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File: 1626887283229.png (4.03 MB, 1626x1418, kabukicho.png)

No. 163026

Use this thread to talk about any hoe/hooker/sw/whatever related to Kabukicho, Tokyo, TAG, and/or Japan.

Milk will be slow to come by as most of these girls aren't as stupid as Lorena, but I'm sure something will happen.

Old thread: >>>/w/54862

No. 163028

File: 1626887486658.png (163.57 KB, 1388x522, boob job.png)

Kitty / Serena Lang's boob job confirmed. She only says a lift but she must have gotten implants for fullness.

No. 163034

File: 1626888403559.jpg (Spoiler Image,237.7 KB, 659x494, serena lang.jpg)

Explains why her nipples are too round in some places and wonky in others. Plus the shape is unnatural.

No. 163035

File: 1626889688816.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.34 KB, 200x300, serena lang escort.jpg)

Pre-boob job

No. 164072

Bless you anon for making a new thread

I can’t believe she got a boob job and ignored that gunt

No. 164080

She got lipo too, maybe at the same time but ended up heavier from the bruising.

No. 164100

File: 1627248154142.png (200.82 KB, 1198x794, lying.png)

Must be exhausting to constantly lie about everything. No wonder her friends keep distancing themselves from her.

No. 164101

File: 1627248216438.png (79.2 KB, 1678x272, lying 2.png)

She's always been like this:


Really seems like a mental disorder.

No. 164153

File: 1627271266086.png (59.01 KB, 1724x182, florida.png)

Some more about her boob job. She went to Florida and claimed she was at a conference.

No. 164154

File: 1627271288023.png (151.11 KB, 1758x436, boob job.png)

No. 164155

File: 1627271379320.png (205.93 KB, 1198x748, swimsuit.png)

Claiming it was just the swimsuit pushup when people noticed straight away

No. 164156

File: 1627272052079.png (395.75 KB, 396x612, pushup.png)

Sure… She showed them off constantly immediately as soon as she got them. There's another photo with this bikini somewhere and she looks like she has pancakes down her top.

No. 164157

File: 1627272452096.png (1.07 MB, 1200x838, us.png)

More pretending to be American. What is the equivalent of a weebo for America? Merica-boo?

No. 164159

Boobjob, fake purses, visa fraud, hooking, tacky hair extensions, drugs, gunt, lipo, fried hair, scams, bullying, lying… There's nothing that separates her and Lorena now.

No. 164160

File: 1627273363299.png (269.14 KB, 400x495, implants.png)

This is August 2015 and you can see her implants haven't dropped yet

No. 164161

You forgot the children. Kitty doesn’t have them yet but I guess it’s only about time

No. 164162

Lorena had a babies, Kitty had an abortion

No. 164164

File: 1627274261992.png (868.64 KB, 798x800, pancakes.png)

found it

No. 164165

File: 1627274437145.png (871.88 KB, 802x1066, gap.png)

Huge gap

No. 164167

File: 1627274776359.png (1.63 MB, 940x958, sag.png)

How they look now with some weight gain and sag.

Why does she hold onto old tacky dirty bikinis for so long?

No. 164169

still wears this one too, posing sexy when she's a hard 35 year old in a bikini meant for 13 year olds

No. 164189

File: 1627285428914.png (107.08 KB, 1204x410, fake.png)

wonder what surgery she is having this time, maybe making her cartoonishly big tits even bigger?

No. 164196

trust kitty to bully someone for catching her in a lie

lol at her thinking going to the gym will stop them sagging

No. 164221

File: 1627305958840.png (588.21 KB, 1198x1128, stocks.png)

All of her stocks plummeted the next day lol. What did she expect from investing in memes.

No. 164222

File: 1627306913565.png (Spoiler Image,2.79 MB, 1842x1066, fake.png)

Her implants and scars are really noticeable when you look for them. These are just from the last six months and after photoshop. They must be really obvious in person.

No. 164223

I'm really surprised she went to the US when Japan is much better known for natural results. It's common in the US to overfill for saline for a fake look but in Japan they under fill for the most natural results. Korea is just next door too and they have the best surgeons in the world. Most busty Asian models actually have implants.


No. 164263

File: 1627326834205.png (80.89 KB, 1374x538, gme.png)

Her stocks are still a bit higher than she bought but they did plummet the next day.

No. 164287

File: 1627333483598.png (Spoiler Image,877.05 KB, 1098x1262, lipo.png)

This is from a video so no editing. There's lumpy scar tissue and the gap is huge. You can see here lipo scars too lol

No. 164299

Salinea Lang

No. 164303

saline-a lipo

No. 164305

Titty Scarr

No. 164370

“High end” escort starter kit:
- Wine mom body, recycles photos from years ago to catfish
- Looks mediocre even after multiple plastic surgeries, but claims to be “aLL nATurAL”
- “My housekeeper keeps finding vibrators on my couch!”
- Still brags about the only first class trip she had three years ago
- Has to mention her louboutins bimonthly
- Screeches sex work solidarity on Twitter, backstabs her “friends” and doxxes them IRL
- “Had a Michelin star dinner tonite. Thank you Mr.X!”
- Gets catty with new hot girls in town because she is 36 years old catfishing as a twenty something, her screeching gets one like from her loyal simp
- “mUH eDuCaTioN”
- Twitter feed like a gender studies major
- Pretends she has invested in stocks, busted face tells a different story
- At least one abortion
- Takes a mental health break from social media every six months after realizing her attention whoring doesn’t get her anymore clients
- “Putting random banners on my website is not my aesthetic”
- Desperately wants to be a mentor to baby hoes, they laugh at her because they already make more money than her
- Has no friends. Not because she’s a hoe, but because of her toxic traits
- Pretends to be a woke feminist on Twitter, but engages in tax and visa fraud IRL

No. 164375

I don’t know if you wrote that about Kitty or not but it matches 100%. They are all the same.

No. 164569

Funny she says that there is zero scarring when >>>/w/132622 in the old thread worked out her boobs were fake sic months ago just from the scars in one photo.

No. 164571

File: 1627439101753.png (3.82 MB, 2079x960, 786F2FBD-40CF-4753-A9C4-167422…)

Another wrinkly hands masterpiece.

No. 164924

File: 1627569971941.jpeg (432.43 KB, 828x1399, C1CD0963-7F91-4C65-9121-9131C6…)

I think Arisu is broken up with her sugar daddy. She posted a week or so ago that she was going through some stuff and that’s why she was inactive. I’ve noticed she doesn’t mention him anymore and was now celebrating her birthday with a friend rather her “flower face” buffdaddy

No. 164925

Interesting, I wonder if she will be forced to sell off all of her designer clothes.

No. 164926

File: 1627571150524.png (236.26 KB, 674x568, nosejob.png)

She looks to have had a nose job recently. Has she ever spoken about it?

No. 164928

File: 1627571583859.png (470.48 KB, 1714x1472, serena lang escort.png)

So Kitty applied for permanent residency but was rejected because of her tax avoidance. She was also broke in Japan, interesting contrast to her bragging about shopping at Chanel, etc.

And why was she talking about STDs to a doctor? Does she spread STDs like she does Covid?

No. 164932

That’s interesting. I didn’t notice that. But usually she would share all the goodies that her sugardaddy gets her for her birthdays. Looks like they did break up

No. 164939

File: 1627575827371.png (523.49 KB, 568x634, nose.png)

old nose

No. 164942

File: 1627576670521.png (2.95 MB, 1626x1198, sugar daddy.png)

Last time she mentioned her sugar daddy was in March. It's pretty common for sugar babies to be dumped without warning when they start to become too old and too demanding.

No. 164943

File: 1627576877943.png (123.66 KB, 674x948, sell.png)

She mentions selling some things off here, though she has also bought some bags since then.

No. 164959

Lmao so obvious! I noticed she stopped advertising her shopping or mystery box service. I wonder what’s that about. I assume she overestimated it and didn’t make a plus with it.

No. 165071

File: 1627651322108.jpeg (1017.45 KB, 960x1684, AC3CFB53-E07A-4FF6-8052-6460A8…)

Her last post on her shopping account was in May. I wonder if she was using her sugar daddy’s accounts to buy things and can’t now.

No. 165090

I should’ve taken a screenshot of this but not too long ago she uploaded a new video but deleted it again. I couldn’t watch it before she removed it and she hasn’t reuploded as well. I wonder if it had something to do with her and her sugardaddy.

No. 165097

She's so awkward here, too many fillers and awful contact lenses.

No. 165116

She's always complaining about Japanese people being xenophobic when she used to be openly racist herself.

No. 165117

File: 1627662202316.jpeg (318.33 KB, 2048x2048, EC86EDC7-F147-4D6D-99DE-FAE895…)

Easter european trophy wife vibes

No. 165127

File: 1627665105658.png (995.69 KB, 989x417, 3EC7A6EB-D7E7-45B9-91B4-881A8F…)

Samefag but i was thinking about what she reminds me of and

No. 165137

Did she have cheek implants as well? She looks like Jigsaw from some angles.

No. 165202

File: 1627689898067.jpeg (250.55 KB, 828x1424, F52FFFA7-A19A-42BD-AE3F-4C39C6…)

Glamour shot?

No. 165203

File: 1627691010423.png (2.25 MB, 1868x892, glamor.png)

That was back when she was trying to somehow be a glamor model (topless models that appeared in newspapers about 10 years ago). She seems to have given up on that now thank god.

No. 165249

File: 1627718310763.jpeg (123.62 KB, 960x391, 746DE336-F8CE-410F-93F1-180212…)

Again confirming she isn’t vaccinated. I wonder how many people she met with and told them she was? How many old johns booked her and then caught covid? How many people has she killed?

No. 165255

At least Alice has 50+ genuine luxury bags and shoes, unlike Kitty kek. Just by selling her Hermes bags, she can continue to live in Japan for another year or two.

No. 165269

File: 1627734413655.jpeg (197.89 KB, 960x1574, A6E00CAC-AF56-4665-B9E3-F2ADA4…)

Seems Alice is going to the UK

No. 165270

File: 1627734460264.jpeg (228.08 KB, 960x1561, 620B16D5-893C-4F72-8BBA-713E54…)

Will all her bags be back when she returns? Or will some have been quietly sold?

No. 165272

File: 1627735159988.jpeg (232.55 KB, 960x949, A5AA090B-263B-4E36-8E10-D42093…)

Kitty is pretty dumb. Fake bags are for people who crave attention like her. She could have curated a small collection of genuine bags and felt the confidence boost of knowing it’s real and special to have. Alice has fewer bags than Kitty and buys them more carefully but seems so happy with each of them.

Instead Kitty pays for a million bags made by slaves that she can’t resell due to sloppy stiching and poor quality and wonders why she’s constantly miserable.

No. 165277

I don’t understand who would use her service to buy brand new luxury goods with the Japan markup being as bad as it is

No. 165278

That’s what i thought as well. She’ll put some back and sell a few. Topkek I thought she is working so hard uwu

No. 165287

I assumed it was for Japan only items or for things sold out elsewhere? But I’m sure anyone buying a new LV can just get it themselves. At least buying one of her used ones makes some sense.

No. 165323

File: 1627746685633.png (160.4 KB, 1336x686, serena lang vaccine.png)

Fucking stop already.

No. 165455

File: 1627779181888.png (2.38 MB, 1084x1194, anxiety.png)

does anyone else find arisucookie's apartment anxiety inducing due to the amount of stuff? i don't know how she can sleep there

No. 165456

File: 1627779282271.png (2.5 MB, 1210x1190, anxiety 2.png)

i'd be terrified to breathe here in case it all fell over on me

No. 165457

File: 1627779406550.png (2.05 MB, 1212x1002, custard creams.png)

she has really weird money priorities. lives in a shitty apartment with no view and a tiny kitchen eating fucking custard creams while owning a million chanel bags

No. 165459

File: 1627779521541.png (2.21 MB, 1192x1206, anxiety 3.png)

just looking at this pic makes me want to commit sudoku

No. 165499

This, to see her apartment and how it’s arranged makes her look just regular yea. Obviously you can but chanel bags and live in a musty basement it’s easy. Her taste is definitely OTT and very kitschy

No. 165501

Seeing all that clusterfuck that is her apartment and the way she talks about her bags and other material things, it makes you think that she’s trying to fill a hole with it. She has a problem

No. 165823

File: 1627921496733.png (74.56 KB, 1214x238, serena lang covid vaccine.png)

RIP john who booked Kitty and is trying to stay safe. She's anti-mask, anti-vax and had the delta variant recently, as well as regular covid a while ago. She doesn't care if you fucking die.

No. 165863

File: 1627928238167.png (173.3 KB, 1200x558, discreet.png)

does her hard on for discreet vs discrete never end?

No. 165874

File: 1627932874471.jpeg (606.38 KB, 960x1464, D331A48A-63EF-46C0-A026-A480D6…)

Pretty sure she just ordered herself a fake and it arrived earlier than expected.


No. 165875

File: 1627932937568.jpeg (213.66 KB, 960x744, 970F1927-570C-4621-9CAA-E28C7A…)

Someone even points out the color is wrong lol

No. 165877

File: 1627935419238.png (88.38 KB, 1370x406, fake.png)

she was trying to find a fake of another one a few days ago and complaining that used ones were too expensive. pretty pathetic for someone who pretends to have so many authentic bags and be so rich.

this one is just over 1,000 euros

1,399 euros = 1,660 usd
which is less than she charges for 2 hours

she can't be very popular these days

No. 165880

I'm really curious how she was able to move from Japan to the US as a hoarder. She had about 30 fake Balenciaga bags at one point an who knows what else. She seems to be constantly buying things.

No. 165884

File: 1627937501865.png (189.26 KB, 1192x792, serena lang.png)

No. 165887

she's been with her millionaire divorced dad boyfriend for what, 6 years? and she still has to whore herself and spend what she makes on fakes as real used bags are too expensive. that's a really sad situation

No. 165940

I don’t know too much about brands or have much of an interest in them but this bag is so god damn ugly. I can’t believe she spends money on those. Fake or genuine

No. 166023

Lmao those stitches.. it’s painfully obvious that it’s a fake.

No. 166024

She will brag about that for another five years I’m afraid..

No. 166027

File: 1627993429857.jpeg (193.54 KB, 960x722, 15791D35-0966-4C55-987E-93FE23…)

Her birthday is on the 8th, that’s not a month away. Unless she just picked out a purse she had so she could make a random bragging tweet?

No. 166030

File: 1627993667547.jpeg (366.78 KB, 960x981, C2361172-CA4A-4E50-B344-6B2A01…)

She had August 12th on her profile just a few days ago. Looks like she forgot to change it on her photo profile.

No. 166032

File: 1627993746615.jpeg (418.49 KB, 960x1006, 47342A77-BDC1-4364-BFBD-E73A7F…)

Kitty’s so such a terrible liar. Lies too much and about everything to the point that she can never keep basic facts about herself straight. It must be exhausting having that little sense of self.

No. 166033

Sorry, birthday is on 9th not 8th.

No. 166035


I met her in Tokyo a long time ago when she was still with her Japanese fiancé (or bf at the time) . Can't believe this is what she has become

No. 166043

What surprises you the most?

No. 166053

why is the dust bag so covered in fluff? either it's not new or her house is so dirty that 2 seconds out of the (non-existent) box it is covered in lint

No. 166065

I can't find a single authentic picture of this style but a million fake ones.

The woman in this video says the purse version (Kitty has the wallet on chain one) cost about $10,000. I really doubt anyone would send Kitty anything near that cost. The charms on hers are slightly different too.

No. 166070

That’s so ugly. Alice’s medium pink flaps are much cuter.

No. 166073

File: 1628008626666.png (2.47 MB, 1210x1200, alice.png)

Yes, Alice has much better taste. She just buys a million of the same bag with only 1 shade of difference though. She could definitely be more adventurous with her collection.

Most of all, I wish both of them would learn to be content with what they have. They both are living or have lived in Japan where minimalism is popular, as well as Buddhism. A shame none of it rubbed off on them.

Kitty's collection is disgusting because of the slavery / human trafficking / no safety control (leather chemicals are very toxic) in making them but Alice's isn't much better. She must have at least a few hundred thousand dollars' worth of stuff. How many people could she help with that much?

And they are all terrible for the planet, both for carbon foot printing and all the lambs killed and skinned just to sit in the bottom of their closets once they buy something new next month.

No. 166077

File: 1628009608514.png (109.61 KB, 1356x504, hairdryer.png)

a fake hairdryer? is she really that dumb?

No. 166116

File: 1628022741871.png (105.51 KB, 1202x356, ap 1.png)

No. 166117

File: 1628023333815.png (248.81 KB, 1200x1376, ap 2.png)

They aren't wrong though. Part of the appeal of AP is the exclusivity. It's how designer branding works. When something becomes too available to the masses, the rich no longer want it and it falls out of fashion. Everyone participates in this, whether they are aware of it or not.

The original tweets aren't there anymore so it's not clear how they worded it but from Kitty's replies it doesn't seem as bad as she is now making out.

Kitty just sounds bitter because she loves fakes. If this really was an issue for her she wouldn't pretend to have designer items she doesn't and would just buy a knockoff. She likes the prestige that comes with the brands just as much as everyone else.

No. 166152

File: 1628030364950.png (105.24 KB, 1190x336, latin.png)

this is really weird, her latin teacher was her dad. it's how they got 70% off their private school fees. her mom taught too but had to retire early because of her autistic son

No. 166153

I doubt johns care about the lingerie brands.

No. 166205

Her twitter isn’t for johns anon, it’s for herself

No. 166266

File: 1628100167791.png (238.17 KB, 1244x1160, stolen goods.png)

maybe not fake but stolen goods. why would she want to buy something knowing that? especially electrical, it's a huge safety risk

seriously, wtf is wrong with her that she's constantly buying questionable things daily and can't just buy less so she can save and get a real items? or ask her bf to buy her it

imagine being in that deep that you're literally risking getting stds so you can buy a stolen hairdryer

kitty, take a look at your life choices, jesus

No. 166405

File: 1628199048179.jpeg (263.37 KB, 960x763, 471A937A-2377-4566-940F-A6ECD9…)

Trying to find the cheapest fakes she can. As if it being a fake wasn’t cheap enough.

Kitty’s the complete opposite of the wealthy classy image she portrays. So utterly pathetic that she tried to brag that one of her daily compulsive shopping cheap fake bags was a $10,000 birthday gift from an adoring john kek

No. 166696

File: 1628419577644.png (1.24 MB, 792x1442, birthday.png)

Why did Kitty and her bf go back to the same retirement city to celebrate her birthday? They were only there last month.

No. 166698

File: 1628419633945.png (2.27 MB, 1624x1208, birthday 2.png)

No. 166700

File: 1628420211000.jpg (105.12 KB, 500x925, 40fe2296aa0a8c7e9859818c4740c2…)

trust kitty to have knockoffs off the most gaudy 2010s sunglasses there are. prada baroque should have stayed dead

No. 166715

File: 1628432977017.png (48.48 KB, 1162x252, Screen Shot 2021-08-08 at 23.2…)

Which one of the hoes ITT do you guys think is this? (wouldn't surprise me if they changed the name )

"Their first date was dinner and then a trip to a hotel in Shinjuku Ward. “How about 100,000 yen for sex,” he apparently offered, according to Sara. Thereafter, they met once a week at 50,000 yen per session.

At some point, Sara became involved with another Japanese man. As a result, she tried to cut off relations with Miyazono.

But Miyazono had taken sexually a sexually explicit video of Sara during their relationship. He allegedly sent the footage to the other Japanese man via direct message on Instagram."


No. 166717

Lorena is Australian and used to go by "Sere" or something like that. Mischa Maxwell is also Australian and used to regularly visit Tokyo.

No. 167531

File: 1628898402458.png (262.05 KB, 1080x1138, lying.png)

Lol, Kitty gets called out for her compulsive lying yet thinks it's the other person who is the pathetic one.

No. 167532

File: 1628898504866.png (231.4 KB, 1826x824, lying 2.png)

No. 168233

File: 1629280463261.png (62.7 KB, 1300x260, liar.png)

She just did the same thing to someone else lol

No. 168459

File: 1629396775203.png (70.15 KB, 1540x234, 1614381968201.png)

Could she be any more attention seeking

No. 168629

File: 1629485164733.jpg (167.65 KB, 900x1200, 1485636278621.jpg)

Looks like Emma Emerio is still working. I'd recognize that mouth breathing fried blonde anywhere.

Now working as Elsa Riley and claiming to be American.


No. 168631

File: 1629485192196.jpg (1.28 MB, 1500x1000, 1597657481401.jpg)

No. 168633

File: 1629485335521.jpg (129.33 KB, 1500x1125, 1519399405341.jpg)

No. 168634

File: 1629485413543.jpg (715.5 KB, 1536x2048, 1526036329676.jpg)

No. 168635

File: 1629485498446.png (234.54 KB, 870x1512, 1505855413728.png)

Being around Kitty really rubbed off on her if she's now pretending to be American too.

No. 168636

File: 1629485633286.png (26.5 KB, 968x192, 1507321218824.png)

What this even mean…

No. 168637

File: 1629485888356.jpg (802.6 KB, 1500x1000, 1499121933311.jpg)

Tacky Chanel accessories, fried blonde hair, pretending to be American… Looks like we have the start of a Kitty 2.0 aka Lorena 3.0 lol

These hoes are all the same, no matter how much they pretend otherwise.

No. 168639

File: 1629486513002.png (214.88 KB, 1552x802, 1567243377742.png)

Did you really change your insta username back to brandfarlig, same one as on your nazi tumblr Sofia? Which is also still up: https://www.tumbex.com/brandfarlig.tumblr/posts?page=1

wtf is wrong with you

No. 168641

File: 1629487003975.png (69.1 KB, 1210x254, 1553989495095.png)

No. 168643

File: 1629487694036.jpg (344.63 KB, 813x1536, 1481276675495.jpg)

why is she dressing like a 60s go-go dancer

No. 168647

File: 1629489697592.jpg (3.14 MB, 2000x2667, 1543989214541.jpg)

I fixed your photo for you sofia erixon

bet your london clients will be happy find they find out

No. 168716

File: 1629543525023.png (48.26 KB, 1294x246, 1518625721312.png)

tacky kitty complaining other people are "low class" lolololool

No. 168717

File: 1629543548360.png (139.07 KB, 1310x434, 1471946196508.png)

more about kitty's abortion

No. 168719

File: 1629543644737.png (240.54 KB, 484x314, 1578820798483.png)

does emma have a mystery wedding ring too? another copy kitty thing

No. 168722

File: 1629545692131.jpg (248.99 KB, 1080x1349, 1578279329289.jpg)

what's really low class is posing for upskirting shots and posting them online

No. 168723

File: 1629545736847.jpg (369.16 KB, 1152x1536, 1594630584163.jpg)

emma copies of course. she is completely devoid of her own personality

No. 168724

someone needs to tell emma you actually have to have an ass to wear shorts like that

No. 168731

Fuck, she looks like she relapsed into her eating disorder.

No. 168735

File: 1629551974541.png (1.86 MB, 1086x1442, 1502580770194.png)

yeah, she's doing her "I love food sooooo much" and "look how skinny I am" thing again. i guess the people on twitter don't realize that she's using them for compliments to feed her disorder

No. 168736

File: 1629552039988.png (957.96 KB, 1098x994, 1532906611189.png)

she must live for comments like this on her thinspo pics

No. 168737

File: 1629552110678.png (250.52 KB, 600x1536, 1477057430883.png)

she thanks every single person who comments on her pics

No. 168739

I wonder if the way all her food is pushed to one side of the plate in the bottom right pic is a disordered eating thing, like she orders a big plate but then thinks of reasons why she can't eat it all

No. 168750

You are reading way too much into this

No. 168755

rigid food rules is a common eating disorder thing and not being able to ever finish anything can be part of that:


her glands aren't swollen so she isn't purging (or not that often) so she must be restricting. she posts pics with huge plates so the only answer is that she's not eating it all

in bottom right pic is one of the few (only?) pics she's posted where she has started eating and it shows part of the salmon, salad, and probably all the potatoes pushed aside. why?

she's clearly doing something to maintain skeletal mode

No. 168802

File: 1629595592503.png (1.33 MB, 772x1442, 1566691919983.png)

plastic tits has the worst taste in men. poor guy was clearly creeped out by her repeatedly filming him

No. 168804

She likely just took a picture midway through eating. Lots of people do that without being all ana

No. 168849

The food wouldn’t be all pushed to the side then. And most people aren’t posting thinspo.

No. 168850

File: 1629616957153.jpeg (164.66 KB, 875x216, 35BB7B24-1EB2-440D-8D47-40CA1E…)

Kitty now claiming to have lived in Thailand.

No. 168851

File: 1629616987978.jpeg (530.56 KB, 615x1785, 0877D70F-CE13-45EE-BC11-C0569D…)

After only visiting for 2 weeks.

No. 168852

She’s so desperate for people to see her as authoritative or even just interesting.

No. 168923

Lol at the icon part. She’s always been an overdramatic cow obsessed with people copying her.

No. 168976

How is doxing hookers that used to live in Japan on topic for "/w/ - vloggers, lolita, cosplay"?

This just reads as a brigade against Kitty and Emma by someone with a personal vendetta. Neither of them have lived in Japan for years.

No. 168977

Maybe because even though they don't live in japan anymore they are still related to kabukicho/japan prostitution circles? Also posting screencaps of their SOCIAL media is not doxxing

No. 168978


It's doxing when people post their face and name from their real name social media, which isn't at all tied to their hooker persona.

Smells like vendetta posting to me.

No. 168983


There are no Kabukichou prostitution circles available to foreigners, except a few girls bars. There was an Australian girl a few years back who was working in Kabukichou, she also did JAV and was a over all train wreck. There is a long thread about her on TAG. I don't remember her name, but she was very milk worthy.

Both Emma and Kitty were independent escorts working for themselves, posting ads on TAG like everyone else. Their escort profiles are pretty dry and have almost no milk. All the milk about Kitty was taken from her personal social media that isn't supposed to be publicly known.

Emma has no milk worthy content at all from her escort profile. Most posts are either 10+ years old from her personal social media, from before she started escorting. Or recent private photos posted by someone with a vendetta.

No. 168985

I smell a white knight. Just don’t read if you are that concerned about it. Close this site and move on.

No. 168997

> Emma has no milk worthy content at all from her escort profile. Most posts are either 10+ years old from her personal social media, from before she started escorting. Or recent private photos posted by someone with a vendetta.

Hmmm, wonder who wrote this.

No. 169014

thanks for confirming elsa riley is emma

No. 169033

>it’s doxing when you repost whats publicly available on their profiles that’s easily googled….totally!!!1!1

Go jump off a building if you are actually this retarded. Kitty lies about being vaccinated to her johns, which qualifies as being pretty goddamn cow-like behaviour

No. 169037

>Emma has no milk worthy content at all from her escort profile.
emma is posting thinspo and using her followers to stroke her ego and feed her disorder. she's also larping as an american artist. outside of her escort profile she back using the same username as her racist nazi stuff showing she has no remorse over it. if that's not cow behaviour i don't know what is.

No. 169053

not learned how not to be a mouth breather either

No. 169064

File: 1629740104010.png (1.25 MB, 1424x1228, 1472793928420.png)

Lol, you don't speak fluent Japanese Emma. Another copy kitty thing.

No. 169437

File: 1629919866332.jpeg (230.22 KB, 828x1308, 06E3EDBD-E34C-442F-BF90-EF9EEE…)

Looks like Arisu is staying in England for now. Gee I wonder why, nobody to return to huh?

No. 169453

was about to post this. she's extending her stay by at least 3 weeks it seems. really weird

No. 169473

I don’t get why she needs to order new clothes just because she’s staying longer. Just wash the ones you brought with you?

No. 169483

interesting that's she's buying them from asos and not something fancier

No. 169484

She's copying her friend "Rose Hamilton" who was an artist escort too, except she actually has talent and has her own clothing line. Emma went to art school but is devoid of talent and personality. She just leaches onto people, one after another and then discards when they are no longer useful to her.

No. 169491

File: 1629935622039.jpeg (108.8 KB, 684x1000, 1577465897938.jpeg)

Emma could never

No. 169526

I loved how Alice milked that dude. She was the best kek. Feeling sad rn

No. 169540

File: 1629970595288.jpg (203.99 KB, 1080x1350, 1592642233849.jpg)

>Could she be any more attention seeking
apparently yes as she's now posted a picture of it

No. 169541

File: 1629970711386.png (1.69 MB, 744x1112, 1518822555311.png)

Kitty's hair is fried again. How can she not even maintain short hair?

No. 169542

File: 1629970794435.jpg (324.15 KB, 1080x1350, 1620223109653.jpg)

more classy upskirting in clothes 3 sizes too small

No. 169562

why is her middle finger so long she looks like et

No. 169618

File: 1630008687263.png (65.9 KB, 1414x262, 1620214637144.png)

Amazing how Kitty can come this close but still be incapable of having some introspection

No. 169704

File: 1630063237454.jpeg (1.16 MB, 960x1831, 019117F9-FB0E-412F-8ED0-C4E31F…)

Now shopping at Matalan, another cheap place. I wonder if her husband has cut her off.

No. 169705

Pretty sure he dumped her. She could never afford all the luxury items on her own. No matter what she tries to tell others on the internet.

No. 169719

I think I saw a comment on her latest post asking if her husband was enjoying the UK but now it seems to be gone. I wonder if she deleted it.

No. 169726

She was always mostly shopping at crappy stores like shein. She only gad the chanel bags, Loboutins and jewelry that’s it.
>>169526 same tbh i think she could find another daddy to buy her shit but she was probably emotionally more invested than him

No. 169731

I think she had started to step up her clothes a bit recently as she's gotten some Chanel clothing too. There's probably not a Chanel near here now (and it would take too long to order) but she might have bought something a bit better than the cheapest available, especially as she was in London just a few days ago.

She seems like a nice person so I hope she finds someone new if she wants that. Would be better for her though if she could downsize and be independent for a bit.

No. 170308

File: 1630516183700.png (151.25 KB, 1390x478, 1492248205539.png)

kitty being proud to be a cow irl

No. 170389

Kitty, you aren’t petite. More like a chunky cow but ok

No. 170425

File: 1630576643576.png (81.79 KB, 2058x248, 1571128088223.png)

She's short (anywhere from 5'2" to 5'4" depending on her mood) but she's also pointed out that this is the average height for women. I think she just lives a fantasy that she's a skinny tiny early 20s looking doll.

No. 170623

File: 1630682932506.png (1.43 MB, 760x1418, 1479707106286.png)

lol at kitty filming random people from the sidewalk and then tagging it yacht life like she's out on a boat herself. been watching too many shitty yacht reality shows

No. 170624

emma stopped posting thinspo pics since being mentioned here. coincidence?

No. 170694

That elsariley.com site is gone now too.

No. 170726

Her nazi tumblr is still up. Priorities.

No. 170727

File: 1630750996302.png (173.77 KB, 1284x368, 1590390588047.png)

And she kept the same username on her instagram.

So knowing she is a prostitute is bad but a nazi is ok?

No. 170728

File: 1630751266886.png (1.11 MB, 1196x836, 1531530639062.png)

be a bit more subtle next time you buy likes sofia. 1,000 likes but only 33 comments kek

she's fake as hell like kitty. bet all her bags are fake too. her clothes look cheap and they are so mismatched.

No. 170731

Tbh she dresses way better than Kitty ever did.

No. 170739

true but she either has fakes or a terrible sense of priorities if she's spending $1000 on a bag and $50 on a dress

No. 170791

her birthday was on 1st september and she sometimes takes her site offline when she is busy. she'll come crawling back in one form or another soon enough

No. 170901

File: 1630871368826.png (1.9 MB, 1192x1338, 1630632450863.png)

lol did kitty really just post a sexy pic with a quote from a book about pesticides? did she just google "nature quotes" and thought it sounded cute and intelligent? looks like her "i'm so smart i read so much" persona is as real as the rest of her

environmental concerns from the woman who throws away her plastic wigs every 3 months because she's too lazy to brush them

No. 170906

and flies at least 4 times per month

No. 171202

File: 1631056460333.png (270.79 KB, 1038x1374, 1489492226431.png)

kitty called out for another dog hate rant and complains they looked through her post history when she did the same here >>168233

No. 171203

File: 1631056497022.png (114.83 KB, 1188x438, 1516072390164.png)

live laugh love

she really is a karen

No. 171206

File: 1631058819732.png (182.25 KB, 1444x654, 1485776619811.png)

wow, the ugly chanel tiara alice bought was over $1,000


No. 171207

File: 1631059059893.png (293.35 KB, 528x782, 1492317853636.png)

so ugly

No. 171208

File: 1631059123358.jpg (23.37 KB, 292x400, 1609062871779.jpg)

and awkward

No. 171212

Kek she must hate this site. She can’t stand to ever be held accountable for her own shitty behavior.

No. 171294

Her Elsa Riley site is back up.

No. 171333

File: 1631149802260.png (104.31 KB, 1318x518, 1535631152298.png)

of course kitty would cheer on someone tearing apart a live creature and burning it alive

No. 171414

File: 1631218098116.png (1.61 MB, 1186x1044, 1579814126728.png)

taking wrinkly hands to a whole new level with a corpse inspired manicure

No. 171415

File: 1631218172898.png (142.31 KB, 1188x558, 1563814899222.png)

ebegging again

shame you can't get a gift card for some dignity

No. 171416

File: 1631218296226.png (1.03 MB, 1196x958, 1518981342540.png)

of course emma is an ebeggar too

maybe one day these ladies can earn enough to buy their own things

No. 171418

I doubt it, Emma doesn’t even have enough for a sandwich

No. 171459

Oh my god!!

No. 171498

File: 1631291753933.png (1.72 MB, 954x1396, 1473965050529.png)

did she ebeg for ugly boots or he surprised her and now she has to pretend to like them?

No. 171513

File: 1631299090217.png (55.19 KB, 1362x268, 1552755988470.png)

Kitty hating poor people again. Obviously theft shouldn't be ignored but she's being really disgustingly dismissive of a complex issue.

No. 171637

File: 1631385334133.png (496.37 KB, 552x654, 1591861803337.png)

No. 171712

These are such an eyesore that I couldn't find any fakes of them. Looks like they are real ugly

No. 171799

File: 1631488700581.png (93.79 KB, 1200x334, 1554205097982.png)

so she's an extrovert who acts like an extrovert when she likes someone while the rest of the time she just acts like an extrovert

this is as bad as the time she got a sunburn or some rash or something and tried to pretend it was a flush she got when turned on

so desperate to make men think she likes them while putting in zero effort

No. 171867

File: 1631521592342.png (49.55 KB, 1036x230, 1500799405151.png)

14k white gold with 3.4 ct diamond is weird and clearly done so she has a bigger stone to show off

at least she doesn't have to scrape her change together this time to try and buy some shitty quality stone so she has something bigger and tackier than she was actually given

No. 171868

File: 1631521704033.jpg (2.59 MB, 3024x4032, 1609991919729.jpg)

probably looks like this, assuming her pave doesn't include a tacky halo (which I would be surprised if it didn't)

white gold is the worst choice of course

No. 171936

File: 1631554949450.jpeg (94.69 KB, 1024x682, 17C04F93-5243-40EF-BC0E-1A4C10…)

Lol this looks like a random head photoshopped on a body because she framed/cropped it so badly and got the depth of field wrong. I can’t believe she’s charging for this when she can’t get basic photography skills right. Even her “good” photos are just average at best.

No. 171953

I have no words. Her sister though?? Jesus fucking christ I would’ve not allowed Alice to publish this

No. 171955

the part about wanting to pluck out her eyes was creepy

No. 171957

File: 1631568604844.png (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 1300x882, 1531626884255.png)

Hair like cotton candy and nipples pointing towards the floor. Not even worth 50 cents.

No. 171958

File: 1631568774016.png (728.29 KB, 1196x868, 1534137565436.png)

No wonder she has been catfishing recently with pics from 8 years ago.

No. 171959

kek you can see where a big chunk of her hair has broken off at the back it's that fried

No. 171960

File: 1631570458925.png (67.08 KB, 440x644, 1546927611883.png)

pretending to be asian now

No. 171962

She’s completely out of her mind now

No. 171994

File: 1631583367951.jpg (526.76 KB, 2444x2655, 1537299616898.jpg)

why does she dye her hair platinum but leave her eyebrows almost black

No. 172030

It’s the only nice thing she can say about her…

No. 172042

Imagine being on a date with her and you run your fingers through her hair and a big fried lump comes off in your hand. Or her wig is peeled off. Sexy.

No. 172054

it's not even platinum as there's 3 different patchy shades of blond - yellow blond, gray blond and white blond

No. 172114

File: 1631646630007.png (1.21 MB, 1776x1184, 1626864658335.png)

one of these is not like the others

No. 172117

I wonder if she picked the name "Lang" because it sounds Asian.

No. 172119

File: 1631647686422.png (231.87 KB, 1356x784, 1607461601742.png)

No. 172155

File: 1631668790552.png (138.06 KB, 1214x534, 1512539688659.png)

She looks like a beached whale there. How can she think that is the same body as >>171958

No. 172156

not the same, better

No. 172198

File: 1631698874094.jpeg (379.27 KB, 960x1354, 40CBABC7-EB2C-4F15-A1CD-CFF44C…)

Another drug for Serena Lang’s list

No. 172258

File: 1631727298802.png (999.68 KB, 908x1066, 1625116424109.png)

bra strap mark left in, great retouching!

No. 172821

File: 1631960428133.jpeg (391.49 KB, 960x1281, CBE3B088-5847-4B23-A59F-594054…)

Kitty telling someone to “fuck off” because they’re concerned about hospital places due to covid.

No. 172822

File: 1631960577537.jpeg (297.8 KB, 960x1023, E600ECF7-A87B-4238-992A-E8E440…)

Kitty using a free covid testing service meant for uninsured people. Doesn’t she charge $1000 per hour and have a millionaire finace? Why is she always so cheap and money grabbing about everything despite that.

No. 172864

File: 1631986139420.png (494.79 KB, 680x614, 1550454606317.png)

new wrinkly hand edit

No. 172884

File: 1631992959972.png (119.44 KB, 1192x464, 1602738963447.png)

Says the person who has 2 Instagram accounts, updates their public Instagram regularly with their boring vacation photos, posts a new story practically everyday, posts about 10 Reddit comments per day, has 2 Twitter accounts she posts from regularly, and is constantly shopping online for fakes.

She's so fake.

No. 172885

File: 1631993724299.png (1.21 MB, 1198x932, 1536900815663.png)

kek enjoying your corona and kidnapping

maybe you can learn the difference between spanish and portuguese while you're there

No. 173199

File: 1632086468739.png (127.34 KB, 1418x460, 1568961697800.png)

who wants to see kitty's airbnb?

No. 173200

File: 1632086847214.png (36.73 KB, 1474x210, 1581568353873.png)


of course she's not actually a superhost and she's doing it against building rules

No. 173201

File: 1632086913580.png (110.49 KB, 1148x516, 1502113075508.png)

she co-hosts with her visa husband and neither of them live nearby so it seems like she is doing back to back hosting without cleaning, yuck

she's so disgusting

No. 173203

File: 1632087181991.png (255.72 KB, 1156x1196, 1600834563785.png)

really does not want the front desk to know

No. 173205

I hate Airbnbs that are crammed full of the owner's crap. So claustrophobic and you know they are never going to cleaning all of those surfaces properly.

No. 173404

File: 1632139642131.png (129.16 KB, 1022x716, 1566244614294.png)

kitty also into drug mixing, yikes

does she have a death wish?

No. 173405

File: 1632139691982.png (221.85 KB, 1074x806, 1520721751917.png)

takes GHB but also had her drink spiked with it

No. 173427

File: 1632146249250.png (1.21 MB, 770x1428, 1619474290709.png)

imagine trying to play a set and some fat girl comes right up to your decks and proceeds to put her phone in your face and repeatedly film you

No. 173429

File: 1632146286130.png (1.47 MB, 1610x674, 1619612694087.png)

seriously, wtf

No. 173436

File: 1632148811411.png (152.51 KB, 1204x522, 1625930248184.png)

sofia just outed herself as also being a disgusting furhag

enjoy that uv on your eyes dumbass

No. 173438

Her Nazi ass supports people being tortured in cages. Not a stretch that we believes animals should be treated that way too. If only we could put societal leaches in cages.

No. 173757

Gets allergic reaction to the lashes and she suggests animal hair sure

No. 173764

File: 1632312486880.jpeg (124.24 KB, 960x578, 45F187A8-2CAB-4EEC-BEE4-DE93DC…)

Disgusting smoker too

No. 173785

File: 1632325423619.png (1.12 MB, 1212x898, 1630792948290.png)

So I was wondering who is taking Emma to fancy hotels, spas, restaurants, etc and I'm pretty sure I have it narrowed down. It's an ugly French hotel reviewer. They are taking her on work trips while they take notes and photos kek. They are not booking it for her. She's just an afterthought.

No. 173786

This also explains who is taking date photos of her. She is tagging along on his work.

No. 174232

File: 1632576643410.png (225.48 KB, 398x320, 1573138687240.png)

what happened to her face? she looks like a man in drag

No. 174235

File: 1632579318275.jpeg (50.14 KB, 600x329, E59C17DD-B409-4577-8845-33117B…)

No. 174236

File: 1632579505098.jpeg (360.86 KB, 960x822, FD9F377A-242E-43FC-8971-41458F…)

Buying likes again kek. Are we really supposed to believe she got more than 800 likes but only 30 comments? And half of those are her thanking people.

No. 174237

File: 1632579563658.jpeg (512.13 KB, 960x1276, A457DC6F-7B91-42DE-949A-4EBA2D…)

Forgot to buy likes for this one.

No. 174238

She buys retweets too in blocks of 50. The ones she didn’t buy it for always have less than 5 retweets. The ones she does, 50-55 retweets. She’s so fake.

No. 174261

File: 1632593575719.png (314.59 KB, 1402x910, 1568382324838.png)

kitty now claiming to ave lived in rome after just going to a language school there for a couple of weeks

she's so desperate to be seen as an expert in anything

No. 174281

File: 1632612058175.jpeg (1.17 MB, 960x1903, 7D62D293-BBE8-4D17-B44B-3D4804…)

is she high? why is she always dressing like she wants a nipslip to happen

No. 174296

File: 1632623860465.jpg (102.85 KB, 640x1138, 1575654241477.jpg)

Alice is back in Japan. Her sugar didn't pick her up from the airport.

No. 174298

File: 1632623937036.jpg (68.88 KB, 640x1138, 1522777824160.jpg)

And her first meal back is a sad convenience store sushi alone in front of her laptop.

No. 174371

I’m just waiting for her to announce the break up

No. 174377

File: 1632656882053.jpeg (1.12 MB, 960x1906, AD8F0275-AB08-41A8-9FFB-A6AB53…)

lol trust alice to be culturally insensitive enough to have a dream catcher

No. 174380

Curious on how that’s appropriating or anything?
Seems super Nit-picky.
Seems to be above her bed.
Seems like someone needs to get out and experience the world more. Stop living in that Western English speaking country mind set. I’ve got a Japanese shrine in my house, and it gets used. Also, I’m not even Japanese.
Could have been a gift. Maybe see has sleeping problems and it gives her comfort.

No. 174382

>I’ve got a Japanese shrine in my house, and it gets used. Also, I’m not even Japanese.
The sheer autism from these two sentences alone

No. 174384

go back to twitter jc

No. 174391

it's a traditional spiritual thing from (some) native american tribes and has to be made a particular way. native americans have repeatedly had their culture ransacked for the profit of others while many of them still live in poverty

if you want a dream catcher at least buy from a tribe that has made them traditionally and is ok with selling them and having you use it above your bed (they are meant for babies). alice's looks like it was made in some factory in china

not to mention the gaudy pink feather that were probably plucked from some poor tortured animal

>I’ve got a Japanese shrine in my house, and it gets used. Also, I’m not even Japanese.

if you use it respectfully and you bought it from a traditional maker who was happy to sell it to you then there isn't an issue

No. 174410

Go outside and touch some grass anon

No. 174416

Stop moral fagging ‘merifag, no one got time to visit pocahontas for room decor.

You really can’t buy taste, it looks so tacky and musty. She should consider asking her sugar daddy to hire her an interior designer uwu. Judging by that single pillow she won’t even sleep with him… so in love!

No. 174418

It reminds me of Charms' lolita bedroom from when she was a teenager, but mpre pastel-puke covered. Isn't Alice in her 30s? All of this furniture, and her luggage too, looks like it was meant for children. She could have pastel, floral, antique styled stuff that doesn't look cheap and childish, couldn't she?

No. 174420

not trying to be snobby about this but alice is working class. she and has suddenly come into money via her sugar daddy. i think she just doesn't know how to buy quality things so she just buys more expensive versions of tacky things she knows. the photos of her mum's house shows a similar taste but toned down a bit. you can see the same in her clothes buying

you can see the same with kitty in this thread. modest background to millionaire boyfriend but still buying fake purses. emma on the other hand seems to have come from a slightly wealthier background and so has more subtle tastes. unlike kitty and alice, she doesn't need everything she buys to be blinged out to feel like she is getting her money's worth. that doesn't mean her taste is great but not tacky at least

basically alice is nouveau riche, which most sugar babies are

No. 174422

also if you’ve never been around clothes, furniture etc that is high end it’s hard to understand the difference. it will just seem like the design is different and you won’t appreciate the craftsmanship, materials, longevity, timelessness etc. this is what people who buy fakes just don’t get. same thing for alice buying expensive but tacky stuff, she doesn’t know how to look for quality as she hasn’t been around it

No. 174475

File: 1632731575983.jpeg (1.38 MB, 960x1908, AA3E94ED-B7C6-4F23-B4FD-C2F73E…)

i can tell just from the photo that this isn’t the “highest quality silk”

No. 174513

Why won't she just use a nonwhite font?

No. 174564

File: 1632772041252.jpeg (534.35 KB, 2048x2048, EF26D81D-9563-4EC2-A71C-4CA202…)

It’s her insta friend Amanda Jaime. Has anyone seen her i find her dumb faces absolutely hilarious. She seriously has something wrong with her. She’s not a Japan Hoe so sorry if derail

No. 174571

File: 1632776048574.png (668.99 KB, 666x524, 1538817277766.png)

wow, she's like a clone of alice, right down to the creepy old asian husband

why do these women want everything pink to the point it looks like they never left the uterus

No. 174601

It’s not just the pink, it’s that ugly peroxide blond hair too. I guess ugly old cumbrain Japanese men love the whole gaijin barbie bimbo look because it’s exotic. Do you think the nipponjin laugh at them like we do or does everyone think they are so ka-ka-ka-kakkoi! kek

No. 174611

it must be their equivalent to yellow fever. no barbie bimbos every get anyone attractive. at best a host who cheats on them and spends their money

No. 174649

File: 1632813281018.jpg (1.42 MB, 3072x2048, MV5BNTM2MTQxNDA0MF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

No. 174694

File: 1632834908031.png (635.93 KB, 638x588, 1537440076715.png)

the way she stores stuff is weird too. it's as if she must see everything at once or has only ever seen expensive stuff laid out in stores and doesn't realize rich people keep their homes pretty minimalist because they have so much space.

what normal person carefully balances notebooks like this in their home

No. 174696

File: 1632835088401.png (2.89 MB, 1686x1204, 1565574846181.png)

this is old but taking dolls on an onsen trip with your husband is really weird

No. 174700

File: 1632836170154.gif (775.56 KB, 498x246, 1DFFEEC3-39C1-4532-8372-993313…)

Rumour has it if you put your possessions out of sight in a draw and say
>“Nasolabial fold, Nasolabial fold, Nasolabial fold”
3 times, all your hoarded sugarbaby burando will disappear.

Weird but I can imagine it’s part of their husbands creepy erotic disposition and bimbofied barbie doll gaijin fetish. Please see gif for footage of the last time she gave the old sugargrandpa a blowjob.

No. 174702

i dread to think what her apartment will look like in a couple of years with even more stuff piled in. it's already claustrophobic

No. 174703

I always find it weird how much love she apparently has for materialistic things such as her bags or these dolls. I don’t get it

No. 174705

especially when it all looks the same

how can she have so much money and free time but such a boring life. think of all the amazing things she could be doing but instead she goes to chanel everyday. why

No. 174707

I have to wonder did her sugardaddy up her allowance at some point as she used to be a lizlisa whore, now it’s only lux designer brands

No. 174708

i wondered about that too. didn't her apartment used to be very small as well? i think in one of her boring vlogs he moves too so maybe he got an inheritance or a raise?

No. 174715

Lmao anon I love you

No. 174888

File: 1632929539555.png (209.19 KB, 1164x716, 1596770838506.png)

She doesn't but her boyfriend does.

No. 174889

File: 1632929560900.png (54.9 KB, 1378x284, 1516712573069.png)

Or should I say visa husband number 2?

No. 174902

File: 1632936360685.png (1.63 MB, 742x1306, 1594895694823.png)

was alice reading here?

No. 174905

Maybe I am just a mere peasant, but literally 99% of those bags look identical, same with the shoes she buys. How many items do you need to create an identical look? The fact she will rebuy the same crap because it is a different size by 2mm, or a slightly different shade of pink when the light hits it during golden hour than the literal identical bag she already owns just shows how materialistic and wasteful she is. Imagine shopping with sugar daddy’s money being your only personality trait or skill? Can’t cook, can’t clean, can’t create, isn’t even interesting or funny, just “uwu pinku”

No. 174909

File: 1632938895954.png (317.09 KB, 1170x2023, IMG_0448.PNG)

Samefag but I just checked her stories and my point was proven. Why would you feel the need to purchase a second one? (guaranteed she still has several more practically identical in her closet) Even her nasolabial folds come pink and quilted.

No. 174913

because she has nothing else in her life and the chanel salespeople know this. they probably call her as soon as anything pink arrives and she goes to look at it because she has nothing else to do

btw, i find it hard to believe her husband is a plastic surgeon when he comes across more as a rich bored guy. he doesn't seem that smart and just very bland. usually doctors speak better english too

No. 174950

At this point I doubt sugar daddy was or is her husband. She hasn’t talked about him in a while and I’m pretty sure they’ve broken up

No. 174964

i wonder if her sudden closet sorting is a way to get some quick cash

No. 174995

I feel like a tentative visa marriage is the only way for her to have stuck around for so long. My tf is that it was a marriage on paper because it's pretty easy for a Japanese native to divorce their foreign spouse and he's looking to upgrade now. What none of these women seemed to get is that there is nothing stopping these guys from picking up the new younger model the exact way they picked them up, not like these were relationships with strong foundations.

No. 175035

Her bf is not a plastic surgeon anon. I know him, he’s wealthy but I’m pretty sure he’s not a plastic surgeon kek. Who started this rumor in the first place?

She doesn’t need a relationship with strong foundations when she can sell one of her Hermes bags and survive a year in Japan. There is an end to everything, but she got compensated well.

No. 175041

Can you tell us a little bit more about him? I’m really curious about the situation.

No. 175043

File: 1633003818586.jpeg (341.74 KB, 960x813, C0CDDD55-2D62-43F4-AA93-EACB2A…)

no wonder her photos look so bad if she thinks layers and masking is complex. you can teach yourself that in an hour kek

No. 175087

Think the plastic surgeon rumor was from PULL way back. They had causal hang out pics of her with a kinda stocky not too bad looking Japanese guy who was a plastic surgeon. But I think even back then someone clarified it was not the husband but maybe a boyfriend or something.

No. 175090

I don’t want to doxx him or myself anon. He is very polite, has a nice smile. Actually he is better looking than other Japanese guys his age. I don’t judge their lifestyle and there’s no doubt Arisu got compensated well.

No. 175151

don't be boring anon, give us something

No. 175333

File: 1633167131933.jpeg (272.67 KB, 960x962, 29086F31-54F3-4886-AF10-E8B1B3…)

Sad that the only notable things she can write about herself is her degree subject from 15 years ago, that she likes music, the amount of airplane tickets she buys, and her other account especially made highlighting her ineptitude with a camera.

🏚️ → 🏩 → 🥴
professional whore 🍆 💊 messy (31 drugs so far) | fluent in antivax
bullying + compulsive lying 🎵❤️
plastic boobs @loveserenalang + covid spreader

doesn’t that the same ring to it.

No. 175376

No. 175396

Arisu looks like a Russian hooker here, so out of place

No. 175405

they put everyone but her in the thumbnail

No. 175415

File: 1633218734962.png (1.33 MB, 1190x804, 1615018543723.png)

only 10 comments but over 300 likes for emma's flat ass

looks legit

No. 175418

I felt the urge to pull out a wedgie just looking at that.

No. 175423

>>175415 Compared to Kitty it is still a nice butt and she is thin so it is a healthy balance, not everyone is into the Kim Kardashian style

No. 175435

lol no

look at her hand on her hip, it’s not curving around anything. she’s as flat as a pancake. clients must be able to feel the bones of her anorexia ass.

No. 175436

File: 1633228934096.jpeg (48.06 KB, 426x870, C9A8AB00-AB7E-4001-89CD-553D12…)

No. 175437

and this is with her pulling up her swimsuit and posing to make it look bigger

No. 175438

Kitty is too fat, she is too thin,
according to your perfectionism anon how do they need to look like?

No. 175469

File: 1633261754483.jpeg (1.01 MB, 960x1694, 660710BD-75B1-4473-8F64-36F0E9…)

Of course traveling is a special unique thing only Kitty could have done.

No. 175471

Not too fat or thin.

No. 175479

File: 1633264762762.png (117.18 KB, 1206x428, 1617791948605.png)

People calling you out for being a Nazi and for leaving your racist Nazi blog up and using the same username aren't obsessed with you Emma. Pointing out that you are posting thinspo to feed your anorexia isn't either.

Neither is laughing at you for your lulzy fails. You're entertaining but no one would miss you if you disappeared. No one was looking for you after you retired your Emma Emerio persona. That anon found your Elsa Riley persona by chance.

Get over yourself and learn to accept criticism for your own poor decisions. No one here is cowtipping so don't read lolcow if your ego is that fragile. You dump others when they are no longer useful to you and bully, yet you can't take the smallest justified criticism yourself.

No. 175480

File: 1633265733127.png (103.54 KB, 1860x312, 1594920136342.png)

Not like you haven't attacked others for their behavior.

No. 175484

aka normal

No. 175506

File: 1633284863919.png (66.69 KB, 706x428, lkgnleg.png)

she changed it

pity she can't learn some humility and have

Japanese interpreter
photographer @prettyrebelphoto
tech/deep house and traveling ❤️

No. 175843

File: 1633478297609.png (170.65 KB, 1534x788, 1602713818622.png)

So what did this "gigantic narcissist" do that was so awful?

No. 175847

File: 1633479472314.jpg (23.5 KB, 250x246, 1551438768582.jpg)

They asked people to wear masks because they are concerned about their unborn child.

Let's not forget how much Karen sperging Kitty does whenever a dog comes anywhere near her and that everyone MUST keep dogs on leashes and inside because she says so.

Clearly this woman has understandable pregnancy fears especially is corona is still not completely understood. Kitty has posted about being afraid of dogs in the past and evidentially she is not fully over it if dogs still make her sperg out.

I will never cease to be amazed how blinked Kitty's self image is. She is incapable of seeing that many of the things she hates in others are present in herself. As well as the above, she constantly cries about being bullied in high school and being discussed here but posts in subreddits like this focused on ridiculing others (who aren't attention whores like her) almost daily. She regularly calls others narcissists yet she cares only for herself, shown by her vaccine faking and anti-mask posts. She complains about the bad manners of others, yet the simple gesture of wearing a mask to make another more comfortable, whether you believe a mask will do anything or not, is the basis of good manners.

Just astounding.

No. 175852

>woman who had to get lipo to lose weight and has admitted food issues is too fat
>woman who has admitted a long term eating disorder and posts thinspo is too thin
"omg you are such a perfectionist anon for saying neither of these are good"

No. 175916

We are in 2021 I think so slowly the body shaming topic is kinda dead

No. 175928

That doesn’t mean that being overweight to the point of needing surgery or underweight due to a life threatening disease are suddenly healthy. No one is calling Kitty a whale or Emma a skeleton here (her face looks like Skeletor but that’s the features, not her weight). Pointing out that they both have unhealthy relationships with food is not body shaming.

Besides that, Kitty’s main issue is that she insists on wearing clothes much too small while Emma’s is that she takes thinspo photos and fishes for compliments which are clearly used to fuel her illness (similar to Eugenia Cooney’s clothing hauls).

Both of them could keep their weight the same but stop posting milky photos if they wanted.

No. 176171

File: 1633628418710.png (80.31 KB, 932x672, 1545065218420.png)

let's just forget about kitty's hardon for correcting other people's spelling and grammer

No. 176298

File: 1633680858308.jpeg (181.71 KB, 825x261, 38CE5371-B221-4301-B7D2-E67E65…)

imaging paying for a “high end courtesan” and butt acne shows up

No. 176299

Didn’t Gaya have that too? Why are they all so disgusting.

No. 176301

File: 1633682587900.png (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1200x1008, 1628385102179.png)

They maybe got it from each other. Folliculitis is known as "hot tub rash" and Kitty takes lots of bath photos.

No. 176302

File: 1633683367067.png (Spoiler Image,207.49 KB, 850x248, 1623378961717.png)

There's no way Emma didn't catch it after all those duos.

How's the butt acne Emma? Must be nice having something in that area for a change.

No. 176308

Lorena had that shit too

No. 176314

Makes you wonder how many STDs they were passing around too.

No. 176335

File: 1633700836856.jpeg (Spoiler Image,24.99 KB, 250x167, 4E715323-3DB7-4535-A435-9C68B0…)

Spanking or ass acne? Why does her ass always look dirty.

No. 176337

File: 1633701401671.jpeg (Spoiler Image,863.53 KB, 960x1555, 197C755D-E1D8-467A-96E9-65A490…)

looks like she had it since before she started escorting and tried to badly shop it out of her first pics. that means she definitely must have passed it on

No. 176346

Why is it so dark? Looks like a thick crust of shit.

No. 176347

emma's hair looks fried too. does no one know how to deep condition

No. 176352

File: 1633705227099.png (Spoiler Image,2.09 MB, 1304x1540, 1546804881401.png)

wtf happened to kitty's implants? she looks like penny underbust and the boob on the left has a huge dent under it

No. 176353

File: 1633705351225.png (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 1134x1020, 1549020661408.png)

this wig looks like a sweeping brush. i guess this one of the "had sex wearing ones" she throws away every 3 months because she's too lazy to brush them out

No. 176362

File: 1633709443130.jpeg (329.95 KB, 960x1096, 0B3344C2-77AB-441E-874E-F453B2…)

Uh, she does realize that South America is a whole continent that stretches from near the equator to the South Pole?

No. 176363

File: 1633709604419.png (307.87 KB, 956x1328, 1492217892704.png)

Bullying someone for trying to help her. No acknowledgement when she realizes she's wrong.

No. 176521

File: 1633868289001.jpeg (1.03 MB, 960x1554, 659CB3CF-1FB7-48C0-9324-F2A12E…)


No. 176523

The tacky pink makes these bags look like they're worth 1% of their actual price.

No. 176546

Lolcows and their pink birkins. Lorena had a fake one, Kitty had a fake one, and of course Alice has five real ones identical in color.

No. 176562

File: 1633906540873.png (231.29 KB, 374x302, 1520695838032.png)

mmmm muffin top

No. 176689

So how many pink bags do you need?
Alice: yes

Seriously, she has a huge materialistic problem

No. 177287

File: 1634421152264.jpeg (101.56 KB, 960x564, A1CF00DB-864B-42A6-AEF3-F7DA42…)

Great job doxxing yourself.

No. 177288

File: 1634421209816.jpeg (626 KB, 960x1561, A101BCDF-6BDA-4543-98A9-A87048…)

No. 177408

File: 1634503250204.jpeg (952.37 KB, 960x1408, 16475D6F-506A-417B-9083-107D65…)

Is she trying to fuck some dj called lane 8? She is constantly tagging him, as well as posting about him and seems to have seen him multiple times.

No. 177502

File: 1634567040318.jpeg (814.7 KB, 960x1391, 3B83A46C-9BF4-4343-9A60-836AE3…)

“As a European”. Cringe. What happened to your Japanese larp Kitty? She always has to be the special one.

Before she moved to America, she larped being American and loved tacky new American things. But now that she needs attention again, suddenly she is European and all the beautiful American history is “too new” and “boring”.

Imagine spending your whole life that desperate for attention.

No. 177504

Who even describes themselves as “a European”. There are so many different cultures and countries in Europe, you might as well say “as a human”. The whole world has heard of the UK, just say you are British. It’s not like you are a from a microstate no one knows.

More desperation to sound cultured and special. Her self esteem and positive self image must be nonexistant for her to constantly feel the need to make grandiose statements about herself like this.

No. 178145

File: 1634905653753.png (1.14 MB, 744x1420, 1598790304058.png)

still trying

No. 178146

File: 1634905757436.png (428.42 KB, 762x1410, 1523767150608.png)

here she say japan and uk

No. 178147

File: 1634905923470.png (148.67 KB, 1484x704, 1478890136926.png)

but here is uk only

either way, not a very classy background if you were smoking shitty weed as a kid

No. 178620

File: 1635168094172.png (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 956x1438, 1542497473365.png)

Emma's thinspo posting reaches new levels.

Emma, you do realize that you could post photos of yourself wearing a garbage bag and you would still get compliments? Escorts compliment each other as a way to get attention back. No one actually thinks your bag of bones physique looks good. Go eat a sandwich before you die. You're coming up for your late twenties which is the danger zone for women who have had long term anorexia or bulimia. Your body can only take so much and about this time it is common for them to die. Go take some time off and check into a clinic already.

No. 178623

File: 1635168397576.png (153.88 KB, 454x286, 1606290602711.png)

She has a bulimia mark on her middle finger and her glands look like they could be a bit swollen too.

I guess this explains all the big meals she has been having on escort appointments.

No. 178624

what is the other mark on her middle finger? it's like she tried to photoshop something but failed.

you can see how limp her hair is too. not a good look.

No. 178625

File: 1635168554068.png (85.74 KB, 1380x304, 1536446322113.png)

Kitty explains her bullying technique.

No. 178631

File: 1635169808130.png (2.42 MB, 1620x1206, 1621760835638.png)

now tagging her fakes as real lol

must have taken this "pro" photo herself as her hand is wrinkled as usual

No. 178681

pretty sure most photographers already knew how to transfer photos from their desktop to their phone

No. 178739

File: 1635217574610.jpeg (261.35 KB, 960x812, 5354D935-6935-4BDB-86DA-814DCE…)

She just spend it with her 50 year old bf. Maybe he was a client originally but she makes it sound like a dedicated client was spoiling her especially on her birthday. What a fantasy land she lives in to make herself seem interesting.

No. 178807

File: 1635256263915.png (207.32 KB, 1278x706, 1478884141225.png)

Complaining at employees' English doesn't sound racist at all.

No. 178848

File: 1635282013664.png (180.39 KB, 1188x1032, 1497569688200.png)

lol kitty used to make a big deal out the fact that she was never an english teacher because of obviously that was beneath her

guess who worked as an english teacher for several years?

No. 178849

File: 1635282053501.png (66.95 KB, 688x454, 1522651707835.png)

america house was an english school

No. 178850

File: 1635282086061.png (265.49 KB, 1128x1168, 1490040314633.png)

she can't do basic math on per profile to hide how old she is

No. 178935

File: 1635321284230.jpeg (328.17 KB, 828x1428, B25D5070-CC8F-4344-BDB3-B85CDA…)

Anyone saw this lmao how can she afford a car?

No. 178937

Now that she doesn’t have her sugar daddy anymore she needs other ways to move her lazy ass around town. I wonder if she’s actually able to buy a car or if she’s just delusional.

No. 178943

I doubt she’ll buy one. She probably just wants to post it to make people think she can afford it. She said she went to Kobe in another post I wonder if she went with a sugar daddy.

No. 178999

Do you think she has/is working on getting a new sugar daddy?

No. 179094

I guess if she sells a few of those identical puke birkins she might be able to afford something second hand kek

No. 179345

File: 1635523798641.png (48.61 KB, 1200x302, 1508498825083.png)

bullying someone for having their wedding pictures how they wanted them

No. 179346

File: 1635523974930.png (215.64 KB, 1078x1176, 1586814112054.png)

of course she deleted it when people called her out on it

no doubt there will be a tweet within the next few days with kitty crying for about the 50th time about being bullied in high school so she can reclaim her victim status

No. 179354

File: 1635528386180.png (104.41 KB, 1034x376, 1559124866380.png)

likes watching women breastfeeding

No. 179470

File: 1635612975083.jpg (209.38 KB, 1024x1536, 1512384758346.jpg)

Continuing her series of dirty backdrops (street sweeper >>145818 dirty beach >>145809), she now has a garbage truck as a backdrop. Classy.

No. 179479

You can tell her clothes are fakes because they don't fit her properly and the material is cheap. The top is too big, shoes too big, sunglasses too shiny, skirt too long (probably too long for that coat too) and too tight and cut wrong. Clearly she has had to guess her measurements, gotten them wrong, but then couldn't return her purchases. A high end store wouldn't let you leave like that and would offer free tailoring. Secondhand designer items wouldn't be that poor quality either. Even her fake Chanel watch doesn't sit right.

The whole point of paying for designer items is the quality and cut, not the branding. She will look sloppy even to people who don't care about clothing. That is the magic of true high end clothing, the impeccable tailoring looks good to everyone, even if they can't explain it. This is why designer fakes are worse than something you could get at no name mid tier store for less.

No. 179492

Anon, we have Gucci and stuff in strip malls even in the US now. These designers don't give a fuck and aren't the immediate store. The people working these aren't in contact with the designer to custom tailor items that as manufactured specifically for commoners with the money to spend, to buy these. They sell shit to normal people the same way they also cater and actually care about tailoring for real clients and celebrities. These all are probably fake, but I don't know where you're getting this idea that a basic store, just because high end, caters to every normie with high-quality alterations. You have swamp people in Florida with real DG. They honestly don't care.

No. 179499

I don't mean the genuine but tacky cheaper stuff with the brand splashed across it, like the denim line by the designer or a plain shirt with the designer's logo or whatever. Those are just cash grabs by designers aimed at people wanting to appear richer than they are, same with designer perfumes. That's why they are in malls like that, they know their audience. That's not the look Kitty is going for anyway.

If you go to a proper Gucci or Dolce and Gabbana store and buy their proper ready to wear line (the one they show on the runway, but that isn't couture) then they most definitely do offer a tailoring service and measure you to you and make sure you are wearing the correct size. At the very least, the assistants are trained to know how to fit the clothing correctly. Either way, you won't leave looking like a hot mess as it makes the brand look bad and clients know that good tailoring is part of what they are paying for.

Kitty is trying to project that she shops in these types of places and thinks that because her clothes have the designer's logos that everyone will me amazed. Anyone who actually shops in these places can tell a mile off that she has fakes because she wears them so badly, even if they are close duplicates.

No. 179604

File: 1635684799372.png (883.48 KB, 2240x786, 1608873613373.png)

Being concerned that something looks like CP is "bullying" according to Gaya.

No. 179607

File: 1635685529482.png (57.03 KB, 672x278, 1598466188033.png)

Looks like she finally had a baby.

No. 179609

File: 1635686076574.png (36.18 KB, 2142x158, 1486369426465.png)

Probably because she has a c-section scar now like Lorena.

No. 179617

File: 1635687913639.png (102.79 KB, 1318x320, 1620821921295.png)

Still with her host husband.

No. 179621

This probably explains her quitting TAG a couple of years ago. I wonder if the baby was planned or not.

No. 179650

I hate pre-conceived ideas of what a certain age has to look like. Selena Gomez didn't start looking for adult until like 3 years ago in the face, even though she dressed like it for a decade now.

No. 179670

This >>179609 was posted August 2020 so she must have had her child in December 2019 latest. She quit TAG around May 2019 which is 7 months of difference. Seems feasible that this is why she quit since she suddenly deleted her TAG profile without announcing that she would be retiring or taking time off it looks like it was unplanned and a shock. Wonder how she knew who the father was. Since she seems to be working for date clubs again, I wonder why she doesn't just join TAG again. I suppose since she quit TAG so suddenly and doesn't have any public baby photos, she must really want to keep it under wraps and not risk anyone mentioning her csection scar or weight gain.

Lorena's baby must be about 4 by now and Gaya's 2. I wonder if they ever had any play dates or Lorena gave her any tips. Or do they even talk at all anymore.

No. 179841

File: 1635787609789.png (114.96 KB, 1182x512, 1546182881150.png)

These all sound disgusting. Typical anachan with shit taste.

No. 180114

File: 1635905859528.jpeg (266.92 KB, 1170x1731, 1BE10AA6-3740-487A-A7A1-2F0E0D…)

Running out of money, huh?

No. 180167

She put about 10 bags and a bunch of accessories up for sale. Defo seems like money problems.

No. 180343

File: 1636037363847.jpeg (610.32 KB, 960x1901, 388C58E5-5335-49CE-950A-F650BD…)

Why is Kitty putting wedding photos on her site? And why does she think her (fake) half a PhD is impressive?

No. 180344

File: 1636037450045.jpeg (819.99 KB, 960x1913, E9E59984-4771-4FAA-8335-2BE36B…)

She has the same photo twice on the same page. Is this intentional or just her terrible web design skills showing again? And to think she tried to start a web design business once…

No. 180345

File: 1636037804052.jpeg (1.08 MB, 960x1908, 2C14D1A5-4A1E-4C86-9E50-9082D3…)

Very hard for a “29” year old.

No. 180350

Holy shit…. She has aged really really badly. Especially with that caked on make up

No. 180537

She has 4 separate wrinkles under her eye. She doesn't even look good for 35 or however old she really is.

No. 180585

File: 1636141997660.png (317.54 KB, 588x482, 1571989342603.png)

mmm emma's dirty boney ass

No. 180658

File: 1636192623606.jpeg (263.55 KB, 960x1509, 47EBE4CC-2D62-4A0A-8785-AA4CD3…)

Is she in on the scam or actually that dumb? No one sells a pristine Chanel bag in a classic style for 40% off. They are clearly all fakes.

No. 180659

File: 1636192928765.jpeg (478.58 KB, 960x1306, DFF38E0F-A956-42B9-A8EE-A37C9F…)

And no one walks around with the plastic on the zips on a bag they have used 5-10 times. Even if she tried to leave it on, it would be peeling off.

No. 180660

File: 1636193106401.jpeg (167.81 KB, 960x817, FADCC8B7-76CE-4AD9-BDA3-63328A…)

If it was real, she could so easy sell it for close to retail at so many places.

No. 180662

File: 1636193561035.jpeg (472.97 KB, 960x1769, E5A6E7C2-F1E2-4C75-8549-1363AB…)

Not only is she taking drugs at festivals but random ones strangers give away. She is so incredibly stupid.

No. 180663

If she is aware they are fake or suspects they are, then she is helping to scam other escorts. Does she ever stop being a shitty person.

No. 180874

File: 1636321451415.jpeg (614.7 KB, 960x1364, 4C8D8BAF-51AF-45F3-A15B-138BCB…)

Alice is now having a closet sale too. Still no sign of sugardaddy.

No. 180911

I find it so strange that she’s apparently so worried about what happens to fast fashion items afterwards yet she spends her money at exactly those brands. Instead of going second hand, more sustainable or just better quality items….

No. 180969

Her carbon footprint must be gigantic. She has about 50 handbags, 100s items of clothing, and who knows how many accessories. And she just went to the UK only for a visit a few weeks ago.

She literally says she is happy to be getting rid of things because they no longer "bring joy" and then that she hates fast fashion in the same paragraph. Wtf, does she even think before writing? Passing your excessive consumerism onto other people is not sustainable or good for the planet.

She has multiples of the same thing in different colors listed and duplicate items (e.g. 2 pink leather jackets). Plus she's probably only worn each them a couple of times. Some even still had the tags and are from places like Zara. Lots of them look to be made from synthetic materials. That's fast fashion.

She will probably buy new identical pink things to replace them soon enough (if she isn't strapped for cash).

No. 181015

File: 1636402886209.jpeg (250.61 KB, 960x1183, 96AF348B-D284-4655-AF55-9D5B9C…)

Kitty telling people how to make fake vaccination cards. Wow.

No. 181069

File: 1636425661607.jpeg (470.52 KB, 960x1301, BE4A8D57-5519-4069-AEE7-542ED2…)

Kitty’s age confirmed as 35.

No. 181070

File: 1636425786317.jpeg (141.19 KB, 955x478, 964D258D-C1FC-4EED-8FAE-95E42E…)

If this true and she started in 2014, she must have been 28 when she started which is pretty old already. No wonder she looks so bad now.

She tried to pass herself off as 24 when she started kek

No. 181071

Always had just assumed she actually was mid twenties like she said as she acted that way. That must mean she had just given up the professional career she had worked toward for close to a decade to spent her time hanging around with 21 year old Emma, bullying others, and obsessing over high school. You can understand younger escorts with less life experience acting immaturely but not someone that’s almost 30 and with some professional experience.

It’s all a bit sad really.

No. 181139

File: 1636464841641.png (2.16 MB, 2180x854, 1525931822958.png)

It looks identical to all the other dresses she has.

No. 181145

I really can’t stand her. She’s constantly talking about materialistic objects ‘giving’ her ‘joy’, try a therapist or finding a purpose in life you empty vapid soulless roach. The dress looks the same as any of your other cheap lizlisa junk. Can you imagine what it’s like to have to spend the day with her, no wonder her splendascrote lived separately.

No. 181179

It also doesn't suit her. The whole style never has. She's always had a horseface when she smiles and here she looks awful; The hairline and sagging face. I remember when I found her on IG many years ago and wondered how she was able to stay in Japan despite never looking as if she did any real work, but now I know better.

No. 181212

File: 1636497342798.jpeg (921.3 KB, 960x1674, 26962E8D-1F4F-4A7B-83BE-AF2098…)

She’s too old to dress like that. She must have been about 18 in 2011 which makes her almost 30 now. The bad botox makes her look like someone late 30s trying to look younger.

In that pic she has 2 hair accessories, beauty pageant matching earrings and necklace set, a furry coat, and a clashing bag and dress. It’s like she let a 5 year old pick out her clothes. Some of the pieces might be okay by themselves but it is too much altogether.

No. 181215

File: 1636497480663.jpeg (1.19 MB, 960x1184, BAED143D-CB7F-4BC1-A8D8-0663C2…)

Can’t forget to mention the pink tights and gold boots that are the wrong length for wearing with a dress.

No. 181216

File: 1636498469754.jpg (75.96 KB, 650x975, 179224_174916_tonyanude_168956…)

>wrong length

How? I see boots that length styled with dresses all the time.

No. 181223

Both examples are incredibly ugly and don't go with light dresses. Who wants a sweaty foot on a hot day.

Awkward length boots like these make your legs look stumpy. These types of boots look good on no one (unless they are being worn under pants) and should be burned immediately. Lace up boots are usually fine though as the lacing detailing hides the awkwardness.

Tried to find a pic of them on the runway but they didn't even show them as they knew they were hideous.

No. 181234

The brown dress is actually from an autumn collection.

No. 181283

File: 1636534738573.jpeg (239.46 KB, 1440x828, 5C362F30-B724-4CA1-9CAD-607A1E…)

Absolutely agree. This has always struck me, she seems to enjoy fashion but has no sense for styling a proper outfit and which pieces to mix properly. Just reminds me of a vlog where she put together an evening outfit where she pared a gold dress, gold shoes and a golden purse wtf girl

No. 181301

Dubai tackycore.

No. 181303

File: 1636550862293.png (859.55 KB, 560x730, 1493157583599.png)

She has a practically identical dress for sale right now. How can she delude herself into thinking she cares about the environment?

No. 181316

She posted a new shopping video. She buys about 15 things, including 2 pairs of the same boots in different colors, a bag she already has in another color, more lizliza junk, and pic related monstrosity.

No. 181317

File: 1636559779130.png (1.38 MB, 728x1288, 1479076995852.png)

No. 181335

File: 1636569387586.png (153.6 KB, 1158x562, 1538097762697.png)

More about Kitty's boob job. She got the largest implants available. Pretty sure she went to this doctor: http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/

No. 181355

That vlog was basically just an ad of her shopping service. I noticed she said about some cardigan “ it will be nice in english winter” or something like that. She’ll go back? That’s why she needs the money?
Strange she’s buying fast jp fashion now but was trying to come off as so conscious about what she buts and wears. Double standards.

No. 181365

File: 1636583110861.png (784.94 KB, 982x682, 1560338720384.png)

I noticed that too. Why did she buy a bunch of stuffs she didn't need though? It's like she's addicted to shopping for real. It's not like she can return it in Japan.

No. 181387

I think she said somewhere on her instagram that she plans to go back to England for winter holidays. My guess is she’s sort of out of money so she sold a bunch of stuff. But then she’s also addicted to shopping and bought a bunch of crap at Shibuya 109 because she can’t afford the luxurious stuff anymore.

No. 181476

I believe she sold a few chanel items as well so made a plus at the end after only shopping fast fashion.

No. 181481

Why doesn’t she just quietly offload them to a pawn shop in Japan. No one would notice her having 10 fewer pink bags.

No. 181492

Because no one will know what a pinku princessu she is uwu. Of course she has to post about it so everyone knows she is an affluent business woman who acquired all her wealth through her hard work and grafting kek

No. 181496

She barely sold anything from her recent luxury sale. Most of the items are still available

No. 181522

File: 1636645752288.jpeg (446.21 KB, 1170x1875, D39BC907-3D76-49DA-B38C-7BCB44…)

Over a year old?! Goodness gracious me you poor child, who would have thought your several hundred pound purse would have held through such turmoil basking in the bottom of your Birkin, desperate for touch as your withering sugardaddy pays for everything on his credit card.
Get a grip.

No. 181528

File: 1636650596423.png (3.79 MB, 2482x1486, 1480403252501.png)

Is this why she buys so many bags? She expects even high end items not to last that long.

I doubt she was using only that wallet as she bought 2 other LV wallets (at least) within that time frame.

No. 181547

File: 1636655352660.png (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 794x1034, 1594567182191.png)

Did Kitty pay $1000 for a set that doesn't even fit her?

No. 181548

File: 1636655373984.png (228.29 KB, 1404x622, 1610669040498.png)

No. 181549

File: 1636655459309.png (1.56 MB, 922x1054, 1556871453528.png)

Or was it this one that doesn't fit either?

No. 181551

File: 1636655844414.png (1.79 MB, 1038x1016, 1604354012533.png)

that sun damage

No. 181641

File: 1636710751525.jpeg (1.01 MB, 960x1557, FF8720EF-183A-4A27-BF89-7296DF…)

No. 181645

Yeah, she was dropped by her gaijinhunter for a new younger bimbo upgrade if she’s concerned about price increases in CHANEL. She clearly has an addiction to buying luxury items to validate herself and probably spent whatever she just made with her sales on whatever duplicated pink tack she has just bought. Honey, stop and go back to LizLisa kek

No. 181651

Jesus christ. That didn’t take her long…. Girl, go get therapy! This is seriously insane.

No. 181667

File: 1636724389146.png (3.48 MB, 2500x1408, 1578693708611.png)

I suspect she doesn't have much going on in her life and probably even less if sugar daddy has dumped her. The Chanel sales assistants probably request HQ to send them every pink item released. Then they call Alice and tell her how amazing it is and how they are holding it just for her and she has to buy it right now. Alice has nothing better to do and no one else to talk to so she goes and then ends up buying it. The sales assistants then get a bunch of commission.

They even sent her flowers on her birthday. It's is common for clients that spend a lot in high end stores but personally I'd find that to be creepy and like they were trying too hard to be fake friends. I wouldn't want someone I don't know sending me birthday flowers to my home. I don't even like お久しぶりです or them remembering my name as someone you don't know telling you that they remember you is weird.

No. 181668

File: 1636724450379.png (2.78 MB, 1864x1208, 1624623603447.png)

Did she actually buy a bag she already has?

No. 181669

Or is that just the one she took shopping? I honestly can't tell.

No. 181670

Probably just took it with her for shopping. She has to show it off in pictures tho. So everyone still remembers how special she is with her 10+ same looking Chanel bags

No. 181687

I hate her shitty humble brag captions “I’m so grateful uwu I’m so humble and amazed and shocked how amazing my life is, years ago I would have never imagined my life to be this GREAT!!!! Look at me and how much better my life is than yours”. Her life has been like this for years, why is she always pretending it’s something new and unusual like she’s stepped off the set of Pretty Woman just so she has a reason to keep flexing and rubbing it in whilst feeling ‘relatable’. It honestly reminds me of when Kim K was humble bragging how she was so fortunate to be partying on her little private island whilst everyone else was locked indoors during the pandemic. It’s so insincere. Never grateful for her friends, family, or anything. The only time she shows she’s grateful for her sugar daddy was when he was buying her more designer junk to fill the void.

No. 181692

Lmao came here to post this. The girl has an addiction and nothing is cute about it. I suspect her SA called her to show her a new pinku itemu and she felt pressured. Seriously go back to liz lisa. When did she say she’s done with Chanel huh? Her forever competitor will be LindieSs88

No. 181694

File: 1636734347773.png (2.01 MB, 1198x978, 1564676955922.png)

Her Chanel bag stinks?

There needs to be a thread specifically for Chanel Barbie clones.

No. 181707

File: 1636742772898.png (148.77 KB, 1172x598, 1519092542544.png)

did kitty actually tell something about herself that was true AND interesting for once?

No. 181708

File: 1636742891328.png (39.55 KB, 510x212, 1607076926729.png)

of course not, just her compulsive lying again

No. 181709

File: 1636742995972.png (83.29 KB, 1196x202, 1562699169450.png)

pretty sure she had the same cats in japan, unless she abandoned them and bought more

No. 181710

File: 1636743035298.png (117.27 KB, 1212x382, 1555454547786.png)

No. 181711

File: 1636743280877.png (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1210x1164, 1555638940940.png)

now we know where she stole her photography style from

No. 181713

File: 1636743636075.png (45.39 KB, 1202x216, 1564330186510.png)

No. 181752

File: 1636749711941.jpeg (248.75 KB, 828x787, 0CD5C10C-01AC-42F8-8742-4D4E88…)

Kek yes please i want to bitch about how they have 10 times the same bag. We can add Xsakisaki to it. She’s also a huge machine gun kelly simp and dressed up as kourtney and her husband as MGK for Halloween

No. 181806

No. 183252

File: 1637247329150.png (886.14 KB, 750x1420, serena lang escort.png)

Kitty wanting to eat literal garbage again. Does she have pica?

No. 183254

File: 1637247424850.png (1.27 MB, 760x1420, catherine grace crosbie.png)

No. 183613

She's just referencing the forbidden food meme, she doesn't actually want to eat it

No. 183628

I know it's a meme but she did eat and wear literal garbage before on separate occasions, and loves cheese. It's quite possible that she would actually eat this.

No. 184097

File: 1637604987344.png (1.37 MB, 764x1298, 1535764374081.png)

wtf happened to her body. she looks like a Robert Liefeld drawing

No. 184098

File: 1637605116231.png (2.66 MB, 1176x1578, 1494336519534.png)

No. 184099

File: 1637605378020.png (277.03 KB, 634x1310, 1606187640232.png)

last time she told the story about the woman with $2000 of songs on twitter they were doing karaoke not lap dances. probably the whole thing is made up or only actually happened at her weebo maid cafe job.

kek at her thinking tantra is high class, it's disgusting and sleazy.

No. 186247

File: 1638920136983.jpeg (231.91 KB, 960x796, 09A381B6-0963-4EE6-9C88-7CB461…)

Within the space on just over a year she’s mentioned about 20 times that she lived in Japan. Living somewhere is her sole achievement in life.

No. 186262

File: 1638920598706.jpeg (567.11 KB, 960x1259, 561DBA58-AA95-4069-A4B3-DEA8CF…)

Someone mentions they speak some Japanese? She replied in Japanese to test them despite them both being native English speakers on an English forum. Has to ask where they studied and work so that they will ask her the same and she can brag to outdo them (because no one can have better Japanese than “Japan raised” Kitty).

She must be salty that they didn’t care enough to ask her any questions back kek

She literally graduated from her (real) Masters a decade ago and has done nothing of value since. No wonder she feels the need to try to outdo people like this. Her poor ego can’t take it.

No. 186344

File: 1638960055396.jpeg (560.44 KB, 902x1022, 9455B970-14F4-4767-BA24-F408A3…)

Lol she has to cram in a reference to interpreting school, how good Japanese people think her Japanese is, and how busy and important she is anyway.

The guy still does not care about her, asks no questions, and only talks about himself.

No. 186460

File: 1638995399578.jpeg (346.65 KB, 960x1091, F4A07001-6862-44D1-A490-F698C0…)

What luxury good consignment store does Serena Lang have a such a good relationship with the owner that she calls Serena personally?

No. 186461

File: 1638995560491.jpeg (500.04 KB, 960x1908, 1E9CB184-3D92-4211-8067-E12030…)

The subreddit where women sell their wonky fake purses. Serena Lang doesn’t even have a brown “birkin” like she pretends.

Imagine being this pathetic that you need to compulsively lie about every aspect of your sad life just to make some escort money.

No. 186578

File: 1639051474142.png (108.98 KB, 1770x304, kat crosbie japanese.png)

Kek she used to pretend his mother still send her care packages and had her for visits after they broke up when they broke up because his parents refused to let him marry her.

No. 186595

I’m really want to know if Kitty compulsively lies to everyone in her life and all her friends are just too dumb to realize. Or do they know she does this and are just don’t care that she is a fantasist? She lies about the most mundane things for no reason and can’t keep her story straight but has this self imagine that she fools everyone. It’s really obvious when she is lying and you edge too close to the truth she looks so uncomfortable kek

No. 186620

File: 1639068826451.jpeg (235 KB, 960x1509, 3C921C1F-50FF-4DCC-A829-1F2E8C…)

Seriously hope this is a meme and that she’s not actually that dumb not to know who this is or the context.

No. 186622

File: 1639068975943.jpeg (137.35 KB, 960x717, A0266558-AF10-4F49-8141-772042…)

Hard to tell as she doesn’t even know the different between the Bush presidents despite living in the US for 5 years.

Anything science related and she’s as dumb as a box of rocks so probably though that was a witty grammer nazi correction.

No. 187016

File: 1639189210771.png (2.12 MB, 1236x926, disgusting.png)

Kitty selling a ton of disgusting half used cheap makeup for a dollar or two each. I'd be too embarrassed to even give these to a friend for free, especially during covid.

Why is she always so desperate for money that she wastes her time trying to sell literal garbage? If she somehow sells all of this she'll make a grand total of $561.50 which isn't bad if you have no money but a bizarre waste of your time otherwise. It will take hours to wrap and ship all of this when she could just take a translating job and make the money much quicker.

Where does all of her money go? Why does her boyfriend not just help her out? Everything about her is cheap yet she pretends to be rolling in money. She does have the ability to make a reasonable amount legally but why does she do this and prostitution/OF instead?


No. 189046

File: 1639833216897.jpg (155.02 KB, 1080x810, 268633259_121285380380390_6855…)

No. 189069

Who the fuck would buy used drugstore makeup or used lipstick, much less used drugstore lipstick. I mean selling Madeline and Wet and Wild. That's $7 lipstick.

No. 189111

File: 1639855111666.png (4.63 MB, 2628x1586, 1553618866001.png)

"17 Limited Edition Lip Gloss Palette, swatched one color once - $4"

Does she think people are blind? She's clearly stuck her disgusting dirty fingers into them multiple times and left a trail of dirt.

Everything she has listed is "swatched once", even lipbalms that don't need swatched.

No. 190007

File: 1640271986882.jpeg (631.22 KB, 960x1421, F6E6F97C-7BA9-43B4-BFDF-A54640…)

Kitty listing herself on her site as “medium” when the disgusting used panties she’s selling are XL kek

No. 190012

File: 1640272875045.jpeg (908.64 KB, 960x1228, 8939FD1B-0F36-4BA3-B5BF-3BFB83…)

No. 190034

File: 1640280355076.png (1.56 MB, 972x1402, 1615365196321.png)

complaining because she has to pay charges towards fair employee wages and employee health insurance. if you can't afford to pay, don't eat out

No. 190035

she literally ordered lobster and is complaining about the bill

No. 190036

File: 1640280583080.png (407.26 KB, 1762x1260, 1621521903815.png)

got really triggered on reddit over a place requiring vaccines

No. 190037

File: 1640280658904.png (1.25 MB, 1018x1484, 1626107422133.png)

and even took it to instagram

can't wait until she finally gets cancelled for being anti-vax and anti-mask

No. 190821

There's been zero pictures of her ring. I don't think she is actually engaged and just lied again for attention.

No. 191114

File: 1640890863175.jpeg (779.24 KB, 960x1311, C26BBF89-3205-417B-A68E-28EE40…)

Why is Kitty so obsessive about how people call SF? She even had it on her escort site after only living there for a couple on months.

No. 191322

File: 1641020060376.jpeg (136.98 KB, 899x563, 7A0CCE07-A702-43A3-ABFC-5254A5…)

More confirmation of Kitty’s fake marriage visa. She left Japan for her current old man boyfriend and to live with him in SF, not to be with her visa husband who is from Texas.

No. 191437

File: 1641140004408.png (214.98 KB, 1798x534, kat grace crosbie.png)

of course kitty only got vaccinated when it was advantageous to her own fat ass, never mind about other people

No. 191439

>I've had covid twice
>I'm immune

If she thinks getting covid is enough to become immune, why was she able to get it twice?

No. 191459

File: 1641156041475.jpg (24.33 KB, 640x358, 120332410_3225734177549308_561…)

man you are all so scared about the flu(derailing)

No. 191477

its not really about dying unless youre already ill or elderly its about the fact that healthy people are getting stuck with long term side effects after having it once last i checked the flu doesnt give you POTS like symptoms plus still kind of terrible to just not give a shit about all the medically fragile people who have done their part to stay safe and still fucking died maybe thats just me though and ill take my ban for derailing gladly(took the bait)

No. 192002

>get vaccinated to stop people dying
no way am I doing that!!!! muh rights and immunity

>get vaccinated to go on vacation

yes please!

I am honestly so disgusted by her selfishness that I don’t want to even hate follow her anymore. If this thread dries up that is the reason and not due to a lack of milk.

No. 192830

File: 1642020826350.jpeg (189.96 KB, 960x524, 9B6509F6-57A1-4200-978A-7E823B…)

Kitty is a fucking creep. She uses fake friendships to get close to women so she can lear at them and boasts about it.

No. 193733

Alice is yet again back in England and is learning how to drive. It’s never too late to learn how to drive but you think that her benefactor with the multitude of luxury cars would drive her around. Or that she could save the roundtrip plane ticket and the hassle of international travel and learn how to drive in Japan.

No. 193748

File: 1642529092297.jpeg (556.83 KB, 1241x2130, CBE44733-FF3E-47DC-992B-122128…)

No. 193784

She’s getting the license because she has no dude to drive her around in a lambo anymore and she doesn’t have the bux for taxi

No. 194605

File: 1642957471534.png (151.17 KB, 2015x682, Capture.PNG)

Persistent ass acne and now persistent yeast infections. She's so dirty.

No. 194608

3 x flucanozole = 3 weeks
5 x monistat = 5 weeks
boric acid = 2 weeks

= over 2 months, assuming she did the treatments back to back which she probably didn't

who wants to bet she was still working and passing it onto others, like when she was taking group baths during her ass acne time

No. 194860

You can't pass BV anon

No. 194936

File: 1643140588388.png (1.1 MB, 1190x707, safsfdshja.png)

Alice bought an Audi in the UK, but then made a story post about how she is going back to Japan soon and wants to split her time 50-50 between the two countries for the foreseeable future.

No. 194949

She had a yeast infections, not BV. Yeast infections can be passed on.

No. 194950

buying a mid tier car with the money you earned as a paid gf, such a boss

No. 194953

She probably sold two birkins and had the cash for it. Not a bad move of her to get the purses from her ex

No. 194956

Omg poor thing has gained weight since being in the UK.

No. 194969

She literally looks the same as she has done for a while but just wearing extra layers in cold arse England. Go to Specsavers mate.

No. 195031

She does look bigger but not clear if weight gain or clothes. Weight gain possible if she is living with family and maybe eating more regularly with them.

No. 195032

Aside from selling birkins, I wonder what she is doing for money now. Before she claimed she had a mystery office job but she must have quit if she's not always in Japan. Spending all her savings is not a good idea.

No. 195081

File: 1643229935797.png (152.53 KB, 1152x1278, Capture.PNG)

claims 6 years paid photographers experience in a post…

No. 195088

I don’t believe a second she had an office job. She said she did some translation and English relations help as s freelance which actually sounds realistic but I’m sure most of the money came from the SD.

No. 195090

File: 1643232913454.png (3.34 MB, 1380x1857, Capture5.PNG)

imagine being so cheap you try and sell a used bottle of cleaner for $10

No. 195093

File: 1643233338156.png (177.36 KB, 1675x746, Capture.PNG)

…while linking to her Pretty Rebel Photo site that states she only started shooting professionally a year ago and learned retouching 3 years ago

is she that dumb not to realize? too many lies to remember? or just that blatant a scammer that she doesn't care

No. 195094

Is her Japanese even that good? I know she did a degree but why was she always speaking to her bf in English even though he didn't seem to speak much.

No. 198354

File: 1645532401206.jpeg (521.97 KB, 2048x2048, 2F8B92B0-7F4E-480B-96E6-E4BC35…)

Just in case nobody cares about the thread in snow. Alice is still together with Nobu. She mentioned him yesterday in her video and will go with him to the Maledives in march.

No. 204665

Jfc anon. But… you’re a dude or is she bi?

No. 204766

Oh my res got deleted. But yeah when I was dating arisucookie, she wasn't a bi to my knowledge. So yes I'm a guy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 204770

no men allowed here, also what you posted was technically revenge porn. Unless she has an onlyfans where this stuff is posted posting revenge porn is against the rules (also, y'know common decorum)

She did look cute though.

No. 204778

It didn't show what a bikini wouldn't show already so definitely not porn. No men allowed here? Must have missed it in the rules.

No. 204782

Sharing nudes (censored or not) is classified as revenge porn, sorry about it bro.

Must be "searching your ex" season, Lori's thread had her ex show up in there a few days ago too.

No. 204803

Well noted.
I just wanted to say she looked perfect when I was dating her before all the fakeness took over. I wouldn't date her now but I guess it's up to your preference.

No. 204895

I missed the pic (thankfully). How long ago did you date her? What was she like?

No. 204920

Whas she already so materialistic when you knew her? I feel like she gets her will to live from purses and laduree deserts

No. 205020

It was years ago. She was genuinely sweet and peppy. I guess she still is but she was not obsessed with pink or appearance.

No she was not materialistic at all. I wasn't rich or anything but whenever I bought her stuff (nothing expensive) she seemed happy. I don't know what changed her substantially over the years.

No. 205041

Thanks for answering. How did you find this thread? What was your reaction seeing her now? Are you still in contact?

No. 205219

I just wondered how she was doing so I googled arisucookie. My reaction was like wow, she's gone too far. It was bad enough when she did her lips. I'm not in contact with her anymore.

No. 206158

File: 1649505273776.png (175 KB, 1247x1427, hjd;hjwa.PNG)

kek kitty's best friend had to pretend to be a potential customer because no one wants to pay for kitty's bad photography

No. 209137

File: 1650923373361.png (226.18 KB, 1334x726, 1622052006355.png)

kek remember that time kitty claimed she was making $15,000 per month from onlyfans?

No. 209143

File: 1650923804316.png (243.51 KB, 667x199, kat grace kuroji.PNG)

she has 2,400 likes from 167 images and 16 videos. assuming every follower likes every image and video, that means she has 13 followers kek. she charges $20 per month so she's making $262.30 a month. even if you double that because not all followers will like every photo, it's still less than $1,000. no wonder she has to scam selling her old dirty makeup on reddit

No. 209145

File: 1650923954722.png (157.16 KB, 522x174, kjsnjawnr.PNG)

lorena has 467 likes and 187 images and charges $28. she has about 2 followers and makes $56 kek

No. 209146

this is excluding custom content but i doubt they are getting many requests with so few followers

No. 237729

File: 1659901726548.png (206.67 KB, 3730x1750, marriage fraud katherine grace…)

Lol kitty deleted her blog post that exposed her fake marriage >>126409

Here is another screenshot of it including her rant about Japanese people.

Someone should report her already.

No. 239752

More proof of her reading here. She reposted her covid trip (during her antivax phase) but blurred her old man boyfriend's face.

Unblurred here >>132242

No. 239753

File: 1660444710029.png (Spoiler Image,746.87 KB, 1310x417, b3(1).png)

The real thing she should be fixing is her wonky boobjob

No. 264645

File: 1667805009482.jpeg (290.75 KB, 960x929, 411B0D68-A78C-4EB1-97C0-F1EB9C…)

Emma must be seething. One of the other escorts she used to play lapdog to, Rose Hamilton aka Jessica Kayll >>169491 , has hooked up with a NY multimillionaire art collector Mark Fisch who is on the board of the Met. She even split up his marriage.

Meanwhile Emma is still in art class 101 with her shitty studio frej muddy oil paintings, picrel

No. 264653

Ok snd screenshots that prove this?

No. 264667

File: 1667820490987.png (137.68 KB, 1509x646, kayll 1.png)

No. 264668

File: 1667820638166.png (1.58 MB, 2381x1306, kayll 2.png)


One of her escort pics is here >>169491 but the rest have been wiped off the net

No. 264669

File: 1667820906679.png (2.24 MB, 1922x1328, kayll 3.png)

No. 264670

File: 1667820978437.png (178.44 KB, 2073x1042, kayll 4.png)

No. 264671

File: 1667821524502.png (362 KB, 1146x1892, kayll 5.png)

Looks like twitter doesn't show handle mentions for old accounts anymore but you can see tweets they were both mentioned in if you search their old handles together

No. 264672

File: 1667821931487.png (388.43 KB, 2563x2002, kayll 6.png)

No. 264675

File: 1667824296030.png (2.2 MB, 3190x1267, kayll 7.png)

She took his private jet to Venice to do a photo shoot during lockdown


No. 264681

What does she have to do with this thread? She’s not in japan and probably will not in the future

No. 265600

File: 1668340302535.jpg (179.33 KB, 1024x1534, katherine grace crosbie.jpg)

jesus…her waist size…man the harpoons…

No. 265604

>man the harpoons
we aren't 4chan

No. 265612

Seems like a male who has never seen a real woman naked before, how sad for him kek

No. 265613

Kek this site always eviscerates women for looking this size until they suspect a moid is talking and then suddenly it's "thats a real woman"

No. 265621

I'm embarrassed for you, anon.

No. 265638


No. 265763

This. No woman, especially on lolcow on the /w/orst board would ever call another obese, tear into another's appearance or, god forbid make a fat joke. Not on my weight watchers forum.

No. 265766

Clearly they have no idea who they are defending either. Kitty bullies other people for being overweight.

No. 265801

I could care less if it was just being critical of her figure, but c'mon "man the harpoons" is old 4chan scrote speak. It's either a scrote or some 35 year old ex 4chan NLOG who never grew up. Either way is sad.

No. 265944

> I could care less
so you do care?

No. 266173

File: 1668613665100.jpg (124.62 KB, 640x640, catherine grace crosbie.jpg)

this is her stomach AFTER lipo??? jesus…stopeating already

No. 266176

File: 1668614282154.jpg (78.45 KB, 640x640, kat grace kuroji.jpg)

after heavy photoshopping…still a whale

No. 266179

She has the body of a person who moves like 500 steps a day kek

No. 266183

according to kitty she is "gym toned"…

No. 266189

Kek, you're not wrong. Her BMR is 1,428 calories (165lbs/5'4"). She constantly complains how hard it is too lose weight but she'd only have to burn 90 calories more per day to not be overweight (145lbs/1,338 calories). That's just 20 minutes of walking.

That's assuming she isn't piling on more pounds since she last posted her weight. She was 180lbs at one point and clinically obese. Looks like she might be back around there.

No. 266190

File: 1668616772909.png (348.63 KB, 3451x1460, scam.png)

her scam wix building "web design" site is back up:

No. 266192

File: 1668616930653.png (35.83 KB, 1078x456, fat.png)

"toned hourglass"…"132lbs"…

No. 266193

File: 1668617066260.png (1.64 MB, 1606x1628, serena lang escort.png)

identical bodies…

No. 266199

File: 1668618322110.png (136.84 KB, 1146x701, scam2.png)

pretending it isn't hers again

No. 280570

You'd think someone that brags daily about their "fluent Japanese" and "11 years in Japan" wouldn't have a thick gaijin accent

https://www.instagram.com/p/Cm77wb2tuhW/(post caps, this is an imageboard)

No. 286536

File: 1679097625177.png (Spoiler Image,210.06 KB, 3619x1020, 1647251436362.png)

No. 295901

Kitty is in a car accident and turns it into an excuse to tell everyone how young she supposedly looks and to ebeg.(learn2sage)

No. 295902

File: 1683568320865.png (41.61 KB, 1710x486, 1555183509522.png)

No. 295903

File: 1683568440945.png (48.66 KB, 1668x693, 1632508841375.png)

No. 296011

File: 1683643582201.png (143.37 KB, 939x1413, 1608539746795.png)

what happened to bragging about getting scholarships for everything? or did she realise fake scholarships and a comepletely wasted real one aren't impressive?

No. 296925

If she got them when she started going to college, they might not roll-over into grad school or she didn't qualify for any grad school scholarships.

No. 296926

If she got them when she started going to college, they might not roll-over into grad school or she didn't qualify for any grad school scholarships.

No. 296959

She did her undergraduate in a country where it is free for everyone. She did postgraduate study with a Japanese government scholarship but did nothing for a year and then dropped out. She completed her masters elsewhere but it's not clear if she was able to transfer the rest of her scholarship or not.

The point is that she made being smart enough to get scholarships for every part of her study part of her brand when it was all lies but she seems to have abandoned that now.

No. 297018

File: 1684195032224.png (7.83 KB, 1917x72, 1560067769176.png)

for someone who does an awful lot of sneering at other people's grammer, she makes a lot of basic mistakes herself

"myself" should be "me" here

No. 299232

File: 1685811086741.png (145.56 KB, 1701x873, 1574775297712.png)

why is she always so weird about black women. does she go around complimenting white women for their "beautiful skin" too? doubt it

No. 299290

Idk white guilt?

No. 299305

File: 1685887777807.jpeg (174.17 KB, 1179x1515, 8426D062-6904-4931-9005-CFDA01…)

Bullying an escort for being a professional and bragging about being unprofessional herself.

The original tweet was only sharing their own opinion and wasn’t lecturing anyone.

No. 299314

And it sounds like the other tweet means it in the sense of canceling last minute.

No. 299384

File: 1685922377388.jpeg (336.82 KB, 1155x1924, 93547770-CA53-4443-A280-EF5C04…)

Maybe? This tweet assumes just any cancellations.

I feel like a lot of women who become escorts can’t cut it in the real world. Kitty being the perfect example, failing at her Masters then working a real job. It’s not really surprising they lack the ability to be professional and only think of short term profits.

Even if they do cancel often, broadcasting that to their client base is so incredibly stupid. The type of men that book escorts think of themselves as being important and rich. This sends the opposite message, that they are cheap and disposable.

No. 299386

File: 1685923232687.jpeg (58.38 KB, 800x1200, 3DC3EAF6-8B2D-4BFF-921D-87ECB8…)

Sofia’s anorexia is in full swing. Her timeline is nothing but bodychecks and food photos.(sage your shit)

No. 299391

Imagine what a dinner booking with her and Kitty must have been like.

>Emma shows up fresh from 5 hours in the gym

>Kitty arrives sweating from just walking across the restaurant, chubrub rubbed raw
>Emma takes food photos then eats nothing
>Kitty eats and drinks everything in sight, then digs in the trash for more
>Emma goes to the bathroom to puke up the water she sipped once
>Kitty brags to the client about being Asian but stops mid sentence to stare at a passing black woman
>Skeletor returns and shows off her muddy artwork before they go up to the hotel room
>Kitty’s botched tit explodes as she digs in her flab to pull her panties down
>Emma’s panties drop themselves from her flat ass no longer holding them up
>Kitty pulls herself into cowgirl and sits motionless, exhausted
>Emma leaves to take bodychecks in the bathroom
>Kitty writes a fake negative review for Emma on the way home
>Emma notices and sends a million DMCA takedown notices
>Kitty cries that she is being bullied, wraps herself up in a filthy dog blanket and commits sudoku

No. 299526

I don't understand how she went to such a highly regarded private high school but ended up so tacky and crass in every way

No. 299582

File: 1686068951413.png (153.09 KB, 2754x1662, 1545339856479.png)

kek at least she is aware of it

No. 299598

File: 1686087407585.png (Spoiler Image,407.77 KB, 1422x867, 1622704575158.png)

You'd think they would have at least taught her how to drink wine properly. She always awkwardly holds it by the stem as she's clearly read online that's how it's "supposed" to be done. Holding by the stem is only for the waiter so he doesn't get fingerprints on the glass. Look at how royalty hold their glasses. It's never awkward stem pinching. She's so tryhard always

No. 299615

Anon, who cares this much about how to hold a glass?

No. 299617

Someone furiously jealous of a hooker

No. 299635

No. 299640

Because she corrects other people how to do hold it “properly”. It wouldn’t matter otherwise.

Her whole brand is being smarter/classier/whatever than everyone else and bullies people who she thinks is beneath her. The wine glass thing is just an example of her lacking proper class knowledge. Same for her fake purses showing fake wealth or correcting other people’s grammer wrongly.

Did you forget what site you’re on or what?

No. 299686

NTA, but we can also laugh at the weirdly seething nitpicking of some random tubby hooker.

No. 300476

No. You're just furiously jealous of a hooker.

No. 300488

Lol sometimes a cow is a just a cow and they are fun to laugh at. How could anyone be jealous of having to fuck old dirty men for money and still always seeming to be broke. Not to mention the obesity, shit personality, wonky boobjob, etc

Like what am I even supposed to be jealous of here?

No. 300872

File: 1686944427821.png (Spoiler Image,110.06 KB, 1101x663, 1587508819399.png)

her friend affinia devonshire / bree perkins is doing porn now as aubrey rain. pretty sad to see so many kabukihoes that used to market themselves as high class courtesans with buckets of money end up doing porn or only fans to pay the bills. once you are in the industry there's no leaving

No. 300874

File: 1686944653829.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.74 KB, 1280x854, 1684648069439.jpg)

her insta is miyaxt not miyax

No. 302251

File: 1688091591357.png (3.27 MB, 3108x1623, 1568614897258.png)

kek so this is where all her money goes. shitty raver outfits(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 302252

File: 1688091687028.png (4.92 MB, 1953x1875, 1532165723996.png)

No. 302257

Can you not read she got scammed?

No. 302263

Rave bitches are always so stupid and nasty kek, honestly a good demographic to target for scams

No. 302264

Eww imagine tripping on acid and you see this

No. 302270

File: 1688128845061.jpg (512.86 KB, 1588x1366, 1540568977110.jpg)

this is what she ordered. looks cheap in the photos

No. 302369

Obsession continues(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 302370

Noooo… I'm sorry, but that is absolutely not like the display photo.

No. 302372

you're obsessed with her? why?

No. 302428

t. furiously obsessed with a hooker

No. 302461

hi cow(hi cow)

No. 310635

File: 1698149481392.png (4.44 MB, 2646x2004, camel toe.png)

she's always been fat so why are her clothes always 3 sizes too small with massive camel toe

No. 311350

what is nadine ulmer / anna summer doing these days?

No. 315017

File: 1702330528638.png (1.29 MB, 1023x1732, miya takeo.png)

retired to devote her time to reviewing toilets on google maps lol

No. 324241

her tits are fake too. at least she showed some restraint unlike kitty's saggy middle aged melons

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