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File: 1520897650695.png (406.49 KB, 883x276, lolcow.png)

No. 527506

Previous thread: >>463602

>No longer affiliated with Bravo, Popteen or Libera, Dako is now catfishing through her current agency, Platinum Productions, a tarento agency that allows her to use 6 year old shoops and fake measurements: http://talent.platinumproduction.jp/dakotarose

>Lately Kota has been posting pics and videos of her real face mixed in with her usual ageplay shoops to her IG and YouTube to generate buzz for her upcoming fashion show on March 25, Fukuoka Asia Collection: http://www.fukuoka-asia-collection.com/guest.html
>Also, she’s been spending every other day at a salon, restaurant or shop opening with her mystery friend(s) and posting pics/vids as proof she actually leaves her house. Almost every time she goes on one of these outings, she ends up with a new designer gift from “a friend” to show off
>Still no sign of work since the epic Fitt’s campaign other than the upcoming Fukuoka fashion show
>She continues to block people who question her about her face, age, and TV appearances, now with increasing frequency as she’s no longer afraid of blocking her actual Japanese followers
>She also recently posted a pic at a plastic surgery clinic where she got some sort of unspecified face&body procedure that totally isn’t Botox or lipo, while also claiming she had acute leukemia two years ago and using that as the reason she “can’t do anything reckless for her health, like plastic surgery”
>Japanese netizens don’t buy that shit for a second and glaze right over it, continuing the usual line of “have you had plastic surgery? What a shocking difference!” and similar comments

2018 looks like the year Dakota is gonna try to revamp her brand/image to get herself back out in the spotlight again…. by lying, shooping, and piggybacking off her famous friends and old Bravo connections for work, and general Doug anything other than taking care of herself or changing her basic bitch style.

she has also decided to transform into sid the sloth with eyes so far apart you'd question what direction she's looking in while pulling a leafy with hiding her chin that she thinks she's being descreit about.

Active Accounts:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dakotakoti
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFvuGmxBmv-c_irVda7mwg

Dead Accounts:
Website: http://kotirose.com/
Tumblr: http://kotakoti.tumblr.com/
Ameblo: https://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti/
LINE Blog: https://anony.link/https://lineblog.me/dakotakoti/ (Deleted)

VK Dakota Rose fan page (has all the candids): https://anony.link/https://vk.com/clubkotakoti

No. 527938

File: 1520952132291.jpeg (288.17 KB, 1496x1124, 54B9875B-5CD2-4AF6-B7E8-724542…)

New pic from Twitter of her with Hirari and Yuuka Tano, sans baby fetus shoop. Looks like she got her idea for bangs from Hirari.

No. 528118

honestly koots looks a lot better with bangs but seems like she constantly wears caps to hide the fact that she has extremely thin hair/balding

No. 528124

I thought she wore caps because that's what a lot of celebs do in Japan to be inconspicuous and Koots definitely still considers herself to be a part of that crowd. She started doing it when she joined Popteen, probably because she saw other girls doing it. But she usually takes off the cap inside so it's probably not to hide her hair. She just has a somewhat unwarranted sense of self importance. I mean Yuka in that picture is wearing one because she is still in AKB?

No. 528128

Sorry samefag but I meant at events not "inside" per say. She wears it when she's in public places where she might be ~recognized~ lol.

No. 528133


i thought it was just because she was self conscious about her thinning string hair but your theory also makes sense, she probably still likes to think she's living in her teen years back when she was actually a big deal in japan

No. 528169

I think its both tbh
She pretty arrogant to begin with, and we know shes insecure as well, so it wouldnt surprise me if shes insecure about her hair on top of everything.

No. 528196


What is it with asians and these horrible hats? Old men wear this shit.

No. 528482

Maybe it’s a combo of both, she doesn’t want a stiff breeze to expose her bald spots while going in and out of buildings? Then when she’s indoors it’s hair helmet time.

No. 528771

Sounds pretty accurate but she could atleast wash her hair more often so it doesn't look so greasy and nasty, might help with looking so flat and thin also

No. 528794

File: 1521024038599.jpeg (120.38 KB, 640x723, D23ADB35-4E26-46F5-AB00-C0A9AD…)

Didn’t she say in the past she uses organic oils for shine and split ends? Agree though, I get that she’s going for the OTT shiny angel hair shit, but in real life it just looks oily.

Also related, I’ve been browsing the #ダコタローズ tag on twitter and I keep seeing Japanese girls posting how fat and ugly they are and how they wish they were Dakota Rose, or how theybwish thy had a face like hers but they can only commit suicide. It kinda reminds me of all the weird “you’re so pretty it makes me want to kill myself” stuff she used to hand select for her Tumblr. Another one I saw said something like, “Why was I born ugly? I’m not supposed to be like this! When I was a sperm, I applied to be a girl, so I should have been Dakota Rose! (crying emojis everywhere)”.

No. 528864

File: 1521032526367.png (316.95 KB, 447x487, _09.58.54.png.ebb652e9ddef25ef…)

Honestly I've seen that stuff from time to time and it kind of saddens me. I've been tempted to answer a couple of times, "Don't worry. Dakota wishes she really had that face too."
I'm sure these sorts of compliments make her happy (she still leaves them up unanswered when they appear on her Insta and twitter posts).

No. 528882

can we stop with the translated japanese?

No. 529238

Just as soon as we stop with the backseat modding. Idk why posting translations is so verboten in threads about a girl who speaks Japanese and works in Japan, but okay.

>inb4 insult about shitty translations

Japanese speaking anons translate or stop crying about the students/casual learners that at least try. The holier-than-thou attitude in the last 3-4 Kota threads anytime Japanese translations are attempted is irritating as fuck.

No. 529459

Either those, or just translate them via Bing.

No. 529719

Does anyone have that fits commercial, ive seen a few screen shots but cant find video anywhere.

No. 529721

It appears that they deleted them after the backlash (unless somebody downloaded the videos). The closest commercial I could find was this, but it’s pre-Koots.

No. 529737

Wow everything is gone. The whole channel is gone. Twitter too. It's super convenient that videos and pictures where Kooter doesn't look good get deleted. I mean it's not like the campaign overall was a failure and everyone else looked normal. Idk it just seems really sketchy to me.

No. 529743

What backlash?
Sorry I thought that I was all caught up on the threads. (If no ons wants to so a recap maybe guide me to the right thread?)

No. 529751

The thread is here, >>>/snow/463602
basically she got called out on http://girlschannel.net/topics/1505275/ and japanese twitter for looking really ratchet in real life, and everyone was asking if she had plastic surgery or saying she's fake and shoopped. There is some translated comments from girlschannel in the thread above.

No. 529758


Before they shut down the comments beneath the Youtube videos the Japanese were ragging hard on Tooters. Calling her fat,beef cake and other sorts of things. It might be more than one thread back to look at the translations some anons did for the comments.

You know I use to think this was some sort of special treatment they were doing for Kota back in the day. Deleting all evidence of her candid face from the internet. Now I've just come to realize that its actually pure shame that makes them delete her presence from their brand name. Like they want to pretend it never happened. Kota is Japan's modelling world herps, once they have her they want to conceal any proof that herps.

No. 529769

Koots was never given special treatment. Lotte would turn off comments for their Fit's campaign because Koots sub-par acting and dancing was glaringly obvious, feeding bad comments about her. Like what kind of dumb bitch lands a good gig and doesnt even bother taking it seriously, AND acting like no one will realize your shopped pics.

Like you said it was for them to save face….which is why I'm wondering how she will fuck up this upcoming fashion show. If you look at all the models compared to her, Its like they went out of their way to already screw her over using old ass 2012 shopped pics lol

No. 529773

2011 shoop and to be fair, that's what Platinum is using in her official profile.

No. 529817

I downloaded the video of her sitting next to the Japanese girl and talking about doing the campaign and how ~hard~ the basic ass dancing was. Idk where to upload it though from my cloud where it can be posted here.

Pro tip for future anons: download every video worth posting here. It will disappear.

No. 529837

File: 1521127026406.jpeg (58.21 KB, 546x420, 24C986DC-2D32-46A5-8681-68CE8F…)

I went back a couple threads and saw some anons also saving her Fitt’s vids, so as long as this anon comes back and blesses up with the downloaded videos it shouldn’t matter that Lotte deleted them. I really want the English teacher one reuploaded, that one was the absolute best.

No. 529861

After doing all the searches possible including searching in Japanese for the fits videos it looks like there is no trace of them anywhere on the internet, i only found photos.

No. 529869

File: 1521130664606.jpg (42.85 KB, 1080x720, 29090624_154391598711984_31173…)

New picture. I'd imagine she's feeling pretty smug now that her horrible Fit's pictures are gone just in time for her runway return in two weeks.

No. 529880

The pictures are all over the threads here, as well as her VK fanpage. It’s just the videos we have to worry about now.

No. 529886

File: 1521131721530.gif (5.19 MB, 480x270, D1B96A82-22ED-4E75-9B98-D00EF3…)

It’s ok, as soon as the show is publicized it’s gonna be gold. Remember her waddle from last year? Pride always comes before the fall with the Ostrengas.

No. 529970

we all know her next runway is gonna be as funny as that last waddle, she looks nothing like her pictures and she's pretty chunky, unless shes lost weight for her runway

No. 529980


Oh god, hahaha.
I was the anon that made that gif and it just gives me life that every time a new thread is made someone revives it.


She actually went to a weight loss clinic ( claimed it was for posture .. bs ) like literally a week or so after she said she'd never do anything potentially harmful to her body because she had "cancer". Something tells me either her or Kiki were hardcore lurking and spoke about anons calling Kota fat, on top of that seeing all the Japanese gossip forums say the same. She might have started dieting. ( or not .. ) But I mean anons fussed she needed to stop the over lined lips, she did and anons also stated she needed bangs and she went out and got them. Don't forget they made fun of her for her ratty looking black heeled ankle boots, and she went out and got several new pairs.

I lowkey think this Toot is listening.

No. 529985

Yea I'm also wondering if she actually got anything done, when she went to the clinic just before the fashion show.

No. 530080

Maybe she finally caved and got Botox on her jaw to help with her face looking so swollen? We won’t know until the show, unfortunately.

No. 530122

Found this old video of boots.


I'm new here

No. 530144

I'm new here so sorry if i mess up somewhere. But I just wanted to post this here.


I found that video here. They have some old vids of Dakota. I probably won't come back though because I'm not good at this stuff. Goodbye

No. 530159

wow that yt channel has got some really old videos of Dakota, wonder how long it will be before they get taken down

No. 530195

I'm bored so I'm downloading all of them, lots of kaka gibberish throughout so they're hard to watch, but i'll be back with caps for any interested anons

No. 530206

your the real mvp anon

No. 530210


I believe you can find a lot of her deleted videos ( ones she made ) off of those chinese websites. I think her VK fan page also has a bunch of them aswell.

No. 530214

this may be a dumb question but if Lotte deleted vids with Dakota in it, how can she use that gig as experience on her resume?

No. 530326


Lol, well how does your new boss know you worked for said company/business … ? References.

That info gets put on her profile for reference by her current company/agency. I'm sure if new companies wanted they'd call X company she worked with to get more detail.

The fact that they deleted everything involving Kota could look bad for her . The fact that this is a re-occurring thing with companies to remove her asap is probably why she's slowly declining in jobs. It gives the vibes that she isn't desirable to work with or something is wrong. This all probably looks just as bad as someone having on their resume that they haven't been able to hold a job down for longer than six months.

No. 530370

File: 1521152714809.jpg (65.92 KB, 366x549, tumblr_nnjqx9d5Q91qicobao1_400…)

what rock have you been under not to know dad hats have been on trend worldwide for months
she isn't fat or ugly by any standards, just not impossibly weird boney alien looking as in the edited pics. she's quite pretty and looks alot like Kati here in fact despite the front angle.

No. 530379

Probably soon you know they read here.

No. 530441

Thank you anons!

No. 530445

>looks alot like Kati here
While I don't think Dakota is hideous or anything (she just looks like some regular, suburban white woman, imo) I'm not really seeing the resemblance passed the hair and the eye color.

No. 530446

Top fucking kek.
In her dreams she looks like Kati.

No. 530463

File: 1521156408250.jpg (73.46 KB, 514x720, Katiusha-573.jpg)

No. 530476

File: 1521157369868.png (85.96 KB, 750x815, IMG_2207.PNG)

I just found this pic of koots on her weibo account, a hairstyle can completely change your aperence

No. 530483

huge liza minelli vibes. Pretty freaky.

No. 530485

A hairstyle and photoshop anon

Do you think Kooter ever gets sick of filtering herself? I don't fir a second believe she's changed from the racist, messy, chubby girl she was on MySpace. And after the leukemia bs I'm starting to think her posts where monitored by bravo.

No. 530537

Random ass question, but where can I find kota's racist video? Like the one where she puts on the fake teeth and everything?

No. 530543

File: 1521161472497.gif (2.1 MB, 456x336, KotaKiki racism.gif)

It's gone for good; I'm not sure if any Anons have downloaded it. However, I found a GIF of it on GC's Kota thread.

No. 530561

I think she's notably prettier than a lot of girls I see around LA, and theres a resemblance with the features being similar. Kati has less facial fat and muscle which makes the jaw and cheekbones different, but the features are similar even at such different angles.

No. 530573

File: 1521163134088.png (106.09 KB, 173x261, 20170207_dakotarose_13.png)


No anon.

Different eye shape, different jaw shape, different cheekbone shape, different nose, different lip shape. Katia looks more like what Kota shoops herself into rather than what she actually looks like.

No. 530577

File: 1521163766650.png (1.19 MB, 1704x678, ghjg.png)

I know she doesnt look exactly the same, im saying there are similarities. koti could be an editorial model like kati but she's stuck in that weeaboo phase and makes herself look bad with asian styling/edits on her notably white features. I guess it gives her the advantage of a bigger audience but a big problem is she doesn't try to be pretty in a way that would suit her.

No. 530584

File: 1521164188600.jpg (40.9 KB, 534x800, 6wJLTNwZz64.jpg)

I managed to dig up an unshooped picture from the runway show this look was for.

No. 530586

That is a picture from when she was 14 and shooped to hell and back. You can see that her eyes have never been that wide.>>530573 is what she looks like and that looks nothing like Katia. Some of Kooter's shoops look like her though.

No. 530588

File: 1521164262224.jpg (96.04 KB, 660x990, i64o0pMMirY.jpg)

And another.

No. 530589

File: 1521164421339.jpeg (56.62 KB, 604x604, F33A5777-D03D-4225-8DA4-FDFA49…)

Every time someone tries to say Dakota has good features and could be a better model if she put on makeup and styled herself better, but those people are still thinking of her as looking like pic related and not the way she looks now, which is why her career is floundering. Her face has gone to pot, cute features aside.

No. 530629

So Dakota deleted a bunch of Videos off of her Youtube and there was this one Vid I really liked called '4 Minute Harajuku Hairstyle'. I used to watch it a bunch because of the music and spent days trying to figure out where it was from (I suspect it probably was some royalty free track? idk)
Does anybody happen to have the Vid saved?

No. 530642

File: 1521168395308.png (124.23 KB, 294x284, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 10.3…)


How does this prove your case ?

That picture is photoshopped, and only proves MY point in that she ( Katia ) looks similar to Kota's old photoshop style from 2011. They don't have anything in common besides hair colour and eye colour you tool.

Are you a new fag or Kiki ? Because only either of the two would consider Dakota's looks to be comparable to a gorgeous model. Just like how Kota would shoop herself to look like Vlada. On top of that only either of those two would argue her photoshopped pictures are real.


Try chinese video sites. Youku or something. They tend to have a bunch of her videos including the apartment tour.

No. 530649

It's funny anon, I remember bringing up Katia in a past thread and saying that Kooter's shoop style looked strikingly similar. Now blind-chan up there appears insisting that they look the same. And Katia isn't like even well known as a model.

No. 530651

samefag. I mean they are insisting kota's real face looks the same as katia's.

No. 530652

Guess she saw no reason to keep them once her channel got demonetized. Her socialblade says her total channel views dropped from 50Mil to 47Mil, which is interesting. I can see her slowly deleting her older videos and replacing them with new ones where she doesn’t talk or show her chin.

No. 530660


Lowkey wonder if its Kota posting, and Katia is her new obsession like Vlada was. She's been editing her face to look more round and her eyes further apart like Katia's as well as wider/stretched. She even shoops the lines away to make her nose look more button like.

Kota's shoop : >>529869

Katia's face : >>530370 >>530463

No. 530664

Its a shame her racist videos are 100% gone, like I wonder how the Japs would react to seeing her do that retarded shit. Like I'm honestly baffled you can still have a career in a Asian country after pulling that shit

No. 530687

wow, not bad actually. Is this recent?

No. 530706

April 2016

No. 530712

i dont remember if that video had the same music as well, but she used songs from the persona 4 ost in some of her old videos.

No. 530721

File: 1521173860755.jpeg (59.03 KB, 402x604, A7661AA1-85B4-40AD-A2B6-F1BE21…)

Wigs and makeup really transform her, too bad she’s such a lazy potato.

No. 530730

Throughout her whole career Dako has been trying to look and be like a bunch other girls but never herself. Vlada, Katia, Cara Delevigne and the Russian child model. Her obsession with these types of girls is so bizarre.

No. 530736

I tried converting to webm but lolcow said it was too big so I uploaded her racist video for download here.
Maybe someone can convert it or upload it somewhere else for us.

In her early days she used to shoop herself to look like Nicole Kidman and then Gemma Ward so she's never used PS to enhance her own features. She's always tried to look like someone else.

No. 530742

File: 1521175910074.jpg (39.52 KB, 403x604, worIEIc1m9o.jpg)

Anon this was a shoop of this 2012 shoop turned and pasted onto another models face. Shoop of a shoop

No. 530750

we should have some great collage to show her face morphs.

No. 530764

File: 1521177318232.webm (16.77 MB, 426x240, 1406101811213.webm)

No. 530766

My bad thought the file would be too big. Here's an oldie I found on PULL.

No. 530777

I found it in some album on the VK fanpage, in the same album as the pics of its with the 3 other short wigs and one other long wig she’s worn before. If it is a shoop, it’s a damn good one, andiIt still looks better than what she’s doing now, shoop or not.

No. 530784

My favorite video of her. I don't know why she deletes so much.

No. 530787

Maybe because she realizes finally that she set an unrealistic standar for herself she never could achieve? Or she’s embarrassed at how weeby she used to be. I don’t know if anyone else but hardcore shutin weebs who decked out their whole rooms kawaii, did taobao/kiddie clothes hauls and took pics all day in basic anime and eroge poses. Venus, Yukapon, Pixyteri, and Beckii all come to mindnimmediately, but I’m sure there are more I’m forgetting about. I don’t think se wants to be associated with her weeby kawaii stuff as much as the jailbait Russian dwarf shoops from that same era and prior- they’re a lot more western and similar to what she seems to be going for lately.

No. 530789

It was a thing that people used to do back in 2012. But it's a one of kota's face shoops onto an Japanese gyaru model's body.

No. 530791

File: 1521179347305.jpg (84.75 KB, 532x800, bACW8B8tWOY.jpg)

Found it. It's Kumikki. And anon it was literally on the same page as that shoopception you posted.

No. 530821

It had low views she's only keeping the ones with high views.
She was never a weeb,she just used it for leverage and copy popteen girls marketing. Has anyone noticed she also changed her YouTube background? It use to be sailor moon or something?

No. 530893

When she first got popular she was a weeb. Argue all you want about how ~authentic~ she was about it, but there’s a reason she dropped China and Korea like a hot rock as soon as Japan gave her a chance. Kawaii clothes, sailor moon, final fantasy, anime and Jap culture are all reasons Dakota has given in the past for why she decided to dress up kawaii and take her famous shoop selfies. Remember her claiming she loved Japanese fashion because American fashion doesn’t have cute clothes?

No. 530904


No. 530906

literally everything about Dakota screams shes a weeaboo.

No. 530936

Honestly I think her 'weebness" had as much to do with the fact the Japan was the post popular of the 3 in the west. Her getting an offer there was a way to get even more attention and put herself above others. Kooters whole thing-actually her family's whole thing has always been that they are better than everyone else.
If she was starting this nowadays I honestly think she might be more interested in Korea than Japan.

No. 530945

I believe there was a comment or two regarding that in the GC thread, as well.

Thanks, Anon! All the better for preservation and exposure.

No. 530961

Actually we have all of the old Ostrengas videos saved, dig up in early threads and you will find all of them uploaded directly here so they won't get deleted ever.

No. 530977

She did the weeb stuff before Japan took interest in her. She made a Japanese intro video before she ever got offers from Japan, and she never made a Korean or Chinese intro video before or after that. Her whole aesthetic was weeb- her cardcaptor sakura “cosplay”, all the sailor moon imagery and references as well as FF, the schoolgirl uniforms- she was a weeb before Japan noticed her, that’s why she went viral on tumblr. It wasn’t just her being ~omg unreal beautiful~, it’s because she mixed pastel kawaii & weeb shit with her idea of cute and edgy western fashion and suited it to her less Asian features. Now that she’s a model in Japan and has an “excuse” to have weeb tendencies she’s deleted everything weeby pre-Japan so everyone can casually assume she never dreamt of moving to Japan and being a kawaii model, and that it just happened from pure luck instead of shameless pedo pandering, tagwhoring and pushing herself as “real Barbie” anonymously everywhere. Just because she never went around calling herself Sakura, goin to cons wasting pocky and gushing about Japan and Asians doesn’t mean she was never a weeb, she was just super low key about it because she was Kiki’s shadow and has to be more into scene and Hollywood shit.

No. 531523

You can’t upload videos to lolcow, only imbed them. Most of those videos in the old thread are dead and gone now.

No. 531688

File: 1521386788983.jpg (149.13 KB, 1080x720, 28766732_1634915663230585_3399…)

Koots went to yet another brand exhibition to mooch more clothing. This time it was Valmuer.

No. 531692

File: 1521387323359.jpeg (25.56 KB, 398x476, DYlMBnhUQAAq5kV.jpeg)

Here's pointless shot of her eye from Twitter.

No. 531696

tbh i like this outfit, but those hips are hilarious.

No. 531700

File: 1521387800155.png (301.43 KB, 494x617, Screenshot (1693).png)

From the brand's ig story
The outfitmight be cute on someone else but she can't pull it off. It looks frumpy. And the shoes she chose to go with it are awful.

No. 531722

Too much toe

No. 531726

File: 1521389603548.jpeg (138.39 KB, 731x881, 780F6F66-1E60-4FEE-BDD3-9BD5FE…)


She carries her fat in such unfortunate places. Saddle bags, muffin top and fupa. She almost has no waistline either, but doesn’t look as chubby as she was in the fits. My she lost a little weight at that weight loss clinic ?

No. 531732

The buttons on her skirt around are struggling, lol. And I’m sorry, but that outfit is ugly as fuck, it looks like something she found at a Goodwill and paired with the ugliest shoes she owns (that are too small).

No. 531740

how does one live in a fashion captital and still manage to have no fashion sense.

No. 531741

she actually is looking pretty thin for kota standards

No. 531742

They're all still there. Never uploaded a video here myself but when you do it like this >>530764 they're hosted on lolcow and can't be deleted afaik

No. 531842

How does one have friends who make and wear such cute, fashionable clothes and still have no fashion sense? The world may never know, but it’s like the longer she’s in Japan the worse it gets.

No. 531857

I went back 5 threads and only found one webm, and it's the one you linked. The only youtube videos in the old threads that still work are ones she hasn't claimed, like her old kawaii makeup tutorials. None of the YT videos that were embedded for any reason that made her look bad or made anons poke fun at her are available anymore, those are the videos we were talking about before. The ugly stickam videos of her and Kiki being obnoxious and offensive, videos of her waddling down a catwalk, the TV show she was on most recently, etc.

No. 531885

I went back digging and found some treasures that are still up.

I found one video of her doing the Fitt's dance live with the group that is still up (I never watched it before now, but it's weird that they still say she speaks kansai-ben): https://youtu.be/uiHJfWjr6pM

The Popteen Bikini run & beach shoot videos:

Then the video of her debut on Get It Beauty in Korea where she tried to fake an accent and did bad makeup on a host: https://youtu.be/7P1yve6DFws

And the video of the Japanese youtuber Duncan who did an impression of Dakota when she first started making waves in Japan and got copyright slammed: https://youtu.be/FQv3XlywfFQ

No. 531896

Bonus! Youku upload of the video of her faking the phone call/friends feud when she first moved to Japan:

No. 531899

lmao! no wonder they put her right at the back while dancing

No. 531901


Man, this video would have been completely fine and actually good without the cringey fake phone call and explanation.

No. 531903

>actually good

all she kept was ying was stuff like "really?" "I see" "no way!" followed with "sorry, bye!". basic beginner weeb Japanese, but the reason she took the video down is because iPhone users pointed out that if she had answered her phone and put it to her face as quickly as she did in the video, the screen would have been lit up and it wasn't. She took it down because she was embarrassed.

No. 531908

i found one of the fits videos with koots in it but they dont show her much


No. 531913


you can see her trying to cover her stomach up so she much be very self conscious about that but if she knew she was going to be in swim wear in the video, why the hell didn't you tone up her damn body before hand???

No. 531922


how hard is it to do this, really?

No. 532107

Her first threads on /pt/ have lots of webms, including the racist ones, the homophobic ones, the rare ones, all the old ones that the Ostrengas keep wiping off youtube

No. 532130

File: 1521417783637.jpg (83.17 KB, 453x604, gnkB0Qe3K4w.jpg)

idk what you're trying to do, but you are all KINDS of misinformed. Literally everything you said is wrong. I'm not going to make a long ass post correcting every sentence you made, but for starters, she DID go viral for the ~omg unreal beautiful~, there's no use denying that when it's so easy to google. It had nothing to do with being a weeaboo.

No. 532137


I'm dying because literally non of those faces are the same.I'm always shocked when I see old news articles from when she first debuted, because they always show case a cluster fuck of photos that all look like different people. Then again people also believed Valarie Lukyanova or even worse Lolita Richie's photoshop and published articles on them.

No. 532275

File: 1521425212014.png (117.01 KB, 680x528, B4BAD645-4D5B-41A5-99BD-A2CF8B…)

>Dakota wasn’t a weeaboo, I don’t have time to explain it to you but you’re wrong
>she DID go viral for the ~omg unreal beautiful~, there's no use denying that

Whew, I almost fell for it.

No. 532290

Keeek some of the comments on that Fits video. These are translations from Google, so someone with a better grasp of Japanese feel free to correct any errors.
>Dakota Rose is a granny?
>Dakota Rose is fat? What?? LOL
>ダコタ太った…??? あとゆらの演技ヘタ……
>Dakota is fat??? What? What? And afterwards, she's acting poorly.
>ダコタほんと無理 キモすぎる
>That's really Dakota, no way, impossible.
>Dakota Rose grew… (as in got fat, I guess?)
>Dakota Rose is fat?
>すっげえ ダコタ ローズいるから周りがめっちゃブスにみえる
>(This one I didn't really understand, so here's just a straight up copy/paste of the translation) It's sooooo hard to see Dakota Rose so you can see it around like bush

No. 532322

Every time I watch this, I think about how insecure she had to feel. It had to be really awful standing next to all these girls with zero fat except for their boobs. She's just built different. Totally fine in America, but in Japan, she sticks out.

No. 532343

Enjoy. I like this one because the quality is decent and you get to see how puffy her face looked and thin her hair was. I have no idea why she didn't do extensions for this job. It was doing her no favors to be in a campaign like this without them.

No. 532345

File: 1521429162259.png (602.15 KB, 700x455, dako.png)

No. 532346

Here's one of the other commercials she was in.
Compiling as much of her Fits stuff as is still available out there.

No. 532349

I have no idea why they styled her the way they did. There's obviously a girl there who had a lot of make up and they should have done the same with Dakota. Wasn't she a dumb American stereotype? I mean shouldn't she have had more make up to fit the stereotype? Did they just want to make sure she didn't look as good at the Japanese girls? Not like she would have even with make up, but she apparently was the crush of the nerdy guy so why did they let her look so awful?

No. 532357

Did anyone save the awful English teacher video of her?
That was a fucking gem.
I wonder if she just stopped showing up towards the end of the campaign. She's on the fucking promotional signage, but not even here at the event.

No. 532361

Sorry for shitting up this thread, but this is really embarrassing.
It's almost like they did this really professional, sweet story about this struggling teacher to reclaim the shit one they did with Dakota or something. Hers was so bad and embarrassing.

No. 532369

>すっげえ ダコタ ローズいるから周りがめっちゃブスにみえる
Trans: That's amazing, because Dakota Rose is there everything around her looks super ugly

No. 532394

Samefagging, sorry I couldn't resist and fixed these too:


>Dakota Rose looks like an old lady right?
>Dakota Rose got fat?? lol
>ダコタ太った…??? あとゆらの演技ヘタ……
>Dakota got fat…??? Also Yura's acting was bad……
>ダコタほんと無理 キモすぎる
>It's totally impossible that that's Dakota, that's too gross
>Dakota Rose…grew up, huh… (this is just saying she looks older)
>Dakota Rose got fat?

No. 532414

Thank you so much for revising these!

No. 532495

File: 1521435666386.jpg (229.52 KB, 1365x767, 1496261973162.jpg)

To be fair, she did extensions for Eresuto High School and they looked even worse. They were even visible from a distance.

No. 532496

No. 532502


I doubt anyone did, honestly. nobody ever does, and the few anons who claim to never come back to deliver after the vids go down.

No. 532510

i 100% know the call was fake, but… why is your phone screen staying lit for the duration of your phone call? i think it's pretty common for phones to cut the backlight once the phone is lifted to the ear…

No. 532520

iPhone screens stay lit up until you put them up to your ear, and she put it there right after her 'ringtone' ended. If she actually answered a call the screen wouldn't have gone black before she put it to her face.

No. 532544

File: 1521440475245.gif (8.88 MB, 465x262, 1445470681319.gif)

No. 532570

At least she fixed her walk

No. 532585

compared to?

No. 532586

this gif was on recent images on the front page and i didn't recognize her or think much of the walk, so that's an improvement from last time.

No. 532592

If she met Watanabe Naomi, ngl I'm gonna be mad jealous.

No. 532596

This is from 2015.

She has, Kota has worked with her multiple times, and she was even involved in the Fitt's campaign.

No. 532601

This "walk" is better than all the other walks of hers.

No. 532603

The fourth one is gold.
She probably didn't want them touching her hair or makeup unless it was her doing it.

No. 532629

I found the webms in the catalog!

>>64304 - Kiki and Kota dicking around and flirting with "ghetto thugs that we work with" outside a building, this is where the screengrab of her chola makeup comes from

>>64307 - The infamous "mocking Asians" Michael Phelps video

>>64334 - Kiki and Kota laying around, being randumb, Kota dances around in the bg while they both screech

>>64340 - Kota in a short red wig and ugly makeup, listening to rap and flailing around

>>64344 - Kota's "blackface"

>>64349 - Kota in a fake mustache and black wig acting drunk, even refers to herself as a "drunk bitch who likes to wear wigs and mustaches" to her cat

>>64358 - Brownface drag with makeup abs video, the one where Kiki is wearing a purple bikini top and a cape

>>64364 - This one, they're playing with a maxi pad and pretending it has shit on it, and they're decorating it. Kiki has on a gas mask, I didn't bother to finish this one tbh

>>64394 - Them dancing awkwardly in a mirror somewhere

>>64435 - "Best of KotaKoti", all her most notable homophobic moments

>>64451 - Kota freaking out when Kiki calls her a lesbo. Her lesbo projection back then was incredible. Otherwise it's a racist, homophobic goldmine. Also lots of caps of old Kiki tweets

No. 532642


Also there are a few more & some duplicates in the OG Kiki thread, >>82

No. 532644

Didn’t she also model about for her clothing line? It was a brief job.

No. 532645

Ah this was it. Swear that is Naomi Watanbe’s brand. But can’t look it up at the moment.

No. 532650


idk how to link threads, my bad

No. 532706


Punyus, and I think kota only walked at the shows and did some TV and videos with her.

No. 532729

you forgot in your summary that she claimed to have survived leukemia two years ago.

No. 532760

what's ironic is that her entire 'personality' was supposed to be a party valley girl (if I remember correctly from the 'introduction video' about her)
She was supposed to be a paripi/パリピ(wasai eigo for 'party people') and yet…. no makeup at all and that terrible wanna-be acting to go along with it lel

(correct me if I'm misremembering but I'm 80% sure)

No. 532874

File: 1521483831182.gif (1.59 MB, 260x460, kekjustkidding.gif)


I only have a gif of the video. Same with other fits commercials.

No. 532875

File: 1521483957198.gif (968.96 KB, 320x180, toots.gif)


And this one from her english take ( I can't remember )


No. 532889

I have one video, but it' on my iphone and I don't know how to get it on here.

No. 532911


Could you transfer in onto your computer from your phone, and then upload it to a re-upload site ? People are doing that in the onision thread ( though for different reasons: not making him money )

No. 532913

It looks like she's finally losing weight at least! Good for them for covering up her face with huge sunglasses.

No. 532917

This is from 2015.

No. 532942

I've been trying, but my new computer won't sync with my phone. I tried emailing it to myself, but I can't attach the video to an email. I'm trying to find a way to get it on my laptop wirelessly because honestly I'm so sick of iPhones now, I'm just waiting to replace it when I can afford to.

No. 532962

Dakota could really benefit from wearing a wig….I know her hair is thin, so there is only so much you can do; extensions are dubious because you can see them through her real hair. its why I'm confused why they dont have her wear a wig.

No. 533000

I don't remember seeing this Fits video before (live dancing - Dakota is just in the photo-op at the end).

No. 533022

Glad to see there were dupes uploaded! I forgot how much her hair looked like spaghetti.

No. 533023

I think someone had to if they made those gifs. But if they kept them… questionable.

No. 533173

File: 1521504018001.webm (3.75 MB, 1280x720, XaSTp6kev49JLpMx.webm)

No. 533225

No, I didn't.

>>She also recently posted a pic at a plastic surgery clinic where she got some sort of unspecified face&body procedure that totally isn’t Botox or lipo, while also claiming she had acute leukemia two years ago and using that as the reason she “can’t do anything reckless for her health, like plastic surgery”

Don't skim, read every word. You'll absorb a lot more information that way.

No. 533237


is that a panty shot at 0:06?

No. 533249

looks like shorts, but the whole time i was watching i was wishing they didn't have her skirt so high bc she doesn't have the body for it.

No. 533288

File: 1521509602439.jpg (156.65 KB, 1112x603, cheeky.jpg)


Got it. Could be boy shorts or spanx maybe?

No. 533334

Well, I lost it. I got my icloud drive set up on my laptop, but when I tried to copy the video to the pc it legit fucking disappeared and now it's not on my phone or laptop. IDK what happened.

No. 533384

Update, I have it as an MP4 in my camera roll, but I don't know how to turn it into a webm. I think I'm done trying though, fuck all this effort.

No. 533425

this really shows how high up that skirt is pulled… geeze.

No. 533547

Anon do you not know how to use Google? That probably comes off cunty but it's not meant to be, you just don't seem very tech savvy.

Try this. No downloading required.

No. 533656

Why do these threads bring me to random threads like Alys recovery??

No. 533666

/snow/ probably didn't exist when they were posted? and those links will point to /snow/

just testing a few as pt links to see if they'll work:

No. 533667

The test ones work, so here's anon's post with pt links:

>>>/pt/64304 - Kiki and Kota dicking around and flirting with "ghetto thugs that we work with" outside a building, this is where the screengrab of her chola makeup comes from

>>>/pt/64307 - The infamous "mocking Asians" Michael Phelps video

>>>/pt/64334 - Kiki and Kota laying around, being randumb, Kota dances around in the bg while they both screech

>>>/pt/64340 - Kota in a short red wig and ugly makeup, listening to rap and flailing around

>>>/pt/64344 - Kota's "blackface"

>>>/pt/64349 - Kota in a fake mustache and black wig acting drunk, even refers to herself as a "drunk bitch who likes to wear wigs and mustaches" to her cat

>>>/pt/64358 - Brownface drag with makeup abs video, the one where Kiki is wearing a purple bikini top and a cape

>>>/pt/64364 - This one, they're playing with a maxi pad and pretending it has shit on it, and they're decorating it. Kiki has on a gas mask, I didn't bother to finish this one tbh

>>>/pt/64394 - Them dancing awkwardly in a mirror somewhere

>>>/pt/64435 - "Best of KotaKoti", all her most notable homophobic moments

>>>/pt/64451 - Kota freaking out when Kiki calls her a lesbo. Her lesbo projection back then was incredible. Otherwise it's a racist, homophobic goldmine. Also lots of caps of old Kiki tweets

No. 533776

Anyone have that screenshot of her humble brags on Twitter?

No. 533782

I think there are some still up on her ED page: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Kotakoti

I do, I downloaded 4 different converters and none of them will work, they all keep saying the file can not be converted. Maybe there’s something wrong with the file, idk. I’m not tech savvy at all and half the time all I get from google is vague keyword bullshit that doesn’t answer my questions, so I don’t rely on google anymore either.

Sorry, I’ve never crosslinked posts between threads before, I figured it worked the same way.

No. 533865

Good job, these should be included in next OPs imho

No. 533902

That’s a lot to include in a summary, maybe just linking them in the first or second post in the thread would suffice. Or he’ll, even reuploading them, the next thread could be a “best of”.

No. 533907

the waddle from >>529886

No. 533909

Who has the pic of her in a collage of others from I think the fitt's campaign (yet again) where she has a red bow on her head and is making the most retarded face ever? It's the funniest pic of her I've seen aside from maybe the one of her jumping in the air awkwardly

No. 533912

The white dress walk (2015) predates the waddle (2016). She got worse.

I know which one you’re talking about, it’s less than 2 threads back. There’s a link to the last thread in OP.

No. 533919

Downloaded, tried, didn’t work. I downloaded a music video from YT as an mp4 and it converted just fine, so I’m thinking it’s just Dakota’s video but it plays just fine on my phone and laptop as mp4. If be willing to upload it so some file share site if anyone else wants to mess with it.

No. 533952

File: 1521569411071.png (618.47 KB, 430x595, Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.08…)


Another pic from this event taken by someone else. I think she might have actually lost some weight, so maybe this up coming catwalk wont be such an embarrassment.

No. 533972

that explains the change in weight lol

No. 533974

Yikes, the bruises on her legs

No. 533981

We'll see but let's be real, she doesn't belong on any catwalk.

No. 533989

File: 1521571762750.jpeg (103.91 KB, 640x829, 4FB0E0C3-3B4C-4798-9953-A162EF…)

Makes sense, the clinic she went to specialized in weight loss procedures.


No. 533997

Because Kooter is too lazy to eat healthy or actually exercise a bit. She hasn't been huge. With a bit of effort she could knock off the excess weight in no time. But Miss "I'll never get get cosmetic procedures because ~cancer~" decided to take the easy way get a weight loss procedure.

No. 534056

>the easy way
So? The problem is never the way people decide to lose weight, it's how they lie to themselves and everyone around them pretending they did it the "hard way" which does nothing but stigmatize the matter.
In Koot's case, she'd rather lie about having cancer than just admit she has struggles and wanted the procedure. That speaks volumes more about her character to me.

No. 534114

She doesn’t have struggles, she sits on her ass drinking wine, eating fried veggies and & candy while playing video games, lol.

No. 534647

why do people even care how she loses weight? also , i still think she's fat bc she's an apple shape and her legs are are still meatier than they were when she was relatively thinner. if they dress her in more waist hiding clothes for that event coming up she might not look like a complete pig

No. 534656

>why do people even care how she loses weight?

because she lied about it. She’s been shopping herself skinny for the last year, then suddenly she goes I only a weight loss clinic and lies about having leukemia, then suddenly she’s slimmed down after some “mystery procedure”. Nobody really “cares”, it’s just funny to chuckle at a grown woman trying to pretend everything good in life just floats to her naturally, with no effort, and that she thinks she’s so beautiful that people can’t believe her looks are real. Its fun watching her white trash it up while pretending to be a celebrity, then pointing out the holes in her story when she gets lazy and sloppy.

No. 534853

File: 1521640492540.jpg (39.4 KB, 600x450, tooters.jpg)

found a pic of young tooters ive never seen before

No. 535010

File: 1521657392233.jpeg (224.82 KB, 876x950, AD861228-55D1-4A47-A22C-1C190D…)

No. 535070

i wish she would go back to her 2012 look, she looked soooooo much better and i know she shoops like crazy but surely it's better to actually shoop her self to look better rather then the monstrosity she looks like now.

No. 535087

File: 1521663655835.png (380.55 KB, 884x318, toots.png)

can someone please explain how this smile can become this hideous smile? if i didn't know who toots was i would never think these are the same girl

No. 535092

File: 1521663813625.jpg (215.91 KB, 390x227, koots.jpg)

these are also from the same fits thing she did, its obviously which one is her real face.

No. 535099


No. 535114

Since we're digging up old content, I happened to come across this Popteen clip while trying to find that Elesto Club video with her and Pikarin. I kind of feel bad for her here, she seems so awkward. Everyone is trying to encourage her to join in, but she comes off as a bit standoffish.

No. 535177

File: 1521669988234.jpg (29.05 KB, 556x720, 29340086_1694609777300585_9065…)

No. 535520

I agree, I like the old anime look rather than her weird as fuck down syndrome look she has now. I don't get why she made herself look worse

No. 535533

She never had that look, anon. It was all just shoop and filtered lighting.

No. 535535

aw she looks pretty cute here, she has some inherently good features

No. 535539

kawaii but still shopped to oblivion

it actually makes me feel bad for her. she was only ever pretty if she's edited

No. 535566

Kooter should just get a job editing other girls. Not into alien fetuses, but something more along her older shoops. She has some skills with editing when she's actually trying.

No. 535571

Looks quite cute here. Huh.

I feel like a lot of her ugly candids are often poorly lit (from above, who the fuck looks good in that shit) or when she is bloated. She tends to put weight on her face and I bet she is also often bloated from too much sodium.


Yeah, she shoops every pic of hers she possibly can, and it's sad af.

I think she is probably fine looking in person IRL, though fat by Japanese standards. She also has a weirdly angular face so those never photograph easily. Lots of her features (nose, chin, cheeks, brow bone) stick out far more than the flatter Japanese face (honestly even for a white face she is quite pointy) which means the photographers taking pics of her are probably not using appropriate lenses for her face shape when there are a bunch of Asians to also take pics of around her. The lens and lighting are key to photographing a face, and it matter a lottt for a face as finicky as hers.

It's unfortunate bc she's trying to be a model.

This hairstyle made no fucking sense for her. It made her face look solong and even more bloated due to her limp hair texture. She needs layers and bangs. Fix her hair and shave off 10 lbs off and that candid would look totally okay. Nowhere near that alien she shoops herself into but a pretty girl.

No. 535697

File: 1521725885344.jpeg (200.96 KB, 1200x906, DY5OHw6VAAAZHV1.jpeg)

No. 535698

File: 1521725964641.jpg (762.58 KB, 1080x2076, 20180322_093906.jpg)

No. 535711


I agree, she’s cute. Way more cute than her sister imo. If only she gained more confidence and changed her lifestyle. I don’t think it’s gonna happen soon tho, because it seems she’s been depressed for years and I doubt she’ll go to a (good) therapist.

No. 535770

Agreed. Since I used to follow her in her scene days I've been thinking she has interesting features. She should just ditch the asian "kawaii" style imo, it doesn't fit her face at all and makes her look just awkward. Give her a more mature, "western" makeup and style and she'd look 10x better

No. 535817

>Give her a more mature, "western" makeup and style and she'd look 10x better

I second this, she could be much more successful if she dumped Japan & tried to attempt a model career in a western country, it's not too late yet

No. 535841

What a dull picture. Her shoop isn't as hideous as before but it doesnt look like her nor is it in anyway interesting.

Also did she pick up that sweater for a discount at a yard-sale or something?

No. 535857

I don’t mean to attack you, but no she couldn’t. She’s too short, too wide and too old to model in the west, and her portfolio of cutesy Japanese shoops would never get her any work with companies that aren’t licking her butthole. Dakota is only a model because of the connections she made after going viral, which she doesn’t have in the west. Not to mention she spent the last 6 years turning Japanese, she probably wouldn’t wear any western fashion anymore- her no makeup bag lady style seems to be her current favorite look.

No. 535884

She couldn't anyway, too short and not thin enough. She could've had half a chance only if she was just short and had some huge connections, for some occasional gig (like Lily Rose Depp, 5'2" but she models because her father is a famous actor and she's interesting looking).
The max she could do is instamodeling. Which could be fulfilling for her too depending on her expectations

No. 535890


Kota at her prime already tried modelling in the West, and you know what.NOTHING came of it. They didn't like nor want her.

-She's average
-bad hair
-poor atitude

If it wasn't for her viral moment, she would have NEVER been accepted as a model. ever. Not in Japan and not in the West, or at least never signed to a actual huge or popular agency. Moral of the story, Kota doesn't qualify for modelling anywhere in the world. What she has thrives off of connections that were built off of bullshit. Her entire career will always be nothing more than a lie, and its probably why she holds on so dearly to extreme old shoops that got her there to begin with.

No. 535913

This this this. Kota is a fluke based on a gimmick, she’s not a legitimate model by any means. The damn girl had to get a weight loss procedure because she’s too sorry to take care of herself, no legitimate agency would touch her. Not to mention she can’t do her own makeup, style her own hair (unless you only see it from the front with the top of her head cropped out), or put together an outfit that isn’t 2XL. If she’s not married already she needs to find a visa husband soon, because more and more Japanese are gettin bored with her endless shoop and repetive banalities.

No. 535986

She fucking shooped the reflection omfg I’m hhhhhhhhfvgcg

No. 536011

What’s beside the grey line beside her pinky in the reflection?

No. 536097

File: 1521759522046.jpg (317.45 KB, 209x666, angrybirdscandid.jpg)

pic related, she looked nothing like her shoops and shooped the fuck out of the promo material on all her social media.

No. 536098

File: 1521759586262.jpg (20.79 KB, 505x231, angrybirds2.jpg)

The best part is, she looked good in the actual commercial. She just kept deleting and replacing it with her shoops to push her kawaii living doll image.

No. 536103

File: 1521759694518.jpg (98.59 KB, 930x257, angrybirds.jpg)

No. 536104

File: 1521759727384.jpg (47.6 KB, 408x610, angrybirds3.jpg)

last one

No. 536161

probably just a smudge mark

No. 536175

File: 1521762512397.jpg (97.37 KB, 900x461, BLfxs--YmiQ.jpg)

The the thing was that these images were even shooped by the company. I never understood why she didn't pattern her shoops on the editing that her actual clients gave her, most of which were more successful. I don't know if bravo required it but most of the companies she worked were actively trying to match her shooped image (Ufufu, Tiara Mily, etc)when they photo-shopped her.
Pic Related- Koots from Sept 2012 for Anita Arenberg looking nothing like her shoops.

No. 536189

I agree, this is a pretty good and believable shoop. This is how you’re supposed to shoop.

No. 536201

File: 1521763266391.jpg (164.53 KB, 827x553, anita3565.jpg)

That's why she can't get big gigs anymore. For so long she kept trying to censor her professional work, even her portfolios with her shoops. She never seemed to understand that not everyone thinks that look is cute, and that maybe her viral fame wasn't based on her ~omg beauty~, but of people constantly comparing laughing at her shoops. That's fine for trolling weebs on the internet, but actual employers don't appreciate it.

Anita Arenberg was great because they didn't overshoop her, but she still looked good because she was styled well posing and actually trying to look good. Fitt's was more of an embarrassment than a braggin right for her based on how hard they tried to erase her from it.

No. 536213

File: 1521763544700.jpg (173.11 KB, 1280x737, angrybirdspromo.jpg)

Angry Birds was 2012 as well. They did promote it in Asia with her overdone dolly makeup though.

No. 536221

File: 1521764297616.jpg (93.74 KB, 900x606, SWFz8SHVLMo.jpg)

I honestly don't think she looked good in Anita Arenberg at all, not for a model anyway. I'm sorry but she always been kind of hard and plain in the face. She needs super specific lighting to look good and that is definitely not teh hallmark of a good model, or even a photogenic person.

No. 536236

Well, she looked as good as she was ever going to look without Photoshop and blinding overexposure. She still looked much better than she does when her employers don't shoop her now.

No. 536243

File: 1521765586814.jpg (78.15 KB, 720x714, ZQlfBEC27x4.jpg)


No. 536304

File: 1521768455310.jpg (188.02 KB, 1044x1044, lewinxiaochi-1521767677787.jpg)

No. 536309


Except she was 16 when she first arrived in Japan and is now 21/22 … The weight gain and aging play a huge factor into why she doesn't look even mildly decent in normal editing. Both these pictures have the same level of editing done to her.

Home girl just aged, and thats why normal editing doesn't do anything.


what the fuck is this ?

New editing style ?

No. 536315

That's true. She's actually turning 23 this year.
That new edit is nightmare inducing.

No. 536320


LOL I actually just went to IG to check it and realized it was posted by her hair stylist. She has to sit there and shoop it in front of them before they can post it.

Imagine that ? Watching this loon shoop herself in front of you, and having to stare at her face and then the image she is editing. ( Worse is she edits her hair to be lighter and fuller and shinier ) Its like a slap to the stylist face.

No. 536324

Not surprising at all. She's still an asshole.
Ngl, I low key wonder sometimes if she stopped going to Risel because they always posted their own pictures of her and not her abortion shoops.

No. 536329

Sweater is hideous

No. 536350

>she was 16

Man I can’t believe she’s been there this long and this is what she has become. It’s like she just took every opportunity handed to her and wiped her ass with it.

No. 536365

its amazing how much she hasnt changed. like what kind of dumb bitch pulls this and really expects to be taken seriously. i agree with the other anon, her entire career is a gimmick, one that has run its course. When shes put in actual modelling situations she fails in some way, and never learns from them.

Stand off-ish in popteen plus mad insecure in a bathing suit. Waddles on the walkway. Sub par dancing that shes put in the back. Refusing to stop shopping her aka put up a false image.

Shes lucky to have connections and that people tolerate her.

No. 536386

I'm actually surprised she's still doing this. With any normal person, once you become a model, it just doesn't seem necessary afterwards because of what you've achieved. Like who would even care that much anymore. People already shoop your face and body for you at that point. There's something wrong with her.

No. 536394

Most people who become models actually look like models. I think that deep down Kota knows she's a scam and a catfish. The shooping is overcompensation for that and to fuel her own denial. Notice the things that she gets criticized for are the things she shoops the most. Chin, eye size, face size, and age regression. i feel like she does it to prove to herself and -in her mind at least- her detractors that she really is a super young naturally doll-like model. It's like a mix of narcissism and defiance. Her whole family seems to suffer from it (Kiki, Cathy…).

No. 536428

So apparently Dakota is still obsessed with erasing any kind of criticism. This youtuber is latin american and she posted three videos talking about what we all talk about in these threads or PULL she doesn't have many subs she is pretty random, but Kota herself with her gmail and all copyright striked this random stranger making videos in spanish about her and all snow flakes (the girl used taylor in the picture cause she got scared that kota might strike again and she'll lose her channel) The video is in spanish but I basically told you the important stuff

No. 536436

I really think the new fetus shoops are because she’s aging, I think she’ll go the route of every deranged narcissist and her next gimmick will be “WOW, you’ll never guess this fetal-alcohol-syndrome-lookin’ woman’s real age!!!”
And get all the Japanese to swoon “oh how do you do it wowww ayyyeee kawaiii”
Or so she thinks.

No. 536451

Eww wtf kind of shoop is this?
Her shoops are just getting worser.

No. 536477

I don’t understand how she can look at this and think it looks good. She makes herself so horrifically ugly.

No. 536541

She’s been plastering her date of birth in every bio since she got to Japan, there’s no way she can pull the “guess my age” shit. Plus, if she can’t find employers willing to shoop her into a baby anymore then she’s not going to be able to for some new gimmick revival. She’s on the downswing because she spent all of last year only doing one campaign, and then Dickinson’s around the rest of the time getting so fat that she had to lie about cancer to get a weight loss procedure. Everything she’s doing lately is floundering and it's fun to watch her be the fattest, ugliest model on any set while knowing she thinks of herself as a beloved foreign beauty.

No. 536565

File: 1521810004505.jpg (98.61 KB, 500x467, police.jpg)

she's not even 22, she lied about her age when she started this whole thing and pretended to be 16 when in reality she was 18 at the time, that would make her around 24 now. there was a police report were koots real birth year is, she was born in 1993.

No. 536569

Oh lordy don’t bring that shit up again. You’ll have Kiki or Charms in here REEing in no time.

No. 536572

It also says they both have brown eyes and that Dakota is 15. If she was born in ‘93 her age would have been 17 on that date, not 15 like it says in the report. It’s too inconsistent to be taken as credible for either argument.

No. 536630

How can she do catwalk shows if she's 165 cm? I thought you have to be at least 175 cm in order to walk down the runway.
Also, is 165 cm her real height?

No. 536649

File: 1521820602526.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x450, cdc[1].jpg)

Posting this report and taking it seriously should be a bannable offence at this point.

If you're legitimately stupid enough to believe the Ostrengas successfully faked a passport and all of the other relevant documentation necessary and then used that faked passport to travel to one of the strictest countries in the world without getting caught, get your head checked.

The report isn't even consistent with itself. The maths is wrong, the eyecolours are wrong.

can't find it atm but there was a lot of talk about how other scene queens used to fake shit about dakota and kirsten regarding their eyecolours back in the day. There are other examples of fake documents "proving" their eyes are brown. This is likely one of those documents.

No. 536664

It's normally true but this is more of a designer-promoting celebrity catwalk thing, not a high fashion show.

No. 536666

File: 1521822007608.jpeg (144.86 KB, 1200x800, DY_BFMnVAAEbrfb.jpeg)

No. 536667

File: 1521822018230.jpeg (188.06 KB, 1200x800, DY_BdqAUQAA6DCF.jpeg)

No. 536669

Nope, she's shorter. I don't even belieeve she's 162 cm like her previous agencies stated. I believe she's more like 159-160 cm.

No. 536670

File: 1521822096589.jpg (82.47 KB, 720x468, cU-DmADMOWw.jpg)

No. 536679


is she trying to look like Gemma Ward?

No. 536681

Another anon brought up Kota's grandfather's obituary from 1995 which said he had 2 grandchildren (Kiki and the brother). I'd definitely take that over some police report riddled with inconsistencies.

No. 536704

IIRC back when she first when to Japan, her passport video was posted o 4chan and the consensus was that she just shopped the video to change her DOB on her passport. But I agree, anyone not willing to pay for a background check on her needs to be banned for mentioning it. Her age doesn’t matter now that she looks 30 anyway.

If you o back in the old Kota threads ou can find her old Popteen measurements as well as her standing next to Hiromichi Nakano who is notably short. He’s the short older guy she’s had to stand a foot behind to look like she was the same height wen she wore that ugly white denim skirt and fuzzy purple sweatshirt.

No. 536713

File: 1521826751516.jpg (267.88 KB, 440x1467, edvo.jpg)

Here's the obituary for reference. Dated March 9th 1995.

No. 536752

That's hilarious because Freada literally means "skid mark" (on underwear) in portuguese. Sage for useless contribution.

No. 536760

This poor girl does not have the body for jeans.

No. 536779

which is actually amazing, because its kinda to fuck up jeans. her legs are rather shapless, because she doesnt work out at all.

No. 536784

Anyone made an updated timeline of her face shooping styles? Bc lmao

No. 536786

Is she purposefully wear ill-fitting pants so its easier to shoop her body away and make herself look like a waif swimming in her clothes?

No. 536827

This hair color is so pretty on her but the sloth shoop is as unflattering as ever. I wish we could see the unshooped version of this photo… I bet she looked fine.

The sweater is fugly though.

No. 536851

funny how she deleted that ugly sweater pic after we said how hideous it was….

No. 536853

No she didn't. It was posted by the salon but shooped by Koots.

No. 536858


wait she gave a shooped photo of herself to a salon to post????? that's a new low

No. 536863

Yeah. The old salon she went to always took photos there but this one just accepts her schools. Not sure why.

No. 536864

Shoops not schools.

No. 536891

It seems like it with the wide eyes and short face. Girl needs to accept she will never be as pretty as Gemma

No. 536893

Every time I start to feel like maybe she’s changed or moved on, she pulls some stunt like this.

What is her obsession with silencing every single person that isn’t nestled right up inside of her asshole? I’ve never seen someone so diligent about protecting the facade of a human being they’ve created.

No. 536934

Unfortunately….she probably didn't. Those hideous sweaters are in style right now in Japan. Like, you can't step outside without seeing at least one person wearing those eyesores

No. 536938

nah it's just a style lol. you can find jeans like those in like every girl clothes store in japan.

No. 536946


Wtf is up with that neo-pagan necklace?

No. 536971

She claims it's a vintage rock n roll pentagram necklace her dad gave her from his band days. I don't understand why she wears the same necklace and ring every day when she's supposed to be swimming in Westwood, Coach and Chanel accessories?

No. 536977

I had the same one when I was like 13, from a spencer’s gifts lol

No. 537000

She couldn't fix the bald spot that goes all the way up to the top of her head, though?

No. 537027

Not with only a single layer of hair she can't.

No. 537162

File: 1521871381476.jpg (35.72 KB, 450x450, gemma-candid.jpg)

Apparently Gemma aged poorly like Dakota. Jesus what the hell.

Gemma was such a beautiful woman…

No. 537216

She had 2 kids.

No. 537224

Having kids gives you abrupt harsh lines in your face like that? She looks 40 damn

No. 537227

I actually think this is her best look. She should try a pixie cut with bangs. Her hair is so fine and thin that it would probably look thicker cut into a shaggy pixie with layers. Also…dyed a darker color. It is striking and beautiful and would set her apart.

No. 537244

You'll never be the same once you have kids - said my mom

No. 537254

Wow, I did not recognise her! She would look better with another hairstyle, makeup and clothes and if she went down in weight.

I assume the Australian sun was too harsh on her. She'd have aged better if she lived in a European climate. Maybe also the model life was ageing? I've heard its hard.

How sad..

No. 537268

File: 1521889897205.gif (704.68 KB, 268x230, ImperfectFearlessFox-small.gif)

Offtopic– but these are such low blows, she needs to lose weight?

You chose a picture of her when she's obviously bloated and big from being fucking pregnant. It's even taken from an article where she talks about being pregnant with her second child. Telling a pregnant woman to lose weight is a low blow, jfc farmers get some class…

No. 537363

i think they're just trying to figure out why she looks so different, not to just call her fat. i also agree that it's probably the weight. i mean, at least you can lose weight?

No. 537405

File: 1521911503473.jpg (116.33 KB, 634x952, 3F08D35400000578-4392230-image…)

Just like Dakota, people with baby faces always end up looking very strange as they age. That angelic doll look doesn't translate to people over 30 in most cases

No. 537408

Yeah, people here are sometimes unbelievable. There are good recent pictures of her. This is not one of them.

No. 537420

Sage for blog but agreed. People here make me feel just awful about myself with the intense and constant nitpicking people’s appearances and how “aged” they look. I’m only 23 and people regard me as being gorgeous and often assume I’m younger, but ever since I started coming here I feel like a nasolabial heavy, dried up, wrinkled, youthless, misshaped, ugly old woman(unsaged blog)

No. 537430

Wow this thread got so derailed, I'm not really sure where to start. But I will say this, to keep it on topic: As long as you aren't a lolcow yourself, you have no reason to feel ashamed. Kooter in particular is a disgusting, lying, racist, retard who deserves to be made fun of for her shoops and her real face alike. She also deserves to be chewed out for her behavior, but recent milk has been her fetus-sloth face on an unshapely body. Considering it's her job to look decent, pointing out her very obvious problem-areas is free game.

No. 537431

Well that works except Dakota doesn't have a baby-face and never had a baby-face. Even when she first got there without shoop, her features were harsh af. It's her bone structure, chin, nose, and brow-bones especially.
I can't find it at the moment but in 2012 there was a true candid type shot of her on the phone. She was wearing jeans and a white camisole. I remember being surprised at how sharp and hard she looked.

No. 537434

I dont understand what happened. She was stunning, how could she have aged so poorly? What did she do wrong? It’s terrifying. I have the ~angelic baby face~ too. Am I fucked?

No. 537437

You're going to get called out for blogposting and I will too, but I think a lot of farmers on here are either really young or nitpick just to be part of the conversation. Don't worry about it. The standards people hold for people IRL are not the same as imageboards in general. Sage for hugboxing/OT.

No. 537445

Look nice humblebrag anon, but I'm sure that you look fine. If people in real life react to you that way then your initial interpretation is correct. The thing people aren't walking up to Kooter and assuming that she is younger than she is. Also, if Koots wasn't an awful person and hadn't catfished her way into a career that she is not suited for, no one would comment on her looks because she looks fine for someone who isn't being paid to be beautiful/cute.

I don't know anon. Do you judge your own appearance based on unflattering paparazzi shots? Because I'm pretty sure that Gemma (who is 31 btw) would still look stunning in a picture where she knew she was being photographed.

No. 537449

It's ok, everyone here is a dried up old raisin so welcome to the club

No. 537568

That bikini shot is from another pregnancy article, taken 2 months after she gave birth.



She's not fat, SHE'S PREGNANT. Women gain weight and have water retention during pregnancy, telling her she's fat is immature; reiterating it again, she's pregnant in the photo.

No. 537589

i wasn't talking about the photo in particular, but if you really wanna know, she's been pretty big since 2009.

No. 537649

Can you insecure losers quit derailing the thread about Gemma and focus on the weeby loser Koots please

No. 537701

can you learn to sage?

No. 537710

File: 1521937649854.jpeg (75.68 KB, 376x668, B09E786C-3D5D-4F80-9060-A1B3E8…)

This. Talk about fattykota not gemma-who-gives-a-fuck.

No. 537985

jeez that oily face, where is this pic from?

No. 538016

File: 1521992040067.jpg (198.99 KB, 720x720, fukuokaasiacollection-15219919…)

No. 538024

File: 1521992371117.jpg (237.38 KB, 1080x1080, akoakoma-1521992349492.jpg)

No. 538028

She needs to keep her hair above her shoulders.

No. 538052

File: 1521994778889.png (1.75 MB, 1798x1314, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 12.1…)

Kota has always had a very funny mouth, lol.

No. 538055


these aren't too bad actually, she even looks her age (in a good way)


nightmare fuel

No. 538062

Looks like Onion here.

No. 538065

File: 1521995812624.webm (13.88 MB, 320x240, 1426620894744 (1).webm)

Well then, for your viewing pleasure…

No. 538068

I feel like darker eye makeup would make such a huge difference here. Might not be cohesive with whatever it is they've got her dressed in, but her face looks so…sparse.

No. 538071

Sorry for the dumb question but did she get fillers for her bags? The ones that give you the “poofy, smiling eyes”?

No. 538073

either she got fillers are its just makeup

No. 538080

it's makeup.

No. 538083


agreed. it would accentuate her jawline and make her face look less puffy. frankly wish she would dish the blunt bangs too. a side-swept bang suits her better. if she really wanted to up her game she should go platinum blonde or red imo.

No. 538086

Looks like theyre still pushing the "Real Life Barbie" gimmick….hoo boy lol

No. 538178

Yiiiikes. Her days as a moderu are numbered, nobody wants an ugly soccer mom Barbie.

No. 538185

sage for writing a blog.
she reminds me of those women that just cant except they are aging and try there best to maintain the young teenager look they used to have. when koots was a teen it was pretty normal and acceptable to have that look but now its just embarrassing, she has the face of a fully grown women yet shes still trying to pull of the young girl look.

No. 538189

Deleted already? What was this?

No. 538194

It wasn't deleted, it's a webm file. You must be on mobile and unable to play the file type, just try again later from a computer.

Protip: put sage in the proper field before you start typing your response. The number of "sage for" posts without sage itt is getting stupid.

No. 538197

sorry forgot to do that

No. 538204

Hey guys, sooo I found a very hard to find video of candid kota, and I'm kinda irked bc I can't download it, and I don't want to post the link here because I know the Monstrengas lurk here daily.

What do, anons? I don't know Korean or Japanese and every youtube downloader I try says it can't copy the video because it's from a website other than them?

No. 538205

you can paste the link here so i can see it and ill try and download it, deleted the post after second

No. 538206

Can you say what website it is on?

No. 538207

TBH I'd rather someone give me a link to a site or something I can download to do it. I'm kinda tired of video links coming here to be "downloaded" and then die without ever resurfacing.

Of course, but I would like not to until there's a safe copy of it somewhere.

No. 538209

is it from youku by any chance?

No. 538211

No. 538212

Nope. Not youku, Dailymotion or weibo. I'm downloading a free screen recorder right now, I'll just play the video and record it, k e k

also ffs people sage your shit

No. 538214

to all the people who dont know how to sage, just type the word sage in the email when writing a reply

No. 538221

File: 1522014077092.jpeg (151.76 KB, 1200x854, DZKje8eUMAAy6kk.jpeg)

No. 538238

File: 1522015597731.jpg (426.51 KB, 1080x799, 20180325_180618.jpg)

No. 538239

if only she looked like this in real life, she would get a lot of modelling jobs.

No. 538250

File: 1522016670941.jpg (203.83 KB, 1366x768, cap.jpg)

Fitt's video anon from last week here, I sent the video to a friend who converted it for me, but when I tried to upload it here it said the file was too large. Fuck.

Anyone want it? It's not the English teacher one, but the one where she's sitting with the Japanese girl talking bout their experience with the campaign (pic related). If not then fuck it, I'll delete it and Dakota can take the win knowing she scrubbed it from the web.

No. 538251

I'll definitely take it

No. 538253

i want it!!!!

No. 538255

Ok geniuses, how do I get it to you? Maybe I should have been more specific: if any tech-savvy anons know anywhere online I can upload this file, in MP4 or WEBM, tell me what to do and it's yours. Everyone else just assume I can't get it off my computer without explicit instructions because I'm completely tech retarded.

No. 538259

you can upload an mp4 to photobucket and post the link?

No. 538260

I already have it as an MP4 and WEBM, It's too big for lolcow. Do you mean theres a way to upload the file to that site to share it?

Also fuck all this, here's a link to the baleeted Ariyoshi Hanseikai show: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av15202974/

I got it recorded and made into a webm as well but It's wayyy too big for lolcow since I got the entire segment, so even when it gets taken down I have a copy. We just need somewhere anons like me can upload files they don't know what to do with.

No. 538262

yikes that double chin in the beginning

No. 538263

upload it to mega: https://mega.nz

No. 538265

File: 1522018405941.png (166.99 KB, 304x341, screenshot.png)

No. 538270

File: 1522018706167.jpg (62.29 KB, 474x352, cathyostrenga.jpg)

No. 538276

Someone please download this immediately

No. 538280

File: 1522019247613.jpg (62.53 KB, 889x570, oops.jpg)

well I did, but then I got this message and now I wonder if I should proceed.

No. 538282

Just upload it, the worst they'll do is delete it in a couple of days. My god you're making a huge deal out of one video.

No. 538283

thats normal, everyone gets that message when uploading, its just a warning for people who steal copy written stuff

No. 538285

No. 538286

No. 538288

thanks anon

No. 538293

File: 1522020030757.png (1.55 MB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 5.50…)

Thanks anon!

No. 538344

>Host: where did Barbie-chan go???
>Kota: I don’t understand

That shit had me dying on the floor lmao. I couldn’t follow most of what was being said but tbh it looks like neither could she for some parts.

No. 538370

i would love to see her editing process how she goes about changing her face into something completely different. if only she’d use her youtube for editing tutorials she might be popular

No. 538375

She, model Dakota Rose, who is referred to as a real life barbie, upload sparkly (idk, kira kira in english) pictures of herself on instagram in order to not destroy the image of barbie she's been bestowed, but she is sorry to say she is not at all a barbie IRL.

Proceeds to show her glamorous insta life vs. the reality of her eating ponzu rice or toast with ketchup lol

Also about how poor she was when arriving in Japan at 16, and a having to look through her bag for 10yen coins to buy some smol bread. Then it became her habit to eat these rly plain meals and so she keeps eating that way out of habit.

They aren't talking about her face being un-barbie-esque, more like her lifestyle which is very unglamorous like her favourite meal being pizza and stuff. Also he asks her what her hobbies are and she says she likes guroi stuff and bugs and rats. Theres no talk about her face. It's my first time posting here so sorry if I'm doing it wrong.

No. 538411

Aayy, cheers for sharing this, anon. I've been waiting for a chance to watch this.
She's trying too hard to push this "teehee I'm cute but I like gross shit" image. She and Kiki really don't have a single authentic bone in their body. I'd even take that fakey-fakey Taylor R type "totes relatable" gimmick over what she's doing now.

No. 538446

top kek
When she first moved to Japan, she was posting her fake designer stuff and trying to pass it off as real. She presented her life as full of luxury. Casual Vivienne Westwood stuff shoved into a picture or hanging in the background. Now she was a little poor gutter child? Please.

No. 538451

just to let you know, they're using kira kira to mean like perfect or fleek basically lol.

No. 538464

um actually in this case it means to edit photos (like to make them look cuter/fun/etc). making photos "kirakira" usually consists of using apps and filters (not quite photoshop level though)

No. 538596

I see you rocking that yanki skirt koots. This has got to be her best outfit this year so far.

No. 538646

File: 1522078894541.png (77.22 KB, 640x530, IMG_9835.PNG)

Damn from the pic alone I can tell her walk was bad again.

No. 538658

is this recent?

No. 538673

Seems likes its from the Fukuoka Asia Collection 2018 Spring - Summer show where Dakota was a guest. I hope an anon can find and upload a video of her because I can't find any footage from the show with her in it.

No. 538681

File: 1522082099892.webm (9.43 MB, 640x360, faco-springsummer2018.webm)

Samefag, found just this. What a difference between her and the other models.

No. 538695

I remember her buying two new phones and getting a bunch of shit for her apartment in her first year here, too. She wasn’t poor when she first got to Japan, she just needs pity to not lose her career. “I-I never wanted to be real Barbie! I only shoop my pics because people expect me to, not because I look like an old lady and won't style myself!”.

>guest model

Not the “real Barbie” special surprise headliner this time?

No. 538744

File: 1522091535515.png (Spoiler Image, 147.47 KB, 327x520, run.png)

screenshot from her recent runway, she's going to have awful jowls in years to come.

No. 538846

She looks like she barely wants to be there, wow. That half assed wave, her speedwalk, she looks so uptight. Why bother booking these shows with 6 year old pics and act like you're hot shit enjoying the show on Instagram, only to be a tightwad at the actual show?

No. 538886

at least it looks like she slimmed down a bit. gg koots

No. 538899

Yeah with the help of that clinic she went to.

No. 538908

No. 538911

Late to reply, but OBS is a free screen recorder, if any anon wanted to record shit in the future.

No. 538921


i saw this image before and i legit always assumed it was Onion oh my god.

No. 538924


i saw this image before and i legit always assumed it was Onion oh my god.

No. 539280

This. How could her employers allow that kind of behavior, it's bad for marketing. All these years and she still can't do a proper catwalk.
I have a feeling she's just so self-conscious and scared now of ANY candid that's not under her control to photoshop even if it's from the shoot/event itself

No. 539297

File: 1522144487158.png (287.81 KB, 238x482, 876558.PNG)

does anyone know where this shot is from?

No. 539311

No. 539312

She could avoid that by improving her walk. If Dakota sucks as a model is nobody’s fault but her own, there are even videos and tips on Pinterest for how to do a proper runway walk.

No. 539315

i think you being abit nit picky here, the first model didnt even wave just gave a smile, and koots walk was in pace with the rest of the models (shes sorter so prob had to walk abit faster to keep up). From the short clip you get of her the walk was a imporvemnt from the waddle.

No. 539326

Is this legit? She looks really cute, here.

No. 539351

File: 1522155173975.jpg (324.9 KB, 1200x517, daKEKta.jpg)

Only Paolo can take this and this and give you…

No. 539359

File: 1522156498780.jpeg (54.6 KB, 403x604, 99687F48-069B-4093-8C9A-FBBAF7…)

It was weird at other angles.

No. 539360

File: 1522156552356.jpeg (30.12 KB, 335x439, 5E4221DF-CF4A-4913-A09F-71A556…)


No. 539380

she looked good here. i noticed something else she's missing from her daily look: blush. she looks lifeless in all her edits without it. she really gave up makeup and looking kempt for this "natural doll" schtick. she needs to look at "natural/no makeup" makeup tutorials. she looks foolish and underdressed at events with her practically non-existent makeup imo.

No. 539383

Ngl I actually quite like this photo of her

No. 539406

lol they didnt even match the color of the fake hair with hers.

No. 539436

this beehive looks like fucking shit and now she looks like that cringy violet le beaux bitch.

No. 539508

File: 1522175838899.jpeg (108.07 KB, 1200x800, DZSLnbWU8AAKoNp.jpeg)

No. 539516

File: 1522175987389.png (495.69 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180327-113627.png)

No. 539566

Her bangs off to the side like that make her look like she’s got a giant bald spot

Also, we’ve all just seen your real face AGAIN, Dakota. When are you going to sto this nonsense?

No. 539573

Well I guess she's having no trouble booking runway work with 6 year old shoops? This show is using the same ones FACo did.


But what's interesting is that she's always tacked on after the events are announced? Like a last minute addition.

No. 539583

RIP, they didn't even attempt to make that hair piece match her actual hair. Sometimes I honestly suspect that someone is telling her stylists to jack her shit up behind the scenes lol. And she didn't even look that bad in these photos.

No. 539584

how many chunky grandpa jumpers does she own by now ?

No. 539592

Other more popular girls from her agency are also doing it. Same with the Fukuoka Collection.

No. 539601

File: 1522181954878.jpg (100.65 KB, 1004x633, catfish.JPG)

a comparison

No. 539627


geez, a little eyeliner wouldn’t hurt her…

No. 539631

That beehive looks like a cat’s ass on her head jeez not even the same color as her hair

No. 539639

kek, her back to back teeth whitenings didn't last long. She must really be a chainsmoker.

No. 539659

Or some mascara (at the very least)
Did she lighten her eyelashes or are those her natural ones? it looks bad either way though

No. 539729

she prolly covered them with foundation

No. 539802


found an old video of koots speaking english and being a lying bitch. she's slacking on her copyright claim crusade.

No. 539836

File: 1522203214678.jpeg (109.46 KB, 750x872, A4EA7036-C20A-4092-BC94-5A510F…)

Stumbled on this 18 yr old model that koot wishes she looked like

No. 539839

But anyway, I think the no eye liner/mascara thing is kind of cute. I do it a lot and I think it kind of complements the look they put her in. Like a powdery naked skin

No. 539845

The look isn't necessarily bad but Koots doesn't have the face for it. Her features are nowhere near soft enough. She needs a bold eye to match and mitigate the harshness of the rest of her features.

No. 539846


Yeah that’s true. It would have opened up her eyes more.

No. 539857

She needs to at least start using eyelid tape to make her eyes look less beady and surrounded by swollen eyelids/eyebags.

No. 539969

I don't understand why anyone would want to look like they have downs

No. 539978

She’s so frikkin ugly tho, can’t see the appeal.

No. 540028

Nice self post.

No. 540041

Lol not even. I just found her and thought she had all the features koot seems to shoop onto herself. This girl is too young to even know who Kiki or Kota are. But okay!

No. 540044

File: 1522238226332.jpeg (220.33 KB, 750x1048, 7DD48A79-596A-488D-A8E1-547324…)

I think she’s pretty cute. She models for vogue and stuff. None of those features are features of downs.

No. 540052

Anyway, y’all mention she should just get her jaw shaved to get the look she’s trying to go for. I’m pretty sure her face and neck would just sag. Apparently that happens a lot.

No. 540066

jesus christ this shit again. always posting some random white girl and claiming koots would be jealous or some shit

No. 540068

Damn calm down. Just saying her features are super similar to the shoops. Don’t pop a blood vessel

No. 540069

File: 1522244819144.jpg (28.52 KB, 377x566, 23d1f4b28b33fe5d565d950ba37173…)

No. 540072

Lol I actually noticed she makes fun of herself for looking just like him.

No. 540182

At this point I think it's Spoony. She had this weird ass obsession with whichever model she claimed Dakota was copying and always used to spam the /cgl/ threads with that shit.

No. 540194

I don’t think so. Anyone can see that girl is similar to what Kooter is trying to shoop herself into these days, whether she’s aware of that girl or not. Not really relevant though. Anons seem to post these “look at this girl who naturally has the features Dakota shoops onto herself” things when there isn’t much else to talk about, then the whole thread gets derailed with infighting when we could just ignore it or say yeah looks similar and move the fuck on.

No. 540240

It would be a lot less annoying if thy could use fucking sage, but they never do. Dakota threads are 1/3 “this model looks like what Kota wishes she looked like”, 1/3 Sid the sloth references & pics and 1/3 posts about Kota, with the only posts having sage are the ones that are actually on topic.

No. 540273

go away with your stupid self promo channel, you're a boring and lousy youtuber

No. 540616

File: 1522288244858.jpg (59.57 KB, 615x922, DZY4Mj-VwAAKpkS.jpg)

She really is losing weight, good for her!

No. 540624

Yes, it's so hard to get lipo but she did it!

No. 540627

>loose, flowy dress
>She really is losing weight!

my sides are in orbit. what's with the kota stanning?

No. 540641


lul bit salty aren't ya?

No. 540644

not trying to stan really…even if she had lipo or whatever, I can't help but get a little excited that she MIGHT be able to make something out of her career again

No. 540653

That might be plausible, if her weight was her only problem. It's also her face, her attitude, her style, her long periods without work, the way she used to act on TV, etc. She's too old and has been too lazy building herself up and taking it easy mooching off Popteen and her friends.

No. 540654

One of the few candids she honestly looks very pretty in.

No. 540655

You can hardly see her face and it's mostly covered/ overexposed… nice reach tho.

No. 540663

Yeah. I agree. i don't think she's lost much weight. She just looks better because of the styling and mostly because she is wearing heels. Makes all the difference.
I'm sorry anon, but honestly why? She's done nothing to deserve it. She has nothing special about her. And if she was a decent person, I'd feel the same as you but she has a rancid personality that even Japanese people comment on. She's one of those cows that I don't understand people stanning.
All of this except maybe being too old. It should also be added whenever her real face is seen, ordinary Japanese people are really over her. A recent one I read on twitter after FaCo was "Dakota Rose used to be really cute but now she just looks like a plain foreign old lady." These aren't haters or even gossipers like on GirlsChannel.

No. 540664

Yeah, guess you're right…maybe I need a slap in the face from time to time to not forget how she really is

No. 540665

22 is old for a model, and 20 is when you're supposed to get your shit together in Japan. Instead she's been steadily declining with age and now that she got some lipo and a new agency she thinks she's back to being the ungodly beautiful real barbie again, but she's not. Every new job she gets makes it more an more obvious she isn't aging well or taking care of herself, and I can tell she's only now starting to worry about her image as a model. Last year was one long vacation for Kota because she thought she could ride the Fitt's train, but that campaign being the only real work she got in 2017 and her looking like a greasy unkempt weeb in it really hurt her image.

>inb4 her image is fine, Japanese love her, they book her bc of her viral fame, blah blah

No. 540667

If farmers consider this a "good" look for her then it must be that all of her selfies with the missing chromosomes set the bar pretty low.
This is ugly.

No. 540668

File: 1522293843795.jpg (158.38 KB, 700x1052, w700c-ez_589d8b127f557383ea513…)

Another shot from that runway. It seems that FaCo was very kind with their picture selection of her. And whoever dressed her. The super poofy sleeves hide her upper arms and part of her waist, the skirt hides the thighs, and the dress is flow-y with vertical stripes which make her look thinner and taller overall. Good job stylist.
Also I think it's telling that every single runway shot that FaCo released of her is in ill fitting clothing turned to the side.

No. 540670

Those legs are gross. They actually make her look dirty.

No. 540671

Every runway show she does they put her in flowy or XL clothes. I haven't seen Dakota wear anything fitted that wasn't completely shooped by her in like, 2 years. I want to know whose dick I have to suck in Japan to have so many people forcing a modeling career onto someone ho so clearly is not model material.

No. 540673


lmao she looks high af

No. 540679

Shhhh…it's one picture. No need for such a hate boner. She looks like regular ole mushy face koots >>540668
in this picture with her shitty expression. She can look good in a picture or two every now and again.

No. 540681

looks pretty downsy to me. oh and if you're posting yourself, please give up.

No. 540695

File: 1522296850612.jpg (89.91 KB, 1080x1350, 27892084_151515882157283_50835…)

That chick walked for Gucci this season. Doubt she's even heard of lolcow.
She's unusual and striking and tall which works for high fashion. Actually she seems like a quintessential Prada/MiuMiu girl. Surprised they didn't snap her up first.

No. 540706

yikes she is hideous, looks like she was born from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

No. 540722

yeah i was gonna say mutant before. is this an upgrade for koots tho is the question

No. 540735

Well overall this runway was pretty weird and beauty wasn't the aim, more like freak-show. She's capable of looking more normal, weird for sure, but I think it's kind of a cool look (for a hf model).
Probably not. This is not the look for her market (or really most markets). But I think honestly think Koots uses her younger Japanese coworkers as model for her shoops. Especially the eyes and nose. A lot of the times she goes too far and ends up looking like Miss Chernobyl up there. Occasionally she also fucks up and leaves the nose pointy but usually she rounds it off. If you give her dark hair and eyes she could probably pass for mixed in less disturbing shoops when she definitely wouldn't in real life.

No. 540751

You're really starting to come off like you're self-posting. Give it up, this thread is about Koots and will never be about you or your friend.

No. 540764

File: 1522304875905.png (478.05 KB, 821x612, Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 11.2…)

No. 540765

File: 1522304939648.png (565.28 KB, 821x606, Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 11.2…)

I just want to say. Kota is a jealous bitch.

No. 540768

Ok anon. I probably agree but was this post inspired by anything in particular she's done?

No. 540784

She looks really good here,

But awful here. Man her face is weird.

No. 540787

It's because it's over exposed. It erases her harsh facial lines. Also that angle is better for her than head on. And I have a sneaky suspicion that FaCo did a bit of editing before posting the runway pictures whereas the other one was posted live during the event on modelpress.

No. 540800

All you need is connections and having your "connections" recommend you to jobs. Whoever dick she sucked was cheap, he could've at least gave her a weekly income to upkeep.

No. 540834

Holy shit, are her eyes made of silly putty? Not only does it look like they're repelling away from each other like magnets, they look droopy as hell. Is her face melting? She's so painfully below average and bland that she looks like that one Sublime album with the acid sun.

No. 540850

New Kooter video. So much AE in this.

No. 540851

Sorry samefag. She is really trying to shoop those crazy ass alien proportions all through this video. She wavers between being super creepy and super plain in this video. She really really needs stronger eye make-up.

No. 540855

I posted the original and the last two were posted by someone else. I just posted it because she looks so much like dakotas shoops naturally. Literally chill out. That girl is 18 and prob has no idea what this website is. She’s an actual model, she has real platforms to post herself instead of fucking lolcow hahaha. You don’t have 35k Instagram followers and then come to lolcow to self post ya loons. I just posted because it was like koots wild shoops come to life

No. 540856


I have no knowledge about video editing so I’m alwags baffled that she can get videos to have any semblance of her shoops. Just my lack of knowledge tho

No. 540857

I posted the second 2 because I recognized her face from the Gucci f/w 2018 runway. Apparently she's working as a Gucci exclusive; runway/campaign/etc. The idea that anyone would think she was self posting is just too pants-on-head retarded.

No. 540865

Lol seriously. Off topic but that show was cool

No. 540925


her videos are SO. BORING.

No. 540942

Lol is it because she can’t move too much or editing would be really hard?

No. 540943

Oh definitely. Wouldn't want another dancing chin incident to happen. I wonder if that video is still up on her channel.

No. 540969

Which one?

No. 540980

jeez i liked her better in the sideways photo. i actually thought she looked good somehow, until i saw this pic. that face is unfortunate.

No. 540986

no one cares about this fucking caveman

No. 541028

Lol seriously, calm down. You’re making it a bigger deal than it is and just being a jerk.

No. 541030

Guys can we wrap up the talk about Ellia Sophia, please and thank youm
I think its a Final Fantasy inspired ponytail tutorial. There's a bit when she's braiding her hair and her chin goes absolutely nuts wiggling everywhere. It was one of her older, pre-Japan videos. I'm gonna try and look for it.

No. 541033

Pretty sure there’s a gif of it somewhere. Back when she had a totally different face aka shoop style. Maybe on PULL?

No. 541036

Fucking YouTube, I copied the url for an ad and not the video. My bad.

No. 541041

Ah, a classic.

No. 541052

I never noticed before but her lips also shrink completely, lmao. I don't know if she's holding her lips in or if it's the video editing.
I know it's shitty editing but I still prefer it to her editing now, it's 100x more horrible. I don't know how she's gotten so much worse with her photo and video editing.

No. 541082

She’s soooo stiff it makes me uncomfortable. She barely opens her mouth to speak. Gotta stay still for this edits. Must’ve been hard to be that stiff and do her hair

No. 541130

Can someone provide a time stamp? I watched the video and saw nothing but shadows moving over her face… Forgive my dumbfag, but i seriously couldn't see any dancing chin

No. 541228

Me neither, the movements looked sped up at times and there were shadows playing over her chin when she was moving her arm under the lights, but aside from unnatural stiffness I couldn't really see anything like that.

No. 541303

Here's a short gif I found.

No. 541328

Wow I can’t believe I sometimes feel bad for her, she’s literally been a cunt from day 1. Her personality is so not suitable for Japanese culture, I wish they’d deport her ass :|

No. 541357

“They don’t believe me cause they think I’m foreign” the cringe

No. 541447

File: 1522412195014.jpg (41.55 KB, 480x657, dako.jpg)


I understand no one wears the same makeup style they did 6 years ago but If they’re going to continue to use her old photos for promo, then she needs to invest in some eye makeup and eyelashes again, her and Kiki used to pull it off so well!

Also makes me laugh how pink, floral and cutesy she made her videos out to be when really her language and humor was so disgusting.

No. 541450

File: 1522412931069.gif (663.41 KB, 400x291, 60777_original.gif)

Oh wow, I never posted it oops. Sorry guys lol.

No. 541505

Was this picture shooped? She looks pretty here

No. 541509

Yeah, I remember her calling people homophobic slurs like right before she came out with the “clearing the air” post.

No. 541510

File: 1522418936611.jpg (93.02 KB, 540x720, screenshot.203947023.jpg)


Her facial structure and looks in general have changed so much that I don't think she could pull off the heavy dolly eye makeup anymore. She needs to aim for a more mature look and start using some anti aging shit to slow down her aging look, she's only 22 and shouldn't look so harsh/rough.

No. 541539

File: 1522420772143.gif (794.35 KB, 500x381, 0E8215EA-52A9-488F-A3F5-D0E9BD…)

I went back in the first 1-2 Kota threads and found the other gifs of her AE fails.

No. 541541

File: 1522420791169.gif (944.77 KB, 500x281, D4A19C1F-E31C-476A-A7D9-670CFF…)

No. 541543

File: 1522420826306.gif (808.62 KB, 640x360, 611049B9-2B12-4FDC-AAF1-78A96B…)

No. 541610

File: 1522423799164.png (218.12 KB, 581x532, B5337EB8-D25B-4A8E-8782-865BAC…)

>she's only 22 and shouldn't look so harsh/rough.

Can’t fight genetics, anon. It was inevitable from the day she first uploaded her kawaii shoops.

No. 542036

This was for Etude House so yeah it was shooped but pretty naturally. I honestly think Etude gave her the best shoops of her entire career.

No. 542094

File: 1522457033101.png (129.36 KB, 640x1053, IMG_9925.PNG)

It looks like she uploaded a new video and the thumbnail is awful.

No. 542100

File: 1522457716042.jpg (449.66 KB, 1000x500, 65b2792f1b1f414524318dd363b1db…)

Is there a separate copy of her photo in the middle?

No. 542101

File: 1522457757743.jpg (90.46 KB, 615x922, 796889_615.jpg)

No. 542104

File: 1522457873383.jpg (152.66 KB, 375x500, 06.thumb.jpg.ed74457b1a5096071…)

No. 542105

which one? none of these is new

No. 542106

File: 1522458062071.jpg (82.13 KB, 1000x563, DZSCYMRUMAEttfO.jpg)

No. 542108

they stretched this pic like silly putty to make her look passable

No. 542120

a new event? lmao at using a picture from 4-5 years ago

No. 542123

No. 542124

6-7 years ago.

No. 542129

The 3 day vlog one.

No. 542133

File: 1522461151824.jpg (9.16 KB, 320x480, size_320x480.jpg)

Here anon.

No. 542137

File: 1522461228332.jpg (14.87 KB, 320x480, size_320x480df.jpg)

plus full length. Platinum ditched these post haste.

No. 542179

No. 542259

File: 1522471293320.jpg (21.05 KB, 693x247, dakota.JPG)

Can someone explain to me about Dakota's real age?
While googling about her eyes possible surgery, i came across a link where they were talking about how during her first appearance (in Japan) in 2007 she claimed to be 20 years old.
So this year she would be turning not 22 but 31, which makes a lot more sense to her sudden aging…

Does anyone has a link or screenshot of this said first appearance which could prove it?

No. 542262

at least i think they were talking about her first appearance in Japan? i'm not sure…

No. 542263

She is 22 going on 23. She was born in 1995. Her age is a closed discussion as far I know.
This was literally posted just a bit upwards in this thread.

No. 542281

When did she go to Japan in 2007?

She’s still busted as fuck for 22. Her still trying to pass as a model is the gift that keeps on giving. I knew this show was gonna five is solid gold and I was right, she looks like a goblin about to eat someone’s face off in >>542104

No. 542333

police reports in 2010 states shes born in 1993 not 1995. Making her 24 going 25.

No. 542339

Jesus take the wheel… for the umpteenth time, the year in the police report is wrong. Dakota was born in 1995, end of story.

No. 542340

You mean this? >>536565

How could she have been “15” in 2010, as that report also states, if she was born in 1993? Kiiis age isn’t listed because she’s 18 and it’s not legally required, but Dakotas age is listed as 15. If she were born in 1993 and only one year younger than Kiki se would have been 17 in 2010, not 15 like the report says.

I’m sick of this half assed report getting thrown around as proof when really it’s just shoddy paperwork done by some random officer breaking up a white trash toaster fight in middle class suburbia.

No. 542428

Floridaman strikes again.

No. 542452

File: 1522507539889.jpg (42.3 KB, 603x340, 1426672214144.jpg)

No. 542454

it was already posted here >>540850

oh boy here we go again

No. 542463

File: 1522508739841.jpg (36.25 KB, 400x533, IJD_I-HaU0g.jpg)

Another runway pic. I don't think this one has been posted yet.

No. 542469

They have to notice she looks like a middle aged mom next to the other models, right? Are there any comments on this show yet?

No. 542487

Her nose looks really weird (witchy) in all the runway pics. Is it because they are shooting her from below?

No. 542491

File: 1522511389631.jpeg (23.57 KB, 236x284, 9FCCE544-A463-4957-BF98-BE4B2C…)

Possibly, but also she does have a decently long, pointy witch nose when she isn’t shopping it smaller and rounder.

Can’t unsee Mr. Bean in drag

No. 542493

This is a first for me, but I think she actually looks okay here. Maybe he style of clothes suit her? She looks more her age and her hair is styled nicely.

No. 542571

I'm fairly sure they've been shooping these images because notice her ankle is almost as big as her face.

Also the extensions, angle and the fact that 90% of her body is covered in 'flatteringly baggy' clothes. The volume of the clothing makes her look skinnier but if you look at the other picture from the same source they were probably shooped

Those shoes were a mistake though.

No. 542888

I hope they pulled a Bravo and booked hera bunch of shows to walk in with those ancient shooped selfies, beacuse I already can't wait to see what she looks like and how hard they warp the pics for next minth's show. There isn't much Dakota can do at this point besides plastic surgery to save her looks without shoop.

No. 542891

>ticket prices

Wait, so her next show is going to be open to the public? Those tickets aren't even that expensive.

No. 542990

look at that gnarly bruise on her right shin, like damn

No. 543044

Her hair looks oily and gross here
All these lines on her outfit make her look frumpy

No. 543270

I dont understand why they didn't cover it up with makeup?

No. 543328

Covering bruises with make up isn’t really a thing for runway shows, it’s not usually necessary because the models actually take care of themselves.

No. 543433

But she's fragile… like a Barbie doll :(

No. 543473

File: 1522612276600.jpeg (55.53 KB, 586x422, F7C061A0-7362-4915-AEBD-847131…)

No. 543477

File: 1522612721735.png (773.69 KB, 916x595, IMG_8732.png)

No. 543495

Kooter's lucky that Hirari also tends to use snow.

No. 543629

Probably a prerequisite for friendship with the AE princess.
Also, maximum keks for her covering her chin with a mask.

It’s all too little, too late.

No. 543689

Even put her hair under her glasses to hide her face kek

No. 543745

I am so sick of this fucking picture

No. 543747

ngl the mask on the chin is a very clever disguise

No. 543804

It's like it's becoming a meme. Really, has there been much reaction from them pushing this same pic she doesn't even resemble anymore?

No. 543863

bitch has some bad kankles

No. 543868

When I saw this pic I instantly remembered her old profile bio where she said she hates fat & ugly people and wants to be a model when she's older. Now that she's a model, she's getting fatter and uglier every year and struggling to get jobs that don't have to delete everything once it's published. Self-fulfilling prophecy?

No. 544053

its called karma

No. 544543

Does anyone here think she has some kind of dismorphia? Like does she really believe she looks the way she shoops irl or does she edit herself that way because shes knows her natural looks arnt actually model-tier.
Ive wondered that lately with her going out with no eye makeup and all..

No. 544572

She shoops because if she didn't she would be back in Florida with her family scheming up some new claim to fame. That's why she has to wear hats/masks and take taxis everywhere, she's selling a fake version of herself and the more she ages away from it the more she has to hide and shoop herself.

No. 544755

File: 1522718541300.jpg (116 KB, 720x889, faco2018.jpg)


Shooped to fuck for sure. I feel so sorry for whoever has to edit her.


It's because she shoops it to be smaller and upturned, but irl it's longer, straighter and pointier.

No. 544783

Lol she constantly covers up with a mask. Convenient.

No. 544791


I think it’s a little of both. She spent her teen years trashing people for how they looked and gaining validation through online followers. In general, looks are probably one of the most important things to her (and her sister) because that’s what she grew up thinking. Then, when she didn’t turn out to be as special and beautiful as she thought she was during the scene era; she faked it. They both also bet all their future on their looks and never developed any talents or career interests. So how else is she going to make money? If she was posting her unedited self, she wouldn’t be getting jobs and paid ad promotions for insta.

No. 544795

What are these stills from anyway ?

No. 544805

Yearrrrs ago Kiki(?) uploaded a video of the Monstrengas on vacation to some park where they rode a log flume. It doesn't exist anymore, ofc.

No. 544835

Lol that explains the expression. That’s better than her yelling at them or something (which is what I thought at first). Dakota really looks just like her though.

No. 544888

No. 544907

Has any of her past classmates come forward before? I'm surprised there aren't any stories floating around unless I've missed them.

No. 544915

I think she was home schooled most of her life.

No. 544917

>It doesn't exist anymore, ofc.
lol it's right here.

No. 544957

A girl that was posted here a while back who made videos in spanish about Dakota's changing appearance, now made a new one to say that her videos had been copyrighted and removed by Dakota herself. This new one already has 60k views. She says in the video that she's been a fan of her for a long time and just made a video commenting on the very obvious - that she edits her photos and her appearance is inconsistent. She also said that she was aware of her homophobic/racist videos and bad attitude tweets, but that she thought she had matured and grown up since then. But clearly not and she still doing the same things she was notorious for back then, like absuing copyright to silence people pointing out her fakery when it's obvious to everybody.

I'm reading the comments and a lot of spanish-speaking fans are saying they're disappointed, didn't know she was like that, and are unfollowing. i won't bother posting the video since it's in spanish, but the title is "Me Denuncio la Barbie Humana :'( ❤ Anita"

No. 545042

It looks extremely awkward and obvious she has something to hide.

No. 545068

File: 1522743703294.jpg (127.86 KB, 1080x916, 29418311_165533440831632_89318…)

Un-fucking-believable. new shoops.

No. 545070

File: 1522743733524.jpg (99.28 KB, 1080x810, 29740427_182262255903346_57680…)

Kooter stop.

No. 545071

File: 1522743770191.jpg (77.46 KB, 1080x837, 29403443_603213960019277_88014…)

So ~smol~

No. 545077

File: 1522745128632.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.26 KB, 152x157, cat.JPG)

No. 545126

Getting 2012 Koot vibes for some reason

No. 545139

same. I think it's because of ridiculously ott skinny she shooped herself here. Look at the legs. Birch has never been that thin at any time she was in Japan. It's also the way she shooped the shape of her face and de-aged it. It's even more idiotic when you consider what she looks like now.

No. 545199


Yeah I don’t think her body could physically EVER look like that because of her bone structure. You don’t just magically end up with a long, waifish body when you get really skinny

No. 545217

Someone please download it quickly, I would but I'm from mobile

No. 545225

Is it me or does she have usually big feet?

No. 545234

I don’t think so, but if you go back in the old Kota threads there’s a story of a girl running into her at Ulta in Orlando when she went back to FL in 2012 to renew her visa or whatever. It was a tumblr post about her looking unwashed and pretending to have a Japanese accent, kek.

No. 545236


that chick who poorly translates lolcow and PULL posts? lmao


No. 545241

Kek, she tried to shoop away her leg bruise from the fashion show but left it as a big out of place blurry spot instead. How does she do such extreme shoops and still manage to make them look this sloppy?

No. 545244

her legs are blurry as shit. if you zoom in there’s even a spot where she messed up and there’s a clip on her shin

No. 545255

She has giganto feet but her shooping her legs to be skinnier than they really are, only exaggerate them more. Why doesn't she shoop her bigfoot hooves? Too much work around the shoe?

No. 545259

Her cheekbones look so odd unshooped. Would there even be a way to fix this? I can't think of a surgery that would help.

No. 545285


Is it just my eyes or is the floor all around her feet/legs warped af?

No. 545300

Got it!

No. 545373

Botox maybe? They look like bad cheek implants.

No. 545379

I disagree. I think her cheekbones are one of the only features she really has going for her. They’re pretty nice to me. I doubt she’s used Botox already. She has natural nasolobial folds but she doesn’t have wrinkly skin or anything

No. 545419

File: 1522785777062.jpg (150.14 KB, 600x338, opinion.jpg)

>I think her cheekbones are one of the only features she really has going for her

Her eyes are nice when she doesn't wear fugly lenses and actually puts on makeup. She has good skin, too. Also Botox isn't just for wrinkles, it serves like 10 different functions: https://www.allure.com/story/other-uses-for-botox

No. 545423

File: 1522786192197.jpeg (56.04 KB, 852x640, eyewrinkles.jpeg)

>I doubt she’s used Botox already.
>she doesn’t have wrinkly skin or anything

She probably should. Botox all over her face would help with the puffy cheeks, jawmeat, jowls and her eye bag wrinkles. Also we don't know what she looks like without shoop, we only know what she looks like when her employers don't edit her the way she catfish shoops herself.

No. 545636

File: 1522795966399.jpg (165.91 KB, 1199x675, DLi1HzvUMAUrluu.jpg)

What are you talking about. We know what she looks like without shoop.

No. 545644

File: 1522796605205.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080, 1481282789463.png)

or this

No. 545649

Honestly her cheekbones great. They are the most modelly feature she has. Her features are sharp and harsh but if she did a more western makeup style I think she could balance them out. Not necessarily overdraw her lips but something more classic. The only problem is that it would probably make her look even more mature than she already looks. It's unfortunate that she decided she needed to have a career in a country so obsessed with soft youthful looks when she's naturally the opposite. She needs to learn to paint for the face that she has, not the one that she wants or shoops.

No. 545836

File: 1522813529053.jpg (118.62 KB, 595x894, Bux-ZduCIkc.jpg)

at least choose a photo that doesn't have horrible unfavorable conditions. You too would look your worst in those settings. this photo is probably the most natural without any unflattering lights.

No. 545841

And it’s shooped, too.

No. 545914

Humor me, how do you know that? what in that photo is not ugly enough?

No. 545946

Just compare her eye bags to >>545836. If they’re more visible on a picture of a screen than in a picture of her, it’s a fair bet it’s shooped or at least filtered. Especially considering the other pic is from when she was 19, and it’s not like she’s been aging gracefully enough to pretend they just went away for Fitt’s and came back later.

Also, seriously, calm down. There doesn’t need to be a “I don’t see it, show ME” to every critique of Dakota. I don’t care for shitting on her but I’m also not gonna pretend she’s immune to criticism and bitchy comments about her looks. Her face is literally her job, isn’t it enough that she gets such an easy ride looking like she does? Dakota without the “living doll” and “real Barbie” tags she gave erself would have been laughed out of Japan like dozens of other hopeful kawaii weebs before her.

No. 546057

File: 1522847164531.jpg (54.42 KB, 600x600, kyr.jpg)

Isn't it funny how all this shit disappears when we talk about it?

No. 546064

File: 1522848680344.jpg (84.21 KB, 692x692, 1496309406580.jpg)

I thought so too.
She has that unfortunate double chin thing going for her. It's something you have to be so aware of all the time. I can't imagine modeling with that.
I don't know how badly she's going to lose it when she ages like milk and they aren't interested in her look anymore. I think she can only keep this up maybe a few more years if she's lucky.
She just doesn't have the actual face to keep this charade up in Japan.

No. 546194

Well of course, the Monstrengas lurk here. I thought everyone knew that?

No. 546234

>up maybe a few more years if she's lucky.
She just doesn't have the actual face to keep this charade up in Japan.

People have been saying that for the last couple of years now, and she still keeps popping back up like a cold sore. I honestly think she’s married to some low ranking manager or agent for a visa and is just trying to pretend she’s a legit enough model to dick around all the time barely working.

No. 546463

she looks like the penguin from gotham here, it's weird

No. 546530

I see it lol

No. 546679

File: 1522892233412.jpg (73.48 KB, 960x576, 7.jpg)

Kota and Kiki remind me so much of these two.
Also lol at Kiki's only concern about her appearance all throughout the video.

No. 546742

File: 1522899307426.png (760.12 KB, 665x800, yellofatty.png)

Is that the same guy next to kooter in her yello candid?

No. 546744

that’s tough to say but eh it could be?

No. 546810

You are my hero

(sage for irrelevancy)

No. 547027

>at least choose a photo that doesn't have horrible unfavorable conditions.

Every pic of Kota that she didn’t shoop looks like shit lmao, and those ‘unfavorable conditions’ are pics of her working her actual jobs she was booked for. You know why she looks like shit? Because she’s a shit model. OR, she really is ungodly beautiful like a living doll, and her employers are soo jealous of her blue eyes and golden blonde hair that they make her look ugly on purpose with bad lighting, no makeup and oh also they put oil in her hair to make her look unwashed, right? In a real, professional setting like kotas bedroom or a taxi cab is the only place to take true to life pictures of her!

No. 547320


To top it all off. They choose the best pictures out of the however many taken during each shoot. Those "unflattering" pictures are suppose to be the best ones out of each set taken of her. KEK

On top of that they probably did have some touch-up done to them too.

No. 548303

Well, those screenshots are pretty bad, and pretty much everyone will look awful if you stop a video at a random spot and it would be a lot more fair to post a gif instead of a screenshot taken in the middle of movement. I know we are nitpicky as shit here, but it's not like she's absolutely hideous, just not worthy of all the hype and opportunities. I'm pretty sure >>545836 is not shooped more than these kind of photos usually are, and she looks like a normal girl who you wouldn't even notice walking by

No. 551771

File: 1523384160499.jpeg (103.5 KB, 1200x800, DaZ3lpbUwAAUexg.jpeg)

No. 551772

File: 1523384183455.jpg (204.26 KB, 720x1236, G-wGHQNCT08.jpg)

No. 551801

Unless I'm missing something here this one is her bobby pin pushing out her lip as she opens it with her teeth, not an ae mistake.

No. 551835

File: 1523387863098.jpg (225.07 KB, 957x571, thxanon.jpg)

You inspired me.

No. 551887

What you seem to be willfully missing is the fact that she never put the pin onher lip. Se opened it with her teeth but it never touched her lip, that “””shadow””” is we lip warping upwards. That’s what it looks like when AE fucks up, it’s not a white or flesh colored blur, it’s a misplaced wobbly shadow.

No. 552174

Is it just me or does Kooter's head look huge here? Maybe I'm just so used to seeing it shooped away to nothing?

No. 552577

Maybe she’s gone back to shopping her body smallerno look less bulky in the body? Or she thinks bobble heads are youthful since she’s terrified of looking her age. I just noticed she always erases her nasal bridge to look more Asian and have a flatter, rounder nose. Ttly not a weeb, guys.

No. 553422

File: 1523540012674.jpg (165.15 KB, 1200x1500, 49 years old.JPG)

Your face gets fatter as you age, that's why round baby faces age the worst out of all face types. They bloat up like crazy once you get a little older and gain a bit more weight, also sagging will be more drastic since there is no support by bone structure. People with strong jaw lines and slighly longer face age better. The only successful older actresses and models you see past 40 are those with strong facial features and they all aged gracefully. Like, Jodie Foster or Cate Blanchett, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen just to name a few.

Even though her face shape is a bit similar to pic related, Dakota will never age like pic related because she treats her body and skin like shit. The sunken frog eyes she has since 2017 >>541510 are irreversible.

No. 553429

Your face does not get fatter as you age, people just tend to put on weight as they age. You actually start to loose volume in checks ect. This is why there is an expression among older woman "there comes a point in your life where you will need choose between your ass and your face" the reason why baby faces dont age well is because of the volume loss putting on weight does not make the cheeks perky, it just makes the face look moony.

No. 553512

I have a baby face entering my mid-twenties soon and this thread makes me want to kill myself sometimes kek(blogposting)

No. 553533

Imagine how Dakota must feel when she sees her shoops compared to her real face and body on the runway and in candids like >>546742. I know for her being a ~moderu~ is her validation of her ungodly teenaged beauty shoops, but she’s so chunky and bloated and matronly now, I don’t understand how she’s still always being called cute in a country that only gave her a career because she was selling herself as a kawaii hafu cosplay sex doll on tumblr.

No. 554438

File: 1523624643175.jpeg (101.93 KB, 1200x976, DaqR416UMAASSFa.jpeg)

Fucking hell, I've taken jogs shorter than the distance between her eyes.

No. 554439

Her hair is so depressing.

No. 554455

everytime i start to think "oh, it's not that bad" i see something like >>554438 … it's one thing i legitimately feel sorry for her for, even with a good diet it would still be nasty

No. 554461

The only thing she should be insecure about and she's not. I think she convinces herself it's baby hair and makes her look more like a baby
Her chin still looks very ugly in it. It's even uneven on (our) right side where the rose is. Draw an imaginary line between where her jaw starts and ends at her chin, lel. Crimson chin.

No. 554462

New ear piercing?

No. 554561

File: 1523640234688.jpg (619.4 KB, 500x316, 178f407d4b72cd3e345dd797c35868…)

Good eye, anon. I didn't even notice.

Also does anyone know if this gif is from an old video? I've never seen it before.

No. 554568

Never seen it, but I also never knew she went by "sailorkotakoti" either. I'm impressed though, this gif dosn't have her with a dorito chin or anime nose an actually looks decent.

No. 554573

this image honestly just cements the fact that she's given up on modelling. Her sid-face photoshop has gone too far. She doesn't even bother shooping in some extra hair.
it was just a fan-made tumblr account.>>554438

No. 554576

I like how she had to use her hair to cover up the bruising on the petals. As for her eye spacing, I think what's making them look so far apart is that she shoops out all of the shadows near the inner corners of her eyes and also shoops out the definition of her nasal bridge, so that in between her eyes you just have this empty, flesh toned nothingness sitting in the middle of her face. She smooths over her nose, between her eyes and erases her nasolabial folds to look softer and younger, but the cat is so far out of the bag now it's a moot point. Also idk why she erases so much but won't ditch those under eye wrinkles? Fine lines =/= aegyosal, kota.

I wish she would go back to taking care of her eyebrows so they looked nice like this. It's like becoming a model, getting a makeup sponsorship and her accessory line made her all slowly give up on each of those things over the years. Fashion, makeup, jewelry. Imagine getting brand jewelry and clothes from your friends as often as she does and refusing to wear it unless it hides her fat rolls or looks like the sort of cheap jewelry you buy from Wish. It's like she "came up" and her tastes went from aesthetic as fuck to just plain tacky and trashy.

No. 554585

Looks like she got em on both ears >>551771

No. 554723

p sure the pic is just flipped

No. 554747

That's not how picture flipping works. She has them in both ears:

>in her right ear in the rose pic (same side of her face as her mole below her eye)

>in her left ear in the gacha bear pic (same side of her face as the mole near her mouth)

No. 554749

It's both, I thought it was just the side opposite of her beauty mark/mole/whatever but it's both.

No. 554826

She erases her nose bridge and rounds off her nose to try to make her look more Asian (and younger). The same reason she lengthens and defines the inner corners of her eyes to try to mimic epicanthic folds (which she used to straight up shoop in). She's been doing this since she got to Japan.

No. 554959

Why does this look like a pretty girl cosplaying Dakota

No. 554974

I didn't see this post earlier but it doesn't say anything about her Japan debut, it just says "when I first debuted in 2007 I said I was 20 years old", nothing about debuting in Japan, so she probably meant lying about her age online like she did to make her myspace and youtube accounts, since she was still only ~11 at the time. It's clearly a copy of a tweet she made, but without more context my guess is someone finally got through to her in Japanese about her age varying so much over the years and she just admitted to lying about it back then, a la ~I can't be lying about my age now because I was lying about my age then~.

It didn't help her cause though, everyone either thinks she looks the way she does from too much plastic surgery/face lifts and is lying about that, or is just lying about her age, or even both. I searched through all her January 2016 tweets and it's been deleted, so oh well.

No. 554979

File: 1523669511796.jpg (399.42 KB, 2048x2048, polariods.jpg)

sage for double post, but if anyone ever wants to go back and find something in her twitter timeline all you have to do is use this format and plug it into the search bar: from:username since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd

pic semi related, some Polaroids she posted. Maybe she does special paid fan meetings in secret and these are her overexposed, carefully cropped chekis? lmfao

No. 555083

Do you not know what epicanthal folds are or did you mean she pushes the inner corner of her eyelids down closer to her eye to make an epicanthal fold? "Lengthening" was an odd choice of words as epicanthal folds have nothing to do with length and eyes that have them are usually small, short, and round unless you're white and have them even past childhood.

No. 555121

This is pretty interesting. Sorry for autism but these aren't polaroids, (It's the same thing as hoover vs vacuum) they're instax mini, which is incredibly flattering film, but it looks like she edited the picture of the pictures anyway. Her hair looks properly exposed, so I don't think her face was overexposed like that in the originals. Her lips wouldn't show up if her face were really that blown, neither would her irises, and she'd probably have redeye like crazy. Think she's also done something to her chest and erased the BG. Instax cameras always have slight vignetting even if the BG is completely blank.

Instant film =/= instant photo, as well. There are a lot of hybrids that allow you to take digital images, edit them, and then print them on film. There are also just straight up printers that use the film.

No. 555123

File: 1523676241223.jpeg (208.35 KB, 640x630, 206A51E6-BDAD-4AD7-B41B-4A966E…)


I miss the days when her pictures actually use to be nice to look at, and didn’t look like a gullum with hair.

No. 555179

File: 1523680426938.jpg (58.07 KB, 580x547, kek.jpg)

>these aren't polaroids

That's hilarious, her caption for it is literally "Polaroido-do-do-do-do~".

No. 555234

Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but ポラロイド is a common slang for any instant photo, kind of like bandaid or kleenex.


if you see on kotobank the last sentence in the first definition explains that the word and the term 'polaroid camera' are used commonly for any instant photo camera.

so she's right. i also hear people us the term specifically for instax.

No. 555293

No I know what epicanthal folds are. I have them. You're right. I just described what she does to her eyes badly.

No. 555325

Why is she not going back to this style?

No. 555329

It wouldn't look the same anymore. She was 15ish in that gif.

No. 555378

Yeah I know anon, I already explained in my first post though, it's a brand-item conflation. People in the west do it and that's where Japanese people got it from in the first place. It's still wrong. Fujifilm absolutely hate it and they're a Japanese company.

No. 555401

Because it held an impossible beauty standard she couldn't achieve. She looked too pretty in those shoops, and it probably made her feel so bad (plus her public appearances were more awkward) she started shooping herself ugly, so her real self can look better in comparison.

No. 555419

I don’t think that gif has very much shoop on it? If so then it’s way less than her average amount. But if she even tried to go back to that style it would just look like her mom trying to copy her style, her face got too hard and pointy.

No. 555458

This isn’t the video but it reminds me of this era

No. 555478

>I don’t think that gif has very much shoop on it?
Lmao, she never looked that cute. She's used AE and photoshop from day one

No. 555483

I've seen this video before. it's not in black and white and she never went by sailorkotakoti, i think that might be someone's watermark or something.

it was less than 30 seconds and I think she was just saying she was a real person and rolled her eyes. I just searched youku because that's where I'd first seen it but it's not there anymore. i also checked her Tumblr because she has some old gifs/videos still up and it's not there either.

No. 555487

What kind of an accent is she going for here? It's kind of like transatlantic american mixed with german?

No. 555509

too bad for fujifilm it's slang. no1curr. she's literally just using the slang.

No. 555635

I don't think she's affecting any accent here. After this video she did start faking accents though.

She and her sister both have unpleasant paris hilton-esque voices.

No. 555661

Anita Space Bunny, the one that's constantly self posting here in the hopes to gain new followers???

Cortala, sos muy obvia, nena.

No. 555812

So I’m thinking of contacting dakota and offering to pay her for an interview. I was going to offer 7k but idk if she’ll agree. There’s just way too many things I wanna know the answer to.(cowtipping)

No. 555819

are you serious? lmao

yeah, that one

No. 555823


Serious af lol. I have money to blow why not try? But I wanted to do it on the terms that farmers can ask her a certain number of questions (nothing rude, obviously). I wonder if she’ll do it. The only way I see to contact her is through ig to make the offer but I’m not sure if she checks her dms. Hopefully she’ll agree!

No. 555849

Have fun wasting your money. It's not like she'll be truthful. She lies about the tiniest things to make herself look better.

No. 555856

The only way you’re getting the truth out of an Ostrenga is throw a lie detector, hooked up to a machine that gives them an electrical shock every time they lie.

No. 555868

If you have $7K to low and you’re willing o throw it at a known pathological liar then you should probably take it and invest in some quality therapy. Or, get a makeover and go to Japan yourself, and enjoy all the Japanese people calling you kawaii and exotic and asking if you’re a model.

No. 555874

Why are all of you idiots falling for this? Do you all really think someone who lurks around lolcow just has 7,000 bucks laying around to throw at koots for an interview? 1. Everyone knows she’s not going to go for it 2. Even if she did, she’d lie 3. No one is paying Dakota that amount for anything, ever. Not her shitty modeling, not her pussy, and definitely not for the truth.

No. 555883

I don't think anyone's "falling for it". People just seem to be think it's a stupid idea even in theory. At least that's how it seems from those replies.
$7000-anon is almost certainly full of shit and baiting, but on the other hand Koots has a small (very small) subset of truly obsessive fans even now, so it's a remote possibility.
I'm sure the owners of that Russian fan-page would still salivate at the idea of getting an interview with her.

No. 555886

File: 1523760914623.jpeg (137.37 KB, 770x1156, F5EC6F56-A444-4DD0-B636-D1AF2F…)

Ask her why she thought it was okay to go out in public like this $7000-chan

No. 555901

She's not going to check it for one its unprofessional, if your "willing" to do that you might want to contact her agency. In the end it's a waste of time she might ask to see the questions beforehand so?

No. 556101

File: 1523795358654.jpg (43.8 KB, 480x600, ugly sweater.jpg)


let's not forget about this monstrosity of an outfit

No. 556321

She was like 13 y'all seem insanely obsessed sometimes, give it a rest

No. 556322

you can still have an opinion if someones outfit is terrible regardless of age…

No. 556333

Her flat af hair is more unappealing than the outfit.

No. 556337

at least she was skinny back then

No. 556477

Right, making fun of her shitty outfits makes us seem insanely obsessed but the person who wants to literally pay her 7 thousand fucking dollars to ask her questions for farmers isn’t? You’re weird. Get off the site if this triggers your boner for Dakota so hard and continue stanning her in silence please.

No. 556486

If you have money to blow, I'd gladly accept them

No. 556759

fr tho. like you’d get the same amount of truth from one of us as you would from her, which is to say, none.

No. 556838

dakota has been plastering herself on the internet since she was 13. And since shes never really had time to grow up as an adult and learn legitimate skills(i cant remember when she dropped out), all we have to go off of is the dumb shit she did back then and apply it to now. she honestly hasnt had her world view challenged hard to grow as a person.

now its not uncommon for kids n teens to do weird in-joke funny shit and grow from that. but dakota isnt like anyone else because of how instead of getting a job in the US she went to japan, AND because she doesnt want to be thought of as anyone else; its why she rarely interacts with other gaijin in japan because her weeby ass wants to keep the illusion of the token white girl among japanese folk.

No. 557008

Total fucking waste of money and low quality bait.

No. 557145

>she rarely interacts with other gaijin in japan

One of her ~Japanese bffs~ is actually an American hafu who moved to Japan and became a model, she just hates anyone who isn't Asian now.

No. 557374

File: 1523905057741.jpeg (106.25 KB, 640x766, 2D996E00-4C32-4A2E-8B25-14BE77…)

Based on the shitty twitter translator, Dakota’s vision is rapidly getting worse, so now she’s asking for suggestions for contact lenses because of some issue with her glasses and work(?). I’d bet it’s from lying about wearing those circle lenses for so many years.

No. 557412

lol stupid bitch. thats what you get for this ~real barbie doll~ gimmick, to the point she lied on that korean show claiming they were how her eyes really looked. enjoy cataracts.

No. 557422

really? who? I don't think I've ever really seen her interact with anyone except some asian models and low tier idols.

No. 557424

this is what happens when you wear large contacts and deprive your eyes of oxygen every single day for years. I'd bet she consistently wore them for longer than the suggested 6-8 hours a day… probably wore them on planes (it's horrible to wear any sort of contacts on planes), maybe slept/showered/washed her face while wearing them, and possibly didn't even bother to use rewetting drops.

I hope more people realize that contacts are a medical device. They aren't toys, they aren't cosmetics, they aren't fucking make up. Even if they aren't improving your vision they are medical devices. I cringe when I think of kids just buying these online and sticking them in their eyeballs without consulting an optician.

Sage for contact sperg.

No. 557451

Maybe her shops are so ugly lately because she can’t see them clearly? Lmao.

No. 557496


Is it that bad though? A large part of young Asian girls has been doing it for years ( look at gyaru models from 10 years ago for example ), and there's no epidemic of blind girls or anything.

No. 557570

>is it that bad though?

Remember how you used to be able to buy circle and costume lenses from con booths and online with just some money or a credit card, and no prescription? Yeah, that’s why. There’s not an epidemic of girls going blind over it because most people are only wearing them for fun, not all day every day like dumbass Dakota was. Call it arrogance or plain stupidity, but the warnings for circle lenses have always been the same, it just wasn’t until she started lying about hers being her real eyes that they became more popular and companies selling them had to crack down and require prescriptions because of liability issues.

No. 557600

>because of some issue with her glasses and work(?).

She can't wear glasses at work so she needs good on-the-go contact recommendations.

No. 557628

lol Anon if you wanna throw me some of that money to fix my laptop I'll pay you in old/deleted kota videos and photos, including some of her newer ones she recently deleted. They were all on my laptop and I only have 2/3rds backed up because I didn't think I would lose my new laptop so fast.

No. 557760

Where do you buy circle lenses that you need a prescription? I get mine from two websites and last I ordered, I didn't need to provide anything.

No. 557773

lmao thats not how you get cataracts and why are you so mad

i think many people these days unfortunately need glasses due to too much time in front of screens

No. 557792

I think she’s trying to imply that she never wore lenses before “I want to debut contact lenses uguu”

No. 557817

"at work"?
does she have a job?

No. 557837

kek savage

>There’s not an epidemic of girls going blind over it because most people are only wearing them for fun, not all day every day like dumbass Dakota was.

This so fucking much. One would think the case of that chinese girl who had her eyes festered with amoeba due wearing her contacts all day & night long for months could serve as telltale.

No. 557846

I feel bad for her when I see these kinds of photos because she was obviously way underaged and was lucky enough not to have the insecure body checking awareness you get starting in your teens. It was pretty mean for them to post obviously unflattering photos of her just because Kiki looked good in them.
Like damn look at what they did to a 10-12 year old. Wild. Practically trained to hate herself yet think she’s special and above everyone else.

No. 557928

she looks hot here idk what anons are talking about

No. 557942

Didn’t Taylor stop wearing lenses as much because she said it was starting to mess with her vision, too? I think they can start causing problems pretty quickly if you try to wear them every day.

No. 557946

I can’t remember who exactly, one of the girls who was also in Popteen is an American hafu from Arizona. She used to hang out with Dakota a lot more but I haven’t seen her lately.

No. 558025


It’s actually hirari. She’s the hafu from Arizona. She arrived in Japan to be a part of AKB48, I don’t think she was in Popteen. If you google her you can see she was a wannabe scene kid before too so I guess they have that in common. Also heard hirari lied about her age to get into akb haha.

No. 558051

her body is fine, but I think anon was referring to her tiny baby head on an adult body lookin kind of odd.

No. 558167

Nicole Fujita? Idk if she's American but I thiiink she's hafu? You guys probably know better than I do, I don't remember shit about Dako's Popteen days really.

No. 558346

wow shes hafu? shes doesnt look like it at all.

No. 558635

>she honestly hasnt had her world view challenged hard to grow as a person.
I wholeheartedly disagree. She moved countries to live by herself, after being in the isolated cocoon of her Orlando home, not even going to school or leaving her front porch. If that's not getting your "world view challenged", idk what fucking is. And Kiki used to tweet about not trusting "caucasian girls" in Japan because they were extremely catty, (they've also picked fights with white j-vloggers haven't they?) Dakota probably shares this opinion and that's the real reason she doesn't befriend them. Not this "keep the illusion" crap. That just sounds like another armchair psychologist fanfiction.

No. 558859

"Fashion Show- Vlog- Dakota Rose"
Comments are disabled as usual. Boring video. Edited face. What do you expect from Koots?

No. 558881

Surprised she left in her chunky legs on the runway.

No. 558990

Nicole fujitas dad is from New Zealand..she was born there or lived there for a while. Hes got a polish background and they look identical haha

No. 559001

Pucs of scene hirari or it didn’t happen haha

No. 559008

Maybe it's just me, but her eyes look kinda red at the beginning.

No. 559170

Sorry I'm dumb but how do people edit their faces in live video? Is it some kind of filter/lighting? I always assumed you could only photoshop a still image.

No. 559212

lol yeah i wanna see scene hirari

No. 559226

people are always claiming vids of her (that aren't her's or her friends) are edits. i highly doubt they are. there are ways to do it (after effects, snow, camera filters) but the results aren't very natural when real movement happens. vids made by herself are 100% edited though.

No. 559750

I’ve been looking but no luck so far. I gather she’s from Arizona, her mom is Japanese and she claims she was 13 wen she moved to Japan to join AKB48 which is creepy, considering the pedo pandering they do. She used to call herself Hilary (Hirari, get it?) so maybe her scene name was something similar to that, if she ever was a scene kid that is.

No. 560237

moving to another country doesnt necessarily change one's worldview, espcially since Dakota moving to Japan was full of lying about things such as photoshopping herself (she never stopped that) and eating habits when she goes on shows.

dont know why that shocks you. she never went to college, where people (if they go to the right place and take the right classes) can have their beliefs shaken to the core and grow from that.

yes Dakota has a….job i guess (her booking is pretty spotty) and seems pretty stable there and has friends n such, but thats not an idication of challenging your beliefs. she seems pretty content not really changing her ways honestly. shes blocked random white girls for no reason.

I mean…..were talking about modeling, a rather shallow industry where your face and body are constantly scrutinized and youre constantly compared to and measured up.

No. 560344

File: 1524182087774.jpeg (128.94 KB, 1239x888, 0FDC3CC0-D4FF-4EF7-9634-8A2BFC…)

Can’t she stop with this editing? Her. Head. Looks. Huge.

No. 560440

Lol the op pic was right

No. 560455

File: 1524193075458.jpg (385.42 KB, 1568x937, 201804192070483940395927646.jp…)

I tried un-squishing her face in facetune. RIP, ya'll.

No. 560456

AKB48 fan here, Hirari has never been scene. She moved to Japan at 13 and grew up after scene culture anyway. I've also never heard anything about her lying about her age, I remember she blogged a bunch about going back to the US to get her driver's license when she turned 16. Sorry for off-topic rambling but Hirari's never done anything sketchy other than her poor choices of friends tbh, and she was kind of known for being friends with everyone

I cannot get over the fact that Kooter HAS to show off every time she's in a taxi, like it's such a luxury experience? 3 different taxi rides in one video wtf

No. 560466

Yeah she did. Idk how different they are from normal contact lenses though, cause I have friends who wear theirs all day but they're the regular Acuvue ones. You can even sleep in some.

No. 560486

Regular contact lenses are a lot different than circle lenses. They cover much less of your eye and are designed to be worn everyday for long periods of time. Circle lenses simply aren't. Not saying that wearing circle lenses is inherently always bad - even wearing them daily isn't bad (for the most part… hopefully people give their eyes a break once in a while, that goes for all contact wearers), as long as you aren't wearing them for longer than 6-8 hours a day, you're clean, use rewetting drops, don't use expired lenses, etc. Rewetting drops are more important when wearing circle lenses (vs regular contacts) but I can see Kota being too scared of messing her eyemakeup and just dealing with the dry eyes.

sorry for the blog, but in my experience, circle lenses tend to be comfier than normal contacts for the first couple of hours, but the comfort goes way downhill after about 4-5 hours of wear. Regular contacts are more consistently comfortable throughout a long day. When I wear circle lenses multiple days in a row, my eyes are fine as long as I don't wear the fuckers for more than 6-8 hours. 8 can be kinda pushing it at times.

No. 560602

Without bangs she looks it a bit more
It’s the stylist and teeth
I think she’s European not American tho

No. 560629

Hirari is American, Nicole is a Kiwi.

No. 560666

File: 1524224621433.jpeg (130.41 KB, 1200x800, DbN8lGZUQAErye7.jpeg)

No. 560667

File: 1524224632161.jpeg (219.41 KB, 1200x996, DbN96nOU0AAZddm.jpeg)

No. 560668

Gross. Hate the way that she erases her nose bridge.
And the proportions in this one…

No. 560674

I really, really, really hate how far apart she edits her eyes. Erasing away part of her nose makes it look especially awful.

No. 560723

Dakota, these shoops don't even look cute nor realistic. What happened to her shooping style seriously this is some Frankenstein shit.

No. 560769

Ugh, I knew that tweet was fishing for a promo. This solidifies for me that she has no money. Instead of just going out and doing things like getting her nails done when she wants to, buying contacts, I think her hair extensions were a promo too? She just waits until she can get them for free. These companies are pretty dumb because most of the followers she has on her instagram to show off to are fake, which is extremely obvious by the comments.

No. 560793

Um, the tweet you’re referring to was just a promo for the next show she’s gonna walk in, the 3 day Sapporo collection show Skyticket is promoting and selling tickets to.

No. 560966

…why is she obsessed with looking like a damn downie? the eyes far apart bullshit isnt even an anime-derived beauty standard, since that has to do with big eyes….i dont get it

No. 561171

What if she’s not shopping them further apart? What if it only looks that way because she shaves her jaw, erases her nose, enlarges her eyes and then shrinks her whole head? Idk how to layer pics on my phone or I’d compare them to the ugly purikura pics with Hirari, her head looks normal sized in those.

No. 561303

File: 1524298146287.jpeg (141.13 KB, 720x720, 57A246CE-7933-451A-B802-7F4941…)

Found another good pic of her from her last fashion show

No. 561325

This was already posted in this thread.
Also it's a terrible fucking picture.

No. 561434

File: 1524324499090.jpeg (171.88 KB, 1200x1008, DbToK_xVMAAHeUc.jpeg)

No. 561444

Kooter glomming onto larme models. Why is it that she always posts these pictures with more successful girls and then they are either only seen together again once or twice or never again? I mean the list of girls who were seemingly her "besto freindo desu" and now have disappeared is pretty long. And if she was hanging out with them, she'd certainly be posting about it because she's desperate to still appear as super-popular kawaii hafu model.

No. 561459

well i think it's obvious, even the person taking the pic doesn't want her in it.

No. 561472

hiding your chin with a wine glass was a bad idea kooters

No. 561609

I thought the same thing I hope she fucks off

Katou is actually hafu though you can tell and Dakota is just basic white

Maihee has just made it into Larme magazine and it took her ages Dakota would have to strive to get into a popular magazine like that… but she’s just at events nowadays

No. 561649

In the USA there's laws on it now, but to my knowledge they're the only ones who care.

No. 561712

It's more like next business opportunity friends probably going to use them to get into larme.

No. 561717

Gross. I hope not. Like >>561609 said she hasn't earned it.
Plus she looks ten years older than the rest of the models.

No. 561719

Holy shit those dumbo ears, kooter. Did she forget to shoop those? Her and the girl in the middle look terrible and creepy.

No. 561752

Yeah she probably shouldn't have gotten her ears pierced again, it's just drawing more attention to them.

No. 561761

she looks like such a tranny when she tries to dress super kawaii like that

No. 561854

Maybe these “lunches” are meetings where she’s trying to get new jobs booked, and the other girls get hired while they eyeball kooter and pay for her lunch as a courtesy.

No. 561865

Nah. This was a personal thing (a b-day celebration). I wonder if they assume she's cool because she's foreign or whatever and when they actually get to know her they drop her like a hot potato because of her shitty personality.

No. 561906

>dat bald patch behind/above her ear

Does she only have a single layer hair curtain or a bad undercut or what? Its like if you flipped her upside down she’d have a patch of super long hair on top of a mostly bald head.

No. 561919


I meant this tweet >>557374
Looks like it worked.

No. 561930

File: 1524366791861.png (307.95 KB, 271x505, lel.png)

She doesn't even try anymore

No. 561931

File: 1524366802530.jpg (8.58 KB, 320x240, Iq0psbz.jpg)

who she reminds me of in this pic

No. 561935

She really doesn't have the face for kawaii shit. Leave that style for literally baby-faced Asians.

She's not ugly, she just has an unhealthy lifestyle and dresses poorly. I really like her hair color, she could cut that shit to shoulder length and be pretty cute with some muted colored clothes without FRILLS EVERYWHERE.

No. 561940

What am I supposed to be seeing here?

No. 561959

she's been smoking and drinking since she was 13, and if kiki's magical vegan recipes of raw beets and white rice are anything to go by she's probably grown up malnourished yet fat from excess carbs. she really could've been pretty if she tried.

No. 561983

the glass is uneven, i think. look at the whole glass. both sides aren't symmetrical.

No. 561988

Where are you guys seeing her in lawsuits shit? Everything she wears lately is baggy, muted colors or denim to hide her figure. She dresses cuter than women do in America but she’s far from kawaii these days.

Interesting how she goes to so many birthday parties for friends we never see again, yet on her own birthdays there’s nobody around celebrating with her.

No. 561990


*kawaii, goddam phone

No. 561992

I agree. It’s crazy, because while she’ll never be her shoops, she had the chance to be cute and a lot more successful. She had a hell of a lot more potential than Kiki, that’s for sure.
She’s just so lazy and entitled.

She can’t help the fact that she isn’t naturally beautiful, no. Not even a big deal all considered.

Taking care of your body, skin, and hair (aka your HEALTH) makes a huge difference and she’s done none of those things.

A good body, nutrient rich diet, Pantogar supplementation, and (god this board has made it sound like a meme jfc) skincare would’ve kept her jobs.

Even now, weight loss, a weave, and a slight chin shave would have her tiers higher. She could even say the difference in her chin was due to weight loss, normies would believe her. It isn’t like she tells the truth about anything anyways.
Some eyelash tinting and serums would do her some good too not gonna lie.

No. 561998

the right side of the drink bends upwards where she used the liquify tool to make her chin smaller. It looks more clear if your tilt the screen.

No. 561999

who is the middle girl

No. 562013

Dakota tagged both of them you lazy fuck.

No. 562029

not on some sites.

No. 562060



She’s a half Japanese and French model who models for Larme. It isn’t the first Dakota has been with Larme she was in the first two issues and I hope it was the last time…

All the Larme models follow her actually and I recall that time Dakota was with Risa for a quick selfie and that they did the Tokyo girls collection together too…

No. 562062

I think she's more like a prop for pics for them. It's good to be seen at least once with a gaijin moderu who used to be such a sensation. She's a trendy accessory.

No. 562065

She was in Larme 5 years ago. It was one of the first jobs she booked as a direct booking with Bravo after her dry months.
She would be really arrogant to think she could just waltz back in and get a spot as a regular larme girl. Plus compared to the rest of the models she would look terrible. Her features are so harsh and she looks older than Risa (who is nearly 30).

No. 562067


You’ve got Risa, yui, katou, mai shiraishi, maihee and who are all mid twenties / late twenties

Dakota claims to be 22/23 younger than them and looks like a chewed up piece of gum.


No. 562069


Plus she needs to fucking earn it. Maihee has had so many jobs with mini and smaller brands before she got with Larme properly in their magazine. She’s worked for a place and Dakota was dished everything… mai even looks like a doll Jesus

No. 562074

File: 1524393472636.jpg (75.99 KB, 1109x516, larmelineup.JPG)

I have a hard time imagining her fitting in with these girls.

No. 562075

she could've played off the cringey weeb dolly past like taylor did but no dakota is too egotistical (or insecure) to make fun of her self even though literally everyone did cringey shit when they were younger.
i guess she doesnt want people digging into her past or have to catch up with all her lies over the years so its easier to just delete it all rather than potentially profit

No. 562081

Read an interview with Maihee where she says she doesn't think she's naturally attractive and talks about the stuff she does to make herself look better (posing, make-up, etc.). Kind of made me sad. She has some of the best personal style of the Larme girls.
Meanwhile Kooter doesn't even try. She just expects the jobs she takes to be shooped for her and doesn't bother to figure out the steps she could take to improve her own look.
A lot of anons talk about weight loss and surgical procedures, but if she just wore makeup that suited her face she could look attractive. Because of her bone structure she's someone who could handle insta-thot makeup. But this soft cute thing she's going for doesn't work. Because she's not soft or cute. She could be striking or attractive as a young woman but not like this. Instead of trying to force herself into a category she doesn't fit into, she should try to find something that does.

No. 562096

I think that's part of Japanese culture..playing down on your attractiveness
Haruka Ayase who's been the face of skii since forever and is considered one of the most beautiful women in the country-her most notable feature being her flawless skin
Despite that in every interview she always plays down on her skin saying she has flaws/pores/its not that great/she has to work to make it look great and shes doesnt see herself as that pretty

So I guess maybe thats why Maihee speaks of herself that way too! Whatever she's so cute!

No. 562112


She would have to show off her body more too as in underwear and bikini shoots since Larme is a little… nymphety

Koot doesn’t like to and we all remember the Popteen bikini video

No. 562119

File: 1524404501390.jpeg (52.25 KB, 319x354, 211D91E5-C012-4C8F-B498-76A8E1…)

>Because of her bone structure she's someone who could handle insta-thot makeup.

Ahaha, nooo, sorry but I disagree anon. You must be thinking of the version of her face that only exists online?

No. 562124

No I'm thinking of her face there. I think her face can handle a lot of makeup. Instead from trying to hide her jaw and cheekbones and sharp nose she could make use of them. Plus her wide mouth would make more sense because she wouldn't be trying to be natural dolly anymore.
Also heavier eye makeup, lipstick, contour and all that stuff would draw attention away from her less attractive elements.

No. 562138

File: 1524409168320.jpg (69.86 KB, 957x354, aKlngBG.jpg)

idk man.
she really needs to fix her fucking hair

No. 562144


No. 562308

This picture always cracks me tf up. What could even help that hair at this point?

No. 562559

So weird. She looks unrecognizable with heavy makeup now.

A wig

No. 562617

Ayase haruka isnt good looking though so bad comparison haha

No. 562664

She is considered beautiful by Japanese society, though.

No. 562704

Same they didn't even upload the pic of her with them savage as fuck.

No. 562756


Nah she is pretty

No. 562969

I think Hirari is the only person Kota takes pics with who will actually put pics of/with her on their social media outside of work.

No. 563057

i think her hair is a lost cause at this point, she should just embrace wigs

No. 563064


i can't get over the shadows on her face in that picture. it looks like she's wearing halloween vampire makeup. i know tanning is bad for your skin but fuck there's gotta be some way to fix that

No. 563142

Concealer is a thing, but it only works if you wear it. For this show I think she only put on mascara and maybe HD powder for the camera.

No. 563176

Stronger make-up certainly suits Kiki 100x better than a toned-down 'natural' look and I totally believe the same is true for Kota.

No. 563504

Imagine being so conceited that you don't think you need to wear makeup when appearing on tv, when everyone else, even the most beautiful people, have to wear it to look good under those lights

No. 563685

Lightings always seems to be her downfall, she looks like crap unless she has very bright lighting directly on her face from below, overhead lighting makes her look too hard.

No. 564129


that's because she needs to learn how to contour lol. idk why she wastes so much time photoshopping shit when she can just use make up lol.

No. 564152

how would contour make her look softer? there is no way she could acheive what she does shooping with just makeup. She could make herself look better but not cute the way she wants to.

No. 564286

I just had a flashback to Kota’s viral days where she claimed to only use makeup and light tricks to look the way she did, I distinctly remember her saying some shit like “who needs plastic surgery whenyou can change your entire face with makeup?”. I think Dakota only knew how to do basic heavy makeup, I don’t think she was ever the makeup pro she tried to pretend to be. I still remember hwrbuploading two makeup tutorials that had the exact same look.

No. 565155

File: 1524663884247.jpeg (214.69 KB, 1199x868, DboLBKTU8AAIMIL.jpeg)

No. 565157

File: 1524663905816.jpeg (96.99 KB, 1200x860, DboKyKcV0AAL3Xt.jpeg)

I actually kind of like this dress.

No. 565158

>>565157 not with those socks…

No. 565160

She looks so creepy especially in the full length one.
The dress might look ok on someone with a sense of style who could pull it off (aka not Koots). Also another clothes scamming "exhibition". Bitch never seems to buy her own shit just expects gifts.

No. 565163

Oh thats hurts my eyes. For a ‘model’ she has such dismal fashion sense

No. 565164

>>565157 out here looking like slendermans gf

No. 565170

She always has when left to own devices. The only time she looks put together is if someone else dresses her.

No. 565210

Wtf is wrong with her eyes? They look pasted on.

No. 565255

Dakota has already been in Larme guys.

No. 565286

Yeah, but it was ages ago and short lived, and she never touched larme again.

No. 565298

if her eyes were just slightly closer together she might look more normal. maybe.

No. 565478

She should flush that cheap pentagram down the toilet, or at least stop wearing it with every. single. outfit. At the very least, shine it up and put it on a nicer chain so it doesn’t clash with her clothes so much.

No. 566803

Does anyone know what thread I can find that Donald trump-like pic? I need to laugh at something.

No. 567087

File: 1524836584942.jpeg (188.65 KB, 1200x1200, DbyE8LsU8AACksx.jpeg)

No. 567112


No. 567133

Looks like she's in a hotel? For some reason?

No. 567138

She’s doing the other runway show tomorrow, maybe she traveled for it.

No. 567161

She’s in Sapporo for the fashion show.

No. 567596

oh hey look, she didn't edit out her nasolabial folds here

No. 567600

What are you talking about?! She blurred them out

No. 567640

she edited out that harsh line but the shadow of it is too wide to fix lmfao she's so haggard

No. 567823

There’s no pics on Twitter yet of her from the Sapporo fashion show, and there aren’t any mentions of the show yet either but obvs it just started today and we just have to be patient. Meanwhile, here’s the event website: http://sapporo-collection.jp

Although, while scrolling I found a comment from a girl who thinks she saw kooter in a commercial for ABC Mart, though she didn’t say which one. I checked YouTube and didn’t find anything, but I’m in America and I doubt I’d be able to see all the results for Japanese YouTube. Her doing secret jobs might be her way of trying to cling to what’s left of her reputation as a model, since every time she blasts a job on her social media she ends up looking like a scrub in the release. We know she takes unglamorous jobs to keep herself going like pachinko magazines, I just wonder what she’s doing secretly and if the smaller time employers are as willing to let her control the final product.

No. 567826

Me again, I found something else.

For those anons who were interested in Dakota’s fake relationship with Taiko Katono, here’s a (Japanese) article/interview he did recently that mentions Dakota: https://t.co/tFzPHz6tLa

Cookies to anyone who can do a TL;DR for us to post here because I’m not skilled enough to translate.

No. 567870

From what I can gather, it just said there was a rumour about them dating and the fans got upset. But he doesn't say they are together.

Any fluent Japanese speaking anon please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

No. 568210

File: 1524943168538.jpeg (121.93 KB, 640x624, CA2EB168-F16B-4802-862B-329C34…)

I found a candid of Dakota from some Japanese girl’s account. Her be and upper body look so wide, wow.

No. 568214

*face, wtf

No. 568221

That isn’t candid though, her eyes are not naturally that wideset.

No. 568240

Candid, no, edited yes. But edited by Kooter? Doesn't look like it. She looks dead inside thou

No. 568310

So you think this other girl spaced out her eyes for her? Come on now, I know the ~sid the sloth~ jokes are a Kota favorite, but I don’t see it. Her eyes are wider set than Hirari’s but closer together than the other girl’s, hers are the smallest of the three and that plus her big face makes them look smaller too, but I don’t see how they’ve been “shopped further apart” in this pic. They look just as far apart as they do in untouched by Kota pics like >>528864 and >>530573.

No. 568465

Not a true candid. Her jaw is not that short/small.

No. 568545

Someone just used one of those cameras that automatically distort your features in the name of "beauty." It's not necessary to obsess over it. The pic certainly is not a true unedited pic, but it's also not a Frankenstein product of Dakota's unholy photoediting.

No. 569269

File: 1525028760507.webm (14.64 MB, 406x720, Fits組-×-Q16GiRL-占い付きフィッツ-meets…)

800 years late but here's the teacher vid

No. 569313

Oh god, what is this mess? The quality is so low and her "acting" if you can even call it that was tragic. Wow I'm so glad it's finally been uploaded.

No. 569315

she really does seem to have lost weight since then, i also think she looks cute in the first closeup, i feel like we get to see what she intents her makeup to look like in this (it just never shows in pics/videos that aren't close ups?)

No. 569319

It's like their lowkey roasting her with all those shady ass close ups of her face lmao

No. 569346

File: 1525035983195.jpg (157.92 KB, 1200x900, Db7g4VAV0AAV71J.jpg)

Kooter backstage at Sapporo Collection. Only runway that I've seen so far is a super blurry one Koots posted on her IG.

No. 569378

She’s keeping this one offline it looks like. From the video she posted it looks like they put a gold fanny pack over her chest, I wonder why?

No. 569394

lord compare her face to the last girl doing the exact same facial expression. don't smoke when you're 13, kids.

No. 569454

They're all wearing the same type of slippers except for Dakota? I really hope it's not because she refused to wear the indoor slippers at whatever place she's at because that's so rude and gross, but considering she's done this before, I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 569484

Ohhhh lord, this was incredibly cringey.
That outfit, hair and those fucking glasses.
This was like a roleplay ASMR but meant to induce cringe instead of relaxation.

No. 569486

looks like she’s keeping the weight off at least. she looks cute here imo

No. 569545

I think its the clothing she's wearing tbh. its flattering.

No. 570136

This is cringe, but the other girls' were pretty awful too. I couldn't figure out what their "dreams" were supposed to be - they were just posing like cringey models during their daydreams. I thought Kooter was the only one with some kind of actual career goal. Which, you know, I guess I think that is good.

No. 570174

Do you know where to find the other girls? I'd love to see the comparison. Can't seem to find them on youtube.

No. 570269

I'll look for them. I hope they didn't get deleted.

No. 570309

I think this was one of them, but it's missing the beginning where she eats the gum.

No. 570323

fuller version with sound, but still no gum: https://imggram.com/media/mei_tnk/1680969155752342557_1360229033?hl=en

Yet, it's listed as a Fits CM and I remember seeing a version with the gum.

There was another one where another girl chews the gum and is suddenly posing on a beach or something.

No. 570359

Was everything from this campaign taken down? Why do company's bother to hire her if they have to delete all the shit she's in asap after uploading it? Or deal with her family putting copyright claims on it? It isn't a high quality production but it still involves a lot of time and effort.

No. 570373

I think almost everything from the whole campaign was taken down, including stuff that didn't include Dakota. In this case, I doubt it is her fault. Even the other girls' "daydream" videos were taken down.

No. 570397

File: 1525122442702.png (241.13 KB, 1065x372, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 22.0…)

>>569269 here, pic related is the other (Kota) Fit's videos I've grabbed. Let me know if you want anything else uploaded.

There may be others I've missed, but the only video that I remember watching that I don't have downloaded is where they were in two teams (blue and red), one team were science students, it was somewhere outside the classroom (sports hall?) and there was a fair bit of dancing. Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about from that vague description and though unlikely I hope someone has it available.

No. 570582

Here's the one you're looking for:
Dakota's dancing is definitely the worst in this one. You can see how out of step she is.

I'm on mobile and can't download it now, but maybe someone else can.

No. 570584

Maybe there's a higher resolution version somewhere else though. I found it by searching 2年F組 Fit's

No. 570594

File: 1525134366964.jpg (59.28 KB, 850x437, fits.jpg)

Beckii Cruel was the face of Fits for awhile: http://nick.onetwenty.org/index.php/2009/11/13/beckii-cruel-fits-in-japan/
They seem to like having some token bland gaijin involved in their campaigns.

Fit's is Trident gum in the US, for anyone who didn't know.

No. 570605

Bland, frumpy, white girls with extremely thin hair. Yikes.

No. 570673

Shr posted a short clip of her runway walk on Twitter. Really wish there was better footage of this.

No. 570837

File: 1525155442286.jpg (18.54 KB, 327x543, wow.JPG)

Ouch dat lip liner…

No. 570914

File: 1525167548763.png (282.79 KB, 453x448, Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.3…)

Thanks, managed to get in decent quality from Vimeo

No. 570974

kek how they use that same 6 year old shoop on the big screen behind her while she’s walking. I wonder if there will be any high res candids of this irl comparison

No. 570979

Did they put a fanny pack over her chest?

No. 570987

File: 1525180739105.jpeg (87.07 KB, 640x732, 6E20E228-238C-47B8-9CF0-BA3DE1…)

I think she got the FACo and Sapporo show jobs through someone other than Platinum. If you go on her profile the last runway show that’s listed is Girl’s Award in September ‘17, yet right on her page they link to the FACo ‘18 show page. Obviously they’ve updated the site and her page since then if thy bothered to link to the event, Why wouldn’t they put those shows on her profile, unless maybe she booked them through someone else? Platinum is a talent agency after all, idk if they would even deal with runway fashion show type stuff.

No. 571022

File: 1525186874101.jpg (46.31 KB, 201x221, daKEKta.jpg)

No. 571060

where are her eyebrows?

No. 571155

File: 1525202766576.jpg (51.16 KB, 1080x720, sapporo2018.jpg)

Got an unedited-by-kota-or-her-friends pics from the Sapporo show finally

No. 571262

If she wasn't so milky and didnt shoop herself into E.T I wouldn't even view her as ugly imo I think she's pretty cute and i think the chubby cheeks are enduring + with the proper styling she does look really nice but just comparing how she looks irl to what she makes herself look like I cant take her seriously and obviously no one else can either

No. 571312

Chubby cheeks can be cute but Koots doesn't really have them. She just has a big face and harsh bone structure. That picture looks ok because the lighting and position are perfect. That must be the only decent picture of her because it's the only one on Modelpress. All the other models had at least 3 shots.

No. 571370

Yeah honestly, I don't think she's exceptionally attractive, but she's not hideous. If she didn't shop herself so obsessively and fixed her hair issues, I could see her appeal as a catalog model in the east. She has what I could see being very European and "exotic" features in Asia.

She's too busy being an insecure, untalented, basket case though. If she'd just take care of herself, take some acting classes, instead of spending most of her time photoshopping her pics…

No. 571390

She's not horrible looking but she really needs to let go of her kawaii living doll thing and grow the fuck up. You can always tell when someone else is in charge of styling her instead of herself. The top of her head barely has any hair though.

No. 571451

Everyone is hiding her participation in this show, even the official website only has the one hella old pic of her. I’m amazed nothing has really cropped up on SM, but maybe it’s just her being so far from Tokyo and the fact that her “title” as a living doll just don’t carry her as far outside of Shibuya. Hirari was in this show too, so maybe she got Kota the job as a favor along with FACo- both shows had a ton of AKB girls booked.

No. 571813

File: 1525268724572.jpeg (138.68 KB, 1200x965, DcKIj5pU0AAP9Oq.jpeg)

No. 571817

This might be a crazy thought, but I wonder if her next project will be to have someone ghostwrite a book for her. Like a fake autobiography about how she became a "living doll in Japan" Full of lies, of course.

No. 571833


well at least this is sightly more normal looking..

No. 571858

You can see most of her real nose! I guess anons posting about her erasing it so hard and looking developmentally stunted got to her.

No. 571985

if she put on mascara she’d look pretty close to her old shoops in this one

No. 572188

I know I'll get called a Stan but this is actually a good medium point
It's got that weird no makeup look she lives for, and it's obviously edited to hell, but it's still within the realm of believability for looking like her whilst being pretty and having normal looking hair
Nice one koots

No. 572226

File: 1525306349046.jpg (153.23 KB, 606x479, 20180502_165415.jpg)

She can look pretty close to her old shoops if she tried

No. 572237

the eye makeup makes such a big difference

No. 572247

Not in person. Shooped maybe.

No. 572249

Her eyes just need to be a little closer together and it'd be perfect

No. 572593

Kooter: The only cow who gets praised for shooping her pictures to look vaguely human. Never mind she still doesn't look like that.
She looks like a plain/homely weeb without shoop and perfect lighting. It seems like she's trying to do her old 2012 shoop style again now featuring her current look.

No. 572683

Unless she starts wearing eye makeup again and gets a wig or some extensions that dopoke out of her hair I don’t think it’ll matter. Everyone has caught on to the fact that she only looks good in her own edited pics and isn’t buying her “omg real Barbie” shit anymore. Idk what happened to her in 2016 but is like that was the point where she started turning into a joke. She stopped working as much, got fat and aged so hard and now she’s using friends to try to claw her way back up to model status after a year of laying around eating fried veggies and rice.

No. 573543

File: 1525440848068.gif (4.74 MB, 1003x807, output_t6ptDW.gif)

deshooped her eyes closer together

No. 573549

File: 1525441551441.jpg (413.99 KB, 1200x965, 674538094032.jpg)

Fixed her eye space and chin, and added a little makeup and she doesn’t look too bad tbh

No. 574254

File: 1525506864304.jpg (337.49 KB, 2048x1536, DcZ8DaLV4AAs1IT.jpg)

New Twitter pic

No. 574258

I guess Hell froze over, because she seems to have dressed herself in something flattering for the first time in her entire life.

No. 574288

Her face looks like an egg

No. 574392

Of course you have to wonder what it looks like on her non shooped body. Bitched shaved off about 20 lbs there.

No. 574495

Not to mention she’s twisting her body and hiding her sides with her arms. Kota is a pro with fat girl angles and posing, she just can’t look decent anywhere but her own social media because that’s the only place she can control the lighting, angles, poses, and shoop.

No. 574655

She actually looks good here.
Of course she is tainted by her horrible past behavior and general psychotic body dysmorphic disorder, but if she were normal she could succeed with this look as a cute, friendly, inviting "girl next door" American in Japan.
Too bad she's fucking delusional and wants to be some tiny quirky "gross girl" but also a 12 year old Russian model or something.

No. 574660

She also has that stupid mask over her jowls to hide them easier. Christ, imagine having to stand there and figure out a pose for 10 minutes just to try to take a "casual" picture. Imagine being so hyper-conscious of your appearance all the fucking time and being obsessed with appearing in a way you aren't whatsoever.

No. 574696

its so fucking aggravating how insecure she is about her fucking chin. i dont even understand sometimes why the bitch is even a model. like i know all models are insecure about something, but they dont shop themselves into another entity to hide it.

No. 574750

I'm not trying to incite a comment war here, but I am genuinely curious about something.

I've been following Kota since she and her sister were scene queens on myspace. During those years, she always seemed very immature to me. I remember when her shoops started getting really big and were being posted on cgl basically every day. We are the same age, and I felt incredibly jealous of her "beauty," and I actively delighted in pointing out her shooping flaws because of that jealousy.

It was really weird when she went to Japan and we finally saw her real face. However, at that point, I just started feeling bad for her. She obviously has some very severe BDD brought on by her own family. Her parents peddled her and her sister to creeps on the internet for most of their lives, and basically taught them their only value was in their looks.

She was shitty and childish years ago. But, and maybe it's because I've stopped following the threads, I don't understand why people continue to despise her. Every time I check in on this thread, it's full of anons tearing her apart for being obese, for being ugly, for not working hard enough/deserving to be a model in Japan, for not having real friends, ect. And I just don't really get it. I guess the only thing I find disingenuous and even halfway lulzy about her is her ridiculous photoshopping–but even then, I feel like she's just a really insecure, mentally ill girl who can't cope with how she really looks. Her life just seems sad more than anything else.

tl;dr Anons who post in this thread often and criticize/insult Kota, why do you do it? I'm really not trying to be a whiteknight. I just don't understand. Sorry for being a Dakota stan.

No. 574759

i understand what youre saying. its very clear dakota's….upbringing is why she is the way she is. i first was hopeful that being away from her family she would improve.
she does have a succsessful career compared to kiki, but her antics and the way she went to japan reveals she hasnt really chamged much, she at best just has more media training than kiki nso after a while i just gave up on her. i stopped hoping she would actually change.

No. 574762

Something I’m curious about that I may have missed in the older threads- dakotas front teeth
She says she was a poor model when she moved to japan, yet it seems she definitely had veneers on her two front teeth. (Maybe bravo paid for it?)
They were crossed over when she left, and straight a few weeks later
Do you guys think she wore invaslign for longer than it seemed and had that much improvement?
They’re also very bucky and fake looking like veneers…
Not to pick apart yet another thing about her, but I always wondered.

No. 574805

I think it has to do with the way that she's been handed every opportunity and has messed it up for herself. There are so many gaijin models (real models) who don't get half the opportunities Kooter has and she basically has spit on them. She relied on her "Real barbie" reputation to get by without doing anything. She wants the praise without doing the work.
It's why she was so one note as a Tarento. She couldn't even feign interest in anyone except herself and looked actively bored when the spotlight wasn't on her. She reveled in acting like a bitch on TV and in her everyday life because her "cuteness" meant no one would call her on it. She lied about absolutely everything and still does. She completely faked her Japanese ability for the first 3 years of her career.
As recently as this year she blamed cancer for not looking like her shoops and then went out and got a weight loss procedure.
No one here thinks that she is obese or hideous. She's just out of shape and plain for a model.
Personally,I don't think she has BDD. I think that she's narcissistic like the rest of her family. If she had BDD, she would actively try to improve her appearance as much as she possibly could, but she doesn't she shoops and catfishes instead.

No. 574806

This question gets asked almost every thread. Some of us are almost fond of her, others are out to watch her fall for various reasons and a handful are just jelly weaboo lesbians.
There's never a main agreed reason for why so many of us pay attention to her

No. 574887

Looks like the weightloss clinic fixed her chub problem.

No. 574889

I pretty passively follow her thread nowadays, but honestly, it rubs me the wrong way how she continues to fake everything about herself. I know that you're probably right about her being mentally ill. In my personal opinion, if she was just honest, she'd be 100% more likable. You'd have thought all those times hanging out with Naomi Watanabe she would have learned something about having an actual personality. She likes to straddle the line between "IDGAF-bad girl-Barbie" and "Kawaii-innocent-ethereal-angel". Nothing about her is real. She probably could have had an amazing following if she would've just really tried to be herself.

No. 574938

I think her problem is that she really is being herself, and her entire personality is based around being “famous”, pretty, and speaking Japanese which is boring. Not to mention she isn’t really famous anymore, these days she barely even works. I keep up with her because it’s funny to see the contrast between her Instagram and the jobs she can get, and how she tries to act like some classy brand model with money but never leaves her house or does anything stimulating or enriching with her life. She’s doing the same boring shit she did in Florida, pretending to be a big deal online while she sits at home playing games and taking selfies. Tokyo has so many weird, interesting things that she could do and see that would fit her guro-kawaii sour bitch personality that would help her build a fan base, but it seems like Dakota just keeps trying to go viral again with the same dead shtick from 6 years ago.

No. 574951

At this point I personally come here to see if she'll change. I want to see the day when Dakota stops shopping herself into an abortion, stops hiding her jawline with her fingers or surgical masks, stops tilting her phone at absurd angles in video editing programs and trying to peddle this image of herself that doesn't exist.

Her personality is repulsive at worst and nonexistent at best but I pity her. I don't despise her or think she's fat. I am mystified at how she keeps getting gigs yet they always cover her up so much, I feel like she must be sleeping with someone high up and that makes me fucking sad.

I want to see Dakota love herself and be unafraid to let her true self shine.

No. 574997

Or photoshop.

No. 575029

File: 1525614103354.jpeg (435.67 KB, 1228x1778, 78285D0A-D7D2-4DA2-8CAB-019598…)

She’s participating in girls award? Whatever that is.

No. 575031

File: 1525614264642.jpeg (190.35 KB, 1242x1325, 43E0C8F8-AFEC-424D-B00A-A6B806…)

Samefag, new photo

No. 575032

File: 1525614301389.jpeg (279.09 KB, 1240x1640, C9D6C7C6-38C4-4317-A33A-53381E…)

Aaaaand another one. This one is particularly unnerving.

No. 575034


Sounds like you might not know how Lolcow works. It isn't a fan site and thats why you don't see people cheering her on, or anyone for that matter on here.

People aren't being "hateful" or "nitpicky" when they point out the obvious. She is lazy with her jobs, and to some its sad to see someone who doesn't care get everything while there are other models with 10x the potential getting sent home. I think this is a concept any hard worker would understand and feel slightly bothered by, because everyone has at least at some point in there life worked that kind of job where you watch the laziest person rise. Its unfair, and some probably relate this to their own experiences and might get a little more agitated than others.

She just isn't a nice person and there isn't anything honest or hard working about her. These threads were getting stale until she announced she had severe cancer and magically recovered from it. Right then and there she showed anons that she hasn't changed in the slightest bit. She'd lie about a serious illness just to cover up her laziness, and why she doesn't look like her shoops in person.

Now, I don't hate her but I also don't like her either. I don't care if she falls or continues on her path, because either direction would be interesting. What would she do if she had to return home ? How long can she continue to visually go down hill before enough is enough and she gets demanded to do something ? Its also sad to hear you'd hate someone out of jealousy, and not because they were/are a horrible person. When I first found out about her via shooped pictures I was excited to follow her social media accounts because I found her images to be very pretty. I was crushed and sad to hear/see that it was all fake, and than thru here and Pull to read and see how unpleasant of a person she was/is.

Also, I'ma toss a question back at you : Why do you think she deserves to be forgiven and forgotten ?

No. 575077

>I feel like she must be sleeping with someone high up and that makes me fucking sad

Tbh I think she’s married to maybe a manager or agent who keeps getting her these jobs. Idk why her visa status is but I know she isn’t holding it by barely working, and she doesn’t seem worried about having to leave Japan or find a new job. The fact that she keeps getting all these runway shows that don’t release promo pics of her prove she’s only in the shows because someone is pulling strings for her. Honestly being married would be the most logical thing for her, since she’s so entitled and lazy that being a trophy wife with a hobby modeling ‘career’ would be a dream come true for her. That way she can pretend she’s getting by and booking these jobs on just her looks without having to actually put effort into taking care of herself.

It’s a fashion show she’s walked for in the past, something like 2-3 times iirc. Funny how she mentions she always used to model Autumn/winter clothes (baggy shit to hide her fat) and now after her weight loss procedure she can be seen modeling summer/spring clothes. My only question is, why did she wait so long to get it done?

No. 575085

These anons are so spot on.
>She is lazy with her jobs, and to some its sad to see someone who doesn't care get everything while there are other models with 10x the potential getting sent home.
This is definitely one of the most annoying things about her. She got to Japan with the power of photoshop and video editing, literally nothing else. No sweet personality, nothing. Who knew you could just cheat your way into life opportunities like that? I understand other girls have been flown to Japan and it was shocking with what they really looked like, but Dakota is the only one who has actually somehow kept getting jobs and being able to live there for years. Which goes into the next anon's post, because it just does not make any sense. Not because we're jealous, but because, no, it REALLY does not make any sense. It's hard to live on your own to begin with and being able to afford it, especially in a completely different country. She for some reason has been spoonfed the whole time there. That just doesn't happen to some average looking girl in real life with no talent. It rarely even happens to people who are better than she is.

No. 575105

Not to mention, she lives in Shibuya in Tokyo, so the fashion district of one of the most expensive cities in the world to live. She got TWO jobs in 2017, Fitt’s and the TV show. That’s not enough to hold a visa, or to support yourself while casually shopping and going to lunch every week with friends.

No. 575186

Unpopular opinion but apart from her inconsistency I think Dakota is actually pretty good at photoshopping herself, in the same way people can be very good at doing their own makeup and knowing their own angles. And I do think there is something sort of exceptional about her features - she's got a face that's unusually "shoopable". Just like some people have voices that aren't that great but for some reason sound really cool auto tuned, or like how some models with very "plain" features can be very versatile. I think that compares to a lot of her imitators, Dakota's features both need less photoshop to look very different, and can absorb a lot more editing and still look semi-believable.

No. 575272

why did she delete this from her twitter?

No. 575299

Why are you asking us? Pics of her in pants don’t last very long anyway.

No. 575587

I surprise she put together a decent outfit.

No. 575593

Her belt is hooked on literally the last possible hole. Girl needs to be real and get the proper sized belt. Your waist is not Japanese small.

No. 575661

That is nitpicking on a new level. Who cares what hole her belt is on?

No. 575668

Maybe she thought we’d see the “push” sign and start making wild theories about her being in America.

No. 575799

>Implying Japanese girls have waists.

Lol, the standard body type is a rectangle.

No. 576121

File: 1525729234751.jpg (178.13 KB, 1195x1560, image.jpg)

She tried to make her ass and thigh thinner but failed and just made it lumpy.

No. 576732

File: 1525792624185.jpeg (173.61 KB, 1200x802, DcqMKgUUwAEznXX.jpeg)

No. 576736

what the fuck anon, being a rectangle doesn't mean they don't have a waist, are you thinking defined waist? the point is that none of koots measurements are very small.

No. 576766

Apparently she's getting fitted for the show.

No. 576995

She looks like a gaijin strippergram

No. 577167

The editing on the right side on her leg and arm is so bad.It looks like her editing is kinda getting better.

No. 577233

Why would you bother to smooth out your complexion on your face and neck, then leave your legs all dark and bruised?

It’ll get shittier again soon, her shoop skill comes and goes apparently.

No. 578067

File: 1525951311801.jpeg (680.45 KB, 2048x1365, C5894B04-F7E8-4699-B1E7-BE12A1…)

More lazy house selfies from Twitter. I guess she’s done working for the month and is now back to boosting her social media image to snag the next job.

No. 578070

File: 1525951393521.jpeg (624.33 KB, 2048x1365, 4473D482-6C98-41C3-9ACD-90083B…)

No. 578072


For someone whose only job ever is to make clothes look stylish, she sure has trouble wearing clothes.

No. 578078

Did anyone grab any paparazzi images from this event?

No. 578084

Her hair is…either really thin or really fine or both. I feel for her, all the women in my family have the same type of hair and when they hit menopause it gets painfully thin. You can see it in those Walmart pics of Keeks, too. She should at least be using something to give herself some volume?

No. 578086

For some reason the only thing that I really get triggered by are her brows. The shape and thickness feels all wrong for her overall look.

No. 578089

When I see pics of her like this I feel like she has to be trollin
Like intentionally warping tf out of herself so she looks better in person…
I’d take her real face over this monstrosity any day

No. 578127

That ring again. Either she is really married or she wants people to believe that she is. She wears pointless ugly jewelry all the time though so who knows.

No. 578549

It's on her middle finger, not her ring finger, so it's not a wedding ring. Just her wearing pointless ugly jewelry, it seems - or she fucked up and put it on the wrong finger while trying to look married? Who knows.

No. 578747

Her instagram is stagnate since last month she's been on 137k. It seems like she's losing more followers and fans caught on to her lies.

No. 578771

There’s no definite rule that the ringhas to be on the typical ring finger, lots of couples in Japan don’t even wear wedding bands. Wearing it on a finger that it fits makes more sense, but I’d believe she’s married before anything else because nothing else makes sense. She’s not that good a model, not that well liked or received, and for the last wo years she’s been barely getting jobs on a monthly basis. Last year she barely worked at all. Shes been wearing that ring nonstop with all her shitty jewelry since 2015, when she popped back up speaking Japanese and started getting on TV more with her newfound slang ability and rude personality. She probably got married to someone in the industry while she was with Popteen.

No. 578921

File: 1526011358023.jpg (48.88 KB, 370x433, ring03072014.jpg)

>>578771 again

Went back digging in her Ameblo and the first pic of her wearing the ring is from 03/2014, see attached. She was still with Bravo then but mostly doing Popteen and the occasional brand shoots.

No. 578944

Interesting. her first issue of Popteen was either March or April of 2014.

No. 578962


Her Popteen debut was was Feb. 28th/March 1st, 2014.


No. 578965

Forgot to add, but she's wearing the ring in this video too.

No. 578972

in japan it's actually common to have the couple wear rings before the wedding during their engagement.

No. 579019

File: 1526014910749.png (379.94 KB, 336x501, spider.png)

>>578962 again again

I found this entry with a pic of a spider on a rose that looked incredibly familiar, and after going back a few threads I realize it was the profile pic of the Twitter account "Rizzo" (intr3pidone) who was harassing the other white model for saying Kota looked different on TV. I checked up on her and she posted a new tweet in January and follows Kota, but that's it.


No. 579039

That's quite a coincidence. Everyone suspected it was an Ostrenga…

No. 579044

Rizzo is Kiki. I'm more sure than ever after checking out who they follow.

No. 579057

the width of her eyes are a little wider than the width of her glasses kek

No. 579067

Can we all agree she shoops her eyes hella far apart and looks like ~Sid the sloth~ and just be done with it? I'm sorry if I sound salty but we really don't need to keep repeating this stuff ad nauseam just to bump the thread. It'll be okay sitting on page 5+ for a week until she posts a new shoop.

No. 579096

That wasn't even the point? The comment was about her not bothering to at least shoop her glasses to match.

No. 579238

Nice catch!

She just can't help herself… what a sad, angry person.

No. 579502

She could be married but be hiding it to keep her male fanbase.

No. 579584

If she was hiding it she could take her ring off for selfies and photo shoots, but she even wears it then. I think modeling and being ~real barbie~ are just hobbies/bragging rights for her from her prime at this point.

No. 579612

She's probably hiding it so nobody finds out that she's only still allowed in the country because she has a spouse visa. Given how these things tend to go, it's probably some dirty old middle-aged man, too. I'm sure if she'd married someone desirable, she'd be likely to show it off as a last-ditch attempt to make other girls jelly now that she barely has any fans left and everyone knows what she actually looks like.

No. 579784

Who wants to bet she nukes her ameblo blog soon now that it’s being discussed here? The same thing happened in older threads with her line blog.

No. 580162

Her "male fanbase" aka her only fanbase which seems to consist mainly of old Middle Eastern and Argentinian men. Not counting the bots of course.

No. 580334

I don’t think they’ll mind as long as she keeps uploading shots of herself shooped like a baby with her cleavage showing and her legs apart. Being married doesn’t change how she looks, and most of her creepy male fans know they’ll never meet her so it doesn’t matter.

Although I’m wondering if she married a PR guy instead of an agent/manager, she seems to get all her jobs through her friends, but she has tons of online accounts and new sites pushing articles with her real Barbie shoops while mentioning the work she’s done recently. Not only is her entire career based on catfishing, she’s still doing it shamelessly and getting jobs from it, which I don’t think she could pull off on her own.

No. 581616

I know this video is hella old, but I'm catching up on Koots thread and I didn't see anyone mention this yet:

At about 2:14 in the video, as she's brushing her hair back her ear visibly drops lower. Its fucking weird. Not sure if its because of the AE and her hand being there messed it up, or something else. If someone could gif it or something, that'd be awesome. Knowing her as soon as she sees this post she's going to edit it out of the video.

No. 581619

I don't see what you're talking about, maybe someone could gif it?

No. 581628

File: 1526246379733.png (224.87 KB, 622x298, ear.png)

How strange. I was thinking perhaps it was the top of an earring but she doesn't appear to be wearing any in this video.

It's more obvious in motion, but here's a couple of screenshots anyway.

No. 581732

My tinfoil theory is she’s been extending/ enlarging her ears in PS&AE. The last few months I’ve noticed her ears have been very… protruding in her photos.

No. 581735


You guys sure that isn't her finger poking thru her hair as she brushes it back ? I mean I'd have to watch it to really see what you guys are seeing, but this picture alone just looks like its her middle finger as she untucks her hair from behind her ear. ( Thus making her ear not visible anymore, and her finger more visible )


Idk, she's always concealed her face and ears with her hair thru the years that I just don't really recall actually seeing them in untouched pictures. Maybe with aging and all she now finds her dumbo ears make her look more youthful ? its an odd thing to edit/enlarge …

No. 581741

Nah, I’ve watched it in slow motion and you can visibly see her hand move away as the ear moves down. Really needs to be seen in motion to see it.

No. 581799

It really looks like her ear is falling off. When your shoop goes too far

She seems really nervous outdoors which is a pity, I noticed that with another weeb posted on this board somewhere. Like being scared and vulnerable in your ~dream country~ is kinda shitty.

Sage for sympathy

No. 582035

She wouldn’t be so insecure going outside if she didn’t try to pretend she’s something she isn’t. It’s like she’s doing 360 sweeps checking to see if anyone has a camera or is holding their phone up a certain way to catch a candid of her.

No. 582149

No it's 110% Cathy. The writing style and use of certain words is dead fucking obvious. Plus when the account was discovered she had a little back-and-forth with the anons on Kiki's thread. She refused to name anything directly but clearly suggested that she didn't believe that kiki was spergchan and accused them of trying to "turn your targets against one another" (I'm guessing her and kiki fought over if this was true and she ultimately believed kiki).

No. 582240

Found all of her Fitts videos on IG - sharing because I read someone was looking for them?

No. 582322


Yeah, Cathy

No. 582325

A long time ago someone mentioned the spot Dakota did with Tsubasa. Here's a 30s version. I do think the original was longer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfPb-u3ByDk

The inspiration behind the commercial is "angels" - like, they are supposed to be angels.

No. 582335

She looks so cute in these videos. How did she age so badly?

No. 582470

Smoking and drinking alcohol while eating fried snacks and carbs without exercising, day after day. Plus, her and Kiki were never gonna age well wirh their shitty wannorexic vegan diets and Cathy’s genes.

No. 582713

I want to know as well (so that I don't end up like her…)
This video was her peak imo

No. 582803

There's no magic secret to not aging like shit. Diet, exercise, routine, and genetics and/or cosmetic procedures are what it takes. I don't get the disbelief every time we see her real face, what did you guys expect? 5+ years of wearing pounds of makeup+lenses, drinking energy drinks and wine while playing video games and eating junk food and rice doesn't give you a slim, toned body with a baby face. You can't get back lost time and once the damage is done it's done, like with Kota. Although she would look a lot better if she would just take some vitamins, work up a sweat 2-3 ties a week and stop relying on her face to win her jobs without makeup on it. At this point she'd need some work done to look as good as she did 3 years ago sans shoop.

No. 584113

File: 1526426472157.jpeg (139.13 KB, 1200x800, DdI1cZzVMAEA5dr.jpeg)

No. 584115

File: 1526426598344.jpg (83.47 KB, 720x538, yqsQg82Yqfs.jpg)

oops, didnt mean to make that post a reply mb

No. 584184

Nice bondage choker lmao

No. 584429

such awkward "style"
and looking so special-ed in those glasses
they only work on cute small asian girls

always hiding her face in strange positions as

No. 584826

She looks like a greasy weeb who can’t do makeup trying to wear tumblr fashion. Amazing how her and Charms both came full circle from their teens.

No. 585442

thats very obviously the tip of her ear.

>her finger
>whole hand's in both shots visibly nowhere near the back of her head
lol retard.

No. 585448

How did the tip of her ear move downwards when her head barely moved…?

Kota's finger moving through her hair could have created the effect if she doesn't have completely stumpy fingers. That certainly seems more likely than the tip of her ear slipping halfway down her head.

No. 585475

As stated, it's her AE breaking for a second.

No. 585477

Well fuck, I totally misunderstood previous anon's post and thought they were making excuses for Kota. I know it's AE.

No. 586046

Huh, I was always jelly of Kota’s hair being so smooth and shiny looking, but without shoop it’s so normal and unimpressive.

No. 587141

File: 1526628196401.jpeg (142.09 KB, 1200x800, Ddda-JWVQAElZzx.jpeg)


No. 587150

She looks inbred here. And what a waste of an interesting dress.

No. 587151

samefag. Someone with a decent sense of style could actually make this look good. Btw this is one of her 60,0000 yen freebees.

No. 587264

It honestly doesnt even look like her. She shopped her face into another person.

No. 587516

something about her arms are off…

No. 587799

I guess her “posture correction” procedure from DS Clinic didn’t work. She looks like she’s slouching her shoulders while pushing her hips forward and it ends up looking stumpy and awkward.

She’s pulling them in to hide her wide ness, also she shopped them thinner. You can really tell if you zoom in and look at the sleeve on the left.

No. 587807

File: 1526677533867.jpeg (128.16 KB, 640x787, A5DB1A84-AAD4-4F61-AA9A-B768E4…)

She admits she spent all of last year inside and says she didn’t leave the house other than for work. That doesn’t fit in with her ~leukemia~ timeline though, I wonder what else she could have been hiding?

No. 587885

That outfit is atrocious I've got to admit I do like the background she chose.

No. 587916


The way she edits herself makes it looks as though she has Down Syndrome…

No. 587917

Does she edit herself to look Hungarian? Wtf.

No. 587968

lol retard.

No. 587976

File: 1526691982593.png (167.79 KB, 328x332, Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 9.02…)


She needs to put those glasses back on, because she clearly can't see how tragic her facial shoop is…

Or are those even prescription glasses … ? How expensive are prescription glasses in Japan ?

No. 588028

File: 1526695603442.jpeg (128.94 KB, 1200x900, DdhcF5BU8AAwIC8.jpeg)

No. 588126

I haven't been to this thread in a long time, but are you guys actually still confused ?? She meant she had leukemia as a kid. That's why she posted that childhood photo along with it. Obviously she didn't as a model.

No. 588135

I would have though Cathy back in the day would have exploited this fact seeming as she loves her kids getting attention and pity points.

No. 588149

yup, this is why i don't come often. the reaching theories pulled out of thin air. Cathy is a crazy bitch. but that's a long way from exploiting a cancer child or enjoying that her daughter might die because it brings attention. jfc.

No. 588153

Ffs it literally translates to "2 years ago".

Cathy would absolutely use her daughter's bout with childhood Leukemia when she was a toddler (if she had had it) for sympathy points.

No. 588280

Bitch looks like she stepped out of a Star Wars movie.
Not a compliment.

No. 588282

Dakota is fluent right? She shouldn't make stupid mistakes. It's basic as hell to just say "when I was two years old" but she didn't. She said "two years before".

Or maybe she did it just to keep people talking about her.

No. 588292

File: 1526728893702.png (689.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180519-131844.png)

She's in the instagram story of a japanese model

No. 588295


What is it with her and Kiki having very hollow and suken faces? So bony looking

No. 588296

This is honestly so gorgeous why does she edit her eyes far apart like that ugh

No. 588302

Iiii dunno about "gorgeous" but yeah. It's nice to see her looking like a human for once.

No. 588314

File: 1526733795571.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180519-143956.png)

A little more flattering ss from me

No. 588315

File: 1526733876290.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180519-144005.png)

No. 588319


I think she looks very sickly, too pale and her face is sunken. She looks more human than anything but hardly gorgeous. Jesus Christ…

No. 588322

How does her face look sunken? It’s quite chubby. That is a fucking reach. How can you even tell through the filter she looks “sickly”?

All I notice is her undereye is kinda dark. She looks ok otherwise.

No. 588326

File: 1526736194041.jpg (575.46 KB, 1080x1920, 201805198821625711084168992.jp…)

tried kooter-fying her actual face for funsies

i also think she looks a bit weird and…idk sallow? but maybe it is the filter.

No. 588356


Because look at her cheekbones, under the eyes and near her mouth even. She looks hollow and Kiki is the exact same and it’s probably just how they both look generally. They’ve got got very bony faces but koots has a rounder face. The hollowness makes them both look sickly. It isn’t a good look and it isn’t even model worthy. If Japan thinks that’s what the ideal foreign model is then god help us

No. 588384

>If Japan thinks that’s what the ideal foreign model is then god help us

She barely gets worn and when she does, she has to hide all unshooped evidence of it to protect her real Barbie gimmick. Dakota isn’t a model for being pretty, she’s a model because she went viral and took advantage of social media and photoshop to get herself a contract. She’s not ugly, she just aged and looks more mature and western and styles herself like a bag lady. The only people who think Dakota is a successful model in her own right are naive kids who think modeling is a glamorous, low-labor high-paying job where you stand around looking cute and getting your picture taken all day but it’s not. Kota is too boring and basic to be pulling her own weight as a model, and the jobs she get always hire her friends so she clearly isn’t getting these jobs because of her looks. She’s like an internet meme that people keep reviving for the sake of nostalgia and the old aesthetic she used to have, even though her current look is plain and uninspired and all she does is post boring selfies. These threads have turned into nothing more than a catalogue for things she tries to go back and delete later, every few days the thread dies until someone comes in to drop her latest selfie and then we spend the next few days commenting on superficial stuff like her eye spacing or wobbly, blurry backgrounds. It’s so… boring, just like her.

No. 588419

When will she get tired of draping her hair over her face so she doesn't have to edit that side? It looks so fucking weird and stiff and unflattering.

She is cute but her horrible personality makes me think she isn't. It's too bad. If she were a genuinely happy, nice, friendly person she'd look better.

No. 588434

her hair is so fucking stringy she would look so much better with a blunt messy bob. She isn't even ugly or anything but this false image she creates of herself just totally ruins any expectation people have. She doesn't look like a babydoll, she isn't Gemma Ward in 2004, so why doesn't she just style herself more realistically?? Or is that not "azn enough" for her

No. 588526

I think she’s so used to living in the middle of a hugbox (first her family, now her friends) that she legit thinks everyone telling her she’s sooo pretty are being 100% sincere.

No. 588552

File: 1526753482575.png (618.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180519-201004.png)

why do they all call her angel

No. 588688

I think it's just a japanese thing to call foreigners Angel. I get it a lot on Instagram.

(sage for blog post crap)

No. 588701

Yup, literally any blonde white girl trying to be kawaii or speak Japanese is gonna be called model/angel/exotic at least a few times. All you have to do is whore your posts out with Japanese & kawaii tags. Remember how big Kiki’s ego got when she first went to Japan?

No. 588796

File: 1526772433369.jpg (488.06 KB, 1080x714, Screenshot_20180519-192541_Ins…)

Back row, second from the right.

No. 588798

File: 1526772501988.jpg (660.43 KB, 1080x1338, 20180519_192829.jpg)

No. 588807


Not sure how to snag footage from instagram, but here's a link of her walk at the Girls Awards.

No. 589053

c'mon bitch stop hiding your damn chin. in a promo shoot? really?

No. 589086

She looks scared and awkward, too…

No. 589143

Did she not know where the canera was? She's looking in the wrong direction. She ruins the whole pic by looking so amateur

No. 589665

lmao @ her being the only person not looking at the camera and also awkwardly covering her chin with her hand
even the girl resting her chin on her palm isnt covering it up

No. 589876

What I don't understand is they all seem to be going for a specific vibe - no smiling, deadass looks to the camera. Then you have Dakota, Smiling, covering her chin, and looking to the side. Wtf is she doing. I don't get how she messed up such a simple photo. This is her job, to model?? Seriously wtf.

No. 590004

File: 1526878431687.jpg (67.93 KB, 637x861, 8nnbvQPLALA.jpg)

No. 590005

File: 1526878442956.jpg (45.76 KB, 720x534, fiajCx34YT8.jpg)

No. 590006

File: 1526878451763.jpg (172.32 KB, 900x1200, cVCbLHbsCIc.jpg)

No. 590007

she looks skinnier. she looks pretty good i guess

No. 590009

No. 590010

File: 1526879348931.gif (1.62 MB, 299x299, 874A1CD2-998D-4379-A0D7-D6E9BD…)

I can’t believe I’m saying this 1/2

No. 590012

File: 1526879376701.gif (909.17 KB, 332x332, 58AD0DB3-5C72-4453-A578-78EF3F…)

But she’s back 2/2

No. 590019

No. She looks ok. Still plain af and still not model material.
She walked one show, dressed once again in a super forgiving outfit. her legs have never been a problem. That combined with good styling, lighting, and high heels make her look better (the best she's looked in a while). Plus a bit of lipo of course.
But then why anyone would root for her is a mystery to me tbh.

No. 590066

Not to be nitpicks but are her ears not incredibly far back on her head??