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File: 1561425567316.jpg (1.07 MB, 1200x1200, kabukiho.jpg)

No. 54862

Because the people in the Lorena thread requested to stop shitting up the thread, I figured I could make this thread. Use this thread to talk about any hoe/hooker/sw/whatever related to Kabukicho, Tokyo, TAG, and/or Japan.

Milk will be slow to come by as most of these girls aren't as stupid as Lorena, but I'm sure something will happen.

No. 54871

lmao, that looks painful.


Unfortunately no.

No. 54893

She isn’t even in Japan any more, why is she in this thread.

Also the admin said that being a hooker alone isn’t milk. What do these people have milk worthy other than them being sluts and living in Japan? That isn’t milk

No. 54905

Right, this is a vendetta thread started by someone who stalks the girls advertising on tokyoadultguide. Stop attacking SW and leave tag girls alone.

No. 54906

No it isn't. It's meant as a catch all topic to talk about whatever bullshit goes on with whoever that isn't Lorena. This isn't limited to TAG girls. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. People here post about vloggers that are even less interesting, but you don't see those topics get accused of being vendetta threads.

No. 54907

These people are not public personalities. They don’t post much online except their advertisements, therefore there’s no reason to start a new thread. I don’t agree with your shitty morals either way anon, this site is full of cyber bullies, racism and slut shaming.

No. 54909

What the fuck are you doing here then? You sound like you're one of them, yet you still lurk this site to see if anyone talks negatively about TAG girls.

No. 54910

You don’t have to advertise on tag to see the real problem are stalkers like you anon who target fuzoku girls. Thousands of Japanese women and a bunch of Eastern Europeans work in fuzoku. They don’t have anything to serve you unless you have a personal vendetta against their sex work.

Enjoy your day stalking blurry faces and wishing you were making sw money.

No. 54911

Ok Nadine, and this is why other users also talk about Sandra, Kisu, or some other nobody in the Lorena thread. Where were you when this was all going down?

And nobody has done any cow tipping on any of these people. This thread hasn't even started, yet here you are making all of these baseless accusations. If I want to talk shit about somebody's pictures or some poorly written blurb, or a review then I don't see how this negatively affects the way they can conduct their lives.

No. 54912

I have to concur with anon. What exactly is the milk? I don’t see anything other than just… hookers in Japan? Who cares.

No. 54923

File: 1561483471233.png (21.39 KB, 1667x262, nadineposts.png)

She posts exactly like this anon, trying to defend that Nadine isn't Anna Summer when posting more about it and all the proof being posted made it completely obvious that it's her. She was even is stupid enough to not bother saging her posts.

Also Nadine would post all the time on PULL low key admiring escorts and all the work they do, even going as far to post saying she's talked with them on TAG. So when she got found out she's Anna Summer, it was a good narrative that she'd been slowly suckered into the life of being an escort for the money when in reality, she's been one since at least 2012.

No. 54926

Someone mentioned she quit like Gaya, turns out she didn't and someone posted a link to her new escort persona and it all went from there.

Just some critiquing and shit posting that derailed the Lorena thread.

No. 54927

Spending your time on posting screenshots from anonymous posts on lolcow isn’t admirable either. Sex work is work, whether you respect it or not. While you’re busy digging the old posts on lolcow at least these girls are busy making money.(derailing)

No. 54934

Not all SW are pimped or trafficked. Some women are doing sex work because they don’t want to be exploited by someone in power in the corporate world. You can be working in any field and exploited by authorities. Many girls advertising on Twitter are working independently and they don’t have pimps.

Do you think falling into poverty is better, or mooching off your parents? I don’t get the obsession you have with these women who haven’t done you any harm.(derailing)

No. 54935

Not all but most. If it's so great why don't men race to be independent hookers? Oh yeah, because it's exploitative and demeaning to women.(derailing)

No. 54936

There are male sex workers, though.

No. 54938

Do you have any idea about fuzoku in Japan? Many average Japanese women work in this kind of job at some point in their lives. They are not biased against sex work like you westerners are. There are almost no pimps exploiting them either.

No. 54942

Digging yourself a bigger hole. You really haven't learned have you? Why don't you take this self righteous attitude to the Lorena thread? I'm sure they could use that more than this barely active thread.

No. 54947

Anon there’s no use in arguing with the autist ITT. She’s a fat weeb in Japan who makes a shit ton of random threads about sex workers or people who fuck Japanese guys. Lolcow has a shit ton of radical feminists and moralfagging atm but the admin said that being a sex worker alone isn’t grounds for having a thread. Just report the threads and the posts. It’ll probably be locked soon.

No. 54948

This is a gossip site not a rad fem message board

No. 54958

File: 1561495250629.jpeg (26.7 KB, 183x340, D07BF3FF-DC8C-458D-B1DD-63412A…)

(no contribution)

No. 54980

Admin just nuke this thread already lmao

No. 54984

Where is Kisu now? Is she still at kirari?

No. 55004

>Because the people in the Lorena thread requested to stop shitting up the thread, I figured I could make this thread. Use this thread to talk about any hoe/hooker/sw/whatever related to Kabukicho, Tokyo, TAG, and/or Japan.
>Milk will be slow to come by as most of these girls aren't as stupid as Lorena, but I'm sure something will happen.
Tbh, this thread may have been viable if OP had made any kind of real effort and provided legitimate cows as a subject. Shiena isn't in Japan anymore and has her own thread already, Kitty isn't in Japan anymore, Gaya quit TAG and is laying low/no milk. All of these girls are either spoiled or dry milk. I'll never understand why there's an anon or two so obsessed with bringing them up. If you really want to talk about old milk, there's a thread for that too already?

No. 55028

She went mia after the bar drama when people started to dig out her past and spread the rumor that she killed her friend. Also wonder what happened to Vika.

No. 55061

This will become stale milk just like that old thread on kitty from two years ago lol

No. 55069


Ha… wow.

If the thread ends up going to shit, then oh well. At least discussion on Lorena won't go heavily off topic. No need for Nadine to go on a bitch fest about it.

No. 55079

So gaya married that gaijin hunter with 18 to prostitute herself in japan wtf

No. 55087

That’s old news and has already been discussed in her old thread. What’s the milk here?

No. 55101

I tried to follow Yuma on twitter, but my request is still pending. I wonder if she actually killed herself?

No. 55152

Probably just quit

No. 55165

File: 1561609475781.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.04 KB, 1024x768, D9RZvYrWwAUlKDx.jpg)

Is this for real? Did kitty really think this photo was a good idea?

No. 55167

What is your obsession with Kitty?

No. 55173

Just let them talk to themselves, anon. At least they are saging now and not doing it in other threads finally.

No. 55185

Who cares? Who is this random bitch? She isn’t even in Japan or Kabukicho just a random escort. Why is this not vendetta?

No. 55187

I honestly think this is Lorena trying to take away the attention on herself….

No. 55237

lmao oh god.

This bitch is charging over a $1000 an hour and she's still books AirBNBs? So much for the luxury life style considering you'd book an AirBNB and fucking eat ice cream found randomly you fat fuck.

No. 55264

Def Lorena.She was the one started the original Kitty thread.

No. 55279

Good deduction there anon. Where were you with this deduction when the Lorena thread got derailed with Kitty/Nova Swann?

No. 55314

Yuma has been working at Nasty Dolls for awhile now.

Sara=Yuma (Those pics are Yuma's which can be sourced from current and old ads posted in various places.)


No real milk to speak of.

No. 55343

This is really malicious/obvious vendetta now. The reason she changed her name was because name Kitty Carr brought up lolcow due to crazy autistic fucks posting about her despite her not being a weeb or at all, just a white escort in Japan. Now you’re typing her full escort name trying to get lolcow to the front page again when she isn’t even in Japan and hasn’t been for years now, isn’t remotely interesting and is a random white escort in Japan. I’ve seen people with vendetta do this in other threads by typing someone’s full legal name in order to get this to the top of the search results, like in the Shiena case. This is really fucked up anon and your vendetta is weird as hell.

No. 55344

There seems to be one or two anons here (maybe more) who in general have a problem with Escorts. Or specifically Escorts in japan.

No. 55345

It’s Sandra and another crazed weeb. They post randoms like Kisu or Vika who nobody else besides a small group of people know. That’s also why there’s a million and one threads about randoms in Japan like nobody no name hosts

No. 55346

Different anon here, but yeah if definitely seems like someone obsessed with a very particular pool of people. It's pretty bizarre because it's never new milk, just the same loop of old gossip about the same handful of people? I don't get it, but as long as they keep it contained to one thread, I'm happy. They used to bump multiple threads and derail on the regular, so at the very least, this is an improvement.

No. 55349

If you can‘t offer anything, you become a prostitute

No. 55350

Yeah it’s post like this which make it obvious someone has a major hooker vendetta. Pretty sure it’s Sandra because she started all the other Gaijin in Japan threads

No. 55352

It‘s the truth and sandra is a whore too

No. 55355

I say it's Nadine, because Sandra has no contact to anyone as it seams. So who is so bored and made this treat for not important people?

No. 55358

Probably. Nadine has some strange vendetta or problem with her.
But there is literally nothing to say about those girls, so why this post?

No. 55359

Yes, and they are really annoying. There is this one (?) person that keeps bumping the Lorena thread with dull one-liners like "so is she still visa-hopping" or shit like this: >>55349. It is slowly driving me insane, especially because they never sage.

Those kind of cows seem to attract the weirdest people. There are only a few that actually enjoy the milk they give us and their cringy behavior. Then there are a few that only come here to nitpick looks, sometimes in a very obsessive way. Like, we get it. She has saggy skin on her stomach. And then there are those braindead farmers like >>55349 >>55352.

No. 55361

Honestly, to me it seems like that no one even cares about these whores. Not Sandra, Nadine etc. there must be someone else having a vendetta against them. Both Sandra and Nadine are super quiet. Sandra doesn’t even escort anymore. So what’s the point? Either Lorena or someone else in japan being salty.

No. 55363

In her call out thread to the TAG admin way back when, the admin would throw jabs like "Well at least there's nasty dolls or you could try working with Misa again."

Misa as in the super shady escort girl who runs her own agency of overpriced escorts where everyone on TAG hates them and they equally hate TAG to the point of banning reviews on them.

I didn't think Yuma would actually do it. That whole thread could've taken a very different turn if some other well known TAG girl like Nadine or Hana Maria or whoever actually stood up for her when the admin acted like a huge shady piece of shit. But nah, they had to continue being subservient to this fuck so as to fuel their unsustainable life style.

What pisses me more off about this is this bitch Nadine claims to take the moral high ground on people like all of us farmers for talking shit, yet she won't even go to bat for one of her friends/escorts when it doesn't directly benefit her. All for what? Just so she can continue to live in Japan after being on a language visa for years? Now that's ran out, she's there just visiting for months at a time?

Now once a well reviewed, high class escort has been forced down to the equivalent of working at McDs. Truly a shame.

No. 55364

I find this quite laughable, because all of your deduction skills are extremely weak.

Do you think any of these girls you think it could be are smart enough to find an exploit with viewing deleted threads on TAG?

I'll give you a hint, it's nobody you know.

No. 55365

Guess you feelings got hurt. Maybe because you are prostitute yourself?!

I don‘t know who spammed the lorena thread. Maybe lorena herself,

No. 55372

I just tried googling it myself and literally nothing came up for lolcow. The same goes for all the other Kabukihoes mentioned here.

You're just making shit up at this point are you?

No. 55376

I really don’t know what the vendetta is with this thread. True it’s not derailing the Lorena thread but doesn’t serve milk either. As someone mentioned before, Gaya quit and the rest is not even openly active on social media or doing anything else than just being an escort in Japan. Shall we now also start including every Japanese sex worker? What’s the point of this?

No. 55379

It's just all we've talked about. Pretty sure if we start talking more shit about someone like Nadine, she'll show up and tell us all to fuck off but she'll do that regardless of who we talk about.

No. 55382

Maybe nobody comes to defend because nobody but you care? It’s just all talking in circles over and over again. Can you actually provide anything lolcow worthy?

No. 55388

What is the obsession with Kitty tho?? Just leave her.

No. 55391

File: 1561731271528.jpeg (59.29 KB, 921x398, 9EA99C39-8C1E-4943-B35C-C60C04…)

There’s someone in all these threads who is literally obsessed with weebs in Japan and sex work

No. 55393

She’s a random escort in California. Where is the fucking milk? lorena’s thread makes sense, she’s actually cringe worthy as all hell. Same for Shiena when that deportation shit happened although she isn’t milk worthy anymore. But Gaya? Kitty? They’re literally random bitches in Japan. Stop making these obsessed weeb threads

No. 55395

Someone who has a vendetta against Kitty, Nadine, Sandra and all the other weebs in Japan made the thread. Really wonder who that is.

No. 55426

File: 1561750742123.jpeg (889.74 KB, 1125x1939, 4FD1356F-3E5F-406D-BB20-61533E…)

Who is this Lorena’s “soul sister” prostitute?

No. 55434

It seems she got so many plastic surgeries.
freaky lip injections, fake blonde, fake blue eyes. She doesn’t look like half Japanese

No. 55443

>>55395 It must be some pissed German who has a vendetta against all these girls and trying to make them look extremely bad even thought there are boring and not even worth to mention. Lorena treat was totally enough

No. 55444

i wish they would stop. it makes it really annoying for people who actually are. plus, being part japanese isn't some kind of awesome and glamorous thing like they seem to think.

No. 55452

Yeah Sandra

No. 55471

Many SW in Japan are exploited by hosts or/and band men kinds of men right? Those men are pimps but just in different styles.If you are SW in Japan and don’t think you’re exploited, you really are a just stupid fuckn hoe.

No. 55474

The TAG girls don't deal with Japanese clients 99% of the time except Gaya because they're thought to be incredibly shitty and pushy such as poking holes in condoms and/or slipping them off.

No. 55479

To add onto this note, Nasty Dolls has been banned from TAG because the admin cites "shady practices they can confirm happening."

More vague shady shit that doesn't tell anything. This was back in late March and by this time, Yuma joined Nasty Dolls.

Does the TAG admin really have such a vendetta against Yuma to the point he'd ban an agency from being allowed reviews just because she works for them? Or did something really happen?

Also, I'm not sure if I can confirm 100% it's really Yuma. Did they steal her pictures to replace them over another escort named Sara?

Because web archive saved pages of this Sara dating back to 2016 at least, and by this time Yuma was already a well known indie.

Another really fucking strange thing is Nasty Dolls advertised her on insta and twitter but somehow nobody has pointed out this is Yuma.

Things have certainly gotten more interesting than I thought they would.

No. 55482

Damn really? Do you have a link?

As for Manami, well I'm not sure if that's the case because she's been around well before TAG existed and she was getting good reviews then on sites like TER. It's just not every review was glowing like they are on TAG.

The same goes for someone like Alice. At most they say shit like well she was quiet, and put in effort in X or Y but it wasn't a mind blowing session etc etc. Something along these lines.

Also you kind of have to read between the lines. When I read any review on Nadine or some other girl, they always say something like "She didn't blow me away but…" or "She didn't look how I pictured her but…" or "She's more of a GND type." From here you can probably gauge a better idea of what they mean.

No. 55483

Partially right, partially wrong.

Nasty Dolls got kicked off of TAG because of a member by the name of RIDER 00 - TAG found out that he was getting discounts to post enhanced reviews of the agency. Those discounts were being taken out of the SW's take home pay. A few thousand yen from each session I believe it was. He also spammed some of the TAG members later on about how to get discounts and to mention his name to the agency, he in turn gets free sessions if he refers enough people.

This all transpired right after the new year (2019). The whole Yuma pics thing showed up around March this year sometime.

I was a client of Yuma's, she is clearly bipolar or has schizophrenia. I stopped seeing her after she went mental on me for no reason. This happened to others who saw her which eventually led to her be asked to leave TAG and get some help (March/April 2017). She returned in September 2017 and threatened suicide if she wasn't allowed to buy an ad on TAG. (Rebecca Risque from Singapore spearheaded the suicide postings at first) She was still denied and told to seek help for her problems. Yuma disappeared from the scene completely after this, save for her ads that were left on places like City of Love.

Then, in March 2019, her pics suddenly appeared on Nasty Dolls. But, if you're a longtime member of TAG and can read the good stuff, you'd know that Sara is in fact Yuma since she did work for Nasty Dolls & Made In Japan before going independent. Nasty Dolls never took her profile down.

If anyone here knows Yuma like I do, you'll remember that she has a almost paranoid attitude when it comes to being seen with a client by some of her many foreign friends in Tokyo. (Her claim anyway…) She wouldn't meet in some areas of Tokyo to avoid being seen.

No. 55485

Holy shit, the fucking motherload of information.

I always figured some people from TAG were going to find this thread, and I'm glad my intuition turned out to be right.

No. 55486

So what? I’m not taking about your customers

No. 55487

You may want to check your facts. Manami was around before TAG and had her own reputation long before that. She advertises on TAG just like the others. If you're trying to smear Manami, I'm afraid you'll need more actual ammo than just some random fluff that you've got between your ears. She's the most drama-free SW in Tokyo.

(Re-posted to correct writing error)

No. 55489

She booked and planned the big TAG party a few years ago, that's about all she's done. You claim she's never had a bad review?

What about this?

I think you're just looking smear her for no reason. TER is a good cross-reference.

No. 55491

Why wouldn't we find this?

Don't get the whole hate model against Chris or TAG. But whatever… TAG works for us. There's more to TAG than what the public can see, other content becomes available as you get more involved in the discussions.

No. 55493

I wasn't there for it but TAG held a social gathering in Tokyo for members and providers to meet and mingle. Food, drinks & discussion topics. IIRC, there were 30 people in attendance. Should be mentioned somewhere on the site.


I'm not going to reveal my member info, if that's what you're getting at. I'd prefer them to not revoke my access.

No. 55494

Because this dude tried to cover up the whole incident with Yuma, not even being remotely transparent about it with a lot of shit, let Lorena back in even though she has submitted fake reviews on the basis of being best friends with Gaya, acts incredibly vague, didn't even want to let Yuma into the women only forum which all the escorts really wanted to have, denies being petty or even an incident similar to this occurring. I could go on honestly.

Many escorts probably won't even bother with TAG after everything that's happened with that incident.

No. 55497

Also for some reason, you're not allowed to post about THC even though you once could in the past.

More vague bullshit.

No. 55500

Did you see who THC hired?Are you the same THC dude from Lorena's thread? Logic would dictate that if THC has been removed as was Nasty Dolls, then there was a reason.

I was there for the whole thing. The discussion was left open and then eventually closed and removed from public view. I don't know much about Lorena's fake reviews, all I know is that she was on TAG off and on.


"Should be mentioned somewhere on the site"

No. 55501

THC was banned from being talked about before Lorena was even hired so I'm not sure who you're talking about. If there's a reason, it was never publicly disclosed.

And yeah, I've read through that thread. You'd have to go back a long way to find info on Lorena's fake reviews but it was posted here.

Even so, Lorena is the definition of human fucking trash. The fact she was even remotely allowed back in while Yuma and every other escort who defended her got the axe is complete fucking bullshit.

No. 55503


According to one anon, he had a crush on Gaya. KEK

No. 55540

Her delusion is really stunning, like it rivals Gaya or it's probably worse.

In other news, Emma Emerio got unbanned on twitter. How the fuck did that happen? I have no idea. She must've gotten suspended because she got into a flame war with some other SW. At least this is my guess. It's doubtful they would unban a SW.

No. 55545

Does anyone knew whether Jasmine Blair/J Blair is still active? Strange that she hasn’t been mentioned here as she was a compulsive poster on TAG and seemed pretty unstable and milk-worthy

No. 55570

File: 1561841089314.png (851.14 KB, 1024x683, nadineandjblair.png)

Yep. I have no idea why.


I have nothing, except Nadine and J Blair used to be fuck buddies or something. She'd desperately try to push a "true 3P gfe" experience on her website, but nobody wanted to pay 200000 yen for both of them.

Even had a cringe as fuck photoshoot to go with it too.

No. 55584

Just read through this thread. It's basically a complete shit fest and ended like I thought it would.

I guess it's ok to post negative reviews but it's ok for them to shit on you for doing so and gaslight you in the process.

It's not too different from a similar thread by Frenchy some years back.


No. 55655

TAG manager Chris is going to get popped soon….

We all know who you are…

Cannot hide friend……


No. 55657

Wow, Stalker much?
You do realize he’s not hiding from anything?

Getting popped: do you mean you are going to kill him? Where I’m from that’s what it means.

No. 55660

Wtf has this thread become lmao

No. 55661

It's pretty obvious a bunch of new fags are joining in because they never sage shit.

No. 55741


someone post his photo here lol

No. 55771

File: 1562009099923.jpg (36.07 KB, 400x600, 0ba56027-5779-4ffa-b4ff-56bbd8…)

There. Happy? Now GTFO (and learn to sage).

No. 55814

Hi there, J/Jasmine.

Jasmine Blair/J Blair moved to Tokyo in 2015 & Paris in 2016. She was super obsessive about not getting enough attention from other escorts. It is also possible she posted about Alice/Gaya on lolcow.

After Jasmine being unsuccessful as a hoe and resenting other escorts she disappeared, but still works as a low end sugar baby

No. 55823

She logged into TAG maybe 10 days ago.

Maybe you're onto something.

No. 55843


She is still very active on the Universe Club


Any past clients would recognize her in the members page under the "international" section.

Most if not majority of the TAG girls are registered there.

No. 55844

I thought she already left Japan long ago. Didn’t she go to France?

No. 55846

You're not even going to post a cropped screenshot? What do you have to lose?

No. 55847

File: 1562068849953.png (33.84 KB, 1331x234, huh.png)

So this bitch goes on about how these Japanese sugar dating clubs are shit, yet here we are.

No. 55920

Universe club keeps a record of what clients view what girl’s profile, so if the TAG girls find this thread with screenshot(s), they could easily email UC and ask for this guy to be banned from UC

No. 55924

What about a screenshot of the international section and not the direct profile itself?

Also, yes they could ban the guy but they would have no way to deduce which member actually leaked the screenshot given that multiple clients will surely view the girls profile. The most they could do is try to establish a relationship between times the profile was accessed to the timestamp of the post made on lolcow. If they're not stupid, they won't be able to figure it out but I guess it's only understandable to not want to take risks with losing your account.

No. 55925

You’re really overestimating the number of English-speakers at UC. It would be easy to pick him out of the crowd.

No. 55939


Oh well. 2 different anons basically confirmed it, and most of the TAG girls have already posted about being on UC before. There isn't much to gain I suppose.

No. 56802

File: 1562809389482.jpeg (434.17 KB, 1125x1840, ABD98D8F-5006-402E-A4EF-283351…)

No. 56803

File: 1562809419069.jpeg (435.43 KB, 1121x1929, 337C9155-2409-4859-9D98-CA6299…)

No. 56853

Oh this bitch. I haven't heard of her in a long while.

She was a high class escort wasn't she? Maybe I should go back and take a look at the older threads.

Can't believe she'd try to start a youtube channel after hitting the jackpot of marrying a plastic surgeon lmao. What else did she expect?

No. 56912

What kind of work is she doing anyways?? The only thing she does is buying luxury stuff and having afternoon tea. I don’t think she’s a teacher because she wouldn’t be able to afford any of these on an almost weekly basis.

No. 56978

I once saw her out in Tokyo with a much older man. She’s a sugar baby for sure. If she doesn’t like people pointing it out, she could be more forthright about her job, but it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t have one.

No. 56998

File: 1562921938463.jpeg (521.3 KB, 1125x1913, 37017C85-0DDA-4957-BFCA-7B66A3…)

Suddenly she is talking about her “working life”. And she is on a “business trip” in Monaco.

No. 57003

File: 1562927601977.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1104x1978, 0D1E0FBA-FC25-4630-A6DB-4849E5…)

Are you a fuzoku escort of THC?

No. 57034

Seems more likely she's on UC. If she was on SA, someone here would post her profile.

No. 57036

This bitch is prime material for tagthesponsor if anyone remembers that site.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 57340

Her face has morphed so much over the years.

No. 57344

Is that alice?

No. 57346

I know she worked as hostess

No. 57350


so yeah.

No. 57356

This literally isn’t milk though. You’re just making and shaming random bitches in Japan

No. 57360

Personal preferences aside when it comes to age/race, she managed to snag a rich dude who keeps in good shape by the looks of it, and isn't afraid to spend his money on her or be seen with her? Is she milky beyond being a trophy girlfriend? This doesn't even seem like a straight up "sugar daddy" situation given he's obviously okay with being seen with her.

No. 57361

bitch was dumb enough to post about all of this shit on instagram and now youtube, and she's getting pissed people are telling her off.

it wouldn't be milk otherwise.

No. 57369

Remember when >>54907 whines about these people not being public personalities, and arisucookie is actually a public personality, and you STILL whine like a bitch?

Fuck off.

No. 57374

Damn she's the only weeb who managed to snag a hot sugar daddy. Other weebs usually snag ugly bastards and shit. Dude seems okay with her taking pictures it's just her that's ashamed of him.

No. 57376

Hot seems like a stretch, but compared to most weeb's dudes, he's at least fit and wealthy? So there's that. She doesn't seem ashamed of him to me, it seems more like she might be hiding his face due to his career given how aggressive those trolls are.

I'm curious to see if there's actual milk here, but rn it just feels like she's another Taylor minus the whole husband pandering to pedos thing.

No. 57433

It’s probably due to his career anon. Japanese people are a lot more private on social media too

No. 57434

Nice body language.Shes grabbing on to him like dear life and he's not even holding her, like at all.
He's def pumpin' and then (sometime in the future) dumpin'.

No. 57493

That‘s the guy she married?

No. 57575

That’s obviously not the same guy she once posted censored Purikura of. So whom is she married to?

No. 57576

She married a plaatic surgeon and he does work on her

No. 59486

So a visa husband and a sugar daddy?!

No. 59493

Basically. He fucked up her face though, she looked so much nicer before. Now she just looks like a botched up Russian, the surgery is so obvious and unnatural it's quite jarring to look at.
As long as she is genuinely happy then good for her I guess.

No. 59627

Not sure what the issue is here… Girl got lucky and snagged herself a fit, rich husband that spoils her and fully supports her. What else could a girl want? Seems like a lot of jealous anons here.

No. 59632

that's not her husband, it's her sugar daddy

No. 59637

>>59632 Even if, for a sugar daddy he doesn't looks bad, in general he doesn't looks like he needs to pay girls to hang out with him

No. 59664

he is fucking old so of course he has to pay lol arisu doesn't love him at all. she is a good actress

No. 59708

>has salt and pepper hair
>is soooo oooold he has to pay
He ain't even look that old tbh. Maybe 40s. Isn't she in her 30s by now?

No. 59725

I think she said that she turned 26 or 27….

No. 59786

guess arisu met him at her hostess club

No. 59789

I hope you guys are enthusiastic when you receive a gift. When someone gives me a gift, I’m grateful. If she wants to show some appreciation, I don’t find it that bad.

No. 59790

whiteknighting much?

No. 59956

Maybe, but I'm not the one dumb enough to make a youtube channel and an instagram to post about all of this shit. That's just asking for trouble.

No. 59996

Sounds fake as fuck tho.

If it makes y'all feel better, whores like arisu are looked down upon in Japan by both Japanese and the expat community.

No. 60014

What happened to her making an extensive post or video about how she affords luxury goods? By the chanel jewelry and bag sugar dad got her for her bday its pretty damn obvious he is how she affords it.
Bitch got lucky with the dude, but i would much rather sit in my small 1 bed apt with my husband truly in love than have some old dude botch my face and body for some fucking gucci shoes. Theres only so long those things are enough to make you happy. Hope she sells them often enough to keep up a good bank balance for when she leaves.

No. 60152

What happend to arisucookies onlineshop

No. 61432

>as said by the basement dwelling hambeast who doesn’t live in Japan

No. 61442

wonder who this whiteknight is
arisu herself? a "fan" lol?

No. 61759

Are there photos of pre surgery alice?

No. 61790

Yes just scroll down her instagram

No. 62450

File: 1565913201564.png (2.19 MB, 1025x1252, 1565601770282.png)

No. 62470

Who is that?

No. 62489

whoever it is, her face/head is photoshopped on. The sharp edges around her entire head/hair is pretty obvious.

No. 62492

What are you trying to prove by copy pasting an innocent person’s head onto a SW promotion shot?

No. 62493

File: 1565946895564.jpeg (43.74 KB, 320x320, FFF9D835-B196-48E9-840B-C13279…)

Female roland vibes

No. 62494

Damn anon, you were faster than me. I can see why all the weebs and beta males orbit her. Married to a rich guy, doesn't need to work, can spend all the money.

No. 62496

File: 1565949651258.jpeg (35.53 KB, 326x434, A0085A5A-4599-44CC-8FA1-7D3CE3…)

Don‘t forget her sugar daddy and horrible fashion sense

No. 62518

At least Roland had to work to achieve his fame. She just got to marry some AZN dick and gets her life funded by them. I'd seriously feel embarrassed if I was her.

No. 63380

Well arisucookie had to work as escort/hostess

No. 63537


She looks like trash though so I’m hardly envious. Plus it won’t last forever anon.

No. 63850

File: 1566551933016.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x2137, 78991A02-7DC0-456A-8002-A89FCF…)


No. 63851

She should sue her surg– oh wait.

No. 63867

File: 1566567372672.jpg (73 KB, 620x465, HjLlcbX.jpg)

No. 63875

Nose up she looks okayish, but her lips are horrifying. What would even fix this, a lip lift? She definitely needs to lay off the fillers for forever though. She looks like a fish.

No. 64059

File: 1566679079574.jpg (344.82 KB, 1080x1349, So8tXhK.jpg)


No. 64086

Her face looks so long and pointy. Yikes. No money or expensive bag is worth this.

No. 64095

OK, but anyone else noticed the dress is see through and you can clearly see her nipnip? In Japan you can buy those patches to hide them literally everywhere

No. 64271


I got suspended for even mentioning that site. What the fuck?

No. 64528

Ist she allowed any clothes that aren't pink? All that money spent on outfits that look like shit.

No. 64625

File: 1566940517467.png (100.85 KB, 250x250, whitechicks.png)


Jeez I never realized her botched her face is. This is bad.

No. 73432

File: 1574331376207.png (414.89 KB, 521x630, Uhr6UlS.png)

she kinda looks ok atm
did her visa husband do all her plastic surgery stuff?

No. 73708

Her teeth look horrid in most of her videos and photos

No. 75095

File: 1575868270653.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, 3C51EE4A-10D1-43FF-B428-506B7A…)

Gaya is still alive but changed a lot(necro)

No. 75162

That website is gross af.

No. 75322

I wouldn't call it a big change if she's still bumming around Japan with no real cause.

No. 82065

She just looks like a transwoman who is trying way too hard to "pass" but failing at it. Her "aesthetic" doesn't remind me of most AFAB women, even the super girly ones. She always wears multiple clashing shades of pink. The botched plastic surgery and how tall she is makes it even worse.

No. 93496

So arisucookie just got a Birkin. Wonder what she have to do in return for it lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 93500

by her sugar daddy or visa husband?

No. 95622

File: 1590308039793.png (3.47 MB, 828x1792, 48404AC7-B7C4-41E6-9D88-B59B3E…)

She admits to having a breast augmentation. Why not admit the fillers aswell?

No. 96250

I’m thinking if she needs to invest in surgery an upper lip lift would have been a better option for her. The distance between her nose and upper lip is too long, giving her an elongated upper lip shape. The rubbery lip injections are bulging out creating deep creases on the corners of her mouth, which is not aesthetically pleasing tbh. Her mouth area looks very unattractive.

No. 102692

Is gaya still a prostitute?

No. 106850

File: 1595748588107.jpeg (130.51 KB, 605x904, C9BA48DD-6C4B-4097-9296-50A921…)

Imagine picking skincare based on the color of packaging…(necro)

No. 106860

Late but I second your critique of her cosmetic procedures. I always wondered why the corners of her mouth looked a little off.

No. 106873

She's not equal sized at all. She's Kelly Eden 2.0

No. 106899

Imagine being so bitter that the color of someone's facewash offends you that much that you feel the need to screencap it and share it here. She likes pink, that's not milk.

No. 106925

Her body is much more toned though I wouldn’t go as far as put her on a lvl with Kelly anon. Ar least Alice goes to the gym and actually washes her feet

No. 107541

File: 1596219299896.jpeg (60.07 KB, 484x502, 13BF24F4-7982-4ADE-BCE5-83D8D9…)

She totally got her lips done again. Doesn’t she notice that it enhances her horse face even more?

Also can we talk about her 3rd birkin Bag she got in like a few months?

No. 107544

Has this girl actually done anything of any interest at all or are you just PULL-posting about her being rich and plastic?

No. 107546

She’s not even remotely milky. She just gets nitpicked whenever Nadine is mentioned in the Lorena thread as a distraction. Same thing happened just a few days ago.

No. 107552

Idk who that Nadine girl is though i just wanna gossip

No. 107559

She’s generally the only one getting nitpicked here. Seriously wonder why this thread isn’t nucked already

No. 107562

Because she is fake as hell and lies
She met her boyfriend or sugar daddy while she was working as hostess. Told everybody she got a working visa as teacher but she had a visa husband

No. 107569

She originally came as a teacher. She quit but stayed on the visa illegally. When she met her husband she was working as an escort/hostess and he was her sugar daddy. They married and she got a marriage visa. That all happened years ago.

Anything new?

No. 107626

Learn to sage and this isn't interesting or new.

No. 107628

Till she met another sugardaddy and lives illegally alone

No. 107657

Is her boyfriend a doctor?
Because I could swear he looks and sounds a lot like my gynecologist in Tokyo…


No. 107662

Learn to sage ffs!

No. 107671

Wow I just caught up on the Lorena thread. I seriously cannot believe Nadine is still trying to deny everything that happened 5 years ago, even if it's just brought up casually. Then she invites people to stalk her even more by acting super aggresively towards them. Do you not know when to just shut the fuck up and quit trying to antagonize people? If you literally said nothing, everyone would've just forgotten about it and not said a word. The internet has a short attention span, and the fact you can't even take a hint is just astounding.

No. 107675

File: 1596299470535.png (439.58 KB, 691x513, onlyfans.png)

I wonder what she's going to do when this gets posted. Delete it immediately?

No. 107687

She nuked everything…lol

Hope it was worth losing simp money over some people talking shit.

No. 107695

Amazing how thin her skin is considering how much she harasses other people on here.

No wonder Lorena's thread has been going for so long. Lorena is milky but she isn't constantly giving milk and doesn't have that big a following. Yet her thread gets bumped a lot with nitpicks and baseless speculation. Lorena used to interact with lolcow/PULL but now just seems to have stopped caring. Bad choices can be entertaining but it isn't what makes someone a lolcow.

In contrast, Nadine must constantly have lolcow open on her phone ready to deflect from any slight mention of her.

No. 107696

Her website has gone private too.

No. 107698

And her twitter is gone.

No. 107699


She was up until passed 3 AM at least deleting everything.

I think she's done for good.

It's kind of funny how thin her skin is considering she obviously dealt with review culture and a bunch of johns critiquing her, yet she can't stand the idea of a bunch of other assholes doing the same thing. Even so, it was only done when she purposely provoked reactions from people to do so.

Either way, I imagine this thread will get invaded by a bunch of TAG users when they wake up and find out what happened.

No. 107700

It’s like she’s terrified of her new pole/hoop friends finding she’s an escort and that she posts on lolcow but also can’t stop posting? What did Lorena do to her that made her obsess over her for 5 years? I really doubt most people in poledancing would care that much that’s she an escort as a lot of them work in lapdancing clubs themselves. Maybe people from her Japanese classes would but she could just pass old posts off as rumours or slander.

But instead she keeps Lorena’s threads going, makes new threads about other people, and cries every time she is remotely mentioned. The level of self-sabotaging is incredible.

No. 107701

Yeah, but I'd imagine finding this site for them is hard enough. It's not like anons here have tried to cow tip her. They probably would've done so like 5 years ago at least.

Honestly, people here don't really care that much at all about her, but to see her overreact in this way is just…yeah no words there. It's like she wants to put out a small fire with gasoline.

No. 107703

That's true. Ironically, everyone finds her through her sperging on Lorena. I doubt anyone has organically found her who didn't know Lorena.

No. 107704

>I think she's done for good.

Her TAG ad is still up.

No. 107705

Give it time. TAG admin probably hasn't woken up yet. Everything about her might get nuked just like what happened with Gaya.

No. 107706

I think Gaya just retired. I don't think that was because of anything here. Her thread was dead for ages before she announced she had quit. Nadine is deleting while simultaneously denying threads are about her.

No. 107707

Oh yeah, I didn't mean to say Gaya retired because of anything here. More like she asked the TAG admin to destroy any mention of her.

No. 107708

Yeah that was weird as Gaya still seems to be in Tokyo and working. Wonder what made her want to leave TAG.

No. 107717

How can Nadine be in Japan for so long?

No. 107721

She goes to language schools for student visas and pays for it by being an escort.

No. 107746

Ad is gone now. Only a matter of time now.

No. 107747

File: 1596336886629.png (1.87 MB, 1492x1334, Facebook.png)

No. 107748

File: 1596337626378.jpg (23.88 KB, 480x480, 110803408_682639732465649_3714…)

No. 107749

File: 1596338079123.png (2.03 MB, 1490x1384, facebook.png)

posts gone, that was fast!

No. 107750

File: 1596338397138.png (1.49 MB, 1727x1014, dp.png)

now her pic is gone

No. 107751

She's obsessively checking lolcow and this thread at seemingly all hours of the day. Honestly, I'm kind of worried at this point.

Lorena is trash yes, but the one thing I will say is that she eventually learned to let go and leave behind all the gossip sites.

She should probably take a page from her book.

No. 107752

File: 1596338491927.png (202.58 KB, 1900x1548, profile.png)

profile gone

No. 107754

Lorena left a kid behind, a thread was easy.

The funny thing is that Nadine said "you seem pretty obsessed", "you clearly have a problem don’t you?", "seeing your obsession is really worrying" when trying to deflect in the Lorena thread. It's like she sees the smallest bit of interest in her as an obsession but her refreshing every minute is normal.

No. 107774

well, nadine isn't that of a good girl either
not like lorena (she's fucked up)

No. 107784

Something another anon tipped me off about the apostrophes people use being a dead give away about if they're at least German or not.

I looked through this thread, and I'm willing to bet that Nadine has been posting here a lot more times than she wants to admit. Doesn't she have better things to do? I guess she really enjoys talking shit, and bringing others down despite saying this site is "full of cyber bullies, racism and slut shaming."

Whatever, she's done and both threads will probably be a lot more quiet from now on.

No. 107825

I remember she was caught posting from a German Instagram account in the previous Lorena thread >>68469

No. 107882

While there was some truth to what I said earlier, it seems ‘ is used if you’re posting on an iPhone and the evidence isn’t conclusive whether they’re German or not. My views still haven’t changed though.

No. 107884

No. 107891

File: 1596468173403.png (1.51 MB, 1916x1126, nadine.png)

No. 107900

No. 107907

File: 1596473683882.gif (190.99 KB, 400x266, refresh.gif)

You've been refreshing constantly for the past 3-4 days. I guess this site lives inside your mind rent free.

No. 107908

File: 1596475118746.png (93.94 KB, 1276x976, Kelly.png)

I think this is her new Instagram under a fake name.


No. 108219

yeah that's her

No. 108222

clearly not as it's still up

No. 108531

Which clinic do you go? I thought the exactly sane thing. Lol(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 108589

File: 1597006832848.png (24.25 KB, 749x281, danielandchris.png)

This might be old but Chris, the TAG admin follows HIMR, a filthy ugly sexpat POS youtuber who sleeps with prostitutes with no condom and constantly cheats on women.

Something something like minded people attract to like minded people.

No. 108609

Not really surprising. He liked this post where a PUA basically admits to raping women:


No. 108639

jesus christ. this made me wanna vomit. one of the girls blatantly said no two times, yet the guy continued pressuring her into sex, and then he claims it wasn't rape or forced. fucking sociopath.

No. 108653

You do realize that HIMR is a drama channel right? You're taking the bait if you believe it all. Gay men love his onlyfans though.

(repost, forgot to sage)

No. 108663

Funny how the woman calling out this shitty behavior is none other than J. Blair.

No. 108711

Andres Quispe Hansen is a total creep. He also secretly records the women he harasses then posts it on youtube. Filming without permission is against the law in Japan. He then uses the videos to teach other men how to harass women.


Creepy white PUAs in Japan need their own thread.(offtopic)

No. 108737

That's according to his own account as well. Imagine what he left out to make himself look better.

No. 108847

File: 1597193508164.png (868.89 KB, 1720x956, Din Din.png)

No. 108853

File: 1597196014056.jpeg (334.97 KB, 828x1449, D0D31BAB-DBEE-4D77-9648-848867…)

looks like Sandra’s Instagram profile

No. 108856

lmao "shiro usagi". Is she an idiot?

No. 108864

File: 1597202121269.jpeg (272.01 KB, 828x1462, 7BFEF25D-D0FD-4A4B-ACA2-27402F…)

Maybe it’s just me thinking that way…. but what the heck is she doing in Okinawa when the covid-19 cases there are exploding and their health system is at the brick of collapsing?! I really don’t get her selfish way of thinking.

No. 108867

Lol this again.

No. 108869


New record of what… 3 hours?

No. 108874

It's like she wanted to confirm that she is Rabbit from PULL after all.

No. 108875

File: 1597209177505.png (269.08 KB, 510x470, Penis.png)

I'm so confused by this picture. On the right there is a hand holding a drink. Beneath it is a leg. Then some chunky flesh thing partially covered by the flower emoji. Above that something that looks like is a penis??? Wtf is that?

No. 108877

looks like a foot just at a bizarre angle. the weird dickhead looking thing is the big toe.

No. 108878

Oh, I see it now. The back of the foot is facing up and penis is the back of the toe. I guess she put the flower on because his feet look weird but managed to make it worse.

No. 108892

Looks like another sugar baby or escort flaunting her regular shopping trips lol

No. 108893

Sandra is polish?

No. 108904

Probably she is preoccupied with having a sugar high from all those high carb cream cakes and smoothies and happy to be getting another purse from her SD. I doubt she cares about covid.

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