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File: 1434843558036.png (1.79 MB, 1235x795, Untitled.png)

No. 124808

Last thread is in auto-sage: >>86224

Last time we left off, Dakota mentioned that she wanted to make her own brand for her 20th birthday in September, including make-up.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dakotakoti
Ameblo: http://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti
Personal blog: http://kotakoti.com/

No. 124809

She's a guest on Downtown again:

Here is another video from the car event; she appears at 4:50:

No. 124830

Lol her edited pictures are hilarious, why does she even bother

No. 124831

Well done to her.

However, I picture that her make up brand will be called something corny. It'll be similar to 'Dolly Wink' and 'Candydoll' with herself on the packaging all ps'd and lightened.

Clothing will be like a mix of Lizlisa and Monlily.

It'll be the same sort of thing but with a different name.

Japanese school girls will piss themselves with excitement because the 'living barbie' came up with it, so kota will make $$$$

I can only ever see this brand being a ONE TIME ONLY THING.

Maybe even another side brand but I don't think it'll expand any bigger than what this will be tbh.

So far, she's got a book and now she'll get a brand. What else will our dako-chan be getting in the future?

Some say 'acting roles' and I lol'd to infinity and beyond. Possibly cameo role at the most.


What do you guys think will come after her make up/clothing line brand?

No, no I'm not being salty either if any of you guys are thinking I am. I'm serious, what else do you think will happen next?

No. 124841

That brand would have to be extremely cute for me to support this bimbo. The makeup would also have to be Etude house cute with the packaging, otherwise I'm sure that too would be no better than most drugstore stuff and therefore not worth it.

Why isn't she coming out with her own Photoshop app? Kek.

But actually, how does one go about starting their own brand? Do they just commission factories from China to make the stuff and get the rights to rebrand? If it doesn't take a shitload of seed money, I'm sure if this twee can do it then so could many.

No. 124850

She should come out with a PS app lel. I guess she already kinda did that with the purikura machines.

No. 124873


This is what I was thinking aswell. It would have to be similar to Etude House, HolikaHolika and Tonymoly. All 'kawaii' and 'pretty' with a classic tint, perhaps? I know they're all gushing over the larme kei/risadoll look at the minute. So it would have to be on that path to grab her more attention.

I mean, hey if it is good I might possibly invest myself. People would start doing reviews ect but not too sure in a way because of all the PULL drama and tumblr tags.

I think a PS app would be more idle tbh. They crave that shit for their instagram over there! Big eyes, paled out and blurring. I know there is Meitu but it'd be KOTA'S APP GUYS!

Probably, they'll get the Chinese to start making it, probably use the same ingredients they use for most lipsticks and packaging all done in Japan so me thinks. Sorry, don't know much about that sort of thing.

No. 124875

I thought she wanted to get away from the dolly shit and rebrand to something more "~punk " like collars and stuff.

I maybe wouldn't buy her stuff considering I'm not an edgy teen but I'd sure like her brand to be successful so Kiki can rage in jealousy that lilkitten went to shit in a matter of days

No. 124880

I don't even need photoshop to make edits like that.
She's really bad

No. 124881


Well, I know kota kind of always wanted her own brand. Even the scene days when she was doing graphic design/designing clothes for that shit clothing line her and kiki did called "KND" aka kiki and dakota. She couldn't make a career out of art so the doll thing was the best thing for her probably to get that design career all a go.

If she does collars it'll look EXACTLY like everything that is out there. They all look the same, you've got Creepyyeha who has knock offs now. You've got Monlily doing collars, you've got etsy sellers doing collars, tumblr weebs, Swankiss… everyone is doing them and quite frankly, they're getting old. Garters, straps, the lot is repetitive.

Can't imagine it'd be lolita or pastel. I think her line would be very school girl like and typical Risadoll knock off style. Probably even similar to Avril's shitty Abbey Dawn clothing line.

I think she might even just name it after herself tbh. She desperately wants her name out there after all.

No. 124917

File: 1434855431871.png (804.95 KB, 815x453, hikki.png)

they talk about her being a hikkikomori lol

No. 124918

my shitty translating:
> i told my parents i dont wanna go to school
> we were always fighting
> i quit at age 8
guy randomly interjects "so really now, did you have plastic surgery??"
> hell nooo

No. 124948

Did she mention how she threw a toaster at her mom? SO KAWAII I LIKE TOAST EHEH.

No. 124951

meitu should have her be the face of their app lol

No. 124986

I feel like she keeps getting asked that more and more, and idk but it seems like they're getting to the point where they're going "sooo why don't you look anything like any of your pictures??" but without directly saying it. Otherwise why would why keep asking again and again.

No. 124987


She would never go fir that, China isn't kawaii like Japan.

No. 124988

>Real Barbie Doll Dakota Rose Japan model debut!

It's been almost 4 years now, how long is her "debut" gonna last? Damn, it's like she's trying to make everyone think she's just now being noticed as this big deal model and hasn't been steadily working her way up for the last 3 years.

No. 124989

aren't hikkis a bad stereotype, like "otaku" is?

No. 125003

Yup, but since she's cute, it's ~kawaii~

No. 125005

Dakota is not the car model type, and its really creepy watching her try to be one.

No. 125016

Were her cheeks always like that? I feel like she did somethind to them.

No. 125019

File: 1434867668466.jpg (415.15 KB, 720x960, o0720096013341874672[1].jpg)

Is kooter trying to look like taytay and vice versa?

No. 125021

Her modeling is so cringingly awkward. I hope she decides to give it up soon, because she is honestly not very good at it. :( I think tarento is the way to go.

No. 125025

I had to close the video, I felt bad at how she doesn't know what to do with herself!

No. 125030

>inb4 its a line of eyelashes because everyone and their dog seems to have one

No. 125031

File: 1434870686178.jpg (46.97 KB, 292x438, w292c-e_1729452.jpg)

Her legs…

No. 125032


Nah, they were just teasIng her, nobody thinks hikkikomori are cute or wuirky. They're regarded as social parasites.

No. 125034

Her face, her arms, oh heck her everything.

No. 125046

That outfit is terrible.

No. 125049

Now that's the Dakota I remember (from myspace days)

I guess shoops really do wonders

No. 125050

She looks so nice here. Too bad for her and everyone else that she looks NOTHING like this in reality.

No. 125051

I bet she is using that Meitu feature where you can elongate your legs

No. 125053

I don't think dakota looks bad here (like fat or anything) but that fucking stylist needs a new career path jfc there is nobody who could suit that hair or dress

No. 125058

Love the look, sad that none of it's real.

No. 125091

I guess if she ever launch her make up line, the quality will be crap otherwise the price will be too high for her to make a profit and fans wouldn't buy it, or not enough fans would get it. Plus wouldn't the make up be vegan since she is ? Not tested on animals and not containing any animal byproduct, it will probably drive the base price higher.
Not that japanese would probably care but that would be really confusing for a vegan to sell non vegan stuff.

Like I said in the last thread, expensive crap quality kawaii goods have a higher chance of selling with western weeaboos. Why would japanese girls buy a Dakota edition when they have a large range of kawaii stuff to chose from ? On the other end, weebs don't have "kawaii" brand cosmetics and are ready to throw their money at anything marketed that way. I was a weeaboo too and I remember spending something like $30 on a badly sewn cat ears hat with punk pins on it.

I don't get why she threw away her old fans like that, she could have milked them and do vlogs like "How to become a model in Japan", then sell them crap like Pewdipie's book.

No. 125092

Also an app is easier said than done. She probably would need a certain amount to create or buy a pre-existing app and rebrand it then launch it on the app stores. Plus isn't there a pay per install (around 80cent per install) for apps ?

Being a small actress seems likely, I can see her do the white woman part and play any european caracter they need, they probably wouldn't mind if she can't act that well anyway.

No. 125094


Exactly, it's the same questions being brought up on these tv shows/interviews with her. It's like they're secretly clowning her by slyly showing her up in a way with "well, why don't you look like your pictures?" when ofc they can see clear as day kota looks nothing like them. Popteen was the same when she first started working for them, put in the worst possible pictures of her into their magazine.

Eventually it's going to get so boring, I think they'll start asking her why she is a 'real barbie'. Especially as she gets older.

I think give it another year and that'll be it for the barbie thing. I think kota knows this, hence why she wants to immediately get that brand out there so its another direction to follow into if talento doesn't work out. I mean, yeah, alright it's good to have a back up, I'd do the same. But I think she knows, she isn't that interesting. I mean, how many living dolls are out there now? We've got the crazy Russian, the other russian barbie, Venus, French Japanese doll and not to mention a real live Ken too. So it's not exactly a new thing, I know she did this style when it wasn't as popular but it's pretty overplayed.

No. 125095


True, I remember watching Lovely Complex the live drama and they needed a black guy and two white ones to play the basket ball rivals. Dakota would have that kind of role I think.

No. 125097


stop asking*

No. 125101

The last time I saw token white people in a drama, they made them act like atrocious fools with a New York accent (because that's the only way to speak English I guess??). Dakota would be no exception I bet.

No. 125102

She might be able to keep up the Barbie thing for a lot longer, she just won't be in the spotlight. Like she will still get jobs, just be a token model. Kind of like certain super models, they have their super ultra fame moments, then just quietly fade into the background while still getting side jobs and just going about their lives quietly.

No. 125104

Shit this is adorable. Looks like theearly ttumblr Dakota (best Dakota) a bit.
Like anon said, too bad for the shoop to hell

No. 125106


Pretty much.

Doubt they'll be vegan, they don't care about that over there. Aside from places like Bodyshop ect

Exactly, they've got Jill Stuart, Etude House, Tonymoly and more ect. So it'd have to really stand out, I do think mostly her fanbase will be the ones catering to it. I do question if other models like Amo, Yula, Risa will buy it to maybe give Dakota that push… I've only ever seen kota work with Yula though and not the others.

Weebs would buy it, it's cute and can't get anything like it in their own department stores. That's whether they're a fan of her or not, you know how weebs love to spread shit about people. However, I know some weebs do support her or have started to.

I mean… I don't want it to go downhill for kota, I do hope it works out and I hope she creates a decent range. I know it'll have some kind of weird quirk because her style has always had a unique tinge. I would be interesting to see.

I do think it was stupid of her to throw away her western fanbase, whether they supported her or not. I know, yes I know she had to concentrate on Japan, learn language, fit in more ect and that not all western fans may know about Japan as much. It was a mean move to make, I get it would be a bit difficult to keep up with both but dammit, that's the point. You wanted fame, now you've got it! From both bloody ends of the world. Plus, if one fanbase ever sold you out at least you'd have the other to stick by you. But obv, she chose Japan because kawaii, they're too blind to see what's going on and yeah the style/they can market her better basically.


No. 125107


I know, it'd be one of those cringeworthy dramas and we all know how terrible Jdrama is.

No. 125108


Mmm, I think she will eventually fade out. Right now it's still her 'era' in a way, not as much compared to before but still WILL fade out. Until the next big thing comes along.

Curious to know what they'll look and be like. If this barbie thing ever does happen again then they really would have to be the full package. Interesting, looks like pics and can model or maybe sing. Definitely would have to be a little more than kota.

No. 125109

File: 1434892937932.png (1.25 MB, 981x747, shitene.png)

they just love hearing her say it…

No. 125111

wtf does it mean?

No. 125115


It's like "the hell" or something. It's a boyish, broodish thing to say. It's basically what makes her on tv, people have been saying she's cute but has a guy way of speaking Japanese. So she's playing the "I'm a doll but I can kick ya fuckin ass" sort of attitude.

Rola apparently used to talk like a 5 year old and Kota is talking like an old jiji lol

All tarento must have something that makes the crowd piss themselves with excitement

No. 125116


she suits it lol its a way for her to show the true ostrenga while being kawaii desu

No. 125446

I didn't realize that it's so her sthick now that they even subtitle it each time.

I do hope they keep bothering her about the fetal shoops.

No. 125453

File: 1434940956984.jpg (22.59 KB, 322x247, image.jpg)


No. 125454

her chin and nose are so damn pointy,she looks mixed between an elf and a witch

How the hell did she manage to shop her self to hell and back and still manage to get a modeling contract? Oh wait.. It's because she's white, with blonde hair and blue eyes isn't it hahahaha

No. 125456

Her hair is brown though

No. 125459

terrible outfit. she has a cute body though

No. 125468

no one cares about babby's first circle lens pls go

No. 125469

That's not a circle lense
Did you even look at a picture
It's a really, really bad shoop
My nose is shooped into the width of a pencil

No. 125470

You can tell it's shooped… right?

No. 125475

Dakota has been modeling in Japan for how many years now and still hasn't improved? She doesn't look like she even knows what to do with herself and just stands there awkwardly like she doesn't even want to be there.

No. 125477

Go back to PULL and stop making useless posts that draw attention to you.

No. 125480

I only made a PULL account today
Plus it was just an imitation, oh jeez, stop being so butthurt

No. 125503

its her response to the scripted question "have you had plastic surgery?" its like "no i FREAKIN havnt!" kindve a harsh answer to make her look tomboyish/too cool for school

the latest one is so rehearsed/unnatural she even does a little finger wag 'oh no you di-int' kindve action.

No. 125511

Holy shit no one cares.

No. 125531

File: 1434949217236.jpg (50.36 KB, 612x360, Atsugiri-Jason-2.jpg)



welcome to Japanese variety shows

No. 125535

my japanese a shit, but do they say at the beginning of that montage of her older pics like, "no CG kawaii realdollbarbie ningyo"

No. 125536

Yup you made a PULL account today and I just told you to go back today so yes my statement is still correct.

No. 125632

This. Japanese television is already terrible and those variety shows are scraping the bottom of the barrel for quick laughs and gimmicks. So it's funny when people think Kooter made it for being on them. The only people watching are bored housewives using it as background noise.

No. 125654

I posted this on Twitter and one guy was like 誰?可愛くないよ (who is this? Not cute…)

No. 125674

Bravo models was mentioned on youは何しに日本へ today near the end. A guy tried to walk in to get a modeling contract and they told him his portfolio wasn't strong enough and that they deal with high end designers. They showed a few examples of their models with work from brands like Chanel and there was absolutely no mention of Dakota. Thought that was interesting considering she's easily their most recognizable model to the common folk.

That guy was pretty much an lolcow too. I can't count how many times he said he's like a real Japanese and he couldn't pronounce hanko to save his life despite his obsession with using his.

No. 125695


Three years she's been there, arrived at '16' and looks like she'll be there even longer. She's even bought furniture for her apartment so, probably. But funny, what she showed us in that interview of her room didn't look very homey or cosy. I've seen Risa/Yula/Amo's rooms and yeah, I get that they're natives anyway but even they settled down right. A part of me wonders… how long does she plan being there. Unless she's opting for another manshionnn when her $$$$ comes in with her new clothing line!

Again, Japan only took interest in her because she looked animu/fit the criteria and she likes cute things even back in her scene days. I bet if America took interest in her, she'd have moved to like NY or something and stayed. Even if Korea did, I bet she'd just go to Korea. But nope, Japan got excited and so she fled.

Maybe that's just her default self? I remember an old video with her and kiki, not messing around on cam but kiki was recording them talking to some black guy… It's an old, old video and idk where you'd even find it now but I saw it on PULL ages ago. Kiki caught her sister on the video and kota was just stood by here, looking all limp and uninterested. So maybe she's just ALWAYS like that. She tends to look that way in her old old pictures too.

No. 125696


Same with Jdrama, I remember asking some of my friends over in Japan and even they were like "only people who watch those are housewives and little kids who are at home with their mother's."

Say, it's a bit like Jeremy Kyle here in the UK. Mother's who are on the dole, sit at home all day and just watch telly before getting up to do some laundry and cooking dinner before kids come back from school lol.

No. 125698


Kota has always had special treatment from the start.

1. her parents paid bravo off

2. company just wants to milk out doll juice until she's dry and boring

3. shagged her manager


No. 125703

when you google bravo models, dakota is in the top results

No. 125706

File: 1434979974663.png (345.27 KB, 754x589, Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.31…)

placed next to a dog, at the bottom of the page. nice

No. 125713


"placed next to a dog, at the bottom of the page."

LOL I wonder if it's taylor by any chance?

No. 125722

>her parents paid bravo off
>shagged her manager

Out of all the assumptions I've read on here and PULL combined, this is the most ridiculous thing to even come up with.

No. 125723


Actually if you look at the last friend, someone else came up with the third option.

I said I didn't believe she would. The other person wanted to turn it into another feminazi drama.

No. 125724

I remember that video, Kota was just hanging there like Kiki's accessory while she was flirting with this guy who went into his car and left, or something.

No. 125725


last thread* omg

No. 125727


Yeah, kota was just at the side like "why am i here" which is what she is like on these tv shows lol and its like, girl you're here cos you're the living barbie which you proclaimed yourself to be

duh ~

No. 125778

File: 1434989593052.jpg (61.49 KB, 577x1024, CHGZER7WcAASU2v.jpg)

from her samsung debut

No. 125781

File: 1434989706921.jpg (34.79 KB, 599x337, CG_Nh5GVIAEabHW.jpg)

No. 125782



No. 125792

Nice green screen

No. 125934

lol, and they moved her over with the other white models instead of keeping her in the Asian section.

No. 125935


Simple, she isn't Asian.

No. 125944

why would she be there. shes not asian ya goofball

No. 125947


HOWEVER, do I can recall on one of the interviews they did ask if she was 'hafu' and I nearly choked on my drink when I heard that.

I see no trace of oriental in her.

No. 125975

because they cant believe foreigners can possibly learn their mystical moon language

No. 125979

File: 1435006875967.jpg (172.56 KB, 500x500, large.jpg)


Don't most hafu (white/asian ones) look like this anyway

Tell me how kota has those eyes lol

No. 125981

File: 1435006945984.jpg (168.73 KB, 909x656, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)

No. 125985

File: 1435007090333.jpg (128.36 KB, 1366x768, 219cj75.jpg)


At first I used to think she was doing the whole typical fringe thing asian girls have to pass off as half… She's not and she wasn't. Obv, but at the time that's when she started getting asked "are you hafu?"

No. 125986

right. its not physically possible for a halfu to have blue eyes - recessive genes man. both mama and papa have to have it.

No. 126006

Ummm yes it is.

No. 126013

File: 1435008893711.jpg (105.07 KB, 500x500, 7146623181_130e34cef3.jpg)

Wrong. I feel like we've gone over this in a past thread lmao

No. 126020


They look weird with light eyes, I remember seeing a hafu ginger kid too. Probably what Jun & Rachel's will look like.

But most do have the Azn genes. Still Kota ain't hafu.

No. 126021

File: 1435010166739.jpg (33.17 KB, 499x602, Ginger asian man_b25e47_501416…)

No. 126026

They're not wrong. They have to have blue eyes on both sides of their family, that could have been mixed in so far back that it's otherwise completely undetectable, though. Giving the impression that the person has nothing but Japanese (Or whatever other race) Ancestry.

No. 126027

On the topic of variety, I honestly want to see her on the same show as Hard Gay

No. 126045

What is wrong with her legs anon???

No. 126048

Compare it to her shooped photo linked to it and you'll see.

No. 126056

Kinda OT, but I think she got the special edition Type O Final Fantasy PS4. I'm a little mirin ngl.

No. 126073

Everyday somebody asks me if i am hafu. I have a round moon face and blue eyes. But they think i'm wearing circle lenses

No. 126077

Wow! I'd love to know more, anon!

No. 126087

Not sure if it's sarcasm
But if you have a moon face and wear japanese fashion/make up they think you are half (also happend to a friend)

No. 126096

File: 1435019542522.jpg (30.44 KB, 500x375, stop-posting-big.jpg)

literally nobody gives a shit. Stop self posting

No. 126098

You're both dense as fuck.

No. 126101

Next time, write '/s' at the end or something Jesus.

No. 126121

Her parents didn't pay Bravo off, but they did pay for her extended stays and flights to Japan. She certainly doesn't book often enough to fund the already minimal lifestyle she has as a tarento though. Parents funding is definitely a huge part of this.

No. 126123

>the eyeliner..

No. 126127

But youtube pays almost $2k per 1 million views.
She has 53 million.

No. 126139

She's actually prettier without shoop

No. 126153

YouTube doesn't pay for views, just saying. I earn money with YouTube myself and you only get money when a person doesn't click the ads in your videos away and fully watches them, also the amount you get depends on the company that placed the ad, politic ads get you the most with like $1 usually.

No. 126155

When she was first signed, they had her listed with the Japanese models and her country set as Japan on their site. Keep up.

No. 126156

Youtube doesn't pay you when people watch your videos, they pay you when your viewers watch the ads they place on your videos. And that's only if the ads actually get watched, usually only the ones you can't click out of easily.

No. 126161

Blue eyes are a recessive gene, but as long as one parent carries the gene, the child has a chance of having blue eyes, it's just the probability that changes. It doesn't make it impossible.

No. 126192

Dat long line of contour

No. 126219

she looks kinds hunchbacked.

No. 126220

Hafu babies can be born with blue eyes (like my cousin who is half Japanese). but baby eyes change a lot and sometimes it takes up to 9 months or so for the final color to set. it'll usually be greenbrown or brown. The chance of blue is soooo small it almost never happens.

That's why some hafu babies do have blue eyes. But they will not remain blue.

It's different if the parent is white with brown eyes, because Asian genes themselves are so dominant, they usually dominate everything.

No. 126244

It's because she has shitty posture and slouches constantly.

>That's why some hafu babies do have blue eyes. But they will not remain blue

They can, they just usually won't. It's not impossible for a haafu to have blue (or green) eyes, it's just extremely rare.

No. 126261

oh god, but i love her room though.. it looks very cute tbh.

sage for ot

No. 126265

It didn't look good in that video, she must have set up her lighting well.

No. 126270

maybe she's changed it since then?

No. 126275

A lot of hafu babies are born with blue eyes, actually. But even as early as 3 months they become green, then brown.

And the chance of green eyes on hafu is way, way higher than blue. A lot of hafus have dark green eyes, some have medium green but most have brown.

My point is, hafu babies are actually often born with blue eyes (usually if the caucasian parent has blonde hair and blue eyes), but they almost ALWAYS become either green or brown.

No. 126276

Sorry, samefag here
>They can, they just usually won't.
I guess you meant the final color. I mean we seem to agree, it can happen but it's extremely rare.

And those who ARE born with blue eyes, usually NEVER keep them, after 3~9 months old.

No. 126287

petition for chloe to replace dakota

No. 126319

That baby is not a hafu. His mom has an account at babycenter and posted his pics on a "mixed race babies" thread saying she is Mexican and the dad is half white, half Korean.

No. 126321

Yeah, a recessive gene that's only present in white people. I've posted this in another thread already I'm sure, but the mutation originates from one individual.

The point is, if they're actually 100% Japanese on one side, with no white mixed in, they cannot have blue eyes. The gene could have been gotten 500 years ago, but that doesn't mean hafu's can have blue eyes, it means their Japanese side has white mixed in somewhere.

No. 126357

I don't want to sound mean, but could you all stop arguing about that genes/half thing, please?

No. 126367

Then they're what, not 50% Japanese but 49.99999999999999999999999999999% Japanese? They're still haffu.

No. 126372

Sorry & I agree, it's a waste of time!

No. 126379

Enough with the eye color talk…

Anyways, I'm slowly beginning to like Dakota/think she's cute, but she looks AWFUL in this video:


Her face looks bloated and greasy… And wtf is with that fake baby voice again…

No. 126404

File: 1435084843334.gif (535.63 KB, 320x213, ezgif.com-add-text.gif)

No. 126405

File: 1435084892786.gif (1.4 MB, 320x213, D5qRto.gif)

No. 126409

Jesus she looks tiny and frail there.

No. 126411

I really don't see how some of you think shes still "cute" without shop. Shes definitely not ugly but she's nothing special and not cute, after photo shop she's pretty cute without it shop shes plain AF

But then again my standard of beauty is a lot different to most peoples

No. 126412

Maybe she finally had some surgery but more subtle than taytay? I'm shitty at spotting something like this. Also I suspect they edited her voice, wouldn't make sense if she changed voices at one single event. She's not that dumb.

Big hair.

No. 126415

File: 1435086276022.gif (928.31 KB, 640x480, giphy.gif)

> She's not that dumb.

No. 126418

Wow, at least she wasn't alone in the awful outfit. Whoever styled this needs firing.

No. 126426

I agree. I don't think she's cute without shop. Just plain.

No. 126434

File: 1435091222018.jpg (1.9 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

More popteen

No. 126509

I know this is a major nitpick but it's getting really tiring seing "model debut!!" on all her shit. It's been over 3 years since her debut ffs. But I guess they have nothing else to say about her except "real barbie doll" so they have no choice.

No. 126512

It's not just her. It's a spread about all the model's debuts before they started working for Popteen.

No. 126517

Did you not notice "Model debut" on the other girls pictures too? Thats what the whole page is about

No. 126527

Just for little lulz
"If you were born again, what would yoy be"
Dakota "i want to be a cat"
Also in the article she says if shes not working all she does is ps4
Her fashion interests are high waists, crop tops and chokers

No. 126542

>high waists, crop tops and chokers
So pretty much Tumblr fads.

No. 126566

hdu chloe is queen bee

No. 126583

what the hell games is she playing on the ps4?

No. 126584

File: 1435118235132.jpg (1.97 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

As you said, people have different standards of beauty. It's all subjective.

I think she's plain, but I also think she's very cute. I like plain girls with soft features and a nice smile. I think she's a lot cuter than her witch nosed hobgoblin of a sister, at least.

But then again, that's just like, my opinion, man.

No. 126585

I actually wonder this myself. What's her PSN?

(OT but have any PS4 fags downloaded the new ether one game? I fucking love it.)

No. 126595

I'd try all her usernames. Her line id is kotakoti and kookoos is the same as her twitter.

No. 126597

Or dakotakoti I forget which one. But my point is that they rarely change their usernames for personal use. I even have Dakota's email.

No. 126602

>"All I do is PS- …4"

No. 126618

File: 1435127624054.jpg (32.79 KB, 400x599, 7392034.jpg.jpg)

Here's the thing..Dakota is pretty but she doesn't quite live up to her Photoshopped beauty.

Too bad she doesn't actually look like this irl.

No. 126624

What now, the sky is blue and grass is green?

No. 126636

File: 1435129923314.gif (832.01 KB, 500x282, onisionsexyasalways.gif)

No. 126637


Tbh onision is one sexy beast.

No. 126640

i've always thought he looks like someone i would cross the street to get away from

but we're all entitled to our own opinions

No. 126644

File: 1435132809798.jpg (54.24 KB, 480x533, image.jpg)

No. 126645

File: 1435133140800.jpg (15.95 KB, 236x171, image.jpg)

No. 126646

File: 1435133264595.jpg (96.49 KB, 467x700, image.jpg)

Because that fact isn't appallingly obvious… Come on now, PULL.

No. 126647

File: 1435133336301.jpg (241.03 KB, 1024x736, image.jpg)

No. 126664

she looks cyute here

No. 126688

hey man i agree.
and isnt plain but cute… its more relatable.
for example misako from BTSSB.

No. 126703

File: 1435156437361.jpg (63.83 KB, 576x1024, CIRWhqnUEAAUJk_.jpg)

tv or something

No. 126716


samefaggin so obvious it's probably just gurg

No. 126726

File: 1435162591034.jpg (45.22 KB, 470x332, really.jpg)

your shit bait is shit.

No. 126980

She has a really big head, or maybe the chin area is just really big.

No. 127032

I'm convinced the chin is what's holding her back from looking at least enough like her shoops to be decently cute. If she got the projection of her chin shaved down, she would look so much better. A good example would be covering her chin with your pinky and seeing her attractiveness +5 with it concealed.

No. 127059

Her jaw is very wide too, not that this is a bad thing but it's the one part she really slims down in her alienfetus shoops.

Plus no matter how many circle lenses and falsies she uses, her eyes are actually tiny like in that pic.

No. 127102

File: 1435214079261.jpg (95.95 KB, 750x850, image.jpg)

No. 127114

eww shes ugly

No. 127154

i hope that unnecessary comments makes you feel better about yourself for the rest of the day, and that you one day love yourself

No. 127158

File: 1435238284809.jpg (11.27 KB, 251x242, exhausted pepe.jpg)

>unnecessary comments on lolcow?!
>that's just unacceptable
>better be passive-aggressive
I want PULL to leave. This isn't a worship site.

No. 127162

> eww shes ugly
I want PULL to leave. This isn't a babies site.

No. 127165


nothing on here is necessary, wtf. you're on a trashtalking site?? ?

ostrenga spotted

No. 127166

File: 1435240605391.jpg (47.04 KB, 599x742, CIWCsS4UYAA-7nV.jpg)

she says this was an event but it looks like a photoshoot for wedding dresses
if it was an event damn thats a fancy dress

No. 127170

im not even an ostrenga but i thought we established she's not even ugly
y'all are babies

No. 127173

File: 1435240778648.png (49.76 KB, 222x275, Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 7.30…)

No. 127175

one cannot "establish" an anonymous group's collective opinion on something as subjective as beauty. people are gonna say shit either way

No. 127177

Nothing's "established", everyone has different ideas of attractiveness
Some people think Kiki is the prettier sister

No. 127178

I hate the way she shoops herself. Her eyes look dead, like there's nothing going on behind them. Kooter is a robot

No. 127179

If Kiki didn't have such a shit personality I would prefer her over her sister

No. 127182

Lol, she wishes she looked like that. How embarrassing.

No. 127183

kooter shoops/meitus herself too derpy to be attractive now.

she's done everything possible to not provide milk since she was found out. but because japan/Bravo clearly didn't give a fuck she was a blessed with a new life and has (wisely) decided to make use of it by giving shit nothing back to her fanbase, seeking out tons of good/mediocre gigs and press, and keeping absolutely everything private and shutting the fuck up.

i don't blame her. after all of that, if i was making a new name for myself far away i'd let myself fall off the face of the internet too. she's not a dumbass.

the potential for drama is so lulzy but it's been like 3 years ya'll. now it's just keeping track of her for those who actually like her or those waiting for her to crumble and idt its gonna happen. gonna be the slow fade.

i just check on her out of habit now.

No. 127185


I thought we were over the 'how/why/ kota famous thingy by now guys. Like, I don't even care anymore. 2 years from now and they'll be a new barbie or weirdo doll milking fame.

No. 127188

I hope you realize Dakota only seems popular because of all the autists from here, PULL and /cgl/ stalking her.
She's just a typical gaijin model, not even the first of her kind.

No. 127194

i think its fine to keep posting her selfies and vidoe clips for some light lolz, but its getting old with the RACIST HOMOPHOBE LESBIAN-HATER SHE SO UGLY GUIZ

No. 127203

File: 1435246985735.jpg (87.76 KB, 657x1024, image.jpg)

No. 127204

File: 1435247025772.jpg (123.35 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Her hairdo is really fucking ugly

No. 127206

mama monstrenga who paid for her ugly nails and cheap weaves is mad yo

No. 127208

Looks like they tried to use volumizing mousse and whatnot that works on thick asian hair and it turned her ratty hair into sparse pubes.

No. 127211

File: 1435247980207.jpg (55.01 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

Looks like an event.

No. 127214

Probably selling wedding jewelry or acessories

No. 127215

File: 1435248102645.jpg (43.89 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

Funny watching everyone got got a pic woth her tag her on Instagram as the fake @dakotakoti account

No. 127218

That lady seems to be the main host or whatever of the event.

No. 127225

File: 1435249470430.jpg (123.08 KB, 732x739, image.jpg)

Koti-selfie vs other people's photos is always amusing to compare

No. 127226

File: 1435249572769.jpg (143.12 KB, 750x734, image.jpg)


No. 127228

File: 1435249624952.jpg (126.87 KB, 750x738, image.jpg)

More lulz

No. 127229

File: 1435249666800.jpg (180.48 KB, 750x740, image.jpg)

No. 127231

File: 1435249855470.jpg (84.98 KB, 750x740, image.jpg)

No. 127232

File: 1435249889075.jpg (82.58 KB, 750x736, image.jpg)

So much filtering

No. 127233

File: 1435249926033.jpg (123.51 KB, 750x733, image.jpg)

Not quite done yet

No. 127234

File: 1435250078506.jpg (122.21 KB, 750x548, image.jpg)

No. 127236

I'd be embarrassed if I modeled sleeveless garments with her figure

No. 127238

someones really salty today. i guess you've been to the beach today. it is summer afterall

No. 127239

i dont get why they put her in this giant wedding dress thing? what does it have to do with petit prince ?

No. 127259

idk, the event was called Wish Upon a Star or something. I guess they want it to be magical or some shit.

She wasn't the only one in wedding dress though, there was an event with tons of models/girls in wedding dresses

No. 127260

I doubt the agency would want her to be ripped or have skeletal arms. She's fine you stupid fuck

No. 127263

File: 1435253891803.png (1.5 MB, 874x1296, koti.png)


No. 127264

File: 1435253941536.png (2.18 MB, 1588x1060, kota.png)

Larger version

No. 127266

And here is the staff event blog, some kind of jewellery/wedding collaboration


No. 127267

she does look cute

No. 127269

File: 1435254398648.png (1.35 MB, 976x1302, 13632.png)

She does. Wish she'd just embrace her real face

No. 127270

Compare her cleave (and face)

No. 127271

yep. soft is the look. they dont really put gaijin to the same standards as her fellow models (look at those twiggy looking gals in popteen)

No. 127273

ahhh that dress is actually awesome

No. 127274

That's because Japan loves Western wedding dresses and will use them whenever possible. If anything I'm surprised it's only white with minimum bling.

No. 127276

She's a million times cuter without the photoshop, it's sad she uses it as a crutch as much as she does. I hope it's just her maintaining the 'barbie doll' persona and that she's self-aware enough to know she's totally fine as is. I'm sure that the success she's had in real life gigs and the more minimal editing third parties tend to do on her shoots has done a lot to assuage whatever insecurities her post-ostrenga upbringing left her.

Bickering about her appearance is petty, it's her personality which deserves the criticism. At least she's learned enough to know to keep her bigotry to herself, or (hopefully) has grown out of it. She really has come a long way since /cgl/ started talking about her, especially since most of what people have to talk about her here has been reduced to whether or not she's fat/cute rather than a hateful liar.


No. 127278

She looks cute here? And whoever did her make up did a decent job, or cupid's bow doesn't look like a weird growth like it usually does.

Also lol @ just a few days Kiki posting about she's looking at wedding dresses and here's Dakota wearing one for an event

No. 127284


Shes super cute in this shoot.

No. 127290

Excessive photoshopping and filtering is extremely common in Japan, especially with models and tarento. That's why they don't give a shit she looks less pretty IRL

No. 127291

>She's a million times cuter without the photoshop
lol no she's not. that's why she's been public on the internet for 8 years but only got noticed in the last 3 years when she started shooping.

No. 127292

Contrast the two photos in OPs image and honestly tell me you think the one on the right looks better

No. 127294

I'd imagine it had a lot more to do with her style change than just her shopping. She'd never have been AS famous, but if she'd never shopped and become a fashion blogger that actually have details/interacted with her audience she could have gotten far.

No. 127295

Agreed, and her old shopps (as bad quality as they were) made her look stunning. It was way easier to detect how much less attractive her real face was back then, because we see more of it now and her current shoops are just weird/awkward and not breathtaking at all.

No. 127322

File: 1435261850931.jpg (178.9 KB, 800x1144, 00011e11.jpg)

i wasn't talking about those. i meant the pictures that actually got her to where she is. i followed her pre-kotakoti, and she was nobody with only second-hand kiki fans.

No. 127328

File: 1435262695865.jpg (18.4 KB, 503x262, dd.jpg)

her alien phase sometimes does look better though

No. 127336

Her alien phase is the worst. I think she suited her "what got me famous post 2011"/tumblr phase better. It's a shame she doesn't stick with it and keep that up with the outfits she has now, except lay off the harsh saggy eye lash make up. But I think because most Jap models always use that filter (anyone know what that filter they use is called guys? it's like a shitty light fairy dreamy one) do the same pose, contacts and try to be kawaii it's the thing. Personally, I think it's stupid lol.

No. 127338


True, we only make a big deal out of her because we THINK she is a big deal.

I suppose, given the right ingredients = cute face, slim build, fashionable, somewhat talented and can speak Japanese you could get into this type of business.

But there is so many girls already out there trying. It's hard to pick who's the most 'kawaii desuu'

No. 127340


Yep! And I'm getting tired of the "REAL LIFE BARBIE" thing too. Face it, she looks fuck all like Barbie. There is already too many barbies out there, trying to be barbie whether they're shooped/been under the knife or just dress that way.

No. 127341


It looks like a dress off my big fat gypsy wedding tbh

No. 127426

Taylor's dog is Rosie I think

No. 127481

She's much cuter in non edited photos.

No. 127484

And Taylor's dog is a You-Long teacup poodle, not that breed.

No. 127499

For god knows what reason she shoops her eyes further apart…
Also is that a vibrator? Lel

No. 127516


God, whenever I get depressed about having thin hair, I just look at Dakota. Those are literally the saddest bangs I've ever seen. My hair is a lush and thick compared to hers.

I think she has issues with female balding almost. Her proportions are really icky irl too, such as her forehead here. I hate the lines by her nose a lot and gets why she shops them.

No. 127526

Someone needs to put her real face and the varying shoops over time to prove how silly she looks now in them.

No. 127543

Her candid, not-edited-by-kota look is so much better than her freaky edits. Why she shoops herself so infantile-alien like is beyond me.

No. 127551

I think it's that weird rose & placenta makeup she was talking about on her blog. But I think the picture got removed because this is too weird of a shoop.

No. 127563

Her face isn't bad, but it's not good enough to be the elf goddess barbie beauty lolita (and whatever other stupid things she tagged herself as).

No. 127564


>wedding gowns

Kaka must be fuming

No. 127615

both dolls and anime characters have eyes that are ridiculously far apart. it's also considered more attractive than close-set eyes.

agreed. i don't think she's ugly, but her bulky jaw, chin side profile, smile lines, and thin hair are really unfortunate and i don't blame her for trying to conceal all of these things. she does have some very good features too though.

No. 127616

keeeeeeeeeek forgot about Kaka mentioning looking at wedding gowns but not mentioning that she and Taku aint even in a relationship!

No. 127635

Why would she say they aren't in a relationship when she throws the term boyfriend around at every opportunity she has?

No. 127703

I'm hafu with blue eyes lol. Some look super white, some look Asian. People in the west won't believe me when I tell them but in Japan I literally get asked every 5 minutes.

No. 127704


No. 127765

File: 1435334577289.jpg (117.96 KB, 576x1024, totallylegit.jpg)

You can always rely on Kota giving you material for a good kek.

No. 127766

this pic is so looooong

No. 127767

ho boy

No. 127769

No way her boobs are that big.

No. 127776

why does she resemble ET

No. 127787

File: 1435338899598.jpg (40.91 KB, 403x268, 1.jpg)

No. 127844

LOL I've been there, she has stretched the picture or squeezed it narrow. Though she shooped her face, arms, boobs and stomach area.

No. 127862

What the fuck

No. 127873

Mom has brown, dad blue. I have blue.

No. 127875

No need to be like that, just tried to clear up the discussion about hafus being able to have blue eyes or not.

No. 127885

Which has nothing to do with Kooter so take that shit to /b/

No. 127892

she looks like a kid on drugs when she shoops her pics

No. 127992

File: 1435363087800.jpg (107.3 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


No. 127997

Actual real big boobs don't even sit that high with push up….. way2go koti

No. 128000

File: 1435363828123.gif (497.64 KB, 500x281, anigif_enhanced-buzz-20802-140…)

kek bitch needs an anatomy lesson

No. 128027

nah, they can, depends on your push up bra, though they'll end up looking fake/obvious you're wearing a push up bra

No. 128034

This is extremely cringeworthy. I bet you were really satisfied with yourself not realizing your reply was corny rather than clever. Yikes.

No. 128039

pretty obvious she's using one of the boob enlarging options on a photo edit app.

No. 128040

Aaaand no ones gonna say anything about that head/face shop? Lmao.

Also I'm surprised none of you started a fanclub yet. Claiming that Dakota would have gotten to where she is now without the Barbie elf alien shoop? Please. Without that she looks just like all these other white weaboos. Gotta give her props for conning her way in like that and having no shame haha.

No. 128045

Ok summer

No. 128052

You can get the sand out of your vagina

No. 128073

File: 1435377423065.jpg (81.46 KB, 612x612, 11373914_705489902911024_12382…)

This is how her top fits her chest.

No. 128075

her top lip look like she got a dirty sanchez

No. 128082

I just realized a hilarious irony here - we always shit on her for using so much photo editing crap, but then we go around and shit on how ugly she looks unshooped, too… like, what do you expect her to do. "Oh she'd be cute if only her jaw wasn't so wide and her nose so wasn't so pointy… WOW What a dumb photoshopping cunt, she looks like an alien"
Don't get me wrong, I agree with both sentiments as well, it's just something funny I never thought of until now…

No. 128083

fuck I hate bad eye shoops

I mean, bad shoops in general, but when people do shitty eye edits it looks so much worse than other shoops

No. 128114

PULL is unable to be satisfied

No. 128117

and that'l never change. especially since shes only widening the gap between her real face vs her selfie face

No. 128121


if she'd shoop like circa 2011 i'd be down and praising her for lessons. she just doesn't give a fuck, her taste has changed, and she at least presents the image that she has a very busy life

No. 128133

Implying this shithole is any better

No. 128160


>wonky eye that's twice the size of the other

>bizarre nosetip/nostril
>blurry jawline

No. 128320

I noticed that her top lip has been shooped for many years now, it's like she also draws over it with lipliner too. Something really weird going on.

No. 128325

Yeah, I've been wondering about it for ages too.
This is just a particularly bad example.

No. 128354

shes shooping herself into that little boy from the babadook

No. 128358

Yeah I know I said everyone has different standards of beauty but what you said makes no sense. She is plain but she has absolutely no "soft features" as you speak of. Soft features are what east Asians have. Youthful faces with small nose bridges, almond eyes, etc. Dakota has a pointy chin and a pointy sharp nose and deep set eyelids. She has sharp features, there is nothing soft about her features, except in her overly photoshopped pics! Gigi hadid is absolutley gorgeous and has soft features.

No. 128361

File: 1435460922435.jpg (22.14 KB, 338x510, sharpfacialfeatures.jpg)

you have no idea what sharp features mean. dakota as a round, chubby cheeked look.

THIS girl, has sharp features. sharp meaning a harsh edge to her cheeks and jawline. dakota has no sharp lines in her face.

No. 128363

Kek, having a sharp jaw line does not define having sharp features. Dakota has pretty high cheekbones, a pointy nose, pointy chin. Just because she has chubby cheeks doesn't mean she has sift features.

No. 128365

Nigga Dakotas nose is far from "soft". And I guess huge deep smile lines and massive chin are soft and kawaii too huh? Get the fuck outta here with that fanclub bullshit.

No. 128367

File: 1435461552801.jpg (40.04 KB, 474x632, 150106-IU-selca-iu-37973877-47…)

Soft VS

No. 128368

File: 1435461581676.jpg (185.21 KB, 790x555, original.jpg)


No. 128370

Wow she wishes she looked liked this…how can she change her face and head so much in seflies and none of the Japanese say anything?? This is why she couldn't make it in Korea because netizens would have no mercy there.

No. 128371

File: 1435462049259.jpg (168.62 KB, 584x1070, sharpsoft.jpg)

yeah no, ask anyone who isnt a weeb used to looking at asian faces if dakota has a sharp face and they will say no

here is a quick side by side of sharp features vs soft for caucasians

No. 128372

They do tho? 2ch's had plenty of dakota threads

No. 128374

not that anon, but my two cents: compared to most normal people dakota has sharp features, compared to most fashion models dakota has soft features.

No. 128375

LMAO, oh anon. I watched that film today and was actually thinking the same thing.

No. 128376

I remember threads talking shit anonymously but she's no longer popular enough to talk about. It was same shit as here though "not beautiful/cute", "fake" and "fat" were the typical comments.

No. 128378

File: 1435462312173.png (1.61 MB, 1968x1028, Screen-Shot-2014-12-06-at-2.50…)

No. 128380

Holy fuck! Taking the time out of your life to make a paint pic of your determined "dakota is a kawaii soft faced goddess" argument KEKKKKK hahhahaah omg I'm dying, I look in the mirror every single day, dakota may not have THR sharpest features but she definitely has ZERO soft features apart from when she was over weight and had chubby azz cheeks or when she shops the shat out of her face :)

No. 128385

where did i defend her? im just pointing out that you are using the wrong terms for describing her face. sharp implies lines and angles, dakotas face is a rounded blob with fat cheeks. her nose is snubbed and pointy at the tip but its short and not sharp. her chin sticks out but its rounded, it doesnt have sharp lines to it, her jaw is fat, not sharp.

her face isnt totally "soft" but it sure as shit not sharp

No. 128386

File: 1435462892265.jpg (49.93 KB, 260x390, sharpsui.jpg)

also there are sharp faced asian women too, they aren't all cute round faced dolls where dakota stands out as "sharp" in comparison

No. 128388

Again, always associating sharp with a jawline, here a have a cookie for all your hard work and determination

No. 128389

im speaking as an artist, nigga. if i were to draw dakotas face i'd be using curves and circles compared to the women on the sharp featured side which would be triangles and straight lines.

No. 128390

Yoooo, I never once said ALL Asians are round faced dolls with soft features so gtfo here with your bull shit. I'm just stating, most Asians have soft features compared to Caucasians. Also, why are you only pulling up model/actress pics of sharp features? Just face it, her pointy nose, sharp chin is enough to give her a sharp look. Not necessarily MODEL sharp or overall sharp but she definitely has no soft baby features that make her look young, youthful and cute, bye kiki!

No. 128392

File: 1435463431257.jpg (298.86 KB, 600x900, 600full-dakota-rose_(1).jpg)

So round

No. 128424

She might now have a sharp face but she DOES have a very pointy chin. Even Japanese were so surprised when they saw her on TV when she had her first real barbie appearance (at the start of these recent TV appearances, not years ago).

No. 128425

now = not * sry

No. 128432

Why are you arguing over this? It's obvious she has an average white face; not soft, not sharp.

No. 128444

Back ot, this is the 3-4 shop she's done a filmed shopping trip for. Is this set up by the agency? I can't imagine shop owners asking specifically for her since her elf goddess cover was blown. Is her following stronger then I think or what?

No. 128446

*on topic

No. 128489

File: 1435480762333.jpg (72.71 KB, 838x1024, IMG_20150628_013846.jpg)

Is she even trying anymore?

No. 128499

OT but what app/settings do i DL on my phone to get that dreamy/milky skin effect that kota/venus use?

No. 128504

Trying to be like them? lol

No. 128509

so many dakota and venus haters desperately try to be just like them. I don't get it. They're fucking lolcows, please distance yourselves.

No. 128512

no i just like the dreamy effect of their pictures?

No. 128513

Diff anon but I just want an app that will make me look kawaii. I got my own style, but I just see what these filters do for these cows and I want some of that pie too.

No. 128518

You could try Meitu, Aillis and B612.

No. 128519

Meitu app.

No. 128522

Right? Just look at the plastic surgery thread in /b/, "I want a nose like Kooters".

People here always complain about PULL, while in fact this place is not that different.

The only reason people are allowed to be more annoying and noticably retarded on PULL is from the ability to sign in with an avatar and a username.

No. 128525

i thought photowonder

No. 128530

who fucking cares about her features being soft or not? shut the fuck up

No. 128542

Right? Just look at the plastic surgery thread in /b/, "I want a nose like Kooters".

People here always complain about PULL, while in fact this place is not that different.

The only reason people are allowed to be more annoying and noticably retarded on PULL is from the ability to sign in with an avatar and a username.

No. 128550

They do say shit. Just not publicly. Just because you can't read the moon speak message boards doesn't mean nip pons oblivious to Dakotas magic tricks

No. 128554

fuck she looks fugly in this picture ._. if I were Bravo I'd be LOLing all day and wondering why I booked her.

No. 128572

File: 1435504646827.jpg (131.56 KB, 750x737, image.jpg)

Now let's compare to these photos taken by others. Always fun to compare.

And lol at the white powder under her eyes.

No. 128576

File: 1435504994012.jpg (167.34 KB, 750x750, image.jpg)

She doesn't look bad here but she still does not look like her shoops, and it sucks so many people use so many filters to conceal themselves (most Japanese do this, which is why no one there cares if she looks different IRL).

No. 128578

File: 1435505155842.jpg (109.52 KB, 750x571, image.jpg)

Uguu kawaii real barbie, dess

No. 128584

haha oh wow

No. 128585

File: 1435505444101.jpg (150.81 KB, 750x738, image.jpg)

So much filtering, the girls have no noses anymore.

No. 128598

File: 1435506644491.jpg (67.4 KB, 640x485, image.jpg)

No. 128633

File: 1435513393011.png (498.46 KB, 445x601, meitu.png)

minus the butthole lips and the eyebag disaster, still pretty cute

No. 128638

Definitely! I don't see the point of her even doing that ugly eyebag makeup if she's gonna photoshop most of it away.

No. 128648


She honestly looks BETTER un'shoop'ed, I don't understand why she's doing this. She's genuinely gorgeous and looks like a weird gooey baby in her edits.

No. 128682

LMAO you must be a shitty artist if you're drawing ANY human beings face with sharp lines and triangles and shit unless you are drawing a witch cartoon character.

No. 128684

uh maybe becasue she is boring and plain looking unshooped and that's not what got her to where she is. If nippon thought she looked like this from the beginning she'd still be sitting in her kawaii bedroom in florida.

No. 128688

except that's not how her eyes look without the eyebag makeup. You just completely erased everything under her eyes and it looks unnatural.

No. 128692

I actually really like this. I like her natural kind of bitch face. She looks like an aloof princess. I wish she'd stop trying to do this crazy fairy-like shooping nightmare shit..

No. 128695

isn't it odd keke was tweeting about wedding dresses then these photos are out?

No. 128699

why do poeple keep telling her to stop shooping? she's not going to do it. it's her job now. she has to keep doing it to be any level of relevant.

No. 128723

Do you think she'll ever get her nose shaved?

No. 128729

that dress with those shoes


No. 128734

she's always had no sense of style. can;t wait to see what a trainwreck her fashion line will be.

No. 128737

this outfit is pretty cute, but I'm interested to know what kind of shoe she is wearing. She always ruins it with shitty shoes.

No. 128740

im surprise she hasn't had her nose done yet tbh

No. 128767


It'll be a rip off of all the other kawaii brands out there, they all rip each other off anyway

No. 128770

I often wondered… why does Dakota not have instagram? Is it because people will compare the shoops or?

No. 128775

oh fucking shut UP it's not important

No. 128799

I'm 100% sure it's because she can't turn off the comment section.

No. 128806


jesus christ she looks like a fucking disaster. she really doesn't give a fuck. her shoops used to at least be admirable. she looks like she's actually retarded

No. 128811


These are all great, but Pitu is God-tier. You can do full makeup, face shaping, eye enlarging/brightening/dark circle removal, it can make you slimmer, taller, edit your smile, hair color, fucking everything. It takes me from an ugly ass limp haired, crazy eyed acne scarred long faced horse-esque disaster to something at least passably cute. It's pure magic. It even has eyebrows!

No. 128818

Meitu has the same shit (and more) and it's web based, meaning not having to install crap.
Your post sounds like blatant advertisement.

No. 128826

The point of an app is so you can edit shit while you're away from a computer or just don't want to fuck with a full site. Pitu also has the added bonus of being in English. Not to mention the subject of discussion was specifically photo editing apps, not websites. And guess what else has an app? Your precious Meitu, and it's also mostly in English. I have the Meitu app, it's geeat, but it doesn't have as much as Pitu does, and the facial recognition isn't as good.

Way to get super butthurt for no reason, clown.

No. 128845

Is it mean to say that I don't think Kota or Kiki will age well?

No. 128856

oh god
when your makeup is too light for you and then get hit by flash…

No. 128860

the left is bizarre as fucking shit
like chromosomal disorder tier
it has to be bait
or she is just damn tired

No. 128862

She could always delete but that could be tedious if she gets +200 comments per photo. But then again, people like Johanna, Margerat, and Wylona monitor every comment on every photo they post so it could be done imo.

No. 128866

No, it's a fact. Kota won't be able to keep up her charade for long, she's already starting to age Into her 20's, and Kiki seems to make herself look like shit intentionally, plus her nutrition must be fucked from being a half-ass vegan. It's been said before, but Kiki is already and will continue to age like milk.

No. 128867

File: 1435539874850.gif (464.56 KB, 400x198, giphy.gif)

red plaid shoes
blue floral dress

No. 128868

does she literally just pick whatever fuckin shit is on top of the pile or what ?? WHO IS DRESSING HER?

No. 128877


It'd be pretty strenuous though. I bet she got tired to fuck when editing her older videos. Like "how long have I gotta fucking do this…" and keeping an eye on the comments, I've noticed you can throw anything down on her videos now. She doesn't give a shit about that anymore it seems lol

No. 128879


Nah, kota is known for dressing badly. Look at her old outfits videos. The first one that set her fanbase off with the sugarless girl playing in the background.

Nothing went properly… or when some things did the shoes didn't.. nor did the hairstyles…

Yet this year, come September which is only a few months away. We will have koti's very own clothing line brought to us!


No. 128880

File: 1435540712467.jpg (46.97 KB, 586x422, barbie-without-makeup.jpg)


I thought so.

It's just that everytime I see a picture of Kota in the press or with folk with no edit, I always look at her laugh lines and cheeks. I remember this girl at school who had the exact same laugh lines as kota and the same long chin too. Plus if you look at her mother, cathy you can see how her smile and the laugh lines are caving in… Kota will age the same way.

No. 128882

Pitu is pretty good, but I like the filters so much better in aillis and photowonder. But pitu seems to have much better face detection than either of those

No. 128891

I love all the makeup options, and the oil remover function. The smoothing also works better than other apps I've used, it doesn't just blur the fuck out of the pic and force you to save in low quality.

No. 129039

This. The eyebag makeup and shooping is to appeal to Japanese beauty standards, not ours!

No. 129040

Not the slim big-boobed body we saw lel

No. 129066

Call me tasteless, but that shoot is exactly how I wish I looked.

No. 129121

Including the menstruation nails?

No. 129126

da fuk?
just because they have red dots on them?

you guys…

No. 129163

File: 1435577893596.jpg (75.87 KB, 600x585, image.jpg)

No she even said they are meant to be blood
Hence menstrual nails lel

No. 129165

Can't believe she kept those nails for that event

No. 129167


Yep and in 3/4 months she'll be "20" and bringing out her own fashion line btw guys, so expect mismatched shit.

No. 129173

Wow, she doesn't look like kooter at all. I would have though she was asian if it weren't for the nose.

No. 129180

or some really hideous trashy goth neon ugly shit like KND Couture used to be
remember, even though dakota dresses and acts kawaii, once in a blue moon she lets her true "disgusting" (her own word) self show though
(remember her pics of vomit in the train.)

No. 129186

Seriously, I hope it happens so we can all giggle about her overpriced copycat shit and forced launch event appearances.

No. 129188

File: 1435585196007.gif (293.29 KB, 727x545, kotirose.com.gif)

She still draws the same way too, look at that apartment interview she did where she shows us her bedroom ect and she shows us her sketches… It's still the same guys.

I hope to gods this isn't what the clothing line will look like…

No. 129190

File: 1435585274370.png (787.9 KB, 500x825, Vlcsnap-2013-10-25-16h55m34s17…)


She had Kiki model these monstrosities…

No. 129191

File: 1435585379063.jpg (42.19 KB, 500x756, Ginger asian man_b25e47_501416…)

KND was like a rip off of Drop Dead basically

No. 129192

File: 1435585602949.jpg (94.52 KB, 500x688, zombie-cream--large-msg-125511…)

Kiki Kannibal and Dakota Rose create pleasing eye candy that is unisex, classy, stylish, edgy and high quality to make anyone feel like a gem. The goals for Kiki Kannibal and KND Kouture are to change fashion by opening minds to beautifully eerie designs and thinking. Everyday these sisters create new fashion statements that inspire people to be more creative, outspoken, and not afraid to be one's self. Kiki Kannibal Jewelry was founded in November 2006 and has branched out in KND Kouture apparel which was founded in January 2008 by designer Kiki Kannibal and artist Dakota Rose. These two blood sisters' minds intertwined to work as a creative team bringing fancy and racy thinking into reality with high quality, edgy modern apparel and sparkling eye catching couture jewelry. The mission is to create pleasing eye candy that draws emotions and a new way of perceiving beauty/ fashion with their designs making the scary beautiful and the odd more than interesting. Details are major in their designs and fashion, from the immaculate presentation and quality of Kiki Kannibal Jewelry and KND Kouture apparel and art, to the packaging of the products. Every customer feels as if he or she is opening an elaborate gift. The two sisters have been featured in articles of multiple international CosmoGirl magazines in the Netherlands, Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Italy. Kiki Kannibal Jewelry and KND Kouture has been shipped worldwide to Japan, Slovenia, Africa, Italy, Malta, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Egypt, Austria, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and to every US state. These young pioneers of fashion are here to inspire, create, and bring vivacious fresh thinking to fashionable human beings.

No. 129193


It'll be a mixture of Swankiss/Tiaramilly/Lizlisa/AnkRouge combined with her ugly drawings

No. 129198

i want to vomit when i see their old art…. those skeletor girls and blood and bats and diamonds. such edge

No. 129203


sure they didn't even bother to pick a fucking geography/history book

No. 129204

>the immaculate presentation and quality of Kiki Kannibal Jewelry
Didn't people literally make videos about ordering Kiki's jewelry and seeing it broken and falling apart when they opened it? Lmao
>Kiki Kannibal Jewelry and KND Kouture has been shipped worldwide to Japan, Slovenia, Africa, Italy, Malta,
>in a list of countries
Murrikan education

No. 129205

I think the video's been removed. Can anyone find it? The one posted in the last thread has been taken down.

No. 129215


>she had Kiki model

It was the other way around. This wasn't Dakota's venture, this was Kirsten's.

No. 129218

I have to ask, what the hell did Kaka do in this project? I'm pretty sure by "designer" she means she picked out the color and the type of shirts Kota's designs were going onto, or she meant the same thing she did when she referred to herself as the designer of the stuff she tried selling on lilkitten and that she did nothing at all.

No. 129219

This. That's why it's called KND for Kiki and Dakota.

No. 129229


No. 129232

I wonder if Cathy wrote this.

No. 129238

I'm really curious to know what her fashion line is going to look like, and I'm curious how much input she'll actually have. I feel like she really won't have much say, and its basically just slapping her name on it.

No. 129280


I thought the exact same thing you know, I bet they're putting kota rose on any ol thing

No. 129314

File: 1435610481663.jpg (138.96 KB, 500x500, dako-collection.jpg)

probably like this
school girl skirt, obligatory weeb element, a touch of narcissism, and of course the clashing shoes per usual

No. 129316

oh i noticed she has been writing in a bit more polite language recently on her blog and twitter
using the polite form of verbs rather than her usual rough voice

No. 129330

Please stop putting question marks at the end of statements you fucking tumbrina.

No. 129338


Haha oh boy I totally didn't catch that on the first read through.

I wonder if they've shipped to the Ottoman Empire too.

No. 129523


I hope for her sake she doesn't have much control over the designs, she can't dress herself for shit because she has no idea about how to match patterns or colors, probably the Only way it'll be ers is having her name on it and maybe her modeling it.

She has to, she's about to turn "20", which in Japan is when you're supposed to stop acting like a kid and grow up and be serious. Another reason Kiki will never be famous in Japan, she's stuck as an obnoxious, bitchy 13 year old in her head and acts as such in public and everywhere else.

No. 129527

it's probably just the specific selection here but all the sharp-featured women are much better looking

No. 129556


diff anon but what the fuck does that have to do with tumblr??

No. 129557

where is there concrete proof she's coming out with a fashion line? there's only been nonsense of her saying that she wants to in the future or hoped sometime this or next year she would.

i don't see that shit happening beyond designs. you have to be fucking rich or sponsored by a big company in order to design clothing to be mass produced.

most of the fashion bloggers that go on to do so have daddy's with factories in east asia, rich in general, or got rich from other things like acting/music

she'll at best have a sample rack i do not believe that girl is making tons of money

No. 129558

There's a lot of independent designers in Japan that realease collections and shit with their stuff in shops in harajuku. If random fashion students can do it she can.

No. 129562


i know they can release collections. actually i was a fashion student. a capsule wardrobe isn't gonna be something mass produced. it means a couple garments that MAYBE she can get shoved in some shops but more than likely it'll be online

inb4no1curr it's really not an easy thing to do. my point is i have a hard time believing she's going to release what ya'll are hyping it up to be. idet she has the fame or notoriety to have some company sponsor her for it.

MAYBE somebody came along and said "okay i like dakota, let's release a bunch of things and slap her brand on it and let her design/pick out some things or have a voice in it"

but barely no-name fuck models don't really really get that opportunity. at least not here in NYC

maybe i'm wrong but the time, money, and almost complete dedication to be an independent designer doesn't seem to make sense considering dakota's tv personality/random modeling gigs. those students are literally slaving and create nearly everything by hand

No. 129762

File: 1435688011158.jpg (51.43 KB, 600x450, CH6sLatUsAAzxo0.jpg)

more tv appearances

No. 129763

File: 1435688167410.jpg (31.87 KB, 600x450, CH6sLa3VAAAwiuy.jpg)

No. 129772

File: 1435689859859.jpg (48.24 KB, 600x450, CH6sLa4UMAA4kG2.jpg)

No. 129781


she looks really cute in these ♥

No. 129790

She should wear pants (and outfits like this) more often. They flatter her figure better. I realize it doesn't go with the living doll crap, but she actually looks like model material here.

No. 129819

Oh my god give me break. Gag. Move this shit to /b/ already.

No. 129822

Someone hasn't gotten their portion hate today …tsk

No. 129841


True but I doubt her brand will be that big tho

No. 129871

Shes looking cute.

Cant wait till it kills kaka

No. 129880


Go back to PULL plz

No. 129899

that shirt (croptop?) is hilarious.
Is that all just her own shoop or has it been exaggerated?
I'd wear it. (at home that is)

No. 129901

Haha no thats her shoop job. I just slapped her face on the shirt

No. 129902

I lnow its a green tea doughnut but looks like shes about to puke exorcist style

No. 129940


not everyone who thinks she's cute is from fucking PULL lmao fuck off

No. 129971

no cares go fangirl somewhere else

No. 129972

no one*

No. 130002

lel you're so behind

No. 130007

The super white blown out lighting is very kaka like too.

No. 130256


She probably fucking hates it. We all know kota is in this for the dolla

No. 130257


She suits jeans a hell of a lot more than half the clothes she probably owns if I'm honest. I bet when she's finished with the barbie thing, kota will start up with her casual style again.

No. 130262

yea i was just thinking that! some of dakota's recent outfit shots like >>127765 are barking up kiki's style tree a bit
or whatever style kiki wishes she had

No. 130403

The high waisted jeans come to mind.

No. 130411

File: 1435800100559.jpg (32.84 KB, 600x800, CIpizWHVEAAeay0.jpg)

Look kinda like a goblin in this pic

No. 130413


What is that neck of? Again, she keeps being lazy and taking blurry shit quality pictures.

I give up with kota, I really do. She doesn't even interest me anymore.

No. 130438

"I give up with kota, I really do. She doesn't even interest me anymore."

same. basically. it's so fucking boring

RIP Living Doll trend 2012-2015

No. 130445

i'm surprised it lasted that long tbh

No. 130501


TBH I think 2012-2014 is more accurate, this shit was dead since last summer.

No. 130505

she is really boring as fuck, no personality, plain looking irl and her new shoops are just hideous. I almost think that she makes them ugly on purpose so people will think she looks better irl. I miss her old edits, they were so fake but gorgeous

No. 130520

so.. what is the new trend for 2015?

No. 130522

Ugly shit with eggs and milk cartons on it in horribly mismatched coords. And LED creepers.

No. 130602


Yeah, all American Apparelly with milks, bad Japanese on tshirts, egg and ugly skater skirts. It's terrible, who ever came up with this style needs shooting.

No. 130604


I know, even though they were all PS'd at least they looked nice! I still think they look pretty, fake as fuck but pretty. Shame she didn't make her own jewellery and flaunt it off, whilst shooping her face. Woulda got her even more attention tbh…

No. 130625


Don't forget the horribly overpriced tennis skirts.

No. 130637

That's just the current softsister (chinese nymphet) fashion

No. 130650

you know, imo it's probably indicative of a healthier mental state that she doesn't shoop so hard anymore.
I mean, yeah, at least partially it's because she's involved in an industry where she has to show up in person and candid photos will be taken and videos that she can't control the angle will be taken, but I think at some point in the past Dakota probably had pretty bad self-image problems. Remember when she was always posting photos of her 'kawaii bruises' or whatever? skin that's prone to bruises like that is an indication of anemia. I've had the same kind of thing happen to me, and it's indicative of a diet low in iron…if you're restricting calories, it's a condition that's easy to develop. Plus, all of her shoops from back then (as well as her art) depicted extremely skinny limbs. In the case of her drawings, visible ribs, too. I think that when she lived in Florida, Kiki and Mama Ostrenga were probably very critical of her weight and looks, which is why she shooped so hard back then in order to compensate.
now that she's moved to Japan, I think she's in a much more supportive environment. She actually seems to have friends amongst the other models, and even gained weight; she looks healthier now, and her leg bruises have disappeared. I think it's likely that her agency noticed her poor health and maybe got her a dietician or something. There was that one video of all the popteen models exercising in a gym together, right? so in my mind, the idea that they would've hired a nutritionist as well isn't too far-fetched.

idk though it's all speculation
nowadays she seems much more comfortable slapping a filter on top of her selfies and calling it a day, but maybe she just doesn't have the time to edit like she used to because she's actually working and getting out instead of sitting in front of a computer all day.

No. 130656

She still shoops hard af though……

No. 130662

she's still using photo editors and filters but it's all basic shit that anyone can do with an app, like enlarging eyes and brightening skin. That's why her nose disappears so often. Plus all her photos are grainy as fuck these days, so she's probably just using the camera on her phone to take them. Compared to the pictures that made her famous where she conducted 'shoots' for herself and used more powerful and precise computer image editing programs, and the difference is marked. you don't just forget how to do that stuff, so it's either: a)she's lazier (less compelled by her BDD/insecurities) nowadays, or b) she doesn't have the time for it anymore.

No. 130666

or she just doesnt -need- to take the time to do her own photoshoots
shes appears on tv and all they do is repost those 2-3 year old pics from when she was "16"
even though he pro photoshoots look nice, she only posts things she controls

No. 130667

She still looks like a completely different person in her selfies so what is the difference. Just stfu already.

No. 130687

This plus I believe she has to supply whatever images and often doesn't have the rights to shoots for agency's clients, hence the old shit being reposted for 5 years on her forever!debut.

No. 130692

she looks like the exact same person except with filters and eye enlargement, just stfu already. you sound like one of those people who throw a tantrum every time someone points out that no, Dakota isn't actually a hideous gremlin sans photoshop.

No. 130703

File: 1435864429770.jpg (62.16 KB, 600x766, CI5kgHHUcAAn48j.jpg)

No. 130706

I bet she mirrored the photo to make it look like she's the driver. And, wtf, her shoops are getting worse and worse.

No. 130711

whats wrong with being the driver?

No. 130712

or not being the driver?
she said she wants to get her license but as for now it is public knowledge that she cannot drive in japan. tbh i dont know why you wanna drive in tokyo.

No. 130715

Exactly, she said "next year" so we know she isn't driving.

No. 130718

she looks fat

No. 130724

her body looks huge

No. 130741

Yea, she looks gigantic…

I'm wondering why she's dressed like that during the summer tho

No. 130742

is that cleft lip thing a trend in japan? idgi

No. 130744

No. 130835

If you're going to pretend she's fat, at least leave the comment on a picture where you see her damn body. JFC.

No. 130905


Maybe she pulled a Kaka and uploaded a pic she took ages ago to make it seem like she's more active online than she actually is


It is, it's supposed to make your lips look fuller and rounder by drawing over your Cupid's bow. Makes Koots look derpy af tho.

No. 130993

yeahh that's what we were talking about, what's currently in now on tumblr, since it's not the living doll

No. 131002

Not that anon but she looks like Berry so…

No. 131004

But she does. The super fluffy big clothes tend to do that. I don't think she looks necessarily gigantic though, you can tell it's the clothes/angle (for real!) giving this impression

No. 131011

it's called wearing a baggy sweater anon.

No. 131145

A baggy sweater then shrinking your face so it's 1/10th the size it's supposed to be will make anyone look fat.

No. 131355

Editing is editing, lol.

No. 131524

File: 1435938118105.jpg (30.34 KB, 599x494, CI-1Q_lVAAARBx-.jpg)

No. 131534

Oh fuck what with her and Kiki sucking at foundation now!?
That baby face. Put it away fuck you look like a toddler.

No. 131536

did she like
copy and paste her face onto this? what the hell is going on with her chin?

No. 131551

her face is 5x lighter than her body lol

No. 131552

she looks 5 years old lmao

No. 131556

I don't think it is foundation considering that her whole head glows, she prolly abused the skin brightening brush.

No. 131604


No. 131609

She is much better looking without the photoshop. Oh fucking jeez.

No. 131626

She looks like she's laying down ready to get her diaper changed

No. 131718


Showing off taobao purse, cheap nails, egg forehead and glum expression to appear cute with pink tails while being deathly pale.

Yeah… I'd like to see what the before edit was like.

No. 131932

Goddamnit, she's erasing her top lip again, but this time only on the sides. WTF, koti, stahp.

Also I feel like she's shooping herself to look younger and younger because her birthday is coming up, it's getting out of hand. Maybe in addition to her BDD she's having an age crisis as well, realizing her childhood was wasted on the pursuit of internet fame for her sister.

No. 131959

Someone needs to tell her and her retard sister that eyebrows should be fullest closest to your nose not the fucking opposite…

No. 131971


No. 131973

File: 1435997760214.jpg (955.36 KB, 2448x2448, image.jpg)

Look how adorable non-selfstyled/photoshopped she is. She looks like a real and prett human being.

No. 131974

File: 1435997956462.jpg (1.56 MB, 2448x2448, image.jpg)

No. 131976

File: 1435998049788.jpg (1.39 MB, 2448x2448, image.jpg)

No. 132014


Meh, it's cute. Just like the last ton of shoots she's tone for magazines. Cute and that's about it.

No. 132018

>We all know kota is in this for the dolla
Yes, fucking hilarious.

No. 132454

File: 1436068599861.jpg (26.81 KB, 640x518, BHglm7iCAAAsyy2.jpg)

No. 132527


who dis nigga

No. 132533

a creepy fanboy

No. 132534


No. 132538

and that is all it takes to be a popteen model, let's not pretend like anyone in Kera, Popteen or any other kawaii fashion magazine is "MODEL" like Naomi Campbell.

No. 132539

Sooooo shouldn't this thread be moved to /b/ since everyone loves this plain bitch now and there's no dramu

No. 132604


swear u coulda used a better example instead of that dog

No. 132666

File: 1436116136027.jpg (64.88 KB, 900x584, p48uldt.jpg)

spoken like a true butthurt fattie.
don't worry, you too can be a kawaii model in japan one day. why don't you do more self promotion? look at how easy it was for dakota.

No. 132667

Fetal alcohol baby right there

No. 132671

this reminds me of taylor

i like her nails

No. 132683

……what the fuck. See what I mean admin? Move this shit to /b/. Its become a sick fanclub. Don't worship the ground this chick walks on and you're called a jealous fatty. There's no drama.

No. 132721

seriously why are so many bitches so obsessed with this chick? Like that autist on pull kontrakoti she has a whole fucking blog that documents dakota's every move in japan….that is so fucking creepy. But people who arent obessed with her are the jealous ones… okay.

No. 132723

Any more info?

No. 132734

I don't know who is worse in this thread.

The worshippers who proclaim everyone else fat jellies or the 'why don't the glorious Nippons notice the difference between her pictures? What do the real supa kawaii models think of her?' weebs.

No. 132737


Exactly, it's sad. Bet kota sees this shit and giggles her tits off. I would too tbh

No. 132738

I agree. This shit needs to be moved to /b/ since it's nothing but an ass kissing Dakota fan club and we sure as fuck don't need those here.

They should just go to /b/ is they want to worship this basic chick.

No. 132740

Her shoops are milky though. So one can just wait for summer to be over.

No. 132775

Id like to find out if she makes a brand cuz it would def be lulzy but the omg so cute desu shit clogging up the threads get old. Anyone decent looking can be cute in circle lenses, ps, and layers of makeup jfc

No. 132800

Almost nobdy knows her in japan if you ask "do you know dakota rose?"

No. 132803

I highly doubt she spends her time reading english gossip boards when shes trying to erase any hint of being white

No. 132804

thats like finding a random catalog model from a us magazine and going around asking people if they know who she is lol. Kota is no where near a celebrity in japan. the vast majority of her youtube viewers and twitter followers are western

No. 132805


cos she's western

its like the mira thing

youll never be a jap

end of

No. 132807

Yea there are a tonnnnn of Creepy men following her…
Let's put it this was way
She has 160k followers but from all over the world. her model friends have 100k or more followers but all Japanese. That' helps show how she ranks in Japan

No. 132815


I still say she'll fade out in a few more years. She's more interested in getting her brand laid out than anything else tbh. Can't picture her acting or singing, just doesn't have the personality. Modelling… yeah can still see it. But designing, yeah. She'd be best moving on to designs more… Well when she's further on in her twenties I'd use that opportunity to move away from kawaii and focus on getting her name big elsewhere. Only people in Japan/korea/china ect know about the cutesy sort of brands like liz lisa, swankiss, ank rouge.

She should aim bigger and worldwide

No. 132846

I doubt the brand thing will happen but you never know i guess, i doubt it because it takes a lot of money and skill to start one, like i seriously doubt she knows how to sew, draft patterns, etc. I think on one of those tv segments she showed her sketches but it takes way more then that. Plus she has no sense of style lele

No. 132944

The top lip thing is now small beans compared to the all over fetus look…

No. 132962

hey retard, you do know that typing the word "admin" is not going to bring them magically into the thread, right? You do realize you have to go to /meta/ and address them specifically, or even make a report?

Btw, the samefagging in this thread is fucking ridiculous.

No. 133080

She already tried singing and it was so bad they used another girl's voice instead of hers in the commercial.

No. 133085

Yes I know that. Doesn't mean I still can't type it. Theres always a chance they'll see it anyway. BTW what sense does it make complaining about so much samefagging when you don't even actually know. Still this thread is a piece of shit fanclub now.

No. 133093

idk if this has been discussed yet but has anybody else noticed that Kontrakoti is kill?

Her Facebook has been wiped, her Blogspot has vanished and the tags on Tumblr are almost empty.

No. 133096

Holy shit, I wonder what's going on?

The Kontrakoti bookmark redirects me to a google+ sign in page, maybe it's just private? Or maybe Momma Monstrenga finally got to her.

No. 133119

Yep, seems to be copyright claims as other pages suddenly seem to miss Dakota pictures too.

No. 133193

Aw hell, Kota's probably about to do something big and she wants there to be as little negative shit about her online as possible.

I wonder though, all the copyright claims seem so frivolous, and they have in the past even claimed stuff they didn't own. At what point do the Ostrengas have to worry about getting in trouble for abusing copyright claims?

No. 133194


Even so, Dakota is still exposed anyway. It's blatantly on google when you look her up from old days and now.

No. 133205

Meh, it'll probably end up like their last big copyright spree- whatever she tries to get "big" for will get her a few magazine and TV spots and then she'll go back to Popteen.

Wait, can they use kooter once she's (supposedly) 20? The magazine is aimed at teenagers, hence Popteen.

No. 133206


Why do they even bother? Everything they cooyright claim is in English, and nobody in Japan cares enough about kota to dig through the piles of English blogs and forums to expose her. Do they really think a bunch of westerners on the internet are that much of a threat to her in Japan?

No. 133211

I think so, I'm pretty sure there are models that are 22 in the magazine. I think it could be a little like seventeen magazine in a sense that there are still articles and stuff geared towards girls in their early 20's as well.

No. 133212

I get the feeling she wants to move on from Popteen onto something more adult and aimed at a wider audience than just young women. If so I hope she has an advisor or something.

No. 133214


I still say kota is 20/21 since the recent magazine claimed kaka was actually 23.

But yeah, it's aimed at the most 21 + I'd say but mostly for teenagers. I bought it just for curiosity and cos I like kawaii but it was very… Meh. Still, prettier and brighter than British magazines! I'll be honest lol

No. 133216


I do aswell you know, I feel like she's bored of the whole living doll thing (not that she even lives up to the title anymore) and after chopping her hair off, I think that was either a "thank fuck for that I'm almost free from this persona" or "I have a new life now and let's move on to something else" kind of attitude? Call me weird, but I feel maybe it had something to do with that Asian hair cutting business they used to do. Not that kota was ashamed or anything but like a new start? A new look or something. But whatever.

She'd be better off moving away from Japan and getting her name out there, properly and focusing on designing if she wants to be like Viv.

That's what I would do anyway. I think there is only so much Japan can offer tbh. I mean there is A LOT but only so much until it's… boring I guess. I'd defo aim higher.

No. 133234


maybe shes planning on moving back to the states

No. 133237

she'd be an even bigger nobody here. even if she bored of japan, its not like america would be more exciting

No. 133247

File: 1436215812327.jpg (35.34 KB, 315x400, kota.jpg)

We all know about the shooping guys, k.

But oh my word…

Her style has definitely change… She's gone from like the old way of shooping from when she first hit Japan to shooping like the rest of the weeb/jap models like Amo/Risa ect with that horrid dreamy filter

No. 133250


defo trying to achieve that hafu look me thinks

No. 133260

Yeah but if you legitimately have a problem and want this thread to be moved to /b/, you would be better off addressing the admin directly rather than whining your fat ass off in the dakooter thread.

btw, the samefagging in this thread is completely obvious. One day you'll make it to Japan, jelly-chan.

No. 133261

File: 1436216943592.jpg (26.03 KB, 213x320, 64.jpg)

omg, all dat shoop lol

No. 133269

I hope for her sake she doesn't.

If she moves back to the states, luke LA or NY to try something in fashion, her sister is gonna go batshit with the leeching off her. The only reason she didn't manage to get as much of Dakota's Japanese shine is because she couldn't bother to learn decent enough Japanese or enough about the culture to appeal to them.

In America, scandal makes you famous. If Kota gets any kind of notariety here Kiki is gonna be back like we've never seen her before.

No. 133270

We already know Dakota is in her 20's. Shes a year younger than Kiki who is about to turn 23 this September.

No. 133274


This is pretty much spot on.

Kiki would NEVER have made it in Japan anyway. Even Venus is struggling and Himezawa is TRYING while Taylor R is somewhat doing her best despite being a nobody at the most in Japan aside from another gaijin model who desperately wants some tartento.

Yep, Kiki would leech and milk Kota anyway she could possible. It'd be like the white Kardashians, cept poorer and even more trashy. Fucking hell, I do not want to see the ostrengas all over the papers.

No. 133276


Is that a real cat?

No. 133277


Yes jelly-chan, you'll make it as a catalogue model and appear on a few tv shows. You go make it big jelly-chan! You can du dis ~

But btw you cant copy koti and the doll thing

try idk being a real life robotic geisha or something, japs love robots

No. 133286

It's also due to the fact her features just don't appeal to Japanese people in general.
I definitely think Kaka would have a much better chance at fame in the west/America than Kota because people here prefer harsher features like hers.

I honestly can't see Kota moving back to America. It would be a stupid thing to do because she wouldn't get any work here(well at least like modeling work and stuff). I think if she wanted to do that, she'd make more videos and try to appeal more to her English speaking fans, so she'd be able to get work like a lot beauty gurus here.
Honestly, I don't even get why she never did that to begin with, imagine how much bank she'd make if she started doing videos promoting taobao reselling shops and shit for her weeby English speaking fans on top of the kawaii modeling thing.

Although the kontrakoti thing is really strange.

No. 133292

The very first two results when searching for her in Japanese are exposing her. Next is her social media accounts and then more exposure.

No. 133295

Yeah but the Ostrengas can't copyright claim shit they can't read, so that isn't likely to change. Dakota is probably too busy/doesn't care about it.

No. 133298

I don't see Kaka getting famous in the west either tbh. There's already a trashy white hick who is famous for being trashy and white and her parents making her famous- Miley Cyrus.

No. 133299

Was dumb of her to completely drop her western imagine, she was actually pretty e famous i mean her outfit video got 8m views jfc. She didnt look at the whole picture and just jumped as soon as she got the chance to be a Nippon model. Modeling is a career with an expiration date especially in Japan. When shes too old to model she'll have to find a husbando to leech from. I don't think she's bored of japan she just knows the clock is ticking

No. 133302

I think it too her way too much effort to edit her videos and make sure everything is was just perfect when she did her hair and outfit videos back in the day. I imagine editing her photos was a lot of work too, which is why she sticks to phone pictures and editing apps now

No. 133305

you're the ones who are behaving like you're obsessed. literally the only 'drama' surrounding dakota now is from people like you, who stomp their feet and wail every time she posts a new pic like, "Ohmygaaawd so much photoshop those filters she looks like a FETUS' etc. I don't follow Dakota's actual activities/updates, but when I see jelly-chans bawwwing all over image boards, that's when she becomes interesting again…not because of her own activity, but because you're so desperate to shit all some random catalogue model that it's funny and pathetic. just because we're laughing at you doesn't mean we're 'worshipping' kota.

No. 133307

Yeah, in one of the older kota threads someone said something about her spending a week plus editing just one pic. Super labor intensive.

No. 133310


calm down man jfc

No. 133311

Lol are you retarded? Pointing out how ridiculous and bad her shooping is doesn't make someone jealous lmao. That is pretty much the only thing about her that makes her worth talking about.the thread turns into a fan club because her stalkers come here and post her images and go "So Kawaii ~*" nobody cares. Please open up a dictionary because you dont understand the definition of jealousy and obsession. The only jealous ones are losers like you who are trying to vicariously live through her and are personally offended when she is made fun of

No. 133327

Oh my god will you fucking morons stop saying everyone who wants this thread moved or doesn't kiss kotas ass are jelly fat haters? This is some pull shit.

No. 133362

Holy shit, they actually went after the fake Dakota accounts this time. I did a quick check and most of the fakes are missing on Facebook. It's about damn time they did something worth noticing. Makes me wonder, why now?

Also it looks like Kontra is already back. Now that's some devotion.

No. 133375


I used to wonder if Kontra was kota sometimes idk it'd be funny if it was

No. 133382

I always thought Kontra was her, since she doesn't go out much.

No. 133386

lol why would she do that though? I doubt its her, and the way kontra posts dosent seem like anything kota would write

No. 133402

It wouldn't surprise me. So many online personalities, and wannabes, make their own hate and fansites.

Personally I always thought it was either an ex-friend that was a little obsessed with her or some fan from Tumblr who is living out their kawaii dreams through Dakota.

No. 133404

For some reason I can just see a male doing that kind of passionate work.

No. 133418

And Paris Hilton and Kim K. They all overplayed the "I'm ditsy, cute and have too much money" gig.

No. 133419

Problem is she looked NOTHING like her edits and people in the U.S. would have caught onto that quick. It is very hard to just be discovered, and there are a lot of legitimately "unphotoshopped" girls all competing for the lime light.

No. 133422

>I'm not obsessed! I just spend hours in this thread negging every photo that's posted in order to show her obsessive fanclub how unkawaii she really is!

m8, there is no fanclub. The fact that you've deluded yourself into thinking that anyone who's not agreeing with her 'worships' kota is pretty solid evidence of how much you hate her.
I'll admit that her shoops were ridiculous in the past, like when she fucked up her floorboards and erased her ears. Now she's just your average run of the mill white chick trying to make it in the entertainment industry. She has literally failed to provide us with fresh milk for years now. The people clinging to her controversial past and 'b-b-but she shoops! And uses filters! And looks ugly!' are the only real sources of amusement or controversy left. But the only topic you guys obsess over nowadays is her appearance. You've got to be pretty damn insecure if seeing someone else using meitu sends you into a rage worth sitting itt for hours, that's why people assume you're just fucking insecure.

No. 133423

agreeing with you*

No. 133443

No shit thats literally what i said? I get thats its anon but stop assuming everyone who dosent agree with you is literally the same person. Nobody "spends hours" negging dumb ass. The whiteknighting is so real in this thread though, so many other people get called ugly, fat, etc but if this jap wannabe gets insulted even slighty you must be a "fat jelly hater" lol fuck off

No. 133448

You want to be her so badly you cry every time someone makes fun of her, its okay man. Just go back to your Kota shrine and pray you will get discovered, im sure it'll happen.

No. 133529

people get called ugly & fat in other threads, and they get defended there, too.
the only difference is that here, you're so threatened by the idea that anyone could possibly disagree with you that you resort to attacking them by insinuating that they're just blindly obsessive fans when really they don't give a fuck. we're all just curious why you hate her so much that–years after she's stirred up any kind of controversy–you go into frothing attack mode whenever you see her image. and no, 'she's a photoshops wizzard!! omg so fake' isn't really a good excuse.

No. 133536

Not really, definitely not to the extent like it is here. Will you shut the fuck up about her pics already jfc. I dont ever comment on her pics I dont care but it does really fucking annoy me when people say "jelly-chan huehue" just because someone points out shooping. You are obsessed why else are you so offended by it lmfao. If you don't like it then just ignore it. Its a fucking chan board if you can't handle people hurting your feels then fuck off

No. 133540

This is A+ photoshop. Lips look puckered, plump and small without duck face. Eyes have those stupid bags that are on trend without being too noticeable and dem saggy cheek lines have been erased. Her chin seems like her real chin and she's recognizable as herself, but better. Dakota needs this editor on her permanent staff.

No. 133544

kawaii goddess

No. 133549

lmao i cant believe this is the same kawaii nippon model, I wonder does she fucking hate having to pretend to be something she's not 24/7?

No. 133556

This shit is ooooooooooooold. Tardo kids always go through dumbass phases. She was following her hideous big sister. She manages to still sell the "foreigner" rudeness/harshness as a part of her professional persona. In fact it's part of the gag she sells on her tv appearances. So whatcha bitchin for niggas? We all know Koots isn't that great looking, but she can pull off a decent stock model photo with a decent editor.

Does anyone even see Koots as a kawaii goddess? Perhaps you should learn Japanese and talk shit on 2chan because she's actually selling that image (once again, with the idea that she talks like a dude) to Japanese folks. No one in the west cares bout this level of basic.

No. 133560

dang you sound mad as hell anon

i just always find her old videos/ pictures so interesting considering how much she's changed/ grown

No. 133564


I just meant that all of her model friends are these sugary sweet bitches and kota just isnt like that even in her kawaii tumblr phase. Yes people are retarded as kids she really hasnt changed she just learned to hide it. Anyone not hideous can look like a decent model right but wouldnt get hired if they had a trashy attitude hence why kiki will never make it in japan

No. 133598

>all of her model friends are these sugary sweet bitches

Kek no.
They act a certain way in public like the rest of the population in Japan. Girls like this can be some of the most vicious bitches behind closed doors. The major difference between kota and them is she's a foreigner (so it's forgivable) and she worked it into a persona.

No. 133606

you never know i guess. This is boring, the only dramu comes from speculation since shes basically a nobody in the english speaking world now

No. 133625

What year was this shit? I remember it was a fast flip from this to her elf goddess tagged videos.

No. 133638

Is there a mirror to the Downtown episode? The account was deleted.

No. 133642

File: 1436250495421.jpg (275.24 KB, 1980x1318, 3531e4a9264dbb1c244a188afc248f…)

She looks like the kid in The Babadook in these.

No. 133644

first: that's been said before.

second: that lil fucker annoyed the shit out of me with his screaming. shit movie, shit acting. ugh.

polite sage for ot

No. 133650

my 'feelings' have nothing to do with it, it's all about the fact that there is literally nothing to talk about except how grotesquely unattractive the ~haters~ find her. which is like, whatever, your opinion, man, have it. but it's not the lulz that I came here for. and calling everyone who doesn't agree with you her 'fanclub' makes you sound batshit crazy/paranoid.

although I gotta admit, watching the same people accused of being jelly-chans get all huffy and butthurt enough to counter-attack with the same ad-hominem fallacies was pretty fucking ripe at first.

back to my shrine, I guess~ sorry for the late response, reciting my kawaii mantras in honor of kota-sama takes hours away from the time that I could be sitting in this thread f5ing instead.

No. 133656

I wonder if its kaka calling us her "fanclub".
Dont get me wrong I think kota can be cute as hell, but she isn't a lolcow these days.

No. 133672

Lol you know someone is mad when they have a long pointless rant. Calm down rage-chan and stop derailing because mean comments trigger you

No. 133675

Also stop samefagging

No. 133684


the bait is so real, keep trying anon.

It is pretty lame how this thread is either ass kissing or pointing how her obviously fucking shooped pics are shooped. Also think this should be moved to /b. She's just not relevant anymore.

No. 133787

File: 1436283003638.jpg (272.46 KB, 646x464, 1265349067449.jpg)

yep, it sure does take so long to type up six sentences. so much text, so exhausting to read and comprehend. you couldn't possibly finish. better just pull out your trump card & call the other person mad.

No. 133840

Yeah I have better things to do then try to calm down a triggered anon, no1 curr

No. 133866

way to prove my point.

No. 133872

File: 1436298163532.jpg (181.61 KB, 750x732, image.jpg)

tfw you turn into your oldest sister of 3 in candids, compared to your selfies


No. 133875

And the girl who posted it is in disbelief of Dakota's real face vs her photo, lel


No. 133882

time for you to go back to pull

No. 133884

What are you talking about? She is so ~*Kawaii anon, you're all just fat, jelly haters.

No. 133887

Her facial lines are so prominent

No. 133888


Ahh, well done people of Japan. Finally you're all able to see rearu babi for yourselves. Still, koti looks pretty as always regardless of having been shopping or AE taken place. I like her real face, nothing wrong with it. Looks a lot like her mother though, I will say that.

She's very broad isn't she?

No. 133890


Very fuckin' very

No. 133891


Times like this where I wonder how she's got away with it. Then I remember, the doll thing is just her image and all she did was market herself.

She's a semi-self-business woman or is slowly becoming one. Watch out Vivienne Westwood!

No. 133893

No. 133895

she looks fat

No. 133897

You don't even need to have any marketing skills for that. Amo, who Dakota is copying recently, is the exact same at her own photos vs candids when it comes to the face.

No. 133898

File: 1436302127835.png (229.52 KB, 588x306, Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4.48…)

are you sure about amo

No. 133901

I guess catfishing is normal in japan thats how kota got away with it

No. 133908

File: 1436302999619.jpeg (45.46 KB, 640x640, eDHN8HRWALo8CQQ_gBaui_181.jpeg)

it is. its the subject of tv shows all the time.
the point isnt to make fun of the girls real appearance. its more like, the make light of the super makeup/editing job they do.
people watching arent like "OMG YOURE SO UGLY"
they're just like "wow are you a wizard"

No. 133909


I will be honest and say the girl on the right is probably cuter

No. 133910


Yeah, it's like korea worships people who look like dolls in rl and japan is obsessed whos pics look more fake and dolly.

It's like backwards isn't it?

It's kinda pointless but whatever makes them happy i guess

No. 133911

Ummm yeah. That's how amo looks. I don't get how this picture is proving anything. That's her look.

No. 133912


Basically, she's cute in pics and not so kawaii in person. Again, shoop is shoop and that is its purpose.

No. 133914

Maybe its just me, but whenever i use editing apps to make my nose smaller/eyes bigger etc it just makes me feel worse about my real appearance.

No. 133916

Post another pic for an example please. I've never really seen that much of a difference. Everyone has not so flattering pics.

No. 133919

File: 1436303573311.jpg (62.87 KB, 1600x895, Ginger asian man_b25e47_501416…)


Yurano ochi for e.g (Yula yula / kota's popteen bestie) actually looks decent without the shoop tbh like I think she's probably the cutest popteen model

No. 133920


Stop editing, honestly when I stopped editing I stopped feeling as insecure and shit about myself. Sure lighten a little and maybe a filter or two to brighten up the pic but dont go editing your nose and eyes please… Honestly! Just keep posting more of you as you are and you'll get used to it.

No. 133922

Kota looks like an ogre compared to the other models tbh

No. 133925

File: 1436304350306.jpg (235.57 KB, 1240x821, large.jpg)


Even Risa is looking… I do like her wide oval eyes though but she always does the same ass poses in her selfies.. and I just sigh

No. 133927

File: 1436304539294.jpg (311.36 KB, 1600x1060, 130917larme12.jpg)

Not hard tbh.

No. 133930

What the….she still looks the same. Y'all are crazy. But I've always wondered how the fuck her eyes look like that. I've never seen anyone with eyes like that shape and length……

No. 133931


Not really, she has more cheek and not that uplifted kinda youthful look in her selfies… She's still pretty tho.

I KNOW her eyes are weird

No. 133932


Anyone here a fan of the anime free!??? If so, and you've seen Haru's seiyuu… Nobunaga whatever his name is… Doesn't the girl in the middle look like him!

No. 133945


Well no. They're just wearing brands to get school girls to buy them… Poor school girls wished they looked like the models while the models wished they looked like their pictures

No. 133946

Japanese magazines have models with looks that an average japanese girl can achieve. Theyre not super, tall, skinny and ridiculously beautiful.

No. 133960

>Theyre not super, tall, skinny and ridiculously beautiful.
But most times shooped into it, don't get me started on all those ads for diet pills in gyaru teen magazines.

No. 133971

i remember some buzz about a tapeworm pill being adverted in popteen, the japanese beauty industry is really unhealthy

No. 133980

What happened to Kontra's Kooter blog? Sorry if this has been already discussed, but I've spent some time under a rock.

No. 133990

Ostrenga's are on a copyright claim spree again.

No. 134214

I ain't mad, negro. Just asking whatcha bitchin for. Kids change a lot quickly. They obtain new personas all the time when they're young. How many of these here PULL users have switched from Lolita to Kawaii to Kota clones?

No. 134247

Japanese diet trends are scary, dude. A while ago laxative milkshakes/smoothies were popular, that shit could fuckup your digestive system.

No. 134259

Lol nigger what?
This post >>133650 wasn't me.
Is it really so hard for you to think there's more than one person on here that likes kota? Or that Kaka could be bullshiting up her kawaii lil sisters thread.

No. 134276

OT but I read a diet trend where you basically eat whatever you want but only in a 2 hour window for the day.
That might've been a korean trend though..

No. 134283

"Lol nigger what?"

Omg look im racist so kawaii edgy desu Give me attention plz

No. 134287

inb4 "I'm black, you faggot"

No. 134288


Im white fyi but spamming negro/nigger dosent make you look cool you just look like a tryhard fag lol not impressing anyone kid

No. 134289

I was siding with you

No. 134290

I'm not the one using the n word, was just replying with you, not to you (if you get it)

No. 134291

ur gucci then

No. 134297


Who cares. So many sensitive summerfags rn, jesus christ.

No. 134301


No one is sensitive but you

No. 134376

File: 1436350754617.jpg (102.81 KB, 1280x720, snapshot_01.58_[2015.07.08_13.…)

Can anyone identify these lenses? It's difficult find such lenses that blend so seamlessly with light eyes.

No. 134408

They're Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown

No. 134413

"Almond Brown"

Are you blind? This is what the Almond Brown look like on bright eyes. Clearly not what Dakota is wearing

No. 134419

File: 1436361379669.jpg (270.72 KB, 527x576, Untitled-6.jpg)

Those aren't Princess Mimi Almond Brown lenses, they're Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown, you can tell just by looking at the pattern. I have the Almond Brown ones and they barely even cover your eye. This is what they look like on light eyes

No. 134433

I always thought the Mimi Almond Brown has a much thicker limbal ring than what Dakota's lenses have.

No. 134451

I was just linking the ones posted on Pinky Paradise!

No. 134468

Depends on your eye size, the smaller your iris the smaller the ring will appear.

No. 134569

File: 1436382661000.jpg (50.89 KB, 900x597, toddlers-mouth-and-lips-hagai-…)

It's still so strange/shocking to see her real face.
When her lips don't look like a toddlers.

No. 134575

File: 1436383301797.jpg (53.89 KB, 534x316, herp.jpg)


I use EOS Ice Grey on my blue eyes and they blend pretty damn well whilst offering decent enlargement (picture related).

I never buy lenses that are advertised as "blue" as they're often exclusively that hideous, vibrant aqua colour and not actually a light blue. I highly recommend using grey lenses with any shade of lighter coloured eye as they're only going to enhance, not disguise.
It took me years to discover this.

My only warning with the EOS Ice Grey is that if you don't have a medium to large iris you are going to get the halo effect with these lenses.

No. 134576

hey are you eagle anon?

No. 134579

No it's fucking Spoony. Literally ten minutes after being told to stop selfposting in the OC thread.

Quit posting about your vagina as well.

No. 134590

Do you salty cunts have to bring this up in every fucking thread and ruin it, especially when >>134575 is actually relevant to a question that was asked?

No. 134594

No. 134599

these actually look really nice. i really like the makeup, too. you don't look like yourself, imho

No. 134600


fuck you

No. 134605

Hey Spoony, do you have anyway I could contact you?
I'll tell you who I am here if you do. I just want to ask you some questions, there's reasons I can't explain here. I'm curious about somethings and I've noticed some things I have in common with you.
Just post a junk email or something.

No. 134617

File: 1436387298621.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.09 KB, 351x93, mimialmondbrown.JPG)

I bought the Mimi Almond Brown back in 2012 (my first circle lenses) and this is what they looked like on my greenish / brown eyes.
they really let most of your own eye colour through.

No. 134621


This sounds potentially suspect, but okay.
My email is in the field, I don't really care who see's it.

>inb4 one million Baddragon registration emails


What an absolutely stunning natural eye colour you have. Usually I don't like overly thick limbal rings but it really does you.

No. 134630

Thank you.

No. 134633

Could someone possibly ban her? She self posts in every thread and it's getting kind of grating.

No. 134634

>she self posts in every thread
I never see this and honestly the only time it gets irritating is when people start responding to a completely innocuous post going "spoony! spoony! omg it's spoony!".
If it weren't for these posters I wouldn't even notice her.

No. 134635

Personally I like Spoony but the idiocy of her saying

>I cultivate my online personality very carefully I only post about certain things

Along with her posting shit like complete address history, the ins and outs of her uni course, information about her vagina and basically every personal detail she can aside actual addresses is getting annoying. You only have to be paying the slightest bit of attention to tell when it's her posting, and she makes no effort to obfuscate her identity.

You may as well be tripping if you're gonna continue to post shit like this all the time girl.

No. 134642

ah, thank you! haha
I just wanted to give a "irl" example since is used to wear these lenses. Then moved on to more natural looking ones. I spent so long looking for the "green" version of Kota's lenses back in the day even bought that Urban Decay tinted moisturizer "Halo" or whatever haha

No. 134647


Okay hold the fuck up. I have been trying not to get involved in this shit because I despise prolonging it but where did I ever say "I cultivate my online personality very carefully I only post about certain things".
I do not want to cultivate an "internet personality". I do not "want" an internet personality. If I wanted an internet personality believe me, I could be racking up massive amounts of attention in less than a month tops. But I don't. I don't want it. The shit I did back on 4chan I did when I was an idiot teenager. I am a 23 year old adult now and this has got to stop.
The fact is I have been anonymous for many years now, I think for actually longer than my "spoony" phase ever last. I have no real concrete information attached to any of my posts so really, you don't know which posts are me and which are not and it has led to people stumbling across random posts (and I'm not accusing you directly), and saying "Hm, this post is Anon but it kind of sounds like spoony, it must be spoony, spoony said this thing!".

The only place I have posted the "ins and outs" of my uni course is to my personal Tumblr so you're obviously visiting it in order to get that information. My Tumblr is not lolcow. You have no right to complain about information I post to it. It is cool that you like me but really at the end of the day it means nothing to me especially when you're attributing false statements to my name. I'm not trying to attack you, I'm just tired.

For years I have had people telling me "just stop tripping, just go anonymous ffs", well I am Anon now and look, I still have people analysing posts and trying to "point me out" and I don't even know why.
If it were any other person posting an image of their circle lenses nobody would bat a damn eyelid, case in point with >>134617. I don't see anybody going at lengths to try and discern her identity.

God fucking damnit I am just so fucking sick of this shit. People need to make a decision on whether or not to let this shit go because at this point, if some of you hate me this much, why are you going to such strains to make my presence known?

Admin-sama, I'm sorry. I'm going to email you about a potential resolution because it's getting ridiculous and I don't want people shitting up this board any further clinging onto old, irrelevant drama that was never even good in the first place.
Maybe the word "spoony" should just be filtered completely.

No. 134651

And yet you are the only person on this board who feels the need to constantly self post photos of yourself.

Of course if you post identifiable pictures of yourself users familiar with you are going to respond, as you've already seen in the other two threads you've done this in.

I don't give a shit about your 4chan camwhore past just please stop identifying yourself and derailing threads. This image board is anonymous for a reason.

No. 134652

Lol Spooky, Gtfo and/or stfu

Gd, you don't realize every time you selfpost it gets derailed? If you can't realize that is the reason most Anon's get upset, then yes you do like attention.

No. 134653


No. 134658

>but where did I ever say "I cultivate my online personality very carefully I only post about certain things".

Either here or /cgl/ it was part of you saying that anons here (Or there) Don't actually know anything about what you're really like 'cause you're picky about what you post and were even when you tripped back in the day.

>The only place I have posted the "ins and outs" of my uni course is to my personal Tumblr so you're obviously visiting it in order to get that information. My Tumblr is not lolcow.

That's fair enough. Though I remember you being identified in threads and then continuing to post identifying details about your life, here and on /cgl/. You know that the userbase of /cgl/ and her intersect widely, and how much of a long memory anons have. There are tons of details you can omit in posts that don't affect the quality of the post.

>It is cool that you like me but really at the end of the day it means nothing to me especially when you're attributing false statements to my name.

I'm genuinely not doing it on purpose, if I am. It's just what I (Incorrectly) remember.

>I'm not trying to attack you, I'm just tired.

You don't owe me anything, no worries.

>I don't see anybody going at lengths to try and discern her identity.

Yeah but we don't have to go to great lengths lol. If she were Charms, OC, or fucking Dakota herself or anyone else this board could immediately identify at a glance you can bet your ass they'd point it out. Hell, they could even be someone generally well liked people would still point them out.

I don't think it's that that's pissing people off, it's the fact you continue to selfpost and self identify all over the board. You're not really staying anon if you post selfies.

No. 134661

No one would even know who you were if you weren't always grabbing for attention in the first place, just saying.

No. 134668


>you're not really staying anon if you post selfies

Okay I understand that grievance but I don't really consider >>134575 a selfie.
I don't know how many of are circle lenses users but I personally am. The vast majority of people who do use circle lenses have brown eyes, and it is so frustrating having somebody recommend a particular brand to you, Googling "[brand] on light eyes" and turning up shit, so then you're tentative to make a purchase because you have no idea what they're going to look like on your own lighter eyes, especially if you're on a budget. At one point I even considered building a catalogue website with tagged sections dedicated to specific lenses worn on specific eye colours to remedy this.

In this instance I genuinely thought I was being helpful and honestly if people are so easily able to identify me by a pair of heavily made up eyes sporting lenses and what amounts to 30% of an eyebrow and 25% of my nose, I actually kind of feel sorry for them. Those are the types of people I know for a fact are camping out on my Tumblr and analysing every photo I post and then complaining about it later, and I know that people do it because I see the same IP's coming to my page originally from lolcow or 4chan or wherever it's been posted, going to my askbox and my /tagged/me page time and time again.
People think I'm crying for attention but you guys should see my fucking Tumblr askbox o lawdy. I must only publish about 10% of the asks I get because a lot of them are shit relating to drama and I'm just so done with it.

I actually feel even stupider for wanting to believe that some of you are mature and/or intelligent enough to have grown up past this shit. I don't care if people want to bitch me out, but for christ's sake at least keep it contained to one place. What bothers me is it spilling out onto other threads and trashing the board.

No. 134771

yeaaah, people jumped on you too quickly this time. I thought your contact lens post was fine. I also know how annoying it is to find good reviews from other people with light eyes.

Just lay low and let the shit blow over.

No. 134790

I agree with this. I think people screaming "Spoony" derails the thread and it's fucking annoying. She doesn't really do anything wrong.

No. 134852

What does halo effect mean here? Sorry, I'm new to circle lenses

No. 134854

File: 1436412023429.jpg (210.45 KB, 600x366, 1-Day-Acuvue-Define-Circle-Len…)


A circle lens "halo" is referred to the appearance of what happens when a lens with a translucent outer edge and a not very thick limbal ring extends beyond the diameter of the natural iris and creates an "empty" ring of sclera.

It's mostly only noticeable when somebody is wearing lenses and looks to the side.

No. 134859

oh I see, thanks for explaining! The best way to avoid this would be a more thick ring on the outer edge, right?

No. 134861


A thicker ring or a lens with a smaller diameter.
Personally I think really thick limbal rings look creepy and off, but it's down to personal preference.

No. 134921

Idk the story behind you, and personally do not care to know since you said it is all behind you. I asked if you were eagle anon earlier because you made a post on a thread on /b that made me laugh and liked seeing how positive you were. Anyway I do hope that this drama will stop following you around in time.

No. 134928

File: 1436424221796.png (252.71 KB, 477x343, 02_03.png)

Possibly EOS Fairy Grey?

No. 134934

Haha how don't you get this spoony? If this was the first time you posted no one would care/notice but you know, when you kernel spamming your face all over the place and in addition write a whole fucking book on how you don't want attention we are going to point out your blatant look at me don't look at me shtick. This topic is dead, I'm just laughing so hard at this I felt like spelling it out. Sorry for OT farmers.

No. 134935

Hahah kernel. I meant "keep"

No. 134980

File: 1436431468478.jpg (152.8 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

I don't think so, the outer ring is darker and thicker than that.

Whatever contacts she's wearing, she has worn the same for like 2 years. Probably because she lies about her eyes, and can't change the contacts nice since people would notice. she also found the one pair that really matches her natural color.

It's super obvious in some photos too.

No. 134982

And also, Japan has a billion circle lense brands, she wouldn't need to buy any online imported from Korea/etc, so I believe we can't find hers online on English websites. You can find them everywhere in Japan.

No. 134983

File: 1436432599495.jpg (413 KB, 720x960, o0720096013360424778.jpg)

lmao, this girl…

No. 134984

the corner of her mouth is so painfully obviously liquified.

No. 135047

so do extensions damage your real hair ? what can she look forward to if she keeps this up ?

No. 135061


This isn't even kawaii anymore, kawnaii more like tbh

No. 135065

Ew, this is so hideously awful.

No. 135069


The bangs are so bad it distracts from her shoop

No. 135072

File: 1436456057364.jpg (60.21 KB, 599x346, image.jpg)

No. 135073

File: 1436456107270.jpg (76.91 KB, 599x755, image.jpg)

No. 135075

It's been said time and time again, she doesn't care anymore. People know what she truly looks like but she still shoops because of how acceptable it is. She probably does feel more beautiful in her shoops. I can't make the claim that thats for sure the case because she still goes out and gets attention for her real face. People who are as insecure as one would think by the pics she posts would probably never make a public appearance (Berry).

No. 135089

Yet her parents are suddenly on a copyright claiming spree again regarding all candids of her, even some japanese company sites on FB were target besides Kontrakoti and fake profiles.

No. 135090


No. 135091

Her hair looks so much better when its curly/ wavy. She looks more adult.

Too bad her baby alien shoops negate that doe

No. 135093

File: 1436458926634.gif (875.35 KB, 408x230, tumblr_mjvim505KK1qc5ljco1_500…)

>Dat missing nose
>Dat red eye
>Dat ashy grey color to the skin on her face
>Dat blur

No. 135097

File: 1436459569013.png (69.9 KB, 243x200, she has fucking elf ears.png)

No. 135103

What's that anon dense for? they only pointed out the editing and such. Dakota and the rest were wearing 'costumes', she was an elf. The elf ears are noticeably fake. Plastic or rubber, they weren't Photoshopped, what's the problem.

I personally find her cuter in this pic.

No. 135110

Finally an elf goddess…I know I'm gonna get some crap for this but she kinda looks really cute here

No. 135113

Thanks anon.
The shoop is ridiculous. I don't care about her achieving "Bahbee elf desu" dreams.

No. 135114

i'm pretty disappointed that the others went all out and look weird and spoopy and ugly, and kota just painted her face white. bleh. it's weird and spoopy looking but not enough

No. 135122

kek, anon just wanted to use an omega funny meme they found on imgur.

No. 135130

File: 1436466329333.png (450 KB, 379x592, 11229825_806078346172921_86957…)

Dikes beware of the elf goddess

No. 135131

File: 1436466441528.jpg (49.76 KB, 599x712, CJfYeA3WsAAo1LF.jpg)

Hm. She deleted that and replaced it with this. Maybe she was worried people wouldn't realize she had on sfx make and would just think her foundation was ashy af

No. 135133

elf? more like gobelin

No. 135142

File: 1436468653243.png (100.96 KB, 239x205, morso2.png)

Dakota really reminds me of Morso, a character from a Finnish kids show. Especially with her edits.

No. 135181

File: 1436471988040.jpg (56.55 KB, 480x393, 001l.jpg)

No. 135183

File: 1436472030227.jpg (20.41 KB, 297x450, m_sponichi-spngoo-20150709-013…)

No. 135187

at last she shows her true form

No. 135188

File: 1436472315721.jpg (8.51 KB, 225x225, 1409444353947.jpg)

No. 135191

Wut the fuck. She starting to look like kiki. Ew.

No. 135193

File: 1436472537674.jpg (14.19 KB, 236x351, IMG_2730.JPG)


what she have been guys

No. 135267


No. 135272

File: 1436479485371.gif (472.67 KB, 320x240, grandpa-simpson-arrives-and-le…)

sup /pt/
so this site still exists?
this thread still exists?

No. 135284

lmao that made me laugh harder than it should have, this would look cute if the makeup job was decent. Let me guess she did it herself?

No. 135285

I usually find her pics repulsive but this is actually cute imho

No. 135289


No. 135295

oh my god

No. 135298

that's true, but she was wearing them before she ever went there

No. 135307


lol @ the overdrawn top lip

No. 135309

File: 1436481828013.jpg (51.39 KB, 297x450, barbie shrek goddess.jpg)

No. 135535

I tweeted her "your head is fucking big please stop this" then she deleted this photo. I hope I didnt hurt the elf goddess feelings.

No. 135536

She looks a bit like Drew barrymore when she laughs. wish she would have done more make up wise.

No. 135545

There were quite a few of you and all tweeting in English. What happened to her not caring about her non-Japanese audience?

Her follower list is a nightmare. If I went to see who was following me and mainly saw middle age (or older) men and a large assortment of neckbeards, I'd step away from my computer and have to give my life a long evaluation.

No. 135549

Tbf, I'm pretty sure most people would get upset about getting negative comments.

No. 135552

I want to add, I think that's why she doesn't really care about her English speaking audience. I've heard people only associate their feelings with their native language. So if someone says something negative to you in your second language, it's probably not going to affect you as much as it would in your native language.

This pretty much shows she's just as sensitive about negative comments as before, but she's just gotten better about handling it.

No. 135560

I still think she looks a LOT cuter without the shoops. She's seriously adorable here and looks a lot more presentable than the creepy mannequin she used to be like.

I'm gonna be honest guys, I think that the separation from Kaka made her grow up and develop a real persona.

No. 135561

I would agree if it wasn't for the fact these weren't even bad. Just a bunch of 'ugh alien/baby head' and 'why are there so many weird looking asian chicks on here'. She's gotten way worse on other pictures and typically ignores them.

Just trying to figure out why such bottom of the barrel insults suddenly matter to her. The only big difference is her sister saying she's moving to Tokyo, but I still don't see why it would matter.

No. 135648

Maybe she's just super stressed because of Kiki "moving to Japan" and "marrying a Japanese". Knowing how Kiki is, it wouldn't take long for her to gain a reputation and have it get back to Kota because they're siblings. Kota better pray Kili is as much of a NEET Hikkikomori in Japan as she was last time in Tokyo and always is in FL.

No. 135720

How does everyone know dakota dosent like kiki?…they are sisters after all and only had eachother for companionship their whole lives.

No. 135724

Considering how many times they did fight when they were each other, the fact that Dakota was the only one against them at the Danny case, etc. I guess that's where this is coming from.

No. 135729

This and the fact that
>before that reply on the tweet about being scouted, Kota hadn't acknowledged Kaka in over a year online
>Kaka was asking people on twitter questions about Japan when she first went even though she has a sister that lives there she could ask (Kota also said in that ameblo post that she hadn't seen Kaka in a really long time even though her first trip was about a year before her second)
>she apparently sent back the Audrey Kawasaki print Kaka got her for her birthday
>she unfollowed Kaka on twitter once (I think around the time she took down the AK print)
>they both seemed to have gotten in a fight while Kaka was in Japan?(with the ameblo post and the salty tweet that were edited/deleted)
A lot of people, including myself, feel like Kota was only close with her because she was the person there. I mean, would you want to be friends with someone like Kaka if you had a choice?

No one of course knows Kota hates Kiki, we're just basing this all off of what we're seeing and maybe experience as well.
I don't think Kota hates Kiki, but I definitely don't think they're as close as they used to be and I'm sure Kiki annoys Kota sometimes.

No. 135734

>Dakota was the only one against them at the Danny case
How do you know this?

No. 135735

Did you ever read th case report or? Guess where everyone knows from that Cathy collected condoms and Danny asked Kiki for consent.

No. 135737

just adding, I don't think anyone here is outright saying that they don't like each other. Just that there is a lot of tension between them, and obvious jealousy on Kiki's part– which certainly strains their relationship, since Kiki naturally wants the center of attention and is obsessed with fame.

No. 135742

Some people seem to assume that we mean that Kota absolutely despises Kiki and wishes she was dead or some shit, it's really fucking annoying.

No. 135767

>she apparently sent back the Audrey Kawasaki print Kaka got her for her birthday
Sauce on that? I totally missed it. I heard about dako unfollowing & the little twitter debacle but I don't recall that.

No. 135769

File: 1436561278244.jpg (377.54 KB, 990x713, Untitled-4.jpg)

You can see it in Kaka's room in her videos from 11 months ago.

No. 135774


kekekek I'd love to hear the reason as to why they fell out and whether or not it was a case of "just" Kirsten logging into Dakota's Twitter and making those ridiculous Tweets, or whether it was something more.

Does anybody have any caps of what it was Kirsten wrote on Dakota's account? To be honest what a foolish, selfish thing to do when she KNEW that Dakota had just finished weathering a storm of criticism and was only just getting her career back on it's feet.
She could have seriously injured her line of work, stupid bitch.

No. 135776


Everyone was trying to sabotage kota's dream it seems

such jelly h8ers even kaka

jelly h8er

kaka if you wanna be a catalogue model then just apply for one pls

No. 135778


you should know by now

kaka only cares about herself and where SHE will be in the future, not her little sister or anyone else nor even taku-chan-san-sama #pray4taku

she's all mememememe

not even the animuls

No. 135779


cant she just go japan and fuck someone famous, have a scandal or something idk

kaka come to the UK and audition for big brother pls it may not be kawaii but you can ALWAYS pretend to be a famous loli on there and act up

sam pepper did it kaka, you can too!!

No. 135787

finally a kota thread derailed into talking about kiki and not the other way around.

No. 135791

Wait wait wait, hold up there man

I thought all that happened was Kiki tweeting "wanna know more about your fave model Dakota Rose?"

I didn't think Kiki tweeted anything from Dakota's account…

No. 135792


I don't think Kiki and Kota hate eachother, but siblings can fall out and stop talking for a whle without hating eachother. Maybe their relationship is just strained because of distance/Kiki being jealous.

I was just saying, Kiki is a supreme jackass and if Taku tries to show her off as his token white bitch and she dresses/acts the way she always does, people will notice and may eventually start associating her with Kota.

No. 135794

Also, notice they never take photos or videos together when they meet as well. Kakas instagram and kota's lack any photos of them together, either eating out or shopping. Hasn't anyone notice?

No. 135795

I don't really think they had a big fight (they may have had a bunch of little ones though). I feel like we'd know about a big fight they'd had because Kaka would most likely allude to it like she does when she gets upset with just about anyone else.

I think, other than everything else mentioned, she and Kota just don't see eye to eye anymore. I'm not saying Kota is a perfect angel now because she's away from Kaka, but I think being in a foreign country on her own and stuff has most likely helped her grow as a person, whereas Kaka doesn't seem to have changed one bit since the myspace days.

No, the anon was talking about something that happened a long time ago. I don't remember what was said. But Kota changed all of her passwords after it and I think she got her mom/Kaka to stop copyright claiming everything about her around that time.

No. 135799


Yup, Kirsten logged into Dakota's Twitter account and made 3 stupid Tweets whilst pretending to be Dakota.
I can't remember what the Tweets were, but they ridiculous and written in that stupid hick way Kirsten likes to abuse.

Shortly after the Tweets were removed, Dakota stopped following Kirsten and the Audrey Kawasaki print Kirsten gifted her for her birthday vanished from her wall and later appeared behind Kirsten in a video of hers so Dakota presumably mailed it to back to her in anger.

No. 135801

File: 1436565478764.jpg (271.31 KB, 1280x1422, ddad.jpg)


It wasn't really that long ago Anon, it happened between the span on Apr 13, 2014 and Jun 19, 2014 according to her Youtube videos.

No doubt caps of the Tweets are on PULL somewhere if anybody can be bothered digging.

No. 135804

Something that made me chuckle about Dakota is how I'm the person that made the Kotakoti Fandom Simulator video on Youtube and I've never once received a copyright claim for it.

I get the feeling Dakota watched it and actually enjoyed it/found it funny and decided to leave it up because it's exclusively mocking a portion of her fanbase that she never wanted in the first place and who continue to perve, fantasise and make threatening suggestions of kidnap in regards to her, i.e. all these old, fat Mexican dudes that essentially want to kidnap her and keep her in their basements tied to a chair.

No. 135806

Never seen this omg thank you

No. 135807

File: 1436566957826.jpg (633.47 KB, 640x860, 165856.jpg)


weird angle. extensions obviously don't match, time for a new weave.. seriously

No. 135808

Sorry to bust up the convo but does anyone notice a weird bulge? or is it just her body type?

No. 135810

File: 1436567212599.jpg (609.29 KB, 619x900, 165857.jpg)

forgot other pic

No. 135811

It's like shes a combo of himezawa and kota…

No. 135812

Don't extensions damage your hair? If they do, she does not need any more damage being done to her hair. If I were her, I'd just start wearing lace front wigs instead, she wouldn't be doing anymore damage to her hair and she could get one that is much fuller & overall better looking than her natural hair.

She's back now?

No. 135814

File: 1436567630302.png (487.54 KB, 544x655, Vlcsnap-2013-10-25-16h55m34s17…)


I remember PULL had a bitch fit about this girl because apparently she was too kota/kaka looking

No. 135815

File: 1436567718978.png (729 KB, 500x754, drphoenixnaturalhair.png)


but the living doll thing didn't work

No. 135816

she's just wearing a babydoll top while pushing out her midsection (presumably to enhance the percieved curves of her body). What we're missing under the top is the negative space under her breasts and behind her back.

No. 135818

File: 1436567837496.jpg (184.22 KB, 960x760, IMG_2730.JPG)

No. 135819

File: 1436567903980.png (199.9 KB, 510x307, drphoenixnaturalhair.png)


watch out guys

new living doll at ur service

No. 135820

File: 1436567922404.jpg (53.87 KB, 432x668, tumblr_mftrcsnb9R1qjpr1lo1_500…)


At the time she really was another Kota-clone.

Also I decided to play around with her for giggles, took one of her photos and shooped Dakota's face onto it, posted it to Tumblr and it ended up racking up a tonne of notes because people thought it was a picture of Dakota.

Anyway Annette discovered it and she FLIPPED. She ended up making some ridiculous blog post about it and lawd she was so mad that in her attempt to piggyback off Dakota's schtick she'd only served to make Dakota more popular and her more irrelevant.

I can't even find the original photo any more, only the Dakota shoop that I created kek

No. 135821

anon I meant this photo, maybe the skirt is just unflattering, She appears "wide". >>135810

No. 135823

>No doubt caps of the Tweets are on PULL somewhere if anybody can be bothered digging.

well would one of you PULLettes do us all a goddamn favor for once and find it? thanks.

No. 135826

File: 1436568250462.jpg (245.4 KB, 700x1039, maxresdefault.jpg)


runs in the family guys lmfao

No. 135828


omg dude

No. 135829

File: 1436568338840.jpg (22.66 KB, 480x360, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 135831

File: 1436568361571.jpg (58.51 KB, 453x604, z9MyeWen7fI.jpg)

mmyah you're right it's weird looking but i don't think it's anything interesting. the skirt (or maybe tights underneath) are weirdly cinching her in right before the pleats are released, which is kind of exaggerating that width. definitely a bad choice of styling.

Despite being skinny and shoopey i think dakota actually has a pretty severe hourglass shape.

No. 135832


I think she's just normal, no curves just straight tbh. Who caught that pic btw?

No. 135833

https://vk.com/kotakotioff <<< is this a real account?

College or university:東大 (Todai) '14
Department:人文社会系研究科 (Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology)
Mode of study:Distance Learning
Status:Alumna (Bachelor's)
School: Adams High School
Orlando, 2006–2009

No. 135835


Obviously not.

No. 135837

I think the original picture was posted in one of the previous threads because an anon thought that picture was actually one of Kota's pictures.

Tbh, I hate to sound like a cunt, but you really did improve the picture. I mean, she isn't ugly at all, but honestly, she's not that attractive either.

Do you have a link to the blog post or was it deleted? I couldn't find it at all.

No. 135839

No. 135842

dakota? hourglass? do you even know what hourglass shaped means? it means a large bust, tiny waist, large hips. dakota, if anything, is a rectangle. she has no curves.

No. 135844


I thought this when anon said that, not that rectangle is a bad thing ofc but it's obv she isn't curvy or thick or anything.

Just straight down…

No. 135845

File: 1436569266791.jpg (72.96 KB, 480x640, 15cova8.jpg)

hourglass????? LOL

No. 135846

File: 1436569266792.jpg (389.97 KB, 570x856, maxresdefault.jpg)


desu desu

No. 135848

File: 1436569358816.png (307.23 KB, 762x508, drphoenixnaturalhair.png)

No. 135852

I think she's more apple shaped.

One positive thing I can say about this girl is that her videos are a lot more helpful than Kota's. She should really just stick to her diy videos, even if there wasn't a Kota already, I don't think she'll ever have people follow her just because they think she's pretty.

No. 135854

This photo is so tragic
Angle, lighting, makeup

No. 135860

File: 1436571075314.jpg (42.28 KB, 600x448, AtZdUgaCAAATCQG.jpg)

did i rustle your labia? sorry i'm not appealing to your #realwomenhavecurves agenda.

No. 135861

Shoulders too wide for hourglass.

No. 135864

lol pic proves she is not hourglass shaped. Nothing wrong with a rectangle bodytype tho. And the apple shape really only applies to hamplanets

No. 135868

the fuck? why does she look preggo

No. 135871

Besides always having some bulge the odd lace crop top with the high waist skirt doesn't do it any favors.

No. 135875

it doesn't, but nice try

No. 135877


ur blind/dense af

No. 135882


>and the apple shape really only applies to hamplanets

Not the person you're arguing with but it really doesn't.

Apples are generally difficult to detect unless they're carrying some weight on them in the first place, otherwise they typically appear normal albeit a bit stocky around the weight by comparison with their limbs.
The problem with apple shaped girls is that their body stockpiles their fat around their gut as opposed to distributing it around their body.

We've all seen from photos of Dakota that she has very slender legs, thin arms but this ever constant pouch of fat resting on her stomach. That combined with a near indistinguishable waistline shows that she is indeed an apple.

Other apple shaped cows include Charms.

No. 135884

File: 1436573012368.jpg (157.51 KB, 974x718, kesha-bikini-grandma-body-1.jp…)


Aaaaand another example is Kesha.

No. 135887

File: 1436573171456.jpg (136.8 KB, 640x860, image.jpg)

Well she's either pregnant or has gained a lot of weight

No. 135888

Stfu. Apple means putting on weight in the torso. Even a size 2 can have that issue.

Why would one body shape only apply to hamplanets? Use your fucking brain.

Polite sage because this is entirely unrelated to Kota, who is likely a rectangle.

No. 135889

File: 1436573205136.jpg (152.23 KB, 619x900, image.jpg)

No. 135891


She obviously has a small tum but I can't understand why I'm the only one that seems to noticed that the top she's wearing is puffing out at the front.

No. 135894

I agree with everything you said except for the part about Kota having "very slender legs and thin arms". Nawww. She likes to shoop them thin but in reality she has chubby arms and thighs. -.-

No. 135895


omg stop body shaming her!!!

girl hate is so ugly -.-

No. 135897


this is the funniest shit i've seen in months

No. 135899

File: 1436574399627.jpg (72.28 KB, 600x800, bf7001a5c4de57b54a85691686d909…)


Her legs and arms are very obviously slender, just look at any candid photo of her.


Get the fuck out and back to PULL.

No. 135900


Thank :^)

No. 135905

This is great

No. 135910

Have you actually never heard of a babydoll top? it flares out from nearly the widest point of her bust.

No. 135948

Being apple-shaped/pear-shaped/hour glass/rectangle has nothing to do with your weight. It's a combination of your skeletal structure and where your body naturally holds onto fat. I'm significantly underweight and still apple shaped af.

No. 135964

File: 1436581868502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.62 KB, 396x294, lordosis1.jpg)

And her posture doesn't help it either. She seems to have a lordosis from sitting most of her childhood infront of a computer in posture, I think.

No. 135965

*in bad posture

No. 135979

lmao calm the fuck down

No. 135982

so many angry fangirls in this thread jfc

No. 135993



>speaking the to person that used to run one of the original primary Antidakota Tumblrs back in the day

Shutup cuck.

No. 136154

obsessive jelly…fangirl

dont see a difference

No. 136168

yea ive heard of them and apples shouldnt wear em

No. 136178

This photo is basically ancient.

No. 136180


yeah and her weight might go up and down, and damn that mancandy on her arm

No. 136193

Did anyone see this vid? She showed the back of her head, but its not that bad… well it's not that good, but it's not that bad… I think.

No. 136194

File: 1436626345641.png (105.79 KB, 234x282, Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 10.4…)

It's thin but it seems ok because of criss cross part.

No. 136199

Props for trying something new, I suppose, but it's hiddy.

No. 136200


>did anyone see this vid?

Yeah it's ancient, and she got slammed by everybody on Maxfag, PULL and /cgl/ when she made it because she looks really weird and sick in it from fiddling around with the contrast/brightness/vibrancy too much.

No. 136201


Actually the opposite holds true.
Babydoll tops with a flared waist help give the impression of a more definitive waist, so apples should most definitely abuse them.

No. 136202

imo the best she's ever looked was in this video.

Everything looks so on point, from the contrast of the navy cardigan with the gold buttons against her porcelain skin to the vibrant hues of her hair and the flirty hint of peach from her lips.

No. 136203


Also this one, she looks very charming in this one.

I can't believe this is going to be almost 4 years old soon. I remember the day she uploaded it to Youtube, how time flies…

No. 136204

Oh haha, I just realised that the original music from >>136203 has been changed.
She must have received a copyright claim.

No. 136208

File: 1436628557358.jpg (197.48 KB, 960x1392, n.jpg)

I actually like Dakota but I wish she'd go back to her old video format.
She looked so cute when she first began making videos, her lighting setup was A+. She looks anaemic and strained in her most recent videos.

No. 136211

sounds like I'm reading a prose, the fuck?

No. 136215


You didn't learn how do descriptive adjective-reliant language in high school?

No. 136217

lol you're not impressing anybody with that cringy shit

No. 136225

Girl please. You just sound like one of those cheesy Daily Mail articles.

No. 136226

This. I swear some of the people in this thread are on a level of creepy approaching the Indian guys who leave inappropriate comments in broken English on her videos and FB fanpages.

No. 136228


Let me guess, you're American right?
I always have problems with Americans attempting mock usages of language that, whilst defunct in educational curriculum in the states, is very much commonplace in the UK.

It's cringey to me that you consider such base language as "extravagant".
Pick up a book sometime, expand yourself.

No. 136232

No. 136234

I'm sorry but everything about your post was ridiculously overdone, starting from your focus on what would be the most minute and uninteresting of details, to your maudlin attempt at glorifying her washed out, all too common skin tone, all the way to your idealization of her thin, mouse-colored hair, thankfully stopping at your schmaltzy attempt at describing the altogether basic, soppy shade of the cheap gloss adorning her lips.

No. 136237


I have the exact same skin tone and hair colour of her, so yeah, from my perspective it is nice to see somebody coordinating it a manner that's actually not only visually pleasing, but flattering too. I had no idea that navy and gold went so well together until I originally watched that.

Her hair looks fine in that video too.

No. 136249

are you retarded?

No. 136252


I agree, I think that's what reeled people in the most. She looked… believable? Even though they were edited and in specific angles, she could get away with it.

When she started working for Popteen, I noticed she is basically just copying everything the other models do. Filters/edits/angles and it's boring. They all look washed out by the amount of brightness they add to their pictures and kota's recent videos just end up looking more scary than cute.

She should have just kept doing them in the style she started out… But I guess her videos out have to match up with her current pics…

No. 136263

I just found a 1080p 60FPS video of Dakota at the Grimm event and the top she's wearing has like a tank underneath and a lace cover over the top which is what gave the impression of her having a large stomach.

No. 136264

You can see her clip ins really clear. she didn't part her hair right. ugh…

No. 136265


Oh man at 5:22 she get's confused by a question asked and answers "Uhhh… is that so… yes", with the presenter replying "I think you didn't understand" aha

No. 136266


No. 136267

File: 1436636309647.png (204.9 KB, 386x483, Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 1.37…)

I don't understand why she wore this??

No. 136269


No. 136270

Aaaaand another.

Dakota has been a busy girl lately.

No. 136275

File: 1436637176125.jpg (46.17 KB, 338x367, solid-color-high-waisted-pleat…)

It looks like she wore a high waisted pleated skirt but wore it at her hips, not her waist so it makes her look bigger

No. 136277

that is so unflattering…

No. 136285

it's the harsh softbox and reflector she uses now.
the first videos didn't really have a light setup. i'm pretty sure it's all natural window light.

No. 136286

i feel old as shit now, 4 years?!?

No. 136292

random question but did she really use AE? That seems so complicated for a teenager to use. But they do seem edited in some way

No. 136293

She spent her whole childhood shooping herself and her sister's photos, AE isn't hard at that point.

No. 136294

I feel like in some events she laughs because she's supposed to laugh.

No. 136299


>that seems so complicated for a teenager to use

idk if it's completely similar, but like Dakota I had a really destructive childhood and teenage years.
You'd be amazed what children can accomplish when you combine natural curiosity and a thirst for knowledge with an introverted personality.
Aged 12 I was writing out fully scripted websites, creating complex stop-motion animations and building my own computers.

That doesn't sound like a big deal but when you're 12 reapplying thermal compound with limited instruction available was like, so cool.

Given Dakota's past it's not that difficult for me to imagine her throwing herself into things like programming and software because I did the exact same shit, and I can see traces of familiarity at every turn from her building her own websites to her photoshopped artwork. I've no doubt in my mind that she became competent in AE at a younger age.

Dakota has always appeared to be the bright of the family imo.
Kirsten seems dumb a blunt nail and the only time you ever see her take up a hobby is when she thinks she can get some form of attention for it, and even then she has zero talent and plagiarises seemingly the majority of her "work".

Pole dancing, guitar, piano, Spanish, acting etc,… this girl is a Jack of all trades and a master of none.

No. 136302

Well, that was a very insightful response.

No. 136306

All of this.

No. 136309

>when you're 12 reapplying thermal compound with limited instruction available was like, so cool.

Well… I had a scooter.

No. 136320

No. 136333

I don't believe English is your native language. There is a lot of UK people on chans and they don't all come across as writing like creepy ESL people to Americans.

I'm not even triggered by the pro-Dakota stuff since I'm a huge Dakota fangirl and agree with everything you said. It just couldn't be expressed in a more off-putting way.

No. 136335


>I don't believe English is your native language

Well it is, and this is just the cumulative experiences I've had over the years when it's come to communicating with people from the states. Some of you guys seem to have a very large stick up your arse when it comes to engaging extended vocab and get all uppity and accuse people of trying to be "posh".
I even mentioned in another thread how often I've experience Americans mocking or discounting Brits for using modal verbs such as ought and shan't etc., it happens ALL the time and it's absurd.

At the end of the day I couldn't give less of a shit about another persons reading level or expanded vocabulary but what a terrible thing to shit on somebody for.

"Hurghh you type different to me therefore ur a creep".

r u srs.

No. 136339

lmao ya w/e u uppity bitch keep writing in tongues no one uses shant nymore luzer

No. 136340

File: 1436648593103.jpg (7.04 KB, 148x160, 1425545475973.jpg)

>sperg alert

No. 136342


Apart from like, 80% of the UK.

No. 136345

What are you even doing? This is a chan board, not a civilized environment. You know, "top kek ur a faggot xDDD MAYMAYS lulz NIGGERS TONGUE MY anus epic fail :PP"?

No. 136348


That's actually a valid point…

No. 136357

>come to American imageboards
>write in a way you know creeps out Americans
>complain when they call you out on it like a sperglord
>having this much entitlement

Muslim detected. Americans aren't bongtards, they don't enable sharia law and let you rape their kids so they don't look racist. We will continue to laugh at your creepy UK writing if you use it.

No. 136362


>Muslim detected

fucking lol wat

No. 136364

I'm American and while I agree with you about the way that many of my countrymen are inclined to chuckle at adjectives whose syllable count exceeds three, I'm pretty sure the anon who initially goaded you was just mocking the creepily passionate praise of Dakota's image. There's a time and a place for that sort of rhetoric, and you should expect criticism if you start waxing poetic (yes, even in basic lexicon!!!) about the buttons on a woman's shirt. That's not a British thing, that's a weirdo thing.

No. 136372


Oh wait no I'm not a Dakota fangirl lol, it's just in that one specific video I think she looks absolutely lovely.
In her latest vids she literally looks like a corpse, it's nasty.

No. 136377

File: 1436654346979.jpg (46.79 KB, 433x640, 16.jpg)

But if we are going to creepily discuss our favorite Dakota era, I actually preferred her slightly before the tumblr takeoff. Still looking like a human. Some kind of scientific theory of uncanny valley is at work here; the more commonplace and average her styling is, the further away her beauty seems from attainability.

No. 136396

File: 1436658268375.png (166.87 KB, 349x253, 1424395259126.png)

I'll never get over this unfortunate photo of her, Not that she's ugly. Just an unfortunate expression photo i suppose.

No. 136403


It's more the fact that she's sitting in what appears to be the most unflatteringly lit room of all time.

I had a tiny bathroom that did this exact shit with its shitty lighting and whenever I used to use it I would walk in with my eyes shut or my head averted so that I didn't have to look in the mirror and catch sight of my hideous reflection because it would literally ruin my day lel

No. 136420

idk, that's a pretty unflattering expression. Not just the room.

No. 136435

and this was actually in a magazine. Some editors sat down and thought yup looks good and put it in. Why is the Jap fashion industry so shitty and unprofessional. Popteen looks like a 8th grader's scrapbook

No. 136439

Not as bad as those early etude house photos. Whoever was responsible for lighting and editing those should be fired.

No. 136451

I think thats a rectangle, because her thighs are fat in that pic and her breasts are small

No. 136460

It's sad that you didn't already know those two colors went well together

No. 136523

Lmao this. So much this.

No. 136569


It's because it's for kawaii and they pick 'cutesy' girls with baby face to model cute clothes to sell off to poor school girls to make dolla

I bought Popteen out of curiosity, it's a bit meh. I like how it's colourful and stuff like that but the models are terrible. Yula and some other are the only decent ones. The rest just look…

No. 136604

no she didn't. some random on tumblr once said it and /cgl/ ran with it, to this day they're still at it while kootz laughs her ass off in unintentional flattery.

No. 136645


Uh, you say that but as somebody that has to use AE regularly as part of their studies her earlier videos showed very clear signs of it.

Also shoulders don't warp into duvets in real life Anon.
Don't comment on subjects you know nothing about.

No. 136647

File: 1436716723996.gif (161.53 KB, 500x271, 22.gif)


Yeah. Okay.

No. 136660


Christ, there is proof she used AE back in her early videos. She stopped using it when she got to Japan and started using angles/lightening.

But if you look at her old gifs, especially the one where she is drinking that soy milk you can blatantly see her tit moves as her eyes do.

No. 136661

She didnt go to school and didnt have friends so its obvious what she did with all her free time

No. 136724

File: 1436734473009.jpg (99.93 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

She got a new purikura machine

No. 136748

wow thats so interesting, pls tell us more

No. 136750

>dozens of posts rambling on about AE and Kaka
>someone actually posts new content
>"omg not interesting who cares"

Please, fucking kill yourself.

No. 136752

Damn you mad.

No. 136756

I'd bet you money that they're an avid poster in the Berry thread who is only interested in talking about shooping

No. 136759

i dont know who berry is and dont care about shooping/pointless shit posts like this.

angry fangirl is mad no1curr bout ur kawaii queen, try PULL

No. 136760

lolcow is literally turning into fucking pull

No. 136762

lmfao who actually gives a shit? This isnt a fan club, so tired of wannabes who stalk her every move coming at anyone foaming at the mouth who doesn't care

No. 136765

That doesn't even look like Dakota anymore, wtf. Just one of the hundreds of random white girls who are in Japanese ads. I knew she was all shoop but nothing about this face looks like Dakota, even the obnoxious lenses don't look like usal.

No. 136766

none of her pictures actually look like her, they're all edited to hell and back. But we can't bring up that fact without being fat jelly haters

No. 136774

I'm mad because you fucking retards are scorning someone who actually posts new content into the thread instead of rehashing a bunch of old tired shit.

Lolcow is dildos. Thanks, summer.

No. 136789

Yeah lolcow has become a PC mess lately because of PULLtards and Summerfags.
It's actually becoming a really unpleasant place to browse lately, I wish Admin-sama would crack down on it more.

No. 136791

all you said was "hurr dakota got a new purikura machine"

Thats not a discussion retard, unless you actually have something valid to say fuck off. If we wanted pointless updates we'd go to pull or kuntrakoti's blog

No. 136805


Not the person you're responding to but holy shit is this level of aggression really fucking nessecary.

FYI I think you forget that threads like this are not only for chronicling drama but also the exploits of the people featured here, so in this case, yeah, imo the fact that she has a new puri machine is pertinent as fuck.

Goddamn I wish you salty faggots would stick some cotton up your chuff to absorb that flow already.
I get that this is a bitch forum but the in-fighting and uninitiated aggression is driving me up the fucking wall.


No. 136809

if you actually bothered to read the conversation you'd know i wasnt the one who started with the aggression. I get pissed when people on here attack anyone with a different opinion. If you want to be a cunt then you'll be treated like one.

No. 136810

"PC" has become an overused buzzword for "i'm mad people are calling me out for being an asshole".

get over yourself. sorry slur-filled shitposts aren't funny.

the PULL/tumblr "insults" are a new level of dumbassery ya'll need jesus. it's getting repetitive and annoying.

can this thread PLEASE GO BACK TO BE OT

No. 136811


I don't care about the conversation, all I see is somebody trying to say that information in accompaniment of a photo of Dakota's new puri machine is irrelevant to a Dakota thread, which is patently wrong.

We are here to chronicle, analyse and speculate. This couldn't be more relevant.

No. 136812

You are blocked from following @dakotakoti and viewing @dakotakoti's Tweets. Learn more


No. 136813

its not irrelevant i personally just dont care. Thats similar to what i said and that's what made her flip out. You want to discuss it no one is stopping you

No. 136814

oh no what did you do to the poor kawaii goddess?

No. 136817

she posted a ugly photo with a boy and I tweeted her "cringes"

No. 136818

her and her sister must have such fragile egos if they have to block every single person who says something negative

No. 136819


I don't even know who I'm not talking to at this point but if you're the person that said:

>all you said was "hurr dakota got a new purikura machine"

>Thats not a discussion retard, unless you actually have something valid to say fuck off. If we wanted pointless updates we'd go to pull or kuntrakoti's blog

What you personally like or dislike or find disinteresting does not dictate the direction of a thread.

Is it Dakota related? Okay it belongs in this thread, regardless of how small.
That's it.
That's the end.

No. 136820

just shut the fuck up already…let it go kid

No. 136821

im a different anon but i can confirm that you sound like a shitlord

let it go, friend

No. 136822



Hm, impressive.

At any rate just stop.
And for christs sake work on your anger. I can't even hear your tone of voice and I can already tell you have a temperment problem.

No. 136823

>im a different anon
yeah sure you've said that enough times, just stfu already

No. 136824

sfine, she'd have probably done the same if you'd tweeted her 'cute!' in english.

No. 136825

you're such an idiot like nothing you say makes sense, why is this thread always derailed by morons who have to create arguments

No. 136826


Now you're not even responding to me.
Get off this website for a bit if you're that angry, take a break. Jeez.

No. 136828

i think you should

No. 136829

>whines about getting on topic then derails the thread with bullshit baiting


No. 136831


Kay' I'm going to bed but some choice advice, work on your samefag-fu, oh and stop shitting up /b/ with your inability to control your rage.


No. 136832

lol the ones who cry samefag are always the ones doing it, bye bye imbecile

No. 136835




No. 136836

anywhore, what happened to her getting a clothing line? is that shit canon or na

No. 136862

Lol… It's really funny because I only posted those first two comments… Everyone else is a different anon. I thought the differences in writing styles were obvious.

Does anyone think Dakotas clothing line will actually be a thing? When might it happen? What would it look like? Will Kaka try to leech off her sister for this too?

No. 136864

Ok so listen, everybody, just my two cents. And I've had a few glasses of wine and I'm sorry if this is a bit rambled. I've been her for about a year now and I know that doesn't qualify for oldfag cred, but come on. The dakota thread? We're not here solely to shit on her anymore, because frankly she doesn't fuck up as much anymore. The girl was raised in an abusive environment, but she managed to turn a new leaf so to speak in Japan. The story is interesting. That's why we keep talking about it. We'd all love to be a fly on the wall in the ostrenga household and know the full story. All that jazz. The thing is, and as I mentioned I haven't spent that much time on this chan, but I'm 25 now and i grew up with 4chan etc, not a timblrins, but ok, wine night as i said, BUT, my point in all this: just because we aren't all trying to be "super edgy nigger retard" with the way we type it doesn't make this forum any less entertaining. Gossip can be entertaining without having to be 2edgy5me. Get over yourselves angrychans. Not being a shitlord does not make you a fangirl- and for the record a lot of people here uphold a great sense of decency -even when feeding their fondness for e-drama and gossip. Chill anons.

No. 136866

> ablablablabla…the girl was raised in an abusive environment.

how do you know?

No. 136870

(samefag) having parents that buy you whatever you want, fund trips to japan, and help you launch a modeling career don't sound abusive to me.

No. 136872

Imho if you're over 20 and still browsing gossip boards you really need to get out more

No. 136875

how old are you, 14? lel

No. 136876

No. 136878


Nahh i dont think so
I do think kaka will try to leech off kota's career, or ruin it. Wouldn't surprise me at all

No. 136885

scrolled too fast and i thought that was shoko-tan from the thumbnail. wheres her chunky-chin gone?!

No. 136910

No you aren't you little shit.

No. 136933

File: 1436787528275.jpg (96.4 KB, 640x950, CJrYAibUYAAJhU-.jpg large.jpg)

I have no words

No. 136934

G-guys, will she be famous? The only thing that is missing is movie appearance and the troll movie promotion thing comes pretty close.

No. 136938

was looking at old screenshots of her messages/posts/comments during her tumblr ENGLISH SPEAKING days….i still can't believe this child got a modeling contract in japan and is doing this shit.

i wonder if her whole "friends" thing is a myth. maybe the girls hang out with her but talk shit behind her back. lord knows if i faked my way to the "top" and everybody knew it…unless i had a charming personally (kek….cus kota) i dont see how itd be sincere.

No. 136939

I don't know if it is sad or funny that she gets used as her own friend for the pictures.
Having a purikura machine with your face on it means nothing, it is not like if they get named after her, she is only the model like plenty girls nobody even knows.

No. 136970

lol oldfag

No. 136975

one of the bravo models who loved with her was asked about dakota and she said basically everyone knew about her shooping and made fun of her for it, and also that she always wore sunglasses and a hoodie

No. 136996

i need delicious proof of these statements pls. she's worked with a bunch of those popteen chicks there has to be some milk regarding that.

what happened to one of those PULLers who would go to events kota went to and saw her in the streets and would buy the mags?? i think kota's been tweeting she'll be at some book signing event thing. it'd be hilarious if somebody could go

No. 137002

They're styling her with two separate style personas (sweet or cool), so it's not that they're making it seem like "hurrdurr, welp she has no friends, lets photoshop in another dakuter!"
It's a photoshoot, they'd just use another model whether they were friends or not if they wanted to.

That's would be cool to see some caps or something… I always wondered what it was like for people to see her for the first time after getting to know her shops.

No. 137006

its on this page

It's pretty old and kinda hard to understand bc it was translated from russian, the girl is not a popteen model just one of the other white models employed by bravo.

No. 137009

lol i remember someone went to her milk event and said she had "horrible bacne" and another time someone went to her book signing and literally no one was there but some old guys

No. 137025


I wonder if that all changed now? She seems to be getting popular

No. 137031

well she's not one of the most popular popteen models, she's more like an "extra" but im sure she does have some genuine fans that arent old men lol

No. 137036


I read that too but then somebody posted pictures from the event including shots where you could clearly see her exposed back in detail and there was no bacne to be seen.

I think that user was just pretending to have been in Japan and at the event in order to make up drama.

No. 137038

Does she actually have friends though? She said that when she's not working shes playing video games, not going out with friends.

No. 137040

they took a picture of her though, so they were there but yeah they could of lied about her having bacne because I never seen acne anywhere in her candids

No. 137092


Be honest guys, if kota was another model who had no kaka for sister/ backstory / didn't shoop / didn't lie would you guys be a fan of her?

No. 137095

None of us would know who she was. She wouldn't have her job in the first place if not for shoop, and she wouldn't be known on the internet if not for kaka. She'd probably be pretty ordinary.

No. 137096


She isn't popular, popular. She is more or less just… I think slightly well known in some areas but not so much.

It's like in the UK people here know Cheryl Cole and lets say, some people off TOWIE (The only way is essex) just e/g guys, but in America no one would even know who those people are. Like less well known celebs compared to movie stars, global celebs ect

But I don't even know if I can say kota is rising. If you know her past drama, real barbie or read popteen and seen her on some shows then I guess you'd know who she was. I don't think she is nippon's superstar tho and I doubt they'll allow it either. I mean Japan loves their hafu's but only in magazines, anywhere else then no. Kota would get the same treatment regardless of her being white and kawaii desu

No. 137100

a day late, but still laughing at this retard. the irony of this is more than your intelligence can handle, anon

No. 137101


Well, she is ordinary lol. She's pretty, defo not ugly and the prettier sister plus clever. But ordinary as in looks wise.

Japan will only serve her well because they love cute and shooping their own models anyway. I think kota knew she would have no place in the real modelling world. So, I guess she's just sticking to trying to get her name out in other areas aka clothing line.

We all know it'll be a rip off of lizlisa/ankrouge and the rest of those brands which looks exactly more or less the same.

I wonder how Venus Penus will take the news lol. Will she buy kota's clothes or make up? I doubt it OR maybe she will just to get japan to love her

No. 137102


Margo will go find Koots and have Venus pose with her, and then go "OOPS i thought she was poor but she kept following us around because she wanted to meet #venusangelic"

No. 137104


then kaka would be getting into bitch fits with margo over copyright

No. 137106

kaka and cathy will double team her ass

No. 137126

It would be a lot more difficult to make a kawaii clothing line in Japan, there's already a bunch so why would people bother buying from her. Plus it'll look like shit if she's the one designing it

No. 137137

i think, if anything, some people are a bit envious that she achieved some fame just by posting selfies and she got whisked away to live in another country. sounds like a nice adventure, right.
but if she didnt have her whole backstory i doubt she would stand out at all from any of the other gaijin in japan

No. 137145


True, when you do think about it though it's all down to lies and shoop lol. Shoop gave her a job and her big dumb sister too who has down wrecked her own life for kota's new life in a way.

No. 137190

File: 1436833189159.jpg (20.38 KB, 400x400, profile_dakotarose.jpg)


her popteen profile picture is so unfortunate it's like:


No. 137192

File: 1436833419701.jpg (48.28 KB, 331x373, fashion-fairytale-barbie-doll-…)

"human barbie living doll kawaii desu how is she not CGI"

No. 137194

File: 1436833700161.jpg (60.93 KB, 403x604, tEtVm1JA5jI.jpg)


my mistake this is news to me, THIS is her boyfriend?

No. 137196


Suspected, but she hasn't mentioned him in over 2 years so I guess they split.

No. 137200

damn this has to be one of her worst photoshop jobs of all time

No. 137240

Whenever that one anon says she "doesn't use AE because I'm too dumb to do it muhself" I say just look at these pictures and then her videos. That's not just lighting at work!

No. 137322

the difference between these images is incredible

No. 137365

uh that thread is from 2013…

No. 137369

yea she would just be -yet another- gaijin in japan, one who happens to not be horribly disfigured enough to get some attention and make videos and do stupid shit for money

No. 137371

File: 1436880899151.jpg (92.28 KB, 535x584, Japan-inflatable-doll-male-rea…)

left is literally blow up doll

No. 137399

anyone remember her saying on tumblr (I think) about how she went into an american agency and they were amazed and commented on how "she looked just like her pics!"

kek. That just came back to me..

No. 137404

File: 1436888106223.jpg (111.36 KB, 750x1197, image.jpg)

I remember! Here it is: kotakoti.tumblr.com/post/11623572414

No. 137432

File: 1436891867451.jpg (136.61 KB, 960x1111, image.jpg)

Damn, Kota. Did you forget your mega milks at home?

No. 137433

File: 1436891963826.jpg (114.01 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

Oh kota, your boobs are so huge!!!! Surely they must be real?

I mean, you were blessed with such natural 15mm irises.

No. 137434


I actually think these are pretty cute. I like her hair when it's straight and has length.

No. 137435

>You are so tall!

isn't she like 160cm?

No. 137494

her upper lip seems to have been getting bigger lately

No. 137501


Her face looks weirder than usual… Don't find them cute at all. She's cuter in person (unshooped) than in her latest selfies..

No. 137502


She's like 5'4, that isn't tall lol.

No. 137617

dis alien fetus face

No. 137619

So like are you guys retarded or something?

>and then I looked down at my shoes

implying her shoes were giving her height and making her seem tall.

No. 137681

Don't tell me you think that's a real interaction that actually happened lol.

No. 137728

WTF do her shoulders have to do with it?

No. 137730

I'm saying it's obvious she was implying her height was because of her shoes, which has nothing to do with whether or not it's a real interaction. She literally was saying she was short if not for her shoes.

No. 137847

I remember that! She also lied about her measurements.

No. 137848

She pressed the bloat tool so much on the left eye it looks like she got a swollen black eye.

No. 137862

The cleft lip she keeps doing now makes me really uncomfortable…..

No. 137916

her top lip is flat where shes tried to make it fuller.
photo apps are great but theyl never work as well as photoshop.

id like to know how she erases her bulging cheeks

No. 137951

There's an option to get rid of the nasolabial folds and for cheeks you can slim them easily.

The top lip part is poorly done, she's redrawing it in one flat colour as there is no detail or texture on them like normal lips.

No. 138251

Is it possible to get rid of them with surgery?

No. 138253

you can get fillers

No. 138280

I don't get it, she's really cute in pics taken by others/unshooped, so why does she keep on making herself look like a weird alien baby thing? God damnit Kota, you're cute so stop making yourself scary.

No. 138321

I think koots had fillers done here and there because her face is softer lately but hers are pretty deep and it will take a lot of money and redoing to fill them out.

No. 138322

No. 138369

In some pics she has aegyosal and some not.

Is she using highlighter and contouring to make it seem like she has the eyebags like young asians?

No. 138382

File: 1437031798472.jpg (135.36 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

I used to be obsessed with this girl before she looked like this. She used to go by the name "NanaNarcotic" on youtube and had black hair with a platinum blonde fringe. I thought she was the most beautiful girl ever. When i rediscovered her earlier this year i couldn't believe how much she changed. She's still really pretty imo. I've always liked her eyes, even without lenses.

No. 138418

I'm on mobile so I can't, but can someone make a new thread? This one is auto-saging

No. 138419


Yeah, they usually start off as scene boppers and then return to the internet as living kawaii dolls regardless of how many pics of them are out there already from their scene era then CLAIM they look like living dolls.

She has the same face but style is more natural and prettier. She seems alright though, so it's not a problem. I just wouldn't want the girl to turn into a complete cunt like most of these living doll type cows on here.

No. 138420


Aegyosal isn't for everyone I will say that, kota doesn't suit it nor does Taylor R either.

No. 138425


Good fucking lord…

No. 138443

She kind of looks like Boxxy.

No. 138446

Thank you, anon. That was somehow exactly what I needed to cheer myself up right now.

No. 138453

This actually grossed me out for some reason.

No. 138464

File: 1437060482723.jpg (177.06 KB, 500x610, raptor__s_face_by_panuqsela.jp…)

shes not ugly but somehow i just dont like her face
idk if its her long nose and big mouth or what.
cant unsee velociraptor

No. 138466

it must be one of those gossip tabloid type sites that reports on every little lame thing a "celeb" does, but they posted these pics of her like "zomg natural makeup!! sooo pretty ningyou bahbie"

No. 138472

File: 1437061875015.jpg (132.43 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 138604


Dafuq is this? Is Kota in some kind of lesbo fetish mag or something? I need more context.

No. 138608

It's an Ageha (gyaru host) fashion brand.

No. 138737

The fuck is wrong with scene whiteys turned weebs. Seriously.

No. 138773


The pic still doesn't make any snse. Why is kooter in stripey prison garb? Is the Halloween stripper cop supposed to be the main model and koots is just background?

No. 138804

looks like an ad for halloween costumes. kootz looks sour about being cast as the frumpy prisoner lmao.

No. 138880

Now this is content I can get behind :^}}}

No. 138882

That's their face model, of course she would be in the focus.

No. 138906

File: 1437144657990.jpg (101.06 KB, 832x1024, image.jpg)

Am I kawaii? Uguu~

No. 138910

File: 1437144733895.jpg (95.72 KB, 640x426, image.jpg)

No. 138939


Those eyes. Lmfao, she has to be taking the piss now.. she can't be serious with this shit.

No. 138949

Uh oh shes trying become adult u guiz watch out

No. 138953

File: 1437150924143.png (773.5 KB, 832x1024, New canvas.png)


No. 138955

No. 138961

Her eyes are pretty nice, actually

No. 138978


She looks quite cute here though, we all know it's lighting anyway.

But her selfies need to stop :(

No. 139003


No. 139023


That's why we all reckon she'll age quickly and badly.

No. 139053

File: 1437162980161.png (554.55 KB, 743x411, 11705330_809780532469369_52400…)

She dun fucked up on tv

from Kontrakoti
>Dakota, it's your damn fault that you're hated in Japan right now because of what you did on that karaoke show. Excellent. Great job!
>She gave Kumamushi 12 out of 100 points. She's not even a singer, how could she talk about technique, hahaha.

No. 139057

Kota looks cute when she pouts

No. 139065

ouch! damn, can't resist being rude, can she?

also, when you say that's from kontrakoti, is it on the facebook or what? because the blogspot still isn't up, right? i don't fuck around on facebook unless i have to, so

No. 139076

Deleted my last post since I was wrong about there being a shit storm but there's quite a handful of nasty comments.




Noteworthy comments include "who the hell is Dakota?" and "she's cute but she shouldn't talk."

No. 139077

No. 139078

Pffft lol like kota even cares about this shit.

Also this shot translated from google its all jibberish
Dakota Rose what kind? 12 vertical such do Ya to tardigrades song horse throne you are doing now

No. 139080

yeah i got it off fb

No. 139082

File: 1437166092750.png (68.43 KB, 762x538, kooter.png)

It's a pretty big deal. She's mostly had her terrible personality hidden nicely but people seem to be really upset by this.

Apologies if my translations are off, but I'm only really unsure of that one sentence.

No. 139084

I'm sure Kota doesn't give a flying fuck about internet forums but there are a lot of comments on twitter as well.

Lots of people are saying that she shouldn't be on tv and that she's cuter when she doesn't speak etc

It's become a pretty big deal.

No. 139085

File: 1437166251289.png (12.54 KB, 587x78, kooter.png)

Whoops, forgot possibly the best one.

No. 139087

File: 1437166443768.png (222.65 KB, 506x565, Skärmavbild 2015-07-17 kl. 22.…)

They're posting her scene days photos now

Translation: "I think the Dakota Rose from this time was cuter"

No. 139088

File: 1437166914780.jpg (16.79 KB, 413x231, lmfao.JPG)

i don't need to know how to decipher moon runes to figure out what's being said here, kek

No. 139092

File: 1437167136761.jpg (170.7 KB, 1024x575, CKHyApfUcAADcR0.jpg)

The scores

No. 139095

I'm waiting for them to stumble on the uglier photos from that era and drag her

No. 139099


No. 139101

File: 1437168135110.png (221.74 KB, 311x399, tert.png)

kooters trolling dem japs

No. 139102

lel she did this on purpose thinking it would be funny?

No. 139103

File: 1437168451601.jpg (13.82 KB, 583x82, lkl.JPG)

No. 139109

Actually, I'd respect her showing an own opinion if the person in question really sang like shit. We need the footage.

No. 139120

No. 139122

Lol at the comments "she looks different" "she is fat" "she got fat"

No. 139123

the thing is kumamushi aren't singers, they're a comedy duo. A very popular one at that after they came up with the song あったかいんだから. Their singing isn't the best but giving them 12 out of 100 is not only very harsh but also very stupid considering how popular they are in japan right now,

No. 139127

vs these weirdos

No. 139128

Yikes. I thought he was singing attakaindakara again. Giving that score especially after a serious song? This ain't American Idol, Kooter, you know better.

No. 139129

It isn't even that bad. Either he molested her backstage, it's staged ~conspiracy hat~ or she's too damn stupid to read the mood of the others.

No. 139130

I seriously doubt she knew what was going on, or who the singer was. The dude sounds terrible, I don't blame her, but she should have known it was a comedy duo, surely?! Oh dear.

No. 139131


Ooh, I found the video. I'm still going through it to find when she gives such a low score, though.

No. 139133

File: 1437170858811.gif (717.67 KB, 200x200, dragha.gif)


No. 139135

Around 36 minutes in

No. 139136

File: 1437170954753.png (153.09 KB, 279x293, 11695971_809758599138229_63273…)

No. 139137


You da real MVP, anon.


holy fuck

No. 139138

File: 1437171017388.jpg (14.21 KB, 473x61, lmao1.JPG)

unexpected jaw meat indeed

No. 139140

They keep writing debu which means fat or fatty.

No. 139141

japan is vicious

No. 139142

Someone tweeted that she should leave Japan already. kek

No. 139144

She definitely knows who he is, she made a little joke using the name of his song to bash the performance.

No. 139145

Omg, it's happening, she is actually fucked now.

No. 139146

Could be Tharthan's sister

No. 139151

Meh, it seems she gave them a low rating so the other, less known group wins out of kindness.

No. 139152


Kiki must be having a better day today, haha

No. 139153

holy shit she is aging so bad, her face is getting so chubby.

She's fucked. Now if she tries to debut any clothing line for her birthday, it'll be marred by this. Japanese fans will look past and ignore a looooot of shit of they like you, but if you get them on your bad side there's almost no coming back from it, they can be goddamn vicious.

No. 139154

page translate sure is quality

"junk transcendence child" is my new fave nickname

ah, ty anon

No. 139155

File: 1437171958474.jpg (19.34 KB, 498x94, lmao2.JPG)

dropped my pic

No. 139156

They're equally well known. They're much more annoying so I don't know why she had beef with the other dude.

No. 139157

so much for getting her own clothing line :c

No. 139158

Nah, this is Kota's humor all over. She wants to be the cool, unique gaijin who acts rude, talks like a thug and does wacky shit. Problem is she miscalculated this move.

No. 139159

are japanese people so fickle that someone can lose their career over giving someone popular a low score in a cheesy karaoke contest? or are you guys blowing shit out of proportion?

No. 139160

>or are you guys blowing shit out of proportion?
Never. :^)

No. 139162

>are japanese people so fickle that


No. 139163


Japan is fucked that way.

No. 139164


Really? Reckon she'll loose fan base over this tho? I don't think she will

No. 139165

File: 1437172293772.jpg (323.63 KB, 728x1174, image.jpg)

Bye bye dakota

No. 139166

I believe many followers have already unfollowed her on Twitter.

No. 139167

>are japanese people so fickle

Yes. These tv shows follow the same boring formula every day and stirring the pot is not appreciated especially since this karaoke contest was between two comedians, not singers, so it wasn't meant to be judged harshly. It was seen as a really childish thing to do.

I would have liked her to have fucked up in a more lulzy way but the reactions are enough to satisfy for now.

No. 139168

She already is. In Japan there's no such thing as "bad publicity is still good publicity", it's better to be not well know but liked than well known and hated, at least for a model.

We'll have to wait and see if Popteen stops using her as much (as in, less than the 3-4 pics per mag as is her usual these days).

No. 139169


she still gettin that clothing line come september tho cos shes gaijin barbie

No. 139170

I think a lot of people will no longer see her as "rearrru bahhbi desu", but as "the one bitchy gaijin that hates Kumamushi" instead.

Japanese people are generally polite and will praise people for what they've done, even if they don't genuinely feel that way. (Google honne vs. tatamae if you're curious.) Dakota totally overstepped her bounds.

No. 139171


Nice try, Kota/Kiki/KotaStan. Even if there was a fraction of a chance at saving face after this, it wouldn't be by anonymously posting on lolcow. Kooter isn't gonna be able to get out of this scandal just by having blue eyes and blond hair and saying >shiteneeeeewa!

No. 139172

I think it has to do with asian culture, anyone remember when Korea dropped her after she tweeted that she hates kimchi? lol

No. 139173

Yeah, Asians love whitey foreigners but if you offend their culture they turn rabid and you're dead to them.

No. 139175

about how many did she have before this?

No. 139177


Not sure how accurate these stats are… But it doesn't seem like she's lost a lot. As of this post, she has 170,292.

No. 139178


What site was this off?

No. 139179

I remember the kimchi thing, but is that really why she stopped working in Korea?

No. 139182


Where was this from?

No. 139183

Koreans complained to Etude House that they hired a racist model.

No. 139184

It's not the only reason but it is a big part of it. Idr if the kimchi scandal was before or after they laughed at her on that makeup TV show, but that had a part in it too.

No. 139185

are you autistic? its twitter

No. 139186

yes, there was an article about it in korean it was a scandal. She worked for Etude house in Korea but after that they replaced her.

No. 139187


I barely go on twitter asshole but thanks

No. 139190


heh found it

No. 139191

How are you sure she's going to release a clothing line soon? As far as I know, she only expressed her desire to have one.

No. 139192

All those posters seems to be something similar to idol otaku tho, I doubt anything will happen considering how often they make this kind of shitstorms for other people too.

No. 139194

lol there is no evidence she's making one. She just said in an interview she wants too. Dakota really dosen't have the social skills to make it long term like that. The only reason she's lasting is because of her agency pulling the strings.

No. 139195

Umh no?

No. 139197

>The only reason she's lasting is because of her agency pulling the strings.

And after this I doubt that'll keep happening lol

No. 139198

lol this is so embarrassing and hard to watch…I can only imagine what's going through their heads.

No. 139201


Is it me or does she speak really strange?

No. 139204


Also… is it me or does she look a bit 'unsure' when they ask about her eyelashes? Like looks down and goes quiet aha

No. 139205

Did you even look at the other posts of the accounts or?

No. 139206

she sounds very nervous and self conscious, which makes sense considering she doesn't look like her pictures.

No. 139207

i had no idea that this had such a negative backlash on dakota. i remember watching it when was first released and laughing, but thats because im a jelly hater

+1 korea

No. 139208

because she was lying lol. She had falsies on

No. 139211

It's her fake Japanese accent she uses to cover up her Florida hick accent.

No. 139212

She might still get modelling jobs after this, but I doubt she'll have many TV appearances going forward.

No. 139213

No. 139216

Kota is a lot dumber than i thought..first the Korea drama, then Popteen copyrighted her channel and now this

No. 139218