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File: 1599409962984.jpg (600.27 KB, 828x1211, 1599343750478.jpeg.jpg)

No. 111582

Dakota's last thread maxed out & locked, use this one to discuss her attempted comeback alongside her eternal frenemy, Kiki.

>Dakota Rose Ostrenga, went viral on Tumblr in 2011 for heinously photoshopping herself into a kawaii pedobait animu pickme before pickmes were even invented yet

>Previously nothing more than the tagalong younger sister of MySpace scene queen & starfucker Kiki Kannibal/Kirsten Leigh Ostrenga AKA Sperg-chan (>>>/pt/333878)
>Signed to Bravo models in Japan, who unintentionally revealed her real face and tanked her ability to model for anyone afterwards, so she spent the next 5 years as a blogger posting fake selfies while inexplicably living luxuriously, also going on TV to talk about going viral & deny plastic surgery- while wearing a mysterious and basic ring & going to high end model parties… all without doing any legitimate modeling work (that isn't shooped or blurred out)
>Lived like an upper class sugar baby in a huge apartment in Shibuya, ate in luxurious restaurants weekly and received many extensive gifts from unnamed, unpictured friends she never mentioned or showed off again, in addition to barely working or blogging. She also received random, expensive gifts from her "roommate" at the time like a limited edition PS4, jewelry, and a bicycle.
>Kota carries on like this, flaunting her lifestyle on Instagram and twitter. Anons here on LC catalogue her posts, as she goes back and deletes a fuckload of pics after Sheinagate, because prior to that she was getting thousands of dollars' worth of clothes, accessories, and gifts from her mysterious friends, including Sachico of the brand Malicious.X, who invited Dakota to dinner at an upscale traditional restaurant just to deliver her a bag by hand. Dakota immediately deletes the pic once LC anons notice how much Sachico swag she's received going back years, some peices costing several hundred USD.
>when Sheina gets busted for visa fraud, Kota suddenly flies home that July, removes the 5-year mystery ring. Kota quietly returns to Japan later, pretending nothing happened while starting collabs with small time Instagram brands and artists. Her lifestyle prior to Sheinagate is now just a happy memory for her.
>Varying periods of silence, a couple of new mystery rings and many overshooped selfies later, Kota has settled into her new routine of pretending to be too busy working to worry about the internet.
>After months of relative silence in between pitiful sponsorships and dwindling FILA-posting, Dakota's sister has announced her comeback to the internet via IG and YT, which has prompted WK "I bet Kiki is still jelly of Kota" crossposting in her thread. Thus this thread may serve as a Dakota Rose containment thread.

>Posts from Kiki's thread claim Kota just got work for YSL, despite zero mention of this on her own accounts.
>Anons also post a new, unseen pic of Kota (related) claiming it's unshooped (kek) and suggest Kiki is jealous of Kota for the -nth time.
>Based on this new pic, Kota cut her hair yet again, now sporting a boyish pixie style. OP theorizes (jokingly, don't execute me) that perhaps Dakota has had to sell off her precious ~dark blonde~ locks to get work, since the more she works the shorter her hair gets.

Social Media:

No. 111583

File: 1599411100348.jpg (218 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2020-09-04-00-31-01…)

Shouldn't this be on /w/?

Anyway,the YSL work was mentioned by Kota. But at her stories.

No. 111584

who told her this haircut was a good idea?

No. 111585

File: 1599416176647.jpeg (671.73 KB, 828x992, D8F12CF2-6EE4-42AF-98EB-F3DEE7…)

I don’t mind it tbh, it beats the coconut head bob and she has like nine hairs left.

No. 111586

File: 1599416450239.jpeg (286.77 KB, 828x824, 2AA84061-190E-49CC-8FB1-3AF00B…)

Butch suits her features.

No. 111587


It does, because her features are soft enough that it doesn't make her look like a dyke.

No. 111588

I actually think she look the best she ever had lol. It gives her some character

No. 111589

File: 1599418006102.jpeg (266.52 KB, 828x824, 04DF0FAC-B4C1-4326-8F4E-400AA4…)

No. 111590

File: 1599420136367.jpg (178.37 KB, 1200x762, sailoruranus.jpg)

I'm dying. Weren't they making fun of sailor uranus or some other sailor moon character when they were talking about dykes on cam a long time ago? Now she has that exact hair down to the color

No. 111591

Manifest destiny.

No. 111592

Hell no, don't compare Kooter and Kaka to two of the loveliest classic anime characters. Dakota looks like a butch goblin

No. 111593

No. 111594

One of her tagged pics has her holding a DSLR, maybe that's how she's supplementing her income between modeling gigs? Finally making use of those community college classes almost a decade later.

No. 111595

The fuck is going on with her hand holding the backpack in OP?

No. 111596

Lmfao, I thought the same thing

No. 111597

File: 1599488668040.gif (686.46 KB, 587x244, BE085E95-D0B0-40A2-85EE-19E7FF…)

Kota’s #1 stan

No. 111598

>Kota comes back to social media with a haircut and all white outfits? This is my chance!

No. 111609

File: 1599515750123.jpeg (220.33 KB, 1200x800, C2F64257-7AD8-4B06-9117-CB61A7…)

>soft features
>not looking like a dyke

No. 111611

File: 1599516287297.jpeg (648.86 KB, 828x1092, 763907F8-8B3C-4AD4-850D-FB8875…)

Guys I can’t repost the video I just found on twitter here, but I think this is the thinnest she’s actually been in her adult life.

No. 111613

I don't know, I do think she looks pretty here. She pulls off kind of a soft butch look. Like I can imagine her smoking a cigarette and waiting outside a club for her femmier girlfriend to leave.

No. 111614

should be made into a banner lol

No. 111615

I was going to say
She has sharp and harsh features. What softness?
Short hair does suit her but I wish they added some extensions to thicken it. It just looks like she gave up on her last few hair strands

No. 111619

She doesn’t look bad, at least not compared to Fitz era, but nobody said she looks bad either, she just doesn’t have soft features. She could’ve done without the coconut head thing but she fixed that already.

No. 111621

File: 1599518875002.jpeg (578.11 KB, 828x825, C63D353B-C827-406F-B56E-5344DB…)

In western standards this is kind of butch I guess but it’s also kind of standard Japanese housewife. Either way, tomboy with eye makeup is much better for her.

No. 111623

It's kind of nice to see her without the weird baby shoop.

No. 111625

This picture is ridiculously stretched. I think it wasn't even originally uploaded by her, but whoever took it used some stretching feature/app, and looking at the background makes me nauseated.

Kota does seem to have lost some weight, but she doesn't look like this, or like any of the other slenderman versions she's been dropping lately.

the video posted earlier does show her looking a bit thinner (from a very flattering angle), but she's still not this disproportional.

No. 111629

By lately do you just mean that single photo from the fila grand opening? Because other than that I don’t see anything else of that nature. Anyways I haven’t seen her stomach look this flat since…?

No. 111634

should be obvious but note how the wall window frame is curved in this image.

She's thinner but there's still a filter to make them look skinnier on this video. you can also tell there's obvious filters going on because of the bad 'filter blush' on the other girl

No. 111666

Please if there’s a filter that makes them thinner on that post proof because I don’t see any body warping and this is starting to sound like conspiracy hate. The blush filter is obvious but I don’t understand why people want to believe that Kooter can’t be thin in a moving video posted by somebody else. Just curious as to what you’re seeing that some of us aren’t.

No. 111669

wait, but is this actually work?? it looks like those picture booths from those events influencers are invited to for free

No. 111674

>this is starting to sound like conspiracy hate

the past 3 threads have been conspiracy hate because it's her sister stroking her hateboner here lol. where have you been.

No. 111678

I know that, but you can’t really bring it up or sound too partial without being dogpiled with sperging and being accused of being dakooter for not hating every single thing she does.

No. 111687

No, despite how funny it would be, I'm not kiki. In the screenshot that the other anon posted the frame behind her is bent slightly (simple enough to put a straight object next to it I dont have an easy photo editor on hand at the moment)

It's not major and as I said in my previous post she is definitely thinner than she used to be. I'm just saying she's looking almost ana-chan in the videos and pictures and I think it's more that she's normal skinny and the video is edited. But also it's not even her doing the editing in the video it would have been the other girl anyway so idk why yall get so up in arms.

No. 111696

Nah I don’t think you’re Kiki personally although it will never not be a funny joke to make, but it isn’t that we’re up in arms. There’s no evidence that her body is edited in that video. Yeah that pic was definitely stretched to make her limbs longer (a common editing tactic in nippon and sk) but to decide right off the bat that some random video a fan took has body editing because you cannot imagine her being thin kind of just looks like hateful denial. The fans body looks normal, why would she go out of her way to edit Dakotas?

No. 111710

File: 1599600289240.jpg (158.16 KB, 793x453, 1599407832227.jpeg.jpg)


Video is definitely stretched and filtered, IDK that she's any thinner than she was beforw, she's just exposing her arms and legs while hiding her waist instead of the other way around this time. Poc related, she's about the same as always- and using the same photography and clothing tricks as always.

But I guess we're just gonna glaze over the obviously much older male voice behind the camera?

No. 111713

This fila video was filmed in April and that fan video is from near the end of August. Now you just sound ridiculous. You’re a little cuckoo, no offense.

No. 111722

You're being unnecessarily pissy, chill. Your personal agenda to stan Dakota by pretending basic conversation is dripping with envy and vitriol is transparent, and also, against thread rules. If all you're doing is saying "Whatever, you just hate Dakota. Pathetic." then you're actually worse than the anon you're arguing with. The amount of butthurt whenever a disagreement about her weight is brought up reeks of someone being personally offended.

No. 111723

>fan video

What fan? This girl is another TV persona Kota probably knows from networking. Nothing about that tweet suggests this was a fan interaction?

And not for nothing, but the girl in the video is slimmed too, her other selfies have her looking shorter and softer.

>how dare you imply Dakota Rose would shoop or stretch her pics! It's not like her entire viral fame and career have hinged on editing every single aspect of her appearance! she's chaaaaaaaaaaaaanged!


No. 111724

How is that pissy? Just because someone tells you you’re being a wee bit unreasonable doesn’t mean they’re angry.
>y-you’re going against the rules by not agreeing with me!
When did anyone even say you were being vitriolic. A little delulu maybe, a little conspiracy tard. But that’s your prerogative. Never said you’re mad, I’m not mad either. Moving on.

No. 111726

That's exactly what it is.
Tbh, I'm totally baffled at why Kooter even has stans still. She's completely worthless.

No. 111735

File: 1599621754233.jpg (227.73 KB, 1080x1350, 1572362113268.jpg)

Interesting that this thread and Kaka is active, along with multiple claims that Kota isn't editing when she obviously still is…

Pic related, her shoulders won't shrink to half the size when losing weight.

No. 111736

>multiple claims kota isn’t editing
Who the fuck said she didn’t edit. All that has been said is that she didn’t edit that random twitter video, you see what you want to see. Saying she didn’t edit a video she didn’t post =/= being a stan, an Ostrenga, or a whiteknight.

No. 111746

And that random twitter video is also obviously resized and elongated. Nowhere else is she that thin looking, and like this anon >>111735 said her shoulders (and hips) disappeared in the twitter video. Not to mention the obvious difference between the Japanese girl in the video with Kota vs. the other pics on her account. Why is it so hard to believe the literal queen of photoshopping and photo staging, who has been manipulating her pics since she was 12, shooped yet another "not shooped!!" video that looks nothing like her?

Only herself and her family would dare stan her now, I think. Most pf her flame was hyped up, after her first few years in Japan everyone forgot about her, now it's "Dakota Rose who?" and the pedobait living doll trend is finally dead.

No. 111753

Yeah when more recent media comes about I’m absolutely sure I’ll think less of it but for now I’m just surprised I’ve seen her looking that thin after years of her being a heifer in comparison, there hasn’t been that much media in the past 1.5 months other than the video/ those couple ig pics, I’ll just assume she’s finally lost the pooch until then.

No. 111754

File: 1599655688627.gif (1.74 MB, 275x155, 1521131721530.gif)

She isn't ana chan skinny or model skinny but she def lost weight. All new pictures aren't hers and I refuse to believe she has the reach to force people to edit them. >>111611 This is just your typical Asian editing that I personally don't think Kota had anything to do with editing wise. I truly believe Kota is loosening up as she's not deleting/copyrighting pictures anymore and even hate pages are staying up. I see more pic comparisons popping up while just searching her name. let us not forget the 2017 waddle. That cool sculpt did her well. ( let's also not forget that she cheated her way to this thinness ) So it may be possible since the Fila ad she got more cool sculpt done with the money she made off the ad.

No. 111757

>force people to edit

Why are you acting like people still post completely raw & untouched photos of other ppl online? Doing that is even seen as throwing shade unless you're somehow perfectly photogenic.

Most apps have filters and formatting to make people look better without a ton of staging or total control over the lighting, that's probably the case here. Either way, it's definitely not truely unedited. Dakota would never allow that, no matter how much weight she loses.

No. 111764

File: 1599665051060.png (77.13 KB, 275x160, C59C7B5D-FD6F-44C6-92D2-1A3E89…)

She looks like she chainsmokes, maybe she bare-knuckled it but you’re probably right about cool sculpting, this is the bitch that didn’t even care that she looked like a turd compared to her edits and had the audacity to go to shoots and sets looking like above. If I could find the pic of her outside in the pink sweater and high waist skirt with the huge paunch and scraggly pigtails it would be a better example.

Your foot on Dakota’s neck in the year 2020?

No. 111768

>Your foot on Dakota’s neck in the year 2020?

The fuck? What is thos excessive reach? All I said was

>this is not a truly unedited video

>Dakota wouldn't ever post or let someone post a truly unedited video of her

Neither of those things warrant such an aggressive response.

No. 111769

How was that even aggressive, have you no sense of humor? Can you not interact in this thread without going autismus prime?

No. 111793

it’s a goblin claw!

No. 111800

File: 1599689723379.jpg (87.43 KB, 634x556, 1407153177124_wps_1_Spring1_PN…)

This. The other girl's youtube account shows her having a very similar body type to Kota but more curvy. It wasn't a random fan video, it's clearly something recorded on her phone with an app because it's so blurry.

Not that anon, but that wasn't even funny.

No. 111803

Not everyone has a bully's sense of humor. Calm it down, before you end up unintentionally WKing.

No. 111814

>a bully’s sense of humor
then why are you here you giant baby?

No. 111815

Ughhh I thought we were finally done with this bitch.

That said can you two stop the infighting? You're just going to get the thread autosaged.

No. 111885

File: 1599745974354.png (547.42 KB, 802x550, Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 9.49…)


Oh, I'm not saying there isn't any editing happening. If you compare this to years ago it's blatantly obvious. Years ago she wouldn't let anyone post a picture unless it matched her editing and standards or WAS edited by her. These new pictures aren't her standards but are other people's standards in editing. Non the less I think she is thinner than she was in the Fila ad, and I just have a gut feeling that she slinked off to the beauty clinic again for cool sculpting. She's lazy and always had a trash diet, and with Covid-19 she probably didn't leave her place much ( or couch ).


Back then she could look like a turd still. She was still milking the "human barbie" crap ( or what was left of it) After Fits though, it kind of spiralled for her because she looked so bad. Now she has to care more about her weight and looks hence why she's wearing makeup again and getting cool sculpting every couple of months. But I think her primary income is actually in IG ads for small brands as large scale work is so far in between. ( new pic/ ad )

No. 111886

File: 1599746234803.png (431.62 KB, 813x545, Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 9.49…)


Another image for this IG sponsor. How much do we reckon she makes from the brands to post?

No. 111895

File: 1599754703221.jpeg (578.83 KB, 828x1026, 08B977BC-CB28-4CF0-9BD7-CAC1DC…)

Would ig ads pay that much in Japan? She doesn’t post much idk much about it. I just figure she translates and tutors like some other anons.

No. 111926

Not really, she probably gets free or discounted clothes and enough to pay for a week's groceries at best.

Small brands can't afford to pay anything significant, which is why they can only afford catfish type instagrammers like her through low tier marketing agencies who also get a cut.

No. 111939

This. That's why she only does sponsorships for things she needs like clothes, underwear, lotion, and hair/skincare. She might also do photography and graphic design on the side of modeling to make ends meet.

No. 111985


Eh, it's still possible she's getting a couple of hundred bucks for promoting the brands on her IG. I just don't think her computer skills or photography is all that great to really be paying the bill with it. The only pics she has ever worked on or taken are of her own face. I seriously question if she even did the OG pictures because she could never produce the same quality once in Japan. (Plus she could never get any edit to be consistent) I think the bulk of her money is promo/IG ads and money from the parents.

No. 111994

The brands she's promoting can't allocate more than $50 per influencer post. The coolsculpting and teeth whitening places she goes probably just give her significant discounts at best as well.

The old photos she did were in Florida where she had a stronger laptop for things like after effects on videos and crazy photoshopping or gifmaking.

There aren't many outdoor private spaces or cars like in Florida for her to work with to get the same selfies and lighting in Japan.

No. 112012

On top of that, this was when she had unlimited teenage free time and new many spots in FL she could go to undisturbed, she’d be far too afraid to try that in Japan because everyone has seen her real face and could creepshot her/post her to some sight. Now, she has to work like everyone else and she can’t hide behind some AI illusion. Simple as that.

No. 112024

None of the IG brands that give her stuff ever have more than 5K followers, anon. And their accounts aren't usually that old, either. They're definitely low-tier freebie promos to thin out the cost of her daily necessities.

No. 112142

File: 1599964532301.jpeg (160.56 KB, 750x910, 64484B49-CF1D-4A57-ABF0-248546…)

She’d be much more marketable with hair extensions and a little more makeup

No. 112152

These are definitely low end brands. Bigger brands that pay more than a tenner per post would be expecting more.

She not only would need to have more engagement, but her posts need to be more creative and should be staged outside alongside other luxury items. She just looks poor and drab, not aspirational in a way to influence visitors.

No. 112157

Why do this, though? If she's married for a visa, especially if she's doing side work, she shouldn't need to supplement her income like this. Doing promos like she has been, lazy and cheap, does her less favors than she thinks unless the entire goal is to get the free stuff she otherwise probably can't afford. But then, why wouldn't her visa hubby buy her clothes and lotions and stuff?

No. 112166

Unless she has the same arrangement Venus and Manaki had before she ran away the last time, married roommates with separate rooms, and she pays rent.

No. 112172

holy fuck anon, you made her look amazing! damn we had it good when she actually cared, the lesbian chic does suit her but the longer hair/more makeup makes her look actually angelic.
this is a weirdly really nice pic though, if she fully embraced the whole soft butch aesthetic it'd do her so good. reminds me of mc itsuka from charisma.com, based dyke energy

No. 112191

File: 1600011846078.jpg (918.53 KB, 1080x1579, 20200913_114415.jpg)

I think she's suddenly back to doing sponsorships and posting again because FILA dropped her, probably in the last couple of months (hence her comeback).

They opened the Harajuku store and Dakota went to the shop opening, but the post on the official account doesn't feature her or tag her, and she's not posted by that account at all.

She has a recent pic at the Shibuya FILA store, but the account didn't tag or post her as an ambassador, and only reposted her selfie because they did so for a few other influencers. The last actual FILA posts featuring kooter are from a couple of months ago before her return to social media, and her only tweet from this entire year other than her New Year's in USA" one is about FILA hiring her in March.

Does anyone remember when she first got FILA? I feel like it was earlier than March, but thanks to Covid the year feels 3x longer anyway.

No. 112192

File: 1600012145555.jpg (1.04 MB, 1121x1966, 20200913_114746.jpg)

Adding to this, Dakota's post at the Harajuku store is much older than the official post. FH posted that the shop opened at the end of May, but kota posted hers in July claiming it was opening in August. I think it's an overstretched latergram to keep anons thinking she still has the contract while she looks for a new gig.

No. 112194

Even if she is married and her visa husband can afford to get her stuff, the thrill of getting shit for free is strong in people, right? I think she's just on her way out of modeling (aged out of it, especially in Japan) and is taking a few jobs here and there when they come. She probably likes getting free stuff, some cash, and feeding her ego that she's still modeling in some way.

No. 112196

That doorknob is higher than her elbow, so based on the unshooped pic she's practically a dwarf?? No wonder she butchered her pic.

No. 112197


IG promos are nowhere near real modeling, anon. At all. Anyone with bot followers can get promo freebies from new brands.

No. 112198

A common IG model tactic is to hit up a bunch of starter brands and shops for collabs and promos, hoping the brand will go viral and the model will then have a history with that brand and can use them for clout or networking. The problem is it's kind of a lottery because you never know which one will take off, and being affiliated with a bunch of flopped brands is a bad look for a model because half the job is promo/networking.

No. 112212

I’m having a hard time understanding why she felt the need to show off the brand items, expensive gifts and lavish dinners on Instagram prior to the Shiena fiasco. If she wanted the high end sugar baby lifestyle while on a fake marriage visa, she should have kept quiet about it and stash her money. These girls doxx their visa fraud by not being able to give up on their social media addiction.

No. 112220

I don’t think they “dropped” her, the campaign just ended. They were working with a ton of influencers on it.

No. 112240

Because girls like Dakota and Kiki feel deserving of a lavish lifestyle for nothing, of being envied just for existing, and fulfilling the ultimate weeaboo girl's fantasy not only served tk get Kota a fuckton of exposure, but also jealous hate as well.

Of course, now that time has played things out we can easily go back from thread #1 and see how obviously she was escorting/sugaring while married to whoever got her kept in Bravo. Dakota's age paired with her yellow fever, shameless famewhoring and enabler parents are the only reasons she became what she did, and without her fucked up parents marketing her as a teal model so she could pander to pervy old men in Japan she wouldn't have gotten much farther than Yuka or Venus.

Dakota got all her success from her parents faking her legitimacy from her Tumblr days, and then pervs in Japan running with it after she got there. Remember, her initial contract was only 2-3 months from LA to Tokyo, then she resigned in Japan and officially debuted months later. That just doesn't happen for anyone else, once you sign a contract and fly to another country they don't let you sit there then renwe a contract based off viral shoops after revealing your fave.

sage for rambles

No. 112242

sorry for all the typos, I'm drunk.

No. 112257

Because now that you look at it, I don't think she's married in the usual sense. Her lifestyle has the marks of someone scraping by. No vacations, no dinners and outdoor hobbies, no nicely fitted clothes or shoes or even fine jewels that a husband would provide on anniversaries.

She has her own room in a sad looking shared apartment, and has nowhere and nobody to shoot photos. The pics on her IG are selfies or done by using a timer before being carefully edited.

No. 112313

She probably had a Sheina-style marriage and got spooked by her arrest, because ever since she left Japan and came back after Sheina's deportation she really hasn't been consistent at all. If the Ostrengas moved to LA, that's a lot cheaper to fly back and forth to once or twice a year than FL, and she could even probably book jobs in LA that get her back to Japan. Her model friends in Japan were helping float her so much through 2018-2019 getting her practically all her jobs, but if she's in LA they couldn't do that for her. Either way, you're right, she's struggling to keep up her "American model based in Tokyo" facade more and more each month, because it's not looking like she's much of a model or based in Tokyo anymore. If she were married she would be working more or posting more, like she used to.

No. 112314

Or rather I should say, she was probably married during the only point in her career where she could have rode an entertainment visa for a while had she not been so lazy and spoiled. Now, she can't work or stay in Japan consistently because of not having a proper visa unless she books a job, which is almost impossible to do from outside Japan.

She turns 25 this week, I hope she plans to marry someone else soon who can keep her in work, because if not it's looking like the end of American Moderu Dakota Rose. How depressing that after almost a decade of "modeling in Tokyo", with legitimate big name brands and agencies, all she has to show for it is a spotty CV filled with pedo-pandering plastic surgery-tier shoops, old pics of her showing off her handouts and a ton of online drama. If she tried to use her portfolio anywhere else she'd be laughed out the door, Bravo or not.

No. 112317

File: 1600071261942.jpg (17.85 KB, 400x354, christmascake.jpg)

CV of work or not, she never looked like her photos or videos IRL. For anyone to stand to marry her and want children, or to even just live with her, what would they get out of it? It's not a great deal for the person on the other end since she literally brings nothing to the table.

She also sure doesn't look like she's trying to attract Japanese men anymore and is soon getting too old by Japanese standards. There are truckloads of younger, better looking foreign models who also speak Japanese in the country now.

No. 112320

You literally shooped her into her viral shoop era face. Remember, she never looked like that, and even when she was trying to look like her shoops she fell drastically short. That's why, during her "modeling" career, she was a blogger, vlogger, tarento, designer, "singer", etc. and a model on the side. That face might be gorgeous, hence her ending up a model in Japan to begin with, but it's not a real human face that exists anywhere but the internet. That's why the bulk of her career was visa hubby handouts and obvious escorting.

Also, are those cheap acrylic press-on nails?

No. 112321

This. The sad truth is that Dakota got what she got because she was still a teenager willing to pedo pander and wear that lolita-inspired bondage shit she used to wear. She was rewarded for pushing the idea that a shooped minor with no real life or work experience could be whisked away to Tokyo to model just for being into cutesy Japanese stuff and dressing up. Never will that be true, and we can never know what clout-hungry yellow fever infected Dakota was willing to do to show up not onoy all her haters, but also Kiki and get away from her parents. It didn't last because despite winning that opportunity she didn't work to preserve it after her pedoappeal wore off. Guess she thought being white and speaking Japanese was enough, without realizing younger weebs land there every year and she isn't special anymore.

No. 112327

I just went back to a Dakota thread from 5 years ago. As bad as we thought she was doing then, she's so much worse off nowadays.

She was definitely married before, between 2015 and Sheinagate. After moving to Japan, her debut batch of work and then her dropoff, she sat there doing practically nothing for 3 years. Everyone said she was done for, then suddenly she came back as a Popteen model with her Popteen mystery ring that stayed until Sheinagate. But in that time, she had the best run of her entire career and was living better than any other point in her time living in Japan.

I think this is what happened:

>Kota goes viral for shoops, Scott & Cathy set up her website and modeling inquiries page while claiming she's natural and deleting anything else

>Bravo takes interest, Kota does the fabled Skype casting call and gets tentatively signed on the 3 month contract (Oct/Nov 2011)
>Kota lands in Japan at Bravo, wins over whoever saw her on Skype and works her gaijin appeal hard enough to get a 3 year contract off of that
>rides that mediocre train until 2015, when she suddenly pops back up with that new ring, her alien baby fetus shoop style and showing off the Shibuya apartment and tons of new stuff despite working less frequent, yet bigger name jobs
>Sheinagate happens, Dakota sprints home in July and returns to Japan without the ring and never returns to her giant Shibuya apartment again, also deletes fucking every scrap of evidence of her lifestyle pre-Sheinagate
>since then Kota's been struggling to get jobs, has tried coming back with a couple of new mystery rings but none stuck, and does IG promos to get free stuff she likely can't afford on her own if she now has to pay rent (clothes, glasses, skin/hair products, makeup, underwear, the list goes on)
>she probably isn't living in Japan full time anymore, but taking advantage of the 3-month toruist visa and 6-month tourist visa extension loopholes.

No. 112328

No way she got a 3 year contract extension after her AE Skype interview/Japan reveal without doing something shady or sexual. The online backlash was crazy, the only reason it's been forgotten is because the Monstrengas spent literal years scouring and deleting anything they disagree with.

What I can't figure out is, was she still with Bravo after that first 3 years when she joined Popteen, or did they pass her to a new agency to work with Popteen? AFAIK she went from Bravo to Libera to Platinum.

No. 112332

You can only be on a tourist visa 6 months out of a year. So that’s a loophole in your theory. The exception though is that right now because of COVID they are providing longer visa extensions.
I personally think she has PR or is still married.

No. 112333

Yeah, that's the loophole. Normally, you leave Japan every 3 months to reset your tourist visa, but once in a while you can apply for an extension and stay 6 months. I think koots used this trick back in 2017 already. Problem is, you can't do it but once every 2 or so years. I think she may be at the point where she can only be in Japan for a few months of the year to scour for work, and the promos hold her over in between so her social media doesn't die entirely.

No. 112334

If Dakota got PR she'd be posting a lot more apartment selfies and conbini snacks like she used to. She'd also be going out with friends a lot more for clout. She's not married currently, she's struggling too hard, if she somehow was married currently then it's to a bottom of the barrel brokefag just to stay in country for no reason.

No. 112376

Exactly. Dakota doesn’t look like that. She will never look like that, unless she lops off that chin and fills in those lines. Even then, how is she going to magically thicken her eight strands of hair? It’s too thin to even blend with extensions. The effort and augmentations it would take for her to be conventionally attractive are below her in her eyes.

No. 112380

I'm sure if Kota could afford plastic surgery on her whole face she'd get it, her nose has changed size and shape like 3 times now, she'd rsther whiten her teeth than brush them and she got coolsculpting to avoid eating less.

No. 112386

But her nose didn’t even need to change, she just made her face look even more severe and large because the smaller her nose is the huger her face looks. She’s done like every possible thing wrong. Could you imagine how different her trajectory would’ve been if she would have went to SK and got her face overhauled before she made a mockery of herself? She would just be quietly chipping away at a financing bill. Instead she was more than fine with letting everyone see how dumpy she really was. Her and Kiki are both shameless and completely worthless. Can’t think of anything they’ve done right as far as business and career decisions go, minus Kota running far from home.

No. 112388

She would have been gorgeous if she had let herself grow into her original nose. Could have fudged the hafu thing a lot longer, too.

No. 112397

I used to be skeptical of her having her nose done, even after Kiki said she knew “someone” who got a septoplasty when she literally has never had real friends. But then in training for my field we had a month-long study on surgical procedures and how they can impact the soft tissues, and in many of the images I noticed that many patients who had rhinoplasty or nasal surgeries/sinus surgeries performed through the nostrils at a young age had an over-projection of the soft tissues on their chins. Turns out that it isn’t necessarily always the surgery itself that causes it, but any sort of deviation in the nose, the airway blockage can cause the growing facial structure to overcompensate and kind of overproduce (?) soft tissues around the chin and jawline. So it’s likely a weird kind of fat pad rather than her bone structure. Another common cause of this is physical neonatal trauma, so if she was injured while developing in the womb or while still a baby it would explain her needing “septoplasty” in the first place, and also explains why one of her eyes sockets is slightly crooked. It’s a very mild form of hemifacial microsomia, which a lot of people can have without even realizing because their case is just so subtle it only causes slight asymmetries that become more pronounced over time.

TL;DR Dakota was probably dropped on her head as a baby. Explains everything.

*Sorry if this sounds like pure autism incel looksmax bullshit, it’s just pretty important stuff to know in my practice.

No. 112406

That would explain her crazy witch chin & Michael Jackson nose circa 2015. Seems Dakota has had plastic surgery after all, kek.

No. 112407


Her career flopped because she spent the entire time showing off and hiding from her haters instead of giving a shit about her real fans/growing her legit fanbase and improving herself. She got everything she said she wanted and still spent her time in Japan lurking lolcow.

No. 112412

I don’t know if being a laughingstock was what she wanted.

No. 112446

She got to move away from FL/her parents, be a model, put on a pedestal, and had tons of people kissing her ass for her obvious shoops. She never had to really work and had everything handed to her, the only thing she had to do to not be ridiculed was ignore the internet haters and improve herself physically instead of shooping her faults away. All her misery was self inflicted after moving to Japan. She got everything she claimed she wanted and still cared more about the opinions of nonnies online.

No. 112476

Wow that explains so much,especially her "witchy" look and her wonk eyes.

The eyes are super noticable when she's photographed straight on, and that must have been a ton of work for photograhers to deal with when they meet her IRL and need to do so much to her face in post processing.

Anyone remember that commercial where her face was completed CGed?

No. 112477

File: 1600195516947.jpeg (22.38 KB, 242x160, 6DB4B3FE-4B1C-4378-A696-07AF80…)

Truly a picasso.

Um okay so the short stint of ‘success’ she had, which morphed again into her being publicly ridiculed mostly?

No. 112480


Either the last thread or the one before it beat the old horse again and gathered old pics of her, iirc the consensus was that she's on like her 2nd nose now. She definitely had that tip revised and her nostrils fixed though.

You misunderstand. She wasn't ridiculed because she was shooped and ugly, she was ridiculed because even after her reveal, she kept her head stuck up her own ass and acted like she could ignore any criticism or comments that would have helped her improve and grow. She went on TV and got laughed at over and over, but they kept giving her chances to come back and redeem herself which she chose to ignore in favor of just continuing her "perfect natural anime barbie" lies. If she had dropped the bullshit when the living doll trend died and owned up to the hardcore editing, social media/algorithm gaming, and the times she embarrased herself she would have been fine. Japan was definitely interested in Dakota Rose, they just hated how she stuck with the obvious lie until they got sick of her instead of trying to become someone better from it. They liked her style and her look, but as soon as she stopped dressing dolly or wearing makeup when her trend died they stopped caring about her. Myspace was Kiki's moment of glory, Real Barbie was Dakota's, but they both ended before either of them realized their potential and did something lifelong with it.

No. 112485

I don’t misunderstand, I’m just not a bitter weeb trying to autistically chronicle Dakota’s reputation and motives the way I want to see it to any person that disagrees with me. She’s a joke, and everyone saw her when she was a hambeast. Pretty simple.

No. 112508


I never believed in the whole nose job shit. She would have been 12-13 when this so-called "change" happened. Unless you also believe her age is a lie ( despite proven she is the age she claims due to a news article posted threads back) Seriously tired of this dead horse argument. Plus she has the exact same nose as her mother. You guys are literally suggesting that a plastic surgeon would put his license on the line to do a nose job on a child. Plus the "proof" she had one is flimsy at best because the pictures are all photoshopped to hell and back, and she's had this nasal shape since 12 or younger. Her emo pictures are inconsistent with some pictures looking like her nose is short and bulbous and others looking like her current nose just less thin. Mind you she would have been still growing ( as your nose can be still slightly growing up until 15) and ageing can thin the skin on your nose making it look thinner.

No. 112545

Cathy's nose is fake as fuck, too. They both had the pinched, botched MJ nose until kota fixed her pinched tip and uneven nostrils.

Anyway, it doesn't matter what you believe, if other anons wanna discuss it then that's literally what the thread is for, stop trying to police the thread's opinion.

No. 112557

This. Mother and daughter have the same botched work from the same surgeon, the difference is daughter's was still growing.

Nosejobs at an early age is quite common. Especially cheap nosejobs from someone who isn't the best and is willing to work on a 13 year old.

We have actual surgeons plus people who had nosejobs chiming in on this topic often, and the consensus is that noses cannot transform with age the way hers did.

No. 112586


>Doesn't matter what you believe

Nor does it matter what you believe. You really rather a yes man thread? Can't provide anything to back your theory, and when questioned and stated otherwise your only come back is "your policing". Maybe your theory would be more believable with some form of evidence other than a couple of extremely photoshopped pictures of a 12-year-old posted threads back and the statement "you remember _______".

No. 112607

>other than a couple of extremely photoshopped pictures of a 12-year-old posted threads back

I'm not gonna argue with you ecause you're intentionally trying to derail the threat to get it autosaged, but I'll just point out your middle-school-tier lack of reading comprehension by saying those aren't even the photos being discussed. The ones being discussed are the ones released between 2015-2017 by Modelpress with the sharp ass wonky witch nose that culd cut glass. Also there's no point to reposting the same posts from old threads just because you demand to be spoonfed while also demanding to have control of the thread by telling people what to believe instead of letting them discuss it.

IDK why your so against the issue being discussed here when you can leave or hide the thread at any time. You act like the thread is about you or something.

No. 112617

File: 1600303288342.bmp (253.62 KB, 465x186, 75F6AC3D-2232-405F-90BE-60D9F0…)

Plus, there was a point where the criticism of her nose being too thin and sharp actually got to her, and when she got lip fillers she also got some filler on her nose bridge.

Even if she didn’t get a cosmetic rhinoplasty as a kid (the septoplasty theory is still factually plausible), I absolutely do believe she got one later on when she was being (rightfully) dogpiled with criticism for her looks. Instead of getting a surgery she would actually benefit from, her nose suddenly became harsher and thinner.

No. 112632


My dudes, its called a discussion which involves sometimes people disagreeing with you. 2015-2017 her nose looks exactly the same. As stated below your comment filler is more possible and cheaper than her buying a new nose.


I think the harshness is just from ageing. Other than the barely noticeable change her nose is the same in those pics. She hardly gets enough work to buy clothing let alone between any of these years buy a new nose. Septoplasty, maybe, but that would depend on whether her/her family have some form of coverage to cover some of the expenses for it. I don't know how that shit works in American. Plus isn't plastic surgery more expensive in Japan than in the states?

No. 112634

File: 1600313459249.jpeg (78.36 KB, 331x561, 801AF9B7-5941-48CB-8A44-D55004…)

Sorry for not explaining properly but the photo I shared was to illustrate her lip filler and the filler she got on her bridge as well, which is a very common procedure in Japan. I’m not sure if I agree on her nose evolving because of aging, she appears to have lost a lot of cartilage and her nose started looking very harsh around 2015 maybe? I’m not super invested in the topic though, although if she has went under the knife I don’t understand why she’d go for her nose of all things.

No. 112635

File: 1600313652968.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1920x2560, E9F392D6-DEDF-4020-A59C-A2ED19…)

It’s a stark contrast to this, at least.

No. 112643


IDK how anyone can try to write this much change off as "aging/diet" and still expect to me taken seriously. I've never in my life seen anyone's nose change that much naturally, bevause they simply don't. Cartilage doesn't just reshape itself or else nobody would bother getting PS. Kooter got her nose done, probably twice at least. It's not a big deal and the only people who give a fuck about having PS are the Ostrengas bc they went for the cheap shit and karma got kooter good.

No. 112644

Her nose tip has gone from round to sharp and back like 4 times since she went viral, wtf? And her top lip keeps pokong out and sinking in as well. How the literal fuck does kota expect anyone to believe she didn't get a shitton of beauty procedures done with all these promo pics out there of her jobs where she didn't look the way she wanted AND the TV hosts constantly asking her of she's had work done. She wasn't fooling anyone, they were making fun of her but she was too far up her own ass to notice.

No. 112657

File: 1600351630788.jpg (172.22 KB, 640x376, 1426199576618.jpg)


Personally I'm torn then. I 100% disagree that she had anything before the age of 16 as those pictures and years are unreliable to compare. However, I think I've been looking at the wrong part of her nose? I do see the collapsed cartilage on her nostrils but the tip I'm not sure on. 2015 she was busy af and honestly wouldn't have the time to do that and heal.

When was she dropped by Popteen again? Late 2014 is the only time I feel like she could have done anything as early 2015 her work was piling up and she was frequently on Tv. Her nose wasn't collapsed looking in Popteen though, nor the years prior to her debut with them did she have her alars pinched more in. Your talking about a very short window of time.

No. 112659

She was really good at faking how busy she was, and she still tries to.

It takes only a few weeks for someone young to get back to work with a nosejob.

No. 112669

It's hard to tell when each job/agency dropped her bevause she tries so hard to seem busy while inactive, in addition to latergramming a lot. It also doesn't help that Platinum doesn't give two fucks about updating her CV. I think around the time she went to Libera and got the Fitts job was when she stopped working with Popteen?

No. 112670

She joined Popteen in 2015, around March or May IIRC. That's when she came back after ~2 years of being a blogger on LINE where her pics were so overexposed she didn't even have a nose. She could have easily gotten it done then, she was obviously being taken care of and staying in Japan despite not working more than 1-2 minor jobs a year. I'm guessing her Popteen visa hubby paid for that one, the one she had to abandon after Sheinagate.

No. 112671


Depends on the type of nose job. Work on the bridge of her nose would lead to a lot of bruising and significant swelling, but if she had an alar reduction done she'd be back with minimal bruising and swelling. She was on Tv and getting gigs quite a bit in 2015/2014.

List of Tv appearances alone for 2015

2015年3月9日 「PON!」日本テレビ
2015年5月7日 「ダウンタウンDX」日本テレビ
2015年5月12日 「今夜比べてみました」日本テレビ
2015年5月13日 「おじゃマップ」フジテレビ
2015年5月16日 「メレンゲの気持ち」日本テレビ
2015年5月19日 「ペケポン」フジテレビ
2015年5月20日 「おじゃマップ」フジテレビ
2015年6月9日 「バスドラ」テレ朝
2015年6月18日 ダイハツ「コペン セロ」イベント
2015年6月20日 「王様のブランチ」TBS
2015年6月24日 「ヒルナンデス」日本テレビ
2015年7月6日 「踊る!さんま御殿!!」日本テレビ
2015年7月8日 「トリックハンター」日本テレビ
2015年7月21日 「そうだ旅に行こう」東京テレビ
2015年8月4日 「そうだ旅に行こう」東京テレビ
2015年8月19日 「ヒルナンデス」日本テレビ
2015年8月22日 「24時間テレビ 38」
2015年9月9日 「ナオミクローゼット」BSテレビ
2015年9月16日 「ナオミクローゼット」BSテレビ
2015年10月2日 「ダウンタウンDX」日本テレビ
2015年10月16日 「世界番付秋のヤバすぎ2時間」日本テレビ
2015年10月25日 「ドラGO」日本テレビ
2015年10月31日 「にじいろジーン」フジテレビ

From the 3rd-10th month, she had consistent Tv gigs coming in at least 2-4 times a month. This doesn't include whatever modelling gigs she would get either. 2015 was probably her only busy year and yet seems to be when anons noticed the change.


Her Platinum profile states she was with them 2014-2015. I'm still leaning towards late 2014 being the time period she could have done anything.

2014年 Popteen 4月号
2014年 Popteen 5月号
2014年 Popteen 6月号
2014年 Popteen 7月号
2014年 Popteen 8月号
2014年 Popteen 9月号
2014年 Popteen 10月号
2014年 Popteen 11月号
2014年 Popteen 12月号
2015年 Popteen 1月号
2015年 Popteen 2月号
2015年 Popteen 3月号
2015年 Popteen 4月号
2015年 Popteen 5月号
2015年 Popteen 6月号
2015年 Popteen 7月号
2015年 Popteen 8月号
2015年 Popteen 9月号

No. 112673

It's also worth mentioning that when Popteen was using her the most, she was the most shooped and overexposed. Popteen lied and shooped her the most out of any of her jobs since coming to Japan. Remember when she gained 30 pounds and the magazine printed that she gained 15, but her measurements barely changed? That was when she ballooned up & ended up trying to blame it on "acute (severe) leukemia (blood cancer).

No. 112677

What year was it where she was posting the most during winter, wearing her old taobao clothes again, going out a lot to dinner/shop with mystery friends and doing her worst alien baby shoops? Maybe posting all those godawful ultra-shooped pics served a purpose when she wasn't working, but was in Japan living it up and posting every few days without working much.

No. 112680

The year she was in Japan, worked the least but posted the most and had the worst shoops on her social media ever… while going oit and getting gifts. Maybe she was escorting for PS/beauty procedures?

Also in the last thread someone tried to suggest she got hella fillers around the time of her original Mercari promo when her cheekbones and lips were POPPING off her face and she had 3x as much hair as she ever did, but that got shut down too. Looking back, it was so obvious, but trying to discuss it now is still so difficult bc of the WK. Not sure if both those time periods overlap or were close together, but there was a lot of time she spent in Japan, going out a lot mysteriously and getting stuff without working, and her pics were inhuman and unrecognizable but she didn't seem to want for anything despite wearing her worn out old clothes. Maybe she was escorting to get fillers and work done, and the awful cheap results were why she had so much trouble working? This was when she had her Popteen ring, too.

No. 112681

File: 1600369538948.png (71.72 KB, 326x347, Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 2.45…)


Yea and they weren't allowed to show her body in any Youtube videos unless she was covered. I really got the feeling that none of the staff or other models liked her except for Yula. After her whole debut, they immediately started fazing her out of any content of theirs. Almost all of her work prior to 2016 was heavily edited and filtered. I think the 15 pounds was accurate though, as she was soft looking but nowhere near the chunky she was during the 2017 wobble walk.


Looking at old threads that was 2017-2018. When she lost Bravo/Libra and all gigs, she suddenly started getting piles of free expensive crap. Pic related.


I always found it interesting how Kiki fixated on Taylor's filler while her sister around the same time had them too. Also, find it interesting how Kiki always made fun of Kota when they were kids and constantly called Kota a lesbian. From time to time I wonder if Kiki makes jabs about certain things that she knows damn well Kota has/is/had done. I always felt like they accused others of what they do…Feel like there's a word for that.

No. 112682

The word is "projection", it's the Ostrengas' signature Wk/bullying style. They attack their target with their insecurities and worst case scenarios.

No. 112684

Wasn't that right before she got Rizin, when one anon pointed out that she was wearing the same bulky, dykeish earrings in the same ear, at the same time as Gackt (who is also Rizin affiliated)? It made less than zero sense for her to get that job, she had never translated before and she was awful at it as well.

No. 112685

Me again, adding to this, wasn't the CEO of Rakuten photographed with her an Naomi Watanabe circa 2015? But that was flamed out of discussion as well. Her being a LINE blogger and a runway model for Rakuten/GA didn't make any sense either considering how chunky she was for all her runway work. Remember the Hiromichi Nakano show? She was so fat she waddled down the runway in the XXL white long sleeved shirt, and the last selfie she posted with the designer she looked bloated as hell and like she was about to cry- after that show she never worked for them again.

No. 112727

Not to play devils advocate, but you can get a closed nose job and it only takes a few days to heal. It would explain why her bridge cartilage is so bony now. That’s likely what she got.

No. 112732

Definitely, Kiki always fixated on Taylor’s nose and called it a hooknose and a beak, which is crazy because Kiki looks like fucking Tony Hawk. It’s impossible for Kiki to look attractive unless she’s posed carefully in her room with pounds of makeup, bangs, and filters hiding her huge honker. She’d call Taylor a plastic bitch when Kota was pumped full of line and lip filler at the time. I don’t think Dakota would share that kind of thing with her though, I feel like she has always lived in a fantasy world where she thinks she really looks the way she shoops herself and expects her family to pile her in compliments. That’s probably why she got so comfortable ballooning up, I couldn’t imagine any sane self-aware person working primarily with their appearance being so comfortable with themselves being a pallid sickly heifer on tv that promotes them as a Barbie. The only reason I believe she’s lost so much weight and got rid of the coconut haircut is because now she’s not competing with Taylor—she’s competing with Viola Polt, who looks the way Dakota thinks she looks.

No. 112765

This makes a lot of sense, I remember several filler/nose spergouts when Taylor's nose was just fine while Kota's nose was a pointy mess and Kaka is the one with the legit humped nose from the side.

I think Kota got work done, Kaka noticed and was kind of making digs at her too. Remember Kota's cheekbones really jutting out on that dating show she was on? That also wasn't quite right.

No. 112797

File: 1600411286631.jpeg (515.75 KB, 828x947, 72154FC5-259A-43B5-9565-A2D5CD…)

Given the hyperfixation on Taylor, I have a very strong hunch that she’s moved on to Viola. Viola was annoying on Terrace House but everyone gushed over her, and now she’s in Japan GQ. She’s doing everything Dakota was too uggo for, and on top of that they look like sisters by complete coincidence. It’s like she took the torch Dakota was supposed to have if she wasn’t a heinous potato underneath the editing, I can only imagine the seethe.

No. 112843


I find it hilarious that the same photographer took both of these pics, because Vivi's actually looks good while Kota's is obviously stretched to hell.

No. 112901

File: 1600475290712.jpg (364.36 KB, 828x949, unstretch.jpg)

I tried to fix it but maybe someone with better skills can.

No. 112970

This looks way more realistic, thanks anon. The fence doesn't look that high, and given she's short as fuck it makes the stretching even funnier. She's such a thumb of a person, so stumpy.

No. 112997

File: 1600543535793.jpg (830.96 KB, 1071x1763, Screenshot_20200919-152503_Ins…)

For some reason, I expected more for her b-day post, but the Fila selfie repost cake is still funny since that's the only time they've posted her since August, which neans she's probably not working for them anymore.

No. 113049

File: 1600561187971.jpeg (82.66 KB, 1080x2069, 6BB92B09-2592-43BC-A62A-2CC714…)

No. 113050

File: 1600561216946.png (2.12 MB, 828x1792, 6F60622D-8725-4E94-9D44-1C3C6E…)

No. 113058

>tinfoil that they are girlfriends grows stronger

No. 113090

Totally awkward photo choice for a birthday cake.

No. 113100

In her defense, it's the closest thing she has to a work pic since July/August. Although, a b-day cake with your own selfie on it is kind of cringey. I'm surprised she posted pics but no party pics, no gifts or anything. It's like a standard social media birthday acknowledgement post, while trying to share as little as possible, like her photography skilla are intentionally getting worse.

No. 113105

Uh I think you’re really reading into it a little too much.

No. 113233


y'all still thinking she's getting jobs and paying for her own housing? because not only is it expensive, but japan generally doesn't want to rent to foreigners. even if they're a citizen, which koots is not.

again, the only explanation has to be either her parents sending her money or sugaring. the former is more likely, but i wouldn't discount the latter either since plenty of desperate asian men would love to have a white girl at their beck and call even if she's old and fat by japanese standards.

No. 113236

Enough of the sugar baby meme already jfc you autistic black and white thinkers are ruining the board. I love how you always ignore when people say she probably tutors or does private retouching work.

No. 113279

tutoring i could see. however, your unwarranted rage at the suggestion makes me smell ostrenga. nice try.

No. 113281

Oh lord here we go with the tinfoil hats. You keep telling yourself that.

No. 113337

It's a tinfoil in the Kiki thread that the Ostrengas moved to LA around the time she got with Bobby, bc they broke up yet she's still in the house she moved into at that time. It would be very easy for kota to hoo back and forth on cheap flights a few times a year for the odd job and some shibuya selfies. Most of her year is her doing nothing and not posting anywhere, which is weird for a model.

I think her career is all but virtually gone now and her friends are trying to delay the inevitable.

She knows she's too old to recapture her glory days, even if she can still get work. Her selfies are jokes with all the shoop, and without careful posing and lighting she looks like a 30 year old tourist.

She's 25 now, no matter how long she pretends to forget her profile says 24歳 right next to her DOB. After this year, I'd be amazed to see Dakota working more than one decent job a year, and I doubt she'll ever go back to posting Japan pics almost daily to flex on her western followers bc she just might not be there anymore. And since when did the theory change? The only time the sugar baby/family bribe theories come up are when her patterns het repeated.

>book one decent job

>get work from it a handful of times, usually 5 pics at the most
>awkward asf and shooped public appearance pic
>some reposts/RTs or tagged pics with a famous friend or person
>disappears for 6 months and posts monthly sponsorship shots from the same apartment

She doesn't have to be in Japan to do those IG promos, the items are sent to her just like the buyers, or she could have it all sent to her friend's house, spend a few days taking pics and then save them for later when she's in the states.

She's down too low to be laying low, unless she's hiding something.

No. 113338

Also, if she were sugaring, escorting or haver her way paid, she'd go right back to showing off like she did for years until she couldn't anymore- Sheinagate. It's too coincidental that after that, she left Japan and came back without ever recovering and to so many lifestyle changes unless her situation had some kind of sketchy similarity to Sheina's.

No. 113339

>And since when did the theory change? The only time the sugar baby/family bribe theories come up are when her patterns het repeated.

Dur, I mean the only time those theories come up are when the "she's not living in Japan full time anymore" line gets toed.

No. 113348

I don't get the anons who keep trying to twist the information to somehow prove that she isn't in Japan. It does not make sense for her to be simultaneously kinda broke and also taking international flights every few months for relatively small gigs. Plus the visa issue, it is literally illegal for her to work on a tourist visa and she's working for legit companies. Guys, she lives in Japan. Occam's razor and all that shit. I just do not get why this is such a sticking point that gets brought up again and again, it makes no fucking logical sense.

I also don't get where the sugar baby stuff comes from anymore. She hasn't got shit to show off. She probably makes enough for a room in a sharehouse or with roommates, which lines up exactly what we've seen.

Nope. The same anon likes to repeat this every fucking thread but no proof has ever been posted.

No. 113390

I think you're getting way tpp invested. Nobody is saying there's "proof" she isn't in Japan, just that it looks that way based on simple logic paired with her known and set posting patterns. And again, the only time the prostitution rumors come up is to deflect from discussin how she might not be living in Japan year round anymore. Does this thread somehow influence Dakota or her career? I highly doubt it, this is a gossip forum. Dakota doesn't need to be handled with kid gloves and tiptoed around bc if this thread is messing with her or her career in any way, that just goes to show how piss poor her "career" really is and how after all this time, she still cares more about anons on lolcow than living her own life. How does pointing out patterns and discrepancies in her work and social media = she's a prostitute?

Dakota threads get treated so much differently than any other and it's so suspicious.

No. 113392

It’s likely that weebs who still hate her, they just have a lot of rage and bitterness still maybe? Dakota does literallynothing and she’s still treated like Hitler kek.

No. 113415

That doesn't make any sense, because then the threads would be full of people shitting on her aggressively (instead of simply pointing things out).

Instead, they're full of stans who flare up like a cold sore any time the thread goes in a way that, I would imagine, might make a Monstrenga pissy. Dakota threads walk on eggshells and still get weird stans, that is more of an indication thst someone who is actually emotionally invested in Dakota is trying to police the thread than that it's full of rabid haters. Well, that, and the way the stans pretend not to understand the argument to claim Dakota is being accused of anything when she's not, and only the stans/WKs say anything about it when they jump in with "you're all just bitter and obsessed, so you WANT to believe she's a prostitute".

I've seen more arguments that she's not in Japan anymore than I have that she's sugaring/escorting, and the two are not mutually inclusive. Constantly waving the "prostitution witch hunt" flag is nothing but a deflection to get away from the topic of "is she still living in Japan (probs not)?". I do believe the Ostrengas would rather have the farm believe a turd like Dakota coukd fuck for an upper middle class living than that she failed back to America and is trying to hide it.

No. 113420

Girl where the hell are the stans? Calling other anons autistic and obsessive (both true) does not mean you’re a stan. There isn’t even anything to stan.

No. 113455

Is traveling even allowed from the US right now?

No. 113471

USA is still on the banned list. So I doubt it’s possible. Even IF. She would have to quarantine for two weeks on japan at a provided facility

No. 113566

THIS. This is why I’ve been avoiding her thread for years now despite her always being my favorite cow. there are maybe two or three people who want everyone to believe she’s an obese 50yr old looking prostitute with no friends on the verge of being homeless and sent back to the US. And they get A n G R y as fuck if you contradict this belief and will start insulting you instead. >>113415
Don’t try to gaslight that this doesn't happen.

It’s disturbing because you know we’re all the same 7 people who’ve been posting on her threads for the past 6+ years. Guarantee nobody under the age of 23 knows about this drama. Idk about you but I’ve matured and gone on with my life in these years and have no emotional ties to Dakota, I feel like I’m unbiased and neutral towards her despite hating her lying narc ass when i was a teenager. It’s weird that somebody my age who’s also been on this train ride for this long STILL gets emotionally triggered by her, STILL stalk her dead online footprints for any new snippet of her to turn into a conspiracy. If you think I’m exaggerating, just try name-dropping Kooter on a random thread and say something mildly nice. Just try, say you think she looks cute and young. You’ll be jumped by them within the hour. I know it sounds like I'm caping for her (and trust me, they'll deflect everything i said by claiming I'm a WK), but this isn't so much as a pro-Kooter post as it is me saying the people doing this are cows themselves, ironically more pathetic and sad than Kooter. I'd pay money for the entertainment of seeing what they look like. I once spotted one of you in the wild on a reddit thread on r/instagramreality posting her pic and replying to every comment with Kotakoti lore, i thought i was finally gonna see a face behind it when i scrolled through their history, but nope lol. Just nerd shit

No. 113576

It’s gotta be the same sperg, hearty kek at when
said disagreeing with their weird obsessive hatred is against the rules. I’ve yet to see anybody stan Dakota in the year 2020, but apparently if you aren’t being a nitpicking conspiracy theorist you’re automatically a sycophant.

No. 113612


Kota's a mystery and I think that drives some anons nuts. I won't lie, it makes me keep coming back to see if the mysteries were ever solved. Her thread however has always had the wildest theories. The claims of her hooking up with her Bravo manager when she was 16 and fucking around at the time, claims of her sleeping with Yakuza members or being in debt to them, Kota having a nose job at 12 and then again several more times ( while being poor). Why do so many theories revolve around sex with Kota? She isn't her sister.

I feel like most things can be explained away by much simpler ideas. Like she's most liking renting a room at friends cause money is tight. Depending on small brands to get cheap or free clothing and actually being very frugal with her spending. Plus I still believe she's being compensated for her IG promotions with some cash. The argument that they can't cause their small is solely based on IG followers. Fila Japan only has 30k followers and its a large brand. I also think it could also be possible she was dating and sharing that large apartment back then and maybe they broke up and she couldn't afford or find a place in time. Plus I don't get why people talk down about her networking thru friends and finding jobs that way… isn't that what most models do? You know to boost their work and get their name out there? Plus she probably does get some financial support here and there from her parents, but I just don't buy the fairy tail a one-income family can support the rent of one child in Japan and another in LA plus their own home in FL. I think they're helping but not completely supporting them.

No. 113742

I find it kekworthy that she made posts about her bday, but didn't bother to update her age and seems to be putting it off as long as possible. Who wants to bet she removes her age entirely now that she's a Christmas cake?

No. 113767

File: 1601040349395.jpeg (66.56 KB, 1080x2069, 35F23550-CBFC-4868-845A-30B9E2…)

Kota posted gravure to her story and I’m laughing

No. 113777

Looks what she used to shoop herself into circa ~4 years ago when she was a blogger.

No. 113781

Going through her ig, she looks the way Dakota thinks she looks

No. 113812

Lots of her current friends fit that description, interestingly. She went from shooping herself into other people to surrounding herself with people who look hownshebwished she did.

She's going to pretend to casually forget until NYE, calling it now.

No. 113818

Is she going to try and get into gravure as the next era?

No. 113822

LOL, I doubt it. She'll just collect a troupe of younger gravure models to hang around with and get freebies from, hoping to network herself a job for the year. She's too old and too mature looking to pull off gravure, no natter how many sports bras she models- if she ever did try gravure, it would be the most cringey, staged and shooped shit ever and wouldn't last long. Besides, despite Kiki being an out and proud slut, Dakota has only worn risque or revealing clothes as a teen in Japan (the super short ita dress era) or for her viral Tumblr shoots (fake floating clevage).

No. 114444

You sound as weird and obsessive as they are. Why are you so desperate to defend koots? Why do you care? If you’re tired of a cow you move on, you don’t post cringey rants defending them.

Anyway I’m still here just to see how koots changes. It’s pretty funny to see her have turned into a dumpy nobody after she tried to fool the world with photoshop. Her and her sister deserve to feel the shame.

No. 114514

File: 1601496578757.jpeg (157.5 KB, 443x526, 93F66E1D-1593-40E2-B30B-4A7341…)

Shit video screenshot from her story but LOL. That said I think the choppy lesbo look > coconut head.

Nayrt but the rant wasn’t even cringe… she made a point. If you disagree you disagree, don’t see what you thought you were accomplishing either.

No. 114545

Ew, the fugly cheapass Wish pentagram is back again? She must be broke again now that Fila is done with her, but idk how bad off you have to be to keep only wearing cheap freebie gifted jewelry for years. She barely posted at all this year and when she did, it was vauge or work related. She's struggling.

No. 114565

No. 114686

She keeps posting to her IG story but still her bio says she's 24, kek. She wants to see who looks at her shit.

No. 114709

When I see pics of her now I think of how she should just try and find get into Danso.
Too bad it’s not a few years ago, but she could still be so popular with her pale skin, hair colour, and blue eyes.

If she lost more weight and dressed androgynously, she might have a bit more success. Her features are harsh and “ugly” because she looks masculine.

Realistically, those might be benefits for modelling if she could do it properly. If not for cross-dressing editorial shoots like Akira did then at least for being able to finally find a niche.

No. 114712

If she did, the dyke/lesbian teasing would be supreme. Plus, she's too old and inactive to force any kind of comeback, especially since she's been replaced by so many prettier, younger Japanese-speaking white girls who didn't take all their opportunities for granted. Boystyle/dansou died out around the same time Living Doll did, also.

No. 114718

Yeah I thought so, the video I had on my last post was filmed only 6 months ago which surprised me a lot.

Sucks these cows are so set on living kawaiiiii~ and chase the weeb dream, because if they were smart enough to let their companies choose how to style them to where they would most be wanted the stars might have lined up for them to become something more than…this kek

All the cows seem the same with this, they just travel and are too stubborn to budge from their cutesy animu aesthetics. They just end up losing money, large chunks )if not all$ of their late teens to twenties, so much work, jobs, boyfriends, husbands, friends, etc.

No. 115104

Her refusing to update her age in her bios reminds me of that Twilight meme with her face shooped on it from her heyday when her age arguments were peak, but now instead of "17" it's 24.

>fan: how old are you?

>kota: 24
>fan: how long have you been 24?
>kota: …a while…

She's been avrively posting to her stories since her bday, so she must not be ready to face the cake yet.

No. 115641

File: 1602384579325.jpg (513.37 KB, 1080x1770, 20201010_224458.jpg)


It took her a month, but she finally did it, tho she dropped the 歳 for some reason. She's posting to her stories now so she can see who looks at her shit, but it's just vegan food from a restaurant and other such boring kotashit she does when she isn't working.

No. 115643

File: 1602385122402.jpg (310.94 KB, 1129x2088, 20201010_225432.jpg)

Also, Platinum updated her page, withoit fixing the YouTube typo, and changed her "recent work" section to include the FILA gig, and some kind of Shibuya tourism job, Google translates it to "Shibuya City Tourism Association "Tourism Fellow" Inauguration", so she's working with some tourism-based company probably as a tour guide. picrel.

I feel like someone in an old thread years ago called it early o her ending up an English teacher, translator or tour guide instead of marrying money or continuing as a toppu moderu~.

No. 115645

More info:


All these articles say the same thing, are posted 4 days ago, and are using old pics of her with the Berries & Cream Lad haircut, but in a pic I haven't seen before.

No. 115647

File: 1602385649770.jpg (334.48 KB, 1080x1647, 20201010_230555.jpg)



This one outed her as a tarento "diverity hire", OUCH. Every other "fellow" is listed as an artist or sightseeing leader, or has a designated task. Dakota was just added on, so she must still get work as a group hire through Platinum.

No. 115649

File: 1602386026337.jpg (445.4 KB, 1080x1566, 20201010_231315.jpg)

I haven't seen this pic before and her eyes are hazel/brown in it, what the fuck? It looks like the same era of pics as her Midiumsolid dress based on the hairstyle and collar of the dress.

Also, what a description! Worlds away from "real living barbie doll viral sensation with 50mil YT views, international fashion blogger model!!".

Funny they mentioned TGC since she hasn't done any runway work at all this year, too.

No. 115707

What does this kanji mean?

No. 115716

No. 115727

>he has been

No. 115738

Google translate.

No. 115799

>Tour guide

This is more sporadic pay than even a teacher because of COVID19 I bet. She is probably barely scraping by.

No. 115845

My guess is she sold her sob story upbringing and crazy family to her work buddies and they all take pity on her to keep her working just enough to stay in the country without getting deported.

No. 115856

She's part of a tour group apparently

No. 116021


I think it's just the filter on the image making her eye colour look different. Looks very yellow-y.

Did any old time anons ever think this would have been the outcome for the Ostrenga's? Kaka being so far gone and a cum dumpster in LA and Tooters being a glorified tour guide lol.

No. 116045

Remembering the sheer ego of all the "she's getting her own clothing line, stay jealous fattychans!" posts gives me life. I've read the 3-5 year old Dakota threads like 6 times now since the timeline anon started posting.

No. 116061


Omg the flopped jewellery line she had with the cheap chokers. Watching her flop even if slow has been entertaining. Though I do miss the two of them together as they would feed off of one another's negativity and were x2 smug/cunty.

No. 116117

I miss how snarky and holier-than-thou the kota "stan" posts were leading up to her new jobs, just so they could barely use her and she looked like reheated crap draped in a tent in the candids. Suddenly the "stans" would disappear so the threads would grind to a halt as Dakota slinked back into the shadows. There were so many weird things about the Dakota threads in hindsight that went unnoticed.

No. 116119

File: 1602743398009.jpg (569.93 KB, 1080x1566, 20201015_015531.jpg)

And suddenly, after months of hiding, she can afford Chieko nails again. Her last set weren't worthy of even a bedroom post.

>selfie with model friends and in borrowed clothes

>booked for a job as tarento that she isn't suited for at all, that will barely use her
>suddenly restaurants, shops, chieko nails, and IG posts

Never change, kooter.

No. 116254

This is all normal. Treating yourself to getting your nails done is normal, your aggression is odd.

No. 116327

>ignores context, cow's history & known patterns

Also not really, she hasn't been posting "nornally" for months. She's never been afraid to post from her apartment in the past, but now she avoids it, as well as posting friends like she used to. Her patterns are getting more obvious, and her work-play cycle is spiraling down. Her jobs are getting less and less modeling-oriented as well.

No. 116393

No. These
sound unhinged. Take your Abilify.

No. 116419

File: 1602933701118.jpg (573.16 KB, 1080x1564, 20201017_071726.jpg)

Out with more English-speaking Platinum models, getting more beauty sculpting done, and her hair is getting shorter by the day. By NYE she might have a full blown Hillary Swank buzzcut.

No. 116434

The choppy hair is better. Good to see her finally wearing eye makeup again, she’s not much to look at without it.

No. 116490

Wtf happened to her hair? Looks like it's barely hanging on anymore.

Also absolute kek at going from FAMOUS JAPANESE MODERU to a fucking tour guide in just a few years.

No. 116493

This is why the threads persist. Dakota is here, stanning herself under anon. There's simply no way random farmers would abruptly start defending her. Kota comes in and makes some smug comment trying to be sneaky and it re-ignites the threads again.

No. 116502

This. The dead giveaway was how, any time anons would suspect it was Dakota selfposting, thenthread would be IMMEDIATELY overrun with stans claiming every Ostrenga BUT Dakota posted here, and that she was just simply too busy going out with her model friends to ever even look here. Despite her BFF sister being THE Sperg-chan, and Cathy getting caught posting here by the original sitemod. The vehement insistence that Dakota couldn't physically ever even see lolcow was the biggest deas giveaway to me that Dakota is the biggest lurker of alk her own threads, and I've never let her, Kiki, or anyone else convince me otherwise.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… well.

No. 116503

Adding, I remember a specific comment in a past thread claiming that IF Dakota knew about lolcow st all, it eas because of Kiki telling her about her threads and WK her sister. Bullshit was called, but the stan didn't back down until the thread autosaged.

No. 116505

She's not much to look at with it, anon. That's why she only went viral after she completely changed her entire face and deleted all her real face pics.

No. 116507

She's definitely not still in the last apartment she got used to taking selfies in, the one with her tiny bed crammed in the tiny room with the glass door. I guess now she avoids apartment selfies to prevent anons keeping track of how many she moves into and out of each year, since by now she's lived in about 5 different places despite only 2 comfirmed-by-her moves.

No. 116510

Even better, she was a tarento diversity hire as part of a group, which means where was another Platinum model they wanted but had to hire Dakota to get. That's why she doesn't have an actual role like the other PP models doing it. Her agency friends are getting all her jobs for her by tacking her onto their group. I wonder what a rude, smug potato like her has to do to earn that kind of dedication? Or what lie she had to spin?

No. 116515

I'd give anything for her deleted LINE and AMEBLO blogs prior to her joining Insta in 2015. I only vageuly remember her first few years in Japan, but I know she almost never worked and was living it the fuck up.

No. 116521

Nobody’s defending her specifically, they’re just pointed out that there’s one or two anons itt that are crazy. Having a backbone doesn’t make you a wk or a stan, some of the things that are said in here are downright retarded and are treated as such. Idk anything about her selfposting because this thread is nearly dead, but I swear Kiki is in the Taylor thread so who knows.

Shit, I’d give anything for the jackpot of stickam streams and posts from pre-2010. They’d be so fucked.

No. 116538

She was on TV pushing her 50million youtube views, until the karaoke incident that got her kicked off of TV. Before that, she was doing 2 shows a month and yes, living very well, but that was still her Bravo contract and they had nowhere else for her. Funny how time changes things, back then her 50mil views was one of her top 3 selling points, yet after one of her best videos gkt taken down for bought views suddenly nobody ever mentioned it again, yet there was no scandal over the viral Barbie model signed from her bedroom being all shoop and bought hype. It's like she got the biggest opportunity ever based on lies, was exposed repeatedly, yet still never truly lost it all or had to even acknowledge it.

No. 116540

That’s only because Japan is afraid to alienate foreigners or make themselves look bad. Japan is notorious for being extremely hard on their own entertainers, but they’re very reluctant to extend this to gaijin for a plethora of reasons, main one being developing a negative image to America or wherever else. She’s absolutely reamed on Japanese forums and made fun of more often than not, but they have to save face. That’s the only thing that had kept her skating by, otherwise there would be no quarter spared. A Japanese woman on terrace house denied having a filler nosejob on a reality show although it was obvious she had just had a bridge top-off and she was branded a liar for months.

No. 116549

just use the waybackmachine and type in her old url (https://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti). you'll find every blog post she has ever posted but it takes a long ass time to load ngl

No. 116615


Lol, now 50mil views are nothing in modern times. A dime in the bucket which is probably why they don't broadcast it anymore. Plus her newer-ish videos get shit views. I feel like Lolcow is the only place on the internet that takes interest in her anymore… And that's like what? maybe 10 anons max?

No. 116616

What's funny is how they used that "50mil YT views!!!" right up until her total view count dropped down to 42mil when one of her hairstyle videos was deleted. True, that's hardly anything nowadays, but it's great how her ego rode on it for so long, only to have that bubble popped by YT themselves in a very obvious way.

I love how every time one of Dakota's biggest bragging points is revealed to be a lie, it's suddenly never mentioned again and was suddenly never a big deal.

No. 116678

((blog but even ten years later i still kinda crush on dakota i find her attractive tbh))
All the dyke talk earlier ITT got me wondering if she IS a lesbian at all the topic comes back every time and i'd say she's bi in the closet but rather stick to guys. Idk but something about her visceral reaction to lesbos in that old af video hides something to me

No. 116683

Her visceral reaction was the result of a stupid white trash bigoted family and a retarded older sister that dictated her entire personality

No. 116761

A hit dog will holler, anon. Their reactions to everything were screechy and visceral, but she only reacted that defensively to being called a dyke- as a throwaway joke by Kiki, but it still immediately got under her skin.

No. 116777


Do we believe it's more cool sculpting or is she getting something else discounted? Fillers? Botox? thread lift? I'm surprised she's kept a picture like this in her tags that insinuated she gets cosmetic shit done. You know, something she very vocally denied on several Tv appearances.

No. 116779

Will you stop doing the same idiotic spacing when replying? It makes your posts too obvious

No. 116923

I'm so bored of people acting like Dakota's facial features haven't been the exact same for years, give or take a bit of fat when she put on weight and lost weight. chill tf out.

No. 116925

nice bait

No. 116929

Is that bait? Sounds like anon is just saying that Dakota has always been ugly

No. 116961

She just turned 25 and is ageing poorly. Asking anons if they think she'd do something to her face while at a cosmetic surgery &medical spa isn't a leap. While I don't think she'd ever do anything drastic like some anons claim she has ie: 3 Rhinoplasty. I do think eventually she may do anti-ageing shit to keep up with the competition. She is at that age where models do tend to get dropped due to age.

No. 116962

Except for her shapeshifting nose, and the overdone cheek and lip fillers during her first Mercari promo that ruined her cheeks.

No. 116971

I think Viola Polt lit a fire under her ass kek

No. 116996

File: 1603345480364.jpg (984 KB, 1080x1668, 20201022_014607.jpg)

All you have tp do is go back and check the old pics of her posted by Lewin, Fitts, FACO and Modelpress and you can see her nose change. Lewin likes to post her from the same angle up close each time too.

No. 116997

File: 1603345711932.jpg (499.83 KB, 1080x1572, 20201022_015019.jpg)

No. 116998

File: 1603345855759.jpg (610.98 KB, 1064x1571, Screenshot_20201022-014432_Ins…)

Compare these to the pointed, projected nose she had for Last Kiss and it's pretty obvious that her nose has changed a few times in ways that it simply can't naturally.

No. 116999

File: 1603345969185.jpg (686.72 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_20201022-014356_Ins…)

For a while the end of her nose and nostrils flared out like the toe of a weird fleshy boot and people kept asking what the fuck happened to it.

No. 117000

File: 1603346811194.jpg (623 KB, 1080x1702, 20201022_020816.jpg)

No. 117001

File: 1603347168360.jpg (627.66 KB, 1080x1532, 20201022_020945.jpg)

Comparing pics, it looks like her chin/jaw shrank back into her face as well over the years. I guess the years of covering her face with her hand got tiresome?

Her pointy witch nose and chin rounded out and shrank, and her jowls and huge face shrank as well. Going back in the ダコタローズ tag on IG, she's been going to beauty salons for promoted content since 2015, her face now is completely different and much smaller/softer than it ever was and it's definitely not natural. I guess that's why she got lazy with makeup, styling, shooping and covering her face with her hands/XL turtlenecks?

No. 117003

Isn't she older than that?

No. 117004

Based on these pictures
I would say she definitely had lip fillers and some sort of brow lift, the space between her brows and her eyes seem bigger now. I also noticed the face shrinking, but I'm not sure how that's possible

No. 117005

Look, I get that you're trying to dig up the age argument again as a deflection, but don't. The only way to truly prove her age is to run a BG check on her and it would have been done years ago if anyone was willing.

No. 117006

She had lip and cheek fillers, then did something to her cheeks and jaw to eliminate her nasolabial folds and extra jawmeat. She also changed her nose at least 3 times since 2014/2015.

I tried looking, but I can't find any of her fugly Yoko Fuchigami pics or any of the pics/vids from her first Mercari promo either. The Mercari pics showed her OTT cheek and lip fillers and the YF pics showed what her real jaw and nose looked like after they dissolved.

In hindsight, Dakota's melted face after 2015 could be explained by those excessive fillers going bad, the timeline matches and that era was also when Taylor was in Japan getting her face loaded with cheek and lip fillers as well.

Aside from coolsculpting and botox the only way to do that is jaw reduction, and they have new ways to do those that are minimally invasive surgically.

No. 117007


>face and nose shrink and soften after ~7 years of weight gain, chainsmoking, not sleeping, eating trash, and aging from late teens to mod 20s

>still trying to tiptoe around claiming she's had work done multiple times despite candids posted by employers over the years before unceremoniously shitcanning her

This is why I love these threads. Abandon all common sense, ye who enter here!

No. 117011

File: 1603350082742.jpg (582.21 KB, 1078x1662, Screenshot_20201022-030049_Ins…)

Found a solid gold candid by Hiromichi Nakano.

No way she changed this much just from weightloss and cool sculpting alone.

No. 117012

File: 1603350266831.jpg (557.77 KB, 1080x1767, 20201022_030521.jpg)

Bonus: Hiromichi speaks fluent English, but when he met Dako she insisted on using Japanese. He found it amusing.

No. 117013

File: 1603350334456.jpg (617.04 KB, 1080x1679, 20201022_030541.jpg)

More candids.

No. 117014

>Dakota Rose came to Platinum

This was in January 2017, right before she did Fitt's, but I swore that was through Libera? Can she be with 2 agencies at once?

Her Platinum page says she did Hiromichi shows in 2016 and 2017, and FITTs in 2017. She stopped doing magazine work altogether in 2016, and she only did one TV appearance in 2017 aside from FITTs, so she got Popteen through Bravo. I guess everything else has been through Platinum/Ayastella.

No. 117016

Damn if anything she needs some hair plugs. I forgot how bad her hair is. >>116419 is tragic if she says she's still a model.

No. 117017

File: 1603351895094.jpg (655.28 KB, 825x1736, 20201022_033219.jpg)


She definitely did something surgical to her jaw/chin.

No. 117018

File: 1603352054513.jpg (555.06 KB, 1080x1801, 20201022_033240.jpg)

Picrel is one of her very very first jobs through Bravo back in 2012, the MILK pics that ended up blurred on the website.

I forgot all about what her 2011-2012 face looked like under all that shoop and AE, no wonder her going viral and getting signed to them was such a scandal… It's crazy how much has been buried since then holy shit

No. 117019

File: 1603352465805.jpg (234.85 KB, 1500x1500, Mon.-June-18-Before-and-After-…)

Couldn't it be just Botox shots? A surgery would have needed a long recovery time

No. 117023

Have you missed her months-long absences? Not only that, but how much she shoops and covers her face + masks due to Covid, she could easily get away with a subtle surgical procedure.

>long recovery time

Not anymore, anon. Long recovery is for major procedures, something like a breast reduction only requires 6-8 weeks for recovery before you can return to your routine, so I doubt a minor procedure on her jaw would put her out of the game any more than her looks and laziness already do. If she can manage to stay in Japan for this long looking like she does and only working 1-2 jobs a year, plastic surgery isn't gonna hurt her career at all. She can shoop her face however she wants while she does bedroom IG promos, wear a mask at shop events and out with friends and cover herself with hats and turtlenecks for everything else.

Dakota claimed she gained weight and stopped doing TV because she got acute leukemia and Modelpress ran with it until they completely stopped promoting her, and everyone has known she's a liar and fake from the beginning. The Japanese don't coddle and praise her like she wants everyone to think. Her entire career post 2015 is just her friends getting her new jobs that always set her up to fail before they erase her and never mention her again, until those friends fuck off and she finds new ones.

No. 117024

I'm so glad Pixyteri finally became a kawaii model in Japan and fixed her chin!

No. 117025

File: 1603356185336.jpg (479.57 KB, 911x1757, 20201022_044405.jpg)



This VK group has basically all her old pics and candids, including the Milk pics. Have fun anons.

No. 117026

File: 1603356428223.jpg (650.35 KB, 1080x1378, 20201022_044817.jpg)

Some of her 2012-2013 work is actually really good looking and cute, why did she try so hard to hide everything behind her viral shoops? She could have been a lot better off now if she had just kept styling herself like this and avoided all the online crit.

No. 117027

File: 1603356585065.jpg (440.34 KB, 1080x1413, 20201022_045020.jpg)

No. 117028

File: 1603357419612.jpg (699 KB, 1080x1608, Screenshot_20201022-050308_Chr…)

Damn, it even has clear candids of her original nose/face from the Myspace and Stickam days

No. 117036


Buccal fat removal or botox are the only two things I can think of that would be speedy recovery for jaw reshaping. Anything bigger she not only would require 6 months-ish but simply couldn't afford. 2016 and onward she was dirt poor.


These were edited by Kota and given to be posted. Let's not forget she wouldn't let people post pictures of her without her approval of them. Dunno how anyone can call that second one a candid when it 100% has her old sloth shoop going on. Yikes if you think these are candid.


Her age was fucking proven, can we stop this bs. There was an old newspaper print from when her grandfather passed that proved her age. Kota is 25.

No. 117050

>When you shoop sooo much to try to become an ~all natural dolly~ but it backfires and makes everyone think you got tons of plastic surgery
The botox tinfoil is cool, botox isn't so expensive that she wouldn't be able to afford it, but this has been debated for years. And if she doesn't keep up with it, it could explain why her face changes around. She also literally ballooned up in her weight at one point, I don't know.
I actually really like this shoot though.

No. 117055

I feel like she got filler, botox, and a dumb rhinoplasty but it actually annoys me that I don’t think she’s had anything done to her chin because it’s arguably the worst part of her features. I don’t think she got anything invasive to her face shape, just Botox in her masseters, because any surgeon doing invasive work there would urge her to do something about her massive chin and she still has the witch chin when it arguably destroys her entire profile. It would be a complete waste to go out of your way to change your face like that but leave the gigantic chin. Everything else is obvious though.

No. 117059

not really important, but after checking the original Japanese that's not a good translation at all. He said something like he's impressed by her Japanese, and despite him studying English for years he can't speak well.

No. 117061

File: 1603383598287.jpeg (460.25 KB, 828x1004, 5DF93D1D-5F10-431D-BF84-23D76B…)

Getting some keks out of that vk account, it has all the hilarious lost line blog pics

No. 117063

File: 1603384002881.jpeg (581.62 KB, 828x825, 2078D2BA-0B32-4AC7-A163-D227BF…)

God she was really on one huh

No. 117064

File: 1603384044364.jpeg (603.68 KB, 828x822, 93F8617B-A730-4AD2-B48D-0613B3…)

No. 117065

File: 1603384210434.jpeg (431.03 KB, 828x615, 54E20F01-097D-4168-BE51-8AB56E…)

No. 117082

Holy shit I haven't seen these in so long and I can't believe how actually insane these shoops are. I knew they were bad at the time but .. jesus christ. I'm speechless

No. 117084

These are so creepy, they look like they could be stills from some shitty B horror movie about a sex doll that came to life to murder her owner or some shit

No. 117085

I remember this one horrifying one specifically because she even tried to give herself ankles when she's known for her cankles.

No. 117087

File: 1603389806661.jpeg (532.1 KB, 828x822, 6CB3F024-847B-449E-927E-A062D0…)

A whole cryptid

No. 117090

Wasn't this the pic she uploaded with the caption "still winning~"?

No. 117091

Like Charlie Sheen Kota stays winning

No. 117092

I remember when this was posted, oh God. She was trying so hard to flex and make her legs look good, but instead this pic looks like she's trying not to shit herself while gaming.

No. 117094

Going through her ameblo and LINE photos, I’m not seeing any of the excessive luxury some anons claimed she used to post? It isn’t that impressive or out of place tbh

No. 117104

Oh god, she looked like sid from ice age or a hammerhead shark in her edits during this era. This is why I struggle to think she's had anything major done because even companies she's worked for would upload edited pictures. Like the biggest shock was when Bravo uploaded her shoops and categorized her as Asian/hafu. Kota will always be such a fucking mystery that no one besides her knows the truth. How did she really pull it off in the beginning? I think she was the kinda girl next door cute when she was younger but nowhere near wow barbie.

No. 117108

File: 1603393765094.jpg (55.08 KB, 340x340, 1488064641729.jpg)

The amount of editing she had to do was astronomical.

No. 117113

Those pics weren't added to the VK group bc they weren't pics of Dakota herself, but they are in the old threads. Her weekly outings to fancy traditional restaurants with friends who brought designer gifts, going to fashion shows and shop events and getting free stuff, traveling exclusively by taxi (expensive), her bigass apartment she claimed to live in alone for years, all her new electronics (laptop, camera, multiple phones, the limited edition PS4), trips to museums and theme parks.

She was never living in "luxury" but she was living well above her means as a single foreign model/tarento for the amount of work she did during that era. She barely got jobs, and when she did they produced the hilarious and cringey alien baby shoops until she got dropped.

No. 117119

I'm honestly still pissed that at the time I had friends stupid enough to fall for these shoops, and say they wish they looked like her

No. 117228

Young weebs still do, they think her being signed was proof that she was real or some shit. Total sheltered white trash logic tbh.

No. 118336

File: 1603914468986.png (329.84 KB, 502x288, Untitled.png)

kota shoop comparisons crack me up more than anyone else for some reason

No. 122416

File: 1606301137533.png (575.64 KB, 720x1242, Screenshot_20201125-053904~2.p…)

First post since her birthday, Kooter resorts to filling generic Foreigner roles for TV, and continues to abuse Snow filters.

>American police

No. 122417

File: 1606301406624.png (610.12 KB, 720x1082, Screenshot_20201125-054332~2.p…)

I hope this poor potato girl really is married, bc if not she's gonna eventually end up working some hilariously small and shitty jobs just to stay ~in Japan~. This is her first TV gig in over a year, and she doesn't look like she belongs there. Is there really that much call for short white women as minor roles in Japanese media?

No. 122428

She's probably doing some other job full time, these throwaway gigs to keep up the illusion probably pay for a meal at best.

No. 122433


I thought she was a glorified tour guide or something like that. I feel like at best she can only afford renting a room off of someone with how little she works and how low the pay is. I think she’s given up on being “special” and has accepted being basic.

No. 122448

File: 1606326503298.jpg (195.17 KB, 634x424, 1489491095386.jpg)

this is so awkward. she absolutely doesn't look like she belongs there.
doesn't fit in with models, doesn't fit in with locals, doesn't fit in with actors. japan really isn't the place for her, but it's better than florida, so she's definitely taking whatever she can.

No. 122485

one of the popteen scans lists her height and weight as 162cm & 40.5kg. There's no way she was ever that skinny, right? Pretty sure a bmi like that is when people start to look spoopy

No. 122505

She had that epiphany ages ago, where have you been?

No. 122525

I doubt it, she clearly doesn't care about modeling anymore, and if she had a legitimate way to stay in Japan aside from modeling that was worth showing off, like something she did herself, she'd be smug and vauge about it. Ostrengas only lay low when they have something to lose.

Honestly, I feel like she may be listed on some group gigs with Platinum that she never actually works. She's listed on gigs on her Platinum page that there are no evidence of her actually working, then on the side she does all these piss poor little side gigs any foreigner in Japan can do, that Platinum never lists anywhere. She's always going to events and shopping with her ugly hafu friends, some of which are also signed with Platinum. Maybe she's skating by living with friends, using Platinum to stay in the country "legally" without actually working the jobs she claims they get her while she works smaller, lesser jobs?

It doesn't make any sense that she's still signed and listed as a Platinum model when almost none of the gigs she gets through them ever happen, and the jobs she does work almost never end up on her Platinum CV. I think she lives with her hafu friends, works whatever side jobs she can for money, and uses Platinum for a visa to stay despite not being able to actually book Platinum-tier modeling work. I think she's probably quietly allowed to ride Platinum's coattails for a visa while she uses another agency to get small jobs in between the half decent gigs her friends help her get, like FILA.

Either way, she can't be supporting herself fully by working, and I doubt she is married or has a visa bc if so she would still be pretending she doesn't have to work to be in Japan. Her friends and Platinum have something to do with her basic ass still showing up in Japan every couple months for a piss poor tarento job.

No. 122527

Also, most of her "Platinum" CV is actually stuff from Bravo and Popteen that got copy/pasted when she joined Platinum, not new jobs through them.

Maybe she's in Platinum on paper but doesn't actually model or work for them, just gets her name stuck on group gigs (bc her friends & she needs a visa) and works those small, shitty everyman gigs outside of Platinum?

It doesn't make sense that she bothers to post on her Insta anymore unless it's to post about being in Japan. No more bedroom pics or mysterious might-be-Florida pics, but also radio silence for literal months at a time. It seems way too convenient, too staged.

No. 122528

Plus, when she does work a Platinum gig they usually wait a few weeks to put it on her CV, like they're waiting until after the hype dies so nobody will notice her.

No. 122534

Why even keep her then? I thought that company's cut people who aren't making them a profit. There is a shit ton of pretty Russian girls more than willing to replace Kota, and probably some weeb girls that are even younger/taller and prettier. How long are the typical modelling/talent contracts?

No. 122559

Like a year, depending on factors like age, versatility, and popularity- none of which she has in her favor anymore. Aside from her friends also being signed there, it doesn't make any sense for hed to still be there after the last 2 years. Knowing how hard the Ostrengas will work to avoid real work, perhaps it's some kind of loophole she bargained for with the help of her friends? She stays on a contract as long as she does the group gigs and does one or two jobs on her own a year just for her visa, living with those friends and still possibly getting care packages from home? Idk, but something about kooter and Platinum smells.

No. 122621

this is why people assumed she was sucking dick. it's honestly not far-fetched at all to assume the reason she's still on, despite not looking like a model and never getting jobs, is because she's pulling favors for someone.

No. 122648

She hasn't looked like a model, ever, anon. Even during her peak, Popteen had to shoop her skinny & lie about her measurements in addition to shooping her entire face, and her employers have been shooping her since she set foot in Japan-it seems to be a condition of hiring her. Even her latest post is heinously shooped, compared to the candid pic of her looking like a toothless granny playing copper next to her grandson and his college friends.

But again, none of it makes sense and she probably shouldn't still be there. Sucking dick/fucking for gain was a thing long before Dakota and Kiki ever heard of Japan, and she used her youth, foreigner appeal and lack of responsible parents to get her where she is now. No way she's doing everything legit now- she's just too old, dumpy, unpopular and unknown, and her shitty attitude from her glory days are all easy as fuck for Japanese people to find. She's probably struggling to stay in Japan, living like a teenager with no real assets off others and barely managing to not get deported by flying under the radar. It's so crazy to think 2020 Dakota Rose is the same girl who was signed to Bravo from a Skype interview and lauded as a top model vlogger with 50mil youtube views and used to call anyone who pointed out her lies "fat jelly haterz".

No. 122684

my only other theory is that she shoops her own shit for free and they just want to have another white person around who, while being fat and plain, will happily shoop the shit out of herself and can actually speak the language.

No. 122692

If so, they would hire any white model and let her shoop herself kawaii, but they don't. Dakota got special treatment because she was a pedo pleaser, a 17 year old in bondage harnesses and OTK socks with her clevage out and legs spread saying "I like old men!" while her parents gladly followed along. Nobody else gets to shoop their pics for legitimate modeling work, just Dakota. Nobody else gets to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world while only working 1-3 jobs a year, on her time & terms apparently. I've never in my life seen another model handled with the favoritism that Dakota was, outside of a rich family, and she's still inexplicably getting it.

No. 122696

I find it hard to believe the "she sucked her way to the top" story. These men could easily choose to help a much prettier model get gigs and stay. You anons are talking about men that are surrounded everyday by beautiful women but for some dumb reason choose the ugly girl? I find the Yakuza theory that was thrown out there a while back more believable. She got her foot in the door with her human doll schtick being viral and maybe kept her foot there with help of the Yakuza deal? Seems more probable than her somehow getting lucky in finding that one man with power that's into bland white chicks in every company she's been with.

No. 122763

>These men could easily choose to help a much prettier model

Much prettier models wouldn't need to suck/fuck their way to the top bc their looks grant them the earning power in the industry. Ugly, plain girls who always dreamed of modeling to show up their haturz are the ones who suck dick for work, like Dakota.

The Yakuza wouldn't bother with a fat, nobody foreigner like her, they fuck with their own and largely lesve foreigners alone because of what obvious attentionwhoring trainwrecks most white girls in Japan are, a la Sere. The only reason the Yakuza theory keeps coming up is because it might seem "cool" to dumb weebs, but it makes zero sense otherwise, compared to the much easier and much less risky option. Plus, between "being a whore" and "being kept by the Yakuza for being a kawaii baddie viral teen", which is honestly more believable? Especially considering what a whore her sister is & how okay her parents were with her sexualizing herself while underaged for attention online from old men.

No. 122867

She was never even at the top, a couple anons are just salty weebs that will never move on even though it’s been six years.

No. 123006

Since we’re already going down memory lane.

Remember koti and that Popteen bikini/beach video? They kept covering her up with a towel, and separating her from the other girls. What the fuck was that all about anyway? I doubt she was that much bigger than the “biggest” models there.

I loved all the koti conspiracies, it was such a fun time waster when she still had milk.

No. 123096

I, too, miss Dakota's milk.

Remember when this video surfaced?
I can't believe they even agreed to do a profile video with her dressed like that and wearing such hideous makeup. She filmed another lulzy awkward one in her apartment later, probably because this one was unusable.

No. 123150

File: 1606639895021.png (345.3 KB, 957x1016, oof.png)

She covered herself up with a towel and kept covering herself with her arms.

I don't think Popteen told her to do it, she probably chose to when she realized that the smol body she shooped herself into would be exposed.

Found the old videos here >>531885

No. 123307

File: 1606706632561.png (313.64 KB, 456x372, Untitled.png)

the one thing i want to find is the pic of her with minnie mouse ears making the most hideous face that was put in a thumbnail among pretty models. it was so fucking funny but i can't find it in the old threads. it HAD to have been a vendetta by her company.

No. 123312

File: 1606706839534.png (854.72 KB, 817x450, 1493829934848.png)

if she'd just stop pretending she didn't have this massive meaty jaw that ALWAYS causes these gross lines in her face when she smiles these shoops wouldn't be so jarring

No. 123339

she could just learn to smile better, though. No one looks good making that potato face with lizard lips.

This pic, even though it's not model pretty, is so much better. >>123307

I am tinfoiling that maybe she got botox to reduce her jaw, though I am not familiar with how noticeable the effects would be. Or where she got the money for that.

No. 123998

File: 1606996926760.jpeg (679.82 KB, 828x828, E4CF6D4E-3267-454C-A517-BBA947…)

Lol she was so mentally ill for this

No. 124139


Did she put her phone or camera on a timer then put it on the floor of a best buy?

No. 124178

This was a family excursion pic from one of her old home visits. This was probably Kiki/Scott trying to be artsy or yeah, her phone on the floor.

No. 124197

Sage for ot, but this is a dreary ass beach pic, yet the weather reflects Dakota's presence rather well!

No. 124804

lol so trashy

No. 127552

File: 1608591312368.png (740.53 KB, 720x767, Screenshot_20201221-175302~2.p…)

The shrunken head shooping is back! She made her head almost half the size of everyone else's.

No. 127592

dare i say this isn't PS'd? if she had her choice in photo selection and editing, surely she'd make herself look less like a hunchbacked goblin. i just think it's her thin, limp, volumeless hair that's making her head look so small. good to see her out with girls her age, even if she does look like the spergiest out of all of them.

No. 127627

Reality check anon, caucasian faces typically look smaller in contrast to japanese faces. All the girls are smiling too, which also makes their cheeks look bigger

No. 127739

File: 1608668917944.jpeg (863.65 KB, 828x1450, 50131190-98BC-4718-A7C8-4EFB43…)

She never posted this photograph and I lurked multiple accounts tagged in the photo and two other girls posted two of these pics on their ig and it looks the same. They aren’t flattering and they aren’t edited, I’m sorry her head size bothers you.

No. 127814

spot the lesbian

No. 128004

Every time we call her a lesbian an Ostrenga cries out in anger

No. 128283

Loooool what is this racist shit?? Unshooped pic of Dakota, that's rich.

No. 128427

Shane from The L Word vibes

No. 128613

Nta but refuckinglax. It’s literally consistently said that Asian faces tend to be wider than Caucasian faces, their skulls are broader.

No. 128762

Koots has never had a small anything, don't even have to scroll back that far to see how wide her face is on >>123312 and >>117108

No. 128846

idk if shes trying to look cool and aloof but she always looks depressed or like she doesnt want to be there in group pics. why are you so sad koots

No. 128951

how is it racist to compare features of different people which literally are part of what biologically defines a race or is typical across some nation…
without even saying anything negative at that.

feel free to 'loool racist!!1' at the next person who says that Indians have dark hair or that the Dutch are tall.

No. 128956

It's racist to say that Asian skulls are 1/3 bigger than white skulls, the same way it was racists on /cgl/ claiming only Asians can do the flat-footed Asian squat and white people can't bc of the bones in their knees- it's all flexibility. In this case, Dakota has no hair visible on her head almost, and is tilting her head back. Her face isn't a pinched baby fetus so of course it's shooped, probably not full blown PS but definitely snow filtered and facetuned. Either way, Dakota nor her enabler friends would ever post an ""unshooped" pic of her anywhere. Her own employers won't even do that, are you kidding??(stop derailing about kooters head size)

No. 129164

A redtext and a ban for using sage in a dead thread to say Asians and Caucasians don't have different sized skulls & implying so is racist… And none of the posts actually derailing are redtexted. Curious, curious.

No. 129223

i feel like mods don't read threads and just click on whatever shit someone reports then ban based on that alone

No. 129248

File: 1609280620356.jpeg (214.3 KB, 828x444, 3E2195D3-8C24-4B22-963C-91AF02…)

Probably because it’s true?(stop derailing about kooters head size)

No. 129645

No, it's because your post history has an earnest conviction for kooters head.

We can see post histories.

No. 129721

No. 131003

File: 1610077965778.jpeg (424.54 KB, 828x1069, E4B0EA47-0DAB-4DBA-A7E2-306554…)

I love how she always looks like a rude sour bitch

No. 131004

File: 1610078008123.jpeg (376.9 KB, 828x659, 93B07405-262B-401F-8A31-DEF7DB…)

No. 131013

She's just looking down.

No. 131018

Watch the video.

No. 131033

She's trying to act tough because of the content anon. Is there actual milk here or is this just about what you think of her face?

No. 131046

The “content” was a bts where everyone was not working and having fun while she stood there looking as bored and disinterested as she always does. WK harder over something so small.

No. 131084

Dif anon, but she doesn't really share all that much in common with the real world as she spends 95% of her time sleeping/playing video games. It also doesn't really look like they're having fun as the one guy is just eating/reading a script and nothing much else is happening. The large mic above them and script seems like it is actually content from the show.

No. 131206

This is a containment thread. We have routinely shared occasional updates about the content of legendary cows for archival purposes on lolcow. There’s literally no reason to turn an offhand comment attached to a kooter update into a debacle.

No. 131218

I think of her as a dormant volcano. Maybe one day she'll start to rumble again. That's why I'm glad she still has her own thread.

No. 131390

You can hear by the talking and the mic above them that they're shooting some scene, not hanging out off camera.

No. 131476

File: 1610240441363.jpeg (107.57 KB, 694x748, 9F24BDFD-8F98-40F7-BA95-CB8E66…)

Not recent just wanted to share how much I love this picture

No. 131681

She looks like Chucky

No. 131846


She doesn't ever seem to look like she enjoys herself there. It's like she just stays to keep away from her family.

No. 131869

Stop vendettasperging over nothing, you're so annoying.

No. 131891

Tf is that, mashed potato?

No. 131897

File: 1610465039965.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, C0C0DB52-507E-447D-9857-B8D827…)

Welp. Kota is home in the states and acting retarded with kaka. Wonder if she’s possible stuck there ?

No. 131902


Those videos were a hard watch but I really miss their combined retard powers. They both peak when they're together.

Either that or she uploaded old content to keep the "in Japan" image going depsite being home for a while.

No. 131919

What is this? Is it another part of the American Police show she was on?

She always looks like shes frowning and looking at the floor when she's not talking or walking a runway, she has resting bitchface. Why hire a model that looks so down, idk, but kota always looks like she's off daydreaming in her own little world unless she's being spoken to or photographed.

No. 131920

That’s lord farquaad

Definitely, because it shows that they legit have the brain cells of inbred children

No. 131925

File: 1610471734242.jpeg (288.02 KB, 828x815, 44A42BF9-7D7A-47F0-B534-779F72…)

Thankful Cathy was gracious enough to film all these clips of two retards fighting with glow sticks in the backyard using light machines from when Kaka pretended to be a dj in her room

No. 131967

This was at an event called "dazzling nights" at Leu Gardens in Orlando. It's around the corner from Cathy's house. It ended on the 5th, so the video must be old.

No. 131968

Kota could still be home with her sister though. Could be why Kaka is actively posting stories. Would be delicious if both of them had to move back home.

No. 131996


thank you for the Floridian lore anon


I want back home spergfest reunion youtube so badly. 2021 is the year of the cow so I'm holding out that my two prime holsteins start delivering again

No. 132006

Did anyone record it, it's no longer on her insta.

No. 132007

I did, but I'm not sure how/where to post mp4s.

No. 132029

It wasn’t really interesting jsyk, never showed faces and was just them flailing like tards and pretending to battle for attention. There was also a video of Dakota filming Kiki’s mommy ass as she was walking in front of her on the sidewalk and she was saying “it look gooood bro” in that stupid voice they use.

No. 132045

actually, yes, she is probably stuck in the United States. She probably was running out of her visa time and had to leave to renew, and the travel ban went into effect due to the new covid restrictions in Japan. People from the US and a list of other countries, are currently banned for reentry until further notice.


No. 132055

Wait, so how long has she been there? Months?

No. 132077

Doubt it, she was there at least until December, see >>127552

The last couple of times she went home was for New Year's as well. I doubt kota will post much again until she's back in Japan, but kaka probably will because of how much she loves vauge kotaposting when they've been interacting. Bless that travel ban.

No. 132092

Dakota is the only other person beside her parents and tinder pump and dumps that she interacts with, so I’m sure it’s quite the event for her.

No. 132205

How long do we suspect this travel ban will be, and will she even have enough money to go back? Fuck, the two of them together is milk potential. I wonder if Kota had to give up modelling would she become a normy or try to reinvent herself with new shoops and new attitude.

No. 132250

File: 1610589445427.png (546.53 KB, 768x1024, Untitled13_20210113195611.png)

Fixed the image stretch

No. 132261

I hope to see the video and wonder if there are more milky candids of them acting retarded out there.

kek she really is a stump.

No. 132566

File: 1610718115942.jpeg (448.76 KB, 1121x1340, 2964EFDA-E103-4008-B910-3681A0…)

Now when I think about it I feel like Dakota is copying that Katou chan girl. The bald white and Japanese (French and Japanese) model who worked within Larme.

The same hair, same poses, I think they’re friends too.

No. 132567

File: 1610718285281.jpeg (202.33 KB, 1091x1347, 9CF358A7-B0E4-4C30-9822-D1795F…)

No. 132569

File: 1610718693519.jpeg (326.83 KB, 1103x1098, 30C58873-48FD-4428-8815-4D7765…)


Yep they’re friends

No. 132576



No. 132626

I wonder what the deal is with her fancy 2dk shibuya apartment is like. Is someone watching it or… It's not like Dakota can travel back to Japan so easily now with rona.

No. 132709

Not to derail but I 've noticed certain users on here will call any woman who doesn't have incredibly thick hair bald. Seems ridiculous. It's true that comparatively she doesn't have the ultra thick luscious curtains of hair that some women do but she's hardly bald, lmao.

No. 132732

If you mean the big apartment in Shibuya that she had in 2015, she hasn't been in that one for a long time. She moved at least 2 or 3 times since that apartment, and each time her living space got smaller, as well she started taking less pics indoors and posting less often in general.

The most likely scenario considering cost of living and rent prices is that she stays with friends for cheap or free so she can physically be in Japan to work small jobs to avoid her family and moving back to the states.

No. 132735

It’s best to ignore really.

Girl where have you been? You can’t possibly think she’s still staying there, on top of the fact that she makes peanuts now it’s been six years gtfo. She probably lives in a renovated small apartment or stays with a friend/partner. Either way we won’t find out so there’s no sense in speculating over something so meaningless.

No. 132789

Would she have to have a lease to keep a visa, or could she get away with squatting with a friend under the table as long as she keeps working enough jobs for a visa?

No. 132833

She would just need proof it’s her residence, at this point they’re probably more lenient given she’s been there for years and she likely has an immigration lawyer. Again no point in speculating, she could have a spousal visa now. Who cares.

No. 132908

Her name is Nana Kato/加藤ナナ and is actually quite popular and a good model. There are a lot of videos of her on youtube. She is like the polar opposite of kota and actually appears to have an enjoyable unique personality of her own.

No. 133317

Would anyone like to make the new Kiki thread since it’s postlocked now? I would but I don’t have a good thread pic.

No. 133393

Just use the Armie Hammer one from the last pic.

No. 133434

oh my god, i haven't followed kooters since 2012, she's still in nipponland?!
what is this with a shibuya apartment she was living in? was she married to someone who got her in the agency and got her all those gigs?
can't believe she's still at it 8 years later,i don't even know how old she is anymore
this is so popcorn worthy
what's she gonna do now that she won't be able to go back to japan for a while?
what happened to her jelly sister?

No. 133437

You might be on to something. Checked her IG and looks as if she took kooter pictures too.

No. 133441

What? She lived in an apt in Shibuya like six years ago. She’s 25 now, and she’s probably sitting at her parents house acting like a literal downs with Kiki.

No. 133752

File: 1611255558883.png (3.84 MB, 750x1334, 6CF53E28-52CB-4EBA-866E-98BC3D…)

God love kaka for low key updating us on kooters. I’m seriously rooting for a come back of the pair.

No. 133774

Parking garage at lake eola. I have a feeling they've been here since last thread when Dakota posted the picture of the lake with Florida hospital in the background.

No. 133837

Someone please make a new Kiki thread, I'm so confused. I thought she moved to LA? Is she back in Florida?

No. 133984

>just could not resist taking off her mask to show her hagraven face
I love how they both still think that acting obnoxious and retarded for attention is the pinnacle of humor. Really haven’t changed a bit. The cow never roams far from the pasture.

Yes, I’m awaiting a new Kiki thread too! She either latergrammed that pathetic post of her dancing alone in her bedroom or she’s been in Florida this entire time and that apartment isn’t even in LA.

No. 134037

It's probably old seeing as she always posts things slowly to give the illusion she's still there. Think back to her Japan trip kek. Looking at this now >>133752 they're the same clothes she wore in >>131897 . Can't imagine having a life so uneventful that you'd have to post pictures from the same day for weeks/months just to look lively.

I wonder if Kota gets completely dropped from her agency due to being trapped in the states, will we have an incoming sperge? It also seems like Kota is maintaining her weight without having to use more coolscuplting.

No. 134058

Good for her for finally controlling herself. Also no circle lenses, no hair extensions, no heavy makeup. She could really benefit from some lash and brow tint, she’s not the kind of girl that looks good with no makeup-makeup but at least she’s not in that infuriating slob phase anymore. The bowl cut is kind of terrible and looked much better choppy like it was for a minute but it seems as though she’s finally accepted herself.

No. 134563

I made a nrw thread in /pt/, but I don't know how to link threads, sorry.

No. 135854

I guess it finally got to her because after having her signed for literally 3 years, they finally fixed her YT link typo.

That goes to show that she is somehow, inexplicably, still affiliated with Platinum despite how little they update her page and her not working for months.

No. 136014

Not really tbh. It could have been fixed for a while now, but nobody is keeping close tabs on Kota anymore. Atm, it's suspected that she's stuck in the states until travel bans are lifted. I'm curious how she or her parents are going to afford to fly her back when the father is probably the only earner in the household. However, I feel like the parents downsized or just bought a new home and that explains the room Kaka's been jamming in.

No. 136351

If they sold their house, maybe it could have something to do with Kaka being spotted in Chicago a while back?

No. 136362

It was fixed within the last 3 months >>115643

No. 136461

Hmm, I wonder if they might expect her to make youtube videos in the states for work? I believe Bravo had her do a few sponsored videos like that Joma juice thing in the past. Could explain the updating of the youtube link as she can't do physical work for them in Japan atm.

No. 136834

I hope not to get a ban for bumping this thread, but this bitch has an English wikipedia page?

How the fuck is this possible. There are a million nobodies who deserve a page more than this loser and get deleted for "lack of notability." Hell, experts with PhDs and multiple publications are often denied wikipedia pages. But "real Barbie doll" shitstain gets a page?

There's no way Kooter meets these guidelines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Notability
>"Sources"[2] should be secondary sources, as those provide the most objective evidence of notability. There is no fixed number of sources required since sources vary in quality and depth of coverage, but multiple sources are generally expected.[3] Sources do not have to be available online or written in English. Multiple publications from the same author or organization are usually regarded as a single source for the purposes of establishing notability.
>"Independent of the subject" excludes works produced by the article's subject or someone affiliated with it. For example, advertising, press releases, autobiographies, and the subject's website are not considered independent.

I'd love to get to the bottom of who set this page up. I note that the leukemia claim is mentioned.

and kek at the fact that she is listed as an actively working model. On what fucking planet?

This article is blatant propaganda/self-promotion and needs to be removed.

No. 136887

I didnt know she was a in a mv

No. 136957

she stood around awkwardly in one

No. 137003

This must mean she's planning a comeback using her Japan saga as experience for some kind of model influencer role. As to "how", just plain lying to make herself seem far more legitimate than she ever actually was, but the Ostrengas never do anything without a reason so we should probably keep an eye on Kootie, since all her work opportunities in Japan have dried up since FILA.

No. 137004

If it mentions her bullshit leukemia claim, then perhaps whoever was jerking off over her at Modelpress had a hand in it. Modelpress shilled the leukemia lie when nobody else did, and also they were one of her biggest publicators during her runway bump when she was working the most for Rakuten/Girls Award. Someone in Rakuten/GA/Modelpress has had a think for Koots since around 2013.

No. 137086

how do you report a wikipedia article for not being notable? It even has her "early life" with her family moving states. What a joke. She's not a big enough model or talent to have an article.

I'm not rabid about this issue except from the perspective of keeping wikipedia for actually significant people/things. She has done nothing worth recording. Even her viral period was unremarkable.

No. 137202

Seems mainly edited by some account named Lulabying and the wiki has been around since 2019. The user also did becki cruels wiki.

There seems to be a lot of useless people that have pages.

No. 137318

it's actually hilarious that somebody is so bothered by a wiki page existing.

No. 137739

Literally Google it.

No. 137941

I remember seeing her alien baby dorito chin shoops years ago and thinking she just got massive amounts of surgery kek. Somehow I didn’t think of photoshop or snow as a possibility.

No. 138664

you can write your own wiki page on yourself. tons of nobodies do it

No. 139545

File: 1614311366211.png (365.57 KB, 443x597, 144632.png)

It seems like she's stopped editing, except for small imperfections.

No. 139563

File: 1614327184958.jpeg (449.01 KB, 828x844, 50AB03AB-1AF6-4CB0-B934-EA2C22…)

Please Dakota, use lash tint. Other than this and the photo posted above, she posted a story of Kiki (obnoxiously, of course) talking about how Koots finally has an ass in the jeans she’s wearing.

The Japanese caption translates to “I want to be tamed…” in English. Any moonanese speakers want to correct this for me? Can’t imagine her putting such a gay caption.

No. 139564

File: 1614327390706.jpeg (183.68 KB, 828x1132, 3EE133B9-6F5C-4AE9-BD09-EAF88C…)

Nothing really interesting. Kota remains pretty quiet and milkless.

No. 139570

I wonder if she's still planning to go back to Japan after all this. I feel like Kota is finally maturing, but hopefully being back around Kiki doesn't set that back.

No. 139571

she's just saying that she'd like to keep the fish she photographed as pets

No. 139573

I think we’re just being too optimistic by thinking she’s any different if she acts exactly the same when she’s around Kiki. She’s different because she has friends and lives in a country that values manners. She puts on the obnoxious hick act the moment she’s back with Kiki.

No. 139588

she will always be a piece of shit. only shitty people lie about having cancer.

No. 139605

I agree, she's just gotten smarter about her image especially while in Japan. She seems unchanged from their stickam days when with Kaka.

No. 139641

Can we save the melodrama for people that actually deserve it? Christ, some of you talk like she’s Hitler. Pipe down Yukapon.

No. 139829

lmao saying "only shitty people lie about having cancer" is like saying she is Hitler? No. This isn't ancient milk. This is something she did in Japan and somehow is getting away with. Why do you care if I think she's shit for life or not?

When she and Himezawa (and any other lying cancer cows) own up and apologize for lying about having cancer, I may alter my opinion of them. But they never will. People like them never learn until they experience real tragedy, and even then, they often don't.

No. 139838

It is ancient milk. Everyone else has moved on with their lives.

No. 139839

File: 1614601014154.jpg (88.39 KB, 682x747, 2021-03-01 131554.jpg)

Are we sure she's not shooping herself anymore?

No. 139844

2 steps forward

9 steps backwards.

No. 139857

File: 1614618737781.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1286, 8CFBFE8C-8F82-4FD2-A8D1-9AB861…)

In Japan, blessed to be away from Kaka’s bloodcurdling squawking

No. 139881

is she wearing lenses here or is that snow enlarging her eyes? Her irises don't fit in her white space anymore. I don't have snow/meitu app so idk how that works

No. 139883

Nayrt but
It's not ancient. Not to be pedantic but it's barely 3 years ago and she used it to get press and jobs. There are other flakes in a similar vein to Kooter that still have their 5-10 years past minor transgressions brought up. With Kooter, she did something shitty enough recently enough that a lot of people aren't about to move on and forget. That's all. Stop trying to whitewash it.

No. 139890

It's also strange that she claimed to have had cancer while doing jobs. I think we computed when it had to have been, and it was right in the middle of her (albeit brief) time with popteen. She likes to post her bruises but I've never seen her with scars that would suggest a port or longer-term IV during that time.

Would make more sense to claim cancer when she wasn't working, but the timeline didn't work that way.

No. 139891

what parent would let their kid go through cancer treatment in a foreign country alone


No. 139896

she's back already?

No. 139899

Do you know what whitewashing means?

No. 139908


The shape of her head is all funny from shrinking her jaw and enlargening her eyes on snow. It's still an improvement over the legendary OTT shoops.

No. 139927

She's wearing lenses here, you can see the border of them

No. 139943

>Stop trying to whitewash it.


No. 139951

Sage for OT but she'd make a great Armin from attack on titan lol

No. 139998

A lash lift/tint and making her hair choppy again would make a world of a difference. She always looks so sickly, and unlike Kaka she actually has the potential to look at least somewhat cute.

No. 140133

File: 1614745393042.jpg (165.14 KB, 458x700, tumblr_lpbw2tln5e1qljbqro1_500…)

has kota and kiki always not followed each other on instagram? or is that a new thing?(sage)

No. 140179

>extremely old pic
>not saged

No. 140644

Idk how a pic of her wrapped in a towel os proof that she's back in Japan during a travel ban, but OK. I'll just take it with a boulder of salt due to the fact that the good ol' "looks like she stopped shooping her pics! (And is now the only girl on spcial media who doesn't after a literal decade of getting handouts for sexy pedobaiting hafu shoops? sure)" and "lying about cancer is NBD, jeezus CHRIST let it go already HATERZ! Ur obsessed!" censorship is of course posted right alongside it like obvious clockwork.

>kootie is a shooped, lying potato who was too smart to not fuck up the easiest handout any white weeb ever got & can't accept that even lolcow now gives more of a shit about younger, prettier nobodies than her & her crone sister

I doubt she's in Japan, the koi pond pics have a blurry sign in the back in English with no Japanese, and tagging a salon she bought a face peel from for PR points on IG doesn't prove she's in Japan at the salon. They didn't post or repost her pics, so it looks like she's still just trying to pretend she's in Japan while she does JP brand promos with shit she can be shipped in America, like she did with the Midiumsolid dress and the Glitter hoodie, both of which were done while she was laying low in Florida on a visahop.

No. 140645

>Look everyone, Kota's back working in Japan, no longer shoops her pics at all, never lied about having severe cancer and also got a special pass to fly internationally during a global pandemic travel ban to take a paid towel selfie in her apartment for a spa mask! This is essential work only an unedited, all natural top model based in Tokyo could ever do! Not only is it totally believable, if you disagree or criticize it means you're a fat ugly loser who is STILL jealous of Kota!

No. 140646


The milky part about her leukemia claim was that she fucked up. She thought acute leukemia run through Google translate meant "less severe blood cancer" because her middle school math education taught her that acute = small (acute/obtuse). Modelpress and I think even the Girl's Award pages picked it up and ran with it, because at the time she made the claim she was ballooning up while at Popteen & not working for anyone else but Rakuten. She was regularly covered in bruises, gaining weight like crazy and going out all thentine while barely working & her excuse was gonna be minor cancer, but she goofed hard.

The funny thing about it all is how it seems like it's not allowed to be discussed, yet MP is OK to post about it and it's OK to put it on her wiki pages (despite being "ancient"?). That's the suspicious part, it has to be associated with her, but it can't be discussed? That means it's only an excuse or coverup for something else, like gaining 30 pounds as a model who isn't regularly modeling, yet is pushed by big name brands as a model and parties/lives like one.

No. 140659

Anyone else look at those accounts she tagged? Shebtagged the clinic, but also two people who work there- one does nonsurgical breast enlargement (fillers maybe?) as well as jowl-removal, one does double eyelid surgery with minimal scarring, and one is of the clinic she got the black mask from, but the clinic was posting about the product she's using now last June (meaning it's probably not promo for the product, the product is a prop for the promo). Maybe the reason every new selfie she posts gets the obligatory "she stopped shooping" lie is because she's trying to get subtle procedures done & getting discounts for PR insta posts? All those accounts deal with issues she's been self conscious of for her entire career, now it's literally centered around them.

No. 140679

She’s back in Japan because she tagged the salon in her stories in present tense and had JUST gone to get the facial. Fucking tard.

No. 140708

Except for the whole "travel ban", and the fact that she could have used an old pic at the salon for her latergram promo of the black peel they promoted 6 months ago. I'm not in Japan, but I could easily repost one of my trip pics, tag myself in one of the locations and pretend I went back there whenever I want- it's that easy. But whenever she gets a shop promo they always at least repost her promo selfies and tag her, which didn't happen this time. If ahe posted "proof" that she was back in Japan to her story & a farmer saw it, it doesn't mean shit bc stories are 24hrs only. Koti wouldn't pass up a chance to post recent proof of her being in Japan to her profile, no matter how unflattering like the American Police show pics. My guess is she got a freebie when she was in Japan (prior to the pics with Kiki) at the shop, bought whatwver was new at the time & saved it for latergram ammo while she rides out the pandemic without a Japan visa.

No. 140709

>"look guise, koti's in Japan, looking thin and young, not shooping and still getting jobs!"
>hey probably not bc all these logical, real world reasons any adult can understand & accept
>"Tard/Retard" response to whoever doesn't stan kooder

Maybe if you switched up the insult the stanning wouldn't be so obvious. Slinging the word retard/tard is becoming so cliché in Ostrenga threads.

No. 140710

Adding to this, I think Kiki and Kota had a fight & that's why Kiki posted the videos of them in FL sperging. She had to know that posting proof of Kota in FL during a travel ban would shit on her sister's fantasy narrative of living in Japan full time & having a visa- if she had one, she could have stayed in JP to ride it out instead of FL, but now she can't pretend to be back in JP after that without explaining how she magically gets to ignore an international travel ban to take one of the longest flights possible just to not get work as a 25 year old tarento with a sketchy portfolio of shoops.

No. 140732

They storied about to too you psycho

No. 140768

if she does have a valid visa, she's free to come and go from japan as she pleases (even though she shouldn't)

No. 140842

File: 1615372037219.jpg (61.81 KB, 675x440, D1LlW79XcAIRfOS.jpg)

It's hilarious to look at these images nowadays when everyone shoops and filters so much, and to think people back then saw these peg legs and arms, blurry cleavage, shooped smile and giant eyes, and legitimately thought they were real photos

No. 140883

Considering that her post was in present tense and the establishment posted a story about her in the present tense as well, she’s back in Japan. So she has a visa. Really she would’ve just quarantined at a hotel and then went home. I don’t see the big fuss tbh.

No. 140933

Ancient milk but… I mostly remember everyone panning Koots universally for the overly photoshopped shit that it was, especially on CGL and Tumblr.

The only people who ever insisted it was real were their own parents or their selfposts.

No. 140953

Having a visa doesn't make you able to travel during a travel ban. Also, it doesn't matter what tense she wrote her caption in, bc Kota posting a caption on a selfie isn't proof of her being in Japan. Why can't she post another bedroom selfie from her JP bedroom? Why so many months between "proof" posts that can actually be faked quite easily? She had no problem going to see the cherry blossoms, to shops and parks before so why not now? That's what's sus. She used to make a point to post pics and vids of her farting around ~in Japan~ with her friends, but can't do it now after Kiki posts pics of her in FL during the ban when she can't easily return? Sure, Jan. And again, this is the first time she's done a "promo" post where the shop didn't repost or tag her, which makes me think it's a fake promo she simply tagged because it's in Japan & she's trying to do damage control bc Kiki outed her.

It makes more sense for her to be in America with her family during the pandemic/travel ban than it does to pretend she was allowed to reenter Japan with a special visa she doesn't have to work for just to sit on her ass and pretend to be a model in her friends' apartment while she struggles to get 1 instagram promo every 6-8 weeks.

No. 140955

You’re nuts

No. 140956

Neither of those stories were posted here or seen by anyone but stans, so I doubt they ever existed tbh. This is an imageboard, you have to post pics or it basically never happened. Plus, if it was a legit promo then posting it only to their story was a mistake, because they only last 24 hours. Every other brand she's done a promo for had no problem reposting her, so if this one was legit, it probably means they didn't want to be associated with her any more than they absolutely had to. Considering there is now no proof that it was a legit promo aside from Kota's post (casusl reminder that Dakota Ostrenga is a pathological liar who lied about having severe blood cancer to justify gaining 30 pounds and not working while living it up as a model, also several cosmetic procedures), I doubt it was a real promo because if so that's a dirty move on their part.

No. 140957

For that matter, if she was back in Japan then she would be posting apartment selfies and pics with her kawaii hafu friends, but she isn't. What happened to them, anyway? I feel like she's been posting them less and less.

No. 140961

>Under the current policy that bans new arrivals, only citizens and residents with valid statuses are allowed to re-enter the country.

She would have to be a citizen or have permanent residency to reenter Japan during the travel ban after self quarantine, which I highly doubt she has considering how low her quality of life is when she can post from Japan. Ppl from some countries are allowed to enter Japan on business visas but modeling doesn't seem to qualify, at least not the seasonal instagram modeling she does (definitely not enough for a work visa at least).

No. 140981

Dakota rarely updates, you sound crazy. Plenty of people get around the travel ban, I don’t know what to tell you. This thread gets real creepy sometimes, hard to believe it isn’t one buttmad sperg. This dumpy old bitch doesn’t do anything.

No. 140992

I remember participating in "de-shoop" threads. Funny to see that I was pretty close. Even besides the shooped body, eyes, and face shape. No one has a mouth shaped like that naturally.

No. 141003

agreed, there are ways around bans in just about every country.

Japan is harsh with quarantine but it can be done.

No. 141004

That polish model Leleerka or however her name is, has a model/entertainment visa for japan but isn’t allowed to enter due to current travel bans. So I guess this type of visa isn’t allowed atm. Probably only spouse, valid working and permanent residence visas.

No. 141037

At this point, I'd say it's a 50/50 or 35/65 chance she is or isn't in Japan. Even if she gets back in, does she have the money to stay afloat in Japan? The modelling industry is probably slow AF right now and Kooter's hasn't had any work in months. What's the point of going back if she can't afford living expenses. ( Food, housing, travel etc) Don't think her father's income can support Kaka, himself and Kooter's livelyhood. Plus I'm doubtful a friend is going to want to carry Kooter until she finally gets another job as nobody knows when that'll be. I wonder when her contract ends with the company she's with.

No. 141152

I live in Tokyo, as long as you are a resident/have a zairyu card (it doesn't have to permanent), you are allowed back in. We don't really know her situation and she might actually have a valid visa

No. 141195

Honestly one reason I think she might be in Florida is the total lack of mask at the aquarium, a public place where it would be absolutely required in any reasonable area. We know Florida doesn't give two shits about the pandemic…

No. 141239

Exactly. I’m baffled by the reactions. Weebs continue to think moonland is some special unattainable place that Dakota can’t possibly have access to. The hag is almost 30 and posts on socials like three times a year. Sounds like Yukapon is mad she’s not allowed back in like everybody else kek. Besides, Kiki is the one who lies about Japan. As far as I know, Dakota is a resident.

No. 141262

I know you don’t like her but is ageism the newfat shaming i would understand if it’s a man trashing on women but a women age shaming an other women is hilarious

No. 141280

Relax your autism please, I’m her age retard. It’s used as a marker for the fact that she isn’t a 16 year old grift anymore, it’s weird to not move on. If you can’t handle this then get on asherahs garden btw.

No. 141525


Dakota doesn't pretend to be 16…? The milk is so dry. She's not a hag for being in her mid-late twenties. Please only post if there is actual tea

No. 141573

>weebs continue to think moonland is some special unattainable place
it's expensive to live in big cities in japan. some apartments require the equivalent of a down payment of thousands of dollars. they also tend to jack up prices for foreigners. it's very, very weird for her to be living there alone on what seems to be a meager paycheck is all. if she does live there alone i assume her parents send her money

No. 141602

Wtf are you talking about sperg? Anon said that she isn’t 16 anymore, maybe learn to read before you try to reply with le epic pwns.
shut the fuck up you clueless newfag

No. 141624

I think it was theorized before that she was crashing at friends, however, how long will they tolerate a freeloader? She's been broke for years now and with covid, I wouldn't be surprised if even her parents are struggling a bit. Unless she has a Bf that she was staying with that doesn't mind covering all of the bills. Her having a BF would explain why she doesn't seem distressed about money or having to find another place to crash. A friend would expect compensation from Kota where SO's are more lenient.

No. 141646

What do you know that makes you think she is a resident?

True, Florida is a Covid hotbed because the masks aren't really taken seriously there, especially at events because selfies, but Japan takes it quite seriously.

No. 141701

She could literally be married and we’d never know, I don’t understand so much baseless speculation.

No. 141810

ppl speculate because she never posts anything about her life minus the times she pretends she’s still a relevant cultural icon in japan with a full time modeling job, neither of which are true, so we wonder how she is still living there (if she even is)

No. 141843

It’s pretty simple to fill in the blanks. You don’t have to be a model to live in Japan. Lame foreigners with few skills live there by the hundreds. I’ve never seen her pretend she’s some relevant full time model, in fact she doesn’t really say anything at all. You’re trying to stretch a millimeter into a mile. She’s an average person living the life of an average person.

No. 141853

Honestly, Dakota's thread has been nothing but speculations for the last 5-6 or more years as she's incredibly private. Maybe once every other year she spews some useless lie " I only eat ketchup on bread, I only eat once a day, I have cancer, I have a 21-inch waist, I learned Japanese from Tv, I don't know where the title "human barbie" came from, I couldn't afford to eat when I first came here (too poor)etc.

Fact is, we don't know anything about Dakota and only get tiny snippets that we have to piece together. What we do know:

>She's moved roughly twice and seeing as her furniture is gone, it's not her own place she's been crashing at. Hence why she's not flaunting it off like her old large apartment.

>Is vegan unless it pays not to be. Ate ice cream and non-vegan food on Tv in the past.
>Promoted a plastic surgery/cosmetic place's skin treatment ( suddenly and rapidly lost weight)
>Had a failed jewelry company
>Was dropped by Bravo and Libra
>Works as a glorified tour guide for her current company
>Boldly lied about having cancer and had companies publish it
>Seldomly works and is financially struggling. Hense her friend?Bf? letting her crash at their place and getting hand-me-down clothing. Or doing promos for free essentials ( haircare, skincare and clothing)
>Kota has bought most of her IG followers and her numbers have been stagnant for years. ( not growing or shrinking ) 134k
>Fitts tried to remove evidence of working with her as she was greasy and uncoordinated.
>Dakota is only listed as a talent by her company as even they know she's not model material.
>Still uses old 2011 photoshopped pictures on her profile

No. 144251

File: 1617843623698.png (3.01 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1194.png)

Kota is back in japan. she got invited to an art expo. here's an unshooped pic.

No. 144264

more likely a sugar momma than a bf, perhaps her "friends" come with benefits

No. 144268

it's a shitty as sugar mommy then because she's barely ever showing anything off

No. 144269

I think it’s just as likely and tbh more rational to think that she could be teaching English or was a tutor for it

No. 144358

this art expo looks cheap and amateur as fuck

No. 144390

File: 1617908786732.jpeg (620.73 KB, 828x737, E1770274-BBD0-4184-B1AE-AFAA0B…)

Crop for posterity

Go comb the dry shampoo out of your bangs Kiki

Putting Japan on some weird pedestal when it’s helped elevate tons of mediocre foreigners much farther than Dakota for less is one of the most tired patterns itt. Bitch is probably a tour guide living in a basic apartment doing translation and captioning on the side. She clearly isn’t with the shit anymore.

No. 144413

Not a single one if these shots indicates a natural female. Her digit ratio, chin and jaw, deep eyes and clavicle all make me think this one us male. I never looked at this person until recently, has anyone ever suggested she was trans? I think she is.(just stop)

No. 144433

Bad bait, she's just a gremlin/elfin-looking female, begone and buy some new glasses

No. 144440

File: 1617928171854.png (376.61 KB, 304x536, Untitled.png)

cute top. why's she wearing it with jeans? she always dresses like she tore through a thrift shop and just threw whatever on without caring if it matches. the lines on her face that her mouth and cheeks always make is so wretched too


No. 144451

That weird joker line always bugged me too. Even in her scene days she had it. I always thought it made her ugly. Would fillers be the way to fix it?

No. 144453

File: 1617932367895.png (146.73 KB, 333x189, Untitled.png)

im not sure. i think its just really unfortunate cheekbone placement. fillers would just make her chin area fatter

No. 144461

I dont know, I think I disagree. "She" clearly has a male clavicle and Male hands, extremely long arms, square mandible, no hips, high navel…all markers of being trans at as young age. Maybe you need glasses Anon.(Stop.)

No. 144467

I really want to believe you're a bad troll but I know there are scrotes out there that are this retarded…

No. 144474

Someone show him a pic of Kiki

No. 144490

with proper highlight and contour, she can round out her cheek bones more and lessen the harsh shadows lines we see now.

No. 144575

>m-muh scrotes trolling!!!
anon, there are dozens of women on this site who literally go on like this in multiple threads. i’m excited for your first visit to /snow/ so you can witness it firsthand!

No. 144623

But Dakota is one of our oldest cows. Newfags don’t count, the current youth we’re ushering in are too retarded.

No. 145200

File: 1618355075488.jpeg (492.92 KB, 828x1382, 08588613-3F63-45ED-AA4A-0DE79A…)

Koot updates since nobody posted them 1/4

No. 145201

File: 1618355111285.jpeg (389.51 KB, 828x1112, C6BA4EF1-7681-41A3-A506-39A6D3…)


No. 145203

File: 1618355230394.jpeg (541.64 KB, 828x1269, 59DEC495-80BD-4A75-B2F9-353538…)


No. 145204

File: 1618355381452.jpeg (526.31 KB, 828x1163, 36F7F0CB-F048-4A6D-B113-0F8F86…)


No. 145207

She smoothed her skin but didn’t seem to fuck with her jaw… is she really getting better?!

No. 145226


I dont speak moon what do they say

No. 145232


Babi has this huge sticker (in reference to whomever @babi_0913 is I assume)

Red Bull 2 Japan(dunno)

What should I eat for dinner

It's nice to be taking pictures in Saitama again after so long

No. 145236


I mean you got one out of four lol

1- I put on the sticker that babi drew
2- My second redbull
3-What should I have for dinner
4-Had a photoshoot in Saitama for the first time in a while

No. 145248

If you can't translate it, don't bother. It's not anything difficult either so I'm not sure how you goofed up.

The second picture is just her saying she's on her second Red Bull.

No. 145249

I'm gonna sage this but this fits her soft gamine/gamine style. She honestly looks pretty cute here to me.

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