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File: 1650875394068.png (636.45 KB, 920x490, 1650875373211.png)

No. 200306

>what is gaywashing
Making cannonically straight characters into gay or lesbian these ships are mostly forced and don't go well
Mostly done by straight and or "sapphic" girls under the pretext of "there's not enough gay/lesbian ships so they have to force them"

No. 200307

File: 1650875703507.jpg (62.32 KB, 1200x1200, bram-stoker-9495731-1-402.jpg)

applies to historical figures as well, bram strokes has been meme'd into being a closeted self hating gay man cause he apparently sent sexual and romantic letters to Walt Whitman. but if you look them up, they’re not sexual and he explicitly writes the line “You are a true man, and I would like to be one myself, and so I would be towards you as a brother and as a pupil to his master.” he was just a massive fanboy

No. 200323

File: 1650886668854.gif (694.65 KB, 390x260, thinking-emoji.gif)

the thing is, most characters do not explicility state that theyre straight so can you really say they are "canonically straight" and being "gay washed"?

No. 200329

Kek that threadpic, reminds me of the retarded article by Molly. The one about how Sam and Frodo are totally qweer uwu. The only thing more absurd was one claiming that possessed Galadriel had drag queen energy

No. 200331

Yeah while Sam marries a woman, Frodo never does. We have nothing to go by except his intense relationship with Sam, no wonder some people think he is gay.

No. 200336

Yes thank you. And people who use him writing Dracula and saying it’s based on the fear England had of homosexual as proof annoy me to no end too.

No. 200344

File: 1650890990010.png (507.71 KB, 1000x1000, 22837176_p0.png)

Parappa and PJ have been getting this treatment a lot for a while, all because of the one time in the second game where they LARP as a couple just to play along with a "romantic" exercise show they saw on TV.

In that stage they do a lot of "romantic" things together, such as hugging, holding hands and summoning flowers out of nowhere as part of the LARP, but near the end of the song there's a cutaway visual gag where Parappa takes it a little too far and attempts to kiss PJ, but fails.

People have been using this scene and stage to claim that Parappa and PJ are bisexual and gay respectively, nevermind PJ's actual reaction being that of disgust at Parappa attempting to kiss him, that both canonically have girlfriends and that the creator for the series has confirmed that Parappa literally only has romantic or sexual feelings for his girlfriend, Sunny.

No. 200360

File: 1650893713709.jpeg (92.23 KB, 1280x720, 7E584866-8B98-4AF7-82CE-F88FEB…)

Literally any gnc flamboyant male anime character, and every single jojo character.

No. 200362

i bet this thread was done by a bitter hetshipper
also this creepy parappa autist, i saw you on the fujo site too, you literally want to fuck a cartoon dog(infighting/ tinfoiling)

No. 200363

Araki said Dio is bi though. But I think that's the only non straight character he ever mentioned.

No. 200364

doesn’t mean he doesn’t get gaywashed, I see people constantly just saying he’s straight up gay, being bi and gay isn’t the same

No. 200365

File: 1650894216748.png (25.05 KB, 500x460, i-deliberatley-entered-a-threa…)

No. 200366

go back to twitter

No. 200367

File: 1650894287800.jpeg (30.07 KB, 640x456, haram.jpeg)

Hijitoki-stans be damned

No. 200376

Most people are straight, so its safe to make assumptions based on that, while being gay is statistically rare

No. 200381

File: 1650895533193.png (474.62 KB, 898x534, Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 23.0…)

Even though I don't support this ship, anything is better than Kaneki+Touka

No. 200393

File: 1650897030205.jpg (519.88 KB, 1086x1608, detvbex-7034c6a2-7d4c-4831-942…)

fans think isabela is a lesbian because she doesn't show interest to the only male character who wasn't her relative in the movie… who she was forced to be with in an arrange marriage by her grandmother. can't isabela be a woman that doesn't want to enter a commitment set by others and doesn't seem interested or in a rush to be in one. I was also glad that her supposed male love interest was cut out of the movie.

i don't mind her being a lesbian but its the fans that shoves this supposed fact down in everyone's throat that ruins the idea for me.

I think this is one of best examples what the thread is about, i guess. most characters i know are just gay for some or most ships. other than that, they can still be straight and certain fans won't turn rabid by the idea.

No. 200398

Her being lesbian could have worked for the story, as she was expected to be the 'perfect' daughter/granddaughter and fulfill traditional marriage roles but Disney would never have the balls to canonize that

No. 200400

File: 1650899137548.gif (495.05 KB, 500x375, MrW5mUX.gif)

Can't wait to watch the infighting that's about to happen in here.

No. 200402

I'm all for disliking certain slash ships (Bakudeku for instance is retarded) but the fact that anon clearly made this in response to the tranny thread is putting me off. The false equivalency being created between trannies and gays here is uh… something alright.

Also what counts as "gaywashing"? So if a character dates someone of the opposite sex in canon, is it okay for someone to ship them with the same sex as long as they say "bisexual" instead of "gay"? Are gay ships okay in general as long as people don't insist it should be canon? Like what are the rules here OP?

No. 200412

Are you retarded? Obviously it’s referring to people who insist characters who are canonically straight are totes “gay” it’s not even about shipping it’s mostly about people headcanoning characters as gay when they’re not. If you don’t like the thread don’t read it, no one is equating trans degeneracy to being gay but it is a common theme in fandoms to scream and cry about X character being totally gay.

No. 200419

Damn anon, no need to be so aggro. I'm not super active with fandoms so I wasn't sure.

Also I'm not opposed to this thread, I just thought the timing was weird. I think "militant twittards with crack identity headcanons" is an interesting thread topic.

No. 200420

File: 1650903363323.jpg (28.96 KB, 360x371, 1646672960775.jpg)

Again…. What is a canonically straight character? And where are these supposed people headcanoning them as "totes gay"? You say this is not about shipping, but the only thing I've ever seen was about shipping. Seems like you got your panties in a bunch over a non-issue, nonny.

No. 200424

File: 1650904484111.jpeg (128.86 KB, 524x848, E743B0D8-F7EC-4F50-8A61-3FAF12…)

Sorry nonny, I don’t think the timing is weird? the transwashing thread has been around for a bit longer than this one. I can’t say what inspired the anon who made this one, so idk.
Are characters just supposed to outright constantly state that they’re straight now? Are we really doing this? Same energy as twitter kids saying straight people should have to “come out” as well refer to what this anon said >>200376. Also you’re the one with your panties in a twist over some random thread, just hide it? I’m not gonna ruin my timeline by searching for examples but stuff like picrel is very common.

No. 200425

I agree with you, Encanto was the first Colombian themed movie by Disney and as a Colombian, Isabella and her unwillingness and fear to marry with a random moid just to fulfill a tradition resonates with a lot of women here, the fact burgers rushed to turn her into a ~lesbian~ ruined that concept but of course they would ugh

No. 200428

>What is a canonically straight character?
characters that exclusively show interest in the opposite sex? girl crazy/boy crazy characters?

No. 200507

File: 1650916992441.jpg (20.08 KB, 220x295, SevenofNine.jpg)

Sherlock and Watson have to be the most gaywashed pairing of all time.

People say Abe Lincoln was gay but I have no idea if that's true or not.

Oh an they randomly decided that Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager is "canonically bisexual" despite never indicating that in the original show (that I know of anyway, I never watched the entire show).

No. 200512

To be fair with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson I've seen guys from a century ago publishing articles about how they're 100% sure either one of these characters is a woman and they're married to each other, and iirc Sherlock was kind of based on Oscar Wilde because he and Doyle were friends and liked each other's books. So it doesn't come from absolutely nowhere and even homophobes thought the two characters were more than friends.

I've never seen anyone actually argue that either character is gay/bi seriously, despite them being a very popular pairing. Now that you say it I guess it's because I got into Gintama without interacting with a fandom full of underaged idiots.

No. 200515

Okay, that's fair enough. Do you have links to any of those articles by the way? They sound like they'd be fun to read

No. 200520

https://www.unz.com/print/SaturdayRev-1941mar01-00003 I just have this one for now. I looked it up long ago.

No. 200522

>canonically straight
>complains about characters like isabella who has no love interest and mitsuri who is actually hinted to be bisexual

No. 200524

File: 1650919469110.jpg (58.77 KB, 768x432, lanceisbi-expectations-for-rep…)

want a REAL example of gaywashing? lance is right there, the most obnoxious heterosexual fuckboy piece of shit turned into an uwu bisexual boy fans projected their insecurities on. allura didn't deserve to die buy maybe it's worth it only for his manpain

No. 200526

this is not the NOTP thread

No. 200527

Several years back, there was an American adaptation of Sherlock where Watson was a woman and she was in a relationship with Holmes. I don't agree with people who say the two were "intended" to be a couple, but I'm not opposed to artistic/fan interpretation that portray them as such.

No. 200528

Shit, wrong thread. Thank you.

No. 200532

Point still stands, I dislike that people automatically make Meta Knight gay and are really adamant about him being some shy uwu gay soft bottom and get pissed if you don't like that or pair him up with a female. They straight up turn a badass commander and swords man into some lobotomized uke. I also dislike depictions of Susie Haltmann being a lesbian just out necessity due to the lack of female characters in Kirby especially with Fransisca because she already has Flamberge and they're already heavily implied to be a thing.

No. 200535

Something similar happened with Brave. I think it's a consequence of Disney being too wishy-washy to include actual gay characters, so whenever one of their films lacks a romance, crazies online assume the main character is "queer coded." I honestly think that's really reductive, this idea that we always need an "explanation" for why a female character isn't looking for a relationship. Women shouldn't be defined by their relationship status, regardless of their sexuality.

The idea with Merida is that she likes freedom and adventure. That's literally all they were trying to communicate by having her avoid marriage. Not saying that means she can't be gay, what I'm saying is that focusing on her sexuality misses the point of the artistic choice to make her single.

No. 200536

>Meta Knight
??? He's a sphere. The concept of "bottoming" sort of requires that the characters have sex, which obviously isn't feasible here because he's a BALL with legs. He has no dick.

No. 200537

Elsa suffered from the same bullshit too

No. 200541

You're talking about Elementary? I haven't watch it, the fanbase was obnoxious at the time. How is it?

No. 200546

Holmes and Watson were very conspicuously NOT in a relationship in Elementary

No. 200548

By bottom I meant submissive, my bad.

No. 200566

Ayrt, I watched a lot of Elementary, I got tired of it after a while as there were like 20+ episodes every season and like 7 seasons. But as far as I watched they were never in a relationship, though it might have happened later on I guess.

Imo some episodes were really good but a lot were just kinda boring. Most episodes were just kind of like a regular crime/detective show, which I'm not into. But that's probably a more faithful interpretation of the original stories I guess. Sometimes the mysteries were really good and sometimes they were predictable. There were episodes with an overarching plotline which I found more interesting, but the series was just too long for me.

No. 200578

Eh, I don't really like long series anymore, especially after getting into so many manga in middle school that aren't even over yet, so maybe I'll check the first season if it's self-contained and see how I like it. I remember it being praised compared to Sherlock BBC on tumblr because "muh white males" and "muh queerbait", and sometimes because of Moffat saying stupid shit. I never watched the 3rd season of Sherlock BBC because people posting spoilers before I could even watch any of the episodes on TV. Anyway, some adaptations are gayer than others, it really depends, the gayest I've seen are the Ace Attorney spinoffs and then the movie with RDJ and Jude Law but even then nothing is ever confirmed and it's mostly played up to attract fujoshi t.fujoshi

No. 200590

What is the point of this thread? Literally every character is gaywashed by fujos and Twatter

No. 200592

Well at least Elementary is finished so if you like it you won't have to wait for new seasons to come out.

No. 200598

File: 1650932855289.png (6.54 MB, 2856x1456, Kaoru_Hakaze.png)

Admittedly I ship him hard with one of his unitmates but this guy is the straightest motherfucker in the entire game kek I just hate enstarries and how they're constantly forcing a collective headcanon as canon since they all unironically believe it.

No. 200606

Eh idk I feel like there’s a difference between shipping and like >>200598 said where fandoms push sexuality headcanons so hard that people start to believe they’re canon when there’s no basis to it. I’m sort of a fujo and I think it’s annoying when I see people saying characters are 100% gay in canon when it’s not really true or there’s nothing to back it up.

No. 200627

Didn’t she have a male love interest that ended up being scrapped? Also fandom will literally do this to every Disney female character that isn’t attached to a man. Look no further than Elsa.

No. 200636

you can't, but this website is full of hetshippers that seem to think hetero ships are in danger/rare in any way + get absolutely assblasted at homosexuality. kind of sick!
why are you applying real world statistics to fictional media?

No. 200639

cry about it

No. 200641

whoever made this thread has the same energy as the spergs in the problematic fujo thread

No. 200644

I seriously hope you're not calling the fujo thread on /m/ "problematic"

No. 200645

I think she might be referring to the fujo cringe thread on /ot/

No. 200649

Who gives a shit about 'gaywashing'? There's nothing wrong with being gay, it's inoffensive. Transwashing is bad because being or supporting trans is inherently cringe.

No. 200651

most of the characters posted in this thread aren't even canonically straight, they just need a thread to sperg about fujos kek

No. 200658

That could apply to the character people want to troon out as well though? Characters don't go around declaring their sexuality or sex, so saying 'they don't say they're straight so it's not gaywashing' doesn't make sense if you are against transwashing. Also, characters date opposite sex in text. Gaywashing would be saying they're gay, rather than bi (which is pushing it if they're only portrayed as being interested in the opposite sex). If you don't like the thread, hide it? There has been many funny and embarassing instances of gaywashing recently, like a lot of the novels which are straight fanfiction of couples or events (Demon Heart based on a supernatural shipper wanting Destiel to be cannon and getting shutdown, Peyton Thomas' South Park FTM fanfic, etc) and actual harassment (Supernatural actors wives receiving hate/show love interests).

No. 200663

Isn't this just another iteration of the fujo cringe thread in /ot/ and the NOTP thread? It's just people complaining about fujos and gay ships.

No. 200667

It's funny that if a character shows no interest in the opposite sex, fandom will say they're gay because of the lack of interest. If they're obnoxiously hitting on women at every chance, they'll say the character's gay because he's "overcompensating".

No. 200670

But a character is also assumed straight if they show no interest to anyone. A lot of this thread just seems mad that their favorite character could be viewed as a lesbian or gay. Their sexuality can't be proven unless stated by the author, but also, it does not matter because they are not real.

No. 200671

Dunno, I'm fujo-lite but I assumed this was for cases where people will insist X character must be gay and melt down when straight ships of them get posted, even if those are canon love interests. Because I've cenrtainly met those types. Although I guess this would still could just belong to fujocringe.

No. 200679

File: 1650965767073.png (1.45 MB, 1551x639, 7.PNG)

For me it's ridiculous, I love some good shipping but while there's deep love between Frodo and Sam it's in NO way romantic, I wish people would just appreciate it for how beautiful it is on it's own. Adding any sexual / romantic aspect here is ruining it.
In general anyone is free to do whatever they want but somehow this specific ship is really annoying me.

No. 200682

File: 1650966440868.gif (2.33 MB, 498x497, 73a406ca0a097c458ebcd75173b170…)

For fifteen years they tried to make it happen. It is what it is.

No. 200683

I remember being on tumblr and other socials and seeing long ass posts about how he was totally gay and him being a womanizer was a mix of “internalized homophobia” and “overcompensating”, insanity.

No. 200688

File: 1650967507393.jpg (113.98 KB, 620x413, merlin-series-5-behind-the-sce…)

I'm not well versed in these terms but I would assume that "gaywashing" meant that the company or whatever decided a character was gay for woke points despite it never being hinted at in that character. also I don't think it matters if a character is canonically straight, as there are characters that we're explicitly showed are attracted to the opposite sex (pic related) and the fandom will still ship them. does it really matter what fandoms do? people write incest fanfiction and shit like that all the time

No. 200691

Showrunners are a bit to blame for baiting though

No. 200697

File: 1650971859795.jpeg (102.45 KB, 828x828, FQlGF8tXMAMkDns.jpeg)

Every single character gets this treatment no matter their background, story… My husbando is a basically an incel whose entire character stems around being rejected by women and some twitter fujos still have meltdown if you imply anything other than him being crazy in love with the male protagonist of his story. I don't think it's worth getting upset over because it applies to every single character because of twitter, fandom culture, identity politics… It still hurts if you self ship to have people tell you your boy wouldn't love you back because he's "gay". But it's nothing personal. I wish western fujos were more like japanese fujos, they don't believe they're male because they like BL nor do they insist on their headcanons being real

No. 200704

>Reeee the fujos are ruining my husbando
It was only a matter of time until this thread devolved into fujos vs yumejos

No. 200708

Did you even read her post? She literally said it wasn’t that serious but you fujos love to jump to conclusions.

No. 200711

>Getting mad at me for jumping to conclusions
>By jumping to the conclusion that I'm a fujo

No. 200715

Might be an unpopular opinion but shipping straight characters or those with no preference either way is more intresting than canon gay characters, so I don't get why fandoms want writers to make popular gay ships canon. I think the teasing is always done much better than the actual relationship is written afterwards.

No. 200718

>My husbando is a basically an incel whose entire character stems around being rejected by women
And you're okay just saying this?

No. 200719

>My husbando is a basically an incel whose entire character stems around being rejected by women

No. 200721

Same vein.
Ruined by Tumblrinas.

No. 200726

>uwu i get hurt bc ppl won't take my self shipping seriously
that's bc self shipping is fucking retarded. grow up

No. 200731

Did a self shipper shit in your cereal or something?

No. 200735

Who's the character

No. 200740

File: 1650984879713.jpg (74.53 KB, 720x621, FODYzJBWUAcO6Lh.jpg)

persona 4 adachi, nonnie

he's not real, why would it matter?

i don't have anything against fujos who think he's gay, it's just annoying as hell to have it shoved down your throat all the time, same with ftm headcanons. Those things applying to my husbando show every single character can become a victim of it, even the most aggressively straight and normie ones. So I suggested not to take it to heart because it's not a reflection of the character himself or how you love him. Fujos who love Adachi are my sisters too.

No. 200742

Classic Adachi, I remember reading some truly delicious stuff years back.

No. 200743

God I cringe every time I see that video.

No. 200744

Using the phrase "shoved down your throat" is always a red flag.

No. 200747

It really isn’t

No. 200748

Jesse what the fuck are you talking about

No. 200758

File: 1650988218743.jpg (24.11 KB, 480x360, serie-hannibal-960x720.jpg)

They took fanservice so seriously that it's not fun anymore. (bonus complaint i really hate bryan fuller)

No. 200759

Why do fujos have to take everything so personally jesus fucking christ

No. 200762

Victim mentality

No. 200764

he's still not straight kek

No. 200766

>thread is already a disaster

No. 200770

I haven't watched the series although I'll probably do it soon, but from vague spoilers I've seen I thought he was supposed to be a couple with the guy with curly hair in seasons that couldn't be filmed, is that true? In that case I don't think he should be in that thread, right?

No. 200772

File: 1650991742989.jpg (29.99 KB, 512x313, a2e73d8a3a62e0c59b333a330386c4…)

Oh finally a thread like this. i'm still horrifed about what they did with these poor guys. One is a bpd bihet sure but that doesnt mean they were husbands or something.

No. 200773

why are you comparing a mental illness with sexuality? this is like saying it's wrong to hate trannies while supporting gay people.

No. 200774

>>200402 i'm not op but for me gaywashing isn't "a small group of people having a silly rarepair" but rather when fanon becomes an imposition and you're a monster for not agreeing on shit that isn't canon anyways. Sometimes it can even ruin lives, like in voltron fandom where they verbally/sometimes physically asulted members of the staff and crew or every time an irl ship ruined a friendship. People can ship whatever they want is when they become too retarded about it when the problems arise.

No. 200775

>>200770 that is fujo cope lol, like with johnlock.

No. 200776

who are they

No. 200797

it isn't though lol
what now you're gonna put kpop in here?

No. 200801

>>200797 why not? Someone put bram strokes kek.

No. 200812

Eh it kind of is, i’m a Hannibal fan but they don’t actually do anything in the show it’s only “””heavily implied”””, although i don’t think it’s necessarily gaywashing since the show more so baits you into shipping them but doesn’t bother to follow through.

No. 200953

Heterowashing. When moids refuse to accept their waifus and self-inserts are gay

No. 200954

Is there any well-known example of this?

No. 200958

Uh what? Who do you think these people are, are you confusing Donghae with Jaejoong or Changmin?

No. 200959

The only thing i can thought is maaybee sailor moon with uranusxneptune, and that is more of a mistranslation thing than "moids are angry". Is not very common, there isn't a lot gay media.

No. 200964

File: 1651016299645.jpg (37.29 KB, 225x350, killua.jpg)

I tried thinking but I really can't remember any character that was popular for self-inserting but also turns out to be gay. The only time I've seen that a similiar reaction from fan boys is when Killua from HxH is interpreted to be gay for Gon, since he's also an edgy character popular with young male readers, because he's an assassin with lightning powers and shit. But it's not like he's canon gay and they're kids anyway.

No. 200969

Shinji Ikari

No. 201034

Not sure how relevant it is now but Remus and Sirius in Harry Potter might count.

No. 201039

You cant convince me Sirius isnt gay for James even though James is married with a kid.

No. 201041

And don't forget the man is literally an AIDS allegory.

No. 201047

I'm not a fujo you tards. I think it's autistic to daydream about cartoons fucking each other in the ass.

I'm telling you the phrase "shoved down my throat" is a homophobic dog whistle. Find a more creative turn of phrase.

No. 201055

> I'm telling you the phrase "shoved down my throat" is a homophobic dog whistle. Find a more creative turn of phrase.

2/10 low effort bait. At least got me to respond:

No. 201056

>homophobic dog whistle

No. 201057

I like your shoelaces nonnie did you steal them from the president by chance?

No. 201063

>I'm telling you the phrase "shoved down my throat" is a homophobic dog whistle
The fuck are you talking about?

No. 201064

>"Homophobic dogwhistle"
Go back to Twitter

No. 201101

Nonnie why are you following these people in the first place if u cant stand it kek. It's like you brought it upon yourself.

No. 201118

The "lol go back to twottor!!!!" people reply spam you because a hit dog hollers kek. In my experience what they consider "shoving down their throats" is someone simply liking a gay headcanon, it has a similar vibe to the "now I'm not homophobic or anything but does my coworker really need to rub her dykeness to my face by mentioning her wife?" attitude.

No. 201122

That reminds of when their autistic shippers were pissed off when JKR confirmed that Dumbledore was gay all along and his former lover was a crazy serial killer. Their arguments were basically "Dumbledore isn't gay enough in the books so it doesn't count, it's sjw pandering, and Lupin and Sirius are right there reeee why is my ship not canon!!1!" kek. I miss old HP fandom drama.

No. 201123

>Hit dog hollers
Fujo cringe thread anon, please just stop reeing about the mean hetties and hide the thread.

No. 201130

lolcow yumejoshi are a plague

No. 201133

>and they're kids anyway.
The subtle homophobia is amazing. Being gay isn't inherently sexual. If either of them were a girl you'd probably be something out about how cute they were kek

No. 201171

they'll be like nooo how dare you think this 12 yr old is gay then ship anya and damian from spy x family kek love the double standards

No. 201189

This, it's actually gross and very telling how they say "but they're kids they can't be gay!!" like being gay was about being a degenerate sex pest. Fuck man Gon and Killua are like 12 in the beginning and I knew full well I was a lesbian by that time and had crushes even younger than that and there was nothing sexual about it.

No. 201191

tracer from overwatch

No. 201207

one of those ships will yield dozens of nsfw doujins and thousands of nsfw pics, while the other will have mostly cutesy fan art, be honest you don't give a shit about real gay kids, you just wanna appear on the moral high ground to justify your fetish

No. 201209

no you're just a hypocrite kek shipping a 4 year old character with a 6 yr old is extremely fucking weird regardless if there's nsfw art of it or not

No. 201212

I'm pretty sure there are tons of fetish R18 art of those honest christian straight child ships too kek

No. 201213

I've seen a lot with pokemon characters that are supposed to be like 11 so yeah

No. 201228

nta but i’m pretty sure people who say he is gay don’t separate it from shipping, so the sexuality hc comes as a result of imagining him in a relationship with his friend, which yeah is messed up when you consider he’s a kid, even if gon was a girl it’d still be weird to speculate about a child’s sexuality or just shipping children in general (male or female) is very weird to me.

No. 201229

yeah sure this is why there are crickets when someone online ships het kids, why do you pretend you give a shit about how underage fictional characters are treated when you could just admit you're homophobic?

No. 201231

God you bitches are insufferable

No. 201234

I will proudly admit that yes I am homophobic towards men, idc if female characters get gaywashed because then it at least means they don’t have to have a gross male love interest. I guess it’s more just misandry than homophobia but I see gay men have become a protected class on this website for some reason. Sad!

No. 201236

Why not just admit you’re a pedophile then?

No. 201237

Scrotes hate seeing male gays while loving female gays too and I doubt it's misandry kek

No. 201239

I guess me, not wanting to see scrotes in any capacity now makes me comparable to a male? The fucking logic you twitter fujos have.

No. 201250

So you hate seeing males in all forms which must mean you only like lesbian ships but not straight ships, yet you're posting in the "gaywashing" hate thread. But wouldn't someone like you be indifferent to male gay ships because they're not bothering or perving on any women due to being only into men? Something's not adding up here

No. 201256

The insistent need some of you have to insult women while caping for homosexual males is honestly reminiscent of a form of pick-meism, and also gives major Aiden vibes. If this thread and the evil homophobes bother you this much, just hide it.

No. 201257

you have been constantly insulting fujos who are also women, but somehow they're the bad guys? or are fujos not women?

No. 201261

I don’t know who you think I am but I have not been insulting fujos, theres nothing wrong with fujos except those like you who think it’s homophobic to not like your ships or feel a need to cape for men because they happen to be gay. I’m not the retard who kept shitting up every thread calling fujos dumb stuff like “porn addicts” if that who you are confusing me with. Not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person blah blah.

No. 201262

Why are you so bothered over male ships if they're not involving female characters and thus don't fall on your radar? Wouldn't heterosexual headcanons be more offensive?

No. 201263

Where in my post did I mention anything about Male or Hetero ships? You guys are lumping all anons who don’t have your views into one when that’s not true, just get off this thread if you hate it so much. I’m not bothered over gay ships at all, idc who you ship this isn’t the NOTP thread this is a thread to complain about fandom headcanons about sexuality becoming so persistent that you have to abide by them. Again it seems you’re the one bothered by this thread yet you keep posting in it?

No. 201266

>I’m not bothered over gay ships at all
>fandom headcanons about sexuality becoming so persistent that you have to abide by them
That's literally being bothered over gay ships i.e. someone being headcanoned to be potentially involved in a gay relationship though. Again, why aren't you more bothered over male characters be heterowashed?

No. 201267

File: 1651052709955.jpeg (22.82 KB, 300x250, 9A5B7C98-AA27-46A9-8FD3-733515…)


No. 201274

Sexuality headcanons are not inherently tied to shipping though that’s the thing, the two can exist separately from each other and they do. Actually they’re more annoying and nonsensical when they’re not tied to a ship imo, I’m talking the common thing twitter and tumblr people do where they attach a pride flag to the character or say “X is pansexual”, stuff along those lines.

No. 201277

That's a weird amount of goalpost shifting. If you're talking about those "x character is a bisexual!!!" twitter bots then fair enough, it's cringe and I doubt anyone here disagrees. But it falls under the scope of general woke virtue signalling nonsense created to get a reaction out of r/TumblrInAction posters while it's pretty obvious this thread is about people being assblasted over ships in particular. It's no use acting as if ships aren't a way to assign a headcanoned sexuality on a character seeing how a heterosexual one probably wouldn't be romantically invested in a same-sex relationship so all this talk about "I'm not mad about ships I'm just mad about gaywashing!!!" thing sounds like a contradiction.

No. 201278

I can’t speak for everyone in the thread anon, I was giving you my interpretation. If they’re assblasted over ships well that’s their business, let them? Hide the thread and go post your favorite ships in the fujo and other adjacent threads, easy as.

No. 201313

NTA but I think what that anon might be talking about is when people draw the characters in all sorts of flags and stuff, even if it doesn't make sense for their personality or established sexuality. Like I'm a lesbian and I wouldn't wear any of the flag bullshit because my life doesn't revolve around who I fuck.

No. 201314

But some of the anons* here are insulting women while caping for straight males. How is that any better lmao.

*Not you specifically

No. 201318

I haven’t seen any anons do that? Could you point out a post? Just genuinely curious. I don’t condone caping for any males, straight or gay they all trash honestly.

No. 201319

File: 1651061887453.jpeg (310.62 KB, 828x605, 993A5F59-8436-43DC-B765-DCA06D…)

Also nta but i’m pretty sure this is the general vibe of “gaywashing”

No. 201321

File: 1651062015130.jpeg (56.55 KB, 500x500, 4D3B2982-566D-41FD-B715-680108…)

Hamilton. I can’t believe it became acceptable for a brief period in time to ship and act like these slave owners were gay icons, fuck you Lin Manuel Miranda.

No. 201500

People can ship whatever the fuck they want, we're here to discuss the actual canon and how obnoxious some people get about their own interpretations of canon (which is not the same as shipping, although both can be related).
"Homophobic dog whistle" sounds like that anon is worried that some anons here might hate irl gay men (who cares) because they don't like it when fans obnoxiously push the idea that an obviously straight character is totally gay in canon. That's why she was told to go back to Twitter.

No. 201504

That's exactly what I meant, that it's weird to think too much about the sexuality of child characters, I don't have "child hetships" either, that's weird as fuck

No. 201805

The girls who draw this art are the same ones whose only "gay" ships comprise of an actual man and a fakeboi. It's not even gaywashing at that point, just transwashing

Though I agree that the constant use of pride flags in art like this is goofy as fuck, western teenagers please get a personality that doesn't involve LARPing as a "queer"

No. 202048

>a gay character is an allegory for aids because he's a werewolf
>most of the hp werewolves are bad guys
>remus was bitten/"infected" as a young child

This doesn't sound very woke.

No. 203522

There’s no way that this thread isn’t some form of social experiment.

No. 204123

File: 1651799499722.jpg (82.14 KB, 700x1250, c89ed380d69079f2a35753dda9c13c…)

I know the western Fire Emblem fandom is cancer, but I always laughed when soft WLW types tried to claim Faye could just be a "comphet lesbian" or whatever. I love femslash and all for that kind of thing, but Faye is a very one-note character and her personality revolves around a guy. There are so many other characters you can pretend are lesbian/bi if you want girl/girl shipping so bad. Then again, a lot of girls on Tumblr pretend to be lesbians while obsessing over guys, so maybe she's the perfect character for them to project onto.

No. 204149

File: 1651820627127.jpeg (125.54 KB, 1125x634, 5F2EBFC7-F450-4309-8B3B-C09CD9…)

Frodo I can at least semi-understand (a foppish, femmy eternal bachelor) but how the fuck is this abjectedly retarded fandom convinced they’re both gay?
Not even bisexual like the actors have actually stated/shown, but gay.
Someone on tumblr said dennis’s extreme misogyny was actually just a sign of homosexuality and he was only a predator for power and not actual sexual interest. I would sacrifice my soul to meet this chick and punch her straight in the idiot mouth.

No. 204160

FE Echoes is an abomination and people who like it are denial that it's a shit game with stupid maps and gameplay to the point of thinking their headcanons are real. Next time I see some complaining about Eirika's short dress or Camilla's boob armor because muh sexism while praising Echoes' writing I'll kill someone. Literally almost all the girls ger kidnapped and need to be saved and this OC donut steel made specifically for the remake literally just exists to metaphorically suck Alm's dick and nothing else (and it's only metaphorical because she keeps getting friendzoned over and over again). I legit can't think of a more heterosexual character in this game. She's such a waste of a cute character design though, what a shame.

No. 204175

I really liked fujos but after reading this shitshow of a thread…not so much anymore. "Heterowashed""homophobia waaa" really?

No. 204210

I liked the game as something to play with my brain turned off, but I don't take it seriously because it's clearly written decades ago and not much changed in the remake. I can tolerate Faye as a unit, but she's such a garbage character that not even pretending she's secretly a lesbian or bi will save her, it's actually insulting to lesbians lmao. Nothing more gay than a girl whose entire personality satellites over a guy, right? Like I said I do tend to enjoy femslash content but some (most, even) characters are not suited for it. Some people are just straight. Western FEfags tend to be super hypocritical about what content is "acceptable" anyway.

No. 204223

I actually have been told by people who actually played Gaiden that Echoes is even worth in terms of story and female character. Celica is Gaiden is pretty much normal and needs to be saved from Alm once because her army is too weak against the ugly cult giy whose name I forgot, but in Echoes she willingly follows the cult guy's instruction like a dumb bitch AND she gets a brand new big brother who saves her even before that. Gaiden is a very simple story, Echoes is more detailed but the new stuff makes the story stupid instead of simple. I think the whole "Faye is comphet wlw" headcanon is because the fans saw her act like a weirdo and were so creeped out in their subconscious they tried to find a good, plausible reason for her behavior and that's the only thing they could come up with. I'm giving them too much credit but let me.

No. 204227

No, you're right, I used to follow some corny "WLWs" who did that, and they did see it as a way to salvage her character. And I'm all for that, but it personally doesn't make sense to me. I'd be more able to believe someone like Sonya is lesbian/bi since she's one of the few women in the game that doesn't end up married with a million kids, I'd rather Faye either be written out of the picture since she's a tumor on the cast or at least be a woman with a backbone instead of making sexuality her personality in a different way (changing it from "Alm" to "lesbian" isn't an improvement).

No. 204236

>changing it from "Alm" to "lesbian" isn't an improvement
Yeah, she'd basically become Soleil from Fates after the localization tried hard to make her a lesbian kek, an insult toward the LGB community as a whole.

No. 204671

Canonically means it's explicitly stated that the character is straight.

No. 211077


tfw diary of a wimpy kid was my shit in the 8th grade until rediscovering the series back in 2020, only to be hijacked by sweaty tumblrinas

No. 211367

File: 1654288381271.jpg (333.23 KB, 700x700, _mevir-556.jpg)

Michael and Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V were absolutely ruined by tumblr and twitter. Trevor has his LifeInvader (in-game satirising of FaceBook) relationship status set to "any hole is a goal" and is heavily hinted to have sexually assaulted a male character and only seems to use his attraction towards men as a threat, or to wind them up. Michael has a wife and is spoke about as a serial womaniser and his therapist even implies a sex addiction with hookers. They canonically try to kill each other but oh, Michael said "fuck you" to which Trevor replied "I think that's what you want to do" so it's totes canon. Rockstar posted some fanart to their FaceBook back in 2014ish that had Michael and Trevor kissing (it was a collage) and fans literally said that proves it's canon. To this day I can't work out the logic behind that, the closest you get to "confirmation" is that an actual artist for Rockstar entered an art competition and drew a guy who looked an awful lot like Trevor getting a blowjob from a guy who looked an awful lot like Michael. But still, it's not exactly hard evidence, just some fujo employee taking a little artistic liberty for her own personal work. I wouldn't even care if shippers just did their thing, but no, it has to be 100% tru fax and every bit of dialogue is something something repressed homosexuality something something compulsive heterosexuality.

No. 211420

oh come on anon, did we watch the same show ? It's not just fanservice if everything leads up to it. I do find Bryan Fuller's pandering on social media annoying though

No. 211459

I couldn't care less about "making straight characters gay" but what really grinds my gears is both straightwashing and gaywashing of obvious bisexual characters.

No. 211466

you sound like a scrote. trevor is pretty openly bi, michael is a sad fuck who hasn't felt love from his wife in years, it's a fun ship.

No. 211470

I agree

No. 211507

>I wouldn't even care if shippers just did their thing, but no, it has to be 100% tru fax
And you sound like a fujo who didn't read the whole post before posting a kneejerk reaction.

No. 212073

>michael is a sad fuck who hasn't felt love from his wife in years
Good, he doesn't deserve it

No. 215541

File: 1655657904908.jpg (125.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I just learned that Gavin Reed from Detroit: Become Human has been gay washed to the point where fujos crowdfunded a fan film about him having a gay relationship with an android.
For those who don't know he canonically hates androids and bullies a character in the game, but ofc to fujos that means he's SeCreTLY GaY for him.
They also gaywash a very close father-son type of relationship in the game which is fucking gross

No. 215543

Kek it's really fucking stupid but I personally think David Cage deserves all the gaywashing of his games.

No. 215544

This is so wrong, everyone knows the alcoholic old scrote is on that android bussy

No. 215545

Nonna pls

No. 215547

File: 1655658687309.jpg (11.87 KB, 412x295, 1403110767336.jpg)

No. 215554

Wait, isnt he that annoying cop that always openly bullied Connor and hated all androids? I dont get it. Why are fujos in gen z so massively delusional compared to 15 years ago??

No. 215568

What do you mean? 15 years ago we also had weird ass gay ships where men who hated each others guts or hardly ever interacted were paired together
honestly I'd rather have gavin/connor than mr crabs/connor

No. 215569

He was just tsundere, love changed him

No. 215579

As someone who went through a phase of thinking Fahrenheit/Indigo Project and Heavy Rain were actually good, I'm glad the fujos are claiming D:BH. He deserves it for all of the gratuitous shower scenes, the weird undead sex scene in Fahrenheit, and how you can pee as most playable characters in those games. Seriously, why can I press X to piss? Is it ~immersion~ or a fetish? With the vibes Cage gives me I think it could be both.

No. 215581

Isn't this mainly because the actors are gay?

No. 215591

What? From the game? No. Neil Newbon (Gavin) and Bryan Dechart (Connor) are both married to women. In fact Connor's actor married the stripper android's actress.

No. 215605

retarded thread. your anime husbando loves cock btw.

No. 215609

why are fujos like this

No. 215613

No. 215619

Extreme autism, NEET tendencies and being kissless virgins.

No. 215632

>parasocial relationship
Quit projecting. Fandom fujos are annoying as fuck, it's not that deep.

No. 215634

This thread could work if it didn't call just any same-sex shipping inherently "gaywashing". I'd say gaywashing is more when a character is assumed by the majority of the fandom to be gay even though they really are not to the point that they even throw fits over said character getting a canon opposite-sex love interest, let alone non-canon m/f ships.

No. 215638

File: 1655675816340.png (779.1 KB, 623x611, retarded.png)

Kek nonnie you've rustled my jimmies with this one. The entire show revolves around their relationship. You can see that shit coming from the first episode. Don't tell me you husbando the cannibalistic serial killer?

No. 215641

is it even "gaywashing" if he's intended to be bisexual (or "omnisexual" kek) anyway? The closest thing to "gaywashing" is certain fans erasing his canon bisexuality and insisting he's homosexual, but he's definitely not heterosexual either

No. 215642

Why the fuck do you assume that everyone who thinks it's annoying when fandoms gaywash a character is a husbandofag of that character?

No. 215643

There's OP, where they're clearly not gay and fandoms are pushing it, and then there's gay characters, done so by the author, that you have to be thick not to see it coming.

No. 215644

If you're talking about Hannibal, he's supposed to be bisexual, not gay, not straight.

No. 215650

this tbh

No. 215651

you’re the same one from the husbando thread complaining about yumes a few days ago aren’t you? idk who is worse this retard or the fujo hating sperg.

No. 215659

Yume fujo war 2022 pt 50 starts now

No. 215770


Holy shit, this thread's going down to hell.

No. 215811

File: 1655743133566.png (55.13 KB, 500x524, i-deliberatley-entered-a-threa…)

The anti-fujo sperg is annoying as hell, but the anti-yume sperg going into the husbando threads to say that everyone there were mentally ill except her is a special level of retardation. Both have been banned before but never take the hint.

No. 215835

I agree anon, some of us are just not to fond of the gays!

No. 215869

This thread isn't even about husbandos yet she came here as well.

No. 220091

File: 1657278277694.png (183.84 KB, 496x793, Screenshot_20220708-043506.png)

I don't even need to look at the OP to know that a teenager wrote this post. "Queerness" was not a social contagion in the eighties like it is now. Back then, when gay people formed social clusters, it was because they moved somewhere with more of a gay community. People came out and then formed friend groups with other gay people. These days, it's stylish to be ~kweer~ so when one teenage girl does it, so do all of her friends. People didn't do this in the eighties because being gay wasn't a fun fashion statement, it was dangerous. Robin and Will are probably the only gay people at their high school because they're closeted in a hick town in the eighties. That's not "bad representation," it's a realistic portrayal of the social conditions at the time. Also teenage trannies weren't a thing back then period.

Steddie and Byler shippers are the most toxic, obnoxious little brats, I swear. If you don't ship the same garbage they do and want it to be canon, you're "problematic." They're all exactly the same teenage Aidens who flit between fandoms shipping the most popular gay ship in each, lecturing everyone else for being offensive. I say this as someone who ships gay shit myself (Harringrove is my own OTP, but I never had delusions of it being canon.) They're the same shitheads running around in the OFMD and Amphibia fandoms, which I'm thankfully not part of.

Someone please get these "ackshually it IS realistic to have literally everyone be gay" brats off the internet and on some grass. God I hate Aidens.

No. 220100

The legbutt politics and "representation" obsession have done so much damage to fujo communities for real. What happened to just enjoying character dynamics and having ship wars based on those instead of all this virtue signalling pissing contest over which pairing is "better representation"?

No. 221522

I think it has mostly to do with the fujo-on-fujo infighting that went down in the mid 2010's. It suddenly became fetishistic and bigoted to like two guys together or have a preference for m/m at all, so girls either had to troon out and "become" gay men or couch their desire to see to dudes fuck in "just wanting good LGBTQIA+ representation!". You can't say you just want ManA and ManB to get together because you think it's cute/hot/like their dynamic anymore without being labeled as some kind of Westboro Baptist-tier bigot.

No. 273239

File: 1675460358404.webm (Spoiler Image,2.99 MB, 1000x562, saraba waga tomo yo.webm)

There is no straight explanation for that ending, anon.

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