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No. 54862

Because the people in the Lorena thread requested to stop shitting up the thread, I figured I could make this thread. Use this thread to talk about any hoe/hooker/sw/whatever related to Kabukicho, Tokyo, TAG, and/or Japan.

Milk will be slow to come by as most of these girls aren't as stupid as Lorena, but I'm sure something will happen.

No. 54871

lmao, that looks painful.


Unfortunately no.

No. 54893

She isn’t even in Japan any more, why is she in this thread.

Also the admin said that being a hooker alone isn’t milk. What do these people have milk worthy other than them being sluts and living in Japan? That isn’t milk

No. 54905

Right, this is a vendetta thread started by someone who stalks the girls advertising on tokyoadultguide. Stop attacking SW and leave tag girls alone.

No. 54906

No it isn't. It's meant as a catch all topic to talk about whatever bullshit goes on with whoever that isn't Lorena. This isn't limited to TAG girls. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. People here post about vloggers that are even less interesting, but you don't see those topics get accused of being vendetta threads.

No. 54907

These people are not public personalities. They don’t post much online except their advertisements, therefore there’s no reason to start a new thread. I don’t agree with your shitty morals either way anon, this site is full of cyber bullies, racism and slut shaming.

No. 54909

What the fuck are you doing here then? You sound like you're one of them, yet you still lurk this site to see if anyone talks negatively about TAG girls.

No. 54910

You don’t have to advertise on tag to see the real problem are stalkers like you anon who target fuzoku girls. Thousands of Japanese women and a bunch of Eastern Europeans work in fuzoku. They don’t have anything to serve you unless you have a personal vendetta against their sex work.

Enjoy your day stalking blurry faces and wishing you were making sw money.

No. 54911

Ok Nadine, and this is why other users also talk about Sandra, Kisu, or some other nobody in the Lorena thread. Where were you when this was all going down?

And nobody has done any cow tipping on any of these people. This thread hasn't even started, yet here you are making all of these baseless accusations. If I want to talk shit about somebody's pictures or some poorly written blurb, or a review then I don't see how this negatively affects the way they can conduct their lives.

No. 54912

I have to concur with anon. What exactly is the milk? I don’t see anything other than just… hookers in Japan? Who cares.

No. 54923

File: 1561483471233.png (21.39 KB, 1667x262, nadineposts.png)

She posts exactly like this anon, trying to defend that Nadine isn't Anna Summer when posting more about it and all the proof being posted made it completely obvious that it's her. She was even is stupid enough to not bother saging her posts.

Also Nadine would post all the time on PULL low key admiring escorts and all the work they do, even going as far to post saying she's talked with them on TAG. So when she got found out she's Anna Summer, it was a good narrative that she'd been slowly suckered into the life of being an escort for the money when in reality, she's been one since at least 2012.

No. 54926

Someone mentioned she quit like Gaya, turns out she didn't and someone posted a link to her new escort persona and it all went from there.

Just some critiquing and shit posting that derailed the Lorena thread.

No. 54927

Spending your time on posting screenshots from anonymous posts on lolcow isn’t admirable either. Sex work is work, whether you respect it or not. While you’re busy digging the old posts on lolcow at least these girls are busy making money.(derailing)

No. 54934

Not all SW are pimped or trafficked. Some women are doing sex work because they don’t want to be exploited by someone in power in the corporate world. You can be working in any field and exploited by authorities. Many girls advertising on Twitter are working independently and they don’t have pimps.

Do you think falling into poverty is better, or mooching off your parents? I don’t get the obsession you have with these women who haven’t done you any harm.(derailing)

No. 54935

Not all but most. If it's so great why don't men race to be independent hookers? Oh yeah, because it's exploitative and demeaning to women.(derailing)

No. 54936

There are male sex workers, though.

No. 54938

Do you have any idea about fuzoku in Japan? Many average Japanese women work in this kind of job at some point in their lives. They are not biased against sex work like you westerners are. There are almost no pimps exploiting them either.

No. 54942

Digging yourself a bigger hole. You really haven't learned have you? Why don't you take this self righteous attitude to the Lorena thread? I'm sure they could use that more than this barely active thread.

No. 54947

Anon there’s no use in arguing with the autist ITT. She’s a fat weeb in Japan who makes a shit ton of random threads about sex workers or people who fuck Japanese guys. Lolcow has a shit ton of radical feminists and moralfagging atm but the admin said that being a sex worker alone isn’t grounds for having a thread. Just report the threads and the posts. It’ll probably be locked soon.

No. 54948

This is a gossip site not a rad fem message board

No. 54958

File: 1561495250629.jpeg (26.7 KB, 183x340, D07BF3FF-DC8C-458D-B1DD-63412A…)

(no contribution)

No. 54980

Admin just nuke this thread already lmao

No. 54984

Where is Kisu now? Is she still at kirari?

No. 55004

>Because the people in the Lorena thread requested to stop shitting up the thread, I figured I could make this thread. Use this thread to talk about any hoe/hooker/sw/whatever related to Kabukicho, Tokyo, TAG, and/or Japan.
>Milk will be slow to come by as most of these girls aren't as stupid as Lorena, but I'm sure something will happen.
Tbh, this thread may have been viable if OP had made any kind of real effort and provided legitimate cows as a subject. Shiena isn't in Japan anymore and has her own thread already, Kitty isn't in Japan anymore, Gaya quit TAG and is laying low/no milk. All of these girls are either spoiled or dry milk. I'll never understand why there's an anon or two so obsessed with bringing them up. If you really want to talk about old milk, there's a thread for that too already?

No. 55028

She went mia after the bar drama when people started to dig out her past and spread the rumor that she killed her friend. Also wonder what happened to Vika.

No. 55061

This will become stale milk just like that old thread on kitty from two years ago lol

No. 55069


Ha… wow.

If the thread ends up going to shit, then oh well. At least discussion on Lorena won't go heavily off topic. No need for Nadine to go on a bitch fest about it.

No. 55079

So gaya married that gaijin hunter with 18 to prostitute herself in japan wtf

No. 55087

That’s old news and has already been discussed in her old thread. What’s the milk here?

No. 55101

I tried to follow Yuma on twitter, but my request is still pending. I wonder if she actually killed herself?

No. 55152

Probably just quit

No. 55165

File: 1561609475781.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.04 KB, 1024x768, D9RZvYrWwAUlKDx.jpg)

Is this for real? Did kitty really think this photo was a good idea?

No. 55167

What is your obsession with Kitty?

No. 55173

Just let them talk to themselves, anon. At least they are saging now and not doing it in other threads finally.

No. 55185

Who cares? Who is this random bitch? She isn’t even in Japan or Kabukicho just a random escort. Why is this not vendetta?

No. 55187

I honestly think this is Lorena trying to take away the attention on herself….

No. 55237

lmao oh god.

This bitch is charging over a $1000 an hour and she's still books AirBNBs? So much for the luxury life style considering you'd book an AirBNB and fucking eat ice cream found randomly you fat fuck.

No. 55264

Def Lorena.She was the one started the original Kitty thread.

No. 55279

Good deduction there anon. Where were you with this deduction when the Lorena thread got derailed with Kitty/Nova Swann?

No. 55314

Yuma has been working at Nasty Dolls for awhile now.

Sara=Yuma (Those pics are Yuma's which can be sourced from current and old ads posted in various places.)


No real milk to speak of.

No. 55343

This is really malicious/obvious vendetta now. The reason she changed her name was because name Kitty Carr brought up lolcow due to crazy autistic fucks posting about her despite her not being a weeb or at all, just a white escort in Japan. Now you’re typing her full escort name trying to get lolcow to the front page again when she isn’t even in Japan and hasn’t been for years now, isn’t remotely interesting and is a random white escort in Japan. I’ve seen people with vendetta do this in other threads by typing someone’s full legal name in order to get this to the top of the search results, like in the Shiena case. This is really fucked up anon and your vendetta is weird as hell.

No. 55344

There seems to be one or two anons here (maybe more) who in general have a problem with Escorts. Or specifically Escorts in japan.

No. 55345

It’s Sandra and another crazed weeb. They post randoms like Kisu or Vika who nobody else besides a small group of people know. That’s also why there’s a million and one threads about randoms in Japan like nobody no name hosts

No. 55346

Different anon here, but yeah if definitely seems like someone obsessed with a very particular pool of people. It's pretty bizarre because it's never new milk, just the same loop of old gossip about the same handful of people? I don't get it, but as long as they keep it contained to one thread, I'm happy. They used to bump multiple threads and derail on the regular, so at the very least, this is an improvement.

No. 55349

If you can‘t offer anything, you become a prostitute

No. 55350

Yeah it’s post like this which make it obvious someone has a major hooker vendetta. Pretty sure it’s Sandra because she started all the other Gaijin in Japan threads

No. 55352

It‘s the truth and sandra is a whore too

No. 55355

I say it's Nadine, because Sandra has no contact to anyone as it seams. So who is so bored and made this treat for not important people?

No. 55358

Probably. Nadine has some strange vendetta or problem with her.
But there is literally nothing to say about those girls, so why this post?

No. 55359

Yes, and they are really annoying. There is this one (?) person that keeps bumping the Lorena thread with dull one-liners like "so is she still visa-hopping" or shit like this: >>55349. It is slowly driving me insane, especially because they never sage.

Those kind of cows seem to attract the weirdest people. There are only a few that actually enjoy the milk they give us and their cringy behavior. Then there are a few that only come here to nitpick looks, sometimes in a very obsessive way. Like, we get it. She has saggy skin on her stomach. And then there are those braindead farmers like >>55349 >>55352.

No. 55361

Honestly, to me it seems like that no one even cares about these whores. Not Sandra, Nadine etc. there must be someone else having a vendetta against them. Both Sandra and Nadine are super quiet. Sandra doesn’t even escort anymore. So what’s the point? Either Lorena or someone else in japan being salty.

No. 55363

In her call out thread to the TAG admin way back when, the admin would throw jabs like "Well at least there's nasty dolls or you could try working with Misa again."

Misa as in the super shady escort girl who runs her own agency of overpriced escorts where everyone on TAG hates them and they equally hate TAG to the point of banning reviews on them.

I didn't think Yuma would actually do it. That whole thread could've taken a very different turn if some other well known TAG girl like Nadine or Hana Maria or whoever actually stood up for her when the admin acted like a huge shady piece of shit. But nah, they had to continue being subservient to this fuck so as to fuel their unsustainable life style.

What pisses me more off about this is this bitch Nadine claims to take the moral high ground on people like all of us farmers for talking shit, yet she won't even go to bat for one of her friends/escorts when it doesn't directly benefit her. All for what? Just so she can continue to live in Japan after being on a language visa for years? Now that's ran out, she's there just visiting for months at a time?

Now once a well reviewed, high class escort has been forced down to the equivalent of working at McDs. Truly a shame.

No. 55364

I find this quite laughable, because all of your deduction skills are extremely weak.

Do you think any of these girls you think it could be are smart enough to find an exploit with viewing deleted threads on TAG?

I'll give you a hint, it's nobody you know.

No. 55365

Guess you feelings got hurt. Maybe because you are prostitute yourself?!

I don‘t know who spammed the lorena thread. Maybe lorena herself,

No. 55372

I just tried googling it myself and literally nothing came up for lolcow. The same goes for all the other Kabukihoes mentioned here.

You're just making shit up at this point are you?

No. 55376

I really don’t know what the vendetta is with this thread. True it’s not derailing the Lorena thread but doesn’t serve milk either. As someone mentioned before, Gaya quit and the rest is not even openly active on social media or doing anything else than just being an escort in Japan. Shall we now also start including every Japanese sex worker? What’s the point of this?

No. 55379

It's just all we've talked about. Pretty sure if we start talking more shit about someone like Nadine, she'll show up and tell us all to fuck off but she'll do that regardless of who we talk about.

No. 55382

Maybe nobody comes to defend because nobody but you care? It’s just all talking in circles over and over again. Can you actually provide anything lolcow worthy?

No. 55388

What is the obsession with Kitty tho?? Just leave her.

No. 55391

File: 1561731271528.jpeg (59.29 KB, 921x398, 9EA99C39-8C1E-4943-B35C-C60C04…)

There’s someone in all these threads who is literally obsessed with weebs in Japan and sex work

No. 55393

She’s a random escort in California. Where is the fucking milk? lorena’s thread makes sense, she’s actually cringe worthy as all hell. Same for Shiena when that deportation shit happened although she isn’t milk worthy anymore. But Gaya? Kitty? They’re literally random bitches in Japan. Stop making these obsessed weeb threads

No. 55395

Someone who has a vendetta against Kitty, Nadine, Sandra and all the other weebs in Japan made the thread. Really wonder who that is.

No. 55426

File: 1561750742123.jpeg (889.74 KB, 1125x1939, 4FD1356F-3E5F-406D-BB20-61533E…)

Who is this Lorena’s “soul sister” prostitute?

No. 55434

It seems she got so many plastic surgeries.
freaky lip injections, fake blonde, fake blue eyes. She doesn’t look like half Japanese

No. 55443

>>55395 It must be some pissed German who has a vendetta against all these girls and trying to make them look extremely bad even thought there are boring and not even worth to mention. Lorena treat was totally enough

No. 55444

i wish they would stop. it makes it really annoying for people who actually are. plus, being part japanese isn't some kind of awesome and glamorous thing like they seem to think.

No. 55452

Yeah Sandra

No. 55471

Many SW in Japan are exploited by hosts or/and band men kinds of men right? Those men are pimps but just in different styles.If you are SW in Japan and don’t think you’re exploited, you really are a just stupid fuckn hoe.

No. 55474

The TAG girls don't deal with Japanese clients 99% of the time except Gaya because they're thought to be incredibly shitty and pushy such as poking holes in condoms and/or slipping them off.

No. 55479

To add onto this note, Nasty Dolls has been banned from TAG because the admin cites "shady practices they can confirm happening."

More vague shady shit that doesn't tell anything. This was back in late March and by this time, Yuma joined Nasty Dolls.

Does the TAG admin really have such a vendetta against Yuma to the point he'd ban an agency from being allowed reviews just because she works for them? Or did something really happen?

Also, I'm not sure if I can confirm 100% it's really Yuma. Did they steal her pictures to replace them over another escort named Sara?

Because web archive saved pages of this Sara dating back to 2016 at least, and by this time Yuma was already a well known indie.

Another really fucking strange thing is Nasty Dolls advertised her on insta and twitter but somehow nobody has pointed out this is Yuma.

Things have certainly gotten more interesting than I thought they would.

No. 55482

Damn really? Do you have a link?

As for Manami, well I'm not sure if that's the case because she's been around well before TAG existed and she was getting good reviews then on sites like TER. It's just not every review was glowing like they are on TAG.

The same goes for someone like Alice. At most they say shit like well she was quiet, and put in effort in X or Y but it wasn't a mind blowing session etc etc. Something along these lines.

Also you kind of have to read between the lines. When I read any review on Nadine or some other girl, they always say something like "She didn't blow me away but…" or "She didn't look how I pictured her but…" or "She's more of a GND type." From here you can probably gauge a better idea of what they mean.

No. 55483

Partially right, partially wrong.

Nasty Dolls got kicked off of TAG because of a member by the name of RIDER 00 - TAG found out that he was getting discounts to post enhanced reviews of the agency. Those discounts were being taken out of the SW's take home pay. A few thousand yen from each session I believe it was. He also spammed some of the TAG members later on about how to get discounts and to mention his name to the agency, he in turn gets free sessions if he refers enough people.

This all transpired right after the new year (2019). The whole Yuma pics thing showed up around March this year sometime.

I was a client of Yuma's, she is clearly bipolar or has schizophrenia. I stopped seeing her after she went mental on me for no reason. This happened to others who saw her which eventually led to her be asked to leave TAG and get some help (March/April 2017). She returned in September 2017 and threatened suicide if she wasn't allowed to buy an ad on TAG. (Rebecca Risque from Singapore spearheaded the suicide postings at first) She was still denied and told to seek help for her problems. Yuma disappeared from the scene completely after this, save for her ads that were left on places like City of Love.

Then, in March 2019, her pics suddenly appeared on Nasty Dolls. But, if you're a longtime member of TAG and can read the good stuff, you'd know that Sara is in fact Yuma since she did work for Nasty Dolls & Made In Japan before going independent. Nasty Dolls never took her profile down.

If anyone here knows Yuma like I do, you'll remember that she has a almost paranoid attitude when it comes to being seen with a client by some of her many foreign friends in Tokyo. (Her claim anyway…) She wouldn't meet in some areas of Tokyo to avoid being seen.

No. 55485

Holy shit, the fucking motherload of information.

I always figured some people from TAG were going to find this thread, and I'm glad my intuition turned out to be right.

No. 55486

So what? I’m not taking about your customers

No. 55487

You may want to check your facts. Manami was around before TAG and had her own reputation long before that. She advertises on TAG just like the others. If you're trying to smear Manami, I'm afraid you'll need more actual ammo than just some random fluff that you've got between your ears. She's the most drama-free SW in Tokyo.

(Re-posted to correct writing error)

No. 55489

She booked and planned the big TAG party a few years ago, that's about all she's done. You claim she's never had a bad review?

What about this?

I think you're just looking smear her for no reason. TER is a good cross-reference.

No. 55491

Why wouldn't we find this?

Don't get the whole hate model against Chris or TAG. But whatever… TAG works for us. There's more to TAG than what the public can see, other content becomes available as you get more involved in the discussions.

No. 55493

I wasn't there for it but TAG held a social gathering in Tokyo for members and providers to meet and mingle. Food, drinks & discussion topics. IIRC, there were 30 people in attendance. Should be mentioned somewhere on the site.


I'm not going to reveal my member info, if that's what you're getting at. I'd prefer them to not revoke my access.

No. 55494

Because this dude tried to cover up the whole incident with Yuma, not even being remotely transparent about it with a lot of shit, let Lorena back in even though she has submitted fake reviews on the basis of being best friends with Gaya, acts incredibly vague, didn't even want to let Yuma into the women only forum which all the escorts really wanted to have, denies being petty or even an incident similar to this occurring. I could go on honestly.

Many escorts probably won't even bother with TAG after everything that's happened with that incident.

No. 55497

Also for some reason, you're not allowed to post about THC even though you once could in the past.

More vague bullshit.

No. 55500

Did you see who THC hired?Are you the same THC dude from Lorena's thread? Logic would dictate that if THC has been removed as was Nasty Dolls, then there was a reason.

I was there for the whole thing. The discussion was left open and then eventually closed and removed from public view. I don't know much about Lorena's fake reviews, all I know is that she was on TAG off and on.


"Should be mentioned somewhere on the site"

No. 55501

THC was banned from being talked about before Lorena was even hired so I'm not sure who you're talking about. If there's a reason, it was never publicly disclosed.

And yeah, I've read through that thread. You'd have to go back a long way to find info on Lorena's fake reviews but it was posted here.

Even so, Lorena is the definition of human fucking trash. The fact she was even remotely allowed back in while Yuma and every other escort who defended her got the axe is complete fucking bullshit.

No. 55503


According to one anon, he had a crush on Gaya. KEK

No. 55540

Her delusion is really stunning, like it rivals Gaya or it's probably worse.

In other news, Emma Emerio got unbanned on twitter. How the fuck did that happen? I have no idea. She must've gotten suspended because she got into a flame war with some other SW. At least this is my guess. It's doubtful they would unban a SW.

No. 55545

Does anyone knew whether Jasmine Blair/J Blair is still active? Strange that she hasn’t been mentioned here as she was a compulsive poster on TAG and seemed pretty unstable and milk-worthy

No. 55570

File: 1561841089314.png (851.14 KB, 1024x683, nadineandjblair.png)

Yep. I have no idea why.


I have nothing, except Nadine and J Blair used to be fuck buddies or something. She'd desperately try to push a "true 3P gfe" experience on her website, but nobody wanted to pay 200000 yen for both of them.

Even had a cringe as fuck photoshoot to go with it too.

No. 55584

Just read through this thread. It's basically a complete shit fest and ended like I thought it would.

I guess it's ok to post negative reviews but it's ok for them to shit on you for doing so and gaslight you in the process.

It's not too different from a similar thread by Frenchy some years back.


No. 55655

TAG manager Chris is going to get popped soon….

We all know who you are…

Cannot hide friend……


No. 55657

Wow, Stalker much?
You do realize he’s not hiding from anything?

Getting popped: do you mean you are going to kill him? Where I’m from that’s what it means.

No. 55660

Wtf has this thread become lmao

No. 55661

It's pretty obvious a bunch of new fags are joining in because they never sage shit.

No. 55741


someone post his photo here lol

No. 55771

File: 1562009099923.jpg (36.07 KB, 400x600, 0ba56027-5779-4ffa-b4ff-56bbd8…)

There. Happy? Now GTFO (and learn to sage).

No. 55814

Hi there, J/Jasmine.

Jasmine Blair/J Blair moved to Tokyo in 2015 & Paris in 2016. She was super obsessive about not getting enough attention from other escorts. It is also possible she posted about Alice/Gaya on lolcow.

After Jasmine being unsuccessful as a hoe and resenting other escorts she disappeared, but still works as a low end sugar baby

No. 55823

She logged into TAG maybe 10 days ago.

Maybe you're onto something.

No. 55843


She is still very active on the Universe Club


Any past clients would recognize her in the members page under the "international" section.

Most if not majority of the TAG girls are registered there.

No. 55844

I thought she already left Japan long ago. Didn’t she go to France?

No. 55846

You're not even going to post a cropped screenshot? What do you have to lose?

No. 55847

File: 1562068849953.png (33.84 KB, 1331x234, huh.png)

So this bitch goes on about how these Japanese sugar dating clubs are shit, yet here we are.

No. 55920

Universe club keeps a record of what clients view what girl’s profile, so if the TAG girls find this thread with screenshot(s), they could easily email UC and ask for this guy to be banned from UC

No. 55924

What about a screenshot of the international section and not the direct profile itself?

Also, yes they could ban the guy but they would have no way to deduce which member actually leaked the screenshot given that multiple clients will surely view the girls profile. The most they could do is try to establish a relationship between times the profile was accessed to the timestamp of the post made on lolcow. If they're not stupid, they won't be able to figure it out but I guess it's only understandable to not want to take risks with losing your account.

No. 55925

You’re really overestimating the number of English-speakers at UC. It would be easy to pick him out of the crowd.

No. 55939


Oh well. 2 different anons basically confirmed it, and most of the TAG girls have already posted about being on UC before. There isn't much to gain I suppose.

No. 56802

File: 1562809389482.jpeg (434.17 KB, 1125x1840, ABD98D8F-5006-402E-A4EF-283351…)

No. 56803

File: 1562809419069.jpeg (435.43 KB, 1121x1929, 337C9155-2409-4859-9D98-CA6299…)

No. 56853

Oh this bitch. I haven't heard of her in a long while.

She was a high class escort wasn't she? Maybe I should go back and take a look at the older threads.

Can't believe she'd try to start a youtube channel after hitting the jackpot of marrying a plastic surgeon lmao. What else did she expect?

No. 56912

What kind of work is she doing anyways?? The only thing she does is buying luxury stuff and having afternoon tea. I don’t think she’s a teacher because she wouldn’t be able to afford any of these on an almost weekly basis.

No. 56978

I once saw her out in Tokyo with a much older man. She’s a sugar baby for sure. If she doesn’t like people pointing it out, she could be more forthright about her job, but it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t have one.

No. 56998

File: 1562921938463.jpeg (521.3 KB, 1125x1913, 37017C85-0DDA-4957-BFCA-7B66A3…)

Suddenly she is talking about her “working life”. And she is on a “business trip” in Monaco.

No. 57003

File: 1562927601977.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1104x1978, 0D1E0FBA-FC25-4630-A6DB-4849E5…)

Are you a fuzoku escort of THC?

No. 57034

Seems more likely she's on UC. If she was on SA, someone here would post her profile.

No. 57036

This bitch is prime material for tagthesponsor if anyone remembers that site.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 57340

Her face has morphed so much over the years.

No. 57344

Is that alice?

No. 57346

I know she worked as hostess

No. 57350


so yeah.

No. 57356

This literally isn’t milk though. You’re just making and shaming random bitches in Japan

No. 57360

Personal preferences aside when it comes to age/race, she managed to snag a rich dude who keeps in good shape by the looks of it, and isn't afraid to spend his money on her or be seen with her? Is she milky beyond being a trophy girlfriend? This doesn't even seem like a straight up "sugar daddy" situation given he's obviously okay with being seen with her.

No. 57361

bitch was dumb enough to post about all of this shit on instagram and now youtube, and she's getting pissed people are telling her off.

it wouldn't be milk otherwise.

No. 57369

Remember when >>54907 whines about these people not being public personalities, and arisucookie is actually a public personality, and you STILL whine like a bitch?

Fuck off.

No. 57374

Damn she's the only weeb who managed to snag a hot sugar daddy. Other weebs usually snag ugly bastards and shit. Dude seems okay with her taking pictures it's just her that's ashamed of him.

No. 57376

Hot seems like a stretch, but compared to most weeb's dudes, he's at least fit and wealthy? So there's that. She doesn't seem ashamed of him to me, it seems more like she might be hiding his face due to his career given how aggressive those trolls are.

I'm curious to see if there's actual milk here, but rn it just feels like she's another Taylor minus the whole husband pandering to pedos thing.

No. 57433

It’s probably due to his career anon. Japanese people are a lot more private on social media too

No. 57434

Nice body language.Shes grabbing on to him like dear life and he's not even holding her, like at all.
He's def pumpin' and then (sometime in the future) dumpin'.

No. 57493

That‘s the guy she married?

No. 57575

That’s obviously not the same guy she once posted censored Purikura of. So whom is she married to?

No. 57576

She married a plaatic surgeon and he does work on her

No. 59486

So a visa husband and a sugar daddy?!

No. 59493

Basically. He fucked up her face though, she looked so much nicer before. Now she just looks like a botched up Russian, the surgery is so obvious and unnatural it's quite jarring to look at.
As long as she is genuinely happy then good for her I guess.

No. 59627

Not sure what the issue is here… Girl got lucky and snagged herself a fit, rich husband that spoils her and fully supports her. What else could a girl want? Seems like a lot of jealous anons here.

No. 59632

that's not her husband, it's her sugar daddy

No. 59637

>>59632 Even if, for a sugar daddy he doesn't looks bad, in general he doesn't looks like he needs to pay girls to hang out with him

No. 59664

he is fucking old so of course he has to pay lol arisu doesn't love him at all. she is a good actress

No. 59708

>has salt and pepper hair
>is soooo oooold he has to pay
He ain't even look that old tbh. Maybe 40s. Isn't she in her 30s by now?

No. 59725

I think she said that she turned 26 or 27….

No. 59786

guess arisu met him at her hostess club

No. 59789

I hope you guys are enthusiastic when you receive a gift. When someone gives me a gift, I’m grateful. If she wants to show some appreciation, I don’t find it that bad.

No. 59790

whiteknighting much?

No. 59956

Maybe, but I'm not the one dumb enough to make a youtube channel and an instagram to post about all of this shit. That's just asking for trouble.

No. 59996

Sounds fake as fuck tho.

If it makes y'all feel better, whores like arisu are looked down upon in Japan by both Japanese and the expat community.

No. 60014

What happened to her making an extensive post or video about how she affords luxury goods? By the chanel jewelry and bag sugar dad got her for her bday its pretty damn obvious he is how she affords it.
Bitch got lucky with the dude, but i would much rather sit in my small 1 bed apt with my husband truly in love than have some old dude botch my face and body for some fucking gucci shoes. Theres only so long those things are enough to make you happy. Hope she sells them often enough to keep up a good bank balance for when she leaves.

No. 60152

What happend to arisucookies onlineshop

No. 61432

>as said by the basement dwelling hambeast who doesn’t live in Japan

No. 61442

wonder who this whiteknight is
arisu herself? a "fan" lol?

No. 61759

Are there photos of pre surgery alice?

No. 61790

Yes just scroll down her instagram

No. 62450

File: 1565913201564.png (2.19 MB, 1025x1252, 1565601770282.png)

No. 62470

Who is that?

No. 62489

whoever it is, her face/head is photoshopped on. The sharp edges around her entire head/hair is pretty obvious.

No. 62492

What are you trying to prove by copy pasting an innocent person’s head onto a SW promotion shot?

No. 62493

File: 1565946895564.jpeg (43.74 KB, 320x320, FFF9D835-B196-48E9-840B-C13279…)

Female roland vibes

No. 62494

Damn anon, you were faster than me. I can see why all the weebs and beta males orbit her. Married to a rich guy, doesn't need to work, can spend all the money.

No. 62496

File: 1565949651258.jpeg (35.53 KB, 326x434, A0085A5A-4599-44CC-8FA1-7D3CE3…)

Don‘t forget her sugar daddy and horrible fashion sense

No. 62518

At least Roland had to work to achieve his fame. She just got to marry some AZN dick and gets her life funded by them. I'd seriously feel embarrassed if I was her.

No. 63380

Well arisucookie had to work as escort/hostess

No. 63537


She looks like trash though so I’m hardly envious. Plus it won’t last forever anon.

No. 63850

File: 1566551933016.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x2137, 78991A02-7DC0-456A-8002-A89FCF…)


No. 63851

She should sue her surg– oh wait.

No. 63867

File: 1566567372672.jpg (73 KB, 620x465, HjLlcbX.jpg)

No. 63875

Nose up she looks okayish, but her lips are horrifying. What would even fix this, a lip lift? She definitely needs to lay off the fillers for forever though. She looks like a fish.

No. 64059

File: 1566679079574.jpg (344.82 KB, 1080x1349, So8tXhK.jpg)


No. 64086

Her face looks so long and pointy. Yikes. No money or expensive bag is worth this.

No. 64095

OK, but anyone else noticed the dress is see through and you can clearly see her nipnip? In Japan you can buy those patches to hide them literally everywhere

No. 64271


I got suspended for even mentioning that site. What the fuck?

No. 64528

Ist she allowed any clothes that aren't pink? All that money spent on outfits that look like shit.

No. 64625

File: 1566940517467.png (100.85 KB, 250x250, whitechicks.png)


Jeez I never realized her botched her face is. This is bad.

No. 73432

File: 1574331376207.png (414.89 KB, 521x630, Uhr6UlS.png)

she kinda looks ok atm
did her visa husband do all her plastic surgery stuff?

No. 73708

Her teeth look horrid in most of her videos and photos

No. 75095

File: 1575868270653.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, 3C51EE4A-10D1-43FF-B428-506B7A…)

Gaya is still alive but changed a lot(necro)

No. 75162

That website is gross af.

No. 75322

I wouldn't call it a big change if she's still bumming around Japan with no real cause.

No. 82065

She just looks like a transwoman who is trying way too hard to "pass" but failing at it. Her "aesthetic" doesn't remind me of most AFAB women, even the super girly ones. She always wears multiple clashing shades of pink. The botched plastic surgery and how tall she is makes it even worse.

No. 93496

So arisucookie just got a Birkin. Wonder what she have to do in return for it lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 93500

by her sugar daddy or visa husband?

No. 95622

File: 1590308039793.png (3.47 MB, 828x1792, 48404AC7-B7C4-41E6-9D88-B59B3E…)

She admits to having a breast augmentation. Why not admit the fillers aswell?

No. 96250

I’m thinking if she needs to invest in surgery an upper lip lift would have been a better option for her. The distance between her nose and upper lip is too long, giving her an elongated upper lip shape. The rubbery lip injections are bulging out creating deep creases on the corners of her mouth, which is not aesthetically pleasing tbh. Her mouth area looks very unattractive.

No. 102692

Is gaya still a prostitute?

No. 106850

File: 1595748588107.jpeg (130.51 KB, 605x904, C9BA48DD-6C4B-4097-9296-50A921…)

Imagine picking skincare based on the color of packaging…(necro)

No. 106860

Late but I second your critique of her cosmetic procedures. I always wondered why the corners of her mouth looked a little off.

No. 106873

She's not equal sized at all. She's Kelly Eden 2.0

No. 106899

Imagine being so bitter that the color of someone's facewash offends you that much that you feel the need to screencap it and share it here. She likes pink, that's not milk.

No. 106925

Her body is much more toned though I wouldn’t go as far as put her on a lvl with Kelly anon. Ar least Alice goes to the gym and actually washes her feet

No. 107541

File: 1596219299896.jpeg (60.07 KB, 484x502, 13BF24F4-7982-4ADE-BCE5-83D8D9…)

She totally got her lips done again. Doesn’t she notice that it enhances her horse face even more?

Also can we talk about her 3rd birkin Bag she got in like a few months?

No. 107544

Has this girl actually done anything of any interest at all or are you just PULL-posting about her being rich and plastic?

No. 107546

She’s not even remotely milky. She just gets nitpicked whenever Nadine is mentioned in the Lorena thread as a distraction. Same thing happened just a few days ago.

No. 107552

Idk who that Nadine girl is though i just wanna gossip

No. 107559

She’s generally the only one getting nitpicked here. Seriously wonder why this thread isn’t nucked already

No. 107562

Because she is fake as hell and lies
She met her boyfriend or sugar daddy while she was working as hostess. Told everybody she got a working visa as teacher but she had a visa husband

No. 107569

She originally came as a teacher. She quit but stayed on the visa illegally. When she met her husband she was working as an escort/hostess and he was her sugar daddy. They married and she got a marriage visa. That all happened years ago.

Anything new?

No. 107626

Learn to sage and this isn't interesting or new.

No. 107628

Till she met another sugardaddy and lives illegally alone

No. 107657

Is her boyfriend a doctor?
Because I could swear he looks and sounds a lot like my gynecologist in Tokyo…


No. 107662

Learn to sage ffs!

No. 107671

Wow I just caught up on the Lorena thread. I seriously cannot believe Nadine is still trying to deny everything that happened 5 years ago, even if it's just brought up casually. Then she invites people to stalk her even more by acting super aggresively towards them. Do you not know when to just shut the fuck up and quit trying to antagonize people? If you literally said nothing, everyone would've just forgotten about it and not said a word. The internet has a short attention span, and the fact you can't even take a hint is just astounding.

No. 107675

File: 1596299470535.png (439.58 KB, 691x513, onlyfans.png)

I wonder what she's going to do when this gets posted. Delete it immediately?

No. 107687

She nuked everything…lol

Hope it was worth losing simp money over some people talking shit.

No. 107695

Amazing how thin her skin is considering how much she harasses other people on here.

No wonder Lorena's thread has been going for so long. Lorena is milky but she isn't constantly giving milk and doesn't have that big a following. Yet her thread gets bumped a lot with nitpicks and baseless speculation. Lorena used to interact with lolcow/PULL but now just seems to have stopped caring. Bad choices can be entertaining but it isn't what makes someone a lolcow.

In contrast, Nadine must constantly have lolcow open on her phone ready to deflect from any slight mention of her.

No. 107696

Her website has gone private too.

No. 107698

And her twitter is gone.

No. 107699


She was up until passed 3 AM at least deleting everything.

I think she's done for good.

It's kind of funny how thin her skin is considering she obviously dealt with review culture and a bunch of johns critiquing her, yet she can't stand the idea of a bunch of other assholes doing the same thing. Even so, it was only done when she purposely provoked reactions from people to do so.

Either way, I imagine this thread will get invaded by a bunch of TAG users when they wake up and find out what happened.

No. 107700

It’s like she’s terrified of her new pole/hoop friends finding she’s an escort and that she posts on lolcow but also can’t stop posting? What did Lorena do to her that made her obsess over her for 5 years? I really doubt most people in poledancing would care that much that’s she an escort as a lot of them work in lapdancing clubs themselves. Maybe people from her Japanese classes would but she could just pass old posts off as rumours or slander.

But instead she keeps Lorena’s threads going, makes new threads about other people, and cries every time she is remotely mentioned. The level of self-sabotaging is incredible.

No. 107701

Yeah, but I'd imagine finding this site for them is hard enough. It's not like anons here have tried to cow tip her. They probably would've done so like 5 years ago at least.

Honestly, people here don't really care that much at all about her, but to see her overreact in this way is just…yeah no words there. It's like she wants to put out a small fire with gasoline.

No. 107703

That's true. Ironically, everyone finds her through her sperging on Lorena. I doubt anyone has organically found her who didn't know Lorena.

No. 107704

>I think she's done for good.

Her TAG ad is still up.

No. 107705

Give it time. TAG admin probably hasn't woken up yet. Everything about her might get nuked just like what happened with Gaya.

No. 107706

I think Gaya just retired. I don't think that was because of anything here. Her thread was dead for ages before she announced she had quit. Nadine is deleting while simultaneously denying threads are about her.

No. 107707

Oh yeah, I didn't mean to say Gaya retired because of anything here. More like she asked the TAG admin to destroy any mention of her.

No. 107708

Yeah that was weird as Gaya still seems to be in Tokyo and working. Wonder what made her want to leave TAG.

No. 107717

How can Nadine be in Japan for so long?

No. 107721

She goes to language schools for student visas and pays for it by being an escort.

No. 107746

Ad is gone now. Only a matter of time now.

No. 107747

File: 1596336886629.png (1.87 MB, 1492x1334, Facebook.png)

No. 107748

File: 1596337626378.jpg (23.88 KB, 480x480, 110803408_682639732465649_3714…)

No. 107749

File: 1596338079123.png (2.03 MB, 1490x1384, facebook.png)

posts gone, that was fast!

No. 107750

File: 1596338397138.png (1.49 MB, 1727x1014, dp.png)

now her pic is gone

No. 107751

She's obsessively checking lolcow and this thread at seemingly all hours of the day. Honestly, I'm kind of worried at this point.

Lorena is trash yes, but the one thing I will say is that she eventually learned to let go and leave behind all the gossip sites.

She should probably take a page from her book.

No. 107752

File: 1596338491927.png (202.58 KB, 1900x1548, profile.png)

profile gone

No. 107754

Lorena left a kid behind, a thread was easy.

The funny thing is that Nadine said "you seem pretty obsessed", "you clearly have a problem don’t you?", "seeing your obsession is really worrying" when trying to deflect in the Lorena thread. It's like she sees the smallest bit of interest in her as an obsession but her refreshing every minute is normal.

No. 107774

well, nadine isn't that of a good girl either
not like lorena (she's fucked up)

No. 107784

Something another anon tipped me off about the apostrophes people use being a dead give away about if they're at least German or not.

I looked through this thread, and I'm willing to bet that Nadine has been posting here a lot more times than she wants to admit. Doesn't she have better things to do? I guess she really enjoys talking shit, and bringing others down despite saying this site is "full of cyber bullies, racism and slut shaming."

Whatever, she's done and both threads will probably be a lot more quiet from now on.

No. 107825

I remember she was caught posting from a German Instagram account in the previous Lorena thread >>68469

No. 107882

While there was some truth to what I said earlier, it seems ‘ is used if you’re posting on an iPhone and the evidence isn’t conclusive whether they’re German or not. My views still haven’t changed though.

No. 107884

No. 107891

File: 1596468173403.png (1.51 MB, 1916x1126, nadine.png)

No. 107900

No. 107907

File: 1596473683882.gif (190.99 KB, 400x266, refresh.gif)

You've been refreshing constantly for the past 3-4 days. I guess this site lives inside your mind rent free.

No. 107908

File: 1596475118746.png (93.94 KB, 1276x976, Kelly.png)

I think this is her new Instagram under a fake name.


No. 108219

yeah that's her

No. 108222

clearly not as it's still up

No. 108531

Which clinic do you go? I thought the exactly sane thing. Lol(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 108589

File: 1597006832848.png (24.25 KB, 749x281, danielandchris.png)

This might be old but Chris, the TAG admin follows HIMR, a filthy ugly sexpat POS youtuber who sleeps with prostitutes with no condom and constantly cheats on women.

Something something like minded people attract to like minded people.

No. 108609

Not really surprising. He liked this post where a PUA basically admits to raping women:


No. 108639

jesus christ. this made me wanna vomit. one of the girls blatantly said no two times, yet the guy continued pressuring her into sex, and then he claims it wasn't rape or forced. fucking sociopath.

No. 108653

You do realize that HIMR is a drama channel right? You're taking the bait if you believe it all. Gay men love his onlyfans though.

(repost, forgot to sage)

No. 108663

Funny how the woman calling out this shitty behavior is none other than J. Blair.

No. 108711

Andres Quispe Hansen is a total creep. He also secretly records the women he harasses then posts it on youtube. Filming without permission is against the law in Japan. He then uses the videos to teach other men how to harass women.


Creepy white PUAs in Japan need their own thread.(offtopic)

No. 108737

That's according to his own account as well. Imagine what he left out to make himself look better.

No. 108847

File: 1597193508164.png (868.89 KB, 1720x956, Din Din.png)

No. 108853

File: 1597196014056.jpeg (334.97 KB, 828x1449, D0D31BAB-DBEE-4D77-9648-848867…)

looks like Sandra’s Instagram profile

No. 108856

lmao "shiro usagi". Is she an idiot?

No. 108864

File: 1597202121269.jpeg (272.01 KB, 828x1462, 7BFEF25D-D0FD-4A4B-ACA2-27402F…)

Maybe it’s just me thinking that way…. but what the heck is she doing in Okinawa when the covid-19 cases there are exploding and their health system is at the brick of collapsing?! I really don’t get her selfish way of thinking.

No. 108867

Lol this again.

No. 108869


New record of what… 3 hours?

No. 108874

It's like she wanted to confirm that she is Rabbit from PULL after all.

No. 108875

File: 1597209177505.png (269.08 KB, 510x470, Penis.png)

I'm so confused by this picture. On the right there is a hand holding a drink. Beneath it is a leg. Then some chunky flesh thing partially covered by the flower emoji. Above that something that looks like is a penis??? Wtf is that?

No. 108877

looks like a foot just at a bizarre angle. the weird dickhead looking thing is the big toe.

No. 108878

Oh, I see it now. The back of the foot is facing up and penis is the back of the toe. I guess she put the flower on because his feet look weird but managed to make it worse.

No. 108892

Looks like another sugar baby or escort flaunting her regular shopping trips lol

No. 108893

Sandra is polish?

No. 108904

Probably she is preoccupied with having a sugar high from all those high carb cream cakes and smoothies and happy to be getting another purse from her SD. I doubt she cares about covid.

No. 108947

Sandras instagram is gone

No. 109066

Who is Sandra?

No. 109080

Nadine still has a vendeta going on against her, I bet she posted it

No. 109084

the fact that Sandras account is suddenly gone means she’s reading here too.

No. 109093

File: 1597365997431.jpeg (90.35 KB, 828x959, 095AFAFD-ACBD-47BD-827A-D8B742…)

No. 109094

This makes no sense because Nadine didn't nuke her FB immediately after that post.

No. 109113

I forgot to mention IIRC wasn't Sandra the one that leaked Nadine being rabbit to Lorena? Something along those lines is probably why Nadine has a vendetta against her.

No. 109135

sandra is crazy as fuck.
she also married a random guy for visa.sad she isn't friends with lorena

No. 109143

who is she talking about?

No. 109144

I want to punch her for using that fake cutie voice

No. 109147

She already removed it? Seriously?

No. 109148

Does this hooker lives in Shibuya? I might have seen her in the morning when I took my dog out. Yellow hair + all pink clothes made my eyes HURT.

No. 109149

lol she made it private

No. 109152

All gaijin sex workers in Japan check lolcow daily lol

No. 109159

What was the video?

No. 109173

If you're going to post someone's YT video, please use youtube-dl. It takes only a minute to download and use. Thanks.

No. 109175

It seems word has gotten around about this thread. This thread used to be dead for months but now it's active again.

Really makes you think especially since were not even nitpicking or talking shit about them like a John could do on a different forum.

No. 109187

it was about 2 of her friends who were dating the same host and how she was caught in the middle of all the drama lol

No. 109362

File: 1597588526590.jpeg (124.34 KB, 640x816, 383C57D2-1690-46A3-BB6D-D2F6A4…)

I’ve discovered “Angelica.hime” on Instagram who seems like an arisucookie wannabe. Similar to Alice her entire live revolves around the pink princess aesthetic, pink designer bags, laduree, high tea at luxury hotels. Her income is questionable with regular shopping trips to Harry Winston, Valentino and various luxury brands.
She has the same annoying puffy face in each photo and highly edits all of her pictures: there is always a blur on her bleached blonde hair (probably fried by now). Pics are a bit uncanny, almost like she copy pastes her head onto someone else’s photos.

No. 109364

File: 1597590517989.jpeg (364.48 KB, 828x1505, 04B2DEC4-FB46-495B-BFB4-F7BC2B…)

No. 109381

This looks like a fake account posted by Nadine. It’s still up and still only has 4 following, no followers. It was also recycling her old username which she never does.

No. 109406

Who is Sandras visahusband?

No. 109436

So Shiena and somebody lol

No. 109441

Her instagram looks boring. Nothing about her husband or anything interesting

No. 109546

Nadine opened her website again. This time, she plans to make it password protected?

Still don't understand the point of that at all.

No. 109558

Nope. One who had a natural normie style and one who was super stylish with black hair.

No. 109568

Why would she want to start seeing people with corona?

No. 109586

Why would anyone want to work during a pandemic?

They don't have a choice.

No. 109591

She's not an essential worker though and her work is a lot more risky than other people's. Why not go home to Germany until the pandemic is over. Or do porn on OnlyFans like all the other escorts are.

No. 109599

Hair dressers and the like aren’t essential workers either and they are back to work in most parts of the countries. Same as retail store workers.

No. 109631

Hairdressers don’t kiss or suck off their customers either though.

No. 109653

Hair dressers is a bad example. A better example is something like a dentist/hygenist or someone who operates a gym who are without a doubt at bigger risk than an SW.

Either way, people live in a society that demands them to earn their right to live. Of course, they have no recourse when society expects people to willingly die for the economy and views people who don't work as useless. It's an privilege to be able to work from home or to not work at all.

And as for onlyfans, well all you have to do is look above and see what happened. None of her copyrighted material was posted her, but she absolutely hates the idea of farmers nitpicking her or talking about her in any way. Not like she was doing that well with onlyfans because she wants to keep herself private from the rest of us farmers. Look at Rikako who is raking in onlyfans cash and can basically quit being an escort entirely.

No. 109675

>Look at Rikako who is raking in onlyfans cash and can basically quit being an escort entirely.

That is something that I don't get at all. She's completely plain and borderline attractive. She acts like a child but pretends to be classy, which she is FAR from. She did quit escorting cold turkey before onlyfans. Nobody seems to know the reason she left escorting back in 2019. She dumped her twitter history before March 2020, so who knows.

No. 109678

I want to say it's because she had a BF, started fighting with him, then went back to being an escort, but then covid hit so she started hustling on OF.

No. 109757

Juicy. I bet the bf made her quit being an escort (his dick or money was that good) and then he found better pussy, kicking her to the curb.

Now she's got simps.

No. 109758

She made a poll about it on twitter out of nowhere, but I guess she deleted it. The one thing I remember in the thread was one dude posted something like "If he's making over 250k USD, keep him," to which another escort close to her just replied saying that's stupid so I'm not sure if it's a money thing.

Either way, she's making a lot more money than I thought. There's just something about Japanese girls who are just plain and borderline attractive who can attract a lot of attention.

No. 109761

Oh shit, it was public? If it happened before March, then it's gone by now. Thanks for the info anon.

>There's just something about Japanese girls who are just plain and borderline attractive who can attract a lot of attention.

Seems so. I don't think she is ugly, but she's just not that exciting to view. She looks like the plain OL who works at a post office or a bank.

No. 109810

It’s probably because she speaks some English and will see foreign men. Not a lot of Japanese escorts will do that.

No. 109909

Who is this damn Nadine can sb post a pic of her?

No. 109952

she's top left in the OP pic

No. 109953

why do so many escorts debase themselves with selling their bodies or making porn to sell? so many brag about how clever they are with masters degrees, being bilingual, etc but then sell themselves instead of using their qualifications. why?

No. 109965

fast money, low risk, low cost business. nobody cares abouy radfem spergiing here anon

No. 109967

they're too stupid or lazy for real jobs

>low risk
stds, pregnancy, shady guys who could be murderers, and fully ruining the chance at a future real job is low risk? the things whores tell themselves kek

No. 109972

not trying to start radfem sperging, just wondering. it just doesn't make sense. they must either be desperate for money (shopping addiction?), a sex or attention addict, or aren't as smart as they think they are. there are plenty of cushy jobs you could get being bilingual or having a masters yet they choose suck a stranger's parts insteads.

No. 109973

SW is the worlds oldest profession. It’s not gonna go anytime soon. Deal with it and let people choose whatever they want to work. It’s non of your business(derailing)

No. 109976

>It’s non of your business
why are you on here

No. 109980

>they're too stupid or lazy for real jobs
sounds about right. i'm willing to bet
a lot of them exaggerate a bunch or there is something else that prevents them getting a normal job.

No. 109981

You get paid under the table, and you own the means of production (your body).

No. 109986

>You get paid under the table, and you own the means of production (your body).
why would someone bilingual or with a masters want to do that though? seems more hassle than it is worth in case you are caught. using your body like that is just nauseating.

No. 110013

>oldest profession in the world
>believing this meme
grow up

No. 110026

If you really think having a masters or being bilingual is the exception and not the norm, you are gravely mistaken.

The risk of getting caught is there, which is one of the reasons why they’re priced 2-3x higher in the US than anywhere else in the world because the US is undoubtedly the most dangerous place to do this kind of work. Japan in comparison is much safer given that the LE doesn’t really care about what gaijins do.

Anyway this has gone off topic enough so this is the last thing I will post about this.

No. 110041

never said it was the exception but someone as smart as they pretend to be could have a high flying career easily.

No. 110051

Maybe they already have a career and escort on the side for some extra cash? Some SW are very smart businesswomen who fly under the radar, they never post face pictures or have public Instagram where they show off their wealth and designer goods. Those who flaunt their designer goods on instagram and twitter are milky tho.

No. 110062

if your side hustle is whoring then you aren’t that smart

> Those who flaunt their designer goods on instagram and twitter are milky tho.


No. 110063

>If you really think having a masters or being bilingual is the exception and not the norm, you are gravely mistaken.
being bilingual in japanese is not that common

No. 110066

I wrote that as a general statement without any languages in mind.

Statistically speaking, more than 2/3 of all English speakers are second language speakers which basically means being bilingual as a native speaker of English or even someone that isn't won't be seen as an exception because the amount of speakers greatly surpasses demand, thus earnings/salaries do not increase exponentially for learning those skills. In general, language skills are extremely bad in terms of time spent and overall profit ratio because those skills are not seen as valuable skills. Not in the same way as general computer skills in a specific application in any case.

This has gone way off topic now.

No. 110080

this is a thread about japan escorts anon, of course it meant japanese

No. 110105

i'm pretty sure all these white weeb whores must know at least basic japanese, otherwise why are they obsessed with going to japan and desperate to stay there?

No. 110148

I can’t disclose anon because I don’t want to out anyone. But I regret not asking for a Chanel bag when I visited him kek

No. 110163

basic japanese is not bilingual

No. 110187

remember when nadine shaved her head?

No. 110208

why? was she on drugs?

No. 110279

File: 1598447756577.jpeg (288.71 KB, 828x1524, B6D5FE6E-8F79-4933-892A-46D492…)

How many times has she gotten her lips done by now? They look so inflated and about to burst anytime soon

No. 110282

File: 1598451061770.jpeg (93.09 KB, 640x600, B5ED84CC-A9F0-4E03-A153-AEC6A5…)

Lorena’s escort friend has the same inflated lip shape too. Maybe they go to the same doctor and get fillers not suitable for western lip shape.

No. 110289

the problem is that they’re getting far too much filler, not lip shape. with how much they’re getting (and then how much it moves to other places in their face as a result), it would look awful on any person of any race

No. 110296

Eh this isn't so bad. Arisucookie's is much worse.

I've seen worse on other escorts.

No. 110300

File: 1598459949390.jpeg (21.96 KB, 306x382, 8DC01735-A4F0-438C-A1B9-19842B…)

Sex workers be looking like Miss Piggy after all those cosmetic procedures

No. 110305

Don’t do miss piggy so dirty you whore

No. 110338

does miss piggy have lips?

No. 110455

File: 1598551580212.jpeg (89.95 KB, 640x663, 25D310B2-ED8C-4BC7-850C-D0D521…)

Same lips
Meiloula is back Miss Universe

No. 110459

How can she stay skinny while eating all those cakes and sweets?

No. 110463

It's called bulimia. I'm assuming tho.

No. 110466

She’s not skinny. She has a pretty thick bottom half.
Probably replaces meals with sweets, which is ofc unhealthy

No. 110467

She never wants to show her diet so what do you think… she goes to the gym, yea, but that doesn’t do it all. Like the other anon said it’s probably all she eats

No. 110481

She’s still one of the most successful white girls working as SW in Japan. She sells her old Chanel bags on occasion for 400k yen a piece, gets her bills and gym paid by SD. I’m kinda jealous.

No. 110488

She claims that she currently has 3 jobs

No. 110496

She did talk a bit about that in a video before. I think it starts from minute 10:36 here


No. 110500

I wouldn't call being a prostitute successful in any sense. Imagine what her mental health must be like and what her family must think of her.

No. 110506

That’s very biased. Her SD treats her more respectfully than an average fuckboy treats regular girls. He takes her out to lavish dinners, high tea, shopping trip and they work out together. If you watch their videos they plan to see her family together in England. I don’t see any reason why she would be depressed

No. 110507

She claims to do secreterial work for a company and provide English consulting for other companies, but I doubt that provides enough income for regular trips to Chanel. She can hardly buy a single Chanel bag with her total income, let alone pay for the rest of her lifestyle. It’s obviously funded by her SD turned boyfriend.

Not judging tho. She landed a whale.

No. 110510

Yeah that's all jolly for now but I'd hardly say it's secure success. SDs know they hold the power and we dont know what kinda weird shit she has to do to get that money. Not to mention if he gets bored of her and dumps her for a different girl. All I'm saying is all that glitters ain't gold. A real career bears being under that whale's thumb.

No. 110512

She already has a uni degree and she’s working on her career anon.
All I’m saying is no relationship has guarantee. You might think you’ve met the person of your dreams but he could leave you for another woman anytime. If her SD leaves her she would be left with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of luxury goods which she can resell in the second hard market. Her lifestyle, bills have been paid for years, she’s been taken to exotic luxury vacations.

If you’re against SW I understand but I have a “you do you” mentality about this. She’s on top of her game, doing much better than Lorena who works the happy hour shift in Miss Universe.

No. 110532

you know that she is a liar, right?

No. 110533

Elaborate please?

No. 110548

Living off the resale value of 50+ Chanel bags doesn't seem like a great retirement strategy, anon. She was smart to choose Chanel to be fair because they hold value but she's got decades of life left, as all sugar babies do. I doubt care if they make that choice, but I wouldn't want anons to think it actually pays off long-term. If you have a fallback and can enjoy it while it lasts, I guess you'd be okay. I'd rather not have to do creepy shit with an old man for money though.

No. 110552

Told everybody she is a teacher in japan and that‘s the reason she got a visa.
Truth is she got a visa husband and worked as hostess in roppongi

No. 110564

She did work as a teacher before but then quit to work in a hostess club, keeping her working visa until she then found her now visa hubby

No. 110595

So the visa husband and SD are different people? And she leaves alone in her pink apartment.. isn’t that visa fraud?

No. 110611


No. 110614

It’s a stupid move to document this on the internet for everyone to see. Maybe she already has PR?

No. 110621

SD and husband are the same. They have been married long enough for her to have PR.

No. 110623

Let me guess. She didn’t meet her SD in Shinjuku when she got lost as she claims on her Youtube channel. They met at the hostess club.

No. 110624

I’d say you are 100% right about this, anon

No. 110625

It sounds like ex hostesses and sex workers are spilling the milk about their old friends here. How would they know that she used to be a hostess? So much for sex worker solidarity.

No. 110626

Is there actually ANY proof she was a hostess?

No. 110628

Yeah it’s all hearsay without proof. Arisu is not as dumb as Lorena or Shiena who proudly shared their hostess work on Instagram.
I actually know a girl who hostessed part time on an English teacher visa, she even fucked customers for money, got a Yak bf and shit. Stupid bitch spent all her savings, $6000 to buy a Chanel bag and went broke at one time. We witnessed things first hand, then distanced ourselves altogether. There is obv no visual proof of any of this so there will be no milk. Even her linkedin has a photo of her with stupid blonde hair extensions and her instagram is full of her pictures taken in expensive hotels and shit.

Sorry for blog posting what I’m saying is no image no proof.

No. 110634

yeah she is clever so no proof. she used to work at club versailles in roppongi

No. 110640

No. 110642

Lorena’s bestie. They post snaps together on Instagram. She used to work for THC now works for Miss Universe. Allegedly she is from Finland on her escort profile but someone found out she’s Turkish

No. 110653

She is mixed. She has a different passport, I saw it on her one of stories.

No. 110655

Mixed people have to choose a nationality at the age of 20 anon, they don’t get “different passports”. It’s either Japanese passport or the other half. Nice try.

No. 110657

Who said that Japanese passport?
It was a Greek passport.

No. 110658

She doesn’t look mixed to me. Could be full Greek or Turkish or maybe middle eastern.

No. 110659

Anon probably didn’t mean that she has ‘2 different passports’.
One passport but different country than what is assumed.

No. 110660

She’s a gravure idol too
I’m super curious about other escorts in Japan. Why did kitty commit suicide? Anyone has milk?

No. 110661

Doesn’t look middle eastern at all but yeah can be full Greek.
Kitty committed suicide??

No. 110662

Yep. I’ve heard Emma Emerio distanced herself from kitty after her suicide. They used to do duos and were on good terms. They’re both retired now and they have completely disappeared from public eye. Prob they have rich sugar daddies now.

No. 110663

Or they just got married with decent men and disappeared.

No. 110664

Aren’t all escorts in Japan married? They need spouse visa to be able to do sex work, legally speaking.
Meiloula is currently ranked number one in Miss Universe after getting her butt implants. Lorena is only ranked number ten, despite working long shifts for 4-5 times a week kek. So much for number one hostess in Japan. I wonder how she feels when her bestie is doing well and she’s failing as a sex worker

No. 110666

No they don’t have to be married.
If their family lives in Japan they will have a proper legal visa to work.
For example, their mom can be married to a Japanese guy for a long time, or their family may have moved to Japan years ago.

No. 110668

Anon is right. I have an Indian friend and her family moved to Japan like 15 years ago. She has a permanent residency.

No. 110671

File: 1598725204556.jpeg (37.27 KB, 678x452, B6D7D274-2130-4E8F-A868-2F431C…)

Kitty has piled on the pounds in recent years. When she started on TAG she was slim thick with a petite but curvy body. In her photos from last year she looks old, exhausted, overweight with frizzy bottle blonde hair. Her popularity declined as well as her looks.
Escorts who do well don’t need to book too many photo shoots throughout the year. She had too many on her last year, could be because she wasn’t getting as many bookings as she wanted.

Emma probably landed a rich sugar daddy as she has model looks and she would flaunt her designer bags gifted to her on Twitter.

No. 110672

What is Emma’s Twitter?

No. 110673

She disappeared. If you google her name some images still show up.

No. 110675

File: 1598725599863.jpeg (55.45 KB, 451x680, C3D2AC8A-620B-46A4-92B6-758982…)

In her old photos kitty looks gorgeous. Petite curvy blonde with a baby face. She was a big name on TAG, but her looks faded in recent years.

No. 110680

Emma is tall and was skinny because she had an eating disorder. He face was not model like but kind of goofy looking which is why she never showed it. She finished uni and retired. She had a crazy personality so I doubt she would be able to keep an SD for long.

No. 110681

She was always heavy, she just reused skinnier photos and angles for years after.

No. 110682

She's about 35 now so makes sense.

No. 110685

Emma was anorexic?
I’ve seen older photos of her where she looked more meaty. She also had red hair.

No. 110686

Danger hair. She was bulimic.

No. 110687

She's 5'2" and wearing 3 inch heels. Even in that photo you can tell she's heavy set.

No. 110688

Kitty didn't commit suicide, she's trying to be a glamor model now:

And has an Only Fans:

No. 110689

She still looks gorgeous.

No. 110690

Kek she was using her youth as an excuse when people asked her why she’s so skinny on TAG

No. 110691

File: 1598731117059.jpg (62.08 KB, 935x1500, 81ZFTV0ngIL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Are we looking at the same pics? She looks like a troll doll.

No. 110692

Jealous much?

No. 110693

She’s old af. And fat. Is she in her 40’s?
She posted her uncensored pics on her Instagram. The blurred ones were on her escort Twitter, she needs to be more careful. Her teeth are a dead giveaway.

She used to compliment on her beauty all the damn time. She looks average to me.

No. 110694

Anon she looks like a slightly overweight middle aged mom of three who never recovered from her divorce

No. 110696

So her real name is Katherine G huh? She doesn’t realize that by posting uncensored photos on her personal Instagram she’s taking the risk to dox herself?
As Nova Swann she had announced her retirement. Now she’s back as Serena Lang
Money is addictive.

No. 110697

I don’t think it is her personal page but her “trying to be a model” page. Katherine G might be a stage name. It’s cute she thinks she can still be a model as a washed up 40 something.

No. 110698

Her personal description on her escort website is delusional af:
“Once a man told me that I had a pin up face”
That happened 15 years ago, kitty.
“Another one told me I had a body that could stop the traffic”
Suuuure kitty.

How does she expect to have clients when younger better looking girls offer more fair pricing??

No. 110699

Her teeth are pretty distinctive. I came across this photo a while ago and thought it could be her. Same fried hair and even wearing a kimono too.


No. 110703

File: 1598734904923.jpeg (231.21 KB, 1125x1258, C69D70F9-3A92-49AF-B027-895B62…)

She talks about starting college on her fanfiction blog in 2004 meaning she is 34-36 now.

No. 110705

File: 1598735100144.jpeg (273.2 KB, 1124x1216, 7D9ED7D9-597F-483D-B58F-6A16F1…)

Her grandmother paid her fees? She claimed she was bullied because she was a scholarship student.

No. 110706

File: 1598736122404.png (111.2 KB, 2508x264, creepy kitty.png)

so this is why she is called kitty, she's skinwalking

No. 110707

No. 110716

File: 1598740615857.png (664.01 KB, 1730x1558, ring1.png)

looks like kitty is married as well. she tried to buy herself a bigger engagement ring, how pathetic.

No. 110717

File: 1598740666312.png (1.6 MB, 1732x1468, ring2.png)

No. 110751

Since this thread has been really active lately, does anyone have anything on Simona? She seems kind of milky but also extremely paranoid about anyone finding out about her as she won't let anyone ask what ethnicity she is.

No. 110753

No. 110754

File: 1598760809800.png (308.75 KB, 948x1422, geisha.png)

No. 110755

File: 1598760846701.jpg (324.58 KB, 1463x2048, geisha.jpg)

No. 110757

is she on Twitter

No. 110758

Just go look on TAG. Her name is Simonka there. She has an active ad

No. 110759

File: 1598768305960.png (9.3 MB, 1242x2208, 7F5B90AA-226B-48BD-84E4-214691…)

She forgets the fact that not everybody has a Sugar Daddy to buy for them and pretends as if she bought her bags on her own by saving money.

No. 110771


Sorry for being a weeb but she’s actually dressed as an Oiran, which IS a high ranking Japanese prostitute (unlike a geisha, which isn’t.)

No. 110772

I do still get the gist that she's a hypocrite though, just that it wasn't a geisha costume specifically. Sperg over.

No. 110773

Isn’t designer stuff made in child labor aswell? Also some ppl prefer to not have leather made stuff so “plastic rip offs” are the option for them

No. 110775

Even then, Oirans aren’t prostitutes anymore. And when they were, it was only part of the entertainment they offered.

No. 110776

Not much milk except she looks like a generic Eastern European model turned escort who can actually speak fluent English. Looks expensive so probably has a sugar daddy or two like Emma

No. 110777

It is sometimes. The point is not being ethical, but belonging to this upscale VIP elite club that is isolated from commoners who use replicas.

No. 110778

Real high end brands like Chanel are hand made by artisans in France or Italy. They will also sell items that don’t contain leather but are made of fabric, straw, etc. Brands like Adidas use sweat shops in third world countries. Counterfeit items are made by slaves and children in poor conditions and fund terrorism. They are unsafe to use.

No. 110780

File: 1598788010958.jpeg (585.95 KB, 1125x1938, 44ED99A9-EA4F-42D4-B64E-F3DDB0…)

Fur hag

No. 110781

I am impressed anons. You either knew her personally before she started escorting or have impressive Sherlock skills. Either way, thanks for the milk.
So she was JETS huh? On tag she claimed to be brought up in Japan by her long term resident parents.

No. 110782

When people are tone deaf about black people or Asians it’s cultural appropriation, but it’s perfectly fine to make fun of Slavic people.

Here ladies, and lurking gentlemen, is a prime example of a modern day SJW.

No. 110783

File: 1598788708216.jpeg (239.59 KB, 1125x411, 9A4C9FAE-8BD8-4934-8B7F-DBEC51…)

She did a degree in Japanese. She had never even been to Japan before she went as part of her degree. She seems like a compulsive liar.


No. 110784

File: 1598788799654.jpeg (183.67 KB, 828x1628, 0A546D65-06C4-415D-A07E-660801…)

She just looks like a very old hag trying to be a glamour model….

No. 110785

you can see her wedding ring

No. 110788

This reads like her trying to scrape together as many moral objections as possible to validate the fact she just doesn't like peasants LARPing in her VIP designer club.

No. 110798

Worse. She at one point claimed she spent her childhood in japan or some bullshit.

No. 110808

She looks part Russian though anon and they are known for always wearing fur or heavy, heavy winter coats. It has nothing to do with being a sjw

No. 110812

Can't compare her dressed as an Oiran to what people do on Halloween. These are specialty places in Japan, giant photo studios in Osaka especially, that do Oiran and Geisha dress-up and you can do it for a few hours or just for some photos. Relating the two is retarded. She is right about everything she wrote down too. Even Geisha rarely slept with men. It was usually performance. There is a different name for the sleeping prostitutes. Oiran get the CHOICE of who to sleep with if they want to though unless Geisha who wind up selling themselves within their house. She went somewhere to be made up by actual Japanese and this is meant for tourists and native alike in Japan. Major difference than people dressing as Geisha's and doing a photoshoot for Chinese New Year as a white girl.

No. 110815

This is funny coming from someone who wears Fashion Nova and SHEIN fast fashion items

No. 110822

File: 1598807595341.jpeg (63.75 KB, 396x599, 29AEB7DA-46BB-4F10-999F-B324E1…)

She says herself that wearing a Native American headdress as a costume is wrong and dressing up as something you don’t understand is wrong. Oirans didn’t pose sexily lying on the floor showing so much skin for everyone to see. They were high class. Just because some people sell their own culture out to tourists, doesn’t make it right.

No. 110825

The native country is offering these to tourists. Stop pretending it's not different.

No. 110837

Stop spewing your weebery. The average Japanese person sees oiran as prostitutes too. Just because they were high class doesn’t change what the job was. That’s like trying to say escorts aren’t prostitutes.

Anyway it’s offered by Japanese people for tourists. Completely different from a native headdress.

No. 110843

So if I buy a headdress from a Native American it’s ok if I pose with it in a sexy intimate setting when all the pictures of chiefs are just standing normally? I’m not Native American in the slightest btw.(derailing)

No. 110851

File: 1598843098900.jpeg (4.25 KB, 204x247, wot.jpeg)

Honestly who actually fucking cares about this shit? We get it, you're intellectually cultured, a defender of downtrodden fabric. There is less evil in the world now that this discussion has been had on LC kek.

No. 110852

why did you post just one frame of a gif

No. 110854

Yeah I don't really get this logic at all. Some Japanese asshole decides he/she wants to profit off people wanting to dress like a geisha, so that's what they'll do. Capitalism drives this kind of behavior all of the time.

Another example could be if a black person opened a business to paint people black for some african themed photoshoot.

No. 110867

Sounds like someone who personally knows Emma and kitty is behind the fresh milk supply

No. 110874

True anon. A big portion of her clothes come from fast fashion brands which are notorious for underpaying their employees. She doesn’t sound genuine when she uses the occupational safety and health of manufacturing workers as an excuse to why people shouldn’t buy replicas.

She wants to get that bag, pun intended and that’s okay. She just needs to stop pretending like she cares.

No. 110887

File: 1598893097519.jpeg (79.41 KB, 480x640, AA53A0F7-023C-46F6-B057-67B5E1…)

meiloula looks so manly in her candids

No. 110888

too much lip fillers and bad contouring on her nose

No. 110889

why is she trying to be a grauve model when she has b cups. if she stops squeezing them do they just disappear?

No. 110893

No. 110899

File: 1598906581697.jpg (145.25 KB, 665x1000, emma.jpg)

Found this in the archives


"Hello there,

I am so happy you've stumbled upon me! I'm a highly discreet companion based in London. I turn heads (but never the wrong kind) with my model-esque looks and would be thrilled to show you around whether you're new to the city, or looking for an equally stunning and charming dinner date. While I prefer outcalls to your 5-star hotel or luxury residence, incall is also available at my discretion.

To tell you a little bit about myself, I was born in Stockholm, Sweden where I grew up attending a top private school while dreaming of seeing more of the world. At heart, I have always been extremely curious: my interests span from everything from philosophy to fishing (and you should see how cute I look in my fishing boots!).
That curious nature inspired me to study at art school, where I immersed myself in fine painting and photography; to Japan where I studied for nearly two years; a nomadic six months where I travelled throughout countless breathtaking sceneries across the planet; and finally to London, where I am currently a student at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Although my roots are Swedish, my tongue is Nabokov-like in proficiency - people always mistake me for being North American or Canadian. My fascination with languages, spontaneity, and naturally warm personality makes me perfect as your cuddle partner in bed, and your fellow companion exploring whatever city we might find ourselves in.
At 5'10", I have a model-esque body, with long legs, the tiniest of waists, and a wide smile that is often on the verge of laughter or a silly joke.

My close friends consider me to be brave, witty, and empathetic, just as much as I am adorably charming - in short, I'm a really good time.

I can't wait to meet you,

lol i guess she has people who liked her though.

No. 110901

She does have a nice body and nice clothes tho.

No. 110904

I don’t know why dyed her hair from red to yellow

No. 110949

Her life revolves around partying and drinking

No. 110951

To get more clients anon

No. 110976

Probably a wig.

She’s not ”stunning”, rather basic pretty’ish. Wonder if her customers will be disappointed after reading that text and then meeting her in person.

No. 110986

her natural colour is brown. she used to dye it red then dyed it yellow not long before retiring. >>110949 is a wig but >>110899 is a bad diy bleach job.

No. 111107

File: 1599098658400.jpeg (285.23 KB, 828x1323, 00C2F109-5C5C-45EF-81EA-B7CCCF…)

Kitty changed her instagram name

No. 111110

Looks like she's been reading here.

No. 111151

File: 1599139440245.jpeg (86.25 KB, 440x487, 845C220E-8646-4732-A5F8-264676…)

Ew he looks so old here

No. 111155

It still baffles me how materialistic she is. Her videos are so cringe and how she gets excited for another overpriced bag is just beyond my understanding.

No. 111160

Is it another birkin lmao? I need to watch it still but yea it baffles me how she basically has thousands of dollars sitting in her shelf in form of silly pink purses. I mean why not invest in real estate or sth

No. 111162

I hope she has a good level of security in her home. People who collect Hermes and Chanel bags keep them in a room that’s accessible with a key card. If these bags are stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars a gone..

No. 111208

>>111151 do you think she is happy?

No. 111238

gotta give props to women who can stomach fucking hideous old men, i wouldn't be able to do so without vomiting

No. 111256

Calling Nobu “a gross old man” is a far stretch IMO, she’s 27 and he’s around 42. A 15 year age difference is not that gross and it’s not like he’s a 65 year old toothless man with a raisin dick. He works out, maintains good hygiene, and treats her well. Treats her much better than any 20 something fuck boy could.

Alice is milky, and a show off. But she has hit the jackpot and lives a life many of us can’t.

No. 111275

Why did she fake her retirement twice? She was Kitty Carr, then Nova Swann, now Serena Lang. Is she avoiding law enforcement? If she wants to rebrand, why does she still use her ancient skinny pictures?

No. 111284

If that dude is 42 and works out, that’s unfortunate. Guys in their 40’s dont usually look like that, especially if they take care of themselves. Wonder how he’ll look like when he’s 45, since he seems to age quite fast.

Unless, of course, someone is lying a bit about his age, but why would they…

No. 111285

Alice looks older than 27 too, anon. She looks around 35 to me.

No. 111290

42?! He has grey hair! He’s 50-60 easily from this pic >>111151

No. 111297

File: 1599254890766.jpeg (91.45 KB, 828x1210, 8B43B55D-A441-43B8-9766-50C9C1…)

Finally got around to watch it. She seriously got a birkin again? And a diamond watch. It was kind of uncomfortable to watch bc she was so excited about the stuff that i felt if the camera was off she would jump on him… he seems so old and like a dad who doesn’t understand the toys his daughter is excited about. Really weird. That’s what she hot him btw:

No. 111302

Probably with the money she got from selling her old bags on Instagram

No. 111309

Get your eyes checked anon. He looks like he's pushing 65

No. 111339

He looks ok in the body but that face….
With that much grey hair he must be late 50s-early 60s at least

No. 111343

There's a catch, anon. There's always a catch, or else she wouldn't flaunt so hard.

>she lives a life maby of us can't

Any woman can live like this if they're willing to be an outright whore, it's just that what you get from it all depends on how pretty you are and how subservient you are to the man supporting you. If her life were the ideal, a lot more women would go for it instead of getting real jobs or going to school.

No. 111351

It’s hard to say, a 27 years old with lots of fillers will easily look like 35.

No. 111355

She just looks like a horse tbh

No. 111442

i don't consider it a stretch. there are good looking old guys out there but this isn't one of them. i'd say "the jackpot" would be a good looking, age appropriate sugar daddy, who would be fun and satisfying to fuck. not this.

No. 111466

lol Nadine put her website back up perfectly as it was before.

So what the fuck was the point of her freaking out over nothing?

No. 111519

I may be dumb but aren't most gravure models in japan pretty small chested..? I always connected Gravure with underage idols, so…

No. 111536

I like her body, it’s very toned and slim unlike the doughy gravure idols you see in Japanese magazines. But her face.. upper lip is botched and the makeup is terribly done.

No. 111545

That photo is like 3 years ago.. her lips are not like that anymore it is very natural looking and her make up is well done.
My make up wasn’t looking good either when I first started to do it. It takes time to improve.

No. 111547

Also the photo has a brassy yellow filter.

No. 111550

What’s Nadine’s website?

No. 111551

Hi Lorena
Your makeup doesn’t look very good lately(hi cow)

No. 111554

Are you too stupid to read the thread and need to be hand-fed?

No. 111558

I did not like the necklace that she gifted. It could be something smaller. It is too flashy.

No. 111559

File: 1599490466224.jpeg (504.86 KB, 828x1637, 4F9C1DAB-462E-4203-AA13-6C6EF3…)

Anyone know her? She seems pretty flashy with money and is apparently working in some sort of club or shop or whatever. Also friends with Ksara.

No. 111570

Money? All I see is a single designer scarf of questionable authenticity, cheap lingerie, kaiten sushi, somebody else’s car and Chinese level face editing. Nice body tho.

No. 111656

By law that's what is supposed to happen. But I know many, maaaany people with double citizenship (one of them being japanese) and passports to both countries.

No decent man would marry an escort.

No. 111703

lmao, exposed?

No. 111779

File: 1599679803199.png (181.55 KB, 307x243, Screenshot_4.png)

wtf are that things in her arm

No. 111780

they're self harm cuts anon…

No. 111782

File: 1599680484968.png (Spoiler Image, 70.93 KB, 182x154, Screenshot_6.png)

lolll i didnt understand at first but now i see it
she wants attention or what, whats the reason to upload these shit and show her shitty arms???

No. 111783

Not kawaii lol wonder what the japanese men think if they see these scars

No. 111794

i remember seeing lives of a 16 yo japanese kabukicho asshole drunk and cutting with friends, she usually did these at night, she lived in a super creepy house and was crazy, i wish i can found her, i lost her ig (now shes 18 and still is crazy)

No. 111801

Creepy house? In which way

No. 111804

They are cuts done very quickly with a razorblade for showing off for attention. People who self harm for real do it slowly and don’t want to show that they do it as it’s a source of shame and unwanted attention.

She probably still has issues but not the self harming kind.

No. 111808

That's not even true lol, there's lots of metal disorder where people use superficial self harm for self stimulation because they feel numb. The attention narrative is not always true and these comments just show how shitty this thread is. Some people don't want to cover up all year long just because tards like you think it's shameful to "show off" scars

No. 111809

it was all dark, no sounds, nothing, as if there was no one there (she was a minor, but the house seemed empty) and the walls were white but full of lines, figures and words, random scribbles and scratches on all sides, but it i swear it was weird, also the fact that we are talking about the most dangerous neighborhood in tokyo and all this atmosphere was not fun to see
+ in lives we were never more than 3 people

No. 111810

not everyone does it for attention
the real people who has selfharm issues hides the cuts
the fake people who hasnt selfharm issues and want attention shows them all the time
in this case her is showing confident his fresh cuts, thats horrible, inmature and attention seeking
she needs a little family love in her lifeee

No. 111817

sure, there's not covering up but then there's taking photos of it soon after to post online. cuts like that don't last long.

No. 111876

File: 1599740572840.jpeg (227.54 KB, 1453x719, EE5AE872-25B2-42C0-A41F-C77F21…)

When she doesn’t put a ton of filters on her, she totally reminds me of those Russian prostitutes…. she looks old too

No. 111877

Your posts are hard to read, ESL chan. Run them through a translator before posting

Imagine going through all those procedures and spending all that money to look like a horse

No. 111891

File: 1599750933555.png (3.3 MB, 828x1792, 5C043B59-98DB-49D3-95FF-4C3C62…)

Lmao nailed it anon why does she look so eastern european here

Did we ever discuss her body??

No. 111913

I don’t want to sound like Kaka or a nitpicking farmer but the nasolabial folds! I wonder if LC has caused me to have some dysmorphia because those would be the first things on my list to go. Why does she pump everything else with fillers BUT those

No. 111917

I think they look so weird and jarring BECAUSE of all the filler, everything else being puffed up like water balloons causes the creases to become much more pronounced.

No. 111921

This one always just looks like a man to me, and the boobs and pink clothes just make it worse.

No. 111922

File: 1599777372186.jpeg (124.96 KB, 750x1000, 0E91B691-57AC-4E70-BC1C-A6672C…)

I‘m getting Roland vibes

No. 111946

File: 1599797638725.jpeg (1.05 MB, 4000x4000, EDC370CB-1CB4-4E35-B947-C66A6D…)

Looking back at her older pics before she landed her rich sugar daddy, you can see that she did have these weird folds and lips already. They are now just getting worse with the amount of fillers she puts in.

No. 111951

It is a common thing for caucasians anon. Unless you get a pretty heavy amount of hyaluronic acid and botox or a facelift, it will be difficult to get rid of the nasolabial fold.

No. 111953

She looks like that one tragically ugly girl that did the visual kei thing a lot, maybe her name was Ashley? I could be wrong but she has the kind of face that’s impossible to forget

No. 111955

I think she's unfortunate enough to have dimples in the exact same spot her natural laugh lines are, which makes it look excessively deep. Like I can see Pixie smiling at me from the banner right now and her laughter lines are wayyy lighter than this girls. Basically her face is rather abnormal even for caucasians.

No. 111957

the nitpicking…

No. 111971

Nta but cope harder.

No. 111974

She just has really shitty bone structure, which fillers can't fix.

No. 111982

She gets nitpicked hard anon because out of all the depressing white sex workers in Japan she managed to snag a wealthy sugar daddy who spoils her. Her only fault at this point is that she can’t stop being a show off on social media.
If they were given the same opportunity the “I would puke if I had to sleep with an old man” team would stop cooking miso soup for their salaryman boyfriends and do the mating dance by flapping their vulvas. Dozens of Chanel bags, designer shoes, Harry Winston jewelry, exotic vacations, rent and gym membership being paid off, every dolla she makes from her secretarial job goes straight to savings account…… who could say no to having all these at 27? At least she’s compensated well for dating an older man. That’s for sure.

No. 111983

people who show of brand shit aren't really rich

No. 112000

It sounds great if you are materialistic and all that matters to you are items. I don't gaf about Chanel bags, literally meaningless to me. So I would hope she enjoys her life in other ways; actually cares for her husband, has a social life, hobbies, etc because living for brand handbags alone is grim from my perspective.

No. 112005

Most of the stuff she has just screams tacky from across the room. Maybe it’s just me but I never really understood people’s obsession with brands and owning more than one or two bags.

No. 112006

Yeah, if your ultimate goal in life is to collect a lot of expensive baubles then she is aspirational, but a lot of people would rather have true romance and some sort of inner happiness. More power to her I guess if this is all she wants, but I think some collection of shallow and tawdry goods aren't the goal of every woman.

No. 112007

If you’re after inner blessings, more power to you anon. And I hope you find what you’re dreaming of.
All I’m saying is there are a couple anons here who nitpick on her looks all the damn time because they’re jealous of her living a good life. That’s the feeling I’m gettin.

No. 112010

I don’t think anyone here is jealous of her botched filler face and tacky Chanel goodies. I feel like that you are otherwise you wouldn’t bring it up.

No. 112011

I think the idea is you should be content within yourself without seeking the next "high" whether that be handbags or something else. It's not about finding or seeking what you want, you already have it. Capitalism tells us we need to compete with each other for insert whatever the fuck, in this girl's case, being the best weird plastic barbie who collects handbags and if you "win" then you're doing good. I guarantee she's checking other pink lolcow's to make sure she has more handbags than them. It's deep insecurity at the root and that needs to be solved to move on from a materialistic mindset.

Also she does genuinely look weird, I don't think it's nitpicking - but I think it's because she's absolutely terrible at editing her photos, she's not ugly at all but there's always something uncanny about them.

No. 112051

horse face? yes there is a resemblance… what is she up to these days i wonder

No. 112060

anon pls give it up it with the wking already. being a personal prostitute for an elderly man is not the good life and no one is jealous of that lifestyle. i'm def jealous of girls who have younger, hot sugar daddies but sure as hell not this one.

No. 112064

File: 1599893819476.jpeg (79.97 KB, 828x562, 58B54075-6384-4386-B746-022AD3…)


Horse face is hopping onto the recent trend

No. 112065

How good do you really have it when you have to get stuffed with fillers and silicone, sleep with an unattractive old man and do whatever he wants for a few expensive bags. It sounds miserable

No. 112079

Huh is that Alice??

No. 112080

Yes it is. She also posted in her stories yesterday or so that she started pole dancing (sorry don’t have a screenshot, forgot to take one).

No. 112115

File: 1599932804542.png (196.2 KB, 1100x1466, serenity falls.png)

Kitty is using onlyfans to scam people. Not only she she using skinny pictures from 4 years ago but she has had a 3 month offer for $100+ promising 5 photos and a video per week since she joined. Last time she logged in was a month and a half ago. Too bad for anyone that subscribed. She was bragging on twitter recently about being in the top 5% of the site so she must have plenty of subscribers.

No. 112167

Sugar babies always end up doing stuff like this as they age. Next she'll probably get into nude photography, kawaii pink shibari or some other fetish niche white weebs cling to for attention.

No. 112170

sage for old, but Japan doesn't allow dual citizenship. Japanese citizens have to choose at age 22 to either be a Japanese or a citizen of the other country they're tied to.

No. 112180

Pole dance is a full body workout and a form of performance arts.. I don’t see the point of dragging sugar babies into this.

No. 112181

Normalizing Poledance is the worst

No. 112182

It’s an acrobatic sport, what’s your problem?

No. 112183

On paper yes but I don’t think it’s enforced.

No. 112189

Anon go back to the Mormon church you came from. It’s an acrobatic sport that tones the body up real quick. There was no booty shaking or hyper sexuality in the video posted by the pole dance studio.

Whenever another cow is mentioned this girl is nitpicked to the hell and back. Coincidence?

Probably a fat hater who is triggered by women focusing on their fitness.

No. 112208

Poledancing is about showing merchandise aka women’s bodies. They literally tell you to walk and pose sexily in the classes. No male dominated sport would do that. Compare the Olympic sport of parallel bars to pole dancing. No sexy poses, bikinis or high heels. Not liking something sexy and seeing it for what it is doesn’t make you a prude.

No. 112211

File: 1600024624459.jpeg (233.35 KB, 1125x1118, 95298EBC-AFB2-4139-8421-4B9282…)

Kitty got mentioned here >>112115 and then suddenly there is a debate about poledancing. She logged into her onlyfans yesterday right after it was pointed out she was scamming people. Same thing happened further up the thread. She changed her instagram handle overnight after it was posted and then posts about Emma and Alice. She did the same thing years ago here >>>/snow/201926

No. 112264

What is English

Men pole dance too fwiw

No. 112266

No. 112276

TBH, I thought the pole dancing posts was Nadine butting in again. I could be wrong though.

No. 112342

yeah it's gross

No. 112817

The way she talks about this bag or literally any of her items…. like it’s an actual living object…

No. 112831

Some people have a relationship with their items, same as ppl talking to their pets like they would understand them

No. 112838

No. That's fucking weird. Did you just try to imply that a fucking birkin bag is on the same level as a cat or a dog?

No. 112840

Not the anon but i can understand it a little. I feel like with her it’s a string obsession with these brand items. And she kinda centers her life around luxury crap

No. 112848

It's like she has a weird obsession with Birkins in an attempt to fit in with high-class society. Yet actually wealthy people would know she's a prostitute from a mile away.

No. 112858

Right? And just by the look at her clothing… cheap factory shit. What happened to her balmain jacket she bought in milan? That’s at least luxury fashion. Di you guys see her Shein haul? It all looked so bad, cgesp and ill fitting!

No. 112859

> so cute! so beautiful! ah! pretty!
it becomes insufferable…

No. 112868

Exactly. You can't carry around a $10,000 bag and then where a $10 shirt, it just doesn't look good.

Also possible tinfoil, but her bag looks like a good knockoff to me. A few reasons I say that:
-Where has she ever shown other Hermes goods? Typically, a person would have to have a long-standing relationship with the brand to get offered a bag, let alone a decent color.
- Leather. Birkins come in a few different types of leather, each very different. When talking about a bag, most people will say what leather it is, it just gives context and some clarity. For example, certain colors only come in certain leathers. In addition, your bag can slouch depending on the leather you choose. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't hear her mention the leather in the video, and it's not in the description. Leading me to believe a. it's a fake or more ironically, she doesn't know what leather it is. Different leathers/materials have different prestige levels and considering how much she flexes I can't fathom why she wouldn't include the leather in the description.
-This leads me to the last point, it's a bit slouchy for a 25 which tend to hold their shape better than say a 30 or 35. That and the hardware looks off, much too gold. Plus, if you look, the stamp that marks if it is a real Birkin is perfectly covered by one of her big dumb bows.

Tl;dr: if I was a betting woman, that bag is fake and she either is too dumb to tell or is pretending it's real.

Obvious sage for bag sperging.

No. 112875

There’s a big market for used Birkins in Japan, she probably just bought a used one and that’s why it’s slouchy and she doesn’t know the specifics.

No. 112884

It’s second hand anon. Walk into a book off in Tokyo and you’ll get a Hermes bag from anywhere between 1110000 yen to 1500000 yen
Girl has secured 4 million yen on Hermes Bags alone.

No. 112910

File: 1600484615847.png (1.37 MB, 1222x690, alice.png)

No. 113149

File: 1600619151772.jpeg (580.82 KB, 1125x2099, 5E336342-808C-452C-A74A-4C58AF…)

kitty’s always been grabby about money. she tried to auction off some poor girl’s virginity before.

No. 113256

That's dark.

No. 114399

Is nadine stll living in japan?

No. 114423

No. 114652

File: 1601585277038.jpeg (197.75 KB, 1125x1202, 4FCDC836-74EA-4FE6-9DC3-F07BBB…)

Why can Kitty never post a photo where her clothes actually fit? She always has stomach rolls hanging over and camel toe. Her garter belts just look painful.

Her thigh is somehow touching her stomach and her panties are just swallowed up in flab. This is despite her holding her stomach in, photoshopping, and having a flattering angle.

No. 114658


Don't be that picky anon!
The picture isn't a complete disaster, she is maybe a little bit chuby but not everyone wants to be anorexic like Japanese woman are

No. 114665

Her weight isn’t the issue. She’s heavy but some men like that.

The problem is that she constantly wears clothes 3 sizes too small. If she bought some clothes that fit she wouldn’t have stomach rolls or camel toe anymore.

No. 114681

I get you, but she's still getting some coin surely. I'm sure ~bursting out of your clothing~ is a fetish whether she's aware or not but probably

No. 114695

spoiler this shit pls

No. 114705

Her posture looks so unnatural here. Really stiff and uncomfortable. No idea who told her this looks flattering

No. 114715

No one did. She took it herself. She thinks owning a camera makes her a photographer and that taking photos of herself makes her a glamor model.

No. 114999

File: 1601932063033.jpg (103.8 KB, 500x667, america.jpg)

Why is Kitty weirdly obsessed with pretending to be American? She regularly wears cringe American flag printed clothes and even puts on a fake accent.

Fake voice

Real voice

No. 115003

It’s sad that she seems to have a lot of self-hatred and feels the need to lie about herself for attention. Fake designer clothes, fake growing up in Japan, fake nationality, fake scholarship, fake engagement ring, using old photos that don’t look like her, pretending to be a photographer/model/web designer etc. It sounds like the suicide attempt story could have been real. She just doesn’t seem to value her real self or her body. She needs to leave prostitution and work on her mental health.

No. 115005

File: 1601934877144.png (450.87 KB, 916x1598, 34-924781947.png)

Looks like she has clinical depression.

No. 115091

She posts all the time about how SF is a shit hole (it is). I don't know anymore, but it's obvious she doesn't know herself either.

No. 116978

File: 1603330774729.png (432.16 KB, 562x606, fatty kitty.png)

why does she insist on showing her flabby vag so often

No. 117020

Is that Kitty?

No. 117152

File: 1603415952613.png (3.71 MB, 1638x1080, serena lang.png)

who else?

imagine waxing all your pubic hair off to show this

poor men must have to use 2 hands to find anything

No. 117165

She really needs to invest more in actually fitting undergarments and not something 2-3 sizes smaller. Doesn’t make her look sexy but retarded.

No. 117167

File: 1603424837956.png (87.95 KB, 1526x290, 038025.png)

Depressing that she went from being an interpreter to showing her cooch on OnlyFans. At least she stopped pretending to have two Masters.

No. 117169

File: 1603424984779.png (105.02 KB, 756x404, 9823498.png)

Or that she studied at an Ivy League college. Or that Japanese and French are "uncommon".

No. 117171

File: 1603425397205.png (56.95 KB, 894x188, 8374723.png)

My mistake, Japanese and English.


No. 117172

File: 1603425918351.png (558.09 KB, 1374x1562, Emma Emerio.png)

Is this about Emma Emerio?

No. 117173

File: 1603426026262.png (533.53 KB, 1624x1382, friends.png)

She has a lot of friends issues it seems.

No. 117174

File: 1603426254284.png (270.13 KB, 1630x686, mother.png)

Even her mother doesn't seem to like her much. So sad, no wonder she feels she has to live in a fantasy life and impress other people so much. She seems to really be desperate for attention.

No. 117177

Reading this is actually kinda sad tbh

No. 117178

File: 1603427403225.png (248.48 KB, 2834x774, cringe.png)


No. 117179

File: 1603428228015.png (333.91 KB, 1618x1310, serena lang terf.png)

wonder if she is out about being a TERF and hating fat people

No. 117180

File: 1603429133580.jpeg (128.1 KB, 960x772, 40FA0B5F-0B23-48EB-9B4B-E2DDE7…)

still scamming on onlyfans

No. 117182

File: 1603429977372.png (162.45 KB, 948x828, mood swings.png)

emma had her own mental issues

No. 117183

File: 1603430215191.png (2.43 MB, 942x1456, nazi1.png)

emma's nazi obsession 1/3

No. 117184

File: 1603430281665.png (496.21 KB, 888x709, nazi2.png)

No. 117185

File: 1603430391187.png (869.58 KB, 910x1248, nazi3.png)

No. 117186

File: 1603430417301.png (152.27 KB, 934x748, bulimia1.png)

bulimia 1/5

No. 117187

File: 1603430501727.png (330.5 KB, 888x832, bulimia2.png)

No. 117189

File: 1603430597835.png (2.07 MB, 894x1488, bulimia3.png)


No. 117190

File: 1603430743151.png (955.82 KB, 872x1416, bulimia4.png)

No. 117191

File: 1603430878536.png (2.16 MB, 876x1452, bulimia5.png)

No. 117192

File: 1603430933735.png (690.7 KB, 928x1394, pedophilia.png)

she likes underage boys

No. 117193

File: 1603431000114.png (1.71 MB, 928x1484, art1.png)

these days she is ripping off tumblr art to sell 1/2

No. 117194

File: 1603431026087.png (1.4 MB, 670x1590, art2.png)

No. 117195

File: 1603431057742.png (156.99 KB, 938x936, parents.png)

emma has her own issues with her parents

No. 117196

File: 1603431153467.png (2.07 MB, 924x1542, native.png)

and likes cultural appropriation too

no wonder she and kitty got on so well

No. 117197

File: 1603431290122.png (85.6 KB, 1202x268, racist.png)

No. 117198

File: 1603431343714.png (157.1 KB, 932x568, drunk.png)

No. 117199

File: 1603431385339.png (136.92 KB, 944x486, classy.png)

No. 117200

File: 1603431450654.jpg (131.46 KB, 1080x1016, 94228499_182849023172346_27761…)

No. 117201

File: 1603431625010.jpg (183.25 KB, 752x1362, rolling.jpg)

high as a kite

No. 117202

File: 1603431679210.jpg (24.99 KB, 211x526, embarrasing.jpg)

why does she dress like kawaii puke

No. 117203

File: 1603432704058.jpg (26.44 KB, 229x558, puke.jpg)

No. 117204

File: 1603432727056.png (802.02 KB, 636x896, old.png)

No. 117205

File: 1603433666858.png (50.61 KB, 920x188, working class.png)

She claims to be middle class. She grew up in a council house. Real middle class people don't brag about being middle class.

No. 117210

File: 1603437731548.jpeg (247.69 KB, 960x1393, BE798BEE-26EA-48D4-9E92-5441EF…)

She turned down studying at Cambridge? Another fantasy.

No. 117211

File: 1603437882224.jpeg (238.14 KB, 960x1451, B3171B19-8394-4325-86A1-DB5198…)

So she’s actually 5’4” and not a cute 5’2” or 5’3” like she pretends. Is anything real?

No. 117219

Emma stop reporting posts about yourself with retarded reasons trying to deceive the mod team.

>This is doxing of a sex worker who wants to be anonymous. This is not her SW persona, it's personal

>Sex worker that left Tokyo 5 years ago being outed. No milk. Probably Kitty posting to derail convo
>This person is under 16

You have made 100+ reports already, it's enough.

No. 117231

File: 1603466443343.png (1.1 MB, 930x1540, nazi4.png)

she posted this not long after galliano had a huge scandal because he was caught telling some jewish people they should have been gassed

No. 117275

File: 1603485170112.png (623.42 KB, 934x624, nazi5.png)

No. 117278

File: 1603485406987.png (1.58 MB, 1860x1252, nazi6.png)

No. 117279

File: 1603485479941.png (1.18 MB, 1844x708, nazi7.png)

7/3 (ss skull)

No. 117281

File: 1603485711085.png (1.82 MB, 1382x1174, dreads.png)

white girl dreads

No. 117282

File: 1603485757532.png (1.3 MB, 1376x870, sugar skull.png)

white girl sugar skull

No. 117283

File: 1603485809325.png (607.64 KB, 1366x586, bulimia6.png)

No. 117285

File: 1603485936784.png (1.18 MB, 1368x1220, slave.png)

the only person of color she posted and it's a slave

No. 117286

File: 1603486083836.png (543.27 KB, 1012x1494, animal testing.png)

she posted a lot of animals either dead or in uncomfortable situations. not exactly abuse but they don't look completely happy.







































































































No. 117287

File: 1603486160997.png (1.79 MB, 1376x1292, explosion.png)

volcano? atomic bomb?

No. 117288

No. 117290

File: 1603486524576.png (952.29 KB, 1360x920, postcard.png)

she claims her mother took this photo 1/2

No. 117291

File: 1603486575093.png (1.79 MB, 1686x1000, postcard2.png)

but it's a postcard from the 1970s 2/2

No. 117327

Jfc, what a mess Emma is….

No. 117578

File: 1603576075122.png (109.87 KB, 1206x434, emma nazi.png)

Looks like Emma is in the closet about her nazism.

No. 117579

Emma being a neo nazi is super fucked up given that a good number of clients are POC.

Funny thing is that tweet showing she's racist is like the most tolerable thing. It's just compounded with her worshipping nazi imagery just overshadows everything. You could at least attempt to justify your choice by saying you have a right to be as racist as you want when it comes to dating/social life but she couldn't even do that.

No. 117709

File: 1603601070738.jpg (128.84 KB, 674x770, 0190324-24.jpg)

Anyone heard of Cassandra Kean?
She made a blog post bragging about how she's a sperm bank bitch and has no daddy issues.

I see potential in milk.

No. 117748

Screencap the blog post

No. 117760

File: 1603642348425.png (92.11 KB, 1489x604, cassandraspermbank.png)

Screencapped the relevant part. Rest of it definitely indicates some psycho milky potential.

No. 117779

Why share that.

Can you link the whole blog?

No. 117781

Not having a father figure is the most basic type of daddy issues and she seems to be trying very hard to convince herself otherwise. I’m sure sleeping with old men has nothing to do with that.

No. 117836


Also from her about me:
"I found myself in Tokyo shortly after graduating college. At first I was overwhelmed by the neon pulse of night life and labyrinthine roads. However, I gradually grew accustomed to Japan. The streets of Kabukicho have now become my stomping ground. The maze of Shinjuku station is like a second home. If you’d like an introduction to my world; a taste of the deliciously decadent underbelly of Tokyo, do not hesitate to get in touch~"

No. 117906

File: 1603678717236.jpeg (256.18 KB, 828x1374, A6599570-6B74-45AD-85BC-29DF47…)

Talking about her OF when she hasn’t even bothered to log back in since september.

No. 117928

She hasn't posted anything since at least July >>112115 September login was right after she was mentioned here but no new uploads. She only mentioned it now because of this 2 days ago >>117180

At least she censored her vag flab properly but who would want to see the uncensored version.

No. 117933

File: 1603736521304.png (141.85 KB, 1192x552, 0435058.png)

Did she forget all the escorts and punters she bullied?

No. 117935

File: 1603736918353.png (625.25 KB, 2776x1504, 9809890523.png)

She posted a negative replied of a visiting escort who had left by the time this went up. The john didn't even want to post it. Completely unnecessary. It reads like it was written by Kitty herself and does nothing but praise her repeatedly. The sex and next morning isn't even mentioned. All the other escort did was have too much too drink. Even if she did have a drug issue, Kitty and the john should have contacted her privately. The stairs part seems fake as fuck. Hotels and restaurants don't have stairs unless it is an emergency.

No. 117939

File: 1603737367543.jpg (202.21 KB, 1804x746, website.jpg)

Here she is bullying new escorts for using the same basic site maker as her. It's literally a platform built for escorts. Why mention it at all if she was going to change it anyway?

Her site is still up:

No. 117941

File: 1603737711530.png (91.56 KB, 1210x282, tax.png)

Her company is registered in tax havens.

No. 117942

File: 1603737801319.png (127.01 KB, 1214x350, 4982491.png)

was the other one emma?

No. 117956

File: 1603741038493.png (107.24 KB, 1204x318, stalker.png)

Both her rebrands were because she was posted about on here but no one posted her real details or contacted her family. Was she lying again to cover up her shady past?

No. 117960

File: 1603741952303.png (311.34 KB, 656x1486, wix.png)

another of kitty's scams was to recommend other escorts her web design business without saying it was her site. she isn't even a web designer, she was going to sell them a wix site

No. 117967

File: 1603742895194.png (163.91 KB, 1208x562, coquette.png)

No. 117968

File: 1603743131113.png (114.96 KB, 1202x356, french.png)

Here she is subtweeting another escort she used to be friends with

No. 117969

File: 1603743246949.png (120.46 KB, 1210x354, french 2.png)

And another subtweet about a different escort who she had her shitty webdesign business with.

No. 117972

File: 1603743606391.png (91.08 KB, 1218x266, 575825.png)

she seems to have a big complex about high school, she's always bringing it up

No. 117975

File: 1603744077010.png (114.29 KB, 1202x348, reunion.png)

I'm sure they'll all be super jealous she shows her pussy on OnlyFans

No. 117983

File: 1603745020386.png (230.25 KB, 1204x742, stalker 2.png)

Her stalker outed her to her family in January…

No. 117985

File: 1603745056324.png (130.55 KB, 1208x390, stalker 3.png)

But next month in February he hadn't.

No. 117999

File: 1603747055383.png (389.24 KB, 814x1374, singapore.png)

Kitty hates Asians. She went on a long rant about Singapore and Japan.

No. 118000

File: 1603747115728.png (279.9 KB, 1680x818, japan.png)

No. 118002

File: 1603747196145.png (220.61 KB, 1220x1456, kitty carr.png)

she used to refuse to see anyone who wasn't white and even asked for ethnicity on her booking forms. now she pretend she hates racists.

No. 118003

No. 118004

File: 1603747412170.png (195.41 KB, 1204x582, tax.png)

No. 118009

File: 1603747915042.png (192.64 KB, 1204x712, high school 3.png)

No. 118010

File: 1603747975391.png (87.1 KB, 1208x226, dp.png)

tweeting dp videos, classy

No. 118011

File: 1603748203398.png (90.93 KB, 1208x268, tight.png)

that happened

No. 118014

File: 1603748330046.png (88.63 KB, 1200x282, high school 4.png)

No. 118017

File: 1603748726805.png (308.46 KB, 606x1164, bullying.png)

More bullying of this poor girl. She was cold and distant? That's it?

No. 118019

File: 1603748815830.png (87.47 KB, 1206x270, taxes.png)

No. 118021

File: 1603748937646.png (89.5 KB, 1200x272, 4353255.png)

No. 118023

File: 1603749043693.png (191.39 KB, 1210x578, ass.png)

Here she is bullying an escort for having a voluntary contest.

No. 118024


>>55474 wrote about this already. Not a surprise, but it's not seen as "racism" among TAG clients.

No. 118025

Any guy can do that though. Stereotyping Japanese men as doing this is racism.

No. 118026

I don't disagree, but this is how they've justified it IIRC. They also don't really have to worry about it because if they write everything in English and post only on English websites, the natural language barrier prevents most Japanese from even discovering them.

No. 118028

Like the most legit reason I can think of is if they get involved too much with the locals, it could attract attention of LE.

No. 118029

File: 1603749523581.png (236.83 KB, 1206x760, economics.png)

She is so inconsistent

No. 118030

File: 1603749607745.png (89.13 KB, 1202x276, China.png)

She hates China too.

No. 118033

File: 1603750149158.png (187.06 KB, 1210x718, 35241255.png)

No. 118035

File: 1603750272172.png (207.83 KB, 1206x632, 5354626.png)

No. 118037

File: 1603750500980.png (77.25 KB, 1202x228, 234i24.png)

Emma bragged about being multi-lingual but thinks Spanish and Portuguese are the same.

No. 118040

File: 1603751155085.png (170 KB, 1204x536, serena lang.png)

Yikes, this is probably her worst comment by far. Poor people can't have emotional pain? How the fuck did she think this was ok to say.

No. 118042

File: 1603751558541.png (109.95 KB, 1198x434, 8240874.png)

And again!

No. 118043

File: 1603752292484.png (378.92 KB, 608x1424, cheap.png)

Calling another escort cheap…

No. 118045

File: 1603753121278.png (331.69 KB, 806x1170, 4871284.png)

She has no self awareness.

No. 118046

File: 1603753175501.png (80.66 KB, 1200x226, donations.png)

ebegging is so tacky

No. 118050

File: 1603753346959.png (1002.9 KB, 1198x956, molestable.png)


No. 118051

File: 1603753511093.png (86.28 KB, 1208x272, maid.png)

she worked in a maid cafe

No. 118060

Kitty has permanent residency and never mentioned vaginal sex on her website (which is illegal to sell) and only anal (which is legal). She wasn’t breaking any laws.

No. 118065

Doubt she was/is paying taxes

No. 118134

File: 1603780746314.jpeg (178.76 KB, 828x993, EE850755-5BCA-4195-948B-F3F95A…)

She acts like she is somewhat special

No. 118162

brazilian portuguese and latin spanish are similar. she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

No. 118188

It’s part of her trauma of being rejected in high school and then by anyone else she’s bullied. She can’t accept that they might have had valid reasons for rejecting her so instead she has to constantly set herself up as “not like other girls”. In her mind it’s not that she’s a shitty friend, it’s that she is too smart and too special to get along with other women. They must be jealous and bad people. Except everything that she claims that makes her special is fake.

No. 118396

Under £10 per hour is minimum wage in the UK or close to enough to it. Thinking you’re better than someone else because they’re poor and you’re not is vile. Bullying poor people, her tax avoidance, buying fake designer items likely made by slaves, and thinking poor people can’t have feelings is all really disgusting and classist. Another form of self hatred since she comes from a modest background? Or she just actually believes all of this.

No. 118401

File: 1603974458267.png (77.97 KB, 1210x230, 395353523.png)

she should learn to take her own advice about not engaging and taking everything personally

No. 118419

What is your trauma making you desperate to talk about other people here?

No. 118516

File: 1604026610932.png (91.25 KB, 1208x314, 4958358.png)

it was minimum wage

No. 119131

Why would someone selling pussy even try to make it seem like they are so great for making more money than someone working a normal job. If that girl went and did the same thing she’d be making the same kind of money too.

No. 119157

You don’t understand anon. Sex work is a special job only special people like middle class Kitty, who has two Master’s degrees and is fluent in the rare languages of English and Japanese, can do.

No. 119344

File: 1604606751310.jpeg (303.3 KB, 960x1432, 046430F2-7A45-442D-B80C-5CD7AC…)

Kitty brags about her escort life all over social media but then complains when someone on her friends list asks her about it. Asking a friend about their work because you are interested in it is not rude. Either don’t make bragging posts or don’t have these people on your friend list if you don’t want them to know basic things about your life.

I guess it’s just no fun for her when someone from her high school poke holes into her many lies about her doing so much better than everyone else. Earning more than minimum wage isn’t glamorous when you have to fuck dirty old men to do it.

No. 119632


Btw, the watch he got her from Harry Winston, is around 80.000 euros, maybe more expensive there. So he may spent like 300.000 in all her stuff.

Anyone knows in what he works?

No. 119657

He’s a plastic surgeon.

No. 119803

No he’s a gynecologist

No. 119869

How do you know?
Also sage your shit

No. 119936

File: 1605034352365.jpeg (358.55 KB, 960x971, 2D24AFAE-C3E8-4FD2-B968-122BE0…)

Everyone stopped following Kitty on OnlyFans after she scammed them. Now she wants them to DM her so she can give them a discount so they will join again.

No. 119949

Nadine did the same shit until her OF got posted here and she nuked everything.

No. 120053

I am sure it’s been discussed in previous threads he was a plastic surgeon who did her breast implants . . .

No. 120355

File: 1605284614641.png (44.02 KB, 819x719, nadinedmca.png)

This is old, but Nadine issued a DMCA takedown request so various gaijin threads will not come up if you search for them on google.

I'm pretty fucking sure that's not how DMCA works, but IANAL and I guess google doesn't really give a shit either. Good job I guess.

No. 120442

File: 1605327135917.png (105.29 KB, 1198x228, serenity falls.png)

>>119936 Kitty is promising again that she will post regularly…

No. 120443

File: 1605327219769.png (39.3 KB, 980x380, onlyfans serenity falls.png)

But hasn't logged in all week. She either has no followers or is scamming more.

No. 121478

It appears that her Onlyfans isn’t accessible anymore. At least her profile won’t load for me. Did she get rid off it already?

No. 121544

No. 121641

File: 1605921981045.jpeg (66.65 KB, 828x484, A54CAAEA-E88B-4820-AF3F-2F6A71…)

So she finally decided to post something kek

No. 121690

She only logs in when her scams are talked about here.

No. 121708

File: 1605943429288.jpeg (344.5 KB, 828x1443, F8B18677-8246-454D-B16F-D019AE…)

I really don’t get it how she’s so emotional because she throws money at Chanel and other brands. Life doesn’t evolve around luxury but what do I know….

No. 121771

This is incredibly bad taste. How many people have lost their jobs because of covid? And she’s crying because she has too much money.

Why is she even going to Chanel anyway. That’s not essential. Even if Japan isn’t in lockdown, she should be minimising where she goes. Use one of your million other pink purses instead.

No. 121998

Bore! What a humble brag!
Uwu oh sweet Arisu desu desu desuuu! Us mere peasants are so glad u feel so humbled sweet princessu. Not many of us would be willing to suck a greying ballsack for a birkin.

No matter how much luxury burando her withering sugar daddy with a kinpatsu gaijin fetish buys her, he can’t buy her the personality she so desperately craves and she will always have the face of a horse and nasolabial folds as deep as the Grand Canyon kek

No. 122045

Literally the minute things are back open she’s back to throwing money at a multimillion (if not billion) dollar business instead of supporting local businesses or maybe just staying clear and use her already existing bags. How much does a single person need?! I don’t get it…. her closet is almost exploding too and she just bought a bunch of new sweaters.

No. 122334

She sounds so cheap and no class, she tries all the ways possible to show off caz most of her followers can’t buy that. She should first try to get the money herself and not show off money is not even hers.

No. 122389

Why is this spaced like an adlib book

No. 122391

Because they're a weeb. They wrote it with their phone in Japanese mode.

No. 122415

Jeez this is so embarrassing! She’s acting like she grew up in a 3rd world country and is living a millionaires life now. Girl you’re just a shoppaholic with a sugar daddy nothing more

No. 122537

File: 1606400525217.jpeg (196.81 KB, 828x1302, 72EC8ADF-019B-4103-9AC6-5A4B30…)

So much for uploading every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Posts one picture after almost forever and disappears again.

No. 122538

I meant Friday…. not Saturday….

No. 126213

File: 1608112896202.jpeg (628.04 KB, 960x1405, 019686B3-17A3-4C2D-94F4-A20D49…)

Lol Kitty pinned a photoshoot to the top of her twitter profile and didn’t even make it to 10 likes after a week. She has over 5000 fake followers.

No. 126217

Lol she bullied an escort for having under 800 followers and bragged that she was better at self promotion.

Looks like you could do with those retweets now Kitty. >>118023

No. 126227

File: 1608122268923.jpeg (313.25 KB, 828x1551, 10B807B8-A1F2-4363-B104-381B73…)

Jfc does she really think this looks attractive?? Not surprised she got less than 10 likes for that….

No. 126398

File: 1608167426759.png (938.15 KB, 1094x1168, Screenshot.png)

On her photography account she asked for retweets a month ago. Not one of her 18,000 followers retweeted her. How embarrassing. Even Kitty doesn't want to retweet herself.

No. 126399

File: 1608168375752.jpeg (361.49 KB, 828x1456, 0B5E982C-9531-48F0-80CB-2DF9F5…)

She changed her insta name again as well

No. 126407

Kitty committed visa fraud to move to the US. She married her best friend. They divorced in May after she got her green card. He lives in Texas while she lives in California but she goes to visit him regularly to keep up the fake marriage. That's why she first moved to Texas when she moved to the US. Now she has another man lined up in California for her next green card.

No. 126408

File: 1608173514438.png (81.99 KB, 1522x660, 8208472.png)

Disillusion = divorce

No. 126409

File: 1608173605484.png (102.8 KB, 1602x288, 8809709.png)

You can see in her blog that she never intended to stay in Texas. It was a fake marriage from the start.


No. 126411

Her next husband is a divorced 50 year old. Sounds legit.

No. 126427

Kitty only needs a bad tattoo and baby and she will have perfectly morphed into Lorena 2.0. She already has the fake marriage, drugs, flab, fried hair, whoring, fake handbags, scams, bullying, and compulsive lying.

No. 126435

File: 1608185766468.jpeg (70.66 KB, 500x500, 0DE7F2AF-A301-4391-A9A6-7B9B09…)

She definitely looked better with darker hair. The blonde really makes her look like Lorena 2.0

No. 126505

File: 1608233387824.png (2.94 MB, 2406x1394, 8749642.png)

Second from right (military uniform) is husband number one. Far left (suit) is soon-to-be husband number two. Notice the lack of rings and her hand on his crotch, despite this being taken Halloween 2019, a year and a half before her divorce.

No. 126513

Looks like a piece of Michelangelo flesh kek. Muscular but also flabby af. Layers upon layers of wrinkles on her knees and elbows. That saggy belly button is so unsightly. If she had some self awareness, she would have paid more attention to her hair to bring the attention to her face. But she said nope, a lazy ponytail and fried hair it is.

How does someone age so badly in just 5 years? Drugs? Alcohol? The curse of all the newbie escorts she relentlessly bullied back in the day? Kek. She looked somewhat decent during her Tokyo days but JFC she didn’t age gracefully. She lost all her skin tightness and integrity before hitting 40. Flab, honey. Isn’t she a high class escort? She could pay for skin tightening procedures or get a tummy tuck.

No. 126514

Underrated comment.
She is Lorena with a PR packaging.

No. 126553

I suspect the reason she couldn’t marry husband 2 first was because she was the homewrecker in his divorce and he was a former client. She couldn’t wait to move to the US so married her friend and then moved to San Fransisco to live with husband 2. Now that the 5 year waiting period for her green card and his divorce are over then can marry.

She hasn’t had a real job in years and only had one in Japan so she could get PR and then quit to be an escort. I guess she couldn’t get a US job this time.

No. 126605

I’m either blind or she already made that picture private

No. 126609

Nope, still there.

No. 126616

Here is a weird kink video she was in just before she left Tokyo. Probably the best she has ever looked.

No. 126623

File: 1608261145998.gif (633.02 KB, 320x180, giphy.gif)

No. 126631

No. 126653

File: 1608266111673.png (88.87 KB, 1198x278, 1.png)

Kitty complains someone offered her $100 for new Louboutins…

No. 126655

File: 1608266209931.png (1005.55 KB, 1574x1338, 2.png)

However the only "new" Louboutins she has listed are actually worn (another scam)

No. 126656

File: 1608266296076.png (1.22 MB, 1202x786, 3.png)

A week later she updated the listing. The very next day she posts a photo shoot of her wearing the same shoes again.

No. 126658

File: 1608266361230.jpg (415.14 KB, 1707x2560, 4.jpg)

Shoes pic.

No. 126661

She could’ve cleaned them at least….

No. 126662

File: 1608266666288.png (538.47 KB, 1324x690, a.png)

Kitty's charging $200 for 10 "professionally edited" images…

No. 126663

File: 1608266800634.jpg (92.81 KB, 1200x801, b.jpg)

But she can't even edit her own ass properly.

No. 126664

File: 1608266847823.png (38.48 KB, 804x360, c.png)

No. 126673

On the listing it says 400$. Still outrageously expensive for what you get.

No. 126677

That's even worse…

No. 126678

her ass is too fat for the belt to reach her stocking despite being extended fully

No. 126951

New. Sure, Jen.
She had these Loubs for at least five years now. Anyone else noticed she has been recycling the same shoes, handbags and lingerie for a while now? The golden era is over.
Sad to see the legendary escort Kitty Carr aka Serena Lang selling her shoes to make some quick cash. Not getting any more bookings Kitty?

No. 126952

Holy fucking shit. This is a massive throwdown between Emma Emerio and Kitty Carr.
I could never imagine Emma Emerio having a Nazi obsession, because she mainly advertised to poc clients. Someone please tell me it’s a smear campaign, I can’t stomach the thought of her idolizing Hitler. Even if it was an edgy teenage phase, the Nazi imagery she allegedly posted is disgusting. Kitty on the other hand has always looked down upon Japanese escorts and Japanese men. When they offered duos she would precisely highlight their whiteness. It all makes sense now.

No. 127008

File: 1608408188118.png (1.36 MB, 924x1410, emma.png)

>I could never imagine Emma Emerio having a Nazi obsession, because she mainly advertised to poc clients.
The POC she advertised to were Japanese. Japan was on the Nazi side and Japan is one of the last places where you can openly wear a swastika and no one cares.

There's also >>117942

You can still see Emma's tumblr here:

She used to have her instagram under the same username but changed it after the Nazi stuff was posted here.

No. 127013

File: 1608409376498.png (27.97 KB, 956x90, emma.png)

I think Emma made the mods delete this for doxxing, but she tweeted this too under her real name. She's only pretending not to be a racist now because she wants to work in a field where racism is a big no no.

No. 127021

>trying to appear not racist
>pro-segregation tweet

No. 127027

It was on an abandoned account. She probably hides her racism better on her active accounts.

No. 127030

File: 1608414023785.jpeg (198.02 KB, 960x512, 364945E9-4BCA-4E23-8BE0-D295E5…)

You can see it existed by googling “brandfarlig instagram”. If you click the result it shows the page is gone.

No. 127040

>New. Sure, Jen.
She had these Loubs for at least five years now.

They're probably fake anyway.

>Anyone else noticed she has been recycling the same shoes, handbags and lingerie for a while now? The golden era is over.

Sad to see the legendary escort Kitty Carr aka Serena Lang selling her shoes to make some quick cash. Not getting any more bookings Kitty?

It's amazing to think how much she built up a fantasy persona of being a curvaceous rich exotic middle class multi-lingual blonde woman brought up in Japan.

No. 127043

File: 1608415215449.png (175.71 KB, 1208x590, 3532353.png)

The tweet got 3 replies, 2 which were agreeing with her. I guess that is a lot for her these days.

No. 127048

File: 1608415586317.png (105.27 KB, 1206x376, PHD.png)

Kitty can't even write PhD properly, how would she do one? She tried to do a research Masters but had to drop out and change to a taught one. That's why she pretends to have two. I doubt she would get accepted for research again after that.

No. 127105

This tweet is still innocent compared to the Hitler imagery and Swastika’s you see on her tumblr kek. It’s funny how white supremacists do the opposite of what they preach. Emma is the equivalent of right wing white men who are “anti race-mixing” and against immigrants in theory but go to Japan or Bangkok for sex tourism.

Kek. I have two theories about Emma Emerio: She either had an edgy teenage phase and when it was finally over, she felt embarrassed about being associated with Neo Nazi. Or, she still has these extremist thoughts but does a better job at hiding them. That would be more fucked up.. I checked her twitter and she adopted this pro SJW persona sometime around 2014. She aggressively retweets redfem tweets and supports immigrant rights. It was amusing to see she delivered a devastating blow to Neo Nazis and Hitler in a couple of her tweets, whom she once was fond of.

This won’t be the first time a racist white person will get away with what they’ve done in the past and enjoy a privileged position later in life. It’s ironic that she has more pro SJW tweets than a gender studies major now.

No. 127114

File: 1608432023783.png (562.5 KB, 1548x1284, ad.png)

>she adopted this pro SJW persona sometime around 2014
Interesting, most of her tumblr posts are from 6-8 years ago (2012-2014). She posted her first ad in 2015 and said she was 21. That means she was openly pro-Nazi up until she was 20, yikes.

No. 127115

File: 1608432360151.png (140.12 KB, 1410x476, kitty.png)

>Kitty on the other hand has always looked down upon Japanese escorts and Japanese men. When they offered duos she would precisely highlight their whiteness.

Kitty always wrote lots about how white she was.

No. 127116

File: 1608432529176.png (269.37 KB, 1764x1032, ad.png)

Kitty's first ad in 2013.

No. 127120

Megakek. Nobody ever looked at Kitty Carr and thought she was working out. >>127116
“If there was a blow job tournament I’d enter with confidence and take down the other bitches who dared challenge me”
Stay classy Kitty.

No. 127123

File: 1608433571703.png (509.06 KB, 1836x1514, ad.png)

Kitty's last Tokyo ad.

No. 127124

File: 1608433721753.png (491.29 KB, 1844x1070, ad.png)

Another Kitty ad.

No. 127125

File: 1608433930596.png (157.6 KB, 1818x416, ad.png)

Interesting to compare Kitty's ad with the escort she wrote the bad review for. She seems so down to earth in comparison.

No. 127126

File: 1608433991960.png (216.97 KB, 1852x570, comment.png)

Yikes, Kitty's comment.

No. 127127

File: 1608434140947.png (99.79 KB, 1842x326, comment.png)

This pretty much confirms that the bad review was written by Kitty and not the client.

No. 127129

“As well as pretty much everything you had to talk your ex girlfriend into.”

She can’t compliment herself without putting down other women.

“I smile more than any other Russian girl ever did”

Her insecurities are so damn obvious

No. 127156

“Are you tired of encounters in broken English?”

Speaking your native language fluently is not an achievement, it’s the bare minimum.
Ironic that now she tries to adapt to the current political climate and has become a supporter of PoC escorts. It always gives me pleasure when the veil falls off and vintage milk comes out.

No. 127157

She’s likely referring to Japanese escorts who sometimes don’t speak much English. And yet again she looks down on others.

No. 127252

>a man once chased me up several flights of stairs to tell me “Excuse me, I’m sorry, but you have a fantastic ass”

I’m convinced what actually happened is that a man was running up stairs in a hurry and said to her “Excuse me, I’m sorry, but could you let me pass?”.

No. 127328

File: 1608509595986.jpeg (686.38 KB, 960x1273, 66A77FD8-60F7-43CB-9C75-66B994…)

I’m glad Kitty stopped squeezing herself into a cosplay Japanese uniform, pretending it was her high school one. Sexualising minors (which the vast majority of school girls are) is disgusting and doing it with another culture’s uniform is even worse. As if school girls are not sexually harassed enough in Japan.

No. 127329

File: 1608509637277.jpeg (376.09 KB, 960x1908, 9F6D9FC0-054B-4868-8546-12B538…)

I suspect this is husband 1.

No. 127333

File: 1608510398899.jpeg (39.63 KB, 480x600, D3A09929-FF55-4943-AE54-B63CE4…)

How did she think this looked good…

No. 127335

File: 1608510637279.jpeg (265.9 KB, 952x1679, BDA10556-D4F6-450B-B22D-5FAE16…)

She’s wearing the shoes in this 5 year old ad.


No. 127338

File: 1608512388929.jpeg (186.25 KB, 960x1248, 3A4FF048-7EE1-4CE1-AAC9-C05907…)

Whoever said Kitty was a pickme was right. She uprooted her life, gave up her career, moved to another continent and an area she hates, and committed visa fraud, all for a man who didn’t even file for divorce until over a year later. The divorce still isn’t even finalised.

No wonder she is on anti-depressants.

No. 127339

I’m not against sex work per se, but girls who sexualize minors disgust me. These disgusting sexual acts took a toll on her body.

No. 127646

File: 1608646691423.png (2.8 MB, 2760x1354, 878247.png)

Eww, the dress she dances in is also for sale as "never worn". It must be all sweaty and rancid from never being washed.

No. 127647

File: 1608646983434.png (2.65 MB, 2798x1384, 7986706.png)

She's also selling a "new with tags" lingerie set but the tags are all bent because she took them off and used the items but then looped the tags back on. Eww.

How the mighty Kitty has fallen.

No. 127648

File: 1608647053829.png (2.65 MB, 2802x1354, 894624.png)

This set doesn't even have reused tags. It's literally just her used panties for sale.

No. 127655

So this is basically a milkless vendetta thread?

No. 127658

Cows have been recently outed as being Nazis and committing marriage fraud for a visa. You wish your cow was that milky.

No. 127702

>I’m often told I have the intellect and emotional maturity of someone much older.
It’s pretty sad that she described herself this way when it’s what creepy old men tell young women to groom them and make them forget about the age gap. Kitty must have heard it a lot to internalize it.

No. 127712

Apologies. I only saw this shit thread get bumped to the top page cause apparently someone is selling their underwear and that's a sin or something. You can forgive me for getting confused.
Just looked more thoroughly, the Nazi shit. Definitely milk. Most of the rest of it,still stinks of vendetta.

No. 127717

No problem, I guess you have to understand the context for some of the stuff and the thread doesn’t have a proper write-up. For example, the underwear thing is more about the seller being a scammer (in this case selling stuff that is clearly used as new) and who used to brag about how she was the highest paid escort in Japan. She’s selling the underwear on a regular clothes site away from her escort work, it’s not a sex work thing. Admittedly, not the milkiest thing though and probably shouldn’t have bumped the thread.

No. 127747

File: 1608673304063.png (3.31 MB, 1790x1330, vacation.png)

Did Kitty go on vacation to Mexico last month? During the pandemic?

No. 127849

I doubt it. If you go back, she posted pics from there back in February as well as last December.

No. 130253

File: 1609683459145.jpeg (190.66 KB, 1242x2208, 66793D01-B94C-4C18-A5A7-3A8C41…)

She’s been in Puerto Rico for the past week. Still there.

No. 131845


Doesn't she have kids?

No. 131958

Her bf does. She broke up their family.

No. 132182

She’s the only one wearing a bikini. Always desperate for attention.

No. 132241

File: 1610585417898.png (1.46 MB, 1210x1272, a.png)

Kitty's pretending someone took her on a Napa trip…

No. 132242

File: 1610585610850.jpg (951.44 KB, 1124x1254, b.jpg)

In reality it's just her and her old man bf ignoring that they should be staying home. You can see him the mirror reflection.

No. 132243

File: 1610585662850.png (867.92 KB, 1200x996, c.png)

And the Agent Provocateur box is from her own order.

No. 132244

File: 1610586279272.png (97.64 KB, 1212x362, sgtatag.png)

I can't find the tweets right now but she bullied other escorts for faking gifts.

Found this one instead where she cries about how mean bullies are…

No. 132245

File: 1610586380240.png (170.04 KB, 1196x502, gtagg.png)

She says how ugly logos are but has them on her own site.

No. 132246

File: 1610586436086.png (3.15 MB, 1366x1462, agegah.png)

No. 132279

File: 1610598598180.jpeg (262.32 KB, 960x1296, 45ADA277-72EB-4FB9-A2CA-BDFC70…)

Kitty was $20 per month and now has cut that in half to $10 per month. She’s really desperate for money these days. If only she stopped being a scammer then people might actually join.

New username:

No. 132619

File: 1610735640987.jpg (786.96 KB, 920x1380, full_5375ad997c6eb.jpg)

Are Kitty's boobs fake? She used to be a lot more flat and not filled out much.

No. 132622

File: 1610735979486.png (Spoiler Image, 383.56 KB, 542x418, 48274-872.png)

Her nipples look like they have a scar around them from, meaning saline.

No. 132625

File: 1610736114399.jpg (47.87 KB, 800x607, COrcA_aU8AA7jgy.jpg)

Old listings say she is 34DD.

No. 132627

File: 1610736206832.png (130.36 KB, 1670x546, bra size.png)

But new ones say 34F.

Also lol at her thinking she looks like a "Russian model".

No. 132662

File: 1610747494878.png (143.34 KB, 1196x604, ebegging.png)

ebegging again

No. 132760

She has gained a ton of weight or it could be saline. They look saggy tho, if she had a boob job she should have gone for a breast lift as well. She didn’t age gracefully.

No. 132761

She looks better when she covers up also kek she forgot to apply the filter on her hands.

No. 132788

kek her hands look 60

No. 132801

File: 1610816531295.jpeg (162.94 KB, 960x772, E180D8A2-E1DD-4C13-BF8F-CC8458…)

She does this a lot it seems, her hands are shrivelled here too. So much for her offering ~professional retouching~.

No. 132930

Kitty has never been the highest paid escort in Tokyo. Truly high end escorts don’t advertise online. Elite girls get gifted mansions, cars and don’t get paid by the hour.

No. 132961

Another Kitty fantasy then. I doubt she was the first independent caucasian either. Probably one of the Russian model types she fetishizes beat her to it years before.

No. 132972

File: 1610894306835.jpeg (432.75 KB, 955x966, F5E19E7F-CCD2-4AB7-8949-6EA8C9…)

Assuming this is true, I’m sure that she’s super happy Kitty posted a whole thread full of identifying details about her publicly…

No. 132973

File: 1610894447406.jpeg (779.38 KB, 960x1622, 48B2717C-3C63-4C7E-B7DE-48A815…)

There’s more than enough to easily identify her. Wtf was Kitty thinking. Not exactly “discreet and discrete”.

No. 132998

File: 1610905764394.png (113.15 KB, 1200x390, w574777.png)

She's making physical comments about her and selling the story on OnlyFans. I really hope this is made up.

No. 132999

File: 1610905810668.png (171.67 KB, 1214x694, 547347745.png)

No. 133004

File: 1610907463311.png (142.26 KB, 1418x848, serenity falls onlyfans scam.p…)

She's scamming again. That tweet says everyday but her OnlyFans says her is trying for every second day. At least she posting at all (hopefully).

No. 133102


No. 133373

File: 1611074066170.png (283.29 KB, 1210x792, serena lang ebegging.png)

Kitty's trying to make it seem like a random admirer send her the gift card. In fact, it's the same sad divorced simp that is always the one to send her things and take her on trips and pay for her tours. Sounds like she messaged him to ebeg.

Wonder if knows about her visa husbands.

No. 133377

File: 1611074477021.png (193.51 KB, 1190x920, nique.png)

She's talking about her simp here. She probably viewed his story so she could ebeg when he messaged her.

No. 133574

File: 1611177983017.png (113 KB, 1208x408, pot kettle black.png)

Because Kitty would never brag about how whiter, better at English, smarter, more independent, etc she is…

No. 134277

File: 1611541896646.jpeg (474.12 KB, 960x1120, 66EA5EC1-9A87-4DD6-9376-7515A3…)

The escort maturely unfollowed her, but Kitty just has to have the last word always so she can bully anyone who dares disagree with her. I guess Kitty’s shitty fashion sense was seriously offended.

God, Kitty is just so exhausting to follow. She can’t go a single day without either bullying another escort or lying about something.

No. 134324

It’s what people whose careers have become stagnant always do to stay relevant.

No. 134777

File: 1611792168570.jpeg (221.37 KB, 813x1227, 793FF2CD-2DDA-42F8-8E69-0B22B1…)

No. 134880

Kya_sa_rin = Katherine

She's wearing the same dress as the reddit picture:


No. 134883

She has changed her Instagram name so many times now.

No. 135328

She’s always been like that though

No. 135732

Do you think it’s coincidence that she’s bragging about her financial investments on Twitter right after anons have mocked her for selling her used clothing?

No. 135777

She’s pretending to have invested, she didn’t invest anything. Or if she did, she only did it after everyone had heard about it and won’t have made much of a profit.

Everything on Kitty’s twitter is a lie or very exaggerated.

No. 136441

File: 1612437765193.jpeg (451.89 KB, 960x1295, 28A6D820-47B6-487F-939A-6CFF75…)

Kitty’s now pretending she worked in an elite strip/hostess club.


No. 136442

File: 1612437850941.jpeg (734.83 KB, 960x1098, 5D8AF8DC-501E-4600-BB4D-300968…)

She actually worked in a maid cafe that catered to tourists and did Akihabara tours.

No. 136444

File: 1612438767474.jpeg (268.49 KB, 960x1167, E5E9B385-AC90-46CB-94E1-37607A…)

No. 136445

File: 1612438821169.jpeg (405.95 KB, 960x1864, C9397357-B5FE-40AC-A884-208E4D…)

No. 136446

File: 1612438865311.jpeg (130.21 KB, 960x894, C4175205-91FF-4A01-A875-165366…)

No. 136447

File: 1612438979641.jpeg (673.55 KB, 960x1908, 466CE6BA-9980-46C5-B878-2A621C…)

It was her dream to work in a maid cafe.

The University of Tokyo Master’s is the one she dropped out of but still pretends to have.

No. 136448

File: 1612439530935.jpeg (886.74 KB, 960x1915, 792FBD28-2014-4C8C-817E-DDAB04…)

Interpreting (specialising in economics) is the only Master’s she has.

No. 136451

File: 1612439699415.jpeg (267.13 KB, 960x556, 84A5D9F5-8013-45CB-9E41-A795A3…)

No. 136452

File: 1612440008150.jpeg (255.92 KB, 960x566, 98DD6557-E60D-4A4B-BE3D-7B29D4…)

She also pretends she did a Master’s in “Japanese Language, Culture, and History”first. Some bachelors are called that in the UK but it’s not a real Master’s. She just did a Bachelors in Japanese.

No. 136453

File: 1612440107701.jpeg (513.56 KB, 960x1542, 46CFC925-8F4B-42CD-950E-22E76E…)

No. 136456

Imagine needing to work in a maid a cafe at 30…

No. 136635

I’m really impressed that you found all of this, anon. So much for her glamorous life in japan.

No. 136646

Everything about her is fake. Most escorts lie a bit to improve themselves (though ignore that if prostitution is work, lying is then fraud) but Kitty lies about everything. And then uses this to bully others.

No. 136650

File: 1612536467802.jpeg (120.93 KB, 828x1214, DE800952-14B5-4454-83DF-0B5DA6…)

I also found this account in her followers list. Maybe back up/private account of hers

No. 136654

That’s her personal account. The content is like a combination of her modelling one and her twitter account. Lots of poorly posed photos bragging about whatever she has made up this week.

No. 137254

Lol, Kitty's OF is only $20 per month (when she's not having special offers for $10) and Lorena is $28. How the mighty have fallen.


No. 137335

File: 1612861235775.jpeg (416.81 KB, 960x1259, 9043EA77-AE65-4177-9C2B-9C8D22…)

And now she retweeted about getting tips for custom content.

No. 137801

Lots of pictures of her and her old bf too going back years. None of her wedding and only refers to her visa husband as her “best friend”.

No. 137904

Now her Twitter is private

No. 137916

She’s posting about being on drugs (GHB) but hates being compared with Lorena here because inside she knows she’s trashy.

No. 138348

File: 1613344780280.jpeg (212.09 KB, 828x1293, 6D2E5E90-BF0B-46E3-8317-9F7829…)

She’s still scamming people with promises to post every day and hasn’t bothered to log in

No. 138387

File: 1613356312048.jpeg (650.21 KB, 960x771, E570E035-6C83-4EE0-8BC8-11368F…)

She has another new scam. She’s offering “pro pose coaching” through her Pretty Rebel Photo shoots despite her being easily the worst model ever. You also get some shrivelled hand and ass warping “magazine edits” thrown in.

No. 138395

More info about Kitty’s “second master’s” from her other blog:



Seems she was a research student for a year at Todai as part of her scholarship. But instead of actually researching she just took undergraduate Chinese classes. She mentions writing a thesis but it sounds like she didn’t complete it.

No. 138398

File: 1613360759778.jpeg (237.98 KB, 960x887, 32030140-A0E1-46C6-A5F9-DB41C5…)

She must have either failed her thesis/exams or dropped out as she was embassy recommended. What a waste of a scholarship, not even doing basic research.

I strongly suspect Kitty is not nearly as smart as she pretends. She’s good at Japanese because she’s a weeb and had a Japanese fiance but everything else she fails miserably at. She only got into a good college for her undergraduate as her mother has links to the college. Her father taught at her high school, which made her a guaranteed entry for her “boarding school” (which she didn’t board at) and favoritism. Throw in some long words she learned to look smart and a pack of lies and voila.

No. 138400

File: 1613363345083.jpeg (215.35 KB, 960x696, 30E935BD-3AF2-48EC-8BEB-039D46…)

Wonder why she doesn’t list Chinese as she took it during her year abroad during her undergraduate too. Unless she failed those as well.

No. 138408

She likely failed and is too embarrassed to list it

No. 138464

File: 1613402670697.png (126.02 KB, 1212x506, erixon.png)

She tweeted recently claiming that she had gotten "government scholarships" for both her masters. However, Scotland doesn't have tuition fees so she didn't get it for that, she didn't complete her Todai masters so not that, and MEXT is only for 2 years if you are a research student (assuming she was allowed to use the second year for her actual masters). She also used to claim she paid for all her education herself.

She's so bad at keeping her story straight. I doubt anyone john hiring her really cares if she has a masters or not anyway.

No. 138470

File: 1613403910201.png (125.72 KB, 1806x446, ucl.png)

And before her year abroad too. How many years of Mandarin has she done now? Three? She took N2 after four years of Japanese. She was bragging recently about visiting Hong Kong multiple times per month (to visit her simp Jerome and set up tax avoidance schemes). Most people in HK speak some Mandarin so not like she doesn't have opportunity to practice.

She only did one month of Italian in a language school, doesn't even know all the tenses in Spanish, and is confused about the French subjunctive but lists those.

No. 138642

File: 1613532173540.jpeg (500.67 KB, 960x1286, CE8DBC93-B17B-405F-A04B-B69E61…)


No. 139240

File: 1614017984057.png (1.96 MB, 1280x1290, sofia.png)

She worn it more than once.

No. 139241

File: 1614018168523.png (647.79 KB, 710x662, london.png)


No. 139841

Arisu having a million dollar closet is making me question my priorities kek

No. 139864

Same girl. I wish i had three or more birkins damn. I always wonder what she has to do for it…

No. 139868

Bachelors in Scotland are called "MAs" for whatever reason, so I assume she just wrote the title the university assigns to the degrees. I did my undergraduate at Edinburgh, and the official title of my degree is a "Master of Arts with Honours".

No. 139869

Not too much except the usual. I know her bf, I won't doxx him because he is actually a nice person. He gets dragged on lolcow but he looks fine.

No. 139874

What is the usual though, playing the girlfriend? I wonder where you think you know him from because he seems to like staying anonymous. I honestly thought they’re already married or engaged tbh

No. 139897

She has an MA Bachelor's in Japanese, not “Japanese Language, Culture, and History” as she claims on her profile. Like you say, it's not a real Master's and she only has one.

No. 139994

His voice, mannerisms and physique are still out there for everyone to see. A cherry blossom flower plastered on his head doesn't hide much. She also shared his off days recently, which are quite peculiar for Japan. She should be more careful about giving away those personal details if she wants to protect his privacy.

No. 139999

What’s his profession or field he’s in?

No. 140042

He's a plastic surgeon.

No. 140058

No he is not. I laugh every time someone claims he is a plastic surgeon. I know him, and I know he is not a plastic surgeon kek.

No. 140061

Who did her awful boob job then? Does he work in medicine?

No. 140070

She is married for visa with a surgeon.
The other guy is her sugar daddy

No. 140075

That sounds like a miserable way to live.

No. 140091

She is clearly not living with her husband then. Hmmm is that okay for her visa or…….

No. 140092

Technically that’s not allowed to be living separately but somehow all these cows get away with it.

No. 140120

It's really not a mystery. As long as you're registered with your partner, it's fine. They don't check whether you actually live there (unless I guess you're super suspicious). Plus, if she's been married for more than 3 years she's probably a permanent resident and then no one ever bothers you again.

No. 140126

What did Shiena do wrong?

No. 140140

They do check sometimes if you are really living together. Even if you are registered with your partner. Always expect someone to come over

No. 140169

She regularly sells luxury goods on Instagram. I wish I had a miserable life and regularly made a million yen after selling the expensive bags I don't use anymore.

No. 140170

Her visa husband blew the whistle to immigration

No. 140175

I doubt that. He got money after all. Why would he cut off his money supply and get exposed/making himself loose face as well? Doesn’t make any sense.

No. 140183

There is NO way a surgeon would marry a skank that looks like her and even less for the visa. Why would a surgeon risk it all for a prostitute? Post proof or gfto

No. 140188

In any case living in kawaii land by committing visa fraud wasn't worth being detained by Japanese immigration. She lived in a cubicle apartment, lived paycheck by paycheck and spent savings on circus costumes. It sucks but average looking Chinese women cannot be as successful as white sugar babies who make it big in Japan. She should have realized that earlier and focused on building a career or getting a real education.

No. 140198

Can’t wait to see what ~business~ Arisu is gonna start. I wonder if it’s some useless crap like bagcharms or planners.

No. 140202

No amount of money is worth that.

No. 140479

Is she going to start a business

No. 140498

They always do to starve off the boredom.

No. 140499

Guess her clothing business failed

No. 140538

Should be in this video rather towards the end

No. 140539

File: 1615022879229.jpeg (246.95 KB, 828x1202, 3E9B8310-4673-46AA-A1B8-CAFC4D…)

Samefag but she posted this today aswell, picrel. Boxes with random crap from Japan how original! She’s copying Kimmyluxedolls on Instagram with that she’s basically doing the same.

No. 140552

Wtf happened to her face? She looks like her whole face has been filled with botox.

No. 140562

She’s living her best pink life anon

No. 140565

All of her videos seem so soul less and depressing. Take away the shiny things and no one would want that. I wonder how long she will live like that.

No. 140566

It’s basically just based around money. I think she tries to fill a hole inside of her with ~omg so exciting pink~ items

No. 140571

File: 1615060342929.jpeg (118.79 KB, 862x846, 73338A1D-E5A0-49D7-BC94-B6DF01…)

I did some deep digging into Alice and there’s no milk, besides what’s been mentioned before about escorting and her fake marriage visa. She just seems really sweet and to really love Japan and pink and has done for years. I did find a picture of her sugar daddy and he’s actually not ugly. If Alice is genuinely happy with her life then good for her for living her dream, even if it is a bit unconventional.

I’m wondering if it’s actually just lockdown weight gain or maybe pregnancy.

No. 140593

I doubt she’s pregnant. She’s always been a bit puffy around her face and it’s no secret that she gets lip fillers done.

No. 140599

I’m saying it again the guy is not ugly, he is actually a sweet person who enjoys spoiling his gf. Some of the anons in this thread love to think of her life as miserable, but she’s living her best life and she’s happy. What is wrong with having a financially stable older boyfriend who takes care of you? Do we need to find an unstable young bf with a part time job and dick cheese to be considered happy and fulfilled?

No. 140623

It's not the guy that is the issue, it's that her life seems empty and that she's trying to fill it with stuff. He seems fine but there probably isn't much depth to their relationship.

No. 140626

What I always wonder about when I see these girls having a "semi successful" (as I don't know how much they actually make) shopping service is, does the tax system knows about? Like do these morons do their service w/o paying taxes? Most likely I guess

No. 140627

He is probably married (not to her tho).

Gurl posting her illegal business for everybody to see? tsk tsk what if the jap police found out?

NO deco at all except pink shit. She's like what 40?

No. 140632

Japanese police doesn’t care as long as you aren’t doing that in Japanese. She targets English speaking customers. So they won’t give a shit

No. 140662

File: 1615143302941.png (815.72 KB, 904x1496, 98.png)

Kitty's actually dumb enough to post a video of her and her bf breaking the speed limit. They are going 98 and the California limit is 70. Still using her weird fake American accent.


No. 141574

File: 1615936445694.jpeg (1.02 MB, 960x1579, 0F295080-D3B0-4241-993A-B5EB9B…)

After having been in Texas, she’s now off to Costa Rica again. Disgusting selfish superspreader.

No. 141582

Her eyelash extensions are as bad as Lorenas…. about to fly off.

No. 141591

Same horrible fake long nails too. They are literally the same person these days.

No. 141594

Her cotton candy hair with black roots is so disgusting.

No. 141617

No. 141625

Is she related to lorena

No. 141629

File: 1615988650357.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3716x3193, 07208264-2C6D-4700-8AD3-887E91…)

Pretty darn close kek

No. 141729

A track record of poor decisions

No. 141750

It's not even just a bad decision, speeding regularly kills people. You could even see other cars on the road ahead in the video. What happens if one of them suddenly slams on their breaks? If you want to speed, go to a racetrack. Public roads are not your personal racetrack.

Catherine is so self involved that she thinks this is cool and posts it online. She just can't ever comprehend anything outside of her own experience. Wouldn't be surprised if she is a drunk driver.

No. 141759

June is the least sexy person to be working in sex industry kek. She's cute but I laugh at her Twitter dances.

No. 141766

Who is June?

No. 141777

No. 141798

I read through her reddit account and her life sounds so depressing


No. 142831

File: 1616944803819.jpeg (159.06 KB, 832x1206, 1D88BEC7-002A-4AE7-8FF1-4B69FA…)

Wtf happened to Kitty’s face? She looks like the joker.

No. 143135

Lorena looks cuter than Kitty atm

No. 143308

File: 1617200341692.jpeg (435.16 KB, 960x1281, 9D2465DF-2789-4921-8B5E-6A5885…)

Katherine’s doing damage control. After her plastic surgery and fake master’s degree were mentioned here, she’s now claiming to be “all natural” and only with one master’s.

Still scamming about posting everyday.

No. 143309

Plastic surgery where

No. 143310

Her boobs are fake

No. 143315

She's had other stuff too

No. 143671

File: 1617469008407.png (1.02 MB, 1562x1556, high school.png)

Video: "I don't want to be a bitch but you guys are really boring"

Kitty's obsession with people from high school continues. She hasn't seen them in 15+ years but still cares about them enough to keep track of where they live an who they are married to. And then thinks they are all going to be very jealous of her having to suck dirty old men's cocks for money and selling pictures of her flabby cooch (when not scamming on Poshmark for $10 for her used panties) all while dating a 50 year old dad who hasn't even finalized his divorce yet and living in a city she describes as being literally covered in shit.

The level of delusion necessary is just impossible to comprehend. I'm starting to think she must just be a troll thirsty for attention. No one can actually think they are this amazing when the evidence so clearly shows how pathetic she is.

No. 144134

File: 1617822671118.png (1.68 MB, 1396x1508, reddit.png)

Kitty just doxed herself. She posted a comment and a story on her instagram story, then made the same comment on the story with her Reddit account.


Looks like she lies sometimes to win arguments but it's 100% her.

No. 144135

File: 1617822700461.png (188.57 KB, 1486x722, reddit 2.png)

No. 144139

File: 1617823262418.png (207.2 KB, 2066x524, reddit 3.png)

Wonder which friend dumped her this time.

No. 144140

File: 1617823390321.png (101.02 KB, 2046x242, sfjeojsfjbf.png)

This sounds like Emma.

No. 144141

File: 1617823466222.png (307.43 KB, 2048x774, agegweGW.png)

Or maybe Marie LeBlanc?

No. 144142

File: 1617823602301.png (300.19 KB, 2056x880, fqwffF.png)

More about her suicide attempt.

No. 144145

File: 1617824229292.png (32.37 KB, 2046x90, jfjbf.png)

She posts that she knows someone with autism and even used to ask for donations on her site instead of gifts but uses the word "retarded" as an insult.

No. 144148

File: 1617824331010.png (457.36 KB, 1632x1248, fwfgWG.png)

No. 144149

File: 1617824379756.png (105.77 KB, 2050x244, wfgqwgqg.png)

Not only does only speeding while driving, taking acid too.

No. 144150

File: 1617824501823.png (309.18 KB, 2058x778, fqgf.png)

She claims to be a nutritionist here and blames fat people for being fat. Does she never look in the mirror?

No. 144151

File: 1617824594381.png (326.32 KB, 2050x682, gwegwG.png)

So many comments about friends supposedly treating her badly. What's the common denominator?

No. 144152

File: 1617824662169.png (107.15 KB, 2050x270, wegwegwe.png)

kek, she used to be clinically obese at almost 200lbs and got liposucton but ended up ever fatter.

No. 144153

File: 1617824704734.png (87.48 KB, 2064x214, wtwTt.png)

Still taking anti-depressants for her clinical depression.

No. 144155

File: 1617825023194.png (217.91 KB, 2058x596, gwege.png)

She's pro-sex selection for babies but anti-adoption.

No. 144157

File: 1617825163755.png (37.56 KB, 2060x94, gwgW.png)

She's the skinniest in the room at 180 lbs? She's such a fantasist.

No. 144159

File: 1617825348868.png (274.69 KB, 2064x796, rgesgg.png)

She cares so much about stupid internet arguments that she will lie about anything to "win".

No. 144161

File: 1617825535045.png (51.6 KB, 2090x158, mdma.png)

More drugs - MDMA

No. 144163

File: 1617825662372.png (69.96 KB, 2070x158, eggGEWG.png)

Didn't grow up in Japan.

No. 144164

File: 1617825778061.png (88.05 KB, 2080x284, gGWEGG.png)

Her BMI is 27. She's clinically obese.

No. 144165

File: 1617825862663.png (80.05 KB, 2074x196, gfWGWg.png)

Another friend bad story.

No. 144167

File: 1617825928688.png (54.88 KB, 2068x160, agagagr.png)

She has a greencard, that must be why she got divorced. She had no use for her husband anymore.

No. 144168

File: 1617825976839.png (97.82 KB, 2074x212, ewgwgg.png)

She regularly goes to McDonalds, no wonder she is so fat.

No. 144169

File: 1617826067646.png (112.03 KB, 2088x302, b;kvhh.png)

kek, she thinks she looks early 20s.

No. 144171

File: 1617826352171.png (89.96 KB, 2064x190, gegege.png)

Sounds like an alcoholic, skipping food so she can drink later.

No. 144172

File: 1617826428529.png (107.29 KB, 2074x294, sgegf.png)

She had coronavirus, unsurprisingly.

No. 144173

File: 1617826516781.png (119.66 KB, 2074x280, gewgewG.png)

Describes herself as being desperate to be popular.

No. 144174

File: 1617826656099.png (71.41 KB, 2066x152, fgGGg.png)

Does she like anyone? Everyone she ever comes into contact with is a narcissist, except her.

No. 144176

File: 1617826852396.png (136.75 KB, 2056x298, fhjfweW.png)

kek, she complains that her bf's ex-wife called her a prostitute in court and says she was lying.

No. 144177

File: 1617826969722.png (77.84 KB, 2066x174, gegwge.png)

She has money problems.

No. 144178

File: 1617827185759.png (105.38 KB, 2060x298, gEGWEG.png)

Giving photography advice "as a portrait photographer" when she has done 3 shoots in her life and they all look awful.

No. 144179

File: 1617827246972.png (230.16 KB, 2058x522, ffqwFQF.png)

So many drugs.

No. 144182

File: 1617827785781.png (68.51 KB, 2066x156, l'nfqw.png)

More alcoholism. She has an entire wine bottle to herself.

No. 144185

File: 1617827929980.png (166.67 KB, 2070x350, jb;hb.png)

She even posts about being an escort herself and against complains how entitled and manipulative everyone but her is.

No. 144186

File: 1617828012068.png (154.95 KB, 1360x754, jhffef.png)

Confirmed alcoholic and now 165 lbs.

No. 144187

File: 1617828112105.png (161.45 KB, 2074x392, g`ege.png)

Complains about someone else's drink driving that nearly killed her. She only cares about herself.

No. 144189

File: 1617828227070.png (156.88 KB, 2036x332, wegge.png)

Anti-masker, not surprising.

No. 144190

File: 1617828325803.png (67.57 KB, 2066x138, wegewg.png)

Says she was raped. I wonder if this was the time she didn't screen a john properly and got scammed or something else.

No. 144191

File: 1617828371047.png (93.26 KB, 2044x190, uohb.png)

She had a stepson?

No. 144193

File: 1617828900584.png (305.79 KB, 1134x1488, afqff.png)

Kitty laughs at this woman but is constantly delusional about her own body. She used to write how "gym toned" she was white her stomach bulged out of all her clothes.


No. 144203

Jeez anon that’s a load do people here even care that much?

No. 144847

I just feel sorry for her, she needs help

No. 145061

File: 1618277637293.jpeg (537.54 KB, 960x1222, 0C34198D-DE07-44C4-AAE6-D6123B…)

Black women used to be literally put on display so that white people could stare at their proportions. How can Kitty think that sharing that she stares at black women’s bodies because of their proportions is a good thing? A black woman at the beach is not a freak show for white people to stare at.

No. 145399

sexualizing other women (esp of other races) is not woke, actually, and staring at and assessing stranger's bodies in public is shitty whatever gender you are. She really thought she was doing something there.

No. 145463

File: 1618517938297.jpeg (354.11 KB, 1080x1349, CFF998A5-C534-4B66-8539-DC88AD…)

When she dresses like this, it’s so obvious her bag is a fake. Fried hair with six months’ of roots, a wrinkled beach coverup, and horrible fake eyelashes.

No. 145464

File: 1618518055235.jpeg (348.62 KB, 960x1535, CBFD978A-678A-47DE-A9F2-0AEC88…)

Her sandals don’t even fit her properly, it’s so obvious they are fake too. And she finishes the look with a stolen dirty blanket.

No. 145465

File: 1618518284290.jpeg (1.11 MB, 960x1666, 24244EF1-7DFF-4172-A2F1-4554B2…)

Why would you want that on your home on your couch? It’s probably been on the ground so many times and used by so many different people. It even looks filthy in the picture.

This is almost worse than the time she couldn’t resist eating a stranger’s trash half eaten icecream.

No. 145478

File: 1618528775121.jpeg (221.22 KB, 828x1461, AD752D13-E0FB-4248-9678-525399…)

Speaking of horrible fake eyelashes….

No. 145499

File: 1618540031690.jpeg (274.97 KB, 960x1845, 3D4C83B7-CC1B-4AD9-BCB6-F78F22…)

She really is obese.

No. 145517

When you order your $1000/hr girl online vs how it arrives
Giving major Lorena vibes

No. 145520

Chanel bag could be genuine, but when coordinated with ratty fried hair, a wrinkled dress and hammertoe pouring out from Valentino sandals it loses its exclusivity

No. 145541

She buys lots of fakes, it’s not real.

No. 145548

File: 1618573542736.jpeg (294.55 KB, 960x740, 66CC7398-27EB-4DCE-A344-D15687…)

She pretends not to care what other people think but then invents a whole imaginary backstory for herself so she can win.

No. 145549

File: 1618573685243.jpeg (259.03 KB, 960x1089, F188D154-CD14-40D7-A077-AE9ED1…)

She mentions it 3 times in 1 conversation. Imagine being this desperate for validation.

No. 145551

File: 1618573707825.jpeg (188.29 KB, 960x931, D466CCEE-BBEF-4F64-B081-F4CF98…)

No. 145606

File: 1618590070518.png (4.82 MB, 960x2079, FD06A67A-CB01-4DC6-95B7-29BEDF…)

Chris chan vibes

No. 145702

File: 1618684859745.png (678.2 KB, 1094x1398, catherine 1.png)

Kitty reactived her twitter account so she could get everyone to pile on and bully another escort again. All escorts rip each other off, even Kitty did it by using cliche phrases like "turn heads and not raise eyebrows".

Does she really think her cringe "SS Adventure is about to depart" is amazing writing?

She asks what it's like to turn up with a fake personality but she has been doing that for years herself by lying about growing up in Japan, as well as using old thinner photos and lying about her "gym toned" body being "all natural".

No. 145703

File: 1618684892053.png (244.31 KB, 1100x896, catherine 2.png)

pile on

No. 145707

Kitty threatened this escort who had already deleted her twitter account by claiming she has strong connections in the industry. She refuses to take down her posts about her unless the said escort posts a public apology. Kitty enjoys bullying a fellow sex worker off Twitter because the escort didn’t acknowledge her wrongdoing, what about your wrongdoings Kitty?

No. 145712

File: 1618688773052.png (374.47 KB, 600x1442, jffbe.png)

She's so fucking petty thinking she deserves a public apology.

No. 145713

Charlize is a young, 178cm tall supermodel. who actually has a “gym toned” body kek. No wonder Kitty is fuming.

No. 145715

File: 1618689426249.png (148.94 KB, 588x394, gewgeg.png)

The hidden part says

>Take down or change this copy immediately or you will be hearing from my lawyer with a DMCA notice. I have sued others before for plagiarised content and photos before and won. It's truly in your interest to take it down.

She's such a liar. She hasn't sued anyone in her life except her visa husband for divorce. kek that she needs a lawyer to file a DMCA.

No. 145717

She literally stole a blanket two days ago and now is chimping out because someone stole something from her.

No. 145718

How the fuck does someone sue people for stealing her hoe content when they have a shady past including visa fraud, home wrecking and sex work in a country where it’s illegal? Can a lawyer please explain?

No. 145719

I really doubt you can even sue over website content like this, and if you did, it would cost so much in time and lawyer's fees that it wouldn't be worth it, plus it would dox her on public record. Why do you think this thread is still up. She's a compulsive narcissistic liar.

No. 145721

She says in the tweet there is no acknowledgement of wrongdoing but her email literally says that Charlize deleting her twitter account is an admission of guilt…

She's not even well connected either, everyone hates her and she knows it as she's constantly crying about it.

No. 145722

If the internet is forever, why she is trying so hard to remove Charlize using her content. That's not on the internet?

No. 145727

She’s way too reckless for a foreign resident involved in illegal activities. She should try to fly under the radar, instead she lashes out on others in every opportunity to appease the 35 year old attention seeking teenager that she is. She’s just attracting unnecessary attention, someday she will step on the wrong person and poof, she will be back together with her high school friends! That’s if she doesn’t get incarcerated for visa fraud, tax fraud or drug use.
How can someone in her situation be careless is enough to post her escorting photos on her IRL Instagram account? If there was a background check on her it’s very easy to find out her identity and shenanigans as she doesn’t even bother to hide anything.

No. 145728

Googled Escort Charlize Swanston and damn, she looks hot. Kitty wishes she looked like her.

No. 145729

Her current bf's ex-wife already found it and shared it in court.

No. 145730

How did her married boyfriend’s wife react in court? There’s enough evidence to prove the marriage/visa fraud and her illegal sex work in USA.

No. 145731

Not sure. We only have this comment about it >>144176

No. 145732

File: 1618696579891.png (40.29 KB, 1410x188, onlyfans.png)

hasn't logged in on her onlyfans for about 3 weeks, still promising daily content

No. 145735

Stepson? They are not even married yet… He wasn’t her stepson, just leave the poor soul Rest In Peace. His father left his mother for someone who is involved in illegal sex work, tax fraud and visa fraud. No wonder why the poor boy was depressed and took his own life.
Men disgust me so much. How can they lower their standards so much and wreck their families for a pair of tits? A pair of tits because nothing else about her stands out.