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File: 1528464102034.png (537.37 KB, 1176x316, tooters.png)

No. 605090

Previous thread: >>527506

New year New shoop.

Dakota kicked off 2018 semi-strong, managing to book 3 runway shows using fake measurements and 6 year old viral shoops through her agency Platinum Productions after grabbing some sponsored cosmetic procedures from friends, like a weight loss procedure she claimed was a posture correction and getting her teeth professionally whitened twice in a month.
Kota says she "can't do anything risky for her health" like plastic surgery or liposuction because she allegedly had acute leukemia (a serious and severe form of blood cancer) two years ago. This epic lie could be an attempt to explain not only her lack of work other than Fitt's since 2016, but also why she came back after such a long absence looking so much bigger and older. Japanese Twitter users didn't buy it, even with legitimate websites like ModelPress shilling her cancer story for sympathy points.

>The first show of the year was FACo, which blessed us with some quality event pics displaying her true face (http://www.fukuoka-asia-collection.com/guest.html)

>Followed by Sapporo Collection (https://sapporo-collection.jp/guest.html), where she managed to hide all evidence of her involvement save for an unfocused, far off instagram video and a waist-up shot of her from the runway. Her BFF Hirari also walked in this show, which means Kota probably got the job because of her to begin with

>Next was another Girl's Award show with Rakuten (http://girls-award.com/model.php), which she designed a suitcase set for as part of the show. Many great candids from this show, plus a press event she did for the suitcases.

Each new show also features either Hirari, Yula, Rola, or an assortment of AKB members to keep her company so she doesn't have to face the scary world of Japanese modeling alone.

In her spare time, Kota has yet again changed her shoop style, this time to one more mature and true to her real face shape, but is considerably less kawaii and foetal than before. She employs this new shoop style to make it seems like she has a social life, posting shots of her at shop events and out to restaurants with the same friends she always ends up working with under the guise of a girls' day out. It looks like she's continuing to lay low, as she has been since mid 2016, doing and posting the same 2-3 things on repeat on her social media while pretending to be a super important high fashion model in her own time.

Official Accounts:


>Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dakotakoti
>Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/dakotakoti
>Agency: http://talent.platinumproduction.jp/dakotarose

Dead Accounts:

>Website: http://kotirose.com/

>Tumblr: http://kotakoti.tumblr.com/
>Ameblo: https://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti/
>LINE Blog: https://lineblog.me/dakotakoti (deleted)

No. 605175

File: 1528472228160.jpeg (170.54 KB, 1200x800, DfK5L3dVQAAcH0g.jpeg)

Just dopping off a few new pics

No. 605176

File: 1528472237549.jpeg (244.88 KB, 1200x800, DfK57HQUwAAzcgK.jpeg)

No. 605177

File: 1528472282343.jpg (605.23 KB, 1080x2073, 20180608_113810.jpg)

No. 605178

File: 1528472293054.jpg (559.83 KB, 1080x2054, 20180608_113827.jpg)

No. 605185

File: 1528472713669.jpg (340.99 KB, 1070x707, Screenshot_20180608-114536_Ins…)

No. 605190

File: 1528473025710.jpeg (195.98 KB, 1200x901, DfFzSgTVAAAC8yI.jpeg)

No. 605206

File: 1528474419502.jpg (40.24 KB, 447x602, joijio.JPG)

No. 605303

oh come on, is she really still trying to convince people she looks like this??? did she forget everyone has seen her real face…

No. 605304

i've never seen anyone so miserable on a disney ride, why does she look like a sour witch all the time

No. 605309

File: 1528481812937.jpg (16.2 KB, 300x400, fb4433a843ca3801073bd4c264adc5…)


I was looking at pretty dresses and somehow got lost on some japanese website and found this, is it her?

No. 605311

Thats not her lmao are u blind

No. 605314

Did she add that Squidward in the corner? If so fucking lol

No. 605320

ngl she looks adorable here - why not get a vline koots?

No. 605321

I see dako is gonna start going the instathot route and put her cleavage out now that her face is going sour. Good plan, a strapping black bra poking out under a scoop neck shirt is a nice distraction from her jowls.

No. 605323

The same reason Pastelbat shouldn’t have gotten her jaw done. Dakota’s face is way too wide and big without shoop, if she got her jaw done she would have to get her nose done andnhave her forehead and brow filed down as well. Her whole face is so pointy that sanding down her jaw would look out of place. The shoop only looks good (to you imho) because she literally reshapes and resizes her entire skull and face.

No. 605332

you are right, i have a soft spot for her
i wonder how she truly feels about her looks

No. 605340

She can’t be too beat up about them or else she’d try to be something other than a ~model~. I think she’s just so used to thinking of herself as this special, beautiful exotic girl but she shoops because she knows she’s an aging average who got hella lucky, and is trying to cling to her kawaii aesthetic shoops so she can pretend she’s still the girl who went viral for being ~so beautiful like a real doll~. I think the only person who ever truly believes she was the living doll was Dakota herself, and Japan just politely allowed her to label herself as such while playing innocent because they didn’t wanna shit all over the dreams of a 16 year old girl with a ton of YouTube clout and crazy pseudo-lawyer parents.

No. 605343

>I think the only person who ever truly believes she was the living doll was Dakota herself

and Kiki…. for the profit

No. 605347


you make some good points, i would love to talk to you about living dolls and their self image more anon, this topic is truly fascinating

No. 605354

She shooped boobs in like she did in the past, adding weirdly placed shadows. We know she's flat despite her weight.

No. 605390

That's the problem with Kota, she's so average looking outside of photoshop that it's impossible to tell her apart from thousands of other girls

No. 605414

File: 1528489344831.jpg (225.55 KB, 1080x1080, 33345228_1769216006458554_3230…)

This outfit is particularly fucking tragic. She's wearing slutty office wear with with stringy pigtails. Both Kanna and Hirari look cute and have cute outfits on (especially Hirari- the outfits just cutesy enough for disney.)

No. 605416

File: 1528489456034.jpg (145.57 KB, 1080x809, 33380086_1048316038658320_1549…)

plus Kanna

No. 605428

She hasn’t been “flat” for over a year now, anon. She got fat tits from gaining weight, and now she’s showing them off since we looks are going down the shitter. Even in her runway shows her boobs are there.

This thread is as good a place as any I guess? But I’m my opinions girls who are drawn to the “living doll” trend are girls who are upset that their lives aren’t as pretty and glamorous as they want everyone to believe- like Kiki and Kota, middle school dropouts posing half naked online for attention since thy hit puberty, because to them fame is more important than personality, ambition, or long term goals.

Usually the living doll trend only appeals to superficial, insecure girls who usually have inattentive, hands off (even neglectful) parents.

No. 605464

Kota never had any fashion sense. When he’s not being dressed, her style choices are mismatched, frumpy, and undefined. She dresses for her insecurities, but she fails to see the overall outfit and how it looks on her body. She dresses like an older woman trying to look cute and youthful, but ends up looking like she got dressed in the dark. Not to mention, a few months ago she posted a selfie on IG with twin tails and a caption about feeling weird wearing them after so long at her age. Now she’s wearing them with her actual bra hanging out? I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts doing more cutesy-kawaii things mixed in with sultry, more mature things like that (and her other bra-shots from IG) since she knows nobody likes her as a model or talent. Her only real appeal is how nice and clean her personal edits look online, but the illusion is shattered every time she stops going in public and generates buzz online with her fake pics, then when the buzz gets big enough for her to book a decent gig the candids come out and she starts pretending to be busy with her social life.

No. 605597

File: 1528503984306.jpeg (742.92 KB, 2560x1920, D3192E48-0101-4FA5-B37A-6F54ED…)

You can really tell how much she shoops her pics compared to Hirari’s pics of her. You know it’s bad when your selfie is so shopped you have to make the quality shitty

No. 605620

I just don't get it. She's better looking without the shoop? Like, she's not gorgeous, and needs to do something about her extremely thin hair, but she's alright? Much better than the horrible, wonky eyed, alien baby she tries to edit her face into. Her self image must be beyond fucked.

No. 605623

The picture on the right is still edited. But that should be obvious just by the size of her chin.

No. 605626

She doesn’t look bad, but editing herself to look more round-faced and have flatter, rounder features (who knows if it’s to look younger or hafu or both) makes her look downsy. I used to think it was a trick to appeal to a Japanese audience, but these days they’re so bored of her who really knows why she’s doing it, if not for her own fucked up self image.

No. 605672

damn she looks like kiki

No. 605873

I assume that they are using a Meitu filter that reduces chins and slims noses. They all look weird. There's also a color issue that I noticed even when using Meitu without any editing features. (It makes pinks and reds stand out unnaturally, even without any color filter added.)

No. 605889

omg the OP image
top fucking kek

No. 606002

There’s also an app called Pitu that has eve more sliders to adjust literally every part of the face, in extreme detail. The section for it is called “remodeling” and has like 4-5 sliders for each facial feature alone. Way better than Meitu imho, it’s an insecure weeaboo’s wet dream.

No. 606028

Why doesn't she at least use clear ties?

No. 606032

Lol you can see where she shrunk her chin because the straw isn't straight….wtf.

No. 606135

Nitpick tbh

I miss the days when PS-savvy anons would circle and highlight all her shoop fails.

No. 606528

Personally I think her features are really ugly, but those shoops are ridiculous

No. 606631

File: 1528616741472.jpeg (109.59 KB, 640x836, 88364C7B-A2AF-42F4-9CED-198370…)

With all her features erased she kinda makes me think of the faun from The Labrynth, like she drew inspiration from him for her shoops.

No. 606913

File: 1528659379964.jpg (32.88 KB, 600x338, dren.jpg)

I posted this in the previous thread…but she looks like the monster from Splice.

No. 606919

Pans Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth is a very different movie with David Bowie in very tight pants.

Sage for off topic nitpick.

No. 606931

wtf do her friends think when they see this shit? It’s one thing to smooth/blur your skin and enlarge your eyes a little bit she shops herself into an ugly retard

No. 606946

Someone with PS ability should shoop Kota’s hair helmet onto this pic, lmao

No. 607022

File: 1528668715920.png (378.35 KB, 600x338, morehumanthankotatbh.png)

My skills are shit but…. The resemblance is uncanny kek

No. 607095

File: 1528673644138.jpeg (157.31 KB, 600x338, 3167E6DE-C759-4D28-88A1-A1C550…)

I ran it through Meitu and it looks so much like her shoops now. All I did was enlarge the eyes, shrink the nose&chin and shrink the mouth while making the lips fuller.

No. 608321

File: 1528778595440.jpg (533.57 KB, 1600x2416, 11_THEHIVE_MODELS_ELLIA SOPHIA…)

Found a real life model who looks like how Dacote wishes. She's pretty but I think something must be wrong with her. FAS or Noonan or something.

No. 608607

File: 1528816859977.jpg (379.42 KB, 1080x891, Screenshot_20180612-111843_Ins…)

Not super interesting, but some account started posting clips from that talkshow she was on under the #ダコタローズ tag over on Instagram. I've never been able to find the full episode.

No. 608885

Read the last thread, it was recorded and uploaded there.

If you want interesting Kota bits from Japanese TV, here’s Suzu on a show talking about Dakota and why she likes her- it’s her eye color and jawline, aka her western features. Not much else I’m guessing?


No. 608909

proof that kota is absolutely delusional about what makes a girl look cute

No. 609193

>her jawline
>pic of her shooped jawline on screen


No. 609282

In other words, the only thing they like about her are her shoops… and her eye color that she also shoops. Man, Dakota’s “career” depends on her being impossible to spot outside of work just so the illusion isn’t shattered that she’s actually beautiful. How… pathetic.

No. 609403

File: 1528893032084.jpeg (121.96 KB, 1200x800, Dfi8Ru_WAAEtPi7.jpeg)

No. 609404

File: 1528893038579.jpeg (91.18 KB, 1200x800, Dfi8RBJWsAAi2lL.jpeg)

No. 609405

File: 1528893044881.jpeg (105.4 KB, 1200x800, Dfi8QRXW4AAyuqQ.jpeg)

No. 609407

File: 1528893079804.jpg (257.67 KB, 1080x712, Screenshot_20180613-083145_Ins…)

No. 609409

File: 1528893131057.jpg (553.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180613-083223_Ins…)

Any Japanese-speaking anons know what this is for?

No. 609412

The suitcase collab she "designed".

No. 609454

These shooops are hideous. I never thought I’d say this, but I almost prefer the kawaii fetus shoops to whatever she’s going for with these pics.

No. 609468

>Rakuten talent collab

So is she not a “model” anymore? She’s listed everywhere as a talent now, and the runway shows introduced her as a guest model.

No. 609475

She looks like a ghostbuster

Why pull that necklace out like that - it just increases the hideousness of these photos

No. 609477

Hey hey hey, she’s super proud of her dad’s tacky dollar store memento of his failed attempt at fame! Even if it does look like something Craven would buy for $3 from the Wish app…

No. 609967

File: 1528932683836.jpg (82.32 KB, 700x700, 7500-60-dkt010.jpg)

No. 609970

File: 1528932695978.jpg (85.54 KB, 700x700, 7500-60-dkt009.jpg)

No. 609971

File: 1528932704597.jpg (109.1 KB, 700x700, 7500-60-dkt006.jpg)

No. 609972

File: 1528932712255.jpg (85.99 KB, 700x700, 7500-60-dkt003.jpg)

No. 609973

File: 1528932719570.jpg (109.2 KB, 700x700, 7500-60-dkt001.jpg)

No. 609974

File: 1528932758952.jpg (551.35 KB, 1050x1050, dkt_sticker_001.jpg)

No. 609978

Oh nooo, those stickers (or whatever those are) with her ugly drawings!

Anyway her face and hair look a lot cuter in these. But her hair is so thin and stringy, I wish she would just go ahead and cut it.

No. 609986

She actually looks really good here, way cuter than her horrible alien shoops.

No. 610022

There's 100% nothing special about her. She looks old here.
I know her ring is on the wrong finger but why is she still wearing it even for this?

No. 610030

she looks sooooo much like kiki rip

No. 610034

File: 1528937176737.jpg (1.39 MB, 2560x1920, 18-06-13-20-46-29-498_deco.jpg)


No. 610056

is it that professional magazine photoshop looks better??

No. 610088

At least someone made her take off that tacky pentagram?

When did her cheeks get so fat? I swear, they never used to stick up like this, she looks like Taylor right after she moved to Japan and got those horrible fillers.

No. 610110

She looks a shit ton better with curls and waves in her hair. Now only if she had some sort of root booster/volumizer to give some volume at the root it would be perfect.

No. 610125

File: 1528944203341.jpg (821.04 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180614_114010.jpg)


She kinda looks like this Japanese model sometimes imo lol. I don't think she's hideous, or even non model material in Japan, but she's not the kawaii baby face she tries to be. The more mature, trendy, casual cool-sporty-cute look is in right now anyway in Japan so I don't know why she doesn't embrace that look more, it would suit her features better. She doesn't even dress super "babyish kawaii" anyway so I don't know why she shoops like that.

No. 610156

File: 1528946648620.png (846.72 KB, 950x490, main_ttl.png)

Nope this girl looks much better than Kota and can pull off the cute larme look. The onlu thing they have in common is a longish face but this models features are still soft overall.
The problem with Kota is that she is aging badly. Not her fault but Cathy's genetics are gonna be her downfall. She looks mature and hard in a non-fashion way. Hard to explain, but she wouldn't suit the cute sporty look either.

No. 610180

>The problem with Kota is that she is aging badly.

p much. the fact people thought she was 25 at like 14 says everything. the look in this photoshoot is certainly as flattering as it's gonna look on her, but the fine lines and bags at her eyes show and her laugh lines are already puffy. and the thing is it's not genetics at all. she's just been smoking since she was a kid and has a bloated anemic body from malnutrition, the same diet that's got kiki looking 40. vitamin e, vitamin a, and vitamin c are the vitamins that actually keep you looking youthful, and i doubt she's getting her daily dose from cabbage and bread.

No. 610322

Kind of ironic bc she doesn't travel.

Her face is so puffy and huge here, surprised they let this image out.

No. 610330

All of this. Dakota wasted her shot at Popteen when she could have been doing so much more with her connections, and now she missed her chance. She let herself get lazy, thinking she’d always be able to be a model and then her looks snuck up on her, now all she can do is keep rehashing her viral days and some of her better jobs to pretend she’s more famous than she is to get more work.

No. 610360

Jesus christ those jowls.

No. 610397

I'm glad they lightly used photoshop for this because while she isnt ugly per se, she really isnt model material, and she knows this by constantly shopping herself into an ugly fetus and slimming herself. She just looks average and is too lazy to stick to some type of excerise regimen or something

No. 610410

her lips are so chapped she didn't re apply lipstick

No. 610437

File: 1528982600941.jpg (67.88 KB, 720x403, xCjSQM448Ok.jpg)

More pics incoming.

No. 610438

File: 1528982612871.jpg (97.23 KB, 720x413, KnNnJXYQeO4.jpg)

No. 610439

File: 1528982621361.jpg (86.7 KB, 720x416, O9WBtp5thyA.jpg)

No. 610440

File: 1528982630522.jpg (44.87 KB, 720x403, gTkzNDKgUhs.jpg)

No. 610441

File: 1528982637099.jpg (52.41 KB, 720x405, 7UdwddNQBo8.jpg)

No. 610443

File: 1528982863999.jpg (336.67 KB, 850x491, ga_dakotarose_03.jpg)

I think this was all she was doing at the Girls Awards. Just shilling luggage, I guess.

No. 610460

So when is Dakochin gonna give up and go back to the states? She's never actually tried in her life and now that her career is dying fast than ever she decided to put in 10% effort.

No. 610462

Is that Maihee chan?? How dare you.

No. 610466

It looks like she photoshops her eyes wide apart. In all pics posted by her they look soo wide apart lately, but in ones taken by others like the photoshoot, they're quite close together..

No. 610485

baby's first kooter thread

No. 610539


Sorry about your yellow fever, but she is uglier then kota lol. Anons here will kiss any Asian person's ass. Big, meaty, doughy face, weird lopsided eyes, sausage lips that look even worse than Kota, Pug nose. There's lots of cute Japanese models, but she's not one. If she can model it's not crazy that Kota could.

No. 610561

She does not have the body for that dress, and those 7 year old shoes need to die in a fire because they’re ugly as fuuuuuck.

Dakota will actually marry for a visa before she moved back to America. She knows if she does she’ll never make it back to Japan or into the internet spotlight again, unless it’s for something she doesn’t want. That’s why I’m habging my hat on the “she’s already married” hook, with her looks going sour so fast and the frequency of her work dwindling, we know she’s not on a legit entertainment visa and probably hasn’t been for a while now.

No. 610578


I think the same to be honest. Sometimes I read "she looks awful next to this beautiful models" and the picture is Kota with three girls as average as her but japanese. Some of them even fugly.

Japan has the lowest standard for models I've seen so far and Kota was so lucky to arrive there at the right moment.

No. 610606

hmm interesting

No. 610627

This, the only cute friend she has right now is Kanna, Hirari looks like a horse. Yula, Rola, and Tsubasa are okay but she hasn't worked or been seen with them in a while, despite her going to all their shop events.

Kota found her niche at just the right time in the right place, but she's played out and aging badly. I wouldn't be surprised if some new white weeb came in to dethrone Kota and get her very own nippon meal ticket modeling contract.

No. 610695

She should start shooping her ears smaller, she’s got a real dumbo thing going on in this pic.

No. 610825

It's good that they used her real face, but she can't pose at all, these pictures look so boring!

No. 610839


Does she not use concealer under her eyes ? She looks alright, but like really tired.

No. 610877

Agreed, whoever this >>610125 is looks awful.
And a lot of the models Kota hangs out with are average to below average. Some are even as bad as her. The yellow fever in this thread is something awful sometimes.

No. 611150

I think maybe she did and it just isn’t covering enough, you can tell she’s wearing makeup in these pics.

It’s sad to see her “modeling” after 6 years of doing it for a living have made her worse at it, rather than better. It’s like she’s progressively gotten stiffer and more awkward the longer she’s there.

No. 611309

>anatomy how does it work

These ones are shooped pretty badly to make her look thin yet have a huge rack. She must have done the shooping.

No. 611318

Yeah I noticed that too. Ffs in some they made it so her head is almost the same size as her waist. Koots has never ever been that small.

No. 611355

File: 1529049744308.jpeg (75.17 KB, 640x725, 73EB6C05-F8B7-4A74-BCE6-AF7517…)

Found this on Twitter yesterday and it gave me a chuckle, thought I’d share. A few days ago I saw one where some lady was saying Dakota was “very scary”, but I couldn’t find that one again. Is she so convinced her shoops will keep her in work forever that she truly doesn’t care about her image outside of instagram?

She probably did most of it herself, including the styling. You can tell because of the ugly old shoes that don’t go with the (free) dress, and how pin straight and flat her hair is despite that being objectively the worst hairstyle for her desperately thin hair. Add in the BJD-anatomy shoop and how soft her face looks without makeup and you have a recipe for Kotashop.

No. 611577

The acute leukemia story actually triggers me.

Who the hell advised her to do so? Whose idea was it? Who actually thought "hey, do you know what will be a good way to convince people you are 100% natural and justify your lack of work? A made up story about having cancer two years ago. People will totally buy it and not question it at all"

No. 611588

lol no one. koots is just too stupid to realize how dumb that sounds. she's not like famous, more infamous now than anything, and doesn't have PR or anything

No. 611699

File: 1529089104131.jpg (10.85 KB, 210x240, princess-fiona-shrek-2-8.22.jp…)

Why does she legit look like the ogre version of fiona from shrek here

No. 611764

Makes sense. She probably had a brainstorm with Kiki in search for a sad story
I actually thought she had some kind of PR for being signed to a tarento agency

No. 611774

I think it was her being so sheltered and uneducated that she thought “acute” leukemia was the less severe stage of it and once she translated it and posted the story, she couldn’t go back and change it.

Anyway, I don’t know why she made up cancer as an excuse for why she “can’t” have plastic surgery- you can absolutely have plastic surgery after having cancer as long as you’re in remission and recovered well. It’s a good thing this cancer story didn’t gain more traction, or else she might have had to answer some question about it she couldn’t make up answers to without beingbr found out.

No. 611785

I don’t think she could get V line. If you look at a lot of reviews for it, people end up with sagging faces and jaw lines. It only looks good on people with previously very strong bone structures. Kota doesn’t have that, just a lot of face fat that would sag if her jaw was shaved. Also skin thickness. There’s a reason that surgery isn’t popular with white people

No. 611847

it's actually rare in japan that you have social media PR filtering unless you're super famous, and even then they usually don't step in till too late, but japan has huuuge expectations about how you should act.

she probably just assumed she could lie about this and no one could fact check so they'd believe it. i really don't get why, she takes photos all the time so not even taking any of her "treatment" or "appointments is very unlikely.

No. 611858

Kota’s problem is that her face outgrew her features. When she went viral she was still young enough that her eyes and nose weren’t floating in a sea of jaw meat, but as she got older her jaw and cheeks filled out. It would take way more than 1-2 simple procedures to make her look like her shoops at this point. She really ducked herself over claiming those were really “filters and lighting”.

No. 611915

That’s why I don’t believe it. Attentionwhore Kota was posting pics f her bruises and IV drips all over her ameblo and line blog, but she waited two years to tell people she had cancer? And it was such a throwaway lie too, like something she came up with on the spot.

No. 612241

File: 1529135196758.jpg (50.63 KB, 650x353, rumer-willis-plastic-surgery.j…)

She's got too much face for a v-line to work. She might be able to salvage as much as pic related did, but I don't think she'd ever get the money.

No. 612247

Man, all of his kids turned out so fucking ugly. They look like randomization gone wrong in a character creator.

Back on the topic of Dakota, I agree that a vline would be too much esp considering what >>611785 anon said about bone structure.

She doesn't even need it, just needs to style herself well and eat properly. How fucking hard is that??? Lucky for us she's a lazy cunt that would rather pretend to have a different face and we get to laugh at her for it.

No. 612252


>floating in a sea of jaw meat

fucking kek

No. 612266

Eh, she always had a much larger chin and jaw. It really isn't a recent development.

No. 612371


Doesn't sag immediately for everyone who gets it. Kota is still young and could benefit from a combination of botox and a small shave down. Most who suffer from drooping are people who removed too much and went for a over dramatic look. She could probably also go for buccal fat removal to give the illusion of a smaller/ less meaty jaw.

Worse comes to worse she could just get a midface lift, and then problems solved. However, her problem isn't so much the results or cons of plastic surgery, its affording the whole works. Plastic surgery isn't cheap.

No. 612385

>Man, all of his kids turned out so fucking ugly. They look like randomization gone wrong in a character creator.
Someone once said they look like Demi Moore gave birth to a bunch of jack o'lanterns and now that's all I can see.

No. 612490

I’m sure she could get it sponsored by a friend, or get a fat discount if she really wanted to. Problem is she can’t, it would be obvious she got work done and her “all natural real Barbie” gimmick wold fall apart even more than it already has.

>plastic surgery? Heeeeeell no! I can’t anyway because I had cancer, I just use lighting and makeup and eat healthy!

>what do you mean my jaw shrank? No, that’s just a makeup trick and how I pose now~

At least if she did get Botox or Cline she could stop holding her chin and jaw like an idiot for videos and group pics.

No. 612507

Yeah, but when she was younger her features hadn’t been swallowed up by the rest of her face yet because she was still growing into it. Plus when she was a teen she did big eye makeup, lenses and contouring to make her eyes bigger and her nose/jaw smaller.

She should go back to DS Clinic and get her face cool sculpted, then she could have a smaller face without saying she had surgery or Botox.

No. 612560

File: 1529179519219.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1529179449730.jpg)

How sad.

No. 612566

What is this nonsense? Wonder if anyone will set that account straight about her shooping. Maybe with a picture of her real face.
Because real Kota so stereo-typically western/white looking I can't understand how anyone could think she's mixed.
But that should prove that she shoops for a hafu look.

No. 612595

Very minor Japanese ancestry … can bee seen in her eyes and cheek bones(don't use emojis)

No. 612893


That "barbie" gimmick is already dried up. A large (almost all) of her photoshoots are heavily edited, and she looked decent in her younger years where most of her Tv appearances are from. Don't forget all her own posted pictures are shooped to hell and back, so really what would they be comparing her to, too claim "you had work done" ?

She'd probably claim she was ill from 2016-2018, and that this is her natural "fully recovered and healthy" self. She already claimed cancer for why she "gained weight and looked like shit". I really don't see anything besides money standing in her way as to why she wont get anything done.

( Also V-line surgery cost more in Japan so it'd be hard to get a sponsor in a Country (korea) you insulted, and have no ties to )


Sometimes I think these people have to be really stupid or young to not realize the three different faces that are apparently "the same girl" they posted.

No. 613212

File: 1529243368424.jpeg (130.35 KB, 1200x900, Df324JsU0AElUo_.jpeg)

It looks like the waistband of her pants is digging into her.

No. 613213

File: 1529243376817.jpeg (88.69 KB, 1200x800, Df328qiU0AAYDZf.jpeg)

No. 613215

File: 1529243417009.jpeg (178.66 KB, 1200x824, Df4IkQoUYAAngNy.jpeg)

No. 613216

File: 1529243583415.jpg (346.29 KB, 1080x2084, Screenshot_20180617-095219_Ins…)

Note from Scott and Cathy. Good to see that they haven't forgotten about their meal ticket .

No. 613224

File: 1529244245510.jpg (161.09 KB, 720x1060, kXPH7OOBrL8.jpg)

No. 613229

She looks like a kindergarten who dressed themselves in the dark.

No. 613248

I get such a weird feeling when I look at some of these pictures. Her shoops are so inconsistent that I feel like I'm looking at someone that i've rarely or never seen before, but when I look at pictures like this on the right >>610034 it feels like the same exact face that i've seen a million times. I think the only way this happens is that she must tweak every last feature at least a bit.

No. 613259

No kooter. No.

No. 613301

Because it is, and the zipper is screaming for help. This must be her “see, lolcow, I’m not fat!!!” post, the shoop is heinous and you can tell by how wide her bust is just how much she liquified the picture to give herself a waist. Pro tip koti: shrinking everything but your bust makes it super obvious it’s hella fake. Proportions.

Good to see they’re still sending her care packages of processed vegan food and ugly clothes to keep her going!

The fuck is this outfit? The skirt is the only cute part of it and she’s wearing it like a sausage.

No. 613347

>“see, lolcow, I’m not fat!!!”
i don't think she reads here. i actually don't think she's ever or extremely rarely even gone to PULL. I've always had the impression that Cathy and Kiki do all the lurking and reporting to protect her from seeing the stuff, especially since it used to be so intensely towards Dakota back in the day.

No. 613483

File: 1529264148898.jpeg (898.44 KB, 2560x1920, 716EE194-0E11-4001-A3B9-016C80…)


In reality bangs look better on her, and they always have. Dunno who she’s swiping them to the side again.

Anyways. I tried to deshoop this.

No. 613501

File: 1529266378984.gif (134.87 KB, 298x349, 1529243368424-1.gif)

you didn't deshoop her eyes, that's the first thing that jumped out at me is how far apart she made them

No. 613525

Lol you went too far with the "deshoop". Look at the door behind her. In the original it's marginally more narrow on either side of her hips. In your version it expands outwards. Her chin is also not as large as you shopped it based on candids and catwalk images.

No. 613659

She should keep this shoop style looks better than that other shit she do.

No. 613668

She doesn't even look bad here. But she has a mature face and her baby shoops just make things worse because she looks nothing like that in real life.

No. 613698

i love that she moved only one eye

No. 613816


agreed. besides her wonky right eye shop, this is kind of pretty.

No. 613969

File: 1529320718189.jpg (428.22 KB, 1200x900, deshoop.jpg)

Tried it too, but deshoops always come out looking weird

No. 613971

you made her nose huge. otherwise good job

No. 614103

File: 1529335942334.jpeg (565.34 KB, 2048x2048, 77F0F623-8AA0-481F-804A-F6E48D…)

adding an interesting comparison to similar picture from when she used to post on tumblr (circa 2011?)

No. 614105

not that anon but I don't think her nose looks "huge" here? wtf

No. 614119

huge for her i mean, anon enlarged it. i don't think she edits her nose, it's already petite.

No. 614166

She absolutely edits her nose, lmao. She rounds the tip and makes it shorter and smaller, and sometimes erases the bridge entirely depending on the fetus-level of the shoop.

No. 614708

I wonder if she's going through her old pics and purposely redoing them because she's out of ideas.

No. 614710

she looks like a bad knockoff of herself, that's sad

No. 614748

That's what happens when you only look good (read: know how to shoop) in 2-3 poses.

No. 614767

Wtf happened… the first edit looked so good. just what goes on in her head, I wonder.

No. 614795

All I see is an old shoop next to Sid from ice age

No. 615065

she looks fucking retarded in the second picture, jesus christ bitch stop shopping your eyes apart

No. 615289

File: 1529443841757.jpg (33.78 KB, 854x480, img-727587184.jpg)

it's the makeup. her old makeup suited her amazingly (in good lighting and angles), she had to abandon it because it looked caked as fuck irl. Just imagine how this would look in a candid photo

No. 615333

It looks like she used to do the whole white eyeliner and putting falsies way under her lower eyeline combo to try to make her eyes look bigger/more anime. Such a classic weeaboo look. I can see why she would have to abandon it because that shit looks really bad in person.

No. 615442

Why abandon it for no eye makeup at all though? She's retarded.
She wants so badly to be a ~natural~ beauty but she isn't.

No. 615679

Holy hell that's so unfortunate! All 3 of them got Willis' jaw and chin which looks fine on him as a man, but on a woman… Jesus! It's like they kept trying to have kids hoping at least one would be a boy or it'd be a girl who got Demi's features.

No. 615702

First of all, I can't believe anyone ever fell for that eye makeup. Second, it's weird to me how she did seem to drop her viral makeup and switch over to Asian inspired eye makeup as soon as she got to Japan, so I'm guessing at least one person she doesn't consider a hayturrr told her it looked weeby and awkward IRL.

No. 615725

Imagine putting on all that makeup and spending ~2 weeks writing a single selfie, going viral and getting those 50Mil YT views and then realizing it'll never hold up IRL? Although I get it, it's easy to start seeing yourself as something your not when you have no real interaction with the world outside of your own family.

To this day I'm still amazed Japan played along with her "it's all makeup and lighting tricks!" lies. Japan is forever a meme to me now, the country that's too polite to call a catfish out for photoshop and instead, gives it a modeling career.

No. 615756

File: 1529489613213.jpg (36.3 KB, 351x499, 51v6NUSPprL._SX349_BO1,204,203…)

Not sure if you're newer to Koots or not, but she didn't switch right when she got to Japan. She wore that dumb shit for a good year or better. She wore it for the entirety of that awful book of hers.

She later said that a makeup artist told her she'd look even prettier with little to no makeup. She took it to heart and started with the weird fetus shit.

No. 615763

File: 1529489909889.jpg (61.55 KB, 500x707, 7c8b851837f7f4ae4050a6cd435223…)

Her makeup and lies are the real reason she never left her house for the first several years she got there. The makeup was I'm sure annoying to keep up with, she was wearing circle lenses from dawn until dusk and she was so scared of being photographed out in the wild. She wanted to control her image so badly, and that was impossible after she started getting jobs, although, it didn't really stop them (assuming it was Kiki and Cathy most of the time) from trying to keep unflattering and candid photos offline.

She should have just come out as her true self long, long ago. She would have a huge following. Plenty of girls make a living off of being rude, petty and arrogant, and Dakota was definitely all three at one point. I think Japan (just maybe) humbled her a smidgen.

No. 615809

>Imagine putting on all that makeup and spending ~2 weeks writing a single selfie, going viral and getting those 50Mil YT views and then realizing it'll never hold up IRL? Although I get it, it's easy to start seeing yourself as something your not when you have no real interaction with the world outside of your own family.
Spot on

It looks bad even there. That makeup only looked good from a straight forward angle where the artificial gap between her real eye and the eyeliner didn't look so obvious. In real life it just looks like bad cosplay makeup.

btw, i think the reason she's not putting eye makeup now is the same reason she's tried going without bangs and putting her hair back. to get rid of her insecurities? there was never one single photo of her without makeup until the korean ad. it's obvious she used to not want to be seen without it.

No. 615812

This makeup honestly always looked so bad. You can clearly see where her real eyes end and where it's just gaps of skin. It looks like she didn't apply her lower lashes correctly. Why didn't the photographers or makeup artists say anything?

No. 615917

there were no makeup artists. at least for the beginning of her career she did all the makeup herself in her usual style. that was always so weird. i don't usually believe the "her agency must have told them.." but in the case of this, it's strange.

No. 615983

Why do I feel like the MUA told her to try a more natural style of makeup and Dakota took it to mean "you're beautiful, exotic barbie without makeup!"?

I remember this. She did a purikura shoot with a beautiful Russian model who said later in an UK interview that Dakota wouldnt let makeup artists touch her and she was always checking her makeup.

I wonder what it feels like, looking back on the weeaboo dream opportunity and realizing every mistake you made that took you from Bravo models and doing commercials for KPP and Samsung to the point of doing Eresuto high school while looking like a corpse warmed over and lying about cancer to explain the gaps in what little work you couldn't get for a year. I always used to be jealous of Dakota until I got older and realized she's a shit model, and she's only there to pander to gaijin fetishists, pedo creeps and teen girls who like pretty pictures.

No. 616026

File: 1529521827903.png (569.06 KB, 602x346, 4a22053e2ca2aa6dfe2769b9be61e1…)

She looks like she has down syndrome

No. 616038

I bet the unedited version was actually cuter. That fucked up far-set eyes editing is not attractive or doll-like (as she no doubt thinks is the effect).

No. 616041

Maybe she does it thinking it'll offset how small and close together her eyes are on her giant face.

No. 616043

Nice busted phone screen, Kota. Too bad there's nobody else in the restaurant to appreciate her cleavage, though.

No. 616168

Did she… only enlarge one eye?

No. 616176

Seems like her wonky eye became her facial shoop priority nowadays

No. 616380

Her shoops are busted because her phone screen has been for the past year and some kek

No. 616432

File: 1529550079602.jpg (56.2 KB, 600x856, kotabotafafota.jpg)

The high, extra tight ponytail matched with her wonky shop immediately made me think of pepper from AHS. She literally looks bald and retarded.

No. 616434

I quite like this look for her. This is like her growing up elegantly.

No. 616556

No. 616830

Look at that huge bald spot in the small pic…

No. 616846

Anon you probably know shit about the idol/model/gravure idol scene then. Every girl is shooped to hell and back and use a lot of makeup and do plastic surgery. There was some idol that got PS when she was a teen to become an idol, I forgot her name but you can read about it if you are interested. Japan feeding unrealistic expectations and creating an idealized version of women is not new.

No. 616877

Look at the bald spot she tried to blur out in >>616026. Idk why girl won't just take some hair hair growth supplements or use castor oil or something.

No. 616998

File: 1529607856581.jpg (69.19 KB, 750x750, 21224349_276831839468131_12265…)

She looks like reviewbrah

No. 617015


>Japan feeding unrealistic expectations and creating an idealized version of women.

(Diff anon.)

Which is weird facing the fact that their standards for getting into the practice (modelling) are so low ie: Kota. I mean to even get into what Kota's in , in the US or Canada still has strict requirements of being a certain height,weight and look. Even Taylor struggled to make it here, and the only thing that stood in her way was height.


Because you can't change your genetics and magically make hair grow where it wasn't growing before. She would need a hair transplant, or just cut it short and wear wigs when she wants it long.

No. 617291

She wishes! He's adorable in a weird alien kind of way. She just looks like a weird alien period.

No. 617419

File: 1529621256616.jpg (86.55 KB, 500x330, 2307268518_ecf18e3bb7_z.jpg)

I think she's taking inspiration from Gemma Ward for her shoops. Spaced out eyes and a short face was her signature look and what made her so unique.

No. 617465

Omg someone get her some extensions asap, looks like she has about 10 strands of her on her head, she really doesn't suit the up do at all with hair as thin as hers

No. 617581

Definietly seems like it. Dakota you will never be Gemma.

No. 617659

>dark spot on shirt
Is that supposed to be nip showing?

No. 617845

The difference between those idols and Kota is that they dont lie about their PS and shoop, they treat it like part of the job, because it is. With Kota, she pretends she doesn't shoop, pretends she never wanted sny of her viral fame and prerends shes just a dweet little weeaboo cinderella story when her viral fame was built on outright lies, deleting and copyrighting everythung that disagreed with the image of a normal, shy girl who got lucky for being unbelievably besutiful with "just" makeup and reflectors.

Kota's entite situation is fish scebted and has been from day one. Who knows how many of the suspiciously repetitive "wow real barbie internet girl so besutiful no photoshop" articles were written by kiki or Cathy while Kota was editing her wiggly chin and expanding tit for her "See? I'm real!" videos.

No. 617847

Wow, sorry for all those typos, I suck.

No. 617915

>Who knows how many of the suspiciously repetitive "wow real barbie internet girl so besutiful no photoshop" articles were written by kiki or Cathy
sorry but there's one thing you gotta recognize: during her 15 minutes of fame when she went viral she really DID explode in popularity. Her blog was getting 500k hits, i don't remember if it was every month or every week. but it was found that she was making about $300 a week through adsense alone on her blog. if you were really there to see her prime, you wouldn't think it was 2 people pulling the strings.

No. 618175


she uploaded a new video, first one in 2 months

No. 618183

Just a heads up, could you embed the link next time please and thanks

No. 618274

File: 1529690132633.jpg (366.42 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20180622-135121_Soc…)

Yikes, her new shoop style is so ugly… must be why she lost 198 followers after uploading this video after steadily climbing in subs and views for those two months, and she lost 3,000ish Twitter followers this month alone. I bet she's still buying subs though because her YT is still monetized, but she keeps changing the channel category every few months for some reason.

Also, hooktube that shizz fam.

No. 618291

Her videos are so boring…
I wonder if she's intentionally sabotaging herself/her channel

No. 618308

She's too arrogant about being a moderu, IMHO. I think she tries to make her vids feel/look like those random vids of celebrities fans take at events of them not paying attention to anything, but it comes off as just awkward and boring.

No. 618354

You may not know but hair extensions make thin hairs worse and cause balding and more.

It's a temporary fix but it does more harm than good, especially since Kota's hair were never very full to begin with.

No. 618369

wtf with the 70's porn movie song, this video is so boring who cares what she does when she's out with her "friends" I think this isn't even a Vlog per se she's just trying to brag about her wonderful moderu life and her japanese desu~ friends, ugh.

No. 618384

Whenever I see her do a new modeling job I wonder if the casting director feels catfished?
Or at this point do they already know what to expect? I wish I could see their reaction or read interviews about it

No. 618403

These last few videos have been more or less exactly the same. What the fuck is the point of a "vlog" if all you do is meander around in stores, point the camera in your face and say nothing?

No. 618407

lol it's some offbrand version of redbone by childish gambino. dunno why she didn't just have an instrumental version of the actual song, maybe youtube would have flagged her vid.

No. 618434

If she's still a direct booking, they might not know what to expect. I'm wondering if her more true to life shoop style is because she wasn't getting jobs with her real face because her Instagram shops were so different.

This. And can it even be called a vlog if she only does it every 2-3 months? Then it's just like, a random video to direct traffic to her YT for some ad revenue. So basically, her videos are ads for her YT channel, where you can go to look at some awkward clips of Kota from the last 3 months slapped together from her outings with friends. That's the part that gets me- when she finally posts a video it's the same shit she has already posted on her Instagram and Twitter.

No. 618572


She's using the SNOW app to film - you can use a feature on there now which makes your face tinier and nose. But if you put your hand near your phone it automatically shows its masking your face.

No. 618574


She should have just gave up the gig once she got to Japan - came clean, apologised for the shit she did ages ago and started FRESH. Look at taylor? she told us all what she was doing with the doll look and now shes in a healthy direction with a decent following. Dakota… jesus.

No. 618647


She's just not pretty or interesting enough to keep a following without the shoop and drama. Nobody would have even took the slightest bit of interest in her if it wasn't for the heavily edited pictures.

Taylor kept her following because she actually looks like a model, and is somewhat interesting.

No. 618939


Taylor doesn’t look like a model though. Taylor is just a standard pretty white girl who’s skinnier and taller. She doesn’t have a model face at all and especially with her face now it’s been messed with.

Models are over 5’9 at least - Taylor is 170 / 5’7. Her features aren’t distinctive enough or interesting. She’s a catalogue model at best.

But she is more likeable and down to earth compared to dakota. Plus her dad has money. Taylor is obviously more ideal for modelling but she doesn’t suit the runway at all. Dakota requires piles of shoop just for catalogue.

No. 618940


Models are ones who look like hikari Mori, Miranda Kerr, Tina tamashiro ect over there In Japan. They use those because they actually look like models! Interesting features and taller. These agencies aren’t stupid.

Dakota was a gimmick at best.

No. 618944

Was? She still is, except now she's the pera-pera gaijin model who likes guroi stuff and has a gap personality desu~

No. 618948

File: 1529747572927.jpg (151.47 KB, 1080x1237, 20180623_055110.jpg)

Views go up, subs go down.

No. 618965

File: 1529750125631.jpg (38.05 KB, 600x600, 46c95fd51edfeeb1e92cfbbb31b734…)

There are many types of models, anon. And they're all legitimate "models", the ones you seem to be describing are the top tier supermodels that only 0.5% of them are. If you think everyone has to look like Miranda Kerr to be a model, you're mistaken. Taylor being a "standard pretty white girl who's skinnier and taller" is all that's needed to pass. Pic related, Neutrogena model Olivia Holt would probably be called "sub-par below average looking" here on lolcow.

No. 619070

File: 1529763646150.gif (414.23 KB, 977x709, kota.gif)

i saw this comparison in an old thread and tried to see if i could shoop it like her… its amazing how much liquify i used

No. 619079

Good job anon. First I thought you deshooped the right image and you might have added too much jaw until I realized that the left one was from a Disney modelling gig. Kota could be Jay Lenos daughter with her unfortunate chin and jaw. This is truly no model material at all with all the ps she needs to look decent.

No. 619862

File: 1529838813477.jpg (217.59 KB, 1281x680, whythelongface.jpg)

She super stretched this clip to look thin and tall.

No. 619925


even Cathy said Kota looked like Gemma Ward that time she was begging to celebrities on twitter. The delusion is real.

No. 620084

Really?? Can you post it here? I have seen screenshots how Kathy begged Jim Carey and the Dalai Lama kek

No. 620515

It's so bizarre that she uses "ore" for "I" to refer to herself. In Japanese, there are different to say "I" and most girls would use "atashi" or "watashi" while guys typically use "boku" or "ore." "Ore" is the most "manly" but also kind of rude in some situations, especially for younger people; some girls might use "boku" but I've literally never ever heard one use "ore" seriously. If she were trans or making some sort of statement about gender I would have absolutely no issue with this, but she's not- she just uses it to be a super special foreigner who doesn't have to follow the rules. That or she learned all of her Japanese from anime and never figured out how weird this is. It's just so odd and inappropriate for someone who's supposedly a serious model working in a country where formality is so important

No. 620559

She even posted on Twitter about a coworker pointing out that it was weird that she uses ore, but she waved it away by saying her best friend told her she's perfect and not to change because it would be weird if she changed.

No. 620587

I don't even speak good Japanese but it's been established for years that Koots tries to use Japanese in a way that portrays herself as a tomboy to fit her not-like-the-other-girls thing. She's always done this, check old threads.

No. 620668

anon pls

No. 620754

File: 1529906481826.png (8.46 MB, 1242x2208, 217E6F3D-C199-44A8-AAB8-2E0DB9…)

No. 620756

File: 1529906538589.png (8.63 MB, 1242x2208, CD716B1A-700F-40D8-BDCB-460BE5…)

No. 620761

jesus christ, i know we joke about her balding a lot but she legit looks like the poster child for traction alopecia. the only good thing i can say about that hairstyle is that its very brave of her considering.

No. 620762

Lmao, dont tell me to "check old threads", I remember reading them when they were current. Her Twitter p0ost about being nagged for using ore was from within the last 6 months, I know what I'm talking about. As for Japanese, in this case if she were trying to sound like a "tomboy" she would use boku instead. She uses ore because when she came to Japan she tried to claim she knew Kansai dialect (and has recently as well) and started speaking Japanese like a gruff, old man or a gangster because she probably thought it was the Japanese equivalent to her and Kiki's white trash wigger slang they thought was zomg kewl. Aside from that, using ore in public/on stage/on line vs using it with your coworkers and superiors is different, if Dakota is being told not to say ore, or that it's weird that she does by native Japanese, I think they're the ones who would know that she isn't coming off as a kawaii tomboy by doing so. But, feel free to check the old threads for the screencap of the Twitter post she made about it, dont believe me.

No. 620770

File: 1529907724284.jpg (789.59 KB, 1080x1423, 20180625_021908.jpg)

Hirari has to be her sugar momma. Taking her out all the time, getting her work, giving her discounted clothes like the stringy black bra she wore to Disney Sea- she really does the most or Dakota.

Interesting that Kota deleted the straw pic where you can actually see her wearing the bra, too >>605185

No. 620777

File: 1529908483927.jpg (47.95 KB, 683x670, aYWWd40_700b_v1.jpg)

No. 620858


Oh my god.
I feel terrible for her. I have thin hair but not THIS thin.

No. 620865

Holy fuck. She almost has no edges whatsoever. How could Dakota leave the house looking like that? Did someone tell her she has a "cute, baby forehead" and she fell for it?? Hirari is downright shady for even posting this mess.
Forget the nasolabial folds meme. From 2018 onwards, the new thing to fear will be traction alopecia.

No. 620867

I know my hair gets thin on the top, but holy crap.

No. 620873

m8 it's on purpose. It's been explained to death that she's going for something they refer to as "Gap" - It basically means contrast; she looks cute but she speaks disgustingly. It's a legitimate part of her gimmick that she's been told to play up by her management. It started when she started appearing on variety shows, and those are 100% scripted despite looking candid. It's not stupid, it's actually really smart and one of the few things she has that makes her stand out compared to other white models.

No one here needs a paragraph explaining how one of the most basic concepts in jap works, we all know.

No. 620875

File: 1529931616069.png (109.41 KB, 191x276, micky.png)

We just need one more to complete the holy trinity of balding flakes. Maybe Shuwu?

No. 620888

I wonder if she's doing this in a that dumb Ostrenga 'fuck the haters' way.

You know how Kiki always spergs about her own balding hair every time it's brought up, and the rant always has shades of 'I won't bow down to the cyber bulliez!!!1"? They end up fucking themselves over by stubbornly doing the opposite of the advice here.

No. 620898

Nah, she has no money to fix her hair or wear a wig.

No. 620906

Yeah, but she could still avoid wearing one of the worst possible hairstyles for her.

No. 620912

File: 1529935994765.jpg (59.93 KB, 576x1024, d94ce7515d02f1465e0feeb75a442c…)

No. 620989

I think that she thinks she has toddler hair and that's why she does it and she thinks it looks cute and babylike…

No. 620995

Why wouldn't her friend tell her to change her hairstyle before taking these? At least her arms don't look beefy anymore

No. 621009

You're stann 8i ng so hard its hilarious. I know what a gap personality is you wet sock, I'm saying Dakota is being retarded by using gruff language to try and make up her gap personality because nobody likes it anymore. You can go on about how much of a kawaii genius she is, but nobody has liked her "gap" for the last few years now and it's not winning her any favor lately. There's a difference between being quirky uwu for cool points, and doing something stupid just because you think you're being quirky. The line was crossed when actual Japanese people tried telling her to change and she shut it down with her hugbox logic of "my buff says im fine the way I am and not to change!". And it wouldnt surprise me if it was even a made up story she posted to get people to stop asking why she talks so rough.

>but her gap personality!!!

Dead horse, she needs a new gimmick. Real Barbie flopped, kawaii thug doesnt work anymore with her soured face and lack of hair and makeup, so now what?

>it's actually really smart and one of the few things she has that makes her stand out compared to other white models.

>she keeps using language notices find strange even after they confront her about it

>so smart and it makes her stand out! Japan hates conformity and loves it when foreigners keep making mistakes because they think being stubborn is cute!

No. 621060

Sure thinning hair sucks but why would you do THIS?

Also looking a lot like Kiki there.

No. 621156

Didnt Kiki actually do that same exact pose for a pic when she went on her Japan radio tour? I feel like I remember her in the ugly white outfit with her Bodyline shoes doing this pose with two other people beside her

No. 621344

Yeah I was under the impression that not a lot of people liked her gruff and pseudo gap moe personality ?

Like on that TV show where she gave a super low score to famous comedians and everyone was pissed at her.
My take is that a few fans are gonna eat up her shit no matter what and be like "Wow I love Dakota's devilish manners, you never know what to expect" but most regular people will just think she's nothing but an arrogant rude foreigner who stubbornly refuse to correct her mistakes.

No. 621366


I’m aware that not all models are the same. But those are actual super models. Taylor isn’t or anywhere near tall. She’s average and doesn’t have unique or interesting features. She’s pretty but the type of white girl I see on a daily basis here in England. The only reason why we think she’s decent is because she’s the only decent white girl over there in Asia on YouTube who has done modelling there. I wouldn’t say she is a proper model though. I don’t think catalogue models are even models. I’m sorry.

No. 621367


And Dakota most certainly IS NO model

No. 621370

she looks like a facehugger from alien what the actual fuck

do the ostrengas seriously have no self awareness/perception/anything?

I feel like her friend who tells her all this shit is ok and puts these pics of her up is like, secretly plotting against her or something good lord

No. 621466

Omg her face is so long and her features are so small and squished together. I almost believe Dakotas friend is a farmer herself because she posts every now and then unfortunate unphotoshopped pics of her (yes I know there is still a filter). I don't remember her other friends like Yula doing something like this kek

No. 621482

Lack of saging here is concerning.

If it's not milk then remember to sage please.

No. 621501

m8 I don't even like Dakota, but if she is doing on variety shows then her management has told her not to stop doing it. As I said, those shows are entirely scripted even though they look candid. Even more so for koots, as people love pointing out that she's often reading from a script. It's not her decision whether or not she carries on with the gimmick, is what I'm saying. No point in being mad at her about a decision her management is 100% making, regardless of how stupid it is.

>Like on that TV show where she gave a super low score to famous comedians and everyone was pissed at her.

Variety shows are 100% scripted. You're playing a part if you go on one of those shows.

No. 621537

File: 1529980610397.jpeg (26.86 KB, 300x169, mig.jpeg)

If it was scripted it seriously backfired. She's been on like two variety shows since then and that was years ago. Her catchphrase and "rude foreigner" character were definitely planned, but I think the low score was just a jerk move or attention-grab

No. 621552

What if Hirari lurks here and is her BFF but also lowkey wants the tea? She moved to Japan the same year as Dakota to pursue her kawaii dreams, too.

No. 621553

Variety shows are absolutely not "100% scripted", they have scripted cues that are worked into the show based on the guests so that everyone has a chance to get the spotlight, but the "variety" part of it is just seeing how the guests react to the hosts and the situation/game.

All you're trying to do is take the blame off Dakota for being a rude, awkward bitch. I mean come on, are you really trying to say they invite guests on the shows, then tell them what to say and how to react and when? Get out. Just because most lolcow users can't speak Japanese and don't live in Japan doesn't mean you can make up whatever bullshit about the country/culture and repeat it until it becomes true, just to protect poor wittle Kota.

She stopped getting spots on TV because of the way she was acting and because of her lying. The low score on the game show killed her as a taranto, lying about her lenses point blank lost her some points, and going on Ariyoshi was the nail in her TV coffin: she looked like shit, she killed her real barbie persona by claiming she never wanted it, and she went on to freak people out by being an autist who says she eats ketchup bread, likes rats and bugs and makes jewelry out of teeth. Now that her face isn't cute enough to offset her uncute persona she wont be able to use the ~gap personality~ excuse either.

>You're playing a part if you go on one of those shows

This part I will agree with. You are expected to behave a certain way when on variety TV, but it's mostly based on the premise of the show and how they think the viewers will react. There's no way that score she gave was planned, based on the reactions she got from it and how long it took her to show up on TV again after that. She was doing well right up until she gave that score, I think that's when she went "off script" so to speak and fucked herself over by not understanding how insulting it was culturally.

No. 621563

If Hirari was being intentionally shady with the pics she took of Kota, I'd die.

No. 621582

It was actually a video. The screenshots just terribly timed as usual.

I don’t think hirari is doing it to be shady. I think she’s trying to help Kota be more comfortable with her real self. Hirari was a weirdo try hard emo in America before akb so I believe they should be pretty close and know a lot about each other bc similar backgrounds blabla. Dakota probably confides her I securities in her and she in return tries to make her feel pretty without any editing and encourages her to post without so much shoop. Or she’s just a bitch who likes to make her friends look bad to make herself feel better lol.

No. 621597

>Hirari was a weirdo try hard emo in America before akb
OT, but where'd you find that out?

No. 621607

>It was actually a video. The screenshots just terribly timed as usual.
There were no good screenshots that could have come from that video. It's not like anon picked the worst ones.

>Hirari was a weirdo try hard emo in America before akb

That seems weird considering she was only 12 when she joined AKB in 2011. So I have a hard time believing that she was "try hard emo" at 10-11.

No. 621612

Samefag but I also just looked it up and she apparently moved to Japan when she was about 10, so… unless you show proof, it seems really unlikely.

No. 621620

Hirari moved to Japan in 2011 when she was 13, not 10.

No. 621671

File: 1529993163533.jpg (162.67 KB, 720x714, 3T6t5lhMH6I.jpg)

From the instagram account of the nail salon she went to. It's weird how they're posting a pic edited by her.

No. 621680

Stop being paranoid, I don't even think this chick know this site exist.

No. 621694

This pic looks like it was taken with snow or some other beauty app the way everything is smoothed over. I dont think they edited it or let her edit it, I think it's just the app. Otherwise, her weird Glasgow smile would be shopped out.

No. 621698

>shoops it up
>can't be assed to shoop her receding hairline

No. 621703

This pic isn't kawaii enough to be shopped by kota tbh. She would never leave those bald spots or those smile lines.

No. 621866

Dude, yes they are.

>I mean come on, are you really trying to say they invite guests on the shows, then tell them what to say and how to react and when? Get out.

Yeah, duh. That's what a variety show is my friend. The people making them are comedy writers, they write parts for actors and performers that they invite on. If they don't get the right reaction out of the audience they literally tell the audience how to react and do the take again. Sometimes there isn't even an audience, it's canned laughter or they play the edited version to a studio audience. They re-record jokes and bits if they flub the lines, and splice in reactions to other jokes if the ones they wanted to hit didn't. You honestly think a production company is going to pay guests to appear on a show with no guarantee that what they get will be entertaining? You think they would have aired that shit if it wasn't planned? No. It's all scripted. Variety shows are a massive exercise in artifice slickly edited to look like one continuous event. It takes them months to make the gaki new years show, and it's all edited to look spontaneous and candid and like it takes place in one day.

I didn't even say kota isn't a rude awkward bitch. She undoubtedly is. Her appearances on these shows are just not the career ending faux pas that people make them out to be. Her management/the writers of the show made a kind of shitty decision that didn't go down well with some of the audience. It's just not that big a deal. Her career has been slowly on the decline basically since she got there. She stopped getting spots on tv because she just isn't that popular anymore, wasn't really that popular to begin with, and the novelty of her viral fame wore out. Variety shows are trash TV, and she wasn't even on any particularly good ones, she was always at the bottom of the barrel. And yeah, like you say, she's not really cute enough to pull off the gap. It's just not this career ending nail in the coffin.

>She was doing well right up until she gave that score, I think that's when she went "off script" so to speak and fucked herself over by not understanding how insulting it was culturally.

It wouldn't have made it into the final cut if it weren't planned, and she'd actually fucked up and made a terrible cultural mistake. Those shows are filmed months in advance, the gaps between her tv appearances are not a reliable way to tell how much work she is or isn't getting.

No. 621869

It was 11 months ago

Tsubasa and others commented on it way before that though (sort of positively but maybe they didn't want to insult someone they were working with)

No. 622735

File: 1530104241647.jpeg (208.95 KB, 1200x846, DgstPAKUYAUZ3dC.jpeg)

This is fucking horrifying, she looks like a hammerhead shark.

No. 622736

File: 1530104294295.jpg (741.2 KB, 1080x2080, Screenshot_20180627-085851_Ins…)

No. 622748

She baby-shrunk her head so much her hand looks bigger than her entire face, how horrifying.

No. 622753

Someone save that poor kitty
Her head is so small compared to the other picture. This kind of editing only makes sense to her.

No. 622762

File: 1530109088293.jpg (4.98 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

run, kitty!

No. 622781

Looks like she got another hole in her ears too, so that makes 3 now. Instead of wearing makeup, she's just gonna collect piercings now?

No. 622787

Someone mentions Yula and Dakota is suddenly posting a pic of her Yula. When was the last time she posted a pic with Yula? More than a year ago? Kek she is reading here for sure.

No. 622792

Yula's version of this snap says she met with kota today before work, but she has bangs?

Maybe it was the constant "does she have any friends left beside Hirari?/Hirari gets her jobs and clothes" posts here that got to her. I wouldn't be surprised if she suddenly starts showing up again in other model's IG stories in the next few weeks. Notice though how it's only the temporary stories and never an actual post? Even Hirari.

No. 623548

Did this bitch really edit her eyes to make them more slanted now?
No matter how much she edits herself, she is never the cutest person in the photo.

No. 623626

File: 1530209273188.jpeg (99.39 KB, 1200x793, Dgw_eemVAAACZ3a.jpeg)

No. 623627

File: 1530209281821.jpeg (99.9 KB, 1200x800, Dgw_dvQUYAAgYLn.jpeg)

No. 623629

File: 1530209407336.jpg (373.37 KB, 1080x711, Screenshot_20180628-140920_Ins…)

You know, I don't hate this one. I mean, the outfit is awful imo but her face doesn't look like the missing link between humans and some kind of proto-amphibian for once.

No. 623634

Her stringy hair dragging over the floor is giving me shivers. Her face does look ok but holy fuck what is that outfit.

No. 623641

>tfw you want to look like you have a child's head so badly that your hands end up looking 4x the size of your dome, even though children have larger heads in proportion to their bodies

you guys dont like the skirt? its really cute.

No. 623656

I like the skirt, but I haaate how she paired it that blouse(?). It blows my mind how she's been in Japan for this long and still can't coordinate a decent outfit.

No. 623676

That seems to be the only angle that makes her look decent in pics and she still has to cover her chin. The side swept bangs look 1000x better than her kawaii fringe, and obviously better than her giant billboard forehead. I hope she sticks with them but knowing her trend for going back to shit that doesn't suit her once she starts getting attention and jobs again, well… buckle up anions, the ride's starting again.

No. 623690


Why are her ugly IG selfies so sharp and crisp while pics of her out and about that look half decent are such low quality?

No. 623951

Because the decent ones have a ton more shoop going on that would be obvious in full size. See the hairlines and how small she made the top half of her body and face.

No. 623959

Huh, I always though her IG selfies were like 90-100% shoop, and the rest were like 50-70% shoop or beauty apps and she just uploads them in shit quality (like a screenshot of the edit) so nobody can tell.

No. 623974

I always assumed she used an actual camera for her selfies + photoshop on a computer then uploads them to instagram.

No. 624162

I actual like this one minus the top clashing so hard. The setup of it is cute and she looks like a human. Pretty, even. She needs bangs again tho.

No. 624177

That's because its shooped to hell and back, anon. Plus, Yula probably told her to pose like this at the cat cafe, kota's selfies she takes herself are of only her shoulders up and never have any type of setting or theme, they're all super close up face shots with a wink/smile/open mouth, with her pentagram and/or clevage hanging out.

No. 624529


This is what I figured too as her camera on her phone isn't good enough to take pictures that crisp. This would also explain when she uploads late on everything.

I get this feeling that she uploads them to a secrete acc/website, and then enters website via her phone later to save them to device a post her favourite to IG.

( Imagine finding that account )

No. 626075

Don't worry anon, it's not her real hair. I honestly hope if she got those extensions in a salon she didn't pay for them, they're 2-3 shades too dark.

No. 626764

I'm starting to realize that her tops always don't match the bottoms because she can't fit into japan size bottoms.

She's always wearing huge overalls, wide pants or oversized skirts that are easier to shoop.

No. 626778

Wide pants and oversized skirts are in fashion still.

No. 626843

File: 1530505439387.jpg (293.09 KB, 1080x836, Screenshot_20180702-002440_Chr…)

I guess she's heading back to the states for a bit.

No. 626851

Dakota if you read here can you please make your vlogs more interesting they fucking suck walrus ass. They aren’t aesthetic and high fashion, they’re boring. Talk to your viewers in your videos you idiot and let your ghastly personality out that’s why people watched you and your sister when you guys actually had fans back in the day. No one is saying you have to let everyone know every detail of your private life but god damn you’re a boring ass bitch now. Your old videos were so entertaining because your shooped image was beautiful and now that you’re letting go of that editing and style your current look just isn’t going to keep you afloat when YouTube is all about being super hot and relatable. You’ve squandered every single opportunity away youtube attention is all you have left. Vlog you coming home, you and Kiki, talk about the modeling agency switch, moving, friendships, family, anything relatable for fucks sake. No one wants to see you out with your friends eating and hiding your fat ass chin in every video going through racks of clothes. Rant over. Idk how to sage sorry farmers. I’m high.

No. 626873

Can someone translate what this says please?

No. 626901

She's tired (laugh) spending the 4th in America and she'll be back in Japan soon.

No. 626904

Sage for tinfoiling for the hell of it, but what if she has to go back because she's not able to book more jobs to stay now that she's no longer being carried by a decent agency/more famous friend? Hirari helps her get all her jobs lately, but as far as celebrities go she isn't that big a deal.

No. 626918

Loathe her but she's actually appearing at some talent search called Shibuya Star festival. It seems to be a collab with Modelpress, and feature Platinum girls. As per usual Koots is catfishing with her 7 year old shoops. The grand prize is a contract with Platinum. I'd imagine she'll probably be wearing yukata and summer-y girly clothes.

No. 626932

It's associated with Modelpress, who love shilling her, so maybe she knows someone who works for them? Its kind of sad that she went from Candydoll and Peach John, to Popteen, to doing shitty little web series gigs and app promos, to being a guest model and special appearance at a talent search with catfish shoops. Platinum could even be looking to replace her.

Platinum is really fucking her over using those pics, because every time she books a gig with them and shows up as frumpy, unwashed Cathy 2.0 must damage her professional reputation even more. Using those old pics (and how fast they erased the professionally done pics they took of her) is proof she can't get work as a model anymore unless its through a favor or a lie. She lives with friends and bums clothes and food from them and her mom who still sends her care boxes. I get the feeling Dakota is living in Japan by the skin of her teeth, living cheap as fuck by not ever going anywhere or buying anything worth showing off unless it's on sale.

She's falling lower and lower, I can't wait to see where she is 2 years from now considering people were saying she was on her way out 2 years ago (hence ~muh leukemia~).

No. 626966

i have to agree about platinum, its honestly amazing to use her old ass shops in the same breath as posting her entire resume. lol who she piss off, surely she tried addressing this with them at least once. it makes me wonder if they do this with other models, because then theyre shady in general. but its just so obvious with Dakota.

No. 626968

>I get the feeling Dakota is living in Japan by the skin of her teeth, living cheap as fuck

Can see that, literally.

>dat economy class delta view

She seems to visit family once a year. I expect awkwardly shooped pictures taken around the house by kaka or her dad like the last time.

No. 626984


Possible Visa run ? Maybe platinum can't land her the extended stay work visa that Bravo always got her.


At least Modelpress always supplies with good candid shots that are usually crisp.

How many jobs has she even had this year so far ?

No. 627054

I always wonder how the people running her gigs react when they notice that she looks way different than her photoshopped photos.
If I were them I would refuse to hire her for being misleading

No. 627062


Wouldn't it be funny if she got rejected at the door, because they thought she was some random trying to impersonate "Dakota Rose", when it is her. Like I wonder if she was ever mistaken for some white trash weeb that was trying to sneak into a modelling gig.

No. 627222

I feel like a professional agwncy would know better, even a smaller one like Platinum. Maybe Kota is the one who pushed for the old shoops? They took down her ugly black shirt/white skirt pics pretty fast, which makes me think they tried and failed to book jobs for her with them and switched out of desperation.

No. 627244

That's what I'm thinking. July 4th isn't exactlt a holiday worth flying halfway across the world for, like Christmas or even birthdays. Think about it

>2012-2016 Bravo contract+visa

She was posting pics in the Bravo sitting room up until Jan. 2016. I wonder if they had her on a 4 year contract becsuse of her going viral, or id they gave her a 2 year initially and renewed it in 2014 when she was still cute and getting work with Popteen. No idea if she was stikl under Bravo when she was with Popteen for sure.

>2017 She flew back to FL for Christmas 2016 right after shooting for Yoko Fuchigami (which came out in 2017) and didn't go back to Japan until mid January 2017, after which she got the eresuto high school thing she appeared for 2-3 times that year, so maybe she got a 1 year out of whatever agency booked her just after Bravo dropped her. She also did the Fallin Snow PV, simeji and mercari app promos that year, but mostly she just looked like shit and stayed low. This is when she claims she had leukemia.

>2017 she joined Libera and got the Fitt's campaign which she utterly bombed, given it was a year long campaign and they dropped her immediately after she went on Ariyoshi Hanseikai (that must have been damage control for her ruined Barbie image) Libera gave her a 1 year contract

2018 is the year of Platinum and the catfish shoops, she got a good bump of jobs in March, and I'd bet money on her only getting jobs with them every few months. If they signed her on for 1 year as well

So, she either gets year long contracta with 1-2 decent gigs, or she flies back to FL. Although I really don't see her pulling another agency oit of her ass after Platunim, she better hope they keep her for a while.

And as an aside: Kota isn't wearing her ring jn those cat cafe pics. Hmm…

(I know my timeline is weak but I'm on mobile, I'll make a better one later unless someone else wants to)

No. 627320


Its long ago, but she did fly back to FL in 2013ish- early 2014ish. I recall her talking about flying back and forth in the beginning.

However, nobody really knows how often she leaves country, because she likes having everything secretive in her life. Everything she post is vague. I also noticed no ring since like April could be spotted. ( I checked ) But it could just be the angling.

Major tinfoil : What if Kota is lesbian ? She seems to always be out to dinner with a girl or receiving gifts from other girls, but never has a single male around. I don't really recall her ever showing interest in men even when she was younger. I'm not saying its a bad thing though. I've had a friend who was gay, and would pick on gay people and call them names and pretend they disgusted him. Maybe Kota's family made her feel like she had to hate them ? Again, just a crazy tinfoil, but I always wondered why she never brags about the boys like her sister does.

No. 627332

I've always had babydyke vibes about Kota tbh. I remember anons way back on /cgl/ talking about how being called a lesbo/dyke would trigger her harder than anything else. Remember when Kiki said her fave Sailor Moon character was Mercury and she respinded by saying "he~ll no she was a dyke!" when Kiki didn't mention it at all, almost like she didn'twant to be associated with the character rumored to be a lesbian by the fanbase. Although, she did get pretty wrapped up in Nao when she first got to Japan, so maybe she's bi with a preference for girls? Either way, we never see her with guys near her age except for work, which is strange.

No. 627337

File: 1530571887818.jpeg (46.11 KB, 400x533, FB73963D-B6C7-4787-91EE-B76CE8…)

OT as hell - but is there a place we can actually buy this outfit? All I get is that it’s by Lee, but I can’t get further than that.

No. 627374

Your best bet would be to try to find the Japanese brand site it might be listed on.

No. 627382

>I also noticed no ring since like April could be spotted. ( I checked)

She wore it up until the Rakuten suitcase collab event in May.

No. 627454


Kinda happy I'm not the only one who got those vibes.

Like as far back as I remember, she only mentioned or showed heavy interest in other girls ( that model she shooped herself into and Taylor ) She only ever talked about women complimenting her, unlike Kiki who always talked about boys obsessing/stalking/talking to her. Talked about Lesbians stalking her or liking her … never boys. Only ever has female friends. Never has seemed to have had a boyfriend or interest in dating. She talks with a manly speech, and takes interest in more gross or "tom boyish" things. She caters more to a female audience base, and repost only women who are public figures that idolize/compliment her. (Suzu). Plus as you mentioned seemed hyper sensitive to being called a "lesbian".

I also remember people talking about her sharing that apartment, but wondering why it was OTT girly with the decor in all rooms. If she was dating a girl its possible it may not even bother her as she's into the same as Kota.

No. 627497

File: 1530584165836.png (5.6 MB, 1242x2208, FE5F2E10-CF0A-444E-977E-873748…)

when you pull a dolls head but can’t detach it

No. 627502

The light shimmer between her legs. Ha ha ha

No. 627503

>>627244 again, I got on my laptop and made a complete timeline.

-Bahamut commercial
-Revel shampoo commercial (with Kyary)
-Vogue Japan (05/2012)
-Numero Tokyo magazine (06/2012)
-Elle Girl Japan (07/2012)
-GJ magazine (08/2012)
-ViVi magazine (09/2012)
-Elle Girl Korea (09/2012)
-Get it Beauty TV show (Korea)
-Tokyo Girl's Collection (09/2012)
-Dakota Rose no Subete photobook (06/2013)
- Dakota Rose Photobook event (06/2013)
-Cutie magazine (06/2013)
-Cutie magazine (08/2013)
-Candydoll commercial (with Tsubasa)
-Girl's Blogger Style event (04/2014)
-Popteen magazine (from 04/2014)
-Shibuya 109 Popteen event (05/2014)
-Samsung Galaxy s6 commercial (where they shooped her to look hafu)
-The House commercial (that ritzy house she did the commercial for where she was standing in front of the car)
-Elemental Story "commercial" (the lolita video game stream she did that was supposedly hours long)
-Nihon Terebi "行列のできる法律相談所" (?) (03/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "PON!" (03/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Za! Astute World News (03/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Sekai wa Dasenaide" (03/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Fukaii Hanashi" (04/2015)
-NIhon Terebi "ZIP!" (04/2015)
-Transformers Pachinko event (04/2015)
-Line Friends collabo event (04/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Downtown DX" (05/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Kon'ya Kurabete Mimashita" (05/2015)
-Fuji Terebi "Ojyamappu" (05/13/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Merenge no Kimochi" (05/2015)
-Fuji Terebi "Pokepon" (05/2015)
-Fuji Terebi "Ojyamappu" (05/20/2015) (again)
-Sugar Party event (06/2015)
-Wish Upon a Star collection (06/2015)
-TBS Sekai ga bibiru Yoru (06/2015)
-Tokyo Terebi "Otona mo Shiranai Otona no Jijou" (06/2015)
-Asa TV "Basudora" (06/2015)
-Daihatsu Kopen Sero event (06/2015)
-TBS "Osama no Buranchi" (06/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Hirunandesu" (06/2015)
-Popteen Shibuya summer event (07/2015)
-GRIMM drama event (07/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Odoru! Sanma Goden" (07/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Trick Hunter" (07/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Sou da Tabi ni Ikou" (07/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Sou da Tabi ni Ikou" (08/2015) again
-Nihon Terebi "Hirunandesu" (08/2015) again
-24 Hour TV 38 (08/2015)
-SoftbankxNetflix (08/2015)
-Naomi's Closet (09/09/2015)
-Naomi's Closet (09/16/2015) again
-Popteen lalaporte event (08/2015)
-Cinderella movie event (09/2015)
-Popteen magazine (until 09/2015)
-Tokyo Girls Collection (09/2015)
-Japan Girls Expo (10/2015)
-Popteen Halloween party (10/2015)
-Girls Award (10/2015)
-Japan Womens Expo fashion show (10/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Downtown DX" (10/2015)
-Nihon Terebi "Sekai bandzuke aki no yaba sugi 2-jikan" (10/2015)
-Japan Womens Expo fashion show (11/2015)
-Nani o? Halloween party event (11/2015)


-Snow app "CM" (funny how Platinum lists her app sponsorships as commercials)
-Mercari app "CM", which I remember she did x2
-Pantene app SNS PR (that half naked shower pic she posted on IG holding the shampoo, that she took down fast af)
-Simeji app keyboard collab
-Nihon Terebi "DoraGO!" (01/2016)
-Gothic & Lolita bible #59 (02/2016)
-Last Kiss (02/2016)
-Hiromichi Nakano fashion show (03/2016)
-Week Play magazine (04/2016)
-Hiromichi Nakano fashion show (07/2016)
-Abema Prime live broadcast (08/2016)
-Tower of Princess evet (09/2016)
-Takoaka kimono fest (10/2016)
-Kawaii Asia magazine (12/2016)


-Lotte Fitt's CM (02/2017)

Platinum Productions
-Nihon Terebi "Ariyoshi Hanseikai" (10/2017)


-FACo fashion show (03/2018)
-Sapporo Collection fahion show(04/2018)
-Girls AwardxRakuten collab fashion show (05/2018)
-Shibuya Starfest talent search (07/2018)

Strangely Platinum doesn't have Sapporo collection or FACo on her page, so maybe she didn't get those through them? Otherwise why add the Girls Award/Rakuten show and not them when they updated? Although under "recent information" they still have the link to the GA/Rakuten collab show she was in (https://event.rakuten.co.jp/rmagazine/talentcollaboration/travelworld/), so I'm thinking while she did "model" in the show, she wasn't booked as a model as walked as a guest because of the suitcases she helped design.

No. 627504

Nice to see the Monstrengas can afford to upgrade from Wal Mart to the pinnacle of upper class grocery shopping that is Publix!

No. 627507


>she did fly back to FL in 2013ish- early 2014ish. I recall her talking about flying back and forth in the beginning.

Looks like she wasn't working enough to stay there regularly even then, she barely worked in 2013/2014 so a visa run would make sense. She started wearing her ring in 2014 when she joined Popteen, which is when she really started getting work, and I think that's the same time she got her first apartment, the 2LDR she claimed she lived in alone. I forgot how many TV shows she did though, it looks like someone at Nihon Terebi sure liked her.

No. 627614

I'm guessing she gave her mom the phone to take these for her, awkward..

No. 627624

What's more awkward is how she's obviously using her hair to cover her fat arms since she isn't wearing sleeves.

No. 627625

Same anon, I’ve always thought she was gay because of how insistent she was that she wasn’t…also she just doesn’t seem like she’d have chemistry with boys, I could so see her being gay and probably 10x more comfortable with herself because her strong features would make her a really pretty lesbian imo
She just needs to embrace them and stop being an avoidant cunt

No. 627637

You know, when staying in Japan on a tourist visa (3 months) you can apply for an extension that allows you to stay for 6 without a proper visa. I'm wondering if that's what she did in for 2013, because after her debut she dropped off until she came back with Popteen and started getting regular work (until 2017). What if she wasn't as huge a sensation as she wants the internet to believe? Her Japan debut was midway through 2012, which means even if she got a 1 or 2 year contract she would have to renew or leave the country around the middle of whichever year it ran out as well, which she did in 2013/2014 like the previous anon said. It wasn't until 2014 that she started gaining momentum, so I don't believe Bravo was pulling all these strings for her. If so, they would have been getting her as much work as she was getting in 2015 from the start, even if her Japanese wasn't so great yet. You don't need to speak to walk a runway, which she would have been way more suited for back when she was cuter and more stylish in her teens. I'm guessing whoever got her Popteen and all those jobs for 2015 was taking care of her up until recently, right before she joined Platinum.

No. 627653

That's a wild assumption anon and I don't see that ever happening. I think she's actually dating someone just keeping it hush hush. The majority of her fanbase is mostly guys so of course she wouldn't mention or hangout with a male,she'll lose fans worser than now. She probably learned from last time, when she got hate because of a "assumption" she was dating that japanese dude. If she has a tomboyish personality she definitely has guy friends just doesn't want anons getting milk from them. I wouldn't even called those model chicks her friends seems more like acquaintances or a meal ticket to koti. Koti gore personality doesn't seem to match those girls upbeat,kawaii all day personality.

No. 627688

>I think she's actually dating someone just keeping it hush hush

Except whenever that theory gets floated here it's immediately shot down by stans, saying she lives with her friends and her mysterious ring belonged to her grandmother.

>she got hate because of a "assumption" she was dating that japanese dude

If you mean the Kamen Rider guy, it was never "assumed" they were dating, just theorized, and the hate was from her supposedly wearing stuff that was sent to him from fans. Some people even thought she just bought the same clothes he had to make it look like there was something there that wasn't- keep in mind, the Kamen Rider dating rumors were conveniently around the time she wasn't getting shit for work in 2016.

>she definitely has guy friends just doesn't want anons getting milk from them

Knowing about them would be getting milk from them? Nobody cared when she was dating Nao, and nobody tried to contact him or the other guy about her, or the guy she went on the date with for Last Kiss. Unless those mysterious guy friend she keeps secret were the ones buying her the designer sunglasses/Westwood shawl/those other brand gifts she deleted the pics of and taking her out to dinner all the time.

>I wouldn't even called those model chicks her friends seems more like acquaintances or a meal ticket to koti

She calls them her friends, and they call her their friend, which blows that theory out of the water. No doubt they're her meal tickets, but I don't believe they're helping float her just because she's a quirky foreigner who acts like a gross weirdo for shock value, especially if they're not her friends like you say.

Nice try, anon. 4/10.

No. 627713

Hmm probably because theirs no proof so of course it would be refuted. That doesn't mean she doesn't have a boyfriend.
Yea,you just stated my point I made "she got hate" and nothing ever was proven or denied if both were dating so who knows.
If the anons on here harassed kaka boyfriend,I'm pretty sure they will try to harass koti boyfriend too. Koti may say dumb things at times but she make sure she doesn't make the same mistakes as her sister. Don't forget at one time she had people actually thinking she changed since her myspace days,like how laughable.
Yea "friends" that show up after she get kicked out of her apartment and as I recall also wasn't at none of her birthday parties the year before. Yea right who the fuck she's kidding? After she get back on her feet I bet she kick them to the curb. Yula shows up once in a full moon or when koti needs references for jobs.

No. 627736

I think Kota is very careful whetheras Kaka leaves an obvious trail of crumbs for anons to follow and stalk find her / her boy toys.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kota is a lesbian or bi with a preference for girls. the Nao thing might have been in a period of her life where she was in denial still. She doesn’t seem to have dated before him right?

No. 627805

My lesbian radar tells me she def is at LEAST bi. And she is repressing hard.

No. 627881

File: 1530631279311.png (399.67 KB, 612x530, products_img_sp01.png)

Ok but can we talk about those pictures? Yikes

No. 627882

File: 1530631406018.jpg (258.8 KB, 850x491, 180420_dakotarose_21337.jpg)

No. 627883

File: 1530631429719.jpg (61.47 KB, 640x440, main_ttl.jpg)

No. 627884

File: 1530631444298.png (112.71 KB, 612x530, products_img_sp02.png)

No. 627887

File: 1530631788684.jpg (271.24 KB, 850x491, 180420_dakotarose_21134.jpg)

No. 627891

The suitcase pictures were already posted earlier in the thread.

No. 627898

She looks cute in these pics!
They don't look too airbrushed either

No. 627971


I think she would have looked nicer if she didn't look so tired and worn out in the face, due to the dark circles and dead looking skin tone.


It would be interesting if she was bi or lesbian. I wonder though, what would her families stance be on it ? Like I feel like for scrubs they're so judgemental. I feel like if she was repressing it, it was probably because of her families values. Like how Kiki absolutely hates anyone who gets plastic surgery and has any success.

Is Japan anti gay or pro gay ?

No. 627986

Am I crazy or is the line where the floor meets the wall hella uneven across this pic?

No. 628001

are you suggesting the all natural koots has photoshopped this picture?????

No. 628142

I feel like her family is homophobic as fuck, if kiki's old history of calling everyone a faggot is any indication. Kota repressing bi feelings would be believable.

No. 628208

more anti than america, more pro than russia.

No. 628359

File: 1530674875023.png (1.38 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180703-202522.png)

Kota wish

No. 628364

File: 1530675403894.jpg (125.54 KB, 1080x720, 35575338_186344612035844_43298…)

Terrifying. Those proportions. And no bangs.
Also why is it that every pictures she takes with a cat, it looks frightened or unhappy?

No. 628372

She looks like she's wearing one of kaka's lingerie outfits. Goes with how everything else is so trashy. Using a cat to hide her chin kek..

No. 628388


No. 628479

File: 1530685818523.jpg (2.19 MB, 2391x2560, 20180629_054736.jpg)

More like pic related is Kota's wish. Lulu Hashimoto, a mute "girl" who uses animegao masks and bjd tights to be a living doll model.

No. 628755


Kaka is stick thin so how would Kota even fit one of her lace outfits ?


Also below the bra wire I swear I can see a fat roll.
( yes I'm aware thats normal when sitting, but Kota would like for people to believe thats impossible for someone as smol as her )

She really looks like a special needs person doing animal/pet therapy with those wompy proportions.

No. 628766

File: 1530727515154.jpg (159.34 KB, 1024x765, 79MDDvJCV7E.jpg)

That's Kota's top from 2012.

No. 628768

File: 1530727736961.jpg (67.1 KB, 1080x793, 35616343_1825169890872705_3767…)

New Koots.It's not a great look for her. She has a really heavy brow-bone.

No. 628770

File: 1530727757432.jpg (57.63 KB, 1080x802, 35928027_1085240178294040_4359…)

No. 628778

i love the arm shoop, it looks like one arm is much longer than the other, also like she have never seen an elbow in her life

No. 628821

File: 1530731842475.jpg (46.5 KB, 960x534, 2c8f56feb0da57b19addc9937a7e72…)

they're historically pro-gay. and lightyears more than most countries in the west if you consider how casually they sprinkle it even into kids shows without causing mass, mass controversy. polls show that the homophobic population are, by a large margine, old people.

but Dakota is definitely not gay or bi. her own word that she's straight as a needle is good enough for me. to speculate that she's an oppressive lesbian just because she's not showing off her relationships is… stupid.

No. 628852

>they're historically pro-gay. and lightyears more than most countries in the west if you consider how casually they sprinkle it even into kids shows
Well, if it's in anime it must be true, right?

No. 628863

Damn how poorfag does one have to be to wear nearly 10 year old cheap clothes.

No. 628874


She's only been in Japan for 6 years.


Its a speculation, and she really hasn't made any statement about her sexual orientation. Screeching homophobic slurs doesn't mean anything.

No. 628885

Homosexuality has never been illegal in Japan and openly shown in artwork and practiced by people, similarly to ancient Greece. It wasn't until the western missionaries in the late 1800's who came and told them that it's a sin, so they submitted, discouraged homosexuality and then reverted their stance like 50 years later. So the homophobes in the country are, like anon said, old people.

They're not without their flaws (like the USA and any western country has its share of bible-thumping homophobes) but they've historically been way more accepting of gay people than most western countries.

No. 628887

Every time she goes home she doesn't bring luggage, I guess she can't afford it. Both times she went back to FL she had to rewear her old ass clothes she sent to Kiki.

No. 628911

Same-sex marriage isn't even legal in Japan, and the "class S" idea that implies all lesbian relationships are childish and can be grown out of comes from Japan too. They aren't as homophobic as some cultures, but "lightyears ahead" seems like an exaggeration.

No. 628928

It's in jdoramas too but usually use as a laughing trope. Japan seems neutral on the issue.

No. 628931

Wow this is false af. You must be some kind of fujo. Japanese people are generally against homosexuality. The only queer people who are generally accepted are gay comedians (because they like men, which is weird=funny), Onee (because they like men and act like "women", which is weird=funny). Women of course have it much worse since they don't typically find women liking women all to funny. And don't bring up that anime shit, please. Yes, being a homo is legal. No, homo marriage isn't legal in Japan (and will most likely stay that way for a while).

No. 629005

>she really hasn't made any statement about her sexual orientation.
are you new? she has, and very loud and clear. I tried to look for the full apology, but couldn't find it. In it she told the story of being cyber-harassed by an adult lesbian (as an excuse of why she made the homophobic posts), and repeated over and over again that she was straight.

>anime is mentioned, let me jump on it with a cheap predictable response topkek

No. 629007


Not the anon you're replying to, but I think that anon was trying to say that traditionally Japan wasn't homophobic, just in modern history. I 100% agree that there's a lot of homophobia in Japan today, and it's not generally accepted, but in the past it was accepted, there's no evidence to the contrary. Samurai and monks had male partners, there was a lot of literature depicting homosexuality such as "the tale of Genji", there's famous artwork of gay sex, some involving kami, some kami even became known as "Guardians of male to male love" etc.
It only became taboo in the Meiji era when westerners started trying to westernize Japan and force them to make laws against it.

No. 629100


Oh yes, a 6 year old statement when she was under her homophobic families roof. I also seriously can't believe you believe that " lesbians were cyber harassing me and wanted me haaarddd" bs. Kota thought every girl was after her knickers, which was sorta fucking odd because she NEVER mentioned men oogling after her. She was weirdly fixated on on other women.

That apology was 100% bullshit.

No. 629103

Come to think of it, the inly time she talked about guys at all was to shit on gay guys like J-star. Even when she and Kiki were bandskanks before the BOTDF drama, Kota never mentioned any guys. I think there was ONE tweet she posted years and years ago about a half asian guy she wanted that had a kid (which somehow made him unavsilable to her, my guess is because she was 13-14 and he must have been much older if he had a kid). The only time she talks about guys is when they're older guys.

No. 629139

I can see kaka now, standing just out of frame with one of her giant tacky crystals helping koots get this shot

No. 629163

>6 year old statment
because sexual orientation changes over time, right? this is what "grasping at straws" looks like. So first you tried to doubt that ~nobody knows~ her sexual orientation by saying that she has never made a statement about it. I tell you she has in fact stated she is 100% straight, and you spazz out and call that statement bullshit because of X Y Z made-up reason? Do you want her to be a lesbian? I can't imagine any other purpose for someone to insist so hard on something and not like the answer you get, unless you only want to hear a different answer.

Sorry anon, she is straight. You can make up fantasies about her being oppressed by her homophobic family and being "weirdly fixated on other women" all you want, but you look crazy asf.

No. 629189

Nta but yeah, sexuality is fluid and experimentation is how you learn what you like and don't like. Almost nobody is the same sexuality they claimed when they were 12-14.

No. 629208

This is true. Normally checked luggage for a long haul is free but for some reason Kaka and Kota's parents buy tickets that must have it as an extra charge. Even then it doesn't cost more than a few coffees.

I remember when spergchan ranted about people using luggage like it was like some luxury when it's actually a necessity.

Kaka probably holding up reflectors too. What's the thing beside Kota's head tho?

No. 629221

That I don't know, maybe some kind of bag they're using to soften a light source? It has what looks like embroidered lettering and a zipper, so maybe a bag or a jacket.

As for the luggage, yeah lmao. Maybe she gets one free checked bag and her carry on, but she leaves the checked bag empty so her parents can buy her some new clothes to take back with her. She strikes me as the kind of person to bring a fuckload of electronics on her flight instead of bringing clothes for her visit, since she knows she has a closet full her old taobao clothes and shoes waiting in FL.

No. 629315


When I said she made no statement I WAS MEANING IN HER ADULT YEARS. Because it's completely impossible for teens to oppress or hide their sexuality when living in a homophobic family. Oh wait, teens do that all the time, even with supportive families due to things like bullying in school too.

I'm not claiming it as a fact, anon. I'm well aware its a speculation, but you don't know 100% either.

No. 629413

Koots has fallen oddly silent the past couple of days..
maybe related - Taylor just got engaged so possibly prepare for a new incarnation of spergchan

No. 629432


But it was Kiki that was sperg-chan … Though maybe Kota's busy calming her sisters tits over the whole thing.

No. 630673

More like mostrengas could've stop going to walmart since the last candids of kaka

No. 631713

I'm no taylor stan, but I do think she is a "real model", just because you're a weirdo who thinks only skinny vogue amazons are "models" lmao it's just a word bruh. And the only reason I think Taylor is DECENT (she's pretty good) is because she keeps her social image up, does her makeup every day and diets and exercises, she knows how to pose and she has a good and poised walk, she's quite graceful, she has a long neck and clear skin and the youthful slender giraffe thing asia likes. You may not think she's tall but 5'8 is quite tall for asia. And she's lanky and that's good enough. There's a completely different market and industry in Asia so I get what you're saying but arguing who is a "real model", is stupid. Getting your pics taken at the mall doesn't make you a model. But Taylor is definitely a model(stop)

No. 631740

I don't know what white knight this is, but please stop.
Taylor's posture is horrific and I would not call her graceful at all. She talks about her acne all the time and does nothing consistently to treat it. Her height was measured on camera in the Bad Day video - it's 170cm (about 5'6") on the dot.

I don't dispute that Taylor is a model and much better than Dakota but get your facts straight.

No. 631747


Y'all need to learn to sage your shit. The admin's general rule for Dakota threads is that any posts not about Dakota that don't contain new milk need to be saged.

No. 632014

File: 1531105537286.jpg (267.46 KB, 1080x1289, 20180708_230506.jpg)

I checked on kota's socialblade statistics and wow, she splurged on buying views for her videos to counteract those sinking subs.

Also every time I check her page out on here she has the category changed from "games" to "comedy" and keeps going back and forth. Does that mean someone keeps reporting her? I didn't think you could even report someone for posting vids in the wrong category.

And as an aside, I looked at Hirari's instagram and it looks like she's been in Hawaii since Kota flew home for the 4th. I bet $5 kota doesn't make a post back in Japan until Hirari gets back, too.

What if they shared a flight because Kota was too broke to pay for it herself?

No. 632075

Yea her views have been dropping and her instagram has been at 137k for the last 6 months. She probably did koti doesn't make enough to afford the luxury of flying back home.

No. 632122

File: 1531120318921.jpeg (254.74 KB, 1242x1173, DB62629A-48AC-49EA-9A15-D04447…)

This has to be one of the worst shoops ever

No. 632133

File: 1531121847663.jpg (65.02 KB, 1080x720, 35485106_1079187635568791_6743…)

Larger version I think

No. 632137

File: 1531122003899.jpg (90.24 KB, 1080x720, 36136291_330524307485270_58847…)

Plus 1 more. I know Koots got a fuck load of extensions shoved into her hair before she left to the States but why is she insisting on these creepy pigtails? Plus I wonder how bad these looked before shoop.

No. 632149

She's slouched down to hide her gut and it still rolls up on her, wow. If you enlarge the pic on IG and zoom in you can really see it.

>massive leg bruise

I don't buy that she had leukemia but I do think she has some kind of medical issue going on, more than just a shitty diet. I'm anemic and have lupus and even I don't have baseball sized bruises 24/7 like she does. Plus, if she had some disease it could account for why she aged so bad so fast.

Hirari flew back to Japan 3 days ago according to her own Instagram, looks like it's just a coincidence.

No. 632151

The entire front of her body is a blur from her tits to her knees, ahahaha.

No. 632297

Cankles. She has no body definition whatsoever.

No. 632313

Kooters will have a big hump in her lovely idoru back in a few years bc look at that posture, girl that curved back isn't fashion

No. 632328

she has huge feet, omg what size is she??? they look way out of proportion for her body

No. 632359

her feet are larger than her head

No. 632594

That's what happens when you shoop yourself shorter and smaller, but can't shoop your feet smaller without fucking up the ground. It's a shitty, lazy shoop and tbh I'm surprised she thinks those pics are good enough to upload. She really must think people will like and follow her no matter what she looks like?

She already has a slight hump like her sister, probably from sitting on her butt all day.

No. 633233

File: 1531250098726.jpeg (149.62 KB, 1200x800, Dhw1HeDVAAIjP4f.jpeg)

A few new pics from twitter

No. 633234

File: 1531250109493.jpeg (180.8 KB, 1200x800, Dhw1GdPV4AAh04m.jpeg)

No. 633235

File: 1531250122097.jpeg (134.5 KB, 1200x800, Dhw1FoAUwAABeEV.jpeg)

No. 633261

you can see the blurriness in the pants line near her gut, trying to shoop so har her stomach rolls

No. 633282


I see she got new extensions x2 the length of the old ones as they are now down to her belly button/hips. Maybe mommy dearest with take her for some botox seeing as she's having an extended stay in the states.

No. 633292

And even then, you can still see a defined fat roll. How hard is it to sit up atraight for 3 seconds to prevent that? Or is she too scared she might look too tall if she does and that's somehow unkawaii?

No. 633325

I have super pale skin with spider veins. The smallest bump causes the worst bruises. I am willing to bet her issue is as basic as that.

No. 633334

this is such a weird creepy photo to me. shes trying so hard to be a sexy 5 year old and it's freaking me out. the smeagol hair and incredibly awkward posing doesnt help either

No. 633340

She actually got them done at Risel right before she left.

Same. Plus she has pretty severe anemia due to her junk vegan diet.

No. 633454

Paleness has fuck all to do with bruising, anon. They would be more visible, but to get them in the first place, aside from slamming into everything, if her unconfirmed anemia is that severe that she has large, constant bruises she needs to get medical help. She already looks like shit because of her diet, and it's only gonna get worse as the years go by unless she really does get plastic surgery- which she probably couldn't if her anemia is that severe.

I'm thinking it's just that she choses to show them off because she thinks they make her look smol and frail, when really it just makes her look sick and clumsy. There's a reason only tumblr babbies and instahoes glorify giant bruises, because normal, healthy people don't really enjoy looking at sickly, unkempt people. The least she could do is wear nude tights to diminish their appearance.

No. 633508

she'll probably be on the road to osteoporosis like kaka soon

No. 633515

How do you know, anon? I cant find the salon on twitter or instagram.

No. 633553

File: 1531275482435.jpg (68.69 KB, 645x626, Risel.JPG)

He's the owner. He posted some weirdly shooped uncanny valley pictures of her. Risel shoops so fucking weird.

No. 633564

These pictures look good and it seems she is also taking lolcow advice, I can even spot eyeliner.

No. 633569

Agreed. I wish she'd go back to her 2012/2013 glory days of editing, but we all know that'll never happen.

No. 633576


eh, even vit d deficiencies can cause bruises, I get them easily too

No. 633579

wtf are these mom jeans tho?

No. 633618


Literally where? The pic is so blurry all I can see are those fugly glasses. If you mean the pencil streak "wing" with the nude eyeshadow she wears, that's not nearly enough to make her look like less of a basic bitch.

She refuses to wear anything cute unless she's getting paid for it, everything else she wears could be considered trailer-kei.

No. 633625


top fuck kek anon.

No. 633644

It can't happen, her face is too wide and her eyes and cheeks are too droopy now, the way she shoops currently is probably the best she can do. She gained so much weight it looks like she got cheap cheek fillers.

No. 633666

Am I wrong?

>XL everything

>tacky, busy patterns
>high waisted straight leg jeans
>wears the same shoes until they disintegrate (remember those black suede ankle boots she kept blurring so the ruboff would be harder to see? And those ugly 6+ year old belted platforms she still wears and even tried to pass off as new?
>entire outfit is mismatched, clashing patterns and textures galore
>wears the same cheap looking pendant with literally every outfit despite showing off her (knockoff) brand jewelry on IG

She legit dresses like a poor kid in a small town whose mom still picks their school clothes. I guess that's what she is really, since her mom still sends her boxes with clothes in them. I kinda don't believe she was the one behind all her kawaii taobao outfits, she never dressed cute like that after moving unless it was when she would re-wear her viral outfits or when she was working (stylist's choice).

No. 633682

at least vacuum the rug before taking pics. It's nasty

No. 633690

I think they're eating in a restaurant anon

I bet that sandwich wasn't vegan tho

No. 633734

I'm pretty sure theres meat in that sandwich, not so vegan… also wtf is up with that filthy carpet??? and not to mention the wall behide her, looks like she lives in a crack den.

No. 633737

Why is her leg melting into the pool side? Also that Ethiopian arm shoop. This shoop is godawful its been awhile since she's done a shoop this bad goddamn.
Is the leg scabs part of her aesthetic?

No. 633739

File: 1531309004642.jpg (88.36 KB, 960x720, 27336428_10156036993524469_435…)

No. 633740

No no anon. You're not wrong It's just the descriptor trailer-kei made me laugh my ass off.

No. 633748



The chair's fabric pattern is warping into her like crazy which means she must be huge without shoop. Who is she kidding with clothes that are so tight on her?

I could have sworn the hovel she's eating at was their house. I guess she moved the chair so kaka can take a better lit pic.

No. 633782

Some types of deli meat look remarkably like the real thing.

No. 634081

Excuse my French but those bruises may explain how she got a "career" in Japan.

No. 634227

The leg thing is actually pretty natural. Press your calf against a hard surface like the edge of the pool and your leg does bend round it that way.

I am not denying a hoop.. Because we can all see the shop… But that part is something that happens.

No. 634268

Kek, with het family's desperation to make them famous I wouldn't doubt it. Kiki jumps into bed with guys she thinks she can get things from, and I bet kota would rather quietly follow in her footsteps to stay in Japan by any means neccessary than ever move back to Orlando to be a nobody.

No. 634338

File: 1531403212012.jpg (189.88 KB, 500x791, kikipool.jpg)


Same Pool as these old gems

No. 634340

File: 1531403324572.jpg (130.2 KB, 770x1212, kikipool2.jpg)

No. 635533

I've never noticed this before, but kaka's feet looks like they were copied and pasted in this pic. Also, wtf with the obsession with that pool

No. 635563


Some see owning a pool as a status of wealth. Plus a lot of insta thots post pool side pictures giving the illusion of rich care free life styles.

Funny though, looking at the pictures again. It doesn't even look like its their pool but rather a shared community one. >>632137 I always thought they had their own.

No. 637232

According to her twittwr, kota quietly flew back to Japan yesterday, no kawaii plane pics or apartment selfies though. It's weird how she gets so quiet like this whenever she's supposed to be doing something.

No. 637435


Couldn't it just be because of the jetleg ? Maybe she also thinks she's a celebrity in Japan so she avoids announcing her arrival to avoid stalkers. ( Or being spotted like her sister)

No. 637723

I was wondering, I thought they lived in a house. I guess houses can have community pools too. It just looked so much like an apartment complex one.
And I thought the same thing! I kept looking at it trying to figure out why but I have no idea.

No. 637807

Housing subdivisions sometimes have little parks, playgrounds or pools for community use. Her feet look weird because they're not touching the ground, she's lifting herself up with the handrails.

No. 638435

Yeah, there's what appears to be a community pool just down the street from the Ostrenga house.

No. 638635

File: 1531788077911.jpeg (924.65 KB, 1920x2560, 869FEA07-3244-4013-A418-FE93AF…)


Imagine being a member of said community, and going for a swim only to see two screeching tweens with over processed hair and caky makeup and their father coaching them to pose for a camera.

Also I kek’d at the fact both her and Taylor posted pool side photos, and couldn’t help myself.

No. 639827

lmao kaka must be about to explode with this comparision, kooters photos are so damn tacky, but hey guys she's totally living the fancy moderu~ life

No. 639904

Tacky American who speaks Japanese is her new gimmick.

No. 640457

File: 1531950517320.jpg (135.14 KB, 1080x574, 20180718_174305.jpg)

She posted a body shot gif on twitter, but she's laying low for some reason. Hirari's birthday was yesterday and she didn't post or say anything about her BFF.

Anyway, I got curiois and tried to twitter audit her but for some reason it only shows her results from 4 years ago unless you pay, and fuck that. I wanna see how fake her followers are now but not enough to spend money on it, based on socialblade her twitter followers have been slowly and steadily dropping for a while.

No. 640496

It's because she fucking wants to look like a child and not a woman like Taylor because she's a creep.

This is believable 4 years ago but her instagram now is like 90% bot comments, I can only imagine how many followers are fake on her twitter and instagram now.

No. 640521

>she's a creep

Yeah, idk how to describe it but kota gives me the same icky feeling I get from the creepy old pervs who fawn over AKB/the old guys who flooded Beckii's appearances in Japan. I don't think it's ageplay/pedo territory per se but it feels weird the way she presents herself online, especially with the baby shoops. She tries so hard to hide herself from the public, it makes it obvious she's not a real model, because she sucks ass as a model

No. 641017

Both look like wal mart but taylor looks better.
Well she is using her so it's expected of koti.
She did fuck herself over her weird ass selfies are the only thing keeping her relevant. I don't think she will be changing ut anytime soon.

No. 641103

I don't anon the scenery and photography alone precludes Tay's from being Walmart. Besides she looks really good there.

No. 641207

File: 1532021689934.jpeg (316.65 KB, 1200x902, Dic4EN6UYAACniP.jpeg)

Shit from twitterrr

No. 641208

File: 1532021709176.jpeg (180.65 KB, 1200x800, Dic7c12VsAAcuDo.jpeg)

No. 641209

File: 1532021729405.jpeg (177.25 KB, 1200x825, Dic7s5DVsAAqEaL.jpeg)

No. 641211

File: 1532021820636.jpg (515.69 KB, 1072x710, Screenshot_20180719-133554_Ins…)

And instagram. Her head looks absolutely bizzarre.

No. 641212

File: 1532021833703.jpg (629.68 KB, 1080x2072, Screenshot_20180719-133215_Ins…)

No. 641213

File: 1532021847709.jpg (532.47 KB, 1080x2087, Screenshot_20180719-133236_Ins…)

No. 641214

Is that a smudge on the mirror or a bald spot??

No. 641215

File: 1532021971248.jpg (447.35 KB, 1079x691, Screenshot_20180719-133835_Ins…)

No. 641218


I'm assuming she wears the cap to conceal how thin and balding her hair is. What I don't understand is how her hair could still look this even with all the extensions in it.

No. 641230

I think she doesn't know how to shoop with all the weird lights on her face.>>641211

No. 641268

She wears the cap because that's what famous people in Japan do (to keep a low profile) and she thinks that's she's famous. She started doing it when she started at Popteen and all of her popular model/idol friends do it.
I think that if it was really because she was self conscious of her hair, she would wear it more consistently. For example as soon as she gets to her destination she takes it off.
I assumed it was clip to hold her bangs back that got the snow treatment and looks like a big blur.

No. 641329

I love how we can casually sort of control what she does by posting here:

>"she never posts full body shots that show her figure"

>heavily shooped full body shot in shadow
>"she doesn't hang with anyone but Hirari unless it's for work"
>goes out with new girls she claims are friends
>"she hasn't been seen in public with a guy her own age since Nao, she's either sugaring for an old man or a lesbian"
>goes out with two guys near her age and posts pics of them

No. 641343

That was on the guy's insta. He just took a fan photo with Yuka and Kota was there too.
He wasn't hanging out with them.

No. 641356

I'm amazed she let him take the pic, but I guess that explains why she's almost hiding behind Yuka. Gotta cover that crimson chin, as always.

No. 641462


KEK, they're not even fans of Tooters. They're probably wondering who the hell this white chick is thats photobombing their picture.

No. 641868

Link to the tweet?

No. 641951

Nice shirt, is she a diesel mechanic now?

No. 642007

That guy face says it all.
Some of it is "true" anon. The reason she won't post full body shots is because she wants to appear as a loli. Her body type to her doesn't fit that image.

No. 642018

Kek or maybe she’s wearing a hat to shield her eyes and face from the sunlight… the reason hats exist… y’all reach so hard in this thread

No. 642144

That may be true, but she is the only person wearing a hat. Not even the people in the background are wearing a hat, or carrying anything that would hint at covering their eyes from the sun.

No. 642186

It fits her trailer-kei style quite well! Pastel mushroom mechanic desu~~

No. 642241

File: 1532089524024.jpeg (156.18 KB, 1200x887, Diilo4eVMAAjD_6.jpeg)

No. 642302

>maybe she’s wearing a hat to shield her eyes and face from the sunlight

She wore hats at night and indoors for ages to hide her hamface.

No. 642324

>>641329 You're right. Anons here talking about the state of her hair she posts this obvious shoop where she makes her hair look really thick and fluffy when it's never looked that way in it's existence.
Also it seems that she's gotten cocky enough to abandon the bangs again which is not a great idea because she has a heavy brow-bone that sort of doesn't look great at a lot of angles.

No. 642405

Her hair looks better like this. Idk why she keeps on parting her hair in the deep side part, it emphasizes how flat her hair is and you can see her scalp. She needs to add some texture and movement to her root.

No. 642410

Her hair is shooped like this.

No. 642422

I don’t get how people who are in pictures with her don’t say anything?? about the discrepancies in real life vs pics. Her old shoops, while ridiculous, were loosely based off her real features. These ones look like they were inspired by an area 51 sighting.

No. 642462

>inspired by an area 51 sighting
Top kek anon.

No. 642869

This photo is actually cute. Too bad it looks nothing like her.

No. 643081

IRL people aren't that autistic/involved. When's the last time you went out of your way to tell a relative stranger to their face they shoop their selfies too much?

No. 643321


They probably in all honesty don't even know who Dakota is beside being a friend to that girl. Dakota isn't widely known in Japan, and what ever fame/fan club she had is faded and dead now. She isn't even being identified by " Real barbie" anymore because thats just how done and over that gimmick is. Nobody wants to promote it anymore because it doesn't sell anymore.

The anime/barbie trend was pretty much done and gone by 2015 when the intathot/ Kylie Jenner trend started blowing up. Ironically Kota tried following it to some degree with her swollen arse hole looking lips and hobo baggy fashion. I believe even in Korea the over dramatic dolly look is dead, thus why those who had extreme plastic surgery are being made fun of.

On top of all this, photoshop and fakeness have became so common ( I literally couldn't point out one person I'm following on IG that doesn't edit or has had work done ) that it just seems rather pointless and stupid to even point out. Regardless of how much they shoop or not.

No. 644810

File: 1532320098369.jpg (858.16 KB, 1079x1066, Screenshot_20180723-002719_Ins…)

another pic from hirari's insta that i missed

No. 644877

She looks so out of place here. Is that an event? I hope not, considering the pastel potato sack she's wearing. I'd be embarassed to be in pictures with Hirari if I were kota- even with her horse face she actually has a good body, dresses cute and knows how to take a flattering selfie. Then you have kota just tagging along like an event guest…

No. 645064

> clenched fist
> bald patch above ear?

No. 645245


KEEEK, she looks like an elderly woman with that light blue baggy w.e, and at first glance it looks like she's clenching a walker/cane.

No. 645372


OMFG it is! She has it covered with the hat in >>641215 and her hair in every other pic, even the pool ones. Every pic she has her hair pulled over it, I'm dying.

No. 645407

Tinfoil: what if Kota isn't a model anymore and quietly got a regular, unglamorous behind the scenes job working for/with Hirari or her agency? She could have flown home to renew a work visa, and there's no way she can be real barbie again after saying she never wanted to be in the first place, even if she hadn't made up her hair loss with weight gain. The last fashion show she walked in she was a guest of Hirari's, and I guess we have to wait and see how this talent search event goes. I anticipate glorious candids, I can feel it now anons…

No. 645446

File: 1532381587490.jpg (62.31 KB, 480x640, O1405x1q050.jpg)

Heavy duty tinfoil Anon. Kota is probably one of my least favorite flakes but for all intents and purposes, to her agency she's still a model. Hirari had nothing to with Girls Award which was her last show. That was just her agency including her in a package of girls including some more popular than her. hey are also advertising her as being part of this Shibuya Starfest thing on the 28th.
It's hard to tell what the candids will be like. If they have someone styling her it probably won't look to terrible but if she styling herself…
Was looking through some old videos on vk and remembered that they actually used to let this fail-ball judge other girl's fashion. And even then her fashion was awful. She went to events in looking like a disaster. She's only ever looked good in person when someone else has styled and done her makeup.
pic related.

No. 645596

It looks as if someone had pranked and shaved a spot on her head wtf

No. 645600

Wow, this is legitimately depressing. Poor kota, wonder what's causing her balding?

No. 645635

Acute leukemia, kek.

No. 645639

overuse of extensions. plus I think that patch is a smudge on the mirror.

No. 645802

File: 1532410011666.jpg (398.19 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20180724-012559_Ins…)

another trip to the salon

No. 645811

File: 1532411337439.jpg (69.83 KB, 940x548, ridiculousbitch.JPG)

Could her extensions be anymore obvious? And that shoop is intense. It's crazy that Lewin just posts whatever unrealistic garbage that she sends them.
Anyway apparently she went for a hair curl and volume styling and bang trim because she's growing her bangs again which is a terrible idea because she has a really heavy brow-bone and kind of looks neanderthal-y without bangs.

No. 645974

This is the least ugly outfit she's worn in a long time and it isn't even that great. She sets the bar so low, dressing like >>644810

No. 645998

It's not a smudge, smudges don't follow you around. Pous, you can see dozens of pics people have taken at that museum in that same area that don't have the """smudge""". It's on her head, which is why she keeps covering it.

>t for all intents and purposes, to her agency she's still a model.

Platinum lists her as a talent, and she was in Girls Award because she designed the suitcases. Her last show before that was Sapporo Collection (Hirari walked in as well) and before that it was FACo, which Hirari walked in as well. All 3 jobs she's had this year (which is sad af for a model, 3 jobs in 7 months and they were all in March booked with 6 year old shoops? Kek) were booked with her teenaged AKB-turned-model friends. She hasn't been in a magazine in almost 2 years and her last TV appearance in almost as long was so bad they had to try and scrub it from the internet. Yeah she's technically a model by name because she wss booked and presumably paid for walking in those shows, but she looked like ass compared to everyone else, and they're the only work she can get since her "leukemia" holiday of 2016, so imho she's scraping the bottom of the barrel of the modeling industry.

No. 646091

She might have alopecia

No. 646244

If you look closely at >>641212 you will see it is not a bald spot but silver hair clips.

No. 646314

I looked, but there are no silver hair clips in that picture. You're reaching, she doesn't have any hair clips in any other pics of her pastel shroom outfit. Kota has a bald spot, its hilarious and it's not some grand medical mystery, she's been tormenting her poor scalp with extensions she shouldn't be wearing for years now because she knows her exotic blonde hair is one of her only selling points left as a model. She looks so much better with short, layered hair with some volume but like Kiki she's stuck on this fantasy of having long, thick golden locks and like so many other things, she just doesn't have that.

No. 646441


It's a bald spot. She covers it with a hat, hides it with angles, or sorta does a comb-over by pulling her hair forward on the sides of her head in literally every picture for a long time now.

No. 646560

It's also probably the reason shes growing out her bangs again, easier to comb over with longer hair on the sides. She could even get clip in bangs made from the same extensions she keeps getting and just clip them in, that way she would have bangs and enough hair to hide her failing hairline.

No. 646567

File: 1532485399514.png (251.82 KB, 433x289, Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 10.0…)


I'm baffled as to why she hasn't resorted to wearing wigs seeing as her hair is just falling out. Wigs are popular right now, and she wouldn't even stand out like a sore thumb the way she does now with the bald spots. She should seriously give up on long hair and cut it shoulder length again. Let it rest from the extensions and styling.

No. 646605

It would be obvious if she started wearing a wig, the color wouldn't be quite right- she can hardly get extensions that are the right color- and it would be hard not to notice her hair suddenly looking less sparse and stringy. Assuming she no longer has whatever issue she claimed was leukemia, and just her speshul kawaii anemia, there's no reason she can't stop with the extensions, cut her hair short and get a layered bob while she grows out her natural hair. I think she's just going to cling the endless extensions untile she absolutely can't anymore like she did with the circle lenses, her modus operandi is to ignore everything she can't shoop or lie about.

No. 646659

The "special" child glasses are back, ugh when will she get rid of those

No. 646788

I'm surprised she didn't model for tokyo girls collection with her alumni nicorun? Was she not invited or something they had a show 4 days ago?

No. 646792


She’s in America at the moment and I’m starting to think koot doesn’t give a fuck about jfashion anymore tbh

No. 646810

I think it's a silver hair clip since she's growing out her bangs and always pins them on that side.


damn, i have basically the same hair color as kooter and have never been able to find any convincing extensions in the right color…. too bad she has such a bland personality and would never cop to having extensions, much less share where she got them.

No. 647068

for a split second I thought it was kiki

No. 647097

She's back in Japan for over a week now, and that event was more an audition than a show. It's unlikely they needed her if the goal was to scout fresh talent.

You can think what you want, but it doesn't make you right. There's no hair clip anon, accept it. Hernhwir is pushed behind her ear and the bald soot is above her ear where she keeps combing her hair over.

No. 647100

Uhh, she doesn't hide her extensions or lie about them, she gets them done at Lewin >>645811
and used to go to Risel.

No. 647167

Her most recent set was done at Risel. Lewin seems to be for styling and cuts for her.
She doesn't exactly lie about them but she never mentions them when she mentions the salon just that she gets ~spa head treatments~. We know where she gets her extensions because every time she gets them Risel/Lewin gives her away, but she certainly doesn't advertise that she has extensions

No. 647582

yeah, it's painfully obvious it's a hair clip. if it were a bald spot, her hair would not be pulled behind her ear like that, nor would should she keep showing her profile in public and online. these anons are reaching.

she needs to relax with these extensions and get some volumizing products, or just cut the shit short because this is just sad.

wouldn't wigs also affect her getting jobs? not only would they have to deal with the reality of her real face, but her hair too? then again who knows.

No. 647759

File: 1532590725864.jpg (1.89 MB, 2560x2560, 18-07-26-03-38-06-929_deco.jpg)

>painfully obvious

Go back and circle this disappearing hair clip, anon. Please, because I don't see it. Probably because there is no hair clip, because it's a bald spot. Why would she take one pic with a hair clip in and then take it out for the rest of the day? Hirari did her wrong broadcasting her bald spot, but I'm sure it wasn't intentional and Kota probably thought it wouldn't be visible in the dark from a distance on snapchat. You ca go back on her instagram and see she has her hair pulled forward and laid against the side of her face in that same spot in every picture since she did those awful high&tight pigtails, and you can even see it starting to show on the side. If there were a clip, it would be plainly visible, and not just to you.

No. 648094

It looks so weird cause it’s as if the strand above the bold spot is super short.

No. 648101

File: 1532622470492.jpg (229.88 KB, 750x414, hairclip.jpg)

No. 648112

If it were a hair clip why would it be so blurry? You can clearly see her earrings in detail in both of these photos so there is no reason why you wouldn't be able to make out a hair clip if there were one.

I'm not seeing what you are seeing anon, and that is very low for a hair clip placement.

No. 648142

Hirari probably used some filter which blurred the skin and the hair clip too which was wrongfully identified as part of her skin.

And I treid my best to show you my point with the hair clip; at least two other anons agreed with me. I mean this is not how your scalp is supposed to look like with the horizontal structure above her ear. Indeed it looks more like hair clip than combed over hair. And yes there small clips you can put in your hair the way Kota did.

I also think she is balding and should pause with the extensions but you are just reaching. I stay with my opinion and I will not comment on it anymore.

No. 648167

Yeah, that's not a hair clip and even if it was- it's on the wrong side. Her bald spot is above her right ear, not her left one. Plus you would be able to see it a lot more clearly if it was, her earrings and the rest of the pic aren't that blurry- and like it's been said before, why would she wear it in that one pic and take it out for the rest of the day? That's stupid.

Embrace the bald spot, anon.

>at least two other anons agreed with me.

Y'know without post IDs that doesn't mean much.

No. 648174

File: 1532629219940.png (156.15 KB, 320x312, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 1.51…)


Doesn't look like a hair clip but rather just a petal from the visual projector, as you can clearly see her hair strands and nothing else. I mean you can see petals on her lower hair too.

She isn't bald there, but I do recall her hair is rather sparse and thin around her ears which with blur filters could look like baldness.

No. 648177


>Her bald spot is above her right ear, not her left one

It is the same spot kek it is called mirror btw

No. 648209

>projector petal

Then what about the giant bald spot in the other pic wth no petals? >>644810 >>641213

No. 648325

File: 1532642587782.png (473.12 KB, 422x635, Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 10.3…)


Dunno if your eyes are bad, but the picture I quoted you can literally see her hair there … Its just lightened up by the lighting/projector. Her hairs thin and clearly doesn't take much to make it look even worse. However, I wouldn't doubt that there was a time when she was literally balding from all the styling and damage done by gigs. ( Like in this pic )

No. 648346

Christ what horrors are under that weave..

No. 648645

File: 1532673754910.png (75.87 KB, 957x404, Capture7.PNG)

Does anybody remember this artist? She posted a picture of 2012's Koots with a caption (i think) is "Why cant things be like 2012 again" or some sort and then she was force to delete it?
Since im an idiot that doesnt screenshot everything,i hope someone here would have more evidence

No. 648646

She was force by Koots btw,and then posted an instagram story abt the incident

No. 648655

Yeah I saw that too. I actually used to be a patron to this artist on Patreon. I didn’t screenshot the post tho

No. 648658

Do you mean that "As Long as You Love Me" thing by Donna-something? That was grom 2012 as well, i tried to ctrl+F "Donna" in the last 3 threads but I couldn't find it.

Did someone else make an exhibit based on Kota's shoops and how obviois they were?

No. 648659

Well,it happend in a very short period of time,but whats posted on the interent stays on the internet forever so we'll have some hope~~

No. 648661

Nah,its just a photo with a caption,the artist usually post real life models or women that inspires her art,nothing personal.Seems like Koots a little too sensitive kek and also i dont think its that "As long as you love me" cuz i only saw it quite briefly,the photo was a screenshot of koots video with twintails

No. 648673

File: 1532679050030.jpg (252.5 KB, 1251x706, set_talent.jpg)

Shibuya Starfest is today!


Woof, some of those finalists…

No. 648773

Dear lord, could they have possibly used an older picture?

She looks nothing like that. I don’t think Kooter is ugly but she really can’t hold a candle to those other girls, they are all gorgeous.

No. 648818

that picture's such a meme

10 years from now they'll still be using it to promote her

No. 648975

File: 1532719385416.jpg (123.17 KB, 700x840, SqRSNYkq17Y.jpg)

i don't understand. like, she has decent headshots. pic related is from her failed jewelry line and it's not even a bad photo of her imo. whose still falling for her shitty shoops? are these 5+ year old pics really getting her gigs?

No. 648991

I've thought about that before. It's weird that they are not using some of her arguably better professional pictures. The picture you posted is a good example but also she has tons of other good pictures from some her jobs. I don't want to tinfoil but maybe she left on bad terms with Bravo and they refused to give her her book. If Bravo was helping to finance Baby Fang, that could also be why she can't use any of those pictures. I'm just speculating but if seems silly to use ancient shoops when you have pictures where professional makeup/styling/photography/editing legit worked miracles in transforming her into something aspirational.

No. 648995

It's almost August and this is only her third/fourth job of the year, and she probably only got it as part of a package deal with her agency. I'm sure they know how absurd it is to keep using thise old ass fake pics, but remember they tried taking professional shots of her for platinum and she looked like Cathy pulling a Margaret Palermo and trying to cosplay her daughter. I think they know it's the shoops or she doesn't work.

She might not have permission to use them. Maybe the only pics she fully owns herself are her pre-Japan viral pics?

No. 649012

>She might not have permission to use them. Maybe the only pics she fully owns herself are her pre-Japan viral pics?
That's what I'm thinking at this point.

No. 649060


Don't see why she just doesn't go find a photographer to take and edit new head shots for her, or take them home and digitally edit them on photoshop and summit them to her agency. At least that way they'd be new. ( Not real … but as if she'll ever just leave her pictures untouched )

No. 649081

Agencies don't work that way, they don't let you just hand in whatever pictures you want. They hire photographers so that they have control over factors like lighting, tone, exposure and of course shoop. If it were as easy as getting signed with shoops and continually handing in shoops, modeling would be a lot less competitive and easier to get into. Dakota shamelessly milked Bravo's fuckup of signing her without seeing her in person (iirc she signed her contract after a Skype interview and sending them AE videos of her) but now it looks like everyone is getting wise to her ways.

Her Libera pics weren't bad, but they tried too hard to make her look like a preteen and they were still shooped and overexposed, and I think they only used them to save face for how she looked in Fitt's.

No. 649085

Remember when she first got to Japan and had all those big name jobs, she kept uploading the released promo pics to her website after shooping them to look like her viral pics. That could have something to do with it, I can't imagine an agency as big as Bravo taking that lightly.

No. 649351

They took it lightly for a couple of years. Even used her shoops on her portfolio.
But this still should stop her from get professiinal headshots. Alot of models get new ones every few yrs or so. Its weird they are using her old asd shoops and not professional pics that a compsny can probably buy. I dont think compsnies hold model work hostage. This has to be someine conscious choice.
Its weird her so called friends arent really helping her stay in a good place model wise. There is alot more they could do.

No. 649358

It's hilarious how everyone has professional headshots and there's her with her stupid selfie. The only one. This happens too often.

She actually looks amazing here.

No. 649376

>I dont think compsnies hold model work hostage.

They don't, but they do usually own it and want some control over the distribution of it to preserve the company's image. A model is the company's product so to speak, their walking billboard, and the images they take of them are their property unless a contract says otherwise. Imagine if every model tried to edit their work and use it however and wherever they want, it would be a PR nightmare of copyright violations.

They must have let her do it while she was under contract to save face- better to have a fake, beautiful image attached to your company than have shots of a square faced potato girl next to all the beautiful upscale models.

No. 649608

But the work she does for like popteen or her early work would just be a resume. Companies offer recommendations by the use of work for a model portfolio. Where is Kota's. She has little to no recent works on it. Or they use her old pre model shoops. Its so fucking weird. Who is hiding them? She must have a powerful backer who can convince these shows to not use her actual works.

Theres just too much circumstance shes doesnt have a prower sugar daddy or something. Not even Russian models get this type of treatment. Most wadh up.after 2 yrs if theres no constant work.
And they are pass the point of saving face because who the fuck cares we see the truth of her looks in the end.

No. 649719

I don't think she has a sugar daddy if she did she wouldn't look so bad and would be showing off on instagram like she used to when she was going out to dinner and getting expensive gifts from "friends". She could have had one previously but I think lately she's relying heavily on Hirari and the AKB girls she hangs with. If she still had the same setup she had when she was in her previous apartment (when she was getting all those gifts and going on TV/getting hella magazine jobs) she would still be showing it off. She stopped doing all that and started laying sort of low when she moved, and we don't really know what her situstuon is. If she's on a 1-year contract with Platinum they might have given her the apartment, or she could be living with a friend on the cheap so she can afford her private cab rides everywhere. There's no way to tell for sure, but one thing that's certain is shes too old, chubby and irrelevant to be supporting herself, even with Cathy sending her food and clothes every month (and probably money as well since they seem to have it to blow trying to buy Kiki a career in LA). After all it's not like she was ever "famous" enough to be considered a celebrity so it's not like she's skating by just on her name and viral fame. Most teens now don't know who she is and don't care bc they have girls their own age to look uo to who are actually famous and not catfish.

I guess as long as Kota physically stays in Japan and keeps getting the odd modeling job while buying her online popularity, she's gonna keep pretending she's still at the height of her "fame" and still ungodly beautiful enough that she can model without taking care of herself, even if she's close to having to flt back to FL. Really we don't know that her July 4th trio back was her first time going home sunce 2014, she could have been hopping back and forth and living in someone's spare room in Tokyo while her parents help her pay her bills so they can brag about their model-in-Tokyo daughter.

No. 649805

File: 1532817986973.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x1733, 20180728_184305.jpg)

It's amazing that random white girls still get mistaken for her because none of her "fans" know what she really looks like despite her many TV appearances.

No. 649809

Tbf it's not really their fault since she changes her face everyday

No. 649810

lmao thhat girl looks like a better dakota than dakota does

No. 649827

wow she's very cute

No. 649828

File: 1532820510124.jpg (1.94 MB, 1920x2560, 18-07-28-19-27-24-400_deco.jpg)

She looks just like an IRL version of Kota's shoops, this girl should make a Dakota Rose lookalike video on YT, then she could get all the jobs kota can't anymore.

No. 649830

Knowing how crazy are the monstrengas, they might be frantically trying to find out who is she as we speak…

No. 649838

She looks good there because it's heavily shooped in a better style than what she does it on her own.

LOL if someone told me that was an old pic of Koots I might have believed it, other than the fact that she is thinner than Koots could ever hope to be.

No. 649865

Guess I'm the only one who thinks the resemblance is barely even there other than blonde white weeb girl. Vaguely looks like a fresher irl Kota but absolutely nothing like the shoops imo

No. 649874

nah, it's not just you. i don't think she looks like dakota's shoops either. but i do think she fits the aesthetic that dakota is desperately trying achieve. dolly shit just isn't for her, even other kawaii models have settled down into more mature styles. the way she dresses (as ugly as her clothing choices are like 90% of the time) have definitely mellowed out, but i wish her shooping style would follow suit.

No. 649881


>round cheeks

>small chin
>sloped nose
>small mouth
>cute, youthful face overall

She looks more like Dakota's shoops than Dakota does, but nobody looks exactly like then because, duh, they're anatomically inaccurate and fake as fuck. Of course she doesn't look 100% like the shoops, but she looks more like them them than Dakota ever could hope to. That girl looks like what Dakota thinks she looks like IRL and shoops herself into.

No. 650280

That's what dakota wishes she looks like.

No. 650282

File: 1532875052190.png (470.07 KB, 687x476, Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 10.3…)

Incoming pics

No. 650283

File: 1532875083009.png (410.01 KB, 396x652, Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 10.3…)


Looks like she really did loose weight. Good for her.

No. 650285

File: 1532875105023.png (331.18 KB, 525x467, Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 10.3…)

No. 650286

chin and face look smaller/less puffy too

No. 650313

Sorry I don't see it. I actually think her face looks pretty massive here and she has definitely put on weight since Girls Award.

No. 650317

She looks so much like Cathy here.

No. 650334

is there link of this photos?

No. 650336

What do you mean anon? It's just modelpress.
Scroll down to see but there are only 3 pictures.

No. 650424

Woah, she looks pretty nice! Congarts Koots, you're not a complete failure after all!

No. 650471

File: 1532892233299.jpg (235.45 KB, 1080x1026, 20180729_152219.jpg)

Anon, this pic is I stretched as fuck vertically. Modelpress shoops for her (lightly). It's telling how bad she must have looked if these are her best pics, especially since all the tags of her from this event are pics of other people. She's such a shit model they have to carefully release selective shoops of her.

I wonder how catfished all those people who went to see her felt after they plastered this old ass shoop all over the event.

Side note, but it's impressive how rectangular and wide her jaw is getting compared to how she used to look. She's only 21 so in the next few years it might wven get worse lmao

No. 650483

File: 1532893641097.jpg (165.04 KB, 396x652, 18-07-29-15-45-32-912_deco.jpg)

Can we just talk about how unprofessional this is? Dskota and her bullshit aside I've never heard of a modeling agency keeping a model they can barely release pictures of that aren't 6+ years old.

No. 650495

oh ffs why are you gushing over these midwestern mall tier photos. These look like that dragged a rando off the street and gave her a model makeover. Like I understood the hype about her stage at Girls Award because she legit looked good there, but this? Hard pass.

No. 650630


Do you think she did the side sweep bangs in a mere attempt to look a little more like her modelling profile photo.( But dat jaw though.)

No. 650659

When they order the model in the photoshop photo, there's no way they know who she is when she walks in. They must get so confused. They ask for soft features and get very strong features.

No. 650682

The perks of direct booking!

She's not ugly on her own but next to those shoops she looks terrible. Talk about setting herself up for embarassment.

No. 650753

File: 1532922856839.jpeg (18.66 KB, 434x241, image.jpeg)

Too bad red carpet tier heavy eye makeup doesn't suit her alien toddler aesthetic anymore (and the neckline is making things worse)

No. 650813

File: 1532930323715.jpg (670.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180730-015721_Twi…)

Yet another clickbait page is trying to boost the almost 3 year old runmor that she was dating Taiko Katono, despite the fact that he never confirmed or commented on it and avoided her on Twitter. How sad. Kiki got used by Taku, and Kota got pump and dumped by Taiko.

>deleted & reuploaded for timestamp, this article was posted the day after Shibuya Star Fest

No. 650815

File: 1532930427731.jpg (156.78 KB, 1080x810, 20180730_020004.jpg)

Also found this, some people still think she's lying about her age, but that's what happend when you use old as pics, kek

No. 650925


yeah i still don't know how old this bitch is and i've been following her since 2008

No. 651086

File: 1532964089211.jpg (684.89 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20180730-111800_Ins…)

could you imagine taking a selfie with someone and not being able to upload it until after they've finished rigorously editing themselves to the point of being unrecognizable?

No. 651146

File: 1532969804952.png (65.04 KB, 221x258, Thwomp.png)

Face shaped like a thwomp compared to her shoops.

No. 651176

This is weird. Someone is trying to push this narrative still, which probably explains why she was taking photos of herself with things that he owns. I wonder if they have even ever met. Or they met once and then he saw what her face looks like. Why are they so desperate to make Dakota happen sometimes? Why not just give up and move on to the next young white girl?

No. 651268

There was at least one pic of him sitting on her couch with her "hug me" pillow, and he was supposedly spending the nigjt with her in Tokyo during a film shoot (I remember anons sperging over it because twitter was going crazy with rumors). I think maybe she met him through work or friends and had a fling and she thought it was more than he did, so she took pics in his clothes trying to casually get people talking. Honestly I don't kkow why nobody would outright ask him by now, or if someone has and he just declined to comment.

No. 651298

There a couple of oics werent there? So she just took the clothes off his back and took pics? Kota doesnt seem kike the kind to do this. She isnt some naive kid. She probably was hoping it would get her somewhere if she really wanted to start rumors.

No. 651334


I've been following threads about her for yeeaars, and never recall seeing a picture of him sitting on her couch or anything like her couch. Only pictures of them having the same/similar things and fans going nuts when they thought he gave her one of their gifts.

No. 651343

There was one pic of him supposedly in her apartment, and several pics of her wearing his clothes, but he never followed back on Twitter or responded to her tweeting @ him. As soon as the rumors started flying, he went quiet, Kota was the one trying to drop hints everywhere like on TV.

This feels like her usual attempts to boost her popularity afyer a bad candid, really. Dig up old rumors about her dating a celebrity, pay to have a fuckload of Japanese bot accounts tweet the same promo of her latest work with the same exact caption several dozen times, plus the usual bot accounts spamming her older, more unrealistically shooped pics from her Popteen era. Dakota knows her online infamy is the o ly thing flosting her anymore, which is why she keeps buying views- on July 7 while she was laying low in Florida she bought almost 4.5 million YT views to spread across her videos because she was losing more followers. Her job is making sure she has enough interner buzz constantly circulating around her name, good or bad, for her to be relevant enough to keep getting work every time she takes a few months off and people start forgetting her.

No. 651344

It was the one where he was sitting on her white couch holding a cat next to her white and gold "hug me" pillow.

No. 651527


>4.5 million views

Wait… what ? How does this shit not get recognized by youtube ? Like are they paying her for fake views ???

No. 651567

It was only ever Dakota herself with pics of stuff she bought that was similar to his years ago. She rarely buys new things so this stalking must have been a huge investment.

Literally nobody has anything to gain from this but herself, while he has everything to lose. It's very kaka post-breakup behaviour imo.

No. 651654

File: 1533012507891.jpg (423.41 KB, 1080x1857, 20180731_004702.jpg)

I guess they don't care? Or as long as her account doesn't get reported for anything they don't bother to check.

No. 652211


huh, I guess thats why she's been treating herself lately. Leave it to Kota to profit off of scammed money from Youtube.

If its really that easy to scam Youtube than I surprised Kaka isn't doing it too. ( same with Onision who was buying followers anyways)

No. 652422


The sad part it, this isn't even against YouTube's TOS. As long as you don't break any rules you can buy followers and views for your videos to keep them monetized. Probably the worst thing she does is miscategorize her videos but they don't really give a shit about that. Kota must think she's brilliant, spending $100-200 a month on YT views to keep her $1K a month allowance coming from them since modeling probably can't pay her bills anymore.

No. 652462

Hypothetically could someone get their account taken down for this somehow?
I don't see why they would allow it. I don't know how it works but I guess if advertisers are paying youtube to have ads on their videos, youtube wouldn't care?
Also sorry if it's a dumb question but why are the estimated yearly earning negative?

No. 652852

If you monetize a specific video you bought views for, you get your account taken down for it 100%. But if you don't monetize this specific video, Youtube doesn't care at all. It would be interesting to see if she really bought views for only one video or for all of them but then she would be screwed too.

I saw a video where someone did an experiment with buying views and at first Youtube didn't detect anything. When the user wanted to see his monthly paycheck, he was banned from adsense and Youtube. It took about 1 month to detect the fake views because of payday, so let's wait for another week if Kota still has an account.

No. 652933

>The perks of direct booking!

To this day I can't get how, 6 years later, there are companies still falling for it though.

No. 652937

No, because like I said, it isn't against the TOS to buy views. It's only when you try to buy them to cross the monetization threshold that they care, if you already have lots of followers and views because of going viral like Kota then yes, she can theoretically go the rest of her life buying views to make sure she doesn't fall behind that threshold so she can keep getting ad revenue.

You have to remeber, YouTube is an advertising platform, and as long as they leep making money from advertisers who want to play ads on videos by people like Dakota who have no problem shamelessly buying their popularity then they will allow it. They might demonetize her account if it came out that she was flosting her dead hirae of a career on YT with the combination of shoops and bought views, but the way she and her crazy family take down everything that Dakota herself doesn't want posted I doubt something like that would gain enough traction to get YT involved or have a negatice impact on her career, unless it was in both English and Japanese and went viral like her shoops did so long ago.

Of course, if YouTube hasn't caught in to her by now they might not, I don't know how long she's been monetized but if it's been a couole of years they probably know and don't care. We know her videos got flagged before for using songs without permission, but lately she hasn't done anything against the rules really. Unscrupulous, shamelesss clinging to a bygone ideal of yoirself and your importance isn't against the YT TOS.

>casual reminder, any and all interaction with the cows or their accounts is considered "cowtipping", even if they are breaking rules, so don't bother unless you know not to come back here to brag about it on lolcow

No. 652940

Goddamn it, sorry for all the typos. I just switched from apple to android and the autocorrect fuckery is even worse now

No. 653051

Because each company that does is probably too ashamed to admit it and just keeps shooping her/hiding pics of her they can't shoop. Bravo, Libera and Popteen are huge companies, I doubt they want to all be known as the idiots who fell for a white girl's photoshop. Photogs and editors are supposed to be able to spot photo manipulation, but Kota beat them at it by taking classes at Valencia college in Orlando for photo and video editing, plus she spent weeks on a single photo to make sure it was as seamless as possible. Sure, she still fucked up a few times like with her wobbly chin and expanding tit, but for the most part the cleanness of the shoops plus her and her family all swearing up, down, and sideways that it was all lighting, angles and makeup had to be more than enough to make them think she really did just need lots of setup to really look that good.

No. 653887


Can people some how mass report this ? Or email Youtube about it ?(no, this is cowtipping)

No. 654181

Would they care? It took something like two weeks for them to even do anything about the Logan Paul dead body video and all they did was demonetize it. Youtube gives almost no fucks until a bunch of people do.

No. 654280

But Logan Paul was Youtube's golden boy who generated millions of views daily and therefore got them a lot of money. Dakota is a nobody in comparison who costs them money because she bought views and tricked advertisers.

No. 654367

As long as she makes more in ad revenue than she spends she's making a profit, which means the advertisers are as well. If she really is getting ~1K a month just from ad revenue then she's making the advertisers much more. That's not nothing.

So basically yeah, she's scamming youtube but no, they don't care because it makes them money too. The bonus for her is that she gets to continue being a model because she keeps pulling in statistics that make agencies think she's still relevant (and why they don't care that she's scamming them too with her real face).

No. 654605

Do people in Japan… care? About models like that? I don't know, I've followed a lot of "popular" models over here in the states and absolutely nobody gives a shit about them. They don't care who they're dating. It's not something that would ever get put out as some kind of promo thing. After all, models aren't celebrities unless you're some very rare exception like Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks. Models are just there to wear clothes and be a blank canvas for the designer.

Strange how either Japan is completely different or Dacote is just utterly delusional on her "status".

No. 654670

So I guess we cracked the case about how she stays there with minimum work? 1K or so a month of scammed youtube money seems reasonable if she is living with roommates (I don't know prices about Japan or her location), then only buys clothes or gets her nails done after she scores her one job. Perhaps maybe her mother even helps her out occasionally. I think this all adds up.

No. 655060

This is not how advertisement works. Advertisers put their ads and money out there on Youtube to reach a specific group. In Dakotas case only bots and paid middle aged men from India watch her videos which means the advertiser's investments are nothing worth/gone.

No. 655104

Can someone brief on the Taku and Taiko thing? I’m v behind. What even happened with Kiki and Taku…besides her likely boring him to death with basicness

No. 655246

Kiki met Taku on a language exchange app and fucked around with him for a couple of weeks, only to dump and ghost her when someone messaged him the link to her Japanese info page that details apl her past antics as Kiki Kannibal. She didn't understand the concept of gaijin pussy hunters and claimed they were engaged and that she was living with him, probably because he said he would marry her which any GPH will do to make you think he really cares. She also made up the story of him going to Disney with her with those cringey bracelets alhut nobody bought that he would fly all the way to Orlando to go to Disney with her. After that, she sort of gave up on Japan.

As for Kota and Taiko, there were rumors that they were fucking and one person claimed to have seen them together outside a pachinko parlour making out and said Kota smelled like cigarettes. Other rumors were that he went to Shibuya to spend a might with her while he was shooting in another city, but he never confirmed anything, never mentioned her and he never took any pics with her either. There's no real proof they ever even met IRL, and the way he ignored it shows he probably knew nothing about the rumors. If they really wete fucking, it wasn't put of attraction or genuine feelings because he ignored her completely like he was doing damage control when the rumors started gaining speed on media news sites like ameblo. I'm on the fence, but I think maybe they did have a fling and Kota pulled a Kiki, trying to show it off without his permission for internet cool points.

No. 655293

Her mom sends her clothes, vegan food, makeup and other stuff every month or so. If all her actual money went to bills I bet they would keep wiring her an allowance to do her nails, get extensions and go out to eat with friends to ake it look like she has a social life. If they can give up $5,000 to send Kiki to LA and help her live there then they can likely afford to send Kota a couple hundres bucks a month.

No. 655399

File: 1533281074562.jpg (910.26 KB, 1080x2076, Screenshot_20180803-031858_Ins…)

No. 655839

Who is that she's with? Not Hirari or Yula for sure.

No. 657085

File: 1533464537282.jpg (475.24 KB, 1080x855, 20180805_061650.jpg)

Another recent pic from Twitter, this one without a heinous snow filter but with her favorite chin blocking mask.

Also, she has 3 different accounts posting her suitcases every few hours for the last couple of days, copied word for word. All have pics of flowers for the avatar, and all were made near the middle of last year. Also still has "people" reposting her Tokyo Disney Sea video, with the same exact caption. Is the botting supposed to be subtle?

No. 657091

File: 1533465408819.jpg (579.43 KB, 1080x2152, 20180805_063620.jpg)

Ohoho, and not 5 minutes after posting this they all post the links again within minutes of each other! Looks like they're going from every hour to every half hour or less based on the frequency of the posts.

No. 657307

That girl in the middle makes Pskota look normal

No. 657382

With that plastic surgery looking face going on, all she needs is a wig and lenses and it would be kota's fantasy vs kota's reality lmao

No. 657446

File: 1533509456221.jpeg (104.71 KB, 1200x833, Dj1e8FcU8AAcuH3.jpeg)

that's kanna okada, a member of the idol group hkt48

No. 657448

File: 1533509566899.jpg (74.92 KB, 1080x445, Screenshot_20180805-185128_Ins…)

the world must be coming to an end because she's actually replied to someone's comment on instagram for once. and in english, gasp!

No. 657457

She's not a nobody, so I guess that's why Kota bothered to take the 5 seconds to respond. Aya is the designer for Yello, the shoe brand where Kota turned up for the launch in the horrible dungarees, pink shirt and white cap pulled down low combo. And the candid was posted here with her in the background looking fat and sloppy as fuck.

Ostrengas don't respond to plebs, they only bother making a meagre attempt with people they can use to get ahead.

No. 657624

File: 1533523592529.jpg (281.92 KB, 1060x795, 20180805_224014.jpg)

Under her arm, that looks like the bear that was supposed to be a fan gift to Taiko, she must really want that rumor to take off again. (Sorry for shit pic, the article doesnt have it and google won't let you download full images anymore.)

Hilariously the article features the comment from Girlschannel saying someone saw her with him outside a pachinko parlour in Roppongi and she smelled like cigarettes.

>153. 匿名 2015/12/06(日) 01:49:18


Also nice leg bruises, anemia-chan. Buying views, living off friends, bot spamming your suitcases and trying to rehash an over 2 year old unconfirmed rumor, such a glamorous Tokyo top model desu~~

She might not be renewing with Platinum once her current contract runs out if she's doing shit like this.

No. 657634

File: 1533524266227.jpg (556.52 KB, 1080x1740, 20180805_225602.jpg)

Why leave out the caption, anon?

>anons notice she hasn't been on TV in a long time

>now she's going back on Abema prime

"Kota doesn't lurk here" my ass.

No. 658660

Oh man the best part is that this a show featuring charisma models who are popular with teens. And Yurayura is one of the regular MCs. Surprise surprise.

No. 658878

So it's another favor from a friend, kek. I think the rest of her "career" is just gonna be tag along jobs she gets from them, how pitiful.

No. 659023

An appearance on another show so people can laugh at you again? Good job, I guess?

No. 659309

They'll probably just shoop her or make it impossible to find online, or both. Japan anons, someone watch it and take pics for posterity

No. 659381

Finally… kotas once in a blue moon busted tv appearances are the only reason i drop into her thread once in a while

No. 659708

File: 1533754045897.jpg (233.74 KB, 1080x1576, 20180808_144540.jpg)

She still won't let anyone post her ariyoshi screenshots with any comments that aren't calling her beautiful. I don't think she'll go on TV looking like shit again because by now she's learned if she slobs it up too much even her beloved Japanese fans will neg her.

No. 659727


Is that the Tv show she appeared on claiming she was bum ass broke and eating plain bread with ketchup on it ?

No. 659731

Still baffling to me how she even gets screenshots removed. She’s not the copyright holder and I can’t think of anybody in the public who pulls shit like this lol

No. 659790

File: 1533760260438.jpeg (110.66 KB, 1200x800, DkE_sOXV4AAJjhR.jpeg)

No. 659792

File: 1533760349790.jpeg (90.08 KB, 1200x800, DkE_s3YV4AIjMI4.jpeg)

No. 659793

File: 1533760414458.jpg (332.1 KB, 1080x2069, 20180808_163301.jpg)

No. 659795

File: 1533760525165.jpg (378.1 KB, 1080x2081, 20180808_163357.jpg)

is this more shilling for her television appearence? i can't read japanese.

No. 659868

What is with her shooping style lately? She is looking downright ugly. She has crazy eyes in these photos.
And I'm calling it.. she's going to look horrible on this show because she has her greasy matted down flat hair and no makeup as usual.

No. 659901

File: 1533766567565.jpg (439.77 KB, 1080x1602, 20180808_181222.jpg)

I know this may sound crazy but Dakota reminds me of this girl on IG who is known for editing her and her bf photos to look like aliens.

No. 659982

Yep, "I the model Dakota Rose, never wanted to be called real Barbie".

It's not legal, but as long as nobody calls her on it legally I guess she'll just keep doing it. The Ostrengas seem to just keep doing things regardless of legality and riding the "poor white internet starlet" card and kissing ass to keep from getting in trouble for it.

She might be trying to keep the shoops closer to her real face so she doesn't have to keep copyright claiming screenshots and blocking people who say she looks different.

What the fuck is with the length of her arm? lmaooo

No. 659986

This says she got a "laser facial" for the first time at DSClinic, which is a funny way to say "cool sculpting". She must be getting ready ro go on TV, burning more fat off before her jobs. Last time she went there for her "hip correction" she said her face felt redreshed as well. Looks like she's just gonna be a lipo clinic queen, constantly doing SNS promos for discounts so she can keep working.

No. 660071


Lol, she just really loves taking Lolcows advice. Every time people here bitch or complain about something she changes it. Why can't Kiki work on improving herself ?

Part me is happy she's self improving, but part of me is dying because of course she's going the cheater method. Scamming youtube, buying likes and follows,mooching work from friends, pushing fake articles and getting cosmetic work done rather than naturally losing weight.

No. 660180

Don't feel too bad, the more popularity she gets from scamming and shooping as she ages the more people will wise up to her. All the anti-aging facials and cool sculpting her in Shibuya can't keep her from aging like milk and becoming Cathy's mini-me, she really fucked herself over taking 2016-2017 off and getting fat. 2015 was her prime, she got the most work that year and she looked her best with shorter hair and makeup. She's flailing, doing whatever it takes to keep the "model/talent" boat afloat because it's all she has worth bragging about online but I mean, just look at her compared to the Platinum shoops they advertise her with. Do you think people will blindly follow her only for her poorly edited shoops because shes white and speaks Japanese? The more she tries to keep using those old ass pics the more damage she's doing to herself in the long run as she ages, and the more she'll have to hide from the public. Hell, some Japanese netizens already refer to her as a mackerel.

No. 660205

The DSclinic insta page posted this as well, but they said she had it done in Ginza not Shibuya. Maybe she couldn't get the same discount from the one she went to last time?

No. 660296

Bitch looks like a praying mantis with her arms stretched and her head shrunk like that. Dakota please, take some anatomy lessons, your shops and your shitty art will improve so much.

No. 660302

What an insult to this instagram considering they're clearly artistic content creators who are pushing an aesthetic whereas dacote is just some shitty delusional liar.

No. 660321

This. The repetitive "call me crazy but Dakota reminds me of this actually pretty, successful person with a legit following" posts are so stale and obvious. Anything to relate her with anything but being a catfish I guess.

No. 660703

maybe OT but just slightly curious why specifically mackerel?

No. 660750

File: 1533846682071.jpg (524.05 KB, 1080x1885, 20180809_163033.jpg)

Did anybody catch the show?

I checked Twitter and Instagram, but the only new post is pic related. According to this, the episode was a kind of dating game, like Last Kiss. Shitty built in Instagram translation aside, I can't tell if they mean Dakota was an MC or if she was on the date.

No. 660753

File: 1533846812055.jpg (727.74 KB, 1080x1920, 20180809_162241.jpg)

No. 660776

lying about your age and other numbers to make yourself look good in Japanese is "sabayomi", which literally means "counting mackerel". (apparently has something to do with old fishermen just eyeballing quantities of mackerel so they could sell them asap)

No. 660782

File: 1533849461228.gif (300.41 KB, 220x148, 1532885766684.gif)

I know it's just the bad built in translator on Insta and I know I probably shouldn't laugh at this but "Mr Dakota Rose"

No. 660783

Damn, they really do have insults for everything don't they?

No. 660963

File: 1533868465298.jpg (126.06 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_20180810-042748_1.j…)

Here are two video snippets from Twitter. I don't know how to download them on my smartphone, so it would be great if anyone here knows how to do this.



No. 660967

File: 1533868560168.jpg (117.3 KB, 1080x705, Screenshot_20180810-042932_1.j…)

No. 660974


She seriously needs to invest in some volumizer product at her crown and roots and add more curls or waves to her hair further up. As it is right now, it further elongates her already large chin. Otherwise she looks nice….kinda older looking…but nice.

No. 660980

File: 1533869410807.jpg (110.18 KB, 1080x648, Screenshot_20180810-042030_1.j…)

I agree. Her hair is a mess but otherwise she looked good. Her outfit was cute too

No. 660986

I really like it when she genuinely smiles. It makes her prettier and not plastic/fake.

No. 661040

Sweet Jesus, I hope she didn't pay too much for that anti-aging facial she looks like she's in her 30s. Her hair is so flat and sad, and that color is washing her out terribly. I know her ~natural blonde color~ is one of her last selling points but it looks so plain on her.

No. 661043

Japan anons can click the first link and watch the episode if they download the AbemaTV app, but it's not available in my country.

No. 661047

>outfit cute
Are we looking at the same outfit? Those clothes make her look like she has moomoos donkey Kong proportions

She's so bland and ugly looking my goodness

No. 661099

Does anyome have that pic of Cathy smiling in the gray shirt? Thats exactly what she looks like here.

No. 661104

It does look like she lost weight in her face? …I think? am I remembering wrong or was her face puffier before

No. 661156

she's probably just aging

No. 661175

…She literally went to a weight loss clinic right before doing this show and got a facial that is marketed to slim the face, minimize pores, reduce acne and lift sagging skin. For ¥27000 she better look less puffy.


No. 661186

File: 1533893639330.jpg (578.9 KB, 1080x1434, 20180810_053047.jpg)


The transformation is almost complete.

No. 661228

Yes I find her outfit cute. It's a good combination of colours and I like the softness overall. Usually she goes for harsh contrasts which are horrible on her in my opinion.

I would like to see high resolution pics because everybody looks good in potato quality.

No. 661277

It's cute comparer to her usual outfits.

No. 661280

Is it just me or her jaw/face looks smaller? Did she go for the masseter botox at last?

No. 661282


Can you read? >>661175

No. 661284

Answered already. >>661175
And somehow it doesn't matter because she looks really unattractive here.
That's because she didn't dress herself. They always dress her for these things. You can see in some pictures up-thread she came dressed in some lime green green t-shirt.

No. 661291

Eh, she always looks "good" in the lower resolution far away shot videos though, anybody could. Looks like the slimming treatment worked though so good for her. And at least she finally lost weight.

No. 661563

>And at least she finally lost weight.

Yeah, but if she has to keep going back to get it lasered off before each job, people are gonna notice and start making fun of her for it.

No. 661575


Here's another clip from the show:


So dacote didn't even go on the date, she just watched and tossed out comments. Has she officially begun scraping the bottom of the barrel?

No. 661591

A gallery member on a 1030pm time slot chat show.sad!

No. 661603

Calm down, it was just difficult for me to believe that it was just the result of a facial.

No. 661730

Did anyone know there's a Korean expose video with 2.4 million views? They showed a screenshot of the Asian racist video for only a few seconds but a lot of the comments are angry about it

No. 661746

File: 1533942577556.jpg (31.51 KB, 177x221, IMG_20170403_144245-1.jpg)


What is this comparison

No. 661764

Ohhhh I bet this video is claimed by the Monstrengas in a few days

No. 661771

would be curious to see if they still lurk after kiki's withdraw. the video has been up for 2 years and has nearly 5,000 comments, so if it's taken down any time soon, then definitely.

No. 661824

>a gallery member on a 1030pm time slot chat show

Yula's not a nobody either, if this is the best TV job they could give her then maybe those Platinum shoops aren't working their magic anymore.

No. 661826

What I mean is, if this is the best job Yula could get them to give her.

No. 661841

File: 1533951633818.jpg (257.3 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20180811-033949_1.j…)

Yula was in a major show the same night on tv. It was a huge Popteen show with all recent Popteen models. Dakota is a nobody and got a small role in a lame dating show late at night.

No. 661847

She photoshopped everything and even her legs thinner but didn't bother to get rid of the dark splotches.

No. 661880

This might explain how there isn't any real buzz about kota being on TV again after so long- everyone was watching Yula's Popteen event, kek.

No. 661943

she's always seemed to think that bruises are kawaii for some reason

No. 661999


So in other words… Kota subbed for Yula on her show while she was at a bigger TV event with Popteen…

No. 662327


Here's an article from April that talks about "The Disappearance of Dakota Rose" and mentions her fake police report, her racist video with Kiki (though it says there's no video, it's a still), her "leukemia" and the negative backlash from Last Kiss.

No. 662510

excuse my ignorance but this is a well known website in japan? someone can please translate this?

No. 662623

I ran it through Google's webpage translator but none of it is really new. Same old "she fakes her age" crap as always. Though it does try to push the idea that she and the guy she kissed on the show might have dated off camera but it's a hard stretch.

No. 662658

File: 1534064482190.png (281.12 KB, 554x247, koots smile.png)

oof she has a hidious smile, those nasolabial folds are HARSH, shes only 22 right? she looks a lot older

No. 662661

File: 1534064896039.png (188.85 KB, 454x250, legit.png)

spot the difference

No. 662717

nasolabial folds are only an issue when not smiling. everyone but botox hags get them when they do that.

No. 662747


The google translate has got me going cross eye'd, but no doubt she'll spot this now and report it. The Ostrenga's are always lurking and on the prowl to take shit down.


Why does the background look more sharp and crisp than she does ?

No. 662751

File: 1534083384238.jpg (33.85 KB, 551x252, folds4.jpg)

she still has them when she's not smiling

No. 662752

She looks normal, stop reaching, this is not milk and has been done 100000000 times before

No. 662754

i'm replying to a comment about her folds calm down

No. 662756

she's always looked normal. the joke is how different she looks from her shoops. kooter hasn't had milk since 2015. are you new?

No. 662758

The hell are you talking about? Anon was just replying to an earlier post, calm ya tits

No. 662760

and? anon was being too nitpicky. it's shit comments like that that get us autosaged.

No. 662761

>hasn't had milk
lied about leukemia about 6 months ago

No. 662764

so no ones can reply with a valid point anymore? and >>662761 has a good point

No. 662766

i'm not the same anon. i'm >>662717. >>662658 didn't have any valid point at all.

No. 662767

So anon replied to a post about her folds not being an issue if they are only there when she smiles and anon posted a picture stating they are there when she's not smiling and you come in whiteknighting koots like no tomorrow

No. 662768


yes they did, anon said she has had no milk since 2015 but she lied about her illness which would be milk

No. 662769

this. i wasn't trying to wk koots at all, i just don't think it's worth pointing out how bad her folds when she's smiling. she looks terrible enough as it is without that kind of point.

No. 662772

no i'm saying the person i specifically responded to didn't have a point read who i directed you to. i'm not the same anon. i'm just the one who pointed out we don't need to nitpick her smile.

No. 662773

again, i was replying to a post… i'm not just posting random screenshots on kota for no reason, i was correcting a point the other anon made about her folds

No. 662777

Are you new here or something?

No. 662780

you've already said that, i've been here a long time on and off but that doesn't defeat the point i was making

No. 662781

My god would you stfu already about telling people what they can and can't post here, stop backseat modding

No. 662784

No one is telling people what someone can post, but you can't expect no one to reply to your posts. You sound fucking new. I'm also not even the same anon. There's just so much unsaged infighting ITT about fucking nothing. There's obvious newfags who can't even follow posts and are derailing the thread for no reason.

No. 662787

yeah everyone needs to calm down and stop arguing, stop backseat modding and stop whiteknighting

No. 662805

>Why does the background look more sharp and crisp than she does ?
Uuuuh you're right. That's weird. Is it because she is in motion and the background isn't? I don't know much about that stuff but it would be funny if they blurred her out to make her look better.

She looks sooooo old. This looks like the Kaka walmart photos

No. 662829

Maybe it's some kind of Snow-esque beauty filter?

Her going out in public and there being unphotshopped-by-her pics/video is the milk. She's Japan's biggest catfish, the fun is comparing her to her shoops and seeing how ulgy they make her natural face look from the shock of seeing someone's mom sitting in front of you when you expected a cute, young girl.

Someone sure is buttblasted

No. 662831

Does anyone have any of those old drawfag comics of kota from /cgl/ where she was drawn to look older and had those pronounced lines on her face? She's finally turning into what those anons predicted she would- a balding, rapidly aging nobody.

No. 662840

File: 1534090773232.jpg (35.28 KB, 300x386, drawing.jpg)

do you mean these drawings?

No. 662848

File: 1534091163548.jpg (2.1 MB, 2560x2560, 18-08-12-12-12-38-280_deco.jpg)

No, anons on /cgl/ made them, little comics of Dakota and Kiki in Japan, they jad exaggerated forehead lines and piss covered feathers for Kiki and there were a few of Kota, like one of her with an agent holding a pic of her shoop while she stands there looking older. They were all basically sketches but they were pretty good.

I tried google but no luck, so I made a Line collage instead of her Instashoops vs real life tv kek

No. 662858

I still can't believe kota claimed there were no pics of her and kiki together since they were ~4&6. I'd love to know how she managed to censor even search results to only show her most flattering shoops and none of her and kiki together, the only place to get good pics of them from their scene days are Russian and Chinese throwback sites.

No. 662860

would it kill her to put on some concealer and mascara? she looks in her mid 30s but makeup would help and might make her look a little like her own age

No. 662874

I don't think so, anon. Makeup would help her look slightly better and maybe a little younger, but her face/jaw are so big now and her eyes are so beady there isn't much that makeup can do about that.

No. 662881

i'm so mad cause i know exactly what you're talking about, but i can't for the life of me remember the artist's name. i thought they were a pulltard?

No. 662885


Check the VK site. The had quite a few comics on there.


No. 662889

File: 1534094443204.png (188.74 KB, 506x313, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 1.19…)


Sorry to double post.
Heres their comic collection


No. 662915

Maybe it was a seagull who went to PULL once it was made? I can't remember, I only ever saw them posted in threads. There was one with Cath-zilla destroying her Peach John pics, one of kaka covered in piss from the taxi, one of kota in an interview with someone holding her shoops while she does a double peace sign, and one of her holding a giant "living doll" sign while she says how unexpected it is to be called that. I think there were more but it's been so long I can't remember them all.

No. 662923

File: 1534097200469.jpg (311.89 KB, 1080x822, 20180812_140029.jpg)

Yaaaaaas, thank you!

Also I just realized OP forgot to include the link to the VK page, oh well. They haven't been updating as much lately, I guess even they're getting sick of her.

Now if only I could save these pics without having to screenshot them!

No. 663352

Oh man this reminds me of the extremely short lived stint in Korea. Etude House usually posts the same models over and over, even when their time as the new promotional girl (or group) is up you’ll still seen them shown again later.
Dakota was gone so fast and never seen again lol

No. 663430

File: 1534141238689.jpg (312.91 KB, 934x701, 20180813_021847.jpg)

Because all she did the entire time was bitch about petty stuff like her hotel room being cold and how hatd shopping was. She also made an ass of herself on TV faking a Japanese accent and lying about her falsies.

No. 663637

the etude house time in korea was her biggest humiliation, I don't understand why if korean people was capable to recognize her lies and her false persona and real life looks, japanese people keep swallowing her lies and idolizing her like this "blonde angel"

No. 663671

i still don't know why she claims she has blonde her when in reality she has mousy brown hair

No. 663719

Even Kiki thinks she's still blonde. I guess when you don't have your own personality you have to latch on to superficial shit like hair color to seem special, like kota being "blonde" despite her hair looking like a flat, stringy hair helmet all the time. Her hair & eye color and the fact that she went viral almost 10 years ago are her only points of interest.

No. 663770

We had this topic here before. Dakota has the darkest shade of blonde but Kiki is a brunette. Can we please move on?

No. 663853

>darkest shade of blonde

you mean normal brunette

No. 663863

File: 1534196703328.jpg (63.14 KB, 620x300, Natural-hair-colours.jpg)

Stop reaching. She is dark blonde. Here is an international chart. Educate yourself and stop bumping the thread with your nonsense.

No. 663871

File: 1534198605859.jpg (86.26 KB, 720x475, 5F-pcgWXqiw.jpg)

>normal brunette
you're blind… "normal brunette"? Brunette hair would never look like this under any condition. Her hair is dark ash blonde.

Kiki is most definitely not blonde though. She's hardly even "light brown"

No. 663872

File: 1534198680931.png (352.37 KB, 676x460, real hair colours.png)

No. 663877

I agree she is light brown but let's stop argueing about this of it will mess up the thread but >>663770 stop causing drama, you should have just ignored the post and moved along

No. 663881

Does anyone know when her new tv apperence will be aired? Or if it has already been aired does anyone know the link to the full show?

No. 663882

I'm always suspicious of anons coming in this thread starting shit. I always hope it's the second coming of sperg-chan.

No. 663883

yeah ditto to that

No. 663891

It aired a couple of days ago, there are a few clips on Twitter, but mostly that and Instagram have been quiet. Try weibo or some Chinese video site maybe? Or if you're in Japan download the AbemaTV app and watch it there.

No. 663892

File: 1534200004756.jpg (210.68 KB, 1080x879, Screenshot_20180813-183734.jpg)

It's quite possible that she bleaches her hair, you know. Considering being blonde seems to be one of her main selling points, I wouldn't put it past her. Anyway here's an old picture of her, it looks kind of brown to me.

No. 663893

Or dyes her hair* (Same anon)

No. 663895

This pic is overexposed, her hair is darker than this in all her candids and even her own selfie shoops.

There's a spray in lightener that ia sold all over Florida in dollar stores and wal marts, it's called Sun Light or something like that. It's in a pink spray bottle marketed as a spray in conditioner that "brings out natural highlights and lowlights" but it also has a chart on the back showing light brown hair turning legit strawberry blonde. If she soaked her head in something like that and blow dried it she could lighten her hair a few shades while claiming she doesn't lighten in. Although, I think she relies more on filters and exposure bc like I said, her hair is pretty dark unless shes under super bright lights.

No. 663897

Yeah. Kiki during her sperg outs tried to defend herself with informational collages on hair lines… similar to this nitpicky hair color bullshit nobody really cares about.

No. 663898


No one cares about if her hair is dark blonde or light brown, give it a fucking rest.

No. 663917

Imagine being so basic you get buttmad about being called anything but blonde, like that's some status symbol or special feature lmao

No. 663918

lol, i'm not the anon that first started calling her blonde, but I get the opposite impression. You guys who argue that she isn't think that being blonde is such a status symbol that you call it her "point of interest >>663719 and insist she wants to be blonde in order to be special. She is blonde.

No. 663927

samefag, but i forgot to add the best part. anyone who thinks she blonde will also be called spergchan >>663882 >>663897

blonde is TOO special for them.

No. 663941

is the bot back

No. 663943

???? Kiki was sperging about her receding hairline, which was a nitpick in itself, that’s what I am referring to, being similar to this hair color nitpick. It’s derailing the thread to the point we will be put back on autosage.

No. 664009

If it wasn't such an issue to call her snything but blonde we wouldn't have this sperging going on itt right now. Multiple people agree her hair is barely able to be considered blonde depending on nitpicked hair color charts, it's only a "big deal" because every time someone so much as teases calling her light brunette someone comes in here claiming the thread is full of "people who think blonde hair is special". Twhich came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, and every other case of blonde/brunette hair with kota, it always starts with someone furiously insisting she is blonde when only about 50% of people would consider her so.

No. 664132


>only 50%

this sounds wrong. so it's half and half?

No. 664140

Dear lord, please stop this madness! Kooters haircolor isn't important as her bald spots or her shitty alien shoops let's focus on what's important here guys

No. 664299

BHAHAHA i went to bed last night and woke up to everyone still argueing about hair colour

No. 664313

Why has the thread gone insane? Milk deprivation?

No. 664314

This. Who gives a fuck about her hair color? Why does it matter? It's just like the stupid white and gold/blue and black dress argument. What changes if she is ever "officially" either confirmed for blonde or brunette? This has been a war on Lolcow, PULL and Stamina Rose for years, and I've never understood it, lmao.

No. 664910


i suppose its a desire to prove that kota is lying about yet another thing (calling herself blonde when she's not) but honestly who cares, it's bottom of the barrel lying for all the other shit she lies about on a regular basis.

No. 665733

File: 1534378048880.jpeg (239.72 KB, 1200x800, Dko8T5OUwAIsXNw.jpeg)

progeria-chan posted some shit on twitter

No. 665737

File: 1534378111754.jpeg (175.3 KB, 1200x901, Dko8aQAV4AAxVuM.jpeg)

No. 665816

is that a water heater? how kawaii

No. 665834

Lol dakota… that is not how boobs work. Your lack of knowledge of how anatomy works still boggles my mind. You could fit a third boob in the gap between those two.

No. 665871

I know she wanted to look editorial, random and edgy buuut…

she stands like someone who has special needs, has no friends and holds a nasty fart. So she is slightly spreading her legs to let the fart go but the fart was so massive that her cardigan moved with the airflow.

No. 665901

gas meter I think?

No. 666035

The fuck are those Gumby legs?

No. 666768

It's seriously kind of terrifying in an uncanny valley way. She looks like she's wearing stilts or something and the lack of a head doesn't help. Yikes

No. 666874

That warped pipe next to her leg tho..

No. 666899

I think she just has very saggy tits, she's aging 10x faster than normal people so by the time she's in her 30s she will look like an old woman, I mean look at Taylor r, she's nearly 30 but looks a lot younger than koots

No. 666933

File: 1534499346208.jpg (50.63 KB, 466x256, comp.jpg)

kinda hard to get a decent comparison due to the video being very low quality so i lowed the quality of her new pic to compare better, anyway it baffles me that she still posts edited pics when everyone knows her real face is on the left

No. 666956

Wow. That's a pretty obvious mistake.

No. 667012

File: 1534514964527.jpg (197.42 KB, 696x1116, Untitled.jpg)

Seriously, no one has legs like that unless they have a condition.

Plus we all know she doesn't look like that. God fucking dammit Kota, I'm just waiting for the day you stop lying.

No. 667043

I agree. Her hair is falling out and her skin looks grey with dark under eye circles.
She already has shitty genes plus her vegan desu diet with barely no nutrients, anemia and smoking are aging her drastically.

No. 667044

Not really. If you zoom in you can see its her cardigan covering a small part of the pipe.

No. 667073


Anon are you blind? It's obvious that portion of the picture has been shooped. Even if the pipe bends, it looks super warped. It has been photoshooped.

No. 667077

Nothing wrong with veganism retard

No. 667087

i agree, there is nothing wrong is a vegan diet IF you get the proper nutrients but i don't think koots does judging by how zombie like she looks

No. 667090

Has anyone got the gif of this catwalk clip it’s funny to watch

No. 667094

File: 1534526911542.gif (5.18 MB, 480x270, waddle.gif)

you mean this one?

No. 667101

Given that she has anemia, hair loss and sickly skin, means that her vegan diet is shit. She only eats bread with ketchup and cucumber with soy sauce. Her words btw. Plus once a month she visits a vegan restaurant but that isn't enough to get all nutrients. You should learn to read and educate yourself anon

No. 667116

File: 1534528708066.jpeg (8.76 KB, 149x132, 1534378111754.jpeg)

It's obvious that the whole picture had been shooped. This, however, is her cardigan, not the pipe being warped.

No. 667124

btw can anyone explain why she went on tv and publicly said she has an apalling diet? was it to get sympathy? to look cute and helpless? it just made everyone see how gross she is

No. 667215


No. 667221

You can still awe the pipe is warped, anon. I don't know about you but I only ever see uneven pipes like that in poorly shooped pics.

I think that despite being in Japan for almost 7 years, Kota still isn't exactly a social butterfly and thinks saying shit like "I eat plain bread with ketchup on it and make necklaces out of teeth" makes her odd and quirky and thus, likable. In reality, she's a grown ass woman who can't pull off being a cutesy weirdo anymore because her face matches her weird ass lack of a personality. All she ever does is watch Netflix and ride around in taxis wating junk food and getting free stuff from her friends, she had to think of almething worth bejng on TV for other than "I didn't want to be real Barbie".

No. 667226

the cardigan is clearly also shoop'd. it's no coincidence that the cardigan bulge is the same as the curve in the pipe.

No. 667228

Don't forget, she drinks away her troubles too.

No. 667254

I never heard of Dakota drinking before. As long as she isn't an alcoholic everything is alright.

No. 667256

Yeah, the Ostrengas grew up so sheltered with their parents praising their every word and never had the chance to experience regular social interactions with a range of people, so neither grew a fully developed personality. They both have that "I'm SoOo QUirKy nOT liKe da oTHeR GIRLS!" attitude.

No. 667313

Really? Every time she goes to eat lately she gets beer (she posted aboi loving craft beer in one caption on IG), she's also posted selfies holding cocktails like at the Bombay Sapphire party she went to, and she goes out with her girlfriends to drink wine rather often too. Pair alcohol with coffee and energy drinks, carbs and burgers/pizza and it's no wonder she looks like shit and is covered in bruises.

No. 667370

You could literally hear a tuba play as she walks.

No. 667552

File: 1534583861924.jpg (245.25 KB, 1080x1050, 20180818_051559.jpg)

Can anyone translate this tweet? Something about being messy, but I've run it through a handful of translators and all of them spit out nonsense.

No. 667556

so, like almost every other person on social media, she has some pictures holding alcoholic drinks?

Let's stick to the more interesting stuff.

No. 667565


Of course other people do it too, other people do everything kota does because despite what the ostrengas think, they aren't unique. Nobody is saying she's an alcoholic, but most of her food pocs have beer or wine paired with the food, and she has posted about beer multiple times. Nothing abnormal or unusual in itself, but the fact that she's balding, always covered in bruises and aging even faster than Kiki that makes it seem like a lot. If she's that anemic she should avoid alcohol, but clearly she doesn't and it might even be a factor of her rapidly declining looks since 2015 (when she became old enough to drink legally in Japan).

No. 667607

She's whining about someone else being messy and leaving their belongings all over the place. She claims that since the morning her Virgo switch (Virgo's need for order?) is turned on. I guess she's trying to come off as super neat and organized.
And tbf, even the Japanese people in the comments didn't know wtf the she was talking about because western astrology isn't really popular there.

No. 667799

So it's confirmed she lives with someone else, and that she'd rather bitch on Twitter for astrology points than handle it like an adult.

Part of me thinks kota misses America, more and more she's acting like an edgy western teen the older she gets and the Japanese seem to always be either confused by it or disinterested in it.

No. 668138

I wouldn't miss my family if I were her.

She's deluded herself to thinking Japan loves her because Japanese people do not act confronting in public so nobody calls her out to her face. They just pretend to be nice. I'm sure she prefers that to probably getting insulted by Americans.

No. 668211


(dif anon)
Agreed, she's also a even bigger nobody in the states because she didn't keep her english audience in the loop. She must of been really full of herself to think that she didn't need a plan B and dropped Youtube and all american/english speaking connections. I mean even Taylor kept/used Youtube as a back up if her modelling career didn't take off in Japan.

No. 668240

does anyone know how she financially supports herself? she gets practically no jobs anymore

No. 668242

YouTube ad revenue off bought views and her parents.

No. 668399


Mooching and living out of someone else's house is pretty darn cheap, so its not like her actual money is going anywhere. She probably contributes very little which explains her shopping and getting new things lately.

No. 668409

but my point is were is the money coming from? even if she doesn't pay anything towards living she still needs income to go shopping and such, and if she buys ads for youtube to get money from ad revenue were does the money come from to buy?

No. 668472

i thought someone had receipts about her being a sugarbaby/having a japanese husband? or am i trippin

No. 668554


Trippin anon.

That was only ever speculated here, and got pretty ridiculous with people thinking she was porking her manager. Worse was that there was literally nothing to go off of because at that point she had been wearing old shit, never eating out, nothing new not even extensions. The only thing she had was a speculated shared apartment, that may have been partially paid by the company (Bravo).


Well if you're only paying maybe 200-300$ bucks a month for a singular room, and make a couple grand a job. ( she did a few run way, suitcase collab and a Tv gig recently ) Than she probably still has a few bucks left from that. Plus she probably gets checks from her family aswell.

No. 668563

I don't think there has ever been any actual proof, but logically I don't see how she isn't on a spouse visa. She works so little and so inconsistently that it's almost unbelievable that she would keep getting renewed on an entertainer visa. I don't think she could get any other type of work visa without a degree. I don't think she's a sugar baby since she's clearly basically broke, but I wouldn't be surprised if she has a visa husband. The fact that she's still in Japan just makes no sense otherwise.

No. 668671

I was in the visa husband boat myself, especially since she didn't get the bulk of her work/modeling connections until 2014 when she joined Popteen after she started wearing that ring. She stopped wearing it recently and flew back to FL for the first time in a while, maybe she was married and hiding it and now she isn't anymore, hence the middle of the year run back to FL. You can stay in Japan up to 6 months of just a tourist visa, if she does visa runs in between contracts with agencies, lives with friends, gets work through them and has her parenta sending her money and clothes regularly then she could be living hella cheap.

You don't "buy ads for YouTube", she buys views for YT and buys likes and followers for her Instagram because the buzz she generates from spamming her shoops everywhere with help from her famous friends helps create the illusion that she's both cute and popular enough to hire. Her videos are monetized and the more views you have on yoir videos, the more mkney you get in ad revenue. Kota's old viral videos that she keeps buying more views for are her cash cow, milking those and IG help her seem relevant.

In reality, Kota is just doing the same shit she did in FL but in JP: laying around her house, mooching off real adults while shooping herself to look like a model and pretending to be both humble and famous.

No. 668674

Also adding, her friends are all very popular and get lots of work, I wouldn't be surprised if they were the ones taking her out to lunch/dinner and to events on their dime because they feel bad for her, sitting in her apartment watching Netflix all day. We know they're okay with gifting her expensive clothes and accessories already.

No. 668825

This is just speculation on my part, but honestly, I don't think most models or girls working in the entertainment industry earns that much money. Maybe except for the really big ones like Rola…

So if these girls are helping Dakota out, then it's probably because their family is rich enough to throw money out of the window and not care. (Or they have sugar daddies or some sort of weird social relationship with someone) I would wager it's a type of "I scratch your back, you scratch mine"-friendship, or maybe they just like giving Dakota "leftovers" from their job since Dakota clings onto anything she can get.

Some reading:
>I've heard that female idol contracts in Japan go something like this: (no source, sorry) idols receive a low salary from the office. Some of the idols that don't work out just end up doing office or staff work, if they can't schedule any activities.
However, this also means that they do not earn royalties or anything off of music-based promotional activities: recording, rehearsing, shooting MV, music sale royalties, etc. They may or may not receive a tiny cut from promotional gigs, performances on music shows and such. It's unlikely.
So, basically, income is all about the solo activities. (endorsements, modelling, fashion products, radio and TV gigs as regulars) All you have to do is look at this list, which includes a few podunk groups with single members doing a lot of solo stuff. (X21? himecarat??) See also how some "more popular" groups that don't do much solo stuff make no appearance on this list, like Babymetal or "good enough for Budokan" Tokyo Girls Style.

No. 668871

>So, basically, income is all about the solo activities. (endorsements, modelling, fashion products, radio and TV gigs as regulars)

That's mostly what all her model friends do, anon. As for "girls in entertainment don't make that much money", this theory keeps getting floated several ways to make it sound like Dakota isn't the only one living broke/cheap and getting by on the kindness of others. It's stupid really, to try to make people believe every entertainer in Japan is barely making money deapite all the work, appearances, and fan interaction they get. It's like people itt are constantly trying to normalize Dakota's situation of hardly working, having questionable visa status and mooching off others because she can't get modeling gigs anymore. Dakota got fat, aged out of her kawaii teen looks and doesn't have the education or willpower to do anything but be a half assed model leech, the only way she's still in Japan is because she hasn't yet done anything illegal to be deported and she's able to occassionally make some money getting work. Her visa status is still a mystery but her Japanese friends obviously don't have that problem. They also don't go as long as she does between jobs, and they don't have to selectively hide all their pictures that aren't shooped.

Even if all the female models in Japan were struggling to make ends meet, having to do sex work or office work on the side to keep up being a model they're still doing more than Kota, still more successful at it so I don't believe she's living with any of her friends for their benefit. I wouldn't be surprised if she made up some story about childhood abuse like the one Charms tried so hard to push on /cgl/, she already lied about having cancer so it wouldn't be a stretch.

No. 668927

I agree. I wonder if her "friends" believe she had cancer. So they just view her as poor sickly little Kota and she may take advantage of their kindness. I can't imagine her having any very close friendships. But throw in her fake cancer and I could see people feeling bad for her.

Tinfoil but maybe she made it up to the people she knew first and then they told her she should go public about it. Usually that's how liars work, they dig themselves a hole too deep to get out of.

No. 668962

File: 1534791423795.jpg (422.37 KB, 1080x1334, 20180820_141638.jpg)

Another tweet I can't make sense of or translate. She got a souvenir Las Vegas eraser from her friend Tiffany, the translation twitter gives me is "It's not as good as me, but I'm glad I'm too bad. Cute." Which is of course nonsense.

>also gag gift yes/no?

No. 669005

File: 1534794707956.jpg (736.28 KB, 1071x1552, Screenshot_20180820-124822_Ins…)

screenshot from yula's ig stories

No. 669014

When is this from? Yula doesn't have any new stories right now.

No. 669018

samefag. Nevermind. It's old. Recognized the shirt from

No. 669031

She's talking about getting a souvenir from Tiffany aka Hirari. The second sentence she's saying that's she glad that Hirari's writing is almost as bad as hers. They are on a similar level.

No. 669039

Since when does Hirari go by Tiffany? I thought she meant another model.

No. 669207

You can't work on a tourist visa though, so there's no way that she would be doing such public work illegally. Plus you can actually only stay for 90 days at a time if you're from the US (no working holiday visas like some other countries). The only two options for her would be entertainer visa or spouse visa, and I think it speaks for itself which is more likely.

I'm not sure who Tiffany is but it's not Hirari, maybe a friend from the states?

No. 669211

Tiffany is Hirari's real name. Looks like 4chan wotas discovered her and her family's social media some years back.
Just search "tiffany" in this thread. The info is all there.

No. 669259

Wow, so her real name is Tiffany and not Rina, that's weird. I wonder why Kota is suddenly calling her by another name?

No. 669277

Plus if she was married and recently divorced, based on when her ring appearedand then disappeared she would have been married almost exactly 4 years- April 2014 to May 2018.

In order to get permanent residence on her own by working and living there, it would take 5 years but she would have to hold a valid visa for the entire time she was living and working in Japan, meaning that if at any time she lost a visa, had to leave anand come back to find another one then she wouldn't be eligible. To get PR from a spouse visa however, it would only take 3 years.


No. 669434

It's weird that she posted this yesterday when Hirari has been back in Japan from AZ since Aug 9th. Maybe she wants to trick her followers into thinking she has more than 3 friends by posting the pic over a week later and saying it's from Tiffany.

No. 669637

File: 1534866827680.png (1015.62 KB, 864x568, 5head.png)


No. 669651

File: 1534867554219.png (128.28 KB, 308x348, so kawaii.png)

No. 669652

I’m howling omg

Didn’t she get the new upgrade for her meitu app where you can resize your forehead? Kek

No. 669657

File: 1534868209819.png (1.08 MB, 864x568, no shoop here.png)

dakota- omg guys stop i don't use photoshop this is my real head i swear

No. 669671

Oh anon,

I cannot express how thankful I am for this picture. Might your life be only blessed from here on out!

No. 669700

her vision of herself is so distorted. who would want to look like this? she can photoshop herself to look like virtually anything, and this is what she chooses?

No. 669839


We're all secretly jelly of her youthful, kitten-like forehead lbr.

No. 669861

File: 1534885889847.jpg (303.64 KB, 864x568, 18-08-21-17-09-42-080_deco.jpg)

She's been living in that apartment aince July last year and she still hasn't hung up her Audrey Kawasaki painting?

No. 669866

who's got time to hang up paintings when you spend 10 hours a day shooping things

No. 669908

So much for being a tidy person who likes to organize her apartment I guess. Unless she moved yet again and is trying to crop as much of her place out of her backgrounds as possivle to hide it, she didn't post that she moved last time until she got found out on lolcow after all.

No. 669945

Oh wow surprised she thought this was okay to post. Trying to take Ino's advice from Naruto? (Ino tells Sakura she should show off her forehead instead of hide it to prevent bullying)
Hate her new eyebrow style though, looks stupid and unkempt.

No. 670008

File: 1534897298158.jpg (24.14 KB, 512x286, CLr0rbWWUAADvMm.jpg)

She has to be trolling at this point.

No. 670012

Lmao I'm done with this thread

No. 670029

File: 1534899562972.jpg (17.59 KB, 326x248, Got that code lyoko forehead _…)

Kota Lyoko

No. 670140


Made my night.

No. 670337

so i decided to look at koots really old tweets from 2011 and my god i had no idea the amount of shit she wrote, most of it was her tweeting how pretty other people think she is and that she looks like a jailbait and people keep telling her she could be a decoy from tcap, literally ''humblebragging''

No. 670342

oh and she said she is romantic because has ball gags. so kawaii and innocent

No. 670345

Kota really thought she was the shit when she went viral. She let all the compliments for her shoops go to her head and let herself believe she was really beautiful enough to be a model without even trying.

No. 670358

File: 1534946620332.png (50.57 KB, 1356x548, koots tweets0.png)

sure that happened koots…

No. 670366

Her and her sister's old tweets are really something else.

No. 670373

>she looks like jailbait

I think her and Kiki used to brag about their insecurities tbh, like Kiki fawning over her own flat lordosis ass. Kota bragging about being pegged for jailbait at only 16 makes me think she looked just as old pre-debut for long enough that looking younger became something she aspired to with her shoops. They did look very youthful and dolly, which she never really did. She went from baby faced to Cathy faced.

No. 670569

And yet as soon as she got to Japan she started claiming she couldn't take pics with fans because of her management. Funny how much shit she was talking like this before her real face was washed across Japanese TV.

No. 670715

I remember those days, especially the threads on cgl where they'd self post and compliment themselves in very specific ways.

The two haven't changed at all and it's part of the fun of watching these cows.

No. 670989

File: 1535002962261.png (872.05 KB, 1181x531, Untitled.png)

what does this bitch even look like: a collage

No. 671041

Looks like a group of sisters ranging from butt ugly to having progeria

No. 671258

the no-makeup thing is so bad for her. while it looks fine in heavily-photoshopped instagram selfies, in candids and videos she looks awkward and basic. even ~bare faced~ models use SOME kind of natural-looking enhancers if they're out and allowing people to take candids.

No. 671462

is there any reason why she started wearing no make up at all? to look like the natural gaijin beauty? if that was her reason then my god did it back fire on here because she does not have the face to go natural

No. 671484

Probably a mix of laziness and wanting to look like a pretty barefaced Russian model. I don't know though how she can't look in the mirror and realize how much better she looked when she was doing her Popteen style of makeup that helped her look a lot more bright-eyed and youthful.

No. 671498

I think it started when she was told by a MUA that she would look better with little or no makeup, and she probably took that to mean "you're so ungodly beautiful you don't need makeuo to be a model". Really though I think something happened in 2016, not leukemia obviously, but something to cause her to go from being decently cute, made up and thin in 2015 to the no makeup hot mess we saw in Fitt's in 2017 forward. Maybe she just… stopped caring? She thinks she doesn't need makeup anymore because Japanese ppl will be so bowled over by her sparkly blue, golden blonde hair and Japanese fluency that the rest of her doesn't matter.

No. 671516

random person- walking down the street wait is that dakota rose?
taps dakotas shoulder
hi can i get a picture please i'm a big fan of your and.. dakota turns around OMG WTF IS THAT

No. 671599

This would never happen lol random whitw weebs get mistaken for Dakota while Dakota herself gets to walk around freely under her hat and mask, unrecognizable with her real face. Tbh I think that's why she stopped wearing makeup and dressing kawaii despite how cute she looked- she was still indistinguishable from other kawaii white weebs who imitated her without her signature jaw/chin/eye shoop.

No. 671887

File: 1535080995871.jpg (29.34 KB, 500x667, 576080-500w.jpg)

it's this. lined up with bizarre and sudden claims that people were "mistaking her for a russian girl" in japan and such. she saw a bunch of actually pretty, high-fashion slavic models and decided to try the naturally pretty bare-faced european thing, except she looks better with makeup every single time because her face is unfortunately too chubby, asymmetrical and plain-jane to be anything like that.

i think there were some pics posted awhile back where her selfies started to resemble a really young-looking russian model's photos.

No. 671897

When were they mistaking her for a Russian girl? I remember Kiki bragging about that but not Kota, even Cathy did it too on Twitter. Out of all of them, Kota was always the one obsessed with young, alienesque looking models with bizarre features. But, Kota doesn't look Russian (however that could be accomplished, idek, a white foreigner is a white foreigner) and the funny thing about Kiki bragging over being called Russian was because a large amount of white prostitutes in Japan are Russian and she walked around in slutty belted/feathered outfits like a retard.

No. 671915

kota did it, i remember seeing it in one of the past threads. i'll try to find it. koots definitely did it in the past year or so.

No. 671917

File: 1535086374731.png (544.4 KB, 580x572, 1473415706810.png)

ok, i went back in threads ctrl+f-ing "russian" because i could have sworn it was talked about fairly recently where kooter was bragging on insta or something about how people were mistaking her for a russian girl but maybe i'm wrong. anyway, have a gem from the final thread i could get to before they stopped linking to the previous ones

No. 671925

Go to the snow catalog and ctrl+f "Dakota Rose", you'll find all the past threads that way.

Also I think the makeup in yoir pic is why she stopped wearing makeup if you ask me. You can see she's tryung to go for a basic looking yet defined lip&brow, but her foundation is hella caked and she has the complexion of a corpse. On top of all that, the shoops from when she did her makeup this way all look even more weird and uncanny than her other older or newer shoops, almost like she tried to copy her Audrey Kawasaki paintings with her face shoop.

Kristina Pimenova, I remember that. Once she got signed to Bravo, kooter started wearing her bangs to the side and shooping her pics to make her look younger and more like Kristina, who iirc was 11-12 when Bravo signed her. Even her Libera profile pics were shooped to look similar to her.

No. 671949

Her eyebrows look like caterpillars ready crawl off her face, she needs to pluck that shit asap.

No. 672645

It really always seemed like she googles foreign models for inspiration for her shoop faces. She somehow can never make them look believable and human enough though

Oh god back when she tried to emulate an actual baby's lip with makeup. Thanks for the throwback cringe anon.
She is the exact opposite of babyfaced.

No. 673509

Platinum went back and added a lot more jobs to Kota's page, it now lists all of her old Bravo jobs and they added a couple of fashion shows from 2017, but I could have sworn the only two things I saw her in for 2017 were Fitt's and Ariyoshi Hanseikai. Either way, her resume looks much less spotty now when you check it by date.

No. 673599

File: 1535285616409.jpg (452.05 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20180826-081156_Chr…)

new vid incoming? can't read japanese, so a quick translation would be appreciated.


No. 673604

From the thumb I thought it was a video with her crying about being bald.

No. 673607

what in the hell is the point of these vlogs?! there is no context, no opinion or narration given. its just like we're a random person in a shop seeing her eating at a table nearby.

No. 673608

she is going to upload a video about her time when she was back home

No. 673623

To remind us that it only takes a few months to shoop her videos.

It's funny how she had over 5 different shots of her drinking one glass of wine, but even with covering her chin and AE it was still sloppy.

No. 673663

File: 1535295741209.png (1.8 MB, 2056x520, comp jaw.png)

can i point out how different her jaw looks compared to the pictures she posted on insta, she obviously didn't edit the part eating as you can see her real face shape

No. 673671

Sorry. I'm kind of unsure as to what you're talking about. Most of that was already there. The only new additions that I saw were the kimono catalogue work/show in 2016 and the two fall shows last year where she waddled down the runway. Everything else was already there before.
"I've been slacking on uploading videos so here's a short movie form when I went back home. A good memory. I was able meet my beloved cats and drink wine that I liked."
Cats and wine. That's it.

No. 673678

This is so cringey, oh look how cute I am I'm like a fawn eating a giant fucking sandwich

No. 673682

File: 1535298540033.jpg (293.35 KB, 1079x597, Screenshot_20180826-114742_Chr…)

i wonder if that's kiki over on the left. will the sperg queen herself ever grace us with her presence again?

No. 673690

File: 1535299670019.jpg (89.22 KB, 1048x576, toteslegit1.jpg)

this is a more accurate face of koots

No. 673692

File: 1535299752357.jpg (110.94 KB, 1048x576, circle.jpg)

wtf is that bump on her wrist??????

No. 673694

Just looks like her wrist bones anon. Hers is more prominent than most.

No. 673742

That's what I mean. They added more 2017 jobs but I was sure she didn't do any runway for 2017, and they went back and fluffed it up with some more of her Instagram promos too. It's like they went from only listing her bigger name jobs to listing everything once anons started looking at her gaps in work history.

Two months to edit a completely staged video without any complicated movement? Pitiful. She still thinks she's a beautiful, interesting person based on just looks doesn't she? Not even celebritirs only post videos of themselves doing glamour shots at a camera while pretending to be casual set to hipster elevator music. This is the hallmark of her career now? Japanese peolle aubsvribe to her to watch her be white trash in Florida at 3 star restaurants with her family playing paparazzi? Kek.

No. 673748

Two months to edit a 1-minute long video she didn't even bother to upload to youtube? Wow.

No. 673790

Can some AE anon tell us what she might do exactly? I feel like she breaks out a new video whenever she finds out some new way to edit her face. It doesn't look as warped as her last youtube videos, but she made it look more like her shoops somehow.

No. 673825

Shitty shoop as usual

No. 673852

No way, that’s terrible shoop. I have horrifically bony wrists and even mine don’t look like that.

Seems like there’s an influx of newfags who don’t know how to sage. If it’s not milk sage your posts.

No. 673886

Idk why they seem so proud of being mistaken for Russian girls? It happened to me all the time too, it’s pretty well known to just be another way of asking if you’re a prostitute or something like that

No. 673921

She is using the snow app on her photos and videos.

No. 674044

She's using AE's distortion and tracking effects. Her massive forehead at the start with everything at the bottom half of the screen pinched says it all.

No. 674046

Her extensions look so awkward… with the hair on top of her head so thin and sparse and then suddenly at the bottom… huh?

No. 674091

always touching her hair and her face and being shrunk into herself. she looks so insecure and awkward. it isn't cute, it's kind of second-hand embarrassing.

No. 674096

nah, my wrists look like that when they're in a certain position. i can take a pic but i don't know if that's allowed. let's talk about her actual shoops like her sid the sloth eyes and fake chin.

No. 674102

That was so cringey what the fuck…
She acts like she doesn’t even know how to eat or drink anything… why does anyone hire this retard

No. 674131

It's the fakeness that makes it cringey. She pretends to be a shy, humble smol girl being filmed against her will, nervously messing with her hair or whatever. All her Japan videos are like that, ~ooh look at the gorgeous pera-pera gaijin moderu, she's so exotic and kawaii, poor thing must be embarassed to get so much attention just for being so amazingly kirei every time she goes out!~ swoons in Japanese

No. 674186

Especially retarded since her old persona was being rude and disgusting.
It's just her trying to seem "edgy" and "different"

No. 674222

It's like she can't decide between being gross and rude or if she wants a more "I'm just an awkward average girl, really, all this attention and fame is so embarrassing!!!" persona so she keeps mixing them together.

No. 674318

It pleases me to know that some anons out there have these saved from the /cgl/ days, I actually forgot about this one I made.

I'll see if the files are still on my MAC when I go to visit my parent's next where I have the others if you want Anon?

No. 674347

File: 1535378154016.jpg (37.14 KB, 512x384, priscoti nose.jpg)

The real her looks like Priscilla Presley after her botched surgery.

She's trying to go for Mena Suvari in her heyday, but it's not working.

No. 674356

Most likely. Kiki has a boner for obnoxious ruffled tops

No. 674658

That video was so bland she could've edited this in 1 month. She hardly goes out so I don't know why it took her so fucking long.

No. 674681

Fuck yes, please and thank you!

No. 675400

Jesus the entire thing was cringe. It's clear she's only interested in showing off that shop'd face and nails. How boring, maybe show some real family time and the area to make it seem a little more wholesome Kota instead of your vapid self.

No. 675422

Anyone know why she's losing followers like crazy? I was just bored and starting putting in people's twitter accounts on socialblade, and Dakota is by far doing worse than anyone, even Mira. She's losing tens of followers every single day while gaining none, with an average of 40 a day and 1,273 per month?? It gets worse whenever she actually makes a tweet. Those are the days that she looses as much as 80.

No. 675425

Wow did she delete this? And here I honestly thought Dakota never lurked. I looked up on the advanced twitter search the words "too pretty" and nothing came up. Apart from that screenshot, I also remember there was another tweet that should have shown up too. It was one where she said that a cashier had called her "too pretty" and she acted, again, annoyed about it.

btw, these self-flattery tweets were all made before she went viral. it's interesting to think how her ego must have exploded with becoming popular on tumblr, and then deflated to the point of BDD with all the shooping criticism and exposing.

No. 675454

Maybe because she's back on hiatus and not working, her subs and followers steadily drop until she caves and buys a chunk before a gig or when she wants to feel relevant. If you look at the graphs on her socialblade her YT subs chart is constantly shooting up and down. She buys enough that she ends up breaking almost even so it doesn't look like she's losing too many.

Dakota absolutely lurks. Idk why, of all the cows that get discussed here, it's impossible for Dakota to. I guess some anons really think she ~matured~ so much in Japan that she would never check up on her own thread on a gossip site.

No. 675459

File: 1535525199722.jpg (839.74 KB, 1571x2555, 20180829_024626.jpg)

She did, just that one, but she has several others up of her humblebragging about being pretty. My guess is she's too lazy to go back through all her old tweets so she figures she'll just delete the ones she can search by date that pop up here.

For curious anons who want to snoop: search in twitter "from:dakotakoti since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd" and you can find any tweet she posted that hasn't been deleted.

No. 675460

i'm the same anon, so i'll just answer both.. i don't think it's because of hiatus, like i said, they drop the most when she does tweet. imo maybe it's because her shoops and overall style are getting uglier and uglier. the people who followed for "kotakoti" may now be leaving because it's she's not "living doll" pretty anymore.

and second part, I don't think it's because she ~matured~, i always just assumed that Cathy and Kiki did all of the lurking to check on what we're up to and copyright when something is posted, so that Dakota never had to see it. It used to be so intensely focused on her that it would have been pointless and upsetting for her to read any of it. SO yeah, i seriously believed she had never typed lolcow.farm and read through the comments. until now of course, that comment was from 2011 and it gets deleted within a week of being posted here

No. 675463

She probably didn't delete those because they aren't as bad. The one that was deleted was fucking meme-worthy. btw that last tweet about the agent was followed by a now deleted tweet that said the agent told her "you look just like your pictures!" lol

No. 675464

It's crazy how she suddenly staryed tweeting in Japanese when she went to Japan, and except for a few tweets she kept it up once she got there. She claims she never took Japanese lessons, so maybe she had someone translating for her so she could juml into her Japanese audience more quickly? It's just weird how it took her 3 years to start using Japanese on TV when she started tweeting fluently in it immediately

No. 675467

iirc she said that she used one of those websites where you pay a professional to do skype lessons with you and pay per hour. she was not in school, so she could have been doing that all day, everyday. her parents have no problem financing things like that for their "careers"

No. 675468

I think her appeal is wearing off. All her pics and videos are the same, she never does anything interesting, and the hard truth is she just isn't cute anymore. She aged, got fat, and thinks she doesn't need makeup just because she has good skin or something? She's unremarkable to look at now, she never says anything interesting unless it's for shock value, and her living doll fame is dead because not only is the trend out of style, but she doesn't even try to resemble any of it anymore. What is she now? Other than yet another unremarkable, plain faced white weeb with a massive ego about being in Japan

No. 675474

Still though, if she was doing Skype lessons since before moving to Japan it doesn't make sense that she started tweeting in Japanese immediately upon landing, but had to walk around with a translator for two years and didn't start speaking Japanese on TV for almost 3. Why the gap? If she was capable of writing it then she would have been able to speak it around the same time, especially with how often she was using it and tweeting about speaking to people in Japanese.

No. 675477

>the people who followed for "kotakoti" may now be leaving because it's she's not "living doll" pretty anymore.

This. She's so basic now and doesn't do anything cute or fun. When she went viral, she at least posted outfits and tutorials for a little while. When she stopped doing that she was at least posting semi kawaii alien baby shoops. Now, even tourists have more kawaii and interesting Japan pica than her.

No. 675483

File: 1535529690328.jpg (89.68 KB, 636x386, c.jpg)

this would be the reason. she's only interesting when she's completely fake

No. 675508

i know this has been said TO DEATH, but i cannot help but say it again. why doesn't she just return to this shoop style? its not like her current style looks like her real self anyway. plenty of people would be glad to flock around a fake-ass shooped girl online, she doesnt need her 'modelling' career (not that she really has one lol)

No. 675514

Her tweets in Japanese have always been google translate garbage with poorly done manly slang.

No. 675545

Lmao no one wants to look like the right pic or thinks it's cute. She is literally insane and delusional. It's like she's going through a midlife crisis getting fat and prematurely aged and freaking out about it

No. 675640

File: 1535561707143.png (166.99 KB, 304x341, k.png)

i don't know about any of you lot but her nose is so ugly, it's too pointed like a witched nose and so is her chin, if she has surgery on her nose and chin to make them smaller she would look soooooo much better

No. 675643

seriously, she looks like a child here. a punchable one at that.

No. 675649

She can't, she doesn't wear makeup or give a shit about fashion anymore, and on top of that her face changed so much she probably can't shoop like that anymore anyway. Back when she went viral she was still thin and her jaw hadn't broken open and expanded yet. She already shoops every single part of her face and it looks like creepy shit because she has to try so hard to shoop herself cute and it ends up looking like a hot mess.

No. 675675

I never understood the Ostrenga hate for plastic surgery. I would think they would be way into it.

No. 675762

I always thought it was because they can't afford it.

No. 676042

>her jaw hadn't broken open and expanded yet
anon pls. her jaw was the reason the fujitv exposure caused an explosion in 2012. it didn't grow spontaneously in recent years.

No. 676047

True, but her face was a lot narrower a few years ago and her jawline wasn't so defined and square yet. Her features are settling into pretty much what she'll look like as an adult and unfortunately for her, that shit ain't cute anymore. She peaked in 2015.

No. 676084

a special needs child with a forehead you could land a plane on

No. 676145

File: 1535604118106.jpeg (88.31 KB, 500x750, Koti_Rose_old_piclargemsg12024…)

Not that anon but I think her jaw was always big. She just was better at hiding it.

No. 676157

>was better at hiding it

I don't think she ever tried to "hide" it until she made her viral shoops with the Vline jaw that she obviously doesn't have IRL. Back in her scene days she had a wider face and jaw than her shoops but she had ott scene hair and makeup to distract from her weird face. Now she wears almost no makeup so all her wide, yet sharp features are out in the buff.

No. 676165

File: 1535608337320.jpg (140.64 KB, 803x932, Untitled-1.jpg)

Exactly. I don't get why there are people that think she's suddenly "become" different. You're just being fooled by the editing.

No. 676254

File: 1535631911250.jpeg (306.75 KB, 1199x899, Dl16ttWVAAAhUDt.jpeg)

No. 676349

Crazy as Dakota is, her fluency is extremely impressive imo. It's strange that she put so much effort into mastering photoshop before almost anybody else did and learning a new language but can't put any effort into her actual career.
Tweeting in a different language is much easier than speaking in it because you can take all the time you need to put together a tweet.
She has to have some serious BDD or something. You have to be genuinely nuts to switch to the style on the right after getting famous for the one on the left. Plus if she returned to her old style, she could probably carve out a living as an 'influencer' or someshit.
Is this new? The outfit is hideous, but at least she doesn't look like a freakshow. It's fairly true to her actual appearance.

No. 676466

does she get dressed in the dark or something? or she doesn't own a mirror? those clothes are hidious and knowing that this picture is shooped to hell and back, who knows how bad she looks in person

No. 676477

She dresses like an old lady.

No. 676479

She got another gig walking for Rakuten/Girls Award next month. Maybe her plan is to keep working the same 3 jobs from the same 3 employers every 6 months for the rest of her life?

No. 676909

File: 1535686631272.jpg (83.17 KB, 600x783, yurei.jpg)

what's with the ghost pose?

No. 676936

her eyes are two different sizes anon

No. 677017

Half assed nekomimi paws? I've seen Japanese girls do that. Kota looks like she was told to pose that way and reluctantly agreed.

No. 677031

She has really big feet

No. 677050

this actually looks like her to some degree. why is she self-sabotaging her life with her fashion sense??? why??? how is she so bad at it? i don't understand how it's STILL this bad. even kaka knows how to coordinate better. how hasn't sh learned how to pair outfits after living with kiki for like, a million years? is kiki behind all of this or something and "helps" her style herself out of vendetta/jealousy???

No. 677054


Anon, are you implying that Kiki has some fashion sense? She dresses horribly too.

No. 677056

she's no stylist to the stars, sure, but anything is better than this, honestly.

No. 677272

Kiki likes frilly OTT stuff, but even then her outfits are fitted and look somewhat planned and not like she got dressed in the dark like Kota's.

No. 677275

this post is so underrated.

No. 677477

All the shit that's coming to light in the beauty community right now, I believe she makes good money of sponsored posts on her youtube and instagram accounts. But she never marked anything as an advertisment as far as I know besides obvious sponserships like Juma years ago. Isn't there any kind of regulation in Japan as for example in the UK or US because you can get sued if you don't mark your sponsored posts as such?

She shows regularly random brands no one knows about like DeVita or Takami, and sometimes more known brands like Dose Of Color and Stila. I bet that she is sponsored by them but she doesn't mark the posts as ads. She rather likes to say "my mom send this to me!" or "look what I bought, my favorite product!". It would be funny if any of those products aren't vegan and she is basically selling herself.

No. 677542

Hmm that's interesting anon. But from the looks at her I don't think she's making that much money? I didn't watch the video but don't companies usually shell out thousands?
Or perhaps she puts that money away just for rent and food in case she gets no jobs.
I wish I knew how to scam like snowflakes do. Just buy a million followers and views and ask for sponsorships.

No. 677623

All her past sponsorships except one or two (like those wipes) are on her Platinum page now under the CM section. She did Simeji, Snow, Pantene, and Mercari (which she did 2 videos for iirc). I think she did them more as in-betweens for all the jobs she wasn't getting in 2016 to keep paying her rent.

No. 677692

>It would be funny if any of those products aren't vegan and she is basically selling herself.

I mean she is, but really is she even vegan anymore? For the past couple of years now everyone who mentions her diet calls her a vegetarian instead of vegan. Plus, vegan food is barely a thing in Japan, I highly doubt she was getting sponsprships for vegan makeup and skincare products she probably wasn't even using on herself.

She also did one for some eyeliner a while ago, as well as one for a mascara but those were so long ago and have been deleted since then. I remember how she used to randomly post pics with makeup or skincare products where she was careful to show the full label and include the name in the captions and then taking them down quietly later. My guess is she's been doing paid promos on and off for years qhen she needs extra cash.

No. 677718

>It's strange that she put so much effort into mastering photoshop before almost anybody else did

She "mastered" it because she took courses for it in college along with photography and music production. Her and Kiki were trying to get a leg up on their future fame by becoming their own management team bc they knew nobody else would shill them as hard as they would.

No. 677997

File: 1535832656868.jpg (627.08 KB, 1080x1975, Screenshot_20180901-160835_Ins…)

shilling all these clothing brands and sis still can't put a decent outfit together

No. 678021

uuuuh she's so ugly, why does she photoshop her eyes sooooooooooooo far apart

No. 678024

She looks like any old white chick hanging out on a casual/lazy day. How the fuck does she think that posting this is in any way helping her career?

No. 678177

She looks like a regular tourist with no fashion sense. And why does she bother taking selfies at these shops when she can't afford to buy any of the clothes anyway?

No. 678200

this could be regular eh and not completely hideous if she didn’t wear such ugly shoes. those are just…. bad.

No. 678209

She wears either stripper shoes or old people shoes with no middle ground.

No. 678326

File: 1535871269909.jpg (37.19 KB, 333x500, 2991059315_1_3_nKrWohkR.jpg)

where did you even get this from? i've never heard of them taking courses for photography or photoshop. Her and Kiki have been shooping since 2006, they were just as infamous about it back then as they are now.

my guess is their parents must have known a thing or two about photography and photoshop since back in the day. her dad sure knew how to buy photography equipment, backdrops and DSLR cameras for their myspace modeling sessions at home. So it's no surprise that she became a pro at all these things by 2012.

No. 678464

They both attended Valencia college in 2011 and took several classes. Kiki and Dakota both have posted tweets about class, homework, and teachers before she went viral and erased everything to claim she dropped out of school at 8. Her "sound engineering degree" is just a certificate for a music production course. After they took those classes Dakota wenr vieal for her shoops and AE and then Kiki suddenly tried being her own all in one record label. In Florida you can get grants to help you pay for school expenses like electronics and supplies which might be where they got the money for all her taobao clothes and her reflector/lightbox/other photography equipment she later sold. Kiki could have used hers to buy tacky white mesh outfits and a keyboard/mixing software.

No. 678466

wait i thought koots was 15/16 in 2011 how could she have gone to college?

No. 678489

anon is legit making shit up, they were clearly talking about high school.

No. 678491

well anon was right saying kiki went there as i just looked on there website and her name is on there along with kyler their brother but i don't think dakota went there

No. 678518

nah i think thats right. i remember dakota and kiki in vides of them outside of the college, allegedly, and kiki sayign they were waitign for their ride or soemthing and there was some black guy there or something. also, when keeks was doing her music thing they had that weird 9 paragraph thing about how they were both schooled iirc in audio whatevers