don't you?

To answer the one relevant question here I doubt very much DBS has Discord/participates in Discord ops.

No. 1576864

Please bring some actual milk on him, not vendetta, and I will gladly laugh at him too. Everything that you (singular or plural, whichever it is) are posting just reads like attacking Kiwis you don't like.

No. 1576871

File: 1656616030070.jpg (94.62 KB, 1368x387, deranged tranny vendetta gayop…)

This is what milk on orbiters looks like. The tranny made a vendetta thread about Neutron Injector over on Metokur Forums, hilariously talking about Neutron "getting ripped apart on LCF" while his simp The Middle Finger self-owned showing it is (at least in part) him doing it. Now that is funny.

No. 1576874

samefag but
> before we can post more images and then report them for deletion
> you ask farmhands to report posts that are blatantly against the rules so our Discord cabal cannot press our agenda reeeeeee

No. 1576880

I didn't say it was a cow thread, I said it was a vendetta thread. Because it was. Why would anyone want to talk to these lunatics, invited or not?

No. 1576888

File: 1656616462945.jpeg (35.47 KB, 1318x216, projection holy shit lmao.jpeg)

Here's another interesting one. Those who have been watching these threads closely will note that there is (seemingly) one poster who likes to refer to his enemies as "cows", the tranny likes to say "I made so-and-so a cow", here he is doing it again. While Mike is undeniably a cow I think it's funny that this is the tranny's go-to, almost like he has something to prove. Anyone who forgot the tranny is a lolcow is just dumb, and anyone who wants to talk to him on his terms is even dumber. The tranny's M.O. here is to try to get people in Discord and, in unguarded moments, to admit things that he can then snake and use against him. This is what he did with Naught and Elaine. So if the tranny invites you to a chat, try to be smarter than Naught and Elaine.

No. 1576894

I'm saying that the tranny's M.O. is to try to get people comfortable, get people admitting things, and then use them against them. Naught and Elaine are just two examples and claiming that the tranny said "enemies are for fags"? Well maybe he did but he sure acts like he has some. Mike, Elaine, Naught, those are people we can pretty much agree on, EFM and Neutron, literal nobodies that the tranny has been alogging or sending his minions to alog for days now, not so much. I'm saying that anyone who thinks engaging with this psycho on his own terms is a good idea is probably dumb enough to deserve whatever they get.

No. 1576901

EFM and Neutron both tried to gayop words into Erika's mouth, they are nobodies who were proven to insert. None of us are simps for pointing that out EFM.

No. 1576916

Everyone who goes after the tranny makes the tranny look better than the tranny does, how can people keep doing this without understanding it? It's so dumb I think they are gayopping to get people to like Erika more by being so fucking retarded.(tranny)

No. 1576934

Aw did someone get their fee fees hurt and run away like Elaine?
I think we all sensed weakness. KEK

No. 1576976

If there's anyone left in this thread who isn't just gayopping and agendaposting, go look at the Kiwi thread on Blaine/Erika if you haven't already. Yes, Mike made it, but that doesn't change the contents, which are quite illuminating to see the kind of person we are dealing with.

No. 1577164

Yes, it honestly is, amazing meme from Hiram, really explains this trashfire well and how Erika is the one standing up against so many awful people, god bless that tranny!

No. 1578983

File: 1656796078729.png (209.08 KB, 495x567, 1650426119411.png)

How come no one mentioned yet that Empresa is a registered sex offender of El Salvadorian origin who currently lives in Washington state and is also unemployed? The scrote spends most of his day grooming mentally ill lolcows which he invites on his server. Currently he and his tranny scrotes have a personal vendetta on a discord server just because they're not allowed in. 60% of this thread is just them doing a shitty gayop.
Definitely the most pathetic scrote in this whole story, just look at him.

No. 1578986

Mike and EFM are definitely here, Mike went to hide in his Onion hugbox so he can monitor who comes to see what he's up to because he craves control.
EFM is always reading along but doesn't speak up often. Most Kiwis do the same, whether they want to admit to it or not.

No. 1578989

Bunch of predators playing troll war games and then freaking out when anyone detracts from their narrative even with a healthy bit of skepticism.

No. 1579051

File: 1656803273287.png (214.93 KB, 495x567, meme.png)

No. 1579094

File: 1656808401544.png (25.51 KB, 726x109, fake regina called out.png)


No. 1579097

> Empresa is a registered sex offender
If this is true the registries are online and he is doxed so you could prove it otherwise I'm calling gayops

No. 1579111

You're going to have to spell out to me what that cap is supposed to mean

No. 1579116

This isn’t necessarily true we need his license expiry date

No. 1579125

Then how would you know? You Kiwi trannies and discordscrotes are so bad at gayops its embarrassing.

No. 1579135

If Sheriff actually curbstomps Mike I will issue a public apology to everyone.

No. 1579140

If Sheriff actually curbstomps Mike I will take the lead in crowdsourcing bail but I'm not even sure if I can credit those caps with not being staged by discord faggots ruseing him. Rumor has it he actually does simp for the tranny so who knows.

No. 1579162

Bet someone will suck his dick if he does, some of these nonnas are down astronomically.

No. 1579172

File: 1656817950813.png (Spoiler Image,25.47 KB, 216x215, snipbig.png)

> Can a nonna bite the bullet and offer a dinner date up?
Why don't you do itself?
Oh that's right.

No. 1579187

you idiots will never learn lmao

No. 1579199

Mike is the biggest pussy pretending to hide but he's obsessively refreshing sites he got kicked off of and sites he claims he no longer visits.
He doesn't need to transition, he is the entire stink ditch. Not even the taint hole CWC got could measure up to the pussy that is Mike Thurlow.

No. 1579694

What the fuck is an uwudle and a chicken sandwich?

No. 1579780

> why does [spookybones/regina/okkaren] post to lolcow.org so often?
Not very often lol go look, oh wait, site's down, how convenient for whoever is making the accusation
uwuddles = Stank on KF = had some drama like 6 months ago leaking stuff about Elaine
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich = some retarded kiwi
i.e. shit nobody cares about

No. 1582100

File: 1657144716746.png (251.66 KB, 1080x913, Screenshot_20220706-165401.png)

I cannot unpack all of this at once, if Chris X isn't lying Angry Canadian missed UH being a furry and having an only fans.
Does Christorian know he's self reporting on lusting after the tranny's dick so much?

I, cannot process this, at all.

No. 1582214

That's not him lmao

No. 1582234

I'm saying that's a fake CX account made to troll him. That guy is absolutely unhinged in his hatred of Ralph but the posts on the Metokur forum either are too retarded for him, I'm going with it being a troll accouint 100% but that's the first I've heard of him confirming on Twitter. If it's his real account (@Christorian_X) though I'm gonna have to drop a "disregard that, I suck cocks." I'm looking now.

No. 1582236

File: 1657152782169.jpeg (40.79 KB, 586x421, CX_links_metokur.jpeg)

Samefag, all I found was this where he links to the metokur.us forum but to a thread that the CX account on there didn't make or participate in at all. I'll be perfectly happy to be proven wrong though.

No. 1582249

That wasn't proof, did you read it?

No. 1582498

File: 1657175404868.jpg (289.02 KB, 237x519, 122012.jpg)

Chris X needs to have a soda and chill instead of lusting after trannies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1583624


lol the tranny is super, super mad also losing his mind, anyone who thought he wasn't an actual schizo is an actual retard

not Mike btw before he accuses me but he's also just showing how non-credible he is making statements like "Mike beat his newborn son to death" when the name of charge literally is "neglect w/o physical harm"

it is the tranny, not the jannies, who ruined these threads and why nobody bothers anymore, not to mention he tipped the cow

i eagerly await his schizo bullshit and constant socking alienating everyone on the metokur forums too

No. 1583658

Reddit spacing, no capitalization, opinion disregarded. Blend better newfag.

No. 1583706

The threads were going fine until he turned up lmao

No. 1583713

They were both derailed the thread but UH did it more. Stay mad

No. 1583714

Lol stay mad, I'm so glad you're back online!
Am I going to cope and seethe about my opinion?

No. 1583721

No. 1583725

I know you're trying to be smart but I'm literally not Rachel, I know you want me to be tho, babe

No. 1583726

When did I accuse you of being Rachel?

No. 1583727

Everyone is Rachel. Keep being delusional.

No. 1583729

Who do you think I am? You act like you know who you are talking to on an anon board and yet I am the delusional one?
I'm simply happy someones here to talk with as these threads have been dead, but if you want to be hostile then fine we don't have to talk. That's okay.

No. 1583730

Okay lol

No. 1583743

And here I thought that Rachel was restricted to only 1 hour of internet time a day due to the tranny. Guess they were wrong again if they are going to accuse every nonna of being her

No. 1583746

I am not the tranny, keep screaming into the void about them.

No. 1583749

Samefag, did you blame a tranny for Rachel's mom not disciplining her or keeping her to her fucking time out time? Are you fucking insane?!

No. 1583755

No. 1583757

>They went around the corner to get a drink.
English proper use of they as a singular pronoun for anyone, sorry to offend you with a word snowflake.

No. 1583758

File: 1657320886649.png (492.15 KB, 496x672, 1630592691292.png)

The fuck is wrong with you posting my picture like that? You got really ass mad when I posted pictures of your ugly mug and sperged out for days until I had to leave the server to not have to deal with all the notifications. Your never be a real woman. come at me anytime faggot heres my discord in case the HRT ruined your memory along with your cock cold brew coffee#0978(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1583762

Incorrect, it is not gramatically correct when used to point to a single, specific person who has been specifically identified.
"If someone is obnoxious on the board, they will be banned." (No specified person, gender not known, singular "they" appropriate.)
"If a man makes himself known, he will be banned." ("They" would be incorrect, as the gender is known.)
"If the tranny makes himself known, he will be banned." ("They" would be incorrect, as it is a definitive reference to a specified person who is male.)
If you want to be a faggot and/or handmaiden, just use "she", at least it is grammatical.

No. 1583764

> Hey John from Cook County IL, you know you pissed Gin off by doing the same thing right?
Threatening someone's dox is gay and against the rules, either dox him where it is allowed or shut up about it already.

No. 1583766

Shut up, close this window, go to a site that allows doxing and get it out of your system, otherwise stop posting this inane garbage and consider minecrafting yourself.

No. 1583768

I hope you die.

No. 1583771

No, just hopeful.

No. 1583773

File: 1657322043336.png (2.92 KB, 478x35, rules 5 and 6.png)

Hey jannies, don't selectively enforce rules based on your personal bias kthanks.(the rules also state males aren't welcome, tranny)

No. 1583782

For one rules literally don't matter. But even if they did, claiming "I hope you die" is a-logging or a death threat is just pearl clutching. KYS (feel free to report that even though it is clearly banter)

No. 1583793

File: 1657323293596.jpeg (8 KB, 369x119, the only proper response.jpeg)

There is really only one proper response to this faggotry, even in a containment thread. He is still getting off to the attention.

No. 1583807

You jannies banned a true and honest woman, my wife!
This site has gone to shit with your fucking witch hunt and I am pulling as many of the ladies in the discord with me as I can. Good day.(your wife is a troon, borat)

No. 1583813

File: 1657324563867.jpg (313.59 KB, 1284x984, exposed 2.jpg)

Great a kiwiscrote vendetta posting. How did you get Null to delete your boyfriends posts along with his own? Did you pay him or you just in a discord with him? People who lurk saw what was said and it's most likely been archived

No. 1584326

Do you like my parodies?

No. 1585124

Yes, and your BBC

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