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File: 1520897650695.png (406.49 KB, 883x276, lolcow.png)

No. 527506

Previous thread: >>463602

>No longer affiliated with Bravo, Popteen or Libera, Dako is now catfishing through her current agency, Platinum Productions, a tarento agency that allows her to use 6 year old shoops and fake measurements: http://talent.platinumproduction.jp/dakotarose

>Lately Kota has been posting pics and videos of her real face mixed in with her usual ageplay shoops to her IG and YouTube to generate buzz for her upcoming fashion show on March 25, Fukuoka Asia Collection: http://www.fukuoka-asia-collection.com/guest.html
>Also, she’s been spending every other day at a salon, restaurant or shop opening with her mystery friend(s) and posting pics/vids as proof she actually leaves her house. Almost every time she goes on one of these outings, she ends up with a new designer gift from “a friend” to show off
>Still no sign of work since the epic Fitt’s campaign other than the upcoming Fukuoka fashion show
>She continues to block people who question her about her face, age, and TV appearances, now with increasing frequency as she’s no longer afraid of blocking her actual Japanese followers
>She also recently posted a pic at a plastic surgery clinic where she got some sort of unspecified face&body procedure that totally isn’t Botox or lipo, while also claiming she had acute leukemia two years ago and using that as the reason she “can’t do anything reckless for her health, like plastic surgery”
>Japanese netizens don’t buy that shit for a second and glaze right over it, continuing the usual line of “have you had plastic surgery? What a shocking difference!” and similar comments

2018 looks like the year Dakota is gonna try to revamp her brand/image to get herself back out in the spotlight again…. by lying, shooping, and piggybacking off her famous friends and old Bravo connections for work, and general Doug anything other than taking care of herself or changing her basic bitch style.

she has also decided to transform into sid the sloth with eyes so far apart you'd question what direction she's looking in while pulling a leafy with hiding her chin that she thinks she's being descreit about.

Active Accounts:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dakotakoti
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFvuGmxBmv-c_irVda7mwg

Dead Accounts:
Website: http://kotirose.com/
Tumblr: http://kotakoti.tumblr.com/
Ameblo: https://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti/
LINE Blog: https://anony.link/https://lineblog.me/dakotakoti/ (Deleted)

VK Dakota Rose fan page (has all the candids): https://anony.link/https://vk.com/clubkotakoti

No. 527938

File: 1520952132291.jpeg (288.17 KB, 1496x1124, 54B9875B-5CD2-4AF6-B7E8-724542…)

New pic from Twitter of her with Hirari and Yuuka Tano, sans baby fetus shoop. Looks like she got her idea for bangs from Hirari.

No. 528118

honestly koots looks a lot better with bangs but seems like she constantly wears caps to hide the fact that she has extremely thin hair/balding

No. 528124

I thought she wore caps because that's what a lot of celebs do in Japan to be inconspicuous and Koots definitely still considers herself to be a part of that crowd. She started doing it when she joined Popteen, probably because she saw other girls doing it. But she usually takes off the cap inside so it's probably not to hide her hair. She just has a somewhat unwarranted sense of self importance. I mean Yuka in that picture is wearing one because she is still in AKB?

No. 528128

Sorry samefag but I meant at events not "inside" per say. She wears it when she's in public places where she might be ~recognized~ lol.

No. 528133


i thought it was just because she was self conscious about her thinning string hair but your theory also makes sense, she probably still likes to think she's living in her teen years back when she was actually a big deal in japan

No. 528169

I think its both tbh
She pretty arrogant to begin with, and we know shes insecure as well, so it wouldnt surprise me if shes insecure about her hair on top of everything.

No. 528196


What is it with asians and these horrible hats? Old men wear this shit.

No. 528482

Maybe it’s a combo of both, she doesn’t want a stiff breeze to expose her bald spots while going in and out of buildings? Then when she’s indoors it’s hair helmet time.

No. 528771

Sounds pretty accurate but she could atleast wash her hair more often so it doesn't look so greasy and nasty, might help with looking so flat and thin also

No. 528794

File: 1521024038599.jpeg (120.38 KB, 640x723, D23ADB35-4E26-46F5-AB00-C0A9AD…)

Didn’t she say in the past she uses organic oils for shine and split ends? Agree though, I get that she’s going for the OTT shiny angel hair shit, but in real life it just looks oily.

Also related, I’ve been browsing the #ダコタローズ tag on twitter and I keep seeing Japanese girls posting how fat and ugly they are and how they wish they were Dakota Rose, or how theybwish thy had a face like hers but they can only commit suicide. It kinda reminds me of all the weird “you’re so pretty it makes me want to kill myself” stuff she used to hand select for her Tumblr. Another one I saw said something like, “Why was I born ugly? I’m not supposed to be like this! When I was a sperm, I applied to be a girl, so I should have been Dakota Rose! (crying emojis everywhere)”.

No. 528864

File: 1521032526367.png (316.95 KB, 447x487, _09.58.54.png.ebb652e9ddef25ef…)

Honestly I've seen that stuff from time to time and it kind of saddens me. I've been tempted to answer a couple of times, "Don't worry. Dakota wishes she really had that face too."
I'm sure these sorts of compliments make her happy (she still leaves them up unanswered when they appear on her Insta and twitter posts).

No. 528882

can we stop with the translated japanese?

No. 529238

Just as soon as we stop with the backseat modding. Idk why posting translations is so verboten in threads about a girl who speaks Japanese and works in Japan, but okay.

>inb4 insult about shitty translations

Japanese speaking anons translate or stop crying about the students/casual learners that at least try. The holier-than-thou attitude in the last 3-4 Kota threads anytime Japanese translations are attempted is irritating as fuck.

No. 529459

Either those, or just translate them via Bing.

No. 529719

Does anyone have that fits commercial, ive seen a few screen shots but cant find video anywhere.

No. 529721

It appears that they deleted them after the backlash (unless somebody downloaded the videos). The closest commercial I could find was this, but it’s pre-Koots.

No. 529737

Wow everything is gone. The whole channel is gone. Twitter too. It's super convenient that videos and pictures where Kooter doesn't look good get deleted. I mean it's not like the campaign overall was a failure and everyone else looked normal. Idk it just seems really sketchy to me.

No. 529743

What backlash?
Sorry I thought that I was all caught up on the threads. (If no ons wants to so a recap maybe guide me to the right thread?)

No. 529751

The thread is here, >>>/snow/463602
basically she got called out on http://girlschannel.net/topics/1505275/ and japanese twitter for looking really ratchet in real life, and everyone was asking if she had plastic surgery or saying she's fake and shoopped. There is some translated comments from girlschannel in the thread above.

No. 529758


Before they shut down the comments beneath the Youtube videos the Japanese were ragging hard on Tooters. Calling her fat,beef cake and other sorts of things. It might be more than one thread back to look at the translations some anons did for the comments.

You know I use to think this was some sort of special treatment they were doing for Kota back in the day. Deleting all evidence of her candid face from the internet. Now I've just come to realize that its actually pure shame that makes them delete her presence from their brand name. Like they want to pretend it never happened. Kota is Japan's modelling world herps, once they have her they want to conceal any proof that herps.

No. 529769

Koots was never given special treatment. Lotte would turn off comments for their Fit's campaign because Koots sub-par acting and dancing was glaringly obvious, feeding bad comments about her. Like what kind of dumb bitch lands a good gig and doesnt even bother taking it seriously, AND acting like no one will realize your shopped pics.

Like you said it was for them to save face….which is why I'm wondering how she will fuck up this upcoming fashion show. If you look at all the models compared to her, Its like they went out of their way to already screw her over using old ass 2012 shopped pics lol

No. 529773

2011 shoop and to be fair, that's what Platinum is using in her official profile.

No. 529817

I downloaded the video of her sitting next to the Japanese girl and talking about doing the campaign and how ~hard~ the basic ass dancing was. Idk where to upload it though from my cloud where it can be posted here.

Pro tip for future anons: download every video worth posting here. It will disappear.

No. 529837

File: 1521127026406.jpeg (58.21 KB, 546x420, 24C986DC-2D32-46A5-8681-68CE8F…)

I went back a couple threads and saw some anons also saving her Fitt’s vids, so as long as this anon comes back and blesses up with the downloaded videos it shouldn’t matter that Lotte deleted them. I really want the English teacher one reuploaded, that one was the absolute best.

No. 529861

After doing all the searches possible including searching in Japanese for the fits videos it looks like there is no trace of them anywhere on the internet, i only found photos.

No. 529869

File: 1521130664606.jpg (42.85 KB, 1080x720, 29090624_154391598711984_31173…)

New picture. I'd imagine she's feeling pretty smug now that her horrible Fit's pictures are gone just in time for her runway return in two weeks.

No. 529880

The pictures are all over the threads here, as well as her VK fanpage. It’s just the videos we have to worry about now.

No. 529886

File: 1521131721530.gif (5.19 MB, 480x270, D1B96A82-22ED-4E75-9B98-D00EF3…)

It’s ok, as soon as the show is publicized it’s gonna be gold. Remember her waddle from last year? Pride always comes before the fall with the Ostrengas.

No. 529970

we all know her next runway is gonna be as funny as that last waddle, she looks nothing like her pictures and she's pretty chunky, unless shes lost weight for her runway

No. 529980


Oh god, hahaha.
I was the anon that made that gif and it just gives me life that every time a new thread is made someone revives it.


She actually went to a weight loss clinic ( claimed it was for posture .. bs ) like literally a week or so after she said she'd never do anything potentially harmful to her body because she had "cancer". Something tells me either her or Kiki were hardcore lurking and spoke about anons calling Kota fat, on top of that seeing all the Japanese gossip forums say the same. She might have started dieting. ( or not .. ) But I mean anons fussed she needed to stop the over lined lips, she did and anons also stated she needed bangs and she went out and got them. Don't forget they made fun of her for her ratty looking black heeled ankle boots, and she went out and got several new pairs.

I lowkey think this Toot is listening.

No. 529985

Yea I'm also wondering if she actually got anything done, when she went to the clinic just before the fashion show.

No. 530080

Maybe she finally caved and got Botox on her jaw to help with her face looking so swollen? We won’t know until the show, unfortunately.

No. 530122

Found this old video of boots.


I'm new here

No. 530144

I'm new here so sorry if i mess up somewhere. But I just wanted to post this here.


I found that video here. They have some old vids of Dakota. I probably won't come back though because I'm not good at this stuff. Goodbye

No. 530159

wow that yt channel has got some really old videos of Dakota, wonder how long it will be before they get taken down

No. 530195

I'm bored so I'm downloading all of them, lots of kaka gibberish throughout so they're hard to watch, but i'll be back with caps for any interested anons

No. 530206

your the real mvp anon

No. 530210


I believe you can find a lot of her deleted videos ( ones she made ) off of those chinese websites. I think her VK fan page also has a bunch of them aswell.

No. 530214

this may be a dumb question but if Lotte deleted vids with Dakota in it, how can she use that gig as experience on her resume?

No. 530326


Lol, well how does your new boss know you worked for said company/business … ? References.

That info gets put on her profile for reference by her current company/agency. I'm sure if new companies wanted they'd call X company she worked with to get more detail.

The fact that they deleted everything involving Kota could look bad for her . The fact that this is a re-occurring thing with companies to remove her asap is probably why she's slowly declining in jobs. It gives the vibes that she isn't desirable to work with or something is wrong. This all probably looks just as bad as someone having on their resume that they haven't been able to hold a job down for longer than six months.

No. 530370

File: 1521152714809.jpg (65.92 KB, 366x549, tumblr_nnjqx9d5Q91qicobao1_400…)

what rock have you been under not to know dad hats have been on trend worldwide for months
she isn't fat or ugly by any standards, just not impossibly weird boney alien looking as in the edited pics. she's quite pretty and looks alot like Kati here in fact despite the front angle.

No. 530379

Probably soon you know they read here.

No. 530441

Thank you anons!

No. 530445

>looks alot like Kati here
While I don't think Dakota is hideous or anything (she just looks like some regular, suburban white woman, imo) I'm not really seeing the resemblance passed the hair and the eye color.

No. 530446

Top fucking kek.
In her dreams she looks like Kati.

No. 530463

File: 1521156408250.jpg (73.46 KB, 514x720, Katiusha-573.jpg)

No. 530476

File: 1521157369868.png (85.96 KB, 750x815, IMG_2207.PNG)

I just found this pic of koots on her weibo account, a hairstyle can completely change your aperence

No. 530483

huge liza minelli vibes. Pretty freaky.

No. 530485

A hairstyle and photoshop anon

Do you think Kooter ever gets sick of filtering herself? I don't fir a second believe she's changed from the racist, messy, chubby girl she was on MySpace. And after the leukemia bs I'm starting to think her posts where monitored by bravo.

No. 530537

Random ass question, but where can I find kota's racist video? Like the one where she puts on the fake teeth and everything?

No. 530543

File: 1521161472497.gif (2.1 MB, 456x336, KotaKiki racism.gif)

It's gone for good; I'm not sure if any Anons have downloaded it. However, I found a GIF of it on GC's Kota thread.

No. 530561

I think she's notably prettier than a lot of girls I see around LA, and theres a resemblance with the features being similar. Kati has less facial fat and muscle which makes the jaw and cheekbones different, but the features are similar even at such different angles.

No. 530573

File: 1521163134088.png (106.09 KB, 173x261, 20170207_dakotarose_13.png)


No anon.

Different eye shape, different jaw shape, different cheekbone shape, different nose, different lip shape. Katia looks more like what Kota shoops herself into rather than what she actually looks like.

No. 530577

File: 1521163766650.png (1.19 MB, 1704x678, ghjg.png)

I know she doesnt look exactly the same, im saying there are similarities. koti could be an editorial model like kati but she's stuck in that weeaboo phase and makes herself look bad with asian styling/edits on her notably white features. I guess it gives her the advantage of a bigger audience but a big problem is she doesn't try to be pretty in a way that would suit her.

No. 530584

File: 1521164188600.jpg (40.9 KB, 534x800, 6wJLTNwZz64.jpg)

I managed to dig up an unshooped picture from the runway show this look was for.

No. 530586

That is a picture from when she was 14 and shooped to hell and back. You can see that her eyes have never been that wide.>>530573 is what she looks like and that looks nothing like Katia. Some of Kooter's shoops look like her though.

No. 530588

File: 1521164262224.jpg (96.04 KB, 660x990, i64o0pMMirY.jpg)

And another.

No. 530589

File: 1521164421339.jpeg (56.62 KB, 604x604, F33A5777-D03D-4225-8DA4-FDFA49…)

Every time someone tries to say Dakota has good features and could be a better model if she put on makeup and styled herself better, but those people are still thinking of her as looking like pic related and not the way she looks now, which is why her career is floundering. Her face has gone to pot, cute features aside.

No. 530629

So Dakota deleted a bunch of Videos off of her Youtube and there was this one Vid I really liked called '4 Minute Harajuku Hairstyle'. I used to watch it a bunch because of the music and spent days trying to figure out where it was from (I suspect it probably was some royalty free track? idk)
Does anybody happen to have the Vid saved?

No. 530642

File: 1521168395308.png (124.23 KB, 294x284, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 10.3…)


How does this prove your case ?

That picture is photoshopped, and only proves MY point in that she ( Katia ) looks similar to Kota's old photoshop style from 2011. They don't have anything in common besides hair colour and eye colour you tool.

Are you a new fag or Kiki ? Because only either of the two would consider Dakota's looks to be comparable to a gorgeous model. Just like how Kota would shoop herself to look like Vlada. On top of that only either of those two would argue her photoshopped pictures are real.


Try chinese video sites. Youku or something. They tend to have a bunch of her videos including the apartment tour.

No. 530649

It's funny anon, I remember bringing up Katia in a past thread and saying that Kooter's shoop style looked strikingly similar. Now blind-chan up there appears insisting that they look the same. And Katia isn't like even well known as a model.

No. 530651

samefag. I mean they are insisting kota's real face looks the same as katia's.

No. 530652

Guess she saw no reason to keep them once her channel got demonetized. Her socialblade says her total channel views dropped from 50Mil to 47Mil, which is interesting. I can see her slowly deleting her older videos and replacing them with new ones where she doesn’t talk or show her chin.

No. 530660


Lowkey wonder if its Kota posting, and Katia is her new obsession like Vlada was. She's been editing her face to look more round and her eyes further apart like Katia's as well as wider/stretched. She even shoops the lines away to make her nose look more button like.

Kota's shoop : >>529869

Katia's face : >>530370 >>530463

No. 530664

Its a shame her racist videos are 100% gone, like I wonder how the Japs would react to seeing her do that retarded shit. Like I'm honestly baffled you can still have a career in a Asian country after pulling that shit

No. 530687

wow, not bad actually. Is this recent?

No. 530706

April 2016

No. 530712

i dont remember if that video had the same music as well, but she used songs from the persona 4 ost in some of her old videos.

No. 530721

File: 1521173860755.jpeg (59.03 KB, 402x604, A7661AA1-85B4-40AD-A2B6-F1BE21…)

Wigs and makeup really transform her, too bad she’s such a lazy potato.

No. 530730

Throughout her whole career Dako has been trying to look and be like a bunch other girls but never herself. Vlada, Katia, Cara Delevigne and the Russian child model. Her obsession with these types of girls is so bizarre.

No. 530736

I tried converting to webm but lolcow said it was too big so I uploaded her racist video for download here.
Maybe someone can convert it or upload it somewhere else for us.

In her early days she used to shoop herself to look like Nicole Kidman and then Gemma Ward so she's never used PS to enhance her own features. She's always tried to look like someone else.

No. 530742

File: 1521175910074.jpg (39.52 KB, 403x604, worIEIc1m9o.jpg)

Anon this was a shoop of this 2012 shoop turned and pasted onto another models face. Shoop of a shoop

No. 530750

we should have some great collage to show her face morphs.

No. 530764

File: 1521177318232.webm (16.77 MB, 426x240, 1406101811213.webm)

No. 530766

My bad thought the file would be too big. Here's an oldie I found on PULL.

No. 530777

I found it in some album on the VK fanpage, in the same album as the pics of its with the 3 other short wigs and one other long wig she’s worn before. If it is a shoop, it’s a damn good one, andiIt still looks better than what she’s doing now, shoop or not.

No. 530784

My favorite video of her. I don't know why she deletes so much.

No. 530787

Maybe because she realizes finally that she set an unrealistic standar for herself she never could achieve? Or she’s embarrassed at how weeby she used to be. I don’t know if anyone else but hardcore shutin weebs who decked out their whole rooms kawaii, did taobao/kiddie clothes hauls and took pics all day in basic anime and eroge poses. Venus, Yukapon, Pixyteri, and Beckii all come to mindnimmediately, but I’m sure there are more I’m forgetting about. I don’t think se wants to be associated with her weeby kawaii stuff as much as the jailbait Russian dwarf shoops from that same era and prior- they’re a lot more western and similar to what she seems to be going for lately.

No. 530789

It was a thing that people used to do back in 2012. But it's a one of kota's face shoops onto an Japanese gyaru model's body.

No. 530791

File: 1521179347305.jpg (84.75 KB, 532x800, bACW8B8tWOY.jpg)

Found it. It's Kumikki. And anon it was literally on the same page as that shoopception you posted.

No. 530821

It had low views she's only keeping the ones with high views.
She was never a weeb,she just used it for leverage and copy popteen girls marketing. Has anyone noticed she also changed her YouTube background? It use to be sailor moon or something?

No. 530893

When she first got popular she was a weeb. Argue all you want about how ~authentic~ she was about it, but there’s a reason she dropped China and Korea like a hot rock as soon as Japan gave her a chance. Kawaii clothes, sailor moon, final fantasy, anime and Jap culture are all reasons Dakota has given in the past for why she decided to dress up kawaii and take her famous shoop selfies. Remember her claiming she loved Japanese fashion because American fashion doesn’t have cute clothes?

No. 530904


No. 530906

literally everything about Dakota screams shes a weeaboo.

No. 530936

Honestly I think her 'weebness" had as much to do with the fact the Japan was the post popular of the 3 in the west. Her getting an offer there was a way to get even more attention and put herself above others. Kooters whole thing-actually her family's whole thing has always been that they are better than everyone else.
If she was starting this nowadays I honestly think she might be more interested in Korea than Japan.

No. 530945

I believe there was a comment or two regarding that in the GC thread, as well.

Thanks, Anon! All the better for preservation and exposure.

No. 530961

Actually we have all of the old Ostrengas videos saved, dig up in early threads and you will find all of them uploaded directly here so they won't get deleted ever.

No. 530977

She did the weeb stuff before Japan took interest in her. She made a Japanese intro video before she ever got offers from Japan, and she never made a Korean or Chinese intro video before or after that. Her whole aesthetic was weeb- her cardcaptor sakura “cosplay”, all the sailor moon imagery and references as well as FF, the schoolgirl uniforms- she was a weeb before Japan noticed her, that’s why she went viral on tumblr. It wasn’t just her being ~omg unreal beautiful~, it’s because she mixed pastel kawaii & weeb shit with her idea of cute and edgy western fashion and suited it to her less Asian features. Now that she’s a model in Japan and has an “excuse” to have weeb tendencies she’s deleted everything weeby pre-Japan so everyone can casually assume she never dreamt of moving to Japan and being a kawaii model, and that it just happened from pure luck instead of shameless pedo pandering, tagwhoring and pushing herself as “real Barbie” anonymously everywhere. Just because she never went around calling herself Sakura, goin to cons wasting pocky and gushing about Japan and Asians doesn’t mean she was never a weeb, she was just super low key about it because she was Kiki’s shadow and has to be more into scene and Hollywood shit.

No. 531523

You can’t upload videos to lolcow, only imbed them. Most of those videos in the old thread are dead and gone now.

No. 531688

File: 1521386788983.jpg (149.13 KB, 1080x720, 28766732_1634915663230585_3399…)

Koots went to yet another brand exhibition to mooch more clothing. This time it was Valmuer.

No. 531692

File: 1521387323359.jpeg (25.56 KB, 398x476, DYlMBnhUQAAq5kV.jpeg)

Here's pointless shot of her eye from Twitter.

No. 531696

tbh i like this outfit, but those hips are hilarious.

No. 531700

File: 1521387800155.png (301.43 KB, 494x617, Screenshot (1693).png)

From the brand's ig story
The outfitmight be cute on someone else but she can't pull it off. It looks frumpy. And the shoes she chose to go with it are awful.

No. 531722

Too much toe

No. 531726

File: 1521389603548.jpeg (138.39 KB, 731x881, 780F6F66-1E60-4FEE-BDD3-9BD5FE…)


She carries her fat in such unfortunate places. Saddle bags, muffin top and fupa. She almost has no waistline either, but doesn’t look as chubby as she was in the fits. My she lost a little weight at that weight loss clinic ?

No. 531732

The buttons on her skirt around are struggling, lol. And I’m sorry, but that outfit is ugly as fuck, it looks like something she found at a Goodwill and paired with the ugliest shoes she owns (that are too small).

No. 531740

how does one live in a fashion captital and still manage to have no fashion sense.

No. 531741

she actually is looking pretty thin for kota standards

No. 531742

They're all still there. Never uploaded a video here myself but when you do it like this >>530764 they're hosted on lolcow and can't be deleted afaik

No. 531842

How does one have friends who make and wear such cute, fashionable clothes and still have no fashion sense? The world may never know, but it’s like the longer she’s in Japan the worse it gets.

No. 531857

I went back 5 threads and only found one webm, and it's the one you linked. The only youtube videos in the old threads that still work are ones she hasn't claimed, like her old kawaii makeup tutorials. None of the YT videos that were embedded for any reason that made her look bad or made anons poke fun at her are available anymore, those are the videos we were talking about before. The ugly stickam videos of her and Kiki being obnoxious and offensive, videos of her waddling down a catwalk, the TV show she was on most recently, etc.

No. 531885

I went back digging and found some treasures that are still up.

I found one video of her doing the Fitt's dance live with the group that is still up (I never watched it before now, but it's weird that they still say she speaks kansai-ben): https://youtu.be/uiHJfWjr6pM

The Popteen Bikini run & beach shoot videos:

Then the video of her debut on Get It Beauty in Korea where she tried to fake an accent and did bad makeup on a host: https://youtu.be/7P1yve6DFws

And the video of the Japanese youtuber Duncan who did an impression of Dakota when she first started making waves in Japan and got copyright slammed: https://youtu.be/FQv3XlywfFQ

No. 531896

Bonus! Youku upload of the video of her faking the phone call/friends feud when she first moved to Japan:

No. 531899

lmao! no wonder they put her right at the back while dancing

No. 531901


Man, this video would have been completely fine and actually good without the cringey fake phone call and explanation.

No. 531903

>actually good

all she kept was ying was stuff like "really?" "I see" "no way!" followed with "sorry, bye!". basic beginner weeb Japanese, but the reason she took the video down is because iPhone users pointed out that if she had answered her phone and put it to her face as quickly as she did in the video, the screen would have been lit up and it wasn't. She took it down because she was embarrassed.

No. 531908

i found one of the fits videos with koots in it but they dont show her much


No. 531913


you can see her trying to cover her stomach up so she much be very self conscious about that but if she knew she was going to be in swim wear in the video, why the hell didn't you tone up her damn body before hand???

No. 531922


how hard is it to do this, really?

No. 532107

Her first threads on /pt/ have lots of webms, including the racist ones, the homophobic ones, the rare ones, all the old ones that the Ostrengas keep wiping off youtube

No. 532130

File: 1521417783637.jpg (83.17 KB, 453x604, gnkB0Qe3K4w.jpg)

idk what you're trying to do, but you are all KINDS of misinformed. Literally everything you said is wrong. I'm not going to make a long ass post correcting every sentence you made, but for starters, she DID go viral for the ~omg unreal beautiful~, there's no use denying that when it's so easy to google. It had nothing to do with being a weeaboo.

No. 532137


I'm dying because literally non of those faces are the same.I'm always shocked when I see old news articles from when she first debuted, because they always show case a cluster fuck of photos that all look like different people. Then again people also believed Valarie Lukyanova or even worse Lolita Richie's photoshop and published articles on them.

No. 532275

File: 1521425212014.png (117.01 KB, 680x528, B4BAD645-4D5B-41A5-99BD-A2CF8B…)

>Dakota wasn’t a weeaboo, I don’t have time to explain it to you but you’re wrong
>she DID go viral for the ~omg unreal beautiful~, there's no use denying that

Whew, I almost fell for it.

No. 532290

Keeek some of the comments on that Fits video. These are translations from Google, so someone with a better grasp of Japanese feel free to correct any errors.
>Dakota Rose is a granny?
>Dakota Rose is fat? What?? LOL
>ダコタ太った…??? あとゆらの演技ヘタ……
>Dakota is fat??? What? What? And afterwards, she's acting poorly.
>ダコタほんと無理 キモすぎる
>That's really Dakota, no way, impossible.
>Dakota Rose grew… (as in got fat, I guess?)
>Dakota Rose is fat?
>すっげえ ダコタ ローズいるから周りがめっちゃブスにみえる
>(This one I didn't really understand, so here's just a straight up copy/paste of the translation) It's sooooo hard to see Dakota Rose so you can see it around like bush

No. 532322

Every time I watch this, I think about how insecure she had to feel. It had to be really awful standing next to all these girls with zero fat except for their boobs. She's just built different. Totally fine in America, but in Japan, she sticks out.

No. 532343

Enjoy. I like this one because the quality is decent and you get to see how puffy her face looked and thin her hair was. I have no idea why she didn't do extensions for this job. It was doing her no favors to be in a campaign like this without them.

No. 532345

File: 1521429162259.png (602.15 KB, 700x455, dako.png)

No. 532346

Here's one of the other commercials she was in.
Compiling as much of her Fits stuff as is still available out there.

No. 532349

I have no idea why they styled her the way they did. There's obviously a girl there who had a lot of make up and they should have done the same with Dakota. Wasn't she a dumb American stereotype? I mean shouldn't she have had more make up to fit the stereotype? Did they just want to make sure she didn't look as good at the Japanese girls? Not like she would have even with make up, but she apparently was the crush of the nerdy guy so why did they let her look so awful?

No. 532357

Did anyone save the awful English teacher video of her?
That was a fucking gem.
I wonder if she just stopped showing up towards the end of the campaign. She's on the fucking promotional signage, but not even here at the event.

No. 532361

Sorry for shitting up this thread, but this is really embarrassing.
It's almost like they did this really professional, sweet story about this struggling teacher to reclaim the shit one they did with Dakota or something. Hers was so bad and embarrassing.

No. 532369

>すっげえ ダコタ ローズいるから周りがめっちゃブスにみえる
Trans: That's amazing, because Dakota Rose is there everything around her looks super ugly

No. 532394

Samefagging, sorry I couldn't resist and fixed these too:


>Dakota Rose looks like an old lady right?
>Dakota Rose got fat?? lol
>ダコタ太った…??? あとゆらの演技ヘタ……
>Dakota got fat…??? Also Yura's acting was bad……
>ダコタほんと無理 キモすぎる
>It's totally impossible that that's Dakota, that's too gross
>Dakota Rose…grew up, huh… (this is just saying she looks older)
>Dakota Rose got fat?

No. 532414

Thank you so much for revising these!

No. 532495

File: 1521435666386.jpg (229.52 KB, 1365x767, 1496261973162.jpg)

To be fair, she did extensions for Eresuto High School and they looked even worse. They were even visible from a distance.

No. 532496

No. 532502


I doubt anyone did, honestly. nobody ever does, and the few anons who claim to never come back to deliver after the vids go down.

No. 532510

i 100% know the call was fake, but… why is your phone screen staying lit for the duration of your phone call? i think it's pretty common for phones to cut the backlight once the phone is lifted to the ear…

No. 532520

iPhone screens stay lit up until you put them up to your ear, and she put it there right after her 'ringtone' ended. If she actually answered a call the screen wouldn't have gone black before she put it to her face.

No. 532544

File: 1521440475245.gif (8.88 MB, 465x262, 1445470681319.gif)

No. 532570

At least she fixed her walk

No. 532585

compared to?

No. 532586

this gif was on recent images on the front page and i didn't recognize her or think much of the walk, so that's an improvement from last time.

No. 532592

If she met Watanabe Naomi, ngl I'm gonna be mad jealous.

No. 532596

This is from 2015.

She has, Kota has worked with her multiple times, and she was even involved in the Fitt's campaign.

No. 532601

This "walk" is better than all the other walks of hers.

No. 532603

The fourth one is gold.
She probably didn't want them touching her hair or makeup unless it was her doing it.

No. 532629

I found the webms in the catalog!

>>64304 - Kiki and Kota dicking around and flirting with "ghetto thugs that we work with" outside a building, this is where the screengrab of her chola makeup comes from

>>64307 - The infamous "mocking Asians" Michael Phelps video

>>64334 - Kiki and Kota laying around, being randumb, Kota dances around in the bg while they both screech

>>64340 - Kota in a short red wig and ugly makeup, listening to rap and flailing around

>>64344 - Kota's "blackface"

>>64349 - Kota in a fake mustache and black wig acting drunk, even refers to herself as a "drunk bitch who likes to wear wigs and mustaches" to her cat

>>64358 - Brownface drag with makeup abs video, the one where Kiki is wearing a purple bikini top and a cape

>>64364 - This one, they're playing with a maxi pad and pretending it has shit on it, and they're decorating it. Kiki has on a gas mask, I didn't bother to finish this one tbh

>>64394 - Them dancing awkwardly in a mirror somewhere

>>64435 - "Best of KotaKoti", all her most notable homophobic moments

>>64451 - Kota freaking out when Kiki calls her a lesbo. Her lesbo projection back then was incredible. Otherwise it's a racist, homophobic goldmine. Also lots of caps of old Kiki tweets

No. 532642


Also there are a few more & some duplicates in the OG Kiki thread, >>82

No. 532644

Didn’t she also model about for her clothing line? It was a brief job.

No. 532645

Ah this was it. Swear that is Naomi Watanbe’s brand. But can’t look it up at the moment.

No. 532650


idk how to link threads, my bad

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