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No. 37787

Previous thread - The Downward Spiral of Dakota Rose: >>>/w/23494


>Dacote flew home for July 4th suddenly after Sheinagate (>>>/snow/650088) and returned to Japan 2 weeks later without her Popteen ring

>it was discovered in the last thread that (prior to her July trip to FL) dacote was getting fuckloads of swag from Sachico, the owner and designer of Malicious.X, to the tune of thousands of dollars' worth of bags and accessories while also getting shoes from Ayastella's brand YELLO for free, as well as free brand clothes from her friends while buying her own at thrift stores and online & wearing cheap stuff from her family/clothes from 2012

>the amount of work she's done since July has been not only much spottier and low rent than pre-July, but she also stopped going out as much to lunches and museums/parks/cafes with her colleagues, has stopped receiving expensive gifts, and has been unable to afford her regular trips Lewin, Chieko Nakayama, and Shibuya DS clinic.

>she finally cut off all her limp noodle hair and went for an actually cute swoopy bob, but a month later cut it into a blunt Dutch boy bob that makes her look like the bastard love child of Meg Griffin & the Starburst berries & cream lad

>her nails and outfits for the last 6 months have also been basic as fuck, except in November when she got more extensions from Lewin (less than 2 weeks before getting the Bob cut), and the pink Chieko nails, but since her haircut she has been posting less and less with longer and more frequent gaps of inactivity

>she also continues to buy likes, views and followers despite steadily losing subs and followers across all her social media

>there's a theory she had to leave Japan again at the end of September after Girl's Award, but returned to do Toitafest in October & the commercial in November after her private trip to Yoyogi park and sporting a new ring & got Toitafest right after

>brands she's done sponsorships for previously even latergrammed snapchats and pics like DSclinic & Christina clinic during her "breaks" of silence

>Platinum updated her portfolio picture in early December with her new haircut, but didn't bother to change it when she cut it again a month later. They also kept up with her suitcase collab/Rizin interviews and listed all her "Platinum" work on her recent information section, but did not add Shibuya star fest, Toitafest, or the Google commercial to her portfolio, meaning she did not get those jobs through Platinum and hasn't been working for them despite the updates to her page

>it could be that Sheina getting reported by her visa husband & Himezawa having to leave Japan after divorcing/failing to get PR/a visa scared dacote into cancelling whatever arrangement she had since 2014, which could be the reason she left Japan so suddenly AND why she seems unable to work for Platinum directly since returning if she was afraid of getting jailed and deported

>It's also suspected that because of JP immigration cracking down on weeaboos getting illegitimate marriage visas to whore around Japan, dacote got scared of being deported/jailed for a sham marriage, divorced and is now struggling to get a work Visa while getting temp work visas for jobs like the Google Pixel commercial with Ivan

>Also, news of an uptick in surprise divorces in Japan surfaced, where Japanese men are either forging signatures or tricking their wives into signing divorce papers they can't read which automatically cancels spouse visas & gives the wives 6 months to either find a new one or get deported, an anon theorized she could have been tricked into a divorce by her Popteen guarantor thinking it was a renewal or some other paperwork she couldn't fully understand: https://soranews24.com/2017/05/02/awareness-campaign-warns-foreigners-in-japan-of-divorce-without-consent/

Dacote's 2019 will be interesting to watch as she struggles to maintain the illusion of a carefree model living in Tokyo who only has to work once every 6-8 weeks without being able to get decent jobs. Although, since Platinum updated her portfolio pic she did post a snapchat of her being fitted for a spring runway show, so that plus Platinum updating her photo could possibly mean she's renewed her contract and has another job lined up after 6 months of not being able to work with for them while hopping back and forth.

OP's personal opinion?
>she's unable to legally stay in Japan for longer than 3 months
>may be working on temp visas through another agent or agency while crashing with friends
>has friends and colleagues latergramming things for her to make it seem like she's still in Japan

Platinum: https://talent.platinumproduction.jp/dakotarose
Snapchat: koti.rose
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dakotakoti
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/dakotakoti

No. 37790

Oops, no idea why the Sheina thread link did that, my bad:

Sheinagate 2018: >>>/snow/650088

No. 37896

Thanks for the informative recap. I wonder if kota and kaka are really just done for good. I do definitely think sheina gate spooked her.

No. 37913

I think all the illegalweebs in Japan are spooked now. Koots going viral and landing Bravo and convincing so many people she wasn't shooped paved the way for thirsty, attention starved weeb girls everywhere. There's no doubt that her, Taylor, Venus and the Japan vloggers making life in Japan seem like an animu fantasy mixed with an easy, rent-free life had a hand in making girls like Sere and Himezawa thirst after it hard enough to literally prostitute themselves and commit felonies just to live a fraction of the kind of life they could in their home country. I see Japan tightening up standards for work and entertainment visas, as well as agencies all over Japan raising the bar for white/foreign models.

No. 37935

if japan has standards for foreigners now then the literal only way that dakota is still safe there is because she's fucking a guy with a lot of connections.
she barely gets jobs, they're always small-scale shit no one cares about when she actually gets work, she's not some beloved tarento, she's just a fat white girl they like to laugh at on talk shows. she is useless.

No. 37963

I don't think she is, despite her new ring and jobs. She hasn't posted anything in almost a month unless it was on snapchat (I don't follow her on there). If she found a new helper she would be at least trying to be active.

No. 38242

so you think her time in japan is up?

No. 38288

Basically, yeah. She hasn't done well for the last 6-8 months it doesn't look like anyone is scrambling to hand her another sweet deal to keep her in the country legally. I think she was married for a spouse Visa so she could work as a model while living with and getting handouts from friends, and possibly escorting/fucking to get the bigger in-between jobs like Rakuten/Girl's Award, Hiromichi Nakano and the Google commercial. Otherwise she shouldn't need to buy her likes and followers and take such long breaks now.

No. 38290

Adding to this, whomever she was married to for so long must have been pretty sick of her to let her go from Bravo to Libera to Platinum, and then to just drop her after Sheinagate. Idk what kind of trouble Japanese men can get into for keeping foreigners on illegal marriage visas, but I'd imagine whomever was keeping looter would get in a lot more trouble for it than Sheina's husband did since he was the one who turned her in. Kota's visa hubby pushed her onto TV, into agencies, brand shows and exclusive parties. There's no way she wasn't known as an escort or sugar baby behind closed doors, her small fry modeling career and turbulent fanbase never matched all the attention and brand name events and jobs she used to get outside of her niche.

Imagine being 23 years old, fat, a clone of your own mom and booted from a country that you thought you were gonna live like a princess in for the rest of your life. Imagine the blow to her ego & how giddy Kiki would be if her living doll sister got sent home and couldn't bargain her way back to Japan, and all she had to show for the last 7 years is mediocre Japanese speaking ability, some ugly candids and a stack of obvious photoshops that would never work in a portfolio outside Japan.

No. 38292

File: 1551464590781.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x2506, 20190301_132321.jpg)

Plus, Kiki was spotted in Chicago last month, around the same time Kota would have been in Florida after the Rizin event but before Osaka chocolate fest (pic related). If she had to leave and come back for Dec-January and went to Osaka to try to beg for a new contract or visadaddy, that would make kiki very happy. Giving her an old choker as she's struggling (especially if kiki changed her style to a more normie one) to do app sponsorships while unsure of her future in Japan would be the icing on the sibling rivalry cake.

No. 38293

File: 1551465554507.jpg (583.47 KB, 1920x2560, 19-03-01-13-15-54-021_deco.jpg)

Someone is making "backup" Instagram accounts for Dakota, one even says "secondary account". They both follow all her favorite celebrities, and both were made in the last month.

Coincidentally, it turns out that in order to help crack down on buying followers and gaming your online popularity, IG has a bunch of hidden rules and guidelines that can cause your account to be blocked/locked without being deleted:


If your account is blocked temporarily then it still shows up on IG, but if it gets blocked permanently then nobody will be able to see or interact with it anymore, which means no more likes, followers, and especially no more blue Official Profile checkmark. If hers got frozen for something like using too many devices/IPs or mass-liking/following JP celebs, or even actually buying likes and followers then she could have set up perhaps one or both of these accounts just in she can't appeal the block and get back into her main account.

Now that IG is becoming a place where actual models and influencers are being discovered on, they take things like scammers trying to game the system into making people think they're hot shit pretty seriously.

No. 38294

Forgot to add, I think rosedakotakoti is her safety net backup & koti.rose_._ is for if her main gets deleted so she can simply delete the underscores and second period if her main gets deleted (hence copying the bio and accounts she follows and using the same profile pic as her main).

No. 38297

File: 1551466511738.jpg (849.65 KB, 1080x1857, 20190301_135350.jpg)

Guess not!

>my eyesight is sooo bad (again) you guys, even though I barely wear the glasses I keep saying I need to see clearly since 2016!

Think it's another sponsorship?

No. 38298

I'm so glad they're cracking down on this. You could basically scam your way into becoming an influencer on instagram.
I remember discussing how she kind of does the same thing for her youtube bucks.
I'd love for all accounts with mostly fake followers to get outted or banned. It's not fair to whoever spends so much time trying to build an actual fanbase.

No. 38299

File: 1551466732108.jpg (677.69 KB, 1080x1710, 20190301_135735.jpg)

Definitely not a sponsorship, it was an Instagram shop event open to the public. This is what you've had to resort to, Dakota??

No. 38300


Kooter paved the way for scamming your way into success. Too bad she didn't pave the way for turning lies into reality. It kills me how easy she had it, how little she gave a fuck and how hard she's fallen. The last two threads have hands down been my favorites, even the spergy tinfoiling is better than the sporadic a-logging and fantasies about her getting more famous without being active.

No. 38321

I love her new hair.
I wonder what it looks like in real life.(no1curr)

No. 38444

she's done. lmao. her account is going to get blocked and that'll be it. imagine wasting so much money on fake fans. all that effort put into photoshop. imagine going through all this effort for fucking nothing at all. she has nothing to show for any of it.

No. 38461

I think every 6 months or whatever she gets a new sugarvisa. The different rings can explain the different dudes.

No. 38484

So far she's only had 2 rings, the longterm Popteen ring and the mysterious new Yoyogi park mystery date ring, but she's very careful lately to keep her hands out of shots so you can't see if she's wearing it.

No. 38589

I think she does the same shit as Shiena but her sugarvisa provides her a visa, jobs and whatever other shit she needs. The fancy restaurants, she went in the past, could've been part of the deal with her sugar visa too.

No. 38641

Maybe she did that between 2015-2018, but I think now she's out of a visa daddy and the second ring might be her trying to feign that security and stability again by pretending to be too busy to update her social media because of work/outings. I really don't think Dakota is stupid enough to go from one sham marriage to another right after immigration started cracking down on them. I don't think she could get legally get remarried that quickly, either.

No. 38647

She's an Ostrenga. They think rules don't apply to them and that they can get away with anything. Kota was even rewarded for her shooped scam pics, so I don't think that she suddenly starts to play fair. I bet she's married again and she probably thinks she's smarter than all the other weebs. It's only a matter of time that the government finds out.

No. 38650

Try making some sense, eh? You think she did something blatantly illegal after another foreigner just got caught, arrested and deported for doing the same thing? And you think that immigration will simply let kota do it again after punishing Sheina for it because she got to lie for years about her photoshops when she did have a visa sugar daddy making her famous? And on top of that, you think kota's lack of work/inactivity since Sheina got pinched is an indication that she's got another visa sugar daddy and is simply hiding it? Her career always relied on social media, she's only not posting because she's not currently working and has to wait for her bi-monthly pity handout to have something to post that isn't ugly or cheap.

No. 38651

Dakota is one of the m.j rist well known white weebs in Japan, she couldn't pull that off. Leaving Japan right after Sheina got reported and arrested would have put kooter on immigration's radar for sure- regardless of if she got a divorce out of panic or if her visa SD suddenly divorced her for her attitude and looks. Trying to pull off another sham marriage would absolutely get her caught and banned from reentry, because even if she tried to remarry to someone she's known 5+ years it would still look suspicious because she was just married on paper less than half a year ago, and nobody moves that fast without getting knocked up.

No. 38664

File: 1551724893954.png (572.61 KB, 484x602, Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 1.39…)

New pics.
Is all she can get now is just random IG accounts sending her free shit to promote their brand.

No. 38665

File: 1551724944999.png (615.19 KB, 822x601, Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 1.39…)


How long ago was her last job even?

No. 38675

I hope you're right and she wasn't that stupid.

No. 38715


I think this is all she can get for the time being. I think most of what she does this year will be instamodeling and app promos. This Glitter brand looks new, less than 3K followers on IG. And for all we know, she took these in Florida with clothes that were mailed to her from Japan. Perhaps that's her new scheme- keep updating her social media wearing clothes from small, starter Japanese brands who may or may not ship overseas. If so, she could keep pretending to be in Japan and with Platinum while slumming it in Florida as long as she sticks to a Japan-centric posting schedule.

No. 38717

Is it just bc I'm on my phone, o is the wall between her legs ever so slightly warped?

No. 38750

I see a little dip on the left side by her knees, but I'm on my phone as well. Is that the same place you see the warping?

No. 38772


>She took these in Florida

What's the weather like in Japan right now? Where I am there is still snow on the ground and it's damp outside. I've never been to Japan so I dunno if they still have some dampness and snow left over but in these pictures, it's dry and looks kinda warm. Maybe she is in Florida… Who knows.

No. 38817

File: 1551812791779.jpg (314.51 KB, 1080x1600, 20190305_140532.jpg)

I didn't consider that, but good point. I'm in Florida and the weather here has been warm with some clouds and a little rainy here and there. Weather in Japan for this past week seems to have been pretty cold, overcast and very rainy all week in the mid40s-50s. She took those new pics in Florida.

No. 38818

pic related is Tokyo weather btw. I can't find any info for the past week, only from today forward.

No. 39361

File: 1552185424760.jpg (124.04 KB, 932x598, 4GfjKeq.jpg)

More pics

No. 39362

File: 1552185446590.jpg (92.26 KB, 597x598, Y9jEyep.jpg)

No. 39390

She needs to stop with the childish haircuts and get something with some layers and dimension, and to wear something more fashionable than an XXL hoodie with her backpack. She looks like one of those poor, white trash 20-something weebs who still dress like a 15-year-old to seem "innocent" or whatever.

No. 39465

Of course her styling isn't perfect but at least it fits her personality. This uguu kawaii shit was just a facade to be more marketable for Japan. In the old Myspace videos she always seemed to be boyish and edgy, so I think her current style fits her well and it's more authentic.

No. 39481

But she doesn't have a distinct personality, and she's never been boyish. She went viral for hair, makeup and clothing videos, got her hair and nails done regularly for years, and posted pics of makeup and jewelry to her accounts all the time. This "boyish" style is just to hide her lack of style and how much she let herself go. On top of that, she really can't afford the kind of nice clothes she's used to wearing anymore because she hasn't worked worth a damn in half a year, and rather than wear the same 1-2 nice pendants and rings she owns on repeat she had to just stop wearing the fugly pentagram & D charm. And, every hoodie is different and has a brand logo on it, which means it was probably free in exchange for the IG upload and tag. Looks like Kooter might have been busted down to IG product modeling after all?

No. 39509

File: 1552315166902.jpg (227.22 KB, 800x1081, Wang-Xiao-Lucky-Magazine-June-…)

this. she has a bowlcut. she is a 25+ year old woman with a bowlcut. (and don't give me shit about how she's 23 or younger because we already know she wasn't a 10 year old when she got her piercings.)

she doesn't look "edgy" or "boyish". she looks like a confused fashion victim who thinks she looks younger than she is but all that editing can't save her.
pic related is a real model who makes this sort of look work for her. which dakota still can't get down. dakota should just accept she's chubby, grow her hair back out and go for the "plain but sweet american" look she had a few years ago with the long curly hair and bangs. at least then she could pull off wearing simple dresses and sweaters and not worrying much about coord.

No. 39612

Agree fully. Her best look style-wise was mid 2015 when she was on TV every week in flattering dresses, thigh thighs and cute shoes. Short, one piece dresses with chunky heels and long socks really suited her a lot more than "baggy basic bitch w/a bowlcut". Her sweaters-over-collared-shirts-with-miniskirts look was cute, too but she barely stuck with it after her first couple of years. The longer she stayed in Japan the fatter and less stylish she got…

No. 39618

>In the old Myspace videos she always seemed to be boyish and edgy

Being a screeching, racist reactionary isn't gender specific enough to consider their Myspace days as any kind of "proof" of her being a tomboy/boyish. Besides, when they were making those videos they were dressed girly as hell, had their hair and makeup done and were decked in accessories. When Dakota went viral she pushed herself in the west as a fashionista/aspiring model/potential designer one day. Kota was always a girly girl, she's just also a lazy, undignified slob (which is also not gender specific).

>so I think her current style fits her well and it's more authentic

Except A, everything she wears is either about to pop open or a tent and B, she wouldn't be dressing like this if she could afford to dress better and get her hair/nails done as often as she used to.

No. 39646

File: 1552366892321.jpg (123.17 KB, 700x840, 1532719385416.jpg)

she can't pull off edgy. she can't pull off tomboy. she can't pull off slender, angular european. she can't pull off skinny bitch. a soft and sweet look where she simply accepts she has a huge jaw and stops trying to hide it with weird angles and cheap filters would be best for her, but that's just not ~glamorous~ enough even though if she had a discernible style and sense of personality she could make something of herself beyond relying on handouts and getting these awful not-jobs.

No. 39650

This! She could look good, and maybe do okay as a small time model still, I'd she could accept the way she really looks and lost some weight, and owned up to all her past behavior without trying to justify or wave it away.

No. 39651

adding to this, I can't wait to see a candid pic of her new bowl cut. Her hair being that short and blunt/one dimensional has to make her jaw and nose look fucking huge in person. I can see kooter getting a cut based on how she plans to shop herself, like maybe if she thought it would save her career. Cutting off the stringy, limp noodles was a great move and the style she had initially was the cutest, but I think without true candids of any of her new haircuts nobody will know how good or bad it actually looks.

Platinum updated her page with the first haircut because it was cute and flattering (and maybe they renewed her contract bc of it too), but kooter obviously hated it on herself. I think the Dutch boy bob was her way of trying to age herself down with a shorter style, but it backfired and made her look extra shitty and now the bowl cut is damage control? It doesn't make sense for them to update her picture just for the hell of it if they aren't booking her jobs, but it does kinda make sense if they planned to, but changed their minds after the bob & bowl. That would be a page from the Dakota Rose playbook: get a handout, fuck it up, make a noticable change & get another handout, fuck that one up, rinse & repeat.

No. 39653


It also doesn't make sense for a model to get 3 new hairstyles in 2.5 months when she isn't getting work. Who needs to change their hair that often? It reminds me of how some girls keep dying their hair unnatural colors instead of fixing bad habits that fuck up their lives.

No. 39695

File: 1552403115954.png (429.31 KB, 599x424, Captura de Tela 2019-03-12 às…)

Yes! I think her hair is simply too short right now for her face, even bangs couldn't save it. It makes her…rounder? She needs length, some waves to make the whole look softer and maybe a side bang like pic related (I know it's edited as fuck but still)

No. 39758

frankly she looks terrible here and its obvious shes trying to hide her jaw as always

she looks fantastic here though but it's not EDGYYY enough for her. too bad she could never pull that off like kiki

No. 39821

Her hair is too thin+she's too fat looking in the face for that long hair look. Half her scalp needs to be extensions for her to have any volume with long hair because she spent so long frying it as a sceenie weenie. Short, choppy layers with a soft style suits her, and blunt bangs just don't but bc dakota thinks she's a kawaii white Japanese princess she insists on them thinking they'll make her look younger and more… desu? Who knows. Maybe she genuinely likes looking like an autistic fashion victim for dressed in the wrong sized clothes?

No. 39840

File: 1552500472306.jpg (263.72 KB, 892x1325, Untitled.jpg)

i always felt like she got some of her inspiration from tavi gevinson, who also dressed like a special needs child, but at least tavi's excuse was that she was like 10 years old and she's grown into much better fashion choices now. whereas dakota is a woman in her mid-20s looking like she's handicapped with that style.

No. 39897

All her styles were copied from other models, so I wouldn't be surprised. Ostrengas think they're such hot shit that all they need is a gimmick to be discovered and then everything else will follow suit, but their only real passion is themselves and getting attention which is why they always fail: nobody wants to watch a cunt be spoiled just for being a cunt (u less she's already rich/famous).

No. 39975

File: 1552578621662.jpg (457.84 KB, 1080x2090, 20190314_114901.jpg)

I'm surprised she uploaded this considering how weird her face looks in it.

No. 40016

File: 1552605248494.png (429.72 KB, 1071x723, Capture.PNG)

has anyone seen this new picture on her agency page, she looks like a real-estate agent waiting to sell me insurance lol

No. 40017

I guess now we can finally put those "she should go back to her viral makeup style & win!" theories to bed for good. They really tried to use makeup to copy her viral shoop look, and this is the result. I feel so vindicated somehow.

>they had to add her DOB to her profile so nobody thinks she's middle aged


No. 40019

I think the makeup suits her very well but the styling overall screams middle aged soccer mom as anon already mentioned before >>40017
Also kek at the contrast to her shooped viral pics from 2011/2012

No. 40021


She looks like the middle-aged mom to the girl in the pictures beside her. ( yes, I'm aware their her shoops ) I'm also distracted by her left eye being the only eye with a bag/line under it.

No. 40023

They shopped her eyes, cheeks, and chin but not very well. This looks like it came from a Kinko's, really. I hope they don't seriously expect to book jobs with this picture, the viral shops were aesthetically pleasing but plastering them everywhere ruined her ability to work the jobs she booked off them. Now, thanks to Platinum literally using the old shoops to promote her for a year have made it so that she now has to keep trying to live up to them. Now, the more she tries to break away from the viral shoop style, the harder it will be to keep pretending she's still a model.

No. 40026

Oof, the thumbnails on the bottom. That side-by-side is brutal

No. 40038


This was a huuuuuuge mistake. I wonder if it was her idea, or I'd she was put up to it by Platinum without realizing they might be trying to ruin the last of her career so they can drop her contract.

No. 40043

oh loool she played herself with getting a big cut because they had to include at least one pic with short hair, meaning - recent. I bet if she had her old hairstyle, they would use her old shoops only without any shame

No. 40046

And its her only non-selfie photo. What kind of modeling agency lists their talent with selfies!?

No. 40050


Apparently, the one she's with does. The worse part isn't even the photo… Imagine how many pictures they took and this ended up being the best one. Oof !!! The other pictures they used were 10x better than any of the above, the ones with the black blouse she wore.

I'm so confused though, I thought that when they added her selfies it implied she had control over what got posted. There is no way she looked at this and okayed it. Chances are this picture won't last long before it's changed to one of her edited selfies.

No. 40055

File: 1552659353412.jpg (1.47 MB, 2560x1920, 19-03-15-10-12-23-943_deco.jpg)

It's so bad, it looks sorta like the makeup is shooped on in the recent one to copy her viral shoop.

2019 is already looking like a great year for her, 3 months in and she still hasn't had any work and her agency keeps adding uglier and uglier pics to her portfolio without booking her jobs.

No. 40056

Good god the pageboy pic looks like an author photo for shitty romance novles.

No. 40057

she looks terrified
and so frumpy lol

i want to believe this is deliberate sabotage by platinum

No. 40058

I think Dakota is where she is now in her career because she had so much control over using her selfies to promote her. Even in 2012-2013 when she first got to Japan and started modeling with Peach John and Milk they were careful to shoop and restrict the photos from those jobs. Becoming a tarento and doing TV was a good move until she blew it with the karaoke show, but even she she tried to step back into modeling she kept using shooped pics. It seemed to be working too, up until July 2018. Xlearly the only reason she was ever able to upload those obviously fake ass pics anywhere is because of whoever she was fucking prior to Sheina getting arrested. Platinum updating her pics means she's still with them, but they aren't getting her jobs so who knows what the point of updating her page is other than to expose her.

No. 40059

Not to mention stiff as fuck. This is how you know Dakota was just a glorified sugar baby, she called herself a model for 6+ years yet still can't pose for a picture she isn't shooting herself without looking like an anxious wax statue.

No. 40062

She looks like a character from the Brady Bunch I'm wheezing

No. 40070

It's no wonder people sperg about her possibly having a nose job. I bet she actually used to round it out in photoshop so it can look more like a button nose.
I was trying to figure out what went so wrong with her newest one since it's copying the old makeup exactly. It really puts into perspective how much she really changed her face. Button nose, oval face, slightly larger lips, bigger eyes. She really shooped herself into a whole new person.
I also don't remember her having a beauty mark under her eye. I'm surprised she shoops that out.

No. 40072

I was thinking the same about her nose. I never believed the plastic surgery rumours but these pics side by side are harsh. I agree she shooped herself 'softer' to resemble those dolly Russian supermodels back in the day. Kota and her mom Cathy look like twins.

No. 40077

File: 1552693278774.jpg (358.45 KB, 1080x971, 20190315_193449.jpg)


Looking at these new candids and comparing them to her old Myspace pics, I still think she did tbh.

She had a much rounder nasal tip and wider bridge before all her shoops, but because she emulated that in her shoops to give herself softer features. I think the story from /cgl/ years and years ago of an anon who also went to Sawgrass middle school claiming she came to school with two black eyes after being absent a week could have been a cheap nose job under the guise of repairing a deviated septum. Shady doctors will bend pretty easily for insurance money in places like Florida, and given that cathy has the same fake-looking late-80's nosejob as her and is obsessed with fame and celebrities, but hates plastic surgery… it adds up. It also explains why the rest of her face looks so big (except her beady eyes), her nosejob was done before hee face filled in and she grew out of it rather than into it.

Kota getting a bad nosejob and shopping it rounder to hide it on Myspace/Tumblr/IG and forward would be doable. It would also explain why Kiki is soooooooo against nlsejobs despite her obvious insecurities about her beak, they can't afford one for her without billing insurance plus she's scared of ending up a witch nose like her sister.

Gonna dump a few old pics for reference

No. 40078

File: 1552693346706.jpg (670.86 KB, 998x1728, 20190315_193359.jpg)


You can really see the difference in the pics from her Myspace photoshoots from when she was 11-13.

No. 40079

File: 1552693424705.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1811, 20190315_194347.jpg)

I forgot she also had braces at that age.

No. 40080

File: 1552693561236.jpg (565.75 KB, 1080x1388, 20190315_193420.jpg)


She would have looked much better with the wider, rounder nose she shoops onto herself because it was her original nose.

>Kota getting a bad nosejob and shopping it rounder to hide it on Myspace/Tumblr/IG and forward would be doable. It would also explain why Kiki is soooooooo against nosejobs despite her obvious insecurities about her beak

A botched nose job would also explain Kota's hate for PS.

No. 40081

Me again, let me finish my sentence, sorry:

^She had a much rounder nasal tip and wider bridge before all her shoops, but because she emulated that in her shoops to give herself softer features and deleted as many of her old blue-haired Myspace pics when she was huge for her dolly shoops it was easier to pretend she shooped her nose to look more hafu, or more like whichever model she was attempting to skinwalk.

No. 40082

File: 1552694947857.jpg (1.68 MB, 1920x2560, 19-03-15-20-05-24-381_deco.jpg)

I made a quick collage of some pics/candids where you can see how skinny and pointy her nose really is when she doesn't/can't shoop it as much because of work/the SNOW app not being able to. This would also explain why it's so hard to find pics of her outside her own social media.

Without shoop and soft lighting, she has a fake looking Michael Jackson nose just like her mom.

No. 40083

File: 1552695132953.jpg (741.27 KB, 1080x1850, 20190315_201225.jpg)

Found a few more Myspace era pics. 1/3

No. 40084

File: 1552695204157.jpg (607.6 KB, 1080x1504, 20190315_193411.jpg)

No. 40086

File: 1552695800397.jpg (541.09 KB, 1080x1528, 20190315_201209.jpg)

No. 40087

File: 1552696064517.jpg (1.68 MB, 1920x2560, 19-03-15-20-23-31-557_deco.jpg)

One last collage and I'm done. I didn't expect to ever argue FOR the nosejob, but after going back a couple of threads I really am convinced now after seeing candids from Girls Award. I also didn't notice before that her nostrils are slightly uneven, the right is a bit higher than her left. Wearing hats to block overhead light helps soften the look of her nose and help hide it, I never believed she wore them just to be in disguise.

(done for real now, I promise!)

No. 40090

jesus, she looks like she could be someone's mother in a lifetime movie

No. 40091

The nose on the top right, jesus

She looks like a childcatcher. Who would do surgery like that? Could it just be bizarre warp from the filters?

No. 40092

>Wearing hats to block overhead light helps soften the look of her nose

This is a smart move on her part, bc that would also help soften her nasolabial folds and those heinous under eye bags she also has.

No. 40093

the top and bottom right pics are candids from GA, the other two were done with SNOW when someone else was filing or taking the pic. If she got her nose done too young by a shit surgeon, it could grow out into this pinched witchy nose she has now.

No. 40104

>updates her headshots
>doesn't fix the typo in her YouTube link, which has been there since she joined

Yeah they don't give a fuck about her anymore, this is definitely the nail in the coffin for her.

She looked like she might come back okay after her July trip home when she booked the Google commercial and got the new macbook and phone, but now it just looks like that job might have been a "fuck you" favor. She looked fat and frumpy in that commercial, and she barely had a line. Whoever was helping protect her is for sure done now.

No. 40106

File: 1552703874885.jpg (21.55 KB, 300x400, M2o-I6BTSI4.jpg)

>hen she was huge for her dolly shoops it was easier to pretend she shooped her nose to look more hafu
I mean from 2012-2015 she was trying to look hafu. It wasn't just her nose but eye and face shape.
But the rest I agree on. Actually, I'd venture a guess that she originally got the nose-job to more closely resemble Vlada and her other favorite models. I also think that rather than a beak like Kiki she had a large-ish potato nose. Which you can sort of see in her less shooped pictures at the time. But she's been shooping herself I a small ski jump nose since her scene days. She probably got it done when she was about 13-14(but honestly it's hard to tell because she has been shooping it forever) which is why it turned out so badly. In fact-and this is total speculation- going by pictures, it looks like she might have had it done twice. Once when she was really young and again when she was a bit older as a correction.
pic related- before the correction but after the first surgery
She should have left it alone.

No. 40107

File: 1552704212123.jpg (32.87 KB, 500x375, Yex37OjdUCI.jpg)

after the correction. Check out the weird tip work

No. 40109

I'm just wondering what happened to her jaw/chin area (>>40055, >>40087). It didn't always look like that, even in candids and early pics.

What kind of surgery did she get that went wrong (if any), and what made her think fucking with that area was a good idea? Who told her it needed more mass? She had a nice oval shape to her face, and now it's this weird rectangle. Is this just normal, albeit unfortunate facial development/growth from the ageing process, or is it some sort of facial perma-bloat from weight gain? How old is she even, really?

No. 40110

>Is this just normal, albeit unfortunate facial development/growth from the ageing process
Yes. Cathy has exactly the same face shape. Kota was also at her thinnest at 15 when this video was uploaded. So weight and aging.

No. 40112

File: 1552705740770.jpg (17.9 KB, 275x204, 1466098924326.jpg)

old but relevant. Note I think that the resemblance would be even greater if CAthy had thinned her nose to the same degree as Kota

No. 40114


There's a pic floating around of young!Cathy holding baby Kaka before she gained a lot of weight and she had the same heart shaped face as younger kota, but ultimately it was just weight gain & aging. Dakota always had a strong jaw, but gaining weight and not having a decent skincare routine through her teens did her no favors, now she looks bloated and fat due to her years of eating junk and drinking sodas and soymilk.

No. 40115

File: 1552706433172.jpg (321.15 KB, 500x650, 1537133683129.jpg)


Not a closeup but you can see how pointed her nose is in this one really well.

No. 40117

In addition she used to contour the shit out her jaw/chin apparently according to models that worked with her.

No. 40118

File: 1552707672844.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1673, 20190315_234122.jpg)

The transformation is complete!

No. 40126

Does anyone have the interview/pic either the Russian model she did the purikura shoot with? & wasn't that the model she met when she went to Hong Kong the time she went on TV?

No. 40130


I think you're right. Her nose went from a wide, round potato to the upturned ski slope she had when she went viral, to the busted Michael Jackson nose.

No. 40135

I actually think that both nosejobs came before she went viral. The first one, when she was in middle school and then in late 2010-early 2011 she had the tip revision probably because she thought the the first one left the tip too bulbous. But it turned out be a mistake and as she aged it got sharper like the rest of her features.

No. 40136

That jaw really just grew out of nowhere…

No. 40152

I used to follow her in her scene days and can confirm, her nose was 100% different from the current one. Sure, there was photoshop involved, but I doubt that she was this master of photoshop at age 12 already. Her scene days shoops were obvious as fuck, you could see the liquify tool, the shooped on haircolor and piercings… photoshopping a too small, pinched nose into a rounder, full one isn't beginner stuff, and hers looked way too realistic and consistent compared to the rest of her body shoops.

In the case of her jaw, she just aged. Her face shape isn't bad, it's just that her nose throws off balance everything. If she had a bigger nose you wouldn't even notice her face shape.

No. 40156

File: 1552752668800.jpg (320.05 KB, 828x1193, 1549092381398.jpg)

Aging plus weight gain, we don't know how often she still gets her cool sculpting or have any idea what she looks like when she doesn't get it, but I'd the way she hides under turtlenecks and scarves before each visit is an indicator then she must get pretty chunky. Hell, her shadow in the Osaka chocolate event pic has a triple chin, so who knows what she really looked like at the event despite her shoops.

No. 40157

Remember she also took classes for photography and editing when she and Kiki went to Valencia college for music production classes. That would be where she learned PS/AE and got the equipment and software to do it all, and where Kiki got all her music equipment (college grants).

No. 40159

>college grants
Neither of them would have been eligible for grants. Everyone knows their parents bought them everything.

No. 40160

Pell grants are easy as fuck to get, all you need is to be a full time student and meet the income requirements. Grants are for poor people, you must be thinking of scholarships. Remember they also went there with Kyler so having e teens in college on a retail/tech support household income would absolutely qualify them for it. In fact, a common scam in Florida is to enroll with a grant and use it to buy a car, computer or whatever else and just buy all your school supplies used or pirate the software.

No. 40161

>you need is to be a full time student
They weren't full time students. They took like 1-2 courses. Neither was Kyler. Why are you trying to rewrite history?

No. 40163

"Full time" for community and state colleges is different than at a university, 2-3 classes is enough to qualify for a Pell grant.

>why are you trying to rewrite history?

I'm not, the only one here stating things as fact and trying to say definitively what did or didn't happen is you. Which, by the way, is a trademark Ostrenga panic move- drop in the thread to make statements to detract from everything the evidence in the thread points to.

No. 40164


You do not meet to be FT to get a Pell grant, just below a certain income level and you have to take a minimum amount of classes. With 3 kids in the same school they would absolutely have been given grants at their income level.

No. 40201

File: 1552776073583.jpg (559.63 KB, 1080x1977, 20190316_184137.jpg)



They definitely got grants/financial aid. Unlike a loan, you don't have to pay back a grant either.

No. 40214

What I don't get it, how does her nose look this pointy and long in this pic, when it didn't look nearly as bad on TV or at events back in 2013-2015?

No. 40296

File: 1552835604489.jpg (1.48 MB, 2560x1920, 19-03-17-11-11-39-964_deco.jpg)


I think her Leukemia Lie might have been the second nose job, which means she had it done while living in Japan (after years of shitting on PS, she got a 2nd shitty nose job). That would explain while she was so lazy in 2016 (had to let her face heal) and how she looked so different in the face aside from the weight gain for Fitt's.

It looks like she had just the tip reduced and her nostrils repositioned, but got it done cheap. I'm going back in old threads and every candid pic or video of her that was shot before she claimed she had leukemia has the same nose. A very different one from her Myspace baby potato nose, but also without such a pointy tip and uneven nostrils. Pic related is from Kansai Collection 2015.

No. 40300

File: 1552836506808.png (807.27 KB, 672x848, 20190317_112811.png)

Compared to her nose on Ariyoshi Hanseikai, definitely a surgical change.

No. 40301

File: 1552839998462.jpg (122.09 KB, 580x870, zJeFHhRxxVQ.jpg)

Then it would have been her 3rd nosejob because she has been rocking that super pointy shitty tip work since before she got to Japan. God looking back on it, her nose was so obviously fake.
pic related: Etude 2012 profile

No. 40307

Are we really going there again for the 600th time?

This whole " extremely broke Kota having plastic surgery" thing is getting old. She can't afford any of that. As for when she was younger I highly doubt she had work done facing the fact that she was a child. (11 - 12yrs old) Some of you are seriously suggesting she had invasive surgery to shave her nose bridge and tip-plasty as a kid?

No. 40309

A rhinoplasty isn't a severe, invasive surgery. Tons of spoiled teens get them young, and a poor family like the Ostrengas in a poor state like Florida with a potato nose like Dakota's was as a kid, they absolutely could have gotten her one and billed it as a deviated septum repair. All it would take is laying a pity party on the surgeon about poor baby kotex getting bullied about her nose for a surgeon to so her a favor. It wouldn't even be that hard, considering they would have to do work on that area anyway. In fact, it's not uncommon for people who have had a surgical septum repair to come or od it with a slightly different looking nose unintentionally, but most surgeons are good enough for the results to still look decent.

So you're saying her nose drastically changed shape multiple times over the years from gaining and losing weight? Seriously, fuck off. Dakota is a liar and a fraud, and if she can afford to buy hella electronics, hair&nail salon visits, trips to museums and restaurants while barely working for 6 years then a couple of cheap ass nosejob from Florida billed to her parents' insurance is entirely possible.

Stop trying to say shit like "she's too poor, she didn't have a nosejob you guys are crazy" unless you're willing to prove how you can say thise things as fact. Everything else ITT is speculation. If you get so pissed off at any discussion of Dakota, her looks or career that suggests she was anything but a normal girl who got lucky then you really need to stop visiting this thread and find a real hobby. Really, these threads are tame as fu k compared to the way lesser cows and flakes get ripped into on this site, yet Dakota gets handled with kid gloves because otherwise the farmhands get flooded with reports from stans like you trying to prevent anyone from saying anything about her they don't like without "proof".

BTW, it's hilarious how she's now "too poor" for a <$6,000 nose job yet for years kotastans tried to push the idea that her parents paid off Bravo to keep her after her Japan debut dropoff. The fuck?

No. 40310

File: 1552845114213.jpg (268.37 KB, 673x805, 1482644919066.jpg)


I found some stills of her from Get It Beauty

No. 40311

File: 1552845200836.jpg (79.29 KB, 500x707, 1486572084972.jpg)

Plus the Vogue shoot she did where she had a completely different nose than all her other pics from that time (because she didn't shoop it).

No. 40312

File: 1552845259424.jpg (56.3 KB, 612x612, 1483804415366.jpg)

OG Japan candid from 2012

No. 40313

File: 1552845322224.jpg (72.06 KB, 594x597, 1486332879854.jpeg.jpg)

Found it

No. 40314

File: 1552845368891.jpg (16.25 KB, 236x315, 1509293016819.jpg)

2012 Japan candid #2

No. 40316

File: 1552845918529.jpg (164.38 KB, 446x524, 20190317_111511.jpg)


Her nose has changed so much over the years, I guess now I get why she was always so insecure and shooped herself so much. If her face is constantly changing then it would be harder to notice the differences.

No. 40322

This is like the least important thing in Kota's history, if she even had a nose job. Who cares? Practically anything else is more interesting.

No. 40326

Well it makes a difference when you consider that she was lying about it her entire career and made it part of her branding and catch phrase. Plus of course there is the cancer lie.

No. 40329

Really? As many times as she's been asked "have you had plastic surgery?" on TV and replied "heeeeeell no!"? Kooter getting a shitty nosejob and then projecting her unhappiness with it across her career like a cunt is milky as fuck. Plus, this is basically the only reason to talk about her now that nobody comes here to A-log every job she gets & rub it in the farm's face that she's "still modeling in Japan despite the haterzzz" (bc all her work for the last 2.5 years has been the same fugly shooped garbage on repeat).

It's almost like you and >>40307 are personally offended for some reason.

No. 40331


Damn, Cathy's nose job is better than Kota's.

No. 40343

damn, now that's a milf

No. 40351


Proof that Dakota's look are shit all because she eats like shit and styles herself like an autist. If she wasn't so hellbent on being a kawaii hafu she could have probably cleaned up beautifully.

No. 40352


is that a cold sore on her lower lip??

No. 40354

File: 1552858341595.jpg (63.47 KB, 745x407, iJ1yFlvxNo4.jpg)

Nah. Cathy looked just as beat from other angles. Huge jaw.
About 4/5 years after >>40313 probably

No. 40357

File: 1552858578205.jpg (14.55 KB, 331x239, UONKpuD3siw.jpg)

one more. potato shot from a stream. Really looks like Kota here.
All of the Ostrengas have this hardness to their features when they age. Kota's like a small town prom queen gone to seed.

No. 40358

>comparing a mom's looks from her 30s-40s to her 20s

Well no shit Cathy looks beat now. Back in her 20s she was a dish, so it makes sense that if Dakota gave a shit about herself she could have still milked her looks for longer than just 2-3 years since she looks just like her mother.

No. 40359

Now we know where she got her original potato nose from- Scott!

>Kota's like a small town prom queen gone to seed.

That sounds more like Cathy tbh. Kota is the spoiled princess who shit on everyone thinking she was special and had it all come back to bite her in the ass.

No. 40367

Well, damn. I used to be one of the nonbelievers but I think this convinced me. During the usual rants anons would usually just post her nose from when she was a scene kid. I didn't even consider the nose she had right after she got to Japan.
She looked actually cute in the one with the lace blouse. So much that it would have made her shoops believable. Sad that she ruined her nose. Even in the Korean show (I heard they use filters but I'm sure they can only do so much for that?) She looked cute. That nose was way more "dolly". She probably got a cheap, shitty plastic surgeon. But of all features, why her nose?
I guess she just has a super fucked up view of what she looks like.

No. 40378

>why her nose?

Probably because her jaw didn't explode until 2015-2016 when she started gaining weight after she stopped doing TV shows. Before that, her nose did look pretty big from certain angles, but not big enough to warrant surgery. I think maybe she didn't want it to be smaller per se, just more upturned and less straight/wide around her nostrils to make the overall shape of it more sloped and pointed, without realizing how much of her face (jaw) hadn't filled in yet so she ended up fucking her facial balance all to hell. Her candid nose went from being sorta big but round&cute, to being too small for her face&pointy enough to cut glass.

No. 40379

>I guess she just has a super fucked up view of what she looks like

That would explain the stand from a couple years ago insisting she had body dysmorphia and using that as an excuse for why she shoops.

No. 40381

File: 1552863567226.jpg (60.72 KB, 485x612, QhiaD78rrto.jpg)

>Her candid nose went from being sorta big but round&cute
Her nose was never big and round (at least not in Japan). It's always been pinched and pointy with a fucked up tip. Lighting just mitigates the sharpness sometimes. And Get It Beauty isn't candid. It's literally edited after filming and they use every beauty trick in the book including soft lighting.
Here she is with Charms. Her nose looks pointy af

No. 40382

File: 1552864488375.jpg (73.25 KB, 1064x467, frgt.JPG)

adding. From the original Mezamashi reveal.

No. 40383

File: 1552864542036.jpg (71.77 KB, 1034x445, frf.JPG)

one more

No. 40390


They didn't go back and shoop her entire face for Get It Beauty, they used a filter to make her skin lighter and stretched the footage to make her and the hosts look taller. Also, all of these pics are far off and blurry as fuck, try again. Besides, I didn't say she got a drastic nosejob right after getting to Japan, don't reach.

No. 40394

Still no posts on her Twitter for over a month, and nothing on her IG for almost two weeks now. I can't wait to see what Platinum ends up doing about her, they haven't added any work to her page in 10 months now except links to her collabs.

I think this is about it for Dakota as a "model" except for Instagram sponsorships.

No. 40400

and absolutely nothing to show for it. googling her in almost any language just pulls up the fact that she photoshops, or encyclopedia dramatica, or japanese gossip like girlschannel, lmao. she's famous for being fake. what a loser.

No. 40420

Just looks like a crack to me. I never understood people shaming her for cold sores, though. Sure, they look gross, but it's a pretty common thing to deal with. I've never had one but I don't look at people with them and think "oh nasty"

No. 40422

Her jaw gains baffle me when you compare photos. How does this happen? Is her face sagging? Is that all bone growth?

No. 40436

The runway ones are done with a professional camera and the others are done with phone cameras which have a mild fisheye effect. Plus she's tilting her head down in the phone pics. Runway pictures don't lie. She's a total Thwomp.

No. 40445

Idc about cold sores bc like 98% of people get them, but it seems lazy or to at least cover it with makeup a little.

No. 40446

File: 1552925634601.jpg (540.42 KB, 1080x1356, 20190318_121228.jpg)

I think the difference is only so shocking because she shooped and contoured her jaw so hard from the start that it made the difference more noticeable. Her face and jaw have always been beefy, but she looked better at a lower weight. I guess she gains weight on her face?

Pic from Korea 2012, without the TV filters.

No. 40447

File: 1552925741440.jpg (148.84 KB, 1440x810, 1486575527631.jpg)

And a pic of her Japan debut video. Her jaw was always there, she just had help hiding it from the beginning from her agencies because her real face wasn't marketable and she could still produce decently cute shoops.

No. 40449

She should have kept this nose and not fucked with it. The one she has now makes her look so much worse >40300

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