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File: 1456313258534.jpg (458 KB, 2048x2048, Cb5TDbWUMAASNM7.jpg)

No. 240979

No. 240980

>liquifies the fuck out of facial features to the point of looking non-human
>doesn't edit out blemishes on forehead
What even are your priorities, Koot.

No. 240982

Kinda looks like she has downs.

No. 240997

File: 1456316462251.jpg (40.76 KB, 600x790, df6686e5.jpg)

Not a particularly interesting pic, but I haven't seen it get posted yet. From her line blog.

No. 240999


I like the fact that she's shooped her top lip to the point that it's matte but left the slobber all over her bottom lip

No. 241000

Ha I have the same phone. Note 5. It actually has built in skin lighten/slim face/stretch features on the default camera.

No. 241003

?? What the hell is wrong with her legs?

No. 241014

That pose makes her legs look gigantic. Augh. And the poor thing probably thinks those pictures look good

No. 241021

File: 1456321223388.jpg (102.54 KB, 751x854, kakoo.jpg)

she has the weirdest fucking shaped legs

No. 241023

Did you reverse shoop this?

No. 241039

Dakota is the prettiest weeb tbh I understand why the japanese people love her

No. 241040

nah come on. there are things to pick on, but her legs in this photo are not weird. relax, anon.

No. 241041

Anon is jelly

No. 241044

Taylor is, Dakota is so standard looking - the thin ass hair

No. 241046

Ewwww you have no taste and they both have thin hair tbh straight haired people often have thin hair.

No. 241050

File: 1456328234463.png (182.63 KB, 274x333, Unnamed image (8).png)

Not that anon but Taylor's hair is def not thin at all. I have thin hair myself (although, not Kota-tier) and I'm quite jealous of hers.

No. 241056

i think she's drawing over her top lip, not redrawing it in ps

No. 241057


No. 241063

File: 1456330830383.png (63.48 KB, 625x626, bxeAwbN.png)

No. 241066

File: 1456331222632.png (36.06 KB, 89x192, Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.2…)

kiki's are worse, but these arent weird to you?

No. 241069

File: 1456331387173.jpg (128.98 KB, 600x800, 20150924_6d35b9.jpg)

probably super old but i havent seen one before.
i knew tiara milly did some super lazy shoops but this anatomy is comical

No. 241071

File: 1456331566970.jpg (122.81 KB, 600x800, CSDvgxzUcAAGGzO.jpg)


No. 241072

her lips look like two bb dicks

No. 241082

>dem heels
why can they never find shoes that fit her ffs

No. 241088

File: 1456334303894.jpg (34.83 KB, 400x300, image.jpg)

she edits her lips so lumpy that all I can see is that fucking little dinosaur from land before time.

No. 241089

IIRC her feet are super tiny, like a size 5 or something. Maybe they don't always have the right size shoes for her because she models stuff that isn't out yet and she just has to deal with the sizes the clothing company sends the modeling agency.

No. 241091

That's just normal for Japanese modelling shoots. In magazines and even on clothing sites you can see them wearing shoes that are too big. I've never understood why they couldn't be assed to find any shoes that actually fit the models but I guess in the end it doesn't matter either way.

No. 241093

I've heard before wearing oversized shoes is seen as cutesy in Japan, but idk Don't take my word.

No. 241095

Usually the set up people didn't pack the right size shies and can't get the right size in time for the photo or they just don't have the right size in storage and have to make do. Specially if it's an on location photoshoot and find oit they got the wrong size shoe they just make the model wear the shoe because it would waste everyone's time at the photoshoot to find the right shoe size

No. 241099

size 5 isn't tiny, what crackpipe are you smoking?

her feet are perfectly normal and average

No. 241102

now i know why her new look is creeping me the fuck out

drawing on new lips covers her natural cupid's bow (which is hardly pronounced at all in these photos) and combined with her tendency to photoshop everything, she has no visible philtrum and thus looks like a fetal alcohol syndrome baby.

i just wish she'd stop drawing her upper lip thicker than it actually is

i did like it when her hair was curled, though. her hair looks best with volume added to it

No. 241111

Not to be all "ANACHAN!!!1" but after seeing this photo it looks really apparent that she has an eating disorder. When your knees are that much bigger than your shins and thighs, it is usually indicative of a problem. (Ofc that is not always the case, but her general behavior combined with this makes it seem pretty apparent.)

No. 241121

File: 1456340095514.jpg (101.28 KB, 480x640, o0480064012551943297.jpg)

No. 241124

>tfw you always thought size 8/9 was 'average' because those are the sizes that sell out fastest in stores

so what's small, then? like a size 4 or something?
sage for no contribution.

No. 241129


Anon is crazy, 5 is really small where I live. Most stores carry 6 as their smallest.

No. 241132

I think Taylor has some kind of extensions going on.

For a model she needs to hit the gym.

No. 241134

File: 1456341615386.png (887.25 KB, 600x800, COnipngUcAABK6c.png)

another relatively candid shot i havent seen

No. 241135

quick question: how tall is kooters? she has some long legs.

No. 241136

Right? You'd think she'd have the sense to try and tone up or something by now. She just looks so… doughy.

No. 241140

ive been wondering something but im not sure about it since i recently heard but is she still with the ufufu girls? did they drop her?

No. 241142

looking like macaulay culkin in home alone

No. 241144

and arent city people supposed to be more fit? like i get that there are trains and stuff, but overall, don't you walk more?
oh wait she probably taxis everywhere. cant be too pleb now can we

No. 241146

File: 1456342801628.jpg (59.02 KB, 640x480, HfYAn.jpg)

one of my least favorite outfits of hers
her and kiki dress so trashy sometimes

No. 241151

Clothes in Japan are short. At 5'2", a lot of Japanese dresses hit me mid-thigh or a little bit above mid-thigh. So the length (i.e. shortness) of the dress combined with her heels makes her legs look longer than they really are.

Ngl I think she's actually pretty cute here. She looks better with more natural makeup.

No. 241152

Kiki would have worn this shit with a genuine smile. At least with many of Dakota's questionable choices like this one they were probably someone else's decision.

No. 241162

You guys have probably misunderstood each other. I think OP as well as the last poster meant US size 5, which indeed is small, while the other one meant UK size 5, which is actually average in Europe. But if I remember correctly her real shoe size is not US 5 anyway.

No. 241177

She mentioned that she doesn't go out much all the time.

No. 241186

Taylor's hair texture is fine in texture, but thick in density. Dakota's hair is fine in texture, but also thin.

No. 241188

I assume that the company dressed her. I know some people cream themselves over any Japanese fashion, but tbh a lot of it is horribly tacky.
Like, Russian leopard-print lady tacky.

No. 241190


No. 241192

File: 1456349893997.png (917.23 KB, 600x800, CRQebW1U8AABtUF.png)

No. 241196

Taylor's hair isn't thin, nigger

No. 241197

File: 1456350206909.jpeg (6.02 KB, 143x156, image.jpeg)


No. 241200

So edgy I cut myself reading.

No. 241202

Seriously though, the envision of corny ankh blacks that have poisoned this board recently with "omg her hair so thin" "thas cultural appropriation" and "circle lens ain't kawaii on white people" is ridiculous. They aren't cute on you either, LaToya.

No. 241204

no way, those are her own clothes. She did videos in them.

No. 241205

File: 1456352731762.jpg (768.68 KB, 875x1241, pop06_cover.jpg)

looks like peachy milk (or w/e her name is)

No. 241207


When I saw this pic on insta y/day on the train I kinda kek'd to myself tho.

No. 241209


I wouldn't say they love her but they tolerate her? Most think she's cute and that's it. I think once the Barbie doll viral thing ended they just stopped caring and kota tbh. She's just doing her work, jobs and that's it. Just posts bad selfies from time to time nowadays.

No. 241226

No. 241241

Can anyone translate those Japanese gossip sites or threads that talk about her? Japan tearing into her have become my favorite thing in these threads. I'd love to know what they think of alien baby Dakota.

No. 241246

But why did she do that to her head

Her legs just look weird because they're closer to the camera

Dat fucking forehead tho

No. 241264

The photos from this set are so wonky. It's noticeable sometimes with other photosets, but it's really apparent here that the editor had no clue how to shoop her into her ideal and just kind of ended up making her look like an overshooped Japanese girl and her chin disappeared.

It's interesting seeing the different beauty ideals. They really gave her the v-line mega chin over in Korea.

No. 241267

i think you were just dying to shit on some shea butter bitch with an ankh who tells others that theyre not Woke enough therefore a self hating black person with internalized racism, or whatever buzzword of the week they would use probably

which would be understandable in a thread about somebody who is like that
but you don't even have to be black to know those ostrenga genes are catching up on her and that she looks like a ghoul from fallout in some of her recent photoshops?

No. 241274

Jfc her vag is about to fall out of that dress, I hope she wore shorts underneath or else a slight breeze would have caused a disaster. Who thinks a dress that short on legs that mushy looks good???

No. 241277

Not discounting Kiki being ana, but I have some chunky thighs from cycling everywhere and I can make my legs look pretty skinny if I wear a skirt that hits right about where the bulk of my thighs start. It looks like that's what she did maybe unintentionally here.

No. 241282

> why did she do that to her head
sorry i forgot to de-shoop that. i have no idea how she reaches her final form

No. 241290

They like reshaped her whole face, holy shit.

No. 241298

Oh my god, take it to /b/.
And that person was talking about Taylor R, not the ostrengas.

Back 2our kowaii elfu goddessu-ne.

No. 241301

You mean, a man?

No. 241306

I hear what you are saying, but her knees are enormous compared to both her thighs AND shins. If it was a fashion illusion it would make sense, but her knees (and head btw) look giant compare to the rest of her body. Plus with her obsessive personality and brief childhood "fame" it would make too much sense. I hope not though, for her case, but it seems pretty apparent.

Kek is this a free magazine, like the TAKE FREE text suggests? BABY is pretty big but going from POPTeen to a free random magazine isn't exactly an upgrade. I have no clue why she doesn't just make more videos and ride out getting the youtube dollas.

No. 241312

I wear skirts that short a lot… it's fine as long as you're careful.

No. 241314

This is scary

No. 241320

Jesus. She becomes more and more unrecognizable. It's like she's a shapeshifter alien,

No. 241332

>I have no clue why she doesn't just make more videos and ride out getting the youtube dollas.

She pretty much gave up editing her own videos when she signed with Bravo. I mean think about it- sinceb she went to Japan, which was when her real face came to light, she hasn't made any YouTube videos of her own that she edited herself. She probably isn't willing to do it herself anymore, she must've got it in her head that she can just fuck off and let herself go, hide in her room every day and have no friends and still be a supa kawaii yuumeijin moderu desu~~ with no work because Bravo/Jimushosama will do it all for her. Well, for a little while maybe, but now she's too "old" to be doing her same old kawaii real Barbie shit, and not coming up with a new gimmick/game plan is really sinking her modeling deal. I don't doubt she's "set for life", she probably pulled a Mira and secretly married to ensure herself a permanent resident visa to stay in Japan and as long as she's white and speaks Japanese she can be on all the variety shows she wants as long as she keeps dressing in Lolita and talking about FF. Honestly I don't think se really cares about being super well know of famous in Japan anymore as much as just making enough to live on without having to get a real job.

No. 241394

Is it true Kota is married???

No. 241401

I'm not of sub saharan african descent and taylor wears extensions. And even if she didnt wear extensions, her hair has a bit of texture in this pic
The straight parts in the roots are completely flat.

My point: straight haired people almost always have thin hair. If you take a, what you call, a "nigger" (dont ban me admin) and straighten her hair with a flat iron properly, so no kinky edges, she'd have thin hair. Bone straight hair has no body, so it appears almost always thin. If dakota fluffs her roots a bit she'd have "normal" hair, but she isnt going for that effect. I also respect her for not wearing fake hair. So…ehm…thanks for reading all of this I guess.

No. 241407

The fuck did you hear that from?

No. 241421


probaby from people here and there saying kota wearing a ring/not giving a fuck about her career anymore (?) = must be married

No. 241423

she has made a few videos in japan.
but she said she forgot about youtube for the most part because she is sooo~ busy

No. 241437

even in the original her legs look like she elephantiasis

No. 241440

Also because her visa. A modeling visa can't give you that much freedom and considering Kooters wasn't very famous in America and she doesn't have a degree I think she married for a visa. It's really rare to have a modeling visa that lasts for 2+ years.

No. 241449

>It's really rare to have a modeling visa that lasts for 2+ years

Especially for a "model" who makes as many blatant mistakes and refuses to improve. Her posture, her attitude, her complete lack of concern for her career/social life, her weight gain, not to mention her not caring about Popteen, makeup or fashion anymore at all. Her career in the last year or so is basically just her riding off all the work she did in her first 2 years there and it doesn't seem like she gives any fucks anymore. She went from being pretty cute with makeup and havin cute pics, to pretty boring with shitty alien fetus shoops and boring outfits.

No. 241452

How is any of that relevant to getting a visa?
The immigration office isn't going to look at her posture and body fat in their assessment of whether she should get a visa or not.

Come on, y'all. Her management company probably just renewed it and that's that. Yeah, she's a shit model, but they're clearly still keeping her working and doing shows.

No. 241456

I personally want to know how many up to industry standard models have come out of Japan. I only know of kiko mizuhara and even she's not true Nippon.

No. 241460

Japan has no shortage of white girls who want to model, most of which are style at it and better looking than Dakota, yet despite that and her many flaws and her lack of popularity (offline) she still has a company paying to keep her there? I highly doubt it. Japan isn't gonna spoon fed you a career as you age and let yourself go just because you're white. Jfc I'll admit Japan has shit standards when it comes to white models but let's stop being silly with the ~she's just a model, gosh! They just really like her okay!~ crap. She's not popular, or even well known, and she gets less and less work. She's only still a "model" since she hasn't officially quit. Idk what fantasy land you live in where you think you can completely slack off at your job and still get stuff like a big apartment and designer bags just handed to you for so little work, but that's not simply how the real world works. I don't like or dislike Dakota but I do dislike how many thirsty weebs want to believe that she has it so easy for so little just by being white and wearing makeup and lenses and speaking Japanese.

No. 241462

dakota could also make a career out of her youtube i know she has some videos that have over a million of views so shes probably made some money off of them she lives in japan speaks japanese she could have tons of footage to show like outfits makeup where to shop and eat in tokyo and even do vlogs but i think shes just lazy as fuck and doesnt care about her non japanese fans since youtube is mainly used by people in the US also she probably is too lazy to shoop her face in long videos

No. 241468

…are you ok?

No. 241482

i think this just proves she isnt all about the fame….

No. 241520

File: 1456427786536.jpg (32.36 KB, 292x438, w292c-e_1264156.jpg)

this kota is best kota

No. 241524

File: 1456428284919.png (288.85 KB, 620x372, e4a829e2.png)

Kota not all about fame?

No. 241558

I think yore both a little right- Kota was all about fame and popularity until she realized that maintaining it past the initial appeal is actually a lot of work. She, like Kiki, thought it was just something that happened to you and kept happening to you if you were one of the lucky chosen ones. I think, similar to weebs going to Japan and getting slapped with reality and disillusioned about their kawaii dreamland, Dakota realized that game and popularity are still essentially full time jobs that require dedication and effort to sustain and she just wasn't willing to keep grinding to stay in the spotlight since she's so used to having everything handed to her for nothing.

No. 241559

I never thought she was ugly, in fact very pretty, but you're right she is darn cute.

And her nails omg! Perfect tbh

No. 241561

She doesn't care about her non-Japanese fans because so far everybody but Japan has mercilessly shit on her for being so fake and photoshopped. Even Korea laughed at her.

We probably won't ever see any new YT videos of hers unless she gets a crew to edit her videos to make her look kawaii and hafu with a small chin and bigger eyes and tell her what to say and do as far as content. She's way too lazy and scared of anyone seeing her real face anymore.

No. 241576

You're lying. Absolutely lying. Not to anyone but yourself. Girls like you pretend that Dakota is not famous in Japan. Or that she is considered ugly (yes I've heard those excuses). You should be happy a white girl is famous in Japan, that means you can be finally a kawaii weeb star too.

i have seen dakota in real life and she looks better in real life than on pictures. Without her circle lenses of course, with the circle lenses she looks creepy as fuck. But thats not really her fault.

No. 241579

File: 1456434976527.jpeg (139.73 KB, 550x743, image.jpeg)

No. 241580

at least if she stuck in korea, her gigs would involve attractive shoop jobs

No. 241582

Justin Bieber used to be a youtuber, where is his channel? Real celebrities arent youtubers/fake celebrities.

No. 241583

> that means you can be finally a kawaii weeb star too
yes because dakota paved the way for all the white wiminz
ive seen her irl too. she was aight

No. 241585

Well not exactly, as most weebs like us aren't as pretty as her…

She is aight indeed for me too but for Asia she is a goddess lel.

No. 241589

File: 1456436090093.jpeg (81.27 KB, 477x640, image.jpeg)

Very fat and ugly you're right

No. 241600

I'm sorry Sandy-chan, but what exactly does any of your Kotastan ranting have to do with my post? I never said OR implied Japanese think she's fat or ugly, all I said was everyone but Japan laughed at her when ty saw her real face and that she's too lazy to put in the effort for a successful YT channel because of how hard she shoops her face. What a reach you have there.

But since you felt the absolute need to bring it up to white knight your white trash waifu, no, she's not "famous". She's infamous at best, she went viral almost four years ago and she created a trend that is now well and truly dead. She hardly does any modeling anymore, doesn't update her blog, ad only half ass updates her IG/Twitter when she feels like it. She let herself fall off the radar, probably because of how embarrassed she always was to be recognized by people in public. She's grown out of her kawaii desu shit and now she probably just wants to be left mostly alone to do her own thing and keeps modeling to pay her bills, but she's obviously not trying to push this ~Japan famous real Barbie moderu~ thing anymore. Get over it, she got some internet popularity, got a free trip to Japan and a job out of it, but she's not a household name like you think she is. Jfc, I'm so sick of non-Japanese speaking foreign weebs insisting they know soo much about what Japanese people think and what's popular. The kawaii pop culture highlights you get from lolcow/PULL/tumblr is not a proper indication of Japan, it's culture, or how Japanese people think.

No. 241602

She probably should have stuck with Korea and apologized for the kimchi thing, their shoops are wayyyy better than the crap Japan does to her. This cover is actually super cute even with the heavy eye makeup, and they didn't shoop her chin into oblivion and try to make her look half either. Japan, take notes.

No. 241610

yes and she could actually look pretty.
but i think korean girls are more catty. they would rip her to shreds.

No. 241647

She pisses me off tbh. I never thought she was ugly, even unshooped. I wanted her to succeed, but the lack of efforts from her makes me so angry.

If she was trying she would be so much more successful.

No. 241655

Guys… My April issue of Popteen arrived yesterday, and I couldn't find a single Kota. Is the dream over?

No. 241665

I've checked some late Popteens too, and she hasn't been in their videos for a veeery long time.

No. 241677

It's not like she was ever a popular model before, most people in Japan won't notice she's missing.

No. 241681

She has to have a marriage visa. Models in Japan aren't supposed to be a permanent thing. This visa is for when Mirana Kerr or someone comes to Japan for a month and needs to be able to legally work. It's not for YouTube alien baby uguu girls to permanently live there and without a college diploma she's not eligible for most work in Japan.

No. 241687


>remembering what she really looks like without filters and ps


No. 241699

She would have fit right in then lol

Yeah this is the most obvious point. The amount of work she does vs how long she's been there on a supposed entertainment visa are greatly uneven. She should have 5x the content she actually does. I do wonder though, how long did she manage to string it along before she had to take the visa plunge?

No. 241736

I just cant believe people saw her on the street and believed it was worthy to take a photo with her looking like that..

No. 241753

She obviously didn't want her (real) face on the net. All the fans who got candids with her looked cuter.

No. 241755

I'd bet they knew what would happen. Especially after being fed this image of a girl who seems to have a perfect face and big dolly eyes, of course I would want a pic with the real thing if she claimed she looked like that and turned out to look like any other plain Jane white girl. It would be hilarious.

I think that's why they asked for pics with her and not just of her lol

No. 241757

File: 1456454199093.jpeg (176.61 KB, 360x265, image.jpeg)

No. 241761

She looks like an average woman, not a human baby fetus without shoop. I don't get why everyone here creams their panties over her.

No. 241765

Because she hides her fave so much that people forget or chose to forget that she looks nothin like her shoops.

No. 241831

all the people who got candids with her looked just as bad as kooter lol

No. 241843

I think this is plausible. Maybe this is also why kiki was so desperate for a spouse visa, because kota got it easy and now is living the easy slob model life and she wanted that too

No. 241846

It would make sense, Kiki isn't capable of having an original thought. When Kota went to Japan Kiki copied her look, her feigned interest in Japan/anime, a few of her selfies even (juice box gif). And it would explain why she so suddenly gave up on pushing her music in Japan, which might have actually worked for her- a movie even stole one of her stolen songs to use in the movie, so somebody must have liked it.

No. 241863

No. 241921

File: 1456486535740.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-26-11-34-43…)

No. 241923

File: 1456486676192.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x2560, 16-02-26-11-36-55-736_deco.jpg)

Can someone translates please?

No. 241926

Anybody else thinking Taylor?

No. 241932

Taylor wishes!

No. 241952


She's truly given up, hasn't she? The pictures are actually becoming scarier.


For a model… Dakota you could at least put in more effort into your look/apartment. All these e-famous flaunters who blog and shit have nice places. Dakota ends up with some weird hideous throw, dodgy cat pillow from Aliexpress and fur thing.


No. 241962

Is Dakota a NEET? She never seems to go anywhere. Occassionally she'll post a selfie while she's doing a photoshoot or something, but even those have become kind of sparse. It doesn't look like she hangs out with Yurano anymore either.

No. 241964

still trying to hide that chin despite all that shoop

also i miss the hq photos dakota used to post. i guess she's just gotten too lazy to do all that work

No. 241984

My soft throw blankets came in! It's fake fur. (I don't buy real fur. It's bad for rabbits and foxes)
Isn't it a little big though? My beds a double size one.

No. 242016

It seems so. Weren't people discussing her being a hikikomori on one of the shows she was on?

No. 242020

Is it that surprising? The Ostrich sisters have 0 social skills, being a model and a public figure wasn't going to change that.

No. 242082

She is, she got traded for it on a show once after saying she never goes out or does anything.

Why does she need a full sized bed? even for it to fit in her room without taking up most f the space her room has to be pretty big by Japanese apartment standards. And if she has an apartment with 2 bedrooms that are that spacious then we know she's not the one paying for it.

No. 242206

Because it's her apartment and she wants one?

No. 242257

File: 1456542162384.jpg (18.1 KB, 320x240, fd3296c538234b15384a425f081761…)

because full sized beds are awesome to sleep in lol

you're digging too deep anon. kooter milk has dried up ages ago.

No. 242311

>double size bed is full sized

Anon do you sleep in a baby's crib?

No. 242644


Probably because she's secretly married

No. 242677

good lord, if i could afford and fit a king's sized bed in my room i would just to sleep in it and never leave it ever

No. 242724

File: 1456619045455.jpg (85.1 KB, 467x700, kotakoti-17.jpg)

No. 242728

You know, once she gets too old for modeling she could edit images for magazines

No. 242735

she could do it now for extra cash. damn i dont even… even though we have found evidence of shoop, its never your standard pixel/blur/bent walls. she's good

No. 242744

She doesn't look likes she's a sexy three-year-old here. I like it.

No. 242758

Spot the newbie

No. 242759

she finally reached the steve buscemi eye tier.

No. 242858

She would never do that because it would mean putting effort into something/working on something for someone other than herself.

No. 242867

well spotted, re. kota

No. 242916


Tbh though, Dakota's room just looks bare. You go in insta and weheartit then see all those pretty ass rooms. When yet Dakota is a model, might have a good wage and her aesthetic is boring as fuck.

No. 242917


Shame she couldn't just go back to her old edits. Dammit kota.

No. 242930

File: 1456669128281.gif (43.84 KB, 361x200, 200_s (1).gif)

>omg her bed is too big for one person!
>omg dakota has like zero taste in room design and she's a model? UGH

I wish she would do something lulzy again, because this thread is full of people just grasping for things to complain about tbh.

No. 242933


I know, it's sad as fuck. This is how low we've stooped guys.

Plus she DID have a double bed back in the US and she probably just likes fucking room like the majority of us in the damn thread!

No. 242934

File: 1456669933306.jpg (49.55 KB, 380x507, 0.jpg)

the OP pic reminds me so much of tsuplastic face

No. 242943

>she has a double bed
>she MUST be married

What the fuck is happening? Leave the tin foil at pull.

No. 242964

File: 1456681074672.jpg (12.27 KB, 300x200, Quot now watch as i eat this f…)

i know. anons just cant anymore

No. 242975


If she had a kawaii pastel vomit infested room, people also would complain about she's a hoarder, untidy/unclean and whatnot kek. Her apaato looks okay to me.

No. 242982

File: 1456686061191.png (88.08 KB, 231x194, Screenshot 2016-02-29 at 3.59.…)


"Ugh, as if she keeps her room like this all of the time! I bet she only puts kawaii stuff out just to take a picture and then takes it all down after she uploads it! Kooter's so fake ammaright?!?!?"

"What's with all the kawaii stuff in her apartment!? Ugh, she is an adult, she shouldn't have all of that shit in her room!"

No. 242995

>those fucking nostrils
>that whole fucking nose

jesus have mercy

No. 243002

I feel like on /snow/

No. 243166

I'm not familiar with this model but that can't be her real nose can it? Or is that why people call her plastic?

No. 243265

File: 1456747496853.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x2560, 16-02-29-12-03-54-330_deco.jpg)

No. 243266

Tsubasa Masuwaka

No. 243269

It's sad knowing that every strand of hair on her head is pushed to the front of that hood and it still doesn't look like it's enough.
I kinda feel sorry for her; imagine looking in the mirror every morning and watching your hair gradually thin out.

No. 243273

somehow this is creepier than before.
its making me more and more certain she lurks here and wants to push the limits of creepy til our heads explode

No. 243290

File: 1456758006112.png (703.15 KB, 561x535, dakots.png)

is this dakota?

No. 243291

Yep. There are other pictures from this same event that show her face and you can clearly see its her. Unfortunately I don't have them saved.

No. 243292

its funny because you can clearly see her real chest size, her real legs and arms and waist. like….. thank you fan cams!

No. 243293

those ladies look so disappointed.

No. 243298

File: 1456759732602.jpeg (6.1 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)

Yeah they do, I would be too. Sorry to sound like a jelly hater to ya'll, but in this photo alone, she looks like such a basic chick. There is 0 appeal in her attire and overall look.

No. 243300

errrr how do they look disappointed? Well people with double eyelids always tell me that I look arrogant/disappointed or something so i could understand it i guess…Japanese crowds are also always dead unless its a hatsune miku performance

No. 243301

Keep telling yourself that lel her hair looks fine and normal

No. 243303

File: 1456760495442.png (177.97 KB, 354x253, Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.4…)

Ok anon they are thrilled to be there!

No. 243305

You've never seen a Japanese crowd havent you?

No. 243307

i would have expected younger crowed, i also think the person who is a special guest at events contributes to who shows up and how they react

No. 243308

her legs tough..

No. 243310

Are you kidding? In japan we were watching someone dressed as bear sitting in a window, they were thrilled! taking pictures, smiling, they have a look of pleasure when looking at things they like. Stop defending the defenseless. Japanese people smile and show emotions when they see something they like. Stop downplaying everyones remarks to make it appear as though everyone is reaching. Get over yourself.

No. 243311

I meant, stop defending something that doesn't need it. I and others here feel the room is dull. She's dull, and I can say that because not everyone here likes dakota. ok?

No. 243383

I would even go so far as to say most people here either don't care about her anymore or don't like her, and the few occasional stans only come in to white knight her because subconsciously they think doing so will make it possible for them to get famous in Japan too.

No. 243385

I like Dakooter and I have no interest in having a career in Japan, nor anything other than maybe going there as a tourist for a week sometime in the future. I just don't think she's a despicable person, I don't think she's fat, and I think that she's reasonably cute.

I think Kotex gets a bad rap. She was a shitty teenager, sure. She photoshopped her way into a modeling contract, definitely. But she's doing nothing now but minding her own business and trying to support herself. I don't think there's anything inherently terrible about Kota. She's hardly a cow anymore. The most that can be said about her is that she's getting less work as time goes on, she shops herself into an alien baby, she doesn't have a good body for a model, and she keeps her life mostly private and doesn't interact with her fans. Hardly evil.

I don't understand why farmers hate her so vehemently. What's so ghastly and terrible about her?

No. 243391

I don't think anyone hates her anymore, it's just fun to pick and tease at a girl who thought she was so much better than everyone and that she was gonna live the kawaii model dream only to realize she isn't suited for it. I love stories of weebs going to Japan and being so disillusioned. Also I love spoiled kids growing up to have less than glamorous lives compared to what they thought they were gonna have. All those little reality checks give me a good chuckle.

What does annoy me though is the shit like "she's not basic, she's unconventionally cute! (Only with makeup whic doesn't really count tbh)" or "her hair isn't thinning, you're all just jelly!" Or "she's not fat! She's just short and apple shaped! (Insert Popteen bikini pic with obviously fake measurements here, pls)". That shit is annoying. Dakota used to be friends with Charms, who everyone loves to tear apart for being a shallow, spoiled, self centered bitch but when it comes to Dakota who was very similar (without all the money ofc) suddenly she's a sweet little kawaii saint because Bravo cracked down on her social media and taught her to shut her obnoxious mouth and stop acting like a twat in public. That's annoying. And it ones to show how new some people who post on here are, they never saw Dakota the Cunt firsthand and only heard about it via rumors and ED and think that because they weren't there for it that it didn't happen and it was just ~jelly haterzzz~ that made it up. I'll never like Dakota because I was around for her Stickam/Twitter faggotry where her true colors were still shining bright. But I don't hate her, she's too irrelevant to care about anymore.

No. 243398

Can someone please tell me what happened between Dakota and Charms? Did charms like steal her shit or something?

No. 243404


No need to have a fangirl moshpit there either. Unless there's a recording somewhere to know what was going on,probably they were just quietly listening what Kooters and the other host were saying when the pic was taken.

No. 243406


Kota refused to tell charms where she did get her fake VW horns.

No. 243421

Why are people still salty about what she said as a 14 year old? She's like 22 now so who cares? It's very likely she feels like her old emo self was cringeworthy and is embarassed. We all feel embarassed about our edgelord phase at that age. People need to get over that and bring up actual reasons to dislike her, like that cringy insta caption on V-day.

No. 243428


Because people like you enjoy saying "she was just a kid!"

Yeah, a kid who was about 16/17 years old (we ALL know she lied about her age) and KNEW what she was saying. Plus kaka, she knew too. They're hardly innocent. But she's white, blonde and a kawaii barbi desu so kota gets away with it.

It's obvious, the drama and her family have turned her and her sister away from the world. Dakota may turn up at events and model but that's just for show, it's just a job. Unlike the other weebs who model there who make an effort to go out, collab ect. Even Taylor is making an effort… yet she gets bashed to fuck.

At the end of the day anon, she never really apologized it. People won't just get over it because her and kiki were OLD ENOUGH to understand what they were doing. People keep excusing their asses.

Dammit, Jessi Slaughter who was younger than Dakota and Kiki who made an ass of herself even went on that interview and apologized. She was younger fgs.

Plus people aren't that big of a fan because Dakota doesn't speak correctly over there apparently. I've been speaking to a few Japanese girls who HAVE actually seen her on tv and said her Japanese is just either too masculine or she talks badly for someone tarento. No, they're not jelly or ugly girls either. Just girls giving out their thoughts.

Others criticize her modelling… ect ect

People may have different reasons for not being Dakota's fan.

But sorry no, in my eyes she didn't really apologize for anything. Apart from a half assed paragraph on her old blog which virtually said not much.

They were old enough to understand what they were doing. They knew what the words they said meant and how hurtful they were.

Even if they're older now. They got caught out, it's forever scarred on the pair of them and tough shit.

If you act up on the internet then be prepared to deal with the consequences.

No. 243462

because she never apologized or really commented on it, she just wants to pretend it never happened. no one needs to get over anything. she shouldn't have been so stupid as to say something like that on camera and published it online.

No. 243467

Maybe offtopic, but why does Dakota use polite form and then change to casual form?

No. 243474

It's pretty ironic how you all are screaming that she's still a racist and hasn't apologized for what she said/did when she was 16, when you're the ones posting shit like this: >>243298 in 2016 and you constantly throw that word (plus "jap") around. Just saying. The irony is strong in Kota's threads. Pretty laughable if you ask me.

No. 243475

Because she only half ass learned Japanese. According to someone in an old thread a year or so ago who used to work somewhere she was scheduled to shoot, she had to have her translator follow her around every day for over two years before she could do shit on her own. And even ten, a few months ago when she made that cringy twin tail apartment video she mispronounced a kanji set in a way that only google translate does, meaning the script she prepares for the video was probably translated with google translate. Unless is super casual basic conversation her Japanese is really full of holes as far as vocab and grammar go. Her keigo sucks balls. But she doesn't use it because she thinks talking like a thug boy makes her seem cuter, it's just part of her gimmick. She probably thinks it's the Japanese equivalent to how she used to speak in English when she wasn't pretending to be polite and well mannered.

No. 243478

Gosh, it'd be nice to filter out the ones that keep crying "she's got no milk, she's not a lolcow anymore!" or other excuse/complaint for Dakota threads.

You're on lolcow. A place where we discuss internet [in]famous people we don't like. No one is forcing you to be here or view these threads. It also doesn't mean it'll stop just because you don't like it. Besides, you have other threads/sites to go on.

Let us have our little circle in this corner of the internet here and you go to whatever thread/site you like.

No. 243481

In that case it's not weird. Go on twitter, real Japanese people switch it up depending all the time. Her sentence is a little bit konamikan. She does need to cut out all the dudebro speech patterns in the public eye though.

No. 243482

>it's the current year
>why are you so racist
>in a thread about a white person chasing easy fame in japan
>a country where you can become a model because you are blonde and blue eyed

No. 243484

its not the racism we care about, it's the hypocrisy of her image.

No. 243500

There seems to be a split about that here. A lot of people keep bringing up the racism, and the others complain about her shitty filtered fake image. We can all agree that even though there's no fresh milk, she still sucks at what she's doing.

No. 243525

How much work do you have to do to keep an entertainment visa for modeling? She doesn't seem to be doing anything but selfies lately, I wonder what the bare minimum to not lose her visa is.

No. 243559

File: 1456820606898.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-01-08-22-59…)

No. 243560

File: 1456820710929.jpg (162.13 KB, 1072x833, Screenshot_2016-03-01-08-23-50…)

Her caption. Can anyone translate? Ta

No. 243564

A full/good portfolio, a contract.. I guess it's the same when you wanna renew it.

No. 243566

Her caption is:

"Before today's business meeting. Today's clothes. I definitely like/wear jeans more than skirts. It's cold, the wind is too strong, I think people who can wear skirts in this weather are impressive."

That's a rough-ish translation! Other Japanese speaking anons, let me know if I messed up somewhere.

No. 243572

Absolutely correct. :)

No. 243573


Nice CLAMP proportions Kota

No. 243576

If I was kooter I wouldn't apologize, it may be the morally right thing to do but for her public image, job and social media it would be damaging. And it would create countless trolls and tumblr sjws and poc would come after her.
I don't think that's her reasoning though. She's probably just lazy and arrogant. If she wanted to be more successful she would be more active on social media. But even if she did I don't think she could be as popular as a few years ago because she looks like your regular overshooped instagram user. The appeal she had is gone and it's all because she slacked and got her contract.

No. 243595

This photo seems so strange… Whatever that thing is around her butt makes the image seem distorted. I like the jacket though.

No. 243597

You're right, it's the tree trunk. She's liquified the photo to slim her legs and to giver herself an arse.

No. 243600

ive never called her ugly whether its her real life photos or shoops, but THIS, is fucking ugly

No. 243608

File: 1456843502341.jpg (118.61 KB, 1080x1080, 16-03-01-14-43-07-871_deco_1.j…)

Ugly and lazy

No. 243609


I think she's wearing some kind of mini backpack and one of the straps is showing behind her back, because you can still see the bush in that little gap between her and the strap.

No. 243611


I legit believe Dakota has body dysmorphia and that when she creates these shoops she does so because in her mind this is the image of her true body, something that her real body is incapable of reflecting.

No. 243614

That has nothing to do with the question.

No. 243616

Jeez Kooter, get some new shoes, those look old and worn as fuck. Not to mention cheap. And yet people like to think she's rolling in yen, lol.

No. 243618


Nigga that's distressed suede, the worn look is intentional.

No. 243619

I dont think she eats

No. 243621


She definitely eats. She just relies on photo editing software instead of exercise.

No. 243622

I agree this is just looking lazy. It looks like she just simply edited the horizontal length of the pic (because last time we checked, she was getting a little chubby) and once again, just turned up the brightness. Also I'm wondering why the new mirrored image layout too, it just helps to show how uneven her eyes are.

The pale brightness is also making her look really ill and ghastly. I'm just shaking my head at this.

No. 243629

My jawline looks like this when I'm at a low weight.
Maybe she's just getting haggard from dieting.

No. 243632

she probably keeps doing the mirror effect to create more illusions and distract from her flaws.
koot, it just magnifies them ;)

No. 243744

Bitch looks like donald duck with peg legs.

No. 243747


Guys c'mon, there's a tree guard on the tree behind her.

No. 243771

It looks like a structure of sorts to me. Maybe a statue or sculpture.

Her ass still looks weird. Her hip just looks massive at this angle. It's so wide.

No. 243777

So thin shooped it's almost like vintage kota.

No. 243783

No it's not, it's cheap suede that's worn to shit, the wear pattern is specific to shoes that have been worn long past their prime. I would know because I wear my shoes until they fall apart. Toes, heels, and zippers are where the west starts first. If it wa ~distressed suede~ the west pattern would be even.

No. 243839

I've been following the Kota thread for a while now and dr spite seeing it soo much I still can't wrap my head around her shooping, especially since shes been getting occasional tv and appearence gigs where her real face is right the fuck there (and I like it tbh but that may just be me relating to a fellow meh chin-y white girl)

Like at one point I theorized that her shoop selfies are just her medium of choice and she thinks of them more as art pieces than actual photos of herself. Kota, what is going on in your brain

No. 243853

Ewww she is such an ugly neet and that chin x^D

No. 243876


No. 243906

All I can say is, why does this exist?

No. 243909

you can cut a bitch with that pointy ass nose

No. 243910

Because Japan.

No. 243911

it could be that she's deluded enough to think people don't notice or she personally believes she looks like that. who knows. lotta crazy insecurity going on. and i mean if she's still getting work she may think she's fooling people.

No. 243921

There are stupid fucks who present other people's art as their own solely for unwarranted attention and praise. It's not hard to imagine someone presenting a fake image of themselves for the same reason.

I don't really understand it, since at the end of the day it's still a fantasy non-existent version of you that receives validation, which would make you feel even worse about your real self, but to some delusion blends with reality I suppose.

No. 243928

someone here or another thread has mentioned that japanese people are still wowed by beautiful photos, even if you look like a ham sandwich in real life

No. 243955

File: 1456947073063.jpg (101.22 KB, 400x533, brunette.jpg)

posting a few from her recent GLB appearance

No. 243956

File: 1456947100747.jpg (626.91 KB, 1280x1707, b2.jpg)

No. 243957

File: 1456947133762.jpg (564 KB, 1280x1707, k1.jpg)


her ears……

No. 243959

Are her lips really like this in real life? They look so strange…

No. 243964

on the bright side, at least Yuka looks cute. I think the style suits her better. She also looks more natural and not so stiff.

No. 243965

This angle makes her look like cryingemily if cryingemily was at a decent weight.

No. 243971

Thats how she really draws them. She goes way over her top lip to make them seem fuller but they're really not.

No. 243978

File: 1456951696282.jpeg (46.26 KB, 500x750, image.jpeg)

This dakota is best dakota

No. 243989

She looks fantastic here. She reminds me of some Hollywood star, but I can't think who.

No. 243993

She kinda looks like a cross between Mena Suvari and Scarlette Johansson here

No. 243994

She looks like an android. But yes this was the look that so many fell for. This is the best PS photo ever you can barely tell editing other than the backdrop in the background. It's so funny how we got angry about this shoop, but everyone defends Wylona's failure of editing.

No. 244009

dakota fanning?

No. 244013


cos at the time we were all stupid enough to believe it

No. 244028

around this time she used to say she'd get compared to christina ricci

No. 244031

Awkward pose, awkward face, awkward ps. How and why is she even still modeling again?

No. 244032

Two lolcows next to each other in one magazine. This is amazing.

No. 244038

History has been made…

No. 244040

Her body looks sort of bad here imo (her chest and arms seem out of proportion with one another) but her face does look amazing. I feel like this makeup wouldn't look good irl though. I finally understand why she does her makeup the way she does now– the more "natural" look is better for her since what she looks like in-person is finally more important than what she can look like for a camera she's operating herself.

No. 244044

i think this is really cute for some reason. maybe because its not "perfect" so its somehow attainable/relatable?

No. 244046

File: 1456968929292.jpg (292.87 KB, 630x944, Dakota-Rose-2.jpg)

Beautiful, though the hair looks somewhat damaged here. Anyway I would kill to look like any of the old Kota styles (despite the shoops)

No. 244047


Best Kota by far, but I never actually noticed South Park playing in the back there lmao

~kawaii living doll desu~

No. 244049

what the fucking fuck is this why is she so determined to benjamin button herself back to looking like an actual fetus

No. 244069

It's amazing how many different faces she's shooped herself with over the years. Her style blends from one selfie to the next so it's hard to see how much she's changed her look until you put new pics next to the old ones. They all look like different people. Her shoops from late 2014-present are so creepy and terrible. I wonder what she sees when she looks in the mirror. She looks better irl than her shoops, so much better. It's sad that she doesn't see it… well I assume she can't see that she's pretty, since she deforms herself to beyond recognition.

No. 244079


>even if you look like a ham sandwich in real life


No. 244083

HAHAHA that is so awkward oh my god! She's like a 12 year old girl who got dared to kiss a boy for the first time. What is going on here and who is that guy?

No. 244086

>Griffith is back!

No. 244097

LOL you can really see that fake upper lip line, I would bet that's why the guy paused too, because he saw it as well.

No. 244131

It's a dating show where two random people go on a date and at the end decide if they want to kiss or not. Pretty boring really but it was funny how she had to tell him Japanese was OK to use and how surprised he was to see a white girl.

No. 244158

File: 1457003611636.jpg (139.65 KB, 1080x1368, Screenshot_2016-03-03-11-12-12…)

No. 244160

Her body looks so weird in this. (If anyone's interested, the caption says "I like this light blue and white outfit. It's really cold…")

No. 244161

Gosh, she's so top-heavy and shapeless even with the guaranteed Meitu abuse this pic suffered.
I don't understand why she would shoop her tits bigger instead of cinching her waist in or something. It looks so gross.

No. 244162

She looks like an ice creqm cone.

No. 244172

Oh gurl that not cute

No. 244173

Are you new or…..

No. 244175


Amusingly, in Japan the beauty standard is to have very narrow hips as it's seen as small and feminine.
As is typical with human anatomy however, narrow hips usually mean no waist, but for some reason this isn't unattractive to them.
Just different standards I guess.

No. 244182

Not really to this degree. She looks like she'd topple over any second. Japanese generally aren't much for Kardashian-sized arses, but they prefer women with wider hips than shoulders. As does pretty much every culture on earth.

No. 244187

File: 1457015132156.jpg (87.41 KB, 422x1021, shadow.jpg)

the leg shadow is fat

No. 244188

This photo reminds me of park boms body

No. 244191

File: 1457016396855.jpg (50.61 KB, 498x476, parkbom-after2.jpg)

No. 244192

No. 244194

At least Bom has personality

No. 244207

my sides

No. 244212

What am I supposed to be laughing at here? I honestly can't see it

No. 244214

File: 1457020590103.jpg (82.79 KB, 398x391, 1457015132156.jpg)

Did she literally just draw two white lines to make her legs look slimmer? How lazy can you get?

No. 244216

Dakota Ostrenga is it's own level of laziness.

No. 244222

I'm pretty sure the very thin line on one leg is literally just the 'edge' of her legs (or even tights) and the thick white line is the side of edge of that white wall or whatever that she's stood in front of.

Yes, she does stretch and photoshop herself thinner, but you're looking at the wrong details.

No. 244223


Yeah but this looks terrible anon.

No. 244225

File: 1457025582449.jpg (192.08 KB, 1036x1013, 1457003611636-1.jpg)

expectation vs reality

No. 244226

Lol are you kidding? There are white gaps between her legs and the wall behind them, when there's nothing between the two. And her knees wouldn't look like that if she were wearing tights, they smooth that shit out for you.

Also lol at the right leg below the knee, anatomy doesn't work like that koots.

No. 244231


Looks awful in Japan too but hey, different standards.

No. 244237

Imo the right looks super cute and curvy. The left looks like a bizarre figurine and not in a flattering way. Having that heavy of a chest with a toothpick body looks so weird and almost mannish.

Dat shameless leg shoop jfc.

No. 244238


Fuck the different standards, if it doesn't look good then don't do it.

One on Right looks better. If she had just lightened then that it would've been better

No. 244239


It isn't even the legs in my eyes. It's the tits, she looks like a cartoon character. I don't know how a narrow body and huge tits is appealing at all.

No. 244242

Her body looks so much better in the unshooped version, but I guess she's got to cater to her audience.

No. 244245

Agree. She looks bulky/buff on top. Then these little sticks for legs. Like an upside down triangle. Like, a man tbh. It's really ugly. Her before was waaaay better.

No. 244388

>she's got to cater to her audience.

Dakota is probably the only one who thinks this looks cute unironically. She shooped herself to have the prior options of a MTF transsexual who just got milk jug implants and is now saving up for hip/butt implants.

>but the likes!

Likes are cheap on Instagram, even if you don't actually part for them. Her being white and speaking Japanese and living in Japan are the main reasons why she has a fanbase.

This might not have looked so bad if she shopped her shoulders as narrow as her hips, but that boob shoop is ridiculous either way. It's like she wants the body of an anorexic bimbo with the face of a late term aborted fetus.

>drawfags now is your chance

No. 244389

File: 1457067228770.jpeg (133.66 KB, 640x1004, image.jpeg)

Can't believe nobody posted this.

Apparently she watched TWD with some "friends". Guess she got a little miffed at everyone calling her a hikkikomori with no friends lol.

No. 244400


>with the face of a late term aborted fetus

Lmao /dead

No. 244474

Source on shoes, I assume it's Tokyo Boppers, right?

No. 244490

File: 1457110779720.png (715.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-04-11-58-37…)

No. 244494


I miss when she used to look human and not like a creepy fish with its eyes bulging out

No. 244495

File: 1457111381525.jpg (54.43 KB, 320x240, tve122622-2384-20110417-0.jpg)

I'm getting Lotte Verbeek vibes

No. 244545


It's true, she is quite broad. Only slightly but she isn't that petite within the shoulder department. Not like it matters but meh, she won't learn.

Just leave kooter to her weirdo shooping.

No. 244701


Tokyo Bopper otaku here, those aren't TB. Not sure what they are either, sorry.

No. 244702

I wonder what it's like to have a modeling career handed to you for nothing and then to sabotage it by shooping yourself into oblivion and being lazy. Her body dysmorphia must be so bad, her shoops are terrible.

No. 244821

Jeffrey Campbell scully anon hers are probably a Chinese copy though

No. 244836

File: 1457197070827.jpg (207.92 KB, 1248x612, 1457132026736.jpg)


I don't know why you'd think they were fakes, it's not like they're particularly expensive.

No. 244848


cos shes known for taobao and shitty chinese copy fake bags

hence how she got famous due to her "im so rich" wardrobe

No. 244850


That was before she was actually employed though right? I've no doubt she has any problems purchasing brand now.

No. 244851

Exactly. Plus, isn't it illegal to buy knockoffs in Japan?

No. 245131

Scott and Cathy bought Dakota and Kiki designer clothes to keep up their rich internet famous image. Dakota had a shitload of Taobao knockoffs probably because she wanted so much at a time compared to Kiki. Thy still bought it for her though.

No. 245148

File: 1457252102850.jpg (280.1 KB, 1908x2222, 16-03-06-08-13-07-963_deco_1.j…)

This is a video from insta, which she's taken from Snapchat.
Do you think maybe she'll allow people to add her on there eventually?

No. 245151

Did she film a computer screen with snap chat?

No. 245153

It's not from Snapchat, it's from a Japanese clone app called Snow. And lol @ her editing frames by frames. The app males videos, not gifs, so this just looks plain obvious edited frame by frame.

Moo, Dakota. Moo.

No. 245154

Looks exactly like what she did. lol

No. 245155

That explains the jank animation, reminds me a bit of Berry.

No. 245160

File: 1457255247297.jpeg (87.28 KB, 749x682, image.jpeg)

This 4 year old girl looks exactly like what Dakota probably wishes she looks like. At least in this photo.

No. 245161

omg it looks so much like her shoops hahahaha

No. 245162

Why doesn't she just get her chin shaved down? She's a hikkikomori so nobody would miss her during recovery, she wouldn't have to constantly shoop and hide her chin behind her hands/clothes, and everyone already thinks she's half plastic anyway.

No. 245180

I wonder if her editing herself to look like a toddler is to do with her starting to worry about her age. Not that she's anywhere close to being old, but she's not a teenager anymore either and Japan really prizes youth. Most of the Popteen models are younger than her now.

No. 245192


Jesus fucking christ, it actually looks like her!

No. 245195

File: 1457267415674.jpg (57.75 KB, 636x598, tumblr_o1y396OvF81upbfefo1_540…)

No. 245198

Oh my god that kid is cute

No. 245200


Awww what a cute little bean.

No. 245201



This is what kota is striving for

No. 245222

Still she'd need to take several weekss off of work until it's fully healed. I don't think her agency would let her miss weeks or months of work if they can jut do a 5 min shoop on her chin instead.

No. 245234

Well she did get a nose job years ago

No. 245238

I feel like if it would make you look better on TV appearances it wouldn't be a big deal.

No. 245256


The videos are in the apartment tour vid on the bottom shelf near the ones with fluff on.

No. 245260

I hate the term but Kota is '#goals'. She lives independently, not in a relationship, has her whole house in kawaii shit and just doesn't seem to give a fuck.

No. 245308

I dunno if I would call Kota's life "goals", anon…

No. 245347

Dakota is not goals. She dropped out of middle school, is uneducated, has no friends, and she's losing her job slowly but surely and she's so insecure about her looks and her body she shoops herself into a fetus-faced tranny.

>not in a relationship


No. 245353

Usually "goals" stuff are things that are unconventional that people think are cute, not basic shit that anyone can do. If living on your own with shit you buy is a "goal" then that is most people. She also is in Japan so it isnt hard to get stuff that she has, but you can see that her place is very plain and empty outside of the generic kawaii shit that she has.

No. 245369

seconding this bit since her house isnt covered like you seem to imply. She has like 20 pieces of 'kawaii shit' I rewatched through the video and counted about 50 things that could be counted as 'kawaii' that might sound like a lot but between 4 rooms that's only a 12 item per room setup and most of her items are seriously small and that doesnt include at least 6 items that she put in the rooms to make her apartment seem less boring. tbh I'm pretty sure half of it she went out and bought right before making the video since there are so many unopened boxes and the such.

sage for responding to old milk

No. 245378

I agree with this, tbh. Koti has sort of wiggled her way into my heart, coming from someone who also went through a scene phrase and played sidekick to someone who got much more attention. For her to even have this little bit of independent success and recognition is something she should be proud of.

Even still, the negative aspects of her lives are things most channers have at some point been through (no friends, uneducated, insecurities). We pity her, but we also empathize with her and wish for her to find personal happiness. I like her a lot – I think she needs guidance and someone she can confide in without fear, but who doesn't at 20? I just hope she finds a way to stay financial secure should this popularity pass, and is happy in the end. She's not a bad person, she's just been surrounded by them for too long.

No. 245387

File: 1457316298333.jpg (285.44 KB, 640x480, 1444793451899.jpg)

gross. get some better goals, sis.

No. 245391

she also has stated in numerous blog posts and interviews that she is 潔癖症 aka a neat freak. maybe she doesnt want to clutter her place with shit.

No. 245397

Wow, I have hard time believing that she might be a neat freak considering the photos and video where her clothes had lint on them or mirrors in her own place were super dirty.

No. 245401


Wasn't that time she was at Nao's parents home? Her current place in Japan doesn't look that bad, so I'd say her family was very lax about the household chores. From pics one can tell ostrengas household was dirty and most likely smell like cat piss and sweat.

No. 245405

I mean, this is a chan board itself - and most of the people here are from one of the chans. Who else would I refer to when I explain why so many people empathize with her and take note of her success. To other people, I dont' think her achievements would mean much

No. 245406

I don't think that she can afford it, you don't see her ever travelling for leisure or doing really spendy things.

No. 245420

Her "achievements" are only impressive to weebs who don't want to get real jobs, and maybe to people who hear she's a "model in Tokyo" and speaks Japanese but have no other exposure to her and haven't seen any of her pics. In fact even that might not be so impressive given how she doesn't take care of herself anymore. To any other functioning adult who wasn't emotionally and ethically stunted by trashy fame hungry parents, she's absolutely meh.

Any weeb can get a crappy McJob and save up for a trip to Tokyo, get a job teaching English (you don't even need to speak Japanese) with someone willing to sponsor a work visa, then you have a reason to live in Japan and a way to make money there too. Problem is the kind of desperate weebs who idolize Himezawa and Dakota and Taylor are so impatient and childish that they want it immediately and for nothing. Fuck's sake, some of them act like you can't set foot in Japan unless you're rich or you have an Internet following.

No. 245437

But that's kind of the point, she went from a really shitty home situation and made something out of it. I dunno if her modeling is gonna have long term staying power, but for now she seems to be doing quite well, working in something she likes, and on a foreign continent too.

Yeah, same here on all points and I hope things will go well for her.

No. 245438

I'll just add, in some way Kota is sort of living the after story of the current Venus happenings if that makes sense. Kota left her toxic family behind, went to Japan and made a career there by herself. It may not be extremely impressive in itself, but it's like a happy resolution to her past. It's kinda what we're (as in, anons rooting for) hoping will also happen to Venus - she'll find a niche to fill and have a comfortable life.

No. 245447

>she went from a really shitty home situation and made something out of it

Well that's usually what drives the person to get out of it all the more. But yeah, it's always a good story to hear about someone getting out of such a mess to make it themselves but Kota… Well I think she went about it the wrong way, but regardless I can still agree on the same thought.
However I still just find it sad that that's the reason why those people left was because of their dysfunctional families but not all of us can have a great family/home life.

No. 245450

>made a career there by herself

She got a career given to her by agreeing to ditch her family and her life before Japan down the toilet because se had a lot of YT views. She didn't even speak Japanese for the longest time, and you think she made a career for herself? She got lucky, she really did, but it was kind of a fluke, it won't happen again until… Well, however long it took Japan to notice Dakota after Beckii faded out probably.

No. 245537

File: 1457348539698.png (211 KB, 393x575, embryo-chan.png)

More lovely fetus shoop

No. 245609


I understand what you mean anon. Thing is, Dakota marketed herself to the Japanese but she couldn't speak Japanese as well back then. Reckon she was reading off a sign or something in her first Japanese speaking videos. Not convinced.

But Venus will probably end up either teaching English or Jvlogging. I can't imagine her getting into the media over there. Maybe? We don't know. She needs to get on with her life and kind of get on track if anything.

But it wouldn't surprise me if she got into the media. Yukapon is already there. All the big weebs are.


Pretty much. She got an email apparently off Bravo when she went viral hence why they signed her up before meeting her. She was definitely lucky, remember the timing? The doll trend was NEW at the time.

No. 245624

is that LINE sticker a jab at us? top kek

No. 245631

I doubt Kota checks on lolcow.

No. 245654

thats what her mom and dad are for

sort of related, i wonder how many times the ostrengas have tried to take lolcow down

No. 245668

She marketed herself to tumblr, got picked up by bravo when she was thinking about China and then they marketed her to the Japanese. She couldn't speak Japanese at all before Japan, the video in her FL room where she was speaking Japanese was a basic phrase book-tier intro she got off google translate. She didn't make her career in Japan happen, Japan made it happen fr her to fill their kawaii white foreigner hole. There were others before her and there will be more after I promise you.

No. 245674

People act like Kota is this marketing GENIUS. 238k is NOT that much especially if you look at her following to see lots of them being empty accounts that only follow 2-3 accounts. If anything her tiny insta following prooves that (even minori who is in a SUPER subset fashion has thousands more)

She's not that popular job wise cause, even though she's not often on tv, rinrin obviously gets more modelling jobs.

Yes she's modelling and living in japan but all her success comes from her management. No one's looking at her baby fetus shoops and going 'we need HER' and the proof is that if they liked that they would shoop her to look like that.

She's just an easy (and usually not busy) popular white girl that they can throw into ads and they know she wont get mad when they shoop her. She's a discount canvas that anyone can paint on

No. 245707


Holy forehead

No. 245949


She still gets jobs though but she isn't as popular as she was. I'll say that much and kota knows it too.

No. 245950


Probably venus kek

No. 246001

That's still not saying much, literally any white girl can model in Japan as long as she's not fat and has clear skin. You don't even need to speak Japanese, most modeling agencies that want to use white models have translators working there in other positions.

No. 246010

I'm curious too, because I feel like the parents would be going after lolcow to stop the Kaka threads but they don't stop the Kota things anymore.

No. 246023

Scott and Cathy can't do much about Dakota anymore since she doesn't do anything in English anymore, and I doubt either of them would put the effort into learning enough Japanese to file flimsy copyright claims on her shit.

It seems like te Monstrengas don't really care about deleting all negative Dakota content anymore since… About a year ago? Which might be why koots has calmed down so much, her parents aren't running interference for her anymore or can't.

Kiki flying back and forth to Japan 2-3 times in a row and burning money while she was there without having any income probably put a big dent in their finances, and Dakota refusing to be seen with her, tweet at her or mention her at all had to have chapped their asses a little bit when it became apparent to Kiki, Scott and Cathy that their precious favorite middle child didn't get the same deal Dakota got, and on top of that Dakota wouldn't even lift a finger to help Kiki get a modeling deal (which would have been career suicide for Kota tbh so good for her). That paired with the fact that she hasn't gone home for Christmas, thanksgiving or any other holidays in like 2 years is a pretty good indication of Dakota not speaking to her family anymore, or at least not being in good terms with them anymore because of spoiled earth princess Kiki.

No. 246081

I'm guessing Kota has a good support system of sorts, job or not. Wonder if she's married.

No. 246093

>Wonder if she's married

Well considering she barely works and has no life or friends, wears the same ring every day on her wedding finger and all the middle aged Japanese men who work for bravo have homely, basic white wives…. Yeah no shit.

No. 246103

ive never noticed her always wearing a ring post pics

No. 246104

File: 1457416584458.png (900.99 KB, 1190x1194, Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 12.5…)

She looks so strange now even more than before I used to love how she would dress to the point that I would copy her I dont like her current look

No. 246107

I know that's mostly her hair, but all I see is a roadkill wig in an open casket.

No. 246110

Just go on her Instagram and look then. They're literally right there. She takes it off for work probably but for her selfies she's always wearing it.

No. 246114

No. 246118

File: 1457418110991.jpeg (653.31 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

All from her Instagram. Which was conveniently started with pics of her in a wedding dress which we never saw photoshoot pics of anywhere else. Also conveniently was the same time Kiki started talking about getting married.

No. 246119

File: 1457418185986.jpeg (155.05 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)


Derp meant to quote >>246103

One more from her IG for posterity and to drive the nail home. If any ameblo anons want to post pics from her blog that aren't on her insta that would be cool too.

No. 246120

For her to be wearing this even during modelling shoots sure says something.

No. 246122

Different anon but do the Japanese wear their rings on the middle finger or something? I see plenty of people wear plain gold rings on other fingers. They often come in sets to stack or mix and match, but they're not wedding bands

No. 246125

No, ring finger on the left hand.

No. 246127

Who would you wear the same ring on the same finger every day even to shoots and appearances if it wasn't a wedding ring?

Wedding rings are a newer thing in Japan, most couples don't wear them but those that do can wear them on any finger they want, usually the only "rule" is that it's on the left hand on one of the two middle fingers (not the pointer or pinky).

No. 246128

Even though this isnt an actual 'marriage ginger' but it's DEFINITELY a wedding ring. None of her accessories match it and it's way simple compared to ALL of her other accessories and the fact that she ALWAYS has fancy nails

in the red top pic she's wearing a different ring than the others (it's silver) but it's very suspicious that she would ALWAYS wear a single ring on the same finger.

The middle finger thing could be to throw off rumors but keep his 'this is mine' symbol.

tbh her having a sugar daddy husband makes everything more reasonable imho.

Why does she never go outside? Hubby doesnt want his arm candy fooling around. Why does she have such weird body dismorphia? Hubby keeps mentioning that he likes younger looking girls. She might legit think that shooping herself will help her situation.

Explains why she hasnt been caught dating ever since that one guy when she was first there too.

No. 246130

I would also explain her practically empty oversized monotonous two bedroom apartment with the double bed. Married couples don't keep a ton of kawaii girly crap laying around.

No. 246131

I wear an heirloom ring on my left ring finger because that's the only place it fits. maybe it's the same for Kota.

No. 246134

That make sense, it's also her biggest finger so maybe they didn't get something sized down.

No. 246136

Why would that make sense? An heirloom ring? Dakota hated her grandma (and from her stories the feeling was mutual) and I really don't see Cathy sending Dakota an heirloom ring after she shaded princess Kiki so hard and stopped coming home for holidays. Plus if it was from her family she would maybe wear it a few times and keep it in her jewelry box when she's not, but she wears it constantly since the wedding dress pics, and she even wears it to work and appearances- except, like it was mentioned before, to a "business meeting" where that kind of thing might be frowned upon.

No. 246138

that would only make sense if she was wearing it before though. Kota doesnt wear ANYTHING that often and goes out of her way to not wear the same thing time and time again.

Also yeah what

No. 246141

>goes out of her way to not wear the same thing time and time again

I hate when middle class girls do this. It's to create the illusion that they're so loaded they can just buy new clothes rather than rewear them. It's sad really, especially considering rich girls wear expensive clothes and don't mind rewearing them because they're expensive.

No. 246144


I'm thinking her manager is her sugar daddy husbando, it would make sense. Especially with the story that one Russian girl who modeled with her way back said about her being cold and short with everyone, not letting makeup artists near her, but then her being super sweet and ass-kissy to her manager as soon as he showed up. Also all her contact info for bookings goes directly through him and not Bravo anymore.

No. 246160

Makes sense. She hardly works, is a lazy model and yet, is still able to afford to live in Tokyo and has an extended visa. Her being secretly married wouldn't surprise me. That and the wedding dress on her Instagram not showing up in any publications. Kiki's rush to marry Taco furthers this theory. I wonder how old her is. Most managers are middle aged in that industry.

No. 246164

File: 1457425155285.jpg (209.03 KB, 1078x1234, Screenshot_2016-03-08-08-18-07…)

No. 246165

The ring could be on her right hand though, because her pictures are most likely mirrored.

No. 246167

File: 1457425637633.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-08-08-25-56…)

No. 246168


The wedding dress was for the "Wish Upon a Star" event

No. 246173

Mirroring the image doesn't change her hands' orientation to her own body. Just because her left hand is on the right side of the picture, doesn't mean it's her right hand. I honestly can't believe this has to be explained to you.

No. 246179


Are you seriously implying she mirrors every single picture and video of herself, even ones she didn't take/post online? That's some skill!

No. 246180

Probably middle aged, it would fit right in with her older man fetish.

No. 246187

Kota has an older man fetish? Is this for real?

No. 246188

Supposedly. She's said before that she likes older men. The story with Nao was that he was much older than her but he looked younger, and by the time she found out his real age she liked him enough to stay with him. Also her market is almost 50% pervy old men, so it makes sense for her to say that.

No. 246268

Lmao i gotta see the candids of this

No. 246270

File: 1457441513302.jpeg (121.97 KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

No. 246271

File: 1457441695312.jpeg (279.08 KB, 1024x1366, image.jpeg)

No. 246301

File: 1457448100990.jpg (55.24 KB, 480x322, 0480032213350646102.jpg)

The wedding dress was for the Wish Upon A Star event, guys:
Still agree that she's probably married, tho

No. 246315

this is v old. quit shit stirring

No. 246317

This is a candid, right? She looks so much nicer here. She should aim for a more mature look than cutesy. I think it would suit her.

No. 246320

i just realized something.
maybe it IS genius that she has SO many different shoop styles floating around. no one knows the real her.

No. 246342

>no one knows the real her.
except the fact that real life doesn't have shoop options yet.

No. 246344

It is. Can't you tell by how lumpy and bloated her face looks compared to the pics she usually posts? Also holy shit, se really is aging like milk, no wonder she plasters her fake age&DOB everywhere, lol.

How is that genius? And we know what she really looks like, so does everyone else, she can't shoop every picture of herself, as evidenced by >>246317

No. 246352

honestly, say what you want about Dakota, I'm happy she got away from her parents. Kathy and Scott were in Margendo territory with how they tried to make both Kiki and Dakota happen.

No. 246356

eh, i've own a few rings that were family heirlooms that i'd wear everyday.

No. 246357

yeah i agree i mean honestly look at the damage, she has this horrid self image hatred about herself and kiki just is going crazy trying to beat dakota and its all a huge mess..karma though~

No. 246395

Yeah but I don't think modeling is the best job for a girl as insecure and I confident as her. She should have been a makeup artist or stuck with music, she could do either of those in Japan. But instead she went for the job that she could rub in everyone's faces and even ten nobody was really impressed except the Anglophiles at Bravo and a bunch of old men and schoolgirls.

No. 246406


yeah, i find hilarious how kaka mentioned her reallifebarbiemoderugaijintarentoveganetc Dakota oneechan at every chance she had, and Kota just regarded her as "my older sister" on social media kek

No. 246407


I might be wrong but iirc the wedding dress was for a gown fashion show or something like that, not a photoshoot for magazines

No. 246410

Eh, she took what she could get to get out of that atmosphere. And I'm sure being in the fashion industry doesn't help with whatever body image she has, she more or less is supporting herself and got away from her family.

Also Dakota sucks at make up, she could never be a make up artist. Also when has Dakota done music?

No. 246413

>Also when has Dakota done music?

She sang backup along with Scott and Cathy on her sister's Kiki Mimieux shitfest of an album, if it counts. I don't think Keeks wanted to go to that community college audio engineering course alone so Dakota tagged along with no real interest in music.

No. 246480

File: 1457474480746.png (368.82 KB, 640x464, wedding comparison.png)

here's one of my favorite comparisons between Dakotashop and a "real" photo

No. 246484

Se also claimed she had a degree in sound engineering when she was 14 but "didn't use it" because she "lost interest in music".


Yah cuz a kid who "dropped out of school at 8" totes just has a "degree" she got at "14" she doesn't use ~just because~.

No. 246486

>supporting herself

Is cute that people still think this. I remember being that naive.

No. 246489

the thing about her shop is that you wouldn't think she looked bad at all if you hadn't been fed all those shopped pics first. Now it just looks weird in comparison because youre used to the fake thing.

No. 246494

Wow lately she's obsessed with making herself so white it's ridiculous.

No. 246496

File: 1457476007729.jpg (134.43 KB, 489x477, koots.jpg)

It didn't seem like she did much, only when you put them side to side it is noticable.

No. 246497

where did you find that unshoooped photo? I want to see the rest of them

No. 246498

just the usual making her waist smaller, making her eyes bigger, whitening, smoothing, brightening, making her lips bigger, shaving her chin down…

No. 246526

All you have to do to find Kota candids is google the name of the event she showed up at and there they are. Her shooped pics aren't the only ones they release you know.

No. 246527


She actually looks cute in her rl picture tho :/ not fond of her new hair though but her real face looks better

(why kota)

No. 246543

Added boobs too.

No. 246554

It sometimes surprises me how much people in this thread despise Kooter. "She's married to a fat middle aged man! She only gets jobs because of him, but at the same time she's too basic to do any work at all! She's ugly! She's fat! She's not successful! She's a racist and a liar! She photoshops!"

I'll never understand your hate boner. Call me whatever you want, but I don't see the point of hating someone who really isn't doing anything wrong except for being overweight for a model and possibly being married. So terrible desu.

No. 246557


This desu.
Honestly willing to bet that a lot of the hate is emanating from girls who are still jello after all these years.
I've seen it a million times already, plain, paunchy white/Hispanic weebs who legit believe Dakota got to Japan and stole their living doll idoru dreams out from under their feet. PULL is crawling with them, and we all know that their ilk lurk and post here.

No. 246567

embarrassed to say I first saw it in PULL's comparison thread awhile ago. But yes, if you search social media for the Japanese name of an event or look at fellow models' accounts, you can find more candids.

I know this board kind of hates kontrakoti but I miss her. She was great at collecting and organizing candids and social media reports. I don't understand why sie stopped.

No. 246570

Nice projection, Kota-stans.

Nobody gives enough of a shit about her to actually hate her, most people who bother to still come in her threads are just talking idly to pass the time and reminiscing on an old cow.

>"She's married to a fat middle aged man!

Nobody implied he's fat. It's all just speculation anyway, and ots fun to speculate because of how buttmad you wannabe moderu-chans get.

>She only gets jobs because of him, but at the same time she's too basic to do any work at all!

If he's her manager then yeah, that's kind of how modeling works. Your manager books jobs for you. Duh.

>She's ugly! She's fat!

Nobody is calling her ugly, just basic/plain and doughy. Because she is.

>She's not successful!

She works, has an apartment and spending money. She's middle class, not a failure but not what I would consider a dazzling success. The only reason anyone thinks she is some famous success story is because of their inaccurate preconceived notions about both Japan and modeling. Trust me, neither one is all that magical once you see the real side of it.

>She's a racist and a liar!

Nobody cares or even bothers to bring either of these up anymore. Keep up.

>She photoshops!"

She does though. And she doesn't just photoshop, she does it so badly that it's the joke that keeps on giving!

She probably is married, though. Idc how much you love her, she just doesn't do enough modeling anymore to pay for a 2 bedroom apartment in Tokyo.

>it's not that expensive!!!111

Spoken like a teenager who still lives at home. It may not be the most expensive place in the world, but it's still a decently sized 2br apartment in a popular part of a major city which isn't cheap anywhere except a shithole. And her apartment clearly isn't a shithole.

No. 246572

The Monstrengas got her and she had to take down her site. She got too scared to start it back up I guess.

No. 246574

I agree so much. Honestly I've always thought she was kind of cute… everyone's all "omg so ugly so lazy reeee" at her candids but I love when I see them because she looks even cuter without all the alien baby photoshop. I just enjoy coming here to see her outrageous shoops/occasional videos of her now, she isn't very interesting anymore and all the weirdass hate for her is dull and screams of "why can't I be a kawaii japanesu moderu toooo".

No. 246577

that sucks. I would have run it for her if I'd known (no joke - if kontrakoti is reading this, post & I'll get in touch). I'm not at all afraid of the Ostrengas' copyfraud + I don't live in the US.

No. 246579

See this right here is bullshit since MOST of us think she's cuter in her candids. We only call her ugly in her fetus baby shoops. It's like you guys dont keep at all.

Also this so hard.
It's funny how people take speculation and the such as us insulting her. None of us even implied that it was a BAD thing that she was married :T

Anyway why DOES she have a two bedroom??

No. 246580

AFAIK Kontra never posted here or on PULL (unless she did so anonymously). I don't doubt she probably knew about us and PULL though but that doesn't mecessarily mean she lurked.

No. 246582

>Anyway why DOES she have a two bedroom

Because she FUCKING wants one and she can you jealous, fat white ugly weeaboo, GAWD! Wash the sand out of ur pussy and just accept that Dakota is a rich, skinny, ageless Japanese princess and you never will be k thx bai <3

>lel sorry I couldn't resist

No. 246584

Funny how I said absolutely nothing about her apartment or it being expensive/not expensive. Maybe you should stop projecting so much, since you're probably the teenager who is living at home :^)

No. 246585

>Projecting this hard
okay. I get it you want to live through kooter and people insulting her is triggering my bad.

It's often a thing brought up and that bit was obviously added seperately so calm down.

No. 246586

File: 1457485300585.jpeg (8.85 KB, 160x160, image.jpeg)


>NO U!!!


No. 246588

File: 1457485366168.png (360.6 KB, 858x725, image.png)

>saying anything about Kotex that isn't negative

No. 246589


Uhh the first post you're quoting is obviously satire.

No. 246590

File: 1457485415077.gif (467.68 KB, 500x255, image.gif)

>not realizing that post was sarcasm

No. 246594

My theory

- Dakota has a single bed
- Dakota movies to a larger place, that conveniently has an extra room
- Dakota puts her old bed in that room
- Dakota enjoys her new big bed in her main bedroom

I DID THE SAME THING. Is this really such a big deal? My extra room was just a room. Only my old bed decided it was a bedroom when I placed it there. Just a damn room. lol

No. 246596

If I had an extra bed I wouldn't just hang onto it for shits n giggles, I would sell it or trash it or give it away. It's a waste of space if you don't use it. Plus it's not like Dakota has friends she needs to worry about crashing at her place.

No. 246597

I have a double in my room too.

Patiently awaiting my own thread. Chop chop peasants.

No. 246598

But… You already have your own thread…

You're posting in it right now.


No. 246599


Apparently sarcasm and humor don't do well on this poor little chan knockoff. Damn shame.

No. 246643

File: 1457494562895.jpg (22.34 KB, 450x271, 23-preparation-H-internet-vers…)

No. 246652

Does anyone remember the man we used to hear in her video outtakes every now and again? Was it Nao-kun? I wonder if that's her husband, was it ever clarified who Nao was?

No. 246668


Nao was a boyfriend she had in her first year or two in Japan before he spoke decent Japanese. Se made the mistake of posting about him, including a pic, and her fans went nuts over it (you know which ones, don't even act like you don't). Since then she plays the stone cold bitch role pretty hard (I.e., her IG post about Valentine's Day).

No. 246847

> didnt do much
> shaved off entire jaw
> monkey anus lips
> newfound waistline

No. 247184

File: 1457588223572.jpeg (74.49 KB, 640x413, image.jpeg)

Comments on >>245537

This shit had me dying. It takes a special kind of gullible to be a fan of Dakota Rose.

No. 247278


Oh my fucking god…

No. 247292

File: 1457604155385.jpeg (166.6 KB, 272x528, image.jpeg)

Shooped for accuracy

No. 247322

File: 1457610959533.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x2560, 16-03-10-11-54-59-845_deco.jpg)

No. 247323

she looks exactly like Kiki…

No. 247324

Man, I never saw the resemblance until this photo

And jesus fuck, her hairline. She could have at least photoshopped it lower. She would look waaay more cute.

Can someone do it?

No. 247327

It's quite sad because she's probably already edited the hairline…

No. 247330

File: 1457613039646.jpg (1.28 MB, 2560x1920, 16-03-10-12-29-09-029_deco.jpg)

Please forgive my poor Pitu attempt

No. 247338

Holy fuck. Someone please Photoshop her bald.

No. 247341

yasssss dakota yassss keep this awful shit coming. i seriously think she lurks, making worse and worse shit to bait us. god she looks like a frickin ji-chan

No. 247343

File: 1457618981046.jpg (188.1 KB, 1165x1456, yaba.jpg)

No. 247344

No. 247345

Does anyone know what kind of filters she uses for her photos? I mean.. her selfie shoops are disgusting and retarded but I like the filter

No. 247348

ahahaha what the fuck koots is bald the new kawaii

No. 247349

Looks like a fade with a lot of brightness and very little shadows/highlights.

No. 247350

She looks way better already! But I just realized her eyebrows weird me out.

No. 247353

File: 1457622017301.jpeg (182.48 KB, 1145x1100, image.jpeg)

No. 247355

File: 1457622438859.jpeg (175.92 KB, 1100x1099, image.jpeg)

No. 247356

File: 1457622551953.png (189.46 KB, 501x891, 2016-03-10 10.08.49.png)

Some wild ass shit some dude left underneath this pic

No. 247357

Are you using YouCam Perfect?

No. 247358

File: 1457622692551.png (167.75 KB, 501x891, 2016-03-10 10.10.57.png)

No. 247360

part of me wants to text that number he left pretending to be kota, kek

No. 247361

then he'd murder you

No. 247362

omg this guy has left other comments on her pics before, but nothing like this.

I can't screencap now but will later

No. 247363

well thats terrifying

No. 247364

File: 1457623568652.png (137.96 KB, 500x888, 2016-03-10 10.22.19.png)

pt. 3 jesus christ

No. 247365

File: 1457623608011.png (123.78 KB, 501x889, 2016-03-10 10.22.47.png)

i'm gonna check back later to see if he's still going at it

No. 247366

psychosis omg

No. 247367

File: 1457624281919.jpg (14.12 KB, 320x400, Alexandre.jpg)


Never go full autism

No. 247369


Poor guy he is mentally ill


https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1542868736025256&id=100009064335649 (!)

>Fuckin first time ive felt good and happy in almost a year and not completely psychotic, which I literally am. It'sjust fucking sad you cant get govt doctors to give the meds people like me need and end up having to self medicate to be happy and sane. Govt Docs arent allowed to prescribe anything that can help crazy people like me except for garbage meds that have side effects that will turn you inside out and/or not even work

>I cant go to a normal doctor or psych cause my medicade tenncare wont cover them, so why the hell did they give me the fucking insurance if i cant use it?! It's pretty bad when you got a $400 hr psych ( this was 2013 when i was seen probono by a psych and she was seeing me for free cause im a "rare case" super bad shape) and then tell you that all I need is 1 or 2 meds along with MARIJUANA to help me with my PTSD etc, instead of the 7 meds i was having to take

>take a look at my posts over the past fucking year or 2 off and on when i tried to medicate their way, and compare it to my posts from over the past week or since ive been gettibng better by self mecidating. Instead of talking about alien cats coming to take over the world im actually able to sit here and look back and say "holy shit I am crazy, and this si what I need for help to keep me sane"

>Word of advice, if you know someone that is depressed or "crazy" and they start talking insane shit to you, like for example they are telling about "friends" they have that are real to them but arent actually real in real life, or if they look up and tell you they see a flying cat, NEVER EVER tell them that it isnt real, or doesnt exist, but at the same time dont tell them it is real etc.. just stay quiet and calm and get them somewhere safe and away from the public, telling them it isnt real or doesnt exist etc.. can trigger a hardcore violent reaction towards you or themselves. Let their doctor work it out with them etc…while i was at my worst, i was trying to hang out with a friend, even though in this condition, and of course at that time i was so crazy, i wouldnt have been able to sit down and type somehting out like this, that actually sorta makes sense.

>So anywyas i was rambling on about "maddie" now the Dr. will tell you that Maddie is one of my split personalities, like an imaginary friend along with "Dakota".

No. 247371

I wonder how creepy insane shit like that would make Kota feel.
I mean that guy is fucked up.

No. 247378


No. 247383

I don't care for this hairstyle but this glasses/makeup/whatever suits her really well. Her eyebrows look great.

No. 247385

I agree, she could look cute if she had bangs

No. 247387

You're reaching. Just because she has an expensive band on doesn't mean it's a wedding ring, especially since it's ///not even on the right goddamn finger///. Haven't you ever had a piece of nice, perhaps gifted-to-you jewelry you wear all the time because of its sentimental value?

No. 247394

Waiting for this pls.

No. 247407

I feel like its probably from a boyfriend/ beau, which is why she wears it all the time. Really don't think it's a wedding ring though.

No. 247425

File: 1457635785505.jpg (93.61 KB, 600x886, Untitled-1.jpg)

i did a thing

No. 247430

>About Christopher

>One thing that started happening as well is I would "talk to myself" weather out loud or in my head, either way I could ask YES or NO questions and ONE knock on the wall is YES, TWO knocks on the wall is NO and of course science and logic would tell me its simply the house shifting etc.. due to temp changes etc. looking back, but its still happening, and now that im in my "right mind" i cant debunk this shit, and I actually felt someone laying on me and hugging me and its was ice cold over my whole body

>he interupted and said "MADDIE ISNT REAL!" I remember kinda shrugging it off but it got to me, the next thing I remember was holding him down to the floor with scissors to his neck and remember thinking that I was in a way defending "Maddie"



Holy shit.

No. 247431

This makes her look like she has autism and a developmental disorder.

No wonder she's attracting people like >>247356. She looks like a mental dredge herself.

No. 247434

>the psycho commenting her insta
Guys I'm scared.

No. 247438

you can't hide from genetic destiny forever

No. 247443

Well… Thankfully Kooters shows no signs of ever coming back to America. As much as I hate her because of her shitty personality, she doesn't deserve this. He needs to be put into a psych ward. Dude is the craziest Stan I've ever seen on any of her pages–even crazier than the Mexican ones.

No. 247445

Do you think she deleted his comments? They're totally gone now.

No. 247480

I'm just laughing so much imagining Kota's face reading this

And here she thought pedophile lesbians were bad

No. 247505

File: 1457650673351.png (64.58 KB, 513x533, Screenshot_6.png)

good lord

No. 247510

File: 1457651035739.png (563.68 KB, 989x558, Screenshot_7.png)

No. 247511

File: 1457651057797.png (1.93 MB, 1920x2560, baldy.png)

No. 247512

File: 1457651097199.png (71.73 KB, 523x359, Screenshot_10.png)

holy shit, "Maddie" is Maddie Ziegler, the girl that dances in some Sia videos

No. 247513

File: 1457651236152.png (20.75 KB, 515x189, Screenshot_11.png)

ok I'm done spamming this thread with this lunatic, but he should be shut away or put out of his misery. this "dialogue"…

No. 247518

Ooooohhh yeah

wants to it

No. 247519

I like the thing. Thanks for doing it anon.

No. 247522

what the fuck is this man smoking

No. 247523


No. 247530

>remember how u looked 3 or 4 years ago?

No. 247539

No. 247550

fuck, i hate crazy people

No. 247671

File: 1457686391982.jpg (247.39 KB, 1226x1748, image.jpg)

This kind of thing legitimately makes me worried for Dakota. She attracts the craziest kinds of men.

No. 247673

>worried for Dakota

Why? This guy isn't even in the same country as her. Not only that but I have a hard time believing that someone as obviously unwell as this is allowed to run around free and unchecked. Yes, it's next level creepy with a side order of cringe, but if this guy were a real threat, Dakota would have gone into hiding years ago. Just because someone crazy is talking about you on the internet doesn't mean your life is in danger.

No. 247792

noooo he lives in my area

how distressing

No. 247800

There was that Bjork dude who posted vids online then tried to mail her a bomb or something from a different country. Not saying shit will go that far, or that there aren't obviously many things to go wrong with that plan, but just saiyan. Creeps gonna creep.

No. 247812

Can we bring him here to us? Please mom can we keep him

No. 247818

what the fuck

No. 247819

Fuck no. When we get clinically insane people posting here (remember Marijan?) everything turns to shit.

No. 247924

Oh my god, I know this family IRL. Worlds collide!!
The kid has a huge Japanese following and her mom gets sent fan art all the time.

No. 247934

Of course she does. Japan has an obsession with little kids, which ties nicely into their obsession with Anglos.

No. 247937

File: 1457760823311.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1876, kotiunshoop.png)

I just wanted to remove that fucking stupid overdrawn top lip.
Then I made some other adjustments.

No. 247938

oops. meant to reply to >>247322

No. 247940

Oh my god, this kid is adorable. Totally does look like what Dakota is shopping herself into.

No. 247954

File: 1457767072413.gif (348.24 KB, 275x179, 1427747062638.gif)

wtf? why would she do this to herself? not cute.

No. 247955

Underrated post.

No. 247956

I saw his tapes. Fucking creepy. I loved how fucking twisted it got right before he an heroed….the gasps of air to prepare himself. Ugh.

No. 247962

we all love smiles and happy times and faces

No. 247965

stienlader or same

No. 247967

dont be sad be strong open honest and true

No. 247971

File: 1457770042244.png (1.34 MB, 1440x2024, tmp_14932-Screenshot_2016-03-1…)


No. 247973

No. 247995


No. 248000

I feel like i could pop her head off like a cheap doll

No. 248001

She look weirdly pear shapped in here.

No. 248003

i like that coat and gloves combo tho

No. 248016

File: 1457778351000.png (84.38 KB, 510x371, Capture3.PNG)

I guess she kinda does with photoshop, kek.

No. 248020

that guy is disconcerting

No. 248040

No. 248060

such edge desoo

coat looks very ill fitting

No. 248067

File: 1457789540925.jpg (42.31 KB, 334x334, tumblr_ndu0aiq9Ds1qibcgoo1_400…)

No. 248086


I like the outfit but she looks like an alien. Hey, are these pieces from the new EAT ME range by Tsuplastic face?

No. 248103

Lol, she couldn't shoop her tits bigger or her hips smaller because of the log coat, now you can see what body shape she actually has. She really does carry all her fat in her hips/belly area wow.

No. 248104

double breasted coats are an apples' enemy jfc

No. 248149

i'm weeping. GIRL, your hairline is nonexistent. you are two high ponytails away from being bald. i see you trying to hide dat chin and jaw with your turtleneck. she looks like the benjamin button'd offspring of an aging librarian and terry richardson.

i am, however, forever jelly of that audrey kawasaki print

Jesus H. Christ. This girl has lost her damn mind. I would pay to see the original photo.

there's definitely still shoop going on. i have a feeling she defined her waist more, but couldn't go for the inflated bimbo tits and erased hips look she usually does.

No. 248150

also can someone please make a lolcow banner with bald kooter and bald kiki. i'm begging

No. 248153

File: 1457814385946.jpg (18.08 KB, 478x346, 0C8cfJA.jpg)

No. 248177

> benjamin button'd offspring of an aging librarian and terry richardson
anon you made me choke on my food

No. 248187

I wonder if the stylist did this on purpose lol

No. 248220

Uh, stylist? She's in her own living room, so she dressed herself.

No. 248231

Ahh, well that explains it then. MAybe she really doesn't own a full mirror…

No. 248236

But it's literally right next to her in the photo

No. 248258

Then she must be blind.

The point is she looks like shit in that coat, which might be why, even with heavy face shoop she still looks miserable. Plus Dakota never wears all black, someone else probably picked that outfit for her.

No. 248259

She looks like my 9 year old cousin. Fuckin weird.

No. 248280


No. 248289

File: 1457849073794.png (2 MB, 1920x2560, help.png)

I was trying to unshoop this but then I gave up.

No. 248301

File: 1457852327430.png (238.36 KB, 413x523, egghead.png)

No. 248328

She could have at least ironed the coat if she wanted to take a photo of herself in it.

No. 248344

Her head… is so tiny

No. 248346

Looks like Matt Lucas

No. 248348

File: 1457873648444.jpg (58.58 KB, 856x482, the-nutty-professor-1996.jpg)

looks like

No. 248359

Tiny head is considered ideal in Japan.

No. 248377

Kota just posted on her Twitter about her new accessory brand. Can't post caps cuz I'm on my phone.

No. 248380

lol fat and ugly? What do you look like anon? you're just saying that because shes standing next to a "kawaiiii" azn, like stop fetishing japanese people so much, they're not all like anime ok?

No. 248381



Dakota's accessory brand website oooohh

No. 248382



No. 248389

Can someone explain? I can't read moon speak

No. 248390

File: 1457886471634.jpg (141.29 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20160313_162726.jpg)

What's happening

No. 248392

Looks like it's a form to model for her brand? Not sure, someone please confirm

No. 248395


Holy shit I bet Kirsten is going to beg Dakota to be allowed to be a model for her brand bit Dakota is obviously going to have FYI straight up tell her no.

No. 248396

File: 1457887676185.png (1.7 MB, 1280x1559, debut_image1.png)

Found this.

No. 248397

File: 1457887870418.jpg (1.19 MB, 2560x1707, dakota_debut2.jpg)

No. 248398

File: 1457888021558.jpg (439.01 KB, 1280x855, dakota_debut4.jpg)

No. 248399

so interesing to me that she decided to go with a bat theme and motif for her brand. it reminds me so much of her and her sister's ugly, plastic bat necklaces, and you think she would try to distance herself from that considering how many people complained about the product and business practices.

also, the fact that she named it baby fang to me indicates that she still is the same wannabe edgelord on the inside as she was in her scene days. she could have played up the doll or sweet Loli image in the brand name and aesthetic to appeal to her fanbase more. goes to show the sweet doll shit is nothing more than a facade

No. 248400

nah its very creepy cute
fits with her current image perfectly

No. 248404

File: 1457889599078.jpg (20.64 KB, 320x213, vwMinh.jpg)


it's happening

iirc her ameblo had a bat wings header too? maybe trying to make a cuter, less shitty/more pro approach of what KND could be.

No. 248405

No. 248406


>inb4 margo applies

No. 248408

This. Screams scene to me. Bats. Accessories. I wonder if they will be bat necklaces and stuff like that and if it'll make her sister come out of hiding to accuse her of copying her. I'm sure she would be so upset that she didn't choose her to model for it!

No. 248409

nah she can't. Kota is asking for models born between 1990 and 2001

No. 248414

File: 1457890872705.jpeg (167.44 KB, 500x750, image.jpeg)

Yeah, the bat motif does seem very Ostrenga sisters circa 2007.

Kiki will be rolling in her grave.

No. 248415

Our #1 Kota clone TayTay must be bawling rn

No. 248419

Maybe this "accessory line" is just Kota trying to shift old KND Kouture stock lol

No. 248424


Holy shit PULL fuck off and stop trying to make the Taylor vendetta happen; it's not going to happen.

No. 248427

I'm surprised grade C models like her can afford creating their own brand and products.
"Our #1 Kota clone"? You're not on Pull, dear.

No. 248428

>accessory line
>literally just photos of her wearing no accessories

wow. so cool.

No. 248430

So I'm guessing she's finally trying to find another source of income? At least that'd make sense for the next step to take when you're a model [who's modeling license may expire] and you need to find some other related field of work to stay in Japan.

Although I know she said she wanted to become a fashion designer so maybe that's also the reason.

Regardless, her sudden dark outfit and edgy accessory line seems pretty… pretentious.
However I think it's exactly as >>248399 said so it's gonna be entertaining to see how it turns out.

No. 248435

In b4 Kiki comes back online and saids she is helping her sister with her new brand.

No. 248440

File: 1457896027492.jpg (133.23 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Translation please??

No. 248441

File: 1457896082960.jpg (179.23 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 248442

File: 1457896097910.jpg (109.57 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 248443

File: 1457896114973.jpg (156.21 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 248446

It just a pile of dogs and babies in that tag lol

It's still early

No. 248448

Is he co owner or just the photographer?

I hope Kiki doesn't nag her into selling her stuff again

No. 248449

Tbh Dakota is boring as fuck now. I feel like her threads should be on /snow/.
>B-But her room! A double-sized bed, isn't that scandalous?!
>But these alien baby Instagram pictures!
>But her photoshoots!
>But her new brand!
Give it up, the milk has dried up.

No. 248450


somehow reminds me of taku's dress style

No. 248453


please read the /pt/ board guidelines

No. 248455

he says
> ダコタローズちゃんと
so… he has some part in it?

No. 248456

this yuji matsuda guys description says ブランドプロデューサー (her brand producer)

No. 248457

it just says "starting an accessories brand with dakota rose. we are recruiting for brand rep. dakota rose herself will make the selection. please fill out the form"

No. 248458

My English is really bad, but I'll try anyway
"I've built up an accessory brand with Dakota Rose! The brand will be called 'babyfang' , as chosen by Dakota Rose! —web link—- Everyone, please support us!

No. 248459

Where does it say something about recruiting and Dakota choosing herself? Serious question here

No. 248461



No. 248462


It says something about Akira, as in, the boyish model? sorry zero moonspeak knowledge here.

No. 248468


Wonder if this is her sugar daddy who made it all possible? kek

No. 248469

I know it's part of the rules. She's just as dreary as dried shit on a sidewalk.

No. 248481

It's on her right hand, middle finger. Could it be a asexual ring?

No. 248482

Tbh whoever this guy is, he looks pretty good for an SD. wouldn't mind one like that

No. 248485

Eh? He just looks like an average asian man attempting to dress well below his age.

No. 248487

i guess he endorses akira's brand too

No. 248488

File: 1457904082709.png (104.01 KB, 281x410, Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 5.20…)

No. 248489

What are you talking about? He's kind of uggo

No. 248490

could be worse though. could be sweaty balding salaryman

No. 248494


LOL and when I said "when is kota getting her brand?" and y'all were like "IT AINT HAPPENING!"

kek told you all fucking so

she gets EVERYTHING handed to her :)

No. 248495


Here we go Venus! Go apply and huddle in with kota so you can all weeb out!

Himezawa's big chance and maybe yukapee too

No. 248496


Maybe she's trying to bring scene back or something?

No. 248497

Nah, just Pastel goth. it's more trendy or something

No. 248498

Do Japanese really think slightly above average white girls are super hot?

No wonder Miranda Kerr's face is plastered all over East Asia.

No. 248499


I reckon Dakota's theme is going to be this dakota and edgy tone. I noticed Risa Nakamura recently did that Ehyphen Gallery Bon Bon theme which is the Larme one where black, lace and thrill is included in her style. Tsubasa Masuwaka recently did her new EAT ME apparel which again was similar to the Ehyphen Gallery Bon Bon range Risa designed. They all include dark, lace, sexy, bit on bondage, black.

It seems Dakota is going in that direction too… because it's IN at the moment. She's kind of dropped the loli dolly shit and she's moving on to the things the bigger models are into.

No. 248500


Miranda is pretty tho

No. 248501

File: 1457905933725.jpg (38.41 KB, 300x450, tumblr_inline_nm9c7ypGp71r0rrj…)

E hyphen gallery bon bon range by Risa

No. 248502

File: 1457905998287.jpg (158.85 KB, 920x530, tumblr_inline_nm9c7ypGp71r0rrj…)

Tsuplastic's range EAT ME

No. 248503


It'd be hilarious if girls photoshopped themselves to fuck like dolls and applied for kota's modelling

No. 248504

Dark and edgy* jfc kota

No. 248505


Oh god, this could be kaka's big chance! :(

No. 248506


for the looks of it, they don't.

No. 248508

Why is everyone still talking about Yukapiss like she's in Japan? She's been back in the States for a while now.

No. 248516


Cos her and kooter have done modelling before, yuka might be after another break. All the weebs will be applying, dw.

No. 248529

We always said she wasn't getting a clothing line unless all the work was done for her, which looks like the deal with this accessory line. Unless she's been taking classes on the side, Dakota has zero business knowledge for something like this. She's just the face of it, this Akira guy would be the one calling the important shots.

No. 248531

I get that it's supposed to be a tad sexy but those leg garters and somewhat sheer lacy top stockings and shiny heels just make it look kind of trashy, like an ex-prostitute trying to go for a job interview.

Simple black opaque stockings with the shoes in the third dress pic would've been a lot better.

No. 248532

Massive LOL @ all you idiots thinking Dakota would ever pick a white model.

She's the white gaijin moderu, she's not gonna hand chose her own replacement like that. She'll surround herself with kawaii Japanese girls who will do whatever she says and wear her stuff and kiss her ass obediently.



Someone please tell me what in your minds makes you think Dakota would hire any of these cows? They're her competition- Taylor and Himezawa are richer, Taylor, Yuka and Venus are cuter, Venus and Himezawa have Japanese husbands, and all of them are thinner and have better hair than her, not to mention Taylor and Yuka are better models. Dakota would get overshadowed by them and not only that, at least one of them (probably Himezawa) would cause drama by doing some dumb shit line trying to post about Dakota anonymously on lolcow.

No. 248534

I hope baby fang has some quality stuff,but most likely it's gonna be over priced Shit you can get in any department store in japan or on etsy.It might just sell well anyway.

No. 248535

Maybe, maybe not. If Dakota were smart she would have done this back when she was still popular and going on TV and in Popteen every two seconds. She could have worked her stuff into those apprarances, too. But now it's this sudden drop without any previews of the merchandise out of nowhere after she stops modeling and going on TV? This is her last ditch attempt to stay relevant in Japan.

No. 248537

If this guy Yuji is the producer then who is Akira?

No. 248540


You're right anon. Fuck it, all Japanese worship Dakota. Fuck Budda, just thrown in Dakota there dressed in a robe and katsura on her damn head. She is the real tru azn godessu! Her blue eyes shine light and glory upon nippon!

They'll kiss her ass like the japs in this video with good ol' avril

No. 248547

I think most of these anons are joking about the other weebs joining her anon.

It's pretty funny of you to immediately assume Kota wouldn't use a white model. We won't know who she'll select until she selects them, so until then it's speculation.

But those are a lot of good points you brought up on why she wouldn't select them.

No. 248548


Oh my god, I kind of want to apply for shits and giggles.
…Should I?

No. 248549


I wondered the same, like throwing in Himezawa for a laugh

No. 248551

Me too anon, but I wouldn't actually follow through it (also I'm not that good at moonspeak).

Go do it anon. Do it for all of us.

No. 248552

even pastel goth is passe. even she really wanted to be trendy, she should have hopped on the larme train

No. 248555


It's very unlikely she'll hre a white model, not only because of the obvious jealousy factor, but for the act that the casting call is in Japanese and not English, and doesn't mention white of half white models at all. It's very unlikely that a white model would get hired for a gig that doesn't ask for white or hafu models or have English instructions, with the exception of course of brands like BTTSB and other designers who are known Anglophiles. Legit companies who are looking for white/hafu models just ask for the specifically.

No. 248556

Sweet Jesus all those typos!

I'm genuinely sorry, fam. My phone is glitchy and sometimes autocorrect just doesn't even try.

No. 248558

I did it. I sent it in.

And yeah, y'all are right that she probably won't hire a white model. But I'm bored and that gave me something to do for at least 5 minutes. Haha.

No. 248562


Please don't.

No. 248564


Yeah please anon, do it. Tell kota that you are a hafu white and azn (japanese obv) who has a tiny ass body, not as pretty as her obv cos shes full white and moar beaut then u <3

No. 248565


Did you photoshop your face? Meitu the shit out of yourself anon! Make yourself look kawaii and ugu ~

or just use a shoop of mira or something meh

No. 248567


please don't let "asexual rings" be a real thing.

No. 248570


Ahahaha I almost spit out my tea! I didn't think of that, actually, but I sent in the ugliest picture of me that I could find.
But, damn, photoshooping mira would have been sooo good! I missed my chance…
But none of us really have a chance when it comes to the kawaii elf goddess desu for she will always be prettier than any living being on the planet until she turns into kawaii kira kira dust.

No. 248571

let's be real here. dakota's gonna surround herself with some ugly japanese girls with snaggle teeth and bow legs so she can look like a ~white purincessu desu~ by comparison. there's no way she's gonna hire any half-decent looking models.

hiring uggos is just gonna work in her favor regarding her public image and fan interaction too. she can pretend she gives half a shit about the people who adore her photoshopping ass by saying "look i let my fans model for my brand (:"

No. 248575

take one for the team anon

No. 248576

wut. this guy just seems to be some kind of agent. and he also works with akira on akira's UNRELATED brand.

No. 248577

i can see it now
> creepyyeha knock offs
> KND hand me downs
> cats

No. 248578


Or just could be something as meaningless as simply liking how do it looks on that finger.

No. 248583


Shoulda sent mira in anon, she is a white japanese and hideous! perfect combo </3


and she'll probably try and get sailor moon to collab with her some way

No. 248585

Someone tell Margo to apply PLEASE

No. 248643

I agree, it's pretty obvious she's specifically targetting young Japanese models who are not too cute.

She's going to model along with them but they have to make her look good.

Why else would it say "Dakota herself is casting!"

No. 248650


unless some anon make a miracle, mira is too fucking ugly even with purikura and ps

No. 248653

Am I imagining this or wasn't there a guy that Kaka was trying to collab on accessories with when she went to Japan? Is this the same guy? Kaka is gonna lose her shit no matter what though.

No. 248665

If you mean Fangophilia then no, she wasn't collaborating with him. He takes orders for his custom jewelry/whatever it is he makes via DM on Instagram and he speaks English. All you have to do is pay him and meet up to do the casting and he'll make whatever you want. If he were collaborating with Kiki you know she couldn't resist bragging about it- she jumped the gun on her imaginary ~entertainment visa~ a had to delete it after all. Fangophilia isn't super famous but he has hella famous friends (Marilyn Manson, Kyary, many other Japanese band members and models). He even likes to post pics of his customers showing off their orders and tags them in it. If he didn't share and tag Kiki then she was probably so obnoxious when meeting him that he was severely put off by her.

No. 248667


nope, kaka just took a couple of videos with her usual I just hang out with famous people attitude , and that's all. This is most likely what happened after that >>248665

No. 248672

File: 1457936745193.jpeg (125.43 KB, 640x888, image.jpeg)

>All you have to do is pay him and meet up

Not even that, those nail runs she posted the poctures of were just pic related- he ships them anywhere, you never have to meet him.

I don't remember her in any pics or videos with Fangophilia, I'm sure she would have plastered that shit all over Twitter and insta.

No. 248682


My memory is hazy now to remember if Fango dude was actually in pics or video, but she definitely took one wearing some golden nail rings from him. Never seen wearing/mentioned them again so kaka probably just went to the shop to try them on.

No. 248686

Pics (suprise surprise) deleted now but here's the thread from that time >>53420

No. 248690


Fangophilia fangirl here, she never posted pics with him. I remember my seething rage when she posted the pic of the nail rings, so I scoured all her shit looking for pics or vids of her with him and found none, so idk what it is you claim she "deleted". There were pics of him and Taku and a bunch of face-blind anons claiming they were the same guy, then that they weren't the same guy but the guy in the bed was Fangophilia (when it was actually Taku).

No. 248694


okay then.

As I said before, I don't remember if he was on pics, there's only that ring video still up. Kaka deleted everything else from that time, so I have no way to corroborate if anons from said thread claimed was true or not, all the links they posted 404'd.

Thanks for making it clear though.

No. 248701

referring to >>61515

No. 248708

File: 1457942401269.webm (3.78 MB, 640x640, 939722743137243902_13455835.we…)

I know this Instagram video was first named "@fangophilia gave me my cat claws, real life cat woman yo #catbond #felinefriend #purrrfect #tokyo #tarochan" and then she changed it to "real life cat woman yo #catbond #felinefriend #purrrfect #tokyo"

No. 248713

here's the video with the original tags https://vk.com/video-58239352_171184025

No. 248724

But he's not in the video… So what's your point? Kiki never met him? If she did she would have bragged about it and posted pics. She bought some of his rings and tagged him, anyone can do that.

No. 248735

Not that anon, but she definitely did meet him. She had a video with him on her ig (pic related) and he was friends with her on fb at the time.

Sorry for the shitty pic, it's the only screenshot I could find of the video.

No. 248736

File: 1457948533327.jpg (41.09 KB, 275x192, 1426320477134.jpg)

dropped the pic

No. 248738


Uh Anon that's her ex.

No. 248739


Oh I know that guy! Met him once in 2014 for tea and dinner.

No. 248741

Different anon, the pic on the right with the guy on the bed and the bottom pic is fangophilia. If I'm not mistaken, no one could figure out who the guy in the hat was…

My best guess is this is how it all went down:

1. Kiki bought the nail jewelry from him and they hung out a few times.
2. My guess is Kiki exaggerated her "huge fan base" and fangophilia thought it would be good publicity to hang out with her.
3. Kiki thought this was another way to get a husband and stated taking constant videos of him and trying to be his girlfriend.
4. Fangophilia shattered her fantasy by confirming that he only wants to be friends.
5. Kiki freaked out about him using her and stalking her.
6. Fangophilia realized that she was crazy and carried on with his life.
7. Kiki removed all traces of his name from her social accounts, but continues to check up on his profiles in the middle of the night.

No. 248743

lol, those are two different people. Guy with the hat is Taco

No. 248747

Agreeing with this so much

No. 248771

no those are different people

ugh this is a srs pull invasion going on, where people just 'forget' the truth and spew nonsense

No. 248781

File: 1457968427172.png (864.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-14-15-13-05…)

No. 248782


This is qt.

No. 248783

File: 1457968771354.jpg (276.16 KB, 2426x1529, 16-03-14-15-17-13-385_deco_1.j…)

No. 248784


Nah man this is actually cute.

No. 248787

yeah, no. it was a very cute picture. i like seeing her smile.

No. 248790

File: 1457971066632.jpg (82.57 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

They have a Instagram now

No. 248792

Apart from the fact she literally shoops herself to look about five years old.

No. 248796

i am so fucking curious to see what it'll look like.

No. 248799


At this point I really don't care. Her edits are interesting in an aesthetic way and she hasn't had any real drama for literally years now.

The only people targeting this kind of shit and calling it milk are usually thirsty Hispanic goblins from PULL who're pissed because they feel like Dakota got to NipNop land and ripped their kawaii-idoru dream rug out from under their feet. Most of lolcow is #teamKota at this point so I can't help but smirk whenever I see posts like yours.

If her Babyfang brand is nice enough I might even end up purchasing some.

No. 248801

I really want that sweater. That shade of purple is so pretty. I can't front, Dakota's coordinating skills aren't great but some of the pieces she owns are super cute.

No. 248804

Of course it's not real milk but I agree with anyone else saying her shoops are fucking ugly

It's not purple, it's just her filters making it look a different color.

No. 248811

This thread gave me autism

No. 248830

Agreeing with other anons (lol this autocorrects to "snobs"), these pics really really look nice.

No. 248883


Meh, not everyone is so supportive anon. Most people still don't like her. But I don't think anyone cares about the shoop anymore because we all KNOW it isn't real and no one can actually look that "doll" like in person. So we all just kinda laugh at it and scroll on.

Her new brand will be cats, old KND designs and creepyyeha. Already know it. Nothing new.

Meh other girls can get to kota's position if they work hard. Anyone can probably do it if they're cute and small ect ect know Japanese.

The milk is dried up and Dakota even though she has a brand coming out… still isn't that interesting. Wasn't it her aim in the beginning 2011?!

No. 248884


Her smile is nice but I still WISH she could leave her face alone tbh

No. 248902

It's strange she said "Fangophila gave me" then changed it after. I guess they never met.

I'm looking at the thumbnails and the head is definitely too big on the top half.

No. 249025

it's cute, but the jaw shoop is intense

No. 249027

Desperate to look 12.
It's cute but it looks nothing like her when she shops that hard.

No. 249034

File: 1458002919761.png (209.22 KB, 540x540, dk2.png)

actual jaw

No. 249042

Wow, this looks so much like her candids

Well done, anon

No. 249044

>Most of lolcow is #teamKota at this point

You have got to be joking.

No. 249051

I dig it

No. 249052

Is there some mind of forehead trend in japan or is she literally jabbing us in the eyeballs for spite?

No. 249112

This. I always thought Kota was smart to have bangs to hide that Ostrenga 5-head her sister wears so proudly, but now this? it makes her receding hairline so obvious.

No. 249121

If there was, then 99% of Japanese females wouldn't hide behind straight bangs.

No. 249124

Maybe she's doing the big forehead thing to look more baby-ish

No. 249128

That thing isn't even a photoshopped photograph, it looks more like a painting of some fantasy character. I don't get what this girl does- she's "famous?" I mean anyone could blur & photoshop pics of themselves to look like a cartoon princess. I don't understand what her career is.

No. 249131

Her career is a fluke. She got signed to Bravo who flew her to Japan and gave her a visa before they ever saw her real face and when she got there they figured they could keep using her. For a long time the big deal with her was "have you had plastic surgery???" And other vague questions about her appearance and why she doesn't look like her pics. But somehow she managed to stay in Japan and keep getting enough gigs to maintain a fanbase, except since her edition has gotten so alien fetus-like in the last yet or so her career is dying. Nobody knows why she thinks it looks good or why she started shooping that way, maybe because she's insecure about her age/genetics. But given how easy it is for white girls to model in Japan ("not fat" and "good skin" are quite literally the only requirements it looks like) they just keep humoring her and giving her stuff just for being white.

No. 249138

I'm thinking the latter. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she browses lolcow here and does some of the things we complain about just to spite us and the other half on suggestions (like she should have darker hair) to take as advice.

Though I'm immediately reminded of Sakura from Naruto when Ino says to expose her forehead in order to [ironically] try to stop the teasing. But it's just making it worse.

No. 249140

File: 1458031452606.jpg (35.54 KB, 480x640, tumblr_o42h1zhDq51ufislwo5_500…)

Were these posted before? Saw them on Tumblr

No. 249141

File: 1458031468479.jpg (41.89 KB, 480x640, tumblr_o42h1zhDq51ufislwo3_500…)

No. 249142

File: 1458031765303.jpg (38.84 KB, 480x640, tumblr_o42h1zhDq51ufislwo2_500…)

No. 249143

File: 1458031867949.jpg (43.69 KB, 480x640, tumblr_o42h1zhDq51ufislwo6_500…)

No. 249144

File: 1458031885974.jpg (34.17 KB, 480x640, tumblr_o42h1zhDq51ufislwo4_500…)

No. 249145

File: 1458031914038.jpg (34.18 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o2twviPUK31rrye22o1_500…)

Random shit I haven't seen before

No. 249147

This is the only good one out of these, imho. She's a shit model.

No. 249148

She looks good here! She should shoop her pics like this from now on.
Though she doesn't have that alien baby vibe she's trying to bring in, it's definitely appealing.

No. 249149

File: 1458034050939.jpg (35.61 KB, 480x640, tumblr_o23qk88JBd1qdp0wso6_500…)

Geez, she looks like shit in this one

Those lips are gross

No. 249150

File: 1458034162772.jpg (35.97 KB, 480x640, tumblr_o23qk88JBd1qdp0wso7_500…)

No. 249151

Wow her chin juts out so much. Not even the good ol' high angle is helping.

But man, she's really gotta stop that stupid fake fuller upper lip, it's definitely not working. Makes me wonder if the business is tired of it too.

No. 249152

File: 1458034557354.jpg (37.96 KB, 480x640, tumblr_o23qk88JBd1qdp0wso5_500…)

No. 249153

File: 1458034601650.jpg (37.26 KB, 480x640, tumblr_o23qk88JBd1qdp0wso2_500…)

Her eyebrows have a nice color, but there's something about the shape that makes them look off

No. 249161

It's funny how she used to make fun of black girls for having ugly lips, but now look…

No. 249165

Yikes her lips looks awful, what an awful color and weird shape.. who approved this photo to be published even? I mean if her lips are photoshopped they butchered it

No. 249167

lookin like a chola

No. 249171

I wish lolita brands would hire mature looking girls for their more aristocratic/less sweet looks. It's always so jarring to have a baby face under an elaborate head piece or dress like that.

No. 249181

i really like these
but i have no idea how you get from there to
here >>248781

No. 249186

More than a fluke I think she very intelligently associated with the right people, because it's obvious someone is pushing her carrier really hard but she still hasn't take off because she's a shitty model and apparently very lazy.
Just think about it,
-they tried to make her the gaijin barbie doll super model thing - failed
-tried to give her a cool tomboy personality and make her a teen model - failed
-tried to make her a tv genoujin - failed
-tried to make her a lolita model - failed
-pushed her into line blog/instagram
-and now they're trying to push her as a designer, wonder how much and most of all why are they trying to hard to push her carrier? I am seriously starting to believe the sugar daddy/manager rumors

No. 249188

I just miss 2011-2012 Kota. She was really interesting in my opinion (her style of shoops,aesthetic,way of speaking in english,..)
I wish her well in general but i can't help but feel nostalgic of when she was more lulzy and interesting. I miss the milk and fun…
Hope she gets help for that body dysmorphia and other issues she very probably has though. Mental issues can ruin your life. And Japan reaaaally isnt the right place to treat mental issues.

No. 249197

she doesnt really suit this look at all…

No. 249206

I miss that Kota too but what do you mean way of speaking in English?

No. 249207

She could of asked her fellow popteen models to model for the brand and ask to have it featured in the magazine but she blew that change by being so anti social.

No. 249208

yeah, hopefully you don't mean the times she tried to fake an accent.

"an aaaandroid from naaaasaaa"

When she did it in Korea, it was especially awful.

No. 249210

>Thirsty Hispanic A-logging Goblins

No. 249212

she is literally drawing over her lip line for half a centimeter. how does this happen, do these shoots not have makeup artists on set? why does noone fix it in editing? surely noone can think this looks normal or even good? her actual lips are fine.

also lol at he face here >>249142
for some reason she eminds me of elijah wood as frodo

No. 249243

File: 1458062846658.jpg (24.38 KB, 600x600, 4b306870.jpg)


No. 249245

Gotta defend your idol.

No. 249247

Pfft. Okay anon.

I don't think this site is for you. Might wanna browse something more friendlier.

No. 249248

Wow Dakota has lost so much weight damn you Kiki you're a bad sister figure.

No. 249258

she looks 12. like actually 12. like a 12 year old trying to be mature. this is scaring the hell outta me!

No. 249265

the eye enlargement (and resulting wonky skin around her eyes) in this pic is horrifying.

No. 249267


No. 249271

File: 1458069510387.jpg (352.98 KB, 500x750, koots.jpg)

I went a little bit tr.igger happy selecting posts, my bad!
But deep down you know im right

No. 249274

She doesn't let anyone else do her makeup. The very few times before she started overdrawing her lip that she did let someone else style her she looked great! But Dakota hates anything that isn't her own idea, so…

No. 249275

Hi Dakota/b4by.jpg

No. 249300

Kek i'm european anon. And as white as snow.

No. 249304

Nah i just miss her speaking english and giving a damn about her english fans. Also her normal english speaking voice (kinda deep) in her old videos is really relaxing and i loved how she was being cute yet would still swear sometimes and shit. Now she comes accross as tryhard. Her shoops are horrific and ugly,i feel like nothing about her is interesting or appealing anymore. She suited the cute mature style so much better than pastel vomit i really hope she would come back to that. I am so sad that most cows have dried up or lost their "charm".

I will always remembering browsing PULL version 1 in summer 2012 on hot afternoons…good times

No. 249306

Now i feel all nostalgic. I miss milk flow and interesting cows.

No. 249318

So no matter what Dakota does you will still hate her? Lol! I have always liked Dakota but I agree with you that old Dakota was best Dakota, although I never considered Dakota a cow.

No. 249323


No. 249325

Is she really that popular/ well known that she'll reject professional make up artists on shoots? Thats so bizarre to me.

No. 249333

I think she started this lazy meitu shoop style because her laptop broke, and even though she's since claimed to fix it, just stopped doing /actual/ adobe photoshop

No. 249334

Can't tell if conjecture or informed fact? Do you work with dakota?

No. 249336

How did she fail at any of those things..? She did them. Just because she didn't stick to one specific niche doesn't mean she 'failed'..? She also has been on television shows pretty consistently for the past few years.

No. 249350

Its probably conjecture for the mere fact that there is no way make up artists would do that without her at least explicitly telling them to do it. It looks bad in almost every photoshoot/ personal photo. Not to mention that there doesn't seem to be anyone really fixing it in editing.

No. 249360

Check out the followers, a bunch of PULL weebs. And that Bravo Models guy she's sucking off (probably the guy helping her).

No. 249379

How did I miss this? topkek

No. 249407

File: 1458103388619.png (523.14 KB, 563x698, 1457610959533.png)

No. 249408

too funny

No. 249411

Lel no, but she did anyway. Which might be why once she got on with Popteen and they let her do her own makeup she stopped doing as many shoots for other magazines.

It's confirmed. A Russian model blogger who did a purikura machine shoot with her way back in her first year or two in Japan wrote about how short and rude she was and how she "wouldn't let any stylists near her" an that she caked on her makeup super thick. If you care to look for the link it's in one of the old Kota threads.

It makes sense, since she set foot in Japan she's done her makeup to look younger and cuter, but when she did the ad for Vogue Japan where their stylists did her makeup and Elle magazine where they also did her makeup, they did it less cutesy and more flattering to her face shape and western features. She didn't look old, se looked her age and it actually was nicely done both times but it wasn't ~uguu kawaii~ like Dakota wanted. Then se started doing Lolita modeling and Popteen which are both kawaii garbage in terms of fashion(sorry not sorry) probably so she wouldn't have to deal with that again.

No. 249414

She even shopped her pics from old shoots where they did her makeup to look more "cute" (read: jaw removal and eye bulging) when she uploaded them onto her website.

No. 249418

Wow Kota so eDgY

No. 249436


I'm African but nice try though

No. 249437

good post

No. 249452

Is this her actual insta? I love how her awful personality leaks out and it's always beyond damage control. So kawaii cursing, Dakota. >w< V

No. 249455

It's not, the pic and the caption are edited, anon >>248289

No. 249457

Aww, shucks. I actually enjoy seeing her personally come out, as awful as it is, though. When was the last time she tweeted in English? Was it that Tuxedo Mask thing around Christmas?

No. 249460

She has a few English caption on Instagram every now and then.


No. 249465

File: 1458133211210.jpg (361.56 KB, 1080x1510, Screenshot_2016-03-16-12-59-13…)

No. 249468

File: 1458133553614.jpg (202.92 KB, 1078x1514, Screenshot_2016-03-16-13-03-43…)

I don't think she's ever shared anything exclusively in English since she moved to Japan. There's a couple of words here and there, but the last time we got mostly English was in October (pic related)

No. 249471

Sorry to bring this back up and I know it's not relative to Dakota, but I'm the one who originally posted this comparison picture >>248736 (but bigger) in Kiki's thread ages ago when those videos of Taku + Taro (Fangophilia) were first up on her instagram.
We were trying to work out if they were the same guy and figured out that the top right pic was Fangophilia (bottom pic) because the freckles around his mouth and other things matched with the guy in the video on her bed.
Taku was an 'unknown' other guy at the time.

tl;dr - >>248735 and >>248741 are right; Kiki definitely met up with/hung out with Fangophilia.

No. 249476

kind of funny she writes in broken english

No. 249479

what's broken about it? I'm not a natve speaker, but it looks ok to me.

No. 249482

It's not broken, but "he said many good things" sounds odd when said out loud I suppose.
"He shared some great tips" or something along those lines would of worked better.

No. 249483

*would have

I shouldn't comment on someone elses English when my own sucks

No. 249484

It just sounds like fake broken english. Short sentences that sound weird like >>249482 said. No native English speaker would say that. Idk how to describe it, it just seems not natural/ weird.

No. 249490

its because she was homeschooled.
and by kathy at that.

No. 249492

maybe she's trying to make it more understandable for Japanese people learning English? i'm not sure, it's odd

there's nothing grammatically wrong with it, but it's phrased in an unnatural way. i wouldn't expect a native speaker to write like that.

No. 249496

actually the more i think about it, i wonder if its just a copy and paste from a paid advertisement? its clear she's advertising the make up, so maybe its an advert the company wanted her to use.

No. 249500

Okay I was browsing twitter, and this girl looks like a Kota copy cat though I'm not sure if it's shooped https://twitter.com/N_E_Aofficial

She's even started doing that weird top lip thing


No. 249501

She looks more like a Taylor copy cat ,she even does that backwards baseball cap thing.

No. 249514

File: 1458146685511.jpg (80.51 KB, 600x600, CcnrMYMUAAASBBd.jpg)

Yeah, seriously. I thought this was Taylor for a second.

No. 249515

File: 1458146775178.jpg (69.19 KB, 600x751, CdQrbDqWoAAiD8v.jpg)

Just another boring alien-faced weeb but damn, she gives Kota's chin a run for its money.

No. 249520

You know at this point the style/fashion has become so popular I'm tentative to say this is a copy.
Having scrolled through her Twitter though it's clear that she's more into healthy diet/exercise/living than she is the living doll shit.

No. 249521

I've seen her online before! I actually think she's very pretty. Swedish and into Korean/Asian fashion. I think she recently took a trip to S. Korea with her other weebish girlfriends and it's vlogged on YT.

No. 249523


tbh with her history I'm positive that Dakota has zero interest in accumulating a fanbase outside of East Asia, let alone from English speaking countries.
tbh it's a smart move, I'd have done the same if I were in her Tokyo Boppers.

No. 249526

>if I were in her Tokyo Boppers
You mean her Bodyline's, anon.

No. 249531

She looks like a dakota-fied Version of Queen PT holy fuck

No. 249532


No, I mean her Tokyo Boppers, because if you seriously think that Dakota can't afford a pair of $120 shoes now you're deluding yourself.

No. 249534

>>249521 It's the eyebrows

No. 249535

File: 1458149916640.jpg (133 KB, 960x717, enhanced-buzz-wide-25043-13402…)

Mr. DiGiannantonio is proud

No. 249539

more like $250 anon

she doesnt even own tokyo boppers tho.

No. 249543

File: 1458151926098.jpg (56.58 KB, 594x536, uncanny_valley_01.jpg)

sorry i had to do this but this is the uncanny valley of living dolls

No. 249551


Another "living doll". I'm tired of this shit so much, her, tay, dakota, venus the lot of them.

No. 249552

all I see is a ballsack

No. 249553

File: 1458154170032.jpeg (290.98 KB, 1242x1198, image.jpeg)

No. 249588

PULL users reckon kota is struggling for $$$

"I remember people saying in her most recent video she made on Youtube she was saying something about not being able to go home ( Florida,USA ) I think because of not having the money/time and how expensive rent is and blah blah. ( I could be wrong though ) I don't think she's dirt poor, but paying models isn't cheap either depending on how many she hires. Plus it doesn't seem like she has that many jobs anymore either"


Is she really struggling tho? I thought she'd be loaded and rich like half of y'all preached?

No. 249591

Does anyone else think this line will be popular? I always thought when kota went viral and she got recruited in Japan that she thought she would going to end up like her idol Vivienne Westwood. Maybe she's hoping for that chance? Make a random brand up and hopefully it will take off and produce more things for her in the future?

No. 249602

models arent loaded unless you are a super model like some of the VS angels

No. 249610


Are they not?!

How much do you reckon Kota makes tho? I thought she'd be on some good money.

No. 249612

Kota does a lot of low end niche jobs. Consider that models aren't paid especially well anywhere, but they really earn peanuts in Japan.

I always thought her two bedroom apartment from the walkthrough video was a shared model apartment paid for by her agency with her own booking fees, but others suspect she might be married. She's a mystery.

No. 249615

I'm going to go with a shared model apartment and she set it up to look like she lives in it by herself while the other person was away. I think her being married is reaching too far. But I can see why people would think she is.

No. 249622

Nah. I feel like it's way too late. But ut could have been awesome and very popular if she did it when she was getting all the news/Japan attention. She could've mentioned it on TV and stuff.

No. 249623

looks like a discount store version of taylor.

No. 249624

so is this why she never wears eyeliner anymore?

No. 249625


Pretty much but I think she looks too bare without eye make up. She looks better with it on in pictures and more natural in person/tv. I remember her first interview and the eye liner looked messy. But without as much make up she looks nicer.

Her face is so weird.

No. 249626


Me too, I remember her book release and I've yet to see anyone actually buy a copy or see pictures of it apart from Kontrakoti who did minor scans of it back on the old PULL.

I think she should have started up a brand then. Now she's quieter regardless of the tv appearances and shit. I think she's sorta lost her spark. But I am interested in seeing what the brand will be like tbh.

No. 249628

I think she cares less about making a good/lasting impression and cares less about gaining fans now because everything is basically handed to her (for whatever reason I don't understand) anyway.

No. 249655

I think you're right about that English text being written for non-English speakers to follow along. It reminds me of how I write and talk with Japanese people who want to practice beginner English with me.

No. 249678

Whoa, I see it anon! The facial expression and angle.

You need to put real kota in there somewhere.

No. 249743

If she's calling for models on her website publicly then I doubt she'll hre any signed models and make the ones she does hire sign paperwork saying te jobs will be unpaid. Yet another way for her to be lazy, especially since signed Japanese models might make her look bad by comparison.

No. 249749

>I think her being married is reaching too far

Why? Uneducated white trash girls get married for convenience all the time, and half the time they pop out kids before right before for benefits. Dakota being married isn't a stretch unless you think for some reason that she's popular and motivated enough to keep herself in Japan by her own means. She's not and hasn't been from the beginning. Sure, when the kawaii living doll ctap exploded she was everywhere but that's been over for a while now, and nobody uses her as their "spokesmodel" anymore. Aside from being an awkward, chubby model she never bothered to try anything else until now either. She was and remains a one trick pony that's played out.

It legitimately worries me that there are people on this site that believe you can live in an apartment like that AND hold an entertainment visa while barely working. even Japan isn't gonna just let you waltz into their country and hand you everything while you halfass all the opportunities they give you just because you're cute and white. Even Japanese Anglophiles have limits to what they will put up with and they'll lose interest quickly. And yet here is Dakota, the lazy antisocial brat who couldn't ever even be arsed to wear a body shaper or stand upright in her pics, got you all thinking she's some rich and famous Japanese princess when she's not. She's vague, not to protect her identity, but to avoid revealing how mediocre her kawaii glamorous life really is. Japan isn't that magical once the weeb appeal of others being jealous of you for being there wears off and you realize people are mostly only nice to you because they're being polite and they don't really want to be friends with you except to treat you like the token foreigner. White models can get jobs easily but they don't get famous or make a ton of money unless they have a Japanese doing everything and making them famous. And why would someone go through all the effort for a model as lazy and unsuited for her job and with a past like Dakota? It doesn't make sense for her not to be married, or at least a SD pulling the strings. There's no way she's doing it on her own. The last kawaii thing she ever did 100% by herself was edit her pics that got her tumblr famous. Everything else was Cathy/Scott whoring her out and then Bravo whoring her out.

No. 249760

File: 1458197682016.png (290.38 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Have you ever seen Tokyo Boppers? Dakota wears normalfag looking shoes, not TB style stuff.

No. 249763

Idk for me it's just, why? Why would she sleep with or get married to some gross older guy for 2 minutes of fame? If she wanted to have more attention, and marry or fuck someone for it surely she would put in more effort. But nope.
She's just so passive and lazy and bleh. What is she even trying to do?

No. 249778

What effort do you think it takes to get married for an easy ride lifestyle?

>why would she get married to some gross older guy for 2 minutes of fame?

You're talking about a girl who had no education, no future and was considered the fat, ugly loser compared to her two siblings, one of which has a long history of using sex for personal gain, not to mention parents that have drilled it into their heads to use sex appeal from a young age for profit and personal benefit. Yeah, you might be disgusted by the idea but for Dakota the idea of getting a real job or going back to America might be infinitely more disgusting than being a permanent sugar baby who never has to worry about anything.

No. 249781

>marry or fuck someone for it surely she would put in more effort

No, you have it backwards. Marrying for a visa and modeling connections would be the laziest, least difficult option which is what dako is allll about. Work? Pff, that's for plebs.

No. 249787

Dakota should get Kaka to model her jewellery. It's a shame she never helped Kaka to establish a career in Japan. Surely with her connections, she could've helped her land some meagre jobs at least.

No. 249790

no way, kaka can stay in her lane if she can't establish a career by herself

No. 249796

She has to be getting decent money from somewhere. I don't see her living with someone else, but I can see her having a husband/sugar daddy to afford that. Tokyo is very expensive, especially for a nice place. I'm curious what area she lives in, as her apato looks very nice and new. Like, a studio apartment in Roppongi is going to be around $1,500-$2,000 per month. In any case, she has said she is good at saving and it doesn't really seem like she spends a lot of money on stuff. But she doesn't cook either I guess, and eating out all the time adds up. She keeps things vague for a reason and I think she keeps people at a distance for the same reason.

No. 249800

File: 1458210473201.jpg (143.36 KB, 1078x1512, Screenshot_2016-03-17-10-25-16…)

Is this something she's drawn or has it been given to her? I can't read her caption.
Maybe this is an indication of what's to come from Babyfang

No. 249802


idk but it's kind of disappointing to see that her art hasn't improved one iota in like 4 years. Those mismatched titties.

No. 249803

>dem lopsided titties

No. 249805

She drew it

Looks like the good ole anorexic Ostrenga drawings are back

No. 249808

Honestly, who is she trying to fool. She looks like an alien. Like honestly, who would look at that picture and say, "I want to look like that. An alien baby with retarded lips who can't draw for shit."

No. 249810

>>It legitimately worries me that there are people on this site that believe you can live in an apartment like that AND hold an entertainment visa while barely working.

This! As a foreigner in Japan, no guarantor company is going to want to support you if you have no stable income. Also you have to show that your income is at least three times your rent just so you can sign a contract. Let's say she lives far away from the station and in tokyo's less popular areas, a 2LDK would be around what? 100,000 yen a month? so that means she should be making at least 300,000yen a month so she could get a guarantor company to sign for her. Or she could be married with a japanese and had him sign as a guarantor… tbh that sounds way more credible that her making 300,000 yen a month with odd modeling jobs.

No. 249823

it says "just a half assed sketch hehhehe"

No. 249828

being this autistic to fight over anon's joking phrase "shaking in her tokyo boppers"
it was a play on words… instead of shaking in her boots. jesus

No. 249840

It says "Baby Fang by Dakota Rose" if you zoom a little. Looks like she's going to be selling goffik chokers and… Trucker hats? Er…

No. 249854

>it was a play on words

Then it was a bad one. "Shaking in her Westwoods" would have at least made some sense.

This. There's no way she's making $3,000 (roughly) a month doing only 1-2 appearances and 1-2 shoots, especially when they're not big brand name ones. It doesn't add up. She's got herself a meal ticket an a visa somehow but it sure ain't by modeling.

No. 249856

Maybe Dakota wanted to help Kiki out in Japan, but look at the way Kiki acted every time she was there. She jumps into bed with guys (2-3 per stay apparently), insults people why try to help her, is loud and screechy, dresses like a kawaii stripper, and has no problem stealing and ripping people off. Dakota using her status as a model to give Kiki a boost would have been absolute career suicide.

No. 249857


It's hard to see given the lack of definition, but it looks like she drew a studded lace pentagram choker?

Yeah this is gonna suuuper popular I can tell already. Nobody's ever done that before!

No. 249858


>then it was a bad one

No, you're just being autistic and reading into it literally.

No. 249864

Not even a pentagram but a hexagram/star of david, SJW will loose their shit over it if she indeed wants to make it a collection.

No. 249897

File: 1458244535268.jpeg (98.92 KB, 500x375, image.jpeg)


calm down, sandy. You're the only one who cares at this point.

No. 249904

Oh wow. yeah she'll be absolutely bashed on Tumblr. What about Japan though? Do they care about that stuff?

No. 249912

Nah it's supposed to be a gem.

No. 249913

it must be so sad to know you're level of design hasn't evolved a little bit since you were 13

No. 249916

File: 1458248857823.jpeg (15.44 KB, 278x249, image.jpeg)

I really think it was just a misguided, lazy attempt of a gem. If I'm wrong, I overestimated her.

No. 249917

File: 1458248885705.jpeg (309.11 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpeg)

No. 249921

Kinda interesting how she draws lips more realisticly on paper than on her own face

No. 249960

It's probably how she thinks her own look like. Remember, she's delusional.

No. 249989

These drawings were sort of impressive when she was 13 and now they're pretty embarrassing. She should at least start using a tablet or something

No. 250009

Her art is like full on autism.

No. 250014

Its not bad its at least better than tumblr art although i think she should have never stopped drawing, if she practiced regularly she'd be very good now. Waste of talent because back then her art was good for her age.

No. 250058

daaaaaaaamn looks like kiki

No. 250087

damn that is creepy. is that an xxxl latex glove or condom stretched across her face?
is that sweater sleves on her legs?

No. 250122


It is bad. Anybody that draws can tell you this at a glance.
I can already tell she's the kind of person that draws the same face over and over to the point of perfecting that one specific angle whilst never learning how to draw faces from any other angle and neglecting to learn any human physiological anatomy, hence the fucked up titties. She looks pretty uncomfortable handling cloth as well.

No. 250123

File: 1458299536354.jpg (5.33 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)


Also I just looked again and I don't understand why she seems to think that a prominent sternocleidomastoid (neck muscles) is a sign of a low weight, it's ACTUALLY a sign of a tensed jaw/emotion distress so it looks like her character is hulking out internally.
Also, pillow-shading. Come on Dakota? Where's your light source? You can do it!

No. 250124

Idk wtf you guys are going on about, the drawing isn't horrendous and I don't see wht the big deal Is about a person who might occasionaly draw as a hobby not being perfect. Did kooty boast herself as a trained artist at some point or are you guys sperging over her daring to humanize herself with her hobbyist understandably meh art (hilariously contrasted with her baby manhwa fever dream shooping I'm kinda drunk rn that correlation makes sense to me) ??

I was super into emphaizing it in drawimgs when I was very active on furaffinity but I was mostly drawing twinks and drug addicts I would sage this the other half of my comment is kind of relevant sort of whatever I'll sage it anyway

No. 250127

File: 1458302385446.jpg (83.91 KB, 500x644, Kotakoti_aspiring_artist.jpg)


>did kooty boast herself as a trained artist at some point

Yes. She sold digital art like picture related for like $500 a piece and her and Kirsten sold her art printed on overpriced t-shirts back when they had that KnD Kouture website up. It's kind of disappointing that she hasn't improved one bit over the years.

No. 250136

>>talking about scene-queen-Era stuff as if it's relevant in instagram-kawaii-fetus Era

Lbr kootle is as disconnnected to her scene era as we all are to our MySpace accounts. I thought my art was hot shit back the day too, what exactly is she supposed to do about that, include a disclaimer confessing 'I'm not as good as I lead on several years ago srry' as if the people who are actually paying attention to this shit actually matter at all *and arent just farmers desparately milking crust?)

>>I'm not actually feeling any disdain towards farmers or the discussion itself bit I've always had a pathetic soft spot for encouraging anybody to explore drawing and making art as a hobby regardless of skill, I know the context is much different in koterb's case since it's some kind of promo for a… clothing store?? Also I couldby resist going off on my first salty 'dried milk' rant

No. 250143


m8 calm down, I'm not lambasting her, I'm just expressing my personal disappointment in not seeing her develop as an artist as it's clear that she once had a great deal of potential.

You asked whether or not she'd ever touted herself as a legit artist, and I proved that, yes, she at one point had.

No. 250145


Art school farmer weeb here

Her drawings aren't the worst. But they're not the best and the fact that Dakota smudges is just… very amateur. Some artists do smudge and it works, Dakota's doesn't. Everything isn't balanced, I mean the lips are okay and the eyes. But I can tell she took ages on this piece. Any drawer who has been doing it for years, naturally can just sketch something and it looks ite'. Dakota was definitely one of those girls who took ages on one drawing, smudging with her fingers and then claimed it "looked good".

She's average, I wouldn't say she's amazing. Definitely not when you head on DA or Behance and see some of those works there.

Even Kaoru Hasegawa's work looks better and he fucking traces!

Still though, at least she has some get go and drive.


Those ana-chan drawings still make me cringe. She did fuck tons of them too all in weird locations. I admire kota for being creative, I get she probably prefers to just pop some ear phones in and draw, keep to herself. I'm much the same too. Whereas Kiki probably can't even do a stick man.

But… as long as kota doesn't introduce that ana-shit in her new range, I couldn't care less.

No. 250147

>I get she probably prefers to just pop some ear phones in and draw, keep to herself.

I wonder what kinda music kota listens to in her spare time

No. 250148


I know she likes Aimer, I like her too actually she's pretty good and I get why kota likes her. Aimer has quite a deep voice, isn't the usual high pitched shit. Check her out if you've never listened.

I think she likes things what she used in her videos? I know she was a fan of KPOP (not sure if she does anymore idk).

Also I think Perfume and Capsule.

No. 250159

File: 1458317635827.png (300.83 KB, 660x674, rtertretretret.png)

oh my

No. 250160

File: 1458317727370.png (221.48 KB, 585x680, ed4754ea09e00c0b313ff62e5c9386…)

No. 250170

omg you can see where she's shooped around her face. there's a large lighter area of grey outlining her face on the wall it's so sad

No. 250172

No. 250180

File: 1458319790522.jpg (66.7 KB, 594x499, g6m3GzbOuYXl.jpg)


Looks like she's trying to pull off a Twiggy look.

No. 250181

Without the circle lenses she'd be so pretty. She reminds me a bit of twiggy in this pic

No. 250182

Aaayyyyyy lmao

No. 250189

I've been feeling as though Kota is going back to editing herself like her art. I'm just getting those vibes as of late.

I like the twiggy pic
But the lenses make her look demonic.

No. 250215

I'm a fan of Hasegawa, he traces???

No. 250218


This. Or like those beginners that reference facial proportions from photos but have no idea how to draw a proper bodies for them.

No. 250219

and I have no idea about grammar sorry

No. 250228

Yep. Pretty sure there's a thread about it somewhere in /snow/?

No. 250230


Your grammar/syntax was perfect.

No. 250233


Yep, look up "kaoru hasegawa tracing" and the Japanese have framed him. Tons of proof because he is copying over some bjd owner off Flickr called Bluefairy or something. He traces, steals the poses and then add bows and shit.

Japanese won't buy his work and he knows he can milk idiot gaijin because we aren't clever enough for moon talk.

No. 250235


Only Twiggy can do Twiggy.

Kota stoppit. Go back to your winged liner, falsies and dolly eye shit please.

No. 250237

No, I want her to do a mature style without circle lenses!!!1 She should do heroin chic

No. 250255

File: 1458332854200.jpg (33.12 KB, 600x600, CdvpXKRUkAEdICw.jpg)

nah son

No. 250257

File: 1458332895147.jpg (23 KB, 600x800, Cd1ZebOVIAADcd8.jpg)

such fashion
much model

No. 250258

File: 1458333027968.jpg (21.42 KB, 600x800, Cd1pZ7YVIAQu7h0.jpg)

No. 250259

File: 1458333043523.jpg (31.29 KB, 600x800, Cd1pZ6qUAAAsQKM.jpg)

No. 250261

She needs to lose weight tbh. I'm a fan of her and even I said this lel.

No. 250263

File: 1458333400013.jpg (299.28 KB, 600x600, 55874443_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 250264

Where are these from?

No. 250266

Awww cute, this looks like her without the photoshop and dumb makeup

No. 250291

Damn you right

No. 250292

Uh no it doesn't

No. 250309

im kind of disappointed she's going the accessory route. its just so typical of internet famous people to do this because its the laziest and easiest way to make a "line." I would have liked to see her actually design clothes (not the shitty stuff kiki did).

No. 250338

She is, she even said so in >>250160

>60's era Twiggy style makeup


You know you're packing on the pounds when they only dress you in baggy clothes, wow. That's sad, no wonder nobody wants o hire her anymore, I wonder what kind of strings jimusho-senpai has to pull o get her work these days.

No. 250343

It's fanart, it's inly cute because someone else drew it lol

No. 250590

There's nothing wrong with traditional art and not using a tablet.

Kooter just sucks at it.

No. 250645

>You know you're packing on the pounds when they only dress you in baggy clothes, wow.

This. If she gains ~5 more pounds she's gonna have full blown cankles. Her age really shows in her face with this hair color and style too. 20 years old? Yeah, right. Only if she kept smoking and drinking since she was 16 on the DL and never sleeps. No wonder she edits her face so hard!

No. 250703

>Sadfrog face

But fat.

No. 250706

File: 1458362359483.png (14.71 KB, 497x501, 1256799610506.png)

short dark hair looks really really nice on her. Even with her natural jawline, I think this would look nice. Her hair is so babyfine, that it would give her the illusion of more fullness.

It is also so against the grain in regards to the cookie-cutter look most Japanese models have nowadays. I think she would stand out and be a major hit if she had a unique dramatic image change like this.

No. 250707

File: 1458362651054.jpg (18.17 KB, 300x380, 6a00d8341c630a53ef0148c6f3303e…)

She looks a lot like Ginnifer Goodwin.

No. 250713

Wtf that selfie/runway face comparison . She looks. So. Ordinary!!

No. 250717

I feel like these accessories are jumping on a bandwagon that's already been.
Dakota is still stuck in 2012.
Get off the tumblr train bb.

No. 250723

I thought the same thing; it is very 2012 with the pastels/cats/kawaii creepy style.
I'm disappointed, to be honest.

No. 250729

Honestly that wouldn't help her. Se already cemented her image as an ageless kawaii hafu-not-hafu blue eyed blond foreigner Barbie doll. Changing her look so drastically now wouldn't help her, nobody cares anymore because she let her career flop by being a hermit.

Short hair does look good on her, even a layered Bob would look nice, but I think the dark brown/black is a bit harsh. Maybe a medium brown or a milk tea color instead.

No. 250762

Am I the only one who checks this thread just to see Dakota's uncanny valley, alien fetus shoops?

No. 250796

I don't read most of this shit. I just like coming to see her shooping style get weirder and weirder.
Glad it's not just me.

No. 250808

if that was a real runway show, i wonder how she handled being manhandled back stage and getting nakey in front of people. they do that in real fashion shows

No. 250932

Then why don't you guys lurk her instagram or other social media sites for her pics? Seems kind of stupid to go here when you hate to read the discussions on lolcows when you just want to see the pictures the lolcows put out.

No. 250961

File: 1458429968056.jpeg (113.55 KB, 894x894, anime_oc_2___dakota_rose_by_ja…)

>"Dakota was born in a slightly weacause of their way of treating her, she have always felt very lonely though. As said earlier, she likes Youtube and owns a channel with over a million subscribers. Most of the views comes from Japan, since she is very popular there because of her doll-like appearance. On her previous schools and home place however, people tended to think of her as weird because of this 'Lolita' style of hers, which was part of the reason why she wanted to rather move to Japan.lthy family. They were not by the richest, but they had quite a bit more money due to her father owning a decently successful company which is a candy shop. Her parents have been very strict, however. They rarely were there for her, and always told her to do more progressive things with her life other than her hobbies and Youtube. Therefore Dakota decided she wanted to move to Japan by herself so she could become more independent of her parents."

It's literally Dakota, but with purple eyes, 4'8, and 13 years old so she can be a qt anime loli

No. 250964

Well… isn't this person pathetic.

No. 250970

I think it's cute.

No. 250973

Wow I hope she's like only 11 irl, nobody tracing over anime art should be that bad.

No. 250974

Commercial modelling in Japan is a bit less man handling than high fashion, they're give way more privacy wherever possible.

No. 250975

So looking back at this picture I see what pisses me off the most about it.
Once again kota's being a fake piece of shit. She's tossed on some ~*zomg big glasses* and musses up her hair a bit to look like an 'artist'. She's obviously dont her makeup and spent the effort of shooping everything else so why would her hair be missed up and why would she suddently be wearing these glasses that obviously have no prescription (comparing the hair placement)
It's like she's trying to say 'omg look at me I'm like totally relatable and just nerdy and loose too guyz cause i'm an artist'

No. 251046


Kota pretending she has a thigh gap and long legs again.

No. 251072

she must be mad about the fat comments from earlier

No. 251129

Calm down. You're reading too much into it.

No. 251150

I love how she's all "look at my new lovin room lights!" (Insert legs in a pose that makes all legs look super skinny here)

Nice try, Kota. If you were really as skinny as you pretend to be they would look a lot thinner than that even in that pose. Just do yoga or something, goddamn it's not that hard.

No. 251178

New video

What the hell is she trying to even look like?

No. 251179

File: 1458517123015.jpeg (89.41 KB, 670x725, image.jpeg)

Kek at top and bottom comment

No. 251180

File: 1458517762816.jpg (422.96 KB, 683x1024, hiromichi-nakano-aw16-ym-09.jp…)

No. 251181

File: 1458517824259.jpg (520.43 KB, 683x1024, hiromichi-nakano-aw16-ym-31.jp…)

No. 251182

File: 1458517862419.jpg (454.5 KB, 683x1024, hiromichi-nakano-aw16-ym-55.jp…)

No. 251184


Just looking at these is hurting my back and shoulders.
Dakota please, correct your posture. It's not difficult, you just need to get into the habit of keeping your back straight, shoulders drawn away from you and your chin up.

No. 251185

she looks heavier here

No. 251186


footage see times 2.45, 7.40 and 12.55.

Bonus at the end 14.30 she goes on with the designer.

No. 251188

Vids not avaliable. Alternative places to watch it?

No. 251189

Any alternative** whoops

No. 251190

So jelly girls were nitpicking ugly pics of the runaway, she did it actually really good now I see the video. Thanks.

No. 251192

Samefagging but I didnt see this pics until now and here she looks really good for a Japanese model.

No. 251193


She looks really tense and her expressions are all over the place.

No. 251195

Does she have some special position in the world of japanese modelling? Cause she's too short (it's quite obvious in this video), her modelling is not great, I mean she doesn't walk as gracefully as the other models and keeps the skirt in her hands as if it was for some lolita brand, so she seems less professional than the others.

No. 251201

File: 1458521773838.jpg (252.82 KB, 599x900, runway_00090_x.jpg)

No. 251202

File: 1458521873514.png (59.67 KB, 240x227, Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 8.57…)

No. 251203

File: 1458521919528.png (300.12 KB, 298x591, Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 8.54…)

No. 251206

File: 1458522120342.jpg (129.21 KB, 660x990, hiromichinakano-2016aw-2016031…)

No. 251207

File: 1458522156637.jpg (129.21 KB, 660x990, hiromichinakano-2016aw-2016031…)

oi oi

No. 251208

Wow, normally I think she looks good without the shoop, but she really looks old, tired and chub on all these. Poor thing. How is she still a model again?

No. 251209

Because Japanese fashion designers dont think you are important enough to let them change their minds.

No. 251210

Aaaa, those fucking lenses. She wouldnt look tired if she'd just leave them at home.

No. 251212

File: 1458522575864.jpg (564.94 KB, 900x1350, tumblr_o48qciYUUv1tnzvzio10_12…)

moar spam

No. 251214

yikes her walk is horrible especially compared to the other models
after all these years of "modeling" and she still hasnt learned to walk?? i thought bravo would put her into a bootcamp of some sort

No. 251217

Yeah, japanese designers. Like this doesn't have to do anything with someone who is pushing her carrier very hard. Just look at all the girls that walked with her. They are prettier, taller, skinnier, look younger, have more confidence,and so on. So why is she the one in the center spot? A good agent with money! Not because designers lover her turtle posture.

No. 251218

WHITE WHALE, HOLY GRAIL! She looks horrible! Dakota isn't good looking with or without shop. Isn't she like, 22? How does she look this old?

No. 251219


I feel slightly bad for her because she always wanted to go into modelling and fashion. But she looks so unhappy or just… hermitted in? Maybe this was never what she expected. I guess fake photo shoots with your sister and dad taking the pictures is so much compared to the real thing. When you're walking down the runway and you're no longer 14 dicking around in luminous shorts and ugly bikini tops with paint on your face.

No. 251222

I guess she's got a lot of free time to AE her videos before running them through the apps.

No. 251224

I guess she's in the show as a tarento, but wow she looks really bad. I can't look at all these pics without cringing.

No. 251226


Almost as vapid as Kiki's preening on her videos. Almost. Damn it, I miss that psycho.

No. 251228


Woah. Because her editing style is always changing it makes me wonder if she's getting surgical enhancements on the side but nope… this face looks exactly like the one from one of her first shoots. Because it's her natural face. It's only when she gets her shoopy little hands all over her pics they start looking alien… damn this girl has issues.

No. 251234

this… like.. whenever young people or even little kids go "ooh i wanna do modeling" i'm just like… "Do you even know what the entails? its not even fun"

No. 251238

It doesn't help that these clothes do nothing for her. They were very obviously designed for taller girls in mind. And the fact they kept her in flats, kek. At least let the girl wear some sort of oxford heel so that she isn't so glaringly short next to the other models.

No. 251239

Also, who wants to bet she won't mention this at all on her social media? God forbid people see what she really looks like.

Or she posts editing candids.

No. 251244

Dakota won

No. 251246


Won what? A big chin?

No. 251249

She won at being a succesful Japanese celebrity. Look at the other kawaii nobodies, they didnt achieve anything. I dont think she will become a Japanese Audrey Hepburn, but she will definitely be a fashion icon in Japan.

No. 251250

File: 1458528575845.jpg (13.57 KB, 150x246, niggaquitplayin.jpg)

No. 251251

File: 1458528675409.jpg (36.41 KB, 500x284, image.jpg)


>>she will definitely be a fashion icon in Japan.

No. 251252

Stay delusional, you remind me of Kendall Jenner haters. Lets not discuss this further as I and any other person cannot reason with the frustrated mentally delusioned folks.

Tata and have a nice day!(>"tata and have a nice day")

No. 251253


so defensive. silly ostrenga

No. 251254

>thinks Dakota won at being a "succesful (nice spelling btw) Japanese celebrity"
>claims other people are delusional

Laughing so hard, omfg.
Have a nice day in your own mental ward anon, tata!

No. 251255

File: 1458529726295.jpg (35.77 KB, 625x626, d5c.jpg)

No. 251275

Nah. Japan is just dumb and want models who are known (as in, she's probably been on TV/media/magazines more than the other models). It's not always about talent, but about who you know (aka who her agency/manager knows). Plus she's still brought up as the RIBINGU DORU.

The designer looks like one of those dumb Japanese people who fall for all of this.

No. 251286

Bravo got her this job. The show was loaded with other Bravo models. Dakota's a pretty girl but just all wrong for this kind of modeling(not only because she is about 15 cm shorter than the rest of the models). I don't know why she was included.
Hiromichi Nakano is a legit Japanese designer who has also shown in Paris. Dakota looks like she belongs in a Mid-American mall fashion show.

No. 251301

so are you really kota or just a stan
notice me twiggy sempai

No. 251327

File: 1458556851572.jpeg (71.98 KB, 267x400, image.jpeg)

Reminds me of

No. 251336

Tf, she looked slouchy and tense.

Are her legs short or arms just long?

No. 251337

I watched the video and whilst I like Dakota and all, her walk is just AWFUL. She shuffles down that walk like am incontinent old lady waddling to the bathroom.

No. 251338

How's everyone getting to the video? Its unavaliable for me.

No. 251340

Jesus, I normally think you guys are too hard on Dakota but she really looks like someone's old lesbian aunt here

No. 251341


What country are you in? I'm in the UK and it's available for me.

No. 251350

File: 1458568914548.png (293.53 KB, 402x713, k.png)

She looks absolutely miserable on the runway, like she's going to cry any second.

No. 251352

maybe theres a mirror and shes sad bc she can see how awful she looks

No. 251358

same. USA. i even used a proxy and everything

No. 251359

Her walk is awful; she's not even making an effort to walk in-line, it's almost like she's waddling in comparison to the other models.

And I don't wanna sound like ana-chan but LOOK AT THOSE CANKLES.

No. 251362

All of you are screaming "OMG FATTY" at these pics… Why? (Genuinely why, not trying to whiteknight or whatever.) Honestly to me it just looks like that cut is super unflattering on her. She obviously has wider shoulders than hips, so sleeveless stuff doesn't look very good on her. Her posture is also atrocious which just aggravates the whole thing. Not to mention that everything is super loose/flowy/big so it's going to make her look a little bigger.

I'm definitely not a Kota stan, just confused. I wish I could see the video to compare her to other models!

No. 251364

I guess she's trying to do the high-fashion model death glare?

…when I saw this picture, all I could think was 'Spock's baby sister'…

No. 251365


No. 251373

I live in West Africa and it's available to me. RIP anon

No. 251374

Yeah the people calling her fat are being ridiculous tbh, and this is coming from somebody with an ED.

She's obviously not fat guys. Y'all need to stop.

No. 251375

Agreed. Some retard ITT was like "Lmao you know you're packingon the pounds when they put you in baggy clothes" or something. Meanwhile, the entire collection was made up of baggy clothes.

No. 251390

She's not fat by normal standards, just flabby, but she's definitely fat by model standards. She would look fine walking down the street, but in a fashion show next to actual models she looks hideous.

No. 251409

i just think its a mix of really bad clothing choices for her body top, as well as being too short for the clothes. Makes her look super frumpy

No. 251419

Japan really values slimness especially for models and idols.
But for a normal body, she's at an okay weight. However for her occupation, she's gotta stay in shape for the business because they have to use her image to advertise products and represent their company.

It also doesn't help that she shops herself so thin to almost anorexic standards that it becomes a shock to see her real appearance.

No. 251420

She looks unbalanced here… Like she's trying to have good posture but is just leaning her back backwards.
She really needs to google good posture and stop leaning her head forward.

No. 251453


kek. savage

No. 251457

it's mostly just to spite her because in her own pics she always tries to shoop herself into a stick insect.

No. 251481

Umm..Looks ok in the thumbnail / from faraway

No. 251488

Her posture and way of walking are terrible. She needs to move her ass and do some pilates or something. It's so obvious she's not fit at all … it's embarrasing for a 20-22 year model.

No. 251539

can someone repost this video?? its not working for me :(

No. 251570

Looks like the video got deleted. Go figure. She still gets stuff taken down when it really makes her look bad.

No. 251578

That's what happens when you peak at 18 and let yourself go downhill from there. Poor Dakota, she got her big break at such a young age she probably didn't know how to take it seriously for the long run. Bravo can force her image all they want but it's not going to make her go viral again, nobody cares about her anymore because she let everything go- fashion, makeup, modeling, blogging, videos. Maybe it was her own decision to let herself fade out, but it's not a smart move unless she really is married for a visa because without modeling, nobody wants her for anything else.

No. 251579

Still works here, so nope

No. 251608

Plenty of japanese people care though, because you know, she is famous in japan.

No. 251611

File: 1458647783153.jpg (98.3 KB, 723x435, expectationvreality.jpg)

No. 251612

No. 251614

Strangely besides the lenses I prefer the right picture.

No. 251616


Still works for me.

No. 251618

Right picture is better looking imho. At this point she's making herself less attractive.

No. 251629


She has such a nice nose already but she's just turned it into a ridiculous anime nose. Jeez…

No. 251630


Does anyone else think she has mental illness at this point? I'm beginning to think she does. Like leaving her apartment in fear of being recognised or worrying about her face.

Then you've got her sister who is nuts and is scared to leave the house in fear of people remembering her. Yet she's so boring and dead at this point, her and Audrey Kitching are washed up old trash no one would even care about still.

I bet even though their brother is a cripple, he's still the most normal one in the whole fucking family.

No. 251634

their brother isn't crippled, he's just autistic. but yes, he is probably the most normal

No. 251636

I didn't know she avoids leaving her apartment b/c of various reasons. Maybe she's agoraphobic?

No. 251638

she looks like a mom who is sadly reminiscing the 60s

No. 251652


We know literally NOTHING about her life in Japan, what she gets up to, who her friends are, what hobbies she has etc.

Don't do this Anon. It's embarrassing PULL-tier speculation.

No. 251654

I almost feel a bit bad about how dejected she looks in the picture on the right, my goodness. She looks absolutely miserable.

No. 251666

I don't think the real picture looks bad or old, really.

The clothes are a different story

No. 251729

LOL anon she is a semi-succesful model dont worry about her worry about yourself.

No. 251730

Thats because she is on the runaway and she is portraying Twiggy, a heroin chic model. Twiggy was known for looking skinny and "sickly". Basically, dont feel bad for her. I think Dakota is doing better than most of us so really, dont worry.

No. 251738

She appreciates your constant support.

No. 251740

So how do you know she doesn't leave her apartment again?

No. 251749

Don't worry, don't worry… Nobody actually worries about Dakota, anon.

No. 251755

Anon think they know it all about her
"Dakota never leaves her apartment"
"She fucks bravo guy
"She has no jobs and is really poor"

Kota must be having a nice laugh

No. 251757

I really like this picture. Her posture just ruins everything about this tbh.

Anyway, didn't Dakota already have a 21st birthday? I was expecting her to turn 22 this year for some reason. Maybe all of the conspiracy theories have confused me.

No. 251766

Dakota herself has said she barely ever leaves the house except for work or food runs, and even when she does sometimes she goes out in disguise because being recognized is embarrassing to her. She got teased for it on a TV show once for bein a hikkikomori. Keep up.

No. 251767


She had her 18th birthday right before she went viral on Tumblr, then four years later she had her 20th birthday in Japan.

No. 251776

>ditch her family
you mean escape her abusive family

No. 251781


Oh yeah. She actually did as well, she said she was a homebody.

No. 251816

omg please stop with your dakota abuse fanfic. her family is crazy af but you don't need to go around adding "her abusive family" like that's absolute truth.

No. 251890


It isn't fanfic. Charms herself told me Dakota was being abused at home and it got so bad Dakota very almost moved in with Charms.
I knew about this shit for an entire year before anybody found out, and even then it was only because I couldn't take the burgeoning troll's remorse any more and dropped a message to an active PULL member.

Go ask Charms yourself, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

No. 251896

So if Charms's word is God, does that make you her angel?

No. 251904


This was the worst analogy I've ever seen in my life.
How long did it take you to try and think of an attempt at at snarky lingual comparison before you settled for that one? Yikes.

Bottom of the line is, she had absolutely no reason to lie about it, especially when she told me not to tell anybody.

No. 251906

even so. considering charms has her own thread here and has had her issues for as long as she has been a thing online, why would anyone believe her

No. 251907


Proof or it didn't happen. You know how it goes. Why are you so desperate for Dakota to be abused anyway.

No. 251908

Maybe this is just me but I never really doubted all the people who said Kooter's family was awful, maybe not abusive but I believe they are shit because she couldn't wait to get halfway across the world from them, and we all know her dad was a creep

No. 251909

you are the same one who shit up another thread about how Charms told you personally that she, lyke, really regretted everything that happened with Dakota.

Go find a new obsession. Claiming to have talked to a lolcow about another lolcow just makes you look stupid

No. 251922

The obsession with abuse, nasolabial folds and depression on lolcow is strong. Why? This shit should just stop it makes us lolcows instead of them. Well, I doubt Dakota will ever be a lolcow though.

No. 251924


Agree with the first part but come on. Dako and her wacky alien shoops are lolcow material. It's skimmed milk compared to the full fat nutritious bounty her sister produces, I'll give you that, but it's milk all the same.

No. 251927

Also, Dakota was grandfathered in because she has been a big point of interest in these circles online for several years. The rules are even pretty explicit about circumstances like this and specifically name Dakota as an example.

No. 251929

File: 1458751420434.png (391.55 KB, 1280x828, bdulva.png)

Even though this report states that there were no visible injuries or arrests, it still paints a pretty shitty picture of the Ostrenga family. Normal families don't have the cops called on them for fighting… It definitely looks like Kiki was the main aggressor here, but bottom line it seems like everyone was being shitty to each other. It seems like an abusive home to me.

No. 251945

No. 251946

>being told to not tell anybody.
>go post it anyways in a image board


No. 251947


I can't remember if that was me because there are a fair few of us that have apparently been friends with Charlotte at one point or another, but regardless there were a few people like you in there doubting me as well until I posted emails and private messages of my past friendship with Charlotte, then they shut their mouths.

Don't believe me? Go look in the thread. I'm tired of spoonfeeding your fatass.

No. 251949


Man I don't even give a fuck. I was so tired of seeing her get torn to shreds on /cgl/ and PULL daily whilst being one of the few people that really knew what was going on in her domestic life. You have to be a special kind of asshole to not speak up when you know that somebody is being mentally and physically abused.

I didn't say it to her at the time, although I regret not doing so, but I actually thought it was wrong of Charlotte for not speaking out about what was going on with Dakota when she knew she had the power to reverse that entire situation, but I knew that at the time she regretted ever blabbing about Dakota in the first place and was still holding out that they could ever be friends again.

No. 251956

Tbh Kota and Kiki seem like spoiled little bitches who would easily take their angry teenage issues out on their mom

They're a weird family, but that doesn't imply domestic abuse. If anything, the mom probably felt more abused than anyone, having to deal with those two little shits

No. 251960


It was there mother above all that used to carry out the abuse.

No. 251965

This. 100% this. Thank you.
Did charm tell you this too??? Ugh gtfo already

Ughhhh forgot to sageeee

No. 251968

File: 1458764704531.jpeg (163.07 KB, 744x843, image.jpeg)

She's been posting frequently.

No. 251971

So cute, reminds me a bit like the old kota (best kota too)

No. 251972

She's always shooping her jaw thinner. I don't know why she doesn't just hop over to South Korea and get her jawline shaved.

No. 251973

This looks like a mom that edited themselves to be an alien baby. She isn't looking so great lately.

No. 251978


She changed her hair colour? Looks more… platinum? Also I wonder how much heat she uses on her hair… since it's naturally straight.

Cute but… still not quite there kota.

No. 251981

I guess this her new way of hiding her はげ. I kinda poke it except the bangs because of that ahoge sticking out.

No. 251983

I like how you can see the end of her cleavage because she pushed up literally her entire boob. Reminds me of that bikini cleavage boob makeup photo.

No. 251985

No. 251999

idk if anyones ever brought up that they have a similar thought or w/e
but I randomly thought that maybe she actually knows the alien baby shoops are terrible but she does it so 1. Westerners (us) will talk about her without her really doing anything and 2. Japan won't care.
and ofc a long time ago when she was probably doing her good shoops she realized that in other countries the difference between her real self and her shoops would be to much and they wouldn't want her. (plus the fact that she's short)

No. 252010


What's wrong with her being short tho? Isn't that supposed to be cute? Meanwhile people shit on tay for being so 'tall'

No. 252012

I hope she gets her shit together and starts doing some stuff.

No. 252016

The correct height is between tall and short, but not 'average'. It's like Platform 9¾, you have to believe it's there.

No. 252020

Omg yes anon because she wasnt the star of a runaway recently.

No. 252036

what im saying is that being short in Japan and modeling is fine, but it's not in the west

No. 252050

It's real fucking weird. She makes it look like she has extremely saggy breasts when she does this.

No. 252052

You bumped the thread for this post tho?

No. 252057

I wonder if this is filters or if she actually colored her hair a cooler blonde. With the queen of shoop, it's hard to tell.

No. 252072

she doesn't live in the west, retard

No. 252143

File: 1458793655428.gif (12.64 KB, 444x414, dolan.gif)

No. 252147

STILL with those ugly fake titties?? She shoops them into DD's when she has the most average sized boobs. It's so embarrassing.

No. 252168

Bottom pics
>wanna know how i got these scars?
can't unsee

No. 252191

Fuck off, Kota-stan

No. 252219

Japan cares a little, just a little at least. I recently went to a lolita meet up and girls were talking about her looking like a russian old mom whose prime time was already over and that she had to be lying about her age because she looks so damn old IRL and how much she stinks of smoke and stuff. Also apparently brands that use her get hate mail of people asking them to drop her as a model because she's apparently somehow disliked in Japan. I don't know how true everything is, but hey, not every japanese person loves her as everyone on this thread thinks.

No. 252234

>Westerners (us) will talk about her without her really doing anything

Why do you think she would give a fuck about anons on the internet? Only nobodies care and she isn't really one. Honest question, I don't follow Kota's threads closely.

No. 252236

File: 1458826485587.jpg (62.19 KB, 720x474, 1Ai0vQ5.jpg)

i dont think this look is ugly per se
but the hair irritates me to no end…
its so 80s mom

No. 252272

It's somehow worse in that it looks like an 80s mom novelty wig, but no that's her real hair.

No. 252273

File: 1458835198822.png (529.89 KB, 519x550, Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.5…)

i think its because she curls the bangs.
curly are cute, but keep the bangs straight or swept back. it looks like a mop on her head

No. 252275

The nasolabial fold obsession is so strange and weird. Out of everything that's what you choose to focus on? The word is mentioned at least ten times in every Dakota thread.

No. 252288

File: 1458837970036.jpeg (177.55 KB, 600x399, image.jpeg)

>thinks two different hairtextures looks sane or cute
Hairtips from lolcow guize!

No. 252290

No. 252304

Because it's an extremely invasion and dangerous surgery?

No. 252316

I don't know why I'm standing up for her, but I think her hair is absolutely gorgeous.

No. 252324

True, I think it'd be worth it personally but that's just me I guess. It's also more and more expensive the more reliable and renowned you want your surgeon to be, plus she would have to take a big chunk of time off modeling work. However she would probably be happier in the long run if she could somehow go through with it (and all the expense, pain, and missed work it entails short-term).

No. 252330

>this happened

No. 252331

File: 1458843897526.png (29.91 KB, 808x362, kota_surgery_rumor.png)

I've seen some people say she's gotten surgery recently could there be any truth to that?

I think it'd be a shame considering it's fun to compare her edited photos to her real face. Also she could end up like Taylor and make her face worse and get more flak for getting surgery instead of keeping her real face.

No. 252344

File: 1458844847038.jpg (92.42 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m4enomj3561ru19izo1_500…)

im not talking about chola hair, bby

No. 252347

File: 1458844990370.jpg (18.63 KB, 236x314, fbf57b76e5578734558a98479db12d…)

well of course when you use THAT shit as an example, it looks horrible. the girls fringe isnt even cut properly.

No. 252348

lmao like thats stopped all of the kpop idols doing it

No. 252352

File: 1458845697165.jpeg (169.48 KB, 600x900, image.jpeg)

Their hair looks shit fucking weebs.

No. 252355

File: 1458846034746.jpeg (83.62 KB, 375x500, image.jpeg)

Also great example, their curls are looser than kootz and the roots are extremely straight so its natural that their bangs are straight. The bangs should match the rest of the hair, like I said. But still their hair looks really shit.
Thats because the texture of her bangs matches the rest of her hair. Her hair is indeed gorgeous.

Forgot to sage, I'm sorry.

No. 252370

I love how these threads are progressively becoming more and more about absolutely nothing.

No. 252386

They don't want that look dumbfuck
It still looks gross

No. 252404

>she looks exactly like her edited videos

Well we know thats not true

No. 252490


are you by any chance the same anon who overheard shop staff talking shit about dakota? kek

No. 252565

>Why do you think she would give a fuck about anons on the internet?

Well for one she posted a video not to long ago trying to show off a thigh gap when anons were previously saying how she should lose weight.

No. 252576

No. 252580

A forced thigh gap no less. We know she lurks here anyway since she came here in the past to rat Kiki out when she was using a different username to find Japanese sugar daddies on language exchange sites.

No. 252587

File: 1458928776964.jpg (85.93 KB, 600x800, CeXoSZ0UAAAZ2lx.jpg)

Found these on twitter. They're from the hairdresser she apparently always goes to. The tweet says that she got her bangs extended.

No. 252588

File: 1458928797366.jpg (95.01 KB, 600x800, CeXoSZ2VAAEUbWE.jpg)

No. 252599

Damn. She shouldn't show her hair part. Her hair's way too thin (probably from all the shit she does to it), and it's so light coloured it looks bad. Needs bangs/a fringe

No. 252608

her lips look like a monkey's anus

No. 252628

File: 1458931649418.gif (1 MB, 320x250, giphy.gif)

Oh Lord no this is the worst thing for her

No. 252657

And the thinness would be so damn easy to hide! Just brush on a powder that matches your hair color. Is she willing to do anything to improve her appearance? Just a few basic things would make her look so much nicer without all the PS.

No. 252674


No. 252675

r u ok ?

No. 252676

fsjiiiii fok ?!

No. 252702

I'm laughing at this!! So accurate! For both Kaka AND Kota

No. 252707

the part looks terrible, but if i pretend its not there then i actually like it. makes her look more matura

No. 252813

aw man does anyone see the forehead wrinkles

No. 252826

File: 1459022026682.gif (414.75 KB, 496x272, Np2HuvI.gif)

What is this Kota, what is this aesthetic.

No. 252827


No. 252836

File: 1459025595900.png (982.61 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

New post on her Baby Fang account.

No. 252837

File: 1459025997000.png (807.66 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Can someone please translate the caption?