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File: 1496309172356.jpg (14.85 KB, 243x295, IMG_5353.JPG)

No. 326814

Previous thread: >>286316

Dakota has been unofficially dropped by Libera after backlash from her Fitt's job. They ser up her model profile with her same fake measurements and a heavily shooped candids to make her look more like jailbait a la Kristina Pimenova because nobody else in Japan would want her otherwise. Dakota still hasn't posted anything hinting at new jobs since Fitt's, and before that she did the Yoko Fuchigami book where we saw her reveal her true form.

Anons wait with baited breath for her next unreasonably generous job shoops to roll out, as well as Dakota's abortion shoop of whatever work she manages to get.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/dakotakoti

LINE: http://lineblog.me/dakotakoti

Bravo Models profile: http://bravomodels.net/detail/?mid=677

No. 326816

File: 1496309236475.png (77.5 KB, 640x885, IMG_5512.PNG)

Her Libera profile

No. 326818

File: 1496309406580.jpg (84.21 KB, 692x692, IMG_6181.JPG)

Fitt's job

No. 326819

File: 1496309432633.jpg (118.41 KB, 566x938, IMG_5356.JPG)


Fitt's again

No. 326828

why do you flood the thread with this old shit

No. 326831

wheres the backlash? were people complaining online?

No. 326834

This is her most recent professional work, unedited by Dakota so that anons can see what she actually looks like, and I used sage. Calm down.

No. 326835


People were shocked by her looks compared to >>326816. They had to disable the comments on the official Fitt's videos it got so bad.

No. 326836

damn. but honestly i think her normal face is nice. its just the fact that she changes it so much from a heavy-jawed girl to a v-lined baby face that is the shock.

No. 326838

File: 1496314123964.jpg (11.25 KB, 350x263, kota.jpg)

from which photoshoot is this?

No. 326849

Her normal face is fine, she just doesn't style herself well anymore. She's trying this fresh, natural basic look and it doesn't suit her because she's not naturally flawless, like most other girls. That's why it's a not a look everyone can pull off, like Dakota and her sister.

No. 326867

>Dakota still hasn't posted anything hinting at new jobs

She did. She said that she needs new contacts for work..

No. 326869

>she's not naturally flawless, like most other girls

oh honey…

No. 326884

Agreed, she has a nice face and her body is alright but when you compare her candids to her shoops it really is a contrast. It's too bad her personality is hideous, though.

No. 326903

Meaning most other girls aren't either.

No. 326905

She also claims she lives alone. Anything she says has a 50% chance of being true given how easily she'll lie about anything.

Yes. If she would stop acting like such a stuck up ass and tone down the body dysmorphia shooping, she wouldn't get nearly as much shit. She's 21 and still cares more about her online persona and image than she does her actual self.

No. 326913

lol she does not have a nice face… she is not pretty or cute. it's unfortunate, but she's one of many average-looking girls who exist in this world.

No. 326922

Eh, beauty is subjective.

No. 326964

This, although I don't consider Dakota beautiful/pretty. She's plain, it's her being in Japan and catering to a Japanese market that makes her seem exotic and cute.

No. 326971

File: 1496333723751.jpg (127.56 KB, 500x667, tumblr_ng8470z4LD1thxrvco1_500…)

shes not a knockout like adriana lima but she is still above average imo. i think wat she doesnt realise is that most models have strong jaws and having a strong jaw makes you attractive (as long as its proportional). she needs to embrace her jaw not hide it.

No. 327044

No offence to any exo-k lovers here but the way she pulling that face kinda reminds me of Kai

No. 327058

Dear Christ why doesn't she just get bangs again, she's so hard to look at without them because of her browbone…it offsets the balance of the rest of her features entirely.
Fucking love yourself Dakota

No. 327072

File: 1496344486323.png (311.82 KB, 815x459, IMG_2159.thumb.PNG.ed73f3a4440…)



No. 327073

File: 1496344658231.jpg (42.02 KB, 375x500, 28l7zue.thumb.jpg.1d55cee63c80…)

>not nice face
If you say so..

No. 327078

>posting overly edited/filtered images of her, one of which she literally hides her jaw in
Is this bait?

No. 327081

File: 1496345973487.jpg (45 KB, 604x500, image.thumb.jpg.a1f714f88eb3ad…)

It isn't.

The first one isn't edited, it's a screenshot from Pop teen's youtube channel.

>it's hiding her jaw!!!1


No. 327083

The second one isn't edited that much, it wasn't even touched by Dakota, it's popteen's.

No. 327091

File: 1496347083881.png (50.19 KB, 202x200, 20170524_215646.png)

No. 327093

What world are you people living in that those images look unretouched to you??
Just because it's not HER shop style doesn't mean those haven't been blurred and color corrected to hell and back.
Dakota is definitely pretty but her features are too harsh for the style she tried to pull off for years, hence constantly needing so much help to photograph well or just lots of photoshop to make the images acceptable.
Some people are meant to be models, some aren't…that's all it really comes down to.

No. 327143

File: 1496354113132.png (507.85 KB, 494x646, e6f308G.png)

was bored and tried to sh00p old koti like in the olde times. Only have meitu rn so I did with what I had. Looking back, this interview was so embarassing to watch but I find her cute now. Used to think she was so ugly because I was used to her shoops but she was actually cute. Not barbie tier but a cute gal

No. 327147

Where is this from? She looks good here.

No. 327148

This was dakota during her prime a looooong time ago. Why dont you use her more recent, relevant pics/vid shots like the fits commercial?
The first vid screenshot, some farmers suspected involved a lot of filters like what they use in korea for talk shows. The second pic was most likely edited. Hell she had a pics with yula and some other models where her face was clearly edited and shooped in. I dont wanna hunt those pics and info back in the older threads but you can waste your time checking them out if you'd like

No. 327183

File: 1496357151035.png (1.18 MB, 720x985, F!.png)

>Why dont you use her more recent, relevant pics/vid shots like the fits commercial?

No. 327185

File: 1496357403505.png (677.87 KB, 720x1024, LastKiss.png)

It's from LastKiss! She had a date with this guy and kissed at the end of the show. It was actually cute and fun to watch.

No. 327199

>The first vid screenshot, some farmers suspected involved a lot of filters like what they use in korea for talk shows.
If super expert farmers suspected it, it gotta be 100% true! My bad

>a lot of FILTERS

Hahaha oh what a bitch right?

>Hell she had a pics with yula and some other models where her face was clearly edited and shooped in.
They barely edit her face they just blurr the skin of ALL OF THEM Lol

>you can waste your time checking them out if you'd like

Isn't that what you are doing here every day hating on someone for editing her pictures anyway? Lol

No. 327203

are people really still arguing about Dakota's looks?

She's a decently cute girl, she just looks bad because she doesn't take care of herself, like most cows here.

No. 327208

Girl literally has no drama and keeps her private life for herself but some anons refuse to stop beating a dead horse.

No. 327210

Hi kaka

No. 327212

You do realize videos can be edited/filtered, right? And she is literally covering her jaw in the second picture. Are you autistic?

No. 327213

Not the same anon, but I agree. She literally keeps to herself and doesn't pour her private life out on social media, but for some reason you guys don't seem to get bored of railing on her for photoshopping her pics. Who cares if she photoshops her pics, it's very obvious and a known thing. She isn't scamming people or creating dramas with other people. Crazy to me

No. 327264

File: 1496363818630.gif (3.79 MB, 480x270, okayifyousayso.gif)


So you choose the most edited one.

I don't see why some farmers are so triggered by other farmers thinking she's ugly, and that they enjoy speculating about where/what she does these days. She was mildly cute when she was younger, and would have still been if she took care of herself.

Anyone and everyone could look "cute" in thick filters/mild touch ups/ make up.

No. 327272

File: 1496364307519.jpg (220.27 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_6222.JPG)

Last Kiss, and she didn't look that good in the episode (I saw it) so that's probably been edited.

No. 327279

File: 1496364440789.png (502.06 KB, 845x466, IMG_6220.PNG)

I tried looking for the video link on YouTube but I couldn't find it, sorry.

No. 327282

Last kiss was over a year ago, anon. Try harder.

>heavily shooped image

Lol this is hilarious

No. 327288


just searched it in japanese…


No. 327292

Ah, I'm on my phone rn and I don't have japanese IME enabled, thanks.

02/02/2016 to be precise.

No. 327297

File: 1496365164058.png (580.24 KB, 911x508, IMG_6221.PNG)


She looks like a goblin about to eat his face off

No. 327305

File: 1496365598905.jpg (89.33 KB, 897x497, kooters.jpg)

omg why

No. 327319

Allow me to embed that for you, bud.

No. 327320

you know, i was actually thinking "but a cute goblin!" until i saw >>327305
never fucking mind lol

No. 327333

Its not her jaw its her long ass broad chin that makes everything bad

No. 327345

There's more than a jawline that makes the model in your pic attractive. Koots needs extensive work and trickery on all parts of her body to make herself average. >>327305 I mean damn, this is massive.

>not knowing Japanese television is filtered like fuck and has special lighting and reflectors following you around outside

No. 327347

So what if it was a year ago? It's normal to gain/lose weight.
Try harder

No. 327348

>They edited her!!1
She looks exactly the same during the whole episode. Reaching

No. 327373

dont know what u guys are talking about… she looks beautiful!

No. 327376

kek I like this gif, thank you anon

No. 327377

ffs what's with all the Kota stans shitting up this thread?

No. 327379

ikr… at most there's usually a few people trying to defend her weight, but not this. Odd… Reminds me of an earlier time, a spergier time…

No. 327388

Hoping for another reveal with the amount of activity lately tbh.

No. 327389

Smells like Ostrenga in here

(Which smells like cabbage farts)

No. 327408

omg it's you again jawanon who keeps acting like if kota showed off her jaw she'd be model-tier. these people are attractive IN SPITE of their 'flaws'/unique features. the unique feature alone is not attractive if the rest of the face isn't, either.

fuck off already u have no idea what you're talking about

No. 327413

Who knows? Some people see cows in different ways.

I don't really know why people immediately assume it's Kiki or Kota if they breathe the slightest bit of defense their way. Besides, doesn't Kiki have to fill out her name in the field whenever she posts here?

No. 327415

>doesn't Kiki have to fill out her name in the field whenever she posts here?

what gives you that idea?

No. 327418

I don't think that's how it works anon..

No. 327420

If I remember correctly, she had a few infamous spergouts in her thread, leading the Admin to take matters into her own hands.

No. 327432

> a few spergouts
She has a whole section of the site devoted to it anon: https://lolcow.farm/kiki

No. 327456


Dakota only looks good in soft lighting with heavy filters, or when she's heavily styled by someone else and filmed from certain angles. That's the actual opposite of what a model is supposed to be- photogenic, easy to look at, stylish, etc.

She does, she jut doesn't look like this in the episode >>327081

No. 327457

It took work to figure which posts were hers, so it won't detect her automatically.

That's why admin asked us to help report posts we think is her so the IP can be checked (for more posts) to see if it's her.

No. 327460

It's not normal for a "model" to gain 15 pounds and keep her job unless she's got a special deal with someone keeping her there despite that. And yes, is normal to gain weight, but it's not normal to look like you've given up on life, sunlight and nutrition as soon as you hit 21.

No. 327471

Thanks. Although I wasn't there for the drama, I just used it as a reference to my first response.

No. 327579

Is it safe to say that she's abandoned her Youtube channel like her sister's? It's been months ince she uploaded a video.

No. 327595

File: 1496410197441.jpg (18.41 KB, 403x389, d6f.jpg)

no, she didnt abandon it, she just doesnt upload, deleted a shit ton of videos and legit does nothing on it. but no.

No. 327607

actually she does look cute in there.
doesnt even look like it is her at all. dont know how they managed to do that.
and before someone starts with kota-stans, nah i dont like her and was one of the ones that said how fat and ugly she is but in that last kiss thing she looks actually decent or as if she finally had some jaw surgery.

No. 327621

Look at the difference between these two. The gif is more recent.
She is not.looking.cute.
That last kiss show is worlds apart from how she looks now! Check out the fits promo candids!
Ostrengas age quickly. Its just how it is.

No. 327628

File: 1496414227557.jpg (332.89 KB, 1318x1600, lima.jpg)

huh? i hardly ever post in the dakota thread usually im in the jvlogger thread. and having a strong jaw isnt a flaw its a feature of beauty. every single attractive person has a well defined jaw. and youll be attractive with a big jaw as long as its proportional.

No. 327632

Broad jaws are caused by nice straight wellformed teeth and a strong biteforce, humans with good genes have broad jaws, humans with weak jaws are often mouth breathers and have small crooked teeth, its her long Abi pop chin that makes her look bad, Can someone please shoop and example? She doesnt even shoop her kan smaller anymore but her chin

No. 327634

No. 327635

Long midface=ugly face

No. 327646


Watching peoples responses to images like these really shows which farmers are more into Asia fashion/looks and which are into American/European inspired.

I don't think the strong jaw is a flaw either, but its def harder to to suit and make eye appealing. Often or not women just look manly when they have defined jaws and no other striking features to distract from it. ( thus why Dakota's jaw is always pointed out. she has no other striking feature. Also why people say she should return to her heavy eye makeup look ) Its easier to look feminine and pretty with a softened oval/round jaw then it is with a defined jaw.


Mimei .. ( horsy )

No. 327655

>Watching peoples responses to images like these really shows which farmers are more into Asia fashion/looks and which are into American/European inspired.

exactly lol
when I see an anon nitpicking a girl for a jaw that really isn't bad at all, I just think fuckin weeb kek

No. 327667

Is koot's jaw really THAT huge? I know from the side her chin really has an awkward shape, but from the front is it that horrible? Or does it just seem that way because she shoops it all away so harshly in comparison?

No. 327672

I think the complain is she doesn't have a japanese fashion/standard jaw and she tries so hard to hide and photoshop her chin and jaw it's annoying, maybe if she accept her face and her features and wear a different makeup (some makeup that doesn't make her lips looks like a rectal prolapse) she'll get less hate for trying to be something she isn't.
I personally think she would look so much fine if she drope the loli/doll/uwu looks and tries something more mature.

No. 327681

File: 1496421486545.jpg (76.64 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o4uwaeKDQD1tjwaq7o2_500…)

>every single attractive person has a well defined jaw.
Strong jaws are a sign of masculinity. They only work if you have a certain balance of features. That's how come 2011 "narrow jawed, oval-faced living doll" Dakota is widely lauded, but 2017 "unexpected jaw meat" Dakota is mocked by gaijins and nips like. If she looked like Adriana Lima, that'd be a different story. She just doesn't have the features to make it work.

No. 327686


surprise, this site is 90% weebs if you couldn't tell by all the cosplay and lolita threads

No. 327687

Honestly, I'm pretty bothered by the weird influx of "normie" girls who think they're "superior to all these weeeeebs" and constantly bitch about Asian men or Japanese fashion/culture or whatever the fuck on this site. They sound like disillusioned weeaboos or former K-pop stans who now make it a point to act like they've "grown up now" and hate everything Asian or something.
Like, maybe you're not as into weeby shit as others are, but this is quite literally a /cgl/ drama spinoff board. What are you even doing here? Our goddess is PT.

No. 327699

File: 1496423242235.jpg (50.86 KB, 427x640, Blanca-Padilla-during-Victoria…)

nah if she were skinny her jaw wouldnt be a problem at all. and if she didnt photoshop it so small in the first place it wouldnt even look so big in comparison. her face is meaty and bloated and so is the rest of her body. she looks physically unhealthy.

No. 327702

That girl's jaw would be a problem outside of carefully posed runway pictures with perfect lighting and makeup, anon. Her face is literally three squares put together. It's not pretty.

No. 327705

>not pretty

sorry that only 08/15 faces are pretty to you.

No. 327707

Narrow jaws are feminine. Broad jaws are masculine. It's just that simple.

No. 327717

She looks fine, dorito chin chan

No. 327719

You are overreacting. I am obviously a weeb too, why else would I be here? Shitting on girls with completely normal acceptable jaw shapes in favor of gangnam unnie triangle face is where I draw the line. That's just straight up delusion.

No. 327721

video attached is the exact same kind of lighting kooter would've looked like a hambeast in so your theory is flawed

>haha joke's on you anon, she is ugly!!!

i'm sure lol

No. 327731

Beauty is subjective.
Are you really this insecure about your jaw being too big that you go out of your way to save pics/vids of broad-jawed supermodels to make a point that "All attractive people have strong jaws"? Because if so, maybe you should see a doctor. Or start a Kickstarter to crowdfund for your surgery.

No. 327743

>being this buttblasted

No. 327746

>b-b-beauty is subjective after all

Lol, really? After you were the one trying to objectively say all narrow jaws are feminine and all big ones are masculine? At least anon makes a point to show how that is -subjective- and not always the case.

No. 327755


>Honestly, I'm pretty bothered by the weird influx of "normie" girls who think they're "superior to all these weeeeebs"

>They sound like disillusioned weeaboos or former K-pop stans

I'm sorry not everyone agrees that Asian makeup styles and fashion are better than everything else. You can be a weeb and think lolita is fucking stupid looking, I know I do.

And this whole jawline discussion is on the level of the nasolabial folds meme.

No. 327761

That was in response to her saying "i'm sure lol" because I'm not about to sit here and argue about personal tastes, and I already highlighted that it can work if you have the right features from the very beginning (>>327681).
Do you not know what masculine/feminine traits are? I can't imagine why else that would offend you so badly.

No. 327763

>y-y-you're just mad! buttblasted!

No. 327785

Sorry that people can like whoever they want and have different opinions on beauty.

No. 327797

The only offensive component here is your ignorance.
>implying narrow jaws can never look masculine
>implying wide jaws can never look feminine

No. 327801


bls post an image of a female that is ((subjectively)) attractive by your standards. not trying to start anything just genuinely curious

No. 327805

i think the only point people are trying to make by saying that broad jawed ladies can be beautiful, feminine, and model-tier is because kota's broad jaw isn't what's holding her back. she doesn't look gross because of her jaw.

No. 327825

That's…not ignorant. Those are inherently masculine/feminine traits. Feminine people can have wide jaws, masculine people can have narrow jaws. That doesn't change what those traits generally are, though.
It's almost like saying facial hair is a masculine trait and then someone like you going "You're being ignorant!! Facial hair can be feminine!!!!" because there are some women who grow facial hair.
A guy with a narrow jaw will look slightly more effeminate than a guy without one, but if the rest of him is built/masculine, he'll still look more manly than a twinky looking dude with a broad jaw.

No. 327833

Is sad that you had to write all that out and explain it the love way just because someone else ITT has an 8th grade reading comprehension level.

No. 327834

Farmhand pls, help this out.
Can we focus more on what Kotex has been up to (or not been up to) instead "this is what beauty is guise!!!"
Sage for bullshit

No. 327957

Jaw broadness has Nothing to to with hormones so it isnt masculine or feminine, if your face is broad you fit all teeth wisdom teeth included, a narrow face with a narrow jaw has less space for the teeth making them overcrowd and crooked. The only thing that is affected by hormones is face length and chin length, jaw broadness has to do with biteforce and space for teeth, Nothing else.

No. 327963

Using this pic as an example. The longer the midface and chin the more masculine she looks, her jaws are equally broad in all pictures but the length is what makes it look masculine because hormones is what makes a face longer but not broader.

No. 327964

File: 1496445486080.jpg (38.26 KB, 800x306, Example.jpg)

forgot pic

No. 327970

It's sad when you whiteknight your own post, don't even sage this one, and imply someone else has an 8th grade education while you seriously believe jaw width has anything to do with a gendered trait when a variety of factors, as explained >>327964, is what actually influences our perception about male or female.
>because there are some women who grow facial hair
ALL post-puberty women have facial hair of varying length, amount, and color. Just because you're in denial about yours doesn't make it not true, or make this a relevant comparison.

There isn't anything masculine about Koot's jaw.
Bottom line.
You yellow fever anas just don't like it because it doesn't look like an asian's jaw shave.

No. 328044

>More than one person? Disagreeing with me? Impossible!
Jaw-chan pls go, your autism and obvious personal vendetta is getting annoying.
Also, stop taking multiple posts to say the same thing. If you forgot to add something, delete the first post and make a new, complete one to avoid shitting up the thread.
It's pathetic that you would call "samefag" where it's not even applicable, but then proceed to pull this shit. Instead of spending hours trying to argue that broad jaws don't look masculine (even though they objectively do to anyone with functioning eyes, you don't need to be a "yellow fever ana-chan" to see that lmao), take a break. And where did the "ana-chan" part even come from? Are you projecting, or just a fatty hinting at even more of your insecurities besides your jaw? Actually, don't even answer that, it doesn't matter at this point. Just let this die already so the thread can get back on-topic.

No. 328060

>More than one person? Disagreeing with me? Impossible!
Jaw-chan pls go, your autism and obvious personal vendetta is getting annoying.
Also, stop taking multiple posts to say the same thing. If you forgot to add something, delete the first post and make a new, complete one to avoid shitting up the thread.
It's pathetic that you would call "samefag" where it's not even applicable, but then proceed to pull this shit. Instead of spending hours trying to argue that broad jaws don't look masculine (even though they objectively do to anyone with functioning eyes, you don't need to be a "yellow fever ana-chan" to see that lmao), take a break. And where did the "ana-chan" part even come from? Are you projecting, or just a fatty hinting at even more of your insecurities besides your jaw? Actually, don't even answer that, it doesn't matter at this point. Just let this die already so the thread can get back on-topic.

No. 328061

>More than one person? Disagreeing with me? Impossible!
Jaw-chan pls go, your autism and obvious personal vendetta is getting annoying.
Also, stop taking multiple posts to say the same thing. If you forgot to add something, delete the first post and make a new, complete one to avoid shitting up the thread.
It's pathetic that you would call "samefag" where it's not even applicable, but then proceed to pull this shit. Instead of spending hours trying to argue that broad jaws don't look masculine (even though they objectively do to anyone with functioning eyes, you don't need to be a "yellow fever ana-chan" to see that lmao), take a break. And where did the "ana-chan" part even come from? Are you projecting, or just a fatty hinting at even more of your insecurities besides your jaw? Actually, don't even answer that, it doesn't matter at this point. Just let this die already so the thread can get back on-topic.>>328060

No. 328065

>More than one person? Disagreeing with me? Impossible!
Jaw-chan pls go, your autism and obvious personal vendetta is getting annoying.
Also, stop taking multiple posts to say the same thing. If you forgot to add something, delete the first post and make a new, complete one to avoid shitting up the thread.
It's pathetic that you would call "samefag" where it's not even applicable, but then proceed to pull this shit. Instead of spending hours trying to argue that broad jaws don't look masculine (even though they objectively do to anyone with functioning eyes, you don't need to be a "yellow fever ana-chan" to see that lmao), take a break. And where did the "ana-chan" part even come from? Are you projecting, or just a fatty hinting at even more of your insecurities besides your jaw? Actually, don't even answer that, it doesn't matter at this point. Just let this die already so the thread can get back on-topic.>>328060

No. 328085

How fucking autistic can you get? jfc
I actually thought those were my posts and I fucked up by tripleposting, then I realized they were made like 20 minutes too late for that and it read "wrong password" when I tried to delete them.
Seek mental help, seriously.

No. 328088

that was the joke. ha ha

No. 328110

File: 1496459846903.gif (178.36 KB, 275x205, 1442964969165.gif)

This thread has really turned into shit with this obsessive azn jaw thing. So glad it stopped​, let's go back to the milkless yet fun Dakota discussion, pls?
I value the mods a lot more now too.

No. 328122

File: 1496461557599.jpg (119.66 KB, 1600x900, kiera.jpg)

who invented this meme that attractive women have small narrow jaws and attractive men have wide defined jaws? thats the biggest bullshit i ever heard. every single female model and female actor has a wide well defined jaw. its a feature of beauty.

No. 328128

File: 1496461912863.jpg (743.22 KB, 1280x1920, PO7BCKe.jpg)

No. 328131

Good lord this thread is giving me cancer

No. 328135

For some reason I've never seen this messy shoop-gif. I saw the one with the drink box and the moving boob tho.

No. 328137

File: 1496462631137.jpeg (42.73 KB, 740x370, Carahaarscheren.jpeg)

even though her chin is receded and underdeveloped (and she probably has an underbite most people with underdeveloped chins) she still has a wide jaw to compensate for that flaw.

No. 328142

File: 1496462947826.jpg (31.9 KB, 718x341, xx.jpg)

i meant *overbite
and thats the surgery people use to fix the overbite for an example

No. 328151

No. 328157

>stop taking multiple posts to say the same thing

The egg is on your face in that regard, autismo. GG.

No. 328293

>>328137 cara's chin is much nicer than this one in the after pic >>328142 it looks like a witch's chin …exactly wha kota has

No. 328301

File: 1496484220929.jpg (236.15 KB, 435x237, a1721baa5b4d67828f6bfbd494824c…)

>cara's chin is much nicer than this one in the after pic
the delusion on this board

having a receded jaw/chin is a literal facial deformity that people pay tens of thousands of dollars to maxillofacial surgeons to fix.

i think this board must be full of farmers with small underdeveloped jaws and chins trying to tell themselves it is feminine and beautiful kek.

No. 328309

>I think this board must be full of farmers with small underdeveloped jaws and chins trying to tell themselves it is feminine and beautiful kek
Nice projection. I will say that genetics does play a factor whether someone goes through with the surgery or not.

No. 328314

I've got to agree with >>328293
The chin and nose job makes the before and after look like they took place over the span of 10+ years (basically, the girl on the left looks much younger).

Your pic's after is basically the same as the before of this pic though >>328142

No. 328316

all this fucking autism over her chin, no milk at all.

No. 328328

File: 1496488074839.jpg (635.78 KB, 1440x2160, 1494012038948.jpg)

there are different beauty standards everywhere, what you're talking about (large chin and strong jaw) is a thing only in america, together with overly bronzed skin and instahoe's makeup - women there just like to make themselves look manly and old because it's "sexy"

kota should do something with her chin if she still wants to be considered cute, pic related

No. 328335

File: 1496488932881.jpg (74.73 KB, 640x640, demi-rose.jpg)

Your pic is a literal child, probably no older than 9.

C'mon anon, at least share a realistic photo of a cute adult woman. I know Dakota is trying to look like a child, but it's just not going to happen, and even if she wants to look like a cute adult woman, it's entirely dependent on features far beyond chin-shape alone (pic related – cute adult with similar features to your child pic).

No. 328338

File: 1496489322274.jpg (31.52 KB, 600x452, chinchan.jpg)

even though this is a child whose features havent developed yet she still has a wide jaw

pic related is the average farmer. such a small petit feminine chin and jaw!

No. 328340

File: 1496489634843.jpg (20.94 KB, 420x299, jawcontouring.jpg)

You're right about the different beauty standards. The girl on the left has a beautiful square jaw but because of the retarded beauty culture in her country she butchered her face into the mess on the right. The surgeon should be sued for turning her from a model tier girl into just another average asian on the street.

No. 328342

Off-topic, but does anyone know if chin-chan ever got her chin fixed? I always pitied her, especially since it wasn't just her chin that was unattractive. She seriously got unlucky in looks all around, poor girl.

No. 328343

what does she need to fix? its small and narrow, just like a feminine doll!

No. 328344

This is sad. She looked gorgeous on the left. With that said, she still looks great on the right too. If I didn't know what she looked like before, I'd think she was pretty cute.

No. 328345

Sad, her face look so unbalanced now.

No. 328346

Ugly laughing rn

No. 328352

File: 1496491712470.gif (1.11 MB, 400x212, Britney-Spears-smile-143501821…)

kota could try looking like early britney, their bone structure is somewhat similar, just cut off that nasty chin

No. 328353

File: 1496491753422.jpeg (20.25 KB, 401x447, britney_spears_young_and_cute_…)

No. 328356

This thread is so off topic it's not even funny.

Dakota is a bad model. There. She needs to go back to her own country and get a real job and stop trying to pretend to be something she isn't cut out to be.

Admins, can we please get post IDs or something for these long ass spergouts? It's insane and they never stop.

No. 328357

File: 1496492287847.png (419.51 KB, 828x385, 1492502235543.png)

people here are trying to help dakota get back on track, we need her for good milk

and being a model doesn't mean you can't make it, just look at hadids

No. 328358

and being a bad model

No. 328359

File: 1496492522153.jpg (65.68 KB, 355x475, bellah.jpg)

true that. the hadids are literal pigs in wigs with painted faces. only famous because of nepotism.

No. 328360

Dak has a moon face, she most likely has an overbite or something, her nose is way to pointy and tall and her eyes makes her look like an alien. I mean she could have eyelid reduction or something. To me that is what's wrong with her appearance

No. 328371

sage but young Britney before her nose job is everything… be still my beating heart <3

No. 328374

Except that wasn't me who reposted the same thing over and over, it was Jaw-chan, AKA Sperg-chan 2.
Or are you her samefagging again?

No. 328375


There's people in this thread literally REEEEing about "normies" here. It's like the worst users have congregate into this thread like flies to shit.

No. 328379

No one "reee'd" about "normies", though, just acknowledged an influx of weebs in denial who wish they were normies.

No. 328386

where the fuck are the mods. this thread is about kota, not chins and jaws.

No. 328388

she's not as ugly as all of u wish. She's actually quite pretty. The thing is that she insist in editing herself and looking like a doll cause that's what make her famous in the first place or maybe she has a distorted image of who she is and is going to expend all of her 20's wasting her time and money looking like a toddler. I really hope she doesnt get into dramatic surgeries like chipmunk cheeks or leafy's chin.

No. 328391

Really the only milk here anymore is how she is managing to afford to stay in Tokyo. I doubt she could even support herself in Orlando with that trickle of shit tier modeling jobs and daytime TV appearances.

Is it a sugar daddy? Hosting? Scott sending over money like he does for Kaka?

No. 328393

am i blind or does she resemble leighton meester a lil bit?

No. 328398

>she's not as ugly as all of u wish. She's actually quite pretty.

i don't hate kota and i think she's ugly. always thought so, inc during her scene years. i think kiki's pretty tho.

No. 328422

File: 1496504712371.png (251.12 KB, 430x499, Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 16.4…)

Right is this girl Dakota or Audrey?

No. 328437

Foreheads too small to be Dakota

No. 328442

who audrey

No. 328456

I think they might mean Audrey Hayashi?

No. 328465

Same. i think she could look better if she took care of herself. Eat healthy, go to the gym and stop doing her makeup like she's doing it right now.
But yes. I'd not date her if I were a dude

No. 328468

pm what ive been waiting for the past 5 years

also 100% certain dako has been monitoring lolcow ever since its inception including now

No. 328470

Best & worst of Dakota?

No. 328500

Looks nothing like Kota…

No. 328539

Just like her shoops

No. 328543

>Dakota is actually pretty


Dakota was pretty when she was younger, wen she first got to Japan. She peaked at 16, she looked good for a couple years after that, but now she looks like chewed gum and it shows in her real wok like Yoko Fuckigami, Fitt's, the music video, Last Kiss, and Eresuto high school. Face it, your pedo-pandering edgelord has fallen now that older men don't see her as jailbait anymore.

No. 328548

Oh for sure. If Kiki spent all her time Sperging on here you know Dakota has to know about this site too.

No. 328592

where's the new dakota honestly
fill the void

No. 328596

oh my god. I felt so triggered by "she peaked at 16".

No. 328617

This. I miss the dakoot dramu from 2011-2012. Since then it's been so stale.
Please give us a new kooter, this one is dry forever

No. 328629

I never did.
And I don't know who's who anymore or why the duck you teeny boppers feel the need to debate over Kooter's jaw characteristics.

There's nothing wrong with her jaw.
If she were unmarketably ugly she wouldn't have modeled in Japan.
Her true crime is excessive shoop while her body dysmorphia turns her unrecognizable.

That's it.

No. 328634

You lost the right to have your opinions be seen as valid when you freaked out and spammed the thread, pal.

No. 328676

>it's not her fault!!!
>body dysmorphia!!!!
>she's beautiful, her shoops are just ugly!!!

Lmfao, this is the only reason I bother with these threads. The monstrengas whiteknighting themselves and each other with far-reaching and "well you don't KNOW anything about her!!!" is as guaranteed as gravity.

No. 328693

her jaw would be ok if she would lose weight. she just looks bloated like she has water retention or something

No. 328708

Ikr? Her jaw is normal

>Lmfao, this is the only reason I bother with these threads.
No, it's because you have a massive hate-boner for Dakota.

>The monstrengas whiteknighting themselves

Lol this paranoid bitch…

No. 328713

Watch this turn out to be one of Dakota's posts when we find out she followed in her batshit insane sister's footsteps once again.

No. 328781

just googled. is she the girl that said she is not attracted to her asian banker boyfriend? seen that image posted on /pol/ often.

No. 328810

Your bitter tears are delicious. Cry harder.

No. 328989

Are you samefagging and therefor Think everyone Else is? I made 3 posts about her jaw so i know there are atleast 2 other anons, why is the fact that Broad jaws not being masculine that hard for you to accept? Did you shave your jaw because you thought it was and regret it deeply or is it because you have a really thin face and it shattered you delusion that it is a feminine trait and that makes you feel sad? Like You Seem pretty obsessed tbh

No. 328991

File: 1496596004510.jpg (29.15 KB, 330x330, jaws.jpg)

you again…

No. 329000

this thread was a mistake, admin shut this shit down

No. 329042

File: 1496601684959.jpeg (38.43 KB, 450x350, image.jpeg)

Such feminine

No. 329076

File: 1496607033331.jpg (666.27 KB, 1500x1001, m7sM5TB.jpg)

that was me >>328991 and I hate horse faces more than anything
the only face shapes I consider attractive on women are round/soft oval/heart. pic related.

No. 329084

But she actually looked cute in Last Kiss. Not doll-like cute but cute enough for tv.
The rest was tragic though. Idk maybe it's because of unfortunate makeup/styling?

No. 329092

Lately, her style in general has been really terrible. She has no style of her own, and it's like she's trying to look like she's 10. Her diet has also been proved to be kinda shitty so her skin has been aging and suffering a ton.

If she just dressed in her own style, got bangs again (because they suit her face a lot) and hit up a gym regularly while eating frequently and healthy food, she would look a lot better. She's only 21 so it's not like she's old or haggard yet.

No. 329126

i just wish some actually cute looking white girl weeb pulled off kota's old bratty popular girl kawaii aesthetics & actually catered to fans and did cool shit.

No. 329136


It is not, I promise you anon.

No. 329138

That qt girl would still have a thread in snow with petty asf anons nitpicking dumb shit

No. 329151

You are 10/10 assblasted and I won't bother addressing any of the hysterical hyperbole and strawmen in your post.

I didn't spam the thread. And at this point I hope the admin just locks it if not to spite your smug attitude about this bitch and her jaw or whatever else you're projecting about.

Whoever these anons are I agree.
>inb4 I'm the magical unicorn of sanefagging somehow

No. 329153

>That qt girl would still have a thread in snow with petty asf anons nitpicking dumb shit
Haha they'll be like
- omg her ears are so pinkish ugh
- i know what a bitch right?

Anon tbh she looks pretty to me in all of those screenshots lol you are just nitpicking.

No. 329167

File: 1496617496847.jpg (18.08 KB, 340x340, 1456313258534.jpg)

the third and fourth one look terrible imo
lighting rlly is key tho, she looks like a reg (not ugly) white girl in most candids

u can't blame ppl for having different beauty standards than you, theres no way to be objective about it
it is pretty boring when ppl just seem to wanna prove cows are hideous beyond a shadow of a doubt for over +1000 posts, thats not milk no matter how much she ps

sums up my thoughts
reminds me of bella thorne, who's looks aren't my cup of tea, but some people find her super pretty

No. 329195

File: 1496620572088.gif (494.79 KB, 500x175, FtlhDLJ.gif)

No. 329216

Round faces have broad jaws anon do you know what a circle looks like?
all children and babies have broad jaws are they ugly too, Masculine looking maybe?

No. 329218

Also those two face shapes look identical

No. 329242

Anon that woman has a whole new face, not even joking.

No. 329248

Can't stop laughing.

No. 329547

this thread is such shit you're all so pathetic arguing over this crap.

0/10 no milk. the milk's gone bad

No. 329549

That's what everyone has been trying to explain to that pair of paranoid anons who believe that all of us are Ostrengas in disguise..

No. 329551

File: 1496676366972.jpg (54.18 KB, 467x318, 20170605-1963889239.jpg)

Found this

No. 329593


No. 329596

yes, it was pretty recent

No. 329602

Imagine their reactions to the pics ITT. Have they seen any of her work from the last year?

No. 329606

I'm sorry but these and some others have to be an Ostrenga.
They could've heard about the mod situation. They read exactly like sperg-chan posted.
>No milk guys! Time to shut down the thread!!
https://lolcow.farm/all-posts-kiki.html (CTR+F "milk", she never shut the fuck up about it)
Who else would care if the thread is shut down or not? Everyone knows there can be dry spells in threads, especially in snow. If you don't like the thread, you can hide it…

No. 329613

she's so ugly :-(

No. 329619

You fucking wish I was an ostrenga so you can carry on with your delusional tinfoil fantasies.


No. 329620

File: 1496689126797.jpg (57.84 KB, 692x692, Dy70ulZOl-0.jpg)

No. 329632

File: 1496690330471.png (235.45 KB, 468x309, Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 3.07…)


I recall it being said multiple times by farmhands/mods : " The best way to prevent derailing is to not contribute to it. " Neither of you are in the right.

There truly hasn't been milk on Dakota or a lot of other snowflakes in years, and they still got threads too. If the conversation becomes sour or to your disliking, why not just do what I did, and leave. Arguing is pointless, and not worth neither of your time.

If you must do something, then report them if you believe they're breaking the rules, and once Mods are in place they'll look at it.

( Dakota's thread isn't the only one going to shit right now )


Someone should upload pic related to GC and see what they say. I don't understand why they always use incredibly old ass comparisons of her.

No. 329653

But GC are aware of her Fit's commercial at least. Here's what they had to say.

No. 329655

The thread wasn't about her, they were just talking about photoshop and how much it can change someone

No. 329686

File: 1496695230301.png (121.06 KB, 682x440, Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 4.35…)


(pic related )

They're still miffed about what she said/did when she was younger. ( The racist video ).


Eh, still a brilliant example of photoshop then. Though I dunno whats worse, that she edits her pics so much, or that the first pic was actually touched up and still came out horrific.

No. 329688

Ugh, I wish the comments on that video weren't disabled.

No. 329696

File: 1496696297482.jpg (258.99 KB, 762x804, twofaced.jpg)

did they fucked her face/hair/makeup on purpose? or no one told her she started to look kind of sloppy? I really don't get it, she must have an agent…
also - usually people look more or less the same on screen, sometimes better, sometimes worse but she looks like a completely different person every time we see her. wtf.

No. 329697

File: 1496696329089.png (109.72 KB, 1270x266, Skærmbillede 2017-06-05 kl. 22…)

No. 329699

Damn they are harsh. They compare her to Quentin Tarantino and Jack Nicholson.
Also there seems to be a stan in there posting shooped and flattering pictures and using simplistic Japanese.

No. 329702

I'm guessing last kiss used the most flattering angles for both boots and her date. I mean people would rather watch attractive people in a romantic context. Plus bangs.

No. 329703


No. 329705

File: 1496696731388.jpg (425.99 KB, 2560x1536, IMG_5519.JPG)

Ooh, use this one

No. 329707

O honestly think Dakota wouldn't have nearly as much drama if it weren't for Kiki "defending" her "anonymously" online. Dakota doesn't reference her drama the way Kiki does and I highly doubt she spends as much time online as her either. Dakota seems like she'd rather be left alone andnplay her games and take selfies than go on here to whiteknight herself. Kirsten is the one who can't move on.

No. 329719

they mentioned dakota on here but of course never said anything about her photos ACTUALLY being fake, why she was dropped, and the whole "has taken up to painting" thing wtf.

no mentioned of kiki, her scene fame, or her warped shoops and videos either. just the same 2012 dolly pics.


No. 329730


Thank fuck because someone had to say it

And Venus was brought up too

Both these wrecks needed to be outed

One for visa and one for fucking her manager aka hiroshi takawaki

No. 329733

Her *married manager lmao

No. 329736


Well there is that too

No. 329738

File: 1496699983039.jpg (93.59 KB, 960x960, image.jpg)

Saw this and instantly thought of Kooter.

No. 329763

How is her nose that pointy? I've never seen a nose like that unless it was plastic they even changed the shape of it and her nostrils for the right pic.

No. 329777


They probably half assed the details due to the "Ostrenga copyright" bullshit, and also the lovely voicemails Scott might leave you if he feels you're "threatening" their daughter's faux fame.

I love how you can tell they lurk here …

No where else can you see the mention of her being dropped by agencies, and constant "hate" ( discussion) ..

No. 329853

It has always been super pointy , it's exactly like her mom's nose..

No. 329892

This shit was amazing for the comments.

>I've never heard of Americans coming to Japan and gaining weight.

>Get out of the country.

>Not a barbie more like a swamp witch

I died.

No. 330030

Cathy's look fake as fuck too though. I've literally never seen another nose that pointy that wasn't a nose job. Her and Dakota having the same nose doesn't make it look any less unusual.

No. 330032

hi kiki.
and no her nose used to be round.

No. 330040

Yeah Cathy has a super 70s/80s style nosejob. It's obvious. I think that Koots got a nosejob when she was too young and it hasn't aged well.

No. 330041

Damnnnn they're savage. She must be so embarrassed to go out in public. >>329686
I'll never feel bad that her racist homophobic past still haunts her. Being a teen isn't an excuse to be horrible. I blame her parents tho

No. 330070

She has said in the past she goes out in disguise or avoids going out because 'it's embarrassing when fans ask for pics and autographs'. Really ppl were probably trying to get pics of her to see what her actual face looks like.

No. 330073

File: 1496754008272.png (290.41 KB, 555x420, Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 13.5…)

No. 330074

File: 1496754032674.png (397.52 KB, 555x556, Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 14.0…)

she's basically a nail model by this point tbh

No. 330075

Looks like she took our advice about the bangs, but… her hair is so thin now, they barely help.

No. 330077


I noticed this too, they look incredibly thin. First thing I thought of when I saw this and those wrists are just painfully shooped.

No. 330078

She looks too skinny here. She really goes ham on that liquefying tool. Maybe all the chubby comments got to her

No. 330092

Maybe she really is balding? Her hair was always thin, but never this thin until about last year.

She also has tried pillows against her to hide her sides which helps.

No. 330095

File: 1496757469983.png (173.6 KB, 302x330, Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 9.56…)


Gonna start screaming Hallelujah if she also started dieting too. Maybe she finally realized that she actually has to care about her image to be a fucking model.

Also, wonder if Kathy sent over money and she finally got it.


It might help her image a little. I mean they aren't the full think straight bangs like she use to do. ( not that she has enough hair anyways ) I hope in reality it isn't like that ugly asian hair style trend of having 4 little strands of hair for bangs.

Kathy should send her some hair & skin vitamins.

No. 330099

Dieting won't help her if she only eats crap. Less crap might make her lose weight but she won't look any better- she might even end up looking worse. She needs multivitamins and to move around more to keep herself from looking like all she does is sit on her ass all day.

No. 330108

>Photoshop everything but doesn't remove that weird scab mark

No. 330119

She has bangs! Praise the lord!

No. 330124

Scabs, bruises and cigarette burns make her look more fragile desu ~

No. 330125

She finally realized she needed bangs. An improvement.

No. 330129

Maybe it's the lighting, but that looks like homeless heroine addict hair to me, especially with the bulging eyes
Just makes her look frizzy, unhealthy, and sleep deprived.
Why can't you just get it right, girl….
I wonder if she's just really fucking depressed? I've definitely fallen off the wagon during bad periods in my life, but her bad period has been the last two years it seems.

No. 330134

why tf is she shooping her eyes like that…. eeewwwggghh

No. 330151

this is shocking. left is lesbian wet dreams, right looks chinless and inbred

No. 330166

File: 1496766300553.png (894.21 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5437.PNG)

She used to brag about waking up with bruises on her legs/arms/hips and post pics on her LINE blog. Pic related

No. 330183

jesus christ, that vegan diet is doing her no favors, shes losing her hair and muscle tone she needs to up her calories intake, take a multi to catch up to all those years of depriving herself of essential nutrients and do some light lifting to tone up and lose fat, poor girl…

No. 330194

Her diet is probably he cause of her ~severe anemia~, just like her ~asthma~ is probably due to smoking.

No. 330206

Not just you, when I first saw it I thought she was sick in a hospital bed.
I can't wait to see those awful bangs in a candid.

No. 330207

I think after she sees this thread she'll get extensions again lol

No. 330208

Why am I so happy to see her with bangs.
Hope she starts eating healthy and exercising too !

No. 330240

Don't hold your breath on that, anon

No. 330254


No. 330255

she looks like a sickly hospital patient. maybe that's what she's going for but it's not cute, or sexy, or attractive, or enviable. she just looks gray and gross.

No. 330267

I mean
what exactly do you have to do to yourself to end up with a bruise that bad?? How shitty does your nutrition need to be for it to turn out like that?

No. 330270


Enough that your a balding freak with no friends living in Japan.

Bet she's regretting not taking vitamins/iron supplements now. Bet those "kawaii fragile bruises" are worth it either.

No. 330274

File: 1496780697227.png (500.01 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5438.PNG)


Or they're hickeys and sex bruises, lol.

Although, isn't that the pink bedframe from her room in FL? Se has the full sized one with the furry blanket and the white single bed in her pink bedroom, does she have 3 beds?

No. 330275


No her bed in florida doesnt have a frame

Her second apartment in Japan when she was in popteen and made videos with sakura, chobits, sailor moon hairstyle had the pink bedframe.

Now her room is the one with the furry rug in the apartment hiroshi is paying for

No. 330280

She has yaoi hands

No. 330283

She always does, lmao. It's like one of her signatures, like erasing her lower jaw.

No. 330294

Dakota was right. The "haters" make her famous. Meaning that she isn't famous In Japan at all. She's only e-famous.
Try asking around In Tokyo.
It's funny how she pretends to the Internet about being big in Japan.

/sage for common knowledge

No. 330306

If that's her hip it's massive lol I wouldn't doubt she's a masochist

No. 330307


Omg is that suppose to be her leg ??

KEK, sad to think she's still obsessed with noodle limbs.

No. 330313

The bangs are great but she looks really unhealthy here. I honestly couldn't figure out if she was in a hospital bed at first.

No. 330326

not gonna argue it hasn't been liquified, but you can see from her shoulder and face in the corner that it's her arm

No. 330344


Oh shit, your right. I didn't enlarge the image so I didn't see her ear in the corner.

No. 330508

Wtf is going on with her left hand, it looks copied,pasted and her wrist looks fucked up?

No. 330532

From Townhall meeting thread:

>Proposed: In times of zero milk, when a thread is mostly speculation, it could be put on autosage until a moderator undoes this when there's fresh drama.

>Nitpicking, armchair psychology, and absolutely baseless speculating must be saged and kept under control. Endless tinfoiling about e.g. Taylor's or Dakota's income or specific shade of hair color must stop and will be punished.

No. 330575

Thank god. Dakota threads have been the worst example of vapid PULLfags trying to force drama by posting old photos from 2012 in an endless loop, trying to nitpick every candid photo and forcing themselves to see things that are not there.

Sage for no contribution but seriously this thread needs to go, it's inviting tons of mentally unstable Dakota stans to this board.

No. 330625

I'm surprised her thread is still going she's literally a bore and hasn't had any real milk since 2013. Her pictures is the only thing keeping her thread alive,along with her lesbians stans wetting their panties for 2012-2013 old koots style.

No. 330667

are you saying pullfags and Dakota stans are one in the same or the former is attracting the latter?

No. 330707


Part of me doubts they are Pullfags. Just reading their Dakota thread mostly reads like a shrine, or mild talk about her getting better. Its probably just newfags who just came across her old drama like it was yesterday. ( and some oldfags who have been waiting since 2012 for Dakota to fall )


Please tell me the arguments about beauty standards ( Jaw shape ect ) are fucking banned too.

No. 330839

she's smart for listening about the bangs.

stringy greasey-haired look isn't though.
neither is that nose highlight, yikes.

No. 330841

Dakota needs way more volume to her hair, not extensions. She looks like her parents don't love her.

The fragile sickbed eye-bulge vibe she's going for isn't kawaii on her. It just looks pathetic.

No. 330847

File: 1496854551281.jpg (33.98 KB, 627x470, Android_18_2nd.jpg)

Go to bed, Kiki.

No. 330874

File: 1496857929125.jpg (101.49 KB, 1024x573, 1394137913477.jpg)

She's a racist, homophobic, immature piece of shit and a liar to boot. She can suck all the nipponese dick she want, but it won't make her into an anime character.

No. 330877

File: 1496858149277.jpg (23.88 KB, 284x253, 1458369397284.jpg)

It's because she photoshops her arms to look stick-thin but doing the hands is more difficult so she just doesn't bother.

No. 330882

File: 1496858335419.png (87.71 KB, 223x210, Gruftine.png)

She's very obviously trying to make herself look more asian.

I remember she got caught tagging her videos with shit like 'mixed girl' 'half-asian' 'half-white'

No. 330933

Yes, bangs are back finally!

No. 330934

THANK GOD she finally got her bangs back, oh joyous day.
Also is this a new shoop style?
Pls koot try a bit harder, you can still be kawaii, there's hope

No. 330938

Yeah. I genuinely worry about her sometimes. I mean, I wish I could help her somehow you know? Thinking about her family, things must not always have been easy. Even if she did some shit and has been a bitch in the past.
There's still hope for her to improve, she's not even super big or ugly to begin with, just kinda chub especially compared to her shoops or the "real" models. I hope she won't completely get off her rockers/go full ana/mia, that would be super depressing.
I grew to get attached to her somehow and I wish her well, in all honesty. Just like PT.

No. 330939

I think it's that she just doesn't fit in in japan but desperately wants to cling to it because there's nothing left for her back home in the US.

She should probably just go home and maybe go to school, but that would require work, effort, and self reflection. Things Kota has 0 experience with.

No. 330948

She could take classes online in Japan if she wanted to, but she probably won't. She seems hellbent on riding her "career" as a model circa 2012/2013 until people stop letting her.

No. 330949

imo opinion it helped, but can we discuss why she looks like she lies in a hospital bed?
At first glance I honestly thought it was one. She looks sick.

No. 330950

with iron anaemia you actually get bruises quite easily. I have it right now too and just recently got bruises underneath my chin from simply propping my chin on my hand while watching youtube.
But with bruises that bad she should be on iron infusions tbh.

No. 331060

Looks like a spa chair. She got her nails done so that's my guess.

No. 331066

….everyone knows that.
Anon is saying she looks sick.

No. 331102

whenever i see this thread i feel like punching my screen

good pic choice op… she's hideous

No. 331130

File: 1496889459551.jpg (454.16 KB, 1200x841, 20170607-893595795.jpg)

Ugh posted the wrong image before. Here's the edit.
I got bored. Sorry for no nasolabial folds.

No. 331170

shes failing she doesnt look asian at all, looks more like shes going for a miranda kerr look

No. 331332

I think she just uses eyelid glue/tape and chops off her jaw, then bugs her eyes, with that being the result. She has shooped herself to look Asian before, and so have some of her past employers, so she would definitely know how. I don't think that's what she's going for, just that she's trying to trim off all the jawmeat she gained while in Japan.

No. 331350

lol what the FUCK is this shit(low-quality, did not sage)

No. 331789

hair is in desperate need of fixing(low quality, did not sage)

No. 331852

I don't think anything can fix her hair at this point. She should just shave her head and invest in some good, natural looking wigs. Clinging to the last few greasy noodles still stuck to her scalp is making her look like a cancer patient.

No. 331877


what would she use eyelid glue or tape for?? she has double lids with space?

No. 331878

She has started fashioning an undereye crease.

No. 331883


oh I see…I think it looks kind of nice on her,gives a bigger eye look if that makes any sense

No. 331887

She also has heavy/hooded lids which eye tape can help. Old ladies use it sometimes for the same thing as eyelift tape.

No. 331895

At it again with the big, meaty claws!
Would love to see how those thin bangs look irl on her ! I imagine the fitts cm but even more disheveled

No. 331960

File: 1497034992922.jpg (120.13 KB, 458x476, lisacomp.jpg)

Honestly this was my first thought: she's trying to look like BlackPink's Lisa Manoban

No. 331970

File: 1497035889043.jpg (95.62 KB, 800x508, blackpink-lisa-plastic-surgery…)

they def have a lot in common

No. 331973


what? did dakota ever get any plastic surgery done? either way she just had a nose job

No. 331974

she quite obviously got her nose, eyes and chin fixed, dakota does the same in ps

No. 331981

why the hell DOESN'T she just wear wigs? she's not a european/american fashion model. she's living in japan and trying to appeal to asians. they wear wigs. it's perfectly normal to have wigs and extensions there, not considered "fake" at all.

dakota keeps failing because she's trying to appeal to both sides of the modeling world and it DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT. there are different aesthetics. a wig would help so much but she probably won't ever get one. at least the bangs are a step in the right direction but her hair looks so dead and thin it's like putting a child size band-aid on a stab wound.

No. 332009

don't blacks in u.s. also wear wigs?
wigs aren't taboo anymore, she could wear one and still be considered attractive by her followers, both asian and western
though I guess it's hard to find realistic looking blonde one

No. 332021

Dude WHAT?

At least wait for another picture? Damn


No Dakota's nose is 100% natural.

Tinfoilzzz everywhere.

No. 332034


>>331974 said lisa is plastic and kota is photoshoppped

but otherwise… still no milk.
was it ever established who takes her pics? it can't be her old agent since she's supposed to be in a new agency, right?

No. 332083

yes it's more ok for black people to wear wigs in the us as their hair is harder to manage for straight styles.

i don't know of any popular white models or insta-famous girls who are trying to appeal to westerners and wear wigs. kota is trying to do both like i said. the europeans/americans don't like the weeb shit and the asians/weeaboos don't like the weird "young russian girl" look she is trying to do.

No. 332086

Anon, as far as we know, she has no agency at the moment.

No. 332100

>as far as we know, she has no agency at the moment.

Tinfoils again…

No. 332116

Anon, it IS shit. It has no milk, just nitpicking. Many anons agree. Stop being paranoid.

No. 332121

This is not tinfoiling. She has no agency representation right now.

No. 332149

Reminder: Sage your posts if you have nothing to contribute to the thread. Out of control nitpicking, arguing, and low-quality posting will be punished. This thread will be put on autosage if it continues.

No. 332189


Farmhand, what if Kiki comes back just to shitpost in the hopes of forcing the threads into autosage?

No. 332192

>Dakota's nose is 100% natural

Top. Kek. Just because se has the same tacky, pinched nose as her mom doesn't mean it's natural. Her nose is plastic, if it's not then find a pic of someone else with a nose that sharp that hasn't had surgery.

No. 333223

I thought it was common knowledge that she had some cheap nosejob to give that upturned high bridge instead of the flat bulbous nose she had when younger.

Since it was probs done before puberty it grew out wrong. She has to have her tip fixed, but without an agency and constant work I don't think she can afford it.

No. 333234

The weird thing about it, is that it must of have been done when she was really young, 13-14 tops. I wonder if it was a deviated septum thing or if she broke it or something. But it just doesn't look natural.

No. 333262

File: 1497077174672.png (491.28 KB, 1431x492, x.png)

nosejob confirmed

her nose used to be round as fuck. super pointy noses arent even attractive, mustve been a cheap one.

No. 333264

to add onto that i think her family must be extremely toxic. what kind of parent pushes their child to seek internet fame instead of staying in school and working hard to get a normal job. toxic parents, fucked up mind (kiki too). both of their lives are extremely dysfunctional.

No. 333271

Thanks based anon, that's the exact picture I remember from when it was widely known she had work done.

No surprise she now has body shape issues, considering she had such a procedure done at a young age.

No. 333272

Except that she was 10 in the first photo and 16 in the second one and she contoured her nose.

Keep reaching

No. 333279

As we age and develop, your nose undergoes several changes, during ur teenage years, there are a lot of changes in the shape and structure of the nose. Its completely normal, in fact, in Dakota's case, her tip looks pointy but actaully bigger and the bridge of her nose is also taller. When you are a kid and in your very early teens your nose looks "flatter" and your tip rounder compared to an adult's nose, then it gradually changes. BASIC.

Damn, just look at your childhood pictures and see the obvious difference through the years.

No. 333281

maybe that's why kaka is so vehemently opposed to having that bird beak shaved down.

No. 333293

File: 1497091872991.jpg (156.61 KB, 966x682, babyfang.jpg)

To ignore the hospital/speculation on her face for a second, what's with her jewelry? Has Dakota ever mentioned her religion? Wearing beaded jewel bracelets is pretty common among those that think they have "metaphysical properties".

I noticed her Baby Fang stuff had similar themes, pic related. Maybe it's just an aesthetic she refuses to let go and thinks it's cool, even though Baby Fang did not catch on at all.

No. 333301

lol she was not 10 in the first photo. she wasn't born in 95

No. 333305

It's just an aesthetic she likes, it's not that deep

No. 333309

Contouring doesn't change your nose shape that severely from the side. Even if it did, Dakota clearly didn't have the makeup skills at that age to do good enough contouring to pull it off- just look at the rest of her pics from that era, like her chola liner and raccoon eyes.

And again- if her nose is real, find a pic of someone else with a nose that sharp and pinched that hasn't had surgery and isn't her mom.

And why she was so specific in her one blog rant about her "friend" who had a nose job and didn't like it. Since Kiki didn't have friends until she moved to LA I think it's safe to assume she meant her sister.

I think her issues come from being worshipped for being something she knows she never was, and bein pushed to change herself over and over for attention and fame by her parents. I don't buy that Dakota was ~abused~ but Scott and Cathy most likely are shitty parents.

No. 333311

my friend had a nose like emo kota when she was a child and as she aged her nose changed into beak

besides just look at kota's chin - it used to be normal flat chin when she was a kid but now she has huge protruding chin - same probably hapened to her nose - her features grew bigger

No. 333314

File: 1497098552824.png (625.56 KB, 713x975, chinnychinchin.png)

>it used to be normal flat chin
stop making things up. shes always had a witch chin. this can only be an ostrenga.

No. 333318

looks like it's fillers (non surgical nose job)

No. 333319

Pics or it didn't happen.

No. 333321

Puberty doesn't make your nose sharper and your nostrils thinner, and it certainly doesn't make your nose smaller as you age.

No. 333326

File: 1497100017204.png (113.52 KB, 328x385, biggggggurr.png)

I think it's bigger now, to the point it's kind of disturbing

but maybe she has implant in her nose, hard to say. would doctors in u.s. did this kind of surgery on a kid that is still grownig? shouldn't she be over 16 for such procedure?

No. 333341

I've been saying that for years that kota's nose was fake and kiki + other anons would say it's natural, her nose is way to sharp and pointy to be natural. She can stab someone with it

No. 333343

WHY must we keep reminding you tinfoil anons that pointy noses are a genetic possibility and Kathy has always had one too? Unbelievable. You'll insist upon anything so long as it's negative.

No. 333356

this. kid's noses are still growing like the rest of their bodies.

No. 333358

ugh shes so ugly in both pictures

No. 333372

Because, nobody can provide pics of a "natural" nose like Kota and Cathy's for reference. Cathy's nose is fake af too probably. It's not "tinfoil" you sperg- tinfoil would be saying her nose is 100% fake for a fact and so is her mom's. Nobody is saying that. Everyone is saying her nose is ugly and looks fake as fuck. Personally, I've never seen anyone with a snooter like kooter's that wasn't plastic and nobody can seem to find any pics of anyone with a nose like hers that isn't a vapid, attention starved loser who undoubtedly would get a cheap nose job (like Cathy).

No. 333381

File: 1497109560871.png (1.54 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6442.PNG)

Not all doctors care, really.

No. 333387

kota seems to have whats called an overprojected tip. i dont believe her nose is fake for many reasons, most of them other anons stated.
it'd be hard to find such a quack doctor to give such a young girl a nose job.
also itd be hard for her and cathy to end up with the same exact nose (yes even if they went to the same doctor)

No. 333389

South american docs don't care, it's all about the $$$ in chn,jp,kr there are a handful of drs who are willing to operate on very young children for the right price, and ofc it's frowned upon

No. 333404

ok… but in NORTH america its difficult. People are afraid of being sued. And most americans do not wanna go to south america to get ps. they know how sketchy it is and it has a bad rep. Especially if they live in someplace like FL, which has some of the best plastic surgeons in the US.

just another thing I thought of…
if kota got a nosejob that'd imply she's ok with ps, so what would be stopping her from getting something like her jaw done now

No. 333417

>so what would be stopping her from getting something like her jaw done now
lack of funds

No. 333431

there are tons of young girls who get shitloads of plastic surgery. see noah cyrus, for example. and bella thorne etc.

No. 333432

>South american docs don't care, it's all about the $$$

There are laws every where shut up. Don't say shit, do you really believe they went to somewhere in South America, China or Japan or Korea to fix her nose at 14?


>Cathy has her nose bc they went to the same doctor!!!1

Seriously, get help.

>in chn,jp,kr there are a handful of drs who are willing to operate on very young children

…All the shit and bait in this post is just wow…

No. 333436

File: 1497118931932.gif (736.62 KB, 500x273, rollseyes.gif)

>She wasn't born in 95

No. 333438

This thread has become so disappointing and dull, with all the speculating about whether or not she's had surgery. Admin just needs to lock it until there's milk. Faces change and features become more defined when you get older, it's not rocket science. besides, kota probably already thinks she's too special for plastic surgery

No. 333442

This thread is now on autosage. Please report it once there is interesting new info.

No. 333445


I knew this would happen. What about >>332189? We know Kiki is familiar with lolcow and probably still lurks, what's to keep her from shitposting every thread until they all get autosaged? Granted, Dakota doesn't have a lot of recent drama, but without her threads how would we find more if we can't even keep a thread going because of shitlords trying to force it into autosage?

No. 333449

It's a good point, but not doing anything won't help either. Spergs will continue to be banned, of course. Let's hope that the lack of attention will bore some of the worst offenders, but in any case, this is a trial, let's see if it works.

No. 333847

not to start a fight, just curious: can i ask why dakota's thread specifically is put on autosage when there's plenty of other threads filled with speculative bullshit? i mean, i agree that most of these comments are useless, but threatening autosage seems like it'd encourage keeks to start spamming to purposely put it on autosage again and again more than it would encourage people to only bring new drama.

also i made one of the useless comments when forgetting to sage myself, oops.

No. 333915

My point exactly. Kiki would swoop in at the chance to get her sister's threads taken down. It would be easier to just set up post IDs, wouldn't it?

No. 334447

File: 1497289363486.jpg (399.14 KB, 2048x1523, IMG_6459.JPG)

I think I'm starting to understand why she held off on getting bangs for so long… it's just so fucking stringy.

No. 334448

Making them blunt would help. Those bang are quite ugly though. I'm surprised she cut them back.

No. 334455

I like this shoop style (?) can't tell if she changed the way she shooped or the bangs made a huge fucking difference.

No. 334457

It's because her bangs are wispy and not blunt since wispy bangs are more in trend right now. Unfortunately it doesn't suit her.

sage for hairstyle autism

No. 334466

is she even a bravo model?
i tried looking for her under the models but shed not there anymore? but if you google her name and bravo models she pops up? lol maybe the hid her profile because they were emberassed?

No. 334476

This post is max-level dramatic. Cut the melodrama.
>irony of calling another anon a sperg

Also, her hair is too thin to support bangs as thick as they used to be now. She's clinging to like five strands of hair.

No. 334522

Her info was taken off all agency sites and she took their info off hers. She also poster something about looking for new agents iirc shouldn't be too far back

No. 334584

>threatening autosage seems like it'd encourage keeks to start spamming to purposely put it on autosage again and again more than it would encourage people to only bring new drama.

Except that admin knows Kiki's IP and she wasn't here. Every time I point out when someone's reaching anons with a hateboner for Dakota claim I'm Kiki and I'm not even in America.. but ok.

No. 334589

the bangs do look a lot better on her but she needs to cut more of them to make them thicker. they look cut in the typical way you do in a bathroom mirror to yourself. but she should cut them around her temple area more, since that would give them more volume.

No. 334679

File: 1497314406823.png (86.72 KB, 328x385, proff.png)

this just tells me she might look good with some lip fillers. her chin is necessary to balance her nose out in profile and reducing it would leave it looking really weak.
(if she wanted dorito-style jaw shave it wouldn't affect this, however, and would make her chin seem less large overall)

No. 334753

Nah, her face looks bloated and fish-like on the left, like she just had her wisdom teeth removed or something. Narrow jaw compared to upper face = more feminine. That said, femininity doesn't always equal beauty. A lot of models such as Cara are on the butch/androgynous side. Because strong bone structure is much more striking.

No. 334805

can the jaw sperging just stop already

No. 335428

File: 1497441681062.png (361.55 KB, 922x446, Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 7.59…)

Seems like she's at a fellow friends clothing brand opening ? ( Just taking a guess )

-Pic one

No. 335430

File: 1497441890321.png (563.61 KB, 929x602, Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 7.59…)


-same fag ( pic two )

I'm so confused… Did she change her hair style or accidentally edit her hair away..

Regardless I hope this is pig tails and not just a singular pony tail… yikes..

No. 335454

>tfw your hair is barely haning onto that sad pig tail of yours

No. 335465

Im sure she just turned up. Koot doesn't follow any of the Larme models besides Tsubasa who has a Larme range and Yula is more in with Popteen which is different.

Praying to god Koot doesn't get a position in that magazine.

No. 335471

Her new shoop style is hideous

No. 335476

Yeah, she looks gross. I wish she'd cut it out and go back but we both know those days are over

No. 335536

File: 1497460035783.gif (2.58 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

I think Taylor just discovered the source of Dakotas nose, kek. Two plastic pieces that you put in your nose to make it taller/ pointier.

(This is not entirely serious, but I thought it was fitting)

No. 335609

File: 1497466889128.jpg (435.79 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_6562.JPG)

Better pic from twitter. It looks like she shooped one eye bigger than the other?

No. 335638

Christ, what the hell is she thinking? This doesn't even make anatomical sense. Look at the size of that fucking head. What is she even going for?

No. 335677


Look at the length of her fingers compared to her palm & wrist, omfg.

No. 335906

File: 1497546113481.jpg (185.84 KB, 1200x877, DCXQoAnVwAAUosp.jpg)

New pics incoming

No. 335907

File: 1497546147140.jpg (170.07 KB, 1200x851, DCXQrZ2VoAA4DqQ.jpg)

Not quite as terrifying as the last ones, but I don't think that's saying much at this point.

No. 335908

File: 1497546160539.jpg (156.33 KB, 1200x800, DCXQp2mUQAEVMwp.jpg)

No. 335909

File: 1497546172809.jpg (161.97 KB, 1200x833, DCXQtCBUIAAz9Kk.jpg)

No. 335925


I legit can't tell if she blurred her hairline ( thus making her look more bald ) or if she just really has a weird hairline.. The hair style looks cute, but it also sorta emphasizes how thin her hair really is.

Also the outfit she's wearing is kinda cute.. Why did she wait till she was dropped by 2 agencies to start caring about her image ?

TINFOIL - Is that her Bf's chunky leg on the side ? Because I still think she's broke af to afford anything right now with zero jobs/agencies …

No. 335946

I'm amazed she has enough hair to do this style, no shade intended. Unless she got braids to weave into her own hair or something.

No. 336078

Dang koots actually took pull users advice about the bangs

No. 336080

Some of that is hair extensions.

No. 336082

She probably realized she wasn't making any money, since she have to pay her agency most of her fees. How is she able to afford to get her done? Those sugar daddy assumptions are starting to sound about right.

No. 336093

She's really poured into that denim overall dress. She's shooped herself really tiny as usual but you can tell by the buttons it doesn't really fit.

No. 336245


She realized a year too fucking late though.

Maybe not a sugar daddy, but rather just some quarter-half decent looking Japanese otaku bf. Sorta like what Venus did, except Venus has money, and just needed a visa. Kota needs Jesus…


People both her and pull have been suggesting it, but not w.e the fuck this is .. Four thick noodles hanging ..

No. 336282

i think that might just be a stylish working on what looks like another client just a little out of frame

No. 336368

TBH I'm more disappointed in her decline in fashion sense than her losing her hair or aging (things she can't help). She used to dress so cute and put herself together well, but now she always looks like she got dressed in the dark between 3 different style closets.

No. 336853

Back in her scene days she dressed ugly too, Her living doll phase I think she just got inspiration from taobao for outfits.

No. 337019


She did dress cute for her first few months in Japan, she stopped when people kept taking pics of her while in public I think. There's pics of her standing in a train station in a cute pink outfit with a pink umbrella playing on her phone, also pics of her in a black outfit with a miniskirt and short hair. The stuff she wore in Popteen was cute, too. Her pre-2012 and post Candydoll everything are trash.

No. 337023

I actually like her shoop in this picture. But tbh she shouldve taken a size bigger for that dress, because the buttons make it way to obvious that she seems to be chunky.

No. 337031

File: 1497715845582.jpeg (37.63 KB, 524x479, image.jpeg)

….what is she thinking with this shoop

No. 337089

It probably fit wat back when she bought it, lol.

This looks like what happens when you try to edit high res images in a mobile app, but the person/object you're shopping is too small.

No. 337163

the distortion/shoop is so unreal there is nothing aesthetically pleasing about this stuff ya'll.

uncanny valley feelings up the ass

No. 337359

Ah, the classic style to hide hair extensions. Doesn't help that her front angle has no hair.

Also from this angle you can see that she's stretching the denim outfit width-wise from both the front (undone buttons) and back (straps pushed to the outsides).

No. 337482

Don't extensions cause hair loss if you use them all the time?

No. 337874

File: 1497875099935.jpg (70.03 KB, 445x494, britney-spears-hair-extensions…)

Uusally yes, especially those with fine hair from dyeing it. She needs to stop doing shit to her hair that makes it fall out.

No. 337999

File: 1497902577020.jpg (479.78 KB, 2048x1516, IMG_6542.JPG)

No. 338064


She posting old pictures from old gigs to give an illusion of still getting jobs ? While currently being jobless.

Why doesn't she try YouTube in the mean time ?

No. 338225

Too much work for koots,she can't even get off her ass and exercise.

No. 338279

File: 1497950067085.jpg (710.47 KB, 1200x877, 201706202129971243.jpg)

Tried my hand at "de-shooping" a few of her recent pics in facetune. I feel like I may have gone a bit over bored on how tiny I made her eyes and how big I made her jaw/chin.

No. 338280

File: 1497950086238.jpg (500.33 KB, 1010x807, 201706201249449228-1.jpg)

No. 338285

Nope, the caption says it's from "yesterday, June 20th". Looks like Fitts is doing another commercial with Kooter in it.

No. 338313


I'm shocked since they had to block all comments on videos with her, but I welcome these few drops of milk if a new video comes out.

Also if it was that recent where did her bangs go ?

No. 338341

-same fag..

So the videos were released and she's BARELY in it, actually during the dance scene she was cut off in the corner or stuffed behind someone. Thats how very little important she is ..

Also comments are already blocked..

Dance part alone :

( Never really posted video on here before so I hope it works.. So sorry if it fucks up )

No. 338468

lol ouch… barely a few seconds and you have to actually look for her

No. 338494

This video is pure gold this is the hardest koots has ran in her life. Around 3:18 behind the guy koots is running.

No. 338504


Not surprising since she was half a beat behind, lol. It's amazi to me how she keeps getting work?

No. 338634

Something bad must have happened because this is some insanely detailed shot selection to hide her…

No. 338658


She's not getting work though, this was filmed a while back with the rest of the videos. They're just doing a slow release of the videos. This was all one job, not a bunch as you can clearly see she doesn't have bangs.

I don't think anything went particularly wrong, but she just wasn't on beat and/or looked the part so she got crammed to the back. It wasn't until after the first part of the campaign was released that shit sorta went sideways in the comments.

Who knows though, there might be a 3rd part ?

No. 338797

oh, you just keep livin that dream, kota.

No. 338929

I wonder how she's surviving with such little work? I know advertisement jobs pay pretty well but it's been months now. You can't live off of a couple thousand dollars for months.

No. 338964

I think she does random little odd modeling/catalog jobs that go straight to print, like all the pics of her in kimono. I don't think she posts them on her IG or twitter because they're not as ~glamorous~ as her work with big brands or 'celebrities' like Fitt's/Naomi or Yoko Fuchigami.

No. 339299

So about the whole "wasn't born in 95" thing.
Back in 2008 or 2010 when the whole "dolly" thing was catching on in my country I joined it and started looking for role models, chinese (ullzang???) idols and whatnot. Of course I stumbled onto Dakota eventually and I distinctly remember her being older than me (I was born in 1992). I even always thought "oh, she is an older and, sure thing, wiser person than me, I should look up to her" and shit. Then I discovered boards and ED and found out everything she did is bullshit. Still, I can swear I remember her birth year being specified somewhere as 1991 or even 1989 (this one is most likely).
What the hell is this, anons? Some kind of false memory? Or what?

No. 339301

Mostly asking this because I decided to catch up with her life recently, found her in the Popteen and BAM - it's 1995. I even thought "What the hell? This is not her birth date, no way it is."

No. 339326

>Some kind of false memory
Yeah, you have a very severe care of false memory.

idk what kind of "dolly thing" you're talking about, but the "living doll" fad did not start until 2012. So there's no way in hell you joined it and stumbled on Dakota in 2008-2010 because of it. She was never known as doll before then, and didn't even follow that kind of style at all. Second, her older sister Kiki was born in 1992, so sorry but you are not younger than her, and she is definitely not 28 years old.

No. 339360

Se also lied about her age way back in the day to join MySpace when she was only 11 and the age requirement to join was 13. Kiki was 14, so they both claimed they were only 1 year apart and not 3. There's even caps of old MySpace scene queens laughing about Kiki sending her 11 year old sister to fight her battles for her.

No. 339411

Damn if you blink you miss her.

No. 339827

File: 1498189707146.gif (1.76 MB, 357x200, tenor.gif)

Someone needs to take screens because it's like..

No. 339960

File: 1498213709223.png (78.23 KB, 890x640, IMG_6703.PNG)


I tried my best, sorry for ant sized pics, I'm on my phone and I use daily landscape view.

No. 339961

File: 1498213735620.png (95.84 KB, 1136x430, IMG_6704.PNG)

No. 339962

File: 1498213773427.png (94.4 KB, 1136x421, IMG_6705.PNG)

No. 339964

File: 1498213806384.png (60.95 KB, 824x423, IMG_6706.PNG)

No. 342533

File: 1498620611657.png (138.16 KB, 640x845, IMG_1702.PNG)

Koots uploaded a new pic looks like some kind of lunchroom food…

No. 342619

why even mention this? it's just a boring picture

No. 342635


To maybe give an illusion she's at a job and can't cook at home ? But it more looks like she's at a homeless soup kitchen getting free food.

No. 342643

No wonder she looks the way she does- pasta, rice, and fried veggies? Such nutrition.

She also RT the Fitts dance scene she got halfway cut out of on Twitter, lol.

No. 343904

File: 1498819850338.jpg (166.11 KB, 1200x966, DDj3JFjW0AATx94.jpg)

How does her fashion keep getting worse?

No. 343907

File: 1498821959248.png (760.12 KB, 665x800, yello.png)

Filling out those dungarees.

No. 343929

Dear god she really is chubby af…I thought that that was one of the nitpickiest things in her thread, but that's an undeniable candid…hips don't lie lol
Although that's more of her waist…apple shapes are so unfortunate, especially with no tits :/

No. 344214

File: 1498861065140.jpg (71.74 KB, 692x692, DDYTjdjXsAAdc6p.jpg large.jpg)

New Fit's picture.
Looks like she outgrew her previous shirt.

No. 344311

File: 1498874501798.jpeg (55.23 KB, 512x676, image.jpeg)


No. 344336

damn she does look chubby should've crop the bottom of the picture.

No. 344338

Wow a actual candid photo of koots. It looks like she getting fatter every year she has fat rolls now.

No. 344441

Holy shit, she got fat as fuck. No wonder she isn't getting work, this is hilarious, she's like a stuffed sausage!

No. 344518

She even has a little back hump, maybe from years of sitting on a computer in a bad posture? I actually feel bad for her. How can someone so invested in their appearance let themselves go like that?

No. 344541

She hasn't been invested in her appearance since 2012, anon. Nobody is force feeding her junk food and locking her in her apartment not to drag her out for work and shop openings and model parties. Her body and her look are her responsibility and letting herself go is nobody's fault but hers. If her health plays a factor, well, she's an adult and that's her responsibility too.

Clearly she isn't worried about getting more work after losing Bravo and Libera, or about keeping up with her website, blog or anything but twitter and IG- barely. Her being on a working visa isn't holding water.

No. 344550

Because even in this photo she is probably furiously editing her selfie so it's the person she wants to be but doesn't have the willpower to become

No. 344551

this outfit is so unfortunate.
And why doesn't she dress for her body type? She isn't obese, but she wear crap that does not flatter her at all

No. 344566

File: 1498934363628.png (112.83 KB, 640x759, IMG_6816.PNG)

Can any anons translate her twitter rant? From my basic skills I can gather that she got nagged for using 'boku' at work by a colleague and she says it's an old habit?

No. 344595

too busy trying to be #aesthetic

No. 344616

I'm surprised she would tell us something like this, is she trying to become more personal with her ''fans?''

No. 344618

Eww wtf is she trying to take fashion tips from Taylor.

No. 344628

It makes her seem immature, if anything. Using slang at work isn't professional, and crying about it on twitter isn't either.

No. 344660

Quick and dirty translation.

Except for when I'm working, I use "Ore". It's a bad habit I've had for a long time.
Going out to eat with new acquaintance, I received a complaint about my using "Ore".
I was concerned and asked my best friend "What do you think about my not using "watashi"?
[I think it would be creepy if you suddenly started using "watashi". It doesn't suit you you. How you are is fine.]
That moment is when I thought that would love my best friend for my whole life.
I usually try to do it properly but sometimes, it just slips out. It can't be helped.

Those are the three tweets related to

No. 344662

>speak the language for 5 years
>it can't be helped


No. 344743

More like ~3 years, she dropped off the radar after her first bump of jobs and then popped up later speaking manly, slang riddled Japanese and wearing her ring.

No. 344744

Sooo, a new friend tells her it's weird that she says ore and she has an instant hug box to tell her it's ttly cute and fine and not to ever change? That's suspect considering how far she is and how little she's working. Everyone has to act nice and kiss ass in the modeling industry, except piggy Kota? Maybe she is married to her manager. Who else would encourage her to do things other Japanese consider weird?

No. 344746

*how far she is

*fat, my bad.

No. 345329


Holy fuck….

She looks like a ham in overalls …

I feel like at this point she isn't interested in modelling or being in Japan, but even more so doesn't want to go back to living with her parents. Maybe she'll move back and join Kaka in LA. Easier to financially support your kids if they are both in the same place.


She has no job … So was this basically her saying she fucked up an interview, and then blowing off steam about it on Twitter ?

The non existent fucks are very obvious.

No. 346495

File: 1499229824197.jpg (1.67 MB, 2880x3840, IMG_3210.JPG)

No. 346496

I'm sorry but how hard is it to say watashi?

No. 346696

I'd love to see the Japanese comments on the pic wherever this was posted.

No. 346985

She just wants to be a special snowflake because she is oh so original

No. 347008

File: 1499315145987.jpg (71.01 KB, 1200x800, DEBHZbhUIAAYT7o.jpg)

Still as boring as ever. She posted another, I guess, behind the scenes thing from the Fits CM on insta.

No. 347009

File: 1499315243066.png (2.31 MB, 1440x2010, dakotako.png)

No. 347010

File: 1499315613443.png (90.11 KB, 240x199, 2017-07-06 13_32_52-_snow_ - ダ…)

jesus those wrinkly eyes and bushy brows are friggin scary

No. 347245


I can't believe she gained so much weight between these two pics. Unless she abuses shapewear for work, which I wouldn't doubt.

She's the most basic snowflake in Japan currently. Even Mira is more interesting than her. If her goal to avoid da haterz was to tank her career, well, she succeeded. There's no way she's still riding her viral wave from 2011-2012.

No. 347294

I don't know. I might be crazy but her waist looks kinda edited in >>347009
especially in the back. Is this picture found anywhere else?

No. 347303

yeah, she definitely edited that. Just look at her face.

No. 347407

File: 1499369543521.jpg (140.6 KB, 734x695, image.jpg)

Tried to un-shoop the areas that looked pulled in, like her fingers, waist, and neck.

I think she would benefit from corset training and body shapers if she wants to keep fooling people..

No. 347481

I don't think she gives a fuck about "fooling" anyone anymore. She's obviously comfortable enough as she is that she isn't worried about having to leave Japan or pay her bills.

No. 347678

How many fits stuff did they do? I believe she actually did lose her modeling career. I wonder what she post after her throwback fits gig is up?

No. 348139

Probably low tier Halloween costume gigs

No. 348237

Honestly at her current size, it's hard to imagine a Japanese client that will book her. We'll see what happens after Fit's is done, but unless she drops like 10kg she's not going to make measurements.

No. 348288


Taylor's been taking those … Which is probably the reason why Koot's was worried, because she foreseen the death of her career. Doesn't help when there is another blonde lanky bimbo in town taking all the low tier jobs and scoring crap acting gigs.


Especially without an agency to promote and push you. Modelling is tough on its own, but without an agency and being to short an overweight …

Does Japan even have the whole body positivity shit ( fat love ) plus sized models ?

No. 348321

File: 1499493599066.jpg (136.51 KB, 588x547, plumprimo-outfit1.jpg)

Kek. I think Tay's modeling days are pretty much finished as well. She's 28.

>Does Japan even have the whole body positivity shit ( fat love ) plus sized models ?

Sorta. They are called "marshmallow girls" or pocchari. But they still look young, round-faced and soft. Koots wouldn't really fit that market either.
pic related

No. 348434

lol you're nit-picking to hell. i didn't notice either of those things and had to zoom in to see them

the thing about her shooping her head this shape, is that it makes all of her features look too big for her face (in a very bad way). it always happens when amateur anons try to shoop her candids. it also happened with Tiara Mily's poorly done edits. simply shaving off the chain and the sides doesn't work lol

No. 348519


Yea, but Tay's BF can still buy her a job where as who ever was helping Tooter's can't.. kek.
( Note how Tay is a speaker for his company event recently , but played it off as " I was invited" rather then "I was handed this job with zero requirements because my BF owns the company". )

Damn, those models look like they are pear shaped, which is shit luck for Tooter's because she's apple shaped. Their waist lines still look average to small where Tooter's looks like chewed bubble gum with legs. >>344311

No. 348624

I wonder if Dakota hates skinny girls now.
Based on her arrogant behavior from before, she seems like the type to pretend she chose to stop being skinny and say condescending things about how being thin is not all it's cracked up to be.

No. 348882

Oh my god she has gotten so deadly boring. I used to follow.her and feel excited about the things she posted back in 2012 but now EVERYTHING about her from her aesthetic/fashion sense to her content is a snorefest. What is she even doing? Why is she letting herself go so much? And yet she had the nerve to keep on shooping harder and harder. It's not even aesthetically pleasing shoops like before it's freaky.
I want 2012 back.

No. 349262

Imagine how far she could have gone if she got surgery to look closer to her 2012 shops and maintained a skinny figure. It's like she gave up completely. Her new shops are so boring now that I now she's tubby and bald.

No. 349928

File: 1499693104750.jpg (162.67 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_3566.JPG)

No. 349975

Even if she got surgery back in the day and maintained herself she couldn't have been a model forever. I wonder what she'll do now. Im convinced her career is over and unless she's married her days in Japan are numbered. Even if she's married, is there a point in staying with no career, fading into oblivion?
Back in 2014 when people where saying her career was over, I defended her furiously.. now I'm 100% convinced this is it. How do you come back from this?

No. 350010


Idk, maybe she actually grew a little, and being away from her family always preaching about fame has changed her for the better. She doesn't seem in the slightest stressed about having no job or gaining so much weight, so maybe she doesn't care about being known anymore. I mean unlike her sister she seems to actually have some friends, at one point a job, own/shared apartment. Going from dependent to independent can really change people. I don't think she wants to come back, she seems comfortable and happy where she is.

Besides I wouldn't be surprised if she does have a bf or husband, I mean if Sharla can find one, then Tooters can.

No. 350159

Dakota definitely has a group of industry friends and some younger guy (bf) she hangs out with all the time when she's not playing video games or talking to kiki.

No family around, she's made her own life finally. She's not being forced to chase fame, live in kiki's shadow or edit constantly to escape her home life. She's happier and actually healthier even though she's gained weight/is a bit pudgy and balding. It never would've happened if she never was able to go to Japan & she knew that.

She might be on a marriage visa but who gives a shit. We all know its not for anything real otherwise she'd brag about it online. And I don't think surgery would turn her into the uguu goddess she formerly claimed to be.

Dako-chan's tarento days are gone because she grew up, has a real life and she wanted that way more than a popular successful career (clearly). So don't expect any outfit videos and change. Expect the same scattered instagram posts of super-edited selfies, food, nails, random presents, super edited shots from one-off gigs, and the occasional tweet. If not less frequent than before.

Girl likes the attention but not enough to keep it (& neither hates it enough to delete everything and stay private).

Mourn her passing with ur top 3 dako pics/gifs

No. 350165

people accidentally get famous all the fucking time now thanks to the internet & viral trash & waste the opportunities most people get on their knees for. even though koots was looking for a version of "fame" she never worked for it or anything in her life so not surprised she didn't handle it professionally. industry people treated her differently than everyone else too. some people turn lemons into lemonade. in dakota's case she threw them out the window and started a new video game.

No. 350303

No. 350305


No. 350460

File: 1499753061484.jpg (76.13 KB, 625x582, blahblah.jpg)

A little late with this, bud. These have been gathering dust in these threads for a bit now.

She posted a clip on Twitter, could anyone translate? https://twitter.com/dakotakoti/status/884406401228955655

No. 350565


lowkey wonder if she went back home … She doesn't have a job or from what it appears any money either..

Google translate roughly says - She had a long day and her wallet she's had since she was 17 broke, and that she went on a new adventure and her muscles are sore.

That or she finally went to the gym " yay to new adventures" !

No. 350607

It's been a long day and my muscles are sore. Because the wallet that I've always used since I was 17 broke I'm sad. All the same, it reached it's limit. New wallet, new adventure.

No. 350929


Why even buy a knock off Vivienne Westwood wallet to give a false illusion of having money when she dresses like >>347407 she works on a farm shovelling cow shit all day. I will never understand why she will splurge on knock off accessories/wallets, but not clothing or anything that could actually make her look remotely better…

No. 351154

Lmao. RIP Kota

No. 352110

File: 1499993879860.jpg (40.13 KB, 500x711, dakota-rose-human-doll-girl-17…)

i am never gonna believe someone who shoops so obsessively and excessively has any sort of "normal" life and especially not a "happy" one but the rest seems accurate.

she seems depressed and boring now. at least her previous shoops seemed like she was having fun. now she's just… sad to look at. dumpy and miserable are words that come to mind.

anyway, here's my favorite dako look/era. see, she didn't even need bangs back then! she looked cute and vibrant with or without them.

No. 352231

File: 1500011726118.jpg (128.64 KB, 1200x831, DEq-yUtUIAAuOl9.jpg)

New pic

No. 352232

>I like to go to American Parties, Japanese parties, yeah nice to meet you

that's a very awkward sentence
"I live to party and nice to meet you" or something would be much better

No. 352236

she looks like an egg

No. 352299

File: 1500023850356.jpg (169.2 KB, 1040x1040, DEqfgBKUQAAHtE6.jpg)

New photoshoot with Secret Honey.

No. 352300

File: 1500023931640.jpg (275.64 KB, 1200x1200, tumblr_ot2nu68HVC1s0s3nuo2_128…)

tbh I wouldn't even have known about this if it hadn't just popped up on my Tumblr dash.

No. 352313

>incredibly high hairline
>incredibly thin hair
>choose hairstyle that accentuates both of these things

Also what's up with her middle finger?

No. 352562

File: 1500062063905.png (545.2 KB, 609x610, Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 3.47…)


Are you sure these weren't part of her old disney set ? She still has no agency, and probably has no clue how to work independently as she's always had Hiroshi dragging her around.


Jesus that kookoo stare .. Looks like she wants to naw the flesh off your face. The level of shoop on the jaw though..

No. 352700

funny how her jaw actually makes her look human here.

this is not believable, or otherwise it'd look severely deformed irl. just imagine that turning to the side at all or looking at you head-on. the way she tries to make her hair hide her jaw only makes her look more… sunken, idk how to describe it. she looks very pulled-in.

No. 352844

her face looks completely fine and normal here.
wtf koots

No. 352990

That tiny ponytail is killing me…

No. 354031

File: 1500301622017.jpg (235.68 KB, 1274x1069, IMG_4686.JPG)

New post

No. 354061

I think she looks pretty there. She needs to stop the photoshop adiction and leave behind this dolly persona. She's pretty and it makes me sad that she think she needs to portrait herself like a complete different alien being.

No. 354119

I love to imagine how much fatter and uglier she actually looks in her pictures. She's far from a high fashion moderu

No. 354125

I like how the anatomy in her shoops is making less and less sense. She really doesn't even pretend to give a fuck anymore.

No. 354139

File: 1500315162939.png (696.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-17-04-27-13…)

I was lurking the japanese dakota rose hashtag last night and I found this, not sure if someone posted it before and I guess is pretty old too, but I think she looks fine in here without the excesive photoshop and shit

No. 354140

File: 1500315271133.png (858.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-17-04-36-34…)

I also found this

No. 354145

Ew, this is probably one of the saddest pics of her yet.
It just looks so freakin' slutty and tacky.

No. 354280

Aw I think her face looks cute there.
Her shoop is getting out of hand. Seriously she needs therapy she probably has hardcore body dysmorphia and depression

No. 354282

File: 1500332863385.png (447.86 KB, 591x651, Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 00.0…)

No. 354285

File: 1500333339938.jpg (11.65 KB, 236x354, 9cc510cafa9670659f49bc8f839d3a…)

Rip. She was my all time favorite "cow". I followed her since 2011. It makes me sad that it's over in a way but I grew to like her and I wish her well.
My favourite Koot will forever be the 2011-2012 one. Boy was I jealous of her back then. I still am, that shoop style was stunning.

No. 354351

I honestly am getting the vibes she's moved. She's been taking pictures in a different home lately and "hanging out with friends" (>>354282 ) a lot more. Like when she posted >>352231 and the pictures of her sitting on a black couch/different apartment ect.

She hasn't posted anything from her apartment since May 3rd. I wonder if she lost the apartment due to not having the funds and is now crashing at a friends ?

No. 354431

Is this the same apartment or a new one?

The neck and the face proportions kek. I wonder what she was thinking, putting a camera on the floor with a lens to make her look like a giantess moderu.

Sadly she's so big her boots don't zip closed anymore..

No. 355095

Fit's posted a new video and Kooter is in a lot of the scenes.

No. 355132

File: 1500439803331.png (23.55 KB, 210x260, IMG_5070.PNG)

No. 355133

File: 1500439843564.png (17.65 KB, 618x430, IMG_5068.PNG)


No. 355134

Beat me to it, this is real nightmare fuel.
I do NOT want to see that in a dark room

No. 355137

File: 1500440356403.png (418.96 KB, 836x436, asgsdgsdgsdgsg.png)

That's seriously spoopy.

And before lights out.

No. 355138

File: 1500440394232.jpg (207.93 KB, 750x1015, o0750101513985326931.jpg)

No. 355143

File: 1500440593573.png (971.67 KB, 800x1344, Dakotas_image_over_years.png)

Decided to put the shots together.

No. 355146

File: 1500440972230.jpg (127.73 KB, 609x819, sdgai.jpg)

Damn, there's a ton of shoop on these images.

No. 355147

File: 1500441236102.jpg (914.59 KB, 1040x1040, 19932833_1380185108725893_1734…)

No. 355149

She really should come back to the states and try her luck in the acting business now, she'd fit in with her looks. She'd get more roles that fit her age and matured face instead of this whole "high-school girl" thing for Fit's.
Heck with all this "body-acceptance" in the US media, she probably won't even have to diet and she can keep that bad attitude for the drama-loving business.

No. 355370

If she didn't whoop herself so much nobody would think she was so ugly. I love her real face it's such a shame. I wish she'd move on from the ugu child look.

No. 355379

>I love her real face
I mean to each his own anon, but Koots is ordinary af and aging like milk.

No. 356029

She isvery average but idek i like her structure for some reason.

No. 356032

File: 1500548123079.png (487.53 KB, 595x593, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 11.5…)

That pinhead on the huge neck is killing me.

No. 356044


I love that no matter how much she shoops you can still see her fat bulge.

No. 356075

File: 1500556202554.png (513.46 KB, 620x616, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 9.05…)


So I guess fits had a pretty long campaign as she had these nails done on june 6th. Regardless she's still without an agency..

No. 356398

lmao she squished her head so much

No. 356467

Her right arm is fucking terrifying

How did she miss that

No. 356796

File: 1500641622570.png (666.55 KB, 636x617, Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 8.51…)


She was too concentrated on fixing her face.

Another pic from the event.

No. 356798


This was the event all the larme models went too as well

No. 356820

No. 356822

samefag but she looks adorable here wtf dakota?

No. 356827

File: 1500646521179.png (366.48 KB, 433x702, Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 10.2…)

she's so stupid because she could be a cutie if she'd just quit this?

No. 357371

I think she moved too, it seems like her agency was supplying her the apartment.

No. 357373

Out of all her photos this year, this one is by far the best one.

No. 357378

If only she'd get help for the bdd then she might not need to shoop herself into oblivion

No. 358138

File: 1500811851014.png (295.22 KB, 928x410, Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 8.06…)

This picture disturbs me on all sorts of levels…. The toddler ass face and looking nude. ..

No. 358139

Literally everything that could be wrong is wrong in this. Those tired eyes, thin bangs, and just being fucking nude for some reason. Those accessories are absolutely terrible and tumblr looking as well. I thought this was a ddlg at first.

No. 358140

File: 1500812112618.png (616.7 KB, 937x595, Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 8.06…)

Confirmation she moved.

Guess she saw people speculating and decided to reveal it.

Google translate : Durring the last time, the people who moved me to my house had a great liking for the pictures.

Wonder if we'll get a new apartment tour video with another bullshit "i'm too famous so people kept turning me down ".

No. 358644

This picture is really not good. She set the bar so high that I don't know what to expect from her anymore. It's still shooped and that's the weird part.

No. 358650

her body looks like it's melting from the neck down. if she was going to shop her face, she should've shopped her arms smaller…

No. 358657

this is just… really bad. wow.
She made her shoulders look so wide too?

No. 358666

File: 1500852059307.jpg (333.41 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_myovwemLx61r6f0d9o1_128…)

what the shit, so is the implication here supposed to be that she's topless? this is fucking weird. i'm looking at the high-res version of this picture on her twitter and it's just fucking me up. she looks like a renaissance baby.

No. 358679

File: 1500853085087.png (695.88 KB, 617x599, Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 7.02…)

Another picture from the Fits shit.

I seriously hope she one day gives a behind the scenes on how she edits.. and a little peak into what goes on in her head.

No. 358683

she looks high af

No. 358694

File: 1500854691542.jpg (18.87 KB, 480x360, unnamed.jpg)

perfect anon, and i agree with everything. her good years (career included, not just cute era) spanned from 2011~2014, and not gonna lie, she got to experience some huge fucking things in life. Right she's not only not interesting, but her shoops are unappealing af. i'm ready to let it die

my favorite look by far was this video. i loved this makeup specifically, especially how she drew her lips small and triangular. and i'm not the only one, there's a certain someone who helpfully made a video showing the steps Dakota took to a fucking T. everything from "only put shine on the lower lip not the top, or it will give away the fake cupid's bow" i already figured out before the video lol

No. 358697

File: 1500854766551.jpg (49.35 KB, 474x352, fb.jpg)

her nose looks IDENTICAL to cathy's here

No. 358723


I wish she kept the effort up at least. Kept her weight,looks,fashion in check and actually tried to keep an internet presence. It really feels like she's lost all interest in Japan and modelling, but rather stick thru this then go back home to live with her family. ( hard to give up independence and move back into parents )

No. 358762

Holy shit, what the fuck has happened to her?

No. 358823

File: 1500870494592.jpg (331.18 KB, 1198x1028, f649723d03c729ead46c6cca49804d…)

More Secret Honey Halloween pics. Her weight gain is reaaally evident in these despite shoop and angles to hide it.

No. 358830

I actually screamed. Wtf is that??? what the fuck

No. 358831

So much shoop… at least she looks better with wigs. They should have covered the bald spot on the left costume though.

No. 358849

Especially Anna.

No. 358970

File: 1500899981988.png (476 KB, 604x593, Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 8.37…)

She posted a quick video thingie on IG. She really loves the snow app.

I dunno how to upload IG videos on here.. So this is only a screen shot.

No. 359008

File: 1500905423229.png (788.42 KB, 640x646, Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 10.0…)


Fits again.

No. 359053

she looks like…. Frankenstein's hunchback assistant…

No. 359174

Everytime she does this shit I can't help but think "girl, we all saw the Fits commercial, you're not fooling anyone anymore."

No. 359409

I just checked it and the video jumps a bit at a certain point right after her hair covers her eye. The snow filter probably fell off for a second and she cut that segment of video out.

No. 359513

More like her agency kick her out oh koots.

No. 359605

>one of those shitty bags Kiki tried to sell
oh boy

I guess this sort of also confirms the agency was supplying her previous apartment, or she just couldn't afford it anymore. i live

No. 359607

At this point she probably does enjoy living Japan. She's been there for years, she has a legit life there with friends and probably a dude. She just doesn't care about modeling anymore, which is clear as day.

No. 359816

File: 1500982197167.jpg (128.62 KB, 1200x900, DFkJcszUQAQgkTV.jpg)

Her shoulders…

No. 359821

The wall is blurred around the left side of her face, she really doesn't care any more.

No. 360630

I wonder how shopped her actual nudes are

No. 360764

File: 1501065926231.jpg (228.98 KB, 1198x850, 24e0df04c97b638caf701493bcc25c…)

No. 361087

File: 1501097662977.png (477.68 KB, 551x576, Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 3.29…)

Lord save Tooters hair, cause we all know she wont.

No. 362073

This looks horrifyingly painful. They used hairpieces and photoshopped it further, bad idea.

For a chuckle, look at the lines of the wallpaper around her chin.

No. 362106

Secret Honey had to do so much bodywork on her this time around. Like if you look at any picture, they had to shoop so much under her chin. She's lost her jawline.

No. 362601

so she have an upper lip again?

No. 362837

File: 1501321661037.jpg (257.89 KB, 1278x1279, IMG_4874.JPG)

Tooter at the fiction launch uploaded by Monaca

No. 362884

Shooped her jaw for her?

No. 362891


Looks like she smelt fart.

No. 362920

File: 1501338250013.png (761.32 KB, 861x503, Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 9.48…)


I love that whenever she is to appear at any event or show, they use her pictures from 2012.

I wonder if she found a new agency ?

No. 363008

At this point I think she's banking on previous connections and glomming onto other more successful acquaintance models. That's why she keeps going to all of these openings. But lets be real, she has no business walking in the same show as Risa Nakamura.

No. 363533

Isn't that photo from her bedroom in Florida?? Pre Japan? Have to admit using photos that old when she has so many other (albeit not as aesthetically pleasing) photos since then is pretty awkward isn't it

No. 363717


I hope we get a glory shot of her standing beside a screen with her fake image.

No. 364541

File: 1501584492182.png (312.11 KB, 928x417, IMG_4562.png)

Her shoulders always look so big in her selfies because of how small she edits her face

No. 364560

hit me but she actually looks cute here. is shooping involved? old pic?

…oh wait.. just noticed her arm lol…that's def shopped right?

No. 364574

File: 1501592896252.png (879.33 KB, 1008x409, kawaii.png)

ok…who did she piss off?>>355095

posted same pic but it was LQ … this looks even worse lol

No. 364609


No. 364633

>is shooping involved?

…have you seen her face?

No. 364710

I can hardly breath looking at this… Why on earth did someone choose that picture of her? On top of that, it's the only shot of her in that collage, meanwhile there are multiples of the other girls with cute expressions…

No. 364778

this needs to be made into a reaction image or banner immediately

No. 365066


No. 365595

No. 365603

File: 1501723051323.jpg (160.4 KB, 1025x1025, adsgasdgasdgvasdg.jpg)

No. 365803

Hmm did she down size apartments? I wonder if she's gonna do a house tour and restart her YouTube career, feels like wishful thinking to hope that tho.

No. 366064

If she downsized she probably doesn't want to show it lol

No. 366981


No. 367208

holy shit they really wouldnt do this unless she actually pissed someone off

No. 368031

File: 1502070826489.png (541.79 KB, 913x453, Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 9.48…)

soo.. Her dad is making her a guitar ? Despite the only instrument she's ever played is the butt trumpet after a large portion of cabbage.

No. 368144

File: 1502087383943.png (289.03 KB, 1242x1838, IMG_1530.PNG)

Her arms look huge

No. 368244


Lol, she's trying to conceal her fat stomach with her chunky arms.

No. 368401

huge weight gain confirmed

No. 368486

This girl's fashion sense continues to baffle me

No. 368659

Arms as wide as her neck..

No. 368694

Dang she just keep getting fatter and fatter.

No. 368695

yea if she didn't she would've made a house tour video by now.

No. 368886

File: 1502208612753.jpg (112.59 KB, 1200x800, DGsZmjsV0AA3G58.jpg)


No. 369054


No. 369058


Her hand and her head are almost the same size .. Damn

No. 369059

Step away from the fried foods, Koots. Even if you don't want to be a model any more, take care of yourself.

No. 369120

As a thumbnail it's bad.
As a full size it's bad.

Why does she post such busted shoops nowadays?

No. 369267

Besides the chub her unphotoshopped face is pre cute imo

No. 369290

It's snow app so her face is still edited, but it does look much better than her edits

No. 369403

yeah, snow app slims and shortens your face quite a bit even with basic filters like that one, also can remove/cover up lines

No. 369484

I don't think he is specifically making a guitar for HER.

The caption reads "My dad sent me a picture of the guitar that he's making. It's still a work in progress, but I think it already looks really cool."

So, he could just be making it just because.

No. 371222

File: 1502545861149.png (483.87 KB, 927x452, Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 9.46…)

New pic.

Wtf is she wearing… It looks like she rolled out of bed and wrapped the bed sheet around her.

Man, I keep hoping she'll change her shooping style again. This style is ugly.

No. 371240

It's like she blended the most horrible aspects of Kiki's recent style with one of Taylor's hat

No. 371700

why are we seeing so many photos of her with other girls since she got dumped by bravo and libera? she never posted this stuff before really

No. 371789


Because now she has to kiss ass and play nice with her roommates. Wouldn't be surprised if it was the random girl paying for Tooter's meal as she's bum ass broke and barely getting work.

I am pretty curious though.. She's gotten at least 2 more jobs since being dropped. Has she signed with another agency ? preferably those free to sign up ones ( Thus why she isn't mentioning it )

Though maybe its possible she got contracted for those gigs months ago before being dropped.

No. 371847

File: 1502640256878.jpg (100.16 KB, 749x572, image.jpg)


I tried deshooping her recent pic.

No. 372085

File: 1502678534249.jpg (104.01 KB, 932x598, KOOTERS.jpg)

It looks like this shirt but on this new photo looks so used and wrinkled, maybe she doesn't have money to renew her closet anymore

No. 372115

I think she just doesn't fit into most JP clothes anymore. Kek her shooped leg on this pic tho.

No. 372243


Or do laundry anymore…

Just waiting till she gets in a fight with that girl (roommate) and is given the boot. I really wonder what she did with all her furniture though.. Did she sell it ?

No. 373253

File: 1502884673980.jpg (215.34 KB, 1257x852, IMG_5173.JPG)

So this is going to haunt my nightmares forever

No. 373263


When will she stop with the knock off shit for that brand ( name slipped my mind .. )

Is it because people were pointing out how poor she is lately so she flaunts her knock off crap… ?

No. 373264


She is really trying to get her popularity back now. Its weird and now her sister is trying desperately to become an actress too. They're still so fame hungry

No. 373358

File: 1502900043775.png (767.31 KB, 932x581, Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 11.5…)

Holy mother of god they actually showed a reccent/new shoop of hers rather then old.

I'm cackling though, because (image related/shown on tv) looks nothing like reality :

Does anyone know if you can find this clip/video/tvshow anywhere ? I really wonder what they were saying.

Also, I guess its been so long since she's been even mention on Tv that she couldn't help but humble brag about it on IG.


Doesn't feel like she's trying hard enough.

Like how long does it really take her to shoop up an image ?

No. 373490

she might've shooped her screencaps anon

No. 373611


No, thats a picture she posted on IG awhile back that the show chose to use. Out of all the pictures Fits took of her they chose her shooped IG pic instead.

No. 373698

Vivienne Westwood. It's not even a high end brand but she has never worn a real thing from it. All she has are knockoffs of VW items that are now many years old from taobao.

Notice she no longer fits into the sweater so it's stretched >>373253 though she shooped her arms and everything smaller.

No. 373939

File: 1502953526041.gif (96.66 KB, 212x320, barbie_girl_dakota_rose_is_bac…)

No. 373949

File: 1502957164975.jpg (104.03 KB, 692x692, DG7VBw4UwAIQa9h.jpg)

No. 373950

File: 1502957182223.jpg (95.17 KB, 692x692, DFjWe3BXgAEJ6_D.jpg)

No. 373951

File: 1502957206167.jpg (99.79 KB, 692x692, DFjyAVKXYAAdPnv.jpg)

No. 373955

File: 1502957277593.jpg (224.08 KB, 1200x800, C7PGPwiVsAAlmzw.jpg)

This is old news, but I don't think I saw it mentioned. I think this is one of Dakota's drawings.

No. 374306


HAHAHAHA omg wtf did she spend all the money she made on modelling over the years on ? All her new shit looks like its from a handme down store or borrowed off of a poor 50yr old Japanese woman.

Whats with her bringing back ancient clothing from her teen years … Non of it looks like its fitting her. I at least hope she replaces her contact lenses when they expire..

Does she have some extreme social anxiety preventing her from going into clothing stores and buying shit that fits and looks nice. . . ?

No. 374500

File: 1503024358841.jpg (73.92 KB, 600x764, Dakota_Rose_Fantastic_Art4.jpg)

No way. she couldn't draw hands or noses, much less faces.

No. 374513

File: 1503026025878.jpg (316.16 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_8785.JPG.01f36d10d9967cdab…)

I mean, you're looking at something she drew a long time ago. She progressed some.

No. 374548

That pic looks inconsistently traced or referenced in parts.

Heck, her shoops show she doesn't have an eye for this sort of thing..

No. 374562

Pretty sure this was done by a professional as part of the set but was meant to look amateurish like it was drawn by students.

No. 374671

Just going off her Twitter feed. I'm not fluent in moon but seems like that's what she said.

No. 374746

File: 1503060871624.png (485.27 KB, 934x498, Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.49…)

I wonder if she contacted and harassed this brand to sponsor her because she couldn't afford to buy a new wallet on her own. Not even another VW knock off wallet.

Sad that all the items she seems to flaunt off are old knock offs from 2012, sponsored or a gift because she's too broke to afford anything anymore.

No. 374748

File: 1503060973514.png (441.03 KB, 605x473, Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.49…)



I also love that you can tell how meaty her legs are.. They look like drumsticks.

No. 374803

It is more likely part of the campaign's narrative. There were artists on set staging various things to seem like a real classroom.

The students were also pretending to put together a wall of gum boxes or something.

No. 374881

is that her new room? looks empty and depressing af. wonder what happened to her old apartment.

No. 374890

Don't know if it makes a difference because supposed these things are handmade, but none of Kooter's loot is on the website. It could be dead-stock or from a previous season, or even purchased from a store like Closet Child. If she paid full price for this stuff, she spent over 100,000 yen.

No. 375013

It's probably previous seasons stuff like her VW things from a million years ago.

It looks like she sleeps on the floor since all her latest pics show a very empty room. Wonder if it's a shared apt.

No. 375058


My best guess is crashing at a friends ( while probably lying thru her teeth about her financial situation, so they wont realize she's dead weight and going no where ) if not that, then staying at a really cheap homestay.. ( I saw one offering 15$ per night .. cheap.. just like Toot's here )

As for the brand (bags) … Its a sponsor, they took her shitty shoop and posted/tagged her in it. Probably is old stalk that didn't sell, because why send fresh product thats more sellable and new if you could send old mix matching shit.

( I also lowkey wonder if its real leather.. Because you know, home girl all Vegan and shit )

No. 375586

she's wearing flares?

tbh im interested in what's going on with her.

No. 376049

this face shoop is so ridiculous… I don't understand how she lives with herself lol

No. 376206

If you mean flare jeans, I don't think so. It's just that she shooped the legs thinner on these loose fit pants.

The one thing she forgot to shoop is her middle area, you can see how wide she really is around and behind the big bag.

No. 376405

She's not with a new agency,if she was she wouldn't be crashing with that chick.

No. 376406

Oh look Koots bragging again that she can still afford burando. It seems she still can't afford to get her nails and hair done.

No. 376488


She's had 2 new jobs, thus why I assumed she might be freelancing or with one of those anyone can sign up agencies.

Anyhoo, when do people assume she'll get the official boot and leave Japan ? I highly doubt her friend will carry her indefinitely, especially with zero compensation.

No. 376495

File: 1503324319870.jpg (465.27 KB, 1200x800, 20170821-469380018.jpg)

Why is trying to de-shooping her shoops so much fun?

No. 376499

>when do people assume she'll get the official boot and leave Japan ?

She has nothing to return home to, so honestly I don't believe that she is going to give up living in japan

No. 376609

Kota usually decorates her apartment but in these photos the apartment is bare? It seems she is indeed living with someone.

No. 376614

Never,who would want to return to the ostrenga family? There's nothing there to see,except kakas balding head. I bet she rather stay in Japan illegally before she go back there.

No. 376619

looks a lot more like those lotte fitts pictures.

mouth is still creepy as hell though lol

No. 376702


If she doesn't keep a steady income she wont be able to stay. Since its also been proven she isn't married and now jobless how will she even keep her Visa there ? Unless she applies for schooling … ( doubtful )

I'm just kinda speculating that probably around Christmas time is when shit will hit the fan. Who wants their dead weight jobless mooch friend living with them. I also get the vibe that she wouldn't go back to her parents, but rather do as Kaka has done and try for american acting. ( move into her sisters place.. bfs place .. )

Once she gets the boot from her friends, she has nowhere … She can't afford another apartment.

No. 377161

When was it ever proven that she was or wasn't married?

No. 377210

It never was and if she was her husband wouldn't be having her living with a friend. She never was married,kooters just trolled the shit out of y'all.

No. 377283

dakota would be smart to try to work with kiki instead of against her. because kiki is actually doing shit in LA.

No. 377438

If she dropped her pride and hopped on that Youtube "storytime" bandwagon, her and Kaka could be potentially huge

No. 377570

I don't know why people thought this to begin with,remember the "rumor" actor she was with? There was never any proof only her wearing his clothes.He probably ran for the hills,when he saw how she looked extremely different from her pictures.

No. 377612

Whatever happened to that?

She bought a bunch of his clothes, did selfies in them and I guess returned them. He never acknolwedged her existence or tweets at him. It's like a random stalking she staged to look like it was real.

No. 377618


Ick, word probably got around the talent/model community and he probably expressed finding it fucking creepy. She dropped it pretty quickly.


They originally speculated that she was dating someone and sharing the two bedroom apartment with them. Then it became "married" because "omg she's been in Japan with hardly any jobs therefor married".

The only rumour I still partially believe was the Hiroshi rumours … That old fart really did cater to her and kept her for a long time.

No. 377720

I actually wouldn't be surprised if he started taking interest in her because of her shoops (and basically catfishing him) and as creepy as Kaka is with relationships, I'd expect Kota to do something similar and be super weird and obnoxious, too.

I still don't understand how she's making enough money to live there.

No. 377878


She isn't anon. She's crashing at a friends house who happens to have a spare bedroom.

Why get a new apartment together but not use Kota's better furniture to decorate ? Why use the beat up old shit that we've seen ? BECAUSE she's crashing there, a guest not an owner or co-owner.

She's clearly reached the limit where she isn't even making enough to live there anymore. Or possible is already past that point with how she can't afford nails,makeup,clothing or hair anymore.

No. 377905

There's no window in the room which leads me to also believe it's a spare with that friend of hers, since they had a bbq on the roof or something?

When you realize she does a selfie each time she is in a taxi, gets her hair or gets her nails done, it's even more telling how she hasn't much any money for a very long time..

No. 378034


She should really think about reconstructing her Youtube and brand again. Do it before its too late and she has nothing to build from. Kota still has fans and a decent following on Youtube, yea sure she isn't raking in over 100k or even 500k views anymore, but its better then nothing ( and better then what Mira gets still )

I think she should also move on. Drop Japan and this stupid illusion of being a model there. Ever since she entered Japan she's seems really uptight and hushed, like she doesn't speak her mind anymore or show any personality. When she does show sneak peaks of her personality she gets berated and ripped a new one. She'd be more free and most likely more happy in California with Kiki.

I'm lowkey hoping she's only temporarily staying at her friends place so she can finish up her last modelling gig and leave back home after that. There doesn't seem to be anything out there for her anymore.

No. 378038

>There doesn't seem to be anything out there for her anymore
There's nothing in the US for her either though. I'd be depressed as (she appears to be) if I were her. The Ostrengas aren't big on actual qualifications, achievements, etc, if they don't involve a huge dose of attention.
I really do wonder what she'll fail at next.

No. 378057

File: 1503516615952.png (327.66 KB, 931x449, Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.26…)


She has the same as Kiki does back in the states. Free roof over her head and mommy and daddies money. Which to us is crappy and downgrading, but to her better then mooching off of a friend who at any given time can make her homeless if she presses the wrong nerve.

>I really do wonder what she'll fail at next.


She looks autistic…

No. 378199

She should be able to rack in more money this October,since all she ever does is Halloween shoots. I'm pretty sure she's doing low tier modeling gigs on the side. She just doesn't post them because they're not as glamorous. I doubt she'll revive her youtube she hardly has any fans now. Many dropped her since she stopped posting regularly and not to mention she's boring.

No. 378252


If she was doing low tier side jobs she wouldn't need to crash at a friends and give up nails,hair,clothing and makeup. Also, all of her jobs are low tier jobs to meh catalog shoots .. Dunno why people give into her illusion and think her shoots now and in the past were of anything higher. Even Taylor is nothing but a basic catalog model. ( noted still better and higher then Toots in some sense )

I'm doubtful in her knowing or even being able to market herself with out a agency pulling the strings for her. How do you suppose she is getting said jobs without an agent/company booking and promoting her ?

No. 378336

File: 1503544840029.png (956.78 KB, 1440x2076, Screenshot_2017-08-23-23-18-33…)

She posted a short clip on her Twitter and Instagram. Seems like it's just prep for another one of those Disney Princess shoots from a while back ago though?

No. 378398

So instead of youtube vids she now using AE on toaster iphone vids..

No. 378509

She might get recommendations from friends,since they're in the model industry too. Similar to how Kendall Jenner helped Bella hadid get jobs,even know no one knew who she was.

No. 378510

Watch her take 2months just to edit it…

No. 378534


Jesus, it took her this long just to throw together a probably 3 min vid of her disney modelling shoot.

What happen to her larger camera she use to use ?



Who ?

No. 378946

She probably sold it because of her financial problems. Well if they're are friends,the girl she's crashing with and some popteen girls. I swear the only way she got the fits job is because of yula. I doubt anyone would recommend her for a schoolgirl shoot,with her waning popularity.

No. 379118

These jobs have to be processed through an agency, esp the part where you get paid so.. I guess the Fits job was through that agency that quickly removed her?

No. 379533

that's reaching.
dakota hasn't used her camera because she's been busy/too lazy/disinterested. or else she would'v have been using it the past 2 years. she doesnt do pictures anymore

No. 379615

File: 1503695501334.png (409.28 KB, 936x451, Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 5.08…)

The top of her cats head looks like a saggy ass with a gapping ass hole… wtf.

No. 379830

i find it so interesting to watch her in popteen tv videos. the way she's so self concious and doesn't really know how to behave is just so funny to watch (albeit cringy)

i mean if you think about it, she's not japanese and apart from the cultural things she's picked up over the years or learned from the internet, she doesn't know most of the stuff. and since she doesn't have that friendly demeanor japanese people have normally she feels so forced in those videos. everyone is happy and smiley but she's just absentmindedly clapping along or looking at the other girls to copy their gestures.

and from what i've read the past years she doesn't seem to be a pleasant person to be around. it's so weird to me because she used to be quite pretty and i just can't wrap my head around the fact that she's this vile and toxic person in real life.

so sorry for the rant, i'm pretty baked.

No. 380121

Your late anon,I could tell she was a bitch just by looking at her picture. That would explain why she hardly has friends in Japan. Was she ever friends with any of the popteen girls beside yula? Hell is she even friends with yula?

No. 380145

Why is she showing off the raggedy dry skin on her finger wtf

No. 380343


Thats her Boyfriend, anon. Her fap fingers.

No. 383223

File: 1504112676560.png (572.92 KB, 723x530, Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 8.49…)

Kota had her last job today. Kansai fashion show.

Wonder what she'll do now …
( probably go back to youtube. She seems to have had someone filming for these, so maybe )

No. 383233

Yikes. She really doesn't look good here.

No. 383403

She didn't shoop this one, right? She looks better than her previous pics imo.

No. 383404

this is dakota you're talking about. of course she did.

No. 383460

File: 1504136417819.png (409.61 KB, 466x579, Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 7.19…)

another one.

No. 383479

She still shoops her eyes soooo far apart.

No. 383724

File: 1504189962775.png (593.18 KB, 624x585, Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 10.3…)

I don't think she shooped any of the images they just have those cheap line fillers or slimming features built in. Those pictures above weren't taken by Dakota.

I'm more shocked that people recognized her and took pictures with her.

No. 383745

asian check has alien-sized nose and mouth. There's def some active shooping going on. A snow filter wouldnt go this far.

No. 383840

yeah, that's what the typical asian shoop on instagram looks like. Still a shoop

No. 383853

File: 1504202756301.png (321.62 KB, 604x412, Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 2.02…)

New picture uploaded by Kooters..

No. 383855

File: 1504202907813.png (516.22 KB, 839x497, Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 2.03…)

Picture from her friend ..
Wonder if this is the girl that Kota is crashing with ?


I guess its nice to hear she's has real friends.


No. 383885

File: 1504207132277.png (945.48 KB, 938x567, bff.PNG)

Looks like this chick tags everyone as her bff. kek

No. 384086

File: 1504987249555.gif (5.19 MB, 480x270, kooter.gif)

saw this posted on PULL and DAMN.

Bitch got fat, like even more fat from when she did the fits commercial. She walks like she has to fart…

No. 384183

she looks p fat. Like obese level one? level. (or typical american, nowadays)
Her face and hair is actually not bad. For once.

No. 384185

looks like a size 14 or 16 to me. Must suck buying pants in japan since stores only go up until waist 29 lol

sorry for double post

No. 384206

File: 1505003310975.jpg (113.91 KB, 800x800, pzFzysdBq-Y.jpg)

mooore princess shit

No. 384207

File: 1505003326119.jpg (102.68 KB, 800x800, m_OMDDgTiFo.jpg)

No. 384208

File: 1505003419990.jpg (87.25 KB, 720x730, O3ZhZeRkUes.jpg)

and it looks like she and yura might still be hanging out (unless this is from an event, which wouldn't be surprising.)

No. 384210

File: 1505003604394.jpg (122.93 KB, 1200x675, k0WNvbjP7so.jpg)

and a still from the runway show
i can't even believe how wide she looks.

No. 384277

They did kind of good job of hiding it, it kind of tricks your eyes and you need to look to see how wide she actually is. I bet she looks even worse without this styling.

The fat girl walk kills me though. How is she getting runway jobs??? I'm surprised they even have clothes that fit her.

No. 384775

So is this a plus size show?

No. 384873

File: 1505123979485.png (594.52 KB, 720x471, Vlada&Gemma~2.png)

Koots shoops has always looked like a weird combination of Vlada R and Gemma Ward. Is she going through a Russiaboo phase?

No. 385345

Watching this now, its kind of sad since she never got a send off like this when she left Popteen. They just literally deleted her and moved on. Makes me think she wasn't close to any of the girls there

No. 385347

holy shiiiit, she really has gained weight. Obviously she isn't OBESE, but its clear as fuck she's gained a good 20-30lbs here. Dang.

No. 386630

File: 1505406432943.jpg (366.17 KB, 1082x1500, image.jpg)

Couldn't help but make a side by side. Even though one is a old photoshopped picture.

No. 386634

Those trainers just don't go with the runway outfit I CANT

No. 386636

No koots there's no way you're doing better than Moss

No. 386639

File: 1505407700650.gif (384.71 KB, 224x233, aYJZ3pzg_700wa_0.gif)

oh my fucking god
oh my fucking god
jesus cocksucking christ
it's not that we didnt know already how chubby she was, but oh dear lord
dear lord, seeing her out in the wild ON A FUCKING RUNWAY is the most hilarous thing ever
and this awkward chubby girl walk
oh my god

No. 386641

thats the reason she wears a skirt lmao
and probably two pieces spandex beneath that
or like a "fat-away-corsett"

No. 386642

omg she looks like a fat dakota fanning

No. 386643

omg i cant

No. 386644

how could she be close to any of the girls if she doesnt speak japanese and always only stares awkwardly into the space while smiling?

No. 386659

She does speak Japanese, pretty well if not completely fluently. She just acts like an asshole in social situations.

No. 386663

I think she's probably closer to a US6-8 or UK10-12. The thing with Koots is she is naturally very small framed for a western girl which means she can look chunky even if she is technically wearing a small/average size.

No. 386827

File: 1505444950652.png (182.37 KB, 222x427, Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 10.4…)


>small build


Kota has almost always been chubby. When she was at her lowest she didn't look fat or flabby, but was not model weight or anorexic either. She's average build and is only chunky looking when she is actually chunky/over weight. Everyone just about looks squishy when at healthy weight and untoned. ( skinny fat )

She should have maintained her weight from when she first entered Japan. Thats when she looked the best imo. I feel like people think she's small only because they've became so use to seeing photoshopped pictures of her being super tiny. All candids show she's average even when skinny.

I feel like the original farmers that started discussion on her back in 2012 were a little over salty tbh. Looking back at her pictures from then, she wasn't fat.. just fake, and like anyone can tend to look shitty in some candids. She use to be sorta cute, not anymore tho.

No. 386837

She was too fat to wear the shoes probably.

In every video I've seen of her, she actually doesn't comprehend very much and tries to fake it most the time.

The popteen video where there's a long uncut shot of everyone but her singing Country Road is a good indication of how she is without editing.

No. 386853

I think you're misunderstanding what I meant. I'm not saying that she is naturally thin. I'm saying she is very small boned (bird boned). This was confirmed by Charms if I recall back on cgl. So even when she was smaller like when she got to Japan (probably around a 45kg), she always looked somewhat soft and chubby whereas a person with a larger frame at the same height, might have looked bonier. This also means that her frame can't carry much weight before she starts to actually look fat like she does now. I mean she's probably about 60-61kg now and the way she carries the weight makes her look much larger.

No. 386989


I know what you meant. That she had to be what ? stick thin to not look chubby or soft because she's so smol ( small boned ). Fact is she was like 15-16 at the time and was still growing. She looked about the same size if not bigger then the Japanese girls she was modelling with. To me she's never looked petite in any form, just average.

It also doesn't help that all her fat goes to her FUPA and she remains flat chested and chicken legged. She just carries her weight in a rather unfortunate way. Her weight gain was easy to notice because of the weight always developed in the same place rather then spreading out evenly. In all honesty, it wasn't until mid 2015 that she even started to look chunky, other then that she was like every other girl which is just skinny fat. All the popteen girls looked soft/skinny fat too, they just didn't carry their weight in their fupas. Some anons just have unrealistic expectations for Kota and want her to be anorexic.

No. 387070

> and tries to fake it most the time.
that's interesting. I've always known that she took the "fake it till you make it" route with learning Japanese. Like she made it look like she could speak very easily without script right off the bat from her first video back when she was still in Orlando way before even going to Japan, and somewhere along the line actually learned it for real.

i do think that she should be perfectly fluent by now though. she's been living in that country, submersed in the language for 5 years now speaking, listening and reading it everyday.

No. 387092

>want her to be anorexic
Well to be fair, she was already shopping herself to look anorexic so it was mostly just another lie to point out about her real appearance

No. 387224

i don't think she's fat. i think she's average with a rectangular body shape (no waist). those clothes look unflattering on that type because it puts a lot of emphasis on her waist.

No. 387370

Considering how she writes on instagram, she's not fluent at all. I don't get why she's still in that country tbh. She can barely afford to eat properly or get her hair and nails did, and now she's blowing up like a blimp.

No. 387410

File: 1505529094354.png (193.42 KB, 354x346, Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 10.2…)

Toot's just posted an IG video.. Her face is already chubby, so I don't understand why she feels the need to puff her cheeks and make her lips look like a butthole.

No. 387451

File: 1505537158493.jpg (51.54 KB, 520x691, Sq5TW4nRwko.jpg)

That red cardigan doesn't fit her at all anymore.

No. 387722

File: 1505584889054.png (430.6 KB, 603x562, Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 1.54…)

soooo…. I'm baffled as Toot's was on another runway again just yesterday … Girlsaward ..

She walked for this runway before. Do they just re contact the same models rather then find new ?

No. 387724

File: 1505584953191.png (734.37 KB, 736x610, Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 1.54…)


Terrifying …

No. 387749

Kota has too many passes on her weight and personality not to have fucked or is fucking someine higher up.
Ever white models from russia are put through the fucking wringer to keep up appearances.
Theres no way Kota is just getting by with her photoshopped picks.
Its been too many years and she just gets worse.
Who are you married too Kota and does he have a brother with the same influence?
Sage for beating a dead horse.

No. 387788

File: 1505590981667.jpg (109.78 KB, 600x712, dakotarose.jpg)

I think some of these might have been booked by Libera (there are some Libera models in it) before she was dropped. Also, if the casting director is the same for both, they might use the same girls.
Love how they use a picture for her profile that is shooped to hell and literally 7 years old. Top fucking KEK.

No. 387801

From an unbiased opinion: Dakota is completely out of her prime, but that doesn't mean she would be dropped completely and turned into a penniless nobody overnight. She's a blonde white girl, has a nice portfolio, can speak Japanese, has a 500k, 200k and 130k online following, and more than likely has strong connections in the industry. The fact that she's only modeling for low tier costumes and other spotty gigs these days is a perfectly fair and predictable downward spiral from where she used be for somebody like her. a lot of these things make her different from the dispensable russian models that come and go more easily. So don't expect for her to probably ever fall off the radar entirely.

No. 387828

File: 1505595871959.jpg (56.64 KB, 500x500, cBMkrTaZi40.thumb.jpg.cad7081c…)

>standard reaction to seeing her in person

No. 387837


Those Russian girls are applying for high fashion shoots and serious runway work…

Kota's just some shit tier catalog model that occasionally gets clumped into a group of models doing runway ..

Don't compare their work. Any of those Russian girls could do 1000x better than Kota if they chose to do the Catalog crap Kota does. Kota only got higher value gigs when people didn't know what her real face looked like, and believed her shoops.

( I lowkey feel like she's to basic/ugly for anyone to sleep with in return for favours )

No. 387941

I think she might have had a sugar daddy funding her for a place to live, but the state of her clothing being nearly 10 years old shows that she's not getting paid enough to live, if at all, from any work she has done in several years.

Another anon said that she's getting fat because she's eating cheap food and that sure shows..

No. 388141


2015-early 2016 she was doing pretty good with jobs, or at least had enough jobs to keep her afloat and spurge on nails'n ect. I think she only kept the apartment because she actually saved her money as she didn't seem to really spend on anything, plus her company could have been helping her out. Also take note on how Kota's parents spent thousands just for Kiki to be in a crap film and move to LA, so it wouldn't be a stretch to think that they also help Kota out.

Now she's without an agency and burned through all her money reserves, and is stuck living in a spare room at a friends. Kota never had anything to show that would scream sugar daddy, just look at Taylor who always had gifts and expensive shit despite for the first like 1-2 years in Japan she had absolutely no work.

I was looking thru old photos of her's on her ameblo ( if thats how its spelt ) and it would seem like she ate a lot of deep fried food and pasta and potatoes.

No. 388193

I think that she used to have the apartment through Libera, which would make sense. She moved into the apartment back in 2015-ish when she talento jobs started and she seems to have moved out soon aster Libera dropped her. I do think she had someone at one of her agencies pulling strings for her though. She had way too many chances and was given a lot of extra advantages that most models, both Japanese and foreign just aren't given.
Anon, Taylor actually worked quite a bit in her first year in Japan. And more importantly, the stuff that she did probably paid pretty well. Everything she did was either a campaign/commercial/acting/or brand spokesman. Most of her everyday clothing isn't expensive at all. And I'm not gonna be mad that her boyfriend (like a lot of East Asian guys tbh) buys her high end brands for birthdays and holidays.

No. 388212

File: 1505668193675.png (446.61 KB, 485x544, Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 1.01…)

New pic

OOOH GOD, her hair makes me so sad. Look at them clinging for their dear life.

Like does Kota have alopecia and just doesn't know it ? I just find it hard to believe ones care can be naturally that thin… Look around her ears/temples … damn.

No. 388214

File: 1505668358496.png (490.08 KB, 599x605, Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 1.01…)


Looks better from the front .. But still.

No. 388274

Eh, my hair is fine and thin like that too. Hers is just too long, so it looks stringy. If she cut it short it'd probably look way better. Kinda like that one short blonde wig she wore for a Halloween thing like 4/5 years ago

No. 388483

File: 1505691506031.jpg (121.6 KB, 1200x900, DJ74U5yVoAAtnh_.jpg)


No. 388544

The Libera funded apartment would make sense, though it would be weird that she gave a tour of it without getting in trouble as it looked like a shared apt.

Something still seems fishy. I'm guessing the few jobs she gets now were booked months ago and based on photos as opposed to a casting in person.

No. 388753


eh, I think she only kept the video up for like a few months then removed it. This was before she was given then boot from Libera, and anons were confused as to why she removed the tour video since it did well.

Point is, its actually very likely she did get in trouble. Maybe Libera doesn't closely follow Kota's social medias as they're typically dead, and it wasn't until they or the room mate themselves decided to check her out several months later.

Really makes me wonder if any of the furniture or decor was even hers ??

No. 389015

I just think she didn't really like the girls at all. They were all happy and bubbly, something she really isn't. Which amazes me she wanted to go for Japanese modeling since thats what its all about.

No. 389068


because you don't fuck with the Chinese or Korean. They're brutal and would rip her a new one for not looking a thing like her images. Whereas Japanese will just play along and pretend everything is fine.

Just think back to how the Korean reacted towards her just simply expressing she doesn't like kimchi. THEY FUCKING HATED HER, and ripped her for it. She was a laughing stalk in Korea.

No. 389093

For shame, farmers. It's Kooter's birthday today and not a single one of you even acknowledged it. For. Shame.

No. 389247

Holy kek those buttons are going to pop

I think she looks cute here to be honest, I usually don't find her cute at all. She definitely has some chub on her face now. This face + quick meitu filters and she would look fine. I don't know why she feels the need to shoop like this >>388483

No. 389250

Oh right, I forgot it was removed and it was likely that she got in trouble as it was one of her more popular videos. It's all coming together now.

We'll know soon enough once mom and pops birthday money funds her some new weave and nails.

No. 389626


Re watching the video I realized now that around 4:20 you can see what appears to be 2 tooth brushes. I also remember anons pointing out her "inhaler" which might have also not been hers.

I saw in the Kiki thread they were talking about Kiki selling VW stuff. How ironic you see Kota's "VW" stuff in her tour video tossed together in a soap dish in the bath room. No wonder it looks rusty and grimy.

No. 389627

File: 1505867742563.png (259.12 KB, 714x365, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 8.33…)


No doubt Kiki treats her shit the same. ( even though that stuff is prob fake )

No. 389708

This video with after effects in retrospect is crazy when compared to her candids. I wonder how fat she was at this point.

Toothbrush and inhaler aside (doesn't she smoke), there's a trend about the apartment of her only taking up half of a space. Half of the closet, half of the entertainment center.

Anything that's her stuff is just sort of "thrown on" there like the VW and toy junk. Especially the freaking purses and photo frames on the stove. If she really had two rooms, why didn't Kaka stay there..

No. 389767

It's so awkward that she's thrown her stuff everywhere in an attempt to make it look like it's her apartment. It's obvious she was sharing / crashing.

No. 389797

File: 1505917854569.png (588.95 KB, 560x608, Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.2…)

Oh my word… I think they gave Kota the Jacket to try and conceal how chunky she got, but all it ended up doing is making her look bigger.

jesus fuck…

No. 389798

File: 1505917881262.png (548.69 KB, 457x616, Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.2…)


(pic 2)

No. 389800

File: 1505917928165.png (615.88 KB, 654x598, Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.2…)


Hahahaha .. heh.

(pic 3 )

No. 390006


wow she looks like a soccer mom in the last one

No. 390007


also the face and the pose kinda remind me of miranda sings

No. 390267

Sometimes I wonder if she got pregs. I'm getting maternity fashion vibes.

No. 390369


Do they even do abortions in Japan ?

No. 390383

lol, hell yes they do. But I'd bet she would keep it for a meal ticket/visa and then just throw it into kiddie modeling later.

No. 390487


tbh I don't really think Kota has done any dating while out there. All the interviews or comments from people that met her all say the same thing, she's insecure and hides from people and is anti-social.

Hard to date when non of your pictures even mildly look like you, eh ?

She probably was only skinnier when in Florida because she had Kiki encouraging her to starve, now in Japan she can go back to eating all the trash she wants and being a lard lump again.

No. 390888

How can she afford enough food to get so fat? Ramen noodles?
Honestly I think the fat added to her body and face may have helped her some. It makes it look like she just has chubby cheeks, not an unfortunate chin/jaw.

No. 390906

She was alway prone to gain weight in her stomavh. She just foesnt know how to keep it off and with her sugar daddy getting her gigs then she has no reason to try.

Again Kota would have been dropped and dont say but she speaks Japanese so well so do alot of gwhite girls in asia. They still have standards and Kota has to have somebody letti g her jump over them.

No. 391176

File: 1506118446099.gif (229.36 KB, 448x471, Untitled-1.gif)

found another other these lucky candid + shooped photo from the same day and same pose. I matched it exactly at the ear and where the bangs start, so I think this should be right. if it is, she cuts her jaw almost half in length

No. 391200

I'm surprised she does so much to her nose. Her whole face is squished length wise.

No. 391228

i think it's the squished jaw that squished other features along with it. like she took a large liquify brush and just pulled half her face upward.

No. 391369

I cannot stop laughing at these what the fuck

No. 391394

File: 1506160556963.jpg (118.04 KB, 1200x800, DKYaTQmVwAEqBSW.jpg)

New pics incoming 1/2

No. 391395

File: 1506160598343.jpg (192.51 KB, 1199x831, DKYaXCBUMAALaIn.jpg)

>dat cleavage

No. 391410

File: 1506165642964.jpg (74.37 KB, 700x700, _HCohGdz2uw.jpg)

Wait, no, here's a few more from her vk. https://m.vk.com/photos-36232943

No. 391411

File: 1506165657335.jpg (82.89 KB, 700x700, KEG1ushi2P8.jpg)

No. 391412

File: 1506165673483.jpg (78.49 KB, 700x700, E1hC1KIFELA.jpg)

No. 391413

File: 1506165685858.jpg (91.27 KB, 700x700, hpq9VGnqTLU.jpg)

No. 391422

They've started shoving her chubby ass into a corset in order for her to fit the clothes. She should thank Secret Honey for giving her an actual waist. Amazing once again what people are willing to do to help her hide her mediocrity.

No. 391455

yet, the flatness here >>391413
she has no boobs

No. 391483

Holy fuck, that is one ugly choker

Is she Asherbees long lost sister?

No. 391648

Did she… photoshop folds into the added fake boobs?

They must have signed a multi campaign contract and are stuck with having to shoop her fatness. Nobody expects models to balloon this much..

No. 391771


no neck either

No. 391793

There's an awkward fold at the edge of that ugly choker pendant that seems to imply it is digging into her flesh. It can't be that heavy?

No. 391824

Damn…I almost feel bad for her looking at the catwalk pictures. Despite how poorly she seems to take care of herself, judging by all the crap she eats, I'm sure that 7 years ago she didn't expect to be a major chubster waddling down a catwalk, all the while still photoshopping herself to look like an alien toddler.

No. 391871

Don't feel bad for her. She could have taken what she got and made it into something no other white girl in Japan could have, but she decided to be lazy and act entitled and rude instead. It took her 3 years to learn passable Japanese for tv and interviews, if she had started taking lessons asap she might have done better before her initial craze wore off and she gained weight.

No. 392270

The skin folds are due to her squeezing her non existent boobs together, not because of the heavy pendant.

No. 392373

did she delete a bunch of videos from her channel again?

No. 393124

I forgot the name of the site you get a user's stats from, but I kthink hers were posted in the last thread with caps. If not the last one, then the one before that.

No. 393371

Maybe she'll find herself lucky and grow a pair with all of the weight she's gaining. Or possibly become a Suzy Berhow and be chubby with no boobs to show for it.

No. 393664

Is she wearing her ring on her necklace?
Maybe the weight gain made it impossible to wear on her hands? I remember this happening when I was pregnant. Not saying she is, but wondering if it's because she gained weight and can't wear them on her hands.

No. 393856

She always has been chubby with no boobs plus apple bodytype.

No. 393981

7 years ago was 2010. she was still on stickam being kiki's shadow.

No. 394090

File: 1506595130156.jpg (86.05 KB, 1200x823, DKy-GdSUMAA9nCh.jpg)

how can you still not dress for shit
like i understand the look she was going for, i guess, but damn she sure did miss the mark

No. 394091

How do you reach the age of 22 and still not understand how to dress yourself?

No. 394093

>shoes on tatami

No. 394095

This is a really obnoxious shoop for some reason. Maybe it's just her expression or the fact that she shooped her undeniably chubby ass into a toothpick. Also shoes on tatami. I can't imagine how dumpy this outfit looks in person.

No. 394197

damn, it looks like something Taylor would wear. how is it possible to go from kawaii style to … whatever this style of clothes is called

No. 394218

this house looks empty, like she entered in some uninhabited house to just take the pictures

No. 394310

File: 1506627015413.png (536.94 KB, 571x598, Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 3.26…)


I immediately thought of this picture when she posted it. kek. Kota looks like the Walmart dollar bin version of Taylor.


A live visual of how broke she is and how little she owns I guess.

No. 394456

>orange boots and long wide pants = taylor

Reminds me of the real and shooped pic of her with some old dude. Anyone have those pics?

No. 396644

It's bizarre how Taylor started out copying Dakota, and now it's looped back around and Kota/Kaka copy her…

No. 396980

File: 1507017268367.jpg (106.22 KB, 1200x778, DLDY-syUMAAmi4r.jpg)

No. 396981

File: 1507017313408.jpg (67.8 KB, 692x692, KgWDmaG2cIk.jpg)

No. 396982

File: 1507017340199.jpg (67.92 KB, 720x707, pg4BTxxyy00.jpg)

No. 397049


Its weird not seeing Tooter's shoop her nasolabial folds into non existence .. They're still smoothed out, but still old Tooter's would never let them be visible.

Also, either she got a nice chunk of change from the run way shows… or she's incredibly stupid with her money and should be saving it rather then spending on nails. Girl is so bum as broke she's crashing at a friends and wearing clothing from 2012.

No. 397064


If you mean this pic (>>396980)
, she took one last year next an extremely similar table of plushies. I think it was at a nail expo, if so she might have gotten them done for free as part of the show. I remember her being in a white shirt in that same kind of background with different nails last year, I’m sure of it.

No. 397116

File: 1507047831132.jpeg (238.15 KB, 1200x1200, A96FB978-5DE8-41B5-95A6-58533D…)

Found it. According to Tokyo Nail Expo’s site it’s not until next month though? Pic related is from TNE’16. I remember her tweeting at the nail artist thanking her, but Idr the name, she probably went back to the same artist.

No. 397135


Wow, that hand/face ratio difference. At least she finally started wearing her ring on the right finger, I was starting to wonder why she stopped wearing it after Fitt’s.

No. 397577

Her fashion sense makes me seriously question whether Kiki was the one who styled her outfit videos back in the day. Not that Kiki is any good but she's not this much of a train wreck.

No. 397589

i had nearly forgotten the chola lip

No. 397687

It's weird that she said practically nothing about her birthday this year.

No. 397730

Nothing to brag about i guess

No. 397747

she used to beg for gifts though

No. 397751

Maybe she’s still waiting on the box of gifts from home and it hasn’t arrived yet.

Was it last year or the year before where her bday party was just her and a cameraman at an event space with a happy birthday streamer put up in the background?

No. 398425


Regardless, still a little sad.
The last two years she had someone take her out or buy her a cake… Absolutely nothing this year.

( Maybe they spent their whole budget on Kaka and supporting her sad acting career because they see that their youngest has failed them. Gotta have one daughter to make it big )

No. 398427


Are they just doing a slow release of things or still in the process of filming/shooting stuff for this ?

No. 398467

File: 1507222980463.gif (147.61 KB, 117x133, 789788989789.gif)


Once again they hide Tooter's in the back of every scene.

No. 398480

File: 1507224503441.jpeg (58.85 KB, 433x580, 3A8FCD3D-CE09-4C16-B21A-037B68…)

Are we talking about this picture?

No. 398503

Dang, she used to be p cute in candids

No. 398564

what the hell happened??
is it the hair and the eyeliner…??

No. 398571

She actually used to put on makeup and do her hair, and hadn’t yet gained 30 pounds and turned into Cathy.

Yeah, she didn’t even post on IG on her bday, all she did was post “I’m 22 now” on Twitter and then thanked her fans for the replies. Meanwhile, Kiki gets a cake with her face on it handed to her by her boyfriend.

No. 398621

File: 1507241481106.png (301.02 KB, 341x483, zasdfdx.png)


shoulda learned the choreography ey dakota

No. 398666

Kota is such an odd one out with her hair color. You cant help but think she might have been hired to be the focus but the backlash forced them to reconsider as well as how uncharimastic she is.

No. 398705

It’s amazing how she can be so bland and plain yet stuck out so much, and not even in a good way.

No. 398709

File: 1507251689132.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, 3813566C-82D0-4045-BA4A-AA2417…)

They have to still be filming new stuff, because I’m pretty sure Dakota is getting bigger with each new commercial. In this one her waistband of her skirt is directly under her bust, and her face looks pudgier.

She was a whole beat behind the entire time and fumbled through the hand signs. Glorious.

Sage for shitty, low res pic

No. 398736

It was some really old man where her stomach was popping out of her cropped sweater. She shooped herself thin on the pic, but then someone found the candids.

I think it's old stuff, everyone's hair was the same as the original commercial and Koots was already pudge in this.

No. 398747

yeah I think she had a light purple color sweater? ughh I don't know where to find the candid but I think I know what you're talking about

No. 398749

File: 1507257671822.jpeg (53.76 KB, 477x598, 774B1FE7-B604-4045-9EF3-417BBE…)

This one?

No. 398753

File: 1507258701234.png (543.03 KB, 546x690, Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 10.5…)



She still has these posted on her IG.

No. 398754

File: 1507258733831.png (419.6 KB, 420x699, Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 10.5…)

No. 398757

Thanks anon!

No. 398801

File: 1507278309435.jpg (61.27 KB, 692x692, DLbSj47XkAALLPI.jpg)

More Fit's.

No. 398831

What does this expression convey

No. 398854

Wasted potential.

No. 398962

I would love to see the process of her photoshopping. Girl's got skill in that at least.

No. 398996

Eh, not really. She hardly tries anymore, her shoops aren’t even good looking. The only time she looks decent is when a job shoops her.

No. 399007


Honestly, her shoops have been utter trash since moving to Japan.

I truly wonder if she had any involvement in her own success. To me her old more popularly loved fashion just seemed like it was either styled by Kiki who still dresses in that style, or boughten sets from Taobao. AS for her editing and photoshopping… I doubt it was her that did it, or at least did the most famous ones. How do you suddenly get so shitty at editing the moment you move to Japan permanently. Bitch couldn't even defend herself, she got her mom and sister to do that. She's been in Japan for 5 years and still had her manager babysitting her.

She's been a lazy turd since day one. I'm not the slightest bit surprised she got fat af and fired.


I think I know what her true character is …

First the confused look while she tried reading a book that she was holding upside down, now her looking confused as what to do with a canvas and pencil.

She's the dumb blonde.

No. 399009

I'm not sure if you're kidding, but she's meant to be measuring proportions with the pencil, like one of those real basic tips they give people in life drawing class that doesn't actually help much.

It looks pretty retarded in a photoshoot, but I think that's what she's going for.

No. 399034

I wondering if she didn’t just hire someone to do the photoshoots and editing for her in exchange for portfolio shots? Lots of photogs starting out will do things like that, and she could have taken the finished pics and shooped them from there.

Think about it: her viral shoops were pretty, but after that big set that went around they never looked the same. I don’t think she did them, either. I think she got the biggest free ride in weeb history, but I still don’t think she got it for nothing. Of course the real questions is and always has been why.

No. 399129


I honestly think she did her own shoops back in the day, they were still bad if you look closely. She also had much more control over angles, lighting and etc.

She spent much more time on a per-pic or per-video basis and she can't do that anymore. So now she relies on a speedier mix of apps like snow and photoshop. I'm just guessing though.

No. 399328

probably asking because she looks like an autistic toddler playing harry potter

No. 399334

And also she did the editing for her and keeks back in the MySpace days. Now THOSE were some shit shoops

No. 399385

New youtube video..

No. 399392

This video is only 5 years late
Is Koots really implying she doesnt wear foundation or concealer? & Why does the video look like the screen is too far forward?

No. 399411

This looks so off from her other stuff… It's such a shame :(

No. 399417

The background pictureframe being so distorted is a huge indication of how much she's distorting the image to make her top half of head bigger and bottom half smaller.

No. 399418

Christ, right below this video older videos of her are recommended where her face is of normal length. Now she makes her face look uncomfortably short and squished, what is she thinking, that people will believe that her whole face got shorter as she became older?
Man, that's infuriating. And I used to think that people are overreacting to her shoops.

No. 399421

File: 1507375015048.jpg (75.64 KB, 640x424, news_xlarge_20170914NW00103.jp…)

Pics from a tv show she'll be on tonight

No. 399422

File: 1507375038434.jpg (117.74 KB, 730x486, news_header_20170914NW00120.jp…)

No. 399424

Can't believe how many chances this lazy bitch gets. Seriously. Who is she fucking?
She looks plain as fuck in these screen shots and honestly older then she is.

No. 399427

File: 1507375816942.jpg (73.54 KB, 610x406, -9Sof-FW5iM.jpg)

Another picture where Koots looks fat and like she doesn't want to be there

No. 399428


She looks so… bleh. What is this disheveled basic bitch vibe she’s trying to pull off? It’s so bad on her. Why is she still trying to be somebody in Japan when she can’t even bother to put on makeup?

She’s definitely not kosher. Nobody gives a fat lazy slob like this so many chances without some puss. She’s the only “model/talent” I’ve ever seen who can just keep popping up after months of not working to pretend she’s a busy, important celebrity without anyone asking what she’s been up to. I’m curious about the ratings for the shows she goes on, especially after the Fitt’s campaign andnthe backlash from it.

No. 399452

Christ those shoes are ugly. The rest of the outfit isn't bad, it's certainly better than a lot of her recent looks, but damn. Those clodhoppers.

No. 399455


Maybe they'll just think her face got really fat, which it sorta did get chubby. Younger people I guess will be too stupid to tell she shortened her face.


She doesn't look horrible ( or haggard like her sister ). I think she just needs some more make up. A little more blush and def needs eye liner.

Though I have to ask. What the fuck was she aiming for with that look ? Looks like a cheap cosplay/costume of beetlejuice combined with tranny.

No. 399480

Well you're comparing professional tv beauty lighting to fluorescent Walmart lighting. Pretty sure if Kooter was lit the same way as Kaka she would look haggard and shitty too. I mean hell she looks that way in the Fit's promos and those are professionally lit.

No. 399486

Sweet Jesus, she needs eye makeup. And lip color. She’s copying Kiki's deadass naked face bs, how can they both refuse to see how bad it looks on them?? Especially since they both live in cities that are obsessed with image?

No. 399497

This show is airing now and she is getting slammed on Japanese twitter.
Way harsher than us farmers.

No. 399503

File: 1507390321076.png (71.3 KB, 746x289, 2017-10-07 17_29_14-ダコタ - Twit…)

I guess she's not beneath her fans to act grateful for the small amounts of attention she gets..

Op: I saw you on TV! You were so cute!(blahblah)
DaKootz: I'm so happy!!! ;u;

Also I like how the title of koots segment is "I'm not a barbie!"

No. 399506

File: 1507390545729.png (472.2 KB, 733x575, 2017-10-07 17_35_16-(2) ダコタ - …)

freaky face

No. 399507

Please post caps/translations!

Nobody would buy that Barbie doll crap anymore. She’s too fat and old looking, and her trying to slip her bust out of her unnoticed tops just helps to make her shoulders look wider and make her look more topheavy. What is she talking about, and what questions are they asking her?

No. 399508


*unbuttoned top, my bad.

No. 399510

File: 1507391380506.png (1.32 MB, 1086x705, 2017-10-07 17_48_14-ダコタ - Twit…)

I'm the anon who posted the SS. I'd say half of them are saying that she's cute and the other half is calling her fat and ugly and wondering what the heck happened to her face. One gal also pointed out her double chin kek

I didn't watch the show so I can't say but the parts that are twitter is about her liking rats and how she likes to eat plain rice with yuzu sauce or something. You know how she likes having a shitty diet and all..

The show is called 有吉反省会 for anyone curious.

No. 399511

I would about 80% are shocked by her appearance and 20% are saying she's cute. 25% if you're feeling generous.

No. 399512

File: 1507391700618.jpg (165.91 KB, 1199x675, DLi1HzvUMAUrluu.jpg)

No. 399513

Q: Whats your favorite food?

No. 399515

File: 1507391978776.png (2.22 MB, 1429x844, 2017-10-07 17_56_47-有吉反省会 - Tw…)

No. 399517

Don't want to start the hair color debate again but, her hair legit looks brown in these caps.

No. 399518

File: 1507392272551.jpg (68.96 KB, 480x270, 68e16500-s.jpg)

Then don't start. Everyone agrees she's never been a "true" blonde. Cloest she can get is bronde.

No. 399519

Why is it that every time she stops getting work and people forget about her, they dust off those now 6 year old shoops and oogle over how kawaii and beautiful they are, and then ask her some random BS girl’s magazine quiz questions. It’s ugly how hard she’s being forced.

No. 399522

I know. And the title of the segment was "I'm not a Barbie". As if she and her grifter family didn't deliberately cultivate that image. She used to tag her videos as "real barbie" in every language she could think of.

No. 399523

It’s such a damn shame that KontraKoti got taken down, I’m sure the only reason she gets shilled this hard is because most Japanese don’t know how much she and her family whored and lied to get there. She acts like she was just some shy little girl who got yanked into a fabulous world of modeling and fame against her will, when irl it’s the total opposite.

No. 399526

According to Twitter the show says she got 50Million YT views for being outstandingly beautiful, instead of pedo pandering and tagwhoring. No wonder she gave up in America, she wrote herself a new past in Japanese and knows that most people can’t argue with it online who still care.

No. 399527

"outstandingly beautiful". Fucking KEK.

No. 399531

There’s even posts that link to articles about the show with pics of her anorexic 2012 shoops where she’s wearing heavy eye makeup and lipstick that say “no makeup or surgery”. Every time she goes on TV her social media tags are flooded with clickbait articles circulating all her oldest and best shoops, linking to her social media. They’re really beating her one trick pony to a pulp.

No. 399533

File: 1507394114933.png (83.14 KB, 725x351, 2017-10-07 18_09_24-ダコタ - Twit…)

"uh wait wtf is this? Where'd Dakota-chan go"

No. 399535

File: 1507394297010.jpeg (138.84 KB, 640x759, CFF1DD13-EBB1-46D4-B0A6-231726…)

No. 399536

File: 1507394315665.jpeg (135.56 KB, 636x884, 9BFE5157-BFA5-4CD7-91AF-13B72C…)

No. 399541

File: 1507394713873.jpeg (116.96 KB, 640x1078, 4E54221C-7414-4631-B43E-7F3E14…)

No. 399572

File: 1507399107724.png (107.52 KB, 502x153, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 18.5…)

How does this happen in someone so young? Even with the video in soft focus they look really deep.

No. 399588

Wow, her eyebags are so crepey…

No. 399632

File: 1507405281571.jpeg (395.02 KB, 2560x1920, BED7BE01-4FCB-42D2-9704-A65480…)

Crossposting from the Kiki thread:

Another foreign model Tweeted at Dakota and promptly got blocked, then instantly bullied by a suspiciously familiar kind of sperg called Rizzo who is WKing Kota by projecting all of her failures and bad features onto the other model, pic related. Kiera reported Rizzo but twitter did fuck all. Now Rizzo is sperging on Twitter and we await potential new milk…

No. 399704

File: 1507408326678.jpg (631.25 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

She looks…different

No. 399772

>by a suspiciously familiar kind of sperg called Rizzo
it's Cathy. just say it's Cathy.

No. 399784

She needs a revision rhinoplasty.
Really bad.

No. 399785

isn't it blatantly obvious?.. it's because that was her prime and she has lost literally ALL the appeal at this point.

No. 399792

This. Her nose is too small and pinched compared to the rest of her face.

No. 399794

then.. her nose isn't the problem.

No. 399805

File: 1507414028807.png (2.8 MB, 1373x848, 2017-10-08 00_05_23-ダコタ - Twit…)

I thought the 80 yr old eyebags-thing was some sort of dakota baby shooping body issue, but noope…they're real guys.

No. 399812

You’re right- the rest of her face is.

No. 399814

Does she make this same expression every time she goes on tv? “EEE??”

What would even cause them to be that bad though? Just the years of makeup and eye tape?

No. 399815

genetics. head over to the kiki thread and you'll find a very similar recent picture.

No. 399817

Kiki’s aren’t that bad, though. If it were genetics I’d expect hers o be worse since she’s older.

No. 399842

I love how she waited all these years to do another makeup video now that nobody wants to look like her anymore, kek.

No. 399845

That make up fucking sucks.

No. 399848

So half-assed. I couldn't see a single fucking thing she applied to her face, dunno why she even bothered.

No. 399858

Its because shes not using any sort of foundation plus picking make up that is lighter then her.

No. 399897

File: 1507423400059.png (222.37 KB, 610x285, Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 6.09…)


This is 2015, and to be honest they were always bad. She just use to shoop them and make them look more smooth.

Kaka's probably only look a tad better since she probably occasionally uses moisturizer.

No. 399907

Her eyes look so fucking small.
How can she not see how this style does not suit her at all!?

No. 399908


She doesn’t sleep much, or so she claims. And she supposedly smokes. Both are likely culprits.

No. 399911

What a useless video. She really screwed herself by waiting so long to come back to YouTube. Her content is lazy, there’s nothing she did in that video that most people couldn’t figure out for themselves and she’s STILL using after effects or something to deceive fans about her true face.

No. 399927

Did anyone watch the show she was on? I missed it, but I also don’t speak Moon so it wouldn’t have mattered I guess. Hoping someone posts a TL;DR.

No. 399930

File: 1507426257095.jpg (1.22 MB, 3024x2207, IMG_1245.JPG)

I watched it but my Japanese is shit. She did not look good though.

No. 399931

File: 1507426312622.jpg (1.47 MB, 2981x2123, IMG_1258.JPG)

her shitty diet…

No. 399943

Just watched it. A lot of bullshit and lying. Pretty annoying. Seems to have a new persona. I'll translate it a bit later unless someone beats me to the punch. Another example of her how her intonation and accent are all she really has going for her Japanese wise, though.

No. 399951


so she's so broke that she eats plain rice and bread with jam on it all the time… and those are things she "enjoys" ( can afford ).

This looks sad.

( I'm also a little triggered at how poorly she spread the jam.. Though thats just my autism/perfectionist speaking )

No. 399952

that's ketchup

No. 399957

>Seems to have a new persona
how so?

No. 399958

ケチャップパン = ketchup bread
what the fucking fuck

No. 399963


Your fucking with me, right ?

Ketchup covered bread…

They must think she's homeless or retarded.

Like she's legit she can't even afford actual jam… Is she doing that to seem corky or weird, cause her looks aren't getting her jobs anymore ?

No. 399965

>she can't even afford actual jam
Are you retarded? 1. jam is one of the cheapest grocery items, and 2. when people don't have jam they don't just replace it with ketchup. She just has disgusting tastes.

No. 399966

Instead of the rude boyish thing she's now playing the "omg people called me barbie, but I always thought I was plain" innocent American. Absolute bs considering how she marketed herself and treated people when she thought she was hot shit.
She claims her shitty eating habits are because she has no money for food when she first got to Japan. Also a lie. She used to buy so much shit including two new smart phones in the course of a year.
Playing up this guroi character with some bullshit story about how her friend lost a tooth and Koots asked to keep it for a necklace. I don't believe it because I don't think even Koots is that autistic. This is just her trying to emphasize the the gap between "cute" face and creepy habits.
Plus there was the exchange between her and Sashihara Rino where, she obviously didn't really understand what was being said but claimed that she did.

No. 399969

samefag. But forgot to mention that she claimed that because she was called "real barbie" that she reason she's uploading "kira kira shashin" aka "shooped af pictures" to instagram is so she doesn't break the real barbie image (that you know was totally forced upon her and everything).

No. 399972

waitwaitwait, so she admitted that she uploads edited pictures to instagram to keep up with the image people have come to expect?? if that's so, then she's telling the truth for once. i always thought that the reason her shoops kept getting worse is some psychological pressure from BDD of her wanting to not go back from this "inhuman living doll" title. Like, if she ever started to post her unedited face, then the magic would be gone and people would be disappointed.

No. 399974

Sort of but as usual with her and Kaka, she's shifting the blame to someone else. That was the part that really got me. And she says "kira kira shashin", so she's still not really admitting to shooping, only that her real life persona isn't so sparkly. It's more like an attempt to be relatable. And honestly came off calculated af.
Kooter really doesn't have BDD and it does a diservice to those who do, by attributing it to her.

No. 399975

I really cannot believe this bitch, wow.

No. 399977


What are the comments on the video/Twitter like?

No. 399979

Just realized during the real barbie part she's on a darkened stage with a spotlight while fucking Micheal Jackson's "You are not alone" plays in the background.
After the real barbie sob story, the segment is like, "the super popular the world over real barbie and her glamorous instagram" and then transitions into a another laughably edited video of "real" Kooter wearing fucking circle lenses and eating rice with ponzu sauce which she filmed specifically for this show.
Then she goes into this "I had no money money when I was sixteen years old and just got Japan. I had to scavenge my bag for a 10yen coin just to buy one piece of bread."(Kooter sadface)

No. 399983

File: 1507432800310.jpg (58 KB, 500x755, 81f480def614243e22a48834c8f87c…)

>Absolute bs considering how she marketed herself
Actually this is at least half true. I was around when her popularity was just beginning, and it was surprising the sheer number of times I kept reading on the tumblr notes under her photos "is that a doll?", "she looks like barbie!", "is this a real person?". she was also featured in Chinese news where they called her a barbie and a doll too, but that was during the time she posting pictures like this and was mostly unknown.

No. 399984

She was literally tagging her pictures and videos with "real barbie" and "doll" in as many Asian languages as she could google translate. And yes she was doing that before the first news reports came out about her.

No. 399986

File: 1507433139147.png (34.11 KB, 569x109, c.png)

no anon, i'm telling you i've been through the entire train ride. You can go to her old tumblr and look at the notes for yourself. that was BEFORE. I know this because she had not even started her youtube yet. and yeah, youtube was the place where she started using those tags herself

No. 399990

File: 1507433703626.png (429.12 KB, 500x643, tumblr_ln2qbzwpzX1qbzry8o1_500…)

Ah mea culpa. You're right.
This seems to be the first image that she posted. She was definitely going for a "real doll" look. Amazing how beautiful this picture is and how it looks nothing like her.
She's still a lying liar who lies.

No. 399993

This is when she was in her prime tbh I remember copying her eye makeup and doing my hair like hers now she just looks like shit with or without shoop

No. 399994

She was in her prime at fifteen then.

No. 400001

File: 1507435780346.jpg (168.42 KB, 644x354, Untitled-2.jpg)

seconding this. i honestly don't mean this to be offensive to her, but she looks like a very average american woman with a bulky jaw, badly thinning hair, and extra weight irl. and like a malformed/disfigured bobble head on the internet.

back then her shoops were unreal beautiful, and no one thought she was a liar or shit person. now the truth is out, so even if she could make pretty pictures again, knowing it's all fake loses its old awe.

No. 400002

How deep does the Ostrenga web of lies go. So now she's this poor kid who was forced into the spotlight and had no money, despite having a huge apt with two bedrooms. I can't get over the ketchup bread, this is some redneck shit.

No. 400008

She's really starting to look like mama here.

No. 400010

i think the things that really messed stuffed up for her was her inconsistency and shitty work ethic when it came to maintaining her image. back then, her shoops were heavily edited, yeah, but she at least resembled an actual person, y'know? and the discrepancies between her pictures and videos weren't nearly as overt as they are today. and on top of that, she tried to style herself to at least sort of look like her edited face. if she kept with what she was doing in 2012 i don't things would be nearly as bad as they are for her now. no amount of aftereffects or facetune could fool anyone into thinking she looks anything like the creepy baby shoop she's churning out these days, and it's obviously wearing down on her because she can't even keep up with the amount of work that goes into trying to maintain that fakery.

idek what to think anymore. maybe she likes the controversy attached to her because its the only thing keeping her "relevant." (lol sorry if what i'm saying doesn't really make sense, i'm kinda sleepy)

No. 400014

tinfoil: but i think dakota and her agency are aware that the jig is us; they know she can't keep on posting her shooped photos only to show up at gigs and jobs looking how she does in real life. so this is a ploy to save face and to keep japanese netizens from turning on her. if they put out some fake "woe is me, i'm just a poor american girl mistaken for a barbie" story then people will react sympathetically instead of angrily for her lying.

it's also possible that her time in japan is up but instead of simply disappearing, she's trying to close the book with some plausible story. her unfounded ostrenga pride wouldn't allow her to be honest and admit that she's a fat fraud that failed in japan. instead, she's contrived this lie to make it seem as if she was forced into keeping up her photoshopped online personality, and now, if she does decide to suddenly stop dramatically photoshopping, she's covered her ass. she will probably try sweep all of the other related drama under the rug too.

i would not be surprised at all if news comes out soon that she's heading back to orlando. she's probably desperately trying to keep from burning any more bridges.

No. 400023

She's already without an agency. Honestly, I think Japan's gonna be stuck with her for a while longer.

No. 400030

please stop with the fanfiction, it's embarrassing.

>i would not be surprised at all if news comes out soon that she's heading back to orlando

i have read this over 10 million times in the past few years. it's never going to happen. she's going to stay in japan for life one way or another.

No. 400034

Not that anon, but why are you so angry over Kooter?
I agree she's not leaving right now, but to say she's staying for life is just as much of a fanfiction. Neither of you knows.

No. 400104

If she stays in Japan for life, what kinda visa do you think it is..

No. 400107

She might go for nationality

No. 400113

File: 1507456595266.png (270.25 KB, 694x500, IMG_4593.PNG)

Can someone please explain wtf is going on with her hair here?

No. 400117

Well if she wants to be naturalized, she needs to either get married or have a long term job that proves that she is assimilated and can pay her way in society and no precarious modeling doesn't count.

No. 400118

none of that sounded remotely angry, but ok.
she's already learned japanese, her only friends are in japan, her only career history is in japan.. basically she's nothing and nobody outside of japan. the only thing in Orlando is her parent's house, a bad english internet rep, and literally nothing else. not even an education. she has every possible reason to never want to leave that place and do everything in her power to remain there permanently.

No. 400119

must be a computer glitch on your end? i looked for the 1:35 mark in the video and it doesn't look like this in my frame.

No. 400130

It's from the transition between shots.

No. 400131

it's just from the circular transition effect that she was using in the video, you just caught an in between frame

No. 400202

Yes. She could try to achieve her early shoops' nose. A bigger nose (not big, but bigger than her actual pinched one) with a rounder tip would make her face look more delicate and maybe even take the attention away from her not-so-narrow jaw

You would be surprised at how noses can dramatically change entire faces. She needs some more cartilage in there.
But yes, it's not the only problem.

I remember looking at those pictures and be in awe at how pretty she was. That's some top tier photoshop skills she has, I didn't suspect anything. Why doesn't she pursue the professional editor career?

No. 400212

She wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much attention for being an editor. Can you imagine attention whore Dakota shoopinrgb some other girl into a beautiful doll and then watching Japan fawn over that girl and not her? She would have never agreed to not be the center of attention.

No. 400230

Ur eyes are also small/beady. You have nothing that appeals to the Japanese market.Shave your jaw, get ur nose done, lose weight

No. 400234

>nothing and nobody outside of japan

she's nothing and a nobody INSIDE of japan too, they treat her like a fat pig to laugh at rather than a "model" or even tarento lol

No. 400244

I wonder what she’ll do when the next underaged white weeb goes viral? She wasn’t the first, she won’t be the last.

No. 400246

For those insterested in reading/laughing at some japanese ripping into this tv appearance:


One comment mentions that its obvious theyre trying to sell the "gap" between her appearance and her edgy hobbies

No. 400252

Some comments
>she has a double chin now
>what is that eye necklace?! Gross! (That flesh coloured necklace from her instagram)
>she came to japan because she was too short to be a model in her own country
>she doesnt look like a barbie,she looks like a normal girl
>shes still in japan? Real life is strange..
>you cant buy bread with 10 yen (kek)

No. 400258

I don't know if it's a bad translation, but one comment translated in "Modified gorilla" to me lmao

No. 400298

File: 1507485010588.jpeg (65.82 KB, 991x902, 62DBA321-C9F9-4B95-90F1-E0CC39…)

>you can’t buy bread with 10 yen (kek)

Funny how they never go apeshit on the Japanese comments calling her out, eh?

No. 400299

Kathy's dumbass can't read moon, but even if she did, I doubt she'd want to be trolled by Japanese girls. Japanese mean girls are the queens of torturing others.

No. 400307

I wonder if we had a good, long Japanese version of Dakota and Kiki’s history and behavior, Japanese girls would pick up on it and troll them from there. It would be glorious.

No. 400318

File: 1507485898144.png (220.91 KB, 661x801, Untitled.png)

Just running it through google translate is hilarious.

No. 400319

go to sleep cathy

No. 400320

File: 1507486056754.jpeg (743.76 KB, 904x6192, kota.jpeg)

i love them
and theyre not buying her shit lol

No. 400326

File: 1507486388627.png (556.31 KB, 635x410, Untitled.png)

Those shoops were beautiful and believable but still fake as shit. 99% of them were just selfies taken in her room or a car. Shit was weird from the start.


No. 400328

im still guessing she has a "boyfriend" out of the industry. Maybe some old guy, that is still please with a girl as long as she is young.

No. 400329

Glad they got her gross racism in there too. An ignorant, spoiled, nasty little gremlin like Dakota gets all she deserves with Japan chewing her up and spitting her out.

No. 400331

In b4 intr3pidone raging that Keira Ashley made this image and posted it to a Japanese site

No. 400338

oh my god this is so embarrassing to watch, how she stumbles around while everyone else is just perfect at the choreography… and at the end when she nearly falls down.. oh my

No. 400340

wow she actually looks obese

No. 400342


did they just let her be on their show for showing what kind of trainwreck she is?

also how can you look fat and at the same time malnourished? her diet must be really shit.

No. 400344

i cant even begin to tell whats bad about her look. that they even let her on her show like that and not forced her into a make up chair.

No. 400349

she shouldve just stayed at home and shooped her pictures. not going out in the wild where the truth comes out. like what did she thought would happen?

No. 400357

File: 1507489034824.png (38.47 KB, 140x147, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 19.5…)

Man, she looks so much like her mom these days.

Also holy shit she really is late for every single move. How embarrassing.

No. 400388

It really is hilarious how they hide her, despite the fact she's the only white, blue-eyed, "blonde"-haired girl in the entire crew. She sucked THAT BADLY and looks THAT TERRIBLE.

Honestly I think they did just have her on the show to show everyone how much she has fallen. Purposely avoiding giving her any makeup, or letting her come in "natural" (lol) like that. Her hair looks SO greasy too, can't believe they wouldn't run dry shampoo through it or something?

I'm almost positive she's just there to be laughed at.

No. 400445

I think she puts something on her hair to make it look “shiny” and it just ends up looking oily instead.

No. 400494

Late to the party, but I can't believe how much she looks like an old woman here. I didn't know it was possible to look gaunt and fat at the same time. With her eyes all sunken and dark and her cheekbones prominent, she's a far cry from even her unphotoshopped pictures back when she first went to Japan.

No. 400599

well, the whole point of the show "ariyoshi hansei kai" or "Ariyoshi's self-reflection time" (ariyoshi is the comedian host) is for celebrities/talents to have some sort of confession that they would like to reflect back on. So everyone invited to the show kinda fucked up in one way or another, did something weird, or was lying about something. didn't watch this, but I'm assuming from the screencaps that in dakota's case, she was self reflecting on the fact that despite everyone calling her barbie she lives a very plain lifestyle that's very un-barbie.

No. 400640

Nobody calls her Barbie anymore though? They stopped when she stopped doing variety TV.

No. 400654

File: 1507505951949.jpeg (263.56 KB, 1241x2152, CFDFD92E-6CB9-45D7-8632-7E7C8D…)

No. 400658

File: 1507506559664.png (5.18 MB, 2208x1242, 2C06C23B-9252-415F-8D3C-D3D54E…)

No. 400659

She did say in an interview or something once how older men were her type. I mean, way older men. I thought it was pandering but if she could stomach it, it would make sense. She would be taken care of.

No. 400661

File: 1507507803166.png (259.58 KB, 660x625, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 8.07…)

Holy fuck, and the Ostrenga's call anons here mean.

>modified gorilla

I mean it could be google translated incorrectly… Buh pretty savage non the less.

No. 400725

If she had a sugar daddy, I think she would be living somewhere other than a friend's apartment and recycling old outfits. She would probably be showing it off on her instagram as well, because she isn't the humble type.

No. 400758

Maybe she had a SD and had to move because it ended, which would make sense if her apartment and career at Bravo/Libera were just perks of a sugar arrangement.

No. 400793

File: 1507524638189.png (446.15 KB, 1142x702, del.png)

anyone ever translate this tweet before? kek

No. 400799

Maybe that explains why her shoops have been getting shittier.

No. 400801

i mean the "i have to buy contacts ;(" part. it's her lying about lenses all over again

No. 400802

She's allergic to honesty. She lies about the dumbest shit sometimes.

No. 400807

Maybe she now has to wear contact lenses because of wearing circle lenses every day for years while she was lying about not wearing circle lenses? I’m pretty sure Dakota is the reason you can’t get them without a prescription anymore.

No. 400848

Yeah it seems like a roundabout way of implying she doesn't wear any lenses, because NOW she needs lenses.
We know the ostrengas are all fucking insane lol

No. 400894


Karma. Five years of constant circle lenses from morning to night fucked her vision. This is the same reason why Taylor stopped wearing lenses is because it was starting to affect her vision too.


This should be the next OP picture since were not to far off from finishing this thread.

No. 401068

File: 1507580241683.png (94.76 KB, 886x604, Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 4.12…)

Jesus fuck Kota, doesn't anyone in your family know how to be subtle … ?

Seems like someone here got a little butthurt with all the negative attention so she went shopping. First she went loopy months back and bought millions of views on her IG videos now she's back to buying followers in large bulk.

No. 401090

Even the follower selling services suggest buying special service that spaces out how many you gain each day because anyone can track your growth and an increase like that all of a sudden is FUCKING 100% OBVIOUS and not only makes you look bad to users and businesses alike, can get you banned from Instagram

idiot lol

No. 401092

samefag I haven't seen anyone personally get booted for buying followers, but bulk followers don't last long anyway. Instagram eventually ends up wiping out most of those accounts.
I have on the other hand seen posts with bought likes/views get removed. This happened to Dakota too.

No. 401106

What post did that happen to her?

I wouldn't be surprised if whatever manager she has at the moment (if she even has one) is encouraging her to buy followers and views.

No. 401179

One of her Instagram video posts got removed for buying views and she made a post bitching about it being removed because "she looks too young" or something even though there was nothing in the video that pertained to a delete worthy offense if that were true

Her ass was just roasted because she spent money buying views just to have it all wasted

No. 401199

>ramp to +4746 in one day when usually losing

Smells like someone paid for 5k followers.

No. 401206

File: 1507590753095.png (346.69 KB, 935x449, Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 7.05…)


LOL. Still buying views for her tiny shit IG videos.

Wouldn't it just roast her ass if people reported it.

No. 401209

File: 1507591086252.png (30.5 KB, 522x228, Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 7.06…)



She isn't done yet.

I guess she was tired of being stuck at her bought 130k following and dropping so she's upping it to 140k. No doubt it'll be like 140k by tmr or the next day.

No. 401214

Her nails always look like she's using leftover from a mix of sets other people used certain nails on and discarded the rest.

No. 401235



Funny you say that when almost all of her comments are praising her nails. Guess she bought comments about her nails.

No. 401240

Reported, but I reported it for spam so idk how effective it’ll be. The contrast between the amount of views on the IG video vs the YT video is hilarious. Maybe YT tales bought views more seriously?

No. 401243

File: 1507595544313.jpeg (136.76 KB, 640x1080, DF3B7CBE-DF19-4233-9E91-28FCD4…)

Looks like she’s buying views for all her videos, including the one they took down once before.

No. 401247

File: 1507595656713.jpeg (171.56 KB, 640x1078, 0DCE7411-6278-4C58-B7C2-78352C…)

No. 401249

Is it possible to buy comments too? All of her comments always seem like bots.

No. 401256

You can buy like/comment/follower combo packages, I think. Wouldn’t put it past her, lolcow is the only reason she still gets any views to justify what she’s still calling her career.

No. 401262

>I am also a 21 year old woman, not a child as many assume
lol this bitch

No. 401272

File: 1507599423844.png (854.72 KB, 817x450, 1493829934848.png)


absolutely hilarious how this blockhead shoops herself to try to look as young as possible then tries to claim "no but others call me a child!! NO BUT I WAS NEVER CALLING MYSELF BARBIE EITHER!!" lol

No. 401274

File: 1507599494509.png (7.56 KB, 145x119, IMG_2205.PNG)

Yes, as we all know this is the face of a young, adorable child.

Even when she started photoshopping her "living doll" pictures she didn't look like a kid, she looked about 17 or 18.

No. 401303

>as many would assume by my distorted squat face fetal shoops

No. 401330

Someone has to put together a timeline of her candids, how did she get so huge so fast?

No. 401342

that's not a fat face, anon. it's her jaw/chin bone structure

No. 401343

she definitely got chubby in the body, but yeah, that's just her face right there. it's very unfortunate jowl genetics

No. 401345

also because she always shooped herself so much smaller, reality makes her look huge

No. 401383

File: 1507614782938.jpg (264.36 KB, 899x618, 1470922123587.jpg)