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File: 1618358027263.png (1.38 MB, 800x1200, actual garbage human being2.pn…)

No. 145212

Previous Thread: >>>/w/118444

Stefany Lauren (aka Stefany Mancebo aka Eloise Frazer) is a Canadian cosplayer who has gained popularity through her Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Frozen cosplays. Originally her following grew from her Rey cosplays due to her “likeness” to Daisey Ridley (who plays Rey), but people soon realized that she was actually just photoshopping Daisy’s face on top of her own. She lied about having worked for LucasFilms (implying that she was a stunt double or photo double for Rey) and caused other drama in the Rebel Legion that caused her to get kicked out.

After being shunned from the Star Wars community, she moved onto Game of Thrones and started skinwalking Maisie Williams and cosplaying as Arya Stark. She obsessively photoshopped Maisie’s features onto her own face and changed her entire personality to go between Maisie and Arya. She claimed to be HBO’s “official” Arya Cosplayer (which isn’t a thing). Just another instance of pathological lying.

After Frozen 2 came out she latched onto Elsa. She latched on so hard that she decided to change her name to Eloise Frazer on social media (Elsa Frozen) and claimed it was because hearing her real name gave her PTSD. She really wants to be seen as a cutesy Disney Princess now, and as a result once again changed her personality to match.
She has become a complete scandiboo, claiming that she is a practicing Norse pagan despite having to ask others for answers to the most basic questions about the pantheon.

While she has continued to play out her scandiboo fantasies, her newest obsession is a throwback to a short-lived lie: that she is related to Elizabeth Gilles (Jade from Victorious on nickelodeon). She is now doing everything she can to make her appear like Jade/Elizabeth. This includes dying her hair black and jade green and making awful tiktoks of her singing/trying to appear badass. Her new fake personality is the same as Jade: tough badass who can fight anyone but is uniquely talented.

Other milk includes but is not limited to:

> Faking a British accent for over a year even though she’s Canadian

> Pretending she has a mysterious illness that is “progressive” and makes her blind every once in a while, but won’t seek treatment despite having universal healthcare
> Scamming cosplay seamstresses, commissioners, and “friends” out of tons of money
> Claiming two of dogs are service animals (they aren’t)
> Trying to convince people she’s an equestrian when she really just has horses for props and replaces them all the time
> Skinwalking— trying to imitate mannerisms, behaviors, wardrobes, and personalities of her current favorite actor who plays whoever she’s currently cosplaying
> Refusing to work a real job or put effort into anything in life
> Fake apologizing for her behaviors she’s called out on while simultaneously making herself out to be the victim
> Desperately tries to make people think she’s friends with her celebrity obsessions, like Maisie Williams
> Insists on calling herself an actress despite never going to auditions or making an effort to get a role
> Claims she was put in a study where she had to pop balloons with her mind
> Saying she's either going to uni/law school despite making no efforts towards either and revealing precisely zero details about her plans (she's pretended to want to go to uni for years without so much as registering for community college)
> Alternatively, claiming she's already been to uni, even though the most she did was a workshop at an acting school
> Making a "recovery fund" and Amazon wish list that's supposedly for one of her horses and then adding things like human food and makeup
> Her sexuality changes like the wind and is heavily affected by who she is currently skinwalking and headcanons about them (was exclusively into guys while pretending to be Daisy and Maisie; as Elsa and Jade, she exclusively likes girls)

Stefany's links:

No. 145256

File: 1618390340516.jpg (845.8 KB, 1078x1445, 1.jpg)

It's not an interesting post but she popped up in a group I follow. Outing myself as a horse fag, forgive me anons. Summary is her horse is not Cremello, actually is max white and the person she got the horse from probably mislead about his breed and color.

No. 145261

Is it really common to sell a horse without papers and proof of breeding? that seems weird to me. Can they do a dna test?

No. 145262

Rarely. On most horse selling sites/magazines etc they require, at very minimum, some kind of record about the sire and dam. Chances are he was posted in a FB group or equivalent. Maybe even word of mouth from a family friend or something

No. 145270

I know a horses name change isn‘t as drastic changing your own name, but do you usually change a horses name after buying it off of someone? I know nothing about them, but for sure you could call one by its name and it would come running like a dog, right?
Though Steph renaming the horse makes sense, otherwise he wouldn‘t have fit the Frozen Aesthetic

No. 145296

Breed associations will do DNA testing, but unregistered horses are pretty common and are called 'grade' horses. They may have unknown parentage or just a handwritten unofficial pedigree. They may be mixed breeds or they may be purebred but not qualified for registration or the paperwork was never done. Grade horses are still bought and sold frequently with the only paperwork being a bill of sale.

Changing a horse's 'barn' name (the simple name you use casually) holds about as much weight as changing a pet dogs name. Some see it as an asshole move, others don't care. Now, when a horse has a registered name it can be be considered a snub to the breeder or confusing if the horse is shown under a different name that you just made up.

For example, Nanok is a barn name and Stef changed it from Werther. He has no registered name because he is apparently grade. His show name Stef made up is Ahtohallen's Nokken, changed from Northwind's Nokken. Stef's already changed her own name lol. We don't know if he went by a show name before. His previous owner probably just showed him as Werther if they weren't a pretentious twat.

For Orpheus we don't know his old barn name, but his registered name is Line of Kings. Stef at one time talked about using Lyre Lyre as his show name. In a lot of circles not using your OTTB's registered Jockey Club name is looked down upon. Using it makes it possible for old fans to recognize the horse and is good publicity for OTTBs.

TD;LR Stef plays around with her horse's names like props they are to her.

No. 145495

Does anyone have old Stef videos saved, especially ones with her fake accents? I have listened to the interview one and another fake confession/rant (she was admitting to vague things and defending herself - the one filmed in a really dim space). But I really wish we had that Arya tutorial.

Did anyone save that fantastic IG vid where she was dressed like Elsa and played with the water bottle ?

No. 145500

File: 1618540525308.jpg (215.33 KB, 706x1280, IMG_20210416_043431_719.jpg)

>No one has to believe me, but I knew this cow irl and even saw her ID when we got drinks after a con. She's 23 or 24. She also never went to any university, let alone NYU. She went to an acting school in NYC for a semester.

So, I just found evidence that she attended an acting school in NYC. Probably one semester, like anon said.

No. 145501

File: 1618540574691.jpg (111.83 KB, 842x555, IMG_20210416_043440_541.jpg)

stella adler this is not.

No. 145502

File: 1618541142732.jpg (107.89 KB, 640x993, 100035100709_103681.jpg)

And for anyone who doubts that Stefany/Eloise continues to lie, she called this little summer program or whatever she did a "degree in musical theater" here:

She has continually implied that she has an undergraduate degree. I'm pretty sure she has no degree or qualifications at all.

No. 145619

File: 1618593582526.png (931.81 KB, 1352x988, Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 1.18…)

>BAA specializes in Summer Intensives, Workshops, Weekly Class Series, One Day Master Classes, and Private Coachings for performers ages 8-21.

No. 145634

I quoted that post above bc the information about her (lack of) education does seem to be true. Regarding her age, it doesn't say much unless this school strictly prohibits students over 21 (which we don't know). But I guess one way to read Stef's post is that she aged out of the school - that's why she would not be able to attend as a student again

No. 145720

She was homeschooled and has no grades to submit to universities. She can't commit to anything that takes actual effort.

Yup, I'm that anon. It was a very short term workshop that she acts like was a RADA or Juilliard degree.

No. 145759

sorry everyone jumped on you in that thread, I honestly don't know why they did. Stef's age is plausible once you realize she has lied about everything she has "accomplished."

That homeschooling tidbit is juicy! I have a bunch of screenshots about her alleged experiences at school (including getting stabbed in the back by bullies who wanted to harpoon the whale - her words, not mine!). How did you find out about her being homeschooled?

Her mom is kind of a mystery and seems to have almost no online presence.

No. 145772

File: 1618720249803.png (549.93 KB, 750x1334, 3A234245-1369-43E0-9E98-F6FE1F…)

and this is why you used to literally photoshop other people’s faces onto your own?

No. 145776

File: 1618728004854.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1417, Screenshot_20210418-013907_(1)…)

Lord, Elaine Hendrix is going to be the next identity of the month.

No. 145785

"I felt the prettiest when I was a fake Scandinavian princess with ice powers. It made me feel a connection to my mysterious lilywhite fake Viking father, who hails from the frozen fjords."

Of all her hair colors, white was the absolute worst, followed by that faded salmon pink.

No. 145835

She thinks scowling to the extreme makes her look like Liz Gillies but it just makes her look like she shat her diaper

No. 145898

these thin eyebrows look horrible. I prefer her mud-caked arya ones to this

No. 145914

Eh, it's okay. It's annoying when people on here focus on bullshit instead of despicable shit Stef is actually doing, but whatever. I learned about her being homeschooled at a different con. She was talking about how she was homeschooled after she got so badly bullied that someone stabbed her. I thought she was talking nonsense because she had something to drink, now I realize she's just insane. I'm pretty sure she's like 24 now? Still no accomplishments and just getting older.

No. 145920

She's written about that stabbing before on her Instagram, says she still has scars from it. Maybe someone else can find the cap.

No. 146002

AYRT and not doubting her age, just adding details about her supposed prestigious school experience being a workshop program for kids and teens

No. 146019

Haven’t checked this thread in a while, and holy shit. Those pencil thin eyebrows are doing no favors kek.

No. 146045

File: 1618896864927.png (3.32 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210420-003221.png)

The fuck is this new face?

No. 146111

She really thought she was doing something with those 12 filters. uwu I'm a badass

No. 146115

File: 1618953203783.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, DDB5EA07-22AC-4017-B99B-98C902…)

lmao of course she’s saying “don’t trust candids”

No. 146135

File: 1618963029862.jpg (32.61 KB, 634x634, FB_IMG_1618956985543.jpg)

Guess she paid someone to take photos of her. Look pretty unedited in terms of her fat and face shape left intact.

She's one husky bitch.

No. 146137

File: 1618963459886.png (2.11 KB, 148x125, 75949.png)

ive been playing too much boi repentance, saw this off front page but damn

No. 146141

oof you can clearly see how her hair completely melted on the front. I don't envy the next hairstylist she goes to. You just know she's probably one of the worst kind of clients too.

No. 146143

File: 1618966569606.jpg (1.48 MB, 1440x10323, FacesOfOurBoxyCow2021.jpg)


Here's more from the photographer, nothing really milky but worth posting so we can compare her future filtered skinwalking faces she hasn't put her fat fingers on to edit.

No. 146149

oh man… That third last photo. You can tell the photographer could tell how bad her hair was here they blurred it so you couldn't see the awful damage. It's interesting though because it must of been REALLY bad damage since they decided to not get rid of some of her more pronounced wrinkles, but blurred the hair. Usually means it was really bad.

It's kind of sad, if she wasn't such a psychotic bitch and accepted her looks and worked on improving what she said instead of hamfisting styles/looks/hairs that don't work for her features, she would look 100000x better, and that's not even from weightloss.

No. 146150

File: 1618969282149.jpeg (77.56 KB, 889x553, EBE7D16F-8B27-4E1A-95D5-705FD5…)

Sage because old news, but photographer posted a video of the Elsa wedding shoot. Boxy.

No. 146151

Yeah, these are horrible. Her hair is so damaged. She doesn't know how to pose and the photographer could have helped her with that, especially if these are meant to be for an acting portfolio.

The outfits are terrible. Wrinkled. Unflattering.

She has decent skin in these. that's the one positive.

No. 146152

samefag but her eyebrows are like what a kid would draw with a sharpie.

No. 146156


Holy fuck she's just a massive square. Zero curvature. Just a box. I knew she was fat but this is just unfortunate.

No. 146157

This looks like someone asked their grandma to model a blonde wig.

No. 146159

File: 1618974818538.gif (94.54 KB, 220x108, tenor.gif)

outside of her terrible makeup, god awful hair, and shit clothes she actually has good bone structure and a kinda cute face. If she stopped skin walking and learned to take care of herself, she could be a real cutie.

No. 146162

That's the most frustrating thing about stef. She has all this potential and is from a financially stable/upper middle class family so she could afford to not be such a NEET skinwalking tard. But chronic selfishness and laziness and being enabled will continue to brain rot her.

No. 146181

ngl i was expecting far worse, i don't want to vindicate her insanity but she does look similar to that gillies girl. the face i mean because the body…

No. 146202

She doesn't have a bad face, she just needs to shave that hair off and stop dressing like a skinny girl

No. 146232

she's forcing the facial expression and purposefully did her makeup to look like her lol

No. 146287

File: 1619056925498.jpg (772.62 KB, 1440x3808, morehearthorsebullshit.jpg)

Since our girl isn't getting any traction or love on her Gillies skinwalking, I'm sorry "cosplaying" she's now focusing on breeding some horses.

No. 146291

Why do I have a feeling that this is a precoverup for using the stud she has now to impregnate her mare? I mean what other reason is there that she hasn't done the deed for the stud she recently bought? Not a horse person, but just my 2cents.

No. 146296

right, why is he even intact??

it's insane that she acts as if a full-grown stallion is an imnature colt.

I hope she doesn't raise a foal. There's no way Orpheus was allowed to bite people and act up while on the track. Now he has a lot of bad habits because of Stef.

No. 146322

wish we hadn't scared off the horse anons

kulns weakly

No. 146396

She has how many horses already that are not well kept (cheap, poorly fit tack, iffy hoof care) and wants another?

If she wants any sort of proven WB, the stud fee will be a good chunk, not to mention the repro vet care for the mare.

She needs to focus on her own skills (she’s on dressage again?) before breeding prospects for a sport she’s not active in. Put that money into lessons with a good trainer, good equipment, and better hoof care.

No. 146437

File: 1619116421654.png (372.01 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210422-132647.png)


How is she going to have the time and energy to raise a foal when she's going to school for Forensics this year in NYC as she claims? She can afford $1500 to breed horses but can't afford her Lays potato chips for her sick horse.

This fucking cow sends me.

No. 146466

A quick search in Facebook groups showed she’s trying to raise money to buy a saddle and is trying to find a leaser for Nanok.

But sure more expenses sound great.

Hopefully she realizes new horses won’t make her better at dressage. She’s going to have to work for that.

No. 146533

It’s disgusting how she talks about breeding that poor mare like she’s on a shopping speee. ‘I want this and that colour…’, wtf. She should also probably focus on personality, health and so on and not the fucking colour. It’s not a car.

Also what’s up with the owner of the mare? Why would she put her horse through the stress and risk of breeding, as well as not being able to ride it, just for Stef to have a new prop foal? I can’t imagine she’d just be fine with that because someone wants to shop horse sperm and play breeder without gaining anything from it. The weirdness of this nonsense is unreal.

No. 146667

The mare is a broodmare. It’s “job” is to make babies and it’s likely not being ridden. Stef would pay the owner to use it as an incubator. You can’t determine the health or personality of a foal anymore than you can a human fetus. That’s like reason 10 of 260 that it’s retarded for her to want a foal. She ruins every horse she gets, despite their years of training. Even if the foal ended up genetically perfect, she would still fuck it up.

No. 146735

can someone post the pics she is giving of the mare? She is saying that the mare is one of Love's offspring, right? I'd like to see her.

What is the conversation here like? She honestly sounds deranged.

No. 146736

horse anon, is there a reason that the mare would be impregnated via IVF? Do people arrange horse dates for them to get it on in person (in hoof?)? Pardon my dumb q.

No. 146744

File: 1619224171901.jpg (1.14 MB, 1125x11129, bunchofhorsepics.jpg)

Here ya go

No. 146760

Primarily it’s more practical to move a vial of semen than it is a whole horse, but AI is also safer for both horses. Jockey Club (race horse registry) prohibits AI breeding, but that may only be an American thing? Either way it looks like she’s not looking for a thoroughbred stud, so yeah, AI is the way to go in this case.

No. 146782

it's amazing how healthy this horse looks in comparison to the horses under stef's care. Even to someone who doesn't know that much about horses.

No. 146797

Stef’s horses are underweight and have no muscle. I’m surprised that nobody is even stopping her because imagine how the baby will grow under Stef’s care.

No. 146822

how do you breed a "floaty" horse with "knee action"??

No. 146969

File: 1619307686884.jpeg (29.42 KB, 300x255, 6D5D9789-C462-4177-8244-2AF0AB…)

Knee action is a real thing (picrel,) “floaty” is subjective. Certain breeds have high knee action and could be described as “floaty” without being gaited, including the PRE/Andalusian that she mentioned. She always says shit with way more words than she needs to because she enjoys hearing herself talk (type?) She literally could’ve just typed “Andalusian stud” into Google and be done with it.

No. 147763

File: 1619720758650.jpeg (572.73 KB, 750x1375, D4CF4BE8-4D4A-4F6A-A294-17C836…)

The way she describes it as her “child” is so creepy.

No. 147764

how is it creepy to refer to an animal as their child? Plenty of people see dogs, cats, and horses as their babies. especially now that more people decide they don't want to have children so they prefer to get animals and see them as their own. Get over it.

No. 147790

It is the baby of one of her other horses. Either way, I think we should be concerned about a novice horse person trying to train a baby horse

No. 147813

um no
it will allegedly be the foal of one of Love's foals (now a broodmare) using some random stallion sperm. It's not from one of the horses she owns.

No. 147854

it's just as creepy when people call their pets their furbabies, anon.

the horses haven't even fucked yet and she's building the nursery.

No. 147877

I can't wait for the flowery description of how the chilled jizz is lovingly placed inside the mare descended from her heart horse.

No. 147881

samefag but
can someone please write this for me ?

Elsa can keep the sperm cold until it goes into the … horse vagina

and Love (both metaphorically and genetically) can melt it in the mare's canal

No. 147967

File: 1619784201307.jpeg (189.07 KB, 1242x1151, F135B9A6-1D15-43BA-A582-93029A…)

I don’t think anyone has mentioned the fact that there’s a fb page where she role plays as her horse

No. 147990

God I hate the romantic/sexual way she talks about horses. I’m hoping this just gets pushed to the side like all of her other ~big plans~ so I don’t have to read about how she wants to breastfeed this baby horse or some shit.

No. 148009

yes it was mentioned a year ago

No. 148020

The way she's writing about it sounds like she'll be the one carrying it to term

No. 148063

she probably wishes she was

No. 148215

So much for getting a fitting saddle for Nanok. So other than Nanok, she has an un-gelded thoroughbred off the track with no retraining, and now a foal that hasn't even been conceived yet. Is it a coincidence she likes to buy horses she has tons of excuses not to ride? I forgot Finn, if he is even still alive at this point, but he was 'retired' anyway I think. God, I can't believe one person burns through so many horses yet does nothing with them.

No. 148356


i would but when i wrote up the horse seance scene, i was roasted kek

welp, that's what i get for being cringe

No. 148778


Even more ridiculous that she's asking this in a horse group.

No. 148779

File: 1620240725040.jpeg (210.63 KB, 827x1008, 30703ECE-38DA-45D5-B14E-9701BC…)

This dumb bitch

Essentially she just burned her whole fucking scalp off

No. 148791

Holy shit.

No. 148793

This is hilarious but why did she post to an equestrian group?

No. 148794



Using a horse shampoo that doesn't even have an ingredients list on your scalp. She's blaming the shampoo on her hair being burnt and
frizzy. It probably has more to do with you bleaching compromised hair then throwing harsh chemicals meant for horses on your scalp and then leaving it in for 15 minutes. It's a shampoo not a conditioning treatment you fucking pinecone.

No. 148799

this stupid bitch used shampoo for horses instead of just going out and buying some im fucking dead

No. 148807

Not that I would ever accuse our dear ice queen of exaggerated lying, but color me surprised that a shampoo meant for animals would result in…. Burns so severe your scalp is literally peeling off in clumps? I get that it's harsher but she DOES know that horses are made of flesh, right? Also who TF leaves shampoo on for 15 minutes?

A brief amazon search shows that people use this on their dogs too. "Formula Protects Skin and Coat With Conditioners, Vitamin E and Paba Sunscreen"

No. 148810

File: 1620249274904.jpeg (104.01 KB, 2048x2048, 5EA5BFE0-C391-410E-BBDD-8F0706…)

Maybe she was using picrel (I think she has a white horse?) which is supposed to get rid of yellow stains. She mentioned not having purple shampoo and this stuff is purple. The internet says to dilute it, and its probable she didn’t, thinking it would get her hair brighter. I could see that causing chemical burns for sure.

No. 148812

File: 1620249532431.png (772.03 KB, 1242x2688, 30901264-B000-4D17-8D7A-BF17A2…)

No. 148820

File: 1620253254207.png (189.89 KB, 500x494, 1593636638454.png)

>Bra is ON.
Sh-she burned her scalp while half naked in her bathroom? Holy shit that's even funnier.

No. 148828

this absolute retard. i can't wait to see her upcoming selfies and tiktoks.

No. 148831

Oh yeah misusing a bleaching product would make a lot more sense.

God she's such a trip.

No. 148844

File: 1620262442497.png (2.86 MB, 828x1792, C7FBA3DB-1695-415B-B205-F09527…)

Does this fucking bitch ever stop? I have absolutely no words.

How has she not been absolutely obliterated in this group yet? Why has nobody ratted her out?

No. 148848

File: 1620264369298.jpeg (354.13 KB, 750x1192, 6A8F6FA1-A33B-46F7-8EF5-5C3025…)

No. 148849

File: 1620264398289.jpeg (334.45 KB, 750x1183, 696B9181-6E61-428E-95E9-2B8993…)


No. 148855

Oh my fucking god

No. 148856

File: 1620268571876.jpg (445.57 KB, 1868x3353, Ihopeyougobald.jpg)

Claims she's had ice white hair off and on for the past two years.

That was a wig. Who the fuck are you kidding?

Let's add incapable of driving at 25 to our NEETS list. She's so codependent on her parents that she's unable to find her own way to the doctor. What an absolute leech. Take that $1500 you're putting towards a horse you don't need and buy a damn car.

No. 148857

Ontario is absolutely fucked right now with covid what a fucking dumbass.

No. 148865

I wonder if this will be the kick her mom needs to take stef to a registered psych to test if she has autism kek.

No. 148892

She is delusional, screw this group for enabling her ruining animals lives. She always leaves horses worse off than when she buys/leases them. I worry for the OTTB most. The longer he is ungelded with no retraining, developing vices like biting, the harder it will be for him to find a real home when she dumps him. She has exposed how incompetent she is and how contradictory the image she projects of herself is countless times.

There are two groups with this name on FB. The one she is in is clearly a hug box, no-bully safe space that requires your age and possibly ID if admins chose, to get in. I never got in but damn I'd love to see what other horse girl cows and shitshows are in that group.

No. 148915

The only reason I can fathom this absolute trashcan of a human wanting a horse with a severe vice is so she can "cure" it. She doesn't want a horse, she wants a story. Like, she just touches the horse and suddenly, the horse no longer bucks, and in return, the horse nuzzles her scalp, healing her burns. And then everyone claps.

But in reality, when the horse just… Doesn't magically stop a behavioral issue, it's going to either: hurt her, hurt itself, hurt someone else, hurt another horse, be resigned to the pasture for the rest of it's life, etc.

No. 148939

She couldn't handle Nanok's supposed rearing issue, didnt know what do when Orpheus started biting, is scared of jumping so badly she can't walk over a pole on the ground, can't teach a horse to load on the trailer safely… but yes. Give this girl your most rank, unhandled, bucking, runaway to 'train'. Yeah. The girl who never posts proof of any actual day to day riding activities or training.

What about buying that saddle that fits, that breeding and future foal, what about her and Nanok 'showing on the circuit' this year, or Orpheus's retraining and 'trouble puffs', and of course Finn's vet bills and recovery fund she money begged for? Wtf. So many expensive storylines going on for someone who always accomplishes nothing.

No. 148943

File: 1620318951738.png (818.26 KB, 1080x1631, Screenshot_20210506-035618~2.p…)

fuck, when you put it all together like that, it's insane…

why no standardbreds?

No. 148945

any gender? with an intact stallion on site?

No. 148978

Who knows. Standardbreds are harness racing horses and have to be retrained similar to Thoroughbreds off the track. They often haven't carried a rider because they pull a cart in races. It makes no sense for her to discriminate them in particular given her other 'criteria' or lack thereof. She's ok with unhandled afterall. Probably just added it to flavor her post.

No. 148983

This is what bdd tells me I look like. Going to hell for this comment but, worth it.

No. 148998

Why do her parents keep giving her money for this? I don't get it.
Not to armchair, but could it be that she's slightly manic?
I do love her antics as a cow, but god do I feel bad for her animals..

No. 148999

she photoshopped this photo of nanok so his eyes are closed with the clone tool and some blurring. She took some parts nanok's cheek fur on the top of the eye then blurred it a bit to hide it.
Not to mention all the photoshop on her but we all know that already.

No. 149174

Obviously this sounds ridiculous but from what I've heard horse shampoo is very good (if that's what you want it to do) at taking the color out of your hair. I've had a friend do it. Obviously it's fucking weird but it works so it's not like she just grabbed horse shampoo just cause.

No. 149175

File: 1620430187338.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210507-114002.png)

Her scalp.

No. 149180

File: 1620431160400.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1242x1664, B9AD8BB9-02B2-4D61-8A50-659316…)

Oh boy. I don’t think this is actually associated with the show, just a fan made thing. But boy do they have a lot of people involved/roped into this.

No. 149183

Anyone else find it strange she was talking about wanting to get into wigs. If I remember correctly it was because she felt like her hair was "finally right" when she wore them, and now suddenly Baldgate. Surely she didn't give herself that on purpose?

No. 149188

Yeah if you go to the Instagram for the She-Ra project, you'll see that it's a fan made production written by Stef's girlfriend Sidney.

No. 149194

them saying it's 'official' though on instagram… Isn't that going against copywrite law? They can probably easily get a cease and desist or worse.

No. 149207

Horse whitening shampoos that say they get yellow out mean pee stains and other dirtiness. I can see them having something harsh in them to do so, and they stay on 15 minutes tops. It looks like this Vetrolin might be that type. Other whiteners the only risk from stating on to long is turning the horse purple, there are different types.

Also, its the tail especially that gets pee stained and the tail can be shampooed without much if any skin contact.

No. 149214

It's so frustrating to see someone act so stupid when it is clear that Stef isn't completely dumb. She's a huge dramatic entitled attention whore, but the way she writes makes me think she could learn to write better and probably some other skills. What she writes is bad fanfic about herself, mostly, but she is not borderline illiterate like Lori or Mickey or bored_with_ana.

So she must know what this shampoo does and that it is not intended for lifting dye. She must have known how to use it properly (diluting it), or Nanok would be full of bloody patches. She must know that she could have asked mommy to get her a new bottle of shampoo if she cannot do it herself for some reason - or ordered it on amazon.

But instead she dumped horse shampoo on her head. Is she trying to emulate gorilla glue lady and get more reasons to ask for money/gifts?

No. 149232

I thought this was a pic of a dog's fur not a human scalp, god her hair is so disgusting. Bitch gets what she deserves for using sodium laureth sulfate on her already fried scalp, kek

No. 149237

Why was she using "purple shampoo" on hair that looks fucking brown anyways?! What good would it have done her even if it didn't burn her scalp off KEK. God I love Stef. Her threads are the gift that keep on giving

No. 149247


imagine coming home to find your 25 yr old, possibly slow but still very functional daughter w/ a burnt scalp bc she thought horse shampoo would help w/ her fried, coloured hair

No. 149256

>Is she trying to emulate gorilla glue lady and get more reasons to ask for money/gifts?
I think this anon >>149183 was right on the money.

No. 149257

File: 1620493077584.png (1.98 MB, 828x1792, 7BB804E4-7908-4632-B6C2-4327EB…)

I’m reaching the point where I’m ready to cowtip

No. 149275

I feel your pain, anon. This girl is just plain infuriating. She's like an old man who hoards project cars in hopes that he'll fix them, but 200% worse because she's involving actual living beings.

No, Stef, you DON'T need another horse, because you can't even fucking ride the ones you have. She's too up her ass to admit she needs lessons, and too much of a shit rider to know how to handle them on her own.

No. 149286

She states a few superficial facts about each horse and is like 'I'd use them for x'. Like, any of those random horses could potentially do those basic things she lists, so what? What are people supposed to tell her?

They are 3 random backyard horses not particularly suited to anything. The only important factor to discuss would be her experience level and ability to manage each of the horses issues.

I also love all the crap she throws in like 'needs groceries', floaty, etc. It's like shes larping someone horse shopping, copying phrases from those dated 'quirky' horse listings. Unfortunately we know she actually does buy horses frequently.

No. 149317

File: 1620534258956.jpeg (263.88 KB, 828x1564, 6C4E73A0-ACE2-4E1C-8B9E-0B2854…)

Ugh, she still doing her “Jade Phase”. At least the stealing of personalities are being cut shorter and shorter each time. Rey was done for years. Aria was around a year and a half, Elisa was maybe 6 months at most. How are ppl so blind to this

No. 149318

Also posting again, but did she post this in the equestrian group?? Why the fuck would they want to even see that?

No. 149329

Well, the group is called 'as an equestrian, I am horrified' and it is horrifying.

For real though her only excuse to post it there is because of the horse shampoo. I agree with >>149183 it maybe a planned mishap and she could share it in the horse group too. I wonder if she thought it would turn her hair purple instead of give her chemical burns.

No. 149336

this is a few months old iirc

No. 149347

The fact that she chemical burned her scalp and that didn't stop her from trying to buy horses..

No. 149419

She obviously NEEDS a horse to cure her post-scalp depression. I have no idea how she's sewing tales to her parents to convince them to buy a whole-ass horse for her on a whim every other month

No. 149422


huh, maybe the anons are right about her getting scalped fucked on purpose…but to guilt her PARENTS instead of other people

"look at how traumatized i am–i nEeD another tHerApY horse"

No. 149443

File: 1620672797289.png (426.7 KB, 828x1792, 5DBCDF6D-93B7-47B9-B7F8-2E6669…)

Image 1/2 of today’s horse sperging.

No. 149444

File: 1620672902466.jpeg (141.47 KB, 828x423, 2647596C-EDC0-48A2-B3B4-236667…)


Image 2/2

Fjords are the breed shown in Frozen…as they’re a Norwegian breed.

I’m glad she can’t make up her mind on who she’s going to skinwalk at all times. It just shows how retarded she truly is.

No. 149492

Pretty sure hair bleach and not the horse shampoo caused the burns. The shampoo says it can be used on horses & dogs, so the ph is probably in the neutral range (both have a skin ph in the 7s, vs humans that run slightly acidic to neutral).

There’s nothing in the shampoo that would irritate a healthy scalp.

No. 149498

It’s crazy how she’s always looking for things to obsess over. Bitch has to learn how to fill that void without harming animals.

No. 149535

The worse part about all of this is watching the animals suffer. Like cowtipping is forbidden but FUCK if there was a cow that deserves it, it'd be Stef. Is there some Canadian animal abuse agency that can be contacted?

No. 149544

dude, I agree with you that she does not treat these horses well. But no one is going to go there and say "oh yeah,ABUSE" when there are people who starve, beat, and sexually abuse their animals - and get away with it under the eyes of the authorities.

She's a bad owner. But she does the minimum.

No. 149556

It's hardly abuse to adopt animals and rehome them. Stefs a cow but she doesn't abuse her horses, she just becomes obsessed with them for a few weeks, gets bored, sells/rehomes them, and buys new ones with her parents money. Wasting an animal rescues time on Stef, who is undeniably retarded sure, but not abusive, is just dumb

No. 149559

God I wonder what her parents think or why they shell out for her to have horses… Why do they not make her do anything at her age? I know spoiled brats exist but surely there's a limit where any parent would get past fed up with their stay at home retard, right..? R-right?

No. 149561

How about buy a fucking saddle that fits the horse you allready have bitch

No. 149577

File: 1620737566044.jpg (456.74 KB, 1080x1674, 20210511_074841.jpg)

Closest thing to proof of neglect is that one time she posted a picture of Nanok at a parade and it revealed his hooves were overgrown with heel flares. Instead of just saying she bought him overdue and still hadn't had the farrier out (and she shouldn't have trailered him to walk in a parade) she made up an obvious lie that her farrier said part of the hooves had been over trimmed and were 'too short' to trim. It's bullshit just by looking at the picture, but even if it were true in some way, the farrier would fill in that part of the hoof wall or pack the sole for comfort and maybe prescribe bute, a painkiller. They would never not trim the hooves there is no possible benefit.

It does makes me wonder what other casual neglect happens. There is some evidence for irregular farrier, underfeeding, and ill fitting tack. It's fair speculation that care could be lacking further, pasture management, teeth floating,
deworming? These are common issues but most struggling people don't buy more horses like candy at the grocery register.

No. 149580

File: 1620739788134.jpg (910.82 KB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_20210511-082807_Gal…)

The hooves.

No. 149581

oh god those look terrible! what farrier wouldn't trim those?!

No. 149584

They probably know she actually has like a mental problem. I mean she literally post her entire life on the Internet and never once does her parents seem to look like they would step in and stop it? She even uses her father‘s company as a way to seem successful. They probably think it’s better to just have her at home.

No. 149592

I don’t know, I would argue enforcing or failing to curb severe behavioral issues borders abuse if it meant that the horse’s next stop was the slaughterhouse auction. Hypothetically, of course, but people don’t tend to care for, feed, and farrier a horse that’s a danger to itself and others (like in Orpheus’ case, although probably half of his problems would go away with gelding.)

No. 149604

I would say she is almost crossing the boarder of abuse when it comes to animals in general. She buys animals on a whim. She did it to the lizard (does anyone know the status of the lizard? she doesn't post anymore about it after her Elsa Phase, guessing its dead). She seems to not care for her "service animals" anymore now that her mysterious illness seems to clear up and doesn't cause her to go blind. The dog she named after daisy's dog is no where to be seen. She uses animals as props, that is honestly getting to abusive behavior. doing the bare minimum isn't good either. And these horse will be forgotten soon after she moves on from caring for horse as her props.

No. 149609

File: 1620760087046.jpg (134.39 KB, 1080x1080, Collage 2021-05-11 13_53_20.jp…)

I came across this yesterday. Still on the prowl for a Fjord. Wonder if this one is outside of her cheap budget though. Also,'havent had a mare around in so long'? What about Honeybee.

I agree entirely. She buys a trained horse like Nanok and let's him sit decreasing homing options. Orpheus's options are limited due to him being ungelded and untrained off the track. The older he gets the less options he has. Those cheap backyard horses are at most risk with lack of training and physical issues. Those backyard horses could likely end up at a slaughter auction without intervention. Stef is not their intervention, she is not actually going to train them and she begs for vet money anytime her horses have an issue. Many of her past horses were leases so at least they had a home to return to.

No. 149613


Honeybee was ejected from her life several months ago. No explanation was ever given, she just started saying "I have four horses, all boys."

No. 149617

File: 1620764431082.jpg (323.72 KB, 1080x944, Screenshot_20210511-151757_Fac…)

This reminds me how she quietly tried to skinwalk Honeybee as a Fjord. She was only a similar color as a Fjord, clearly not one and likely not a cross, but Stef attempted to roach her mane in a Fjord style. It looked like shit. It can take awhile for mane to grow back out too. I'm sure her owner was thrilled.

Ultimately she did nothing with Honeybee, not even any Frozen cosplay photos. She was just in a group shot of all the horses like once.

No. 149634

Girl buys horses like I buy shoes. How fuckin' wealthy are her parents??

No. 149654

I'm just saying, people at KF and individuals not on the farms have been trying to get the animals of zoophiles and zoosadists taken away from them. It is extremely difficult to get anyone to take animal abuse seriously unless it is severe and "stereotypical" (here I mean beating them, starving them to death). Zoophiles upload videos of themselves raping animals and it still is almost impossible to get them prosecuted or the animals taken away from them. The ones that do get in trouble inevitably have some pedo stuff or other disgusting crimes.

So while it is true that Stef is not a good animal owner, I just think her care for these horses should be termed 'inept' or 'not the best.' Not abuse.

Acquiring animals as props is gross but I'm not sure we have any basis to judge her care of the lizard. I'm more concerned about the hermit crab, but then again, how long do those live anyway? idk I'm gonna sleep, can't be bothered to google it.

At least her parents care for the dogs.

She does put people in danger though, when she write that a horse doesn't buck or rear, after complaining on fb about how that horse rears.

No. 149656

well she couldn't have honeybee AND a baby 5yo trouble puff colt stallion

so naturally the mare is booted. tbh it was probably best for the horse

No. 149660

Hermit crabs can live a very long time in captivity, pet store info is very incorrect for them. People who care for them properly have them live a decade or more, one 'famous' keeper in the hobby claims to have one for 40 years.

If anything its neglect and poor care. The most effective cowtipping (dont do it) would be outing her in her local community or her hug box groups. But honestly, she has to already have a rep as a weirdo on the down low. People are just quiet about it because what can you do.

I don't think she gets out into her local horse community much. I think she can come of as normal when buying horses and she clearly has facilities, a barn a pasture land so no questions are asked. Her constant short leases could raise flags. Now the parade and the Halloween fun show probably outed her some, people had to notice the negleted hooves, ill fitting tack and her lack of riding ability but these are common issues. She can play that off if she's humble. If she tries to fake being an experienced successful rider in person, all but beginners will see through it. They will probably think she's an annoying kid or feel sorry for her insecurity. The older she gets they will be harder on her, but again probably by trying to quietly exclude her or spreading rumors but that's it. She might a get a warning post on local horse trading groups to inform sellers of her at worse. The horse community often puts owner/rider feelings before the horse and sees way worse abuse and neglect unfortunately.

No. 149828

Sage for sperging but how the fuck does she keep getting horses? I have heard of animal shelters getting applicants and checking the conditions of homes before adopting out fucking cats, and they are a lot easier to care for and can injure you far less than a horse can. Do the sellers not look at her post history or is horse buying just a different ball game?

No. 149843

>aFTeR ReLeAsiNg hEr HoStAgE
Jesus, is she physically incapable of typing anything without sounding like a sheltered middle school girl's idea of quirky? Those facebook horse groups must be filled with similar cows because I have no idea how normal people could tolerate her in their midst.

No. 149853

I absolutely loathe the way she writes about her horses. I can't explain why it aggravates me so much. Her descriptions make me twitch. Constantly referring to them as "little stinker" and "stinky boi", the constant mention of a horse being "sugar sweet." It's just so ugh.

No. 149857

it's so fetishy

anyway, she bought a 3yo mare(?) filly(?) and needs a nordic name for her

No. 149864


Image board, anon. Where's the screencaps

No. 149866

File: 1620917745191.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, F72E8E29-3E23-495C-96AC-2D916D…)

nta but this is from instagram

No. 149867

File: 1620918758806.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20210513-142041.png)

I have them but want to wait a little bit before posting, sorry.

until then, pic from IG story

No. 149880

File: 1620927982916.png (435.8 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210513-123427.png)


Our ice princess retard has another Norwegian hobby / skill we were unaware of.


No. 149910

God, please dont let her breed this mare to Orpheus, or at all.

I wish she'd just be patient and buy the Fjord she clearly wants if she must. She's so impulsive, she can't help but buy the first cheap horse available if it's almost what she wants. That's the key here, she's collecting cheap horses. All except Nanok aren't even suitable to ride. This one is a baby that will need training and a year or more to mature based on second photo. She's manic and really needs someone to rein her in.

She not going to stop horse shopping after this purchase. Probably wont even take break.

No. 149917

It's so pathetic how much she needs to involve other people in her horse shopping. If you really want a horse then just fucking go ahead and buy it. But no, it's always "give me advice" or "help me choose a name" with her. Obviously she wants her attention fix, but I'm pretty sure it's also a way of seeking validation from others, which is a behavior I've seen many times in compulsive shoppers who need to make their impulsive decisions "okay".
It's because she has zero respect for her horses. They're awesome animals with brains and personalities and she's treating them like plush toys that can be whatever she wants them to be. She gives me the same vibes as those old ladies who buy chihuahuas or wiener dogs and treat them like babies, instead of raising them properly, turning them into neurotic little shits in the process.

No. 149918


I had to look up what is is. Bitch can't even ride and she wants have one of these sickly horses oil someone on skis? This could only end badly but knowing her she's not going go through with it

No. 149936

It is pathetic. It's always horse shopping, name choosing, look at this cosplay themed stuff I bought- crochet horse hat, blue ombre saddle pad, bridle with blue piping that was on sale- instead of investing in proper equipment.

Meanwhile other adult equestrians on FB post riding and training progress, share real stories about their horse activities, ask real horse management concerns etc. Their competency is clear, their horses glow, they have proper riding equipment, real riding clothes and they are active. You see how far they and their horse have come when you click their post history. They are committed to their horse.

Stef really does do and have the bare minimum or less for her flavor of the week horse collection. She has always been superficial trying to curate an image to get attention without actually being good at anything or committed. Her horses are no different. Buying/leasing them constantly and choosing scandiboo names is all she can do. They are barely even props anymore.

I wish these horse groups would call out and drag her like that Disney group. Horse people are usually pretty sensitive to irresponsible buying and breeding. She chose her hug boxes carefully.

No. 149938

She "says a prayer to Skadi when she goes off shooting"? Absolute cringe.

No. 149946

File: 1620967777516.png (4.23 MB, 828x1792, DB2B4AC9-61B8-4055-9C5A-12BE83…)

She already started posting about it. Also if you want a big laugh, watching her “who would I fight” (obviously a call back to Jade videos in the show) is hilarious. Tried so hard to come off as mean, I thought before in her about me, she hated being mean and was all Uwu.
Also, in just confused to why she doesn’t just… shave her head and start new? Wear a wig for a couple of months. Her hair is seriously done for. She got it done a few years back and I am wondering if the hair dresser ever said anything about it

No. 150000

File: 1621008696149.webm (6.16 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1621008397.webm)

Finn update, he's such an uwu strong boy and he's allowed outside again

No. 150002

lol she was ready to euthanize him ya

No. 150005

File: 1621010075033.jpeg (618.11 KB, 750x1130, 2EC858FA-6AE1-4963-A074-D66E17…)

She buys horses like shoes.

No. 150010

The way she talks really makes her seem special needs tbh

No. 150030

literally. what the fuck.

No. 150052

File: 1621032354678.png (1.86 MB, 828x1792, 2C2EA22D-CA2B-43DD-91B4-575A9B…)

She’s also kind of a throw-away horse.

No. 150053

Samefag but she’s also 14.2hh, aka way too small for Stef.

No. 150056

What will Orpheus be like with a mare around? Sorry, I'm not a horse anon so I don't know if that's an easy situation or not

No. 150066

Didn't she get this mare specifically to breed? This listing says not to breed her multiple times

No. 150094


Someone should really warm that stable about Stef

No. 150097

>>150066 NTAYR but God I hope not. I think 3-4 years is when they usually recommend breeding though and this horse is 3, so she might try.

"If you're someone looking for a horse to use" so not Stef kek

No. 150100

She targets cheap horses that owners are desperate to pass off.

When a mare is in season they can be really pushy even around geldings. Its TMI but they will bite and kick, squat and back their rear ends up into stall walls, fencing and other horses while squirting pee, and call and scream out constantly to other horses. Not all mares are this bad but they will definitely react if a stud is near.

As for Orpheus he could become aggressive, lunge and barge into people, bite to maim, rear and strike. He could try to get through the fencing. He could start to savage his pasture mate out of frustration. If he still is pastured with Nanok, with a mare on property it would be safest to separate them. Even people who do run their studs with geldings tend to not have mares around. Even if Orpheus is more mellow, she will have to know how to handle and correct a stallion that is acting like a stallion. It can be scary for inexperienced people.

No. 150119

File: 1621083527131.jpeg (848.89 KB, 828x1560, 6F344DC4-6304-4C9F-AB59-38B158…)

>”I’m a trained swordsman”

since fucking when? Larping as Arya and Perl for 6 months doesn’t make you a trained swordsman

No. 150283

File: 1621138129964.jpg (410.17 KB, 720x3183, elsagetsscammed(1).jpg)


You couldn't be more right anon.
She was planning to pay a measley $400 for this new horse. She went on to admit that's why she choose this horse. The price tag.
This time she got burned. The horse looks to be a scam, no money exchanged ( unfortunately ).

No. 150356

How can she say it's a scam if she didn't lose money? Regardless of what the owner's motives for selling are, they probably bailed the second they realized Stef is a grade A sperg who talks like a cartoon character and plans to keep the mare around a stallion.

Praying she doesn't get that horse.

No. 150362

>Nanok clearing 5’+ fences

With whom, ma’am. Not your “trot poles are too scawy” ass.

Horse is $400 because it probably needs orthodontic intervention and/or the proposed “will excel undersaddle” optics from that yearling ad ended up not being true since she’s old enough to be green broke (albeit by a child/someone who weighs literally less than half of Stef’s weight.)

No. 150373

Wasn’t Nanok’ sold because he needed to be a lower-level horse? Seems like his prior owner let him go because he wasn’t sound for that sort of stuff. Kind of sus if he’s being jumped much now, esp that height.

No. 150384

Crazy that she claims to be such an equestrian but openly tries to collect shitty cheap horses with health and behavior problems

No. 150432

Anon, you're not wrong but pls, Stefany is the only one who's shitty here, not the horses.

No. 150457

Didn’t she also claim Nanok was magically gifted to her because the owner was so moved by her online post about the death of her mare?

No. 150469

File: 1621224046562.png (312.79 KB, 750x1334, 1589854741550.png)

No. 150502

Stef posts always lift my mood. She is such a perfect cow.

People in that horse group, please post old milk from there if you feel like it. I saw their guidelines say you cannot delete posts. You can search the group for posts Stef has made.

No. 150599

That’s not a dig, anon. They’re literally shitty prospects. If she were running a sanctuary or horse rescue, what she’s doing would be awesome. She’s not, though. She’s buying horses with genetic or behavioral defects that no one else wants and is pretending they’re going to be her champion dressage/eventing/archery/skijoring horse, putting them in ill-fitting tack, putting her 180+ lbs self on them, and progressively undoing what little training they may have had to begin with. Finn can’t be ridden, Joey can’t be ridden, Orpheus won’t be able to be ridden by someone at Stef’s level + she (rightfully) hasn’t even tried.

These horses were <$400 for a reason.

No. 150601

File: 1621297204833.jpg (315.24 KB, 1079x1888, IMG_20210518_081943.jpg)

Anyone know what she said? Big surprise she spoke on this without knowing anything.

No. 150607

By the looks of it, something pro-Israel parroted from her 'Jewish friends' lol. Hope somebody caught it

No. 150609

File: 1621302087027.jpg (92.01 KB, 798x1280, IMG_20210516_205342_961.jpg)

It was this.

No. 150615

Such a poor take considering how "woke" she pretends to be. Proof that she's fake as hell

No. 150634

Thank God she corrected herself. That was incredibly out of left field for her.

No. 150653

File: 1621326776881.jpg (462.91 KB, 1077x1890, IMG_20210518_163256.jpg)

"the people of Palestinian"

No. 150673


I just lurk usually but this shit pisses me off so much. She has absolutely no fucking identity that even when people are talking about real issues she has no choice but to parrot back what someone else is saying without any understanding all because she wants to run her mouth. Please go back to spending daddy's money on destroying the lives of horses and burning your scalp off Stef, real world issues don't pertain to you ice qween xx

No. 150945

File: 1621551054881.jpg (340.18 KB, 1080x1080, 20210520_173208.jpg)

I checked in on Stef and she's been been busy desperately posting to FB groups find a cheap Fjord. Fjords are relatively uncommon and usually are never cheap.

I think it's milky because she is dead set on bumming one for <$2000 as if that's not a red flag, along with her usual, 'it can have any health or behavioral problem, I don't care!' No one in their right mind would sell to her. How can she afford care for a horse with health issues when she can barely afford the cheapest of purchase prices. How is she affording to ship from 'as far away as Mexico!' but only if the horse is cheap enough. She sounds crazy and hasn't got many replies even humoring her.

No. 150949

File: 1621554667516.png (326.56 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210520-184940.png)


Also this one. Where's Orpheus?
Bless whoever is busy scamming Stef of her dream horse. Allows legit buyers who will actually ride and care for them a chance to buy.

No. 150952

Good. No more cheap toys for you, Stef.

>Tusen takk
Fucking hell. I wonder why of all things scandiboo hasn't she picked up scandi fashion and aesthetic. It might've helped her frumpy ass and fried hair a little bit.

No. 150954

Can you even imagine having this problem? This is the most privileged thing on earth

No. 150964

I wonder why she chose to board Nanok over an hour away? Normally when you can keep your horse at home, you might choose to board for access to riding arenas, trails, or a trainer/instructor… obviously not the case since she allegedly does less with him now.

We never got an update that Orpheus is gone. This must be from a private group. I hope he found a new home, but even if she just sent him off for training it's better than nothing.

Both boarding and sending a horse off to trainer are pretty expensive. Even if she did find a rider to lease Nanok I don't think she'd make a profit, just cut boarding expenses a little. Obviously this master of horse management needs yet another animal.

No. 150971


It's a private group I'm in and I looked through all of her posts and can't seem to find an explanation for why Orpheus is gone.

No. 150979

If by 'dangling the perfect horse in front of me and never replying back' she means the $400 horse with teeth problems she a nut. In most her iso posts she specifies she wants a Fjord for $2000, and every random horse she's asked opinions about has been well under $1000. I like how she implies she ever rode Orpheus 'with Orpheus gone I only gets one ride a week on Nanok' I hope that once a week ride is fucking lesson.

No. 151031

>1 ride a week on Nanok

I'm not an equestrian so correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that bad? I was under the impression that riding multiple times a week was an important part of horse care to give them stimulation and exercise in order compensate for the 10s of miles they'd roam in the wild. I'm assuming she doesn't have an exercise rider since she was trying to lease him, but I'm relatively new to her threads so I apologize if I overlooked something.

No. 151103

File: 1621646168139.jpeg (199.17 KB, 828x615, A7DE8ABD-5F78-4586-975D-6D2E48…)

No. 151111

I am honestly so relieved. Stef buying a horse straight off the track, no doubt only because he was cheap, is what pulled me out of lurking. It was a disaster waiting to happen. It's stupid she was trying to lease him. If true, I really think she is trying to use leasing to get free horse training.

I assume she is leasing him to someone who does ride at least 3 days a week. That's a normal agreement and it was in her lease ad for him. If not hopefully that barn has plenty of turnout time for him. Most of the time the leasee also covers hoof care and other maintenance. So that's a plus for Nanok.

No. 151115

File: 1621653339107.jpg (982.3 KB, 1125x3830, elsareturns.jpg)

Traded in Orpheus for another horse.

That horse looks like it's too small for her husky fridge ass to ride.

And but ofc she named it Sven.

No. 151121

You know I actually have some hope. Maybe since this is the magical Norse horse she's wanted all along, she will actually commit. Buy nice fitting tack and a saddle, start riding again since it's something like archery and not traditional horse sports, she's been rehoming or leasing her hoarded horses that she can't ride… Please don't let her be back on the prowl for >$500 backyard horses in like 2 weeks. Only thing is, this horse looks well trained, well cared for and safe from the photos. She has to be paying over her budget or it's a bit suspicious.

Fjords and Icelandics and other short, stocky northern breeds carry adults well. Stef could stand to lose weight and get fit, that's the right thing to do for any horse. We won't know how bad it is til we actually see her with the horse though lol.

No. 151122

Imagine a weird slow adult with a chemical burned scalp shows up to look at your horse and they cry

No. 151414

I admire your optimism anon, but she's going to ruin that horse.
It was the exact same with Nanok. He was supposed to be her perfect Elsa horse that came to her by a miracle, but then she neglected to train him, casused him to start rearing and rode him in an old rickety saddle with a horrible paintjob. I cba to find it right now but some horse anons in this thread or the previous one posted comparisons of Nanok with his previous owner and with Stef. Before he looked healthy and had visible muscles, but under Stef's "care" he turned skinnyfat, with dull coat, badly dyed blue.
I wonder if her parents made her lease Nanok so someone would give him some basic exercise at least. Her selling Orpheus, while good news, doesn't seem like her own decision as well.

No. 151441

I wonder if her parents made her purge horses in order to buy this new one or if that was her own thought process, sell to get money. It would be too self-aware of her to realize she should rehome horses that she can't handle and find a horse she can actually enjoy. Especially since she was just days ago looking for more unhandled 'crazy' horses with health issues just because they were cheap. Spoiler, those aren't actually cheap when she needs to pay for vet care and the training she can't do herself. She doesn't pay for it so the horses sit doing nothing. So why buy them and pretend?

No. 151467

File: 1621787856993.jpg (130.78 KB, 946x1364, IMG-20210523-WA0001.jpg)

omg yes
If any of her horses have sudden extra costs, she whines and begs for money. For example.

No. 151481

Does she post her art regularly somewhere? Her style is a generic Disney knockoff but her technique is honestly not bad. If she committed to improving her skills she could make bank doing furry art. I'll never understand how is she happy to waste her life idling about, churning out tiktoks and begging people to sell her horses, when she clearly has some talent she could use to be productive.

No. 151486

Right, if these aren't trace jobs she has surprising skill for someone who spends 99% of her time pretending to be fictional characters or posting about horses on facebook. She could do something with that.

No. 151501

File: 1621794137323.jpg (927.95 KB, 2120x924, 20210523_131942.jpg)

Lol she is a furry. She had an ugly fursuit she was trying to sell off awhile back, and another time she was caught looking to commission a coyote ear and tail set while begging for vet money.

From her fursuit sale post her story was she commissioned the suit and never even wore it much and wanted to sell to someone who'd appreciate it… just like the horses she buys and sells. She's all over the place. Just likes buying shit and lying.

*ETA I just went scrolling through the fur groups and she recycles those same art examples in most of her postings. Maybe not a big portfolio? I added some her non-art antics.

No. 151512

I suspect she subtly tries to make profit on these resales too. When she was selling an Elsa cosplay, she was questioned as to why she was charging more than the original cosplay cost. She claimed to have converted the cost incorrectly from CAD to USD. Which is a load of BS.


No. 151515

My tinfoil is that none of these horses actually belong to her, besides Finn, and the rest are just boarders or free leasers who end up leaving because this woman dressed as a cartoon character is acting weird around their horses.

It makes lno sense that Nanok is boarded at a barn supposedly an hour away. It makes no sense that these horses change hands every other month and there’s not a listing or classifieds ad to be found, not just for one horse but for around 10 horses in total in the past two years or so. It makes a lot more sense that it’s just other people’s horses.

No. 151523

I don't know anything about horses, but considering she irl larps whole fictional characters including accents and backstories, your theory could be correct. Maybe her mom runs a stable and these are long term boarders.

No. 151597

File: 1621824589534.jpg (31.24 KB, 480x640, FB_IMG_1621824342772.jpg)

Oop, we have now seen her with the horse. Confirmed she does look huge next to him. I don't know anything about detecting shoop but she looks smaller than she was in those awful Halloween candids with Nanok, so shoop?

No. 151599

File: 1621824871613.png (297.61 KB, 1440x2023, Screenshot_20210523-214604~2.p…)


Heavy artifacts around her waist and legs. I'd say it's edited because we know this garbage disposal hasn't done any physical labor let alone exercised or ate a diet not consisting of lay potato chips she begged for.

Meanwhile she's putting her horse on a diet.

No. 151603

Lol, long walks on the trail is great for weightloss and conditioning. Just ride your horse Stef, or walk him by hand and you can both loose weight.

On a side note, she might have to put effort into managing this horse. Horses prone to obesity on normal pasture grass because its too rich/high in sugar maybe prone to a variety of 'horse diabetes' conditions. Which are serious because they effect the hooves. The hoof wall peels away from underlying fleash and bone structures and the pedal bone rotates down through the sole. Nasty stuff. Called laminitis and founder.

No. 151604

File: 1621825984201.jpg (62.04 KB, 1056x1280, IMG_20210523_201252_702.jpg)

Dem wavy lines

No. 152384

File: 1621852905143.jpg (36.81 KB, 634x634, 100039200647_150665.jpg)

it's all shoop. this is from april.

No. 152442

File: 1621876890673.png (370.77 KB, 828x1792, D9C18654-265E-4EC3-9C57-808037…)

How does she keep getting really nice horses for free? I bet you she’s going to trash this one as badly as she did Nanok.

No. 152444

File: 1621877120332.jpeg (385.58 KB, 828x1306, EA5EAB6B-B23A-41DB-8323-2EB3C0…)


Splurges on shit for photoshoots but can never pay for her horses upkeep, training, or vet bills.

At least if she drove him it would keep her sperm whale ass off of him. But it will most likely be ill-fitting driving gear that she purchases.

She made a comment underneath this that said she’s going to “call her local newspaper and see if they’ll let her and sven deliver”.

Your life isn’t a fucking Disney movie.

No. 152449

Wait, what? There's no way this happened lol. Why does she make this shit up???

No. 152452

File: 1621880148727.jpg (218.12 KB, 1080x1057, Screenshot_20210524-191305_Fac…)

Any horsefags able to explain what this means and if it has anything to do with her new fjord? Cos yet again it sounds like she wanted one thing then swung around to doing something completely different

No. 152453

File: 1621880274289.jpg (286.88 KB, 1080x1393, Screenshot_20210524-191339_Fac…)

Saged for samefag, but i also saw this and rolled my eyes, because of course she desperately wants a fjord and just got rid of a stallion, but here she is just a few days ago begging for random horses and, for some reason, another fucking stallion

No. 152458


Let's remember this when a few months down the road or next week she's back on her begging bullshit.
Buys a carriage, won't pay her vet bills, buy proper tack, and posts her Amazon wishlist for junk food.

I hope the owner is alerted to her horrible history of horse ownership before she releases this horse to Stef and retracts the offer.

No. 152459

"I will take on an unhandled demon." "Must be able to load into the trailer." Lmao my sides

Ok, I'm going to be pedantic at risk of annoying everyone. I know the sleigh will probably just be a photo prop. But, driving is a different wheelhouse entirely than riding. It's more dangerous and it's niche so I doubt shes been taught. All sorts of bad situations can happen with a rig, from not being able to maneuver out of a tight space, jackkniving, to overturning. Typical horse misbehaviors that wouldn't be a big deal for a rider can be disastrous with a rig if you don't know how to react. I doubt that sleigh is a good beginner rig as far as stability, balance and maneuverability. She always manages to reach beyond her ability and safety, at least in her fantasies.

At least with skijoring there is no rig or solid shafts bound to the horse. If she goes down the horse will just be dragging a rope line. He won't be careening around dragging an overturned rig with a twisted up harness, going down breaking a shaft and being impaled.

No. 152487

File: 1621892566556.png (1.38 MB, 1402x795, Screenshot (999).png)

I might be wrong but it seems like she's looking for a horse she can "train" for this program.

No. 152488

So she wants to get paid by the government to live out her horse whisperer fantasies even further huh? Good lord, this is going to be a disaster if she actually follows through for a change.

No. 152497


this is confusing bc Stef is Canadian? Why would the U.S. gov pay for her?

No. 152516

Other countries have governments too

No. 152530

It doesn’t look like she’s trying to train a mustang like in >>152487 (like she even could,) but rather she’s looking to grift one who has been TIP-trained under the assumption that because it’s half-feral and only halter-broke it’ll be dirt cheap.

She literally just bought a horse though… My guess is Sven is on the smaller side for a Fjord (13.1 hh) and she’s too big to ride him. Just another prop.

No. 152534

Ah, yes now that I'm reading the post again it makes more sense that she's looking to adopt rather than train. My bad.

Ugh, she really collects horses like Pokemon. It makes sense that she might be too big for Sven like you said, but it still baffles me that she just got her dream horse and and is already looking for another before even having a chance to bond and work with him.

No. 152630

M-my magic dream horse was given to be for FREE because his owner sensed on the whisper of the ice wind how perfect and owner I am.

There is no way this is true. Didn't she get Nanok through and oh so special connection miracle like this too? She either bought this horse but is making up a story, or this is all a huge ruse and most are other peoples's horses staying on their property.

No. 152631

My sides ache at her audacity. She’ll never qualify to be a TIP trainer and she knows it. Her photoshoots don’t count as legitimate references such as a trainer, pony club leader, something.

To get your hands on a mustang you have to go through a rigorous screening process. You have to have a certain setup to even keep them on your property, etc. It’s kind of similar to purchasing a firearm in the states even though a horse is obviously not considered a deadly weapon, they’re still government property.

You also have to have a trainers license to be a TIP trainer as far as I’m aware. Which is expensive and has different categories based on your personal experience such as Amateur which is the first license you can get and so forth.

So all in all it’s just another fantasy dream of hers. She doesn’t know enough or any high-standing equestrian profiles in the Canadian equestrian community to get a respectable reference.

No. 152641

Yes, Nanok's story was similar. He was immediately touted by Stef as being a specific kind of horse (Dutch warmblood, cremello, she used to call him a max white, I'm clueless as to what all these mean). She tagged #kwpn and sometimes #arabian too. But recently she has posted saying she doesn't have his papers really, doesn't know exactly what he is. Can't get in touch with previous owners or vets.

Is this uh, normal? Because this story about someone trying to sell a horse they don't own is so bizarre that I can't even believe it. I'm guessing "Sven" has no papers either? otherwise how could he be sold without his owner knowing about it?

And if the real owner wanted to sell Sven, why didn't she reply when Stef asked the price?

I'm willing to bet that despite all her various claims, only Love and Orpheus (both OTTBs) had any documentation of their background/heritage. The others are just random horses she buys on some twisted equine black market. It makes my head hurt

No. 152643

This comes across as the dumbest post ever. Can she not read a book or get a vet's advice about this stuff? I've never owned a cocker spaniel but as a long-time dog owner I could put a cocker spaniel on a weight loss diet if necessary. But here we have Stef pretending that the horse is obese partially because of its breed. I mean, ok, maybe? I'm clueless, idk. But it's pretty common sense to consult a vet, feed high quality food in measured quantities, and exercise an animal in order for it to lose weight.

Stefany could even practice doing this herself: go to a dr, put down the chips and candy, exercise.

No. 152650

There are weirdo barn owners who board horses. Things happen like the horse secretly being leased out or used in riding lessons without owners permission, using up the horse's feed and supplies, taking money for farrier/vet but never having them out etc. There are seller scams like pay half now and meet me halfway with your trailer. They take the money and never show. All this person allegedly did was advertise the horse and never reply?

Stef's real hobby is making up stories and trying to buy things. None of it is probably true, but it would be more believable without getting the horse for free. If it were true it outs Sven's owner as one of those absentee boarders that never check up on their horse. There are a lot of those in my experience. Maybe one day Stef will be a scammy weirdo tampering with other people's horses. Maybe she already is! It would explain a lot.

No. 152724

File: 1621965312224.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20210525-184900_Ins…)

…how? Where??

No. 152791

Echoing what other anon said, there’s lots of sketchy stuff that can happen when horses change hands, especially when it comes to non-paying boarders and free leases. If someone boards their horse at a barn but never pays, there are usually lien laws which allows the barn to sell off the horse after a certain amount of time. In the case of free lease you should always draft a contract, but these backyard sellers often can’t be assed and it’s hard to argue in the owner’s favor without money being exchanged. The free lessee is usually responsible for vet fees and a lessee might argue “I have spent $10,000 in vet bills on this horse so it is therefore my horse.” There’s an old rule in the US where even “free” horses are typically sold for at least a dollar, because money needs to change hands in order for the Equine Bill of Sale to be legally binding.

Not saying it’s any of these since Stef is a liar, but either scenario is not uncommon.

No. 152797

>rigorous screening process
>It’s kind of similar to purchasing a firearm in the states

I'm not doubting you anon but this is not the comparison you think it is lol

No. 152805

Oh you’re 100% right. That’s just the closest reference I could come up with for non horse-oriented people.

No. 152844

Here the costhots have been getting roasted for their sloppy and lazy takes on the Dimitrescu bandwagon, then there is…this lol. The most low effort of all. At least Stef doesn't get paid for it, but still lol.

No. 152866

Holy shit I'm sent… I'm sorry did this anon unironically think government refers only to the US or am I missing something

No. 152869

NTA but the program the OP posted looks like it's an American one, not Canadian. Admittedly I'm not a horse person so I couldn't tell you if they also work with Canadians or have a sister program, I'm just reading the basic info on that link.

No. 152965

File: 1622062699535.png (443.34 KB, 828x1792, F74C92EB-D87F-40F0-B598-C6A3D1…)

Link anon posted is specific to American Mustangs and burros which is a southwestern US thing and doesn’t even seem to apply to regional wild horses (Assateague VA, Corolla NC, and North Dakota badlands to name a few feral/semi-feral herds.) Not every government has TIP programs because not every country has feral horses. The TIP posted is specific to the US Interior Bureau of Land Management.

Ironically this same program made headlines recently for slaughtering federally protected horses. Maybe that’s why Stef thought she could get in on it quickly all of a sudden.

No. 153100

File: 1622122577478.jpg (768.69 KB, 1079x1842, IMG_20210527_213618.jpg)

She got him

No. 153124

Ugh this is suchba cute horse and he's stuck with her ass

No. 153167

File: 1622149778591.png (4.61 MB, 750x1334, BC636AEC-77D4-4432-83CC-161237…)

the poor thing has to haul her fat ass around bareback


No. 153169

File: 1622151441803.png (1.2 MB, 1440x2153, Screenshot_20210527-163104~2.p…)

> He's safe for the rest of his life.

I adore how she insinuates he was in any danger or abused to start.

That's right Sven, welcome to your forever home, until Stef tires of living out her Disney princess fantasy and sells your ass for the newest trendy horse prop or refuses vet treatment should you get sick.

No. 153170

Why am I not surprised the first thing she does is cut his mane. Badly.

No. 153171

or tries to literally have you put down for an injury that just takes a couple weeks of rest to recover from. she’s beyond psychotic.

No. 153178

Wow, she butchered his mane lol. I think this is the first time we've seen her actually moving on a horse, not just sitting and posing on them. Aside from the infamous Nanok walk/trot Halloween candids anyway. It must seem much less scary with her feet nearly dragging the ground on this little guy. Will she keep it up and buy a fitting saddle or will we be pulling more screenshots of her iso cheap horses?

No. 153181

>worth every tear
Uh..wasn't her getting this horse actually pretty smooth? Why is she pretending it was traumatic or something

No. 153204

well, we haven't seen anything, just the view from her sitting. she has a couple old tiktok videos of her riding - again who knows what it looks like

No. 153218

Well as Stef tells it, she fell in love with him from his photo and then the seller never replied back. Then the owner finally contacted with some extra bs story then gave her the horse for free. So traumatic. She fell in love with that one $400 horse with teeth problems from the ad too and that seller backed out too lol.

No. 153220

omg he so small
I know fjords are tough but isn't she still way too big for him? Does she believe that myth that Shetland ponies are the strongest horse or whatever? what is the deal. My horse knowledge is prob outdated af so feel free to correct me nonnies. google says 200lbs limit

No. 153225

A rider who is 15% of the horse’s weight is ideal, and no more than 20% including tack. Fjords’ high average weight is 1100 lbs but I think he’s on the shorter side and weighs a less than that. So she’s probably too heavy for him.

But even if he was fat enough for her, you don’t buy ponies as an adult because it looks absolutely ridiculous in a show ring. She likes to pretend dressage is her discipline and so much of dressage is about grace and elegance of the horse and the rider. Enter pud on a pony who is a foot and a half shorter than she is and just as round in the gut. She would be laughed out of the ring.

No. 153232

ty for the reply
I thought she was using him for larping as a norweigan and doing archery or something? Seeing her in a ring on poor sven will annihilate my sides. bet we wont get a tiktok of that if it happens though, she can't be that un self aware… right?

No. 153233

File: 1622182293585.png (183.58 KB, 1440x1432, Screenshot_20210528-010028~2.p…)


Oh nay nay.
>genuinely hoping
to use him for this horseback archery hobby of hers that she goes on and on about but we've never seen.
And of course let's not forget our skinwalking gourd wants to get into
>cross country skijoring

No. 153241

A few threads back I challenged someone to find a video or picture of her in motion on a horse. They couldn't deliver. They found a tiktok of her and Finn in the snow, but during the only part she sat on him they only stood there. Otherwise she was twirling around kulning and shit and filming him standing behind her and the trees. They also came up with a newpaper pic of her being a fat kid in Pony Club which at least implies she was riding. How well or what she was doing we can't tell. She's wearing a hunter coat. Could be a simple walk trot class could be a class with jumps, we dont know.

Only thing we've gotten is this video of Sven walking carrying her and the Halloween fun show walk/trot dressage test candid pics. Nothing horse related she has ever put out has been remotely impressive or even average. It's not normal for someone who talks about their showing and training all the time to never have video or pictures.

No. 153246

Horse sperge, but the main trim is 'fine' you need to chop them of entirely for once if you want to go from long to the typical fjord stand up mane.

What is absolutely NOT fine is that she touched the forelock. You never cut the forelock of a fjord

No. 153250

Who tf cuts forelocks in general honestly

No. 153257

I was under the the impression you have to start with a roach, aka full shave. It grows out nice that way. She was impatient wanted the fjord look now and hacked it. It's butchered.

I mean all she has to do is go on and shave but right now it's trash.

No. 153303


Old milk but the She-Ra musical is pretty cringe. Stefany shows up at 3:50 but the whole thing is poorly mixed and corny

No. 153346

At first I didn't think it was that bad but wow, those faces she was pulling when they all sang at the end. That was bigggg cringe. It also sounded bad when she started singing with the Catra. Idk squat about singing but her voice did not match that girl's voice. Other than that the whole thing was kinda bland but most everyone looked like they were having fun.

No. 153352

File: 1622235708367.jpeg (540.45 KB, 1125x622, EBBA35BF-68E1-4E4D-94A2-961771…)

Tell me you’re a tryhard without telling me you’re a tryhard

No. 153354

Stef certainly mixed that. The others may have been actually singing, and she pulls those faces because she lip-synchs to her mixed/auto-tuned mess.

No. 153419

Her girlfriend (top right) does the big-mouth smiling cartoon character faces when she sings, but still looks pretty cute doing it. Stef looks completely deranged.

No. 153423


God her voice is so nasally. Awful when she talks and worse when she sings.

No. 153435

she looks like she's in the middle of giving birth kek also i hate her grandma singing voice

No. 153450

I don't know anything about horses so asking horse-anon's, why wouldn't you cut the forelock? Beyond the fact that she did a really terrible job of it.

No. 153506

Why are parts of this so badly out of sync? Check out the dialogue between stef and her gf. Is her gf also just mouthing words she recorded earlier?

They really need to fix this, it:s distracting and unprofessional.

No. 153513

File: 1622342713396.jpg (33.81 KB, 480x480, trim.jpg)

basically unless ur really good at it its hard to maintain a nice and natural shape and just ends up looking picrel

iirc there is a technique called pulling where you basically pluck/break bits of the mane to trim it without giving it a blunt cut w scissors. (you can do this in a safe way that isn't just straight up ripping out their hairs) but i guess thats too much effort for steph. either that or she did pull, just really fucking badly

No. 153780

I don't know about other races because with the typical show horses like warmbloods and such it's usually fine. But for Fjords, especially geldings and stallions you just never touch it. Like the rest of the main is kept short while the forelock often grows to be a massive and super imposant thing. Also, it's keeping away Flys

No. 153800

It always looks bad, and the forlock usually helps to keep flies away. I have never seen anyone cut it, not even the show horses, where the mane/forlock need to be styled in braids for shows anyway.
(Most warmbloods don't have much of a forlock to begin with.)

I know it's old milk but still. She decides to go bareback (because we all know a fitting saddle is expensive) and with a phone in her hand (so no chance of holding the reins correctly) on a horse that is all new and apparently easily spooked. Another questionable choice.

Sage for no contribution

No. 153811

File: 1622557022065.jpg (262.27 KB, 1079x1845, IMG_20210601_221718.jpg)

Please get therapy then Stefany

No. 153946

File: 1622600432740.png (1.1 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210601-203523.png)

No one is asking for you to cosplay anything let along anything "spicy".

You just got a horse for free. Buy your own shitty Amazon prime cosplays you useless waste of oxygen.

The audacity she has to ask her followers to buy her shit when she has zero responsibilities, no job to speak of, lives at home, is gifted horses… Fuck you.

This is what allowing your 20 something daughter to suckle from your financial titty for too long creates - A self absorbed, narcissist, pathological lying, entitled piece of shit.

No. 154002

File: 1622640490159.jpg (417.2 KB, 1079x1837, IMG_20210602_212750.jpg)

Her list also includes, among other things, armour, exercise equipment, and fake money

No. 154028

File: 1622653191549.jpg (402.03 KB, 1080x1080, Collage 2021-06-02 11_50_29.jp…)

Eh, it's not milk but I saw this FB post by a woman who does horseback archery and it definitely doesn't sound like something Stef could do lol. Has she ever even shot a bow? or does she just pose with them like she does the horses?

Some highlights are "DO NOT get on any horse and try this, the horses are trained specifically for it" and that the ideal pace is being able to shoot the bow "3x in 5 seconds" without looking at it. The pic shows the woman riding fast something we know Stef can't do. She also has a saddle and says archery is possible without one only with "really, really good balance". Just lol. I'd love to see Stef try.

No. 154052


blog but I've been riding for ~15 years and tried horse archery. Basically, if you can already ride well the challenge will be just the bow part. It is hard enough from the ground, much harder moving on a horse.

The specially trained horse is mainly that it needs to be steered only using your legs and seat, no reins at all bc your hands are occupied. The horse should keep the steady pace and direction by itself and not get spooked by anything weird happening on its back.

personally i doubt stef can ride handless. if she's scared to ride some poles on the ground how is she supposed to let a horse gallop freely while she turns backwards lol

No. 154095

Yup, as >>154052 pointed out, highly doubtful she could do it. I tend to agree that the horse needs to be trained well for this riding style (which would be the first big obstacle for her). Then the rider themselves need to be balanced and know what to do, how to position their legs, give the right commands with only the slightest of movements while going full gallop (which would be the second obstacle - does Steph gallop on any horse, even? And has her horses well-trained enough to do so without reins?). And then you need to shoot a bow while on the moving target.

A professional trainer and some lessons might be worth the investment, too. And we all know she won't spend the money/effort on that.

TL;DR this is never going to happen.

I'm kinda disappointed we didn't get more uwu cosplay content with her horses yet? I might be too impatient and tbh I don't follow her socials, only get my updates in the thread

No. 154116

File: 1622685612841.jpg (773.86 KB, 1080x2006, 20210602_205224.jpg)

I just checked her Instagram stories and she still has Orpheus AND Joey. I thought Joey was a lease or was sold a long time ago. I think it's true that her parents might be boarding horses and Stef lies about them being purchases or leases. Otherwise why is Joey suddenly back? I hope Orpheus still has a new home and they just haven't picked him up yet.

Also, see what looks like a tan horse rear end behind Joey? That's not Sven. She turns the camera around and Sven is in the stall across from Orpheus. So yet another horse? Her parents must be boarding. Is Stef a weirdo who pretends to own other people's horses afterall?

No. 154147

File: 1622707232015.jpg (551.31 KB, 1440x3218, legohead.jpg)


You may be onto something.
In May she said she sold him, the next day she said he was gone. I don't know if that means literally or figuratively but it wouldn't surprise me if she's outright lying about ever owning him.
Is it normal for buyers to leave their horses 2+ weeks after purchase at the sellers stable?

No. 154262


tinfoil to go along with this idea but

hmmm, i wonder if their real owners are largely out of country (possibly b/c of covid) + that's why the horses are ungroomed?

No. 154350

File: 1622783757948.jpeg (621.46 KB, 750x1448, E25C635C-DED7-4BA8-A181-06FF12…)

Can’t find it at the moment but somewhere where she was talking about their “disciplines” she said Joey was 20 and was “out to pasture.” 20 is by no means old, so I always assumed he was just another permanently lame throw-away horse, same as Finn.

Although picrel is definitely him (tiny off-center star) >>104483. Did she ever say why she renamed him from Murphy to Joey?

No. 154352

Annoyed people are sperging about the mane, when the bridle is disgustingly small for the horse to the point it's painful to look at…

For non horse spergs, explanation for this is:
>The bit is way too small for the horse. It's literally not even sitting out of the horses mouth and its on way too tight. Look at the creases of the mouth.
>The noseband sits way too high up on the cheek, there's no space between the cheekbone and it.
>The flash is sitting on top of the fucking bit. It will do nothing but cause the skin on the sides of the mouth to rub off.
>The browband is tight instead of sitting on the forehead. It is NOT supposed to be touching the bottom of the ears.

Worst part? It's not that the bridle itself is physically too small, but she has some weird ass settings on it and clearly has no fucking idea how to adjust tack to fit a horse correctly. The bit is way too fucking small, it needs at least 1.5cm more in width.

No. 154410

The horse in War Horse was named Joey. But idk. All her horses magically get tragic backstories and new fictionkin names.

No. 154441

idk why Stef hasn't just claimed she is starting a horse rescue or something. She goes to great lengths to find the cheapest possible horses and make up sob stories about them. She could put them 'up for adoption' when she is bored of them. Or, she could have a return to riding journey making up a dramatic story about why she had to stop after her Pony Club days. These scenarios would fit so much better than her weird horse trainer/elite equestrian persona which she can't back up, though at the moment it's the archery thing. She always has to be an expert or prodigy. I guess it fits with how she literally has to skinwalk people and characters.

Holy shit that bridle is going to rub every part his face, his ears, his cheekbones, his lips. The bit is going to pinch and is stretching his lips like a gag. She really is going to ruin that horse. He will start to misbehave out of pain like Nanok and his rearing.

No. 154452

I bet she is one of those people that thinks "dressage" just means everything has to be a super tight fit and then you just pull the reins until something happens.

Just wait until she gets an ill-fitting saddle and swings her overweight ass into it to ride (which I assume she won't do well, either).

No. 154605

Lord is there anything I hate more than the stupid horse slang words she uses like "groceries" and "trouble puffs"

No. 154610

Bless you anon for explaining

No. 154707

File: 1622951135158.jpeg (1.17 MB, 2121x3770, F2F6EAEE-7F39-4E84-A84F-ECFAAC…)

pics from her instagram stories. anyone know what the deal with this “daniel” person is?

No. 154718

Damn, normally people only do stencils when clipping winter coats, leaving the stenciled part unclipped and clipping around it. Shaving into the summer coat looks like shit.

I saw she made a FB post searching for a pro to do a Fjord mane. Funny it seems they just roached it like she should have done in the first place, instead of trying to cheat the grow out period by hacking it up. She also had a post wanting to buy clippers for 'elaborate quartermarks' she doesn't know those are brushed into the coat with a stencil and sprayed with hairspray not shaved. She got her horse shaved to the skin. What a dunce.

No. 154728

Steff always gets a horse, plays pretty pony with it for a bit, occasionally pretends to ride, and then runs to Facebook to look for another destined-to-be horse when she realizes that the current horse isn't magic.

No. 154742

is she 6yo?
this looks grotesque. will the horse be more prone to getting sunburn, since she clipped a big bald heart into the coat?

No. 154787

Nah, dark skin usually doesn’t burn. If it were on Nanok, who has pink skin, it would be a bigger cause for concern. It just looks stupid is all.

His mane looks a lot better though.

No. 154834

File: 1623037922529.jpeg (515.92 KB, 828x1439, 9088E803-DF82-4604-B18A-B0801D…)

Taken from her Insta story.

This is from H2O isn’t it?

No. 154835

File: 1623038177625.jpeg (563.96 KB, 828x1347, 230152A6-1479-423B-B0B6-5B361C…)

Samefag but I couldn’t leave out the cap I got of our ice princess melting away

No. 154839

I can't decide if this is pure ice queen larp or if this is her new justification for why she never rides these horses.

No. 154850

What does AAEIAH mean? Google isn't helping, all I can find is that it relates to horses.
never mind, it just means "As an equestrian, I am horrified."

How is this FB community not sick of her showing up to blog about herself and then vaguely make it an open ended post at the end? Every post is her bemoaning something about her life on and on and then she tacks on at the end "Anyone else ever do that?" It's so juvenile.

No. 154852

I think it's both LARPing as a precious ice queen and a convenient excuse - all with the side effect of asspats and attention!

She could always ride in the evening? Or in the early morning? Or is that still too unbearable for the melting snowflake?
And if she can't ride at all she can still work her horses in other ways (lounge, going for a walk, etc). But I doubt she does that either.

No. 154862

Just ride in the evening, or get your lazy ass up early in the morning, like most people, because riding in the middle of the day sucks. I know she's probably not actually looking for an answer from Facebook, and is just attention seeking, but honestly, Idk what type of answer she's expecting to get. There's only, like 3 answers to this: ride in the early morning/evening, find a covered arena, suck it up. That's it.

No. 154885

>one size
She could cosplay Robert Baratheon yelling for the steward to get the breastplate stretcher

No. 155070

File: 1623191791246.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, C23E20A6-E349-4CB0-B88D-32708A…)

isn’t she like.. well over 21? why is her mom running errands for her “livestream”?

No. 155072

File: 1623191946968.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, AD354BC6-23E7-4982-A9CE-488C55…)

speaking of which, she’s currently live on tiktok for any anons that can stomach the cringe

No. 155085

It looks like she stuck her whole fucking head into a wasps nest

No. 155108

>how are you fellow kids

Regressing online seems to be a thing adults do now in order to appeal to the largest audience of people with the free time to watch their shit: teenagers and children. It's why even the most problematic youtubers (e.g. shane and onision) had mostly teenage audiences, tiktok is just this phenomenon magnified.
But this is why everyone who wants to be e-famous intentionally ages down their behavior and language (e.g. retarded screeching tweets and captions) and makes the internet collectively dumber.
Slight tangent but outside the internet it isn't really proper to talk about your mum bringing something back from the shops when you're over 16.

No. 155164

That makes it seem like her behavior is calculated, rather than her being a retarded adult who was never required to act her age so she’s permanently mentally stunted as a teenager. Her MOM (not mum, she’s not British) is buying her wine because she doesn’t have a job or her own money as a 26/27 year old. Stef’s too retarded/online to understand how cringe that is, and any time she’s forced to acknowledge how sad her life is she comes back with “muh disability” to continue the delusion that the way she lives is normal and/or acceptable.

No. 155207

File: 1623278035028.jpg (204.74 KB, 720x2275, newskinwalk~3.jpg)

Leave it to our resident retard to have packages shipped to her under her skinwalking characters names.

Has she even played the game or any of the games from the franchise? Up until it became a trend recently on Tik Tok I've never once heard her mention RE.

At most I've seen her play Animal Crossing and Among Us.

This bitch has zero identity.

No. 155223

File: 1623283990361.png (196.98 KB, 318x371, autism.png)


Lmao @ how badly and choppy she cut this wig

No. 155305

I'm 99% sure she hasn't even touched that game. The irony of picking a Dimitrescu daughter as her next skinwalk is just chefs kiss delicious, since all 3 of them are composed of parasitic insects that imitate human bodies. Oh, and she misspelled the character's name (it's Daniela, not Daniella).

No. 155456

File: 1623367914780.jpg (120.38 KB, 1080x1098, Skinwalking.jpg)

She changed her name on Tik Tok

No. 155501

Calling it now, she's going to start talking about her secret central/southeastern european heritage very soon.

No. 155504

And another skinwalking cycle begins. I hope it'll be extra milky.
Guaranteed she hasn't played it. I remember in her beginning stages of the Maisie saga she also admitted to not having watched Game of Thrones. I don't really understand why she latches onto stuff so hard without bothering to actually watch it.

No. 155506

there is a trend on tiktok rn of people pretending to be balkan/slavic too i know she is still deep in her scandiboo phase but i hope we get some good milk out of this lol

No. 155510

Ohhhh this daniel dude is a wig/hair fetish freak who's notorious in disney cosplay/princess party groups for harassing girls to be in his tv show that he think she's writing. he's a fucking creep. theres a bunch of posts about him on facebook warning people to just block him and not interact

No. 155514

she definitely read and watched GoT, though. It was a way to pretend she was the "real-life Arya" without being influenced by the show. She didn't want to admit she was doing WHAT EVERYONE ELSE WAS DOING, aka watching or reading GoT. She was just "naturally" like Arya.

No. 155525

She will be iso horse breeds from those regions in no time. She only just got her perfect scandiboo horse and now she's globetrotting again.

No. 155587

File: 1623477766934.jpg (667.01 KB, 1079x1890, IMG_20210612_140306.jpg)

Her room is disgusting

No. 155599

Fuck I have that same tapestry and want to burn it now

No. 155600

File: 1623486407071.png (5.2 MB, 828x1792, 61795F6A-D56F-40F9-AFCF-7A5A1F…)

I couldn’t imagine being the parent to a full grown adult that acts and dresses this way. Isn’t she like 26/27?

Go get a fucking life, Stefakey.

No. 155602

tbh I expected her to cosplay Lady Dimitrescu instead

No. 155603

File: 1623487249424.png (Spoiler Image, 62.4 KB, 246x199, ???.png)


is that…a dildo? just lying on her dirty ass floor?

No. 155606

I did too, but it makes sense since she likes to skinwalk younger characters and probably thought Dimitrescu was too mainstream since every costhot is jumping on her rn.
or there wasn't any cheap dimitrescu dress on amazon

No. 155612

KEK anon I think you're right. What a grub

No. 155618

I do not speak from experience witj dildo identification, but it kind of looks like an extension cord / plug thing for the lights

No. 155626

Wow, that makes so much sense. I'm an idiot and every time I read it at the beginning of her posts before now I assumed it was some sort of onomatopoeia for her screaming in shock or pain.

No. 155628

>I assumed it was some sort of onomatopoeia for her screaming in shock or pain
this is all i'm going to be able to see now kek

No. 155640

A cylidrical, phallic shaped, purple extension cord/plug thing? Hmm

No. 155672

idk I see a rectangular shape but maybe the thought of Stef masturbating is just so disgusting that my mind is blocking it out

No. 155681

File: 1623566410382.jpeg (634.85 KB, 828x1242, 41055132-BDF3-4A3B-AA49-FA397A…)

She’s live right now on Insta. Her frame is the bottom right corner—proof that she’s actually playing Resident Evil.

No. 155682


I watched about 5 mins of this cringefest, her and her shallow end of the gene pool friends giggling and laughing hysterically over middle school jokes.

For someone with 8k+ followers on IG she sure is struggling to pull in more than 12 viewers, that's including followers of the other 3 socially stunted people she goes live with.

Her gameplay- she couldn't figure out how to open doors or how perform basic tasks when I watched.
So I suspect she just started playing and only does so when she needs to create content that doesn't involve her wearing cheap Amazon cosplays and begging to go viral on Tik Tok.

No. 155689

I read your comment in Scar's voice and enjoyed it

For her brief Queen's Gambit obsession, she claimed to have played chess forever, and to have had annual family games of chess at Christmas. Sadly she did not get addicted to tranquilizers, I was so looking forward to that

No. 155748

File: 1623624729356.jpg (143.21 KB, 441x785, 20210613_165027.jpg)

I thought she fucked up her scalp badly? Why is this retard still dying her hair and how has it not fallen out? She shaved the side of her head from what I can see.

No. 155782

File: 1623672191853.jpg (635.25 KB, 1079x1882, IMG_20210614_200322.jpg)

Lame new tiktok is a meme about a kid not liking the snow. Think she's finally saying goodbye to Elsa?

No. 155793

File: 1623687751017.jpg (662.23 KB, 1048x1460, 20210613_170229.jpg)

This is also from her tik tok live. I tried getting a clear picture of the mold jar, but she wouldnt stop flailing. Apparently she bought these worms that she kept in a jar. She was retarded enough to think when they turned into beetles they they just wouldnt crawl out of the small jar. She claims she lost over 200 beetles in her bedroom and counted at least 250 cause she catches them and releases them… and shes still finding more. What a gross cunt to give her parent's home an infestation. She also uwu doesnt want to kill them

No. 155800

The dimitrescu daughters in the game are made of swarms of beetles, is that part of the cosplay larp or did she really release beetles in her home?

No. 155801


Maybe her other prop pet, the Gecko which we haven't seen in months will finally get fed if it's not already taking a dirt nap.

No. 155806

File: 1623699038398.jpg (22.52 KB, 600x315, Porque-No-Los-Dos.jpg)

Both seem pretty on-brand

No. 155808

I forgot to mention in my post that she kept the lid of the jar off while they were in there cause she genuinely believed they couldnt crawl out

No. 155816


Fucking kek we know she's most likely lying for the "Look how much like the character I am!!1!" but lying about this makes her sound insane

her thought process really was "oh this character is made of swarms of living flies? better start "collecting" bugs so I can be surrounded by insects just like

she's genuinely delusional

No. 155831

I feel like throwing up. This is so disgusting and I hope she is lying

No. 155865

>>155800 that makes this possibly her most disturbing skinwalk yet

No. 155890

File: 1623761505515.jpg (200.36 KB, 1080x995, Screenshot_20210615-074703_Gma…)

Shes still adding to that Finn's get better fund, now with Dimitrescu props. This notification made me laugh.

No. 155895

Ah yes, must be for the important task of decorating the barn she lives in to take care of her sick horse, isn't that right? How's he doing, by the way? Has there ever been an update?

I wonder what horse/pet she will use as a prop to skinwalk her Dimitrescu obsession. Those beetles were probably just the start.

No. 155939

she has to be on the spectrum

No. 155941

not sure if it was posted here, but a while back she posted on tiktok a video of finn running around and acting like it was a miracle

No. 156015

File: 1623826476406.png (261.49 KB, 500x395, tumblr_817896b097ee73ecf794d8d…)

Ah. Of course. Because of the concept art.
Can she really commit to the hair shave so she can start fresh on at least half her head? Please.

No. 156026

Anons, am I getting this right, as someone unfamiliar with Resident Evil. Her new persona obsession is this disgusting dead lady who is operated by a swarm of flies? Holy fucking shit lmao she's so dang weird

No. 156029

Made up of flies but yeah basically. Choosing to skinwalk a horror monster is a weird choice. Inb4 she talks about how much she loves consuming blood or the taste of it.

Anyone else find it funny she went from "doesn't feel the cold" Elsa to "can't handle the cold" Daniela?

No. 156034

Meh there is nothing weird about cosplaying those fly vampires, a lot of costhots did it. if anything it’s already played out, she’s kind of late with the hype.

No. 156035

It's not about the cosplaying, it's about the skinwalking, newfag.

No. 156053

Yeah, what >>156035 said. The costhots aren't buying larvae and allowing 250 beetles to escape into their bedroom, or lying about doing so, just to appear like a Dimitrescu daughter irl.

No. 156058

Lmao just recently she was posting in her horse group about how she simply can't handle the heat or direct sunshine and now we're gonna do a full 180 to being terrified of the cold and feeling a botflyesque urge to eat her horses uwu

No. 156171

File: 1623915727813.jpg (239.05 KB, 1080x1986, Screenshot_20210617-023942_Ins…)

Sage for no milk but enjoy some cringe from her Instagram story

No. 156172

File: 1623915758951.jpg (249.06 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20210617-023947_Ins…)

No. 156235

>eat her horses
i think the anons in this thread are the funniest in all the threads i keep up with

stef is the most retarded neet i’ve ever had the displeasure of discovering. who does these things? have her parents given up on her? have they come to terms with the fact that she’s so severely socially stunted and has no chance in the real world, so they just let her do whatever?

No. 156256

Next she will claim to have a horrible allergic reaction to her horse's fly spray and ask her horse group for alternative fly control lol

No. 156571

File: 1624131656594.webm (7.15 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_6975182076060503301_in…)

I know this is in character, but holy shit does this make Stef look especially fucking bonkers.

No. 156577

Someone please help this tard clean the spaghetti sauce off of her face

No. 156605


hate to say it, but everytime I look at her fake blood, it makes me think she went down on a girl on her period and she just didn't clean it off

kill me for thinking that

No. 156638

Imagine being her parents at home and hearing her laugh uncontrollably for at least 15 minutes. I know for a fact she does a dozen retakes.

No. 156639

Oof haven't cringed this much in a while

No. 156864

File: 1624341990815.jpeg (82.45 KB, 828x1042, 541A0198-B87C-4D50-ACC4-76D13B…)

She still on that “iM an Actor” bullshit. I don’t even know what a haunt actor is, but again,stef ,being an actor means you actually acted in things. And im sure she actually didn’t get into RE8 until RECENT. From getting the name wrong, to making cringe “wholesome videos” about a characters that turn into bugs being … scared of spiders? But again, these spans between skin walking characters are becoming shorter and shorter. Also she has “merch”??? Who is buying her merch. And I’m sure it’s her RE8 cosplay. But she has it linked to her tik tok

No. 156866

File: 1624342245709.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2400x2400, 87D64CD8-A65B-4E62-AA3E-064532…)

Same Person but here is the merch she is selling. It’s literally just a RE8 shirt.

No. 156867

Haunt actors are hired by haunted houses to scare guests.

Funny I don't recall being on her bullshit resume she had typed up. She must have ran out of room with the 78 other "talents" and "skills" she made up.

That merch is unfortunate looking. To the offset lettering and whatever drawing that is looks like she found the lowest resolution online and "yes this will do".

Just an offtipic observation, but is her gf still around? I never see her interact on Steph's autistic tik toks anymore.

No. 156882

Stop posting like a redditfag
Who actually buys shit like this?

No. 156990

I'm so confused. Why is this fat chick covered in spaghettios asking to comb my hair before tweaking out?

No. 157377

File: 1624706691180.jpg (494.34 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20210626-122402_Ins…)

Great now she's a streamer. What the fucking fuck is this face

No. 157446


Bet she's streaming RE Village. Also lol at the auburn hair/dark eye makeup so she can casually skinwalk Daniela Dimitrescu without the bloody mouth.

No. 157468

Howdy! I’m just a good friend of the person you’re roasting who came across this page. I’ve reported you to the FBI and local law enforcement. Have fun defending yourselves against criminal harassment charges.(seriously rustled jimmies)

No. 157470

Let's go babe, I know the law.

No. 157471

everyone knows threatening to call the cyber police doesn’t work out.

No. 157472

No. 157475

I know you’re stupid so you don’t have an answer to this, but why do you think the American FBI would care about a Canadian NEET, and what is “local law enforcement” going to do on this international site.

Can’t wait for the “consequences will never be the same” email.

No. 157487

I'd love to hear that phone call.
>Hello, FBI? Some people on the internet are calling my friend fat, please send the cyber police.

No. 157491

She's live at the moment if anyone wants to watch. Can't do so myself so letting you know.

No. 157513


Did we dun goof? Consequences will never be the same!

No. 157534

Can't wait for her eventual weeb phase and the inevitable "curse-ye-hame-ha".

No. 157565

is there a single cow out there who understands that harassment involves, you know, harassing the person directly? the thing this site actively discourages?

No. 157581


I know you haven't been her friend for long— there's a 6-12 month turn over with ALL her friends. Just wait. You'll see it soon enough, it might just take you a while to admit it. Took me a while, too. Know she is a pathological liar.

No. 157635

can you feel that, farmers? that’s us obviously pissing ourselves.

get bent, bitch

No. 157650



Betting this is one of her new cringe Tik Tok friends that she goes live with. Spend less time making idle threats and more time reading about your good friends history of being a compulsive liar. Hell ask her about her claims that she has the ability to pop balloons with her mind. >>89789

No. 157768

File: 1624935867288.png (2.46 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210628-220312.png)

She's going to shave her head live in about an hour. About fucking time.

No. 157774

She did a weak ass undercut.
Just like Daniela Dimitrescu.
The cycle continues.

No. 157782

The image of derangement right here. Imagine being her mom and walking in on her dressed like this and shaving her head for TikTok.

No. 157788

File: 1624944430882.jpeg (232.71 KB, 828x1526, EE529B46-B357-40BC-98BC-CA95EC…)

She created a new Instagram. Guess she is trying to hide her old past.

No. 157805

can't wait for her to abandon this one when the hype from this shit game dies down.

No. 157816

Has she posted anything about her precious miracle fjord horse since this new skinwalking phase started?

No. 157840

File: 1624980432627.jpg (504.21 KB, 1440x3202, sOulMatE.jpg)


Except for trying to pawn Nanok off on other riders she has been largely quiet about her soulmates / heart horses. She casually mentions going to university but in true Stef, Eloise Frazer, Daniela._.Dimitrescu fashion it's probably bullshit.

No. 157866

250 fucking dollars a month? Is that you know a normal price??

Here you would probably only ever pay that much if you lease an ex grand Prix horse or sth on the same lvl incl lessons.

No. 157905

I hate hate hate the fetishy way she talks about her horses. It is sickening.

No. 157942

no vices? he rears.

No. 157986

File: 1625046523830.jpg (49.66 KB, 263x439, 20210630_044406.jpg)

If she lives an hour from the boarding facility and has university why not keep him at home with the other horses. Makes no fucking sense.
For fun, this pic in her ad of her friend riding Nanok with the center of his figure-8 noseband twisting down around his cheek. She literally cannot fit any tack correctly.

No. 158164

Did she promo this account on any of her other ones or is she trying to keep it a secret and you somehow still managed to find it?

No. 158188

File: 1625149112900.jpg (307.32 KB, 1079x1011, IMG_20210701_221735.jpg)

That new account was tagged by some guy in some tiktok post. Just look at that face.

No. 158381

File: 1625237472178.jpeg (829.98 KB, 828x1545, 9171D17F-EA97-4D20-BB51-EBB04E…)

It was hidden in the captions of one of her tik toks. She mentioned she was going live on it. She hasn’t posted it on her bio since again, pretty sure she is hiding her past

No. 158664

According to the TikTok video, the new IG account is for "in character roleplay" as Daniela.

For someone who says they're so good at makeup, they can make themselves appear as different people, this is truly her worst makeup attempt. The oily lids causing her shadow to crease, the lips done in eyeliner wearing off… Tragic.

No. 161532

i feel like this is the lowest profile she's kept in a long time

No. 161555

File: 1626501488401.jpg (951.04 KB, 1079x1876, IMG_20210717_135736.jpg)

This face

No. 162458

File: 1626673711400.jpeg (191.18 KB, 828x618, 7B926BE5-D55C-43FE-B1C7-ED2076…)

Creeped her wishlist. She really thinks somebody’s going to buy her a fucking iPhone 11?

No. 164785

How long will it be until someone comments about her horse?

No. 164793

Has she posted about the horses anywhere? She seems to be laying low on FB, no horse shopping or attention seeking questions in horse groups. I don't follow the new 'in character' insta, the other insta is pretty dead, no stories.

No. 164815

File: 1627513356407.jpeg (335.58 KB, 828x1465, 7573A15E-F475-47F7-8ECD-048144…)

I haven’t seen anything about the horses (did we ever find out if that sick horse of hers got better?)
The in-character insta is reposts of her tiktoks and the insta stories are of her larping around town in “normie dani dimitrescu” clothing, looking for chicky nuggies and talking about how much of a bug she is. and plugging her Twitch where she sings and streams with other dimitriscu cosplayers.

Sage for no real milk. I can’t wait for this boring Dani larp to be done with

No. 164868

imagine you’re in your late 20s, jobless, and find this humorous. it’s almost sad how retarded she is

No. 164874

File: 1627541866197.jpeg (626.54 KB, 828x1696, A3E14C7A-087A-4EDF-9396-814C37…)

claims to be 24

No. 164876

>that many followers and likes for such shit content
Though her views aren't that high, tiktok is really a place that proves follower statistics are meaningless as markers of quality.

No. 164887


She has an engagement pod who all make equally retarded RE content. Once she fucks them over or gets caught lying, she will hop onto the next new trend and start a new identity.
I feel for her horses who are being ignored now that she has people giving her attention online.
I hope this dumb useless bitch actually starts school in the fall, it will be interesting to see if her content/identity changes with whatever it is she's supposedly studying.

No. 164894

I bet every single one of you the next identity will be “dark academia” related when/if she starts school

No. 164898

I can’t wait until the popular Resident Evil Village cosplayers she’s friends with find out about her lying and she she cries about it in a TikTok playing the victim.

No. 164910

I think we all knew it was going to happen but it is sad that she just forgets her FIVE horses when she finds a new skinwalk. Olympic dressage has been going on for the past week and that seems like exactly the sort of thing that should spark her delusions of grandeur, yet there’s not a peep. Hopefully her parents have gotten rid of the stallion since >>154116.

No. 165158

Maybe we should go ahead and comment on her friends TikTok about her lies.(cowtipping)

No. 165452

File: 1627778516560.png (360.31 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210731-193129.png)

Our leech is panhandling Kofi to go to Disneyland with her TikTok "family".
25 year old jobless pathological liar with multiple horses she's currently ignoring so she can pretend to be a bug on Tik Tok while she lives under her parents roof. Totally normal and healthy behavior.

No. 165708

lol of course she plans this right as the border reopens. is she even vaccinated?

No. 165720

File: 1627886056557.jpeg (1.12 MB, 828x1548, FFE9B7B6-6F1D-49DD-B7E9-1616A3…)

she isn’t really trying to get her followers to buy her another horse? surely the fuck not?

>refund if we don’t reach the goal or I can just “rehome” some other horse?

excuse the bump if my dumb arse misread this and it was for charity or something

No. 165729

Obviously whatever her parents give her to fuck around with isn't enough for perfectly reasonable things like new horses and trips to Disney. It's sad really when family doesn't look out for you so you have to ebeg to be with your "chosen family."

No. 165730

File: 1627889140182.jpeg (329.25 KB, 828x1469, 44BCB9B7-8BDB-4B3A-A849-B7D1F1…)

samefag but also she’s single now. looking at this caption I’m wondering what happened?
No milk for weeks then everything in one day

No. 165742


>just your average cosplayer trying to reach her goals in the world

So her life goal is pretending to be a vampire that‘s made out of flies while running through Disneyland? Not like, to get a job or start a real living?

No. 165869

I don't think she's single, that's from her 'in-character account' she's RPing lmao

No. 166041

that’s even worse! imagine your partner reading that? even if it’s just rp that’s so rude

No. 166114

File: 1628022006720.jpeg (584.66 KB, 828x1061, 51F464B3-E32C-4B00-A1C5-C9F38E…)

“hElP mE nAmE hIm” has finally showed up

Apparently he’s her dead mare’s replacement lmao

No. 166147

oh hell no. even if this baby is eating full solid and doesnt need milk feeding by 3mo he needs to grow up with a group of friends around his age or he's never gonna learn how to be a horse and be fucked up for life. Usually orphans have it harder getting socialized in a herd and he wont even have that at Stef's

No. 166393

So she's taking home a super young foal to live at her barn, without any kind of playmate his age?! Into an ever-changing group of geldings, stallions, or whatever she feels like buying, without any idea on how to raise such a difficult horse? And for what, so she can "heal"? Fuck off, that's just animal abuse.

Also why the fuck is that foal so expensive for being an orphaned 3 month old foal that I assume has no pedigree, papers, or anything else desirable driving the price up. Is she lying to scam people out of money, or are foals like that so expensive where she lives? Or is she getting scammed and buys horses from a backyard breeder that just sells seob-stories to idiots like Steph?

>sage for horse autism

No. 166401


Bet she's not buying a goddamn horse. This fat fuck wants to go to Disneyland , she had 1 donation. So she changed her Kofi to something to bring in the bucks.
No one wants to donate to her vacation, the lump is on permanent vacation but people will donate to save animals.

Her and her enablers make me sick.

No. 166416

Nothing about this scenario adds up just like all of her other horse shit. Whoever had the foal would be desperate to find a qualified person to take it in if it needed rescue, not selling it. Usually people already having mares and foals or herd of broodmares volunteer to foster foals. Stef's place isn't good at all for a foal. I hope she has just gotten more bold with her lies and doesn't actually have this foal. I'd love to know how that group is reacting. Is everyone in that group a retard or do they humor Stef for entertainment like their own pet cow?

No. 166423

will the foal suckle from her breast? he needs a horse mother, stef, not you. You don't own a mare.

No. 166444

>>166416 all the comments are just name suggestions and guesses on what color he’ll be when he’s fully grown.

samefag from >>166114

No. 166446

File: 1628221772426.png (414.87 KB, 1382x2048, Screenshot_20210805-224337.png)


So the new heart horse of the week is coming home which means he's been purchased. So why do we have this Kofi for him? Oh yes Disneyland. Calling it now she's going to use this horse for two weeks to get asspats on Tik Tok for those easy donations before the little guy gets pushed to the back of her stables like the rest of her horses.

No. 166453

Is this a 'no-judgement' allowed group? I got that impression from reading the rules. Sad that this is the sort of shit that gets enabled. I hope at least they know better than helping her get donations and just stay in their own little enabling, attention seeking circlejerk. Its telling that she's mostly limited to posting her bullshit horse stories there where no one can call her out.

No. 166541

File: 1628314000219.png (670.48 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210807-001410.png)

And another horse.
Welcome home limited time heart horse. You will be showered with social media love until Stef gets bored and forgets you exist. Just like her lizard and 6 other horses she couldn't live without but have been sold, sent to horse boot camp, or are withering away in her stables while she forms temporary friendships online and skinwalks video game characters.

I bet you can't wait Stef. Just like Sven who you have completely ignored while your holed up in your parents attic making Tik Toks, and ebegging like the fat useless waste of oxygen you truly are.

No. 166543

Did she just impulse buy 2 horses in a matter of days?

No. 166544

File: 1628316072981.jpg (1.22 MB, 1079x1858, IMG_20210807_140109.jpg)

Can't wait for this to turn into more potato chip begging

No. 166625

I'd love to get ahold of this horse's registered name to see if it's even true. She fucked up giving Orpheus's real name so her lies could be fact checked. She was definitely whipping up a track injury story that got foiled by his Equibase history being readily available.

No. 166679

File: 1628403835851.png (2.76 MB, 828x1792, 835771E6-99A3-4A9D-8F0E-A5A03F…)

Samefag, found her listing in a FB group. Unregistered and according to this post, unbroke.

No. 166852


Another skinwalker name too, 'Cadeau' is the catalyst that transforms Daniela Dimitrescu into a mold zombie/bug creature/whatever. saged for RE sperging.

No. 166864


Isn't that her skinwalk insta? If she's posting shit like her horses there, it's possible thr post about being single was ooc

No. 166889


She's trying to distance herself from her old skinwalking life and IG account. Why the new account for one skin when her old IG has all of her dead skins lying around. She thinks changing her name and identity will keep her new friends from discovering her history.
I also believe they broke up and have for a while.

No. 166932

File: 1628545481275.jpg (407.75 KB, 1080x1968, 20210809_143501.jpg)

Eh, she uploaded weird RE "ship" videos with her girlfriend last month.
Is she the kind of person to delete content with her ex? Or is she narcissistic enough to keep it for the views/likes?

No. 166961

Definitely narcissist enough to keep the videos. She's held onto those ridiculous shooped pics of her as Rey and Arya even after being called out and admitting to editing. Bitch has no shame.

No. 166971

File: 1628572719286.jpg (1.1 MB, 1793x6330, deadhorsegimmemoney(1).jpg)

Orphaned horse died before she received him. Milks her Twitch stream as a memorial while drawing furry art. Ko-fi link to donate is visible on her stream. Ko-fi donations are for a dead horse.
Wonder how long this donation page stays up for a horse she never received and if the donors will get a refund as she promised.

No. 166982

Anyone who follows her or gives her money in any way is obviously mentally stunted and or believes her 20something larp. But I agree, this is scummy behavior, especially when she is ebegging kids on tiktok for their lunch money while she does literally nothing for a living yet owns multiple horses who magically have health issues that she does jack shit to treat or manage outside of eating fried potatoes from Amazon in front of them.

No. 166992

This is so supicious, someone was scamming someone here. Either she was never gonna adopt this horse (her environment is completely unsuitable for such a young horse, as anons have pointed out) or the person was trying to sell a dying horse on her. I'm leaning towards the first one since anons suspect all the horses she "buys" are simply loans or her mom runs a stable. Just an attempt to get money for nothing.

No. 167006

>>166992 tinfoil but if her mom is running a stable is it possible that her mom signed on to take care of the foal and she was using the picture for sympathy/raising money for her disney trip?

No. 167027

her mom's a bit of an enigma. Not much of an online presence. So it's possible

No. 167078

Hasn't she simultaneously said that her mom is some *~amazing equestrian who taught her how to ride before she could walk~* and that her mom has zero interest in horses?

No. 167161

Her mom used to really love horses, and still does, but she's in mom-after-two-kids and a couple decades shape, so she doesn't ride anymore. Like someone who actually cares about the horses. She's very easily manipulated by Stef.

No. 167174

File: 1628712061211.png (455.87 KB, 1446x2048, Screenshot_20210811-145707.png)

Welp that donate for an dead as fuck orphaned horse is still going strong. She's reeling in more donations for a fraudulent cause.
Just say you want to go to Disneyland and refuse to get a job to pay for it yourself, you scummy bitch.

No. 167183

She's officially a scammer. It's not like she couldn't simply log in and change the description.

No. 167185

Samefag, 32% of that sum is $400, donated to a now nonexistent cause.

No. 167435

File: 1628839051409.jpg (450.39 KB, 1075x1892, IMG_20210813_151737.jpg)

No. 167481

File: 1628866308555.png (2.34 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210812-124752.png)

For a horse she never met. Which means the horse was never received so the funds from said horse should be available to go to another that she clearly doesn't need. But that's not the case. She's funding a trip to Disney under the guise of saving a horse.
Also she got rid of Joey. Good riddance

No. 167525

isn't this very fast for a horse to die? he was "coming home tomorrow" and then died? Calling horse anons.

No. 167526

tell us more anon

also kek i guess that means mom isn't afraid of horses like stef says

No. 167896

I suspected he was going to die as soon as she made this post. Foals have special needs in the first 2-3 weeks that are difficult to meet without a nurse mare for XYZ boring horse-fag reasons. “Orphaned” could mean he was rejected because he was sickly to begin with. It happens.

Stef never got him, so this one is not her fault. But it is likely that she knew he wasn’t going to make it and that’s why she picked him for her scam.

No. 167914

File: 1629093923135.jpg (1.91 MB, 1440x9075, stefanydefinitelyfuckshorses.j…)

Hope everyone has a tissue handy. Our favorite animal neglecting, balloon popping, insect ice princess got her horse. LuvLee.
She wastes no time spinning a story of animal abuse. I'm sure her previous owner would be thrilled to know that Stef, who had an Amazon wishlist that included 300 bags of fried potatoes for her "sick horse" is insinuating abuse / neglect. Yes the same boxy sasquatch who wouldn't pay for her sick horses vet bills and opted to buy cosplays on the dime of her followers she
e-begged from. Every horse she buys she spins a ridiculous love story and then the horse is gone. Where's Nanok? Oh right, he's being pawned off to riders to train him because her fat dumpy ass can't be bothered to train or even ride him herself. Haven't seen her Frozen horse in ages. He's probably sitting in a stall somewhere wasting away.

No. 167916

Kek those captions remind me of those facebook dodo videos. Absolute cringe.

No. 167937

She really is using “has had x amount of homes” as criteria for abuse when horses have an average stay at their “forever home” of hers of about three months. Sure thing Stef.

No. 167986

Meanwhile the horse seems to be in excellent condition and could only deteriorate under Stef's ownership.
Judging by the listing, she is coming from a totally normal sounding, knowledgable owner. In the listing it was stated she's considered unbroke due to time off. She never raced because she's unregistered. Sounds like she was a homebred and ended up as pasture pet most of her life because no one was able to devote enough time to really train or ride her. Some horses just get sidelined like that. Stef should know she does it to all her horses. Wow such abuse.

I'm sure we'll hear all about the trauma this horse has to work through. Or maybe this will be the last post about her ever and she will drop off the face of the world like Sven.

No. 168025

File: 1629177370602.jpeg (624.15 KB, 828x1412, 52AFA7E2-B8A7-46C1-9006-F601A4…)

She posted that retarted tiktok in that damn horse group. Of course she has to write a whole love story about it.

She got five comments that were along the lines of “wHo Is CuTtInG oNiOnS iN hErE?”

No. 168026

Really shitty to get a new, clearly healthy horse and write these shitass captions about you'll never be abused again uwu

No. 168064

>even if she's never going to be ridden again
the only part of the post that's not bullshit lmao

No. 168137

File: 1629233386543.png (697.71 KB, 1080x1978, Screenshot_20210814-013822.png)

Here's what Stef left out. She dumped Joey to buy this mare.

No. 168141

It's considered flat out shitty in the horse community to risk selling a senior horse. Seniors have already given their all. Those remaining golden years are owed to them by their connections to ensure they are safe, healthy and loved. When sold off they are often the first horses to be neglected or dumped by the new owners due to expensive senior maintenance and the horse having nothing left to give.

She made a big deal about how the new horse was passed around, how now she is 'safe' and has a forever home. Meanwhile she passes off a senior blatantly stating the only reason is because she is replacing him. Wow.

No. 168149

I'm not even a horse-anon and I can see how shitty this is, it's like rehoming a 14 year old dog so you can get a new puppy. The fact she tried to frame it as some emotional bullshit where she was clutching her chest and crying to "rescue" this perfectly well cared for younger horse she doesn't need, while offloading a senior horse in the background who seems to be settled into his life there, from her own description.

No. 168152

Especially crappy phrasing it as "this senior horse is looking for a new home." Fuck no he isn't. You're booting him out, he's happy where he is, you monster.

No. 168158

I don't see any listing for a 2012 mare out of luvgetsmeeverytime. Is that what non-registered means?

No. 168166

Not sure what more you want on the subject of her mom. Stef claims she's abusive, and while abusive/manipulative parents are great at hiding it, no one really buys that either of her parents are such. They literally spoil her to death and support her in everything without making her do any real work in return. Also, her mom homeschooled her for at least the last year or two of high school.

No. 168167

Wtf, Joey is that old and she's rehoming him? That seems kinda fucked up

No. 168179

She basically threw away a senior retired horse not fit to be ridden to give a "forever home" to a young sound looking mare that could be worked with for some bullshit reason. Thats so much of her caring about horses and screeching omg aboose while throwing them away like a broken toy to get a new shinier one.

No. 168195

Who knows. The foal could’ve been an accident or maybe they tried cross-breeding for a hardier sport horse. Jockey Club has a bunch of dumb rules about registering TBs so it could just be as simple as someone not doing the paperwork in time.

So here she admits she still has the stallion. Why not get rid of him or the Frozen pony she’s too fat to ride? This is a shitty thing to do and it’s shitty to do to Finn. Horses are herd animals and they’re affected when you ship off their herd every other week.

No. 168219

Normally I come her to laugh at her ridiculous cow antics.
This is just infuriating. She was already a shitty human with her blatant lies and e-begging. You just don't treat animals that you claim to love like fucking Pokemon cards. This poor horse. I hope he receives real love and care wherever he ends up. All of this will catch up to her at some point. Whether it weeks or years from now. This uneducated, financial titty sucking, pathological liar will absolutely struggle with life when her parents aren't there to care for her lazy ass. Her only skills are skinwalking and being a useless leech.

No. 168230

anyone else notice the wording?
"I have an opportunity to get BACK the last foal my late heart horse had"

you never owned that foal, stef. Also, you(r mom) got this heart horse when exactly, then? If she had the foal in 2012 and you didn't even know about it, when did your family acquire Luvgetsmeeverytime?

No. 168252

Absolutely disgusting behavior in every way. She should be ashamed, but I doubt she is capable of such emotions.

Also HOW ands WHY does she still have the stallion, and how did she not geld him yet.

No. 168272

Good lord, please don't let her breed this mare to Orpheus. For fucks sake. If she does and tries to frame it as some 'oopsie' surely even that slack-jawed drooling microbrained horse group will turn on her.

Joey is unfortunate. Unfortunately Stef targets at risk, vulnerable horses to buy only because they are cheap. She is the worst type of home for such horses. She begs for vet money and so can't afford their special needs. She dumps and trades them out constantly. She can't handle the horses with unsafe behavioural problems even though she deliberately seeks them out in her iso. It's sad.

No. 168280

Exactly, why not rehome one of her sound horses like the new fjord one or Nanok that are still young, marketable and with hope for future? Oh yes these are aesthetic horses not plain old bay Joey with no sob story attached
The only thing is why is her mother allowing this shit if she's really a horse person? Does she ever intervene or draw the line for this scummy bitch?

No. 168290

>haven't touched a chestnut since Love's death

isn't Joey a chestnut?

No. 168310

nah, he's bay.

No. 168318

He is bay, dark brown with black legs, mane and tail, but still she's retarded. Chestnut horses are everywhere it's a basic horse color. If she ever visits Nanok at the boarding stable or scrolls through horsey social media she'll see them constantly. That foal she was grifting for was chestnut. So she just refuses to pet any? In the past she said she could barely look at them.

No. 168323

>Good lord, please don't let her breed this mare to Orpheus

I'd bet money this is her plan, which she'll then spin as a miracle heart horse baby who she can see grandma's spirit in. Mommyhorse blogging with a baby foal sounds like easy viral TikTok material.

If she still has Orpheus, isn't this a dangerous situation if she's keeping them near each other?

No. 168346

ok, thanks horsanons, I wasn't sure. They kind of looked the same color

No. 168347

holy cow, anon, this is actually interesting! I've been following Stef for awhile and noticed how she always seemed to praise her mom and gravitate toward her while calling her dad abusive and horrible. She even made an "f you dad" father's day post. But now both are being called abusive… very interesting.

homeschooled lmao
I remember that post she made about how she couldn't grip a pen to write anymore. And she valiantly went out to buy her mom flowers or something, then blacked out on her horse, but her horse saved her life by walking off the road.

No. 168369

I know for a fact she hasnt had Joey for that long so I guess rehoming him isnt that bad?

No. 168394

wtf is this logic

No. 168404

She is the literal reason why not to sell a senior. They are the first to be neglected or dumped because they aren't useful. That is what Stef is doing. I'm sure when she bought him she assured the previous owners, (whether they were his longterm owners or one of many dumpers themselves) that he had a forever home and she loved him. Sometimes circumstances force you to sell a vulnerable horse, but she is literally dumping him to make a space in her hoard. She could have leased him out as a pasture buddy if she cared about him not getting dumped again by the new owners or being neglected. I hope his new owner truly does care to do right by him.

No. 168419

shuffling him around quickly after bragging that she's going to be her new horse's "forever home" is extremely tasteless

No. 168454

that and Stef implying the new horse was abused because she spent most her life passing from home to home and that she's safe now

No. 168543

kek, you're safe now
i kicked out a senior citizen so i could adopt you, the horcrux of my heart horse

No. 168695

File: 1629519323286.jpg (925.57 KB, 1080x1881, IMG_20210821_121451.jpg)

I bet this was her "heart dog"

No. 168728

Old, can't be ridden, not interesting to look at, being dumped on someone. Will I be seeing him in a horse auction rescue video in a year or so?

No. 168734

File: 1629551896503.jpg (480.17 KB, 1038x1536, 20210821_075941.jpg)

Whatever happened to her so-called service dog? As for this dog, don't think I've seen her post it before. I kinda went back in the threads to look and I got distracted by more awful fitting tack.

Saddle tree digging into spine and shoulders in front. It's probably the same shitty old saddle Stef still uses on all her horses. Seat is too small for Stef, her ass is hanging over creating a pressure point for the poor horse at the back of saddle. Blue halter is twisted. Bit is too small. Arabs have such tiny mouths the fuck did she manage to find one too small, it's probably a pony bit.

No. 168838

The family had like 8 dogs. Several shih tzus and several large dogs. Her parents take great care of the dogs, as they try to take care of the horses, but I think with Stef constantly changing out horses they've burnt out doing more than feeding + paying for boarding and such.

No. 168854

At this point her parents are way more than responsible than your typical ignorant normie parents with this being how she has turned out under their watch. They enable and coddle her in a way that both harms animals and allows her to continue her delusional compulsive liar larps on tiktok. It's so strange to me that they let her have any say in horse related financial decisions? Either they go with her whims or are making shit decisions. Put the whole family away.

No. 169882

This idiot makes me want to a-log so bad. Me, me, me, everything is about her and she hoards high-maintenance intelligent animals to use as props. This bitch should be banned from ever owning animals and her parents who enable this shit are just as bad as her, if not worse. I really wish someone (a bystander, not a fucking farmer) in the groups she frequents catches up with her bullshit and forwards the information so at least some people would no longer be willing to sell any damn animal to her or her family.
Do any of the people who have sold her horses not even check what's going on a bit later? Like the former owner of Nanok who seemed to have had him for a while.

No. 170395

Idk if you have seen her tiktok but holy shit is the milk plentiful. Cringe to the nth degree(newfag)

No. 170396


She also has a linktree that you might want to add to the next thread, it even has a discord link but I'm not brave enough to join


No. 170428

Every time I scroll through the wishlist listed within the linktree, I want to scream.
Some things may be useful, sure, but asking your followers to buy expensive horse stuff, sweets and, worst of all, lingerie?!
No one wants to see spicy content from you, Steph.

No. 170505

what character are the dirndls for? There are at least 3 on the list

No. 170575

File: 1630647739612.jpeg (244.19 KB, 827x1548, DD0DF85E-9804-47A8-AEA4-0621C0…)

sorry new horse Zephyrus, but your owner is lazy and only wants you for the clout. as soon as you stop being cute you’ll be sold off. I hope your next owner actually gives a shit about you, poor thing

No. 170586

Judging by the colours she probably wants them for Daniela, despite RE not even taking place in germany.

No. 170601

>I would really like to become a famous jumper

stop being fat, stop buying unsuitable horses and buy some riding lessons instead. jfc the delusion

No. 170723

One of her close friends in the U.S is a pedophile so that could explain why she’s partially messed up

No. 170742

nah anon she wants the horse to become a famous jumper, not her
but she definitely can’t jump so idk who the fuck she thinks is gonna teach the horse

post proof or go away

No. 170794

The guys Instagram is testpatterncosplay.
Idk if he’s been talked about here before but he is someone who didn’t care about all the lies and enabled her. He was cuddled up with a 17 year old while he was 24/25 at the time and then I heard they met up months later to do sexual stuff. Even if it was just foreplay the girl was still 17, while he was 7/8 years older.

No. 170795

This was at one of the Star Wars celebrations in 2017 in Florida. He was spooning with the 17 year old during one of the overnight stays.

No. 170848

So no proof? Lmao, this isn’t a lolcow about some rando, this is about Stef.

No. 170971

Bruh chill out. It is not the serious.(learn2integrate)

No. 171257

File: 1631115709551.png (87.5 KB, 1080x658, Screenshot_20210904-153055.png)

she owns 6 horses now

No. 171258

File: 1631115800672.png (581.9 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20210904-153024.png)

she didn't bother to adopt a 3-month-old colt's mother, when they allegedly were found wild together

No. 171440

And he's still weaning. That's fucked.

No. 171677

File: 1631400846937.png (522.48 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20210911-121232~2.p…)

bye Orpheus

No. 171678

her "little girl who has terrible heats" is the mare she acquired on August 16. She's probably been in heat exactly once since Stef got her. (Mares go into heat about every 21 days from May-Oct).

No. 171680

>with all the perks of having balls
Kill yourself horsefucker.
Is she really trying to sell him for more than she bought him for? All he’s done is sat in a paddock for the past couple of months. She sure as shit hasn’t ridden him.

No. 171683

doesn't he bite!?

and why is he in need of grain? is she not feeding him??

No. 171686

Also she already claimed to have sold Orpheus?

No. 171687

I erased the date for privacy but this was posted yesterday

so I guess she lied back then? idk

No. 171699

File: 1631409998502.png (166.1 KB, 1440x1093, Screenshot_20210911-202451~2.p…)


She claimed to have sold him back in May.

No. 171700

File: 1631410595562.jpg (1.15 MB, 1440x5116, horsefucker~2.jpg)

He bites.
This bitch lies about everything.
He's been sitting in a paddock for the months not being ridden so you know she hasn't properly addressed his biting issues.

No. 171702

but she got him a retarded hat, anon

that makes up for it and adds to his value

No. 171710

ah, yes, a remember that stefany is complete trash.

No. 171711

i saged this, why didn't it sage…

No. 171733

you saged neither. put it in the email field.

No. 171745

And who wants to bet this is exactly why she's trying to dump her stallion, coincidentally right after stalling him across from her brand new mare? Stef the Liar says he ignores mares in heat, but this is basic biology. What are the odds of that actually happening when they're so close together and she's already lying about his price and bad habits?

No. 171749

Does anyone have a timeline of horses? It's so hard to tell what horses she still has or what's been sold.

No. 171782

I followed these posts during her Arya phase. Thought maybe she grew up or got help when her preferablystef IG handle stopped working. I'm both disappointed and delighted that she's still out there making a fool of herself.(sage)

No. 171800

She posted most of them on her story today, not reuploading because it’s boring/obnoxious. She showed the mare, Sven, the foal, Orpheus, and Nanok. I’m sure Finn is still there but she didn’t show him.

No. 171834

Be the change you want to see, nonnie.

No. 171839

File: 1631515082363.png (1.09 MB, 1822x2048, Screenshot_20210913-083456.png)

throwback to stef claiming her contacts are her own eyes

No. 171840

File: 1631515140049.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20210913-083449.png)

this was not even a year ago. "In certain lighting"

No. 172029

why does she always say she will give horses forever homes when she keeps selling them?

No. 172511

Her Elsa phase was imo the most fun to observe. She lied so much and it was so milky. Now it's all boring horse drama, I miss the cosplay drama.

No. 172871

My God get a fucking life

No. 172922

anon is right though, I could not be more bored of the horse talk, I miss when she claimed she could pop balloons with her mind lmao

No. 173216

File: 1632095930546.jpeg (196.77 KB, 768x1024, 0FEBB02F-0676-455D-AE5B-B1D004…)

I almost saged this because it’s just more horse shit but her wording in every insignificant thing she does grinds my gears so much
>he was CAST for a photoshoot

Stef, you painted on your horse and got a friend to take a photo of it. calm down.

also good to see Nanok is still alive but I should have known he only makes an appearance around Halloween. living creatures are a prop to this woman

No. 173223

That is not a happy looking horse

No. 173239

It may be fake, but it's concerning as fuck to see images like this since she's known for neglecting and offloading her horses. Who wants to see this?

No. 173356

nanok looks like a shadow of the horse he was before stef bought him and neglected him. she doesn't even ride him

No. 173367

For the burgerfags, she keeps fucking up the name «Nøkken» and to anybody from any scandi country it reads like any ol’ ignorant burgerfag/canacunt. «The Nøkk» when you know how to pronounce “Nøkken” just sounds like a joke derived from “the succ” (maybe im ‘tisming and she is joking but she seems mildly serious about “mUh pHoToShOot”)

No. 173382

I really think this bitch has a horse fetish


No. 173393

she just still wants elsa cred

No. 173580

I love how she thinks a feral animal can be trained in a week to be around other animals. She's a joke.(sage)

No. 173600


At least she acknowledges she's a creature

No. 173609

it's fucked up.
>took a "wild" 3mo colt from its mother
>didn't adopt its mom
>says she "let" him have friends, i.e., she allowed him - a herd animal, to be with others of his own species. How generous.
>but she insists he view her as his most important, "favorite" companion

No. 173625

This 'death' paint is clearly just a part of her Dimitrescu skinwalk. She just HAS to bring horses into her skinwalking somehow to justify their existence as her props. If she couldn't find a way to do a horse/current skinwalk crossover she'd probably have an identity crisis. Horse crossovers are her Sonichu.

No. 173691

I wonder what she means by "feral". Was it really a wild animal or just a neglected colt? But ofc she has to brag about her being able to tame him so easily and being his favorite friend… She always have to be special in every way.

No. 173730

Horsefagging but even if he was wild, he’s only 3 months old. All foals - wild or not - stay glued to their mothers and are fearful of humans up to around 2-3 months when they start to naturally get curious. They’re prey animals, humans are predators. As they grow they see their mother and herd interact with humans and learn not to be afraid. He would’ve been passively “domesticated” just by turning him out in the pasture with her other horses. She didn’t really have much to do with it.

No. 174056

File: 1632467196670.png (793.18 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20210911-120824.png)

she bought him from someone and is calling him a "graduate." That doesn't sound very wild or feral to me. All I can find is the owner of the farm saying he and his mother were part of a herd.

No. 174057

also yeah, why is Orpheus too thin? Why isn't she giving him enough grain?

No. 174065

>naps together in the grass
>listener to my stories and my ukelele playing

I don't think she's stopped with the Disney princess larp. It appears she bought a foal from a herd and acted like she caught it wild in the forest simply because it was unhandled. Everything has to be some dramatic 87% fictional story until she moves onto the next horse to entertain her. What happened to the foal of her heart horse who she was running in tears to meet? >>168025
She's like a spoiled child whose parents buy them a different pet every month, all who have inevitably short lives as the novelty wears off.
Though in her case the horses just get leased out or sold rather than actually dying, thankfully. But the process is virtually the same.

No. 174190


Every single horse is the best thing that happened to her and gives her purpose, until she sells it off to someone else. Gross.

No. 174207

She's probably the type to let her horses at home only live off whatever grass is available half the year. If it's not quite enough for them oh well, they'll live. They are probably out 24/7 only for this reason (and not having to clean stalls). She probably doesn't give a shit about their herd companionship or wellbeing it's just the easiest. Luckily they are better off outside for those reasons but she could at least feed them some grain or hay. She said Orpheus can get fat off hay, so if that's true give him some.

No. 174394

File: 1632668806344.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x1888, IMG_20210926_230632.jpg)

Move on already, Stef

No. 174415

If you think about it she only ever has $1500 at her disposal so she probably can’t afford feed for the TBs that can be notoriously hard keepers, and it’s not like there’s any return on investment feeding these horses high-cal performance feed since she doesn’t ride or work them. I’m positive that’s the number one reason she sells them off. Sven and Finn probably live off grass just fine making them “cheap,” but I think come January when there’s snow on the ground and she can’t just turn them out, either Nanok or the mare will be quietly sold off.

No. 174472

File: 1632728107592.png (4.14 MB, 828x1792, BB3F1034-E6E0-4EC9-825C-0A6B9F…)

Jesus Christ brush the damn wig. She also posted that this was the first time she ever felt comfortable in a cosplay. Gross Bug girl is but not Aria, Rey, Zombie chick, or Elsa …
Might also want to post her new Instagram account as her main, since she abandoned the other one, maybe to save face for the next thread. Feel like she is really trying to avoid her old connections.

No. 174543

> I feel good in my own skin

Proceeds to post nothing but heavily filtered edited videos of herself. Show your real unfiltered face you homely potato.

No. 174662

File: 1632821376444.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x1903, IMG_20210928_172905.jpg)

Her mouth looks so weird

No. 174865

File: 1632914923082.jpg (2.54 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_09-29-07.28.04.jpg)

Can horse anon/s weigh in? Is her new horse dying?

No. 174870

I have no idea which horse she means is lame but I'll chime in. Lameness is an extremely common ailment in horses because they got 4 legs, that's 4 times the chance to get lame. Lameness in horses can come from so many things, including ill-fitted horseshoes, not calling the farrier enough (I wouldn't put it past Stef to not call her farrier enough), giving them shit feed that overstimulates the organism (I wouldn't put it past Stef to feed her horses like shit), getting hurt on dumb shit like a rock or a trunk, being sore from not being worked properly (kinda like us, when you don't stretch properly or move enough it gets harder to do that. And again, I wouldn't put it past Stef to be completely unable to work her horses in ways that allow their bodies to thrive). While lameness can be from degenerative diseases or other horrible shit that could in fact kill your horse, you HAVE to rule out everything else before. ESPECIALLY if you're going to cry about it on Instagram for pity points.
Again, I have no idea which horse she says is lame, but that one on the right looks sickly and way too fucking thin, even if it's young. You shouldn't see the ribs and especially the hips protruding that much.

No. 174883

She's talking about the adult one but I fully expect her to neglect them both to death or, best case scenario, pawn them off on someone else before she manages to do so.

No. 174916

Does no one question her why her pets all end up dying or about to die? I know they are usually fine and she needs the online attention or she will turn into sand, but publicly broadcasting these constant back to back sob stories has to set off red flags for people, right?

No. 174920

File: 1632943641268.jpg (215.17 KB, 735x1280, IMG_20210929_222645_111.jpg)

gtfo already Orpheus

No. 174921

File: 1632943773606.png (134.75 KB, 1080x813, Screenshot_20210929-220621~2.p…)

I raised the price $1500 because you make me vomit, Orpheus

No. 174923

File: 1632943884331.png (191.5 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_20210929-220741~2.p…)

Get in losers, we're going glue shopping

No. 174925

File: 1632944223324.png (102.01 KB, 1080x470, Screenshot_20210929-220755.png)

I want to give someone a soft landing, just like I gave Orpheus a soft landing

No. 174926

File: 1632944299080.png (330.57 KB, 1080x2078, Screenshot_20210929-220829~2.p…)

do i see some people who are sick of stef "saving" animals for clout?

No. 174927

File: 1632944382719.png (89.88 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20210929-220858~2.p…)

why yes, some people see right through the Mother Theresa act

No. 174929

does she have munchausens by hoof

No. 174968

I wonder if she's trying to play at being a famous horse rescuer, similar to how there's cat fosters who are popular on social media. Why else is she suddenly trying to adopt multiple unique sob story horses instead of just getting them from reputable rescues?

No. 174990

File: 1632966566687.jpg (1.26 MB, 1440x5486, what~2.jpg)


This entire narrative and sob story holds no weight when she goes out and buys her dead heart horses spawn. Shut the fuck up already. I live for the day someone from her horse group comes with the receipts and questions why none of her stories add up on these groups.
She's trying to make money off Orpheus. She didn't pay anywhere close to $6500 for that horse.
A few months ago she claimed she sold him and he was gone.
Earlier this month she posted an ad for him for roughly $4500. No bites. Posts another ad asking for $6500. Bitch where did you suddenly get the impression that your horse that has biting problems that you're lying about, is worth $2000 more in less than a month.

No. 174997

She really up-charged him $2000 from her original listing for the sentimental bullshit but it doesn’t even make any sense. Why does she still say “no chestnut mares” when she owns a chestnut mare? How does Orpheus - a bay, unworked stallion ~10 years younger than Luv was when she got her - remind her of her heart horse more than the literal child of that horse?

Based on >>174865 and how she wanted to kill Finn for his injury, yeah. Like other anon said, lameness is super common. Even if a horse turns up permanently lame they usually can still live their full lifespan. You just can’t ride them. For track horses, that’s enough to put them down/send them to slaughter auctions, but for paddock potatoes that don’t get ridden anyway, so what? But if she kills them it gets her sympathy/attention and frees up a stall so she can buy more horses. That’s a win-win for her.

No. 175038

God I wish the normies in her equestrian groups would catch wise to Stef's conniving and mistreatment of her horses

No. 175073

Jesus christ, didn't she buy him for less than $2k? That's an insane markup for a horse she's left untrained for a year

No. 175107

Doesnt she claim to own a horse that is a child of her "heart horse" ? What a lame excuse to get rid of this horse.

No. 175135

why won't she share videos of him with a saddle or whatever

No. 175160


>Personal reasons

I haven't figured out how to convincingly edit video to disguise my fat ass sitting on my neglected horse that I never ride while wearing ill fitting tack.

No. 175889

Now bays are out of consideration. So what happened to going back to school, stef?

No. 175890

File: 1633499452723.png (253.04 KB, 1080x1179, Screenshot_20211005-222645.png)

sorry, dropped pic

No. 175910

I don't understand. Nanok already fits all of her criteria. She could have gelded Orpheus and paid to have him retrained over this past year+. She is unsuitable as a rider and another horse won't fix that. Invest in a good saddle, riding lessons, and exercise and diet plan. Seriously. She just 'had' to give a senior the boot to move in daughter of her 'heart horse' and now can bring in another? Wtf is wrong with her?

Every part of her life is hollow, fake, and a larp, even her relationships with her horses. She puts no work or commitment in. All she does is iso, buy, make up stories and plans, snap a few pics and shuffle them in and out of her inventory.

No. 176255

Preference to color is the biggest red flag here, aside from the lie that she’s going to ride it. No one shops for a competition horse based on color. Flashy coats are a nice plus, but doesn’t mean shit if the horse can’t compete. At least she’s not buying another pony I guess.

Since she’s gone off the deep end with horse spergery Arya-era she’s shown in exactly one show, and it was a Halloween barn show. Where do the delusions of being an eventer come from when she literally doesn’t ride.

No. 176389

File: 1633727889485.jpeg (454.25 KB, 1284x1024, B848CAD9-C687-4988-AFBB-2AAE94…)

throwback to this bullshittery

No. 176445

She rotates her horses out faster than normal people change profile pictures. I would feel like absolute shit if I gave away a pet (which is basically what her horses are) but she does it once or twice a month at this point.
Why the fuck is she shopping for a new horse when she got two new ones literally just last month? The brand new palomino one looks emaciated, like Jesus Christ why don't you take care of the horses you have before taking on a new one. I'm not even a horsefag and it infuriates me. Animals are not Pokemon cards, they're living things with emotions.

No. 176499

Why doesn't anyone ever call her out? I can see she's rotating groups for her ISO posts but how does nobody notice her list constantly shifting when she talks about them? Can she delete comments on group posts? I don't use facebook tbh.

No. 177002

File: 1634196873133.jpg (503.66 KB, 1080x1698, Screenshot_20211014-022815_Fac…)

She's already pimping out Sven. She is asking part-board for him to stay at her own place? Not just calling it a lease?

No. 177003

File: 1634197190396.jpg (466.55 KB, 788x1620, 20211014_023640.jpg)

She's selling another never worn fursuit. It's that magic $1500 figure she always seems to either need or have on hand. She buys and sells fursuits like the horses. This is the second suit I know of she has bought and sold without wearing. Wtf is the point.

No. 177019

>prestigious dressage rider

LOL ok, how has that worked out for her?

No. 177499

File: 1634564670610.jpeg (530.54 KB, 828x1526, DF9865F6-8F08-421E-9E13-67287E…)

Double-whammy now that she’s selling one for $1500 and buying another for double.
I’m glad she included that the art’s by her, I thought it was a Picasso for a second. What a talented cow

No. 177529

File: 1634577893751.png (4.93 MB, 1284x2778, 21592A42-7CED-428C-A5D5-531A63…)

You’d think that these people would’ve caught onto her antics by now

No. 177533

She should call it Hot Potato because it's about to get dropped in about a week. Anyone notice that her cooldown period between new horses is getting shorter? She's like a serial killer that needs to find new victims more and more often because it's getting harder to get the same rush as the first time. Only with Stef it's animal hoarding instead of murder. Classic psycho behavior is what I'm trying to say kek

No. 177534

Sorry for samefagging but I just realized she bought a dutch warmblood horse. I hope this is the beginning of a "prestigious dressage rider" larp kek. The horse looks… too frail for her bulldozer ass.

No. 177622

She already started a prestigious dressage larp when she bought an 'ice blue' shadbelly coat. Only top level riders wear a shadbelly and even then if you chose a non-traditional color you'd better be real good. All she's accomplished is some pony club eons ago and a walk trot intro test at a barn Halloween party. Naturally she only used the coat for a few photos. She stood next to Nanok wearing a dressage bridle with matching 'ice blue' padding. But no saddle. Because she doesn't even own a dressage saddle. That Halloween ride was done in a crusty old hunt saddle she painted white. Then she was never seen riding Nanok again. The level of dressage cringe is astounding.
This horse is really underdeveloped looking. Look at those narrow shoulders. I wonder where she found this one. He looks either young in an awkward stage or malnourished.

No. 178736

File: 1635212331148.jpeg (245.65 KB, 827x1455, 1D42FE19-CFC8-4B20-A862-BF341B…)


Oh good! It’s starting.
Which anon had ‘DID chapter’ on their bingo card?

No. 178768

why the fuck is she so obsessed with that character who had 5s of screen time. is it because of the similar(lol i know) features? it’s so random.

No. 178771

>I'm tired of boring names I wanna name my horse something ~*unique*~

>Video game character name, edgy overused name for a black pet, edgy overused name for a black pet.

Not a single creative bone in this bitch's body huh.

No. 178814

Like a poorly done skyrim mod

No. 178930

File: 1635317986184.jpg (664.42 KB, 1080x1813, IMG_20211027_145911.jpg)

Jesus Christ

No. 178989

Uncanny valley looking

No. 179316

File: 1635498176451.jpg (309.86 KB, 1080x1335, Screenshot_20211029-040000_Fac…)

Still on the scandiboo bullshit. Maybe she's going to kin Elsa and Danielle simultaneously.

No. 179410

File: 1635558087108.jpg (309.33 KB, 1080x1859, IMG_20211030_094023.jpg)


Silly anon, Stef knows culture isn't a costume. She'd NEVER fake an accent or upbringing or heritage

No. 181373

bringing some cosplay claims, now that Elsa isn’t that trendy, she is claiming to fall asleep anytime it gets chilly, just like the character in resident evil does.
She also now claims to be applying for harvard and the STARS program in Yale, get it? Because of Jill Valentine, she claims her gpa is more than enough

No. 181393

Got caps anon? This is an imageboard.

No. 181444

at least post where we can find her new milk.

No. 181495

File: 1636634762762.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, EFCAAB3B-453A-4BC0-9550-6D6F0C…)

nta but her new insta name is “somethingvalentine”

She doesn’t post a lot so I am guessing she spends a lot of time on her new Discord group. Link can be found in her tiktok bio, I haven’t bothered to check it out yet because I’m not bored enough to go looking through a discord group where grown women larp as quirky teenaged bug girls. if any anons are brave enough pls post screen caps

>also, since when did she make her own cosplays? and she has no time anymore? she doesn’t have a job and she doesn’t ride or take care of her 5+ horses. what the fuck does she do all day other than shave bits of her head and put spaghetti stain around her mouth for 10 second tiktoks? she has more time than any other 25yo I’ve ever met.

No. 181524

>>181393 sorry for skipping that, this comes from her twitch

No. 184635

File: 1637961922457.jpg (882.57 KB, 1456x7449, muhservicedog.jpg)

Our resident moron had a new Amazon wishlist for her drumroll please…
Service dog. She doesn't know the breed but it's a
>> service dog

Don't question it.

No. 184637

I wonder what the prior owners of all her revolving door of pets would think if they knew she does a rescue narrative every single time. Sometimes you can just buy a dog or horse, it's fine.

No. 184663

File: 1637987958859.jpg (1.33 MB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_2021-11-27-12-38-17…)


No. 184669

File: 1637990779551.jpg (120.69 KB, 1024x1024, filtersworkinghard.jpg)


Side-by-side comparison. If she worked as hard as those filters do she wouldn't be here. Mickey Deer levels of deceit. Those genes are unfortunate.

No. 184670

the fucking wolf-hybrid service dog NYMERIYA

I thought we were past the Arya larp? Can anyone stop this fucking clown?

No. 184672

That’s literally just a Samoyed/Husky puppy, probably closer to 4.5 months old. She’s implying it’s a wolfdog but wolves don’t have pink noses. It can never be “I got a dog!” it has to be “I got a service dog for my unnamed intermittent blindness disease and she’s a wolf and also she was abused but I SAVED her by buying her for $800 and also she’s telepathic and can read my thoughts.”

No. 184674

She wants a Husky for a "blindness disease"?
My Husky and every single other Husky I've met would walk a blind person into the Ocean for fun because most of them are little shits like that (Don't get me wrong, I love Huskies, they're my favourite breed but MOST of them wouldn't make a good service dog because of their natural temperament)

Why am I even Husky-sperging about this? She doesn't even need a service dog!
She's probably going the route of "Emotional Support Animal" but that doesn't sound as super speshul and unique as "Service Dog" so you know damn fine that's what she'll be calling it. It'll have a vest and everything.

No. 184678

she had or has TWO other "service dogs," aka her family bought themselves dogs as pets and Stef pretends they are her service animals. There is a GSD and a small white maltese(?), both of which she has trotted out as service animals.

No. 184684

Oh for fucks sake. I usually feel sorry for cows/amused at the very worst but she makes me genuinely mad. Sorry for incoming former handler sperg

Huskies are very high maintenance. They need regular grooming (by the looks of this cute little guy he’s half Samoyed as other anons have said so that means even more fur). We know for a fact she can’t be bothered to even get her horses hooves checked or even exercise them herself. They’re a high energy breed and will require strict training. Awful choice for a service dog and an awful choice for a pet for someone like her.

You also have to wonder why or how she got him cheaply. Could be bullshit but backyard breeders and unexpected pups often have a multitude of problems down the road (including behavioural ones due to poor socialisation). You know she’s gonna pull some Nordic ice queen bullshit and take pics with him and Nanok side by side which, if not handled properly, is dangerous for both.

No. 184693

It's going to be treated like a prop just like all of the horses. She will ignore any specialized needs it has and give it less than the bare minimum care. She is the most exhausting cow when it comes to animals. She'll buy one, love bomb it and make up sob stories about it, ignore and hoard it, then quietly sell it to make room for another. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Since it's a dog her parents may take it in as one of their own when she's done with it.

No. 184796

File: 1638070060964.jpg (488.28 KB, 1440x4059, muhservicedog(1).jpg)


Indeed. When she's not busy touting this malhusky as a service dog she's going to put her in these outfits that are also on her wishlist.
How is she going to have time to study for Harvard, train her Elsa horse we've heard fuck all about to skijor, and train this "service dog" for her imaginary illnesses?

No. 184809

didn’t she also recently get a foal she wants to train to become a (and I quote) “famous show jumper”?

No. 184811

Don't forget the Resident Evil iron-on patches that she apparently needs for this dog.

No. 184812

Yes, and a thoroughbred STALLION straight off the track that she hasn't castrated or done any retraining for recreational riding. She keeps trying to sell him for way over what she paid when he has sadly only depreciated in value due to no work being put into him. He is a liability and very vulnerable to ending up in the slaughter pipeline, especially since she lies about his behavior in ads. She never should have bought a horse she had no business handling but here we are. Same with the foal and every other vulnerable horse she buys because it's cheap.

No. 184814

Are we sure that this is actually a service dog for her, and not just a dog her parents are getting? Just as anon mentioned >>184678 she has a habit of trotting out her parents dogs as props for her LARP.

No. 184823

Urgh, proper munchie saga incoming.

No. 184828

making thick coated dogs wear clothing is just cruel punishment. I seriously hope she doesn't cram that puppy into dog clothing.

No. 184854

File: 1638117019689.jpeg (427.39 KB, 1125x1704, 37FACF12-E33B-4CA4-AE26-263962…)

No. 184880

I wouldnt be surprised if stef makes her delete it cause woof does it show case how wide she is. It's kinda jarring to see her without all the filters she puts on herself

No. 184899

whoa nelly
those aint pants

No. 184916

So what makes it a service dog? It's a puppy and it's clearly not coming from a training facility if it's "seriously underweight".

No. 184918

File: 1638148037356.png (256.19 KB, 1440x1467, Screenshot_20211127-211514~2.p…)

Her delusion. That dog will be ignored by her after the pup is no longer puppy cute or useful for photos. She will forget one day that she has a SD just as she did with that small white "service" dog that couldn't find it's ass in the dark let alone lead this whale to the kitchen to stuff her face with Lays potato chips.

Coming soon DNA test. Taking bets on how Norwegian, wolf , rare breed she will claim this backyard bred mutt is.

No. 184937

Such mixed feelings. The video was incredibly sweet and that other chick clearly loves Stef.

. . . but goddamn I am kinda shocked to find out that she has no fucking clue how to dress herself, holy cow. Not only what's happening with her pants, but her top is see-through as well.

No. 184979

how does she hoodwink these people ??

No. 184994

Clearly loves or is just using affectionate language with sappy background music? Idk it reads as typical zoomer behavior to me.

Doesn't seem like the kind of person to say "I met my online friend for the first time and she was a literally huge catfish. We still had a reservation with the wolf sanctuary and they don't give refunds. She spazzed when she saw where we were."

She just seems like a nice person who does nice things for friends. It's not like "Ellie" (kind of shocked she's still going by that) has never made friends. With this one it's convenient they aren't in the same country so she can lie her wide ass off.

No. 185009


All of this. mummydahlia probably feels bad for the Lego after actively conversing with her for months. She's seems like a nice girl who doesn't realize that SomethingValentine aka Ellie aka Eloise Frazer is a skinwalker who will mold to whatever genre / friend group she can squeeze her ass into until they ultimately discover her revolting behavior first hand. Rinse. Repeat. Just like with every other friend / relationship we've witnessed her form and destroy.

No. 185039


Is she still dating that wide mouthed lesbian that cosplays rapunzel?

No. 185041

No, Stef and Sidney broke up.

No. 185167

File: 1638333312846.jpeg (172.22 KB, 828x434, 9C879BDD-0EE3-4CD2-9B88-8C7F23…)

Her new puppy is sick. I doubt she’s making these animals sick as soon as she gets them but it goes to show what happens when you hoard the “free” animals that no one else wants.

No. 185171

Obviously, this is what happens when u buy what was probably a cheap backyard breed puppy off of someone online instead of from a reputable service dog breeder or adopting. She even acknowledged that the dog was severely underweight before she got her and she still paid someone money for her, encouraging them to keep selling sick puppies. She got scammed. What a retard

No. 185190

Sidney was way too good for Stef. I think Stef was mad jealous of her, since she was thin, pretty, could sing and write music… I think Stef's turn to this disgusting bug character had to do with how she felt ugly next to her girlfriend.

I am armchairing but it makes a lot of sense. She went from heroines and princesses to a childish sub in a homoerotic incestuous relationship with her "mother."

If Stef just woke up and realized she could cosplay some guys better than dainty weird women, things would improve. Also her hair looks so bad, she needs to buzz it all off and start over.

No. 185194

This is not going to last. Is it a puppy? My bet is that they’ll euthanize her or sign her off to someone else. Taking care of dogs with complicated health issues can be life consuming. I highly doubt Stef is down for that, didn’t she want to rent out nanok because she has “university”?

No. 185201

She is known for making up sob stories about literally every new horse or alluding that they were abused. Who knows if the dog actually is sick. Usually she money begs when something 'happens', like Finn's tendon injury. She will really milk it if she can, like her plan to move into the barn to be near Finn and begging for portable wifi and furniture. Kind of like all the dog costumes on her wishlist now only at least it's not called 'Nymeria's get better fund'. It's a grift for money and attention. She lies about anything and everything. She moved to discord and private Facebook groups where she can't be exposed as easily.

No. 185203

You know this dumb bitch was probably at the vet like, "I know my dog is sick, I'm telling the discord right now, but can you do a DNA test while we're here?"

No. 185206

This, exactly this, it's a new way to grift and get sympathy. I hate her for involving animals in her fucked up schemes.

No. 185331


is there anything she does that doesn’t have a wishlist, I admire her ability to just ask for things this shamelessly at this point(sage)

No. 185733

Could someone with autism please make a timeline of all of the horses she’s bought and sold

No. 185832

Seconding this. As a latecomer to Stef's antics, all the different horse names and all the buying/selling which may or may not actually be happening becomes really confusing.

No. 185939

Horse sperg here. I’m in that horse group she likes to whine in on Facebook. let me see what I can find and I’ll build that list

No. 185948


Prop Horses

Love- chestnut mare
- moms horse/heart horse.
- dead.

Finnegan- White Arabian
- rescued from 7+ years starvation.
- hard keeper. cushings. heart murmur. tendon injury.

Valour- White Arabian
- purchased September 2019.
- Listed/Sold Feb 2020.

Honeybee- palomino pony mare
- free leased march 2020.
- went home Nov 26th 2020.

*Unnamed- Percheron mare
- supposed to purchase in May of 2020.
- had trailer and all attached to truck May 14th. figured out it was scam.

Illusive Ghost “Nanok”- KWPNxPaint
- “gifted” May 17th, 2020
- has a rearing issue
- supposedly leased so Stef could “go to university”

Believable Copy/At Ease “Murphy/Joey”- bay gelding.
- needed a “soft landing” July 2020.
- sold/rehomed 2021.

Line of Kings “Orpheus”- bay off the track throughbred stallion.
- bought/arrived Nov 28 2020
- no manners. bites
- supposedly “sold” May 18th, 2021

Choice of 3 Horses on May 8th, 2021
- rescue buckskin gelding. 2 years old. Skinny & blind in one eye
- Cremello QHx gelding. 9 years old. Untrained & scared of people.
- Fjord/QH Grullo gelding. Almost 2. fat.

Choice of 3 horses on May 9th, 2021
- Fjord/QHGrullo gelding. Almost 2. Fat.
- Fjord/QH 1/2 Brother to Grullo gelding. roughly same age.
- Fjord mare. Pregnant. Won’t be able to keep the baby.

Sugar N Two Creme- 3 year old AQHA mare.
- supposedly “bought” May 12th.
- May 14th: “radio silence from owner”.
- never gets horse

“Sven”- fjord gelding
- bought May 21st, 2021
- history unknown. “he’s safe for the rest of his life”

Orphaned Colt- 3 months old, breed unknown
- Mentioned August 3rd.
- Was “feral” but no longer is?

LuvLee “Gracie”- chestnut mare
- Bought August 6th.
- Supposedly daughter of Love, the “heart horse”. Love’s last foal with a supposed rough past.
- “can’t saddle without her having a full breakdown”. been passed around so she’s hard to handle.

Maverick- black KWPN gelding
- “Bought” October 18th, 2021
- name ideas were Benevito, Tarot, or Grimoire.

No. 185956

Thank you so much anon, this is amazing. Are Admiral and Valour the same horse? I swear there was another grey horse named Admiral. I went to check and found she deleted all posts from her preferablyellie Instagram.

There was also this other foal she was trying to raise money to buy, but it died. >>166971

No. 185966

I have a lot of Stef screenshots, for awhile she was my favorite cow (she still kind of is). I can try to dig around, but I'm not a horse person. Horse anon might know more.

No. 185969

Prior to Finn there were a few more but her old insta is privated now. Kylo and another dark bay TB with a retarded fandom name (it actually might have been Nymeria?,) no idea if they were just lesson horses.

Also Admiral, like another anon mentioned. He was a big white draft cross.

No. 185970

Samefag, >>122872 are a few she’s mentioned prior to Finn. She made such a big fart about her ratty lame little Arab cross pony that I always assumed he was the first horse that was actually “hers,” but apparently she’s been doing this grift for a while.

No. 186033

File: 1638831670661.png (565.36 KB, 1080x1952, Screenshot_20211206-145257.png)

No. 186036

File: 1638831776938.png (79.61 KB, 1080x477, Screenshot_20211206-145432~2.p…)

No. 186081

There are people who buy, sell, train and breed as a business that go through less horses than this cunt goes through 'beloved pets' and 'heart horses' lmao.

No. 186100

>he has ran down wolves
Uhh what the fuck? Is this a metaphor, or is she actually claiming that Finn has been used in wolf-hunting or something?

No. 186101

Finn totally saved Stef from a wolf pack while out riding through the snow, anon. Wolves are naturally drawn to her but it's been a hard winter and the pack was desperate, or maybe it was a rival pack new to the area. It all happened so fast. Anyway, Finn's loyalty to her is so great, the truest heart horse.

No. 186110

She has a really bizarre way of describing her horses which I assume she picked up from her mom or other older horsefags (horse anons, do horse people talk like that or is she an exception?)
I think she's just trying to say he's fast and light.

No. 186119

Only on Tumblr and in Facebook groups made by that generation of Tumblr girls to circlejerk together. Older horsepeople and normal horse people of all ages do not talk like that. The only people who do are people who think they are sooo quirky.

I think she is saying Finn is brave despite being small unlike the larger horse who is a wimp. She probably has a fake story of how he chased a wolf out of his pasture. She is known for outrageous whoppers though so something like >>186101 may not be far off.

No. 186127

File: 1638873552820.png (463.87 KB, 1018x701, Screenshot 2021-12-07 12.29.10…)

YES she is a giant liar about stuff like this. I'll link caps at some point but:
- Her horse saved her life during one of her mysterious blackouts by walking off of the road
- Nanok/Nokken's owner wasn't selling him, but read about the death of Stef's old horse and was "moved to offer him" to Stef. >>>/w/94474
- Claimed Nanok was always named Nanok, but this seems like a lie too, an anon noticed her favorite Skandi singer has a dog named Nanok. Stef named the horse that and said he came with this name: >>>/w/102436
- But in reality, he was "sold to" her with the name Werther (picrel)
- Nokken got his name because he pushed her into the water full speed (lol sure Jan, that's why you called him Ahtohallen's Nokken). (will find cap of this later)
- Nokken/Nanok falls asleep to the sound of her singing (will link later)
- She tamed a feral colt in 2 days or something https://www.tiktok.com/@somethingvalentine/video/7007132170091334917
etc etc etc

No. 186197

I figured that there were more. I went to hunt on her preferablyellie instagram since that’s where she wrote disgusting fanfiction between her and her horses the most, to find the same thing you did: wiped account.

No. 186198

shit, forgot to sage

No. 186210

There was one named Poe, too

No. 186217


And ontop of all of these horses she apparently had a service dog and a lizard no one wver heared about ever again and just bought a new dog.
The girl has a hoarding problem.

No. 186221

File: 1638912916506.png (479.48 KB, 2048x1092, Screenshot_20211207-153205.png)


Oh yes the prop gecko she largely ignored once her Frozen obsession had passed. It died. She was grief stricken of course. It saved her from a nasty fall while skijoring with her Fjord. It was her heart lizard. Just kidding she probably forgot the fucking thing existed and likely starved to death.

No. 186331

she's had two different dogs she claimed were service animals. her parents owned these dogs and others, but she made up stories about them.
she had a gecko and hermit crab as prop animals, too

No. 186336

um, didn't she have a horse named Nymeria or Nym??

No. 186337

I wonder if she is just going to live online now. Jill Valentine seems like a promising skinwalk for her, I can already imagine how she is going to edit her face. Idk if we'll get another Daisy Ridley or Maise Williams saga where she is lying to people irl then getting exposed at cons and meet ups. She's still ridiculous but there's just less fallout online, just change accounts and drop everyone. Unlike when she had to change her actual name to escape her Star Wars scam.

Anyway, hopefully she doesn't starve her ignored horses since it's winter now and she can't rely on grass. They will probably be forced to live off a moldy round bale or something.

No. 186370


She's already posted this. She has not one original bone in her body. Everything is a fuckin skinwalk.

vidrel - throwback to one of her fake accent vids

No. 186401

At first I thought she shared the YouTube video with her dEadNaME in it. That accent was so cringe. So typical she already has an account dedicated to the new skinwalk.

No. 186414

I'm dying that we lost a few of her cringiest vids. I hope the elsa ones turn up somewhere

No. 186482


Her hour long sperg while holding a water bottle was my favorite piece of Eloise Frazer / SomethingValentine cringe. Did any anons manage to save it?

No. 186483

No. 186485

I have it saved. I'll upload it somewhere once I go home.

No. 186498


Bless you anons. Rewatching just 20 mins made me cackle. Whoever volunteers to create the new thread please include it.

No. 186517

File: 1639018387648.jpeg (356.77 KB, 750x1055, E02CE375-CBCD-4EBE-B99C-0132CD…)

>undiagnosed heart condition
>undiagnosed neurological conditions.
God she sucks at lying. Old milk but picrel is her purple prose about her mystery blindness disease being “progressive” from when she was skinwalking Arya 3 years ago. She was literally calling it a “mystery illness” in the articles she was writing about herself. Like girl you can’t just call it “mystery” or “undiagnosed” and expect it to hold any weight. Bet the only thing a doctor has ever told her is to lose some weight but I guess being fat and having fat people problems isn’t ~special~ enough.

No. 186543


In this post she makes it seem as if her illness is gonna take her out in a minute, it’s been years now and she keeps doing the same things, getting this “service dog” that’s clearly a new accessory to her, the dog is just pretty to show off.

No. 186551

Here you are, the full 39 minute Elsa Live: https://gofile.io/d/w4DlJ1

Make sure to download the file because it will eventually expire unless I become a patron.

No. 186588

you're the best, anon
I wish we had the Angela Merkel x Elsa video, the one where she speaks in Norwegian at the beginning and wants to make vids for children about covid

No. 186601

Ayrt, I should look on an old sd card and see if I have that. I saved a few Stef videos.

No. 186618

The Christmas cringe that keeps on giving. Bless you anon.

No. 186623

I don't think this ever got posted. One of her Elsa videos for kids traumatized by covid. Not as cringe as I had hoped, but for posterity:

No. 187522

I can tell you that MummyDahlia is just as shitty as Sttephaanie

No. 187541

this isn't a thread about mummydahlia you dense fuck

No. 187564

ok but I'm genuinely curious

No. 187703


What? now you got my curiosity with this

No. 187802

No. 189223

File: 1639893529268.jpeg (183.98 KB, 827x1543, 4860FD5F-3A5B-4DDB-81F2-614619…)

>my french rescue canadian-eskimo wolfdog purebread husky malamute service dog DID come from the FURTHEST point up north

I’m surprised she’s not claiming it was born under a full moon-Aurora Borealis combo barking in a french accent.
And sorry for husky-sperging but look at that fucking undercoat clumping. does she not brush the poor thing?

No. 189226

File: 1639895214842.png (171.42 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20211217-180814.png)

Still no service dog harness, it's collecting dust on her wishlist. Speaking of wishlists, she has multiple now. This grifter has a list for every occasion. I guess she slides through life thinking everyone else should pay for her freeloading lifestyle.

No. 189365

It’s insane how much she fetishizes anything nordic, she’s like a koreaboo but for all things white, specially for someone self proclaimed “white passing”

No. 189406

of course she doesn't brush her. animals are props in her world.

No. 189789

File: 1640201810439.png (569.65 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20211222-213344.png)

moooove bitch
get out the way
get out the way

what university, btw?

No. 189794

File: 1640202368347.png (152 KB, 1080x683, Screenshot_20211209-211558~2.p…)

This conversation was funny as hell. She's larping as a Harvard student and hoping Yale picks up her "research project." Which has no underlying research

No. 189815

she says it like ten pages is a lot for a research paper lmao

No. 189828

>one of the safest jumpers I have ever worked with
She's afraid to walk a horse over a pole on the ground.
>tack included
kek maybe the boarding facility provides tack? If not enjoy riding in a ratty, rock-hard, ancient ebay saddle.
>won't have time to show this year
Bitch hasn't shown a horse since Pony Club.

I wonder what sort of videos she has for people who request them. If they are actual riding videos, it obviously wouldn't be Stef riding. If they are bullshit videos of him making faces standing in a stall or out running around the pasture it's hard to imagine her making any sort of professional deal.

Does anyone have actual proof she's in university or what she's actually studying?

No. 189831

File: 1640210436567.png (380 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20211209-211654~2.p…)

I am pretty sure she is not in uni or just taking a single class. Someone sent me more from that discord, it is hilarious.

No. 189836

File: 1640211065505.png (Spoiler Image, 18.06 MB, 2268x4032, F1124F02-F957-4C39-8E76-965589…)

Finn got his face fucked up. Don’t click if animal gore bothers you. She started off suggesting that it was “foul play” and that someone walked onto her farm and did it “while she was at work” (kek) but seems to have switched her tone to concede it was probably one of the other horses.

No. 189838

Samefag sorry for the fuck-huge image. It’s from the discord.

No. 189848

File: 1640212365896.png (141.03 KB, 605x1112, finnhighlights.png)

Some highlights from the Discord.

She claims she's writing it to apply for Yale's STARS Program but I guess she missed the part where it's a fellowship and you need to be an undergrad student and must submit a copy of your transcript with your application.

No. 189851


Her Resident Evil larp is getting so fucking ridiculous. The Yale program (which I'm sure she's lying about being a part of) stands for The Science, Technology and Research Scholars but since she's larping Jill Valentine, it's definitely just so she can say she's STARS like Jill. Also is she saying that she wants to take down a wolf near her farm to test if COVID is spreading to them? Lol this isn't the t-virus and wolves absolutely don't have enough human contact for COVID to jump to them. This fucking sped

Feel bad for her horse though. Hopefully she isn't considering putting it down for a fixable issue like she's talked about in the past

No. 189859

anon, how did you guess that she made "jokes" about STARS. She pretends to be part of something at Harvard but it is so clear she does fuckall. She has no bachelor's degree. She isn't in a program. She cannot down wolves and test them for whatever the fuck

No. 189861

It's for CWD which is a prion disease (like mad cow disease) in deer and is also part of the Resident Evil larp because it turns the deer into "zombies."

Finn could be fine depending on the severity of the fracture but she did call him her "elderly horse" so euthanasia probably is on the table. It would be her parents paying thousands of dollars for a lame pony that no one rides after all.

No. 189863


Absolutely agree. I bet she wants to convince her discord that she could take out a wolf with one shot from a bow and while riding one of her horses (even though we know she barely rides lmao).

No. 189865

she has no morals. Most of her discord is underage and she begs there too.

No. 189866

File: 1640214444100.png (160.82 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20211222-213306~2.p…)

Wow, what a horrible person she is. I like how she left out the fact that she just acquired a new "wolf" dog, who is also allegedly sick. Did you forget, Stef?

No. 189867


I wish those discord members knew of her persistent and always ongoing begging and how she really spends the money donated. I recall one time she collected money for a sick horse, then very shortly thereafter bought an expensive Elsa cosplay.

SomethingValentine / Eloise Frazer / DaniDimitrescu Stop buying horses if you and your family can't afford their medical care you conniving leech.

No. 189874

not to disregard the poor horse but she must be excited this happened, she jumps from begging and crying for attention for one animal to the next, first her wolf dog was so sick and frail and she’s her savior, now her horse got fucked up (which I’m not saying is a lie) but I just know she’s happy she has so many things to receive attention about, she’s constantly crying about a different situation, and always begging, I don’t know how the people who die hard follow her don’t get fed up, I’d got tired a long time ago, get a job or don’t pick up animals you can’t afford

No. 189875

The STARS program at Yale is only open to Yale undergrads btw. She couldn't even be arsed to come up with what she was "applying to" at Harvard. So our ice queen is a Yale AND Harvard scholar with an "insane GPA" who manages to attend both colleges from her parents house in bumfuck Ontario, even though both universities returned to campus/in-person classes in August. What can't she do?

No. 189877

>>189794 >>189875

Near those same messages she’s claiming she had no idea it was named STARS until later, as if you can just stumble upon it and read the requirements and everything without seeing the name of it when it’s clearly her now pretending to be Jill Valentine, why can’t she just cosplay a character without making up entire scenarios to somehow compete with the people in her head

No. 189895

Damn, blaming her injured horse for his injury and focusing on how it impacts her rather than him. It disgusts me every day that this person is allowed such free access to animals.

No. 189896

She acts like there's no way it could have been a kick, but when was the last time she actually mentioned having a farrier out? We've seen hoof problems before.
Somebody's probably got a rough jagged edge with a new stain. That's fucked up.

No. 189898

I thought she adored wolves? Now she's casually taking about "downing" one??

No. 189980

She takes no care with who she turns out together. She threw the stallion out with her other horses first day, seems to have thrown the tiny baby out with them all too. She's lucky if Finn's injuries are the only consequences she's faced.

I wouldn't be surprised if Finn is bullied on the daily and she doesn't care. With Finn's tendon injury I suspected being chased by other horses or his neglected hooves leading to a leg stress injury. Now this.

No. 190065

File: 1640287111972.png (Spoiler Image, 3.63 MB, 591x1280, 1B45AF47-3CB2-48DF-BE8E-95951F…)

They stapled Finn’s face shut so he ought to be fine. With the wound shut it definitely looks like a kick. The tops of horse’s faces barely have any fat or muscle, it’s pretty much just skin over skull. A kick on the front of the face is guaranteed to expose bone. She should consider herself lucky, and maybe stop impulse buying horses and turning them out together.

No. 190074

Real animal lover here, this is the same person who would write borderline romantic captions about one of her horses and fanfiction about herself clutching her heart and crying while ""rescuing"" animals (aka buying them) but is being an offhand little shit here about a significant injury any actual animal lover would be upset about. Really telling on herself here.

No. 190076

File: 1640290693936.png (525.49 KB, 1440x2030, Screenshot_20211223-122348~2.p…)

Yesterday after discovering Finn's possible life threatening injury, she nonchalantly posted about taking photos of her "service dog" with an RPD badge. Much concern. So heartbroken.

No. 190620

Sorry I never got back to Mummy Dahlia. Basically, she overly photoshops herself to look more skinner, glamorizes real life serial killer, her fans think she's a good storyteller despite her shitty plot and Oc's, and she really piss off the Pagan community by comparing her RE8 OC Aurora to Persephone and told anyone that it's ok because she has witch friends that told her its ok. I'm dead surprise she doesn't have her own lolcow given how cringy her and her fanbase are.

No. 190627

What the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you post this unsaged, off topic garbage?

No. 190689

Tbf anon, a bunch of us asked her to elaborate on why Mummy Dahlia is milky. Gotta admit the results are disappointing though, a bunch of "pagans" acting like they own the concept of Persephone is the most manufactured drama I've ever heard.

No. 190776

So her saying she wants to fuck Ted Bundy isn't milky for you?

No. 190781

jesus christ learn to integrate

No. 190808

the three anons who give a single fuck about Steph’s new, ugly, amateur-drag-queen-looking fuck buddy can take it elsewhere. the only milky thing about her is that she’s the boring kind of edgy and she tries and fails to be as much of a larper as Steph is.

No. 190818

I can at least agree with you that she is a fake edgy wannabe larper like Stefany.

No. 190819

How long do you think there friendship might last?(learn2sage)

No. 190829

This is the milk you got? I thought there was actual drama about this person, being a shit storyteller isn’t milk

No. 190830

She goes thru friends like horses from what's been seen in the old threads. The first thread on steph has an anon that was friends with her and basically couldn't stand the lies anymore. This friendship will fall apart too the second an iota of attention doesn't go to the ice queen horse jumping beetle form unemployment pwincess.

No. 190902

File: 1640753131218.jpg (521.38 KB, 1080x1738, preferablysmelly.jpg)

Photoshopping is getting uncanny again

No. 190905

File: 1640761162188.png (436.98 KB, 1440x2606, Screenshot_20211228-233227~2.p…)

She's really telling people her backyard bred mutt is a wolf hybrid. A wolf hybrid is not an ideal service animal you fucking retard.

No. 190935

fuck I hate this bitch. if Jill didn’t completely sperg out this year I’d say Steph was a shoe-in for cow of the year for the constant factive kin larp and animal neglect

No. 190936

File: 1640781880307.jpg (573.51 KB, 1080x1909, IMG_20211229_204407.jpg)

Vet bill. Of course covering up anything that may indicate what the wound is from…

No. 190939

using "saying thank you" as an unsubtle excuse to beg for more money. very classy.

No. 190942

Lol this is something kids would make up about their dogs for cool points when I was in like, first or second grade. This is a lie a 7 year old would make

No. 190966

I can only read bits of the vet note, but it makes me speculate that it took awhile for her to discover Finn's injury.
>hay and organic debris
She likely has them all outside living off a round bale for the winter, so she might not even look at them everyday or at least not close up. I truly think she mostly ignores the horses year round, based on snippets she's (unintentionally?) revealed about her horse care. It's outside, grass or a roundbale, totally hands off. Doesn't mater if they've lost weight, if they are a senior, weaned baby or intact stallion, out they go together. Nanok is lucky to be at a boarding facility.

No. 190971

I thought the same upon seeing necrosis on there. At least she's not using it as an excuse to put him down (yet)

No. 190995

File: 1640819686887.jpeg (135.31 KB, 828x304, DA371904-7447-4344-8B7E-C3D727…)

How is that she consistently has $1500-$2500 for new horses but $600 is “OUCH”? She’s so manipulative.

No. 191002


Because she doesn't get a shiny new horse to "show" for the money

No. 191410

File: 1641094280819.jpg (780.36 KB, 3464x1949, Picsart_22-01-02_11-30-36-181.…)

Stef threatening war crimes to live out her furry fantasy

No. 191418

is henious a joke typo, or is it just our ivy league genius inventing new spellings?

No. 191424

Just buy them Stef. Then never wear them and try to resell them for more than you paid, like all your other fursuits and fursuit parts. I don't get this cow dipping in and out of the furry shit, like why?

No. 191526

Sage for Canadian sperging but where in Durham Region has this bitch ever seen a WOLF? Uxbridge is only like an hour away from Toronto, there are no wolves living this far south. I’ve lived in Durham my entire life and have NEVER heard of wolf sightings besides in provincial parks further north. She’s either straight up lying to her Amerifag orbiters or mistaking coyotes for wolves

No. 191530

I’ve always had a hunch she leads a furry double life we aren’t aware of. She broadcasts almost every aspect of her life because she’s desperate for attention but quietly buys and sells $2000 fully articulated custom fursuits that she never shows off? Tinfoil but I think she has a secret FA account or is active in some forum, Facebook group, or discord as one of her fursona identities.

No. 191540

we all know she lies like breathing, so I'm sure she has no issue with fabricating a local wolf population.

No. 191542

File: 1641256532703.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1891, IMG_20220104_083504.jpg)

She's preparing for Finn to die now and still blaming it on some nonexistent person

No. 191544

I guess she’s rotting in the deepest part of hell then.

No. 191563

Pardon the fuck out of me?? Whoever did this to him?? It looks very reminiscent of a horse kick, which would be highly possible since she has a fully intact stallion in her pasture with the others. And even if some horse cutting maniac broke into her barn, the vet noted necrotic tissue present, which is fully on you, Steff! Necrosis doesn't happen instantly, so Finn was just sat there with an open sore for x amount of time, which now is (supposedly) causing him issues.

I'll take the A-logging ban if I must, but there is no cow that gets me more heated than Steff, simply because she doesn't give a singular fuck about the animals she brings into her house/barn. Once she writes her fanfics about how she saved them, and they're no longer useful for asspats, they always either get sold or put down. It's disgusting.

No. 191566

Horse gets kicked in the face due to her own shitty care and she's considering putting him down because she's oh so considerate to his wellbeing.
I hope she's just being dramatic and a horse isn't gonna die due to her neglect while she blames a ghostly "someone" instead of herself.

No. 191567

By now I’m certain she needs to always have an animal dying or sick to get attention, it’s been constant animals dying or sick for people to pity her and give her money

No. 191570

nothing out of line in your post. she is disgusting, a total self-absorbed narcissist who paints herself as the mother theresa of animals. She abuses them with her hoarding and neglect. I wish her parents would step in.

She has said before that her "job" is to "train" and then sell horses. I don't think she meant job as in paid job, but rather, this is the reason she has horse turnover. This is such bullshit, she gushes erotically about every horse like she's found a new lover.

No. 191572

If her fat ass really trained horses or rode there would be pics and video. The only horse that gets any action is Nanok and he was being jumped by her friend and ridden by leasees. She's had Orpheus how long and never gelded him? which would make more sellable. Her ads for him don't mention any training done since he came off the track, neither did ads for past horses that I remember mention training. Her other current horses like Sven and Maverick appear to be memory holed already. All she's done with the baby is gush about how much he trusts her and she naps with him and tells him stories and shit. Such training.

She buys horses, let's them sit, then writes super wordy gushy ads to try to sell them for more than she paid. She's asking a stupid amount for Orpheus

No. 191581

it's shit like this that really boils my piss. A horse doesn't need to die just because she's a neglectful attention whore.

What's worse is feeling powerless to help these animals while this psychopath treats them like fucking trading cards. God I hate this bitch

No. 191582

is she posting on any of those private fb horse groups about this injury?

No. 191599

she is sick. it’s munchie-like how she needs to always have a sick and dying horse to write sappy, borderline romantic posts about. what a fucked up person.

No. 191614

Not the "as an equestrian" group at least. She knows damn well her lies hold no weight there and she'd get redeemed. She's sticking to private groups where she can control the narrative.

No. 191619

Did they finally sus out her bullshit in the 'as an equestrian' group? If you have caps please share. It's about time they caught on.

No. 191626


Sorry no caps of her being sus'd but it's evident she knows not to post there, she craves any attention she can get but knows she's get called out in this group. Those girls are well aware of her buying/trading/selling and horse illnesses. If they saw the pictures and vet bill stating necrosis, it wouldn't fit her story of big bad man came and attacked her horse.

No. 191670

Didn't she get rid of the stallion already?

No. 191680

I can't believe how eager she is to justify putting him down. It was the same when he had the leg(?) injury last year- it's always zero to "I can't be selfish." Most people who have a sick or injured animal they love try to stay positive instead of rationalizing putting them down from the first sign of trouble. It couldn't be more obvious this is all about getting herself sympathy and attention, and not at all about Finn's wellbeing.

No. 191684

I think she does it all to get sympathy and pity, and keep placing herself as this saint savior of animals who suffers so much for them- while constantly rotating them and hoarding them
any anon with horse knowledge could tell us if a face injury could derive in the horse needing to get put down?

No. 191718

File: 1641367532865.png (79.82 KB, 1080x491, Screenshot_20220104-121432~2.p…)

Oh yeah she cannot wait to kill this horse. It's crazy. Love's euthanasia was also very suspect. Stagnation = time to kill? I mean, I'm a dog anon, not a horse one. But stagnation can be a plateau. I'd be very sure before euthanizing an animal.

No. 191719

File: 1641367563499.png (317.83 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20220104-121401.png)

The brief update from before this

No. 191727

No, at one point she acted like she found a buyer and that he was leaving, but then he appeared in new posts and she's written new ads for him since. She's never mentioned him actually being sold again.

I've never seen someone gush so much about how much they're willing to put a horse down. Usually that is just tacked on like a disclaimer and the gushing, if there is any, is about the actual horse.

It sounds like he is is fucked though. Being out in winter in Canada with his face open for who knows how long. It already looks exactly like a kick, but even more so if there is a sinus fracture too. >>191719 her vet bill isn't even that bad. I hope he is on daily antibiotic injections and not just oral (especially if he isn't eating well) or he just may just pass faster than she can put him down. Sepsis from wounds like this is fucking serious and kills fast.

Anyway who wants to bet after all the vet begging a new animal or fursuit $2500 iso appears?

No. 191749

When it first happened she made a channel to beg for money for him on her Discord and she deleted it a few days ago. So she spun a narrative on Discord to get money (she said he would be recover but she needed help with vet bills) and on Facebook and Instagram she spun a separate narrative to get sympathy.

No. 191751

Horsefag blog but antibiotics are especially good at destroying a horse’s gut microbiota, particularly the bacteria that allows them to digest plant material (ie all that her horses eat.) Had it happen to a 28 year old horse and she lost about 100 lbs in a week. We gave her Fibergized feed which has probiotic support and she was literally fine in a week and a half.

But sure Stef, kill your horse.

No. 191759

>her vet bill isn't even that bad
Honestly, sorry for blogpost but I had to shell out significantly more than that yesterday just for my cat's regular bloodwork/vaccines/medication. I'm shocked that someone who lives on mommy and daddy's coin is spinning this struggle narrative so hard. I have no doubt that any donations are going straight towards whatever her next big purchase is, it seems very unlikely that she would be paying for his vet care herself anyway, considering that her full-time job is making cringy tiktoks for her little RE friends.

No. 191765

This description is so telling, it sounds like he had this injury for a week or something. It wouldn't get to the condition described in her post and what we can see from the vet bill within one day. So we're talking several days to a week? Since these are pets to her, supposedly, she should be checking each of them every day.

No. 191766

how has this bitch had so many horses and never heard of manuka honey

No. 191793

Basic wound care is something you learn at your training stable and she doesn’t take lessons and hasn’t since her pony club days. Same with sizing saddles, proper tack, what to feed a horse/how much, who to turn out with who, etc all things that she gets wrong constantly. Most people feel in over their head with one horse and this bitch has SIX horses she has no idea how to take care of.

No. 191796

I really hope the vet ripped her a new one for ignoring and neglecting him

No. 191976

File: 1641567637232.jpg (1.13 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-01-07_23-00-14-961.…)

Horse is dying but she's already e-begging for her next skinwalk

No. 192005

Oh I am so here for a Cait skinwalk. Between Asian-fishing, gun larping, and seeing her get into the toxicity league of legends it’s bound to be milky. I’m honestly surprised she wouldn’t go for Vi because of the bulkier body type and short dangerhair, but maybe she can’t afford the cosplay with all her “vet bills.”

Also why does she hop on every trend like 2 months late? Is she holding off to pretend like she’s not just following trends?

No. 192053

File: 1641610733998.jpg (919.42 KB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-01-08_10-57-13-948.…)

More e-begging while conveniently hiding the details of what's actually wrong with him. Also more blaming people on her grid post.

Also the story before this was a slideshow of her skinwalks.

No. 192061

>i am someone who hates asking for help

can’t stop laughing at this. is she joking? all she ever does is ask for free shit

No. 192065

You're right most legitimate vet gofundmes are very transparent, unlike Stef and the other currently vet begging cow, Lori. Stef is constantly selling stuff anyway, now she gets bonus advertising for her crap while begging. Meanwhile, she can buy whatever furry ears in the background.

No. 192066

Dumb cunt can spend a couple thousand on a new horse every few months, but a typical vet bill cost is too much.

Part of being a horse owner is knowing that eventually they'll do something stupid, because they're equally autistic as they are majestic, and you have to be ready to take on the responsibility of medical care and financial burdens.

No. 192068

Horsefag here.

One of the most common sayings in the horse world is this exactly: “buying the horse is the cheapest part”.

You spend a shit ton more money maintaining and feeding them than you do just purchasing them, hence why a majority of people don’t even own horses to begin with.

No. 192094

File: 1641626298292.png (177.21 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_20220108-091503.png)

New begging. Poor baby smells like infection and decomp all the time. Yet is still streaming regularly!

No. 192095

File: 1641626358843.png (133.85 KB, 1080x1201, Screenshot_20220108-091527~2.p…)

Stef, you did this to him by neglecting him. Necrosis takes time.

No. 192096

File: 1641626447188.png (296.3 KB, 842x308, Screenshot_20220108-091540.png)

he saaaved me, now I pull the weight for both of us!

but on Jan 5 you added plushies to your wishlist?

No. 192097

File: 1641626523962.png (103.72 KB, 1080x1524, Screenshot_20220108-091311.png)

How many wishlists do you have, Stef? All these, plus a paypal link, plus ko-fi, plus more begging in the private discord?

No. 192112

File: 1641637913633.jpg (507.85 KB, 850x1250, Screenshot_2022-01-08-18-31-37…)

Wasn't that long back that she last offered to kill him

No. 192122

I can't with her anymore. The absolute most frustrating thing is that there's a good chance that Finn would be fine if the wound was cared for early on. I'm sure that other horsefags here can agree that horses can live through some gnarly shit.

The fact that SteffMacbeth is over here saying, "I can smell the infection and decomp no matter how much I wash my hands" is so telling that there was straight up neglect to Finn's injury. Not to mention her blatantly hiding the vet papers because she knows that if she actually showed it people would see that she's a lying piece of shit.

It was funny to laugh at her obvious photoshopping and lies back in the earlier threads, but at this point, it's literally her writing fanfiction about how (insert horse of the month here) is just a-hankerin' to be put down. It's so hard to watch as an animal lover, and especially as a horse owner.

No. 192138

How would it have gotten so infected if she didn't leave that wound open for like … days? Was he just out in the pasture the whole time with his face rotting off? I genuinely don't understand how you can be so neglectful to not even be LOOKING at your horses on a daily basis

No. 192146

Where tf are her parents this whole time? Aren't all these animals on their property? I'm pretty sure I've seen anons saying previously that her mom is a horse person… I find it super hard to believe that Stef is actually the one caring for all of these animals she acquires, considering how much of her day she needs to devote to discord and updating her Amazon wishlists. I don't understand how Finn's injury was not noticed long enough for necrosis to set in. Sorry, I know this is adding nothing but I'm just so baffled and horrified for what this poor horse is going through.

No. 192147

it's the first time I've tempted to cowtip. I won't. but my God, how long did you not look at his face? It looks so obviously like a kick. Who would come and beat on a horse for no reason in Uxbridge? It's just a straight up lie and moan for attention. But that is a real animal you neglected, Stefany. You fucked up big this time. I would give anything for someone knowledgeable to expose this woman so that no one else sells or gives (kek) her horses to destroy.

No. 192176

In a perfect world the vet would have reported her for neglect when they noticed the necrotic, uncared for wound and she wouldn't be allowed to keep horses anymore. Tbh, her being into fursuits and all, she should get into hobby horses instead.

No. 192195

File: 1641673252237.png (516.99 KB, 1346x2048, Screenshot_20220108-141255.png)

This bitch is asking for $3500 for her vet bills. Bullshit.

Whoever is donating is just as retarded as Stef and deserve the ride they are getting taken for. It's not hard to see that her stories are not adding up, her numerous wishlists for everything and anything, then she posts to her stories that she's saving for a new cosplay, nope wait she's creating a new wishlist for that too.

I hope this lying piece of of shit animal abuser gets kicked in the face by a horse.

No. 192204

This is a wicked tinfoil but with this loathsome fat waste anything is possible; did Steph possibly do this to the poor horse? Yeah she's ebegged before but this is the highest volume of wishlists and a 3.5k vet bill, so I can't help but wonder if her parents laid down the lay about her using money on horses/dumb shit while not going to school or working. What I'm saying is 1. Steph gets told she's not getting as much or any money to be a fat dress up leech horse hoarder 2. Mysterious horse assault 3. Two birds one flayed horse; she begs for tons of money and pity gifts. It seems maliciously up her alley. Yeah, he could have hurt himself but it just lines up with her having all these fucking wish lists. Idk maybe I'm being retarded.

No. 192212

>I'm … Smelling like infection and decomp

Is it just me or does this stink of more of her Resident Evil larp? Funny how this is the thing she fixates on. Maybe she'll continue to mysteriously smell like rotting death long after this is over.

Also, not posting photos because it hurts her heart too much? Either she's already gotten rid of him and wants to keep milking this, or he's actually improved and is doing better she but wants to keep milking this.

No. 192221

This seems extreme to me. Stef might have Munchausen-by-proxy, but assaulting her own rescue horse violently is sociopath stuff.

She is saying a person did it to deflect from accepting that another horse probably did it because of her neglect

No. 192248

The cut isn't really a the issue, more so it's the fact that it got necrotic/infected as well as his skull is fractured and likely his part of sinus cavity.

Steff couldn't have caused the injury, but she HAS caused it to be as bad as it is by not caring for it.

No. 192258

how does she have like 5 horses and have no emergency vet fund? she needs to sell all those horses.

No. 192388

Here's my tinfoil: Her parents are not that stupid, I highly doubt they let her have all these horses, dogs and whatever else without having animal insurance.

I think she's raising money to "cover vets bills" that are already being covered by insurance. As well as milking the sympathy of course.

No. 192392

I’ve been in pony club and I genuinely don’t understand how she doesn’t know some of this basic horse shit. Even in the lowest level you learn what do to/not do in all of these situations. Stef is one retarted neglectful bitch of a cow(sage)

No. 192448

File: 1641816005292.png (52.29 KB, 1068x340, Screenshot_20220110-135838~2.p…)

Someone with a 2x4 can fracture your horse's skull? gtfo

No. 192450

Sure, whatever. Even if some 2x4 wielding rando hit your horse (which they didn't), that doesn't account for why you neglected to do anything about it.

No. 192465

I know she's a pathological liar, but this has to be one of her flimsiest lies to date. Some hateful rando with a vendetta just showed up to the barn with a piece of wood and hit her horse with enough strength to fracture his skull? Vs. one of her 50 other horses just kicking another. Ok Stef.

No. 192466

A stranger coming onto her farm with a 2x4 and being able to approach her horse loose in a paddock and hit him in the face in one shot hard enough to fracture his skull and get away unseen is on plausibility par with her popping balloons with her mind. Horses are fight or flight. 9 times out of 10 they are going to gallop away at 20 mph from any perceived danger. Any person who’s ever rode a horse knows they spook at literally nothing. The wind, a bird, their own feet, sketchy-looking woodpiles, etc are enough to make horses bolt and they don’t stop running until they feel safe.

Honestly I’m starting to think she did it herself. I can’t think of any reason why she wouldn’t just say it was Sven unless she has to entertain the possibility that a human could have done it because that human was her.

No. 192468

is that new black horse of hers a stallion or gelding?

No. 192478

More like you turned Finn out with the stallion and they finally got in a fight

No. 192496

I can get this tilfoil but I doubt it.
1. I doubt she's strong enough to cause this sort of wound on a horse, she's lazy and out of shape.
2. I don't know horses well, but I feel like the horse would have reacted, or attacked her if she did this.

What likely happened is that another horse kicked it, and she's so neglectful she didn't notice until it was at this point. It is super doubtful she's down at the barn every day. She likely just shows up when she feels like it, or wants to take pictures of the horses and live out her LARP.

She sees what happened and is milking it for the max about of attention/money she can get.

No. 192497

It’s fucked that none of her Facebook group buddies have reported her ass to SPCA. You’d think they’ve seen enough of her shenanigans at this point to know.

No. 192501

don't horses have daily needs someone would provide, esp in winter? finn would need to be fed and go in his stall at night, right?

No. 192508

It's ridiculous, a lie not even worth entertaining. She's just spinning a story as usual.

Not necessarily, a round bale lasts weeks, a big heated trough or auto waterer, non-clipped winter fur and she can mostly ignore them. A good owner would check them everyday regardless, for injuries, to confirm access to water, and monitor their weight to feed supplemental grain or pellets if needed. If the temp dropped super low blanket them or bring them inside, but since he is unclipped she doesn't have to blanket regularly or anything.

No. 192596

File: 1641890350967.jpg (262.59 KB, 1078x1839, IMG_20220111_163853.jpg)

So much for not feeling the cold

No. 192605

ooh ooh another thing to beg for

No. 192675

wait, is she implying that she's lived her whole life in Canada without a "proper winter coat"? Or did she just get too fat for her older coats

No. 192688

I'd argue that her coat is old/worn out but… she doesn't go outside.

No. 193170

File: 1642191556928.jpg (640.8 KB, 1053x1268, 20220114_131845.jpg)

There is no way she photoshopped her dog to smile

No. 193217

She does this all the time. Pretends to sell her costumes for “vet or medical issues”. She did that when she was Rey, Arya and now this stupid RE phase. People I am sure just end giving her money then buying. I don’t understand why she constantly does this when her parents are fine funding her stupid hobby.

No. 193220

Christ how pathetic. That’s some “Pixar smirk” level shit.

Poor dog. Nothing but a prop for a fat narc.

No. 193230

Did she ever share the wolf content DNA results? lol

No. 193297

Still mildly suprised that she didn't go for a Doberman to go with her RE skinwalk.

That poor dog's going to have some gnarly matts in it's fur, bc Lord knows that Steff can't be assed to do anything at all.

No. 193306

Ignoring the grotesque photoshop, this dog has such a sweet face and such beautiful eyes. I'm so so sad that she got scooped up by Stef to be neglected and eventually put down under flimsy pretext.

No. 193312

She is cute. I like her ears. Fortunately it seems like her parents do most of the work to take care of the dogs? They had like 5 of them and they seem to live out their lifespans. One of the bigger ones died recently so this dog is probably the replacement that Stef claimed because uwu wolf dog.

No. 193315

ayrt and thank you, nonny. That's actually very reassuring.

No. 193342

File: 1642277909445.png (497.95 KB, 747x865, staph.png)

Asking for $3500 for vet bills, yet looking to buy her 'dream cosplay'. Bet it's unrelated of course.

No. 193343

>I fit a size small - med top.

Lmao every time.

No. 193347

I don't understand how she can't put together something so simple herself. It's mostly buying regular clothes and altering details. Those shoulder pad things look straight forward. She used to say she made her Arya cosplays.

No. 193362


She didn’t have the money for the vet bills yet she is “willing to purchase as soon as possible”? This all looks incredibly shady to say the least, it’s crazy her followers haven’t started doubting her yet after all she does is beg them for money

No. 193407

Re: horsie.

I have zero knowledge of horses, but could the horse have been spooked by something and ran into a branch or board in a barn, shattering the face? They're strong and fast, so I imagine that could happen with enough momentum. Do horses get restless if not let out or from not being ridden? Could the horse have hurt itself by running at full speed in the barn out of frustration?

No. 193437

Horses do tend to get into destructive behavior like cribbing (gnawing the wood of their stall) when bored, but it seems much more likely that it's an injury from a kick. I've never heard of a horse injuring themselves by running full speed in a barn out of boredom (particularly because a stall doesn't offer room to run), but I'm willing to be corrected if someone else has.

No. 193442

I love that she doesn't want to "made to order" because then she'd have to give her actual measurements and pay a lot more then she would for a used costume.

No. 193510

File: 1642372559885.png (610.83 KB, 828x1792, 429F060B-34EA-4F06-90B0-303F56…)

They can easily get themselves into situations that they hurt themselves severely trying to get out of. Picrel is an account of the eventing pony Teddy O’Connor’s death. Imagine if you got your foot caught in a bear trap, you would stay still and try to pry the trap open. A horse caught in a bear trap would just yank and yank and yank, until their foot was torn to shreds, until their shoulder was dislocated, until they pull their own foot off. It’s why you should never keep horses in a barbed wire pen btw.

So it’s possible, but it really looks like a kick.

No. 193554

Horses also kick up their heels while playing, or play fighting. Finn may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, not reacting quick enough. Even with an aggressive kick, horses are usually able to avoid it and back off. Finn probably got unlucky. His age, the weather, snowy, icy, or muddy, the fact they are probably spending a lot of time gathering around hay piles and the 'boss' horse is resource guarding, etc. Whatever happened, the least likely scenario is a random intruder with a 2x4.

No. 193558

Honestly, I don't think Stef has any real ownership of the horses or dogs. It seems more likely her family owns/takes care of them and she just spins tales and claims expenses (as if her parents wouldn't be paying for that shit anyway).

My best guess is that her parents expect her to do some basic horse maintenance chores in exchange for her getting to pick more, and she, being a lazy, fat sack of shit completely ignores/neglects to do them… Hence the horses being in bad shape, because her parents wrongfully leave this task in their adult retard's hands.

I really can't understand how her mother, if she does like horses, could just watch dumb shit happen and not intervene, though.

The reality of the situation confuses me because of that more than tardo's lies

No. 193791

I miss the Elsa and Arya larps.

No. 194013

File: 1642644749153.jpg (1.35 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-01-20_10-11-59-942.…)

Looks like she's not done milking him so he can live for now

No. 194031

She must have an SPCA visit coming though, right? I'm not Canadian but I did work on an American farm and we once got an Animal Control visit because someone driving by thought a horse looked a bit skinny. Surely the vet is obligated to report something like this, right?

No. 194732

If you can't afford to care for a horse, maybe stop buying horses and then neglecting their medical needs until their faces are literally necrotic(necro)

No. 194742

File: 1643023140065.jpg (4.28 MB, 998x6284, BeautyPlus_20220124131657759_o…)

How many times has she pretended to sell that Switch?! iirc people have made offers for things and then are ignored. This is all just an attempt to get more donations, right?

Stef still has time to stream her stupid games. Why not do some work on Fiverr or something, ugh.

No. 194800

You're spot on. All she wants to do is bring attention to her Kofi since donations have dropped. On the discord she's made no mention or recent updates on Finn and anyone who posts asking questions or wishing him well are ignored.
Not even two weeks ago she's was looking to dump money into a RE cosplay that she doesn't need.
If your cosplays are not earning you money it's not a job and therefore not a necessity.
She has no marketable skills to do anything on Fiverr that I've seen. Her art is Lillee Jean tier shit. She could get a job but she chooses not to. With her "inability to feel the cold" she could work at someone's stable but she prefers to keep her fat skinwalking ass at home while receiving gifts, donations and living rent free.

No. 195027

I swear she's listed most of these cosplays before too, which means she never actually sold them, and probably won't this time either. Desperate, my ass. She prices everything super high and won't accept offers.

No. 195067

She literally has listed the Frozen cosplays several times and had offers….but never sells them.

No. 195154

why are we acting surprised by this? she wasn’t ever going to sell anything. she just wants to make it look like she gives a shit about her pets by pretending to sell all of her most beloved items because she’s oh so selfless and an animal lover and would always put them before her. that’s why we keep seeing the same shit for sale time and time again. it’s all an act.
her parents are paying for the vet bills, all she does is snap a few pics of a suffering animal and post the photos on insta for a quick buck from her idiot fans who think it’s going towards a horse or dog. shes the laziest con artist i’ve seen in a long while and I’m so shocked she doesn’t get called out every other day

No. 195389

File: 1643410325362.jpeg (169.55 KB, 768x1024, 0FEE6023-0C29-4DE4-A02E-7E224B…)

>Heidi is technically a Norwegian Elk Hound

Heidi is technically blue and not real Steph. My god she is incapable of doing anything without pointing out how special and different she always has to be

I’m calling it now… New fursuit coming soon with the money she recently got from Finn’s medical donations

No. 195391

didn't she already have this drawn from years ago? also I wonder how many times she had to run that filter before she got the animal she wanted kek

No. 195392

File: 1643413013971.jpeg (539.67 KB, 828x1360, EF731D9F-911D-46FD-87D3-23155E…)

oh shit anon you’re right
the tiktok makes it seem like she had just drawn it but check the date. november last year
and yep, new fursuit incoming.

No. 195393

Wasn't your horse just dying? Maybe it would make more sense for you to put some money into savings so the next time one of your several horses is preventably dying, you have some funds? Your parents own property with a stable and yet you're e-begging? The entitlement of some cows.

No. 195446

I wish she'd just become a full fledged furry. She could just skinwalk animals instead of impulse buying real animals as props. Skinwalking (literally), animals, and tons of stuff to buy, the furry community is all her favorite things.

No. 196921

No. 197023

She’s voicing Jill Valentine in some remake of one of the resident evil games. A fan remake though- not the real thing. There’s a whole discord for it too.

No. 197031

She always sells the fursuits claiming she 'never wears it' and never participated in the furry community other than buying the stuff. I've never seen her do a fursuit video or even post a picture other than her ads. The horses are the same way except she at least makes up stories about them and used them as a prop once in awhile. At least she participated in cosplay stuff, even if it's only shitty tiktoks lately. She'd probably still buy animals regardless. Compulsive buying, lying, and begging for money is her real hobby. Animals are good fodder for that.

No. 197244

Gotta pull those heart strings or no one will believe her. Bleeding hearts of the world, unite! ..And give me money while you’re at it.(lrn2sage, no1curr)

No. 198004

File: 1645251628606.jpg (458.54 KB, 1296x2765, newfacewhodis.jpg)


I was curious so I dipped in to see what our porky lying potato is up to and how she's marketing herself as a voice actress on this RE remake discord channel.
She's not done skinwalking.

No. 198008

What the hell is going on with the lace of that wig? It looks like it was chewed up by a rat lmao. Also those shitty makeshift sideburns… yeesh

No. 198012

Jillian??? Is she changing her name again?

No. 198017


Duh. She's Jill Valentine you idiot.

No. 198038

File: 1645284004471.jpg (442.88 KB, 1440x3608, earrilysimilar.jpg)

Kek she lies about the most mundane shit.

I haven't seen any updates on Finn but her panhandling Kofi is still up. She's posted tik toks of a baby colt she claims she wants to jump but hasn't taken anytime to update her donators on Finns wellbeing. Back to the stables you go until your owner can milk you for more cosplay money Finn.

No. 198082

there’s so much i want to say, this bitch grinds my gears more than any other cow

love how she posts a photo where she is clearly trying very hard to look like Jill and probably took a hundred photos to find one good pic and still couldn’t get it right then hits you with the massive cope
>here’s my photo guyyyss but i was just playing with lighting so if it’s not perfect its because I wasn’t actually trying!
>but if it is perfect then tell me how much I’m THE REAL Jill because i wasn’t even trying with this photo, I was just playing with lighting
you’re not fucking fooling me, Stefany

someone posts photo that is obviously Elizabeth Gillies
>”omg me??? me??? i’m shaking! my headshots look EXACTLY like that”
Yeahh and my headshots look like Ariana Grande’s. I see her face on google when I’m not wearing my glasses and always think it’s my literal nobody face too!
Will someone please tell her that making her eyebrows pencil-thin and using 3 filters doesn’t change the fact that she looks nothing like Elizabeth Gillies. it’s getting sad

No. 199331

File: 1646299589229.jpeg (894.14 KB, 1125x1995, BCD052FF-A98E-4DBC-8C4E-561EB8…)

It looks like another “emergency” has her in need of $500

No. 199349

Maybe she shouldnt have bought that XL Caitlyn cosplay. It's kinda getting suscpious how when she buys a brand new cosplay she goes into these emergency funds shit.

No. 199468

File: 1646421383653.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1549, 8953E191-50AE-4398-815F-C51159…)

Nasty bill? People usually get a job to handle those

No. 199517

Off topic of her "woe-is-me-bills": whenever she brinhs up art, it's always this single particular image she shows (or at least from what I recall it is) when normally people show at least a few different variations of past works.

No. 199536

>due to an unfair situation out of my control

Maybe her parents are making her pay a bill for once kek or one of her leesees isn't covering her horse's board.

Yes, she has a very small portfolio. I used to search her names in furry fb groups and it was the same 3 or so pieces of artwork over and over, over the span of years.

No. 199737

File: 1646627396946.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x1874, 423843BB-D675-474D-9881-20EC54…)

Sure jan. I think this is related to her most recent skinwalk.

No. 199740

>15 yards
>Solid marksman

Lmao,look out everyone, we got a badass over here.

No. 199756

Probably her Jill Valentine skinwalk. Kek, is there anything she isn't a secret master at? How many sports and hobbies has she claimed to be skilled at over the years?

No. 199903

I'm not a gunfag so I asked my army bf if this was impressive. he laughed. apparently anyone could do this at 15 yards so yea she's totally a professional marksman now nonnies. add it to the list…

No. 200015

File: 1646761950786.png (877.53 KB, 1389x2048, Screenshot_20220308-115020.png)


Added to that list, copyright lawyer. She's in school for criminology guys, she could win the case with her testimony.

I can't with this retard.

No. 200023

lmao I thought she was a biologist with secret genius theories about viruses species jumping? and she was going to down a wolf to prove it?

No. 200024

I know it's all a larp, but damn what I would give to see her try to fight against a cease and desist in court.

No. 200029


She's too busy practicing her marksmanship in her backyard, being a voice actress, horse trainer, tik tok star, master cosplayer, professional Kofi beggar, Amazon wishlist organizer, and now a criminologist with a degree in Copyright law to hunt down that wolf.

Soon tho anon. Soon.

No. 200037

All the time spent training her psychic powers with Dr. Balloon Popper and she still can't take down one measley wolf with her mind. Sad!

No. 200067

sorry but HOW does being a criminology student qualify you to take on a court case?

No. 200081

Don’t forget the professional skjoring, professional artist, professional character actor who’s won awards! and all of this while our inspirational warrior fights a super severe physical illness that warrants a service animal! What was that again? Her heart keeps giving out? Or brain? Or was it her sight? Isn’t she also partially blind? I can’t keep track anymore.

No. 200090


Fuck I miss her figure skating phase.

No. 200101

Speaking of wolves, I guess her mutt puppy didn't come back with any wolf content (as fucking expected) or else we would know by now. Normal dogs are just not special enough for her.

No. 200434

The fact that she thought this dog >>193170 had any wolf blood in it at all is hilarious. Pink nose and bat ears.

No. 200491

She hasn’t talked much about drinking blood lately so there’s a plus.(sage)

No. 200504

thanks for the throwback nonny i love that dreamworks smile photoshop so much

No. 200559

File: 1647031920981.jpeg (166.44 KB, 826x1091, 23C3C079-7FA3-4CE4-81F0-820189…)

She posted these a couple months ago which look shooped, but you can see four pink paws in these as well.

No. 200626

File: 1647062178510.jpg (436.84 KB, 1440x2305, hEygUise.jpg)

This insufferable bitch never misses a moment to remind people on the RE remake channel that she's
>The voice of Jill

They know. They ignore you. I bet whoever casted her for this is kicking themselves. When she's not busy reminding strangers that she's the voice, she's sharing her shit tik toks hoping to gain some traction and probably more donations to whatever bullshit scam she has going on for the month. People largely ignore her and that brings me much satisfaction.

No. 200671

This a fan made remake project in the making we are talking about right? Why on earth would anyone care about her being Jill's voice then.

No. 200676

File: 1647082223202.jpeg (145.64 KB, 828x826, 99CCDA74-08D7-4E03-A725-48E749…)

we even get a new TokTok bio

this really is the highlight of her life huh? well, at least for the next 3 months until she finds a new obsession to never shut the fuck up about.
I personally think she’ll either go back to StarWars when Kenobi airs or become LOTR or Halo obsessed because of the new girl characters in the upcoming shows.
a further bet, her new obsession will take over while she’s in middle of filming this RE remake and she’ll bail on it before it goes anywhere further than 1 little scene (kinda like the She-Ra fan musical)

No. 200686

Have we had any further confirmation that's she's going by Jillian now?

No. 200722

File: 1647109343289.jpg (858.7 KB, 1440x5292, myspeshuldog.jpg)

All aboard for another ride on her bullshit train.

Claims Nymeria was born feral,but was also miraculously born on the day her Lab died, you know her heart dog we never fucking heard about.
Just like all of her other prop pets, without Prince, she would be dead guys.

She's gearing up for a new Kofi charity drive. Bet.

No. 200723

>the unofficial remake
ok i burst out laughing as a passerby to this thread, i thought it was an actual VA making a fool of themselves. what a sad bitch

No. 200725

File: 1647109932860.jpg (376.11 KB, 1440x2932, busted.jpg)

I forgot to drop this.

Princes ashes were supposed to be picked up in August.
Nymeria was born in Sept.

If you're going to lie for sympathy and asspats at least be consistent Jill Valentine, Eloise Frazer, Jillian , SomethingValentine.

No. 200727

I know she used to pretend she had the power of telekinesis but somehow it feels like her lies have escalated, every single post is a dramatic lie, versus a few thrown in among mostly-true-ish as before

No. 200732

From the very first thread she was pretending to be from London, have an English accent, work for LucasFilms, be a stunt performer, look just like Daisy Ridley, and have a service dog that her family was training themselves due to a mystery progressive illness, and that's all just off the top of my head. This has been her M.O. forever.

No. 200743

remember when she said she had a mystery illness that was making her go blind during her arya larp?

No. 200748

File: 1647127172758.png (930.34 KB, 1440x1682, Screenshot_20220312-170452~2.p…)

Can someone translate retard?
Born at the end of August doesn't equate to she was born under a full moon with the sounds of distant swiss yodelers calling her to life on Princes day of death.
What a delusional compulsive liar.
I wager she's not in school either. She watched 26 minute video about criminology on Skillshare and called it a day.

No. 200750

>I say Sept because I forgot my own lie. B-but the people who flew her in from the wild remote northern region where she ran feral totally say she was born in August.

Ftfy, Steffybean.

No. 200772

i laughed out loud in front of customers. thanks nonnie

No. 201022

File: 1647267224278.jpg (679.09 KB, 1079x2024, Screenshot_20220314-084625_Fac…)

About a week ago she was emergency raising $500 for a bill. Today she has another comfy $2500 for a fursuit. It's always that magic number lol

No. 201128


The photoshop on the dog is obvious and stupid.

No. 201161

It seems like she's in a constant loop of selling and buying. Is that a BPD thing?

No. 201230


She's not selling shit. It's the same regurgitated list of stuff for sale everytime. It's an issue of entitlement to other people's money and not having to work for it herself minus for the two minutes it takes for her to bang out some sob story and asking for it.

No. 201272

Her goal is to make people feel sorry she is so desperate to sell her things, that they just give money instead of buying. Or they can't afford her prices but feel guilty they aren't helping so donate smaller amounts without buying. Or she doesn't get donations but it doesn't matter because there is no emergency as her parents take care of her. I don't think I've ever seen a finished art commission from her either.

No. 201384

She’s so grimy. She’s 28 or 29 now? How does she feel no obligation to put that money towards her parents’ farm or any of her six horses. She could use that $2500 to repair or upgrade the fences that were probably the reason her horse got hurt. That’s what an adult would do, or save it for emergencies considering she literally does not have a job. But no, let’s spend it on a fursuit that will never get worn.

I feel like she’s about to be “cancelled” again the way she was when she was kicked out of Rebel Legion. She’s scamming people out of thousands of dollars at this point.

No. 201589

Doubt she’s near being cancelled just yet. Her Jill bullshit is still taking off. If they actually ever finish that fan remake, we will never hear the end of it.

No. 201771

File: 1647628333841.png (1.87 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20220318-132950.png)

She's going to Toronto comic con.
Any anons going that want to catch this wild heifer in the wild please report back with photos for keks. We haven't seen an unedited full body photo or video in a minute.

No. 201775

i could try, i'm helping my friend run a booth through so no guarantees. hopefully some anons with free time can be more useful.

No. 201824

woo this will be fun. Can't wait to see this dump truck try to cosplay an athletic woman.

No. 201848

File: 1647651342496.jpg (109.33 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1647650917842.jpg)


Gentle reminder of days when she was skinwalking Daisey. Kek
That fucking fabric clinging with all it's strength sends me.

No. 201916

Wow I'd never seen this picture before lol. Fatty fatty ding dong~

No. 202027

File: 1647746319035.png (568.59 KB, 828x1792, F1760A56-A7A4-488D-99D1-D9107E…)

So now she’s claiming her name is Jillian Valentine? Delusional much?

No. 202042

She couldn't even come up with a half-assed rip off like with Elsa Frozen, she had to take the character's full name.

No. 202127

File: 1647793473339.png (1.42 MB, 953x864, pastasauceface.png)

Not many candids yet lol. Surprised she didn't go as Jill, but ig the Daniela costume hides her weight and features a lot better.

No. 202148


Kek. Even with all of those layers you can see what a husky bitch she is. Of course she won't cosplay as Jill in a public setting. She only cosplays her behind heavy filters. Even then it's only from the chest up. She knows she's a fridge.

No. 202158

Jfc that lady d looks rough

No. 202161

is it a character thing, that she always does that giddy toddler grin when in this cosplay?

No. 202178

File: 1647819898271.png (565.06 KB, 640x640, image_2022-03-20_234339.png)

the character does smile widely but it looks a little less special ed than what stef serves up

No. 202182

ah, thanks for the info! now that i see the reference, Stef's makeup doesn't seem to be accurate in the slightest, except the messy chin.

No. 202215

she looks like present day lindsay lohan

No. 202226

File: 1647856741550.png (2.09 MB, 2098x1296, 1644678808244.png)

since she's officially going by Jill/Jillian now, I thought making this would be appropriate

No. 202303


>The Sex Worker

My sides. Bless you anon.

Since she's changed her name and identity to outrun her past again it's worth noting that
Jillian E. Valentine the voice actress in the Unofficial RE1 Remark is a scam artist.

No. 202483


Tinfoil that choosing Jillian Valentine as her 'real name' is a move to hide her past and make searching for info on her impossible. Anyone who suspects foul play and tries to look up her history will just be hit by walls of RE content.

No. 202484

File: 1647955003878.jpeg (198.89 KB, 768x1024, FEA9E531-0C88-4A77-87CA-8730FB…)

There’s not many pics from Toronto Comicon yet but I managed to find one or two close ups and compare them to tiktoks she took at the same time
She’s doing a great job at avoiding the cameras this time around. you can barely tell she looks like a dumpy sweaty mess

No. 202486

File: 1647955078950.jpeg (671.3 KB, 828x1484, 324DF996-E179-4C47-A51C-5C90BB…)

sage for samefag

No. 202579


TFW you use so many filters you don’t have a nose..

No. 202973

File: 1648156971172.jpg (384.16 KB, 1440x3404, anewskinwalkemerges.jpg)

Might be alopecia areata or years of follicle abuse have finally caught up to her but she's balding. Kek

Also new skinwalk incoming?
Stef you look nothing like Maggie Rhee you delusional lumpy waste of flesh.

No. 203015

Isn’t that from the time she put dangerous chemicals all over her head?

No. 203018

File: 1648167168612.png (2.19 MB, 2141x1350, StefVogue.png)

Hey did you guys see this Vogue shoot that Stef did as Jill? Lmao

No. 203021

The cheap stretched out t-shirt and sloppily penciled brows and eyeliner just scream Vogue. Stef should totally become a model!

No. 203025

This is from her most recent Tik tok posted today. A few others also posted recently are showing the same sparse hair patch.

No. 203094

about to a-long just to tell her to drink some water… that oily face acne is so bad even under all those filters

No. 203101

acne and an unfortunate mustache shadow

This is ridiculous. Why did she slap her face on Vogue? Better Psychology Today.

No. 203269

I thought she was good at photoshop? Lmao

No. 203678

File: 1648427315700.jpeg (197.85 KB, 1194x714, E3CEB2BF-F11B-4483-ADE0-FF5871…)

there was another demitriscu cosplay at toronto cc and omg steph could never

No. 203936

lmao this Daniela is gorgeous, meanwhile Stef just looks… damp.

No. 204601

File: 1648780483592.png (2.02 MB, 828x1792, 2B03AA8F-5BB5-4A16-A9F6-35A5BB…)

Another animal for the hoard..

No. 204602

File: 1648780537784.png (615.08 KB, 828x1792, 69DF3CD3-78CF-4075-952F-615B01…)

No. 204611

File: 1648781900390.png (1.59 MB, 1182x743, resevildog.png)

has she ever got a pet for non fandom aesthetic purposes?

No. 204612

File: 1648782873658.png (2.35 MB, 828x1792, B9D2CA87-8FC8-4BEB-AF73-52EF7B…)

Dog’s actual name is Bolt and the breeder is bella_dobermans2809 on Instagram and I don’t know why she’s pretending she’s anything but a failed dam at a puppy mill.

No. 204613

File: 1648782928011.png (2 MB, 828x1792, 121BCB88-3C60-487C-A726-07BEFA…)

And again, advertised as a dam.

No. 204614

File: 1648783253438.jpeg (35.27 KB, 827x261, 765D7C33-C838-44FE-97B4-7F010B…)

No. 204615

So she's getting a doberman puppy to neglect for 16 hours a day? Nice. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

No. 204617

Don’t worry anon, she’s lying about having a job. Unfortunately she’ll still get neglected, though.

No. 204621


She has to lie about everything.
I hope the owner discovers who is adopting this poor pup and finds it a more suitable home because this bitch will just ignore it once she's moved past her obsession with RE.

16 hour shift. Kek What happened to going to school for forensics? Keeping track of your lies must be exhausting.

No. 204626

A doberman… named zombie… is this her most half-assed skinwalking saga yet?

No. 204629

what’s with the ears wtf is it that ear mutilation thing they do to some breads?

No. 204630

It's typical to crop a doberman's ears, it's why you see them with pointy ears most of the time.

No. 204632

jesus fucking christ, okay stef. i’m suuure this doberman was being trained to sniff out dead bodies and rotting flesh but was oh so anxious so you came to the rescue just as you’re RE hyper-fixation is at its peak.

i don’t get it? why pick a lie that’s so easy to call out???
“I rescued her from a puppy mill where she was being forced to have litter after litter”
Look at that! a respectable excuse to adopt another dog with the truth only slightly stretched for dramatic effect and no one can call you out for lying out of your ass.
oh but nah that’s not RE enough for you. gotta make sure everyone thinks of you as the REAL jill valentine with a doberman that can sniff out rotting flesh

No. 204633

it’s a surgery that’s actually banned in a lot of countries because it’s purely cosmetic and unnecessary and imo it’s just cruel to do that to an animal just to make it “look cooler”. a lot can go wrong unless you’re taking really good care of the area

No. 204647

Did she really give money to a puppy mill that mutilates their dogs just so it would look more like the dogs in RE for an “animal lover” that’s pretty bleak, idk about Canada but in my country cropped ears are going out of style on dobermans so she must have actively seeked them out?

No. 204671