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File: 1508787390543.jpeg (110.74 KB, 692x692, 1508663245444.jpeg)

No. 408303

Last Thread: >>326814

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dakotakoti
Personal website: http://dakotarose.com/
VK fan page: https://vk.com/clubkotakoti
Inactive Accounts -
LINE: https://lineblog.me/dakotakoti/
Ameblo: https://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti/
Tumblr: http://kotakoti.tumblr.com/

>Both Libera and Bravo seem to have kicked Kooter to the curb for good.

>She recently made a guest appearance on the Japanese talk show 有吉反省会 (Ariyoshi Hanseikai), looking nearly as awful as she did in the FITs commercials. Japanese Twitter and GirlsChannel rip her a new one as a result.
>In her interview she showcases her fucking disgusting eating habits and how she ~*never expected to be called a barbie*~ and ~*never thought that she was anything special.*~
>To the excitement of literally no one at this point, she suddenly decided to upload her first YouTube video in over nine months: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZedVJaNlZ20
>Dakota's bitterness towards girl's who she thinks stand any chance of stealing her shine still hasn't died down. Two girls have come forward over being blocked by her.
>The first is an Australian model in Japan who goes by Keirashley on Twitter. She was blocked for tweeting to Dakota how surprised she was about how different she looked in her appearance on Ariyoshi Hanseikai compared to her photos. Shortly afterward she was viciously attacked on Twitter by a mysterious account, totally unaffiliated with the Ostrengas.
>The second is some cutesy style blogger, amber_kohaku_chan on Instagram, who had discovered that she had been blocked out of nowhere by Dakota despite having no prior interactions with her.

No. 408313

she has the ''troll face'' chin, poor thing

No. 408350

File: 1508791723597.jpg (126.13 KB, 340x340, IMG_2299.JPG)

Problem, anon?

Sage for garbage meme

No. 408353

holy hell

No. 408426

will this thread be auto sage as well?

No. 408435

Great op pic, pretty much sums kota up on its own

No. 408442

She's so cute! Looks just like Britney Spears!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 408444

Awww so cute :3 she looks like a real doll

No. 408447

Never seen this girl before, but she looks like a doll. No wonder she's a model.

No. 408457


Fuck off Ostrengas.

No. 408467

Sperg 2.0 is starting already? That was sooner than I thought

No. 408471

>what is sarcasm

No. 408475

File: 1508801399682.jpg (1.42 MB, 1500x1499, IMG_2307.JPG)

Wow anon! I can really see the resemblance!

No. 408540

Update on KeiraAshley:

She got a gig modeling for Tommy Hilfiger, and she’s walking for Amazon’s Tokyo Fashion Walk. She was also on TV and in some travel Japan ads. All since getting blocked by Dakota for a harmless observation.

No. 408543

File: 1508809414434.jpg (78.91 KB, 692x692, HHpFKzVWZYQ.jpg)

Every time you bufoons don't sage, you make Koots cry.

No. 408545

File: 1508809637746.jpg (74.95 KB, 720x705, ihsEdBibgUk.jpg)

Some newer stuff she's done.
These always look nicer because her hair is done differently. It makes a difference.

No. 408547

File: 1508809710636.jpg (70.54 KB, 720x721, KK96nO7tga8.jpg)

No. 408548

File: 1508809738647.jpg (65.62 KB, 720x711, mtMNoppHp3s.jpg)

This color suits her. Her sister looks better with darker hair too.

No. 408551

File: 1508809792284.jpg (79.33 KB, 700x700, 6IybvNpcXRM.jpg)

This pose is weird.

No. 408552

File: 1508809835122.jpg (91.27 KB, 700x700, zy0esU2UeaI.jpg)

She would look cute as hell with short hair.

No. 408553

Every time I see a picture of her face it just hits home how bad she looks with no makeup on. Her blue eyes would look more stunning if she just put on some damn mascara and eyeliner.

Dem cankles

No. 408555

File: 1508810023501.jpg (93.46 KB, 720x527, UlM5ojgMf5g.jpg)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but her modeling has gotten a bit better.
She actually poses and moves her face, instead of the uncanny valley doll look she constantly had. (picture unrelated)

No. 408556

No. 408558

File: 1508810236169.jpg (116.84 KB, 780x780, ri9_0gtj6Aw.jpg)

Yes, it's easy to tell because each image makes her look so different. It's hard to consistently shoop the image she's trying to create from all different angles.

No. 408559

File: 1508810686405.jpg (168.42 KB, 644x354, 1507435780346.jpg)

Felt the need to repost this lovely comparison.
( someone should post it to girls channel … )

No. 408560

>Her blue eyes would look more stunning if she just put on some damn mascara and eyeliner.
Oh my god, that reminds me, there's this one photo of Dakota floating around where she actually looks pretty damn good for once where she has like shorter wavy-ish hair and dark eye makeup. You can't even recognize her at first in it. I'm gonna try and see if I can find it. (Unless someone else knows what I'm talking about and wouldn't mind posting it.) She and Kiki are so fucking delusional thinking that this no-makeup shit that they're doing looks even remotely good. They both look sickly.

No. 408563

OH HELL. How could anyone ever think the pic on the left isn't shopped. Not even in comparison to unshooped pictures, but just looking at it outright, she did such an awful job.

She makes the same face and victory hand pose in every picture she takes with another person and puts instagram.

No. 408568

never seen the image you're talking about but it sounds interesting. please do share if you find it!

No. 408573

File: 1508811873209.jpg (39.34 KB, 640x640, 83888ab5847c83702e2b523addcfd6…)

Found it!

No. 408581

File: 1508813298477.jpg (241 KB, 598x395, kootshair.jpg)

more than anything, it's the long, limp, and greasy bog witch hair that ages and ruins kooter the most.

both the ostrenga's had hair (and styles) during their myspace scene phases that suited them so much more than the sad, single-layer Amish hair they're both trying and failing to pull off now.

No. 408612

Her hair always looks so greasy and limp. You're right about the scene hair thing though, which is sad because it always looked so destroyed. Even their makeup was better.

No. 408616

holy fuck I lold thanks anon

well damn, good for her. that’s pretty cool.

This looks like her old MySpace photos but yeah it does look better than wtf she’s doing now

No. 408623

she definitely needs some type of layers in her hair. It would help get rid of how greasy and limp it looks all the time. Dry shampoo wouldn't suck, either.

No. 408642

This shoop is buck wild and yet they couldn't give her ankles.

That face mask and sucking in her cheeks won't even hide her chin…

No. 408663

File: 1508825932965.gif (1.41 MB, 800x800, 160721_Focal-Length-Test_DSC81…)

If anons are interested, I can point out a few things she's doing in her recent video to make her face look completely different.

First off, it's filmed very close up with a short focal length lens (i'm going to say very short, like 16mm. For an accurate depiction of what the face looks like to the naked eye, most photographers agree that either 35mm or 50mm is the best). You can tell by the fact that only her face is in focus, and anything from her ears back is blurry. Short focal lengths distort the face, making it look narrower while making features look larger, like pic related.

She's also used the freeze mask and face tracking tools in AE to distort her chin and eyes, and possibly her lips. You can tell because any time her hand crosses in front of these areas, there's a blurred/ pixellated region that forms in between them. AE has improved vastly from when she first started, but there are still some telltale signs you can look for. It likely takes her months to upload these videos because she has to manually edit every single frame to make sure there are no gaps in the effect.

I would sage this for photog sperging but I think it's actually relevant.

No. 408673

Damn anon, I am glad someone that knew how to explain this came forward. I remember someone mentioned it once before but I couldn’t explain it like that.

No. 408680

File: 1508829573195.jpg (232.13 KB, 684x768, hahano.jpg)

Photoganon again. I forgot to mention in my previous comment that she also definitely used a skin smoothing filter in AE…you can see whenever she touches her face that some of the blur spreads onto her nails. She's also probably squashed the video vertically to make her head look so much shorter, which only works because it's so close up.

I can't believe anyone would look at these two videos and think this is the same person.

No. 408685

She looks like such an ugly little gremlin in her most recent vid

Even mass amounts of video trickery can't make her look cute, youthful and healthy

No. 408686

File: 1508830166759.jpg (198.16 KB, 1019x494, nails.jpg)

Here are a few examples of her fingers/fingernails melting into her skin because of the face smoothing filter.

Another giveaway is that the video is only in 720p, which is the highest resolution she's ever uploaded a video in, despite posting much higher-res photos and the fact that every single smartphone has 1080p video capability nowadays. It's easier to hide the editing in a lower-res video.

No. 408691

can you explain why the picture frame in the back is longer at the top and shorter at the bottom? other thing on her right is also vertically converging down the same way. i thought that was a clear indication that she maybe shrunk the lower half of the frame (her jaw).

No. 408695

Yep, she distorted the entire video. It's easy to do in most editing programs and that's why her face looks so squished.

While most people understand that you can easily edit photos on your phone, the majority have never even dabbled in video and are clueless about it. I still hear people say things like "you can't photoshop video" when that couldn't be farther from the truth.

No. 408714

There’s no need to sage the new thread, this one isn’t in autosage. The last one was because it got derailed so hard by jaw arguments.

No. 408717


Thank you, photoganon, for these ELI5 posts. I find them very helpful and interesting. Just wanted to let you know that.


No. 408720

Please help!what show is this

No. 408726

If you mean the photo on the left, it's literally in the OP.

No. 408729

Fuck lol, right. I meant right, jesus.

No. 408742

File: 1508846829488.jpeg (126.65 KB, 800x800, EC1A74A6-5221-4C18-B275-E4AF5B…)

This one is hilarious.

No. 408743

File: 1508846905704.png (301.02 KB, 341x483, 62C47214-3229-4D5A-8E4C-E11B6A…)

No. 408752

Girl needs bangs and some makeup. This so-called "fresh faced" look makes her look so old. Was she always this potato-faced and lumpy? Looks like mashed potatoes.
RIP Dakota. She is unrecognizable and now looks like someone's aunt.

No. 408774

File: 1508853007775.png (282 KB, 591x324, koti.png)

Well at least does have bangs again. She's definitely aged but the bangs help soften up her face a bit so I'm glad to see them back finally.

No. 408780

Wasn't that video still edited or at least sent through a filter. I mean her face is like half it's length, her chin is tiny, her eyes are huge and widely spaced. I mean isn't >>408559 what she looks like now?

No. 408788

Absolutely, though her bangs do look way better in the video than in that screenshot, editing aside. And unless this is also just from the filters/editing, looks like she has on darker eye makeup? If she didn't really wear it then she should because eye-enlarging makeup like black eyeliner and false lashes were always her best looks. She just looks washed-out and Gollumesque without it

No. 408791


That video was recorded through a Snow app video filter.

No. 408793

That's what I figured.

No. 408832

same, thanks anon. I work with AE a bit but I’m an animator with cartoon type shit, I don’t work with shooping up faces like this, it’s really interesting

No. 408850


Not to mention, SNOW has an option to shorten and “baby”-fy your chin and bug out your eyes. This was edited with very minimal effort.

No. 408853

It has an all over blue filter setting, that one you mentioned, and another face editing one that smooths your skin and makes your chin smaller. There are tons of settings, I’ve only had it a few days and haven’t messed with it much but it’s super easy.

No. 408854

>all over blue filter

*blur filter

No. 408918

She looks so distinctively eastern european/russian without all the shoop.

No. 408940

fuck now that you mention it, she totally does
like a mom of your friend who works on the marketplace kek
some nice soviet style headscarf would suit her and mask that balding

No. 408986

File: 1508892470707.jpeg (93.23 KB, 1180x841, 284F38CA-1028-4FB6-A731-18FDB7…)

No. 409263

File: 1508959805111.jpeg (896.17 KB, 2304x3072, 105A3232-A7F0-48A0-A229-62C307…)

oh you’ve probably inadvertently complimented her, anon. she used to desperately emulate and shoop herself to look like russian and models like Vlada Roslyakova (pic related)

come to think to it, she was looking up to and copying the “porcelain doll-faced” models of the mid and early 2000’s for quite a while. not even the living doll thing was original.

No. 409308

Damn. Dakota could only dream of ever looking like that girl. I imagine that when koots goes bare faced, she imagines she looks like that.

No. 409445

Thanks AE anon, she def uses motion tracking in her vids since the dawn of time and it flubs whenever she moves a certain way. That's why the old ones were stiff non-movement videos, just like her gifs.

Just imagining how much fuckery it would take to get this frond looking thing with one eye higher than the other >>408559 to the bottom left image at >>408680 is mindblowing.

No. 409472

No. 409473

also lmao

No. 409474

saging for my trash but this should be the next thread pic

No. 409477

Can photoganon debunk some video/camera stuffs on some of her pics & videos?

No. 409518

File: 1509000872426.png (485.3 KB, 2967x1278, 2017-10-26 03_31_02-Search Res…)

look what came up when looking for taylor
top kek

No. 409532

Could it be a YouTube algorithm just suggesting her, or is she possibly tagging herself with Taylor, just like how she tagged herself as Barbie and real doll, kek

No. 409574

You can download a Chrome extension that shows you the tags for YouTube videos that were used. I tried finding a way to see them on mobile, but no luck.

No. 409576

Woops, meant to quote >>409532

But adding to that, I think it’s interesting that YouTube disabled viewable tags back in August 2012. Convenient for Dakota, eh?

No. 409709

File: 1509040619026.png (391.8 KB, 931x441, Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.52…)

New pic..


Use to be able to just go to View > Developer > View source on my mac to see the tags, but either Youtube changed that or she didn't put any tags on her most recent video.

No. 409712

There are other way to check with Chrome browser but they don’t work on mobile. I doubt she didn’t tag her video, that would kind of defeat the purpose of her uploading it to begin with, especially if she means to do a YT return since she’s not getting many jobs lately.

No. 409759

As relieved I am to see her with bangs again (I guess), I'm a little put off by the fact that she decided to get them cut straight across.

No. 409760

Definitely one of her better recent photos. The bangs are a huge improvement and she actually has eyelashes!

No. 409957

File: 1509064542302.jpg (16.21 KB, 270x241, image.jpg)

She missed a spot

No. 410050

Holy shit is that the outline of where her chin would've been?

No. 410082

If she was using the clone tool, which I see some signs of, probably not. It could just be a leftover piece of the "brush" she was painting with, which is the area including the border of her chin, and she would be clicking in different places with the same chin outline "brush," essentially.

No. 410113

>dat shopped on necklace

No. 410120

Dakochin has like no hair, besides isn't it a lil too late for her to start caring for her looks? She could had done something ages ago.

No. 410128

So funny how she tries to frame her meaty jowls with her hair and hand poses all the time

Oh and you know the leftover fucking photoshop fragment on her neck there

No. 410146

Photoganon here, send me specific vids and pics and I"ll do my best!

No. 410488

Never seen this girl before, but holy shit, she looks like a literal doll. What's her name?

No. 410489

>>408543 Shes so cute she looks like beyonce

No. 410492

Don't reply. Just report them and move on.

Is that photoshop? Looks like it could have been a crease in her neck from one of her tacky necklaces or something.

No. 410496

She's beautiful, she looks like a model, she looks like Linda Evangelista

No. 410503

Are u the same guy who wants to cum on Kiki?

No. 410504

Anon, seriously. See >>410492

No. 410505

Maybe I'm more interested in that anon's motivation behind those posts.

No. 410577

Maybe it’s the fact that Kiki and Kota are both going stale again and they don’t want us to get bored and lose interest in them on a low note.

No. 410610

File: 1509151548647.jpeg (33.52 KB, 600x450, 76B81654-2E49-46D9-A18F-94F0BB…)

No. 410620

I just noticed that her "cleavage" is hilarious again.

No. 410621

what? like take any vid from her youtube account? like lets say the latest.

No. 410624

File: 1509153403777.jpg (186.83 KB, 1280x1600, linda-evangelista-nearly-unrec…)

was that suppossed to be a joke

No. 410625

File: 1509153506905.jpeg (81.64 KB, 640x640, 1508663290318.jpeg)

i mean the resemblance is uncanny

[pic related from last thread]

No. 410696

It’s a rpdr meme

No. 410835

So, is she basically just a Japanese-speaking Instagram thot now? No wonder she got so boring.

No. 410911

Fucking yikes. Double chin, thinning hairline, michael jackson nose

No. 411220

She's a loooong way from being a typical-looking instagram thot. But imagine if she started doing her makeup and shopping to look like one instead of a doll. Big, fake lips, thick eyebrows…the thought makes me shudder.

No. 411290

Her face is so distracting that I almost didn't notice she hecka overdrew her lips again.

No. 411305

>mfw kota manages to look even more double-chin'd and doughy than this old fat woman

No. 411306

With her awkwardly protruding cheekbones leading down to chub-induced jowls where she pretends she has a small jaw, and her inability to know that natural makeup does not suit her, she looks like a haggard middle aged woman. Maybe not on her shooped instagram page, but in the media and everywhere else you can see how old she looks.

No. 411332

File: 1509272837287.jpg (41.67 KB, 400x600, Long-Hairstyles-For-Square-Fac…)

a very strong jaw is not a bad thing, but it's extremely mature and looks best with western makeup (no cute/youthful/kawaii). that's why she looks so "old" without editing. forcing a youthful look on a person with mature features will just make them look older.

No. 411374

File: 1509283878150.png (521.05 KB, 603x594, Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 9.25…)

New pic.

I wonder if it ever gets frustrating to take the pic > upload on computer > photoshop > re-upload on phone > post to IG.

I honestly don't feel like all her photos are edited by phone apps, atleast not with Kota's shitty vision. Plus it'd be to hard not to screw up hardcore when you're changing that much detail on your face.

No. 411386

File: 1509286982540.jpg (615.18 KB, 2448x1836, image.jpg)

Sorry for samefagging fam. I made some comparisons.

No. 411387

File: 1509287081766.jpg (627.91 KB, 2448x1836, image.jpg)

No. 411388

>>I wonder if it ever gets frustrating to take the pic > upload on computer > photoshop > re-upload on phone > post to IG.

>>I honestly don't feel like all her photos are edited by phone apps, atleast not with Kota's shitty vision. Plus it'd be to hard not to screw up hardcore when you're changing that much detail on your face.

I've thought the same thing. Sage for non-contribution, but maybe some other anons can clear up how she makes such drastic changes to her photos without taking them off her phone first.

No. 411393

She doesn't. She's most likely using Photoshop/ After Effects.

No. 411404

Her jaw isn't even that bad. Back to the first candids in Japan when she was slimmer I remember her jawline wasn't bad at all, it's just that the weight gain makes her look bloated and meaty imo. She needs to lose weight.

No. 411426

File: 1509293016819.jpg (16.25 KB, 236x315, 9c528ab0e0b1ecb3d196ff70295288…)

she used to hide her jaw with her hair back in the first candids. otherwise her jaw looked the same

No. 411443

File: 1509295628937.gif (1023.57 KB, 420x236, chinchinnitiechinchinchinchiii…)


Most didn't make fun of her jaw, but rather made fun of her chin that constantly wiggled or changed back then. Currently now though, her jaw has gotten beefy from weight gain and age.

No. 411450

>her jaw has gotten beefy from weight gain and age.
it really hasn't.. when are people going to understand that's her actual jaw bone. it's not beefy, it's bulky. this right here >>408559 is all bone. even if she lost weight, her face would never look angular.

No. 411474

Here I can see it, and doesn't look like a bad case of manjaw to me. Idk, but the jaw is the least of her problems

No. 411492

File: 1509301854307.jpg (532.06 KB, 2448x1836, image.jpg)

Hmm, she really could make a career out of shop videos. Like people send their pics in and show goes to town on them.

No. 411493



*SHE not show..

No. 411499

i like this shoop tbh.
at least its not wonky cell phone quality

No. 411501

I think some other anon said this in the last thread, but she would never do that. It would take all the attention off of her fake dolly-ness, and she's probably too vain to want anybody else to look good.

I agree. Even using all of the new features on Meitu, it'd be incredibly hard to change your physical features the way that she manages to. All you can really do with the phone apps in terms of changing your face in make your nose smaller, eyes bigger and jaw smaller. She manages to do all of this magic shit with photoshop.

No. 411505

File: 1509302678775.jpg (98.39 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

Why does Dakota even bother making makeup videos anymore? As if anyone wants to watch her basic ass self put on basic ass makeup. There's a million beauty bloggers with far, far better and more relevant makeup skills, and are much more likeable and honest personalities. Nikkie for instance never lies about her appearance and is upfront about her makeup and cosmetic surgery like lip injections. And she's more famous than Dakota the fat slobby laughing stock will ever be. She's just one of many who are much more successful and living their best life.

Hope you keep wallowing in your irrelevant mediocrity Dakota you nasty little gremlin of a person.

No. 411508

sage for ot but not everybody LIKES this style of instagram makeup thats so in style atm anon. youtube has niches.

not everybody who wears makeup wants to be doing MUA photoshoot-ready faces. some people want casual, practical makeup.

some people just like watching cute girls do cute stuff

No. 411511


nikkie is a fucking hack anon. she has no clue how to do makeup and just piles it on for the camera. all these makeup youtubers who even attempt instahoe makeup are hacks because it's unwearable outside of selfies. ffs, she's in the bad makeup thread on /g/.

No. 411512

not to mention she doesn't even make herself look good, all she can do is make her face look fatter. she looks like meghan trainer.

No. 411513

File: 1509303014415.png (313.8 KB, 485x427, 3.png)


Lmao even AE can't save her

No. 411514

i don't think anon meant -she- was cute, just not that the only good option was instahoe makeup. it's not even in the same category as kawaii shit koot tries doing.

No. 411515

Why bring up anyone other than Dakota if that anon was talking about Dakota?? Who gives a fuck what legit kawaii makeup people are doing? Clearly Dakota is not one of them. She is nothing

No. 411521

bringing up fat instahoes as a comparison is fucking stupid though.

No. 411529

She would never do that for anyone but herself, Kiki, or her rich friends.

No. 411530

>some people just like watching cute girls do cute stuff

Dakota doesn’t try to be cute, she tries to be fake-humble (after being rude and blunt) and ~guroi~, and she doesn’t do anything cute, she just takes selfies and eats carbs and rides in taxis. Her shoop is her only consistent gimmick. It’s like her witchcraft.

No. 411550

Okay? You clearly hate Nikkie but the point was that she's better at makeup, more successful, more popular, and more likeable than Dakota. Pretend I said some Japanese makeup blogger instead you autist. Nobody gives a fuck about Dakota's boring makeup videos as she is both unskilled and unlikeable. She has no personality or anything interesting about her.

No. 411605

I think she used to try. There’s a couple of really wonky ones out there where her eyes bug straight out of her face. I think she got lazy for a while but when she saw how she was losing what little internet presence she has left, went back to the computer.

I bet she lives with a constant worry about being exposed in a lie. She knows she can somewhat lie in Japan, and culturally, most people will be polite to her, even though she’s a total fraud to anyone with eyes. Her recent lie about how she “had to present as Barbie, (thus the extreme photoshopping) even though she never asked for it!” Would be shredded to pieces in any English speaking country. She’s lucky she can somehow stay in Japan all of this time, but eventually her looks won’t be enough. She better invest in talent or personality, her looks and stick are definitely waning.

No. 411614

I wonder if she just stayed home with the horns on

No. 411621

That’s a big ass TV for a broke bitch like her.

No. 411628


Could be the friends she's staying at, or even the same one from her old apartment thats a few years old already now.

No. 411640

Nigga are you blind? That's beef. Lots of it. Pay attention. No, she never had a delicate face to begin with but the weight gain gave her crazy bloat and made her face look much worse.

No. 411645

Cute? Anon, please. Maybe in her shitty photoshopped pictures. I think what >>411505 was trying to say is that there are far more relevant beauty gurus that can do the same style of makeup, and on top of that, are charismatic on camera and have something to offer. Although, using Nikkie was a very, very bad example.

No. 411720

I like Nikkie, even if I'd never wear her style of makeup myself her vids are fun to watch and she has a positive attitude.

But the bitch won a Teen Choice Award. Dakota is nothing compared to her nor any of the other popular makeup gurus, in any style of makeup. Dakota is so irrelevant she has to spend money buying views and likes and she always turns off comments and ratings on Youtube where she can't control them lmao.

No. 411721

She needs to switch back to this weeb haircut with the short layers down the sides of her face hiding her chin.

No. 411722

Oops, meant jaw.

No. 411749

It wouldn’t work, her face is too different now due to age. Her face was smaller and narrower then because she was younger, and she’s never getting that look back.

No. 411775

Holy shit some of you spergs are insane, I didn't say Dakota was cute but you reacted as if I called her the fucking holy mother. Calm down

No. 411776

she should just switch back to this whole aesthetic she gave it up too fast

No. 411874


See >>411749

She couldn’t go back to that if she had to, she’s too fat and she’s aged too much.

No. 411894

File: 1509368587069.png (259.85 KB, 932x396, Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 9.01…)

New post.

Its a video, and I'll be shocked if she keeps it up because you can see how chunky she is.

No. 411902

Did she just forget to edit her arms? They really are… Large.

No. 411960

She’s using Snow again, and it doesn’t make anything skinny but your chin/face.
I’m pretty shocked she put this up too.

No. 411967

lol maybe she's finally shedding that real barbie image that was so ~*forcefully thrust*~ upon her by the public. after all, she never, ever tried to perpetuate that in the first place at all.

No. 412012

Damn, I wish I still had the pics of her video tags.

No. 412016

File: 1509389483787.jpeg (75 KB, 500x389, CB2F7E85-78C1-4F98-818C-5EEC2D…)

Hasn’t she been saying that since the beginning though?

No. 412059

Holy fuck, her arms are big. I hope she dyes her hair a different color than her usual ash brown.

No. 412070


Did she say she's dying her hair ?

I almost hope not since I don't think her hair can take anymore damage.

No. 412089

She didn’t say anything about dying her hair.

No. 412135

She never said anything about dying her hair, I was just saying that I hope she does. It looks like she bleached in, so I was thinking that's an indication of her changing the color.

No. 412154

How does her hair look bleached? Sure, the video is filtered and overexposed as fuck, but her hair is always that ~blonde~ when she blows out her lighting and uses filters.

No. 412171

She looks like that one actress. Chloe something.
Is she trying to moroh into her now.

Its funny cuz Kota could be cute if she wasnt eating like a pig and keot herself up.

No. 412193

Chloe Moretz?

No. 412197

An improvement. Aaaaaah put more makeup on. C'mon she's so close to being normal! I'll let meitu and snow pass, tons of people use it. It's too psychotic to take a high resolution photo of yourself then spend tons of time in photoshop on it. It screams that she has no life.

No. 412198

True, the only reason I still follow Dakota is to compare her to the hot shit she thought she was in 2012. Still though, it wouldn’t be enough. There are plenty of young(er), skinny, pretty, (actually) blonde white girls in Japan to replace her.

No. 412199

File: 1509416434883.jpg (1.39 MB, 1500x1499, IMG_2343.JPG)

Chloe Moretz? I don't think so. It's so damn weird looking at her in comparison to people around her age. It really drives home how unfortunately old she looks.

No. 412213

She may have said it, but it was completely evident that was not the case, as referenced by her video tags in the beginning. A lot of us were present for that and remember that.
It was also obvious she was throwing everything at the wall and waiting for anything to stick. And the "real Barbie" Japan train called and she got on the first chance she got.

I legit wish for her to just be who she really is. Her and her sister both would benefit greatly from just being themselves at this point. No point in trying to hide behind this ethereal empath innocent facade anymore.

No. 412214

I went looking for the caps on PULL but of course the tinypic links to the pic are broken. Somebody must have them somewhere, I find it hard to believe that the Ostrengas are this good at censoring the internet when even the government isn’t. Imagine having to constantly live in fear of your blatant lies popping up on some obscure corner of the internet when you least expect it, just because you want to truck people into thinking you’re something you’re not.

No. 412221

Yes her. Kota's edited pics remind me of her a bit.
But i know she could never hope to look like her. Chole has looked the same for years like het facial struture was set from birth. I can still picture her in aimtyville horror and her now.

No. 412252

I don't know. Kooter shoops look like big eyes alien babies, with tiny jaws and huge eyes. Chloe looks her age, and mature in a positive way. Her eyes are small and her jaw isn't as narrow but they fit her face and suit her well, she's very pretty.

No. 412260

Late to the party, but judging by Japanese Twitter and GirlsChannel’s reactions to her, is it wrong to think that their mindset towards Kota isn’t much above the same level as everyone else who picks her apart? I do know that the Japanese are very two-faced and blunt (as are Koreans, but they crank it up to 11), but I suppose at the end of the day, everyone doesn’t like her for the same reasons.

No. 412273

The only people who like her are people who don’t know much about her/what she really looks like, and her rich&famous friends. I honestly wonder what they see in her to keep her around? She’s so bland.

No. 412424

File: 1509462966428.jpeg (91.72 KB, 640x868, FF57EBB1-57CA-427D-A29A-A873CF…)

Look like we might not get to see that Halloween make she teased until it goes through PS-AE, which might take a few days. She must be busy editing now though, she got online to squeeze out a last minute happy Halloween tweet right around midnight. Also, she updated all her bios from “American model based in Tokyo” to just “model” in katakana. Weird?

Also this guy corrected her kanji and didn’t get deleted/blocked, AND got a nice reply. Color me impressed.

No. 412572

can't risk alienating the only audience she gives a shit about.

No. 412636

Trust me, if the other ostrengas could speak japanese they'd be more than preoccupied fighting japanese netizens who roast dakota.

No. 412649

Eh, Japanese trolls are savage, they would rip them all apart tbh.

No. 412818

Damn this just makes her look fatter..

No. 413740

Her face is so bloated lately, despite the obvious weight gain, I wonder if she is drinking a lot or something.

No. 413754

File: 1509658955977.jpeg (158.86 KB, 1200x900, DNo4GDfVoAAXQwS.jpeg)

New photo from Twitter.

No. 413758

>dat blurry wall
If there was any doubt before that she no longer gives a shit…

No. 413764

Shrunken head doll

No. 413768

maybe it's a cry for help?

No. 413773

The size of her hand and arm in relation to her head and face is creeping me out, she can't even photoshop correctly anymore. Also, flat head.

No. 413780

>the wall all around her head, hands and arm
>the sweater all around her neck
>the boob area

There's probably more shoop but the wall and sweater having a visible grain makes it too obvious.

You know bitch's head is twice the size of the lady beside her.

No. 413783

there's a perfect rectangle wall blur around her hand. what did she do to it?

No. 413786

The wall behind her has a lot of texture, so when she got done shopping her face, she realized the wall was distorted, got lazy, and blurred the fuck out of it in a sad attempt to make it less noticeable.

No. 413790

File: 1509662657784.jpg (217.68 KB, 470x370, c.jpg)

nono, i mean there's a perfect rectangular cut around her hand, like it was cropped out and put back ??

No. 413791

Why not just smooth the whole wall. She just made it more noticeable

No. 413820

File: 1509666530449.jpeg (55.98 KB, 581x590, CFD86472-04A0-4FA2-80C0-623E00…)

hahaha wow this is some of her sloppiest shooping

No. 413825

she has nasolabial folds on only one side of her face

No. 413840

Oh shit, I didn't realize that's what you meant. That's funny as hell, what a bad job. If we ranked some of her shoops, this would probably turn out number one for worst, not including her wonky video editing.

No. 413842

Couldn't you see that in the original image??

No. 413844

>when you’re so insecure, you have to shoop your fingers and hand.

No. 413848

Fuck this is funny to look at, she looks like a crispy nugget

No. 413849

Hilarious the way she blurs an outline to conceal the liquified/stretched grains smh she think we all dumb

No. 413878

Not surprised, she has pretty nubby fingernails. She should go back to having fake nails. They make anyone's hands look nicer.

No. 413935


Lol, her entire fanbase is pedos and bots .. So naturally she isn't going to care.

No. 413947

Pretty sure number one is that one where she's alone at her birthday party. Please don't post it again it's a cursed image

No. 413977

Ah yes the boobah/cool guy abortion shop.

No. 414174

File: 1509716389076.png (526.14 KB, 605x449, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 9.36…)

HI DAKOTA !!!! I C U Lurking .

I love how you guys harp on how poorly that picture was edited, so now she took it down and uploaded a new one.


No. 414175

File: 1509716425715.png (503.55 KB, 606x446, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 9.36…)


(2nd pic )

No. 414179

doesn't necessarily mean she was lurking, she could have just realized the blurry wall too late and hastily deleted it, then uploaded new ones as a distraction

No. 414180

Kek I'm screaming
She looks like a shitty yaoi character

No. 414182

this is like the pic of her at her birthday party where she looks like some kind worm monster

No. 414192


How does one upload a picture so blurry and shitty and not realize immediately before even posting ? Or realize its shittyness while still editing it.

I'm going to take a guess that this was a meitu/phone edit thus the shit low quality compared to other pics.

No. 414194

Dumb lying liar who always puts shit in front of her jowls to hide them.

Her shooping used to be fucking amazing what happened?

No. 414195

File: 1509718268950.jpg (128.39 KB, 1060x812, 1509716389076.jpg)

is this a strand of hair or did she draw a dark line from her jaw to her neck?

No. 414209

lolololol why is her head so small, it's smaller than her tiddy.

No. 414332

LMAO she shooped her head so small her body looks fucking huge

No. 414347

looks like a necklace

No. 414349

Holy fucking christ this one is more noticeable than before. Her head is the size of a god damn raisin, and her body looks huge. She couldn't just edit her face to be the way she wanted and then just left her head size alone?

No. 414354

Wtf happened to her?
She used to make interesting vids,outfits,…She was at least aesthetically pleasing in the way she shooped herself,the way she dressed (aka just not oversized clothes),…
It's like she really doesn't care anymore, I'm almost worried for her tbh i feel like she must be deep into depression (which would explain gaining weight from binge eating,not giving a shit and posting sloppily edited cellphone pics,…). She probably has a very severe case of body dismorphia or she's trolling us. No one with a sane mind would want to look like the way she shoops herself nowadays
Do you think she's trying to fade into obscurity or something?

No. 414356

Her pinky finger is much larger than her nose in comparison INSANE

No. 414360

Imo she noticed her career was going nowhere even when she shooped everything carefully (she'd make dumb mistakes before like shooping out her ears but it's be more meticulously done) so she might as well say fuck it and take 5min to shoop some pics.

Pretty sure every company knows how much of a terrible chunky liar she is so she's only shooping her face for the hell of it and her insta aesthetic, it's not like her fans are gonna notice it anyway, or even care.

No. 414364

Except that the way she shoops herself now is pretty on par with a lot of east asian shoopers. It's looks bizarre but some people still seem to believe and tout her abortion shoops as being kawaii.
She adjusts her shoops to match what she is into at the time. She always has. She shooped to look like Vlada Roslyakova, then a literal doll (her best shoops), then a mixed Japanese girl, then copied the same style of editing as her Popteen counterparts, and now she is into this weird style of editing that I've seen from other JP girls on twitter.

No. 414394

I personally don't think she has body dysmorphia. That's a pretty extreme thing to assume. There are many girls in the whole kawaii-insta community that shoop themselves just like she does, changing their features drastically, and it's not because they have dysmorphia (although I'm not ruling out that some of them might), but it seems to be more just for the aesthetic of it, and to appear as something she's not.
Depression is another thing, it's possible that maybe she does, giving how she's becoming more and more irrelevant, but that's just tinfoiling and it's also possible she's just a lazy fuck. Saged

No. 414398

File: 1509738614409.jpg (98.49 KB, 500x723, e413a4b942dffcacb15d4bdc6729ed…)

>a very severe case of body dysmorphia
yes.. she set unrealistic beauty standards for herself by getting the reputation of being a "real barbie" when she wasn't. it's impossible to live up to that, so it can only make her increasingly insecure about her true self the more she tries to keep it up. it explains perfectly why her edits have been getting less and less human. she didn't use to be so insecure about her jaw or anything before all of this. she didn't mind uploading this back then

No. 414401


i remember when years ago she posted this and claimed 0 photoshop and how you could see her pores as proof

No. 414417

Agree. it's not body dysmorphia, and tbh I think she doesn't care about what people say here or PULL about her body and edited pictures. Years and years of doing whatever she wants to her pictures, it's consistent, she doesn't care.

I think the only things she cares about are the gossips about her age, that's why she has her birthday and age on all her social media sites and made the video with her passport.

(It's a legit passport tho, the last 2 numbers are bigger in all passports, just google it, my passport is like that too. Also, The police reports are FULL of mistakes. for example, the birth date and the age they wrote doesn't match, check and do the math. It also says Kiki has brown eyes and they mispelled her name. So it's not a document you can trust. Another detective in PULL posted even more evidence recently that supports her claims)

So yeah, it's all that evidence vs. a total stranger saying she remembers that Dakota said she was older.

The other thing that I think she hates are the gossips about her relationship with her family. Every time I see tinfoils about it, they post a lot of pictures together and often talk to each other in public.

No. 414418

Also an anon posted her grandfather's obituary which showed the earliest she could have been born is 1995 >>403062

No. 414425

Oh wait that was the evidence that got reposted to PULL (as always) that you were talking about, ignore my post.

No. 414432

Yes! that's the detective I was talking about. That was crazy, but necessary. Nice detective skills.

They have a big brother, Kiki has his picture, so that obituary proves it. They have another picture when Kiki is already a big kid and Dakota still looks like a baby, definitely not one year apart.

Dakota IS 22. (1995/09/19)

No. 414439

There are other things she was honest about the time she was making videos, she once explained on Japanese TV everything she used to make her youtube videos, like what camera she was using, how many time she needed, how much it cost, the lighting (she had HUGE and expensive af studio lights and cameras) they went to her apartment and she made a room tour and showed her clothing as well.

No. 414467

dysmorphia is a huge spectrum, anon. part of why people think she has it is because she is so drastic about her shoops and she shoops herself differently all the time. she seems more like she -needs- it than an asthetic thing.

No. 414470

All she needs is her own fucking Japanese reality show like Mariah Carey

No. 414473

Looks like a smeared line she drew to sharpen her jaw after she shaved down her face.

No. 414498

Tbh I think it’s funnier that she’s only 22, especially given how rough she looks these days without shoop and generous lighting and mattifying powder. Hell, even if she was 24, she’d still be a rough 24. She looks worse than Kiki.

No. 414508

Kirsten looks like a dried out date with a receding hairline although if you compare her to Dakota Kirsten does look more fresh with fuller hair.

No. 414521

File: 1509747555634.png (349.8 KB, 552x456, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 6.14…)

new fits pic.

I'm surprised they even bother releasing anymore pictures of her. Even the best pictures don't look good.

I wonder how bad these pictures really looked before they touched them up ?

No. 414522

File: 1509747579212.jpeg (58.52 KB, 1280x720, 240F1641-6235-4C5E-88AF-4A19BF…)

She really needs to go back to makeup looks like this. Ngl I would have thought this pic was a huge photoshopped distaster back then but now when I see it I do think this is what made her Barbie/doll-like. I really do wish she could sit down and realise what she is turning herself into when she modifies all her edited photos like the way she does.

No. 414533

She looks like a scruffy foreign exchange student who discovered melonpan

No. 414567

That sounds entertaining… I don’t remember it

No. 414606

She looks like one of those random fat weebs in sefuku at their first con getting their pics taken by photogs handing out business cards or exposure.

No. 414673

>omg I wish she would go back to 2012 makeup/style!!!1

Even if she tried to recreate this exact look, it would still be a hot mess. You have to remember, she never looked like that. Dakota’s photobook and debut interview are what her livin doll makeup looked like without the photoshop and after effects. Dakota could never have made it without either of those, and the fact that her career has been sputtering along these last few years proves that. If her actual face and personality were good enough for her to be a ~toppu moderu~ then she wouldn’t feel so ~forced~ to upload her “kira kira shashin” and she could actually go out and be a normal girl.

No. 414678

Haha look at you rephrasing my whole paragraph for me in your own words, freak.

No. 414684

Wow, I almost cut myself on all your edge.

No. 414798

They both look old and used up tbh. If they look this bad at 20 something, they will be full cathy in a few years.

Kek, really does have that anime con feeling. Especially with the "I don't need makeup" look many weebs have.

No. 414810

File: 1509771619417.png (579.18 KB, 494x784, Untitled.png)

Ah the good old alien forehead days.

Her jaws weren't that meaty yet tho so she didn't have to shoop them.

No. 414821

is this shopped to hell too, this looks relatively natural

No. 414905

File: 1509797865992.jpg (76.1 KB, 550x880, Kotakotirealface.jpg.jpg)

It's shooped to hell, her true form was kinda like this..

No. 414918


How old was she there? Her hair is already so damaged, yikes.

No. 415909

>digs up Dakota's ugliest image
>raccoon makeup, sour face buzznet video from 10 years ago

get over it anon. that picture was not edited, it's true to how she looks like. the only problem is it's not ugly enough for your liking.

No. 415991

File: 1509894109517.png (142.33 KB, 333x308, Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 9.59…)


Different anon.

Those images were shooped back then, the only thing is that she didn't concentrate on her face she put all the effort into making herself a skeleton.

I wonder what would have came to be if she never went over board with photoshop and left her face to be. Those earlier images weren't too bad minus the terrible body shoop.

No. 416171

>obviously edited picture is totally not edited
>candid is totally rare ugly pic even though that's how she looks now w/o shoop but fatter

Sperg harder.

No. 416515

Tbh that’s been the case for the last few years. Every pic of Kota pre-Japan except her 2012 shoops are all edited, her candies are edited, oh but all the pics in between she uploads are just ~*~filtered using beauty apps~*~.

No. 416587

Dakota is pretty. And it’s stupid to think all of the companies she had work with photoshop her photos to make her look like in her videos.

>Reee she’s famous only because she photoshopped her pictures!1!1

Do you think it’s that easy? Why don’t you photoshop your pictures and become a model in Japan then? Do you really believe her manager saw her irl and said : “oh she’s fugly without ps, but I already paid her plane ticket so there’s no option but to lie everyone and all these brands and ask them to shop her face to make her look pretty because she’s ugly”

They could fucking find someone else if she looked that ugly irl, but they liked her for a reason, she’s pretty, get over it.

No. 416596

She looks exactly the same here lol

No. 416602


>she's pretty, get over it

hi cathy

No. 416605

And here we go with the tinfoils…
Annoying af

No. 416626

Beauty apps = edition , Anon.
That’s why they say it’s beauty apps and lighting. Some beauty apps can actually make everything PS does but the quality isn’t the same, so it ends up looking weird if you check it closer.

Instagram is the world of ilusions and delusions, I don’t know why someone can take whatever is posted there seriously.
Dakota isn’t a regular poster and everyone knows it’s edited somehow, why is it still relevant to you after all these years? She does whatever she wants though

No. 416649


The reason her manager didn’t turn her away was because she went viral.

They wanted to cash in on her viral fame.

No. 416651

The reason she got picked up before other girls famous after her for the living doll trend was because she was one of the first to do it, and her photoshop was convincing. Then, when the world saw her on live TV, everyone realized how absolutely full of shit she was. Why do you think her career is slowly dropping off? Do us all a favor and sage your sperging.

No. 416684

Nah Magibon went viral. Where’s she?
A lot of people go viral and don’t get contracts or a job just for going viral.
The reasons why she ain’t that active anymore is in my opinion very simple
1. Dolly trend, the reason why she was known for, is no longer a thing.
2. She’s an adult now
3. She gained some weight and completely changed her style.

She’s seems to be more into tv and tarento work than modeling so probably she doesn’t care that much about her weight, however, yes, it probably had some kind of negative impact but, everyone has lows and highs, your physical appearance is something you can always change. She can lose weight.

It’s on topic so no.

No. 416704

And I hate so much mentioning the weight part because I think she actually looks healthy and cute, also her events are mostly casual looks and clothing for teens and young women so they pick idols/tarentos for that instead of just models. I only mention it because I know how people are when a famous person gains some weight

No. 416769

that’s not what tinfoiling means, nice try

No. 416775

>I know how people are when a famous person gains some weight

KEK you couldn’t possibly make this any more obvious….

No. 416797

It’s a tinfoil if you are all paranoid and say
>Hi Kiki
>Hi Cathy
Every time someone disagrees or criticizes your post about Dakota. Sit down.

No. 416811

This. Kiki and Kota threads were always witchhunt central, which is annoying and derailing.

No. 416835

It’s true tho..

Witchhunt and nitpicking central.. Dakota’s, Taylor’s, Ahri’s thread were saged for a reason…

No. 416925

Pretty certain magibon went viral and got a job in Japan. You know… Same shit as Dakota.

Think she outgrew her viral look and settled down with family now. (other anons please correct if I am wrong)

So saying it wasn't the whole viral thing that got Dakota a job is bullshit. Using Magibon as an example is even worse. She did a better job than Dakota.

No. 416932

I just stumbled upon this thread. I haven’t followed or seen pictures of her for like maybe 4 years, why does she look like a completely different person?

No. 416936

Clearly you're not educated about Magibon lore.
She was in playboy for fucks sake.
Also, a couple of years ago I watched a video where she was doing reviews (a camera I believe) for some company.

No. 417043

File: 1510063447733.png (593.45 KB, 455x633, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.39…)

Holy poop shoot guys …

Do you really gotta recycle the same old argument from 2012 ?

She was 16 and didn't have as high requirements as adult models did. Half the Popteen girls looked like shit too. There are a lot of random weebs who get catalog modelling gigs just like Kota did. Kota was signed to a bunch of gigs before they even knew what she looked like, but they went fine as she was only required to look cute of the sort. She wasn't hideous when she was a teen, but come mid 2015-early 2016 shit started hitting the fan. ( weight gain and aging )

This picture was when she was younger and she wasn't fat nor ott ugly. She use to be able to pull off the cute look. Bravo kept her because they probably actually liked her and could see some semblance of potential.

I refuse to believe that Kota is some powerful weeb that could bend the will of a huge modelling agency.

No. 417044

File: 1510063517946.png (263.34 KB, 510x341, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.31…)



Kota updated her IG yesterday, but I see no one posted them so I will.

No. 417047

File: 1510063660244.png (243.88 KB, 513x288, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.31…)


She also posted a video.. But I have no idea how to post the actual IG video on here.

( screen shot )

Said something about a meeting .. ? So I take it she's still trying to get modelling gigs/agency.

No. 417065

File: 1510065519690.jpg (8.87 KB, 173x241, MagibonTrolld2.jpg)

magibon wasn't cute outside of her angles. She stil had some gigs in Japan. Counting down time on a big somewhere downtown tokyo, several appearances on TV together with a translator… it just didn't work out - but they tried.

No. 417066

I have that same sweater, it's from H & M in the men's section…. I found it on the sale rack on september 31st, it was like $14.

Saged for useless information

No. 417070

yep. it's barely even worth shutting these bitches up when they go off their rocker because they don't even have a real response, they say "hi cathy" and think they won the argument. nice try jelly, you didn't.

imo magibon's teeth where the sole problem, not her whole face. she had a major expose tho very much like the one that blew up /cgl/ when Dakota first went on TV, but I think she was a much weaker person and she let it get to her, so she practically went into hiding. She was also really older, nearly 30. She did do a few guavare (whatever you call it) for magazines, which I think was one of PT's dreams~

No. 417074

another video made with snow

No. 417075

Welcome anon. It's because she photoshopped her pics to hell and back then couldn't keep up the facade when she had to go live on TV in Asia, and her modeling company dropped her too, people were pissed she didn't look that cute and kawaii IRL at all. She went from fat cabbage patch emo kid to model-seque "cosplayer" cgl dickrider to currently shopping herself into a small elf insta baddie with an extreme case of Williams syndrome. Lurk the previous threads to catch up.

No. 417088

As anon said in the previous thread, Dakota has some friends in the industry that keeps her getting a gig or two. She keeps a low profile and really doesn't have any drama. We've argued for years that basic bitches can get catalog stuff in Japan. I tend to believe that Dakota isn't that photogenic but isn't that bad looking. She's simple enough that using her as a token white isn't intimidating to the other Japanese girls while still being girl next door.

It's always interesting seeing what she's up to and her hilariously bad photos (shopped or not), but usually this thread turns into spam of "she's ugly," "she's 2 years older than she claims," or "she's cute!"

No. 417119

>or "she's cute!"
this never happens, where have you been? anybody who so much as says "she's not that ugly" gets immediately pounced on.

No. 417189

File: 1510073630760.jpg (51.95 KB, 500x667, dakota.jpg)

I couldn't have said it better. It's better to stay factual.

>Not educated about Magibon
>Magibon was in Playboy

She looks normal in many pictures and videos
>b-but she edited her videos!!! Pop teen edited everything too!
No, they didn't. You can see in this picture normal expression lines, look at her cheeks, nose, etc. She's only wearing circle lenses.

and when you compare pop teen videos and pictures to her videos you can see she was just using very intense lighting and circle lenses. Nothing too complicated. There's a video where she explains everything she uses for videos too.

Someone in PULL explained what she used for her last video too, Camera lenses can make a person look very very different.

No. 417201

>So I take it she's still trying to get modelling gigs/agency.
It's not like she invited herself to a meetings,
you sound so bitter anon. She wrote AFTER meeting.

No. 417263


Bitter ? Because I assume she's likely just calling a resume drop off a meeting ? and applying for jobs ?

Its no mystery she's agencyless and scarce for jobs, anon. Stop being so salty when someone say anything remotely negative about her. All I pointed out is that it seems like she's not giving up yet.

No. 417266

I believe she did a gravure shoot in a magazine that was similar to Playboy, but that's all I know.

No. 417320

File: 1510079469884.jpg (165.72 KB, 703x1024, PzZo04zWVrI.jpg)

Anon. She definitely uses after effects on her videos. >>408663 explains it well. And Popteen shooped her all the time, not the extreme way she shooped herself usually but this was her Popteen intro photo. Don't tell me it's not shooped.
>There's a video where she explains everything she uses for videos too.
She lies about everything. Even small things. She is allergic to the truth. She stood on TV with her obvious circle lenses and claimed they were real.

No. 417330

Don't forget she also told everyone she moved to Japan from Chicago and that she quit school when she was 8, yet had a sound engineering degree at age 15 she “didn’t want to use”. Every time Japan starts gettin bored with her, “real Barbie” pops back up with some off the wall new bullshit about herself to humblebrag about on TV.

No. 417337

Kek. My personal favorite was her lie about feeding foxes and owls potato chips in the forest (of fucking suburban Florida). Also, her current lie about not having money to buy a piece of bread. Plus every single different way she supposedly became interested in Japan. The best of those being when she claimed that she used to watch Downtown DX (bonus this was before her Japanese was even completely conversational).

No. 417369

Oh man, yeah:

>my parents bought me an anime dvd when I was 5! I grew up with anime!

>Japanese fashion is so cute, we don’t have anything like it in America!
>Final Fantasy! Everyone always told me I look like a FF character!
>I love Asian Horror!

No. 417390

>feeding owls and foxes potato chips in the forest

What kind of Snow White shit

No. 417409

File: 1510083331886.jpg (421.48 KB, 800x1128, 1475203797686.jpg)


No. 417479

File: 1510086418006.jpg (34.68 KB, 275x146, 1489964992636.jpg)

>she’s pretty, get over it

When she edits herself into a monster and can't even get into women's clothing anymore, why bother saying this?

We have so many candids and that Fatt's commercial now. She has no agency, no hair, no nails, no apartment and is looking for work. Things aren't on the upside for her..

No. 417524

She hit her peak in 2012 to 2014. I think she's pretty–BUT–only when she embraces how she really looks and doesn't try so hard to be the ~youthful Barbie~ model she just can't fulfill any longer. She's over the hill when it comes to that kawaii schoolteen aesthetic that she had five years ago and tries so desperately to cling to.

When people like me say she's not model material, I don't mean she's ugly. It's just that there are plenty of people who are attractive but just lack certain things that make their careers take off. And for Kooter, clinging to these gigs is all she's got left. So of course it seems like an insult in that light, we're suggesting she make something else of herself that involves work and less deceit.

No. 417549

Well looks like Kooter has a new agency. New milk anticipated.
Large agency.
She looks so plain next to the line-up of the other tarento.

No. 417564

I barely noticed her, and I say that over a page that looks like it has a lot of same-faced models.

No. 417570

I don't think anybody here is saying that she's hobbit-level ugly, but compared to what she was in the past and what she's photoshopping herself to be now, she's nowhere on the level of cute she once was. She looks older now. She can't fill out the kawaii dolly aesthetic. Like anon said, if she embraces what she looks like now, and did her makeup to suit her face, and dressed fashionably, she would look fine. I don't think she's the most attractive person on the planet, but she's average.

No. 417767

Her resume is noticably bare for 2017.

No. 417799

>She’s average why are they still hiring her?
>There are prettier girls!1
>she looks old
>She’s irelevant
>No one likes her
>No one wants to work with her.
(That’s what weebs who can’t stand that she’s in Japan tell to themselves every time a contract is over)

Anything of this isn’t new at all, they have been saying Dakota looks old and average since she was 16 and that her career is over (Every year someone says her visa is over and that she’s coming back to Florida for good in December… then when she gets a new job someone says she’s fuckingn her manager) You repeat the same things over and over again.

No. 417805

>No nails
Lmao anon if you say shit like this no one is going to take you seriously out there in the real world

No. 417808

She's getting super basic, sparse jobs. She's way below even the average white model in Japan. Get outta here with this shit Ostrenga.

No. 417841

>She's way below even the average white model in Japan boohooo go away!!
>Basic jobs
That’s not new either, I have seen all of these comments before, you always say all that shit but she’s always there, 5 years and counting.

No. 417852

So you admit she's not got any decent jobs for 5 years? Ok then.

5 years of low level jobs is nothing to be proud of, it really does place her below a huge swathe of foreign models whether you like it or not. And the situation is only getting worse, peep her resume.
I didn't say shit about her visa or how she's staying in Japan, only that she's barely scraping projects.

No. 417866

No, anon, I just said I have seen these comments before, your reading comprehension skills are shit.

>Low level jobs

You are delusional if you think she hasn’t worked with big celebrities and for big brands

No. 417880

>>Low level jobs
>You are delusional if you think she hasn’t worked with big celebrities and for big brands

In the last few years? No. She got a couple of gigs after her debut and it's been downhill from there. Being shoved to the back of Popteen and Fit's small time commercials is not a decent career by anyone's standards.

It's very much you that is being delusional in thinking that more than a tiny fraction of Kota's career has involved 'big celebrities and for big brands'.

No. 417889

She really hasn't though. She's never had a big fashion campaign. And the biggest celebrity she's worked with was Kyary on the shampoo cm, a job she got when she was a direct booking.
She never booked any of the big 109 brands like Liz Lisa or Ank Rouge, brands that for a "living doll" should have been her bread and butter.

No. 417897

Eh gotta disagree anon Fit's, was a pretty high profile job and a great opportunity. For another girl that could have been a great stepping stone. Unfortunately Koots looks terrible in those commercials.

No. 417933

>You are delusional if you think she hasn’t worked with big celebrities and for big brands

My sides, anon. You talk about Dakota like she's the white-girl-in-Japan equilavant of Tyra Banks or Gigi Hadid. She may have worked with Fitt's and popteen, but being shoved into the back of a cast of models and used as the token white girl is not a ground-breaking achievement and enough to make you a huge star.
Inb4 "you're jus jealous anon!!1! She's a big starrrr, so pretty!!" She's not ugly by any means, and maybe she still has a tiny bit of star quality, but she could have done so much more with her career.

No. 417934

No one ever said,"she was cute here" you might be thinking of PULL.

No. 417962

>You are delusional if you think she hasn’t worked with big celebrities and for big brands

Damn these posts are getting really suspect. Even at her "peak" she was only getting into tubs with old men…

No. 417976

She did work with big celebrities in the "past." The big brands she worked with haven't call her back, wiped out all trace of her or renew their contract with her. That's nothing to be proud about.Her resume for 2017 is looking awful one "BIG" job the whole year? If anything she's barely hanging in and why didn't she save up her bravo money in case her career goes downhill.

No. 417993

File: 1510104991970.jpg (62.41 KB, 692x692, DNmjNxhX4AEC19m.jpg)

No. 418140

This. Even Taylor managed to bone her way into a drama role, I’m amazed Dakota never tried to be some overexposed waifish dolly schoolgirl exchange student in some slice of life show. That big break she took after her first year of good work really fucked her.

No. 418160

File: 1510112194370.png (25.34 KB, 407x113, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.1…)


Soooo…. 4 gigs in an entire year.
No wonder she lost her apartment this year.

( And apparently only 7 the year before )

Also I google translated part of her profile :

>Size: T 165 cm / S 21.5 cm

>September 19, 1995
>Hometown: USA
>Hobbies: painting, horror movies, novels, art auction, animals, games
>Special skill: drawing, graphic design

Kek kek oh KEK.

"special skills : Graphic design "

Shooping your face isn't graphic design Tooters. So much Bullshit in her profile yet again. "art auctions" are a hobby of hers despite she can't even afford new clothing or nails let alone bid for art for her barren walls. " Size 21.5cm" WOW, she's really going to carry on telling people she's got a waist that small.


Taylor's Bf never got her into any dramas, anon. She has a really good profile/resume from HK, and a manager that really pushed her. Taylor is also more talented and prettier then Kota.

Kota probably refused the aim for any Tv show because she couldn't control the angles or editing. If you could remember her and her sister copyrighted all clips of her Tv appearances and commercials back then. Whether it was the official programmings account or random person.

No. 418163

I don’t see her getting much work with those portfolio pics. Yeesh. They really show how wide and square her face got.

No. 418175

Haha Dude you sound crazy af

>No new nails

This is something extremely stupid to nitpick about. Also she often shows pictures of that anyway
>Lost her apartment
Is this the new “Koots has a sugar Daddy guys! She has no new clothes, no nails but she has a sugar daddy because she’s still in Japan, that’s impossible, she’s fat old and ugly”
Yes, you sound that stupid.

No. 418180

That bitter bitch with a hate boner here sounds as crazy as that “Little fake dolls” tumblr page, it does make me feel bad for Dakota, even Taylor and Ahri. Now that I think about it… those exact threads were perma saged the last time..

No. 418184


Isn't Taylor and Ahri chicks threads dead ? ( + plus auto saged )

No. 418207

Dakota is a part time model. Someone who isn't super popular but scraps by. Mostly does it for ego boosts. However most have a second job/school since they get gigs once every month or couple months.

That or part time models live with roomies and work out 5 times a week and get face fillers/ face lifts so maybe their agency will notice them more and get jobs to be full time (Taylor). I hate to compare, but at least Taylor gives a fuck. The girl freaks out on camera if she just gets a pimple or gains 4 pounds. Kota gained like 10, how the fuck?

No. 418221

I feel like there's been a lot of oddly placed Dakota defensiveness in this thread lately. Not even stuff like "I don't think Dakota is ugly, she looks healthy, her career isn't over abd she can revive it" kind of stuff, which is fine and people shouldn't be called out as Kiki or Cathy for saying. More along the lines of >>417805 >>417841 >>415909 >>417866 >>418175 where imo it's not really disagreeing, it's just "you sound stupid af you're wrong ur just a big nitpicker idiot" while trying to disregard facts like how she hasn't been landing many jobs for whatever reason. I'm not trying to tinfoil, not saying it's Cathy, not saying it's Kiki, not saying it's Dakota, but it's just really weird. Sage for no milk and what may be considered tinfoiling.

No. 418225

Yes, Dakota’s thread was auto saged too because it’s nitpicking land. Girl has no drama, just her IG pictures. We had a townhall and the majority voted this thread needed to be auto saged, it’s not even funny.

No. 418237

eh farmhand said specifically it was auto-saged because of the jaw/chin derailing.

No. 418238

Been feeling that too anon. You articulated it perfectly.

No. 418260


At this rate this thread will be autosaged too. Which tbh I actually don't mind the idea of it happening as it toned down quite a lot of infighting.

Sorta feels like Kota's thread is sometimes the chill out spot for some farmers when the milk is dry, though, this random surge of rage is weird since JG vs SR drama is blooming.

No. 418271



No. 418305

I’m just trying to stay factual and giving my two cents about it. every time she says a word, posts a photo, changes something about her looks it’s automatically exaggerated.
One clear example:

Dakota was once asked if she liked Kimchi, she tweeted:

“I hated Kimchi”

Back then, this tweet was interpreted by PULL as:

>Dakota was so fucking rude to Korea

>Etude House doesn’t want to work with her anymore because she’s rude to Korean people. (Because a contract never ends and brands ALWAYS hire models multiple times right?)
>She was banned from Korea, isn’t it weird she never came back? She was so fucking rude to Korean people, she said something very offensive.
>Lol Koreans hate her
>She hates Korea , she believes shes too good for them
>They got tired of her because she’s rude and they had to edit her face even in TV

All of this happened in PULL (before Kiki attacked).

No. 418349


Correct me if wrong but I thought some Koreans lost their shit on twitter about it ? and thats how that fiasco started. I also thought she complained on Twitter about the hotels being shitty and cold, as well as lying on Tv in Korea about her contacts being her real eyes as well as saying she wasn't wearing lashes.

I always see mention of it with something along the lines about some Koreans being offended. Honestly thought, old Pull and Old farmers were x10 harder on Kota then any of them now. Pulls a hugbox now.

No. 418350

That's PULL for you. When the milk gets dry here, threads slow down. When then milk dries up on PULL people start yanking their own udders and milking as much crust as they can from things that have no meaning.

No. 418356

You're remembering correctly anon. Korean netizens lost their shit over the rude things she said. It was considered especially bad because she wrote it in Japanese.It also killed any chance she had of expanding her career in Korea. Etude House kept her pictures up for only about a month before taking them down.
It was not just PULL talking about it.

No. 418364

Actually not so many, its not like it was a trend topic, others defended her as well, including Korean people. .

The Korean girl who asked her used Japanese as well. Also do you know how many people on YouTube say things like “ewww natto” “ew this candy is gross” “ew raw fish..” no one really cares except for SJW. Dakota just said “I hated Kimchi”, nothing else, so don’t say “rude thingS”, literally she just said answered a question.

No. 418370

Exactly. It's very specific stuff the defensiveness is about, like it's being taken personal. Almost like someone wants it to be autosaged again.

The nails thing is funny because it's true. She has stub(?) fingers and only posts pics every few months when she gets nails done.

No. 418375

File: 1510126176062.gif (920.32 KB, 400x226, fellowkids.gif)

Agreed. There has been a strange rash of Dakota defense. Not just in this thread but in places you wouldn't expect (like Venus's thread wtf). I could be wrong but this anon/anons has/have a specific sort of style and misuses certain words over and over.
It's the same pattern. And I do think they are trying to get this thread autosaged again.

No. 418382

Ok, so I'm really glad I'm not the only one who has noticed it. When I posted >>418221 I questioned whether I was just being crazy or not, wondering if I was just being suspicious. You can tell it's the same person every time, not only because of the defensiveness, but kind of because of the way they type.

No. 418383

I don't know who you are. I just think you're a moron stan who weirdly misuses words and is strangely invested in defending Dakota and shits up threads.

No. 418384

They also keep using the same phrases and haven't even integrated into lolcow properly. Lots of "get over it" and "lmao" or posts without punctutation.

No. 418387

As soon as you responded to it they deleted the post. Funny. Whoever it was really wanted us to give them some attention.

No. 418388

Wow, the posts I pointed out here >>418384 are getting deleted too.

Didn't kaka do the same thing?

No. 418391

If you have suspicions about a post, just take a screenshot. That's what I did. You know that pretty soon a whole bunch of the posts in this thread will be gone.

No. 418394

I'd be real curious to see your claims because I only ever saw actual screenshot evidence of the opposite.
This is probably major tinfoiling, but I have noticed that whenever Dakota's threads are fairly popular, a lot of infighting/nitpicking/etc. start up. I noticed when we find anything about her new jobs or work, a bunch of dead threads get bumped to the front. I was against the auto-saging, only because I think the Ostrengas still lurk on the daily and have been trying to get any negative things about them taken offline. I didn't mind her thread being autosaged in terms that you didn't have all of this strange white-knighting from nowhere (it was actually pretty much only relevant posts for a long time) but it was also pretty damn hard to find, and I think they've been trying to make things that way.
I know a lot of time has past since most of Dakota's shitty Stickam behavior, but you can't say a single bad thing about her without the whole family losing their minds, and that's exactly why PULL and staminarose formed; to discuss some of these lies because they constantly deleted even a hint of shade their way.
In any case, I still like following Dakota's career, and will continue to do so until she fades away. I think a lot of people would have been her fans if she was a bit more honest.

No. 418396

You will never get to see evidence of those claims because they're bullshit. Every time this anon disagreed with somebody, they threw around a random fact that they would have no evidence to back up, and argued against anything that made Dakota look bad. A good example is >>418175

>Argues to the end about nitpicking

>"Yes you sound that stupid"
>Still can't deny the fact that 4 jobs in a year is pretty damn shitty for a "model", even part time

No. 418408

i already pointed out there’s an ostrenga in here, but nah you didn’t believe it until she went overboard.

you all need to work on this. It’s obvious.

No. 418515

Eh, she answered it rudely. She said “kimchi kirai” which is a strongly negative way to express that you dislike something, and kimchi is a big deal to Koreans. It was the blunt, offhanded way she said it coupled with the complaints about the hotel and the lying about wearing fake lashes on TV (not to mention her fake accent).

No. 418519

Fuck koreans are sensitive bitches, if some foreigner came to murica and said they hated burgers no one would care. Koreans have tiny dicks kek.

No. 418527

Koreans Dot have a lot culturally that’s 100% theirs and not borrowed or adapted from other Asian cultures. They’re sensitive about kimchi because it has significant cultural importance.

Dakookoo just mad she got laughed at on tv and booed out before she could get free plastic surgery.

No. 418564


Its weird that the nails comment really got under their skin. You could tell it was all the same person because :

>Your bitter

>Puts works in your mouth -" This the new Kota has a sugar daddy too ?" "Your going to say this next"
>Your crazy af
>Bitch/ obsessed bitch/ tumblr bitch
> Kota has done some really large/high end gigs
>Kota never edited her videos

The irony is I remember someone coming to the last thread before saging happened, and throwing a fit about how profession Kota is and all the MASSIVE GIGs she's done. Nicknamed : Essay anon. ( only anon to ever argue she's done high end gigs ) If it isn't an Ostrenga, my moneys on it being that spanish chick from IG.


They're a tough crowd. I recall Simon and Martina having a lot of issues with them whenever they didn't like something or spoke about Kpop. I wouldn't say Kota was rude purposely to them, she clearly under estimated how prideful they are of things. In U.S and Canada as someone said, no one cares about if you like it here or not.

No. 418607

If they make a live action APH Onision would be the perfect korea, he's as defensive about his height as they are their shitty dog food kek

No. 418797

i'm not the anon you guys are talking about, but please, I'm going to explain this nicely, all insults and catfighting aside: there's more than just one person here ""defending"" Dakota. Unless you seriously hate her guts on a personal level, there's no way you can be blind to the fact that a lot of a-logging happens in her threads. The only time I say something in her defense is when someone tries to start false info. some anons here like to make shit up on the spot with no proof, and then aggressively stand by it, this is what causes the most of the arguments.

No. 418808

Sage for offtopic but is that seriously something you decided to type and post on the internet in the year 2017?

No. 418811

Just stop fighting. None of this pointing fingers bullshit. If someone is excessively nitpicking report them, don't come in and start fights for no reason. At this point it basically is just baiting.
This also is for the people arguing with them.

No. 418849

Something that I found personally interesting about Dakota’s time in korea was that she didn’t speak the language there at all and it translated to some awkwardness and discomfort in her TV appearance. I’m sure if she did well in Korea or if it was an actual personal goal of hers to be there, she would have claimed to magically be fluent and writing in Hangul overnight like she did with Japanese.

No. 418967

Especially when the female hosts were trying to be outgoing and playful with her and she just kind of stared at them and stood there awkwardly.

No. 418994

Korean is a lot easier to learn than japanese. And if Kota got into this shit around the height of the kpop fad she probably could have become a model there hell even a trainee at some small agency.
But like others said she blew it because she was just so rude and saying it all in japaneae when there is animosities between the two countries for WW2 and post.

No. 419003

I hope you're joking when you say a trainee, or hopefully you don't mean a k-pop trainee. She has no dance background, no singing background, and most, if not all trainees have been in the business/getting lessons since they were young. A model in Korea, maybe. It probably would have gone the same as it did it Japan.

No. 419031

Dakota, one of the laziest people ever, a kpop trainee….that is hilarious anon

No. 419071

Hangeul is easier to learn to write than the whole kanji/hiragana/katakana thing, but phonetically, Japanese is definitely an easier language for an English speaker to learn.

Sage 4 language sperg

No. 419257

As far as Korea goes, yeah you definitely do not fucking say “I hate kimchi”. They’ll rip anybody apart for far less, and that is… pretty bad.
I lived there and couldn’t even honestly say I’m not into kpop (when asked). They didn’t want to hear that lol

No. 419279

Koreans are fucking savage. I doubt she could have ever made it if she tried to be a model there. They think we're harsh? Her ass would have been torn to shreds over her physical appearance there. Maybe they wouldn't bitch so much then.

Can you imagine her half assing her dance moves and trying to squeeze into the tiny costumes they wear? Sage for nitpicking her appearance, but I just can't imagine it.

No. 419347

I meant model trainee since alot of agencies have different subdivisions. Like for acting, modeling and kpop.

But hey dont rule out kpop since they have non asian trainees, of course they never see the light of day and either drop out with tons of debt or just live in the basement.

No. 419374

Yes. Non Asian trainees that are healthy, are talented singers, the ability to dance to heavily choreographed songs, and don't have the charisma of a bowl of potato salad.

No. 419455

I loved her fake accent in this video
"Hellooo nice to see yuuu"
"Thank you so much for inviting me on this shoooooow"
"I'm really excited to be here" (looks like she wants to throw up)

No. 419456

File: 1510229025390.jpg (42.96 KB, 449x400, tweets.jpg)

No. 419473

I imagine it would be as bad as her Belebel commercial with the badly lip sync, haha.

No. 419474

File: 1510232665216.jpg (107.17 KB, 1200x800, DOLdBgqVwAEf4md.jpg)

New pictures incoming.

No. 419477

File: 1510232791809.jpg (101.37 KB, 1200x675, DOLdCtlVoAAQUzj.jpg)

No. 419484

Amazing how she doesn't actually look too far off her YouTube video self here yet the ragging she got for her real appearance was extreme. Can't believe how far she's fallen now.

No. 419489

None of that would have happened if she hadn’t tried to claim she was a living Barbie doll who doesn’t shoop her pics or wear lenses. Nobody ever forced her to lie.

No. 419499


Why does Kota always shoop herself to look like a autistic charity case.

Has she really gone that blind that she can't tell how stupid she looks in these edits ?

No. 419502

>koots being a kpop trainee
you might have missed her glorious dance session in here

No. 419504

File: 1510238035078.png (708.83 KB, 712x570, Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 9.32…)

new pic from fits.

No. 419541

Oh my god
Was that her singing? Because even if it wasn't, that was garbage. I guess we can rule out singing idol being a comeback for her.
She doesn't even really look chubby in these pics, just…big? Like she has a lot of muscle.

No. 419587

she looks big here to me too. i think it might be because the other girls are so tiny

No. 419611

File: 1510251090218.jpeg (55.23 KB, 512x676, 1498874501798.jpeg)


Yea, she def is big.


No. 419637

She was only “tiny” circa 2012 when she started getting noticed, before and after that she was always average, just short (until she ballooned ofc). Kiki was always the small, skinny one. They should have her model next to some taller girls so she doesn’t look so oafish by comparison.

No. 419641

I think it’s her singing. Back when it came out everyone was sure it was lip sync, but the pronunciation is weird and her voice keeps trying to break so I’m guessing it might actually be her. Plus, it sounds like her fakey cute-voice she used to use.

No. 419671

Can someone explain again how she looks so cute in these commercials? It's crazy when you compare to now. These were both filmed in Korea, correct? Any candids during this time?

No. 419675

Yeah, I don't think it's lip syncing at all. She sounds just like she did it the Fitt's commercial. Not quite a high voice, but not super low either.
She used to take care of herself, and wear makeup that suit her face. A combination of not eating right and not getting proper sleep/exercise can take a toll not only on your body, but your face as well. Age is also not her friend. Some people just have bad genetics.

No. 419696


Kek. >>419611

No. 419817

>that bag

No. 419854

Don't bump the thread if you have no milk to contribute.

No. 419873

This is a talent agency, not a modeling agency, but she’s still calling herself a model? How can she even be a talent anymore when he stopped doing tv?

No. 419907

It's probably just another one of those things where she's a "talent" for being a living doll. Like bearded ladies at the circus. There's no talent, but she's a spectacle.

No. 419961

I thought that’s what all “tarento” were tbh, like gimmicks. It’s funny that she got dropped by Libera after only one job and had to go to a talent agency instead.

No. 419963

File: 1510276452485.jpg (202.35 KB, 1267x686, c.jpg)

she used chromatic aberration in this photo and i have no idea why?? for those who don't know, this isn't a filter. it's a photoshop trick that requires you to make a bunch of layers and move around the color channels. a lot of digital artists use it for cool effect. i added a photo from google here next to hers to show another example of it

No. 419969


it's a SNOW filter

No. 420001

>I have no idea why?

Maybe he just really likes the low res blurry looks

No. 420024

That's referring to her shoe size Anon

No. 420036

Koots has been using this same SNOW filter for a while. It really hides your face edits too.

No. 420044

That’s such an incredibly unfortunate fat distribution.

No. 420101

Built like an actual fridge. Tragic.

No. 420191

is this even her? where is this from?

No. 420195

File: 1510305240119.gif (1.74 MB, 275x155, IMG_2441.GIF)

Yes that's her. Read the last thread. There are plenty of pictures showing how chunky she got. >>344311

No. 420197

File: 1510305460490.jpeg (166.11 KB, 1200x966, DDj3JFjW0AATx94.jpeg)

Yep, it's from some clothing event or something. That other picture with her back to the camera was taken from the Twitter of the girl's she's posing with here, iirc. Trying to find the full picture right now.

No. 420200

File: 1510306087879.png (122.09 KB, 229x275, 1498821959248.thumb.png.21e291…)

Found it.

No. 420208

Whose the model?

No. 420212


This commercial was the one time I was like "wow shes actually cute". It's a shame (and fucking gold) where her career has gone.

No. 420217

File: 1510308577683.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1350, 23348277_124923331516702_14139…)


It's not that hard to Google image search, Anon.
Especially when it's the fourth result.

Here's her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/viida.tokyo

No. 420223


Same anon as above, she's a Japanese dancer by the name of "Nazuki" according to their FB
Found a couple dance vids of hers like this one (girl on the right)

She also modelled for a brand called "Topsy"

No. 420225

She looks like a goddess next to Dakota. Pretty, fit, good career. It's almost funny seeing people like this woman even so much as standing next to Dakota, a chunky, average-to-haggard looking white girl with a failing career and barely any ambition.

No. 420230

File: 1510309778039.jpg (85.56 KB, 750x750, 12798194_188930674815951_21149…)

Same, same anon; she's actually called "Ayastella"
She's fucking divine on her Insta, but pretty average in reality like most people: https://www.instagram.com/ayastella_/

No. 420239

am I taking crazy pills? This girl looks haggard, honestly average at best. She looks drugged

No. 420257

No I agree, the lip overlining the foundation may not match (she looks dirty) and is caked on, the bad eyebrow lining /fill in, it's just a mess. She also can't pull off those boots they make her look square. The only person I've seen pull them off is Rihanna. She looks like, a haggard ig thottie. Which is all of the ig thotties.

No. 420289

….She looks like she has Down's

No. 420291

File: 1510318815797.png (130.78 KB, 326x482, Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 7.50…)

Any bets on how long her contract with this agency is ?

(Platinum Products)

Like since one anon said it was a talent agency, does that mean you're less likely to be boot since looks aren't as important ?
Oddly enough she's still calling herself a model in her descriptions. Guess she can't let go of that title despite not technically having it anymore.

No. 420322

i haven't kept up with the agency shit, so excuse me but, is she still with bravo or with a new agency?

No. 420335

She is no longer with bravo.

No. 420336

She went from Bravo to Libera early this year, did the Fitt’s job, and now she’s with this new talent agency. They have all her jobs since entering Japan listed on her page though, so you can see exactly how much work she’s been getting.

No. 420340


>Bravo :( 2012 ) - late/end of 2016 ( December )

>Libera : ( January 2017 ) - mid 2017 ( June )

> Unsigned/no Agency : ( Mid June 2017 ) - ( November 2017 )

> Platinum Productions : ( November 2017 ) - ___________

Now, my timeline isn't accurate as nobody knows the exact dates of when she was dropped, but they're when farmers acknowledged/realized removal of agency on all social medias.

I personally didn't think she was going to find an agency because I thought she was going to be stubborn and only accept a modelling one. Though, its completely possible that modelling agencies denied her, so she had no choice but to go for talent only. Sad thing is 2015 is when Japan broadcasters seem to have started losing interest in her gimmick. She was "rude" on Tv, gave the same comments/responses, used the same real barbie gimmick and all over has the personality of a wet blanket. I lowkey think the talent agency wont last too long if she sticks with the same shitty gimmicks and acts. So tired of hearing different stories about her first time in Japan and why she came.

No. 420345

thanks v informative. now excuse further ignorance, but what does a talent agency do? is this only for her to appear on tv shows or gum commercials like an actress or star guest? I don't see her having any actual 'talent' as far as the definition of the word. she's mostly sold as a pretty gaijin who speaks japanese but is otherwise vapid.

>Unsigned/no Agency : ( Mid June 2017 ) - ( November 2017 )

jobless for 6 months.. i guess she must have a boyfriend who supported her financially during this time. or a backup savings.

No. 420354

File: 1510331081022.png (136.01 KB, 252x267, Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 11.1…)


mmm, maybe commercials ? ? I'm not utterly sure myself. What I do know is they are the ones that get her on game shows/ interviews like the recent one she was on. I think commercial work is more modelling related then going on a Tv show. Basically she's the "white fill in " to give the show a look of "more diversity", but not to actually add any real substance. Almost all of her talent work is 5 mins of her talking, then the rest is just her standing/sitting awkwardly off to the side. ( The token white role )

No one knows if she's ever had a boyfriend because she's extremely secretive. Though she did try to push a rumour about her dating some cute Japanese actor by purchasing similar clothing/decor and posting it online.

She lost her apartment in July, and ever since then has been crashing at a friends. SO I guess she had just enough saved up to afford rent for 3 months. She didn't have a lot of work in 2016 either, so I think she's probably been dipping into her savings for a while.

No. 420445

I just checked the platinum website. it lists her "skills" as drawing and graphic design. She definitely knows her way around photoshop and designing websites, so i'll give her that for graphic design, but "drawing" should have been listed along with her hobbies, she's nowhere near skilled at it. Kiki is STILL trying to sell her custom shirts when she had a patreon.

No. 420473

Gtfo, no way. Are you talking about those stupid graphic bat tees? That is so desperate.

No. 420518

Commercials for what?
No one's exactly hiring for Skeletor impersonators

No. 420531

File: 1510342890128.jpg (13.49 KB, 300x300, gorilla_munch.jpg)

No. 420535

She should really backcomb her hair at the very least.
It'd make her look less greasy or whatever the fuck is going on with her hair.

No. 420579

There are a multitude of things she should do with her hair to make it look better. Layers, back combing, a good dye job wouldn't be that bad. She's had the same ash brown for a while now.

Or she could have been getting money sent from her parents. Japan is fucking expensive, and I doubt that a few modeling jobs would give her the money to take a huge hiatus. Also, how did that whole rumor turn out? I didn't know about that.

No. 420612

yup. 8 years later, i doubt they ever sold a single one.

if she was really smart she would have been saving since the beginning have a large sum to fall back on. maybe a few youtube bux help too, maybe that's why she made a makeup tutorials 4 years too late.

No. 420624

her face reminds me on aliens

No. 420657

I doubt she's making a lot off YouTube, and she seemed to have gone spending crazy when she first started getting jobs. Food and board in Japan is not cheap, so I'm sure a lot of her money went to that as well. She really screwed herself, but she'll find some way or another to stay in Japan. She should find a regular job.

No. 420721

Where is it rumoured or confirmed that she lost her apartment?

No. 420724

Who said she lost her apartment? I wasn't posting when the site went down. Did somebody say that on the temp thread?

No. 420749

She also has a lot of rich friends with good connections to get her favors. We know she does work she doesn’t mention (like the pachinko magazine) and chooses instead to pretend she ony does brand name jobs and TV whenever she feels like it. If she did have a rich BF/vida hubby, she would be living a lot better and showing off like she used to. She recently went to a birthday party for Max Matsuura, a big time music producer, talent manager and CEO of Avex.

No. 420750

See >>420354

She just moved, it’s old news. I think the wording might have thrown you off.

No. 420856

->no name getting an invite
>ppl still denying shes someone sugar baby in a way
I cant imagine anyone but someone with a sugar fetish putting up with Dakota.
Shes sure hit the jack pot for finding domeone who loves foing favors for her. It cant be because shes charming.

No. 420885

File: 1510403690398.jpeg (271.46 KB, 1200x900, BDCC015C-BBD0-4C14-90F2-9A8651…)

pic related

No. 420889

it's reeeeeeeeeally not that difficult to find gaijin obsessed asian men, including ones with a lot of money. And I mean for regular girls with normal social media or normal irl connections. As a model in Japan and having such a large media presence with "kirakira edited" photos, Dakota would be swarming in suitors (*99.9% would be ugly/older).

whether she has or has ever had one probably depends more on if she's the type of person that would renounce to old/ugly as long as they have money. or if she only likes men who are young and good looking.

No. 420900

File: 1510406447189.jpg (571.04 KB, 606x606, ac981f115bdb86a6f2f07364062732…)


OR, she was the plus one to the friend she is sitting next to. She has made friends with a few popular models in the industry, and its not that hard to assume that she's just a plus one.

She has literally nothing to show if she was in a sugaring relationship. No new clothing, no makeup, no apartment of her own, barely any outings, falling apart hair and owning the same old electronics from 2012. Dakota's a scrub, but no way do I believe that she'd sell her body just for a Visa alone. Especially not with how she scrambled for several months looking for an agency.

I know some of you dislike the Ostrenga's, but Kota isn't Kiki. She isn't riding the dick in hopes for a free ride. Kooter's was somewhat cute when she first started out, and was kept because they liked her and could use the hype that came with her.

No. 420925

totally agree^

No. 421055

If its not thay difficult then why is there a gajin thread full of ppl visa dodging?
Not all sugars know better. She might just put up with it because she is livibg on her own and away from her parents not all sugars selk their body. Like i said she musta found someone who loves to buy things for people because they have too much time and money.
Again she must be charming as fuck if her friends are doing all this for her. Thats alot to take in since she isnt in a position to pay them back. I must be underestimating human sympathy.

No. 421063

>If its not that difficult then
standards. you need to be either desperate, or a gold-digger to settle for literally anybody as long as they have money. If you're either of these things and also young and pretty yourself, then yes it's easy. Again, gaijin obsessed asian men are plentiful. I don't go to the gaijin thread, but I'm sure they're waiting for hot young Japanese guys to marry like all weeaboos.

not that i believe she has one. crashing with friends is more likely. If Charms is to be believed, Dakota was supposedly considering moving in with her to leave her family just before she got the modeling contract.

No. 421168

I used to think she was in a sugar relationship, but I completely agree. There's nothing to show for it. Like you said, where's the money? Where's the new clothes, flashy jewelry, shiny new apartment? I don't think Kotex of all people would be content to have a sugar baby and not use her new money to get a new apartment and all the shit she desires (including a little Botox)

No. 421171


> She musta found someone who loves to buy things for people because they have too much time and money..

But… Anon…

If she has nothing, not even a home to call her own. What is she exactly receiving from said rich sugar daddy ?

This shit is even lower then a splenda daddy, because she isn't even getting jack shit. Her agency is giving her a working visa, and her bestfriend is giving her free room on board and everything else is tarnished and old.

Again, she's got nothing to show.

>No travels

>No gifts
>No unexplained money
>Not many outings and non of which are all that fancy
>No self love ( nails, hair, skin care, spa shit )
>No paid for apartment
>No expensive dinner dates

Taylor fits all those criteria more then Kota does, but anons will argue tooth an nail that she isn't solely because "she's nice" and "makes her own money."

Yet there is a lot of SB's that work full time and/or go to school and still do it. Then in some instances fall inlove/start a real relationship.

But nobody has proof of either being SB's. This debate is futile and is never going to go anywhere in either cases.

-sorry for the lengthy crappy post.

No. 421295

>Though she did try to push a rumour about her dating some cute Japanese actor by purchasing similar clothing/decor and posting it online.

That’s like just your theory man. Theories aren’t facts so be careful with your wording.
You need to dislike her so much to believe Dakota went to buy all that “similar clothing” (actually it was the same) to make it look like she was dating an actor.

No. 421301

>If Charms is to be believed, Dakota was supposedly considering moving in with her to leave her family just before she got the modeling contract.

When and where did this happen? I think I read about Charms posting here or something but I can’t find anything related to Charms-Kota relationship, just the picture of the 2 of them at Disneyland.

No. 421314

Just like the anon you're replying to doesn't have the information to back up that it was just a rumor, do you have the proper information to back up that she truly was dating an actor? Or is that like, just your theory man

No. 421323

No need to fight anon. Here’s the original article :

I can’t say if they were really dating, She never talks about her relationships in public, I just don’t believe she bought all that stuff to make people believe she was dating that specific actor.

No. 421324

And this article was time ago >>421323 , no one knows if she’s currently in a relationship or if she was before. “She bought all that stuff to make everyone believe she was dating him” without anything to back up such accusations, is pretty weak theory, same with the sugar Daddy theory. It’s not like it’s important though.. this girl has no milk.

No. 421331

I'm not buying any sugar daddy theories, but I also think that if those two were dating there would be more hard evidence, regardless of whether or not she's quiet about relationships, especially if this guy is really as big as people are claiming he is.

No. 421344

It was more than a year ago so who knows. Japanese people are very secretive too. It’s old news though.

No. 421346

File: 1510447588133.png (298.1 KB, 398x475, Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 7.33…)


I remember it being the theory people were going with at the time due to this one picture. The sweaters didn't match up as his dark patch stretches out onto the shoulders and hers only on the chest part. Everything else was an easy thing to find/purchase, so most anons when the news broke just assumed she was feeding into the rumour and wearing/buying similar stuff. ( Stuffed teddy bear, fuzzy PJs, Sweater and random action figure to a show he was on )

Sorta came off like she was a fangirl, so most anons dismissed the idea that she could be dating an actor. On top of that like one anon already said, there wasn't enough evidence to support either theory.

No. 421350

The article has more pictures and more explanations however I agree that no one can prove either theories, things like she was just fangirling or that she just casually bought the same Men clothes just because “she’s broke and those things are cheap” aren’t facts at all.

No. 421354

File: 1510448626041.png (370.25 KB, 556x655, Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 7.56…)



Just to add on : This picture of hers is grey scale and could generally be any colour. PLUS his has a texture to it an hers doesn't. If you look really close you can see that there are little diamond shapes.

So thats 2 objects that are not the same. Leaving only one set of Pjs and a teddy to be the same. The action figure only proves she was a fan of the show/movie its from.

No. 421357

File: 1510448699476.png (96.97 KB, 245x206, Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 7.59…)


Hope this is clear enough.

Sorry for the spam fam.

No. 421363

you can see that texture is just in the front and shoulders, in Dakota’s picture you can see that happens too, so you can’t confirm it is not the same jacket.

No. 421376


I don't see any pattern on Kota's and I also don't see the pocket either. . .

Please don't tell me that her thinly splayed hair is hiding the horizontal pocket but not the rest of the sweater peeking thru it.

No. 421382

Although neither theory can be disproven, I think it's more likely that she's either fangirling or feeding into a rumor. There's no way that if she was dating a famous actor, she wouldn't milk that as much as possible on her instagram. Especially if it would give her noteriety. Like past anons said, it was a year ago, so we're really discussing nothing, since it doesn't matter any more. But still, neither theory can be disproven. We'll never know the true answer.

No. 421385

File: 1510451305456.png (669.62 KB, 626x533, boohbah.png)

>RICH friends who care enough about her to get her gigs

I'm gonna need some receipts.

Aside from her randomly posing every once in awhile with random girls and claiming to have friends (who she never actually takes any normal selfies with or seems to hang out with) I do not see evidence of this happening. Still betting on a cheap sugar daddy.

No. 421397

File: 1510452589371.png (7.03 MB, 5120x2880, IMG_2449.PNG)

I can't be the only one who saw this and though of the mannequin head in hoodie video

No. 421398

She posted chat logs on /cgl/ and told a few stories about Dakota a few years back. You can still go read the old Kota threads, the archive has a bomb ass search bar.


No. 421399

File: 1510452692051.png (79.7 KB, 969x330, 5E3A3C5D-ECC6-4656-B157-6B8465…)

No. 421403


Rich, no.

Model friends that she occasionally sees and/or catches up with from time to time, yes. Model friends that plus one her to a dinner, yes.

You would rather believe that you know everything about her personal life based off of selfies and that its completely impossible that thru 5 years of modelling work she has not one friend….

But instead you believe she's some charming arm candy or a fuck toy to some older man that gives her nothing in return….

Sure gurl, sure.


She probably quit smoking when she entered Japan, due to age restrictions. ( Not being old enough to purchase. )

No. 421410

Lol, unlisted but she was speaking english and going over why she got interested into Japan.

No. 421414

I can tell which posts are yours because you always sound salty.

Dakota smoking doesn't sound that crazy of an idea, even if it isn't confirmed. The only reason I think that is because it would probably explain her haggard looking face. If it's not smoking, it's just bad genes.

No. 421415

>I watched Japanese dramas when I was 13-14
>after a while I just remembered what they were saying by reading the subtitles

K E K. I haven’t heard a weeb claim they learned Japanese from subs in so long, oh the nostalgia.

No. 421421

File: 1510455022314.jpeg (175.21 KB, 978x640, 1C1EA81E-DFE9-42FF-99AC-114FB1…)

Not to mention her yellow teeth and terribad wrinkles. Wasn’t there also a rumor of her being spotted kissing Taiko outside a pachinko parlor while smelling strongly of cigarette smoke? I remember calling BS then, but Dakota being a smoker or not is whatever. Regardless of what she is or isn’t doing, she looks rough for her age.

No. 421423

lol i made that screenshot. Let me see if I can remember some of the things she had said..
>1. Dakota's dad drove them to downtown disney. In the car her dad was super embarrassing and kept promoting her. Charms was wearing a bat shirt, and her dad said "you like bats? Dakota made a shirt with a bat, you should buy it". He also played Kiki's music in the car and promoted that too. Also went on about how good Dakota's art was and how it should be displayed it at disney's art area.
>during their hangout Dakota kept touching up her makeup every 5 minutes. They were also supposed to hang out for a longer time, but her mom didn't let her.
>because of her age (16), her dad was with them the whole time. they talked about her age a bit, and Charms said if she was really 18 that would have been weird, and she agreed.
>Charms never knew she had a brother, she never mentioned him and found out through /cgl/.
>Charms said that Cathy and Kiki were extremely critical of looks.
>i don't remember much of this, but she said that her mom was abusive, that Dakota would sometimes come on AIM crying, and that it was all directed at her and not at Kiki. Charms said it was "so bad" that she offered her to move in with her, and she was about to agree to it before her ticket to Japan came.
>when asked how she looked irl, Charms said like a normal human being. when she was showed her photoshopped pics and asked if she looked anything like them, she said "of course not"
>Dakota thinks really disdainfully of her haters, she thinks they're all ugly

No. 421425

>she looks rough for her age.
Bitch where

No. 421433

File: 1510455901532.png (71.84 KB, 594x595, 865A70FB-3326-4E63-8B1B-D20352…)

No. 421436

I agree… she looks normal for her age imo

No. 421441


Abusive ? Damn…

That actually sounds really sad that they favoured Kiki so much that she got all the slack for everything. It has been such an argument on here about Kota's living conditions back in FL , and why she rarely goes home. AT THE SAME TIME though, they defended the fucking shit out of Kota online and bought her and Kaka a bunch of crap.

Was there anymore deets about the abuse ? Or just her getting yelled at/ blamed for everything ?

( I wonder if they regret favouring their one child that went no where and still dwelling in their basement ) kek.

No. 421444

Here we fucking go

That is pretty sad. But didn't they both have a fucked up choldhood to begin with? I don't remember any names, but I'm thinking along the lines of that story about Kaka's boyfriend and how he killed himself after statutory rape claims?

No. 421446

no, i don't think the "abuse" was elaborated. there used to be a thread on PULL about it where everyone assumed it was physical, but that was all speculation. I do remember Charms stressing that her mom was really horrible in a separate post, but she wouldn't say any more.

No. 421448

just remembered, out of the smallest shred of respect she still had for her, I think Charms refused to elaborate on the supposed abuse.

No. 421463

’d like to remind everyone that Charms never said explicitly that Dakota was physically abused by Cathy, just that she made her cry and screamed at her. A while ago someone was trying hard to imply the that Cathy used to beat Dakota.

Here’s the link to the /cgl/ archive thread where “Charms” (off trip) posted a lot of anecdotes about her and their friendship.


No. 421464

File: 1510459576579.jpeg (126.88 KB, 640x729, 45C5EF97-CE59-47F3-B504-988D60…)

>Charms said it was "so bad" that she offered her to move in with her, and she was about to agree to it before her ticket to Japan came.

This was even confirmed by Charms herself.

No. 421490

he didn't purposely kill himself, he was trying to get away from cops and went over the edge of a parking structure. he was trying to aim for a dumpster and missed from what i remember.

No. 421496

Actually I can believe that in her 5 years of "modelling work" (the majority of things that weren't utter shit being within the first year) she has not made any true friends, especially not friends who land her gigs. She has been described as rude and unlikeable by coworkers and she is clearly self-absorbed enough to spend literal hours shopping her pics as well as apparently never leaving her house. I really, really don't believe that she has "model friends" who would help her out. Because what the fuck has she done for any of them?

It's more believable she's sleeping with some guy who's big in the industry or at least enough to land her spots she never would normally get.

No. 421515

File: 1510467658068.jpg (73.58 KB, 640x475, med_1486841139_image.jpg)

it reminds me of cool guy

No. 421518

File: 1510467892824.jpeg (128.1 KB, 545x636, 732D9562-FE50-4B08-ABDC-A0DDD1…)

I tried to go back in the cgl archive and find the post about the Russian model Dakota did a pachinko shoot with, she said Kota wouldn’t let makeup artists touch her and that she kept touching up her makeup, and she was rude and offputting. She also said the staff told her Kota was a “top model” in Japan. I didn’t find that post, but I found another one made by another model describing the special considerations and censorship required to use her, pic related.

No. 421522

File: 1510468216848.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 107.74 KB, 700x700, B7BB38EF-17B2-4BF4-B4EA-0854E6…)

I also found pics of a shoot she did when she first went to Japan for a brand called Milk, where apparently the reaction to Kota was so mixed/bad that they cropped her head off and blurred her face out on their website. Interestingly enough, Milk isn’t listed under any of her previous work on Platinum or Bravo. Seems they scrubbed her and she responded by pretending it never happened.

No. 421523

File: 1510468273014.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.68 KB, 700x700, AD53402E-998F-4C0F-89B8-49CEE0…)

No. 421536

This was probably bullshit because I remember that Tokyo model tumblr was outed as a fake. That being said, Bravo was insanely unprofessional about Koots from the beginning. They were constantly deleting any critical comments about her on their facebook, even ones that weren't rude but just questioning.
Honestly it was this behavior on their part that made me think she was involved with someone in that company because I have never heard of an agency covering for a model as much as Bravo covered for Kooter. They used her own super-shooped photos in her official portfolio and on her comp card. They didn't have her do any test shoots.
After her initial popularity died down and Kooter was one step away from being dropped when(despite her being in Japan at the time) they had her listed as being away which meant whatever client hired her would be paying for her transport and accommodations themselves instead of Bravo paying.
Then suddenly after not working for about 6/7 months Bravo switched her to being a direct booking. After that she got hired by Candydoll which really relaunched her career. Then apparently according to that russian girl she was treated like a princess on shoots even for basic-ass purikura booth shoots.
Considering how utterly shit she was at the time (couldn't speak Japanese, basic af looks, shitty personality that was constantly evident back then). What exactly was she bringing to the table that made her worthy of that level of special treatment especially considering that out of all the Tokyo high-fashion agencies, Bravo is known to be one of the harshest and least forgiving.

tl;dr- Bravo always acted super shady in regards to Koots career

No. 421559

Especially after signing her sight-unseen based off a video chat interview.

She tagged her own videos with sex doll and blow up doll, hiked up her cleavage and played on her perverted asshole sex doll gimmick until she had to start acting polite and shy because people were getting sick of her inconsistencies and attitude so quickly.

No. 421568

She's at a talent agency now? Hell she won't last more than 6months, what are they going to use for a gimmick now? Bitch will have to keep up her appearnace now,unless she wants to look like she gained 30 pounds.

No. 421573

I wonder if Charms would still be willing to talk a little more about their old friendship. I wonder if she even still keeps track of Dakota.

No. 421584

And this is likely why her Libera contract didnt pan out. No one fucking stanned for Dakota as hard as Bravo did.

No. 421589

Someone at Bravo liked her enough to want to sign her in the first place ( even though they where known as a high fashion agency not a talento agency) so it's safe to assume that whoever that person or people where, they milked her career until there was literally nothing left and then some. They probably banked on her being the next big thing and kept pushing her onto clients until someone else in Bravo stepped in and terminated her contract, knowing after 5 years that Dakota the real life Barbie dewy clearly isn't going to happen.

No. 421627

File: 1510490313236.jpg (1.67 MB, 2279x1736, fb.jpg)

here they are

No. 421647


Man, I dunno …

People keep saying she's a huge cunt and all, but then I read stories like this and truly start to wonder.. Kota sounds like a really broken person with really horrible influences. She hasn't really done anything rude or ott cunty in YEARS.


Too hard for me to even slightly believe this as I've only ever seen Lolcow refer to Kota as " Kooters ".

This interview however (linked below ) was from a model that met her and worked in Bravo. Would seem that people didn't hate her for being rude, but rather hated her for getting a modelling gig with Bravo so easily.

In some sense … sounds sorta like jealousy …


No. 421651

Do you know her personally? It's cringy af to analyze a flake's social life and relationships ("I don't believe she has any friends" etc.) based on her social media. Also, gaijin token friend is a thing that exists. Some girls would hang out and take selfies with her just so they can say, hey, I'm friends with a foreign model.

No. 421657

yeah, that was a troll account. she was outed after claiming she was a model in Japan but was caught having an IP from Germany, then scrambled to make up an excuse that she had a temporary gig there. And then again by posting a "proof" picture, don't remember of what, but that picture was easily reversed search and found to not be hers.

No. 421715

Yes, so cringy to assume someone has no friends when THEY NEVER POST ABOUT THEM OR @ THEM ANYWHERE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Sooooo cringe. You sound like someone who has no friends so they have nothing to post about either.

Anyway, a token gaijin friend is one thing, but claiming Dacote-chan has rich friends in the industry who are willing to land her jobs is pants on head stupid.

No. 421716

There was a video that came up on YouTube a few years ago ofna maleodel going into bravo to audition andntey basically turned him away at the door, even though he was a real model with a portfolio and previous experience. And yet, they were willing to photoshop a 16 year old girl from Florida because she didn’t look like her pictures, because… she’s cute? It’s just too weird. Nobody hires an employee who can’t do their job and then does it for them, even after they repeatedly fuck up. It’s like the plot of a bad self insert fanfic. Kawaii bullied weeb loner is whisked away as an unbelievable beauty and everyone else is just so jealous~~

All the years of Ostrengas obsessively googling themselves and censoring the search results, changing stories, and deleting fucking everything have made it easy for them to just pretend Dakota is this innocent little victim, but nobody gets a handout like she did just for being able to photoshop. They can pretend all they want, but the real world isn’t like that.

Dakota catfished an entire country and they were too embarrassed to do anything but play along.

No. 421725

>claiming Dacote-chan has rich friends in the industry who are willing to land her jobs is pants on head stupid.

It’s not though. Every job is like that, nobody gets anywhere in the working world by themselves, that’s what references are for. Dakota is friends with Yula, Tsubasa, Michopa and a couple other big name models, and without them she wouldn’t be where she is now. Bravo went above and beyond for her, but it wasn’t just them helping her.

I think they feel bad for her because of all the drama that always surround her because of her trashlord family, but pretending she’s innocent and was jut slog for the ride is bullshit. She was a cocky bitch when she started getting attention and she rode it until she had to feighn humility, and now that her reception is lukewarm at best everyone pities her and wants to help her out because she pretends she never wanted any of this to happen.

No. 421740


>Claiming Kota was slobbing on old man nob since 16 is pants on head stupid.

Don't fight stupid with even stupider ..

People weren't saying that she had rich friends getting her jobs, they said she had model friends who plus one'd her to dinners and events. Have you never been a plus one to a friends/boyfriends company event or dinner ?

Also anon, she has posted pics with friends. Its no ones fault that you refuse to accept them as "real friends" because you hate her that much.

No. 421755

People have been saying both for years actually. What’s so hard to believe about her coworkers throwing her a bone once in a while? People do that all the time, not just for models/celebs.

No. 421769

I can believe this actually with the Japanese concept of "saving face" being so intense. They'd rather pretend to be nice and like nothing's wrong then talk shit about you behind your back and do underhanded things if they don't like you. Hence a lot of really unflattering Dakota pics even if she got jobs.

No. 421779

File: 1510511960784.jpg (251.83 KB, 1067x539, bieber.jpg)

Dakota has a lot of parallels with Cindy Kimberly. a girl who edited her photos, they became famous because Justin Bieber instagramed them, and just from that she got a modeling contract and became known for being Bieber's Crush as her whole gimmick, despite the fact that a lot of her qualities, including her green eyes turned out to be fake.

No. 421785

shes fake too?

No. 421786

>Literally a special snowflake

Seems legit.
Lol all that edge…

No. 421804

Inatagram is full of that.
I don’t support it but i don’t dehumanize them either.

No. 421867

>she doesn't post about her friends
>every third photo shows Kooter with a girl
>she doesn't tag anyone, she must have no friends
Whatever you say, anon. You're taking social media too seriously.

No. 421911

If you're not going to contribute anything to the conversation, can you at least sage your shitty posts?

No. 421975

>The sweaters didn't match up as his dark patch stretches out onto the shoulders and hers only on the chest part.

The shoulders of her sweater aren't visible. It's the inner lining of her coat that you're seeing.

sage for who gives a shit

No. 421985

I don't think so. There are many unedited videos of Cindy on YT and she looks the same as in her photos. Sure, she denied the lip injections first but did admit them later.
In terms of authenticity, I would never compare Cindy to Dakota.

No. 422070

Different anon but yea "koots actually has friends sarcasm." Yula seemed like her only "true friend" but after popteen dropped her she did to. She's just the gaijin token model everyone uses for exposure nothing more.I guess her friends all coudn't make it to her birthday every year.

No. 422223

This thread: Dakota has no friends, all of the girls she takes pictures with are just using her as a token friend or feel pity for her, lost her apartment, has a cheap sugar Daddy, hates herself, creepy fan girl who buys men’s clothes to make everyone believe she dated an actor, has no money, Dakota is jealous of other models, Keira is now a top model in Japan, lied to 3 model agencies and a whole nation, ugly and old for her age, fat, balding, fucks for a visa, fucks with her friends’ boyfriend and kills dogs for fun.

Wow, I think she’s a reptilian. Probably fucks with Charms in secret.

No. 422390

Pull your period panties out of your asscrack and calm down, kiddo.

No. 422391

farmhand already said a few posts up to report the excessive nitpicking. it is against the rules after all
>3.5b Don't engage in overly repetitive nitpicking of a subject's appearance.
report and move on. there's only like 2-3 seriously salty people on here.

No. 422426

I think it's the same person, they keep on coming back after a while. But agreed, if we report, hopefully farmhand will do something.

No. 422452

I think it’s the same person too. I have reported excessive nitpicking posts but it keeps happening so “just report and move on” isn’t necessarily working here.

No. 422639

Damn she looks like 2 different people…

No. 422690

It's interesting how I still haven't seen any reports of nitpicking. Instead I see people still fighting going in circles keeping this thread alive.
This soon will count as infighting, and will end in bans. Just report the nitpicking and vendettas.

No. 423031

I just reported a few of them. >>422452 said they did too. I'm not really sure what to put in the "reasons" bar when I report specific posts, because it's not really nitpicking but it's just being excessively arrogant and not contributing anything to the conversation, just getting angry. Sorry, Saged

No. 423162

As long as they are saging and not nitpicking they aren't exactly breaking any rules, unless it's derailing.
If you can't think of a reason that doesn't help your case.
Excessive nitpicking and not saging are bannable offenses. I can't just ban people because they dislike Dakota.

No. 423168

File: 1510612894885.jpeg (126.32 KB, 1200x824, DOiyhINUMAAgvo9.jpeg)

She put this up on Twitter not too long ago. Maybe it's just me, but the proportions on this pic don't seem quite as horrifying and alien-esque as the usual stuff she posts?

No. 423201

File: 1510614192223.png (428.67 KB, 463x507, Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 5.57…)


Despite some of her shoops lately looking horrifying, I do find they are in some sense slowly progressing to normal looking. Especially when this was what she shooped herself into 2ish years ago ( pic related ).

I mean she technically isn't a model anymore, only a talent which doesn't really require looks as much as it does personality.Plus she sorta expressed the barbie image was forced and only done because " people made me feel obligated to uphold ". kek

No. 423230

File: 1510615378787.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-11-13-18-17-56…)

She also put up this weird insta story. Maybe she's trying to show some semblence of a personality for once outside of "quirky, babydoll gaijin that's into creepy-cute shit."

No. 423232

*semblance, whoops

No. 423237

Has she posted anything else like it, or is that it?

No. 423301

It doesn't look THAT edited either for once. She's still blurred her nasialabial folds but not completely removed them and her eyes and brows are still huge but for Kota this seems restrained.(nasialabial folds!!!!)

No. 423309

File: 1510623562324.png (672.54 KB, 932x584, Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 8.28…)

-new post

Baby shampoo… Why doesn't she just invest in some good sulfate free shampoos and conditioner.

No. 423313

To be fair, I actually use the same shampoo+conditioner and I like it, it makes my hair soft. I mean, some people use horse shampoo for whatever reason.

No. 423328

I think it just works better on her fine, thin hair. She has the hair distribution of a toddler.

No. 423352


Never thought of it that way… She really does have hair like a toddler.

No. 423782

I have fine, thin hair…this is actually a great idea. Thanks!

No. 423907

she might be…attempting to aggregate her real image now. maybe. wont believe it till full body pic

No. 423947

Won't believe it until full body not photoshopped pic. I doubt she'd let this whole charade go that easily.

No. 424007


Idk man, its been 5 years and no one gives a fuck about the whole barbie image anymore. She might not give up on editing entirely, but we might be witnessing a new faze of Kota… ( Maybe she'll follow the trend and switch to insta baddy mixed with cute ) Copy her greatest clones look. ( Sarah )

No. 424017

>dk man, its been 5 years and no one gives a fuck about the whole barbie image anymore.
that's irrelevant though. i think she edits more for herself and her own insecurity than to follow trends

No. 424030

I noticed that she's been trying to go for the whole thing that Taylor's doing, the cute instagram baddie. But the difference is that Taylor is fairly attractive, healthy, and can pull it off with 5 pounds of photoshop. I wonder if Koots is jealous of her…? I mean, there are plenty of girls who can do the cute insta-thot look and pull it off nicely.

No. 424117

I thought the same. I kinda feel bad for her in a way and hopes she gets better and gets some help.

No. 424309

File: 1510722828098.jpeg (169.68 KB, 1200x800, DOot_ljXkAE_772.jpeg)

New pic

No. 424318

She really wants to be Taylor.
Oh Dakota, you could be your own person if you had but the courage.

No. 424340

File: 1510726272274.jpg (513.75 KB, 1200x800, CONEHEAD KOTA.jpg)

I couldn't help but notice how big her forehead would look in this picture without any bangs, I tried to erase the bangs but I failed so bad (I tried tho) I just wanted to exemplify what I first saw in this photo, Kooters is slowly evolvin into a conehead

No. 424343

Oh dear god. Why is that a photoshop trend? I've seen other girls doing that huge head photoshop too, including Venus is some of her old pictures. It looks so weird.

No. 424360

They aren't thinking about proportion, just making their hair look bigger. But all they're doing is stretching the head up instead of trying to shop the hair lol.

No. 425253

Well Taylor is out of Japan so Kota sees an opening.

No. 425494

File: 1510838504442.jpg (63.09 KB, 720x704, -tAETdaFKps.jpg)

that's not photoshop. Dakota has both a big forehead and a big chin, it's sorta balanced out from top to bottom. but since she shortens the whole lower half of her face with photoshop now, it just makes her forehead look disproportionate.

No. 425504

File: 1510839770717.png (620.81 KB, 940x454, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 8.37…)

new pic

I guess not having bills to pay anymore except for your phone bill means throw money around rather then save it.

tsk tsk Koots.

No. 425525

Oh Koots you really can't afford to bloat yourself any more with that booze

No. 425844

Maybe that's why her face always looks so puffy…alcohol can mess up your skin, and quickly. I'm not trying to tinfoil, but a thought just popped into my head, I wonder if she drinks to deal with all the shit in her life? I know there's no evidence to prove that. Just a thought.

No. 425888

And her chopsticks aren't even on the holder good GOD how long has this failball been in japan again?!?!

No. 426235

Japan has a huge drinking culture. I’ve seen so many people being carried out of bars by friends who could barely stand themselves.

No. 427468

File: 1511048633078.png (374.11 KB, 588x399, Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 6.42…)

new pics

Says something about getting a new couch.

No. 427469

File: 1511048657025.png (413.33 KB, 588x409, Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 6.42…)

No. 427470

She really doesn't care any more…

No. 427495

At least she doesn't have to edit her man jaw if she's wearing her sweater like and idiot.

It's true. My dad went to Japan on business for the company he worked for at the time, and the Japanese sales reps invited him out to drink and get sloshed on the job. I don't know much about the culture, but he said it's a very large part of socializing. Saged because I think this might sound like a blogpost

No. 427561


Even these pics are shooped. Her eyes and arms wtf

No. 427660

Most baby shampoo is bad for hair. the pH is meant to prevent soap from stinging a baby's eyes. Since people don't wash a baby's hair that often, it all works out. But I'd never use baby shampoo on my own hair.

No. 427730

wtf is that arm

No. 427958

She probably has to shoop her arms now because of how chunky she's getting. But it does look pretty odd…she's definitely just getting lazier.

No. 427974

File: 1511133873403.png (445.26 KB, 502x611, Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 6.23…)

new pic …

No idea where the VK site found it from.

No. 427979

Those glasses age her by 30 years, Holy shit.

No. 427995


sage for OT but what sort of cosmetic surgery can be done to minimize the width of the jaw or general face? koots has decently marketable features but it's like they were shrunk in the middle of a moonface. )-:

No. 428019

A jaw shave. Literally.

No. 428055

Looks like she’s finally gone brunette, just like Kiki.

No. 428074

File: 1511140779187.png (579.76 KB, 928x452, bff.png)

Thought this was interesting. Never see Koots in any other image.

No. 428075

File: 1511140864993.png (801.2 KB, 596x776, sag.png)

Also this is Dakota's vid (bottom) vs. her friend's vid. Not sure how to save IG videos.

No. 428078

I was randomly clicking through some of her followers, commenters and likers, and so many of the accounts are dead or bot looking accounts.

No. 428083

Honestly, if she did her hair and makeup well again, she'd look a lot better. She could contour herself quite a bit and if her hair was a little more layered and face framing, it would make a huge difference.

No. 428084

Bloody hell…

No. 428087

Honestly what even is her content anymore? She used to show off some great shit like the clothes that she uses to wear. I’ve noticed she only takes face shots now.
What is she trying to prove? That her facial features are this level of realistic? I don’t think so.

No. 428090

She's so much prettier when she's not shooping herself, it makes me so annoyed! How on earth could she think that down syndrome alien baby shoop is cuter? Fuck.
You know there's nothing wrong with square/round faces and normal sized eyes ffs.

No. 428093

Says much about the person she is because she is a lazy couch potato lol

No. 428103

File: 1511142389904.png (1.25 MB, 1385x884, vid.png)

It's weird what she chooses to keep up and what she doesn't. So many that are hidden/deleted were loads better than the ones she kept up.

No. 428136

Profile is just like Cathy in the Walmart candids.

No. 428161

I'll never understand her thought process in thinking that it's not completely jarring having videos where she looks like an entirely different person just side by side like that. Look at the thumbnail for the rose twintail tutorial compared to her most recent video. That shit is ridiculous, man.

No. 428162

Before Nikki got crazy famous on YT, she was rather likable as a personality. But now she's so OTT and fake. She does spons like no tomorrow and acts like these products are her favourites ever. It's cringey af. Sage for off topic but wanted to input.

No. 428332

File: 1511161922327.png (466.59 KB, 588x409, Untitled.png)

Anyone with eyes can still see her jaw. It's extra awkward given the nutjob editing she does to herself.

Those pictures are still shooped, but with a phone app.

No. 428361

File: 1511170222775.png (849.63 KB, 835x576, kota.png)


No. 428364

File: 1511171270325.png (486.81 KB, 429x576, kota.png)

i think shes actually really beautiful everytime i see a non-edited photo of hers. I will never understand why she feels the need of editing. I feel bad about it.

No. 428382

Im laughing so hard what the hell.
Also it says she got whitening. Good on her

No. 428398

File: 1511177509488.png (Spoiler Image, 1.64 MB, 750x1334, F8C18612-3A8C-4252-B462-D1AB9F…)

No. 428405

She has no eyelids…….

No. 428418


hm. Maybe all the "her teeth look cigarette stained" comments got to her.

Her spending her money wildly makes me wonder if she is even helping her friend out with the bills. In her old apartment she did nothing but lay around and boil cabbage.

Would at least think she'd put some of it away rather then spend spend spend.

No. 428443

i think the question rather was: why post something like that on IG

No. 428446

that arm top kek

No. 428447

What the fuck is that though??!

No. 428448

she made her features small af but she left her jaw lookin like kronk from new groove

No. 428449

oh, so was that sponsored?

No. 428520


Or she's trying to flaunt off how rich she is again, however, when I signed up to my dentist I got the same whitening treatment for free. ( new patient deal ). So maybe she did too.

Anyways, its good she's looking after her teeth. Could only imagine the cavities from all the crappy food/candy.

No. 428568

File: 1511201584263.png (103.93 KB, 247x287, 92d90efb1c7047588eb1c749f04dcb…)

Giving me flashbacks of this little nightmare.

No. 428951

>Or she's trying to flaunt off how rich she is again
really? nitpicking..
people have been saying for years that she had yellow teeth, i remember it all over PULL. Same with Venus, and now they both got whitening.

100% looks like her clone

No. 428983

Next thread's OP pic… how low the koots has fallen.

No. 430949

File: 1511482636783.png (1.57 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2017-11-23-19-13-38…)

Can't post the mp4 file, so here's a screenshot of some short video she posted on Twitter. Nothing interesting, no sound or anything. Just her waving. https://twitter.com/dakotakoti/status/933678274697338880?s=17

No. 430950

You can really tell how tubby she's got, no matter how much she tries to hide it.

No. 430952

I'm liking how she's posting more and trying to be less… Koots. Hopefully she comes out of her shell and interacts with people online more. I wonder if Koots is getting tired of upholding a fake shooped persona.

No. 431071


No. 431076

Agreed, usually when people put on weight it's because they know their life and worth isn't dependent on it.
I hope she feels free from those contraints and continues to improve upon herself and become comfortable, the same as id wish for any other human being.
At the end of the day we all have to realize Kota didn't photoshop her pictures maliciously/with any ill intent at all.
She just wishes she looked that way, the same as I'm sure every 15 y/o old version of ourselves used to feel (with our own spin on our desired look).

No. 431112

Sooner or later she's going to have to learn how to photoshop her chunkiness up top if she wants to keep up with the whole kawaii baby vibe.

No. 431132

Wearing lolita, trying to get noticed by BtSSB again?

No. 431133

Wearing lolita, trying to get noticed by BtSSB again?

No. 431187

Nah, I think she’s changing because everyone is tired of her sitting on her butt playin fake-humble claiming she never wanted to be a model. Now that she’s falling downhill more she’s trying to put up more content so people don’t forget about her since she’s obviously no longer worried about keeping steady work.

No. 431189

>At the end of the day we all have to realize Kota didn't photoshop her pictures maliciously/with any ill intent at all.

Nobody ever said she did, the huge fuss was her lying about it and acting like a conceited cunt claiming she was all natural and only used makeup and a reflector. At the height of her viral fame she was a smug bitch pretending to be something she knew she wasn’t, and her TV reveal was glorious. Of course, that’s when Dakota stopped speaking English and switched to ignoring anyone who isn’t Japanese, and started saying she never tagged her videos “real Barbie” and didn’t wear lenses. People didn’t hate her for being “pretty” or “lucky”, years ago before her family started spending every day deleting their past online there was plenty of evidence of Dakota being a bitch to people before she started getting more attention than Kiki.

No. 431257

File: 1511540228099.jpg (102.97 KB, 1024x768, pepesilvia.jpg)

i feel the need to make a TIMELINE OF KOTA SINS for ignorant anons who didn't lurk /cgl/ when they were underage like me

No. 431275

Good luck with that, everything has been baleeted by the Ostrengas. Even blogs that tried to reupload er pics and vids to call her out are all broken links to tinypic or Vimeo.

No. 431289

This. Someone needs to make a Golden Age of cgl when Kota would post random shooped pics to it to promote herself before she did videos with terrible tags, and how amazing it was when her true form was revealed.

No. 431311

There is a /cgl/ archive, and Dakota’s old tumblr is still up with some of her old posts where she’s more of a salty bitch, but she deleted everything really juicy. Of course we have her Stickam videos and the caps of her old profiles where she says she hates fat and ugly people (oh le irony, eh?) and wants to be a model.

I’d be down to help out with a timeline, but really what would even go on it that still exists anymore?

No. 431384

Honestly, I think that there should be a Wikipedia style chronicle of the Ostrenga's bullshit (à la Chris-chan's CWCkipedia.) They've done enough to warrant it.

No. 431387

File: 1511560646564.jpg (78.15 KB, 720x714, ZQlfBEC27x4.jpg)

Taken from her VK fanpage. These Fits shoots are the worst, man.

No. 431430

I've been collecting up a lot of the Ostrengas shit recently (though probably more Kiki leaning). I'm not sure on the best course of action to create a coherent timeline on a site that can't be copyright claimed/sued right away though. Let's collaborate, guys. Somehow.

No. 431497

Anonymous now No. 431495
This. Why are so many people under the belief that she was almost completely innocent and never malicious at all? You don't even have to go back to cgl to see that she was a lying, manipulative bitch all this time. You can just go back and read some of these threads. Dakota is by no means innocent, regardless of if she went through some shit with her family.

No. 431519

Maybe you could make a thread strictly dedicated to collecting images and info in /ot/ or /snow/. That way maybe other anons could possibly contribute.

No. 431521

That would definitely be great for collecting all the rare/deleted images! I'll get on that.

But I would actually like to create a site with a proper timeline including all the Ostrenga shenanigans (Myspace to now, plus related shit like Cathy's insanity etc) and the associated images/videos. I don't even know what format that'd take, I guess a Wiki would be decent but a whole site dedicated to their shit would be even better.

No. 431608

File: 1511595992182.jpg (757.99 KB, 500x308, 137f2a0d32a7940925adf37a015681…)

I remember a few dick moves.
>she would reject and block comments that asked if she was wearing lenses, but would approve of comments like "you're so pretty, it makes me want to kill myself".

>she tried to humiliate someone on twitter, but it backfired. Supposedly someone was sending her many messages asking for beauty advice like what product she uses and she never responded. that same person later wrote on twitter "kotakoti is a homophobic bitch". She screenshot it and said "this old hag who constantly kissed my ass on tumblr is now talking shit about me on twitter, asskisser busted". unfortunately tho people responded by bringing light to being homophobic, and she had to delete the tweet.

>she once posted this gif along with the caption "how i feel whenever someone asks if i'm a real person".

remembering some of this shit reminds me why she was so easily disliked back then. she came off as arrogant as fuck with a very nasty attitude.

No. 431651

File: 1511611885330.png (120.24 KB, 640x1136, 69E899C7-712A-4084-B970-FBDCC6…)

Yup. She used to be super liberal with calling people faggots, too. She left up some pretty funny humble brags on her old tumblr, though.

No. 431653

File: 1511611975044.png (112.08 KB, 640x1136, 530597CB-BE40-4B38-A2B1-3EA7D7…)

No. 431655


I would really suggest using the VK page as I swear it has everything in regards to pictures and photoshoots. They seem to have some deleted videos I think too.


No. 431660

She had a ton of fake stories on her twitter too. She and Kaka loved to pretend that their looks are validated all the time IRL, meanwhile their real appearances were not like what they projected..

No. 431667

File: 1511616145853.png (1.1 MB, 1224x912, 2017-11-25 14_20_07-DAKOTA ROS…)

the vk page has so much extra stuff. How do they even do it?

Also I like how the set dakota is wearing has another girl modeling them online. And how the skirt is supposed be layered underneath the top..

No. 431685


I think their sleuthing abilities scare even Cathy and Scott shitless. They must know if they ever tried to take anything down from VK they would get trolled to hell and back, and who knows what else.

Also, didn’t Kiki steal music from a Russian DJ?

No. 431688

Decided to browse her insta for the first time in ages and it appears she isn't doing anything besides pretending she's Taylor R. I used to brush it off when people pointed it out but holy shit it's actually true.

No. 431753

Too bad for her, Taylor had her rich boyfriend and his connections to help out her looks and portfolio, Dakota doesn’t even have Bravo-sama anymore.

No. 431891

Keeks stole from a DJ, Koots stole from a designer.

No. 431904

No. 431912

We can host it alongside the Kiki archive.


No. 431922

What did Dakota steal? I know she lied about all her fake burando, but I never heard of her stealing anything and her Babyfang shit was way too generic to be stolen.

No. 432265

Werent her Baby Fang designs chesp. Knockoffs of the brand she loves but only buys taobao knocks off?

No. 432273

Sage before you reply pls.

She was wearing all sort of taobao shit from the beginning wearing “luxury” brands, but actually cheapness from the cost of the clothes obviously proved that they were fake knock-offs.

No. 432396

One of them was a rip-off “planet” charm on a bracelet or necklace that looked similar to the Westwood orb logo, but the rest was pentagrams and stars and moons on cheap fabric and lace. Zero originality but not technically stolen.

No. 432525

File: 1511754278771.jpg (35.07 KB, 575x204, kotakoti_fake_clothes-575x204.…)


I thought at some point she was also claiming to make shit ? I could be wrong as I was late to the party, but wasn't this frilly shorts something she claimed she crafted ? ( Or was it something she claimed was designer too ? )

No. 432664

no, in her outfit video, she said that one of the plain pink skirts she wore was handmade when she listed all of the brands. it was very basic, so it's not hard to believe that they could have made it.

No. 432693


She named the “brands” for all her knockoff pieces and said all her socks and garters were gifts or that she didn’t remember where she got them. In other words, she named the brands for all her fake logo items and glazed over the rest of it because she knew it was all from a sweatshop in China.

No. 432870

File: 1511809988771.png (420.78 KB, 716x479, Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 2.08…)

JFC but why does Kota's art always look like furry mutated Magmars.

-new pic

No. 432879


Because she cannot into anatomy and the only parts of any face she can see anymore thanks to her BD are the eyes, nose, and forehead.

No. 432884

Legitimate question:

Is this supposed to be two bunnies, two goats, or a goat and a bunny?

No. 433240

Her shading is neat but god her anatomy is so fucked up.

No. 433249

It's so ugly but honestly I appreciate how different it is to typical tumblr and most of popular instagram and YouTube art. At least she has her own style, even if it's not great.

No. 433262

anon, you might be on to something.

No. 433376

Into what? She's just a shitty artist. It doesn't go deeper then that. Although I agree with >>433249 , at least her art style is unique and not the constant kawaii pastel marker stuff that everyone shits out.

No. 434177

always has to show off her incredibly extra, ugly jewelry in the pics of her traced art doesn't she

No. 434276

File: 1511962595429.png (502.72 KB, 910x430, Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 8.32…)

Does she actually get paid to show up to these exhibitions ? Or just turns up hoping people will recognize her or think she's rich.

wtf is she even wearing .. 5-6 years as a model and still has no clue how to dress herself.

-new pic

No. 434497

fucking finally

damn, she thick

No. 434704

She probably has all those models friends getting her jobs because she cant get her own. So she has to mooch off her friends.

No. 434726

Her eyes look messed up here. Though the bottom half of her face being chopped off adds to the disturbing anatomy.

No. 434763

her hair looks so sad here I almost feel bad for her

No. 434787

I might be alone in this but i think chubby koots could work, if she dresses super feminine. This is kind of cute. She definitely should give her hair some help though

No. 434998

sage ur shit.
ffs you do know that this is not her actual face, right?

No. 435334

>you do know that this is not her actual face, right?
lol it is her actual face. learn how light works before you accidentally suggest it's too pretty to be real

No. 435351

File: 1512093026128.png (32.72 KB, 500x522, IMG_2512.PNG)

No. 435380

File: 1512097482335.jpeg (53.76 KB, 477x598, 1507257671822.jpeg)

She doesn't have the delicate features cute chubby girls have.

No. 435621

File: 1512134327401.jpg (60.38 KB, 281x899, 281px-Kotakoti_Loves_herself.j…)

For the anon earlier. Dakota dramu was some wild ride back in the days. Her humblebragging was hilarious.
I wish I could find that screencap of her "kawaii elf goddess" tag she had in one of her vids along with living barbie,half,…

No. 435622

File: 1512134365346.jpg (23.61 KB, 574x261, Kotakoti_pedophile_lesbian.jpg)

And off course,a classic

No. 435623

File: 1512134648291.gif (322.25 KB, 450x1087, 450px-GIF.gif)

Ngl I kinda miss that time because of the funny shit (montages,drawings,…) people would do out of her bullshit
Sorry I forgot to sage my previous posts btw~

No. 435651


Chubby Kooters is pretty good. For the first time ever I think she's fuckable and dateable. She looks more homely, sure, but it's much better than her fake alien kawaii bby persona. Sage for uninteresting opinion nobody asked.

No. 435657

My personal fave was the one in which she "met with a model agent" and they were like omg you look exactly like your pictures and you're so tall! Then realised she was wearing platforms.

Since when would a model agent who sees genuinely tall girls constantly comment on that

No. 435659

File: 1512139991357.png (360.6 KB, 603x404, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 9.50…)

-New pic

I miss when she had spunk, but also understand she can't be like that out there. I wonder if it was a deal breaker with her manager at Bravo at the time, to behave on social media and not make them look any worse.

No. 435886

Out of topic!
Does anyone know if she stopped wearing large contact lenses because she damaged or eyesight?

No. 435977

File: 1512170990144.jpeg (100.11 KB, 720x714, 1561858B-8D2C-4C32-A46E-753D8B…)

Another Fitt’s pic. So, is this the only work she’s had this year??

No. 435985

File: 1512171884602.jpeg (179.96 KB, 640x1042, 9557D402-3667-4ED9-BEF6-CBD5CF…)

>>435977 again

>2017年1月20日 Hiromichi Nakano ファッションショー

>2017年2月5日 LOTTEのFit's イベント
>2017年8月30日 関西コレクション2017
>2017年9月16日 Girl's Award
>2017年10月7日 「有吉反省会」 日本テレビ

So she did work about half the year it looks like. Nice 6-month break there after Fitt’s, I’m guessing she got paid pretty well for that campaign.

No. 436007

I remember this one, good times. She then had fake measurements put on the Bravo site like a smaller waist, boobs and taller height when even back then she was chubs, flat and short for a model.

The break is between agencies. If she got paid well she wouldn't be living and looking homeless..

No. 436070

I assumed it was because she became a pretty intense level of lazy

No. 436072


Doesn't the agency take majority of the profit ? Anyways, 5 jobs doesn't seem like its enough to keep her afloat especially when she's recycling 5-6 year old clothing, living at a friends and can't even afford contacts, decent hair extensions, makeup and has been kicked by 2 agencies.

Has she even scored a singular job yet with this new one ?

No. 436095

I think the last two jobs after Fitt’s are through the new agency. Her pics for Platinum are stepmom-tier.

No. 436127

>caught having an IP from Germany

omg I vaguely remember this
seems like it was forever ago

No. 436194

samefag but tbh anyone who blatantly makes up shit is retarded. I get it, certain cows and flakes I really don’t care for either, but there’s no point in completely making shit up.
At most it just takes away from when they actually do do shit, since us “haters” are already proven to be liars. Way to go, thanks, idiot. What do you even gain from that?

No. 436219

why did she delete that picture from her twitter?

No. 436240

File: 1512213851078.png (755.76 KB, 1440x1695, Screenshot_2017-12-02-06-21-22…)

Maybe because of the weird ass neck? But then again, when has she ever given a shit about her pictures making any kind of anatomical sense. Also she posted a short video on instagram.

No. 436241

File: 1512213960580.jpeg (151.33 KB, 1200x1200, DQB8YV_UQAEoA3g.jpeg)

And got her nails done. See that jelly haters? Totes not broke at all.

No. 436247

Attention. that was during the height of the tumblr drama when freelicers and truthblogs were super popular and would get followers and fans of their own. That girl pretended to be a mean, badass Bravo model who disdained Dakota for faking her way to the top, so she spread "insider" rumors. She might have been believed if she hadn't gotten too carried away and made a whole character out of herself.

No. 436269


Oh fuck, these are cute. Tacky, but so much better than that gumball eyeball monstrosity she got once. Saged.

No. 436272


Probably because it looked weird.

A fat head with 2 sausage links hanging at the side, yea, I'd delete it too.


Why does her head look so weird in this picture ? Like the top looks oddly pointy.

No. 436285

They probably send out a bunch of invitations to people in the modelling agency and kotex turns up as she has nothing else to do.

No. 436300

Slightly ot but anyone remembers the Eliva Hellena blog? It was probably the first blog that exposed Dakota and it had a shit ton of evidence and pics, sad that it's gone.

No. 436389

Yeah, isn’t it interesting how every single blog that once exposed her is now taken down and all their links are broken?

No. 436391

they run with some pretty ridiculous rumors too. before dakota went to japan i started one on efagz saying her parents sold her bed so kiki could have music equipment. of course they believed me, wtf?

No. 436411

File: 1512241608059.png (7.11 KB, 368x84, sperg-chan.png)

Kiki has a lot of spare time, after all

No. 436506


OT : Because has nothing to do with Kota, but seriously …

Did this bitch seriously get disability for having an arch in her back ? The amount of people I know with the same problem work hard labor jobs, and are always on their feet. I mean I could understand it if it was a mental health work exemption or leave, because girl be batshit crazy.

Couldn't one of her parents get her foot in the door of a job ?

No. 436517

I think it’s far more likely she got on disability for depression/anxiety/trauma or whatever from her ~*~violent rape~*~ and ~*~harassment~*~ she can never stop talking about. Although Florida is a haven for welfare leeches, it’s not hard at all to abuse the system. It’s even a lot easier to do in FL than in other states.

No. 436752

??? did you completely misinterpret that anon? they were asking why are idiots like you going around doing that shit for?

No. 436760

File: 1512293224115.png (145.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-03-10-13-54…)

No. 436761

File: 1512293242870.png (207.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-03-10-13-59…)

No. 436763

No. 436766

Her head at the beginning of the video damn..her body dysmorphia is getting worse.

Also why is she taking a taxi through Omotesando? Can't be seen walking among peasants?

No. 436767

Jesus H. Christ, that tilt.

No. 436768

Size: height 165cm/ shoe size 21.5cm
September 19, 1995
Birthplace: America
Hobbies: drawing, horror movies, light novels, art auctions, animals, video games
Special talents: drawing, graphic design

No. 436805


No. 436808

I wonder if this is becoming some surrealist art project for her.

No. 436832

File: 1512309986035.jpg (498.56 KB, 1603x1016, wat.jpg)

Her hand and the pattern on the seatcover is so distorted.

Literally every shot that has her face is extremely quick because some AE was done.

No. 436834

I don't get her. She has money, if she doesn't like how she looks why not get plasting surgery? At least then she wont look like a different person in every photo or video and people will actually be able to recognize her irl

No. 436835

"1995" I'm crying

No. 436836

Maybe she's afraid of surgical procedures

No. 436844

I don't think she was ever on disability, it was just an excuse to not say "I'm a NEET".

>She has money
And that's where you're wrong kiddo. If it was only one procedure, then maybe. But to achieve her "alien doll" look she would need at least 20.000 dollars worth of plastic surgery, and there's no way she can afford that.

No. 436846

i'm thinking maybe if she had one procedure she really wanted, she would get some more confidence and maybe stop trying to look like a caricature. am i being too optimistic?

No. 436851

File: 1512312783666.jpg (374.98 KB, 1354x758, handlol.jpg)

Honestly is this a joke? How can anyone think this looks realistic?

No. 436854

Her head is literally shaped like an acorn here.

No. 436861

It seems like she's not that chubby anymore, unless this was filmed several months ago before her weight gain?

No. 436868

File: 1512316446657.png (271.84 KB, 330x552, Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 10.3…)


Its possible she lost some weight, but also very possible she's using AE to slim down in video too. Think back to her outfit videos where you could ever so slightly catch her legs morphing when she did a turn or a chunk of her waist vanishing.

I love that in her IG shoop she pushed the chest area out to make it look like she has boobs, when in reality she's as flat as the walls. ( >>434276 )

Do you think this may be part of her new contract ? To get back into youtube ? Since she's an talent/entertainer now and not a model anymore.

No. 436874

She doesn't even look like the same person here.

No. 436887


I thought the same thing. I saw it today and just shook my head… she's a joke at this point. You can so tell it's been squished…

No. 436888


She's going to have to try harder… because it just isn't going to make it if she continues. She should just become like a full on Jvlogger and just be real with us all. Tell us all the shit she pulled and come clean - if she did that I'd have so much more respect for her.

No. 436890


She can't have that much money since she had to leave her bigger apartment when she was with Bravo. But maybe that's why she left Bravo - it came with the apartment that the manager was paying for. She doesn't even dress decent and with what she wears its cheaper brands. It isn't anything high fashion - she still has her fake vivienne westwood wallets ect from Taobao. If she was loaded like other models Risa Nakamura, Yui Kanno, Tsubasa she would have better gear.

No. 436903


Eh, she would fail. Kota has the personality of a wet sponge. Vloggers have to interact with their followers/viewers and be very friendly and likeable.

Kota just isn't, and her insecurities/pride are too high to confess her lies. Also, if she did it could heavily backlash with the Japanese and cost her her job. People are going with her lies over there, and only girls on gossip sites seem to be aware of them.

Perhaps she should practice editing more and move back into beauty related videos ( hair / nails / makeup )


Leave her apartment to crash at a friends. Its evident she can't afford a place on her own, and therefor can't afford plastic surgery. I remember last year when she finally went home for Christmas she said its been awhile because she couldn't afford to fly home to visit them. Imagine that, she didn't go home at the peak of her career (2014-2015 ) because she couldn't afford it. I think Kota is making far less money then most think, that or she's spending recklessly.

No. 436909

Talent things and modelling don't even pay that well in Japan. She isn't working enough anyway. My bets are on her having a sugar daddy behind the scenes. Most gaijin models supplement their income this way anyway, some are just better at hiding it than others.

She's probably also pretty depressed and can't go back to the states as there is nothing for her there (look how well Kiki is doing…) and doesn't speak enough Japanese to properly interact with society.

No. 436912

i'm honestly surprised she's even being hired at all. like, what does her portfolio even look like? a collection of photos with her looking different in each one?

No. 436922

Also, do we know what type of visa she is on? She can't be working enough for one from her agency so I'm guessing she has a shady marriage one or is attending a language school. She might have had to return to the US to change her visa.

No. 436926


I truly don't understand this " there isn't anything in the states for her". Like yes, fame wise there is absolutely nothing, but her fame is dwindling in Japan so no real difference there. AT this point a store clerk job would pay the same if not more then what she's doing now.

Both of these girls are still young and could study and get a real job and do social media on the side. They claim to love animals so why not go to school for something involving that. Sheesh, their mom can crank out 5k for a crappy movie role then she certainly could pay for college. They could go to school for makeup or hair dressing or even fashion, and attempt to build their own brands. A lot of artist start out on selling stuff on etsy. I vaguely remember Kota talking about wanting to design her own clothing before, so why not go home and go to college for fashion and do just that.

Truly both these girls are just fucking lazy and expect the rest of the world to do as their parents have, and that is to hand them everything on silver plater.


I think it would be a working visa. Taylor was signed to a agency with a working visa and had far less jobs then Kota. Some agencies are lenient.

I mean look how far Bravo bent over for Kota. Wouldn't be a reach think think that most agencies would be lenient with the visa. Besides, her agency is low tier and shitty and her application probably looked like gold.

No. 437161

how much publicity does a fucking gum commercial need

No. 437171

File: 1512340228472.jpg (50.43 KB, 500x375, tumblr_oet757StC71r9a9keo1_500…)

No. 437278

Loren of high profile teen idols, so I guess they’re just playing to the crowd. It’s weird but maybe it works. I know Kota’s “secret admirer” in the commercials has a huge fan base.

I still laugh about how she takes taxis everywhere. I’m sure that someone told her early in her career that it was safer or better for young girls or something. But it’s silly for someone that seems to rarely leave Tokyo. I wonder how lonely she feels there. Japan in general can be a very isolating place.

No. 437326


Maybe she has an incredibly poor sense of direction and takes Taxis because she couldn't find her way out of a shoe box ?

She basically never leaves the apartment, and when she does she usually has someone with her ( manager, friends or a taxi driver ) I'm mean… Kiki is kinda the same way in which she is either out with her parents or being a parasite to some poor asian dude.

No. 437328

She used AE to make the video a lot longer and thinner than it really is. There's also some around her chin.

The few times she takes a taxi she has to do a selfie, even if it shows her lint-covered trousers.

The only reason she doesn't come out of the car at Ginza or Omotesando is because she can't afford to shop there!

No. 437329

The agency will have told her to take them and they then repay her from the client.

No. 437331

Midget kei~~

No. 437334

What if she does it to avoid possibly getting recognized and then subsequently getting made fun of. I’m not saying she’s that famous, but maybe she’s super paranoid about being candidly photographed by others. That’s content she can’t control or edit.

No. 437363


Then why even go out in the first place ? She goes to events which typically have people taking pictures. Don't forget she makes appearances on Tv which people shit on already.

No. 437370

what the fuck

No. 437381

Just watched a newer video of her speaking Japanese and she sounds near native. Has she ever said how she was learning Japanese?

No. 437387

File: 1512357322650.png (134.85 KB, 226x463, 12c3138c9a62777d86688c762bfe9a…)

Lol at the thumbnails. Totally legit, no editing at all in the new video.

No. 437391

She's not near native at all. She has a great accent and intonation (and knows some slang). That's it. And tbh that's a lot more than most gaijin have, but her vocabulary and grammar are still really questionable.
She started getting better when she was working on Popteen. Plus she was pretty clearly living with a native speaker.
She didn't study formally.

No. 437392

That makes sense. I'm not fluent myself and can't pick up her mistakes. I guess it's more that she does a good impression of a native Japanese speaker.

No. 437395

….terrible editing aside what was even the point of this

No. 437406

The video is stretched lengthwise a lot. The eye on her bag, the thing on her arm, the shape of the hangers and her earrings aren't the right proportion anymore.

Also is the orange boots and hat a Taylor thing?

No. 437409

> Taylor was signed to a agency with a working visa and had far less jobs then Kota. Some agencies are lenient.

Taylor hardly worked at all, she got her agency due to her rich boyfriend/boss/CEO having connections and was able to get her a visa, her agency just occasionally threw her a job to do once in a while

If Koots wants to make good fast cash, she should write a book if she'd be willing to spill everything from her fucked up myspace childhood, her sister, and everything up until now. Koots and Venus are the only two snowflakes I'd buy a book from in a heartbeat lol

No. 437416

>Taylor hardly worked at all, she got her agency due to her rich boyfriend/boss/CEO having connections and was able to get her a visa, her agency just occasionally threw her a job to do once in a while

That's just not true. Her boyfriend does not have those kind of connections. He's not in fashion/entertainment. he's in new media.
She got signed because she had 7 years of modeling experience under belt before she relocated some of which was in Japan itself. She had a solid portfolio with lots of tear sheets and campaigns. Also unlike Koots she was signed under a regular entertainment visa (3-6 months then renew). Her agency considered her social media to be tarento activity.

No. 437446

true true but please let’s not derail into taylor

No. 437538


tbh we actually don't know if Kota is leaving Japan every six months to update her visa. Just because she never talks about it, doesn't mean it couldn't be happening.

This isn't bravo anymore, and I highly doubt this one is as lenient as the last one. I mean look at her profile picture, it isn't some over shooped picture of her. Her list of talents sounds like some 14yr olds Tumblr about me " I like drawing and like horror movies and animals. "

No. 437557

You don't need to leave Japan to renew a working visa, only a student one. My bets are on a marriage visa though.

No. 437566


Why isn't she living with him then ?

I mean that theory made sense when she was in the two bedroomed apartment, but she lost that and is crashing at a friends. Would have also thought she'd pull a Kiki and brag about it.

Unless they broke up, and he kicked her out.

No. 437570

You need to leave to renew an entertainment visa. You don't need to leave to renew working or student visas. Japan is really strict about entertainment visas because women used to use them to hostess illegally and employers to bring women over for hostessing and mizushobai.

I think Bravo or Libera managed to finagle for Koots to have a regular working visa instead of the entertainment visa, most models have. Just part of the special treatment she received.

No. 437623

Models can get a working visa depending on the agency, how long their contract is and the type of modeling they do. Sorry to pop your bubble but koots didn't get special treatment.

No. 437633

Well, what category of working visa would she be under? They are very specific.

No. 437861

She has never left to renew her visa. If she ever was to go on a plane or something that seems expensive to her, she'd always take tons of pics.

She can barely afford to fly home or pay for a checked luggage, much less go to another country to renew every 3 months.

Plus going 6 months without an agency proves she has no problems staying in the country without representation.

No. 437868

I just saw this:

How many years was Kota in Japan?

No. 437915

she did go back to florida, how long ago - six months or more ago?

No. 437973


And you know this for a matter of fact ?

Whats glamorous about flying economy and staying in a cheap hotel or hostel to renew a visa in Korea ? A country that trashed her. She can't afford flights to go back home, but if Margo can jump from Korea to Japan then so can Tooters.

Could we stop turning speculations into facts, please ?

>"She has no friends because she doesn't post enough"

>"She's married because she never leaves Japan"
>"she never leaves because she doesn't post about it"
> " She has a sugar daddy, but has nothing to show for it"

There are a lot of things she does not post about… Actually she practically post nothing about her life besides tiny little snippets of cafes and events and random selfies. Thats not a lot to base anything off of.

No. 438062

please report those. i swear it's the same people who want to push the notion that she has a pathetic miserable life, when she doesn't even post anything.

No. 438098

These visas are notoriously hard to get if she doesn't have a secret child we haven't heard about yet.

No. 438111

>if Margo can jump from Korea to Japan then so can Tooters

This is literally speculation.

No. 438471

Tell us something new…90% of this thread is speculation or her boring alien like shoops. Kota hasn't been milky in ages and people still give her shit for it. This thread is full of tinfoilhatting tbh. It should be put on autosage again.

No. 438840

someone this obsessed with their self-image to photoshop so intensely for hours does not lead a happy, fulfilling life lmao

No. 438870

>no milk
>plz sage

LOL this one anon who keeps trying their best whenever interesting things happen..

No. 438957

>someone this obsessed with
>does not lead a happy, fulfilling life
Kek, that sounds familiar. Ironically it sounds like something Kiki or Cathy would say in one of their rage tweets about people like you.

No. 439628

I rather they don't every time a speculation come up koots have to try to prove her haters wrong. Just recently,she started posting pictures of her friends and getting her nails done. Before the speculation she could care less the speculations and rumors must be getting to her.

No. 439682

No. 439684


I wasn't meaning for people who speculate to be banned or reported, but rather to just stop pushing speculations/tinfoils as "FACT". Those people aren't much better than those that start baseless rumours for kicks. Its the type of shit that makes new comers come here and believe the cows more that we're a bunch of jealous girls.

No. 440023


Your newfag is showing. Why do you care so much that this thread disappears anon?

No. 440148

No. 440233

hahhahahaha I've never seen this. dead

No. 440268

That was my first post itt in weeks, sorry to burst your bubble. I've been here for over 2 years and nothing much happens. Also there's nothing wrong in the way I phrased things or said tinfoilhatting. Plus "plz sage"? I didn't even bring up sage, and my post was saged, mate.

No. 440425

why is koots much better at acting than keeks hahah
anyway this was horrifying

No. 440477

File: 1512767126196.png (258.72 KB, 815x467, kooterplatnew.png)

So Platinum Productions changed her profile pic to this. Plus it's full of her 7 year old shoops. wtf.

No. 440485

Oh wow, I’m fuckin dying. They think this is gonna get her jobs after Fitt’s? Is that Dakota’s only trick, catfishing? How pitiful that a grown woman isn’t embarrassed to use such old ass pics for her professional page knowing she never looked like that and never will.

No. 440507

Two bedroom selfies on a professional model profile? Even they know how bad she looks now and in her baby shoops.

No. 440508

Not to mention that she was 15 when these were taken. Even if she had looked like that the, she would still look different now.
Eternal catfish Kooter.

No. 440517


They linked her Instagram profile tho; the epitome of photoshop catastrophe. Hopefully their clients check it out before hiring… ?

No. 440538

Does it matter if they do? It’s still gonna be hilarious when she uses her pedobait shoops to book a job and she turns up looking like an unwashed butterball who just crawled out of bed. There will be more backlash, more covering up and deleting, rinse & repeat. Dakota trying so hard to pretend she’s still a legitimate model is the joke that just keeps on giving.

No. 440566

I think as long as she keeps her weight down she will be ok. Japanese people are really bad at telling white people apart. They're only booking her for her name anyway.

No. 440575

>as long as she keeps her weight down

She hasn’t, though. And even if she had, I don’t think it would have helped. Even her aging isn’t her worst problem- it’s how little she tries. She can’t be fucked with bare essentials like makeup, interacting with followers or even telling the truth when she gets caught saying or doing stupid shit and that’s the major reason why nobody cares anymore but Lolcow. She’s white, speaks Japanese, went viral in 2012…. ok? But she looks like shit now and doesn’t do anything worth following, I’d rather spend time looking at cute girls with actual personalities doing fun things in makeup and fashions I like. If I want to watch a basic chubby white bitch with fake brand pretend she’s better than she is I can just go to any Walmart.

No. 440580

Her name isn’t anything, though…? Jfc you act like she is a legitimate celebrity or something.

No. 440632

deleted already… i guess after this whole acting failure kiki can be now the internet police 24/7

No. 440637

File: 1512786256352.jpg (421.38 KB, 1500x1498, IMG_6756.jpg)


Are you implying that the Japanese are retarded ?

The Koreans could tell she didn't look the same as her photos, and all the girls on the japanese gossip site can tell she doesn't look like her pictures… One even referred to her as a gorilla.

I mean, you'd have to be absolutely retarded not to be able to tell the difference from ott shoop and a greasy ham. Weight isn't going to make people oblivious to how shit she looks in comparison to her shoops. Dakota's only fans out there are probably little girls who haven't seen her tv appearances ( Real face ).

Her name has also been worthless since 2015. People have moved on, and are over the "real barbie" shit.

No. 440652

what was this? I missed it

No. 440659

No, not racebaiting. I've had Japanese people mix me up with someone who looks similar many times, much more than in Western countries. Once a guy even held a photo of another person similar to me next to my face and literally thought it was me.

Like when people say that "all Asians look the same". Obviously they don't, but if you're not used to the facial features that separate people of a race it can be difficult at first. Japan also has very few foreigners and there is the language barrier as well, meaning most Japanese just don't spend much time around Western people.

It's worth noting that Korean is more focused on beauty than Japan and so are likely more perceptive to changes. While Japanese people will obviously notice a huge difference, I just think they are less likely to notice smaller ones, especially compared to people who see pictures of her regularly. She isn't doing enough campaigns now anyway for the public to have a fixed idea of her in their mind.

Just my opinion anyway.

No. 440661

Also, this obviously isn't every Japanese person. Modelling agency and other beauty related people will obviously notice a difference. I mean more the general public with no particular interest in Western models.

No. 440702

An old ass video of Dakota and Kiki being ugly and screeching in their kitchen while Cathy bleaches(?) Dakota’s hair.

No. 440715


Japanese people aren't fucking blind, especially when the difference between photoshop and reality is insane.

Must have been a quick delete. The ostrengas are very active lately though.

No. 440748

File: 1512801252293.png (1.35 MB, 1502x1201, Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 1.28…)

juuuuuust gonna leave this here.. PeachMilkyTea (who looks nothing like Dakota) has been mistaken for her at least twice. The first time I remember her mentioning it on her instagram, and the second time was this person who posted it on twitter. It says "I met Dakota Rose in Harajuku, it was too cute" Someone even commented it saying "Dakota Rose-chan looks lovely" in Japanese.

No. 440838

File: 1512817328984.jpg (72.49 KB, 1080x795, 24845607_172276226842134_81708…)

Newest Kooter pic. I just can't. I can't imagine how awful this looks unshooped. She's shooped herself to the same proportions she used to. Who does she think she's fooling?

No. 440844

Noooo get your shoes off the tatami!

No. 440845

Nice dad socks Tooters

No. 440847

Damn. I was so annoyed by the ridiculous shoop, I didn't notice. Rude af.

No. 440850

Whoevers house shes crashing at mustn't have any other clear space to take outfit (?) pictures, this is the 2nd time shes done this.

No. 440855

dat messy shoop leg blur tho

No. 440865

>standing next to the door
>but also nearly taller than the door
>entire head is smaller than her thigh
>massive lower body, shrunken upper body (wtf??)
>looks like she faceswapped her pic with one of her old shoops

>also that outfit is fuck ugly

No. 440867

And this is the only reason Dakota still has fans- Japanese people keep mistaking her for other girls who actually go outside and take care of themselves. It’s like free publicity.

No. 440868


Almost everything she's wearing is 5 years old.. She really doesn't have much, does she ?

What an awkward shoop too. You can tell the tummy area was bulging. There is also a part of her leg she decided not to shoop because it was too close to the corner of the wall.


General public doesn't matter as much as employers do. Employers are the ones hiring her and giving her jobs, and if they can see the difference than no, she's got no chance in hell.

She's catfishing again, but it wont fool employers who are use to working with gorgeous woman.

P.s I think Peachmilk and Taylor who have both been mistaken for Kota are cuter than Kota, as well as taller and thinner.

No. 440871


Does nobody correct them on Twitter?

No. 440873

I honestly think Dakota has a boring legit job and work visa and only tries to keep up being a model/talent for appearances through her Popteen/Bravo connections.

No. 440881

File: 1512827438203.jpeg (2.92 MB, 2448x2448, 056F2787-826E-4530-96F2-D72CC7…)

Totally legit !

No. 440916

Someone commented "too thin, scary" in japanese in her latest photo, I liked the comment and got instantly blocked by dakota lollll

No. 440933

How delicious that Dakota turned into the exact type of fat, bitter nobody she always looked down on, to the point where she blocks random strangers for disagreeing with her. She’s starting to go down the Kiki path now that Libera fired her: obsessively retrying the same old shit trying to go viral again, blocking everyone who disagrees with her, and lying about shit to seem more interesting/innocent.

No. 440944

Someone commented about the shoes on tatami thing in Japanese and Kota replied with an apology, saying it was for the pic and the shoes were new & that she took them off after (that’s all I can gather with my shit Moon).

>milkshu: 畳の上に靴はやばい

>kooter: 写真の為に新品の靴を一瞬はいてすぐ脱ぐ感じでやってます!ごめんなさい

She really is bending over to be nice to her few remaining Japanese fans. Too little, too late?

No. 440947

File: 1512838716443.png (235.52 KB, 344x504, Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 11.5…)


Hold up….

She claimed they were new shoes ? More like they're from 2013-2014.

Haha, she's so broke she's trying to pretend old things are new. kek.

No. 440964

Google translate gave me this:

>For the photo, I'm doing new feeling shoes for a moment and feeling off immediately! I'm sorry

Japanese language anons pls respond

No. 440974

My translation:
>milkshu: 畳の上に靴はやばい
Shoes on the tatami is a bad situation
>kooter: 写真の為に新品の靴を一瞬はいてすぐ脱ぐ感じでやってます!ごめんなさい
It was for the photo, the shoes are new and it was only for a moment, straight away I took them off, I feel the same! Sorry!

No. 440981

Before it gets Ostrenga'd, here's an old video of Kiki and Kaka I didn't see before. You can see Dakota's face close enough for a long time… and it looks just like it does now. Under the "Kotakoti's first talking video" there are so many people convinced that she used to look like her photoshopped/AE'd self and that she ruined her face later with surgery… No, that's always been her face.

No. 440983

Since this is unlisted, if it gets removed we will know if they read here.

No. 440991

Nice catch.
To be fair she's probably never worn them outside, just posed in them for attention.

No. 440993

Someone download it now before it breaks. I’m at work or I would.

No. 440997

I think she was claiming they were new so her Japanese followers wouldn't think she was dirty for wearing shoes inside.

No. 441000

I have it saved.

No. 441015

File: 1512845411253.jpeg (118.93 KB, 640x587, 1AB2A195-0C75-4AB5-868E-9EB936…)

They will anyway I’m sure. I mean, she’s been living in Japan for 5 years now, and “Take your shoes off indoors” is literally Weeaboo 101.

No. 441016

File: 1512845430652.png (123.26 KB, 259x668, Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 1.49…)

Dokota removed the videos I uploaded. I still have them on my flash drive tho. I will upload more later.

No. 441017

Ok so, I’m not 100% on how copyright laws work, but how can she do this? Nobody else turns into such a censor-Nazi over their own uploaded content. Doesn’t fair use come into play?

No. 441023

Kek. This is what Kiki does instead of delivering Patreon rewards

No. 441033

It's their mother who does it. This is how Kiki and Dakota have become so famous - they have someone ready to fanatically send friend requests/contact newspapers/send takedown requests etc on top of their own efforts.

Fair use would be a 10 second clip. I'm not sure if multiple clips would fine but youtube tends to side with the copyright holder even if it isn't a valid claim.

Make a torrent or upload them on some Russian or Chinese site that doesn't care about copyright.

No. 441042


Thats probably the same for 95% of her shoes. They don't look comfortable, and are too high for her to walk in.

Those black shoes literally look like she'd break her ankle trying to walk in them.


I said it in the Kiki thread, but I'll say it here too. Someone needs to create an actual website to post them on that can't be copyrighted. Unless you find it fun re-re-reuploading only to be taken down every time. They'll never stop.

No. 441045

Can you speak to the anon that owns the newfag.science site that archives all the Onision stuff? If they agree you can give them all the videos, and the Ostrengas won't be able to take them down there

No. 441073

What about Encyclopedia Dramatica? We could rewrite and revamp Dakota and Kiki’s pages with all the deleted videos and pics. Of all the sites over the years to get hit by them and taken down, ED stayed up all this time.

No. 441113


Isn't ED open to public/ changeable ? Meaning Kota or Kiki could access it and change details ?

I could of sworn years ago Kota and anons got into a war over ED because anons kept changing her age to older on it. ( could of been a different cow, it was long ago )

No. 441177

File: 1512863140306.webm (11.89 MB, 240x180, Dakota Rose & Kiki Kannibal.we…)

Here it is in webm form. Now they can't take it down.

No. 441178

btw, you can download youtube videos posted to lolcow by clicking the [DL] link

No. 441208

I know Dakota used to constantly go back and edit her Japanese Wikipedia page to take off her last name and change her hair color back to blonde. Her username was KurodaSho.

No. 441268

File: 1512871770728.png (195.13 KB, 755x639, Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 9.08…)

Here all are of the videos of Dakota I've saved.

No. 441302

It's not just a matter of being dirty. It's etiquette 101. A lot of leases flat out tell you you can't wear shoes indoors at all. She's just being her usual self like she was in America. She wouldn't flat out shit on Japanese traditions publicly, but she'll "pretend" to be aloof about them.

No. 441304

This is where people should try to get them uploaded.

No. 441312

>if it gets removed we will know if they read here.
anon please, that's been known already for a long time. unlisted videos have already been copyrighted after being posted here

No. 441316

This girl does look like Dakota's most popular shoops from years ago though. As we can see from >>441177 >>435380 >>417479 Dakota has always looked the way she does in candids, so nobody would recognize her "real" self.

Nah, she'd be able to afford stuff if she did.

No. 441318

Just when I thought her clothing sense couldn't get any worse.
She use to be decent at nanchatte seifuku style but this is a mess.

No. 441328

no she doesn't.. not to be mean, but PeachMilky has a massive nose without filters, and totally different face. The only thing similar is the fact that she's a kawaii-styled white girl with bangs. Are you really suggesting that people can mistake her for a totally different girl, ..but they wouldn't recognize the real person? come on now.

No. 441331

File: 1512876037186.png (1.77 MB, 1440x2040, Screenshot_2017-12-09-22-18-42…)

lmao at how fucking shady her VK fanpage is

No. 441343

Why is she getting so fat? Or was she always just fat?

No. 441354

PeachMilky looks more like Koot's shoops that Koots does.

She's been fat for a few years now. This kind of fat doesn't happen overnight.

No. 441365

Another one of the ways she's fucked herself over with her shoops. The fact that she edits herself to be so small and waifish just makes her irl figure look that much more jarring in comparison.

No. 441366

File: 1512879655248.jpeg (72.1 KB, 590x885, 23868B8B-375D-4366-B7FA-F7B998…)

Found a less blurry pic of the same shoes. Nice 6-year old “new” shoes, lel.

You can go back in her Line blog and see that she mainly eats carbs, candy, and pasta. She’s also said in past interviews that she only eats once a day, which slows your metabolism down. Pair that with riding taxis everywhere and you get a recipe for fatness. Remember when Popteen claimed her body fat % was soo low they were making jokes about her having as much body fat as a man? And that she could eat whatever she wants and not get fat?

No. 441370

File: 1512880215721.jpeg (47.5 KB, 603x603, C3FC6A13-DF86-4B32-B26B-9999CA…)

Not to mention, she looks fuck all like her shoops. People could be next to her in a conbini and just assume she’s some rando chubby American with a mask on.

No. 441371

I remember that in the scene days Koots was always chubby. Then 2009-2011 she was scary skinny, and now she's wide. I guess she's one of those people who is prone to gaining weight if they don't watch themselves carefully.

oh please. With a surgical mask, probably. I don't doubt that she goes out with a mask, sunglasses, and caps to not get photographed. But to say that she's literally indistinguishable without them on is you trying to fool yourself.

No. 441381

>But to say that she's literally indistinguishable without them on is you trying to fool yourself.

I didn’t say that, you did. And d course she wears masks in public, she posts pics in them all the time, and she’s even wearing one while scrolling through her phone in >>441331 after taking the selfie with the model girl. She probably only takes them off around friends, in restaurants and for pics.

No. 441382

She shoops her hair and skin lighter, herself thinner and taller, and with an entirely different head shape. It’s absolutely possible that someone standing next to her wearing a mask, sunglasses and hat wouldn’t believe it was her. They would be expecting a paler, thinner girl with lighter hair and bigger eyes.

No. 441386

She really hates her chin, she's always trying to hide it in photos.

No. 441400

File: 1512884778094.png (41.84 KB, 1197x566, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 12.4…)

kek the message

No. 441421

Lmao. Hi, Cathy/Scott/Kirsten/Dakota, thanks once again for gracing us with your presence. Always nice to see that you're still skulking around.

No. 441450

Yep she hates her big bulldog jowls, she keeps doing that autistic peace sign to hide them too

No. 441469

No. 441482

I lol'd so hard.
Never change, Ostrenga clan.

No. 441484

Read the comments for a good time.

No. 441505

File: 1512902512511.png (248.98 KB, 626x1085, DEXATI20171210054054.png)

When you think you're a living doll but really you look like gollum

No. 441517

damn throwback to when yung me was sad and jealous as fuck that i didn't look like her lmao

No. 441558


>Claimed by Discontinue uploading videos YOU DON'T OWN.

I cackled.
You should go to the chinese sites and collect some of the missing videos such as the old apartment tour.

Did anyone get in touch with the newfagscience anon ?

No. 441568

Idk, but a contact email for them was posted in the Kiki thread.


No. 441574

>less than 24h later, the video got already Ostrenga'd
Lmao, hi Kiki/Cathy/Kota! Try deleting this now >>441177

As other anons said, send a mail to admin@newfag.science and send them all the videos. I don't recognize some of the thumbnails, many of those videos must be rare. You're doing god's work

No. 441575

Pardon my ignorance, but what is newfag science? A website?

No. 441577

File: 1512921019287.png (165.49 KB, 479x594, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 10.4…)

lol thx.
Look who got my account suspended.

No. 441578

So this is what Kiki is doing these days.

No. 441581

See, every time anons tag on Kiki about getting a job or findi a hobby, I think back to this shit and realize that this probably is her job. She’s Dakota’s publicity stooge, spending all her time taking down her sister’s old videos instead of living her own life and having fun. She’s puts more effort into erasing the past and defending Dakota than she does into her actual life and interests.

No. 441583

Indeed. I won't forget my stupid expression when I first saw her and thought she was real.

No. 441587

If anyone can host like newfagscience I have almost all of her videos.

No. 441603


You're right anon, this is Kiki's job. Kota's unpaid ghost secretary.

Girls working overtime for that Christmas bonus coming in the new year. Maybe another new z grade horror movie 10 second role ? or maybe her bonus this time will be to fix her honker.

Anyways, I wonder if Kota is going home for Christmas this year as she currently has no bills or jobs preventing her.


Would be lowkey funny to get the Canadian version of Kotakoti.com (.ca) as the host site. The american one is expired, but it seems she still owns it ..

No. 441626

Did you trying contacting the newfag admin through tempcow? I think that's where he hangs around now. Ignore me if you already tried this. I just want these vids mirrored already. It's irritating how they think they can easily wipe away everything (content that they carelessly put online themselves) when all they're doing is bringing more attention and giving everyone the go-ahead signal to start downloading and archiving more.

No. 441629

Also, OT, but I wonder if we can request that admin to host PT's videos as well. There was a google drive linked in one of her threads before but I think it'd be neat if we could host it on there too.

No. 441635

From what I've seen newfag.science is also hosting Raven's videos, so it's not Onision-only stuff… why not.
Btw I didn't notice this >>441400 and holy shit, "Discontinue uploading videos YOU DON'T OWN" you can almost hear the anger and the furious keyboard tapping. The Ostrenga snapped

No. 441660

The funny thing is, if Dakota and Kiki just admitted what they did, apologised, and did some sort of gesture that showed that they had moved on (volunteering for a disability or racism charity), then the videos wouldn't be such a big deal. The fact that they go out of their way to hide them makes people want to upload them more.

No. 441763

Or the Jp version. However, I don’t think anyone cares that much.

No. 441767

The reason they’re still complete snowflakes relies on their own actions.
A sincere apology, some transparency, and some real sincere gestures like using their “star power” for charity or for good somehow really would have changed things for them.
Even as snowflake-y and cringy Taylor R became at different points, she learned you can’t just sweep things under the rug, eventually. She didn’t play the eternal victim. And now I see people even mentioning her in some mainstream English stuff. People generally like her because she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Basically, the polar opposite of what the Ostrenga sisters have done.

No. 441793


>star power

Wot ?

Kiki has to pay for gigs and Kota is barely scrapping by… Kota also tried writing an apology and it got crapped on and shut down. I don't recall the content of it, but I wouldn't blame them for not taking that route. Besides from not wanting people to post her old videos and shooping herself to hell and back .. Kota hasn't done anything cunty in years.

Kiki might be the only one that would even benefit from a sincere tell all, because she's still being a cunt.

Kota's cunty moments are ancient, and were addressed.

No. 441800

Her apology was BS. The whole thing was “I’m sorry ppl think I’m racist/homophonic”, or “I’m being forced to make an apology”.

No. 441801

>Kota tried to apologize!
>Kota hasn't done anything cunty in years

kek, this again?

No. 441808

Not to defend kooters or anything but I think these might be prop shoes aka just for photoshoots
several fetish models wear crazy height wheels like these

that's rich coming from the ostrengas

No. 441809

I meant to quote >>440991 my bad

No. 441819


Anons, like I said. I don't know the content of her apology, I just know that she did write one.

And if there is something I'm missing, then perhaps list said "cunty" things Kota has done in the most recent years. Losing her contracts and spiralling isn't being a cunt, its just lolzy. Most other stuff was just speculations as that is what 95% of this thread is.


Makes sense. Though she did wear those massive ugly white heels to her last tv appearance. I wonder how many of those heels she even fits anymore ? Like in her apartment tour video you could see she still has them all, but never wears any of them.

No. 441857

Just because she wrote an apology doesn't mean everyone has to accept it if they didn't think it was genuine. She should have left it up and added more to it in later posts, from what people said in reaction. She didn't even attempt charity work etc. Sounds like she didn't try too hard, no wonder she got shut down.

No. 441885


I never said anywhere that people had to accept her apology, and clearly she couldn't give two flying fucks if people do.

I simply pointed out that she did address it, and its ancient news that she sees as done and over with. Whether you or anyone else sees it that way. Its also gone like her website "kotakoti.com" is, so its hard to add any context to a site thats dead and gone. ( Hardly had any web traffic just like her current one too )

Also, how is it that apology was up for years and not one person has a screenshot … I tried wayback machine and weirdly got a " This website was excluded from wayback machine" .. Can you pay to exclude your site, or is it because its expired ?

No. 441901

I didn't mean to imply that they have to, just offering an explanation for why it failed.

I believe you can contact the wayback machine to ask for pages to be excluded.

No. 442010

I don’t believe that she’s changed. I would like to believe it but it’s the same lies she’s been telling since she got there. When she wrote the apology, she changed it several times. Then after that, completely deleted it. How sorry are you if you just delete your apology? There was nothing sincere in it and I truly wish I had a copy of it, but like anything that doesn’t look good for the O sisters, it disappears into the void. The reason so many people still have evidence of them being cunty is for that very reason. Sincerity is not something they were ever taught.

No. 442012

File: 1512977139406.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1856x1553, 3C732D10-DAA4-4758-B2C5-C89624…)

Here, it’s your lucky day. Too bad no one screenshot the original. This was back when she wasn’t リアルバービー yet and I think most people had no reason to believe she’d just delete every single thing she didn’t like off the internet.

No. 442015

It reads like it was written or at least edited by her mom tbh. The typical thing where they pretend to be the actual victims in the situation.

Very much a "sorry I was caught and called out" than really being sorry for anything.

No. 442020

Agreed. She is supposed to be apologizing but instead she is blaming her homophobic shit on some “lesbians” teasing and trying to convert her. And then spends the rest of the time complaining about how people are bullying her. Notice she never addresses the mocking Asian people video. Because there isn’t a damn thing she could even say to talk herself out of that one.

No. 442037

I literally only read two lines, and she was saying how she can't be racist because she "never used the 'n' word".

Bitxh there are more ways to be racist than just using that word… Like the time you made fun of Asian people…. Guess you conveniently forgot about that now you're a "kawaii moderu in nippon"

(apology for saltiness)

No. 442062

I love how even an """"apology"""" is mostly fixated on how much the Ostrengas are victims. There's no hope for these morons, they'll always be this way - whining about everyone else and doing nothing to fix themselves.


No. 442076

File: 1512994830220.png (71.52 KB, 640x1136, 17144EF7-211E-4028-8400-6F3438…)

Looks like they covered their bases, eh?

No. 442097

File: 1512997923268.gif (821.6 KB, 500x350, 8FDF6105-D03D-4EF3-BADF-880988…)

>she was saying how she can't be racist because she "never used the 'n' word".

Racist logic.

No. 442101

File: 1513000042087.png (128.59 KB, 571x603, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 8.13…)


I literally had no idea how horrible it was. I've only ever read other peoples comments on it which were usually just " She's blaming her age and being a stupid kid"…

This is the most hateful sour apology I've ever read.

I still stand by what I said though, which is that she sees it as done and dealt with. The chances of anyone getting her to apologize or even bringing up her past from 10 years ago is next to nothing.


She didn't cover her twitter or Tumblr .. odd.

But there isn't all that much showing for either anyways. Unless you can pick certain years to censor.

No. 442187

She went back and deleted a shitload of posts, but left her tumblr up just or the teblogs and tags/publicity. Every time a screen cap of a post of her was deemed salty, cuntish or a proven lie she went back and deleted it immediately. She doesn’t even care how obvious it is.

>Kiki having chunky, bloody shits

Well, now we know why she looks so bad- her health has probably been fucked since she hit puberty.

No. 442202

Um, the one on the right with the bigger blue paragraphs is the original, the left is the edited one she left up after she changed it. Her blaming lesbians and her age was all Dakota, Cathy went back and took all that out.

No. 442214

At least Cathy made it a bit better. Still not great though. She doesn't seem to get that people keep bringing it up as racists/homophobes don't deserve to be the public eye in a positive way. Don't complain about this if you haven't even published your apology yet.

No. 442221

>racists/homophobes don't deserve to be the public eye in a positive way.

Yeah, they don’t. Racism and homophobia are shitty, therefore racists and homophones are shitty people and shouldn’t be praised for it, especially when she didn’t even take responsibility for it and deferred blame onto the internet, and not even her upbringing where it belongs. As for me, I don’t need to post a public apology because when I was 14 I liked horses and making braided jewelry, not calling people faggots and beaners on Stickam with my face painted up like a drag queen.

No. 442244

Everyone does shitty things when they are a teenager. Unfortunately we are part of the generation that has just began to realise that posting these on social media means that they stick around. Posting a sincere apology is enough, no one is expecting her to grovel over something she did when she didn't know better. Anyone who kept bringing it up after that is a jerk. The problem is, she only made a half-assed apology where she blamed everyone else but herself.

No. 442312

Also, keep in mind this apology is almost 6 years old. And here you have her claiming that she “doesn’t edit her videos and pictures” and that the haters have just morphed everything all this time. Yet, she’s still doing the exact same thing she was doing then. Only know, she’s sloppy about it and does it badly. I wonder if she knew that she’d be shopping herself this long, she would have toned it down a little bit or at least admit that she heavily photoshopped her pictures. It has to be exhausting to care so much about people seeing your true face; which isn’t even that bad but not extraordinary. But when you’ve been fetus shopping all this time, it’s hard for your audience not to notice.

No. 442326

>Everyone does shitty things when they are a teenager.

This argument again? Yes, they do, but again- not everyone goes on camera screaming expletives and racial slurs. Who does that? Attention-starved ignorant brats who want to shock people into paying attention to them.

>Posting a sincere apology is enough,

It wasn’t sincere at all, it was literally her placing blame away from herself.

>no one is expecting her to grovel over something she did when she didn't know better.

She was 14-15, not 4-5. Teenagers know what racism is, saying Dakota didn’t know any better is admitting she’s no smarter than a small child and thus no more accountable for her behavior than one, which is horse shit.

> Anyone who kept bringing it up after that is a jerk.

Welcome to the internet. It keeps being brought up because it was wholly and fully bullshit.

All this effort and censorship by the Ostrengas is just a desperate attempt to keep the safety bubble of future fame and fortune wrapped around Kiki and Dakota. Kiki said it best herself, it’s all just an internet fantasy game. Dakota made herself an avatar, stepped into it and assumed the role and has been playing pretend ever since, and any time someone tries to apply real world logic and rules to her she sends her mom and sister to silence the haturzzz who dare tell Princess Dakota that she isn’t what she sad she is.

These girls want to be rich and famous and loved for being beautiful and irresistible, and nothing else but it’ll never happen because they both shit all over whatever they try by being lazy, crude and half assed. Imagine being so dedicated to your fantasy life that you spend all your time on the computer in your bedroom stalking yourself and rehashing everything you ever posted over and over again, just to keep yourself convinced you aren’t wasting the only shot at youth you’ll ever have. What is Kiki gonna do when she’s 30 and still having twitter meltdowns over animal gore and rape? She can’t even do a job she claims is her passion, much less one to pay her bills.

No. 442346

I think people need to be allowed to move on from their past mistakes, no matter the age. They do need accept and apologise though.

I meant before that her apology was not sincere which why is still the videos are still being brought up. If it had been sincere that would have enough in my opinion. Once someone has apologised and accepted what they did, there's not much point in people repeatedly bringing it up. The apology will be there for people to read if they want the story. Of course, she goes on to do something shitty again that negates everything.

No. 442350

Koots you should have apologized properly to Asians since you've been living in an Asian country which gave you job opportunities, housing and a lot more. And keeks you're showing off your Asian boyfriends like you didn't use to make fun of them.

No. 442359

I’m amazed they didn’t get more flack for that video, iirc it was even subtitled in Japanese. Maybe if there was a Japanese language truth page somewhere…

No. 442362

>Everyone does shitty things when they are a teenager.
>she didn't know better

Please don't normalize the Oestrengas or pretend they were having "innocent fun" by consciously being a bunch of cunts.

Someone should post the gif of them doing the "eyes".

No. 442365

The gif is on her ED, I tried to grab it for you but the page won’t load for me.

No. 442371

I didn't mean "didn't know better" as in they thought it was ok, I meant it as didn't know how racism/homophobia really affects people. I think if you really understand that, you wouldn't say those things. They knew they were "bad" that's why they thought they were funny to say but they probably didn't comprehend that this type of thing can drive people to suicide etc. Not trying to justify their actions in anyway, just the way I see things.

No. 442457

My guess is the reason is that they were mocking “Chinese” in this video (buck teeth & the accent and stupid shit she was saying) and most of the Asian cultures are sort of racist towards each other. She would have been REALLY fucked if she flat out said she was mocking Japanese and probably never would have made it in Japan. She is ignorant and stupid to Japanese customs still, clearly, but she hasn’t shit on the quiet like she has Koreans and Chinese.
In some alternate reality, Kota went through with her Chinese classes and got to China and her racist videos came out and the Chinese ripped her a new asshole.

No. 442460

File: 1513047866205.gif (2.1 MB, 456x336, FCDF39B0-E36C-4949-A3C6-CBD9AB…)

I wouldn’t be surprised if many people these days don’t even know how shitty they were back then.

No. 442463

I don’t know if you were around when she was gaining popularity, during and after the stickam days but she was an edgy tryhard for a long time. I think that’s somewhat normal for some kids that age but no one was correcting her. She thought she was funny and cool. Of course she was “gobsmacked” about the flack she received later because not a single person checked her on that shitty behavior.
I’ll admit, I was personally a shitty teen but thankfully my parents didn’t let me broadcast what an edgelord I was all over the internet. My sperging has limited evidence. Too bad for the Ostrenga girls they were being poorly supervised and guided.

No. 442473

I doubt most Japanese care. She made fun of everyone as a kid…and she's an adult now anyway.

Clearly she isn't racist against Japanese since she's been living there, learned the language decently (a lot of gaijin in Tokyo go 10, 15, 20 years and still can hardly speak the language), has local friends.

I know people on this thread want everyone in Japan to hate her, for her to be found out as a hooker sleeping on someones couch or kicked out of Japan for not looking like her shops etc etc. Any apology she made would probably be picked apart tbh so it makes sense she wouldn't bother appeasing farmers/PULL users since it wouldn't do any good and she'd probably receive worse criticisms.

So yeah:
>>overshopping pics is normal in Japan
>>gaijin models don't have to be that great looking
>>Most people are forgiving of someone being dumb kids when they were younger, especially if they clearly changed their behavior as adults
>>Even if Japanese are exposed to her old videos, the reason there isn't much vitriol is because its obvious that she was a kid and it was more stupid humor than actual hatred. Likewise, it's obvious she doesn't hate Japanese.
>>even if Dakota apologizes, it will likely just draw more attention to her past and most anons won't forgive her

No. 442490

File: 1513052300639.png (126.84 KB, 515x542, Dakota_Rose_Ostrenga_Kotakoti_…)

I gotta say that reading this, I think she was being really sincere and is not homophobic. You can't call those pedo lesbian stories "excuses" because if she had not told them, then you wouldn't know what started everything. At least imo I would have just assumed she learned it from her family..which is worse.

uugh, if she would write more like this and be open and honest about misinterpretations and false rumors, she would probably be seen as more human and get compassion, and some of them would not gone so far as they did. Being super quiet while all of this rages on just lets anybody get away with saying whatever they want because she won't confirm or deny it, and just comes off as cold. I mean, this apology obviously didn't work since the homophobe gifs are still being shared all the time. but , at least for some of us it would work.

>Fabricating "quotes that I have made" and saying I called someone an "ugly fat nigger lesbian"?

This is true, she's referring to pic related. It wasn't so much "fabricating a quote that she made" as a it was just the /cgl/ artist taking a shit on her because everyone was mocking her with memes for being a racist homophobe when it first came out.

No. 442504

File: 1513053868973.png (286.9 KB, 545x354, Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 1.43…)


Idk… I struggle to believe her pedo lesbian story.

>They knew what I was wearing

>when I was out and where I was
> Knew all my social media accounts

Legit sounds like Kiki pulling a prank on her sister. She went and followed Kiki everywhere as a kid, and seeing what a nasty spit fire Kaka is … I wouldn't be surprised if she did something to startle Kooter. Like who else would know all her social medias, what she's wearing down to a T and where she's at… Family.

Still also doesn't explain why she did black face, or made fun of asians and fat people. People literally made it her logo "geh, step off pedo lesbian", and thats likely why she addressed that one the most if not only.

I also don't think that image/fanart was to be taken literally.

No. 442506

>You can't call those pedo lesbian stories "excuses" because if she had not told them, then you wouldn't know what started everything. At least imo I would have just assumed she learned it from her family..which is worse.

She did learn it from her family. The “pedo lesbian stalker” stories are all fake. Dakota started throwing those words around like confetti when her shoops started getting attention and girls started OTT complimenting her look, and she took it like a twat and began her tirade about how gross lesbians and dykes are. The only time the “you’re so beautiful I want to kidnap you/be you” type shit was ever posted to her formspring it was anonymously or with a dead ass/empty account, which means it was more than likely them. They’ve been caught attacking and complimenting themselves with god only knows how many accounts over the years.

No. 442511

File: 1513054310024.png (649.82 KB, 1000x440, 693C4B4C-339C-4EBE-B7F6-2957CE…)

Dakota was 1000% a homophobic cunt.

No. 442512

File: 1513054351266.png (268 KB, 750x479, 62DA1395-48F6-405A-96F8-556F9D…)

No. 442513

File: 1513054405580.jpeg (46 KB, 574x261, F92B3FE7-AB92-4321-A02E-F4EAE4…)

No. 442521

Is lying about over-shooping normal?
I highly doubt that most models completely deny they use these apps. There's a difference between omittence and straight up lying.

It's true that probably most Japanese don't care about how shitty of a person she is. And she's truly pretty damn irrelevant in the big scheme of things in Japan too. Lived here for three years and don't see her really anywhere, except for a little bit of advertising for Fits.

I also think she was at least a little homophobic but a lot of the "fag" talk was somewhat "acceptable" at the time as something that dumb kids say. What I mean by that is, that it wasn't unheard of to hear people regularly using those slurs as a common insult. Again, she thought her edgy talk made her cool and different. She grew up in her sister's shadow and did a lot of really stupid things to stand out.

No. 442523

I think it was Kiki too. They were both pulled out of school so young that it’s hard to believe anyone who knew them then would have any way to know that much about her movements and habits once she went viral but her family. Plus, since Kiki destroyed her scene fame by killing Danny, neither of them have had any friends but each other.

No. 442528

>when her shoops started getting attention and girls started OTT complimenting her look
>began her tirade about how gross lesbians and dykes are.
um noooo. wtf? the homophobe video is from 2010, so is the tweet, and her formspring is even older. seriously stop making up false rumors.

yeah, she did make fun of asians, and all the other stuff. I'm not trying to defend her or say she was innocent saint this whole time. Just that I believe her apology and every said in it. I don't think she's homophobic. It's a fact the ostrengas have been plagued with creepy weirdos for being so exposed on the internet. i've seen tons of the come and go over the years, so i have no problem at all believing the pedo story.

No. 442557

>It's a fact the ostrengas have been plagued with creepy weirdos for being so exposed on the internet. i've seen tons of the come and go over the years, so i have no problem at all believing the pedo story.

Who? Because to me, the Ostrengas were the creepy weirdos. Sexualizing young girls, teaching them to pursue fame at any cost and to act insane for strangers online like trained monkeys. There have been a couple of freaks over the years, but not “lots” and absolutely not anywhere near as many as the Ostrengas like to imply.

No. 442559

Are you sure? Because "I hate lesbians" and "I think they're ugly and they're faggots" sounds pretty homophobic to me.

No. 442561

File: 1513063922244.jpg (84.72 KB, 1127x561, Kooter.JPG)

It's always fun to see Kooter defenders tie themselves in knots trying to prove she isn't a shitty person.

Anyway, apparently she had a photo-shoot yesterday where she smiled too much and hurt her cheek muscles. I guess catfishing does pay off.

No. 442584

>Is lying about over-shooping normal?
Some models don't even do public appearances because they're completely sold on the overshooped persona.
Most cosplayers (though it's not a profession) often ask people to refrain from posting unaltered photos of them without permission.

It's not really a matter of lying, it's more that it's an industry standard to the point where if you go "She's shooped!", the Japanese people around you are going to look at you puzzled while muttering "…and…?"

In the sex industry too (on the customer side) it's kind of a running joke ingrained in culture that if you order a girl from a photo catalog she's not going to look anything like the picture, especially in seedy places.

Honesty just for the hell of it is more of a western concept. The Japanese understand full well that models are products, and that it only makes sense that they'd try every means possible to up their own value.

No. 442637

Literally everything about them was lies posted by only them. If something really happened, we'd have screenshots or something to prove it. We wouldn't hear it "after the fact" or used as a story to validate her looks, from her.

I was around during the time Kota said stuff like this and literally all she ever posted was about how OTHER people who the internet will never meet/see/hear tell her she's just soooo attractive and like a doll.

Meanwhile IRL she looked like shit and that's why all the shoop and AE kek

This. No coincidence Kaka and Kota are active whenever there's inconsistent defense "omg false rumors no milk!"

No. 442642

You said it better than I ever could have.

Instagram models are also a good example of this. A lot of commercial, younger models are picked for their social reach…just look at all the celebrity kids models

No. 442649


True, and if anything in that story did happen you know you'd never have heard the end of it from Kota. She would use such a thing to trash talk lesbians even more then she does, because she would have actual cause to hate them.

Bitches got big mouths when it comes to people they don't like. Sheesh, look at Kiki who instantly ran to a magazine to sell her story about Danny, and then years later makes youtube videos about it. Or even look at the Taku shit, he did nothing to her and she is making it out to sound like he was awful to her.


Interesting .. They asked her to smile ?
That'll be harder to edit.


Its that bad in Japan ? I still feel like the models are actually pretty in real life with the proper measurements. I mean, at Koot's standards anyone could get in. Nothing looks the same, and all measurements are fabricated.

No. 442893

File: 1513114761652.png (694.79 KB, 612x745, Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 21.3…)

How do you let yourself go so much and yet still continue to eat badly?

No. 442905

Stop posting the same fucking shit over and over. This has been posted in this thread already.

No. 442909

that's the saddest and most disgusting pizza I've ever seen in my life… that white thing on top blergh

No. 443025

Those are mushrooms. You usually only see that type in soup.

That base tho.

No. 443028

yeah I didn't mean the mushrooms… that other white thing, apparently "soy cheese" looks like something else

No. 443030

>still typing japanese like a man
Ew, Koots eats garbage and is probably annoying her roommate being so gasy.

No. 443034

>being so gasy

No. 443036

Reference to that other thing she ate that was also gassy, some kind of soup.

No. 443070


No. 443106


Thats a sad pizza, but looks more like a fucking tortilla topped with mushrooms and chunks of wood.

( Or an unravelled used tampon with maggots )

No. 443291

Jesus christ. Get help, spergchan.

No. 443300

File: 1513163462168.gif (486.04 KB, 299x216, giphy.gif)

No. 443398

File: 1513198964797.jpeg (137.56 KB, 1200x967, DQ7r5QNVAAIofg7.jpeg)

No. 443399

File: 1513198978182.jpeg (94.38 KB, 1199x804, DQ7r347VAAA9SU4.jpeg)

No. 443408


Is she trying to edit like her old style again ?
Since she decided to use incredibly old shoops for her profile ( which also links to her IG which shows an entirely different person)

No. 443410

I think she's going for the old shop look mix alien boogle head look

No. 443412

oops, forgot to shoop her chest larger

No. 443418

Plus a bit of her 2012-14 era fake hafu style whoops. You can see the way she's changed the shape of her features and rounded them off. Especially her nose and brow bones.

No. 443507


At least she's not doing that horrendous overdrawn top lip anymore

No. 443531

She should just try to be a plus model. Even her socks are stretching out in pain.

No. 444944

>Its that bad in Japan ? I still feel like the models are actually pretty in real life with the proper measurements.
Mind you, I'm not saying that all models in Japan are secret uggos that shoop themselves into different people.
What I'm saying is that if they are uggos irl, no one is going to bat an eye at their photoshops if they try to edit themselves. Unless you're an idol or another profession with required contact with fans, you're just an image.

The Japanese mentality ends up being: I'm never going to see her in person anyway, and she's an image on my screen. Isn't it better if they make it look good?
They are very nonchalant about it, caring more about the end result than how it was obtained.
People on sites like 5ch may be snide about it at times, but no one else cares.

No. 444969


Lol,but she goes on Tv and then they put her shoop right beside her.. Or announce her as "real barbie".

Sorta hard to avoid the comparisons/differences when she's now more a talent then a model. Tv broadcasters aren't going to AE videos for her, or up the brightness so she doesn't look so haggard. Japanese gossip site girls seemed to actually care that she looks so different too. I suppose it'd be all fine if she only stuck with modelling work off screen, but she isn't.

All of her comparisons are made from Tv show screen shots …

No. 445566

File: 1513476722974.png (530.42 KB, 609x603, Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 9.10…)

Dunno if this has been posted yet as it was just added today on the VK page. Can't believe fits shit is still popping up.

No. 445606

It's wild that the dude has a smaller chin than her kek

No. 445613

She makes up for it by having a bigger forehead

No. 445616

Who the fuck styled her for these ads? Why did they put this up? It’s so unflattering. I don’t think that she’s an ugly girl but on those she looks like a hillbilly??

No. 445668

File: 1513497191232.jpeg (199.31 KB, 1200x1200, DRO1FtiVAAEwKh6.jpeg)

New twitter pic, but I feel like she's posted these before? Unless I'm thinking of another incredibly similar photo where she's wearing a similar outfit.

No. 445694

wow.. that hairstyle could not be worse for that forehead

No. 445698

File: 1513504026397.jpg (91.7 KB, 1080x1080, 15803576_111346742703791_36639…)

How flat does one have to be to not know how real boobs look when shooping?

No. 445704

god if we had access to her pre photoshop photos it would be a never ending comedy goldmine

No. 445730

her teeth do look whiter!

No. 445753

That ugly top aside, I predict Kota doing a lot more pic of her in low cut/keyhole type clothes. Nobody wants to see her dolly shoops anymore so she’ll probably turn into another instathot. She already has the ugly fashion down pat.

No. 445987

I'm so confused by this top

No. 446550

File: 1513600700372.jpg (112.79 KB, 600x464, c.jpg)

thanks for bringing up that particular shoot, i remembered how awfully unrealistic her waist was shooped, but this is ridiculous

No. 446823

It’s funny how she shopped her waist smaller, but you can still tell the dress was tight as hell and probably barely fit.

No. 448000

File: 1513723877574.jpeg (1.63 MB, 3840x3840, CB919355-7CFA-43CE-960F-F74B65…)

No. 448042

File: 1513728296661.jpg (310.74 KB, 543x516, 5.jpg)

No. 448203

oh honey…

No. 448213

she's like the personification of the word "dumpy"

No. 448222

Where did this come from??
I'm surprised we don't see more pictures of her in the wild.

No. 448254

If I saw her in a store and knew nothing about her I would never believe she were a model, even a token white one. She looks like an English teacher or a Navy spouse.

No. 448261

It's from her latest video, even in this shot she used after effects to make everything taller and slimmer in distortion.


No. 448463

Wonder which poor sap she got to film her as she pretended to look at clothes.

No. 448471

and to think people once envied her. The only thing beautiful about her are her skills with photoshop and even those have declined in recent years

No. 448559

I really can't get over how behind she is on the dance moves in the Fits commercial compared to everyone else. I wonder how long they rehearsed? No wonder she's in the back.

I think she's going without make up in an attempt to look younger…
But her head/face is the size and look of an adult woman, and her hair is the thickness of a much older woman. She looks like an average american woman nearing her mid-late 20s.

I hope she doesn't have issues with balding as she gets older.

No. 448720

Kota has no rhythm because these arent the kind of commerical shes used to. Not defending but unless you practice for months or are used to being a back up dancer in a commerical like Fits you woukd have struggled too.
She looks horrible regardless but im not faulting her dancing because she obviously cant and isnt used to having too.

No. 448733

Ehh, nice try, but nah. The choreography isn’t hard, I’ve seen teen weebs master more complicated dances from anime OPs on YouTube. She probably didn’t practice enough with the group after learning the moves, hence why she can’t keep up. Either way, she looks so out of place surrounded by Japanese school kids that I’m not sure it would matter even if she had better timing.

No. 448826

So sad that she had to look at clothes she couldn't fit into and didn't buy any.

>unless you practice for months or are used to being a back up dancer in a commerical like Fits you woukd have struggled too

This is extremely basic repetitive choreography and it's very possible she didn't even understand the instructions being called out.

There's no effort in her expressions to be energetic. Giving off cute genki looks is far more important than perfect dancing and she did neither.

No. 448837


I wonder how many times they were like…"okay…from the top again" until they finally just settled on that take. Like she was the only person behind, they must have tried so much before being like "this is never going to work. At least she's in the back".

No. 448907

how are you all even seeing her? I had to strain to notice her at all and when I do it’s barely enough time to notice what she did

No. 448923

File: 1513838246745.jpg (84.62 KB, 692x692, C91ZccpXgAAfmRW.jpg)

>I think she's going without make up in an attempt to look younger…
Actually I've been thinking for a while that she's trying to force herself to get rid of her insecurities. If that's so, then good for her. A few years ago she used to hide as much of her face as possible by framing her hair on the sides to cover her jaw, and thick blunt bangs to cover her whole forehead. In old videos she would cut out scenes where she turned her face to the side, and of course use illusion makeup to make her jaw thinner, her nose thinner, her eyes bigger, and her lips a different shape. Lately she's been going out with her hair behind her ears, no bangs, and no makeup. Back in the tumblr days even a picture like this (despite being edited) would have been way too bold for her.

No. 448948


Shit what is this even?????
At least her shoops used to look pretty. Now they look fuglier than the real thing ( maybe that's what she's trying to do?) and not even human any more

No. 448961

Again. Shes not a dancer. I get fucked up from just trying to do bssic vine dances.
Its even harder when you lose focus in a group because you have to keep track. She was set to fail regardless. Weebs still practice probably much harder then she did.
It probably would have better to slap a dark wig on her. How she even got this fucking job i dont even understand. Shes the only foreiger. They pribably did a favor or thus was an old contract that finally got fullfilled.
I cant see them hiring her if they werent gonna have her be more prominent orginally but scaled it back when she turned out so badly.

No. 448965

She kind of looks like that thing from the movie Splice

No. 449010

you're giving her too much credit, anon. You can't talk about battling insecurities and being more confident and bold when she's heavily editing her pictures. Would be applicable if she started posting her true pics, which won't happen

No. 449029


This. Posting non-shooped pics with heavy makeup would be better than posting weird heavily shooped pics with no makeup.

No. 449063

File: 1513866861472.jpeg (226.91 KB, 1200x1059, DRknKzPV4AET6jo.jpeg)

No. 449090

Why has there been censoring on the board?

No. 449092

Looks like it’s the WiFi password.

No. 449114

I wish she would just get Botox for her jaw and chin so she could give a shit about her looks again. I feel like she shoops herself because she knows she can’t look like that IRL anymore because of how she aged and how her face filled out. She always shoops her chin and jaw smaller and pointier, only surgery could do that permanently, but Botox would at least make her face look less puffy and bloated. Then she could stop hiding herself behind shoop.

No. 449138

I don’t think Botox would fix that?

No. 449174

It wouldn’t make her jaw or chin smaller, but it would help with her face looking so beat. I don’t want to say her skin looks “saggy” but I work in a health clinic and seeing the women who get Botox in their faces before and after, I really think it would help Kota out a lot. Her diet is crap and she doesn’t seem to take care of her skin (I remember her saying she washes with whatever bar soap is around and doesn’t get acne), so a cosmetic procedure would only help her. I don’t know why she’s rather be naturally ugly than admit she needs makeup/styling or a minor procedure to look better as a model.

No. 449183

File: 1513879872149.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, 28DA2C29-0F7D-46EC-BA2A-A1D000…)


These are some before/after pics of Botox masseter reductions.

No. 449334

She's never going to look like her shoops through surgery because of her neck thickness. Not saying it's like super thick…but it's and pretty basic thickness for her head shape. Her shoops have this little jaw with a super thin neck. It'd be so weird if she got jaw shaving or something else, then she'd just have a thick short neck with a little jaw sinking into it. Taylor has that "thin neck baby head shape" look, kind of like a lot of ballerinas I used to dance with. I'm sure it drives kota insane.

Eep I've thought about doing this to help out my TMJ but I was weirded out that it would shrink my lower face, but these don't look so bad.

No. 449348

Nah, Botox can’t ‘shrink’ anything, it just tightens and lifts.

No. 449349

that door curving tho lmao

No. 449354

Is this a Fitt’s pic? I thought she didn’t have bangs when they shot those. Her nails are done too, so this must be new? Why would they bring her back after the reaction to the initial release?

No. 449365

I'm a little behind, what was the reaction to the release?

No. 449373

They had to disable comments on the Fitt’s videos on YouTube because of the flood of commenters shocked at her appearance. That’s why she went on that TV show and make up the story about how she only uploads “edited“ pictures because she feels expected to (and not because she’s been lyi about shopping for 6 years). Libera dropped her right after that, Fitt’s was the only job she got through them before she went to Platinum Productions (a talent agency) and is now using her 2012 shoops as her official, legitimate modeling portfolio pictures. Not even any of her work with Bravo.

Every time she gets a good gig with a lot of press, the comments get disabled and it’s a shitshow and then Dakota goes into hiding again for months. Someone is pulling hella strings for her for sure.

No. 449735

Damn, I need to get that shit done.
Kota is foolish for not doing something like this to get her the look she's trying to achieve.

No. 449762

Damn hate to say it but this the only fits picture she looks good in.

No. 449767

That's because she edited it. It's not an official Fits photo.

No. 449785

yeah I was surprised at first too. Then checked her IG and there it was…. well no wonder.

No. 449789

i could tell even from the thumbnail on lolcow's frontpage when it was first posted that this was shooped by her lol. the head shape is a dead giveaway even in thumbnail size.

i thought she only said that she "kirakira-ed her photos" which to me sounded like a downplay of "oh i just add sparkles and color filters with phone apps". did she actually say she felt expected to edit her photos?

No. 449887

No, she said ‘kira kira shashin’ but lbr, they’re her shoops. Just because she doesn’t call them what they are doesn’t make them any less fake, like her knockoff VW. But she did say she only uploads them because she feels pressured/expected to and that she never meant to be real Barbie (bullshit).

No. 449949

This. She basically acted as if she was some victim in this grand scheme that made her shoop herself.

No. 449954

Not everyone is eligible for masseter botox. If your jaw appears to be squared because of the masseter muscle, then botox will help; but if that's the actual shape of your jaw, botox can't reduce the bone.
Plus, are there even doctors performing this treatment in Japan? It's sort of new and doesn't seem like the kind of stuff that Japanese people would get. They don't even get braces when needed, let alone facial fillers/botox.
And at last, Dakota was barely able to afford teeth whitening, and only recently, after years of yellow teeth. I don't think she can afford that

No. 449956

God, what kind of dumb shit excuse even is that? Okay, so you've said your "truth" Dakota. You've bared your soul and told us that having to live up to this living doll title that was forcefully bestowed upon you was a heavy burden. Alright, cool, cool. So if that's the case, then why do you still do it…?

No. 449975

lol why are you all so dramatic?? it wasn't any kind of "woe is me, here's the real truth, i'm a victim". She basically just tried to wave off the editing as no big deal, people tend to do that when they want to drop the subject.

No. 449980

File: 1513960953865.jpg (106.64 KB, 528x690, e9bb33bcf23787055e01ce91f2d3cd…)

Jaw surgery and botox injections are a thing in Japan. The results just aren't crazy as the Koreans and It's probably not as popular. Japan started caring more about paleness and small faces when Korea introduced their fuck up beauty standards. Koot could had gotten surgery to live up to her lies but she thought people would still tolerate her shit and give her jobs, guess Dakota had to learn this the hard way.

No. 450001

Except that she didn't.


No. 450102

>it wasn't any kind of "woe is me, here's the real truth, i'm a victim"

It literally was. You can go back in the old thread and read all about how she went on tv with a segment titled “I’m not a real Barbie” when in reality the only reason Dakota is known as such is because she first started calling herself that. She claims she was an innocent girl who didn’t think she was special, and that everything else happened because ~she’s just sooo naturally beautiful~. She’s a thirsty lying bitch and the only think keeping her going is the fact that her mom and sister have all day to delete anything she doesn’t like.

Honestly I feel like all this shit Dakota and her family have been doing for years is somehow illegal or wrong as fuck. You shouldn’t be able to just keep lying to make yourself look better and getting legit job opportunities off it without any repercussion.

No. 450107

Hm, I went to yt to find the video I watched when the episode first aired and of course, it’s nowhwre to be found. All I got from searching “有吉反省会 ダコタローズ” were two BS videos that don’t even show the episode.

No. 450144

Ostrengas got stuff deleted. There are a few articles about this though.


No. 450273

Wow, they even got them taken off of Dailymotion too. What a family of greasy sheisters.