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File: 1462930002990.jpeg (90.65 KB, 750x734, image.jpeg)

No. 268991

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Instagram: https://instagram.com/koti.rose
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dakotakoti
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dakotakoti
Ameblo: http://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti
Personal blog: http://kotakoti.com
LINE blog: http://lineblog.me/dakotakoti

No. 268992

File: 1462930069715.jpeg (75.57 KB, 750x725, image.jpeg)

Is she going for the Gemma look?

I'm so confused how she thinks she looks attractive like this.

No. 268994

The way she shoops her eyes are so weird. The Hartley Hooligans look like they have more going on their heads than she does.

No. 268995

I remember Kota once tweeted a pic of Gemma ward and said she wanted her hair cut like hers (no bangs and the ends were cut straight across) now I think she's finally trying to achieve that look

No. 268999

What I like about Kota is that she don't just shoop her pics, she fabricates a certain look and commit to it until it gets old/boring.

And it's completely fake and even dumb looking like the actual one, but it's always interesting to look at, unlike a lot of basic weebs in this board

No. 269001

Dakota sprouts big boobs magically overnight.

No. 269014

I wish I could turn my boobs on and off asI please too.

No. 269015

I love how she uploaded both of these yet only bothered to shoop her tits bigger in one of them. Nice one, Dacote.

Also lol @ the extreme ass blur trying to hide the warped vertical lines on the ass of the dress

No. 269019

File: 1462934514247.jpeg (34.78 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

I'm somewhat convinced that she has painted her face on digitally in this photo, which is why it looks so anatomically flawed

No. 269021

She added a large cyst on her "tubercle" and a lazy eye.
Even her hair is weird, it's literally bent. How strange…

No. 269022

File: 1462935440950.png (43.48 KB, 158x176, Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.5…)

No. 269024

You have to look at this as a whole, is practically concept art,it always look like shit if you focus on the details

No. 269028

Sigh kooter's shoops is what introduced me to lolcow cuz I thought they were hilarious

Now they just make me sad, it's just impossible to look all these drastically altered pics and not think about how fucked up her self esteem/image must be

>>she did okay catching up her irl looks with her shoops at one point but fuck

>>but shooping an entirely different facial structure and body type you can't possibly imitate irl?
>>stop digging this hole again and embrace your actual adult face koots! You can still be cute even if you don't look 5

No. 269030

Well, these sure are…something. Now I kinda wanna see an updated version of that picture showing the "evolution" of her shooping styles over the years.

No. 269043

At least in Japan, she isn't giving girls an unrealistic idea of how they can look.
She would've been a lot more interesting if she had sort of labeled herself as an entertainer early on. She could get away with all of this weird shoopage if she wasn't ashamed to admit it.

No. 269050

I'm now convinced Koots is on drugs when shooping.

No. 269061

I can't unsee that awkward cyst-like bump on her lip as being a single tooth

No. 269062

Is she emulating that callous that improperly-latched nursing babies get?

No. 269064

What phone app does Kota use?

No. 269065

File: 1462948745275.jpg (20.5 KB, 510x510, 6.jpg)

Jeez, she is doing the infant look.This is so cringeworthy. What an idiotic way to look.

No. 269067

Gurl them nipple lips though.

No. 269074

The babyfang twitter is down again…what the fuck are they doing?

No. 269079

nothing makes sense here
im dying

No. 269080

true true she makes a literally pure shoop creation
also nice trips

No. 269081

ugh…do NOT compare kota with gemma

No. 269082

theyre doing nothing. they are nothing

No. 269083

She wishes she was Gemma Ward. She has that living dolly look every weeb aspires to have

No. 269085

I'm >>268992 and it was a reference to her old Tumblr days, and stuff like >>268995

No. 269092

File: 1462973715090.jpg (63.05 KB, 1080x1080, 13129937_813720202065873_46889…)

Here's the full size of >>268992

Looking at this it feels like Dakota has really lost it. It's funny, but it's also kind of sad.

No. 269095

File: 1462974491723.png (52.25 KB, 1117x410, >???<.png)

They deleted the youtube videos from their channel also. I wonder why they didn't delete the whole channel.

No. 269097

This is one of the worst she's done in a long time. Her face looks terrible and you can clearly see where she made her butt bigger and blurred it.

No. 269100

File: 1462975714759.jpg (517.35 KB, 1061x1073, kota.jpg)

The back shoop is a disaster

No. 269105

The front was shooped and she elongated everything including her hands.

No. 269108

How dare you all offend the kawaii godessu

No. 269109


thing is the real models who have the dolly faces dont aspire to be weebs and the weebs cry over not looking dolly naturally kek

The only one who pulls it off is risa nakamura tbh shes weeb and has a dolly face

No. 269113

She really isn't handling her aging well, psychologically. I don't see it getting any better either. Japan is shit for treating mental and emotional issues, it's kind of sad. This is why parents shouldn't push their kids to peak in their teens.

No. 269118

omg, so this is really happening? Never thought her brand would go down THAT fast.

No. 269123

Until she comes out with something new.

People are already assuming Venus will create a line too. Almost all lines e famous folk create all go down i flames or never turn out well. Unless you are totally dedicated.

Dakota is just plain fucking lazy.

No. 269126

I'm honestly surprised Jeffree Star had made it after all these years of tom fuckery.
With a shitty personality, average looks, and a home school education she was destined to peak at a young age.

No. 269128

Jeffree is a cow, but he decided to hit that niche audience with being a guy who wears makeup, since stupid bitches eat that shit up. He was made to be a social media whore and just got lucky with the people he knows, as well as the timing of releasing his line of lipsticks. (I will admit, they are at least decent quality.)

No. 269129

she looks nice there i really like the styling there

No. 269138

She look so uncomfortable at 9:50


No. 269139


SHIT, you fucked me up now too, thanks

No. 269143

You can tell how much she absolutely hates it when people touch her

No. 269149

People who think they're better than everyone else are like that with anyone they deem "unworthy". Of course, like Kota and Kiki, they are aces at kissing ass to get what they want.

No. 269150

That isn't happening at all lol you're reading into it way too hard.

No. 269151

People who think they're better than everyone else are like that with anyone they deem "unworthy". Of course, like Kota and Kiki, they are aces at kissing ass to get what they want.

No. 269152

File: 1462992361761.gif (111.84 KB, 500x372, 2.gif)

No. 269153

Why won't Bravo just make her work out more? There is no way she's too busy for a 30-45 minute workout 5 days a week, it would make such a difference.

No. 269156

Isn't he also actually a professional make-up artist, or do I remember wrong?

That's a pretty good selling point as well tbh

No. 269157

Or yknow people with assburgers.

No. 269172

damn she looks chubs in the op pic

No. 269236

I think Kiki might have been an assburger and Kota having only her to look to for social and behavioral cues has caused her to just be an awkward, insecure lazy asshole.

No. 269240

…or people who weren't hugged as a child, and were only touched in aggressive ways. Being uncomfortable around people doesn't equal superiority complex.

No. 269259

File: 1463029182582.jpg (13.65 KB, 242x160, image.jpg)

Photoshop really works huh cuz she looks like a different person here

No. 269260

Looks like she got lobotomized cuz one of her eyes are messed up prolly explains why shes so boring

No. 269262

im getting sick of seeing her old pics all the time in her threads.

she looks better like this tho

No. 269353

Hi kikisan u lurker you

No. 269356

I mean, dude almost looks like he's dry humping her at one point, I'd be awkward too

No. 269357

She's honestly so adorable in this video. It drives me insane that someone who looks like this would shoop themselves into a fucking amoeba worm

No. 269377

I think this is the cutest I've ever seen Dakota looking, even with the shit quality.

No. 269428


Wow, she really is. She seems so approachable, too.
Keep this look, Dako!

No. 269430

>She seems so approachable, too.

Does she? It seems like she's reluctantly singing for her supper as usual to me.
>ugh pedophile lesbians step off

No. 269439

She has a really really really bad case of body dismorphia. It's really sad. Shes literally living a lie through her pics and Internet persona. I feel bad for her. Like one day when she's older she's gonna have a mental breakdown because of All the years of pretending and wanting to be something she could never be.

No. 269520

Dakota and her sister kiki are illuminati toys

No. 269528

Nah, she cute when she isn't uncanny valley level photoshopped.

Approachable though? Maybe. Even if it's an act, she definitely comes off as kinda awkward and friendly in this clip.

No. 269559

oh my god her body though.
she should workout

No. 269566

I've found that she usually only looks cute when the video is low quality and blurred as fuck

No. 269588

Unedited and pretty cute here tbh. Just paper thin hair and chola lips

No. 269657


My good, her lips look like shit in this. It's time to stop.

No. 269658

You can only see her arms in this and they look alright

No. 269782

She actually looks her age here, and not saying she looks haggard/ugly or whatever, but that's probably why she shoops so hard. She knows she looks her age and doesn't want to because ???

No. 269791

File: 1463196336249.png (1.3 MB, 1082x726, the_magic_of_ps.png)

It's still amazing to see how she actually looks compared to what she shops herself to look like.

No. 269793

This is an unfortunate angle but it's amazing to see side by side how much she photoshops her face.

I wish I could see her unshooped and in minimal/natural makeup. With no chola lips or anything. Just to see what she really looks like. She's full of photoshop and illusions she creates with her circle lenses and lip liner.

No. 269794

Lighting here def isn't flattering and the smile def makes her sharp chin look stronger, but I think she's cuter irl than in her shoops.

No. 269802

The top lip having no shine because it's skin with lip liner drawn on really fucks with my head.

No. 269807

It's sad, because she's not even ugly to begin with. I haven't kept up with her recently, but in any of her interviews does anyone ever bring up how much drastically different she looks from her photoshops and how she seems to morph over time? Or is Japan the type of place where it doesn't matter?

No. 269810

File: 1463201845195.png (183.43 KB, 333x315, lol.png)

No lips, with limited makeup.

No. 269847

I don't think Japan cares? Lots of Japanese girls in the limelight heavily edit their selfies but look totally different in real life. It just seems to be accepted over there that your selfies and actual appearance don't match up.

No. 269857

File: 1463233286660.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 153.61 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

We're all aware that the photo on the left has also been really distorted by close proximity to a camera lens thigh right? If you're going to do a side by side of real to shopped you could've chosen a photo where she's not obviously right up next to the camera.

No. 269859

sorry, I'm on mobile, image wasn't supposed to be spoiler'd.

No. 269866

With better styling she could look like the barbie doll phase she had that made her famous

No. 269885

Wow, she's really got Cathy's jowls. Maybe she shoops so hard because she knows she takes after her mom and is trying to pretend she's a kawaii dolly for as long as possible.

That trend is dead anon, there's a reason she doesn't do it anymore. Yeah, it's still esthetically pleasing but that's not the basis for how long trends stick around. Outside of tumblr and certain parts of Japan that shit looks ridiculous. It's too uguu~ and immature.

No. 269887

We all know. We've said it thousands of times before.

No. 269889

I'm trying to figure out why she looked so awful in her first video ever in Japan. It was so great because it was like the first anyone has ever seen her without photoshop in years. And she looked terrible. She looks so different now. Just growing up?

No. 269896

She didn't look terrible, she just looked like shit compared to her pics. Now she's probably had some Botox or lip fillers or at least learned how to do her makeup to look less flat and OTT and more subtle and flattering.

No. 269910

File: 1463255639197.jpg (37.45 KB, 366x496, Czari_1.jpg)


She had some legit bulimia face going on. We all know she used to have an ED in the past, it wouldn't surprise me if she started throwing up every meal a few days before her debut, but realising how much it would fuck up her face.
I mean a lot of people can say "oh that's just how her natural face is" but I have never seen her looking that puffy since.
It's kind weird that she chose not to wear extensions or circle lenses during her debut either, but I guess it makes sense that she was maybe terrified of people noticing them given that she at the time she was still insisting she was "all natural~*".

No. 269914

I think her first video was off due to bloated face, bad lightening and the eye make up. She looks thinner here though and notice she never wears eye make up anymore in interviews and modelling?

No. 269921

>at the time she was still insisting she was "all natural~*".

Pff she still denies the lenses.

Dakota is what a those sketchy dudes with broken English selling knockoff handbags in the ghetto would call "genuine fake".

No. 269925

I honestly don't think started to wear circle lenses on the reg until she came to Japan. Idk why she had no extentions tho.

No. 269930

File: 1463258876037.jpeg (721.81 KB, 640x1282, image.jpeg)

she shouldn't smile if she insists on doing chola lips
Looks like a stache

No. 269934

She wore them in all her shooped pics and vids from her living doll phase, but I doubt she wore them daily until she got to Japan.

No. 269935

HAH omg it does. Her teeth look like chiclets too. This poor girl never should have become a model, she's too insecure and too plain, which is a terrible combination. She should have just shacked up with some guy who could take care of her like most other lazy, trashy white girls.

No. 269936

ikr? she always reminded me of a distant relative of bill murray. But now her shooped swollen tubercle triggers me. I can't even watch her new videos. She tries to accentuate it more so she resembles a baby, but, it looks so unnatural.

No. 269937

File: 1463261087358.png (490.81 KB, 847x603, Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.0…)

I also find it funny how people react when they discover how she looks for the first time.

No. 269940

I love how the only reason the "living doll/real Barbie doll" crap is still attached to her is because of her creepy fans reposting her pics and adding the tags for her. It's so cringe.

No. 269941

Kota's only a model because she got a lucky break with her shoops. I'm still surprised she's been able to last this long. There's gotta be something working for the plain Jane.

No. 269942

Those lips. Fucking stop, Kota.

No. 269944

I know what to do.

Any of you farmers pretty? If you are pretty, slim and tall take a fee pics and edit them. Send them to bravo and write a long ass email to them explaining why you want to model, fake experience (get a friend to snap a pic of you outside or something) and bribe the fuckers with money. See if they say yes and if they can offer you some of that e fame. There HAS to be something behind this other than sheer luck. The ostrengas are sneaky anyway and while dako was on the brink of luck in her viral moment I think her mother pushed it and smacked the bucks down to further dakota. Also didnt scott go with dakota on the first ever trip there?

They probably had a private conversation in some room at Bravo and negotiated. Scott probably pulled what was kota and keeks college fund to pay dakota off to them.

No. 269946

Cathy probably bought her daughter more fame online from dodgy asian countries and bots to get her in the press more. All of this just booster up her status.

Then got rights off youtube to guard the likes and comments for a few years.

No. 269949

Literally nobody on lolcow has the money or looks to pull that off- and if they do they're too old, or have a real life and a real future that isn't worth pissing away like that. Dakota's "lucky break" was her only real chance at any kind of future, without Japan she would be just like Kiki, a lazy bum with no education and no future. People who aren't damaged, reclusive narcissists know that modeling in Japan is pretty much the bottom of the barrel for modeling when I it comes to first world countries. They only have three standards: not fat, clear skin, and young or able to pass for young. And even if that wasn't the case, modeling isn't a great career path anyway- unless you have some super unique look or super good connections, you only get a few years out of it, maybe more if you're lucky. And the industry is flooded with bribery, nepotism and borderline emotional abuse, only damaged amd/or uneducated girls with body/image/emotional issues pursue modeling. The ones that feel the need to "prove" how pretty or attractive they are via the approval of strangers. Modeling is a shit gig unless you have rich parents to grease the wheels for you and make sure nobody tries to fuck your over.

No. 269957

Damn she looks so rotund.

No. 269962

A+ post anon, not everyone wants to piss away their best years in life for something with no value. Kaka and Kota are past the age to get proper educations without baggage, travel and become worldly and then begin careers. They're destined for mediocrity.

No. 269963

Exactly. Every dumb weeb who is jealous d Dakota is still delusional aboit Japan being some white-worshipping fantasy funland where you can be kawaii and young and happy forever without having to grow up and get a real job. The best case scenario for Dakota is that she retires quietly and becomes a spoiled housewife endlessly browsing the Internet and watching tv in her apartment while her husband works. She's not just lazy and half-assed, she's antisocial and doesn't seem to have any friends, which is stupid for a model anyway but she's not getting younger and her age is starting to show in her face, she won't be able to ride on her photoshop and lying about her age for much longer. Plus, we saw how much she cared about getting her own "brand" and how cheap and tacky it was, so I don't see her becoming a designer any time soon- that would take actual work, even for just a face model.

Dakota is smart to keep her mouth shut (unlike Kiki which is why she fails so much) but if she thinks she's creating this illusion that she's made like a princess and gets it all for nothing with no strings attached, well she's partially right. Naïve young weebs still believe that, but my one who has ventured into the real world outside high school/community college knows she's keeping quiet for another reason- to sustain the illusion. It's already hard enough to believe that she can afford that apartment on just a few tv appearances a month (protip: not in the real world, not without a hookup).

No. 269968

God okay I'll admit sometimes she looks cute, but then I see photos like this and I think she's unattractive. This is why I'm so confused about her appearance and probably why there are so many different opinions about it. I feel like Japan's standards for models are lower? But I feel like if you're a model you should be able to look decent in almost every photo. She looks a little strange in so many. My opinion of her really keeps going back and forth. I wonder if it's the same for everyone else.

No. 269975

>Japan's standards for models are lower?

Where have you been for the last 4 years? Yes, they are. Read >>269949

>Japan is pretty much the bottom of the barrel when I it comes to first world countries. They only have three standards: not fat, clear skin, and young or able to pass for young.

There's a reason short, ugly outcasts dream of being models in Japan. It's because, like Dakota, they couldn't model literally anywhere else. Even South Korea laughed at her when they saw her on TV without photoshop. Korean girls ripped her to shreds on the internet and she ran back to Japan with her tail between her legs and pretended it never happened, she even shooped the (imp gorgeous) pics she did for some magazine in SK to match her aborted baby shoops for her website.

No. 269976

I wish someone would make a "what I expected" vs "what I got" meme with some of kooter's best old shoops side by side with her best bad candids + the pop teen bikini pic of her flabby belly. Bonus points if it's in Japanese.

No. 269978

With the way models are paid, invoicing can takes months for one job's money to get to the model. The amount is also tiny after agency fees and taxes.

If a model is making a decent amount to live off of, they have to do their home country taxes on top. This is why small name models in Japan need lots of monetary support and are often doing some form of prostitution on the side.

No. 269979

I remember this interview/show segment. I was watching it with my mom. I don't speak Korean so my mom was basically giving me a synopsis of what was happening. When she came on stage, the hosts had that really forced smile and were kind of like, "…Oh…you look different from your pictures."

No. 269993

There's a subbed version of it floating around out there somewhere, I cbf to find it though.


Correct. And on top of that, the model isn't paid by the company or persons who hired them for the job- they pay the agency, the agency pays the models.

It always goes back to Bravo, doesn't it? How interesting. Even if she does supposedly have a famous tv star boyfriend her own age…

No. 269995

File: 1463275485780.jpg (13.69 KB, 321x306, Fungus_with_Big_Lips.jpg)

No. 270000

I was talking about her face. Those circle lenses look more ridiculous and outdated than that old makeup she had. That style wasn't that ridiculous right? Some outfits could still be worn. Anyways my point was yhat she should wear a clean natural makeup, she naturally does have beauty but even the prettiest with shit makeup and clothig will look shit.

No. 270004


Lmfao oh man that's funny, bless you anon

No. 270055

Are you the same anon that is posting cartoon comparisons in all the other threads? Is this your hobby or something?

No. 270065


She does have a talent

No. 270178

Is there news on the whole Baby Fang thing? Their twitter, instagram, and youtube are all down, right? So freakin' weird. I wonder what happened. It definitely didn't just seem like a pop-up shop…

No. 270185

Only time will tell I guess, I highly doubt Dakota will release any type of statement about it because she's probably embarrassed as fuck.

No. 270204

Couldn't agree more. We're under the illusion that Kota is smart and has her life figured out because her sister disastrous career only make hers shine brighter. She keeps her mouth shut for the most part (which is somewhat smart, I'll give her that) but that doesn't mean she matured much.

She still has no proper education and her best course of action is marrying a japanese salaryman or, if she's extra lucky, a model colleague and hope he won't cheat on her (lel). Is that really dreamy to you guys ? Some girls here want Dakota life but if they had some delayed gratification sense, they'd lose their hairs in anxiety. At least Taylor's dad is loaded and when her career is over, he can always get her a job somewhere.

She showed us she can't manage a project properly and create something that will last after her modeling gigs. She has no drive and will not be successful because she's not hard working. Dakota MO is to take the easiest path and it has reflected in everything she has done so far (shooping away instead of properly exercising, reselling crappy knock-off jewellry instead of painstakingly creating her own, using pics instead of bothering to paint a background and charging $500).

If any of you guys have a college education or go to the gym regularly, congrats, you're already more hardworking than Kota.

No. 270205

The last I saw on the babyfang Twitter they posted an announcement cancelling the pop up shop in another city and said it was because of issues with management. What probably happened was Vivienne Westwood either noticed or were notified of the "Saturn planet choker" that used an obvious ripoff of VW's trademarked and highly guarded logo and they got slammed with some legal shit and forced to shut down to avoid being sued. Westwood takes replicas pretty seriously, they aren't out growling the Internet looking for fakes but once they do notice or are told about it the places that sell them either shit down or remove the items super fast. That might be why Charms was so butthurt over the horn tiara and the wing shoes, she wanted them and asked Dakota where to get them, obvs Dakota wouldn't tell and then once her pics of her wearing them started going viral they both became impossible to find, along with the orb logo cardigan and hair ribbons she had that were also fake. I don't think anyone ever found a listing for that knit logo hat she still wears either. The silver orb necklace is the most replicated Westwood piece which is why it's still relatively easy to find those (Dakota has several in varying sizes/lengths)

>source: /cgl/ oldfag+hxc westwood fangirl 4 lyfe

No. 270217

All of Koot's stuff was Taobao knockoffs. Considering how knockoffs are literally contraband in Japan, it's amazing she was able to get some shipped to her place and marketed as her own line for as long as she did.

No. 270220

havent heard that word in a minute. lol'd

well put. but idk couldnt dakota go to fashion/make-up school. she really should do that. she's not too old for that `and~ she could be classmates with yuka

No. 270222

File: 1463356786675.jpg (2.01 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

I bought the spring 2016 GLB yesterday, open it up and there's a giant fold-out poster of Kooter.

GTFO my Lolita, Dakota.

No. 270225

File: 1463357253700.jpg (2.17 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

She looks pretty damn cute here though

No. 270228

Lol I know. But all her fake VW stuff she had before Japan and just lies about it bein legit. He probably buys/bids on secondhand stuff since it's so much easier and cheaper in Japan though.

As far as the orb knockoffs for her jewelry, we probably had it shipped to a private address or asked for it to be declared as something innocuous so as not to raise suspicion with customs. Although if she would have done that then it would have been evident that she was aware that the charms were copies of the orb logo that could possibly get her in trouble with VW which would make it even stupider. There's really no way she can talk about the whole fiasco without admitting she had no part in the design process and didn't know about the planet chokers until the launch, because she wears so much (fake) Westwood with the orb on it there's no way she thought it was just a random design.

No. 270243

I love that they left her jaw meaty and her eyes small, but jeez if I spent money on hiring her as a model I would have to insist she wipe off that fake upper lip, it looks like shit. Why doesn't she just get lip fillers? Even obvious ones would look so much better and less fake than that garbage.

No. 270245

She obviously can't afford lip fillers. If anything she'd spend money on some kind of jaw reduction first.

No. 270246

Does she not know they exist, or are they not in her budget or something? She could probably afford them just by buying less new clothes, unless a lot of her clothes are free from modeling jobs which I doubt.

No. 270247

I hope not. I really like her jawline. Her lips are small, but they wouldn't look so awful if she wouldn't draw the top one on the way she does.

No. 270249


Lip fillers aren't as expensive in Japan as they are in the west. If she can afford that apartment (if she's actually the one paying for it which I doubt tbh) then she can afford lip filler and Botox, which could be used to make her jaw and skin look smaller as an alternative to actual jaw or chin surgery.

Of course anything she has done to improve her face will be noticeable and then she can't claim she's ~all natural real baabii dorru~ anymore.

No. 270250

>jaw and skin

*jaw and chin, derp

No. 270251

imho the overdrawn lip makes it even more obvious that her natural lips are small and thin. Even if she just over drew them a tiny bit on the edge rather than a half a cm above her lip it would look better. I don't even know where she got this ass lip obsession from anyway.

No. 270254

I think she's trying to close the gap between her top lip and her nose? She has kind of a short nose, but it's not like the gap is huge. It seems like a mix of that and trying to have dolly lips. She never seems to overdraw her bottom as much though which leads me to think it's the gap issue too.

No. 270256


Kota has a defined Cupid's bow, which is fine and totally pretty but she tries to scribe it out. I think she's trying to turn her upper lip into a single curve to look like a ball jointed doll or the Gemma Ward look.

No. 270257

I don't see whys she wouldn't get surgery since she tries so hard to look like her photoshopped pictures.
She could just say she didn't get anything done, since she never has a problem with straight up lying through her teeth. Or just not say anything at all about it.

No. 270258

File: 1463364746052.jpeg (42.88 KB, 640x516, image.jpeg)


She started doing it after she did a commercial with some Japanese model with really big, pouty round lips. I can't remember her name though, it was a weird all white commercial with them both crouching down next to each other, it was kinda weird.

Have some wonky Dakota face since I wasn't much help.

No. 270259

She kind of can't now, sure she never looked like her pics IRL but she can't lie about Botha if surgery when candids and video of her that we isn't able to edit herself stop matching up.

No. 270261

File: 1463364941921.jpeg (78.25 KB, 945x720, image.jpeg)

No. 270262

File: 1463365486530.jpeg (92.68 KB, 500x561, image.jpeg)

She already lies about her "deviated septum" nosejob anyways.

No. 270263

File: 1463368618346.png (436.72 KB, 500x501, tumblr_nyw515tqBL1rkifreo1_500…)

Was it Risa? She looks downsy, I don't know why anyone would copy her

No. 270266

Compare her boobs in this pic to the OP kek

No. 270268

What the hell? She's so cute, I hate this website sometimes.

No. 270272

She is cute, sometimes white girls get really sensitive on the board.

No. 270278

I don't know who that anon is talking about, but I on't think it's Risa….

I believe it could be that one model who had the perma-ducklips because if fillers or some shit.

iirc (and if it helps) the model had a more mature yet gyaruish style, and had a lash like or something similar.

No. 270279

Tsubasa Masukawa

No. 270280

File: 1463374741650.jpg (97.89 KB, 960x638, tumblr_mdkh5uGC8V1rwmmpgo1_128…)


No. 270284

Her unedited face is so wide compared to the other girl.

No. 270293

yeah, but let's be honest - her glasses and pose may also have something to do with that. It's not a pic where I feel able to accurately compare them

No. 270315


Idk if it was Risa, but I don't think it was Tsubasa either, her lips aren't big enough.

You're reaching a bit there, Dakota does have a short, wide face. Which is good in Japan because longer faces aren't really seen as kawaii as wider, rounder faces. Dakota's is rather square. Sure, the glasses on the other girl make her face look a bit shorter but they're posed the same way and you can clearly see how much narrower her head/face are compared to Dakota.

Kek, maybe Dako-chan wasn't shopping herself to be a bobble head al these years after all, looks like she wouldn't need to.

No. 270316

lmao and japanese people be like "顔小っちゃい!" (small face!) to foreigners

No. 270318

File: 1463400862680.jpg (95.92 KB, 500x246, candydoll-kv.jpg)

it was Tsubasa.

No. 270319

File: 1463400955962.jpg (49.85 KB, 480x480, tumblr_mwxvfbqfuK1sq4va7o1_500…)

another pic.
It's hard to find the whole CM, but I did see it on VK awhile ago. It's awkward and has a lesbian feel tbh

No. 270320

File: 1463401108374.jpg (110.18 KB, 500x750, old pic.jpg)

This pic showed up on dailydakotakoti tumblr, and it's nowhere else online. I suspect an Ostrenga sent it in or runs that tumblr.

No. 270323

nah im pretty sure someone shooped her face onto that

No. 270324

File: 1463404481591.jpeg (45.18 KB, 300x400, image.jpeg)

Anything's possible apparently, Dakota being in Japan proves that much.

No. 270327

File: 1463405143298.jpg (26.7 KB, 450x299, b5sv-8wIdmw.jpg)

I really wanna see the cm now, the pics are so pretty

No. 270329

File: 1463405326620.png (513.04 KB, 499x547, tumblr_megjpdSY5W1ryozilo1_500…)

No. 270330

Was Dakota actually contouring her nose wider and more flat during the Chola period?

No. 270331

The Japanese model in these pics isn't very pretty…

No. 270333

Idk if this was the commercial anon was talking about but this was honestly my favorite thing she's done. Her natural face looked super cute and she looked all around adorable.

No. 270334


>the Japanese model

This isn't just some random model Anon, that's Tsubasa Masuwaka.

No. 270336

Gonna be honest and say kota looks cuter than tsuplastic face there tho

Tsubasa is butt ugly with and without surgery

No. 270338


Shut up anon.

Risa is the dolliest looking jap model on the market atm. Her eyes are beautiful and she pulls it off way better than most. Dakota marketed herself in a different dolly way though

No. 270341

Risa is a little like Kota, she looks nothing like her retouched pictures irl
Her face is actually kinda hash, with big nasolabial folds and drooopy eyes. In a lot of pics she looks mexican

No. 270343

Yeah but Risa uses more filter than shoop. She genuinely has the eye shape and looks decent in person. Plus she has no milk.

Risa definitely does pull off the doll look best though.

No. 270344

Kota looks too much like Miranda kerr in her new picture…

No. 270345

I still think Tsubasa is cute as fuck, even though she's 90% plastic nowadays

No. 270346

>nasolabial folds
Literally who cares outside of lolcow jfc

No. 270347

I wanna see proof honestly, can't imagine her looking all that bad

No. 270348

Lol no, that was her real nose until she got the nose job.

No. 270349

Excuse us for not knowing the names of every Japanese celebrity, talent and model, weeblord.

No. 270351

File: 1463411548236.jpg (107.37 KB, 1024x1024, CilaHS6UgAASH30.jpg)

She trying to look animuuu

No. 270353

I don't follow or care about this girl. But every time I see her picture while scrolling it alwayslooks like she shoops her head too small. Like in the OP picture.

Just look at her hand compared with the size of her head.

No. 270354

Too much miranda kerr

No. 270356


Anon give it up. Cathy legit has the exact same nose in all her pictures and literally everybody's nose changes between adolescence to adulthood. I used to have a beautiful little ski-slope nose and now it's the Roman variation.
She didn't get a nosejob. Stop.

No. 270357


I know names because I pay a lot of attention to various beauty industries. How fucking ugly do you have to be to act like knowing a few famous faces in an enormous aesthetic industry is weebshit?

No. 270373

No. 270381

Your nose can change when you hit puberty, it can get bigger, yes. But the entire shape and width aren't going to change. But there's no way your nose gets smaller and your nostrils get narrower from just puberty.

What is it with everyone being so far up her cunt lately? She's not gonna fly you to Japan and make you her kawaii model bestie just because you defend her lies, nor is karma going to reward you with fame and a Japanese husbando. Stop being so willfully blind.

No. 270399

File: 1463422393049.png (719.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-05-16-12-55-47…)

Omg her arm her neck her head omfg

No. 270402


No. 270404

this is amazing

No. 270405

this is amazing

No. 270406

File: 1463423244148.png (146.29 KB, 515x291, Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 2.26…)

Her mouth shoop is so comical

No. 270409

Lmao this seals it. She does not give a single fuck about her shoops. What the hell

No. 270412

if you look closely her right shoulder and face match color of the skin but the rest of her left shoulder and neck doesn't.

No. 270413

her arm looks fucking huge

No. 270415


lol the entire fucking shape hasn't changed, and may I remind you that the only "evidence" of a nosejob that you're relying on is a singular picture from her teen years that we know for a fact is Photoshopped.

Man what a coincidence that Cathy has exactly the same nose shape though, I guess Cathy got that nosejob first and then Dakota followed suit huh.

Talking about willfully blind aha, Anon you are trying to hard to see something that just isn't there and it's embarrassing.

No. 270417

File: 1463424478670.png (978.05 KB, 1080x1920, dako.png)

her boobs vanished again

No. 270418

For the people (persons?) asserting that Dakota has had a nosejob, are you trying to insist that this nosejob took place prior to her 18th birthday when she was still a little girl? Cause that's like highly unlikely. No surgeon is going to risk operating on a child without urgent medical necessity due to the fact that the nose continues to grow and change all the way up until your 20's.

Even for a septoplasty to relieve the breathing problem associated with a deviated septum, which I've had myself, they won't do it until you're at the very least 18 because your face hasn't stopped growing at that point so they have no idea how the finished product is going to look after a few years.

No. 270422

Wow, she expanded her tits out bigger with shoop and couldn't be assed fixing or preventing her wrist and arm being squashed in the process.
Kota, what in god's fucking name are you doing. You're not even fooling your thirsty foreign beta fans at this point.

No. 270424

It looks like she's not wearing a bra.

No. 270425

File: 1463424932897.jpg (268.52 KB, 894x390, 1425855367516.jpg)

Dakota is spitting image of a younger Cathy and people are still trying to argue that she's had a nosejob lmao

No. 270426

File: 1463424993979.png (535.82 KB, 777x436, 1429551995335.png)


Dakota obviously got her nose from Cathy, they're identical.

No. 270427

omfg where did you get her moms picture do you have anymore?

No. 270428


Anon I'm not being rude here but exactly just how new are you.

No. 270429

im not new i just haven't seen that EXACT picture of her mom

No. 270430

File: 1463425231665.jpg (15.91 KB, 331x239, tumblr_m3xwhzONIN1rs8o36o1_400…)


It's pretty old, it's been floating around since the late 2000's now. Her and Kirsten went to some rave event thing together.

But yeah, point expanding, that woman on the right of this screenshot for ants, if I didn't say it was Cathy anybody could easily assume it was Dakota right? She's the double of her. I guess we know how Dakota is going to look when she's older.

No. 270431

what's wrong with not wearing a bra? Bras are meant for the user's support; not for other people's "sensitive eyes".

No. 270434

her parents look fucking terrifying here, her dad looks like he would use them for money her mom too u dont know from all 4 of them kota still seems the most normal

No. 270439

Shady surgeons will do a cosmetic rhinoplasty and Bill it to the insurance as a repair for a deviated septum. They sometimes bill breast augmentations as reductions too, it's shifty and it makes the process harder for other people who actually need the surgeries to get them coveted by their insurance because the insurance companies don't want to get screwed like that.

>if I didn't say it was Cathy anybody could easily assume it was Dakota right? She's the double of her.

lol no, Dakota doesn't look that haggard. Yes, she looks just like we mom but that's a bit much imho. Cathy looks like that girl who hangs out after shows and at bars chain smoking and drinking beer, hoping to go home with a band member. I guess she kinda was lol.

No. 270442


That can happen but it's not as common as you might think due to the fact that the surgeon can be sued if they perform the surgery unnecessarily on a minor and then have it come out looking crap because it continued to develop following the rhino. Most would not take the risk.

At any rate I don't know how anybody can continue to argue this given that >>270425 and >>270426 prove she got her nose from her mother.

No. 270444

Actually based on this picture and a couple of the others posted, I think it's plausible Cathy might have had a nose job herself. The shape of the nostrils is very reminiscent of the 70's and 80's style rhinoplasty I've seen before.
But that's total speculation on my part.

No. 270445

Eh, you can tell from the perspective that it's a wide angle lens and since her face is farther towards the side, she's getting a little more distortion than the woman in the center. Anyway, where the fuck is this? What was happening? I've never seen this before.

No. 270462

I hold the very unpopular opinion that Keks is the more traditionally attractive of the two.

No. 270465

Agreed. Kiki might have a shittier personality, but she was a lot prettier. She just looks tired and dead inside now though.

No. 270467


She was a cuter child for sure, but now… eh.

No. 270472

File: 1463438262011.jpg (49.11 KB, 554x387, risa.jpg)

No. 270473

File: 1463438383244.png (599.47 KB, 826x571, 1452298723460.png)

No. 270475

There is a difference, but not on the level of koots. Just looks like basic shoop (making eyes bigger, face a little slimmer, etc) But she's still recognizable.

No. 270476


She looks cute in both of these tho.


That's not shoop, it's just the angle of camera A.K.A. the Myspace angle. It makes your eyes look bigger and your jaw smaller.

No. 270481

They're also very common in the beauty editing apps, so I wouldn't be surprised if she used them along with the myspace angle.

No. 270483

Wtf?! It looks like she's holding a cherry stem between her teeth. So obviously shooped…

No. 270486

Clearly you do

No. 270488

Of course it's shooped, her entire face is blurry. She's just Japanese so lolcow weeaboos think she's a saint who doesn't shoop. Explains the jealousy-fuelled blind kota rage.

No. 270505

this is so bizarre. It looks like she doesn't have a neck.
Her traps just curve all the way up to her jaw.

No. 270506


Her real face is the type of face that looks like shit without make-up, like So Hee from wonder girls

No. 270507

Risa looks fine IRL, she just obviously uses filters and those auto-beauty apps in her selfies, and there's nothing wrong with that (unless you're going full HAM like Dakota).
She really does have such a beautiful eye-shape though.

No. 270512

File: 1463445408392.jpg (612.99 KB, 1129x1013, sdadsfasdasdf.jpg)


Same shit, both are pretty fake. Kota's shoops are getting dumber and dumber but none of them is a "natural beauty"

No. 270517


Legit Dakota looks like Primark compared with Prada next to Risa. Risa is a real professional.

No. 270529

Reminds me of Berry's edits. Shoops the meaty jaw into the neck and forgets that now the neck is gone.

No. 270534

File: 1463449685357.jpg (363.93 KB, 1024x1024, Untitled-1.jpg)

Man, when you try shooping this back to her normal proportions it really drives it home how ridiculous she went with this one.

I thought Dakota would be happy when she finally escaped her psycho family and moved to Japan, but it seems like she's more fucked up than ever imo.

No. 270537

I don't get it. She's cuter without the shop.

No. 270538


If she really does have body dysmorphia, which does seem to be the case, she really won't see it that way.

No. 270539

At least she started taking our advice about shooping her teeth whiter since she's too lazy to actually whiten them.

No. 270541


Oh my god what is it with you fucking Americans and your dayglo teeth for fucks sake.

No. 270542

She looks so cute here.

No. 270543



How many cute american guys have been destroyed by fake perfect snow white teeth…

No. 270545

Have you seen her teeth unedited? They're straight up yellow, and her white makeup doesn't help either, plus she probably still smokes since she's old enough to buy them herself.

No. 270546

File: 1463450862330.jpg (211.42 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Long before the news about her dating that actor came out there was a random comment on Girl's Channel how someone saw her with that guy making out with him and smoking outside a pachinko parlor.

No. 270547

Those are some smoker stains, can't wait until she gets the lines around her mouth from smoking too. Just wait a few years.

No. 270548


Nigger there is such a huge fucking boundary between outright yellow and the natural cream tone of bone. What, you think your skeleton is snow white? Really? You do understand the teeth belong to the skeleton?
Do whatever the fuck you want to do to your own teeth, but don't rip into others for not opting to bleach their dentin to dust.
Enjoy your weak enamel and sensitivity.

No. 270549

I personally believe she is still a smoker, but tea and the vinegar in many Japanese foods can stain and weaken enamel. She says she loves tsukemono and she probably drinks a lot of tea or soda, so there's that, in addition to cigs. Maybe she's a canned coffee drinker as well?

No. 270550


Cathy doesn't have them and she smokes for sure. Smokers may have premature aging but "Smoker's lines" is mostly just a name, mouth wrinkles are mainly genetic

No. 270552


See >>270546

No need to get so buttblasted, snagglepuss.

No. 270553


iirc it was some beach party/event,few months after japan debut. If i'm not mistaken, girl next to her was also a model too.

No. 270558

File: 1463452839649.jpeg (26.56 KB, 315x238, image.jpeg)

I found this amazing pic in google images.

Whoever drew it, I love you.

No. 270566

Whenever I see posts like >>270558 I'm reminded of just how few of us from /cgl/ there are left, at least olde /cgl/, in the days before Jewt swooped in and proclaimed a never-ending season of nofunallowed.

No. 270567

File: 1463455402883.jpeg (159.62 KB, 1210x576, image.jpeg)


I'm convinced Koti is just trolling at this point.

No. 270569

File: 1463455785511.jpeg (581.71 KB, 798x708, image.jpeg)

No. 270570


No. 270573


Ah those were the days.

No. 270574

Last I heard Moot sold the entire site to the creator of 2ch. I haven't been on there since then though so idk if the climate has changed as a result.

No. 270575

File: 1463456978433.jpg (268.19 KB, 533x485, 1452142206229.jpg)

No. 270582

File: 1463460648746.jpg (46.47 KB, 773x230, of4l4w.jpg)

Remember how weird her edits were before?

No. 270583

lol there's no way you could tell if she has them from the grainy webcam footage and low quality photos we have of her.
You think people just naturally form those vertical lines around their mouth? lmao

No. 270585

……. It's called aging.

No. 270589

I sure scrunching your mouth around around cigarettes multiple times daily doesn't contribute at all.

No. 270590

No. 270593

lol are you serious?

like half my high school class (jewish american princesses aka japs) got a nose job and a mercedes for their sweet 16

its quite common for minors to get nose jobs…

No. 270596

That is indeed true. I remember in the 90s there was even a super common movie trope of teenage girls getting nose jobs walking around with bandages on. There were even a few girls in my class that got them done over the summer break.

No. 270598


No. 270611

Right, but you were implying it only happens with smoking.

No. 270618

No. 270620

wtf is wrong with her right arm on the right picture?

No. 270634

People give doctors, especially cosmetic doctors, too much credit. If they have parental consent they don't care as long as they get that $$$

No. 270636

Shipped her breast bigger and her waist smaller and didn't realize or care that her arm got fucked

No. 270657


>You think people just naturally form those vertical lines around their mouth? lmao

Are you 5 or just really stupid? lol

No. 270853

File: 1463557377783.jpeg (65.32 KB, 640x629, image.jpeg)

Is she shooping her legs unnaturally long again?

No. 270854

Yes that leg shoop is horrendous and that outfit is terrible with those shoes


No. 270857

and anon implied it only happens as a result of genetics. What's the argument here?

No. 270858

That angle REALLY works in her favor

No. 270860

File: 1463560582871.jpg (61.93 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

just what in the sam hell is going on with her left arm?

No. 270861

File: 1463561081236.jpg (130.17 KB, 375x500, 44-146114785_6f673fd474.jpg-v-…)

No. 270875

Sooo does she still get jobs? Seems like she's just sitting at home since she's been posting quite frequently recently.

No. 270876

File: 1463566968293.jpg (18.77 KB, 540x410, CemcsrgWwAEZk23.jpg)

No. 270878

She's had those shoes for like 7 years. Give it up gurl.

No. 270879

She is getting super lazy/ messy with her shoops lately. Which I guess is expected when she just uses beauty apps. They can only do so much until you end up making yourself look like a warped monster.

No. 270881

File: 1463568500089.gif (459.48 KB, 641x613, output_aOCaB1.gif)

Tried to unshoop. excuse the shitty meitu quality.

No. 270882

Is it where she shrunk her hips? It looks so bizarre and the upper arm/elbow still looks 'large'.

No. 270883

Bad quality shoop but ignoring that I like the result. I wish Kooter would put the effort into just maintaining a slim weight in real life; it would probably help her career.

No. 270888

File: 1463571800423.png (260.26 KB, 395x593, Cdhzua6v.png)

Dakota is no longer listed as Popteen model

No. 270889

Totally saw this coming

No. 270891


i have to say, it still surprises me how different japanese models look in real life when compared to their pictures. I find in the western modelling world, the models look largely the same as their editorials.

No. 270893

File: 1463576749996.jpg (115.05 KB, 333x500, dakotaandkiki.jpg)

I thought about that lately.
here's my contribution.
nice piggy nose she had! to be honest, I think her nose surgery is the best thing that happened to her.

No. 270894

File: 1463576913897.png (881.76 KB, 771x768, cdhchnjd.png)

also please have a look at her arm/boob shoop here, I absolutely love it.

her shoop-skills are on the same level as her make-up-skills when she was 14

No. 270896

File: 1463577380456.jpg (25.49 KB, 500x388, Dakota_Ostrenga_Scene1.jpg)


Getting pretty sad when the only evidence you can find of a nosejob is an image of a young girl deliberately scrunching up her nose.

No. 270897

File: 1463577856231.jpg (563.03 KB, 1458x591, Untitled-2.jpg)


Her nose looks identical to how it did when she was a kid. She clearly hasn't had a nosejob. Stop.

No. 270905

File: 1463579863904.jpg (50.05 KB, 600x450, 6a00e54ef4f376883401b7c8242d61…)

that middle finger though

No. 270906

Nah, her nose is clearly pointier. I also had rhinoplasty so I don't judge, but >>270546 should be proof enough. Scar right under her tip between her nostrils.

No. 270910

This is frontal view only, you can't tell how a nose is shaped just by that. (also >>270893 clearly shows a different shape)
She might have been using highlight/shadows/nose-shoop since forever, but it's undenyable her nose had a different shape than now when looking at her side profile.
What's the deal with it anyways? No need to hide that. Just wanted to point out it was a good decision, but it's obvious it hasn't always looked like that.

idk why people are always lying about their surgery, diets etc. just be honest and it's cool. Fishy behavior is really annoying.

No. 270913


Anon there's nothing there…

No. 270914


Right, so the pictures one person is posting is a shooped, fake nose, but the ones other people are posting are totes unshooped, real nose pics. Okay.

No. 270923

wow so if Dakota isn't a pop teen model, hasn't appeared on tv in like forever, no longer has baby fang, rarely appears in anything anymore.I really am starting to think she might be married too, maybe she's attending a language school or something to stay in Japan?Whats going on in her life right now I wonder.

No. 270929

true. Maybe her bf is helping her financially while she's attendind language school?

No. 270938

Language school would make a lot of sense when you look at everything. She barely works and her Japanese is a lot better. Sure, she had to walk around for 2 years with a translator but schools along with immersion are the best ways to learn a new language. Kooters being there for so long and a shit model that barely works… I'm putting money on language school.

No. 270942

this was one of my fave pictures back in the day

No. 270952


>>no pop teen

>>no baby fang
>>no nothing
>>insane shoops increase

Is she loosing it

No. 270955

I'm wondering what happened with the whole Popteen thing. Do Japanese people just not want foreigners in their media? I ask that because the same thing happened to Taylor R with Zipper. Or did they both coincidentally choose not to be in magazines anymore?

No. 270956

her contract could have been up and they decided not to renew her, im just wondering now with out pop teen what job she has???? like sure she can do other things but pop teen was the thing that gave her exposer.

No. 270958

Isn't she still a Btssb model? I saw her in the latest Gothic and Lolita Bible as well.

No. 270959

I think I see what anon is talking about. Do you mean right under her right nostril near the end of it? It's a light patch. I don't know what nose job scars look like though.

What does this mean for her? Just no more being in the popteen magazine?

No. 270962

File: 1463592735728.gif (1.2 MB, 320x240, nostalgia-critic-wtf-o.gif)

She's trolling us, her lip shoop isn't even. Wth is going on with her? She having a break down?

No. 270964

Maybe she wants to go viral again someway. But this is getting crazy. If she wants to regain her fame these hilarious edits won't do it. Now she only posts for likes.

No. 270965

In a way I kinda feel like bravo just renewed her contract in a the mist of her being really popular and thought it would benefit them to sign her for a year or two longer, and now they are stuck with her and she now has a reason to be in Japan,for now.I think when her contract ends she's either going to get married or quietly vanish back to Florida like Kiki.

No. 270967

File: 1463595093131.jpg (66.9 KB, 1080x1080, 13249896_1056662374422160_1175…)

Larger image.

No. 270969

File: 1463595730895.jpg (167.98 KB, 1080x1220, 13249896_1056662374422160_1175…)


This time next year.

No. 270970

most likely if she loses contracts she will have to move back to the states since she has no reason to stay, i dont think her BF would marry her since they are young and famous and theres no way long distance can work. she will be re united with KIKI and everyone and maybe live on her own and become a kawaii anime cali girl~

No. 270971

Gotta love those SlenderLegs.

No. 270990

File: 1463601749787.jpg (103.76 KB, 401x700, 1379137348229.jpg)

I can't believe SlenDakota is makeup a return. We've come full circle.

Anybody else remember these threads on /cgl/?

No. 270991

File: 1463601756291.png (313.81 KB, 500x744, 1384205579431.png)

No. 270992

File: 1463601851648.jpg (190.55 KB, 711x549, 1452130881908.jpg)

No. 270999

File: 1463605163715.jpeg (106.42 KB, 640x916, image.jpeg)

I gotta say, all the criticism of her face shoops lately sound a lot like they come from westerners. Sure, it looks like garbage on her, but her doing it isn't all that strange. You see that kind of thing all the time in purikura, and on some faces it does look just awful if you go overboard, which is common in girls with self esteem or body image issues.

It's just not as shocking to Japanese people as it is to foreigners, she's just a white girl who does somethin the way a lot of other girls do. She's really not worth worrying about.

No. 271005


That's purikura though, everybody know it isn't real. She shooping actual photographs of herself to ridiculous proportions and trying to pass them off as legit. It wouldn't be a big deal if she were just using basic face blurring tools like every other Japanese girl does, but she takes it too far.

No. 271007

Her ARM though. JFC. She thought she was trying to be sly with warping the image on a white background.

No. 271009

looks like spaghetti
also those fuckin hideous shoes again
she's had those for so long

No. 271012

Still, that doesn't matter. You act like Japanese people don't know she doesn't look that that really, and she's somehow fooling them. She's not, if she were then she would probably be a lot more popular.

No. 271014

Most Japanese girls edit their photos beyond recognition and they're not only using face blurring tools. There are tons of options in beauty apps to make your face smaller, your legs longer and the eyes as big as saucers.

Kota's just doing the same thing as these Japanese girls. I don't know why you're making such a big deal out of her shoops.

No. 271016

a lot of japanese celebrities edit and filter the shit out of their selfies too and look completely different. it's nothing new to them.

No. 271017

File: 1463611105716.jpg (142.17 KB, 622x884, 50cad34dec2e1750d18dee0e78dee2…)

No. 271035

AHA That was one of my last ones

No. 271042

File: 1463621182766.jpeg (22.3 KB, 275x263, image.jpeg)

Caught me by surprise anon

No. 271043

kek she never wore those old Taobao shoes outside if they're still in that condition.

She lost it.

No. 271160

Can't wear them outside if you never go outside, anon.

No. 271259

File: 1463717285492.png (401.54 KB, 665x522, Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.0…)

This store posted about opening up a pop up shop next to baby fang? Maybe Dakota's pop up shop is still selling?

No. 271261

That's shady as hell.

So the online shop, all traces of it online and mentions of future shops opening disappears yet this one is still going? That sounds like she got hit with a cease&desist and keep this original shop open trying to be sneaky and make money (which is absolutely an Ostrenga move).

Japan anons, go see if the shop is still open & see if she's still trying to sell the VW knockoff chokers and post pics. Maybe if there was proof she's still selling them VW will shut down the shop as well.

No. 271262

Are all of the social media accounts still gone? Why would they not be promoting it so much like they were before?

No. 271264

Yup, still gone, no change.

My guess is they had to stop because Vivienne Westwood threatened to sue for trademark infringement on the ~Saturn planet charm choker~ that was made out of a knockoff Westwood orb charm. The take down was thinly veiled with vague mention of "a dispute with management" but really what else could it be? Aside from the ridiculous prices for piss poor F21 clearance bin-tier quality crap, even if she just didn't make enough money from sales to keep it open the shutdown wouldn't have been so abrupt.

>sounds like she got hit with a cease&desist and keep this original shop open trying to be sneaky and make money

Probably this. Dakota will do anything for money except work, legal or not. Clearly she thinks she can do as the pleases with immunity since she's so used to Bravo takin care of her, but I wonder what they'll do if she gets in real legal trouble with a major corporation like Vivienne Westwood? They could shut Bravo down they're so huge.

No. 271265

Yes, I can only find #'s of baby fang through people that posted from the party and the opening of the pop up shop. Videos, (except for the video on Dakota's youtube) and social media pages are gone. The youtube channel exists but they've deleted all of their videos.

No. 271266

File: 1463719129069.jpeg (99.64 KB, 640x1087, image.jpeg)

Dropped my pic

No. 271268

I think it might be something else. Knockoff orb charms are everywhere in Japan. Curious what really happened but I doubt the delicious beans will be spilled on this one.

No. 271270

I know there's no milk from Dakota but I do love mysteries like this, though. You never know, someone could figure out what happened. Maybe an anon in Japan could go to the shop and ask the person working what happened with their social media accounts.

No. 271271

>Knockoff orb charms are everywhere in Japan.

Err not really. Knockoff Westwood stuff can still be bought from China (it's by easy though) but blatantly stealing a slightly altered version of the orb logo and slapping it on something else? Not so much. Plus Vivienne Westwood is hugely popular in Japan, the orb is recognizable enough that using it the way Dakota did is a risky move.

And even if you were right (hypothetically speaking), what else but legal action could have caused such an abrupt deleting spree? Dakota dragged her Popteen days out long after she fit in with their trends, there's no way she wouldn't try to make babyfang last as long as she could, just to rub it in everyone's faces. Now I bet she won't even answer any questions about it publicly, which is suspicious.

No. 271272

File: 1463720376774.gif (357.98 KB, 500x300, ???.gif)

She didn't only rip on VW, most of her jewelry were just overpriced bulk of other peoples work, from etsy. If her pop up shop is still around She could just be trying to get rid of the remaining "evidence". Who knows at this point…this the most mysterious of mysteries….

No. 271276

They likely leased out a spot and still have till the end of the month, hoping people buy what's left over.

No. 271338

File: 1463732677983.jpg (44.26 KB, 600x600, Ci4kbWTVAAA7H0e.jpg)

New photo…also, she tricked everyone into thinking she bought a pet but it was just a plant she decided to call Sebastian…

No. 271339

I was thinking this was so much better than her recent shoops, the lips aren't totally fucked up and she doesn't look like a retarded toddler… then I noticed the deformed torso.

No. 271340

She's honestly the perfect example of skinnyfat. Dat sucking in. So obvious.
Also those fucking hands.

No. 271342

lol just go to Harajuku, even Osewaya has at least 5 different orb earrings for sale which looks just like VW ones. also lot of unbranded stuff for sale in Le Ponte and piercing shops. Even Shibuya 109 mens had exact copies of VW orb necklaces for like 1800 yen for sale a few years back. It's not a big deal.

No. 271348

File: 1463735321746.jpg (59.65 KB, 600x600, Ci0m_1jUoAAwnQo.jpg)

Before that picture happened.

No. 271350

Same clothes she was wearing here >>270967
Did she actually go out like this? It doesn't look bad, but the shoes…I dunno

No. 271356

Her hair looks gross here, what is she thinking?

If she wants to grow out her bangs, at least do a side-part.

No. 271370

Dako's mysterious disappearing boobs! Lolllollollolll

No. 271371

shes obviously in the salon and someone else was obviously taking the pic

No. 271372

this pic is so absolutely pointless
what the fuck is going on
that pale gut
those extensions
the one eye
the monster hand
the ghost skin
send help

No. 271374

god it looks so cheap
looks cheaper than stuff you can get at those 300 yen accessory shops

No. 271396

Why suck your stomach in if you're going to shoop it anyway???

No. 271427

ngl Kota is absolutely cutie on the top pic. She looks so cute man, she has terribad pics like everyone (bad lightning and shit) yet she insists on shooping herself like a fucking aborted fetus, why? Why would she even think OP's pic look good? And worst of all she doesn't even try to keep it consistent anymore, her tiddies just come and go like the seasons.

No. 271428

File: 1463770897552.jpg (95.73 KB, 640x583, gdsg.jpg)

Seems it's not only Westerners picking up on Dakota's ridiculous shooping.

Text basically says:

>"Recently Dakota Rose has become very un-cute. I mean, to me at least, it's just not cute. The The first one really doesn't look good, but the second one is cute. When she has bangs I think she's cuter.

No. 271429

will she listen to her japanese fans?

No. 271432

File: 1463772126162.jpg (637.05 KB, 1704x639, Untitled-1.jpg)

This is kind of hilarious. Taiko Katono taking all these cutesy, endearing pictures for his female fans all the while he's chilling at Koots place fucking the shit out of her all over her pillows kek

No. 271435


No. 271437

"The first one really doesn't look good, but the second one is cute"

Wrong. It says "the first one is fairly cute but the second pic is even cuter"

No. 271438

Someone else mentioned that maybe she's going to try to go viral again so maybe this look >>271338 she's going for is her new spin on the current trends of IG popular models, similar to all the Russian women with hair and lips like that. But I guess we'll see how she acts from here.

No. 271441


Alright, alright I'm only a first year student u cuck.

No. 271443

Kek. Do the Japanese still/even care about the dating rumour between them?

No. 271462


Augh. It's like she's trying to make herself look bad. I have a similar tum and whenever I'm trying to take slooty pics I know to flex instead of suck in. Otherwise you just end up lookin like this; skinnyfat and not toned. Can't tell what's up with her tits either.

No. 271472

What salon is this? I swear I've been there

No. 271476


How is anybody here supposed to know that?

No. 271483

No. 271485

File: 1463786002986.png (86.6 KB, 577x495, CiTHzxU.png)

Some people tweet about them every now and then…I think the Last Kiss episode with her in it was aired once again (2nd tweet in pic) and they find it funny how she can be on a show like that when she already has a boyfriend I guess.

Taiko posted a selfie earlier with that striped pyjama like thingy that Dakota wore in one of her pictures. (1st tweet in picture) Of course some fangirls are furious and envy Dako.

No. 271495


FUCKING KEK, tokusatsu911 is absolutely savage.

No. 271497

You're very welcome anon <3

but also nowhere in that tweet does it say anything about shooping lol hopefully people here know not to trust other people's reporting lol

No. 271498

translation pls

No. 271501

honestly, not savage at all kek
Just a normal tweet. Probably just first year Japanese-chan at the works again.

"Speaking of which, Dakota appeared in Last Kiss, right?? How about Taiki Kotono…lol"

No. 271502


That's nice but where did I translate anything about Photoshop or shooping?

No. 271503

this "Seems it's not only Westerners picking up on Dakota's ridiculous shooping."
You make it sounds like the tweeter had anything against her shoops

No. 271504


I never said the Tweeter said anything about Photoshop, I said that it seems that the Japanese are picking up on her bad shoops as well, i.e. he thinks she looks bad in her latest photos.

It's this a "I'm the only MoonGo in the village" kind of thing? My translation wasn't that off apart from fumbling "not cute" with "not as cute". You're being overly pedantic Anon.

No. 271505

If you meant that, why didn't you show a tweet saying that? And fetus mouth and all of that crap =/= shooping

And no, I'm not fluent at Japanese either so honestly idc…

Keep calm and kek at the real drama

No. 271506


Because I don't go hunting around on Twitter for arbitrary tweets concerning Dakota? That was just something that popped up when I was looking for her Babyfang shit.

>and fetus mouth and all of that crap =/= shooping

Are you blind or retarded. Pick one.

No. 271507

well you obviously do if you search for babyfang? and chill out, dude

No. 271509


Kek plugging "babyfang" into Google and seeing a tweet as one of the first link results is not hunting around for her Tweets about her .
If you're so obsessed with this go find something yourself and actually contribute to the thread instead whining like a little bitch about the people who are.

No. 271519

already have more than you. Go back to Genki 1 kek


No. 271520


Goodbye salty little weeb ;^)

No. 271521

I'm tired of seeing people post screenshots without translations and people have to ask for one. It happens in the kabukireign thread all the time too. People acting like they're in some secret weeb club

No. 271542

translation anyone please for non moonspeakers

No. 271551

They aren't really that important.

1st tweet: "Are you being discouraged by Taiko Katono wearing the same clothes as Dakota again? Flood twitter with tweets and our love with him will intensify again…? I feel guilty." (The tweet by Taiko just says that he woke up with crazy bed hair.)

2nd tweet: >>271501

3rd tweet: "Taiko Katono is dating Dakota Rose? Isn't that great.."

4th tweet: " Katono…Dakota…DakoTako…"
(Again playing with his and her name)

No. 271555

DakoTako sounds like a food truck name.

No. 271557

File: 1463822178598.jpg (18.22 KB, 500x281, yaoihands.jpg)

That yaoi hand is hilarious.

No. 271559


Sorry. I didn't post that but sometimes it is quite easy to forget that not everybody can read other languages.

No. 271564

i hope youre joking

No. 271568

File: 1463841269493.jpeg (55.4 KB, 776x602, image.jpeg)

No. 271571

Those are some of the calmest reactions to a Japanese celebrity dating a white girl I've ever seen. Usually it's stuff like "die white whore", gold digger, etc.

No. 271573

Maybe they know dako ain't shit?

No. 271577

You'd think that would give them more incentive to shit on her.

No. 271580

I'm still surprised how DakoTako hasn't made it to girlschannel yet. There are only a few comments about it, but I expected alot more.

No. 271581


If I was it wouldn't be a very funny joke.
Do you ever stop and think not everybody might speak English every time you speak? It's pretty much the same thing.

No. 271591

That's a terrible example, English is the universal language, whereas Japanese is a kind of a niche language. Not to mention this is an English language website that doesn't have threads/boards in Japanese. Hell, even the Japanese language learning/resource threads die pretty fast.

No. 271594

Maybe this Taiko dude isn't as famous as Dakota would like us to believe he is. Big time celebs don't post pics that can link them to a SO so carelessly like they're doing. Although he doesn't follow her on Twitter either so that might be a part of it.

No. 271597


>Japanese is a kind of a niche language

Japanese isn't a niche language at all, The Japanese language is ranked 9th in terms of speaker volume and there are a total of 128 million speakers worldwide.

Japanese has more speakers than German, French and Korean. How is that niche?

No. 271598

What a weak ass argument. Just post the translation and stop being a fag. People want to post screenshots and not translate? K, have fun rubbing your 2 neurons between each other. Isn't the point of all this to create a discussion?

No. 271599


>just post the translation and stop being a fag

And which post am I supposed to have made that didn't translate? There's more than one person posting screens from Japanese sites you dumb whore.

No. 271611


Japanese is overrated tbh

No. 271618

My mistake. I'll make sure to translate future screenshots when posting them.
You need to calm down.

Just stop tearing each other to shreds over something like this please. I hate the thought of Dako creeping around and cackling while reading this.

No. 271619

That's funny, considering he follows several female models/talents. Guess Kooter would be one too many.

No. 271625

She isn't following him either though.
Instead she followed this guy just recently https://twitter.com/Mackenyu1116

No. 271652

File: 1463869368097.jpg (80.96 KB, 640x640, ChfgmdnUoAMe9DK.jpg)

I was looking for this picture and noticed that she deleted it from her instagram and twitter. Why only this and not the other ones with Taiko's clothes?

No. 271663

topkek, she shooped her damn face so small that the hand looks gigantic

No. 271695


Holy fucking shit those eyes.
Who does she think she's kidding.

No. 271719


it looks like she took her face and zoomed it in

No. 271748

come on.
About 99% of the fucking forum is english.
Deduce, sherlock.

No. 271764

Kek stfu already. Nobody cares about your lapses. This site is in English, end of discussion.

No. 271776


I know, and that's why I never post non-Japanese screncaps without a translation. Take your little bitch tantrum to the people that do.

No. 271778

it really is fam

No. 271786

No, I'm not a tard

No. 271787


You probably only speak one language then.
This is something all people who are multilingual experience.

No. 271808

Calm tf down you salty fag. You don't have to take shit up the ass. If you're that sensitive gtfo.
Thanks anon.

No. 271820

So is kota till popular in Japan or naw?

No. 271822


>you don't have to take shit up the ass


No. 271915


>implying she was ever popular in Japan to begin with

She was popular on tumblr and YouTube. Those led to her contract in Japan, but if you ask about her on the streets most people won't know who she is. Especially not now, since she hasn't done anything to help her popularity since… Well, since she got to Japan.

No. 271938

If you were to be dropped off in any random city in any random country, what are the odds you'll find someone there that speaks Japanese? Now how about someone that speaks English?
I think that's what they're getting at here. Japanese is a more localized language. Outside of business and general weebness, most people who don't live in the country will not know it.

Also, that's only 2 million speakers outside of Japan considering the population is 126 million.

No. 271943

File: 1463976006693.jpg (42.39 KB, 600x450, 18efaf2f.jpg)

New pic from her line blog.

No. 271944

looks like kiki

No. 271946


Her neck is a legit square though

No. 271947

File: 1463976158568.png (54.68 KB, 273x205, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 12.0…)

No. 271949

lmfao she just does not give a single fuck anymore. I miss her cleaner shoops tbh. They were a hoot.

No. 271950

She needs to embrace her meaty chin and small lips/boobs because this looks worse.

No. 271951


>what are the odds you'll find someone there that speaks Japanese?

Like…. pretty high actually. Anon there are Japanese exchange students all over the globe. I wander past them all the time in my city in the UK. I was stood behind a Japanese couple in H&M on the escalator just the other day.

No. 271956

Why would you feel the need to shoop your turtleneck? And one eye is bigger than the other.
Okay, it's one thing to photoshop your photos to hell and back, but she can't even make them look believable. At least that one tumblr era of shoops looked more like she could be a real person. How did she get worse?

No. 271968

lol not even anywhere near close to "pretty high". And a city (with or without a popular university) in the UK or US or AUS (or Korea/China/nearby countries) is vastly different than any city pretty much everywhere else. Sarajevo? Santiago? Fez?

No. 271974

File: 1463992844760.png (297.95 KB, 600x450, color_copy.png)

Added color to her face and hair.
I wish I knew the colors of everything else so I can add that in too.

No. 271975

No. 271976

No. 271977

No. 271978

I wanted to establish where her jaw was since it looked like it was morphed into her sweater here >>271947

No. 271979

File: 1463997236649.jpg (144.81 KB, 960x638, 1463374741650_副本.jpg)

I got bored and tried to shoop her with xiuxiu.
I love shooping unshooped kota like her old kawaii self, don't know why.

No. 271980

>>271974 ewww that looks exactly like Kiki, someone make a comparison picture

now that she got rid of her bangs she looks like her sister and ironically enough she is not getting booked anymore kek

No. 271982


Do they ever pick anyone or any kids who aren't fucking blonde? Japan has such a wet boner for them it's depressing.

No. 271983


Christ kota

No. 271989


Okay I do see your point.

No. 271990

What if dakota is getting tired of the nipponese modeling life, and is trying to make herself look more like kiki, so kiki could eventually take her place and no one would notice

No. 271994

Holy shit, it seems so obvious Dakota is trying to emulate this little kid. Her new hair, the crazy child like shoops… Oh koots why are you so desperate.

No. 271999

Getting older doesnt mean you can't be cute or pretty anymore but trying to look like a little kid? At past twenty? Or even any age after childhood? That's just sad…Her dysmorphia must be awful. Poor koots. Not even making fun of her it's saddening. Hope she will find some peace with her appearance or something one day.

No. 272002

dont get me wrong shes a cute kid but wtf is this lol

No. 272003

and honest question
why does russia spit out such beautiful girls

No. 272004

looks like kiki a bit

No. 272009


Theyre probably all inbred hence why we never see any ugly ones. But again sick of seeing the blonde blue eyed girls in Japan yet again…

No. 272011

There are pretty of ugly russian people. Pls stop falling for the bait.

No. 272013


Sorry anon

But you understand where im coming from right? The girl is very beautiful dont get me wrong. Just that it always seems to be the same blue eyed aryan look alikes. Its sad because Dakota is stooping as low enough to look like a little fucking girl. Sadder part is that she is naturally pretty and has her OWN look.

No. 272014

I wonder want her comments say, I feel like no matter what she posts her fans say she's "cute" regardless of how bad the shoop is.

No. 272015

wait till she 20 and see how she looks then ok? move on.

No. 272017


Wasnt there another toddler kota was trying to look like too?

No. 272018

She was post in the previous thread. We already covered this. The point now is that she is trying to shoop herself literally into another person, and I want to know if her fans will notice.

No. 272117


Dakota had her own look. Trying to fit in in Japan is why she stopped being as popular.

No. 272125

Omfg stop it. You are the insecure anon who always posts the Nazi lingo in every thread. Maybe there are more edgelords but you need to stop. The swastika is Asian, national socialism is Italian and Aryan literally means Iranian. Not blonde and blue eyed. Is that you Busuzawa? So superior and aryan!!

And the Japanese have such a white fetish it's unreal. Funny how they view Russian girls as beautiful when the real reason for their reputation is how much they are whored out by their parents. A ton of them are prostitutes and models because of poverty.
This little girl is cute but most children are. They still have flawless skin and big eyes, I want to see her when she reaches puberty. Plus she wears professional makeup and hair. You could doll up any little girl and make her look like that. But most people let their kids be kids and don't pimp them out for money.

No. 272143


Calm down

No. 272144


If she kept to the look she used to do which got her famous she would have done wonderd

No. 272156

That look just didn't translate well IRL at all, its why she looked such shit for the first few months she was in Japan. Maybe if she fine tuned it a bit, but it just didn't work at all.

No. 272164

I agree, this was so embarrassing when it was revealed that she looked completely different than her edits. However, she's headed down the tubes with her silly edits. I wonder if now she's settling down and possibly doing this for fun.. She just hasn't come out and told anyone she's engaged/married yet.

No. 272199

Is it weird to call her the irl dakota??? I would die to see her and dakota on tv together lmao

No. 272205

File: 1464047905589.jpg (117.29 KB, 1170x660, 7097c19fe7ef123294ceb7ee3d2d48…)

We missed an interview (04/22/16), I'll try to translate it if there's something new in it.

No. 272206

File: 1464047922745.jpg (63.39 KB, 848x550, 4adca1e216b9c7b688b5bb6c25e1c1…)

No. 272207

File: 1464047938805.jpg (68.05 KB, 480x720, 8eab94c3136c6a95f1ab3177c809b7…)

No. 272208

I agree with the other anons saying she's trying to go viral again. She's posting very regularly and going crazy with the shoops, not to mention legit pretty girls like >>271975 are encroaching in her territory, which is probably making her a nervous wreck and making her body dysmorphia go wild.

No. 272209

File: 1464047955880.jpg (58.35 KB, 480x720, 636605f0307b25fbb75ebdfb80f9ae…)

No. 272211

No. 272215


The look that got her to Japan was super fake and didn't work IRL, but if she had gone with the more mature smoky western style of makeup that she had wen she did the shoots in Korea she would have done pretty well. Japanese don't want to see white girls trying to follow Japanese beauty trends, they see that shit all the time. It's just same shit, different face. It's not cool or interesting that she's doing the same stuff they're doing on themselves already. Her viral shoop look was different, that's why it went viral.


It won't work. For one she's too old (by Japan standards) and two, she looks like crap IRL with her overdrawn monkey ass lips and her recent aversion to eye makeup, not to mention losing her bangs which really helped soften up her features. She's losing the fresh, young look that got her to Bravo, she's aging and probably is starting to panic now that's it's shown in her face. She looks puffy and tired, and trying to wear kawaii minimalist makeup with ridiculous overdrawn lips just looks wonky.

Also is it just me or did her jaw get meatier?
Or did she just gain weight in her face? She used to have a somewhat pointy, angular face (remember the "witch chin" comments?) but now it looks like her face got bigger. Sorry for my shit English, there's something that bugs me about her candid face now compared to her Japan debut candids 3 years ago but I'm having a hard time putting my finger on it.

No. 272216

Pretty but she looks 21. Poor kid, hope she has a nice healthy career when she gets older. Her photo shoots creep me out.

She really does seem like the aesthetic Dakota tries to pull. Once again, creepy.

No. 272219

Okay, I've read over it real quick and really…nothing important.

She's talking about how she got fluent in Japanese (this time she's saying that she learned it naturally from being in Japan for 4 years now, that studying was necessary because she was being interviewed so many times and that she also learned from that and from texting with her coworkers).

Then there are a few mentions in what magazines she appeared, about BeleBEL, Candy Doll etc…

Oh and it also says that she herself produced Babyfang and that she'll surely be the future fashion icon for Japanese Kawaii fashion in the whole world.

No. 272220

This little girl has a way better deal than Dakota. She's represented by an agency based in New York City and Los Angeles.

No. 272221

>Oh and it also says that she herself produced Babyfang and that she'll surely be the future fashion icon for Japanese Kawaii fashion in the whole world.


So I'm guessing this interview was done before the babyfang shutdown? What an ego she has for someone so basic.

No. 272224

>Oh and it also says that she herself produced Babyfang and that she'll surely be the future fashion icon for Japanese Kawaii fashion in the whole world.

Her conceited behavior and ego haven't changed any, I see. I'm fucking dying. Dakota is already being replaced by that little girl that went viral and there's other girls already out there doing a much better job than her. LMAO

No. 272226

Ah sorry, I misread that part…It only says that she started a self produced brand, however, no mention of the actual producer.

Also, I'm pretty sure she didn't say these things about being a future fashion icon herself. Magazines like to add unnecessary things the interviewee didn't even mention, although she might think that way.

No. 272237

Yep the actual interview is ridiculously short, then it gives a super long profile about her at the end which includes talking about her garbage bin items.

No. 272243

It seems this little girl comes from a very rich family, so she's not being pimped out for money.

Rather, the mother is allowing her young daughter to be exploited because "muh genes are so gr8" and living through her kid's success.

Anyways, I agree with others that it's creepy that Japan fetishizes little children, especially white ones.

>Oh and it also says that she herself produced Babyfang and that she'll surely be the future fashion icon for Japanese Kawaii fashion in the whole world.

So much for that!

No. 272262

Okay, Kooter's carreer in Glorious Nippon is dead. Tic tac tic tac…it's just a matter of time.
That girl on video really looks like a doll…and without all the crappy photoshop stuff.

No. 272271

I dunno why, but for some reason I think that even if Dakota's career does tank completely, I don't think she'll come back to the states

No. 272278

Definitely. The Japanese lick the taints of any thin white girl. There's no reason to return to US where she's a nobody when she can at least get a daily shower of generic scripted compliments even for simplest shit like using chopsticks correctly.

No. 272293

I really feel like she's engaged or married really, only time will tell..

No. 272302

You can see a nasolabial fold here down to her mouth and she isn't even smiling. Looking older and older

No. 272308

If she does smoke, like a few sources have claimed, that might have something to do with it. Especially, if she started in her early teens she might only be noticing the damage now.
Smoking can age the shit out of your face.

No. 272312

She definitely smokes. There's a huge amount of smokers in Tokyo and many models or talents do it to keep their appetites small.

No. 272314


This. Japan may not worship every white girl like a kawaii princess like weebs think they do, but even the most basic, plain white girl will forever get compliments in Japan just for being white and able to do basic Japanese stuff. In America, Dakota is just another white high school dropout from Florida who used to be somewhat MySpace famous and went viral that one time on tumblr. She can't get a job with that, and she won't have everyone giving her shit for free in FL that's for sure.

No. 272316

According to Charms she smoked like a chimney since about age 16. Apparently Dakota also had a way of getting alcohol since around that age too.

No. 272318

Yeah, of course. Why would she ever go back to the US? There's nothing for her there. If retards like Mira can manage to stay in Japan, I'm sure Koots can figure something out.

No. 272324

FINALLY someone cleaned her top lip, she looks so much nicer without the retarded lips

No. 272341

That's a cute dress. Anyone know the brand?

No. 272342

It's from MILK.

No. 272347

This is why I don't understand why she does the ridiculous overlining - her lips look lovely here (actually I think she looks lovely as a whole here, but I'm shit at spotting shoop so I have no idea if this is real or not).

No. 272353

Her whole face is edited, including her jaw. Everyone seems to know that she has no lips at all but you. Also, her jaw is not round or oval she's square.

No. 272382

File: 1464101206129.png (162.57 KB, 339x338, CiFEgiow.png)

Her lips are overdrawn here like always
This is what her actual lips look like.

No. 272396

File: 1464105563192.png (19.51 KB, 99x83, Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.32…)

more like this.

No. 272401


Probably Chinese since they are everywhere

No. 272403

Um….anon…its obvious she put foundation around her lips in that pic lol.thats why its so small

No. 272406


I'm so sick of people saying she smokes. where's the mother fucking proof?

No. 272408


You believe everything that comes out of her fat mouth?

No. 272409


Charms said she smokes? There's even caps of a convo between her saying she'd nipped out for a fag and her dad caught her.

No. 272410


Anon she provided proof. Calm down, jeez.

No. 272411

File: 1464112268378.jpg (75.3 KB, 640x881, SaemkbU.jpg)

How is her face square anon? I've seen people call her face square for years and it's just not true. She has a round face with a jaw that is not defined.
square face looks more like pic related

No. 272419

File: 1464113688337.jpg (162.76 KB, 943x629, 1428462035875.jpg)

Idk, it always seemed square to me because of this picture. Maybe not as square as you see it though. She just has a wide face.

No. 272420

File: 1464113902781.png (175.25 KB, 475x291, thinlipz.png)

I don't see why she would do that since in her edits before japan she still had some volume (or maybe it appeared that way, from her editing her chin). I posted images from this screen shoot showing how thin her lips were before and no-one noticed or cared. The screenshot didn't look like concealer to me.

No. 272421

File: 1464114005096.png (97.34 KB, 217x256, dakootz.png)

then there was this capture

No. 272422

File: 1464114081959.png (177.76 KB, 266x425, thinlipz2.png)

and this one, she has thin lips.

No. 272424


Anon we all know that she paints on baby-thin lips using that Korean method though. It's a style.

No. 272426

File: 1464118364404.jpg (26.41 KB, 245x254, kooter.jpg)

I know I was responding to concealer on lips anon. She always shooped her lower lip bigger.

No. 272478

>I don't see why she would do that since in her edits before japan she still had some volume
Yeah, because once nippon-senpai noticed her she started trying to make her lips tiny and dolly with concealer which looked horrific because it just made her chin look gigantic.
You can see even in this picture you posted, the sides of her lower lip have been covered with concealer.

She's always have a pretty big bottom lip, but a thinnish top lip which she shooped bigger before japan.
Then went to tiny thin lips.
Now she's shooping some swollen butthole lips because I don't even know why. To look like tsubasa?

No. 272482


did't see it did't happen.

No. 272483

DO you guy always believe everything charms says?

No. 272485


I used to be friends with Charms and I will say this, aside from the choker drama, she generally doesn't lie.
It was one of her quirks of the time, that she was honest to the point of it being savage. Even the choker thing she later admitted to me in a pretty blasé manner, "lol no I stole that shit". That and you forget she provided caps of Dakota literally saying she smoked so idk what else you want.

No. 272496

she is nowhere near having a round face since her forehead/hairline is so high. I actually think she has more of a heart shaped face. Doesn't she also have a widows peak?

No. 272497

I don't follow charms, but I see no reason why she would lie about this stuff. Seriously, what would she gain from lying about Kota smoking and drinking or being abused?
That being said, that doesn't mean everything that Kota has said to charms is 100% honest. Personally, with the abuse situation, I have no doubt that Cathy was hard on the Kota (and maybe Kiki to an extent), but I don't think they were perfect daughters either. You can obviously tell in those livestreams they did back in the day that they were/are spoiled brats.

No. 272504

We dot even have to believe charms, the proof is in Dakota's face. She's aging faster than Kiki and it's not just because of shitty genes. She's said before in interviews she doesn't sleep much, but just that won't age you that quickly. Even for her real age she looks haggard under the makeup and editing.

No. 272513

Do you or does anyone have links to charms accounts I've lost track of her

No. 272516

She's had her own thread for ages, complete with links. They can be depressing reads.


No. 272528

Koots smoking is not impossible to believe, plus Charms had caps and nothing to gain from this. I don't know why you're trying to disprove it or what you gain from it.

Don't forget to consider everything else. Like Kaka's rants about smoking directed at Kota, Japan's culture of smoking, and the types of family or friends or places they frequented at a young age.

Finally there are her mad yellow teeth and her face that always looked older in closeups.

No. 272543


It's worth noting though that she won't give anymore deetz about Kooter other than "I just miss her and I wish we could be friends again" so if you were thinking about asking her any Kota questions, don't waste your time.!

No. 272546

I wonder if this is edited, she looks super cute here. I wish she's cut her bangs back and stop the whitegirl crazy baby look

No. 272580


Oh she's been answering questions about Dakota for a while now. I posted some of her responses in Charms' thread.

No. 272607

File: 1464163527238.jpg (54.94 KB, 600x600, CjRXTi1WkAAc4UF.jpg)

I'm done with this…she looks sick here, this isn't normal shooping anymore


No. 272608

File: 1464163546929.jpg (94.93 KB, 600x600, CjRXccNWEAIbJ2i.jpg)

No. 272610

File: 1464164256956.jpg (107.89 KB, 1080x1080, 13183534_1124939660862060_1566…)


m8 please start posting the full size images, not the images for ants.

No. 272611

File: 1464164260947.jpg (207.2 KB, 1080x1080, 13266794_269754626699119_13620…)

No. 272612

>she generally doesn't lie
Except for those years of her male/female/crossdresser/3rd person/abusive boyfriend though right??

No. 272614


I literally just saw this on IG and I shook my head. This looks NOTHING like her anymore and she is trying to look like Miranda Kerr badly

No. 272615


Uh, I'm not sure what you mean. Aoi was a real person and Charms genuinely believed they were male.

No. 272616

Ahahaa she fucking wishes.

She's trying to be Gemma Ward + Miranda Kerr fusion?
Also her foot looks broke and it's weirding me out.

No. 272618

What's happening with the inside of her elbow?

No. 272619

I don't even find this funny at this point. Dakota needs therapy.

No. 272627

At least her outfit isn't a complete disaster

No. 272629


She got posted in "Shooping so bad it's laughable"
Starting at post 32

No. 272632

The comment with the addams family ?

No. 272641

Does she really think she looks like that? Is she this delusional? Like…there are candid photos of her EVERYWHERE online. who is fooled by this? Dakota you look NOTHING like this!

No. 272654

Dakota pls bring back these bangs

No. 272656

What is so funny is that the people over at girls channel notice as well her teeth are yellow.

15. 匿名 2015/07/09(木) 23:19:28


No. 272659

What is so funny is that Japanese people aren't blind?
jpgirls word is god

No. 272670

my god, i need to see candid photos of this event. i can only imagine how shit she looks in that dress

No. 272680

I'm not one to bash on people's natural bodies but her boobs looks like they're not on speaking terms here.

Why is she fricking glowing so much, it hurts to look at her face. Is it to divert the gaze from her terrible hair section ?
Stop it Dako. You'll end up like Naomi Campbell with those extensions weighing on your poor fine hairs.

No. 272686

File: 1464186692102.jpg (60.4 KB, 506x613, Screenshot_2016-05-25-22-22-31…)

what the fuck

No. 272694

She's straight up gone mental. These are beyond ridiculous.

No. 272695

this girl looks like taylor before taylor ruined her face.

No. 272699


>>chops off half her jaw in photoshop and smudges neck up to fill the space

No. 272704


Proof that your friends?

No. 272706


I've seen smokers with baby faces so again that not proof. where are the screen prints? Kiki has yellow teeth.

FYI Anon no one cares that you so called used to hang out with Charms. Stop gloating.

No. 272732

File: 1464197111309.jpg (80.19 KB, 470x700, ArohD8rCIAAwOve.jpg)

Reminds me of her terrible early shooping days, maybe kota''s going full circle.

No. 272743

or maybe her head really looks like that without bangs

No. 272747

File: 1464201292258.png (77.33 KB, 969x330, !!!!.png)

holy fucking shit lmao
I serioussssssly doubted I still had this, but by some miracle my hoarder ass kept these in some folder I spent 10 minutes looking for on my computer on hunch I might still have it.

Here's the screenshots anon! Taken by me on /cgl/ sometime in 2012, Charms was there spilling the beans on everything anyone asked for regarding koots, and posting dialogs of her conversations with her on AIM.

No. 272749

btw I'm not the anons you were talking to, I literally just stopped by

No. 272752

Seriously? What are you on?
>>272411 this is Taylor before fillers. She looks plain and basic as fuck and has a square and big face. Taylor as a child was demonic and ugly. See >>133139
Sorry for the salt but I'm tired of people pretending Taylor is pretty when she's actually a textbook butterface. Nice body though.

No. 272762

Lol, only 3 comments about koots and one was the typical "it's common for magazines and etc." stuff.

>it makes me feel uneasy

Although I couldn't figure out >ざわちんは病気だね ('zawachin' is sick) because idk what "zawachin" is and it doesn't translate through any dictionaries I know of.

Is Girls Channel even that popular? Aside from the post vote numbers there aren't that many posts. Granted, the thread is only a few days old.

"She's a one-person Addams Family"

No. 272764

haha zawachin is just some washed up japanese makeup personality. she's like their version of a lesser anastasiya shpagina. she does makeup looks of celebrities but got caught a while back ago for superimposing pictures of famous people onto her own pictures under the guise of it actually being her work.

No. 272769

Her head is floating

No. 272770

this looks like she copied and pasted her head from a different photo.

No. 272771

can anyone find the "real" photos of her at this event

No. 272772

Eww. Seeing these ugly middle-aged Japanese women drool over young blonde girls is fucking gross. The Japanese must really hate themselves.

No. 272773

Japanese women are taught to hate themselves since birth, so probably…yes?

No. 272776

a friend, who's also a classmate, showed me this pic and he was like 'she needs to relax with that sh00p'
I almost died laughing. She looks like a fucking cartoon

No. 272784

It's kinda gross tbh

No. 272792


Keyword USED TO BE*, and I've already posted proof in a previous thread, go find it if you're that interested.

No. 272810

File: 1464221792151.jpg (83.77 KB, 607x643, Ci0m_1Jfhu2.jpg)

Found some funny tweets and thought I'd share them.

"What is happening to Dakota Rose's style?"

No. 272811

File: 1464221854376.png (260.84 KB, 455x625, Ci0m_1Jfhu1.png)

"8-head body Dakota Rose."

No. 272813

File: 1464222193566.jpg (98.51 KB, 615x613, Ci0m_1Jfhu3.jpg)

"I know there are discussions about Dakota Rose and Katono-kun having the same roomwear, but Some-sama also own the same lolololol Some-sama is so cute lololol"

No. 272815

File: 1464222293386.jpg (74.58 KB, 600x900, CjRbrvyVEAAn8mv.jpg)

Full picture

No. 272817

"style" in moon is referring to her body shape

No. 272818

Whoops, thank you!

No. 272823

lmao the japs are ruthless

No. 272827

want the unedited versions plx

No. 272829

File: 1464223693056.jpeg (28.83 KB, 675x582, moJXd3wgiXXlBGz_6alGf_357[1].j…)

That thread has some amazing before and after shoops.

No. 272832

I've tried looking everywhere for candids but couldn't find any. My guess is she didn't know anyone at the event and went alone just to take some pictures for 10 minutes and then go home.

No. 272836

What was the event called? There has to be some kind of media coverage with candids, but like you said she seems to be alone and had someone snap a mobile photo for her.

Them nasolabials on fleek.

No. 272844

JIMMY CHOO 20周年パーティー
(JIMMY CHOO 20 Year Anniversary Party)

She also retweeted the site she was mentioned on but deleted the tweet for some reason. Unfortunately, I didn't take a screenshot of it.

No. 272847

No. 272848

There it is, thank you anon.

No. 272852

Wow, she went on a hell of a deleting spree this week and last. Maybe she really is trying to go viral again. Too bad it won't work because she looks like crap now.

No. 272855

Yep, You're right anon.
I'm a smoker too, I'm almost 30 and I've baby face without any wrinkles/under-eye puffiness/blablabla
Because good genes I guess (My mom and my sis looks very young too)
→sorry for blogging
I'm not saying that Dakota doesn't smoke either but her aging isn't a sufficient proof.
It may be various things like bad sleeping, alimentation (and yeah, smoking and genes too but not only)

No. 272872

This reminds me of those gifs where a head comes out of the body and the neck is that endless choppy line.

Hope that pics surface but it seems like she was barely there. Did she even buy anything? Does she own anything Jimmy Choo?

No. 272878

Literally nobody cares about your made-up self masturbation story.

No. 272893

Calm down butthurt-chan. It wasn't off-topic.

No. 272897

It was though. Your genes =/= everyone's genes. Your self insert ficlet has nothing to do with Dakota. And before you try to argue otherwise, I dare you to look at candids of either of them and argue that they have good genes. Lack of acne and straight teeth are the only two good genes they got, and Dakota only looks "baby faced" with heavy photo editing.

No. 272956

Her tweet says that the bag and shoes are from JIMMY CHOO. A lot of other people also had their picture taken in front of that wall and gave info on which part of their outfit is from JC. Maybe you could "borrow" some of those things to promote them on social media sites since JC displayed their new collection at the event.

No. 272978

I think this new collection/collaboration is more affordable. She could of course be wearing knock-offs,like all her VW stuff that she promoted in her book. Regardless she could probably borrow JC stuff from people at her agency if she did not have it or want to buy it.

No. 272986

I doubt she'll go viral again guys. People already know what she looks like without shoop and she's been living in Japan for years now. Still haven't seen much of an increase in her personality to make herself seem interesting. Doesn't have a good style, the style she has no is a mesh of shit that doesn't go together and her shoops are no longer believable.

She'll fade away.

No. 272987


She doesn't have much of a baby face without shoop. It's her face shape and features which make it easier for her to manipulate with meitu and PS to help her create a baby face. That's all.

No. 272992

I'm sorry anon, I'm pretty a newfag and I tought that was a good exemple.
It's clear that it wasn't relevant at all.
I'll do my best next time. Sorry :)

No. 272993


This is't a screen print though. it's copied and paste

No. 273017

I really thibk if she stuck to updating her blog and YouTube on a constant basis after moving to Japan she could have held onto a solid fan base that probably could've pushed her further into the YT fame and actually stay there. Her videos were honestly what helped make her famous. Her pictures were a big part, but if she hadn't done her beauty vids, I don't think she'd be as famous. Instead she turned up her nose to her internatiol fan base and tried to suck glorious nippons dick.

No. 273026


Exactly. I think so too if she kept doing what she was doing with the animu girl persona and tried to make herself come across as an approachable and interesting person then it would have worked. She could have had a 1M sub fan base like Venus. It could have worked for her but like you said Dakota just snubbed us for the Japanese who couldn't give a fuck about her.

Dakota is the clever one out of that family of hers. She should have played her cards right and kept doing Youtube even if she hours of AE killed her or just simply moving away from it and showing us all her natural face. I think her fans wouldn't have cared much. Look at Venus? All the drama she's been through, lies and threats yet her fans care and like her. It would have worked for Dakota.

Even models for e.g like Karlie Kloss makes vlogs and shows us an insight into her life. She's still model and does Youtube videos when she can. Dakota could have kept to both.

She's had enough time over the past few years. I mean I know everyone on this site seems to hate Taylor but even Taylor tells us about the shit dramas and things she's been in recently. I mean even if she looks a mess now and isn't that great with her Jap she still gives us a bit of an insight. Dakota never did that.

Just goes to show it was kinda always about the fame. Now she's after going viral again… personally I don't think we should give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 273027

She seems to have an "old school" vision of fame.
Where personalities are unapproachable big stars who don't talk to their fans.

No. 273029

File: 1464285793334.jpg (163.13 KB, 1024x1024, CjY6eV1UoAA3GeE.jpg)

A key chain she probably received at the event.

No. 273032

File: 1464286440902.jpeg (30.92 KB, 309x548, pvVeCIht67SmXVs_YKd1I_83.jpeg)

I understand what you anon are saying about keeping up with youtube. But in all honesty, look at her… She killed her popularity for not looking anything like her edits. That's why she is here, and thats the #1 reason the people on Girls channel don't like her. She got her fame ONLY by editing. THAT'S IT. Once she was found out, she did the inevitable "hide out". She will never be "famous" again die to the fact that she doesn't actually have the look.
She's a Lucky fraud.

No. 273034

Jeez I'm sorry for the mistakes.
I said
>That's why she is here (lolcow)
She's a FRAUD. She only has fans that are delusional and think she's the real deal. We ALL thought her edits were legit (some of us) Until she got in Japan and everyone saw her REAL face.

No. 273037

File: 1464287282114.jpg (55.15 KB, 481x503, fb.jpg)

tried to shoop on the face of her golden years.
Dakota, how does one fuck up THIS BAD?

No. 273041

It'd be absolutely priceless to see the original, unedited photo of one of her ridiculous recent edits.

And such a shame that there aren't any official photos from that Choo event.

No. 273058

I think she shut down after people started dredging up her old stickam videos where her and Kiki were being dumb racist, homophobic twats. Instead of just thinking before she said something, she just decided to not saying anything at all.

No. 273061

You're not totally wrong. However look at people like Xiaxue or edits her photos just as much Dakota does imo. She still has a good, solide fanbase, and is/ was (idk anymore, I stopped following) the biggest blogger in Singapore. XX still has this fame, despite not looking like her edits, because people like her personality (and because she is open about her editing). If Dakota had an actual personality, people wouldn't give two shits about her edits.

No. 273066

>people wouldn't give two shits about her edits.
what? xiaxue is a controversial blogger who makes her income (and fanbase) by her writing, not by looks. She already had a fanbase before she was even good at photoshop or had any surgery, she can be fake and honest about it all she wants, it doesn't affect her popularity either way. But a model making an income off her image can't do that, that's everything for her, she has nothing else to her name. It's like having a career as an artist and admitting you trace everything. that's not going to make people like you, it's going to make you lose your job.

No. 273073

I was talking mostly if Dakota had focused more on the Youtubes/ blogs and less on her "modeling" career. Of course if you're trying to be a model and a TV personality, its going to backfire on you. But I really do think people would just been all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about it if just put out pretty pictures/ videos with insights into her daily life in Japan.

No. 273075

I love XX. I don't care if she edits, she writes well. And has personality.

Kota could still make it big on blogging and YouTube, shame she's too lazy

No. 273088

Idk if she could, not in Japan anyway. She's not skilled enough in Japanese to do her vids in Japanese (she used google translate to script her few Japanese vids), and she's too good for her whatever scraps of her western fan base are left. Even if she started doing jvlogs in English she would have to deal with the long awaited backlash from her English speaking former fan base over abandoning them for Japan. I think it's safe to say the majority of Dakota hate and gossip is from her western fan base compared to her Japanese fan base. She kind of shot herself in the foot there.

No. 273100

File: 1464301174575.png (172.57 KB, 659x369, 348a85db.png)

My point for my comment >>273032

She's a fraud because she lies about everything and what's so funny she still lies about her use of photoshop. She herself stated we were "haters" because all she ever used was "muh mirrors" and "muh lighting". She's a liar ands buried herself with her first appearance in Japan saying "it's not Cgi or any editing". Keeping up with youtube or not tbh I disliked her ever since she made that ridiculous comment as if everyone is just so stupid.

No. 273105

You know what I won't even put the blame all on kootz either, how could I forget! She has her own Mother peddling this whole lie. I totally lost my respect for her when her mom desperately begged people for money, attacked other people on social media, and still sits on her but trolling online just to "protect her daughters scam". What kind of hillbilly crap is this? She lost all her brownie points for viciously attacking and harassing people that exposed this fraud. How could anyone in their right mind even like this chick? She wouldn't have so much hate if she wasn't lying fraud. She basically got away with murder in my opinion. I'm shocked she still even has fans in the west.

No. 273155


Pretty much this. The only people she's fooling are people too young/naive to know better, though I think her gig is up by now. It was sickening before her time in Japan seeing these girls who clearly have self-esteem issues look up to Kota and wish desperately to look like her, when in reality she doesn't even look like her. I would have more respect for her if she admitted she shopped herself. It's like the same shit with Nigri and her denying getting implants. Who cares? Just admit it and move on.

No. 273164

>koots couldn't afford anything at the event

No. 273167

Lel did she have Mila Mortice shoop this

No. 273171

This. I've always thought that Dakota would have success if she went the opposite route and started becoming more open and honest like Xiaxue. Everyone always goes on about how Dakota doesn't have a personality, I disagree. We all know she's a bit of an edgelord. If she let loose and came out of her shell and started being honest she could attract an entirely new fanbase. But we all know she will never do that, she's spent too much time carefully crafting her ~living dorru~ persona.

No. 273176

Being open like Xiaxue won't appeal to Japan. Plus you can't fake it. Dakota doesn't have any personality or wit, nor would she ever do videos that show in detail how she shoops herself like Xiaxue did.

No. 273201


>Being open like Xiaxue won't appeal to Japan…

Google Vanilla Chamu

No. 273210

File: 1464315636888.jpg (49.96 KB, 627x352, Vanilla-Chamu-euros-muneca_TIN…)

Yikes, she spent $100k+ to look like a tranny

No. 273227

Funny how her type changed from "I like older men" to "I like cool guys", lol. Confirms Dakota was milking the nasty pedos for her first few years in Japan, which also explains bathing with a 60+ year old man as didn't even know.

And don't forget her photobook, "All About Dakota Rose" where the front of it was just a zoomed in, super overexposed pic of her face with a huge "this face 100% not CGI!!!" Banner over her jaw. Then the pics on the inside were still blurred and overexposed or super tiny.

Dakota isn't relevant anymore as a model because she never really was. She was just bait for older men who like the underaged girl look and young girls who wish they had were kawaii but also wish they had western features. Now that she's older and starting to age out of her cutesy looks she's obviously not gonna be as popular, but it's clear by how she's started shooping and posting so frequently/deleting stuff that she thinks she can just pick right up where she left off and get all that attention back again. Like she doesn't understand that half her "fame" was her pretending to be an innocent little 16 year old girl who just liked kawaii fashion and makeup. She's none of those things anymore, she doesn't even try to look nice, just throws on clothes that don't flatter her or coordinate well and takes wrekt apartment selfies.

No. 273333

she does actually look better imo

No. 273347

File: 1464351845777.jpg (84.45 KB, 523x622, ダコタロズ.jpg)


She failed miserably with her anime fans as well (although she keeps trying) when she did the "Chobits" video using elfin lied ears. She really isn't a "bandwagon-er", I don't mind that, but pretending to like something you aren't really familiar with is a huge turn off. She keeps lying about her interests and she can't stick to what she really likes.
Also, I hate her style it's super tacky. Pic related, she wore those stupid school bows with literally every outfit in the begging.

No. 273351

You mean bow ties? And yeah those were tacky. But with Kiki helping her coordinate outfits back in FL her style was kawaii but not so obnoxiously so that it looked like something you couldn't wear out in public. Usually IRL kawaii looks like convention garb one wouldn't (normally) think to wear in public. Of course we know only Kiki was stupid enough to wear that shit outside like it was normal, lol.

She's never had a sense for fashion, all her good outfits were Kiki's doing. Even her Japan debut video outfit, the cute pink dress with the bow tie and satchel backpack was paired with black OTK tights with black bows and fake garter strap designs. Like wtf? OTT eye makeup and OTT Photoshop are the only two things she was ever actually good at.

No. 273356

>She's never had a sense for fashion, all her good outfits were Kiki's doing.

Not saying you're wrong but I'm really skeptical about this. We've all seen what Kiki slaps on herself when left to her own devices. The looks that made Kota internet famous were more of a best-of Tumblr's Taobao Shopper Sites collection.

No. 273367

Yeah you're right about that. But it seems like her sense of style dramatically got worse when she went to Japan. It's almost comical now. I was surprised she didn't wear the things she wore in her videos.

No. 273374

i feel like she was joking when she said 'i like older guys'
she only said it a few times and it was when she was being interviewed by older men so it was probably just for the lolz.

No. 273376

File: 1464358244646.jpg (1.2 MB, 1024x2549, fb.jpg)

>She's never had a sense for fashion, all her good outfits were Kiki's doing
i seriously doubt kiki had anything to do with it. Kiki still looked half-way scene at the beginning of Dakota's kawaii days, and then when she got super popular, kiki started copying her like the creepiest of clones, and wasn't even good at it.

No. 273380


Good point, but Kiki's style only got OTT silly when Dakota got noticed in Japan, so I think she started doing the spiked platform shoes & lingerie crap because she saw it in a Japanese niche fashion magazine scan and thought it was a mainstream thing (which is also common weeb logic, "I can dress crazy in Japan because it's totes normal over there!").

That wouldn't explain the bathing with a random pervy old guy on tv though. Face it, she knew what market she appealed to. That's why she tagged her YT vids with shit like "schoolgirl" and "teen girl"/"young girl"

No. 273381

i made a beef timeline:

>Kiki's outfits are plain but good

>Kota's are plain but decent
>Kota's get kawaii
>Kiki tarts getting kawaii
>Kota goes to Japan, her style become severely hit or miss
>Kiki goes OTT kawaii and starts copying Kota's look

No. 273390

File: 1464364879391.jpg (50.44 KB, 475x713, Kiki-Kannibal-demolitionvenom-…)

no one ever can ever convince me that kiki or dakota ever had fashion sense

No. 273391

sorry meant to reply to >>273351

No. 273395

>She's never had a sense for fashion, all her good outfits were Kiki's doing.

I started this rumour by speculating that it might be the case. Regret.

No. 273399

>that quote

oh the irony

No. 273419

File: 1464369252859.gif (2.61 MB, 720x480, Shame.gif)

No. 273431

Except the only time she had good outfits was a span of a few months where Kiki was less active while Kota was blowing up & they were sharing clothes.

No. 273441

>i seriously doubt kiki had anything to do with it. Kiki still looked half-way scene at the beginning of Dakota's kawaii days, and then when she got super popular, kiki started copying her like the creepiest of clones, and wasn't even good at it.

Maybe it just because Kiki didn't suit the whole kawaii style? Or maybe Mama Ostrenga was the one styling Kota…

No. 273442

lol cut it out. neither of those even make sense. Dakota isn't a brainless puppet, I think she can order her own clothes and dress herself, style might have gotten worse in time, but that's not a reason to think her sister or her mother were choosing her clothes for her.

No. 273459

If that were the case then why were Dakota's outfits only cute and well coordinated for such a short amount of time?

No. 273470

Maybe since she was an avid taobao shopper she just copied the ideal Animu girl look from the pictures of the models. I remember how I had no clue what Taobao was till she came out. And the pictures of the models generally make you want to imitate their look. But since we caught wind of her lying about making her clothes (and that she was only shopping from taobao). I feel like she desperately tried to buy overly trendyJapanese street fashion (just had a hard time coordinating that crap).

No. 273471

Dumb luck? Even a broken clock is right two times a day. Also as >>273470 said, she probably imitated a lot of the models she saw on TB where she got her stuff.

No. 273476

supposedly she was heavily influenced by uzzlang and gyaru at the time, at least this is what charms said she told her. that's all there is to it.

No. 273481

No. 273488

it has begun

No. 273536

She claimed she MADE the clothes she wore?
What the fuck. I never heard that before. lmao

No. 273712

File: 1464422129860.jpg (139.38 KB, 852x1410, wtfalien.jpg)

Ok I was looking through some of koti's old photos from 2009-2010(?) and are we sure that she was shooping back then? I mean, I'm not good at detecting shoops, but wouldn't she have had to shoop the shadows and whatnot? Maybe she fucked around with her head because she looks like the "ayy lmao" alien but idk about the body.

No. 273713

File: 1464422262827.png (344.82 KB, 545x457, bulimia.PNG)

Also, I noticed her knuckle is red in this photo which would support the theory that she suffered/suffers from bulimia. Because if you saw photos of her from a year before she was … not fat per se but… bigger

No. 273726

Photoshop 7.0 had a liquify tool and I'm sure she made good use of it.

No. 273745

File: 1464429972964.jpg (47.02 KB, 736x414, fb.jpg)

as far as i know it was only once in one of her outfit videos where she said she made this pink skirt

No. 273764


>are we sure she's shopping


No. 273773

Anything in a picture can be photoshopped, including the shadows lol. Forgetting about shadows is even seen as amateurish. It's incredibly easy to do so.

No. 273794

File: 1464451252533.png (1.7 MB, 1184x854, coolhair.PNG)

I know reading comprehension is not everyone's strong suit, but did you even finish reading my post?

The shadows and her body, relative to the guy in the photo, seem like it would make it difficult to shoop without noticeable changes. The only thing I can really see as having been altered is around her face, but even then the foreground around her head doesn't look like it was tampered with. Also, it doesn't seem like she would have been able to stretch herself taller without messing up the paintings and whatnot. But, as I stated, I'm not good at detecting shoops. Could someone point out where in this photo Koti may have shooped besides her head?

No. 273802


lol bitch stfu, you're the one so stupid you can't seem to comprehend that everything, yes even shadows, can be manipulated with ease in PS.

>I'm not good at detecting shoops

Well there you go then, shut up and stop trying to weigh into on something you clearly know nothing about. All of the shit you mention as being potentially impossible is so fucking basic to achieve it's laughable.

No. 273803

Yeah that's true, she looks like a doll and she's a real pretty kid but she will age.
>tfw this kid won the genetic lottery,is doll like,going to japan and places,seems well off,.. and i'm here being an ugly 21yo girl working average wage stuck in murica

No. 273804

To make herself taller and not create any wobbly lines, all she'd have to do is stretch the entire photo. Dakota has been editing her and Kiki's photos ever since their scene days, of course her photos in this time are edited. Dakota is actually fairly decent at it, which is why people fell for her shoops that got her famous. So she would know how to work with the shadows. Don't get salty that people are saying you're clueless when you obviously are.

No. 273805

Oh boy all these before/after shoop pics, can't get enough of it

No. 273806

File: 1464455096758.png (152.26 KB, 360x504, Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 1.03…)

She stretched herself and look at her arms they look like noodles. No-one can humanly look like this.

No. 273807

File: 1464455226792.png (156.61 KB, 407x350, Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 1.06…)

Also where she tried to shoop her legs she ended up blurring the guys pants.

No. 273808

Her legs are so blurry. It's not hard to see photoshop especially her earliest works. Photoshop is the worlds best lie.

No. 273809

You can even see that the wall and floor literally bend. It's a mess

No. 273812

File: 1464457405862.png (5.82 MB, 1936x1936, image.png)

I couldn't find photos of Koti at the event, but here are candida of other people. You can see how stretched her photo is.
Sorry you can't see her head, I lined up floor for each one

No. 273814

Well her picture is more zoomed in than the candids, so there is going to be some sort of discrepancy when you line the floors up. She also has a lower angle which will make you look taller. Of course, her photo is still shooped to hell and back. I am actually really surprised there were no candid pictures of her there. Wonder if Bravo has a new rule where others can't take her pictures/ post them without their approval.

No. 273817

File: 1464458244983.jpeg (209.84 KB, 1093x1011, image.jpeg)

I downloaded spring to de stretch her kek

No. 273818

The Kota on the right was the one I edited on the app. The left just is sort of mushed down

No. 273827

you should have made it so the word Jimmy was the same size.

No. 273835

It's great how a girl who has been stuff I f her bra for so long still doesn't know what boobs look like. Those look like they're running away from each other.

No. 273841

Does anyone think nowadays would dakota have made it in Japan? Or only back in 2012?

No. 273842

File: 1464465675515.jpg (162.21 KB, 700x427, meh.jpg)

No. 273846

File: 1464467010701.jpg (23.24 KB, 480x360, image.jpg)

She looks like that ps3 alien girl

No. 273855

Wow. And I'm sure she also thinned herself out in photoshop AS WELL as stretching the photo so she's probably even wider than this.

No. 273857

File: 1464471229373.jpg (31.92 KB, 500x313, fb.jpg)

she might still have made it. Although she probably would have been known as the human loli instead of the human barbie.

No. 273858

Lmao why are you so angry?

No. 273859

Anon is upset because you are blind to obvious photoshop.

No. 273861

Even still, there's literally no need to get that aggressive over something so mundane. Anyway, sage for OT but y'all need to keep your emotions in check

No. 273865

Whoa this is so good anon.

I thought the bag was hers but I see she just took a photo with it just like the rest of the ladies. Anyways stockings with open toed heels look quite odd.

No. 273873

She most likely bought the shoes used off yahoo auction for cheap. They don't look like a recent one.

No. 273884

I think she would have, but her parents would have probably had to have foot most of the bill instead of having Bravo pay for it all.

I think if Bravo never picked her up, she would have continued with whatever she was doing. Kept making videos, doing decent high res shoops, and probably would have made a decent living off it through ads and monetizing her videos. This would have helped pay for the move to Japan. And she probably would more desperate for a husbando for that wife visa.So, yes, I think she would have ended up in Japan eventually, but with less of the modeling.

No. 273886

No. 273888


True but have you seen some of the girls on IG anon? Some of them look A* and kota's old shops which got her famous despite them looking more realistic and cute it isn't much in comparison to those out there on IG who look like actual models and have the 'look'? Plus it's just difficult nowadays anyway to be noticed even with a kawaii niche. They're all the same. Again I think YT or Tumblr would still have been a good outlet for her. But I doubt people would believe it as much compared to today.

No. 273889

Out of all the things she comes back with a keyring?

How much does kota even get paid? Id have thought she would invest in shoes or a bag at least but nope a keychain fgs

No. 273907

I wouldn't be surprised if she got it for free just for attending the event.

No. 273914

They were free for anyone who came. Scroll through the hashtag on instagram to find some people posting theirs.


No. 273937

Thats my point though, she would have still stuck to Youtube, probably tumblr, and eventually gotten IG. She had a solid fanbase back then, and if she actually worked at keeping those fans and still create content I think she would have been a pretty well known beauty/ lifestyle persona.

No. 273938

Woah were dos you find that candid of Dakota on the end anon? She looks… Uhm.

No. 273941

The pic on the end isn't a candid. P sure that anon just "unshooped" it.

No. 273967

nah, I think moving to Japan was an opportunity only given by the circumstances of her going viral. if it hadn't happened, Charms said she wanted to be a model however way she could (hence why she first tried to be a model in the US just before she went viral). and if that failed she wanted to be a fashion designer, or an artist. For a normal girl in Florida I don't think her mind would have gone to "become a model in Japan" if none of this had happened.

i guess it's a matter of opinion, but who are you referring to? out of all the kawaii girls, i haven't seen any who are prettier than 2012 shooped kota. and btw, her subbing her videos in japanese, writing blogs in japanese etc. was a huge part of what got their attention. I remember Japan was the last to notice her after Korea and China aired her on tv, so she had to find ways to get them to notice her. i always thought that if Venus had done the same at the time she went viral, like actually focus on nabbing a contract instead of worrying about online fame, she could have scored one too.

No. 273969

That's too realistic to be a de-shoop. Especially the cankles, which is why Dakota's shooped ankles always look broken and weird. How is it easier to believe that someone could perfectly de-shoop a picture better than anyone ever has on the internet than that someone found a candid of a model at an event where candids of other models at the same event have already been posted?

No. 273973

lmao, anon do you know how fucking dumb you sound?

No. 273980

I quickly deshooped it. I'll take this as a compliment!

No. 274040


Venus's mother ruined that for her tbh and i think venus would had gone the idol route

No. 274046

she would have succeeded. she had a million times more potential for that than girls like Beckii Cruel who made it

No. 274047

anon you underestimate the power photoshop. we know you want to believe she really looks like that but… i'm sorry :/

No. 274049

She may not have focused on modeling solely in Japan, but I feel like she would have gone there anyway. Her and Kiki always had a hard on for Japan, and you yourself said she tried super hard to get Japan's attention and she really did drop everything when Nippon came a callin. She may not have modeled, but I do feel like she would have ended up going there, maybe doing her "designs" or something.

No. 274050

Anon wtf drugs are you on? Dakota's face in that "deshoop" literally looks like mashed potato, how can you believe thats not somehow been deshopped?

No. 274068

i'm so thirsty for a new video tbh. (you're not that busy dakota, get it together) i just want to see how the fuck she'll try and translate her new "look" into motion. i can only hope that we'll at least get 1 more before this years up lol.

No. 274069

I mean she posted the Babyfang video a month ago, and its still up on her channel. its mostly just filters, overdrawn lips, and lenses.

No. 274079


Doubt she'll make many more videos unless her career dies and she goes back to YT to milk money out of the weebs who fanny lick her.


Exactly, I also think Venus would have made it as an idol back then. Now no chance due to being married, drama and she isn't too old? But… the viral doll thing is over.


Possibly yeah. She would have gone there anyway I think so too. Probably would have signed herself up over there without receiving a free contract. Kota would have had to gone school or something if she wanted to do her designs over there. But it's affording it… she could have used the money off her YT videos. No need anyway, everything was free handed over to her.

No. 274160

I agree with everything except Kiki never had an interest in Japan, she's just pretending to now because of Kota's success there.

I definitely agree that Kota did drop everything when she got an offer to model in Japan. I remember before she got the offer to model in Japan, she was putting all her attention on China. I think if she stuck with China, she'd most likely be much more successful than she is/ever was in Japan. Other than it seemed like China gave more attention to her than Japan did, just look at Taylor R's career in Hong Kong vs Japan.

>I also think Venus would have made it as an idol back then
I think so as well. Honestly, if Venus kept Manaki a secret, I still think she could've became an idol, especially with her current look.

No. 274163

>tfw dakota will never be interesting again like in 2011/2012
I kinda miss being a 16yo and stalking her pics and vids, reading PULL on tumblr and as an early forum where we were still doubting her shoops like idiots, trying to find the pretty clothes she wore, reading her blog,…And being overall fascinated by her.
Now she is so..bland? And her shoops are so awful it's almost a joke. All that brightness is headache inducing and her clothing style/overall style has gone to shit.

No. 274166

Kiki was more edgier with her fashion than Dakota, but they both had a thing for anime, manga, Japanese novelty toys etc.

No. 274185

Didn't kaka used to make fun of kota for being a little weeb? i think kiki pretended to be into asian stuff in general for internet points, not because she genuinely had an interest in it. Last year bitch even was asking on twitter what's the name of Ranma 1/2 series because ~it was her favorite show~ kek.

No. 274192

That's what happens when you peak in your teens and have no real plan for the future. You start aging and reality sets in that you're useless and have only a few shitty options in life like becoming a housewife to avoid having to work or grow up fully.

No. 274197

Maybe you're right. Kiki may have just jumped on the bandwagon with the few cute Japanese items they had here and there during their scene phases.

No. 274258

File: 1464589285111.jpg (38.67 KB, 480x326, giphy-how-the-dawson-s-creek-c…)

me too man, allllllll of this

No. 274260

you sound like one hell of a depressed person lol

No. 274263

Nah, I'm from central FL so I see girls like Dakota and Kiki who's eps rents have spoiled and coddled them so much in their teens that once they hit 20+ they're completely lost and helpless and don't know how to adult. Especially Dakota having to lie about her age to make it in Japan once her real face came out, now that she's "20" in Japan she can't keep acting like a kawaii little brat or else she'll have no choice but to marry for a visa (if she hasn't already, seems like she's not working lately since the babyfang announcement which was over two months ago).

No. 274271

that has nothing to do with what you said earlier..
>That's what happens when you peak in your teens and have no real plan for the future. You start aging and reality sets in that you're useless and have only a few shitty options in life like becoming a housewife to avoid having to work or grow up fully.

this may apply to a popular high school girl whose life goes downhill after graduation because she realizes irl doesn't work the same way and really doesn't have future plans or knows "how to adult", so yeah, becomes useless and is eventually forced to either marry and be supported or get a job at an office printing papers.

but Dakota has been independent for a while now and none of that applies to her

No. 274308

>none of that applies to her

Except all of it does. Peaked in her teens, spoiled princess, steady decline since, no education or real world skills, and someone is definitely taking care of her. You don't get to piss around in Tokyo without working or going to school regularly unless you're married to a visa hubby who pays all your bills.

No. 274316

File: 1464611148313.jpg (50.48 KB, 230x220, fb.jpg)

>peaked in her teens
she peaked in photoshop in 2011/2012. irl she probably looks better now than she did back then, pic related. and seriously anon, i wanna say "no offense" but you really do sound like a depressed loser. try not to sound so hopeful that her life is going to shit

No. 274328

>IRL she probably looks better now

Wow, lol no. I know you're not used to seeing her in anything but her over shooped IG pics lately but that's a big fat nope. She doesn't even wear eye makeup half the time and she needs to go back to having bangs, the huge shiny forehead thing doesn't suit her.

No. 274337


Her bangs made her look like a five year old kid, Asians get away with it easily.

Kota looks best with the side fringe tbh I just wish she would wear more eye make up because it suited her tbh. Now the natural look just sucks and her eyes look like piss holes in the snow without any.

No. 274361

do you guys really think she wears no eye makeup? I can't really tell, but it looks like she is using white eyeliner and/or a white/pale eyeshadow.

No. 274362


In her new style I remember some stylist told her natural appearance is better than her old heavy liner looks. But whilst her eye make up looks shit in motions like her first interview it looks better in pictures and her edited videos. But her everyday natural look she's doing now makes her look bare as fuck in pictures but probably looks nicer in person?

She just looks so bland now. She's trying to do the Japanese girl natural face but while they look more cute without the make up it makes kota more plain.

No. 274367

>She doesn't even wear eye makeup half the time
oh anon, you fell for it. she has eye makeup on 100% of the time. right here for instance >>273029 she has white eyeshadow on upper lid, lower lid, and inner corner, white eyeliner on waterline, those eyebags drawn in, probably tight-lined upper lid, and like 1 coat of mascara on upper lashes. might also have a subtle light gray/brown cut crease, but not sure. this is her go-to eye makeup now, she never really varies when she settles on one.

>Her bangs made her look like a five year old kid
as if that's not her goal lol. i think she's just doing this for now to get rid of the insecurity of her forehead.

No. 274369

File: 1464621245341.jpg (47.28 KB, 518x610, ayevtl-l-610x610-hair accessor…)

she used to look so bad because she always dragged her false eyelashes down to far as an attempt to hide how small her eyes are, but she just looked silly.

No. 274370

File: 1464621302118.jpg (59.24 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mqtcye5VUq1sq4va7o1_500…)

one without the photoshop. It always looked like she had droop eyes

No. 274373

File: 1464621842598.jpg (82.34 KB, 866x1300, fb.jpg)

No. 274374

File: 1464622160605.jpg (78.02 KB, 543x604, CCErIadnGCo.jpg)

Blind to what? I'm talking about how she lined her eyes.
is this a better example?

No. 274376

If this >>274374
doesn't look silly to you than you're a hypocrite.

No. 274377

File: 1464622224433.jpg (42.21 KB, 600x600, CjthdLuVEAABzdk.jpg)

Found this on twitter, but I can't find it on her instagram nor on her twitter or elsewhere??

No. 274380

lmao how am i a hypocrite? what did i say to contradict myself?

No. 274383

I stated before the reason why she stopped lining her eyes was because she always appeared droopy eyed.
Then you said I was blind, WHAT AM I BLIND ABOUT?
You are blind. SHE LOOKED SILLY.

No. 274384

File: 1464622637940.png (261.94 KB, 494x591, Hancock.png)

did she… shrink her chin? why not her forehead?? it's like she's trying to look like a One Piece character

No. 274385

lol calm your ass down

No. 274386

File: 1464622807082.jpg (18.24 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Whatever grow up, What am I blind to?

No. 274396

It looks really silly in this picture, you can tell they went way too far with it. But in the other two pictures it looks AIGHT. Doing that is/ was a really popular trend, you can see that the other chick in >>274370 is doing it as well.

No. 274397

put it out of its misery

No. 274427

You can rationalize it all as much as you want for her but it doesn't change the fact that this "look" of huge shiny forehead, puffy monkey ass lips and bulging nude eyes looks like flaming garbage on her. She's trying to be naturally cute like a baby but she just can't pull it off as well as she pulled off dolly cute with makeup.

No. 274460

ayyy lmao

No. 274461

File: 1464632376945.png (590.2 KB, 521x657, Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 19.1…)

I keep seeing this girl on tumblr "Kinashen" and she reminds me of old kota.

Asian gothic kota

No. 274474

you look like shit and you really suck at photoshop

No. 274477

she doesn't look like her at all, only the bangs.

No. 274482

never heard of this chick, but with 179k followers on ista (Wtf?) and lots of bad shooping she may be snowflake worthy?

No. 274483

You're not going to find many lolcow posters that don't look like shitstains so this probably isn't a self post…

No. 274497


She is basically the asian gothic version of kota tbh her IG is ridiculous

No. 274499

This hideous lilac eyeshadow…

No. 274503

That's some fucking SPLICE shit.

No. 274504

I know her irl and she looks like shit

No. 274535

I want to see candids, she's a new Wylona.

No. 274549

Ah, I remember her. Adam and Wylo are pretty salty about her because she shoops better than Wylo, and looks more like what Wylo wishes she looked like. I saw Adam say once that Kina "stole inspiration and ideas from Wylo

No. 274551

File: 1464645398547.jpeg (37.88 KB, 320x316, image.jpeg)

Dat nose

No. 274552

Holy fuck, Kota really needs to get her shit together. No wonder she deleted it, wtf is that thing

No. 274557

That's the average chinese selfie for you.

No. 274558

Her lips look far worse than Tsubasa's.

No. 274566

her nose is fine

No. 274575

It is, my point was just meant to show how much she shoops it (maybe she even has surgery).

No. 274581

I'll post them tomorrow, I can't upload them using my phone eugh

No. 274605

this. looks. so. fucking. awful.
I really want to know whether she really thinks this looks good or if she's just trying to troll at this point.

No. 274607


Man she's gone off the deep end completely.

No. 274615

File: 1464659884674.jpg (3.31 MB, 5312x2988, 20160531_105329.jpg)

Don't know if this has been posted and cbf to check the whole thread but babyfang is apparently still open

No. 274616

By the way it's just a couple stands like that not an entire store

No. 274623

Thanks for checking it out, I saw that another Japanese store mentioned opening up next to it a while ago. Did you get a chance to ask about the store closing on the internet?

No. 274631

Wow that really is shit tier etsy garbage. I guess they're trying to get rid of what's left over.

No. 274634

Knowing what she was charging for these, I feel like I could get the same junk at Claire's for $3 on clearance. Seriously, what is this even? I know Japanese girls have seen stuff like this before, hell F21 has stuff like this in their jewelry section year round.

No. 274657


My guess would be that the website was a flop so that's why they shut the site down but let the stands remain.
Has anyone ever been able to buy from her website before it was taken down though? Because if I remember correctly, Kota told a fan she was trying to find a way to ship the items overseas so I want to see if she did or not.

Also what about that one girl who was selected to be a model for her brand? (https://archive.is/20160413125047/http://baby-fang.com/new/2016-03-28-083146.html)
She has a twitter and instagram so can any moonrune readers see if she mentioned it at all?

No. 274733

Her tweets are protected.

No. 274744

Just went back to ask. She said they don't have a website anymore and these are the only items left. She was laughing and I didn't want to question her further because she seemed embarrassed.
On a side note, 4100 yen for some of these earrings…jeez

No. 274753

File: 1464671484600.jpg (63.61 KB, 600x700, CXd9dD-UAAAeIZG.jpg)

I don't understand how she was posting reasonably cute pics like this not too long ago, and now….. this >>274377

No. 274755

So it's as we suspected, it's only still up to sell off the rest of the stock. I don't see it doing so well at those prices though, it looks like they have a lot of stuff left still too.

No. 274759

Her IG is super basic, just pics of food with no tags and the occasional selfie. She even has less than 200 followers. Zero mention of Dakota, babyfang, or modeling at all. The closest thing is a shot of the Tokyo Girls Collection event from way back in the crowd. I think this girl was just somebody who walked in to the audition and got lucky (if you can being chosen to be a model for something you'll never be able to model for lucky I mean).

No. 274768

I'm 100000% convinced now that she's trolling us

No. 274770


I find it really spooky how fast this came and went (not trying to imply anything its just weird)

Idk how different domains and hosting is I'm Japan but it just seems so weird that the took it down 100%, was she or whoever reimbursed for the fees?. She could have just made a temporary homepage like.. removed her copycat peices from the site, invested another $25 bucks for a alibaba bulk order of new merch? She could have just had a 'returning soon' splash page as placeholder for as long as she needs, running a site alone isn't that expensive @_@????
But she seems to just completely axed it.. she just jumped the gun.. since she still has recognition the store still has potential for making money, like the only clear source of income from what we outsiders can see

>>maybe she got married and is set for a while so she axed all of her responsibilities so she can be free to do what she really enjoys

>>now she has so much free time to indulge her self image issues and become the kawaii alien 4 year old she is inside?????

No. 274779

File: 1464673744066.png (301.12 KB, 391x465, Ururu_Profile_FTB.png)


except that anon is right tho
kooters literally draw way too far the lash line

No. 274782


selfpost much?

No. 274799

Thank you anons.
I'd say she's lucky she wasn't a part of that failure.

No. 274841

>ITT waiting for Kooter to show up on some tv show with a tacky new makeup trick talking about how her brand did so wel she had to shut it down because she cool t keep up with demand

No. 274913

File: 1464692445026.jpg (23.93 KB, 600x530, c27ed8a7.jpg)

I really don't like this middle part.

No. 274928

knowing how humongous her forehead is in all these parted-in-the-middle photos, it's looking pretty small here

No. 274949


That's another one of today dude's tops got sure.

No. 274980

Those gold pieces look so cheap. I bet they leave your skin green
I hope she's careful with that chin, wouldn't be nice to stab anyone in the eyes

No. 275081

File: 1464723367623.jpg (1012.22 KB, 2000x1388, 06.jpg)

So kota is becoming a CLAMP's character?

No. 275143

Idk how extensions work, but that's a ton of volume she's had put in compared to her real hair. Maybe she's going with the middle part because she needed more room for extensions? Again, no idea how extensions work here. Could she have gotten the same volume put in while still having bangs? Because I feel like this middle part ages her more and bangs make her look more youthful.

No. 275158

That's such an insult to VV..

No. 275197


Why did she ever cut her hair anyway? Remember at the start of her modelling and she said "I'm not allowed to cut it" then she cuts it now she's using extensions. Plus we never see her doing much modelling anymore anyway… weird.

No. 275206

Maybe it was dead? Even with a modeling contract you can cut off dead hair as long as it works with your face shape and look.

No. 275219

The middle part hides the extensions

No. 275220

those flimsy paper tags and that barely legible logo on them..
and look how cheap they look!

No. 275224


Possibly with all the frying she did using heat and shit. The best hair she ever had was that side fringe and the short curly hair (she was in an interview with it and she looked adorable) now she just looks weird.

No. 275242

Is it just me or is she starting to give off a Kirsten vibe lately? The empty selfie updates on IG, failing projects, styling herself in ways that make her look like a bag of ass, etc.

No. 275249

Vivienne Westwood does not fuck around. I am willing to bet that they came down on Dakota hardcore and threatened legal action.

No. 275269

Same. I know some anon whined before about how there are thousands of orb knockoffs all over cheap crap in the fashion district, but none of them had a face model pushing them like Dakota that VW could actually go after. They wouldn't bother over some random, obscure price of jewelry ripping off their design unless there was a figurehead they could take down. Guess Dakota should take it as a compliment, VW's legal team considered her a threat so it's kinda like senpai noticing her (but not really because they shut her down).

No. 275350

But I wonder why all the places selling the same charms are still all up?
I would have thought once one is taken down, all the others would fall too, but everything is still up.

No. 275357

File: 1464757005561.jpeg (3.24 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

Lol I was at shibuya parco and saw the pop up shop too

No. 275372

Because with Dakota publicly claimin to be the producer of babyfang, that made her the responsible party to be sued (if they decided to, who knows). With other shops that don't have a clearly listed responsible party to put the blame on, VW probably isn't gonna waste time looking for someone to sue. Dakota did their worm for them by plastering her face all over it and saying it was 100% her idea and her designs, so she was the one at fault.

No. 275381

File: 1464763338470.jpeg (1.87 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

No. 275382

File: 1464763362333.jpeg (1.81 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

No. 275383

File: 1464763406295.jpeg (1.69 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

No. 275385

Some pics from the pop up shop it was kinda sharing space with a bath bomb shop, a few people came in to look but nobody brought shit.

No. 275388

it's a shame, those bath bombs look really cute

No. 275395

>made in China


No. 275407

Almost everything is made in china retard
Lel this will give a heart attack to anons here, don't post this shit without a spoiler! Good job 'kota! Make them jelly lmao

No. 275503

Hi Dakota, don't you have a yellow dick to suck so you can stay in Japan pretending to be a model?

No. 275511

not this anon but stop shitting up the thread
So, is dakota fading to you? What will become of her in a few years? Will she be ok?

No. 275520

it looks like those shitty necklaces that come with teenager magazinces lol

No. 275521


No. 275533


>not knowing how sage works

>implying the post o quoted wasn't pure shit to begin with
>caring this much about any thread on lolcow

The golden age of the chan boards is gone, and it's never coming back. No need to be so serious.

No. 275534

Most "celebrity" lines are super basic and made in china quality, even the ones by real celebrities with a lot more resources and money than Dakota.
She saying everything is design by her is bullshit but as least she's trying to make something.

No. 275540

Meh, I believe she designed most of it. There are a few cute prices but the majority of it is tacky or just wtf, like the chola hoops with random pistol charms on them. Like what is that even Dakota, come on now.

She should go back to posting about her air soft hobby (if she even still does it) and do little Twitter/Instagram makeup and beauty product reviews. Just those little things would boost her popularity so much. But she just seems like she wants to be treated like a princess while shutting herself up in her apartment all day eating cucumber salad and watching tv. What a bore.

No. 275613

Yeah no.

No. 275816

File: 1464847545298.jpg (91.46 KB, 500x375, 54508553.jpg)


No. 275850

>greentexts anon for not knowing how sage works
>doesn't sage correctly

Dakota's stand(s) look even more pitiful next to the other displays…

No. 275935

I wonder how long they'll stay up if nobody buys her leftovers?

No. 275969


Looks like Clair's low quality jewelry

No. 276052

How's Dakota going to make any money? I mean she's out of popteen, she's not on TV that much anymore, her jewelry line completely failed, how's she paying her bills? Does she have something else up her sleeve other than the jewelry?

No. 276079

She's got a rich boyfriend and she's still signed with Bravo (although idk how Es making money on her own from them if they aren't getting her wok? Can they keep her contract if she isn't working?) so that's money plus a visa to stay in Japan right there. I'm starting to think she might be secretly married too, I mean I do feel like if she was she wouldn't bother with Bravo anymore but if she's not working and still has a contract and a visa wth them, that's hella fishy. Legally I don't see how that's possible. And it's not like Dakota has the benefit of relative anonymity to Japanese immigration like Mira, Sere, etc. because of her contract with Bravo. Sure, she can stay as log as Bravo sponsors her entertainment visa, but I wonder when they legally can't do that anymore because she's not working? The criteria for that visa are pretty clear on you having to have sustainable work in Japan.

No. 276090

Even if they kept renewing her contract, an entertainment visa is only good for a maximum of one year, she would have to keep renewing it. She could apply for permission to extend term of residence but she would have to prove she's working regularly as has consistent income to do so. She's been there long enough now to get a permanent residency by now, which she probably did (why would she go back to FL anyway?). So she doesn't have to be married to still be there, she could just be a permanent resident by now, but that still doesn't explain how she's still with bravo despite not doing any modeling or TV work lately. It been what, 2-3 months now? And so far all she's done is babyfang, the Jimmy Choo event (which she probably just showed up to, not worked), and she was in the latest GLB. That's not enough work to sustain an entertainment visa, but maybe it's just enough to keep her on at Bravo so she can keep pretending to be a model to save face. As for money, shes probably sponging off of Taiko Katono.

No. 276095

Have to be there 10 years to apply for PR, or 3+ years on a spouse visa

No. 276115

Can't you also get PR after 4 years of worki and paying taxes in Japan?

No. 276172

No,anon above you is right. You need to be on a legit work visa for 10 years in order to apply or 3 years on a spouse visa.
You can apply for citizenship after 5 years but if approved you have relinquish any other countries' citizenships you may hold.
Dakota isn't a permanent resident or citizen yet. Plus we have no proof that she is paying taxes at all.
My guess is one of the Japanese bookers at Bravo has a hard-on for milquetoast white chicks and keeps ensuring her working visa is renewed.

No. 276265

Tax is usually deducted automatically from pays here. And why wouldn't she pay tax? She's not the brightest, but she's definitely not stupid enough to avoid taxes. If she fucked up, she'd have to go back to her crazy family.

Anyway, no matter how man cocks she sucks, she can't get a work visa without either BA or Master degree. She has either entertainment visa, or one of those humanity visas they sometimes grant people who speak Japanese + suck the right cocks for (aka someone who can vouch for her).

Maybe she married that dude so she could jump over to PR soon.

No. 276273

She wouldn't pay taxes because for most of her stay in Japan, she was underage.
Minors (under the age of 20 twenty) are considered non taxable individuals.
But you are totally right about her not having a work visa. I always forget how ill qualified she is to do anything.
So what kind of visa do you think Bravo has her on at this point?
I mean generally entertainment visas are short term.

No. 276282

Probably the humanities visa. A friend of mine have it, and all she does it work at a bar making drinks. She has no BA either. But she speaks fluent Japanese so she probably said she was a translator or some kind. There's a screening test, and I honestly don't think Kota would have any issues passing it.


CTRL+F "In case that you are going to engage in the activity"

No. 276287

File: 1464957791432.png (595.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160603-134247.png)

No. 276288

god her head is almost the size of her tprso in this. kooters pls stop big heads aint cute

No. 276289


translation: At Bravo's lobby, looking cute while waiting for my dismissal letter

No. 276292

it looks like someone shooped a face on someone else' body…just odd

No. 276293


I'm so curious of how she look with this look irl.

I can't find any candid pic or video with this Namie Amuro hairstyle

No. 276294

No. 276296

Her modelling contract with Bravo is finally over? When did she even start as a model at their agency? It's been years…

No. 276298

Are you serious or just joking?

No. 276300

No. 276301

>I saw as usual beautiful woman and handsome man of seniors and juniors went to the office today

google translated it, doesn't say anything about dismissal letters. Anon may be joking

No. 276302

No. At this point I think they'll keep her forever.
I can't even imagine what it's like being a legit model at that agency enduring all the bullshit and rejection that goes along with this career and to see someone as mediocre as her sitting pretty with no worries about gaining weight or cm. Must be frustrating.

No. 276303

lmao, anon made a joke.

The text says "I went to the office today. As usual, I saw beautiful girls/boys/men/ladies (referring to other models).

No. 276304

I was gonna say, I ran it through a translator and this is what I got.

>As usual the senior and the junior of the beauty and Yosio who goes to the office you happened to see today.

No. 276307

Her legs seemed to have gained some girth to them from her last picture. I guess shopping through glass is beyond her skill or she got lazy.

No. 276308

someone should fix the bottom right frame.

No. 276309

File: 1464962658669.png (4.45 MB, 2048x2048, CihfeIUQA.png)

"I went to the office. As usual, I happened to see my beautiful and handsome seniors and juniors."

Bigger picture

No. 276314

File: 1464963270394.jpg (102.41 KB, 404x594, julie-benz-and-brian-atwood-wa…)

or just because when sitting with one leg pressing against other, the calf muscle or whatever it is called spreads?

No. 276317

File: 1464964093613.png (17.11 KB, 579x178, Wfewi.png)

"It kind of seems like you've become an adult.. <3"

"That's because I'm going to turn 21 this year"

No. 276320

Her hair looks greasy.

No. 276321

I wonder if she was just on some sort of vacay while Bravo was focused on what to do with her next. She really couldn't keep doing Popteen since she's getting older. So maybe they've been planning some sort of comeback for her.

No. 276322

Legit trying to shoop herself into the russian kid someone posted a while back.

No. 276326

File: 1464969566193.png (663.59 KB, 800x1026, g.png)

that top lip tho

No. 276327

lmao that light refracted leg

No. 276328

her legs are not crossed. one is just placed in front of the other. doesnt even look like they're touching

No. 276329

No. 276330

Lol, her legs are hardly pressed against one another to cause the calves to spread, nor do they have the shape of such.

No. 276336

File: 1464971659131.png (23.21 KB, 120x60, Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.3…)

Her lips are starting to look more and more like kanye west's lips… she has no Idea how cringey this is…

No. 276345

Ew, anon. I never even noticed that before. Uncanny.

No. 276347

That's probably why she never went to any of the model parties or events or associated with the other models. They must shun her something wicked, even if Dakota didn't already hate all other white girls.

No. 276360

pretty sure if that glass table wasn't there her leg would be the size of a toothpick.

No. 276438

Is it normal not to have a graduation ceremony for a Popteen model? I noticed they threw some sort of party for Kumicky, Mizukitty and Maapipi who were Dakota's co-models at the time.

No. 276439

>been using turtlenecks in hot weather because it's easier to shoop her ham face

What's going on with the picture on the bottom right? Also the couch is melting into her.

No. 276440

I think they just kicked her out

No. 276445

shes a fuckin wizard

No. 276452

that is really sus tbh

No. 276455

You guys know she as to hide any "problem" she has in her life because we are watching (everyone is watching), she's really good at lying. I love how she always tries to make every thing appear peachy keen no matter what. We know where her mentality is in her outlandish photoshops.

No. 276456

Exactly this, and I feel like it's not going to get any better as she gets older either. Not only because of her job, but also because she's never been the most stable person judging by her past, and Japan is absolute shit when it comes to mental issues even for Japanese people, let alone foreigners. I feel like her lying about her age and her babyshooping are both gonna become more and more prevalent as time goes by. She really seems like she wants to hang on to her "16" year old self for as long as possible (but without actually doing it?) to maintain her "youth". For Dakota and Kiki I feel like they were heavily pushed by their parents to become famous while young and probably taught to have a "anything over 22 is over the hill and you're done for unless you marry rich" mentality that a lot of teens have these days. Hell, just read past Dakota/Kiki threads and that mentality is rampant.

No. 276458

Not to mention Japan's borderline pedo youth worshipping which can't help, especially since that's the niche that made her go viral in Japan anyway, and why we stopped doing makeup that made her look good and started doing makeup to look younger.

No. 276491

File: 1465025186811.jpg (98.85 KB, 604x604, hITCENojx0E.jpg)

Did Felice draw this?

No. 276492

File: 1465025207728.jpg (97.98 KB, 604x604, 3EdrMqvBTXo.jpg)

No. 276499

No. 276512

No. 276513

File: 1465032971114.jpg (111.04 KB, 1080x1080, 13260818_982693745171922_55126…)

I can see that. It is also fantastic how she manages to look younger than a 10-year old kid.

No. 276526

File: 1465037381686.jpeg (17.54 KB, 630x239, image.jpeg)

She just shoops herself to fit the "kindchenschema".

No. 276538

I have a feeling that Felice traced it.

No. 276539

File: 1465041421516.jpg (55.79 KB, 500x597, fb.jpg)

bruh, that's a whole lot of baseless speculating. I don't think her parents pushed her to think "anything over 22 is over the hill" (where did that even come from?), or that she's still clinging to wanting to be 16. imho she's shooping the baby face and acting the way she does only because she's trying to appease to Japan's loli fetish. She's obviously not trying to look 14, 15, 16, or 17, no teenage girl anywhere looks like that. she's trying to look like something you'd see on the cover of a hentai manga.

No. 276540

she's currently at number 6.

No. 276541

no one would be surprised tbh

No. 276549

first of all MOst hentai isnt loli shit so dont act like it is. most hentai is actually milf or office lady related. Apart from that tbh Japan has an obsession with 'youth' but like that mid to upper teen youth at the YOUNGEST Otherwise more actual children would be famous. Dakota's just fucking insane.

the only thing japan helped with was normalizing the shoops in the first place

No. 276573

Isn't your comment "baseless speculation"? How do you know she wants to look like a hentai character? I don't get that vibe from her at all! Hentai characters don't have large lip nipples on them. She's shopping baby features on her to appear youthful obviously in my opinion. She's never shopped nipple lips on her like that until Baby Fang came out. She has the face of a toddler.

No. 276574

I forgot to add the finally removed the baby fang trailer from her channel.

No. 276576

>forgot to add, she finally jeez Sorry guys

No. 276603

>I have a feeling that Felice traced it.


No. 276623


Now she's probably gonna try to brush it under the rug and pretend t never happened. I don't see her getting another shot at a line of her own after this, especially if she's not the one that paid for it (which she didn't let's be real here). It failed completely in under 3 months, that's brutal. Plus even if she tried again with decent quality items, her falling into the abyss of alien baby shoops is gonna make it hard as fuck for her to be the face of it anymore. Her viral shoops were obviously not what she looked like but they still looked real and resembled her own face, this dogshit she keeps upping on IG plus staying off of tv and not doing shoots lately is gonna make her look even worse t comparison that she did when she first got to Japan.

No. 276655

Her line probably wouldn't have done so terribly if the prices weren't so outrageous. People eat cheap looking jewelery up all the time, if its affordable.

No. 276671

LOL She wouldn't have done so terribly if she was actually smart enough to come up with her OWN ideas and not rip off of a famous designer and literally everyone on easy.com! She can't because she's just a LYING FRAUD.

No. 276673

I really am sorry for my typos

No. 276689

File: 1465080464890.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-06-04-18-44-45…)

I found another picture from that photo shoot she had a thread or two ago. Not sure if it's been posted before or not, if it has I'm sorry.

No. 276691


I think it was both. Her stuff was so cheap, generic and overpriced that only fans of hers who would want to support her would buy it, but since she's been so lazy with her career she doesn't have enough die hard fans to pull that off. Then if she got flagged by Westwood to stop selling the planet choker or pay a fine, if she wasn't willing to pay the fine that plus the lack of profits might have caused them to decide to shut down rather than Westwood forcing them to shut down. Besides, they couldn't force her to shut down over one piece, they could make her stop selling that one but not all of her stuff.

Realistically it failed because Dakota's a lazy, spoiled bitch who thinks her shit is made of pure gold, and thinks the Japanese consider her to be some sort of princess when in reality it's probably only her manager and her boyfriend who treat her that way.

No. 276692

Who would care to report it? Kaka?

No. 276693

It could have been anyone, maybe a salty Japanese VW fangirl or a salty farmer from here. Hell, maybe even Kiki, we know the ostrengas are copyright claim queens.

No. 276694

The overlining on her lips just looks like a child playing with their mom's make up.

No. 276695

Idk, i think farmers are putting too much weight on the one VW knock off piece. Yes it was a blatant knock off but I don't Dakota is even on VW's radar. If anything they would have just sent her a cease and desist on the one item.

Like you said, I think the main reason is just that there wasn't enough interest in it and it was just lazy work all around. The line was un-creative, cheap, and overpriced. If she had done it at the height of her popularity and made it an online shop, then people would have probably eaten it up. But no one really cares that much now.

No. 276701

Exactly. All she proved with this line is that we're right, she's not as famous and rich as she likes to pretend she is for her western audience.

No. 276707

Her lips are so overdrawn…

No. 276718

File: 1465085341030.jpeg (2.47 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

No. 276720

File: 1465085515556.jpeg (2.49 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

This shit is too over priced

No. 276722

File: 1465085637663.jpeg (1.74 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

No. 276727


Her jewelry is tacky but those displays are cute as fuck. 10/10 gonna steal some of those ideas for a future con.

Also lol @ the pics of her on the back of the cards. Can't believe she didn't make them shoop her nose thinner.

No. 276731

these honestly look like the same quality of jewlwery i get on ebay for $1 that you know the seller got in huge bulk.

wtf was she thimking

No. 276733

"I'm Dakota Rose the living Barbie doll, I can do whatever I want and Japanese people will lick my asshole regardless".

I seriously wish we had a mole in Bravo, idk what they see in her.

No. 276736

Are those Virgin Mary's? Reminds me of the Virgin Mary gold necklaces my cholo cousins wear kek

No. 276739

I'm hoping that if her contract was terminated somebody from Bravo comes forward with dirt on her. Unlikely, but we all can dream.

No. 276787

I don't see that happening. Whoever is spoonfeeding her a contract and visa isn't likely to flip on her after sucking her clit so hard for so long, and whoever it is has to be an upper management/owner to pull it off. Anyone lower on the ladder wouldn't come forward over her and risk losing their job and being blacklisted in the industry all for some flabby white redneck.

No. 276889


Finally uploads a new video but it is a sponsored video of an obscure buying/selling app for clothing and other things. She says she has two chokers up for sale.

Nice chola lips, and turtle neck chunky sweater in summer to hide her body under lol

No. 276890

that turtle neck is so gross omg

No. 276891


She should go back to making cute videos without this alien chola look especially. It's strange she ever quit making videos since she got so many views.

No. 276894

I wonder what Dakota would say if you showed her this video back at the height of her popularity. Going from modeling and being on tv every other day to hawking your cheap leftover Aliexpress garbage on some random app while looking like a hot mess.

Guys she's turning into Kiki. It has begun.

No. 276895

File: 1465132462571.png (246.04 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-06-05-13-37-21…)

Apparently Dakota uploaded a second video but made it private already. Here's a screengrab of it

No. 276897

kek hi there taylor wannabe. Maybe that's why she's doing the babyfetus shoop because she's trying to one up Tay's doe-eyed chipmunk look?

No. 276899

File: 1465134982489.jpg (374.67 KB, 700x386, rPHj4rU.jpg)

I don't how many of you are old enough to know the character, but all I see is Auntie Nelda! Wtf…

No. 276906

Omfg anon

No. 276907


Sponsorship video? If she's trying to get popular again this isn't doing much favours.

Her style is terrible these days, the hair the shoop. Everything. Not like how it used to be.

No. 276914

She's probably only doing it because Mercari offered her some money. Once she cashes the check she'll never mention it again.

I can see why she made this private, she legit looks at least 25 even with the googly eye circle lenses. Go back to bangs Dakota, they help you so much more than you know. This chola toddler shit ain't for you.

No. 276916

Fuck she must be hard up for $$$ if she's taken to doing paid advertisements for companies like this.

No. 276923

That's what happens when you have a modeling career handed to you as you piss it away being lazy.

I don't see her climbing her way back into popularity, I really don't. Her golden age is over, especially now that she's not a teenager anymore. She can't ride on her youth and kawaii anymore, and she looks like shit lately so I don't see her going on v anymore unless they have some serious after effects type shit going on.

No. 276925


That's life for you. You have two sons; one good, one bad. And wouldn't you know it, with my luck, the good one dies

No. 276929

i wouldn't say it's obscure. it's all the rage right now because apparently you can buy high end makeup for low prices.

i have this notification too! i can't upload a screenshot because i have low memory but i got the "2 new videos from dakotakoti" notification. so she filmed this video twice and chose the turtleneck one…ew.

did you get to watch the video at all?

No. 276930


Thing what doesn't help aside from having no style anymore or putting in the effects into her videos nowadays is that she never once bothered to actually blog or do things properly. She's as half assed as kiki.

Dakota doesn't travel. She doesn't review products, we don't know much about her so we find her personality bland as shit. She doesn't do anything which is why she's boring.

No. 276932


Why doesn't she wear pretty clothes anymore? I know she's not a teenager anymore but she can still be cute you know. Most of those models in Jap magazines are older anyway yet they do cute shit and she IS in Japan, she does still have somewhat of an audience. It's just laziness. At least make the effort for pictures and videos kota and dress scruffy off screen jesus.

I think she's trying to be more "high fashion moderu" but it aint working. She's too short for the proper cat walk shit.

No. 276939

Jesus, she's such a blob. Are huge clothes in right now, or why is she and taylor wearing way too big clothes? It doesn't look too bad on taylor because she is so skinny and tall, but dakota just looks like she is hiding a bunch of fat under there. She really has fallen.

No. 276948

i guess since she's aging, she has to change her style to match her age. whem she was 16-18 it was that dolly stuff, and now, it's as if she's trying to be mature dolly.

there are better ways to look older and cute, you're right, i just don't think she gets it.

No. 276949

File: 1465144681698.png (508.03 KB, 1056x566, Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.3…)

those lips completely killed it

No. 276950



No. 276954

File: 1465145854773.png (138.19 KB, 500x280, soon.png)


because we missed the chola lips

No. 276956

because the amount of work it takes to use cgi in every video for her face is too much .and I'm sure all the allegations of her heavily edited videos just made her wanna stick to shooping photos

No. 276957

I can't stop looking at her lips, they make me feel uncomfortable euh

No. 276963


Yup. She's too short and plain for high fashion/catwalk modeling, won't take care of herself to be an agency model (how lazy do you have to be when you cbf to stand up straight in your shoots?), and rode on her makeup/shoop/AE/kawaii clothes to make herself cute for Popteen and the like that have supported her so far. But now she's aging and it's really starting show in her face, shes wearing bland, baggy generic clothes all the time, doesn't bother with makeup, and the hairstyle she has now doesn't suit her face. And I'm not even gonna start on those horrible ugly lips, they're been discussed to death.

I don't know what her plan is but even Beavi can't give her a visa ad keep her contract legally if she doesn't work. I don't know the bare minimum amount of work she has to do to qualify for a contract/visa, not to mention paying for that 2LDR apartment with a full kitchen and balcony (inb4 "not that expensive!!!", it's expensive if you're not working but 1-2 times a month, and catalog modeling pays just above minimum wage per gig). Does she actually think she's just gonna be able to sit in her room getting fat, posting selfies and Bravo will foot her living expenses for the rest of her life?

No. 276965


Why the fuck does she not just get lip fillers instead of trying to talk with her upper lip stuck out all the goddamn time?

No. 276974

File: 1465151121980.jpg (146.15 KB, 960x540, FgBZLnw.jpg)

OT but I know there are a bunch of German farmers in this thread, does anyone else think of this girl when they see Dakota?

No. 276975

No. Gtfo.

No. 276977


We've come full circle.

No. 276978

Dear nobody selfposter: how sad must be your life to compare yourself with such lolcow, now kindly gtfo

No. 276981

She reminds of that weird russian singer with stars on his head in her new video…

No. 276982


No. 276983

File: 1465152898876.png (375.9 KB, 328x551, connie.png)

This is all I see with these fucking turtlenecks.

No. 276984

Someone mentioned before that she'd been removed from Popteen's model roster on their website, yeah? Did she graduate or did they just take her off unannounced? I thought they usually gave their models some sort of send off?

No. 276985


They look blown out, like she had some tragic accident related to sucking dick and now she can't tuck them back in to look normal.

Because she would get ripped to shreds for talking so much shit about cosmetic surgery in the past.

No. 276987

They just quietly took her off, no graduation. It's no surprise though, since she wasn't on the last 3 issues. I honestly would be surprised if either they stopped callin her in for shoots or if she just stopped going when she started doing TV more.

She can't. If she got fillers her lips would be noticeably bigger, and since she does the lip makeup so horribly it would be even more obvious. She couldn't claim to be a 100% all natural real livid Barbie and blame her photo discrepancies on ~lighting and makeup~ anymore. Then suddenly nobody would believe she ever really looked like her shoops, if they somehow did already.

No. 276992


I think maybe her send off was in the babyfang launch party (iirc yura or someone else from popteen was in there?)
who knows

No. 276993

File: 1465155258359.jpg (83.92 KB, 779x550, Capture.JPG)

The best she can do at her age is lose some weight and come back to the "edgier" look she had some time ago. It suits her real features better than the pink kawaii shit imo.

No. 276997

Why is she wearing turtlenecks in the summer?? Also, the way she talks and her mouth feel so cringe rn. Her style is legit soccer mom style with a mix of kawaii bill cosby sweater.

No. 276998

Ugh, THIS was the Dakota worth being jealous of. This and her Elle magazine shoot, those were gorgeous. How she could look at those and think the kawaii alien baby garbage is better… Just goes to show some girls, despite having money to throw away on clothes and makeup like its nothing, can have no taste at all. Hell, Bravo signs high fashion models, like Andrej Pejic. The could have put her in Vogue on the regular if she would have just put in the effort to learn how to walk and pose like a real model and use her real features. But she chose not to because she's lazy. Karma really does exist.

No. 277001

I honestly expected Kota's style would turn into this, that shoot indeed was pretty good and looked like a legit fashion model.

No. 277003

I don't think this is best Dakota really. I think the old "living doll" start was what really threw her into the spotlight. That makeup is waaay too harsh on her features. She does look good with slightly softer makeup and that hime kaji light style she always went for.

Speaking of this, is there any gallery of Dakota specifically in her early days or her living doll start? If anyone can point me to a gallery somewhere, I'd love to see it. Most of her Japan stuff has been more terrible than good.
Stuff like this almost make me want to cry for her.

No. 277011

This made me go back and watch her old videos from around 2012. I actually really like her hairstyling ones. I feel like she really could have built up a good following if she kept up her youtube videos, and kept dressing cute in them and doing tutorials instead of… whatever she's doing now. Ugh.

No. 277017

File: 1465157795730.jpg (226.89 KB, 698x450, fb.jpg)

in the arms of the angels.. fly away from here

No. 277048

I'm not in Dakota's head but either:
a) She's doing the Kylie Jenner plan and start over drawing her lips before doing the surgery so she can pretend it's only some make up trick
b) Lips are the part of your body that looks the most obvious in terms of plastic surgery. Maybe Kota knows that and is afraid of looking like a pepe meme, or Bravo doesn't want her to do it and her only option is to pout and overdraw it like she's black-out drunk.

No. 277051

Its so funny how she goes from one extreme to the next. When she was concealing her lips to appear smaller, people kept telling her it made her chin look big, she looks better with fuller lips. Then she starts going crazy with the overdrawn lips… can't there be a middle ground?

No. 277054

The mature western look was best for her features, her kawaii look not suited her when she shooped her face to half its size and erased her jaw. Plus kawaii fashion just doesn't work outside of Japan and maybe bigger fashion oriented cities. My point was that the mature western look she did in Vogue and Elle were best for her as a model. Kawaii just fades too quickly and is too hard to pull off without looking childish or ageplay-ish. Sure, the Living Doll thing got her noticed on Japan, but it went out of style pretty quickly and even she doesn't do that stuff anymore. There was no way she was gonna be able to make that last forever, even if she wasn't super lazy and antisocial. It just doesn't suit enough people outside of Japan to be a long term trend.

No. 277084


Agreed. I think she should have balanced it such as continued doing kawaii on youtube and engaging with her fans but kept the look in her videos back to the very first where she looked believable. Tumblr 2010 era look.

She should have balanced mature and kawaii out. It can be done but she overdid the kawaii too much to the point where it didn't look good nor real.

No. 277106

Mercari is pretty huge actually

Bravo provides apartment for her and she likely has room mate

No. 277113

File: 1465170235157.jpg (43.8 KB, 480x600, ko.jpg)

p sure she looked like this in 2010 anon.

No. 277135


its the jap version of depop

No. 277148

File: 1465172720721.jpg (421.34 KB, 668x618, dakota.jpg)

She can look cute in candids with good lightning. Big blue eyes, pale and all the shit that japs like.

At this point she is just harming her own career with the false expectations she creates with her shoops. Just socialize a little, screw the doll/baby bullshit and promote your real look that maybe it's not special but is enough kawaii for japan.

No. 277149

Her poor hair.

No. 277150

File: 1465172848865.png (258.38 KB, 452x353, Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 12.5…)

True (maybe) But because she looks nothing like her edited pictures, she come across as gaunt.
Remember this image?

No. 277151

File: 1465172877646.png (100.62 KB, 315x308, Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 12.5…)

Her irl.

No. 277152

I also just realized why this ugly sweater looked familiar.
She wore it with that unflattering hair and shoop photo from months ago.

No. 277153

she looks great here though

No. 277154

File: 1465173204404.png (192.66 KB, 398x351, Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 12.5…)

Well, that's your opinion. But she looks nothing like advertised. She looks old in candids usually.

No. 277156

File: 1465173335273.jpg (53.76 KB, 330x470, 2058017_2015082408372220014403…)

Heres even a candid where she looks like she's in her mid 20's

No. 277159

File: 1465173423992.jpg (93.74 KB, 960x600, 10173695_561887370592021_34860…)

No. 277169

She doesn't look in her mid 20's at all - just looks tubby.

No. 277173

File: 1465174140825.gif (688.67 KB, 224x224, tumblr_njvzwoU20W1u6ov8ko1_250…)

oh please, she doesn't like 19 or 20 to me at all.

No. 277174


you're right , she looks like a chubby 14 years old going through the awkward phase.

No. 277177

Yeah she didn't even have tumblr in 2010, and she went viral in 2012.

Sigh. It's so sad because she is able to look so cute but chooses not to. And as long as she's in Japan it's unlikely she'll ever get counseling for whatever issues she very obviously has. However without her body image issues as might not have done the shoops that got her to Japan on the first place so I guess it's not so bad? Got her out of the Monstrenga house at the very least.

Why does we face always look so puffy a bloated now? She barely looks like the girl she was when she came to Japan, now she's starting to look like Cathy trying to reclaim her lost youth by wearing Dakota's skin and assuming her identity.

No. 277179

File: 1465174745378.png (76.18 KB, 522x347, 21lrh90.png)

idk She always had bloated cheeks. Like in this screen cap.

No. 277181

LMAO not even the slightest. She's old anon get over it.

No. 277191

I just don't understand how the fuck she is even a model with upper arms that fat

No. 277195

Did they edit her mouth to be that wonky or is that how she actually smiled for that commercial? It's so weird

No. 277213

She was talking actually.

No. 277217

>Guys she's turning into Kiki. It has begun.

I'm here for this mess and holy shit her after effects skills have gone down.

Looks like she's trying to make her eyes and lips huge, chin tiny and boobs big.

No. 277219

That video was so fucking boring.
This is what we get for our yearly video huh?

No. 277220

Her face was CGed in this commercial. Something like trying to make her look haafu?

No. 277221

File: 1465182012817.jpeg (58.6 KB, 275x275, image.jpeg)

It's not luck, she's sucking or screwing someone to her own benefit. I mean come on, pic related. Raven posing hard as fuck and heavily edited she still looks like a flabby, bloated stump.

>those fake ass measurements

You would have to be literally retarded to see that in a magazine and believe any of those are true.

No. 277223

File: 1465182413563.jpeg (24.77 KB, 480x360, image.jpeg)


No, she doesn't look 19-20. Because she's not. And she sure as hell doesn't look 14. She looked 19-20 when she first got to Japan.

>inb4 "no she doesn't look that old!!!"

She does. I know to a bunch of 14-17 year olds might think that's horrible and old looking, but those of us in the 22-25 range who were there from the beginning and know better don't consider saying she looked 19-20 when she first went to Japan as an insult.

No. 277225


Oh god she looks so awful. She looks like she had bad plastic surgery or something.
The comments are all just people asking for subtitles. She must barely have any Japanese fans.

THIS >>277017 WAS the middle ground! She was fine shooping her face like that and everyone was so jealous of her! Now she makes herself look like an idiot.

No. 277226

File: 1465183033604.bmp (253.62 KB, 465x186, image.bmp)

She did. It's just that her lips are so thin they look even more like shit now. Maybe she has to do her lips that way to balance out how bad they look?

No. 277229


Probably this is why Kaka went MIA, she fulfilled her ultimate dream and now share body with Kooters kek

No. 277231

Why does her nose look so much more bulbous in the far right pic?

No. 277249

Shut the fuck up, ana-chan

No. 277253

Mercari is VERY popular in Japan, almost as popular as Yahoo Auctions. There is absolutely no way that they need someone like her to advertise. It looks like she's just advertising her own store. A lot of people use Mercari as Etsy/Storenvy where they have TONS of shit on sale and restock stuff that sells well.

JFC, she looks like absolute shit. What the fuck is wrong with her lips? Holy shit..

No. 277300

I'm positive it was a sponsored video because mikipon uploaded her mercari video around the same exact time Kota did.

No. 277327


So did Peco. Merucari holds events sometimes, maybe Dakota will be a guest at the next one?

But yeah Merucari is HUGE in japan, I've very rarely met any young person who doesn't use it.

No. 277328

What in the fuck. That's a completely different (and Jap) girl's face. Creepy af.
She actually looks super cute here though, I have to admit.

No. 277332

Damn.. Maybe there's a "competition" for a commercial/event or something?

No. 277337

No. 277350

Video is now online.
>lists cap as "unused"
>lists cap with stock image

I think Merucari is doing a promotion right now that gives a bonus for listing and filming them using the app.

No. 277356

LMAO you're so fucking transparent, get over your hate for her anon

No. 277360

oh hush anon, I don't like her because she's a liar and a fraud. You can back off from me though.

No. 277365

Uh, she's showing a video of herself buying the cap from someone else.

No. 277367

Wow, no wonder she's trying to turn herself into a baby on Instagram, there's no way she's "20". Not that she looks old because she doesn't, but she's growing into her face more now. If she would go back to doing smoky, mature or just less kawaii/bare makeup she would be gorgeous. Dem cheekbones tho.

No. 277368

I know she won't but its so stupid looking she won't move her neck,jaw, arms above the elbow.
Its like she's talkingvthrough a fucking cutout

No. 277369

What's with the choppy editing at the beginning? She starts talking the second the vid starts and at a couple spots she's almost talking over herself where she cut it together. I get it's just a quick vid for sponsorship money but dang. At least pretend you put effort into it.

No. 277371

This. Idk what bugged me more, how she barely moved and stared at the camera or her talking like she's trying to get through the video as fast as possible.

>poor princess koti, having do do a bit of paid work like some filthy commoner

No. 277380

She really is falling. That style is so terribly unflattering on her. And that sweater thing is atrocious.
>mfw the Phantasy Star Online and Persona4 music used in the videos made me go back to watch her older videos from 2012

Yeah same.
Her style was so cute back then. Now she looks awful


No. 277381

She looks old. Like someone who's desperately clinging to lip plumpers and face sculpting to try to look young old….

No. 277393

I think her unshooped body is super cute… the ana alien baby body freaks me out but a little chub suits her

No. 277403

I kinda like it too. I mean it's fine for an average girl and plenty of girls look cute like that. It just is unsuitable and unprofessional for a model.

No. 277410

That's not her unshooped body though.
It's still edited a lot.
The closest thing to her unshopped body that we have seen is the Popteen beach video.

No. 277426

Two sponsored videos in two days. How the mighty have fallen.

No. 277427

File: 1465233297437.jpg (65.15 KB, 480x640, 15cova8.jpg)

I know her body is a literal rectangle, how is that cute? And why does this dumb topic keep popping up? The fact that people still praise her knowing how below average she is and crappy her personality is just astounding. Like, how dumb can people be?

No. 277428

>how below average she is
i'd give anything to see how you look like kek

No. 277430

Whatever anon, This thread isn't about me. This Girl is a con artists and you dimwits are still praising her.

No. 277432

I should have take your stupid comment and turned it around.
If you think she is "pretty" not only do you have bad taste you probably look worse. How's that smart ass?

No. 277436

No. 277437

No, I'm tired of getting "attacked" for not being stupid enough to accept her shit. She's nothing without photoshop.

No. 277439

File: 1465235402832.gif (475.09 KB, 245x245, 1336408144441.gif)

sis, you're too invested. time to go take a walk. no one gives this much of a shit about her anymore, especially since its clear she's failing

No. 277441

File: 1465235785959.gif (557.95 KB, 320x232, suredude.gif)

If no-one cared about her this thread would keep bumping with cancer. Like stop licking her bunghole, she'll never return the favor.

No. 277442

damn, I meant >wouldn't
This thread would just post her shenanigans and move on to the next.

No. 277444

Christ, settle yourself down. Self projecting much? We all know what she looks like without photoshop and she isn't an ugly girl. Average to most and pretty to some. She's not by standards beautiful. People can be considered pretty but be an ugly person on the inside who deserve to be made fun of.

No. 277446

>People can be considered pretty but be an ugly person on the inside who deserve to be made fun of.

Then don't give me shit when I post about my dislike. Your comment was basically pointless. Dakota is lacking entirely in having a good personality. You're not going to make me like her! lol she's a fraud. I can say wha I want.

No. 277447

And because she is so UGLY on the inside, I see nothing "cute" about this chick.

No. 277448



Listen, at the start of iota's career we were all jelly. C'mon majority of weebs were jealous and especially since the nip mean were cum spluttering all over themselves at the sight of a real live animu foreigner barbie.

But anon it's an illusion. You need to realise "Kota koti" is just a gimmick Dakota plays on in order to market herself (she got lucky ect) and get by. She tried, she had it going for her and now things are boring. We hear little and little about her all the time now.

You've seen what she's like without the shoop. The illusion is shattered. No one cares anymore about her apart from weebs and people on here who follow the girl aside from the few Japanese who still believe she's real.

Just ignore her because at the end of the day anon her career has caused more drama and online arguments than anything else and that's before we go onto the topic of Kiki and their past online behaviour.

No. 277450

Seems like you're the cancerous faggot here, buddy. She's just an average girl who took advantage of a good oppurtunity. She's not perfect and especially now is going in a bad direction for her already lukewarm career. But she is by no means horrendously ugly nor is she fat, and she's also not some evil scumbag who killed your cat and fucked your mom or whatever you're mad about. Time to get over your hate boner.

No. 277451

If I had wanted my own comeback I'd have wiped it off your mother's chin.

No. 277453


Your comment is cancer, grow up.
You don't need to keep commenting on me. I can dislike her If I please. You attacking me for disliking her won't have her coming down from the clouds to give you a hand job. Get over it.

No. 277454

Thanks for commenting back without being a jerk like the twats below.

No. 277455

Buy that's not unshooped, anon. That's just the best they could do. But I agree that shopped body is pretty cute. But it's not her. Does anyone have the link to the video where she's in the bikini with all those thin jap girls prancing around?

No. 277456

There's more than one person who thinks you're retarded, anon. I'm not here to make you like her. But if you have a stupid opinion that makes it obvious you're insecure and taking it out on a stranger over lolcow, someone is going to comment on it.

Grow up.

No. 277459

Insecure projection aside, wow she truly is an apple/rectangle. I think she's probably more of an apple.

No. 277460

You grow up? What do you hope to achieve attacking me for thinking she's ugly?

No. 277461

Why are you stating I'm "insecure" as if you know who I am? I don't find her attractive, and that's my opinion. You people sound stupid.

No. 277462

Also, explain how a person is "retarded" for calling her below average? There are others in this thread that don't find her attractive I guess they are all retarded too huh.

No. 277466

She wasn't shown at all in her bathing suit.

No. 277468

I meant like full size she wasn't shown like the rest of the girls. It's like they were trying to hide her rectangle body.

No. 277472

L e t i t g o .
You're embarrassing yourself at this point.

No. 277473

Here you go.
The running shot is great.

No. 277474

I would have let it go after this anon post.
But I don't get why I have to be constantly attacked for not liking the way this chick looks. You all can let it go instead of insulting me.

No. 277478

I kind of felt bad for her in this shoot. She seemed sooo fucking uncomfortable being around all these girls and wearing a two piece. You know her mind was going a million hours per minute, just freaking out

No. 277480

I did too. But it's just she never fucking tried.
If I knew I was going to have a bikini shoot with a bunch of really fit fellow models, I would have done my damnedest to get in the best shape that I could.
She had no one but herself to blame.

No. 277481

You're the one acting very thin skinned over people disagreeing with you. Kota is an average looking girl who just happened to be dedicated with her shops and got the luck of the draw in getting noticed.

No. 277483

What?? I'm thin skinned over people attacking me for saying she's unattractive. You can say she's average all you want. There is no reason to try to dive in on my personal life and insult me just because I find her overall unattractive, it was a childish response. You people are thin skinned because somehow me saying she's below average sent you all into triggersville.

No. 277485

Point proven, thanks.

No. 277488

That's the one I was referring to! Thank you!

I feel a little bad, but she's a model. She knows she needs to keep in shape…

No. 277489

you are fucking anonymous for Christ's sake. no one knows who the fuck you are so stop taking this shit as a personal attack. we get it, you, just like others, find Dakota ugly. you're not special. you need to accept that people will find her attractive. learn2sage your sperging next time instead of bumping the thread
with your trivial outbursts. fuck.

god damn it, summer's just begun, and the retards are flocking out in droves.

No. 277490

I personally never insulted you and from a quick scroll through the only insult I see is that someone questioned what you looked like. You could have let it slide but you decided to act like a petulant child because people don't agree with you saying Kota is ugly. You've repeated multiple times you have been insulted. This is an anonymous board. If you feel the need to announce to everyone you're insulted then maybe image boards are not for you.

No. 277491

Been here way before summer years actually. And if I'm not special, then why did every moron decide to take jabs at me for not finding Dakota attractive? If you want me silent then stop using every single comment to in some way "hurt" me. I still don't get what you people are attempting to achieve in calling me names and diving into my personal life.

No. 277493

And also that comment about what I look like was anon attempting to call me ugly. It was an insult on the sly. Stop pretending it was an innocent comment because the jerk turned around and made it a completely disgusting insult. STOP TALKING TO ME IF YOU DON"T WANT TO READ MY RESPONSES.

No. 277494

Wow, you really took it to heart over being called self-projecting? If that's not thin skinned, then I don't know what is. Maybe you should step away from the computer and take some breather.

No. 277495

I would If you would stop being so damned focused on someone that doesn't find her attractive. As I already said I'm thin skinned because the thread turned on me JUST BECAUSE I DON'T THINK SHES ATTRACTIVE. all the comments that followed after were unnecessary. How many times do I have to say stop talking to me?

No. 277496

At any time you could have ignored it all and not made a spectacle of yourself. Mind linking us to your Facebook, you're at least /snow/ worthy.

No. 277498

You're dumb, at any time you idiots could have ignored me instead of stupidly trying to take Jabs. You sound like an even bigger snowflake, mind giving me all your personal accounts also?

No. 277499

Your superiority complex definitely reeks of snowflakery as well.

No. 277500

Isn't this your second or third, "I know you are but what am I" retort? It boils down to you stamping your feet and crying about how we hurt your feelings. It takes a special kind of person to take being insulted on an anonymous board seriously.

No. 277501

And so the farmer becomes the cow…

No. 277502

I don't care? It's funny how you won't get over my comments and just keep trying your best to have the last word. You sound like you are about 8 years old.
You sound like an even bigger cow.

No. 277503

File: 1465243013504.gif (915.31 KB, 500x278, 1333784832594.gif)

You guys realize you're just being trolled at this point, right?

No. 277504

Yet you are here arguing back

No. 277505

PULL this way https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/

Eh, a very bad troll I'd say

No. 277506

Is it bad? They successfully managed to get every person in this thread to talk about them.

No. 277507

File: 1465243480334.png (143.29 KB, 393x395, dacootchie.png)

Whatever, back to Dakootz

No. 277524

File: 1465246075566.jpg (462.1 KB, 1138x1661, fb.jpg)

slightly OT, but this reminded me of you guys who are convinced that Dakota is mid-20's or something because of how she looks. This girl here is 12 years old

No. 277525

Is that Jessi Slaughter?

No. 277527

no lol it's a girl on a mexican show

No. 277532

Take off her makeup, and she'd look like any doughy preteen Hispanic girl. Kota is using makeup techniques that are supposed to make you look youthful, and she still looks her age.

No. 277536

you're right, but she also has long face, nasal lines when she's not smiling, and those under eyes. if it were a youthful looking 12 year old, it probably wouldn't be this awful. i don't think makeup alone can dramatically make someone look 20+ years older or younger unless their face already leans one way or the other. But the point is that Dakota looks old, esp because of her nasal lines, bulky jaw shape, maybe her natural eye shape etc but that doesn't necessarily mean that she's as old as she looks

No. 277543

I always found those arguments about Dakota not looking young enough to be totally asinine. Girls can look older if they're allowed to wear make up/ mature clothes and shit. Kathy and scott gave no fucks.

No. 277553

Shut the fuck up.

That backpedaling though.

This video was way better. I dunno what the hell she was going for style wise in the other. There's tutorials on over lining your lips, and you're not supposed to have that harsh line like here >>276949. Lmao, she can never get her lips in check. They're either nonexistent or too big.

No. 277590

This video was hilarious, they never included her on anything that shows off her true appearance again.

The clients are aware of her shooping and video editing, they just probably didn't know how far she went.

No. 277592

she needs to fix her camera's shutter speed, that flickering is so damn distracting.

No. 277595

i see it

No. 277603

Just realized my mistake. Was not paying attention.

No. 277605

This flickering happens when you're recording a screen. Even at HD things are still fuzzy.

The same stuff happens in her shaky snap chats of AE videos.

No. 277610

File: 1465263664425.png (78.44 KB, 224x282, kodoo.png)

randomly paused on this lol

No. 277611

holy shit she looks like a deflated blowup doll

No. 277612

She looks like a generic Instagram girl who obsesses over Drake.

No. 277665

Holy shit anon, I was trying so hard to think of what she reminded me of and you just hit the nail on the head lol

This should be her new title "Blowup Doll style" instead of Barbie style.

No. 277679

She used to tag her videos as blow up doll soooo

No. 277715

File: 1465289859182.jpg (95.97 KB, 600x602, jgrsatw5h.JPG)

Poor, ugly thing

No. 277716

File: 1465290885480.png (233.16 KB, 295x557, Unnamed image (18).png)

No. 277734

>>277715 Maybe this is a commentary on the superhuman,
almost alien nature of a Photoshopper at this level.
Because clearly, this isn't human.That much is immediately apparent.
What it's done is liquify the life out of this corpse here.
All of that is gone, drained out by this creature.

No. 277747

File: 1465296315697.jpg (198.59 KB, 1080x1080, 13391268_234829363565217_88959…)

So much blur, jesus christ. (Larger photo)

No. 277748

File: 1465296720387.jpg (532.84 KB, 1910x948, fadfsdf.jpg)


Huh, guess she's still with Bravo then.

No. 277769


This is literally no longer believable and if anyone still says she looks like this

You are one blind bastard

No. 277775

The shape of her arms, jesus christ. I was just going to say the arm closer to the center of the image was weird with that bulging upper arm and deformed elbow, but then I saw how wide the other arm is.

And those shoes make it obvious how much the image has been stretched vertically.

No. 277776

i just dooooont get how one arm is chubbier than the other one LMAO

No. 277781

Kota look, you do no good to yourself by shopping yourself from hell to back. Take your modelling career seriously. I really hate to be harsh on you with what i am about to say… but if you really want to look like these thin fragile shops then why not try to lose weight for real. Not only are you altering your fucking body, but look what you're doing to your face. Photoshop is probably a quick remedy to make you change how you really look, but seriously are these results you really want to be like? Go for the realistic results and you will actually feel better about yourself.

No. 277783

File: 1465305425906.gif (1.14 MB, 260x146, 1275119182818.gif)


No. 277789

You're embarrassing.

No. 277821

what in the world makes you think she reads these threads? that sounds like a ridiculous waste of time, if she ever skimmed these threads it probably only depressed her and made her not want to come back lol, much less keep tabs on every new thread that's made there after

No. 277826


5 - 6 years of photoshopping herself and she's still a mess

i thought they were doing photo updates on bravos site so i was browsing it and this girl has her room tour youtube video under "movie" section. top professional much model

No. 277838

These edits are genuinely starting to scare me. She looks like she's 5 in the face but her body is way too huge. Just look at her feet compared to her face. Who is she trying to appeal to? Pedos again?

No. 277848

10 years, she shooped since myspace 2006

No. 277849


That is sad

No. 277850

what is anatomy

No. 277852

i think photoshopping yourself to this extent classifies as more depressing than having an actual eating disorder

No. 277861

File: 1465321338125.png (472.89 KB, 597x593, lol.png)

This should be in a photoshop fail compilation. Surprised she didn't slim her back she looks like she's wearing a sack.

No. 277877

it's kind of sad because she edits herself to look like she actually suffers from one

No. 277879

I think she definitely suffers from an eating disorder, but just not anorexia. she probably crash diets a lot which would explain fluctuations/puffiness in candids.

No. 277881

I always get this feeling that Dakota thinks her american or worldwide fans don't know what she actually looks like in professional unedited photos in Japan so she continues to edit the shit out of her face.

No hard feelings or anything but I feel bad on the Japanese citizens because even they're dumb af to believe her Photoshopped pictures are real.

No. 277884

right? I think she has BDD

No. 277885

>which would explain fluctuations/puffiness in candids.
or maybe that's just how she looks irl, you know, unshooped.

No. 27