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File: 1515269532038.jpg (1.63 MB, 1396x950, IMG_2818.JPG)

No. 463602

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dakotakoti
Personal website: http://dakotarose.com/
VK fan page: https://vk.com/clubkotakoti
Inactive Accounts -
LINE: https://lineblog.me/dakotakoti/
Ameblo: https://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti/
Tumblr: http://kotakoti.tumblr.com/

New Agency: https://anony.link/https://anony.link/http://talent.platinumproduction.jp/dakotarose

>Both Libera and Bravo seem to have kicked Kooter to the curb for good.

>She recently made a guest appearance on the Japanese talk show 有吉反省会 (Ariyoshi Hanseikai), looking nearly as awful as she did in the FITs commercials. Japanese Twitter and GirlsChannel rip her a new one as a result.
>In her interview she showcases her fucking disgusting eating habits and how she ~*never expected to be called a barbie*~ and ~*never thought that she was anything special.*~
>To the excitement of literally no one at this point, she suddenly decided to upload her first YouTube video in over nine months: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZedVJaNlZ20
>Dakota's bitterness towards girl's who she thinks stand any chance of stealing her shine still hasn't died down. Two girls have come forward over being blocked by her.
>The first is an Australian model in Japan who goes by Keirashley on Twitter. She was blocked for tweeting to Dakota how surprised she was about how different she looked in her appearance on Ariyoshi Hanseikai compared to her photos. Shortly afterward she was viciously attacked on Twitter by a mysterious account, totally unaffiliated with the Ostrengas.
>The second is some cutesy style blogger, amber_kohaku_chan on Instagram, who had discovered that she had been blocked out of nowhere by Dakota despite having no prior interactions with her.
>Photos surface revealing how much weight she's gained
>New Agency, Platinum Productions, is currently using old photoshopped pictures from when she was 15

Last Thread: >>408303

No. 463631

Wow, no wonder her career is floundering …

>LineBlog - Deleted

>Ameblo - hasn't been updated in 3 years

>Tumblr - dead since 2012

>IG - stale

>Twitter - Stale

>VK fanpage - turning on her, and holds all proof how often she changes her shoop style. (also has all candids )

>Personal site - Hasn't been properly updated in 2 years. Stale.

>New agency - Using catfish images from 2011

>Youtube - Updated maybe once or twice a year.

She's gone completely into being a talent, but keeps nothing organized or updated. Girl doesn't even try to be interesting. She's been with the new agency for now a month and has yet to have a job ( as the Fits is letfover from Libera )

No. 463638

Just another reason she's losing the interest of fans and has to buy followers and likes. I'm sure one of the biggest reasons she got so many jobs at the beginning of her career is because she was interesting abd updates her social media. Now pretty much everybody knows she's a huge (metaphorically and physically) liar, and her only fans seem to be weeaboos still into the living doll look.

No. 463739

File: 1515279657505.jpeg (2.81 MB, 1836x2448, 1E4D8CBE-976E-4731-86D9-5E9DF8…)

Tried to do a collage of Kota’s 2017 with comparisons.

No. 463757

Damn it, if this was posted earlier I would have used it as the new thread thumbnail. A+ anon

No. 463941

Jesus. Kota could have built something like at least a youtube career if she just stopped being a lazy fuck. Plenty of insta models work 19x harder than her and dont get the opportunities she has.

No. 463969

The issue is, she's not fat. She just lacks all kind of curves like she has no waistline which makes her look unfortunate like a box. She would have to dress in a way to form her body better with waist belts etc.

No. 463995

Her face is fat in a weird way. It might just be cognitive dissonance because of how she shops, but its weird. It almost looks like bulimia cheeks.

No. 464017

Come on guys, clearly she has a perfectly normal square jaw.
The reason why the candids are jarring ("fatter") is because we were used to the way she'd shoop and shave her face down to be asian-sized. She used to be very in control of her image and the way she spoonfed it to the internet before she went into gigs like these where she had no control.

No. 464019

Unfortunately, her chance to become a successful social media wonder has expired. If she had taken her fame seriously earlier, and put effort into her social media accounts, and continued to promote herself in positive ways and put in that effort, she would probably still have an intensely large amount of followers on Instagram. But she's past that point now, and there's nothing for her to grow from.
Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach him to fish, he'll never go hungry. Dakota took the fishing pole and snapped it in half over her chubby little knee.

No. 464034

File: 1515311695403.png (391.74 KB, 594x448, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 09.4…)

gollum alarm again

No. 464089

The Ostrengas have squandered so many opportunities between the two of them, purely through total laziness.

No. 464127


I'll always be shocked at how lazy they are. Its like their parents taught them to "be still and let the good things come to you" .. which never fucking happens, it passes by and you gotta reach for it, or chase it wildly. Kota was handed a modelling job and couldn't even keep her social media lively and fresh.

Maybe its nitpicking, but I honestly hate when people have a million different social media accounts and only update them with the same shit. Right down to what they wrote for it. Why even bother following someone on twitter, IG and person blog/site if they post the same shit content for all of them ?

No. 464152

She changed her YouTube channel category from “comedy” to “games” which makes me think her videos are still monetized. Socialblafe says she gains about 50-200 followers a day, yet every time he uploads e loses another chunk. I think the only reason Dakota is still in Japan is because she’s obsessively buying herself attention to pretend she’s still relevant. She was with Fullscreen but I don’t see it anywhere on her socialblade page anymore. Either way, I don’t believe for a second that she’s in the country legally because of any working or entertainment visa. She doesn’t work or entertain nearly enough to qualify for one. Even Venus does more shit than her and she’s doesn’t have to work at all.

No. 464251

File: 1515347937679.jpeg (30.86 KB, 482x318, EE6D680A-374B-44D8-857C-8E18F6…)

With the way she shoops herself I don’t understand why she doesnt just go to Korea and get nose job, V-line and facial fat graphting surgery to look more like her shoops. Of course the surgery ship has sailed since now it’s way too late to convince people she really looks like her shoops, but I don’t get why she never did it earlier.

No. 464255

It is a risky surgery with a really difficult and long recovery time so I understand her not doing it–particularly so in the past when she was working regularly, though now not quite as much since she barely does anything and could probably take the time off.

No. 464257

She didn’t work for 6 months, what makes you think she could ever afford it?

No. 464261

What baffles me about Kota is that she's naturally so pretty, with little effort she could have built herself a successful modeling career and a huge following if she just didn't shoop herself like an alien fetus(let's face it, almost everyone with a somewhat big following shoops to an extent) and kept her online presence strong. Yet she has thrown it all out of the window because of some weird dysmorphia?? God, she could have been so much yet she shot herself in the foot so many times i can't even.

No. 464286

>naturally pretty

If this were true she wouldn’t have looked so awful for Yoko Fuchigami, Fitt’s, and her original Platinum profile candids. Unless she’s styled in heavy makeup with generous extensions/updos/wigs and they shoop the end result she looks greasy and bloated.

Her shoops aren’t warping people’s perceptions of her into thinking she’s some fat, ugly troll. She looks bad because she hasn’t been taking care of herself and her career.

No. 464328

Not that anon, but if she took better care of herself, she would be naturally pretty. But she doesn't and looks like chubby shit because of it.

No. 464335

Yes, everybody with a following photoshops themselves, but to an extent. When we see pictures of intensely popular girls on social media, we know what they photoshopped and what they didn't. But they still look mostly like themselves. Dakota photoshops herself to the point where if you didn't know who she was and saw a picture of her unphotoshopped and a picture from her Instagram, you would never believe it was the same person. And to be honest, that's catfishing, and I'm surprised she didn't get her ass kicked to the curb earlier showing up to one of her gigs the way she looked and person and how she presented herself in her portfolio.
She's not that pretty naturally. When she first came to Japan she was pretty in a plain, cute way, and now she looks haggard because of bad genetics and how she doesn't take care of herself.
Sage, sorry if that sounded like sperging.

No. 464359


Yea, most insta models I follow edit, but for the most part its angles,make up and filters + sometimes really good plastic surgery that makes up their image. I find most that I follow just edit out facial lines ( forehead , nasolabial lines, under eye bags/ crows feet) + pigmentation. The worst I see some of them do is shoop their waistlines, something plastic surgery can't really change if your already at a low/healthy weight.

Kota's literally the only person I follow on social media that edits everything : Eyes,mouth,jaw,waistline,hair,nose ect. There isn't one fucking thing she doesn't enhance/change.

With all the editing she does, I can sorta see where people get the idea that she might be depressed or has bdd. But for shits and giggles,humour me, what if she's actually the very opposite ? I use to have this friend who blamed people or the cameras for why she looked like shit in pictures. She would edit her pictures " to make them look like how she really looked", in other words, to look how she perceived herself. So, what if Kota actually thinks she looks like her images to a certain degree, and thinks its the camera or other peoples fault for why an image might not turn out ? Like that whole stupid belief that the camera adds ten pounds. Because to me, Kota doesn't come off shy or insecure when she's on TV. She comes of pretentious and even oddly smug while standing beside a overly shooped image of hers. The way she auto blocks people and her tone towards people that call her out don't come off like someone who is self aware that they don't look like their picture.

Sorry I sound like a even nuttier sperg, haha.

No. 464386

Isn’t what you just described body dysmorphia?

If Dakota looks in the mirror and sees herself the way she shoops her pics, and is only shopping them in the first place to match what's in her head, that’s unhealthy.

No. 464446

I don't think it's body dysmorphia. It's vanity. If it was BD, then that means Ahri, Vicky, and every other girl who shoops herself to unrealistic standards until she doesn't look like herself would do. Because they do the exact same thing that Dakota does.

No. 464503

I wasn’t asking if Dakota had BDD, I was asking how the anon’s description of what Dakota does and why she may be doing it is different from BDD.

>Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a mental disorder characterized by the obsessive idea that some aspect of one's own appearance is severely flawed and warrants exceptional measures to hide or fix it. (Wikipedia)

>like shooping her entire body, deleting her work pics that show her real face/body, uploading catfish shoops to Platinum, blocking everyone who mentions her real face being so different

sage for lack of reading comprehension itt

No. 464516

Calm down. The way you phrased your post could have been taken as saying she has BDD. No reason to star infighting about something we'll never know.
Anyways, it's stupid to assume whether someone does or doesn't have an eating disorder or mental disorder of any kind. There was an entire convo about this in the last thread, it's like beating a dead horse.

No. 464569

I am calm, I was clarifying myself. I asked a question, my question was misinterpreted and I explained myself. That’s not “infighting”, I’m trying to understand how what >>464359 describes about “editing pics to match what you think you look like” isn’t BDD. Also, I used sage.

And not for nothing but I am getting honestly sick to death of getting temp bans for “infighting” over bullshit time arguments when all I post are questions or opinions that aren’t even inflammatory at all if you read them with a neutral tone.

>but again, because someone will probably “lol ur so mad” at me, I’m not trying to I fight or nitpick or whatever. My original question still stands. What’s the difference between what Dakota does and shopping pics because of BDD? And why couldn’t Dakota have BDD? She sure as hell seems unhappy with her real face judging by the lengths she goes to hide/shoop it.

No. 464571

>bullshit time arguments

*tone arguments fml

No. 464610

Many people are unhappy with their own faces to the point where they photoshop them away. I don't see how it can be BDD when it's something that a lot of people do, many of the cows featured on this site have done it and I suppose you could argue that all of them have BDD as well?
I apologize for not understanding your question, and it would be ridiculous for someone to say "lol ur so mad". But if you have a problem with the temp bans the mods are giving out, then this is not the thread to discuss them in. I suggest you email the admin or bring it to /meta/.


No. 464662


Welp, since I'm the anon you're directing that question to.

I thought BDD is only when you have a self hatred and see nothing but flaws, while what I described is the complete opposite. That maybe Dakota thinks she looks exactly like her shoops, and thats why she's so confident standing beside a large screen displaying her extreme photoshopped picture like there is no difference between the two.

I'm saying Dakota is extremely vain, and blames any perceived or captured flaws on others or the camera. Like I said, some people believe the camera adds ten pounds, while in reality they actually do carry that extra 10 pounds. Or maybe she's very much like Valeria Lukyanova and believes she's flawless, and that any ugly looking picture is a edited picture by a jelly hater.

No. 464743

No worries, anon. I’m just frustrated at threads it being able to have discussions because people take stuff as infighting and report shit which then gets taken out of context by farmhands who might not even be reading the whole thread. But I agree, this isn’t the place for those issues.

As for Dakota, I feel like her shoops are a whole other monster than the average IG thot shoops. Like another anon said, she changes every single feature almost. She’s so obvious and shameless and then acts so oblivious about it, since she knows the Japanese will never call her on her shit publicly (unless maybe she fucks up significantly somehow).

No. 464760

File: 1515387553527.jpeg (18.22 KB, 300x225, 12FF7CBA-ABE0-4655-81EA-319266…)

What exactly was going on during the belebel CM time? I don’t think she looked that bad there, then again it may have been a combination of that blinding light and the fact she actually put a little effort into her appearance still?

No. 464826

I think it must have just been a combination of her being in her early modeling years, where she was taking care of herself, putting effort into her appearance and wearing different, heavier and more flattering makeup, and also not having hot reached that point yet where she started to look haggard.

Every country has its stereotype, and I've heard that the stereotype for the Japanese is that they are nice to your face but will ruthlessly shit talk you behind your back (or maybe I'm thinking of South Korea.) We know that she's not completely free from their wrath, as there are many Japanese social media pages that point out the discrepancies in her photos, and we've also seen how ruthless they are in the comments section of any campaign video posted. I think she must know that it's all a scam, but basks in the attention she receives from her more ignorant western fans. Like I said, I personally don't believe it's BDD, I think she's just a conceited bitch that loves the attention, but I could be wrong.

No. 464833

No youre right, that stereotype is japan lol not korea.

No. 465276

File: 1515447457659.jpeg (93.36 KB, 1200x800, DTDHdm4VoAAE4M3.jpeg)

What even is this outfit though

No. 465290


gotta love how she pinches her waist in like that but if that bitch put on a tight pair of skinnies that muffin top would be blasting out lol

No. 465308

It's so funny how she tries to hide her lazy ass sloppy shoops under a white plain background, it almost looks like she's always breaking into empty houses to make her "social media photoshoots"

No. 465314

She’s gotta be trolling with her outfits by this point, right…?

No. 465364

How do you live in a country that, to many, has one of the most prominent fashion scenes in the world for five(ish?) years and still not know how to dress?

No. 465396

Lordy, those buttons on that skirt are screaming.

No. 465424

File: 1515457529687.jpg (32.93 KB, 750x560, FB_IMG_1515457142083.jpg)

No. 465603

File: 1515466392159.png (345.34 KB, 597x402, 11dc123d8bffb1397964a14cdfb43a…)

She looks deformed.

No. 465621

Man how much drugs has she had?

No. 465726

This is just… laughable…

No. 465898

Dakota serving Big-handed gollum

No. 465914

What you're describing anon is actually narcissistic personality disorder, which is characterized by extremely inflated self worth and admiration as opposed to an obsessive feeling/perception that one has a disgusting or ugly body.
Feel free to ask me questions about the condition as I am studying for my master's in psychology right now. Just keep in mind that evidently you can't diognose individuals who you've never met and certainly not over the internet or through other's potentially distorted anecdotes.


No. 465943

Nayrt but this sounds more like Dakota, and explains her lettin herself get so fat and ugly. Japan is a hugbox for foreigners, especially if they speak any Japanese. I think maybe she let herself go because e honestly feels like she’s pretty and popular for her looks and not for being Japan’s biggest catfish. I remember Dakota from MySpace and stickam before they deleted everything, and she was absolutely conceited. Her claims that she “always thought she was plain” are hilarious, she spent most of 2011 humblebragging on twitter and tumblr about how people keep calling her a doll and a model, asking for her picture, if she’s Asian/Russian, etc. and insulting people who complimented her too much.

No. 465957


Looks like she's trying to achieve that insta model hour glass figure. This outfit wouldn't have been half as bad if she didn't pick two clashing colours ( pink/red).


(dif anon)
Good to know theres a name to what I was describing. I wasn't however trying to diagnose her with anything, just throwing wild speculations/thoeries.


Maybe she thought weight gain would give her an insta model/baddies body. But all she got was a fatter muffin top and bat wings.

No. 466177

I think a lot of girls assume that gaining weight will give them the instagram body, without realizing it's all about fat distribution. For Dakota, whether she was trying to go for the instagram body or not, her weight distribution areas are her waist, arms, shoulders and a bit on her hips and thighs. She looks like one very unfortunate dorito.

No. 466512

File: 1515590967233.jpeg (55.55 KB, 639x796, 5D6E9D4B-170F-4C39-8BBB-3D4CDC…)

See deleted her LINE blog for some reason? After updating it for the show she went on in October, apparently. I found an article linking to her blog talking about her segment on the show, but all the pics are LINE 404 errors from her blog. Her dead ass Ameblo is still up for now.

Also, does anyone have that picture of her wearing the VR headset on a couch holding a white fluffy dog?

No. 466513

File: 1515591320667.png (266.23 KB, 596x397, CF2684EB-A261-4696-8E66-1A5652…)


Here’s the article, it’s also headed by a pic I haven’t seen before that isn't on her other accounts. Maybe she’s got some private blogs she posts to?


No. 466520

File: 1515592248538.jpeg (68.92 KB, 675x1200, FB0F82C9-BA92-4F37-800C-09FC62…)

>>466512 again
Didn’t see the first post itt about her the LINE blog being deleted already, lol. Have some Fitt’s content as compensation for my stupid.

No. 466549

File: 1515594644412.png (1.12 MB, 1878x926, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 9.29…)

No. 466561

She looks like a 5 year old boy in this edit.

No. 466637

File: 1515602323099.jpg (166.37 KB, 1200x1200, IhbUnfviHtw.jpg)

Is this the pic you're talking about, anon?

No. 466718

Let me put on my tinfoil hat for a moment. I really think that Kooters has already had plastic surgery. I think that the stress was making her look gaunt and that she got cheek fillers and her nose slimmed down. Her cheeks used to be in shape with her round face and flat and now they have this weird abnormal extra round deformed shape about them. Her nose looks slimmer than before but abnormal too. Her lips don't really look too much bigger but they have lost their shape a bit possibly from lip injections. I don't think it's the photoshop either because I'm talking about all of her guest appearance pictures. It's amazingly terrible that instead of looking older over the years, she has progressively looked younger and stranger.

No. 466788

my disclaimer is just in case anyone was going to ask for a diagnosis for any lolcows is all. I know that your speculations are just that– speculative theories about her mental state.

No. 466841

Yes! I’m looking into vr headsets for non-lolcow reasons and remembered seeing kota wear one. Thanks!

No. 466875

If she really did have plastic surgery, she should sue, because she looks 100 times worse than before.
That being said, I don't think she did. If anything, she may have had Botox or lip fillers, and we've seen what that can do to your face negatively (ala Taylor). But even then, it's possible for somebody's face to change through the course of a few years, especially when we take into account their mental and physical health, and even their genes. Dakota does not age well, and she doesn't take care of herself, contributing to her drastic change in appearance.

No. 466895

“Not taking care of yourself” doesn’t account for “drastic changes in appearance” in under 5 years in an early 20-something. She messed up her face somehow, and it sure wasn’t just by eating junk and playing video games.

No. 466942

File: 1515628722772.jpg (15.07 KB, 333x237, 1db95d9c81056f2065caf1535174b1…)

It could also be her cigarette addiction,smoking everyday can really take a toll on your body.

No. 467002

This. Plus just bad genetics and poor diet. She looks like Cathy so I don't think that there is plastic surgery or even fillers involved. She has wide high cheekbones (not a bad trait necessarily). It seems like Ostrengas peak in their mid-late teens. Kiki's the same way. Both of them looked their best between 15-18 and then rapidly declined.

No. 467056

>2 pack per day

That’s an extreme case to use as an example, anon. Especially considering we’ve never seen a pic or vid of kota actually smoking a cigarette. I’d vote for her anemia/whatever was causing all those huge bruises she used to get as a contributing factor.

No. 467135

File: 1515643110192.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1915x2553, 98E1FA5B-F9EC-4E56-82A3-2A7AFC…)


Nah, aging, lack of care, harsher lighting, lack of makeup,weight gain are the cause of her looking shitty and weird.

No. 467155

that top left one gives me a hearty kek

No. 467165

There's been no real, hard evidence of any kind of surgery, the only real argument one could make about her getting work done would be some sort of Botox or lip fillers. A person's appearance can drastically change in a few years based on their diet, self care, and genetics. She's gained a lot of weight and her poor diet really shows. If she got a nose job (and I know you're not exactly saying she did), I wonder why it looks exactly the same as it did before she was famous for being a living doll.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there some theory that she didn't have anemia, but was intentionally bruising herself and using anemia as an excuse to seem more "fragile" and "doll like"?

No. 467194

the way she showed those bruises off so hard would lead me to believe it, but she could very well have anemia with her shit diet, it’s not uncommon anyway.

No. 467259

>Her cigarette addiction

You say it like there's been actual hard evidence of her smoking? No pictures, no videos, no proof. I'm not saying she definitely doesn't smoke, but there's no evidence that she does, even if she may look like it.

No. 467274

I think all we have on that was Charlotte saying she does.

No. 467291

also some anon saying they saw her chainsmoking outside of a pachinko parlour

No. 467325

One of her fangirls has been featured in the Daily Mail and name-drops Dakota as her inspiration.


No. 467445

literally who

No. 467713

Are people really still interested in the living doll fad? I really thought it ended by now.

No. 467831

it's a fad that unfortunately attracts a lot of ugly nobody girls who self-proclaim themselves "living dolls" to feel special. it's going to keep attracting them because all you need is tacky makeup and circle lenses to go around calling yourself one.

No. 468306

File: 1515768548097.png (567.16 KB, 594x608, Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.41…)

Toots got her nails done again.
She really lost her shooping skills, hasn't she ? Non of her edits are consistent anymore. One moment she's a fat head the next her head is thin and long.


And nearly any of them even look like their pictures. Its more like a "cat fish trend" because non of them look good in rl. I don't get why they don't just do what the insta models do (baddies ) and just get plastic surgery. At least then their pictures would be more consistent.

No. 468441

Nobody would spend thousands on plastic surgery just to get instagram followers. I think most people are aware that the living doll thing is a dead fad and that they shouldn’t invest too much time and money into it, but at the same time want to capture the aesthetic of dakotasnoriginal shoops. Some of them were legitimately beautiful, notntoo weeby, and didntnlook overly made up or edited and I think that is what people are trying to go for, not necessarily looking like a BJD or actual doll. I loved Dakota’s shoops because they looked clean, elegant, cute and minimal- certainly not because of her or her personality.

No. 468442

Sorry for my typos anons, my tremble is especially bad today as I keep hitting the n instead if the space bar. Sage for fail

No. 468498


mmm, if that was true "People don't get plastic surgery just to get instagram followers" than most of the insta baddies wouldn't have Kylie jenner ass implants and all look like duplicates. I think all of the "insta models" get work done for attention and followers and money. Living dollie girls or really any other fad isn't any different. They shoop for a following and free shit, but the trend is so dead that no one is willing to really pay them for it unless they have a really huge following. I'm sure Tooter's has had some sponsors on IG. Even that Ahri girl gets free shit and money from idiots willing to pay because they think she's this delicate smol doll.

Better looks and bigger following means paid promotions/sponsors or just simply more free shit. For some it even means "sugar daddies" and living the easy life.

How do you think half those IG models pay for things ?

No. 468519

Okay then, since I have to be more specific: I don’t think any girl interested in the living doll trend would spend thousands on plastic surgery to follow a dead fad, unless they were already rich and pretty enough to pull it off to begin with. Taylor tried it when it was still new with the fillers to round out her face and it looked like shit. It’s never a good idea for non-Asian women to get cosmetic procedures done that are meant for Asian faces to fit an aesthetic Asians like. Dakota aheived that through photoshop, taobao and lying her ass off so hard that Japan is still too embarrassed to admit they got bamboozled by a teenaged white girl who dropped out of middle school.

Also, Instagram models are on another level than normal girls following trends, because they get paid to follow trends for likes and views. Average girls who aren’t rich/models wouldn’t get plastic surgery to become a living doll, and I think deep down most girls know it isn’t possible to have surgery to reshape your entire face and features to look like a “doll” without also looking creepy in reality, unless you already had features similar to those to begin with.

That, or they wish they could but won’t ever be able to afford it before they grow out of it and move on.

No. 468534

File: 1515791668528.jpg (1.66 MB, 1200x1597, IMG_2879.JPG)

The thing is, imo, back in her early living doll days with her first shoops, the eye makeup was what made it beyond the photoshop. Heck, when she was on live tv wearing the same eye makeup as she did in her pictures, she looked pretty good. Nothing like her shoops, but still really pretty and somewhat doll-ish. If you look at Japanese ball jointed dolls, they all have very similar smokey, brownish-red lightweight makeup, which is what Dakota did with hers. Any girl, if she was at least plain-pretty (if that makes sense), could pull off the whole living doll look if they did that kind of makeup. Not that it matters now of course, since the fad is dead. Pic related, a few examples of BJD's, which I figured she was trying to look like. Sage for rambling

No. 468617


Not every girl needs extreme work, and not every girl following the trend goes to the extreme either. Most just seem to like the ideal of looking young and cute, and not like a literal doll. In other words fillers and botox could take some far and aren't permanent.

So still, why not just get some work done to look more like their images. I see almost all of them shooping their cheeks fuller, or brows higher or lips fuller. When you're following a trend or like something its not just for a couple of months, its typically for years for some. Also, you'd have to be pretty fucking broke and jobless not to be able to afford botox or fillers. ( if an adult ) I've also seen a lot of them on patreon trying to make profits from their looks too…sooo…

( Not every insta baddie came from riches. I'm sure some saved, got work done and then built a following off those looks )

No. 468629

>why not just get some work done

Did you miss the “regular girls who don’t get paid to follow trends probably can’t afford it” part of that post? Because those things still cost hundreds of dollars. By the time they could save up they might be interested in a new fad and change looks, or just spend it on something else, like toys/games/clothes.

No. 468646

>Why not just get some work done

Dropping $600-$800 on fillers/Botox, $6,000-$8,000 on a nose job, and $5,000-$10,000 on a possible jaw shaving is not at all a reasonable amount to spend to just get some work done when you're following a fad that won't keep your attention for more than a few years.

>Also, you'd have to be pretty fucking broke and jobless not to be able to afford botox or fillers

If that were the case, we'd be seeing girls who worked in typical retail jobs or fast food places spending the money to get Botox and fillers on a regular basis. I don't want to sound insulting, but I'm honestly wondering what kind of situation you're in where $600-$900 (the price can vary a lot, too) is not that much to spend for something that's going to last a few months to a year at best.

No. 468904

File: 1515850962312.jpeg (261.12 KB, 1242x1913, D7A132E6-8276-4637-B266-47EF89…)

Tsubasa tweeted this screenshot of her webstore, Is this Dakota? It looks too skinny to be her, but then I saw the bald patch behind the ear and now I’m not so sure. We know Tsubasa and Kota are friends, which is why she was affiliated with Candydoll in the beginning.It would explain her EATME clothes despite her looking so broke lately, and why she keeps going to shop openings.

No. 468908

File: 1515851370795.png (395.7 KB, 640x1136, CBDD7DF8-93DD-459D-849B-119C04…)

instagram, also their twitter posted the screencap (not Tsubasa). My bad. But they don’t credit or tag the model on the IG either.

No. 468909

That's what Dakota wished she looked like, no that's not her

No. 468914

Idk anon, it looks a lol like her shoops. We know Tsubasa shooped her before to give her work, why wouldn’t she do it now? That would explain the meaty yaoi hands and bald spot.

Unless there’s another white model that looks similar enough to Dakota that they shooped to look like her style, is that what you’re saying?

No. 468921

All someone has to do is post on the insta in Japanese asking if it’s her and tagging her. If it gets deleted and you get blocked, you have your answer. She can’t deny it if it is her.

No. 468933

it's pretty obviously not her, but i checked the eat me japan website anyway and it's http://www.bravomodels.net/detail/?mid=2564

No. 468940

You're kind of stupid if you think that's actually her

No. 468946

Dang tsubasa savage as hell, that chick does look quite similar to dakota. If i didn't know any better,I would've thought dakota was copying her.

No. 468950

Damn, she's beautiful. This is really how Kota wishes she looked.

No. 468962


I think I get where our misunderstanding is. I'm not talking about normal nobody teenagers working at walmart with tiny followings of 500 ( mostly classmates). I am talking about people like Ahri with moderate amount of followers, trying to be an insta model, using patron to profit off her looks. I am talking about women who are trying to seek attention and fame via the Kawaii look. I am talking about women that are out of highschool/college. Saving a couple hundred bucks when you're an adult isn't that hard … It takes like what ? a few month… Especially when half the girls I have in mind still live with their parents.


Its not insulting, its just saddening. I know girls still living at home working retail that spend their whole paycheck on brand name designer goods. Only to not like or wear the shit a year later because the trends have changed. People typically spend 600-900$ on internet and phone plans anyways( for a 6 month period/ 90$ monthly -200$ monthly ) . So why would it be hard to put maybe 100 bucks away each month for something you really like or want ?some who gets work done do so because they have an aesthetic in their head that they like, and not because they're trying to fix something. Pinched button noses, fuller faces isn't just something that fits the the kawaii trend only, it fits all trends just about. Looking young is what a lot of women aim for, and half the girls I've seen drop the kawaii trend still love the ideal of having a baby face. ( looking youthful ) Look at Taylor, she doesn't bother with the kawaii trend, but still wants a youthful appearance.

Besides, if a girl is shooping her nose. I doubt that its because it "doesn't fit the trend they're following", but rather because they blatantly just don't like their nose. That dislike towards their nose will most likely still be their by the time they hop on the next trend. Shooping your face will only emphasize that dislike. I'm a firm believer that if you truly can't learn to love something than you should maybe change it. (this is excluding those that shoop their jaw as that is only known in the cutesy trends and is too extreme )

Sorry for the long slightly spergy post. This is the last one. Have a good weekend, anons.

No. 469066

yeah, her face is definitely smaller cuter and softer than Dakota’s, her arm is also thinner than koot’s has ever been, shooped or not. This is what koots wishes she was.

No. 469137

Kooter didn't know Tsubasa before candydoll. She got candydoll because she still had hype as a real Barbie and bravo was catfishing companies by making her a direct booking. Afterwards she got popteen because of her association with Tsubasa. As for the eatme clothes she manages to scam stuff out of every opening and event she goes to.

No. 469266

If you're the anon who posted >>468617, I'm able to see your point with a simple change of wording. At first you came off as a bit arrogant, I suppose I was wrong. The main reason I can understand your argument is because I had a nose job, and it changed my life for the better, helping me to become more positive about my physical appearance. I believe that it would help Dakota a lot if she got a small procedure done. Nothing big, not 5 different procedures, but maybe a nose job or a few fillers to give her a more youthful appearance. If she did, maybe she wouldn't feel the need to shoop herself so much, and be happier with how she actually looks.

Saged. I'm sorry if this came across as a blog post, I'm just trying to use personal experience to make a point.

No. 469350

I don’t think fillers are gonna make her look younger, to me her face just looks saggy. She needs weight loss and Botox, and to learn about nutrition.

No. 469435

Can somebody who actually speaks Japanese give a genuine translation of this whole thing (not just parts or your interpretation)? google translate is really bad, but is sounds funny. it's on her Bravo "profile" page.

その美少女すぎる容姿からリアルバービーと称され、 ネットを中心に話題沸騰中のアメリカ人美少女ダコタローズ。
本物のバービー人形の様な美少女が流暢な日本語を話しながらメイクや ファッションを解説する姿が話題となり今では YouTube の動画再生回数が累 計 5200 万回を突破。 その人気は日本のみならず、 全世界から問い合わせ が殺到し、 アメリカの YouTube 本社から直接連絡が来る程!そしてアメリカ 本国での数多くのオファーを断り、 日本のカワイイカルチャーが大好きな彼 女はその活躍の場を日本へ!
来日してすぐに東京ガールズコレクション in 名古屋、 神戸コレクション ファッション誌 ( SPUR、Elle girl、Vogue Japan、Numero Tokyo、CUTiE 等 ) 広告 ( 大丸松坂屋百貨店うふふガールズメインキャラクター等 )、 TVCM (ク ルーズ / エレメンタルストリー、 モバゲー / 神撃のバハムート、 レブール シャンプー、 BeleBEL 美容専門学校等)、 宝島社からセルフプロデュース本 “ダコタ ・ ローズのすべて” が発売されるなど 大活躍!
そして益若つばささんがプロデュースしている CANDY DOLL のイメージモデルへの抜擢!さらに雑誌 POPTEEN へのレギュラー出演が決まると、 2015 年に入ってからは、 TV 出演のオファーも殺到し TV( 行列のできる法律 相談所、 深いい話、 メレンゲの気持ち、 ダウンタウン DX、 めちゃ x2 イケてる!、 踊るさんま御殿、 王様のブ ランチ等 ) とどんどん活躍の場を広げて行くダコタローズ、 まさに世界から大注目のジャパ ニーズ Kawaii 逆輸入次世代ファッションアイコン!ネットから飛び出したリアルバービー、 ダコタローズその活 躍に今後も目が離せない。

No. 469452

>If i didn't know any better,I would've thought dakota was copying her.
Genuinely wouldn't surprise me at all if this was what she was doing. There was this cute little Russian(?) model girl who, I think, was also signed with Bravo? And quite a bit ago, someone actually put up a side-by-side of that child's picture next to Dakota's shoops and the likeness was pretty uncanny. I can believe that Dakota would be weird enough to scope out other "rival" models and essentially snatch their faces as inspiration for her edits. Pardon my little tinfoil tangent.

No. 469469

you're reaching high anon. there are many european girls with mousy brown hair and blue eyes that inevitably look similar to her. it doesn't mean every time you see one that's naturally prettier you have to go "omg she's trying to look like this one random model! the likeness is uncanny!"

No. 469473

My Japanese isn't that perfect so there might be some mistakes, but

>She's way too beautiful, with an appearance like a real baby doll! The girl from America that's making a stir online, the beautiful Dakota Rose.

> She looks like a real barbie and speaks fluent Japanse, posting videos about fashion and makeup to her YouTube channel with over 52 Million views total.
>Besides being popular in Japan, she has inquiries rushing in from all over the world, even invitations directly from the American YouTube HQ. But since she loves Japanese kawaii culture, she chose to reject many offers and come to Japan instead!
> Right after her arrival in Tokyo, she appeared in advertisements in Girls Collection in Nagoya, Kobe Collection (lists a bunch of her work, including Belebel, and Magazines she's been in), and published her book "Everything about Dakota Rose" with Takarajimasha with great efforts!
>And then she was selected as the image model for Tsubasa Masukawa's CANDY DOLL brand! Furthermore, she had regular appearances in POPTEEN magazine, and since her first appearance in 2015, TV offers started flooding in as well. (lists a bunch of her appearances)
>Her repertoire keeps expanding, and the versatile Dakota Rose is truly becoming a fashion icon for the next kawaii fashion generation! Please keep an eye out from here on out for the Real Barbie who jumped off the screen, Dakota Rose.

It's a lot.

No. 469475

Botox is cheap as fuck. Maybe not in LA, but where I’m from, a good doctor can get you a brow lift and “frozen forehead” for like 120

No. 469477

Botox isn’t too expensive and the only Botox that doesn’t last longer than a few mo this is brows/side forehead because hose muscles are SO tiny. masseter injection (to slim side of face) lasts way longer and a lip lift with Botox also lasts a lot longer. Sometimes with face fillers you don’t need to top up for at least a year. Sometimes way longer, depending on how your body breaks it down.
You could throw down 1200 bucks for facial fillers and a bow lift and look totally different for a year+ and it’ll be cheaper to top off.

Sage for samefag and rambling

No. 469536

wow gorgeous :(

No. 469798

File: 1515934891329.jpeg (753.89 KB, 2560x1920, 9C659D57-A109-42D2-9618-005436…)

But it is interesting how her style changes after dropping kawaii all make her look strikingly similar to other Bravo models.

Those were good, especially the comparison of Kristina’s Bravo candid with Dakota’s Libera shoop. She also copied some of her poses too.

No. 469827

i literally don't see any intentional copying, especially in that picture of all the ones you could have chosen that only shows her natural features + good lighting and good standard photoshop. All I see is that she really DOES resemble her. similar hair color, eye color, skin tone, light sparse eyebrows, and huge forehead (Kristina has that as well). like I said, there are hundreds of girls with these features that all look alike. Kristina parts hair in the middle, and I think that's what started this BS because Dakota started parting her hair in the middle. it's so stupid how anyone can make up a lie about her and people who hate her will jump hard on it because they love to believe anything that makes Dakota sound like an uglier jealous rival of prettier models.

No. 469931

File: 1515953455630.png (674.91 KB, 587x628, 63BFE0D1-6ABA-4608-BB83-AD8FF1…)

You really don’t see how much they changed her entire face? Her chin, nose, cheekbones and brow have all been smoothed down. That Libera gig was only a year ago, anon.

Pic related, one of the earlier Fitt’s photos, which was done soon after her Libera page went up and she got the job.

No. 469953

>of all the ones you could have chosen that only shows her natural features + good lighting and good standard photoshop.

It was her official Libera pic VS Kristina’s official Bravo portfolio pic, not a selection based on opinion. Also, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say by pointing out the lighting and photoshop? They’re both styled and posed similarly, and Dakota went to Libera after Kristina got signed to Bravo. Are you saying Dakota naturally looks like a prepubescent girl just because they have the same hair/eye color? That’s a reach in itself. They made sure she looked younger so she could get work. That’s probably why when she went to Platinum with those fugly polaroids she changed them to her old shoops so fast. Every time she gets a good gig it’s based on a lie, then when her real face comes out in the official promo material, her Japanese fans lose their shit and either she or the employer start to delete/comment lock everything.

It has never had anything to do with lolcow. We are literally just watching it happen, making jokes and chuckling about it. The notion that anyone here is jealous of her for pointing out what she’s doing to/has done to herself is silly. Nobody here forced her to be rude on tv, eat like crap and stop wearing makeup. sage ofc.

No. 470152

Although I completely disagree with you on the jealousy part of your post, I agree with you and other anons about the fact that these girls are all just basic, average looking white, blue eyed, blonde haired girls. They're a dime a dozen, and aren't very hard to see in public. They're average pretty, not striking, but if we were to say Dakota was copying one just for blond eyes and blue hair, she'd be copying them all. I'd post pics related of models I happened to see yesterday modeling for Japanese websites, but I never saved.

No. 472504

File: 1516132442478.jpeg (155.56 KB, 750x898, 3A8B4149-D237-457D-AB67-6B6A04…)

New pic. This post reminded me of Venus with the spicy food and being sick.

No. 472509

wtf is that nose… and swollen eyelids… eeeeeegh ew

No. 472511

That neck is looking thick.

No. 472512

Dakota’s shoops are such polished turds. If she only went back to taking care of herself for a defined esthetic, she might be a lot happier and more popular, and her shoops would look better too. I think she only shoops this hard because of how she’s aged, not because her jaw or chin are big.

No. 472661

yeah it is. it doesnt help that she widens her damn pictures times a million to make her head look fatter and more "baby-ish" and make her eyes look more far apart than they really are. these proportions are ugly as sin and not good looking or cute at all. it also accentuates how thin and flat her hair is. she needs a reality check

No. 473173

Her shoops are getting worse and worse. Her eye is bigger than her lips, and could take up her entire fucking chin. And what is up with her nose in this? Is that just from stretching the picture?

No. 473282

File: 1516182561014.jpeg (298.83 KB, 750x1176, D6AD067C-A8A6-4D34-94C0-464E9E…)

Maybe i missed it but has anyone seen this yet? It’s an Instagram of old photos but i haven’t seen some of these posted here.

No. 473285

File: 1516183299185.jpeg (140.39 KB, 750x1209, B40CA9E6-55C2-44D2-A407-E4F859…)

If she can fit in them lol i really wanna know who but i think we might all know who. I guess she can’t afford new clothes either. I wouldn’t Assume that but the way things are going now it’s kinda sad.

No. 473287

File: 1516183524300.jpeg (69.49 KB, 750x602, 4C612FF6-9536-46F7-A8AC-032C74…)

When did she start following michopa? I would think they don’t really get along.

No. 473332

Hmm that's weird she only used to followed yula probably was stalking her page and accidentally hit follow. Is michopa following her?

No. 473350


Sooo she's getting hand outs left right an center. First someone "gifts" her makeup from Korea,lets her move in,buys her clothing…. and the only thing she's paying for is her nails and occasionally eating out. (If even )

Is it possible she moved in with a boyfriend instead of a friends ? This seems sorta extreme for a friend to do. Fuck no would I cater that much too a lazy shit.

No. 473358

This looks like someone cleaned out their closet and gave Dakota what they didn’t want, kek.

No. 473365

Why do you say that, anon?

No. 473373

She's such a mooch. Also nice friend. Opening Ceremony isn't cheap. And that crazy pink coat she was gifted runs for about 70000yen.

No. 473384

what if it's 2nd hand?

No. 473397

Well i say that because of just the body language you’d see when she was still in poopteen, and because it’s so random that after not working by them all of a sudden their friends but i haven’t checked to see if michopan is following her back. Maybe they him out with friends and it happened

No. 473398

File: 1516200762130.gif (Spoiler Image, 597.38 KB, 264x380, 0EEB5A04-4ECA-4F8C-9420-400610…)


>doesn’t work for 6 months

>loses Libera
>moves apartments
>still being gifted expensive crap, getting her nails done, and eating out/drinking
>despite her looks and weight gain

No. 473402

That bottom left picture in particular really makes me think about those nosejob rumors.

No. 473417

Same anon. I would bet all my savings on her at least getting a tiplasty.

No. 473418

Same. Looks like she had some weird tip work done, but it's probably just angles and age.

No. 473451

File: 1516206498970.jpeg (145.89 KB, 640x899, F920AB4D-E2E2-49F4-8B56-A7E088…)

Bigger pic for u

No. 473453


Is this a troll/hate account or a legit fan account posting extremely old pictures of her ? That was one of the most unfortunate looking aesthetics she's done.

No. 473506

File: 1516211618797.jpeg (233.61 KB, 640x910, E39E065A-4AAD-4B20-A056-2F6EDB…)

This was when she made her anorexic alien model art for KND Koture and put it on shirts thinking it would sell. Looks like she was trying to make herself look like her art the same way she tried to make herself look like her dolly shoops when she first got to Japan. Except the art is too ugly to work irl.

I accidentally cropped the caption out the first time, but it looks like this account is an imposter.

No. 473510

I know I’m going to get shit for it but can someone explain what libera scandal? Or link it? Cause i really can’t remember or go back to what thread it was mentioned

No. 473515

No worries anon. Koots was signed to a boutique talent/model agency called Libera for about 5 or 6 (Jan-May) months that we knew of. High profile agency repped Rola and Darenogare. She did one or two jobs under them (Fits and some music video) where she looked terrible. Japanese folk noticed and blasted her on social media. Libera dropped her in May presumably due to backlash but potentially because nobody was hiring her after that.

No. 473552

It's been what? 5 years? Every company knows to stay away from her at this point, no one ever calls her back once they work with her.

No. 473594

File: 1516216736509.png (92.75 KB, 720x489, Screenshot_2018-01-17-14-16-30…)

Japs really don't like Dako

No. 473599

File: 1516217054893.jpeg (56.11 KB, 1137x639, 585634ed84c53ffdb3e8b22f0b1712…)

No. 473607

If you're going to post pictures entirely in Japanese, the least you could do it caption it in English. You do know that not all of us speak Japanese, right?

No. 473733

File: 1516225332587.jpeg (88.63 KB, 640x424, 29597F82-D8A5-4D3B-AC15-542834…)

No. 473763

Is there any reason you're posting images that have already been posted on the last thread, and without any context at that?

No. 473795

OH MY GOD what music video??? can you share?

No. 473798

what does this say? and where is this from?

No. 473810

No. 473961

File: 1516237916928.png (423.99 KB, 935x601, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 5.09…)

She's a guest model on Fukuoka Asia Collection Spring/Summer 03.25.18

No. 473964

Can't believe she still uses those insanely outdated selfies for current professional work.

No. 473973

File: 1516238911135.jpeg (122.46 KB, 640x984, F8D32BC7-0568-4CB2-AE84-A67122…)

They’re using the same pic for her that she put up on her Platinum page, so she must have booked this job through them. I can’t wait for the inevitable fallout after the reveal!

I’m kind of amazed Japanese people aren’t getting passed off about this obvious trolling, though. Is one thing to edit your pics, it’s another to use 6 year old selfies and act like she still looks remotely that cute. It’s so telling how fast they took down her candids and replaced them with the 2012 shoop set, they know they cat sel her as a model so they have to sell her as her old, overplayed gimmick.

No. 473995

i'm pretty sure everyone ITT looks more like koots shoops than koots does.

she's a novelty to them, that's what being a white model there is.

No. 474045

File: 1516242683740.jpg (23.6 KB, 666x390, 21909203_336791210065504_37929…)

7 year old selfies. At least the main picture she's using is from 2011.
I'm not sure her runway work is from Platinum at least not directly. More like it's her using her old Popteen connections again (this time Michopa who is also in this show) to get her in. If I was one of those models I would lose her contact info. Dakota is the quintessential user "friend". I wonder if the situation were reversed whether she would do a friend a favor or if she would dump them like hot garbage.

No. 474108

nah noses naturally thin out with age(which is why surgeons won't do them on people under 20) which is why i now fully believe she never was lying about her age and why her looks magically went to shit since she just. grew into her features. and got butt ugly like her mom and sister. just compare pictures of the hp cast in the early harry potter days to the later films and you can see all their noses thin out since they grew into them.

No. 474117

i thought it was the opposite noses and ears continuing growing until old age (i know for a fake my nose has gotten bigger with time i have a bump on my nose and it's become more prominent with age)

No. 474119

samefag but fact*

No. 474121

That's not completely true. I got a nose job when I was 18, and it went perfectly fine. Most surgeons will do them before 20, and a few will do them at 16 or 17 with parent's consent.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy I'm so excited for the fallout. It's going to be another barrage of surprised, horrified, and pissed off comments from spectators

No. 474141

nah they get bigger but they get sharper. kids and teens have small fat noses, and when they grow older they grow into it and it gets more defined. bella hadid had a nose job at 16 and back then it looked natural. now she has an unnatural #2 pencil looking permanent contour because her nose thinned out.

if those kota 2011 pics were 6 years ago then she was 16. idk what year these pics are >>473282 but her face is very round and chubby so 14/13 sounds about right. there was a lot less to shoop tbh. it's why she'll never look as good. it's not just her nose that thinned out and grown out into that weird witch tip, her entire face has gotten sharper since her jaw has actually grown. the dolly look is impossible now.

No. 474144

i am 21 and the tip of my nose is bulbous (button nose if you will) (i want a nose job)

No. 474151

File: 1516248661500.png (636.24 KB, 588x369, jsjsdsj.png)

it'll get thinner albeit bigger. compare charlize theron's nose in her 20s to how it is now. sharp noses make you look older. that's why they say extreme nose jobs can work against you since they just make you look older younger. kim k and ariana grande both look like they're perpetually flaring their nostrils because the cartilage is thinning and showing hard lines.

bella hadid is 18 on the left and 21 on the right. imagine the difference if it was 7 years apart instead of 3. and bella hadid is younger than kota. ironically, bella is also a heavy smoker with a shit diet lol. it's a running joke that she already looks like a 40 year old stepmom.

No. 474199

That's why many rhinoplasty specializing surgeons will tell you exactly what to expect out if a nose job. A surgeon that respects their practice and the looks of their customer would never do an insanely extreme nose job, knowing that it will change with age and look worse and worse. The idea that Dakota's nose is changing to look worse with age is a bit more plausible than her having a nose job, but even if she did, it worked against her, and now she has Michael Jackson's nose.

No. 474211

Wow Girls Channel is even more brutal than we are.
I'll translate some of the comments later unless someone beats me to it, but damn.

No. 474421

one of them says

"The size of the ear changes with respect to the face …
Oh, could not you fix your ears?"

No. 474422

holy shit anon.
(this is dakota fanning)

my fucking sides.

No. 474424

>32. この子をきっかけに、動画も顔面加工出来ることを知った。
(this girl taught me you can also shoop videos)

I can post a few translations if anyone wants.

No. 474425

(this child's photoshop skills are pretty good)

No. 474439


here is a few

Ah! What? Something is not cute.

I knew it with Kuru but it seems to be anti-Japanese.
It is uncomfortable to change my attitude because I will not be opponent in my home country

The balance between ears and face is bad, is not it?

This person, it really does not seem to like Japan

this comment had a side by side comparison picture
"The real thing is not cute"

You were discriminating against Asian people or people with disabilities

I thought it was Elf tribe

Work too much? I do not know what kind of face it is any longer

With this girl, I learned that animation can also be processed on the face.

Looking old on TV

Is this man still in Japan?
When I watched it on TV, I remember being memorable

in one of the comments someone called her a yokai human which is a human that later on turns into something horrific.

Who are you no any longer?

Who is supporting this kudzu?

face scammer

It is insanely bad, right?
It was dried in no time

this is the style i adore but in this case no

Rusty processed woman


No. 474441

here is one

Becky Cruel became a topic in Japan in 2009
That girl was really cute. Magibon and this one are completely fraud.

No. 474443

File: 1516288409303.gif (2.1 MB, 456x336, lol.gif)



I have not forgotten that I was discriminating in Asia with my sister

No. 474444

>Who is supporting this kudzu?
should be (who is supporting this scum?)

please sage, and don't use roughly fixed machine translations. if you don't know japanese slang don't do it.

No. 474445

"You do not have a whereabouts even if you return to America
Even over there, they are totally disliked"

LOL atleast we know some of them know whats really going on with dakota

No. 474447

stop. all of us can use fucking google translate you retard.

No. 474448

a lot of people are comparing her to koreans…

No. 474450

こないだテレビで、 たまたま観かけたけど、なんか老けたていうか、デビュー当時の輝きが全然ない…。w

She was cute for a while, but now she's fat and not cute.
I saw her on TV the other day, but I guess she got old, there is no sparkle like during her debut… lol

No. 474453

from what angel?
i wonder how much more she can squeze out of this whole deal, i also think she needs to go back to bangs im tired of that forehead.

No. 474455

Love the comment where someone asked if her brain is ok

No. 474671

I wish we had some Japanese-speaking anons here willing to get together and revamp her ED page/Japanese truth page. I think adding Dakota’s candids of her most recent work would really help to highlight the massive contrast between Dakota as she really is and the image that is being force fed to the media. Instead of “wow look at this foreign beauty who bent viral” it could be “wow, this catfish became a model using PS/CG!”

It really is amazing how any criticism of her is shut down so fast, then she takes a hiatus a comes back line nothing ever happened, rinse and repeat. There’s no way she’s getting all this work on her own merit as a model or out of the kindness of anyone’s hearts without icon something in return. I love that Japanese anons are starting to question how she’s still doing this, maybe if more queries come up in Japan somebody will have to make an explaination?

No. 474809

I can't believe that 5 years ago I beat myself up with low self esteem because I didn't look as good as her photoshops. Now she's a laughingstock here and in Japan, and she looks like gutter trash on television, and everyone knows her photos are fake, and I'm so glad I'm not her.

It's only a matter of time before she's not getting any work at all, because all agencies will know to be weary of the foreign model named Dakota Rose.

No. 474981

Every time I see her on a runway or in a new Fitt’s pic, I have Dakota’s old tweets flashing through my head where she was such a stuck up twat calling everyone jealous lesbians, ahhh it’s so good. I would give anything in this world to go back in time, grab 2012 Dakota and bring her to 2018 to meet herself face to face, holy shit.

No. 475003

I don't know if this would be considered OT or not, but I've been reading Larme magazine a lot lately, and I heard that Dakota modeled for them at one point. Does anybody know which issue that was? I can't seem to find out which one, and I'm curious

No. 475023

I literally said the same thing bitch be using her popteen connections to get work. She got jobs from yula,the music video she was in because of that boy model forgot his name he was also of popteen, and now michopa.

No. 475033


It was the first issue and I think the second. Back when the magazine wasn't as popular and Risa wasn't as viral. The make up they had Dakota model was so heavy compared to Larme style now where its more natural. It was her typical Kota Koti make up which got her popular like wing liner, lashes, liner, lenses ect.

No. 475069

Thanks anon. I should have looked up the first one. I honestly can't imagine her modeling for Larme now that she looks as haggard as she does, and natural make up doesn't suit her. Just the idea of her being in a magazine/fashion likes that makes me cringe.

No. 475070

File: 1516325761180.jpg (9.91 KB, 350x350, 31gZhpYaMOL._SL500_AC_SS350_.j…)

since she used to do digital art, i wonder if she used a tablet to photoshop her pics, like professionals do. it would explain why she was way more expert at editing pictures than your usual.

No. 475072

File: 1516325960316.jpg (194.47 KB, 739x1024, PdDHJg9TP68.jpg)

She didn't even look that great then. I'm not saying that she didn't have her moments of cuteness back in the day, but Larme was not one of them. Pic related.

No. 475073

this was the first place she didn't wear her old lenses

No. 475081


To be fair anon, she was never that much of a PS pro. Every picture of her from then was edited differently and she slipped up by editing lips differently and the eyes were bigger or wonky on earlier shoops. Her expectations were too unrealistic.

All these little asian girls edit themselves like dolls? To them doll style isn't new. It's been going on fucking ages and ages.

I remember on Hellotalk some Japanese lady was on the bus she said and she saw two school girls. Taking selfies and one edited herself like a doll while the other girl stayed the same. She said "Im worried for their friendship" which made me laugh though because she was being nosey looking. But yeah…

No. 475086


Lol and thats an insult alone hahahaa

No. 475091

Fuck, that's weird to look at. It's such a throwback to her old days, before she started squashing her head and making her eyes the size of dinner plates. I actually ordered Larme 002 the other day without knowing she might be in it, so I post a throwback when I get it.
I just thank god she didn't become a regular model for them, like the usual girls. Most of the models are pretty and dainty, and Kooters is just…big and frumpy. She wouldn't suit a delicate style like that.

No. 475092

At this point I really think since Dakota has been booted by two major agencies, moved living fuck knows where, has to buy likes to keep herself on flow, friends have to give her clothes since she can't afford shit apart from nails.

She needs to start looking at other ways to make money in Japan. She may need to kick in modelling and being a talent because it seems she isn't wanted much now.

I'd say she become an English teacher but I doubt she has a degree or any major qualifications apart from the music thing her and kiki did.

I can't see her future being solid there in Japan. Unless she was pregnant to some rich old fart but I doubt it'll happen.

No. 475094


Nah she would suit it given the right styling she isn't that big. If she lost a bit of weight she would be fine to be honest. Being mind Japanese and western bodies arent the same.

No. 475108

There's no way she would suit the fashion, even if she lost weight. Maybe back in the old days, but now, her face has changed so much beyond just weight gain that she wouldn't look good. It's not necessarily a bad thing to admit someone wouldn't look good in a certain fashion. When you think of Larme-Kei, you think of delicate features, which she doesn't have.
I don't know if I can see her marrying a rich old man for the visa. I think she's content living off of others. She could always gain a little more weight and start doing plus size modeling in Japan, seeing gaining more weight is where she's heading.

No. 475112

She’s friends with those girls that make those weird magazines i forgot the name those soft porn magazines i wouldn’t be surprised i she fell into that or if she did, if you look at her friends i noticed they have their own pages and stuff she really doesn’t have anyone close to her so she’s probably sucking up to michopan now

No. 475117

File: 1516330638684.jpeg (179.89 KB, 750x1100, EB1FA9E3-215E-4D71-A8A6-F1D123…)

I mean could be possible this is one of her close friends…..

No. 475121

Was it just me or did Kota not have a blue check mark on instagram? I wonder if she’s salty that her friends have them.

No. 475123


No. 475126

Nope, she’s not verified. According to socialblade, her account dropped from a B to a C and she’s steadily losing followers.

No. 475132


KEK !!

Who the fuck would pay for that let alone fully dressed Toot's.

No. 475146

File: 1516332940822.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 68.61 KB, 590x787, 8988A594-4878-4F4C-B88A-5C0864…)

I was asking if that’s what anon meant by “weird softcore porn”. Although tbh I don’t think she would be opposed to it. Any attention is good attention, right?

No. 475151

File: 1516333636015.jpeg (30.29 KB, 220x330, 3CC5E89D-C152-4DAC-9C3C-C15173…)

Didn’t mean to spoiler that one, sorry.

She also did (in the past) model lingerie for Peach John, she did that weird lesbian vibe Candydoll commercial with Tsubasa that can’t be found anymore, as well as all the weirdly pedo tumblr era pics she used to post. I don’t think she could do that now, but could have dipped a toe in back when she was younger and still cute and then Ostrengabombed it to oblivion. She used to post a hell of a lot of cleavage shots on Instagram, too. All I’m saying it, I don’t think she would have been super against it, considering the other pics she’s posted.

No. 475164

File: 1516335140394.jpg (39.06 KB, 417x560, ecuq-zM_i5k.jpg)

Ah the Ameblo era. A cross between fake hafu and sex doll.

No. 475166

File: 1516335211835.jpeg (60.36 KB, 530x795, C3608D26-5D72-415A-977F-95E51B…)

Don’t forget the heinous cleavage shoops!

No. 475167

File: 1516335268379.gif (913.04 KB, 420x236, A8D97454-C9B5-48B7-8070-92EB40…)

No. 475168

File: 1516335317898.jpeg (333.84 KB, 590x885, BB43747A-6F6C-49CA-ACBA-6747E0…)

No. 475176

File: 1516336617041.jpg (51.38 KB, 445x590, K5ZLrAAZwpc.jpg)

No. 475195

>Every time she gets a good gig it’s based on a lie, then when her real face comes out in the official promo material, her Japanese fans lose their shit and either she or the employer start to delete/comment lock everything.

true that. At this point I don't understand wny her recent employers dont bother to google her name and just fall for the catfish.

No. 475210

>lesbian candydoll commercial
Someone please post if you find it! That sounds so incredibly weird.

No. 475216

File: 1516339600588.jpg (67.47 KB, 590x884, 414de7d2acf91f7e0a47f90e7889a3…)

you completely missed the best one.

No. 475217

Why did this thread need a sudden image dump of her old photoshops from 2013? Sage this shit, Christ.

I've thought the same thing. Everyone must know by now that she's fake. They look at all these fake pictures, hire/cast her, and when she shows up, do they say, "Oh! Well she doesn't look a speck like her social media or portfolio pictures, she looks haggard as fuck, and everyone in our target audience hates her. Let's use her!" I don't understand.

No. 475223

I think lolcow severely overestimates how badly people react to her, like none of those people ever actually thought "she looks haggard as fuck". she's not hideous (especially in asia) and by now she has an impressive portfolio

No. 475226

eh, there were a lot of japanese girls on those japanese gossip sites totally blasting her for her photoshop and fake doll image

No. 475230

>None of those people ever actually thought "She looks haggard as fuck"
Yeah, those left countless screenshots posted of her Japanese viewers ass-blasting her for looking like a trainwreck prove that nobody thinks she's ugly. And what does the "especially in Asia" mean? I can't tell if you're retarded, or if this is low quality bait.

No. 475236

>japanese gossip sites
gossip sites in general are all like that though. i've hopped between many of them for years, no one goes there to fangirl about anybody, only to trash talk and gossip.

why do you take someone saying "she's not hideous" so personally? that's bait for you? lmao

No. 475240

Oh boy, here we go.

No. 475241

i don't think the text is as important as the contrast between her face in this screencap and the shopped image in the lower left

No. 475243

sorry forgot to finish my last post before this other anon got triggered. i was going to say that adults in the real world are not mean gossipers who would say that she looks like a 40 year old with 2 kids like the girls on girlschannel. she's a white, blonde, blue eyed female, and that's practically fetishized. she's not the most beautiful model in Japan, but she has features that definitely work and a good portfolio and presence. that's why they keep hiring her.

No. 475246

>a good portfolio and presence
The fuck? Only if you count multiple iterations of shoop and a list of companies that have effectively written her off. And what presence? Girl has no presence. That's part of the problem.

It wasn't gossip sites ripping into her, it was regular Japanese viewers on twitter. Go back and read what they wrote after her last appearance on TV.

No. 475247

I can tell which posts here are yours because you type the same way and are relentlessly disagreeing with what people here are saying. There's nothing wrong with thinking she is pretty, but why are you denying strict evidence that many people (referring to the Japanese, mostly) don't think she's attractive and are angry about her photoshop? It's not horrible to realize that she has not been getting jobs like she used to. If you're focused on white, blond, blue eyed models, there are others in Japan signed with large agencies who are doing much better than Dakota currently is. Her star does not shine as bright anymore, and that's just the way it is.
>inb4 lol you're triggered anon she's pretty get over it
Nobody is triggered. and if you think people on these "gossip" sites are mean, why do you come here and post? You're not making her look any better. Your posts could be considered bait because of how angry you're coming across.

No. 475248

What is Kota's estimated age as of 2018? I don't believe what she's said in Japanese magazines at all for numbers. She is looking very haggard here.

No. 475249

I'm pretty sure she's 22, her birthday was not that long ago.

No. 475250

Yes! Gravure thanks for that help!

No. 475257

No one's comparing her to Koreans though?

Is actually "If it were Dakota Fanning I would know who she is"

Overall, the comments are talking about her past racist behavior, her photoshop/that she changes her face a lot, that she's aging quickly, that she's the American Zawachin, etc. Some did mention that they know she's disliked on English boards/in the US too.

No. 475260

Excuse my ignorance, but who is Zawachin?

No. 475334

Someone posted the obituary for her grandfather (or great grandfather?) a couple of threads ago which showed she was born in 1995, so 22.

No. 475338


Shes not 22.

In the baby picture she had up on a Japanese tv show of her and kaka

Koot was literally a year younger looking than kaka. BOTH were just spouting hair. It was the one with cathy holding koot and koot had snow white hair. Kaka was on cathys lap topless.

They’re definitely mid twenties the pair of them.

No. 475339

Can we please not do this again

No. 475342


Yeah but anon many western girls wear larme and most dont suit it.

Its a fashion - anyone can wear it. Who cares? The magazines goes after a specific type and thats it.

No. 475344

most japanese mags go for specific types of white girls to shoop, regardless of if they match the fashion style at all.

No. 475358

File: 1516368942377.jpeg (1.8 MB, 2894x1432, 0BECEFA6-8A46-4134-8791-704411…)

It got nuked from the internet, sorry. It was the two of them I’m white/cream dresses sitting on the floor looking drugged and laying on each other and touching hands and faces to some slow music. You can find harmless looking screencap a but they’re all selectively cropped.

No. 475359

Sorry anon Japanese can careless if she's purple, pink, white or etc. I tbought this bitch was a talent when did she become a model again? Platinum definitely didn't get her this job.

No. 475362

> Why did this thread need a sudden image dump of her old photoshops from 2013? Sage this shit, Christ.

It is saged, calm down. You’re not the thread police, and if you would have read the posts and could understand context you would know what’s going on. You don’t have to make an agro post every time someone posts old shit that isn’t Kota-approved just because you think it’s ~dry milk~ or whatever. Seriously, kota thread nazis are the worst.

No. 475363

Couldn’t find the commercial, but I found this old behind the scenes video that features unshooped Dakota speaking.

No. 475365

Not the commercial either, but I found a related video of Dakota modeling Something for a car a few years ago. Her at the end compared to the other two girls is night and day, she’s so big compared to them.

No. 475369

Hm, is it possible Tooter's modelling rates are cheap af ? and thats why people hire her ?

Like the gorgeous blonde model is really expensive, so they go for the bargain bin blonde model who they can just hide in the back.

No. 475371

Could be, also they have to be careful to put her next to girls who are the same height and body type as her which must be hard.

No. 475374

File: 1516371131705.jpg (165.91 KB, 1199x675, DLi1HzvUMAUrluu.jpg)

Well she's supposed to be Barbie and this was at the height of her tarento fame in 2015, so she may have been the biggest name there even though the others are objectively better models.
Nope. Guarantee if she is getting paid, Koots still commands more money then no-name Russian high fashion model.
They go for her because she still has connections to actual popular models (that she clings to for dear life). And, people still associate her with popteen despite her looking like rancid flan lately.

No. 475386

if you're implying that the japanese don't fetishize white girls you need to leave. wtf?

No. 475394


Can she really make demands in a shit tier agency as the new model with barely any jobs since 2015 ?

I feel like that would be stepping on peoples toes. Also I thought it was the agency that chooses your worth in some sense, or at least had to agree to a price before contracting.

No. 475427

>Koots still commands more money then no-name Russian high fashion model.

doubtful. koot's brand is dying slowly, even moreso with her weird uncanny-valley shoops. not even cause she's ugly or something like that, she's just messing herself up.

No. 475455

Nah. Kota from the being was a specail booking They saw shops but not her. So they nevet got the product they hired. And with the Japanese not into public bad mouthing they continued for a while. It works at first bevause despite not looking like her shops she was still a cutebecauseAnd im 100% these jobs were booked before she even left FL.
But now that it mno longersvwork because shes so uses to favors from her sugar manager she never bother the obvious of keeping her shit in shape.
And i know alot offolkslove to ssy its het friends who are getting her mideling favors but they must know shes so unlikeable as a model why risk their own rep. Even that runway job is using an old ass shoop. How shes still getting by with those and not her real work is she has somesort of manager in her pocket.

No. 475471

Jfc proofread your shit next time.

No. 475474

They probably do, if she has google delete everything she doesn’t look good in or gets bad PR from there’s not much they can do. They probably won’t assume she’s a catfish until they see her and at that point it’s too late, because she used misrepresenting images on her professional pages and hid all her real work.

No. 475602

You're right, I apologize. When I said "sage" I was referring to one of the images which wasn't saged.

That's something a weeaboo would say about wanting to go to Japan. "Everybody will automatically love me because I'm white and have blue hair and blonde eyes". It doesn't matter. If that was the truth, she would still be getting hi-tier modeling jobs and would be living in her own place, and wouldn't have lost her bigger contracts. If she tried to revert back to when she first got to Japan, lose a bit of weight, start doing her makeup differently, she might have a chance at becoming successful. I would hope that she does.

No. 475610

They don't weeb they can just pick up any russian prostitute off the street for cheap.
Are you smoking something japanese doesn't fetishize white girls, they rather stick to their own kind.

No. 475617

Platinum doing the same shit bravo did/having her get booked before you see her.

No. 475644

I doubt Platinum will keep doing it as long as Bravo did, though.

No. 475675

File: 1516400668662.jpg (2.27 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2955.JPG)

To be fair, a lot of campaigns featuring two girls in Japan will do this, I've noticed. I don't think it's to create a sexual feel, more of a close bond, sisterly kind of thing. Larme magazine, for example, is littered with girls posing like this. Pic related is from Larme 005

No. 475683


Is it set to direct booking on Platinum ?

Funny if it is, because that means they also can see that she will never score a gig with her natural looks. They probably are out waiting the contract which is probably six months-year. Whats the point in having a model who can hardly get jobs even with catfishing/ direct booking. Companies (agencies) aren't in the business of hiring models who can't bring in any profit to them or the model. Better to hire a model with some actual profitability.

Kooter's is a useless tit.

No. 475686


To be fair I think while Japan is increasing in popularity due to the fashion, pop culture ect and opening their doors more and more to foreigners, the more they're seeing foreigners I think the more foreigners are losing that magical touch. Especially after the fucking Logan Paul fiasco recently…

In the future I think the average white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes in Japan will probably be seen as beautiful still but not as overhyped as now. They'll probably always use whites for modelling the most because since white skin in Asia is favourited and then while whites have the same tone then it's going to be on the top of the beauty standards. Im not even fully white myself but I can tell you that at the most and I don't care. We all know in the west that Dakota and all the other white weebs that look like her are nothing special here anymore. Especially as times are changing with more models of colour popping up, PC bullshit ect. Asia is always late on catching up… it'll take them a while to cling on to anything PC or awareness ect.

I can remember when Himezawa said she was "beloved" by all in Japan because of her amazing European features. No offence but if you go to any middle eastern, African, Asian countries of course they'll be fascinated by fucking European features. I remember a video of an African tribe's children first ever saw a white man and they were amazed by him! It's different to them, unsual. But in Japan I can see how it may just be a selling point more so than anything else. But Bravo finally woke up and realised they could bag a better looking white girl with blonde hair else where.

No. 475696


Plus all these e-famous weeb white women and jvloggers who have Asian boyfriends are always unattractive. None of them, for all their gloating and bragging have decent looking men.

Venus's husband Manaki looks like a 10 year old.

Taylor R's boyfriend is a frump

Sharla seems to want to hide her man (must be bad then)

Mimei's boyfriend is meer average

Audrey H (that ex blonde model who forced herself to have a baby with her Japanese husband because he pretty much demanded it)'s husband looks old

Lovelymilky's husband looks fairly old too, some cunt she met at a bar.

TexcanTokyo or whatever the fuck's husband wasn't all that either.

I find them all very average or ugly to be honest. I hate how people act who fetishize asian guys or women or vice versa act like it's the most beautiful power couple to boot.

No. 475700


Yeah the jobs were definitely booked.

Once she went for her first ever tv interview they already had shit planned for her because I remember a month later they had her model for Peach John where she looked like a ball jointed doll then she went from there with Etude House and Get it Beauty that tv show. Also Ufufu girls came right after.

No. 475707

File: 1516401825692.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 176.31 KB, 640x1064, A67B058F-D6D0-4411-B9BF-15E3DA…)

Sooo, I was searching google for ダコタローズ キャンディドール and some creepy ass pedo bait shit same up in the image results from Naver. I took this screengrab and closed that shit out bc now I feel gross, but why the actual fuck is a picture of a very young looking half-dressed blonde girl being used in a post about Dakota??

No. 475709


Maybe the japs should just stick to hafus tbh

No. 475714

When you look at the foreign models over in Japan right now, honestly, Dakota doesn't stand out anymore. There are so many girls who are prettier than her, and who are getting casted so frequently they'd never have to worry about losing a job. Even Taylor (I never really followed Taylor or her threads, I don't know if she's still modeling) could easily snatch up a few gigs at 28. Even with fillers, and almost 30, she looks better than Dakota.
>>475686 is 100% right. Foreigners are nothing special now. What Asian person has not seen a white girl? It's not even uncommon to see a white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes modeling for an ad campaign or a Japanese magazine. It was a huge deal when she first came, but now, if her "whiteness" isn't getting her jobs, it tells you a lot about the fact that she's not popular.

No. 475718

Samefag, but if you're looking at that picture as pedo bait and speculating that she may or may not be underage, why post it here? That aside, she doesn't look that young. More like a 19 year old with pig tails.

No. 475727

It’s nothing illegal or it wouldn't have come up in google search results, but it’s still creepy as fuck. It’s like someone is intentionally trying to get her name spread out there among creeps so she can get more followers for her old shoops she keeps using.

Also idk what 19 year olds yourenused to seeing that look that young.

No. 475751

She doesn't look that young at all. People can have baby faces, you know? Venus for example could probably pass for a 12 year old if she tried. It's not impossible.

No. 475771

>Venus for example could probably pass for a 12 year old if she tried. It's not impossible.

Kek, not without heavy filters and makeup she couldn’t. But it’s kind of silly how hard you’re reaching to say it’s perfectly fine. I went back in incognito mode to check out the article, and it’s just the weird Dakota Living Doll description and nothing else. However the pic used can be linked back to an ageplay porn website called candydolls.tv. It’s technically legal, but still gross and creepy because it’s still someone associating Dakota with underaged looking girls doing porn.

No. 475799

We never said it was perfectly fine. Ageplay is creepy as hell. All that was said it that the girl doesn't look like she's super young, and the reason it was said was because the way you worded >>475707 made it sound like you were implying the girl was heavily underage. Calm down, ageplay is awful but it's not worthy of infighting.

No. 475829


Venus doesn't look like a teenager anymore. Look at her in Taylor's video and you'll see Venus tries her best to look not only Asian but she looks very old and pasty. Not pale skin as in healthy but sickly I find her, she has bags on her cheeks and eye bags. Her nose is quite large too. She looks fuck all like her videos - it's literally all edit and Koot's is the same.

Neither of these girls look youthful.

No. 475832


Yeah but anon being mind a lot of these girls are model material and probably went to Japan because it will look good for not only them but they're model material. They're not after a dolly freak gig or weeb status boost. They're literally just everyday people who are also models. That's it.

Taylor is very plain - she ruined her looks with them fucking awful eye bags. Terrible look. But she could do well more than Dakota because shes taller and lean that's it. I do like her personality but I find Taylor nothing special and basic at best. The only luxury she has isn't modelling it's just her money. That's all that stands out to me about her hence why horse face Mimei got pissed off with her.

Taylor goes to the gym and looks after herself though. Dakota sits playing fucking video games.

Also yeah… most Japanese know what whites look like now and thats it. Some probably prefer them over other races and some may have a jolly good wank over them at night because its a fantasy at best. But that's it.

Im glad these weebs and gloaters there who screech "Im white in Japan and omg its amazing" are going to end up having nothing to boast about because no one really gives a fuck. Who cares? Who honestly really does care? lol

No. 475835

I don't think Taylor looks super awful. She has a nice body. Yes, she edits her pictures, and Venus does too, but I think what's getting me is that Dakota edits her pictures to hell and back, so compared to her shoops, she looks like trash. If she posted real pictures of herself, and I wasn't used to the shoops, I probably wouldn't think she looks too bad.

No. 475837


Meh I dunno what to really say… I mean you get porn stars like the Russian and Polish ones who are those pale skinny sickly looking girls who have tiny tits. Men like watching them because the body looks young apparently and thats a turn on. It's kinda gross though…

I dunno. Guess some women just have tiny tits lol

No. 475839


Taylor doesn't look awful - she looks fine! But I don't see her being… striking if you get what I mean but she looks more normal and naturally pretty for being herself even with the vagina bags under her eyes.

Dakota is just a whole different story. She needs a shrink.

Funny how Venus and Koot both have disorders like body issues and anxiety or ED ect. Yet they're both in a country where society doesn't give a single shit if you're depressed.

Japan is a wonderful place!

No. 475840

The more people bring up facts about Dakota and Venus the more I see that I'm in the wrong. I think I would pick Taylor or Venus over Dakota just being she's so unstable, such a mess. I don't think either of them are strikingly beautiful, but more that they're just prettier than Kooters, and would have more of a chance at success than her.

No. 475854

I can just tell how fat you are and how bad you feel about it from reading that kek(derailing)

No. 475855

File: 1516412748807.png (180.89 KB, 625x626, IMG_2961.PNG)

No. 475925

File: 1516422579688.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1196x1594, 23C7FF04-3286-4F19-92BB-2220C3…)

Tbh all the living dolls are ridiculously basic. It’s like what one anon said up the thread, every single LD/ kawaii weeb is basic dreaming about being perfect.

All these top girls depend on shoop, filters, angles and face slimming lenses, and look basic and sometimes ugly without. Kota’s just the worse … and the most unfortunate looking. Which makes it even funnier that she’s the most known one.

No. 475934

But Taylor's guy is rich so she's found herself quite a comfortable lifestyle. Don't know why you're complaining about looks kek at least they found someone to love them for whatever reasons that may be, whereas you're still sat at your keyboard smashing down on the keys posting salty lines with the prospect that no one will ever love you.

No. 475972

Just report and move on, everyone. The entire thread is going to be shit up soon if nothing is done.

No. 476019

taylor's the only one who looks recognizable from her shopped pics tbh

No. 476037


Yeah but shes still very average looking in terms of appearance anon.

No. 476039

Taylor R doesn't do that whole kawaii living doll garbage anymore

No. 476063

kek she moved on to clickbait and copying the Kardashians and other noble pursuits. Let's all applaud.

No. 476087

Very average? She was an official model in China for designer brands and had an already pretty face (just look at the pic in the top left hand corner of >>475925 post) before the fat graft she got on her face. Her face looks symmetrical and possibly has a good balance of features which is what modelling agencies look for as well as being photogenic. Why what do you look like then to even give this kind of criticism on her appearance? Would like to see you compared to her kek you probably look like shit even though Taylor's "average."
It's actually hard to look the kind of "average" you call Taylor. As I said, her face appears quite symmetrical.

No. 476090

Every time other models, or other lawsuits girls in general are brought up someone comes in here saying they’re average, then usually some comments pop up about lots being pretty/having good features and how she’d be Japan’s top model again if she just lost a little weight (since she’s NOT fat!!!) and put on eyeliner. But, she chooses not to because she’s happy and comfortable and mature now. Premium delusion is all it is.

Taylor was pretty before fillers and her Kota clone phase, she wasted a lot of time and energy on that but unlike Kota she could go back to being beautiful because she takes care of herself.

No. 476092




*Kota gdi

No. 476127

>Dakota's bitterness towards girl's who she thinks stand any chance of stealing her shine still hasn't died down. Two girls have come forward over being blocked by her.
>The first is an Australian model in Japan who goes by Keirashley on Twitter. She was blocked for tweeting to Dakota how surprised she was about how different she looked in her appearance on Ariyoshi Hanseikai compared to her photos. Shortly afterward she was viciously attacked on Twitter by a mysterious account, totally unaffiliated with the Ostrengas.

I just saw a cap from IG in the Yukapon thread that Keirashley was in with her and Peachmilky. Was she affiliated with the other J-weebs before this? If so, it explains why she was targeted.

No. 476147

Taylor is leagues above both Kota and Venus and clearly above average, let's not. She just pushed the "kawaii doll" on herself even though it looked terrible on her, now she stopped.

No. 476148

Not the anon you're replying to but calm the fuck down you stan. People have different beauty ideals than you and just because someone did modeling doesn't mean everyone's going to think they're objectively beautiful. Nor does that person need to look better than someone to think that. But sorry if you're uglier than her and have to take personal offense on her behalf lmao… honestly not that high of a standard, I agree with them, she's very average. I see better looking girls in public transit every day, I do think I'm better looking and I don't find it hard to believe that most of the girls that come here could easily be, either. Lrn2cope

No. 476155


I feel like Kota targets any weeby or slightly cute looking girl with a following. However, I love to see Kota's block list.

Though I wonder if a lot of those that get blocked are people that end up having a thread here or being mentioned. I wonder if she would even acknowledge Taylor if it wasn't for Pull and Lolcow comparing the two. Like she lurks down the list on her and blocks w.e names come up ( assuming they are also farmers/anons on here possibly self posting )


Agreed, I don't understand why people get so defensive about someone else's looks. Meanwhile that someone they're defending doesn't give two fucks about what a random anon on the internet says. Everyone has different standards and aesthetics, its like that ridiculous jaw argument about whether defined jaws were attractive or not. The answers different for everyone. I follow a lot of runway/high fashion models for years now, my standards of whats above average are higher. Taylor's pretty, but also very plain and wouldn't stand out in a crowd to me. There are reasons why these girls go to Asia to model. What I'm saying also goes for Kota too, like if someone mentions something about Kota they find pretty, there is always a sea of hate towards that anon. I also don't get why one anon got upset about a few calling Jvlogger girls boyfriends ugly… lol

No. 476189

>I feel like Kota targets any weeby or slightly cute looking girl with a following. However, I love to see Kota's block list.

Same. I wonder if part of the reason she's so paranoid and blocks so many people is because last time she tried being friends with another slightly e-famous girl it backfired spectacularly. Referring to when Charms and Kota met up and charms then went on cgl and confirmed all of dakota's clothes were counterfeit because kota wouldn't tell her where to get the clip in version of knock of vw horns lmao.

No. 476191

If you have to gloat about your appearance on lolcow to make yourself feel better, you're certainly insecure and feeling threatened by some other's post, responding in a triggered manner yet telling that anon to calm down, then you're worthy of a thread yourself kek
Sage your shit and no1 curr how you look. We get it, you're an insufferable ugly cunt.
Now stop shitting up kota's thread with your blog posts and ~*me so bwetter looking uwu sho special*~(infighting)

No. 476193

She knew Kota got them from taobao, and Dakota even admitted her other VW shit was fake and from taobao, but what killed their friendship according to Charms was that Dakota refused to tell her which taobao shop she got the horn tiara from and insisted it was real (that shit went for like $700+ new and resells for $500-600 all these years later). They stopped being friends, her shoops took off and the rest is history.

No. 476199

>gloat about your appearance
appearance mention is a clear reply to:
>Why what do you look like then to even give this kind of criticism on her appearance?

>Sage your shit

>it's saged

>You're a hypocrite/you're shitting up the thread

>does the same thing

Yeah, good luck with that, anon. Feel free to come back when you figure out how to read(infighting)

No. 476202

I don't really understand this post anon. Why did you recap what I already explained as if I asked what happened?

and you're wrong anyway. Charms had the tiara version. She wanted either the clip in version or the version of the tiara dakota had because on the fake tiara charms had the horns point the wrong way. Dakota wouldn't tell her which taobao shop to get the more authentic fake from.

No. 476208

The point was that Charms went to /cgl/ and gave them vape and stories about her because Dakota wouldn’t tell her where she got her fake VW horns and lied to her face about it. Trying to imply that Charms going to /cgl/ is why Dakota avoids other kawaii white girls is silly because if they had remained friends, Charms might not have ever done that. It’s all speculation now of course, but Dakota was equally responsible for ending the friendship over petty shit.

TL;DR: Dakota avoids other girls because she’s a vain bitch andnalwas has been.

No. 476209

Also how was I wrong, exactly? I never said Charms didn’t have the tiara, I said Dakota wouldn’t tell her which taobao shop she got hers from. So, you agreed with me after telling me I was wrong? Lol

No. 476211

>vape and stories

*chats and stories, goddamn it autofuck

No. 476217

>but Dakota was equally responsible for ending the friendship over petty shit.

IIRC though they never formally ended the friendship or anything like that. Charms came to /cgl/ cause she was pissed about the horns but it was also because Dakota just stopped talking to her and charms took that to mean they weren't friends anymore. So yeah, exactly. If Charms hadn't done that, maybe they would have remained friends and maybe Dakota wouldn't be quite so paranoid about other girls.

I'm not saying it's the sole reason she avoids other kawaii girls, obviously, because she did that shit before meeting charms. I just think it's funny that the one time she did make friends with another girl via her efame and interests, it blew up in her face.

No. 476239

You’re reaching. Their friendship ended before Charms went to /cgl/. It had nothing to do with kawaii fashion or efame, it was all petty shit from Dakota pretending she had legit Westwood and Charms calling her bluff before Dakota ever became “Barbie come to real”. Just because she was uploading her shoops to tumblr at the time they were friends doesn’t mean Dakota going viral ruined their chances at friendship, they both ruined it for each other. Dakota by being a liar and Charms by being a snitch. Going viral had nothing to do with that, and nobody forced Charms to give /cgl/ milk, she put the nail in that coffin herself. She could have stayed lowkey and reached out to her via twitter, but I doubt Dakota would have responded once Charms started cramming regardless.

No. 476242


Should be *camming, obviously.

No. 476276

>Going viral had nothing to do with that
Never said it did.

>Their friendship ended before Charms went to /cgl/. It had nothing to do with kawaii fashion or efame

Jesus Christ. They were friends in the first place because of efame/kawaii interests. I did not say that they stopped being friends because of efame/kawaii interests.

>Just because she was uploading her shoops to tumblr at the time they were friends doesn’t mean Dakota going viral ruined their chances at friendship

How did you get this from anything I posted. I didn't say anything even remotely close to this. Didn't even imply it.

It's pretty evident at this point that replying to you is pointless because you don't possess any form of reading comprehension. I don't care enough to bother anymore. Whatever.

No. 476292

This may be off topic, but can we stop throwing around insults towards each other? The insults in posts like >>476148 >>476087 >>476191 >>475934 are mainly what I'm talking about, I don't know if anyone else has noticed.
>inb4 you're one of the anons that got insulted you salty ugly cunt
I'm not, I'm just irritated constantly seeing these posts and knowing that all it's going to do is cause infighting. Most of us are trying to have civil discussions without derailing, I don't see what the use is calling people ugly cunts and bitches.
Saged, I'm sorry if this seemed like thread policing, I really didn't mean it to.

No. 476462


Yet they were going for like fucking 50p on Aliexpress lol fuck sake

No. 476481

sure she's average but still prettier than kota and venus and seems more approachable/real

No. 476487

I agree, although I think Venus would be pretty approachable too. She looked really bad when she was doing her living doll thing. I hope she's doing all right, maybe she'll step back into serious modeling one day.

No. 476489


Could we please not revive the "Taylor's the prettiest" argument. Anon didn't even say she was or wasn't, they just said they think she's average. Thats it.

At this point I feel like the mention of Taylor's name here should result in a temporary ban. Her name always results in huge infighting about the pettiest of things.

No. 476496

Nobody was fighting about her. In fact, Venus was brought up as well, and we were asking about all of them in comparison. I think you just don't want Taylor to be mentioned at all. If you hadn't said anything, it would have died off.
Anyways, most, if not all the conversation about Taylor had been saged. There's more infighting about charms, why not say something about that? Leave it be, and the convo will die off.

No. 476518


Honestly, it always starts off peaceful, then one anon comes along super offended that someone has a differing opinion from theirs and starts name calling. It ALWAYS happens with the mention of Taylor, but doesn't happen every time Charms or any other girl is brought up.

Lol, the Jaw argument was also saged in one of Kota's threads and resulted in the thread getting autosaged. Sage doesn't matter when people are arguing, farmhands will still punish. I'm just tired of hearing people getting offended about topics that weren't even mentioned in the first place. Literally no one said Taylor wasn't the more liked or prettier one, anons just assumed when someone said they thought she was "average" that it must me they think "Taylor be the ugliest". Plus Farmhands have given several warnings about bringing up Taylor in other peoples threads other than her own thread.

Sorry for the long ranty post. I just hate infighting, which the Taylor topic tends to bring out of people.

No. 476544

No, it's ok. It's not a rant. I penned the post before you, and I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you. I'm sure there has been infighting before about Taylor in Dakota's threads, but I'm a bit salty (but rightfully so, I think) that someone in this thread has been continuously hurling insults, mainly about other anon's appearances and this site being a "mean gossip website", and nothing has really been done about it. I've noticed it in other threads too. I'm quite happy that everything remained civil about Taylor so far. I disagree with the other anon, but I think there has been more infighting about other topics that should be focused on (Charms). Everybody has an opinion though. It would probably be for the best if we stopped talking about both of them, if people are going to get butt hurt about either of them. So, you're not wrong.
Saged for really long post

No. 476644

File: 1516513750537.jpeg (153.42 KB, 1234x694, 73ADD346-AC16-440B-9D32-591288…)

I just can’t with these fits commercials it’s so sad that they always put her all the way to the side because she can’t do the choreography

No. 476645

thank god can we get back on topic now

also lmao her chin almost looks shooped, this is such a perfect troll face

No. 476706

File: 1516523456774.jpg (75.43 KB, 936x602, liarliar.JPG)

New pictures. "Simplicity".
Fuck off with bullshit Koots.

No. 476708

File: 1516523496352.jpg (51.38 KB, 1080x1080, 26384260_386876968426093_56063…)


No. 476727

What…. No big boobies?

No. 476754

is it just me or is her chin severely lopsided? lmao

No. 476756

Sorry, I just can’t see swollen eyes and helmet hair as cute. Idk why she thinks se looks good all nude like this.

No. 476765

It looks like she copy pasted her eyes, nose and mouth onto another photo. They don't line up with the rest of her face at all.

No. 476766


Oh come on..

She nearly completely erased her right shoulder, and LOL at how thick her neck is. Has she also gotten so broke she doesn't have many bras either ? or just acknowledged how flat she is.


You can also still tell that she's soft/chubby.

Btw does she just not have a collar bone ? or shooped that off ?

No. 476799

Wow that Ostrenga family fivehead

No. 476801

That’s what happens when you shrink your head and jaw and make your eyes and lips bigger, it makes your face look sort of distorted somehow and fake.

No. 476806

the pixelated shoulder tho

No. 476834

They shaved off half her arm and she’s still this wide? Wow. If she doesn’t stop shrinking her head she’s gonna look like the guy from Beetlegeuse.

Not to mention her jaw under that strand of hair that’s blurry too

No. 476856

Her best picture so far this year,I guess she is finally reverting back to her pre-2012-13 pictures.

No. 476859

I don't think so. Her face still looks crazy in this. The 2011-2012 shoops were lies but at least aesthetically pleasing.

No. 476920

File: 1516559520816.jpeg (480.48 KB, 1080x1080, 5C70E399-BF91-47AB-8776-48FCF6…)


I tried deshooping … I swear by 2019 she won’t even have shoulders and arms. She’ll be a fucking worm.

No. 476948

Good job anon. Everything looks real except her eyes are smaller than that.

No. 476958

She's also chubbier all around, but man does this highlight how gross her hair looks

No. 476959

File: 1516561993601.jpg (181.17 KB, 1080x1080, fBszIGU.jpg)

I added some nasolabial folds

No. 476974

I don't understand why her and kaka don't wear makeup anymore?? How can they not see how busted they both look. Heavier makeup was definitely more flattering. I'm surprised that fits didn't try to put some on her in an attempt to make her presentable

No. 476992

Maybe they both took all the years of “heavy makeup ages you” stuff too much to heart? Who knows, they clearly don’t operate on standard logic. Nothing they ever do is gonna unfuck the 10 or so years of unhealthy diet and bad habits, and even if they both did a full 180 now it would only help so much in the long run.

No. 477029

It looks like she's lacking collarbones, I have to zoom in to see them

No. 477042


Wait, are you implying there are collarbones somewhere in that pic ? Honestly though, its the lack of collar bones that makes her look even more pudgy.


Just that sight add on to my edit makes her look 20yrs older. She looks 40.

No. 477074


I remember one of IG captions where she said some stylist told her heavier make up didn't suit it and natural was better.

Also I remember in her first ever interview she said "I think when I get older I will probably tone down the cuteness and make my style more mature"

I've noticed koot is shopping from places like Snidel, Jill Stuart ect which are more 20s cute rather than Ank Rouge or Liz Lisa which are too over the top cute.

No. 477078

I find this British youtuber Freddy My Love to look a lot like Dakota 2012. The style and the natural beauty cept shes taller and thinner.

No. 477096

She's pretty, but she really doesn't look like 2012 Dakota besides blonde hair. She too tanned, not enough makeup, doesn't have the dolly look. But I love her style. Dakota might be able to pull off something larme-inspired like this

No. 477128


50 bucks says Koots is now going to slam the ban hammer on this girl for just being mentioned on here.

No. 477157


Yeah but in the UK anon having a tan is popular - most girls do it who are white. Not all but most prefer it whereas the weebs/jvloggers all prefer to pale themselves to fuck in order to conform to asian standards. It doesn't half make a difference with a bit of tan though because she looks healthy. Koot looks washed out and sickly - same goes to Venus.

She actually did do some modelling this girl though and I can see why. She would probably easily be scouted in Asia without a doubt though. They would probably just tell her to stop with the fake tan. Shame because it looks better.

When I said early koot I mean like because Dakota HAD this style. It was all check skirts, blouses and little coats. This girl does the same - both catered to a natural dolly type of style like real life Barbie rather than desperate weeb or ridiculous anime girl with wing backpacks or Liz Lisa bow platforms.

I wouldn't say her style is Larme it's just basic UK high store brands that we have here but placed together nicely. It looks sensible and a nice type of "kawaii" but not too childish.

Larme is more frilly skirts, ruffles ect.


Probably… it wouldn't surprise me. The envy is real

No. 477158

This chick isn't remotely relevant.

No. 477159


She's doing far better in terms of followers than koot though anon lol and she's liked which is more the important thing.

No. 477161

File: 1516575786897.jpg (60.88 KB, 600x900, 9bea7abc30978c88eebb1b02764de2…)


Koot's old 2012 was probably best and similar to hers

No. 477162

Ok and so are thousands of other girls. Still doesn't make it on topic in the slightest.

No. 477164

File: 1516575887915.jpg (122.58 KB, 1080x1324, 639a5cf95c13f71e72d3cda7afa2f4…)


She would suit modelling over in Japan though to be fair. She is prettier than Dakota and Taylor R combined. Better styled too.

No. 477165


We're comparing her style to Dakota's anon. She pulls off the cutesy look well.

No. 477169

Who cares? She another white Instagram/YouTube model. Not much resemblance to Dakota, and she's not relevant here. It's just going to be another back and forth about whether she's pretty r not. >Inb4 you're an ugly salty anon No, I just don't want more infighting.

You don't know much about Larme kei then. If you looked at the magazine you would see many girls dressed in a very similar style to her. There are various styles of Larme kei.
Saged for no1curr

No. 477307

Not shopped it’s a screenshot from her YouTube video i just don’t know how to upload it here lol

No. 477309

Thank god she stopped with the side part o swear that look was horrid on her

No. 477329

wow she's great, thanks for the new waifu

No. 477434

Why is it that this all sounds like self promotion?

She’s just a basic irrelevant girl quit with the trying to make her relevant shit it’s not gonna happen

No. 477467


No. 477472

>to look a lot like Dakota 2012.
there is zero resemblance anon, what are you talking about?

No. 477514

all im doing is replying to the pic anon posted of the three of them… shut up with your dramatics

No. 477522

nah, she is pretty but she doesnt have the ~*kawaii doll*~ face

No. 477565

She's just a basic white girl with no bangs and absolutely nothing special about her. There's way prettier Youtubers out there.

Dakota had a very soft "kawaii" aesthetic, sort of "Larme before Larme" style. This girl is also extremely fucking orange, normie, and has chipmunk teeth. Dakota was her clothes, makeup, her hair color, circle lenses, and let's face it… extremely good editing during that era. I expect anyone to "look like Dakota" to be attempting the "real life Barbie" shtick as well.

You don't have anything, bitch. Don't try and promote yourself.

No. 477602

Stan harder, why don’t you? Also use sage next time autismo.

No. 477909

File: 1516650525847.jpg (69.74 KB, 570x420, dff56b3021e5852e7584f72b4db75d…)

actual picture of Kota's childhood home

No. 477928

>Larme before Larme
Now I know this definitely can't be serious lmao.

No. 477943

File: 1516651855495.jpeg (22.04 KB, 750x199, 3A3C404C-3D57-4E91-8D18-02E89B…)

Kota has some fans still guys !

No. 477944

File: 1516651881655.jpeg (138.76 KB, 732x1129, CF4B3D75-9088-4C4F-BA2C-2E588D…)

Lol i almost gaged

No. 477961

File: 1516652498919.jpg (34.48 KB, 250x250, Chris_Mii.jpg)

No. 477965

they look like one of those people who have their face ripped off by a chimp and have to have years of reconstructive surgery

No. 477981

her hair is so dark here

No. 478032

urrghh gross
Koots might have fucked up shoops and put on weight but she’s still out of his league lol

No. 478045

learn to sage before you selfpost newfag (^:

No. 478227

dakota rose is so gorgeous

No. 478273

You sound really upset you sound weirdly offended maybe your this dude learn to spot a self post because this isn’t one ok

No. 478352

Socialblade says she lost over 100 followers the same day she uploaded these ugly ass selfies, kek. The trend continues with each day she uploaded a pic, she loses between 130-180 followers per upload. It also says her daily/weekly/monthly growth is at zero? Not sure why, unless she stopped buying IG followers.

Also it looks like Fullscreen dropped her YT channel (which she also changed back o a gaming channel wtf) but her views keep going up by about 6K per day. Guess she doesn’t care how obvious her buying views is?

No. 478455

>losing views: kek must be ugly ass selfies
>gaining views: obviously buying them
jesus fucking christ.. hide your hater bias a little harder, this is getting eye-rolling.

videos with millions of views never stop gaining popularity. if a person has a normal youtube channel with average video views, but has 1 popular video with 2 million, they would tell you that the majority of their daily views still come from that one video even if it's years old. Dakota has 15 videos with over a million views. Those videos are literally the big part of what made her viral. if anything 6k views a day is surprisingly low.

No. 478483

Can the mods please step in? All this thread has become is infighting and I've reported posts but nothing has been getting done. I'm sorry if I sound like a little bitch but at this point shit's going to get auto saged again

No. 478747

Lrn2read, she lost followers on IG but is gaining views on YT. Or do you wanna backpedal now? Sage for nitpick who can’t read.

I don’t think there’s anything that can be done about it honestly. As long as the ostrengas lie about themselves to look good online there will always be someone who wrongly thinks Dakota isn’t a lolcow.

No. 478781

Her voice is so relaxing. I love listening to her speaking Japanese. I think she should leave Japan and learn korean so that she can become a famous kpop singer. Her voice is very pretty.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 478790

File: 1516715839364.png (26.8 KB, 527x409, 48d.png)

No. 479378

It's not just people thinking she isn't a lolcow, because I don't care about that, everyone has their own opinion, whatever. It's the fact that this thread and a few others have completely gone to dog shit because they're being filled with shitposting, infighting, derailing, and possible self posting and nobody is stepping in to clean this shit up. In the end it's not going to end up with the threads being cleaned up or people being temp-banned, the threads are just going to be autosaged.

No. 479517

Honestly sometimes I think that’s the goal.

No. 479864

Wasn’t it kaka’s strategy before as spergchan?

No. 479979

It was. But we can't point it out as seeming to be kaka or any other cow featured here. Who knows, it could just be a retard wanting to shit up the threads, but I seriously hope this thread doesn't get autosaged because of one or two idiots.

No. 480032

File: 1516792050848.jpg (276.31 KB, 600x900, d44139b3d96e7486f2c971046b35c5…)

just wanna say that I pretty much confirmed she edits with a tablet, after remembering she used to sign her pictures.

No. 480041

what's the point of digital signing your photos? It's not like somebody can claim them as their own.
Can somebody explain? I don't know much about this kinda stuff

Also: AAAA SKELLY KAKA, good times.

No. 480044

i'm sure it's meaningless. she just thought it looked cool/original. maybe since she already had the graphic pen in her hand while editing, she couldn't resist playing around with "drawing" on it..

No. 480046

Shooping herself to look like the bravo models who replaced her . Sad!

No. 480065

“Kaka” is Kiki’s nickname, not Kota’s jsyk

Not as sad as using 6 year old kawaii selfies as her Platinum portfolio pics. I can’t wait for whatever jobs she gets through them with those, it’ll be better than Fitt's!

No. 480104

>calling Kooter Kaka
newfags are really all over this board lately

No. 480139

The point is to promote the name. Her goal even as a scene brat was to one day be a model, so she used her “scene name” Dakota Rose on every pic she uploaded to get her name out there. She even water marked her kawaii shoops and I’m sure that played a role in her going viral.

No. 480935

File: 1516883282894.jpg (143.14 KB, 1200x929, DUYZd5kUQAALWVz.jpg)


No. 480936

File: 1516883319968.jpg (134.81 KB, 1200x896, DUYZe8wV4AAg_h7.jpg)

No. 480993


Is she going to claim those shoes are new too ? I'm surprised she even fits any of her old shoes anymore. Her head looks pudgy as always with a little hint of autistic.

No. 481053

Damn bitch should've stayed with her face in the simplicity picture.

No. 481059

the fuck is that outfit?? you’d think being a model for 5 years would give you a bit of fashion sense. kiki must’ve been helping her back in the states

No. 481095

File: 1516900899135.png (153.27 KB, 249x444, スクリーンショット-78.png)


It might be japan that has ruined her. The models there often wear the ugliest shit. The difference is real models have nice bodies and faces and make anything look fashionable

No. 481126


No. 481139

the outfit isn't the worst, honestly. It's in her "weird" lane. That face though, kek. She has a place for a second face on that forehead. Why would anyone shoop themselves this disgusting?? At this point, she's prettier irl even at her haggard fat phase. This shoop is just uncanny valley vibes

No. 481162

>At this point, she's prettier irl even at her haggard fat phase.
Plot twist, that was her goal all along

No. 481192

>crooked face
>removed jaw
>shoops shoulder away but doesn't add collarbones
Kooter plz.

No. 481223


No. 481248


No. 481251

I thought she had a double bed? Unless this was the one in her pink “spare” room in her old apartment. I remember her posting it with the caption “who needs curtains when you’re up before the sun” in English but it’s been deleted.

No. 481513

I guess we're getting to the point where even with photoshops she's still butt ugly.

Yep, their fashion is very different from ours, anyone can see. Even more laid back styles like casual Larme are still outfits you would get looks for, at least if you're not in the cities of America. At least, that's my personal opinion.

No. 481679

These girls' genetics have such predisposition for absurdly high hairlines. Enjoy this shoop of kooter without her full bangs.

No. 481682

File: 1516939082532.png (845.68 KB, 1200x896, koothead.png)

No. 481707

File: 1516941084383.png (311.14 KB, 394x301, Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.2…)


Her face looks like it belongs on one of those retarded victorian/medieval painting.

No. 481727

File: 1516944204222.jpg (43.1 KB, 460x434, 2hflKT3.jpg)

It looks like the love child between that image and airbrushed adam sandler

No. 481733

she's got the proportions of a chernobyl baby lmao

No. 481742

File: 1516946474541.png (395.57 KB, 499x390, medieval-art-with-captions-5.p…)

holy shit anon cannot unsee

No. 481751

File: 1516948921507.jpg (100.01 KB, 720x708, 7jEIeDab7S0.jpg)

i still feel like she's trying to become more confident with her features by going out/taking pics with her jaw exposed. but she only goes half-way. even here she covers it with her hand and edits it.

it's great if she's trying to find acceptance in herself, but…. not gonna lie, she's better off covering it

No. 481826

Is this pic new?

No. 481863

This pic is actually OK. I don't think I've seen it before. I'm sure it's edited, but it's better than anything I've seen from Kota in at least a year, maybe 2.

No. 481873

It's not new. It's from one of her modelling gigs. She did a number of Disney Princesses for a company who makes the dresses (can't remember which one)

No. 481915

She looks like Gaston pretending to be Belle

No. 481916

I know she did the Disney princess costumes, but I was wondering if it was another Fitt’s deal where she kept going back and getting more jobs later.

No. 481978

File: 1516987498019.jpg (37.96 KB, 634x421, 2CDC111B00000578-0-image-a-5_1…)

sorry but I disagree she looks like a fat baby in a grown up body. With crappy hair extensions in the back to boot..
sage for crappy comment

No. 482009

What's going on in her torso area? Her boobs look super saggy.

No. 482028

baggy shirt + head shrunken by 50% + old worn out bra that doesn't support anymore is my guess

No. 482096

File: 1516996984785.jpg (89.25 KB, 720x704, jtlqLlruOwQ.jpg)

it's from the vk page. and i think the only editing is very very bad skin retouching (blur tool?). in some but not others, these disney people attempted to edit her jaw and also did it very poorly

No. 482128

Wowza, what’s wrong with her cheeks? I know anons used to call them “bulimia cheeks” but tbh this pic reminds me of Taylor’s bad fillers from when she first got to Japan in her Kota-clone prime.

No. 482142

It looks like they tried to make her cheeks more plump, but like >>482128 said they just ended up giving her Taylor's bad fillers. Am I the only anon who thinks she looks a bit tan as well?

No. 482160

File: 1517002779920.jpeg (106.61 KB, 640x638, 1B97EA5B-A254-4AB3-8B68-762854…)

It doesn’t look like they tried to make them fuller, none of her other Disney pics had that much shoop on them aside from skin and nose edits. I think she just… gained weight?

No. 482193

no… always with the "gained weight" conclusion, when it's really just her facial structure. she has big protruding cheek bones, you can see them in the OP pic. it looks normal with her jaw, but when you try to cut her jaw in half like those people did, it makes it look off

No. 482246

She looks kind of like Kaka in this one, dayum.
I think it's definitely her bone structure, but they just tried to make it look more like a cute, rounded cheek.

No. 482376

This barely looks like her. When was this photo taken?

No. 482658

File: 1517066381036.png (915.13 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0100.PNG)

new video is just so sad on her insta. Really..

No. 482666

Why are her eyes so far away

No. 482708

No idea, I got it from VK.

No. 482751

She looks more and more like a Hartley hooligan every day…

No. 482915

she looks like a chihuahua lel

No. 483007

File: 1517088992571.jpg (14.16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Is she ok

No. 483108

She looks high as fuck

No. 483183

it's from Secret Honey's 2017 Halloween costume collection so the photo was released somewhere between August-October last year

No. 483298

I just don't understand why she still hides her chin even though she's also obviously using a filter on her face. Apps like SNOW allow you to make your chin smaller and eyes bigger even on video so why? Is she really this fucked up? I honestly don't know why she has to go through such lengths to photoshop her photos and use after effects on her videos when she could just use a phone app and take as many photos and videos as she wants/needs do she can build a following again. You'd have to be pretty ugly looking for snow or meitu to not be enough.

No. 483696

Snapchat doesn’t have those features. Also, snow and Meitu selfies are pretty easy to spot.

No. 485305

File: 1517245755587.png (133.05 KB, 750x719, IMG_1909.PNG)

How much longer until she's gonna deform her face completely?

No. 486913

File: 1517332654011.jpg (52.13 KB, 1080x720, 27577275_1178809538916809_1429…)

No. 486960

File: 1517335356563.png (813.6 KB, 829x550, 3013c307e49876e04ec60a27dcb0b6…)

No. 486972

Sad she shoops like the chick from Splice.

No. 486979

File: 1517336333950.jpg (56.64 KB, 537x638, uncanny2014.jpg)


Looking like a true retard…

This shoop style is just straight up hideous, and makes her old 2014- 2015 uncanny shoops look good. At least her old uncanny was remotely nice to look at. ( Pic related )

No. 487043

"TELL ME IM かわいい"

No. 487552

Wow, her nose just keeps getting pointier and pointier…

No. 488696

File: 1517441434123.jpg (18.94 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

She's like one of those intentionally creepy real life cartoon shoops

No. 490059

No. 490112

File: 1517544633232.png (139.74 KB, 316x342, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.1…)


Is she emphasizing her eye bags with brown eyeshadow, like why are they so weird looking. She looks like she hasn't slept in years.

No. 490242

i couldnt stop staring at her double chin. she really let herself go

No. 490243

They still have the comments disabled huh.
I agree that she looks sick/tired this time with those dark under-eyes. Her hair looks nicer this time but it emphasizes her jowls and chin/neck.

No. 490245

Hey at least she did a little eye makeup here. Anything is an improvement to how haggard and washed out she looked with no eye makeup at all.

No. 490250

Why does she always look so dirty? That's not really the right word to describe what I'm trying to express, but I have no idea what would be. She always looks so half-assed and unkempt, especially next to other girls and models. Even just in the thumbnail of >>490059 , there's a huge difference between the two. The model on the right looks like a decent amount of time was taken on her hair, natural makeup, and uniform, she looks polished. And then on the left, there's Dakota, who looks like they threw a uniform a few sizes too big at her and she lazily pulled it on. I will say though, at least she's wearing makeup. In the older Fitts campaigns, she looked even worse.

No. 490252

I think I know what you mean but more just… sloppy?

No. 490277

She looks like she slept in a dumpster between shoots

Like her skin has a greasy film and she'd smell bad

No. 490292

File: 1517555653000.jpg (43.81 KB, 316x342, 20180202436653125.jpg)

tadaaa, kooterfied

No. 490300

File: 1517556860203.jpg (74.83 KB, 254x275, IMG_3076.JPG)

Oooh, let me try, I love these. It's like a game to try to get her to look like her shoops. This was the best I can do

No. 490308

I think she looks cute here, i really dont see how shes a hideous monster.
She could loose a little weight but thats it.

No. 490339

The Fits campaign is finally over. So let's see if she actually does anything this year.

No. 490346

Any chance some Japanese speaking anon could give us a rough translation about what is being said??

No. 490405


I don't follow this thread super closely but they're just talking about their experience in filming/shooting whatever this thing was. About learning on the job, things that were difficult, etc. Honestly I'm surprised at her accent and conversation ability, though I'm sure she was coached for the interview.

No. 490440

What’s with that fake voice she switches to about 1/3 into the video? Lel.

Also someone better download this video now or it’s gonna disappear soon like her ariyoshi TV appearance did.

No. 490448

It looks like she’s reading a script, albeit poorly- she cant stop looking down andnto the side, tripping on her words and she’s speaking so slowly and deliberately despite her good pronunciation and accent. She probably was coached. Sounds like she’s used to speaking hella rough/slang Japanese and had to be told how to speak politely on camera? She’s wearing those shit lenses again, and her vision is already bad because of them so maybe that’s why she kept stumbling. Either way, she acts so tired and shy, I can’t believe this girl expects to pass herself off as a model while acting like an unwashed camera shy hermit?

She looks like she bathed with moist wipes and dry shampoo and conditions her hair with oil for shine. Clean looking, but still not quite, somehow. Like they shot this after filming wrapped, after dancing and moving around all day and then tried to just freshen her up for the camera.

No. 490459

I wonder if she’ll pop up with another year-long ad contract through Platinum. It’s still amazing to me how she only worked half the year for the Fitt’s campaign though? I only followed it here, so did they still release content for the ~6 months she wasn’t working? I vaguely remember anons in the older threads saying it looked like they were using old pics of her and shopping them more heavily/shoving her in the back.

No. 490566

File: 1517589223958.jpg (515.59 KB, 1500x1500, pt2018_02_02_16_33_14.jpg)

I had a go using only Meitu…

No. 490607


Fitts wasn't thru Platinum though, it was thru Libera. Currently looks like Platinum has only scored her one gig so far which is the up coming one in March >>473961 . I don't think she'll get another gig like Fitts because Platinum is a lower tier agency with not as many connections as Libera or Bravo.

No. 490742

I never said it was through Platinum, I said I wonder if she will (future tense) pop up with another year-long contract through Platinum, since that’s her current employer.

No. 490830

I can’t wait for the reveal of that show, even the official banner uses her old shoops. Imagine fans of the other models who have no idea about her and expect to see a kawaii foreign girl with bold eye and lip makeup, but then an suddenly an unwashed kooter appears waddling down the catwalk…

No. 490832

File: 1517605086542.png (366.86 KB, 598x451, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.5…)

No. 490849

No. 490889


Damn, she really fucking shrinks her head when you compare it to the other model. Non of her shoops are consistent either. In this one her face is skinny looking while in pictures like >>466513 >>465603 she looks like a fat faced retard.

No. 490910

so her head is smaller than that model's arm? lol, this is so fucking bad

No. 491069

Oh boy oh boy
If they're using her older shoops, I can't wait to see the fallout. It's even better than if they were using her new shoops.

No. 491109

File: 1517622657439.png (595.46 KB, 640x1136, 4B798C62-E51D-4DAE-A5F0-E967FE…)


The catfish queen strikes again!

No. 491134

Same anon. And I wonder how many people in this thread actually know enough Japanese to judge her? Because she sounds pretty fluent to me. And not only intonation wise. Also I don’t think she’s reading anything; she looks like someone who has been living in Japan for long enough to get the mannerisms.

No. 491141

I don't know anon. The first thought that game to my mind when I started watching that video was that she was looking at a script. It's not necessarily a bad thing, or a bad thing that her Japanese isn't perfect. She's been an English speaker most of her life. There are plenty of people in the US who are foreign and have been here for a very long who aren't absolutely perfect with English.

No. 491152

This. She’s reading a script, you can tell by how she keeps fucking up her words right after she looks to the side- she’s forgetting the end of her lines as she’s saying then and then correcting herself when she goes to look again. She’s not fluent or she would be able to keep up with the other girl better.

No. 491211

Japanese speaking anon here who knows about the entertainment business.
Her Japanese is very natural and fluent. Even if she is reading a script, that is 100% normal because most (if not all) TV shows and interviews have scripts or people behind the camera writing prompts for them. And if it’s not a script she’s looking at, it’s probably just someone else behind the camera she’s looking at while she’s talking. I really think you guys are reaching with this…
I personally don’t like Dakota at all but she is pretty much passing for fluent.

No. 491270


>Japanese speaking anon who works in her business here

>she’s fluent
>even if she is reading a script, it’s natural and fluent
>trust me guise, I know what I’m talking about and she’s really real and fluent

Sounds totemo legit desu. Try providing examples to back your claims.

No. 491294

It's easy to claim you speak Japanese. It's easy to say she's fluent and has a good accent. And anybody can know anything about the entertainment industry.

It's even harder to back up your claims with evidence that you know what you're talking about if you don't have much.

No. 491314

it’s just as easy to claim her japanese is shit. she’s been living and working in japan for like 6 years now, and uses japanese every day. i’d be more worried if she WASNT fluent by now

No. 491325

>uses japanese everyday

Where? I know lots of people who went to Japan to teach english but never learned to speak japanese and they were there for just as long if not longer than her. You definitely dont need to be fluent in Japanese to survive in Japan ESPECIALLY for a shut-in like Kooters who doesnt leave her room.

No. 491326

Except you don’t have to be fluent to hear that her Japanese is shittier to the native speaker sitting next to her. And she keeps stumbling over her words. And looking down. Face it, your princess has been in Japan almost 6 years and still can’t speak fluently because she’s too used to everyone politely kissing her chubby white ass.

No. 491330

This bitch never leaves her house and hangs out with English speaking Japanese models. What makes you think she uses Japanese outside of work? She’s even bragged about getting scolded for using improper Japanese on her twitter and how she is too kawaii and unique to use basic shit like ‘watashi’ outside of work.

No. 491397

Kooter's Japanese is upper level conversational. She has very good pronunciation and intonation. She is also quite confident for a non-native speaker. It creates the illusion of fluency.But she has major gaps when it comes to her grammar and vocabulary and her Keigo is utter shit. She also knows a lot of slang. Her Japanese is what I would expect from someone who was living with a native Japanese speaker (probably a male who used pretty rude colloquial) and didn't learn formally.
I don't know if she was using a script here. Maybe maybe not. She doesn't say anything groundbreaking.
The text that accompanied this picture said that she made friends with a cute junior of hers. It's interesting to me that all of her friends only seem to last for one photo-op. There are few repeats.

No. 491416

It’s amazing to me how she’s a model wen she doesn’t go anywhere or do anything. She only interacts with the same circle of people who give her handouts, and then gets cameos with other people.

No. 491462

How much do you think kooters weighs at this point? 150? More?
It's really jarring to see her try to keep up the frail doll persona when she is starting to really balloon out

No. 491469

Honestly 125 or 130 at most. She's chubby for a model especially in Japan but probably pretty average looking in person. She's probably only about a US 6.

No. 491490

>It creates the illusion of fluency
I don't know anything about how good or bad her Japanese is, but you're spot-on with this! Since the very, very beginning she's always been able to "create the illusion of fluency". I remember in her first Japanese speaking video (the cat ears one) you could tell she was reading off a screen or something, but she would nod her head, change her tone of voice, and use gestures as if she was already pro fluent.

I wonder if she had the same problem as Taylor, and because of years of 24/7 circle lenses her vision got so bad that she can no longer keep the kawaii style. She made some tweets about her vision getting worse right around the time she stopped wearing them.

No. 491492

No. 491553


I would agree with that yeah. I don't know what 'evidence' I can provide but I major in Japanese and am currently living in Japan so I hear the language every day, and though I dislike this girl I was honestly surprised at the authenticity and depth of her accent. You really can't fake that, you either have it or you don't.

That being said, there are lots of different elements to fluency and speaking is only one of them. It's possible to be upper intermediate in conversation but not be able to read a book aimed at 13 year olds. And she didn't really use any complicated grammar, honestly.

No. 491816

It reminds me of when I watch foreign actors or comedians do American or British accents, they sound the same but they still don’t quite get it and it doesn’t sound right (think Andrew Lincoln’s terrible drawl in TWD).Like she’s not fluent but she doesn’t have a terribly noticeable foreign accent so she sounds like she is.

No. 491871

Koot could have easily been getting Japanese classes years before her debut you know?

No. 491889

Lol. But she wasn't. She didn't give two shits about Japan back then. Besides, her Japanese was bad until the end of 2014 after she'd been working at popteen for a year and living with a Japanese person for about 2. She had to have a translator with her before that and did all her interviews in English. Birch was a total fraud in every way from day 1.

No. 492203

>Japanese classes years before her debut
YEARS before? lol no. their asian racist video was around 2010 when she was gibbering random japanese words like "konnichiwa" while pretending to be a Chinese. a just a few months before the debut, she had plans to be with Kiki in LA from the kickstarter. so going from that, she probably started studying Japanese maybe 1-3 months before the debut and just faked fluency in the beginning.

No. 492359

The closest she got to taking Japanese lessons pre-Japan was the time she claimed she was gonna start taking mandarin because she was getting offers from China before Japan-kun noticed her.

No. 492391

She's trying to get used to herself without all the editing. Slowly. She has BDD. Its a hard thing to admit to but looking at how she's grown up and been raised, im not surprised she's lied so much.

I'm kind of over the berating of dako. she's just trying to cling on to the little bit of success and freedom she's gotten in her shit upbringing.

No. 492418

She said on a previous 有吉反省会 that she only eats one meal a day… from the bentos provided at her modelling shoots haha no wonder she looks like shit. She also said she thinks spending money on food is a waste

No. 492422

yes all of this. i totally agree.

No. 492520

That makes no sense, I really doubt that since he is pretty much an average murican size. If you only ate a tiny amount of Japanese bentos you'd think she would be ana-chan level skinny

No. 492652

she might be one of those people that only eat 1 meal but then have tons of snacks throughout the day, or she's lying about everything which is totally unlike her

No. 492657

File: 1517758254524.png (63.12 KB, 592x270, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10.1…)


She'd probably be dead if work bento food is all she ever ate. She had like what ? 3 gigs last year. Maybe a couple more jobs then that the year before. Its funny that she claims spending money on food is a waste while she constantly post pictures of food from restaurants. I highly doubt her agency is paying for her eating out or take out.

Kota is just trying to sound interesting, because nobody gives a single fuck about her "real barbie" shit anymore. Like when she claimed to be soo poor that she could only afford a piece of bread, or that she liked ketchup on bread with nothing else. I'm pretty sure in 2015 she claimed she loved and only ate 1 bowl of rice with cucumber soaked in soy sauce per day. She wants to push the narrative that she's "smol" with her ana-chan shoops, claims of eating next to nothing and bullshit measurements that every agency recycles for her.

Man, looking back on it. She's made so many bogus claims on TV. I almost wonder if anything she's ever claimed while in Japan is true.

No. 492661

Ah the world's smallest violin for Dakota. She isn't trying to get used to herself without shoop at all. She shoops herself like crazy, usually so that she looks "cuter" or smaller than the person she is with (like with Risa).
I wouldn't diagnose her with anything without meeting her. But she lies about everything. Regardless of your upbringing that's not normal. She used to be incredibly obnoxious and egotistical. I still remember her posting about "bullying" the person sitting next to her on the shinkansen because she was bored. She also told a Japanese fan to be drink her drool. She was already 18 when she did those things by the way.
At some point, "Dako" needs to be held responsible for her own shittiness
Nobody is berating her either. No one here is harassing her on her social media or yelling at her in the streets. We're discussing the continual bullshit that is her career.

No. 492681

> I still remember her posting about "bullying" the person sitting next to her on the shinkansen because she was bored.
>She also told a Japanese fan to be drink her drool.

I don’t remember these incidents, have any caps/more deets? I can’t imagine Bravo being happy about that. God, but I remember what a twat she was when she first got here and she was getting those big name gigs and going on TV. It’s sad that she managed to nuke most of her cuntitude into oblivion because her current self is perfect karma for how she was then. I don’t feel sorry for her at all, every other girl in the world knows how to take care of themselves, except her. She’s a spoiled princess and she’s finally getting her due by having her looks go to pot after lying about being a real Barbie who doesn’t shoop. Is so perfectly ironic it could be the plot of a folk tale warning about vanity. Honestly, I don’t hate or dislike Kota either but every time these stans come in here and start making those weirdly specific posts defending her it makes me roll my eyes because they’re either ostrengas or they haven’t know about her long enough to remember what she’s like.

>inb4 she’s changed and matured

Nah, she wouldn’t still be be lying about insignificant, petty shit to avoid looking stupid, like lying about her “new” shoes on the tatami or how ~poor~ she was at the height of her career. Every time people starts getting annoyed with her she makes some half assed excuse or apology and then goes back into hiding.

No. 492689

It was on her twitter and probably can be found in the old PULL archives. If I have time, I'll dig it up tomorrow.

No. 492723

I think what cracks me up even more when she claims to be so broke when entering Japan, is that at the same time she was bragging about buying/having Vivienne Westwood products. " I can hardly afford bread, but did you see my new 600$ VW bag ?? "

( Yes I'm aware they're fake, but she she claims them as real while also claiming to be broke )

No. 492781

This. I don’t think she was making the bank that the other models were, I think a large part of her contract was publicity and housing/jobs and she got some money after all that. She was spending money her first year in Japan, she got those new phones, all her games and manga, her Sailor Moon animation cells, her airsoft hobby. Bullshit she was a poor, innocent little peasant girl turned Cinderella moderu, kek.

No. 492998

hilarious. i used to know dakota. thats why i said what i said. nobody is a "stan" just because they're not spending every sentence dissecting her apart and tearing her down. learn that just because you arent hating somebody it doesnt mean you worship them.

No. 492999

and by the way, of course she's getting what she deserved. that's karma. i'm just saying its kind of pointless and stupid. i get she's betrayed you all, but you wont forgive her for her past. she doesnt owe any of you an apology for believing her lies and being shitty to OTHER people. im sure the most shes done to anyone of you is block you.

No. 493006

like comeback and complain when the bitch has killed somebody or is doing something OTHER than embarrassing herself on the internet with weird alien shoops because she clearly DISLIKES and HATES herself to keep up this crap

No. 493008

Finally this campaign is over.. she said her dancing was bad because shes never danced before and she looked like an old lady etcetc because it really did! Theyd stick her in the background for the group dances and she still stuck out like an out of time sore thumb.
I look forward to her next couple of long hiatus then jarring tv appearances.

No. 493010

like what you're demanding of somebody you've NEVER MET is irrational. sites like these are exactly why she'll never change. and im pretty sure at this point you all want that.

you dont want her to succeed or get better. you want her to keep failing. which is why she wont admit to it

No. 493012

the moment you give up this shit, you'll probably get a sincere and honest apology from dakota. but because you keep saying she'll never change, she will NEVER let any of you "fans" in enough to show you

No. 493014

that's why she posts less and less. that's why she won't do any of the shit you keep reccomending

No. 493015

because you're just going to fucking tear her down for shit she's done as a TEENAGER. YEARS AGO


No. 493020

Is sperg-chan back? I mean, Keeks hasn't done anything in months since failing once again, timing's about right.

No. 493027

No asshole. I'm not and I'm leaving, i'm pretty much done with the immaturity of this website. She hasn't done shit in years. Get over it because I am. And find yourself a life outside of tearing people down just because it makes you feel better about yourself. Peace out xoxo

No. 493135

File: 1517787655411.jpeg (49.12 KB, 480x314, D3071075-5136-4E10-AA2A-5491C2…)

No. 493142

File: 1517787995130.png (2.8 MB, 1373x848, 6D5C9D6B-C92A-4942-A20A-9C5956…)

Oh my god, the bitter ostrengastan tears are delicious~

No. 493161

Dakota's japanese is actually fairly good. Comparing her japanese to a native speaker's is unfair. Accents dont make someone less fluent (according to top linguists who study bilingualism) and her flow and intonation sound good for a second language learner. Japanese intonation is incredibly difficult and the truth is, she most likely will never perfectly intonate her sentences but that doesn't mean her Japanese isn't fluent or good. I dislike Dakota as much as the next person but her Japanese is good, I will give her that.

No. 493415

File: 1517801198890.jpeg (63.51 KB, 417x363, 8B223B2B-6D64-4B8C-8D09-15CC5E…)

No. 493443

This is fucking charms posting and I know it from following her other social media LOL
Get off lolcow and go back to ranting on your own twitter charlotte you crazy bitch

No. 493597

I was thinking it was charms too lmao
Sad bitch, of course she'd be the kind of self centered tardo to think she was truly wronged by dako and now everyone else should stop talking badly about her because charms forgave her

Lmao go fix your tittus you obese mess

No. 493755

Her lesbian crush on Dakota is getting out of hand, tbh. I can practically feel how close to tears she is with somenof these posts.

>actually she’s techcnically fluent!!! Even though her grammar sucks and all she has to brag about is her accent!!

>if I can just convince everyone on lolcow that Dakota doesn’t belong on this board, they’ll stop spreading ~lies~ about her so she can go back to being the beloved dolly princess top model of Japan!!!

No. 493930


ahah I thought it was big lotte too, she's always had a soft spot for kots

No. 494907

>i used to know dakota. thats why i said what i said.
this can only be Charms, or ..nobody. literally nobody else "used to know" her lmao.

> sites like these are exactly why she'll never change
you really think these sites have that much effect on her? Dakota (to her credit) have never even tweeted about bullies, ever. just 200% ignored everything like she doesn't know it's happening. i know it affects Kiki to the point internet breakdowns, but Dakota has a life, friends, and real accomplishments. so internet drama isn't the end of the world for her. the reason she doesn't stop shooping is because she herself set an unrealistic standard of being a real life doll face, so she has to uphold that image or else ALL of her fans are going to turn on her like "what happened? she doesn't look like her pictures. she's ugly" etc the need to shoop is something she brought on herself.

No. 495010

Sites like these exist because she’ll never change. Do Charms and the Ostrengas seriously not understand that you can’t just act a hot fucking mess, lie your way into a modeling contract and insult people left and right without catching some shit? Nobody is jealous of Dakota anymore, she took a greasy, steaming shit on her amazing opportunity all because she wanted to act like she was better than everyone else, and she got what she deserved by getting fat, ugly, and going brunette. Nobody here made any of that happen for her, OR has any effect on her life. The thing that makes Dakota the best lolcow is that she did it all to herself. She thought she could get away with murder for being kawaii but reality bitchslapped her in the face.

>her fans are going to turn on her like "what happened? she doesn't look like her pictures. she's ugly" etc the need to shoop is something she brought on herself.

This did happen, that’s why she keeps getting dropped from agencies and having her work censored when it’s released.

Dakota is on her way out as far as modeling goes. I don’t see her ever going back to her 2012 or 2015 levels of popularity where she was getting lots of jobs and working for Popteen. I think she’ll just keep scraping by with 1-2 half decent gigs with her friends per year until she has a kid.

No. 495051

>and she got what she deserved by getting fat, ugly, and going brunette
>She thought she could get away with murder for being kawaii but reality bitchslapped her in the face
>Dakota the best lolcow
lol anon, are you ok? it doesn't sound like you are.

No. 495445

File: 1517950778377.jpeg (121.8 KB, 1200x794, DVXVk5FUQAEyR5O.jpeg)

>too lazy to shoop my chin so i guess i'll just cover it up with this tube of lip balm

No. 495491


I'm curious …

Does she get sponsors from these brands or does she just pose with random products to give the illusion of being sponsored and relevant ?

Also, her new shoop style really makes her head look deformed and fat.

No. 495502

File: 1517953184108.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1517952856110.jpg)

No. 495524

i dont get why she just wont work hard and excersise like thats her problem solver maybe not her personality but like it will fix her body for work. shes just so lazy

No. 495529

File: 1517954932721.jpeg (230.9 KB, 747x493, 268E82C7-BB2F-407F-A656-B01663…)


Why does she feel like she looks better with her fucking eyes further apart. Her one eye on the left looks like it’s trying to take a stroll right off her face.

No. 495547

Once you accommodate for angles and lenses, this isn't so far out from what she looks like, compared to her old more OTT shoop styles
I agree with the anons that say she's getting more honest with her shoops

No. 495603

She looks like the cramp twins

No. 495613

She actually left her chin huge for once!

No. 495671

I once read something about how eyes that are far apart make people appear more youthful. I don't really believe that myself, but it might be a thing in Japan.

No. 495720

File: 1517968244355.jpeg (924.24 KB, 1920x2560, C128B939-C672-4021-8ED2-F147F4…)


I tried deshooping.

She should really do something about her eye bags. I know they’re consider cute in Asian countries, but they just make her look tired and run down. Even in her shoops they make her look tired

No. 495730

The eyebags are Buscemi-esque. Not a good look.

No. 495809

good job anon, this is probably very close to it.

No. 498160

File: 1518138666575.jpeg (125.27 KB, 1200x827, DVjOyXiVQAA5ku5.jpeg)

No. 498216

shooped her arms way too thin. You’re not fooling anyone, koots

No. 498217

She has to have given up on shopping - those legs are SERIOUSLY MEATY, even with edits.

No. 498223

Why does she shoop her face so small, it looks so stupid.

No. 498230

I dont even want to be nit picking but her hair is so thin and wispy, looking like charlie brown with one whole hair on her head… sad.

No. 498236

I can't understand what she's trying to achieve with her Instagram? Is she trying to rebuild her fame? Or does she want to be an Instagram model and earn money through it?

No. 498245

File: 1518144293387.png (331.06 KB, 715x348, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 9.20…)


Kota girl, if you reading this. Just fucking diet and change your life style if you want to be thinner.

I don't know how anyone could be this lazy when it comes to losing a little weight. The hours she spends on editing this shit could easily be spent on a treadmill or taking a walk around the block.

No. 498250

holy fuck… that can't be real, where did the photos come from? Video, I presmue? Can you post the video link? If that's really her, I'm legit shocked because I would have thought she'd try to stay slim, even if not super skinny.
saged for no milk (sorry!)

No. 498369

damn, she looks like what i looked like when i was 150 pounds (lost it now, i had a bad work schedule that had me eating garbage from the cafeteria)
you would think that being a model she would try and watch her figure atleast a tiny bit

No. 498396

File: 1518153081075.jpeg (123.89 KB, 720x882, 909E99A5-AE76-4C37-B1E6-99CC9D…)

Look at that meaty bicep! Lol

No. 498401

File: 1518153234656.jpeg (89.39 KB, 594x987, 2BBFFE75-50F9-4139-BCB6-87AADF…)

Shitty shop pushed her jaw and ear to close to her face

No. 498463

no hate pls
I think she's cute-chubby tbh, but it's not very fair to assume why she gained weight though for all we know should could have a thyroid disorder or hormone problems but it's lolcow and yadah yadah yadah

No. 498481

Whoa. I wanna see this video.

No. 498613


Shes trying to mould her kawaii doll image with instahoe fashion. Shes hoping one of these instahoe accounts pick up on her and she gains popularity again. Probably trying to get more of a foreign fan base again now that the living doll shit is dead.

No. 498620

The thyroid excuse needs to fucking stop.
Every fat girl has some sort of health reason for being fat, just like how every lazy YTer has MUH ANXIETY as a reason not to stick to the upload schedule they promised.

She's fat because she's pigging out without exercise. She needs to exercise and fix her diet if she wants to be a petite doll.

No. 498625

I have hypothyroidism and a hormone disorder and I’m not a fatass because I take my medication, don’t eat empty careba and candy all day and get off my butt and exercise. Kota got fat because she got too comfortable in her position, pigged out on junk and games and now it’s coming back to bite her. Also, it’s actually still rare for a thyroid or hormone condition to cause you to be overweight or obese with actual proper diet and exercise. In her case, I think it’s just that she taxis everywhere, eats nutritionally devoid “vegan” garbage and doesn’t work out.

No. 498626

seriously. thyroid disorders are entirely treatable and the treatment makes you lose weight.

No. 498641

>if she wants to be a petite doll.

Nah, she’s a kawaii shooped baby head on the body of a thicc instahoe desu. She hasn’t gave a shit about the doll stuff since mid-Popteen.

No. 498652


Its from one of her runway gigs from last year. Not that old.

No. 498678

Why is she always taking pictures inside? >>498613
Yea too bad her shoops are weird as hell,so she's not getting pick up by them anytime soon.

No. 498680

The third one but it's not working out for her.

No. 498721

her boob is like being pulled into that bicep lol

No. 498731

The comments though!
"She's really gotten plump"
"Maybe she's eating too many carbs?"

Yep, she's gotten quite big for a model.

No. 498744

File: 1518190929140.png (761.32 KB, 861x503, E4011206-D70F-45CD-958C-119026…)

They used her 2011 shoop as her promo pic for that show, too.

No. 498753

jesus christ anon, calm down
I never said it excused it, I'm saying we don't know 100% why she gained weight, I'm not blaming specifically thyroid problems but it's not fair to jump to conclusions the second a girl gains a small bit of weight it's 100% from pigging out and nothing else
>Every fat girl has some sort of health reason for being fat
kota isn't fat, she is chubby, and most of the time when you see someone who has a sudden weight gain but not too much chances are it's from a health issue
filthyfrank, sasha pieterse, etc etc, however fatties like fat fabulous life girl are just making excuses, kota however is not obese
that's you anon, she could be undiagnosed, after all most hormone disorders are undiagnosed, in fact the vast majority of women with pcos are undiagnosed, not saying its what kota has but it's an example, or she could have gone on medicine that made her gain, I know when I went on medicine that made me gain I wouldn't want people screaming I'm nothing but a lazy fat cow making excuses, empathy exists you know

No. 498767


diff anon

> When you see someone who has a sudden weight gain but not too much chances are its from a health issue

Sooooo. What your saying is I should run to the hospital because I've gained 7 pounds in the past three months ? Because its likely due to being "ill" and not knowing it. ( Or because its winter and cold and I've been a lazy fuck enjoying me some tasty foods )

But lets be real here for a minute. Gaining 15-20 pounds in a little over a year isn't sudden or unheard of when you live a lazy lifestyle. She's been slowly gaining weight over the years, it only came to peoples attention now because of unedited candids and videos. She was without work for 6 fucking months. Non of what people are seeing is "sudden". Fits was the first company in a long time to post completely unedited pictures of Kota, while every other company shooped her face and body to hell and back. Plus when people did spot a candid, she was in extremely baggy clothing.

Her having a thyroid problem is just as likely as the whack " she was pregnant" theory. Kota is obsessed with image, and if she was gaining weight for no reason she would have likely got herself checked. Girl has gone to the hospital for much less ( IV fluids for a cold ).

No. 498791

no anon that's not what I'm saying, I'm not saying 100% of the time every time someone has a lot of weight gain in short amount of time they have a mysterious weird illness and need to be rushed to the hospital on an ambulance and they're sick and don't know it,
I'm saying it's just dumb to jump to conclusions peoples weight gain are only caused by being a fatass

>But lets be real here for a minute. Gaining 15-20 pounds in a little over a year isn't sudden or unheard of when you live a lazy lifestyle. She's been slowly gaining weight over the years, it only came to peoples attention now because of unedited candids and videos. She was without work for 6 fucking months

again, my point still stands, idrc about her shooping and candids or whatever, it's just dumb to see someone gain a bit of weight and just jump to screaming she's fat and eats like shit

>Her having a thyroid problem is just as likely as the whack " she was pregnant" theory. Kota is obsessed with image, and if she was gaining weight for no reason she would have likely got herself checked. Girl has gone to the hospital for much less ( IV fluids for a cold ).

your point? she could have been embarrassed to talk about it, which makes sense especially if she had something like PCOS, no one wants to publicly admit they don't have enough female hormones and are possibly infertile, I'd be embarrassed to admit it too if I had it
all I'm saying is it's just dumb to think there is no other possible way she could have had weight gain other than being fat

No. 498871


>”she could be fat because of a thyroid disorder!”

>thyroid disorders don’t make you fat and neither does the treatment
>”I never said she had a thyroid disorder! She could have something else she isn’t getting treated that caused the weight gain!”

The nitpicking is real. It’s time to stop this before the thread gets derailed. It doesn’t matter why she’s fat. It matters that she is fat, and everyone is bending over to help her deny it and delete video of her after she gets paid for her appearances. Popteen printed that she gained 15 pounds when she very clearly gained more than that, and that was about two years ago now?

I think what actually happened is that Dakota wasn’t eating right to maintain her weight from her viral days when she got to Japan, started eating konbini food, work lunches and junk food at home and taking cabs everywhere to avoid being photographed without shoop, so her metabolism slowed down when she stopped getting as many jobs back to back and wasn’t on her feet all day.

Her diet is crap by her own admission, even now. If she’s fat because of a medical problem, she shouldn’t be eating plain bread with ketchup, that’s nutritionally nothing but carbs and vinegar and sugar. Not to mention her rice and ponzu, cucumber salads and dairy-free vegan mac and cheese. If she’s sick enough to balloon up like this so gradually, she needs to see a doctor. If she can’t afford it, she needs to go back to Florida and let her parents pay to get her checked out so she can get some meds in a country she’s actually a citizen of. But realistically, there’s no mystery illness at work here. She’s just lazy and wants people to think she’s smaller than she is physically than admit she was as small as she was for unhealthy reasons. Her weight when she got to Japan was never gonna stay the same the way she was going, even then she was guzzling energy drinks and dango. Her figure only held out for that first year or so because she was 16-17.

No. 498878


Why are you so determined to make it sound like she isn't just laziness with a poor diet .

She literally puts nothing out there to indicate otherwise. Bedroom selfies, laying in bed, video games and post about fast food/greasy deep fried restaurant food she's eating. Having bare minimum jobs (3-5 jobs per year) a year. Her manager back in 2015 apparently complained about her laziness, she's also expressed she doesn't like leaving the house that much on Tv. Popteen stated her weight gain, and basically that she didn't give a fuck.

Stop trying to complicate shit that really isn't complicated. EVERYONE including Dakota herself have basically stated she's lazy and has a poor fucking diet.

No. 498984

She has already shown what her diet is and it’s shit. She has already stated that she doesn’t exercise. Her manager said she is lazy.
Farmers didn’t just make this shit up.

No. 499050

were did they say shes lazy? did i miss this post? video?

No. 499097

File: 1518213713244.png (251.07 KB, 417x485, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 4.57…)


Unfortunately it would take a lot of digging to find the video where her manager wrote a memo/note about Kota's weight gain ( laziness ) and how she wasn't trying to stay in shape. Kota had this video long deleted/privatized. Same with most of her appearances.

Popteen seems like the only company that keeps her appearances (videos ) up. Unfortunately they also documented that she gained weight and ate like shit. Kota tried playing it off like it was just her hips and breast that got bigger ( hence how she would shoop bigger hips and tahtahs ). (pic related ) Around the time of Popteen is when she started really going mad with the boobie shoops even more.

No. 499646

That's a great description. I don't think she learned from a guy though but a girl in her late teens to early twenties. Super casual and a little bit rough but not entirely masculine. It isn't just the expressions but also the inflections in her voice.

White models aren't popular in Japan, unless you're talking about Miranda, Candice and the other VS girls. Look at any ranking for models based in Japan. https://newsmatomedia.com/model-ranking#2017102 Lots of half-Japanese, no white girls. Dakota was never going to move beyond Popteen and become a truly popular model. Her bone structure is too strong for the Japanese market anyway. She's always been marketed as a talento. She is "famous" precisely for looking nothing like her photoshops. That's part of the appeal. It's creepy but also funny. When they praise her on television, that's tatemae. They have to compliment her, she’s the guest and it's all part of the script.

She makes a better comedian anyway and if she could get over her pride, she could use her ridiculous photoshops as part of her shtick. She’s a lot more interesting than Atsugiri Jason (her accent is better too) on varieties and gaining weight would only help her.

No. 499702

>if she could get over her pride, she could use her ridiculous photoshops as part of her shtick.

Yeah, her clinging to her fake modesty and pretending none of what happened to her was wanted is killing her now. I personally wouldn’t care about how different she looked from her shoops if she still tried to look good despite them, but she doesn’t. She’d just rather edit herself thinner than put on some makeup and a cute wig and then pretend she only does it because of peer pressure. She’s way too weak and emotional to be a model tbh. This is why insecure girls like her shouldn’t aspire to be models, it never ends well- as soon as your looks change you’re out, unless you can keep adapting to stay in style. Dakota seemed to think she really could be a model in Japan for the rest of her life just for being white and going viral. Too bad real life isn’t like the animes.

No. 499714

Considering how much weight she’s gained, she’s very lucky some of it hasn’t gone to her face. Then again, who knows with all of her shooping?

No. 499765

Uh, it definitely has >>498245

No. 499791

It absolutely has, that’s why we can’t find the video of her latest TV appearance online anymore.

No. 499806

Okay, I see. Haven’t caught up in a while.

No. 499961

File: 1518293167274.png (138.93 KB, 262x308, dakochinmanhand.png)

Does Dakota have one man hand? one of them looks so much bigger whenever she's not covering it with the other one.

No. 500004

Its called shadows nitpick chan

No. 500028

File: 1518296697358.jpeg (38.08 KB, 377x566, 1F9932EF-ED9B-4C9B-B8B4-8B324C…)

No. 500031

And look at those lopsided boobs.

No. 500447

File: 1518333643669.png (1.37 MB, 1167x795, fat.png)


No. 500478

She looks like a soccer mom trying to recapture her youth through shoop.

No. 500513

Seeing this - she shopped her arms to be thinner which doesn't make sense with the size of her legs.
Honestly she's really pretty as her normal self, hope she realises this eventually

No. 500588

>she’s really pretty as her normal self

see >>499961

Ehh…. she’s okay but she’s not “really pretty” anymore without heavy makeup and some volume in her hair. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just part of getting older.

No. 500829

I'm just reading this and lol girl why are you so stereotypical like come on. Stop using illness as an excuse for weight gain, its actually pretty disrespectful towards people who are actually ill and suffering.
Also sorry for derailing but I'd like to point out that Joji most likely gained weight bc he moved to America, I'm just saying he had no issues slimming down when he started lifting or whatever he was doing during the cancer crew phase so yea its most likely a diet/workout thing for him too.

Some faces are kinda made for heavy makeup and I actually find her to be very pretty in an instahoe kinda way? Its a shame shes wasting her "potential" on retarded shoops, she'd be killing it with her cheekbones and all if she only changed her style. She wouldn't even have to worry about her chubb anymore, just market it as thiccness and done.

No. 501009

Agree. She suits heavy makeup, she has the potential to be very pretty, she just isn’t currently because her hair is tragic and she won’t wear makeup or work out.

No. 501031

File: 1518403597079.jpg (414.63 KB, 2048x1536, image.jpg)

In Taylor R's new video she interviews her old manager about international models in Japan. It's was really interesting because agency are the strictest in the world when in came to models measurements kek

No. 501033

And the manger even talked about hiring a girl without meeting her in person first and when they flew her to Japan and they met her she was overweight(for a model). So they ended up sending her back.

No. 501044

Thanks for the video. She has a really pretty smile and doesn't look too bad, but like everyone says, her shoop is outta control that it's very comedic (and tragic at the same time). Girl needs to let it go and get a new public image and like another person said, she should try comedy as a TV personality or whatever. saged

No. 501377


Awesome. I think everyone knew even from the beginning Dakota only got her deal for being pedobait, I don’t believe she was “kept” just for being white and going viral after her debut. I feel like she made this video just for Kota, kek.

No. 501380

Have an imbedded video.

It’s funny to me how hard taylornis trying to get her manager to say how strict and professional modeling in Japan is. It’s like shenkept trying to ask specific questions without being specific, yet nearly every question touched on one of the subjects that’s so strange about Dakotas career (weight, height, lying about measurements, etc.). Top kek about Vogue refusing to work with under 18 models anymore, I wonder when that happened?

No. 501522


Doesn't matter if Taylor asks questions about how agencies function or about international models. Doesn't answer why Kota got in. All this video highlights is how much special treatment a turd (kota) got from them to ignore everything and hire her. She got so much special treatment that she didn't even have to audition in the beginning. I still remember Bravo listed her under "hafu"/ "Japanese" when she was first entered on their site. They were also using her photoshopped pictures.

Everything about Kota when she got there was a lie. She didn't know a lick of Japanese, didn't look like her pictures, lied about her measurements, lied about her height, lied about her past. 90% of her look in real life was makeup and hair extensions, and without it she looked like a balding shit.

No. 501590

I think that was the point? To highlight just how strange a deal Dakota got to begin with, not to spill some secret about how she kept her contracts. It seems to me like the industry now has changed since Dakota and Taylor tried to turn the Kawaii ageplay shit more mainstream and they’re way more strict about it now to prevent another embarrassment like ~Barbie come to real~.

Taylor wised up, let off the cutesy shit and fillers and went back to making money in Hong Kong. Dakota is on her way out, struggling to stay in agencies and get work and yet is still pretending she doesn’t have a care in the world, but the hard reality is that unless she is married for a visa, she’s gonna be screwed. The trends are due to change again soon, meanwhile Kota is just taking ugly naked faced selfies. It’s like she knows she doesn’t have to worry as long as she kisses ass and has her friends pull strings for her, she can be as fat and lazy and bald as she wants.

No. 501779

File: 1518474048559.jpg (765.39 KB, 1440x2262, Screenshot_20180212-141703.jpg)


No. 502441

New video

No. 502443

The warp in just that thumbnail alone is cracking me up

No. 502444

File: 1518591578409.png (552.41 KB, 870x481, 188508d3abe81375cb1836b9c82a6e…)

Samefagging but is she being serious or trolling? Does she really think people are stupid enough to believe this is unedited?

No. 502456

Now I’m absolutely convinced she’s lost her mind.

No. 502498

every time i sorta feel sorry for her, she pulls a stunt like this and i just dont understand. surely this must be a troll, or her brain is not well.

No. 502512

I don't know what's worse - the way she edited her video, or the fact that with all that heavy editing, she still couldn't manage to edit out her double chin.

No. 502524


The thing is

Why be a model in japan anyway? Everyone wanted to be one because Dakota became one. They also thought they could do the doll shit and get big.

Japan seems to be more interested in their OWN women and hafus. Especially hafu jesus christ…

At the end of the day its just a country. What are you really proving modelling there? You may as well just opt for London or Paris where it’ll be bigger tbh. Wont stand out as less as the frumpy tall foreigner.

No. 502525

This is not a Taylor thread.

No. 502551

File: 1518609081215.png (44.05 KB, 197x278, TheBrain.png)

The size of the top of her head wtf

No. 502568


She shooped herself into a toddler. Giant ass head and petite children's body .. She kinda looks like Gregma (Onision) with those proportions.

I sorta miss when she use to shoop herself tits and and a some what hour glass shape. At least it didn't look like a Chernobyl baby.

No. 502607


Im aware but I'm just saying is all

No. 502634

File: 1518621206027.png (333.65 KB, 852x478, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 15.0…)

No. 502656

her hands are like baby hands compared to that giant ass head. why did she think this is a good look??

No. 502727

anyone who doesn't think she has dysmorphia just needs to look at this.

No. 502755

File: 1518631012783.png (521.31 KB, 855x479, 7dd603b22fd08415125df4612e9a4c…)

No. 502761

Does she not see how stupid her bobble head looks? What was wrong with her old video editing?
Sure it was easy to spot but she looks like an alien now. Who does she think shes fooling? Wide angles lenses were a mistake.

No. 502767


It’s like she can’t decide if she wants amature face on a tiny child body or a toddler face on a tall, curvy body.

No. 502823

this is such an autistic thing to get hung up on, but i was so irritated by the fact that she overlined her upper lip, but didnt fill in the rest.

No. 502833

File: 1518637390809.jpg (386.03 KB, 1694x887, 201802141087851123.jpg)

re-repost, i swear i'm done this time lol

No. 503008


good deshoop anon, I really don’t understand how she thinks she looks better with a warped wide head..

No. 503015

File: 1518647419065.jpg (37.85 KB, 716x900, bb3d1906ca4b6d13db02edb1307c02…)

No. 503109

Fucking lol

No. 503113

This is so bad. The actual tutorial is really clear and helpful, but that warping. Is really something. Why

No. 503144


The warping was so distracting I actually forget that it was even a tutorial. I wonder what the comments are, or if she's hardcore filtering them.

No. 503147

she disabled comments and likes on her videos

No. 503161


Well shit, there has to be some self awareness if she's disabling comments right from the get go. Why block comments unless you already know the video doesn't look good or even human.

No. 503165

Because of all the pedo lesbo haters anon, duh!

No. 503181

File: 1518656182739.jpeg (122.84 KB, 639x748, 279F3B52-1B72-44EC-A746-9925FD…)

Does she still get ad revenue if the channel isn’t affiliated? It used to say she was affiliated with Fullscreen, but idk if they dropped her or Socialblade just doesn’t show it anymore?

>upload video

>lose 554 subscribers

Ouch tho

No. 503226


Companies like fullscreen typically land you higher paying ads and get your channel promoted in peoples suggestion bars more often. Due to the increase in possible profit they also take some of your revenue as payment. ( I believe it was said they were claiming 30% of Venus' when she was signed to them )

She still gets paid by Youtube if she still holds a license with Youtube, just possibly not getting any decent ads. However, actually clicking to go to the actual site shows she has absolutely NO ads. There for she or Youtube dropped her license. ( Taylor's channel was unclaimed by any company for several years and she still earned off it ) They companies or affiliates as you call them are basically just managers.

No. 503250

She should still be getting money. You dont have to have a company loke FullScreen to get monetized. And alot of youtubers are solo cuz those companies will take your money.
But i heard Youtube is changing those rules and Kota might have to up her video uploading if she wants to make money.

No. 503296


She has zero ads, which means no monetized or revenue. I doubt she is still licensed with youtube.

Maybe Youtube cut her because she only uploads once a year. Trying to clean up its members and only keep the genuine ones.

No. 503310

File: 1518663948098.jpg (19.32 KB, 320x240, tumblr_o0zmflsNmv1uaq7mqo1_400…)

She has such a warped sense of what beauty is. She can't honestly think that looks good or normal? It makes me so sad for her that the only way she feels pretty on the outside is to warp her head into some sort of alienesque seckel syndrome survivor

No. 503519

File: 1518684054849.jpg (209.53 KB, 1080x776, koti.rose-1518683162579.jpg)

No. 503520

File: 1518684074783.jpg (198.38 KB, 1080x1080, koti.rose-1518684028067.jpg)

No. 503566

File: 1518690847739.png (316.86 KB, 760x412, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 2.33…)

her cheekbones look so sunken. she really is trying to hide her features lmao

No. 503585

I had to do a double take because I thought she was wearing a wig in this one for some reason. Her hair really got dark, but it looks better than the washed out medium-blonde she shoops it to because her scalp isn’t shining through and it actually looks like she has enough hair. Idk why her shoops all look like her hair is falling out.

No. 503615


This is getting ridiculous. How on earth can anyone think this is normal?

**first time posting so apologies if i did anything wrong

No. 503618

File: 1518699032117.jpeg (80.67 KB, 440x502, AEA832B8-5874-4255-851B-18500F…)

No. 504135

Oh shit.. no what is you doing? There is no way, no way she can think this looks good. It looks like her head is the same size than her whole upper body. No one can ever even be fooled by this anymore. At least her old video edits were somewhat convincing (aside from wobbly chins and all) but this.. this is horror movie material.

No. 504161

well at least shes getting her teeth whitened

No. 504639

I genuinely think she suffers from some kind of severe body dysmorphia. This fish eye lens editing has gotten atrociously bad and obvious, but she just keeps doing it? Is she just unaware or incapable of even noticing how terrible this looks?

No. 504654

That, or maybe she feels obligated to now because she's already tooken it too far and now it's a signature of her "image".

No. 504656

Taylor's like a reverse situation, she looked beautiful when she was natural before following the kawaii doll crap. She'd still be stunning if she hadn't ruined her face forever with the puffy cheek fillers. It's actually rather sad.

No. 504669

Her hair is so thin and limp looking, watching her brush it and put it in tight little pigtails makes me cringe. Like girl no, treat what little you have left with better care.

No. 504690

File: 1518761799952.jpg (46.32 KB, 600x600, 067-Copy1-600x600.jpg)

No. 504873

Fillers are temporary, and hers have worn off for a long time already. She's slowly going back to her original self

No. 505475

Pretty sure she got her jaw bones shaved too. Those are not coming back.

No. 505644

File: 1518829386755.jpg (5.48 MB, 4896x3672, IMG_20180216_1838223.jpg)

Watching Korean drama when she popped up… The design uses her image, no?

No. 505653


Where did you come up with that shit?

No. 505654


Not even close

No. 505660

File: 1518830472784.jpg (24.84 KB, 500x305, MCsLp0vWa5k.jpg)

Probably PULL. They seem to be convinced that she had extensive surgery despite the fact that since she dropped the fillers and eyebags, her face pretty much looks like it did before starting her kawaii journey (minus natural aging).
Agreed. But I think maybe anon had in mind this cm from 2012. pic related.

No. 505681


Wow, she had a double chin then too.

No. 505684

Was this the Bahamut-something commercial she did when she first got to Japan? What video is that screenshot from?

No. 505712

That's not her and you watching strong woman bong.

No. 505714

Didn’t she just whiten her teeth recently?? Are you supposed to do it so often?

No. 505716

That’s a generic korean mobile game character design, god anon.

No. 505723

It's from the behind the scenes of the Bahamut mobile game cm.

No. 505984

Wow. It’s like the longer I follow kota the more I find out she looked basically the same as she does now the whole time, just thinner. I thought she looked the way she does now because of not taking care of herself/aging badly, but that pic looks pretty much like a thinner, less tired version of her now. I guess the reason we only ever see the same regurgitated shoops of her is because of this, she’s all lighting/angles/misdirection.

No. 505989

File: 1518862336293.jpeg (413.48 KB, 1242x1683, C581DBA6-DC1D-49C1-A397-EA80FB…)

No. 506001

>see, lolcow!! I go out!! I eat healthy!!!


No. 506011

ummm, she reeeeaaally resembles Taylor with fringe in this pic

No. 506026

File: 1518870349086.png (1.13 MB, 1172x770, Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 12.2…)

Baggy clothes since even her editing away the fat isn't remotely convincing any more.

No. 506029

i always try to tell anons this. people insists she's gotten x-y-z in the past years, but minus her varies editing phases that dramatically change every year (these days it's the squashed head, far-set eyes look), her real appearance has always looked exactly the same.

No. 506034

Looks like she mooching shoes off that one designer again.

No. 506037

Nah her features have definitely gotten harder in recent years as she's lost her baby fat. Look at her cheekbones. Plus her skin is aging poorly.

No. 506041

I wasn’t sure so I googled it, the first article I could find that wasn’t solely about at-home whitening says to have it done professionally once a year, with touch ups after a few months if needed.


>Teeth-whitening protocols greatly vary from person to person based on their starting tooth color and diet. However, there are two stages that apply to everyone: initial whitening and maintenance.

>For the initial therapy, it is important to follow the recommendation of your dentist or over-the-counter system for as long as it takes to reach your desired shade of whiteness. Once that shade is reached, you are in the maintenance stage of whitening, and that is where it becomes very individualized based on your desired whiteness, diet and homecare.
>Some people only need touch-ups once every few months, while others will need to do them every few weeks to maintain their smile. People who drink coffee, dark sodas or dark beverages in general may need to whiten more frequently than others.
>For in-office bleaching, I recommend a yearly treatment at most (with touch-ups at home in between). At-home OTC treatments can be used daily, but for no more than two weeks.

So she’s probably okay, but getting them professionally whitened twice in 3 months at 2 different dental clinics is probably overkill, and sounds a little sketchy. Maybe she didn’t do the aftercare for the first time from November and got another whitening somewhere else instead. Now she kinda looks like Ross from that episode of Friends when he falls asleep with the whitening kit on his teeth and they’re obnoxiously white.

No. 506076

chill with your theories and research, anon. that's obviously another photo from the same day of her whitening.

No. 506083


I know she's been doing the eye bags forever but can someone explain wtf the purpose of that is? It looks horrible like you got no sleep on a week long bender. Not youthful or cute at all.

That hairstyle is also baaaad and holy shit her paper thin bangs are hanging on by a thread. Yikes.

No. 506100

She has some plasticy ratty clip in extensions going on

No. 506155

So she completely changed her hair and outfit in one whitening session? Ok.

No. 506200


I love how every time someone comes to a kota thread to passively tell someone to “chill”, they immediately always point out “obvious” things that nobody else in the thread noticed at all.

Literally this

No. 506929

what a difference a bit of curl in her hair makes yes i know this was shopped but still

No. 507044

She doesn’t look big in this video

No. 507047

shes still using whatever warp feature. look at her left hand while shes eating the soup

No. 507051

I think she looks pretty in the video and it’s doesnt seem shooped to me… also maybe she naturally has eye bags like that? I do… they’ve been that way my whole life

No. 507061

Why does she look like Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) learning how to eat in both eating scene?

No. 507062

has she got extensions? her hair is looking much better.

No. 507068

It's weird how in some shots she goes for that really round face shape, softens her features and then in later clips, you can see how pointy her nose is from the side and her jaw.

It's like she just hates her face from the front or something and does that fishbowl warp shit. She looks way better in the second half.

No. 507069

comments disabled. i wonder if because of the scenes that she couldn't warp (the full body ones while she's walking about). doesn't want to read comments about it?

No. 507071

File: 1518949519694.png (651.06 KB, 847x408, legit.png)

No. 507072

her real face looks a lot more mature

No. 507083

File: 1518951788220.gif (975.73 KB, 425x265, tumblr_n2zbs1EyhE1qa21i5o1_500…)

She doesn't even look that bad (Dare I say… she looks almost good). I don't understand why she keeps photoshoping hersself into that Alien looking motherfucker. It really has to be body dismorphia at this point

No. 507094

Definitely has extensions. Just a week ago her hair was looking thin af.

No. 507099

Its the lenses she's using. In the long shots, the video is lengthened up and down. This video just shows how basic she is. There is nothing special about her appearance. Goodness there are so many other gaijin that look better than her and that's the just counting the ones that document their lives online.

No. 507121

Clothes, make-up and hair she is wearing on left and right (candid) pictures make her look decent. If she can't be arsed to lose weight, she should dress like that at least.

On the other hand, her shoops are making her look awful and ugly. Maybe that's her goal, to look ugly on shoops so she can appear looking decent IRL lol

No. 507136

She deleted her hair tutorial video :( I wonder why?

No. 507139

Maybe because the hair tutorial video was so badly warped and cropped that she realized what a joke it was.

No. 507145

LOL i saw that coming. it was one of the most ridiculous edits she's ever done and it wouldn't have gone past even the dumbest viewer. i didn't see whether she had comments on or not, but if she did i imagine 90% were asking what was wrong with her head.

No. 507156


I wonder if she'll re-upload it with different editing as I'm sure she has the original video still.

No. 507167

comments were disabled

No. 507169

Does she not realize she looks completely different when the camera isn't right on her face??? At least in the other video you couldn't compare

No. 507205

She has such an awkward presence. Constantly fiddling with her hair, walking oddly, lumbering around and making strange/contrived faces. No grace or sex appeal. No wonder her modeling career went nowhere.

No. 507210

maybe it's her insecurity. the recent commercials showed she has very self-conscious body language and is super awkward when speaking.

No. 507236

This seems to be less edited than usual. Could it be that Dakota is finally embracing her real face?
Also, soft curls and dark lipstick is a good look on her. It could've been better with mascara and eyeliner, no idea why now she's so obsessed with bare eyes if she's gonna apply makeup on the rest of her face anyway, but eh, maybe she's still learning.

No. 507239

>This seems to be less edited than usual. Could it be that Dakota is finally embracing her real face?
no. it's that she can't edit her face from a long distance.

No. 507243

File: 1518971635244.jpg (33.94 KB, 692x692, large.jpg)



What ? You mean the fits thing ? Fits just emphasized her laziness to remember easy dance moves and lines. Other than that she looked like she had fun, and wasn't terribly shy. To me she's always came off as cocky, even when standing beside a shooped photo of hers and people oo'ed and aaah'd.


Its sad if thats her hair fully decked out with extensions. Still not very thick, and probably would look the same if she bounced like in the fits video. ( Old noodles)

She looked cute in the video, but she also probably had like 3 blur beauty filters + AE slapped on it + special camera lens. I feel like all of the jvloggers use shit tones of filters and slimming lenses thought. Sometimes you catch Taylor's jaw melting into her neck.

No. 507252

she's been pretty active lately, wonder what happened

No. 507261

She must need another job for after the fashion show he’s doing in March(?). She has a cycle:

>get a decent gig with agency

>agency and Kota promote gig on social media with heinously unrealistic and inaccurate/year’s old shoops
>kota posts tons of selfies and videos of her with new nails, hair, accessories going out to restaurants in cabs by herself and with friends
>gig passes, pictures come out, hilarity ensues
>disable all comments, take down videos amid waves of “what happened?” and “so different!” shock from even her real fans
>kota slows social media interction to a crawl, begins sporadically posting half naked alien baby shoop selfies and jewelry shots in her apartment for weeks
>spends her nail/whitening/daytrip money on buying views and followers and paying her bills in the interim
>agency quietly either drops her or simply doesn’t book her more gigs for several months
>kota comes back with a new agency, new shooped profile pics and has more decent gigs lined up
>rinse & repeat

Say what you want about her “viral fame” and her Japanese ability but the only other girls I have ever known to pull that off have been escorts, sugar babies, housewives, and girls from rich families. Kota claims to be none of the first 3 and is surely not the last. And before someone jumps down my throat accusing me of accusing/assuming/etc., no I’m not ~implying~ she’s escorting or sugaring. I’m saying it looks like she is from the outside, which might be funnier.

No. 507404

What I'd like to know is what sort of visa can she hold to have this lifestyle of hardly working and bouncing between agencies ?
I love this photo, who is the madman who OK'd THIS!?

No. 507434

I wanted to know the song from the haur tutorial :( does somebody know or remember the song?

No. 507461


>Who is the madman who OK'd THIS

More like how bad were the others that this was their top pic ?

No. 507469

Has she ever actually denied being married/escorting/whatever else?
From what I know, she rarely answers questions or actually talks to people on the internet, so any one of those things could be true.

No. 507628

She never has as herself, but I know at least one former sugar baby has come forward and said she’s probably either sugaring or married to someone who can let her pretend to be a model in her spare time, based on Japanese visa requirements, Bravo’s strict as fuck standards with other models and the industry being tough in general. Although, every time anons start toying with the idea for the sake of bored discussion some dakostan comes in and REEEEEs about jealous fat weebs loving with their parents and It Begins.

Personally, I think if she was sugaring or married she wouldn’t keep having these long breaks where she doesn’t go out, dress up or do her hair/nails and focuses on her shopping and boosting her views/followers. I think she’s on a regular work visa for print ad modeling and stuff like rakuten/kimono and konbini magazines who just kissed her friends’ asses until they help her get a good agency or job. Believe it or not, you can be a model in Japan without an agency and make it, especially if you’re living with friends. Dakota strikes me as someone who is doing the bare minimum to stay in Japan legally, while getting expensive gifts and help from her friends so she can seem more successful and important than she really is. Plus her parents probably still send her clothes and makeup and food, even if she doesn’t post about it anymore. There’s plenty of “cheap” way to live and work in Japan as a model, but they do usually require looks, ambition, and the ability to speak Japanese. Dakota doesn’t need any of that because she has “real Barbie” viral fame and the connections she got from Bravo’s mistake.

No. 507866

She was getting roasted asf about it,was a promotional video or she read here. My bet is on the 1st and last one.

No. 508138

File: 1519014046047.png (1.03 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180218-201328.png)

Im surprised she haven't blocked this yet

No. 508240

Were there ever any good eye makeup tutorials for emulating her eye looks? If there was one of her youtube I could not find it.

Her old signature eye makeup is very nice.

No. 508247

I didn’t get to see it.

No. 508251

No, I mean the recent "english teacher" commercial.

No. 508257

Problem was that make-up didn't look in person.Plus at least in that head shot it was partially shoop. But she needs a least a bit of something more on her eyes at least. If she's gonna do the bold lip, how about a soft brown.

Yeah. That was still Fit's. It was a year long campaign.

No. 508260


the mature look suits her a lot more. now if she would wear some damn eye makeup, she'd scrub up okay.

all of that said, this "vlog" is boring as hell. there's no context to anything.

No. 508333

File: 1519042186480.jpeg (163.38 KB, 750x1039, 37365FFE-3725-46D2-ABE6-B2A53C…)

Just this, but it’s not quite the same as her eye makeup that she wore for her debut which was a lot more subtle, just drawn on dark. Her eye makeup only looked really good when she had the bigass falsies and wore lenses/shooped her eyes and jaw. The shoop is what made the pics look good, not the hair or makeup- the makeup itself is pretty basic.

No. 508396

You shouldn't follow Dakota's old makeup tutorials for that, she was purposely misleading and would leave out all the important bits that really made the makeup look because she didn't want people knowing her secrets. Contrary to what you would think of someone who make tutorials, the Ostrengas actually hate whenever anyone copies their look correctly (as you saw with spergchan going psycho on Taylor, they really, really hate it).

some examples: she started a tutorial already wearing brown eyeshadow and light eyeliner, never mentioned drawing outside of her eye, never mentioned the fact that she put foundation on her lips and drew a whole new shape (or that she used lip liner when it was obvious in her photos), and no tutorial ever had falsies despite her having them in every photo and non-makeup tutorial video. I remember once when she used to dress in 80% Liz Lisa she was asked what clothing brand she wears, and again to be purposely misleading she listed a bunch of average American brands.

No. 508460

File: 1519057763131.png (145.37 KB, 513x522, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 11.2…)

I found an old blog post talking/quoting what she said in a old interview on Tv about her life and diet. I fucking kek'd so hard though.

This interview was google translated, but close enough. It really does explain and show exactly why she gained weight.

>Potato chips for breakfast

> Cucumber + rice and sauce
>Video games/ no exercise by the sounds of it

No. 508462

Yup, I remember her only listing American brands and saying everything else was thrifted or handmade (even though she only ever took credit for making one basic circle skirt, the rest was Taobao Liz Lisa knockoffs.

Honestly what made me dislike Dakota and what keeps me interested in her is how hard she tries to avoid being honest and transparent. I don’t think she has anything to hide, but her paranoia about being seen without her shoop and her fear of anyone who recreates her viral look make me think she’s being shady and hiding something juicy.

No. 508463

File: 1519057881432.png (96.44 KB, 518x610, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 11.2…)



>I had such long limbs that they bullied me and called me monkey

> Kiki's a model


No. 508492

>Easy to talk with Japanese people. It is kind and the culture is totally different. Americans have too many right people.

Sounds like Dako-chan likes Japan because America tells her she’s too rude and trashy lmao

No. 508500

>no tutorial ever had falsies despite her having them in every photo and non-makeup tutorial video.

She even lied about her false lashes on tv too. As soon as people kept asking if they were real, she stopped wearing them. Same with the lenses, once it became more mainstream she stopped wearing them because she knew the gig was up.

No. 508507

Both countries do. American just tell you to your face and Japan hides on the internet.

No. 508517

>Same with the lenses, once it became more mainstream she stopped wearing them because she knew the gig was up.
actually I think she was forced to stop wearing them because her vision got so bad. if you see her Japanese tweets, she talks about her vision worsening around the time she stopped wearing them. Taylor made a video about the same thing, even saying that it was caused by the constant need to look like a doll 24/7 because of the insecurities that the fake image had created. If you haven't seen the video yet, it's probably scary similar to exactly how Dakota must have felt and the physical effects it had on her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i59X1EOGYE

No. 508532


She might have been pushed by the agencies to stop wearing them. Taylor also mentions that wearing them and sticking to a strict makeup style lost her a lot of jobs. I wouldn't be surprised if Kota also lost job opportunities because of her shit makeup and demand to keep the lenses in. She's also an adult now, and probably has been pushed into the women's catalog rather than teens.

Looks silly to be 22 and trying to pose as a 16yr old, and doing kawaii shoots. Probably why she chose her 2011 shoops for her profile before she started wearing lenses and editing her eyes extremely huge.

No. 508548

>i want to to stay forever in japan but I do not know what is going on

Kek. Seriously though, shes spent so many years there and i swear shes never left Tokyo. What a waste!

No. 508641


What's that document at the bottom?

No. 508687

Does anyone have the link to this video?

No. 508714


What video ?

No. 508730

a police report from years ago

No. 508832

Pretty sure she doesn’t even really leave her apartment except for gigs, and a cafe here or there.

No. 508835

She has, but only for work. She went to Takoaka and Osaka before I think. When you think about it though, she probably does go out but can’t take pics because she’s ~in disguise~ and might look like a scrub.

No. 508889

Here's a makeup tutorial:

No. 508919

Don't forget when she goes out to openings and exhibitions in order to get free clothes.

No. 509146

It really is depressing.
I lived in Japan three years and went everywhere. So much to see and do. A total waste, especially if her Japanese is as good as people claim. I got around great and my Japanese is terrible.

No. 509147

The deleted one that she only kept up for a few hours. >>503566

No. 509235

Money isn’t even an excuse either. You can see and do so many fun things on a budget, but you do still have to go out and actually do something. I guess kota imagines herself as a celebrity who can’t risk being seen in public.

No. 509260

>What I'd like to know is what sort of visa can she hold to have this lifestyle of hardly working and bouncing between agencies ?

It would have to be either spouse or PR.


>The Applicant must have completed at least two years of relevant study outside Japan OR have least two years' relevant experience outside Japan.

>The requirement for groups of performers is that they must receive remuneration of at least JPY5 million per day.

Idk if there’s a way around that first one because of her going viral, but I doubt she’s still making that much money per day if it’s a requirement for the visa.

Another one a lot of other foreign models in Japan use is called a “Specialist in Humanities Visa” and the requirements look pretty strict, but it’s apparently easy to get.


Here’s a page about PR visas including spouse visas, and apparently you can get PR for being married after only 5 years.


>It is necessary to provide with the resident tax certificates (kazei / nozei shomeisho to be obtaind at the local city hall/ward office) for the required number of years.
>This means that if your income was low (due to unemployment etc.) in any year of the required period, the application is likely to be rejected.

kek. Here’s a super detailed page about the COE you need for a spouse visa, basically the proof of your marriage and that it’s not just for a visa:


TL;DR; She has to have either PR or a spouse visa, she’s not working enough. Idk how she meets the requirements for either an entertainment or the humanities visa based on the last two years alone, unless she has a much bigger portfolio she keeps offline with much less kawaii, more professional low key jobs.

If she’s not married and hasn’t pulled a Mira (marry, get PR, divorce, move in with friends). Not with that 6 month gap in her work and her patchy list of jobs from the year before. But maybe since Bravo and Libera both dropped her after 5 years, maybe she applied for PR before her contracts with them expired?

No. 509282

File: 1519109064682.jpeg (180.95 KB, 750x1068, 539E3E70-E20C-4EC3-881F-78CB13…)

No. 509283

File: 1519109082203.jpeg (170.84 KB, 750x957, 01341C79-0F90-42F9-9A2A-990D14…)

No. 509284

File: 1519109114262.jpeg (177.53 KB, 750x894, 92567A58-9A0F-46AB-AD53-784BB8…)

I’m not sure if this was posted yet.

No. 509294

It is a mystery. tbh I don't think she was ever making 5 million yen a day. That translates to roughly 50 thousand dollars US. I think her biggest payment was probably her Samsung ad and I can't even see that paying more than 20k.
Entertainment visas are usually short. But even if she had a five year visa, she couldn't get PR without a spousal visa. You can apply for citizenship after 5 years but I have a feeling that if she did that, she would be more cocky about it. Also, given that she's uneducated and lacks any special skills, I have a hard time seeing her getting citizenship (unless already married).
So, I'm not sure how she is getting by. I'm guessing the last contract she signed with Bravo, she received a long term (3 or 5 year) working visa. The other possibility is that she convinced a contact in the industry to sponsor her working visa and act as her guarantor essentially. With the right connections you can do that as long as your paperwork is in order.
Also, I don't think she has a giant portfolio of other modeling/tarento work. If she did, surely that crazy russian fangroup would have found the photos by now. They seem to find everything.
It was posted a couple threads ago.

No. 509340

Wait did she upload then delete a new hair video? I see screenshots but she deleted the video, can somebody re-upload it?

No. 509366

Does she only go to the same 3 shops To take selfies with her friends?

No. 509368

>The other possibility is that she convinced a contact in the industry to sponsor her working visa and act as her guarantor essentially. With the right connections you can do that as long as your paperwork is in order.

Even with that though you still have to have consistent work. None of the visas let you take a 6-month break from work without a legit reason, like an illness.

No. 509373


We don't know what she does off of social media. I keep saying this, but it is completely possible she does leave Japan on a cheap flight to Korea. She just doesn't post about it because why would she ? She's literally never spoken about visas.

Isn't she also considered to young in Japan to get married since she's been there pretty much since 16. Under the age of 20 you'd have to have parental permission.

No. 509378

>you'd have to have parental permission
>implying her batshit family wouldn't sell her to the highest bidder themselves if they thought it'd make her famous

No. 509386

Technically she was working. She was shooting Fit's and had that secret honey shoot. And Fit's was a continuous commercial job with multiple shoots and appearances. Plus it probably paid pretty well.

No. 509388

She posts every time she travels. She always has. Besides south Korea's trendy. There's no way she wouldn't post about it if she went to Seoul. There'd be some story about how everyone there loved her and wanted her to work there but she loved Japan the most and would never leave.

No. 509406

Except we know from her hair and weight that she want working the full 6 months of the first campaign. She filmed and shot most of it without bangs, then got them again around June. The first pics of her with bangs didn’t pop up until December- 6 months later. Just because she’s been in pics of the campaign doesn’t mean they didn’t shoot them in bulk and then slowly release them. Not to mention she got her ugly Speedy Gonzales jacket from Fitt’s, I remember her postin a pic in it holding some gum way over a year ago, before she got the campaign, so she probably only got it as a favor to begin with.

Either way you look at it, the gap in her work is obvious. She even punctuates and records it herself on social media with her hair and nail style changes. She’s not on any legit visa unless it’s a spouse visa.

That’s the point I think, that she never leaves Tokyo unless it’s for work (read: she has to) which is pitiful and sad considering how many amazing things there are to see and try in Japan.

No. 509409

>She filmed and shot most of it without bangs, then got them again around June. The first pics of her with bangs didn’t pop up until December- 6 months later.

Lemme fix this for clarity: pics of her with bangs in Fitt’s didn’t start until December, up until then they were using her chubby pics. Meanwhile she had bangs since June on her insta.

No. 509417

That may be so. But Fit's had her contracted for a year even if most of the shooting was done over a period of a few weeks. She was still part of the group representing Fit's gumi. To you and me she wasn't working at all, but just her being signed onto this job would be work in the eyes of immigration.

No. 509418

>they were using her chubby pics
But she's still looking chubby.

No. 509424

That’s not how contracts work, anon. They don’t give you half on, half off. You work, or you aren’t being paid, unless there’s a live event or medical issue. If it’s hard to believe that Bravo, who popped the biggest boner for her if all, gave her a 5 year contract without a weight gain clause then how is it easier to believe she got a 1 year contract for a major brand like Lotte that she only had to work for 6 months? Not salty, legit curious. Fitt’s isn’t exactly small time, and before she got that she wasnt doing so hot either. This job came just in time to float her for 2017.

No. 509425

>live event

*life event, autofuck.

No. 509427

Honestly, I have no idea anon. Just speculating.

No. 509429


Kota's broke anon. You really think she'd brag about staying in some smaller lesser popular city in Korea in a extremely shitty hotel. Or do you think she'd play it off like she's special and has permanent residence in Japan ? while still having to fly out to do renewals.

She only talks about going home because its expensive to fly there and back, and her parents can easily pay for her outings/shopping than they could while she abroad (in japan).

However, I'm not saying its impossible that they'd sign a marriage paper for her to stay. I do doubt its a loving marriage though.. Empty apartment with separate bedrooms and nothing personalized there. Now she's kicking it at a friends place ( free loading). It would be a visa marriage, and she'd probably wait it out till she could just divorce and stay ( if thats how it works).

No. 509432

I know a little about modeling (some of my cousins used to do it), but my focus has always been social media trends and social marketing/networking. Dakota is a pro at that, she probably took a class for it when she was in college like with AE.

The people she works and hangs with don’t match the way she lives her life in her down time. She also seems to only hang out with models and other celebrities she met through her Bravo connections, so it’s very likely that it’s someone she met there during her popularity peak.

Her work cv is too patchy, inconsistent (if all the work she’s done is on her Bravo/Libera/Platinum pages, which we know it isn’t) and too heavily faked and censored. Her reception is always lukewarm, comments and likes disabled, videos taken down and disappearing forever. Those things don’t happen to popular models. They don’t even happen to basic models, just her.

I don’t wanna be “that bitch” but if I showed this to a travel/immigration lawyer they would laugh at the idea of her being on a legit visa without fucking or marrying someone for it. And be as naive as you want, but that shit does still happen in every country, even today.

No. 509433

>she'd probably wait it out till she could just divorce and stay ( if thats how it works).

Mira did it after being married for only 2 years IIRC.

No. 509437


Well, if she's married we wouldn't know when she did it. First few years she did go back home. 2012-early 2014 ish I believe. Its also possible she could just stay married because divorcing is a hassle.

Nobody really knows though.

No. 509481

She started wearing that ring she never takes off when she started her Instagram, coincidentally for her wedding dress photoshoot for that la bijou thing I think. Was that around the same time Kiki started claiming to be moving to Japan to marry Taku?

No. 509655

>Kiki started claiming to be moving to Japan to marry Taku

Lollllll oh kaka, that crazy retard…

No. 510158

File: 1519180933246.png (352.03 KB, 397x368, goblin.PNG)

Hahaha, man, I just can't even with Dako. How can she try to play it off like she doesn't edit the absolute fuck out of her image, even in videos, especially when in the SAME VIDEO as a bunch of intense editing, then we see pic related

No. 510211

File: 1519183591615.jpeg (224.47 KB, 750x1088, 25BC5A47-6982-4D92-B070-59E3C4…)

Someone needs to do the proper translation for this because I’m legit confused…

Is she now claiming to have leukaemia ?

No. 510231

Woahhh what? I almost feel like maybe it's about her cat and they died from leukemia? If she really had it that would explain why she stopped starving herself and gained weight/stopped working…and why she looks so pale and legitimately sick wow

No. 510245

File: 1519186509491.jpg (1002.4 KB, 1440x2305, Screenshot_20180221-041436.jpg)

Pic related is Japanese untranslated if anyone here can translate at a glance plssss

No. 510247

The first time I was told "plastic surgery" I was 14 years old and it was a total mystery to me. Even now it's a total mystery to me. Because, Ive never had plastic surgery and I will not have platic surgery. 2 years, I battled acute leukemia. It's impossible for me to do anything bad for my health just for the sake of being cuter. Youth is over in the blink of an eye. It's best to just enjoy make-up.

So a couple of notes, she says here 2年前 which is "two years ago". But judging by the picture, I think she probably means before she was 2 years old. So basically she had childhood leukemia and needs to be careful of her health. If that's true (and tbh I have no reason to disbelieve it) then I glad that she was able to survive. Even now childhood cancers, are some of the biggest killers.

No. 510249

Thanks anon!

Has she ever mentioned childhood leukaemia before? If it's true then I'm surprised I've not heard of it already

No. 510253

Sorry. Samefag here, but I want to add, this is definitely addressed to her Japanese audience, as most of us here don't think she's done anything (nosejob discussion aside). Whereas a lot of Japanese people seem to believe that and it's her own fault because of her shoops and the way she's been aging over the years. I'm guessing she recently had a spate of Japanese "plastic surgery" comments on her social media.
Not that I've heard of, but childhood leukemia is not uncommon. Despite not liking her, I choose to believe that she is not such a terrible person to make up something like that.

No. 510381

She never mentions anything, ever, anon. this is the first time she ever disputes plastic surgery despite ridiculous rumors being abound for years.

>Even now it's a total mystery to me
really? her face radically changes shape every year, and she tries very hard to block anyone who knows it's photoshop. obviously plastic surgery is going to be their next guess. she can't complain that these rumors exist.

No. 510383

Anon, who translated here. I have really mixed feelings about this whole thing. On the one hand it's terrible that she had to go through that and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, but on the other hand the reason for this speculation is because of the inconsistencies of her shoops. And judging by the responses, she's getting the reaction she wanted. Everyone is saying that people are just ugly and jealous of her. And that attitude anyway is always what what she wants to hear. I'm not sure how to feel about this post because of that. Anyway, lately Japanese people are more likely to say that she's too-shooped (too edited) but I guess that's not a rumor that she's addressing.

No. 510384

File: 1519196672840.jpg (115.31 KB, 977x709, tumblr_p49d45KCfU1v4zu0go1_128…)

One of the Japanese comments left on her instagram says
>It is a compliment to be suspected of shaping! It's just that kind of face
lol she deadass took this opportunity just to say "why do people think i'm fake? i'm not!!!! it's just makeup" and got exactly the kind of support from idiots she was hoping for. She hasn't changed one bit.

No. 510390

Really convenient timing to suddenly just drop that "oh yeah and I had leukemia" bomb especially when explaining why she wouldn't have plastic surgery and needs to take care of her health.
I feel like if she did have it she definitely would've used that to gain pity a lot sooner and to show how "fragile" she is. I wouldn't put it past her to use something like this especially at this time when her looks are going down.
Call me terrible but I'm just suspicious and wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be a lie depending on her track record.

No. 510391

*considering her track record

No. 510393

File: 1519198200286.png (293.03 KB, 635x461, 1425600548899.png)

Sorry anon. She has addressed plastic surgery before or something like that. According to my memory. Here's a screen shot of a show where she went on to say, if I had surgery (points to her eye) there would be a scar. Then she would say that cheesy one liner of her: HELL NO! Its the same show she said she likes Japanese men and they compared her to that tall half Japanese/ spanish guy.
I hope this helps

No. 510396

Oh man. I remember that with Shirota Yuu. She was wearing huge circle lenses and he asked her point blank if they were real and she lied to his face. Her "no way" catchphrase was so annoying. Whoever helped her come up with that should be punished harshly.

No. 510405

I wonder if she has a publicist through her new agency that is consulting her on how to shape her image to be liked by a Japanese audience and how to gain more fame. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was encouraged to have some kind of tragic back story, similar to her nonsense of eating ketchup bread. She will likely be interviewed soon on some talk show like she was in OP’s pic and she will go more into detail about her difficult childhood, maybe even detailing her sickness.
Anyway, what I’m getting at, and I’m only speculating, is that her PR from her agency is likely encouraging some of this nonsense.

No. 510406

In fact, getting into conspiracy time here, remember when Kiki went into sperg-chan mode and claimed she could keep up her sperging all day because of disability checks? What if they're now both using a disability problem to get money?
Think that's too crazy and low for even them maybe?

No. 510410

Ok you were sick when you were a kid for two years but your like 24-25 now???? What’s the excuse???? If anything she should be exercising and stuff to help her immune system???? People who have leukemia and cancer and i have sever anemia my whole life i still gym for an hour or so everyday no excuses Kota

No. 510411

Entertainment industry anon here. At least in the states, if you are hired for a national commercial, your contract with that company is ongoing for the entirety of the time that the commercial is airing. Many state that you can't work with competitors until the commercial is no longer airing (which prevents the same person, for example, from appearing in two competing shampoo commercials at the same time). So technically, while a campaign for X is "live," (meaning ads and commercials are currently being displayed), you are still under contract and "employed" by X. At least in the US, though, you aren't an "employee" - you're a contractor. that means they don't deduct taxes and you don't get benefits like healthcare. I doubt that matters for her visa status, though, since all modeling jobs are contract jobs. So technically, if she did a national commercial that aired for a year and she was under contract with Fit's for that year, she was employed for the full year.

Since so many commercial jobs have non-compete clauses, if would be a bit unfair if they hired someone for a national commercial and then said they couldn't work with any competitors for an entire year, but they also weren't considered "employed" for the duration of that contract. No one would sign if that was the case.

No. 510412

I don't think Koots needs any kind of help from PR to be manipulative and deceptive. That's been her bread and butter from the word go, but I think in this case she's telling the truth. The thing is that even though it was awful, she's hardly alone in this experience. Childhood Leukemia and Lymphoma are still common.
It certainly doesn't give her carte blanche to do whatever she wants without consequence. At this point her rancid personality has been on display for so long that even most Japanese people are sick of it. They called bullshit on the ketchup-bread story right away.
It's gonna be hard to curry favor with them again, especially since her halo effect is starting to wane.
Anon thanks. This is what I was trying to explain before but you did it way more thoroughly.

No. 510413

File: 1519200340065.png (1.25 MB, 981x747, 1488583957203.png)

Samefag. She declined surgery art least 4 times

No. 510418

She's definitely had a nose job, but she had that when she was quite young (prior to going to japan, like 13 or 14 i think). If I remember correctly it was for a medical reason like a deviated septum, which makes sense since she was so young and didn't have an ugly nose to begin with.

I believe that she hasn't had any other surgery. She wouldn't be shooping so much still if she had, nor would she look like her shoops because no doctor is going to completely remove your jaw while making your eyes the size of dinner plates. That's not even medically possible.

No. 510420

I don’t think that they’d necessarily encourage her to lie (due to liability) but I would bet that she was strongly encouraged to remember anything that might encourage sympathy. Japanese are similar to American audiences in that they have a soft spot for children and tragedy. The two things together are a huge sympathy magnet.
Anyway, it is weird for her to suddenly put this out there. I have always wondered why she would often be hooked up to IVs in her blogs and stuff.

No. 510422

This was her stupid catchphrase. It was planned and scripted, not spontaneous. They were literally selling her as "so beautiful she must be CGI or have had plastic surgery). That whole schtick was in service to her image. It was telling the people watching, "Pay no attention to this relatively plain girl standing before you. Listen to us. She's unreal beautiful. Now you better believe it."
>I have always wondered why she would often be hooked up to IVs in her blogs and stuff
Because that's a pretty common thing in JP when you go the hospital for anything non specific. And she's an attention whore.

No. 510426

>She's definitely had a nose job, but she had that when she was quite young (prior to going to japan, like 13 or 14 i think).
No she hasn't. finetooth-combing "the tip looks round in this obviously photoshopped scene picture from 2006 when she was 12" is not valid proof. I have never heard anything about a "deviated septum" and you obviously can't produce proof of that. her mom has an identical nose, so if you're one of the people who is going to say "she and her mom got the same nose job", well idk what to tell you.

No. 510444

File: 1519203283961.jpg (151.96 KB, 1011x706, shoop-ko.jpg)

De-shooping attempt (right).
Kota's original shoop (left).

Don't get the uncanny valley effect she creates in her shoops. Minor editing wouldn't be so bad, but it's just too much.

No. 510445

I meant the reverse. Her original shoop is on the right. My attempt at de-shooping is on the left.

No. 510457

don't think she has such a man jaw, anon

No. 510459

The ostrengas love to play victim, and it’s not only Kiki that sperges but Kathy. Remember Kathy going on about how sad Dakota is and she cries herself to sleep over the ~internet bullies~ or some shit? If the leukemia bit was true it would have been perfect and they would have put it out there long ago.

Yes it’s shitty to lie about illness but people unfortunately do it all the time.

No. 510461

are you sure about that >>510384

No. 510467

samefagging but to add:
I also don’t think she had surgery, she just photoshops everything. But obviously she can’t admit to that, so throwing out a “muh leukemia” excuse is an attempt to shut people up and make them feel bad for questioning her. It’s obvious.

I do the same thing whenever I get shit for being so pale. I avoid the sun because I had an (albeit minor) case of skin cancer. They usually apologize lol

No. 510472

"Can't do anything bad for my health"
Yet she was a confirmed smoker for quite a while, ok

No. 510473

I’m not saying she didn’t have leukemia, but I 100% believe the Ostrengas hope to eventually quash the online “bullying” and the only angle that they have left is “feel bad for me”.

No. 510474

I always see that this is “confirmed” but where is the proof? I’ve never seen actual evidence outside of heresay, like most things to do with her.

No. 510480

File: 1519209425243.jpg (1.72 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1519209400372.jpg)

Samefag. Nose

No. 510482

File: 1519210069069.png (644.69 KB, 640x1136, 3EC7B6A9-6D6E-402E-9B79-0364FE…)

They wrote something about her having plastic surgery

No. 510484

No they wrote about the post which was just translated. It says that she revealed on her social media that she had battled leukemia when she was 2. I think she was saying 2. I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt that she's not claiming she had leukemia 2 years ago which I don't believe. I thinks it's gross that she's using this experience this way. The headline is really sensationalistic.

No. 510491

she had leukemia and no plastic surgery. something like that?

No. 510503

Well, she got what she wanted. JP Entertainment news outlets are giving her attention and Japanese twitter is talking about her.

No. 510506

Her whole face got pointier, couldn’t that just be a side effect of losing baby fat?

No. 510513

Dakota gets another free pass to lie her ass off, yet again. I don’t believe she had leukemia, I believe she was catching shit for looking like hell in Fitt’s andnthis is a distraction and excuse for her not taking care of herself. Leukemia at age 2 wouldn’t so a damn thing to her 20 years later that would make her gain weight and get ugly. This girl can’t rake accountability for anything, jfc.

No. 510514

Do the Japanese legit not know what photoshop is?? Why is it that whenever she goes on another alien shopping spree, yet always start asking about plastic surgery? Like, the only exlaination for her pics and real face looking different is surgery? That’s the biggest reach I’ve ever heard. Japan’s inability to ask foreigners point blank if they’re lying is allowing her to extort a career out of them for no effort just because she’s such a shameless liar.

I’m not saying “she never had leukemia”, I’m just hard pressed to believe she never bragged about it before for kawaii frail points like when she was always posting pics of her bruises. They both bragged about Anemia but never any childhood illness. She’s only doing this now because it’s a sensationalist distraction.

No. 510515

I sort of feel like it's being implied that she was battling leukemia two years ago. The more articles I read about it, it seems that way. When she wrote in the kanji she used could be used for "age" or for "years". Depending on how you read it, it could mean she had childhood leukemia before she was two years old, or she was battling leukemia two years ago. But she was working pretty often in 2016 and into the beginning of 2017. I feel like is she had had leukemia in 2016, it would have been hard to keep it a secret. Not to mention treatment is harsh. And if she had leukemia it would have to be acute adult leukemia which has a pretty terrible survival rate, only about 30% after 5 years. It can go into complete remission, but I feel like she would have been visibly sicker if that was the case.

No. 510516

File: 1519215827538.jpg (47.15 KB, 777x426, photoshop master.JPG)

No they do. Nowadays it's much more common for them to say she's shooped to hell. But plastic surgery also comes up because of how fucking weird she looks in selfies and how basic she looks in person.
But here is a recent post. It reads: Dakota Rose is a world famous photo-shop artisan, huh.

No. 510518

Oh I see, they ignore the photoshop comments and leap for “what?? Plastic surgery? Impossible! Not that I ever would, but I especially can’t because…!!!”. You know, I don’t dislike Dakota, but I’d be more inclined to call myself a fan if she wasn’t so tryhard when it comes to looking like an innocent nobody model turned celebrity. Is so fake-humble and bleh.

No. 510525

I’m confused… why wouldn’t see say something about 二才から if she was trying to say it happened when she was two?
I mean, what the fuck do I know, I am still just a 日本語 noob, but it seems like it would be an easy thing to communicate.

No. 510528

Yeah thats what I thought too. I guess I assumed that she meant "2 years old" because of the picture and because I have really hard time believing that she's been battling leukemia recently.

No. 510529

That picture doesn’t look like a two year old to me either but I think you’re right. She’d be absolutely stupid to try to tell people she had leukemia two years ago.

No. 510550

Text conversations between her and charms where she stated she snuck cigarettes

No. 510566


Unless she means she’s has it for the last two years? This could be her trying to explain away her weight gain and hard aging from her shittty diet, drinking and smoking on her ass all day. I know anons have been on here in her threads wondering about some mystery ailment that prevents her from working or getting fired for gaining weight. Honestly it wouldn’t be far off that she has some kind of medical condition (your health will go to shit if you don’t take care of yourself for 5+ years), but one that isn’t as cute or garner as much sympathy as leftover childhood leukemia. She never looked like she had leukemia as a kid, she and Kiki were always energetic and seemed healthy. This is so out of the blue, it’s an obvious PR stunt to get her associated with the “real Barbie” name again and back in the news/on TV.

No. 510567


She wouldn't have even stayed in Japan if she had cancer 2 years ago. She can't afford a apartment let alone hospital bills and treatment.

Is this her trying to combat people also saying she's balding ? kek.

2 years ago she lost her apartment and Bravo contract and started gained crap tons of weight, and not to forget got too poor for makeup and extensions.

If they find out she's lying its going to blow up in her face soooo bad.

No. 510570

>If they find out she's lying its going to blow up in her face soooo bad.

She’s gonna have to elaborate either on TV or in a statement, her Japanese fans won’t leave this alone. It’s too fantastic of a claim to not investigate.

No. 510572

The only argument I would make is that maybe she was married to Bravo-San and that’s why so many accommodations were made and excuses as well as her family not having an absolute meltdown that she was battling cancer across the ocean from them.
I think Kota could keep it quiet but I have no faith that Kiki could have and I think she definitely would have slipped up and said something.

Maybe she’s trying to say two years prior to whatever age she was in the picture.

No. 510591

File: 1519224724620.jpg (33.13 KB, 297x444, m5ExV-FV0Zw.jpg)

But she was working pretty regularly in 2016 and up to the beginning of 2017. Bravo dropped her in early 2017. If she was married to Bravo-san that would be a supreme dick move on his part. dropping his cancer embattled wife? Besides which she was working Libera for 3-4 months after that. And I don't know why she wouldn't come back to the states for treatment.
Maybe I'm crazy but this is Dakota in Sept 2016. She doesn't look good but she doesn't really look sick either. I mean her hair doesn't look any thinner than usual. She face isn't super puffy the way you might expect of someone who doing chemo or on prednisone. She's just same as always.

No. 510600


She looks actually cute in that picture and has a nice colour to her skin. Healthy. She would go back home for treatment because she can't afford it in Japan. Her family would probably pay for it, and probably use it as a way too mooch money from people.

Either way though, my bets are on she's lying. Why bring this up now ? and not as a cash grab when she was popular or to make her sound more delicate. I've also never heard of a cancer patient getting fatter and eating potato chips for breakfast. She's getting so much heat from the Japanese about looking like shit that her only plan was to scream "cancer". Tragic.

Everyone I know fighting cancer has dropped significantly in weight even though they're eating.

No. 510608



Also, 50$ says she saw Venus' threads and popularity shoot up from her illness, so she decided to up it and claim something worse.

Venus' views have shot up and both gossip sites are raving about how amazing and strong she is. We also can't forget Dakota lies about everything from lesbian stalkers,learning japanese, not shooping, weight/measurements, where she's from, schooling, driving, age, lenses/eyelashes … Kiki isn't any different either. Tiny arch in her back and she's claiming she can't work ( but then goes into acting, djing,modelling which all requires alot of walking and standing )

I had high hopes Kota changed at least a little, and shooping was her only current fault. smh

No. 510619

>She's getting so much heat from the Japanese about looking like shit

I always see anons here talking about the Japanese reactions to her, but where are they? Just girlschannel?

Also I can’t wait to see what her Russian VK fangroup does with this info, they seem to have a few decent JP-RU translators in their midst.

No. 510621

I'm just trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. I mean leukemia for an adult is generally more serious then childhood leukemia an has a worse prognosis. If she really had been sick, she would have required a minimum 1 month stay in the hospital and then regular trips without overnight stays, and finally at home maintenance in the form of pills. Chemo or radiation are rough and suck away your energy. Gaining weight can be a side effect but it's usually more sudden. Dakotas been gaining steadily since her low weight in 2013. And being that she was posting new pictures on her social media at the time including ones while she was out and going to events, there doesn't seem to have been enough downtime for that in 2016.

No. 510622

File: 1519227103655.png (879.61 KB, 720x1093, Screenshot_2018-02-21-10-33-09…)

I do not believe for a second that Dakota Ostrenga, the empress of deceit has cancer. Dako lied about every single aspect of her life, she had/has no qualms about lying to a nation infront of a camera for live television, it's second nature for her and now you are telling me she has leukemia? How convenient.

It's a last ditch effort for attention

>"Minna I don't actually look this bad because I'm a fraud who doesn't manage my appearance and abuses after effects, I just have cancer!"

Oh Dako Chan just go back to America.

No. 510627

Bravo dropped her, Libera got her one job and she looked so bad in it that they dropped her, and now that she went on TV bragging about her bad diet and photoshopping people are getting sick of her. They want explanations, not excuses. Everyone knows Dakota is getting special treatment, but the Japanese are too polite to ask her outright and potentially embarrass whoever is helping her out for pushing such a lazy, lying brat so hard. I’m not saying it’s wrong to make her a model as a hobby if she is married to someone in the biz, but protecting her from criticism when she won’t even look after her image and body as a model are what make me sick of her. She wants all the status and special treatment/handouts without the upkeep required to be a good model/trophy wife, and then to have everyone eat her shit when she casually flings something like leukemia around to explain away her ugliness, hair loss and weight gain.

No. 510642

Honestly, I hope that she's not lying (not that I hope she has cancer either) because that would just be too fucking vile.

No. 510647


She’s saying that two years ago she beat acute leukemia, and that her looks since then haven’t been as appealing because of her affected health, which can’t be helped. I’d do a more direct translation but she words her Japanese so strangely it’s hard to do without putting words in her mouth.

No. 510666


Were just barely into 2018 which makes me wonder if she's talking about 2015 and not 2016. "2 years ago"

But like one anon said, she had steady jobs then that show she was healthy and fine. I can't believe out of all illnesses this is what she chooses to claim.

I sorta hope it blows up in her face, and the era of living doll may finally die.

No. 510667

Damn. Girl's Channel is going in.

No. 510668

It says she was diagnosed with leukemia 2 years ago, not when she was 2.

No. 510669

I understand that. I just thought that she meant 2 years old since I didn't believe that she had leukemia in 2016.

No. 510674


Any anons want to translate any juicy bits. Google translate is just a mess and makes no sense.

Are they actually calling her out on her lying ?

No. 510688


Idk about “going in”, they’re just saying the same crap as usual paired with some new speculations. They’re not really saying anything about the leukemia, they’re focusing on the “plastic surgery” part as usual.

>why so different from tv?

>did she have plastic surgery?
>what a pretty picture
>oh, a cat! how cute!

GC is super tame, I don’t know why anyone expects any Japanese people to take up the cause of trying to call her out on her lies. It would have to be a Japanese-speaking foreigner, because Japanese people don’t care that much about her.

No. 510689


Weirdly enough I'm just seeing mild shit?

Like: "This pic is cute" "She was cute as a child" "The cat lol" "When I first saw her I thought she looked like a doll" and a lot of people sayin "yeah, she didn't have PS, she shoops herself"

No. 510690


And of course after I post this I read this gem:


>coming to Japan was a mistake

k e k

No. 510691

I understood it so that she battled leukaemia for two years (as a child) and not that she had it when she was two. The treatments can last for years.

No. 510697

I think someone who can’t read or understand any Japanese is just trying o get us to translate the website for them in case they’re saying shit about Dakota and we might be missing it. As for me, if I saw Japanese were shitting on her in Japanese, I’d bring it back here to post, but the truth is they just don’t rag on her about the lying at all because the bulk of the proof is in English. They know something is off but they can’t quite figure out why, so she keeps lying them in circles and they keep asking the same questions.

>inb4 make a Japanese truth blog about Dakota

My Japanese isn’t good enough to pen entire paragraphs of specific details about her half-truths. Remember Kontra Koti? Besides, any truth blog about her would have to be run by someone who isn’t afraid to call her out without hiding behind anonymity, and I don’t see many people who are not only established in modeling in Japan, but also willing to humiliate her entire professional network for shilling her. Dakota has immunity now because she nestled her way in so deep with her famous friends. In a way, she’s like a cancer herself- ugly, misshapen, doesn’t belong there, but you can’t remove her without causing damage to the host.

No. 510698

>remember Kontra Koti?

Woops, forgot to finish that sentence. She had a Dakota truth/candids blog that ran for 3(?) years before it was eventually shut down by the Ostrengas. I don’t know how they did it, but after that the only page left that wasn’t 100% ass kissing was her VK page.

No. 510700

Except that’s not what she said at all.

2年前に literally means “two years ago”. If she meant “when she was (age) 2” she would have said 2歳の時.

No. 510709

File: 1519235525677.png (41.65 KB, 647x160, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.2…)


Interesting. I thought Kontra left on her own accord because she was attending school. She had a PULL account to which she just up and left out of no where too. I just figured she got tired of posting about Kota like most blogs do. ( fan accounts and truth blogs ) Kontra was rather tame though, she never said anything hateful from what I remember of her accounts.

Anyways, I doubt Japan is going to fully believe her cancer claim. It might spike her popularity temporarily, but I doubt it'll increase her job flows. Maybe this is her attempting to exit the modelling scene ? With a few extra tv appearances talking about it. ( I look forward to those candids tho )

No. 510737

I don't buy it. Why would the Ostrengas suddenly drop 5k in Kiki's acting career when Dakota is in Japan suffering from cancer, and they could have spent the money on Dakota? Fly her home, fly to Japan to see her, pay some of her hospital bills, anything?

..Unless they did spend money on Dakota and had to compensate it for Kiki because she's such a cry baby

No. 510743

I’m at work and keep getting calls, but I’m my downtime I could roughly translate a few good posts. Granted I haven’t used or heard Japanese in a couple years so I might be rusty.


>America? She wanted to be a model in America, but shes too petite and her looks are lacking.

>She moved to Japan and toned down her kawaii “position”, it’s said that now Japan is embarrassed of her.
>Her complexion looks good in western clothes, but her style and face are so plain that she’s nothing special in Japan.
>When she first went viral on YouTube it was sensational, but seeing her on TV is a disappointment. As are her face and way of speaking.

No. 510762

File: 1519237944412.jpg (25.27 KB, 379x438, 1426689856691.jpg)

Her nose was always very pointy. I don't remember how old was she in this pic, but her nose was pointy (and her face was strangely very narrow? It could really be that her jaw only looks wide because of an enlarged masseter)

No. 510772


>The discrepancy in her face between her self-uploaded videos and other videos is really shocking!

>She gets donations (favors?) from lying about her age and Asian discrimination, and having sex with her actor boyfriend while his fans give her stuff.

(I can’t make sense of the last part, idk what ドン引 is or means, and I probably fucked up that whole second half of the paragraph because of it. Sorry!)

No. 510778

ドン引き generally means to be disgusted about something. Like someone said or did something that made you recoil. They're saying that the idea of Kota using the gifts fans gave to her actor boyfriend disgusts them.

No. 510787


>looks like a nutcracker doll

No. 510798

Ah, that makes a lot more sense now. Thanks, I’ll put that in my Anki deck!

No. 510820

After years of following the Ostrengas, my bet is that she had a minor health scare and spun that into 'omg i had leukaemia! pity me!!'.

They're always melodramatic and desperate for sympathy.

No. 510821

Ooh, looks like the Ostrengastan finally learned Japanese? Unless it’s Dakota whiteknighting herself anonymously on girlschannel, but since these were at least partially written with Google translate I think it’s more like to be Kiki or Cathy.

きちんと確認すれば、彼女を不細工などと言えなくなります (0 likes, 24 dislikes)

Google spits out: People who calls Dakota Rose illegal work, have you confirmed it thoroughly with a mirror? If you check it properly, you can not say that she is ugly.

What she probably meant:
>The people calling Dakota Rose clumsy and ugly should take a look in the mirror. If you really look at her, you can’t say she’s ugly.


Google spits out:
>I think that it is better not to talk about this busy person
There is no one who can respond to her beauty as a resident here

Maybe with that last part she meant to imply the people calling Dakota ugly are foreigners/non residents?

No. 510823

File: 1519241411834.png (89.7 KB, 640x1136, F63A9491-DAB1-45DD-86F2-58825E…)

No. 510824

Conspiracy theory: Kota's leukaemia diagnosis is what made Kiki go so off the rails as sperg-chan

(I don't actually believe this)

No. 510827

Haven't checked all of the translations but

That second line says she came to Japan because she was told she'd be perceived as cute there.

Nothing about sex.俳優やってる彼氏 means her boyfriend who's an actor. That last part is "I was disgusted by the way she lied about her age and discriminated against Asians, but I was even more disgusted when I heard that she uses the gifts her actor boyfriend receives from his fans.

GC and most of the Japanese internet has been well aware of the photoshoppingand such for years. She's just not a big deal enough for everyone to make a huge fuss.

No. 510831

Nah, Kiki went sperg because Taylor announced her Asian modeling industry boyfriend after Taku dumped her. Another conspiracy: it sent Kiki over the edge bc of Taylor can do it at 27 thanks to a rich bf, and Kota can do it as a short basic bitch with a rich visa hubby, then surely she would be the nextbig thing! Why, she’s taller and thinner than her sister, but has more of the exotic foreign model appeal like Taylor! And if Taylor wasn’t too old to start modeling in Japan at 27, then neither was she at 24!

sage for having fun lmao

No. 510834

File: 1519242067550.png (135.58 KB, 640x1136, 7D3D4E80-EA0E-46E8-952E-4BC665…)

Like I said, I’m super rusty. I was having trouble so I ran a cap of it through Yomiwa and this is what it gave me. Like I said, I’m at work so I keep having to stop and come back to it as well, I’m no official translator or anything.

No. 510842

Wait, who's this actor boyfriend?

No. 510855


It was some cutesy actor that people speculated she was dating, because she posted pictures wearing/having the same stuff as him. There was never any solid verification they were dating. She would tweet him, but he never even responded.

No. 510870

Taiko Katono, the Kamen Rider guy. She posted pics of herself wearing some of his clothes that were sent to him by fans, and there was a pic of him on her couch next to one of her novelty pillows too. It’s all back in the older kota threads.

No. 510905

It wasn't a criticism. Just trying
to help out. やってる means to do something. It can mean to do someone in slang but not in this instance. The grammar and context makes it clear but katakana also tends to be used (ヤッてる) when talking about sex. Apps and online dictionaries aren't very good when it comes to translating hiragana.

Very close. First one is "Those of you calling Dakota ugly, have you looked in the mirror? If you look closely, you'll realize you have no right calling Dakota ugly."
Second one, "I don't think you guys should be criticizing her. There isn't a single person here who's prettier than her."
It sounds like the same person over and over again. Could be a deluded fan or Dakota&friends but I think it's a guy trolling GC.

"I can't believe she had the guts to appear on TV." (Because everyone will know she looks nothing like her photos.)

No. 510910

Oooh that guy, I remember him. Surprised they brought him up, since it's a very old rumor

No. 510925

lurker here, thanks. i always cringe when i see people come out of the woodworks to "translate", but i don't want to put in the effort

No. 510929


I almost wonder if they may have actually went on a few dates, and he then politely rejected her and gave her some freebies. Which is kinda funny that instead of getting her an actual gift he gave her random freebies from his fans. Kota kinda is a rare breed with her love for sickness, vomit and gore. Combine that with her manly way of talking can be probably off putting.

No. 510937

The resident comment refers to people who use the site. Like lolcow users would be lolcowの住民.

No. 510962

Her dating that Japanese actor was a rumor anyway. After looking closely, didn't people realize she was buying fake brand knockoffs that look like his personal clothes and items? Like the sweaters and what not? It could have been pure coincidence, but if not it made Dakota look like a sad stalker.
Probably to shake off the other rumor she was dating some old Japanese sugar daddy after she herself spread the rumor she likes old men.

No. 510963

This is exactly like himezawa's "breast cancer"

No. 510981

Not to mention that she never went bald. Her thin hair was always thin like that (even before going to Japan). We never saw her wearing a wig. And most patients receiving chemo go bald. (Not all, but most.)

No. 511046

Dakota NEVER had cancer then and now. If she had cancer then she wouldn't had been active as a model and would had been receiving treatment. She doesn't have cancer now for the same reasons as I stated, if Dako was sick she wouldn't be running around in Japan still. I'm tired of these snowflakes claiming to have terminal illnesses to mask their bullshit. A good example I can think up the top of my head is the german coser saya, she lied about undergoing cancer treatment surgery when she was actually her whole face and body done at a Korean plastic surgery clinic .

No. 511137

rusty? you just don't know japanese if you need to translate やる. やる in this case just means doing, as it usually does. so 俳優やってる is just actor (lit. doing acting).

No. 511295

Not buying the canver story mostly because of the fact its Leukemia. If she just said something like a tumor or sonething yes . But leumia has some of the most severe treatments because your whole body is effected.
All treatment for this will rekt you shit and Kota was too active and 'healthy' looking. You cant treat it with pills.
She eould have needed chemo and we all know what chemo does.
If she wanted illness points like Venus she sould have just said a growth or something.
She also would gave mentioned. Shes too vain not to for pity points. Same with Kiki.

No. 511297

Thank you.

Finally got through the entire thread. As someone else pointed out, Dakoto said she became leukemia-free two years ago and would never do anything that could harm her health just to become prettier. Does she still smoke? Smoking can cause acute leukemia which is what she said she had.

There's no way she actually meant to write two years old instead of two years ago. She would've said she had leukemia at two, not beaten it at two. She could have meant two years before she was first asked if she had PS and didn't phrase it well, but she makes it sound as if she'd just beaten cancer which is why she wouldn't think of doing something risky like plastic surgery.

No. 511300

Forgot to add, the Girlschannel comments mostly say that they think she's lying about the cancer, just like she lied about her looks and age. They also think she's racist, and if she had PS, her surgeon didn't do a very good job. Someone claiming to be American says Dakota is actually 34 years old.

No. 511319

File: 1519300462714.jpg (46.07 KB, 1080x739, 27891108_445605072524140_64459…)

New Kooter Picture. After dropping that bomb, she's just gone back to posting her usual bullshit. She got about a thousand new followers out of it, so I guess it was worth it.
A lot of shoop happening here.

No. 511344


Or she bought them. She probably thinks no one will ever call her out on shooping again now that she claims to have cancer.

No. 511360

Homegirl faked her own passport and now she's jumping on the munchie bandwagon?

No. 511484

Just when everyone was starting to think she might not be worthy of a thread anymore because her only fault is shooping, she fucking fakes cancer? LOL. Are the 1000 new followers worth it, Kota? If cancer was ever a problem with the ostrengas at any time in their lives, we would have 100% for sure heard about it. They would absolutely be milking it. She really fucked up this time. Now not only is she the girl who photoshops her face way too much, she's the girl that faked cancer? lmao

No. 511576


She's the cancer patient that " never went bald, got fat and eats potato chips for breakfast"

I swear she came on here and saw anons joking that she looks like a cancer patient, and a light bulb just went off in her head. " What if I make everyone pity me and supportive of my shoops"

No. 511577

File: 1519328738528.png (3.99 MB, 3880x1352, leukemiatimeline.png)

Here we go, I created a collage of Dakota's Leukemia.

I believe she got diagnosed March 2015. This is due to Kiki suddenly starting to tweet a lot about health and checking for symptoms, the importance of a healthy lifestyle etc…

I compiled pictures and critique of anons and searched for Leukemia treatment/Leukemia side effects and tried to match them up with discussion/pictures. I used a screen cap when the threads talked a lot about the topic, rather than attaching the whole discussion of the symptom.

After spending my whole evening sperging over Dakota's and Kiki's socialmedia and thousands of lolcow posts, I have to say I think she actually did have a Leukemia diagnosis in 2015.

No. 511587

were those tweets meant to be readable or?

No. 511595

Continuation, but I believe that as has been mentioned above that Sperg-chan was caused by Dakotas Leukemia.

Kiki's first recorded post is on 07/25/15. This is only a few months after Dakota (most likely) had her Leukemia diagnosis and the treatments are really starting out. She has obviously been lurking the board for a long time, since she doesn't fall for obvious newfag mistakes(using an email, writing a name and a subject). Why would she suddenly start lurking Dakotas threads, if she wasn't checking out for something?

Soon after, Kikis defenses of Dakotas looks. They center around Dakota looking normal and that there is nothing wrong with her. She also starts showing signs of her obsession with Taylor.
>Have to disagree with your post. Looking at her IG and YT videos, she does not look "sallow" or "tired". Harsh and salty, SMH.

tldr; Kiki started lurking somewhere in the start of 2015, particularly Dakota's threads for some reason.

Yes, I can read them just fine? If 3880 x 1362 isn't big enough for you, not much else can be done.

No. 511598

File: 1519329534640.jpg (51.63 KB, 570x766, o0iBHku.jpg)

This makes too much sense. Hats off to you, Detective Anon. If this is a tinfoil, then I want the entire roll.

No. 511656

File: 1519332929983.png (255.7 KB, 346x445, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 3.26…)


>Dry skin

Kota's skin has always been dry, its her natural skin type.

> Bloated/wider face

Weight gain combined with her cheek bones finally finish developing on top of a shitty diet with too much sodium. She stated herself that she drenches shit in soy sauce (SALT) and eats a lot of potato chips. Her social media proves that over the years she eats alot of deep fried food. You also can't compare pictures of her smiling with pictures of her sucking her cheeks in or making a poker face. Smiling pushes the fat upwards.

>Rapid weight gain

LOL. Gaining 20 pounds in 3-4 years isn't rapid. What did you expect to happen when she eats potato chips for breakfast and eats deep fried foods when she's out. She never works out, and lays around playing video games all the time. Would take a miracle not to gain weight with that life style. She's also what ? 5'3. When your short, the smallest amount of weight can make you look large.

>Kiki's health sperg

The whole Vegan thing is a huge part of Kaka's image. She's always blubbered on about it. Really doesn't prove anything.

>Kiki sperging on Lolcow

Literally just about ever post was her insulting people that had absolutely nothing to do with Dakota. Her sperging also happened after Taku broke up with her and everyone just found out Taylor had a asian bf. Taylor lived Kiki's dream life of being a pretty blonde Vegan modelling in Japan, and living in a large apartment. She also attacked multiple other kawaii girls who have done absolutely nothing to do with Dakota. Non of these girls have ever even said boo at Kota or Kiki. Jealousy is why she attacked people, not because of some mysterious cancer.

>Kiki lurking Dakota's threads

Both her and her mother have since day one. This isn't new or relevant to Kota having any cancer.

>Kota cutting her hair and hair loss

She hasn't lost any hair anon…. Pic related. She cut her hair short because it was damaged from all the styling done to it. Tends to happen when you're modelling. She also styles it w.e she goes out with a straightener.

>Shortness of breath

Literally have never seen her out of breath. She did alot of TV work in 2015-2016 and seemed healthy and fine.

> One IV picture with zero context of whats wrong

There could be several reasons for that. I highly doubt any of the Ostrenga's could keep silent for this many years about her having cancer.

No. 511666

Wasn't that Etude House video from 2012? You'd think she take action before having symptoms for 3 whole years.
Plenty of people have pale skin: Kiki does too, along with also having 'hair loss', that shit's just genetic.
A whole lot of stretching in that image.

No. 511692

File: 1519335483863.png (580.77 KB, 660x616, lesions.png)

Chronic Leukemia is something that takes years to show up and be diagnosed. The symptoms start slow and unnoticeable.

I doubt she had Acute Leukemia, as that progresses in few months into seizures. If she had a seizure risk, she would not be on catwalk, wearing impractical clothing or wearing heels.

Well she has claimed to have Leukemia and allegedly it all makes sense, or could be a coincidence. But the more I read about Leukemia and go through her posts, a chronic Leukemia makes more sense.

She has always had weird red spots and sores on herself and had the "easily bruised" snowflakedom for a longtime. Even her old ass videos have her with random lesions, which would play into the chronic Leukemia theory.

No. 511696

File: 1519335563165.jpeg (144.74 KB, 750x993, 865441EA-6D0E-4145-BE78-FD4716…)

She knows she has hair and scalp problems she use to say she used certain things this is the only thing i found on her Twitter
Pic 1

No. 511697

File: 1519335581286.jpeg (206.52 KB, 750x1004, CE9A23EA-E81C-4EB0-B501-59544A…)

Pic 2

No. 511699

File: 1519335664878.jpeg (153.79 KB, 749x1035, 96E46338-80FB-4EBE-B85B-24A23A…)

Also can anyone translate this picture?

No. 511701

File: 1519335741302.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 140.9 KB, 750x795, E00F9AD1-E5B2-4719-99DD-B80CCE…)

She use to talk a lot about how she had anemia problems due to lack of iron? Or something about being vegan i can’t find the receipts but i remeber this picture from before and how she use o say this was often a ritual for her
Pic 1

No. 511702

File: 1519335741627.png (727.04 KB, 603x594, skinDakota.png)

Her mum did send her eczema cream and dry skin oil.

Google translae gives me "I want to eat ordinary delicious food as soon as possible I want to run I want to clean up the room ……"

No. 511705

File: 1519335775457.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 121.99 KB, 750x1097, 8550D630-6539-4A39-8EB0-2DFA40…)

Pic 2

No. 511706

File: 1519335791095.jpg (112.71 KB, 1080x739, koti.rose-1519330032869.jpg)

No. 511743

damn, you guys are always on point with the detective work, this is kind of interesting

No. 511765

I'm pretty sure she got anemia from starving herself

No. 511768

Lmao I think so too, I have a hard time believing that she has cancer

No. 511788

If she had leukemia it was definatley CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) or CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia). ALL & AML (the two acute forms) require intensive treatment to bring the immune cells to a 0 (remission) and a bone marrow transplant. This means being in isolation for a few months.

Idk if anyone can make a comprehensive timeline of her career to see if there's any suspicious gaps other then 2017 onwards but from memory she didn't take enough time off to confirm ALL or AML.
(Not an oncology fag but I know a bit about leukemia)

No. 511789

Damn, I wasn't really buying it but this changed my opinion. Good detective skills anon

No. 511794

Sage for double post but anon is right, leukemia especially chronic can have an onset of syntoms months and years before it's detected.
Often it can be a chronic cold or fatigue that brings patients into the doctors room and only when treatment for their initial complaints do not work that a blood test is done and the leukemia is detected.

No. 511803

File: 1519341316905.png (405.86 KB, 566x582, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 6.08…)


Thats a fucking smiley burn from a lighter which all the edgy emo kids did back in 2007. I also love the " omg she always has sores on her hand", but you avoid showing pictures of her nails being done or candid pictures where you can see she has no sores. Those are scars,stop.

She also has always had anemia since she was young, and her thinning hair is exactly like kiki's thin hair. She eats absolutely nothing with iron in it and probably gets IV iron drops. Does Kiki also have cancer ? and their mother ? cause they all look like shit too. ( kiki looking the worse )

No. 511806

She specifically says she had acute, though, right? Why specify that? if she had just said leukemia, that would have been enough.

The timeline above really makes no sense, and some stuff (Etude House) is from before 2015. No offense anon, but the "evidence" is incredibly vague.

No. 511811

Japan loves IV treatments, there’s a lot of cosmetic ones available (for skin whitening, energy, vitamin C, skin elasticity. etc) and they’re cheap and easy to have done. I think she is anemic from poor diet, but the fainting stuff is bullshit for sympathy, the leukemia story is fake, and she’s probably having cosmetic treatment IV

No. 511813

Noce try anon but alot of you shit can be explained with other things. Like that tinkerbells pic is just shitty extensions. And plus she wouldnt even get them with her hair getting worst. She would have gotten a wig.

Kota was too active two years ago to have any impactful treatment. Leukemia and the kind she said she had is too severe. You can liertally die within months of getting it. She would have looked horrible.

No. 511826

I reread her post, you're right she specifies acute leukemia. The fact that she was working trumps her having acute. Even if she had ALL (the less aggressive of the two) she would have needed to take time off for chemo and her immune system would have been compromised, pretty much barring her from any work.

You don't always lose your hair, it depends on how string the chemotherapy is and how aggressive / severe the cancer is.
But I'll admit that the timing of this announcement is suspicious at best and comcidering sges an ostrenga I doubt Kaka of all people could keep this quiet long enough not to brag and ask for sympathy points online.

No. 511827

Tbh I don’t believe she had leukemia, I think she’s clawing for the kind of attention Venus got for her long periods of poor health and hospital visit. Venus was lowkey about everything up until recently, and now Dakota is trying to act like she’s been hiding acute leukemia for two years instead of showing it off like she does literally everything else? And why mention it now, all out of the blue? She could have at least waited until her next TV appearance or made a YT vid. It’s too big a deal for her to be pretending it’s no big deal like this.

Although, if she really did get cancer it would be hilarious “karma” for 2011-2015.

No. 511842

I think the reason why she doesn’t make a video about it is, that she probably would have a hard time talking about something she never had. Like how can she talk about the experience when she didn’t even had any? It would totally blew off. I hope she knows what she got into with claiming to have had leukemia.

No. 511901



Kota has always bragged about illness and used it as a part of her aesthetic. Why would she not rake sympathy in, and use it to shut the haters up. If she honestly had cancer, and blogged about the treatment or took people along for the ride. People would feel sympathy for her. But this random :

>" Oh I use to have acute cancer and magically its all gone now, but thats why I don't look like my pictures"

is just a fucking NO.

Illnesses/health probs she's used as aesthetic :
>IV drips
>photoshopping herself to be anorexic
>tweeting about fainting from anemia
>bragging about anemia

I also am partially convinced that the anon arguing that Kota has cancer is Kaka… The samefagging " Good detective skills… Good detective skills.. oh I believe it now because of your post" posts and the spam after the initial post. I also realized one of the truth blogs on tumblr I decided to follow was hit with mad copyright claims a couple of days ago. Kaka is active.

No. 511908

Anon. Just stop. There are so many errors on this chart that I can't. You used pictures from 2012 which just shows her baby-face and natural face shape. You mislabeled a short hair picture as being from 2016. Half of the things that you're describing as symptoms are things Kota and Kiki have and have always have.
Besides, Kota's facial structure is just like her mothers.
I remember that March 2015 is also when she started being a regular on a huge number of variety shows. She was constantly taping or going to events. 2015 was her busiest year. There was no down time for treatment. 2015 was also arguably the year when she looked her cutest. She was well styled, good make up, groomed, etc. Leukemia of any kind knocks you on your ass. There is no way she could maintain that kind of schedule if she was sick.
The only way I could see this as being truthful is if she had a scare where they biopsied some cancer cells in her lymph nodes and then were certain that they removed them surgically so there was no need for chemo follow up. Can an oncology fag weigh in on this? Is it even possible to treat leukemia this way? Or is chemo always necessary?

No. 511950

Maybe she had a scare and did a preventative course of non-leukemia treatment just in case, and is now trying to pass it off as “I beat leukemia 2 years ago, I just didn’t tell anyone until now bc you noticed my looks changed in that time from my shoops”.

No. 511952

Yeah that collage anon put WAY too much effort into that and was really grasping at straws and cherry picking anything that could've fit with the symptoms and I figured since Kota announced this, despite that we never heard a peep from her family about this, that we were now going to have Kaka and Cathy start claiming it's true to help back Kota up on it.

No. 511953

Not to mention, collage anon and the two anons who were suddenly so convinced by it posted within, like, 10 minutes of each other.

No. 511954

Depending on which one she is claiming to have, this is her fucking prognosis.
acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in adults- 25-50% survival rate after 3 years.
acute myeloid leukemia (AML)- five-year overall survival rate for AML is 26%
So yeah, a serious disease.

No. 511957

File: 1519350022947.gif (11.17 KB, 501x585, AntiSemiticCartoon.gif)

This is turning out to be quite the conspiracy/potential-new-milk here. Can anyone please morph a picture of Dakota with the jew rubbing his hands for this please?

No. 511961

How much do you guys want to bet she thought “acute” meant “not as bad”? I’ve seen munchies claim to have “less severe forms” of cancer for sympathy that they “cured” with proper diet and exercise/hippie bullshit about blood toxicity.

No. 511976


Nah, she probably wanted to sound special like always so went for the extreme.

Everything is extra with Kota. Her shoops, her proclaimed diet, her education, her interest, her tittie shoop.


No. 511996

She's so kawaii~ anything with 'cute' in it is totes her /s. She's a retard who doesnt research shit.

No. 512003

No, Kaka flew off the handle as soon as the Taylor threads were taken down and continued sperging about them being down. It was 100% a vendetta against Taylor, not because she discovered Kota got cancer so stop trying to make it seem like that. I bet this is Kaka trying to downplay her sperging and make it seem like it was because of a tragic cause to make it seem noble in some fucked up way.

No. 512033

Yep. Also most of her earliest posts (when collage-chan up there claims triggered the great sperg) had nothing to do with Kota except that it was happening in her thread. Just checked the archive. Most of it was Kiki defending herself and talking about how modelesque she was.
The real spergening didn't happen until mid-2016 after Kaka had failed in Japan and Taylor released her boyfriend video.

No. 512076

So collage-chan has been screwing up with her dates and pics so far to insist Kota's leukemia was real while also trying to insert Kaka and her sperging into it. Gee, I wonder why and who could be behind these posts?
Unless Kota posts some hospital records with her being diagnosed with leukemia and the medication she had to take for it (instead of some stupid pic of her arm in an IV and a hospital date), I'm not gonna believe it, and this collage is hardly convincing. Actually it seems like something only a desperate person would do when there is really no proof and evidence…

No. 512105


I'm cackling over the fact that if it is Kaka posting here again, how the fuck does she screw up the dates sooo badly. Its her own damn sister ffs.

No. 512147

No. 512154

File: 1519358401632.png (818.05 KB, 2802x1788, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.5…)

ah yes, the loving support of a devoted sister

No. 512161

>at my blue waf waf, awobble baby wobble baby wobble baby WOP

will lolcow ever see such quality posts again

No. 512296

File: 1519367405915.png (534.33 KB, 581x715, Untitled.png)

yikes that forehead

No. 512355

both her and her sister need extensions like ive never seen. keeks is a loser not living it up off model money, but dakota, what the fuck? why isn't anyone throwing sew ins at this bitch??? this looks so bad.

No. 512363

Doesn't her forehead only look so out of proportion because she's shrinking her jaw and chin? It's bound to happen when she shoops one part of her face smaller than the other. In her candids her head proportions are better even if she considers it uglier/fatter. She should really go back.

No. 512385

File: 1519381366760.png (989.75 KB, 640x1136, 0E8BACF8-7B08-4011-A9A9-25F5E0…)

No. 512396

Nah, it looks out of proportion because she has a giant forehead and high hairline.

No. 512420


>see pic

>hm, why do the silver things look so weird around her waist?
>zoom in

lmaooooo that’s terrible, they kept her fat boobs and tried to shoop her a waist. Secret Honey must be pulling a Tiara Milly.

No. 512488

File: 1519398343620.jpeg (193.68 KB, 1024x1024, D0E41861-C262-427D-8D93-4EE7CB…)

No. 512492


Hahahaha wtf they shooped her leg too fucking thin and small for her body. Also what the hell is up with her knee cap ? looks like its facing the wrong direction.

No. 512512

her arms too. When has Kooter had arms like that recently (ever)?

No. 512557

That happens when your legs are so fat your knees get saggy. I know this is beating a dead horse but wow, she got so fat, how does she expect anyone to believe he got cancer???

No. 512649

File: 1519410612427.png (1.06 MB, 1024x1024, koot.png)

this is what human beings look like

No. 512740

I think you’re being a little generous with those outlines, anon. She’s an apple, she has literally never had a waist that small unless she shooped it herself. Also, judging by how stuffed the sleeves and front of that dress are I doubt she’s drowning in it like she would be if her body actually looked like that. Nice try though.

No. 512757

File: 1519417247811.jpeg (147.28 KB, 639x898, 91FD257C-F615-4B1C-AE0D-D093EA…)

I was scrolling the #ダコタローズ hashtag on Twitter and the reactions to her “leukemia” explanation for why her face looks different are generally that she’s full of shit. Nobody seems super concerned about the leukemia itself, but everyone is saying “if not plastic surgery, then why did your face and jaw change size?” over and over. They keep asking about her jaw and the length of her face and head changing, I think she fucked herself with this leukemia story. She even has ModelPress shilling it for her, using one of her shooped images.

No. 512807

Surely she must think the Japanese are dumb or something? She obviously thinks she can pull the same extreme photoshopping shit as she did in with an American audience and they won't bat an eye. Now she thinks they're dumb enough to believe she had leukemia lmao. It was directed towards her Japanese audience specifically, since she posted it in Japanese.

No. 512852

She must have thought the “don’t openly call her on the PS” courtesy theyve been giving her since 2011 would extend to this? Like, maybe she thought that if she claimed to have cancer, everyone would be too embarrassed and ashame to ask why her face doesn’t look like her pics, but instead it backfired horribly. She tried to use leukemia and being sick to explain her busted face, it didn’t work, and they’re still asking why her face looks so different from her pics.

No. 512867

I love how no one believes Dako's munchie lie

No. 512877

Ok but do Japanese people not realise Photoshop exists or something? Her face has always been square and her nose pointy (it's worse now that she's gained weight), it's just Photoshop that's really warped her face lmao.

No. 512902

Of course they know it exists, they practically invented changing the shape of your face using digital fuckery, lenses and makeup. Japanese people are very polite and indirect and can even seem hella fake at times, but that’s just how they are. They want her to acknowledge that she does something to her face to change the shape of her jaw, head, body and limbs so often and so obviously- but they’re not gonna directly ask her or call her on it. Asking over and over again is their way of not letting it die, and glossing over her ~leukemia~ , a serious disease, like it was nothing is a definite sign they aren’t taking her shit anymore. I how she’s ready to keep churning out excuses, because they sure as fuck aren’t gonna stop asking. I’m even seeing new twitter posts by Japanese people Dakota has blocked as recently as yesterday for questioning her about her age. She’s very careful to signal boost everything positive and completely ignore everything else at all costs.

No. 513027

They know and it's brought up all the time in Japanese comments (look at the rest of this thread). But Dakota isn't some big-time celeb and there are bigger fish to fry. Most people have never even heard of her still. If she was on television all the time, there might be outrage but she is just a c-list gaijin talent who's annoying but rarely makes an appearance. Zawachin is a far bigger problem in their eyes and I have to agree.

No. 513040

Ot but the concept of Zawachin has always seemed so fucking goofy to me.
>Hey I can make my eyes look like a celebrity!
>Well what about the rest of your face?
>Oh I'll just wear a mask.
>So you're gonna cover half your face.

I don't know maybe I'm missing her talent but…

No. 513108

Japs call Dakochin the american Zawachin